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LanguageBook Title
EnglishImperialism and Mr. Gladstone - 1876-1887
EnglishThe History of the Indian Revolt and of the Expeditions to Persia, China and Japan 1856-7-8
EnglishOur Cavalry
EnglishThe Book of Fair Women
EnglishOtto of the Silver Hand
EnglishThe National Geographic Magazine, Vol. II., No. 3, July, 1890
EnglishAnother Study of Woman
EnglishWyoming: A Story of the Outdoor West
EnglishThe Paths of Inland Commerce; A Chronicle of Trail, Road, and Waterway
EnglishThe Gentleman's Magazine, January 1731 - Or, Trader's Monthly Intelligencer
EnglishA Texas Ranger
EnglishThe Vision Splendid
ItalianIl Falco - (Cronaca del 1796)
EnglishNietzsche and Art
EnglishMoby Dick; Or, The Whale
EnglishPatsy Carroll Under Southern Skies
EnglishDon't Marry - or, Advice on How, When and Who to Marry
DutchDik Trom en zijn Dorpsgenooten
EnglishThe Elusive Pimpernel
EnglishSome Irish Yesterdays
EnglishTwilight Land
EnglishLa Grande Breteche
GermanHôtel Buchholz - Ausstellungs-Erlebnisse der Frau Wilhelmine Buchholz
EnglishMen of Iron
EnglishWar to the Knife - or Tangata Maori
EnglishThe Octopus : A Story of California
EnglishEl Dorado: An Adventure of the Scarlet Pimpernel
EnglishGlue, Gelatine, Animal Charcoal, Phosphorous, Cements, Pastes and Mucilages
EnglishMcTeague: A Story of San Francisco
EnglishBucky O'Connor: A Tale of the Unfenced Border
EnglishThe Scarlet Pimpernel
EnglishA Rebellion in Dixie
EnglishKate Vernon, Vol. 2 (of 3) - A Tale. In three volumes.
SpanishLa novela en el tranvía
EnglishMoran of the Lady Letty
FinnishKun ruusu puhkeaa
EnglishI and My Chimney
EnglishLife of Joseph Brant—Thayandanegea (Vol. II) - Including the Border Wars of the American Revolution

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