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Title: Concordance - A Terran Empire concordance
Author: Wilson, Ann
Language: English
As this book started as an ASCII text book there are no pictures available.
Copyright Status: Not copyrighted in the United States. If you live elsewhere check the laws of your country before downloading this ebook. See comments about copyright issues at end of book.

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Imperial Empire Concordance


Ann Wilson

Copyright (C) 1992 by Ann Wilson


A: (Imperial English): The neutral-animate pronoun.  Emperor Chang
disliked the fact that there was no good Standard English pronoun that
referred to a single individual of unknown sex, or where sex was
immaterial, so he made use of the Celtic "a", often written with an
accent mark (á) by those who use Standard, to distinguish it from the
indefinite article (@ is sometimes used when the printing/writing
device cannot show accent marks).  In Imperial English orthography, the
Cyrillic "ya" (reversed R) is used.

[Preparer's note: The @ symbol has been used throughout these stories
in the manner described above.]

ACADEMY: The Imperial Military Academy or Imperial Administrative
Academy.  Both are headquartered in and have their most prestigious
facilities in the Antarctica Palace Complex; "branch" Academies are
located throughout the Empire.

AHTO, Subsector 12-C:
  No. systems: 89                          Sector: Eridanus
    with 3 inhabited planets:  2           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 11
    with 1 inhabited planet:  21

AEGIR, Subsector 17-D:
  No. systems: 72                          Sector: Indus
    with 3 inhabited planets:  3           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets:  8
    with 1 inhabited planet:  24

AGNI, Subsector 11-B:
  No. systems: 153                         Sector: Gemini
    with 3 inhabited planets:  4           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 12
    with 1 inhabited planet:  24

ALANNA, Clan:  First of the Sandeman clans.  Famous for its outstanding
edged weapons.

ALANNA, Dana Dru-:  Originally Dana Manfredi.  A Terran woman who swore
personal fealty to Richard Jason.  When Jason repudiated her after
trying to kill her, Dana asked the Alanna clan-chief's help in making
atonement for allowing him to accept an unworthy thakur-na.  After
seeing the evidence, the Alanna instead asked Clan Miklos to convene a
planet-wide conference, and asked Clan Vader to rule on both Dana's and
Jason's actions.  The decision was that Dana had acted properly and
Jason had not; the Alanna then offered her his clan's countenance
(essentially adoption), and when she accepted, claimed Chief's Right on
her behalf.  The conference agreed with that, banning Jason from any
business in Subsector Sandeman, declaring his property forfeit, and
giving him a day to get off-world or be killed by the first warrior who
saw him.  It also named Dana to the warrior caste and gave her the
right to wear honor-black.  ("Thakur-Na")

  Sector: 16, Virgo                            Year:
  Subsector: C, Ishtar                         Day:
  System: Elder                                Gravity:
  Settled/established:                         Axial tilt:
  By:                                          Oxygen:
  Satellites:                                  % Water:
  Ident code prefix: ALS                       Continents:
  Ruled by: Fayette family
  (Barbara Tennison)

ALPH, Subsector 17-A:
  No. systems: 95                          Sector: Indus
    with 3 inhabited planets:  3           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets:  9
    with 1 inhabited planet:  20

ALTERNATE UNIVERSES:  Until the first ship from a provably alternate
universe appeared in the Empire, these were thought to be mathematical
abstractions.  Afterward, however, they were accepted as fact.  That
first confirmed inter-universe transition, like most, was the result of
a drive malfunction, and led to the further discovery that if the drive
was repairable, the ship's next hyper-transition would take it away
(from what happened to Imperial ships, return it to its own universe).
If the drive could not be repaired, the transferees had to remain.

That, at least, was and is the official story.  In actuality,
controlled inter-universe transition exists, but is a
strictly-controlled secret.  There are several reasons for this, but
the primary two are the Ravagers and the fact that, although the time
rate is constant, the apparent time ranges from megayears in the "past"
to megayears in the "future".

AMATERASU, Subsector 1-E:
  No. systems: 61                          Sector: Orion
    with 3 inhabited planets:  4           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 10
    with 1 inhabited planet:  24

AMATOR: (Xanadu) A member of the Guild of Amators, a professional
entertainer specializing in sexual activities.  Students are unrated;
examinations, when their instructors consider them ready, will rate
them as Specialist, Generalist, or Extra Class.  Ratings can be
upgraded by further training and examination.

  Sector:  5, Pegasus                          Year:
  Subsector:  B, Sleipnir                      Day:
  System:  Freya                               Gravity:
  Settled/established:                         Axial tilt:
  By:                                          Oxygen:
  Satellites:                                  % Water:
  Ident code prefix: ANG                       Continents:
  Ruled by:
  General:  The world where Ranger James Medart picked up a number of
  Sandeman prisoners, including Dartha DruLewies, who helped him end
  the Sandeman war.

ANTHEM, IMPERIAL: Otherwise known as "Darth Vader's Theme", by John
Williams, from the Star Wars trilogy.  In Annexation, this choice of
anthem has a strong effect on the Sandeman attitude toward the Empire.

ANTI-AGATHIC:  A drug developed in 2113 which greatly extends the
lifespan of humans, both standard and variant.  Begun immediately after
adolescence, it will approximately double expectable lifespan; begun
later, the effect is less dramatic but still appreciable.  Biological
age remains what it was when treatment was started, until the last 3-5
years, though some minor cosmetic changes (such as graying hair) may
appear at around the normal time.

ANTI-INTERROGATION CONDITIONING:  A total memory erasure triggered by a
code phrase spoken by the person needing to use it.  At this point, the
victim fixates on the first person seen or heard.  Memory up to the
time of the last conditioning can be restored by replay of a mindscan
tape made then, and memory after the conditioning is triggered is
retained; the interval between is lost.

ANUBIS, Subsector 15-A:
  No. systems: 48                          Sector: Auriga
    with 3 inhabited planets:  2           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 11
    with 1 inhabited planet:  23

APIS, Subsector 9-C:
  No. systems: 91                          Sector: Ursa
    with 3 inhabited planets:  2           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 11
    with 1 inhabited planet:  24

AQUILA, Sector 10:
  Ruled by:                              No. systems: 207
  Subsectors: 3                          Inhabited planets: 147
    A. Thunderbird
    B. Roc
    C. Garuda

ARDEN, Subsector 4-E:
  No. systems: 149                         Sector: Fornax
    with 3 inhabited planets:  1           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets:  9
    with 1 inhabited planet:  28

ARGUS, Subsector 2-A:
  No. systems: 141                         Sector: Hydra
    with 3 inhabited planets:  5           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets:  9
    with 1 inhabited planet:  23

ARIES, Sector 18:
  Ruled by:                              No. systems: 1,067
  Subsectors: 8                          Inhabited planets: 416
    A. Ebisu             E. Prometheus
    B. Pallas            F. Forseti
    C. Magni             G. Tyr
    D. Vishnu            H. Donblas

ARMS BALDRIC:  A formal or semi-formal way of displaying arms.  The
baldric is a length of cloth or other material about eight inches wide,
hanging down in front to about wrist length, draped over the left
shoulder, around the back to waist level on the right, and over the
left shoulder again to about knee-height in back, with the arms pinned
to it just below the left shoulder.  It is colored in accordance with
the level of the jurisdiction issuing the arms: green for the Empire,
white for a Sector, yellow for a Subsector, orange for a system, red
for a planet, and black for any lesser jurisdiction.  The baldric may
be fringed in silver or green, depending on the baldric's color.

  Sector: 19, Leo                              Year: 425.28 days
  Subsector: B, Galatine                       Day: 24 hr 18 min
  System: Regulus                              Gravity: 995 cm/sec2
  Settled/established:                         Axial tilt: 21.4 deg.
  By:                                          Oxygen: 25.3%
  Satellites: 1 (Whirlaway)                    % Water: 80
  Ident code prefix: ARR                       Continents: 5
  Ruled by:
  General: The entire population is male.  Some are semi-androgynous,
    known as gynandri (singular gynandra), genetically engineered to be
    able to carry children.  These are not numerous (most children are
    gestated in artificial wombs; all are products of cloning or
    laboratory gene-splicing), and they require considerable medical help
    to carry the baby to term once the embryo is implanted.  While the
    genetic engineering that creates the gynandri is contrary to Imperial
    law, the reason was because the Arriani wanted to retain the closest
    approximation they could manage to natural reproduction, so until
    research can provide a way for women to live on Arrian, the
    engineering of gynandri is excepted.  The Arriani, however, do not
    realize this; as far as they are concerned, they have managed to
    keep the gynandri a precious secret of their way of life.
  Religion is based on the Lady of Love.

ASGARD, Subsector 3-A:
  No. systems: 63                          Sector: Sculptor
    with 3 inhabited planets:  5           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets:  8
    with 1 inhabited planet:  21

ATHENA, Subsector 16-A:
  No. systems: 67                          Sector: Virgo
    with 3 inhabited planets:  6           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 10
    with 1 inhabited planet:  19

AURIGA, Sector 15:
  Ruled by:                              No. systems: 510
  Subsectors: 4                          Inhabited planets: 210
    A. Anubis                 C. Tuonetar
    B. Nephthys               D. Yama

  Sector: 8, Centaurus                         Year:
  Subsector: D, Pan                            Day:
  System: Aurora                               Gravity:
  Settled/established:                         Axial tilt:
  By:                                          Oxygen:
  Satellites:                                  % Water:
  Ident code prefix: AUR                       Continents:
  Ruled by:
  General: Had an interest in the heavy metals market strong enough for
    it to engage in industrial espionage; this attracted OSI's attention
    because of the possibility a former IntelDiv field agent was
    involved, which proved to be the case.  (Barbara Tennison)

AVALON, Subsector 4-C:
  No. systems: 106                         Sector: Fornax
    with 3 inhabited planets:  3           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 11
    with 1 inhabited planet:  22


BADER, Lawrence:  Imperial Ranger.  Recruited Jess Winters as Sovereign
of Alternate Sierra, 2683.

BALIK: (Sandeman)  A solitary lupoid predator.  Females tend to nest
and bear their kits in the mountains or high foothills.  (Sylvia

BAST, Subsector 8-C:
  No. systems: 158                         Sector: Centaurus
    with 3 inhabited planets:  3           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 10
    with 1 inhabited planet:  24

BATTLE-COMPANION: (Sandeman)  One who has fought beside another for
some time, or done a combat-related service for the other deserving
such recognition.  Battle-companions are usually warriors/w'women, but
Others are acknowledged as such occasionally.  Under highly unusual
circumstances, even an enemy may become a battle-companion, at which
point @ is no longer an enemy.  Battle-companions will give each other
Last Gift without question if asked, and when using High War Speech,
employ the familiar mode.

BATTLEPREP: (Sandeman)  A combat-oriented form of need, induced by
mental and physical concentration.  Unlike the sexual form of induced
need, which will subside on its own with no more effect than a slight
shortening of the warrior's cycle, battleprep involves the entire body;
unless the warrior goes into demanding combat within an hour or two, he
will go into overload and die.  As this is well known, a warrior will
prep only when combat is imminent.

Battleprep is often referred to as a berserker state, but that is only
partially correct.  The prepped warrior is only marginally, if at all,
aware of pain and wounds; blood clots quickly to minimize loss; speed
and strength are heightened on the same order as that of someone of
average strength who can suddenly lift a car to save an infant.  Beyond
this, however, the berserker analogy breaks down, because the warrior
retains his full intelligence and judgement.  This combination makes a
battleprepped warrior one of the most dangerous beings in the known

BAYARD, Subsector 5-A:
  No. systems: 92                          Sector: Pegasus
    with 3 inhabited planets:  5           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets:  8
    with 1 inhabited planet:  20

BCE:  Before the Common Era.  Usually called BC (Before Christ) prior
to the Empire.  See CE.

BLACK LORD, The:  Sandeman term for Lord Darth Vader, generally
regarded as villain of the classic Star Wars film trilogy.  The
Sandemans see him as a symbol of their race: held in thrall by another
(Palpatine/the Shapers), but maintaining all honor possible during that
thralldom and eventually throwing it off to regain (or gain) full honor
for himself and his family (or the Sandeman race).  Clan Vader, the
first clan formed after Overthrow, was named for him and is the arbiter
for the most delicate questions of honor.  The ceremonial garb called
honor-black is derived directly from the Black Lord's armor and robes.

BLASTER:  The standard Imperial sidearm, a plasma weapon.

BLAST RIFLE: A shoulder weapon, powered by a small fusion reactor pack,
which emits a plasma beam.  Since their power packs are larger than
those of a hand-held blaster, they are correspondingly either more
powerful or more long-lasting, depending on the operator's preference.

BLOODMATE:  A strong, possibly latent empath who has been changed by
the nosferatu pseudo-virus to an extremely capable blood donor, able to
supply all a Kin's needs.  The primary adaptation is bone marrow
hyperactivity, which permits loss of blood with no harm to the
Bloodmate beyond fatigue and increased appetite.  Other changes include
increased physical strength, though not to the extent of a Kin's, along
with heightened empathy and endurance, both of which exceed a Kin's.

Although Bloodmates appeared at the same time as Kins, their lack of
visible change meant that for more than two years they were thought to
be no more than unusually capable Donors.  That changed when Marine
Captain Jase Thompson, who was extremely susceptible to the virus, was
changed and it was discovered that he literally had to donate at daily
intervals to remain physically and emotionally healthy.  ["Teams"]
This allowed testing of the other unusually capable donors, and led to
the discovery that the approximate 10% who went through change with no
apparent effect had actually become Bloodmates.

BOND:  A close physical/emotional tie between a Kin and a Bloodmate.
It is involuntary, very fast, and takes place when a Kin feeds on a
Bloodmate who is @'s complement.  The empathic link between them is so
strong that each is always aware of the other's physical and emotional
state.  This is usually quite pleasant, but if one is severely hurt or
killed, the other will suffer psychological and physical pain and
illness, sometimes fatal.

BRIGIT, Subsector 11-C:
  No. systems: 138                         Sector: Gemini
    with 3 inhabited planets:  3           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 13
    with 1 inhabited planet:  23

BROTHERHOOD OF FREEDOM: (Kingdom Systems)  A Systems-wide terrorist
group that appeared around 2550. It has no declared objective beyond
the disruption of society, and its leader, Lawrence Shannon, claims to
be the incarnation of Satan.

Its primary targets, until the Empire's arrival in 2572, were Royal
Enforcement Service troopers; at that point, Imperial personnel took
priority.  Other than those two groups, the Brotherhood's targets are
places which will cause the most distress: schools, hospitals,
churches, and such are attacked at random, the people there killed with
the maximum amount of violence. It is these terror raids which inspired
the formation of the Strike Force section of the RES.


CADET INCOGNITO:  The provision made for Imperial nobles who wish to
attend the Military or Administrative Academies without receiving
special attention (either leniency or strictness).  The cadet's true
identity is known only to the Commandant of Cadets, and revealed at
graduation or if an emergency requires the cadet to drop out earlier.

CARLE:  One of the Traiti Circle of Lords, female.

CARLE, Subsector 21-E:
  No. systems: 155                         Sector: Traiti
    with 3 inhabited planets:  4           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 10
    with 1 inhabited planet:  12

CASSELL, Sandoval (Sandy):  (2092-2189)  Leader of the genetic
engineers later known as the Shapers.

  Sector: 5, Pegasus                 No. planets: 12
  Subsector: D, Sandeman             Habitable: 1
  Ruled by:
  General: Sandeman's system, named for the leader of the Shapers.  The
    Sandemans elected to keep the name; in spite of their opinion of the
    Shapers' attempt to control them, they are convinced the Shapers also
    deserve credit for creating them.

CATEGORY F ("Foreign Legion") ENLISTMENT:  The provision made for
anonymous enlistment in the Imperial military.  A person wanting to
make use of this provision must meet the normal enlistment criteria,
and tell the recruiting officer the reason (which may not be revealed
to any third party) for wanting Category F.  If the recruiting officer
is satisfied that the reason has no bearing on the individual's fitness
for service, @ will be enlisted under a new name, with a Category F
ident code (prefix FFF); only the Imperial computer net has data on
both identities.  The Cat F enlistee's career will not be restricted
except in one way: @ may not become an officer without resuming @'s
original name and ident code.

CE: Common Era, the Imperial term for what was called AD before the
Empire's formation.  BC, in those terms, is BCE--Before the Common Era.
This change was made to avoid any implication that the Empire might
favor or promote any particular religion.

CENTAURUS, Sector 8:
  Ruled by:                              No. systems: 356
  Subsectors:  4                         Inhabited planets: 217
    A. Chiron                  C. Bast
    B. Pholus                  D. Pan

CERBERUS, Subsector 2-E:
  No. systems: 54                          Sector: Hydra
    with 3 inhabited planets:  2           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 11
    with 1 inhabited planet:  20

CHAMELEON, Sector 20:
  Ruled by:                              No. systems: 397
  Subsectors: 4                          Inhabited planets: 226
    A. Oghma                  C. Dagda
    B. Thoth                  D. Ukko

CHANG, Cheong: (2050-2149)  First Sovereign of the Terran Empire.
Retired from the USMC as a Major General in 2097.  Became acquainted
with Reinhard Nannstein, an acquaintanceship that became a close
friendship.  At Nannstein's urging, Chang entered Solar Federation
politics, rapidly earning a reputation for outstanding statesmanship
and unyielding integrity.  Elected President of the Federation in 2124,
he was aware that his friend's work on gravitics (and the high
probability that faster-than-light travel would soon follow) would
require some drastic changes, and he began laying the groundwork for
them.  In 2125, Nannstein invented hyperdrive; as humanity exploded
away from Terra, Chang and Nannstein acted.  Democratic government,
even as loose as the Federation's, had become so obviously
impractical--and Chang was so highly regarded--that they were able to
persuade the Federation Congress to pass a constitutional amendment
dissolving the Federation and establishing the Terran Empire--on the
condition that Chang agree to be Emperor.  One of his first acts on
assuming the Throne was to create the Rangers and nobility; another was
to direct the regularization of English.  His alphabet and some of his
other linguistic changes caught on; some did not.  He died seconds
after midnight, 1 January 2149.

CHIEF'S BENCH: (Sandeman)  A judicial-style bench in the clanhome's
main hall, used by the clan-chief on formal occasions.

CHIEF'S RIGHT: (Sandeman)  A clan-chief's right to impose punishment on
one who has committed a serious offense against a member of his clan.

CHIRON, Subsector 8-A:
  No. systems: 74                          Sector: Centaurus
    with 3 inhabited planets:  2           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets:  9
    with 1 inhabited planet:  23

CIRCLE OF LORDS:  The Traiti deities, three females and nine males--one
of whom, Lord Esteban the Peacelord, is a human.  All were planned for
and then influenced, to a greater or lesser degree, by the psionic
computer called Godhome--which had been left behind for that task when
the Others departed to continue their development on another plane of
existence.  Once those who were to become Lords agreed to serve,
Godhome forced them into full intellectual and emotional maturity;
although they have powers generally thought of as godlike, they think
of themselves as parents.  Their aim, over millennia, is to bring all
intelligence to their level; their philosophy is that
self-responsibility is essential to natural maturation, so they
intervene only when, and only as much as, absolutely unavoidable for
racial survival.

CLAN NAMES, TRAITI:  Naming convention is one or two letters, an
apostrophe, and one or two syllables to form something pronounceable.
Clan names probably had meaning when the clans were originally
established, but those meanings have become lost over the millennia.
(Some clan-names established in the series so far: Ch'geasht, Ch'kara,
D'gameh, K'horan, N'chark, St'nar.)

CLANS, SANDEMAN:  The basic unit of Sandeman society, the extended
"family".  While the clan-chief is in charge and has the last word, he
is not--cannot be--a dictator.  Until Overthrow, clans were established
by the Shapers and restricted in size to 200-500 members; since then,
some have gotten larger, and a new clan is formed by agreement between
two or more "parent" clans who contribute members and resources.

Some established clans (those with asterisks formed by the Shapers),
with their specialties and brief notes if applicable; there may be a
more detailed entry as well, under the clan name, if available
information justifies it.

Alanna*: edged weapons; the First Clan.
  Havek: metal-working, electronics; daughter-clan to Krishnan and Leras.
  Krishnan*: basic research, farming.
  Leras*: farming, piloting and pilot training; the entire warrior caste
    of this clan is accomplished pilots.
  Levya*: shipfitters
  Miklos*: communications.
  Neill*: leather battlegear, horses.
  Raynor*: medicine, genetics.
  Shona*: war-dogs, farming.
  Torrance: boats, other aquatic craft, seamanship.
  Vader: energy weapons; the first clan formed after Overthrow.

CLOUDCATS:  Inhabitants of Ondrian, moved there by the Others about
8000 BCE because their original sun was about to go nova.

They resemble Terran mountain lions in size and shape, though because
of their preference for cold climates, their fur is thick and white.
They are highly intelligent, although the first colonists thought them
wild animals; they communicate and manipulate objects with a pair of
tentacular Y-shaped "tongues" that retract into cheek pouches when not
in use.

Cloudcats are solitary hunters, living in mountain caves the Others
provided with psionically-operated survival aids; although the closest
world to their native one, Ondrian is enough harsher that, without the
survival aids, cloudcat art and philosophy would have suffered, perhaps
died.  Most are involved with one or the other, many with both, and the
tapestries they weave from their shed fur are in great demand
throughout the Empire.  Although most cloudcats never leave their home
territory, some do take advantage of their right (granted in return for
the colonists' free use of the equatorial zone) to travel at will on
Imperial ships.

CLOUD-SILK:  A soft, light, tough luxury fabric made from a plant that
thrives only on Herbert's World.

CODES, COLOR:  (Stories)  Generally seen on military uniforms in the
form of collar tabs, the color codes indicate the service's level.
Imperial forces have no collar tabs; Sector-level have white,
Subsector-level have yellow, System-level have orange, and
Planetary-level have red.

(TE Society)  These are the ones on the badges, intended to simplify
mutual identification, especially when not in uniform or regalia.  No
color band means no Imperial rank (except for brown, which indicates a
local noble; technically, they have no Imperial standing, but are
generally given the courtesy title of "Excellency").  Green indicates
the Sovereign (wide) and Rangers (2 narrow); white is for Dukes, yellow
for Earls, orange for Counts, and red for Barons (in all of these a
wide band is for a Life Noble, two narrow for a Ruling Noble and @'s
Consort and Heir, one narrow for a Life Noble's spouse and a Ruling
Noble's younger children).  Black indicates Marines, blue Navy, with
wide band for Imperial regulars, two narrows for Imperial reservists,
and one narrow for local forces.

CODES, IDENT:  (Stories)  Only S and R indicate status in this group
(Sovereign and Rangers, respectively); with the first and last letters
of the individual's name, these form a three-letter prefix.  All others
have a five-letter prefix, with the first three being a home-planet
identifier (preferably the first three letters in the Imperial English
alphabet, but modified where necessary to prevent duplication), again
with the first and last letters of the individual's name.  The prefix
is followed by an eight-digit number that precisely identifies the

(TE Society)  These were set up to allow computer separation, if it
ever becomes necessary, by Imperial status; the first letter indicates
that with S for Sovereign, R for Ranger, N for Imperial noble, C for
citizens derived (or derivable) from the original TE stories, and E for
citizens of extra-universal origin.  TE is simply for Terran Empire,
and the numbering is consecutive, assigned when enough information is
available to do so--usually when the Admin Service has a persona form
to work from.

COLD PEAK RANGE:  A Sandeman mountain range, mostly on Clan Torrance
territory.  It is supposed to be the most beautiful mountain scenery on
the planet, but is visited by few Sandemans other than Torrance hunting
parties because of the general Sandeman dislike for low temperatures.

COMBAT DIVISION:  The largest of the ITMC's major specialty divisions,
it is responsible for all directly combat-related activity, including
such things as basic training.

COMM IMPLANT:  A surgically implanted communications system consisting
of a transmitter in the throat and a receiver at the mastoid bone.
Imperial implants have an always-active receiver and touch-activated
transmitter, which can also be computer-activated if the comp initiates
the contact and expects an answer.

COMP:  Computer, of any type and size from a hand-held personal model
to an Imperial Battle Cruiser's or other artificial intelligence.

CONCLAVE:  The gathering of Rangers called by a new Sovereign
immediately after @'s accession, to name the new Successor.

CONSORT, -CONSORT:  Unhyphenated, a Kin of the Dragon who has Bonded to
a Bloodmate.  Hyphenated, after a title of nobility, the spouse of a
ruling Imperial noble.

COR'NAYA: (Traiti)  Honored One.  Generally, a male who has taken and
survived the Ordeal of Honor, and displays the Honor scars inflicted as
a test of endurance to conclude the Ordeal.  Rarely, a female who has
borne twins and has been given Honor scars under anesthesia in a

CORONET:  The lesser crown used by Rangers (when using their civil
title of Prince/Princess) and Imperial nobles, primarily on ceremonial

CORPSWEN:  Imperial Navy medical technician.

CRATER, Sector 13:
  Ruled by:                              No. systems: 395
  Subsectors: 4                          Inhabited planets: 220
    A. Nike                  C. Ratri
    B. Inanna                D. Idun

CROWN, IMPERIAL:  The crown worn by the Sovereign during major
ceremonies such as Investitures, Grand Audiences, etc.  It is made of
platinum in a wing-and-star motif, with the arches topped by the globe
and sun segments of the Imperial Seal.  The only gems used are pearls
on the arches.  For comfort, the crown is worn over a green velvet Cap
of Estate, turned up with ermine.  For less formal occasions a lighter
version, without arches (and sometimes called the Diadem), is used.

CYCLOPS, Subsector 2-C:
  No. systems: 106                         Sector: Hydra
    with 3 inhabited planets:  1           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 11
    with 1 inhabited planet:  20

CYGNUS, Sector 7:
  Ruled by:                              No. systems: 803
  Subsectors: 6                          Inhabited planets: 297
    A. Kinnison           D. Jirel
    B. Skywalker          E. Lessa
    C. DuQuesne           F. Stildyne


DAGDA, Subsector 20-C:
  No. systems: 66                          Sector: Chameleon
    with 3 inhabited planets:  3           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 10
    with 1 inhabited planet:  19

DARLAS:  An aspect of Talent, a form of psionic attack that can vary in
effect, depending on the user's strength and intent, from a mild stun
to lethal.  In whatever degree, it is extremely painful to the victim.

DAVIS, Subsector 21-C:
  No. systems: 66                          Sector: Traiti
    with 3 inhabited planets:  2           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 12
    with 1 inhabited planet:  17

DECORATIONS, IMPERIAL (in order of precedence):

  * Imperial Medal of Honor (wartime); Sovereign's Medal (peacetime)
  * Marine Cross
  * Navy Cross
    Distinguished Service Cross
  * Silver Star Medal
  # Legion of Merit
  # Distinguished Service Medal
  + Marine Medal
  + Space Medal
    Joint Services Commedation Medal
    Marine Commendation Medal
    Navy Commendation Medal
    Achievement Medal
    Purple Heart
    Combat Action Ribbon
  * Sovereign's Unit Citation
  * Distinguished Unit Emblem
  # Unit Commendation
    Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal
    Navy Good Conduct Medal
    Marine Corps Reserve Medal
    Navy Reserve Medal

These are awarded for:
  * Combat heroism
  # Heroic or meritorious acts
  + Non-combat heroism

DERYBACH:  (Traiti)  A Homeworld predator Ranger Tarlac characterized
as an overgrown bobcat.  They bear a strong resemblance to cloudcats,
though they have shorter fur and are tawny rather than white.

DIADEM, IMPERIAL:  A term sometimes used to refer to the Imperial Crown
as it is worn during ceremonies other than major ones such as
Coronation or Grand Audiences.  It is somewhat lighter, since it does
not have the arches.

DISRUPTOR:  A gravitics-based weapon that disrupts its target's
molecular structure.  Sizes (and power) vary from the relatively weak
sidearm favored by the Traiti to the extremely powerful "primaries"
mounted in Imperial light, heavy, and battle cruisers, which require a
separate T/CT power supply equal to that used for propulsion and ship

DONBLAS, Subsector 18-H:
  No. systems: 165                         Sector: Aries
    with 3 inhabited planets:  2           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 10
    with 1 inhabited planet:  18

DONOR:  As used by Narvonese, a person who acts as an occasional (one
to four week interval, depending on the individual) blood-source for
the Dragon-Kin, but whose lack of susceptibility to the nosferatu
pseudo-virus prevents @ from becoming a Bloodmate.  Donating or not is
an individual decision, as is the method.  While most choose to Donate
directly and get the pleasure the Kin feels and projects to @'s Donor
while feeding this way, some people prefer to Donate indirectly,
through a medical unit; that blood is used for Kins who for some reason
or other cannot or choose not to feed normally.  This is not usual,
though; "bottled" blood is, rather like WWII C-rations, life-sustaining
but not very good, and certainly not satisfactory for long periods.
The more usual problem is keeping donors from doing so too often, to
the point where it adversely affects their health.

DOWER NOBLE:  A ruling noble who retires and that noble's spouse, or
the spouse of a ruling noble who has died.  Dower nobles have no legal
power, but are entitled to the courtesies of their former ranks.  They
add a true-lover's knot to their arms to indicate dower status.

DRAGON PRINCE:  (Sometimes referred to simply as "Dragon" or "Prince")
Personification of the nosferatu pseudo-virus, the result of a dream by
the first Kin, during her Change, about a platinum-scaled
Oriental-style dragon wearing a crown.  She was familiar with both the
fictional and real Draculas, synthesizing that knowledge with what she
somehow sensed (or knew through Talent) she was becoming, and the
virus' essential benevolence.  Her colony of virus, even though it was
centuries from true consciousness or self-awareness, picked up the
image, possibly as a rudimentary identification, and passed it along as
other colonies reached a level that changed their hosts.

DRUGS established so far, alphabetically.  See individual entries for

DuQUESNE, Subsector 7-C:
  No. systems: 144                         Sector: Cygnus
    with 3 inhabited planets:  1           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets:  9
    with 1 inhabited planet:  15
  Arms: Black.


EBISU, Subsector 18-A:
  No. systems: 124                         Sector: Aries
    with 3 inhabited planets:  2           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 11
    with 1 inhabited planet:  28

EGERIN: The hormone that defines a Sandeman warrior and controls his
need cycle.

EMPIRE, TERRAN: Founded by Cheong Chang in 2128, the Empire is an
umbrella government with functions limited to defense of the Empire as
a whole, peacekeeping (primarily between Sectors, though occasionally
if necessary between lesser fiefs as well), and inter-cultural
relations that cannot be handled at a lower level.  Its normal method
of operation is that of minimum intervention, to encourage maximum
diversity (within limits; neither anarchy nor Balkanization are seen as

As a safeguard, although going to the appropriate noble is generally
preferable, all Imperial citizens have the right of direct appeal to
the Throne, and if circumstances warrant (normally determined by an
Evaluation Team investigation), the Empire will act.

The Empire is based firmly on the principle of enlightened
self-interest, making it the most thoroughly pragmatic government
humans have ever developed.  Ninety-nine-plus percent of the time, this
means demonstrating an integrity pre-Empire Terran politicians would
believe undesirable to impossible, probably both.

However, there is that other fractional percent of a time.  Even the
greatest idealists realize that from time to time, any government is
going to need to use unpleasant, unethical, and possibly even illegal
means to achieve something vital.  For these times, as well as for more
normal undercover operations, the Empire is believed to use its
IntelDiv field agents, as well as the rumored Shadow Fleet.

ENERGINE:  A powerful stimulant, effective for approximately eight
hours.  While it will allow the user to overcome most weaknesses, too
much will demand a high price in recuperation afterward.

ENERGY SOURCES:  See Fusion, Internal Combustion, T/CT.

ENGLISH, IMPERIAL:  Emperor Chang's regularized version of a
combination of American and British English, with phoneticized spelling
and somewhat modified vocabulary.

ENVIRO-SUIT:  A coverall-type garment that provides protection from
extreme temperatures, either heat or cold, between approximately -100
and +150 degrees Celsius.

ERIDANUS, Sector 12:
  Ruled by:                              No. systems: 621
  Subsectors: 7                          Inhabited planets: 366
    A. Ramman               E. Susanowo
    B. Tefnut               F. Zeus
    C. Ahto                 G. Thor
    D. Rudra

EVALUATION TEAM:  Commonly called an E-Team, this is a group of Marine
Intelligence Division operatives sent in to investigate a citizen's
report or appeal for help, if a preliminary evaluation shows a
potentially serious problem to exist, and determine whether Imperial
intervention is both justified and necessary.  Only when the report is
of imminent warfare or rebellion, when it includes evidence that makes
an investigation unnecessary, or when the preliminary evaluation shows
it not to be an Imperial matter, is an E-Team not sent in.

EXCALIBUR, Subsector 14-D:
  No. systems: 52                          Sector: Phoenix
    with 3 inhabited planets:  6           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets:  9
    with 1 inhabited planet:  26
  Arms: On a red field, a sword point-upward between three silver

EXOTIC:  Xanaden term for genetically engineered human variants,
specifically those originally intended as sexual objects.

Although major genetic engineering of humans was outlawed in 2310, it
has been impossible to completely suppress.  It has, however, been
driven into secrecy, with the result that most such engineering is done
by or for the rich and powerful who have grown bored with legal
diversions.  This in turn means that most subjects of such engineering
have had their sexuality enhanced for their creators' entertainment,
often with other changes being made as well.

Most of the Empire's more detailed knowledge of Exotics comes from
those who disliked and were able to escape from those who engineered
them.  Of these, most gravitate to Xanadu and the Amators' Guild, where
they can make profitable use of the engineering carried out on them (or
on their forebears).  It is not known how many either do not rebel or
are unsuccessful in their escape attempts, but it seems reasonable to
assume this number to be far greater than the escapees'.

While the details of the various Exotic types vary considerably, the
basics of most are quite consistent, which is to be expected given the
purpose of such engineering.  An Exotic is always responsive, in some
degree, to sexual stimuli, is capable of what seems to non-Exotics like
incredible sexual endurance, and most begin sexual activity during or
immediately after adolescence.  (It must be noted, of course, that any
or all of the above does on occasion occur to a non-engineered human
and cannot be considered proof of engineering; genetic analysis is the
only way to be certain.)

In some cases, enhancement of the sexual drive is the only change made.
In most, however, physical changes have been made as well, though not
all are visible (for instance, the Ishtar variants are characterized by
sensory nerves lining the vaginal canal, usually leading to the brain's
pleasure center).  The changes which are visible also vary, from
relatively minor (such as the Tingler's tentacles around his penis) to
near-total alteration (such as the Elf variant's small, slender build
and delicate features emphasized by pointed ears and slanted eyes).


FAMILY (capitalized): The extended family structure recently introduced
in the Kingdom Systems, primarily as a socially-acceptable means of
dealing with the satyr virus and the physiological changes it produces.
As a side effect, it also provides a family structure stable enough
that Special Operations personnel may now marry and are no longer
required to be sterile.  The new Families, the first and best known of
which is Family Cortin, consist of several spouses--ideally, but not
necessarily, half male and half female--with any children.  (As an
example Family Cortin, at this point [2572], consists of Colonel Cortin
herself, who is Family head but not a spouse, two wives, five husbands,
and three children, with a fourth on the way.  It may become more
balanced in the future, since it began as a mostly-male Strike Force
team and has as yet had little opportunity to court more than one
civilian wife.)

FEALTY, CONDITIONAL: (Sandeman)  An oath to someone in return for a
consideration, unknown until Gaelan DarShona talked some of the
warriors on the guardian fleet around Mjolnir into taking service in
Planetary Security in exchange for Imperial credits.  Such an oath is
considered void if payment in wilfully withheld (inability to pay is
negotiable) or if the one to whom such an oath is taken attempts to
injure the oath-taker, at which point the one taking the oath may feel
free to take appropriate action against the false acceptor.

FEALTY, PERSONAL: (Sandeman)  An oath of absolute personal loyalty and
obedience.  Theoretically, anyone may swear such fealty to anyone, but
in practice it is almost exclusively warriors swearing to Warleaders or
other high-status warriors.

It is an honor either to be offered such fealty or to have it accepted.
The one giving fealty (thakur-na) becomes, to the best of his ability,
an extension of the one accepting it (thakur).  The only acceptable
reasons for disobeying a thakur's will are to preserve his honor or his
life, with the thakur's honor taking precedence.  This relationship is
most obvious to non-Sandemans in the custom that any children a 'na
fathers are considered the thakur's, and their use of the familiar mode
of High War Speech.

The 'na has his right cheek tattooed with a mark of his thakur's
choice.  Although in theory, since a 'na does swear absolute obedience
and perfect fidelity, there is no need to acknowledge even the greatest
of such service, the Sandemans are realists; if a 'na gives greater
service or does a deed more heroic than may be reasonably expected, his
thakur will have the tattoo circled and allow his 'na to use his name
hyphenated with the 'na's own.  If the 'na outlives his thakur, his
tattoo is barred with black to show honorable completion of service; if
it works out the other way, his thakur will see to honorable burial, if
possible at one of their clanhomes.

Although those are by far the commonest ways of ending the
relationship, two others are possible.  If the 'na commits a serious
offense, the thakur may dismiss him by telling him something like,
"Leave me; I no longer need you."  The real meaning is "You have
dishonored me"; the 'na is expected to atone by a painful death at
either his own or his clan-chief's hands.  The other, since Dana
DruAlanna's case in 2624, is for the thakur to dismiss without offense,
in which case the 'na's tattoo is barred with black and service is
honorably terminated for both parties.

FELZINE:  A mild, non-addictive tranquilizer.

FENRIS, Subsector 14-A:
  No. systems: 174                         Sector: Phoenix
    with 3 inhabited planets:  7           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets:  8
    with 1 inhabited planet:  22
  Arms: On a counter-ermine field, a gold star of four large and eight
    small points, charged with a red circle on which is a silver wolf's

FIEFS:  The subdivisions of the Empire.  As of 2568, the end of the
Traiti War--and including the new Traiti Sector--they are broken down
as follows:

    21 Sectors, consisting of two to eight Subsectors apiece
    106 Subsectors, averaging 53 inhabited planets in 36 systems
    1,431 multi-inhabited-planet systems
    2,388 single-inhabited-planet systems
    5,596 inhabited planets

Fiefs cannot be combined.  If the heir to a fief marries a ruling
noble, @ forfeits all claim to the fief @ was to inherit, and the next
oldest child becomes heir.  If one heir or ruling noble marries
another, the Sovereign decides which forfeits @'s fief (usually the
lower-ranking, if they are of different levels) and who is to succeed
(usually the next oldest child).

FIELD AGENT:  An IntelDiv officer with special training in covert
intelligence gathering.  Although they often work openly, sometimes
even in uniform, they are not identified as field agents and are always
assigned to cases where their special skills (such as reading the
subtleties of body language, some of them with near-telepathic
accuracy) are needed.

When working under an assumed identity, a field agent will use whatever
means are available and most effective for getting the information a
needs or otherwise accomplishing @'s mission.  While this is recognized
as necessary under such circumstances, it is not something the Empire
takes pride in or wishes publicized.  It is also unfortunate that at
times former field agents revert to this end-over-means philosophy,
though if they have left the Service, there is seldom any harm done,
and very little the Empire can do unless the person has broken a law as

FORNAX, Sector 4:
  Ruled by:                              No. systems: 472
  Subsectors: 5                          Inhabited planets: 285
    A. Oberon               D. Xanth
    B. Titania              E. Arden
    C. Avalon

FORSETI, Subsector 18-F:
  No. systems: 90                          Sector: Aries
    with 3 inhabited planets:  7           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets:  9
    with 1 inhabited planet:  21

FREYA, Subsector 16-D:
  No. systems: 97                          Sector: Virgo
    with 3 inhabited planets:  4           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets:  8
    with 1 inhabited planet:  31

FUSION:  The forced combination of hydrogen atoms at extremely high
temperatures to produce energy.  It is used in most craft (spaceships
and ground vehicles) which are too small to carry T/CT generators.


GALATINE, Subsector 19-B:
  No. systems: 154                         Sector: Leo
    with 3 inhabited planets:  6           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets:  8
    with 1 inhabited planet:  25

GARUDA, Subsector 10-C:
  No. systems: 53                          Sector: Aquila
    with 3 inhabited planets:  2           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 11
    with 1 inhabited planet:  19

GEMINI, Sector 11:
  Ruled by:                              No. systems: 422
  Subsectors: 3                          Inhabited planets: 169
    A. Girru
    B. Agni
    C. Brigit

  Sector:  13, Crater                No. planets:  12
  Subsector:  B, Inanna              Habitable:  2 (Atlantis, Nemra)
  Ruled by:  Kaplan family

GIRRU, Subsector 11-A:
  No. systems: 131                         Sector: Gemini
    with 3 inhabited planets:  5           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets:  7
    with 1 inhabited planet:  22

GODHOME:  The psionic computer left behind on Homeworld when the Others
the Traiti call Those Who Went Before went on to a different plane of
existence.  A huge underground complex, it was thought for millennia to
be a hill that caused madness or worse in those who went near, until it
forced Kranath of St'nar to full maturity, thus making him the first of
the new Traiti gods, the Circle of Lords.  It destroyed its physical
structure as no longer necessary when it merged with the last Lord of
the Circle, Peacelord Esteban Tarlac.  [Fearful Symmetry]

GORGON, Subsector 2-B:
  No. systems: 112                         Sector: Hydra
    with 3 inhabited planets:  3           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 10
    with 1 inhabited planet:  23

GRAVITICS:  A science developed into practicality by Reinhard
Nannstein, it has led to as many things as electronics: artificial
gravity, hyperdrive, force fields and beams, ultrawave communications,
innumerable others.

GRAYWAND, Subsector 19-E:
  No. systems: 187                         Sector: Leo
    with 3 inhabited planets:  4           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 11
    with 1 inhabited planet:  25

GRYPHON, Subsector 14-C:
  No. systems: 148                         Sector: Phoenix
    with 3 inhabited planets:  3           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets:  9
    with 1 inhabited planet:  25

GUNGNIR, Subsector 19-C:
  No. systems: 160                         Sector: Leo
    with 3 inhabited planets:  3           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 11
    with 1 inhabited planet:  24

GYNANDRA (plural gynandri):  An Arriani male genetically engineered to
carry and give birth to children, though not to conceive.  Such
pregnancy and birth require highly skilled medical aid.  Gynandri are
also sought-after sex partners, both because of their enthusiasm and
because they are thought to be special favorites of the Lady of Love,
being as close to female as can survive on Arrian.


HATHOR, Subsector 9-B:
  No. systems: 102                         Sector: Ursa
    with 3 inhabited planets:  2           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 10
    with 1 inhabited planet:  23

HEIMDALL, Subsector 1-C:
  No. systems: 70                          Sector: Orion
    with 3 inhabited planets:  3           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 10
    with 1 inhabited planet:  19

HELIOS, Subsector 1-G:
  No. systems: 142                         Sector: Orion
    with 3 inhabited planets:  6           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets:  9
    with 1 inhabited planet:  30

HELLBEAST:  A Mjolnirri herbivore domesticated for its meat, which
remains tender even when well-cooked.  Its name comes from its
remarkably ugly appearance, not its placid disposition.

  Sector: 17, Indus                  No. planets: 10
  Subsector: C, Poseidon             Habitable: 1
  Ruled by: Keene family

HERALDRY, IMPERIAL:  Although the idea of coats of arms in an
interstellar society with numerous other means of identification seems
redundant to some, that purpose became a minor one long before the
Empire.  Arms are a tradition Emperor Chang thought would serve a
unifying purpose, provide continuity, and give an incentive for service
beyond the expectable but not sufficient to earn a Life Nobility.

While derived from traditional heraldry and having much in common with
it, Imperial heraldry has the advantage of hindsight, which has led to
several improvements.  The primary one is in descriptions, where
English replaces Old French, making them understandable to those who
are not specialists in the field.  Some traditional terminology has
been retained, either because it is generally understandable or because
there is no reasonably concise English equivalent.  Most terms,
however, translated without difficulty; the slightly longer
descriptions are acceptable because of the greatly increased clarity.
The only exception to this is in the actual Grant of Arms itself, where
the traditional blazoning is still used (though an English translation
is provided on a separate sheet).

The heraldic colors remain predominantly the bright primary ones:
silver (now platinum) or white, and gold or yellow, called metals;
black, blue, green, and red, called colors.  Less-used colors are
orange, purple, brown, and "flesh tone".  Taken together, colors and
metals are referred to as tinctures.  Anything described as "proper" is
shown in its normal coloring.  Only two of the numerous traditional
heraldic "furs" are in Imperial use, ermine (white with black spots)
and counter-ermine (black with white spots).  As a rule, metal should
not be placed on metal or color on color, although exceptions--mostly
in the case of charges described as "proper"--do occur.

As in traditional heraldry, the field is described first, by color and
any divisions, with the color on the bearer's right or at the shield's
top mentioned first.  Left and right, in all cases, refer to the point
of view of the person supposedly carrying the shield.

  Traditional description              English description

  Party per pale                       Divided vertically
  Party per fess                       Divided horizontally
  Party per bend                       Divided by right diagonal
  Party per bend sinister              Divided by left diagonal
  Party per saltire                    Divided by both diagonals
  Party per chevron                    Divided by a chevron
  Quarterly                            Quarterly
  Checky                               Checked
  Tierced per fess                     Three-part horizontally
  Tierced per pale                     Three-part vertically
  Gyronny                              Divided by gyron
  Gurgy (and variants)                 Spiraled

Charges may be (and usually are) placed on the field, and cover any
divisions.  The major geometric charges (ordinaries) are mentioned
first, if any appear.  They generally take up approximately a third of
the shield, though this proportion may vary if other charges appear, or
they have other charges upon them.  Note that the vertical and
horizontal bars should not be confused with the three-part fields.

  Traditional description              English description

  Chief                                Chief
  Fess                                 Horizontal bar
  Pale                                 Vertical bar
  Bend                                 Right-diagonal bar
  Bend sinister                        Left-diagonal bar
  Chevron                              Chevron
  Chevron reversed                     Reversed chevron
  Cross                                Cross
  Saltire                              Double diagonal
  Pile                                 Wedge
  Quarter                              Quarter
  Pall                                 Y-fork
  Flanches                             Flanches

Diminutives (except for the quarter) are one-half normal width,
prefixed "demi-", or one-quarter normal width, prefixed "quadri-" and
usually borne paired.  The quarter's only diminutive is the canton,
taking up an eighth of the shield.  If these charges do not extend to
the shield edges, they are described as "clipped".

Minor geometric charges (subordinaries) are those which (except for the
border) do not reach the edge of the shield; if used with an ordinary,
the subordinary is placed on top.  The names of these generally remain
the same as in traditional heraldry, as most have no reasonable English
equivalent.  These are the inescutcheon, orle, lozenge, fusil, and
border (formerly bordure).  Two new ones are the hex and pentagon,
while the circle (once called a roundel, bezant, plate, torteau, hurt,
etc., depending on its color) is simply called a circle with the
correct color named.

The same principle applies to other charges, such as animals and
people.  "Affronte" becomes "looking outward", "regardant" becomes
"looking backward", and "rampant", which is easily understandable,
remains the same.  Charges are not restricted to the medieval ones,
though many of those are used.  Modern charges include things like
planets, computers, stylized atoms, and spacecraft--although some of
those, particularly military models, can be confused with simple

Ruling nobles' arms, and those of most lower jurisdictions, do not
indicate rank or anything other than perhaps the bearer's reason for
being awarded them; Rangers', Life Nobles', and knights' arms, however,
clearly indicate their rank.  Rangers' arms, since 2243, have been ones
used by previous Rangers; they are distinguished by a green canton with
a platinum Ranger's star.  Life Nobles' arms are bordered in the metal
or color of the noble's level (platinum for dukes, gold for earls,
orange for counts, red for barons) and have a black canton with the
Imperial Arms.  Knights' arms are distinguished by a platinum and green
border, one tincture inside the other.  If the field is a color, the
platinum is inside; if a metal, the green.

Use of Imperial arms is restricted, for ruling nobles, to the noble,
@'s spouse, and @'s heir.  This eliminates the need for an elaborate
system of cadency, though to prevent confusion, the spouse's and heir's
arms are differenced.  The differences are a label with two points for
the spouse, a label with three points for the heir.  Should the ruler
retire, both @ and @'s spouse add a true-lover's knot (as the spouse
also does if @ survives the ruler) to indicate dower status.

For Life Nobles and knights, only the person originally granted the
arms bears them undifferenced.  A's spouse adds a label with three
points; the oldest child does the same, with @'s label having a star on
each point, and the arms are passed down to each oldest child in this

Marshalling (combining two or more coats of arms to create a new one)
exists, but is limited to marriage between two people entitled to arms,
and only for the length of that marriage.  If both spouses are the same
rank, the arms are impaled, with the original bearer's arms on the
right.  If one spouse dies, the other may, but need not, ask the Chief
Herald for permission to continue using the marshalled arms.  The
original coats go to the eldest child of each sex.  If the spouses are
of different ranks, the impalement has the senior's arms on the right,
and the eldest child assumes those arms while the next eldest assumes
those of the lower-ranking parent.

HERALDRY, SANDEMAN:  Since Annexation, Subsector arms are granted by
Ruling Earl Klaes, and described in English like Imperial arms.
However, as is standard whenever possible with any already-established
custom, the Earl follows the Shaper-established system of granting
arms, in three forms, to clans rather than to individuals.  The warrior
caste bears them color-on-metal, with the clan-chief (always a warrior)
adding a chief of the main color.   The non-warrior caste (Others) bear
the arms metal-on-color.  To take the Clan Leras arms as an example:

  Warriors:  On a gold field, a chevron between three stars, all red.
  (Stars, unless described further, are the standard five-pointed version
  Old French refers to as mullets, but without the center holes those
  sometimes have.)

  Clan-chief:  On a gold field, a chevron between three stars and a chief,
  all red.

  Others:  On a red field, a chevron between three stars, all gold.

HERALDS, IMPERIAL:  The ones responsible for issuing and insuring the
proper use of Imperial coats of arms.  They are also the Sovereign's
representatives for most ceremonies that justify an Imperial presence
but do not absolutely require royalty or nobility.

  Sector: 18, Aries                            Year:
  Subsector: G, Tyr                            Day:
  System: Aegis                                Gravity:
  Settled/established: 2150 CE                 Axial tilt:
  By: Mostly retired military                  Oxygen:
  Satellites:                                  % Water:
  Ident code prefix: HRB                       Continents:
  Ruled by:
  General: Headquarters for 18th Imperial Fleet, 18th Marine Group.  Has
    been described as the Empire's only planet-wide military base.  Also
    the only producer of cloud-silk.

HIBER-SLEEP:  The safest and deepest form of suspended animation.

HIGH WAR SPEECH:  See Languages, Sandeman

HOBISON, David Ralph:  TERDN-9035-6821  (in 2569)  Captain of the IBC
Emperor Chang since 2536, having turned down promotion several times to
maintain that command.  Made a Life Count after taking part in the
palace assault that ended the White Order's rebellion. [A Matter of

HOFUD, Subsector 19-D:
  No. systems: 195                         Sector: Leo
    with 3 inhabited planets:  2           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 12
    with 1 inhabited planet:  20

HOLIDAYS: Empire Day, 22 January.  The only Empire-wide holiday, the
anniversary of Emperor Chang's assumption of the Throne.

Overthrow Day, 7 October.  Sandeman holiday celebrating their final
victory over the Shapers.

HOMESUN, Subsector 21-A:
  No. systems: 136                         Sector: Traiti
    with 3 inhabited planets:  2           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 11
    with 1 inhabited planet:  19

  Sector: 21, Traiti                           Year: 474.5 days
  Subsector: A, Homesun                        Day: 23 hr 31 min
  System: Homesun                              Gravity: 1097 cm/sec2
  Settled/established: Ca. 35,000 BCE          Axial tilt: 21.2 deg.
  By: Traiti, transported by Others            Oxygen: 25%
  Satellites: Two, names not established       % Water: 73
  Ident code prefix: HWD                       Continents: 6
  Ruled by: Supreme and First Speaker,
      co-Dukes after 2568
  General: Lifeforms generally larger than Terran.  Location of Godhome,
    the psionic computer constructed by the Others, until it became part
    of Ranger Esteban Tarlac in 2568, while making him the last Lord of
    the Circle.

HONOR-BLACK:  Sandeman garb, usually ceremonial, consisting of black
tunic and trousers (preferably leather), high boots, and full-length
cloak, derived from the Black Lord's.  The right to wear honor-black is
granted by acclamation of Sandeman warriors to one (only rarely a
non-warrior, even more rarely a non-Sandeman) whose honor is considered
so intrinsic and absolute that it should have visible recognition.

HONOR SCARS:  Four parallel scars running from just below the throat to
about the waist, on a Traiti Cor'naya.

HORSES, SANDEMAN:  One of the two types of livestock modified by the
Shapers, of the wide variety they took with them.  Records lost during
the Overthrow may have given their reasons for modifying the horses as
they did; with those not available, the simplest explanation is that
one or more were fascinated with unicorns.  Although Sandeman horses
retain the full tails and all the coloration of their forbears, they
have beards and, from approximately three months old, a spiral bone
"horn" roughly half a meter long growing from the center of their
foreheads.  Most clans raise them, and they are a specialty of Clan

HUNDINGSBANA, Subsector 19-A:
  No. systems: 150                         Sector: Leo
    with 3 inhabited planets:  4           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets:  9
    with 1 inhabited planet:  22

HYDRA, Sector 2:
  Ruled by:                              No. systems: 542
  Subsectors: 5                          Inhabited planets: 270
    A. Argus                D. Minotaur
    B. Gorgon               E. Cerberus
    C. Cyclops

HYPERDRIVE:  The faster-than-light drive invented by Reinhard
Nannstein, allowing a speed of slightly over three light-years per hour.

HYPERFIELD:  The field generated by hyperdrive engines.  To conserve
energy it is normally kept close to the ship's skin, but can be
expanded if necessary to take a ship or other object under tow.
Holding a hyperfield at towing extension for more than fifty hours,
however, is dangerous and is prohibited except under war emergency

HYPERSPACE: The spatial condition discovered by Reinhard Nannstein
which allows faster-than-light travel, at a speed of slightly over
three light-years per hour.


ICE-BERRIES:  Gourmet product of Sandeman, they grow in the Cold Peak
Range and are harvested by Clan Torrance Others.  It is important to
keep them below the freezing point of water; they begin losing their
delicate flavor at half a degree above zero, and melt at about ten
degrees over that point.

IDUN, Subsector 13-D:
  No. systems: 37                          Sector: Crater
    with 3 inhabited planets:  2           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 11
    with 1 inhabited planet:  24

ILMATAR, Subsector 9-E:
  No. systems: 125                         Sector: Ursa
    with 3 inhabited planets:  3           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets:  8
    with 1 inhabited planet:  17

INANNA, Subsector 13-B:
  No. systems: 134                         Sector: Crater
    with 3 inhabited planets:  2           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 12
    with 1 inhabited planet:  30

INDRA, Subsector 9-D:
  No. systems: 76                          Sector: Ursa
    with 3 inhabited planets:  1           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 11
    with 1 inhabited planet:  24

INDUS, Sector 17:
  Ruled by:                              No. systems: 465
  Subsectors: 4                          Inhabited planets: 195
    A. Alph                 C. Poseidon
    B. Styx                 D. Aegir

  Sector: 14, Phoenix                          Year:
  Subsector: A, Fenris                         Day: 720 hr.
  System: Origani                              Gravity:
  Settled/established: 2127 (mining only)      Axial tilt:
  By:                                          Oxygen:
  Satellites:                                  % Water:
  Ident code prefix: INF                       Continents:
  Ruled by: Baron of Origani
  General:  Although it has a system of non-natural tunnels, concentrated
    near the north pole, where there is a permanent mining/archaeology
    colony, Inferno is not classified as inhabited.  The average
    temperature is 153 F; it has no free-standing water, no seasons, and
    a "day" 60 standard days long.  At night, the temperature drops to
    an average of 50 degrees, and rains start.  (Linda Gerhart)

INTELDIV:  The ITMC Intelligence Division.  The smallest of the three
major specialty divisions, it is responsible for gathering and
analyzing information.  Most information gathering is done openly, but
occasionally Evaluation Teams, and much of the time field agents, must
operate covertly.

INTERNAL COMBUSTION:  Power provided by explosions of fuel, usually
alcohol, inside a motor.  Used very little since the development of
fusion and T/CT technology.

  Sector: 8, Centaurus                         Year:
  Subsector: C, Bast                           Day:
  System: Tiandes                              Gravity:  995 cm/sec2
  Settled/established: N/A                     Axial tilt:
  By: N/A                                      Oxygen:
  Satellites: 2                                % Water:
  Ident code prefix: ISC                       Continents:
  Ruled by: The one with strongest Talent,
    who is also High Adept of the White Order
  General: Discovered in 2527 by Jamie MacLeod, Irschcha promptly joined
    the Empire.  It is slightly cooler than Terra, and has no large

IRSCHCHANS: Felinoids averaging 158 cm in height, 50-52 kilos in
weight.  They are strong for their size, and fast.  Since they are also
covered with thick, tawny fur, it is difficult for humans to tell the
sexes apart--especially since their enthusiastic adoption of kilts
within days after MacLeod's arrival.  They were scarcely less
enthusiastic about joining the Empire, and except for an abortive
rebellion, have been good citizens.

The rebellion was motivated by the fact that Irschchans have and use
Talent, which in humans at the time was untrained at best and thought
to be imaginary at worst.  The Irschchans have recognized and used it
for approximately 5,600 years, with the best becoming members of what
they considered a natural ruling elite, the White Order.  That Talent
seemed to make them equally-natural rulers of the Empire, and in 2569
the White Order, led by its High Adept (who was also the Planetary
Baron) rebelled.  The rebellion was stopped thanks primarily to one of
High Adept Thark's students, Corina Losinj, who was persuaded to become
the first non-human Ranger in the process--thus removing the reason for
the rebellion.

ISHTAR, Subsector 16-C:
  No. systems: 113                         Sector: Virgo
    with 3 inhabited planets:  1           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets:  8
    with 1 inhabited planet:  19

ISIS, Subsector 16-B:
  No. systems: 83                          Sector: Virgo
    with 3 inhabited planets:  3           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets:  9
    with 1 inhabited planet:  19


JAEL:  A warrior culture on Lupus.  When prisoners are taken, the males
are neutered, the females forced to bear a child the captors will keep,
then the prisoners are released.

JASON, Richard:  Head of Jason Interstellar Enterprises, until 2624 an
Empire-wide consortium.  His unsuccessful attempt to have his thakur-na
(Dana Manfredi/DruAlanna) murdered, followed by his order for her to
seek the death of a 'na who has dishonored @'s thakur, resulted in a
death sentence for him if he remained on Sandeman, and loss of all
property in Subsector Sandeman.  The Traiti Sector and several other
jurisdictions followed suit, as far as banning JIE from doing business,
when the circumstances became known.

JIREL, Subsector 7-D:
  No. systems: 184                         Sector: Cygnus
    with 3 inhabited planets:  1           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 11
    with 1 inhabited planet:  23

JUDICIARY, IMPERIAL:  The Empire has no judiciary as such, since it has
a minimal number of laws and they are violated seldom enough that a
separate judiciary would be impractical.  Instead, disputes and
violations are handled by the commanding officer of the nearest
Imperial base or ship.  Appeals are permitted--for cause, not as a
matter of routine--through all higher levels of command, up to and
including the Sovereign.  Very few of those appealed, however, go
further than one or two levels.


KA'NAYA: (Traiti)  Female person.  Used by a male to a female not of
his clan, with or without another title.  It is a form of respectful
address equivalent to "My Lady" or "Excellency."

KAPLAN, Robert:  Leader of the Nemran rebellion, in which Ranger
Esteban Tarlac was seriously injured.  Second child of Count Jonathan

KA'RUCHAYA: (Traiti)  Literally, "female clan parent"; Clan Mother.

KEISHA:  An aphrodisiac drug produced from a plant of the same name,
which grows only on Purgatory.  Processed by a secret method known only
to one merchant family on Origani, the drug is extremely expensive and
has almost religious connotations.  Attempts to grow the plant
elsewhere, or duplicate the refining process, have been uniformly
unsuccessful.  (Linda Gerhart)

  Sector: 5, Pegasus                           Year:
  Subsector: A, Bayard                         Day:
  System: Webster                              Gravity:
  Settled/established:                         Axial tilt:
  By:                                          Oxygen:
  Satellites:                                  % Water:
  Ident code prefix: KET                       Continents:
  Ruled by:
  General: A poor world, its local economy is based on smuggling.
    Ketteran local nobles own and operate smuggling ships, with their
    social standing determined by the amount of wealth they contribute
    to the planet's economy.

KINDRED OF THE DRAGON:  Kins and Bloodmates, those susceptible to and
changed by the nosferatu pseudo-virus.  They are classed as
human-variant, due to the extent of changes made by the virus.  They
are Narvon System's local nobility, and since 2280 all Imperial ruling
nobles in the system are required to be Kindred.  Susceptibility tends
to run in families, though that is not always the case.  Slightly over
half the children who become Kindred have at least one Kindred parent.

Contrary to popular belief when the Kins appeared, the Kindred are
neither predatory nor violent; their empathy prevents both, in many
cases to the point where some Kindred have difficulty defending
themselves.  Because of this, they welcome the Imperial military, and
many areas of all three Narvonese planets have Sandeman police forces.
Violent sports are frowned on, considered in bad taste if not actually

Despite (or perhaps because of) this pacifism, most Kindred who feel
capable of it spend some time in the Imperial military.  Of these, most
serve in the Navy's Chaplain or Medical Corps, though some are
engineers or technicians.  On rare occasion one will join the Marines;
so far all of these have gone to IntelDiv.

KINGDOM SYSTEMS:  Twelve planets in nine systems.  The first, St.
Thomas, was settled in 2158.  The Systems' founders were Catholics who
disagreed with the Roman Church on a number of matters and either
separated themselves or were excommunicated, depending on point of
view, when they persisted in acting on their beliefs.  They appealed to
the Empire, which refused to intervene in a religious dispute.  The
dissidents then fled, claiming persecution, in three small,
barely-spaceworthy craft.  When contact was lost and the Rescue Service
was unable to find them, they were listed as missing and presumed dead.

Instead, they had gone well beyond what would be Imperial space for the
next several centuries.  Limited resources and numerous plagues made
their growth slow, but it was steady, and by the time St. Michael was
settled in 2180, the monarchial system was well established, the Royal
Enforcement Service was in place and operating, and the Church had its
own Pope.

KINNISON, Subsector 7-A:
  No. systems: 144                         Sector: Cygnus
    with 3 inhabited planets:  2           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 10
    with 1 inhabited planet:  20

KINS:  The majority (90%) of those susceptible to and changed by the
nosferatu pseudo-virus.  They first appeared in 2275, the result of a
laboratory accident.  Kins develop great physical strength and
projective empathy, as well as the elongated canines that are the
visible evidence of their change.  This change also restricts their
diet to blood, preferably fresh from a human donor.  As a rule, they
have no difficulty finding donors; their projective empathy allows them
to share their feeding-pleasure with the donor.  Attempts by Kins to
eat normal food result in violent nausea, and most have an
equally-violent allergy to strong spices.

KNIGHTS, IMPERIAL:  Those who have given the Empire service beyond the
expectable, but not of a degree that would make a Life Nobility
appropriate.  Knights are granted arms and may use "Knight of the
Imperium" (abbreviated KI) with their names.  They should be addressed
and referred to as Sir Firstname.

KORE, Subsector 6-F:
  No. systems: 59                          Sector: Scorpio
    with 3 inhabited planets:  4           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 10
    with 1 inhabited planet:  26

KORIL:  Fermented milk Irschchans drink as humans do wine.

KRANATH:  (Of Clan St'nar)  Supreme Lord of the Circle, first of the
Traiti gods known as the Circle of Lords.

KRANATH, Subsector 21-D:
  No. systems: 90                          Sector: Traiti
    with 3 inhabited planets:  5           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 14
    with 1 inhabited planet:  21


LADY OF LOVE:  The Arriani deity, depicted as an attractive human
female but of no other set appearance.  Although not specifically a sex
deity, her followers do consider sexual activity a form of worship
particularly pleasing to her (especially with a gynandra or, if
off-planet and able, with a woman).

LANDER:  The smallest of the Imperial spacegoing craft. It is shaped
rather like a streamlined bus, and is about that size, so small it is
not considered a class of ship.  Its commonest use is as a shuttle
between a spacecraft too large to land and a planet (from which it gets
its name), but it is also useful for suborbital flights.  While the
configuration is usually for passenger transport, palletized
construction allows rapid reconfiguration when necessary.

LANGUAGE, Traiti:  A tonal language that gives their Imperial English a
pleasant lilt.  Like German, it combines small words to make larger
ones as a matter of course, and the grammatical structure is also
similar to German.  Some of the terms that have made their way into
Imperial English, though primarily used only in the Traiti Sector, are
found under their individual entries.

LANGUAGES, Sandeman:  Pre-Empire English, called Standard, and a
modified version of Classical Russian, called High War Speech.  Since
the Shapers left Terra before Imperial English was widely accepted,
they retained the old alphabet and irregularities (mostly in plurals).
Standard is the Sandeman common speech used by both castes.

The purpose of High War Speech, as far as the Shapers were concerned,
was another way to set the warrior caste apart.  By Annexation, it was
less exclusive; most Others had learned at least a little, and as long
as they used formal mode to warriors, no one objected.  (Familiar mode
is restricted to battle-companions, lovers, and one's thakur or 'na.)
There is a technical combat vocabulary, however, that remains mostly
restricted to warriors since they are the only ones with a real use for

LAST GIFT: (Sandeman)  The gift of a swift death, asked when a person
(usually a Sandeman) has been too seriously wounded, or is too ill, for
medical aid to do more than prolong death.  Between Sandeman's
overthrow of the Shapers and its annexation by the Empire, their
medicine was primitive enough that this was seen as an unpleasant
necessity to prevent further suffering.  As Imperial medical personnel
have said repeatedly, Sandeman medicine then was little more than first
aid; even something as minor as an abdominal wound was normally fatal.

LAWS, IMPERIAL:  The Empire has few laws, but the ones that do exist
are strictly enforced, unless there is a very strong reason for not
doing so--with the Sovereign the only one able to grant waivers.

And Imperial law is kept purposely simple.  Pre-Empire lawyers would be
appalled, because if a law is obscure or easily misinterpreted, it is
rewritten until it is clear to anyone of average intelligence and
subject to only minimal interpretation by the officer judging a case.
As with any decision short of the Sovereign's, such a judgement may be
appealed, but only on substantial grounds.

The ones so far covered (there are others) include the following:

    No noble shall attempt to exercise control over any fief other than
      the one @ is responsible for.
    Attempted crimes are punished in the same way as one that was
    The penalty for murder of or assault on an Imperial noble is death.
      No mitigating circumstances.
    The penalty for murder of or assault on an Imperial servicewen is
      death or life imprisonment.  The judging officer may consider
      substantial mitigating circumstances.
    A child born to parents of differing cultures will, as far as
      possible, receive the benefits of each culture most favorable to
      the child.
    Massive genetic engineering of humans is forbidden.  (This is
      generally interpreted as engineering not required to correct
      a medical problem.)

  Sector: 8, Centaurus                         Year:
  Subsector: D, Pan                            Day:
  System: Poe                                  Gravity:
  Settled/established:                         Axial tilt:
  By:                                          Oxygen:
  Satellites:                                  % Water:
  Ident code prefix: LEN                       Continents:
  Ruled by:
  General:  Most inhabitants are receptive empaths, and have difficulty
    coping with non-empaths, so few leave Lenore.  (Barbara
    Tennison/Sylvia Stevens)

LEO, Sector 19:
  Ruled by:                              No. systems: 953
  Subsectors: 6                          Inhabited planets: 348
    A. Hundingsbana        D. Hofud
    B. Galatine            E. Graywand
    C. Gungnir             F. Retaliator

LERAS, Nevan Dar-:  SNDNS-6894-7693 (7 Jul 2547-24 Jun 2855)  Graduated
ITMA 2569, first in class; commissioned into SecuDiv and assigned to
IBC Emperor Chang.  Awarded Sovereign's Medal, merit promotion to 1Lt,
and choice of assignment for his actions in the Palace assault that
ended the White Order rebellion.  Graduated IntelDiv Field Agent
School, 2570, again first in class, for which he was given a merit
promotion to Captain.  He was then assigned to investigate the Melgarie
pirate fleet, but went beyond a simple investigation; in 2572 he was
able, with the unwilling aid of Melgarie's lover Neyse Greenfield, to
arrange the fleet's destruction.  For this he received a second
Sovereign's Medal and promotion to Major.

In 2574, he swore personal fealty to Ranger Corina Losinj.  On an
assignment for her in 2578 (checking the security protecting IntelDiv
field agents while attempting to deliver the personal weapons his
father Kelly had bequeathed to one who had saved his life), he met and
rapidly became close friends with his "target", Kiyoshi Owajima.

When Empress Losinj died in 2624, Nevan technically reverted to his
status as an IntelDiv Major, though one with a grace-and-favor
apartment in the Imperial Palace and a lifetime income independent of
Corps salary.  However, the new Sovereign, Jasmine Wang, asked him to
continue his special services to the Sovereign without the oath of
fealty.  Since he was positive his thakur would have wished that, even
though she had not asked it of him, he agreed; as a result, until his
death in 2855, the various Sovereigns had a personal special agent who,
until his fealty oath, had been the best field agent in IntelDiv.

LERAS, Riordan Dar-:  Warleader of the Sandeman fleet that approached
Mjolnir in 2541.  When he was defeated in a duel with Gaelan DarShona,
Baron Frederick Klaes' thakur-na, he was honor-bound to provide
protection for Klaes' world, which he did by leaving part of his fleet
on guard there.  Grandfather of Nevan, through Kelly.

LESSA, Subsector 7-E:
  No. systems: 46                          Sector: Cygnus
    with 3 inhabited planets:  3           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 11
    with 1 inhabited planet:  27

LIBIDINE:  A persistent, but non-addictive, aphrodisiac with no known
side effects.  Effects vary from simple receptiveness with a trigger
dose, to release of all cultural sexual restraints with a stronger one.

LIFE-DEBT (Sandeman):  The debt a Sandeman clan owes one not of that
clan who gives one of its members Last Gift.  This always means the
person may ask Last Gift of any clanmember, whether battle-companion or
not, with the certainty it will be given, and for a warrior, if
captured that he will not be tortured for information.  (W'women and
Others, by custom, are always immune from torture.)  A specific
individual repayment is between the giver and the receiver's clan-chief.

LIFEPOD:  A cocoon-shaped field medical unit which is capable of
providing total life support.

LIGHTSABER:  An energy weapon developed by Clan Vader of Sandeman,
inspired by the ones in the Star Wars trilogy they call the Saga.  As
in the Saga, it is a large hilt containing the powerpack and other
equipment needed to generate a controlled-length, high-intensity laser
beam "blade".  It first came to Imperial attention in 2542, when Leigh
DarVader bequeathed his to Ranger James Medart as a death-gift.  At
that time the powerpack would support less than five minutes' blade
activation, making the saber impressive but of little or no practical
use.  Within two years, however, Imperial scientists were able to
develop a powerpack that lasted over half an hour, making the saber a
practical hand-to-hand combat weapon.  With distance weapons far more
popular with most Imperial citizens, however, they are still seldom
seen outside Subsector Sandeman.

The Vader clan's development of controlled-length laser beams, though
made specifically for the saber, has proven to be a significant one in
other fields as well, leading to numerous improvements in technologies
from medicine to heavy equipment manufacture.  It has also, since
Ranger Medart assisted them in obtaining an Imperial patent on the
process, made the clan extremely wealthy.

LIMBURGER BERRIES:  Another name for toli berries.

LIU:  Traiti unit of distance, 2.58 kilometers (1.59 miles).

LOSINJ, Corina:  RCJ-2958-5865 (2548-19 Feb 2624)  The first non-human
(Irschchan) Ranger, she was recruited by Ranger James Medart in 2569,
when she reported the White Order's impending rebellion.  In the course
of stopping that rebellion, she and Medart experienced pattern rapport,
which revealed that he possessed a strong Talent, including a healing
aspect she had not previously encountered.  She helped him train it as
much as possible during the trip to Terra, completing it after the
rebellion was over.  Testing then showed the Sovereign and other
Rangers also had strong Talent, and Losinj trained them as well.  That
degree of Talent, regardless of its specific aspect, was immediately
added to Ranger qualifications.

She accepted Nevan DarLeras as thakur-na in 2574, was elected Successor
in 2577 on Emperor Forrest's death, and succeeded to the Throne in
2603.  She died in bed, with Nevan in attendance, in 2624.

LUNA:  Terra's only natural satellite, site of the Imperial Navy's
Prime Base and main shipyard.

  Sector: 17, Indus                            Year:
  Subsector: C, Poseidon                       Day:
  System: Hellespont                           Gravity:
  Settled/established:                         Axial tilt:
  By:                                          Oxygen:
  Satellites:                                  % Water:
  Ident code prefix: LUP                       Continents:
  Ruled by: Capparucini family
  General: Home of Jael warrior culture.


MacLEOD, Jamie:  Independent scout who discovered Irschcha in 2527.

MAGNI, Subsector 18-C:
  No. systems: 180                         Sector: Aries
    with 3 inhabited planets:  3           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets:  9
    with 1 inhabited planet:  27

MANFREDI, Dana:  See Alanna, Dana Dru-.

MARINE CORPS, IMPERIAL TERRAN:  The senior Imperial service, the ITMC
was founded by Emperor Chang on 10 November 2128, though he established
the Empire itself and took the Throne on 22 January.  The date was
deliberately chosen to coincide with the birthday, 353 years earlier,
of the United States Marine Corps; the Navy and the Administrative
Service were founded one week later, replacing Solar Federation
services which were then disbanded.

Emperor Chang had retired from the USMC at the rank of Major General
after twenty-five years' service, and thought it only fitting that the
ITMC--a great majority of whose first officers and NCOs came from the
USMC--continue the history and traditions he thought invaluable.  He
also instituted a new tradition at that time: at 1000 hours, Palace
Standard Time, on 10 November of every year, the Sovereign @self
publishes the Birthday Article to every Marine post and shipboard
detachment.  While there have been many changes, the ITMC retains
things like the dress blue uniform and Marine Emblem which make its
lineal descent from the USMC obvious.  The dress blue uniform (with the
USMC male version used by both sexes) is essentially unchanged; the
ITMC Emblem substitutes the Imperial stylized globe for the USMC's
Terran Western hemisphere.  (For non-humans, there are uniform
variations based on physical structure; Traiti, for instance, do not
wear headgear except for protection, and the Irschchans, since 2569,
wear a kilt version of any Imperial uniform.)

MARSTON, Dan:  Dana Manfredi/DruAlanna's pen name when writing
historical fiction.

MEDALERT TEAM:  An emergency medical response team led by a physician,
whenever possible a trauma specialist.

MEDART, James Kieran:  RJT-6743-5197  (14 Aug 2494-28 Mar 2669)
Imperial Ranger, 2515-2669.  Led rescue of Yonar Colony, his first solo
mission, 2518.  Negotiated with the cloudcats to obtain human/Irschchan
settlements on Ondrian in exchange for the privilege of travel on
Imperial ships, 2532.  Called Mjolnir Conference, 2542, which resulted
in the end of the Sandeman War and the creation of Subsector 5-D,
Sandeman.  Recruited Ranger Corina Losinj, then helped her stop White
Order revolt, 2569; en route from Irschcha to Terra on this mission,
the two discovered and began to train his latent Talent.  To Ranger
Losinj's surprise, this included healing, an aspect that had not
appeared on Irschcha.

Had Medart not been selected as a Ranger, he planned to specialize in
xenoanthropology, and has in a sense done so, though not formally.  His
interest in the variety of cultures humans and non-humans alike can
develop has led him to study and visit as many as his assignments
allow; while he is not totally familiar with all the cultures in the
Empire, he is the Ranger normally called on when there is an
inter-cultural problem.

MEERCLAR, Subsector 9-F:
  No. systems: 111                         Sector: Ursa
    with 3 inhabited planets:  5           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 12
    with 1 inhabited planet:  28

MELGARIE, Jord:  HPUJE-7895-2835 (? 2518-20 Nov 2572)  Found 18 Jun
2518 by Subsector 6-G Rescue Service, alone in an escape capsule from
which all identification had been removed.  He appeared to be
approximately four months old, and medical tests showed him to have
been a subject of major genetic engineering (which explained the lack
of identification, if not the abandonment).

Raised on New Bavaria by a series of foster parents who found him
difficult to cope with.  He enlisted in the Subsector Navy in 2536,
then deserted in 2538, stole a ship, and began a career of piracy.  A
charismatic leader, he soon attracted other criminals and became head
of a pirate fleet which eventually spread its operations out of Sector
6, making it an Imperial rather than a local concern.  Several Imperial
agents attempted to infiltrate; all, until Nevan DarLeras in 2570-72,
were uncovered and killed.  Melgarie himself died when DarLeras was
able to call in a Fleet strike which destroyed the pirate base.

MESSENGERS, IMPERIAL:  Heralds or military officers with special
commissions to carry particularly sensitive or ceremonial verbal or
written messages from the Sovereign or a Ranger.  All Messengers are
protected with special anti-interrogation conditioning which can be
triggered by circumstance as well as by a spoken phrase, and on
occasion a volunteer is given special conditioning so @ can deliver one
of the Sovereign's messages in @'s own words and as close to voice as
the Messenger can manage.  When acting as such, Messengers wear scarlet
tunics and travel in scarlet courier-class ships.

MILITARY, IMPERIAL:  The Imperial Terran Marine Corps and Imperial
Terran Navy.  Imperial military personnel are very carefully selected;
as a rule, enlisted personnel and Academy candidates have the
equivalent of a pre-Empire bachelor's degree; by graduation and
commissioning, an officer has the equivalent of three or four
doctorates, and all ranks are expected to continue their educations.
They are thoroughly tested in all physical and psychological aspects,
then assigned where their individual aptitudes, attitudes, and training
will be most useful.  Note that this definitely includes a person's
preferences, part of the Empire's pragmatism: a person does better in a
job @ likes, so it is in the Empire's interest to put @ there.  If for
some reason it is necessary to put someone in a job @ doesn't like, @
will be there as briefly as possible.

MINOTAUR, Subsector 2-D:
  No. systems: 129                         Sector: Hydra
    with 3 inhabited planets:  6           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 12
    with 1 inhabited planet:  27

MIRACLE-WEED:  The Ondrian plant that is the only source of rapid-heal.
Originally wild, it has been intensively cultivated since 2532, when
humans and Irschchans established a colony for that purpose.
Miracle-weed has been grown on other worlds, but does not thrive or
produce usable rapid-heal.

MITHRA, Subsector 6-D:
  No. systems: 146                         Sector: Scorpio
    with 3 inhabited planets:  4           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 12
    with 1 inhabited planet:  23

  Sector: 5, Pegasus                           Year:
  Subsector: B, Sleipnir                       Day:
  System: Thor                                 Gravity:
  Settled/established: 2154                    Axial tilt:
  By: North Americans, Scandinavians           Oxygen:
  Satellites: 2 (Gnasher, Grinder)             % Water:
  Ident code prefix: MJO                       Continents:
  Ruled by: Klaes family
  Arms:  On a platinum field, a mallet proper, head upward, with a
    thong through the handle's end.
  General: Stopping point of the Sandeman Eruption, 2542.

MJOLNIR CONFERENCE: (2542)  The conference Ranger James Medart called
in a successful attempt to end the Sandeman invasion of Sector Five.
Mjolnir at the time was a Sandeman protectorate; its Baron Klaes
declared it extraterritorial so the two sides could meet on neutral
territory.  The war ended due to what Medart liked to call "sweet
reason, backed by five battle fleets"--though to his amusement, the
Sandemans saw the fleets and Imperial weaponry as a temptation rather
than a threat, and joined the Empire for the chance to use them.

MULTIVERSE:  A group of related alternate universes.  Exactly where one
multiverse ends and another begins is not definite, since there is
overlap, sometimes considerable.  Grouping alternates into multiverses,
though, makes it easy to refer to such a group without having to
identify each alternate by its official designation.


NANNSTEIN, Reinhard:  (2100-2142)  A Da Vinci-type genius, Nannstein
developed the science of gravitics in 2123, financed by a small
inheritance he had invested and turned into a fortune.  Still working
independently, despite many offers from industry and government, he
invented hyperdrive in 2125.  Working with his friend Cheong Chang, he
helped establish the Empire, then designed and supervised the building
of the Imperial Palace in Antarctica.  He disappeared in 2142 while
testing an improvement of the hyperdrive.

NARVON System:
  Sector: 16, Virgo                  No. planets: 12
  Subsector: A, Athena               Inhabited: 3
  Ruled by: Nilssun family

General:  Since the Kindred became widespread, in the early 2280s, this
is one of the most peaceful systems in the Empire.  Random violence,
such as natural disasters and accidents, is inevitable--but it is in
extremely bad taste to put pictures of the victims on the nightly news.
The same with victims of violent crime, much less the crime itself.
Violent sports aren't illegal, but they are not organized, and they are
considered lower-class.  In drama, violence (especially bloody
violence) is treated about the way sex was on mid-twentieth-century
North American television.  Intimacy, emotional and physical, is the
primary theme of Narvonese entertainment.

  Sector: 16, Virgo                            Year:
  Subsector: A, Athena                         Day:
  System: Narvon                               Gravity:
  Settled/established: 2219                    Axial tilt:
  By: Colonists from Narvon III                Oxygen:
  Satellites: 2                                % Water:
  Ident code prefix: NAN                       Continents:
  Ruled by:
  General: Required minor terraforming.

  Sector: 16, Virgo                            Year:
  Subsector: A, Athena                         Day:
  System: Narvon                               Gravity:
  Settled/established: 2133                    Axial tilt:
  By: Mostly Scandinavians                     Oxygen:
  Satellites: 2 (Thor, Loki)                   % Water:
  Ident code prefix: NAR                       Continents:
  Ruled by:
  General: Undistinguished until 2275, when the nosferatu pseudo-virus
    appeared and created a human-variant minority called Kindred of the
    Dragon.  These are now the system's local nobility.

  Sub-planetary jurisdictions are called districts, with District
  Administrators in charge.

  Dress clothing tends to be loose shirts, fancy (silk or brocade, for
  example) culottes with sash, and high boots.

  Sector: 16, Virgo                            Year:
  Subsector: A, Athena                         Day:
  System: Narvon                               Gravity:
  Settled/established: 2235                    Axial tilt:
  By: Colonists from Narvon III                Oxygen:
  Satellites: 1                                % Water:
  Ident code prefix: NAV                       Continents:
  Ruled by:
  General: Required moderate terraforming.

NEED, Sandeman Warriors':  The primary physiological change that
differentiates warriors from non-warriors.  It is controlled by a
ductlesss gland which secretes the hormone egerin, beginning at
puberty; this begins the need cycle, and increases the warrior's
endurance and healing speed beyond even the Sandeman norm.

There are three forms of need: cyclical, induced, and battleprep.
Cyclical is involuntary, caused by the normal buildup of egerin, since
that hormone cannot be metabolized alone.  A warrior's cycle length is
individual, and can vary from five to eight days.  If the egerin
buildup is not interrupted by combat or sex (both of which stimulate
adrenalin production to levels that allow interaction with egerin and
permit it to be metabolized), about two-thirds of the way through a
warrior's cycle he begins to experience heightened sensitivity, both
physical and mental.  This is the pre-need stage.  Need itself begins
as further-increased sensitivity that could be described as
irritability, at which point patience and self-control are not among
the warrior's strong points.  This stage, as a rule, lasts for about a
day; it is not dependent on the cycle length, and is what is called
active need.  If it is not satisfied, the warrior starts going into
overload; all body systems become hyperactive, and the effect is one of
multiple stress diseases.  Untreated overload lasts about two days.

The other two forms can be undertaken voluntarily at any stage short of
overload.  Induced need is the sexual form, stimulated by arousal and
manipulation of the need gland.  It results in heightened sexual
ability and greatly increased fertility; if the warrior's partner is in
her fertile period; conception is almost a certainty.  If induced need
is not resolved, it will abate on its own since it involves only the
reproductive organs, speeding the warrior's cycle slightly--though the
egerin fluctuations are quite uncomfortable to the warrior.  Its
resolution results in aftersleep, a near-comatose state that lasts for
several hours.

Battleprep is the combat-oriented form of need, induced by mental and
physical concentration.  Unlike induced need, battle-prep involves the
entire body; unless the warrior goes into demanding combat within an
hour or two, he will go into overload and die.  As this is well known,
a warrior will prep only when combat is imminent.

Battleprep is often referred to as a berserker state, but that is only
partially correct.  The prepped warrior is only marginally, if at all,
aware of pain and wounds; blood clots quickly to minimize loss; speed
and strength are heightened on the same order as that of someone of
average strength who can suddenly lift a car to save an infant.  Beyond
this, however, the berserker analogy breaks down, because the warrior
retains his full intelligence and judgement.  This combination makes a
battleprepped warrior one of the most dangerous beings in the known

At home, or on any Sandeman-controlled world, a warrior is in no danger
of overload unless very unusual circumstances arise.  There are always
warriors and w'women around.  And except in hostile-alien territory,
where need is a weakness that must be concealed, keeping even an enemy
warrior from dying in overload is as ingrained as their politeness.  It
is honorable to kill him, imprison him, even torture him for
information--but if he goes into active need, he gets treatment.  If no
w'woman is available or willing, there is a ritual offering of
non-hostile life-combat by one or more of the imprisoning clan's

The need cycle can be disrupted by serious injury or illness; the
disruption will last from the time of the injury or illness until the
warrior regains near-normal health.

Shaper experiments show that the need cycle can be permanently ended by
removal of the need gland; this turns the warrior into an Other man
with combat skills but none of the other warrior advantages.
Naturally, Sandemans find this idea both repulsive and obscene.

NEEDLER:  Sandeman energy handgun.  Although it has less raw power than
a blaster, the beam is much more finely adjusted, so it has equal or
greater effective power.  While the narrower beam requires more careful
aim, Sandemans prefer its greater precision, most considering the
blaster's wider beam unacceptably sloppy.

  Sector: 13, Crater                           Year:
  Subsector: B, Inanna                         Day:
  System: Gilgamesh                            Gravity:
  Settled/established:                         Axial tilt:
  By:                                          Oxygen:
  Satellites:                                  % Water:
  Ident code prefix: NEM                       Continents:
  Ruled by:
  General: Site of the abortive rebellion led by Count Jonathan Kaplan's
    son Robert, in which Ranger Esteban Tarlac was injured and David
    Scanlon earned his Life Dukedom.

NEPHTHYS, Subsector 15-B:
  No. systems: 197                         Sector: Auriga
    with 3 inhabited planets:  4           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 11
    with 1 inhabited planet:  22

  Sector: 6, Scorpio                           Year:
  Subsector: G, Tarlac                         Day:
  System: Fasolt                               Gravity:
  Settled/established:                         Axial tilt:
  By: Germans                                  Oxygen:
  Satellites:                                  % Water:
  Ident code prefix: NBV                       Continents:
  Ruled by:
  General: Most famous product is Doppelbock beer, which is a strong
    dark brew that travels well, but is also quite expensive.

  Sector: 20, Chameleon                        Year:
  Subsector: B, Thoth                          Day:
  System: Solomon                              Gravity:
  Settled/established:                         Axial tilt:
  By: Neo-Christian fundamentalists            Oxygen:
  Satellites:                                  % Water:
  Ident code prefix: NZI                       Continents:
  Ruled by:

NIKE, Subsector 13-A:
  No. systems: 181                         Sector: Crater
    with 3 inhabited planets:  3           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 13
    with 1 inhabited planet:  22

  Sector: 7, Cygnus                            Year:
  Subsector: A, Kinnison                       Day:
  System: Amaterasu                            Gravity:
  Settled/established: 2129                    Axial tilt:
  By: Japanese                                 Oxygen:
  Satellites:                                  % Water:
  Ident code prefix: NIP                       Continents:
  Ruled by:
  General: The settlers wanted to return to the glorious old days of the
    samurai, without losing modern conveniences or an industrial base.
    On-planet, the Baron is called the Shogun.

NOBILITY, COURTESY:  Those treated as Imperal nobles, though not
strictly speaking nobility themselves, out of courtesy to the noble
parent or spouse.  This is normally a Life Noble's spouse or a ruling
noble's younger children.

NOBILITY, IMPERIAL:  Life and ruling nobles.  In common usage this term
includes the Sovereign and Rangers, though technically speaking they
are royalty.  See chart below for numbers and the proper ways of
referring to and addressing royalty and nobility.

  RANK & NUMBER      STYLE & TITLE                   ADDRESSED AS
  Sovereign (1)      His/Her Imperial Majesty        Your Majesty or Majesty *
  Successor (1)      His/Her Royal Highness the      Your Highness, Highness,
                     Crown Prince/ss, or Ranger      or Ranger
  Ranger (abt. 10)   Ranger (rarely, Prince/ss)      Ranger (rarely, Your
                                                     Highness or Highness)
  Life Duke          His/Her Grace the Life Duke     Your Grace #
  Spouse             Lord/Lady Firstname             My Lord/My Lady
  Children           No title
  Ruling Duke (22)   His/Her Grace Fullname, Duke    Your Grace
                     of Sector _____________
  Spouse             Duke-Consort Firstname of       My Lord/My Lady
                     Sector ___________
  Eldest child       Duke-Heir Fullname of Sector    My Lord/My Lady
  Other children     Lord/Lady Fullname              Lord/Lady Firstname
  Life Earl          The Most Honorable the Life     My Lord/My Lady or
                     Earl Fullname                   My Lord Earl/
                                                     My Lady Earl #
  Spouse             Lord/Lady Firstname             My Lord/My Lady
  Children           No title
  Ruling Earl (106)  The Most Honorable Fullname,    My Lord/My Lady or
                     Earl of Subsector _______       My Lord Earl/
                                                     My Lady Earl
  Spouse             Earl-Consort Firstname of       My Lord/My Lady
                     Subsector ___________
  Eldest child       Earl-Heir Fullname of           My Lord/My Lady
                     Subsector __________
  Other children     Lord/Lady Fullname              Lord/Lady Firstname
  Life Count         The Right Honorable the Life    My Lord/My Lady or
                     Count Fullname                  My Lord Count/
                                                     My Lady Count #
  Spouse             Lord/Lady Firstname             My Lord/My Lady
  Children           No title
  Ruling Count       The Right Honorable Fullname,   My Lord/My Lady or
  (1431)             Count of _______ System         My Lord Count/
                                                     My Lady Count
  Spouse             Count-Consort Firstname of      My Lord/My Lady
                     __________ System
  Eldest child       Count-Heir Fullname of          My Lord/My Lady
                     _________ System
  Other children     Lord/Lady Fullname              Lord/Lady Firstname
  Life Baron         The Honorable the Life Baron    My Lord/My Lady or
                     Fullname                        My Lord Baron/
                                                     My Lady Baron #
  Spouse             Lord/Lady Firstname             My Lord/My Lady
  Children           No title
  Ruling Baron       The Honorable Fullname, Baron   My Lord/My Lady or
  (5596)             of ________                     My Lord Baron/
                                                     My Lady Baron
  Spouse             Baron-Consort Firstname of      My Lord/My Lady
  Eldest child       Baron-Heir Fullname of          My Lord/My Lady
  Other children     Lord/Lady Fullname              Lord/Lady Firstname
  * May also be addressed directly as "Sire", or by Rangers as "Sir".
  # Nobles serving in the military are addressed by their military titles
    when aboard ship or on duty; when off duty, either military or civil
    titles may be used.  Also, informal usage allows nobles to be
    addressed by title and last name, e.g., "Baron Klaes".

NOBILITY, LIFE:  Those who have been ennobled for significant service
to the Empire carried out at serious personal cost or risk.  The degree
of service and risk or cost determine the rank given.

NOBILITY, LOCAL:  Nobility other than Imperial Life or ruling nobles.
These may be named by any ruling noble within @'s fief and will have
whatever status the Imperial noble determines.  If a nobility or
equivalent already exists on a world joining the Empire, those will
retain that status as local nobles.   While local nobles have no
Imperial status, they are generally given the courtesy title of

NOBILITY, RULING:  Those born to rule Imperial fiefs, except that the
first ruling noble in a new fief will be named by the Sovereign.
Technically, only the noble and @'s spouse and heir are Imperial
nobles, but @'s younger children are treated so as a courtesy.

Inheritance of rule is by strict primogeniture, except in the few fiefs
where, by the Sovereign's dispensation, there is some other
qualification or automatic disqualification (e.g., Narvonese nobles
must be Dragon-Kindred, while Sandeman nobles cannot be warriors).  It
is also possible, though rare, for a noble to ask the Sovereign to
disqualify @'s firstborn for cause, and confirm someone else as Heir.

Should a ruling noble die without an heir, the Heir to the next higher
fief takes over until the Sovereign can select a new ruler.  If the
fief left vacant is a Sector, a Ranger will take the position

NOR:  Traiti unit of weight, 0.56 kilograms.

  Sector: 21, Traiti                           Year:
  Subsector: A, Homesun                        Day:
  System: Lantra                               Gravity:
  Settled/established: 2193                    Axial tilt:
  By: Traiti                                   Oxygen:
  Satellites:                                  % Water:
  Ident code prefix: NOR                       Continents:
  Ruled by:
  General: Clan Ch'kara's main clanhome is here.

NOSFERATU PSEUDO-VIRUS:  An organism resembling a virus more closely
than anything else its first investigators were aware of.  It is
capable of infecting approximately one percent of the inhabitants of
Narvon System and an unknown but much smaller percentage of Terrans;
all others are immune.  While very few Terrans are susceptible, that
small percentage is extremely so, and all so far known have become
Bloodmates.  Susceptibility is determined by high empathy, though it
may be mostly latent until the Change.  Narvonese research has shown
that a person with a certain rare "marker" gene configuration is
susceptible, but until nearly 2600, the reason is not known.  A
susceptible person subjected to severe weakening (due to illness or
trauma) after exposure will undergo physical and mental changes,
becoming a Kin or Bloodmate.

It is the degree of empathy which determines whether the Change is to
Kin or Bloodmate, with the more empathic becoming the Bloodmates.

The virus is a collective mind, symbiotic with its hosts, but does not
become self-aware or more than marginally conscious until it infects
and changes Chee Campbell in 2750. ["Touch of the Dragon"]

NOXI:  (Traiti)  Homeworld equivalent of rabbits, with ears like
beagles.  They are about twice the size of Terran rabbits.

NULLGRAV:  Nullified, or nullification of, gravity.  Used as a drive
for spacecraft near planets, and in planetary craft such as airplanes
and cars, as well as for exercise facilities, entertainment, medical
uses, etc.


OBERON, Subsector 4-A:
  No. systems: 51                          Sector: Fornax
    with 3 inhabited planets:  7           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 13
    with 1 inhabited planet:  23

ODIN, Subsector 6-B:
  No. systems: 101                         Sector: Scorpio
    with 3 inhabited planets:  1           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets:  9
    with 1 inhabited planet:  24

OGHMA, Subsector 20-A:
  No. systems: 102                         Sector: Chameleon
    with 3 inhabited planets:  4           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 15
    with 1 inhabited planet:  29

OLYMPUS, Subsector 3-B:
  No. systems: 41                          Sector: Sculptor
    with 3 inhabited planets:  2           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 10
    with 1 inhabited planet:  23

OMNISM: (for Church of the Omniverse)  The commonest of the "new"
(post-hyperdrive) religions.  It began soon after Nannstein announced
hyperdrive to be a success, and got a major boost the first time an
other-universe ship appeared in Imperial space.  (Dropped there by a
hyperdrive malfunction, the only publicly-known reason for
interuniverse transition.)

It is a highly syncretic religion which teaches that there is one
Creator of all the universes that form the Omniverse.  This Creator is
unknowable by finite intelligence, but some of A's attributes can be
deduced from what humans can understand of A's creations.  The main
parts are that all religions are true in part, with the gods being
those aspects of the Creator (some in body) sent to reveal what a given
society needs and can understand about the Creator.  (Everything in all
the universes is part of the Creator, of course, that being what A
created with.)  Sin is either failure to use, or the harmful use of,
the Creator's gifts.  Deliberately causing unnecessary harm/pain is the
greatest sin.

OMNIVERSE:  The totality of existence, in which anything that can
happen either has or eventually will.  (The Omnist Church defines it as
"The entirety of creation, plus the Creator.")

  Sector: 20, Chameleon                        Year:
  Subsector: A, Oghma                          Day:
  System: Allagash                             Gravity:
  Settled/established: 8000 BCE/2532 CE        Axial tilt:
  By: Cloudcats/humans and Irschchans          Oxygen:
  Satellites: None                             % Water:
  Ident code prefix: OND                       Continents:
  "Ruled" by: Whatever cloudcat volunteers
  Arms:  On a gold field, a red clipped fret.
  Society ID: Chester County, PA
  General: A mostly mountainous, arctic to subarctic world; the only
    temperate zone is near the equator.  It is the only place where
    miracle-weed, the source of rapid-heal, will grow productively.

Cloudcats were moved here circa 8000 BCE because their sun was about to
go nova.  The cloudcats were established in the mountains, where
psionically activated survival aids left by the Others gave them the
comfort and leisure to develop their arts and philosophy.  Humans and
Irschchans founded a joint colony in 2532 to grow miracle-weed; they
believed the cats to be unintelligent predators until a young
Irschchan, lost in the mountains, was rescued and returned to the
colony by a cloudcat whose name translates to Starflower.

Rapid-heal was so valuable a medication that Emperor Yasunon sent
Ranger Medart to attempt negotiation with the cloudcats.  They proved
amenable, wanting little more than that the colonists leave them alone
unless they instituted the contact, and the right to travel on Imperial
vessels whenever they chose.  In return, they permitted the colonists
to occupy and farm the entire equatorial zone.

  Sector: 14, Phoenix                No. planets: 5
  Subsector: A, Fenris               Inhabited: 1
  Ruled by:
  (Linda Gerhart)

  Sector: 14, Phoenix                          Year:
  Subsector: A, Fenris                         Day:
  System: Origani                              Gravity:
  Settled/established: 2127                    Axial tilt:
  By:                                          Oxygen:
  Satellites:                                  % Water:
  Ident code prefix: ORI                       Continents:
  General: Adopting a feudal-type society, Origani managed only sporadic
    communication with Terra for about 200 years, when it regained full
    communication and became part of the Empire.  It is primarily an
    agricultural planet, its claim to fame being the aphrodisiac it
    produces from the keisha plant, grown on nearby Purgatory.  (Linda

ORION, Sector 1:
  Ruled by: Shirley family                 No. systems: 791
  Subsectors: 8                            Inhabited planets: 424
    A. Sol               E. Amaterasu
    B. Surya             F. Shamash
    C. Heimdall          G. Helios
    D. Ra                H. Paiva
  Arms: On a field of six gold and blue vertical stripes, an ermine

OSI:  The Intelligence Division's Office of Special Investigations,
charged with investigating alleged offenses by members of the Imperial
Marines, Navy, or Administrative Services.

OSIRIS, Subsector 6-C:
  No. systems: 172                         Sector: Scorpio
    with 3 inhabited planets:  1           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 10
    with 1 inhabited planet:  24

OTHERS: (Sandeman)  Those not of the warrior caste.  This includes
standard humans, human variants, and non-humans, as well as Sandemans
who are neither warriors nor warriors'-women.

OTHERS, THE:  A post-technological race that encouraged the development
of intelligence in the Milky Way Galaxy, then left for another plane of
existence.  They are part of cloudcat and Traiti legend/history, having
transported both races from their worlds of origin to different ones in
order to save them, then provided them with psionic support equipment
(survival aids for the cloudcats, Godhome for the Traiti).  They are
also known as Those Who Went Before.

OWAJIMA, Kiyoshi:  Began his career as a Kai-school ninja, a mostly
hereditary group that provides the Nippon-Ni Shogun's secret police.
Like the others, he is honorable and idealistic, though his standards
do not necessarily match most Imperial citizens'; for instance, he
firmly believes the Kai school's teaching that some form of
well-trained, well-disciplined secret police is essential to the smooth
functioning of a society, able to unobtrusively remove disruptive
elements that the open police and courts cannot touch.  During this
period, his cover was that of an artist, and he was much admired for
the disciplined spareness of his work.  When he discovered the
existence of IntelDiv field agents, he decided his skills could be put
to excellent use as one of that group, and after Nevan DarLeras swore
fealty to Corina Losinj, was the top-rated field agent until his own


PADRE:  Proper title and form of address for a priest of the Arriani
Lady of Love.  It is also the common, though unofficial, way of
referring to all military chaplains.

PAIVA, Subsector 1-H:
  No. systems: 78                          Sector: Orion
    with 3 inhabited planets:  6           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets:  9
    with 1 inhabited planet:  24

PALACE COMPLEX:  Located at the foot of the Sentinel Mountains in
Antarctica, this is a hundred-kilometer-diameter circle centered on the
Imperial Palace, protected from the elements by a modified defense
screen.  The inner ten kilometers is parkland surrounding the Palace;
the rest consists of air- and spaceports, residential and
administrative areas, and some commercial activity, but no major
industry.  It also has entertainment of almost every conceivable type,
a wide variety of eating places, the central offices of most news
services, and so on.  (For reference, it is approximately half again
the size of the state of Delaware.)

PALACE, IMPERIAL:  A building four kilometers square, situated in the
center of the Palace Complex.  It is roughly a quarter public areas,
about a third (including the Empire's best medical facility)
semi-public, and the remainder private for Palace residents and guests.

PALACE STANDARD TIME:  Called Greenwich Mean Time prior to the Empire,
this is the official time kept at the Imperial Palace and aboard all
military (and most other) craft in space.  It is also used throughout
Xanadu, the only world known to have only one time zone.

PALLAS, Subsector 18-B:
  No. systems: 149                         Sector: Aries
    with 3 inhabited planets:  3           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 10
    with 1 inhabited planet:  25

PAN, Subsector 8-D:
  No. systems: 80                          Sector: Centaurus
    with 3 inhabited planets:  1           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 10
    with 1 inhabited planet:  26

PATTERN RAPPORT:  An involuntary and extremely rare aspect of Talent in
which two minds are completely merged for a brief time.  Irschchan
theory is that it happens when the parties' underminds decide it is
necessary to resolve an impasse or conflict.

PEACELORD:  Ranger Esteban Tarlac, once he has passed his Ordeal and
died.  The last member of the Traiti Circle of Lords, his first act as
Lord Esteban was to make possible an immediate, honorable end to the
Traiti War.

PEACELORD, Subsector 21-B:
  No. systems: 57                          Sector: Traiti
    with 3 inhabited planets:  2           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 12
    with 1 inhabited planet:  22

PEGASUS, Sector 5:
  Ruled by:                              No. systems: 386
  Subsectors: 4                          Inhabited planets: 215
    A. Bayard               C. Traveler
    B. Sleipnir             D. Sandeman

PERIDOPICLES:  Ducal family, Sector 14.  Legend has it that this family
was cursed when the first Duke, Orion, defeated the "witch" Lilith and
destroyed the Blue Crystal from which she gained her powers.  As she
was dying, she pronounced the curse that death would visit Orion's
heirs through their children.  The line is, in fact, subject to a
genetic defect which is fatal to seventy-five percent of the children
and can, in a way that has not yet been determined, be passed on to the
pregnant mother, with a twenty-five percent fatality rate.

Historians believe the Blue Crystal was a psionic amplifier, and that
in destroying it, the Duke received a nonfatal dose of some unknown
radiation which caused a genetic mutation passed in the male line;
females who survive are invariably sterile.  Children have an unusually
high body radiation count, certain proof of parentage.  (Linda Gerhart)

  Sector: 20, Chameleon                        Year:
  Subsector: C, Dagda                          Day:
  System: Cuchulainn                           Gravity:
  Settled/established:                         Axial tilt:
  By:                                          Oxygen:
  Satellites:                                  % Water:
  Ident code prefix: PER                       Continents:
  Ruled by:
  General: Where Aleron Rourke and his daughter crashed after an
    inter-universe transition, as a result meeting Kiyoshi Owajima and
    Nevan DarLeras.

PHOENIX, Sector 14
  Ruled by: Peridopicles family          No. systems: 660
  Subsectors: 6                          Inhabited planets: 304
    A. Fenris             D. Excalibur
    B. Unicorn            E. Siren
    C. Gryphon            F. Shamu

Arms:  On a black and red spiral field, a phoenix rising from flames,

PHOLUS, Subsector 8-B:
  No. systems: 44                          Sector: Centaurus
    with 3 inhabited planets:  7           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 10
    with 1 inhabited planet:  27

  Sector: 5, Pegasus                           Year:
  Subsector: B, Sleipnir                       Day:
  System: Valkyr                               Gravity:
  Settled/established:                         Axial tilt:
  By:                                          Oxygen:
  Satellites:                                  % Water:
  Ident code prefix: PIP                       Continents:
  Ruled by:
  General: Mostly-tropical world, among those conquered by Sandeman
    during the Eruption.

PLANETS:  The smallest Imperial subdivision, ruled by barons.  Those
with only temporary or limited-purpose settlements are classified as
uninhabited and subject to the rule of the settling planet's baron.

POLARIS, Subsector 9-A:
  No. systems: 146                         Sector: Ursa
    with 3 inhabited planets:  2           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 11
    with 1 inhabited planet:  26

POSEIDON, Subsector 17-C:
  No. systems: 183                         Sector: Indus
    with 3 inhabited planets:  4           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 10
    with 1 inhabited planet:  17

POWER ARMOR:  Full-metal armor with force-field shielding, used in
initial assaults and intense firefights.  The force-field is the
armor's primary defense; the armor itself serves mostly as a weapons
platform, though if the force-field fails, it will sometimes provide
enough protection for the operator to reach safety.  In most cases,
however, force-field failure is due to overload by enemy fire, and the
ensuing suit failure and powerpack disruption cause total destruction
of armor and operator both.

The armor is so massive that the operator cannot move it without
assistance.  This is provided by internal sensors which amplify small
operator motions and transmit them to fusion-powered servos; these move
the armor itself.  Since delicacy of control is more important than
sheer strength, which the armor provides, most power-armor specialists
are women.

PROMETHEUS, Subsector 18-E:
  No. systems: 119                         Sector: Aries
    with 3 inhabited planets:  2           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 10
    with 1 inhabited planet:  23

PSIRYNE:  The hormone responsible for psionic Talent in humans.  It is
present even if the Talent is latent; even though this specific
connection was not discovered until 2572, the Narvonese used a specific
type of it as a "marker" of susceptibility to the pseudo-virus as early
as 2276.

  Sector: 14, Phoenix                          Year:
  Subsector: A, Fenris                         Day:
  System: Origani                              Gravity:
  Settled/established: N/A                     Axial tilt:
  By: N/A                                      Oxygen:
  Satellites:                                  % Water:
  Ident code prefix: PUR                       Continents:
  Ruled by: Baron of Origani
  General: An average temperature of -40 F, almost constant snowfall, and
    ferocious native fauna have made permanent settlements impractical.
    Periodically, scientific and other teams make planetfall during the
    short (seven standard day) summer, but must leave before fall, when
    gale-force winds begin to blow.
  Only known source of the keisha plant.  (Linda Gerhart)


QUADRAMITE:  An explosive used almost exclusively in mining.  It is
almost impossible to detonate until primed, at which time it becomes
violently unstable.

QUIDINE:  An analgesic drug.  Its strength, non-addictiveness, and
general safety make it a natural choice in most cases where a powerful
painkiller is needed.


RA, Subsector 1-D:
  No. systems: 133                         Sector: Orion
    with 3 inhabited planets:  3           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 10
    with 1 inhabited planet:  23

RAMMAN, Subsector 12-A:
  No. systems: 100                         Sector: Eridanus
    with 3 inhabited planets:  3           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 14
    with 1 inhabited planet:  24

RANGERS, IMPERIAL:  Established by Emperor Chang in 2128, this group is
made up of multi-talented, genius-level generalists chosen for a number
of qualities including (but not limited to) intelligence, common sense,
adaptability, realistic idealism, loyalty to the Empire, no close
personal ties, and--since 2569--Talent.  They are generally chosen
young, trained on the job for two or three years by another Ranger.
They are the Sovereign's personal representatives and troubleshooters,
doing what the Sovereign would if @ could be in ten places at once.
They have the right to wield Imperial power at need, though if time
permits, they will always consult with the Sovereign before doing so.
It is they who choose the Successor, in theory any qualified Imperial
citizen but so far in practice always another Ranger.

Their working uniform is forest green with a platinum circled-star
badge, black leather equipment belt and boots, and a sidearm of the
Ranger's choice.  Semi-dress adds a silver-trimmed cloak with the
Imperial Arms.

RAPID-HEAL:  A drug derived from Ondrian miracle-weed which speeds the
healing of injuries by a factor of about 3.5 for a standard human or
Traiti, about 5 for a Sandeman non-warrior, and about 7 for a warrior
of that race. It cannot be used on infected wounds, and the increased
healing speed causes increased appetite and fatigue.

RAVAGERS:  Inter-universal raiders.  They are not life as Imperials
usually understand the term; some scientists believe they are not
really life at all.  From time to time, at unpredictable intervals,
they erupt into a random universe and--if that universe does not have a
technological and population level near the Empire's--devastate it and
proceed to another.  However, no Empire-level civilization is attacked
more than once, because a civilization at that stage can, and so far
always does, defeat them.  After such a defeat, the Ravagers retreat,
and it is several years before they attack again anywhere.  This is the
reason Empires in various alternate universes cooperate to develop
Empires or the equivalent in still other alternates.

RATRI, Subsector 13-C:
  No. systems: 43                          Sector: Crater
    with 3 inhabited planets:  4           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets:  8
    with 1 inhabited planet:  23

  Sector: 5, Pegasus                           Year:
  Subsector: A, Bayard                         Day:
  System: Lindbergh                            Gravity:
  Settled/established:                         Axial tilt:
  By:                                          Oxygen:
  Satellites:                                  % Water:
  Ident code prefix: RED                       Continents:
  Ruled by:

RELIGION:  Human Imperials follow all of the major religions from
before the Empire, and many of the minor ones, though all have been
modified to a greater or lesser degree by the discovery of other worlds
and races.  There are also new religions, of which Omnism is the
commonest, and the Traiti faith picks up some human adherents after the

RELIGION, Sandeman:  Created, like most of Sandeman culture, by the
Shapers, this is a polytheistic faith loosely based on Shinto, Islam,
and Odinism with a strong emphasis on honor.  The deities are warriors
and warriors'-women who have died in honor.  They have no particular
duties in the sense of most Terrestrial pantheons; they are more of an
example, a goal to strive for.   However, it is believed they will
occasionally come to the aid of a worshipper in extreme straits, or
sometimes give a helping hand simply because they feel like it.

The afterlife is much like life, only better.  For the warrior caste,
it is a blend of Valhalla and the Mohammedan Paradise; for Others, it
is what they had before, but better and with more intensity.

Although reincarnation was not a part of the original religion, there
is one sect of Others who believe that if they please the gods during
their first life, they will be reborn into the warrior caste and have a
chance to become gods themselves.

RETALIATOR, Subsector 19-F:
  No. systems: 107                         Sector: Leo
    with 3 inhabited planets:  7           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 12
    with 1 inhabited planet:  28

ROC, Subsector 10-B:
  No. systems: 99                          Sector: Aquila
    with 3 inhabited planets:  3           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 13
    with 1 inhabited planet:  20

ROYAL ENFORCEMENT SERVICE(s): The combined law enforcement and military
services of the Kingdom Systems.  Each planet's Enforcement Service
operates independently, but all are ultimately responsible to the High
King, and the only uniform difference is the planetary insigne on the

The RES is divided into the regular forces, who operate much like
police in the Empire, and Special Operations, which are most similar to
the ITMC's Special Forces.  Until recently, because of the dangers of
their work (average lifespan is less than two years), Special Ops
personnel were required to be sterile and unmarried; these requirements
can now be waived if the person is a member of one of the new extended

Special Operations has recently acquired a subdivision called the
Strike Force.  It is designed as a number of quick-response
anti-terrorist teams which operate under very liberal
rules--particularly its Inquisitors, who operate under Writs of
Immunity issued by the Pope and High King.  Under these Writs, anything
a Strike Force Inquisitor (or the people working with @) does in the
belief it is for the Systems' protection or in their interest, except
regicide or narrowly-defined treason, cannot be punished.

Unlike Imperial forces, the RES has very few women, and at this point
only two are officers.

The highest Enforcement rank is Colonel.

RUCHAYA: (Traiti) Clan parent.  Used by any of a clan's younglings to
any of its adults, though @ will generally refer to @'s birth-parents
as "ka'chaya" (female parent, mother) and "es'chaya" (male parent,

RUDRA, Subsector 12-D:
  No. systems: 54                          Sector: Eridanus
    with 3 inhabited planets:  5           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 10
    with 1 inhabited planet:  22

RUHAR: (Traiti) Literally "clan fellow-member"; Clanmate.


SALVIS:  (Traiti)  A Homeworld plant that bears a strong resemblance to
poison oak.  Its tuber-like roots are edible and highly nutritious,
though the taste is bland.

SANDEMAN, Subsector 5-D:
  No. systems: 98                          Sector: Pegasus
    with 3 inhabited planets:  2           Ruled by: Klaes family, since
    with 2 inhabited planets: 14             2542
    with 1 inhabited planet:  25
  Arms:  On a gold field, a gem-type diamond within a ring, both blue.

  Sector: 5, Pegasus                           Year: 348 days
  Subsector: D, Sandeman                       Day: 23 hr 47 min
  System: Cassell                              Gravity: 1029 cm/sec2
  Settled/established: 2130 CE                 Axial tilt: 4.75 deg.
  By: Genetic engineers                        Oxygen: 20.2%
  Satellites: 1 (Signet)                       % water: 72
  Ident code prefix: SND                       Continents: 8; names below
  Ruled by: See below
  General:  The main differences from Terra are the higher average
    temperature and its concomitant, no real arctic areas.  Sandeman
    has eight continents, six of which have been explored fairly
    thoroughly; the northern one, Erewhon, and about two-thirds of the
    southerly shield-shaped one, Quivira, are too cold for Sandeman
    comfort.  The others are Camelot, Shangri-La, Arcadia, Eden, Canaan,
    and Eldorado.  Under the Shapers, these were divided into districts,
    but since Overthrow Day (7 Oct 2316), subdivision has been by clan
    areas instead; the districts no longer exist.

Another difference is Sandeman time.  Both day and year are somewhat
shorter than Terra's, but they use the Terran Standard system for
record-keeping, which leads to some interesting anomalies, such as the
last of the twenty-four hours being only forty-seven minutes long.
This means they have approximately 103 hours per Standard year
difference, relative to Terra.  Their year is also linked to Terra's in
a way different from most Imperial worlds', a way permitted by their
minimal axial tilt and accompanying barely-noticeable seasons: while
their physical year is 348 days, their calendar year is 368 1/4.
Because of the shorter day, they add four days (February 29-31 and
September 31; April 31 in leap years) so their calendar year ends up
quite close to the Standard one.

SANDEMANS:  A genetically engineered race considered human-variant due
to the number and extent of changes made.  In dealings with Sandemans,
especially the warrior caste, it is essential to keep those changes,
and the fact of a culture designed in large part to enhance them, in
mind.  Sandemans are motivated primarily by honor, are intensely proud
and ethnocentric, and have an extreme privacy drive.  Courtesy is
deeply ingrained and they do not expect non-Sandemans to live up to
Sandeman standards even when visiting Sandeman worlds.  In most cases,
that means they will ignore even deliberate insults from
non-Sandemans--but not in all cases.  Touching one without permission
will get at least a verbal rebuke; attacking one will in all
probability result in the attacker's death.  In Subsector Sandeman, the
offender is at fault; elsewhere in the Empire, that is less automatic
but still the presumption.  To paraphrase then-Baron Klaes of Mjolnir,
the first Imperial world to have Sandemans as guests and protectors
instead of conquerors: These people are used to protecting themselves,
rather than relying on police.  Their reflexes are exceptionally fast
and strong, particularly if they are under attack; anyone assaulting a
Sandeman may expect to have @'s cause of death listed as suicide.

Sandemans are short and slender, the men averaging 160-165 cm and 62-67
kilos, the women 2-3 cm and kilos less.  Skin tones range from dark tan
to dark olive, hair from almost white to not quite light brown, mostly
straight though a few have wavy hair, even fewer curly.  Eyes are
pale-to-medium blue, green, or hazel.  Children are born covered in fur
resembling a kitten's; it is usually gone by three months of age.

Despite their small stature, Sandemans are stronger and faster than
their creators, with greater endurance and higher average intelligence.
Between twenty and fifty percent (up from about ten percent under the
Shapers) of the males, depending on the clan, are further modified
warriors, whose speed, strength and endurance are increased still
further.  (See also Warriors, Sandeman, and Need, Sandeman Warriors'.)

The basic Sandeman social structure is a two-caste clan, with the upper
warrior caste composed of the warriors and warriors'-women, the Other
caste being everyone else.  Caste may be determined by the clan-prefix
(warriors are Dar, w'women Dru, Others Den) and often by clothing; the
warrior caste usually wears subdued coveralls, the Others brighter

As a rule, Others marry; warriors and w'women do not, fostering their
children with Other families to provide a stable home life.  Children
mingle freely regardless of caste, until at puberty the young student
warriors and w'women move into their rooms in the main clanhome, while
Other children remain with their parents until they marry or establish
their own homes.  Warriors and w'women maintain ties, often close ones,
with the families who raised them and will, in many cases, raise their

Most traditional Sandeman names are Gaelic, Gaelic-flavored, or
Norse-Germanic.  There is no naming distinction between the castes
other than the clan-prefixes, or between the sexes except that names
ending in -a are female; anything else can be either.  Nicknames may be
proper names shortened to first or last syllable, or an occasional
positive-attributive descriptive nickname.  Full first names are always
proper usage, with 'the warrior' or 'the lady' added when speaking
about a warrior or w'woman, and 'warrior' or 'lady' may be used instead
of one's name when addressing @.

SATYR PLAGUE: (Kingdom Systems)  A mutant plague strain that appeared
on St.  Thomas in 2542.  Its "victims" (few of whom consider themselves
as such) develop an increased sexual drive and capacity, as well as
other minor enhancements.  Once its effects became known, it spread
rapidly throughout the Systems, and has caused a number of societal
changes, including the Families.  It is not contagious in normal
contact; the risk (or chance) of contagion otherwise depends on
intimacy of contact.

SCANLON, David Mark:  (2541-    ) Captured during the Nemran Rebellion
(2555) shortly after his fourteenth birthday, he was helped to escape
by one of his captors who did not wish to be involved further when
Ranger Esteban Tarlac was taken prisoner.  He then rescued the Ranger,
who had been seriously injured, from the rebel camp, nursing and
guarding him until Imperial Marines landed with medical help.  For his
actions, he was created a Life Duke.

SCORPIO, Sector 6:
  Ruled by:                              No. systems: 710
  Subsectors: 7                          Inhabited planets: 365
    A. Shiva               E. Selket
    B. Odin                F. Kore
    C. Osiris              G. Tarlac
    D. Mithra

SCULPTOR, Sector 3:
  Ruled by:                              No. systems: 104
  Subsectors: 2                          Inhabited planets: 101
    A. Asgard
    B. Olympus

SEAL, IMPERIAL:  A stylized planet with a sun emerging above and a moon
below.  It appears on the Imperial Arms in color, and is sometimes
used, in the form of platinum pins or a badge, as the Sovereign's rank

SECUDIV:  The ITMC Security Division.  This major specialty division is
responsible for the security of Imperial ships, installations, and

SECTORS:  The largest subdivisions of the Empire, ruled by dukes.

SELKET, Subsector 6-E:
  No. systems: 68                          Sector: Scorpio
    with 3 inhabited planets:  5           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 11
    with 1 inhabited planet:  19

SEPOL:  (Of Clan D'gameh)  One of the Traiti Circle of Lords, known as
Lord of the Ordeal.

SEPOL, Subsector 21-F:
  No. systems: 64                          Sector: Traiti
    with 3 inhabited planets:  4           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 10
    with 1 inhabited planet:  24

SHADOW FLEET:  A secret Imperial fleet which, under normal
circumstances, exists only as a cadre.  Its existence, however, is a
matter of perpetual rumor, and is the standard explanation for a
military person who drops out of sight for an extended time, especially
if @ reappears at a higher rank.  When it is activated for military
emergencies (under another designation, of course), it operates, if
necessary, without regard for the Laws of War; its Fleet Admiral is
subsequently courtmartialled, then given another identity and set up on
a world of @'s choice.

Home port is Shonnar, where its cover mission (and, most of the time,
real one) is to interdict that world from contact.

SHAMASH, Subsector 1-F:
  No. systems: 51                          Sector: Orion
    with 3 inhabited planets:  2           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 10
    with 1 inhabited planet:  15

SHAMU, Subsector 14-F:
  No. systems: 133                         Sector: Phoenix
    with 3 inhabited planets:  1           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets:  9
    with 1 inhabited planet:  22

SHAPERS:  The genetic engineers, led by Sandoval "Sandy" Cassell, who
created the Sandeman race and much of its culture.  They were
overthrown and killed by their creations in 2316.

SHIP CLASSES, CIVILIAN:  Civilian ships are so varied it is impossible
to summarize them, except to say that they vary from hundred-meter
needles (the smallest size able to carry hyperdrive engines) to
five-hundred-meter spheres (the largest able to land in near-standard
gravity fields).

SHIP CLASSES, ITN: In order of size, Imperial Navy ships are:

Battle Cruisers (IBCs), equatorial diameter 1000 meters, mass 8 x 10 to
the eighth tons, crew 2000, carrying capacity over a million, named for
Sovereigns or Rangers.  Flagships of Imperial Fleets when such must be
assembled, and the ship-type most commonly used by Rangers.  They are
very well armed, used for things like colony setup, deep-space patrol,
large-scale rescue, and similar missions, as well as combat.

Heavy Cruisers (IHCs), equatorial diameter 800 meters, mass 1.75 x 10
to the eighth tons, crew 1800, named for famous sea ships.  Flagships
of Sector-level fleets.

Light Cruisers (ILCs), equatorial diameter 700 meters, mass 1.2 x 10 to
the eighth tons, crew 1500, named for stars or given guardian-type
names (e.g., Guardian or Protector).

Heavy Destroyers (IHDs), equatorial diameter 500 meters, crew 1000,
named for military commanders.  Massing 4.28 x 10 to the seventh tons,
this is the largest class of ship capable of landing in a near-standard
grav field.

Light Destroyers (ILDs), equatorial diameter 400 meters, crew 750,
named for military commanders.

Armed Scouts (IASs), equatorial diameter 200 meters, crew of 500, named
for scouts or explorers.

Couriers (ICs), length 100 meters, crew 5-50 (some automated to require
only a pilot), named at pilot's option.

(For comparison, the largest U. S. aircraft, the C-5B, is 75.5 meters
long, with a wingspan of 67.9 meters, and maximum mass of 418.5 tons.)

SHIP-COMP:  Ship-computer, an artificial intelligence installed on all
Imperial ships of Scout class or higher.

SHIVA, Subsector 6-A:
  No. systems: 120                         Sector: Scorpio
    with 3 inhabited planets:  2           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 13
    with 1 inhabited planet:  25

  Sector: 3, Sculptor                          Year:
  Subsector: A, Asgard                         Day:
  System: Bifrost                              Gravity:
  Settled/established: 2153                    Axial tilt:
  By: Terran mystics                           Oxygen:
  Satellites:                                  % Water:
  Ident code prefix: SHO                       Continents:
  Ruled by: Chief Monitor

General: Called Retreat by its inhabitants, this world was rediscovered
by Crown Princess Halona Strider in 2321, while she was looking for a
permanent home base for the Shadow Fleet.  The mystics who had settled
it were developing powers she thought might be useful in the future, if
they were left alone to do so.  That was precisely what they wanted, as
well, so they agreed to provide the base she needed.  She established
an interdiction zone, with the cover story that it was there to allow
Shonnar's "lizard-like, subsapient inhabitants" to develop sapience
without exploitation.

SIB:  Arriani extended family, usually having 20-50 members.

SIREN, Subsector 14-E:
  No. systems: 105                         Sector: Phoenix
    with 3 inhabited planets:  1           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets:  9
    with 1 inhabited planet:  17
  Arms: On a black field, a silver lozenge on which is a mermaid with
    black hair and green tail, looking into a crystal ball held in her
    right hand, holding a sword point-down in her left.

SKYWALKER, Subsector 7-B:
  No. systems: 189                         Sector: Cygnus
    with 3 inhabited planets:  4           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 10
    with 1 inhabited planet:  17

SLEIPNIR, Subsector 5-B:
  No. systems: 103                         Sector: Pegasus
    with 3 inhabited planets:  2           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 12
    with 1 inhabited planet:  22

SOH TREE:  (Traiti)  A moderate-climate Homeworld tree with broad
silvery-green leaves and sticky sap.

SOL, Subsector 1-A:
  No. systems: 63                          Sector: Orion
    with 3 inhabited planets:  3           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 11
    with 1 inhabited planet:  20

SOLAR FEDERATION:  (2091-2128) Established when enough Terrans had
moved off-planet to justify a System-wide government, the Federation
was a loose democracy.  It was superseded when hyperdrive allowed
humanity to travel faster than light, rapidly spreading to the point
where sheer scale made democracy impossible.  At that point the
Federation Congress amended the constitution, dissolving the Federation
and creating the Terran Empire.

SOUL-BLADE: (Irschchan) A dagger carried by all Irschchans from
pre-adolescence.  It has the owner's personality impressed on it by a
specialized form of darlas, and is supposed to remain with its owner
for the rest of @'s life.  The owner becomes uncomfortable if it is not
within reach, more so if it is handled by another, and suffers
permanent psychic shock if it is destroyed.

After the owner's death, the soul-blade is preserved in the family's
Hall of Memories, where the survivors are able to feel the presence of
their deceased relatives.

SPECIAL LIAISON:  An individual with special knowledge of a culture or
society, usually because @ was born or raised in it, appointed to work
with the officer in charge of a mission to that culture.

STILDYNE, Subsector 7-F:
  No. systems: 96                          Sector: Cygnus
    with 3 inhabited planets:  6           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets:  8
    with 1 inhabited planet:  26

STINGWEED:  Nemran plant.  A low-growing shrub with silvery-green
three-lobed leaves and milky sap.  The sap contains something generally
described as a cross between a fungus and a bacterium, which is
harmless to intact skin, but is poisonous if introduced into a wound.
The first indication of poisoning, usually in less than an hour, is
that the wound begins to ooze a thick, greenish-yellow, foul-smelling
matter.  If the victim does not receive prompt treatment, a fever
develops, followed by delirium, coma, and death, the speed of progress
determined by the amount of poison absorbed.  It is dangerous for
anyone except a medic or physician with life support available to
attempt medicating a stingweed victim, since even something as normally
safe as quidine may at times intensify the poison's effect.

STUNNER, NEURAL:  A blaster setting or special-purpose handgun that
stuns rather than injuring the one shot.  Although it causes no actual
damage, the victim does wake with a severe, migraine-like headache.

STYX, Subsector 17-B:
  No. systems: 115                         Sector: Indus
    with 3 inhabited planets:  3           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 10
    with 1 inhabited planet:  21

SUBSECTORS:  The second subdivision of the Empire, ruled by earls.
There are 106 Subsectors, having an average of 53 planets in 36 systems.

SUCCESSION, IMPERIAL:  After considerable study of possible
alternatives, Emperor Chang decided that the Imperial succession should
be based, with one modification, on the Roman Catholic method of
selecting Popes.  That difference was timing; rather than wait until
the Sovereign died to elect a new one, thus risking a period without a
ruler, the Conclave would elect a Successor as soon as the new
Sovereign ascended the Throne.  Acting on that, a Conclave to elect his
Successor was held a month later; that was Ranger Susan Lindner, who
followed his example, as has been done ever since.  See below for a
list of the first twenty-five Sovereigns and the dates of their reigns.

  Cheong Chang, 19 Jan 2128 - 1 Jan 2149
  Susan M. Lindner, 1 Jan 2149 - 9 Nov 2182
  Bjorn Bengtsson, 9 Nov 2182 - 7 Jul 2230
  Juana Mendez, 7 Jul 2230 - 10 Feb 2249
  Christopher J. Kyle, 10 Feb 2249 - 19 Apr 2256
  Mohammed Gamayel, 19 Apr 2256 - 10 Dec 2280
  Corwin M. Jacobs, 10 Dec 2280 - 20 Aug 2315
  Brandy P. Lansky, 20 Aug 2315 - 17 May 2333 (female)
  Halona Strider, 17 May 2333 - 18 Aug 2366
  Nicholas C. Browder, 18 Aug 2366 - 23 Sep 2382
  Eileen P. Holt, 23 Sep 2382 - 4 Aug 2395
  Grant L. Barton, 4 Aug 2395 - 26 Jan 2420
  Leonard M. Frey, 26 Jan 2420 - 7 Nov 2488
  Joyce G. Kingsley, 7 Nov 2488 - 25 Jan 2508 (male)
  Adli Yasunon, 25 Jan 2508 - 28 Mar 2553
  Charles Davis, 28 Mar 2553 - 20 Sep 2577
  Rick Forrest, 20 Sep 2577 - 11 Apr 2603
  Corina Losinj, 11 Apr 2603 - 19 Feb 2624 (female, Irschchan)
  Jasmine Wang, 19 Feb 2624 - 29 Nov 2630
  Ray Kennard, 29 Nov 2630 - 29 Dec 2678
  Anna A. Peterson, 29 Dec 2678 - 14 Sep 2700
  Konstantin J. Gagarin, 14 Sep 2700 - 8 Jun 2753
  Sharon T. Windsor, 8 Jun 2753 - 6 Mar 2804
  Prae Ofyn, 6 Mar 2804 - 21 Feb 2862 (male, Irschchan)
  Einar J. Lang, 21 Feb 2862 - 26 Dec 2893

SURYA, Subsector 1-B:
  No. systems: 193                         Sector: Orion
    with 3 inhabited planets:  2           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 10
    with 1 inhabited planet:  24

SUSANOWO, Subsector 12-E:
  No. systems: 193                         Sector: Eridanus
    with 3 inhabited planets:  1           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 10
    with 1 inhabited planet:  20

SYSTEMS:  The third subdivision of the Empire; the 1,431 with more than
one inhabited planet are ruled by counts.


T/CT:  Terrene/Contra-Terrene, a more accurate term for what is often
called matter/anti-matter (since both are actually matter, simply in
different forms).  The reaction between the two forms liberates all the
energy both contain, making it by far the most efficient and least
polluting energy source available.  For this reason, T/CT is used
almost exclusively for planetary and large-craft energy needs.

TALENT:  Psionic ability strong enough to be trained into a reliable
skill.  Always includes a mind screen (sometimes powerful enough to be
called a mind shield) and telepathy.  It may also include telekinesis,
darlas, clairvoyance, teleportation, psychometry, rarely precognition,
and (so far only in humans) healing. There may be other aspects also,
as yet undefined.  On Irschcha, it has been searched for and trained by
the White Order since circa 3000 BCE; the first human so trained was
Ranger James Medart, in 2569.

Talent is uncommon among humans, only about half of one percent having
mind shields, though perhaps twice as many have the weaker screens.
Among Sandemans, Talent of shield level is fifty percent, ninety-five
percent for warriors.  Very few Sandemans, however, are willing to take
Talent training, seeing it as a violation of privacy, so there is no
way of telling what other aspects they might have.

TARLAC, Esteban:  (2533-2568)  Imperial Ranger, 2553-2568.  His first
solo mission was stopping the Nemran revolt.  He was almost killed when
the rebels poisoned him with stingweed, but he was rescued and kept
alive, until Imperial forces arrived with medical help, by 14-year old
David M. Scanlon, who was made a Life Duke for the feat.

Tarlac's greatest accomplishment, though, was his almost single-handed
ending of the Traiti War.  He agreed to submit to the Traiti Ordeal of
Honor and succeeded, returning to Terra with the Traiti leaders, who
claimed their rightful place (thanks to their Terran origin) as
Imperial citizens.  Tarlac was assassinated during the ceremony, by a
Humanity First fanatic.  The Traiti maintain, however, that he actually
died of his Scarring seconds after completing the Ordeal, and became
the last member of the Circle of Lords, their gods; they revere him as
the Peacelord.

TARLAC, Subsector 6-G:
  No. systems: 44                          Sector: Scorpio
    with 3 inhabited planets:  0           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 10
    with 1 inhabited planet:  23

TEACHING TAPE:  A standard reading tape "overprinted" with electronic
impulses which can be played directly into a human brain to provide
instant memorization of facts.  The recipient must still learn to work
with those facts (e.g., how to pronounce and otherwise use the words
and grammatical rules of a language), but is saved the considerable
time @ would normally have wasted in rote memorization.

TEFNUT, Subsector 12-B:
  No. systems: 82                          Sector: Eridanus
    with 3 inhabited planets:  4           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets:  8
    with 1 inhabited planet:  26

  Sector: 1, Orion                         Year: Standard (365 1/4 days)
  Subsector: A, Sol                        Day: Standard (24 hrs)
  System: Sol                              Gravity: Standard (980 cm/sec2)
  Settled/established: N/A                 Axial tilt: 23.5 deg.
  By: N/A                                  Oxygen: 21%
  Satellites: 1 (Luna)                     % Water: 73
  Ident code prefix: TER                   Continents: Phys. 4, polit. 7
  Ruled by:

General: The world where humanity, Traiti, and cetaceans evolved.  It
is the Imperial capital world, centered on the Antarctic Palace
Complex; it is also the capital of Sector Orion and Subsector Sol.

It remains a world of many societies, though there is no longer much
friction between them.

The Traiti call it Truehome.

THAKUR: (Sandeman)  One who has accepted personal fealty from another.

THAKUR-NA: (Sandeman) One whose offer of personal fealty has been

THARK:  (ISCTK-2395-8016)  High Adept of the White Order, 2540-2569.
Corina Losinj's teacher until she discovered his planned revolt against
the Empire.  His intent was to replace the unTalented (and therefore
unqualified, in his opinion) human rulers with the White Order.  When
he discovered that Losinj had become a Ranger, and was forced to
realize that some humans did indeed have Talent, his reason for revolt
was eliminated.  The same honor that had motivated him to start the
revolt then required that he halt it, surrender leadership of the White
Order, and accept punishment.  As part of that punishment, he destroyed
his soul-blade, which sent him into a permanent state of psychic shock.
Since he had ended the rebellion himself and imposed a part of the
punishment on himself, he was not executed; instead, he was placed in
the custody and care of Clan Ch'kara of the new Traiti Sector.

THOMPSON, Jase:  The first Bloodmate to be recognized as such, in 2277.
He was in command of the Evaluation Team sent in response to Archbishop
Klein's complaint about Narvonese turning into blood-drinking monsters.
When blood tests taken on landing showed him to be extremely
susceptible to the nosferatu pseudo-virus, Count Nilssun decided he
would be an ideal Imperial Liaison for the System if he became a Kin.
When he rejected the idea, she arranged for him to become infected,
then be weakened enough for the Change.  To her disappointment, he did
not appear to Change--but that night, it became obvious that he
literally had to feed a Kin at daily intervals; in so feeding Narvon
System's Chief of Detectives, Enna Kaufman, he Bonded to her.  When he
was questioned by Count Nilssun, he mentioned a dream of the Dragon
Prince, which led to the further discovery that a number of others who
had not appeared to Change had also had such a dream, and were also
able, but did not have, to supply a Kin's daily needs. ("Teams")

THOR, Subsector 12-G:
  No. systems: 74                          Sector: Eridanus
    with 3 inhabited planets:  1           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 12
    with 1 inhabited planet:  21

THOTH, Subsector 20-B:
  No. systems: 158                         Sector: Chameleon
    with 3 inhabited planets:  4           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets:  8
    with 1 inhabited planet:  24

THUNDERBIRD, Subsector 10-A:
  No. systems: 55                          Sector: Aquila
    with 3 inhabited planets:  6           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 16
    with 1 inhabited planet:  23

TITANIA, Subsector 4-B:
  No. systems: 72                          Sector: Fornax
    with 3 inhabited planets:  2           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 10
    with 1 inhabited planet:  24

TOLI:  (Traiti)  A Homeworld vine that often kills the trees it uses
for support.  It also yields orange berries that, to quote Ranger
Tarlac, "look like jelly beans, smell like dirty socks, and taste

TORRANCE, Clan: (Sandeman) Clanhome is located on Quivira Continent.
Although its specialties are boating and seamanship, like most clans it
raises most of its own food; because of Quivira's topography and
relatively cold climate, it has more land than the average clan.  That
land includes most of the Cold Peak mountain range, which is popular
with tourists who can get the clan's permission to visit; the clan
hunts there, as well as harvesting ice-berries, most of which are
exported as a luxury item.

TORVA BUSH:  (Traiti)  Actually a low-growing tree.  Its tough inner
bark can be used as a substitute for rope or twine.

TRAITI: A cousin-race to humanity, having evolved on Terra from a
common ancestor, and removed by the Others about 35,000 BCE to insure
racial survival.  Although traces have been found on Terra, they were
not recognized as such until after contact was made; before that, such
finds were denounced as mistakes at best, frauds at worst.

Traiti males average about two meters in height and 250 kilos in mass,
with females somewhat smaller.  They are heavily built but not fat, due
to greater tissue density.  Their bodies are human-looking, as are the
hands (with the exception of semi-retractile claws instead of nails),
although their skin is medium gray in color and as tough as leather
armor despite its softness.  Heads are their least human-looking
feature, being ovoid and having the long axis approximately parallel to
the ground, with bulges along the top and sides.  The eyes are small;
the nose is barely noticeable except for slit nostrils, and the lipless
mouth has triangular, serrated teeth.  There are no external ears.

Much of Traiti society is influenced by their sexual imbalance and (on
human terms) severely limited fertility.  Only approximately
one-quarter of the Traiti race is female, leading to a custom (almost a
compulsion) requiring that females and younglings be protected.  (Note
that because of this, all Traiti fighters are male.)  Their "family"
structure is by clans ranging from 10,000 members up, with all adult
members of a clan acting as parents to all its younglings.

Custom restricts sexual activity to within a given clan, which is not,
thanks to occasional adoptions and a very stable gene pool, genetically
harmful to the race.  The general attitude is that sharing bodies is a
thing of goodness, between any two adult members of the clan.
Heterosex is preferable when available, because of the possibility
(however remote) of offspring, but because of the sexual imbalance, the
great majority of Traiti males are bisexual in orientation.

During peacetime, clans are led by the Ka'ruchaya consulting with the
senior fighter, always a Cor'naya; in combat, the senior Cor'naya takes
charge, consulting with the Ka'ruchaya.  Although she is not in any
formal position of authority, both listen to the clan's Speaker for the
Circle of Lords, who is their religious leader.  The race as a whole is
led by the male Supreme and the female First Speaker.

TRAITI, Sector 21:
  Ruled by: Supreme & First Speaker, co-Dukes     No. systems: 568
  Subsectors: 6                                   Inhabited planets: 308
    A. Homesun                    D. Kranath
    B. Peacelord                  E. Carle
    C. Davis                      F. Sepol

TRAVELER, Subsector 5-C:
  No. systems: 93                          Sector: Pegasus
    with 3 inhabited planets:  1           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 11
    with 1 inhabited planet:  28

TREASURE-TUNNELS:  Role-playing game derived from the twentieth-century
Dungeons and Dragons.  It has a steady following in most of the Empire,
especially in Subsector Sandeman, where it is a tactical training aid
as well as a game.

TRIBUNAL, IMPERIAL:  A formal hearing by an Imperial officer to
determine the facts in a case, then order the appropriate punishment or

  Sector: 17, Indus                            Year:
  Subsector: A, Alph                           Day:
  System: Ganges                               Gravity:
  Settled/established:                         Axial tilt:
  By:                                          Oxygen:
  Satellites:                                  % Water:
  Ident code prefix: TRQ                       Continents:
  Ruled by:

General: The first Imperial contact with this world was made by Ranger
Caitlyn Macdonald, who discovered a planetary population of intelligent
four-legged creatures apparently engineered from Terran colonists' pets
and domestic animals.  The humans had been subsequently wiped out by a
disease that did not affect the animals, and all Terran connections
were forgotten.  (Cathy Whitehead)

TUONETAR, Subsector 15-C:
  No. systems: 156                         Sector: Auriga
    with 3 inhabited planets:  3           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets:  9
    with 1 inhabited planet:  23

TYR, Subsector 18-G:
  No. systems: 42                          Sector: Aries
    with 3 inhabited planets:  6           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets:  9
    with 1 inhabited planet:  19


UKKO, Subsector 20-D:
  No. systems: 71                          Sector: Chameleon
    with 3 inhabited planets:  3           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 10
    with 1 inhabited planet:  26

ULTRAWAVE:  The gravitics-based communications system.  It is
essentially instantaneous at intra-galactic distances.

UNICORN, Subsector 14-B:
  No. systems: 48                          Sector: Phoenix
    with 3 inhabited planets:  2           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 10
    with 1 inhabited planet:  24

URSA, Sector 9:
  Ruled by:                              No. systems: 651
  Subsectors: 6                          Inhabited planets: 313
    A. Polaris              D. Indra
    B. Hathor               E. Ilmatar
    C. Apis                 F. Meerclar


VADER, Clan (Sandeman):  The first clan founded after Overthrow.  Named
for the Saga's Black Lord, it is the arbiter of the most delicate
questions of honor.  It specializes in energy weapons, the development
of one of which, the lightsaber, required controlled-length laser
beams, which has had considerable effect on many fields of Imperial

VERANOL:  Developed by Solar Federation researchers in 2096, Veranol is
a pale blue liquid which remained the only reliable means of insuring
accurate testimony until the mindprobe was developed in 2543.  Although
it is still used for that purpose when mindprobes are not available,
its primary use now is in the anti-interrogation conditioning given
Imperials in sensitive or senior positions.  There is speculation that
it is also used to condition IntelDiv field agents to help them
maintain cover identities during covert investigations, but Marine
Corps authorities refuse to comment.

VIP CODES:  A ship carrying Imperial nobles and/or senior officers will
use special designations to inform others of that fact.  A vessel
carrying the Sovereign will drop its name and use either "Navy One",
"Marine One", or (in the rare case of a civilian ship) "Empire One".

Ships carrying other VIPs retain their names, identifying the senior's
rank, whether crewwen or passenger, by the following Distinguished
Visitor codes:

  DV-1:   Ranger
  DV-2:   Duke, Fleet Admiral, or Commandant of the Marine Corps
  DV-3:   Earl or Admiral
  DV-4:   Count, Marine Lieutenant General, or Navy Vice Admiral
  DV-5:   Baron, Marine Major General, or Navy Rear Admiral
  DV-6:   Imperial Liaison Officer, Marine Brigadier General, or Navy

VIRGO, Sector 16:
  Ruled by:                                No. systems: 360
  Subsectors: 4                          Inhabited planets: 200
    A. Athena                  C. Ishtar
    B. Isis                    D. Freya

VISHNU, Subsector 18-D:
  No. systems: 198                         Sector: Aries
    with 3 inhabited planets:  3           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 10
    with 1 inhabited planet:  21


WAR DOGS, Sandeman:  One of the two types of livestock modified by the
Shapers, of the wide variety they took with them.  These are Doberman
pinschers modified for size (averaging about 45 kilos), intelligence,
and speech.  Their intellectual ability is about that of a ten-year-old
human.  The speech modification was less successful; while they can be
understood, it takes either concentration or a practiced ear.  Clan
Shona is the primary breeder and trainer of these dogs, and tends to
consider them as members of the clan.

WARRIORS, Sandeman:  Males genetically modified even beyond the
Sandeman norm by addition of a gland which produces the hormone egerin.
Under the Shapers, warriors were about ten percent of the male
population.  This changed after Overthrow, when more warriors were seen
as vital to the defense of the race.  After Annexation, when the
benefits of warrior-police were seen on the worlds they had conquered,
other worlds began to hire them and warriors became an economic asset
to their clans.  Up to half of a modern clan's men may be warriors,
with many of them away from the clan in the Marines or on contract as
security forces.

Egerin is the primary part of a sex-linked recessive gene complex, and
is responsible for giving them speed, strength, and stamina well above
the Sandeman norm.  Although the psychological segment of the gene
complex is smaller, it is no less important: Sandeman warriors enjoy

These physical and psychological traits are developed by training which
starts at age five.  The major emphasis, of course, is on combat and
related subjects, such as weapons, martial arts, High War Speech,
military and Sandeman history, and perhaps some spacecraft handling.
Other important subjects are customs and courtesies, need management,
the clan's specialty, and one or more personal interests, usually
including some form of handiwork.  When the young warriors move into
the main clanhome at puberty, they begin doing their own chores
(laundry, cleaning, etc.), including a share in cooking.

At approximately 18 years old, there is a graduation ceremony for the
new warriors and w'women, indicating that they now take their place in
the clan as adults.  There is no sharp division other than that an
adult will not fight or have sex (except for the instructors) with a
student; part of the post-graduation party is an adult inviting one of
the new graduates to one or the other.

Warriors have the typical Sandeman ethnocentrism, but to an even
greater degree.  The race was created to be better than its creators,
and the warriors are the best of the Sandemans.  Fortunately, they are
also more concerned with honor, propriety, and courtesy, and they are
thoroughly trained in "warrior restraint"; it is dishonorable to fight
Others who regard themselves as non-combatants, however great the
provocation, except in self-defense.  To a Sandeman warrior, the Marine
slogan "Death before dishonor" is a truism--and a probable reason most
warriors spend some time in that service.

Their physiology and training, however, make it unlikely that a warrior
will ever become a Ranger or Sovereign; they are temperamentally
unsuited to administering a civilian group larger than a clan.

WARRIORS'-WOMEN, Sandeman: (abbreviated w'women)  The female members of
the warrior caste, women trained in combat, medicine, and need
management.  They have no genetic modifications beyond those shared by
all Sandemans, so any girl-child who wants to take the training may do
so, and most warriors' daughters, particularly the eldest, at least
begin training; those who complete it successfully wear a gold-gemmed
ring (e.g., golden topaz) to mark their status.  Since they have no
special genetic alterations, however, any who decide they are not
suited to the life may quit at any time, during or after training.

Because of this, there are fewer w'women than warriors, though ideally
their numbers would be equal.  About the best ratio most clans can
expect is one w'woman for two to three warriors.

WEN: (Imperial English) Indefinite pronoun used either when sex is
unknown or irrelevant (e.g., crewwen) or referring to a group in which
both sexes are present (e.g., crewwens).

WHITE ORDER: (Irschchan)  The organization of Talented Irschchans that
has ruled that planet since approximately 3000 BCE, its most strongly
Talented member becoming the High Adept.  In keeping with the Empire's
policy regarding already-existing governments, this was modified only
in that the High Adept also becomes the Planetary Baron.

At initiation, a member drops @'s family name, using "of the White
Order" instead.


XAN:  Xanadu's planetary computer.

XANADEN: Inhabitant of Xanadu.

  Sector: 1, Orion                             Year: 729 std. days
  Subsector: C, Heimdall                       Day: 83 hours
  System: Kama                                 Gravity: 950 cm/sec2
  Settled/established: 2142                    Axial tilt: 47 deg.
  By:                                          Oxygen: 23%
  Satellites: None                             % Water: No surface water
  Ident code prefix: XAN                       Continents: None
  Ruled by: Steen family

General: Pleasure planet.  Although its surface is uninhabited, its
near-surface volume contains numerous large cave complexes which have
been improved and expanded.  It has no native life, even plants, but
Terran imported plants thrive, thanks to carefully-controlled lighting
and atmosphere.  Since everything is underground, the surface year and
day are irrelevant to Xanadens; the entire planet operates on Palace
Standard Time.

Xanadu's only significant economic asset is tourism, its most famous
attractions the Pleasure Dome and the amators.

XANTH, Subsector 4-D:
  No. systems: 94                          Sector: Fornax
    with 3 inhabited planets:  6           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets: 12
    with 1 inhabited planet:  21


YAMA, Subsector 15-D:
  No. systems: 109                         Sector: Auriga
    with 3 inhabited planets:  6           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets:  9
    with 1 inhabited planet:  17

  Sector: 13, Crater                           Year:
  Subsector: D, Idun                           Day:
  System: Jade                                 Gravity:
  Settled/established: 2516                    Axial tilt:
  By:                                          Oxygen:
  Satellites: 3                                % Water:
  Ident code prefix: YON                       Continents:
  Ruled by:
  General: The main colony suffered a disastrous flood in 2518; the
    rescue mission was led by Ranger James Medart, his first solo.


ZEUS, Subsector 12-F:
  No. systems: 150                         Sector: Eridanus
    with 3 inhabited planets:  7           Ruled by:
    with 2 inhabited planets:  8
    with 1 inhabited planet:  17

ZWILNIK:  Anyone dealing in illegal drugs, or dealing illegally in
legal ones.  (From the Lensman multiverse chronicled by E. E. "Doc"
Smith, with thanks.)

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