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Title: The Aristocracy of London: Part I: Kensington - Titled, Untitled, Professional, & Commercial
Author: Anonymous
Language: English
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Copyright Status: Not copyrighted in the United States. If you live elsewhere check the laws of your country before downloading this ebook. See comments about copyright issues at end of book.

*** Start of this Doctrine Publishing Corporation Digital Book "The Aristocracy of London: Part I: Kensington - Titled, Untitled, Professional, & Commercial" ***

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Transcribed from the 1863 O’Byrne Brothers & Co. edition by David Price,
email ccx074@pglaf.org.  Many thanks to Kensington Library for assistance
in making this transcription.


As this Volume will be revised, corrected, and reissued annually, parties
whose names may have been accidentally omitted, are requested to apply at
once to the PUBLISHERS, from whom they will receive proper “FORMS” for
filling up.

                                * * * * *

                          ARISTOCRACY OF LONDON,
                            TITLED, UNTITLED,
                         PROFESSIONAL COMMERCIAL.

                                * * * * *

                                 PART I.

                          [Picture: Royal seal]

                          O’BYRNE BROTHERS & CO.
                     9, ADELPHI TERRACE, STRAND, W.C.

                                * * * * *


                                * * * * *



THE object of the present work is to record the family particulars,
military and civil services, distinctions, public employments,
professional and commercial pursuits, and general personal information in
regard to that large section of the community who dwell at the “West
End,” and in kindred localities.

Hitherto books of the same character have been restricted to the titled
and territorial classes; excluding as a rule those whom education and
intelligence—tested by their professional and commercial pursuits—have
rendered equally deserving of honourable and gratifying mention, forming
as they do the bulk of what is termed good society.

To supply this deficiency is the intent of the present publication, which
aims, as already suggested, at being a handbook to the nobility and
gentry of London—the term gentry being understood to include logically
those to whom the title of gentleman has been accorded by common
consent—those as a rule whose vocation in life does not debar them from
admission to our West End Clubs.

To the work, as a whole, we have given the title of “ARISTOCRACY OF
LONDON,” as a compliment in the first place to that titular and
hereditary element to which alone the word “Aristocracy” has been
hitherto assumed to belong, and next as a tribute to that other
intellectual and commercial element to which, in a wider sense, it may be
equally allowed to apply; as a homage, in short, to that eminence of rank
and that eminence of intelligence which, combined, impart their tone to
our educated classes, and necessarily to the reflex of these, the present

On the special interest which a work such as the “ARISTOCRACY OF LONDON”
must possess in the eyes of our oligarchic public—to say nothing of its
indispensable utility to every person moving in society—it is needless
here to dilate: the numerous personal books, peerage and other, which
have preceded it in popular estimation, constituting at once our reason
and apology for endeavouring to achieve comprehensively that which has
hitherto been attempted in fragments only.

For the sake of convenience the “ARISTOCRACY OF LONDON,” will be divided
into eight parts, to be annually revised and corrected, namely:









The first of these parts, the “ARISTOCRACY OF KENSINGTON,” is now
presented to the public.  While rendering the contents at once available
by a copious index to the nearly 800 notices which the body of the work
contains, we have adopted the novel and attractive plan of ranging the
information we have been able to acquire under the heads of the streets,
and according to the numbers or appellations therein of the houses at
which the various parties reside—thus at once illustrating the street and
the individual.  It must not, however, be assumed that those persons
whose names are not included in the following pages are therefore not
entitled to appear.  Omissions and errors, the results of deficiency of
information, are inseparable from a work of this character, especially in
the first issue.  Future editions will enable us to be more copious and
doubtless more accurate.  At the same time, we cannot deny that the work,
as it stands, contains the “cream” of those who dwell in the KENSINGTON
District, so far at least as we can judge from the numerous replies we
have received to our applications, showing a ready and courteous
disposition to communicate information on the part of those generally, it
is to be inferred, who had any to offer.  This friendly co-operation we
heartily and gratefully acknowledge, and we trust that those whom our
enquiries have accidentally not reached, will enable us to make the
_amende_ in our next edition.

It only remains for us to announce that the “ARISTOCRACY OF LONDON” will
be followed, in due course, by the “COUNTY ARISTOCRACY,” in a series of
parts, each in itself complete, devoted to the “Aristocracy of the



Abingdon Villas                    1
Addison Crescent                   2
Addison Gardens                    3
Addison Road                       3
Addison Terrace                    6
Albert Gate                        6
Albert Place                       7
Albert Terrace                     8
Allen Terrace                      9
Argyll Road                        9

Bath Place                        11
Bedford Place                     11
Belmont Villas                    12
Berkeley Gardens                  12
Brunswick Gardens                 12
Brunswick Terrace                 13

Cambridge Place                   14
Cambridge Terrace                 14
Campden Grove                     15
Campden Hill                      15
Campden Hill Road                 18
Campden Hill Terrace              19
Campden Hill Villas               20
Campden House Road                20
Clarendon Road                    21
Clarendon Terrace                 22
Courtland Place                   22
Courtland Terrace                 22
Courtland Villas                  22
Cromwell Place                    22
Cromwell Road                     24

Douro Place                       26
Durham Villas                     28

Earl’s Court Terrace              28
Earl’s Terrace                    28
Edwarde’s Place                   29
Eldon Road                        29
Ennismore Place                   30
Essex Villas                      31

Gloucester Terrace                31
Gordon Place                      32

Holland Villas Road               32
Hornton Villas                    32
Hyde Park Gate                    33
Hyde Park Gate, South             35
Hyde Park Terrace                 37

Inkerman Terrace                  37
Inverness Gardens                 37

Kensington                        38
Kensington Crescent               39
Kensington gate                   40
Kensington Gore                   42
Kensington Palace                 43
Kensington Square                 44

Lansdowne Terrace                 45
Leonard Place                     45
Lower Phillimore Place            47

Madeley Villas                    47
Mall                              47
Marlborough Terrace               47

Palace Gardens Terrace            48
Palace Gardens Villas             51
Palace Green                      51
Pembroke Cottages, North          52
Pembroke Cottages, South          52
Pembroke Road                     53
Pembroke Square {0}               55
Percy Villas                      55
Petersham Terrace                 56
Phillimore Gardens                57
Phillimore Terrace                58
Prince’s Gardens                  69
Prince’s Gate                     58
Prince’s Terrace                  74

Queen’s Gate                      78
Queen’s Gate Gardens              81
Queen’s Gate Terrace              83

Rutland Gate                      87

St. Alban’s Road                  97
St. George’s Terrace              98
St. Mary Abbot’s Terrace          99
Scarsdale Terrace                 99
Scarsdale Villas                 100
Shaftesbury Villas               100
Sheffield Gardens                100
Sheffield Terrace                101
South Place                      102
South Villas                     105
Sussex Place                     106

Tor Villas                       106

Upper Bedford Place              107
Upper Hornton Villas             107
Upper Kensington Gore            107
Upper Phillimore Gardens         108
Upper Phillimore Place           109

Vicarage Gardens                 111
Vicarage Place                   111
Victoria Road                    112

Warwick Gardens, East            114
Warwick Gardens, West            114
Warwick Square                   115
Wilton Terrace                   115
Wright’s Lane                    116

York Villas                      116
Young Street                     117


A.B.             Bachelor of Arts.
A.M.             Master of Arts.
App.             Appointed.
A.R.A.           Associate of the Royal Academy.
B.               Born.
Bart.            Baronet.
Br.              Brother.
C.               Called.
C.E.             Civil Engineer.
Ch. Ch.          Christ Church.
Coll.            College.
Comm.            Commissioner.
C.B.             Companion of the Order of the Bath.
C.M.G.           Companion of the Order of St. Michael and St.
Creat.           Creation.
D.               Died.
Dau.             Daughter.
D.C.L.           Doctor of Civil Law.
D.D.             Doctor of Divinity.
Dep. Lieut.      Deputy Lieutenant.
Ent.             Entered.
E.I.C.S.         East India Company’s Service.
Eng.             England.
Eq. Drftsmn.     Equity Draftsman.
F.G.S.           Fellow of the Geological Society.
F.L.S.           Fellow of the Linnæan Society
F.R.A.S.         Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society.
F.R.C.P.         Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians.
F.R.C.S.         Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons.
F.R.G.S.         Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.
F.R.H.S.         Fellow of the Royal Horticultural Society.
F.R.S.           Fellow of the Royal Society.
F.S.A.           Fellow of the Society of Antiquarians.
F.S.S.           Fellow of the Statistical Society.
F.Z.S.           Fellow of the Zoological Society.
G.C.B.           Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath.
G.C.H.           Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Guelphs of
G.C.M.G.         Knight Grand Cross of the Order of St. Michael and
                 St. George.
Gt. Brit.        Great Britain.
H.M.S.           Her Majesty’s Ship.
Hon.             Honourable.
H.R.H.           His or Her Royal Highness.
Irel.            Ireland.
J.P.             Justice of the Peace.
K.C.B.           Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath.
K.C.H.           Knight Commander of the Order of the Guelphs of
K.C.M.G.         Knight Commander of the Order of St. Michael and St.
K.G.             Knight of the Order of the Garter.
K.H.             Knight of the Order of the Guelphs of Hanover.
K.P.             Knight of the Order of St. Patrick.
K.S.I.           Knight of the Star of India.
K.T.             Knight of the Order of the Thistle.
K.T.S.           Knight of the Tower and Sword.
Lieut.           Lieutenant.
L.L.D.           Doctor of Laws.
L.R.C.P.         Licentiate Royal College of Physicians.
L.R.C.S.         Licentiate Royal College of Surgeons.
L.S.A.           Licentiate Society of Apothecaries.
M.               Married.
Marq.            Marquis.
M.B.             Bachelor of Medicine.
M.D.             Doctor of Medicine.
M.R.C.S.         Member of the Royal College of Surgeons.
M.P.             Member of Parliament.
Q.C.             Queen’s Counsel.
R.A.             Royal Academician.
      ,,         Royal Artillery.
R.E.             Royal Engineers.
R.N.             Royal Navy.
S.               Son.
Sch.             School or Scholar.
Scot.            Scotland.
Suc.             Succeeded.
Surg.            Surgeon.
Trin.            Trinity.
Utd. Kgdm.       United Kingdom.
V.C.             Victoria Cross.
Visct.           Viscount.



10.  EDWARDS, John Esq.

Assistant keeper of her Majesty’s records (_Public Record Office_, _Rolls
House_, W.C.)

16.  ROLPH, George Frederick, Esq.

In the accountant general’s department of the War Office (_Pall Mall_,

17.  BUTLER, George Morant, Esq.

B. at Oxford, Feb. 1828.  In Office of Emigration Commissioners (8,
_Park-street_, _Westminster_, S.W.)

20.  ADAM, Joseph, Esq.

A landscape painter.

22.  VON WEGNERN, Professor Oscar.

A professor of German, French, and Mathematics.

25.  APLIN, William Golby, Esq.

A wine merchant of the firm of Hamilton, Aplin, & Co. (26,
_Bucklersbury_, E.C.)

32.  RAWSTORNE, Capt. James, R.N.,

Of a very respectable family, seated for centuries in Lancashire, now
represented by Col. Rawstorne of Penwortham in that county.  Second s. of
the late Capt. Rawstorne who fought in the American and Peninsular wars;
cousin of Sir Wm. Pilkington, Bart. of Chevet Hall, co. York; m. dau. of
Capt. Atkins, R.N.  Ent. the navy 1806; witnessed, in 1807, the flight of
the royal house of Portugal to the Brazils; contributed, in 1811, to the
capture of the Medes Islands; in 1814 captured several vessels off the
North American coast; obtained his present rank in 1855.

36.  WATERHOUSE, William P., Esq.

An artist.

43.  NOBLE, Matthew, Esq.

B. in Yorkshire; a sculptor; member of the Society of Arts and Royal
Institution (13, _Bruton-st._)

44.  TRENDELL, James Richens, Esq.

In the office of the Committee of Council on Education (_Downing-street_,


8.  MACKENZIE, Wm. Esq.

B. in Edinburgh; member of the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh,
1816, England, 1820; a Fellow of the latter since 1843; retired from the
profession 1844; was formerly demonstrator of anatomy, and conservator of
the Anatomical Museum University of Edinburgh.

4.  SINCLAIR, William Thomson, Esq.

S. of the late George Thomson, Esq. of Freswick; b. in Edinburgh; m.
Barbara Madeline Gordon Sinclair, eld. dau. of the late William Sinclair,
Esq. of Freswick.  A deputy commissary-general on half-pay.  Is a J.P.
and dep.-lieut. for Caithness.  Served, while on full pay, on expedition
to Stralsund, in Canada, Portugal, Bermuda, West Indies, &c.  Lately in
charge of the commissariat in Nova Scotia and Canada (_Dunbrath Castle_,

7.  WOODYEAR, Joseph Mitchell, Esq.

The family of Woodyear is of Kentish origin, the earliest mention of the
name being that of William Woodier, of Chatham, co. Kent, who lived in

13.  BULLER, Plumer Alex. Esq.

A wine merchant (2, _Brabant Court_, _Philpot Lane_, E.C.)


1.  HUXLEY, Charles, Rodney, Esq.

Member of the Royal College of Surgeons; formerly Surgeon to the Merchant
Seamen’s hospital, Lisbon; late assistant surgeon 1st regiment,
Derbyshire militia; now lieut. 4th Royal South Middlesex militia.  A
member of the Royal East India Institution, Whitehall.

4.  WELCH, Frederick, Esq.

A surveyor; of the firm of Welch and Atkinson (10, _Lancaster-place_,
_Strand_, W.C.)

5.  BIRDSEYE, George, Esq.

A merchant (32, _Fenchurch street_, E.C.)

42.  BADART, Francois, Esq.

A merchant and seed crasher (14, _Walbrook_, E.C.)


1.  FOX, Lieut.-Gen. Charles Richard,

Nat. s. of late Lord Holland; b. 1801; m. 1824, Lady Mary FitzClarence,
nat. dau. of Wm. IV (she was raised to the rank of a marquis’ dau. 1831,
and app. house-keeper at Windsor Castle, 1835).  Ent. the army 1815;
prom. to his present rank 1854; formerly M.P. for Horsham, Calne,
Tavistock, Stroud, and Tower Hamlets; has been surveyor-gen. to the
Ordnance (_Reform Club_).

1.  HAY, Lady Alice,

Dau. of the 16th and sister of the present Earl of Erroll; b. 1835; is
niece of Lady Mary Fox.

5.  RYAN, Rt. Hon. Sir Edward,

S. of the late W. Ryan, Esq.; b. 1793; m. 1814, Charlotte, dau. of Wm.
Whitmore, Esq. of Dudmaston, Shropsh.  Educ. Trin. Col. Cam.; obtained
his M.A. 1817; c. to the bar (Lincoln’s Inn), 1817; app. judge of the
Supreme Court of Calcutta, 1826 (then knighted); chief justice of same
Court, 1833–43; a privy councillor since 1843; a railway commissioner
1846; assistant controller of the Exchequer 1851; a civil service
commissioner; a member of the Senate of the University of London, a
director of the Amicable Insur. Co., an F.R.S. and F.G.S., Vice Pres. of
the Royal Astronomical Society, &c. (_Athenæum Club_).

_Garden Lodge_.  RYAN, Chas. Lister, Esq.

In the Treasury (_Union Club_; _Downing-street_, S.W.)

12.  OLIVER, James, Esq.

B. 1795, in Northumberland; a widower.  In Her Majesty’s Commission (_The
Grove_, _Hayes_, _Middlesex_).

14.  DE LISLE, Alfred Theodore, Esq.

A merchant of the firm of Janvrin, Grassié, and De Lisle (14a _Austin
Friars_, E.C.)

16.  FELL, Samuel Gregson, Esq.

A justice of the peace for the co. of Lancaster (_Flan. How_,

17.  KEARY, Alfred John, Esq.

A solicitor of the firm of Clowes, Hickley, and Keary (10, _King’s Bench
Walk_, _Temple_, E.C.)

23.  RICKARD, William, Esq.

A stock and sharebroker of the firm of Lind and Rickard; member of the
Stock Exchange (3, _Bank Chambers_, _Lothbury_, E.C.)

24.  BARROW, Sir George, (2nd) Bart.

Eld. s. of the late Sir George Barrow, who was for more than 40 years
sec. of the Admiralty, and who was created a bart. for his public
services; b. in London 1806; m. 1832, Rosamond, dau. of Wm. Pennell, Esq.
late H.M. consul gen. in Brazil.  Educated at Charter House; Entrd.
Colonial Office 1825; promoted to senior clerk 1843; in charge of
Mediterranean Department (_Athenæum Club_).

_Winter Lodge_.  REED, William, Esq.

Attached to the seamen’s wages branch of the Admiralty (_Somerset House_,

26.  HESSEY, Rev. Dr. Francis,

Educ. at St. John’s College, Cambridge, of which he is a Fellow; ord.
1839; principal of Huddersfield College School 1840–43; headmaster of
Kensington School, 1843–53; incumbent of St. Barnabas Parish since 1853
(_Untied University Club_; _St. John’s College_, _Cambridge_).

45.  WILD, James Anstey, Esq.

A solicitor (_Ironmonger-lane_, E.C.)

46.  HOLDEN, Rev. Henry Augustus,

M.A. Worcester College, Oxford (_Oxford and Cambridge Club_).

49.  WILLIS, Edward Cooper, Esq. M.B.

A member of the Royal College of Surgeons since 1852, and of Apothecaries
Hall since 1855; obtained his M.B. at Cambridge 1857; was formerly
Mecklenburgh student in chemistry at Caius College, and lecturer on
forensic medicine at Steever’s Hospital, Dublin.

51.  PERY, Richard Hay, Esq.

Has been a licentiate of Apothecaries Hall since 1844; a member of the
Royal College of Surgeons, England, since 1852; and assistant surgeon 3rd
W. York Militia since 1852; formerly resident medical officer of the
Cork-street (_Dublin_) Fever Hospital.  Has devoted much attention to

60.  OLIPHANT, William Henry, Esq.

Stock and sharebroker; member of the Stock Exchange (21, _Tokenhouse
Yard_, E.C.)

62.  WHITING, George, Esq.

Chief clerk in the Master of the Rolls’ Office (13, _Chancery-lane_,

72.  WILSON, John, Esq.  M.D.

Obtained his Edinburgh degree of M.D. in 1823; became an
inspector-general of hospitals and Fleets in 1841; served as such in
China, and at Haslar and Greenwich Hospitals; is hon. physician to the
Queen; author of various professional works; a Fellow of the Royal and
Geological Societies.

73.  ADAMS, George William, Esq.

A Fellow of the Society of Arts.

84.  BRUNLEES, James, Esq.

A civil engineer (5, _Victoria-street_, _Westminster_, S.W.)

86.  GARRAWAY, George, Esq.

A merchant of the firm of Burton & Garraway (_Green-street_, _Bethnal
Green_, N.E.)

88.  UNNA, Ferdinand, Esq.

A merchant of the firm of Openshaw, Unna, and Co. (3, _Coleman
Buildings_, E.C.; 12, _Oxford-street_, _Manchester_).


1.  HALSE, William Hooper, Esq.

Medical galvanist.

5.  BROADBRIDGE, James, Esq.

An architect; surveyor to the Kensington Vestry.

6.  RUSHBRIDGER, Joseph, Esq.

A private gentleman.



_Ambassador_.—Comte de Flahaut.

1_st Secretary_.—Marquis de Chateaurenard.

2_nd ditto_.—Comte de Jaucourt.

3_rd ditto_.—Amédée Bartholdi.

_Attachés_.—Paul Dutreil, and Baron de Billing.

_Naval Attaché_.—Captain Pigeard.

_Military Attaché_.—Marquis d’Andigne.

_Chancellor_.—Mons. H. Roux.

2.  GREVILLE, Fulke Southwell, Colonel, M.P.

2nd s. of Algernon Greville, Esq. of North Lodge, Herts, by Caroline, 2nd
dau. of late Sir Bellingham Graham, Bart.  Related to Earl of Warwick; b.
1821; m. 1840, Lady Rosa Nugent, only child of the present Marquis of
Westmeath.  Is a J.P. and dep.-lieut. for Herts; vice lieut. for
Westmeath; dep.-lieut. for Westmeath; and J.P. for Westmeath, Cavan,
Longford, and Roscommon.  M.P. (liberal) for co. Longford, since 1852;
formerly in 1st Life Guards; colonel Westmeath Militia since 1850
(_Traveller’s Chub_; _Mymm’s-place_, _near Hatfield_, _Herts_; _Clonyn_,
_Castletowndelvin_, _county Westmeath_; _Clonhugh_, _Mullingar_;
_Clonteen Lodge_, _Drumsna_).

3.  SHEWARD, George, Esq.

Manager of the London and County Bank, Western Branch.

3.  HEDLEY, Captain George,

Late Captain 2nd Dragoon Guards; m. 1833, Elizabeth, dau. of Robert
Norman, Esq. of Slaugham Park and Duncombe, co. Sussex.

_Hyde Park House_.  LEYLAND, Captain Thomas,

Joined the 2nd Life Guards in 1858; has since retired.  (_Union_, _and
Junior United Service Clubs_; _Corindavon Lodge_, _Ballater_, _N. B._;
_Haggerstone Castle_, _Northumberland_).


3.  BUCKLEY, Richard Wilson, Esq.

A conveyancer (50, _Lincolns’ Fields_, W.C.)

10.  STERKY, Charles, Esq.

A senior examiner of the first-class in the Audit Office (_Somerset
House_, W.C.)

11.  METHOLD, Major Edward,

Formerly an officer of the 3rd Drag. Guards, and the 4th Foot; present at
Waterloo; promoted to rank of Major, 1837; has retired from the service
(_Junior United Service Club_).

13.  HYDE, Col. George Hooton,

Joined the Royal Artillery in 1817; promoted to the rank of col., 1854;
has retired from the service on full pay (_Army and Navy Club_).


4.  SABOUROFF, Peter, Esq.

Descended from the elder branch of the once illustrious, now extinct
family of “Godounoff,” illustrated in the 16th century by the Czar _Boris
Godounoff_, king of Russia, who established the serfdom, and by
_Salomonia Sabouoff_, Czarine of Russia, in the 15th century.  Mr.
Sabouroff is first secretary to the Russian embassy (_St. James’s Club_;
_Chesham House_).

9.  CAHILL, Thomas, Esq., M.D.

Obtained hit Dublin L.M. in 1834, and his Glasgow M.D. in 1837; became
F.S.A. in 1840; and L.R.C.S.  Edinburgh, 1841.  Has devoted much
attention to cases of delirium tremens and typhoid fever.  Published in
1856 a work on the Waters of Vichy and Carlsbad (12, _Michael’s-place_,

10.  EARLE, Thomas Hughes, Esq.

A member of Lincoln’s-inn; c. to the bar, 1858.  A conveyancer (_Chapel
Staircase_, _Lincoln’s-inn_, W.C.)

11.  PIGOU, Frederick, Esq.

_Athenæum Club_.

13.  BONHAM, Francis Robert, Esq.

A special commissioner in the Special Commissioners’ Income Tax
department of the Inland Revenue Office (_Somerset House_, W.C.)

14.  OPPENHEIM, Ernest, Esq.

A merchant and ship-broker (150, _Leadenhall-st._, E.C.)


1.  GUAZZARONI, John Bely, Esq.

Has been a member of the Royal College of Surgeons, England, and a
licentiate of the Society of Apothecaries, since 1840.  Medical officer
of the Kensington Workhouse and surgeon to the Kensington Dispensary.

GUAZZARONI, Signor Giuseppe,

Professor of Italian.

5.  RICHARDSON, William Burbidge, Esq.

Solicitor; a commissioner for taking the examinations of married ladies
on disposing of their separate estates, for Middlesex, London, and
Westminster.  Lately, and for some years, engaged in the Law department
of the Lord Mayor and common council of the City, who, on two occasions,
have expressed their approbation of his services, having presented him on
the latter with a testimonial of one thousand guineas (5,
_Nicholas-lane_, _Lombard-street_, E.C.)

7.  YOUNG, Edwin, Esq.

A Surveyor.

9.  ROGERS, George Goddard, Esq., M.D.

Has been a member of the Royal College of Surgeons, England, and an M.D.,
St. Andrew’s, since 1855.  Medical registrar of St. George’s Hospital.
Has contributed largely to the medical journals of the day (24,
_George-street_, _Hanover square_).


25.  STOKES, Charles, Esq.

Surgeon-Dentist (65, _Brook-street_, _Hanover-square_, W.)

32.  HARDISTY, Edward Brydges, Esq.

Solicitor (member of the Incorporated Law Society) of the firm of
Hardisty and Goodrich; a director of the Westminster Life and Fire
Insurance Company (43, _Great Marlborough-st._, W.)

34.  FURRELL, James, Esq.


35.  BUDD, Vincent, Captain,

An Officer in the Mercantile Marine.

37.  DOUCE, Thomas Augustus, Esq.

Wine merchant, of the firm of Holdsworth and Douce, late Cutler and Co.
(12, _Hungerford-street_, _Strand_, W.C.)

39.  JOSLING, Thomas Bayley, Esq.

Colonial and chemical broker, and commission merchant of the firm of
Josling and Co. (7, _Mincing-lane_, E.C.)

44.  BURTON, Frederick William, Esq., R.H.A.

Member of Society of Painters in Water Colours.

45.  HALL, George Lowthian, Esq.

Landscape painter in water colours.

46.  HERAPATH, Spencer, Esq.

Stock and share broker; Fellow of Geological Society, Society of
Antiquaries, and Statistical Society (_Angel-court_, _Bank_, E.C.)

47.  CURZON, Hon. Henry George Roper,

Only s. and heir of 16th Baron Teynham; b. 1822.  Examiner in Audit
Office (_Somerset House_, W.C.)

48.  POLE, William, Esq., F.R.S., F.R.A.S., F.G.S.  Mem. Inst. C.E., Mus.
Bac. Oxon.,

Civil engineer; professor in University College, London; lecturer to
Royal Engineer establishment at Chatham; member of government special
committee on use of iron for war purposes; author of many scientific
works and papers (_Reform Club_, 3, _Storey’s Gate_, W.C.)

49.  PERROTT, Octavius George, Captain.

Entered army 1827; lieut. 1832, capt. 1847; served in 15th Hussars;
retired 1848.

51.  BEEBY, James, Esq.

Deputy accountant-general of the Navy (_Admiralty_, _Somerset House_).

53.  CASSON, Henry, Esq.

Member of Inner Temple; c. to the bar, 1856.  Practises as equity
draftsman and conveyancer (4, _Stone-buildings_, W.C.)

55.  READ, Samuel, Esq.



4.  WALKER, Joseph, Esq.

A surgeon-dentist (82, _Wimpole-st._, _Cavendish-square_, W.)

4.  BREND, William, Esq.

A surgeon.

7.  HAFFENDEN, Dalton Adolphus, Esq.

Has been a member of the Rl. Coll. of Surg., Eng., and a licentiate of
the So. of Apoth. since 1854.  Late house-surgeon to the Lying Inn
Hospital, Birmingham.  Formerly house-surgeon to the Western Gen.
Dispensary, London.


2.  TUDOR, Owen Davies, Esq.

A member of the Middle Temple; c. to the bar, 1842; an equity draftsman
and conveyancer (16, _Old-sq._, _Lincoln’s-inn_, W.C.)

_East Cottage_.  STOCK, Henry, Esq.

An architect of the firm of Snook and Stock (6, _Duke-street_,
_London-bridge_, S.E.)

_West Cottage_.  M’CALLUM, Andrew, Esq.

An artist (_East Burnham Beeches_, _near Windsor_).

29.  GEISSMAN, Captain Lewis De,

An officer of the German Legion; present at Waterloo.

30.  STRACHAN, William, Esq.

Examiner of printers’ accounts in the Stationery office (_Storey’s-gate_,

37.  BOWLER, Henry Alexander, Esq.

An inspector for arts, in the Art Department of the Committee of Council
on Education (_South Kensington Museum_, W.)


4.  COLNETT, Frederick, Esq.

A junior examiner in the Office of Works (12, _Whitehall-place_, S.W.)


1.  JOYCE, Thomas, Esq.

A surgeon.

4.  POOLE, Edward Stanley, Esq.

In the Science and Art Department of the Committee of Council on
Education (_South Kensington Museum_, W.)

5.  PORTER, Lieut.-Col. John,

Attached to the 67th Foot.  Ent. the army in 1834; obtained his present
rank, 1860; served throughout the campaign of 1860 in China, in the
principal events of which he participated with distinction.

10.  BLAIKLEY, Alexander, Esq.

An artist.


1.  CARRUTHERS, Lieut.-Col. Richard, C.B.

B. at Ipswich, 1799; m. 1838, Margaret, dau. of Alexander Dingwall, Esq.,
of Ranniston, Aberdeenshire.  Has two sons and one dau.  Served with 2nd
Foot in the campaign of Affghanistan and Beloochistan; commanded his
regiment at the assault and capture of Ghuznee (medal); the assault and
capture of Khelat; commanded the forces as a brigadier in the Southern
Conean and Sawant Warree country during the campaign of 1844–5.  A
companion of the Bath; a knight of the Dooranee Empire.  Retired from the
army, 1851 (_Junior United Service Club_, W.C.)

2.  DALY, Henry Michael, Esq.

In charge of the Surveyors’ Department of the General Post Office (_St.
Martin’s-le-Grand_, E.C.)

6.  NAVIN, James, Esq.

A merchant (4, _Langbourn-chambers_, _Fenchurch-street_, E.C.)

14.  MOUNSEY, George William, Esq.

Second s. of George Gill Mounsey, Esq., of Rockliff, Castletown, co.
Cumberland; b. April 3, 1831.  A member of Lincoln’s-inn; c. to the bar,
1857 (19, _Old-square_, _Lincoln’s-inn_, W.C.)

16.  WESTGARTH, William, Esq.

A director of the Northern Insurance Company.

20.  MARTINDALE, Capt. Benjamin Hay

Joined the Royal Engineers, 1843; promoted to his present rank, 1854; has
been 19 years on full pay.

22.  EDMONDS, Thomas Rowe, Esq.

Actuary to the Legal and General Life Insurance Company (10,
_Fleet-street_, E.C.)


1.  CULPEPER, William Moe, Esq.

A surgeon.

5.  EMMETT, Major-Gen. Anthony,

A Colonel, retired full pay, Royal Engineers.  Ent. the army, 1808;
promoted to his present rank, 1855.  Present at the sieges of Badajoz,
1811–12 (severely wounded), passage of the Nive, battles before Bayonne,
Orthes (wounded), and Toulouse, also New Orleans, and Fort Bowyer.  Has
received the silver war medal, with four clasps.

5.  ORLEBAR, Mrs. Eleanor,

Eldest dau. of John Kingston, Esq. a commissioner at Somerset House;
granddau. of the hon. Mr. Justice Rooke, a judge of the Court of Common
Pleas, and great granddaughter of Valentine Knightley, Esq. of Fawsley
Park, Northamptonshire; m. 1838, the Rev. Cuthbert Orlebar, second s. of
Richard Orlebar, Esq. of Hinwick House, sometime vicar of Podington, in
the same co.; a widow, 1861; has issue, with daus., two sons, C.
Knightley, a civil engineer, and Vere Bernard, a cadet, R.N. on board
H.M.S. “Cadmus.”

8.  BONNEAU, Cornelius, Esq.

In the Store Department of the War Office; m. 1849, Annette Eliza, only
dau. of the late John Backe, Esq. of H.M. Ordnance (_Pall Mall_, S.W.)

19.  COOKES, Thomas Henry, Esq.

The representative of the Cookes of Bentley, a family which came into
England with the Conqueror, and has been for centuries seated with high
respectability in the co. of Worcester.  The senior line obtained a
baronetcy.  B. 25th Oct. 1804.  M.P. for Worcestershire, 1833–7.
Formerly high sheriff for the county.  A capt. Worcestershire Yeomanry
(_Bentley_, _Worcestershire_).

Holland Road.

4.  HOLLINGS, John, Esq.

In the Accountant General’s Department of the War Office (_Pall Mall_,

6.  EVETT, George, Esq.

In the Warehouse-Keeper’s Department of the Inland Revenue Office
(_Somerset House_, W.C.)

14.  BOURCHER, Mrs.

Widow of the Late Capt. Wm. Bourchier, R.N.

16.  RAE, William Frazer, Esq.

A member of Lincoln’s Inn; called to the bar in 1861 (_Reform Club_).


1.  KENT, William Charles Mark, Esq.

A member of the Middle Temple.  C. to the Bar 1859.  A journalist, and
man of letters.

3.  MANN, Robert Wilks’ Esq.

An auctioneer.


Widow of the late solicitor of the War Office.


Son of the late solicitor of the War Office (11, _John-street_,
_Adelphi_, W.C.)

12.  BOYLE, William, Esq.

A solicitor of the firm of Lucas and Royle (20, _Great
Marlborough-street_, W.)

19.  CRICKMER, Charles James, Esq.

A wine and Brandy Merchant (24, _Little Knightrider-st._ E.C.)

22.  SEATON, Edward Johnstone, Esq.

In the Estates Department of the Trinity House (_Trinity-square_,
_Tower-hill_, E.C.)


_Hornton Cottage_.  CHARRETIE, Captain,

This gentleman is a son, we believe, of major-general Charretie, by
Margaret Anne, dau. of John Henry Burges, Esq., of Wood Park.

_Hornton Cottage_.  KENNELL, John Fisher, Esq.

Secretary to the London and Blackwall, and the London, Tilbury, and
Southend Railways (_Fenchurch-street_, E.C.)

_Hornton Villa_.  BIRD, Stephen Esq.

Chairman of the West London Railway (16, _Tokenhouse-yard_, E.C.)

_Niddry Lodge_.  CAMPBELL, John Francis, Esq.

A scion of the Campbells of Skipness, anciently descended from the ducal
house of Argyll; allied, by intermarriage, with the noble families of
Glencairn, Kerr, Uxbridge, Charleville, Russell, Lennox, Wemyss, Ruthven,
and Belhaven; Chief of the Campbell’s of Islay; b. 1822; educ. at Eton
and Edinburgh University.  C. to the Bar (Inner Temple) 1851; private
secretary to the Lord Privy Seal, 1853; assist. secretary General Board
of Health, 1854; secretary Lighthouse Commission, 1859; a groom of the
Privy Chamber to Her Majesty (_Brookes’ and Travellers’ Clubs_;
_Stable-yard_, _St. James’s_; _Chale_, _Isle of Wight_).

_Bute House_.  LESLIE, John, Esq.

Second s. of the late colonel Leslie, of Glasslough.  M.P. for Monaghan;
and a direct descendant of the celebrated divine John Leslie, bishop of
Orkney, Raphoe, and Clogher; m. 26 Aug. 1856, Constance Wilhelmina
Frances, youngest dau. of the late right hon. George Dawson Damer.  M.P.
P.C.  Has issue, a son (John, b. 1857), and two daus. (Mary, b. 1858; and
Constance, b. 1861).  Educ. at Harrow and Christ Church, Oxford.
Formerly in the 1st Life Guards; an amateur painter; and an Exhibitor at
the Royal Academy, and in the Fine Arts Department of the International
Exhibition (_White’s_, _Travellers_, _&c._)

_Thornwood Lodge_.  VINCENT, Henry Wm. Esq.

Descended from the Vincents of Bernake Manor, Northampton; established
there temp. Henry III.; great grands., through his mother, of John, Earl
of Bristol; heir presumptive to the baronetcy of Vincent, of Debden Hall,
Essex; b. 1796; m. 1830, Elizabeth Anne, dau. of Col. Callander, of
Craigforth.  Educ. at Eton.  In the Treasury, 1813–23; Queen’s
Remembrancer of the Exchequer, 1823–58; c. to the Bar (Gray’s Inn) 1850.
A magistrate for Middlesex; a dep.-lieut., for Berks (_Travellers’ Club_;
_Lily Hill_, _Bracknell_, _Berks_).

_Holly Lodge_.  AIRLIE, 10th Earl of (Ogilvy)

A representative Scotch Peer, 28th in descent from the 1st Thane of
Angus; b. 1826; succeeded his father 1849; m. 1851, Henrietta, dau. of
2nd Lord Stanley of Alderley; has issue, two sons and two daus.; educ. at
Eton, and Christ Church, Oxford; B.A. 1847; dep.-lieut. for Forfar; Capt.
Forfar Yeomanry; a liberal conservative; a director of the Alyth Railway
Company (_Cortachy Castle_, _Kerriemuir_, _Forfarshire_).

_Argyll Lodge_.  ARGYLL, 8th Duke of (Campbell)

Hereditary Master of the Queen’s Household; keeper of the Great Seal of
Scotland; admiral of the Western Isles; keeper of Dunoon Castle, and of
Dunstaffnage, and Carrick; one of Her Majesty’s state counsellors for
Scotland; hereditary sheriff of the co. of Argyll; b. 1823; suc. his
father 1847; m. 1844, Lady Elizabeth Georgiana, sister of the present
Duke of Sutherland; has issue, five sons and three daus.  Chancellor of
the University of St. Andrew’s since 1851; Lord Privy Seal, 1853–55;
rector of the University of Glasgow, 1854–55; postmaster-general,
1855–58; reapp. Lord Privy Seal, 1859; a liberal; a writer of
considerable ability on Scotch ecclesiastical questions, and a
distinguished lecturer (_Athenæum_; _Inverary Castle_, _Argyllshire_;
_Roseneath Castle_, _Dumbartonshire_).

_Moray Lodge_.  KEANE, 2nd Baron (Keane)

Eld. s. of the hero of Ghuznee; b. 1815; suc. his father, 1844; m. 1847,
Louisa, 2nd dau. of S. Y. Benyon, Esq. of Denston Hall, Suffolk; formerly
a capt. 37th Foot; raised to the rank of major, 1841; served on his
father’s staff during the campaign of Affghanistan and Beloochistan;
present at the assault and capture of Ghuznee, for which he has received
a medal; a liberal (_United Service Club_; _Stetchworth_, _Newmarket_).

_Wycombe Lodge_.  SHAW, William Ambrose, Esq.

A director of the Church of England Insurance Company (5, _Lothbury_,

_Aubrey House_.  TAYLOR, Peter Alfred, Esq.  M.P.

Eld. s. of the late P. A. Taylor, Esq. of London, by Catharine, dau. of
the late S. Courtauld, Esq.; b. 1819; m. 1842, Clementia, dau. of John
Doughty, Esq. of Brockdish, Norfolk; a partner in the firm of Courtauld
and Co., crape manufacturers; returned for Leicester, 1862; a liberal
(19, _Aldermanbury_, E.C.)

_Tower Cressy_.  PAGE, Thomas, Esq.

A civil Engineer; member of the Institute; a Fellow of the Geological
Society.  Construct. of New Westminster Bridge.  Has received a
concession from the Turkish government for the construction of an
extensive system of railways for that country, connecting, in one
unbroken line, Constantinople with Ostend and Calais (2, _Middle Scotland
Yard_, S.W.)

_Wickham House_.  WALTON, John Whitehead, Esq.

An historical and Portrait painter (_Westminster Club_; 21_b_,
_Savile-row_, _Burlington-gardens_).


1.  HAMPTON, Robert, Esq.  F.R.B.S. and F.R.H.S.

S. of the late Major-General Robert Hampton.  Late of H.M. Bengal Civil
Service, from which he retired in April, 1860 (_Conservative and Oriental

4.  CARRICK, Thomas, Esq.

An artist.

9.  EDWARDS, Henry Sutherland, Esq.

A writer and journalist of eminence.  Author of “The History of the
Opera,” “The Russians at Home,” &c.

10.  PETO, Charles, Esq.

In the Examiner’s office of the Custom House (_Lower Thames-street_,

12.  WEBB, Henry, Esq.

A solicitor of the firm of Fairfoot, Webb, and D‘Aeth (13,
_Clement’s-inn_, _Strand_, W.C.)

15.  WHITFIELD, Edmund, Esq.

Has been a member of the Royal College of Surgeons, England, and a
licentiate of the Society of Apothecaries, since 1830.  A Fellow of the
Medical Society of London.

16.  BARRY, Col. Charles,

Joined the army in 1814; promoted to his present rank in 1854.  Has been
on half-pay since 1841.

18.  BARLOW, Capt. Henry William,

S. of the late Robert Barlow, Esq., Bengal Civil Service.  B. in India,
11 Jan. 1823; ent. the Royal Engineers (from which he has retired) in
1840; promoted to his present rank, 1851 (_Army and Navy Club_).


1.  STEWART, Hope, Esq.

A portrait painter of good family; b. in Scotland; Fellow of the Society
of Antiquaries, Scotland (11, _Carlton-street_, _Edinburgh_).

2.  MEWBURN, Bowyer, Esq.

In the office of the Charity Commission for England and Wales (8,
_York-street_, _St. James’s _S.W.)

4.  CHESHIRE, John William, Esq.

In the Army Medical department of the War Office (_Whitehall-yard_, S.W.)

5.  ROGERS, Samuel, Esq.

In the Western Branch of the Bank of England (_Burlington-gardens_, W.)

BAGSTER, George, Esq.

In the Audit office (_Somerset-house_, W.C.)


1.  WHARTON, John J. Smith, Esq.

A member of the Middle Temple.  C. to the bar, 1847.  A conveyancer (4,
_King’s Bench-walk_, _Temple_, E.C.)

4.  CLAXTON, Marshall, Esq.

An artist.

HARRAL, Horace, Esq.

An engraver (_Studio_, 4, _Palsgrave-place_, _Temple_, E.C.)

5.  HAY, Eugene, Esq.

Merchant (5, _Gresham-st._  E.C.)

7.  BOSTOCK, John Esq.

An artist.

10.  CODD, Miss Frances Annie,

Dau. of the late Harrison Gordon Codd, Esq., police magistrate and dep.
lieut. for Middlesex, and equerry to the late Duke of Sussex.  B. in

11.  WEBSTER, Dr. James,

A physician.

13.  ATWELL, Joseph, Esq.

A retired public officer.  B. at Teddington.  Has four children.


6.  HUGHES, George, Esq.

A surveyor of the firm of Ilford and Hughes (33, _Manchester-street_, W.)

7.  MUGFORD, William Henry, Esq.

A paymaster in the R.N.; prom. to that rank in 1852.  Hon. Secretary
Royal Patriotic Fund (19, _New-street_, _Spring-gardens_).


2.  MOORE, David, Esq.

An architect.

3.  KINGDON, Thomas Kingdon, Esq.

A member of the Inner Temple; c. to the bar, 1848; a special pleader;
attends the Western circuit; a director of the West of England Insurance
Company.  The Kingdons are an old and respectable Cornish and Devon
family (4, _Paper-buildings_, _Temple_, E.C.)

7.  BIDDER, George Parker, Esq.

S. of G. P. Bidder, Esq. of Mitcham Hall, Mitcham; civil engineer, member
of the Institute, chairman of the Epping and Norfolk railway companies,
director of the Electric and International Telegraph Company, engineer to
the London, Tilbury, and Southend, Wells and Fakenham, Norwegian Trunk
and Royal Danish railways.

10.  DOLLMAN, Francis, Esq.

A solicitor of the firm of Howard and Dollman (141, _Fenchurch-street_,

13.  CORY, Alexander Turner, Esq.

Senior examiner in the office of the Committee of Council on Education
(_Downing-street_, S.W.)

14.  HAVISIDE, Thomas J. Esq.

A ship and insurance broker, of the firm of Haviside and Co. (69,
_Cornhill_, E.C.)

15.  LOMAX, Thomas, Esq.

A member of the Inner Temple.  C. to the bar, 1849.  A conveyancer.  The
family of Lomax is represented by James Lomax, Esq., of Clayton Hall, co.
Lancaster (1, _New-square_, _Lincoln’s-inn_, W.C.)

24.  SIMS, Commander Andrew, R.N.

Ent. the navy in 1806; obtained his present rank, 1854; assisted at the
reduction of Martinique, the Isle of France and Java.  Was for many years
employed in the Coast Guard.


1.  VITTOZ, E., Esq.

An artist.


1.  MITCHELL, Samuel Buckland, Esq.

Has been a member of the Royal College of Surgeons, England, and a
licentiate of the Society of Apothecaries since, 1852; a member of the
Paris Med. Soc.  Formerly Assist. Surg. 3rd Rl. Surrey Militia, and Surg.
to the Kingston Dispen., and H.M. transport ship, “Golden Fleece,” during
the Crimean war.


5.  CLACK, Henry Tucker, Esq.

An army agent.  Agent for the 5th Lancers (50, _Leicester-square_, W.C.)

9.  DUNBAR, George, Esq.

In the Chief Clerks’ Department of the War office (_Pall Mall_, S.W.)


1.  BEERBOHM, Julius Ewald, Esq.

A general merchant of the firm of Beerbohm, Magnus, and Co. (34,
_Mark-lane_, E.C.)

2.  BRAHAM, Augustus Frederick, Esq.

A professor of singing.


4.  THYNNE, Lord Edward, M.P.

Fifth s. of the 2nd marquis of Bath.  B. 1807; m. 1st, 1830, eld. dau. of
William Mellish, Esq., of Woodford, Essex; and 2nd, 1853, the only dau.
of the late Charles Arthur Gore, Esq.  Educated at the Charterhouse, and
Oriel Coll. Oxford.  M.P. for Weobley, 1831–32, and for Frome since 1849.
A conservative.  Lieut. Wilts. Yeomanry Cavalry (_White’s and Carlton
Clubs_; _Longleat_, _Warminster_).

5, 6.  LINDSAY, Lieut.-Col. Sir Coutts,

Second Bart.  Eld. s. of Lieut. Col. James Lindsay, by dau. of Sir Coutts
Trotter, Bart.  B. 1824; suc. his grandfather, 1837.  Formerly of the
Grenadier Guards; was Major-Com. of the 1st Reg. of British Ital. Legion,
1855.  Magistrate and dep.-lieut. for Fife co.; author of a drama and a
tragedy (11, _Grosvenor-square_, W.)

7.  MILLAIS, John Everett, Esq.

Descended from an old Jersey family, represented by John W. Millais,
Esq., of Kingston-on-Thames.  Born at Southampton, 8 June, 1829; m.,
1855, Euphemia, dau. of George Gray, Esq., of Bowerswell.  Admitted an
associate of the Royal Academy in 1853; gained his first medal at the
Society of Arts, when only nine years of age.  An originator of the
Pre-Raphaelite School.  Greatly admired by Ruskin (_Garrick and
Cosmopolitan Clubs_).

8.  LOPEZ, Sir Massey, M.P.

Third Bart.  Eld. s. of the 2nd Bart; b. 1818; m. 1854, only dau. of the
1st Lord Churston.  Has issue, H. Y. Buller, b. 1859, and 3 daus.
Educated at Winchester, and Oriel Coll., Oxford.  A magistrate and
dep.-lieut. for Devon and Wilts; high sheriff of Devon, 1857.  Formerly
Capt. South Devon Militia.  M.P. for Westbury since 1857.  A liberal
conservative.  Patron of two livings (_Conservative_, _Carlton_, _and
National Clubs_; _Maristow_, _Plymouth_; _Manor House_, _Westbury_).

8.  LOPEZ, Henry Charles,

Brother of the preceding; b. 1827; m. 1854, eld. dau. of Erving Clark,
Esq., of Efford Manor, co. Devon; has a dau. and a son.  A member of the
Inner Temple; c. to the bar, 1852.  Western circuit and Devon, Exeter,
Plymouth, and Devonport sessions.  An equity draftsman and conveyancer.
A J.P. for the co. of Wilts. (_Conservative Club_;
_Goldsmith’s-buildings_, _Temple_, E.C.)

10.  PARKS, William, Esq.

A solicitor of the firm of Parke and Pollock, solicitors to the Universal
Life Assurance Office, and agents for Pollock, Faithfull and Kier, of
Bombay.  A member of the Incorporated Law Soc. (63,
_Lincoln’s-inn-fields_, W.C.)

11.  CARDWELL, Edward Henry, Esq.

Late private secretary to the Chief Secretary for Ireland.


1.  SCOTT, Lieut.-Gen. John, C.B.

Ent. the army as a cornet, in 1815; app. Col. of the 3rd Dragoon Guards,
1859; promoted to his present rank, 1860.  Was present with the French
army, under Marshal Gerard, at the siege of Antwerp, in Dec. 1832; and,
by permission of the Marshal, accompanied the troops upon every occasion
during the siege.  In Oct. 1838, was appointed to the command of the
cavalry of the Bombay division of the army of the Indus, as Brigadier;
served in that rank during the campaigns of 1838–39, in Scinde and
Affghanistan, and was present at the attack and capture of Ghuznee.
During the latter part of 1839, commanded a detached column, consisting
of the whole of the artillery (excepting 4 guns), the cavalry, and one
battalion of infantry.  This column was destined to secure the
subjugation of Upper Scinde, and to co-operate with the main column under
Sir Thos. Wiltshire, directed against Khelat.  In the action at
Maharajpore on the 29th Dec., 1843, commanded a brigade of cavalry, as
also at the battle of Sobraon (_United Service Club_).

2.  TALBOT, Colonel, the Hon. Wellington Patrick Manvers Chetwynd,

Brother of the present Earl of Shrewsbury and Talbot; b. 1817; m. 1860,
Lady Emma Charlotte Stanley, only dau. of present Earl of Derby.
Formerly a captain 7th Foot.  Has been A. D. C. to the Lord-lieut. of
Ireland; comtropoller of Her Majesty’s household, 1845; private secretary
to the Earl of Derby, 1852; Lieut.-Col. Stffrdsh. Militia since 1853;
British resident at Cephalonia, 1855; sergeant-at-arms (H. of L.) since

3.  STRAITH, Major Hector,

Has retired from the army; was formerly attached to the St. Helena
regiment.  Promoted to his present rank, 1838.  Hon. Sec. Church
Missionary Society (14, _Salisbury-square_, E.C.)

4.  BETHUNE, Rear-Admiral Charles Ramsay Drinkwater, C.B.

Second s. of the late Lieut.-Col. Drinkwater, of Salford, co. Lancaster;
b. 1802.  Assumed present surname 1837, on his mother inheriting the
estates of her brother, G. Bethune, Esq.  M. 1846, Frances, only dau. of
Henry Stables, Esq., of Park-hill, Clapham.  Ent. the navy, 1815; took a
prominent part in the China war of 1840; rewarded in consequence with the
C.B.  Attached to the Earl of Durham’s embassy, 1835, for the purpose of
reporting on the naval establishments in Russia; has been assistant
hydrographer at the Admiralty; promoted to his present rank, 1855
(_United Service Club_; _Balfour_, _Fifeshire_).

4.  BUCKINGHAM, 3rd Duke of (Grenville)

B. 1823; suc. his father, 1861; m. 1851, Caroline, only dau. of Robert
Harvey, Esq., of Langley-park, Bucks.  Has issue, 3 daus.  Educ. at Ch.
Ch., Oxford; a lord of the treasury in 1852; keeper of the Privy Seal to
the Prince of Wales, 1852; special deputy warden of the Stannaries, 1852;
chairman of the North Western Railway, 1853; Capt. Bucks Yeomanry,
1845–58; Dep.-lieut. of Bucks and Northampton, 1846; M.P. for Buckingham,
1846–57; chairman of the Aylesbury and Bucks Railway (_Carlton_; _Wotton
House_, _Aylesbury_).

_Manners House_.  RUTLAND, 6th Duke of (Manners),

B. 1815; suc. his father, 1857.  Educ. at Eton and Trinity Coll., Camb.
Lord-lieut. of Lincolnsh. 1852–57.  Lord-lieut. of Leicestersh. since
1857.  Hon. Col. Leicestersh. Militia; lord of the bedchamber to the late
Prince Consort, 1843–46; M.P. for Stamford, 1837–52; and for North
Leicestersh. 1852–57; a conservative (_Carlton_, _Belvoir Castle_,
_Grantham_; _Cheveley Park_, _Newmarket_).

_Cromwell House_.  FREAKE, Charles James, Esq.

An architect.


1.  WARD, Charles, Esq.

Manager of the Temple Bar Branch of the London and Westminster Bank (217
and 218, _Strand_, W.C.)

4.  HILLS, Capt. John.

Entered the Navy in 1808.  While on the Spanish coast (1810–14) was
frequently entrusted with the hazardous duty of landing arms for the use
of the guerillas.  He figured also as a volunteer in two cutting out
expeditions; and, besides otherwise coming into contact with the enemy,
assisted at the bombardment and capture of Bermeo and Castro.  During the
time of his servitude in the Coast Guard, was five times engaged with
smugglers; in one of them his arm was broken, and in some of the others,
had the misfortune to receive permanent injury.

4.  HILLS, Octavius, Lelburne, Esq.

A solicitor; a member of the Incorporated Law Society (7, _Gray’s Inn
Square_, W.C.)

4.  HILLS, Gordon Macdonald, Esq.

An architect and surveyor (12, _John-street_, _Adelphi_, W.C.)

5.  BROWN, Archibald, Esq.

In the Secretary’s Department of the Inland Revenue Office (_Somerset
House_, W.C.)

7.  GRAHAM, Major James Reginald Tovin.

Formerly attached to the 2nd Dragoons; fought at Waterloo; retired from
the army in 1837.

8.  MARTIN, John, Esq.

A member of the Middle Temple; c. to the Bar, 1855; a special pleader;
attends the Western Circuit (2, _Plowden Buildings_, _Temple_, E.C.)

10.  HANDLEY-O’FARRELL, Henry, Esq.

In the Chief Examiner’s Department of the Inland Revenue Office
(_Somerset House_, W.C.)

15.  ROSS, Henry, Esq.

A sculptor.

15.  BELL, John, Esq.

S. of Samuel Bell, Esq., of Hopton, Suffolk; b. 19 Aug. 1811, at Great
Yarmouth; m. 1846, the only dau. of Robert Sullivan, Esq., a gentleman of
fortune; has issue, a dau.; has been an exhibitor at the Academy since
1832; has devoted himself to sculpture, ornamental art, and literature.
Principal public works:—the City Wellington Memorial in Guildhall;
Crimean Artillery Memorial, Woolwich; Guards Memorial, Waterloo-place;
Falkland and Walpole, in the Houses of Parliament.  Principal private
works:—Dorothea, Eagle Slayer, Cromwell, Shakespeare, Armed Science,
Australia, Babes in the Wood, &c.  Various ornamental designs in metal
and granite, marble, &c.  Author of the drama of Ivan; handbooks of
industrial art; lectures on various art subjects, on color, statues, the
entasis applied to the obelisk, &c.


4.  PEEL, Right Hon. Sir Laurence.

1st cousin of the late Sir Robert Peel; b. 1799; educ. at St. John’s
College, Cambridge; a member of Lincoln’s Inn; c. to the Bar, 1824; went
the Northern Circuit; M.P. for Cockermouth, 1827–30; advocate general in
Bengal, 1840–2; chief justice at Calcutta (when knighted) 1842–55; vice
president of the Madras Legislative Council, 1854–55; a director of the
East India Company, 1857; a bencher of Lincoln’s Inn; a governor of Guy’s
Hospital (_Athenæum and Windham Clubs_; _Bonchurch_, _Ventnor_, _Isle of

8.  ABBOTT, William, Esq.

A draughtsman in the Copyhold Inclosure and Tithe Commission Office (3,
_St. James’s-square_, S.W.)


12.  PHILLIPS, John Arthur, Esq.

A civil engineer.

15.  TIPPETTS, James Berriman, Esq.

A solicitor of the firm of Tippetts and Son (2, _Sise-lane_,
_Bucklersbury_, E.C.)


1.  STOCK, Rev. John.

Educated at St. John’s College, Cambridge; obtained his B.A. 1815;
ordained, 1816; was formerly vicar of Finchingfield, Essex.  Is author of
a volume of sermons, published in 1841.

16.  JONES, Colonel Henry Richmond.

Ent. the army as a cornet in 1825; obtained his present rank, 1854;
commanded until lately the 6th Dragoon Guards, with which he served
throughout the Crimean campaign, and the Indian mutinies.  His
distinguished services during the latter war won for him his C.B.
(_Junior United Service Club_).

17.  THOM, James Pattison, Esq.

An assistant secretary in the Military Department of the India Office
(_Victoria-street_, _Westminster_, S.W.)

25.  SUTTON, Daniel, Esq.

A director of the Victoria Insurance Company (18, _King William-st._,
E.C.; _Champneys_, _Tring_, _Herts_).


1.  KEW, Frederick Edward, Esq.

Actuary to the British Prudential Insurance Company (35, _Ludgate-hill_,

2.  CROSSE, Miss (Sarah Elizabeth).

Only surviving child of the late Hammond Crosse, Esq.; a magistrate for
Middlesex, and niece of the late Rev. John Crosse, Vicar of Bradford;
born 1793.  Of this lady’s family, two baronets, Thomas and John, lie
interred, one in St. Margaret’s, Westminster, and the other, in St.
James’s, Clerkenwell.


2.  GORDON, Frederick Walcott Robert, Esq.

Attached to the Chief Clerk’s Department of the War Office (_Pall Mall_,

6.  STACPOOLE, Frederic, Esq.

An artist.

13.  CRUICKSHANK, John, Esq.

An artist.

14.  TOMBS, Mrs. John.

Dau. of major Pattoun, Royal Marines; b. 1823; m. capt. Tombs, eldest s.
of General Tombs; has issue, a son.  Henry William Tombs.

22.  De COUREY, John, S. B. Esq.

In the Store Branch of the Admiralty Victualling Department (_Somerset
House_, W.C.)

26.  STEBBING, John Arthur, Esq.

In the Office of the Inspector General of Imports and Exports, Customs
(_Custom-House_, E.C.)

26.  STEBBING, Charles James, Esq.

In the Receiver General’s Office of the Customs (_Custom House_, E.C.)

27.  LAKE, Charles Henry, Esq.

Associate of the College of Preceptors; Fellow of the Royal Astronomical
Society; student of the University of London; suc. to the late J. Paxton
Hall, F.C.P., Oxford House School, King’s-road, Chelsea.  Prepares for
army and civil service examinations.

28.  DOUGLAS, John Moore, Esq.

A merchant (166, _Fenchurch street_, E.C.)

29.  HARRIS, Quarles, Esq.,

An Oporto wine merchant, of the firm of Quarles Harris and Co. (3,
_Savage-gardens_, E.C.)


2.  ASTLEY, Lieut.-Col. John Dugdale.

Eldest s. of Sir Francis Dugdale Astley, 2nd baronet, of Everley, co.
Wilts; b. 1828; m, 1858, only dau. of Thomas Corbett, Esq., of Elsham
Hall, Lincolnshire.  App. lieut. and capt. Scots Fusilier Guards, 1851;
severely wounded at the Alma; prom. to present rank, 1857.  Has retired
from the service.

3.  ORKNEY, 2nd Earl of (FitzMaurice).

B. 1803; suc. his grandm. 1831; m. 1826, Charlotte, sister of Lord
Boston; has a numerous issue.  Elected a representative peer of Scotland,
1833; a conservative; formerly a cornet 9th Lancers; capt. Bucks Yeomanry
Cavalry; dep.-lieut. for Berks (_Carlton and Junior United Service
Clubs_; _Glen App._, _co. Ayr_).

4.  LONGDEN, Thomas Hayter, Esq.

A magistrate and dep.-lieut. for Middlesex and Kent; stockbroker of the
firm of Johnson, Longden, and Co. (22, _Tokenhouse-yard_, E.C.)

4.  LONGDEN, Morrell Dorington, Esq.

A stockbroker of the firm of Johnson, Longden, and Co. (22,
_Tokenhouse-yard_, E.C.; _Cheam_, _Surrey_).


3.  Kynaston, John, Esq.

A factor, of the firm of Kynaston and Sons (4, _Gresham-street_, E.C.;
_and Mumford-court_, E.C.)


4.  CLAY, Alfred, B. Esq.

An artist.

5.  COTTON, Major-Gen. William.

Formerly of the Madras Infantry; obtained his pre-rank, 1861.

6.  WEST, Lieut.-Col. James Alexander.

Ent. the army in 1826; obtained his present rank in 1857; is on retired
full-pay, 84th Foot.

15.  STEVENS, Charles Henry Stanly, Esq.

A patent solicitor (31, _Charing-cross_, S.W.)

19.  COLE, Vicat, Esq.

An artist.

21.  MONYPENNY, Gybbon, Mrs. (Silvestra Rose)

Of the ancient Scottish family of Monypenny, of Pitmilly; eld. dau. of
Robert Monypenny, of Merrington-place, Rolvenden, Esq.; m. 1818, Gybbon
Monypenny, Esq., of Hole House, Rolvenden (who died, 1854); has issue,
the present Gybbon Monypenny, Esq. of Maytham Hall, co. Kent.


4.  MARTYN, Rev. Thomas.

B. 1801, at Great Staughton, Hants; educ. at Queen’s College, Oxford,
where he obtained his M.A.; suc. his grandf. the Rev. Thomas Martyn,
professor of botany in the University of Cambridge, in the family living
of Pertenhall, Beds, which he held for 16 years.  Now retired, and
without church preferment.

5.  M’CONECHY, Rev. James.

Educ. at Balliol College, Oxford; obtained his B.A. 1858; ord. in the
same year; and app. curate of Sonning, near Reading.


19.  WELSBY, William Newland, Esq.

A member of the Middle Temple.  C. to the Bar, 1826; recorder of Chester;
attends the Welch and Chester Crescent (3, _Middle Temple-lane_, E.C.)

20.  FERGUSON, Charles, Esq. M.D.
36.  POWNEY, Lieut.-Gen. Richard.

Late of the Bengal Artillery; obtained his present rank, 1859.


4.  GEORGE, Henry, Esq.

Has been a member of the Royal College of Surgeons, Eng., since 1815; was
formerly attached to the Medical Staff of the Army of occupation in
France; and app. surgeon extr. to the late Dukes of Sussex and
Gloucester; has written on small pox, cholera, puerperal fever, &c.


5.  EDWARDES, Thomas Dyer, Esq.

B. 17 Feb. 1807, at Shoreham in Sussex; m. 1835, the eld. dau. of the
late Thomas Sharp, Esq., of Coventry and Leamington, Warwickshire (she
died 1851); has issue four dau., and one s.  Formerly of the firm of
Edwardes and Hunter, Sydney, New South Wales; retired from business 1840.
A director of the National Bank, the London Chartered Bank of Australia,
and Cape Town Railway; a member of the Society of Arts (_Garrick and City
Clubs_; _Parkcres_, _Worthing_, _Sussex_).

6.  MITCHELL, William, Esq.

A justice of the peace for the county of Devon; journalist and proprietor
of the Shipping and Mercantile Gazette dairy newspaper; an F.R.G.S.
(_Gresham Club_; _Penquit Lodge_, _Ivybridge_, _Devonshire_).

7.  KEELING, Edward Henry, Esq.

A wine and spirit broker.  Fellow of the Royal Horticultural Society, and
of the Society of Arts; member of the Royal Institution (_City of London
Club_, and 11 _Great Tower Street_, E.C.)

8.  WILSON, Lady Belford

Youngest dau. of the late Rev. H. Randolph, rector of Letcombe Bassett;
m. 1849, Col. Sir Belford Hinton Wilson, K.C.B., who died in 1858.

9.  LAING, Seton, Esq.

A director of the Scottish Widow’s Fund.

11.  BARLOW, James Pratt, Esq.

A proctor, notary, solicitor, and deputy registrar of the Archdeaconry
Court of Surrey, of the firm of Barlow, Longden, and Barlow.  A director
of the Westminster Fire and Life Insurance Co. (1, _Bennett’s Hill_,
_Doctors’ Commons_, E.C.)

12.  FITZMAURICE, Major the Honourable William Edward,

Brother of the present Earl of Orkney; b. 1805; m. 1837, dau. of Henry
Harford, Esq., of Down-place, Berks, (she died 1859).  Educ. at Oriel
College, Oxford; M.P. for Bucks, 1842–7; formerly a captain 1st Life
Guards; app. captain Denbigh Yeomanry Cavalry, 1857.  A magistrate and
dep.-lieut. for Bucks (_Guards’ Club_; _Porthuca Tower_, _Conway_, _North

13.  SENIOR, Nassau Wm., Esq.

S. of the Rev. J. R. Senior; b. 6 Sept. 1790, at Uffington, Berks.  Educ.
at Eton, and Magdalen Coll., Oxford.  Formerly a master in chancery; late
professor of political economy at the University of Oxford.  A member of
the Institute of France; chairman of the Equity and Law Insurance
Company; and dep. chairman of the Law Reversionary (_Athenæum and
Political Economy Clubs_).

_Stoke Lodge_.  FAVARD DE L’ANGLADE, Madame

B. in French Guiana; m. to Monsieur Favard, an officer of the Legion of
Honor, and governor of Cayenne (interior) (_Vovezzano and Longlarna
Palacio_, _Florence_; _Carolina_; _Jamaica_; _and French Guiana_).

15.  HAWKINS, Major Rhode, Esq.

Architect to the Committee of Council on Education (_Privy Council
Office_, _Downing-street_, S.W.)

15.  GREENWOOD, John, Esq., M.P.

Representative of an old Yorkshire family, settled in that county from
remote times; b. 1829; m. 1852, Louisa Elizabeth, eldest dau. of N. C.
Barnardiston, Esq. of the Ryes, Suffolk; has issue a son (b. 1854) and a
dau. Educ. at Eton and Christ Church, Oxford.  A magistrate for the N.
and W. R. of York, and the liberty of Ripon.  A dep.-lieut. of the North
Riding; captain Yorkshire Hussars; M.P. for Ripon since 1857; a liberal
(_Brooks’s Club_; _Swarcliffe Hall_, _Ripley_).


1.  POWELL, Mrs. Baden, (Henrietta Grace)

Dau. of Vice Admiral W. H. Smyth, K.S.F., V.P.R.S., D.C.L., &c., of St.
John’s lodge, Aylesbury; b. 1824; m. 1846, the Rev. Baden Powell,
Savilian professor of geometry at Oxford; (he d. 1860); has seven
children living.

3.  PATTESON, James Henry, Esq.

A member of the Middle Temple.  C. to the bar, 1853.  Attends the
northern circuit (1, _Elm Court_, _Temple_, E.C.)

6.  ELLICOMBE, Richard Rous, Esq.

A parliamentary agent of the firm of Dorington, Ellicombe, Ellicombe,
Thomas, and Smith (6, _Parliament-street_, S.W.)

8.  GALSWORTHY, Frederick Thomas,

An auctioneer of the firm of Chinnock and Galsworthy (11,
_Waterloo-place_, _Pall Mall_, S.W.)

9.  COOKE, Edward William, Esq.

B. in London.  A landscape and marine painter; an associate of the Royal
Academy; a fellow of the Linnæan and Geological Societies (_Athenæum_,
_Royal Academy_, _and Alpine Clubs_).

10.  CORBOULD, Edward Henry, Esq.

A water colour painter of eminence.  Exhibited in 1843 in Westminster
Hall, a colossal cartoon, which gained a £100 prize.  Principal works,
“Fair Rosamond;” “The Plague of London;” “William of Eynesham reciting
valiant deeds before a Chivalrous Court;” &c.

11.  MYLNE, Robert Wm., Esq.

An architect and civil engineer; a Fellow of the Royal, Geological, and
Antiquarian Societies (_Athenæum Club_; 21, _Whitehall-place_, S.W.)

12.  HARPER, Lieut.-Col. George Henry,

Late of the Madras Infantry.  Obtained his present rank 1854.

17.  REDGRAVE, Samuel, Esq.

Keeper of the Criminal Registers at the Home Office (_Whitehall_, S.W.;
_Bowlhead-green_, _Thursley_, _Godalming_, _Surrey_).

18.  REDGRAVE, Richard, Esq., R.A.

A painter; the s. of a manufacturer; b. in Pimlico 1804; admitted a
student of the Royal Academy 1826; elected an Associate, 1840, and R.A.
1851.  Referee and examiner for art, and inspector general of Art Schools
in the Science and Art Department of the Committee of Council on
Education; Her Majesty’s surveyor general of pictures and works of art
(_Athenæum Club_, _Grove Dale_, _Abinger_, _near Dorking_).

19.  COPE, Charles West, Esq., R.A.

A painter; the s. of a drawing master of Leeds; b. 1815.  First exhibited
at the Royal Academy, 1831; obtained a cartoon prize of £300, at the
Westminster Hall Exhibition, 1843; elected an associate 1844; elected an
R.A. 1848; has executed frescos for the New House of Lords.

20.  HEATHCOTE, William, Esq.

(_Conserv. Club_; _Cundale Manor_, _Boroughbridge_, _Yorksh._)

22.  PALMER, William Henry, Esq.

A magistrate for Yarmouth.

24.  COLTMAN, Francis Joseph, Esq.

A member of the Inner Temple.  C. to the bar 1860 (9, _King’s Bench
Walk_, E.C.)

25.  SCROPE, Geo. Poulett, Esq., M.P.

2nd s. of J. Poulett Thomson, Esq. of Roehampton, Surrey, and Austin
Friars; b. 1797; m. 1821, Emma, dau. and heiress of Wm. Scrope, Esq., of
Castle Combe, Wilts, and assumed name and arms of Scrope.  A magistrate
and dep.-lieut. for Wilts; patron of 1 living; M.P. for Stroud, since
1833; a liberal; a F.R.G.S., F.G.S., &c.  A political and scientific
writer (_Athenæum and Reform Clubs_; _Castle Combe_, _Chippenham_).


3.  HARNESS, Rev. William,

Educated at Christ Church, Oxford; obtained the degree of M.A. in 1815;
ordained 1813; has held the perpetual curacy of All Saints,
Knightsbridge, since 1849.

4.  DOBIE, Alexander, Esq.

A solicitor, and a Scotch and parliamentary agent.  A member of the
Incorporated Law Society (2, _Lancaster-place_, _Strand_, W.C.)

5.  COTTON, Sir St. Vincent,

6th Bart. descended from Sir Henry Cotton, Knight, lord of the manor of
Cotton Hall, Cambridge, living in the 13th century; b. 1801; suc. his
father, who was an admiral of distinction, 1812.  Formerly in the 10th
hussars.  A magistrate, and dep.-lieut. for Cambridgeshire (_Manor
House_, _Madingley_, _Cambridge_).


10.  OXLAD, Rev. Robert,

B. at Rochester, Kent.  Ordained and licensed to the curacy of Neath,
Glamorgan, by Bishop of Llandaff, 1835.  Now chaplain of Westminster
Workhouse at Kensington.  Author of “The Week of Prayer, London, 1862.”


1.  ROUGIER, Henry, Esq.

A member of the Stock Exchange (31, _Throgmorton-street_, E.C.)

6.  HASLEWOOD, The Rev. Ashby Blair,

Educated at Christ Church, Cambridge; obtained his B.A. 1834; ordained
1835.  Formerly perpetual curate of St. Marks, Marylebone, 1845–58.

7.  WORTHAM, Major Gen. Hale Young,

Descended from the Worthams, of Royston, Co. Herts.  Entered the army
(Royal Engineers) 1812; obtained his present rank 1858.  On retired full
pay.  Served the campaigns of 1813–14 in Spain and France, including the
siege of St. Sebastian, and the battles of Orthes and Toulouse; fought in
America in 1814 at New Orleans, and capture of Fort Bowyer.  War medal
and 3 clasps.

8.  DILLON, Hon. Mrs. Constantine (Fanny Dorothea),

Dau. of the late Philip L. Story, Esq.; m. 10 Feb., 1842, the Hon.
Constantine Dillon (d. 1853), br. of the present Visc. Dillon.  Has issue
3 s. and 2 daus.


_Kensington House_.  WOOD, William, M.D.

Passed at Royal College of Surgeons, London, and at Apothecaries’ Hall,
1838; obtained degree of M.D. at St. Andrew’s, 1848; and at the London
College of Physicians, 1850.  Fellow of Royal Medical Chirurgical
Society; and late medical officer at Bethlem Hospital.  Has written in
“Psychological Journal,” and in “Lancet;” and is author of a work
entitled, “Remarks on the Plea of Insanity, and on the Management of
Criminal Lunatics, with Statistics of Probable Duration of Life in the
Insane” (54, _Upper Harley-street_, W.)

_Colby House_.  PHILP, Francis Richard, Esq.

Obtained degree of M.A. at Cambridge, 1836.  Is Fellow of Royal College
of Physicians, London.  Formerly physician to St. Luke’s Hospital.

_Holland House_.  HOLLAND, Mary Augusta, Dowager Lady,

Only dau. of 8th Earl of Coventry by his 2nd wife, Mary, only dau. of 6th
Duke of St. Albans; aunt of present Earl.  B. 1812; m. 1833, the 4th and
last Lord Holland, for some time minister at Court of Tuscany, who died
1859 (_St. Ann’s-hill_, _Chertsey_).

_Little Holland House_.  PRINSEP, Henry Thoby, Esq.

Fourth s. of late Alderman John Prinsep, of London, M.P. for
Queensborough.  B. 1792; m. Sarah, dau. of James Prattle, Esq.  Bengal
Civil Service.  Educated at Haileybury.  Ent. Bengal Civil Service, 1809;
member of Council in India, 1840; director E. I. Co., 1849; member of
Council for India, 1858.  Is a D.L. for London (_Athenæum and Carlton
Clubs_, S.W.)


1.  COLE, George, Esq.

An artist.

4.  TAPP, William John, Esq.

Member of Lincoln’s-inn; c. to the bar, 1857.  An equity draftsman and
conveyancer (9, _Old-square_, _Lincoln’s-inn_, W.C.)

6.  ROBERTS, Henry Taylor, Esq.

A solicitor (18, _St. Martin’s-Court_, W.C.)

11.  SALISBURY, William Noel, Esq.

Fifteen years in Her Majesty’s State Paper Office, now amalgamated with
the Public Record Office.  Editor of “Original Papers relative to
Rubens,” “Colonial Calendar of State Papers,” &c.  Member of the
Massachusetts, New York, South Carolina, and other Historical Societies
(_Record Office_, _Chancery-lane_, W.C.)

15.  BRUCE, Dr. William.
22.  PULMAN, John, Esq.

Member of the Middle Temple; c. to the bar, 1845.  A special pleader and
conveyancer (5, _Brick-court_, _Temple_, E.C.)


1.  WESTMACOTT, Richard, Esq.

S. of the late Sir Richard Westmacott; b. in London, 1799.  Elected an
associate of the Royal Academy, 1838; first exhibited at the Academy in
1827.  His religious compositions considered very fine.  Has executed
numerous monumental works and busts.  A director of the Globe Insurance

2.  CROPSEY, Jasper Francis, Esq.

Of a family of Anglo-German origin; b. at Staten Island, United States.
Originally an architect; now a landscape painter.  Received a diploma
from the Mechanics and American Institute, New York, for the best
specimens of architectural modelling, at the age of 13; also a diploma
from the American Institute for the best specimen of architectural
drawing, at the age of 17.  A member of the Society of Arts; of the
National Academy of Science, New York; of the Pensylvania Academy; of the
Miscousin Historical Society, &c.

4.  PALK, Augustus, Esq.

S. of the 3rd, and brother of the present Bart., Sir Lawrence Palk, M.P.
for South Devon.  B. 1824.  In the Election Department of the House of
Commons (_House of Commons_, S.W.)

7.  KENNEDY, Charles Malcolm, Esq.

App. to a clerkship in the Foreign Office, 1852; attached to the Senior
clerks’ department, Superintends the Turkey, Persia, Barbary States, and
Egypt portion of our Foreign Office business (_Downing-street_, S.W.)

8.  REEVES, Colonel George Marmaduke,

Ent. the army in 1824, and obtained his present rank in 1854; app.
Lieut.-Col. 99th Foot, 1858; served throughout the campaign of 1860 in
the north of China; wounded severely at the taking of Tangku; commanded
the 4th Brigade at the capture of Pekin; honourably mentioned in
despatches.  C.B.  Medal and clasps; distinguished service pension.

9.  TANNER, John, Esq.

An East India Merchant.

12.  MALCOLM, Lady,

Second dau. of Sir Alexander Campbell, Bart., commander-in-chief at
Madras.  M. 1807, Major-Gen. Sir John Malcolm, G.C.B., Gov. of Bombay,
who died 1833.

13.  GALLENGA, Antonio, Esq.

B. at Parma.  A naturalised British subject since 1846.  Late Professor
of Italian at University College, London (_Athenæum Club_; _the Falls_,
_Llandogo_, _Monmouthshire_).

19.  KINGSTON, Dr. Peter Nugent,

Has been a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians since 1833;
consulting physician of Westminster hospital; formerly of St. George’s.
Has contributed many papers to the medical journals of the day, chiefly
in connexion with heart and pulmonary complaints.

24.  MAGNAY, Sir William, 1st Bart.

2nd s. of the late C. Magnay, Esq., Lord Major of London in 1821.  B.
1797; m. 1854, 2nd dau. of T. Clarke, Esq., of St. John’s Wood; has
issue, a son, b. 1855.  A paper manufacturer; elected alderman, Vintry
ward, 1837, Sheriff, 1837; Lord Mayor, 1843–4; created a Bart. on the
opening of the Royal Exchange 1844; Major Hon. Artillery Company, 1845; a
commissioner of Lieutenancy for London (_Postford House_, _Surrey_).

26.  HALSWELL, Edmund, Esq.

B. it Somerset.  Educ. at St. John’s College, Cambridge, where he
obtained his M.A., ultimately becoming a member of the Senate.  A J.P.
for Middlesex and Westminster; deputy-lieut. for Middlesex since 1829; a
Fellow of the Royal Society.  The family of Halswell, described as of
Halswell and Wells _circ._ 1492, took part in the Monmouth rebellion,
fought at Sedgmoor, suffered under Judge Jefferies, and after a period of
expatriation returned home with the Prince of Orange, 1688 (_Oxford and
Cambridge Club_, _Athenæum Club_).


3.  NORTON, Helen Barrington, Lady,

Dau. of Major-Gen. Bruce, E.I.C.S.; m. 1813, late Sir John David Norton,
Knight, judge at Madras; was left a widow, 1843.

4.  WALCOT, Thomas, Esq.

Secretary of Army and Navy Club, Pall Mall.

6.  XENOS, Stefanos, Esq.

Merchant and Shipowner (19, _London-street_, E.C.; _Reform Club_;
_Richmond_, _Surrey_).

7.  SWANSTON, Clement Tudway, Esq., Junior.

Only s. of Clement Tudway Swanston, Esq., Q.C., J.P.; b. 1831; m. 1861,
Anne, eld. dau. of Right Hon. Sir John Romilly, master of the rolls.
M.A.  Trinity College, Cambridge; c. to the bar (Lincoln’s-Inn) 1856.
Equity draftsman (_Athenæum Club_; 19, _Old-square_, _Lincoln’s-Inn_,
W.C.; _Holly-house_, _Twickenham_).

9.  NORMANBY, 1st Marquis of (Phipps), K.G., G.C.B., P.C., G.C.H.,
F.S.A., &c.

Eld. s. of 1st Earl of Mulgrave, by Martha Sophia, dau. of C. T. Maling,
Esq.; b. 1797; m. 1818, eld. dau. of 1st, and sister of present Lord
Ravensworth.  Educated at Harrow, and at Trinity College, Cambridge; M.A.
1818; M.P. for Scarborough, 1818–20; Higham Ferrers, 1822–6; and Malton,
1826–30.  Suc. his father as 2nd Earl of Mulgrave, 1831; governor of
Jamaica, 1832–4; keeper of privy seal, 1834; Lord-lieutenant of Ireland,
1835–9; created Marquis of Normanby, 1838; secretary of state for
colonies, 1839; home sec., 1839–41; ambassador at Paris, 1846–52; and at
Florence, 1854–8.  Author of numerous works.  J.P. and dep.-lieut. for
North Riding of Yorkshire (_Athenæum and Reform Clubs_;
_Mulgrave-Castle_, _Whitby_).


INVERNESS, Duchess of (Underwood)

A dau. of the 2nd Earl of Arran; b. 1788; m. 1st, 1815, Sir G. Buggin,
knt., 2ndly, H.R.H. the late Duke of Sussex; assumed her maternal surname
(Underwood) by sign manual, 1831; raised to the peerage, 1840.

HALLYBURTON, Lord Frederick Gordon, G.C.H.

S. of the 9th Marq. of Huntly; b. 1799; m. 1836, Lady Augusta, sister of
the 1st Earl of Munster, and relict of the Hon. John Kennedy Erskine.
Ent. the navy, 1813; present in Pellew’s action with the Toulon fleet,
1814; became a rear admiral, 1857; M.P. for Forfar 1841–52
(_Hallyburton-house_, _Pitcur_, _Coupar_, _Angus_, _Forfarshire_, N.B.)

WEMYSS, Lady Isabella.

Dau. of the 15th Earl of Erroll; b. 1800; m. 1820, Major-General Wemyss
(died 1852); bedchamber-woman to the late Queen Dowager.

CROKER, Mrs. (Rosamond)

Eld. dau. of William Pennell, Esq., formerly consul-genl. at
Rio-de-Janeiro; m. 1806, the right hon. John Wilson Croker, P.C., L.L.D.
F.A.S. late secretary of the Admiralty, and an eminent political writer.

BARRINGTON, Lady Caroline,

3rd dau. of Charles, 2nd Earl Grey; m. 1827, Captain the hon. George
Barrington, R.N., who died, 1835; has issue, a s. and dau.


Dau. of the late Col. Disbrowe, First Chamberlain to Queen Charlotte, and
sister of the present Col. Disbrowe, of Eccleston-place.


Widow of the Rev. Joseph Jackson, late chaplain at Kensington Palace.

BARLOW, Rev. John,

Chaplain to the Household, at Kensington Pal. (5, _Berkeley-street_,
_Berkeley square_, W.)

WEST, Algernon E., Esq.

M. to the only dau. of Lady C. Barrington (_Wembley Orchard_, _Sudbury_,


10.  DIXON, Henry Hall, Esq.

A member of the Middle Temple.  C. to the bar, 1852; goes the midland
circuit, and attends the Leicester and Northampton Sessions (_Eldon
Chambers_, _Devereux Court_, _Temple_, E.C.)

17.  CLARKE, Henry Booth, Esq.

A solicitor; member of the Law Association for the Benefit of Widows; a
commissioner for oaths in Chancery (14, _Serjeant’s-Inn_, E.C.)

26 and 27.  BROWN, the Rev. Wm. Haigh.

Educ. at Pembroke College, Cambridge.  Jun. opt. 1st class, Trip., and
B.A. 1846; obt. his M.A. 1849; ord. 1853.

28 and 29.  FROST, the Rev. George.

Chaplain to the Kensington Workhouse.

34.  RICHARDSON, Charles James, Esq.

Of the family of Samuel Richardson, the novelist; b. in London, 1809; an
architect; a member of the Royal Institute of British Architects.

41.  GOODEVE, Joseph, Esq.

A member of the Inner Temple; c. to the bar, 1829.

42.  ELLIS, Charles Willatt, Esq.

A member of Lincoln’s-Inn; c. to the bar, 1817; an equity draftsman and
conveyancer (2, _Stone-buildings_, W.C.)

44.  MERRIMAN, John Jones, Esq.

Has been a member of the Royal College of Surgeons, Eng., since 1848.
Surgeon to the Royal Humane Society.

45.  MERRIMAN, John, Esq.

Has been a member of the Royal College of Surgeons, Eng. since 1823, and
a licentiate of Apothecaries’-Hall since 1822.  Apothecary extraordinary
to the Queen.  Was formerly general med. attend. on the late Duchess of
Kent (_The Priory Marlboro’_, _Wilts_).


1.  PROTHEROE, John Edward, Dr.

Has been a licentiate of the King and Queen’s College of Physicians in
Ireland, since 1857.  Physician to Friend-in-Need Assurance Society.

3.  DICK, Robert, M.D.

Obtained degree of M.D. at Glasgow, 1835.  Is a licentiate of the Faculty
of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow; and medical officer of the
Scottish Provincial Institution.  A prolific author on subjects of
professional interest.

6.  BIRD, Rev. Samuel,

Minister (Baptist) of Hornton-street Chapel, Kensington.

8.  WHITE, John, Esq.

Retired commander in the royal navy.


3.  DAVIES, John Ebenezer, Esq.

Secretary to the Hon. Irish Society (_Irish Chambers_, _Guildhall_, E.C.)

4.  HOLCOMBE, Walter Augustus, Esq.

A solicitor (14, _Warwick-court_, _Gray’s Inn_, W.C.)

8.  BARLOW, Col. George Edward Pratt,

A director of the Westminster Life Insurance Company; formerly in the
22nd Foot; obtained his present rank in 1838; has retired from the
service.  Served in India under Lord Lake, during the campaigns of
1803–4–5; present at the siege of Deig, battle of Futtyghur, siege of
Bhurtpore, battle of Afgalghur; served at the capture of Bourbon, and
Isle of France, 1810.

9.  WILLIAMS, Henry Llewellyn, Esq. M.D.

2nd s. of John Williams, Esq. of Beverley; m. 1st, Jane, only dau. of the
late John King, Esq. of Spring Bank, Ayrshire (she died, 1851); 2ndly,
Mary Anne, dau. of George Greig, Esq. of Cape Town, Cape of Good Hope; b.
at Beverley, 1825.  An M.D. Edinb. and L.R.C.S. Edinb. 1847.  Has had
considerable experience in obsterical medicine, and diseases of children.
In practice from 1847 to 1857, at Beverley, where he held the office of
physician to the Dispensary, and Maternity Charity.  A member of the
Edinb. Botanical Society, and the Society of Arts.

12.  DEACON, Vice Admiral Henry Colins.

Ent. the navy in 1800; accompanied Lord Nelson to the West Indies, in
pursuit of the combined fleets of France and Spain, 1805; in the famous
action with the “Marengo,” and “Belle-Poule,” 1806; took part in the
attempt to recover Buenos Ayres, 1807; contributed to the reduction of
St. Paul’s, 1809; wounded at the capture of Bourbon, 1810; severely
wounded in the throat, breast, legs, and arms, during a series of unhappy
though heroic operations, terminating in the self-destruction of the
“Magicienne” and the “Sirius” frigates; was also with Sir Philip Durham
at the capture of Guadeloupe, 1815.


19.  MARTIN, Frederick, Dr.

Passed Royal College of Surgeons, London, and Apothecaries’ Hall, 1850;
obtained degree of M.D. at St. Andrews, 1855; was four years
house-surgeon to the Suffolk General Hospital.  Member of the British
Medical Association.

28.  HIXON, James Thomson, Esq.

An artist.

30.  SMITH, Towers, Esq.

A surgeon.

31.  TURNER, James William, Esq., F.H.S.

Passed Royal College of Surgeons’ and Apothecaries’ Hall, 1841; Fellow of
the former, 1856.  Hon. member of the Western Medical and Surgical


3.  TAYLOR, Alfred, Esq.

Acting partner in the firm of Hatchard and Co. (187, _Piccadilly_;
_Barnard’s-green_, _Malvern_).


O’NEIL, George Bernard, Esq.

An artist.

PORTCH, Julian John, Esq.

An artist.


1.  BLUNT, Lady.

Dau. of R. Baker, Esq., M.D.; m. 1st. R. Auchmuty, Esq.; 2nd, 1824, Sir
C. R. Blunt, Bart. of Heathfield Park, who died 29 Feb., 1840.

2.  ASHWORTH, The Rev. John Harvey,

Representative of the Ashworths of Ashworth, Elland, and Hall Carr, one
of the oldest families in England, tracing back to A.D. 1244; m. 1827,
Mary, eld. dau. of Thomas Vavasour, Esq., of Rochdale, of the ancient
house of Vavasour, of Haslewood.  Educ. at University College, Oxford;
obtained his M.A. 1825; ordained 1822.  A magistrate for Hants; author of
“The Saxon in Ireland.”


2.  CHAMBERS, Mrs. Richard (Cecilia,)

Youngest dau. of the late Rev. Alex. Brodie, D.D., Vicar of East Bourne,
Sussex (a member of the old Scottish family of Brodie), by Anna, sister
of the late John Walter, Esq., M.P. of Bearwood, Berks; b. at the Gore,
East Bourne, Sussex; m. the late Richard Chambers, Esq., M.D.

2.  CHAMBERS, Geo. Fredk., Esq.

Only s. of the late Richard Chambers, Esq., M.D., by the last-mentioned
lady; b. at Upton-on-Severn, Worcestershire.  Educ. at King’s College,
London; an F.R.G.S., and M.R.I., London; author of a “Handbook of
Astronomy,” “The Sussex Tracts for Churchmen,” and many papers on
political and scientific subjects.

3.  MITCALFE, Stephen Wright, Esq.

A merchant of the firm of Howell and Mitcalfe (11, _and_ 12,
_Philpot-lane_, E.C.)

4.  BOODLE, Henry Trelawny, Esq.

A solicitor; member of the Incorporated Law Society (9, _Davies-street_,
_Berkeley-square_, W.)

5.  ROBE, Colonel Frederick Holt, C.B.

Entered the army in 1817; promoted to his present rank in 1854; placed on
half-pay in 1853.  Was formerly major of the 87th Fusiliers (_United
Service Club_).

6.  LUTYENS, Charles, Esq.

An Exchange and East India broker, of the firm of Lutyens and Ripley (22,
_Austin-friars_, E.C.)

7.  RAWES, Rev. William Francis,

Educated at Caius College, Cambridge; obtained his M.A. 1841, in which
year he was ordained.  Perpetual curate of St. John’s, Wembley,
Middlesex, 1853–57.

8.  MAXWELL, James Clark, Esq.

Professor of natural philosophy at King’s Coll., London.  A member of the
Royal Society (_Glenlair House_, _Dalbeattie_).

10.  HEAD, Arthur Joseph, Esq.

A solicitor (64, _Chancery-lane_, W.C.)

12.  COSIER, Robert Arnold, Esq.

A hop merchant, of the firm of W. and R. A. Cosier (15, _Three Crown
Square_, _Boro._ S.W.)

14.  AYTOUN, Miss Isabella,

3rd and only surviving dau. of Major Gen. R. Aytoun, of Inchdairnie,

17.  NEWMARCH, William, Esq.

Secretary to the Globe Insurance Company, founded 1803; honorary
secretary to the Statistical Society.  A Fellow of the Royal Society
(_Cornhill_, E.C.; _The Mall_, _Notting-hill_, W.)

19.  PALMER, Colonel Nichols,

Entd. the army in 1813; promoted to his present rank 1854; placed on
half-pay 1841.  Formerly major of the 56th Foot.  He served the campaign
of 1814 in Holland, including the attack upon the village of Merxem, 13th
Jan.; also the second attack and capture, 2nd Feb., when his regiment
captured two guns; bombardment of the French fleet in the Scheldt, from
3rd to 6th Feb.  Actively engaged at Fort Frederick on the Scheldt, 22nd
March, in impeding the passage of French line of battle ships to Fort
Lillo, for the purpose of throwing provisions and assistance into the
garrison.  Again employed on the same duty 25th March following.

20.  BENNETT, John Ewins, Esq.

A member of the Inner Temple; c. to the bar 1859; goes the midland
circuit; attends the Birmingham, Northampton, and Warwick Sessions (3,
_King’s-bench-walk_, _Temple_, E.C.)

23.  GOORE, William Henry Postlethwaite, Esq.

Originally of Irish extraction.  S. of the late W. H. Goore, Esq.,
bar.-at-law; b. in Worcestershire 1833; m. Louisa Eugenie, dau. of the
late Capt. Hyde, of Hyde End, Berks.  A contributor to, and promoter of
“The Imperial Dictionary of Universal Biography of Deceased and Living
Personages of Eminence.”  A member of the Society of Arts; and an
F.R.H.S.  (_Bayswater Athenæum_).

24.  BLOXAM, Alfred Bradley, Esq.

A merchant (wine) (14, _Southampton-street_, _Strand_, W.C.)

27.  VICKERY, Francis, Esq.

A merchant (iron ore) (17, _Gracechurch-street_, E.C.)

28.  ABETHELL, Richard, Esq.

Acting constructor in the Department of the Controller of the Navy
(_Somerset House_, W.C.)

30.  HENDRIKS, Frederick, Esq.

M. a dau. of the late General Sir John Hunter Littler, G.C.B., dep.-gov.
of Bengal, and president of the Supreme Council of India.  Actuary to the
Globe Insurance Company, and to the Equitable Reversionary Society;
fellow and member of Council of the Statistical Society (_Cornhill_,


2.  SOADY, John Williams, Esq.

Senior examiner of the first-class, and book-keeper in the Audit office
(_Somerset House_, W.C.)

5.  EWENS, Creasy, Esq.

A solicitor (61, _Moorgate-st._, E.C.)

10.  HENDERSON, George, Esq.

A solicitor (22, _Leadenhall-street_, E.C.)

11.  HOTCHKIN, Spencer, Esq.

A solicitor.

14.  HALSE, John, Esq.

A stock and share broker; member of the Stock Exchange (13, _Royal
Exchange_, E.C.)

15.  MAHLER, Philip, Esq.

A merchant of the firm of Mahler, Bros., and Co. (8, _Billiter-square_,

22.  GANDELL, George, Esq.

A stock and share broker (1, _Royal Exchange-buildings_, E.C.)

31.  WOOLLEY, The Rev. Joseph, L.L.D.

An inspector of schools (_Privy Council Office_, S.W.)

32.  BLACKET, The Rev. Henry Ralph,

Educ. at St. John’s College, Cambridge; obtained his M.A., 1849; ordained
1846.  Chaplain to the workhouse of St. George’s, Hanover-square.
Formerly curate of St. George’s.


HOGG, Peter, Esq.

In the office of Her Majesty’s commissioners of works and public
buildings (_Whitehall-place_, S.W.)

THACKERAY William Makepeace, Esq.

The eminent novelist.  Descended from a Saxon family of Yorksh.  S. of —
Thackeray, Esq., of the East India Company’s Civil Service; b. in
Calcutta, 1811; educ. at Charter House and Cambridge.  Originally studied
for an artist.  A member of the Middle Temple; c. to the bar, 1848.
Commenced his literary career in Fraser’s Magazine.  His fame as a
humourist has been established through the columns of Punch, as a
novelist and satirist by his Vanity Fair (published 1846–48), and as a
lecturer by his strictures on the Men and Times of the Four Georges.  He
unsuccessfully contested a seat in Parliament at the Oxford election in
1857 (_Athenæum Club_).


2.  REA, William, Esq., Jun.

In the Receiver-General’s Department of the Inland Revenue Office
(_Somerset House_, W.C.)

3.  HERTZ, Joseph Adolphus, Esq.

A merchant (8, _Moorgate-st._, E.C.)

4.  BORCKENSTEIN, Henry, Esq.

A merchant (8, _Moorgate-st._, E.C.)


2.  PRIESTLEY, Thomas, Esq.

Formerly of Mill Hill, Hendon, Middlesex.

3.  BADE, Herman, Esq.

A merchant (8, _Moorgate-st._, E.C.)

4.  GRIBBLE, George, Esq.

In the Bill Department of the Bank of England (_Threadneedle-street_,

_Westmoreland Villa_.  HAWTHORNE, Charles Stewart, Esq.

Chief accountant of Stamps in the Inland Revenue Department (_Somrst.
House_, W.C.)


1.  SHEPHEARD, Charles, Esq.

A solicitor; member of the Incorporated Law Society; member of the Law
Association for the Protection of Widows &c. of Professional Men; a
commissioner of the Queen’s Bench, Common Pleas, and Exchequer; a
commissioner for affidavits; clerk to the Fletcher’s Company; joint
solicitor to the London Mutual Life and Guarantee Society (24,
_Moorgate-street_, E.C.)

2.  THUDICHUM, Dr. John Louis William,

Has been an M.D., Geissen, since 1851, and a member of the Royal College
of Surgeons, England, since 1854.  Was formerly lecturer on chemistry at
the Grosvenor Place School of Medicine, and physician to the St. Pancras
Royal General Dispensary.  Is a Fellow of the Medical Society of London;
and a contributor to the Medical Journals of the day (65, _South
Audley-street_, W.)

3.  PARKER, George Cutler, Esq.

A solicitor (35, _Lincoln’s-inn Fields_ W.C.)

4.  MIDDLETON, Jacob, Esq.

B. at Norwich, 1790.  A professor of astronomy; author of “The Celestial
Atlas,” “Astronomy,” “The Use of the Globes,” &c.

7.  CLAXTON, The Rev. Joseph Dickson,

Son of Wm. Claxton, Esq., merchant, of South Hill Grove, Toxteth Park,
Liverpool; b. in Liverpool, 1828; m. Elizabeth, eld. dau. of Thomas
Johnson, Esq., of Lichfield, architect, by whom he has issue 3 children.
Educ. at Trin. Coll. Cambridge; obtained his M.A. 1853; ordained 1852.
Was formerly curate of Butterton, Staffordsh., and of St. Barnabas,
Kensington.  Is incumbent of St. Philip’s, Earls Court.

8.  HOCKLEY, Thomas Allen, Esq.

A merchant (oil and lead) (23, and 24, _Little Earl-street_, E C.)

9.  WINN, Hon. Mrs. George,

Eld. dau of Lewis Majendie, Esq., of Castle Hedingham, Essex; m. 1807 the
Hon. George Mark Arthur Way Winn, (who died 1827) s. of the 1st Baron
Headley, by whom she had, with other issue, the present Baron Headley.

10.  HOTCHKIN, William Lambert, Esq.

B. in the Mall, Kensington.  A ship broker, and insurance agent;
subscriber to Lloyds, and the Jerusalem (116, _Bishopsgate-st.-within_,

13.  LAWSON, Charles Lucius, Esq.

Secretary to the Great Britain Mutual Life Assurance Society (14,
_Waterloo-place_, S.W.)

14.  TILLEARD, Thomas, Esq.

A solicitor of the firm of Tilleard, Son, Godden, and Holme (34, _Old
Jewry_, E.C.)

15.  WILLIAMS, Lieut.-col. George W., C.B.

Late of the Bengal Infantry.  Promoted to his present rank in 1861.

16.  FELTOE, Francis Frederick, Esq.

A merchant (wine importer) of the firm of Feltoe and Sons; a liveryman of
the Worshipful Company of Merchant Taylors (26, _Conduit-street_, W.)

18.  MALLETT, Capt. Hugh,

Eld. s. of H. Mallett, Esq., of Ash, Co. Devon (a family which since the
conquest has enjoyed the highest social influence), by eld. dau. of the
late Hon. John Coventry, of Burgate House, Hants.  B. 1827; m. 1853,
Georgians, youngest dau. of the late Ven. Henry Bathurst, Archdeacon of
Norwich, and has issue.  App. a cornet 4th Light Dragoons 1846; capt. 9th
Lancers 1851; sold out 1851; lieut. North Devon Yeomanry Cavalry 1859;
gentleman at large of the Vice Regal Household, 1855–58; app.
superintendent of passports in the Foreign Office, 1858 (_Downing-st._,


1.  DUNCOMBE, Frederick, Esq.

A solicitor (17, _Devereux-court_, _Temple_, E.C.)

2.  HARDING, Charles, Esq.

A Fellow of the Statistical Society, London (_The Arundel Club_).

33a.  NORMAN, Capt. Wm. Frederick,

A capt. of the South Down Militia, since 1855.

34.  MAYNE, William, Esq.

Surveyor of Taxes.

40.  GREEN, William, Esq.

Deputy commissary general since 1845.

47.  WOLFHAGEN, Frederick Ferdinand, Esq.

A merchant (wine) (3, _Union-court_, _Old Broad-street_, E.C.)

48.  CONWORTH, Robert, Esq.

Bachelor of arts, and military tutor.


4.  LESLIE, Lewis James, Esq.

An auctioneer of the firm of Leslie and Son (45, _Margaret-street_,
_Cavendish-sq._, W.)

6.  HODGE, Wm. Berwick, Esq.

Actuary and secretary to the General Reversionary and Investment Company
(5, _Whitehall_, S.W.)

_Fern-lodge_.  BROOKE, The Rev. Stopford Augustus,

Curate of St. Mary Abbotts.  Formerly curate of St. Matthew’s,


2.  FITZCLARENCE, Hon. Frederick Charles George,

2nd s. of 1st Earl of Munster, a major-gen. in the army, aide-de-camp to
the Queen, lieut. of the Tower, and governor of Windsor Castle, by Mary
Wyndham, dau. of George Earl of Egremont; b. 1826; m. 1856, Adelaide
Augusta Wilhelmina, eld. dau. of Philip Charles Lord De L’Isle and
Dudley; app. capt. 10th Dragoons, 1850; retired 1857.  Formerly
aide-de-camp to the governor of Bombay, his uncle, Lord Fred.

3.  SIDNEY, Hon. Ernestine Wellington,
SIDNEY, Hon. Sophia Philippa.

2nd and 3rd daughters of 1st Lord De L’Isle and Dudley, by eld. dau. of
1st Earl of Munster.

6.  ALLEN, Alderman, Wm. Ferneley,

Member of the firm of W. H. Allen and Co. publishers, &c., of 7,
Leadenhall-street; sheriff for London, 1857; alderman of Cheap Ward,

8.  WINNINGTON, Henry Jeffries, Capt.

5th and youngest s. of Sir Edward Winnington, Bart., by dau. of Thomas,
1st Lord Foley; brother of late and uncle of present Sir Thomas Edward
Winnington, Bart.; b. 1794; app. capt. 39th Foot, 1813; placed on
half-pay, 1814; J.P. for Worcestershire; M.P. for West Worcestershire,

9.  HOLMS, John, Esq., F.R.G.S.

Of the firm of Wm. Holms and Brothers, manufacturers of Glasgow, London,
and Manchester.

10.  POTTER, Thomas Bayley, Esq.

S. of the late Sir Thomas Potter, knt.; brother of late Sir John Potter,
knt., M.P. for Manchester; b. at Manchester, 1817; m. 1846, Mary, dau. of
late Samuel Ashton, Esq., of Gee Cross, Cheshire.  Educ. at Rugby and
London University.  J.P. and dep.-lieut. for co. Palatine of Lancaster,
and for City of Manchester.  Merchant (_Reform Club_; _Buile Hill_,

11.  READ, Thomas Laurence, Esq.

Surgeon.  Formerly student at St. George’s Hospital.  M.R.C.S. England,

12.  COCKERTON, Richard, Esq.

Surgeon.  Formerly student of King’s College, London; M.R.C.S.  England,
1851.  Lately med. superintendent, Hospital, San Fernando, Trinidad.
Surgeon, Kensington Dispensary; member Pathological Society.


1.  LONGRIDGE, James Atkinson, Esq.

A civil-engineer; member of the Institute; engineer to the Calcutta and
South Eastern Railway Company (18, _Abingdon-street_, S.W.)

2.  THISTLEWOOD, George Henry, Esq.

A solicitor (10, _Symond’s Inn_, _Chancery-lane_, W.C.)

7.  CULLINGFORD, William Henry, Esq.

A builder; member of the Society of Arts; obtained the 1st class prize of
£50 for his plan of subways to 2nd class streets, offered by the
Metropolitan Board of Works in 1857.

9.  SPOTTISWOODE, Major-General, A. Cole.

Late of the Bengal Infantry.

13.  TOMS, George Bailey, Esq.

A merchant (iron) of the firm of Toms and Co. (_The Gresham Club_; 7_a_,
_Laurence_ _Pountney Hill_, E.C.; _Westfield_, _Reigate Hill_, _Surrey_).

21.  RAPHAEL, Thomas Athanasio, Esq.

A merchant (commission) (9_a_, _New Broad-street_, E.C.)

47.  CLODE, Charles Matthew, Esq.

Solicitor to the War Office (_Pall Mall_, S.W.)

48.  HALL, Captain William Hutcheson, R.N.

M. 1845, the honorable Hilare Byng, sister of the present Viscount
Torrington; has issue, one dau.  Ent. the navy, 1811; prom. to his
present rank, 1844; commanded the first iron steamer (the “Nemesis”) that
doubled the Cape; distinguished himself greatly in the China war of
1841–2, and in the Baltic during the late Russian war; has endeared his
name to every sailor by his devotion to the cause of their homes.  A
director of the Peninsula and Oriental Company, of the Marine life
Insurance Company, and of the Telegraph to India Company; a Fellow of the
Royal and the Royal Geographical Societies, &c. (_United Service Club_).


8.  PAIN, Thomas, Esq.

S. of Thomas Pain, Esq., Registrar of the Cinque Ports; b. 2 Nov. 1820,
at Dover; m. 1858, Emma, dau. of William Pain Beecham, Esq. of Hawkhurst,
Kent; has issue, two children (Alfred and Helen); a member of Lincoln’s
Inn; c. to the bar, 1844; a conveyancer (_Chapel Stairs_, _Lincoln’s
Inn_, W.C.)


_See page_ 69.


1.  BOYLE, Hon. and Rev. Richard Cavendish Townshend,

S. of 8th Earl of Cork and Orrery; b. 1812; m. in 1845, dau. of Alex.
Gordon, Esq., of Ellon.  B.A., Chr. Coll., Oxf. 1833; M.A., 1834; deacon,
1835; priest, 1836; rector of Marston, 1836; chaplain in ordinary to the
Queen, 1847 (_Marston Rectory_, _Frome_, _Somerset_).

2.  GORE, Langton William Henry, M.P.

S. of late Col. William Gore Langton, of Newton-park, M.P. for East
Somerset, by his 2nd wife, dau. of John Browne, Esq., of Salperton.  B.
in London in 1812; m. 1824, dau. of John Lewis, Esq.  Educ. at Harrow and
at Magdalen Coll., Oxford.  J.P. and dep.-lieut. for Somerset; Mayor for
Bristol in 1852; director of Bristol and South Wales Union Railway; M.P.
(liberal) for Bristol since 1852 (_Reform Club_; _Clifton-court_,

4.  FALKLAND, 9th Viscount (Cary),

Son of 8th Viscount, Capt. Royal Navy.  B. 1803; suc. his father, 1809;
m. 1st, 1830, sister of 1st Earl of Minister; 2nd, 1859, Dowager Duchess
of St. Albans.  Lord of the bed-chamber, 1830; representative peer for
Scotland, 1831; G.C.H. 1831; P. C. 1837; Captain of Yeoman of the guard,
1846–8; governor of Bombay, 1848–53.  J.P. and dep.-lieut. Yorksh. N. R.;
liberal (_Boodle’s_; _Scutterskelfe_, _Yarme_, _Yorkshire_).

4.  ST. ALBANS, Elizabeth Catherine, Dowager Duchess of,

Dau. of Gen. Joseph Gubbins, of Stoneham, Hants, and Kilrush, co.
Limerick.  M. 1st, 1839, 9th Duke of St. Albans, by whom she became
mother of the present duke; and 2nd, Viscount Falkland (_see preceding_).

5.  PORTMAN, 1st Baron (Portman),

S. of E. B. Portman, Esq., of Bryanston and Orchard Portman.  B. 1799; m.
1827, 3rd dau. of 2nd and aunt of present Earl of Harewood.  B.A., Ch.
Coll., Oxf., 1821; M.A. 1826; M.P. for Dorset, 1823–82; for Marylebone,
1832–3.  Created Baron Portman, 1837; Lord-lieut. Somerset; dep.-lieut.
and Chairman of Quarter sessions for Dorsetshire.  J.P. for Middlesex,
Somersetsh., and Dorsetshire.  Member of council for Duchy of Lancaster,
1847.  Trustee of the United University Club (_United University Club_;
_Bryanston_, _Blandford_, _co. Dorset_; _Orchard Portman_, _Taunton_,
_co. Somerset_).

6.  COOKES, George, Capt., unattached,

Ent. army, 1837; Lieut., 1842; Captain, 1850.  Since then on half-pay.
Served with 3rd Light Dragoons in Sutlej campaign of 1845–6.  Present at
the battles of Moodkee, Ferozeshah, and Sobraon.  Medal with two clasps
(_Army and Navy Club_).

7.  HOWARD, Frederick, John,

Eld. s. of Hon. F. Howard, Major of Hussars, who was killed at Waterloo;
grandson of 5th, nephew of 6th, and 1st cousin of present Earl of
Carlisle.  B. 1814; m. 1837, sister of present Duke of Devonshire, and
has 5 sons and 3 daus.  Attaché to H.M. embassy at Paris, 1831–9.  M.P.
for Youghal, 1837–41.  Private secretary to Earl of Carlisle when chief
commissioner of woods and forests, 1847–50; and when Lord-lieut. of
Ireland, 1855–58 (_Brooke’s and Travellers’ Clubs_).

9.  ELY, Dowager Marchioness of,

Dau. of late Jas. Joseph Hope Vere, Esq., and niece of 8th Marquis of
Tweeddale.  M. 1844, 3rd Marquis of Ely, who died 1857.  Mother of
present Marquis (_Ely Lodge_, _Fermanagh_; _Loftus Hall_, _Wexford_).

10.  CRAUFURD, James Robertson, Major-General, F.R.G.S.

Ent. army, 1821; Lieut., 1822; Captain, 1826; Lieut.-Col., 1837; Colonel,
1851; Major-Gen., 1856.  Has commanded a brigade at Shorncliffe.  App.
Inspect.-Gen. of Foot Guards, 1861 (_Travellers’ and United Service
Clubs_; _Sunning Hill_, _Chertsey_).

11.  ALFORD, Lady Marian Margaret,

Eld. dau. of 2nd, and sister of present Marquis of Northampton.  M. 1841,
John Hume Egerton, Viscount Alford, M.P., (who died in 1851) by whom she
had a son, the present Earl of Brownlow (_Belton House_, _near Grantham_,
_Lincolnsh._; _Ashbridge_, _near Berkhampstead_).

_Kingston House_.  ROTHSCHILD, Baron Lionel Nathan De, M.P.

Eld. s. of late Baron Nathan Meyer De Rothschild, by dau. of Levi Barent
Cohen, Esq., merchant, of London; b. 1808, in London; brother of Sir
Anthony Rothschild, Bart.; and of Baron Meyer De Rothschild, M.P. for
Hythe.  M. 1836, his cousin Charlotte, dau. of Baron Charles de
Rothschild, of Naples.  Baron of Austrian empire; head of firm of N. M.
Rothschild and Sons, of St. Swithin’s-lane, the great loan-contractors
and money-brokers.  M.P. (liberal) for London since 1847, but only took
his seat in House of Commons in 1858.  J.P. for Middlesex; Dep.-Lieut.
for London.  Direct. of Northern of France Railway; Alliance Life and
Fire Assurance Company; and Alliance Marine Insurance Company (_Brooke’s
and Reform Clubs_; _Gunnersbury-park_, _Acton_, _Middlesex_).

13.  MORGAN, Junius S. Esq., F.R.G.S.

Merchant of the firm of Geo. Peabody, and Co. (22, _Old Broad-street_).

14.  SCHENLEY, Edward Wyndham Harrington, Esq.

2nd s. of the late Major Schenley, R.A.; b. 1799; m. 1st, 1833, youngest
dau. of late Sir W. T. Pole, Bart., D.C.L. of Shute House, Devon; 2nd,
Mary Elizabeth Croghen, of Pitsburgh, Pensylvania.  Educ. at R. M.
College, Marlow; served in the 95th regiment in Peninsula, and severely
wounded, as lieutenant, at Waterloo.  App. vice consol at Guatemala,
1825; consul at Puerto Cabello 1828; arbitrator at Havana to British and
Spanish Court of Justice for abolition of Slave Trade, 1835; and
commissioner of arbitration to Mixed British and Netherlands Court of
Commission at Surinam, for the same purpose, 1841; granted superannuation
allowance on abolition of latter office in 1849; M.P. for Dartmouth, May
to July 1859; director of United Kingdom Telegraph Company (_Arthur’s and
Boodle’s Clubs_).

15.  RAY, Edmund Barker, Esq.

(_Conservative Club_).

16.  EATON, Henry William, Esq.

Silk broker (33, _Old Broad-street_, E.C.)

18.  HIBBERT, William Tetlow, Esq.

Director of Colonial Bank, and of the Royal Exchange Assur. Corporation
(_Union Club_; _Hare Hill_, _Alderley_, _Cheshire_).

19.  TRAFFORD SOUTHWELL, Miss (Margaret Elizabeth),

Eld. dau. of late Sigismund Trafford, Esq., of Norwich, and of Wroxham
Hall, co. Norfolk, by Margaret, eld. dau., and co-heir of James Crowe,
Esq., of Norwich.  Assumed additional surname of Southwell in 1849, in
compliance with the testamentary injunction of her aunt, Mrs. Jane Baker,
of Portland-place, and of Orsett Hall, Essex.

20.  ALDRIDGE, John, Esq.

M.A. Christ Church, Oxford, 1826; c. to the bar, Middle Temple, 1830.
Western Circuit (_Oxford and Cambridge Club_; _Inner Temple Hall
Staircase_; _Inholmes_, _Hungerford_).

21.  CRESSWELL, The Rt. Hon. Sir Cresswell,

4th son of Francis Easterby, Esq., of Blackheath, who assumed the name of
Cresswell, instead of his patronymic, having married Frances Dorothea,
co-heir of John Cresswell, Esq., of Cresswell, co. Northumberland.  B.
1794; B.A. Emmanuel Coll. Cambridge, 1814; M.A. 1818; c. to the bar,
Middle Temple, 1819; King’s Council 1834; M.P. (Conservative) for
Liverpool, 1837–42; led northern circuit for many years; app. a judge of
Court of Common Pleas, and knighted, 1842; privy councillor, and first
Judge of New Court of Probate and Divorce, 1858 (_Athenæum and United
University Clubs_; _Doctors’-commons_).

23.  BARING, Hon. Louisa,
BARING, Hon. Lydia Emily,

3rd and 4th daus. of first Lord Ashburton, for some time president of
Board of Trade, and Master of the Mint, by Annie Louisa, eld. dau. of the
Hon. William Bingham, senator of United States.  Sisters of present Lord
Ashburton, and of Dowager Marchioness of Bath (_West Hill_, _near
Tichfield_, _Hants_).

24.  HUBBARD, John Gellibrand, Esq., M.P., F.R.G.S.

Eld. s. of late John Hubbard, Esq. of Stratford Grove, Essex, by
Marianna, dau. of John Morgan, Esq.; b. 1805; m. 1837, Hon. Maria
Margaret Napier, sister of the present Lord Napier, H.M. minister at the
Hague.  Head of the eminent firm of John Hubbard and Co. Russia
merchants, of Birchin-lane; a director (formerly governor) of Bank of
England; director of Guardian Assurance Company; M.P. (conservative) for
Buckingham, since 1859; chairman of “Public Works,” and “Exchequer Loan”
committees; J.P. for Buckinghamshire; dep.-lieut. for London.  Author of
numerous able pamphlets on finance and commerce (_Athenæum Club_; 19,
_Birchin-lane_, E.C.; _Addington Manor_, _Winslow_, _Bucks_).

25.  GURNEY, Samuel, Esq., M.P., F.R.G.S.

2nd s. of late Samuel Gurney, Esq. of Upton, Essex, by Elisabeth, dau. of
James Sheppard, Esq.; b. 1816; first cousin of John Henry Gurney, Esq.,
M.P. for Lynn Regis; m. 1837, Ellen, dau. of Wm. Reynolds, Esq. of
Carshalton, Surrey.  Partner in firm of Overend, Gurney, and Co., bankers
and money-dealers.  M.P. (liberal) for Penryn and Falmouth since 1857.
J.P. for Surrey; director of Atlantic, Mediterranean Extension, and
Submarine Telegraph Companies (_Reform_ and _City Clubs_;
_Lombard-street_; _Carshalton_, _Surrey_).

27.  HOGHTON, Sir Henry Bold, Bart.

S. of late Sir Henry Philip Hoghton, Bart., by Susannah, only dau. and
heir of Peter Brooke, Esq., of Astley Hall, and widow of T. T. Parker,
Esq.  B. 1799.  Suc. his father as 8th bart. 1835; m. 1st, 1820,
Dorothea, dau. and heiress of late Peter Patten Bold, Esq., of Bold,
Lancashire; 2ndly, 1847, Harriet Sarah, dau. of J. Smith, Esq. of
Norwich.  J.P. and dep.-lieut. for Lancashire; high sheriff, 1829.
Formerly lieut.-col. of Lancashire Militia; which post he resigned in
1842 (_Carlton and Conservative Clubs_; _Hoghton Tower_, _near
Blackburn_, _Lancashire_).

28.  GROSVENOR, Earl, (Grosvenor), M.P.

Eld. s. of present Marquis of Westminster, K.G., by youngest dau. of 1st
Duke of Sutherland, K.G.  B. 1825, at Eaton Hall, Chester; m. 1852, his
cousin, Lady Constance Gertrude, 5th dau. of 2nd and sister of present
Duke of Sutherland, and has three sons and two daus.; Capt. Cheshire
Yeomanry Cavalry, 1847; Lieut.-Col. Queen’s Westminster Rifles, 1860;
lieut.-col.-commandant of same corps, 1801.  M.P. (liberal) for Chester
since 1847.  J.P. for Cheshire and Chester (_Brooke’s_, _White’s_, _and
Travellers’ Clubs_; _Calveley Hall_, _Cheshire_).

29.  BLACKBURN, Joshua, Esq.

(_Reform Club_; _Brockwell_, _Dulwich_, _Surrey_).

30.  DUCIE, 3rd Earl of, (Moreton) F.R.S. F.R.G.S.,

Eld. s. of 2nd Earl, by Elizabeth, eld. dau. of 2nd Lord Sherborne.  B.
1827; m. 1849, Julia, dau. of James Haughton Langston, Esq., M.P., of
Sarsden House, co. Oxford; M.P. (liberal) for Stroud, 1852–3; then called
to Upper House by death of his father.  Dep.-lieut. of Gloucestershire,
1851; Lord-lieut. and custos-robulorum of same county, 1857; capt. of the
Yeomen of the Guard, 1859; (_Brooke’s and Travellers’ Clubs_,
_Totworth-court_, _Wootton-under-edge_, _and Spring Park_, _county

31.  BEVAN, Robert Cooper Lee, Esq.

Eld. s. of late Daniel Bevan, Esq. of Belmont, Herts, and Fosbury House,
Berks, by Favell Bourke, dau. of Robert Cooper Lee, Esq. of
Bedford-square.  B. at Walthamstow, Essex, 1809; m. 1st, 1836, Lady
Agneta Elizabeth Yorke, sister of present Earl of Hardwicke; and 2ndly,
1849, Emma Frances, eld. dau. of Right Rev. Dr. Shuttleworth, late Bishop
of Chichester.  Has six children by 1st, and three by 2nd marriage.
Educ. at Harrow, and Trinity College, Oxford.  Banker, of firm of
Barclay, Bevan, Tritton, and Co. (_Union and National Clubs_; 54,
_Lombard-street_, E.C.; _Trent Park_, _East Barnet_; _Fosbury House_,
_Hungerford_, _Berkshire_).

33.  SOMERS, 3rd Earl of, (Somers-Cocks) F.R.G.S.

Eld, s. of 2nd Earl (who died 1852), by youngest dau. of 3d Earl of
Hardwicke, K.G.  B. 1819; m. 1850, Virginia, dau. of late James Pattle,
Esq. Bengal Civil Service.  B.A. Christ Church, Oxford, 1840; M.P.
(Conservative) for Reigate, 1841–7; Lord in Waiting to the Queen, 1853–7;
J.P. and dep.-lieut. for Herefordshire and Surrey; Capt. 3rd
Herefordshire Volunteers, 1860 (_Carlton and Travellers’ Clubs_; _Eastnor
Castle_, _Ledbury_, _Herefordshire_; _Priory_, _Reigate_).

34.  RAWDON, John Dawson, Lieut.-General,

S. of late John Rawson, Esq.  B. 1804; m. 1828, Anne Elizabeth Emily,
dau. of John Whaley, Esq., of Whaley Abbey, co. Wicklow, widow of the
2nd, and mother of the present Lord Cremorne.  Educ. at Eton; entered the
army, 1822; lieut. 1823; capt. 1826; lieut. col. 1833; col. 1846;
major-general, 1854; lieut.-gen. 1861.  Served in Coldstream Guards.
M.P. (liberal) for Armagh city, 1840–52.  J.P. Devonshire and Monaghan
(_Athenæum Club_; _Lynmouth_, _North Devon_; _Dartrey_, _Rockcorry_, co.

35.  COSBY, Mrs. Sydney,

Elder dau. and co-heir of Robert Ashworth, Esq.; m. in 1834, Sydney, 3rd
son of Thomas Cosby, Esq., of Stradbally Hall, Governor of Queen’s co. in
Ireland.  Left a widow, with one son and two daus. 1840.

36.  RAM, Stephen, Esq.

Eld. s. of late Abel Ram, Esq. (who died in 1832), by Eleanor Sarah, dau.
of Jerome Knapp, Esq.  B. 1818; m. 1839, Mary Christian, dau. of James A.
Casamayor, Esq.  Educ. at Eton and Christ Church, Oxford.  J.P. and
dep.-lieut. co. Wexford (high sheriff 1840); Fellow of Archæological
Society.  Has a son, Stephen James, an ensign and lieut. Scots Fusilier
Guards (_Carlton Club_; _Ramsfort_, _Gorey_, _co. Wexford_; _Portswood
Lodge_, _Southampton_).

37.  WARDLAW, John, Esq.

S. of late Lieut.-Gen. Wardlaw, col. of H.M. 55 foot, by Anne, youngest
dau. of 1st Viscount Lake, G.C.B.  B. 1826; m. 1854, Lady Horatia
Elizabeth, 2nd dau. of 6th Earl Waldegrave, and relict of Captain John
Joseph Webbe Weston.  Educ. at Winchester, and R.M. Academy.  Entered
Indian Army, 1845; served at battle of Moodkee and Ferozeshah, and was
severely wounded.  Retired 1851.  J.P. and dep.-lieut. for Essex, and one
of H.M. Body Guard of Scottish Archers.  Was Exon. of Royal Body Guard of
Yeomen of the Guard, 1852–5, and Captain King’s Own Light Infantry
Militia (_Carlton and Junior United Service Clubs_).

38.  BOYLE, Alexander, Capt. R.N.

2nd s. of late Right Hon. David Boyle, of Shewalton, co. Ayr, for many
years Lord Justice Clerk, and Lord President of the Court of Session in
Scotland, by Elizabeth Montgomery, niece of 12th Earl of Eglinton.  B.
1810; m. 1844, Agnes, dau. of James Walker, Esq. of Great George-street,
Westminster, the eminent engineer.  Entered R.N. College in 1823; prom.
to lieutenant, 1830; commander, 1842; and Captain, 1857.  Commanded
“Thunderbolt” at Cape of Good Hope, 1845–7.  Director of the Furness
Railway (_United Service Club_).

39.  BATH, Marchioness Dowager of,

2nd dau. of 1st Lord Ashburton, for some time President of Board of
Trade, and Master of the Mint (See No. 23, Prince’s Gate).  Sister of
present peer; m. in 1830, 3rd Marquis of Bath, who died 1837.  Mother of
present Marquis (_Muntham Court_, _Worthing_, _Sussex_).

40.  BOWDEN, Henry, Esq.

(_Athenæum Club_).

41.  SAUMAREZ, Hon. John St. Vincent, Colonel,

2nd surviving s. of Admiral Lord de Saumarez, G.C.B.; brother and heir
presumptive of present peer; b. 1806, at Guernsey; m. 1st., Caroline
Esther, eld. dau. of W. Rhodes, Esq. of Kirskill and Bramhope, in
Yorkshire; and 2ndly, 1850, Margaret Antoinette, 4th dau. of the late W.
R. H. Northey, Esq., of Oving House, Bucks.  Has, with other issue, one
dau., m. to Lord Boston, and another dau., m. to only s. of Lord Boston,
by a former marriage.  Served with 16th Dragoons; attained rank of
Colonel, 1854; retired 1855 (_United Service Club_, _Junior United
Service Club_).

42.  PICKERING, Arthur Proctor, Esq.

Solicitor of firm of Tompson, Pickering, and Styan (4, _Stone Buildings_,
_Lincoln’s Inn_, W.C.)

PICKERING, William Percival, Esq.

Stock and share broker, of firm of Surgey and Pickering (12, _Old
Broad-street_, E.C.)

43.  CAMPBELL, Alexander H., Esq.

A Director of Mercantile Fire Insurance Company.

44.  HAY, Robert, Esq.

Eld. surviving s. of present Sir Adam Hay, Bart., of Haystown, co.
Peebles, by Henrietta Callender, eldest dau. of late W. Grant, Esq., of
Congalton, co. Haddington.  B. in Edinburgh, 1825; m. Miss Duncan, and
has 3 sons.  Capt. of Peebleshire Volunteers (_Carlton Club_; _Hay
Lodge_, _Peebles_).

45.  DAVIES, Rev. William Trevelyan Kevill,

J.P. and Dep. Lieut. co. Hereford (_Croft Castle_, _Leominster_).

46.  GORDON, Mrs. (Harriet Madden)

3rd dau. of the late General Sir W. Hutchinson, K.C.H., Governor of
Carrickfergus Castle, and Col. of the 75th regiment; m. Thomas, 2nd
surviving s. of the late Lieut. Gen. Gordon, of Pitburg Dyce,
Aberdeenshire.  Has one child (Alice Isabel Lucas).


1.  LANCASTER, Benjamin, Esq.

A magistrate for the co. of Berks (_Sunning Hill_, _Chertsey_).

2.  BOOTH, James, Esq.

A member of Lincoln’s-inn; c. to the bar, 1824.  Secretary to the Board
of Trade (_Athenæum Club_, _and Whitehall_, S.W.)

3.  BYLES, The Hon. Sir John Barnard,

Eld. s. of the late John Byles, Esq., of Stowmarket, Suffolk, by Mary,
only dau. of W. Barnard, Esq., of Holts, Essex.  B. at Stowmarket, 1801;
m. 1st, 1828, the 2nd dau. of J. Foster, Esq., of Biggleswade, Bedford
(she died 1829); 2nd, 1836, Emma, 2nd dau. of J. Wedd, Esq., of Royston,
Herts; has issue by second marriage, two sons (Walter Barnard, b. 1840,
and Maurice Barnard, b. 1841).  C. to the bar (Inner Temple), 1831;
attended the Norfolk Circuit.  Recorder of Buckingham, 1840;
sergeant-at-law, 1843; patent of precedence, 1846; Queen’s sergeant,
1857; a judge of Her Majesty’s Court of Common Pleas (knighted), 1858;
has written on Bills of Exchange &c. (_Union Club_, _Harefield_, _near

4.  GIFFARD, George Markham, Esq.

A member of the Inner Temple; c. to the bar, 1840; Queen’s counsel, 1858
(2, _Stone-buildings_, _Lincoln’s-inn_, W.C.)

5.  HAWARDEN, 4th Viscount (Maude),

Irish Peer.  B. 1817; m. 1845, dau. of the late Admiral the Hon. Charles
Fleeming.  Suc. his father, 1856.  Has issue, 1 son and 6 daus.  Captain
2nd Life Guards, 1849; retired 1853.  Lieut.-Col. of the North Tipperary
Militia (_Carlton Club_, _Dundrum_, _Tipperary_).

6.  FITZROY, The Right Hon. Lord Charles,

Brother of the present duke of Grafton.  B. 1791; m. 1825, dau. of the
1st Earl of Burlington.  Formerly in the army; served at Corunna, the
Walcheren Expedition, Badajoz, Vittoria, Pyrenees, Nivelle, Nive, Orthes,
Toulouse, Waterloo; has war medal, with 8 clasps.  Retired from the army
with rank of Lieut.-Col. 1819.  M.P. (liberal) for Thetford, 1818–31,
Bury St. Edmunds, 1832–47; a privy councillor, 1835; vice-chamberlain to
the Household, 1835–39 (_United Service Club_).

7.  ARTHUR, Lieut.-Col. Sir Frederick Leopold,

2nd Bart.  S. of Lieut.-Gen. the Right Hon. Sir George Arthur, 1st Bart.
B. in the West Indies, Dec. 1816.  Suc. his father, 1854; m. 1856, Lady
Elizabeth, d. of 10th Earl of Kinnoul.  Ent. the army, 1833; promoted to
present rank, 1857.  Served formerly with the 4th Foot, and as military
secretary to his father, when Governor of Bombay, 1842–6.  Has been on
half-pay since 1850 (_Carlton and United Service Clubs_).

9.  PONSONBY, Hon. Ashley George John, M.P.

Brother of the present Lord de Mauley, and grandson maternally of the 5th
Earl of Shaftesbury.  B. in St. James’s Square, 1831; m. 1857, 2nd dau.
of Lord Henry Gordon; has one s., b. 1859.  Educated at Eton and Trinity
College, Cambridge; joined the Grenadier Guards, 1850; lieut. and capt.
1854; served in the Crimea; M.P. for Cirencester 1852–57; re-elected
1859.  A liberal; a magistrate and dep.-lieut. for Gloucestershire
(_Brooke’s_, _Travellers’_, _and Army and Navy Clubs_; _Hatherod Castle_,
_Fairford_, _Gloucestersh._)

10.  BLACKBURN, Hon. Sir Colin,

2nd s. of John Blackburn, Esq. of Killearn, Stirlingshire.  B. 1813; an
M.A. of Cambridge.  C. to the bar (Inner Temple) 1838; northern circuit.
A judge of the Court of Queen’s Bench, 1859, when knighted (_Doonholm_,
_Ayr_, N.B.)

10.  BLACKBURN, Peter, Esq., M.P.

Eldest s. of J. Blackburn, Esq., of Killearn.  Of an old Glasgow family,
seated there since the 16th century.  B. 1811; suc. his father 1840; m.
1838, the 2nd dau. of the Scotch Solicitor General Wedderburn.  Formerly
in the army (2nd Life Guards) 1830–37; M.P. for Stirlingshire since 1855;
a conservative; a magistrate, and dep.-lieut. for Stirlingshire; a lord
of the Treasury in 1859; a director of the Caledonian and Dumbarton
Railway; chairman of the Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway (_Carlton_,
_Killearn_, _near Glasgow_).

11.  KEATING, Hon. Sir Henry Singer,

3rd s. of the late Lieut.-Gen. Sir H. S. Keating, K.C.B. col. 33rd Foot.
B. 1804; m. 1843, 3rd dau. of the late Maj. Gen. Evans, R.A.  C. to the
bar (Inner Templ) 1832; Oxford Circuit; Queen’s Counsel, 1849, when
elected a Bencher of his Inn; M.P. for Reading, 1852–59; solicitor
general, 1857–58 (when knighted) and again 1859; judge of the Court of
Common Pleas since 1859; an L.L.D. (_Brooke’s and Athenæum Clubs_).

12.  ERLE, Right Hon. Sir William,

3rd s. of the late Rev. Christopher Erle, of Gillingham, Dorset.  B.
1793; m. 1834, eldest dau. of the Rev. David Williams, D.C.L.  Educated
at Winchester, and New College, Oxford; c. to the bar (Middle Temple)
1819; western circuit; Queen’s Counsel, 1834; M.P. for Oxford city,
1837–41; puisne judge Common Pleas, 1845 (when knighted); Queen’s Bench
1846; Lord Chief Justice Common Pleas, and a privy councillor, since 1859
(_Bramshott Grange_, _Liphook_, _Hants_).

13.  BETHUNE, Dowager Lady Lindesay,

Dau. of John Trotter, Esq., of Dyrham Park, co. Herts; m. 1822, Major
Gen. Sir Henry Lindesay Bethune, Bt. (who died 1851) of Kilconquhar, co.
Fife, a gen. in the service of the Schah of Persia.  Her ladyship is
mother of the present bart.

15.  MANNING, Charles John, Esq.

A merchant of the firm of Manning and Anderdon.  A member of the
Commission of the Lieutenancy for London; a director of the Royal
Exchange Insurance Company (3, _Bank-buildings_, E.C.)

16.  CHAMBERS, John David, Esq.

M. 1834, the dau. of the 2nd Baron Wodehouse.  A member of the Inner
Temple; c. to the bar, 1831; an equity draftsman and conveyancer;
recorder of Salisbury (6, _Old-square_, _Lincoln’s Inn_, W.C.)

17.  CHILDERS, Hugh Culling Eardley, Esq.

Only s. of the Rev. Eardley Childers, by Maria, dau. of Sir Culling
Smith, Bart.  B. in London 1827; m. Emily dau. of George J. A. Walker,
Esq. of Norton.  Educ. at Trinity College, Cambridge.  Formerly a member
of the Government of Victoria, 1851–57.  M.P. for Pontefract, since 1860.
A liberal.  A Justice of the Peace for the West Riding of Yorkshire; an
F.R.G.S.  A director of the London and North Western, and the Gellevara
(Swedish) Railways; chairman of the Wivenhoe and Brightling-sea Railway
(_Brooke’s Club_).

18.  SHAFTO, Robert Duncombe, Esq.

Eld. s. of Robert E. D. Shafto, Esq., many years M.P. for Durham City.
B. 1806; m. 1838, the niece of Lord Ashburton.  M.P. for North Durham,
since 1847.  A liberal.  A J.P. for Durham and Wilts.  A dep. lieut. for
Durham.  A Director of the Salisbury and Dorset Railway (_Brooke’s Club_;
_Hampworth Lodge_, _Downton_, _Wilts_; _Whitworth Park_, _Bishops

18.  DYNEVOR, 4th Baron (Rice-Trevor),

B. 1795; m. 1824, dau. of General Lord Charles Fitzroy; has 4 daus., two
married.  Suc. his father in 1852.  M.P. for Carmarthenshire, 1830–31,
and 1832–52.  A D.C.L. of Oxford, 1834.  Colonel of the Carmarthen
Militia since 1831, and Militia Aide de Camp to the Queen, since 1852.
Patron of 6 livings (_Dynevor Castle_, _Llandillo_; _Barrington-park_,

20.  COOPER, Sir Daniel, Knt.

S. of Thomas Cooper, Esq., of Sydney, and formerly of Bolton, Lancashire.
Born 1821; m. 1846, Elizabeth, daughter of William Hill, Esq.  Elected to
the Legislative Council of New South Wales, 1849; chosen 1st speaker of
the legislative assembly, 1856.  Is a member of the Senate of the Sydney
University, and president of the Bank of New South Wales; knighted by
patent, 1857.

21.  BLANE, David Anderson, Esq.

A magistrate and dep.-lieut. for Berkshire.

21.  BLANE, Commander, George, R.N.

B. 1813, at Winkfield Park, near Windsor.  Ent. the navy in 1829;
obtained his present rank, 1846; present at the bombardment of St. Jean
d’Acre; has received the Syrian medal.

22.  POTTER, Edmund, Esq. M.P.

Eld. s. of the late James Potter, Jun., Esq., manufacturer, of
Manchester.  B. 1802; m. 1829, dau. of A. Crompton, Esq., of Lune Villa,
Lancaster; M.P. for Carlisle since 1861 (a liberal); a J.P. and
dep.-lieut. for Derbyshire; an F.R.S.; an extensive calico printer and
manufacturer at Glossop and Manchester (_Reform Club_; _Dinting Vale_,
_Glossop_, _Derbyshire_).

22.  POTTER, Rupert, Esq.

A member of Lincoln’s Inn; c. to the bar, 1857; an equity draftsman and
conveyancer.  Lancaster Chancery Court (8, _New-square_, _Lincoln’s Inn_,
W.C.; _Dinting-lodge_, _Derbyshire_).

23.  LYSLEY, William John, Esq. M.P.

Desc. from the family of De Lysle, or De Insula, of Mirfield and
Kirkheaton, co. York.  S. of William Lysley, Esq. of Warmfield, co. York.
B. 12 Dec. 1791; m. 1828, Caroline, dau. of John Marshall, Esq., of
Ardwick House, co. Lancaster.  Has issue, William Gerard, b. 1831; Warine
Bayley Marshall, who m. in 1859, the dau. of Col. Du Vernet; Sarah Maria,
who m. in 1861, Henry Gillett, Esq.; and Caroline Gertrude.  C. to the
bar (Inner Temple) 1826; went the northern circuit, but has ceased to
practise.  A magistrate and dep.-lieut. for Herts; high sheriff in 1851;
M.P. for Chippenham since 1859 (a liberal); an F.A.S. (_Athenæum Club_;
_Mimwood_, _Herts_; _Pewsham_, _Chippenham_).


1.  HARDINGE, the Dowager Viscountess,

Aunt of the present, and dau. of the 1st Marquis of Londonderry; m. 1821,
the late Viscount Hardinge, Commander-in-chief of the Forces.

2.  GREENALL, Gilbert, Esq.  M.P.

S. of Edward Greenall, Esq., and brother of the late Peter Greenall,
Esq., who was M.P. for Wigan, 1841–5; b. 1806; m. 1836, Mary, dau. of
David Cloughton, Esq. (she died 1861).  J.P. for Cheshire, and J.P. and
dep.-lieut. for Lancashire; chairman of the St. Helen’s railway; M.P. for
Warrington, since 1847; a conservative (_Carlton and National Clubs_;
_Walton Hall_, _Warrington_).

3.  MONCRIEFFE, Sir Thomas,

7th Bart.  B. 1822.  Suc. his father, 1830; m. 1843, Lady Louisa Hay,
eld. dau. of the Earl of Kinnoull; has issue 2 sons and 8 daus.; formerly
in the Grenadier Guards.  App. Lieut.-col.  Perthshire Militia, 1846;
Col. 1855 (_Moncrieffe House_, _Bridge of Earne_, _Perthshire_).

4.  ELLIOT, Admiral, the Hon. George, C.B.

Uncle of the Earl of Minto.  B. 1784; m. 1810, Eliza Cecilia, youngest
dau. of James Ness, Esq., of Osgodvie, co. York.  Has had issue 5 sons
and 5 daus.; ent. the Navy, 1794; promoted to his present rank, 1853;
general of the Mint in Scotland; naval aide-decamp to William IV., 1830;
created a C.B., 1831; first Secretary to Admiralty, 1830–34; a lord of
the Admiralty, 1835–37; has received a medal and clasps for his services
at the battles of St. Vincent, the Nile, Copenhagen, and Java; has been
Commander-in-chief at the Cape of Good Hope, on the West coast of Africa,
in China, and at the Nore; has introduced many useful inventions into
naval gunnery, as well as into the navy generally (_United Service

5.  GOULBURN, Frederick, Esq.

3rd s. of the late Right Hon. Henry Goulburn.  M. 1859, the Hon. Jemima
Townshend, dau. of Baron Sondes.  A commissioner and deputy chairman of
Customs (_Thames St._, E.C.)

6.  RAPER, Mrs. (Emily Frederica)

Dau. of the late Rev. Frederick Ekins, Rector of Morpeth, Northumberland;
and widow of the late Lieut. Henry Raper, R.N., s. of the late Admiral
Raper, and a Fellow of the Astronomical and Geographical Societies.

6.  LORAINE, Miss (Janetta)

Daughter of the late Sir John Lambton Loraine, Bart. and Caroline his
wife, sister of Mrs. Raper.

7.  MORANT, John, Esq.

Eld. s. of John Mo rant, Esq., of Brokenhurst Park.  B. 1825; m., 1855,
the Lady Henrietta Louisa, sister of the Duke of Beaufort.  Educated at
Christ Ch. Oxford.

9.  YOUNG, Sir Charles George, Knt.

M. 1854, dau. of Rev. S. L. Cooper, of Gt. Yarmouth, and relict of
Frederick Tyrrell, Esq.  Ent. the College of Arms, 1813; York-herald,
1820; Register of the College, 1822; Garter King of Arms, 1842, when
knighted (_College of Arms_, _London_, E.C.)

10.  DILLWYN, Lewis Llewelyn, Esq., M.P.

2nd s. of the late L. W. Dillwyn, Esq., who formerly represented the co.
of Glamorgan.  B. at Swansea, 1814; m. 1838, Elizabeth, only dau. and
heiress of the late Sir H. T. de la Beche, C.B.  Has 1 s. (Henry, b.
1843), and 3 daus.  M.P. for the boro’ of Swansea since 1855; a liberal;
magistrate and dep.-lieut. for Glamorganshire; Major-Commandant 3
Glamorgan Rifle Volunteers; a director of the S. Wales Railway; a Fellow
of the Linnæan, Geological, and Zoological Societies (_Athenæum Club_;
_Henderefoilan Swansea_).

11.  PRICE, Bonamy, Esq.

Late Fellow of Worcester College, Oxford.  M. 1834, Lydia, dau. of the
Rev. Joseph Rose, Vicar of Rothley.  A director of the Metropolitan
Counties Insurance Company.

12.  CAMPBELL, William George, Esq.

A member of the Middle Temple; c. to the bar, 1836.  A commissioner in
lunacy (19, _Whitehall-place_, S.W.)

13.  KENNARD, Coleridge, Esq.

A banker of the firm of Heywood, Kennards, and Co. (4, _Lombard-street_,

15.  MAULE, John Blossett, Esq.

A member of the Inner Temple; c. to the bar, 1847; goes the Northern
Circuit; and attends the West Riding and Leeds Borough Sessions (2,
_Paper-buildings_, _Temple_, E.C.)

17.  BURMESTER, John William, Esq.

A merchant of the firm of Burmester, Bros.  Director of the London and
County Bank (10, _St. Helen’s-place_, E.C.)

18.  DE LA FELD, Count John Leopold Ferdinand Casimir,

A count of the Holy Roman Empire, and claimant of the barony of
Fitzwarine.  M. 1828, Lady Cecil Jane, aunt of the Earl of Limerick.
Educ. at Winchester and Oriel Coll., Oxford; formerly attached to the
Bavarian embassy at Rome.  A knight of the order of Jerusalem.

19.  BRETT, William Baliol, Esq.

Educ. at Cambridge, where he obtained his M.A.  A member of
Lincoln’s-inn; c. to the bar, 1846; appointed a Queen’s Counsel, 1861.  A
special pleader; attends the Northern Circuit (_Athenæum Club_; 1,
_King’s Bench-walk_, _Temple_, E.C.)

20.  MERLE, William Henry, Esq.

_Athenæum Club_; _Iwood_, _Somersetshire_.

22.  WITT, George, Esq.

A Fellow of the Royal Society; a director of the Victoria Station and
Pimlico Railway (31, _Parliament-street_, S.W.)

25.  SCARLETT, Major-Gen. the Hon. Sir James York, K.C.B.

2nd s. of the 1st and uncle of present Lord Abinger.  B. 1799; m. 1835,
2nd dau. and co-heir of the late Colonel Hargreaves.  A magistrate for
Lancashire.  Ent. the army, 1818; promoted to his present rank, 1854;
app. Lieut.-Col. 3rd Drag. Guards, 1840; to the chief command of the
Cavalry division in the Crimea, 1855; app. to the Cavalry Brigade at
Aldershott, 1856; to the South Western District, 1857; to the Colonelcy
of the 5th Dragoon Guards, 1860.  Is Adjutant-General to the Forces; was
M.P. for Guildford, 1837–41.  Served at the Alma, Balaklava, Inkerman,
and throughout the siege of Sebastapol.  Rewarded for his valour and
skill with the Crimean medal and clasps, K.C.B., Commander of the Legion
of Honour, the Sardinian and Turkish medals, and the 2nd class of the
Medjidie (_Carlton_, _University_, _and United Service Clubs_;
_Bank-hall_, _Burnley_, _Lancashire_).


1.  CLIFFORD, Col. Henry Morgan, M.P.

The representative of the ancient family of Morgan, of Tredegar, settled
for centuries at Hurst, co. Gloucester, which assumed the surname of
Clifford in 1760.  B. 1806; m. 1834, Catherine Harriet, great granddau.
of Lord Chancellor Hardwicke, by whom he has issue a son (b. 1836) and a
dau.  Educated at Eton and Christ Church, Oxford; M.P. for Herefordshire
since 1847; a liberal.  Formerly chairman of the Herefordshire Quarter
Sessions.  A magistrate and dep.-lieut. of Hertfordshire, and
Monmouthshire; hon. colonel of the Monmouthsh. Militia; a commissioner in
Lunacy (_Brooke’s_, _and Oxford and Cambridge Clubs_; _Llantellio_,
_Monmouthshire_; _Perristone_, _Hereford_).

2.  WHITE, James, Esq., M.P.

2nd s. of the late William White, Esq., of Tulse Hill, Surrey.  B. 1809;
m. 1833, Mary, eld. dau. of A. A. Lind, Esq., of Jamaica; M.P. for
Plymouth, 1857–59, and for Brighton, since 1860; a liberal.  Formerly an
alderman of the City of London, where he has traded for many years as a
China Merchant (_Reform Club_; 14, _Chichester-ter._, _Brighton_).

3.  THWAITES, Daniel, Esq.

A magistrate for Lancashire (_Enam_, _Blackburn_, _Lancashire_).

5.  STUART, Sir John, Kt.

2nd s. of Dugald Stuart, Esq., of Balachelish, Appin, Argyleshire, a
branch of the Stuarts, of Appin, descended from the last Stuart, Lord
Lorn, who have held their lands in Appin since the year 1469.  B. at Fort
Augustus, Inverness-shire, 24th Jan., 1793; m. 1813, Jessie, dau. of
Duncan Stewart, Esq., of Fort William, by whom he has two sons, Dugald
and John, and one surviving dau.  A member of Lincoln’s Inn; c. to the
bar, 1819; app. Queen’s Counsel, 1839, and a Bencher of his Inn; M.P. for
Newark, 1846 and 1847, and Bury St. Edmunds, 1852; app. a vice-chancellor
of England, 1852; knighted, 1853.  A Fellow of the Royal Geographical
Society.  The family of Stuart have been uniformly distinguished for
their loyalty and services to the Crown, from the contest at Flodden, to
the present time (_Athenæum and Carlton Clubs_; _Lock Carron_,

5.  STUART, Dugald, Esq.

Eld. s. of the vice-chancellor.  B. 1817.  Member of Lincoln’s Inn; c. to
the bar, 1845.  Secretary to his father (_Athenæum Club_).

5.  STUART, John, Esq.

Younger s. of the vice-chancellor.  A member of Lincoln’s Inn; c. to the
bar, 1847 (21, _Old-square_, _Lincoln’s Inn_, W.C.).

7.  BONNOR, George, Esq.

A solicitor (_Marlboro’ Chambers_, 49, _Pall Mall_, S.W.)

8.  TROUBRIDGE, Colonel Sir Thomas, 3rd Bart.

Grands. of Admiral Troubridge, who so gallantly acquitted himself at the
battle of the Nile: and grand nephew of the 8th Earl Dundonald; b. 1806;
suc. his father Rear Admiral Sir Thomas, 1852; m. 1852, Louisa Jane
Gurney, granddau. of the 15th Earl of Erroll; has issue, (a son, b. 1860)
and 3 daus.; entered the army 1834; Lieut. Col. 7th foot 1855; severely
wounded at Inkerman (both legs amputated); app. aide-de-camp to the Queen
1855; a Knight of the Legion of Honour 1857; Deputy Adjutant General for
army clothing (_Horse Guards_, S.W.)

9.  PEDDER, Major Henry Newsham,

3rd s. of the late James Pedder, Esq. of Ashton Park, Preston,
dep.-lieut., and J.P.  B. 13 Sep. 1823; m. 1862, Stephanie Henrietta,
dau. of the late John H. Tarleton, Esq. and relict of Henry Steele, Esq.
A magistrate for the co. of Lancaster and the borough of Preston; late
captain 3rd Royal Lancashire militia; major 11th Lancashire Rifle
Volunteers.  A Freemason.  The family of Pedder have been resident in
Preston from a remote date (_Junior United Service Club_).

10.  CUNLIFFE, Roger, Esq.

A banker of the firm of Roger Cunliffe, Son, & Co. (24, _Bucklersbury_,
E.C.; _Fetcham Lodge_, _Leatherhead_, _Surrey_).

12.  DUNDONALD, 11th Earl (Cochrane)

A Scotch peer, the eld. s. of the hero of Basque Roads.  B. 1814; m.
1847, Louisa Harriet, dau. of W. A. Mackinnon, Esq. of Newtown Park,
Hants; suc. his father 1860; has issue, two sons and four daus.; entered
the army 1833; served with the 18th foot in the expedition to China,
1840; obtained his captaincy 1841; removed to 2nd foot; retired
(_Dundonald Castle_, _Ayrshire_).

13.  SHAW-STEWART, John Archibald, Esq.

2nd s. of the 7th, and brother of the present Bart., Sir Michael Robert
Shaw-Stewart, of Greenock and Blackall, co. Renfrew; b. (Cavendish Sq.)
15th Sept, 1829; m. 1857, Angela, only dau. of Boyd Alexander, Esq. of
Ballock Myle and South Barr, N.B.; has issue, Helenor, Archibald, and
Constance.  Formerly in the Grenadier Guards; a J.P. for Stirlingshire;
Director of the Highland and Agricultural Society.  The family of Stewart
descends in a direct line from Robert III. of Scotland (_Carlton and
Guards Clubs_).

15.  GARLAND, Edgar Walter, Esq.

Representative of a family which has for a long succession of years held
possessions in Essex, Sussex, Surrey, and Lincolnshire.  Eld. s. of the
late N. Garland, Esq. by the sister and heiress of Arthur Cope, Esq. of
Drummilly, co. Armagh.  B. 26 Dec. 1814; m. 1844, Amelia, 2nd dau. of R.
Robertson, Esq. of Auchlecks, co. Perth, and Membland, co. Devon
(_Michaelstowe Hall_, _Essex_; _Woodcote Grove_, _Surrey_).

18.  SCHUSTER, Samuel Leo, Esq.

M. 1858, the Lady Isabella Emma Elizabeth, dau. of the present Earl of
Orkney; a merchant of the firm of Schuster, Son, and Co.; a magistrate
for Surrey; a Director of the Union Bank, of the Royal Exchange Insurance
Company, and of the West London Extension Railway; chairman of the London
and Brighton Railway; deputy chairman of the Victoria and Pimlico Railway
(18, _Cannon-street_, E.C.; _Roehampton_).

23.  FAIRBAIRN, Thomas, Esq.

S. of Wm. Fairbairn, Esq. F.R.S.  B. 1823; m. 1848, Allison, dau. of
Thomas Callaway, Esq. of Chiselhurst, Kent.  Has issue, a s. (b. 1852).
A magistrate for the co. of Lancaster; chairman to the Manchester
Exhibition of 1857 (_Reform Club_; _Northwood_, _Manchester_).


1.  CHARRINGTON, Edward, Esq.,

A Director of the Economic Insurance Company.

2.  WHITEHEAD, Samuel, Esq.  M.P.

S. of Samuel Chas. Whitbread, Esq., of Cardington, Bedfordsh., and
grandson of the great Whitbread.  B. 1830; m. 1855, 3rd dau. of the Earl
of Chichester.  Educated at Rugby, and Trinity College, Cambridge.  M.P.
for Bedford since 1852 (a liberal); a magistrate and dep.-lieut. for
Bedford; a Lord of the Admiralty (_Brooke’s Club_; _Admiralty_,
_Whitehall_, S.W.; _Cardington_, _near Bedford_).

5.  THRING, Henry, Esq.

A member of the Inner Temple; c. to the bar, 1845; an equity draftsman
and conveyancer; parliamentary counsel to the Home Office (22,
_Duke-street_, _Westminster_, S.W.)

6.  KINGSFORD, Henry, Esq.

A magistrate for Kent; director of the Kent Insurance Company
(_Littlebourne_, _Canterbury_).

8.  MUNSTER, 2nd (FitzClarence),

B. 1824; suc. his father, 1842; m. 1855, dau. of the late Hon. John
Kennedy Erskine; has issue, three sons.  Educ. at Harrow.  Formerly capt.
1st Life Guards.  A magistrate and dep.-lieut. for Middlesex (_Upper
Lodge_, _Bushy Park_).

10.  OUTRAM, Lieut.-Gen. Sir James,

Eld. s. of the late B. Outram, Esq., of Butterly Hall, co. Derby.  B.
1803; m. 1835, his cousin, Margaret, dau. of James Anderson, Esq. of
Bridgend, Brechin, Forfar; has issue, a s., Francis, now in the Bengal
Civil Service.  Gen. Outram was educ. at Aberdeen; proceeded to India, as
a cadet, in 1819; was sometime lieut. and adjutant 23rd Bombay Native
Infantry; was sometime in command of the Bheel Corps; afterwards became
political agent in Guzerat; British Resident at Hyderabad, Sattara, and
Baroda; and suc. the late Sir William Sleeman, as commis. at Lucknow;
promoted to be lieut.-col. 1843; sent to Persia with diplomatic powers,
as commis. with the forces, in 1856, at the same time enjoying local rank
of lieut.-gen.; present at the capture of Bushire; gained the victory of
Koozahb, Feb. 1857; nom. a G.C.B.  July, 1857; app. resident at
Rajpootana, and provisional member of the Council of India, Aug. 1857;
promoted to be lieut.-gen., 1858; received, 14 April, 1859, the thanks of
parliament for his eminent skill, courage, and perseverance, in subduing
the late insurrection in India (_Oriental and United Service Clubs_).

23.  TWEEDDALE, 8th Marquis of (Hay),

B. 1787; suc. his father, 1804; m. 1816, Lady Susan, dau. of the 5th and
aunt of the present Duke of Manchester; has issue, six sons and six daus.
Lord-lieut. of Haddingtonshire; hereditary chamberlain of Dumfermline.
Ent. the army, 1804; promoted to rank of general, 1854; app. colonel 30th
Foot, 1846; governor and commander-in-chief at Madras, 1842–48; served in
the Peninsula as an assist.  Q.-M.-Gen.; received the gold medal for the
battle of Vittoria, in which action was wounded; as also at the Busaco;
served in the American war, and was again wounded (_United Service Club_;
_Yester_, _Haddington_, N.B.)


1.  BELLI, William Hallows, Esq.

Formerly in the Bengal Civil Service.

2.  WOOD, George, Esq.,

(_Childown_, _Chertsey_; _Tescombe Cottage_, _Stockbridge_).

3.  PRINGLE, Colonel John Henry,

Late Scotch Fusilier Guards, and late Lieut. Col. commanding 6th Royal
Lancash. Militia; Lieut. 1825; Capt. 1830; Lieut. Colonel 1842; Colonel
1854 (_Army and Navy Club_).

4.  BUNYON, Charles John, Esq., F.R.G.S.

M.A. Corpus Christi College, Cambridge.  C. to the bar, Inner Temple,
1849.  Practised as conveyancer, at 6 King’s Bench Walk.  Agent for the
London and Norwich Union Societies.  (6, _Crescent_, _New Bridge St._,
_Blackfriars_; _Oxford and Cambridge Clubs_).

5.  M‘MASTER, James, Esq.,

(4, _Elm-court_, _Temple_).

6.  GABRIELLI, Anthony, Esq.

Architect, (13_a_, _Great George Street_, _Westminster_).

7.  LYON-BOWES, Hon. Claude,

2nd s. of late Lord Glamis; grands. of 11th and brother of present Earl
of Strathmore.  B. 1824; m. 1853, Frances Dora, dau. of Oswald Smith,
Esq. of Blendon.  Formerly Lieut. 2nd Life Guards.

10.  MILLETT, Charles, Esq.

(_Union Club_).

11.  LANGLEY, Henry, Esq.

S. of Major Langley, of Brittas Castle, co. Tipperary.  B. 1820, at
Portarlington; m. Harriet Maria, only child of James Bradshaw, Esq. M.P.
for Canterbury.  Late an officer 2nd Life Guards.  At present a captain
in the 2nd or South Middlesex Rifle Volunteers; and Fellow of Royal
Horticultural Society (_White’s and Travellers’ Clubs_).

20.  BULLER, Sir Arthur William, Kt., M.P.

2nd s. of late Charles Buller, Esq. M.P. for West Looe, and for some time
in the Bengal Civil Service, by Barbara Isabella, dau. of Gen.
Kirkpatrick.  B. at Calcutta, 1808; m. 1842, Maria, dau. of Francis
Templer, Esq. Treasurer of Ceylon.  B.A. Trinity College, Cambridge 1830;
M.A. 1834; c. to the bar, Lincoln’s Inn, 1834.  Western Circuit, Queen’s
Advocate, Ceylon. 1840–8.  Knighted 1848; from which period until 1858,
was a judge of the Supreme Court of Calcutta; M.P. (Liberal) for
Devonport, since 1859.  (_Athenæum and Reform Clubs_; _Morval_, _near
East Looe_, _Cornwall_).

21.  MILLS, Richard, Esq.,

B. 1826, at the Moat, Eltham, Kent; m. 1855, dau. of Henry Bowden, Esq.
of Coopers, Chislehurst, Kent.  Educ. at Charter House and Brasenose
College, Oxford.  M.A. 1850; Solicitor of the firm of Ward and Mills,
late Eyston, Ward, and Mills (1, _Gray’s Inn Square_, _Union Club_).

33.  MURRAY, John Nesbitt, Esq.

Eld. s. of late James Murray, Esq., of Philiphaugh, by Mary Dale, dau. of
Henry Hughes, Esq., of Worcester.  Is chief of the numerous and powerful
clan of the Murrays of the south of Scotland.  His family held landed
possessions in that country prior to the twelfth century, from which time
these have descended in unbroken succession to himself.  Among his
ancestors we find many men of great note, including the famous “outlaw
Murray,” of the time of James IV. (_see Sir Walter Scott’s_ “_Border
Minstrelsy_”).  B. 1817; m. 1840, Rosemary, only dau. and heir of William
Andrew Nesbitt, Esq., (assuming thereupon the name of Nesbitt); and has
two sons and one dau.  J.P. and dep.-lieut. for Selkirk; member of the
Royal Company of Scottish Archers and Queen’s Body Guard for Scotland.
(_Reform Club_; _Philiphaugh_, _and Hareheadwood_, _Selkirk_).

34.  LLOYD, Ernest Boteler, Esq.,

In the Legacy and Succession Duty Department of Inland Revenue Office
(_Somerset House_; _Conservative Club_).

35.  ASHBROOK, Dowager Viscountess, Emily Theophila,

Eldest dau. of Sir Thomas Metcalfe, Bart., and sister of late Lord
Metcalfe, G.C.B., Governor General of Canada.  B. 1790: m. 1812 (as
second wife), 4th Visc. Ashbrook, by whom she was mother of the late
Duchess of Marlborough.

39.  ELWES, Francis Emilius Cary, Esq.,

Youngest s. of late Robert Cary Elwes, Esq., of Great Billing, co.
Northampton, by his 2nd wife, Jane Marianne, only dau. of Rev. Richard
Sykes, of Westella, near Hull.  B. 1828.  B.A. Magdalen College,
Cambridge (_Oxford and Cambridge Club_).

40.  FIENNES, the Hon. John Fiennes Twistleton Wykeham,

Eld. s. of present (the 13th) Lord Saye and Sele, D.C.L., by Hon. Emily
Wingfield, dau. of 4th Viscount Powerscourt.  B. 1830, at
Walton-on-Thames; m. 1856, Lady Augusta Hay, youngest dau. of 9th Earl of
Kintoull, and has one s. and three daus.  J.P. Oxfordsh. and
Warwickshire; dep.-lieut. Oxfordshire; Capt. Queen’s Own Oxfordshire
Yeomanry Cavalry (_Brooke’s Club_; _Broughton Castle_, _Banbury_).

41.  MOLYNEUX, William Hargreaves, Captain R.N., F.R.H.S.

M., 1837, Martha Maria, only dau. of late Admiral Sir Andrew Mitchell,
K.B.; and has two sons (the elder a Lieut. of H.M. 23rd Foot,—the younger
a Lieutenant of H.M. ship Emerald) and one dau.  Ent. navy, 1811; Lieut.,
1820; Comm., 1841; Captain (retired), 1858; served at the siege of
Danzig; against enemy’s privateers; and at capture of French 40-gun
frigate _Cêres_ (_United Service Club_).

45.  THOMAS, Griffith, Esq.,

Member of Incorporated Law Society of United Kingdom; and of Law
Association for benefit of widows and families of professional men in
metropolis and its vicinity.  Solicitor, of firm of Marten, Thomas, and
Hollams, (31, 33, 35, and 50, _Commercial Sale Rooms_, _Mincing Lane_,
_City_, E.C.)

46.  WARD, Hon Mrs. Dudley.

Dau. of Thomas Hawkes, Esq., M.P.; m. 1843, Hon. Humble Dudley Ward,
capt. Staffordshire Yeomanry Cavalry.

47.  LITTLE, Archibald, Colonel, C.B.

Ent. army 1831; Lieut. 1832; Capt. 1837; Major 1850; Lieut.-Col. 1854;
Col. 1857.  Placed on half-pay, May 1861.  Served with 9th Lancers, in
Suttlej campaign, 1846; brigadier in command of cavalry at relief of
Lucknow, for services on which occasion he received thanks of the
Commander-in-chief and Gov. General of India in Council, and was
nominated C.B.; commanded cavalry and 3 troops of Horse Artillery, at
battle of Cawnpore, &c.; and 1st brigade of cavalry at siege of Lucknow,
until severely wounded by musket ball through left elbow (_United Service


1.  AULDJO, Thomas Rose, Esq.

A member of the Reform Club.

2.  MARSH, Matthew Henry, Esq., M.P.

S. of the late Rev. Matthew Marsh, Canon of Salisbury, and Chancellor of
the Diocese.  B. 1810; m. 1844 Eliza, dau. of Sergt. Merewether.  Educ.
at Westminster, and at Christ Church, Oxford.  Member of the Inner
Temple; c. to the bar, 1836; a dep.-lieut. and magistrate for Wilts.
Formerly member of the Legislative Council of New South Wales.  A
commissioner for the Exhibition from Queensland; M.P. for Salisbury,
since 1857; a liberal (_Athenæum_, _Oxford and Cambridge_, _and Reform
Clubs_; _Rambridge_, _Andover_).

3.  TWISLETON, Hon. Edward Turner Boyd,

Brother of Baron Saye and Sele.  B. 1809; raised to the rank of a Baron’s
son, 1848; m. 1852, Ellen, dau. of the late Hon. Edmund Dwight, of the
United States.  Educ. at Balliol College, Oxford; a Member of the Inner
Temple; c. to the bar, 1835.  Formerly chief commissioner of Poor Laws in
Ireland.  App. commissioner of the University of Oxford, 1855;
unsuccessfully contested Cambridge, 1859 (_Athenæum Club_).

4.  ROBINSON, Rev. David.
6.  WYNDHAM, Rev. William Crole,

S. of the late Earl of Egremont, and brother of the late Countess of
Munster.  B. at St. Luke’s, Chelsea.  Educated at St. John’s College,
Cambridge, where he obtained his M.A. (_University and Union Clubs_).

7.  EGERTON, Commander Charles Randle, R.N.

Youngest s. of Wilbraham Egerton, Esq., of Tatton Park, co. Chester, by
2nd dau. of Sir Christopher Sykes, Bart., of Sledmere.  Entered the navy,
1831; obtained his present rank, 1846; acquired great credit during the
China war, 1840–41; engaged in the unfortunate expedition up the River
Niger, 1841–42 (_Army and Navy Club_; _Talladh a Bheiter_, _Pittochrie_,

8.  COLVILE, Right Hon. Sir James William, Kt.

Eld. s. of late Andrew Colvile, Esq., of Ochiltree, co. Fife, by dau. of
1st Lord Auckland.  B. 1810; suc. his father, 1856; m. 1857, Frances,
dau. of John Peter Grant, Esq.  Member of the Supreme Council of
Calcutta; has issue.  Educ. at Eton and Trinity Coll., Cambridge.  A
member of the Inner Temple.  C. to the bar, 1835; advocate general at
Calcutta, 1845; puisne judge, 1848; chief justice, 1855–59.  A privy
councillor, since 1859 (_Travellers’ Club_; _Craigflower_, _near

9.  LYALL, George, Esq., M.P.

Eld. surviving s. of the late George Lyall, Esq., M.P. for London.  B.
1819; m. 1st, Eleanor, (died 1853) dau. of Rev. J. Manley—2nd, 1855,
Frances, dau. of D. Cave Esq., of Cleve-hill, co. Gloucester; has issue.
Educ. at Winchester.  A magistrate for Surrey; a commissioner of
lieutenancy for Middlesex; M.P. for Whitehaven, since 1857; a
conservative (_Union and Carlton Clubs_; _Nutwood_, _Galton_, _Reigate_;
_Headley Park_, _near Epsom_).

11.  MEYNELL, Gerard Coke, Esq.

A solicitor, of the firm of Pemberton, Meynell, and Pemberton.  A member
of the Incorporated Law Soc. (20, _Whitehall-place_, S.W.)

12.  PHIBBS, Major Richard,

A dep.-lieut. for Lancashire, and Major of the 4th Lancashire Militia.
Late 48th Foot (_Junior United Service Club_).

14.  GODSON, Augustus Frederick, Esq.

A member of the Inner Temple; c. to the bar, 1859.  Goes the Home Circuit
(3, _Dr. Johnson’s-buildings_, _Temple_, E.C.)

16.  CHURCHILL, Lord Alfred Spencer, M.P.

Brother of the Duke of Marlborough; b. 1824; m. 1857, Harriet, dau. of
Lord Calthorpe.  Formerly in the 4th Light Dragoons, and 83rd Regiment.
Lieut.-Col. of the Oxford (Q.O.) Yeomanry; M.P. for Woodstock, 1845–7,
and since 1857; a liberal conservative (_Athenæum and Travellers’

17.  ST. GEORGE, Colonel John, C.B.

Joined the Royal Artillery, 1828; promoted to his present rank, 1857;
served the Eastern campaign of 1855; commanded siege train at the fall of
Sebastopol.  Rewarded with the Crimean medal and clasps, Legion of
Honour, 4th class of the Medjidie, Turkish medal, &c, &c.

18.  WESTON, Alexander Anderdon, Esq.

Member of Lincoln’s-inn; c. to the bar, 1848.  Equity draftsman and
conveyancer (4, _New-square_, W.C.)

19.  HOWARD, Lord Edward George Fitzalan

Uncle of the Duke of Norfolk, and cousin of the Duke of Sutherland.  B.
1818; m. 1851, Augusta, only dau. and heiress of Hon. George Talbot, and
niece of the 16th Earl of Shrewsbury (she died 1862).  A privy councillor
since 1846; vice-chamberlain of the Queen’s household, 1846–52.  M.P. for
Horsham, 1848–52; and for Arundel, since 1852; a liberal; a magistrate
for Sussex; dep.-lieut. for Derby (_Brooke’s and Travellers’ Clubs_; _the
Hall_, _Glossop_).

22.  DONALDSON, Sir Stuart Alexander, Kt.

A magistrate of New South Wales, 1838–59; elected member of Council,
1848; formed the 1st ministry there responsible to Parliament, 1856; was
member and vice-president of the executive council, 1st minister, and
colonial secretary; subsequently colonial treasurer, and commissioner of
railways, 1857; knighted, 1860.

23.  KINNOULL, 10th Earl of (Drummond),

B. 1785; suc. 1804; m. 1824, Louisa, dau. of the late Admiral Sir Charles
Rowley, Bart.; has issue, 3 sons and 4 daus.  Educated at Westminster; is
Lord Lyon King-of-arms; Lord-lieut. of Perthshire; formerly Colonel Perth
Militia; a conservative (_United Service Club_; _Dupplin Castle_,
_Perth_, N.B.)

25.  HOLLAND, Henry Thurstan, Esq.

Eld. s. and heir of Sir Henry Holland, Bart., by Emma Margaret, dau. of
J. Caldwell, Esq., of Linleywood, Staffordshire.  M. 1st, Elizabeth
Margaret, dau. of N. Hibbert, Esq., of Munden, Herts (issue a dau. and 2
sons); 2nd, Magaret Jean, dau. of Sir Chas. E. Trevelyan, K.C.B., and
niece of Lord Macaulay (issue 1 s. and 1 dau.).  Educated at Trinity
College, Cambridge.  A member of the Inner Temple; c. to the bar, 1849; a
special pleader; goes the Northern Circuit (_Oxford and Cambridge Club_;
2, _Harcourt-buildings_, _Temple_, E.C.)

28.  SHUTE, Mrs. Deane (Charlotte)

Dau. of General William Neville Cameron; granddau. of Sir William Gordon,
Bart.; widow of Thomas Deane Shute, Esq., of Bramshaw and Barton Lodge,
Hampsh.  Has issue, Colonel Cameron Shute, 4th Dragoon Guards, Colonel
Neville Shute, 64th Foot, and other sons and daughters.

29.  KINGSCOTE, Hon. Mrs. (Harriet Anne),

Sister of Lord Bloomfield.  B. 1806; m. 1833, Thomas Henry Kingscote,
Esq., late 2nd Life Guards, Colonel North Gloucester Militia.

30.  COLE, John, Esq.

Solicitor and parliamentary agent, of the firm of John and Charles Cole.
A member of the Incorporated Law Society (36, _Essex-street_, _Strand_,

31.  ELGER, George Gwyn, Esq.

A member of the Conservative Club.

33.  FENWICK, Charles Richard, Esq.

A coal owner; ship and insurance broker, of the firm of Charles Richard
Fenwick and Co. (1_a_, _Abchurch-yard_, E.C.; _Hunstanton Lodge_, _near

33.  ROSS, General Sir Hew Dalrymple, G.C.B.

3rd s. of Major John Ross, of Balkail, co. Galloway.  B. 1779; m. 1816,
Elizabeth, dau. of Richard Graham, Esq., of Stonehouse, Cumberland.
Joined the Royal Artillery, 1795; promoted to his present rank, 1854;
Lieut.-gen. of the Ordnance, 1854; Adjutant-gen. Royal Artillery, 1855.
Served in the Peninsula and France from June, 1809, to Feb. 1814,
including the action of the Coa, battle of Busaco, actions of Pombal,
Redinha (wounded in the shoulder), Casal Novo, Foz d’Arouce (wounded in
the leg), and Sabugal; battle of Fuentos d’Onor, action of Aldea de
Ponte, sieges of Ciudad Rodrigo and Badajoz (dangerously wounded in the
head); action at Castrajon, capture of forts at and battle of Salamanca,
capture of Madrid and the Retiro, affairs of Son Munoz and San Milan,
battles of Vittoria, and the Pyrenees from 26th to 30th July, passage of
the Bidassoa, Nivelle, and Nive; battle near Bayonne, 13 Dec. 1813.
Served also the campaign of 1815, and was present at the battle of
Waterloo.  Sir Hew has received the gold Cross and two clasps for Buasco,
Badajoz, Salamanca, Vittoria, Nivelle, and Nive; and the silver War Medal
with three clasps for Fuentes d’Onor, Ciudad Rodrigo, and Pyrenees.
Created a G.C.B., 1855 (_United Service Club_; _Stone House_,

35.  ASTLEY, Hugh Francis Lethbridge, Esq.

2nd s. of Sir F. D. Astley, Bart., of Everley, co. Wilts.  M. 1853,
Augusta, dau. of the late James Cockburn, Esq., s. of the Dean of York.

36.  BARLOW, Edmund, Esq.

A solicitor of the firm of Robinson and Barlow.  Member of the
Incorporated Law Society.  Commissioner of oaths in Chancery (26,
_Essex-st._, _Strand_, W.C.; _Hollycombe_, _Liphook_, _Hants_).

40.  ARGYLL, Dowager Duchess of (Anne Colquhoun),

Eld. dau. of the late John Cunningham, Esq. of Craigends, N.B.  B. 1801;
m. 1831, as 3rd wife, the father of the present duke.

41.  FARRER, Captain John,

Eld. s. of William Dent Farrer, Esq., of Brockley Park, Queen’s County,
Ireland.  B. in Dublin, 1820; m. 1852, Augusta Louisa, daughter of Newton
Wigney, Esq., M.P.  Has issue, 2 sons and 2 daus.  Late Capt. 1st Life
Guards; freemason; dep.-lieut. for co. Tipperary (_Rl. Thames Yacht
Club_; _Kildare-street Club_, _Dublin_; _Gurthalucha_, _co. Tipperary_).

42.  GALTON, Francis, Esq.

S. of Samuel Tertius Galton, Esq., of Duddeston, near Birmingham.  B.
1822; m. 1853, Louisa Jane, eld. dau. of the Rev. George Butler, D.D.,
dean of Peterborough, and formerly headmaster of Harrow.  An M.A. of
Cambridge.  Received the gold medal of the Royal Geographical Society for
his explorations of South Western Africa in 1850–51; and is now one of
the honorary secretaries of that society.  A member also of the Royal and
other scientific societies (_Athenæum Club_).

44.  SMITH, Oswald Augustus, Esq.

A banker, of the firm of Smith, Payne, and Smiths (1, _Lombard Street_,

47.  ALBEMARLE, 6th Earl of (Keppel,)

B. 1799; suc. his brother 1851; m. 1831, Susan, dau. of the late Sir
Coutts Trotter, Bt.; has issue a s. and 2 daus.  Educ. at Westminster.
Ent. the Army 1815; obtained his present rank (Major-Gen.) 1858; formerly
a groom in waiting to the Queen; private Secretary to Lord John Russell,
1846; M.P. for East Norfolk, 1832–35, and for Lymington, 1847–50; a
dep.-lieut. for Norfolk; patron of 4 livings; a liberal; served the
Waterloo Campaign with the 14 foot (_Athenæum and Brooke’s Clubs_;
_Quidenham Hall_, _Attleboro’_, _Norfolk_).

48.  BURY, the Right Hon. Viscount, M.P.

Eld. s. of Earl of Albemarle; b. 1832; m. 1855, Sophia, 2nd dau. of Sir
A. N. M’Nab, Bart., of Dundurn Castle, Upper Canada; formerly in the
Scots Fusilier Guards; private Secretary to Lord John Russell, 1850–51;
afterwards aide-de-camp to Lord F. Fitz Clarence, in India; Civil
Secretary and Superintendent of Indian affairs for the province of
Canada, 1854–56; M.P. for Norwich, 1857–59; created a P.C. 1859.  M.P.
for Wick since 1860; a Liberal; treasurer of H.M. household; lieut.-col.
21st Middlesex (civil service) Rifle Volunteers (_Brooke’s and Guards’
Clubs_; _Quidenham Hall_, _Attleborough_).

49.  LINDSAY, Lieut.-Col. the Honourable Charles Hugh,

3rd s. of the Earl of Crawford; b. 1816; m. 1851, the eld. dau. of the
Hon. and Rev. Henry M. Browne, Dean of Lismore.  Late of the Scots’
Fusilier Guards; obtained his present rank, 1854; retired from the army,
1855; extra aide-de-camp to the Lord Lieut. of Ireland, 1844; Master of
the Horse, 1845; chamberlain, 1858; served with the Scots’ Fusilier
Guards in the Eastern campaign of 1854–55, including Alma, Balaklava,
Inkerman, and Sebastopol; rewarded with the Crimean medal and four
clasps, the Victoria cross, knight of the Legion of Honour, 5th class of
the Medjidie and Turkish medal (_Haigh Hall_, _Wigan_).

50.  HOPE, Lady Mary Frances,

Sister of the Marquis of Westmeath; b. 1810; m. 1837, Lieut.-Col, the
Hon. James Hope Wallace, brother of Earl of Hopetoun, who died 1854, when
her ladyship dropped the name of Wallace, which her husband had assumed.

51.  MAITLAND, John Gorham, Esq.

A magistrate for the county of Middlesex; a Fellow of the Royal Society.

52.  CALDER, Sir Henry Roddam, 5th Bart.

Nephew of the celebrated admiral; b. 1790; suc. his father, 1792; m.
1819; Lady Frances (she died 1855), dau. of 1st Earl of Limerick; has
issue, a s. and dau. (_Muirtowne_).

52.  WEBSTER, Charles Fox, Esq.

2nd s. of the late Sir Henry Webster, Bart.; m. 1856, Louisa, dau. of Sir
Henry Calder, Bart.

53.  BRISTOWE, Henry Fox, Esq.

2nd. s. of Samuel Ellis Bristowe, Esq., of Beesthorpe Hall, co.
Nottingham; b. 1824; a member of the Middle Temple; c. to the bar, 1847.
A conveyancer and equity draftsman (22, _Old Square_, W.C.)

53.  BRISTOWE, Lady Alicia May,

Sister of the Earl of Kilmorey; m. 1836, Samuel Ellis Bristowe, Esq., of
Beesthorpe, Notts.

54.  MURRAY, John Esq.

A solicitor.  Com. Oaths in Chancery; com. Queen’s Bench, Common Pleas,
and Exchequer; member of the Incorporated Law Society (7,
_Whitehall-place_, S.W.; _Udney House_, _Teddington_).

55.  MURE, Colonel William,

Eld. s. of the late Colonel William Mure, of Caldwell; b. 1830; m. 1859,
Constance, dau. of Lord Leconfield, late of the Scots’ Fusilier Guards;
obtained his present rank, 1859; has retired from the service.  Served
with the 60th Rifles in the Kaffir war, 1851–53 (medal), and with the
79th at Alma, Balaklava, and Sebastopol (medal and clasps, and Turkish

56.  STEPHENSON, Lady Mary,

Sister of the Earl of Albemarle; b. 1804; m. 1826, Henry Frederick
Stephenson, Esq.

56.  STEPHENSON, Augustus Keppel, Esq.

A member of Lincoln’s Inn; c. to the bar, 1852.  Goes the Norfolk
Circuit; attends the Aylesbury, Bedford, Bury, and Ipswich Sessions (5,
_Paper-buildings_, E.C.)

56.  STEPHENSON, Capt. Sussex Vane,

In the Scots’ Fusilier Guards; obtained his present rank 1859.

57.  WHITMORE, Charles Shapland, Esq.

Of the family of Whitmore, of Slaughter, co. Gloucester, for nearly 300
years lords of that manor.  S. of Gen. Sir George Whitmore, K.C.H.,
Col.-Com.  Royal Engineers; m. 1845, Elizabeth, sister of Sir Robert
Brownrigg, Bart.; has three sons.  M.A. of Trinity College, Cambridge; a
barrister; a bencher of the Inner Temple; app. a Q.C. 1855; recorder of
Gloucester; judge of the Southwark County Court (_Oxford and Cambridge_,
_and Travellers’ Clubs_; 12, _King’s-bench-walk_, _Temple_, E.C.)

58.  RAGLAN, 2nd Baron (Somerset)

B. at Paris, 1817; suc. his father, the Field Marshal, 1855; m. 1856,
Lady Georgiana, sister of Earl Beauchamp; has issue, two children.  Educ.
at Westminster; formerly in Ceylon Civil Service; sec. to King of
Hanover, 1849–55; cornet Gloucester Yeomanry Cavalry, 1856; Lord in
Waiting to the Queen, 1858–59.  A conservative (_Cefntilla-house_, _Usk_,

59.  ROSE, Philip, Esq.

A solicitor of the firm of Baxter, Rose, and Norton; member of the
Incorporated Law Society; com. of Oaths in Chancery (6,
_Victoria-street_, _Westminster_, S.W.; _Rayner’s_, _High Wycombe_,

60.  MOUNT-CHARLES, Earl (Conyngham)

Eld. s. of the Marquis Conyngham; b. 1825; m. 1854, Lady Jane Stanhope,
niece of present Earl of Harrington and of Duke of Bedford.  App. capt.
1st Life Guards, 1854; lieut.-col. Donegal Militia, 1849; formerly state
steward to the Lord-Lieut. of Ireland (_Mount Charles_, _Donegal_;
_Friary_, _Old Windsor_, _Berks_).

61.  FORSYTH, William, Esq.

A member of the Inner Temple; c. to the bar, 1839; app. a Queen’s
Counsel, 1857; standing counsel to the Secretary of State in Council for
India (3, _Paper-buildings_, E.C.)

62.  REEVE, Henry, Esq.

Registrar of the Privy Council (_Downing-street_, S.W.)

63.  CHESTER, Harry, Esq.

S. of the late Sir R. Chester, master of the ceremonies to the three last
and present sovereigns; b. 1806; m. 1st dau. of R. Isherwood, Esq., and
2ndly, dau. of George Goff, Esq.; has issue.  Edu. at the Charter-House,
Westminster, and Trinity College, Cambridge; app. clerk Privy Council
Office, 1826; attached to the legation at Lisbon, 1833; formerly
assistant sec. to the Committee of Council on Education.  A magistrate
for Middlesex; vice-president of the Society of Arts (_Athenæum Club_).

64.  SARTORIS, Alfred, Esq.

M. 1856, the Hon. Mary Frances, dau. of Viscount Barrington.

65.  BAILLIE, Col. Hugh,

Of the Baillies of Dockfour; b. 1777; m. 1st, dau. of the Rev. H.
Reynett; 2ndly, dau. of Thomas Smith, Esq. of Castleton Hall; has issue.
Lord-lieut. and sheriff principal of Ross-shire; M.P. for Rye, 1830–31,
and for Honiton, 1835–47 (_Tarradale and Redcastle_, _Rossshire_).


1.  ELMORE, Alfred, Esq., R.A.

S. of late John Richard Elmore, Esq., M.D. of 27, Harley-street,
Cavendish-square.  B. at Clonakilty, co. Cork, 1816.  A painter of
eminence, whose productions have repeatedly attracted the choice of the
leading prize-owners in the Art Union.  First exhibited in 1834, at the
Royal Academy, of which he was elected an associate in 1845.  Elected a
royal academician in 1857 (_Athenæum Club_).

3.  GILBERTSON, Edward, Esq.

Secretary to Ottoman Bank (26, _Old Broad-street_, E.C.)

6.  HAMPSHIRE, William, Esq.

Paymaster of H.M. Household (_Stable-yard_, _St. James’ Palace_, S.W.)

8.  LEAHY, Arthur, Major, Royal Engineers,

2nd lieut., 1848; 1st lieut., 1854; captain, 1857; major, 1858; served in
the Crimea in 1854–5, the latter part of the time as dep.-assistant
quarter-master general.  Is decorated with Crimean, Sardinian, and
Turkish medals, and order of Medjidie of 5th class (_Junior United
Service Club_).

10.  CHESTER, George, Esq.

An artist.

11.  POTT, Francis Swaine, Esq.

In the iron trade.  Of the firm of Burt and Potts, (38, _and_ 65,
_York-street_, _Westminster_, S.W.)


1.  WEBSTER, Thomas, Esq.

Has been a member of the Royal College of Surgeons, England, since 1846.
Medical officer to the Star Life Assurance Company.  Was formerly coroner
for Dominica.

3.  BRASIER, John Henry, Esq.

A member of Lincoln’s-inn; c. to the bar, 1849.

4.  BROWN, Dr. John,

A surgeon.

6.  STANESBY, Samuel, Esq.

An artist.

19.  BIRCH, William, Esq.

A private tutor.


1.  HULL, George, M.D.

B. at Ayr, N.B.  Member of Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh, 1814;
M.D., 1824; Fellow of Royal Coll. of Physicians, Edinburgh, 1841;
corresponding member of Medico-Chirurgical Society of Edinburgh.
Formerly in 11th regiment; and for 10 years Physician of Montrose
Infirmary, Lunatic Asylum, and Dispensary.  Author of a pamphlet on
Scarlatina and Diptheria, demonstrating the curative effects of Ammonia
in those diseases.

2.  DODWELL, Rev. Henry John,

An M.A., of Oxford.

6.  D’ORELLI, Edward Captain,

B., at Zurich, in Switzerland; married.  A member of the Masonic Society.
Formerly a merchant of 1, Riches Court, Lime-street; and of King-street,

7.  LYE, John Gaunt, Esq.

Land Surveyor and Auctioneer of the firm of Farebrother, Clark, and Lye,
(6, _Lancaster-place_, _Strand_, W.C.)

13.  SCOTLAND, George, Esq., C.B.

Nominated a civil companion of the Bath, in 1848.

14.  WHITFIELD, George Corpe, Esq.

Photographic Miniature Painter, of the firm of Lock and Whitfield (178,
_Regent-street_, W.)


8.  BELFOUR, Rev. Henry Olney,

Educated at Queen’s College, Cambridge; obtained his M.A., 1842;
assistant master, Kensington Grammar School.


7.  JACKSON, Henry Bates, Esq.

In the Commissary General-in-Chief’s Department, War Office (_Pall Mall_,

8.  RAWSON, Henry, Esq.

A merchant (woollen) (21, _Basinghall-street_, E.C.)

10.  MACDONALD, Reginald George, Esq.

Captain and chief of Clanranald.  B. 1788; m. 1812, Lady Caroline Anne
Edgcumbe, 2nd dau. of 2nd Earl of Mount Edgcumbe; has issue.

12.  FORSTER, George Henry, Esq.

Master R.N.  Acquired his present rank, 1848; assisted at the capture of
Chusan and other places, during the first campaign on the coast of China,
1841, and was wounded (medal).

13.  SMITH, James Burrell, Esq.

An artist.

22.  GIBBON, Arthur Augustus, Esq.

In the Accountant-General’s Department, War Office (_Pall Mall_, S.W.)

29.  MILLS, William Primrose, Esq.

A student of the Middle Temple.


4.  WILLIAMSON, William Henry, Esq.

Merchant (tea), of the firm of Jerram and Williamson (14,


1.  REYNELL, John Griffiths, Esq.

A solicitor; member of the Incorporated Law Society; Comm. of Oaths in
Chancery (8, _Staple-inn_, _Holborn_, W.C.)

2.  GALE, Edward John Morant, Esq.

The family of Gale was of importance in the North and East Ridings of
Yorkshire, early in the 16th century, the first named in the pedigree,
James Gale, being seated at Thirntoft, near Scruton, in 1523.

4.  MURRAY, Lady

Eld. dau. of the late W. Rigby, Esq., of Oldfield Hall, Cheshire.  M.,
1826, Sir John Archibald Murray, Lord Murray, of the Court of Session,
who died 1859.

14.  PATERSON, William Benjamin, Esq.

A solicitor; member of the Incorporated Law Society, and of the
Solicitors’ Benevolent Association (_Bride-court_, _New Bridge-street_,

18.  SHIELS, John Caverhill, Esq.

A merchant (manufacturers’ agent) of the firm of Young, Shiels, and Co.
(17, _Watling-street_, E.C.)


1a.  HEYLIN, Alexander, Esq.

A Publisher (28, _Paternoster-row_, E.C.)

3.  JACKSON, Mrs. William Henry,

5th dau. of the late Rev. Wm. Munton, Rector of Priston, and of
Dunkerton, Somerset.  B. at the Rectory, Priston.  Widow of Major W. H.
Jackson, who fell at the battle of “Meeanee;” has one son, W. H. M.
Jackson, Lieut. 81st foot.

4.  DESPARD, Richard Carden, Esq.

A civil engineer (30, _Great George-street_, _Westminster_, S.W.)

8.  DESPARD, Rev. George,

Educ. at Trinity Coll., Dublin; obtained his B.A., 1852; ordained 1853;
Associate Secretary of the Church Pastoral Aid Society, 1857.

9.  HORTON, Edward John, Esq.

A solicitor (14, _Furnival’s-Inn_, E.C.)

10.  FRASER, Edward John, Esq.

A solicitor, of the firm of Dangerfield and Fraser; a member of the
Incorporated Law Society (26, _Craven-street_, _Strand_, W.C.)

12.  EVANS, Miss (Ann Elizabeth),

2nd dau. of the late Francis Evans, Esq., of Lenton grove, Notts., and
his wife, Dorothy, dau. of the late Rev. Septimus Plumptre, Vicar of
Marsfield, Notts.  B., 1792, at Nottingham.  A member of several
societies for charitable purposes.

20.  JETTER, The Rev. John Andrew,

Ordained, 1829.  Formerly perpetual curate of Ironbridge, Shropshire.


_Stratheden House_.  STRATHEDEN AND CAMPBELL, 2nd Baron, (Campbell)

S. of the late Lord Campbell, Lord High Chancellor of England, whom he
succeeded as Lord Campbell, 1861, having succeeded his mother in the
barony of Stratheden, in 1860.  B. 1824; educ. at Eton, Balliol College,
Oxford, and Trinity College, Cambridge.  M.A. 1846; M.P. for Cambridge,
1847–52, and for Harwich, 1859–60 (_Reform Club_; _Hartrigge_,
_Jedburgh_, N.B.)

_Kent Mouse_, _A_.  OGILVY, Sir John, 9th Bart.

S. of Admiral Sir Wm. Ogilvy, Bart., by Sarah (who died in 1823), dau. of
James Morley, Esq.  B. 1803; m. 1st, 1831, Juliana Barbara, youngest dau.
of late Lord Henry Howard; and 2nd, 1836, Lady Jane Elizabeth Howard,
sister of present Earl of Suffolk.  Educ. at Harrow and Christ Church,
Oxford, M.P. (liberal) for Dundee, since 1857.  Vice-lieut. and convenor
of Forfarshire, and Lieut.-Col. of 1st Forfarshire Volunteers.  Formerly
in 2nd Life Guards (_Baldovan House_, _Dundee_; _Travellers’ Club_).

_Kent House_, _A_.  MORLEY, 2nd Earl of, (Parker)

Only s. of 1st earl, by his 2nd wife, Frances, only dau. of Thomas
Talbot, Esq., of Gonville, co. Norfolk.  B. 1810; suc. his father, 1840;
m. 1842, Harriet Sophia, only d. of Montagu Edmund Parker, Esq., M.P., of
Whiteway, Devon, and relict of Wm. Coryton, Esq., of Pentillie-castle,
Cornwall.  Educated at Christ Church, Oxford (B.A. 1830); Colonel of
South Devon Militia, 1845.  A lord-in-waiting to the Queen, 1846–52.
App. dep.-warden of the Stannaries, 1852.  J.P. and dep.-lieut. for
Devonshire; liberal (_Saltram House_, _near Plympton_, _Devon_).

_Kent House_, _B_.  LEWIS, Right Hon. Sir Geo. Cornewall, 2nd Bart.

B. 1806.  S. of Sir Thomas Frankland Lewis, Bart., who died in 1855, by
dau. of Sir George Cornewall, Bart.  M. 1844, Lady Maria Theresa, sister
of the present Earl of Clarendon, K.G. relict of Thomas Henry Lister,
Esq., and mother of T. V. Lister, Esq., of whom a notice follows.  Educ.
at Eton, and Christ Church, Oxford (1st class in classics, and 2nd in
mathematics, 1828; B.A. 1828; M.A. 1831)  C. to the bar, Middle Temple,
1831; J.P., and dep.-lieut. for Herefordshire, and Radnorshire; recorder,
and J.P. for Radnor borough; M.P. (liberal) for Herefordshire, 1847–52,
and for Radnor, since 1855; a poor-law commissioner, 1839–47; secretary
to board of control, 1847–8; under secretary of state for Home
Department, 1848–50; secretary of Treasury, 1850–2; Chancellor of
Exchequer, 1855–8; secretary of state for Home Department, 1859;
secretary of state for War, since 1861.  Author of various works, learned
and political.  Was editor of “Edinburgh Review,” 1853–5.  A privy
councillor, 1855.  Is an hon. D.C.L. of Oxford (_Athenæum and Travellers’
Clubs_, _Harpton Court_, _near Kington_, _Radnorshire_).

_Kent House_, _B_.  LISTER, Thomas Villiers, Esq.

Only s. of late Thomas Henry Lister, Esq., of Armitage Prk. Staffordsh.,
Regis.-Gen. of births, deaths, and marriages, by Lady Maria Theresa
Villiers, sister of present Earl of Clarendon, and wife now of Sir G. C.
Lewis (see preceding).  B. 1832; M.A., Trinity College, Cambridge, 1853.
In the Foreign Office, of which he was appointed a clerk, 1853, having
been previously assistant private secretary to Lord Clarendon.  Attach.
to Lord John Russell’s special mission to Vienna, 1855; Lord Clarendon’s
special mission to Paris, 1856; Earl Granville’s special embassy to
Russia, same year.  Private secretary to Lord Clarendon, Dec., 1857 to
Feb., 1858.  Précis writer to Earl Russell, since 1859.  App. dep.-lieut.
for Radnorshire, 1856 (_Brooke’s and St. James’s Clubs_; _Armitage Park_,

3.  STERLING, Sir Anthony Conyngham, Colonel, K.C.B.,

S. of Capt. Edward Sterling.  B. 1805; m. 1829, dau. of late Major-Gen.
Joseph Baird.  Entered the army, 1826; lieut., 1829; capt., 1833; major,
1846; lieut.-col., 1854; col., 1857.  Was brig. major and assist. adjut.
general of Highland division during Crimean campaign of 1854–5; present
at Alma, Balaklava, Inkerman, and siege of Sebastopol.  For these
services was nominated a companion of the Bath, and an officer of the
Legion of Honor, and decorated with Crimean and Turkish medals, and 4th
class of order of Medjidie; placed on half pay, Nov. 1855.  Was military
secretary to Lord Clyde, during the Indian Mutiny, for which he wears a
medal; and was created a K.C.B., 1860.


_South Lodge_.  IFOLD, William, Esq.

A surveyor of the firm of Ifold and Hughes (38, _Manchester-street_,

1.  PHILLIP, John, Esq.

A royal academician and honorary member of the Royal Scottish Academy
(_Athenæum and Garrick Clubs_).

2.  ETHERINGTON, Charles, Esq.

A solicitor; member of the Incorporated Law Society, and Solicitor’s
Benevolent Institute.  Perpetual commissioner for Kent (7, _Dane’s-inn_,
_Strand_; _Chatham_).

_The Observatory_.  SOUTH, Sir James, Kt.

S. of the late Mr. South, druggist, of Southwark.  M. Ann, (she died,
1851) niece and sole heiress of the late Joseph Ellis, Esq., of South
Lambeth.  A member of the College of Surgeons.  Formerly in practice in
Blackman Street, Southwark; removed to Kensington, in 1823.  Has devoted
himself to astronomy; compiled, in conjunction with Sir J. Herschel, a
catalogue of 380 stars; a founder of the Astronomical Society, in 1820.
Has filled the presidential chair; knighted in 1830; enjoys a pension of
£300 a year on the civil list, for his contributions to astronomy.  His
observatory contains many fine equatorial instruments, and is known among
men of science throughout Europe.  Author of “The Curiosities of
Science.”  A Fellow of the Royal Society of London and Edinburgh; Fellow
of the Linnæan Society: hon. member of the Royal Irish Academy (_Athenæum

_Stanhope Villa_.  PRANCE, Vaughan, Esq.

A solicitor (37, _New Bridge-street_, _Blackfriars_, E.C.)

_Clifton Villa_.  RANKLEY, Alfred, Esq.

An artist.  B. in Marylebone.


9.  APPELL, John William, Esq.

B. in Offenbach on the Main, 1829; m. Frances, dau. of the late W. Andrew
Bond, Esq. of Ashford Kent; Author of several works in German on the
history of Literature.

11.  BONAR, William, Esq.

Secretary to the General Ship-owners’ Society (12, _St. Michael’s Alley_,
_Cornhill_, E.C.)

22.  GAMBARDELLA, Spiridione, Esq.

An artist.

26.  DOWNER, Horace Charles, Esq.

A stock-broker of the firm of Faulconer and Downer; member of the Stock
Exchange (12, _Copthall Court_, E.C.)

28.  DE FONTBLANQUE, Thomas Francis, Esq.

In the Accountant General’s Department of the War Office (_Pall Mall_,

31.  PURCELL, Lyndsay Dillon, Esq.

A member of the Middle Temple; c. to the bar, 1843 (1, _Cloisters
Temple_, E.C.)

33.  HENSMAN, Henry, Esq.

In the Engineer’s Department of the Bank of England (_Threadneedle
Street_, E.C.)


1.  HUNT, William Holman, Esq.

Painter; b. in London 1827; an eminent pre-Raphaelite; first exhibited in
the Academy, 1846.

2.  SMITH, George, Esq.

An artist.

_Campden Lodge_.  THEED, William, Esq.

A sculptor (12_a_, _Henrietta Street_, _Cavendish Square_, W.)


2.  SAUNDERS, Josiah, Esq.

A dentist, of the firm of Featherstone and Saunders (42,
_Albemarle-street_, W.)


6.  WESTENHOLZ, André P., Esq.

A merchant, of the firm of Westenholz, Bros. (26, _Mark-lane_, E.C.)


_Eden Lodge_.  EDEN, Honourable Emily,

Sister of Lord Auckland (_Velletta_, _Broadstairs_, _Kent_).

2.  HAMMERSLEY, Hugh, Esq.

A magistrate, and dep.-lieut. for Oxfordshire; a visiting justice of the
County Prison, and of the County Lunatic Asylum, at Littlemore; a member
of the County Police Committee; vice-chairman of the Quarter Sessions;
has served the office of high sheriff (_Pyrton Manor_, _Tetsworth_;
_Athenæum and Union Clubs_).

_Stanhope Lodge_.  BAYLEY, Sir John Edward George, 2nd Bart.

B. 1794; suc. his father (many years a judge of the Court of Queen’s
Bench, and a baron of the Exchequer), 1841; m. 1st, 1822, dau. of John
Minet Fector, Esq. of Kearnsey Abbey, Dover (who died, 1854); 2ndly,
1855, Selina, dau. of Col. Marley; has issue, two sons.  Member of the
Middle Temple; c. to the bar, 1835; clerk of Assizes for the Northern
Circuit.  The Bayleys are descended in the female line from the ancient
family of Bigland of Bigland, in Lancashire (_Union Club_; _Updown
House_, _Sandwich_; _Cowes Castle_, _Isle of Wight_).

_Gore Lodge_.  4.  BIRCH, Dr. Scholes Butler,

Has been a member of the Royal College of Surgeons, England, since 1847,
a licentiate of Soc. of Apothecaries since 1848; and an M.D., St.
Andrew’s, since 1850; a member of the British Medical Association.
Formerly Surgeon to the Canal-street Hospital, and demonstrator of
anatomy at the Manchester School of Medicine; has devoted much of his
attention to diphtheria, scarlatina, and the therapeutic use of oxygen.

5.  WADE, James, Esq.

In the Office of the Royal Commission Exhibition of 1851.


2.  BROOKS, Thomas, Esq.

An artist.

4.  DUFFIELD, William, Esq.

An artist.

5.  WEBSTER, William Shakespeare, Esq.

A solicitor of the firm of Robinson, Webster, and Robinson (6,
_Half-moon-street_, W.)

7.  POLLOCK, Robert James, Esq.

Has been a licentiate of the Society of Apothecaries, since 1826, a
member of the Royal College of Surgeons since 1831, and a Fellow of the
latter since 1853.

9.  WELLS, Henry Tamworth, Esq., Junior,

An artist (17, _Stratford-place_, _Oxford-street_, W.)

11.  TAYLER, John Frederick, Esq.

An artist.

13.  DILLON, Frank, Esq.

An artist.

15.  SHAEN, William, Esq.

A solicitor of the firm of Shaen and Roscoe (8, _Bedford Row_, W.C.)

19.  LENNOX, Lord William Pitt,

Uncle of the Duke of Richmond; b. 1799; formerly a Capt. in the Royal
Horse Guards; ex aide-de-camp to the late Duke of Wellington, and the
late Sir Peregrine Maitland; holds an app. in the Queen’s Royal Archer
Guard of Scotland; served in Parliament from 1832–36 as M.P. for King’s
Lynn; author of “Compton Audley,” “The Tuft Hunter,” “Percy Hamilton,”
“Philip Courtenay,” “The Story of my Life,” “Wellington in Private Life,”
“Merrie England,” “Pictures of Sporting Life and Character,” “
Recreations of a Sportsman,” “Memoir of the 5th Duke of Richmond;” a
contributor to the Sporting Review since its commencement; edited the
“Review” newspaper for a year; has contributed to “The Diadem,” “The Book
of Beauty,” Bentley’s, Ainsworth’s, and Colborne’s Magazines, and “The
Illustrated London News”.


8.  DUDFIELD, Thomas Orme, Esq.

An M.D.; licentiate of the Royal College of Physicians; member of the
Royal Coll. of Surgeons, England; surgeon to the Workhouse of the united
parishes of St. Margaret and St. John the Evangelist (Westminster), at
Kensington; medical officer and public vaccinator to the hamlet of
Knightsbridge.  Formerly anatomical prosector to the Royal Coll. of

13.  FREEMAN, Robert, Esq.,

B., at Walsham, Suffolk, 1818; a member of the Metropolitan Board of
Works and of the Pharmaceutical Society.

16.  CHIPPENDALE, John, Esq.

Has been a member of the Royal College of Surgeons since 1835, and a
Fellow since 1843; a consulting surgeon; surgeon to the Farringdon
General Dispensary during 17 years; has contributed largely to the
professional journals of the day (especially on tumours and cholera); an
extensive traveller; a member of the Medical Society of London (_Royal
Southern Yacht Club_; _Claremont-cottage_, _Cowes_, _Isle of Wight_).

19.  LEESON, John, Esq.

B., 1803, in Davies-st., Berkeley-sq.; a retired merchant, (coal).

20.  STANHAM, George Gordon, Esq.

An architect and surveyor.

23.  GILBERT, Henry, Esq.

A Dentist (2, _Suffolk-place_, _Pall Mall_, _East_, S.W.)

27.  OXENHAM, George Nutford, Esq.

A member of Lincoln’s; c. to the bar, 1825; attends the Western Circuit
(61, _Chancery-lane_, W.C.)

29.  RAMSAY, Andrew Crombie, Esq.

Engaged in the Geological Survey, as local director for Great Britain;
professor of Geology in the Government school of Mines; an examiner for
science in the South Kensington Museum; a Fellow of the Royal and
Geological Societies (_Athenæum Club_; _Geological Survey Office_,
_Jermyn-street_, S.W.)

30.  ARLIDGE, Dr. John Thomas,

Has been an M.B. and A.B. London, since 1846; a member of the Royal
College of Surgeons since 1847; and a licentiate of the Royal College of
Physicians, London, since 1854.  Was formerly physician to the Surrey and
Farringdon General Dispensary, and Resident Medical Superintendent of St.
Luke’s Hospital.  Is a Fellow of the West Medical Society; and an
associate of King’s Coll.  Has devoted much of his attention to cases of
insanity and to cerebral pathology.

32.  HANSLER, Captain Robert Jacob,

Eld. s. of Sir John T. Hansler, F.R.S., whose father was a landaman of
Zurich.  M., Marrianne, dau. of the late Joseph Collis, Esq. senior
Registrar High Court of Chancery.  A magistrate for Middlesex; served as
Capt. in East Essex Militia, under the late Viscount Jocelyn, M.P.
(_Junior United Service Club_).


3.  NORTH, Ford, Esq.,

A member of the Inner Temple; c. to the bar, 1856; an equity draftsman
and conveyancer; attends the Lancaster Chancery and Palatine Court (44,
_Chancery-lane_, W.C.)

7.  CONYNGHAME, Hon. Mrs. (Frances Elizabeth),

Sister of Lord Hardinge; b. 1824; m. 1845, Major-Gen. Arthur A. Thurlow
Conynghame, C.B., commanding the Scinde Division, Bombay Presidency.

8.  HAWKINS, John William, Esq.

A solicitor and parliamentary agent of the firm of Hawkins, Bloxam, and
Hawkins.  Member of the Incorporated Law Society (2, _New Boswell Court_,
_Carey Street_, W.C.)

9.  DAY, John Charles Frederick Sigismund, Esq.

A member of the Middle Temple; c. to the bar, 1849; is a special pleader;
attends the Home Circuit (1, _Elm-court_, _Temple_, E.C.)

11.  BOUVIER, Julius, Esq.

An artist.


_York House_.  COATES, Thomas, Esq.

A parliamentary agent, of the firm of Dyson, Hall, Parkes, Coates, and
Shrabsole (24, _Parliament-street_, S.W.)

_The Vicarage_.  SINCLAIR, Ven. Archdeacon John,

Brother of the present Sir George Sinclair, 2nd bart. and s. of the 1st
bart., who was founder of the Board of Agriculture, and whose statistical
account of Scotland is one of the most valuable works ever compiled.
Born 20 Aug. 1797.  Educ. at Pembroke College, Oxford; obtained his M.A.
1822; ordained 1821; vicar of Kensington, 1842; archdeacon of Middlesex,
1843.  Has written on various important subjects, especially on church
patronage, national education, the Gorham case, &c.  His life of his
father, in 2 vols. is particularly deserving of notice.


2.  CRESSWELL, Corbett, Esq.

A surveyor and valuer (7, _Quality-court_, _Chancery-lane_, W.C.)

3.  HILLYARD, The Rev. George,

Educ. at St. Bee’s Theological College; ordained 1854; late curate of
Barrowforld, Lancashire.

4.  FORBES, Lieut.-Colonel Francis,

Late of the Madras Cavalry; promoted to his present rank, 1854.

7.  O’NEIL, Henry Nelson, Esq.

B. 1817.  An associate of the Royal Academy of Arts (_Garrick Club_).

8.  BRIDELL, Frederick Lee, Esq.

An artist.

11.  GREIG, John Borthwick, Esq.

A parliamentary agent, of the firm of Dodds and Greig (18,
_Abingdon-street_, _Westminster_, S.W.)

13.  DU CANE, Captain Edmund Frederick,

M. Mary Dorothea, dau. of Lieut.-Col. Molloy, Rifle Brigade.  Joined the
Royal Engineers, 1848; promoted to his present rank, 1858.  Lately
attached to the War Office (_Junior United Service Club_, S.W.)

23.  CULHANE, Morgan, Esq.

Has been a member of the Royal College of Surgeons, England, since 1831;
and a licentiate of the Society of Apothecaries, since 1836.  Formerly
surgeon of the King’s Own Light Infantry Militia.

24.  WILLIS, Henry Britton, Esq.

An artist.  Member of the Society of Painters in Water Colours.

26.  SPILLMAN, George, Esq.

An auctioneer and surveyor (32, _Surrey-street_, _Strand_).

28.  OAKES, John Wright, Esq.

An artist.

29.  CORBOULD, Alfred H., Esq.

An artist.

31.  COLLISTER, John, Esq.,

A civil engineer (20, _Parliament-street_, S.W.)

32.  FENN, Robert Liveing, Esq.

In the office for the Reduction of the National Debt (19, _Old Jewry_,

33.  KAMENSKY, Gabriel, Esq.

Russian Commissioner to the International Exhibition.

_Clarendon Cottage_.  PURDY, Frederick, Esq.

Officially attached to the Poor Law Board (_Whitehall_, S.W.)

_Restormel Lodge_.  HAWKE, John, Esq.

A solicitor (7, _Vigo Street_, _Regent-street_, S.W.)

_Park Villa_.  PIXLEY, Captain William,

An elder brother of the Trinity House (_Trinity-square_, _Tower Hill_,

_Victoria Cottage_.  RICHARDS, Oliver, Esq.

A solicitor (16, _Warwick-st._ W.)

_Walton Villa_.  MARSHALL, Thomas Falcon, Esq.

An artist.

53.  KINNEAR, John Boyd, Esq.

A member of the Inner Temple; c. to the bar, 1855; an equity draftsman,
conveyancer, and Scotch advocate.  Attends the Home Circuit (9,
_Old-square_, _Lincoln’s-inn_, W.C.)


3.  HARLE, William Lockey, Esq.

Solicitor; deputy recorder of Newcastle upon Tyne; Parliamentary agent
(_Reform Club_; 20, _Southampton Buildings_, _Chancery Lane_, W.C.;
_Collingwood Tower_, _Tynemouth_).

8.  BURKINYOUNG, John Alfred, Esq.

A director of Calcutta and South Eastern Railway.

14.  CHAMBRÉ, Thomas, Esq.

A directory of the Property Protection Insurance Company (23,
_Bridge-street_, _Blackfriars_).

15.  KEITH, Thomas William, Esq.

Senior clerk in the Accountant General’s Department of the office of the
Secretary of State for India.

16.  PEARPOINT, Robert Henry, Esq.

Solicitor and member of the Incorporated Law Society (50,
_Leicester-square_, E.C.)


25.  PRESTON, John Hughes, Esq.

An examiner in the Office of the Examiners of Criminal Law Accounts (2,
_New-st._, _Spring-gardens_, S.W.)

26.  ELAND, George Francis, Esq.

Solicitor of the firm of Palmer, Nettleship, and Eland.  A member of the
Incorporated Law Society (4, _Trafalgar-square_, _Charing Cross_, W.C.)

30.  M’DONNELL, Morgan Augustine, Esq.

C. to the bar, Gray’s Inn, 1855.  Home Circuit (1, _Pump-court_,
_Temple_, E.C.)


4.  CONDELL, Charles, Esq.

A solicitor (7, _Copthall-court_, E.C.)


1.  OEHME, William Daniel Henry, Esq.,

A parliamentary agent, and solicitor to the North Western Bank of India;
a member of the Incorporated Law Society (221, _Gresham House_, _Old
Broad-street_, E.C.)


1.  VALENTINE, John Sutherland, Esq.

Civil engineer; a member of the Institute (17, _Parliament-street_,
_Westminster_, S.W.)

3.  PHILPOT, Ven. Archdeacon Benjamin.

Educ. at Christ College, Cambridge.  Senior opt.  M.A. 1812; ordained
1815; rector of Great Cressingham, Thetford, Norfolk.  Formerly
archdeacon of Sodor and Man, and rector of Kirk Andrew’s; previously
Foundation Fellow of Christ College, Cambridge; author of numerous
sermons, essays, and lectures; has preached at All Soul’s, Langham-place
(_Lydney Vicarage_, _near Gloucester_.)

5.  VALLANCE, Captain Thomas William,

Ent. the army in 1855; obtained his troop in the 5th Lancers, 1859;
served with the 59th at the siege and fell of Sebastopol, from 22 August,
1855; medal and clasp, and Turkish medal.


_Scarsdale House_.  CURZON, Hon. Edw. Cecil,

2nd s. of the Hon. Robert Curzon and Baroness de la Zouche; b. 1812; m.
1834, dau. of James Daniell, Esq.; has issue.  George, an officer of the
2nd Life Guards; W. Southwell, an officer of the Royal Artillery; Mrs.
Wentworth Gore, and three other daus.  Educ. at Harrow, and Christ
Church, Oxford; a member of Lincoln’s-Inn; c. to the bar, 1840; an
assist. registrar of designs; a magistrate for Middlesex (and
dep.-lieut.) and Westminster; a director of the London Exchange Insurance
Company (1, _Whitehall_, S.W.; _Travellers’_, _Oxford and Cambridge_,
_and Volunteer Clubs_).


4.  MALINGS, William, Esq.

An East India and China merchant (4, _George-yard_, _Lombard-street_,

_Windham Villa_.  DESBARRES, Lieut., Henry Wyndham,

Unattached; entd. the army, 1814; obtained his present rank in the same
year.  Has been on half-pay, since 1826.

_Chalfont Lodge_.  VIZETELLY, Henry, Esq.

A wood-engraver, of the firm of Vizetelly and Loudan (15, and 16,
_Gough-square_, E.C.)

_The Elms_.  EGG, Augustus Leopold, Esq.

A royal academician.  B. in London, 1816.  First exhibited at the
Academy, 1838; elected associate 1848; selected to arrange the Gallery of
Modern Paintings, at the Manchester Exhibition, 1857.  A painter of
scenic and humourous subjects (_Athenæum and Garrick Clubs_).


5.  HEWARD, Robert, Esq.,

A member of the Linnæan Society.

9.  HOWLETT, Rev. John Henry,

Educated at Pembroke Coll., Cambridge; obtained his M.A. 1807.  Reader at
the Chapel Royal, Whitehall.  Has been Rector of Foston, in the diocese
of Peterboro’, since 1834.

11.  STOATT, Charles, Esq.,

A sculptor.

11.  CLINT, Alfred, Esq.

A landscape painter.  A member of the Society of British Artists,
Incorporated by Royal Charter.

The Country Gentleman’s London Agency.

                    _Annual Subscription—One Guinea_.

The want has long been felt, by residents in the country, of a house in
London to represent their interests in those ever-recurring matters which
connect them with the metropolis.

Whether for the effecting of purchases, large or small, the receipt or
transmission of parcels, the receipt of interest and dividends, the
instituting of inquiries, or the general attention to requirements as
various as the occasions which produce them—the country portion of the
public has hitherto been unable to utilise the resources of the British
capital, except through the often unpleasant alternative of troubling
friends, or of an expensive, and sometimes fruitless journey to town.

This general want the firm of Messrs. O’BYRNE supplies to its subscribers
at the simple charge of one guinea per annum.

For the payment, therefore, of this sum, made annually in advance, their
subscribers are entitled:—

1.  To have all their purchases effected, of a domestic or other
character, in the London market, at a cheaper rate, and of a better
quality, than can be done generally in the country.

2.  To a constant address, where all letters and parcels may be sent.

3.  To the supply of information on all subjects on which information can
be obtained.

4.  To the receipt of interest and dividends.

5.  To the effecting of sales and investments.

6.  To the procuring of passages to all foreign and colonial ports.

7.  To the supplying of outfits, &c.

8.  To the effecting of fire and life assurances, &c. &c.

                           Estimates provided.

                                                   O’BYRNE BROTHERS, & CO.

9, Adelphi Terrace, London, W.C.

Post-office orders to be made payable to Messrs. O’BYRNE, at the Charing
Cross Post-office, London.

The Aristocracy of Kensington.

ABBOTT, William Esq.    Durham Villas                         _No._ 8.
ABETHELL, Richard,      Palace Gardens                       _No._ 28.
Esq.                    Terrace
ADAM, Joseph, Esq.      Abingdon Villas                      _No._ 20.
ADAMS, George           Addison Road                         _No._ 73.
William, Esq.
AIRLIE, Earl of         Campden Hill                    _Holly Lodge_.
ALBEMARLE, Earl of      Rutland Gate                         _No._ 47.
ALDRIDGE, John Esq.     Prince’s Gate                        _No._ 20.
ALFORD, Lady Marian     Prince’s Gate                        _No._ 11.
ALLEN, Alderman         Petersham Terrace                     _No._ 6.
William Ferneley
APLIN, William Golby,   Abingdon Villas                      _No._ 25.
APPELL, John William,   Sussex Place                          _No._ 9.
ARGYLL, Dowager         Rutland Gate                         _No._ 40.
Duchess of
ARGYLL, Duke of         Campden Hill                   _Argyll House_.
ARLIDGE, Dr. John       Upper Phillimore                     _No._ 30.
Thomas                  Place
ARTHUR, Lieut.-Col.     Prince’s Gardens                      _No._ 7.
Sir Fred. Leopold
ASHBROOK, Dowager       Queen’s Gate Terrace                 _No._ 35.
ASHWORTH, The Rev.      Marlborough Terrace                   _No._ 2.
John Harvey
ASTLEY, Hugh Francis    Rutland Gate                         _No._ 35.
Lethbridge, Esq.
ASTLEY,                 Ennismore Place                       _No._ 2.
Lieut.-Colonel John
ATWELL, Joseph, Esq.    Campden Hill Villas                  _No._ 13.
AULDJO, Thomas Rose,    Rutland Gate                          _No._ 1.
AYTOUN, Miss Isabella   Palace Gardens                       _No._ 14.

BADART, Francois,       Addison Gardens                      _No._ 43.
BADE, Herman, Esq.      Pembroke Cottages                      _No._ 3
BAGSTER, George, Esq.   Campden Hill Terrace                  _No._ 6.
BAILLIE, Colonel Hugh   Rutland Gate                         _No._ 65.
BANNISTER, Hugh, Esq.   Campden Grove                         _No._ 6.
BANNISTER, Mrs.         Campden Grove                         _No._ 6.
BARING, Honourable      Prince’s Gate                        _No._ 23.
BARING, Honourable      Prince’s Gate                        _No._ 23.
Lydia Emily
BARLOW, Edmund, Esq.    Rutland Gate                         _No._ 36.
BARLOW, Col. George     Leonard Place                         _No._ 8.
Edward Pratt
BARLOW, Captain Henry   Campden Hill Road                    _No._ 18.
BARLOW, James Pratt,    Hyde Park Gate                       _No._ 11.
BARLOW, Rev. John       Kensington Palace
BARRINGTON, Lady        Kensington Palace
BARROW, Sir George,     Addison Road                         _No._ 24.
BARRY, Colonel          Campden Hill Road                    _No._ 16.
BATH, Dowager           Prince’s Gate                        _No._ 39.
Marchioness of
BAYLEY, Sir John        Up. Kensington Gore          _Stanhope Lodge_.
Edward George, Bt.
BEEBY, James, Esq.      Argyll Road                          _No._ 51.
BEERBOHM, Julius        Courtland Villas                      _No._ 1.
Ewald, Esq.
BELFOUR, Rev. Henry     Scarsdale Terrace                     _No._ 8.
BELL, John, Esq.        Douro Place                          _No._ 15.
BELLI, William          Queen’s Gate Terrace                  _No._ 1.
Hallows, Esq.
BENNETT, John Ewens,    Palace Gardens                       _No._ 20.
Esq.                    Terrace
BETHUNE, Rear-Admiral   Cromwell Road                         _No._ 4.
Charles Ramsay
Drinkwater, C.B.
BETHUNE, Dowager Lady   Prince’s Gardens                     _No._ 13.
BEVAN, Robert Cooper    Prince’s Gate                        _No._ 31.
Lee, Esq.
BIDDER, George          Clarendon Road                        _No._ 7.
Parker, Esq.
BIRCH, Dr. Scholes      Upper Kensington Gore                 _No._ 4.
BIRCH, William Esq.     St. George’s Terrace                 _No._ 19.
BIRD, Rev. Samuel       Lansdowne Terrace                     _No._ 6.
BIRD, Stephen, Esq.     Campden Hill                  _Hornton Villa_.
BIRDSEYE, George,       Addison Gardens                       _No._ 5.
BLACKBURN, Honourable   Prince’s Gardens                     _No._ 10.
Sir Colin
BLACKBURN, Joshua,      Prince’s Gate                        _No._ 29.
BLACKBURN, Peter,       Prince’s Gardens                     _No._ 10.
Esq., M.P.
BLACKET, The Rev.       Palace Gardens Villas                _No._ 32.
Henry Ralph
BLAIKLEY, Alexander,    Berkeley Gardens                     _No._ 10.
BLANE David Anderson,   Prince’s Gardens                     _No._ 21.
BLANE Commander         Prince’s Gardens                     _No._ 21.
George, R.N.
BLOXAM, Alfred          Palace Gardens                       _No._ 24.
Bradley, Esq.           Terrace
BLUNT, Lady             Marlborough Terrace                   _No._ 1.
BONAR, William, Esq.    Sussex Place                         _No._ 11.
BONHAM, Francis         Albert Terrace                       _No._ 13.
Robert, Esq.
BONNEAU, Cornelius,     Cambridge Place                       _No._ 8.
BONNOR, George, Esq.    Queen’s Gate                          _No._ 7.
BOODLE, Henry           Palace Gardens                        _No._ 4.
Trelawny, Esq.          Terrace
BOOTH, James, Esq.      Prince’s Gardens                      _No._ 2.
BORCKENSTEIN, Henry,    Pembroke Cottages                     _No._ 4.
Esq.                    (North)
BOSTOCK, John, Esq.     Campden Hill Villas                   _No._ 7.
BOURCHIER, Mrs.         Cambridge Terrace                    _No._ 14.
BOUVIER, Julius, Esq.   Vicarage Gardens                     _No._ 11.
BOWDEN, Henry, Esq.     Prince’s Gate                        _No._ 40.
BOWLER, Henry           Bedford Place                        _No._ 37.
Alexander, Esq.
BOYLE, Capt.            Prince’s Gate                        _No._ 38.
Alexander, R.N.
BOYLE, Hon. and Rev.    Prince’s Gate                         _No._ 1.
Richard Cavendish
BRAHAM, Augustus        Courtland Villas                      _No._ 2.
Frederick, Esq.
BRASIER, John Henry,    St. George’s Terrace                  _No._ 3.
BREND, William, Esq.    Bath Place                            _No._ 4.
BRETT, William          Prince’s Terrace                     _No._ 19.
Baliol, Esq.
BRIDELL, Frederick      Victoria Road                         _No._ 8.
Lee, Esq.
BRISTOWE, Lady Alicia   Rutland Gate                         _No._ 53.
BRISTOWE, Henry Fox,    Rutland Gate                         _No._ 53.
BROADBRIDGE, James,     Addison Terrace                       _No._ 5.
BROOKE, Rev. Stopford   Percy Villas                     _Fern Lodge_.
BROOKS, Thomas, Esq.    Upper Phillimore                      _No._ 2.
BROWN, Archibald,       Douro Place                           _No._ 5.
BROWN, Doctor John      St. George’s Terrace                  _No._ 4.
BROWN, Rev. William     Kensington Square               _Nos._ 26, 27.
BRUCE, Doctor William   Kensington Crescent                  _No._ 15.
BRUNLEES, James, Esq.   Addison Road                         _No._ 84.
BUCKINGHAM, Duke of     Cromwell Road                         _No._ 4.
BUCKLEY, Richard        Albert Place                          _No._ 3.
Wilson, Esq.
BUDD, Captain Vincent   Argyll Road                          _No._ 35.
BULLER, Sir Arthur      Queen’s Gate Terrace                 _No._ 20.
William, M.P.
BULLER, Plumer          Addison Crescent                     _No._ 13.
Alexander, Esq.
BUNYON, Charles John,   Queen’s Gate Terrace                  _No._ 4.
BURKINYOUNG, John       Warwick Gardens                       _No._ 8.
Alfred, Esq.            (East)
BURMESTER, John         Prince’s Terrace                     _No._ 17.
William, Esq.
BURTON, Frederick       Argyll Road                          _No._ 44.
William.  Esq.
BURY, Viscount          Rutland Gate                         _No._ 48.
BUTLER, George          Abingdon Villas                      _No._ 17.
Morant, Esq.
BYLES, Hon. Sir John    Prince’s Gardens                      _No._ 3.

CAHILL, Doctor Thomas   Albert Terrace                        _No._ 9.
CALDER, Sir Henry       Rutland Gate                         _No._ 52.
Roddam, Bart.
CAMPBELL, Alexander     Prince’s Gate                        _No._ 43.
H., Esq.
CAMPBELL, John          Campden Hill                   _Niddry Lodge_.
Francis, Esq.
CAMPBELL, William       Prince’s Terrace                     _No._ 12.
George, Esq.
CARDWELL Edward         Cromwell Place                       _No._ 11.
Henry, Esq.
CARRICK, Thomas, Esq.   Campden Hill Road                     _No._ 4.
CARRUTHERS,             Brunswick Gardens                     _No._ 1.
Lieut.-col. Robert,
CASSON, Henry, Esq.     Argyll Road                          _No._ 53.
CHAMBERS, George        Palace Gardens                        _No._ 2.
Frederick, Esq.         Terrace
CHAMBERS, John David,   Prince’s Gardens                     _No._ 16.
CHAMBERS Mrs.,          Palace Gardens                        _No._ 2.
Richard                 Terrace
CHAMBRÉ, Thomas, Esq.   Warwick Gardens                      _No._ 14.
CHARRETIE, Captain      Campden Hill                _Hornton Cottage_.
CHARRINGTON, Edward,    Queen’s Gate Gardens                  _No._ 1.
CHESHIRE, John          Campden Hill Terrace                  _No._ 4.
William, Esq.
CHESTER, George, Esq.   St. Alban’s Road                     _No._ 10.
CHESTER, Harry, Esq.    Rutland Gate                         _No._ 63.
CHILDERS, Hugh          Prince’s Gardens                     _No._ 17.
Culling Eardley, Esq.
CHIPPENDALE, John,      Upper Phillimore                     _No._ 16.
Esq.                    Place
CHURCHILL, Lord Alfd    Rutland Gate                         _No._ 16.
Spencer, M.P.
CLACK, Henry Tucker,    Courtland Terrace                     _No._ 5.
CLARKE, Henry Booth,    Kensington Square                    _No._ 17.
CLAXTON, Rev. Joseph    Pembroke Road                         _No._ 7.
CLAXTON, Marshall,      Campden Hill Villas                   _No._ 4.
CLAY, Alfred B., Esq.   Gloucester Terrace                    _No._ 4.
CLIFFORD, Colonel       Queen’s Gate                          _No._ 1.
Henry Morgan, M.P.
CLINT, Alfred, Esq.     Young Street                         _No._ 11.
CLODE, Charles          Phillimore Gardens                   _No._ 47.
Matthew, Esq.
COATES, Thomas, Esq.    Vicarage Place                   _York House_.
COCKERTON, Richard,     Petersham Terrace                    _No._ 12.
CODD, Miss              Campden Hill Villas                  _No._ 10.
COLE, George, Esq.      Kensington Crescent                   _No._ 1.
COLE, John, Esq.        Rutland Gate                         _No._ 30.
COLE, Vicat, Esq.       Gloucester Terrace                   _No._ 19.
COLLISTER, John, Esq.   Victoria Road                         _No._ 31
COLNETT, Frederick,     Belmont Villas                        _No._ 4.
COLTMAN, Francis        Hyde Park Gate                       _No._ 24.
Joseph, Esq.            (South)
COLVILE, Right Hon.     Rutland Gate                          _No._ 8.
Sir James William
CONDELL, Charles,       Warwick Square (East                  _No._ 4.
Esq.                    Side)
CONWORTH, Robert,       Percy Square                         _No._ 48.
CONYNGHAME, Hon. Mrs.   Vicarage Gardens                      _No._ 7.
COOKE, Edward           Hyde Park Gate                        _No._ 9.
William, Esq.           (South)
COOKES, Capt. George    Prince’s Gate                         _No._ 6.
COOKES, Thomas Henry,   Cambridge Place                      _No._ 10.
COOPER, Sir Daniel      Prince’s Gardens                     _No._ 20.
COPE, Charles West,     Hyde Park Gate                       _No._ 19.
Esq.                    (South)
CORBOULD, Alfred H.     Victoria Road                        _No._ 29.
CORBOULD, Edward        Hyde Park Gate                       _No._ 10.
Henry, Esq.             (South)
CORY, Alexander         Clarendon Road                       _No._ 13.
Turner, Esq.
COSBY, Mrs. Sydney      Prince’s Gate                        _No._ 35.
COSIER, Robert          Palace Gardens                       _No._ 12.
Arnold, Esq.            Terrace
COTTON, Sir St.         Hyde Park Terrace                     _No._ 5.
Vincent, Bart.
COTTON, Major Gen.      Gloucester Terrace                    _No._ 5.
CRAUFURD, Maj. Gen.     Prince’s Gate                        _No._ 10.
James Robertson
CRESSWELL, Corbett,     Victoria Road                         _No._ 2.
CRESSWELL, Right Hon.   Prince’s Gate                        _No._ 21.
Sir Cresswell
CRICKMER, Charles       Campden Grove                        _No._ 19.
James, Esq.
CROKER, Mrs.            Kensington Palace
CROPSEY, Jasper         Kensington Gate                       _No._ 2.
Francis, Esq.
CROSSE, Miss            Edwardes Place                        _No._ 2.
CRUICKSHANK, John,      Eldon Road                           _No._ 13.
CULHANE, Morgan, Esq.   Victoria Road                        _No._ 23.
CULLINGFORD, William    Phillimore Gardens                    _No._ 7.
Henry, Esq.
CULPEPER, William       Brunswick Terrace                     _No._ 1.
Moe, Esq.
CUNLIFFE, Roger, Esq.   Queen’s Gate                         _No._ 10.
CURZON, Hon. Edward     Wright’s Lane               _Scarsdale House_.
CURZON, Hon. Henry      Argyll Road                          _No._ 47.
George Roper

DALEY, Henry Michael    Brunswick Gardens                     _No._ 2.
DAVIES, John Ebenezer   Leonard Place                         _No._ 3.
DAVIES, Rev. William    Prince’s Gate                        _No._ 45.
Trevelyan Kevill
DAY, John Charles       Vicarage Gardens                      _No._ 9.
Frederick Sigismund,
DEACON, Vice-Admiral    Leonard Place                        _No._ 12.
Henry Colins
DE COURCY, John S. B.   Eldon Road                           _No._ 22.
DE FONBLANQUE, Thos.    Sussex Place                         _No._ 28.
Francis, Esq.
DE LA FELD, Count       Prince’s Terrace                     _No._ 18.
John Leopold
Ferdinand Casimir
DE LISLE, Alfred        Addison Road                         _No._ 14.
Theodore, Esq.
DESBARRES, Lieut.       York Villas                   _Windham Villa_.
Henry Wyndham
DESPARD, Rev. George    Sheffield Terrace                     _No._ 8.
DESPARD, Richard        Sheffield Terrace                     _No._ 4.
Carden, Esq.
DICK, Doctor Robert     Lansdowne Terrace                     _No._ 3.
DILLON, Frank, Esq.     Upper Phillimore                     _No._ 13.
DILLON, Hon. Mrs.       Inverness Gardens                     _No._ 8.
DILLWYN, Lewis          Prince’s Terrace                     _No._ 10.
Llewelyn, Esq., M.P.
DISBROWE, Miss          Kensington Palace
DIXON, Henry Hall,      Kensington Square                    _No._ 10.
DOBIE, Alexander,       Hyde Park Terrace                     _No._ 4.
DODWELL, Rev. Henry     St. Mary Abbot’s                      _No._ 2.
John                    Terrace
DOLLMAN, Francis,       Clarendon Road                       _No._ 10.
DONALDSON, Sir Stuart   Rutland Gate                         _No._ 22.
D’ORELLI, Capt.         St. Mary Abbot’s                      _No._ 6.
Edward                  Terrace
DOUCE, Thomas           Argyll Road                          _No._ 37.
Augustus, Esq.
DOUGLAS, John Moore,    Eldon Road                           _No._ 28.
DOWNER, Horace          Sussex Place                         _No._ 26.
Charles, Esq.
DU CANE, Capt. Edmund   Victoria Road                        _No._ 13.
DUCIE, Earl of          Prince’s Gate                        _No._ 30.
DUDFIELD, Thomas        Upper Phillimore                      _No._ 8.
Orme, Esq.              Place
DUFFIELD, William,      Upper Phillimore                      _No._ 4.
Esq.                    Gardens
DUNBAR, George, Esq.    Courtland Terrace                     _No._ 9.
DUNCOMBE, Frederick,    Percy Square                          _No._ 1.
DUNDONALD, Earl         Queen’s Gate                         _No._ 12.
DYNEVOR, Baron          Prince’s Gardens                     _No._ 18.

EARLE, Thomas Hughes,   Albert Terrace                       _No._ 10.
EATON, Henry William,   Prince’s Gate                        _No._ 16.
EDEN, Hon. Emily        Upper Kensington Gore            _Eden Lodge_.
EDMONDS, Thomas Rowe,   Brunswick Gardens                    _No._ 22.
EDWARDES, Thomas        Hyde Park Gate                        _No._ 5.
Dyer, Esq.
EDWARDS, Henry          Campden Hill Road                     _No._ 9.
Sutherland, Esq.
EDWARDS, John, Esq.     Abingdon Villas                      _No._ 10.
EGERTON, Com. Charles   Rutland Gate                          _No._ 7.
Randle, R.N.
EGG, Augustus           York Villas                        _The Elms_.
Leopold, Esq.
ELAND, George           Warwick Gardens                      _No._ 26.
Francis, Esq.           (West)
ELGER, George Gwyn,     Rutland Gate                         _No._ 31.
ELLICOMBE, Richard      Hyde Park Gate                        _No._ 6.
Rous, Esq.              (South)
ELLIOT, Admiral, the    Prince’s Terrace                      _No._ 4.
Hon. George, C.B.
ELLIS, Charles          Kensington Square                    _No._ 42.
Willatt, Esq.
ELMORE, Alfred, Esq.    St. Alban’s Road                      _No._ 1.
ELWES, Francis          Queen’s Gate Terrace                 _No._ 39.
Emilius Cary, Esq.
ELY, Dowager            Prince’s Gate                         _No._ 9.
Marchioness of
EMMETT, Major-General   Brunswick Terrace                     _No._ 5.
ERLE, Right Hon. Sir    Prince’s Gardens                     _No._ 12.
William, Esq.
ETHERINGTON, Charles,   South Villas                          _No._ 2.
EVANS, Miss             Sheffield Terrace                    _No._ 12.
EVETT, George, Esq.     Cambridge Terrace                     _No._ 6.
EWENS, Creasy, Esq.     Palace Gardens Villas                 _No._ 5.

FAIRBAIRN, Thomas,      Queen’s Gate                         _No._ 23.
FALKLAND, Viscount      Prince’s Gate                         _No._ 4.
FARRER, Captain John    Rutland Gate                          _No._ 41
FAVARD-DEL’ANGLADE,     Hyde Park Gate                  _Stoke Lodge_.
FELL, Samuel Gregson,   Addison Road                         _No._ 16.
FELTOE, Francis         Pembroke Road                        _No._ 16.
Frederick, Esq.
FENN, Robert Liveing,   Victoria Road                        _No._ 32.
FENWICK, Charles        Rutland Gate                         _No._ 33.
Richard, Esq.
FERGUSON, Doctor        Holland Villas Road                  _No._ 20.
FIENNES, Hon. J.        Queen’s Gate Terrace                 _No._ 40.
Fiennes Twistleton
FITZCLARENCE,           Petersham Terrace                     _No._ 2.
Honourable Frederick
Charles George
FITZMAURICE, Major      Hyde Park Gate                        _No._ 12
Hon. William Edward
FITZROY, Rt. Hon.       Prince’s Gardens                      _No._ 6.
Lord Charles
FORBES,                 Victoria Road                         _No._ 4.
FORSTER, George         Scarsdale Villas                     _No._ 12.
Henry, Esq. R.N.
FORSYTH, William,       Rutland Gate                         _No._ 61.
FOX, Lieut.-Gen.        Addison Road                           _No._ 1
Charles Richard
FRASER, Edward John,    Sheffield Terrace                    _No._ 10.
FREAKE, Charles         Cromwell Road                _Cromwell House_.
James, Esq.
FREEMAN, Robert, Esq.   Upper Phillimore                     _No._ 13.
FROST, Rev. George      Kensington Square               _Nos._ 28, 29.
FURRELL, James, Esq.    Argyll Road                          _No._ 34.

GABRIELLI, Anthony,     Queen’s Gate Terrace                  _No._ 6.
GALE, Edward John       Sheffield Gardens                     _No._ 2.
Morant, Esq.
GALLENGA, Antonio,      Kensington Gate                       _No._ 1.
GALSWORTHY, Frederick   Hyde Park Gate                        _No._ 8.
Thomas, Esq.            (South)
GALTON, Francis, Esq.   Rutland Gate                         _No._ 42.
GAMBARDELLA,            Sussex Place                         _No._ 22.
Spiridione, Esq.
GANDELL, George, Esq.   Palace Garden’s                      _No._ 22.
GARLAND, Edgar          Queen’s Gate                         _No._ 15.
Walter, Esq.
GARRAWAY, George,       Addison Road                         _No._ 86.
GEISSMAN, Captain       Bedford Place                        _No._ 29.
Lewis De
GEORGE, Henry, Esq.     Hornton Villas                        _No._ 4.
GIBBON, Arthur          Scarsdale Villas                     _No._ 22.
Augustus, Esq.
GIFFARD, George         Prince’s Gardens                      _No._ 4.
Markham, Esq.
GILBERT, Henry, Esq.    Upper Phillimore                     _No._ 23.
GILBERTSON, Edward,     St. Alban’s Road                      _No._ 3.
GODSON, Augustus        Rutland Gate                         _No._ 14.
Frederick, Esq.
GOODEVE, Joseph, Esq.   Kensington Square                    _No._ 41.
GOORE, Wm. Henry        Palace Gardens’                      _No._ 23.
Postlethwaite, Esq.     Terrace
GORDON, Fredk.          Eldon Road                            _No._ 2.
Walcott Robert, Esq.
GORDON, Mrs.            Prince’s Gate                        _No._ 46.
GORE-LANGTON, Wm.       Prince’s Gate                         _No._ 2.
Henry, Esq.
GOULBOURN, Frederick,   Prince’s Terrace                      _No._ 5.
GRAHAM, Major James     Douro Place                           _No._ 7.
Reginald Tovin
GREEN, William, Esq.    Percy Square                         _No._ 40.
GREENALL, Gilbert,      Prince’s Terrace                      _No._ 2.
Esq., M.P.
GREENWOOD, John, Esq.   Hyde Park Gate                       _No._ 15.
GREIG, John             Victoria Road                        _No._ 11.
Borthwick, Esq.
GREVILLE, Col. Fulke    Albert Gate                           _No._ 2.
Southwell, M.P.
GRIBBLE, George, Esq.   Pembroke Cottages                     _No._ 4.
GROSVENOR, Earl, M.P.   Prince’s Gate                        _No._ 28.
GUAZZARONI, Signor      Allen Terrace                         _No._ 1.
GUAZZARONI, John        Allen Terrace                         _No._ 1.
Bely, Esq.
GURNEY, Samuel, Esq.,   Prince’s Gate                        _No._ 25.

HAFFENDEN, Dalton       Bath Place                            _No._ 7.
Adolphus, Esq.
HALL, George            Argyll Road                          _No._ 45.
Lowthian, Esq.
HALL, Capt. William     Phillimore Gardens                   _No._ 48.
HALLYBURTON,            Kensington Palace
Rear-Admiral, Lord
Frederick Gordon
HALSE, John, Esq.       Palace Gardens Villas                _No._ 14.
HALSE, William          Addison Terrace                       _No._ 1.
Hooper, Esq.
HALSWELL, Edmund,       Kensington Gate                      _No._ 26.
HAMMERSLEY, Hugh,       Upper Kensington Gore                 _No._ 2.
HAMPSHIRE, William,     St. Alban’s Road                      _No._ 6.
HAMPTON, Robert, Esq.   Campden Hill Road                     _No._ 1.
HANDLEY-O’FARRELL,      Douro Place                          _No._ 10.
Henry, Esq.
HANSLER, Captain        Upper Phillimore                     _No._ 32.
Robert Jacob            Place
HARDING, Charles,       Percy Square                          _No._ 2.
HARDINGE, Dowager       Prince’s Terrace                      _No._ 1.
HARDISTY, Edward        Argyll Road                          _No._ 32.
Brydges, Esq.
HARLE, William          Warwick Gardens                       _No._ 3.
Lockey, Esq.            (East)
HARNESS, Rev. William   Hyde Park Terrace                     _No._ 3.
HARPER, Lieut. Col.     Hyde Park Gate                       _No._ 12.
George Henry            (South)
HARRAL, Horace, Esq.    Campden Hill Villas                   _No._ 4.
HARRIS, Quarles, Esq.   Eldon Road                           _No._ 29.
HASLEWOOD, Rev. Ashby   Inverness Gardens                     _No._ 6.
HARRISIDE, Thomas J.    Clarendon Road                       _No._ 14.
HAWARDEN, Viscount      Prince’s Gardens                      _No._ 5.
HAWKE, John, Esq.       Victoria Road               _Restormel Lodge_.
HAWKINS, John           Vicarage Gardens                      _No._ 8.
William, Esq.
HAWKINS, Major Rhode,   Hyde Park Gate                        _No._ 5.
HAWTHORN, Charles       Pembroke Cottages                _Westmoreland
Stewart, Esq.           (South)                               Villas_.
HAY, Lady Alice         Addison Road                          _No._ 1.
HAY, Eugene, Esq.       Campden Hill Villas                   _No._ 5.
HAY, Robert, Esq.       Prince’s Gate                        _No._ 44.
HEAD, Arthur Joseph,    Palace Gardens                       _No._ 10.
Esq.                    Terrace
HEATHCOTE, William,     Hyde Park Gate                       _No._ 20.
Esq.                    (South)
HEDLEY, Captain         Albert Gate                           _No._ 3.
HENDERSON, George,      Palace Garden Villas                 _No._ 10.
HENDRIKS, Frederick,    Palace Gardens                       _No._ 30.
Esq.                    Terrace
HENSMAN, Henry, Esq.    Sussex Place                         _No._ 33.
HERAPATH, Spencer,      Argyll Road                          _No._ 46.
HERTZ, Joseph           Pembroke Cottages                     _No._ 3.
Adolphus, Esq.          (North)
HESSEY, Rev. Dr.        Addison Road                         _No._ 26.
HEYLIN, Alexander,      Sheffield Terrace                  _No._ 1_a_.
HIBBERT, William        Prince’s Gate                        _No._ 18.
Tetlow, Esq.
HILLS, Gordon           Douro Place                           _No._ 4.
Macdonald, Esq.
HILLS, Captain John,    Douro Place                           _No._ 4.
HILLS, Octavius,        Douro Place                           _No._ 4.
Lilburn, Esq.
HILLYARD, Rev. George   Victoria Road                         _No._ 3.
HIXON, James Thomson,   Lower Phillimore                     _No._ 28.
Esq.                    Place
HOCKLEY, Thomas         Pembroke Road                         _No._ 8.
Allen, Esq.
HODGE, William          Percy Villas                          _No._ 6.
Barwick, Esq.
HOGG, Peter, Esq.       Palace Green
HOGHTON, Sir Henry      Prince’s Gate                        _No._ 27.
Bold, Bart.
HOLCOMBE, Walter        Leonard Place                         _No._ 4.
Augustus, Esq.
HOLDEN, Rev. Henry      Addison Road                         _No._ 46.
HOLLAND, Dowager Lady   Kensington                    _Holland House_.
HOLLAND, Henry          Rutland Gate                         _No._ 25.
Thurston, Esq.
HOLLINGS, John, Esq.    Cambridge Terrace                     _No._ 4.
HOLMS, John, Esq.       Petersham Terrace                     _No._ 9.
HOPE, Lady Mary         Rutland Gate                         _No._ 50.
HORTON, Edward John,    Sheffield Terrace                     _No._ 9.
HOTCHKIN, Spencer,      Palace Gardens Villas                _No._ 11.
HOTCHKIN, William       Pembroke Road                        _No._ 10.
Lambert, Esq.
HOWARD, Lord Edward     Rutland Gate                         _No._ 19.
Geo. Fitzallan
HOWARD, Frederick       Prince’s Gate                         _No._ 7.
John, Esq.
HOWARD, Robert, Esq.    Young Street                          _No._ 5.
HOWLETT, Rev. John      Young Street                          _No._ 9.
HUBBARD, John           Prince’s Gate                        _No._ 24.
Gellibrand, Esq. M.P.
HUGHES, George, Esq.    Campden House Road                    _No._ 6.
HULL, Dr. George        St. Mary Abbot’s                      _No._ 1.
HUNT, William Holman,   Tor Villas                            _No._ 1.
HUXLEY, Charles         Addison Gardens                       _No._ 1.
Rodney, Esq.
HYDE, Colonel George    Albert Place                         _No._ 13.

IFOLD, William, Esq.    South Villas                    _South Lodge_.
INVERNESS, Duchess of   Kensington Palace

JACKSON, Henry Bates,   Scarsdale Villas                      _No._ 7.
JACKSON, Mrs.           Kensington Palace
JACKSON, Mrs. William   Sheffield Terrace                     _No._ 3.
JETTER, The Rev. John   Sheffield Terrace                    _No._ 20.
JONES, Colonel Henry    Earl’s Terrace                       _No._ 16.
JOSLING, Thomas         Argyll Road                          _No._ 39.
Bayley, Esq.
JOYCE, Thomas, Esq.     Berkeley Gardens                      _No._ 1.

KAMENSKY, Gabriel,      Victoria Road                        _No._ 33.
KEANE, Baron            Campden Hill                    _Moray Lodge_.
KEARY, Alfred John,     Addison Road                         _No._ 17.
KEATING, Hon. Sir       Prince’s Gardens                     _No._ 11.
Henry Singer
KEELING, Edward         Hyde Park Gate                        _No._ 7.
Henry, Esq.
KEITH, Thomas           Warwick Gardens                      _No._ 15.
William, Esq.           (East)
KENNARD, Coleridge,     Prince’s Terrace                     _No._ 13.
KENNEDY, Charles        Kensington Gate                       _No._ 7.
Malcolm, Esq.
KENNELL, John Fisher,   Campden Hill                _Hornton Cottage_.
KENT, William Charles   Campden Grove                         _No._ 1.
Mark, Esq.
KEW, Frederick          Edwarde’s Place                       _No._ 1.
Edward, Esq.
KINGDON, Thomas         Clarendon Road                        _No._ 3.
Kingdon, Esq.
KINGSCOTE, Hon. Mrs.    Rutland Gate                         _No._ 22.
KINGSFORD, Henry,       Queen’s Gate Gardens                  _No._ 6.
KINGSTON, Dr. Peter     Kensington Gate                      _No._ 19.
KINNEAR, John Boyd,     Victoria Road                        _No._ 53.
KINNOULL, Earl of       Rutland Gate                         _No._ 23.
KYNASTON, John, Esq.    Essex Villas                          _No._ 3.

LAING, Seton, Esq.      Hyde Park Gate                        _No._ 9.
LAKE, Charles Henry,    Eldon Road                            _No._ 2.
LANCASTER, Benjamin,    Prince’s Gardens                      _No._ 1.
LANGLEY, Henry, Esq.    Queen’s Gate Terrace                 _No._ 11.
LAWSON, Charles         Pembroke Road                        _No._ 13.
Lucius, Esq.
LEAHY, Major Arthur     St. Alban’s Road                      _No._ 8.
LEESON, John, Esq.      Upper Phillimore                     _No._ 19.
LENNOX, Lord William    Upper Phillimore                     _No._ 19.
Pitt                    Place
LESLIE, John, Esq.      Campden Hill                     _Bute House_.
LESLIE, Lewis James,    Percy Villas                          _No._ 4.
LEWIS, Right Hon. Sir   South Place                   _Kent House_, B.
George Cornewall,
LEYLAND, Captain        Albert gate                 _Hyde Park House_.
LINDSAY, Lt.-Col.       Rutland Gate                         _No._ 49.
Hon. Charles Hugh
LINDSAY; Lieut.-Col.    Cromwell Place                    _Nos._ 5, 6.
Sir Coutts, Bart.
LISTER, Thomas          South Place                   _Kent House_, B.
Villiers, Esq.
LITTLE, Colonel         Queen’s Gate Terrace                 _No._ 47.
Archibald, C.B.
LLOYD, Ernest           Queen’s Gate Terrace                 _No._ 34.
Boteter, Esq.
LOMAX, Thomas, Esq.     Clarendon Road                       _No._ 15.
LONGDEN, Morrell        Ennismore Place                       _No._ 4.
Dorington, Esq.
LONGDEN, Thomas         Ennismore Place                       _No._ 4.
Hayter, Esq.
LONGRIDGE, James        Phillimore Gardens                    _No._ 1.
Atkinson, Esq.
LOPEZ, Henry Charles,   Cromwell Place                        _No._ 8.
LOPEZ, Sir Massey,      Cromwell Place                        _No._ 8.
Bart, M.P.
LORAINE, Miss           Prince’s Terrace                      _No._ 6.
LUTYENS, Charles,       Palace Gardens                        _No._ 6.
Esq.                    Terrace
LYALL, George, Esq.     Rutland Gate                          _No._ 9.
LYON-BOWES, Hon.        Queen’s Gate Terrace                  _No._ 7.
LYSLEY, William John,   Prince’s Gardens                     _No._ 23.
Esq. M.P.

M’CALLUM, Andrew,       Bedford Place                  _West Cottage_.
M’CONECHY, Rev. James   Gordon Place                          _No._ 5.
MACDONALD, Reginald     Scarsdale Villas                     _No._ 10.
George, Esq.
M’DONNELL, Morgan       Warwick Gardens                      _No._ 30.
Augustine, Esq.         (West)
MACKENZIE, William,     Addison Crescent                      _No._ 3.
M’MASTER, James, Esq.   Queen’s Gate Terrace                  _No._ 5.
MAGNAY, Sir William,    Kensington Gate                      _No._ 24.
MAHLER, Phillip, Esq.   Palace Gardens Villas                _No._ 15.
MAITLAND, John          Rutland Gate                         _No._ 51.
Gorham, Esq.
MALCOLM, Lady           Kensington Gate                      _No._ 12.
MALINGS, William,       York Villas                           _No._ 4.
MALLETT, Captain Hugh   Pembroke Road                        _No._ 18.
MANN, Robert Wilks,     Campden Grove                         _No._ 3.
MANNING, Charles        Prince’s Gardens                     _No._ 15.
John, Esq.
MARSH, Matthew Henry,   Rutland Gate                          _No._ 2.
Esq., M.P.
MARSHALL, Thomas        Victoria Road                 _Walton Villas_.
Falcon, Esq.
MARTIN, Doctor          Lower Phillimore                     _No._ 19.
Frederick               Place
MARTIN, John, Esq.      Douro Place                           _No._ 8.
MARTINDALE, Capt.       Brunswick Gardens                    _No._ 20.
Benjamin Hay
MARTYN, Rev. Thomas     Gordon Place                          _No._ 4.
MAULE, John Blossett,   Prince’s Terrace                     _No._ 15.
MAXWELL, James Clark,   Palace Gardens                        _No._ 8.
Esq.                    Terrace
MAYNE, William, Esq.    Percy Square                         _No._ 34.
MERLE, William Henry,   Prince’s Terrace                     _No._ 20.
MERRIMAN, John, Esq.    Kensington Square                    _No._ 45.
MERRIMAN, John Jones,   Kensington Square                    _No._ 44.
METHOLD, Major Edward   Albert Place                         _No._ 11.
MEWBURN, Bowyer, Esq.   Campden Hill Terrace                  _No._ 2.
MEYNELL, Gerard Coke,   Rutland Gate                         _No._ 11.
MIDDLETON, Jacob,       Pembroke Road                         _No._ 4.
MILLAIS, John           Cromwell Place                        _No._ 7.
Everett, Esq.
MILLETT, Charles,       Queen’s Gate Terrace                 _No._ 10.
MILLS, Richard, Esq.    Queen’s Gate Terrace                 _No._ 23.
MILLS, William          Scarsdale Villas                     _No._ 29.
Primrose, Esq.
MITCALFE, Stephen       Palace Gardens                        _No._ 3.
Wright, Esq.            Terrace
MITCHELL, Samuel        Courtland Place                       _No._ 1.
Buckland, Esq.
MITCHELL, William,      Hyde Park Gate                        _No._ 6.
MOLYNEUX, Captain       Queen’s Gate Terrace                 _No._ 42.
William Hargreaves,
MONCREIFFE, Sir         Prince’s Terrace                      _No._ 3.
Thomas, Bart.
MONYPENNY, Mrs.         Gloucester Terrace                   _No._ 21.
MOORE, David, Esq.      Clarendon Road                        _No._ 2.
MORANT, John, Esq.      Prince’s Terrace                      _No._ 7.
MORGAN, Junius S.,      Prince’s Gate                         _No._ 13
MORLEY, Earl of         South Place                   _Kent House_, A.
MOUNSEY, George         Brunswick Gardens                    _No._ 14.
William, Esq.
MOUNTCHARLES, Earl of   Rutland Gate                         _No._ 60.
MUGFORD, William        Campden House Road                    _No._ 7.
Henry, Esq., R.N.
MUNSTER, Earl of        Queen’s Gate Gardens                  _No._ 8.
MURE, Colonel William   Rutland Gate                         _No._ 55.
MURRAY, Lady            Sheffield Gardens                     _No._ 4.
MURRAY, John, Esq.      Rutland Gate                         _No._ 54.
MURRAY, John Nesbitt,   Queen’s Gate Terrace                 _No._ 33.
MYLNE, Robert           Hyde Park Gate                       _No._ 11.
William, Esq.           (South)

NAVIN, James, Esq.      Brunswick Gardens                     _No._ 6.
NEWMARCH, William,      Palace Gardens                       _No._ 17.
Esq.                    Terrace
NOBLE, Matthew, Esq.    Abingdon Villas                      _No._ 43.
NORMAN, Captain         Percy Square                        _No._ 33a.
William Frederick
NORMANBY, Marquis of    Kensington Gore                       _No._ 9.
NORTH, Ford, Esq.       Vicarage Gardens                      _No._ 3.
NORTON, Lady            Kensington Gore                       _No._ 3.

OAKES, John Wright,     Victoria Road                        _No._ 28.
OEHME, William Daniel   Warwick Square (_West                 _No._ 1.
Henry, Esq.             Side_)
OGILVY, Sir John,       South Place                 _Kent House_, _A_.
OLIPHANT, William       Addison Road                         _No._ 60.
Henry, Esq.
OLIVER, James, Esq.     Addison Road                         _No._ 12.
O’NEIL, George          Mall
Bernard, Esq.
O’NEIL, Henry Nelson,   Victoria Road                         _No._ 7.
OPPENHEIM, Ernest,      Albert Terrace                       _No._ 14.
ORKNEY, Earl of         Ennismore Place                       _No._ 3.
ORLEBAR, Mrs. Eleanor   Cambridge Place                       _No._ 5.
OUTRAM, Lieut. Gen.     Queen’s Gate Gardens                 _No._ 10.
Sir James Bart.
OXENHAM, George         Upper Phillimore                     _No._ 27.
Nutford, Esq.           Place
OXLAD, Rev. Robert      Inkerman Terrace                     _No._ 10.

PAGE, Thomas, Esq.      Campden Hill                   _Tower Cressy_.
PAIN, Thomas, Esq.      Phillimore Terrace                    _No._ 8.
PALK, Augustus, Esq.    Kensington Gate                       _No._ 4.
PALMER, Colonel         Palace Gardens                       _No._ 19.
Nicholas                Terrace
PALMER, William         Hyde Park Gate                       _No._ 22.
Henry, Esq.             (South)
PARKE, William, Esq.    Cromwell Place                       _No._ 10.
PARKER, George          Pembroke Road                         _No._ 3.
Cutler, Esq.
PATERSON, William       Sheffield Gardens                    _No._ 14.
Benjamin, Esq.
PATTESON, James         Hyde Park Gate                        _No._ 3.
Henry, Esq.             (South)
PEARPOINT, Robert       Warwick Gardens                      _No._ 16.
Henry, Esq.
PEDDER, Major Henry     Queen’s Gate                          _No._ 9.
PEEL, Right             Durham Villas                         _No._ 4.
Honourable Sir
PERROTT, Capt.          Argyll Road                          _No._ 49.
Octavius George
PERY, Richard Hay,      Addison Road                         _No._ 51.
PETO, Charles, Esq.     Campden Hill Road                    _No._ 10.
PHIBBS, Major Richard   Rutland Gate                         _No._ 12.
PHILLIP, John, Esq.     South Villas                          _No._ 1.
PHILLIPS, John          Earl’s Court Terrace                 _No._ 12.
Arthur, Esq.
PHILP, Francis          Kensington                      _Colby House_.
Richard, Esq.
PHILPOT, Ven.           Wilton House                          _No._ 3.
Archdeacon Benjamin
PICKERING, Arthur       Prince’s Gate                        _No._ 42.
Proctor, Esq.
PICKERING, William      Prince’s Gate                        _No._ 42.
Percival, Esq.
PIGOU, Frederick,       Albert Terrace                       _No._ 11.
PIXLEY, Capt. William   Victoria Road                    _Park Villa_.
POLE, William, Esq.     Argyll Road                          _No._ 48.
POLLOCK, Robert         Upper Phillimore                      _No._ 7.
James, Esq.             Gardens
PONSONBY, Hon. Ashley   Prince’s Gardens                      _No._ 9.
George John, M.P.
POOLE, Edward           Berkeley Gardens                      _No._ 4.
Stanley, Esq.
PORTCH, Julian John,    Mall
PORTER, Lieut.          Berkeley Gardens                      _No._ 5.
Colonel John
PORTMAN, Baron          Prince’s Gate                         _No._ 5.
POTT, Francis Swaine,   St. Albany Road                      _No._ 11.
POTTER, Edmund, Esq.,   Prince’s Gardens                     _No._ 22.
POTTER, Rupert, Esq.    Prince’s Gardens                     _No._ 22.
POTTER, Thomas          Petersham Terrace                    _No._ 10.
Bayley, Esq.
POWELL, Mrs. Baden      Hyde Park Gate                        _No._ 1.
POWNEY, Lieut.          Holland Villas Road                  _No._ 36.
General Richard
PRANCE, Vaughan, Esq.   South Villas                 _Stanhope Villa_.
PRESTON, John Hughes,   Warwick Gardens                      _No._ 25.
Esq.                    (West)
PRICE, Bonamy, Esq.     Prince’s Terrace                     _No._ 11.
PRIESTLEY, Thomas,      Pembroke Cottages                     _No._ 2.
Esq.                    (South)
PRINGLE, Colonel John   Queen’s Gate Terrace                  _No._ 3.
PRINSEP, Henry Thoby,   Kensington                     _Little Holland
Esq.                                                           House_.
PROTHEROE, Doctor       Lansdowne Terrace                     _No._ 1.
John Edward
PULMAN, John, Esq.      Kensington Crescent                  _No._ 22.
PURCELL, Lyndsay        Sussex Place                         _No._ 31.
Dillon, Esq.
PURDY, Frederick,       Victoria Road             _Clarendon Cottage_.

RAE, William Frazer,    Cambridge Terrace                    _No._ 16.
RAGLAN, Lord            Rutland Gate                         _No._ 58.
RAM, Stephen, Esq.      Prince’s Gate                        _No._ 36.
RAMSAY, Andrew          Upper Phillimore                     _No._ 29.
Crombie, Esq.           Place
RANKLEY, Alfred, Esq.   South Villas                 _Clifton Villas_.
RAPER, Mrs.             Prince’s Terrace                      _No._ 6.
RAPHAEL, Thomas         Phillimore Gardens                   _No._ 21.
Athanasio, Esq.
RAWDON, Lieut. Gen.     Prince’s Gate                        _No._ 34.
John Dawson
RAWES, Rev. William     Palace Gardens                        _No._ 7.
Francis                 Terrace
RAWSON, Henry Esq.      Scarsdale Villas                      _No._ 8.
RAWSTORNE, Capt.        Abingdon Villas                      _No._ 32.
James, R.N.
RAY, Edmund Barker,     Prince’s Gate                        _No._ 15.
REA, William, Esq.      Pembroke Cottages                     _No._ 2.
READ, Samuel, Esq.      Argyll Road                          _No._ 55.
READ, Thomas            Petersham Terrace                    _No._ 11.
Lawrence, Esq.
REDGRAVE, Richard,      Hyde Park Gate                       _No._ 18.
Esq.                    (South)
REDGRAVE, Samuel,       Hyde Park Gate                       _No._ 17.
Esq.                    (South)
REED, William, Esq.     Addison Road                   _Winter Lodge_.
REEVE, Henry, Esq.      Rutland Gate                         _No._ 62.
REEVES, Colonel         Kensington Gate                       _No._ 8.
George Marmaduke
REYNELL, John           Sheffield Gardens                     _No._ 1.
Griffiths, Esq.
RICHARDS, Oliver,       Victoria Road              _Victoria Cottage_.
RICHARDSON, Charles     Kensington Square                    _No._ 34.
James, Esq.
RICHARDSON, William     Allen Terrace                         _No._ 5.
Burbidge, Esq.
RICKARD, William,       Addison Road                         _No._ 23.
ROBE, Colonel           Palace Gardens                        _No._ 5.
Frederick Holt, C.B.    Terrace
ROBERTS, Henry          Kensington Crescent                   _No._ 6.
Taylor, Esq.
ROBINSON, Rev. David    Rutland Gate                          _No._ 4.
ROGERS, Doctor George   Allen Terrace                         _No._ 9.
ROGERS, Samuel, Esq.    Campden Hill Terrace                  _No._ 5.
ROLPH, George           Abingdon Villas                      _No._ 16.
Frederick, Esq.
ROSE, Philip, Esq.      Rutland Gate                         _No._ 59.
ROSS, Henry, Esq.       Douro Place                          _No._ 15.
ROSS, General Sir Hew   Rutland Gate                         _No._ 34.
ROTHSCHILD, Baron       Prince’s Gate                _Kingston House_.
Lionel Nathan De,
ROUGIER, Henry, Esq.    Inverness Gardens                     _No._ 1.
ROYLE, William, Esq.    Campden Grove                        _No._ 12.
RUSBRIDGER, Joseph,     Addison Terrace                       _No._ 6.
RUTLAND, Duke of        Cromwell Road                 _Manners House_.
RYAN, Charles Lister,   Addison Road                   _Garden Lodge_.
RYAN, Right Hon. Sir    Addison Road                          _No._ 5.

SABOUROFF, Peter,       Albert Terrace                        _No._ 4.
SAINSBURY, William      Kensington Crescent                  _No._ 11.
Noel, Esq.
ST. ALBAN’S, Dowager,   Prince’s Gate                         _No._ 4.
Duchess of
ST. GEORGE, Colonel     Rutland Gate                         _No._ 17.
John, C.B.
SARTORIS, Alfred,       Rutland Gate                         _No._ 64.
SAUMAREZ, Colonel       Prince’s Gate                        _No._ 41.
Hon. John St. Vincent
SAUNDERS, Josiah,       Upper Bedford Place                   _No._ 2.
SCARLETT, Major-Gen.    Prince’s Terrace                     _No._ 25.
the Hon. Sir James
Yorke, K.C.B.
SCHENLEY, Edward        Prince’s Gate                        _No._ 14.
Wyndham Harrington,
SCHUSTER, Samuel Leo,   Queen’s Gate                         _No._ 18.
SCOTLAND, George,       St. Mary Abbott’s                    _No._ 13.
Esq., C.B.              Terrace
SCOTT, Lieut.-Gen.      Cromwell Road                         _No._ 1.
John, C.B.
SCROPE, George          Hyde Park Gate                       _No._ 25.
Poulett, Esq. M.P.      (South)
SEATON, Edward          Campden Grove                        _No._ 22.
Johnstone, Esq.
SENIOR, Nassau          Hyde Park Gate                       _No._ 13.
William, Esq.
SHAEN, William, Esq.    Upper Phillimore                     _No._ 15.
SHAW, William           Campden Hill                  _Wycombe Lodge_.
Ambrose, Esq.
SHAFTO, Robert          Prince’s Gardens                     _No._ 18.
Duncombe, Esq., M.P.
SHAW, Stewart John      Queen’s Gate                         _No._ 13.
Archibald, Esq.
SHEPHEARD, Charles,     Pembroke Road                         _No._ 1.
SHEWARD, Joseph, Esq.   Albert Gate                           _No._ 3.
SHIELS, John            Sheffield Gardens                    _No._ 18.
Caverhill, Esq.
SHUTE, Mrs. Deane       Rutland Gate                         _No._ 28.
SIDNEY, Hon.            Petersham Terrace                     _No._ 3.
Ernestine Wellington
SIDNEY, Hon. Sophia     Petersham Terrace                     _No._ 3.
SIMS, Commander         Clarendon Road                       _No._ 24.
Andrew R.N.
SINCLAIR, Ven.          Vicarage Place                 _The Vicarage_.
Archdeacon John
SINCLAIR, William       Addison Crescent                      _No._ 4.
Thomson, Esq.
SMITH, George, Esq.     Tor Villas                            _No._ 2.
SMITH, James Burrell,   Scarsdale Villas                     _No._ 13.
SMITH, Oswald           Rutland Gate                         _No._ 44.
Augustus, Esq.
SMITH, Towers, Esq.     Lower Phillimore                     _No._ 30.
SOADY, John Williams,   Palace Gardens Villas                 _No._ 2.
SOMERS, Earl            Prince’s Gate                        _No._ 33.
SOUTH, Sir James        South Villas                _The Observatory_.
SPILLMAN, George,       Victoria Road                        _No._ 26.
SPOTTISWOODE,           Phillimore Gardens                    _No._ 9.
Maj.-General A. Cole
STACPOOLE, Frederick,   Eldon Road                            _No._ 6.
STANESBY, Samuel,       St. George’s Terrace                  _No._ 6.
STANHAM, George         Upper Phillimore                     _No._ 20.
Gordon, Esq.            Place
STEBBING, Charles       Eldon Road                           _No._ 26.
James, Esq.
STEBBING, John          Eldon Road                           _No._ 26.
Arthur, Esq.
STEPHENSON, Augustus    Rutland Gate                         _No._ 56.
Keppel, Esq.
STEPHENSON, Lady Mary   Rutland Gate                         _No._ 56.
STEPHENSON, Capt.       Rutland Gate                         _No._ 56.
Sussex Vane
STERKY, Charles, Esq.   Albert Place                         _No._ 10.
STERLING, Colonel Sir   South Place                           _No._ 3.
STEVENS, Charles        Gloucester Terrace                   _No._ 15.
Henry Stanly, Esq.
STEWART, Hope, Esq.     Campden Hill Terrace                  _No._ 1.
STOATT, Charles, Esq.   Young Street                         _No._ 11.
STOCK, Henry, Esq.      Bedford Place                  _East Cottage_.
STOCK, Rev. John        Earl’s Terrace                        _No._ 1.
STOKES, Charles, Esq.   Argyll Road                          _No._ 25.
STRACHAN, William,      Bedford Place                        _No._ 30.
STRAITH, Major Hector   Cromwell Road                         _No._ 3.
STRATHEDEN, &           South Place                _Stratheden House_.
STUART, Dugald, Esq.    Queen’s Gate                          _No._ 5.
STUART, Sir John        Queen’s Gate                          _No._ 5.
STUART, John, Esq.      Queens’ Gate                          _No._ 5.
SUTTON, Daniel, Esq.    Earl’s Terrace                       _No._ 25.
SWANSTON, Clement       Kensington Gore                       _No._ 7.
Tudway, Esq. Jun.

TALBOT, Colonel, the    Cromwell Road                         _No._ 2.
Hon. Willington
Patrick Manvers
TANNER, John, Esq.      Kensington Gate                       _No._ 9.
TAPP, William John,     Kensington Crescent                   _No._ 4.
TAYLER, John            Upper Phillimore                     _No._ 11.
Frederick, Esq.         Gardens
TAYLOR, Alfred, Esq.    Madeley Villas                        _No._ 3.
TAYLOR, Peter Alfred,   Campden Hill                   _Aubrey House_.
Esq., M.P.
THACKERAY, Wm.          Palace Green
Makepeace, Esq.
THEED, William, Esq.    Tor Villas                    _Campden Lodge_.
THISTLEWOOD, George     Phillimore Gardens                    _No._ 2.
Henry, Esq.
THOM, James Pattison,   Earl’s Terrace                       _No._ 17.
THOMAS, Griffith,       Queen’s Gate Terrace                 _No._ 45.
THRING, Henry, Esq.     Queen’s Gate Gardens                  _No._ 5.
THUDICHUM, Dr. John     Pembroke Road                         _No._ 2.
Louis William
THURSBY, Rev. William   Rutland Gate                         _No._ 49.
THWAITES, Daniel,       Queen’s Gate                          _No._ 3.
THYNNE, Lord Edward,    Cromwell Place                        _No._ 4.
TILLEARD, Thomas,       Pembroke Road                        _No._ 14.
TIPPETTS, James         Earl’s Court Terrace                 _No._ 15.
Berriman, Esq.
TOMBS, Mrs. John        Eldon Road                           _No._ 14.
TOMS, George Bailey,    Phillimore Gardens                   _No._ 13.
TRAFFORD SOUTHWELL,     Prince’s Gate                        _No._ 19.
TRENDELL, James         Abingdon Villas                      _No._ 44.
Richens, Esq.
TROUBRIDGE, Col., Sir   Queen’s Gate                          _No._ 8.
Thomas, Bart.
TUDOR, Owen Davies,     Bedford Place                         _No._ 2.
TURNER, James           Lower Phillimore                     _No._ 31.
William, Esq.           Place
TWEEDDALE, Marquis of   Queen’s Gate Gardens                 _No._ 23.
TWISTLETON, Hon.        Rutland Gate                          _No._ 3.
Edward Turner Boyd

UNNA, Ferdinand, Esq.   Addison Road                         _No._ 88.

VALENTINE, John         Wilton Terrace                        _No._ 1.
Sutherland, Esq.
VALLANCE, Captain       Wilton Terrace                        _No._ 5.
Thomas William
VICKERY, Francis Esq.   Palace Gardens                       _No._ 27.
VINCENT, Henry          Campden Hill                _Thornwood Lodge_.
William, Esq.
VITTOZ, E. Esq.         Clarendon Terrace                     _No._ 1.
VIZETELLY, Henry,       York Villas                  _Chalfont Lodge_.
VON WEGNERN,            Abingdon Villas                      _No._ 22.
Professor Oscar

WADE, James Esq.        Upper Kensington Gore                 _No._ 5.
WALCOT, Thomas, Esq.    Kensington Gore                       _No._ 4.
WALKER, Joseph, Esq.    Bath Place                            _No._ 4.
WALTON, John            Campden Hill                  _Wickham House_.
Whitehead, Esq.
WARD, Charles, Esq.     Douro Place                           _No._ 1.
WARD, Hon. Mrs.         Queen’s Gate Terrace                 _No._ 46.
WARDLAW, John, Esq.     Prince’s Gate                        _No._ 37.
WATERHOUSE, William     Abingdon Villas                      _No._ 36.
P. Esq.
WEBB, Henry Esq.        Campden Hill Road                    _No._ 12.
WEBSTER, Charles Fox,   Rutland Gate                         _No._ 52.
WEBSTER, Doctor James   Campden Hill Villas                  _No._ 11.
WEBSTER, Thomas, Esq.   St. George’s Terrace                  _No._ 1.
WEBSTER, William        Upper Phillimore                      _No._ 5.
Shakespeare, Esq.       Gardens
WELCH, Frederick,       Addison Gardens                       _No._ 4.
WELLS, Henry            Upper Phillimore                      _No._ 9.
Tamworth, Esq., Jun.    Gardens
WELSBY, William         Holland Villas Road                  _No._ 19.
Newland, Esq.
WEMYSS, Lady Isabella   Kensington Palace
WEST, Algernon E.       Kensington Palace
WEST, Lieut.-Col.       Gloucester Terrace                    _No._ 6.
James Alexander
WESTENHOLZ, André P.    Upper Hornton Villas                  _No._ 6.
WESTGARTH, William,     Brunswick Gardens                    _No._ 16.
WESTMACOTT, Richard,    Kensington Gate                       _No._ 1.
WESTON, Alexander G.    Rutland Gate                         _No._ 12.
Anderdon, Esq.
WHARTON, John J.        Campden Hill Villas                   _No._ 1.
Smith, Esq.
WHITBREAD, Samuel,      Queen’s Gate Gardens                  _No._ 2.
Esq., M.P.
WHITE, James, Esq.      Queen’s Gate                          _No._ 2.
WHITE, John, Esq.,      Lansdowne Terrace                     _No._ 8.
Com. R.N.
WHITFIELD, Edmund,      Campden Hill Road                    _No._ 15.
WHITFIELD, George       St. Mary Abbott’s                    _No._ 14.
Corpe, Esq.             Terrace
WHITING, George, Esq.   Addison Road                         _No._ 62.
WHITMORE, Charles       Rutland Gate                         _No._ 57.
Stanton, Esq.
WILD, James Anstey,     Addison Road                         _No._ 45.
WILLIAMS, Lieut.-Col.   Pembroke Road                        _No._ 15.
George, W., C.B.
WILLIAMS, Doctor        Leonard Place                         _No._ 9.
Henry Llewellyn
WILLIAMSON, William     Shaftesbury Villas                    _No._ 4.
Henry, Esq.
WILLIS, Edward          Addison Road                         _No._ 49.
Cooper, Esq.
WILLIS, Henry           Victoria Road                        _No._ 24.
Britton, Esq.
WILSON, Lady Belford    Hyde Park Gate                        _No._ 8.
WILSON, Doctor John     Addison Road                         _No._ 72.
WINN, Hon. Mrs.         Pembroke Road                         _No._ 9.
WINNINGTON, Capt.       Petersham Terrace                     _No._ 8.
Henry Jefferies
WITT, George Esq.       Prince’s Terrace                     _No._ 22.
WOLFHAGEN, Fred.        Percy Square                         _No._ 47.
Ferdinand, Esq.
WOOD, George Esq.       Queen’s Gate Terrace                  _No._ 2.
WOOD, Doctor William    Kensington                 _Kensington House_.
WOODYEAR, Joseph        Addison Crescent                      _No._ 7.
Mitchell, Esq.
WOOLLEY, Rev. Joseph,   Palace Gardens Villas                _No._ 31.
WORTHAM, Major-Gen.     Inverness Gardens                     _No._ 7.
Hale Young
WYNDHAM, Rev. William   Rutland Gate                          _No._ 6.

XENOS, Stefanos, Esq.   Kensington Gore                       _No._ 6.

YOUNG, Sir Charles      Prince’s Terrace                      _No._ 9.
YOUNG, Edwin, Esq.      Allen Terrace                         _No._ 7.



                       THE HIGHEST HONOUR AWARDED.

                 _By Her Majesty’s Royal Letters Patent_.

                   UPRIGHT [Picture: Royal Seal] GRAND

                          “ROYAL PATENT TUBULAR”


                         (_FOUR FEET HIGH ONLY_),

                      INCOMPARABLY THE BEST EXTANT,

With the following Novel and Unique Improvements.

1.  Receding Front, entirely obviating the obstruction to the Voice in
singing, usual with all other Upright Pianofortes.

2.  Improved Desk, of the entire Width of the Pianoforte, for Duets and
Trios, and with or without extending ends for Accompanyists.

3.  New Shape, increasing the Strength and Durability, with extreme
Lightness and Elegance of appearance.

4.  Patent Tubular Sounding Board, the tubes compensating for the length
of strings, as in the Horizontal Grands, and producing a quality, volume,
and duration of tone incomparable.

5.  Superior Double Action, with perfection of touch.

6.  Improved Soft Pedal, without shifting the Action.

                                * * * * *

  _Price Lists_, _Drawings_, _Testimonials_, _&c._, _on application to_

                               RÜST & Co.,

                     PATENTEES & SOLE MANUFACTURERS,
                      34, GREAT MARLBOROUGH STREET,
                          REGENT STREET, LONDON.

                                * * * * *

Job Master and Coach Builder,

                            WHITE HORSE YARD,
                     15, LOWER GROVE, BROMPTON, S.W.

Respectfully submits the following terms:—

                _For Carriage and Pair Horses_.
Sociable Barouch, or Brougham   _£_   _s._   _d._   _s._   _d._
The Day                            1      5      0      5      0
For Two Hours                      0     10      0      2      6
Each Hour after                    0      4      0      1      0
Theatre, or Dinner Job             0     10      6      2      6
                 _For Carriage and One Horse_.
Sociable Barouch, or Brougham
The Day                            0     16      0      4      0
For Two Hours                      0      5      0      1      6
Each Hour after                    0      2      6      0      6
Balls                              0      7      6      2      6
Theatre, or Dinner Job             0      6      0      2      0

                 _The half-hour charged if entered upon_.


                                * * * * *

              Jobs by the Month or Year, on moderate terms.

                                * * * * *


                             FREE PROM SMELL,
                          LATOUR, RATEAU, & CO.

                              PATENTEES FOR

                           CLEANING KID GLOVES,
                           DRESSES, SHAWLS, &c.

                       DYERS & FURNITURE CLEANERS,

                         118, NEW BOND STREET, W.

                                * * * * *

                            DAMASK FURNITURE,
                          Of every description,
                       CHANGED OR DYED, AND REMADE.

                                * * * * *

                             CHINTZ FURNITURE
                         CLEANED AND CALENDERED.

                                * * * * *

                         CLEANED DYED & MOUNTED.

                                * * * * *


                           _Established_ 1846.

Celebrated for his choice Dairies of _Fresh Butter_, which he receives by
Rail daily from the Vale of Aylesbury, and other parts of

                       YORK HAMS, WILTSHIRE BACON,
                    BATH CHAPS, CREAM CHEESE, &c, &c.,
                           of the Best Quality.

                                * * * * *

_Families waited upon for Orders by own Carts regularly_, _as under_,



_Twice and Three times Weekly to the undermentioned Places_, _viz_:—

BARNES.          PUTNEY.
      &c.                &c.


                      3, BROMPTON ROW, LONDON, S.W.

RICHARD NELSON respectfully invites the attention of LADIES requiring
MOURNING ATTIRE, to the above establishment.  After many years’
experience in this exclusive department, he possesses peculiar advantages
in the purchase of Mourning Goods, and is careful in selecting sterling
fabrics; his aim being to provide a Superior Class of Apparel at a
strictly moderate rate of charge.  Experienced Assistants sent to any
distance with Samples or Stock.



                                * * * * *


                        FAMILY TEA DEALER, GROCER,
                        IMPORTER Of FOREIGN WINES,
                         193, SLOANE STREET, S.W.

                                * * * * *


                               J. CHAPPELL,
         388, Strand, W.C., Bootmaker, and Professor of Fitting,

Begs to call the attention of such to his method of Measuring, by which
he guarantees, at the first trial, to produce a fit unprecedented for
comfort, yet combined with the most fashionable shape.  Those gentlemen
on whom bootmakers have practised unsuccessfully _are particularly
solicited_ by J. C., who will undertake to _fit them at once_, however
difficult.  Established 1825.  Inventor of the “Pulvinar” or Cushion
Boots.  Ladies Show Rooms 1st floor.

                                * * * * *


                      LATE J. & S. B. FULLER, & Co.

                     (_Removed from Rathbone Place_.)
                          GALLERY OF FINE ARTS,
                         PRINTSELLER, PUBLISHER,
                     GENERAL DEALER IN WORKS OF ART,
             61, _PALL MALL_, _OPPOSITE ST. JAMES’S PALACE_.

                                * * * * *


      Under the         [Picture: Royal seal]         Patronage
   of Royalty, the                                  Nobility, and
     Aristocracy                                      of Europe.

                         ROWLANDS’ MACASSAR OIL.

This Elegant and Fragrant Oil possesses wonderfully nourishing powers for
promoting the growth, restoring and beautifying the Human Hair.  It
prevents it from falling off or turning grey—cleanses it from Scurf and
Dandriff—and makes it beautifully soft, pliable, and glossy.  For
children it is especially recommended as forming the basis of a beautiful
head of hair.  Price 3s. 6d.; 7s.; 10s. 6d. (equal to four small); and
21s. per bottle.

                            ROWLANDS’ KALYDOR.

This Royally-patronized and Ladies-esteemed Specific realizes a healthy
purity of Complexion, and renders the Skin soft, clear, and blooming.  It
also exerts the most soothing, cooling, and purifying action on the Skin,
and eradicates Freckles, Tan, Pimples, Spots, Discolorations, and other
Cutaneous Visitations.  Price 4s. 6d. and 8s. 6d. per bottle.

                          WHITE AND SOUND TEETH

Are indispensible to PERSONAL ATTRACTION, and to health and longevity, by
the proper mastication of food.

                            ROWLANDS’ ODONTO,
                           OR PEARL DENTIFRICE,

Compounded of Oriental Ingredients, is of inestimable value in preserving
and beautifying the Teeth, strengthening the Gums, and in giving a
pleasing fragrance to the Breath.  It eradicates Tartar from the Teeth,
removes spots of incipient decay, and polishes and preserves the enamel,
to which it imparts a PEARL-LIKE Whiteness.  Price 2s. 9d. per Box.

        Sold at 20, Hatton Garden, and by Chemists and Perfumers.
                      Ask for “ROWLANDS’” articles.

                                * * * * *


                              SILAS TUCKER’S
                            AT HIS WAREHOUSE;
                            234, HIGH HOLBORN,
           Ten Doors East of Little Queen Street, London, W.C.

          Estimates given for every kind of decoration, also for
                   general repairs in town or country.

                                * * * * *


                         297, OXFORD ST., LONDON,

A large and well-seasoned stock for INDIA and the COLONIES, always on


                       _Estimates on application_.

                                * * * * *


SAUNDERS, E., 1, Craven Place, Kensington.

                                * * * * *


THURSTON & Co., 15, Catherine Street, Strand.

                                * * * * *


THEOBALD, 40, High Street, Kensington.

                                * * * * *


PURVIS, H., 33, High Street, Kensington.

                     (_Pure Welsh Digestive Bread_.)

                                * * * * *


PHILLIPS, C., 1, Young Street, Kensington.

                                * * * * *


GREEN, E., 28, Queen’s Buildings, Brompton Road.

ROGERS, Joseph, 8, Newland Terrace, Kensington.

                                * * * * *


CLARK, F., 2, Brunswick Place, Brompton, S.W.

                                * * * * *


HAILSTONE, E., 25, High Street, Kensington.

                                * * * * *


BRASSINGTON, J., 25, High Street, Kensington.

WADE and SON, 13, High Street, Kensington.

                                * * * * *


POTBURY and PESTER, 9, Lower Phillimore Place, Kensington.

                                * * * * *


SWAINE and ADENY (to Her Majesty), 165, Piccadilly, _Prize Medal_, 1851
and 1862.

                                * * * * *


   Coughs, Whooping Cough, Asthma, Bronchitis, Fever, Ague, Diptheria,
              Hysteria, Rheumatism, Diarrhœa, Spasms, Colic,
    Renal, and Uterine Diseases are immediately relieved by a dose of


                             (_Trade Mark_.)

                         DISCOVERED AND NAMED BY
                    Dr. J. COLLIS BROWNE, M.R.C.S.L.,
                          EX-ARMY MEDICAL STAFF.

                                * * * * *

The question asked by invalids, families, and households is—What is the
best medicine to give in the above diseases, and what to have always
ready?  Medical testimony, the reply of thousands of sufferers and
invalids, is confirmatory of the invaluable relief afforded by this
remedy above all others.

CHLORODYNE is a liquid taken in drops according to age.  It invariably
relieves pain of whatever kind; creates a calm refreshing sleep; allays
irritation of the nervous system when _all other remedies fail_; leaving
no bad effects like opium or laudanum, and can be taken when none other
can be tolerated.  Its value in saving life in infancy is not easily
estimated; a few drops will subdue the irritation of Teething, prevent
and arrest Convulsions, cure Whooping Cough, Spasms, and Flatus at

Among Invalids it allays the pain of Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Gout, &c.  It
soothes the weary achings of Consumption, relives the Soreness of the
Chest, Cough, and Expectoration; and cures all Chest affections, such as
Asthma, Bronchitis, Palpitation, &c.  It checks Diarrhœa, Alvine
Discharges, or Spasms and Colics of the Intestines, &c.

The extensive demand for this remedy, known as DR. J. COLLIS BROWNE’S
CHLORODYNE, by the Medical Profession, Hospitals, Dispensaries—Civil,
Military, and Naval—and Families especially, guarantees that this
statement of its extreme importance and value is a _bona fide_ one, and
worthy the attention of all.

                                * * * * *

                      EXTRACTS OF MEDICAL OPINIONS.

From W. VESALIUS PETTIGREW, M.D.—“I have no hesitation in stating that I
have never met with any medicine so efficacious as an anti-spasmodic and
sedative.  I have used it in Consumption, Asthma, Diarrhœa, and other
diseases, and am most perfectly satisfied with the results.”

From DR. M‘MILLMAN, of New Galloway, Scotland.—“I consider it the most
valuable medicine known.”

G. HAYWARD, Esq., Surgeon, Stow-on-ye-Wold.—“I am now using DR. J. COLLIS
BROWNE’S CHLORODYNE with marvellous good effects in allaying inveterate
sickness in pregnancy.”

DR. M‘GRIGOR CROFT, late Army Staff, says: “It is a most valuable

J. C. BAKER, Esq., M.D., Bideford: “It is without doubt the most valuable
and certain anodyne we have.”

DR. GIBBON, Army Medical Staff, Calcutta: “Two doses completely cured me
of Diarrhœa.”

From G. V. RIDOUT, Esq., Surgeon, Egham: “As an astringent in severe
Diarrhœa, and an anti-spasmodic in Colic, with Cramps in the Abdomen, the
relief is instantaneous.  As a sedative in Neuralgia and Tic-Doloreux,
its effects were very remarkable.  In Uterine Affections I have found it
extremely valuable.”

                                * * * * *

_CAUTION_.—_Beware of Spurious Compounds_, _or Imitations of_
“_Chlorodyne_.”  _Dr. Browne placed the Recipe for making_ “_Chlorodyne_”
_in the hands of Mr. Davenport ONLY_; _consequently there can be no other
Manufacturer_.  _The genuine bears the words_ “_Dr. J. Collis Browne’s
Chlorodyne_” _on the Government Stamp of each Bottle_.

                                * * * * *

Sold only in Bottles, at 2s. 9d., and 4s. 6d., by the Sole Agent and

                             J. T. DAVENPORT,

                                * * * * *

Aristocracy of London.

Qualification for insertion in this List, being a London Exhibitor at the
International Exhibition of 1862.

An * before a Trader’s name, denotes his having received a Prize Medal.

A † that a Trader has been honourably mentioned.

                                * * * * *

BASKETS.  Class 4.

WALDEN, S. J. Whitefriars.


* MEDWIN, J., 86, Regent-street.


* LOW, R., SON, and Co., 330, Strand.



CARPETS.  Class 22.

* WATSON, BONTOR, & Co., 36, Old Bond-street.

CARRIAGES.  Class 6.

* SHANKS, R. H., & F.




* FRY, J. S., & SON, London and Bristol.


* C. ASPREY, 166, Bond-street, and 22, Albermarle-street.


* WINSOR & NEWTON (Fine Colours), 38, Rathbone-place.


* GOWLAND, & Co., 3, Crooked-lane.


* THRESHER & GLENNY, 152, Strand.


* JOHNSTONE & JEANES, 67, New Bond-street.  _Glass_.


* MORTON, J. T., 106, Leadenhall-street, E.C.

HATS AND CAPS.  Class 27.

* ELLWOOD, & SONS, Gt. Charlotte-st.  Blackfriars-road.


* MORLEY, J. & R., Wood-street, E.C.


* SILVER, S. W., & Co., 66 and 67, Cornhill, E.C.


* BENHAM, & SONS, 19, Wigmore-street.


† FENTUM, M., 85, New Bond-street, & 8, Hemming’s-row.

JEWELLERY.  Class 33.

† HANCOCK, C. F., 39, Bruton-crescent, Bond-street.


† FORTNUM, MASON, & Co.. 180, Piccadilly.

LINENS.  Class 19.

† DEWAR, D., & SONS, Wood-street, E.C.


† RUDALL, ROSE, & CARTE, 20, Charing-cross.

MUSLINS.  Class 18.

† OUTRAM & Co., 13, Watling-street.


† JACKSON & GRAHAM, Oxford-street.

PAPER, STATIONERY, &c.  Class 28.

† WEDGEWOOD, & SON, 9, Cornhill, E.C.

PERFUMERY.  Class 4.

CLEAVER, F. S., Red Lion-street.


RÜST, & Co., 34, Great Marlborough-street.


* BATTY, & Co., Pavement, Finsbury.


PARTRIDGE, E.. 22, Leadenhall-street, E.C.


* OUTRAM, & Co., 13, Watling-street, E.C.

SADDLERY, HARNESS, &c.  Class 26.

* SWAINE & ADENEY, 165, Piccadilly.



STEEL CUTLERY, &c.  Class 32.

* MAPPIN, BROTHERS, 222, Regent-street.


HOWELL, JAMES, & Co., Regent-street.

 TARTAN’S SHAWLS, CLOAKS, &c.  Class 13.

KEIR, SCOTT, & KILNER, 58, Cannon-street, West, E.C.


* DALLMEYER, J. H., 19, Bloomsbury-street.


* WILLS, W. D., & H. O., Bristol.

TOYS AND GAMES.  Class 29.

CREMER, & SON, 27, New Bond-street.  Bond-street.


* DAY, & SON, 353, Strand.

WATCHES, &c.  Class 15.

DELOLME, H. 48, Rathbone-place, Oxford-street.



                                * * * * *


                        OFFICES AND VAULTS AT THE
                         PANTECHNICON, BELGRAVIA,
                         ALBERT GATE, HYDE PARK.

                                * * * * *

                  ESTABLISHED BY JAMES PADGETT IN 1789.

                                * * * * *

                             WINE MERCHANTS,
                         FRENCH BRANDY IMPORTERS,
                            LIQUEUR MERCHANTS,
                         BASS’S & ALLSOPP’S ALES.
                     CYDER AND IRISH STOUT BOTTLERS.

                                * * * * *


                               TERMS CASH.

PORT (13,000 dozens in Stock)          28s. 32s. 36s. 42s. to 96s.
SHERRY (pale, golden, or brown)        24s. 28s. 32s. 36s. to 72s.
CLARET & BURGUNDY (Beaujolais)         14s. 18s. 24s. 30s. to 120s.
HOCK & MOSELLE (still and sparkling)   36s. 42s. 48s. 54s. to 72s.
CHAMPAGNE (& Sparkling Hermitage)      36s. 42s. 48s. 54s. to 84s.
BRANDY (of rare quality and age)       42s. 60s. 78s. 96s. to 120s.

WHISKY, GIN, RUM, SCHIEDAM-HOLLANDS, from the most noted Distilleries,
and aged, pure, as from the Still.

half the former cost.

BASS’S, ALLSOPP’S, SCOTCH, and other Ales in Imperial bottles.

                                * * * * *

P.S.—To Families residing in Town, only during the fashionable season,
JAMES PADGETT AND SON solicit confidence for the supply of RELIABLE AND
FIRST-CLASS WINES in such SMALL QUANTITIES as most convenient to receive
for immediate use, whether by the SINGLE BOTTLE, HALF-DOZEN, or
OTHERWISE, also SPIRITS in like manner.

                                * * * * *

Turkish or Hot Air Baths,

                      ALFRED PLACE, THURLOE SQUARE.

                                * * * * *

The Days for GENTLEMEN are Tuesdays Wednesday, Fridays, and Saturdays.

PRIVATE BATHS (_Entrance_, _No._ 8, _North Terrace_, _Alexander Square_,)
Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

The Days for LADIES are Mondays and Thursdays.

PRIVATE BATHS, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

                                * * * * *


“Nothing is wanting in this Establishment calculated to test the value of
the agent, in a manner which would meet the approbation of
all.”—_Lancet_, _June_ 1_st_, 1861.

“The ventilation in this Bath is admirable: the cleanliness most perfect;
the attendants well instructed and practised manipulators; and the
temperature of the hot room is not driven up to the absurd excess which
has been too common at other baths.”—_Med. Times_, _May_ 25_th_, 1861.

“Having taken several Baths at this Establishment, I can speak from my
own observation, and state, that in every respect it is complete.”—_J.
Spencer Wells_, _F.R.C.S._

“I have no hesitation in saying, that the Messrs. Pollard’s Baths are by
far the best that I have ever yet found.”—_Aubrey Charles Price_,
_Minister of Lock Chapel_.

“I am bound to bear my testimony to the excellence of the Brompton Baths.
I consider them most admirable in every respect.”—_R. H. Goolden_, _M.D._

“I have this day enjoyed the best Bath I have ever taken.  The Brompton
Bath is the Bath of Health, the high temperature Baths the Bath of the
Acrobat.”—_Erasmus Wilson_, _F.R.C.S._

“I have much pleasure in stating, that after visiting most of the Baths
of the Metropolis, that Messrs. POLLARD’S Baths are far superior to any I
have seen.”—_Robert Greenhagh_, _M.D._

“I have great pleasure in testifying to the great superiority of the
Baths in this Establishment.”—_T. Cahill_, _M.D._

“I have derived so much comfort and benefit from Messrs. POLLARD’S Baths,
that it will be a duty, as well as a pleasure, to recommend them to my
neighbours and friends.”—_S. C. Hall_.

“This is the best arranged Turkish Bath that I have ever yet seen, the
ventilation is excellent.”—_Robert Rawlinson_, _Sanitary Commissioner to
the Army in the East_.

                                * * * * *

            Messrs. E. & C. POLLARD, M.R.C.S.E., Proprietors.


                                * * * * *

                               MESSRS. JAY

Respectfully announce that great Economy is effected by purchasing
Mourning at their Establishment,

                    247, 249, and 251, REGENT STREET,

       Their Stock of Family Mourning being the largest in Europe.

                                * * * * *

Though MESSRS. JAY professedly keep the best articles for MOURNING and
HALF-MOURNING, they supply a complete Suit of

              Domestic Mourning, for Two-and-a-Half Guineas.

MOURNING Costume of every description is kept ready-mode, and can be
forwarded in Town or Country, at a moment’s notice.

The most reasonable Prices are charged, and the wear of every Article is

                                * * * * *

                              REGENT STREET
                          (NEXT TO THE CIRCUS).

                                * * * * *

The London Agency.

                   _Annual Subscription_—_One Guinea_.


                                * * * * *

O’BYRNE BROTHERS, & Co., _invite_ Public attention to their
long-established Agency, through which the business of Subscribers is
transacted in each or all of the following Departments for ONE GUINEA
_per Annum_, without _further charge_.

BAKING Accounts Opened with Individuals or Firms.



DOMESTIC and Other Orders Executed.

PARCELS and LETTERS Received and Forwarded.

                                * * * * *

                            IMPORTANT NOTICE.

Parties Subscribing One Guinea a Year to this Agency, have the advantage
of Opening Accounts, however limited, and of Drawing upon the same in
Settlement of Trade and other Domestic Bills, _however small_, without
troubling their Bankers.

                                                   O’BYRNE BROTHERS, & CO.


{0}  By error, printed Percy Square in body of work.

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