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Title: Pubs - A Collection of Hotel, Inn, and Tavern Signs in Great - Britain and Ireland, to Which are Added a few Foreign Café - Signs
Author: Various
Language: English
As this book started as an ASCII text book there are no pictures available.
Copyright Status: Not copyrighted in the United States. If you live elsewhere check the laws of your country before downloading this ebook. See comments about copyright issues at end of book.

*** Start of this Doctrine Publishing Corporation Digital Book "Pubs - A Collection of Hotel, Inn, and Tavern Signs in Great - Britain and Ireland, to Which are Added a few Foreign Café - Signs" ***

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Internet Archive)

Transcriber's Note: Note 127 does not exist in this book.

Minor typographical errors have been corrected without note.
Irregularities and inconsistencies in the text have been retained
as printed.

Words printed in italics are noted with underscores: _italics_.
Words printed in bold are noted with tildes: ~bold~.






_The Compiler wishes to express his great thanks to Miss E. P.
Harrison for her courtesy in allowing him to use not only the title
but her large collection of names._

_He also desires to state his indebtedness to the standard work of
Messrs. Larwood and Hotten for much valuable information, and further
to thank the many friends who have told him of signs both odd and


    (_After a writer of_ A.D. 1707)

    I'm amused at the signs
    As I pass through the town,
    To see the odd mixtures:
    A Magpie and Crown,
    The Whale and the Crow,
    The Razor and Hen,
    The Leg, Seven Stars,
    The Scissors and Pen,
    The Axe and the Bottle,
    The Tun and the Lute,
    The Eagle and Child,
    The Shovel, The Boot.



AGRICULTURAL                                            1

ANATOMY                                                 3

ANIMALS AND INSECTS                                     7

ARMS          (Selected)                               11

ASTRONOMICAL                                           20

BIRDS                                                  21

BOTANY                                                 23

CLOTHING                                               28

COLOURS                                                29

COMPOUNDS--BELLS                                       34

COMPOUNDS--CROWNS                                      34

COMPOUNDS--CURIOUS                                     36

DWELLING PLACES                                        44

ECCLESIASTICAL                                         49


FISH                                                   54

GEOGRAPHICAL                                           55

GOLDEN                                                 61

SILVER                                                 62

HOUSE AND TABLE                                        62

INDUSTRY AND IMPLEMENTS                                64

MILITARY                                               68

MUSIC                                                  70

NATURE                                                 72

NAUTICAL                                               73

NEW                                                    77

NUMERICAL                                              79

OLD, THE                                               82

PEOPLE                                                 86

POETRY AND LITERATURE                                  93

POTENTATES                                             94

RAILWAYS                                               99

SPORTS, GAMES, PASTIMES                               100

THE MOST ANCIENT INNS                                 104

THE HIGHEST INNS                                      105

INNS WITH "GALLOWS" SIGNS                             105


INNS FAMOUS FOR ARCHITECTURE                          106

FOREIGN CAFÉ SIGNS                                    107

NOTES                                                 113

    (_e_) _Signifies licence extinct._

    (*) _Signifies a pictorial sign._



The Agricultural                  Penrith

The Harvest Home                  Oakington

The Plough                        Sutton, Suffolk

The Fen Plough                    Chatteris

The Ploughshare                   Beeston

The Plough and Fleece             Cockfield

The Plough and Sickle             Nottingham

The Plough and Harrow             Cambridge

The Harrow                        Langley, Bucks

The Ploughboy                     Lincoln

The Farmer's Boy                  Brickendon

The Jolly Farmer                  Bagshot

The Jolly Farmers                 Bengeo

The Jolly Dealers                 Rockland All Saints

The Jolly Gardener                Rochdale

The Jolly Gardeners               Soham

The Market Gardener               Barnes

The Yeoman                        Poole

The Kentish Yeoman                Tunbridge Wells

The Graziers                      Wakefield

The Shepherd                      Doddinghurst

The Shepherd and Shepherdess      Aldenham Street

The Shepherd and Flock            Farnham

The Shepherd and Dog              Foxhall

The Quiet Shepherd                Hollins

The Sheep Shearers                Knebworth

The Fold Gate                     Stradsett

The Dog and Crook                 Braishfield

The Hurdle                        Horningtoft

The Fleece                        Richmond, Yorks

The John Barleycorn               Coton, _note_ 1

The Barley Mow                    Witnesham, _note_ 2

The Drovers                       Darlington

The Little Drover                 Bow

The Cowherds                      Southampton

The Cow and Pail                  Ipswich

The Jolly Waggoner                Ewell

The Jolly Waggoners               Hersham

The Kentish Waggoners             Borough

The Waggon                        Wix

The Waggon and Horses             Ipswich

The Jolly Carter                  Middleton

The Cart and Horses               Shalford

The Cart Overthrown               Edmonton

The Dray and Horses               Tottenhill

The Horse and Sacks               Harrow Road

The Horse and Dorsers             City, _note_ 3

The Horse and Chains              Bushey

The Horse and Gear                Elston

The Horse and Farrier             Penrith

The Horse and Harrow              West Hagborne

The Horse and Drill               Cirencester

The Haycock                       Wansford, _note_ 4

The Hay Field                     Mile End

The Load of Hay                   Paddington

The Hay Cutters                   Oxted

The Hay Makers                    Chesterton

The Harvest Man                   Amber Hill

The Labourers' Union              Burton-on-Trent

The Bushel                        Grimstone

The Bushel and Strike             Royston, _note_ 5

The Drill                         Squirrel's Heath

The Mill                          Stamford

The Millstone                     Stamford

The Wind Mill                     Bourne

The Water Mill                    Wivelsfield

The Market                        Durham

The Cattle Market                 King's Lynn

The Drover's Call                 Gainsborough



The Hand                          Chirk

The Cross Hands                   Fishponds

The Bird in Hand                  Carlisle

The Bird i' th' Hand              Scholes

The Book in Hand                  Mablethorpe

The Friend in Hand                Hounslow

The Flower in Hand                Norwich

The Hammer in Hand                Brigg

The Hand in Hand                  Boxhill

The Hat in Hand                   Portsea

The Spear in Hand                 Norwich

The Sword in Hand                 Bury St. Edmunds

The Hand and Cleaver              Ranton

The Hand and Crown                Oxford Street

The Hand and Flower               Addison Bridge, _note_ 6

The Hand and Glove                Windsor

The Hand and Marigold             Bermondsey

The Hand and Mace                 Kingston-on-Thames

The Hand and Racquet              Whitcombe Street

The Hand and Shears               Cloth Fair

The Hand and Spear                Weybridge

The Hand and Shuttle              Padiham

The Hand and Sceptre              Tunbridge Wells


The Bleeding Heart                Hatton Garden, _note_ 7

The Heart in Hand                 Winchester

The Heart and Hand                Brighton

The Hearts of Gold                Durham

The Hearts of Oak                 Cambridge, _note_ 8


The Bones Gate                    Epsom, _note_ 9

The Blade Bone                    Bethnal Green

The Whale Bone                    Hull

St. Peter's Finger                Lytchett Minster, _note_ 10


The St. Andrew's Head             Stepney

The St. Edmund's Head             Ipswich

The St. Luke's Head               Old Street

The King's Head                   Gunnerside*

The Queen's Head                  Brandeston

The King Alfred's Head            Newington

The King Charles' Head            Goring Heath*

The King Harold's Head            Nazeing

The Admiral's Head                Bealings

The Nelson's Head                 St. Ives, Hunts.

The Black's Head                  Gainsborough

The Negro's Head                  Cotton, _note_ 11

The Saracen's Head                Southwell, _note_ 12

The Turk's Head                   Hasketon

The Barnardiston Head             Kedington

The Beckford Head                 Old Street

The Bedford Head                  Maiden Lane, _note_ 13

The Burns Head                    Hull

The Birches' Head                 Hanley

The Bear's Head                   Brereton

The Boar's Head                   Cannon Street

The Bull's Head                   Barnes

The Buffalo's Head                Puckeridge

The Butler's Head                 Telegraph Street

The Camel's Head                  Devonport

The Calf's Head                   Worston

The Duke's Head                   Walton-on-Thames

The Druid's Head                  Kingston-on-Thames

The Essex Head                    Essex Street

The Friar's Head                  Ipswich

The Goat's Head                   Lichfield

The Griffin's Head                Mears Ashby

The Garrick Head                  Portsmouth

The Hind's Head                   Aldermaston

The Hart's Head                   Giggleswick

The Kemble's Head                 Longacre

The Lion's Head                   Ipswich

The Lode's Head                   Wiggenhall, _note_ 14

The Marlborough Head              Saxtead

The Milton's Head                 Nottingham

The Maid's Head                   Norwich

The Maiden's Head                 Uckfield

The Newby Head                    Ingleton

The Nag's Head                    Holloway

The Parr's Head                   Camden Town

The Pitt's Head                   Little Stanhope Street

The Paxton Head                   Knightsbridge

The Prince's Head                 Buckingham Street

The Princess' Head                Tenby

The Pope's Head                   Norwich (_e_), _note_ 15

The Rodney Head                   Mile End

The Ram's Head                    Longton

The Stag's Head                   Swalescliffe

The Squirrel's Head               Romford

The Wilkes Head                   St. Ives, Hunts, _note_ 16

The Wallace Head                  Blandford Street

The Whitmore Head                 Hoxton


The Zoological                    Hull

The Dog                           Bedfield

The Barking Dogs                  Tabernacle Street

The Pointer                       Alresford

The Pointers                      Newchurch

The Spaniel Dog                   New Tisson Street

The Hound                         Stradishall

The Fox Hound                     Five Head

The Greyhound                     Richmond, Surrey

The Greyhound Pup                 Ryde

The Talbot                        Ripley, _note_ 17

The Dog and Badger                Medmenham

The Dog and Bull                  Croydon

The Dog and Fox                   Wimbledon

The Horse                         Bishop Burton

The Arabian Horse                 New Lakenham

The Bleeding Horse                Ramsbury

The Flying Horse                  Pitfield Street

The Pegasus                       Hornsey

The Rampant Horse                 Needham Market

The Wild Horse                    Burnham Market

The Sumpter Horse                 Penwortham, _note_ 18

The Pack Horse                    Staines

The Pack Horse and Talbot         Hammersmith

The Shetland Pony                 Clenchwarton (_e_)

The Fox and Pony                  South Cove

The Fox and Yorkshire Grey        Whitechapel

The Fox                           Newbourne

The Intrepid Fox                  Soho

The Wheatland Fox                 Wenlock

The Fox under the Hill            Denmark Hill

The Young Fox                     Bath

The Fox and Cubs                  Lilley

The Fox's Brush                   Ropsley

The Cat                           Whitecross Street

The Civet Cat                     Kensington (_e_), _note_ 19

The Cat and Lion                  Stretton

The Cat and Tiger                 Sevenoaks

The Boar                          Great Ryborough

The Hampshire Hog                 Hammersmith

The Hog in the Pound              Oxford Street, _note_ 20

The Grunting Hog                  St. Ives, Hunts, _note_ 21

The Sow and Pigs                  Thundridge

The Bull                          Woodbridge*

The Little Bull                   Spalding

The Winged Bull                   Rake

The Bull and Dog                  Stokesley

The Ox                            Lintz Green

The Durham Ox                     Grantham, _note_ 22

The Brocklesby Ox                 Ulceby

The Ketton Ox                     Yarm

The Wild Ox                       Stockton

The Buffalo                       Islington

The Cow and Calf                  Eastcheap

The Heifer                        Norwich

The Airedale Heifer               Keighley

The Craven Heifer                 Stainforth

The Wensleydale Heifer            West Witton

The Zebra                         Ipswich

The Giraffe                       Kennington

The Unicorn                       Richmond, Yorks

The Lion and Unicorn              Wellington

The Lion                          Barking

The Lion in the Wood              High Wycombe

The Ramping Lion                  Huntingdon

The Lion and Lamb                 Ardleigh

The Tiger                         Tower Dock

The Tigress                       Hull

The Leopard                       Ipswich

The Panther                       Bethnal Green

The Elephant                      Pangbourne

The Buck                          Reeth*

The Buck and Dog                  Stockport

The Running Buck                  Ipswich

The Wounded Hart                  Norwich

The Hart's Horns                  Knaresborough

The Horns                         Kennington

The Stag                          Little Easton

The Royal Stag                    Datchet

The Bald Faced Stag               Finchley, _note_ 23

The Hunted Stag                   Bury St. Edmunds

The Antelope                      Cobham

The Roebuck                       Tottenham

The Reindeer                      Banbury

The Rabbit                        Cambridge

The Hare                          Leavesden Green

The Lamb and Hare                 Kennington

The Lamb                          Ely

The Wiltshire Lamb                Southsea

The Ram                           Tidworth

The Goat                          Deeping St. James

The Royal Goat                    Bedgelert

The Ibex                          Chadleworth

The Wolf                          Dedworth

The Griffin                       Norwich

The Monster                       Pimlico

The Phoenix                       Taunton

The Polar Bear                    Hull

The Grampus                       King's Lynn

The Crocodile                     Norwich

The Porcupine                     Charing Cross Road

The Sea Horse                     Ipswich

The Squirrel                      Wellington

The Otter                         Ottershaw

The Beaver                        Beverley

The Cockatrice                    Norton Subcourse (_e_)

The Essex Serpent                 Covent Garden, _note_ 24

The Bee                           Abergele

The Busy Bee                      Bradford

The Grasshopper                   Oxted, _note_ 25

The Midge                         Hatton


The Albert Arms                   Farnworth

The Aston Arms                    Market Rasen

The Abingdon Arms                 Thame

The Althorpe Arms                 Warwick

The Ashburnham Arms               Hastings

The Affleck Arms                  Dalham

The Anson Arms                    South Town

The Abergavenny Arms              Kemp Town

The Ailesbury Arms                Marlborough

The Amhurst Arms                  Riverhead

The Abercorn Arms                 Stanmore

The Assheton Arms                 Middleton

The Askew Arms                    Ealing

The Ashley Arms                   Walton-on-Thames

The Anstey Arms                   Poole

The Acland Arms                   Exeter

The Alford Arms                   Frithsden

The Arundel Arms                  Tipton

The Buckinghamshire Arms          Blickling

The Bankes Arms                   Studland

The Bent Arms                     Lingfield

The Bedford Arms                  Watford

The Bancroft Arms                 Mile End

The Boyne Arms                    Burwarton

The Bridgewater Arms              Little Gaddesden*

The Blenheim Arms                 Ramilies Street

The Beauchamp Arms                Dywock

The Barne Arms                    Dunwich*

The Bedingfield Arms              Eye*

The Bolton Arms                   Leyburn*

The Biddulph Arms                Ledbury

The Barnardiston Arms             Kedington

The Bristol Arms                  Shotley*

The Bunbury Arms                  Great Barton

The Baker Arms                    Bayfordbury

The Baker's Arms                  Farnham

The Builders' Arms                Walton-on-Thames

The Butchers' Arms                Bruisyard

The Boat Builders' Arms           Reading

The Brickmakers' Arms             Ipswich

The Brushmakers' Arms             Leeds

The Boilermakers' Arms            Norwich

The Blacksmiths' Arms             North Weald

The Bricklayers' Arms             Hersham

The Brewers' Arms                 Stonham

The Cross Keys                    Bellerby, _note_ 26

The Carters' Arms                 Middleton

The Carriers' Arms                South Marston

The Curriers' Arms                Norwich

The Coopers' Arms                 Beachamwell

The Carpenters' Arms              Windsor

The Cricketers' Arms              Norwich

The Coachmakers' Arms             Watford

The Colliers' Arms                Rock

The Clothiers' Arms               Hocksmoor

The Coalminers' Arms              Swadlincote

The College Arms                  Hertford Heath

The Cavalry Arms                  Birchamcliffe

The Corporation Arms              Pontefract

The Castle Arms                   Warwick

The City Arms                     Esher

The Caledonian Arms               Sunderland

The County Arms                   Hounslow

The Cadogan Arms                  Chelsea

The Colville Arms                 Chelsea

The Caxton Arms                   Beccles

The Culford Arms                  Ingham

The Cavendish Arms                Barrow

The Chandos Arms                  Edgware

The Clarendon Arms                Watford

The Cranley Arms                  Fulham Road

The Coburg Arms                   Esher

The Dundas Arms                   Kintbury

The Dartmouth Arms                Kentish Town

The Dysart Arms                   Ham

The Devonshire Arms               Notting Hill

The Durell Arms                   Fulham

The Drayton Arms                  Brompton

The Dyers' Arms                   Cannon Street

The Druids' Arms                  Penrith

The Dorset Arms                   East Grinstead

The Derby Arms                    Sheen

The Dimsdale Arms                 Hertford

The Daniel Arms                   Truro

The Ellison Arms                  Jarrow

The Exeter Arms                   Stamford

The Engineers' Arms               Swindon

The Floral Arms                   Slough

The Fullers' Arms                 Berwick

The Footballers' Arms             Burnley

The Foresters' Arms               Ascot

The Farriers' Arms                Bunwell

The Farmers' Arms                 Muker

The Fishmongers' Arms             Cley

The Factory Arms                  Berwick

The Foundry Arms                  Poole

The Fishers' Arms                 Blackburn

The Fanciers' Arms                Norwich

The Fife Arms                     Braemar

The Finborough Arms               Fulham

The Fitzroy Arms                  Cambridge

The Falkland Arms                 Newbury

The FitzWilliam Arms              Stamford

The Garden Arms                   Bedford

The Gardeners' Arms               Haning

The Glovers' Arms                 Yeovil

The Glaziers' Arms                Ely

The Gregorian Arms                Jamaica Road

The Golddiggers' Arms             Peckham

The Gravediggers' Arms            Uxbridge

The Gordon Arms                   Elgin

The Gladstone Arms                Stowupland

The Gunter Arms                   Fulham Road

The Grosvenor Arms                Newmarket

The Haberdashers' Arms            Pitfield Street

The Hotpressers' Arms             Norwich

The Hunters' Arms                 Middleton

The Hufflers' Arms                Wilmington

The Hoste Arms                    Burnham Market

The Herschel Arms                 Slough

The Harewood Arms                 Northallerton

The Hare Arms                     Stow Bardolph

The Hoskins Arms                  Oxted

The Hardwicke Arms                Arrington

The Havelock Arms                 Hertford Heath

The Ince Arms                     Euxton

The Ivor Arms                     Brynnsadler

The Ipswich Arms                  Ipswich

The Ironmongers' Arms             Norwich

The Jubilee Arms                  Islington

The Joiners' Arms                 Thwaite

The Jerningham Arms               Shifnal

The Keigwin Arms                  Mousehole

The Kimberley Arms                Norwich

The King's Arms                   Woodbridge

The Lord Arran's Arms             New Bond Street

The Lord Conyers' Arms            Wales

The Lord Monson's Arms            Tottenham Street

The Lord Howe's Arms              Leicester

The Lord Somers' Arms             Stibbington Street

The Lady Owen's Arms              Goswell Road

The Leathersellers' Arms          Watford

The Lovat Arms                    Beauly

The Lytton Arms                   Knebworth

The Lowther Arms                  Penrith

The Lincoln Arms                  King's Cross

The Lillie Arms                   West Brompton

The Leicester Arms                Penshurst

The Luttrell Arms                 Dunster

The Lygon Arms                    Broadway

The Leeds Arms                    Cleethorpes

The Duke of Leeds' Arms           Dewsbury

The Lansdowne Arms                Calne

The Liverpool Arms                Norbiton

The Lyttleton Arms                Hagley

The Montagu Arms                  Langley, Bucks

The Montague Arms                 Blackburn

The Millers' Arms                 Healey

The Minders' Arms                 Oldham

The Miners' Arms                  Gunnerside (_e_)

The Masons' Arms                  Louth

The Mariners' Arms                King's Lynn

The Mechanics' Arms               Glossop

The Merton Arms                   Cambridge

The Manners' Arms                 Grantham

The Manvers' Arms                 Lincoln

The Navy Arms                     Truro

The Norfolk Arms                  Burwood Place

The Norwich Arms                  King's Lynn

The Northumberland Arms           Putney

The Needlemakers' Arms            Ilkeston

The Oddfellows' Arms              Stoke

The Oilmillers' Arms              Grimsby

The Osney Arms                    Oxford

The Orleans Arms                  Esher

The Offord Arms                   Caledonian Road

The Orford Arms                   Norwich

The Oxford Arms                   Kington

The Ordnance Arms                 York Road

The Princes' Arms                 Boxmoor

The Prince of Wales' Feathers     East Tuddenham

The Painters' Arms                Belgrave Mews

The Printers' Arms                Crayford

The Papermakers' Arms             Plaxtol

The Potters' Arms                 Poole

The Porters' Arms                 High Wycombe

The Platelayers' Arms             Hatfield

The Plumbers' Arms                Limpsfield

The Pencutters' Arms              Waterloo

The Parker Arms                   Chorley

The Parkers' Arms                 Colne

The Portsmouth Arms               Hurstbourne

The Pocock Arms                   Caledonian Road

The Poulett Arms                  Chard

The Portland Arms                 King's Lynn

The Portman Arms                  Millbank Street

The Queen's Arms                  Fendall Street

The Quarryman's Arms              Blackburn

The Royal Arms                    Peterborough

The Royal Naval Arms              Keyham

The Royal Essex Arms              Brentwood

The Rockingham Arms               Sheffield

The Rutland Arms                  Newmarket

The Redcliffe Arms                Fulham Road

The Railway Arms West             Drayton

The Rifle Arms                    Sudbury

The Rifleman's Arms               Ely

The Stockton Arms                 East Hartburn

The Scutchers' Arms               Long Melford, _note_ 27

The Sportsman's Arms              Menheniot

The Shepherds' Arms               Cowcliffe

The Skinners' Arms                Cannon Street

The Soldiers' Arms                Warleggan

The Shipwrights' Arms             Ipswich

The Spinners' Arms                Bury

The Stonemasons' Arms             Devonport

The Shard Arms                    Kent Road

The Stanhope Arms                 Brasted

The Seymour Arms                  East Knoyle

The Somerset Arms                 Praed Street

The Sergison Arms                 Haywards Heath

The Spencer Arms                  Barnes

The Sussex Arms                   Hammersmith

The Stradbroke Arms               Darsham

The Tregonwell Arms               Bournemouth

The Tharp Arms                    Chippenham

The Trevor Arms                   Knightsbridge

The Townsend Arms                 Hertford Heath

The Telegraph Arms                Putney

The Tailors' Arms                 Comberton

The Turners' Arms                 Mortimer

The Tanners' Arms                 Great Yarmouth

The Thatchers' Arms               Great Warley

The Trinity Arms                  Norwich

The Unthank Arms                  Norwich

The Unwin Arms                    Hornsey

The Union Arms                    Panton Street

The University Arms               Oxford

The Uxbridge Arms                 Burton-on-Trent

The Victoria Arms                 Battersea

The Volunteer Arms                Sunbury

The Volunteers' Arms              Blackburn

The Verulam Arms                  St. Albans

The Vane Arms                     Stockton-on-Tees

The Vernon Arms                   Southrepps

The Wine Cooper's Arms            Norwich

The Weavers' Arms                 Stoke Newington

The Waterman's Arms               Hersham

The Welldiggers' Arms             Petworth

The Woodcutters' Arms             Eastwood

The Woodman's Arms                Normandy

The Woodman's Arms                Newton

The Worsteddealers' Arms          Oldham

The Wrestlers' Arms               Newmarket

The Wharncliffe Arms              Tintagel

The Wharton Arms                  Bedlington

The Windham Arms                  Norwich

The Wyndham Arms                  Bridgend

The Willoughby Arms               Parham

The Wake Arms                     Epping

The Yarmouth Arms                 Thames Street

The Yachtsman's Arms              Wivenhoe

The Zetland Arms                  South Kensington


The Sun                           Eton

The Rising Sun                    Datchet, _note_ 28

The Noon Sun                      Rochdale

The Sun Rising                    Tewkesbury

The Sun in Wood                   Ashmore Green

The Sun in Sands                  Shooters Hill

The Sun in Splendour              Portobello Road

The Full Moon                     Bath

The Half Moon                     Reeth*

The Moon and Stars                Norwich

The Half Moon and Star            Ipswich

The Half Moon and Seven Stars     Brentford, _note_ 29

The Star                          Wenhaston

The Morning Star                  Datchet

The Glittering Star               Darlington

The Rising Star                   Darlington

The North Star                    Slough

The South Star                    Yarmouth

The Star in East                  Blackwall

The Star of India                 Gordon Road

The Rainbow                       Fleet Street, _note_ 30

The Eclipse                       Pimlico

The Magnet                        Addlestone

The Compass                       Exeter

The Compasses                     Wenhaston

The Rule and Compasses            Thurleigh

The Square and Compasses          Carnforth

The Mariner's Compass             King's Lynn

The Scales                        Cambridge


The Bird                          Barforth

The Sea Birds                     Bridlington

The Blackbird                     Bagnor

The Blackbirds                    Hertford

The Bullfinch                     Riverhead

The Bustard South                 Rouceby

The Black Cock                    Falstone

The Cock                          Epping

The Fighting Cocks                St. Albans*

The Cock and Magpie               Hammersmith

The Cock and Pye                  Ipswich

The Cock and Pymat                Wittington, _note_ 31

The Choughs                       Yeovil

The Crane                         Yarmouth

The Cuckoo                        Ashwell

The Crow                          St. Albans

The Crow on Gate                  Crowborough

The Royston Crow                  Ware

The Cygnet                        Norwich

The Duck in the Pond              Stanmore

The Dove                          Ipswich

The Doves                         Hammersmith

The Eagle                         Boston

The Eaglet                        Seven Sisters Road

The Spread Eagle                  Bengeo

The Falcon                        Rushmere

The Gull                          Framingham Pigott

The Hawk                          Halesworth

The Sparrowhawk                   Burnley

The Hen and Chickens              Canterbury

The Moor Cock                     Hawes Junction

The Moorhen                       Littletown

The Magpie                        Stonham*

The Magpies                       Lincoln

The Nightingale                   Canterbury

The Ostrich                       Wherstead*

The Owl                           Highbeach

The Pelican                       Leicester

The Pyewipe                       Lincoln, _note_ 32

The Pigeon                        Spalding

The Plover                        Eversley

The Parrot                        St. Ives, Hunts

The Peacock                       Ely

The Peahen                        St. Albans

The Pheasant                      Great Shefford

The Pheasant Cock                 Norwich

The Robin                         Anerley

The Raven                         Borden

The Swallow                       Swallow Street

The Swallows                      Cley

The Stork                         Birmingham

The Skylark                       Headingley

The Swan                          Fittleworth, _note_ 33

The Swan and Nest                 Wellingborough

The Swan with Two Necks           Lad Lane, _note_ 34

The Swan with Two Nicks           Swavesey


The Garden                        Sunderland

The Garden Gate                   Histon

The Angel Gardens                 New Catton

The Orchard Gardens               North Walsham

The Orchard                       Askew Road

The Vineyard                      Rochester

The Vintage                       Wellington

The Nursery                       Norwich

The Bower                         Landbeach

The Havering Bower                Stepney

The Cherry Arbour                 Sparkhill

The Flower of the Forest          Blackfriars

The Flowers of the Forest         Deptford

The Flower of Kent                Lewisham

The Blossoms                      Chester

The Flower Pot                    Hertford

The Pot of Flowers                Stowmarket

The Gurnon Bushes                 Coopersale

The Bush                          Farnham

The Elder Bush                    Soham

The Furze Bush                    Aldermaston

The Holly Bush                    Bewdley

The Hollies                       Moordown

The Ivy Bush                      Caermarthen

The May Bush                      Stowmarket (_e_)

The Hop Bine                      Cambridge

The Hop Pole                      Worcester

The Hop Poles                     Tewkesbury

The Würtemberger Hop              Stepney, _note_ 35

The Malt and Hops                 Soham

The Tree                          Bude

The Trees                         Ripon

The Apple Tree                    Carlisle

The Aspen Tree                    York Town

The Ash                           Ash Hill

The Mountain Ash                  Ipswich

The Bay Tree                      Roman Road

The Beech Tree                    Bromley

The Beechwood                     Harrogate

The Birch Tree                    Coalville

The Box Tree                      Gravel Lane

The Crab Tree                     Fulham, _note_ 36

The Cherry Tree                   Bromeswell

The Chestnut Tree                 West Wratting

The Chestnuts                     Colwyn Bay

The Cedar Tree                    Putney

The Cedars                        West Kensington

The Cotton Tree                   Bury

The Elm Tree                      Oxford

The Elm                           Norwich

The Elms                          Estcourt Road

The Queen's Elm                   Fulham Road, _note_ 37

The Wych Elm                      Norbiton

The Elder Tree                    Spitalfields

The Fig Tree                      Peterborough

The Fir Tree                      Wanstead

The Firs                          Malvern

The Holly Tree                    Southwark

The Laurel Tree                   Brick Lane

The Laurels                       Bromley

The Lemon Tree                    Bedfordbury

The Myrtle Tree                   Taunton

The Myrtle                        Ipswich

The Mulberry Tree                 Ipswich

The Oak Tree                      Richmond, Surrey

The Orange Tree                   Euston Road

The Plane Tree                    Burnley

The Pound Tree                    Sparkhill

The Palm Tree                     Palm Street

The Pear Tree                     West Row

The Sycamore Tree                 Thornsett

The Thorn Tree                    Derby

The Thorn                         Burnley

The Walnut Tree                   Norwich

The Willow Tree                   Eton, _note_ 38

The Withy Trees                   Bambor Bridge

The Yew Tree                      Cannock

The Acorn                         Nicholas Passage

The Oak                           Sudbury

The Oak Shades                    Norwich

The British Oak                   Berry Brow

The Broad Oak                     Strelley

The Cuckoo Oak                    Wadderley

The Gospel Oak                    Kentish Town

The King's Oak                    High Beech

The Round Oak                     Padworth

The Royal Oak                     Epping

The Oak and Acorn                 Taunton

The Oak and Ivy                   Walmer, _note_ 39

The Oak Branch                    Warrington

The Olive Branch                  Inkpen

The Rosemary Branch               Lewisham

The Barleycorn                    Euston

The Barley Sheaf                  Dogdyke

The Oat Sheaf                     Whittlesea

The Sedge Sheaf                   Burnt Fen

The Wheat Sheaf                   Ide Hill

The Rosemary                      Norwich

The Rose                          Old Bailey

The Blooming Rose                 Hunslet

The Little Rose                   Cambridge

The Handford Rose                 Ipswich

The Moss Rose                     Preston

The Rose Bud                      Accrington

The Rose in June                  Margate

The Rose of Kent                  Deptford

The Rose of Lee                   Catford

The Rose and Shamrock             Chester le Street

The Rose and Thistle              Burnley

The Rose, Shamrock and Thistle    Eton

The Rose and Lily                 Bermondsey

The Daisy                         Knightsbridge

The Fleur de Lis                  Stoke under Ham

The Fleur de Lys                  St. Albans

The Blooming Fuchsia              Ipswich

The Heartsease                    Norwich

The Honeysuckle                   Gateshead

The Lily                          Hull

The Pansy                         Goodge Street

The Primrose                      Bishopsgate

The Tulip                         Shenfield

The Virginia Plant                Great Dover Street, _note_ 40

The Virginia Planter              Bethnal Green

The Water Lily                    Ipswich

The Woodbine                      South Shields

The Clachan                       Sherborne Lane

The Shamrock                      Bath

The Scotch Thistle                Birkenhead

The Vine                          Mile End

The Vine and Ivy                  Stow Bardolph

The Ivy                           Lincoln

The Ivy Leaf                      Ipswich

The Olive Leaf                    Ipswich

The Grapes                        Rochester

The Bunch of Grapes               Brompton Road

The Artichoke                     Farringdon Street

The Cabbage                       Kingsclere

The Cauliflower                   Ilford

The Coconut                       Kingston-on-Thames

The Carrots                       Hampton Bishop

The Pineapple                     Lambeth

The Rhubarb                       Bristol


The Plume                         Hungerford

The Feathers                      Waterloo Road

The Plume of Feathers             Tewin

The Cape                          Billingsley

The Cardinal's Cap                Norwich

The Cardinal's Hat                Harleston

The Hat and Feather               Downham

The Hat and Feathers              Sutton St. James

The Cap and Feathers              Tillingham

The Wig                           Redisham

The Buckle                        Seaford

The Buffcoat                      Norwich

The Tabard                        Turnham Green, _note_ 41

The Boot                          Great Bealings, _note_ 42

The Shoe                          Wroxall

The Boot and Shoe                 March

The Boot and Slipper              Benwick

The Bonnie Cravat                 Ashford, _note_ 43

The Leather Gaiters               Hauxton



The Black Boy                     Alfreton, _note_ 44

The Black Boys                    Aylsham

The Black Bell                    Ipswich, _note_ 45

The Black Bull                    Fulham

The Black Bear                    Tewkesbury

The Black Chequers                Norwich

The Black Dog                     Sunbury, _note_ 46

The Black Dog and Duck            Bury

The Black Eagle                   Norwich

The Black Friar                   Queen Victoria Street

The Black Goose                   King's Lynn

The Black Goats                   Lincoln

The Black Griffin                 Canterbury

The Black Hart                    Ringsend

The Black Hatchet                 Silchester

The Black Horse                   Sheen

The Black Jack                    Clare Market, _note_ 47

The Black Joke                    King's Lynn

The Black Lion                    Stockton, _note_ 48

The Black Prince                  Norwich

The Black Rabbit                  Littlehampton

The Black Raven                   Bishopsgate

The Black Swan                    Winchester


The White Bear                    Fickles Hole, _note_ 49

The White Bull                    Ribchester

The White Bell                    Southery

The White Cottage                 Norwich

The White Cross                   Richmond, Surrey

The White Elm                     Monk Soham

The White Friars                  Norwich

The White Horn                    Bow*

The White Horse                   Framlingham, _note_ 50

The Great White Horse             Ipswich, _note_ 51

The White House                   Faversham

The White Heifer                  Scorton

The White Hart                    Windsor

The White Lion                    Cobham

The Little White Lion             Cobham, _note_ 52

The White Lodge                   Attleborough

The White Rose                    Norwich

The White Raven                   Bedford Street


The Island Green                  Edinburgh

The Green Bushes                  Stockton-on-Tees

The Green Bank                    Falmouth

The Green Coat Boy                Westminster

The Green Gardens                 Rochdale

The Green Gate                    City Road

The Green Gates                   Bethnal Green

The Green Hill                    Histon

The Green Hills                   Norwich

The Green Market                  Penzance

The Green Man                     Tunstall, _note_ 53

The Green Shutter                 Sunderland

The Green Tree                    Darlington


The Blue Anchor                   Southport

The Blue Boy                      Hertford

The Blue Boar                     Lincoln, _note_ 54

The Blue Bell                     Crookham

The Blue Ball                     Bruton

The Blue Bull                     Grantham

The Blue Coat Boy                 Ipswich

The Blue Cow                      South Witham

The Blue Dog                      Stainby

The Blue Eyed Maid                Southwark

The Blue Fox                      Gunby

The Blue House                    Sunderland

The Blue Horse                    Great Ponton

The Blue Last                     Dorset Street

The Blue Lion                     East Witton, _note_ 55

The Blue Man                      Grantham

The Blue Pig                      Bellerby

The Blue Posts                    Cork Street

The Blue Peter                    Portsea

The True Blue                     Cambridge


The Red Bull                      Gray's Inn Road

The Red Cat                       Norwich

The Red Cow                       Hammersmith

The Red Cross                     Crowborough

The Red Deer                      Hersham

The Red Dragon                    Kirby Lonsdale, _note_ 56

The Red House                     Caxton

The Red Horse                     Stratford-on-Avon, _note_ 57

The Red Hart                      March

The Red Lion                      Martlesham, _note_ 58

The Original Red Lion             Brentford

The Carved Red Lion               Essex Road

The Red Lodge                     Scriveton

The Red Well                      Barnard Castle


The Grey Bull                     Stanhope

The Grey Eagle                    Grey Eagle Street

The Grey Friar                    Chawton

The Grey Friars                   King's Lynn

The Grey Goat                     Penrith

The Grey Horse                    West Rounton

The Grey Mare                     Northchurch

The Dapple Grey                   Lower Park Road, _note_ 59

The Maldon Grey                   Chilton

The Scotch Grey                   King's Lynn

The Yorkshire Grey                Piccadilly

The Bay Horse                     York, _note_ 60

The Bay Malton                    Great Portland Street

The Brown Cow                     Accrington

The Brown Jug                     Barnard Castle

The Brown Bear                    Barbican

The Dun Cow                       Old Kent Road

The Dun Horse                     St. Ives, Hunts

The Pied Bull                     Sibsey

The Pied Calf                     Spalding, _note_ 61

The Pied Horse                    Finsbury

The Spotted Cow                   Cambridge

The Spotted Dog                   Willesden

The Spotted Horse                 Putney

The Chestnut Horse                Great Finborough

The Roan Horse                    Pollard Street

The Sorrel Horse                  Barham, _note_ 62


The Bell                          Hertford, _note_ 63

The Bow Bells                     Bow Road

The Bells of Ouseley              Runnymede

The Bell and Anchor               Hammersmith

The Bell and Birdcage             Wood Street

The Bell and Crown                Peterborough

The Bell and Feathers             Sawbridgeworth

The Bell and Horns                Brompton

The Bell and Mackerel             Mile End

The Bell and Oak                  Peterborough

The Bell and Swan                 Ware


(_Note_ 64)

The Crown                         Kenton

The Crown and Anchor              Ipswich

The Crown and Anvil               Minories

The Crown and Angel               Norwich

The Crown and Apple Tree          Berwick Street

The Crown and Cushion             Eton

The Crown and Column              Devonport

The Crown and Castle              Orford

The Crown and Compasses           Cambridge

The Crown and Dolphin             Royston

The Crown and Falcon              Puckeridge

The Crown and Glove            Chester, _note_ 65

The Crown and Grapes           Southwick

The Crown and Harp             Cambridge

The Crown and Hundred House    Munstow

The Crown and Horns            East Ilsley

The Crown and Horseshoe        Bristol

The Crown and Horseshoes       Edmonton

The Crown and Leek             Mile End

The Crown and Liver            Hawarden

The Crown and Mitre            King's Lynn

The Crown and Punchbowl        Horningsea

The Crown and Raven            Bridgnorth

The Crown and Shears           Minories

The Crown and Shuttle          Shoreditch

The Crown and Stirrup          Lyndhurst

The Crown and Seven Stars      Royal Mint Street

The Crown and Sugarloaf        Garlick Hill

The Crown and Sceptre          Brompton

The Crown and Treaty House     Uxbridge

The Crown and Thistle          Leicester, _note_ 66

The Crown and Two Chairmen     Soho

The Crown and Woolpack         Stamford


The Anchor and Hope               Dartford

The Anchor of Hope                King's Lynn

The Apple Tree and Mitre          Cursitor Street

The Boy and Barrel                Wakefield

The Barn and Barrel               Tenbury

The Barrel and Grapes             Trimdon Grange

The Buck and Bell                 Long Itchington

The Bird and Gate                 Uckfield

The Bush Thrush and Blackbird     East Peckham

The Black Boy and Still           Brentford

The Bell and Bowl                 Whaplode

The Boat and Gun                  Skeldyke

The Bull and Anchor               Holborn

The Bull and Bell                 Ropemaker Street

The Bull and Butcher              Norwich

The Bull and Chain                Lincoln

The Bull and Gate                 Camden Town

The Bull and Horseshoes           Latton

The Bull and Last                 Highgate

The Bull and Mouth                Holborn

The Bull and Pump                 Shoreditch

The Bull and Stars                Putney

The Bull and Swan                 Stamford

The Bull and Stirrup              Chester

The Bear and Bells                Beccles

The Bear and Billet               Chester

The Bear and Crown                Clare

The Bear and Cross                Great Kimble

The Bear and Pole                 Romsey

The Bear and Ragged Staff         Charing Cross Road

The Bear and Rummer               Mortimer Street, _note_ 67

The Cow and Snuffers              Llandaff, _note_ 68

The Cross Daggers                 Coldaston

The Cross Foxes                   Boughton

The Castle and Plough             Bristol

The Castle and Ball               Marlborough

The Castle and Falcon             Newark

The Castle and Anchor             Stockton

The Castle and Keys               Devonport

The Cat and Fiddle                Hinton Admiral, _note_ 69

The Cat and Mutton                London Fields

The Cat and Bagpipes              East Harlsey, _note_ 70

The Cat and Custard Pot           Paddlesworth, _note_ 71

The Cat and Wheel                 Bristol

The Cat and Cage                  Drumcondra

The Coach and Dogs                Oswestry, _note_ 72

The Coach and Bell                Romford

The Cock and Anchor               Gateshead

The Cock and Bell                 Romford

The Cock and Bull                 Gadstone

The Cock and Bottle               Cannon Street

The Cock and Castle               Mansford Street

The Cock and Flower Pot           St. Albans

The Cock and Hoop                 Hampstead

The Cock and Lion                 Wigmore Street

The Cock and Neptune              St. George Street

The Cock and Woolpack             Finch Lane

The Dog and Pot                   Windsor

The Dog and Bell                  Stokesley

The Donkey and Buskins            Layer-de-la-Haye

The Drum and Monkey               Wakefield

The Elephant and Castle           Kennington

The Eagle and Child               Alderley (_e_)

The Eagle and Lamb                Ely, _note_ 73

The Eagle and Wheatsheaf          Connaught Street

The Fish and Anchor               Harrington

The Fish and Duck                 Ely

The Fish and Ring                 Stepney

The Feathers and Exchange         Reading

The Five Bells and Bladebone      Limehouse

The Fountain and Star             Coleman Street

The French Horn and Half Moon     Wandsworth

The Fox and Anchor                Charterhouse Street

The Fox and Ball                  Kentford

The Fox and Barrel                Chester

The Fox and Crown                 Highgate

The Fox and French Horn           Clerkenwell

The Fox and Pheasant              Great Massingham

The Goat and Boot                 Colchester

The Goat and Compasses            Marylebone, _note_ 74

The George and Angel              Crowland

The George and Vulture            George Yard

The George and Horn               Kingsclere

The George and Devonshire         Chiswick

The George and Gate               Gracechurch Street

The George and Guy                Brick Lane

The George and Thirteen Cantons   Soho, _note_ 75

The Gun and Magpie                Edmonton

The Grapes and Anchor             Liverpool

The Globe and Engine              Sittingbourne

The Green Man and Black's         Ashbourne
  Head and Royal

The Green Man and French Horn     St. Martin's Lane

The Green Man and Still           Oxford Street

The Hare and Billet               Blackheath

The Hare and Bell                 Edmonton

The Half Moon and Crown           Twickenham

The Hog and Chequers              Huntingdon

The Horns and Chequers            Limehouse

The Horns and Horseshoes          Harlow

The Hope and Anchor               Keighley

The Hat and Tun                   Hatton Garden

The Hoop and Grapes               Farringdon Street

The Horse and Gate                Fen Drayton

The Horse and Dolphin             St. Martin's Street

The Horse and Trumpet             Derby

The Horse and Wells               Woodford Wells

The Horseshoe and Colt            Windmill Hill

The Horseshoe and Castle          Cooling

The Horseshoe and Magpie          Great Bath Street

The Horseshoe and Wheatsheaf      Melior Street

The Jolly Sailors and             Cable Street
  Little Billet

The Key and Castle                Norwich

The Kings and Keys                Fleet Street

The King and Tinker               Enfield, _note_ 76

The King's Arms and Hand          Bermondsey

The King's Arms and Lamb          Upper Thames Street

The King's Head and Eight Bells   Cheyne Row

The Lamb and Lark                 Printing House Lane

The Lamb and Lion                 Bath

The Lamb and Flag                 Batheaston, _note_ 77

The Lamb and Star                 Ditton

The Lion and Castle               Norwich

The Lion and Crown                Guildford

The Lion and Fiddle               Hilperton*

The Lion and French Horn          Pollen Street

The Lion and Snake                Lincoln

The Lion and Swan                 Congleton

The Lion and Wheatsheaf           Ware

The Maund and Bush                Shifnal, _note_ 78

The Mermaid and Fountain          Lynn

The Mawson Arms and Fox           Chiswick
  and Hounds

The Maid and Magpie               Stepney

The Magpie and Stump              Fetter Lane

The Magpie and Crown              Brentford

The Magpie and Punchbowl          Bishopsgate

The Plough and Sail               Snape

The Plough and Shuttle            Marsham

The Plough and Duck               Burnt Fen

The Parrot and Punchbowl          Aldringham

The Pig and Whistle               Burnt Fen, _note_ 79

The Peacock and Royal             Boston

The Queen and Artichoke           Albany Street

The Queen's Head and French Horn  Little Britain

The Raven and Sun                 Woolwich

The Rose and Crown                Sudbury

The Rose and Portcullis           Butleigh

The Rose and Three Tuns           Little Earl Street

The Royal Oak and Railway         Windsor

The Ram and Magpie                Bethnal Green

The Ram and Teazle                Islington, _note_ 80

The Red Lion and Ball             Red Lion Street

The Red Lion and French Horn      Clerkenwell

The Red Lion and Key              Battle Bridge Lane

The Red Lion and Sun              Highgate

The Red Lion and Spread Eagle     Whitechapel

The Red Lion and Still            Drury Lane

The Still and Star                Limehouse

The Ship and Star                 Sudbury

The Ship and Castle               Bishopsworth

The Ship and Horns                Louth

The Ship and Shovel               Barking

The Ship and Blue Ball            Shoreditch

The Stork and Castle              Stockton-on-Tees

The Swan and Castle               Buckingham

The Swan and Mitre                Bromley

The Swan and Bottle               Uxbridge

The Swan and Pyramids             Finchley

The Swan and Sugarloaf            Fetter Lane, _note_ 81

The Serpent and Eagle             Kinlet

The Stag and Pheasant             Stamford

The Salmon and Ball               Shoreditch

The Salmon and Compasses          Peterborough

The Sun and Anchor                Steeple

The Sun and Thirteen Cantons      Soho

The Sun and York                  Chatham

The Sun and Woolpack              Cheshunt

The Sun and Whalebone             Harlow

The Star and Garter               Pall Mall

The Star and Fleece               Kelvedon

The Star and Anchor               Chelsea

The Star and Windmill             Bermondsey

The Three Pigeons and Star        Hatfield Street

The Thistle and Crown             Great Peter Street, _note_ 82

The Talbot and Falcon             Wakefield

The White Horse and Cross Keys    Goswell Road

The White Horse and Half Moon     Borough (_e_)

The Woman and Trumpet             Brigg

The Wheelbarrow and Castle        Radford

The Wheel and Compass             Ashley

The Wagon and Lamb                Chichester

The Windmill and Bells            Romford


The Castle                        Windsor

The Alwyne Castle                 St. Paul's Road

The Arundel Castle                Brighton

The King Arthur's Castle          Tintagel

The Belinda Castle                Hatton Road

The Carnarvon Castle              Chester

The Denbigh Castle                Stoke-on-Trent

The Durham Castle                 Seven Sisters Road

The Dover Castle                  Lambeth

The Dreghorn Castle               Queen's Crescent

The Dublin Castle                 Chester

The Dartmouth Castle              Hammersmith

The Devonshire                    Harrow Road

The Edinburgh Castle              Sheffield

The Hawarden Castle               Gower Place

The Job's Castle                  Norton Folgate

The Jack Straw's Castle           Hampstead

The Kett's Castle                 Norwich

The Lambton Castle                Herrington

The Norwich Castle                Gray's Inn Road

The Pembroke Castle               Gloucester Road

The Raby Castle                   Wynyard Terrace

The Rochester Castle              Tottenham

The Samson's Castle               Bermondsey

The Stirling Castle               London Wall

The Warwick Castle                Clacton

The Windsor Castle                Victoria Street

The House of Commons              Cambridge

Our House                         Southport

The Arabian House                 Norwich

The Assembly House                Kentish Town

The Allsopp House                 Baker Street

The Bath House                    Dean Street

The Ball House                    Fishtoft

The Bridge House                  Eton

The Brookfield House              Cambridge

The Club House                    Norwich

The Country House                 Exeter

The Cellar House                  Norwich

The Customs House                 King's Lynn

The Festival House                Norwich

The Garden House                  Hales

The Glass House                   Kentish Town

The Gate House                    Norwich

The Heath House                   Weybread

The Highbridge House              Lakenheath

The Halfway House                 Staines

The Irish House                   Strand

The Lock House                    Ellingham

The Manor House                   Datchet

The Market Place                  Covent Garden

The Mansion House                 Kennington

The North Country House           Portsmouth

The Punch House                   Norwich

The Rye House                     Hoddesdon

The Ridgeway House                Enfield

The Stone House                   Old Street

The Sessions House                Clerkenwell

The Summer House                  Wolverhampton

The Thatched House                Epping

The Toll House                    Coggeshall

The Tom Brown House               Yarm, _note_ 83

The Trouble House                 Tetbury, _note_ 84

The Wine House                    Ware

The Warren House                  Hertford

The Watch House                   Bungay

The Cottage                       Barton

The Cottage of Content            Betchworth

The Eaton Cottage                 Norwich

The Fern Cottage                  Oldham

The Flint Cottage                 High Wycombe

The Handford Cottage              Ipswich

The Ivy Cottage                   Maltishall

The Ivy Cot                       Castleford

The Rose Cottage                  Wendling

The Spring Cottage                Walsall

The Swiss Cottage                 Chelsea

The Woodbine Cottage              Hartley

The Flyman's Home                 Brighton

The Happy Home                    Welney

The Stranger's Home               Bradfield

The Sailors' Home                 Kessingland

The Hut                           Wisley

The Deer's Hut                    Bramshott

The Kisby's Hut                   Papworth Everard

The Shepherd's Hut                Eton Wick

The Winterslow Hut                Winterslow, _note_ 85

The Gipsy's Tent                  Hagley

The Jack's Booth                  Sulhamstead Abbots

The Beehive                       Grantham, _note_ 86

The Beehive                       Abingdon, _note_ 87

The Falcon's Nest                 Isle of Man

The Monkey's Nest                 Cockfield

The Kite's Nest                   Hereford

The Rest                          Kenton

The Angler's Rest                 Staines

The Cricketer's Rest              Norwich

The Drover's Rest                 King's Lynn

The Huntsman's Rest               Sheffield

The Miner's Rest                  Long Ashton

The Rambler's Rest                East Dereham

The Shepherd's Rest               Sowerby Bridge

The Traveller's Rest              Hertford

The Cloth Hall                    Leeds

The Lilliput Hall                 Jamaica Road

The Town Hall                     Kensington

The West End                      Titchfield

The Mayfair                       Brick Street

The Chalk Farm                    Regent's Park

The Highbury Barn                 Great Cornard

The Lattice Barn                  Ipswich

The Bank                          Norwich

The Bank of England               Paddington

The Bank of Friendship            Mile End, _note_ 88

The Corn Exchange                 Norwich

The Crystal Palace                Watford

The Guildhall                     Gresham Street

The Inns of Court                 Holborn

The London Stone                  Cannon Street

The London Hospital               Whitechapel

The Monument                      King William Street

The Nelson Monument               Yarmouth

The Nelson's Monument             Norwich

The Mall                          Woodhall

The Mount Pleasant                Dawlish

The Obelisk                       Harrogate

The Pleasant Retreat              Walton le Dale

The Post Office                   Reading

The Royal Exchange                Middlesbrough

The Tower                         Westminster Bridge Road

The Temple Bar                    Walworth

The Whittington Stone             Highgate

The Bow Bridge                    Leicester

The Fulham Bridge                 Knightsbridge

The London Bridge                 Borough

The Moorgate                      Finsbury

The Storey's Gate                 Westminster

The Duchy                         Princetown

The Cosy Corner                   Bridlington

The Caxton Gibbet                 Caxton

The Cemetery                      Burmantofts

The Duke's Palace                 Norwich

The Windsor Castle                Victoria

The Round Tower                   Windsor

The Savoy Palace                  Savoy Street

The Balmoral                      Edinburgh

The Hampton Court Palace          Crampton Street

The Buckingham Palace             Stevenage

The Osborne                       Stroud Green


The Ark                           Thetford

The Angel                         Islington

The Angel and Trumpet             Stepney

The Abbey                         St. John's Wood

The Abbey in the West             Lincoln

The Cross                         Boxted

The Priory                        Pendleton

The Cathedral                     Manchester

The Chapel                        Coggeshall

The Temple                        Roydon

The Chinese Temple                Bradford

The Hermit                        Bedford Street

The Hermitage                     Acle

The Hermit's Cave                 Camberwell

The George and Dragon             Wargrave

The George and Dragon             Dragon's Green, _note_ 89

The Saint George and Dragon       Snailwell

The Saint Anne's                  St. Anne's-on-Sea

The Saint Anne's Cross            Faversham

The Saint Ann's                   Buxton

The Saint Andrew                  Baker Street

The Saint Bartholomew             Norwich

The Saint Clement's               Poole

The Saint Cuthbert's              Scorton

The Saint James                   New Cross

The Saint John of Jerusalem       Clerkenwell

The Saint Paul                    Chiswell Street

The Saint Petrock                 Bodmin

The Simon the Tanner              Bermondsey

The Rhadegund                     Cambridge, _note_ 90

The Bel and Dragon                Cookham

The Good Samaritan                Turner Street

The Prodigal's Return             Battersea

The Adam and Eve                  Eton

The Rainbow and Dove              Hertingfordbury

The Brazen Serpent                Bermondsey

The Goliath                       Carlisle

The Samson and Lion               Coventry

The Leviathan                     Watford

The Catherine Wheel               Henley

The York Minster                  Soho

The Furness Abbey                 Barrow

The Fountains Abbey               Praed Street

The Bolton Abbey                  Lonsdale Road

The Thomas à Becket               Old Kent Road

The Bishop Bonner                 Bethnal Green

The Bishop Blaize                 Richmond, _note_ 91


The Great A                       Yaxham

The Q                             Stalybridge

The First and Last                Sennen

The First In and Last Out         Bideford

The Catch All                     Grassington

The Welcome All                   Stone

The Welcome Stranger              Windmill Hill

The Why Not                       Dover

The Who'd a' Thought It           Nine Mile Ride

The Who'd Have Thought It         Barking

The Which You Please              Devonport

The Just in Time                  Hanley

The God Speed the Plough          Sutton

The Goodwill to All               Pinner

The Friendly                      Halifax

The Friendship                    Gainsborough

The Unity                         Hyde

The Union                         Leicester

The Happy Union                   Loudwater

The Nowhere                       Devonport

The No Place                      Devonport, _note_ 92

The Slow and Easy                 Lostock

The Hit or Miss                   Keysoe

The Horn of Plenty                Globe Road

The Peace and Plenty              Yarmouth

The Good Intent                   Richmond, Yorks

The Live and Let Live             Little Downham

The Civil Usage                   Brixham

The Fortune of War                Pie Corner, _note_ 93

The Soldier's Fortune             Kidderminster, _note_ 94

The Wheel of Fortune              Alphington

The Trip to Jerusalem             Nottingham

The Lame Dog                      Norwich

The Wait for the Bus              Bottisham

The Cut the Wind                  Aberdeen

The Slap Up                       Landbeach

The Staff of Life                 Norwich

The Broadface                     Reading

The Labour in Vain                Old Swinford, _note_ 95

The Lost Child                    Mile End

The Staffordshire Knot            Smethwick

The Rent Day                      Cambridge Street

The Pass By                       Haverfordwest

The None the Wiser                Ponders End

The Duke's Motto                  Brick Lane

The Catch'em                      Swadlincote

The Mortal Man                    Troutbeck

The Smiling Man                   Dudley

The Naked Man                     Settle, _note_ 96

The Blindman's Gate               Barmby

The Hanging Gate                  Beverley

The Gate Hangs High               Hythe

The Gate Hangs Well               Catherton

The Merry Month of May            Bushey

The Land of Liberty               Herongate

The Ass in a Bandbox              Nidd, _note_ 97

The Freedom of Opinion            Ashford

The Magna Charta                  New Holland

The Constitution                  Churton Street

The Commonwealth                  Caterham

The Coronation                    Plymouth

The Diamond Reign                 Foubert's Place

The Jubilee                       Cambridge

The Diamond Jubilee               Gaywood

The Alliance                      Hampstead

The Correction                    Leigh

The Defiance                      Ipswich

The Exhibition                    Southend

The Endeavour                     Dover

The Enterprise                    Long Acre

The Gaiety                        Colchester

The Metropolitan                  Clerkenwell

The Moderation                    Reading

The Paragon                       Brixton

The Providence                    Folkestone

The Perseverance                  Norwich

The Success                       Bishop's Road

The Surprise                      Chelsea

The Salutation                    Ipswich

The Victory                       Newmarket

The Puss in Boots                 Macclesfield

The Goat in Boots                 Fulham Road, _note_ 98

The Dog in Doublet                Thorney, _note_ 99

The Fox and Goose                 Fressingfield

The Fox and Duck                  Ham*

The Fox and Pelican               Grayshott

The Fox and Goat                  Hersham

The Fox and Grapes                Richmond

The Cow and Hare                  St. Ives, Hunts*

The Farewell                      Castleton

The Finish                        Bermondsey

The Final                         King William Street


The Fish                          Crayford

The Fish and Eels                 Roydon

The Fishery                       Boxmoor

The Crab                          Shanklin

The Crab and Lobster              Ventnor

The Lobster                       Coatham

The Cod and Lobster               Staithes

The Otter and Fish                Hurworth

The Roach                         Bury

The Dolphin                       Norwich, _note_ 100

The Pickerel                      Stowmarket

The Crawfish                      Thursford

The Salmon                        Cambridge

The Trout                         Godstow

The Oyster                        Butley

The Butt and Oyster               Chelmondiston

The Eel's Foot                    Theberton

The Pike and Eel                  Chesterton


The World                         Devonport

The World's End                   Fulham, _note_ 101

The End of the World              Tilbury

The World Turned Upside Down      Old Kent Road, _note_ 102

The Globe                         Bengeo

The Albion                        Blackpool

The Anglesey                      Lichfield

The Aberfeldy                     East India Dock Road

The Britannia                     Porth

The Bath                          Peckham

The Berkeley                      Piccadilly

The Boston                        Junction Road

The Brighton                      Glasshouse Street

The Bristol                       Cork Street

The Canterbury                    Norwich

The Clarendon                     Hammersmith

The Coldstream                    Norwich

The Cambridge                     Ashton

The Derby                         Burnley

The Dunraven                      Bridgend

The Duncannon                     Charing Cross

The Elgin                         Maida Vale

The Foxhall                       Blackpool

The Granby                        Doncaster

The Granville                     Corbridge

The Grandison                     Briton Ferry

The Ipswich                       Norwich

The Leeds                         Stockton

The Leeds and Liverpool           Burnley

The Leamington                    Acton

The Lincoln                       Manchester

The London                        Stamford

The Leicester Lounge              Leicester Square

The Malvern                       Bevington Road

The Manchester                    Aldersgate

The Magdala                       Great Yarmouth

The Newcastle                     Southampton

The Newcastle-on-Tyne             Lexington Street

The Normanton                     Clumber

The Oakley                        Rushden

The Oxford and Cambridge          Hammersmith

The Quebec                        Thorpe

The Ruperra                       Cardiff

The Raby                          Stockton

The Sefton                        Douglas

The Stockton                      West Hartlepool

The Tavistock                     Covent Garden

The Vyne                          Normanton

The Washington                    Worcester

The Windsor                       Willesden

The Wharfedale                    Arthington

The Wellington                    Wellington College

The Wynyard                       Silksworth

The York and Albany               Regent's Park

The Zetland                       Saltburn

The Aire and Calder               Leeds

The Granta                        Cambridge

The Mersey                        Widnes

The Medway                        Sheerness

The Orwell                        Ipswich

The Thames                        East Molesey

The Tyne                          Shields

The Witham                        Lincoln

The Waveney                       Burgh St. Peter

The Essex                         Norwich

The Holderness                    Beverley

The Kent and Essex                Gravesend

The Rutland                       Newark

The Yorkshire                     Burnley

The West Riding                   Leeds

The Worcestershire                Droitwich

The Torbay                        Rotherhithe

The Middevon                      Ashbury

The Yeovale                       Lapford

The Stanhope and Tyne             Anfield

The Cheddar Valley                Wells

The Thames Valley                 Maidenhead

The Wear Valley                   Stanhope

The Milford Haven                 Caledonian Road

The Cinque Ports                  Ramsgate

The East Suffolk                  Aldeburgh

The East of England               Lowestoft

The Lake Lothing                  Lowestoft

The Sole Bay                      Southwold

The Grosvenor Basin               Milton Road

The Town of Leith                 Wapping

The Town of Ramsgate              Wapping

The City of Canton                Poplar

The City of Carlisle              Royal Mint Street

The City of Gloucester            Chelsea (_e_)

The City of Hereford              Cleveland Street

The City of London                Soho

The City of Norwich               Spitalfields

The City of New York              Bedford Road

The City of Paris                 Old Ford

The City of Quebec                Oxford Street

The City of Rome                  Roman Road

The City of Salisbury             Rodney Road

The Scotland                      Gomsal

The John o' Groats                Blackfriars

The Land's End                    Sennen

The Richmond Hill                 Norwich

The Tan Hill                      Swaledale

The Mount Ephraim                 Tunbridge Wells

The Skiddaw                       Chippenham Road

The Summit                        Royton

The Isle of Wight                 Deptford

The Isle of Skye                  Wessenden Head

The Isle of Cyprus                Folkestone

The Channel Islands               Guernsey

The Scarborough Spa               Shields

The Europa                        Molesey

The Minorca                       Wigan

The Nassau                        Dublin

The Oporto                        Shaftesbury Avenue

The Portugal                      Fleet Street

The Riviera                       Maidenhead

The Savoy                         Strand

The Smyrna                        Sunderland

The Swiss                         Soho

The Helvetia                      Soho

The Atlantic                      Newquay

The South Sea                     Sheffield

The Cape of Good Hope             Albion Street

The Columbia                      Yarmouth

The Falls of Niagara              Ryde

The Hercules Pillars              Great Queen Street, _note_ 103

The Jamaica                       Cornhill, _note_ 104

The Oriental                      Ware

The Patna                         Devonport

The Simla                         Thornton Heath

The South Pole                    Bath

The Trafalgar                     Remington Street

The Alma                          Dover

The Heights of Alma               Sheerness

The Blenheim                      New Bond Street

The Bunker's Hill                 Gosport

The Battle of Nile                Landport

The Crimea                        Inkerman Road

The Fort St. George               Cambridge

The Gibraltar                     Wighton

The Rock of Gibraltar             Oxford

The Inkerman                      Colchester

The Malakoff                      Yarmouth

The Navarino                      Dalston

The Neville's Cross               Kilburn

The Redan                         Westbourne Grove

The Waterloo                      Colchester

The Arab Boy                      Putney

The American                      Macclesfield

The Australian                    Westminster

The Canadian                      Oxford Street

The Caledonian                    Darlington

The Californian                   Belmont

The Hambletonian                  Stockton

The Norfolk Freeholders           Wells

The Parisian                      Furnival Street

The Spaniards                     Hampstead

The Spanish Patriot               Lambeth, _note_ 105

The Scotchman and His Pack        Bristol, _note_ 106

The Jolly Scotchman               Sleaford

The Zulu                          Ipswich

The Ancient Briton                Camden Town

The Generous Briton               Newark

The True Briton                   Walmer

The Guide Post                    Ryhope

The Toll Bar                      Ryhope

The Toll Gate                     Bury

The Gate                          Dunkirk

The Hatchgate                     Burghfield

The Swing Gate                    Dover

The Stocks                        Clapgate*


(_Note_ 107)

The Golden Anchor                 Hartlepool

The Golden Ball                   Longton

The Golden Bells                  Notting Hill

The Golden Boar                   Freckenham

The Golden Can                    Norwich

The Golden Cock                   Darlington

The Golden Cross                  Charing Cross

The Golden Dog                    Shipdham

The Golden Eagle                  Lincoln

The Golden Fleece                 Stamford, _note_ 108

The Golden Gallon                 Hull

The Golden Horse                  Coventry

The Golden Harp                   St. Albans

The Golden Heart                  Spitalfields

The Golden Key                    Ipswich

The Golden Lion                   Leyburn, _note_ 109

The Golden Last                   Cannon Street

The Golden Rose                   Cambridge

The Golden Rule                   Ambleside

The Golden Stream                 Norwich

The Golden Star                   Norwich


The Silver Cup                    Cromer Street

The Silver Lion                   Lilley

The Silver Oar                    Rochester

The Silver Tavern                 Burdett Road

The Silver Tree                   Devonport

The Silver Trumpet                Commercial Road


The Brick and Tile                West Bergholt

The Barn                          Norwich

The Portcullis                    Chipping Sodbury, _note_ 110

The Lattice                       King's Lynn

The Crooked Chimney               Stow Bardolph

The Wire Trellis                  Barnsley

The Coal Hole                     Leigh

The Dark Lantern                  Aylesbury

The Guinea                        North Bruton Mews

The Cabinet                       Reed

The Key                           Driffield

The Lock and Key                  Smithfield

The Little Dustpan                Reading

The Spinning Wheel                Hamsterley

The Pin Cushion                   Wyberton

The Cold Bath                     Hartford

The Gas                           Malvern

The Hourglass                     Lower Thames Street, _note_ 111

The Dial                          Swanton Morley

The Clock                         York

The Clock Face                    Burnley

The Coffee Pot                    Warwick Lane

The Imperial Measure              Hull

The Gallon Pot                    Yarmouth

The Gallon Can                    Yarmouth

The Quart                         Runwell

The Rummer                        Stoke Holy Cross, _note_ 112

The Rum Puncheon                  Whitecross Street

The Leather Bottle                Cobham, _note_ 113

The Flask                         Highgate

The Tankard                       Bentley

The Still                         Sleaford

The Punchbowl                     Low Row

The Punchbowl and Ladle           Peneleway

The Yorkshire Stingo              Marylebone

The Pot and Glass                 Eaglescliffe

The Jug and Glass                 Etherley

The Bottle and Glass              Lincoln

The Bottles                       Occold

The Board                         Carlisle

The Round Table                   Leicester Square

The Willow Pattern                Lincoln

The Pewter Platter                Hatton Garden

The Frying Pan                    Brick Lane

The Mechanic's Larder             Gray's Inn

The Knife and Steel               Pymoor

The Cow Roast                     Tring

The Haunch of Venison             Bell Yard

The Shoulder of Mutton            Old Newton

The Leg of Mutton                 Ashstead
  and Cauliflower

The Beefsteak                     Bath

The Baron of Beef                 Cambridge

The Round of Beef                 Ely

The Ribs of Beef                  Norwich, _note_ 114

The Spare Rib                     St. Ives, Hunts

The Eel Pie                       Stow Bardolph

The Flitch of Bacon               Little Dunmow

The Bubble and Squeak             Stepney

The Cheddar Cheese                Reading

The Cheshire Cheese               Fleet Street, _note_ 115

The Sugarloaf                     Spitalfields

The Sugarloaves                   Sible Hedingham, _note_ 116


The Commercial                    Chelsea

The Treaty of Commerce            Lincoln

The Industry                      Rochdale

The Tontine                       Tonbridge

The Colliery                      Ryhope

The Furnace                       Chesterfield

The Brick Kilns                   Norwich

The Cinder Ovens                  Norwich

The Tan Pits                      Church

The Repository                    Leicester

The Brewery                       Richmond, Yorks

The Bun Shop                      Strand

The Diamond                       Hertford

The London Assurance              City Road

The Foundry                       Holbeck

The Woolpack                      Penrith*

The Woolsack                      Poplar

The Bazaar                        Baker Street

The Silk Mills                    Yarmouth

The Yarn Factory                  Norwich

The Reservoir                     Bradford

The Shuttles                      Norwich

The Fire Brigade                  Brighton

The Free Press                    Cambridge

The Free Trader                   Peckham

The Free Trade                    Norwich

The Freemasons                    Long Acre

The British Workman               Willingham

The Sons of Commerce              Norwich

The London Apprentice             Isleworth, _note_ 117

The Jolly Butcher                 Knoll Green

The Jolly Butchers                Farnham Royal

The Jolly Brewer                  North End Road

The Jolly Brewers                 Norwich

The Jolly Coopers                 Hampton

The Jolly Hatters                 Norwich

The Jolly Maltster                Mortlake

The Jolly Miller                  Milbank Street

The Jolly Crispin                 Boston

The Bold Crispin                  Ipswich

The Crispin and Crispianus        Rochester, _note_ 118

The Crispin                       North End Road

The Brewer and Baker              Coventry, _note_ 119

The Baker and Basket              Limehouse

The Merry Carpenters              Old Street

The Draymen                       Bradford

The Engineer                      Wisbech

The Florist                       Stockport

The Foresters                     Cambridge

The Experienced Fowler            Limehouse, _note_ 120

The Butcher and Beast             Heighington

The Chapman                       Grimsby

The Royal Foresters               Chavey Down

The Fishmongers                   Bushey

The Dusty Miller                  Halifax

The Maltsters                     Hanworth

The Maltman and Shovel            Hammersmith

The Malt Shovels                  Grantham

The Jet Miners                    Broughton

The Bonnie Pit Laddie             Durham

The Rangers                       East Rudham

The Ringers                       Shipdham

The Rat Catcher                   Cawston

The Wood Man                      Chapmore End

The Weaver                        Runcorn

The Canterbury Weavers            Canterbury

The Ambassador                    York Road

The Honest Lawyer                 King's Lynn, _note_ 121

The Anvil                         Sotherey

The Axe                           Basinghall Street, _note_ 122

The Axe and Anvil                 Linton

The Axe and Saw                   Carlton

The Axe and Hand Saw              Moulton

The Axe and Compass               Carlton

The Axe and Cleaver               Heckington

The Cleaver                       Darlington

The Marrow Bone and Cleaver       Hull, _note_ 123

The Holy Stone                    Shiremoor

The Mallet and Tool               Whitwell

The Bag of Nails                  Buckingham Palace Road, _note_ 124

The Davy Lamp                     Easington

The Forge Hammer                  Jarrow

The Steam Hammer                  Lincoln

The Pick and Hammer               Carlton

The Trowel and Hammer             Marks Tey

The Hammer and Smithy             Ossett

The Peat Spade                    Longstock

The Spade and Becket              Little Downham, _note_ 125

The Spade and Sprocket            Stonea, _note_ 126

The Hack and Spade                Washton

The Hatchet                       Whiteparish

The Shears                        Wantage, _note_ 128

The Crook and Shears              Upper Clatford

The Well and Bucket               Bethnal Green


The Royal Military                Aldershot

The Flag                          Manningtree

The Flagstaff                     Canning Town

The Royal Standard                Windsor

The Standard of England           Bristol

The Union Jack                    Roydon

The Union Flag                    Wivenhoe

The British Flag                  Clapham

The Red White and Blue            Ely

The Stars and Stripes             Walthamstow

The American Flag                 King's Lynn

The Halberd                       Ipswich, _note_ 129

The Battle Axes                   Wraxall

The Gun                           Lupus Street

The Cross Guns                    Knarr Cross

The Morning Gun                   Bridgwater

The Evening Gun                   Norwich, _note_ 130

The Gun and Tent                  Spitalfields

The Rifle                         Hammersmith

The Cross Rifles                  Bridgwater

The Barrack                       Woolwich

The Horse Barracks                Norwich

The British Camp                  Malvern

The Roman Camp                    Elmerton

The Fort                          Sandown

The Garrison                      Cork

The Battery                       East Stonehouse

The Martello                      Folkestone

The Armoury                       Stockport

The Warrior                       Bermondsey

The Centurion                     Deptford

The Cossack                       Bath

The Marksman                      Hackney

The Recruiting Sergeant           Lincoln

The Horse Artillery               Great Warley

The Artilleryman                  Chelmsford

The Engineers                     Gloucester Road

The Life Guards                   Rettendon

The Royal Horseguardsman          Brentford

The Royal Lancers                 Doncaster

The Lancers                       Yarmouth

The Hussar                        Hounslow

The Dragoon                       Bromsgrove

The Light Dragoon                 Cambridge

The Light Horse                   Hounslow

The Light Horseman                Norwich

The Valiant Trooper               Aldbury*

The Grenadier                     Whitley, _note_ 131

The Jolly Guardsman               Windsor

The Hero                          Sheerness

The Hero of Alma                  Alma Square

The Hero of Inkerman              Bagshot

The Hero of Maida                 Edgware Road

The Hero of Moultan               Shrewsbury*

The Hero of Redan                 Norwich

The Hero of Switzerland           Brixton

The Hero of Waterloo              Lambeth

The Norfolk Hero                  Swaffham

The Volunteer                     Saxtead

The Volunteers                    Weybridge

The British Volunteer             Ponder's End

The Mounted Volunteer             Norwich

The Rifle Volunteer               Reigate

The Rifle Volunteers              Yarmouth

The Rifleman                      Ely

The Thirteenth Rifleman           Stalybridge

The Royal Rifleman                Battersea

The Chelsea Pensioner             Chelsea

The Bombay Grab                   Bow, _note_ 132


The Musical                       Barnsley

The Musician                      Huddersfield

Hark ye the Melody                Haverthwaite

The Lyric                         Great Windmill Street

The Lyceum                        Strand

The Opera                         Catherine Street

The Conquering Hero               Upper Grange Road

The Flying Dutchman               New Lakenham

The Merry Fiddlers                Epping

The Morris Dancers                Scarisbrick

The Ring O'Bells                  Widcombe

The Ring of Bells                 Chester

The Chimes                        Plymouth

The Crotchet                      Witham

The Organ                         Stalybridge

The Bugle                         Reading

The Bugle Horn                    Tarrant Gunville, _note_ 133

The Horn                          Knightrider Street

The French Horn                   Ware

The Horn and Trumpet              Bewdley

The Fiddle                        Colney Heath

The Harp                          Great Tower Street

The Harp of Erin                  Deptford

The Welsh Harp                    Hendon

The Jew's Harp                    Redhill Street

The Cornopean                     Weymouth, _note_ 134

The Drum                          Brentwood

The Kettledrum                    St. George Street


The Spring                        Ewell

The Happy Springs                 Lindley Moor

The Dripping Spring               Hastings

The Spring View                   Leigh

The Brook                         Washbrook

The Well Head                     Wendover

The Water Head                    Coniston

The Jacob's Well                  Hanbury Street

The Fountain                      Tuddenham

The Lake                          Killarney

The Ocean                         Sandown

The Dewdrop                       Hampton

The Shore                         Colby

The Grotto                        Weybridge

The Beach                         Leaton

The Ozone                         Bridlington

The Peep of Day                   Bath

The Sunbeam                       Crook

The Shades                        Charing Cross

The Cobwebs                       Richmond

The Rock                          Newley

The Great Stone                   Northfield

The Cliff                         Cleethorpes

The Quarry                        Bourne End

The Vale of Health                Hampstead

The Cathole                       Keld

The Dawn                          Castletown

The Grove                         Beauchamp Place

The Thicket                       Anerley

The Royal Forest                  Chingford

The Wood's End                    Bramerton

The Lane Ends                     Bradford

The Marlbank                      Welland

The Roadside                      Wingate

The Hill Top                      Castleford


The Maritime                      Brixham

The Marine                        Barmouth

The Navigation                    Runcorn

The Look Out                      Sunderland

The Grand Junction Canal          Buckingham

The Pier                          Scarborough

The Ferry                         Bawdsey

The Dock                          Penzance

The Lock                          Ipswich

The Wharf                         Hebden Bridge

The Haven                         Christchurch

The Harbour                       Lowestoft

The Harbour View                  Poole

The Safe Harbour                  Ipswich

The Clarence Harbour              Norwich

The Breakwater                    Plymouth

The Lighthouse                    Walcot

The Dublin Packet                 Chester

The Mail Packet                   Folkestone

The Steam Packet                  Ipswich

The Flint Boathouse               Chester

The Boat                          Peterborough

The Ferry Boat                    King's Lynn

The Fishing Boat                  Boulmer

The Life Boat                     Shingle Street

The Pilot Boat                    New Brighton

The Peter Boat                    Leigh

The Pleasure Boat                 Hickling

The Shore Boat                    Tilney

The Steam Boat                    Ipswich

The Boat and Anchor               Whittlesea

The Sloop                         Poole

The Yacht                         Chester

The Royal Yacht                   Stanhope Street

The Hoy                           Tollesbury

The Cutter                        Ely

The Cable                         South Shields

The Outriggers                    Kingston

The Ketch                         Worcester

The Hulk                          King's Lynn

The Sheer Hulk                    Portsea

The Wherry Hulk                   Geldeston

The Keel and Wherry               Norwich

The Schooner                      Alnmouth

The Galleons                      Albert Docks

The Spanish Galleon               East Greenwich

The Smack                         Leith

The Fishing Smack                 Deptford

The Oyster Smack                  Burnham

The Lobster Smack                 Canvey

The Barking Smack                 Norwich

The Barking Fishery               Yarmouth

The Greenland Fishery             Norwich

The Suffolk Fishery               Gorleston

The Anchor                        Stamford

The Foul Anchor                   King's Lynn

The Anchor in Hope                Wilby

The Ship                          Levington

The Ship Afloat                   Bridgwater

The Ship Aground                  Bridgwater

The Ship in Distress              Worsell

The Ship Launch                   Harrington

The Ship on Launch                Cardiff

The Ship Argo                     London Docks

The Ship Defiance                 Wisbech

The Ship Victory                  Chester

The Plimsoll Ship                 Hull, _note_ 135

The China Ship                    Wapping

The Steam Ship                    Blackwall

The Ship and Lobster              Gravesend

The Ship and Lighter              Rotherhithe

The Ship and Pilot                Bermondsey

The Ship and Sailor               East Greenwich

The Ship and Turtle               Leadenhall Street

The Ship and Whale                Rotherhithe

The Shannon                       Bucklesham, _note_ 136

The Shannon and Chesapeake        Todmorden

The Victory                       Eton

The Barge                         Ware

The Barge Aground                 Brentford

The City Barge                    Kew

The Pilot Barge                   Deptford

The Row Barge                     Woking

The Admiral                       Woolwich

The Lord High Admiral             Vauxhall Bridge Road

The Captain of the Man of War     Poplar

The Royal Midshipman              Clerkenwell

The Royal Sailor                  Bath

The Royal Tar                     Kew

The Jovial Sailor                 Ripley

The Jolly Sailors                 Whitburn

The Valiant Sailor                Folkestone

The Welcome Sailor                Maldon

The Sailor Boy                    Walworth

The Fisherman's Boy               West Pinchbeck

The Mariners                      Norwich

The Jolly Waterman                Waterbeach

The Jack on a Cruise              Hull

The Sailor's Farewell             Fratton

The Sailor's Return               Ickenham

The Fisherman's Return            Winterton

The Boatswain's Call              Norwich

The Mermaid                       Wisbech

The Sea Witch                     East Greenwich


The New Brewery                   Norwich

The New Beehive                   Bradford

The New Bell                      Lambeth

The New Bell and Crown            Winchester

The New City                      Norwich

The New Concord                   Bermondsey

The New Crane                     Gosberton

The New Crown                     Whittlesea

The New Clown                     Islington, _note_ 137

The New Corn Exchange             Norwich

The New Falcon                    Gravesend

The New Ferry                     Windermere

The New Fountain                  City Road

The New Globe                     Mile End

The New Gardener's Arms           Ipswich

The New Inn                       Gloucester

The New Jolly Caulkers            Lower Road, _note_ 138

The New Mill                      Romford

The New Market                    Lowestoft

The New Park                      Battersea

The New Quay                      Preston

The New River Head                Stainsby Street

The New Stag                      Cumberland Market

The New Swan                      Harwich

The New Star                      Norwich

The New White Hart                Newark

The New White Rose                Leeds


The Number One Tower              Smithfield

The One Bell                      Crayford

The One Bull                      Bury St. Edmunds

The One Crown                     Watford

The One Pin                       Wexham

The One Tun                       Saffron Hill, _note_ 139

The Doublelock                    Alphington

The Two Bears                     Yarmouth

The Two Brewers                   Windsor

The Two Beehives                  Dunston Street

The Two Bells                     Whitechapel

The Two Brothers                  Lambeth

The Two Blue Posts                Mount Pleasant

The Two Chairmen                  Charing Cross

The Two Doves                     Bromley

The Two Eagles                    Kinglake

The Two Friends                   Blofield

The Two Greyhounds                Kirkby Ravensworth

The Two Hunters                   Hunwick

The Two Mile Brook                Bath Road

The Two Mariners                  Hardinge Street

The Two Necked Swan               Norwich

The Two Pointers                  Woodlesford

The Two Quarts                    Norwich

The Two Lawyers                   Lambeth

The Two Spies                     Catherine Street

The Two Ships                     Soho

The Two Towers                    Penge

The Three Crosses                 Malmesbury

The Triple Plea                   Bedingham

The Treble Tile                   West Bergholt

The Three Ashes                   Romford

The Three Blackbirds              Ely

The Three Boars                   Wymondham

The Three Cups                    Colchester

The Three Cats                    Sevenoaks

The Three Cocks                   Hay

The Three Cannons                 Carlisle

The Three Cranes                  Mile End

The Three Colts                   Bethnal Green

The Three Crowns                  Loughborough

The Three Compasses               Bromley

The Three Daws                    Gravesend

The Three Elms                    Chignal

The Three Firs                    Sulhampstead Bannister

The Three Frogs                   Bracknell

The Three Feathers                Wymondham

The Three Furnaces                Brierley Hill

The Three Fishes                  Sunbury

The Three Goats                   Bury St. Edmunds

The Three Greyhounds              Borough Bridge

The Three Harts                   Stapleford

The Three Houses                  Sandal

The Three Horseshoes              Great Mongeham*

The Three Horses                  Otley

The Three Hammers                 St. Albans

The Three Hills                   Bartlow

The Three Herrings                Yarmouth

The Three Johns                   Pentonville, _note_ 140

The Three Jolly Butchers          Wood Green

The Three Jolly Gardeners         Hammersmith

The Three Jolly Sailors           Norbiton

The Three Jolly Wheelers          Chigwell Row

The Three Jolly Weavers           Lever Street

The Three Kings                   Clerkenwell

The Three Kingdoms                Thames Street

The Three Lords                   Minories, _note_ 141

The Three Legs                    Leeds

The Three Legged Cross            Crux Easton

The Three Loggerheads             Mold, _note_ 142

The Three Moles                   Selham

The Three Mile Inn                Adwy

The Three Moorhens                Hitchin

The Three Magpies                 Cirencester

The Three Marines                 Southsea

The Three Mariners                Bagshot

The Three Mackerel                Mile End

The Three Nuns                    Aldgate

The Three Nags                    Fritton

The Three Oaks                    Guestling

The Three Pots                    Horse Bridge

The Three Pigeons                 Richmond

The Three Pilchards               Potherro

The Three Postboys                Blackwater

The Three Rabbits                 Manor Park

The Three Salmons                 Craig

The Three Stags                   Lambeth

The Three Squirrels               Tisbury

The Three Swans                   Market Harborough

The Three Sisters                 Clapton

The Three Tuns                    Pettistree

The Three Travellers              Romford

The Three Wheatsheaves            Islington

The Four Alls                     Rokeby, _note_ 143

The Four Ashes                    Takeley

The Four Crosses                  Bicton

The Four Cross Roads              Frampton

The Four Horseshoes               Long Sutton

The Four Points                   Aldworth

The Four Swans                    Waltham Cross

The Five Alls                     Cheltenham, _note_ 144

The Five Arrows                   Waddesdon

The Five Bells                    Burnham

The Five Horseshoes               Essenden

The Five Miles                    Wicken

The Five Oaks                     Twickenham

The Five Pilchards                Porthallow

The Six Bells Stoke               Poges

The Seven Sisters                 Seven Sisters Road

The Seven Stars                   Virginia Water

The Seven Thorns                  Liphook

The Seven Dials                   Bath

The Eight Bells                   Kelsale

The Eight Ringers                 Norwich, _note_ 145

The Nine Elms                     Lambeth

The Ten Bells                     Stonham Aspal

The Eleven Cricketers             Dartford

The Fourteen Stars                Bristol, _note_ 146

The Fifteen Balls                 Penrhyn, _note_ 147

The Hundred House                 Norton

The Purslow Hundred House         Aston-on-Clun

The Hundred And One               Mile End


The Old Anchor                    Twickenham

The Old Abbey                     Cambridge

The Old Axe                       Hackney

The Old Ball                      Ashton-under-Lyne

The Old Bell and Crown            Winchester

The Old Bell                      Holborn

The Old Barge                     Norwich

The Old Belmont                   York Road

The Old Barrel                    Wednesbury

The Old Buck's Head               Thames Street

The Old Brown Bear                Aldersgate

The Old Blue Back                 Warrington

The Old Boar                      Manchester

The Old Bunch of Grapes           Bermondsey

The Old Black Horse               Norbiton

The Old Chapter                   Paternoster Row

The Old Centurion                 New Cross

The Old Cock                      Ware

The Old Coffee Pot                Downham

The Old Commodore                 Poplar

The Old Cocoa Tree                Pinner

The Old Coffee House              Hertford

The Old Cheshire Cheese           Essex Street

The Old Clock House               Knightsbridge

The Old Crown                     Girton

The Old Chesterfield              Shepherd Street

The Old Castle                    Bridgwater

The Old Dun Cow                   Darlington

The Old Duke's Head               Upwell

The Old English Gentleman         Harston

The Old England                   Windermere

The Old Farmhouse                 Kentish Town

The Old Friend                    Strawberry Hill

The Old Fiddle                    Hatfield

The Old Friends                   Norwich

The Old Green Man                 Steeple Morden

The Old Greenland Fishery         Hull

The Old Guildford Barge           Lambeth

The Old Guinea                    Cambridge

The Old Golden Lion               Northallerton

The Old Greyhound                 Worcester

The Old Gate House                Highgate

The Old Harrow                    Kingston

The Old Hatchet                   Ascot

The Old House at Home             Westerham

The Old Hatch House               Waterloo

The Old Hat                       Preston Bissett

The Old Hall                      Houghton

The Old Ivy House                 Goswell Road

The Old Inn                       Chard

The Old Industrious Bee           Blackburn

The Old Jamaica                   Southwark

The Old Jail                      Cudham

The Old Jock                      Calverhall

The Old Justice                   Bermondsey

The Old King's Arms               Pollard Street

The Old King's Head               Euston Road

The Old King Harry                Mile End

The Old King of Prussia           Loudwater

The Old Lattice                   King's Lynn

The Old London Bridge             Chester

The Old Magnet                    Hackney

The Old Maltscoop                 Lapford

The Old Mail Coach                Croydon

The Old Northumberland            Gosport

The Old Oak                       Hertford

The Old Plough                    Alnwick

The Old Plough and Harrow         Pentre

The Old Post Office               Shrewsbury

The Old Parr's Head               Knightrider Street

The Old Quiet Woman               Chapel-en-le-Frith

The Old Rock House                Barton

The Old Roundabout                Leeds

The Old Red House                 Chester

The Old Red Lion                  Hampton

The Old Rover's Return            Manchester

The Old Row Barge                 Kingston-on-Thames

The Old Rodney's Head             Old Street

The Old Raggles                   Queensferry

The Old Roebuck                   Holborn

The Old Robin Hood                St. Ives, Hunts

The Old Rose                      Deptford

The Old Sugarloaf                 Dunstable

The Old Swan's Nest               Moorgate Street

The Old Sea Lion                  Waterloo

The Old Six Bells                 Acton

The Old Sergeant                  Battersea

The Old Ship                      Brighton

The Old Swan                      Atherstone

The Old Star                      York

The Old Tippling Philosopher      Caldicot

The Old White Hart                Newark

The Old White Lion                Ravenstonedale

The Old Windmill                  Hammersmith

The Old Waggon and Hors           Bleasby

The Old Yew                       South Wingfield


The Adelphi                       Adam Street

The Peoples                       Harrogate

Bacchus                           Hoxton

The Vulcan                        Sizewell

The Apollo                        Tottenham Court Road

The Atlas                         Seagrave Road

The Aurora                        Tewkesbury

The Pandora                       Restronguet

The Neptune                       Ipswich

The Hercules                      Newport

The Cupid Hemel                   Hempstead

The Cupid and Bow                 Norwich

The Duke                          Deptford

The Duke of Suffolk               Rotherhithe

The Duke of Hamilton              Hampstead

The Duke of Grafton               Euston Road

The Duke of Norfolk               Harwich

The Duke of Wellington            Ely

The Duke of Bedford               Seymour Street

The Duke of Devonshire            Darnley Road

The Duke of Sutherland            Lorrimore Road

The Duke of Fife                  King's Lynn

The Duke of Marlborough           Norwich

The Iron Duke                     High Wycombe

The Marquis of Lorne              Kirkley

The Marquis of Granby             Esher, _note_ 148

The Marquis of Westminster        Warwick Street

The Marquis Wellesley             Cromer Street

The Marquis of Salisbury          Balls Pond Road

The Marquis of Lothian            Norwich

The Marquis of Anglesey           Bow Street

The Marquis of Hastings           Ossulston Street

The Marquis of Clanricarde        Southwick Street

The Marquis of Cornwallis         Chedburgh

The Marquis Cornwallis            Ipswich, _note_ 149

The Marquis                       Canonbury

The Earl of Essex                 Manor Park

The Earl of Aberdeen              Mile End

The Earl of Richmond              King's Lynn

The Earl of Cardigan              Norwich

The Earl of Leicester             East Dereham

The Earl of Durham                Cambridge

The Earl of Derby                 Cambridge

The Earl of Beaconsfield          New Cross

The Earl of Warwick               Whitechapel

Guy Earl of Warwick               Poplar

The Earl St. Vincent              Yarmouth

The Earl Grey                     Ipswich

The Earl Cathcart                 Osnaburgh Street

The Earl Russell                  Bristol

The Earl Percy                    Ladbrooke Grove

The Lord Collingwood              Yarmouth

The Lord Nelson                   Ashbocking

The Lord Holmsdale                Bromley

The Lord Holland                  Brixton

The Lord Napier                   King's Lynn

The Lord Byron                    Leeds

The Lord Rosebery                 Norwich

The Lord Raglan                   Norwich

The Lord Collingwood              Hall Place

The Lord Kitchener                Stevenage

The Lord Exmouth                  Stepney

The Lord Denman                   Mistley

The Lord Ranelagh                 Richmond Road

The Lord Clyde                    Brighton

The Lord Hood                     Bethnal Green

The Lord Camden                   Norwich

The Lord Roberts                  Scunthorpe

The Lord Keith                    York Street

The Lord Palmerston               Kilburn

The Lord Morpeth                  Old Ford

The Lord Truro                    Dalston

The Lord Stanley                  Mile End

The Lord Liverpool                Clark Street

The Lord Clive                    Manchester Square

The Lord Wellington               Old Kent Road

The Lord Hill                     Waterloo

The Lord Wellesley                Mile End

The Lord Burleigh                 Vauxhall Bridge Road

The Lord John Russell             City Road

The Lord Warden                   Dover

The Lord Chancellor               Ipswich

Sir John Barleycorn               Newmarket

Sir Charles Napier                Blackburn

Sir Colin Campbell                Kilburn

Sir John Franklin                 Nottingham

Sir John Falstaff                 Canterbury

Sir Ralph Abercromby              Hatton Garden

Sir Isaac Newton                  Union Street

Sir Garnet Wolseley               Norwich

Sir Richard Steele                Haverstock Hill

The Baronet                       Horsington

The Lady Franklin                 Old Ford

The Lady Mildmay                  Stoke Newington

Marshal Keate                     Poplar

The General Elliott               South Hinksey, _note_ 150

The General Draper                Bristol

The General Havelock              Chelsea

The General Picton                Wharfedale Road

The General Wolfe                 Laxfield

The General Jackson               Penge

The General Abercromby            Blackfriars

The General Wyndham               Norwich

The General Gordon                Stamford

The General Garibaldi             Staines

The General Canrobert             Bethnal Green

The Admiral Blake                 Ladbroke Grove

The Admiral Keppel                Fulham Road

The Admiral Nelson                Carlton Vale

The Admiral Vernon                Over

The Admiral Hardy                 Greenwich

The Admiral Benbow                Ludlow

The Admiral Hawke                 Boston Spa

The Admiral Rous                  Galleywood (_e_)

The Admiral McBride               Plymouth

The Admiral Tyrell                Bermondsey

The Admiral Seymour               Yarmouth

The Admiral Carter                Bartholomew Close

The Admiral Codrington            Chelsea

The Admiral Mann                  Hampshire Street

The Admiral Napier                Margate

The Bold Napier                   Norwich

The Captain Harman                Yarmouth

The Captain Cook                  Cumberland Street

The Captain Digby                 Margate

The Pitt and Nelson               Ashton-under-Lyne

The Nelson                        Stamford

The Rodney                        Westminster

The Rodney and Hood               Boston

The Gladstone                     Brompton

The George Canning                Brixton

The Camden Great                  Yarmouth

The Pakenham                      Knightsbridge

The Randolph                      Oxford

The John Burns                    Chiswick

The Bolingbroke                   Clapham

The Crosby                        Scunthorpe

The John Bull                     Bayswater

The John Barleycorn               Ware

The Jane Shore                    Shoreditch

The Wat Tyler                     Loveridge Road

The Boleyn                        East Ham

Judge Walmesley                   Whalley

The Tilden Smith                  King's Lynn

The C. B.                         Arkle Town, _note_ 151

The Robin Hood                    Sheringham

The Robin Hood and Little John    Ipswich

The Little John                   North Heigham

The Owen Glendower                Corwen

The Garibaldi                     Chalvey

The Garrick                       Leman Street

The Nell                          Gwynne Strand

The Jenny Lind                    Norwich, _note_ 152

The Dick Turpin                   Finchley

The George Peabody                Shadwell

The Brunel                        Plymouth

The William James                 Carlisle

The Jack of Newbury               Chiswell Street, _note_ 153

The Jack of Both Sides            Reading, _note_ 154

The Daniel Lambert                Ludgate Hill

The Mother Shipton                Hampstead

The Mother Redcap                 Camden Town

The Father Redcap                 Camberwell

The George                        Norton St. Philip

The Christopher                   Eton

The Dick                          Wortham

The Tumble-down Dick              Mortimer

Dirty Dick's                      Bishopsgate

Carr's                            Strand

The Tom in Bedlam                 Redbourn

The Bess of Bedlam                Norwich

The Blind Beggar                  Mile End

The Struggler                     Eagle

The Hob of the Well               King's Lynn

The Man in the Moon               Chelsea

The Alderman                      Stannery Street

The Citizen                       Houndsditch

The Man of Kent                   St. Michael's

The Arthur                        Bury

The Punch                         Hull

The Connoisseur                   Philip Lane

The Good Woman                    Necton, _note_ 155

The Quiet Woman                   Pershore

The Silent Woman                  Widford

The Load of Mischief              Blewbury, _note_ 156

The Man Laden with Mischief       Maddingley, _note_ 157

The Naked Man                     Settle

The Wild Man                      Sproughton

The Sand Boy                      Bawsey

The Lads of the Village           St. Mary Cray

The Heather Lad                   Trimdon

The Highland Laddie               Haughton Le Skerne

The Highland Chief                Hertford

The Highlander                    Hitchin

The Tourist                       Polperro

The Running Footman               Charles Street, _note_ 158

The Virgin                        Worcester

The Village Maid                  Lound

The Lucky Rover                   Hook

The Dick Whittington              Cloth Fair

The Whittington                   Hull

The Dying Gladiator               Brigg

The Ancient Druids                Cambridge


The Shakespeare                   Victoria

The Burns                         Milwall

The Robert Burns                  Darlington

The Andrew Marvel                 Hull, _note_ 159

The Ben Jonson                    Shoe Lane

The Lady of the Lake              Oulton Broad

The Excelsior                     Charing Cross Road

The Comus                         Beverton Street

The Childe Harold                 Railway Street

The Village Blacksmith            Woolwich

The Round Table                   Leicester Square

The Avalon                        Glastonbury, _note_ 160

The John Gilpin                   Cambridge

The Bell                          Edmonton, _note_ 161

The Colleen Bawn                  Peckham

The Paul Pry                      Prittlewell

The Uncle Tom's Cabin             Bolton

The Touchstone                    Stockport

The Altisidora                    Hull, _note_ 162

The Ivanhoe                       Denmark Park

The Waverley                      Edinburgh

The Compleat Angler               Marlow

The Darby and Joan                Crowle

The Vicar of Wakefield            Shoreditch

The Pindar of Wakefield           Gray's Inn Road, _note_ 163

The Miller of Mansfield           Goring, _note_ 164

The Valentine and Orson           Pepin Place, _note_ 165

The Robinson Crusoe               Earl Street

The Oliver Twist                  Leyton

The Mutual Friend                 Stevenage


The Royalty                       King's Lynn

The Royal                         Bath

The Imperial                      Bolton

The Crown                         Woodbridge

The Sceptre                       Yarmouth

The Crown and Sceptre             Brompton

The Coronet                       Soho

The Regalia                       Augustus Street

The Sovereign                     Osnaburgh Street

The Royal Sovereign               Kirkstall

The Monarch                       Silchester Terrace

The Merry Monarch                 Herbert Street

The Emperor                       Ipswich

The Empress                       Cambridge

The African Chief                 Ossulston Street

The Indian Chief                  Chesterton

The Indian Queen                  Bodmin

The Queen                         Brentwood

The British Queen                 Old Kent Road

The Island Queen                  Islington

The Queen in the West             Lincoln

The Queen of England              Slough

The King and Queen                Highworth

The Victoria                      Earl Soham

The Queen Victoria                Highbeach

The Empress of India              Rotherhithe

The Queen and Prince Albert       Great Tichfield Street

The Prince Consort                Hampstead

The Edward the Seventh            York

The Alexandra                     Lincoln

The King and Prince of Wales      Brick Street

The Prince of Wales               Walpole

The Prince and Princess of Wales  Walworth

The Princess of Wales             Gateshead

The Princess Royal                Pimlico

The Princess Amelia               Stratford

The Princess Louise               Holborn

The Princess May                  Durham

The Princess Beatrice             Camden Town

The Princess Charlotte            Princes Street

The Princess Victoria             Earls Court

The Young Prince                  Reading

The Prince of Windsor             Old Kent Road

The Prince Arthur                 Vauxhall

The Prince Albert Victor          Castle Acre

The Prince Albert Edward          Eccles

The Prince Albert                 Sunbury

The Prince Alfred                 Crowthorne

The Prince Edward                 St. John's Wood

The Prince Leopold                Derby

The Prince Rupert                 Soho

The Prince Frederick              Bromley

The Prince Teck                   Bermondsey

The Prince Regent                 Hounslow

The Prince William Henry          Blackfriars

The Prince George of Cumberland   Albany Street

The Prince of Brunswick           Barnsbury

The Prince of Denmark             Bloomsbury

The Prince of Hesse               Fieldgate Street

The Prince of Orange              Dinas

The Prince of Teck                Earls Court

The Prince of Saxe Coburg         Old Kent Road

The Prince of Prussia             Windsor

The Crown Prince of Prussia       Acton

King Alfred                       Lisson Grove

Alfred the Great                  Bolton

King Harold                       Romford

King Edward the Sixth             Islington

King Charles                      Newbury

King Charles the Second           Spitalfields

King Charles in the Oak           Ely

King John                         Southwark

King Harry                        St. Albans

King Henry the Eighth             Hever

King of Denmark                   Old Bailey, _note_ 166

King of Prussia                   Ringland, _note_ 167

King of Sardinia                  Mile End

King Lud                          Ludgate Hill

William the Conqueror             Widdington

The Coeur de Lion                 Bath

The William Rufus                 Simon's Bath

The George the Fourth             Goswell Road

The William the Fourth            Ely

The Queen Adelaide                Ely

The Royal Adelaide                Ewell

The Queen Anne                    Maidstone

The Queen Caroline                Norwich

The Queen Catherine               Osmotherley

The Queen Charlotte               Jamaica Road

The Queen Eleanor                 Enfield

The Queen Elizabeth               Merrow Street

The Queen Victoria                Theydon Bois

The Queen Dowager                 Teddington

The Queen of Hungary              Norwich

The Archduke Charles              Rodney Road

The Duke of Albany                New Cross

The Duke of Clarence              Hackney

The Duke of Connaught             Norwich

The Duke of Cornwall              Hammersmith

The Duke of Cambridge             Putney

The Duke of Cumberland            Kensington

Duke William of Cumberland        Hoddesdon

The Duke of Edinburgh             Fairfoot Road

The Duke of Gloucester            Oxford Street

The Duke of Kent                  Liverpool Road

The Duke of Lancaster             Hornsey

The Duke of Sussex                Acton

The Duke of Würtemburg            Hatfield Street

The Duke of York                  York Road

The Duke William                  Kennington

The Duchess of Clarence           Vauxhall Bridge Road

The Duchess of Edinburgh          City Road

The Duchess of Kent               Liverpool Road

The Duchess of Fife               Portsmouth

The Duchess of York               Kingsland Road

The Napoleon                      Manchester

The Peter the Great               Deptford, _note_ 168

The Empress of Russia             St. John's Road

The Sultan                        Camberwell

The Grand Sultan                  Dover

The Shah of Persia                Parkstone

The Mogul                         Drury Lane

The Great Mogul                   Maghull

The Cleopatra                     Savoy Street

The Royal Albert                  Hanley

The Royal Connaught               Holborn

The Royal Saxon                   Westbourn Park

The Royal William                 Woodbridge

The Grave Maurice                 Whitechapel, _note_ 169


The Railway                       Peterborough

The Railway Bell                  New Barnet

The Railway Guard                 Clapham Junction

The Railway Porter                Vauxhall

The Ticket Porter                 Arthur Street

The Station                       Melton

The Viaduct                       Kirkstall

The Junction                      Purston

The Safety Valve                  Forncett

The Express                       Kew Bridge

The Express Train                 Norwich

The Locomotive                    Derby

The Engine                        West Drayton

The Steam Engine                  High Wycombe

The Engine House                  Chester

The Engine and Tender             Bedford

The Tramway                       Pakefield

The E. U. R.                      Ipswich

The Great Eastern                 Liverpool Street

The Great Western                 Paddington

The Great Northern                King's Cross

The North Eastern                 York


The Gun                           Lupus Street

The Cross Guns                    Thorney

The Dog and Gun                   Potto

The Dog and Duck                  Winchester

The Dog and Pheasant              Bromsgrove

The Dog and Partridge             Upton

The Duck and Dog                  Wymondham

The Fox and Pheasant              Great Massingham

The Badger Box                    Annesley Woodhouse

The Equestrian                    Blackfriars

The Steeplechase                  St. Albans

The Stakes                        Stalybridge

The Turf                          Richmond

The Chester Cup                   Plymouth

The St. Leger                     Doncaster

The Amato                         Epsom

The Blink Bonny                   Chathill

The Diamond Jubilee               Gaywood

The Flying Childers               Kirkby

The Flying Fox                    Colchester

The Highflyer                     Ely

The Ladas                         Epsom

The Smoker                        Plumbley, _note_ 170

The Voltigeur                     Barton

The Race Horse                    Westhall

The Trotting Horse                Ludlow

The Running Horse                 Sunbury

The Running H                     Blackfriars

The Running                       Cobham

The String of Horses              Holbeach

The Horse and Jockey              Oxford

The Horse and Groom               Melton

The Man and Horse                 Moulton Eaugate

The Man and Saddle                Chester

The Ostler                        Hackney, _note_ 171

The Post Boy                      Hitcham

The Post Boys                     Oxford

The Sportsman                     Aldham

The Huntsman's Call               Worcester Park

The Huntsman and Hounds           Walworth

The Merry Harriers                Cullompton

The Hare and Hounds               Sheen

The Fox and Hounds                Barley

The Stag and Hounds               Bristol

The Stag and Hunt                 Ponsanooth

The Stag and Hunters              Brendon

The Bramhill Hunt                 Wokingham

The Brocklesby Hunt               Goschill

The Old Berkeley Hunt             Watford

The Surrey Hounds                 St. John's Hill

The Thornton Hunt                 Thornton Curtis

The Tally Ho                      Mettingham

The Hark to Bounty                Staidburn

The Hark to Lasher                Castleton

The Hark to Mopsey                Normanton

The Hark to Nudger                Dobcross

The Hark to Towler                Bury

The Blue Cap                      Sandiway, _note_ 172

The Triumphal Chariot             Pembroke Mews

The Royal Mail                    Upper Street

The Mail Coach                    Shepherds Bush

The Four-In-Hand                  Croydon

The Coach and Horses              Ipswich

The Chaise and Horses             Hammersmith

The Chaise and Pair               Wickham Market

The Postchaise                    Ipswich

The Tandem                        Oxford

The Sedan Chair                   North Searle

The Wheel                         Ely

The Turnpike                      Hayle

The Horseshoes                    Tottenham Court Road

The Manger                        Bradfield

The Saddle                        Chester

The Pack Saddle                   Mapledurham

The Whip and Nag                  Norwich

The Whip and Collar               Mile End

The Club                          Ely

The Recreation                    Faversham

The Anglers                       Ennerdale

The Ball                          Chard

The Bat and Ball                  Gravesend

The Cricketers                    Eton

The Merry Cricketers              Bermondsey

The Cricket Players               Shipham

The Wrestlers                     Norwich

The Archery                       Bathurst Street

The Butts                         Aldermaston

The Arrow                         Himbleton

The Cross Bow                     Sotherton

The Bird Bolt                     Cambridge, _note_ 173

The Bowling Green                 Badingham

The Corner Pin                    Clerkenwell

The Pin and Bowl                  Wokingham

The Coat and Badge                Hammersmith

The Chequers                      Sudbourne

The Tennis Court                  Bradford

The Dumb Bell                     Taplow

The Air Balloon                   Landport

The Balloon                       Holbeck

The Noah's Ark                    Oxford Street

The Hoop                          Cambridge

The Hoops                         Saffron Walden

The Hoop and Toy                  South Kensington

The Ninepin                       Cambridge

The Clown                         Islington

The Harlequin                     Lincoln

The Queen of Trumps               West Walton

The Knave of Clubs                Bethnal Green



The Fountain            Canterbury    1029

The Ostrich             Colnbrook     1110

The Angel               Grantham      1214

The George and Dragon   Speedhurst    1250

The Seven Stars         Manchester    1355

The George Norton       St. Philip    1399

The Cardinal's Cap      Cambridge     1400

The New Inn             Gloucester    1456

The Running Horses      Leatherhead   1520

The George              Southwark     1555

The George              Winchcombe    1583

The White Hart          Scole         1655

The Lord Crewe Arms     Blanchland

The Star                Alfriston

The Pope's Head         Norwich

The Anglers             Ennerdale

The Dick Whittington    Cloth Fair

The Harlequin           Lincoln



The Tan Hill Inn        Swaledale       1727

The Cat and Fiddle      Cheshire        1690

The Travellers' Rest    Flash Bar       1535

The Island of Skye      Wessenden Head  1500

The Newby Head          Ingleton        1420

The Duchy               Dartmoor        1359

The Moorcock Hawes      Junction        1050


The Fox and Hounds                Barley

The Magpie Stonham                Parva

The Green Man and Black's Head    Ashbourne

The Red Lion                      Hampton

The Four Swans                    Waltham Cross

The George                        Stamford

The Swan                          Fittleworth


The Man Laden with Mischief  Oxford St.    Hogarth

The Stag                     Doncaster     J. F. Herring

The Coach and Horses         Doncaster     J. F. Herring

The White Lion               Doncaster     J. F. Herring

The Loggerheads              Llanverris    David Cox

The Fox and Pelican          Grayshott     Walter Crane

The Row Barge                Wallingford   Leslie

The George and Dragon        Wargrave      Leslie and Hodgson

The Ferry                    Rosneath      H.R.H. Princess Louise

The Mortal Man               Troutbeck     Ibbetson

The Smoker                   Plumbley      Miss Leighton

The Two Sawyers              Pockthorpe    John Crome
                               Brewery, Norwich


The Reindeer                      Banbury

The Crown and Treaty House        Uxbridge

The Feathers                      Ludlow

The Raven                         Shrewsbury

The New Inn                       Gloucester

The Bear and Billet               Chester


La Briarde (nourrice)             Hondeghem

La Poupée                         Poperinghe

Au Papegai                        Poperinghe

Au damier de Comines              Poperinghe

Skindles                          Poperinghe

Au Faucon                         Poperinghe

Au cour de Flandre                Poperinghe

À la tête d'argent                Poperinghe

Au Congo                          Dickebusch

Au Transvaal                      La Clytte

Au Tivoli                         La Clytte

Au Faubourg                       Reninghelst

Au cheval Boulonnais              Abeele

Au Comte de Flandre               Abeele

Au retour de la gare              Abeele

À St. Eloi                        Abeele

Au cheval d'or                    Rexpoede

Au retour de la nouvelle          Boescheppe

Au grand St. Sebastien            Steenvoorde

Au vrai Cacillane                 Steenvoorde

Au drapeau Français               Steenvoorde

Au Comte Géant                    Bailleul

À la porte d'or                   Bergues

À l'aviation                      Bergues

Au vaisseau de ligne              Bergues

Hôtel Faidherbe                   Dunkirk

Au retour des Docks               Dunkirk

À l'ancien courrier de Calais     Dunkirk

Aux deux entêtés                  Winquin

L'as de trefle                    Renescure

La Bascule                        Ebblinghem

Trois Chevaux                     Hazebrouck

L'assurance contre la soif        Watten
  dix centimes l'action

À Paris comme à Londres le        Watten
   soleil luit pour tout le monde

Au Sébastopol                     Nort Nentinghem

La maison Blanche                 Monnecove

Au coeur joyeux                   Tilques

Au grand Marlborough              St. Martin au Laert

Le Taupier de Normandie           St. Omer

À l'entrée de Milan               St. Pol

Au chat vert                      St. Pol

Trois Pigeons                     Fruges

La ville de Boulogne              Fruges

Hôtel moderne                     Fruges

À la ville de Cassel              Fruges

Aux Alliés vainqueurs             Fruges

Cheval noir                       Fruges

Au Voltigeur                      Pont de Nieppe

À Moscou                          Pont de Nieppe

À Faidherbe                       Pont de Nieppe

Au Boeuf                          Armentières

Au grand homme                    Armentières

Aux dix chasseurs à Pied          Armentières

Au fer à cheval                   Crépy

À la Batteuse de Trefle           Roellecourt

Au bourrelier                     Rosult

Au razoir Americain               Hasnon

Au coq Hardi                      Denain

Café Maubeugeois                  Denain

Aux Quatrième Hussards            Denain

Au chat noir                      Denain

Au Tambour major                  Denain

À l'entr'acte                     Denain

À la colombe denaisienne          Denain

Au repos des cochers              Lille

Café Bellevue                     Lille

Café Mulhouse                     Lille

Hôtel de l'Europe                 Lille

À la gaieté                       Noeux les Mines
  (tenancier, Meurdesoif)

À la Fraternelle 20-100-0         Ruitz

Vin sans eau                      Coupelle Vieille

Au vert Baudet                    Arras

Aux neuf Fillettes                Arras

À la tête de boeuf                Abbeville

Hôtel de France                   Abbeville

Au canon d'or                     Crécy

À la descente de la jeunesse      Amiens

Hôtel du Rhin                     Amiens

À l'étoile du jour                Pont Rémy

À la grâce de Dieu                Pont Rémy

Aux voyageurs                     Etaples

Aux quatre fils d'aymon           Doullens

Au petit caporal                  Henencourt

À la Hotte pleine de malice       Villers Simon

Au Tonkin                         Caumesnil

Hôtel de la cloche                Dijon

Hôtel du Jura                     Dijon

Hôtel de Bourgogne                Dijon

À la chaudière                    Melun

Lille et Albion                   Paris

France et Choiseul                Paris

St. James et Albany               Paris

Continental                       Paris

Au club alpin                     Champex

Trois Couronnes                   Martigny (A.D. 1609)

Hôtel du grand St. Bernard        Martigny

Café de la vapeur                 Vevey

Café du Transvaal                 Vevey

Hôtel d'Angleterre                Vevey

Hôtel du château                  Ouchy

Hôtel Beau Rivage                 Ouchy

Café de la navigation             Ouchy

Café du nègre blanc               Lausanne

Café du Raisin                    Lausanne

Hôtel Gibbon                      Lausanne

Hôtel Beauséjour                  Lausanne

Hôtel Communal                    Pully

Café des trois chasseurs          Monts de Pully

Au chasseur                       Prilly

Café de la Truite                 Villeneuve

Au cheval blanc                   St. Blaise

À la Turquie                      Chessel


Unless otherwise stated, the House is situated in a London street.

  1. A personification of malt liquor, alluded to by Robert Burns. Three
barleycorns equal 1 inch.

  2. A heap of Barley; Saxon--mowe; Italian--mucchio. Appears in
Hogarth's print 'Beer Street.'

  3. Horse and Dorsers or Dorsiters. An old rendering of 'Pack Horse.'
Sometimes found as the FRIGHTED Horse, a corruption of

  4. Now a private house. Taylor the water-poet alludes to the incident
of the River Nen overflowing its banks and carrying away a man asleep
on a hay-cock. The old signboard illustrated this event.

  5. Strike--the round piece of wood used in levelling the struck

  6. Larwood and Hotten state that this sign is found in the
neighbourhood of nursery gardens.

  7. Refers to the Heart of the Holy Virgin pierced with swords.

  8. Commemorates 'England's Wooden Walls.'

  9. On a board is written:

        This gate hangs high and hinders none
        Refesh [_sic_] and pay and journey on.

 10. May refer to the Papal Hand raised in blessing. See Bishop Hall's
'Satires,' Book V., Sat. 2 (Larwood).

 11. During the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries the Turks were the
bugbear of Europe. Similar signs are Black's Head and Saracen's Head
and Negro's Head. Negroes with feathered heads were often seen as
tobacconists' signs.

 12. In this house King Charles I. was given up to the Scotch

 13. This tavern alludes to the Duke of Bedford, ground landlord of the
district. Pope recommends the house for its cuisine.

 14. Lode--a ditch that guides water into a river. (Dr. Brewer.) This
inn is situated in the Fen district.

 15. One of the oldest licensed houses in England. The Pope's Head in
Cornhill was a famous tavern; the alley still remains.

 16. This inn has a sign representing this politician with a copy of
the _North Briton_ under his left arm.

 17. An obsolete term for a large hunting dog. _Cf._ PACKHORSE AND

 18. One that carries baggage. _Cf._ PACKHORSE, HORSE AND DORSERS

 19. Common as a perfumer's sign in Europe. The Civet is said to
produce musk. (Larwood.)

 20. Jocularly called 'The gentleman in trouble.' Formerly a starting
place for coaches.

 21. Once called 'Pig and Whip.' Tradition has it that the present sign
refers to a surly tenant.

 22. A mammoth beast born at Ketton (near Darlington), which toured
England on exhibition at fairs, etc.

 23. Baldfaced--a term applied to animals which have a white strip down
forehead to nose.

 24. Alludes to a fabulous monster supposed to have been discovered at
St. Osyth, in Essex, in the reign of Henry the Second. (Larwood.)

 25. The Grasshopper was the crest of Sir Thomas Gresham, and may still
be seen on weathervane of the Royal Exchange.

 26. The papal arms.

 27. Scutch--to strip hides. (Dr. Brewer.)

 28. The Rising Sun in Islington Road gives notice in 1726 that a fine
hog will be Barbecued--_i.e._ whole roasted, stuffed with spice,
basted with Madeira. (Larwood.)

 29. These seven stars seem to be the same that are used as a masonic

 30. The Rainbow in Fleet Street has the reputation of being the
smallest licensed house in London.

 31. Cock and Pymat. Synonymous with Cock and Magpie, or Cock and Pie.
Larwood also calls it Pynot.

At the Cock and Pymot, Old Whittington, Derbyshire, was plotted the
Revolution of 1688 by the Earls of Danby and Devonshire, and Mr.
D'Arcy. (Hone's Table Book.)

 32. Pyewipe--a local name for the peewit.

 33. A house much adorned by artists.

 34. A famous carrier's inn, whence passengers and goods were
dispatched to the North.

The ceremony of nicking the Royal and Corporation swans on the Thames
still continues.

 35. A fine brand of hops used to be imported from Würtemburg.

 36. Best known as a landmark in the University boat race.

 37. Said to derive its sign from Queen Elizabeth having sheltered
there. Called in parish books of 1586 'The Queen's Tree.' (Larwood.)

 38. Larwood states that this sign is very rare. He gives it the
epithet of gloomy, referring to Psalm cxxxvii. 2.

 39. Probably alludes to the Druids.

 40. From Virginia came the first tobacco brought into England.

 41. The best known Tabard was that inn in Southwark whence Chaucer and
his party started for Canterbury. The tabard, a sleeveless jacket,
still worn by heralds.

 42. Does this refer to the thirsty reputation of cobblers?

 43. Cravat. Derived from Croats. Introduced into France 1636.

 44. A sign of great antiquity. It is found in 1562, and was probably
originally a tobacconist's sign.

The Calves Head Club met at the Black Boy, Newgate Street. Variations
of the sign are the Arab Boy, East Sheen; the Black Boys, Aylsham.

 45. Stow mentions a Black Bell in Fish Street Hill.

 46. This may refer to some ghostly hound.

 47. This inn is extinct. The name is a variant of leather bottle.

 48. The Black Lion appears in the arms of Queen Philippa, Consort of
Edward III. Also borne by Owen Glendower.

 49. The badge of Richard II.

In the garden of this house is the old sign that used to be in
Piccadilly on site of the present Criterion.

 50. The White Horse in Kensington was frequented by Addison.

 51. This house figures in the adventures of Mr. Pickwick.

 52. Badge of Edward IV.

 53. Refers probably to Robin Hood, or combined as Green Man and Still
was found as a herbalist's sign. (Dr. Brewer.)

 54. Lincolnshire seems very partial to blue; we find the Blue Man,
Boar, Dog, Fox, Bull. Larwood also mentions in the same county--Blue
Cow and Greyhound.

 55. Larwood supposes this sign to refer to the marriage of James I.
with Anne of Denmark.

 56. Badge of Cadwallader, ancestor of the House of Tudor.

 57. The Red or Roan Horse. Washington Irving's Inn. The badge of Pedro
of Castille, father-in-law of John of Gaunt.

 58. The House of Martlesham has a lion painted in Post Office Red
supposed to originate from a Dutch vessel taken at Sole Bay 1672.

 59. Thus the old nursery rhyme

        I had a bonny nag
        His name was dapple grey
        He would bring me to an alehouse
        A mile out of the way.

Pope also refers to 'Dappled Flanders mares.'

 60. In 1861 there were in the West Riding alone no fewer than 77 inns,
etc., bearing this sign. (Larwood.)

 61. This sign appears to be unique. Pied.--Variegated; spotted like a

 62. Sorrel. A reddish-brown colour. French--saure.

This and the Chestnut Horse, Great Finborough, refer to the County
Breed of Suffolk Horses.

 63. This inn bears a pictorial sign with the words 'intactum sileo.'

Larwood also mentions Bell and Bullock; Bell and Lion; Bell and

 64. Larwood also mentions Crown and Woodpecker (corrupted from Wool
Pack); Crown and Fan (a fanmaker's sign); Crown and Rasp (used by
Fribourg and Treyer, tobacconists); Crown and Can; Crown and Tower;
Crown and Thistle.

 65. This sign refers to the Royal Champion's (Dymoke) appearance at
the Coronation ceremony.

 66. This inn pays a quit rent of 4_d._ and a damask rose.

 67. A large drinking glass. Dutch--roemer.

 68. A curious and unique sign only equalled by the Hunchbacked Cats
(les chats bossus) of Lille. (Larwood.)

 69. Supposed to be a corruption of Caton le Fidèle. The sign recalls
the nursery rhyme.

 70. A skit on the Highland drovers who passed that way with cattle for

 71. A nickname given to this inn by local people. 'The Red Lion.'

 72. A skit on Coach and Four, 'Coach and Dogs.'

 73. _Eagle and Lamb_ formerly had a pictorial board depicting an
 eagle preying on a lamb.

 74. (_a_) Misreading of the words God encompasseth us.

(_b_) Coat of arms of Cordwainers' Company; the chevron corrupted
into compasses. (Larwood.)

 75. An allusion to the thirteen Protestant cantons of Switzerland;
Soho being largely inhabited by Swiss. _Cf._ Sun and Thirteen

 76. An allusion to the story of King James and the tinker of Enfield.

 77. The crest of the Middle Temple.

 78. Maund is an old word meaning basket.

 79. (_a_) A facetious rendering of Bear and Ragged Staff; (_b_)
Pige washail--Salutation to Our Lady; (_c_) Pig--Scotch for pot;
Whistle--Small change.

In Winchester Cathedral among the stall carvings is one showing a sow
playing on a whistle and another pig playing the violin. (Larwood.)

 80. Part of arms of Clothworkers' Company. Teazel--an instrument to
brush velvet.

 81. Larwood mentions this house, also Swan and Rummer; Swan and
Helmet; Swan and Soldier (? Lohengrin); Swan and Hoop, Moorfields
(Birthplace of Keats).

 82. Occurs in Larwood's book.

 83. This sign, now extinct, recalls the exploits of a soldier of that
name during the Peninsular War.

 84. It is hoped that this is a case of 'Lucus a non lucendo.'

 85. At Winterslow Hut occurred the episode of the lioness attacking
the leaders of the Salisbury mail. The Coach and Horses, Clerkenwell,
shows a pictorial signboard of this event.

 86. Famous for its living sign.

 87. The Beehive, Abingdon, displays this rhyme

        Within this hive we're all alive
        Good liquor makes us funny
        If you are dry step in and try
        The flavour of our honey.

 88. Larwood calls this 'An alluring but maudlin Title.'

 89. Has the uncommon sight of a tombstone in the garden.

 90. St. Rhadegund, 521-587. A Christian lady, Queen of Franks. Married
to Clotaire I. Fête August 13. (Larousse.)

 91. Patron Saint of Woolcombers.

 92. This sign showed a man returning home, and to his wife's inquiry
as to where he had been he replied 'No place.' _Cf._ OUTIS. Ulysses
to the Cyclops.

 93. Here ended the Fire of London, September 10, 1666.

 94. Once on this board was written:

        A soldier's fortune I tell you plain
        Is a wooden leg or a golden chain.

 95. This sign shows two serious looking women trying to wash a
blackamoor in a dolly tub.

 96. Probably refers to Adam. _Cf._ Wild Man, Green Man.

 97. This inn is now extinct, but the title is supposed to refer to
Bonaparte's attempt to invade England.

 98. The original sign of this house bore the reputation of having been
painted by George Morland.

 99. See Boswell's _Life of Johnson_, vol. iii, p. 261. It is the old
dog in a new doublet.

100. The Dolphin, Norwich, stands on site of a bishop's palace. The
Dolphin in Bishopsgate is mentioned by Stowe 1513, and probably to
this house Pepys repaired in 1661.

101. Sometimes this sign was on the signboard:

        I'll go with my friend
        To the world's end.

This inn was visited by Pepys in 1669.

102. Usually represented by rabbits shooting at men (near Reading),
horses riding in carriages, etc.

103. The classic name for the Straits of Gibraltar. In 1667 the sign
of an inn on the site of the present Hamilton Place, the end of the
then inhabited world of London.

104. The Jamaica in Bermondsey was reputed to have been once the
residence of Oliver Cromwell.

105. Larwood thinks that this sign dates from the Spanish Succession
question, 1833.

106. Noticed by Larwood who states that the Scotch pedlars penetrated
as far as Poland in 1569.

107. Larwood also mentions Golden Beard, Candlestick, Crotchet (sign
of Messrs. Novello), Frying Pan, Maid, Quoit, Slipper.

108. Refers to the quest of the Argonauts. Suitable as the sign of a
woollen draper.

109. An inn of this name at Fulham is supposed to have been frequented
by Shakespeare in 1595. (Larwood.)

110. The Tudor Badge. Can be seen to-day in King's College Chapel,

111. The Trade Mark of City of London Brewery Co.

112. The Rummer. See note to Bear and Rummer (67).

113. _Cf._ the Black Jack. Another variant is Messrs. Hoare's sign
the Golden Bottle at the well-known bank in Fleet Street.

114. Mentioned by Larwood, also the Flank of Beef, Spalding. Also the
Shoulder of Mutton and Cucumber.

115. This house is famous for the beefsteak pudding.

116. This inn shows a very pleasing sign.

117. Originating from the hero of a famous ballad. Also gives its name
to a place near St. Austell.

118. Two brothers who worked as cobblers while preaching the gospel.
Henry V. mentioned them in his address to the troops on Agincourt
Field, October 25, 1415. Henry V., IV. iii.

119. Larwood quotes this rhyme from a signboard at Birmingham

        The Baker says 'I've the staff of life
          And you're a silly elf.'
        The Brewer replied, with artful pride
          'Why, this is life itself.'

120. Does this house set a gin for the unwary?

121. Also in Coutts Road, Bow, in both cases he is represented with
his head under his arm.

122. From this inn in Aldermanbury a regular service of stage wagons
travelled from London to Liverpool.

123. Alludes to an old custom of butcher boys serenading newly-married

124. Though classified here, is generally reckoned to be a corruption
of Bacchanals.

125. Becket. An implement for digging peat.

126. Sprocket. Used in the Fen country.

Both these inns are near Ely.

128. This house displays a gigantic pair of shears as a sign.

129. This inn has a pictorial sign showing the weapon, half axe, half

130. This inn stands on the site of the stake where the Lollards

131. Supposed to commemorate a soldier buried in Winchester who died
of drinking small beer.

132. Grab was the slang term used in India to denote a foot-soldier.

133. Larwood states that Bugle is the local name in the Isle of Wight
for a wild bull, and is used as such by a writer of 1688. _Cf._
French--beugler--to low.

134. A musical horn. (Nuttall.)

135. Refers to the Plimsoll Mark, invented by Samuel Plimsoll,

136. This sign commemorates Sir Philip Broke's victory. The family
seat is quite near.

137. Larwood states that this sign has been changed from that of Joe

138. Caulk or Calk. To stuff the seams of a ship with oakum.

139. The One Tun near Hungerford Market is mentioned in a newspaper of

140. Larwood mentioned this sign as depicting John Wilkes, John Horne
Tooke, and Sir John Glynn.

141. Commemorates the two Lords Balmerino and Kilmarnock, executed for
their share in the rebellion of 1745. Lord Nithsdale escaped,
disguised as a woman.

142. Shows two grinning faces and underneath is written

        We Three Loggerheads be

and the observer is the third of the trio.

143. Also Five Alls.

144. A print by Kay shows Dr. Hunter, a Scotch divine--I pray for all;
Erskine the Lawyer--I plead for all; A Farmer--I maintain all; H.M.
George III--I fight for all; The Devil--I take all.

145. Larwood mentions this inn.

146. Probably used as a change from Seven Stars.

147. Refers to the Cornish arms, fifteen roundles.

148. Immortalized by Sam Weller. The hero of Minden.

149. 1738-1805. Twice Governor-General of India.

150. Afterwards Lord Heathfield, Defender of Gibraltar.

151. Abbreviated from Charles Bathurst who developed the adjoining
lead mines.

152. 1820-1887. The Swedish prima donna who married Mr. Goldschmidt.

153. Alias Winchcombe--a renowned clothier who equipped at his own
expense 100 men to fight at Flodden, 1523.

154. Stands at a ~Y~-shaped corner, vulgarly called a 'Flat Iron.'

155. Represented as Headless. Larwood suggests a corruption of
heedless. _Cf._ the virgins in the parable.

156, 157. Taken from Hogarth's print. Both this and the following inn
have pictorial signs.

158. This sign is probably unique and has a painted picture. Many of
these lackeys were Irish and had St. Patrick's Day as a holiday.

159. A native of Hull. A friend of Milton and confidant of Cromwell,

160. Avalon--an old folk name for this district in Somerset.

161. Has a signboard showing John Gilpin on his famous ride.

162. A character in Don Quixote. (Dr. Brewer.)

163. The Pindar had charge of the village pound and looked after stray
cattle. (Larwood.)

164. Hero of a ballad.

165. This inn existed in 1711. The sign commemorates the two twin
brothers of that name born in a wood near Orleans. They were sons of
Bellisant and nephews of King Pepin. (Dr. Brewer.)

166. Larwood mentioned this inn and states that the sign commemorates
Christian IV., father-in-law of James I.--being so near Newgate the
landlord was wealthy.

167. Macaulay, quoted by Larwood, mentioned that on all sides painters
were touching up Admiral Vernon into K. of P. Frederick the Great, the
hero of Rosbach.

168. The Czar Peter after his day's work resorted to a public-house in
Great Tower Street, the sign was altered in his honour to the Czar of
Muscovy Head. (Barrow's _Life of Peter the Great_.)

169. Dutch Graaf--_i.e._ Count. Probably Maurice of Nassau, Prince of
Orange, popular in this country on account of his opposition to the
Spaniards in the Netherlands. (Larwood.)

170. Smoker. This sign painted by Miss Leighton alludes to a racehorse
the property of Lord de Tabley.

171. Ostler. Sometimes spelt Hostler, derived from French hostelier,
hôtelier; has lost its original meaning of the 'landlord.'

172. This inn commemorates a famous foxhound, 1762, whose exploits are
set forth on the sign board.

173. Larwood mentioned this a sign of some antiquity. A birdbolt was
an ancient implement for shooting at birds.

  _Printed in England at_ THE BALLANTYNE PRESS
  _Colchester, London & Eton_

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