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Title: Drifting
Author: Read, T. Buchanan
Language: English
As this book started as an ASCII text book there are no pictures available.
Copyright Status: Not copyrighted in the United States. If you live elsewhere check the laws of your country before downloading this ebook. See comments about copyright issues at end of book.

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By T. Buchanan Read.


From Designs By Miss L. B. Humphrey


J. B. Lippincott & Co.



[Illustration: 0019]

               |MY soul to-day

                    Is far away

               Sailing the Vesuvian Bay;

          My wingéd boat,

          A bird afloat,

     Swims round the purple peaks remote:--

|ROUND purple peaks

          It sails, and seeks

     Blue inlets and their crystal creeks,

               Where high rocks throw,

               Through deeps below,

     A duplicated golden glow.

[Illustration: 0023]

[Illustration: 0025]

|FAR, vague, and dim,

               The mountains swim;

          While on Vesuvius' misty brim,

               With outstretched hands,

               The gray smoke stands

          O'erlooking the volcanic lands.

|IN lofty lines,

          'Mid palms and pines,

     And olives, aloes, elms, and vines,

               Sorrento swings

               On sunset wings,

          Where Tasso's spirit soars and sings.

[Illustration: 0029]

[Illustration: 0031]

|I HEED not, if

          My rippling skiff

          Float swift or slow from cliff to


               With dreamful eyes

               My spirit lies

          Under the walls of Paradise.

               Under the walls

               Where swells and falls

          The Bay's deep breast at intervals.

[Illustration: 0033]

               At peace I lie,

               Blown softly by,

          A cloud upon this liquid sky.

          The day, so mild,

          Is Heaven's own child,

     With Earth and Ocean reconciled;--

               The airs I feel

               Around me steal

     Are murmuring to the murmuring keel.

|OVER the rail

          My hand I trail

          Within the shadow of the sail,

               A joy intense,

               The cooling sense

          Glides down my drowsy indolence.

[Illustration: 0037]

[Illustration: 0039]

[Illustration: 0041]

|THE fisher's child,

          With tresses wild,

          Unto the smooth, bright sand beguiled,

               With glowing lips

               Sings as she skips,

          Or gazes at the far-off ships.

[Illustration: 0045]

[Illustration: 0047]

[Illustration: 0049]

[Illustration: 0051]

|HAPPY ship,

          To rise and dip,

          With the blue crystal at your lip!

               O happy crew,

               My heart with you


|NO more, no more

          The worldly shore

          Upbraids me with its loud uproar

               With dreamful eyes

               My spirit lies

          Under the walls of Paradise!

[Illustration: 0055]

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