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Title: Blackie & Son's Illustrated Story Books Catalogue, 1889
Author: Son, Blackie &
Language: English
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Copyright Status: Not copyrighted in the United States. If you live elsewhere check the laws of your country before downloading this ebook. See comments about copyright issues at end of book.

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                            *Blackie & Son’s
                        Illustrated Story Books*


                        _*HISTORICAL TALES BY*_


*With Kitchener in the Soudan:*

A Tale of Atbara and Omdurman.

With 10 Illustrations by W. RAINEY, R.I., and 3 Maps.  6s.

In carrying out various special missions with which he is entrusted the
hero displays so much dash and enterprise that he soon attains an
exceptionally high rank for his age. In all the operations he takes a
distinguished part, and adventure follows so close on adventure that the
end of the story is reached all too soon.

    "Mr. Henty has collected a vast amount of information about the
    reconquest of the Soudan, and he succeeds in impressing it upon
    his reader’s mind at the very time when he is interesting him
    most."--_Literary World_.

*With the British Legion:*

*A Story of the Carlist Wars.*

With 10 Illustrations by WAL PAGET.  6s.

The hero joins the British Legion, which was raised by Sir de Lacy Evans
to support the cause of Queen Christina and the infant Queen Isabella,
and as soon as he sets foot on Spanish soil his adventures begin. Arthur
is one of Mr. Henty’s most brilliant heroes, and the tale of his
experiences is thrilling and breathless from first to last.

    "It is a rattling story told with verve and spirit."--_Pall Mall

*The Treasure of the Incas:*

*A Tale of Adventure in Peru.*

With 8 Illustrations by WAL PAGET, and a Map.  5s.

The heroes of this powerful story go to Peru to look for the treasure
which the Incas hid when the Spaniards invaded the country.  Their task
is both arduous and dangerous, but though they are often disappointed,
their courage and perseverance are at last amply rewarded.

    "The interest never flags for one moment, and the story is told
    with vigour."--_World_.


                     *      *      *      *      *

[Illustration: _From WITH THE BRITISH LEGION_
by G. A. Henty (See page 1)]


                     *      *      *      *      *


*With Roberts to Pretoria:*

A Tale of the South African War.

With 12 Illustrations by WILLIAM RAINEY, R.I., and a Map.  6s.

The hero takes part in the series of battles that end in the disaster at
Magersfontein, is captured and imprisoned in the race-course at
Pretoria, but escapes in time to fight at Paardeberg and march with the
victorious army to Bloemfontein.  He rides with Colonel Mahon’s column
to the relief of Mafeking, and accomplishes the return journey with such
despatch as to be able to join in the triumphant advance to Pretoria.

    "In this story of the South African war Mr. Henty proves once
    more his incontestable pre-eminence as a writer for

*Both Sides the Border:*

A Tale of Hotspur and Glendower.

With 12 page Illustrations by RALPH PEACOCK.  6s.

The hero casts in his lot with the Percys, and becomes esquire to Sir
Henry, the gallant Hotspur. He is sent on several dangerous and
important missions in which he acquits himself with great valour.

    "With boys the story should rank among Mr. Henty’s

    "A vivid picture of that strange past ... when England and
    Scotland ... were torn by faction and civil war."--_Onward_.

*Through Russian Snows:*

or, Napoleon’s Retreat from Moscow.

With 8 page Illustrations by W. H. OVEREND.  5s.

Julian Wyatt becomes, quite innocently, mixed up with smugglers, who
carry him to France, and hand him over as a prisoner to the French. He
subsequently regains his freedom by joining Napoleon’s army in the
campaign against Russia.

    "The story of the campaign is very graphically told."--_St.
    James’s Gazette_.

    "One of Mr. Henty’s best books, which will be hailed with joy by
    his many eager readers."--_Journal of Education_.

    "Is full of life and action."--_Journal of Education_.

*Out with Garibaldi:*

A Story of the Liberation of Italy.

With 8 page Illustrations by W. RAINEY, R.I., and two Maps.  5s.

Mr. Henty makes the liberation of Italy by Garibaldi the groundwork of
an exciting tale of adventure. The hero is an English lad who joins the
expedition and takes a prominent part in the extraordinary series of
operations that ended in the fall of the Neapolitan kingdom.

    "A first-rate story of stirring deeds."--_Daily Chronicle_.

    "Full of hard fighting, gallant rescues, and narrow


                     *      *      *      *      *


*At the Point of the Bayonet:*

A Tale of the Mahratta War.

With 12 Illustrations by WAL PAGET, and 2 Maps.  6s.

Harry Lindsay is carried off to the hills and brought up as a Mahratta.
At the age of sixteen he becomes an officer in the service of the
Mahratta prince at Poona, and afterwards receives a commission in the
army of the East India Company. His courage and enterprise are rewarded
by quick promotion, and at the end of the war he sails for England,
where he succeeds in establishing his right to the family estates.

    "A brisk, dashing narrative."--_Bookman_.

*Under Wellington’s Command:*

A Tale of the Peninsular War.

With 12 page Illustrations by WAL PAGET.  6s.

In this stirring romance Mr. Henty gives us the further adventures of
Terence O’Connor, the hero of _With Moore at Corunna_.  We are told how,
in alliance with a small force of Spanish guerrillas, the gallant
regiment of Portuguese levies commanded by Terence keeps the whole of
the French army in check at a critical period of the war, rendering
invaluable service to the Iron Duke and his handful of British troops.

    "An admirable exposition of Mr. Henty’s masterly method of
    combining instruction with amusement."--_World_.

*To Herat and Cabul:*

A Story of the First Afghan War.

With 8 full-page Illustrations by C. M. SHELDON, and Map.  5s.

The hero takes a distinguished part in the defence of Herat, and
subsequently obtains invaluable information for the British army during
the first Afghan war.  He is fortunately spared the horrors of the
retreat from Cabul, and shares in the series of operations by which that
most disastrous blunder was retrieved.

    "We can heartily commend it to boys, old and

*With Cochrane the Dauntless:*

A Tale of his Exploits.

With 12 page Illustrations by W. H. MARGETSON.  6s.

It would be hard to find, even in sensational fiction, a more daring
leader than Lord Cochrane, or a career which supplies so many thrilling
exploits. The manner in which, almost single-handed, he scattered the
French fleet in the Basque Roads is one of the greatest feats in English
naval history.

    "As rousing and interesting a book as boys could wish
    for."--_Saturday Review_.

    "This tale we specially recommend."--_St. James’s Gazette_.


                     *      *      *      *      *


*Redskin and Cow-Boy:*

A Tale of the Western Plains

With 12 page Illustrations by ALFRED PEARSE.  6s.

Hugh Tunstall accompanies a frontiersman on a hunting expedition on the
Plains, and then seeks employment as a cow-boy on a cattle ranch. His
experiences during a "round up" present in picturesque form the
toilsome, exciting, adventurous life of a cow-boy; while the perils of a
frontier settlement are vividly set forth. Subsequently, the hero joins
a wagon-team, and the interest is sustained in a fight with, and capture
of, brigands.

    "A strong interest of open-air life and movement pervades the
    whole book."--_Scotsman_.

*With Buller in Natal:*

or, A Born Leader.

With 10 page Illustrations by W. RAINEY, R.I., and a Map.  6s.

The heroic story of the relief of Ladysmith forms the theme of one of
the most powerful romances that have come from Mr. Henty’s pen. When the
war breaks out, the hero, Chris King, and his friends band themselves
together under the title of the Maritzburg Scouts. From first to last
the boy scouts are constantly engaged in perilous and exciting
enterprises, from which they always emerge triumphant, thanks to their
own skill and courage, and the dash and ingenuity of their leader.

    "Just the sort of book to inspire an enterprising boy."--_Army
    and Navy Gazette_.

*By England’s Aid:*

or, The Freeing of the Netherlands (1585-1604).

With 10 page Illustrations by ALFRED PEARSE, and 4 Maps.  6s.

Two English lads go to Holland in the service of one of "the fighting
Veres".  After many adventures one of the lads finds himself on board a
Spanish ship at the defeat of the Armada, and escapes from Spain only to
fall into the hands of the Corsairs. He is successful, however, in
getting back to Spain, and regains his native country after the capture
of Cadiz.

    "Boys know and love Mr. Henty’s books of adventure, and will
    welcome his tale of the freeing of the

*Condemned as a Nihilist:*

A Story of Escape from Siberia.

With 8 page Illustrations by WAL PAGET.  5s.

Godfrey Bullen, a young Englishman resident in St. Petersburg, becomes
involved in various political plots, resulting in his seizure and exile
to Siberia.  After an unsuccessful attempt to escape, he gives himself
up to the Russian authorities.  Eventually he escapes, and reaches home,
having safely accomplished a perilous journey which lasts nearly two

    "The escape from Siberia is well told and the description of
    prison life is very graphic."--_Academy_.


                     *      *      *      *      *

[Illustration: _From THE TREASURE OF THE INCAS_
By G. A. HENTY (See page 1)]


                     *      *      *      *      *


*Maori and Settler:*

A Story of the New Zealand War

With 8 page Illustrations by ALFRED PEARSE.  5s.

The Renshaws lose their property and emigrate to New Zealand.  Wilfrid,
a strong, self-reliant lad, is the mainstay of the household.  The odds
seem hopelessly against the party, but they succeed in establishing
themselves happily in one of the pleasantest of the New Zealand valleys.

    "A book which all young people, but especially boys, will read
    with avidity."--_Athæneum_.

*Beric the Briton:*

A Story of the Roman Invasion of Britain

With 12 page Illustrations by W. PARKINSON.  6s.

Beric is a boy-chief of a British tribe which takes a prominent part in
the insurrection under Boadicea: and after the defeat of that heroic
queen he continues the struggle in the fen-country. Ultimately Beric is
defeated and carried captive to Rome, where he succeeds in saving a
Christian man by slaying a lion in the arena, and is rewarded by being
made the personal protector of Nero.  Finally, he escapes and returns to
Britain, where he becomes a wise ruler of his own people.

    "He is a hero of the most attractive kind.... One of the most
    spirited and well-imagined stories Mr. Henty has
    written."--_Saturday Review_.

    "His conflict with a lion in the arena is a thrilling
    chapter."--_School Beard Chronicle_.

    "Full of every form of heroism and pluck."--_Christian World_.

*The Dash for Khartoum:*

A Tale of the Nile Expedition.

With 10 page Illustrations by JOHN SCHÖNBERG and J. NASH.  6s.

In the record of recent British history there is no more captivating
page for boys than the story of the Nile campaign, and the attempt to
rescue General Gordon.  For, in the difficulties which the expedition
encountered, and in the perils which it overpassed, are found all the
excitement of romance, as well as the fascination which belongs to real

    "_The Dash for Khartoum_ is your ideal boys’ book."--_Tablet_.

    "It is literally true that the narrative never flags a

    "Thec Dash for Khartoum will be appreciated even by those who
    don’t ordinarily care a dash for anything."--_Punch_.

*With Wolfe in Canada:*

or, The Winning of a Continent.

With 12 page Illustrations by GORDON BROWNE.  6s.

Mr. Henty tells the story of the struggle between Britain and France for
supremacy on the North American continent. The fall of Quebec decided
that the Anglo-Saxon race should predominate in the New World; that
Britain, and not France, should take the lead among the nations.

    "A moving tale of military exploit and thrilling
    adventure."--_Daily News_.


                     *      *      *      *      *


*Held Fast for England:*

A Tale of the Siege of Gibraltar.

With 8 page Illustrations by GORDON BROWNE.  5s.

The story deals with one of the most memorable sieges in history.  The
hero, a young Englishman resident in Gibraltar, takes a brave and worthy
part in the long defence, and we learn with what bravery,
resourcefulness, and tenacity the Rock was held for England.

    "There is no cessation of exciting incident throughout the

*In the Irish Brigade:*

A Tale of War in Flanders and Spain.

With 12 page Illustrations by CHARLES M. SHELDON.  6s.

The hero is a young officer in the Irish Brigade, which for many years
after the siege of Limerick formed the backbone of the French army.  He
goes through many stirring adventures, successfully carries out
dangerous missions in Spain, saves a large portion of the French army at
Oudenarde, and even has the audacity to kidnap the Prime Minister of

    A stirring book of military adventure."--_Scotsman_.

*At Agincourt:*

A Tale of the White Hoods of Paris.

With 12 page Illustrations by WAL PAGET.  6s.

Sir Eustace de Villeroy, in journeying from Hampshire to his castle in
France, made young Guy Aylmer one of his escort. Soon thereafter the
castle was attacked, and the English youth displayed such valour that
his liege-lord made him commander of a special mission to Paris.  This
he accomplished, returning in time to take part in the campaign against
the French which ended in the glorious victory for England at Agincourt.

    "Cannot fail to commend itself to boys of all
    ages."--_Manchester Courier_.

*A Final Reckoning:*

A Tale of Bush Life in Australia.

With 8 page Illustrations by W. B. WOLLEN.  5s.

The hero, a young Englishman, emigrates to Australia, where he gets
employment as an officer in the mounted police. A few years of active
work gain him promotion to a captaincy. In that post he greatly
distinguishes himself, and finally leaves the service and settles down
as a squatter.

    "A stirring story capitally told."--_Guardian_.


                     *      *      *      *      *

                            *Blackie & Son’s
                         Story Books for Boys*


*Dick o’ the Fens:*

A Romance of the Great East Swamp.

With 12 page Illustrations by FRANK DADD.  6s.

Dick o’ the Fens and Tom o’ Grimsey are the sons of a squire and a
farmer living in Lincolnshire. Many sketches of their shooting and
fishing experiences are related, while the record of the fenmen’s
stealthy resistance to the great draining scheme is full of keen
interest.  The ambushes and shots in the mist and dark, and the
long-baffled attempts to trace the lurking foe, are described with Mr.
Fenn’s wonted skill.

    "Mr. Fenn has here very nearly attained perfection. Life in the
    Fens in the old ante-drainage days is admirably reproduced. We
    have not of late come across a historical fiction, whether
    intended for boys or for men, which deserves to be so heartily
    praised as regards plot, incidents, and spirit. It is its
    author’s masterpiece as yet."--_Spectator_.

*Nat the Naturalist:*

A Boy’s Adventures in the Eastern Seas.

With 8 page Pictures by GORDON BROWNE.  5s.

The boy Nat and his uncle go on a voyage to the islands of the Eastern
seas to seek specimens in natural history, and their adventures there
are full of interest and excitement. The descriptions of Mr. Ebony,
their black comrade, and of the scenes of savage life sparkle with
genuine humour.

    "This book encourages independence of character, develops
    resource, and teaches a boy to keep his eyes open."--_Saturday

*The Golden Magnet:*

A Tale of the Land of the Incas.

With 12 page Illustrations by GORDON BROWNE.  3s.

The tale is of a romantic youth, who leaves home to seek his fortune in
South America.  He is accompanied by a faithful companion, who, in the
capacity both of comrade and henchman, does true service, and shows the
dogged courage of an English lad during their strange adventures.

    "There could be no more welcome present for a boy. There is not
    a dull page, and many will be read with breathless
    interest."--_Journal of Education_.


                     *      *      *      *      *

[Illustration: _From THE DIAMOND SEEKERS_
By ERNEST GLANVILLE (See page 11)]


                     *      *      *      *      *


*In the Great White Land:*

A Tale of the Antarctic Ocean.

With 6 Illustrations by J. A. WALTON.  3s. 6d.

This is a most fascinating story from beginning to end. It is a true
picture of what daring healthful British men and boys can do, written by
an author whose name is a household word wherever the English language
is spoken.  All is described with a master’s hand, and the plot is just
such as boys love.

    "The narrative goes with a swing and a dash from start to
    finish."--_Public Opinion_.


*The Diamond Seekers:*

A Story of Adventure in South Africa.

With 8 Illustrations by WILLIAM RAINEY, R.I.  6s.

The discovery of the plan of the diamond mine, the dangers incurred in
reaching the wild, remote spot in an armoured wagon, and the many
incidents of farm and veldt life, are vividly described by an author who
knows the country well.

    "We have seldom seen a better story for boys."--_Guardian_.

*Capt. F. S. BRERETON, R.A.M.C.*

*One of the Fighting Scouts:*

A Tale of Guerrilla Warfare in South Africa.

With 8 Illustrations by STANLEY L. WOOD, and a Map.  5s.

This story deals with the guerrilla aspect of the Boer War, and shows
how George Ransome is compelled to leave his father’s farm and take
service with the British.  He is given the command of a band of scouts
as a reward for gallantry, and with these he punishes certain rebels for
a piece of rascality, and successfully attacks Botha’s commando.  Thanks
to his knowledge of the veldt he is of signal service to his country,
and even outwits the redoubtable De Wet.

    "Altogether an unusually good story."--_Yorkshire Post_.

*Under the Spangled Banner:*

A Tale of the Spanish-American War.

With 8 Illustrations by PAUL HARDY.  5s.

Hal Marchant is in Cuba before the commencement of hostilities.  A
Spaniard who has been frustrated in an attempt to rob Hal’s employer
attacks the hacienda and is defeated, but turns the tables by denouncing
Hal as a spy.  The hero makes good his escape from Santiago, and
afterwards fights for America both on land and at sea.  The story gives
a vivid and at the same time accurate account of this memorable

    "Just the kind of book that a boy would delight


                     *      *      *      *      *


*The Boys of Wynport College.*

With 6 Illustrations by HAROLD COPPING.  3s.  _New Edition_.

The hero and his chums differ as widely in character as in personal
appearance.  We have Patrick O’Fflahertie, the good-natured Irish boy;
Jack Brookes, the irrepressible humorist; Davie Jackson, the
true-hearted little lad, on whose haps and mishaps the plot to a great
extent turns; and the hero himself, who finds in his experiences at
Wynport College a wholesome corrective of a somewhat lax home training.

    "A book which no well-regulated school-boy should be
    without."--_Whitehall Review_.


*Boy Crusoes:*

A Story of the Siberian Forest.

Adapted from the Russian by LÉON GOLSCHMANN.

With 6 page Illustrations by J. FINNEMORE, R.I.  3s. 6d.

Two Russian lads are so deeply impressed by reading Robinson Crusoe that
they run away from home. They lose their way in a huge trackless forest,
and for two years are kept busy hunting for food, fighting against
wolves and other enemies, and labouring to increase their comforts,
before they are rescued.

    "This is a story after a boy’s own heart."--_Nottingham


Every Inch a Briton:

A School story

With 6 page Illustrations by SYDNEY COWELL.  3s. 6d.

This story is written from the point of view of an ordinary boy, who
gives an animated account of a young public-schoolboy’s life. No moral
is drawn; yet the story indicates a kind of training that goes to
promote veracity, endurance, and enterprise; and of each of several of
the characters it might be truly said, he is worthy to be called, "Every
Inch a Briton".

    "In _Every Inch a Briton_ Mr. Meredith Fletcher has scored a
    success."--_Manchester Guardian_.


*In Press-Gang Days.*

With 4 illustrations by W. S. STACEY.  2s. 6d.  _New Edition_.

In this story Harry Waring is caught by the Press-gang and carried on
board His Majesty’s ship _Sandwich_. He takes part in the mutiny of the
Nore, and shares in some hard fighting on board the _Phoenix_.  He is
with Nelson, also, at the storming of Santa Cruz, and the battle of the

    "It is of Marryat, that friend of our boyhood, we think as we
    read this delightful story; for it is not only a story of
    adventure, with incidents well-conceived and arranged, but the
    characters are interesting and well-distinguished."--_Academy_.


                     *      *      *      *      *


*The Boyhood of a Naturalist.*

With 6 page Illustrations.  3s. 6d.  _New Edition_.

Few lovers of Nature have given to the world a series of recollections
so entertaining, so vigorous, and so instinct with life as these
delightful reminiscences.  The author takes the reader with him in the
rambles in which he spent the happiest hours of his boyhood, a humble
observer of the myriad forms of life in field and copse, by stream and

    "We cannot too highly recommend the book to all

*The World of Animal Life.*

Edited by Fred Smith.  Profusely Illustrated with Engravings after F.
SPECHT and other eminent artists.  5s.

The aim of _The World of Animal Life_ is to give in non-scientific
language an account of those inhabitants of the land, sea, and sky with
whose names we are all familiar, but concerning whose manner of life the
majority of us have only the haziest conceptions.

    "An admirable volume for the young mind enquiring after
    Nature.--_Birmingham Gazette_.


_An Old-Time Yarn:*_

Adventures in the West Indies and Mexico with Hawkins and Drake.

With 6 page Illustrations by ALFRED PEARSE.  3s. 6d.

The hero sails from Plymouth in the flagship of Master John Hawkins.
Divers are the perils through which he passes. Chief of these are the
destruction of the English ships by the treacherous Spaniards, the fight
round the burning vessels, the journey of the prisoners to the city of
Mexico, the horrors of the Inquisition, and the final escape to England.

    "An excellent story of adventure....  The book is thoroughly to
    be recommended."--_Guardian_.


*Gold, Gold in Cariboo:*

A Story of Adventure in British Columbia.

With 4 Illustrations by G. C. HINDLEY.  1s. 6d.  _New Edition_.

Ned Corbett, a young Englishman, and his companion set out with a
pack-train in order to obtain gold on the upper reaches of the Fraser
River.  After innumerable adventures, and a life-and-death struggle with
the Arctic weather of that wild region, they find the secret gold-mines
for which they have toilsomely searched.

    "It would be difficult to say too much in favour of _Gold, Gold
    in Cariboo_.  We have seldom read a more exciting tale of wild
    mining adventure in a singularly inaccessible country.  There is
    a capital plot, and the interest is sustained to the last
    page."--_The Times_.


                     *      *      *      *      *


*The Golden Galleon.*

With 6 Illustrations by W. RAINEY, R.I.  3s.  _New Edition_.

Gilbert Oglander, and his friend, Timothy Trollope, join in Lord Thomas
Howard’s expedition to intercept the Spanish treasure-fleet from the
West Indies, and are on board _The Revenge_ in the memorable fight
between that one little man-of-war and fifty-three great galleons of
Spain. After the battle come storm and shipwreck, and the lads, having
drifted for days, find refuge on board a derelict galleon, whence they
are rescued and brought home to England.

    "A well-constructed and lively historical


*Grettir the Outlaw:*

A Story of Iceland in the days of the Vikings.

With 6 page Illustrations by M. ZENO DIEMER.  3s.

A narrative of adventure of the most romantic kind. No boy will be able
to withstand the magic of such scenes as the fight of Grettir with the
twelve bearserks, the wrestle with Karr the Old in the chamber of the
dead, the combat with the spirit of Glam the thrall, and the defence of
the dying Grettir by his younger brother.

    "Has a freshness, a freedom, a sense of sun and wind and the
    open air, which make it irresistible."--_National Observer_.


*The Captured Cruiser:*

or, Two Years from Land.

With 6 page Illustrations by F. BRANGWYN.  3s. 6d.

The central incidents deal with the capture, during the war between
Chili and Peru, of an armed cruiser. The heroes and their companions
break from prison in Valparaiso, board this warship in the night,
overpower the watch, escape to sea under the fire of the forts, and
finally, after marvellous adventures, lose the cruiser among the
icebergs near Cape Horn.

    "The two lads and the two skippers are admirably drawn. Mr. Hyne
    has now secured a position in the first rank of writers of
    fiction for boys."--_Spectator_.

*Stimson’s Reef:*

With 4 page illustrations by W. S. STACEY.  2s. 6d.

This is the extended log of a cutter which sailed from the Clyde to the
Amazon in search of a gold reef. It relates how they discovered the
buccaneer’s treasure in the Spanish Main, fought the Indians, turned
aside the river Jamary by blasting, and so laid bare the gold of
Stimson’s Reef.

    "Few stories come within hailing distance of _Stimson’s Reef_ in
    startling incidents and hairbreadth escapes. It may almost vie
    with Mr. R. L. Stevenson’s _Treasure Island_."--_Guardian_.


                     *      *      *      *      *

[Illustration: _From ONE OF THE FIGHTING SCOUTS_
BY CAPT. F. S. BRERETON. (See page 11)]


                     *      *      *      *      *


*Grit Will Tell:*

The Adventures of a Barge-boy.

With 4 Illustrations by D. CARLETON SMYTH.  Cloth, 2s. 6d.

A lad whose name has been lost amidst early buffetings by hard fortune
suffers many hardships at the hands of a bargeman, his master, and runs
away.  The various adventures and experiences with which he meets on the
road to success, the bear-hunt in which he takes part, and the battle at
which he acts as war correspondent, form a story of absorbing interest
and after a boy’s own heart.

    "A thoroughly wholesome and attractive book."--_Graphic_.


*The Pirate Island.*

With 6 page Illustrations by C. J. STANILAND and J. R. WELLS. 3s.  _New

By a deed of true gallantry the hero’s whole destiny is charmed, and,
going to sea, he forms one of a party who, after being burned out of
their ship in the South Pacific, are picked up by a pirate brig and
taken to the "Pirate Island".  After many thrilling adventures, they
ultimately succeed in effecting their escape.

    "A capital story of the sea; indeed in our opinion the author is
    superior in some respects as a marine novelist to the
    better-known Mr. Clark Russell."--_Times_.


*Boys of the Priory School.*

With 4 page Illustrations by HAROLD COPPING.  2s. 6d.

The interest centres in the relations of Raymond and Hal Wentworth, and
the process by which Raymond, the hero of the school, learns that in the
person of his ridiculed cousin there beats a heart more heroic than his

    "It is an excellent work of its class, cleverly illustrated with
    ’real boys’ by Mr. Harold Copping."--_Literature_.


*Afloat at Last:*

A Sailor Boy’s Log

With 6 Page Illustrations by W. H. OVEREND.  3s. 6d.

From the stowing of the vessel in the Thames to her recovery from the
Pratas Reef on which she is stranded, everything is described with the
accuracy of perfect practical knowledge of ships and sailors; and the
incidents of the story range from the broad humours of the fo’c’s’le to
the perils of flight from, and fight with, the pirates of the China

    "As healthy and breezy a book as one could wish."--_Academy_.


                     *      *      *      *      *

                            *Blackie & Son’s
                         Story Books for Girls*


*A Mystery of St. Rule’s.*

With 8 Illustrations by G. DEMAIN HAMMOND, R.I.  6s. _Illustrated

    "The author has been amazingly successful in keeping her secret
    almost to the end.  Yet the mystery attending a stolen diamond
    of great value is so skilfully handled that several perfectly
    innocent persons seem all but hopelessly identified with the
    disappearance of the gem. Cleverly, however, as this aspect of
    the story has been managed, it has other sources of

    "The chief interest ... lies in the fascinating young
    adventuress, who finds a temporary nest in the old professor’s
    family, and wins all hearts in St. Rules by her beauty and her
    sweetness."--_Morning Leader_.

    "Into the dignified atmosphere of a northerly academic town,
    Miss Ethel Heddle introduces a coil of events worthy of Wilkie
    Collins."--_Manchester Guardian_.


Girl of Galway.

With 8 full-page Illustrations by JOHN H. BACON.  6s.

When Bertha Grace is on the threshold of young womanhood, she goes to
stay with her grandfather in Ireland, with the trust from her mother of
reconciling him and his son, Bertha’s father. Bertha finds her
grandfather a recluse and a miser, and in the hands of an underling, who
is his evil genius.  How she keeps faith with her mother and finds her
own fate, through many strange adventures, is the subject of the story.

    "Full of the poetic charm we are accustomed to find in the works
    of that gifted writer."--_World_.


*Cousin Geoffrey and I.*

With 6 full-page Illustrations by W. PARKINSON.  3s.

The only daughter of a country gentleman finds herself unprovided for at
her father’s death, and for some time lives as a dependant upon her
kinsman. Life is saved from being unbearable to her by her young cousin
Geoffrey, who at length meets with a serious accident for which she is
held responsible.  She makes a brave attempt to earn her own livelihood,
until a startling event brings her cousin Geoffrey and herself together

    "Miss Austin’s story is bright, clever, and well
    developed."--_Saturday Review_.


                     *      *      *      *      *


*A Queen among Girls.*

With 6 Illustrations by HAROLD COPPING.  Cloth, 3s. 6d.

Augusta Pembroke is the head of her school, the favourite of her
teachers and fellow-pupils, who are attracted by her fearless and
independent nature and her queenly bearing. She dreams of a
distinguished professional career; but the course of her life is changed
suddenly by pity for her timid little brother Adrian, the victim of his
guardian-uncle’s harshness. The story describes the daring means adopted
by Augusta for Adrian’s relief.

    "An interesting and well-written narrative, in which humour and
    a keen eye for character unite to produce a book happily adapted
    for modern maidens."--_Globe_.

*A Girl of To-Day.*

With 6 page Illustrations by G. D. HAMMOND, R.I.  3s. 6d.

"What are Altruists?" humbly asks a small boy. "They are only people who
try to help others," replies the Girl of To-Day.  To help their poorer
neighbours, the boys and girls of Woodend band themselves together into
the Society of Altruists. That they have plenty of fun is seen in the
shopping expedition and in the successful Christmas entertainment.

    "It is a spirited story.  The characters are true to nature and
    carefully developed. Such a book as this is exactly what is
    needed to give a school-girl an interest in the development of
    character."--_Educational Times_.


*A Girl’s Loyalty.*

With 6 Illustrations by JOHN H. BACON.  Cloth, 3s. 6d. _New Edition_.

When she was still but a child, Helen Grant received from her
grandfather, on his death-bed, a secret message. The brief words
remained fast in her memory, and dominated her whole career. She was
loyal to her trust, however, and to her friends in the hour of their
need.  For the girl was possessed of that quick courage which leaps up
in a shy nature when evil-doers have to be unmasked, and wrongs made

    "The one book for girls that stands out this year is Miss
    Frances Armstrong’s _A Girl’s Loyalty_."--_Review of Reviews_.


*A True Cornish Maid.*

With 6 page Illustrations by J. FINNEMORE.  3s. 6d.

The heroine of the tale is sister to a young fellow who gets into
trouble in landing a contraband cargo on the Cornish coast.  In his
extremity the girl stands by her brother bravely, and by means of her
daring scheme he manages to escape.

    "The success of the year has fallen, we think, to Mrs. Norway,
    whose _True Cornish Maid_ is really an admirable piece of
    work."--_Review of Reviews_.


                     *      *      *      *      *

[Illustration: _From A MYSTERY OF ST. RULE’S_
By ETHEL F. HEDDLE.  (See page 17)]


                     *      *      *      *      *


*The Girls of Banshee Castle.*

With 6 Illustrations by JOHN H. BACON.  Cloth, 3s. 6d. _New Edition_.

Three girls, with an old governess, migrate from Kensington to the West
of Ireland.  Belonging as they do to "the ould family", the girls are
made heartily welcome in the cabins of the peasantry, where they learn
many weird and curious tales from the folk-lore of the district.  An
interesting plot runs through the narrative, but the charm of the story
lies in its happy mingling of Irish humour and pathos.

    "Is told with grace, and brightened by a knowledge of Irish
    folk-lore, making it a perfect present for a girl in her


A Girl’s Story of Herself.

With 6 full-page illustrations by LOCKHART BOGLE.  3s.

The story of a changeling who is suddenly transferred to the position of
a rich English heiress. She develops into a good and accomplished woman,
and has gained too much love and devotion to be a sufferer by the
surrender of her estates.


Violet Vereker’s Vanity.

With 6 full-page Illustrations by G. DEMAIN HAMMOND, R.I.  3s. 6d.

The heroine was an excellent girl in most respects. But she had one
small weakness, which expressed itself in a snobbish dislike of her
neighbours, the Sugdens, whose social position she deemed beneath her
own.  In the end, however, the girl acknowledged her folly, with results
which are sure to delight the reader.

    "A book for girls that we can heartily recommend, for it is
    bright, sensible, and with a right tone of thought and
    feeling."--_Sheffield Independent_.


*Margery Merton’s Girlhood.*

With 6 full-page Illustrations by GORDON BROWNE.  3s. 6d.

The experiences of an orphan girl who in infancy is left by her
father--an officer in India--to the care of an elderly aunt residing
near Paris.  The accounts of the various persons who have an after
influence on the story are singularly vivid.

    "_Margery Merton’s Girlhood_ is a piece of true literature, as
    dainty as it is delicate, and as sweet as it is
    simple."--_Woman’s World_.


                     *      *      *      *      *


*For the Red Rose.*

With 4 Illustrations by JAMES DURDEN.  2s. 6d.

A gipsy finds a little girl in the forest of Wimbourne, after the
sacking of the castle by the Yorkists. He carries her to the camp and
she is adopted by the tribe.  The story tells how, when some years later
Margaret of Anjou and her son are wrecked on the coast of England, the
gipsy girl follows the fortunes of the exiled queen, and by what curious
chain of events her own origin is discovered.

    "This is a good story, and of special interest to lovers of
    historical romance."--_Court Circular_.


*Brother and Sister:*

With 6 page Illustrations by GORDON BROWNE.  3s. 6d.

A story showing, by the narrative of the vicissitudes and struggles of a
family which has "come down in the world", and of the brave endeavours
of its two younger members, how the pressure of adversity is mitigated
by domestic affection, mutual confidence, and hopeful honest effort.

    "A pretty story, and well told.  The plot is cleverly
    constructed, and the moral is excellent."--_Athæneum_.


*The Heiress of Courtleroy.*

With 8 full-page Illustrations by T. C. H. CASTLE.  5s.

Mimica, the heroine, comes to England as an orphan, and is coldly
received by her uncle.  The girl has a brave nature, however, and
succeeds in saving the estate from ruin and in reclaiming her uncle from
the misanthropical disregard of his duties as a landlord.

    "One of the very best of girl’s books we have seen."--_Sheffield


*A Loyal Little Maid.*

With 4 page Illustrations by PAUL HARDY.  2s. 6d.

This pretty story is founded on a romantic episode of Mar’s rebellion. A
little girl has information which concerns the safety of her father in
hiding, and this she firmly refuses to divulge to a king’s officer.  She
is lodged in the Tolbooth, where she finds a boy champion, whom in
future years she rescues in Paris from the _lettre de cachet_ which
would bury him in the Bastille.

    "Has evidently been a pleasure to write, and makes very
    enjoyable reading."--_Literature_.


                     *      *      *      *      *

[Illustration: _From THE FAIRCLOUGH FAMILY_
By MRS. HENRY CLARKE.  (See page 24)]


                     *      *      *      *      *


*The Four Miss Whittingtons:*

A Story for Girls.

With 8 full-page Illustrations by CHARLES M. SHELDON.  5s.

This story tolls how four sisters, left alone in the world, went to
London to seek their fortunes.  They had between them £400, and this
they resolved to spend on training themselves for the different careers
for which they were severally most fitted. On their limited means this
was hard work, but their courageous experiment was on the whole very

    "A story of endeavour, industry, and independence of


*A Newnham Friendship.*

With 6 full-page Illustrations by HAROLD COPPING.  3s. 6d.

A sympathetic description of life at Newnham College. After the tripos
excitements, some of the students leave their dream-world of study and
talk of "cocoas" and debates and athletics to begin their work in the
real world.  Men students play their part in the story, and in the
closing chapters it is suggested that marriage has its place in a girl
graduate’s life.

    "Foremost among all the gift-books suitable for school-girls
    this season stands Miss Alice Stronach’s _A Newnham
    Friendship_."--_Daily Graphic_.


*The Secret of the Everglades.*

With 4 Illustrations by A. A. DIXON.  2s. 6d.

The father of the Osneys is supposed to have been killed whilst trapping
in the Everglades of Florida. The family organize a series of
expeditions to search for their father; but the secret of the swamp is
hard to solve, and the end of the book is reached before the mystery is
made clear.

    "A fresh and original story of incident and adventure in the
    mysterious Florida swamps.  An excellent and engrossing
    story."--_St. James’s Gazette_.

*Three Girls on a Ranch:*

A Story of New Mexico.

With 4 page Illustrations by W. E. WEBSTER.  2s. 6d.

The Lovell family emigrate from England to New Mexico, where they settle
on a ranch.  Mr. Lovell is delicate and unfit for farming, but the three
eldest girls take upon themselves the burden of working the ranch. They
have adventures of a perilous kind, and the story of their mishaps and
how they overcame them is throughout both exciting and stimulating.

    "A story with a fresh, bright theme, well handled."--_Nottingham

    "A rousing book for young people."--_Queen_.


                     *      *      *      *      *


*The Fairclough Family.*

With 6 Illustrations by G. D. HAMMOND, R.I.  Cloth, 3s. 6d.

It was matter for amazement when Ronald Hammersley fell in love with
Kathy Fairclough, who was considered a blue-stocking, instead of with
her younger sister Nell, whom Mrs. Hammersley had chosen for him.  Why
Mrs. Hammersley desired her wealthy stepson to marry one of Dr.
Fairclough’s penniless daughters was a secret. How the secret became
known, and nearly wrecked the happiness of Kathy and Ronald, is told in
the story.  But all ends well, and to the sound of marriage bells.

    "One of those stories which all girls enjoy."--_World_.


*A Little Irish Girl.*

Illustrated by H. COPPING.  2s. 6s.

An orphaned family inherit a small property on the coast of Clare.  The
two youngest members of the party have some thrilling adventures in
their western home.  They encounter seals, smugglers, and a ghost, and
lastly, by most startling means, they succeed in restoring their eldest
brother to his rightful place as heir to the ancestral estates.

    "Sure to prove of thrilling interest to both boys and
    girls."--_Literary World_.


*Miriam’s Ambition.*

With Illustrations.  2s. 6d.

Miriam’s ambition is to make someone happy, and her endeavour carries
with it a train of incident, solving a mystery which had thrown a shadow
over several lives.  A charming foil to her grave elder sister is to be
found in Miss Babs, a small coquette of five, whose humorous child-talk
is so attractive.

    "Miss Everett-Green’s children are real British boys and girls,
    not small men and women.  Babs is a charming little
    one."--_Liverpool Mercury_.


*Gytha’s Message*

A Tale of Saxon England.

With Illustrations.  2s. 6d.

We get a glimpse of the stirring events taking place at that period; and
both boys and girls will delight to read of the home life of Hilda and
Gytha, and of the brave deeds of the impulsive Gurth and the faithful

    "This is a charmingly told story. It is the sort of book that
    all girls and some boys like, and can only get good
    from."--_Journal of Education_.


                     *      *      *      *      *

                            *Blackie & Son’s
                      Finely Illustrated Books for


*Two Merry Mariners.*

Pictures by STEWART ORR; Verses by JOHN BRYMER.  Cover design and 24
pages in full colour.  Picture boards, cloth back, 6s.

This delightful volume tells in picture and verse how Dick and his
friend the Hare sailed to the Downy Isle, the adventures they met with
in that strange country, their encounter with the Dragon, and their
remarkable voyage home.  Mr. Orr exhibits in these designs a rare
combination of humorous invention with brilliant draughtsmanship and
command of colour, and the author supports him with a series of racy

    "The illustrations are masterpieces of drollery."--_Manchester

    "The verses are very funny and original."--_World_.


*Six and Twenty Boys and Girls.*

Pictures by JOHN HASSALL; Verses by CLIFTON BINGHAM. 25 pages in full
colour, and 24 pages of letterpress. Picture boards, 9 inches by 11-1/4
inches, cloth back, 3s. 6d.; also cloth elegant, 5s.

Most of us know some at least of the little girls and boys portrayed by
Mr. Hassall in this amusing picture-book. As depicted with Mr. Hassall’s
inimitable skill, and described in humorous verse by Mr. Bingham, they
may challenge comparison with the classic Struwwelpeter.  Each picture
is not only attractive and amusing in itself, but furnishes a hint of
virtues to be imitated or faults to be avoided.

    "Exactly hits the mark."--_Scotsman_.

    "A most original picture-book."--_World_.


*Roundabout Rhymes.*

With 20 full-page Illustrations in colour by Mrs. PERCY DEARMER.
Imperial 8vo, cloth extra, 2s. 6d.

A charming volume of verses and colour pictures for little folk--rhymes
and pictures about most of the everyday events of nursery life.

    "The best verses written for children since Stevenson’s _Child’s
    Garden_."--_The Guardian_.


                     *      *      *      *      *


*Gammon and Spinach:*

Pictures by STEWART ORR.  Verses by JOHN BRYMER.  Cover design and 24
pages in Full Colour. Picture boards, cloth back, 6s.

In _Gammon and Spinach_ Mr. Stewart Orr has produced a picture-book
unique of its kind.  Nothing could be more droll than the situations in
which he represents the frog, the pig, the mouse, the elephant, and the
other well-known characters who appear in his pages.  Little folk will
find in these pictures a source of endless delight, and the artistic
skill which they display will have a special appeal to children of an
older growth.

    "Merry and handsome enough to make thousands of friends among
    little folk, what with its original verses and its amusing
    pictures."--_Literary World_.

    "The book should attain a wide popularity in the
    nursery."--_Morning Post_.


*Games and Gambols.*

Illustrated by HARRY B. NEILSON; with Verses by JOHN BRYMER.  26 pages
in colour, and 24 pages of letterpress. Picture boards, 9 inches by
11-1/4 inches, cloth back, 2s. 6d.; also cloth elegant, 3s. 6d.

Mr. Neilson surpasses himself in these irresistible colour pictures
representing the animal world at play. The great test match between the
Lions and the Kangaroos, Mrs. Mouse’s Ping-Pong Party, Mr. Bruin playing
Golf, Towser’s Bicycle Tour, and the Kittens _v._ Bunnies Football
Match, are a few among the many droll subjects illustrated in this
amusing and original series.

    "Mr. Neilson has a positive genius for making animals

    Children will revel in his work."--_Daily Graphic_.


*The Animal Book.*

A Natural History for Little Folk.

With a Coloured Frontispiece and 34 full-page Illustrations by F.
SPECHT.  Crown quarto, 11-1/4 inches by 9-1/2 inches, picture boards,
cloth back, 2s. 6d.

This book consists of a series of bright and instructive sketches of the
better-known wild beasts, describing their appearance, character and
habits, and the position they hold in the animal kingdom. The text is
printed in a large, clear type, and is admirably illustrated with
powerful, realistic pictures of the various creatures in their native
state by that eminent animal artist F. Specht.

    "A work of the greatest value to the young."--_Eastern Morning


                     *      *      *      *      *



                     *      *      *      *      *


*Bright Pictures and Easy Lessons for Little Folk*

Quarto, 10-1/8 inches by 7-3/4 inches, picture boards, 1s.; cloth, gilt
edges, 2s.

An interesting and instructive picture lesson-book for very little folk.
Beginning with an illustrated alphabet of large letters, the little
reader goes forward by easy stages to word-making, reading, counting,
writing, and finally to the most popular nursery rhymes and tales.

    "The very perfection of a child’s alphabet and
    spelling-book."--_St. James’s Budget_.


*Those Twins!*

With a Frontispiece and 28 Illustrations by S. B. PEARSE.  Cloth
elegant, 2s. 6d.

Two little rogues are the twins, Horatio and Tommy; but loyal-hearted
and generous to boot, and determined to resist the stern decree of their
aunt that they shall forsake the company of their scapegrace grown-up
cousin Algy.  So they deliberately set to work to "reform" the
scapegrace; and succeed so well that he wins back the love of his aunt,
and delights the twins by earning a V.C. in South Africa.

    "A merry story for young and old."--_World_.


*Little Village Folk.*

With 37 Illustrations by ROBERT HOPE.  2s. 6d.

A series of delightful stories of Irish village children.  Miss Romney
opens up a new field in these beautiful little tales, which have the
twofold charm of humour and poetic feeling.

    "A story-book that will be welcomed wherever it makes its
    way."-_Literary World_.


*Stories, Verses, and Pictures for the Little Ones*

290 pages, of which 48 are in colour.  Cloth, 2s. 6d.

A treasury of entertainment for the nursery. The contents are extremely
varied both as regards the text and the illustrations, and carefully
designed to meet the tastes of the little ones. The many bright colour
pictures will be in themselves a never-failing source of delight.

    "A fascinating little volume, well filled with stories and
    quaint and pretty illustrations."--_Guardian_.


                     *      *      *      *      *

                     *STORIES BY GEORGE MAC DONALD*

                       (NEW AND UNIFORM EDITION)

*A Rough Shaking.*

With 12 page Illustrations by W. PARKINSON.  Crown 8vo, cloth elegant,
3s. 6d.

Clare, the hero of the story, is a boy whose mother is killed at his
side by the fall of a church during an earthquake. The kindly clergyman
and his wife, who adopt him, die while he is still very young, and he is
thrown upon the world a second time.  The narrative of his wanderings is
full of interest and novelty, the boy’s unswerving honesty and his
passion for children and animals leading him into all sorts of
adventures. He works on a farm, supports a baby in an old deserted
house, finds employment in a menagerie, becomes a bank clerk, is
kidnapped, and ultimately discovers his father on board the ship to
which he has been conveyed.

*At the Back of the North Wind.*

With 75 Illustrations by ARTHUR HUGHES, and a Frontispiece by LAURENCE
HOUSMAN. Crown 8vo, cloth elegant, 3s. 6d.

    "In _At the Back of the North Wind_ we stand with one foot in
    fairyland and one on common earth.  The story is thoroughly
    original, full of fancy and pathos."--_The Times_.

*Ranald Bannerman’s Boyhood.*

ARTHUR HUGHES.  Crown 8vo, cloth elegant, 3s. 6d.

    "Dr. Mac Donald has a real understanding of boy nature, and he
    has in consequence written a capital story, judged from their
    stand-point, with a true ring all through which ensures its
    success."--_The Spectator_.

*The Princess and the Goblin.*

With 30 Illustrations by ARTHUR HUGHES, and a Frontispiece by LAURENCE
HOUSMAN.  Crown 8vo, cloth elegant, 3s. 6d.

In the sphere of fantasy George Mac Donald has very few equals, and his
rare touch of many aspects of life invariably gives to his stories a
deeper meaning of the highest value.  His _Princess and Goblin_
exemplifies both gifts.  A line thread of allegory runs through the
narrative of the adventures of the young miner, who, amongst other
marvellous experiences, finds his way into the caverns of the gnomes,
and achieves a final victory over them.

*The Princess and Curdie.*

With Frontispiece and 30 Illustrations by HELEN STRATTON.  Crown 8vo,
cloth elegant, 3s. 6d.

A sequel to _The Princess and the Goblin_, tracing the history of the
young miner and the princess after the return of the latter to her
father’s court, where more terrible foes have to be encountered than the
grotesque earth-dwellers.


                     *      *      *      *      *

[Illustration: SOME CHILDREN’S PICTURE-BOOKS (See page 32)]


                     *      *      *      *      *

                        *NEW "GRADUATED" SERIES*

     _With coloured frontispiece and black-and-white illustrations_

No child of six or seven should have any difficulty in reading and
understanding _unaided_ the pretty stories in the 6d. series.  In the
9s. series the language used is slightly more advanced, but is well
within the capacity of children of seven and upwards, while the 1s.
series is designed for little folk of somewhat greater attainments. If
the stories are read _to_ and not _by_ children, it will be found that
the 6s. 9d. and 1s. series are equally suitable for little folk of all


Holidays at Sunnycroft.  By ANNIE S. SWAN.  New Edition.
At Lathom’s Siege.  By SARAH TYTLER.
Bears and Dacoits.  By G. A. HENTY.
Crusoes of the Frozen North.  By Dr. GORDON STABLES.
A Saxon Maid.  By ELIZA F. POLLARD.
Jack of Both Sides.  By FLORENCE COOMBE.
Do Your Duty!  By G. A. HENTY.
Terry.  By ROSA MULHOLLAND (Lady Gilbert).


Gipsy Dick.  By Mrs. HENRY CLARKE.
Cherrythorpe Fair.  By MABEL MACKNESS.
Tommy’s Trek.  By BESSIE MARCHANT.
That Boy Jim.  By Mrs. HENRY CLARKE.
The Adventures of Carlo.  By KATHARINE TYNAN.
The Shoeblack’s Cat.  By W. L. ROOPER.
Three Troublesome Monkeys.  By A. B. ROMNEY.
The Little Red Purse.  By JENNIE CHAPPELL.


Hi-Tum, Ti-Tum, and Scrub.  By JENNIE CHAPPELL.
Edie’s Adventures.  By GERALDINE MOCKLER.
Two Little Crusoes.  By A. B. ROMNEY.
Bunny and Furry.  By GERALDINE MOCKLER.
Bravest of All.  By MABEL MACKNESS.
Winnie’s White Frock.  By JENNIE CHAPPELL.
Lost Toby.  By M. S. HAYCRAFT.
Travels of Fuzz and Buzz.  By GERALDINE MOCKLER.
Teddy’s Adventures.  By Mrs. HENRY CLARKE.


                     *      *      *      *      *

                     *NEW CHILDREN’S PICTURE-BOOKS*

Each of these books contains many full-page and other illustrations, a
number of which are in colour. The text is printed in bold type, and
comprises bright and humorous stories and rhymes, specially written for
the purpose.

                           *IN DOORS AND OUT*

                           *STORY-BOOK TIME*

Each contains 38 colour pages, over 40 full-page black-and-white
Illustrations, and a large number of Vignettes. Quarto, 10-1/8 inches by
7-3/4 inches, picture boards, 2s. 6d. each; cloth, gilt edges, 3s. 6d.

                         *TWO SHILLING SERIES*

                _Quarto, 10-1/8 inches by 7-3/4 inches_

Faithful Friends.
My Book of Nursery Stories.
My Very Best Book.
Arm-chair Stories.
My Very Own Picture-Book.
Cosy Corner Stories.
Our Darling’s First Book

  Twenty pages in colour.  Cloth, gilt edges, 2s.; picture boards, 1s.

                         *EIGHTEENPENNY SERIES*

                 _Cloth, 5-1/2 inches by 6-7/8 inches_

My Pretty Picture-Book.

                           *SIXPENNY SERIES*

                _Quarto.  10-1/8 inches by 7-3/4 inches_

Bow-Wow Picture-Book.
Cats and Kits.
Friends at the Farm.
Once upon a Time.
Long, Long Ago.
Fairy Tales for Little Folk.
Smiles and Dimples.
Little Bright-Eyes.
For Kittie and Me.

As Nice as Nice Can Be.
Round the Mulberry Bush.
Little Rosebud.
For My Little Darling.
For Dolly and Me.
My Own Story-Book.
Play-time Pictures.
Bed-time Stories.
For Little Chicks.

         The cover and seven pages in colour.  Picture boards.


        _Picture boards.  Quarto, 10-1/8 inches by 7-3/4 inches_

                    Stories from the Life of Christ

  Twenty pages in colour.  Picture boards, 1s.; cloth, gilt edges, 2s.

                      *SIXPENNY SCRIPTURE SERIES*

Glad Tidings
The Good Shepherd
Gentle Jesus


                     *      *      *      *      *

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About ISYS® Search Software
Established in 1988, ISYS Search Software is a global supplier of enterprise
search solutions for business and government.  The company's award-winning
software suite offers a broad range of search, navigation and discovery
solutions for desktop search, intranet search, SharePoint search and embedded
search applications.  ISYS has been deployed by thousands of organizations
operating in a variety of industries, including government, legal, law
enforcement, financial services, healthcare and recruitment.