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Title: The Æneid of Virgil Translated Into Scottish Verse - Volumes 1 & 2
Author: Virgil
Language: English
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Copyright Status: Not copyrighted in the United States. If you live elsewhere check the laws of your country before downloading this ebook. See comments about copyright issues at end of book.

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  Lawd, honour, praysyngis, thankis infynyte
  To the and thy dulce ornat fresch endyte,
  Maist reuerend Virgill, of Latyn poetis prynce,
  Gem of engyne and flude of eloquens.
  Thou peirles perle, patroun of poetry,                               5
  Roys, regester, palm, lawrer, and glory,
  Chosyn charbukkil, cheif flour, and cedyr tre,
  Lantarn, laid stern, myrrour, and A per se,
  Maister of masteris, sweit sours, and spryngand well,
  Wyde quhar our all rung is thyne hevynly bell;                      10
  I meyn thy crafty warkis curyus,
  Sa quyk, lusty, and maist sentencyus,
  Plesand, perfyte, and feilabill in all degre,
  As quha the mater beheld tofor thar E;
  In every volume quhilk the lyst do wryte,                           15
  Surmontyng fer all other maner endyte,
  Lyke as the roys in June with her sweit smell
  The mary guld or dasy doith excell.
  Quhy suld I than, with dull forhed and vayn,
  With rude engyne and barrand emptyve brayn,                         20
  With bad harsk spech and lewit barbour tong,
  Presume to write quhar thy sweit bell is rung,
  Or contyrfate sa precyus wordys deir?
  Na, na, noth swa, bot kneill quhen I thame heir.
  For quhat compair betwix myd day and nycht,
  Or quhat compair betwix myrknes and lycht,
  Or quhat compair is betwix blak and quhyte,                          5
  Far grettar difference betwix my blunt endyte
  And thy scharp sugurate sang Virgiliane,
  Sa wysly wrocht, with nevir a word invane.
  My waverand wyt, my cunnyng febill at all,
  My mynd mysty, thir may nocht mys a fall;                           10
  Stra for thys ignorant blabryng imperfyte,
  Besyde thy polyst termys redymyte.
  And netheles with support and correctioun,
  For naturall lufe and frendely affectioun,
  Quhilkis I beir to thy warkis and endyte;                           15
  All thocht, God wait, tharin I knaw full lyte;
  And that thy facund sentence mycht be song
  In our langage alsweill as Latyn tong,
  Alsweill, na, na, impossibill war, per de;
  Ȝit with thy leif, Virgill, to follow the,                          20
  I wald, into my rurall wlgar gros,
  Wryte sum savoryng of thyne Eneados.
  Bot fair I dreid forto disteyn the quyte,
  Throu my corruppit cadens imperfyte;
  Disteyn the, nay forsuyth, that may I nocht,                        25
  Weill may I schaw my burall bustuus thocht,
  Bot thy wark sall endur in lawd and glory,
  But spot or falt, condyng etern memory.
  Thocht I offend, onwemmyt is thy fame,
  Thyne is the thank, and myne salbe the schame.                      30
  Quha may thy versis follow in all degre,
  In bewtie, sentence, and in grauite?
  Nane is, nor was, ne ȝit salbe, trow I,
  Had, has, or sal haue sic craft in poetry.
  Of Helicon so drank thou dry the flude                               5
  That of thy copios fouth or plenitude,
  All mon purches drynk at thy sugurit tun;
  So lamp of day thou art and schynand son,
  All otheris on fors mon thar lycht beg or borrow,
  Thou art Vesper and the day stern at morow;                         10
  Thou Phebus lightnar of the planetis all,
  I not quhat dewly I the clepe sall,
  For thou art all, and sum, quhat nedis more,
  Of Latyn poetis that sens was, or before.
  Of the writis Macrobius, sans faill,                                15
  In hys gret volume clepit Saturnaill.
  Thy sawys in sic eloquens doith fleit,
  So inuentive of rethorik flowris sweit
  Thou art, and has so hie profund sentens
  Tharto perfyte but ony indigens,                                    20
  That na lovyngis ma do incres thy fame,
  Nor na reproche dymynew thy gud name.
  Bot sen I am compellit the to translait,
  And not only of my curage, God wait,
  Durst interpryse syk owtrageus foly,                                25
  Quhar I offend the les reprefe serve I;
  And that ȝe knaw at quhais instans I tuke
  Forto translait this maist excellent buke,
  I meyn Virgillis volume maist excellent,
  Set this my wark full febill be of rent,                            30
  At the request of a lord of renown
  Of ancistry nobill and illustir baroun,
  Fader of bukis, protectour to sciens and lair,
  My speciall gud lord Henry lord Sanct Clair,
  Quhilk with gret instance, diuers tymys seir,                        5
  Prayt me translait Virgill or Homeir;
  Quhais plesour suythly, as I undirstude,
  As neir conjunct to his lordschip in blude,
  So that me thocht hys request ane command,
  Half disparit this wark I tuke on hand,                             10
  Nocht fully grantand nor anys sayand ȝee,
  Bot only to assay quhou it mycht be.
  Quha mycht gaynsay a lord so gentill and kynd,
  That euer had ony curtasy in thar mynd,
  Quhilk, besyde hys innatyve pollecy,                                15
  Humanyte, curage, fredome and chevalry,
  Bukis to recollect, to reid and se,
  Has gret delyte as euer had Ptholome?
  Quharfor to hys nobilite and estait,
  Quhatso it be, this buke I dedicait,                                20
  Writtin in the langage of Scottis natioun,
  And thus I mak my protestatioun.
    Fyrst I protest, beaw schirris, be ȝour leif,
  Beis weill avisit my wark or ȝhe repreif;
  Consider it warly, reid oftar than anys,                            25
  Weill at a blenk sle poetry nocht tayn is;
  And ȝit forsuyth I set my bissy pane,
  As that I couth, to mak it braid and plane,
  Kepand na sudron bot our awyn langage,
  And spekis as I lernyt quhen I was page.                            30
  Nor ȝit sa cleyn all sudron I refus,
  Bot sum word I pronunce as nyghtbouris doys;
  Lyke as in Latyn beyn Grew termys sum,
  So me behufyt quhilum, or than be dum,
  Sum bastard Latyn, Franch, or Inglys oys,                            5
  Quhar scant was Scottis, I had nane other choys.
  Nocht for our tung is in the selwyn skant,
  Bot for that I the fowth of langage want,
  Quhar as the cullour of his properte
  To kepe the sentens tharto constrenyt me,                           10
  Or than to mak my sayng schort sum tyme,
  Mair compendyus, or to lykly my ryme.
  Tharfor gude frendis, for a gymp or a bourd,
  I pray ȝou note me nocht at euery word.
  The worthy clerk hecht Lawrens of the Vaill,                        15
  Amang Latynys a gret patron sans faill,
  Grantis quhen twelf ȝheris he had beyn diligent
  To study Virgill, skant knew he quhat he ment;
  Than thou or I, my frend, quhen we best weyn
  To haue Virgil red, vnderstand, and seyn,                           20
  The rycht sentens perchance is fer to seik;
  This wark twelf ȝheris first was in makyng eyk,
  And nocht correct quhen the poet gan deces;
  Thus for small faltis my wys frend hald thy pes.
    Adherdand to my protestatioun,                                    25
  Thocht Wilȝame Caxtoun, of Inglis natioun,
  In proys hes prent are buke of Inglis gros,
  Clepand it Virgill in Eneados,
  Quhilk that he says of Franch he did translait,
  It has na thing ado tharwith, God wait,                             30
  Ne na mair lyke than the devill and Sanct Austyne;
  Haue he na thank tharfor, bot loys hys pyne,
  So schamefully that story dyd pervert;
  I red hys wark with harmys at my hart,
  That syk a buke, but sentens or engyne,                              5
  Suldbe intitillit eftir the poet dyvyne;
  His ornate goldyn versis, mair than gilt,
  I spittit for dispyte to se swa spilt
  With sych a wyght, quhilk trewly, be myne entent,
  Knew neuer thre wordis at all quhat Virgill ment:                   10
  Sa fer he chowpis I am constrenyt to flyte.
  The thre first bukis he has ourhippyt quyte,
  Salfand a litill twychyng Polidorus,
  And the tempest furth sent by Eolus,
  And that full sempilly on hys awyn gys;                             15
  Virgill thame wrait all on ane other wys.
  For Caxton puttis in hys buke out of toyn,
  The storm furth sent by Eolus and Neptune;
  Bot quha sa redis Virgill suythfastly,
  Sall fynd Neptune salf Eneas navy.                                  20
  Me lyst nocht schaw quhou thystory of Dydo,
  Be this Caxtoun is haill pervertit so,
  That besyde quhar he fenys to follow Bocas,
  He rynnys sa fer from Virgill in mony place,
  On sa prolixt and tedyus fasson,                                    25
  So that the ferd buke of Eneadon,
  Twichand the lufe and ded of Dido queyn,
  The twa part of his volume doith conteyn,
  That in the text of Virgill, trastis me,
  The twelt part scars contenys, as ȝe may se.                        30
  The fyfte buke of the festis funerall,
  The lusty gammys, and plays palustrall,
  That is ourhippit quyte and left behynd,
  Na thing tharof ȝhe sall in Caxtoun fynd.
  The saxt buke eyk, he grantis, that wantis haill,                    5
  And, for tharof he vnderstude nocht the taill,
  He callis it fenȝeit, and nocht for to beleif;
  Sa is all Virgill perchans, for by his leif
  Juno nor Venus goddessis neuer war,
  Mercure, Neptune, Mars, nor Jupiter,                                10
  Of Fortune eik, nor hir necessite,
  Sik thingis nocht attentik ar, wait we,
  Nor ȝit admittis that quent philosophy
  Haldis sawlys hoppys fra body to body,
  And mony thingis quhilkis Virgill dyd rehers,                       15
  Thocht I thame write furthfollowand hys vers.
  Nor Caxtoun schrynkis nocht siclyke thyngis to tell
  As nocht war fabill, bot the passage to hell;
  But trastis weill, quha that ilke saxt buke knew,
  Virgill tharin ane hie philosophour hym schew,                      20
  And, vnder the clowdis of dyrk poetry,
  Hyd lyis thar mony notabill history.
  For so the poetis, be ther crafty curys,
  In similitudes, and vndir quent figuris,
  The suythfast materis to hyde and to constreyn;                     25
  All is nocht fals, traste weill, in cace thai feyn,
  Thair art is so to mak thar warkis fair,
  As in the end of Virgill I sall declair.
  Was it nocht eik als possibill Eneas,
  As Hercules or Theseus tyll hell to pas?                            30
  Quhilk is na gabbyng suythly, nor na lie,
  As Jhone Bocas in the genealogie
  Of Goddys declarys, and lyke as ȝhe may reid
  In the recolles of Troy, quha lest tak hed.
  Quha wait gyf he in visioun thydder went                             5
  By art magike, sorcery, or enchantment,
  And with his faderis sawle dyd speke and meyt,
  Or in the lyknes with sum other spreit,
  Lyke as the spreit of Samuell, I ges,
  Raysit to King Saul was by the Phitones?                            10
  I will nocht say all Virgill beyn als trew,
  But at syk thyngis ar possibill this I schew;
  Als in tha days war ma illusionys,
  By dewillich warkis and coniurationis,
  Than now thar beyn, so doith clerkis determ;                        15
  For, blissit be God, the faith is now mair ferm.
  Enewch tharof, now will I na mor sayn,
  Bot onto Caxtoun thus I turn agane.
    The namys of pepill or citeis beyn so bad
  Put by this Caxtoun, that, bot he had beyn mad,                     20
  The flude of Touyr for Tibir he had nocht write;
  All men may knaw thar he forvayt quyte.
  Palente the cite of Evander kyng,
  As Virgill playnly makis rehersyng,
  Stude quhar in Rome now stant the cheif palyce;                     25
  This sam buke eyk, in mair hepit malyce,
  On the self ryver of Touyr says playnly
  Eneas dyd hys cyte edify.
  Thus ay for Tibir Touyr puttis he,
  Quhilk mony hundreth mylis syndry be;                               30
  For sykkyrly, les than wys authoris leyn,
  Ene saw nevir Touyr with hys eyn;
  For Touyr diuidis Grece from Vngary,
  And Tibir is cheif flude of Italy;
  Touyr is kend a grayn of that ryver                                  5
  In Latyn hecht Danubium or Hyster,
  Or gyf it be Tanais he clepis sa,
  That flude diuidis Europ from Asia.
  In lyke wys eik this Caxtoun, all invane,
  Crispina clepis Sibilla Cumane,                                     10
  That in the text of Virgill, trastis ws,
  Hait Deiphebe douchtir of Glawcus,
  Quhilk was Eneas convoyar to hell.
  Quhat suld I langar on hys errouris dwell?
  Thai beyn so playn, and eik sa mony fald,                           15
  The hundreth part tharof I leif ontald.
  The last sax bukis of Virgill all inferis,
  Quhilk contenys strang batalis and werys,
  This ilk Caxtoun so blaitly lattis ourslip,
  I hald my tung for schame, bytand my lyp.                           20
  The gret afferis of athir host and array,
  The armour of Eneas fresch and gay,
  The quent and curyus castis poeticall,
  Perfyte symylitudis, and exempilis all
  Quharin Virgill beris the palm of lawd,                             25
  Caxtoun, for dreid thai suld hys lippis scald,
  Durst nevir twich. Thus schortly for the namys,
  A twenty devill way fall hys wark atanys,
  Quhilk is na mair lyke Virgill, dar I lay,
  Than the nycht owle resemblis the papyngay.                         30
  Quharfor ȝou gentill redaris I besich
  Traste on na wys at this my wark be sich,
  Quhilk dyd my best, as the wyt mycht atteyn,
  Virgillis versys to follow and no thing feyn.
  Ȝhe worthy noblys redis my wark for thy,                             5
  And cast this other buke on syde far by,
  Quhilk, vndir cullour of sum strange Franch wycht,
  Sa franchly leys, oneith twa wordis gais rycht.
  I nold ȝhe trast I said this for dispyte;
  For me lyst with nane Inglis bukis flyte,                           10
  Na with na bogill nor browny to debait,
  Nowder ald gaistis nor spretis ded of lait,
  Nor na man will I lakkyn nor dispys,
  My warkis till authorys be sik wys,
  Bot twichyng Virgillis honour and reuerens,                         15
  Quha euer contrary, I mon stand at defens;
  And bot my buke be fundyn worth sik thre,
  Quhen it is red, do warp it in the see,
  Thraw it in the fyre, or rent it euery crum,
  Twichand that part lo heir is all and sum.                          20
    Syne I defend and forbiddis euery wight
  That can nocht spell thar Pater Noster rycht,
  Fortill correct or ȝit amend Virgill,
  Or the translatar blame in hys wlgar stile;
  I knaw quhat payn was to follow hym fut hait,                       25
  Albeit you think my sayng intricate.
  Traste weill, to follow a fixt sentens or mater
  Is mair practik, deficill, and far strater,
  Thocht thyne engyne beyn eleuate and hie,
  Than forto write all ways at liberte.                               30
  Gif I had nocht bene to a boundis constrenyt,
  Of my bad wyt perchance I couth haue fenyt
  In ryme a ragment twys als curyus,
  Bot nocht be twenty part so sentencyus.
  Quha is attachit ontill a staik, we se,                              5
  May go na ferthir bot wreil about that tre,
  Rycht so am I to Virgillis text ybund,
  I may nocht fle, les than my falt befund;
  For thocht I wald transcend and go besyde,
  His wark remanys, my schame I may nocht hyde;                       10
  And thus I am constrenyt, als neir I may,
  To hald hys vers and go nane other way,
  Les sum history, subtell word, or the ryme
  Causith me mak digressioun sum tyme.
  So thocht in my translatioun eloquens skant is,                     15
  Na lusty cast of oratry Virgill wantis;
  My studyus brayn to comprehend his sentens
  Leit me nevir taist hys flude of eloquens;
  And thus forsuyth becaus I was nocht fre,
  My werk is mair obscur and gros per de,                             20
  Quharof, God wait, Virgill has na wyte,
  Thocht myne be blunt, hys text is maist perfyte.
  And ȝit persave I weill, be my consait,
  The kyng of poetis ganys nocht for rurall estait,
  Nor hys fresch memor for bowbardis; he or scho                      25
  Quha takis me nocht go quhar thai haue ado:
  The sonnys lycht is neuer the wers, traiste me,
  All thocht the bak hys brycht bemys doith fle.
  Greyn gentill ingynys, and breistis curageus,
  Sik ar the pepill at ganys best for ws;                             30
  Our werk desiris na lewyt rebalddaill,
  Full of nobilite is thistory all haill,
  For, euery vertu belangand a nobill man,
  This ornate poet, bettir than ony can,
  Payntand discryvis in person of Eneas;                               5
  Not forto say, sikane Eneas was,
  Ȝit than by hym perfytly blasons he
  All wirschip, manhed, and nobilite,
  With euery bonte belangand a gentill wycht,
  Ane prynce, ane conquerour, or a valȝeand knycht;                   10
  In luffis cuyr eneuch heir sall ȝhe fynd;
  And schortly, Virgill left na thing behynd
  That mycht hys volume illummyn or crafty mak;
  Reid quha hym knawys, I dar this vndertak,
  Als oft as ȝe hym reid, full weill I wait,                          15
  Ȝhe fynd ilke tyme sum mery new consait.
    Thoght venerabill Chauser, principal poet but peir,
  Hevynly trumpat, orlege, and reguler,
  In eloquens balmy, cundyt, and dyall,
  Mylky fontane, cleir strand, and roys ryall,                        20
  Of fresch endyte, throu Albion island braid,
  In hys legend of notabill Ladeis, said
  That he couth follow word by word Virgill,
  Wisar than I may faill in lakar stile;
  Sum tyme the text mon haue ane expositioun,                         25
  Sum tyme the cullour will caus a litill additioun,
  And sum tyme of a word I mon mak thre,
  In witnes of this term _oppetere_;
  Eik, weill I wait, syndry expositouris seir
  Makis on a text sentens diuers to heir,                             30
  As thame apperis, according thar entent,
  And for thar part schawis ressonys euident.
  All this is ganand, I will weill it swa be;
  Bot a sentens to follow may suffice me:
  Sum tyme I follow the text als neir I may,                           5
  Sum tyme I am constrenyt ane other way.
  Besyde Latyn our langage is imperfite,
  Quhilk in sum part is the caus and the wyte
  Quhy that of Virgillis vers the ornate bewte
  Intill our tung may nocht obseruyt be;                              10
  For thar be Latyn wordis, mony ane,
  That in our leyd ganand translatioun has nane,
  Les than we mynys thar sentens and grauyte,
  And ȝit scant weill exponyt; quha trewis nocht me
  Let thame interprit _animal_ and _homo_,                            15
  With many hundreth other termys mo,
  Quhilkis in our langage suythly, as I weyn,
  Few men can tell me cleirly quhat thai meyn;
  Betweyn _genus_, _sexus_, and _species_
  Diuersite in our leid to seik I ces;                                20
  For _obiectum_ and _subiectum_ alsswa
  He war expert couth fynd me termys twa,
  Quhilkis ar als ryfe amangis clerkis in scuyll
  As evir fowlis plungit in laik or puyll.
  Logicianys knawys heirin myne entent,                               25
  Vndir quhais boundis lurkis mony strange went,
  Quharof the proces, as now, we mon lat be.
  Bot ȝit twychyng our tungis penuryte,
  I meyn into compar of fair Latyn,
  That knawyn is maste perfite langage fyne,                          30
  I mycht also, percace, cum lyddir speid
  For _arbor_ and _lignum_ intill our leid
  To fynd different proper termys twane,
  And tharto put circumlocutioun nane;
  Rycht so, by about spech oftyn tymys                                 5
  And semabill wordis we compile our rymys.
  God wait, in Virgill ar termys mony a hundir
  Fortill expone maid me a felloun blundir;
  To follow alanerly Virgilis wordis, I weyn,
  Thar suld few vndirstand me quhat thai meyn;                        10
  The bewte of his ornate eloquens
  May nocht al tyme be kepit with the sentens.
  Sanct Gregor eik forbyddis ws to translait
  Word eftir word, bot sentens follow al gait.
  Quha haldis, quod he, of wordis the properteis                      15
  Full oft the verite of the sentens fleys.
  And to the sammyn purpos we may apply
  Horatius in hys art of poetry;
  Pres nocht, says he, thou traste interpreter,
  Word eftir word to translait thi mater.                             20
  Lo he reprevis, and haldis myssemyng,
  Ay word by word to reduce ony thing.
  I say nocht this of Chauser for offens,
  But till excus my lewyt insufficiens;
  For as he standis beneth Virgill in gre,                            25
  Vndir hym alsfer I grant my self to be.
  And netheles into sum place, quha kend it,
  My mastir Chauser gretly Virgill offendit.
  All thoch I be to bald hym to repreif,
  He was fer baldar, certis, by hys leif,                             30
  Sayand he followit Virgillis lantern toforn,
  Quhou Eneas to Dydo was forsworn.
  Was he forsworn? Than Eneas was fals;
  That he admittis, and callys hym traytour als.
  Thus, wenyng, allane Ene to haue reprevit,                           5
  He has gretly the prynce of poetis grevit.
  For, as said is, Virgill dyd diligens,
  But spot of cryme, reproch, or ony offens,
  Eneas for to loif and magnyfy;
  And gif he grantis hym maynsworn fowlely,                           10
  Than all hys cuyr and crafty engyne gais quyte,
  Hys twelf ȝheris laubouris war nocht worth a myte.
  Certis, Virgill schawys Ene dyd na thing,
  From Dydo of Cartage at hys departyng,
  Bot quhilk the goddis commandit hym beforn;                         15
  And gif that thar command maid hym maynsworn,
  That war repreif to thar diuinyte,
  And na reproch onto the said Enee.
  Als in the first, quhar Ilioneus
  Spekis to the queyn Dido, says he nocht thus,                       20
  Thar curs by fait was set tyll Italy?
  Thus mycht scho not pretend na just caus quhy,
  Thocht Troianys eftir departis of Cartage,
  Sen thai befor declaryt hir thar vayage.
  Reid the ferd buke quhar queyn Dido is wraith,                      25
  Thar sal ȝhe fynd Ene maid nevir aith,
  Promyt, nor band with hir fortill abyde:
  Thus hym tobe maynsworn may nevir betyde,
  Nor nane onkyndnes schew forto depart
  At the bydding of Jove with reuthfull hart,                         30
  Sen the command of God obey suld all,
  And vndir his charge na wrangwys deid may fall.
    Bot sikkyrly, of resson, me behufis
  Excus Chauser fra all maner repruffis,
  In lovyng of thir ladeis lylly quhyte                                5
  He set on Virgill and Eneas this wyte;
  For he was evir, God wait, all womanis frend.
  I say na mair, bot, gentil redaris heynd,
  Lat all my faltis with this offens pas by.
  Thou prynce of poetis, I the mercy cry,                             10
  I meyn thou kyng of kyngis, lord etern,
  Thou be my muse, my gydar, and laid stern,
  Remittyng my trespas and euery mys
  Throu prayer of thy moder queyn of blys!
  Afald godhed, ay lestyng, but discrepans,                           15
  In personys thre, equale of a substans,
  On the I call and Mary Virgyn myld;
  Calliope nor payan goddis wild
  May do to me na thing bot harm, I weyn,
  In Criste is all my traste and hevynnys queyn.                      20
  Thou virgyn moder and madyn be my muse,
  That nevir ȝit na synfull lyst refus
  Quhilk the besocht deuotly for supple;
  Albeit my sang to thy hie maieste
  Accordis nocht, ȝit condiscend to my write,                         25
  For the sweit liquor of thy pappis quhite
  Fosterit that prynce, that hevynly Orpheus,
  Grond of all gude, our Saluyour Ihesus.
  Bot forthirmor, and lawar to discend,
  Forgeif me Virgill gif I the offend,                                30
  Pardon thy Scolar, suffir hym to ryme,
  Sen thou was bot ane mortal man sum tyme;
  In cace I faill haue me not at disdenȝe,
  Thocht I be lewit, my leill hart can nocht fenȝe:
  I sall the follow, suld I therfor haue blame,                        5
  Quha can do bettir, sa furth in Goddis name.
  I schrynk nocht anys correkkit for tobe
  With ony wight grundit on cherite,
  And glaidly wald I baith inquire and leir,
  And till ilke cunnand wight la to my myne eyr;                      10
  Bot laith me war, but owther offens or cryme,
  Ane brimell body suld intertrike my ryme.
  Thocht sum wald swer that I the text haue vareit,
  Or that I haue this volume quyte myscareit,
  Or threpe playnly that I come nevir neir hand it,                   15
  Or at the wark is wers than evir I fand it,
  Or ȝit argue Virgill stude weill befor,
  As now war tyme to schift the werst our scor;
  Ellis haue I said, thar may be na compar
  Betwix his versis and my stile wlgar.                               20
  All thocht he stant in Latyn maist perfyte,
  Ȝit stude he nevir weill in our tung endyte,
  Les than it be by me now at this tyme.
  Gyf I haue falȝeit, baldly reprufe my ryme;
  Bot first, I pray ȝou, grape the mater cleyn,                       25
  Reproche me nocht quhill the wark be ourseyn.
  Beis not our studyus to spy a moyt in myne E,
  That in ȝour awyn a ferry boyt can nocht se,
  And do to me as ȝhe wald be done to.
  Now hark schirris, thar is na mair ado;                             30
  Quha list attend, gevis audiens, and draw neir,
  Me thocht Virgill begouth on this maner:

    I the ilk vmquhile that in the small ait reid
  Tonyt my sang; syne fra the woddis ȝeid,
  And feildis about taucht tobe obesand,                               5
  Thocht he war gredy, to the bissy husband,
  Ane thankfull wark maid for the plewchmanis art:
  Bot now the horribill stern dedys of Mart,
  The batalys and the man I will discryve.



  _The first contenys quhou the prynce Ene
  And Troianys war dryve onto Cartage cite._

  _The secund buke schawis the finale ennoy,
  The gret myscheif, and subuersioun of Troy._

  _The thryd tellith quhou fra Troys cite
  The Troianys careit war throu owt the see._

  _The ferd rehersis of fair queyn Dido
  The dowbill woundis, and the mortale wo._

  _The fyft contenys funerale gemmys glaid,
  And how the fyre the navy dyd invaid._

  _Into the saxt buke syne doith Virgill tell,
  Quhou that Eneas went and visseit hell._

  _The sevynt Ene bryngis to hys grond fatale,
  And how Italianys Troianys schup to assale._

  _Ontill Eneas gevis the auchten buke
  Baith falloschip and armour, quha list luke._

  _Dawnus son Turnus in the nynte, tak tent,
  Segis new Troy, Eneas tho absent._

  _The tent declaris by the cost atanys
  The batale betwix Tuscanys and Rutulanys._

  _In the ellevynt Rutulyanys beyn ourset,
  By the deces of Camylla downebet._

  _The twelft makis end of all the weir, but dowt,
  Throu the slauchtir of Turnus stern and stowt._

  _The last, ekit to Virgillis nowmyr evyn
  By Mapheus, convoys Ene to hevyn._



  _The Poet first proponyng hys entent
  Declaris Junois wreth and mailtalent._

  The batalis and the man I wil discrive,
  Fra Troys boundis first that fugitive
  By fait to Ytail come and cost Lavyne;
  Our land and sey kachit with mekil pyne,
  By fors of goddis abufe, from euery steid,                           5
  Of cruell Juno throu ald remembrit fede.
  Gret pane in batail sufferit he alsso,
  Or he his goddis brocht in Latio,
  And belt the cite, fra quham, of nobill fame,
  The Latyne pepill takyn heth thar name,                             10
  And eik the faderis, princis of Alba,
  Cam, and the wallaris of gret Rome alswa.
    O thou my muse, declare the causis quhy,
  Quhat maiestie offendit, schaw quham by,
  Or ȝit quharfor of Goddis the drery Queyn                           15
  Sa feil dangeris, sik travell maid susteyn
  A worthy man, fulfillit of piete:
  Is thare sik greif in hevynly myndis on hie?
    Thare was ane ancyant cite, hecht Cartage,
  Quham hynys of Tyre held intill heritage,
  Ennymy to Itail, standand fair and plane                             5
  The mouth of lang Tibir our forgane,
  Myghty of moblys, full of sculys seyr,
  And maist expert in crafty fait of weir:
  Of quhilk a land Juno, as it is said,
  As to hir special abuf al otheris maid;                             10
  Hir native land for it postponyt sche
  Callit Samo; in Cartage sett hir see;
  Thar war hir armys, and here stude eik hir chair.
  This Goddes ettillit, gif werdis war nocht contrar,
  This realme to be superior and mastres                              15
  To all landis; bot certis, netheles,
  The fatale sisteris reuolue and schaw, scho kend,
  Of Troiane blude a pepill suld discend,
  Wailliant in weir, to ryng wydquhar, and syne
  Cartage suld bryng ontill finale rewyne,                            20
  And clene distroy the realme of Lybia.
  This dredand Juno, and forthirmor alswa
  Remembring on the ancyant mortell weir
  That for the Grekis, to hir leif and deir,
  At Troy lang tyme scho led befor that day;                          25
  For ȝit the causys of wreth war nocht away,
  Nor cruell harm forȝet ne out of mynd;
  Ful deip engravyn in hir breist onkynd
  The jugement of Parys, quhou that he
  Preferrit Venus, dispisyng hir bewte;                               30
  Als, Troiane blude till hir was odyus,
  For Jupiter engendrit Dardanus,
  Fra quham the Troianys cam in adultry,
  And Ganymedes revist abuf the sky,
  Maid him his butler, quhilk was hir douchteris office.               5
  Juno inflambit, musyng on thir casis nyce,
  The quhile our sey that salit the Troianys,
  Quhilkis had the ded eschapit, and remanys
  Onslane of Grekis or of the fers Achill,
  Scho thame fordryvis, and causys oft ga will                        10
  Frawart Latium, quhilk now is Italy,
  By fremmyt werd ful mony ȝeris tharby,
  Cachit and blaw wydquhar all seys about.
  Lo quhou gret cure, quhat travell, pane, and dowt,
  Was to begyn the worthy Romanys blude!                              15
    And as the Troianys frakkis our the flude,
  Skars from the sycht of Sysilly the land,
  With bent sail full, rycht merely saland,
  Thar stevynnys scowrand fast throu the salt fame,
  Quhen that Juno, till hir euerlestand schame,                       20
  The etern wound hyd in hir breist ay greyn,
  Ontill hir self thus spak in propir teyn;
  Is this ganand, that I my purpos faill
  As clene ourcum, and may nocht from Itaill
  Withhald thys kyng of Troy and his navy?                            25
  Am I abandonyt with sa hard destany,
  Sen Pallas mocht on Grekis tak sik wraik,
  To byrn thar schippis, and all, for anys saik,
  Drowne in the sey, for Aiax Oilus wrang?
  From Jupiter the wild fyre down sche slang                          30
  Furth of the clowdis, distroyt thar schippis all,
  Ourquhelmyte the sey with mony wyndy wall;
  Aiax breist persit, gaspand furth flawmand smoke,
  Sche with a thud stikkit on a scharp roke.
  Bot I, the quhilk am clepit of godis queyn,                          5
  And onto Jove baith spous and sistir scheyn,
  With a pepill sa feill ȝheris weir sall lede;
  Quha sal from thens adorn in ony stede
  The power of Juno, or altaris sacryfy,
  Gif I ourcummyn be thus schamefully?                                10


  _Quhou Dame Juno tyll Eolus’ cuntre went,
  And of the storm on the Troianys furth sent._

  And on this wys, wyth hart byrnyng as fyre,
  Musyng alone, full of malyce and ire,
  Tyll Eolus’ cuntre, that wyndy regioune,
  A brudy land of furyus stormy sowne,
  This Goddes went, quhar Eolus the kyng,                             15
  In gowsty cavys, the wyndis lowde quhissilling,
  And braithly tempestis by hys power refrenys,
  In bandis hard schet in presoun constrenys;
  And thai, heirat havand full gret disdeyn,
  Quhill all the hill resoundis, quhryne and plene                    20
  About thar closouris brayng with mony a rare.
  Kyng Eolus set hie apon his chare,
  With ceptour in hand, thar muyd to meys and still,
  Temperis thar ire, les thai suld at thar will
  Beir with thar byr the skyis, and drive about
  Erd, ayr and sey, quhen euer thame lest blaw out.
  Thus the hie fader almychty in cavis dyrk                            5
  Thir wyndis hyd, for dreid sik wrangis thai wyrk,
  And thar abuf set weghty hillys huge,
  Gave thame a kyng, quhilk, as thar lord and juge,
  At certane tyme thame stanching and withhald,
  And, at command also, mycht quhen he wald                           10
  Lat thame go fre at large to blaw out braid.
  To quham as than lawly thus Juno said;
    Eolus, a pepill onto me ennemy,
  Salis the sey Tuscane, cariand to Italy
  Thar venquyst hamehald goddis and Ilion;                            15
  Bot, sen the fader of goddis euery one
  And kyng of men gave the power, quod sche,
  To meys the flude, or rays with stormys hie,
  Infors thi wyndis, synk all thar schippis infeir,
  Or skattir widquhar into cuntreis seir,                             20
  Warp all thar bodeis in the deip bedeyn.
  I haue, quod sche, lusty ladeis fourteyn,
  Of quhame the farest, clepit Diope,
  In ferm wedlok I sal coniune to the
  For thi reward, that lilly quhite of swar,                          25
  With the for to remane for euermar;
  Quhilk propir spous and eik thi lady myld
  Sal mak the fader to mony fair child.
    Eolus answeris, O thou my lady queyn,
  Quhat thou desiris to the it doith perteyn                          30
  Forto devys, and me behuffis thi command
  Obey; for thou the ceptour gevis me in hand
  Of all this realme, quhat so it be, and oft
  Jupiter with me consideris, and ful soft
  Causis me feist amang the goddis at rest,                            5
  And makis me master of wyndis and tempest.
  Be this was said, a grondyn dart leit he glide,
  And persit the bos hill at the braid syde;
  Furth at the ilke port wyndis brade in a rout,
  And with a quhirl blew all the erth about.                          10
  Thai ombeset the seys bustuusly,
  Quhil fra the deip, til euery cost fast by,
  The huge wallis weltris apon hie,
  Rollit at anys with storm of wyndis thre,
  Eurus, Nothus, and the wynd Affricus,                               15
  Quhilkis est, south, and west wyndis hait with ws.
  Sone efter this, of men the clamour rays,
  The takillis graslis, cabillis can fret and frays.
  Swith the clowdis, hevyn, son, and days lycht
  Hyd, and byreft furth of the Troianys sycht;                        20
  Dyrknes as nycht beset the seys about;
  The firmament gan rummylling rair and rout,
  The skyis oft lychtnyt with fyry levin,
  And schortly bath ayr, sey, and hevin,
  And euery thing mannasit the men to de,                             25
  Schawand the ded present tofor thar E.


  _Quhou that Ene was with the tempest schaik,
  And quhou Neptune his navy salvyt fra wraik._

  Belive Eneas membris schuk for cald,
  And murnand baith his handis vp did hald
  Towart the sternys, with petuus voce thus gan say;
  O sevin tymys quhou happy and blissit war thai,
  Vnder hie wallis of Troy, by dynt of swerd,                          5
  Deit in thar faderis syght, bytand the erd!
  O thou of Grekis maist forcy Diomed,
  Quhy mycht I not on feldis of Troy haue deit,
  And by thi rycht hand ȝaldin furth my sprete?
  Quhar that the valiant Hectour losit the swete                      10
  On Achillis speir, and grisly Sarpedon,
  And ondyr the flude Symois mony one
  With schelde and helm stalwart bodeis lyis warpit.
  And al invane thus quhil Eneas carpit,
  A blastrand bub, out from the north brayng,                         15
  Gan our the forschip in the bak saill dyng,
  And to the sternys vp the flude gan cast;
  The aris hechis, and the takillis brast;
  The schippis stevin frawart hyr went gan wryth,
  And turnyt hir braid syde to the wallis swyth.                      20
  Heich as a hill the jaw of watir brak,
  And in ane hepe cam on thame with a swak.
  Sum hesit hoverand on the wallis hycht,
  And sum the swowchand sey so law gart lycht,
  Thame semyt the erd oppynnyt amyd the flude;
  The stour vp bullyrrit sand as it war wode.
  The sowth wynd Nothus thre schippis draif away
  Amang blynd cragis, quhilk huge rolkis, thai say,
  Amyd the sey, Italianys altaris callis;                              5
  And othir thre Eurus from the deip wallis
  Cachit amang the schald bankis of sand:
  Dolorus to se thame chop on grond, and stand
  Lyke as a wall with sand warpit about!
  Ane othir, in quham salit the Lycianys stowt,                       10
  Quhilum fallowis to kyng Pandor in weir,
  And Orontes Eneas’ fallow deir,
  Befor his eyn [hastelye] from the north wynd
  Ane hydduus sey schippit at hir stern behynd,
  Smate furth the skippar clepit Lewcaspis,                           15
  His hed doune warpit; and the schip with this
  Thrys thar the flude quhirlit about round,
  The sowkand swelth sank vnder sey and drond.
  On the huge deip quhoyn salaris dyd appeir;
  The Troianys’ armour, tabillis, and othir geir                      20
  Flet on the wallis: and the strang barge tho
  Bair Ilioneus, and scho that bair also
  Forcy Achates, and scho that bair Abas,
  And scho quharin ancyant Alethes was,
  The storm ourset, raif rovis and syde semys;                        25
  They all lekkit, the salt watir stremys
  Fast bullerand in at euery ryft and boyr.
  In the meyn quhile, with mony rowt and royr
  The sey thus trublit, and this tempest furth sent
  Felt Neptune, and his watir movit and schent,                       30
  The deip furthȝet in schaldis heir and thair;
  Gretly commovit, out of the sey gan stair,
  His plesand hede rasit on the hyast wall,
  Lukand about, behaldis, the sey our all,
  Eneas navy skatterit fer ysundir;                                    5
  With fludis ourset the Troianys, and at vnder
  By flaggis and rayn dyd from the hevyn discend:
  Junois dissate and ire full weill he kend.
  He callis till hym Eurus and Zephirus,
  Tha est and west wyndis, and said thame thus;                       10
  Ar ȝe sa gretly assurit in ȝour hie kyn,
  Ȝe wyndis, quod he, but my leif durst begyn
  Baith erd and ayr to move on this maneir,
  And eik the sey with sa stowt stormys steir?
  I sal ȝou chastys: bot me behuffis first meys                       15
  The motioune of fludis, and thame appes;
  Traist weill, onpunyst ȝe sal me not astart,
  On sik a wys gif ȝe falt efterwart.
  Withdraw ȝou hens, and to ȝour kyng say ȝe,
  He has na power nor autorite                                        20
  On seys, nor on the thre granyt ceptour wand
  Quhilk is by cut gevin me to beir in hand;
  Hald him on craggis and amang rochis hie,
  Thair is ȝour dwelling place, Eurus, quod he;
  Byd Eolus kepe him in that hald conding,                            25
  Do cloys the presoun of wyndis, and tharon ryng.
  Thus said he, and with that word hastely
  The swelland seys has swagit, and fra the sky
  Gaderit the clowdis and chasit sone away,
  Brocht hame the son agane and the brycht day.                       30
  Hys douchter Cymothoe, and hys son Tryton
  Enforsis thame the Troianys schippis anone
  To rays and lift of the scharp rolkis blynd:
  The god hym self gan hesyng thame behynd
  With his byg ceptour havand granys thre;                             5
  Oppynnys schald sandis and temperis weill the see,
  Ourslidand lychtly the croppis of the wallis.
  And as ȝe se, as oft amangis commonys fallis
  Stryfe and debait in thar wod fulych ire,
  Now fleys the stanys, and now the broyndis of fyre,                 10
  Thar greif and fury mynysteris wapynnys plente:
  Bot than percace, gif thai behald or se
  Sum man of gret autorite and efferis,
  Thai ces, and al stil standand gevis him eris;
  He wyth his wordis gan slaik thar mynd and swage.                   15
  On the samyn wys fell all the seys rage.


  _Quhou Eneas in Affrik dyd arryve,
  And thar with schote slew sevin hartis belyve._

  Eftyr that the fader of the fludys Neptune
  Had on sik wys behaldyn the seys abone,
  Vndir the stabillit hevin movit in his chare,
  Slakking his renȝeis with prosper cours and fair,                   20
  Eneas and his feris, on the strand
  Wery and forwrocht, sped thame to the nerrest land,
  And at the cost of Lyby arryvit he.
  Ane havyn place with a lang hals or entre
  Thar is, with ane ile enveronyt on athir part,
  To brek the wallis and storm of euery art;
  Within, the watir in a bosum gays.                                   5
  Baith heir and thair stant large craggis and brais.
  To se the hewis on athir hand is wondir,
  For hycht that semys pyngill with hevin; and vndir.
  In a braid sound sovir from all wyndis blawis,
  Flowis the schore deip, euer stabil but ony wawis.                  10
  A wod abufe ourheldis with his rank bewis,
  And castis a plesand schaddow our the clewis.
  Rycht our forgane the forret of a bra,
  Vnder the hyngand rolkis, was alswa
  Ane coif, and tharin fresch watir springand,                        15
  And satis of stane neuer hewyn with manis hand
  Bot wrocht by natur, as it ane hows had beyn
  For nymphis, goddessis of fludis and woddis greyn.
  Perbrakit schippis but cabillis thar mycht ryde,
  Nane ankyr nedis mak thame arest nor byde.                          20
  Of all his navy thidder Eneas brocht
  Bot sevin schippis. With gret desyre and thocht
  Tobe on grund Troianys sped thame to land,
  As thai desyrit set softly on the sand;
  Thare lethis and lymmys in salt watir bedyit,                       25
  Strekit on the cost, spred furth, bekit and dryit.
  Bot first Achates slew fyre of the flynt
  Keppit in dry leiffis, as tunder, quhil thai brynt;
  Syne stikkis dry to kyndil thar about laid is,
  Quhil al in flambe the bles of fyre vp bradis.                      30
  Than was the quhete with fludis chaffit and wet,
  And instrumentis to purge it, swith out set.
  For skant of vittal, the cornys in quernys of stane
  Thai grand, and syne buke at the fyre ilkane.
  In the meyn quhile, Eneas the bank on hie                            5
  Has clummyn, widequhar behaldand the large see,
  Gif ony schip tharon mycht be persavit
  Quhilk lait tofor the wyndis had bewavit,
  Or ony Troiane galay, bark or barge,
  Antheus, Capis, or Caicus stremeris large                           10
  Wavand or schawand from thar top on hycht.
  Na schip he saw; bot sone he gat a syght
  Of thre hartis waverand by the cost syde,
  Quham at the bak, throu out the gravis wide,
  The mekil herdis followit in a rowt,                                15
  And pasturit all the large valle about.
  Tharat he styntis, and hynt his bow in hand;
  Swift fleand arowis fast by him had berand
  The traist Achates: and first the ledaris thre,
  Quhilk on thar hedis bair the tyndis hie,                           20
  Smertly he slew, syne all the rangald persewis
  With grundyn arowis amang the thik wod bewis;
  And styntis not with dartis thame to bete
  Quhil he to grond had brocht sevin hartis grete,
  And with his schippis thar nowmyr equale maid.                      25
  Syne to the havin sped him for out abaid,
  And thame distribut amangis his feris all.
  The wyne tharwith, in veschell gret and small,
  Quhilk til him gave Acestes, his ryall host,
  At his departing from Sycilly the cost,                             30
  To thame he byrlis and skynkis fast but weir,
  And with sik wordis comfortis thar drery cheir:
  O ȝe my feris, and deir frendis, quod he,
  Of by went perrellis not ignorant bene we;
  Ȝe haue sustenyt grettar dangeris onkend,                            5
  Lyke as heirof God sal mak sone ane end.
  The rage of Silla, that huge swelth in the see,
  Ȝe haue eschapit, and passit eik haue ȝhe
  The euer rowtand Charibdis rolkis fell,
  The craggis quhar monstruus Ciclopes dwell                          10
  Ȝhe ar expert: pluk vp ȝour hartis, I ȝou pray,
  This dolorus dreid expell and do away;
  Sum tyme heiron to think may help perchance.
  By diuers cacis, seir perrellis and sufferance,
  Onto Itale we ettill, quhar destany                                 15
  Has schape for ws, in rest and quiet, herbry.
  Predestinat is thar Troy sal rys agane;
  Beis stowt, on prosper forton to remane.
  Syk plesand wordis, carpand, he has furth brocht,
  Set his mynd trublit mony grewous thocht,                           20
  With fenȝeit comfort by his cheyr outwart
  The dolorus payn hyd deip gravyn in hart.
  Hys feris has this praye ressauyt raith,
  And to thar met addressis, it to graith;
  Hynt of the hydis, maid the bowkis bair,                            25
  Rent furth the entralis, sum in tailȝeis schare,
  Syne brochit flykerand, sum gobbettis of lyre
  Kest in caldronys, and othir sum bet the fyre,
  Thame to refresch: thus all, the cost on lenth,
  Sped thame with fude to recover thar strenth;                       30
  On the greyn gers sat doune, and fillit thaim syne
  Of fat venyson and nobill auld wyne.
  Quhen hungir thus with metis was chasit away,
  And dischis drawin, than, with lang sermond, thai
  Bewalit thar feris lossit on the flude:                              5
  Betwix gude hope and dreid in dowt thai stude,
  Quhidder thai war levand, or tholit extreme ded all;
  Thai answer nocht set thai oft pleyn and call.
  Bot principally, the pietefull Eneas
  Regratis oft the hard fortoune and cace                             10
  Of stern Orontes new drownyt in the sey,
  And now Amycus harm complenys he,
  Now hym alone the cruel fate of Lycus,
  Now strang Gyan, now stalwart Cloanthus.


  _Quhou Jove beheld the large costis on fer,
  And how Venus carpis with Jupiter._

  Gone was the day, and all thar lang sermoun,                        15
  Quhen Jupiter, from his heich speir, adoun
  Blent on the sailrife seys and erth tharby,
  With pepill dwellyng on costis fer syndry;
  Heich in the hevynnys top he baid hoverand,
  And of Lyby beheld graithly the land.                               20
  Within his breist on diuers curis as he thus
  Musys and thynkis, ontill hym spak Venus
  All dolorus, hir eyn full of brycht teris:
  O thow, quod sche, quhilk governys, rewlis and steris
  Baith goddis and men be thyne etern empyre,
  And oft affrays with thundyr and wyldfyre,
  Quhou mycht myne Ene sa gretly the offend?
  Or quhat mycht Troianys trespas, quhilk now at end
  Ar brocht and sufferit, sa feill corsis laid ded,                    5
  Throu owt the warld debarrit in euery sted,
  And drevin from Itale? Thou hecht vmquhile, persay.
  Of thame suld cum, efter this mony a day,
  The worthy Romanys, and of Troianys ofspring
  Princis of power our sey and land to ryng.                          10
  Quhat wikkit counsale, fader, has turnyt thi thocht?
  Forsuyth, at Troys distructioune, as I mocht,
  I tuke comfort heirof, thinkand but baid,
  That hard wanwerd suld follow fortoun glaid.
  Bot ȝit the sammyn myschance persewis thame sayr,                   15
  In syndry dangeris cachit heir and thair:
  Of thair travell quhat end grantis thou, gret kyng?
  Sen Anthenor mycht throu myd ostis thring
  Of Grekis, and pers the soundis Ilyria,
  And sovirly pas the strait regionys alswa                           20
  Of Liburnanys, and our Tymavy the flude,
  Quharat nyne mouthis rynand as it war wode,
  The hillis resoundis, sa rudly doith it rowt,
  And like a sey bettis on the brays about;
  Thar netheles, of Padva the cite,                                   25
  A dwelling place for Troianys, biggit has he,
  And nemmyt the pepill efter hym, and full ȝor,
  The armys of Troy has set vp in memor:
  Bot we thi blude, thi kynrent and ofspring,
  To quham in hevin thou grantis a place to ryng,                     30
  Schame forto say, all throw the feid of ane,
  Has lossit our schippis, and ar betrasit ilkane,
  And fer from Itale bene withhaldin eik;
  Is this reward ganand for thame ar meik?
  Is this the honour done to thame bene godlyke?                       5
  Restoris thou ws on sik wys our kynryke?
    Smylyng sum deil, the fader of goddis and men,
  With that ilk sweit vissage, as we ken,
  That mesys tempestis and makis the hevynnys cleir,
  First kyssit his child, syne said on this maneir:                   10
  Away sik dreid, Cytherea, be nocht efferd,
  For thi lynage onchangit remanys the werd.
  As thou desyris, the cite salt thou se,
  And of Lavyne the promyst wallis hie;
  Eik thou salt rays abuf the sterrit sky                             15
  The manfull Eneas, and hym deify.
  My sentence is nocht alterit, as thou trastis;
  Bot I sal schaw the, sen sik thochtis the thrastis,
  And heir declair of destaneis the secreit,
  Full mony ȝheris tofor thai be compleit.                            20
  This Eneas, with hydwys bargannyng,
  In Itale frawart pepill sall doune thring;
  Syne efter statut lawis for tha men,
  And beld townys, and wal his citeis then.
  Quhen thre someris in Latium or Itail,                              25
  And thre wynteris he rungyn has all haill
  Fra tyme Rutilyanys bene subdewit in fecht,
  Than the ȝong child, quhilk now Ascanyvs hecht,
  And to surname clepit Iulus sans faill,
  For he in Ilion was of the blude ryale,                             30
  Quhill that of Troy and Ilion stude the Ryng,
  Thretty lang twelfmonthis rolling our sal ryng,
  From Lavyne realm the seyt translat alswa,
  And forcely wall the cite lang Alba:
  Thar sal thre hundreth ȝeris togidder remane                         5
  The ryng vnder the pepill Hectoriane,
  Quhil Ilya nun and dochter of a kyng,
  Consavit of Mars, twa twynnys do furth bring:
  Than with the glitterand wolf skyn our his aray,
  Cled in his nurys talbert glaid and gay,                            10
  Romulus sal the pepill ressaue and weld,
  And he the mercial wallis of Rome sal beld,
  And efter his name cal the pepill Romanys.
  To thir folkis, quhou lang thar ryng remanys,
  Nowder term of space nor boundis of senȝeory                        15
  Nane wil I set; for to thame grant haue I
  Perpetual empyre, but end to lest.
  Apirsmert Juno, that with gret onrest
  Now cummyrris erd, sey and ayr, quod he,
  Sal turn hir mynd bettir ways, and with me                          20
  Fostir the Romanys, lordis of al erdly geir,
  And Latyne pepill kepe bath in payce and weir.
  This is determyt, this lykis the goddis, I wys.
  Eftir mony lustris and ȝeris ourslydyn is,
  The tyme sal cum quhen Anchises ofspring                            25
  The realm of Phthia in bondage sal doune thring,
  And eik of Myce subdew the regioune large,
  And vndir thar lordschip dant al Grece and Arge.
  Cesar of nobill Troiane blude born salbe,
  Quhilk sal thempyre delait to the occiane see,                      30
  And to the sternys vpspring sal the fame
  Of Julius, that takyn haith hys name
  From Iulus, thi nevo, the gret kyng,
  As prince discend of his blude and ofspring;
  Quham, efter this, sovir of thyne entent,                            5
  Chargit with the spulȝe of the orient,
  Amang the nowmyr of goddis ressaue thou sall,
  And as a god men sal him clep and call.
  The cruel tyme sone therefter sal ces,
  And weris stanche, al salbe rest and pes;                           10
  Ancyant faith, and valiant knychthed,
  With chaste religioune, sal than the lawys led;
  The dreidful portis salbe schet, but faill,
  Of Janus tempill, the takynar of bataill;
  With hard irne bandis claspit fast in cage,                         15
  Of wykkit bargane tharin the furyus rage
  Set apon grisly armour in his seyt,
  And with ane hundreth brasyn chenȝeis grete
  Behynd hys bak hard bund hys handis tway,
  The horribil tyrrant with bludy mouth sal bray.                     20
    This beand said, Jupiter ful evyn
  Hys son Mercury send doune from the hevyn;
  So that of Cartage baith realm and new cite
  To luge the Troianys suld all reddy be,
  Les than Dido, the destany mysknawand,                              25
  Wald thame expell hyr boundis or hyr land.
  He with gret fard of weyngis flaw throu the sky,
  And to the cuntre of Liby come in hy:
  Thar dyd hys charge; and the folkis of Cartage
  Thar fers mudis and hartis gan asswage                              30
  At the plesour of the god, quhilk thame taucht.
  And, first of othir, the quene hir self has kaucht
  Towart the Troianys a ful frendly mynd,
  As on to thame tilbe bowsum and kynd.


  _Ene, at morow rakand throu the schaw,
  Met with hys modir into habit onknaw._

  Bot al this nyght the reuthfull Eneas,                               5
  That in his mynd gan mony thyng compas,
  Belive as that the hailsum day wolx lycht,
  Dressit him furth to spy and haue a sycht
  Of new placis; fortil sers and knaw,
  To quhatkyn costis he with the wynd was blaw,                       10
  Quha thame inhabit, quhidder wild bestis or men,
  For al semyt bot wildernes til hym then;
  And as he fand schupe till hys feris to schaw:
  Hys navy dern amyd the thyk wod schaw,
  Vnderneth the holkit hyngand rochis hie,                            15
  Dekkit about with mony semly tre,
  Quhois schaddowis dyrk hyd weill the schippis ilkane.
  And he bot with a fallow furth is gane,
  With traste Achates; in athiris hand yfeir
  The braid steil heid schuke on the huntyng speir.                   20
  Amyd the wod hys moder met thame tway,
  Semand a maid in vissage and aray,
  With wapynnys like the virgynys of Spartha,
  Or the stowt wench of Trace, Harpalica,
  Hastand the hors hir fadir to reskew,
  Spedyar than Hebrun, the swyft flude, dyd persew:
  For Venus, eftyr the gys and maner thar,                             5
  Ane active bow apon hir schuldeir bar
  As scho had bene a wild hunteres,
  With wynd waving hir haris lowsit of tres,
  Hir skyrt kiltit til hir bair kne,
  And, first of other, onto thame thus spak sche;                     10
  Howe, say me ȝonkeris, saw ȝe walkand heir
  By aventur ony of my sisteris deyr,
  The cays of arrowis tachit by hir syde,
  And cled in to the spottit lynx hyde,
  Or with lowd cry followand the chays                                15
  Eftir the fomy bayr, in thar solace?
  Thus said Venus. And hir son agane
  Answeris and said, trewly, maide, in plane
  Nane of thi systeris dyd I heir ne se;
  Bot, O thou virgyne, quham sal I cal the?                           20
  Thy vissage semys na mortale creature,
  Nor thi voce soundis not lyke to humane nature,
  A goddes art thou suythly to my sycht.
  Quhidder thou be Dyane, Phebus systir brycht,
  Or than sum goddes of thir nymphis kynd,                            25
  Maistres of woddis, beis to ws happy and kynd,
  Releve our lang travell quhat euer thou be,
  And, vndir quhat art of this hevyn sa hie,
  Or at quhat cost of the warld finaly
  Sal we arrive, thou tech ws by and by:                              30
  Of men and land onknaw we ar drive will
  By wynd and storm of sey cachit hiddertill;
  And mony fair sacrifice and offerand
  Befor thyne altar sal de of my rycht hand.
  Venus answerd, I denȝe not to ressaue                                5
  Sik honour certis, quhilk feris me nocht to haue;
  Forto the madynnys of Tyre this is the gyis,
  To beir a cays of arowis on this wys,
  With rede botynys on thar schankis hie.
  This is the realm of Punyce quhilk ȝe se,                           10
  The pepill of Tyre, and the cite, but mor,
  Belt by the folk discend from Agenor.
  Ȝhe bene in the merchis of Lyby, sans faill,
  Inhabit with pepill ondantabill in bataill.
  Quhar Dido quene rewlis the empyre,                                 15
  Hydder, for hir brodir, fled from the realm of Tyre:
  Lang war the iniuris, the dowtis lang tobe tald,
  Bot I the vmaste of the mater sall hald.
  Ane husband, quhilk Sycheus hecht, had sche,
  Rychast in all the ground of Phenyce,                               20
  And strangly luffit of the silly Dido;
  For be hir fader, as was the maner tho,
  By chans scho was in cleyn virginite
  Weddit to hym; bot of Tyre the cuntre
  In heretage held Pigmalyon hir brodir,                              25
  In wikkitnes cruel abufe all othir,
  Quhilk, but offence or occasioun of greif,
  For blynd cwatyce of gold throu his myscheif.
  Befor the altar, slely with a knyfe,
  Or he was war, reft Sycheus the lyfe;                               30
  And, of the gret luf of hys systir suyr,
  Concelyt this cruel deid lang vndir cuyr;
  That fals man, by dissaitfull wordis fair,
  With vaynhope trumpit the wofull luffar.
  Bot of hir husband bygravit the ymage                                5
  To hir apperis in sleip, with pail vissage,
  On mervellus wys, and gan at lenth declare
  Quhou he was cruelly slane at the altare;
  He schew the knyf out throw hys breist threst,
  And all the hyd cryme of hir hows manyfest:                         10
  Syne in gret haist exortis hir to fle,
  And leif hir native land, and tak the see;
  And, forto help hir onwart by the way,
  Vnder the erth quhar ald hurdis hyd lay,
  Of siluer and gold revelit a huge weght.                            15
  Dido heirat commovit, I ȝou hecht,
  For hir departing falloschip reddy maid;
  Togidder conuenys, but ony langar abaid,
  All thai quhilk hatis the cruell tyrrantis dedis,
  Or ȝit his fellon violence sair dredis.                             20
  The schippis that on cays war reddy thar
  Thai tuke, and chargit full of gold but mayr.
  The tresour of the wrachit Pigmaleon
  Is thus caryit our the sey onone:
  A woman captane is of all this deid.                                25
  To ȝone place ar thai cummyn, thou may tak heid,
  Quhar now rysis ȝone large wallis stowt
  Of New Cartage, with hie towris abowt.
  Als mekill grond thai bocht at the first tyde
  As thai mycht compas with a bullis hyde;                            30
  Ȝondir cheif castell standing on the bra
  Into thar langage clepit is Byrsa,
  And of this deid the name beris witnes ȝit.
  Bot, quhat be ȝhe, finaly wald I wyt?
  Or of quhat cuntre cummyn? or pas wald quhar?                        5
  Scho sperand this, Eneas sichand sair,
  The voce drawand deip from his breist within,
  Said, O thou goddes, gif I suld begyn
  And tell our labour from the formast end,
  To heir our storyis set thou myght attend,                          10
  Or I maid end, Vesper, the evyn starn brycht,
  Suld cloys the hevin and end the days lycht.
  We ar of ancyant Troy, gif euer ȝe
  The name of Troy has hard in this cuntre,
  And caryit throu owt diuers seys alswa,                             15
  And now by fortoune to cost of Lybia
  Drevyn with tempest. Rewthfull Ene am I,
  That Troiane goddis tursys in my navy,
  Quham fra amyd our ennemys I rent;
  My fame is knaw abufe the eliment;                                  20
  I seik Itale and our auld cuntre fer,
  And lynage cum from hyast Jupiter.
  With schippis twys ten the Phrygyane see,
  My modir a goddes techand the way, tuke we,
  Followand destany quhilk was to me grant;                           25
  Of all our floyt, from wynd and wallys, skant
  Sevin evil perbrakit salue remanys with me.
  Onkend and mystirfull in desertis of Lybe
  I wandir, expellit from Europ and Asia.
  Venus na mair sufferit hym pleyn or say,                            30
  Amyd hys dolorus playntis thus spak sche;
  Quhat evir thou art, I trast weill at thou be
  Favorit with the goddis, and drawis this hailsum ayr,
  Quhilk is the spreit of lyfe, to thy weilfair,
  Sen thou art cummyn to Cartage the cyte.                             5
  Now hald thy way, and at the Quenys entre
  Present thy self; I schaw the, for certane,
  Thy ferys ar salf, thy navy is cummyn agane,
  In salfty brocht fre of north wyndis als,
  Les than my parentis taucht me spayng craft fals.                   10
  Behald twelf swannys in randoun glaid and fair,
  Quham, newly from the regioun of the air
  Jovis fowle, the Egill, discending fra hys hycht,
  Has sair effrayt amyd the skyis brycht;
  Now with lang range to lycht thai beyn adrest,                      15
  And spyis the erth about quhar thai sall rest:
  As thai return, thar weyngis swouchand jolely,
  And with thar coursis circlys about the sky,
  Cryand or syngand efter thar awyn gys;
  Thy schippys and falloschip on the sammyn wys                       20
  Owdir ar herbryit in the havyn, I wys,
  Or with bent saill entris in the port be this.
  Now pas thy way evyn furth that sammyn went.
  Thus said sche, and turnand incontinent,
  Hir nek schane lyke onto the roys in May,                           25
  Hyr hevynly haris, glitterand brycht and gay,
  Kest from hir forhed a smell gloryus and sweit,
  Hir habyt fell down coveryng to hir feit,
  And in hir passage a verray god dyd hir kyth.
  And fra that he knew hys moder, alswith                             30
  With sik wordis he followys as scho dyd fle;
  Quhy art thou cruell to thy son, quod he,
  Dissavand hym sa oft with fals sembland?
  Quhy grantis thou nocht we mycht joyn hand in hand,
  And fortill heir and rendir vocis trew?                              5
  Thus he reprevys, bot sche is went adew;
  Than to the Cyte he haldis furth the way.
  Bot Venus with a sop of myst, baith tway,
  And with a dyrk clowd, closyt rownd about,
  That na man suld thame se nor twich but dowt,                       10
  Ne by the ways stop or ellis deir,
  Or ȝit the cawsis of thar cummyn speir.
  Hyr self vplift to Paphum passyt swith,
  To vissy hir restyng place, joly and blith;
  Thar is hir tempill into Cypir land,                                15
  Quharin thar doith ane hundreth altaris stand,
  Hait byrnnyng full of Saba sens all houris,
  And smellyng sweit with fresch garlandis of flowris.


  _Eneas, at his moderys commandment,
  Cled with the mysty clowd, to Cartage went._

  Thai, in the meyn tyme, hastit furth thar way
  As the rod led thame, quhil ascend ar thai                          20
  The hill fer rysand abuf the town on hycht,
  Quhar all the Cite forgane thame se thai mycht.
  Eneas wondrit the gretnes of Cartage,
  Quhilk lait tofor had beyn ane smal cotage;
  The fair portis alsso he ferleit fast,
  And of the brute of pepill tharat inpast,
  The large stretys paithit by and by,                                 5
  The byssy Tyrryanys lauborand ardently.
  Ane part haistis to beild the wallys wight;
  And sum to rays the gret castell on hyght,
  And welt vp stanys to the wark on hie;
  Sum grathis fast the thak and rufe of tre;                          10
  And sum about delvys the fowsy deip;
  Sum chesis officeris the lawys forto kepe,
  With counsalouris and senatouris, wys folkis;
  Ȝonder other sum the new havyn holkis;
  And heir alsso, ane other end fast by,                              15
  Lays the fundament of the theatry;
  And otheris eik the huge pillaris grete
  Out of the querrellys gan do hew and bete,
  Fortill adorn that place in all degre,
  In tyme cummyng quhar gret triumphe suldbe.                         20
  Lyke to the beys, in feildis floryst new,
  Gaderyng thar wark of mony diuers hew,
  In soft somyr the brycht son hait schynyng,
  Quhen of thar kynd thame list swarmys furth bryng,
  Or in camys inclus thar hwny cleyn,                                 25
  And with sweit liquour stuffis thar cellis scheyn,
  Or ressavys the byrdyngis from othir tharowt,
  Or fra thar hyve togyddir in a rowt
  Expellis the bowbart beist, the faynt drone be:
  Thar labour is bissy and fervent forto se,                          30
  The hwny smellys of the sweit tyme seid.
  O, quod Ene, full happy ar ȝhe in deid,
  Quhais large wallis rysys thus on hie!
  A quhile he visseit the boundis of this cite,
  Ane wonder thyng, coverit with a clowd about;                        5
  He entrys syne amyd the thikast rowt,
  Amang the men he thrang, and nane hym saw.
    Amyd the cite stude ane semly schaw,
  With hys maist plesand sobir schaddowis, quhar,
  As the Punycianys first vpwarpit war,                               10
  Efter the stormys blastis and seys rage,
  Thai, delvand, fand the takynar of Cartage,
  Ane mekill hors hed that was, I weyn,
  As Juno had schaw tofor, of goddis queyn,
  That signyfyit the cite excellent in batale,                        15
  And plentuus eik al tymys of vittale.
  In the ilke place, the Sydonas Dido
  Begouth to byg a prowd tempill of Juno,
  With dowreis seir and gyftis of ryches,
  And eik the goldyn statw of the goddes.                             20
  The entre rays with hie stagis of bras,
  With bras alsso the cupplys festynyt was;
  The brassyn durris jargis on the marbill hirst.
  In this tempill, seir novelteis first
  Schawin till Eneas mesyt gretly hys feir;                           25
  The first assurance of comfort was heir,
  And hope of releif eftir aduersite:
  For as he went diuers thingis to se,
  Rowmyng about the large tempill scheyn,
  Forto behald the cummyng of the queyn,                              30
  And of the cite the gret prosperite,
  The mony warkmen, and thar craftis sle
  In dew proportioun, as he woundrit for joy,
  He saw per ordour all the sege of Troy,
  The famus batellis, wlgat throu the warld or this,                   5
  Of kyng Pryam and athir Attrides,
  And, baldar than thame baith, the fers Achill.
  He styntis, and wepand said Achates tyll;
  Quhou now, quhilk place is this, my frend, quod he,
  Quhat regioun in erd may fundyn be                                  10
  Quhar our mysforton is nocht fully proclame?
  Allace! behald, se ȝondir king Priam,
  Lo, heir his wirschip is haldin in memor;
  Thir lamentabyll takynnys passit befor
  Our mortal myndis aucht to compassioun steir.                       15
  Away with dreid, and tak na langar feir;
  Quhat! wenys thou na this fame sall do the gude?
  Thus said he, and fed hys mynd, quhar he stude,
  With thir plesand fenȝeit ymagery,
  Murnand sair, and wepand tendyrly,                                  20
  The flude of terys halyng our hys face;
  For as he lukit on the wark percace,
  He saw porturate quhar, in sik a place,
  The Grekis fled and Troianys followis the chace
  Abowt the wallys of Troy as thai dyd fyght:                         25
  At ȝondir part the Troianys tak the flycht,
  With creste on hed Achillis in hys chair
  Persewand strangly. Not far thens saw he, quhar,
  The quhite tentis of kyng Rhesus, evill kepe,
  Betraisit war apon the first sleip;                                 30
  Quhar, with gret slauchter bludy Diomeid
  Distroyt all, and till hys tent gan leid
  The mylk quhite horssis, fers, swift and gude,
  Or evir thai taistit ony Troiane fude,
  Or drunkyn had of the flude Exanthus.                                5
  And ȝondir, lo! beheld he Troilus
  Wantyng his armour, the fey barn fleand,
  Fortill recontyr Achilles onganand,
  The hors hym harland behynd the void cart
  Hyngand wyde oppyn, and hys hed dounwart;                           10
  Suppos he held the renȝeis fast, but faill,
  Hys nek and harys on the erd gan traill,
  The speir ourturnyt in the duste dyd write.
  The sammyn tyme, the Troian madynys quhite,
  With hair doun skalit, all sorofull gan pas                         15
  Onto the tempill of the grevit Pallas
  To ask supple, with thame a wympill bair thai,
  With handis betand thar breistis by the way:
  This fremmyt goddes held hir eyn fixt fast
  Apon the grund, nocht a blenk list thame cast.                      20
  Abowt the wallis of Troy he saw quhat wys
  Achilles harlyt Hectoris body thrys;
  The ded corps syne for gold he saw hym sell.
  Law from his breist murnand he gave a ȝell,
  Seand the void cart, and spulȝe of the knycht,                      25
  And the corps of his derrest frend sa dight.
  Priam onarmyt streke furth handis dyd he spy
  From Achilles hys sonnys body to by.
  Hym self alsswa, mydlit, persavit he,
  Amang princis of Grece in the melle.                                30
  The orient hostis knew he one by one,
  And Vlcanus armour on blak Memnon.
  The madynnys cum fra Amason saw he soyn,
  With crukit scheildis schapyn like the moyn,
  Led by thar furyus queyn Pantissylle;                                5
  Amyd the thowsandis egyrly feghtis sche,
  And quhar hir pap was for the speir cut away,
  Of gold tharon was belt a rych tyschay:
  Ane worthy weriour suythly thai mycht hir ken,
  This wench stowtly recontir durst with men.                         10


  _Heir to the tempil cummys queyn Dido,
  Quhar that Enee his feris fand alsso._

  Quhill as the manfull Troian Eneas
  To se thir nyce figuris thocht wonder was,
  And as he musyt, studyand in a stair
  Bot on a sycht quharon he blenkit thar,
  The queyn Dido, excellent in bewte,                                 15
  To tempill cumis with a fair menȝe
  Of lusty ȝyngkeris walkyng hir about.
  Lyke to the goddes Dian with hir rowt,
  Endlang the flude of Eurot on the bra,
  Or vndir the toppis of hir hill Cynthia,                            20
  Ledand ryng dansys, quham followis our alquhar
  A thousand nymphis flokkyng heir and thair:
  On hir schulder the arrow cace baris sche,
  And quhar scho walkis abufe the laif on hie
  May weil beseyn; to Latone hir moder this
  Gevis reiosyng and secrete hartis blys:
  Sikane was Dido, sykane hir blithly bair                             5
  Amyd thame all, the warkis and weilfair
  Providing for the realm in tyme tocum.
  And quhen sche to the tempill dur is cum,
  Syne entryng vnder the myd volt, tuke hir sete
  Heich in a trone, and cumpaneis grete                               10
  On athir half standyng of armyt men,
  The domys and law pronuncis sche to thame then:
  The feys of thar labouris equaly
  Gart distribut; gif dowt fallis tharby,
  Be cut or kavill that pled sone partit was.                         15
    Bot suddanly persavis Eneas
  Quhar with gret haist com rynnyng Antheus,
  Sergest he seis, and stalwart Cloanthus,
  With diuers otheris of the Troian menȝe,
  Quham the blak storm had skatterit on the see,                      20
  And at ane other cost drevyn to the land.
  He and his fallow awondris this seand.
  Achates half estonyst stude in affray;
  With feir and joy smyttin baith war thai,
  And langit fair to schaik handys; bot thar hart                     25
  The onkouth cace amovit in sum part
  Forto dissymyll, as na thing seyn thai had,
  And, with the dyrk clowd hyd, to spy thai baid
  Quhou it stude with thar ferys, or chansyt eft,
  Or on quhat cost thar navy thai had left,                           30
  Quhat thai desyrit; for, as full weill thai saw,
  From thar schippis per ordour thai com on raw,
  Besekand grace and peax fast, as thame thocht,
  And to the tempill with gret clamour socht.
    Fra thai war enterit in the tempill tho,                           5
  And licens grantit thame to speke alsso,
  The gretast oratour, Ilioneus,
  With plesand voce begouth his sermond thus;
  O hie princes, quhamto Jupiter has grant
  To beld ane new cyte, and to dant                                   10
  The violens of prowd folk by just law,
  We wrachit Troianys, with the wyndis blaw
  Throu strange stremys and mony diuers see,
  Forbyd ȝon cruell fyre, besekis the,
  Suffir not to byrn our schippis in a rage,                          15
  Haue reuth apon our petuus auld lynage.
  Considir frendly our mater quhou it standis;
  We com nocht hiddir with drawyn swerdis in handis,
  To spulȝe templis or ryches of Lybia,
  Nor by the cost na spreth to dryve away;                            20
  Sik violens nane within our myndis is,
  Nor sa gret stowtnes to venquyst folk, I wys.
  Thar is a place quham the Grekis, thai say,
  Onto hys name clepis Hesperia,
  Ane nobill land, richt potent in bataill,                           25
  And fructuus grond, plentuus in vittaille,
  By kyng Onotryus inhabit first, we trow;
  Bot in our days laitly, the fame is now,
  Eftir thar duke it is namyt Italy.
  Thidderwart our cours was laid: quhen suddanly                      30
  The flude boldnyt, and stormy Orion
  Amang blynd bankis cachit ws onon;
  The byttir blastis, contrarius al ways,
  Throw wallis huge, salt fame, and wilsum wais,
  And throw the perrellus rowkis gan ws dryve;                         5
  Hidder at ȝour cost ar few of ws arryve.
  Quhat kynd of pepill duellis heir? quod he,
  Quhou beyn sik thewis sufferit in this cuntre?
  We ar defendit to herbry on the sand,
  Prouokyt eik to batale, and, drevyn to land                         10
  By fors of storm, the slyke thai ws deny.
  Albeit the strenth of men ȝhe set not by,
  And mortal weris contempnys and comptis nocht,
  Belevis weill ȝit than, and haue in thocht,
  The goddis sall remember, trastis me,                               15
  Baith of gud dedis and iniquite.
  To ws was kyng the worthy Eneas,
  Ane justar man in all the warld nane was,
  Nor mair reuthfull, nor wisar into weir,
  And mair valiant in dedis of armys seir:                            20
  Quham gif the fatis alyve conservit haith
  To tak this hevinly ayr and draw his braith,
  And not with cruell gostis hyd vnder erd,
  We neid not dreid, sall nocht mak ws efferd;
  Nor thou sall neuer repent the sykkyrly                             25
  To schaw ws first frendschip and curtasy.
  Into the realm of Sycill als haue we
  Frendis and citeis, with armyt men plente,
  And of the Troian blude Acestes kyng.
  Gyf ws war levit our flote on land to bryng,                        30
  That with the wynd and storm is all to schaik,
  And grantit eik wod leif to hew, and take
  Tymmyr to beit ayrris and other mysteris,
  So that our kyng we mycht fynd and our feris,
  Blithly we suld hald towart Italy,                                   5
  And to the cost of Latium seik in hy:
  Bot gif our weilfar and beleve cleyn gayn is,
  And the, maist souerane fader of ws Troianys,
  The Lybian sey withhaldis, gif thou be gone,
  Nor of Ascanyus comfort remanys none,                               10
  Than suythly, at the leste, the Sycill see
  And placis reddy fra quham hidder drevin ar we,
  We sall seik, and to the kyng Acestes.
  Thus said Ilioneus, and sa can he ces;
  Bot than the noys rays amang the Troianys,                          15
  Thai murmuryt and complenyt all at anys.
    Than schortly Dido spak with vissage doun cast,
  Remove all dreid, Troianys, beis nocht agast,
  Pluk vp ȝour hartis, and hevy thochtis dovn thring.
  Ane hard myschans and novelte of this ryng                          20
  Constrenys me sik mastry forto schaw,
  And with discurriouris kepe the cost on raw.
  Quha knawys nocht the lynnage of Enee?
  Or quha myskennys Troy, that ryall cyte?
  The gret wirschip of sik men quha wald nocht meyn?                  25
  And the huge ardent batalys at thar has beyn?
  We Phenycianys nane sa blait breistis hes,
  Nor so fremmytly the Son list nocht addres
  Hys curs frawart Cartage cyte away.
  Quhiddir ȝhe will to gret Hesperia,                                 30
  The grund of Saturn, quhilk now is Italy,
  Or to the cost of Sycill fast tharby,
  And at the kyng Acestes lyst ȝou be,
  Thidder sall ȝhe suyrly pas with my supple;
  I sall support ȝou with all geir may gayn.                           5
  And ples ȝhe with me in this realm remane,
  The cyte quhilk I byg is ȝouris fre;
  Bryng in ȝour schippis hidder from the see;
  Betwix a Troiane and ane Tyrriane
  Na differens, all sall I rewle as ane;                              10
  And, with this sammyn wynd hidder blaw in feir,
  Wald God Enee ȝour kyng war present heir!
  Endlang the costis and far partis of Lyby
  I sall forsuyth exploratouris send to spy
  In ony wod gyf that he be vpdryve,                                  15
  Or ȝit perchance at ony cyte arryve.


  _Quhou Eneas with all his rowt bedene
  War thankfully ressauyt of the queyn_.

  With thir wordis the spreit of Eneas
  And of the strang Achates reiosyt was,
  Gretly desyryng the clowd to brek in tway:
  Bot first Achates till Enee gan say;                                20
  Son of the goddes, quhat purpos now, quod he,
  Rysys in thy breist? All is sovir, thou may se,
  Thyne navy and thy ferys recoverit beyn,
  Wantand bot ane, amang the fludis greyn
  Quham we saw droun; all other thingis, thou knawis,
  Is now conform onto thy moderis sawys.
  And scarsly haith he all thir wordis spokkyn,                        5
  Quhen that the clowd abowt thame swith was brokkyn,
  And vanyst tyte away amang the ayr.
  Vp stude Enee, in cleir lycht schynyng fair,
  Lyke till ane god in body and in face;
  For his moder grantit hir son sik grace;                            10
  Hys crysp harys war plesand on to se,
  Hys favour gudly, full of fresch bewte,
  Lyke till ane ȝongker with twa lauchand eyn;
  Als gracyus for to behold, I weyn,
  As evoir boyn by craft of hand weill dycht,                         15
  Or as we se the burnyst siluer brycht,
  Or ȝit the quhite polist marbill stane schyne,
  Quhen thai beyn circulit about with gold sa fyne.
  Or evir thai wist, befor tham all in hy,
  Onto the queyn thus said he reuerently;                             20
  Hym quham ȝe seik behald now present heir,
  Enee the Troian, delyverit from danger
  Of storm and wallys of the Libiane see.
  O thou only, quhilk rewth hes and piete
  On the ontellabill pyne of the Troianys,                            25
  Quhilk ws, the Grekis levyngis and remanys,
  Ourset with all maner necessiteis,
  And euery perrell baith be landis and seis,
  Within thy cyte ressauys till herbry,
  And to famyliar frendschip and ally;                                30
  To quyte the, rendring ganand thankis rycht,
  That lyis nocht, Dido, intill our mycht,
  Nor all the laif of the Troian menȝe,
  Throw out this warld skatterit quhar euer thai be:
  Bot the hie goddis, gif ony deite takis tent                         5
  To thame at petuus beyn and pacient,
  For justice eik gif euer reward beis get,
  And rychtwys myndis ramembrit and nocht forȝet.
  Thai ilke goddis mot dewly reward the
  Accordyng thy desert in all degre.                                  10
  Quhou happy and joyus was that tyme serene
  That the producit hes, sa nobill a queyn!
  Quhou wirschipfull eik war thai parentis of mycht
  Quhilk the engendrit hes, sa worthy a wight!
  Quhill fludis rynnys in the sey but dowt,                           15
  Quhil sonnys schaddow circlys hillis about,
  And the firmament starris doith conteyn,
  Thy honour and thy fame sall evir be grene,
  And thy renown remane perpetualy,
  Throu all realmys quharto that drevyn am I.                         20
  Thus sayand, til his frend Ilioneus
  Hys rycht hand gave he, and to Serestus
  Gave his left hand; syne welcumit euery man,
  The strang Cloanthus and the stowt Gyan.
    The queyn Dido, astonyst a litill wie                             25
  At the first syght, behaldand his bewte,
  Awondring be quhat wys he cummyn was,
  Onto him thus scho said with myld face;
  Son of the goddes, quhat hard aduersite
  Throw owt so feill perrellis has cachit the?                        30
  Quhat fors and violens drave the hyddir till ws,
  Apon thir costis that beyn so dangerus?
  Art thou not theilk compacient Eneas,
  That apon haly Venus engendrit was
  Be the Troian Anchises, as thai say,                                 5
  Besyde the flude Symois in Phrigia?
  Weill I remembir, to Sydon the cyte
  Sen Tewcer com, banyst from his cuntre,
  Sekand supple at Belus, and sum new land.
  My fader than, Belus, I vndirstand,                                 10
  The rich realm of Cipir wastit by weir,
  And wan it syne, and gave it to Tewcer;
  And evir syne of Troy, that gret cyte,
  The distructioun has beyn weill knaw to me,
  Thy name alsso, and pryncis of Grece sans faill,                    15
  With quham thou faught seir tymys in batale.
  This ilke Tewcer hys ennemys of Troy
  Rusyt and lovit, and with excellent joy
  Full oft him self extoll and vant he wald
  Of Troiane blude tobe discend of ald.                               20
  Tharfor haue done, gallandis, cum on ȝour way,
  Entir within our lugyng, we ȝou pray:
  Siclike fortoun, throu mony feill danger,
  At last onto this land has dryve me heir;
  Thus, nocht mysknawand quhat payn is ennoy to dre,                  25
  I lernyt to help all tholis aduersyte.
  Rehersyng this, convoys sche Eneas
  Towart the place quhar hir ryche palyce was,
  And tharwith eik commandis halyday,
  Throwe owt the cyte all suldbe game and play.                       30
  And netheles, the sammyn tyme, sendis sche
  Down to his folkis, at the cost of the see,
  Twenty fed oxin, large, gret and fyne,
  And ane hundreth bustuus bowkis of swyne,
  Ane hundreth lammys and thar moderis tharby,                         5
  With other presandis, and wyne habundandly.
  The place within maist gloriusly and gay
  Adornyt was all our with ryall array:
  Amyd the hie rufe of the mekill hall,
  For the banket, mony rich claith of pall                            10
  Was spred, and mony badkyn wonderly wrocht;
  Of siluer playt ane huge weght furth was brocht
  To set on burdis; and veschell forgit of gold,
  Quharin was grave, maste curyus to behold,
  The valȝeant dedis of forfaderis past by,                           15
  Sen first begynnyng of thar geneology,
  Man eftir man lyke as thai dyd succeid,
  In lang rememberans of thar worthyheid.
  Ene, for that his faderly piete
  Wold nocht suffir hys mynd in rest tobe,                            20
  In haist Achates to the schippis send,
  To schaw Ascaneus all fra end till end,
  Onto the cite that he onon war brocht;
  On ȝong Ascaneus was haill the faderis thocht.
  Seir gyftis eik he bad bryng with him syne,                         25
  Hynt and deliuerit from the Troian rewyne;
  Ane rych garmont brusyt with stife gold wyre,
  The purpour mantill and rycht quent attyre
  That pliabill was with the gilt bordour large,
  Sum tyme array of Helene queyn of Arge,                             30
  Quhilk from the realm of Myce with hir sche brocht,
  Quhen scho to Troy forbodyn hymeneus socht;
  This wondrus gift gottin at hir moder Lyda.
  And forthir eik, of fair Illionya
  He bad hym bryng with hym the ceptre wand,                           5
  Quhilum Priamus eldast douchter bair in hand;
  The collar pight with orient peirlys als,
  That sche vmquhile wair about hir hals;
  Off gold alsso the clos or dowbill crown,
  Set full of precyus stonys enveroun.                                10
  To do his charge, Achates bissely
  The way towart the schippis socht in hy.


  _Quhou that Venus, all perrelis to seclude,
  Send Cupide in Ascaneus similitude._

  In the meyn tyme, Venus a sle wile socht,
  By new consait in hir mynd quhou scho mocht,
  In forme and vissage of sweit Ascaneus tho                          15
  Transformyt, send hir awin son Cupido,
  To beir thir presandis, so that the amorus queyn
  He mycht inflambe, within hir banys greyn
  The hoyt fyre of lufe to kyndill and steir:
  For in hir mynd scho had a maner feir                               20
  Of this lynnage waverand and ontrew,
  Tyrrhyanys dowbill tongit weill sche knew;
  Of cruell Juno the dreid brynt hir inwart,
  With mony thocht ran hastely tyll hir hart.
  Onto the weyngit god of luf, but weir,
  For thy scho spak, and said on this maner;
  O thou my child, my strenth and my gret mycht,                       5
  O thou my son, quhilk only art so wight
  That thou the dartis of Jupiter dar ganestand,
  Quharwith he slew Typhon, the fell gyand,
  To the I cum, to the I seik, quod sche,
  Lawly askyn thy power and supple.                                   10
  Quhat wys thy broder Eneas, but dowt,
  Is blawyn and warpit euery cost about,
  Of wykkit Juno throu the cruell invy,
  All this to the is manifest, weill wait I;
  For quhen I wepit tharfor, thow murnyt also.                        15
  Now hym withhaldis the Phenycian Dido,
  And culȝeis hym with slekit wordis sle;
  Bot to quhat fyne, richt sair it dredis me,
  Sall turn this plesand gestnyng in Cartage,
  Quhilk is the burgh of Juno; for in hir rage                        20
  As is begun the mater sall not remane.
  Quharfor I ombethynk me of a trane,
  This queyn first forto cawch in luffis lace,
  And so with flambe of amouris till enbrace,
  That by na mycht tharfra scho may remove,                           25
  Bot strangly sall with me Eneas lufe.
  Hark my consait, quhat wys this may be done:
  The rial child Ascaneus full sone,
  On quham maist is my thocht, grathis to pas,
  At command of his fader Eneas,                                      30
  To the cyte of Cartage, and gyftis seir
  Tursis with hym of the ald Troian geir,
  Quhilk fra the storm of sey is left ontynt,
  And from the fyre remanys ȝit onbrynt;
  Hym sall I sownd slepand steill away,                                5
  And hyde apon the hight of Citheray,
  Or in Idalium my hallowit schaw,
  That our dissait he nowder persave ne knaw,
  Nor onprovisitly cum thidder, thocht he mycht.
  Tak thou his lyknes, na mair bot a nycht,                           10
  Forto begile queyn Dido of Cartage;
  My child, cleith the with ȝon kend childis vissage,
  So that quhen scho all blythast haldis the
  Into hir skyrt perchance, or on hir kne,
  At hir fest ryall sittand at the tabill,                            15
  Amang danceis and wynys amyabill,
  And gan the forto hals and to enbrace,
  Kyssand sweitly thi quhyte nek and thi face,
  Than may thou slely thi vennamus ardent fyre
  Of fraudfull luf amyd hir breste inspyre.                           20
    The God of lufe obeys hastely
  Hys moderis wordis, and laid his weyngis by,
  And blythly steppis furth lyke Iulus.
  Bot Venus to this ilke Ascaneus
  The sweit vapour of plesand sleip and rest                          25
  On all the membris of his body kest,
  And softly the goddes in hyr lap hym bair
  Amyd hyr schaw of Idalium, quhar
  Tendir mariolyne and sweit flowris tharout
  With thar dulce smell hym schaddowit rownd about.                   30


  _Of the banket, and of the gret deray,
  And quhou Cupyd inflambis the lady gay._

  Now passys furth Cupyd, full diligent
  Fortyll obey hys moderis commandment,
  Berand with hym the kyngly gyftis scheyn,
  Quhilkis suldbe present to the ryall queyn,
  Blythly followyng hys ledar Achates.                                 5
  And as thai come, the quene was set at des
  Vndir hir gloryus stentit capitale;
  Amang provd tapetis and mych rych apparale
  Hir place scho tuke, as was the gys that tyde,
  Ourspred with gold amyd a beddis syde.                              10
  Abuf all othir the fader Eneas,
  And syne ȝong gallandis of Troy, to mete set was,
  Apon rich beddis sydis, per ordour,
  Ourspred with carpettis of the fyne purpour.
  To wesch thar handis seruandis brocht watir cleir,                  15
  Syne breyd in baskettis, eftyr thar maner,
  With soft serviatis to mak thar handis cleyn.
  Fyfty damycellis tharin seruyt the queyn,
  Quhilkis bair the cure eftir thar ordour haill,
  On purvyance of howshald and vittaill,                              20
  To graith the chalmeris, and the fyris beld.
  Ane hundreth madynnys had scho ȝong of eld,
  And elyke mony of the sam age ȝong swanys,
  The cowrsis and the mesys, for the nanys,
  To set on burdis, sik as we call seweris,
  And to fill cowpys, goblettis and eweris.
  And mayratour, the Tyrryanys halely
  At the blith ȝettis flokkis to the maniory;
  And as thai come, thai war down set onone                            5
  On brusyt or payntit tapetis eueryone.
  Thai mervellit the rich gyftis of Eneas;
  Apon Ascaneus feill awondrit was,
  The schynand vissage of the God Cupyte,
  And hys dissemblit slekit wordis quhite,                            10
  The precyus mantill and quent garmond also:
  Bot principaly the fey onsylly Dydo,
  For the myscheif to cum predestinat,
  Mycht not refreyn nor satisfy hir consait,
  Bot ardently behaldis all on steir,                                 15
  Now lykand weill the child, and now the geir.
  As Cupyd hyngis about Eneas hals,
  Enbrasit in armys, fenȝeand luf full fals,
  By semlant as he his fader had beyn,
  Full slely than he blent apon the queyn.                            20
  Scho, with hir sycht and all hir mynd, rycht thar,
  Hym to behald, sat musand in a stayr;
  Sumtyme onwar hym in hir bosum held sche,
  Mysknawand, allace! by fals subtilite,
  Quhou the gret god of luf, with all hys mycht,                      25
  Wachit forto dissave hir, wofull wight:
  Bot he, remembring on his moderis command,
  The mynd of Sycheus, hir first husband,
  Furth of hir thocht peys and peys begouth dryve,
  And with scharp amouris of the man alyve                            30
  Gan hir dolf spreit forto preveyn and steir,
  Had beyn dysvsit fra luf that mony ȝeir.
    Eftyr the first pawse, and that cowrs neir gane,
  And voduris and fat trunschuris away tane,
  The goblettis gret with myghty wynys in hy                           5
  Thai fill, and coverit set in by and by.
  Than rays the noys quhill dynnyt rufe and wallis,
  So thik the vocis fleys throu the large hallys.
  From the gilt sparris hang down mony a lycht,
  The flambe of torchis venquyst the dyrk nycht.                      10
  The queyn than askis of gold, for the nanys,
  A weghty cowp, set all with precyus stanys,
  Bad fill it full of the rych Ypocras,
  Into the quhilk gret Belus accustomyt was
  To drynk vmquhile, and fra hym euery kyng                           15
  Discend of hys genology and ofspring.
  And, quhen silens was maid our all the hall,
  O Jupiter, quod scho, on the we call,
  For this rayson, that by wys men is said,
  To gestis thou grantis the herbry glaid;                            20
  We the beseik, this day be fortunabill
  To ws Tyrryanys, happy and agreabill
  To strangearis cummyn fra Troy on thar vayage,
  In tyme cummyng remembrance of our vsage
  To our successioun and posterite;                                   25
  The gevar of glaidnes, Bachus, heir mot be,
  And gentil Juno to ws fauorabill and meik;
  And ȝou, myne awyn Tyrryanys, I command eik
  Hallow this fest with blythnes and with joy,
  Bair frendly falloschip to thir noblis of Troy.                     30
  This beand said, the cowpe with the rich wyne
  Apon the burd scho blyssit, and eftir syne
  With hir lyp first tharof tuke bot a taist,
  And, carpand blythly, gaif it Bythyus in haist.
  He merely ressavis the remand tays,                                  5
  All owt he drank, and quhelmyt the gold on his face:
  Syne al the nobillis tharof drank abowt;
  I wil nocht say that ilkman playt cop owt.
  Bot on his gylt harp berdyt Jopas,
  Playand the gestis of the gret Atlas,                               10
  The monys change and oblique cowrs sang he,
  And quhy the son eclipsis, as we se;
  Quharof mankynd is maid he schew ful plane,
  Quharof bestis, and quhat engendris rayn,
  Quharof cummys thundir and fyry levyn;                              15
  The rany Hyades, quhilk ar the sternys sevyn,
  And eik Arcturus, quhilk we cal the laid stern,
  The dowbill Vrsys weil couth he decern;
  And quhy the son, into the wyntir tyde,
  Hastis in the sey sa fast his hede to hyde;                         20
  Quhy makis the nycht that tyme sa large delay,
  And in somyr quhy sa lang is the day.
  The gyld and ryot Tyrryanys dowblit for joy,
  Syne the rerd followit of the ȝonkeris of Troy:
  Onhappy Dido alsso set all hir mycht                                25
  With sermondis seir forto prolong the nycht,
  The langsum lufe drynkand inwart ful cald.
  Full mony demand of Priam speir scho wald,
  And questionys seir twichyng Hector alswa;
  Now with quhais armour the son of Aurora                            30
  Come to the sege; and now inquir wald sche
  Quhat kynd hors Diomede had in the melle;
  Quhou large of statur was fers Achillis.
  Haue done, my gentill gest, sone tell ws this
  Per ordour, says scho, fra the begynnyng, all                        5
  The dissait of the Grekis, and the fall
  Of ȝour pepill, and of Troy the rewyne;
  Thi wandring be the way thou schaw ws syne;
  For now the sevynt symmyr hyddir careis the,
  Wilsum, and errant, throu euery land and see.                       10


  _Eneas first excusys hym, and syne
  Addressis to rehers Troys rewyne._

  Thai cessit all atanys incontinent,
  With mouthis clos, and vissage takand tent.
  Prince Eneas, from the hie bed, with that,
  Into hys sege ryall quhar he sat,
  Begouth and sayd: Thi desyre, Lady, is                              15
  Renewing of ontellabill sorow, I wys;
  To schaw how Grekis dyd spulȝe and distroy
  The gret ryches and lamentabill realm of Troy:
  And huge mysery quhilk I thar beheld,
  Quharof my self a gret part bayr and feld:                          20
  Quhat Myrmydon or Gregion Dolopes,
  Or knycht wageour to cruel Vlixes,
  Sik materis to rehers or ȝit to heir,
  Mycht thame conteyn fra weping mony a teir?
  And now the hevin ourquhelmys the donk nycht,
  Quhen the declynyng of the sternys brycht
  To sleip and rest perswadis our appetite:                            5
  Bot sen thou hast sic plesour and delyte
  To knaw our chancis, and fal of Troy in weyr,
  And schortly the last end tharof wald heir,
  Albeit my spreit abhorris, and doith grys,
  Tharon forto remember, and oft sys                                  10
  Murnand eschewis tharfra with gret dyseys,
  Ȝit than I sal begyn ȝow forto pleys.


  Dyrk beyn my muse with dolorus armony.
  Melpomene, on the wald clerkis call
  Fortill compyle this dedly Tragedy,
  Twiching of Troy the subuersioun and fall;
  Bot sen I follow the Poete principall,                               5
  Quhat nedis purches fenȝeit termys new?
  God grant me grace hym dyngly to ensew!

  The drery fait with terys lamentabill
  Of Troys sege wydequhar our all is song;
  Bot followand Virgil, gif my wit war abill,                         10
  Ane othir wys now sall that bell be rong
  Than euer was tofor hard in our tong.
  Saturn, thou auld fader of malancoly,
  Thyne is the cuyr my wofull pen to gy.

  Harkis, Ladeis, ȝour bewte was the caws;                            15
  Harkis, Knychtis, the wod fury of Mart;
  Wys men, attendis mony sorofull claws;
  And, ȝe dyssavouris, reid heir ȝour proper art;
  And fynaly, to specify euery part,
  Heir verifeit is that proverbe teching so,                          20
  All erdly glaidnes fynysith with wo.



  _Quhou the Grekis withdrew thame of the raid,
  And of the mekill subtile hors thai maid._

  The Grekis chiftanys, irkit of the weir
  Bypast or than sa mony langsum ȝeir,
  And oft rebutyt by fatale destany,
  Ane huge hors, lyke ane gret hil, in hy
  Craftely thai wrocht in wirschip of Pallas;                          5
  Of sawyn beche the ribbis forgyt was;
  Fenȝeand ane oblacioune, as it had be
  For prosper returnyng hame in thair cuntre:
  The voce this wys throu owt the cite woyk.
  Of choys men syne, walit by cut, thai tuke                          10
  A gret numbyr, and hyd in bylgis dern
  Within that best, in mony huge cavern;
  Schortly, the belly was stuffit euery deill
  Ful of knychtis armyt in plait of steill.
    Thair standis into the sycht of Troy ane ile,                     15
  Weil knawin by name, hecht Tenedos vmquhile,
  Myghty of gudis quhil Priamus ryng sa stude;
  Now is it bot a fyrth in the sey flude,
  A raid onsikkyr for schip or ballyngare.
  In desert costis of this iland thar
  The Grekis thame ful secretly withdrew;                              5
  We wenyng thame hame passit and adew,
  And, with gude wynd, of Myce the realm had socht.
  Quharfor al thai of Troy, blyth as thai mocht,
  Thair langsum duyl and murnyng dyd away,
  Kest vp the portis and yschit furth to play,                        10
  The Grekis tentis desyrus forto se,
  And voyd placis quhar thai war wont tobe,
  The cost and strandis left desert al cleyn.
  Heir stude the army of Dolopeis, sum wald meyn,
  Cruel Achil heir stentit his pailȝeon;                              15
  Quhar stude the navy, lo the place ȝonder down;
  Heir the ostis war wont to joyn in feild.
  And sum, wondring, the scaithfull gyft beheld
  Suldbe offerit to the onweddit Pallas,
  Thai mervellit fast the hors samekil was:                           20
  Bot Tymetes exortis first of all
  It forto leid and draw within the wall,
  And forto set it in the cheif palyce;
  Quhidder for dissait, I not, or for malyce,
  Or destany of Troy wald sa suldbe.                                  25
  Bot Capis than, with are othir menȝe
  Quhilk bettir avys thar myndis set apon,
  Bad cast or drown into the sey onone
  That suspek presand of the Grekis dissait,
  Or kyndill tharvndir flambe of fyris hait,                          30
  Or forto rype that holkit huge belly,
  And the hyd hyrnys to sers and weil espy.
  Quhat nedis mair? the onstabill common voce
  Diuidit was in mony seir purpos.
  Quhen thidder come befor thame al onone,                             5
  Followand a gret rowt, the prest Laocon
  From the cheif tempil rynnand in ful gret hy;
  On far, O wrachit pepil, gan he cry,
  Quhou gret wodnes is this at ȝe now meyn,
  Ȝour ennymyis away salit gif ȝe weyn,                               10
  Or gif ȝe traist ony Grekis gyftis be
  Withowt dissait, falshed and subtelte!
  Knaw ȝe na bettir the quent Vlixes slycht?
  Owder in this tre ar Grekis closit ful rycht,
  Or this engyne is byggit to our skaith,                             15
  To wach our wallis and our byggynys bath,
  Or to confound and ourquhelm our cite;
  Thar lurkis sum falshed tharin, trastis me;
  Lippyn nocht, Troianys, I pray ȝou, in this hors;
  Quhow euer it be, I dreid the Grekis fors,                          20
  And thame that sendis this gyft always I feir.
  Thus sayand, with al his strenth a gret speir
  At the syde of that bysnyng best threw he,
  And in jonyngis of the thrawyn wame of tre
  Festynnyt the lance, that trymlyng gan to schaik;                   25
  The braid belly schudderit, and with the straik
  The boys cavys sowndit and maid a dyn.
  And had nocht beyn that owder his wit was thyn,
  Or than the fatis of goddis war contrary,
  He had assayt, but ony langar tary,                                 30
  Hyd Grekis covert with irne to haue rent owt;
  Than suld thou, Troy, haue standyn ȝit, but dowt,
  And the prowd palyce of Kyng Priamus
  Suld haue remanyt ȝit ful gloryus.


  _The takyng of the tresonabill Synon,
  And of hys fenȝeit wordis mony one._

  Lo, the ilk tyme, harland onto the kyng                              5
  Troiane hyrdis with gret clamour dyd bryng
  A ȝong man, baith his handis behynd his bak
  Hard bundyn, that wilfully forto be tak
  Rendrit hym self, onknawyn the caws quhy,
  Forto perform his deid mair secretly;                               10
  By stowt curage reddy to athir of tway,
  Owder to bryng hys slycht to gude assay,
  Or faillyng tharof, dowtles reddy to de
  Les than to Grekis he oppynnyt the cite.
  On ather part hym to behald atanys                                  15
  Fast flokkis about a multitude ȝong Troianys,
  Byssy to knak and pul the presoneir.
    Now the dissait of Grekis may ȝe heir,
  And all thar falshed lern by this a slycht.
  For, alsso fast in myddis of al our sycht                           20
  As that drery onarmyt wyght was stad,
  And with eyn blent about, semyng ful rad,
  Behaldand Troiane rowtis on athir hand,
  Alace, quod he, wald God some erd, or sand,
  Or sum salt sey dyd swelly me alyve!
  Quhat other thing now restis to me catyve,
  Quhamto sal nevir amang Grekis agane                                 5
  A place be fundyn suythly to remane?
  And maratour, Troianys, offendyt eik,
  To sched my blude by paynful deth dois seik.
  With this regrait our hartis sterit to piete,
  All molestatioune cessit and lattyn be,                             10
  We hym exort rehers, and tobe bald,
  Of quhat lynnage he was, and quhat he wald,
  And to ramembir, gude hope of ferm supple
  Happynnys oft to presoneris in captiuite.
  He, at the last, this fenȝeit dreid dyd away,                       15
  And on this wys onone begouth to say;
  Forsuyth, Schir kyng, I sal, quhat euer betyde,
  Grant to the all the verite, and nocht hyde,
  Nor, be na ways, me lyst nocht to deny
  That of the Grekis menȝe ane am I.                                  20
  Thys principaly I wald thou vndyrstude;
  Thocht frawart fortoun miserabill and bayr of gude
  Has maid Synon, sche sal nocht mak hym als,
  Quhat euer he says, nowder lear nor fals.
  Gyf euer onto ȝour eris come the name,                              25
  The hie wirschip, and the renownyt fame
  Of Palamedes, from Belus blude discend,
  Quham Grekis by fals traysoun, as weil is kend,
  Throw corrupt witnes stanyt to ded, but les,
  For he the weir forbad and procurit pes;                            30
  Now murn thai for his dede; and with hym heir
  In falloschip, my puyr fader in weir
  Send me of ȝouth, as to hym neir of blude.
  Quhil in prosperite of the realm he stude,
  And Grekis ryng by counsale was rewlit wysly,                        5
  Sum name of wyrschip and autorite bair I:
  Bot efter that by envy and haitrent
  Of the fals flechand Vlixes sa quent,
  I iape not, for that I say weyll I knaw;
  Fra he was slane, allace, and brocht of daw,                        10
  Dolorus my lyfe I led in sturt and pane,
  Hevyly weyand my innocent frende thus slane.
  Ses couth I nocht, bot in my franacy,
  Gyf euer I happit my tyme forto espy,
  And victour haue returnyt onto Arge,                                15
  I hecht to be revengit: with wordis large
  Thus I prouokit scharp feid and malyce baith.
  To me this was fyrst apperans of skaith.
  From thens fordwart, Vlixes mair and mayr
  With new crymys begouth affray me sair,                             20
  And dangerus rumour amang the commonys hedis
  Skalit and sew of me in diuers stedis,
  And, knawyng hym self gylty, by hys consait
  Grathit hys wapynys of slycht and fals dissait;
  Nor cessit he neuer his purpos to persew                            25
  Quhil the solysting of Calcas I mycht rew:
  Bot quharto tell I or rehersis this,
  That be na ways displesis ȝou, I wys?
  Quhy tary I my deth? and ȝe lyst, stryke;
  Gyf that ȝe favour all the Grekis elyke,                            30
  This is enewch at ȝe haue hard of me:
  Now haist my pane, sen algatis I mon de.
  Vlixes, quhilk is kyng of Ithacy,
  Wald it war swa, and with gret price wald by
  My deth Agamemnon als, and Menalay.                                  5
  Than hastit we, and brynt to heir hym say,
  Desyrus all the maner forto heir,
  Mysknawyng the gret iniquiteis seir
  And sle craftis of Grekis in euery deid.
  He quakand than, as it had bene for dreid,                          10
  Begouth forto tell furth the remanent,
  Sayand on this wys, with ful dissemlyt entent:
  The Grekis oft in purpos war and will
  To fle from Troy and leif it standand still,
  And, wery of thar lang weir, pas away;                              15
  Wald God swa thai had done syne mony a day!
  The seys rage and storm thame stoppit oft,
  And from thar passage the north wynd onsoft
  Held thame abak, in angwys and in feir;
  And principaly now, sen this hors was heir                          20
  Of hattyr gestis beldit vp, but dowt,
  The stormy clowdis our al the ayr gan rowt.
  We, dowtyng heiron, send the preste Erypilus
  Answer to seik at the tempill of Phebus,
  And from the secret oratory, suyth to sayn,                         25
  Thir soroful tythyngis he ws brocht agane:
  With blude and by the slauchtir of a maid,
  Grekis, ȝe mesyt the wyndis first, he said,
  Quhen that ȝe come of Troy to the cuntre;
  Ȝour haym passage by blude mon fundyn be,                           30
  And haue ȝour askyn by deth of a Gregyoun.
  Quhen to the commonys eris ran the sown
  Of thir wordis, with myndis affrayit, atanys
  The cauld dreid ran in throu thar banys,
  For feir quhamto was schape this destanye,                           5
  Or quho it was Apollo desyrit to die.
  Vlixes than, amang thame, with gret dyn,
  Calcas the gret dyvynour has brocht in,
  And bissely at hym inquiris he,
  By respons of the goddis, quha suld de.                             10
  Than mony ane demyt to me, ful rycht,
  The cruel wraik of that dissaitful slycht,
  And quyetly persavit how it wald wend.
  This Calcas held his tong ten days to end,
  Kepand secret and cloys al his entent,                              15
  Refusyng with his word ony to schent,
  Or to pronunce the deth of ony wyght:
  Skars at the last, throu gret clamour and slyght
  Of Vlixes constrenyt, but mair abaid,
  As was devisit, the laith word furth braid,                         20
  And me adiudgit to send to the altare.
  Tharto alhail the Grekis assentit are,
  And sufferit glaidly so the mater pas;
  Quhar as tofor eueryane tobasyt was
  For hym selwyn, tho blyth was page and knycht                       25
  The chance returnyt on a catyfe wyght.
  Cummyn was the duylful day that doith me grys,
  Quhen that of me suld be maid sacryfyce,
  With salt meldir, as weil the gyis is kend,
  Abowt my heide a garland or a bend.                                 30
  I grant that from the deth my self I fred,
  The bandis I brast, and fast away syne fled
  Ontil a muddy marras, quhar, the dyrk nycht,
  Amang the rysp and redis out of sycht
  Full law I lurkit, quhil vp salys drew thai,                         5
  Gif thai perchance be ȝit passit away.
  Now restis thar na hope; allace, fell me!
  My natyve cuntre sal I neuer se,
  Nor deir childryng, nor fader weil belovit,
  Quham, as I traist, the Grekis, all ammovit                         10
  For myne eschaping, turment sal with pane;
  Thai, saykles wyghtis, sal for my gilt be slane.
  Quharfor, Schir king, be the hie goddis abufe,
  And thar mychtis that trewth best knawis and lufe,
  And by the faith onfylit, and leil lawte,                           15
  Gyf it with mortale folkis may fundyn be,
  Haue rewth and piete on sa feil harmys smart,
  And tak compassioune in thi gentill hart;
  Apon my wrechit sawle haue sum mercy
  That gyltles sufferis sik dyseys wrangwisly.                        20


  _Ȝyt of the traytowris fals controvyt slycht,
  That was belevit, allace! with euery wyght._

  Pardon and lyfe to thir terys geif we,
  Quod Priamus, and mercy grantis fre.
  And, first of all, the mannykillis and hard bandis
  Chargit he lows of this ilk manis handis;
  With frendly wordis syne thus onto hym said,
  Quhat evir thou art, beis mery and glaid,
  Forȝet the Grekis that lost ar and away,                             5
  From thens fordwart thou salbe owris, perfay.
  Bot schaw trewly this a thing I inquer,
  Onto quhat fyne this huge hors was heir,
  Of sa gret statur beldit vp on hie:
  Quha wrocht the wark? quhat may it signyfie?                        10
  Quhat is it? ane offerand of sum halynes?
  Or sum engyne of batale? as I ges,
  Said Priamus. Bot than the tother wight,
  Ful weil instrukit of Grekis art and slycht,
  Lowsit and laitly fred of al his bandis,                            15
  Onto the starnys hevit vp his handis:
  O ȝhe, quod he, euerlestand lampis brycht,
  And ȝour dyvyne power and ȝour gret mycht,
  That aucht not beyn forsworn, I testefy;
  And ȝou altaris, and cruel swordis, quham I                         20
  Am eschapit, and al ȝou goddis wys
  Quhais garlandis bair I as ȝour sacryfys,
  Leiffull is now to brek, but mair abaid,
  The sworn promys that I to Grekis maid;
  Leiffull is eik tha pepill fortil hait,                             25
  And schaw furth planely al at euer I wait,
  Thar hyd slycht als to rype furth to the grund:
  To na cuntre nor lawis am I bund.
  Sa mot thou, Troy, quham I sal salue fra skayth,
  Kepe me thy promys and thi lawte baith,                             30
  As I sal schaw the verite ilke deill,
  And for my lyfe sal rendir ȝou a gret weill.
    The Grekis trast and comfort, mony ȝheris,
  From the begynnyng of thir mortale weris,
  On Pallas help stude haill this towne to get:                        5
  Bot efter that Thedeus, wareit get,
  With Vlixes, fyndar of wykkytnes,
  The fatale rellyk of Palladium, I ges,
  Furth of hir tempill, and the hallowit hald,
  To reif away forsabilly war so bald,                                10
  And sla the wachis of the cheif castell,
  The haly ymage, grysly forto tell,
  Pollute and fylit, and with thar bludy handis
  Hir vyrgyne valis and blissit godly garlandis
  Presumyt twich; sen syne has euermair                               15
  Bakwart of Grekis the hope went and weilfair;
  Thar mychtis and thar strenthis feblit fast:
  So frawart thame hir mynd this god hes kast
  That with na dowtsum takynnys, ma than twa,
  Hir greif furth schew this ilke Trytonia.                           20
  Skarsly the statw was in thar tempill vpset,
  Quhen all hir membris bittir terys swet;
  Hir eyn glowit as ony gleid for ire,
  Quharfra thar flaw mony sparkis of fyre;
  A teyrful thing, and wonderfull to tell;                            25
  Thrys schynyng down on the grond scho fell,
  Hyr targe trymlyng, and schakyng fast hir speir.
  Onone, al most ȝe wend to sey infeir,
  Cryis Calcas, nor Grekis instrument
  Of Troy the wallis sal neuer hurt ne rent,                          30
  Les than agane the land of Arge be socht,
  With alkyn portage quhilk was hydder brocht
  In barge or bilgeit ballyngare our see:
  The goddes mon be mesit als, quod he.
  And now, set thai, with this ilke wynd, haue socht                   5
  Thar land of Grece or Myce, this is thar thocht,
  To graith thar armour and wapynnys by and by,
  And, with supple of goddis in cumpany,
  In haist forto return agane our see;
  Or ȝe beyn war, apon ȝou will thai be.                              10
  Thus al per ordour declaris thame Calcas,
  At quhais monicioun als vp biggit was
  This bustuus form, in lyknes of a hors,
  For Palladium, and to appeis the fors
  Of the goddes, and into recompens                                   15
  Of thar wrachit and dolorus offens.
  And mairatour, of sa huge quantite
  Calcas commandis beld this statw of tre,
  Thus large and gret, weil neir the hevyn on hycht,
  So at the portis it ne entyr myght,                                 20
  Nor ȝit be brocht within ȝour wallys wyde,
  Nor ȝour pepill favour, help, nor gyde
  Eftir the auld relligioun and vsage.
  For gif ȝour handis had violet, in ȝour rage,
  This haly presand of the god Mynerve,                               25
  Gret wraik suld follow that al suld ȝe sterve,
  Priamus ryng distroyit, and al ȝour pelf;
  Quhilk destany goddis turn rather in hym self!
  Bot gif this ilk statw, standis heir wrocht,
  War with ȝour handis into the cite brocht,                          30
  Than schew he that the pepil of Asya,
  But ony obstakill, in fell batale suld ga,
  Bet down the townys of Arge that regioun,
  And the sam fait happyn our successioune.
    By sik wylis and slychtis, mony one,                               5
  Of fals controvit and maynsworn Synone,
  The mater is belevit with all it heris;
  And takyn ar, by dissait and fenȝeit teris,
  Tha pepil quham the son of Thedeus,
  Nor fers Achilles, clepit Larysseus,                                10
  Nor Grece ten ȝheris in batale mycht ourcum,
  Nor ȝit the thousand schippis al and sum.


  _Quhou stranglit was the prest hecht Laocon,
  And how the hors clam our the wallis of stone._

  Betyd, the ilke tyde, a fer grettar woundir,
  And mair dreidful to catyvis be sik hunder,
  Quhilk of Troianys trublit mony onwarnyt breste.                    15
  As Laocon, that was Neptunus prest,
  And chosyn by kavill onto that ilk office,
  A fair gret bull offerit in sacrifyce
  Solemnytly befor the haly alteir,
  Throw the styl sey, from Tenedos, infeir,                           20
  Lo! twa gret lowpit edderis, with mony thraw,
  Fast throu the flude towart the land gan draw.
  My spreit abhorris this mater to declare;
  Abufe the watir thar hals stude euermare,
  With bludy crestis owtwith the wallis hie;
  The remanent swam al ways vnder see,
  With grysly bodeis lynkit mony fald;                                 5
  The salt fame stowris from the fard thai hald:
  Onto the grund thai glaid with glowand eyn
  Stuffit full of vennom, fyre, and fellon teyn,
  Wyth tongis quhislyng in thar mowthis red
  Thai lyk the twynkland stangis in thar hed.                         10
  We fled away al bludeles for affeir;
  Bot, wyth a braid, to Laocon infeir
  Thai start atanys; and hys twa sonnys ȝyng
  First athir serpent lappit lyke a ryng,
  And, with thar cruell byt and stangis fell,                         15
  Of tendir membris tuke mony sary morcell;
  Syne thai the prest invadit, baith twane,
  Quhilk with hys wapynnys dyd hys byssy pane
  His childryng forto helpyn and reskew.
  Bot thai about hym lowpit in wympillis threw,                       20
  And twys cyrkyllit his myddil rownd about,
  And twys faldis thar sprutlit skynnys, but dowt,
  About hys hals; bath nek and hede thai schent:
  As he etlys thar hankis to haue rent
  Of with his handis, and thame away haue draw,                       25
  Hys hed bendis and garlandis all war blaw
  Ful of vennom and rank poyson atanys,
  Quhilk infekkis the flesch, blude, and banys.
  And tharwith eik sa horribilly schowtis he,
  His cryis dynnyt to the sternys on hie;                             30
  Lyke as a bull doith rummysing and rayr,
  Quhen he eschapis hurt from the altair,
  And charris by the ax with his nek wight,
  Gif on his forhed the dynt hyttis nocht rycht.
  Syne thir twa serpentis hastely glaid away;                          5
  Onto the cheif tempil fled ar thai,
  Of stern Pallas to the hallowit place,
  And crap in vnder the feit of the goddes,
  Hyd thame behynd the boys of hir bukleir.
  Than trymlit thar mony stowt hart for feir,                         10
  The onkowth dreid into thar brestis crap:
  All said, Laocon justly, sik was his hap,
  Has deir ybocht his wikkit and schrewit deid,
  For he the haly hors or stalwart steid
  With violent strake presumyt forto deir,                            15
  And tharintil to fessyn his cursit speir.
  Onto the hallowit sted bryng in, thai cry,
  The gret fygur, and lat ws sacryfy
  The haly goddes, and magnyfy hyr mycht
  With orysonys and offerandis day and nycht.                         20
  Quhat wil ȝe mair? the barmkyn down we rent,
  And wallis of our cite we maid patent;
  Onto that wark al sped thame bissely;
  Turnand quhelis thai set in, by and by,
  Vndir the feit of this ilke bysnyng jaip;                           25
  Abowt the nek knyt mony bassyn raip:
  This fatale monstre clam our the wallis then,
  Gret wamyt, and stuffit ful of armyt men;
  And tharabout ran childer and madis ȝyng,
  Syngand karrellis and dansand in a ryng;                            30
  Ful weil war thame, and glaid was euery wight,
  That with thar hand anys twich the cordis mycht.
  Furth drawyn haldis this suttell hors of tre,
  And mannysand slydis throu the myd cite.
  O natyve cuntre, and rial realm of Troy!                             5
  O goddis hows Ilion ful of joy!
  O worthy Troiane wallis chevalrus!
  Four tymys stoppyt that monstre peralus,
  Evin at the entre of the portis wyde,
  And four sys the armour, that ilk tyde,                             10
  Clynkit and rang amyd the large belly;
  Bot netheles, intil our blynd fury,
  Forȝetting this, instantly we wirk,
  And forto drug and draw wald neuer irk,
  Quhil that myschancy monstre, quently bet,                          15
  Amyd the hallowit tempill vp was set.
  Cassandra than the fatis to cum tald plane,
  Bot, by command of Phebus, al was in vane;
  For thocht scho spayit the suthe, and maid na bowrd,
  Quhat euer scho said Troianys trowit nocht a word.                  20
  The tempillis of goddis and sanctuaryis all,
  We fey pepill, allace! quhat say I sall?
  Quhamtill this was the duylfull lattir day,
  With festuale flowris and bewys, as in May,
  Dyd weil anorn, and fest and ryot maid                              25
  Throu owt the town, and for myscheif was glaid.


  _Grekis entrys by trayson in the cite,
  And how Hector apperis till Ene_.

  Wyth this, the hevyn sa quhyrlit about his speir
  Out of the sey the dym nycht gan appeir,
  With hir dyrk weid bath erth and firmament
  Involwyng, by hir secret schaddowis quent
  Covering Gregion and Myrmydonys slyght;                              5
  Within the wallis to bed went euere wyght:
  Still warin all, and soft vapour of sleip
  Apon thar wery lymmys fast doith creip.
  Be than the army of mony a Gregioun,
  Stuffit in schippis, come fra Tenedon,                              10
  Stil, vnder frendly sylens of the moyn,
  To the kend costis speding thame ful soyn;
  And quhen the takynnyng, or the bail of fyre,
  Rays from the kyngis schip, vp byrnand schyre,
  Of the goddis be frawart destany                                    15
  Synon preservit couth this syng aspy;
  The fyrryn closeris oppynnys, but noys or dyn,
  And Grekis, hyd the horssis cost within,
  Patent war maid to fight and to the ayr.
  Joyfull and blyth, from that boys statw thar,                       20
  Discending thai downlat by cordis atanys
  Thersander and Sthenelus, twa capitanys,
  The dowr Vlixes als, and Athamas,
  Pelyus nevo Pyrrus, and kyng Thoas,
  The first Machaon, and Menelaus,
  And the engyne forgyar hait Epeus;
  The cite thai invaid, and fast infest,
  With wyne and sleip yberyit and at rest.
  Slane ar the wachis liggyng on the wall;                             5
  Opnyt the portis, leyt in thar feris all,
  Togidder jonyt euery cumpany:
  Throu the cite sone rays the noys and scry.
    Thys was that tyme quhen the fyrst quyete
  Of naturale sleip, to quham na gyft mair swete,                     10
  Stelis on fordoverit mortale creaturis,
  And in thar swewynnys metis quent figuris.
  Lo! in my sleip, I se stand me befor,
  As to my syght, maist lamentabil Hector,
  Wyth large flude of teris, and al besprent,                         15
  As he, vmquhile, eftyr the cart was rent,
  With barknyt blude and powder: O God, quhat skath!
  Boldynnyt ful gret war feit and lymmys baith,
  By bandis of the cordis quhilk thame drewch.
  Ha! walloway! quhat harm and wo eneuch!                             20
  Quhat ane was he! how far changit from joy
  Of that Hector, quhilum returnyt to Troy,
  Cled with the spulȝe of hym Achillys,
  Or quhen the Troiane fyry blesis, I wys,
  On Grekis schippis, thyk fald he slang that day                     25
  Quhen that he slew the Duke Prothesylay!
  Hys fax and berd was fadyt quhar he stude,
  And all hys hayr was glotnyt ful of blude;
  Full mony woundis on his body bayr he,
  Quhilk, in defens of hys natyve cuntre,                             30
  About the wallys of Troy ressavyt he had.
  Me thocht, I first, wepyng and na thing glaid,
  Rycht reuerently begouth to clepe this man,
  And with sik dolorus wordis thus began:
  O thou, of Troy the lemand lamp of lycht!                            5
  O Troiane hope, maist ferm defens in fyght!
  Quhat has the tareit? quhy maid thou this delay,
  Hector, quham we desyrit mony a day?
  From quhat cuntre this wys cummyn art thou?
  That, eftir feil slauchter of thi frendis now,                      10
  And of thi folkis and cite efter huge payn,
  Quhen we beyn irkit, we se the heir agayn!
  Quhat hard myschance fylyt so thi plesand face?
  Or quhy se I tha feil woundis, allace!
  Onto thir wordis he nane answer maid,                               15
  Nor to my voyd demandis na thyng said,
  Bot with ane hevy murmour, as it war draw
  Furth of the boddum of his breste weil law,
  Allace! allace! thou goddes son, quod he,
  Salf thi self from this fyre, and fast thou fle;                    20
  Our ennemys has thir worthy wallys tane;
  Troy from the top down fallys, and all is gane.
  Enewch has lestit of Priamus the ryng,
  The fatis wil na mair it induryng.
  Gif Pargama, the Troiane wallys wyght,                              25
  Mycht langar haue beyn fendit into fyght,
  With this rycht hand thai suld haue be defendit;
  Adew! fair weil! for euer it is endit.
  In thi keping committis Troy, but les,
  Hir kyndly goddis clepit Penates;                                   30
  Tak thir in falloschip of thi fatis all,
  And large wallis for thame seik thou sall,
  Quhilk at the last thi self sall beld vp hie,
  Eftir lang wandryng and errour our the see.
  Thus said Hectour, and schew furth in his handis                     5
  The dreidfull valis, wymplis, and garlandis
  Of Vesta, goddes of the erth and fyre,
  Quhilk in hir tempil eternaly byrnys schyre.


  _Quhou Eneas the trayson did persave,
  And quhat debait he maid the town to save._

  In seyr placis throu the cite, wyth this,
  The murmur rays, ay mair and mair, I wys,                           10
  And clerar wolx the rumour and the dyne:
  So that, suppos Anchysis my faderis In
  With treys abowt stude secrete by the way,
  So bustuus grew the noys and furyus fray,
  And ratlyng of thar armour on the streit,                           15
  Affrayit, I glystnyt of sleip, and start on feit;
  Syne to the hows hed ascendis onone,
  With eris prest stude thar als stil as stone.
  A sownd or swowch I hard thar at the last,
  Lyke quhen the fyre, be fellon wyndis blast,                        20
  Is drevyn amyd the flat of cornys rank;
  Or quhen the burn on spait hurlys down the bank,
  Owder throu a watir brek, or spait of flude,
  Ryvand vp rede erd, as it war wod,
  Down dyngand cornys, all the pleuch laubour atanys,
  And dryvis on swyftly stokkis, treis and stanys:
  The sylly hyrd, seand this grysly syght,                             5
  Set on a pynnakill of sum cragis hycht,
  Al abasit, nocht knawand quhat this may meyn,
  Wondris of the sovnd and ferly at he has seyn.
  Rychtso I than, by cleyr takynnys enew,
  Manifestly al the Grekis falshed knew;                              10
  Thair hyd dissait wolx patent than to ws.
  The nobil lugyng of worthy Deyphobus
  Was fal to grond, the fyre vpspred onone;
  The nixt hows byrnys of Vcalegon:
  The large seys and costis Sygean,                                   15
  Throu lycht of flambis and brycht fyris, schane.
  Vpsprang the cry of men and trumpys blist:
  As out of mynd, myne armour on I thryst,
  Thocht be na rayson: persave I mycht, but fail,
  Quhat than the fors of armys couth avail;                           20
  Ȝit, hand for hand, to thryng out throw the pres
  With my feris, and rynnyng or we ces
  To the castel, our hartis brynt for desyre;
  The fury cachit our myndis hait as fyre,
  So that we thocht maist semly in a feld                             25
  To de feghtand, enarmyt vnder scheld.
  Bot lo! Panthus, slippit the Grekis speris,
  Panthus Othriades son, that, mony ȝheris,
  Was of the strenth, and Phebus tempill preste,
  Into his armys, lappit to his breist,                               30
  The haly rellykkis of the sanctuary,
  And eik our venquist goddis, by and by
  With hym beryng, and, in his hand alsso,
  Harlyng hym efter his litil nevo,
  Cummys lyke a wodman til our ȝet rynnyng.                            5
  How now, Panthus, quhat tythingis do ȝe bryng?
  In quhat estait is sanctuary and haly geir?
  To quhilk other fortres sall we speir?
  Skars said I this, quhen, gowlyng petuusly,
  With thir wordis he answerd me in hy:                               10
  The lattir day is cummyn of Dardanus end,
  The fatale tyme quham na walyng may mend;
  We war Troianys; vmquhile was Ilion;
  The schynand glory of Phrygianys now is gone:
  Fers Jupiter to Grece all has translait;                            15
  Our al the cite, kyndillit in flambis hait,
  The Grekis now ar lordis but ony fors.
  Within the wallis, ȝone mekil standand hors
  Ȝettis furth armyt men; and now Synon
  Is victour haill, kyndilland eueron                                 20
  The new fyris glaidly, as it war sport.
  At athir ȝet beyn ruschit in sik a sort,
  Sa mony thousandis come neuer from Myce nor Arge;
  Sum cumpanyis, with speris, lance and targe,
  Walkis wachand in rewis and narow stretis;                          25
  Arrayit batalis, with drawyn swerdis at gletis,
  Standis reddy forto styk, gor and sla:
  Skarsly the wachis of the portis twa
  Begouth defens and melle as thai mycht,
  Quhen blyndlyngis in the batail fey tha fyght.                      30
    Throu thir wordis of Panthus, and goddis heste,
  Amyd the flambis and armour in I preste;
  Ruschand thidder quhar sorofull Erynnys,
  The noys and brute me drew, and quhar, I wys,
  The clamour hard I rys vp to the ayr.                                5
  And of our fallowis to me come twa pair:
  Repheus fyrst, be the lycht of the moyn,
  Valiant in armys Ephitus followit soyn;
  Hypanys syne, and eik Dymas in hy,
  Fast to our syde adionyt by and by;                                 10
  Mygdoneus son alsso, Chorebus ȝyng,
  Quhilk in tha days, for fey luf hait byrnyng
  Of Cassandra, to Troy was cummyn that ȝeir,
  To help Priam and Troianys in the weir;
  Onhappy he was, wald not beleif fermly                              15
  Hys sayd spowsis command and prophecy!
  Quhen I thame saw this wys adionyt to me,
  And wilful forto stryke in the melle,
  Thus I begouth thame forthirmar to steir:
  O ȝe maist forsy ȝong men that beyn heir,                           20
  Wyth brestis strang, and sa bald curage hie,
  Invayn ȝe pres to succur this cite
  Quhilk byrnys al in fyre and flambys rede;
  The goddis al ar fled out of this stede,
  Throu quhais mycht stude our empyre mony day:                       25
  Now all thar templis and altaris waist leif thai.
  Bot gif ȝour desyre be sa fermly prest
  To follow me dar tak the vtyrmest,
  Quhat fortune is betyd, al thingis ȝe se;
  Thar is na mair; lat ws togidder de,                                30
  And in amyd our ennemyis army schute.
  To venquist folkis is a comfort and bute
  Nane hope of help to beleif, or reskew.
  Swa, with thir wordis, the ȝong menis curage grew,
  That in the dyrk lyke ravenus wolffis, on rawis,                     5
  Quham the blynd fury of thar empty mawis
  Dryvis furth of thar den to seik thar pray,
  Thar litil quhelpis left with dry throtis quhil day;
  So, throw the wapynnys and our fays went we,
  Apon the ded ondowtit, and wald nocht fle.                          10
  Amyd the cite we held the master streit,
  The dyrk nycht hyd ws with cloys schaddowis meit.


  _The woful end, per ordour, heir, allace!
  Followys of Troy, and gestis of Eneas._

  Quha sal the harmys of that woful nycht
  Expreme? or quha with tong to tell hes mycht
  Sa feil ded corsis as thar lyis slane?                              15
  Or, thocht in cace thai weip quhil teris rayn,
  Equaly may bewail tha sorowis all?
  The ancyant, worthy cite down is fall,
  That mony ȝeris held hie senȝeory:
  Stekit in stretis heir and thar thai ly,                            20
  Feil corsis ded of mony onweldy wyght,
  Dung down in howsis, fey thai fal all nycht.
  In sanctuarys and templis of goddis eik;
  Na quhar mercy nor succur mycht thai seik.
  And not only of Troianys, throu owt the town,
  The blude is sched, thus marthyrit and slane down,
  Bot sum tyme eik to thame, ourcummyn and schent,                     5
  Agane returnys in brestis hardyment,
  So that sum Grekis victoris war smyte ded.
  Cruel womenting occupyit euery steid;
  Our alquhar dreid, our alquhar wo and cayr,
  And of the deth feil gastly schaddowis thair.                       10
    Bot first enconteris ws Androgeus,
  With a gret cumpany of the Gregyus,
  Onwarly wenyng his fallowis we hadbe;
  In haymly wordis to ws thus carpis he:
  Haist ȝou, matis, quhat slewth tareit ȝou thus lait?                15
  Our other feris rubbis, tursyng away, fut hait,
  The spreith of Troy, quhilk now is brynt to gledis,
  And ȝe, fyrst from ȝour schippis now ȝou spedis.
  Thus said he, quhen that, suddanly and onone,
  He felt hym self happynnyt amyd his foyn,                           20
  For we hym gave answer not traist enewch.
  Estonyt with the word, abak he drewch:
  As quha onwar tred on a rowch serpent
  Lyggyng in the bus, and for feir bakwart sprent,
  Seand hir, reddy to stang and to infek,                             25
  Set vp hir vennamus ȝallo boldyn nek;
  On the sammyn wys, Androgeus, of our syght
  Gretly effrayt, fled in al his mycht.
  On thame we schot, and in thar myd rowt duschit,
  Hewit, hakkit, smate down, and al to fruschit                       30
  Tha fey Gregionys, on ilk syde heir and thair,
  With dreid ourset, and wist not quhar thai war.
  The first lawbour thus lukkit weil with ws.
  Joyus in hart of this chance Chorebus,
  O ȝe feris, hald furth this way, quod he,                            5
  Quhar forton first has schawyn ws sik supple;
  Hald thidder quhar our manhed has ws taucht;
  Now lat ws change scheildis, sen we beyn sawcht,
  Grekis ensenȝeis do we cowntyrfeit;
  Quhidder by slycht, or strenth of armys gret,                       10
  A man ourcum his ennemy, quha rakkis?
  Thai sal ws rendir thir harnes of thar bakkis.
  And sayand thus, Androgeus cristit helm
  He hynt in hy, and our his hed gan quhelm;
  His schynand scheild with his bawgy tuk he,                         15
  And hang a Gregioun swerd down by his the.
  Syklyke dyd Rypheus, my self eik, and Dymas,
  And all the other ȝong men at thar was;
  Ful glaidly in that recent spulȝe warm
  Belyfe ilk man dyd thame self enarm.                                20
  Amang the Grekis mydlit than went we,
  Not with our awyn takyn nor deite;
  Mony debatis and onsettis haue we done,
  And, throu the silens of the nycht, ondone
  Feil of the Grekis, and send to hell adown.                         25
  Ane other menȝe fled fast out of town
  To thar schippis, and tha traist costis nyce;
  Sum part alsso, for schaymfull cowartyce,
  Clam vp agane in the gret horssis maw,
  And hyd thame in that belly weilbeknaw.                             30
    Allace! onleifull is ony man to weyn,
  Contrar the plesour of goddis, ocht may sustene.
  Lo! Priamus dochtir, the virgyne Cassandra,
  Was, from the tempill and sete of Mynerva,
  Drawyn forsabilly bairhed, with hayr down schake,                    5
  Reuthfully invane behaldand hevyn, alake!
  With glotnyt eyn; for baith hir tendir handis
  War strenȝeit sayr, ybondyn hard with bandis.
  This dolorus syght Chorebus mycht nocht se,
  Bot ruschit with furyus mynd in the melle,                          10
  Reddy to de, and we all followit fast,
  Amang glavys and armour in we thrast.
  Heir war we fyrst to fruschit and hard byset,
  With dartis and with stanys all to bet
  By owr awyn feris from the templis hycht;                           15
  A miserabil slauchtir thar begouth that nycht.
  The portratour of armys was mysknaw,
  All war bot Grekis tymbrellis at thai saw.
  Als quhat for walyng of irus wordis fell
  Agane reskewit said by the damycell,                                20
  Grekis flokkis togidder heir and thar,
  And ombesettis cruelly and sayr;
  The fellon Aiax, and athir Atrides,
  And al the rowtis clepit Dolopes.
  Lyke as, sum tyme, the fers wyndis ȝe se,                           25
  Ȝepherus, Nothus, and Eurus, all thre
  Contrarius blaw thar bustuus bubbys with byr,
  The woddis rerdis, bath ayk, elm, and fyr
  Ourturnys to grond, and Nereus the fomy
  From the sey grond wod wraith is cachit in hy:                      30
  On siklyke wys the Grekis ws invadit.
  For than thai alls that fled war and evadit,
  Throu the dyrk nycht, quhen sum thar feris slew we.
  And thame had chasit throw owt all the cite,
  Thai war the first come now to do ws deir;                           5
  Our fenȝeit scheildis, wapynys, and other geir
  Ful weil thai knew, and, by our vocis eik,
  Thai notyfy that nane of ws was Greik.
  By multitude and nowmyr apon ws set
  All ȝeid to wraik, thar war we hail doune bet;                      10
  And first of all, down smyte is Chorebus
  By the rycht hand of Greik Peneleus,
  Befor the altare of armipotent Pallas:
  Rypheus down fell, ane the maist just man was,
  Amang Troianys best kepand equite;                                  15
  Bot other ways the goddis thocht suldbe:
  Hypanys eik, and Dymas than alssua
  War by thar fallowis throw gyrd bath twa:
  Nor ȝit the, Panthus, quhen that thou fell down,
  Thy gret pety, and godly religioun,                                 20
  Nor habyt of Apollo hyd from skayth.
    O ȝe cald assys of Troy, and flawmys baith,
  And extreme end of cuntre folkis, heir I
  Drawis ȝow to witnes, and doys testify,
  Quhen that ȝe fell to grund thus and war slane,                     25
  I nowder sparit wapynnys, strenth, nor pane,
  Nor nane onset eschewit of Grekis mycht;
  And gif fatis wald I had fallyn in fyght,
  Thar with my handis wrocht I worth my ded.
  Bot with the pres we war relit of that sted:                        30
  Only with me Hyphitus and Pelyas;
  For age Hyphitus waik and febill was,
  And Pelyas slawly mycht onethis go,
  By Vlixes for he was woundit so.


  _Quhou to the Kyngis palyce sped Ene,
  That syne was take, thar helpit na suple._

  Onone onto the palyce of Priamus                                     5
  The schowtis and the cryis callys ws.
  Thar was ane hydwys batale forto seyn,
  As thar nane other bargane ayr had beyn,
  Lyke as nane slane war throu all the cite,
  Sa wod ondantit melle thar we se:                                   10
  The Grekis ruschand to the thak on hyght,
  So thik thai thrang about the portis all nycht,
  That lyke a wall thai ombeset the ȝettis;
  Vp to the syd wallys mony leddyr sett is,
  Quharon thai preys fast our the rufe to speill,                     15
  Coverit with scheildis agane the dartis feill
  Thar left hand heich abuf thar hed gan hald,
  And oft with rycht handis grypp the battalyng wald.
  Troianys agane, schaping defens to mak,
  Rent turettis doune, and of hows hedis the thak;                    20
  Quhen all wes lost thai se, at lattyr end,
  With sik wapynnys thai schupe thame to defend;
  The gilt sperris, and gestis gold begane
  Down on thame slyng thai, and mony costly stane,
  The prowd and ryall werkis of faderis ald.
  And other sum, law down within that hald,
  With drawyn swerdis stude reddy to kepe the ȝet;                     5
  In a thik rowt tharat was mony set.
  Our spretis war restoryt, and curage grew
  The kyngis palyce to succur, and reskew
  The men tharin with all help and supple,
  To strenthing thame war venquyst neyr, we se.                       10
    A small wykket thar was, or entre dern,
  A litil ȝet clepit a postern,
  On the bak half Priamus palyce almaist,
  Amang byggynnys stude desolate and waist;
  Quharat was wont alane Andromocha                                   15
  To entir oft to Priam and Hecuba,
  And Astyanax, hir ȝong son, with hir bring
  Onto his grandsyre Priamus the kyng.
  Tharat I enterit, and to the wallys hyght
  Vpwent, quhar wrachit Troianys, as thai mycht,                      20
  Threw down dartis, thocht all was bot in waist.
  We start ontil a hie turate in haist,
  The top vpstrekand to the starnys hie,
  Quharon we wont war al Troy forto se,
  The Grekis schippis, and thar tentis eik.                           25
  With instrumentis of irne we pyke, and seik
  Round al about quhar the jonyngis war worn,
  Reddy to fall, and corbalys al to torn;
  We holk and mynd the corneris for the nanys,
  Quhil down belive we tumbil it al atanys;                           30
  A fellon rusch it maid, and sownd with all,
  And large on breid our Grekis rowtis dyd fall;
  Bot sone ane other sort start in thar stedis:
  Nowder stanys, nor quarellis with scharp hedis,
  Nor na kynd of wapynnys war sparit than.                             5
  And first of al, befor the porch inran
  Hard to the entre, in schynyng plait and mail,
  Pyrrus, with wapynnys fersly to assaill:
  Lyke to the edder, with schrewit herbis fed,
  Cummyn furth to lycht, and on the grond lyis spred,                 10
  Quham wynter lang hyd vnder the cald erd;
  Now slippit hir slowch with schynand skyn new brerd,
  Hir slydry body in hankis rownd al run,
  Heich vp hir nek strekand forgane the son,
  With forkit tong intyll hir mouth quytterand.                       15
  To the assalt with Pyrrus come at hand
  Periphas, and Automedon his squyer
  Was wont to govarn Achilles cart in weir,
  And al the sensabill men of Scyrrya
  Bownys our the wallis and howsis hedis alswa,                       20
  And fyre blesis abuf the rufe garris fle.
  Bot first of al, ane stalwart ax hynt he,
  The stern Pyrrus, to hew and brek the ȝet,
  And furth of har the stapillis has he bet,
  And bandis all of bras yforgyt weill:                               25
  Be that in twa the master bar ilk deill
  Is al tofruschit; syne the hard burdis he hakkis,
  And throu the ȝet are large wyndo makkis,
  By the quhilk slop the place within apperis,
  The wyde hallys wolx patent al infeiris                             30
  Of Priamus and ancyant kyngis of Troy;
  Secret throwgangis ar schawyn wont to be quoy;
  Armyt men se thai stand at the first port.
  Bot than throw owt the inner palyce, at schort,
  With duylful scryke and walyng al is confoundit;                     5
  The holl howsis ȝowlit and resowndit
  For womentyng of ladeis and wemen;
  The clamour vpstrak to the starnys then.
  The woful moderis ran frayit on athir syde
  Ful lamentabill throw out the chawmeris wyde,                       10
  Brasand the postis in armys, and durris cald,
  And feil sys with mowthis kys thame wald.
  Instantly Pyrrus assailȝeis with al his mycht,
  By naturale strenth of his fader the wight,
  That nowder closeris, nor barryt ȝettis stowt,                      15
  Nor ȝit the keparis may hald thame langar owt.
  Oft wyth the ram the port is schaik and duschit,
  Down bet ȝet chekis, and bandis al tofruschit;
  The way is maid by fors, and entre brokkyn;
  Grekis insprent, the formaste haue thai stokyn                      20
  And slane with swordis; the large hald heir and thar
  Was fyllit full of Grekis our alquhar.
  Not sa fersly the fomy ryver or flude
  Brekkis our the bankis, on spait quhen it is wode,
  And, with hys brusch and fard of watir brown,                       25
  The dykis and the schoris bettis doun,
  Ourspredand croftis and flattis with his spait,
  Our al the feildis that thai may row a bayt,
  Quhil howsys and the flokkis flyttis away,
  The corn grangis, and standand stakkis of hay.                      30
  I saw my self thair Neoptolemus
  Mak fellon slauchtir, wod and furyus,
  And athir brodir of Atrides alswa:
  Eldmodir to ane hundreth thar saw I Hecuba,
  And Priamus, at the altar quhar he stude,                            5
  All our bysprent and sperklyt ful of blude
  Of sacryfice, quhamto he bet the fyre.
  Fyfty chawmeris held that rial syre,
  Quhar warryn his gude dochteris, ladeis ȝyng,
  Syk fayr beleif is lost of his ofspryng!                            10
  The prowd gestis and durris gilt with gold
  Of barbary wark, and hungyn mony fold
  With riches and spulȝe of seyr nationys,
  Sa far as from the fyre onbet adoune is,
  The Grekis occupyis haly; al is tharis;                             15
  Quhat so thame lyst tospil is nane that sparis.


  _Into this nixt cheptour ȝe may attend
  Of Priam Kyng of Troy the fatale end._

  Peraventur, of Priamus wald ȝe speir
  Quhou tyd the chance, hys fait gif ȝe lyst heir
  Quhen he the cite saw takyn and downbet,
  And of his palyce brokyn euery ȝet,                                 20
  Amyd the secret closettis eik hys fays,
  The auld grayth, al for nocht, to hym tays
  Hys hawbryk quhilk was lang furth of vsage,
  Set on his schulderis trymlyng than for age;
  A sword, but help, about hym beltis he,
  And ran towart hys fays, reddy to de.
  Amyd the clos, vnder the hevyn al bayr,                              5
  Stude thar that tyme a mekil fair altare,
  Neyr quham thar grew a rycht ald lawrer tre,
  Bowand towart the altare a litill wie,
  That with his schaddow the goddis did ourheld.
  Hecuba thydder, with hir childer, for beild                         10
  Ran al invane, and about the altare swarmys,
  Brasand the godlyke ymage in thar armys,
  As for the storm dowis flokkis togidder ilkane:
  Bot quhen scho saw how Priamus has tane
  His armour, so as thocht he hald beyn ȝyng;                         15
  Quhat fulych thocht, my wrachit spows and kyng,
  Movis the now syk wapynnys forto weld?
  Quhidder hastis thou? quod sche; of na sik beld
  Haue we now mystir, nor syk deffendouris as the,
  The tyme is nocht ganand tharto we se.                              20
  In cace Hector war present heir, my son,
  He mycht nocht succour Troy, for it is won:
  Quharfor, I pray the, syt doune and cum hydder,
  And lat this altare salue ws al togidder,
  Or than atanys al heir lat ws de.                                   25
  Thus said scho, and, with sik sembland as mycht be,
  Hym towart hir has brocht, but ony threte,
  And set the auld doune on the haly sete.
    Bot lo! Polytes, ane of Priamus sonnys,
  Quhilk from the slauchter of Pyrrus away run is,                    30
  Throw wapynnys fleyng and his ennemys all,
  By lang throwgangis and mony voyd hall;
  Woundit he was, and come to seik reskew;
  Ardently Pyrrus gan him fast persew,
  With grondyn lance at hand so neir furthstrekit,                     5
  Almaist the hed hym twichit and arekit.
  Quhil at the last, quhen he is cummyn, I weyn,
  Befor his faderis and his moderis eyn,
  Smate hym down ded in thar sycht, quhar he stude,
  The gaist he ȝald with habundans of blude.                          10
  Priamus than, thocht he was halfdeill ded,
  Mycht nocht conteyn his ire nor wordis of fed,
  Bot cryis furth: For that cruell offens,
  And owtragyus fuyl hardy violens,
  Gif thar be piete in the hevin abone                                15
  Quhilk takis heid to this at thou has done,
  The goddis mot condyngly the forȝeld,
  Eftir thi desert rendring sik gaynȝeld,
  Causit me behald myne awyn child slane, allace!
  And with hys blude fylit the faderis face.                          20
  Bot he, quhamby thou fenys thi self byget,
  Achil, was not to Priam sa hard set;
  For he, of rycht and faith eschamyt eik,
  Quhen that I come hym lawly to beseik,
  The ded body of Hector rendrit me,                                  25
  And me convoyit hame to my cite.
  Thus sayand, the ald waykly, but fors or dynt,
  A dart dyd cast, quhilk, with a pyk, gan stynt
  On his harnes, and in the scheild dyd hyng,
  But ony harm or other dammagyng.                                    30
  Quod Pyrrus, sen always thou saist swa,
  To Pellyus son, my fader, thou most ga:
  Beir hym this message, ramembir weil thou tell
  Him al my warkis and dedis sa cruell;
  Schaw Neoptolemus is degenerit cleyn.                                5
  Now salt thou de: and with that word, in teyn,
  The ald trymlyng toward the altare he drew,
  That in the hait blude of his son, sched new,
  Fundrit; and Pyrrus grippis hym by the hayr
  With his left hand, and with the tother al bayr                     10
  Drew furth his schynand swerd, quhilk in his syde
  Festynnyt, and onto the hyltis dyd he hyde.
    Of Priamus thus was the finale fait;
  Fortone heir endit his gloryus estait,
  Seand Ilion al byrn in fyris brown,                                 15
  And Troys wallis fall and tumlyt down;
  That ryal Prince, vmquhile, our Asya,
  Apon sa feil pepil and realmys alswa
  Ryngnyt in welth, now by the cost lyis ded,
  Bot as a stok, and of hakkit his hed;                               20
  A corps, but lyfe, renown, or other fame,
  Onknawyn of ony wight quhat was his name.


  _Quhou Venus gan to Eneas appeir,
  And of his fader and other materis seyr._

  Fyrst than the grysly dreid about me start;
  Astonyst I wolx, for sone prent in myne hart
  The ymage of my deir fader, quhen I
  The kyng his evyneild beheld sa cruelly
  By deidly wound ȝaldand vp the spreit.
  On dessolat Crevse, my spows sa sweit,
  I thocht alsso, and dangeris of my place;                            5
  Of litill Ascaneus sayr I dred the cace.
  About I blent to behald, heir and thar,
  Quha of our feris remanyt with me thar.
  Al war thai fled full wery, left me alane;
  Sum to the erd loppin from hie towris of stane;                     10
  Sum in the fyre thar irkit bodeis leit fall;
  Thar was na ma bot I left of thame all:
  Quhen in the tempil of Vesta the goddas,
  Lurkand ful law, intil a secrete place,
  Tyndarus douchter, queyn Helene I espy;                             15
  The fyrys schane sa brycht, as I went by,
  All thing was patent quhar so euer I went.
  Scho, dreding les the Troianys wald hir schent,
  And kast sum way for hir distructioun,
  Becaus all Troy, for hir, was thus bet doun,                        20
  Sayr punytioun of Grekis dred scho, als
  Hir husbandis wroth, quham scho left and was fals,
  And eik the common fatale fury of Troy,
  Hir self scho hyd tharfor, and held ful koy,
  Besyde the altare sytting onethis seyn.                             25
  My spreit for ire brynt in propir teyn,
  And, al in greif, thocht cruel vengeans take,
  Of my cuntre for this myschews wrake,
  With byttir panys to wreke our harmys smart;
  Thocht I, sal scho pas to the realm of Spart                        30
  Hailskarth, and se Mycene hir natyve land,
  And with triumphe follow hir fyrst husband?
  Or, lyke a queyn, sal scho wend hame our see?
  Hir frendis agane and childring sal scho se,
  Accumpanyit with mony Troiane maid,                                  5
  And Phrygiane seruandis in bondage with hir had?
  Sen now, by hir, with sword lyis Priam ded,
  And ryal Troy all brynt in flambis red;
  Of Dardane eik the strandis and the flude
  Sa oft has bene waterit or bathit in blude.                         10
  Na, na, nocht swa, I wys, that sal scho nocht:
  And, set it be nocht lovabill nor semly thocht
  To punys a woman, bot schameful hir to sla,
  Na victory, bot lak followyng alswa;
  Ȝit, netheles, I aucht lovit to be                                  15
  Vengeans to tak on hir deservis to de.
  It wil my mynd asswage, forto be wrokyn
  On hir quham by Troy brynt is and down brokyn,
  And, forto eik the myscheif of hir ded
  Til our sorowis, fyllit with assis red.                             20
    Syk thingis I thocht half wod and furyus,
  As owt of wit my mynd was cachit thus;
  Quhen that my blissit moder, of sik bewte,
  Apperit farer than euer I dyd hir se,
  Schynyng ful cleir for al the dyrk nycht,                           25
  Confessyng hir tobe a goddes brycht;
  In sik form of quantite and estait
  As scho is seyn with spretis deificat.
  Me by the rycht hand hynt scho, and held fast,
  And with hir rosy lippis thus said at last;                         30
  Son, quha sa gret and furyus cruelte
  And hie ondantit ire has rasyt in the?
  Quhy gois thou mad? quhidder is went thus onkynd
  Our ramembrance, or we forȝet of mynd?
  Suld thou not first think quhar thou left, but les,                  5
  Thi wery fader, the agit Anchises?
  Wenys thou, or not, Crevsa ȝit levand be,
  And Ascanyus thi ȝong son? quham al thre
  The Grekis armyis walkis rownd about;
  And, bot my myght rasistit thame, sans dout                         10
  Thai had bene brynt or this in flambis red,
  And with thar fays swordis smyt to ded.
  Not the bewte of Helene Laconya,
  Quham thou hatis, nor Parys, quhilk alswa
  Is blamyt oft, this ryches has ȝou reft;                            15
  Bot the wroth of the goddis has down beft
  The city of Troy from top onto the grond.
  Behald! (for I, within a litil stound,
  The clowd of dyrknes from thi sycht so cleir,
  That on ȝour mortell eyn, quhil ȝe beyn heir,                       20
  Lyke to ane watry slowch standis dym about;
  Thi moderis heist on na wys nedis the dowt,
  Na hir command refusyng to obey)
  Quhar thir towris thou seys downfall and swey,
  And stane fra stane down bet, and reyk vp rys,                      25
  With stew, powder, and duste myxt on this wys,
  Neptune the fundamentis of thir wallis hie,
  With his gret mattok havand granys thre,
  Vndermyndis rownd about the towne,
  Furth of the grond holkand the barmkyn doun.                        30
  Maist cruel Juno has, or this, alsswa
  Saysit with the fyrst the port clepit Sceya,
  And from the schippis the ostis in scho callis,
  Standing wod wraith enarmyt on the wallis.
  The hie castellis and strenthis to and fra,                          5
  Behald, now Pallas of Tritonya
  All occupyis, schynyng in weirlyke weid,
  Fell Gorgones hed into hir scheild, tak heid.
  The gret fader Jupiter strenth and mycht
  Distributis happely to the Grekis in fyght,                         10
  And eik the goddis ire prouokis he
  Aganys Troianys power in the melle.
  Fle thou, my son, in haist away thou wend,
  And of this laubour onprofitabil mak ane end;
  I salbe with the soverly and ful koy,                               15
  Quhil to thi faderis ȝet I the convoy.
    Thus sayand, scho hir hyd in the cloys nycht.
  Than terribil figuris apperis to my sycht
  Of gret goddis, semand with Troy agrevit;
  And tho beheld I al the cite myschevit,                             20
  Fayr Ilion all fall in gledis down,
  And, fra the soyll, gret Troy, Neptunus town,
  Ourtumlyt to the grond: so as ȝhe se
  The lauboreris, into the montanys hie,
  With steil axis byssely hak and hew                                 25
  A mekil ayk that mony ȝeir thar grew;
  The tre branglis bostyng to the fall,
  With top trymlyng, and branchis schakand all;
  Quhil finaly it get the lattyr straik,
  Than, with a rair, down duschis the mekil aik,                      30
  And with his fard brekis down bewis about.
    Furth of that sted I went, and throu the rowt
  Of ennemyis and flambis I me sped;
  The fyre and wapynnys gave me place, and fled.
  So happely the goddes gydit me,                                      5
  Quhil that within the portis and entre
  Of my faderis lugyng am I cummyn;
  My fader, than, quham I schupe to haue nummyn,
  And caryit to the nerrest hillys hycht,
  And hym tharto solist with al my mycht;                             10
  Bot he reffusys or euer to leif in joy
  Eftir the rwyne and distructioun of Troy:
  To suffir exile he said that he ne couth.
  O ȝe! quod he, in blude and florist ȝouth,
  That has ȝour strenth ȝit, and ȝour forcy mycht,                    15
  Pas on ȝour way onone, and tak the flycht.
  Gif goddis lykyt lenth my life langar space,
  Thai wald haue salwyt to me this litil place.
  It is eneuch, eneuch, and mair, I weyn,
  A distructioun of Troy that we haue seyn,                           20
  Remanyng alyve eftyr the cite tane.
  So, so, hald on, leif this ded body alane;
  Say the last quething word, adew, to me.
  I sal my deth purches thus, quod he:
  Quhen our ennemys seys me enarmyt stand,                            25
  Sum sal haue reuth, and sla me with his brand,
  To get my spulȝe; quhat of the body na cure;
  The corps is sone warpit in sepulture.
  Hatit of the goddis, to all nedis onhabill,
  Thir mony ȝeris I left inprofitabill,                               30
  Ay sen the fader of goddis and kyng of men
  With thunderis blast me smate, as that ȝe ken,
  And with his fyry levin me omberauch,
  That we intill our langage clepe fyreflauch.
    Rehersyng this, fermly he dyd remane                               5
  At his first purpos fixt, and we agane
  Furthȝetting teris, and our spows Crevsa,
  Ascanyus ȝyng, and al our menȝe alswa
  Besowth my fader to salue his wery banys,
  And not be wilful to perys all atanys,                              10
  And to escheif the chance as it was went:
  Plat he reffusys, anherdyng to his entent,
  The fyrst sentence haldyng euer ane.
  To start to harnes I am compeld agane,
  And, as maste wrachit and miserabil catyve,                         15
  Ded I desyrit, and irkyt of my lyve;
  For by na wysdome, nor chance, persave I mycht
  We couth eschape, nor ȝit by fors in fyght.
  O deir fader, quhat wenys thou for ded,
  A fut, quod I, me to steir of this sted,                            20
  And leif the heir? O God! quha euer couth
  Sik cryme to me be said of faderis mouth!
  Bot gif it lykis to the goddis hie
  Na thing be left of sa fayr a cite,
  Or gyf thou hest in mynd decretit eik,                              25
  And weil lykis thi self and thine to eik
  Onto the rewyne of Troy, and tobe schent,
  Ded at our dur is reddy and patent.
  From mekil blude schedding of Priamus
  Hiddir, belyfe, sal cum cruell Pyrrus,                              30
  Quhilk brytnys the son befor the faderis face,
  And gorris the fader at the altare but grace.
  Is this the way, my haly moder, at thou
  Suld kepe me, fays and fyris passand throu,
  That I behald, within my chawmyr secrete,                            5
  Myne ennemys, and se Ascanyus swete,
  My deir fader, and Crevsa my wyfe,
  Athir in otheris hait blude leys thar lyfe?
  Harnes, seruandis, harnes bryng hydder sone:
  The lattyr end, thus venquyst and ondone,                           10
  Callys ws agane to batale and assay;
  Adone, cum on, this is our lattir day.
  Rendir me to the Grekis, or suffir me
  The bargane agane begun at I may se;
  This day onwrokyn we sal neuer all be slane.                        15
    Abowt me than my swerd I belt agane,
  And schot my left arme in my scheild al meit,
  Bownyng me furth; quhen lo! abowt my feit
  My spows lappit fell down into the ȝet,
  And litill Iulus forgane his fader vpset:                           20
  Gyf thou lyst pas, quod scho, thi self to spill,
  Harl ws with the in all perrell quhar thou will;
  Bot gif thou trastis, as expert in thi dedis,
  Ony help by fors of armys, than the nedis
  First to defend and kepe this hows, quod scho,                      25
  Quharin thi ȝong son and thi fader beyn, lo!
  And I vmquhile that salbe clepit thi spows;
  Quham to sall we be left in this waist hows?


  _Quhou Eneas hys fader bayr away,
  And how he lost Crevsa by the way._

  Wyth skyrlys and with scrykis thus scho beris,
  Fillyng the hows with murnyng and salt teris;
  Quhen suddanly, a wonder thing to tell,
  A feirful takyn betyd of gret mervell.
  For lo! the top of litill Ascanyus hed,                              5
  Amang the duylfull armys wil of red
  Of his parentis, from the sched of his crown,
  Schane al of lycht onto the grond adown.
  The leym of fyre and flambe, but ony skath,
  In his haris, about his halffettis baith,                           10
  Kyndyllis vp brycht, and we than, al in weir,
  Abasit, trymlyng for the dreidfull feir,
  The blesand haris bet furth at brynt sa schyre,
  And schupe with watir to sloyk the haly fyre.
  Bot Anchises, my fader, blyth and glaid                             15
  Lyft eyn and handis to hevyn, and thus gatis said;
  O thou almychty Jupiter, quod he,
  With ony prayeris inclynyt gif thou may be,
  Tak heid to ws, and gif we haue deseruyt,
  For our piete and rewth, tobe conseruyt,                            20
  Haly fader, send ws thi help als ȝoir,
  And conferm al thir takynnys seyn befor.
    Scarsly the auld thir wordis had warpit owt,
  Quhen sone the ayr begouth to rumbill and rowt
  On our left hand, towart the north ful rycht,
  And from the hevin fell, in the dyrk nycht,
  A fayr brycht starn, rynnand with bemys cleir,
  Quhilk on the top of our lugyng, but weir,
  First saw we lycht, syne schynyng went awa                           5
  And hyd it in the forest of Ida,
  Markand the way quhidder at we suld spur;
  Thar followis a streym of fyre, or a lang fur,
  Castand gret lycht about quhar that it schane,
  Quhil al enveron rekit lyke bryntstane.                             10
  With that, my fader venquyst start on fute,
  And to the goddis carpis tobe our bute,
  The haly starn adornyt he rycht thar:
  Now, now, quod he, I tary na langar;
  I follow, and quhidder ȝe gyde me sal I wend.                       15
  O natyve goddis, ȝour awyn kynrent defend,
  Salwe ȝour nevo; ȝouris is this oracle,
  In ȝour protectioun is Troy, for this myracle
  I wil obey, and grantis onto ȝour will:
  My deir son, quhidder euer thou wend will,                          20
  I sal na mair reffus tobe thi feyr.
    Thus sayd he, and be than, thar and heir,
  Throw out the wallis the rerd of fyris grew
  Ay mair and mair, and the heit nerrar drew.
  Have done, quod I, fader, clym vp anone,                            25
  And set the evyn abuf my nek bone;
  Apon my schuldris I sal the beir, but weyr,
  Nor this lawbour sal do to me na deir:
  Quhat euer betyde, a weilfair and a skaith
  Salbe common and equale to ws baith.                                30
  Lytil Iulus salbeir me cumpany;
  My spows on dreich eftyr our trays sal hy.
  And ȝe, my seruandis, tak held quhat I say;
  As ȝe pas furth of the cite this ilk way,
  Thar is a mote, quhar ane ald tempil, but les,                       5
  Now standis desert of the goddes Ceres,
  Besyde quham growis a sypir tre full auld,
  With forfaderis, feil ȝeris, in wirschip hald;
  In that place lat ws meit on athir syde.
  Fader, sen that we may na langar byde,                              10
  Tak vp tha haly rellykis in thi hand,
  And our penates or goddis of this land:
  It war onleifful and wykkitnes to me
  From sa gret slauchter, blude schedding, and melle
  Newly departit, to twich thame, for the blude,                      15
  Quhil I be weschyn into sum rynnand flude.
    And sayng thus, I spred my schulderis brayd,
  Syne our my nek, abuf the wedis, laid
  A ȝallow skyn was of a fers lyoun,
  And tharapon gart set my fader down;                                20
  Lytil Iulus grippis me by the hand,
  With onmeit pays his fader fast followand;
  Neir at our bak Crevse, my spows, ensewys:
  We pas by secret wentis and quyet rewys.
  And me, quham laitly na wapyn, nor dartis kast,                     25
  Nor pres of Grekis rowtis maid agast,
  Ilke swouch of wynd, and euery quhispir now,
  And alkyn sterage affrayt, and causyt grow,
  Baith for my byrdyng and my litil mait.
  Quhen we war cummyn almaist to the ȝet,                             30
  And al danger we thocht eschapit neyr,
  A fellon dyn, belyve, of feit we heir:
  My fader than lukand furth throw the sky,
  Cryis on me fast, fle son, fle son in hy!
  Thai cum at hand; behynd me I gat a sycht                            5
  Of lemand armour and schynand scheildis brycht,
  Thar knaw I nocht quhat fremmyt god onkynd
  So me astonyst, and rest fra me my mynd:
  For throu the secrete stretis fast I ran
  Befor the laif, as weil bekend man;                                 10
  Allace to me, catyve! I wait neuer quhydder
  My spows Crevse remanyt or we come thydder,
  Or by sum fait of goddis was reft away,
  Or gif scho errit, or irkit by the way;
  For nevir syne with eyn saw I hyr eft,                              15
  Nor neuer abak, fra scho was lost or reft,
  Blent I agane, nor perfyte mynd has nummyn,
  Quhil to the mote of Ceres war we cummyn.
  And fynaly, quhen we beyn gadderit thidder,
  Fast by the haly tempil al togidder,                                20
  Scho was away, and betrumpit suythly
  Hyr spows, hir son, and all the cumpany.
  Than wod for wo, so was I quyte myscaryit
  That nowder god nor man I left onwaryit:
  For quhat mair hard myschance, quhen Troy down fell,                25
  Apperit to me as that, or sa cruell?
  Ascanyus tho, and my fader Anchises,
  And eik our Troiane goddis penates,
  Onto my feris betauch I, for to keip,
  And hyd thame darn within a valy deip.                              30
  To town agane I sped with al my mycht,
  Claspit ful meit into fyne armour brycht,
  Wilful al aventuris newlyngis to assay,
  And forto sers Troy, euery streit, and way,
  And eik my hed agane in perrell set.                                 5
  Bot first the wallis, the darn entre, and ȝet,
  Quharat we yschit furth, I seik agane,
  Haldyng bakwart ilk futstep we had gane,
  Lukand and sersand about me as I myght.
  The vgsumnes and silens of the nycht                                10
  In euery place my spreit maid sayr agast.
  Fra thyne ontil our lugyng hame I past,
  To spy perchance gif scho had thidder returnyt;
  It was with Grekis beset, and hail ourturnyt,
  Alhail the hows with thame sa occupyit:                             15
  Belyve the fyre al waistand I espyit
  Bles with the wynd; our the rufe, heir and thar,
  The flambe vpsprang and hait low in the ayr.


  _Quhou Eneas socht hys spows, at the cost,
  And how to hym apperis hir gret gost._

  To Priamus palyce eftyr socht I than,
  And syne onto the tempil fast I ran:                                20
  Quhar, at the porchis or clostir of Juno,
  Than al bot waist, thocht it was gyrth, stude tho
  Phenix and dowr Vlixes, wardanys tway,
  Forto observe and keip the spreth or pray.
  Thydder in a hepe was gadderit precyus geir,
  Riches of Troy, and other jowellis seyr
  Reft from all partis; and of tempillis brynt                         5
  Of massy gold the veschel war furth hynt
  From the goddis, and goldyn tabillis all,
  With precyus vestmentis of spulȝe triumphall:
  The ȝyng childring, frayt matronys eik,
  Stude al on raw, with mony petuus screik                            10
  Abowt the tresour quhymperand wondir sayr.
  And I alsso my self sa bald wolx thair
  That I durst schaw my voce in the dyrk nycht,
  And clepe and cry fast throw the stretis on hycht
  Ful dolorusly, Crevsa! Crevsa!                                      15
  Agane, feil sys, invane I callit swa
  Throu howsys and the cite quhar I ȝoyd,
  But owder rest or resson, as I war woyd;
  Quhil that the figur of Crevsa and gost,
  Of far mair statur than ayr quhen scho was lost,                    20
  Befor me, catyve, hyr sekand, apperit thar.
  Abasyt I wolx, and widdyrsyns start my hayr;
  Speke mycht I not, the voce in my hals swa stak.
  Than scho, belyfe, on this wys to me spak,
  With sik wordis my thochtis to asswage:                             25
  O my sweit spows, into sa furyus rage
  Quhat helpis thus thi selwyn to torment?
  This chance is not, but goddis willis went;
  Nor it is nocht leifful thing, quod sche,
  Fra hyne Crevse thou turs away with the,                            30
  Nor the hie governour of the hevin abufe is
  Wil suffir it so tobe; bot the behuffis
  From hens to wend ful far into exile,
  And our the braid sey sail furth mony a myle,
  Or thou cum to the land Hesperya,                                    5
  Quhar, wyth soft cowrs, Tybris of Lydya
  Rynnys throu the rych feldis of pepil stowt:
  Thar is gret substans ordanyt the, but dowt,
  Thar salt thou have a realm, thar salt thou ryng,
  And wed to spows the douchtir of a kyng.                            10
  Thy wepyng and thi teris do away,
  Quhilk thou makis for thi luffyt Crevsay;
  For I, the neyce of mychty Dardanus,
  And gude douchtyr onto the blyssit Venus,
  Of Myrmydonys the realm sal nevir behald,                           15
  Nor ȝit the land of Dolopeis so bald,
  Nor go to serve na matron Gregion;
  Bot the gret modir of the goddis ilkan
  In thir cuntreis withhaldis me for evyr.
  Adew, fayr weil, for ay we mon dissevir!                            20
  Thou be gude frend, lufe weil, and keip fra skath
  Our a ȝong son is common til ws baith.
  Quhen this was spokkyn, fra me away scho glaid,
  Left me wepyng and feil wordis wald have said;
  For sche sa lychtly vanysyt in the ayr,                             25
  That with myne armys thrys I presyt thar
  About the hals hir fortil haue belappit,
  And thrys, al waist, my handis togidder clappit:
  The figur fled as lycht wynd, or the son beym,
  Or maist lykly a waverand swevyn or dreym.                          30
    Thus finaly, the nycht al passit and gane,
  Onto my falloschip I return agane,
  Quhar that I fand assemlyt, al newly,
  So huge a rowt of our folkis that I
  Wondryt the nowmyr; thai sa mony weir                                5
  Of men and women gadderit al infeir,
  And ȝong pepil to pas in exile abill,
  And of commonys a sort sa miserabill,
  Fra euery part that flokkyng fast about,
  Baith with gude wil and thar moblis, but dout,                      10
  Reddy to wend in quhat cost or cuntre
  That evir me list to cary thame our see.
    Wyth this the day starn, Lucifer the brycht,
  Abuf the top of Ida rays on hycht,
  Gydand the day hard at his bak followyng;                           15
  The Grekis than we se in the mornyng
  Stand forto kepe the entreis of the portis:
  And thus, quhen na hope of reskew, at schort, is,
  My purpos I left, obeyand destanye,
  And careit my fader to Ida hyll on hie.                             20


  Hornyt Lady, pail Cynthia, not brycht,
  Quhilk from thi broder borrowis al thi lycht,
  Rewlare of passage and ways mony one,
  Maistres of stremys, and glaidar of the nycht,
  Schipmen and pilgrymys hallowis thi mycht,                           5
  Lemman to Pan, douchtir of Hyperion,
  That slepand kyssit the hyrd Endymyon;
  Thy strange wentis to write God grant me slycht,
  Twiching the thryd buke of Eneadon.

  The feirful stremys and costis wondyrfull                           10
  Now most I write, althocht my wyt be dull,
  Wild aventuris, monstreis and quent effrays;
  Of onkowth dangeris this nixt buke hail is full:
  Nyce laborynth, quhar Mynotawr the bull
  Was kepte, had nevir sa feil cahuttis and ways;                     15
  I dreid men clepe thame fablis now on days;
  Tharfor wald God I had thar erys to pull
  Mysknawis the creid, and threpis otheris forvayis.

  Incays thai bark, I compt it nevir a myte;
  Quha kan not hald thar peice ar fre to flyte;                       20
  Chide quhil thar hedis ryfe, and hals worth hays:
  Weyn thai to murdrys me with thar dispyte?
  Or is it Virgill quham thame list bakbyte?
  His armour wald thai pers? quhar is the place?
  He dowtis na dynt of polax, sword, nor mace:
  Quhat wenys thou, frend, the craw be worthyn quhite,                 5
  Suppos the holkis be all ourgrowyn thi face?

  Deym as ȝhe lest that kan not demyng weill;
  And, gentill curtas redaris, of gude ȝeill,
  I ȝow beseik to gevin aduertens;
  This text is full of storys euery deill,                            10
  Realmys and landis, quharof I haue na feill
  Bot as I follow Virgill in sentens;
  Few knawis all thir costis sa far hens;
  To pike thame vp perchance ȝour eyn suld reill:
  Thus aucht thar nane blame me for smal offens.                      15

  By strange channellis, fronteris, and forlandis,
  Onkouth costis, and mony wilsum strandis
  Now goith our barge, for nowder howk nor craik
  May heir bruke sail, for schald bankis and sandis.
  From Harpyes fell, and blynd Cyclopes handis,                       20
  Be my laid star, virgyne moder, but maik;
  Thocht storm of temptatioun my schip oft schaik.
  Fra swelth of Sylla, and dyrk Caribdis bandis,
  I meyn from hell, salue al go not to wraik.



  _Quhou Eneas fra Troy has tane hys rays,
  And Polidorus graf has fund in Trace._

  Eftyr that seyn and thocht expedient
  Was by the goddys to dystroy and schent
  Of Asya the empyre, and down to bryng,
  But offens, Priamus pepil and ofspryng,
  And prowd Ilion was brokyn and bet down,                             5
  And from the soyl al Troy, Neptunus town,
  Ybrynt in smoke of flambis and in reik;
  Syndry landis and cuntreis forto seik,
  And wend exile in diuers nationys,
  Of the goddis by reuelacionys,                                      10
  We war admonyst feil syth, as is said.
  Schippis we graith, and navy reddy maid,
  Betwix Anthandros and the mont of Ida,
  Oncertane quhidder the fatis wald we suld ga,
  Or quhar we suld remane ȝit fynaly;                                 15
  Our men togidder gadderit we in hy.
  And skant begunnyn was the fresch veir,
  Quhen that Anchises, myne awyn fader deir,
  Bad ws mak sail and follow destany.
  Than, weping sayr, my native cost left I,
  The havynnys, and the feildis dissolait                              5
  Quhar Troys ryall cite stude of lait:
  Furth sail I banyst throw the deip see,
  With my ȝong son Ascanyus and our menȝe,
  And with our frendly goddis, Penates hait,
  And eik our gret Goddis of mair estait.                             10
    Thar lyis a weirly cuntre weil far thens,
  With large feildis lauborit ful of fens;
  Of Trace the pepill ar thar inhabityng,
  Quhar that vmquhile strang Lycurgus was kyng:
  Ane ancyant and ane tendir herbry place                             15
  To Troianys, quhil we stude in fortonys grace,
  Our pepil togidder confederate and aly.
  By schip thiddir, our sey, careit was I,
  Quhar, at the bayand costis syde of the see,
  Begouth I first set wallis of a cite,                               20
  Althocht my foundment was mysfortunat:
  The towne I nemmyt efter myne estait,
  And fra my name it clepit Eneadas.
  Onto my moder, of Dyona douchter was,
  Sacrifice I maid, and to the goddis all                             25
  Quham for new warkis men happy helparis call;
  And to the kyng of hevinly wightis, that tyde,
  A quhite bull slew I by the costis syde.
    On cace, thar stude a litil mote neir by,
  Quhar hepthorn buskis on the top grew hie,                          30
  And evin saplynnys of myrthus, the tre funerale.
  Thiddir I went, greyn bewis doune to haill,
  Hard by the grond myne altare forto dycht
  With burgyonys and with branchis al at rycht:
  A grysly takyn, feirful to tell, I se.                               5
  As from the soyll vprent was the first tre
  By the rutys, the blak droppis of blude
  Distillit tharfra, that al the erth quhar it stude
  Was spottit of the fylth, and stenyt, allaik!
  The cald dreid maid all my membris quaik,                           10
  And for effeir my blude togidder fresyt.
  Ane other smal twyst of a tre I chesit
  Forto brek down, the causys to assay
  Of this mater, that war onknawyn alway;
  And ȝit the blude followit on the sam maneir                        15
  Furth of the bark of that other, but weir.
  Than in my mynd of mony thingis I musyt,
  And to the goddessis of wildyrnes, as is vsyt,
  Quhilk Hamadriades hait, I wirschip maid;
  Onto Gradyus fader, that ryngnys glaid                              20
  Our all the land of Getya and Tars,
  Quhilk clepit is the god of armys, Mars;
  Besekyng this avisioun worth happy,
  And the oracle prosperite suld signyfy.
  Bot efter that the thryd syoun of treys,                            25
  Apon the sandis syttand on my kneys,
  I schupe to haue vprevyn with mair pres,
  (Quhidder sal I spek now, or hald my pes?)
  Furth of the graif a duylful murnyng law
  I hard, and to myne eris come this saw:                             30
  Ene, quhy rentis thou a wrechit creatur?
  Haue reuth of hym now laid in sepultur,
  And forto fyle thi deuote handis spair:
  Of Troy I born am, to the na strangar:
  This blude droppis nocht from that stok in thi hand.                 5
  Fle sone, allace! furth of this cursyt land:
  Fle from this avarus kyngis cost in hy;
  For lo! thus, Polidorus heir I ly,
  Througyrd with dartis, and thyk steil hedis schote,
  Apon sik wys ourheildit on this mote;                               10
  The scharp lancis growis greyn and spredis owt.
  Than wist I not quhat I suld do for dowt,
  The feir affrayit my mynd estonyst als,
  Vpstart my hayr, the word stak in my hals.
    With a gret sold of gold fey Priamus                              15
  Secretly vmquhile send this Polidorus,
  Quhilk was his son, to Polynestor kyng
  Of Trace, to kepe and haue in nurysyng,
  Quhen first of Troiane defens begouth he dowt,
  And saw the town besegyt all abowt.                                 20
  Bot this ilk kyng of Trace, seand how Troy
  Lossyt his myghtis be forton turnyt from joy,
  The party chesis of Agamenon,
  Anherdand to the victorius syde onone;
  Al faith and frendschip brak he than in hy,                         25
  And Polydorus slane hes cruelly,
  And thus, be fors, the tresour he doith withhold.
  O cursyt hungyr of this wrachit gold!
  Quhat wikkytnes or myscheif may be do
  At thou constrenys not mortale myndis tharto?                       30
    Eftir this effray was fra my banys went,
  Of the goddis thir feirfull wordis quent
  Onto the noblis and grettast of our men,
  And to my fader fyrst, rehers I then,
  And, quhat thar purpos was, eik I inquir.                            5
  Thai war al of a will and a desyr,
  To pas furth of this wareit realm of Trace,
  And for to leif that pollut herbry place,
  And set our navy to the wynd, but weir.
  Tharfor, to Polidorus vp a beyr                                     10
  We erekkit, and of erd a gret fluyr
  Kest in a hepe abuf his sepultur:
  Syne, in ramembrance of the sawlis went,
  The dolorus altaris fast by war vpstent,
  Crownyt with garlandis al of haw sey hewis,                         15
  And with the blaiknyt cypres dedly bewis.
  The Troiane wemen stude with hayr down schaik,
  About the beir weping with mony allake!
  And on we kest of warm mylk mony a skul,
  And of the blude of sacrifyce cowpis full:                          20
  The sawle we bery in sepultur on this wys,
  The lattir hailsyng syne lowd schowtit thrys,
  Rowpand atanys, adew! quhen al is done,
  Ilkane per ordour, the mon we follow sone.


  _Quhou Eneas socht answer at Apollyne,
  And quhou he to the land of Crete is salyt syne._

  Syne, quhen we se our tyme to sail maist habill,
  The blastis mesit, and the fludis stabill,
  The softe piping wynd callyng to see,
  Thar schippis than furth settis our menȝe:
  Ȝe mycht haue sene the costis and the strandis                       5
  Fillit with portage and pepil tharon standis.
  Furth of the havin we salit al onone;
  The sicht of land and cite sone is gone.
    Amyd the sey yclepit Egeos
  Ane haly iland lyis, that hait Delos,                               10
  Beluffit of Neptune, and the moder alswa
  Of the Nereydes, clepit Doryda;
  Quham the cheritabil archer, Appollo,
  Quhen it flet rollyng from costis to and fro,
  Saisit and band betwix other ilis twa,                              15
  Quhilk clepit ar Mycone and Gyara,
  Stablisyng so that it mycht lauborit be,
  And comptis nowthir the wynd nor storm of see.
  Thidder ar we careit, and, in that plesand land,
  A sovir havyn ressavit ws at hand.                                  20
  Al wery beyn we yschit furth of schip
  The cite of Apollo to wirschip:
  The kyng tharof, yclepit Anyvs,
  Prince of the men, and preste eik to Phebus,
  With bendis baith and haly lawrer crown
  Set on his hed, met ws withowt the town;
  His agit frend Anchises knew this kyng.
  Handis we schuke with hartly welcumyng,
  And to his palyce al with hym we went,                               5
  Quhar that I wirschip, as wes myne entent,
  The god Appollo, within his hallowit hald
  Or tempil beldyt al of stanys ald.
    O thou, quod I, Appollo Tymbreus,
  Sum propir dwellyng place thou grant to ws;                         10
  We the beseik that schaw alsso thou wald
  To ws irkit sum strenth and stalwart hald,
  And at thou grant ws eik successioun,
  And for to dwel in a remanand town.
  Salve ws, lattir wardis of Troy, that we ne spill,                  15
  Levyngis of Grekis and of the fers Achill.
  Geif ws thine answer quharon we sal depend;
  Quhidder wilt thou, fader, at we now wend?
  Quhar sall we set our lugyng to remane?
  Condiscend in our myndis, and schaw this plane.                     20
    Scars war thir wordis said, quhen that I se
  Al thingis trymmyl and schaik neir abowt me,
  The durris and the lawrer tre, but dowt,
  And al the montane movit rownd about:
  A murmur or a rumysyng hard we haue                                 25
  Within the courtyng and the secret cave;
  The quyet closettis oppynnyt with a rerd,
  And, we plat law gruflyngis on the erd,
  A voce com til our erys, sayand thus;
  O ȝe dowr pepil discend from Dardanus,                              30
  The ilke grond, fra quham the first stok cam
  Of ȝour lynnage, with blyth bosum the sam
  Sal ȝou ressaue thidder returnyng agane:
  To seik ȝour ald moder mak ȝou bane.
  Thar sal Eneas lynnage haue senȝeory                                 5
  Our al realmys and landis vndir the sky,
  And thar sonnys, and sonnys sonnys syne,
  And al that evir succedis of thar lyne.
    Thus said Phebus; and than, our folkis amang,
  Mixt with blithnes a fellon dyn vpsprang:                           10
  Quhat place was this, euery ane fast gan frane,
  Quhidder callis Phebus? byddis he ws turn agane?
  My fader than, revoluyng in his mynd,
  The discens of forfaderis of our strynd,
  Nobillis, quod he, harkis quhat I sal say,                          15
  And leyr at me ȝour weilfair, I ȝou pray.
  The ile of Crete lyis amyd the see,
  The native land of Jupiter maist hie;
  Thar is the first hyll, yclepit Ida,
  Thar our forbearis first in thar credlys lay;                       20
  The land maist plentevs of wyne, oyl, and quhete,
  Inhabyt with a hundreth citeis gret,
  Quharfra thar com, gif I remembir rycht,
  Our gret forfader Teucrus the wycht,
  First to the cost of Rethea in Phrygy,                              25
  And for his cite chesit the set fast by:
  For ȝit than was not Ilion vpbeld,
  Nor the strang wallis of Troy; bot on the feld
  Thai dwelt in lugys and mony litil cave.
  The adornar eik of our realm we haue                                30
  From that land, the moder of goddis Cybele,
  And blast of brasyn trumpettis, as ȝe se:
  From thens com eik the wod of Idea,
  And the traist serymonys of sacrifice alswa:
  The fasson eik and gys we lernyt thar                                5
  Quhou the lyonys suld draw the ladeis char.
  Haue done onon, tharfor, and lat ws wend
  Thidder quhar the goddis oracle haith ws kend.
  The wynd first lat ws meys, or that we ga,
  Syne seik the realm of Crete and Gnosia:                            10
  It is not thens lang cowrs nor vyage far;
  Our navy sall, with help of Jupiter,
  The thrid morow be at the cost of Crete.
  This beand said, ganand offerandis ful mete
  Befor the altaris he slew in sacrifyce;                             15
  A bul first to Neptune, as is the gys,
  A bull to brycht Appollo for his beheist,
  And to the god of tempestis a blak beist,
  And to the chancy wyndis ane mylk quhite.
    The fame was than, of Crete the cost stude quyte                  20
  Dissolate, but prince; for Idomeneus the kyng
  Was by the pepil expellit from his ryng,
  The lugyngis voyd and reddy to thar fays,
  The sete left waist til ony it vptais.
  The porte tharwith, Ortygia, leif we,                               25
  And with swift cowrs flaw throu the salt see;
  By the iland swepit we onon
  With hillis ful of wynys, hait Naxon,
  By Donysa quhar growis the marbill greyn,
  And by Paron with his quhite marbill scheyn,                        30
  By Olearon, and mony ilis, but les,
  Skatterit in the sey, yclepit Cyclades;
  We slyde throu fludis endlang feil costis fayr.
  The noys vpsprang of mony marynar
  Byssy at thar wark, to takilling euery tow,                          5
  Thar feris exorting, with mony heys and how,
  To speid thame fast towart the realm of Crete,
  With thar forfaderis and progenitouris to mete.
  The followand wynd blew strek in our tail,
  Quhill finaly arrive we, with bent saill,                           10
  Apon the ancyant cost of Curetanys,
  A kynd of pepill quhilk into Crete remanys.
  And sone I me enfors with diligence
  To byg a wallit cite of defens;
  Pargamea I namyt it, but baid:                                      15
  Our folkis than, that warryn blyth and glaid
  Of this kowth surname of our new cite,
  Exort I to graith howsis, and leif in le,
  And rays on hycht the strenth and fortales.
  Our schippis, or this, ful weil we gart adres,                      20
  And lay almaist apon the dry sand:
  The ȝong men fortil laubour thar new land,
  And in honour of wedlok, as is the gys,
  Makkis thar offerand and thar sacryfys,
  And I thar statutis and seyr lawis thame tawcht,                    25
  Assyngnand ilkane propir howsis and aucht.
  Quhen suddanly a cruel pest and traik,
  So that cornys and frutis goith to wraik,
  Throu the corruppit ayr and cowrs of hevyn,
  A dedly ȝeir, far wers than I kan nevin,                            30
  Fell on our membris with sik infectioun,
  Was na remeid, cure, nor correctioun;
  The sweit sawlis lefis the bodeis ded,
  Or seik thai ly gaspand in euery sted.
  And forthir eik, Syryvs, the frawart star,                           5
  Quhilk clepit is the syng canicular,
  So brynt the feildis al was barrand maid;
  Herbis wolx dry, wallowyng, and gan to faid;
  The seik grond denyis hys fruyt and fudis.
  My fader exortis ws turn agane our fludis                           10
  To Delos, and Apolloys answer speir,
  Besekyng hym of succurs ws to leir,
  Quhat end ontil our irksum panys he sendis,
  And be quhat way we mycht assay amendis
  Of this turbacioun, or quhidder and quhar that he                   15
  Wil at we seik or set our cowrs our see.


  _Quhou Troiane goddys apperis tyll Enee,
  And how that he was stormstad on the see._

  Cummyn is the nycht, that euery beist on grond
  Desiris rest by kynd, and slepis sovnd;
  Quhen that the figuris of our goddis blist,
  And the Phrigiane Penates, or I wist,                               20
  Quhilkis from amyd the fyris of Troy I brocht
  Thidder with me, quhar I lay and slepit nocht,
  Gan to appeir standyng befor myne eyn:
  With ful gret lycht graithly I haue thame seyn,
  Quhar as the ful moyn schawing bemys brycht
  Inthrou the tyrlyst wyndo schane by nycht.
  Than said thai thus, with wordis to asswage                          5
  My thochtis and my hevy sad curage;
  That thing, quod thai, quhilk Apollo wald sa
  And thou war brocht onto Ortygia,
  Heir he the schawis, and eik, as thou may se,
  Onrequirit hes send ws hidder to the.                               10
  Quhen Troy was brynt, we followit thi prowes,
  Vnder thi gward to schip we ws addres,
  Ourspannand mony swelland seys salt;
  And to the starnys eik we sal exalt
  The childryn for tocum of thine ofspryng;                           15
  Thi cite sal we geif empyre to ryng
  Our al the erth: tharfor to goddis grete
  Begyn to graith gret wallis and ryal sete;
  Leif not thi langsum lavbour, bot fle away;
  This duelling place thou mon change, we the say:                    20
  Delyvs Apollo, certis, as thou thocht,
  Tocum onto this cost perswadit nocht,
  Nor chargit neuer in Crete thou suld remane.
  A land thar is, in Grekis langage plane
  Hesperya clepit, a bald cuntre in weir,                             25
  A fructuus grond of corn and riches seir,
  By kyng Onotryvs inhabit first with wyne,
  Bot in our days laitly, the fame is syne,
  Eftir thar duke it is namyt Italy:
  Thar beyn our propir setis and our herbry;                          30
  Tharof com Dardane and his brothir Jasyvs,
  And from that ilk prince, Schir Dardanus,
  Is the discens of our genealogy.
  Get vp onone, tel thi ald fader blythly
  Thir tythyngis, quhilk beyn trew and certan thing.                   5
  Seik to Coryce, and Italy the ryng;
  For the feldis in Crete neyr Dycteus
  Jupiter denyis to granting onto ws.
    Of this visioun estonyst quhar I lay,
  And of tha wordis quhilkis the goddis gan say,                      10
  (For this wes nowthir dreym nor fantasy;
  Thar propir vissage befor me stand knew I,
  With garlandis and thar cirkillettis on thar hair;
  Thar figur saw I present to me thair;
  The cald sweit our al my body ran;)                                 15
  Furth of my bed on fute son sprent I than,
  And, strekand vp my handis towart hevyn,
  Myne oryson I maid with devote stevyn;
  A cleyn sacrifyce and offerand maid I syne,
  Into the fyris ȝettand sens and wyne.                               20
  The serymoneis endit, blyth and glaid
  To my fader per ordour al I said
  As ȝe haue hard, quhat nedis tell agane?
  And of this mater maid hym ful certane.
  Onone he knew our elderis dowtis ilk deill,                         25
  And of our clan the dowbill stok full weill:
  He grantis the unkouth errour hym dissavit
  Of ancyant placis, quhilk he not persavit.
  Syne said he, son, thou irkit art al gatis
  By the contrarius frawart Troiane fatis;                            30
  Now I remembir only quhou Cassandra
  Ful oft maid mensioun of Hesperya,
  And oft als of the realm hait Italy,
  Thir materis me declaring by and by.
  That land now knaw I destinate to our kyn:                           5
  Bot quha wald haue belevit at euer within
  The realm of Itail Teucrus blude suld cum?
  Or quha wald than, mair than scho had bene dum,
  Set by the prophetes wordis Cassandra?
  Lat ws obey Phebus, and wend awa,                                   10
  As we bene monyst, follow our chance, but pleys.
  Thus said he, and we glaid al hym obeys:
  A few folkis thar left to kepe the town,
  This sted alsso leif we, and sail maid bown;
  In bowit bargis throu the large streym we slyde.                    15
    Quhen sycht of land was tynt on euery syde,
  Sa that na cost apperis quhilk we mycht se,
  Bot the schippis haldand the deip see,
  The hevin abufe, and fludis al abowt;
  A watry clowd, blak and dyrk, but dowt,                             20
  Gan tho appeir abone our hed ful rycht,
  And down a tempest sent als myrk as nycht.
  The streym apperis vgsum of the dym sky;
  The wyndis weltris the sey continualy,
  That huge wallis boldynnys apon loft;                               25
  Skatterit widequhar our the fame ful oft
  War our schippis, and the brythnes of day,
  Inuolvit al with clowdis, hyd away.
  The rayn and royk reft from ws sycht of hevin;
  The brokkyn skyis rappis furth thunderis levin;                     30
  Forswiftit from our richt cowrs, gan we ar
  Amang the blynd wallis waverand far.
  For Palynurus him self maist expart,
  For al his cunnyng of schipman craft and cart,
  Amyd the sey forȝet the richt way,                                   5
  Denyand als that the nycht from the day
  He mycht discern be sycht of firmament.
  Apon sik wys oncertanly we went
  Thre days wilsum throu the mysty streym,
  And als mony nychtis but starnys leym,                              10
  That quhidder was day or nycht oneith wist we;
  Bot at the last, on the ferd day we se
  On far the land appeir, and hillis rys,
  The smoky vapour vpcasting on thar gys.
  Down fallis salis, the aris sone we span;                           15
  But mair abaid, the marineris euery man
  Egirly rollis our the fomy flude,
  And the haw sey weltis vp as thai war woid.
  Salve from the wallis at the costis of Strophe
  With al our navy first arryvit we.                                  20


  _Quhou till Ene the harpyes dyd gret wo,
  And of the drery prophete Celeno._

  Strophades in Grew leid ar nemmyt so,
  In the gret sey standing ilis two;
  The quhilk sey clepit is Ionium;
  And, in thir ilandis quhidder we ar becum,
  Dwelt and inhabit the cruel Celeno,
  With all the otheris harpeys mony mo,
  Evir sen thai war expeld from the land                               5
  Of Arcad, quhar kyng Phyneus was dwelland,
  And for dreid at his tabil durst not remane.
  Mair wikkit monstreis than thai kan be nane,
  Nor nane mair cruel pestilens is fund,
  Nor fury of goddis that cummys from hellis grund,                   10
  Furth of the flude of Stix that sory place.
  Thir fowlis hes a vyrgynys wlt and face,
  With handis like to bowland byrdis clewis;
  Bot the vile belleis of thai cursit schrewis
  Aboundis of fen maist abhomynabill,                                 15
  And pail al tyme thar mowthis miserabill
  For wod hungyr and gredy appetite.
    At this ilke cost as we arryvit, als tyte,
  And in the port entrit, lo! we se
  Flokkis and herdis of oxin and of fe,                               20
  Fat and tydy, rakand our alquhar,
  And trippis eik of gait, but ony kepar,
  In the rank gyrs pasturyng on raw;
  With wapynnys thame we brittyn, but dreid or aw:
  To goddis syne and Jupiter we pray,                                 25
  And thame distribut a party of our pray.
  Syne eftir, endlang the sey costis bay,
  Vp sonkis set, and desys dyd array;
  To meit we sat with habundans of cheir:
  Quhen suddanly, with horribill dyn and beir,                        30
  From the montanys the harpeis on vs fell,
  With huge fard of weyngis and mony a ȝell.
  Our mesis and our mete thai reft away,
  And with thar laithly twich al thing fyle thai;
  Thar voce alsso was vgsum fortil heir,                               5
  With sa corruppit flewyr nane mycht byde neir.
  From that place syne ontil a caif we went,
  Vndir a hyngand hewch, in a dern went,
  With treys clos bilappit rownd about,
  And thik harsk granyt pikis standing owt:                           10
  Thar, vp agane, our tabillis haue we dicht,
  And on the altaris bet the fyris bricht.
  Bot, of the hevin agane from syndry artis,
  Out of quyet hyrnys, the rowt vpstartis
  Of thai birdis, with byr and mony a bray,                           15
  And in thar crukyt clawis grippis the pray:
  Evir as thai fle about fra sete to sete,
  With thar vyle mowthis infek thai al our mete.
  Quhen I saw this, our feris command I than
  Tak thar wapynnys, and bargane euery man                            20
  Agane tha cruell pepill, or byrdis fell.
  As I thame chargit, schortly for to tell,
  Sone haue thai done; and, vnder the gers, al bair
  Ful prevaly thar swerdis in thai stair,
  And darnly eik thar targis al ourheildis;                           25
  So that, quhen the sey costis and the feildis
  Resoundis at down come of thir harpeys,
  Mysenus, the wait, on the hie garet seys,
  And, with his trumpet, thame a takyn maid.
  Our falloschip thir fowlys gan invayd,                              30
  And onkouth kynd of batail dyd assay,
  With wapynnys forto bet and dryve away
  Thir laithly sey byrdis of syk effeir.
  Bot thar was na dynt mycht thar fedderis scheir,
  Nor in thar bodeis wound ressave thai nane:                          5
  Bot suddanly, away tha wysk ilkane
  Furth of our sycht, heich vp in the sky;
  The pray half etyn behynd thame lat thai ly,
  With fut stedis vyle and laith to se.
    Ane, on a rolkis pynnakill perkit hie,                            10
  Celeno clepit, a drery prophetes,
  Furth of hir breist thir wordis warpis expres:
  Theyfage lynnage of fals Laomedon,
  Addres ȝe thus to mak bargane onon?
  Becaus ȝe have our oxin reft and slane,                             15
  Brytnyt our styrkis and ȝong bestis mony ane,
  Schaip ȝe, tharfor, harpeys expell and dyng,
  But ony offens, furth of thar faderis ryng?
  Ressave for that, and in ȝour brestis enprent
  My wordis, quhilk I, gretast fury of torment,                       20
  Schawis ȝou; that thing quhilk Jupiter maist hie
  Schew to Phebus, and brycht Phebus tald me.
  I knaw ȝe set ȝour cowrs to Italy:
  Ȝe cal eftir gude wyndis and prospir sky:
  To Itale sal ȝe wend, and thar tak land.                            25
  Bot first, or wallis of the cite vpstand
  Quhilk by the goddis is ȝou predestinate,
  For strang hungir sal ȝe stand in sik state,
  In wraik of our iniuris and bestis slane,
  That with ȝour chaftis to gnaw ȝe salbe fane,                       30
  And runge ȝour tabillis al and burdis, quod sche;
  And sone away in the thik wod gan fle.
    The suddane dreid so stonyst our feris than,
  Thar blude congelit and al togiddir ran;
  Dolf wolx thar spretis, thar hie curage downfell,                    5
  No mair thame lykis assayng sik batell;
  Bot, with offerandis and eik devot prayer,
  Thai wald we suld perdoun and pace requer,
  In cace gif thai war goddessis or fowlis,
  Vengeabill wightis, or ȝit laithly owlis.                           10
  Bot our fader, hevand vp his handis,
  The gret goddis dyd call, and on the sandis
  Hallowis thar mycht with detful reverens:
  O hie goddis, forbyd syk violens,
  Stanch this bost and ondo this myscheif,                            15
  Salve petuus folkis, ameys ȝour wrath and greif,
  Quod he; and tharwith chargit ankyrris haill,
  Do lows the rabandis, and lat down the saill.
  The sowth wyndis stentis furth strait our schete:
  Swiftly we slyde our bullyrand wallys grete,                        20
  And followit furth the sammyn went we have,
  Quhar so the wynd and sterysman ws drave;
  Quhil that, amyd the fludis, gan we se
  The woddy ile Zacynth, with mony tre;
  Dulichium syne, and Same we aspy,                                   25
  And Neritos with his rochis hie;
  By craggis and hewys of Itachia,
  That was Laertes realm, we slyde alswa,
  And fast we wary and cursyt oft, but les,
  That land quhilk bred the cruel Vlixes.                             30
  Belyve the mysty toppys of mont Lewcas
  Apperis, quharon Appollois tempil was,
  That feirful is til euery maryner.
  Al wery of our vayage thidder we steir,
  And come onon afor the litil town,                                   5
  And of our forschip ankyrris leit we down:
  Endlang the costis syde our navy raid.
    And thus at last brocht to land blyth and glaid,
  Quhar as to have arryvit we not belevit,
  We clenge ws first, les Jupiter war aggrevit;                       10
  Syne on the altaris kendillit sacrifyce,
  And, langgis the channel, eftir the Troiane gys,
  The active gemmys and sportis gart assay.
  Our falloschip excers palestral play,
  As thai war wont at hame, with oyll envnte,                         15
  Nakyt wreslyng and struglyng at nyce punte.
  Joyvs thai war to haue eschapit at hand
  Sa mony citeis of the Grekis land,
  And to haue fled til salfte on this wys
  Throu the myd rowtis of thar ennemys.                               20


  _Eneas arryvis at Epyria,
  And how he spak thar with Andromacha._

  Be this the son had circulit his lang ȝer,
  And frosty wyntir scharpit the watir cleir
  With cald blastis of the northin art.
  Quhen sesson come that tyme was to depart,
  Apon a post in the tempyl I hang
  A bowand scheild of plait, quhilk Abas strang
  Bair vmquhile, and, the maner to rehers,                             5
  I notyfy and tytillis with this vers,
  _Eneas hec de Danais victoribus arma;_
  That is to say, Eneas festnyt thus
  This armour of the Grekis victorius.
  Syne, to depart of that havyn, I command                            10
  Syt down on hechis, and span aris in hand.
  Byssely our folkis gan to pyngil and stryve,
  Swepand the flude with lang rowthys belyve,
  And vp thai welt the stowr of fomy see;
  Quhil sone the citeis of Corsyra tyne we,                           15
  And vp we pyke the cost of Epyrus,
  And landit thar at port Chaonyus:
  Syne to the hie town of Butrot ascendit;
  Quhar tythingis, oncredibill to thame not kend it,
  Come to our erys, schawyng that Helenus,                            20
  The lauchful son of the kyng Priamus,
  Rang kyng our mony citeis in Greik land,
  Berand tharof the ceptre and the wand,
  By resson of his spows adionyt, but les,
  Be Pyrrus vmquhil son of Achilles;                                  25
  And that Andromacha wes wed agane
  Onto ane other husband and man Troiane.
  Heirof awondrit, with breist hait as fyre,
  Be fervent luf kendillit in gret desyre
  Our cuntre man to vissy and with hym talk,                          30
  To knaw thir strange casys, on I stalk
  From the port, my navy left in the raid.
    That ilke sesson, percace, as I furth glaid,
  Befor the cite, in a schaw, I wys,
  Besyde the fenȝeit flude of Symois,
  Andromache maid anniuersar sacrifyce                                 5
  And funerale servyce, on ful dolorus wys,
  To Hectoris puldir or hys assis brynt:
  Oft wald scho clepe and call, and oneth stynt,
  Apon the sawlis that onbodeit war,
  Besyde Hectoris voyd tumbe stannand thar,                           10
  Quhilk scho vpbeildit had of herbis greyn,
  With twa altaris; and oft with wepyng eyn
  Bewalis scho that hard dissyverance.
  And alssone as scho me aspyis perchance,
  And Troiane armour and ensenȝeis with me saw,                       15
  Affrayit of the ferly, scho stude syk aw,
  And at the fyrst blenk become so mait,
  Naturale heyt left hir membris in sik stait
  Quhil to the grond half mangit fel scho down,
  And lay a lang tyme in a dedly swown                                20
  Or ony speche or word scho mycht furth bring:
  Ȝit thus, at last, sayd eftir hir dwawmyng;
  Is that thine awyn face, and suythfast thyng?
  Schawis thou to me a verray sovir warnyng?
  Levis thou ȝit, son of the goddes? quod sche,                       25
  Gif thou be ded, quhar is Hector? tell me.
  And, with that word, scho bryst furth mony a teir,
  And walit so that piete was to heir,
  Quhil al about dynnys of hir womentyng.
  A few wordis skars as I mycht furth bryng,                          30
  For to comfort that maist lamentabill wight,
  With langsum speche said, quhispirand, as I mycht;
  I leif forsuyth, and ledis lyfe, as ȝe se,
  In al hard chance of fortunys extremyte.
  Be nocht agast, ȝe se bot suythfast thyng.                           5
  Allace! quhat aventur, in this onkouth ryng,
  Is the betyd, and hes degradit, quod I,
  Eftir thi husbandis deth, was maist douchty?
  Or quhat fortune mycht sufficient happyn the,
  Spows to maist worthy Hector, Andromache?                           10
  Art thou, or na, to Pirrus ȝit bywed?
    Hyr vissage down scho kest, for schame adred,
  And, with a bas voce, thus said, as scho mycht;
  O thou alane, befor al madynnys bricht,
  Happy was, virgyne douchtir of Priam kyng,                          15
  Quhilk, vnder the wallis hie of Troys ryng,
  Apon thine ennemeis grafe was maid to de;
  Thou suffert no kut nor kavillys cast for the,
  Nor in bondage away was thou nocht led,
  Nor ȝit twichit na victour lordis bed.                              20
  Bot we, quhen that ybrynt war our kynd landis,
  Careit our fremmyt seys and diuers strandis,
  The dortynes of Achillis ofspring,
  In bondage, vndir the prowd Pyrrus ȝyng,
  By fors sustenyt thraldome mony a day,                              25
  Quhil he at last ensewit ane othir may,
  Hermyone, the douchtir of Helena,
  In fey wedlok at Lachidemonya;
  Than send he me, his seruand, hiddir thus,
  Tobe spowsit with his seruand Helenus.                              30
  Bot Orestes, cachit in furyus rage
  For cryme of his moderis slauchtir, and savage,
  In lufe hait byrnyng for his spows byreft,
  Or he was war, set on this Pirrus eft,
  And in Delphos, quhat nedis wordis mair?                             5
  Smate of his hed befor his faderis altair.
  Thus, by deces of Neoptolymus,
  Of the realm a part fell to Helenus;
  The quhilk boundis and feildis braid alsswa
  He has to name clepit Chaonya,                                      10
  Eftir his brodir of Troy Chaonyus,
  And Troiane wallis heir has beild vp thus,
  And on thir motis a strenth hait Ilion.
  Bot quhat wyndis thi cowrs has hydder gone?
  And quhat aventur has the hyddir dryve?                             15
  Or of the goddis quha maid the heir arrive
  At our marchis, mysknawyng our estait?
  Quhou faris the child Ascanyus now of lait,
  Quham to the bayr Crevse, thi spous and joy,
  That tyme enduryng the sege lay about Troy?                         20
  Levis he ȝit in helth and in weilfair?
  Ha! how gret harm and skaith for euermar
  That child has caucht throu lesyng of his moder!
  O lord! quhat ancyant vertuys, ane and othir,
  And knychtly prowes in hym steris frendis befor,                    25
  Baith fader Eneas, and hys vncle Hector!
    Syk wordis scho spak, wepyng with petuus mayn,
  And with lang sobbis furthȝettand teris invayn;
  Quhen that hir lord hym self cummys from the town,
  Kyng Priamus son, Helenus of renown.                                30
  Neir he approchit with ful gret cumpany,
  And hys awyn natyve frendis knew in hy,
  And blythly to hys cite hes ws led:
  Betwix ilk word feil bricht teris furth he sched.
  We passit on, and litil Troy I knaw,                                 5
  Lyke the gret cite contyrfait on raw,
  With Ilion, and wallis lyke Pergama,
  And a smal burn half gane dry alswa,
  Onto his surname clepit Exanthus.
  At port Seya I entir, and eik with ws                               10
  Al our Troianys togiddir welcum war
  Onto thar frendly cite famyliar.
  In hys wyde palyce the kyng ressauyt thaim all,
  And, in the myddis of the mekil hall,
  Thai byrl the wyne in honour of Bachus;                             15
  Gret fest with joy wes maid for luf of ws;
  The mesis and the danteis thyk dyd stand,
  And goldyn cowpis went fra hand to hand.


  _Quhou Helenus declaris tyll Ene
  Quhat dangeris he suld thoill on land and see._

  Thus drave we our in solace day be day,
  Quhil at the weddir prouokis ws to assay                            20
  Our salis agane; for the sowth wyndis blast
  Our piggeis and our pynsalis wavit fast.
  Onto the prophet Helenus tho went I,
  And with syk wordis besocht hym reuerently;
  O gentil Troiane, dyvyne interpretur,
  Quhilk the respons of Phebus hes in cur;
  Quhilk knawist eik the reuelationys                                  5
  Of god Apollois diuinationys,
  Vndir hys trestis and burdis at Delphois schene,
  And into Claryus vndir the lawrer grene
  That vnderstandis the cowrs of euery star
  And chyrm of euery byrdis voce on far,                              10
  And euery fowle on weyng fleyng in the sky,
  Quhat thai betakyn, and quhat thai signyfy;
  Say me, I pray the, quhat dangeris principaly
  In to my cowrs and vayage eschew sall I,
  Or how I may, or be quhat meyn, eschaip                             15
  Sa gret aduersiteis quhilkis beyn to me schaip.
  For as to me al devote godly wightis
  Schew we suld haue a prospir rays at rychtis,
  And euery oracle of goddis admonyst eik
  That we the realm of Italy suld seik,                               20
  Ensew tha landis quhilkis war for ws provyde
  Alanerly newlyngis on that other syde;
  Schame for to say, the Harpye Celeno
  Spays onto ws a feirful takyn of wo;
  A vengeans from the goddis pronuncis sche,                          25
  With schameful hungir sal happyn our menȝe.
    Helenus than, eftir the rytis and gyis,
  The ȝong bestis slew in sacryfys,
  Purchesyng favour of goddis to stanch thar fed,
  And lowsit the garlandis of his haly hed:                           30
  Syne me, Phebus, he ledis by the hand
  Onto thi tempil, on seyr materis musand;
  Quhar this gret preist gan spekyn and declar
  To me thir wordis of the goddis answar:
    Son of the goddes, sen traist is manifest                          5
  That throu deip seys thi wayage is addrest,
  And eik, of forton by the boundis hie,
  The purviance dyvyne wil so it be;
  The kyng of goddis so distributis the fatis,
  Rollyng the chancis, and turnyng thame thusgatis;                   10
  Of mony wordis, schortly, a quhoyn sall I
  Declare, at thou mayr sovirly tharby
  May seik out throu the strange stremys onkend.
  And at a port of Itale arryve at end:
  The remanent heirof, quhat evyr be it,                              15
  The werd Systeris defendis that suld be wyt,
  And eik the douchtir of auld Saturn, Juno,
  Forbyddis Helenus to speik it, and cryis, ho!
  First say I the, that twichand Italy,
  Quhilk thou trastis be at hand and fast by,                         20
  And the addressis ignorantly, but weyr,
  To entyr sone in the port, as it war neir,
  Lang wylsum ways, and far landis alswa
  A ful gret space dissyveris ȝou tharfra.
  Ȝour aris fyrst into the Sycil see                                  25
  Bedyit weill and bendit oft mon be;
  And of Ausonya the salt stremys eik
  Rownd about with ȝour schippis mon ȝe seik,
  And Avernus, clepit the layk of hell,
  And Aheie, the ile quhar Circes dwell,                              30
  Or euer thou may sovirly vpbeild
  Thi cite in land of Italy or feild.
  I sall the schaw takynnys tharof ful meit,
  Quhilkis thou sal hald within thi mynd secreit.
  Quhen thine alane musyng as thou sal ga,                             5
  By aventur, endlang a watir bra
  And vndir ane aik, fyndis, in to that steid,
  A gret sow ferryit of grysis thretty hed,
  Lyggyn on the grond, mylk quhite, al quhite brodmell
  About hir pappis sowkyng, thar, I the tell,                         10
  Is the richt place and sted for ȝour cite,
  And of ȝour travell ferm hald to rest in le.
  Nor the nedis nocht to gruch, in tyme tocum,
  The rungyng of ȝour tabillis euery crum:
  Destany sal fynd tharfor a ganand way,                              15
  And Phebus sal ȝou help, quhen ȝe list pray.
  Bot ombyschew this cost of Italy
  Quhilk nixt onto our bordouris ȝhe se ly,
  Bedyit with flowyng of our seys flude,
  Sen al tha citeis with wykkit Grekis, not gude,                     20
  Inhabit ar; for the Naricyanys,
  Othir wys nemmyt Locry, thar remanys,
  Quhilk come with Aiax Oylus to the fecht;
  And, neir the hill that Salentynus hecht,
  The feildis all ar occupyit full meit                               25
  Be Idomeneus the kyng expellit from Crete;
  Thar is alsso the litil cite, but les,
  Of the Duke of Melyboy, Phyloctetes,
  Clepit Petilya, closyt with a wall:
  Eschew thir citeis and thyr costis all.                             30
  Forthir, quhen that beȝond the sey sall stand
  All thi navy, and thar apon the strand
  Settis vp ane altare thi sacrifyce to ȝeild,
  Thyne haris with a purpur vail ourheild,
  Les than amyd the godly fyris, per cace,                             5
  Thi ennemeis mycht occur, and knaw thi face,
  And so perturbyng all thi sacrifyce:
  Thou caws thi feris keip the samyn gys
  In thar oblacionys, and this vsage condyng;
  Observe, thi self and thi chaist ofspring,                          10
  Every serimony of our religioun.
  And, fra the wynd haith set thi cours adoun
  From Itale towart the cost of Sycilly,
  And the strait sowndis of the mont Pelory
  Vanysys away peys and peys, than the land                           15
  Strekis all tyme towart the left hand,
  And the left syde lang salt thou, but dowt,
  Cyrkil, and sail mony seys about:
  On the richt syde the cost and wallis evaid;
  For tha partis vmquhile, as it is sayd,                             20
  Be fors of storm war in sondir ryfe,
  And a huge deip gat thar holkit belyfe.
  Behald quhat change and sa onkouth a kast
  May be mysknaw, throw tymys lang bipast;
  For, quhen that baith tha landis war al ane,                        25
  The seys rage draif in, and maid thame twane,
  And fors of streym from the syde of Itale
  The ile of Sycill devydit hes al haill;
  Ane narow fyrth flowis, baith evyn and morn,
  Betwix tha costis and citeis in sondir schorn.                      30
  The rycht syde tharof with Scilla ombeset is,
  And the left with insaciabil Carybdys;
  Quhar, in hir bowkit bysme, that hellys belch
  The large fludis suppys thrys in a swelch,
  And othir quhilis spowtis in the ayr agane,                          5
  Dryvand the stowr to the starnys, as it war rane.
  Bot Scilla lurkand in darn hyddyllis lyis,
  Within hir cave, spredand hyr mouth feil syis
  To sowk the schippis amang rolkis onsure.
  Lyke to a woman hir ovyr portrature,                                10
  A fair virgynys body doun to hir scheir;
  Bot hir hynd partis ar als gret, weil neir,
  As beyn a hydduus huddon, or a quhaill,
  Quharto beyn cuppillit mony meyrswyne taill,
  With empty mawys of wolfis ravenus:                                 15
  Eschew, tharfor, this passage dangerus;
  For bettir is thou seik the cost about
  Of Pachynus in Scycill, than stand in dout,
  And turn thi cowrs on bawburd, a weil far way,
  Than anys tobe into sa hard assay                                   20
  As forto se the vgly monstre fell,
  Scilla, and heir the craggis rowt and ȝell
  For barking of sey doggis in hir wame.
  And mair atour, gif owthir wit, or fame,
  Or traist may be geif Helenus the prophete,                         25
  Or gif with verite Phebus inspiris hys sprete,
  This a thing, son of the goddes, I the tech,
  Abuf al othir, this a thyng I the prech,
  And principaly repetis the sam agane,
  And seir tymys monysis heir in plane;                               30
  First of Juno thou wirschip the gret mycht,
  And glaidly hallow with sacrifice al at rycht
  The power of Juno, and that mychty prynces
  To ples lawly with offerandis the addres:
  And on sik wys quhen thou hir favouris hes get,                      5
  And hest alsso thi cours from Sycil set
  Towart the boundis of Italy our see,
  Syne, quhen thou art careit to that cuntre,
  And cummyn is to the cite of Cumas,
  And by the lakys dedicate to goddis doith pas                       10
  Outthrou the soundand forest of Avern,
  Vndir a roch, law within a cavern,
  Thar salt thou fynd the godly prophetes,
  Ful of the spreit dyvyne, that schawis expres
  The reuelationys and fatis forto cum,                               15
  In palm tre leiffis thame notand al and sum,
  Writand vp euery word as sal betyde,
  Direkking the leiffis per ordour furth on syde.
  Quhat euer this virgyne discrive in hir endyte,
  Without the cave closyt scho lays the write:                        20
  Tha leiffis remanys onsterit of thar place,
  Ne partis not furth of rewle, quhil per cace
  The piping wynd blaw vp the dur on char,
  And dryve the leiffis, and blaw thaim out of har
  In at the entre of the cave agane,                                  25
  That al hir fyrst laubour was invane:
  Bot, fra the blast and ȝet pertrubbil thus
  Tha thyn leiffis, scho is so dangerus,
  Nevir eftyr denȝeing hir within the cave
  To gaddir togiddir thame with the wynd bewave.                      30
  Ne forto put thame into rewle agane,
  Nor jone hir writis as thai dyd first remane.
  Thus oft the pepil but answer gays thar ways,
  And wareis the set of Sybil al thar days.
  Fail not, for los of tyme that may betyde,                           5
  Bot thou pas to that prophetes, thocht the tyde
  And prospir wyndis challance the to the saill,
  Ȝa, thocht thi fallowyis cry owt, illyr haill!
  On burd! a fair wynd blawis betwix twa schetis!
  Beseik hir or thou wend, thocht thine hart betis,                   10
  Oppynnand hir voce, scho plesit schaw the evyn
  Thy destaneys, be hir awyn mowthis stevin.
  Scho sal ryply declare to the in hy
  The maneris of al pepill in Italy;
  The batellis forto cum scho wil the schaw,                          15
  And on quhat wys al dangeir thou sal withdraw.
  Or how thou may al lauborus payn sustene;
  Wirschip this haly religyus woman cleyn,
  Scho sal the grant a prospir cours at hand.
  This is the effect, schortly to vnderstand,                         20
  That I am levyt with my wordis the to charge:
  Adew, pas on, and by thi fatis large
  The fame of mekil Troy bair vp to hevyn!
    Eftir at this prophet, with hys frendly stevyn,
  Thir dyvyne answeris thus pronosticate,                             25
  Seyr weghty gyftis of massy goldyn plate
  Onto our schippis chargit he beir onon,
  And gret ryches of polyst eveir bone:
  Our karvellis howys ladis and prymys he
  With huge charge of syluer in quantite.                             30
  With caldronys, and othir seir veschell ma,
  In Epyr land maid at Dodonea.
  To me he gaif a thik clowyt habyrgeon,
  A thrynfald hawbrik was al gold begone,
  A rownd rich helm with creste and tymbrete fair,                     5
  The armour quhilum Neoptolemus bair:
  Syne to my fader, effering to his age,
  Rych rewardis he gaif of hie parage;
  Tharto alsso he eikis and gaif ws then
  Gentill horssis, pylotis, and lodismen;                             10
  He ws suppleyt with rowaris and maryneris,
  And armour plente atanys for al our feris.


  _Of Helenus and of Andromache,
  And how fra thame departing gan Ene._

  In the meyn quhile Anchisis, my fader, in hy
  Reddy forto sail chargis mak our navy,
  Les than, percace, it mycht our cours delay,                        15
  Gif so the wynd blew fair that othir day;
  Quhom till this wys interpretour of Phebus,
  Helenus, with gret honour carpys thus:
  O thou Anchisis, that worthy was, quod he,
  With fair Venus conionyt for to be,                                 20
  And twys delyverit by purviance dyvyne,
  And twys eschapit of Troy the sayr rewyne,
  Lo! ȝondir for the Ausonya or Itaill;
  Onto ȝone cost syde ȝondir salt thou saill.
  And netheles, thocht it be necessar
  Out our the sey to ȝondir grond ȝe fair,
  That part of Itale is a far way hyne                                 5
  Quhilk is previdyt ȝour kyn be Appollyne.
  Wend on, says he, thou happy and fortunate
  Of thi devote son by the godly estate.
  Bot quharto suld I mak langar delay?
  As I haue said, fayr weil, pas on ȝour way;                         10
  Quhat nedis with my speche ȝou tary mor,
  Or stop this fair wynd blawing evyn befor?
    This not theles, Andromacha, wo begone,
  The lattir tyme we suld depart onon,
  Brocht to ws brusyt clathis, and rych wedis,                        15
  Figuryt and prynnyt all with goldyn thredis,
  And to Ascanyus a prowd tawbart gave
  Sik as was honorabill hym to weir and have;
  Hym and his feris of hir nedyll wark
  And wovyn dowreys furnyst, worth mony mark:                         20
  And thus scho said, my child, ressaue alswa
  Thir remembrance wrocht with my handis twa,
  In takyn lang tyme to thynkyng apon me,
  Thine vncle Hectouris wife, Andromache:
  Tak thir with the as lattir presandis seir                          25
  Of thi kynd natyve frendis gudis and geir.
  O leif is me! the lykast thing levyng,
  And verray ymage of my Astianax ȝyng!
  Syk eyn had he, and syk fair handis tway,
  For all the warld, syk mowth and face, perfay:                      30
  And, gif he war on lyve quhil now infeir,
  He had bene evyneild with the, and hedy peir.
    Quhat wil ȝe mair? quhen we behuffyt depart,
  Terys brysting furth on fors, and with sair hart,
  To thame I said; deir frendis, weil ȝe be,                           5
  Weil mot ȝe leif in ȝour felicite,
  Quhamtill the prospir forton is brocht till end:
  Bot we, from werd to werd, and chance, mon wend.
  Ȝour rest is fund, ȝou nedis sewch throw na seys,
  Nor seik feildis of Itail, that evir ws fleys:                      10
  Symylytude of Exanthus, and Troy ȝe se
  Quhilk ȝour awyn warkis hes beldit vp on hie;
  God grant in bettyr tyme thai be begunnyn,
  And neuer eft with Grekis fors ourrunnyn!
  Gif evir in Tybir to entyr me betydis,                              15
  And, on the feildis neirby Tybris sydis,
  May behald wallis vpset for my menȝe,
  Or may the frendly citeis sum tyme se,
  Lat ws of Epyrus and of Italy,
  Cummyn baith of Dardanus genealogy,                                 20
  And quhamto eik the chance of fortoun is ane,
  Mak but a Troy of athir realmys twane;
  And this sam lyge with our posterite
  Sal evir remane in faith and vnyte.


  _Quhar fyrst Eneas Itale dyd aspy,
  And mony strange wentis hes salyt by._

  Furth on, with this, throu owt the sey we slyde,
  By the forland Cerawnya fast beside,
  Quhar fra, out our the fludis forto saill,
  The schortast way and cours lyis to Itaill.
  Down gois the son be than, and hillis hie                            5
  Wolx dyrknyt with schaddowis of the sky;
  We sort our aris, and chesis rowaris ilke deill,
  And at a sownd or cost we likit weill
  We strike at nycht, and on the dry strandis
  Dyd bawne and beyk our bodeys, feyt, and handis.                    10
  Sone on our irkyt lymmys, lethis, and banys
  The naturale rest of sleip slaid al atanys.
  And, or the speyre his howris rollit richt
  Sa far about that it was scars mydnycht,
  Not sweir, bot in hys dedis deligent,                               15
  Palynurus furth of his cowch vpsprent,
  Lysnyng about, and harknyng our alquhar
  With erys prest to kep the wynd or ayr.
  Of euery starn the twynklyng notis he
  That in the still hevyn move cours we se,                           20
  Arthuris huyf, and Hyades betakynnand rayn,
  Syne Watlyng streit, the Horn, and the Charle wayn,
  The fers Orion with hys goldyn glave;
  And, quhen he hes thame eueryane persaue
  Into the cleir and serene firmament,
  Furth of his eft schip a bekyn gart he stent:
  We rays, and went on burd in our the waill,
  Syne slakis down the schetis, and maid sayll.
    Be this the dawyng gan at morn walx red,                           5
  And chasit away the starnys fra euery sted;
  The dym hillis on far we dyd aspy,
  And saw the law landis of Italy.
  Italy! Italy! fyrst cryis Achates,
  Syne al our feris of clamour micht nocht ces,                       10
  Bot with a voce atanys cryis, Itaill!
  And hailsyng gan the land with hey and haill.
  Than my fader, ammyral of our flote,
  A mekil tankart with wyne fild to the throte,
  And tharon set a garland or a crown,                                15
  And to the goddis maid this orysoun,
  Sittand in the hie eft castell of our schip,
  With ful devote reverens and wirschip:
  O ȝe, quod he, goddis haldis in pouste
  Weddir and stormys, the land eik and the se,                        20
  Grant our vayage ane esy and reddy wynd,
  Inspyre ȝour favouris that prospir cours we fynd.
    Scars this wes said, quhen, evyn at our desyre,
  The sessonabil ayr pipis vp fair and schyre;
  The havyn apperis, and thiddir nerrar we draw,                      25
  And of Mynerva the strang tempill saw
  Set in the castell apon ane hillis hycht.
  Our fallowis fangis in thar salys tyght,
  And towart the cost thar stevynnys dyd addres.
  A port thar is, quham the est fludis hes,                           30
  In maner of a bow, maid bowle or bay,
  With rochys set forgane the streym ful stay,
  To brek the salt fame of the seys stowr:
  On athir hand, als hie as ony towr,
  The byg hewis strekis furth lyke a wall:                             5
  Within the hawyn goith lown, but wynd or wall,
  And at the port the tempill may not be seyn.
  Heir fyrst I saw apon the plesand greyn
  A fatale takyn, fowr horssis quhite as snaw
  Gnyppand gresys the large feildis on raw.                           10
  Ha! lugyn land, batale thou ws pretendis,
  Quod my fader Anchisis; for, as weil kend is,
  Horssis ar dressit for the bargane feil sys;
  Weir and debait thir stedis signyfyis.
  Bot, sen the sammyn four futtit bestis eik                          15
  Beyn oft vsyt, ful towartly and meik,
  To draw the cart, and thoil brydill and renȝe,
  It is gude hope pace follow sal, says he.
    Than wirschip we the godhed and gret mycht
  Of Pallas, with clattering harnes fers in fyght,                    20
  Quhilk heth ws first ressauyt glaid and gay:
  Our hedis befor the altar we array
  With valys brown, eftir the Troiane gys,
  And, onto Juno of Arge, our sacryfys
  Maid reuerently, as Helenus vs bad,                                 25
  Obseruyng weil, as he commandyt had,
  The serymonys leill. Syne, but langar delay,
  Fra that perfurnyst was our offerand day,
  Onon the nokkis of our rays we writh;
  Down fallys the schetis of the salys swith:                         30
  The Gregionys herbry and fronteris suspek
  We left behynd, and efter, in effek,
  Of Taurentum the fyrth we se, but les,
  Biggit, as thai say, by worthy Hercules;
  And, our forgane the tother syde alsso,                              5
  Rays vp Lacynya the tempill of Juno;
  Of Cawlon cite eik the wallys hie,
  And Scyllacium quhar schipbrokyn mony be.
  Syne, far of in the flude, we gan aspy
  The byrnand Ethna into Sycilly,                                     10
  And a fell rage rowting of the sey
  Alang way thens, and on the rolkis hie
  We hard the jawpys bete, and at the cost
  A hyduus brayng of brokyn seys vost:
  Apon schald bankis boldynnys hie the flude:                         15
  The stowr vpbullyrris sand as it war wode.
  My fader than cryis, how! feris, help away,
  Streke aris atanys with all the fors ȝe may;
  No wondir this is the selkouth Caribdis:
  Thir horribill rolkis and craggis heir, I wys,                      20
  Helenus the prophete ful weil dyd ws declare.
    The sammyn wys as thai commandyt ware
  Thai dyd onon, and Pallynurus fyrst
  Hard halys the schete on syde, and fast gan thryst
  The forschip to the wallis and the tyde,                            25
  Saland on bawburd towart the left syde;
  Towart the left, with mony heys and haill,
  Socht all our flot fast baith with rowth and saill.
  The swelland swyrl vphesyt ws til hevyn;
  Syne wald the waw swak ws doun ful evyn,                            30
  As it apperit, vnder the sey to hell.
  Thrys the holkyt craggis hard we ȝell,
  Quhar as the swelch had the rolkis thyrlyt;
  And thrys the fame furth spowt, that so hie quhirlyt
  It semyt watir the starnys, as we thocht.                            5
    Be this the son went to, and ws forwrocht
  Left dissolat; the wyndis calmyt eik:
  We, not bekend quhat rycht cours mycht we seik,
  War warp to seywart by the outwart tyde
  Of Ciclopes onto the costis syde.                                   10
  The port, quhamto we cappit, wes ful large,
  And, fra al wyndis blast, for schip or barge
  Sovir al tyme: bot netheles, fast by,
  The grisly Ethna dyd rummyll, schudder and cry;
  Sum tyme thrawing owt, heich in the skyis,                          15
  The blak laithly smoke that oft dyd rys
  As thunderis blast, and rekand as the pyk,
  With gledis sparkand as the hail als thik;
  Vpspring the blesis and fyry lumpis we se,
  Quhilk semyt forto lik the starnys hie;                             20
  Sum tyme it rasyt gret rochys, and oft will
  Furth bok the bowellis or entralis of the hyll,
  And lowsyt stanys vpwarpys in the ayr
  Rownd in a sop, with mony crak and rayr:
  The stew of byrnand heyt law from the grond                         25
  Vpstrikis thar, that doith to hevyn rebound.
  The rumour is, doun thrung vndir this mont
  Enchelades body with thundir lyis half bront,
  And hydduus Ethna abufe his belly set;
  Quhen he lyst gant or blaw, the fyre is bet,                        30
  And from that furnys the flambe doith brist or glide:
  Quhou oft he turnys our his irkit syde
  All Sycil trymblys, quaking with a rerd,
  And vgly stew ourquhelmys hevyn and erd.
    That nycht, lurkand in woddis, we remane,                          5
  Of feirfull monstris sufferand mekil pane;
  Bot quhat causyt syk noys na thing we saw:
  For nowthir lycht of planetis mycht we knaw,
  Nor the brycht poyll, nor in the ayr a starn,
  Bot in dyrk clowdis the hevynnys warpit darn;                       10
  The moyn was vndir walk and gave na lycht,
  Haldyn ful dym throu myrknes of the nycht.


  _Of the Greik clepit Achemenydes
  Rehersyng Ene the natur of Ciclopes._

  The secund day be this sprang fra the est,
  Quhen Aurora the wak nycht dyd arest
  And chays fra hevyn with hir dym skyis donk:                        15
  Than suddanly, furth of the woddis ronk,
  We se a strange man, of form onknaw;
  A lenar wight, na mayr pynyt, I ne saw,
  Nor ȝit sa wrachitly beseyn a wy;
  Towart the cost, quhar that we stude in hy,                         20
  Hys handis furth he strekis askand supple.
  We hym behald, and al hys cors gan se
  Maist laithly ful of ordur, and hys berd
  Rekand doun the lenth neir of a ȝerd;
  Hys tawbart and array sewyt with breris:
  Bot he was Greik be all hys othir feris,
  And vmquhile was, as eftir weil we kend,                             5
  To Troy intil hys faderis armour send.
  This ilk man, fra he beheld on far
  Troiane habitis, and of our armys wes war,
  At the first sicht he styntit and stude aw,
  And fra hys pays begouth abak to draw;                              10
  Bot sone eftyr cummys rynnyng in a rays
  Down to the schoir, wepyng and askand grace:
    O ȝe Troianys, be all the planetis, quod he,
  Be all the starnys and the goddis hie,
  And be the hailsum spreit of hevynnys lycht,                        15
  I beseik tak me with ȝou, catyve wycht,
  And leid me in quhat land at euer ȝe ples:
  That may suffys; that war my hartis eys.
  I knaw me ane of the Grekis navy;
  In weir to Troy cuntre, I grant, socht I;                           20
  For the quhilk deid, gyf that of our trespas
  Sa gret the offence and the iniurys was,
  Rent me in pecis, and in the fludis swak,
  Or drown law vndir the large seys brak.
  Gyf that I perych, it is ȝit sum comfort                            25
  That I of mennys handis deing at schort.
    Quod he; and tharwith, grulyng on hys kneis,
  He lappit me fast by baith the theys:
  We hym exort to schaw quhat was his name,
  Of quhat kynrent and blude cummyn at hame,                          30
  And syne to tell quhat forton had hym betyde.
  My fader Anchisis na ma wordis wald byde,
  Bot furthwith gaue that ȝong man his richt hand,
  And assurys hys spreit with that presand:
  He at the last this dreid has done away,                             5
  And on this wys begouth to carp and say;
    Of the realm Itachia I am, but les,
  And of the cumpany of fey Vlixes,
  And Achemenydes onto name I hait,
  Cummyn onto Troy with my fader of lait,                             10
  Bot a puyr wageour, clepyt Adamastus;
  Wald God ȝit the sam forton remanyt to ws!
  My falloschip onwytting forȝet me heir,
  Quhen tha thir cruel marchys left for feir,
  And in the Ciclopes huge cave tynt me;                              15
  A gowsty hald within, laithly to se,
  Ful of vennom and mony bludy meys.
  Bustuus hie Poliphemus set at deys
  Thar remanys, that may the starnys schaik;
  Ȝe goddis delyvir this erd from sik wraik!                          20
  For he is vgsum and grysly forto se,
  Hutyt to speke of, and aucht not nemmyt be.
  Thir wrachit mennys flesch, that is hys fude,
  And drynkis worsum, and thar lappyrrit blude.
  I saw myself quhen, gruflyngis amyd his cave,                       25
  Twa bodeys of our sort he tuke and rayf;
  Intil hys hyddus hand thame thrymlyt and wrang,
  And on the stanys owt thar harnys dang,
  Quhil brayn, and eyn, and blude al poplit owt:
  I saw that cruel fend eik thar, but dowt,                           30
  Thar lymmys ryfe and eyt, as he war woid,
  The ȝoustir tharfra chirtand and blak blude,
  And the hait flesch vndir his teith flykkerand.
  Bot not onwrokyn, forsuyth, this feste he fand;
  Nor Vlixes list not lang suffyr this,                                5
  Ne this kyng of Itachy hym self nor his
  Myghtyn forȝet, into sa gret a plyght.
  For sammyn as that horribyll fendlich wight
  Had eyt his fyll, and drunk wyne he hym gave,
  Sowpit in sleip, his nek furth of the cave                          10
  He straucht, fordronkyn, lyggyng in his dreym
  Bokkis furth and ȝyskis of ȝowstyr mony streym,
  Raw lumpys of flesch and blude blandyt with wyne.
  We the gret goddys besocht, and kavillys syne
  Kastis, quhat suld be euery mannys part;                            15
  Syne al atanys abowt and on hym start,
  And, with a scharpyt and brynt steyng of tre,
  Out dyd we boyr and pyke hys mekil E,
  That lurkit alane vndyr hys thrawyn front large,
  Als braid as is a Gregioun scheild or targe,                        20
  Or lyke onto the lantern of the moyn:
  And thus at last haue we ravengit soyn
  Blithly the gostis of our feris ded.
  Bot ȝhe, onhappy men, fle from this sted,
  Fle, fle this cost, and smyte the cabil in twane!                   25
  For quhou grysly and how gret I ȝou sayn
  Lurkis Polyphemus, ȝymmand his beystis rouch,
  And al thar pappis mylkis throuch and throuch,
  Ane hundreth otheris, als huge of quantite,
  Endlang this ilke costis syde of the se,                            30
  Gret Ciclopes inhabitis heir and thar,
  And walkis in thir hie montanys our alquhar.
  The moyn hes now fyllyt hir hornys thrys
  With new lyght sen I haue, on this wys,
  My lyfe in woddis led, but syght of men,                             5
  In desert hyrnys and seyr wild beistis den,
  And far out from my cavern dyd aspy
  The grym Ciclopes, and oft thar grysly cry
  And eik stamping of thar feyt maid me trymmyl.
  My wrachit fude was berreis of the brymmyll,                        10
  And stanyt heppis, quhilk I on buskis fand,
  With rutis of herbis I holkit furth of land:
  And vyssyand al about, I se at last
  This navy of ȝowris drawing hyddir fast,
  Quhamto I me betaucht and gan avow,                                 15
  Quhat flote at euer it was; for wayt ȝe quhou
  It is enuch that I eschapyt haue
  Ȝone cruel pepil; I set not of the lave:
  For, rather ȝe or I fal in syk wraik,
  Quhat deith ȝe pleis, the lyfe fra me gar taik.                     20


  _Of Poliphemus, and mony strange cost,
  And how Ene hys fader in Sycill lost._

  Skars this wes sayd, quhen sone we gat a sycht
  Apon ane hyll stalkand this hydduus wight,
  Amang hys beystis, the hyrd Poliphemus,
  Down to the costis bekend draw towartis ws:
  A monstre horribyll, onmesurabill and myschaip,
  Wanting hys syght, and gan to stab and graip
  With hys burdon, that wes a gret fyr tre,                            5
  Fermand his steppis, becaus he mycht not se;
  The wollyt scheip him followyng at the bak,
  Quharin his plesur and delyte gan he tak.
  About hys hals a quhissil hung had he,
  Wes all his solace for tynsell of hys E;                            10
  And, with his staf fra he the deip flude
  Twichit, and cummyn at the seysyde stude,
  Of hys E dolp the flowand blude and attir
  He wysch away al with the salt wattir,
  Grassilland his teith, and rummysand full hie.                      15
  He wadis furth throu myddis of the see,
  And ȝit the wattir wet not hys lang syde.
    We, far from thens affrayt, durst not abyde,
  Bot fled onon, and within burd hes brocht
  That faithful Greik quhilk ws of succurs socht,                     20
  And prevyly we smyte the cabill in twane;
  Syne, kempand with aris in al our mane,
  Vp weltris watir of the salt sey flude.
  He persauyt the sownd, quhar that he stude,
  And towart the dyn movis hys pays onon:                             25
  Bot quhen he felt at we sa far war gone,
  Sa that his handis ws areke ne mycht,
  Nor the deip sey Ionium, for all hys hycht,
  Ne mycht he waid equale ws to arest,
  A fellon bray and huge schowt vp he kest,                           30
  Quharthrou the sey and al the fludis schuke;
  The land alhail of Itail trymlyt and qwoyk;
  And holl cavernys or furnys of Ethna rownd
  Rummyst and lowyt, fordynnyt with the sound.
  Bot than, furth of the woddis and hillys hie,                        5
  Walkynnyt with the cry, a huge pepill we se
  Of Ciclopes cum hurland to the port,
  And fillyt all the cost sydis at schort.
  Tha elrych bredyr, with thar lukis thrawyn,
  Thocht not avalyt, thar standyng haue we knawyn;                    10
  Ane horribil sort, with mony camscho beik,
  And hedis semand to the hevyn areik:
  Syklyke as quhar that, with thar hie toppis,
  The byg akis strekyng in the ayr thar croppys,
  Or than thir cipressis berand heich thar bewys,                     15
  Growand in the woddis or hie vp on hewis,
  In schawys ald, as men may se from far,
  Hallowyt to Dyane or ȝit to Jupiter.
  The scharp dreid maid ws so to cach haist,
  Withdrawand fast, as thocht we had bene chaist,                     20
  And for to set our sail quhidder we best mycht,
  To follow the wynd, and hald na courssis rycht.
  Aganys the counsale of Helenus, our feris
  Perswadis to hald furth evyn the way that steris
  Mydwart betwix Charibdis and Scylla,                                25
  A litil space fra ded by athir of twa:
  For, bot we hald that cours, for owtyn fail,
  Bakwartis, thai said, on Ciclopes mon we saill.
    Bot lo! onon a fair wynd, or we wist,
  Rays of the north, blawing evyn as we lyst,                         30
  From the strait bay of Pelorus the mont
  And sone we swepyt by, at the fyrst bront,
  The mouth of flude Pantagyas ful of stanys,
  The sownd Megarus, and Tapsum ile atanys.
  The namys of thir costis, Achemenydes,                               5
  The companȝeon of onhappy Vlixes,
  Raknys to ws, as we past ane by ane;
  For we return the sammyn went agane
  Quhar thar navy had waverit by thar rays.
    Within the fyrth of Sycill, forgane the face                      10
  Of the flude Plemyrion full of wallis,
  Thar lyis ane Iland, quhilk our elderis callis
  Orthigia; quhar that the fame is so
  That Alpheus, ane of the ryveris two
  Of the cite of Elys in Archaid,                                     15
  Vndir the sey gan thyddir flow and wayd
  Throu secrete cundytis, and now eik, as thai say,
  Arethusa, at thi mouth or ischay,
  It entris rynnyng in the Sycill see.
  The gret goddis of that place wirschip we,                          20
  At command of my fader; and fra thyne
  The fertill grond of Helory passyt syne,
  Quhilk flude watyris al the feild about.
  Thar on the craggis our navy stude in dowt;
  For on blynd stanys and rolkis hyrslit we,                          25
  Tumblit of mont Pachynnus in the see:
  And far from thens the loch Cameryna,
  Quham the fatis forbyddis to do away,
  Apperis to ws, and of Geloy the feildis,
  Quhar that the gret cite Gela vpbeild is,                           30
  Havand the surname fra the flude fast by:
  Syne heich Agragas far of we gan aspy,
  A hyl and cite with large wallys of fors,
  Quhar vmquhile bred war the maist weirlyke hors:
  And the alsso, Selynys, I left behynd,                               5
  For al thi palm treys, with the followand wynd.
  The dangerus schaldis and cost vppykyt we,
  With al hys blynd rolkis, of Lylibe.
    Thar the port of Drepanon, and the rayd,
  Quham to remember my hart may nevir be glaid,                       10
  Ressauyt me, quhar that, allace, allace!
  I leys my fader, al comfort and solace,
  And al supple of our travell and pane;
  Thar, thar allaik! sa feill dangeris bygane
  And tempestis of the sey. O fader most deir,                        15
  Anchises, desolate quhy left thou me heir
  Wery and irkyt in a fremmyt land?
  O weilaway! for nocht wes all, I fand,
  That thou eschapit sa mony perrellis huge.
  Helenus the dyvyne, as we with hym gan luge,                        20
  Quhen horribill thingis seir he dyd aduert,
  Schew not befor to me thir harmys smert,
  Nor ȝit the fellon and akwart Celeno.
  This wes extreme laubour of pane and wo;
  Thys was the end of all hys lang vayage:                            25
  And hyddir syne, warpyt with seys rage,
  Apon ȝour costis, as I fra thens was dryve,
  Sum happy chance and God maid me arryve.
    The Prynce Eneas, on this wys, alane
  The fatis of goddys and rasys mony ane                              30
  Rehersyng schew, and syndry strange wentis;
  The queyn and all the Tyrryanys takand tentis.
  And at the last he cessyt and said no moir,
  Endyng his tayll as ȝe haue hard befor.


  With bemys scheyn thou bricht Cytherea,
  Quhilk only schaddowist amang starris lyte,
  And thi blyndyt weyngit son Cupyd, ȝe twa
  Fosteraris of byrnyng, carnail, hait delyte,
  Ȝour joly wo neidlyngis most I endyte,                               5
  Begynyng with a fenȝeit faynt plesance,
  Continewit in lust, and endyt with pennance.

  In fragil flesch ȝour fykkil seyd is saw,
  Rutyt in delyte, welth, and fude delicate,
  Nurist with sleuth and mony onsemly saw;                            10
  Quhar schame is lost, thar spredis ȝour burgeonys hait;
  Oft to revolue ane onleful consait
  Rypys ȝour peralus frutis and oncorn:
  Of wikkyt grayn quhou sal gude schaif be schorn?

  Quhat is ȝour fors bot feblyng of the strenth?                      15
  Ȝour curyus thochtis quhat but musardry?
  Ȝour fremmyt glaidnes lestis not ane howris lenth;
  Ȝour sport for schame ȝe dar not specify;
  Ȝour frute is bot onfructuus fantasy;
  Ȝour fary joys beyn bot janglyng and japys,                         20
  And ȝour trew seruandis sylly goddys apys.

  Ȝour sweit myrthis ar mixt with byttyrnes;
  Quhat is ȝour drery gemme? a myrry pane;
  Ȝour wark onthrift, ȝour quyet is restles,
  Ȝour lust lykyng in langour to remane,
  Frendschip turment, ȝour traist is bot a trane:                      5
  O luf, quhidder art thou joy or fulychnes,
  That makis folk sa glaid of thar distres?

  Salomonys wyt, Sampson thou rubbist hys fors,
  And Dauid thou byreft hys prophecy;
  Men says thou brydillyt Aristotyll as ane hors,                     10
  And crelyt vp the flour of poetry:
  Quhat sal I of thi myghtis notyfy?
  Fair weil, quhar that thy lusty dart assalis,
  Wyt, strenth, ryches, na thyng bot grace avalis.

  Thou cheyn of luf, ha benedicite!                                   15
  Quhou hard strenys thi bandis euery wyght!
  The god abuf, from his hie maieste,
  With the ybond, law in a maid dyd lycht;
  Thou venquyst the strang gyant of gret mycht;
  Thou art mair forcy than the ded sa fell;                           20
  Thou plenyst paradyce, and thou heryt hell.

  Thou makist febill wight, and lawyst the hie;
  Thou knyttis frendschyp quhar thar beyn na parage;
  Thou Jonathas confederat with Davy;
  Thou dantyt Alexander for all his vaslalage;                        25
  Thou festnyt Jacob fourteyn ȝheir in bondage;
  Thou techit Hercules go lern to spyn,
  Reke Dyomeir hys mays and lyoun skyn.

  For luf Narsysus perysyt at the well;
  For luf thou stervyst most douchty Achill;
  Thesyus, for luf, hys fallow socht to hell;
  The snaw quhyte dow oft to the gray maik will.
  Allace! for luf how mony thame self dyd spill!                       5
  Thy fury, luf, moderis taucht, for dispyte,
  Fyle handis in blude of thar ȝong chyldering lyte.

  O Lord, quhat writis myne author of thi fors,
  In hys Georgikis! quhou thyne ondantyt myght
  Constrenys so sum tyme the stonyt hors                              10
  That, by the sent of a meyr far of syght,
  He bradis brays onon, and takis the flyght;
  Na brydill may hym dant nor bustuus dynt,
  Nowther bra, hie roch, nor brayd fludis stynt.

  The bustuus bullys oft, for the ȝong ky,                            15
  With horn to horn wyrkis othir mony a wound,
  So rumysyng with hydduus lowand cry
  The feildis all doith of thar rowstis resound:
  The meyk hartis, in bellyng, oft ar fond
  Mak fers bargane, and rammys togyddir ryn;                          20
  Baris twyte thar tuskis, and fret otheris skyn.

  The reuthtfull smart and lamentabill cace
  Quhilk thar he writis of Leander ȝyng,
  Quhou for thi luf, Hero, allace, allace!
  In fervent flambe of hait desyre byrnyng,                           25
  By nychtis tyde, the hevynys lowd thundering,
  And, all with storm trublyt, the seys flude
  Bettand on the rolkis, and rowtand as it war wod;

  Set he hym not to swym our, wallaway!
  The fyrth betwix Sestos and Abydane,
  In Europe and in Asya citeis tway;
  Hys fader and moder mycht hym not call agane:
  O God, quhat harm! thar wes he drynt and slane;                      5
  And quhen his lufe saw this myscheif, atanys
  Out our the wall scho lap, and brak hir banys.

  Lo, quhou Venus kan hir seruandis acquyte!
  Lo, quhou hir passionys onbridillis al thar wyt!
  Lo, quhou thai tyne thame self for schort delyte!                   10
  Lo, from all grace quhou to myscheif thai flyt,
  Fra weil to sturt, fra payn to ded! and ȝyt
  Thar beyn bot few exempil takis of othir,
  Bot wilfully fallys in the fyre, leif brothir.

  Be nevir our set, myne author techis so,                            15
  With lust of wyne nor warkis veneryane;
  Thai febill the strenth; revelys secrete bath two
  Stryfe and debait engendris, and feil hes slane;
  Honeste, prowes, dreid, schame and luk ar gane
  Quhar thai habound; attempyr thame for thy.                         20
  Childir to engendir oys Venus, and not invane;
  Hant na surfat, drynk bot quhen thou art dry.

  Quhat? is this lufe, nys luffaris, at ȝe meyn,
  Or fals dissait fair ladeys to begile?
  Thame to defowle, and schent ȝour self betweyn,                     25
  Is al ȝour lykyng, with mony suttel wyle.
  Is that trew lufe, gude faith and fame to fyle?
  Gyf luf be vertu, than is it lefull thing;
  Gif it be vyce, it is ȝour ondoyng.

  Lust is na lufe, thocht ledis lyke it weill;
  This furyus flambe of sensualite
  Ar nane amouris bot fantasy ȝe feill:                                5
  Carnale plesance, but syght of honeste,
  Hatis hym self forsuyth, and luffis nocht the:
  Thare beyn twa luffis, perfyte and imperfyte,
  That ane leful, the tother fowle delyte.

  Lufe is a kyndly passioun, engendryt of heyt                        10
  Kyndlyt in the hart, ourspredyng al the cors:
  And, as thou seys sum person waik in spreyt,
  Sum hait byrnyng as ane onbridillyt hors;
  Lyke as the pacient hes heyt of our gret fors,
  And in ȝong babbys warmnes insufficient,                            15
  And into agyt failȝeis, and is out quent;

  Rycht so in luf thou may be excessyve,
  Inordinatly luffand ony creature;
  Thi luf alsso it may be defectyve,
  To luf thine awin and geif of otheris na cure:                      20
  Bot quhar that lufe is rewlyt by messure,
  It may be lyknyt to ane hail mannis estait,
  In temperat warmnes, nowthir to cald nor hait.

  Than is thi lufe inordinat, say I,
  Quhen ony creatur mair than God thou luffis,                        25
  Or ȝit luffis ony to that fyne, quharby
  Thi self or thame thou frawartis God remufis:
  Fortil attempir thine amouris the behuffis:
  Lufe euery wyght for God, and to gude end,
  Thame be na wys to harm, bot to amend.

  That is to knaw, lufe God for his gudnes,                            5
  With hart, hail mynde, trew servyce, day and nycht;
  Nixt luf thi self, eschewand wykkytnes;
  Lufe syne thi nychtburris, and wyrk thame nane onrycht,
  Willyng at thou and thai may haue the syght
  Of hevynnys blys, and tyste thame not tharfra,                      10
  For, and thou do, syk luf dowe nocht a stra.

  Faynt lufe, but grace, for all thi fenȝeit layis,
  Thy wantoun willis ar verray vanyte;
  Grasles thou askis grace, and thus thou prayis;
  Haue mercy, lady, haue reuth and sum piete!                         15
  And scho, reuthtles, agane rewys on the:
  Heir is na paramouris fund, bot all haitrent,
  Quhar nowthir to weill nor resson tak thai tent.

  Callys thou that reutht, quhilk of thar self ne rakkis?
  Or is it grace to fall fra grace? nay, nay;                         20
  Thou sekis mercy, and tharof myscheif makkis:
  Renown and honour quhy wald thou dryfe away?
  A brutale appetyte makis ȝong fulys forvay,
  Quhilk be resson lyst not thar heyt refreyn,
  Haldand opynyon deyr of a boryt beyn.                               25

  Says nocht ȝour sentens thus, skant worth a fas,
  Quhat honeste or renoun is to be dram?
  Or forto drowp lyke a fordullyt as?
  Lat ws in ryot leif, in sport and gam;
  In Venus covrt, sen born tharto I am,
  My tyme weil sal I spend. Wenys thou not so?                         5
  Bot al ȝour solace sal return in gram,
  Syk thewles lustis in byttir pane and wo.

  Thou auld hasard lichour, fy for schame,
  That slotteris furth euermar in sluggardry
  Out on the, auld trat, agit wyfe, or dame,                          10
  Eschamys na tyme in rovste of syn to ly!
  Thir Venus warkis in ȝouthed ar foly,
  Bot into eild thai turn in fury rage;
  And quha schameles dowblis thar syn, ha fy!
  As doith thir vantouris owthir in ȝouth or age?                     15

  Quhat nedis avant ȝou of ȝour wykkytnes,
  Ȝhe that beyn forcy alane in villans deid?
  Quhy gloyr ȝe in ȝour awyn onthriftynes?
  Eschame ȝhe not rehers and blaw on breid
  Ȝour awyn diffame, havand of God na dreid                           20
  Nor ȝyt of hell, provokand otheris to syn,
  Ȝhe that lyst of ȝour palȝardry nevir blyn?

  Wald God ȝhe purchest bot ȝour awyn myschans,
  And war na banareris forto perych mo!
  God grant sum tyme ȝe turn ȝou to pennans,                          25
  Refrenyng lustis inordinate, and cry ho!
  And thar affix ȝour luf and myndis so,
  Quhar euer is verray joy without offens,
  That all syk beistly fury ȝhe lat go hens.

  Of brokkaris and syk bawdry quhou suld I write,
  Of quham the fylth stynkis in Godis neys?
  With Venus henwyffis quhat wys may I flyte,                          5
  That strakis thir wenschis hedis thame to ples?
  Douchtir, for thy lufe this man hes gret dyseys,
  Quod the bysmeyr with the slekyt speche;
  Rew on hym, it is meryte hys pane to meys:
  Syk poyd makcrellis for Lucifer beyn leche.                         10

  Eschame, ȝyng virgynys, and fair damycellis,
  Furth of wedlok forto disteyn ȝour kellys;
  Traist nocht al talis that wanton woweris tellis,
  Ȝow to deflour purposyng, and nocht ellys:
  Abhor syk pryce or prayer wirschip sellys.                          15
  Quhar schame is lost quyte schent is womanhed;
  Quhat of bewte, quhar honeste lyis ded?

  Rew on ȝour self, ladeys and madynnys ȝyng,
  Grant na syk reuth for evir may caus ȝou rew:
  Ȝhe fresch gallandis, in hait desyre byrnyng,                       20
  Refreyn ȝour curage syk paramouris to persew;
  Grund ȝour amouris on charite al new;
  Found ȝow on resson; quhat nedis mair to preche?
  God grant ȝou grace in luf, as I ȝou tech!

  Fy on dissait and fals dissymulans,                                 25
  Contrar to kynd with fenȝeit cheir smylyng,
  Vndyr the cloik of luffis obseruans,
  The venom of the serpent reddy to styng!
  Bot al syk crymys in luffis caus I resyng
  To the confessioun of morale Jhonne Gower;
  For I mon follow the text of our mater.                              5

    Thy dowbill wound, Dido, to specify,
  I meyn thyne amouris, and thi funeral fait,
  Quha may endyte, but teris, with eyn dry?
  Augustyne confessis hym self wepit, God wait,
  Redyng thy lamentabill end mysfortunat.                             10
  By the wil I repeyt this vers agane,
  Temporal joy endis wyth wo and pane.

  Allace, thy dolorus cays and hard myschance!
  From blys to wo, fra sorow to fury rage,
  Fra nobylnes, welth, prudens and temperance,                        15
  In brutell appetite fall, and wild dotage;
  Danter of Affryk, Queyn foundar of Cartage,
  Vmquhil in ryches and schynyng gloyr ryngnyng,
  Throw fulych lust wrocht thine awyn ondoyng.

  Lo! with quhat thocht, quhat byttyrnes and pane,                    20
  Lufe onsylly bredis in euery wight!
  Quhou schort quhile doith hys fals plesance remane!
  Hys restles blys how sone takis the flicht!
  Hys kyndnes alteris in wraith within a nycht:
  Quhat is, bot turment, all hys langsum fayr,                        25
  Begun with feir, and endyt in dispayr?

  Quhat sussy, cuyr, and strange ymagynyng,
  Quhat ways onlefull, hys purpos to atteyn,
  Hes this fals lust at his first begynnyng!
  Quhou subtell wylis, and mony quyet meyn!
  Quhat slycht dissait quently to flat and feyn;                       5
  Syne in a thraw kan not hym selvyn hyde,
  Nor at his first estait no quhile abyde!

  Thou swelch, deuourar of tyme onrecoverabill,
  O lust, infernal furnys, inextingwybill,
  Thy self consumyng worthis insaciabill,                             10
  Quent fendis net, to God and man odibill!
  Of thi tryggettis quhat tong may tell the tribbill?
  With the to wrasyll, thou walxis euer moir wyght;
  Eschew thyne hant, and mynnys sal thi mycht.

  Se, quhou blynd luffis inordinate desyre                            15
  Degradis honour, and resson doith exile!
  Dido, of Cartage flour, and lamp of Tyre,
  Quhais hie renoun na strenth nor gift mycht fyle,
  In hir faynt lust sa mait, within schort quhile,
  That honeste baith and gude fame war adew;                          20
  Syne for disdeyn, allace! hir selvyn slew.

  O! quhat avalit thi brute and gloryus name,
  Thi moblys, tresour, and werkis infinyte,
  Thi citeis beilding, and thi ryal hame,
  Thy realmys, conquest, weilfar and delyte?                          25
  To stynt al thing salue thine awyn appetite
  So wes in lufe thi frawart destane:
  Allace the quhile thou knew the strange Ene!

  And sen I suld thy tragedy endyte,
  Heir nedis nane othir invocatioun:
  Be the command I lusty ladeis quhyte,                                5
  Be war with strangeris of onkouth natioun
  Wyrk na syk woundris to thar dampnatioun;
  Bot til attayin wild amouris at the thai leir:
  Thy lusty pane begouth on this maneir.



  _The thochtfull queyn, with mony amorus claws,
  Til hir systir complenys in luffis caws._

  Be this the Queyn, throw hevy thochtis onsound,
  In euery vayn nurysys the greyn wound,
  Smytyn so deip with the blynd fyre of lufe
  Hir trublyt mynd gan fra all rest remufe.
  Compasing the gret prowes of Ene,                                    5
  The large wirschip feill sys remembris sche
  Of his lynnage and folkis; for ay present
  Deip in hir breist so was hys figur prent,
  And all hys wordis fixt, that, for bissy thocht,
  Noyn eys hir membris nor quyet suffir mocht.                        10
    The nixt day following, with hys lamp brycht
  As Phebus dyd the grund or erth alycht,
  Eftir the dawing heth the donk nychtis clowd
  Chasyt from the sky, and the ayr new schrowd;
  Ful evil at eys queyn Dido on this kynd                             15
  Spak to hir systir, wes of the sammyn mynd.
  My sistir An, quhat swevynnys beyn thir, quod sche,
  Quhilk me affrays in sik proplexite?
  Quhat be he, this gret new gest or stranger,
  Onto our realm laitly is drevyn heir?
  Quhou wys in speche, and in his commonyng,                           5
  He schawys hym self! O God, quhat wondir thing!
  Quhou stout in curage! in weir quhou vailȝeand!
  I trow sistir, and, as I vndirstand,
  Myne opinion is nane oncertane thing,
  Thai beyn sum lynnage of verray goddis ofspring;                    10
  For dreid always and schaymful kowardys
  Degeneryt wightis and bowbartis notyfys.
  Allace! quhat wondir fatale aventuris
  Hes hym bywaif! quhat travel, pane and curis,
  How huge batellis, be hym eschewit, tald he!                        15
  Now, certis, war it not determyt with me,
  And fixit in my mynd onmovabilly,
  That to no wyght in wedlok me list I
  Cuppil nor knyt, sen my first luf is gane,
  By deth dissoverit, and left me alane;                              20
  War not alsso to me is displesant
  Genyvs chalmyr or matrymone to hant;
  Perchans I mycht be venquist in this rage,
  Throu this a cryme of secund mariage.
  Annes, I grant to the, sen the deces                                25
  Of my sory husband Syche, but les,
  Quhar that our hows with brodyrris ded wes sprent,
  Only this man hes movit myne entent,
  And heth my mynd inducyt to forvay:
  I knaw and felis the wemmys and the way                             30
  Of the ald fyre and flambe of luffis heit.
  Bot rather I desyre baith cors and spreit
  Of me the erth swelly law adown,
  Or than almychty Jove with thundris sovn
  Me smyte ful deip onto the schaddoys dern,                           5
  Amang pail gastis of hellis holl cavern,
  In the profond pot of deth and dyrk nycht,
  Or I becum so schamful wrachit wyght
  That I myne honeste fyle or womanhed,
  Or brek ȝour lawis; na, quhil I be ded!                             10
  He, that me first to hym in wedlok knyt,
  My first flowr of amouris tuke, and ȝyt
  For euermair with hym he sal thame haue,
  And he most keip thame with hym in his grave.
  Thus sayand, the brycht teris onon owtbrist,                        15
  And fillyt all hir bosum or scho wist.
    Annes answerd; O thou, sa mot I thryve,
  To thi systir derrar than hir awyn lyve,
  Quhiddir gif thou wilt alane, in wedowhed,
  Evir murnand thus waist away thy ȝouthed,                           20
  Nowthir ȝyt the comfort of sweit childring thou knawis,
  Nor the plesour felis of Venus lawys?
  Quhat! wenys thou assys cald and gastis in grave
  Of al syk walyng ony fest sal haue?
  In cays that in thi duyl afor thir days,                            25
  Thy lord new ded, the list inclyne na ways
  Nowthir prynce nor duke to tak as for husband;
  Suppos thou lychtlyit than, of Lyby land,
  Hyarbas kyng, and othir heris all,
  Quhilkis in the rich sulȝe triumphall                               30
  Of Aufrik boundis dwelling wyde quhar;
  Quhat! wilt thou als debatyng euer mar
  Agane this lykand lufe, cummys of plesance?
  Consideris thou not, and hes in remembrance,
  Amyddys quhays grond heir thou remanys?                              5
  On this hand, citeis of Getulyanys,
  A kynd of pepill invincibill in batell;
  Heir the ondantit folk of Numyda dwell,
  And, on that other part, ombyset, I wys,
  We ar with bustuus onfrendly Syrtis;                                10
  And ȝondir the desert region alsswa,
  Ay full of thryst, in barrand Libya;
  And wydquhar thens the wild pepil of Barchay.
  The weris moving from Tyre quhat sal I say,
  And the gret brag and mannans of our brothir?                       15
  Be disposicioun of goddis, I weyn, nane othir,
  And by the purvyans of Juno, to our supple,
  Thir Troiane schippis by prospir wynd our see
  Heth hyddir set thar coursys fortunate.
  O systir myne, consider in quhat estait                             20
  Thys cite, quhilk thou beildis, sal vprys!
  Persaue quhou that this realm may, on syk wys,
  Beyn vpheyt throu sa nobil a mariage!
  Behald quhou mekill the glory of Cartage
  Salbe extollyt, and encres in euery thyng,                          25
  Throu help in armys of the Troianys ofspryng!
  Quharfor, the nedis beseik goddis of thar grace,
  With sacrifyce, tobe favorabil in this cace.
  Do set alhaill thi cure and diligence
  To causyng hym mak with the residence,                              30
  And fenȝe causys to tary hym and wythhald,
  So lang as thus, duryng the wyntir cald,
  The sey ragis throu watry Orion,
  And quhil the stormys be al our blawyn and gon;
  And quhil hys schippis, with the tempest schaik,                     5
  Be bet, byd spair nowthir fyr, elm, nor aik.


  _Dido enflambyt in the lusty heyt,
  With amorus thochtis trublys al hir spreit._

  Wyth thir wordys the spreit of Dido queyn,
  The quhilk tofor in lufe wes kyndlyt grene,
  Now al in fyre the flambe of lufe furth blesys;
  Hir doutsum mynd with gude hope so scho esys                        10
  That al the schame and dreid wes blaw away;
  And to the tempill furth held tha baith tway.
  Eftir the serymonys of thar payane gys,
  Beneuolence and gude luk, syndry wys,
  Thai sekyng and thai sers at ilke altar;                            15
  And twyntris, walit for sacrifyce, heir and thar
  Thai brytnyt; and sum in honour dyd addres
  Of the law ledar Ceres, the goddes;
  To Phebus, and to Bachus part alsso;
  Bot principaly onto the queyn Juno,                                 20
  Quhilk heth in cuyr the band of mariage.
  Hir self, most gudly queyn Dido of Cartage,
  Held in hir richt hand a cowp full of wyne;
  Betwix the hornys twa furthȝet it syne
  Of ane ontamyt ȝong quy, quhite as snaw:
  And, othir quhilis, wald scho raik on raw,
  Or pays tofor the altaris, wyth fat offerandis                       5
  Ay chargyt full; and oft, with hir awyn handis,
  Renew and beyt the sacrifyce all day;
  And rich gyftis geif Troianys; and wald ay
  The beistis costis, as thai debowellit wer,
  And thar entralis behald flekkyr and steir,                         10
  Accordyng the auld vsans to that effect,
  Sum augury to persaue or gude aspect.
    O wallaway! of spamen and dyvynys
  The blynd myndis, quhilkis na way diffynys
  The fors ne strenth of Luf with hys hard bandis!                    15
  Quhat avalyt thir sacrifice and offerandis?
  Quhat helpis to vyssy tempillis in luffis rage?
  Behald onhappy Dido of Cartage
  In this meyn sesson byrnyng hait as gleyd:
  The secrete wound deip in hir mynd gan spreyd,                      20
  And of hoyt amouris the subtell quent fyre
  Waistis and consumys merth, banys, and lyre.
  Our all the cite enragyt scho heir and thar
  Wandris, as ane strykkyn hynd, quhom the stalkar,
  Or scho persave, from far betis with hys flane                      25
  Amyd the woddis of Creyt, and lattis remane
  The braid hed, onknaw the beste was hyt:
  Scho skypping furth, as to eschew the byt,
  Gan throu the forest fast and gravys glyde;
  Bot evir the dedly schaft stykkis in hir syde.                      30
    Sum tyme the queyn Ene with hir dyd leid
  Throu owt the wallys onto euery steid,
  The tresour al and riches of Sydony
  Schawyng to hym; and offerit al reddy
  The cite of Cartage at hys commandment:                              5
  Begyn scho wald to tell furth hir entent,
  And in the myd word stop, and hald hir styll.
  And quhen the evyn come, it wes hir will
  To seik ways hym to feste, as scho dyd ayr;
  And, half myndles, agane scho langis sayr                           10
  For tyll enquyre and heir the sege of Troy,
  And in a stair behaldis hym for joy.
  Eftir all wes voydyt, and the licht of day
  Ay mair and mair the moyn quynchit away,
  And the declynyng of the starris brycht                             15
  To sleip and rest persuadis euery wight,
  Within hir chalmyr alane scho langis sayr,
  And thocht al waist for lak of hir luffar.
  Amyd a voyd bed scho hir laid adoun,
  And of hym absent thinkis scho heris the sown;                      20
  Hys voce scho heris, and hym behaldis sche,
  Thocht he, God wait, far from hir presens be:
  And sum tyme wald scho Ascanyus, the page,
  Caucht in the figur of hys faderis ymage,
  And in hir bosum brace, gif scho tharby                             25
  The lufe ontellabill mycht swik or satisfy.
  The wark and wallys begun ar not vpbrocht;
  The ȝounkeris dedis of armys excersis nocht;
  Nothir fortres nor turettis suyr of weir
  Now graith tha mair; for al the wark, but weir,                     30
  Cessis and is stoppyt, baith of pynnakillis hie,
  And byg towris, semyt to rys in the skie.


  _Tyl Venus carpys Juno the goddes,
  And of thar spech and sermond, mar and les._

  Alsswyth as Juno, with syk maleys ourtane,
  Persauyt hir deir frend that remeid was nane,
  Nothir fame ne honour the rage resyst mycht,                         5
  Saturnus douchtir with syk wordis on hyght
  Begouth to carp onto Venus, I wys;
  A huge honour and lawd ȝe sal of this
  Raport, and richt large spulȝe beir away,
  Thou and thi child forsuyth, quod scho, bath tway:                  10
  O Lord, quhou gret power and notabil mycht,
  Gif that, of twa hie goddis throu the slycht,
  A sylly woman sal ourcummyn be!
  Not so, I wys, hes thou dissavyt me,
  Bot that I knaw thou had in feir and dreid                          15
  Our cite, and held the lugyng suspek, in deid,
  Of our renownyt hie burgh of Cartage.
  Bot on quhat wys sall sesyng al this rage?
  Or now quhat nedis sa gret stryfe and contak?
  Far rather perpetuell pes lat ws mak,                               20
  And knyt vp band of mariage thartill,
  Sen thou hes gottin al thyne hartis will;
  For Dido byrnys in hait lufe al atanys,
  The brym fury glydis throu owt hir banys.
  Lat ws thir pepill to ws common, for thy,
  Be frendly favouris govern equaly;
  So that it lesum be Dido remane                                      5
  In spousage bund, and serve a lord Troiane,
  And suffir Tirreanys, and al Lyby land,
  Be geif in dowry to thi son in hand.
    Than Venus, knawing hir spech of fenȝeit mynd,
  To that effect scho mycht the Troiane kynd,                         10
  And werys to cum furth of Itail alsswa,
  With hald and kepe from boundis of Lybia,
  Answerd and sayd: quhat wikkyt wyght wald euer
  Refuys syk proffyr, or ȝyt with the had levir
  Contend in bataill, or stand at debait,                             15
  Gif that, as thou rehersis, the deid algait
  Als sovirly mycht follow fortunabill?
  Bot I affeir me les the fatis onstabill,
  Nor Jupiter, consent not, ne aggre,
  That bot a cite to Tyryanys suld be                                 20
  And eik to folkis from Troy in vayage cummyn,
  Or list appreif thai pepillis all and summyn
  Togiddir myddill, or joyn in lyge or band.
  Thou art hys spows; til the to tak on hand
  Is lefull with request hys mynd to assay.                           25
  Pas on befor, I follow the perfay.
    Than Juno queyn syk answer maid agane:
  This laubour I tak on hand, al myne alane.
  Bot on quhat wys, sen tyme is convenabill,
  The fasson quhou this stant to do maist habill,                     30
  Hark, at schort wordys that poynt I sal ȝou say.
  Eneas and onsilly Dido, baith tway,
  To forest grathis in huntyng furth to wend,
  To morow, als fast as Titan doith ascend,
  And our the warld gan hys bemys spreid.                              5
  Quhen that the rangis and the faid on breid
  Dynnys throu the gravys, sersyng the woddis wyde,
  And setis set the glen on euery syde,
  I sal apon thame a myrk schour down skaill
  Of weit and wynd, mydlit wyth fellon haill,                         10
  And all the hevyn with thundyrris blast sa steir
  That all thar falloschip sall withdraw for feir.
  Enclosyt with a myst als dyrk as nycht
  Dido and eik the Troiane duke full rycht,
  Alanerly, bot be thame selvyn twane,                                15
  Togiddir sal entir in a cave of stane:
  Thar sal I be reddy, and, but delay,
  Gif thi mynd be ferm tharto the ilk day,
  In sovir wedlok I sal conioyn hir thar,
  To be his propir spous for euermair:                                20
  Apon this wys thar wedding salbe wrocht.
    Affermys all hir wil, contrarying nocht,
  Of Cetheron Venus the goddes brycht,
  Lauchyng scho fund had so controvit a slycht.


  _Quhou that the Queyn to huntyng raid at morow,
  And of the first day of hir joy and sorow._

  Furth of the sey, with this, the dawyng spryngis.
  As Phebus rays, fast to the ȝettis thringis
  The chos gallandis, and huntmen thame besyde,
  With ralys and with nettys strang and wyde,
  And huntyng sperys styf with hedis braid:                            5
  From Massillyne horsmen thik thiddir raid,
  With rynnyng hundis, a full huge sort.
  Nobillys of Cartage, hovand at the port,
  The Queyn awatys that lang in chawmyr dwellys:
  Hyr fers steyd stude stampyng, reddy ellys,                         10
  Rungeand the fomy goldyn byt gynglyng;
  Of gold and pal wrocht hys rych harnasyng:
  And scho, at last, of palyce yschit owt,
  With huge menȝe walking hir abowt,
  Lappyt in a brusyt mantill of Sydony,                               15
  With gold and perle the bordour al bewry,
  Hyngand by hir syde the cays with arowis grund;
  Hir bricht tressis envolupyt war and wond
  Intil a quayf of fyne gold wyrin threid;
  The goldyn button claspyt hir purpour weid:                         20
  And furth scho passyt with all hir cumpany.
  The Troiane pepill forgaderit by and by,
  Joly and glaid the fresch Ascanyus ȝyng.
  Bot first of all, maist gudly, hym self thar kyng
  Enee gan entir in falloschip, but dout,
  And onto thame adionyt hys large rowt.
  Lyke quhen Apollo list depart or ga
  Furth of hys wyntring realm of Lysya,
  And leif the flude Exanthus for a quhile,                            5
  To vissy Delos, his moderis land and ile,
  Renowand ryngis and dansys, mony a rowt;
  Mixt togiddir, hys altaris standing about,
  The pepil of Creit, and thame of Driopes,
  And eik the payntit folkis Agathirces,                              10
  Schowtand on thar gys with clamour and vocis hie:
  Apon thi top, mont Cynthus, walkis he,
  Hys wavand haris, sum tyme, doyng doun thryng
  With a soft garland of lawrer sweit smellyng;
  And vmquhile thame gan balmyng and enoynt,                          15
  And into gold addres, at full gude poynt;
  Hys grundyn dartis clattering by hys syde.
  Als fresch, als lusty dyd Eneas ryde;
  With als gret bewte in hys lordly face.
    And eftyr thai ar cummyn to the chace,                            20
  Amang the montanys in the wild forest,
  The rynnyng hundis of cuppillys sone thai kest,
  And our the clewys and the holtis, belyve,
  The wild beistis doun to the dail thai dryve.
  Lo! thar the rays, rynnyng swyft as fyre,                           25
  Drevyn from the hyghtis, brekkis out at the swyre:
  Ane othir part, syne ȝondyr mycht thou se
  The herd of hartis with thar hedis hie,
  Ourspynnerand with swyft cours the plane vaill,
  The hepe of duste vpstowryng at thair taill,                        30
  Fleand the hundis, levand the hie montanys.
  And Ascanyus, the child, amyd the planys,
  Joyus and blith hys startling steid to assay,
  Now makis his rynk ȝondir, and now this way
  Now prekis furth by thir, and now by thame;                          5
  Langyng, amang faynt frayt beistis ontame,
  The fomy bair, doun from the hyllis hycht,
  Or the dun lyoun discend, recontyr he mycht.
    In the meyn quhile, the hevynnys al about
  With fellon noys gan to rummyll and rowt.                           10
  A bub of weddir followyt in the tayll,
  Thik schour of rayn myddillit ful of haill.
  The Tyriane menȝe skales wydequhar,
  And al the gallandis of Troy fled heir and thar;
  And eik with thame the ȝong Ascanyus,                               15
  Nevo to kyng Dardan and to Venus.
  For feir, to diuers stedis throu the feildis,
  Thai seik to haldis, howsis, hyrnys and beildis:
  The ryveris rudly ruschit our hillis bedene.
  Within a cave is entrit Dido queyn,                                 20
  And eik the Troiane duke, al thame alane,
  By aventur, as thai eschewyt the rane.
  Erth, the first moder, maid a takyn of wo,
  And eik of wedlok the pronuba Juno,
  And of thar cuplyng wittering schew the ayr:                        25
  The flambe of fyreslaucht lychtnyt heir and thar
  And on the hillys hie toppis, but les,
  Sat murnand nymphis, hait Oreades.
  This wes the formaste day of hir glaidnes,
  And first morrow of hir wofull distres.                             30
  For nother the fasson nor the maner sche
  Attendis now, nor fame, ne honeste;
  Ne, from thens furthwart, Dido ony mor
  Musis on lufe secrete, as of befor,
  Bot clepis it spousage; and, with that fayr name,                    5
  Clokyt and hyd hir cryme of oppyn schame.


  _Of Fame that monstre, and kyng Hyarbas fury,
  And how fra Jove wes send the god Mercury._

  The fame heirof, belyve, gan walx and spreid
  Throu cheif citeis of all Affrik on breid:
  Fame is myscheif, quham na harm vndyr the lyft
  In motioun nor sterage is mair swyft.                               10
  Movand scho growis, and, passand our alquhar,
  Hir strenth encressis and walxis mair and mayr.
  Lytil, for feir, the fyrst tyme semys sche;
  Sone eftir rysys to the starnys on hie;
  Apon the grond scho walkis fra sted to sted,                        15
  And vp amang the clowdis hydis hyr hed.
  Throu greif of goddis commovyt, and nocht glaid,
  Erth, the gret moder, bayr this child, as is said,
  Last systir to Ceyos and Enchelades,
  Ane huge, horribill, and strange monstre, but les,                  20
  Spedy of fut, and on weyngis swyft as wynd.
  Quhou mony fedderis bene on hir body fynd,
  Als mony walkryse eyn lurkis thar vndir,
  Als feil tongis, that for to tell is wondir,
  With als feil mouthis carpis sche and beris,
  Als mony hes scho prik vpstandand eris.
  By nycht scho fleys amyd the hevyn throu owt,                        5
  Circuland the schaddow of the erth about
  With huge fard, nother cuyr gevand nor keip
  Hir eyn anys to rest nor tak a sleip:
  Al day scho syttis, wachand byssely,
  Apon the top of nobillis howsis, to spy,                            10
  Or on thir princis palyce with towris hie,
  And with hir noys gret citeis affrays sche;
  Als weil ramembring fenȝeit and schrewit sawys,
  As scho the treuth and verite furth schawis.
    Thys ilke wensch, that tyme, with mony a taill,                   15
  Glaidly this rumour gan throu the pepill skaill,
  Telland the thing wrocht, and not wrocht, togiddir:
  Quhou of the Troiane blude wes cummyn thiddir
  Ene, with quham the fair Dido be wed
  Dedenyt, and as husband go to bed;                                  20
  And how the wyntir sesson betwix thame tway
  Thai spend in lang reffell, lust, and play,
  Of thar realmys na thing remembring,
  In fowle delyte ybond be Cupyd kyng.
  Thys menskles goddes in euery mannys mouth                          25
  Skalys thir newis est, west, north, and sowth.
  Hir cours, onon, but langar tarying,
  Addressys scho ontill Hyarbas kyng;
  With hir sawis his mynd inflambyng as fyre,
  Prouokand hym to wreth and fellon ire.                              30
  To Amon he wes son, beget alswa
  Apon the maid revist Garamantida:
  Within his large realmys huge braid
  Ane hundreth tempillis to Jupiter he maid;
  Ane hundreth altaris, quharon the walkryfe fyre                      5
  He dedicate, al tymys byrnand schyre;
  Set wachis in honour of goddis perpetuelly;
  Of beistis blude the fat grond nevir dry,
  Strowit with garlandis and flowris of diuers kynd.
  This ilke kyng, wod wroith, half owt of mynd,                       10
  And for thir schrewyt rumouris for ammovit,
  In presens of the goddis quhilk he luffit,
  Befor the altar, to Jupiter, as thai say,
  Hevand vp handis, devotly thus gan pray:
    Almychty Jove, quod he, quhamto, feill sys,                       15
  On brusyt beddis hie fest and sacryfys
  Of Mawrusya the pepill hantis thus,
  Offeryng to the the honour of Bachus,
  Consideris thou this? or quhidder, fader, gif we
  For nocht the dredis, quhen thou lattis thundir fle?                20
  Or gif thi fyreslauch, the blynd clowdis within,
  To fley our myndis, in vane makis noys and dyn?
  Ȝone woman, lait exile and vagabund
  Com to our boundis, that by pryce bocht the grund
  A litil village to byg, and quhamto we                              25
  For to manuyr gave the strand of the see,
  Quhamto our lawis and statutis we gart mak,
  Our mariage gan lychtly and forsaik,
  And in hir ryng hes tane Ene for lord.
  And now that secund Parys, of ane accord                            30
  With his onworthy sort, skant half men beyn,
  Abufe his hed and halffettis, weil beseyn,
  Set lyke a mytir the Troiane foly hat,
  Hys hair enoynt weil prunȝeit vndir that,
  By reif mantemys hir suld owris be;                                  5
  Becaus onto thi templis dayly we
  Bryngis offerand, and invane hallowis thi name.
    With syk wordis kyng Hyarbas at hame
  Makyng hys prayeris, and grippand the altar,
  Him hard onon almychty Jupiter,                                     10
  And hys eyn turnys towart the riall wallis
  Of Cartage, and thir luffaris, quhilkis so fallis
  At thai thar fame and gude renown forȝet.
  Syne thus said to Mercuryus, but let,
  And with sik maner charge gan hym direk:                            15
    Pas, son, inhaist, graith the wyndis in effek;
  Slyde with thi feddyrame to ȝon Troiane prynce,
  Quhilk now in Cartage makis residence,
  Gevand no cuyr of citeis in Italy
  To hym ygrant by fatale destany;                                    20
  Do beir my message swyftly throw the skyis,
  Sa to hym thus my wordis on syk wys:
  His derrest moder promist ws not that he
  Of hys gydyng sa faynt a man suld be,
  Nor, for syk causys, hym delyverit twys                             25
  Furth of the Grekis handis, hys ennemys;
  Bot at he suld haue beyn wys, sage, and grave,
  Hie senȝeoreis and gret empyre to have,
  And Itale dant, quhilk brandysis in battell,
  And, by his dedis, declair and cleyrly tell                         30
  Hym cummyn of Teuceris hie genealogy,
  And to subdew the warldis monarchy.
  Of sa gret thingis thocht na wirschip hym steris,
  Nor for hys honour list not laubour as efferis,
  Ȝyt than, the fader aucht na wys to envy                             5
  That Ascanyus bruke Romys senȝeory.
  Speir quhat he beildis, or how that he dar dwell
  Amang a pepill salbe hys ennemys fell.
  Hys lynnage tocum in Itale forȝettis he,
  And gevis na compt of Lavyne the cuntre.                            10
  Byd hym mak saill: this is all in effek;
  Thiddir on our message thus we the direk.
    Said Jupiter: and Mercur, but arest,
  Dressyt to obey hys gret faderis behest:
  And first ontill hys feyt fast buklyt he                            15
  Hys goldyn weyngis, quharwith he doith fle,
  Quhen so hym lyst, abuf the fludis on hyght,
  Or on the erth, with gret fard and swyft flycht.
  Syne tuke his wand, quharwith, as that thai tell,
  The pail sawlis he cachis furth of hell,                            20
  And other sum tharwith gan schet full hoyt
  Deip in the sorofull grisly hellys pote;
  Quharwith he makis folk sleip, magre thar hed,
  And revis fra othir al sleip, and to the ded
  Closis thar eyn, and brekis the stryngis tway:                      25
  Throu help tharof he chasys the wyndis away,
  And trubly clowdis dyvidis in a thraw.
  Tho furth he fleys, till at the last he saw
  The heich top and sydis braid onevyn
  Of hard Atlas, baryng on his crown the hevyn;                       30
  The mysty clowdis cirkilland his hed about,
  Quharon of fyrryn treis stant mony rowt,
  With wynd and storm full oft to schaik and blaw;
  Hys schulderis heildit with new fallyn snaw:
  Furth of the chyn of this ilk hasard auld                            5
  Gret fludis ischis, and styf ise schokkyllis cauld
  Doun from his stern and grysly berd hyngis.
  Heir first Mercur, with evynly schynand weyngis,
  Gan hym arest, and with hail fard fra thens
  Vnto the sey fludis maid hys discens;                               10
  Lyke till a fowle that, endlang the cost syde,
  About the strandis, of fysch plentuus, and wyde,
  Fleys by the watyr, skummand the fludis law:
  Betwix the hevyn and erth, the sam wys, flaw
  Mercury, clepit the child Cyllenyus,                                15
  Discendyng from hys moder granscher thus;
  The sandy costis and desertis of Lyby,
  And eik the wyndis, persyng by and by.
    And, with the weyngit solys of hys feyt,
  As he of Cartage fyrst tred on the streyt,                          20
  Eneas foundand towris he gan aspy,
  And garrand beild new lugyngis byssyly:
  Belt he wes with a swerd of mettale brycht,
  Of quham the scawbart with brown jasp wes pight;
  His rych array dyd our hys schuldris hyng,                          25
  Bet of a purpour claith of Tyre glittering,
  Fettysly stykkit with prynnyt goldyn thredis;
  Of mychty Didois gift wrocht all his wedis.
  Mercur recontris hym, and said onon:
  Of Cartage now the prowd wallis of stone                            30
  Thou foundis, quod he, and biggis at al devyce
  A cite, excersyt intill a wyfis seruyce,
  Thyne awyn materis and realm forȝetting, allace!
  Hiddir onto the, from his bricht hevynly place,
  The governour of goddis heth me sent,                                5
  Quhilk rewlys at will erd, hevyn, and elyment;
  He bad me throw the skyis bair this charge:
  Quhat beildis thou heir in Lyby or Cartage?
  Or to quhat fyne or beleif takis on hand
  To waist thi tyme into this fremmyt land?                           10
  Gif that na lavd ne honour move the list
  Of sa hie thingis as ar to the promyst,
  Nor thi selvyn thou wil not occupy
  To purches thine awyn renown ne glory;
  Ȝyt than, behald Ascanyus vpwalxing,                                15
  And the gret hope of his seid and ofspring,
  Quhamtil the realm and kynryk of Itaill,
  With Romys boundis, beyn destinate, sans faill.
    On syk wys thus carpys Mercuryus,
  And in the myddis of his sermond, thus,                             20
  He vanyst far away, I wait nevir quhar.
  Furth of this mortale syght, in the schyre ayr.


  _Quhou Eneas hym grathys to depart,
  To quhom Dido heir carpys with sayr hart._

  Bot than Ene half mad and dum stude als,
  Vpstart his hair, the voce stak in his hals.
  Sayr he langis to fle and to depart;
  And that sweit cuntre, on the tother part,
  To leif ful laith wes hym, or go at large.
  Astonyst he wes to syt sa hie a charge,
  Or dysobey the gret godis beheste.                                   5
  Allace! quhat suld he do? oneth he wist;
  Or with quhat wordis suld he now assay
  The amorus queyn forto requir and pray,
  Or on quhat wys hys taill he mycht begyn;                           10
  Baith to and fra compasyng, hys breist within,
  Feill purpossys for euery part about.
  And, at the last, thus as he stude in dout,
  Thys resson hym semyt fynaly the best:
  He callys to hym Mynestheus and Sergest,                            15
  And strang Cloanthus; and bad thai suld, in hy,
  Do graith hys schyppys and navyn secretly,
  And gaddir hys folkis towart the cost togydder;
  Armour and al thyng necessar bring thyddir,
  And to dissymyll, gif ony axit quhy                                 20
  Thai thus addressyt thar geyr sa suddanly:
  Hym self, he said, the meyn quhile, suld assay
  To purches leif to pas and go away,
  And wait hys tyme to speke tharof maist habill,
  Quhen that the queyn Dido, maist honorabil,                         25
  Suld not beleif sa sone he kouth depart,
  Nor sa gret luf dissyvir mycht be na art.
  At hys command thai al glaidly furth went,
  And bissely begouth speid hys entent.
    Bot sone the queyn persavyt al the slycht:
  Quhay may begile a luffar, day or nycht?                            30
  Thar departing at hand fyrst scho aspyis,
  Dredyng all sovir thing, as is the gys
  Of euery luffar al tyme to stand in feir.
  This ilke cursyt Fame, we spak of eyr,
  Bair to the amorus queyn noys, and gan rown,                         5
  The schippis ar grathand, to pas thai mak thaim boun.
  Quharfor, inpacient, and myndles in hir rage,
  Scho wyskis wild throu the town of Cartage;
  Syk wys, as quhen thir nunnys of Bachus
  Ruschis and relis our bankis, brays, and bus,                       10
  Quhen, euery thryd ȝeir, on thar payane gys,
  Thar goddis feist thai hallow with lowd cryis,
  That, al the nycht, the mont of Cytheron
  Resoundis of thar clamour, quhar thai gone.
  And at the last, ȝit thus, of hir fre will,                         15
  Eftir lang musyng, scho spak Eneas tyll:
    With dissymulance wenyt thou, onfaithfull wight,
  Thou mycht haue hyd fra me sa fals a slycht,
  And, myne onwyttyng, steill furth of my land?
  That nothir our gret lufe, promys, nor rycht hand                   20
  Gevyn me vmquhile, may the heir withhald,
  Nor cruel deth of Didois cors so cald!
  Gif thou depart, and forthir quhat wald thou do,
  In wyntir sesson pres graith thi navy, lo!
  And the addres to pas throu the wod see,                            25
  Myd tyme quhen stormys and wyndis blaw maist hie;
  Art thou sa cruel? I put the cace, alsso,
  That to nane onkouth landis the list go,
  Nother to fremmyt place, nor stedis will,
  Bot that auld Troy war ȝyt vpstandand still;                        30
  Aucht thou, ȝit than, leif this weilfair and joy,
  And in sik perrell seik throu the sey to Troy?
  Quhat! wilt thou fle from me? allace! allace!
  Be all thir teris trygland our my face,
  And be that rycht hand vmquhile thou me gave;                        5
  Sen to my self nocht ellis left I have,
  Now wrachit catyve; be our treuth plychting eyk,
  And be our spowsage begunnyn, I the beseik,
  Gif euer ony thank I deservit towart the,
  Or ocht of myne to the wes leif, quod sche,                         10
  Haue mercy of our lynnage reddy to spill;
  Gif tyme remanys ȝit thou heir prayeris will,
  This fremmyt mynd, I pray ȝou, do away.
  For the I haue beyn hatyt, this mony a day,
  With all the pepill of Affrik, and with the kyng                    15
  That rewlys the land of Numyda and ryng;
  For the myne awyn Tyrianys ar with me wraith;
  For the is womanheid went and wirschip baith,
  And my first fame, lavd, and renownye,
  Quharby I wes rasyt to the starnys hie.                             20
  Reddy to de, and my selvyn to spill,
  My sweit gest, quhamto thou me leif will?
  My gest, ha God! quhou al thyng now invane is,
  Quhen of my spows nane othir name remanys!
  Bot quharto suld I my ded langar delay?                             25
  Sal I abyde quhil thou be went away,
  And quhil myne awyn brothir, Pigmaleon,
  Bet down the wallis of my cite onon,
  Or stern Hyarbas, kyng of Getule,
  Led me away into captiuite?                                         30
  Bot, at the leist, tofor thi wayfleyng,
  Had I a child consavyt of thyne ofspryng,
  Gif I had ony ȝong Eneas small,
  Befor me forto play within my hall,
  Quhilk representit by symylitude thi face;                           5
  Than semyt I nocht, thus wys, allace! allace!
  Aluterly dissauyt nor dissolate.
    Thus said the queyn Dido, in febil estate.
  Bot, apon Jovis message fermly he
  Stude musyng so, he movit nocht ane E;                              10
  Refrenyt his will, hydand in hart his thocht,
  And, at the last, thir few wordis hes furth brocht:
  O gentil queyn, that sall I nevir deny,
  Thy gude deid and desart is mair worthy
  Than thou with wordis or tong may expreme;                          15
  Nor it sal nevir me irk, na ȝit mysseym,
  The worthy Dido to hald in fresch memory,
  So lang as that my self remembir may I,
  Or quhil the spreit of lyfe this body steris.
  As the mater requiris, a litil heris:                               20
  I purposyt nocht forto hyde thyftuusly
  My vayage, nor, as ȝe weyn, secretly
  Away to steil; quhat nedis ȝou sa to feyn?
  For I pretendit nevir, be na meyn,
  With ȝou to mak the band of mariage,                                25
  Nor in that ȝok, ne frendschip in Cartage,
  Ȝyt come I nevir: bot gif the fatis, but pled,
  At my plesour sufferit me lyfe to led,
  At my fre wil my warkis to modyfy,
  The cite of Troy than first agane suld I                            30
  Restore, and of our deir frendis remanys
  Gaddir togiddir, and to the venquist Troianys
  Raparal with my handis agane thar wallis,
  And beild vp Priamus palyce at now fallis.
  Bot sen Appollo, clepit Gryneus,                                     5
  Gret Italy to seik commandis ws,
  To Itale eik oraclys of Lycia
  Admonyst ws, but mair delay, to ga;
  Thar is my lust now, and delyte at hand,
  Thar is my cuntre, and my natyve land.                              10
  Gif the, of Cartage the burgh and towris swa,
  Quhilk art a woman of Phenycia,
  And the aspect of citeis Affricane
  Delytis, and withhaldis heir to remane,
  Quhat wrang is it, caus of envy or schame,                          15
  Thocht Troianys seik to Itale for thar hame?
  Or is it nocht als lesum and ganand
  That fynaly we seik to onkouth land?
  Als oft as day is gone, and the dyrk nycht
  With hir donk schaddow hydis of the erth the sycht,                 20
  Als oft as schynyng starnys doith vprys,
  My faderis gost, Anchises, als feil sys
  Into my sleip mannasis me tharto fast,
  And oft his feirfull ymage doith me agast;
  And, in lyke wys, the child Ascanyus,                               25
  Quhais deir hed suffir iniurys is hard to ws,
  Quham of the realm of Itail I defraud,
  And fra the grond to hym promyst withhawd.
  Be athir of our hedis this I sweir;
  Now laitly eik of goddis the messynger,                             30
  From hie Jupiter in hasty message sent,
  Down throu the ayr brocht the ilk commandment:
  On fair day lycht, myne awyn self dyd I se
  Mercur, the God, entyr in this cite,
  And his wordis with thir sam eris hard I.                            5
  With thy complayntis ony langar, forthy,
  Lat be to vex me, or thy self to spyll,
  Sen I seik nocht to Itale with fre will.


  _Of the scharp wordys queyn Dydo dyd say,
  And how Eneas bownys fast away._

  Dydo, aggrevit ay quhil he his tayl tald,
  With acquart luke gan to wart hym behald,                           10
  Rollyng vmquhile hir eyn, now heir, now thar,
  With syght onstabil waverand our alquhar;
  And all enragyt thir wordis gan furth braid:
    Nothir wes a goddes thy moder, as is sayd,
  Nor ȝyt kyng Dardanus cheif stok of thi kyn,                        15
  Thou treuthles wyght; bot, of a cald hard quhyn,
  The clekkyt that horribill mont, Cawcasus hait;
  Thou sowkyt nevir womanis breist, weil I wait,
  Bot of sum cruel tygir of Araby
  The pappys the fosterit in the wod Hyrcany.                         20
  To quhat effect suld I hym langar perswaid,
  Or quhat bettir may beleve than he hes said?
  Quhiddir gif he murnyt quhen we wepit and walyt?
  Quhiddir gif he steryt his eyn, as ocht hym alyt?
  Quhidder gif, for rewth, he furthȝet anys a teyr,
  Or of hys lufe had piete? na, not to ȝeir.
  Quhou sal I begyn, quhat first, quhat last to say?                   5
  Now, now, nothir gretast Juno, wallaway!
  Nor Saturnys son, hie Jupiter, with just eyn
  Hes our querrell considerit, na ourseyn;
  For no quhar now faith nor lawte is fund.
  I ressavyt hym schyp brokkyn fra the sey grund,                     10
  Wilsum, and mystyrfull of al warldis thyng,
  Syne, myndles, maid hym my fallow in this ryng:
  Hys navy lost raparalyt I, but faill,
  And hys feris fred from the deth alhaill.
  Allace! enragyt or enchantit am I;                                  15
  Quhen now Appollo, with hys sossery,
  And quhilis, he says, the kavillys of Lycia,
  And quhilis, fra Jupiter down sent alsswa,
  The messynger of goddis bryngis throu the skyis
  Sa feirful charge and command on this wys:                          20
  Lyke as the goddis abufe nocht ellys rocht,
  Bot on thi passage war al thar cuyr and thocht.
  Nothir wil I hald the, nor thi wordis contrar:
  Pas on thi way, towart Itale thou fair;
  Seik throu the fludis with wyndis to that ryng.                     25
  Forsuyth, gif reuthfull goddis may ony thing,
  Amyd thi way, I traist, on rolkis blak
  Thou sal deir by thy treuth thou to me brak,
  And clepe oft my richt name, Dido, Dido!
  With fyre infernale, in thine absens alsso,                         30
  I sal the follow; and, fra the cald ded
  Reif from my membris this sawle, in euery sted
  My gost salbe present the to agrys:
  Thou salt, onworthy wyght, apon this wys,
  Be punyst weil; and tharof wald I heyr;                              5
  The fame tharof sal cum onto myne eyr,
  Vndir the erth, amang the schaddowys law.
    And this spokkyn, hir sermond, with the ilk saw,
  Brak scho in twane, ful dolorus in hir thocht:
  The lycht scho fled, and, als fast as scho mocht,                   10
  Turnys frawart hym, and wyskyt of hys sycht,
  On seir materis leifand hym pensyve wight,
  And purposyng to haue said mony thyngis.
  The damycellis fast to thar lady thryngis,
  That was in dedly swoun plat for dispar:                            15
  Vp thai hyr hynt, and to hyr chawmyr bayr,
  Quhilk was of marbill wrocht, and in hir bed
  Laid softly down apon rych carpettis spred.
    Bot ȝyt, althocht the reuthfull Eneas
  The dolorus queyn to meys ful bissy was,                            20
  To do hir comfort, and hir dyseys asswage,
  And with hys wordis return hir sad curage,
  Bewalyng mekill hyr sorow and distres,
  Proplexte in mynd by gret lufe; netheles,
  The command of the goddis, by and by,                               25
  He execut, and vysseys hys navy.
  Than byssely the Troianys fell to wark,
  And mony gret schyp, ballyngar, and bark,
  Langis the cost brocht in, and bet full weill.
  Now fletis the mekil holk with tallonyt keyll:                      30
  The burgionyt treys on burd thai bring for aris,
  Weltis down in woddis gret mastis, and na thing sparis,
  Saysyng half onwrocht, so ithand thai war fair bown.
  Rynnand heir and thar, and wendyng fast of town,
  Ȝhe mycht haue seyn thame haist, lyke emmotis grete                  5
  Quhen thai depulȝe the mekill byng of quhete,
  And in thar byke it careis, all and sum,
  Providing for the cald wyntir tocum:
  The blak swarm our the feildis walkis ȝarn,
  Tursand throu the gers thar pray to hydlys darn:                    10
  Sum on thar nek the gret cornys vpwrelis,
  And our the furris bissely tharwith spelys;
  Sum constrenyng the otheris fast to wirk;
  And sum the sleuthful chasteis, that thocht irk
  Of thar labour; quhil euery rod and went                            15
  Wolx of thar ithand wark hait, quhar thai went.


  _Quhou Dydo send hir systir Ene to pray,
  And of the grysly syngnys dyd hir affray._

  Quhat thocht thou now, Dydo, seand thir thingis?
  Quhou mony sobbys gave thou and womentyngis,
  Quhen thou, out of thi castell from the hycht,
  The large costis beheld thus at a sycht                             20
  Ourspred with Troianys, in fervent bissynes
  Gan spedely for thar vayage addres,
  And of thar clamour befor thine eyn dyd se
  Dyn and resoundyng al the large see?
    O wytles lufe! quhat may be thocht or do,
  At thou constrenys nocht mortell myndis therto?
  Scho is compellit to fal agane to teris,                             5
  And Eneas assay with new prayeris;
  And condiscendyt hir provd hart to submyt
  Onto the strenth of lufe thus anys ȝyt:
  Les scho onwar, but caus, hir deth purvayt,
  Hir list na thyng behynd leif onassayt.                             10
  Till hir scho gan hir systir call in hy:
    Annes, quod scho, thou seys how byssely,
  Our al the cost, for this vayage haist thai,
  And now the wynd blawis weil to sail away:
  The maryneris glaid lays thar schippis vndyr croys.                 15
  O systir! in tyme kouth I haue trowyt this loys,
  And sa gret dolour, I had providyt, but weir,
  That this displesour suld haue beyn eith to beir.
  And netheles, for me, onhappy wight,
  Do this a thing, Annes, with al thi mycht:                          20
  Sen ȝon ilk faithles man, deir systir, the
  Was wont to cherys, and hald in gret dante,
  And als hys secretis onto the reveill;
  Hys sweit entres sum tyme thou knew ful weill,
  Nane bot thou only the tyme of hys cummyng.                         25
  Pas on, systir; in my name this a thyng
  Say lawly to my provd fa, and declair,
  That in the port Aulyda I neuer swair
  With the Grekis the Troianys to distroy;
  Nor I non navy send to sege Troy;                                   30
  Nor ȝyt his fader Anchises graf schent;
  I nothir the muldis nor banys tharof rent.
  Quhy doith he reffus my wordis and prayeris
  To lat entir in his dul ontretabill eris?
  Quhidder haistis he sa fast from hys behufe                          5
  Beseik hym grant ontil his wrachyt lufe
  This lattir reward, sen algatis he wil fle;
  Tary quhil wynd blaw soft, and stabill see.
  His ald promys na mair wil I hym crave,
  Nor band of wedlok, quhilk he hes dissave;                          10
  Nor ȝyt him pray go not to Italy,
  Ne leif fair realmys, onto him destany:
  A litil delay I ask, but othir eys,
  A space my furor to asswage and meys;
  Quhill that my frawart forton and estait                            15
  Of my beleve schaw me I am frustrait,
  And tech me for to murn mair paciently.
  This lattir gift only at hym ask I.
  Haue mercy, systir, of thy systir deyr:
  Quhilk seruyce quhen thou done hes, without weir,                   20
  I sal the recompens weil twenty fald,
  And, quhil my ded, the sam in memor hald.
    With syklyke wordis hir request scho maid.
  Hir supplicatioun, with teris ful onglaid,
  Reportis hir systir, and answer brocht agane                        25
  Quhou al hir prayeris and desyre was invane:
  For al thar wepyng mycht not him anys steir;
  Nane of thar wordis lykis hym to heir,
  Thocht he of natur was tretabill and curtas.
  The fatis war contrar thar desyre netheles,                         30
  And hys benyng eris the goddis dyttit,
  That of thar askyng thar was nocht admittit.
  And lyke as quhen the ancyant aik tre,
  With hys byg schank, by north wynd oft we se
  Is ombeset, to bet hym down and ourthraw,                            5
  Now heir, now thar, with the fell blastis blaw,
  The swouchand byr quhisland amang the granys,
  So that the hyast branchys, al atanys,
  Thar croppys bowis towart the erth als tyte,
  Quhen with the dynt the maister stok schank is smyte;               10
  And, netheles, the ilk tre, fixit fast,
  Stikkis to the rochis, not doun bet with the blast:
  For quhy? als far as his crop heich on breid
  Strekis in the ayr, als far hys rut doith spreid
  Deip vndir erth, towart the hell adoun:                             15
  The sammyn wys was this gentil baroun,
  Now heir, now thar, with wordis ombeset,
  And in his stout breist, ful of thochtis het,
  Of reuth and amouris felt the perturbance.
  Bot euer his mynd stude ferm, for ony chance                        20
  Onmovyt, quhar hys fyrst purpos was set,
  That al for nocht the teris war furthȝet.
    Than suythly, the fey Dydo, al affrayt,
  Seand fatis contrar, eftir deth prayt:
  Scho irkit of hir lyfe, or to tak tent                              25
  Forto behald the hevynnys firmament.
  Tharfor, in takyn hir purpos to fulfill,
  And leif the lycht of lyfe, as was hyr will,
  As on the altaris byrnand ful of sense
  The sacrifyce scho offerit, in hir presence,                        30
  A grisly thyng to tell, scho gan behald
  In blak adyll the hallowyt watir cald
  Changyt and altyr, and furthȝet wynys gude,
  Onon returnyt into laithly blude.
  This visioun sche to nane reveil wald,                               5
  Nor ȝyt to An, hir deir systir, it tald.
  In wirschip eik, within hir palyce ȝet,
  Of hir first husband, was a tempil bet
  Of marbill, and hald in ful gret reverens,
  With snaw quhite bendis, carpettis, and ensens,                     10
  And festuale burgeonys arrayt, on thar gys:
  Tharin was hard vocis, spech, and cryis
  Of hir said spous, clepand hir ful lowd,
  Evir quhen the dyrk nycht dyd the erth schrowd;
  And oft with wild scryke the nycht owle,                            15
  Heich on the rufe, alane, was hard ȝowle
  With langsum voce and a ful petuus beir.
  And eik bygane the feirful sawis seyr
  Of the dyvynys, with terribil monysyngis,
  Affrayt hir by mony grysly syngis.                                  20
  And in hir sleip, wod wroth, in euery place
  Hir semyt cruel Eneas gan hir chace;
  And evir, hir thocht, scho was left al alane,
  And, but cumpany, mony far way had gane,
  To seik hir folkis in a wilsum land.                                25
  Lyke kyng Pentheus, in his wod rage dotand,
  Thocht he beheld gret rowtis stand in staill
  Of the Ewmenydes, fureys infernale,
  And in the lyft twa sonnys schynand cleir;
  The cite of Thebes gan dowbil to hym appeir:                        30
  Or lyke Orestes, son of Agamenon,
  On theatreis, in farcis mony one,
  Rowpyt and sung how he his moder fled,
  With fyre brondis and blak serpentis ourcled,
  And saw the furyis, and grisly goddis fed,                           5
  Sittand in the tempill port to wrek hir ded.


  _Quhou Dydo queyn, hir purpos to covert,
  Of enchantment dyd contyrfait the art._

  Thus quhen Dydo had caucht this frenasy,
  Ourset with sorow and syk fantasy,
  And determyt fermly that scho wald de;
  The tyme quhen, and maner quhou it suld be,                         10
  Compasyng in hir breist, but mair abaid
  Onto hir dolorus systir thus scho sayd,
  Hir purpos by hir vissage dissymuland,
  Schawand by hir cheir gude hope and glad sembland:
    Systir germane, quod scho, away ȝour smart;                       15
  Beys of ȝour systeris weilfar glaid in hart.
  I haue the way fundyn, quharby ȝone syre
  Salbe to me rendryt at my desyre,
  Or me delyvir from hys lufe al fre.
  Neyr by the end of the gret occiane see,                            20
  Thar as the son declynys and goys doun,
  At the far syde of Ethiope regioun,
  A place thar is, quhar that the huge Atlas
  On schuldyr rollys the round speir in cumpas,
  Full of thir lemand starnys, as we se:
  Thar dwellys, systir, as it is schaw to me,
  Ane haly nun, a ful gret prophetes,                                  5
  Born of the pepill of Massylyne, I ges,
  And wardane of the ryal tempil, thai sa,
  Set in the gardyngis hecht Hesperida,
  And to the walkryfe dragon mete gave sche,
  That kepyt the goldyn apyllis in the tre,                           10
  Strynkland to hym the wak hunny sweit,
  And sleipryfe chesbow seyd, to quykkyn his spreit.
  This woman hechtis, with hir enchantmentis,
  From luffis bandis to lows al thar ententis
  Quham so hir lyst, and bynd other sum alsso                         15
  In langsum amouris vehement payn and wo:
  The rynnand fludis thar watir stop kan scho mak,
  And eik the starnys turn thar cours abak;
  And on the nycht the ded gastis assemmyll:
  Vndir thi feyt the erd rayr and trymmyll                            20
  Thou most se, throw hir incantatioun,
  And from the hillys treys discendyng down.
  To wytnes the gret goddis draw I heyr,
  And thy sweit hed, myne awyn systir deir,
  Agane my wil, ful sayr constrenyt am I                              25
  Art magyk to excers or sossory.
  Richt secretly intil our innar clos,
  Vndir the oppyn sky, to this purpos
  Pas on, and of treys thou byg a byng
  To be a fyre, and tharapon thou hyng                                30
  Ȝon mannys sword, quhilk that wikkyt wight
  Left stykand in our chawmyr this hyndir nyght;
  Hys cote armour, and othir clethyng all,
  And eik that maist wrachit bed coniugall,
  Quharin I perychit and wes schent, allace!                           5
  For so the religyus commandyt has,
  To omdo and distroy al maner thyng
  Quhilk may ȝon wareit man to memor bring.
    This sayd, scho held hir tong; and tharwithall
  Hir vissage wolx als pail as ony wall.                              10
  Thocht Annes wenyt not hir systir wald
  Graith sacryfice for hir ded body cald,
  Nor that syk fury was in hyr breist consavyt;
  For by na resson dred sche, nor persavyt
  Now mor displesour or harmys apperand                               15
  Than for Sycheus ded, hir first husband:
  Quharfor, scho hes hir command done ilk deill.
  Bot quhen the gret byng was vp beildit weill
  Of ayk treys and fyrryn schydis dry,
  Within the secrete clos, vndyr the sky,                             20
  The place with flowris and garlandis stentis the queyn,
  And crownys about with funerale bewis greyn:
  Abuf the mowe the forsaid bed was maid,
  Quharin the figur of Ene scho layd,
  Hys clethyng, and hys sword at he had left,                         25
  Ramembryng weill the thyng that followyt eft.
  Feill altaris stude about the fyre funerale,
  And the religyus nun, with hair down skaill,
  Thre hundreth goddis with hir mouth rowpyt sche;
  Herebus, the grysly of the deyp hellys see,                         30
  Chaos, confoundar of Elymentis, alssua,
  And the thrynfald goddes Proserpina,
  The thre figuris of the virgyn Dyan.
  And evir the watir strynklis scho onan,
  Contyrfait to be of Avernus the well,                                5
  Quhilk lowch is situat at the mouth of hell:
  Spryngand herbys eftir the cours of the moyn
  War socht, and with brasyn hukis cuttit soyn,
  To get thar mylky sap and vennom blak:
  Thai seik alsso, and owt gan rent and tak                           10
  The lump betwix the new born folys eyn,
  And fra the moder byreft the lufe sa greyn.
  The queyn hir self fast by the altar standis,
  Haldand the meldyr in hir devote handis;
  Hir ta fute bayr, and the bandis of threyd                          15
  Nocht festynnyt, bot hung by hyr lowys weyd:
  And, remembring scho was in poynt to de,
  The goddis all onto wytnes drew sche,
  The starnys and planetis, gydaris of fatis,
  And gif thar ony deite be, that watis                               20
  Or persavys luffaris inequale of behest,
  To haue in memor hir just caus and request.


  _Quhat sorow dreys queyn Dydo all the nycht,
  And how Mercur bad Ene tak the flycht._

  The nycht followys, and euery wery wight
  Throu owt the erth hath caucht, onon rycht,
  The sownd plesand sleip thame lykit best;
  Woddis and rageand seys war at rest:
  As the starnys thar myd cours rollys doun,
  All feildis still, but othir noys or sown,
  All beistis and byrdis of diuers cullouris seir,                     5
  And quhatsumeuer in the braid lochis weir,
  Or, amang buskis harsk, leyndis vndir the spray,
  Throu nychtis sylence slepit quhar thai lay;
  Mesyng thar bissy thocht and curis smart,
  All irksum laubour forȝet and owt of hart.                          10
  Bot the onrestles fey spreit dyd not so
  Of this onhappy Phenyssane Dydo;
  For neuer mair may scho sleip a wynk,
  Nor nychtis rest in eyn or breist lat synk:
  The hevy thochtis multipleis euer on ane:                           15
  Strang luf begynnys to rage and rys agane
  And fellon stormys of ire gan hir to schaik
  Thus fynaly scho owt bradis, allaik!
  Rollyng alane seir thyngis in hir thocht:
    Ha! quhat do I? quod scho, all is for nocht.                      20
  Sall I thus mokkit, and to hething dryve,
  My fyrst luffaris agane assay belyve?
  Or sal I lawly sum lord Numydane
  Pray and beseik of mariage now agane,
  Quhom I sa oft lychtlyit to spows or this?                          25
  Na, wyll I not: quhat? sal I than, I wys,
  Follow the Troiane navy in strange landis.
  And reddely obey al thar commandis?
  I hope it sal profyte, na litill thyng,
  My gret help done thame and suppowellyng;                           30
  For amang kynd folkis this is na dreid,
  Weil is remembrit the ald thankful deid.
  Bot thocht, in cace, to do this war my will,
  Quha wald me suffir my purpos to fulfyll,
  Or in thar prowd schippis me ressaue?                                5
  Thus drevyn to hethyng, and al thi grace bywave,
  Tynt woman, allace! baris thou not ȝyt in mynd
  The maynsweryng of fals Laomedonis kynd?
  And maratour, quhat ettill I for to do?
  A Queyn alane to steil away thus, lo!                               10
  Accumpanyit bot with mery maryneris?
  Or than with all my Tyrianys, as efferis,
  And all my power assemblit me about,
  On schipburd entyr with al that huge rowt
  Quhilk furth of Sydon scarsly draw I mycht,                         15
  Sal I thame cach agane our seys lycht?
  Byd thame mak saill onon, and a new rays?
  Na, rather de, as thou deservyt has,
  And with a swerd mak of this duyl ane end.
  O systir germane, thou me fyrst taucht and kend,                    20
  Allace the quhile! and offerit me to my fo;
  Thou with thir harmys ourchargit me alsso,
  Quhen I fell fyrst into this rage, quod sche,
  Bot so to do my teris constrenyt the.
  Was it not lefull, allace! but cumpany,                             25
  To me but cryme in chawmyr alane to ly,
  Or led my lyfe lyke to thir beistis wild,
  And not beyn thus with thocht nor harmys fild?
  Allace! onkepit is the trew cunnand
  Hecht to Sycheus assys, my first husband.                           30
    Syk gret complayntis from hir breist bryst kan.
  Bot Eneas, sovir to depart or than,
  And al hys neidful thyngis grathit, by and by,
  Heich in hys eft schyp sownd slepand kan ly;
  Quhamto in visioun the sam god dyd appeir,                           5
  In syklyke figur as that he dyd eyr,
  Onto Mercuryus lyke, in al fasson,
  Baith cullour of vissage, and of vocis sown,
  In form of a ȝongker with membris fair,
  Plesand of cheir, and ȝallow glytterand hair.                       10
  Hym thocht agane he monyst on this wys:
    Son of the goddes, quhou is this heir thou lyis?
  Quhat? may thou vndir sa gret danger sleip,
  And, al forvayit, takis nothir cuyr nor keyp
  For to behald quhat perrellys about the standis,                    15
  Nor harknys the fair wynd blawys of landis?
  Scho quham thou knawys, within hir breist ful hait
  Sorowfull vengeans compasis and dissait,
  And certanly determyt for to de,
  In diuers stowris of ire brandysys sche:                            20
  Quhy wilt thou not fle spedely be nycht,
  Quhen forto haist thou hes laser and mycht?
  Thou salt, onon, behald the seys large
  All ombeset with toppyt schyp and barge,
  The feirful brandis and blesys of hait fyre,                        25
  Reddy to byrn thi schippys, lemand schyre,
  And al the cost belyve of flambys scald,
  Gyf, quhil to morow, tary in this land thow wald.
  Haue done, speid hand, and mak na mair delay,
  Variabill and changeand thyngis beyn wemen ay.                      30
  And sayand this, into the dyrk nyght
  He gan hym hyde, and vanyst out of sycht.
    Eneas, of this hasty visioun affrayit,
  Gan start on fut, and fast his feris assayit:
  A walk onon, get vp my men in hy,                                    5
  Tyte to ȝour wardis, span aris bissely,
  Schaik down the salys sone, and lat ws wend.
  From the hie hevyn the god agane is send,
  Lo! spurrand ws to haist and fle away,
  And byddis smyte the twyne cabyll in tway.                          10
  O blissyt wyght! quhat god at evir thou be,
  We sal obey thi charge, and follow the,
  And thy command fulfyll agane blithly;
  Besekyng the assist to ws frendly
  Help and support, with prospir influens                             15
  The hevyn and starris dres our vayage hens.
  And, with that word, hys scherand sword als tyte,
  Hynt owt of scheith, the cabil in twa gan smyte.
  The sam maner of haist caucht al the lave:
  Thai hurl away, ankyrris vphynt and rave;                           20
  Left the costis desert on athir sydis;
  The stabil sey vndir the schippis slydis;
  The stour of fame vpwelt thai egyrly,
  And swepis our the haw fludis in hy.


  _Quhou queyn Dydo beheld Ene depart,
  And quhat scho said with harmys at hir hart._

  Be this Aurora, leifand the purpour bed
  Of hir lord Titan, heth the erd ourspred
  With new days licht: and quhen the queyn
  The first grekyng of the day hes seyn,
  And fra hir hie wyndoys gan espy,                                    5
  With bent sail furth caryand, the navy;
  The costis and the schor al desolate
  Behaldis eik, but owthir schip or bate;
  Hir fayr quhite breist, thar as scho dyd stand,
  Feil tymys smate scho with hir awyn hand,                           10
  And, ryvand hir bricht haris petuusly,
  Jupiter, quod scho, sal he depart, ha, fy!
  And leful tyll a vavengeour stranger
  Me and my realm betrump on this maner?
  Sal not my menȝe to harnes ryn in hy                                15
  Our al the town, and follow bissely?
  Speid, tak ȝon schippis, on burd fast to the raid,
  Haist sone, and kast on thame fyre blesis braid,
  Schute dartis thik, and qwel thame with ȝour glavys.
  Quhat said I? or quhar am I? now thou ravys;                        20
  Quhat wodnes, fey Dydo, movis thi mynd?
  Now art thou hyt with frawart werdis onkynd?
  Sa til haue done than had bene mair ganand
  Quhen thou hym gave the ceptour of thi land.
  Ha! now behald hys gret prowes, quod sche,
  Hys reuthful piete, and faith! is not ȝon he,
  Quham, as thai say, the goddis of hys land
  In hys navy careis our sey and sand?
  Is not ȝon he, quhom on his schulderis, thai say,                    5
  For reuth his agit fader bair away?
  Mycht I not caucht and rent in pecis his cors,
  Syne swak the gobbettis in the sey by fors
  Of hym and all hys fallowys? weill I mocht:
  And eik ȝone sam Ascanyus mycht I nocht                             10
  Haue trynschit with a sword, and maid a meys
  To his fader tharof to eyt at deys?
  Forsuyth, in cace the aventur of bataill
  Had beyn doutsum; wald God it war assaill!
  Quham sall I dreid, now reddy for to de?                            15
  Wald God I mycht, in ȝon navy I se,
  The hait fyre brandis set, and euery boyr
  Fyll all with flambys red, and forthirmor
  Baith fader and son, with hail generacioun,
  That I had brynt, distroyit, and bryttynyt doun,                    20
  And thame abuf syne ded my self had laid!
  O thou brycht son, that, with thi bemys glayd,
  All erdly laubour clengis, circuland about;
  And thou Juno, mediatrix, but dout,
  Of al thir hevy thochtis, and weill thame knawis;                   25
  And thou Proserpyne, quhilk, by our gentile lawys,
  Art rowpit hie, and ȝellyt lowd by nyght,
  In forkyt ways, with mony mudy wight;
  And ȝe infernale fureys, that wrekis al wrang;
  And ȝe goddis eik, quham now amang                                  30
  Dido standis reddy to cum in poynt to de;
  Ressaue thir wordis quhilkis I sal say, quod sche,
  Withdraw fra hyne ȝour gret mychtis, quharby
  Schrewis awcht be punyst for thar cryme, and not I;
  And thir our prayeris accept, we ȝou beseik.                         5
  Gyf it be necessar, and determyt eik,
  Ȝon wikkit hed in portis of Itale
  To entir and cum, or to thai boundis saill;
  And gyf the fatis and Jove wil it be so,
  And hes decreit he fynaly thyddir go;                               10
  Ȝit, at the lest, thar mot he be assail,
  With hardy pepill ay trublyt in bataill;
  By fors of armys expellyt hys boundis eik,
  Far from Ascanyus help, constrenyt beseik
  Ayd and supple; and als that he behald                              15
  Feil cayrfull corsys of hys folk ded and cald:
  And quhen alsso hym self submyt hes he
  Vndir payce and lawis of iniquite,
  That he bruke nowthir realm, nor gude lyfe led,
  Bot fal fey or his day, and sone be ded,                            20
  And ly onerdyt in myddis of the sandis.
  Thys I beseik ȝou, hevand vp my handis:
  This is my lattir word at I conclude,
  Furthȝettand it togidder with my blude.
  And forthirmor, O ȝe, my Tyrianys,                                  25
  Quhilk now in Affrik at Cartage remanys,
  Ȝone clan, with thar successioun and kynrayd,
  Persew with haitrent perpetual, and invaid:
  Onto my assys grant this a gift, quod sche.
  Nevir luf nor payce betwix thir pepill be:                          30
  Of our levingis sum revengar mot spryng,
  With fyre and sword to persew and doun thryng
  The lauboreris discend from Dardanus.
  Now fra thyne furth, all that succedis til ws,
  Quhen euer thai may fynd tyme, with strenth and mycht                5
  Batail to batail mot thai debait in fyght:
  Thir costis mot be to tharis contrar ay,
  And to thar stremys our seys frawart, I pray,
  Thar ofspring eik amang thame self mot debate.
    Thus said scho, and with that word, God wate,                     10
  Hir faynt spreit in al partis writhis sche,
  Sekand the way, alssone as it mycht be,
  Forto bereif hir self the irksum lyve.
  Tho callys scho to hyr Barcen belyve,
  Nurys vmquhile to Sychey hir husband;                               15
  For hir awyn nurys in hir native land
  Was beryit in to assis broun or than.
  Deir nurys, quod scho, fech my sister An;
  Byd hir in haist with watir of a flude
  Hir body strynkil; the bestis, and the blude,                       20
  And clengyng graith scho knawis, with hir bring:
  Se on this wys scho cum, forȝet na thyng;
  And thou thy self thine halffettis als array
  With haly garland. My will is to assay,
  And now perform the sacryfyce in hy,                                25
  That onto Pluto dewly begun haue I;
  To mak end of my dolorus thochtis all,
  And byrn ȝon Troiane statw in flamb funeral.
  Thus said Dido; and the tother, with that,
  Hychit on furth with slaw pays lyke a trat.                         30


  _Heir followis of the famus queyn Dydo
  The fatale dynt of deth and mortale wo._

  Bot now the hasty, egyr, and wild Dydo,
  Into hyr cruell purpos enragyt so,
  The bludy eyn rollyng in hir hed,
  Wan and ful paill for feir of the neir ded,
  With chekis freklyt, and al of tythirris bysprent,                   5
  Quakyng throu dreid, ruschit furth, or scho wald stent,
  Onto the innar wardis of hyr place,
  As wod woman clam on the byng, allace!
  And furth scho drew the Troiane swerd, fute hait,
  A wapyn was neuer wrocht for syk a nate.                            10
  And sone as sche beheld Eneas clething,
  And eik the bed bekend, a quhile wepyng,
  Stude musyng in hir mynd; and syne, but baid,
  Fel in the bed, and thir last wordis faid:
    O sweit habyte, and lykand bed, quod sche,                        15
  So lang as God lyst suffir and destane,
  Ressaue my blude, and this sawle that on flocht is,
  And me delyvir from thir hevy thochtis.
  Thus lang I levyt haue, and now is spent
  The term of lyfe that forton heth me lent;                          20
  For now my gret gost vndir erth mon go.
  A richt fair cite haue I beild alsso:
  Myne awyn wark and wallys behald haue I:
  My spows wrokyn of my brothir ennemy,
  Fra hym byreft hys tressour, and quyt hym weill.
  Happy, allace! our happy, and ful of seyll,
  Had I beyn, only gyf that neuer nane
  At our cost had arryvit schip Troiane.
  And sayand this, hir mouth fast thristis sche                        5
  Doun in the bed: Onwrokyn sal we de?
  De ws behufis, scho said, and quhou; behald!
  And gan the scharp sword to hir breist vphald;
  Ȝa, thus, thus lykis ws starve and to depart:
  And, with that word, rave hir self to the hart.                     10
  Now lat ȝon cruel Troiane swelly and se
  This our fyre funerale from the deip see,
  And of our deth turs with hym fra Cartage
  Thys takyn of myscheif in hys vayage.
    Quod scho: and, tharwith, gan hir seruandis behald                15
  Hir fallyn and stekit on the irne cald;
  The blude outbullyrand on the nakyt swerd;
  Hir handis furthsprent. The clamour than and rerd
  Went to the toppys of the large hallys;
  The noys ran wild out our the cite wallis,                          20
  Smate all the town with lamentabill murnyng.
  Of greting, gowlyng, and wyfly womentyng,
  The ruffis dyd resound, bray, and rayr,
  Quhil huge bewalyng al fordynnyt the air:
  Nane other wys than thocht takyn and doun bet                       25
  War al Cartage, and with ennemys ourset,
  Or than thar natyve cite, the town of Tyre;
  And furyus flambe, kendillit and byrnand schyre,
  Spredyng fra thak to thak, baith but and ben,
  Als weil our templis as howsis of othir men.                        30
    Hir systir An, spreitles almaist for dreid,
  Heirand sa feirful confluens thyddir speid,
  With nalys ryvand reuthfully hir face,
  And smytand with hir nevis hir breist, allace!
  Fast ruschis throu the myddis of the rowt,                           5
  And on the throwand, with mony sprauch and schout,
  Callys by name: Systir germane, quod scho,
  Och! was this it thou fenȝeit the to do?
  Hes thou attempyt me with syk dissait?
  This byng of treys, thir altaris, and fyris hait,                   10
  Is this the thyng thai haue onto me dycht?
  Quhat sall I first compleyn, now dissolate wight?
  O deir systir, quhen thou was reddy to de,
  Ha! quhy hes thou sa far dyspysyt me
  As to reffus thi systir with the to wend?                           15
  Thou suld haue callyt me to the sammyn end;
  That the ilk sorow, the sammyn swerd, both tway,
  And the self hour, mycht haue tane hyne away.
  Thys funeral fyre with thir handis biggyt I,
  And with my voce dyd on our goddis heir cry,                        20
  To that effect as, cruel, tobe absent,
  Thou beand thus sa duylfully heir schent!
  Sistir, allace! with my counsell haue I
  The, and my self, and pepill of Sydony,
  The heris all, and eik thi fayr cite,                               25
  Distroyt and ondoyn for ay, quod sche.
  Fech hiddir sone the well watir lew warm,
  To wesch hir woundis, and hald hir in myne arm;
  Syne with my mowth at I may sowk, and se
  Gyf spreit of lyve left in hir body be.                             30
    This sayand, the hie byng ascendis onane,
  And gan enbrays half ded hir systir germane,
  Culȝeand in hir bosum, and murnand ay,
  And with hir wympil wipyt the blude away.
  And scho agane, Dydo, the dedly queyn,                               5
  Pressyt fortil vplift hir hevy eyn,
  Bot tharof falys; for the grysly wound
  Deip in hir breist gapis wyde and onsound.
  Thrys scho hir self raxit vp to rys;
  Thrys on hir elbok lenys; and als feill sys                         10
  Scho fallys bakwart in the bed agane:
  With eyn rollyng, and twynkland vp ful fane,
  Assays scho to spy the hevynys lyght;
  Syne murmouris, quhen scho tharof gat a sycht.
    Almychty Juno havand reuth, by this,                              15
  Of hir lang sorow and tarysum ded, I wys,
  Hir mayd Irys from the hevyn hes send,
  The throwand sawle to lowys, and mak ane end
  Of al the juncturis and lethis of hir cors:
  Becaus that, nothir of fatis throu the fors,                        20
  Nor ȝit by natural ded, peryschit sche,
  Bot fey, in hasty furour emflambyt hie,
  Befor hir day had hir self spilt;
  Or that Proserpyne the ȝallow haris gilt
  From hir fortop byreft, or dubbyt hir hed                           25
  Onto the Steygian hellis flude of ded.
  Tharfor dewy Iris throu the hevyn
  With hir safron weyngis flaw ful evin,
  Drawand, quhar scho went, forgane the son cleir,
  A thousand cullouris of diuers hewys seir;                          30
  And abufe Dydoys hed arest kan:
  I am commandyt, said scho, and I man
  Omdo this hayr, to Pluto consecrate,
  And lowis thi sawle out of this mortale stait.
  Thys sayand, with rycht hand hes scho hynt                           5
  The hair, and cuttis in twa, or that scho stynt;
  And thar withall the naturale heyt outquent,
  And, with a puft of aynd, the lyfe furthwent.


  Gladys the grond the tendir florist greyn,
  Byrdys the bewys and thir schawys scheyn,
  The wery huntar to fynd hys happy pray,
  The falconeyr rych ryver onto fleyn;
  The clerk reiosys hys bukis our to seyn,                             5
  The luffar to behald hys lady gay;
  Ȝong folk thame schurtis with gam, solace, and play:
  Quhat maist delytyth or lykis euery wight,
  Tharto steris thar curage day and nycht.

  Knychtis delytis to assay sterand stedys,                           10
  Wantoun gallandis to trayl in sumptuus wedis;
  Ladeys desyris to behald and be seyn;
  Quha wald be thrifty courtyouris says few credis:
  Sum plesance takis in romans that he redis,
  And sum hes lust to that wes nevir seyn:                            15
  Quhou mony hedis als feil consatis beyn;
  Twa appetitis oneth accordis with othir;
  This lykis the, perchance, and not thi brothir.

  Plesance and joy richt hailsum and perfyte is;
  So that the wys tharof in proverb wrytis,                           20
  A blith spreit makis greyn and floryst age.
  Myne author eyk in Bucolykis endytis,
  The ȝong enfant fyrst with lauchtir delytis
  To knaw hys moder, quhen he is litil page:
  Quha lauchis not, quod he, in thar barnage,
  Genyus, the God, delytyth not thar tabill,                           5
  Nor Juno thame to kepe in bed is habill.

  The hie wysdome and maist profound engyne
  Of myne author Virgile, poete dyvyne,
  To comprehend, makis me almaist forvay,
  So crafty wrocht hys wark is, lyne by lyne.                         10
  Tharon aucht na man irk, compleyn, nor quhryne:
  For quhy? he altyrris hys style sa mony way;
  Now dreid, now stryfe, now lufe, now wo, now play,
  Langeir in murnyng, now in melody,
  To satyfy ilk wightis fantasy;                                      15

  Lyke as he had of euery thyng a feill,
  And the willys of euery wight dyd feill;
  And tharto eyk so wysly writis he
  Twiching the proffyte of the common weill,
  Hys sawys beyn full of sentencis, euery deill,                      20
  Or morale doctryne, that men suld vycis fle:
  Bot gyf he be nocht joyus now lat se;
  For quha so lyst seyr glaidsum gemmys leyr,
  Ful mony myrry abaytmentis followis heir.

  Now harkis sportis, myrthis, and myrry plays,                       25
  Full gudly pastans on mony syndry ways,
  Endyte by Virgil, and heir by me translate,
  Quhilk William Caxton knew never al hys days:
  For, as I sayd befor, that man forvays;
  Hys febil proys beyn mank and mutulate;
  Bot my propyne come from the pres fute hait,
  Onforlatit, not jawyn fra tun to tun,                                5
  In fresch sapour new from the berry run.

  Bachus of glaidnes, and funeral Proserpyne,
  And Goddes of triumphe, clepyt Victorie,
  Sal I ȝou call as ȝour name war dyvyne?
  Na, na, it suffysyth of ȝou ful smal memorie:                       10
  I byd nothir of ȝour turmentis nor ȝour glorie;
  Bot he quhilk may ws glaid perpetualy,
  To bryng ws tyll hys blys on hym I cry.

  Sen erdly plesour endis oft with sorow, we se,
  As in this buke nane exemplys ȝe want,                              15
  Lord, our protectour to all trastis in the,
  But quham na thing is worthy nor pyssant,
  To ws thy grace and als gret mercy grant,
  So forto wend by temporal blythnes
  That our eternale joy be nocht the les!                             20



  _Ene fra Cartage salys, and quhon belyve
  He with the tempest was in Sycill dryve._

  In the meyn quhile tho gan Eneas hald
  Sovirly hys cours throu the gray fludis cald,
  Hys navy with north wynd scherand the seys:
  Towart Cartage he gan behald, and seys
  Be than the wallys lemand brycht and schyre                          5
  Of the onhappy Dydoys funeral fyre.
  Quha had this gret fyre maid, and to quhat end,
  Thai marvellyt, for the causys war onkend:
  Bot by the sorofull takynyng, not the les,
  The Troianys in thar breistis tuke a ges                            10
  Quharfor it was; for weil wyst Eneas
  In violait lufe quhat strenth of dolour was,
  And knew alsso quhat thyngis mycht be controvyt
  By women in fury rage that strangly luffyt.
    Bot fra the schippys held the deyp see,                           15
  That now na mair sycht of the land thai se,
  Salve hevyn abufe, and fludis all about,
  A watry clowd, blak and dyrk, but dout,
  Gan our thar hedis tho appeir ful rycht,
  And down a tempest sent als dyrk as nycht;
  The streym wolx vgsum of the dym sky.                                5
  Palynurus, the maistir, gave a cry
  From the eft castell heich, thar as he stude;
  Quharfor, allace! samony clowdis onrude,
  Quod he, bylappyt hes the hevynnys, lo?
  Fader Neptune, quhat etlys thou to do?                              10
  This beyng said, commandis he euery feir
  Do red thar takillis, and stand hard by thar geir,
  And wightly als thar arys vp to haile:
  Hymself infangis the le schete of the saill,
  And eftir said; maist curageus Ene,                                 15
  Althocht our helpar, gret Jove, wald hecht it me,
  I traist not with this weddir to wyn Itale.
  The wynd is contrar, brayand in our bak saill,
  Hard in our berd vpblawand wondir fayr,
  And al with bubbys ombesett is the ayr;                             20
  Nor we may nocht stryve nor infors sa fast
  Agane the storm, bot stowtar is the blast:
  And sen that forton masteris ws, tharfor
  Lat ws follow tharon, and ryn befor,
  Quhiddyr that the wyndis callys ws set saill.                       25
  Not far hens, as that I beleif, sans faill,
  The frendful, brotherly, costis of Erycys,
  And sovir portis of Sycil beyn, I wys,
  Gif I remembir the methys of starnys weill.
    Tho quod reuthful Eneas, so haue I seyll,                         30
  I saw langsyne the wyndis ettyll that way,
  And the, invayn, agane thame stryve perfay:
  Tyte turn ȝour salys and set thyddyr ȝour went;
  Thar is na land mair lykand to myne entent,
  Nor quhar me lyst sa weil, and profitabill                           5
  Our wery folkis to restyng and estabill,
  Than in that cuntre quharin doith remane,
  Ful deir to me, Acestes of blude Troiane,
  And in his boundis, derrest outour the lave,
  My faderis banys enbrasys, layd in grave.                           10
  This beand sayd, towart the port thai stevyn,
  The followand wynd blew strek thar saill furth evyn:
  Fast our the wallys slydis the navy,
  And in schort quhile arryvit ar blythly
  At the strandis and costis weil bekend.                             15
    Bot, on the hie top of a hyll ascend,
  Acestes gan behald, and had gret wondir,
  And to the cost, als fers as ony thundyr,
  To meit hys frendis schippys dyd he speid,
  A beyr skyn of Affryke aboue hys weyd,                              20
  Ful grym of luke, with dartis keyn and rude:
  Hys moder Troiane of Crinosus the flude
  Consavyt hym and bayr, as it is said.
  Not forȝettyng hys ald kyn, blyth and glaid
  Of thar return was he, and myrrely                                  25
  Thame welcumand ressauyt by and by;
  Gave thame of rural metis with glaid semlance,
  And cherysyt thame with frendly purvyance.


  _Eneas in Sycill, but langar tary,
  Maid for his fader the seruyce anniuersary._

  The nixt morow, als sone as the brycht day,
  The son vprysand, chasyt the starnys away,
  Eneas gan fra euery cost about
  Hys folkis all assembill in a rowt,
  Syne spak thir wordis on a knollys hycht;                            5
    O ȝe my Troiane pepill, stowt and wyght,
  Discend from worthy Dardanus the kyng,
  And of the hie goddis ryall ofspryng,
  The son hes run hys hail cours circular,
  Hys monethis twelf, and the tyme anniuersar,                        10
  Sen that the reliqueis and bonys infeir
  Of my dyvyne fader we erdyt heir,
  And eyk the dolorus altaris consecrate.
  Les than I be dissavyt, weil I wait
  Thys is the day that euermor sall I                                 15
  Meyn and regrait, and al tyme reverently
  In wirschip keip, and with gret honour hald
  For so it plesith ȝou, goddis, and so ȝe wald.
  Ȝa, thocht I war wilsum, and banyst this da,
  Amang sey sandis of Getulya,                                        20
  Or ȝyt with storm ourset in the Greik see,
  Or in the cite of Myce hapnyt tobe,
  Netheles suld I seruyce anniuersar,
  And exequeys, with solemnyt pomp and fair,
  Dewly perform, and, with myne awyn handis,
  Adorn the altaris with thar just offerandis.
  Now, as I weyn, or we persavyt the chance,
  Not but the myghtis of goddis and purvyance,
  Onto the assis and the bonys deir                                    5
  Of my sayd fader bene we caryit heir,
  Entrit in frendly portis and arryve:
  Tharfor haue done, and lat ws all, belyve,
  Perform this honour blithly, as efferis;
  Ask prosper wyndis, and beseyk euery ȝeris                          10
  That my fader wald eftir this ressaue
  This sacrifyce, quhilk I begunnyn haue,
  Within our cite that we mon beild, God wait,
  In tha templys onto hym dedicate.
  Acestes, cummyn of Troy, for hys wirschip,                          15
  Twa oxin sal ȝou geif for euery schyp.
  Our Penates and Troiane goddis, for thy,
  Bryng furth hyddir onto the maniory:
  Do fech me eyk tha goddis to this cost,
  Quhilk wirschippit ar by Acestes, our host.                         20
  And forthirmar, gyf that the nynt day
  Rys fair and cleyr, with hys brycht morow gay,
  And gan hys bemys our the erth spreid,
  First sal I ordand for my Troianys, in deyd,
  Quha hes the swyftast schippis of our navy,                         25
  With al thar fors to stryfe for the mastry;
  And eik, quha best on fute kan ryn, lat se,
  To preif hys picht, or wersyll, and bair the gre,
  Or dartis kast, and best schute arrowis lycht;
  Or, lyke a douchty campioun into fyght,                             30
  With bustuus baston darryn stryve, or mays:
  Lat euery man addres hym to this place,
  And mak hym reddy agane the sammyn day,
  Fortil opteyn, and bayr the pryce away.
  Annerd heirto, ilk man, rycht favorabilly,                           5
  And hald ȝour payce, but owthir noys or cry,
  And do ȝour hedis with fresch bewys array.
    And sayand this, he gan hys templis twa
  Covir with myrthus, that is his moderis tre.
  The sam wys dyd gret Helymus, perde;                                10
  Rycht so hym self kyng Acestes the ald,
  Richt so the child Ascanyus so bald;
  Quham followys al the laif in lyke maner.
  The prynce Ene, from the counsale in feyr,
  With mony thousandis walkand hym about,                             15
  Went to the tumbe amyd the thykkest rout;
  Quhar fyrst, eftir thar payane ryte and gys,
  Twa flaconys ful of wyne, in sacryfys,
  Apon the erd he ȝet, and other twane
  Full of new mylkyt mylk, and syne agane                             20
  Twa full of hayt blude was of the offerandis,
  And purpour flowris strowis with hys handis;
  Syne said: Hail, haly fader! hail agane
  Ȝ assys cald, ressauyt al invane,
  Vmquhile contenyt my faderis sawle and gost.                        25
  Allace! was it not leful, thou onlost,
  The boundis of Itale, with the, and fatale landis,
  Forto haue socht, and eik onto the strandis
  Of Tybir in Ausonya, quhar evir it be,
  Arryvit sound, in fallowschip with the?                             30
    Scars said he thus, quhen, of the holl graf law,
  A gret eddir slydand gan furth thraw,
  In sevyn lowpis lynkyt, and tymys sevyn
  Circulyt the tumbe about sweitly and evyn,
  And glydand syne amang the altaris onon:                             5
  Of freklit sprutlis al hir bak schone,
  As goldyn mailȝeis hir skalys glytrand brycht;
  Lyke to the rayn bow amang clowdis lycht,
  Drawand always, forgane the son cleir,
  A thousand cullouris of diuers hewis seir.                          10
  Eneas of the syght abasyt sum deill:
  Bot scho at last, with lang fard, fair and weill,
  Crepis amang the veschell and cowpis all;
  The drynk, and cyk the offerandis gret and small,
  Snokis and lykkyt; syne full the altaris left,                      15
  And, but mair harm, in the graf enterit eft.
  Quharfor Ene begouth agane renew
  Hys faderys hie sawle queith; for he not knew
  Quhiddir this was Genyus, the god of that sted,
  Or than the seruand of hys fader ded:                               20
  Fyve twyntyrris brytnyt he, as was the gys,
  And alsmony swyne, and tydy quyis
  With hydys blak; and into cowpys syne
  In gret plente ȝet furth the hallowyt wyne,
  Rowpand the sawle of gret Anchyses gone,                            25
  And hys gost fred from the flude Acheron.
  Hys feris eik, euery man in thar degre,
  Of syk thyng as thai mycht get plente,
  Blithly thar offerandis addressis to inbring;
  Chargis the altaris, and brytnys styrkis ȝyng.                      30
  Sum othir per ordour caldronys gan vpset,
  And, skatryt endlang the greyn, the colis het
  Vndir the spetis swakkis, to royst in threyt
  The raw spaldis ordanyt for the mulde meyt.


  _Of the gemmys proclamyng, and the play,
  Quhais fyrst dereyn four schippis dyd assay._

  Cummyn be thys was the desyryt day:                                  5
  The nynte morow vpspryngis fresch and gay,
  And Pheyton gan hys faderis chayr furth dryve.
  The fame of this triumphe gan spreid belyve,
  That, for wirschip of Acestes, thar kyng,
  All folkis enveron dyd to the costis thryng,                        10
  Glaidly occupyand al the strandis about;
  Sum, to behald Eneas cowrt and rowt,
  And sum, alsso, to stryfe for the mastry.
  At the begynnyng, the wageouris by and by,
  And the rewardis, in myddis of the feild                            15
  Befor thar eyn war set, at all beheld:
  The gilt trestis, and the greyn tre,
  The lawrer crownys, for the pryce and gre,
  With palmys scheyn in takyn of victory,
  Fair armouris of triumphe and myche glory,                          20
  The robbys fyne of purpour, richly dycht,
  Seir talentis eik of gold and siluer brycht.
  Tharwith, the trumpet blew, as beyn the gys,
  Apon ane hyght, declaris and notyfyis
  The gemmys tobe excersyt for that day.
    With arys squair, the bargan gan assay
  Four galeys fyrst, chosyn of al the flote.                           5
  The swyft Pystris witht spedy routht, fute hoyt,
  Furth steris the stern Mynestheus onan,
  Quhilk eftir bycam a lord Italian;
  Of quhays ofspring and genealogy
  The pepill ar discend, clepyt Memny.                                10
  The bustuus barge, yclepit Chimera,
  Gyas, with fellon fard, furthbrocht alssua,
  Sa huge of byrth a cite semyt sche;
  Quham, a gret nowmyr of ȝong Troiane menȝe
  In thrynfald ordour, causis furth toglyde;                          15
  The arys rays thre rawis on athir syde.
  The thryd schip, yclepit Centaurus,
  Furth haldis, with hir patron Sergestus,
  Quham fra the famyle come hait Sergia.
  The sovir sey schip tho, namyt Scylla,                              20
  Cloanthus gydis; efter quham, ȝyt syne,
  In Roym the pepill beyn callyt Cluenthyne.
    Weil far from thens standis a rock in the see,
  Forgane the fomy schor and costis hie,
  Quhilk, sumtyme, with the boldynnand wallis quhite,                 25
  Is by the jawpe of fludis coveryt quyte,
  Quhen the southt est wynd, in the wynter tyde,
  Gan with his stormy clowdis the starnys hyde;
  And, in the calm or lowyn weddir, is seyn
  Abufe the fludis hie, a fair plane greyn,                           30
  A standing place, quhar skarthis with thar bekis,
  Forgane the son, glaidly thame pronȝe and bekis.
  In this place stykkyt heth the prince Ene
  A mark or wyttir of a greyn aik tre,
  In term and takyn onto the maryneris,                                5
  Quhar, forto turn agane, as thame efferis,
  And set about thar lang cours, thai mycht knaw.
  By kuttis than, per ordour, al on raw,
  Thar place thai cheysyt at the costis bay.
  The patronys in eft castellis, fresch and gay,                      10
  Stude, al in gold and purpour schynand brycht:
  The remanent of the rowaris, euery wight,
  In poppil tre branchis dyght at poynt,
  With spaldis nakyt, schayn of oyl enoynt;
  Apon thar seyttis and thoftis all atanys                            15
  Thar placis hynt, arrayit for the nanys,
  With armys reddy outour thar aris fald,
  Abydis lysnand the takyn to behald,
  Thar hartis onflocht, smytyn with schame sumdeill;
  Bot glaid and joly, in hope forto do weill,                         20
  Rasys in thar breistis desyre of hie renoun.
  Syne, but delay, at the first trumpys sown,
  From thar marchis atanys furth thai sprent.
  Vpsprang the clamour, and the rerd furth went,
  Heich in the skyis, of mony maryner:                                25
  The fomy stowr of sey rays thar and heir,
  Throu fers bak drauchtis of feil gardeys squair.
  Thai sewch the fludis that, swouchand quhar thai fair,
  In sondyr slydis; ourweltyt eyk with arys,
  From thar forstammys the bullyr brays and raris.                    30
  Nevir sa fersly, in feild nor in barrer,
  The dowbill ȝokkyt cartis in feir, of wer
  Or for triumphe, furth of thar stabillys gan rusch;
  Nor nevir sa thyk, with mony lasch and dusch,
  The cartaris smate thar horssis fast in teyn,                        5
  With renȝeys slakkyt, and swete drepand bedeyn:
  For, throu the gild and rerd of men so ȝeld,
  And egyrnes of thar frendis thame beheld,
  Schowtand, row fast! all the woddis resoundis;
  Endlang the costis the vocis and the sowndis                        10
  Rollys inclusyt, quhill the mekyll hyllys
  Bemys agane, hyt with the brute so schil is.
    Amyd the pres, thus as the rerd vpwent,
  Befor the laif Gyas schyp furth sprent,
  Ourslydand wallys croppys byssely;                                  15
  Quhom Cloanthus followys nixt in hy,
  Mayr sle in rowth, thocht sum deil slaw was sche,
  For that hir holl was of sa hevy tre.
  And eftir thame, elyke, furth in evyn space,
  Pistris and Centawr straif for the fyrst place:                     20
  And now hes Pistrys the fordell, and syne, in hy,
  The byg Centawr hyr warris, and slyppis by:
  Now glyde tha bath togidder furth in front,
  Sewchquhand salt fame with thar lang kelis blont.


  _Ȝyt quhou the schippys stryvys on the see,
  Of thar nyce rays, and quha that won the gre._

  Wyth this thai gan towart the meyth approche,
  And war almaist cummyn onto the roch,
  Quhen that the patron Gyas, amyd the flude,
  Wenyng hym self victour, thar as he stude,
  Callys on hys steris man, hayt Meneyt by name;                       5
  Quhidder goys thou so on steirburd? fy forschame!
  Frawart me thou haldis; set thi cours innarmor;
  Seik hard on burd endlang fast by the schor,
  And suffir that the palmys of our arys
  Hyrsyl on the crag almaist, ilk rowth, and waris:                   10
  Lat the othirris hald furth the deip sey large.
  Quod Gyas: Bot Menetes, for hys barge
  Of the hyd rolkis blynd sum deill afferyt,
  Towart the deip fludis hyr stevin ay steryt.
  Quhar, dysmall, wilt thou now? gan Gyas cry;                        15
  Hald to the crag agane, Meneyt, fast by.
  And tharwith, lo! Cloanthus he dyd behald
  Hard at hys taill, that gan the nar way hald:
  For, rycht betwix the rolk and Gyas schyp,
  On bawbord fast the innar way he leyt slyp,                         20
  And wan befor the formast schip in hy:
  Now is he passyt the wittir, and rollys by
  The roch, and haldis sovirly throu the see.
  Bot than, God wait, quhat payn in hart gan dre
  The ȝong Gyas! hym thocht al brynt hys banys;
  The watir bryst from baith hys eyn atanys;
  Forȝet was wirschip and hys honeste thar,
  Forȝet was of hys falloschip the weilfair,
  The ancyant treuth of Meneyt forȝettis he,                           5
  And swakkyt hym our schipburd in the see:
  Hym self, as skyppar, hynt the steir in hand,
  Hym self, as mastir, gan maryneris command,
  And threw the ruddyr to the costis syde.
  Be than the auld Meneyt our schipburd slyde,                        10
  Hevy, and al his weid sowpyt with seys,
  Skars from the watir grond vpboltyt he is,
  Syne swymmand held onto the craggis hycht,
  Sat on the dry rolk, and hym self gan dyght:
  The Troianys lauchys fast seand hym fall,                           15
  And, hym behaldand swym, thai keklyt all;
  Bot mast, thai makyn gem and gret ryot,
  To se hym spowt salt watir of hys throte.
    Heir first gude hope arays to the twa last,
  That is to knaw, Mynestheus and Sergest,                            20
  Gyas schyp thar by to ourcum wenyng,
  That tarays sum deill for lak of gude steryng.
  Tho Sergest gan the fyrst place occupy,
  With schip approchand towart the roche in hy;
  And, netheles, hail befor wan scho nocht,                           25
  Bot thrang hir forschip formast, as scho mocht,
  So that Pistrys, hyr weryour, all the way,
  Hyr forstam by hir mydschip haldis ay.
  Than, rowmyng to and fra hys schyp our all,
  Mynestheus gan hys feris exhort and call:                           30
  Now, now, ȝe vailliant feris of worthy Hector,
  Hail stoutly vp ȝour arys; thynk on ȝour glor;
  Thynk quhou, the lattir rewyne of Troy, ȝou I
  Haue walyt, and brocht with me in cumpany:
  Now schaw that strenth, now schaw that hie curage,                   5
  Quhilk on the schaldis of Affryk, in stormys rage,
  Ȝhe dyd excers, and the ilk fors, I wys,
  Ȝhe schew betwix Scylla and Carybdys,
  Quhar that Ioneum clepyt is the see,
  And als forgane the styth stremys of Malee.                         10
  As to the fyrst place, now byd I nocht craif it,
  Althocht I be Mynestheus, wont til haue it;
  Nor I byd not to stryve and wyn the gre,
  Howbeyt, wald God, that war a gloir to se!
  Do lat thame bruke the mastry and the pryce,                        15
  Quhamto Neptune lyst grant at hys devyce;
  Bot gret lak war to return althar last:
  Deir frendis, defend ȝou fra that kankyrryt kast,
  And do ourset sa schaymful hard myschance.
  With al thar fors than at the vtyrance,                             20
  Thai pynglyt arys vp to bend and haill,
  With sa strang rowthis apon athir wail,
  The mychty karvell schuddryt at euery straik,
  Down swakand fludis vndir hyr brayd bilge of aik:
  So clappys the braith in breistis with mony pant,                   25
  Quhil in thar dry throtis the aynd worth skant,
  And swait down triglys in stremys our alquhar.
    Betyd a chance that ilk tyme fell thame fair,
  And grantyt thame that honour tha desyryt:
  For as Sergest, with fers mynde half enfyryt,                       30
  Turnyt hys stevyn towart the rolk our neir,
  Ontil a wykkyt place hys schip dyd steir,
  Quhil on the blynd craggis, myschewsly,
  Fast stykkis scho, choppand hard quhynnys in hy,
  And on the scharp skelleis, to hir wanhap,                           5
  Smait with syk fard, the arys in flendris lap;
  Hir forschip hang, and sum deil scoryt throu owt.
  The marynaris start on fut with a schout,
  Cryand, byde, how! and with lang bolmys of tre
  Pykyt with irne, and scharp roddis, he and he                       10
  Inforcis of to schowyn the schyp to save,
  And brokkyn aris gadderyt on the streym thai haue.
  Now quha was blith bot Mynestheus, ful ȝor,
  Quhilk, for this chance, mair egyrly than befor,
  With swyft fard of arys, and wynd at wyll,                          15
  The reddy way held our the fludis chyll,
  And frakkis fast outthrow the oppyn see.
  Als swyftly as the dow affrayit doith fle
  Furth of hir hoyll, and richt darn wynnyng wayn,
  Quhar hir sweit nest is holkyt in the stayn,                        20
  So fersly in the feildis furth scho spryngis,
  Quhil of hir fard the howsys ryggyng ryngis;
  And sone eftir, scherand the lownyt ayr,
  Down from the hycht discendis soft and fair,
  Not byssy weyngyt, bot planand esyly:                               25
  So slaid Mynestheus throu the sey in hy,
  So followys Pistrys, was langeyr allthar last,
  With fellon fard furth swepand alsso fast.
  And fyrst Sergest behynd sone left hes he,
  Wreland on skelleys and ondepys of the see,                         30
  With brokkyn aris lerand to haist agane,
  And cryand, help! bot that was al invane.
  Syne Gyas schyp, the fellon Chimera,
  Persewys he fast, quhilk gave hym place alsswa,
  For scho was spulȝeyt of hir sterisman.                              5
  Thar restis na ma bot Cloanthus than;
  Quham fynaly to persew he addrest,
  And pynglys hir onto the vtyrmest.
    The noys and brute tho dowblys lowd on hycht;
  For, on the costis syde, fast euery wight                           10
  Spurris the persewaris to roll bissely:
  Set on hym now; haue at hym thar, thai cry;
  That huge clamour fordynnyt al the ayr.
  The formast thocht thar awyn wirschip so fair,
  And had disdeyn bot thai thar honour save,                          15
  To bruke it quhilk so hard wonnyn thai have,
  Or thai thar lawd suld loys or vassyllage,
  Thai had far levir lay thar lyfe in wage.
  The favorabill forton, and thar happy chance,
  So gan the breistis of the otheris avance,                          20
  Thame thocht thai mocht thame wyn witht laubour lycht,
  Becaus it semyt to thame at so thai mycht.
  And peraventur, with equale stevynnys atanys,
  The pryce thai suld haue baith caucht for the nanys,
  War not Cloanthus in the fludis cauld                               25
  With devote prayeris baith his handis gan hald,
  And on the goddis callys, and maid hys vow:
  O ȝhe goddis, quhays fludis I ryn throw,
  Vndir ȝour empyre rewlyng the large see,
  I sal glaidly on this cost syde, quod he,                           30
  A quhite bull offir in ȝour sacryfyce,
  So I my vow may bruke, and wyn the pryce;
  The entralis eyk, far in the fludis brak,
  In ȝour reuerens, sal I slyng and swak,
  And ȝet tharin the sweit liquor of wyne.                             5
  And, be hys wordis warryn brocht to fyne,
  Law fra the boddom of the seys deip
  Hys prayeris war except: tharto tuke keip
  The nymphis all, clepyt Nereydes,
  And thai that followis Phorcus, all the pres;                       10
  The maid alsso quhilk Panopea hait:
  The fader of havynys, Portunus, al the gait
  With his byg hand schot the schip furth hir went,
  That swyftar than the southt wynd on scho sprent,
  Or as a fleand arrow to land glaid,                                 15
  And in the deip port enterit, but abaid.


  _Quhou Eneas onto the maryneris
  Gaif euery man thar reward, as effeiris._

  Anchises son Eneas, than, ful wys,
  Callys thame forrowth hym al, as wes the gys,
  And, with ane harraldis lowd voce, gan declare
  Cloanthus victor was, and on hys hair                               20
  Gart set a crown, was of the lawrer greyn;
  And bad onto thar schippis bair bedeyn
  Thre ȝong oxin onto euery barge,
  Presandis of wyne, and of siluer a charge.
  Bot principaly to the capitanys he gave
  Honorabill rewardis, as thame efferit to haue:
  To the victour, a mantil brusyt with gold,                           5
  With purpour selvage writhyn mony fold,
  And al byrunnyn and lowpyt lustely,
  As rynnys the flude Meander in Thessaly;
  Quharon was weyf, in suttel goldyn thredis,
  Kyng Troyus son, the fair Ganymedys,                                10
  Vnder the thyk wod bewys of Ida
  The swyft hartis chasand to and fra,
  And with hys dartis baldly thame gan beyt:
  He semyt porturyt pantand for the hete;
  Quham, witht a surs, swyftly, Jovys squyar                          15
  Caucht in hys clewis, and bair vp in the air:
  The eldar huntaris, and hys keparis than,
  Clapand thar lufis and thar handis, ilk man,
  Sayr awondryt gan the starnys behald;
  For hundis queste it semyt the lyft ryfe wald.                      20
  Onto hym, syne, Eneas gevyn has,
  That by hys vertew wan the secund place,
  A habirgyon of byrnyst mailȝeis brycht,
  With gold ourgilt clowit thrynfald full tycht,
  Quhilk he, sum tyme, with his strang handis two,                    25
  Tyrvyt and rent of bald Demoleo,
  Quham vndir Troys wallys venquyst he,
  Quhar Symois rynnys swyftly in the see:
  This wirschipful gift to Mynestheus he gave,
  That was hys beild in armys hym to save.                            30
  Sa paysand was this cote that scarsly mycht
  Phegeus and Sagaris, twa serwandis wight,
  Bair it on thar nek chargyt mony fald:
  Bot, tharwith cled, Demoleo ryn fast wald,
  Chasand the Troianys skatterit far on breid.                         5
  The thryd gyft syne, Eneas gaif in deyd
  Twa gret caldronys of bras forgyt hoyt;
  Twa syluer choppis schapyn lyke a boyt,
  Punsyt ful weil, and with fyguris ingrave:
  And thus thar gyftis gottyn al thai haue.                           10
    Apon syk wys, ful prowd of thar reward,
  Ilkane of thame, furth pransand lyke a lard,
  Arrayit weil the tymplis of thar hed
  With purpour garlandis of the rosys red:
  Quhen from the scharp rolk, scarsly, with gret slycht,              15
  Sergestus gan vpwreil hys schyp evill dycht;
  Of brokyn arys febilly with a raw,
  Mokkyt and schent, scho cummys hame ful slaw.
  Lyke as oft happynnys the eddyr amyd the way
  Lurkand or glydand, in the hait symmyrris day,                      20
  Quham the hevy schod cart quheil doith ourtak,
  Pressyng hir down, and ryvand hir tewch bak,
  Or, with smart dynt or stane kast, half ded neir,
  And kut in tway, leifis the travelleir;
  Scho pressand fle, al for nocht, byssely,                           25
  Lang wrynklys makis oft with hir body;
  The ta part fers and fell, with byrnand eyn
  Strekand hyr nek with hyssis lowd in teyn;
  The tother part, lamyt, clynschis and makis hir byd,
  In lowpis thrawyn and lynkis of hir hyde:                           30
  With syklyke routhe this schip slawly furth went,
  Syne maid sail at the last, and, tharwith bent,
  Entyrris in the havyn; and Sergest Eneas
  Rewardis weil, as that his promys was;
  For glaid he was the schip was salue onlost,                         5
  And brocht hys ferys hailskarth to the cost.
  To hym a servand woman, hayt Pholoa,
  Was geyf, and, sowkand hyr, hir twynnys twa:
  Of Creyt, as to hyr kynrent, born was sche,
  And in the craft of Mynerve wondyr sle.                             10


  _Into this nixt cheptour followys heir
  The fut mennys rynkis and rewardis seir._

  Gentyll Ene, this sport endyt and done,
  Ontyl a fayr plane greyn passyt sone,
  Quhilk was enveronyt al with hyllys hie,
  Schaddowyt with woddys rank, and mony a tre:
  Amyd the vale, in maner of cyrkyl rownd,                            15
  A playng place was markyt on the grond,
  Syk as that clepyt beyn a theatry.
  Thiddir the heir with mony thousand gan hy,
  And evyn amydwart in hys troyn grete,
  For hym arayt, takyn hes hys sete:                                  20
  Quhar, with rewardis seir, he dyd provoke
  The curage and myndis of ȝong foke;
  Syk as lykkyt swyftly on fute to ryn,
  Cum bayr the pryce away, and wageour wyn.
  On athir half than gadderis hym about
  Of Troianys sammyn and Sycilyanys a rowt;
  And first come Nysus and the fresch Evrille:                         5
  Ewrillyus in grene ȝouth and luf sylle,
  Maist eligant of person, for quhays frendschip
  And tendyrnes come Nisus in falloschip:
  Quham followis nixt nobyl Dyores the gude,
  Cummyn of the stok of myghty Priamus blude;                         10
  And eftir hym thar followys sone onon
  Twa othirris sammyn, Salyus and Patron,
  Of quham the tane born of Epyria,
  And the tother was of Archadya,
  Cummyn of the blude of Tegea that cite:                             15
  Twa othir ȝong men syne of Sycille,
  Helymus and Panopes, baith feris
  Onto the kyng Acestes ald of ȝeris,
  Hantyt to ryn in woddis and in schawis:
  Seir othir come eik, quhais namys onknaw is,                        20
  For that thai war of law stait and degre.
    Amyddys of thame all, thus sayd Ene;
  Tak tent frendis, remembir quhat I say,
  Mark this in myndis glaidly, and bair away:
  Neuer ane of al this falloschip, quod he,                           25
  Sal onrewardyt hyne depart fra me.
  I sal ȝou geiffyn ilk man as efferis:
  With brycht hedis, wrocht in Creyt, twa schort speris,
  A syluerit ax alsso, to bair in hand;
  For ȝou al equale salbe syk presand.                                30
  The thre formaste salbeir the pryce and gre,
  Thar hedis crownyt with greyn olyve tre:
  Quha cummys fyrst, and victour our the laif,
  Ane hors with precyus harnessyng sal haif:
  The secund, ane arow cays of Amazon,                                 5
  Ful of arrowys of Trace, sal haue onon,
  Hungyn by a braid tysche of gold ilke joynt,
  The bukkil claspyt with a jemmys poynt:
  The thryd most go hys way, and stand content
  Bot of this Gregion helm, lo, heir present.                         10
    Quhen this was said, thar placis haue thai tane,
  And, fra thai hard the takyn, sone onane
  Richt swyftly on thar rasys gan thai tak;
  The stand thai leif, and flaw furth with a crak,
  As wyndis blast, etland to the rynkis end.                          15
  Befor thame all furth bowtis with a bend
  Nysus a far way, start mair spedely
  Than thud of weddir, or thundyr in the sky.
  Nyxt onto hym, bot nocht neir be far way,
  Followys Salyus; and, a space eftir thame tway,                     20
  Ewrialus was the thryd: quham syne infeir
  Followyt Helymus; quhamto held evir neir
  Dyores, quhidderand at hys bak fute hait,
  Hys tays choppand on hys heill al the gayt,
  Writhand with hys schuldir to haue thrung hym by;                   25
  And, had he anys won mair rowm, tho in hy
  He suld ful sone haue skyppyt furth befor,
  And left in dowt quha come fyrst to the skoyr.
    Be this thai wan neir to the rynkis end,
  Irkyt sum deill befor the mark weil kend;                           30
  Quhen that Nysus fallys, onhappely,
  Apon the glotnyt blude, quhar as fast by
  The styrkis for the sacrifyce, per cace,
  War newly brytnyt; quharof al the place,
  And the greyn gers, bedyit was and wet.                              5
  As this ȝongker heiron tred and fute set,
  Joly and blyth, wenyng hym victour round.
  He slaid and stumryt on the slydry grond,
  And fell at erd gruflyngis amyd the fen,
  Or beistis blude of sacrifyce; ȝyt then                             10
  Forȝettis he not Ewrialus luf, perfay,
  Bot kest hym evyn ourthourtyr Salyus way,
  Grulyng as he mycht apon the slydry grene,
  Maid hym lycht wyndflaucht on the grond onclene.
  Furth sprent Ewrialus formest, and, by supple                       15
  Of his frend Nysus, the first place wan he.
  With rerd and favorabil hailsyngis furth he sprang,
  As oft befallys, syk tymys, commonys amang.
  Helymus nixt onto the stand is cummyn:
  The thryd place now and gre Dyor has nummyn.                        20
  Tho Salyus fyllys al the court about
  With lowd ramingis, and with mony a schowt,
  And gan, in presens of the nobillys, pray
  Restor hys honour by dyssayt stollyn away.
  The favour defendis Eurialus of hys ferys,                          25
  And of hys eyn brysting the seymly terys,
  Sched for dysdeyn he suld swa leys hys pryce;
  The vertew, eyk, mair gracyus at all devyce
  Was haldyn, at come of sa seymly person.
  That helpyt mekyl; and Dyores evir onon                             30
  Chydis for hym fast, for alsmekill as he
  The thryd place than had wonnyn and the gre;
  Bot all for nocht may he the last pryce beleif,
  Gyf that to Salyus the fyrst reward beys geyf.
    Than the rewthfull Eneas spak and sayd:                            5
  Ȝour enterprys, childeryng, beys blyth and glaid,
  Remanys sovir to ȝou; for, owt of weir,
  As fyrst was set the pryce, sal na man steir.
  It moste be to me leful rewth to haue
  Of my frendis myschance, hys lak to save,                           10
  Quhilk in hys awyn defalt tynt not the gre.
  And, sayand thus, to Salyus gave he
  A bustuus lyonys skyn of Getuly,
  With goldyn clewys, lokkerit and weghty.
  Ha! than quod Nysus, gyf syk reward salbe                           15
  Gevyn onto thame at fallys and tynys the gre:
  Gif the lyst rew on syk, quhat gyft condyng
  Wilt thou geif Nysus, ran swyft in a lyng,
  And worthy was the fyrst croun to haue caucht,
  War nocht the sam mysforton me ourraucht                            20
  Quhilk Salyus betyd? and, with that word,
  Hys face he schew besmottyrit for a bourd,
  And al hys membris in mud and dung bedoyf.
  Than lewch that ryal prynce on hym to goyf,
  And bad do fech a rych scheild, wrocht quently                      25
  Sum tyme by ane Dodymaon maist crafty,
  And by the Grekis alsso doun was dyng
  Of Neptunys tempyll post, quhar it dyd hyng:
  This worthy ȝong man with that gyft soverane
  Rewardis he, of syk geyr as mycht gane.                             30


  _Of the twa kempys suld stryfe in the pres,
  The bustuus Entellus and Darhes._

  Eftyr thir rasys done, and gyftys geif;
  Now cummys heir, said Ene, quha lyst preif
  To streke thar armys furth, and heys on hycht,
  For mays or burdon arrayit weil at rycht:
  Quha hes tharto reddy bald spreit lat se.                            5
  For athir party the pryce ordanyt hes he:
  For the victour a bul, and al hys hed
  Of goldyn schakaris and roys garlandis red
  Buskyt full weil; to hym venquyst, alssua,
  A rych helm and a fyne sword, baith twa,                            10
  Set for hys solace. Than, but delay, Darhes
  With buustuus fors schew hys face in the pres.
  As he vpstart, onon gret rumour rays
  Amang the commonys, sayand, lo! quhar he gays,
  Alane was wont agane Parys debait:                                  15
  Ȝon sam is he quhilk, at the tumbe, fute hait,
  Quhar beryit was Hector of maist renoun,
  The campion Butes ourcom and bet doun,
  Al flat hym speldyt on the dun sand,
  In the dedthrawis: quhilk Butes, to vnderstand,                     20
  Fra Bebrycy com, of statur huge rude,
  And hym avansyt of kyng Amycus blude.
  Thys ilk Darhes, berand hys hed on hie,
  Reddy for batale, schew furth, at al mycht se,
  Hys schulderis braid, and swakkis heir and thar
  Hys armys strecht with gret flappys in the ayr.
  Ane othir mache to hym was socht and speryt;
  Bot thar was nane of al the rowt at steryt,
  Ne durst presume meyt that man on the land,                          5
  With mace nor burdon to debait hand for hand.
  Joly and glaid tharof, baith al and sum
  Into bargane wenyng fortil ourcum,
  Beforn Eneas feyt stad but delay:
  The bul he grippys by ane of hornys tway                            10
  With hys left hand, and said apon this wys;
  Son of the goddes, gyf na man wil rys,
  Ne dar hym self aventur in batelle,
  Quhy stand I thus? quhou lang efferis me dwell?
  Command me leid away the pryce al fre.                              15
  The Troianys with hym sammyn, he and he,
  Murmuryt and bemyt on the ilke wys:
  Reyk to the man the pryce promyst, all cryis.
    Tho gan the grave Acest with wordis chyde
  Entellus, sat on greyn sonk hym besyde:                             20
  Entell, quod he, vmquhile the forcyast
  Of campionys clepyt, and the worthyast,
  Invane that name thou beris, I dar say,
  Gyf thou, sa thoilmude, sufferis leid away
  So gret a pryce, but dereyn of batell.                              25
  Quhar is he now, gret Erix, as thai tell,
  Our God renownyt, and mastir, al for nocht?
  Quhar now that fame, our al Sycil onflocht
  Quhilum dywlgate, is becummyn and gone?
  Quhar beyn the spulȝe triumphal mony one,                           30
  Within thine hows hyngis on euery post?
    The tother ansuerd: nowthir for dreid ne bost
  The luf of wirschip nor honour went away is,
  Bot certanly the dasyt blude, now on days,
  Walxis dolf and dull throw myne onweldy age;                         5
  The cald body hes mynyst my curage:
  Bot war I now, as vmquhile it hes bene,
  Ȝyng as ȝon wanton voustour, sa strang thai weyn,
  Ȝa, had I now syk ȝouthed, traistis me,
  But ony pryce, I suld al reddy be;                                  10
  Na lusty bull me tyl induce suld neid,
  For nothir I suld haue cravyt wage nor meyd.
    Quhen this was said, he hes, but mair abaid,
  Twa kempys burdonys brocht, and befor thame laid,
  With al thar harnes and braseris by and by,                         15
  Of weght ful huge, and schap onmesurly;
  Quhar with, vmquhile, the stern Erix was wont
  To feght in bargane, and geif mony dont,
  In that hard bellan hys brawnys to enbrace.
  All wolx estonyst beheld thame in that place:                       20
  So huge weght, and so gret quantite
  Thai war, that weil thame semyt for to be
  Of curbulle corvyn sevyn gret oxin hydis,
  Styf as a burd that stude, on athir sydis
  Stuffyt and cowchit ful of irne and leid.                           25
  Abuf al otheris, Darhes, in that sted,
  Thame to behald abasyt wolx grettumly,
  Tharwith to mel reffusyng aluterly:
  Bot, ful of magnanymyte, Eneas
  Pasys thar weght als lychtly as a fas,                              30
  Thar hydduus braseris swakand to and fro.
    Syk wordis gan the auld rehersyng tho:
  Quhat wald he haue said, that perchance had se
  Hercules burdon and wapynnys heir, quod he,
  And on this ilke cost the sorofull bargane?                          5
  Thir sammyn wapynnys Erix, thi broder germane,
  Was wont to bair: behald thame smottyt quyte
  Of his red blude, and harnys tharon owtsmyte.
  With thir agane gret Hercules stude he;
  With thir was I wont mach in the melle,                             10
  Quhil my fresch blude mair fors and strenth me lent,
  Or that onfrendlich eild had thus bysprent
  My hed and halffettis baith with canus hair.
  Bot, gyf that Troiane Darhes reffusys thair
  With thir, our cuntre wapynnys, in feild to pas,                    15
  And eik it lykis the curtas Eneas,
  So that Acest my soverane that appreve,
  Be not efferd, Darhes; na thing the greve;
  Erix macis to the on syde lay I,
  And thou thi Troiane burdon alsso do by:                            20
  With equale wapynnys lat ws go to sone.
  And, with that word, of hys schulderis hes done
  Hys dowbill habyt; and hys lymmys squair,
  Baith byg bonys and brawnys, maid al bair;
  Syne stythly in the sand vpstandis he,                              25
  Of hyduus statur and of quantite.


  _The bargane of the kempys curageus,
  The fers Darhes, and stalwart Entellus._

  The prynce Anchises son, Eneas, than
  Twa evynly burdonys walyt, as cunnand man,
  And equale armour, but dyversyte,
  On schulderis and thar gardeys buklys he.
  Than athir gan contrar othir styth stand,                            5
  With fyngeris fast faikand thar mace in hand,
  Syne heich abufe thar hedis in the ayr
  Onabasytly rasyt thar armys squair,
  And from the straik thar nek drew far abak.
  Now, hand to hand, the dynt lychtis with a swak;                    10
  Now bendis he vp hys burdon with a mynt,
  On syde he bradis fortil eschew the dynt;
  He etlys ȝondir hys avantage to tak,
  He metis hym thar, and charris hym with a chak;
  He watis to spy, and smytis in al hys mycht,                        15
  The tother keppys hym on hys burdon wycht;
  Thai foyn at othir, and eggis to bargane.
  Lychtar on fute and agil was the tane,
  And in hys lusty ȝouth sum deil ensuris:
  The tother, of lymmys byggar, and cors mair stuyr, is,              20
  Bot hys faynt schankis gan for eild schaik;
  Hys gowsty cost and membris, euery straik,
  The febil braith gan to bete and blaw.
  Thir hardy kempys, al in waist, leyt draw,
  Athir at other, mony rowtis grete:
  On holl sydis feill dowbill dyntis gan bete,
  And on thar breistis lychtis with huge sownd;
  Oft in the ayr about thar hedis rownd
  Thar handis waveryt, and the strayk went mys;                        5
  Hard halffettis clappyt oft vndir the dynt, I wys.
  Entellus standis styf and grave of cors,
  Not movyng from hys fyrst stand in a fors,
  And, with hys body only, and walkryfe E,
  The strakis onfar enchewys and keppyt he.                           10
  Bot Darhes walkis about rycht craftely,
  Of hys fyrst purpos frustrat, to espy
  Sum avantage, with diuers assaltis algait
  Hym ombesetting sair, and handland hait:
  Lyke as by gret engynys quha sa wald                                15
  A strang cite assail, or stalwart hald,
  To wyn that strenth, or ȝyt by craftis sle
  To mynde the castell on the rochys hie,
  Lurkand in harnes wachis round about;
  Now this tocome, now by that way gan lowt,                          20
  Quhar best he may cum to hys purpos sone,
  Avysand weil the place maist oportone.
  Entellus raxit hym, and hevis on hycht
  Hys rycht hand, for to smyte in al hys mycht:
  The tother, seand the dynt cum, gan provide                         25
  To eschew swyftly, and sone lap on syde,
  That al hys fors Entellus gan apply
  Into the ayr; so that hys grave body,
  All hym alane, with huge weght and sayr,
  Ruschyt flatlyngis to the grond with a rair:                        30
  So as, quhilum, the mekil kosch fyr tre,
  On Erymanthus the mont of Archade,
  Or in the wod of Ida, with a sownd
  Vp by the rutis rent, ruschis to grond.
    The ȝoungkeris tho of Troy and Sycilly                             5
  Gan starting all on fut delyvirly:
  The clamour rays, quhil al the hevyn dyd ryng,
  And fyrst to hym ran Acestes the kyng,
  And, for compassioun, hes vphynt in feild
  Hys frend Entellus, onto hym evyn eild.                             10
  Bot, nother estonyst nor abasyt heiron,
  Mair egyrly the vaillyant campion
  Agane to bargane went als hoyt as fyre:
  Hys strenthys now encressis al of ire;
  For schame, alsso, and for that weil he knew                        15
  Hys auld prowes, hys fors dowblyt and grew;
  And ardently, with fury and mekil boist,
  Gan Darhes kach and dryve our al the cost:
  Now with the rycht hand, now with the left hand, he
  Dowblys dyntis, and, but abaid, leyt fle,                           20
  That nothyr rest nor quyet may he tak.
  Als fast as rayn schour rappys on the thak,
  So thyk with strakis this campion maist strang,
  With athir hand, feil sys at Darhes dang,
  And drave hym to and fra with mony rowt.                            25
    The prynce Eneas, than, seand this dowt,
  Na langar suffer wald sik wreth procede,
  Nor fers Entellus mude thus rage and sprede;
  Bot of the bargane maid end, but delay,
  And wery Darhes hes withdrawyn away.                                30
  With wordis hym to mesyng thus he said:
  Onsylle wight, quhou dyd thi mynd invaid
  Sa gret wodnes? felys thou not ȝyt, quod he,
  Othir strenth or mannys fors hes delt with the?
  Seys thou not weil thi self at thou art fey?                         5
  Tharfor to God thou ȝeild the and obey:
  The power of goddys ar turnyt in thy contrar:
  Obey to God. And with that word, but mair,
  The bargane he dissolvyt: and than Darhes
  Hys trew companȝeonys ledis of the pres,                            10
  Harland hys wery lymmys dolf as led,
  For sorow schakand to and fra hys hed,
  And schaddis of blude furth spyttand throu hys lyppys,
  With bludy gammys, led hym to thar schippys;
  The helm and eik the sword with thame hes tane,                     15
  As thai commandyt war, and left alane
  The bul ontil Entellus: sa was defynd.
    He victour than, and abufe in hys mynd,
  Prowd and reiosyt of this bull, gan say;
  Son of the goddes, and Troianys, I ȝou pray,
  Behald, and knaw by this takyn and syng,
  Quhat strenth was in my cors quhen I was ȝyng:
  Se fra quhat ded Darhes is savyt onslane.
  Quod he; and standand the bullys face forgane,
  Quhilk of thar dereyn was the pryce and gre,                        25
  Hys stern burdon behynd hys bak on hie
  With hys rycht hand gan tais and mesour swa,
  It smait hym evyn betwix the hornys twa;
  Persyt the harn pan, draif out the brayn in hy:
  Down duschit the beist ded on the land gan ly,                      30
  Sprewland and flekkyrand in the ded thrawys.
  And he abufe hym furth warpys syk sawys:
  For Darhes ded, Erix, lo! this, quod he,
  A far mair ganand sawle, I offer the;
  And victour eyk my craft and wapynnys fair                           5
  Vprendris heir, for now and evir mair.


  _Into this nixt cheptour ȝe may espy
  Nys craft of schotyng and of archery._

  Onon Eneas induce gan to the play,
  With arowys forto schute quha wald assay:
  The pryce tharfor ordanys; and syne, but let,
  With fors of mennys handis vp hes set                               10
  Amyd the greyn Sergestus schippys mast;
  Apon the top tharof gart fessyn fast
  A fleand dow intil a cord, quharat
  Thai suld thar arowys schuyt. The men with that
  Conuenyt togiddir, and in a helm of steill                          15
  Thar kavillys haue thai castyn fair and weill.
  And first of al, with frendly noys and sound,
  Hyppocaon the first place hys hes fond,
  That was of kynrent cummyn from Hirtacus:
  Quham nixt eftyr followys Mynestheus,                               20
  Victour afor amang the schip bargane;
  The grene olyve about hys forhed schane.
  The thryd kavill betyd Evricyus,
  Thy brodir, O maist doughty Panderus;
  Quhilk vmquhile, forto brek the trewis command,
  On the Grekis fyrst set with speir in hand:
  And of the helmys boddom al thar last                                5
  The ancyant kyng Acestes lot furth past,
  Quhilk, for Eneas sayk, durst anys assay
  With hys awyn hand ȝong mennys sport and play.
    Than euery man, accordyng thar strenth ful meyt,
  Thair byg bowys gan bend, and at thar feyt                          10
  Dyd schaik onone thar arowys of thar cays.
  Ȝong Hippocaon, quhilk had the first place,
  A quhidderand arow leyt spang fra the stryng,
  Towart the hevyn fast throu the ayr dyd thryng;
  The mastis top it hyt, and tharin stak,                             15
  Quhil al the tre trymlyt with the swak:
  The fowle affrayt flychtris on hir weyngis;
  Of gret rumour than al the feildis ryngis.
  Nixt scharp Mynestheus, war and avysye,
  Onto the hed hes halyt vp on hie                                    20
  Baith arow and eyn, etland at the mark.
  Bot it was reuth, the fowle, for al hys wark,
  Ne mycht he twich; and, netheles, ȝyt quyte
  The bandis and lyamys in twa dyd he smyte,
  Quharwith, by baith the feyt, thar fast was sche                    25
  Attachit at the mastis top on hie:
  Scho in the ayr and dyrk skyis flaw onon.
  With arow reddy nokkyt than Ewricion
  Plukkis vp in hy hys bow, and maid hys vow
  Onto hys brothir Pander: with that the dow                          30
  Heich in the lyft ful glaid he gan behald,
  And with hir weyngis sorand monyfald;
  Hys arow he threw vndir the clowdis blak,
  And persyt hir quyte owtthrou the bak.
  Hyr lyfe scho lost heich vp in the ayr,                              5
  Down fallys ded, and has brocht with hir thar
  The arow brochyt throu owt hir body.
  Acestes now alane stude all reddy
  To schute, quhen that the pryce was tynt and won:
  And, netheles, to schuyt he hes begun,                              10
  And threw ane arow in the ayr on hycht,
  Schawand hys craft, and hys byg bowys mycht,
  That lowsyt of the takill with a spang.
  And sone betyd, and in thar sychtis sprang,
  A fellon grysly monstre and wondryng,                               15
  As weil was knaw syne at the endyng:
  The feirfull spa men tharof pronosticate
  Schrewyt chancis to betyde and bad estate.
  For quhy, this schaft, fleand in the moyst ayr,
  Brynt in a bles, and the randoun alquhar                            20
  With low and flambys gan do notyfy,
  And, al consumyt, vanyst in the sky:
  As doys oft starnschoit fallyng fra the hevyn,
  Drawand thareftyr a taill of fyry levin.
    Estonyst in thar myndis, abasyt stude                             25
  The folk of Sycill and all the Troiane blude;
  And, netheles, maist douchty Eneas
  Reffusyt nocht the takyn, bot gan embras
  Acestes glaidly, and rych gyftis him gave:
  Syne said hym thus; Tak, fader myne, ressaue                        30
  Sik favorabill aspectis benevolent
  As the gret kyng of hevyn heth to the sent,
  That lyst with onkouth syngnys honour the.
  Thou sal haue heir this reward and degre,
  A cowp of gold engrave with figuris seir,                            5
  A presand vmquhile of my fader deir,
  Ancyant Anchises, quham Cysseus, of Trace kyng,
  In remembrance hym gave and lufe takynnyng.
  And sayand thus, hys tymplis al, but weir,
  He gan involue and belt with grene lawrer;                          10
  And syne hes causyt, al the othiris befor,
  Proclame Acestes, and declair victor.
  Nor gentill Euricion hys gloyr envyes nocht,
  Quhoubeyt that he only the fowle down brocht,
  And in the skyis smait hir ded, ȝyt than                            15
  The secund place he tuke as curtas man:
  Nixt eftir quham, the wageour hes ressaue
  He that the lysch and lyam in sondir drave;
  And last rewardyt was he, that hys flycht
  Into the mastis top festynnyt on hyght.


  _Quhou that Ascanyus and ȝong childer gent
  Assailȝeit othir, in maner of turnament._

  Eneas syne, the derenys not al done,
  Epytides to hym hes callyt sone,
  Mastir and gydar of Ascanyus ȝong,
  Quhais secrete haris warryn ȝyt onsprung,
  And in hys trasty eyr thus prevaly
  He rownys, sayand; pas thi way in hy,
  Se gyf Ascanyus hes now reddy dycht                                  5
  Hys falloschip of childer and horssys lycht,
  Arrayt for the rynkis and the play:
  Byd hym bryng hyddir hys rowtis to turnay,
  And do hys grandschir honour and renown,
  In hys harnes schaw hym self reddy bown.                            10
  Sayd Eneas; and tharwith gave command
  About the cowrt the pepil on rowm to stand,
  That al the feild within suldbe patent.
    Than sone the childer, arrayit fair and gent,
  Enterit in the camp alsammyn, schynnand brycht,                     15
  On stedis pransand in thar faderis syght;
  And, quhar thai went, al the gallandis of Troy
  And Sycill wondyrris with gret brute and joy.
  Thar harys all war tukkyt vp on thar crown,
  That baith with how and helm was thrystyt doun:                     20
  Twa javillyng speris with blunt hedis sum bair,
  Sum on thar schuldyr a cace with dartys fair;
  The wryth of gold, or chane lowpyt in ryngis,
  About thar hals down to thar breistis hyngis.
  Thai war in nowmyr cumpaneys thre,                                  25
  On horssis rydand; and for ilk menȝe
  A capitane walkis rewland al hys rowt:
  Twys sax childir followys ilkane about
  In thar parsmentis, arrayit in armour brycht:
  The chiftanys warryn equale of a hycht.                             30
  A ward thar was of childir quham, ful joyus,
  Berand hys grandschiris name, ȝong Priamus
  Led and rewlyt, quhilk thi genealogy,
  O Polytes, plantyt in Italy;
  Apon a hors of Trace dappil gray                                     5
  He raid, quhays formest feyt bath tway
  War mylk quhyte, and hys crest on hycht bair he,
  With bawsand face, rynggyt the forthir E.
  The secund, Atys, on a cursour bay,
  Fra quham the Latyn lynnage to this day                             10
  Actii bene nemmyt; and this litill Atys
  With child Ascanyus weilbelovyt is.
  Lufty Iulus, in bewte dyd all exceid,
  Come last montyt on a Sydon steyd
  Of cullour quhyte, quham Dydo, the fair Lady,                       15
  In hir remembrance hym gave and luf drowry.
  The remanent of the falloschip, euery one,
  Sycill horssis gan swyftly ryde apon,
  That from the auld Acestes purchest wer.
  With revell, blythnes, and a maner feir,                            20
  Troianys ressauys thame, and rycht glaidly
  Thar vissage gan behald, and dyd aspy
  The prent of faderis facis on childir ȝyng.
    Eftyr thai had all cirkillyt in a ryng,
  On horsbak, hail the place and feild abowt,                         25
  And joyusly behaldyn all the rowt,
  All reddy hufand thar coursys forto tak;
  Epytides on far a syng gan mak,
  Smait with a clap, and cryis, go togidder!
  Than ran thai sammyn in paris with a quhidder;                      30
  The rowtis thre brak; ilkane chesyt hys feir;
  And, quhen thai by war runnyn, thar horsis thai steir,
  And turnys agane incontinent at commandis,
  To preif thar fors with javillyngis in thar handis:
  Syne went abak in sondyr a far space,                                5
  Ilkane at othir rynnyng with a rays.
  Syndry coursys and returnyngis maid thai;
  Fast athir sort gan othiris rowt cumray,
  And gan excers, by semblance, vndir scheild
  The symylitude of batell or a feild.                                10
  Sum tyme the bak thai turn, as thai wald fle;
  Sum tyme at othir threw dartis, he and he;
  And, sone eftyr, assemmyl wald with a crak,
  Thar handis schak, and pes togyddir mak.
  Swa, as tha say, vmquhile the hows in Creyt,                        15
  Hait Laborynthus, with mony went and streyt,
  Had wrynkillyt wallys, a thousand slychtis wrocht,
  Forto dissaue al onkouth tharin brocht,
  To wavyr and er thar onreturnabilly,
  The subtell throwgangis followand sa quently;                       20
  Nane othir ways, in coursys mony ane,
  Quhirlys thar trays thir ȝong childir Troiane.
  Thai lowke togiddir, and countyrfatis a chays
  In maner of bargane, makand mony a rays
  And seir derenȝeis in thar sport and play;                          25
  Als swyft as dalphyn fysch, swymmand away
  In the wak sey of Egyp or Lyby,
  Persand the wallys, that plays jolely.
  Thir maner of rynkis and jupertyis of bataill
  Ascanyus hantyt, and brocht fyrst in Itaill,                        30
  Quhen he with wallys closyt lang Albay,
  And taucht the ald Latynys to hant syk play,
  The sammyn gyis as he, a child, now wrocht,
  And othir Troiane childir with hym brocht.
  The Albanys taucht thar childir the sammyn way;                      5
  And mychty Roym, syne efter mony a day,
  Syk oys ressavyt hes, and gan vphald
  In wirschip of thar antecessouris auld;
  And now, childring hantyng syk gem and joy
  Beyn Troiane rowtis namyt, and weir of Troy.                        10


  _Quhou Irys, send fra Juno in gret ire,
  Gart Troiane wemen set thar schippys in fyre._

  Thus, hyddyrtyllys, warryn derenys seyr
  Excersyt in wyrschip of hys fader deyr:
  And in this tyme gan forton fyrst remove
  Fra thame agane hir sykkill faith and lufe.
  For, as Troianys dyd hallow on this wys,                            15
  By diuers gemmys, as was tho the gys,
  Solemnytly, the seruyce anniuersar
  Besyde Anchises graf, furth of the air,
  And hevynnys hie, Saturnus get, Juno,
  That gan of wreth and malyce nevir ho,                              20
  Not satisfyit of hir ald fury ne wrok,
  Rollyng in mynd full mony kankyrryt blok,
  Hes send adoun onto the Troiane navy
  Irys; and, that scho suld go spedely,
  The prospir wynd gan eftyr hir inspyre.
  Thys virgyn sprent on swyftly as a vyre,
  And throu the clowdis hir trace, quhar scho went,                    5
  Schupe lyke a bow of diuers hewis ment.
  Sone slaid sche doun, onseyn of ony wy,
  Gret confluence of pepill dyd aspy:
  Scho walkis about the costis of the see,
  Havynnys and flote left dissolate fand sche;                        10
  And al the Troiane wemen dyd sche ken
  Syttand on the schor, secret far fra men,
  The gret loys of Anchises regratyng sair,
  And al togiddir gan to weip and rair,
  Behaldand the deip seys sorowfully,                                 15
  And, with a voce, sayand al halely:
  Allace! behald, samony stremys gray,
  And of thir salt fludis sa braid a way
  Remanys ȝyt, fortyl ourslyde and sayll,
  By ws wemen irkyt of lang travaill!                                 20
  Thai al besocht God send thame sone, ilkane,
  A cite or a town forto remane,
  And tedyus thocht the seys laubour to bair.
    Iris heirfor aspyis hir tyme best thair,
  As scho that was in myscheif ful expart:                            25
  Amyddis of thame all in gan scho start,
  Hir godly figur and hir weid laid by,
  And bycame agyt Beroes in hy,
  In maner schap of symylitude and face,
  That was Doryclus spows, born of Trace,                             30
  Quhilk vmquhile was of hie genealogy,
  Of gret renoun, and childir had mony;
  And on syk wys amang matronys Troiane
  Transformyt entrys scho, and in is gane.
    O woful wrachit wemen all, quod sche,                              5
  Quhilk to the deth, vndir the wallys hie
  Of ȝour natyve cite and kynd landis,
  War not in batell harlyt by Grekis handis!
  O pepill onhappy! to quhat myschews end
  Forton reseruys ȝou of this warld to wend?                          10
  Lo! sen the fal of Troy and dolorus weir,
  Byrunnyn is the sevynt symmyr and ȝeir,
  Sen that samony seys, and onkouth landis,
  Sa huge wilsum rolkis, and schawd sandis,
  And stormys gret, ourdrewyn and sufferyt haue we;                   15
  Lo! thus saland throw out the mekill see,
  Quhar that we chays Itale, that fleys ay,
  And we ly warpyt on the wallys gray.
  Heir beyn the bredyrly boundis of Erix stowt;
  Our frend Acestes is our host but dowt:                             20
  Quha will ws warn to beild vp wallys hie,
  And to our citesanys set heir a cite?
  O natyve land, and kynd goddis, al invane
  Rest from our fays! sal nevir nane agane
  Troiane wallys be namyt nor vpbeild?                                25
  Sal I nevir se, allace! in all my eild,
  Hectoriane fludis, Exanth and Symois?
  Haue done tharfor, and now with me, I wys,
  Thir fey onhappy schippys al bedene
  Lat ws go byrn: for, in my sleip ȝistreyn,                          30
  The figur of Cassandra, prophetes,
  Gave me byrnand fyre brandis, and said expres,
  Heir suld we rest; bad seyk Troy na forthar;
  Heir was our dwellyng place for euermar.
  Now is the tyme ganand our wark to speyd;                            5
  To tary ma fatale syngnys quhat suld neid?
  Lo! ȝondir beyn four altaris byrnand schyre;
  Neptune, the god, thir hait brandis of fyre
  Distributis to ws, and alsso hardyment.
    And sayand thus, to perform hir entent,                           10
  The peralus fyre first hynt scho forsably;
  With flambys schynand on far thai mycht espy
  Hir rycht hand rasyt, the blesys in to cast.
  Of Troiane wemen the myndis worth agast,
  And al thar hartis sum deil stupefak;                               15
  Quhen ane, the eldast amang thame al, spak,
  Clepyt Pirgo, the quhilk had beyn, feil sys,
  To mony of kyng Priamus childir nurys:
    O matronys, ȝon was nevir Beroys, quod sche,
  Born a Troiane, and Doryclus spous, traist me.                      20
  Considir of hir bewte syngnys dyvyne;
  Behald so brycht as baith hir eyn doith schyne;
  Quhat sweit favour and smell from hir spryngis;
  Quhatkyn vissage hes scho; quhou thynk ȝe ryngis
  Hir vocis sown, or quhat pays goys scho now.                        25
  My self left Beroes, as I come hyddir rycht now,
  Lyand seyk at hame, and ful ennoyit wight,
  That scho alane suld want this ryal syght,
  And, as scho wald, mycht not mak sacryfyce
  In Anchysis honour and funerale seruyce.                            30
    Thus said Pirgo: bot than the matronys all
  Stude fyrst in dowt quhat thing tha do sall,
  And with evil willy eyn the schippys behaldis,
  On hovir betwix wrachyt desyre, thame haldis
  Forto abyd within that present land,                                 5
  And of the fatis, on the tother hand,
  That onto othir realmys doith thame call:
  Quhen lo! the goddes, in form celestiall,
  With equale weyngis fleys vp to the hevyn,
  And, in hir went, schup vndir the clowdis evyn                      10
  The figur of a raynbow huge grete.
  Than pryncipaly begouth thar hartis bete;
  Of syk wondris estonyst, thai al in hy
  Cachit with wodnes begouth raym and cry,
  And from the hallowyt ingill rest the fyre;                         15
  Part spulȝeis altaris of thar flambys schire,
  And byrnand branchis, faggottis, and fyre brandis,
  Into the schippys swak they with thar handis:
  The flambe vpkyndilling blesys braid at large
  Throw hechis, ourloft, ayr, and payntyt targe.                      20


  _Of the fyre stoknyng, quhilk the navy derys,
  And quhou in Sycill Ene hes left hys feris._

  Ontyl Anchises graf and theatry
  First brocht Ewmolus word, quhou the navy
  Was al infyryt. Thai luke, and gan behald
  The fyre sparkis fleand vp thyk fald
  In a blak sop of reik: and fyrst Ascanyus,
  As he on hors playt with hys ferys joyus,
  Als swyft and fersly spurris hys steid fute hoyt,                    5
  And, but delay, socht to the trublyt flote.
  Hys mastirys, half ded for affray and dreid,
  Mycht nocht withhald hym: thyddir gan he speid;
  And cryit, allace, O wrachit citesanys!
  Quhat new wodnes be this that ȝou ourtane is?                       10
  Quhou now, quhou now? quhat meyn ȝe for to do?
  Ȝour ennemys floyt, nor Grekis schippys, lo,
  Ȝe byrn not, bot al hope of ȝour weil fair;
  Se, this is I, ȝour awyn Ascanyus, ayr
  Onto my fader: and, with that word, his helm                        15
  Befor thar feyt al voyd doun dyd he quhelm,
  Quharwith in the derenys cled was he,
  And countyrfait the maner of a melle.
  Eneas than, and al the rowtis Troianys,
  Fast as thai mycht, sped thame thiddir atanys.                      20
    Bot than the wemen al, for dreid and affray,
  Fled heir and thair, endlang the cost away;
  Socht to woddys and cavys in euery rolk,
  Eschamyt with thar deid, knew thar awyn folk,
  Thar myndis changit, fled the lycht for dispyte,                    25
  Al Junois rage smate from thar breistis quyte.
  Bot not for this the flambys and byrnand bleys
  Dyd stanch thar fors ondantyt, ne appeys:
  The tuffyng kyndillys betwix the plankis wak,
  Quharfra outthrawis the pykky smoke coil blak;                      30
  The hait fyre consumys fast the howe;
  Our al the schip discendys the peralus lowe:
  Thar was na strenth of vaillyant men to waill,
  Nor large fludis on ȝet, that mycht avail.
    Reuthful Ene than of hys schulderis tway                           5
  The claith hes rent, and gan the goddys pray,
  Vp baith hys handis hevand in the sky:
  Almychty Jove, quod he, aluterly
  Gyf thou hes not al Troianys at haitrent,
  Or gif thi reuthfull clemens takis tent,                            10
  As thou was wont, to mennys travel and pyne,
  Now, haly fader, thi maieste inclyne;
  Grant at our navy this fyre may eschaip,
  And from distructioun delyvir and outscrape
  Thir sobir trumpys, and meyn graith of Troianys:                    15
  Or, gif I haue deseruyt, with the remanys,
  Smyte al togyddir ded with feirful thundir;
  Lat thi rycht hand heir schaik ws al in sondir.
    Scars this wes sayd, quhen that a blak tempest
  Brays but delay, and al the lyft ourkest:                           20
  A huge weyt gan down powre and tumbill;
  Hillys and valys trymlyt of thundir rummyll;
  The drumly schour ȝet furth our al the ayr
  Als blak as pyk, in bubbys heir and thar,
  Fyllys the schippys, quhil thai flet our the walys;                 25
  Wrayngis half brynt bedyit in watir salys;
  That al the fors of fyre was slokyt owt,
  And from the perrell salf and out of dowt
  Was al the navy, outtake four schippys lost.
  And, quhil he rowmys vp and doun the cost,                          30
  The fader Eneas, smyte with this smart cace,
  Now heir, now thar, gan huge thyngis compace;
  Rollyng in mynd quhiddir he suld or nay
  Remane in Sycill, or thens pas away,
  Or gif he suld seik ȝyt to Italy,                                    5
  Lyke as he had forȝet hys destany.
    Thus as he musys, stad in sykkyn dowt,
  Ane of the eldast herys stude abowt,
  Clepyt Nawtes, quham the goddes Mynerve
  Our al the layf instrukkyt hym to serve,                            10
  And rendryt had ful scharp and rype of wyt,
  Syk answer gave, and plane declaris it;
  Quhat pretendis this fellon goddes greif,
  And eik, accordyng thar fatis, quhat was releif;
  And, comfortand Eneas, thus gan say:                                15
  Son of the goddes, lat ws follow that way,
  Bakwart or fordwart, quhyddir our fatis dryve;
  Quhat evir betyde, this is na bute to stryve:
  All chance of forton tholand ourcummyn is.
  Heir is thi tendir frend Troiane, I wys,                            20
  Worthy Acestes, of dyvyne lynage;
  Cal hym to the in counsale, wys and sage,
  And weil willyng to thi purpos to apply.
  Leif with hym all may nocht in thi navy
  Be tursyt now, for lak of schippis lost;                            25
  Al syk as beyn ennoyt, and irk almost
  Of thi gret purpos, thi dedis, and efferis;
  And thai that beyn agyt passyt dait of ȝeris,
  Or ald matronys wery of the see:
  Wail out al thame beyn waik and onweilde,                           30
  Or ȝyt afferyt beyn in ilke affray;
  Syk cummyrryt wightis suffir, I the say,
  To haue ane hald and dwel heir in this land:
  The cite salbe, as was first cunnand,
  Acesta clepyt, eftir Acestes kyng.                                   5
    With syk wordis, and prudent sermonyng
  Of hys wys agit frend, than Eneas
  On al sydis gan ithandly cumpas
  Quhat was to do: and as the dirk nycht
  Rollyt hys cart ourthourt the polys bricht,                         10
  Eftir that all was went to rest and pace,
  The ymage of hys fader Anchises
  Gan from the hevin appeir, and, but abaid,
  Ontil Eneas heth thir wordis said:
    O thou my child, derrer, so mot I thrive,                         15
  Quhil that I levit, than myne awin lyve;
  O son, in Troiane fatis exercit sayrly;
  Hiddir, at the command of Jove, cummyn am I,
  Quhilk from thi navy stanchit the fyre, quod he,
  And from hie hevin at last heth reuth on the.                       20
  Follow the counsale is maist ganand and heynd,
  That agit Nautes gave the, thi trew frend;
  And chose ȝong men of harte maste curagious
  Turs in Itale with the. I tel the thus;
  A dour pepill, and of conditioun fell,                              25
  The nedis in Latium ourcum in batell.
  Bot first, of Pluto the infernale see,
  And deip regioun of hell, behufis the se,
  To cum and speke with me, myne awin son deir.
  Be not agast, my child, and haue na feir:                           30
  For I am nocht withhald, I lat the wyt,
  In Tartarus, the soroful hellys pyt,
  Nor drery pottis deip of saulis paill;
  Bot in the hailsum rowtis, furth of baill,
  I dwel amyd the plane of Elyse.                                      5
  The chaist virgyn Sibil wil convoy the
  The rycht way thidder, quhilk at thou sal tak
  By blude offerit of mony bestis blak.
  Thar sal thou lern all thi genolegy,
  And quhat cite is to the destany.                                   10
  Adew; as now na langar dwell I may:
  The donk nycht is almaist rollyt away,
  And the fers Orient wil at I withdraw;
  I feil the ayndyng of hys horssys blaw.
    Thus hes he said; and with that word, but mair,                   15
  Vanyst away, as the reik in the ayr.
  And quhen Eneas saw him pas, he said,
  Quhidder bradis thou now sa fast, without abaid?
  Quhidder hastis thou swa? quhom fleys thou? me, allace!
  Quhat is the let I may the nocht enbrace?                           20
  Thus sayand, the assys and coverit fyre bet he;
  To Troiane Ingil, and the cannos Veste,
  Within hys secret closet maid reuerence,
  With hallowyt flour, deuotely, and incence.
  Syne sone assemlyt his feris all in pres,                           25
  Bot first of al the ancyant Acestes:
  The wil and plesour of Jove schew thame cleir,
  And eik the charge brocht by hys fader deir,
  And tald thame planely his mynd and desyre.
  Thai tary nocht at counsale; for this syre,                         30
  Acestes, was al reddy at command.
  Than al tha folk, quhilk list bide in that land,
  For this new cite titil thai and writis:
  The matronys first, and sik as nocht delytis
  Nor hes in cure desyre of hie renoun,                                5
  Thai deput, and thai ordand for this town.
  Thar hechis and thar ourloftis syne thai beit,
  Plankis and gestis gret, squair and meit,
  Into thar schippis jonand with mony a dynt,
  Insted of thame war with the flambys brynt;                         10
  Thar cabillis new, and thar hed towis reparis,
  And gan to forge newly wrayngis and ayris:
  In numbir war thai bot a few menȝe,
  Bot thai war quyk and vailliant in melle.
    In the meyn tyme, Eneas with a pleuch                             15
  The cite circulit, and merkit be a seuch;
  By cavillys syne the tenementis dyd depart:
  Heir ordanys Ilion, and, in ȝondir art,
  Of Troy commandis beld othir memoriallis.
  Of this new cite, and thir frendly wallis,                          20
  Glaid wolx Troiane Acestes, and, but mair,
  Did mak proclame thar merkattis and thar fair;
  And all the hedismen gadderis and set down,
  Stabillis thar lawys and statutis for that town.
  Syne, on the top of Erix the montane,                               25
  Full neir the lift, thai found, of marbill stane,
  A tempil to Venus of Idalia;
  And, about Anchisis sepultur alssua,
  Ane hallowit schaw on breid, as sanctuar,
  Plantit thai haue, and stabillit prestis thar.                      30


  _Eneas gan depart, and quhou Venus
  Maid for hir son request to Neptunus._

  Be this has al the pepil, euery hyne,
  The feste continewit fully days nyne,
  And on the altaris, as was tho the gys,
  Thar offerandis endit and hie sacrifice:
  The stabil ayr has calmyt weill the see,                             5
  And sowtht pipand wyndis fair on hie
  Challancis to pas on burd and tak the deip.
  Bot quhen thai moste depart, lord, quhou thai weip!
  Quhat huge waling rays all the costis bay!
  Brasand and halsand thai dwel al nycht and day.                     10
  And now thai moderis, and thai onweldy men,
  Quhom til, vmquhile, forto behald and ken
  The seys figur was abhominabill,
  And eyk the fors tharof intollerabill,
  Now wald thai wend, for all the seys rage,                          15
  Reddy to thoill al travale in vayage:
  Quhom curtas Eneas with wordis frendly
  Comfortis, and syne, wepand full tendirly,
  Betaucht ontil Acest his cousing deir.
  Thre velys tho, as was the auld maneir,                             20
  In wirschip of Erix he bad down quell,
  And a black ȝowe to God of tempestis fell:
  Syne chargit hail thar cabillis vp belyve.
  Hys awin hed warpit with a snod olyve,
  Heich in a schippis forcastell dyd stand,
  Haldand a cowpe of gold intil hys hand,
  The bestis entralis in the see can swak,
  And ȝet the cleir wyne furth in fludis brak.
  From the eft schip vprays onone the wynd,                            5
  And followit fast the see fararis behynd;
  Eyk al the flote smate fast with arys the flude,
  Kempand to welt our wallys as thai war wode.
    In the meyn sesson Venus, al onflocht,
  Amyd hir breist reuoluand mony a thocht,                            10
  Spak to Neptune with sik petuus regrate:
  Neptune, quod scho, the fel ire and consate
  Of queyn Juno, with mynd insaciabill,
  Constrenys me to condiscend thus stabill
  In all maner of request and prayeris;                               15
  The quhilk Juno nowdir lang days nor ȝeris,
  Nor na divyne sacrifice, may apples;
  Scho restis nevir, nor may scho leif at eys,
  Albeit the power and charge of Jupiter
  Resistis scho wait, and fatis ar hir contrar.                       20
  Scho thinkis it nocht eneuch and sufficient
  By wikkit malice to downbet and schent,
  And for euer put to distructioun,
  Master of the pepil of Frigia, Troys town,
  And for tobe wrokin, be alkin panys,                                25
  Apon thar sary levingis and remanys:
  Bot euer in ane ȝit stil persewis sche
  The ded banys and cald assys to spulȝe
  Of silly Troy, quhilk is to rewyne brocht.
  A wondyr quhou scho may, intil hir thocht,                          30
  Of sa gret furour half the causys consaue.
  Thi self is witnes quhou, laitly, our the laif,
  Sa masterful storm amyd the Libiane see
  Scho rasit sone, quhil vp to hevynnys hie
  The fludis kachit war, and sair opprest,                             5
  Throu help of Eolus wyndis and tempest:
  Sa gret wrang in thi realme durst scho excers.
  O this detestabil wikkitnes to rehers!
  Lo! hes scho nocht, newlingis, sa schamefully,
  The Troiane matronys maid byrn thar navy,                           10
  By hir wod rage? and ar, for falt of schippis,
  In onkouth land left from thar fallowschippis?
  In tyme cummyng, I the beseik, quod sche,
  Schaw thi mychtis, that salfly throu the see
  It may be leifful thai thar salys set:                              15
  Grant at thai may alsso atteyn, but let,
  The flude Tybir, throu Lawrent feildis slydis.
  Admyt myne askin, gif so the fatis gydis,
  Or gif that my desyre may grantit be,
  Or ȝit werd sisteris list geif thame that cuntre.                   20
    Saturnus son Neptunus tho, I wys,
  That of the deip see fludis dantar is,
  Ansuerit and said: Citherea the fair,
  It is resson, and ganand euermair,
  Thou be assurit to rest at thi lyking                               25
  In my boundis, and throw out al my ryng,
  Quharfra thou hes thi first original,
  As thi kynd grund and cuntre natural.
  In othir placis als, furth of my land,
  I haue deseruit thankis at thi hand,                                30
  And oft tyme hes sa gret curage, thou knawis,
  Dantit baith of see and bustuus wynd at blawis.
  To witnes draw I of this at I say,
  Exanth and Symois, Troiane fludis tway,
  That I na les cuyr tuke of thine Ene,                                5
  To salue him on the land, than on the see.
  For quhen the fers Achil persewit sair,
  Chasand affrayt Troianys heir and thar,
  The gret rowtis to the wallis thrymland,
  Tofor his face half ded for feir trymland,                          10
  And mony thousandis on the grund layd ded,
  The ryveris dittit with ded corpsys wolx rede,
  Vndir bodeis bullyrrand; for sik multitude
  Of slauchtir he maid, quhil Exanthus the flude
  Mycht fynd na way to ryn onto the see:                              15
  Than, apon cace, with Achillis Ene
  Matchit in fecht, nowdir of strenth or mycht
  Equale be far, nor ȝit sa weil at rycht
  Favorit of the goddis as Achillis, perfay,
  By a dyrk clowd I staw thi son away:                                20
  Quhoubeit, the ilk tyme, my desyre was set
  Law fra the grond al Troy forto down bet,
  Tha maynsworn wallis biggit with my handis.
  As twichand Ene, quhou evir the chance standis,
  The sammyn wys ȝit perseueris my mynd:                              25
  Haue thou na dreid. I salbe ȝit als kynd.
  Onto tha havynnys he sal cum sovirle,
  As thou desyris, and furthir him eyk sal I
  Ontil Avern, clepit the louch of hell.
  Ane sal alanerly be loste, I the tell,                              30
  Quham thou sal seik, amang the fludis, dede;
  For help of mony thar salbe gevin a hede.
    Eftir that with sik wordis Neptunus
  Had mesit the mude of the goddes Venus,
  Tho kan this fader of the see, but mair,                             5
  Hys horssis ȝok to draw his cart or chair,
  With fomy bridill danting the fers bestis;
  Thar renȝeis and thetys, at thame arestis,
  With hys awin handys leit do slyp and slakkis,
  And lichtly our the fludis croppis frakkis                          10
  Hys watry chair, furth fleand with a sownd,
  Quhil al the wallis dowkis to the grownd;
  Vndir the brayand quhelis and assiltre
  The fludis strekis plane our al the see:
  The bubbis and wyndy clowdis, heir and thar,                        15
  Gan fle onon furth of the large ayr.
  Than of his court apperit figuris seir;
  The hydduus quhalys, and al the rowtis in feir
  Of agit Glaucus with his cannos hair,
  And Palemon, Inoes son and ayr;                                     20
  The swift Tritones, with trump playand thar spryng;
  Phorcus, with al his falloschip and ofspryng:
  And on hys left hand furth haldis Thetis,
  With al the Nymphis hait Nereidis,
  Sik as Melite, Spyo, Penopea,                                       25
  Cymodoce, Nyse, and Thalia.


  _Throu owt the flude merely salys Ene,
  And Palynurus drownys in the see._

  Glaidnes and comfort than, in to sum part,
  Begouth to kittill Eneas thochtful hart.
  Heys heich the cros, he bad, al mak thaim bown,
  And fessyn bonnettis beneith the mayn sail down.
  Than al sammyn, with handis, feit, and kneis,                        5
  Dyd heys thar sail, and trossyt down thar teys:
  Now the le schete, and now the luf, thai slak,
  Set in a fang, and threw the ra abak;
  Baith to and fra al dyd thar nokkis wry:
  Prosper blastis furth careis the navy.                              10
  Befor the laif, as lodis man and lard,
  And al his salis vp with fellon fard,
  Went Palynure; and hail the remanent
  Was chargit hald the sammyn cours and went.
    Be than, the donk nycht had run almaist evin                      15
  His myd cours or methis in the hevin,
  And euery maryner, but langar kepe,
  Thar bodeis restis with the plesand sleip,
  Endlang the hechis lyand heir and thar is,
  Or in thar hard settis lenand on ayris:                             20
  Quhen that the swift God of sleip gan slide
  Furth of the starnyt hevin, by nychtis tide,
  And dyd away the dirknes of the ayr,
  Removing schadowit skyis maid al fair;
  Onto the, Palynurus, hes he socht,
  And the, al innocent, soroful slepis brocht.
  Heich in the eftschip dyd this God appeir,
  In figur of Phorbantus, a maryneir,
  And frendfully gan warp sik wordis owt:                              5
  Jasyus son, Palynur, luke about;
  The sobir seys beris sownd our navy;
  The wyndis blawis ful evin and rycht makly:
  Thou may sovirly tak the ane howris rest,
  Leyn doun thi hede, and sleip, for that is best                     10
  Thy wery eyn thou prevely withdraw
  From langsum laubour, and sleip a litil thraw;
  And I my self sal glaidly, in thi place,
  Beir thyne office, and steir a litil space.
  To quhom Palynur, skars liftand his eyn,                            15
  Ansuerd and said; quhat thing wald thou meyn?
  Byddis thou me be sa nyce I suld mysknaw
  This calm salt watir, or stabil fludis haw?
  Wilt thou I traste this monstre perellus?
  Or quhat in wyndis sa dissaitful til ws,                            20
  And this cleir hevin sa oft hes trumpit me,
  Wald thou I lippynnyt the maist nobil Ene?
    Sik wordis he said, grippand the helmstok fast,
  Lenand tharon, and by na way nor cast
  Wald part tharfra, haldand his eyn ful evin                         25
  Ay to behald the starnys in the hevyn.
  Quhen lo! this God smate bath his tymplis twane
  With a ful sleipry and bedyit grane,
  Wet in the myndles flude of hell, Lythe,
  And sowpit in Stix, the forcy hellys see:                           30
  Hys glotnyt and fordovirrit eyn two
  He closyt hes, and sound gart sleip alsso.
  Bot scarsly gan the first rest of sleip,
  Or he was war, thus on his membris creip,
  Quhen on him lenys this God, and tho he kneld,                       5
  And with a swak, as that the schip gan helde,
  Ourburd him kest amyd the flowand see,
  Richt al togidder with the helmstok of tre:
  Than al for nocht apon his feris he cryis.
  This God flaw vp lyke a bird in the skyis.                          10
  And nocht the les the schip held furth hir went,
  As scho did ayr, throw the calm seys sprent,
  But ony harm, and al the navy sone,
  By the promys of the fader Neptune.
    With this almaste thai careit ar infeir                           15
  Onto the rochis and skelleis weill neir
  Of Syrene, that we Marmadynnys clepe;
  Dangerus vmquhile, for a mekil hepe
  Of dede banys lay tharon ful quhite;
  So gan the salt jawpis ythandly smyte                               20
  The holl rolkis, maid a sownd ful hays.
  Quhen Prince Ene persauyt, by his rays,
  Quhou that the schip dyd rok and tailȝeve,
  For lak of a gud sterisman on the see,
  Him self hes than sone hynt the rudyr in hand,                      25
  And throu the fludis steris the schip to land,
  Bewaland gretly in his mynde pensyfe,
  For that his frend was fal, and lost the lyfe.
  Allace! our mekil thou lippynnyt hes, quod he,
  Into the stabillit hevin and calmyt see:                            30
  Bair and onerdit, in ane onkouth land,
  Palynurus, sal thou ly on the sand.
    Thus wepand said, and leyt his flote go large,
  Quhill at the last, baith ballyngar and barge
  Apon the cost, that hait Ewboica,                                    5
  Arryvit neir the cite of Cuma.
  Than to the streme thai turnyt thar forschip;
  Kest down thar bewchit ankyrris, ferm of grip,
  Into the raid; endlang the costis bay
  Thar eft castellis gan mustyr in array.                             10
  And al the ȝongkeris spedis hastely
  Onto the schore of Hisperia fast by:
  Sum smytis fyre furth of the hard flynt stane;
  Sum spedely to the thik wod ar gane,
  In dern dennys, quharin wild bestis dwellis;                        15
  And sum dyd schaw the new fund springand wellis:
  To beit thar mystir al bissy for the nanys,
  Sum to this turn, sum to that, start atanys.


  Pluto, thou patron of the deip Achiron,
  Fader of tormentis in thyne infernal see,
  Amyd the fludis, Stix and Flagiton,
  Lethie, Cochite, the watyris of oblivie,
  With dolorus quhirling of furyus sistyris thre,                      5
  Thyne now salbe my muse and drery sang:
  To follow Virgil in this dyrk poyse
  Convoy me, Sibil, that I ga nocht wrang.

  Quhat wenys fulys this saxt buke be bot japis,
  Al ful of leys or ald ydolatryis?                                   10
  O hald ȝour pace, ȝe verray goddis apis!
  Reid, reid agane, this volume, mair than twys:
  Consider quhat hyd sentence tharin lyis:
  Be war to lak, les than ȝe knew weil quhat;
  And gif ȝou list not wirk eftir the wis,                            15
  Heich on ȝour hede set vp the foly hat.

  All is bot gaistis and elrich fantasyis,
  Of browneis and of bogillis ful this buke:
  Owt on thir wandrand speritis, wow! thou cryis;
  It semys a man war mangit, tharon list luke,                        20
  Lyke dremys or dotage in the monys cruke,
  Vayn superstitionys aganyst our richt beleve:
  Quhat of thir fureis, or Pluto that plukkit duke,
  Or cal on Sibil, deir of a revyn sleif?

  Wald thou I suld this buke to the declare,
  Quhilk war impossibil til expreme at schort?                         5
  Virgil is ful of sentence our all quhare;
  Bot heirintil, as Seruius gan proport,
  Hys hie knawlage he schawis, that euery sort
  Of his clausys comprehend sik sentence,
  Thar bene tharof, set thou think this bot sport,                    10
  Maid gret ragmentis of hie intelligence.

  In all his warkis Virgil doith discrive
  The stait of man, gif thou list vnderstand;
  Baith life and ded in thir fyrst bukis fyve;
  And now, intil this saxt, we haue on hand,                          15
  Eftir thar deth, in quhat plyte saulis sal stand.
  He writis lyke a philosophour naturall:
  Twichand our faith mony clausis he fand
  Quhilk beyn conform, or than collaterall.

  Schawis he nocht heir the synnys capital?                           20
  Schawis he nocht wikkit folk in endles pane?
  And purgatory for synnys venyall,
  And vertuus pepil into the plesand plane?
  Ar al sik sawis fantasy and invane?
  He schawis the way, evir patent, down to hell,                      25
  And rycht difficil the gait to hevin agane,
  With ma gude wordis than thou or I kan tell.

  Heir tretand vertu, taxis he pane for vyce,
  Feil woful turmentis of wrachit catyvis sary,
  Notabil histories, and diuers proverbis wyce,
  Quhilkis to rehers war our prolixt a tary:
  Althocht he, as a gentile, sum tyme vary,                            5
  Ful perfitely he writis seir misteris fell,
  As quhou thir heithin childir thar werdis wary,
  Wepand and waland at the first port of hell.

  And, thocht our faith neid nane authorising
  Of gentiles bukis, nor by sik heithin sparkis,                      10
  ȝit Virgil writis mony just claus conding,
  Strenthing our beleve, to confound payan warkis.
  Quhou oft rehersis Austyne, cheif of clarkis,
  In his gret volume of the cite of God,
  Hundreth versis of Virgil, quhilk he markis                         15
  Agane Romanys, til vertu thame to brod!

  And of this saxt buke walis he mony a scor,
  Not but gude resson; for, thocht Criste grund our faith,
  Virgil sawis ar worth to put in stor.
  Thay aucht not be hald vagabund nor waith,                          20
  Ful riche tresour thai bene and precius graith:
  For oft by Sibilys sawis he tonys his stevyn;
  Thus faithfully in his Bucolykis he saith,
  The maide cummyth bringis new lynnage fra hevyn.

  As twiching hym writis Ascentyus;                                   25
  Feil of his wordis bene like the appostilis sawis,
  He is ane hie theolog sentencyus,
  And maste profound philosophour he him schawis,
  Thocht sum his writis frawart our faith part drawis:
  Na wondir; he was na cristyn man, per De,
  He was a gentile, and levit on payane lawis,
  And ȝit he puttis a God Fader maste hie.                             5

  We trow a God, regnand in personys thre,
  And ȝit angellis hevinly spiretis we call;
  And of the hevinly wightis oft carpis he,
  Thocht he belevit thai war not angellis all.
  Quhil Cristis passioun, of Adam from the fall,                      10
  All went to hell, thocht all war nocht in pane:
  Or Criste he wrait this buke, quhar reid ȝe sall
  Destinit in hell specialy placis twane.

  And principaly the sted of fell tormentis,
  With seyr departingis in that laithly hald;                         15
  Ane other place quhilk purgator representis,
  And, dar I say, the _Lymbe_ of faderis ald,
  With _Lymbus puerorum_, as I haue tald.
  Schawis he not eik, by werkis meritory,
  Quhou just pepil, in welthis monyfald,                              20
  Raiosys, syngand sangis of hevinly glory?

  And, as he twichis greys seyr in payn,
  In blys, elike wys, syndry slagis puttis he.
  Quhat sal I of his wondir warkis sayn?
  For al the plesance of the camp Elyse,                              25
  Octauian, in his Georgikis, ȝe may se:
  He consalis nevir lordschip in hell desyre,
  Bot evir in hevin, intil sum hie degre,
  To cheys his place, and not amang the fyre.

  Quhat cristyn clerk kouth hym haue consalit bettir?
  Al thocht he was neuer catholyk wight,
  He hes writtin ful mony attentik lettir.                             5
  In that ilk buke he techis ws ful richt,
  The warld begouth in veyr, baith day and nycht;
  In veir he says that God als formyt man,
  The son, the mone, and all the starnys bright:
  We grant in veir that first the warld began.                        10

  Happy war he knew the caus of al thingis,
  And settis on syde all dreid and cuyr, quod he,
  Vndir his feyt at treddis, and down thryngis,
  Chancis ontretabill of fatis and destane,
  All feir of ded, and eik of hellis see;                             15
  Happy he callys sik wightis, and sa do I:
  Quhar may we swa optene felicite?
  Neuer bot in hevin empire abone the sky.

  Tyll write you all hys tryit and notabil vers
  Almaist impossibil war, and half invane,                            20
  For me behuffyt repeting and rehers
  In seir placis the sammyn wordis agane.
  This may suffice, I wil no mor sane:
  Ane movar, ane begynnar puttis he,
  Sustenys all thing, and doyth in all remane;                        25
  And, be our faith, the sammyn thing grant we.

  I say nocht all hys warkis beyn perfyte,
  Nor that sawlys turnys in othir bodeys agane;
  Thocht we traste, and may preif be haly write,
  Our sawle and body sal anys togiddir remane.
  At thar bene mony Goddis I will not sane,                            5
  Thocht haly scriptur just men, Goddis, clepe.
  Quhom call I Pluto, and Sibilla Cumane,
  Hark; for I wil na fals Goddis wirschepe.

  Sibilla, til interpret propirly,
  Is clepit a maid of Goddis secret preve,                            10
  That hes the spiret divyne of prophecy.
  Quha bettir may Sibilla callit be
  Than may the gloryus moder and madyn fre,
  Quhilk of hir natur consavit Criste, and buyr
  All hail the mysteris of the Trinite,                               15
  And maist excellent wark had vnder cure.

  Thou art our Sibill, Cristis moder deir,
  Prechit by prophetis and Sibilla Cumane;
  Thou brocht the hevynly lynage in erd heir,
  Moder of God, ay virgyne doith remane,                              20
  Restoring ws the goldin warld agane.
  Sathan the clepe I, Pluto infernall,
  Prynce in that dolorus den of wo and pane,
  Nocht God tharof, bot gretast wrech of all.

  To name the God, that war a manifest le;                            25
  Is bot a God, maker of euery thing:
  I fauour nocht the errour of Manache.
  Set thou to Wlcane haue ful gret resembling,
  And art sum tyme the minister of thundring,
  Or sum blynd Ciclopes of thy laithly wra,
  Thou art bot Jovys smytht, in the fyre blawing,
  And dyrk fornace of perpetuall Ethna.                                5

  Thou wrocht na thyng, bot maid thi self a devill,
  And that was not to mak, bot rather failȝe:
  For Austyn says, syn, myscheif, or evill,
  Is nocht at all: for quhy? thai nocht availȝe.
  The dym dongeoun of Ditis till assailȝe,                            10
  Or in the lyknes this mysty poetry,
  Help me, Mare; for certis, vail que vailȝe,
  War at Pluto, I sal hym hunt of sty.



  _Ene aspyis Dedalus wark expres,
  And with Sibilla spak, the prophetes._

  Qwil on this wys ilk man occupyit was,
  Reuthful Eneas bownys hym to pas,
  Onone to sers the strenth and tempil tho
  Dedicat ontil the myghty Apollo;
  That feirfull gowsty cave far from the way,                          5
  And secret hald of Sibilla the may;
  Quhais hait memor and resson oft infyrit
  Delyus, the prophet divyne, and so inspirit
  That scho the secretis fortocum did knaw.
  With this thai entrit in the hallowit schaw                         10
  Of the thrynfald passynger Dyane,
  And hows of brycht Apollo gold bigane.
    The fame is so, that Dedalus, the wright,
  Furth of king Mynos realm takand his flycht,
  Sa bald was with swift fedrame, and happy                           15
  To aventur hym self heich in the sky,
  And by a quent onvsyt way to knaw,
  Towart the frosty poil artik he flaw:
  Bot, at the last, softly he gan alicht
  Of Chalcydonys apon the castell hicht;
  And rendrit fyrst into thir landis, he                               5
  Offerit and hallowit, Phebus, onto the,
  The fard and flycht of baith hys weyngis two,
  And thar grathit a fair tempil alsso.
  Apon the portis dyd he carve and grave
  Androgyus slauchtir, falsly brocht to grave,                        10
  And for hys deth the vengeance and the wrake;
  Quhou of Athenes commandit war, alake!
  Twys sevyn childir onto Creyt be send,
  Perpetualy ilk ȝeir, a fair presand:
  The dedly vrn stand porturat mycht thai knaw,                       15
  Owt of the quhilk the lottis warrin draw.
  Forgane Athenes, a litil our the see,
  The ile of Crete he wrocht, musterand ful hie;
  The kingis cite thar hecht Gnosya;
  Quharin he porturit als ful, wallowa!                               20
  The lufe abhominabill of queyn Pasyphe,
  Quhou pryvely with the bul forlane was sche:
  The blandit kynd, and birth of formys twane,
  The monstruus Mynotawr, doith thar remane,
  Ane horribill takin of schrewit Venus wark.                         25
  Thar was alsso craftely schape and mark
  That namekouth hows, quhilk Laborynthus hait,
  Ful of wrynkkillit onreturnabil dissait.
  Bot, netheles, Dedalus, cawcht piete
  Of the gret luf of fayr Ariadne,                                    30
  That was the kyngis douchtir, tawght ful rycht
  Of this quent hows fortil omdo the slycht;
  Quhou by a threid the subtell wentis ilkane
  Thai myghtin hald, and turn that way agane.
  And thou alsso, the ȝong child Icharus,                              5
  Quhilk son was onto this ilk Dedalus,
  A gret part of this wark suld haue beyn thyne,
  Gyf that the dolour and the huge pyne
  Had sufferit hym to kyth his craft on the.
  In gold to grave thi fall twys etlyt he,                            10
  And twys, for rewth, failȝeis the faderis handis.
    Eneas tho, and al at with hym standis,
  This sculptur al espyit had on breid,
  Ne war Achates, quhilk befor him ȝeid,
  Be than returnyt was, and with him brocht                           15
  The religyus woman quham thai socht,
  Baith consecrate to Dyane and Phebus,
  Hait Deiphobe, the douchtir of Glawcus;
  Quhilk to the king sone spak apon this wys:
  This tyme, quod scho, to stair and to devys,                        20
  Govand on figuris, is not necessary.
  Mair neidfull now it war, but langar tary,
  Sevin ȝong stottis, that ȝok bur nevir nane,
  Brocht from the bow, in offerand brittin ilkane,
  And alsmony twyntyrris, as is the gys,                              25
  Chosyn and ganand for the sacrifys.
    On this wys till Eneas spak Sibill;
  And Troianys tareis nocht forto fulfill
  Hir commandment, that, but langar delay,
  The sacryfyis and offerand done haue thai;                          30
  And syne the nun to the hie tempill thame brocht,
  Quhilk in maner of ane gret cave was wrocht,
  Of Cuma holkit in the hillis side.
  Ane hundreth entreis had it, large and wyde;
  Ane hundreth durris tharon stekit clos,                              5
  Out at the quhilkis ruschit alsmony a voce,
  Gevand respons onto this Sibilla.
  Tho to the dur threswald cummyn ar tha,
  Quhen that this virgyn said: To ask answeris
  Now is the tyme; lo, lo, the God me steris!                         10
  And as scho gan sik wordis say and cry,
  Without the entre standand, suddanly
  Nowdir vissage nor cullour, as thai war air,
  Remanys than, nor hir weil dressit hair;
  Bot fast hir breist the breth dyd clap and bete;                    15
  Hir fers hart boldynnys vp ful grete,
  Enragit of the sprete divyne alsso,
  That of mair statur gan scho semyng tho;
  Hir voce ne sovndis lyke a mortale wight;
  For, with the goddis maieste and myght                              20
  Twichit and smyte, that drew hir mynde ful neir,
  Hir hart pipis gan to flekkir and steir.
  Blyn nocht, blyn nocht, thou gret Troiane Ene,
  Of thi bedis nor thi prayeris, quod sche;
  For, bot thou do, thir gret durris, but dreid,                      25
  And grisly ȝettis, sal nevir warp on breid.
  And, with that word, scho cessit, and no mor said.
  The cald dreid gan the Troianys invaid,
  Thirland throu owt hard banys at euery part:
  The king hym self than inkirly from his hart                        30
  Maid this oryson, and devotly said:
    O bright Phebus, that evir reuth has had
  On Troys hard aduersite and wo,
  Thow quhilk direkkit the Troiane dartis so
  In Achillis body, schot by Parys hand;                               5
  This see, at goys about mony gret land,
  Thou beand my gidar, entrit haue I,
  And eyk the wilsum desert land Masylly,
  Quhar the schald sandys strekis endlang the schor:
  Now at the last, that fled ws evir mor,                             10
  The forther cost of Ital haue we kaucht,
  Thocht, hiddertillis, hard fortoun has omberaucht
  The Troianys, and persewit onfrendfully.
  Now all ȝe Goddis and Goddessis, quham by
  Vmquhile was thocht gret Ilion ful of joy,                          15
  And the schynand gloryus town of Troy
  Semyng resist and gaynstand ȝour godhede,
  Lesum it is to desist of ȝour fede,
  And now to spair the puyr pepil Troiane.
  O thou maist haly prophetes souerane,                               20
  Quhat is to cum hes knawlage of all thingis,
  Grant at Tewcranys may dwel in Ital ringis;
  For I ne ask na land, nor realm algatis,
  Bot quhilk is grantit to ws by our fatis:
  Schaw, and declar for our goddis errand,                            25
  That cachit bene our mony see and sand,
  Quhar sal thar resting place be to remane.
  So eftir that to Phebus, and Diane,
  Of sownd marbill tempillis beld may I,
  And festual days for Appollo gar cry.                               30
  To the, alsso, within our realmys, salbe
  Mony secrete closet and revestre,
  Quharin thi warkis and fatale destaneis,
  Thi secret sawis, and thi propheceis,
  Endite of my kyn and genolegy,                                       5
  I sal gar kepe and obserue reuerendly;
  And, O thou blissit woman, onto the
  Wys walit men sal dedicate and sacre:
  So that thou write nocht on the levis thi wordis,
  For dreid al turn bot til a mok or bourdis,                         10
  Gif that the wynd thame skattir and blaw away.
  Pronunce it with thyne awin mowth, I the pray.
    Tharwith he held hys pace, and said no mor.
  Bot than Sibill the prophetes, ful ȝor
  Within the cave, as half enragit wight,                             15
  Kouth nocht contene of Phebus the gret mycht;
  And evir the mair scho hyr enforcys ay
  The gret God from hir breist dryve away,
  The mor he gan invaid hir and infest,
  Hir rageand mowth and fers hart, as him lest,                       20
  Danting at wil, and forgeand hir sayngis:
  Scho was constrenyt to schaw al suthfast thingis.


  _The answeris and the wordys to and fra
  Betwix Eneas and this Sibilla._

  The hundreth gret durris of that hows, with this,
  At thar awin willis warpit wide, I wys,
  And brocht the prophetis ansuer to thar erys:
  O Eneas, that, eftir mony ȝheris,
  Now finaly hes dryve to end, quod sche,
  Sa mony huge gret dangeris of the see!
  Bot on the land, I tel ȝou al and sum,                               5
  Far grettar perellis remanys forto cum.
  The Troiane pepill to the realm of Lavyne
  Sal cum; that is determyt be goddis dyvyne;
  Out of thi mynde sik dowtis do away:
  Bot forthirmor, I wil onto the say,                                 10
  Quhen thai the grond of Italy haue nummyn,
  Thai sal desyre neuer thiddir to haue cummyn.
  Batalis, horribil batalis, to conclude,
  I now behald, and Tibris, the gret flude,
  For gret habundance of blude on spait walx reid.                    15
  Nowdyr Exanth nor Symois in that sted
  Sal thou mys, nor ȝit the Grekis army.
  Thou sal befor the fynd in Italy
  Ane othir Achil, born als of a goddes:
  Nor Juno, Troianys persewar expres,                                 20
  Sal neuer mair failȝe in ȝour contrary.
  And quhen thou art thar, as thou waldbe cary,
  Of succurs and of help al desolate,
  Quhat pepill, and quhat citeis than, God wait,
  In Ital salt thou beseik of supple!                                 25
  Few sal remane onrequerit, trast me.
  The causys of al this myscheif and pane,
  Ane othir woman, a fremmyt gest agane
  For the Troianys, is to be spows and wed,
  A strange bride, or scho be brocht to bed.                          30
  Withdraw the from na perellis, nor hard thrist;
  Bot evir infors mair strangly to resist
  Agane dangeris, than fortune sufferis the.
  Ȝour first reskew of succurs and supple
  Furth of a Gregioun cite salbe schaw,                                5
  Quhilk thou leste wenys, a wondir thing to knaw.
    Furth of hir secret closet, thus onane,
  Sik sawis warpis this Sibilla Cumane;
  Horribil answeris, ful dowtsum to consave,
  Quhar as scho sat rumysand in hir cave,                             10
  In subtel wordis of obscurite
  Involupand the trewth and verite:
  For on sik wys Apollo hir refrenys,
  Bridillis hir sprete, and, as him list, constrenys,
  From hir hart pipis his fers brod withdrawing.                      15
  As the divyne fury gan first sessing,
  And eik hir ragiand mowth begouth to rest,
  Devoyt Eneas begynnys als prest,
  And said: Virgyn, na kynd of pane may rys
  Onknaw to me, of new that may me grys:                              20
  Or now I am warnyt of al sik chance,
  And hes thame rollit in my remembrance.
  Bot a thing I beseik the and requeir;
  Sen the entres and port, thai sai, bene heir,
  Of the infernal king, and the layk dyrk                             25
  Of Acheron, gorgeit with fludis myrk;
  Thocht it be rycht difficil, ȝit grant me
  Thai quent realmys I may behald and se,
  And cum onto my deir faderis sight:
  Thiddir the passage, and al ways rycht,                             30
  Do teche me, and tha secret portis onschet.
  I hym delyuerit amyd from flambis het,
  And on thir schulderis careit him away,
  A thousand speris followand to assay,
  From myd ennymeis brocht him to salfte:                              5
  In my vayage, accumpaneit with me,
  He went throu owt al seys and strange strandis,
  All maner perrellis of fludis, stremys, and sandis,
  And stormys of the hevin, thocht he was waik:
  He sufferit and sustenyt, for my saik,                              10
  Ful huge pane, as he had beyn a page,
  Abufe the strenth and common curs of age.
  And forthir he me chargit, and gan beseik,
  To the, lady, I reuerently suld seik,
  And pas hiddir to thi sted and dwelling place.                      15
  Haue reuth now, haly woman, schaw sum grace
  Baith to the son and fader, I requeir;
  For thou may do all thing, I wait, but weir:
  Ne not but gude resson, ful weil I knaw,
  Beside Avernus, our hir hallowit schaw,                             20
  Proserpyn maid the patron and mastres.
  Gif Orpheus mycht reduce agane, I ges,
  From hell his spousis gost with his sweit stringis,
  Playand on his harp of Trace sa plesand springis;
  Or gif Pollux redemyt his broder Castor,                            25
  As he that was immortal get and boyr,
  Partyng with him his immortalite,
  Athir for other sufferand forto de,
  That ych of thame, by coursis alternate,
  Sa oft gais and returnys that gait;                                 30
  Is it nocht anys lesum I pas that way?
  Of Thesyus quhat nedis mair to say,
  Or of the strang maste dowchty Hercules,
  Quhilk thidder went with sa gret fors and pres?
  Am I nocht eik discend from Jupiter?                                 5
    Sik prayer maid he, grippand the altar;
  Quhil thus begouth the prophetes speke agane:
  Of goddis blude, Anchises son Troiane,
  It is richt facil and eith gait, I the tell,
  Forto discend and pas on down to hell:                              10
  The blak ȝettis of Pluto, and that dirk way,
  Standis evir oppin and patent nycht and day;
  Bot tharfra to return agane on hyght,
  And heir abufe recovir this aris licht,
  That is difficil wark, thar lawbour lyis.                           15
  Ful few thar bene, quhom heich aboue the skyis
  Thar ardent vertue has rasit and vphyeit,
  Or ȝit quhom equal Jupiter deifyit,
  Thai quhilk bene gendrit of goddis, may thidder attayn.
  Al the myd way is wildirnes onplayn,                                20
  Or wilsum forest, and the laithly flude
  Cochytus, with his drery bosum onrude,
  Flowis enverom rownd about that place.
  Bot gif sa gret desyre and luf thou has
  Twys til our sayll of Stix the dedly layk,                          25
  And twys behald blak hellis pyt of wraik,
  Or sa huge laubour delytis the, quod scho,
  Harkyn quhat first behuffis the to do.
  Amyd a rank tre lurkis a goldin bewch,
  With aurial levis, and flexibill twystis tewch,                     30
  Onto Juno infernal consecrate,
  That standis lowkit abowt and obumbrate
  With dirk schaddowis of the thik wod schaw.
  Bot it is na wys lesum, I the schaw,
  Thir secret ways vndir the erd to went,                              5
  Quhil of the tre this goldin grayn be rent:
  Fair Proserpyn hes institute and command
  To offer hir this, hir awin propir presand.
  Ane othir goldin grane, to the ilk effect,
  Thou sal nocht mys, thocht the first be down brek;                  10
  Incontinent evir of the sammyn mettall
  Sik a lyke branch sal burgion furth withall.
  The nedis, tharfor, to hald thine eyn on hight,
  It forto sers and seik; syne all at right,
  Quhen it is fund, thou hynt it in thi hand.                         15
  For, gif it list, esely that sammyn wand,
  Of the awin will, sall follow thi grip fut hait,
  Gif so the fatis wil thou pas that gait;
  Or ellis be na strenth thou sal it ryve,
  Nor kut in twa with wapyn, sword, or knyve.                         20
  And mair atour, beforn the in the place,
  At thou ne wait, of thi deyr frend, allace!
  Onerdyt lyis of new the ded body,
  That with hys corps pollutis al thi navy;
  The self tyme slane thow askand our answer,                         25
  And in this place remanys with ws heir.
  First se that hym to hys lang hame thou haue,
  And, as efferis, gar bery law in graue.
  Til his funeral entyre, or sacrifys,
  Do bring the blak bestis, as is the gys:                            30
  Lat tha be ȝour first expiationys,
  And clenging graith, eftir ȝour serymonys.
  So at the last, of Stix the cayrful schaw,
  And realmys wilsum for levand men to knaw,
  Thou sal behald. Quod scho; and tho gan ses,                         5
  Hir mowth clappit togiddir, and held hir pes.


  _Of Mysenus entyrment at was slane,
  And quhou Eneas fand the goldin grane._

  Ene, with drery cheir, and eyn down cast,
  Levand the cave, furth on his way is past,
  And in his breste gan rollyng all on raw
  Thir onkouth chancis, wondir strange to knaw.                       10
  Achates, hys traste frend, furth by hym went,
  Ilk step and pays musyng the sammyn entent:
  Ful mony diuers sermondis betwix thame two
  Talkand and carpand oft quhar as tha go;
  Dowtsum quhilk of thar feris this might be,                         15
  The prophetes thame tald was done to de,
  Or quhat corps was this scho thame bad bery.
  And, as thai come apon the strandis dry,
  Thai gan behald, ligging in the ilk sted,
  Mysenus new slane be onworthy ded;                                  20
  Mysenus, Eolus son, nane mair cunnand
  Ostis to assembill with brasyn trump in hand;
  That, with his sovnd and weirly blastis, oft sys
  The martial curage maid in brestis rys.
  Sum tyme he was ane of gret Hectoris feris;
  About Hector evir hantit he the werys,
  Now blawing with his trump maste craftely,                           5
  Now with a speir jonand hys mastir by:
  Eftir Achil reft him the lyfe in wer,
  Til dowchty Ene this forcy chyvaler
  Adionyt hes him self in falloschip,
  A man of na les prowes nor wirschip.                                10
  Bot now, percace, with his boys trump as he
  Went onprowisitly blawand by the see,
  To stryfe prowoking the goddis with his springis,
  Gif it be lesum to trast sa schameful thingis,
  Triton the God, havand tharat dispite,                              15
  Or he was war, him hyntis, and dyd smyte
  Amang the fomy rolkis law adown,
  And in the salt wallys the man gan drown.
  Quharfor about his corps with gret clamour
  The Troianys stude murnand, and maid dolour;                        20
  Bot principaly the rewthfull Eneas.
  Sibillais heste, as he commandit was,
  Tho sped in haist forto perform weping:
  For the sepulcre funerale fyre or byng,
  Ane hepe of treis thai pres onone to dycht,                         25
  And vp onto the hevynnys rays on hight.
  Ontil ane ancyent forest socht thai then,
  Entrand in mony dern wild bestis den:
  Ful of roset down bet is the fyr tre;
  Smyte with the ax dyd rayr the akis hie;                            30
  Gret eschin stokkis tumlys to the grond;
  With weggeis schydit gan the byrkis sovnd;
  The felloun elmys weltis down the hillys.
  Ene him self alsso, with ful gude willys
  Into sik warkis, with the first, al day                              5
  For tobe bissy gan his feris pray,
  With loome in hand fast wirkand lyke the laif;
  And in hys breste gan to and fra consaif,
  Ful hevely, thir materis war betyde,
  Behaldand the large wod on athir syde,                              10
  Thar as he stude thus makand hys prayer:
  Wald God ȝon goldyn branch list now appeir,
  And kyth the self to ws in this forest!
  Sen lo, al thing the prophetes exprest
  Of the, Mysenus, ar our trew, allace!                               15
  Skars war thir wordis said, quhen, in that place,
  A payr of dowis fra hevin come with a flycht,
  And richt forgane the mannys face dyd lycht,
  And on the grene sward thar place tuke law.
  This rial prynce, alssone as he thame saw,                          20
  His moderis byrdis knew, and blithly than
  Hys orison hes maid, and thus began:
    O haly fowlys, gif the way may be went,
  Be ȝe my gydis to compleit myne entent;
  Addres ȝour cours throu owt the ayr in hy                           25
  Onto that haly schaw, with soyl myghty,
  Quhar as that rych branch the grond ourheildis.
  And ȝe, my blissit moder, that our beild is
  Into this dowtsum cace, be nocht away;
  I ȝou beseik be favorabil to our way.                               30
  And prayand thus, efter the spamen werd,
  He prentit baith his futsteppis in the erd,
  Behaldand redly quhat syngnys thai schaw,
  Or quhidder thai mark, etand, pasyng on raw.
  Thai at the last gan flychtir furth a space,                         5
  Half stalkand on the grond a soft pace,
  Sa fer befor Achates and Ene
  As thai mycht weil behald thame with thar E.
  And alssone as thai come to the entre
  Of Avernus, that stynkand hellys see,                               10
  Vprays thai swyftly, and in the moste ayr
  Flaw furth, and syne gan alycht and repair
  Apon thar segys, quhar thame list tobe,
  Of divers naturis perkit on the tre,
  Throw quhais branchis, of seir hewis mony ane,                      15
  The brycht glittyrrand goldin cullour schane.
  Lyke as ful oft, in chil wyntiris tyde,
  The gum or glew, amyd the woddis wide,
  Is wont to seym ȝallow on the grane new,
  Quhilk nevir of that treis substance grew,                          20
  With saffron hewit frute doyng furth sprowt,
  Circulis and wymplis rownd bewis abowt:
  Siklyke was of this gold the figur brycht,
  That burgionyt fayr on the rank akis hycht.
  Evir as the branch for pypand wynd reboundit,                       25
  The goldin schakeris ratlis and resoundit.
  Eneas smertly hynt the grayn at schone,
  And, but delay, hes rent it dovn anone;
  Desyrus to compleit hys way alssua,
  Bair it onto the hald of Sibilla.                                   30
    And netheles Troianys, this ilk tyde,
  Mysenus deth bewalit at the cost syde,
  Onto the dolorus onsilly body
  Funeral seruyce completand by and by.
  At the begynnyng first vp hie thai beild                             5
  A huge heip or byng amyd the feild,
  Of dry ayk schydis and fat roset treys:
  Al sydis tharof, als fer as ony seys,
  Was dek and coverit with thir dedly bewis,
  And wild cipres, the tre of mortall hewys;                          10
  The top abufe arrayit was at richt,
  And adornyt with schynand armour bricht.
  Sum spedis to graith hait watir bissely
  In caldronys playand on the fyre fast by:
  The cald ded corps is weschin and invnct,                           15
  Embalmyt with rich gummys euery junct.
  Thai schowting, gowling, and clamour, abowt him maid;
  The body syne bewalit haue thai laid
  In a soft bed, and thar abuf was spred
  Purpour robbis, quharwith he wont was cled:                         20
  Sum on thar schulderis the gret beir vpbair,
  A dulful office, with mony sob and rayr,
  And, as the maner of tendir frendis is,
  For sorow thar facis writhis away, I wys,
  Puttand the kyndling in with hait fyre brand.                       25
  Gret hepis of cens vpblesit fra hand to hand;
  Cowpis and goblettis warpit in the fyre,
  Ful of oyl dolyve, brynt vp brycht and schyre.
  Eftir all was fallin in puldir and in as,
  And the gret heit of flambis quynchit was,                          30
  The reliqueis and the dry ammeris syne
  Thai sloknyt, and gan weschin with sweit wyne:
  The banys, walit by and naitly chosit,
  Choryneus in a brassyn twn hes closit;
  And this ilk man his feris al, but dowt,                             5
  With cleyn watir clengit thrys abowt,
  Strinkland a litil dewing, as was the gys,
  With the branch of a happy olyve thrys;
  He purgit and aspergit weil the men,
  The lattir word, al is done! said he then.                          10
  Eneas tho gart vp erekkit be
  A sepultur, of ful huge quantite,
  In takynnyng of the mannys instrumentis,
  Ane ayr and eik a trumpet tharon prentis,
  Vndir the mont, vmquhile Aeryus                                     15
  Was clepit, quhilk now is hait Mysenus;
  Eftir his name callit perpetualy,
  That evir sal his memor testify.


  _Of Eneas sacrifyis be nycht,
  And quhou to hel he tuk the way ful rycht._

  This beand done, Sibillais commandment
  Ene addressis perform incontinent.                                  20
  Thar stude a dirk and profound cave fast by,
  A hieduus hoill, deip gapand and grisly,
  All ful of cragis and of thir scharp flynt stanys,
  Quhilk was weil dekkit and closit for the nanys
  With a fowle layk, als blak as ony craw,
  And skuggis dym of a ful dern wod schaw;
  Abufe the quhilk na fowle may fle but skath.                         5
  Exalationys or vapouris blak and laith
  Furth of that dedly golf thrawis in the air,
  Sik wys na byrd may thiddir mak repair;
  Quharfor Grekis Avernus clepis this sted,
  The place but fowlis, to say, or pyt of ded.                        10
  Heir first Ene, at this ilk entre vyle,
  Fowr ȝong stottis addressit, blak of pyle:
  The nun Sibilla ressauys thame, and syne
  Amyd thar forhedis quhelmyt on cowpis of wyne,
  And of thar top, betwix the hornys twa,                             15
  The ovirmast haris has scho pullit awa,
  And in the haly ingil, as was the gys,
  Kest thame, in maner of the first sacrifice,
  Apon Hecate cryand, with mony a ȝell,
  Mychtful in hevin and dym dungeon of hell.                          20
  Sum slevit knyvis in the bestis throtis,
  And otheris, quhilk war ordand for sik notis,
  The warm new blude keppit in cowp and peys.
  Ene him self a ȝow was blak of flece
  Brittynnyt with hys sword, in sacrifice ful hie                     25
  Onto the moder of the fureys thre,
  And hir gret systir; and to the, Proserpyne,
  A ȝeld kow all to trynschit; and eftir syne
  To the infernal kyng, quhilk Pluto hait,
  Hys nycht altaris begouth to dedicate:                              30
  The hail bowkis of bestys, bayn and lyre,
  Amyd the flambys kest and haly fyre;
  The fat oly dyd he ȝet and peyr
  Apon the entralys, to mak thame byrn cleir.
  Bot lo! a litill befor the son rysyng,                               5
  The grond begouth to rummys, croyn, and ryng,
  Vndir thar feyt, and woddy toppis hie
  Of thir hillys begyn to move thai se:
  Amang the schaddowys and the skuggis mark
  The hell hundys hard thai ȝowl and bark,                            10
  At cummyng of the goddes Proserpyne.
  Sibilla cryis, that prophetes dyvyne,
  All ȝe that bene prophane, away, away;
  Swith, owtwith al the sanctuar hy ȝow, hay!
  And thou, quod sche, hald on thi way with me;                       15
  Draw furth thi swerd; for now is neid, Ene,
  To schaw thi manheid, and be of ferm curage.
  Thus far scho said, smyte with the godly rage,
  And tharwith entris in the oppynnyt cave:
  Eneas onabasit, fra all the lave,                                   20
  Followis his gide with equale pays ful rycht.
    O ȝhe Goddis, in quhais power and mycht
  The sawlis beyn, and ȝhe dern skuggis dyrk,
  Confusyt Chaos, quharof all thing beyn wirk,
  Skaldand hellis flude, Flagiton, but lycht,                         25
  Placis of silence and perpetuall nycht;
  Mot it be leful to me for to tell
  Tha thyngis quhilkis I haue hard said of hell,
  And, by ȝour myghtis, that I may furth schaw
  Seir thingis drynchit in the erd ful law,                           30
  And deip envoluyt in myrknes and in myst.
    Thai walking furth sa dyrk, oneth thai wyst
  Quhidder thai went, amyd dym schaddowys thar,
  Quhar evir is nycht, and nevir lyght dois repar,
  Throwout the waist dongion of Pluto kyng,                            5
  Thai voyd boundis, and that gowsty ryng:
  Siklyke as quha wald throw thik woddis wend
  In obscure licht, quhen moyn may nocht be kend;
  As Jupiter, the kyng etheryall,
  With erdis skug hydis the hevynnys all,                             10
  And the myrk nycht, with hir vissage gray,
  From every thing hes reft the hew away.
    Befor the porch, and fyrst jawys of hell,
  Lamentatioun and wraikfull Thochtis fell
  Thar lugyng had; and tharat dwellis eyk                             15
  Pail Maladeis, that causys folk be seik;
  The feirful Dreid, and als onweldy Age,
  The fellon Hungir with hir ondantit rage:
  Thar was alsso the laithly Indigence,
  Terribill of port, and schameful hir presence;                      20
  The grysly Ded, at mony ane hes slane,
  The hard Labour, and diseysful Pane,
  The slottry Sleip, Dedis cousyng of kynd,
  Inordinat Blithnes of peruersit mynd;
  And in the ȝet, forganyst thame, dyd stand                          25
  The mortall Batall with hys dedly brand,
  The irne chalmeris of hellys Fureys fell,
  Witles Discord, that wondryng maist crewell,
  Wymplit and buskit in a bludy bend,
  With snakis hung at euery harys end.                                30
  And in the myddis of the vtyr ward,
  With braid branschis spred owr al the sward,
  A rank elm tre stude, huge gret, and stok ald:
  The wlgar pepil in that sammyn hald
  Belevis thir vayn dremys makis thar dwellyng;                        5
  Vndir ilk leif ful thik thai stik and hyng.
  Thar beyn eik monstreis of mony diuers sort:
  The Centawres war stablit at this port,
  The dowbil porturat Scilla with thame infeir,
  Bryareus with ane hundreth formys seyr,                             10
  The bysnyng best, the serpent of Lerna,
  Horribilly quhysland, and quent Chymera
  With fyre enarmyt on hir toppis hie,
  The laithly Harpyes, and the Gorgones thre;
  Of thrynfald bodeys gaistly formys dyd grone,                       15
  Baith of Erylus and of Geryon.
    Eneas smartly, for the hasty dreid,
  Hynt furth hys swerd in this place, and, gud speid,
  The drawin blaid he profferis thar and heir
  Onto tha monstreis, evir as thai drew neir;                         20
  And war not his expert mait Scybilla
  Tawcht him thai war bot voyd gaistis all tha,
  But ony bodeis, as wandrand wrechis waist,
  He had apon thame ruschit in gret haist,
  And with his bytand brycht brand, all invane,                       25
  The twme schaddowis smyttyn to haue slane.


  _Tyll hellys fludys Ene socht neddyrmar,
  And Palynurus, hys sterysman, fand thar._

  Fra thyne, strekis the way profond onone
  Deip onto hellys flude of Acheron;
  With holl bysme, and hydduus swelch onrude,
  Drumly of mud, and skaldand as it war wod,
  Popland and bulrand furth on athir hand                              5
  Onto Cochitus all his slyke and sand.
  Thir ryveris and thir watyris kepit war
  By ane Charon, a grisly ferryar,
  Terribil of schap, and sluggart of array:
  Apon his chyn feil cannos harys gray,                               10
  Lyart feltrat tatis; with burnand eyn red,
  Lyk twa fyre blesys fixit in his hed;
  Hys smottrit habyt, owr his schulderis lydder,
  Hang pevagely knyt with a knot togiddir.
  Hymself the cobill dyd with hys bolm furth schow,                   15
  And, quhen hym lyst, halit vp salys fow.
  This ald hasart careis owr fludis hoyt
  Spretis and figuris in hys irne hewyt boyt,
  All thocht he eildit was, or step in age,
  Als fery and als swippir as a page;                                 20
  For in a god the age is fresch and greyn,
  Infatigabill and immortall as thai meyn.
    Thiddir to the bra swarmyt all the rowt
  Of ded gostis, and stud the bank abowt;
  Baith matronys, and thar husbandis, all yferis,
  Ryal pryncis, and nobill chevaleris,
  Smal childering, and ȝong damysellis onwed,
  And fair springaldis laitly ded in bed,
  In fader and moderis presence laid on beir.                          5
  Als gret number thiddir thikkit infeir,
  As, in the first frost eftir hervist tyde,
  Levis of treys in the wod doys slyde;
  Or byrdis flokkis owr the fludis gray,
  Onto the land seikand the nerrest way,                              10
  Quhom the cald sesson cachis owr the see,
  Into sum benar realm and warm cuntre.
  Thar stude thai prayand sum support to get,
  That thai mycht with the formast owr be set,
  And gan vp heving petuusly handis twa,                              15
  Langand to be apon the forthir bra.
  Bot this soroful boytman, with brym luyk,
  Now thir, now thame, within his veschel tuke;
  And other sum expellit, and maid do stand
  Far from the ryvage syde apon the sand.                             20
    Awondrit of this sterage, and the pres,
  Say me, virgyn, quod Ene, or thou ces,
  Quhat menys sik confluence at this watir side?
  Quhat wald thir sawlys? quhy nyl thai nocht byde?
  Quhilk causis beyn, or quhat diuersite,                             25
  Sum from the brays thame withdraw I se;
  Ane other sort, eik, of thir sawlys ded
  Rollyt owr this ryver, cullorit as the led?
    Thys ancyant religius woman than,
  But mair delay, to answer thus began:                               30
  Anchises get, heynd child, curtas and gude,
  Discend ondowtabil of the Goddis blude,
  The deip stank of Cochitus doith thou se,
  And eik the hellis puyll, hait Stix, quod sche,
  Be quhais myghtis the Goddis ar full laith,                          5
  And dredis sair, to sweir, syne fals thar aith.
  All thir, thou seis stoppit at the schor,
  Beyn helples folk, onerdit and forlor;
  Ȝon grysly ferryar to name Charon hait;
  Thai beyn all bereyt he careys in hys bayt.                         10
  It is not to him lefull, he ne may
  Thame ferry owr thir rowtand fludis gray,
  Nor to the hydduus ȝonder costys haue,
  Quhil thar banys be laid to rest in graue.
  Quha ar onbereit ane hundreth ȝer mon bide,                         15
  Waverand and wandrand by this bankis syde:
  Than, at the last, to pas owr in this boyt
  Thai beyn admyt, and costis thame not a grote,
  And frely may behaldyn or espy
  Tha lakis, quhilkis thame langis to vissy.                          20
    Anchises son tho styntis a litil stownd,
  And baith his futsteppis fixit in the grond,
  Musyng in mynd sum deil, sad in a part,
  And of this hard forton kauth rewth in hart.
  Thar saw he, dolorus and wofull of cheir,                           25
  But funeral seruyce, nevir laid on beir,
  Lucaspes and Orontes, baith twane,
  Quhilum masteris of the schyp Lyciane;
  Quham baith yfeir, as said befor haue we,
  Saland from Troy throw owt the wally see,                           30
  The dedly storm ourquhelmyt with a quiddir,
  Baith men and schip welt vnder flude togyddir.
    Lo! Palynurus eyk, his sterysman,
  Amang otheris fast to the watir ran,
  Quhilk laitly saland in the Libyane see,                             5
  As that he gan behald the starnys hie,
  Togidder with the helmstok, quhar he stude,
  Owr schipburd swakkit was amyd the flude.
  And skarsly as Ene gan hym espy,
  Amang dirk skowgis standand full drery,                             10
  First he him gretis, sayand to him thus;
  Quhilk of the goddis, O Palynurus,
  The ws bereft, and drynt amyd the see?
  Quhow tyd that cace? declar me, I pray the.
  For certis, bricht Apollo nevir or now                              15
  Was fals to me; bot I wait neuer how
  Of hys answer twiching the he ravyt,
  And hes my mynd tharin al hail dissavit;
  That schew thow suld hailskarth owr the see
  Onto the grond of Ital cum, quod he:                                20
  Se, thus his lawte and promyt is keip!
    The tother answeris with a petuus peip:
  Maist worthy Duke, Anchises son sa deir,
  Nowder hath the of Phebus the answer,
  Vndir his secrete cortyne, so dissave,                              25
  Ne ȝit na God sa far has me bywave,
  Nor drownyt in the deip, as ȝe beleve.
  Bot, as I slaid our burd to my myscheve,
  The helmstok, or gubernakil of tre,
  Quharwith I rewlit owr cours throu the see,                         30
  Lenand tharon sa fast, per cace it threw,
  And rent away owr burd with me I drew.
  The wally seys to wytnes draw I heir,
  That for my self tuke I nane sa gret feir
  As of thi schip, quhom that I knew ful quyte                         5
  Spulȝeit of hir graith, and lodysman furth smyte,
  Dreding scho suld haue perist in sik neid,
  Owr the huge swelland fludis rays on breid.
  The sowth wynd Nothus thre days me drave
  Throw owt the see, with violent wallys wave:                        10
  Skars on the ferd day at morn dyd I spy,
  Heich from the wallys croppis, Italy.
  Huly and fair onto the cost I swam:
  And tho almaist in surte cummyn I am;
  Ne war the crewel pepil of tha landis,                              15
  As that I grippit with my crukit handis
  The scharp rolkis toppys at the schoyr,
  In hevy wayt frog stad, and chargyt soyr,
  Thai gan with irne wapynnys me invaid,
  Wenyng a spy that I had beyn, thai said,                            20
  From thar cuntre sum pray to dryve away.
  So now I am bedyit in fludis gray,
  And wyndis warpis my corps apon the strandis.
  Quharfor I pray the, hevand vp my handis,
  And be the plesand light of hevin requiris,                         25
  And by the hailsum ayr at thou inspiris,
  And be thi weilbelovit fader dyng,
  And gude hope of thi ȝong sonnys ofspryng;
  O thou onvenquyst valyant champyoun,
  Delyuyr me fra thir gret harmys onon:                               30
  Or, at the leist, grave me in sepulture,
  Sen weil thow kan, and may perform that cur:
  Speir to the portis quhilkis Velynos hayt;
  Or gyf thar may be fundyn ony gayt,
  Quhilk thy blyssit moder hes the techit rycht,                       5
  Reke thy rycht hand onto this wrechit wight,
  And haue me with the our thir fludis red;
  So, at the leist, I may, eftir my ded,
  Into sum plesand sted remane and rest:
  For I beleve fermly thou nocht addrest                              10
  Sa large fludis, but Goddis authoryte,
  Nor Stix this layk fortil owr swym, quod he.
    Quhen that he had thir wordis said expres,
  Syk answer til hym maid the prophetes:
  Palynurus, quod scho, thou sary syre,                               15
  Quhiddir is becummyn sik ondantyt desyre
  To the, and fers will sa onressonabill?
  Wenys thou, onerdyt now, and thus onhabill,
  Owr Stix the hellys puyll sik wys to fair,
  And grysly fludis, abowt quham doith repar                          20
  Thir dreidfull fureys, to behald and se?
  Oncallyt, on the ȝondyr bra wald thou be?
  Desist, and ces to weyn with thy prayer
  The goddis decrete at thou may brek or steir.
  Bot now inprent in thy remembrance                                  25
  Thir wordys, in solace of thy hard chance.
  Quhar thy body is at this tyme present,
  For feir tharof, the pepil adiacent,
  By wondir takynnys from the hevynnys schaw,
  Constrenyt, sal bygrave thy banys law,                              30
  And on thy corps erect a sepultur,
  Doyng tharto solempnyt funeral cur:
  Palynurus to name that place for thy
  Sal bare, and clepit be perpetualy.
    With thir wordis assuagit hys hevy thocht,                         5
  And fra hys sorofull hart, as that he mocht,
  Sum deil expellyt hes the dolorus cayr,
  Reiosyt of the grond hys surname bayr.
  Quharfor Eneas and Scybill, baith tway,
  As thai begunnyn had, held furth thar way.                          10


  _Owr Stix the flude quhou that Ene dyd fair,
  And Cerberus in cave hard ȝell and rayr._

  And as thai gan approch toward the flude,
  This churlych boyt man, on Stix quhar he stude,
  Alswyth as he persavit thame cum swa
  Throw the darn wod, and draw nerar the bra;
  First with sik bustuus wordis he thame grat,                        15
  And, but offence, gan thame chidyng thus plat:
  Quhat evir thou be, that cummys enarmyt so
  Towart owr fludis, quhiddir etlys thou go?
  For quhat caus come thou hyddir? tell me tyte;
  Stand styl thar as thou art, with mekill syte.                      20
  Pres na forthir, for this is the hald richt
  Of Gaistis, Schaddowys, Sleip, and dovyrrit Nycht:
  Onlefull war, and ane forbodyn thing,
  Within this passyngear our Stix to bryng
  Ony levand wight. Certis, in myne entent,
  I am nocht glaid ȝyt of the last sa went;
  Nor that I careyt Hercules owr this layk,                            5
  Ne Theseus, and Pyrothous hys mayk:
  All thocht thai war cummyn of goddis lynage,
  And invynsibill of strenth and vassallage.
  For this ilk Hercules, with hys stalwart handis,
  The grym wardane of hell strenyt in bandis,                         10
  And drew hym trymlyng from the kyngis trone:
  The tothyr twa gret violence wald haue done;
  The fresch Proserpyne, Plutois lady gay,
  Furth of hir bowr begouth to led away.
    To hym agane this answer maid expres                              15
  Of Amphrisya Phebus prophetes:
  Do all suspicioun furth of thy consate;
  Heir is, quod scho, nane sik gyle nor dissate;
  Na violence owr wapynnys doith pretend:
  Weill lykis ws, it doith ws not offend,                             20
  Thocht in his cave ȝour hydduus portar
  ȝowland affray the ded gaistis evyrmar;
  We stand content, it sufficyth ws alssua,
  That ay remane the chaste Proserpina
  Within hir fader broderis boundis and ryng.                         25
  Bot heir is cummyng, of kyng Troas ofspring,
  Eneas, full of piete and knychthed,
  To vissy hys luffit fader, quhilk is ded,
  Discendit to the law skuggis of hell.
  Of sa gret vertu and piete, quhilk I tell,                          30
  Gyf na considerance may the move, quod sche,
  At leist thou knawys this goldin granyt tre:
  And, with that word, the branch schew and omdyd,
  That pryvely vndir hyr clok was hyd.
  The rageand hart, all full of wraith and ire,                        5
  Than wolx appesit of this laithly syre,
  And, but ma wordys, or langar delay,
  Awondryt of the presand fresch and gay,
  Thys fatale wand sa precyus was, I meyn,
  That he tofor a lang tyme had nocht seyn,                           10
  Hys watry hewyt boyt, haw lyke the see,
  Towart thame turnys and addressis he,
  And gan approch onto the bra in heast.
  Syne othir sawlys expellit hes and chast
  Furth of hys bayt, quhilk sat endlang the wayll;                    15
  He strekyt sone hys ayris, and grathis his saill,
  And tharwithall the byg weghty Ene
  Within his veschell boddum ressavis he.
  Vndir the paysand and the hevy charge
  Gan grane or geig full fast the sewit barge,                        20
  Sa ful of ryftys, and with lekkis perbrake,
  Scho suppit huge watir of the layk.
  Bot, at the last, owtour the flude ȝit than
  Salfly scho brocht baith prophetes and man,
  And furth thame set amyd the fowl glar,                             25
  Amang the fawch ryspys harsk and sear.
    Cerberus, the hydduus hund, that regioun
  Fordynnys, barkand with thre mowthis sown,
  Onmesurabill in hys cave quhar he lay
  Richt our forgane thame in the hie way:                             30
  Quhom till the prophete, behaldand quhou in hy
  Hys nekkis wolx of eddyrris all grysly,
  A sop, stepyt intill hunny als fast,
  And of enchantit cornys maid, gan cast.
  For hungyr wod, he gapys with throtis thre,                          5
  Swith swellyand that morsell raucht had sche,
  And tho hys terribyll body with a rerd
  He tumlys owr, liggyn on the erd;
  Of huge statur, and fellon quantite,
  Our all the cave furth strekit him hes he.                          10


  _The circulyt ways in hell Eneas saw,
  And fand queyn Dido in the myr tre schaw._

  Thus quhil the portar in sleip sowpit lyis,
  The entre tho Eneas occupyis,
  And owr the fludis bank ful swyftly sprent,
  Quhais passage is onreturnabill went.
    Onon thai hard seir vocis lamentabill,                            15
  Gret walyng, quhympring, sprachis miserabill.
  In the first cyrkill, or the vtyr ward,
  Ȝong babys sawlys weping sor thai hard;
  Quhom the hasty and blak duylful day
  Sowkand thar moderis pap had reft away,                             20
  From the swete lyfe twynnyt ontymusly,
  As cayrful corps plungit in grave gart ly.
    Nixt thame, the secund place tha folkis hes
  Wrangwysly put to ded for cryme sakles.
  Nor, sykkyrly, thir settis to ilke wight
  War nocht assignit but juge, doym, and rycht:
  For kyng Mynos, inquisitour and justice,                             5
  The fatale vrne and ballance at device
  Rewlys equaly, and be discretioun steris
  To consale and to jugement as efferis;
  The silly gostis callys in that secret cage,
  Baith of thar life and crymys takkand knawlage.                     10
    Syne eftir thir, al sory and full of cayr,
  The thryd place haldis, and sal evir mayr,
  Giltles folk, that for disdene, wo, or fed,
  With thar awin handis wrocht thar self to ded,
  And, irkit of the life at thai war in,                              15
  Thar sweit sawlys maid fra the body twyn.
  O, quhat penuryte and hard distres infeir
  Wald thai now suffir tobe in this warld heir!
  Bot the fatis and goddis decrete gaynstandis
  That thai may nevir return onto thir landis:                        20
  The woful puyl with watyr onlufly
  Withhaldis thame, so at thai may nocht go by,
  And Stix, the flude, bylappis thame abowt
  Nyne tymys, sa clos at thai sal nevir wyn owt.
    Nocht far from thens, wide quhar on euery syde,                   25
  Thai mycht behald the large fieldis wyde
  And boundis of Complaynt, all voyd of lycht;
  Sa beyn thai clepit properly at rycht;
  Quharin war all by strang lufe in thar days
  With sik crewel infectioun wastit away is:                          30
  The hydlys held thai and the roddis darn,
  A myr tre wod about thame lowkyt ȝarn:
  Thar paynfull musyng and thar hevy thocht,
  Eftir thar ded alsso, forȝet thai nocht.
  Thar was Phedra, the spows of Theseus,                               5
  And Procrys eyk, the wyfe of Cephalus;
  In that ilke sted was trist Eryphyle;
  Hir crewell sonnys wondis schawis sche:
  Evadne he beheld, and Laodomya,
  And Pasyphe in falloschip with tha,                                 10
  And Ceneus, first a wench, and syne a man,
  In hyr ald schap eftir ded changit than.
  Amang otheris the Phenyssyane Dido
  Within the gret wod walkis to and fro,
  The greyn wound gapand in hir breist all new:                       15
  Quhom as the Troiane barrown nerrer drew,
  And throw the dyrk schaddowis first dyd knaw;
  Sikwys as quha throw clowdy skyis saw,
  Or, at the leist, wenys he heth do se,
  The new moyn quhen first vp walxis sche;                            20
  The terys leyt he fall, and tendyrly
  With hartly lufe begrat hir thus in hy.
    O fey Dido, sen I persave the heyr,
  A sovir warning, now I knaw ful cleir,
  Was schawin me, at thou with swerd was slaw,                        25
  Byreft thi self the lyfe, and brocht of daw.
  Alace, I was the causar of thy ded!
  By al the starnys schynys abone our hed,
  And be the Goddis abone, to the I swer,
  And be the faith and lawte, gif ony heir                            30
  Trewth may be fund deip vndir erd, quod he,
  Malgre my wyl, Prynces, sa mot I the,
  From thy costis depart I was constrenyt.
  Bot the commandment of the Goddis onsenyt,
  Quhais gret mychtis hes me hyddir dryve,                             5
  To pas throwout thir dirk schaddowis belyve,
  By gowsty placis, welch savorit, must, and hair,
  Quhar profund nycht perpetual doith repar,
  Compellit me from the forto dissevir;
  Nor in my mynde ymagyn mycht I nevir,                               10
  For my departing or absens, I wys,
  Thou suldist kaucht sa gret dyseys as this.
  Do stynt thy pays; abide, thou gentil wight;
  Withdraw the not sa sone furth of my sight.
  Quham fleist thou? this is the lattir day,                          15
  By werdis schape, that with the speke I may.
    With sik wordis Eneas, full of wo,
  Set him to meys the sprete of Queyn Dido;
  Quhilk, all inflambit, full of wreth and ire,
  With acquart luke glowand hait as fyre,                             20
  Maid him to weip, and sched furth teris wak.
  All fremmytly frawart hym, as he spak,
  Hir eyn fixit apon the grond held sche,
  Moving na mair hir curage, face, nor bre,
  Than scho had bene a statu of marbil stane,                         25
  Or a ferm rolk of Mont Marpesyane.
  Bot finaly, full swyft scho wiskis away,
  Aggrevit fled in the darn woddis gray;
  Quhar as Sycheus, hir first spows, ful suyr
  Corespondis to hir desyre and cuyr,                                 30
  Rendring in lufe amouris equiualent.
  And, netheles, fast eftir hir furth sprent
  Ene, perplexit of hir sory cace,
  And weping gan hir follow a weil lang space,
  Regratand in his mynd, and had piete                                 5
  Of the distres that movit hir so to fle.


  _The ward of worthy weyrmen now Ene
  Beheld, and heir with Deiphobus spak he._

  Wyth al his speid fra thens he tuk the gayt
  That was ontil him grantit by hys fayt.
  And sone thai war in cummyn to the plane
  And lattir wardys, quharin dois remane                              10
  Valyant folkis in feild and chevalry,
  Tha secret stedis hantand by and by.
  Heir him recontrit Parthenopeus,
  And intil armys valyant Tedeus;
  The pail gost eik of Adrastus the king.                             15
  Thar saw he als, with huge greyt and murnyng
  In mydlerd oft menyt, thir Troianys
  Duryng the sege that into batale slane is:
  Quhom as he gan behald wydequhar on raw,
  Ful tendirly complenyng, thar he saw                                20
  Glawcus, Medontus, and Thersylocus,
  Anthenoris thre sonnys, and Polybetus
  Onto the goddes Ceres consecrate;
  Ideus saw he in his ald estate,
  Baith rewland ȝit his cart, and wapynnys weildand.
  Onto Eneas left side and rycht hand
  The sawlys flokkis, circulyt in a rowt:                              5
  Not sufficyt thame to spy him anys abowt;
  Bot, desiring he tareit evir mair,
  Furth with him forto walkin and repar
  Weil lykis thame, towart him fast to thring,
  And to inquire the caus of his cummyng.                             10
    The nobillis eik of Grekis, one by one,
  With the gret rowtis of Agamenon,
  Alsone as thai the stalwart Troiane saw
  In brycht armour amyd the schaddowis law,
  Gretly afferd war smyte with fellon dreid:                          15
  Sum gave the bak, takand the flycht gude speid,
  As quhilum thai onto thar schippis socht;
  Sum rasyt a cry with waik voce, as thai mocht:
  Bot al for nocht, thar clamour was ful skant,
  The sovndis brak with gasping or a gant.                            20
    Syne Deiphobus, quhilum armypotent,
  Kyng Pryamis son, with body tore and rent,
  Thar he beheld, and crewel manglit face,
  Vissage menȝeit, and baith hys handis, allace!
  Half-hedis spulȝeit, of stowyt his erys tway,                       25
  By schaymful wound hys nes cuttit away.
  With gret difficulte he him skarsly knew,
  Trymlyng for lak, eschamyt red of hew,
  As that he mycht, hydand hys fellon woundis:
  Ondemandit, with frendly wordis and sovndis                         30
  Ene hym grat, sayand; Of gret renown,
  Deiphobus, armypotent champyoun,
  Quha hes, allace! the marthyrit swa and slane
  By sa crewel tormentis and hydduus pane?
  Quhou euer was ony sufferit the sa to dight?                         5
  It was me tald, of Troy the lattir nyght,
  Thou, wery and forfochtin in that sted
  For sa feil Grekis be thi dyntis ded,
  Abuf the hepe of ded corpsis ourane
  Fell down for bled, thar standing thyne allane.                     10
  Than I my self, fra this was to me schaw,
  Down at the nes Rethe, by the costis law,
  A voyd tumbe rasyt, and with lowd voce thrys
  Apon the wrethis and wandrand gaistis cryis.
  Thy armys and thy name that place doith hald.                       15
  My frend, thy body kouth I nocht behald
  Nor fynd, thocht I wald it haue gravit eft,
  The tyme quhen I our natyve cuntre left.
    Kyng Pryamis son maid answer; suyth is it,
  Na thing, my deir frend, dyd thou pretermyt;                        20
  All that thou aucht to Deiphobus, ilk deill
  Thou hest perfurnyst worthely and weil,
  As to my berial and sprete appertenyt.
  Bot my hard fatis war wers than thou wenyt:
  For the detestabill cursyt wikkytnes                                25
  Of Helyn born in Lacena, I ges,
  Has me involuyt in thir harmys ȝe se:
  Thir ar hir last luf drowreis left with me.
  Ful weil thou wait quhou that the lattir nycht
  In fals myrthis we spendyt, euery wight;                            30
  Allace the quhile! our gret mater of cayr
  Behuffis ws hald in memor euermar:
  Quhen that the fatale hors, to our ennoy,
  Com speland owr the hie wallys of Troy,
  With belly chargit full of armyt men;                                5
  That strang lurdane than, quham weil ȝe ken,
  The Troiane matronys hedis in a ryng,
  Fenȝeand to Bachus feste and karellyng;
  Amyddis al the laif a gret fyre brand,
  Byrnand ful cleir, scho haldis in hir hand,                         10
  Quharwith, out from the master streyt of Troy,
  The Grekis dyd scho bekyn and convoy.
  This ilk tyme me, with hevy curis lang
  Of irksum weir and sad, slumrys strang
  Oppressit, for my walkyn mony fald,                                 15
  My fey chalmer gan my body hald.
  Fordoverit as I lay in to that sted,
  In swete profound rest of sleip lyke soft ded,
  That notabil spows furth of hir lugyng place,
  This meyn sesson, al armour dyd arrace;                             20
  My trasty sword fra vnder my hed away
  Stall scho, and in the place brocht Menelay;
  The chalmer durris oppynnyt scho in hy,
  Wenyng to wyrk a hie plesour tharby
  To hir first luffar, and hir ald schame                             25
  Tharthrou to quynche, and recover gud name.
  Quhat suld I tarry, or ȝou langar hald?
  The Grekis ruschit in the chalmyr thik fald:
  Amang al otheris sammyn thiddir spedis
  That schrew prouocar of all wikkyt dedis,                           30
  Eolus nevo, cursyt Vlixes sle.
  On siklyke wys as thar thai dyd with me,
  Gret goddis mot the Grekis recompens,
  Gif I may thyg avengeans but offens!
  Bot say me this agane, frend, altogidder,                            5
  Quhat aventur hes brocht the levand hydder?
  Quhidder wavyt wilsum by storm of the see,
  Or at command of goddis, com thou, quod he?
  Or quhat fortoun doith the cach and steyr,
  That to this sory hald thou cummys heir,                            10
  To vissy this trublyt dym regioun,
  Quhar evir is nycht, and nevir son ȝit schon?


  _Sibilla carpand tyl Ene gan tell
  The tormentis of deip drery paynful hell._

  The quhile as thai thus carpyt to and fra,
  Hir rosy charyot the fresch Aurora
  Amydwart of the hevynnys assiltre                                   15
  Begouth fortil vproll and rays on hie;
  The myd declynyng of hir cowrs was went:
  And thai, percace, on sik wys mycht haue spent
  The tyme compleyt was for thar journe grant;
  Bot sone hym warnys Scibilla the sant,                              20
  His trew marrow, gan schortlie to him say:
    The nycht, Eneas, slydis fast away;
  Weping the howris we consume and waist:
  Heir is the place quhar owr passage in haist
  Departit is, and sched in stretis twane.
  This way, towart the rycht hand, strekis plane
  To the hie wallys of Schir Ditis kyng;                               5
  It is our reddy went, quhilk sall ws bring
  Onto the plesand playn of Elyse:
  This other gait, on the left hand ȝe se,
  Convoys onto the sted of fell torment,
  Quhar dampnyt schrewis in Tartarus ar sent                          10
  In woful pyt perpetual to remane.
    Than Deiphobus maid this answer agane:
  Beis nocht agrevit, souerane nun, I pray,
  I sal no langar dwel, bot go my way;
  I sal compleyt my number furth, quod he,                            15
  And to dym schaddowis rendrit sall I be.
  Pas on, pas on, our wirschip and renown!
  Mair prosper chance to hant go mak the bown!
  Thus fer spak Deiphobus, and, with that saw,
  About turnyt hys pays, and gan withdraw.                            20
    Eneas blent him by, and suddanly
  Vndir a rolk at the left syde dyd spy
  A wondir large castell, strang and stowt,
  With wallys thrynfald lappit rownd about;
  Quham the grysly Tartareane Flagiton,                               25
  That ravenus flude, closys enveron,
  With watir blesand brym in fyry low,
  And rolland stanys rumland deip and how.
  The port in foirfront was ful huge gret;
  Of ferm adamant war the pillaris bet,                               30
  Sa that na fors of men mycht thame down myne,
  Nor ȝit the strenth of goddis with strang ingyne:
  Ane irne towr stude beildit wondir hie,
  Quhilk semyt forto reke vp in the skye.
  Tysiphone, that furyus monstre wild,                                 5
  In bludy caip revestit and oursild,
  Sittis kepand, but sleip, baith nycht and day,
  That sory entre and this porch alway.
  Tho begouth thai first in this sted to heyr
  Murnyng, granyng, gowlyng, and duylfull beir:                       10
  Feil crewell strakis smytyn hard thai sovnd,
  Frasyng of irne fettris and chanys rovnd.
  Ene gan him arrest, in mind within
  Al abasit, herknand this feirfull dyn.
  O haly virgyn, say furth now, quod he,                              15
  Quhat kynd of grysly turment may this be?
  In quhat punytioun, panys, and distres,
  Beyn sawlis ȝondir strenȝeit, prophetes?
  Quhat menys this bruyt, weping, and woful cryis,
  With sik walyng semys fordyn the skyis?                             20
    Scibilla thus begouth answer agane:
  O wirschipfull and gentil duke Troiane,
  It is nocht lesum to nane innocent wight
  Within boundis of wikkytnes or onrycht
  Til entir, nor attayn to neir that ȝet;                             25
  Bot the first tyme Proserpyn maid and set
  Me mastres of Avern, hir hallowit schaw,
  The Goddys turmentis gan scho to me schaw,
  And me convoyit thar throw euery sted.
  This maist dolorus realm to steir and led                           30
  Hes Radamanthus, vmquhile of Creyt kyng,
  Haldand maste scharp and sayr lawys in hys ryng;
  Chastiand folkis, speris thar offence expres;
  By turment thame compellis thar cryme confes,
  Synnys committit abufe in the erd,                                   5
  Quham ony, joyand to thar awin wanwerd,
  But proffyt doith conseil, hyde, or delay,
  Onamendit quhil dedis lattyr day.
  Syk wikkyt and condampnyt wightis, als tyte
  As thai cum in that dolly pyt of syte,                              10
  Tysyphone, the wrekar of mysdedis,
  With quhip in hand al reddy fast hir spedis
  Thame to assail, to tor, skurge, and bete,
  And with hir left hand terribil eddyrris gret
  Thik at thame swakkis; syne, to pyne thame, doith call              15
  Of fel torment the rowt of systyrris all.
    And tho at last with horribil sovndis trist
  Tha wareit portis, iargand on the hirst,
  Warpit vp braid. Lo! ȝondir may thou se
  Quhat kynd wardane syttis in the porch, quod sche,                  20
  And quhou terribill of contenans and cheir
  Thou hir behaldis kepis the entre heir:
  Ane mair feirful monstre and mair fell,
  Ane vgly serpent, syttis within ȝon hell,
  With fyfty hydduus blak throtis gapand.                             25
  And forthir eik ȝon Tartarus ay trymland,
  Quhilk is of hell the dirk dungeon and pyt,
  Dippis twys als holl down, I lat the wyt,
  Semyng so law vnder the erth reke,
  As that our sight may vp to hevynnys streke.                        30
  Tharin the ancyant lynage of the erd,
  Thir gyantis hait Tytanas, be wanwerd
  With thundris blast dovn smytyn and ourthraw,
  Ar warpyt in ȝon pottis boddum law.
  Thar saw I eyk Aloeus twynnys twane,                                 5
  Othus and Ephialtes, bredir germane,
  With huge bodeis, that pressyt dovn to rent
  With thar handis the large firmament,
  And by thar fors begouth expell the kyng,
  Hie Jupiter, furth of his hevynly ryng.                             10
  Thar I beheld Salmoneus alsswa,
  In crewel torment sufferand mekil wa,
  For that he gan to contyrfet him cast
  Gret Jovis fyre and hevynly thundris blast.
  By horssis four furth rollit was his char,                          15
  Secret condytis of fyre smytand sayr,
  Throwout the pepil of Greys and of Arcad,
  Amyd the cite of Elys, blith and glaid,
  Prowd and haltand in hys hart, walkyt he,
  And as a god bad honorit he suld be;                                20
  For that, intil his dotage and fuyl heyt,
  By sownd of bras and stampand stedis feyt,
  He maid hym forto feyn a simylitude
  Of clowdis blast, and rumland thundir rude,
  Quhilk on na wys aucht to be contyrfet.                             25
  Bot the hie fader Almychty from hys set
  Throw thyk clowdis at hym hys dart dyd thraw;
  Nowder blak fyre brand, nor reky flambys law;
  Bot suddanly with a fel bles of thundyr
  Threw hym to grond, and smayt him al in sondyr.                     30
    To Tytyos thar was I schawin in deid,
  With body speldyt nyne akyr on breid,
  That fostyr child vmquhile was cleyp and call
  Onto the Erth, quhilk moder is of all:
  Ane hydduus grype with bustuus bowland beyk                          5
  Hys maw immortal doith pyk and owrreik,
  Hys brudy bowellys torryng with huge payn,
  Furth rentyng all, hys fuyd to fang full fayn,
  Vndir his cost holkand in wail law,
  And sparis nocht to rug, ryfe, and gnaw;                            10
  All thocht the entrallis springis new ilk day,
  Thai get na rest, the fowle hes thar hys pray.
    Quhat suld I rekkyn tha pepil of Thessaly,
  That Lapytas ar hait, for gluttony
  Distroyt all? of Ixion to tell,                                     15
  Or Pyrothous, quhat nedis langar dwell?
  Abuf quhom hyngis blak quhyn stanys gret,
  Ay semand reddy to fall and thame to bete.
  Befor Tantalus, and ane othir sort,
  The goldin trestys schynand standis ourthwort,                      20
  Vndir ryche tablys dight for maniory,
  Quharon, forgane thar face, is sett reddy
  All danteys langand tyl a kyngis fest.
  Bot ane the gretast Fureys gan arest,
  Syttand tharby, and hungyr in thame blawys;                         25
  And netheles thar handys scho withdrawys,
  So that the mesys twichyn dar thai nocht:
  As that thai mynt tharto, than all onflocht
  With hait fyre brand in hand vp dois scho rys,
  Fleyis thame with flambe, grym luke, and vgly cryis.                30
    Thai beyn alsso within ȝon pyt turment
  Quhilk at thar bredir envy held or haitrent,
  Quhil that thai levyt in this present lyfe;
  And tha quhom by, throu thar deray and stryfe,
  Thar faderis warryn chasyt in exile;                                 5
  All tha that ony falset, slyght, or gyle,
  Aganys thar seruandis or famyliaris wrocht;
  And tha that, only settyng all thar thocht
  Apon thar ryches quhilk wonnyn thai haue,
  Tuke nocht thar nedis tharof, nor na man gave,                      10
  Of quhom ȝondir beyn ane ful huge rowt;
  And all tha for adultry schent, but dowt,
  And tha that movyt wrangwys batall or weyr,
  Tha not eschamyt thar promys to forswer,
  Brekand lawte plight in thar lordys hand:                           15
  All sik inclusyt ar ȝondyr, abydand
  Every day new panys perpetualy.
  Speir not at me, for nocht declar can I,
  Quhat diuers kyndis of torment ȝondir thoil thai,
  Nor ȝit quhat sort of payn is deput ay                              20
  For ilk trespas: to rekkyn I tak na keip
  Quhat mysforton thame plungis in ȝon deip.
  For sum weltris a gret stane vp the bra,
  Of quhom in numbir is Sisyphus ane of tha:
  On quhelis spakis speldyt otheris hyngis.                           25
  The maist wrechit of all princis and kyngis,
  Phlegyas, vmquhile kyng of Thessaly,
  All mortale wightis admonysys, with his cry
  And lowd voce throw the dyrk awytnessyng:
  Be myne exampill all wightis, prynce and kyng,                      30
  Lernys, quod he, to hant justice and rycht,
  And not contem the goddis strentht and mycht.
  Thar syttis eik, and sal syt evir mair,
  The fey onhappy Thesyus, full of cair.
  Sum ȝondir beyn, for reddy gold in hand,                             5
  Sald and betrasyt thar natyve realm and land,
  And tharin brocht a myghty tyrrant strang:
  Sum otheris eik, for pryce or meid to fang,
  That lawys maid and onmaid, as thame list.
  Thar beyn alsso, ful sorofull and tryst,                            10
  Thai quhilk thar dochteris chalmer vyolate,
  Or, havand na regard to thar estate,
  Forbodyn or incestuus mariage
  Gan hantyng by ondantit lustis rage.
  And schortly, all durst ymagyn or compas                            15
  Mastirfull wrang, myscheif, or wykkytnes,
  Or ony sik consait brocht to effek,
  Heir evyrmar the charge lyis on thar nek.
    All thocht ane hundretht scharp tungis had I,
  Ane hundreth mowthis forto clepe and cry,                           20
  Tharto my voce war strang as irne or steill,
  All kynd of vicis to comprehend, half deill,
  Nor all the namys of tormentis and of panys
  I mycht nocht rekkyn, that in ȝon hald remanys.


  _Quhou finaly Scibilla and Ene
  Com to the plesand plane of Elyse._

  Fra that the ancyant nun of Dan Phebus
  Thir wordys endyt had, and spokkyn thus;
  Haue done, quod scho, now tak thi way expres,
  Perform thy wark quhilk thou begunnyn hes:
  Speid ws fordwart; for ȝondir, lo, I se                              5
  Of Plutois chymmys the byg wallys hie,
  Forgyt of irne full craftely and bet
  Be the Ciclopes furth of thar furnace het;
  Eik I behald, lo, heir forgane our face,
  Tha portis with thar stalwart bow or brace,                         10
  Quhar our instructioun techis ws ful plane
  This presand thar to leif and goldyn grane.
    Thus said scho; and onon tharwith baith tway
  Gan walkyn furth throwout the darn way,
  And sone our passyt hes the myddill space,                          15
  Approchyng to the portis of that place.
  Eneas baldly sprang in at the ȝet,
  Hys body strynkillit, or a litill wet,
  With cleir spryngand watir ran tharby;
  Forgane thame eik, at the entre, in hy                              20
  The goldyn branch he stykkis vp far and weill.
    This beand done at last, and euery deil
  Perfurnyst langyng the goddes gyft gay,
  Ontil a plesand grond cummyn ar thai,
  With battil gyrs, fresch herbys, and beyn swardis,
  The lusty orchardis and the hailsum ȝardis
  Of happy sawlys and weil fortunat,
  To blissyt wightis the placis preparat.
  Thir feildis beyn largiar, and hevynnys brycht                       5
  Ravestis thame with purpur schynand lycht:
  The starnys, for this place conuenient,
  Knawis weil thar son and obseruys his went.
  Sum thar, amyd the gresy planys greyn,
  Into palestral plays thame betweyn                                  10
  Thar membris gan exers, and hand for hand
  Thai fal to werslyng on the goldyn sand,
  Assayand honest gemmys thame to schort:
  Sum other hantyng gan ane other sport,
  As forto dansyng, and to leid the ryng,                             15
  To syng ballatis, and go in karalyng.
  Thar was alsso the preist and menstrale sle,
  Orpheus of Trace, in syd rob harpand hie,
  Playand proportionys and spryngis dyvyne
  Apon his harp, sevyn diuers sovndis fyne;                           20
  Now with gymp fyngris doyng stryngis smyte,
  And now with subtel evyr poyntalis lyte.
  Heir was the nobil kyn and ancyant strynde,
  The maist dowchty lynage sprang be kynde
  Fra king Tewcer, campyones souerane,                                25
  Into mair happy ȝeris born ilkane:
  Thar was Ilus, and eik Assaracus,
  And the begynnar of Troy, Schir Dardanus.
    On fer Eneas and als Sibilla
  Awondrit war, and mervellis baith twa                               30
  The armour and the men for to behald,
  And voyd charyotis of thir chyftanys bald.
  Thar sperys stikkyng in the erd dyd stand;
  Wydquhar al lows owr feildis and the land
  Pasturyt thar horsis, rakand thame fast by:                          5
  For quhat plesour of armys or chevalry,
  Or quhat cuyr to addres thar cart or wedis,
  To fedyng and to dant thar sleik swail stedis,
  Thai hantit quhil thai levyt heir alyve,
  The sammyn solace, be thai man or wyfe,                             10
  Ȝit doith thame follow vndir the erth stad.
  And lo, ane other sort, ful blyth and glaid,
  On athir hand behaldis Eneas,
  At banket on the greyn herbys set was,
  In loving of the goddis joyusly                                     15
  Ympnys of pryce, triumphe, and victory,
  All syngand glaid togydder in falloschip,
  And pryncipaly Apollo to worschip:
  Within a wod of lawrer greyn thai dwell,
  Fragrant of sweit odour and hailsum smell,                          20
  Quhar throw the schawis scheyn in strandis seir
  Erydanus, the hevynly ryver cleyr,
  Flowys contyrmont and vpwart to the lift.
    Within this place, in al plesour and thryft,
  Ar hail the pissance quhilk, in just batal,                         25
  Slane in defens of thar kynd cuntre fell;
  And al thai preistis and religius wightis
  Quhilk levyt chaste cleyn lyfe, as to thame rycht is;
  And al godlyke devote prophetis trew,
  That suythfast thyng worthy to Phebus schew;                        30
  And thai quhilkis, by thar craftys or science fyne,
  Fund by thar subtel knawlage and engyne,
  Thar lyfe illumynat and annornyt cleir;
  And tha by merytabil dedis and gyftis seir
  That maid otheris hald thame in memory:                              5
  Of al thir war the tymplis by and by
  Arrayt with a fresch garland snaw quhite.
    And as thai flokkit abowt Ene, als tyte
  Syk wys onto thame carpys Sibilla;
  Bot principaly to Museus, ane of tha,                               10
  Was stad amyddis of the mekill rowt,
  As sche beheld hym with big schulderis stout:
  O ȝhe so happy sawlys, tellith me,
  And thou, maste souerane poet, schaw, quod sche,
  In quhat regioun and place bene Anchises?                           15
  Hyddir for his saik come we, and with gret pres
  Hes oursalit of hell the gret fludis.
  This ryall lord in few wordis concludis,
  And ansuerit thus; frend, certane dwelling nane
  In this cuntre haue we, bot all ourane                              20
  Walkys and lugis in thir schene wod schawys,
  Endlang thir ryver bankis all on rawys;
  Thar bene our settis, and beddis of fresch flowris
  In soft bene medowis by cleir strandis all howris
  Our habitatioun is and residens.                                    25
  Bot gif ȝour mynd langis to haue presens
  Of Anchises, pas vp ȝone swyre fut het,
  I sall ȝou lyghtly in the hie way set.
  And sayand thus, befor thame furth went he,
  And can thame schaw, apon the hill on hie,                          30
  The schynand planys full of all plesance.
  Agane returnys he, and thai avans,
  Fra thyne discending from the hillis hyght,
  Quhar thai at last of Anchises gat sycht.


  _Quhou that Eneas with hys fader met,
  And athir othir with frendly wordis gret._

  The meyn sesson thys Anchises, the prynce,                           5
  Intill a wondir grene vale full of fence
  Sawlys inclusit, quhilkis war forto wend
  To myddil erd and thare in bodeis ascend,
  Can rekkyn, and behald attentfully
  Hail the nowmyr of hys geneologye,                                  10
  His tendir nevoys and posterite,
  Thare fatis, and thare fortonys euery gre,
  Thare conditions, thare strenth and hardyment.
  And sone as he persavys quhar that went
  Forganyst him, cumand throu gresy sward,                            15
  Hys derrest son Ene with hasty fard,
  Baith his handys joyfull furthstracht he than;
  The teris trynglyng our his chekis ran,
  And fra his mouth slydis thir wordis myld:
    Thou art cummyn at last, my deir child;                           20
  Thy gret piete, and kyndnes weil expert
  Onto thy fader, causyt the and gart
  This hard vayage venquys and ourset!
  Quhat! is it grantit me? ha! sall I get
  A verray sight, luffit son, of thy face?
  And grantit ws to carp or talk a space?
  To heir and render frendly wordis knaw?                              5
  Within my mynd ymagynyt I on raw
  Swa suld betyde, and weil belevit I
  Thou was tocum, and the tyme by and by
  I calculit and comptit quhen that suld be;
  And my consait hes nocht dissauyt me.                               10
  O God, throu quhou feill landis braid and large,
  Quhou mony seys ourcareit in thy barge,
  Efter quhou feil dangeris with storm oft schaik,
  I now ressaue the heir, deir son, allaik!
  Quhou gretlie dred I of Lybie that ryng                             15
  Suld the haue hyndrit, and harmyt in sum thing!
    Eneas answeris; fader, thy drery gost,
  Sa oft apperand, maid me seik this cost:
  In Tyrrhean sey abydis our navy.
  Grant me, fader, now grant me by and by,                            20
  We athir may with other handis schaik;
  Fra myne embrasyng withdraw the nocht, allaik!
  And sayand thys, tendyrly wepit he,
  Baithyng hys face in terys gret plente.
  On this wys talkyng, or thar wordis sessit,                         25
  With hys lang armys thrys Eneas pressit
  About hys hals hym forto haue belappit,
  And thrys, invane, hys handys togidder clappit:
  The figur fled as light wynd, or son beym,
  Or mast lykly a waverand sleip or dreym.                            30
    Duryng this tyme Eneas gan aduert,
  Within a vale fer thens closyt apart,
  Quhare stude a wod with swouchand bewys schene,
  The flude Lythee flowand throu the fair grene;
  About the quhilk pepill onnowmerabill,                               5
  And silly sawlys, fleys fast, but fabill,
  Quhil all the feildis of thare dyn resoundis:
  Lyke as, in medowys and fresch florist boundis,
  The bissy beys in schene symmeris tyde,
  On diuers colorit flouris skalit wide,                              10
  Flokkis about the blomyt lylleis quhite,
  And other fragrant blosummys redymyt.
    Mysknawyng quhat this ment, Eneas wight
  Becam abasit of the soddane syght,
  And can inquir the causys of this cace;                             15
  Quhat war tha fludis far befor hys face,
  Or quhat bene tha men in syk numbyr swa
  With so gret fard flokkit to athir bra.
  Tho quod hys fader Anchises; all ȝon be
  Thai sawlys quhamto, by the fatis hie,                              20
  Bene other bodeis eftir this yschape,
  Quhilk drynkis ȝondir, or thai may eskape,
  At ȝone ryver and the flude Lythee,
  The sikkyr watir but curis, trastis me,
  Quharby oblyvyus becum thai als tyte,                               25
  Forȝetting pane bipast and langsum syte.
  Forsuyth, I purpos furthwith to declare,
  And schaw befor thy face now standand thar,
  The sawlys all, and numbyr in thy presens,
  Quhilkis ar tocum of my stok and discens;                           30
  So that the mair glaidly with me tharby
  Thou may reios to haue fund Italy.
  O fader, quod Eneas, quhidder or nay
  Is that tobe belevyt at ȝhe say,
  That souerane saulys from this place sall wend,                      5
  Onto the warld abufe or erd ascend?
  Quhy may thai nocht in this swete stede remane,
  Bot sall return in slaw bodeis agane?
  Quhat cursyt covatyce causith wrachit wightis
  So to desyre our life and drery lightis?                            10
    I sall the schaw forsuyth the caus, quod he,
  My derrest son, and sal no wys hald the
  Thochtfull in mynde, ne doutsum by na way.
  Tharwith Anchises baith hys eyn twa
  Gan lyftyng vp, and toward hewyn behald,                            15
  And euery thing per ordour thus he tald.


  _The seir punitioun of sawlis in purgatorye,
  And quhou thai pas syne to the flude Lythe._

  Fra the begynnyng, all thing les and mar,
  The fyry regioun, the erth, and the ayr,
  The plane flowand boundis of the sey,
  The lyghtnyt monys lamp that lemys hie,                             20
  The hevynnys starnys, and bryght sonnys ball,
  Ane spreit thar is within, sustenys all:
  In euery part the hie wysdome dyvyne
  Diffundit movys this warldis hail engyne,
  And by hys power mydlit is our all
  This mekil body clepit vniuersal.
  Fra this infusioun, and thir elementis seir,                         5
  Baith kynd of man and best cummys, but weir,
  All levyng foulys fleying in the ayr,
  All fyschis, and the monstreis doith repar
  Vndre the slekit sey of marbill hew.
  A hait fyry power, warm and dew,                                    10
  Hevinly begynnyng and original,
  Beyn in thar sedis quhilk we saulys call;
  Sa far as that thir noysum bodeis cald
  Nocht tareis thame tharfra, nor doith withhald,
  Nor withdrawis from souerane hevinly kynd:                          15
  Thar erdly lymmys, and eik thar irksum mynd,
  Throu thar mortal membris euer deidlike,
  Dullith thar curage and thar spretis godlyke.
  Fra the quhilk cummys to al mankynd, that thai
  Dredis, desiris, murnys, or joys ay;                                20
  Nor, in the dyrk mansioun and preson blynd
  Of thir vyle bodeis yfettyrit and bynd,
  The sawlis thar clene natur may attend.
  So fer that, all efter the lattir end,
  Quhen that the lif disseueris fra the body,                         25
  Than, netheles, not ȝit are fullely
  All harm ne cryme from wrachit sawlis separate,
  Nor ald infectioun come of the body layt:
  And thus, aluterly, it is neidfull thing
  The mony vycis lang tyme induryng,                                  30
  Contrackit in the corps, be done away,
  And purgit on seir wonderfull wys to say.
  Tharfor thai suffir panys and torment,
  For thar inveterat vycis ald bywent
  By punitioun satisfactioun to mak.                                   5
  Sum stentit in wysnand wyndis wak;
  Of sum the cryme committit clengit be
  Vndre the watir or deip hydduus sey;
  And in the fyre the gilt of other sum
  Is purefyit and clengit all and sum.                                10
  Ilk ane of ws hys ganand purgatory
  Mon suffir, and fra thyne ar send in hy
  Onto the large feildis of Elysee:
  Thar bene of ws nane, bot a few menȝe,
  Quhilkis cumis to inhabyt and remanys,                              15
  But ony purging, in thyr ioyful planys;
  And heir mon dwell quhil that the lang day,
  Be perfyt cours of tyme, heth done away
  The spot of fylth hardnyt in the spreit,
  For that it fand sum tyme the body sweit,                           20
  And quhil it be so purefyit and fynd,
  Na thing remane bot a clene hevynly mynd,
  And subtel pure flambe celestiall.
  Thir other sawlis quhilk bene purgit all,
  Eftir thai haue, within thir planys heir,                           25
  By cirkill rollyt our a thousand ȝeir,
  God callis thame onto this flude Lythe,
  With felloun fard, in numbyr as ȝhe se;
  To that effect, that thai myndles becum
  Baith of plesour and ald panys all and sum,                         30
  Langing agane the warld abufe to se,
  And gan begyn desire, baith he and he,
  In bodeis ȝit forto return agane.
    Thus said Anchises; and tharwith baith twane,
  Hys son and eik the prophet Sibilla,                                 5
  Amyddys of that sort flokkit to the bra,
  And gret rowt with rangald, in ledis he;
  And gan ascend ontill a mote on hie,
  Quharfra, per ordour, forganyst thame on raw,
  Thai mycht thame rekkin all, and cleirly knaw                       10
  Thar vissagis and contenance also,
  As that thai went and rowmyt to and fro.


  _Anchises schawis Eneas to the end
  Alhail the lynage sal fra hym discend._

  Now harkis, me behuffis schortlie say,
  Quod Anchises, or thou depart away,
  And rekkyn our Troian ofspring all and sum,                         15
  Quhat glor and honour beis of ws tocum,
  And quhat successioun or posterite
  Of Ital frendschip sal discend of the,
  And tha illustir sawlis salbe sent
  Heir, eftir this, in name of our kynrent;                           20
  Thy fatis and thy destany also
  I sal the teche per ordour, or thou go.
    Seys thou ȝon lusty springald or ȝonkeir,
  That lenys hym apon his hedles sper?
  The formast place by chance doith occupy
  Tyl pas to life in our geneology,
  And first sal rys in the ovir warld agane,                           5
  Commixit of the blude Italiane,
  Siluius, to surname clepit Albanus,
  Born efter thy deces, child posthumus;
  Quham, consauyt of thyne ancyent lynage,
  Thy secund spous, Lavinia, wys and sage,                            10
  In woddys fostir sal, a vailȝeant kyng,
  And fader to al kingis of our ofspring:
  Quharby our kynrent and famyl alswa
  Sal ryng and lordschip hald in Lang Alba.
  Ȝon is Procas that standis nixt hym by,                             15
  Of Troiane pepill the honour and glory:
  Syne Capys, lo, and Numytor, baith twane;
  And he that representis thy name agane,
  Siluyus Eneas, notabil chevellere,
  Renownyt baith of piete or in were,                                 20
  Gif evir he may his tyme optene and se
  To ryng into Lang Alba the cite.
  Behald quhat maner ȝong gallandis bene ȝon;
  Quhou gret curage thar hart is set apon;
  Quhat gud semblant thai schaw of chevalre.                          25
  Bot ȝon, with coverit hedys by and by
  With ciuile crownys of the strang aik tre,
  Sall beld and found to thy honour, quod he,
  Nomentum cite, and Gabios the tovne,
  And Fidena, the cite of renoun:                                     30
  Sum in the hillys hie sal set vp syne
  The strenthis and the castellis Collatyne,
  Pometios and New Castell, baith twa,
  The cite Bolan, and the tovne Cora.
  Thir namys salbe gevin thame efter this,                             5
  Quhar now, but name, the land remanand is.
    Lo! Romulus, by martial wirschip
  To hys grandschir jonyt in falloschip,
  Quham, of Assaracus blude, the nobill kyng,
  Hys moder Ilya discendit sal furth bring.                           10
  Seys thou nocht quhou apon thar hedys on hyght
  Twa dowbil cristis standys schynand bryght?
  Thar fader Mars, behald, this sammyn hour
  Has thame ymerkit with dyvyne honour:
  And lo, my child, be ȝon manis prowes                               15
  That gloryus cite Rome sal so incres,
  Tyll hyr empire be with the erth maid evin,
  And vertuus curage equal to the hevin;
  The quhilk cite all round togiddir sall
  Sevin gret strenthis clos within a wall,                            20
  Happy and brudy of hir forcy ofspring:
  Lyke as, throu out citeis of Phrecis ryng,
  The moder of Goddis, with hir towrit crovn,
  Berecynthia, careit from tovn to tovn,
  Within hir char yset, all ful of myrth                              25
  Of the goddis becaus of hir rich birth,
  Hir hundreth childring and posterite
  Ful tendirly in armys enbracis sche,
  All haill the hevynly wightis to hyr behufe,
  And all that weildis the hie hevynnys abufe.                        30
    Now turnys hyddir, my sweit son, albedein,
  The cirkillis and the sight of baith thy eyn:
  Behald thir pepill and thy cheif Romanys.
  Cesar Julyus, lo! in ȝonder planys,
  And all the famyl of hym Julius,                                     5
  Quhilk eftir thys ar tocum, trastis ws,
  Vndre the gret hie hevynnys assiltre.
  Ȝon man, ȝon man, my son, the sam is he
  Quham thou so oft has hard promist or this,
  Cesar August Octauyane, I wys,                                      10
  Cum of the goddys geneology and kyn,
  Quhilk sal agane the goldin warld begyn,
  As vmquhile was, in tyme of Saturn ald,
  Throu Ital ryng baith be firth and fald;
  And hys empire sal delait and wynde                                 15
  Our Garamantas, and the forthar Inde:
  The landis lyis without the starnys blenk,
  Outwith the ȝheris cours, and sonnys renk,
  Quhar the vpberar of the hevyn, Atlas,
  On schuldir rollys the round speir in cumpas,                       20
  Ful of thir lemand starnys mony one.
  Sal, at his hyddir cummyn, ror and grone
  The realme of Caspys, or of Assery,
  All Scithia, Meothys land fast by,
  Horribill answeris sall of goddis heir:                             25
  All trublit in affray, trymlyng for feir,
  To quakyng sall sevyn mowthis of Nyle flude.
  Nevir, forsuyth, strang Hercules the gude
  Sa mekil space of erth or land ourȝeid;
  All thocht the wyndswift hart he schot to ded,                      30
  And stanchit Erymanthus forest rouch,
  The serpent Lerna with hys bow persit throuch:
  Nor Bachus, quhilk victor afor thir days
  With wyne burgions the hillis top arays,
  Dryvand the ferfull tygris fast away                                 5
  Down fra the hyght of the gret mont Nysay.
  And ȝyt we dowt onto the forthir end
  Hys gret vertu and dedys to extend!
  Than quha suld dreid stop ws to occupy
  Or till inhabyt land of Italy?                                      10


  _Anchises ȝit furthrekkynnys his ofspring,
  As worthiast that euer in Rome sal ryng._

  Bot quhat maner man be ȝon, quod Anchys,
  With olyve branch on sik gudly wys
  Arrayit, and eik berys mony a syng
  Of sacrifyce and ritis of offeryng?
  I knaw hys canos har and lyard berd                                 15
  Of the wysast Roman kyng into the erd,
  Numa Pompilius, quhilk sall in hys days
  Begyn and statut with lawys and haly lays
  The cheif cite Rome; and he sal pas
  From a pur land, and smal cite Curas,                               20
  Send for to rule and bruke a gret empire.
  Quhamto thar sal succeid a lordly syre,
  Tullus Hostilius, that first of hys land
  The peys and quiet, quhilk so lang dyd stand,
  He sal dissolue and brek, and dolf men steir,
  Quhilk lang hath bene disosyt fra the weir,
  To armys and triumphe of victory,                                    5
  And thame array in hostis by and by.
  Quham nixt fallowis Ancus Marcyus,
  Of hys estait mar prowd and gloryus;
  And ourgretlie evin now, persaue and se,
  Vayn glor and favour of pepill desiris he.                          10
  Ples the behald the Tarquynys kingis two,
  And the stowt curage of Brutus alsso,
  Quhilk can revenge the wrang in hys cuntre,
  His gret honour gif thou lest heir or se,
  And ensenȝeis send fra Ethrurianys:                                 15
  This ilk Brutus sall first amang Romanys
  Ressaue the dignite and stait consular;
  With heding swerd, bath felloun, scharp, and gar,
  Befor hym born throu all Romys tovne,
  In takin of justice executioun,                                     20
  Hys awin sonnys, movyng onkyndly wer,
  To punytioun and ded sal damp infeir,
  To kepe frensches and souerane liberte;
  And thus onsilly fader sall he be.
  Quhou sa evir the pepil hys fatel dedis                             25
  In tyme tocum sall blason, quha thame redis,
  The feruent lufe of his kynd natyve land,
  And excedand desyre he bar on hand
  Of honour, and hie glory to ressaue,
  Mot al evil rumour fra his lawd byvaue.                             30
    Attour, behald, lo, athir Decyus;
  And, standing fer of, twa that hait Drusus:
  Consider Torquatus ȝondir, doith him rax
  So brym and fellon with the heding ax;
  And Camyllus, the vailȝeand capitane,                                5
  Bringand the Roman standartis hame agane.
    Ȝon twa sawlys, quhilk thou seis, sans faill,
  Schynand with elike armys peregale,
  Now at gud concord stad and vnite,
  Ay quhil thai stand in myrk and law degre;                          10
  Allace, how gret batale and debait
  Salbe betwix thame, gif thai til estait
  May cum abufe, and to the lyght of lyfe!
  O, how gret slauchter, assembleis, and huge strife,
  Sal thai exerce and move into thar days!                            15
  Cesar, the eldfader, by the strait ways
  With his gret rowtis our the Franch montanys
  Discendand dovn Lumbardy throu the planys;
  His mavch Pompey sall strech agane him went
  With rayt ostis of the orient.                                      20
  O my childring, cum nocht in vse to hant
  Sik fremmyt batalis, bot ȝour curage dant;
  Exers ȝhe neuer ȝowr vailȝeand fors, quod he,
  Amangis the entralis of ȝour awin cuntre.
  And O thou, Cesar, thou formast in the pres,                        25
  Cum of hevinly kyn, abstene and ces;
  Myne awin lynage, obeys my command,
  Do cast sik wapynnys fer furth of thy hand.
    And he that standys ȝonder, Lucyus,
  Onto his surname clepit Mummyus,                                    30
  Efter he venquist haue Corinthe tovne,
  And in batale the worthy Grekis bet dovn,
  His char, with mekil glor triumphale,
  Sal steir furth to the hie capitol wal.
  And he ȝon other, Quintus Metellus,                                  5
  Ful gret honour sal conques onto ws;
  For he sal bet dovn and distroy al clene
  Baith Arge and Agamemnonys realm Mycene:
  And ȝonder Curyus with his fallow fyne,
  Pyrrus, cummyn of kyng Eacus lyne,                                  10
  And of Achillis armipotent ofspring,
  In batel sal ourcummyn and dovne thring,
  And thare eldris of Troy wreke and revenge,
  And the tempill of Mynerve pollute clenge.
    Quha wold the, gret Cato, lefe onhyt?                             15
  Or quha with silens Cossus pretermyt?
  Quha list forȝet the kynrent of Gracchus?
  Or athir of the Scypionys gloryus,
  Thai twa thunderis of batale in thare rage,
  Fynale rwyne of Affrik and Cartage?                                 20
  Quha wald, Fabricius, of the say na thyng,
  That art ful myghty bot of litil thing?
  Of the, Seranus, quha wald na thing schaw,
  Quhar thou thi ryggis telys forto saw,
  As thou was chosyn capitane of weir?                                25
  Quhidder withdraw ȝhe, Fabyus? cum neir;
  Thole me na mar be irkyt ȝou to behald:
  Thou art that ilk mast souerane Fabius bald,
  Quhilk only, throu thy slycht and tareyng,
  Restoris the common weill of our ofspryng.                          30


  _Anchises gevis Eneas gud teching,
  To gyde the pepill vnder his governyng._

  The pepil of othir realmys, son, said he,
  Bene mor expert in craftis, and mar sle
  To forge and kerf lyflyke staturis of bras,
  Be contenans as the spreit tharin was:
  I trast, forsuyth, heirefter mony ane                                5
  Sal hew quyk facis furth of marbil stane;
  Sum otheris bettir can thar causis pled;
  Sum bene mar crafty in ane other sted,
  With rewlis and with mesouris by and by
  For til exers the art of geometry;                                  10
  And sum mor subtel to descryve and prent
  The starnys movyng and the hevynnys went:
  Bot thou, Romane, remember, as lord and syre,
  To rewle the pepil vnder thyne empyre;
  Thir sal thy craftis be, at weil may seme,                          15
  The peax to modefy and eik manteme,
  To pardon all cumis ȝoldin and recryant,
  And prowd rabellis in batale forto dant.
    Thus said the noble fader Anchyses meik;
  As thai awondrit can thir wordis eik:                               20
  Behald Marcus Marcellus mast douchty,
  Quhar that he walkis, lo, sa gloriusly,
  With the rich spulȝe triumphale deirly dycht,
  Quhilk he reft from his aduersar in fyght,
  As the maste vailȝeant victor that I ken,
  In bonty doith exceid all other men.
  This worthy knycht the common weil Romane,
  In gret affray perturbit, to rest agane
  And quyet sal restor, and ȝon is he                                  5
  That venquys sal the Affricane menȝe,
  And the Franch rebellioun sall down bet:
  The thrid armour or rych spulȝe gret,
  Reft from chiftane of weir, this Marcellus
  Sall hyng vp to the fader Quirynus.                                 10
    And for alsmekil as Eneas saw
  In falloschip with this Marcus raik on raw
  A sembly springald, a far ȝong galland,
  Rycht schaply maid, in armour brycht schynand;
  Bot his vissage semyt scarsly blith,                                15
  With luke doun cast, as in his face dyd kith
  That he was sum deill sad and no thing lycht;
  Fader, quod he, quhat be ȝon drery knycht,
  Quhilk haldis so with ȝon prince company?
  Quhidder his son, or sum nevo worthy,                               20
  Of our gret lynage and successioun?
  O lord, how gret brute, noys, and sovn,
  Of confluens that walkyng him about!
  Quhou gret apperance is in hym, but dout,
  Tilbe of prowes, and a valȝeant knycht!                             25
  Bot a blak sop of myst, als dyrk as nycht,
  With drery schaddo bilappis his hed.
    The fader tho, Anchises, in the sted,
  With teris bristyng furth, begouth to say;
  O my sweit son, inquir nocht, I the pray,                           30
  The excedand regret and womanting
  Of thame bene fortocum of thyne ofspring.
  The fatis sall bot for a litill space
  Schaw ȝon man to the erth and warldly place,
  And sall no langer suffer him tharin.                                5
  O goddis abufe, the Romanys blude and kyn
  Semyt to ȝou our myghty and potent,
  Gif so it war the giftis ȝhe hym lent
  Had remanyt, or lang his lyfe had lest.
  Quhou gret murnyng of men all forcyest,                             10
  For hym, furth of the feildis marcyall,
  Sall dyn and resound to the cite wall!
  And O thou God of the flude Tyberyne,
  Quhou mony fertyrris and duyl habetis schyne
  Sall thou behald, as thou flowis at Rome                            15
  Down by his new maid sepultur or tovme!
  Ne nevir child cummyn of Troiane blude
  In sic beleif, and glory, and gret gude,
  Sal rays his forbearis Italianys;
  Ne nevir, certis, the grund of the Romanys                          20
  Of ony fostir sal him so avance.
  Allace, quhat harm of thy disseuerance!
  Of thy gret piete, and thyne ancyent treuth,
  Thy hand onvenquyst in batale, O quhat reuth!
  Nane suld, but dammage, hym in harnes meit,                         25
  Quhidder so aganyst him he went on feit,
  Or ȝit on horsbak, as thir knychtis rydis,
  With spurris brochand the fomy stedis sydis.
  Allace my child, so worthy to be menyt!
  Worthy tobe bewalit and complenyt!                                  30
  Gyf them thyne hard werdis mycht vincus,
  Thou salbe namyt the souerane Marcellus.
  Of fresch lilleis reke me my handis full:
  The purpour flowris I sall skattir and pull,
  That I may strow, with sik rewardis at lest,                         5
  My nevoys sawle, to culȝe and to fest,
  And, but profit, sik costage sall exers.
    Apon this wys seir thingis dyd rehers
  Anchises; and thus wide quhar thai do walk
  Our al that regioun, haldand spech and talk                         10
  Within the large feildis of hailsum air,
  And euery thing per ordour visseyt thar.
  And efter that Anchises, hand in hand,
  Had thus his son led our all that land,
  And his curage inflambit by and by                                  15
  With the gret fame tocum and hie glory:
  Syne to this valȝeant man he rekkynys heir,
  Per ordour, all the batalis and the weir
  Quhilk eftir this he had to ber on hand;
  And of the pepill eik in Latyn land,                                20
  And of the cite of the kyng Latyne,
  He him instrukkis; and tharefter syne
  Taucht him quhat wys he myght sustene or fle
  Ever hard danger or aduersite.
    Thar bene ordanyt for dremys ȝettis twane,                        25
  Quharof, thai say, of horn forgit is ane,
  At quham the suythfast swevynnys by and by
  Departis all ways, and ischis furth lychtly:
  The tother port is forgit wail perfite
  Of eliphantyne and polist evor quhite;                              30
  Bot tharat goddis infernal lattis owt
  The fals swevynnys to the warld about.
    So as Anchises had, apon this wys,
  Rehersit, as said is, all thingis at devys,
  Sibilla and his son togidder at schort                               5
  He leit depart furth at the evor port.
  Eneas spedis the strecht way to the schippis,
  And can vissy agane his falloschippis:
  Fra thyne thai hald, endlang the costis bay,
  Onto the port of Caiet the strecht way.                             10
  Furth of the forschip leyt thai ankyris glyde;
  The navy raid endlang the schoris syde.


  _Eneas nurys, Caieta, can deces,
  Quhar ȝit the place kepis hir name, but les._

  O Caieta, thou nurys of Ene,
  Thou has alsso, that tyme quhen thou can de,
  Ontil our cost or fronteris of Itale                                15
  Gevin the bruyt and fame perpetual:
  Quhil this day the ilke place and sted
  Observis the renovn eftir thy ded;
  Thy tumbe and banys merkit with thy name
  In gret Hesperia witnessyng the same,                               20
  Gyf that be ony glory now to the.
    The reuthfull than and devote prince Ene
  Performyt dewly thy funeral seruys;
  Apon the sepultur, as custum was and gys,
  Ane hepe of erd and litil mot gart vprays,
  And with bent saill syne furth his vayage tays:
  Eftir that asswagit was the deip sey,                                5
  Thai leif the cost and sped on thar journe.
  The pyping wynd blew in thar tail at nyght,
  Nor the schene moyn hir curs and cleir lyght
  Has nocht denyit; so that the haw stremys
  Couth schyne and glittir vnder the twynkland glemys.                10
    The cost endlang the ile Circea
  Thai swepyng fast by, hard on burd the bra,
  Quharas the ryche sonnys douchter, Circe,
  Thai schawis, quhamto repar nane aucht tobe,
  With hir ythand sweit sang and caralyng                             15
  Cawsys allway forto resound and ryng,
  And in hir prowd place of beddis all the nycht
  The weil smelland cedyr byrnys bright;
  With subtil slays, and hir hedlys sle,
  Rich lynȝe wobbis natly wefis sche.                                 20
  From this land redly on fer mycht thai her
  The gret rageyng of liones and the beir,
  Quhilk thai dyd mak, refusyng to be in band
  In silens, all the lait nycht rumesand;
  The byrsit baris and beris in thar styis                            25
  Roryng all wod with quhrynys and wild cryis,
  And gret figuris of wolffis eik infeir,
  Ȝowland with ȝammering grisly forto here:
  Quhilkis all this crwell goddes, hecht Circe,
  By enchantment and forcy herbis sle,                                30
  Had forth of mannys figur and estait
  Into wild bestis schap and form translait.
  Quhilk monstruos transmutatioun for the nanys
  Ne happin mycht onto devoyt Troianys,
  Gyf thai arryvit in thai portis nys,                                 5
  Thai cursit costis of this enchantrys,
  At thai ne suld do entir, ne thame fynd,
  Thar salis all with prosper followand wynd
  Neptunus fillit, and maid thame sail swiftly,
  All dangeris and gray schaldis careit by.                           10


  As bryght Phebus, scheyn souerane hevynnys E,
  The opposit held of hys chymmys hie,
  Cleir schynand bemys, and goldyn symmyris hew,
  In laton cullour alteryng haill of new;
  Kythyng no syng of heyt be hys vissage,                              5
  So neir approchit he his wyntir stage;
  Reddy he was to entyr the thrid morn
  In clowdy skyis vndre Capricorn:
  All thocht he be the hart and lamp of hevyn,
  Forfeblit wolx hys lemand gylty levyn,                              10
  Throu the declynyng of hys large round speir.
  The frosty regioun ryngis of the ȝer,
  The tyme and sesson bittir, cald, and paill,
  Tha schort days that clerkis clepe brumaill:
  Quhen brym blastis of the northyn art                               15
  Ourquhelmyt had Neptunus in his cart,
  And all to schaik the levis of the treis,
  The rageand storm ourweltrand wally seys;
  Ryveris ran reid on spait with watir brovne,
  And burnys hurlys all thar bankis dovne,                            20
  And landbrist rumland rudely with sik beir,
  So lowd ne rumyst wild lyoun or ber;
  Fludis monsteris, sik as meirswyne or quhalis,
  Fro the tempest law in the deip devalis.
  Mars occident, retrograde in his speir,
  Prouocand stryfe, regnyt as lord that ȝer;
  Rany Oryon with his stormy face                                      5
  Bewavit oft the schipman by hys race;
  Frawart Saturn, chill of complexioun,
  Throu quhais aspect darth and infectioun
  Beyn causyt oft, and mortal pestilens,
  Went progressyve the greis of his ascens;                           10
  And lusty Hebe, Junoys douchtir gay,
  Stude spulȝeit of hir office and array.
  The soyl ysowpit into watir wak,
  The firmament ourcast with rokis blak;
  The grond fadyt, and fawch wolx all the feildis,                    15
  Montane toppis slekit with snaw ourheildyis;
  On raggit rolkis of hard harsk quhyn stane
  With frosyn frontis cauld clynty clewis schane:
  Bewte was lost, and barrand schew the landis,
  With frostis hair ourfret the feldis standis.                       20
  Seir bittir bubbis, and the schowris snell,
  Semyt on the sward a symylitude of hell,
  Reducyng to our mynd, in euery sted,
  Gousty schaddois of eild and grisly ded.
  Thik drumly skuggis dyrknyt so the hevyn,                           25
  Dym skyis oft furth warpit feirfull levyn,
  Flaggis of fire, and mony felloun flaw,
  Scharpe soppys of sleit, and of the snypand snaw.
  The dolly dichis war all donk and wait,
  The law valle flodderit all with spait,                             30
  The plane stretis and euery hie way
  Full of floschis, dubbis, myre, and clay;
  Laggerit leyis wallowit farnys schew,
  Brovne muris kythit thar wysnyt mossy hew,
  Bank, bra, and boddum, blanchit wolx and bar;                        5
  For gurl weddir growit bestis hair;
  The wynd maid waif the red wed on the dyke,
  Bedowyn in donkis deip was euery sike;
  Our craggis, and the front of rochis seir,
  Hang gret ische schouchlis lang as ony speir;                       10
  The grond stud barrant, widderit, dosk or gray,
  Herbis, flowris, and gersis, wallowyt away;
  Woddis, forrestis, with nakyt bewis blowt,
  Stude strippyt of thar weid in euery howt.
  So bustuusly Boreas his bugill blew,                                15
  The deyr full dern doun in the dalis drew;
  Smale byrdis, flokkand throu thik ronys thrang,
  In chyrmyng and with cheping changit thar sang,
  Sekand hidlis and hyrnys thame to hyde
  Fra feirfull thuddis of the tempestuus tyde;                        20
  The watir lynnys rowtis, and euery lynd
  Quhislit and brayt of the swouchand wynd.
  Puyr lauboraris and bissy husband men
  Went wait and wery draglit in the fen:
  The silly scheip and thar litil hyrd gromys                         25
  Lurkis vndre le of bankis, woddis, and bromys;
  And other dantit grettar bestiall,
  Within thar stabillis sesyt into stall,
  Sik as mulis, horssis, oxin and ky,
  Fed tuskyt barys, and fat swyne in sty,                             30
  Sustenyt war by mannys governance
  On hervist and on symmeris purvyance.
  Wyde quhar with fors so Eolus schowtis schill
  In this congelit sesson scharp and chill,
  The callour ayr, penetratyve and puyr,                               5
  Dasyng the blude in euery creatur,
  Maid seik warm stovis and beyn fyris hoyt,
  In dowbill garmont cled and wily coyt,
  With mychty drink, and metis confortyve,
  Agane the stern wyntir for to stryve.                               10
    Repatyrrit weil, and by the chymnay bekyt,
  At evin be tyme dovne a bed I me strekyt,
  Warpit my hed, kest on clathis thrynfald,
  Fortil expell the peralus persand cald:
  I crosyt me, syne bownyt forto sleip:                               15
  Quhar, lemand throu the glas, I dyd tak kepe
  Latonya, the lang irksum nyght,
  Hir subtell blenkis sched and watry lycht,
  Full hie vp quhirlyt in hir regioun,
  Till Phebus ryght in oppositioun,                                   20
  Into the Crab hir proper mansioun draw,
  Haldand the hight all thocht the son went law.
  Hornyt Hebowd, quhilk we clepe the nycht owle,
  Within hir cavern hard I schowt and ȝowle,
  Laithly of form, with crukyt camscho beke,                          25
  Vgsum to heir was hir wild elrich screke:
  The wild geis claking eik by nyghtis tyde
  Atour the cite fleand hard I glyde.
    On slummyr I slaid full sad, and slepit sound
  Quhil the oriȝont vpwart gan rebound.                               30
  Phebus crownyt byrd, the nyghtis orlager,
  Clapping his weyngis thrys had crawin cleir:
  Approching neir the greking of the day,
  Within my bed I walkynnyt quhar I lay;
  So fast declynys Synthea the moyn,                                   5
  And kays keklis on the ruyf aboyn:
  Palamedes byrdis crowpyng in the sky,
  Fleand on randon, schapyn like ane Y,
  And as a trumpat rang thar vocis soun,
  Quhois cryis bene pronosticatioun                                   10
  Of wyndy blastis and ventositeis:
  Fast by my chalmyr, in heich wysnyt treis,
  The soir gled quhislis lowd with mony a pew,
  Quharby the day was dawyn weil I knew:
  Bad beit the fyre, and the candill alyght,                          15
  Syne blissyt me, and in my wedis dyght;
  A schot wyndo onschet a litill on char,
  Persauyt the mornyng bla, wan, and har,
  With clowdy gum and rak ourquhelmyt the ayr,
  The sulȝe stythly, hasart, rouch, and hair;                         20
  Branchis bratlyng, and blaknyt schew the brays,
  With hirstis harsk of waggand wyndill strays;
  The dew droppis congelit on stibbill and rynd,
  And scharp hailstanys, mortfundeit of kynd,
  Hoppand on the thak and on the causay by:                           25
  The schot I closit, and drew inwart in hy,
  Chyvirrand for cald, the sesson was so snell;
  Schupe with hayt flambe to fleym the fresyng fell.
    And, as I bownyt me to the fyre me by,
  Baith vp and down the hows I dyd aspy:                              30
  And seand Virgill on a lettron stand,
  To write onone I hynt a pen in hand,
  Fortil perform the poet grave and sad,
  Quham sa fer furth, or than, begun I had;
  And wolx ennoyt sum deill in my hart                                 5
  Thar restit oncompletit sa gret a part.
  And to myself I said; In gud effect
  Thou mon draw furth, the ȝok lyis on thy nek.
  Within my mynde compasyng thocht I so,
  Na thing is done quhil ocht remanys ado;                            10
  For byssynes, quhilk occurrit on cace,
  Ourvoluyt I this volume, lay a space;
  And, thocht I wery was, me list not tyre,
  Full laith to leif our wark swa in the myre,
  Or ȝit to stynt for bitter storm or rane:                           15
  Heir I assayt to ȝok our pleuch agane;
  And, as I couth, with afald diligens,
  This nixt buke following of profond sentens
  Has thus begun in the chil wyntir cald,
  Quhen frostis doith ourfret baith firth and fald.                   20

      _Explicit tristis prologus;_
      Quharof the altar says thus.

  Thys Proloug smellis new cum furth of hell;
  And, as our buk begouth hys weirfar tell,
  So weill according dewly bene annext                                25
  Thou drery preambill, with a bludy text.
  Of sabyll be thy lettyris illumynate,
  According to thy proces and estait.



  _King Latyn of the goddis had command_
  _To wed hys douchter with man of onkouth land._

  Tho gan the sey of bemys walxin red,
  And heich abuf, dovn from the hevinly sted,
  Within hyr rosy cartis cleirly schane
  Aurora vestit into brovn sanguane.
  Eftir the wyndys lownyt war at will,                                 5
  And all the blastis pacefyit and still,
  Out our the calm streym of marbill gray
  With ayris palmys sweip thai furth thar way.
  And suddanly heir from the stabillit see
  A large semly schaw beheld Enee;                                    10
  Amyddis quham the flude he gan aspy
  Of Tybir flowand soft and esely,
  With sworland welis, and mekill ȝallow sand,
  Into the sey dyd entyr fast at hand.
  The byrdis seir of mony diuers hewis,                               15
  About the watir, abuf vp in the clewis,
  On bankis weilbyknaw and fludis bay,
  Wyth wryblis sweit and myrthfull sangis gay
  Gan meys and glaid the hevynnys and the ayr,
  And throw the schaw went fleand our alquhar.
  To turn thar course he gan his feris command,                        5
  And stevin thar schippis to the sammyn land:
  Joyfull and blith thai entring in the flude,
  That dern about skuggyt with bewis stude.
    Now, thou my muse, Erato, I the pray,
  Do schaw me this, at I may scharply say                             10
  Quhat kynd proces of tyme was, and quhat kyngis
  In ald Latium, and in quhat stait all thingis,
  Quhen first this strange army or falloschip
  In Italy gan arryvyn, euery schip:
  I sall declar all, and reduce fut hait,                             15
  From the begynnyng of the first debayt.
  O thou sweit goddes, O thou haly wight,
  Convoy and tech thy poet to say ryght!
  I sall the horribill batellis schaw and tell,
  The bludy ostis, and the feildis fell;                              20
  Quhou, throw thar curage, douchty kyngis seir
  As ded corps becum war, and brocht on beir:
  The power hale of all Tuscany,
  And all the gret rowtis of Italy
  Assemblit into armys on the land.                                   25
  Per ordour now thar risis apon hand
  Fer largear materis forto treit and write;
  A grettar wark begyn we to endyte.
    Tha boundis, with thar lusty citeis all,
  By lang proces of peax, in stait riall                              30
  The king Latinus held in governyng:
  Or than full agyt was this nobill kyng;
  Quham, as we haue hard tald ful long agone,
  By kyng Fawnus engendrit was apon
  The mayd, or nymphe of Lawrent, Marica.                              5
  And to this Fawnus fader was alsswa
  Picus the kyng, quhilk doith the represent,
  Saturnus, for hys fader and parent:
  Thou was the fyrst gan all thar blude begyn,
  The first fundment and cheif stok of kyn.                           10
  By dispositioun of the goddis dyvyn,
  Son nor manchild nane had kyng Latyn;
  For alsmekill as his ȝong son, a page,
  Decessit was within his tendir age.
  The kyngis palice, and all that riall hald,                         15
  All hyr allane a douchtir dyd withhald,
  Now reddy for a man, and cum to age
  In grene ȝheris to compleit mariage.
  Full mony nobillis into Latium
  Axit hir to wyf, throu Itale all and sum:                           20
  Turnus hir axis, cummyn of hie parage,
  Abuf all other maste gudly personage,
  And tharto rich of frendis, and myghty
  Of eldris gret and riall anchestry;
  Quham kyng Latinus spows, queyn Amata,                              25
  With diligens dyd procur, day by day,
  That he adionyt war thar son in law:
  Bot feirfull syngnys by the goddis schaw,
  And syndry terrouris gan tharto ganestand.
    Amyddis of the palyce clos dyd stand,                             30
  With blisfull bewis, a fair grene lawrer,
  Haldyn in dreid and wirschip mony a ȝer;
  Quham this ilk prynce and fader Latinus
  Dyd consecrat and hallow to Phebus,
  For that he fand it growand in the feild                             5
  Quhar he hys ryall palyce first dyd beild:
  The indwellaris of the grond, eftir this tre,
  Lawrentes onto name clepit hes he.
  Betyd a wondir takynyng for to say:
  A gret flight of beys, on a day,                                    10
  Careit our the sey heich throu the moist ayr,
  With lowd bemyng gan alycht and repar
  On the hie top of this forsaid lawreir;
  Intill a clud ful thik togidder infeir,
  Thar feyt al sammyn knyt after thar gys,                            15
  A swarm, or ony wyst quhou or quhat wys,
  Hang from a florist branch of this ilk tre.
  Incontinent the spaymen cryis; We se
  A strange man tocum onto thir partis
  With a gret rowt, and, fra the sammyn artis                         20
  Quharfra ȝon beis cam, sal hidder seik;
  Quhilk, for hys bonte and his thewis meke,
  Sail weild this palice and hie senȝeory.
  Abuf this, eik, betyd a mar farly:
  As kyng Latinus kyndillis, on thar gys,                             25
  Apon the altaris for the sacrefyis,
  The clene schidis of the dry fyre brandis,
  Quhar that also fast by hir fader standis
  Lavynya the maid, his douchter fair;
  A selcouth thing to se, in hir syde hair                            30
  It semyt the hait fyre kyndillit bricht,
  And hir gay clething al with lowis lyght
  Gan gleit, and sperkland birn vp in a bles;
  Hir ryall tressis inflambit, evil at eys;
  Hir crownel, picht with mony precyus stane,                          5
  Infyrit all of byrnand flawys schane:
  And eftir that semyt this gudly wight
  Tobe involuyt in ȝallo reky lyght,
  And furth our al the place and rufe on hie
  The fyre blesys, thame semyt, skattirris sche.                      10
  Certis, this was reput with ȝyng and ald
  A grisly thing and wondrus to behald;
  For the diuinys declaris by and by
  Quhat this feirful takyn dyd signyfy:
  That is to knaw, at this ilk maid suld be                           15
  Of fame excelland and felicite;
  Bot to the pepill pronosticatioun cleir
  Of suddane batale and of mortal wer.
    Bot than the king, thochtfull and al pensyve
  Of sik monstreis, gan do seik belyve                                20
  Hys fader Fawnus orator and answar,
  Quhilk couth the fatis for to cum declar;
  And gan inquiryng responsions alssua
  In the schaw vndre hie Albunea,
  Quhilk is a cheif gret forest, as thai tell,                        25
  And namyt from a haly rowtand well,
  Quhar, from the erth, in dern wentis heir and thar,
  A strang flewyr thrawis vp in the ayr.
  Thiddir hail the pepil of Italia,
  And al the land eik of Onotrya,                                     30
  Thar dowtsum axyng tursis for ansuer,
  And thar petitions gettis assolȝeit heir.
  The kingis offerand and rich sacryfys
  The preist thidder gart bring, as was the gys,
  And, vnder silence of the dirk nycht,                                5
  On scheip skynnys, weil spred and couchit rycht,
  Quhilk slane war in the sacrifice that day,
  He strekis him adovne and tharon lay,
  Demandand swevynnys and visions til appeir:
  On mervellus wys, thir fleand schaddoys seir                        10
  And figouris nys dyd he se and aspy,
  And diuers vocis hard he eik fast by,
  And gan the Goddis carping bruke and joys,
  With speche of thai spretis that beyn yclos
  In Achyron, the depest pyt of hell,                                 15
  And thame that far doun in Avernus dyd dwel.
  The kyng alsso, that tyme, atour the laif,
  Heir wald him self his answer ask and craif:
  Ane hundreth wollit wedderis, weil ganand,
  In sacryfys he brytynnys for offerand,                              20
  On quhais soft flesys, weil and dewly spreid,
  The kyng down liggis for that nyghtis bed.
  And suddanly, furth of the schawys clos,
  Sayand him thus, thar com a hasty voce:
    O thou my child, cummyn of my stok,                               25
  Adres the nevir to knyt into wedlok
  Thi dochter til a man of Latyn land;
  Lyppin nocht in ȝon allyance reddy at hand.
  Tobe thi mawch sal cum ane alienar,
  That of his blude sal gendir sik ane air,                           30
  Quhilk sal our name abufe the starnys vpbring;
  Of quhais stok the nevoys and ofspryng
  Vnder thar feit and lordschip sal behald
  All landis sterit and rewlit as thai wald,
  Als fer as that the son, circuland we se,                            5
  Behaldis baith the est and westir seye.


  _Eftir Eneas com to Itale land,
  Maid sacryfice to the goddis with offerand._

  The kyng thir ansueris of his fader Fawnus,
  And admonitions be nyght gevin thus,
  Ne hydis nocht, nor closys in his mouth;
  So that the fame tharof walkis full couth                           10
  Our all the citeis of Italy wyde quhar,
  Quhen as the ȝonkeris of Troy arryvit war,
  And at the schor, vndre a gresy bank,
  Thar navy can thai ankyr fast and hank.
    Eneas, and othir chiftanys gloryus,                               15
  And the fresch lusty springald Ascanius,
  Vndre the branchis of a semly tre
  Gan lenyng dovn, and rest thar bodeys fre,
  And to thar dyner dyd thame all adres
  On grene herbis and sonkis of soft gers:                            20
  The flowr sconnys war set in, by and by,
  With othir mesis, sik as war reddy;
  Syne bred trynschouris dyd thai fyl and charge
  With wild scrabbis and other frutis large.
  Betyd, as was the will of Jupiter,
  For falt of fude constrenyt so thai war,
  The other metis all consumyt and done,                               5
  The paryngis of thar bred to mowp vp sone,
  And with thar handis brek, and chaftis gnaw,
  The crustis, and the coffyngis all on raw;
  Ne spar thai not at last, for lake of met,
  Thar fatale four nukit trynschour forto eyt.                        10
  Och! quod Ascanius, quhou is this befall?
  Behald, we eyt our tabillis vp and all!
  He said na mair bot this, half deil in bourd.
  Thame thocht thai hard a fatale voce or word,
  Quhilk was as finale end of thar vayage.                            15
  Hys fader first of all, with glaid curage,
  The word reft from his mouth as that he spak,
  And followis on the answer stupefac:
  All hail thou grond and land, quod he, in hy,
  By the fatis onto me desteny,                                       20
  And ȝe, O trast Penates, said Enee,
  Al hail our natyve goddis, weil ȝe be!
  Heir is our dwelling place, quhar we sall leynd,
  Forto remane heir is our cuntre heynd.
  Certis, now I ramembir my fader Anchys                              25
  Syk secret takynnis of fatis on this wys
  Schew and rehersit, sayand this to me:
  Son, quhen in sik hungyr thou stad salbe,
  As thou art careit till a strange cost,
  That, all the mesis etyn, done, and lost,                           30
  Thou art constrenyt thy burdis gnaw and fret;
  Than thou, al irkyt, may thar beleif to get
  A sovir duelling sted perpetualy:
  Ramembir, in that place, or neir fast by,
  To found thy first cite with thi hand,                               5
  Dychit with fowsys and wallys hie standand.
  This was that hungir tareit ws so lang;
  This sall mak end of our myschevis strang.
  Quharfor, to morow ayrly, I ȝou pray,
  First as the son vprys, we glaidly may                              10
  Sers and inquir quhat place and land is this,
  Or quhat maner of pepill tharin duellis,
  And of thys kyth quhar standis the cheif cite;
  Lat ws seik syndry ways fra the see.
  Now mak we mery; away dolf hartis dull;                             15
  Now skynk, and offer Jupiter cowpis full,
  And in ȝour prayeris and orisons infeir
  Do call apon Anchys, my fader deir:
  Bryng wyne agane; set in tharof plente.
    And sayand thus, with a grene branch of tre                       20
  He dyd involup and aray his hed,
  And Genyus, the God of that ilk sted,
  He dyd wirschip, and gan in prayeris call
  Erth, the gret moder and first god of all,
  The Nymphis, and the fludis ȝit onknaw;                             25
  The Nycht syne, with hir syngnys al on raw,
  And Jupiter Ideus of Ida,
  And Cibylla the mother in Phrigia;
  He gan also beseik, quhar that thai dwell,
  Athir of his parentis baith in hevin and hell.                      30
    The Fader than almychty with cleyr lycht
  Gan thundir thrys dovn from the hevynnys hycht;
  And schakand in his hand, quhar as he went,
  A byrnand clowd, schew from the firmament,
  With fyry sparkis lyke to goldyn bemys,                              5
  Or twynkilland sprayngis with thar giltin glemys.
  And tho belyve dywlgat round abowt is
  The noys and rumour throu the Troiane rowtis,
  The day was cummyn, and the place quhar thai
  Thar cite promist suld beld and array.                              10
  For joy thai pyngill than fortill renew
  Thar bankettis with all obseruancis dew,
  And, for thir tithingis, in flacon and in skull
  Thai skynk the wyne, and wauchtis cowpis full.


  _Quhou Eneas ambassatouris dyd send
  To kyng Latyn with rewardis and commend._

  The nixt morow, with his goldin lamp bryght                         15
  As the cleir day dyd ayr and erth alycht,
  Thai boundis, costis, and the cheif cite,
  Diuers spyis went furth to sers and se;
  And fand ane stank that flowyt from a well
  Quhilk Numycus was hait, and eik thai tell                          20
  This was the flude of Tibir thai had fund,
  And strang Latyn pepill inhabyt this ground.
    Tharwith Anchises son, the wys Enee,
  Per ordour chosyn of euery degre
  Ane hundreth gay ambassatouris dyd waill,
  To pas onto the kyngis sted riall,
  Bad beir the prynce rewardis for the nanys,                          5
  And him beseik of peax to the Troianys.
  With fresch garlandis and branchis all thai be
  Arrayt of the olyve of Pallas tre;
  And but delay, as he thame chargit had,
  With swyft pays thai on thar message glaid.                         10
  And he into the meyn tyme fast can spur
  Bot with a smal sewch, or a litill fur,
  To mark the fundment of his new cite;
  And fast by the ilk costis syde of the see
  Hys first mansioun, in maner as it had bene                         15
  Ane ost of tentis stentit on the grene,
  With turettis, fowsy, and erd dikis ilk deill,
  He gan addres to closing wonder weill.
    Be this the ȝong men send furth in message
  Sa far has sped furthwart thar vayage,                              20
  That thai the towris and the turettis hie
  Of kyng Latyn the cheif chymmys gan se.
  Vndre the cite wall childir and pagis,
  And lusty springaldis, al of tendir agis,
  Thar horssis and thar stedis dyd assay,                             25
  And dantit cartis in the dusty way;
  And sum thar big bowis dyd bend and draw,
  Sum with armys leyt trymland dartis thraw,
  Baith with swyft curs and schuting so thai wirk,
  Ilkane bissy his party forto irk.                                   30
  Than, careit on ane hors, a messynger
  Brocht tithingis to the ancient kyngis eyr,
  A gret menȝe of sturdy men war cum,
  Cled in a strange habyt all and sum.
  The kyng bad bryng thame in his palyce sone,                         5
  And set hym self amyd his eldris troyn.
    Thar stude a gret tempill, or sail ryall,
  Of Lawrent cite seyt imperiall,
  Belt with a hundreth staitly pillaris hie,
  Of kyng Picus the chymmys cheif to se,                              10
  With semly schawys circulit, and lang hald
  In wirschip and reuerence be faderis ald;
  Quhar was statut by the consent common
  The kyngis suld ressaue ceptur and crovn,
  And of justice other ensenȝeis seir,                                15
  And thar the baner fyrst rays for the weir.
  In this tempill held thai curt on raw;
  That was the set eik by thar gentil law
  Deput for hallowit fest and mangeory;
  And heir full oft at burdis by and by                               20
  The heris war wont togidder syt all sam,
  Quhen britnyt was, eftir thar gys, the ram.
  And forthir eik, per ordour mycht ȝe knaw
  Within the cheif deambulatour on raw
  Of forfaderis gret ymagis dyd stand,                                25
  Of ald cedir carvyt with crafty hand;
  Kyng Italus, and fader Sabinus
  That first the wyne tre plantit, stok or bus;
  The crukyt huke vndre hys weid held he;
  The ancyent kyng Saturn thar mycht thou se,                         30
  And Janus statur eyk with dowbill face,
  With other pryncis porturyt in that place,
  From the begynnyng of thar first discens,
  Quhilk, of thar natyve cuntre for defens,
  In marcyal batale sufferit woundis sair.                             5
  Apon the postis alsso mony a pair
  Of harnes hang, and cart quhelis gret plente,
  From ennemys war wonnyn in melle;
  The bowand axis, helmys with hie crestis,
  Of rich citeis ȝettis, stapillis, and restis,                       10
  Gret lokkis, slottis, massy bandis sqwair,
  Dartis and scheildis hyngis heir and thar,
  And stalwart stevynnys, baith of irne and tre,
  Reft from thir schippis fechtand on the see.
  The ymage porturit was of kyng Pycus,                               15
  Dantar of horssis, in chair sat gloryus,
  Cled in a ryal rob auguriall,
  And in his hand a ceptre wand riall,
  And in his left hand haldand a bukleir;
  Quham, revist for his luf, throu vennomys seir,                     20
  Circes hys spous smate with a goldin wand,
  And in a byrd hym turnyt fut and hand,
  With sprutlyt weyngis, clepit a Speicht with ws,
  Quhilk in Latyn hait _Pycus Marcyus_.


  _Kyng Latyn speris the caus of thar cummyng,
  And Ilioneus maid gudly ansueryng._

  In sik a tempill of goddis Latyn Kyng,
  Amyd his faderis set ryall sytting,
  Gart fech the Troianys to his presens heir;
  And as thai entrit, and befor him wer,
  With glaid semlant and vissage ful benyng                            5
  Thir wordis first to thame carpis the king:
    Say me, Troianys, quhat ȝe desire, quod he;
  For weil we knaw ȝour lynage and cite,
  And it is alsso cummyn to our erys
  Ȝe set ȝour cours our se thir mony ȝeris;                           10
  Schaw for quhat causis, or quhat necessite,
  Ȝour schippis our sa feill haw stremys of see
  Beyn hiddir to this cost of Italy
  Careit or dryve, or quhidder ȝour navy
  Has errit by thar cours, and far gone will,                         15
  Or ȝit by fors of storm catchyt hiddertill,
  As oft wil happin by the frawart tyde
  To marynaris on fludys deip and wyde.
  Gyf ȝe sik wys within our ryver bankis
  Be entryt, or remanys with our thankis                              20
  In to our port and havynnys fast heir by,
  Withdraw ȝou not, ne fle nocht that harbry;
  Nor mysknaw not the condityons of ws
  Latyn pepill and folk of Saturnus,
  Onconstrenyt, not be law bund thartill,
  Bot be our inclinatioun and fre will
  Just and equale, and but offencis ay,
  Ar rewlit eftir the ald Goddys way.
  As twichyng eik ȝour discens and ofspryng,                           5
  Weil I ramembir that I haue hard sum thing;
  Bot that is passyt, or now, sa mony ȝheris,
  The fame almaste forȝet is and efferis;
  Agit men of the cite Arunca,
  With gret avant, forsuyth, thame hard I say,                        10
  Of this cuntre Schir Dardanus ybor
  Throw out the sey socht far and ferthyrmor
  Tyl Samo, fyrst, in Trace, the nerrest gait,
  Quhilk Samothracia now to name is hait;
  Syne socht he to the land of Phrygia,                               15
  And citeis set in the wod of Ida.
  The goldyn palyce now with sternys brycht
  Of hevyn in seyt riall withhaldys that wyght,
  That vmquhile socht fra hyne of Tuscany,
  And Corith cite, standis our cost hard by;                          20
  That now a god is clepit our all quhar,
  And to thar numbir ekis hys altar.
  Thus said the kyng; and Ilioneus, but baid,
  Onto hys wordys thus wys answer maid.
    Maist ryall prynce, cummyn of hie parage                          25
  Of god Fawnus, nowdyr the seys rage
  By fors of dyrk tempest has ws dryve
  Onto ȝour realm, and tharat maid arryve,
  Nor ȝit the laid stern from our cours bywauyt,
  Nor strange cost of this regioun dissauyt:                          30
  Bot by assent common, and of fre will,
  And set purpos, we socht this cite till,
  As folkis flemyt fra thar natyve cuntre;
  Vmquhile the maste souerane realm, trast me,
  That evir the son from the far part of hevyn                         5
  With hys bemys ourschane, or man can nevin.
  From Jupiter dyd our lynnage begyn,
  And all the ofspring of Schir Dardanus kyn
  Of Jupiter thar forfader can reios;
  Of Jovis stok in hyast gre most chois                               10
  Our kyng discend, the strang Troiane Enee,
  In message send ws heir to thy cite.
  Quhou gret tempest of batale and debait
  Our Troiane feildis wyd has walkyt layt
  By cruel Grekis hydduus confluens,                                  15
  Quhat fatale bargane thar maid and defens,
  Athir part knawys of the warldis twa,
  That is to say, Europ and Asya:
  And gif thar ony ferthir regioun be,
  Diuidit be the streym and occiane see                               20
  Fra the ferm land, tharof thai haue hard tell;
  And thai alsso, gif ony thar may dwell,
  The sonnys myd cirkill remanys vnder,
  Hait _Torrida Ȝona_, dry as ony tundir,
  Quhilk is amyd the hevynnys situat                                  25
  Amang four othir plagis temperate.
  Fra that diluge eschape and feirful spait,
  Careit throu feil large haw stremys wayt,
  A litil sted or mansioun, we beseik,
  Grant to our natyve kyndly goddis meik,                             30
  The bair sey cost, hurtand na mannys rycht,
  With air and watir common to euery wight.
  Na mair lak to ȝour realm sall we be,
  Nor na repreif tharby to ȝour renowne
  Be ws, nor nane other, sal nevir spreid;                             5
  Nor ȝit the thankis of sa frendful a deid
  Sal ony tyme into obliuion slyde;
  Nor Italy, with hir braid bundis and wide,
  Sal nevir repent that scho the folk of Troy                         10
  Hes ressauyt, nor tharof thynk ennoy.
  Be al Eneas destaneis I sweir,
  Hys trasty faith, or rycht hand into weir
  Sa valȝeand at onset and defens,
  And by his lang wse and experiens                                   15
  Of armys, quhilk he hes in batale hantit;
  Ful mony pepil, victoryus, ondantit,
  Desirit ws in frendschip and ally,
  And tobe jonyt in thar senȝeory:
  Nor lichtly not forthy our frendly proffer,                         20
  Quhilk of our fre will onrequirit we offir,
  With wordis of request and of trety,
  The takynnys in our handis born vp hye:
  For oft the fatis of the goddis seir
  Has ws compellit by thar strang power                               25
  Onto ȝour landis and thir costis seik.
  Schir Dardanus born of this cuntre eik
  Desiris hiddir to return agane;
  And with commandmentis strait, ful mony ane,
  Appollo chargit ws to sper bedene
  To Tybyr, flowand in the sey Tirrene,                               30
  And to the fontane and the strandis cleir
  Of Numycus, the hallowit fresch ryver.
  And forthir eik our prince hes to the sent
  Of his ald fortoun bot a smal present,
  The sobir levyngis rest from Troys fyre.                             5
  Into this cowp of gold Anchises hys syre
  At the altar was wont to sacrify;
  And of the gret kyng Pryam, mast douchty,
  This was the cheif dyademe our the laif,
  With quham he crownyt sat and domys gaif;                           10
  Hys ceptre als, and eik his tyar hat,
  Hallowit quharwith at sacrifice he sat;
  And this was eik hys precius rob ryall,
  By Troiane ladeis wrocht and brusyt all.
    Herand sic wordis of Ilioneus,                                    15
  Ful stil his vissage haldis Latynus;
  Hys syght onmovyt to the erd dyd he prent,
  Witht eyn rollyng, and erys rycht attent.
  The brusyt purpour movis hym na thing,
  Nor Priamus ceptour sa sar steris the kyng,                         20
  As that he musys thochtfull gretumly
  Apon his douchteris spousage and ally,
  And in his mind gan cumpas oft infeir
  His fader Faunus respons and answer;
  Thynkand this ilk Eneas semyt to be                                 25
  The self stranger, quham fatale destanee
  Signyfeit tocum furth of ane vncouth sted,
  Tobe his son in law, and forto led
  Equale dignite with him in that ryng,
  Ful of souerane vertu, quhais ofspring                              30
  By thar power suld joys and occupy
  The haill warld vndre thar senȝeory.
  And at the last, eftir ful lang musyng,
  Witht joyus cheir on this wys said the kyng:
    The goddis ȝour begynnyng furthir and speid,                       5
  And thar pronosticatioun manifest in deid.
  I grant thyne axyng, Troiane messynger,
  And ȝour rewardis ressauys in thank; for heir
  Ȝe be all hartlie welcum, trastis me:
  So lang as levys kyng Latyn in this cuntre,                         10
  The riches of mast plentuus fertil grund
  Ȝe sal nocht want, that in this realm is fund,
  Ne ȝit nane othir welth, weilfar, and joy,
  Quhilkis ȝe war wont to bruke and haue in Troy.
  Bot, at the lest, ȝe caus ȝour prince Enee,                         15
  Gyf that so gretlie he desiris tobe
  With ws confiderat intil allyance,
  Or gif he langis, but langar discrepans,
  Within our palyce to entir befor othir,
  And be clepit our companȝeoun or brother,                           20
  Dwel no langar, bot cum hidder in haist,
  Ne skar not at his frendis face as a gaist.
  For the mast part of our convene and band
  To me salbe to twich ȝour kyngis hand.
  And now agane ȝe sal, turnand ȝour went,                            25
  Bar to ȝour prince this my charge and commandment.
  I haue a douchter quham responsis, schaw
  Furth of my faderis oratory law,
  And mony feirful takynnys of the hevin
  Be diuers ways schawin, and fyry levin,                             30
  Wil not suffir at scho in wedlok be
  Gevin ontil a man of our cuntre;
  Bot all the spaymen declaris, by and by
  Thar suld cum to remane in Italy,
  Fra strange costis, to be our son in law,                            5
  A douchty man, vnkouth and onknaw,
  Quhilk, of his lynage and posterite,
  Our name abufe the sternys sal vphie.
  Gyf that my mynd can ocht ymagn rycht,
  I weyn that he suld be the sammyn knycht,                           10
  And glaidly wald, with al my hartis desire,
  The werdys tharto callit that rial syre.
    This beand sayd, the kyng Latyn, but faill,
  Gart cheis of al his stedis furth the waill:
  Thre hundreth mylk quhite hors and fare had he,                     15
  Seysit and fed in stalwart stallis hie.
  For euery Troiane per ordour thar the kyng
  With purpour howsouris bad a cursur bring:
  Thar brusyt trappuris and patrellis reddy bovne,
  With goldin bruchis hang from thar brestis dovne;                   20
  Thar harnessing of gold rycht deirly dicht;
  Thai runge the goldin mollettis burnyst bright.
  Ontil Eneas als, thar prynce absent,
  A ryal chair richly arrayit he sent,
  With twa stern stedis tharin ȝok infeir,                            25
  Cummyn of the kynd of hevinly horssis wer,
  At thar neys thirlys the fyre fast sneryng owt;
  Of the ilke stok and stude sprungyn, but dowt,
  Quhilk Circes, crafty and engenyus,
  And mar subtell than evir was Dedalus,                              30
  Be a quent way fra hir awin fader staw,
  Makand his stedis byleip meris onknaw,
  That by hir sle consait and wily mynd
  Sik maner horsis engendrit of bastard kynd.


  _Juno, persavand the Troianys beild a town,
  For greif and dolour like to swelt and swoun._

  Wyth sik giftis Eneas messyngeris,                                   5
  And of kyng Latyn with joyful answeris,
  Returnys, montit hie on hors ilk ane,
  Of peax and concord bodword brocht agane.
    Bot lo, the spous of Jove, cruell Juno,
  The self tyme can return fro Arge tho;                              10
  The quhilk cuntre, of nobill brute and fame,
  From Innachus the kyng has tak his name;
  And has careit throu the ayr puyr,
  Quhilk is hyr proper regioun. As scho fur
  Down from the skyis, on far can do spy                              15
  Of the heland Pachynnus in Scycilly;
  Beheld the Troiane navy stand on raw,
  And Eneas blyth and glaid scho saw
  Of the joyus bodword onto him brocht,
  That bissely, with all the haist he mocht,                          20
  Inforcis thar herbry and strenth to beld,
  Than all assurit of this land and feld,
  And thar schippis left desolate and waist.
  In extasy scho stude, and mad almaist:
  In suddand dolour smyttin wonder smert,
  Can schak hir hed, with harmys at hir hart,
  And of hir breist thir wordis warpis in hy:                          5
    Och, kynd of pepill haitfull and onworthy!
  For all the willis and the fatis Troiane
  Bene to our mynd and destaneis euer agane.
  Mycht thai nocht all haue bene slane in Troy feildis?
  Mycht thai nocht all haue swelt thar vnder scheildis?               10
  Ar thai nocht venquist and ourcum ilk ane?
  Quhat! may nocht thir presoneris agane be tane?
  Hes nocht Troy all infyrit ȝit thame brynt?
  Na: all sic laubour is fornocht and tynt.
  Haue thai nocht fund, forto eschape away                            15
  Throw myd fyre, and myd ostis, sovir way?
  So trast I now at last my fors and mychtis
  Lyis dolf and irkit be ȝon cative wightis:
  Insaciate of haitrent, I rest in pes,
  That was so bald afor, and nevir wald ces,                          20
  Quhen thai war chasyt of thar natyve land,
  To sturt thame on the streme fra hand to hand,
  And to persew tha flemyt vavengouris
  Throw all seys, my self, ilk tyde and howris.
  Agane Troianys consumyt are be me                                   25
  The strenth of all the hevynnys and the see.
  Quhat proffittit me Syrtis, that sowkand sand,
  Or ȝit Scilla, the swelch is ay rowtand?
  Or quhat avalit Caribdis bisme huge?
  Ar thai not stakit at rest, and weil luge                           30
  In the desirit sond of Tybris bay,
  Assoverit of the sey, and hes na fray
  Of me, ne of my malice and fant thocht?
  The stern pepil Lapythos bryng to nocht,
  And quyt distroy, mycht Mars for his offens:                         5
  Was it nocht eik grantit in recompens
  To Dyan, by the fader of goddis ichone,
  To wrek hir greif in ancyent Calidone?
  Quhat falt maid the Lapythos or trespas,
  Or Calidon, at sa sar punyst was?                                   10
  Abuf myssour forsuyth thai chastyit war.
  Bot I, the spous of the gret Jupiter,
  Quhilk sa onhappy al ways I mycht fynd
  Thame til ennoy consait lest nocht behynd,
  Quhilk hes myself in propir person eik                              15
  Turnyt and writhit all wentis I couth seik,
  Am now venquist be a man, this Ene.
  Bot, gif my power nocht sufficient be,
  Or gret eneuch, quhy suld I dreid or spar
  To purches help, fursuyth, atour alquhar?                           20
  Gif I may nocht the hevinly goddis inclyne
  To my purpos, I sal seik forthir syne
  To thame that far doun into Achiron dwell,
  And sall commove that depast pyt of hell.
  I put the cace, that I may nocht optene                             25
  From Latyn land thame to expel al clene,
  Bot be the fatis immovabill destane,
  Lavynya remanys spous to Ene:
  Ȝit at lest thar may fall stop or delay
  In sa gret materis, for a ȝeir or twa;                              30
  And lefull is it eik of athir kyng
  The retennew in batale down to dyng.
  Lat the eldfar and mawch knyt vp frendschip
  Be price of thar pepillis and falloschip.
  With gret effusioun of the blude Troiane,                            5
  And sammyn of pepill Rutiliane,
  Thou salbe saisyt, madyn, to dowry;
  Bellona, goddes of batale, sal stand by,
  Tobe convoyar of the mariage.
  Nevir Heccuba, of Cisseus lynage,                                   10
  Quhilk, bund with child, dremyt scho dyd furth bring
  A gleid of fyre, or hait brand lycht byrnyng,
  Was deliuer of sik flambis, but faill,
  As thou sal ber, and fyris coniugale;
  And forthir eik, this Venus proper birth,                           15
  And secund Paris, Ene, litill wirth,
  Sal rays and kyndill dedly flambe agane
  Of hait fyre brondis amang the wallis Troiane.
    Fra this was said, with horribill mynd in haist
  Doun to the erth scho socht, and the laith gaist                    20
  Furth of hir set and myrk dongeoun of hell
  Scho dyd provoke, and callys with a ȝell
  Ane of the sory furyus sisteris thre,
  Alecto, quhilk causis all myschefe tobe,
  And evir mar desiris of hir kynd,                                   25
  And hes full grene enprentit in hir mynd
  The dedly batalis, and the dolorus wer,
  Stryfe and dissait, harm and discordis seir.
  This fendlych hellys monstre Tartareane
  Is hatit with hir other sisteris ilkane,                            30
  And Pluto eik, the fader of hellis see,
  Reputtis that bysmyng belch haitfull to se;
  Into samony grisly formys seir
  Scho dois hir self translate, and of sik feir
  Bene hir cruell schappis and vissage,                                5
  Sa fowle and laithly all hir personage,
  That, for hir pilis, and in sted of hir hair,
  Feil snakis springis our hir body alquhar.
  Quhilk fury quent, of kynd sa peralus,
  Juno tystis to myscheif, sayand thus:                               10
    Do to me, virgyn, dochtir of the dyrk nycht,
  This a seruice, thy proper wark be richt,
  Do me this laubour, quhilk is thyne of det,
  That our honouris and fame be nocht ourset,
  Ne ȝit subdewit into sik a place                                    15
  As with ȝone Troianys, standis voyd of grace:
  Lat nevir Ene so prowdly to optene
  The spousage of Latinus douchter schene,
  And, by na way, lat nevir his feris weld
  A fut braid of Italiane grond nor feld.                             20
  Thou can brethir of ane assent mony ȝeris
  Aganyst other enarm in mortale weris;
  Thou may ourturn with haitrent and with strife
  The hail houshald, the man agane his wife;
  Thou may skurgyng and strakis in lugyngis rays,                     25
  And thou of frendis may mak mortale fays,
  And dedly fyrbrondis kyndill in thak and rwys;
  A thousand namys thou has that na man luffis,
  A thousand ways folkis to ennoy and schent.
  Knok on thy brudy breist at myne entent;                            30
  Brek and cast doun thar concord maid of new;
  Causys of stryfe and batale I wald thou sew;
  Gar all the power, and euerilk stowt ȝounkeir,
  First in thar myndis desire to move the weir,
  Syne cry, and ask armys and batale all,                              5
  And rusch tharto forsely gret and small.


  _Alecto, throw persuasion of Juno,
  Queyn Amata al wytles gart sche go._

  This cruel monstre, Alecto, onane
  Infect with feil vennom Gorgonyane,
  Socht first to Latyum, and the chymmys hee
  Of Lawrentyn, the kyngis cheif cite,                                10
  And prevely begouth awach and lowr
  About his spous quene Amatais bour;
  Quhilk, all inflambit in ire and wifely thochtis
  Of this new come of Troianys, all on flocht is,
  The bissy curis of Turnus mariage                                   15
  Skaldyng hir breist and mynd half in a rage.
  Thys wikkyt Goddes towart hir alsfast
  Ane of hir slymy serpent haris dyd cast,
  Deip in hir bosum leyt inslip with slycht,
  Amyd hir hart pipis or precordialis lycht;                          20
  That be this ilk monstris instigatioun
  Wod wraith scho suld perturble al the toun.
  Thys eddir, slyding owr slekit bodeis soft
  Of thir ladeis, amang thar wedis oft
  Went thrawin so that nane felt quhar scho glidis,
  The furyus queyn dissauyng on athir sydis,
  And in hir mynd can blaw and kyndill syne                            5
  Ane felloun greif or curage serpentyne.
  The grysly serpent sum tyme semyt tobe
  About hir hals a lynkit gold chenȝe;
  And sum tyme of hir curche, lap with a waif,
  Becum the selvage, or bordour of hir quafe;                         10
  Sum tyme hir hed lays, forto knyt hir hair;
  Ful slyde sche slippis hir membris our alquhar.
  Sone as the first infectioun a litil we
  Of slymy vennom inȝet quently had sche,
  Than scho begouth hir wittis to assale,                             15
  And depe amyd hir banys forto skaill
  And multiply the rage or byrnand fury;
  For ȝit nocht all our hyr breist cruelly
  The spreit hes felt the flambe frenettical:
  Quharfor the mar sobirly furth with all,                            20
  Eftir the commoun custum and vsage
  Of ald matronys in thar wyld dotage,
  With huge complaynt for hir dochter and regrate,
  And Troiane wedlok contrar hir consate,
  Thus said scho weping, and that ful petuusly:                       25
    O fader kyng Latyn, quhy wilt thou, quhy?
  Quhat! sal our child, Lavynya the may,
  To banyst men be geif to leid away?
  Nowdir hes thou of thy tendir get piete,
  Ne ȝit compassioun of thy self, ne me                               30
  Hir moder, quham sa sone, full dissolate,
  Ȝone fals sey revar wil leif in sturt, God wayt,
  And cary the maid our the deip fludis haw,
  Alssone as evir the first north wynd dois blaw?
  Was it nocht evin be sik a fenȝeit gyrd                              5
  Quhen Parys furth of Phryge, the Troiane hyrd,
  Socht to the cite Laces in Sparta,
  And thar the dochter of Lydea stal awa,
  The fair Helyn, and to Troy tursyt raith?
  Quhat sal avale ȝour faith and hallowit aith?                       10
  Quhat of ȝour ancyent purvyance, schir kyng,
  That ȝe had of ȝour frendis and ofspring?
  Quhat of ȝour richt hand, hald sa gloryus,
  Sa feil syth gevin to our cousyng Turnus?
  Gyf that thou sekis ane alienar onknaw,                             15
  Tobe thy mawch or thy gud son in law,
  And hes that thing determyt in thy hed,
  Constrenyt tharto by the command and red
  Of thy fader Fawnus: as to that gate,
  Heir a litil my fantasy and consate.                                20
  All cuntre onsubieckit vnder our wand,
  It may be clepit ane oncouth strange land,
  And al at thar indwellis alienaris bene;
  Of sik strangeris the goddis spak, I weyn.
  And gyf we list seik forthir mar, ȝit than                          25
  To compt the first begynnyng of Turnus clan,
  Inachus and Achrysyus, but weir,
  Twa kyngis of Grece, his forfaderis wer;
  Thus is he Greik, to compt his greis a pece,
  And cum of Myce the myddil realm of Grece.                          30
    Eftir at the quene with sik wordis, all for nocht,
  Assayt had kyng Latyn, as scho mocht,
  And fand at he resistit hyr entent,
  The furyus poyson than of the serpent
  Deip in hir breist and entralis swiftly ȝeid,                        5
  And dyd our all partis of hir body spreid;
  So that, forsuyth, cacchit onhappely
  With hydduus monstreis, gan scho ryn and cry
  Throw owt the large cite in wild dotage,
  But resson, strikkin with the nymphis rage.                         10
  As sum tyme sclentys the round tap of tre,
  Hyt with the twynyt quhip dois quhirl, we se,
  Quham childyr dryvis bissy at thar play
  Abowt the clos and voyd hallis all day;
  Scho smyttyn with the tawys dois rebound,                           15
  And rynnys about, abowt, in cirkill round;
  The wytles sort of forsaid babbys ȝyng
  Studeis awondrit of sa nyce a thing,
  This turnyt tre so all that berdles rowt
  Ferleis to se swa sleip and quhirl abowt,                           20
  And all thar mynd settis it to cach and dryve:
  Na slawar went Amata, the kyngis wife,
  Throw owt the myd citeis of Latyn land,
  And throu the fers pepill, fra hand to hand.
  And forthir eik, onto the woddis grene                              25
  With swyft fard cacchys furth this quene,
  Fenȝeand the rage of Bacchus, and gret mycht,
  A mar myschefe forto controve and slycht,
  And grettar fury swyth scho can begyn,
  Hyr douchter hyd thir woddy hillys within;                          30
  Tharby the Troiane spousage to delay,
  Stop and prolong thar fest and brydell day.
  Scho schowtis, hey, how! Bacchus, god of wyne,
  Thow only art worthy to haue our virgyne;
  And this with lovd voce cryis and schowtis sche.                     5
  To the, Bacchus, scho rasyt eik on hie
  Gret lang speris, as thai standartis wer,
  With wyne tre branchis wippit on thar maner;
  To the scho led ryng sangis in caralyng,
  To the hir hair addressit leit down hyng.                           10
    The fame heirof wyde our all dyd spreid,
  Quhill at the last the sammyn fury can spreid
  In all the matronys brestis of the land:
  Cacchit with fors tha flok fra hand to hand,
  Thar howsis thai forhow and levis waist,                            15
  And to the woddis socht as thai war chaist,
  And leit thar nekkis and hayr blaw with the wynd;
  Sum othiris went ȝelland vnder the lynd,
  Quhill all the skyis of thar scryke fordynnys;
  And sum, war cled in pylchis of fowne skynnys,                      20
  Into thar handis rasyt vp on hie
  The lang stowris, wond with the sweit wyne tre.
  Amyd thame all the queyn Amata gais,
  And fersly dyd a byrnand fyrr tre rays,
  And of hir douchter eik and of Turnus ȝyng                          25
  The wedding sangis and ballettis dyd scho syng,
  With bludy eyn rollyng full thrawynly;
  Oft and rycht schrewitly wald scho clepe and cry,
  Owt harro! matronys, quharso evir ȝe be,
  All Latyn wyfis harkis now to me:                                   30
  Gif ony favouris or frendschip ȝit remanys
  In ȝour devote brestis, amangis thir planys,
  Of the onhappy mother Amata,
  Gif ony thocht remordis ȝour myndis alssua
  Of the effectuus piete maternall;                                    5
  Lows hed bandis, schake down ȝour haris all,
  Walk in this wod heir caraland with me,
  Syng Bacchus sangis, sen na bettir may be.


  _Quhou Alecto persuadit hes Turnus
  To move batale incontrar Latinus._

  Alecto thus, amang the woddis dern,
  Mony wild bestis den and depe cavern,                               10
  Into sic rage this ilk queyn Amata
  With Bacchus fury cacchis to and fra.
  And eftir that this wikkit fals goddes
  Thocht scho had scharpit weill eneuch, I ges,
  The first fury of sa dolorus rage,                                  15
  Fortyll distrubbill the forsaid mariage,
  And quyte pervert or turnyt top our taill
  Latynus howshald, purpos, and counsale;
  But mar delay, with wallowit weyngis sche
  Wiskis from thyne onto the wallis hie                               20
  Of the curageus Rutiliane Turnus:
  Quhilk cite the douchter of Acrysyus,
  Fair Danas, fundyt for hir men and hir,
  Drevin to that cost with the south wyndis bir:
  Quhilk sted was sum quhile clepit Ardea,
  Fra Ardea, a fowle, ȝit namyt swa,
  And, to this day, the forsaid riall hame                             5
  Be fortoun brukis of Ardea the name.
  Within tha hyghty boundis Turnus rycht
  Lay still at rest amyddis the dirk nycht.
    Alecto hir thrawin vissage dyd away,
  All furyus membris laid apart and array,                            10
  And hir in schap transformyt of a trat,
  Hyr forret skorit with runclys and mony rat;
  And with a vaill ourspred hir lyard hair,
  A branch of olyve tharto knyttis ȝare:
  Of Junoys tempill semyt scho tobe                                   15
  The nun and trattes, clepit Calybe.
  Befor the visage of this stowt ȝong knycht
  Present hir self, with thir wordis on hicht:
    Turnus, quhat! wylt thou suffir this ondocht,
  Thy lang travale and laubour be for nocht,                          20
  And thy ceptre and crown delyuerit be
  To ȝon banyst new cum Troiane menȝe?
  The kyng Latyn the spousage of Lavyne,
  And thy dowry, bocht with thy blude and pyne,
  Denyis forto grant the, or ellis ocht;                              25
  And to succeid in his realm hes besocht
  Ane alienar, born of ane oncouth land.
  Pas now thy way, and set the to ganestand
  Thir perellis, but all thankis or gaynȝeld;
  Sen thou art mokkit, go, down bet in seld                           30
  The ostis of Hethruria, and syne
  Defend in peax and rest the folk Latyne.
  Almychty Saturnus douchtir aluterly,
  As thou be nycht thus doith at quiet ly,
  Bad me schaw planely all thir thingis to the.                        5
  Haue done therfor, assembil this cuntre,
  Addres thy sensabill men in thar array,
  Enarmyt glaidly move and hald ȝour way
  Towart the portis or havynnys of the see,
  And set apon ȝon sam Troiane menȝe;                                 10
  Dryve thar chiftanys of this land, but hone,
  Thar pantit carvellis byrn; so to be done
  The gret power of hevynly Goddis dyvyne
  Commandit hes, decret, and determyne.
  Lat kyng Latynus feil to his awyn harmys,                           15
  And haue experiens of the, Turnus, in armys,
  Bot he the grant to wife his child Lavyne,
  And kepe to the hys promys and convyne.
    The ȝyng man mokkand at the prophetes,
  Herand sic speche, answeris with mouth expres:                      20
  It standis not so as thou wenys, but weris;
  The messynger is nocht gone by myne erys,
  Full lang or now, quhou that a strange navy
  Arryvit in this Tibris streme fast by.
  Fenȝe na cawsis me fortill effray;                                  25
  Weyn not me list my purpos leif na way,
  Nor ryall Juno, quene of realmys all,
  List our querrell forȝet, nor thoil we fall.
  Bot, O ald dame, thy vile onweldy age,
  Ourset with hasart hair and faynt dotage,                           30
  Quhilk voyd is of all treuth and verite,
  In sic curys invane occupyis the,
  And the dissavis, as prophet, be fals dreid,
  That gevis thi mynd tharon thou has na heid,
  As forto treyt of batalis betwix kyngis:                             5
  Thyne occupatioun standis on othir thingis,
  Quhilk suld haue cure of nocht alanerly
  Bot goddis tempillis and ymagis to spy:
  Thoill men of pes and wer carp and rehers,
  Quhamto pertenys the batalis to exers.                              10
    At sic wordis Alecto, hait as fyre,
  Brynt in hir fury rage and felloun ire,
  So that, the ȝong man spekand, suddanly
  The trymlyng hynt all membris of his body;
  His eyn stud abasyt in his hed;                                     15
  This hellis monstre, full of wreth and fed,
  Hyssyt and quhislyt with sa feill eddir sondis,
  And hir figour sa grysly gret abundis,
  With glowrand eyn byrnand of flawmys blak.
    Turnus awondryng styntis and drawis abak;                         20
  And, as he purposit mekill mar to say,
  Insted of haris scho rasit vp serpentis tway,
  And of hir scurge the sound scho made him heir;
  With rageand mouth syne said and fellown beir:
    Behaldis this my vile onweldy age,                                25
  Ourset with hasart hair and faynt dotage,
  Quham eild, void of al trewth and verite,
  Be fals dreid dissavys so, quod sche,
  As forto treyt of batale betwix kyngis:
  Behald gif it so be, consider thir syngis;                          30
  Lo me present, ane of the sisteris thre,
  Infernal fureis of feirfull hellis see;
  Se, I bar in my handis and power
  The ded of batalis and the mortale were.
    And sayand thus, at this ilk fers ȝyng knycht                      5
  Ane hait fyre brand kest scho byrnand brycht,
  And in hys breste this furyus lemand schide
  With dedly smok fixit deyp can hyde.
  The huge dreid with this dissoluyt his slepe,
  Our all his body bristing furth dyd crepe                           10
  The warm swait throw euery lith and bane,
  And all enragit can eftir harnes frane;
  Armour, all wytles, in his bed sekis he,
  Armour, our all the lugyng law and hie.
  The gret curage of irne wapynnys can waid                           15
  Cruell and wild, and all his wyt invaid
  In wikkit wodnes batale to desire,
  Quharon he byrnys hait in felloun ire:
  Lyke as quhen that the ingill of stikkis dry
  With blesand sownd is layd to by and by,                            20
  About the sydis of the pot playing,
  The licour sparklis for the heyt bulyng;
  Within, the fervent bullyr violent
  Of watir makyng reky froith vpsprent;
  So swellis vp the skum and bellis bedene,                           25
  The veschell may na mar the broth contene,
  Bot furth it poplys in the fyre heir and thar,
  Quhill vp fleys the blak stew in the air.
  And for alsmekill as Turnus thus was stad,
  The gretast of hys chiftanys go he bad                              30
  To kyng Latyn, and him declar, but wer,
  The paix was brokyn, and he wald move the were:
  To graith thar armour fast commandis he,
  To defend Ital, and of thar awin cuntre
  Thar ennemys expell and dryve; as ȝit                                5
  He was eneuch for baith, he leyt thame wyt,
  Baith to recuntyr the Latynys and Troianys.
    Quhen this was said, and, on sik wys as ganys,
  The goddis callit tobe in thar helping,
  Than bissely Rutilianys, our all thing,                             10
  Can athir othir fast exhort and pray
  On thar best wys for werfar to purvay.
  Sum the maste semly farrand personage
  Tistys to the feild, to preif his grene curage;
  Sum on his ȝouthhed, and his thewes gude;                           15
  Sum is movit throw hys ryall blude,
  For his progenitouris noble kyngis wer;
  And sum war eik inducit to the weir
  For hie prowes knawin in ilke landis,
  And dedis wrocht maste knychtly with his handis.                    20


  _Ascanyus huntand has a taym hart hurt,
  Quhilk was the first moving of strife and sturt._

  Quhill Turnus on this wys, about all partis,
  In the Rutilyanys rasys hardy hartis,
  With hir infernall weyngis furth can cary
  Alecto towart Troianys, but mair tary.
  By ane new slycht a place spyit hes sche,
  Quhar, for the tyme, by the cost of the see,
  The ȝyng semly Ascanyus at solace                                    5
  Dyd hunt the wild deir, followyng the chace.
  Thar suddanly this hellis wench infest
  Ane hasty fury on his hundis kest;
  Thar nes thirlys with a sover sent
  Scho fillis so, that bissely thai went                              10
  Eftir the fute of a taym hart; quhilk thing
  Was the first caus of weirfar and fechtyng,
  And first sterit the wild fosteris fell
  To move debait, or mak thame for batell.
    This hart of body was baith gret and squar,                       15
  With large hed, and tyndis burnyst far;
  Quham childir of ane Tyrrheus thame amang,
  Reft from his moderis pap, had nurysit lang:
  Tyrrheus thar fader was fee master and gyde
  Of studdis, flokkis, bowis, and heirdis wide,                       20
  As storour to the kyng, dyd kepe and ȝym,
  Of the large plane all trast was gevin to hym.
  Full dantit and full taym at thar command
  Was so becum this best, that, but demand,
  Siluya thar sister with all diligens                                25
  Arrayt hym of flowris sweit as sens;
  Oft plet scho garlandis for his tyndis hie;
  The deir also full ofttyme kem wald sche,
  And feil sys wesch intil a fontane cleir.
  Full weil sufferit hir handis the tame deir,                        30
  And was accustomyt so quhen he list eyt,
  At his awin masteris burd to seik his meyt:
  Our all the woddis wald he raik ilk day,
  And at evin tide return hame the strecht way
  Till hys lugyng weilbekend, fute hait,                               5
  All by him self, war the nycht neuer so lait.
    This hart, errand far from hys resset,
  Ascanyus wod hundis ombeset,
  As that, per cace, for the hait sonnys gleme,
  He held doun swymmand the cleir ryver streme,                       10
  To cuyll hys heyt vnder a gresy bra.
  Ascanyus the child hym self alssua,
  Byrnyng in desire of sum notable renown,
  With nokkyt bow ybent all reddy bown,
  Wenand hym wilde, leyt sone ane arow glide;                         15
  The Goddes was all reddy fast besyde,
  That can hys hand addres but waveryng;
  The flane flaw fast with a spang fra the stryng,
  Throw owt the wame and entrellis all, but stynt,
  The scharp hedit schaft duschit with the dynt.                      20
  The deir, so dedly woundit and to laym,
  Onto his kynd resset can fleyng hame,
  And entrys in his stall, and that onone
  All blude besprent, with mony grank and grone,
  And like a man besocht help and supple;                             25
  With hys plenyng all the hows fillis he.
  Siluya, the eldest sister, with a schowt,
  Hir handis clappyng fast hir schulderis abowt,
  Cryis efter help, and can togidder call
  The landwart folkis and dowr foresteris all.                        30
  Thai tho assemblit to the fray in hy,
  And flokkis furth rycht fast onwarnystly;
  For the ilk fury pestilenciall that hour
  Full prevely in the dern wod dyd lowr,
  To cast on thame slely hir feirfull rage;                            5
  That furth vpstartis bath wife, man, and page:
  He with a burdon of ane lang stif tre,
  The poynt scharpit and brynt a litill we;
  He with a knotty club and knorry hed;
  Quhat ilk man sand first reddy in that sted,                        10
  Sekand a swerd, new rynnand fra the pleuch,
  Thar greif maid that thing wapyn gud eneuch.
  Tyrrheus, the master storour, in a rowt
  The churlys all assemlyt hym abowt,
  Quhar as, per cace, byssy with weggis he                            15
  Stude schidand a four squarit akyn tre,
  With mony pant, with fellon hauchis and quakis,
  Als oft the ax rebundit of the strakis.
    This cruell goddes, feirfull Alecto,
  Fortill ennoy hir tyme espyit tho,                                  20
  And spelis vp ful sone, as scho war wod,
  Apon a heich stabill quhar that bestis stude:
  Right bustuusly apon the rufe on hie
  The hyrdys ensenȝe lowd vp trumpis sche,
  And in a bowand horn, at hir awin will,                             25
  A feyndlich hellis voce scho liltis schill;
  At quhais sovnd all trymlyt the forest,
  The dern woddis resondit est and west,
  The blast was hard thens mylis mony ane
  At the deip lowch of Triuia or Dyane;                               30
  The dyn was hard eik ellis quhar ful far
  At the sulphuryus quhite ryvar callit Nar,
  And at the laik or fontane of Velyne.
  Baith to and fro our all the cuntre syne
  Wemen and moderis, effrayt of this cace,                             5
  Thar ȝyng childring fast to thar brestis dyd brace.
    Than spedely, with haste and bissy fare,
  The laubouraris ondantit heir and thare
  Hynt wapynnys, and assemlyt on euery side
  Towart the sovnd, quhar as the trump that tyde                      10
  With dedly voce blew this feirfull syng:
  The Troiane power alsso can furth thring
  With haill rowtis, Ascanyus to reskew.
  The batalis war adionyt now of new;
  Nocht in maner of landwart folkis bargane,                          15
  With hard blokkis raschand all ourane,
  Nor blunt steyngis of the byrsillit tre,
  Bot with scharp scherand wapynnys maid melle.
  The grond blaknyt and feirfull wolx alssua:
  Of drawyn swerdis sclentyng to and fra                              20
  The brycht mettale, and othir armouris seir,
  Quharon the sonnys blenkis betis cleir,
  Glitteris and schane, and vnder bemys brycht
  Castis ane new twynklyng or a lemand lycht.
  This stour sa bustuus begouth to rys and grew,                      25
  Lyke as the sey changis first hys hew
  In quhite lippiris by the wyndis blast;
  Syne, peis and peys, the flude boldnys so fast,
  Quhill finaly the wallis vprysis mar,
  That fra the grund it warpis vp in the air.                         30
    At the first cuntre into this bargane
  Almon, Tyrrheus eldast son, was slane,
  A fair ȝyng springald, quhilk caucht dedis wound
  Throw dynt of arrow schot with felloun sound,
  That smate hym rycht evin in at the hals bone;                       5
  The loppirrit blude stoppyt hys aynd onone,
  And closyt in of lyfe the tendir spreit.
  Abowt hym fell down ded, and lost the sweit,
  Mony of the hyrdmen, amangis quham was ane,
  The eldar Galesus, as that he allane                                10
  Offerit hym self amyd the ostis tway,
  To treit concord of pes and of the fray;
  Quhilk was the justast of a rurall man,
  And mychtyast in hys tyme levyng than:
  Our all the boundis of Ausonya                                      15
  Hys fyve flokkis pasturyt to and fra,
  Fyve bowis of ky ontil his hame reparit,
  And with ane hundreth plewis the land he aryt.


  _Fra the first slauchter maid apon this wys,
  Turnus and all the pepill for batall cryis._

  And as this bargane on this maner ȝeid
  In plane feld and evinly batale sted,                               20
  This hellis goddes, joysing at hir will
  Hir promys, quhilk scho hecht forto fulfill,
  Alssone as was this gret melly begun,
  The erth littyt with blude and al ourrun,
  And the first slauchter was commyt and done
  In dedly weir; than Italy alssone
  Scho levis, and with swift fard can do fle                           5
  Throw owt the skyis to the hevynnys hie,
  Haissand hir purpos, said with woce ful prowd,
  Onto Juno thus spak scho throw a clowd:
    Lo! now, discord perfornyst, as thou wald,
  With schrewit batale and carys monyfald.                            10
  In tender frendschip lat thame now convene,
  Knyt vp allyance and falloschip bedene;
  Sen that I haue the Troianys all bysprent
  With blude of the Italyanys, or I went.
  And, gif thi mynd be ferm tharto with me,                           15
  I sal thus mekill eik to my wark, quod sche,
  Fortill induce the citeis adiacent
  Onto the bargane, or that I hyne went;
  With schrewit rumouris, I can amang thame skaill,
  Thar myndis so I sall enflambe alhaill                              20
  By wod ondantit fers desyre of Mart,
  Thai sall forgaddir to help from euery art,
  Quhil batale, armouris, swerdis, speris, and scheldis,
  I sall do saw and strow our all the feildis.
    Than answerit Juno; at abundans thar is                           25
  Of thi dissaitfull slycht and frawd, I wys,
  And eik of feirfull terrour and deray:
  Weill ar perfurnyst causys of this weir perfay:
  Thai feght togidder mydlit on the land,
  Baith face for face, with drawin glavis in hand,                    30
  And new sched blude littis thar armour cleyr,
  Quhilk thai by fortoun cawch haue first in weir.
  Ȝon worthy squyer of Venus blude and kyn,
  And king Latynus, now lat thame begyn
  Sik wedlok to contract and spousale feste.                           5
  Bot the gret fader of hevin, at my request,
  Will suffir the at large no langar heir
  To walk, nor tary abufe the skyis cleir:
  Withdraw the of this place, forthy, weil sone:
  Gif ony chance restis mar tobe done,                                10
  I sall my self that mater rewle and gy.
  Thir wordis spak Juno; and scho tharwith in hy
  Hir dowbill weyngis with eddir sound dyd bete,
  Levand the hevynnys, socht to hir hellis sete.
    Amyddis Itall, vnder hillys law,                                  15
  Thar standis a famus sted weil beknaw,
  That for his bruyt is namyt in mony land,
  The vail Ansanctus hait, on athir hand
  Quham the sydis of a thik wod of tre
  Closis full dern with skowgy bewys hie:                             20
  A rowtand burn amydwart therof rynnys,
  Rumland and soundand on the craggy quhynnys:
  And eik forgane the brokkyn brow of the mont
  Ane horribill cave with braid and large front
  Thar may be sene, a thyrl or ayndyng sted                           25
  Of terribill Pluto, fader of hell and ded;
  A ryft or swelch so grysly for to se,
  Till Acheron revin dovne, that hellis see,
  Gapand with his pestiferus gowle full wide;
  At quhais bysme the fury can down slyde,                            30
  This hutit goddes, and by that discens
  Delyverit hevyn and erd of hyr presens.
    And netheles, duryng the meyn sesson,
  The queyn hir self, Saturnus get, onon
  Set to hyr hand, and ondyd the batell.                               5
  Off hyrdmen all the rowtis with a ȝell
  Ruschit fra the feild to the city, but tary,
  The sclane bodeis away with thame dyd cary;
  Almon the child, and ded Galesus als,
  With blud bysparkyt vissage, hed, and hals:                         10
  Thai thyg vengeance at the Goddis, and syne
  Thai raym and cry fast on the kyng Latyne.
  Turnus was by, and amyd this deray,
  Thys hait fury of slauchtir, and fell affray,
  The terrour dowblis he and feirfull dreid,                          15
  That sik forloppyn Troianys at this neid
  Suld thankfully be resset in that ryng,
  Or Phrigiane blude confiderat with the kyng,
  And he furth of tha boundis tobe expellit.
    The self tyme eyk, for the matronys at ȝellit,                    20
  And roundis sang so in thar wilde dotage,
  In the dern woddis, smyttyn with Bacchus rage,
  Gret rowtis dyd assembill thyddir in hy,
  And rowpyt eftir batale ernystfully;
  Thar the detestabill weris euer in ane,                             25
  Agane the fatis all, thai cry and rane,
  Contrar answeris and dispositions all
  Of goddis, for the weir thai clepe and call.
  Led by the power and frawart godhed
  Of cruell Juno with ald ramembrit fed:                              30
  Full fast thai thryng about the kyngis palyce.
  Bot this ilk Latyn, knawand thar malyce,
  Rasistis onmovit as a rok of the see,
  Quham, with gret brute of watir smyt, we se
  Hymself sustenys by hys huge wecht                                   5
  Fra wallis feill, in all thar byr and swecht
  Jawpyng about hys skyrtis with mony a bray;
  Skelleis and famy craggis thai assay,
  Rowtand and rarand, and may not empar,
  Bot gif thai sched fra his sydis the wair.                          10
  So, eftir that the kyng mycht nocht resist
  Thar blynd purpos, for, as evir Juno list,
  The mater went, all set to cruelte;
  Full mony Goddis and the hevynnys hie
  To wytnes drew he, all was by his will:                             15
  Bot all for nocht, na tent was take thartill.
  Allace! he said, we ar to broke and ryve
  By the fatis, by storm cacchit and dryve.
  O, o, ȝe wrachit pepill! gan he cry,
  With cruell pane full deir ȝhe sall aby                             20
  This wilfull rage, and with ȝour blude expres
  The wrangis of sic sacrilege redres.
  O Turnus, Turnus, full hard and hevy wraik
  And sorofull vengeance ȝit sal the ourtak,
  Quhen, al to lait, in thy helpyng thou sall                         25
  With prayeris on the Goddis clepe and call.
  For I had fund my rest and eys, quod he;
  Now at the dur deth reddy bydis me,
  Quhar now of happy pompis funeral
  I spulȝeit am, and sik triumphe riall.                              30
    Na mor sayng, with that ilk word fut het
  Ful clos within his palice he him schet,
  Of all sik thingis gaue our the cure and charge,
  Sen na better mycht be, to go at large.


  _The portis of weir to twich the prynce refusis,
  Quhilkis Juno brekis, syne al for batal musis._

  The maner than was, and the ald custum                               5
  Within the land of ancyent Latyum,
  Quhilk blissit vsance eftir mony a day
  The citeis and faderis of Alba kepit ay,
  Now the gret master souerane cite dyng
  Of Rome kepis and hantis the self thing;                            10
  That is to knaw, quhen first thai move or steir
  The marciall ensenȝeis for the wer,
  Quhidder so thai list to set with ostis plane
  On the Gethys, pepill Tartareane,
  With dolorus and with ful lamentable wer                            15
  In Hyrcany or Araby to steir,
  Or for til ettill into Inde furth eik,
  Towart the dawyng and son rysyng to seik,
  Or ȝit til ask and reduce hame agane
  Thar standartis from the dowr pepill Persane.                       20
  Twa portis beyn of batale and debait,
  So thai war clepit to thar name, and hait,
  Haldyn in religioun of haly reuerence
  Of Martys cruel dreid and his offence:
  A hundreth brasyn hespis thame claspit queym,
  And strenthy irne flottis, that dyd seym
  Tobe eternal and inconsumptive;                                      5
  Nor Janus, kepar of this entre of strive,
  Was no quhile furth of this ilk hallowit hald.
  Bot quhen the ferm sentens of faderis ald
  Was ony tyme determyt to move weir,
  Than he that was cheif duke or consuler,                            10
  In rob ryall vestit, that hait Quyryne,
  And rich purpour, eftir the gys Gabyne,
  Gyrd in a garmont semly and fut syde,
  Thir ȝettis suld up oppin and warp wyde:
  Within that girgand hirst alsso suld he                             15
  Pronunce the new weir, batale, and melle;
  Quham all the sensabill men suld follow fast,
  With plane assent and brasyn trumpis blast.
  The kyng Latyn furthwith command thai than
  On this maner, as prince and grettast man,                          20
  To proclame weir and decrete the melle
  Agane Troianys, thidder cum with Ene,
  And warp tha sorofull ȝettis vp on breid.
  The prynce refusyt to do sa vile a deid,
  Ne list not anys thame twich, nor brek his heist,                   25
  Sore agrevit planely ganestud thar requeste,
  And in his secret closet hym withdrew.
  Than from the hevin downe quhirland with a quhew
  Come queyn Juno, and with hir awin handis
  Dang vp the ȝettis, brak but delay the bandis:                      30
  This cruell douchter of the ald Saturn
  The marbill hirst can weltir and ourturn,
  And strang ȝet chekis of weirfar and batell
  Strake down, and rent the gret irne postis fell.
    Onsterit lang tyme, and onmovit, Ital                              5
  Now byrnys into fury bellicall.
  Sum grathis thame on fut to go in feild;
  Sum his montit on horsbak vnder scheld
  The dusty pvlder vpdryvand with a stour,
  And euery man socht wapynnys and armour;                            10
  Thar schynand scheildis sum dyd burnys weill,
  And sum polist scharp speir hedis of steill,
  To mak thame brycht with fat creisch or same,
  And on quhitstanys thar axis scharpis at hame;
  To beir pynsellis it gladis thame vp and dovne,                     15
  And ar reiosyt to heir the trumpettis sovne.
  Fyve the grettast and maist cheif citeis,
  Thar wapynnys to renew in al degreis,
  Set vp forgis and steil styddeis fyne;
  Rych Atyna, and the prowd Tyburyne,                                 20
  Ardea the cite, and Crustumere,
  And eik Antemne, with strang towris he
  And weirly wallis battellit about,
  The sikkyr helmys penys and forgis owt;
  Thar targettis bow thai of the lycht sauch tre,                     25
  And bos bukleris coverit with cuyrbulȝe;
  Sum steil hawbrikis forgis furth of playt,
  Burnyst flaukartis and leg harnes, fut hait,
  With latit sowpill siluer weill annelit:
  All instrumentis of pleuch graith, irnyt or stelyt,                 30
  As cultyris, sokkis, and the somys gret,
  With sythis, and al hukis at scheris quhet,
  War thidder brocht and tholis temper new;
  The lust of all sik wark lomys was adew:
  Thai dyd thame forge in swerdis of mettel brycht,                    5
  Forto defend thar cuntre and thar rycht.
    Be this, thar armour grathit and thar geir,
  The draucht trumpet blawis the brag of weir;
  The sloggorn ensenȝe, or the wach cry,
  Went for the batale all suld be reddy.                              10
  He pullis down his sellet quhar it hang,
  Sum deill effrayt of the noys and thrang;
  He dryvis furth the stampand hors on raw
  Onto the ȝok, the chareottis to draw;
  He clethys hym with his scheld, and semys bald;                     15
  He claspys hys gilt habirgyon and thrynfald;
  He, in his breistplait strang and his byrne,
  A sover swerd beltis law down by his the.


  _The poet makis to goddis his prayer,
  Dewly to compt the folkis grathis for this weir._

  Ȝhe Musys now, sweit Goddessis ichone,
  Oppyn and onschet ȝour mont of Helycone,                            20
  Reveil the secretis lyand in ȝour myght,
  Addres my stile, and steir my pen go rycht,
  Entone my sang, and til endyte me leir
  Quhat kyngis dyd remufe furth to this weir,
  Quhat rowtis followit euery prynce in feild,
  With ostis braid that dyd the plane ourheld,
  With quhat maner of valȝeand men sik ways                            5
  The happy grund Ital flurist tha days,
  With quhatkyn armys it enflambit schane;
  Furthschaw thir ancyent secretis euery ane.
  Ȝhe blissyt wightis forsuyth ramembris weill
  All sic thingis, and, quhar ȝou list, may reveill,                  10
  Thocht scarsly, for the proces of lang ȝeris,
  Be smal rumour tharof cum tyl our erys.
    First, from the land and costis hait Tyrreyn,
  Onto the batale bownys stern and keyn
  Mezentius the kyng, that in hys day                                 15
  Contempnar clepit was of the goddis ay.
  The gydar of hys army and hys rowt
  Was hys son Lawsus, valȝeant and stowt,
  Abuf all other the maste semly wight,
  Except the person of Turnus the gentil knycht,                      20
  Quhilk was the flour of all the Lawrenteis:
  This Lawsus was weil taucht at all degreis
  To dant gret hors, and as hym list arrest,
  Hunt and doun bet the deir and ilk wild best;
  A thousand men he led of hys convyne                                25
  From Corete the city Agilyne.
  Worthy he was to rewle a gret empyre,
  And tobe cummyn of sum mar happy syre
  Than of Mezentyus, banyst and indyng,
  Bot to haue beyn sum empriouris son or kyng.                        30
    The lusty Aventynus nixt in pres
  Hym followis, the son of worthy Hercules.
  Throu gresy planys hys char with palm ryall
  Was rollit furth by hors victoriall,
  Quhilk, in hys musteris, schew he in the feild                       5
  Hys faderis takynnys merkit in his scheild,
  Ane hundreth edderis and other snakis in sete
  Lynkit abowt of Larn the serpent gret;
  Quhom the nun Rhea and woman dyvyne
  In the dern wod of the mont Aventyne                                10
  Bair and brocht furth onto this warldis lycht:
  Ful prevely, onknaw of ony wight,
  The woman mydlit with the god went bond,
  Eftir this ilk Hercules had brocht to grond
  And venquyst Gereon with prowd bodeis thre,                         15
  Syne in the feild besyde Lawrent cite
  Was entrit as hym lyft to tak his rest,
  Hys Spanȝe oxin, quhom hym likit best,
  Dyd bathing and refresch, to mak thame clene,
  In Ital strandis at the cost Tyrrhene.                              20
  This Aventinus followis in thir werys,
  Bair in his handis lans stafis, and burrel speris,
  And dangerus facheonys into staffis of tre;
  With round stok swerdis faucht thai in melle,
  With poyntalis, or with stokis Sabellyne.                           25
  Thar capitane, this ilke strang Aventyne,
  Walkis on fut, hys body wymplit in
  A felloun bustuus and gret lyon skyn,
  Terribill and roucht, with taty lokkyrrand haris;
  The quhite tuskis, the hed, and clowis thar is:                     30
  And on sik wys, grym and awfull to se,
  Within the kingis gret palyce entris he,
  Our his schuldris hyngand, as said is plane,
  His faderis talbart cote Herculeane.
    Twa brederyng to this batale bownys syne,                          5
  Furth of the wallit cite Tiburtyne,
  Ledyng thai pepill namyt, ane and other,
  Fra Tiburtus, that was thar eldar brother;
  And thai war clepit, the tane Catillus,
  The tother Coras, strang and curageus,                              10
  Stowt ȝyng men, Grekis born of Arge bath twane:
  Befor the formast ostis in the plane
  Amyd a bus of speris in raid thai,
  Generit of the clowd lyke to Centaures tway,
  Quhen, fra the montane top of Homolane,                             15
  Or snawy Otryn hill, downe to the plane,
  With felloun fard and swift curs he and he
  Can do discend, levand the holtis hie:
  The large wod makis placis to thar went,
  Buskis withdrawys, and branchis al to rent                          20
  Gan rattillyng and resound of thar deray,
  To red thar renk, and rowmys thame the way.
    Nor Ceculus was not absent, trast me,
  The foundar of the cite Preneste,
  Quham all eyldis reputis and schawis ws                             25
  Engendrit was by the God Vlcanus,
  And by the fyre syd fund, a ȝyng fundlyng,
  Our landwart bestis syne wolx lord and kyng.
  A hail legioun in a rowt followis hym
  Of wild wod men, quhilk doys thir catel ȝym;                        30
  All thai pepill on breid, baith he and he,
  That inhabitis the heich tovn Preneste,
  And thai that occupyit the feildis alsso
  Of Gabyne, quhilkis ar dedicat to Juno;
  And thai that duellis langis the chil ryver                          5
  Of Anyene, and thai alsso infeir
  Amang the dewy strandis and craggis remanys
  Of Hernyca, in the Sabyne montanys;
  And thai alsso that bred and fosterit be
  In boundis of rich Anagnya cite;                                    10
  And eik thai pepill dwelling fair and bene
  In Champanȝe, on the flude Amasene.
  Amangis al thir pepill na brycht armyng
  Mycht thou heir sovnd, nor scheild our schulder hyng.
  Or cartis clattir; bot of thame the maste parte                     15
  To schut or cast war perfite in the art,
  With leyd pellokis from engynys or staf slyng
  By dyntis bla thar samen doun to dyng:
  Sum dowbill dartis castyng in handis buyr,
  And for defens, to keip thar hedis suyr,                            20
  A ȝallow hat woir of a wolfis skyn,
  For thai waldbe lyght bodyn ay to ryn.
  Thar left fut and all that leg was bair;
  Ane rowch ryllyng of raw hide and of hair
  The tother fut coverit weil and knyt.                               25
    Neptunus son list tho na langar syt,
  Hait Mesapus, bot bownys furth to gang;
  Dantar he was of stedis wild and strang,
  Quham na man with steil wapyn forgit brycht,
  Nor byrnand fyre, onto his ded mycht dycht.                         30
  Now hastely in armys callys he
  The rowtis of hys pepill and menȝe,
  Quhilkis lang tofor dysvsit had the weir
  With curage dolf, that idill lay thar geir;
  Thar swerdis now and burnyst glavys gray                             5
  He maid thame furth bedraw and oft assay.
  With hym thai folk in falloschip led he
  That inhabitis Fascenyum the cite,
  And the just pepill, clepit Falyscy;
  And thame that duellis in Soracte fast by,                          10
  A strang cite, and hie situat,
  Onto the God Appollo dedicat;
  And thai that in Flavynya feildis dwell,
  Or that wonnys besyde the layk or well
  Of Cymynyk, vndre the montane bra,                                  15
  Or ȝit amang the schawyis of Capua:
  In gudly ordour went thai and array,
  And of thar kyng sang bellettis by the way.
  Syk wys as sum tyme in the skyis hie
  Throw the moste ayr doys snaw quhite swannys fle,                   20
  Quhen thai fra pastur or fedyng dois resort
  To seik thar solace, and on thar gys to sport;
  Weill soundyng wriblys throw thar throtis lang
  Swouchyng makis in maner of a sang,
  That of thar bruyt resoundis the ryveir,                            25
  And all the laik of Asya fer and neir:
  So, in like wys, on far was nane mycht ken
  That rowt had bene ane ost of armyt men,
  Bot of the swouchand swannys suld he wene
  A sop fleand in the ayr thai had bene,                              30
  Quhilk chasyt, or affrayt, jolely
  Socht crowpyng to the costis syde fast by.


  _Ȝit comptis the poet the chiftanys al and sum,
  Aganys the Troianys sal in weirfar cum._

  Lo, Clausus eik, that douchty was and gude,
  Discendit of the ancyent Sabinis blude,
  A mekil rowt furth ledis to the weir,                                5
  As gret man worthy syk ane ost to steir;
  Fra quham the clan and pepill Claudyane
  Is cummyn our all the boundis Italiane,
  Eftir that Rowme was gevin and maid fre
  To the Sabynys, as thar proper cite.                                10
  Togidder can assembill a huge rowt
  That fra the cite Amatern flokkis owt;
  The ancyent Sabynys hait Quyrites then,
  And of Erety all the fensabill men,
  Of Mytisca, quhilk now heicht Tribule,                              15
  Quhar growys of olyve treys gret plente;
  All thai that dwellis in cite Nomentyne,
  Or rosy feildis besyde the layk Velyne,
  Or on the scharp craggy rochis hie,
  Quhilk for harsknes ar clepit Tetryce,                              20
  With hyngand hewys and mony a skowland bra;
  Thidder held the cite of Casperia,
  Thai that inhabittis Forolas that towne,
  Or on the flude Hymella vp and downe;
  All thai that drynkis of Tibir the ryver,
  Or Fabarus that rynnys fresch and cleir;
  And thai that wynys in Nursya so cald,                               5
  And of Ortyne the navy gret and bald;
  The Latyn pepill alsso, and all tha
  Quhar the onhappy flude of Allya
  Flowis throw the boundis and bedyis thar land.
  Als thik thai gadder, and flokkis fra hand to hand,                 10
  As evir the fomy bullerand wallis hie
  Is seyn weltyr on the large Lybyane see,
  Quhen the stormy Orion hys hed schrowdis
  In wyntir vnder the blak watry clowdis;
  Or how feil eichyrris of corn thik growyng,                         15
  With the new sonnys heit byrsillit, doys hyng
  On Hermy feildis in the symmyr tyde,
  Or in the ȝallow corn flattis of Lyde:
  Alsmony scheildis clattris and targatis,
  That for dynnyng of thar feyt all the gatis,                        20
  For stamping stedis, and for trumpys blast,
  The grond wolx all affrayt and agast.
    The ennemy to Troiane name onon,
  The bastard son of kyng Agamemnon,
  Hait Halesus, can with fers mud acwart                              25
  Adioyn hys horsis forto draw his cart,
  And, in the aid of Turnus and supple,
  A thousand fers folkis assemlyt he:
  Thay quhilkis with rakis ourturnys euery bra
  Fertyll of wynys in the mont Massica;                               30
  And thame alsso dwelland in hillys he,
  Send from the ald faderis of Arunca cite;
  And thai that dwellis hard on the sey bray
  Besyde the cite of Sydycina,
  Or come fra Cales into Champany,                                     5
  With all tha pepillis into cumpany
  Inhabitant the schauld flude Wlturnus,
  And frawart folkis, hait Saticulus,
  Togiddir eik with the haill multitude
  Of Oscores, that pepill stern and rude.                             10
  Thyr bair in feild, of wapynnys in the stedis,
  Round casting dartis, or macis with pikit hedis,
  Quhilk, in thar leid, is clepit ane Aclyd;
  And, so it mycht the mair suyrly abyde,
  Onto thar armis is knyt with a tewch stryng,                        15
  Quharwith thai do it at thar fays slyng.
  A ballen pavys coverys thar left sydis,
  Maid of hart skynnys and thik oxin hydis;
  And crukyt swerdis, bowand as a syth,
  Thai bair at hand reddy to draw ful swith.                          20
    Nor thow, Oebalus, onreknyt sal nocht wend
  By our metyr, but lovyng and commend,
  Quham kyng Telon engendrit, as thai say,
  On Sabetrydes, the lusty nymphe or may,
  That tyme quhen he ryngnyt as lord and kyng                         25
  Our Capreas ilys, and in governyng
  Led the pepill hait Theleboes bald;
  Or than, far step in age was he and ald:
  Bot hys son, this Oebalus, in his entent
  Of his faderis boundis stud nocht content,                          30
  That lang afor to his obeysans he
  Subdewit had the pepill Sarraste,
  And all the large feildis, bonk and bus,
  Quhilk ar bedyit with the ryver Sarnus;
  Thai that occupyit Rusa and Batulane,                                5
  In Champany rich and strang townys twane;
  The planys eik and sulȝe of Celene,
  Quhilk dedicat ar onto Juno quene;
  And thai behaldis the weirly wallit cite
  Of Nola, witht his stalwart towris he,                              10
  Quhar gret plente of apillis orrange growis:
  Quhilk pepill in thar weirfar had na bowis,
  Bot wer accustumit forto thraw oft sys
  The castyng speris on the Duchmenis gys;
  Quhais hed gere war of ful sobir extent;                            15
  Maid of the cork or bark fra treis rent;
  Bukclaris thai bair, with boys or plait of steill,
  And schynand swerdis of mettal burnyst weill
    Thai pepill eik that clepit beyn Nursanys,
  Quhilkis in the strait and hie montanys remanys,                    20
  Send to the feld ane chiftane of defens,
  Of worthy fame, the renownyt Vfens;
  Happy in armys and redowtit was he:
  Bustuus abuf al otheris his menȝe,
  The folkis clepit of Equicola,                                      25
  That hard furrys had telit mony a da,
  And all enarmyt laubour thai thar land;
  Thai hant ful oft huntyng in woddis at hand;
  Evir lykis thame to cach and dryve away
  The recent spreith, and fresch and callour pray,                    30
  And on spulȝe to leif and on rapyne.
    Onto this batale bownys the preste dyvyne,
  Vmbro to name, the strenthyast a man
  Of all the pepill in Marrubya clan,
  Send fra the kyng Archippus with his feris,                          5
  As thar chiftane and rewlar in the weris,
  Hys helm arrayt with a garland schene
  Plet of the happy olyve branchis grene.
  All kynd of eddir and hissand serpent fell
  With incantatioun he couth gar ryfe and swell,                      10
  Or cast apon thame sleping with his sang,
  And, with his charmys and his herbis strang,
  Thar wraith and wenom couth he dant and mes,
  And heill thar stangyng, and sik hurtis eys.
  Bot he couth fynd no curis nor remede                               15
  To salf hym from the Troiane speris hed:
  Hys slepy charmys had no fors nor mycht,
  Ne herbis gadderit on Marsys montis hycht,
  To help thai hurtis he caucht in the melle.
  O souerane preist, quhat reuth was it of the!                       20
  For the the woddis wepyt of Angytus,
  The cristal strandis murnyt of Fuscynus,
  The bewalit cleir lakis and spryng wellis,
  Nymphis, virgynys, matronys, and damysellis.
    Furth to the batale eik held Virbyus,                             25
  The son mast semly of Hippolitus:
  Hys cheif maternal cite, ful of mycht,
  Aricya, furth sent this worthy knycht:
  In schawis schene, endlang the watir bra
  Of flud Hymetes, by Agerya                                          30
  That nymphe he fosterit was ful tenderly,
  Quhar as of manswete Diane fast tharby
  The altar, eith fortyl aples, vpstandis,
  Oft ful of sacrifice and fat offerandis.
  For mony haldis opinion, sayand thus                                 5
  Be common voce and fame; Hippolitus,
  Eftir that he slane was, and to ded dycht
  By fals dissait of his stepmoderis slycht,
  And had eik sufferit by his blude and breth
  The cruel panys of his faderis wreth,                               10
  As tobe harlit with hors, that caucht affray
  And skeichit at a merswyne by ther way;
  Ȝit nevir the les, for the luf of Dian,
  He was restorit to this ilk lyfe agane,
  And come to dwell vndir our hevin and ayr,                          15
  That heir abuf contenys thir starnys fair:
  Quhilk cuyr was done by Asculapyus sle,
  Throw the mychtis of the roys Pyone.
  Than Jupiter almychty fader hie,
  Havand disdene ony mortal suld be                                   20
  Rasyt to lyfe, or over warldis lycht,
  From the dyrknes of neddir hellis nycht,
  The fyndar of this crafty medycyne,
  Quhilk was byget be the god Appollyne,
  That is to knaw, this Asculapyus,                                   25
  With thunderis dynt bath fell and dangerus
  Vnder the erth smate dovn, forto remane
  In hellis ground and watir Stigiane.
  Bot than the thrynfald Diane ful of blys
  In secret place Hippolitus with this                                30
  Hyd, and betaucht Agerya the may,
  Tobe kepit in the ilk forest gay;
  Quhar, him allane, in woddis of Italy
  Hys lyfe he led onknaw of ony wy,
  And quhar he first was hait Hippolitus,                              5
  Changit his name, yclepit Vyrbyus.
  And, be this self resson ȝit alsso,
  From the tempill of Dian euermo
  Thir horny hovit horssis bene debarrit;
  For sa mekil as thai at the sey monstreis skarrit,                  10
  And brak the cart throw thar ondantit mycht,
  And furth swakkit Hippolitus, gentil knycht.
  Ȝit netheles, hys son, this Virbyus,
  The ardent stedis fers and chevalrus
  Throw owt the plane feild dryvis al in feir,                        15
  And furth hurlis his chariot to the weir.


  _Quhou Turnus to this batal bownys to ga,
  And als this weirlyke woman Camylla._

  Turnus him self, of weir the cheif capitane,
  Amyd pryncis and gret chiftanys ilkane
  Enarmyt walkis, turnand to and fro
  With corps of statur eligant, that so,                              20
  Quhar as he went throw out the rowtis on hie,
  Abuf thame all hys hed men mycht weil se,
  Quharon his helm set ful richly schane
  With cristis thre lyke til ane lokkyrrit mane;
  Tharon as tymbrill standing Chymera,
  That wondrus monstre, with wide chaftis bla
  Furth blawand fyre and flambe sulphureus,
  Lyke byrnand Ethna, that mont peralus:
  The mair wod wraith and furyus wolx sche,                            5
  With sorofull fyre blesys spowtand hie,
  Evir as the batale worthis mor cruell
  By effusioun of blude and dyntis fell.
  Hys schynand scheld was all of fyne gold bet,
  Quhar in thar was, insted of armys, set                             10
  Io the wench, sum tyme but hornys, now
  With hair ourgrow, transformyt in a kow;
  Quhilk was gret argument and probatioun
  That he was of his blude a Gregioun.
  The kepar eik of this ilk maid, Argus,                              15
  Was porturit thar, and fader Inachus,
  Furth of ane pantyt pig, quhar as he stude,
  A gret ryver defundand or a flude.
    Ane ost of fut men, thik as the hail schour,
  Followys this Turnus, dryvand vp the stour;                         20
  With scheildis schrowdyt mony huge rowt
  Thik forgaderis the large feildis about:
  Thai ȝonkeris quhilk of Grekis war discend
  The power of Arunca thiddir send,
  The garnysons alsso of Rutilyanys,                                  25
  And the ancyent pepill hait Sycanys,
  Of Sacrane the army bald in feildis,
  The Lybicanys eik with thar pantit scheildis.
  Quhilk telys on thy bankis, Tybyr flude,
  Or ȝit endlang thy gresy brays gude,                                30
  O Numycus, thou hallowit fresch ryver,
  And thai that with scharp cultyr teil and scheir
  Of Rutuly the hilly knowis hie,
  Or camy eyge, and holtis fair to se,
  That Circeus to surname clepit ar;                                   5
  Quhar Anxurus, the berdles Jupiter,
  For patron is hallowit our the planys,
  And Juno eik ful joyusly remanys
  In Feronya, hir sweit schaw ay greyn,
  Neir by the blak laik clepit Satureyn,                              10
  Quhar as the chil ryver, hait Vfens,
  Sekis with narrow passage and discens
  Amyd holl valeis his renk and ische,
  And hydis hym self within the Tyrrhene see.
    Abuf all thir the stowt wench Camylla,                            15
  Of the famyl and kynrent of Volsca,
  Com ledand armyt ostis and stern feldis,
  In burnyst plait arrayt and schynand scheldis;
  Forsuyth, ane worthy weriour was sche:
  Hir womanly handis nothir rok of tre                                20
  Ne spyndill vsit, nor brochis of Mynerve,
  Quhilk in the craft of claith makyng doys serve;
  Bot ȝit this maid was weil accustumate
  To suffer bargane dowr, and hard debait,
  And throu the speid of fut in hir rynnyng                           25
  The swift wyndis prevert and bakwart dyng:
  Or than alsso so spedely couth scho fle
  Our the cornys, ourtred thar croppis hie,
  That with hir curs na reid ne tendir stra
  Was harmyt ocht, na hurt by ony way:                                30
  And, throu the boldnand fludis amyd the see
  Born soverly, furth hald hir way mycht sche,
  The swyft solis of hir tendir feyt
  Nocht twichand onys the watir hir to weit.
  All ȝong folkis, on hir forto ferly,                                 5
  Furth of howsys and feldis flokkis in hy.
  Litil childer and matronys awondring
  On far behaldis hir stowt pays in a lyng,
  So manfully and baldly walkis sche,
  With spreit abasyt thai gove hir forto se:                          10
  Quhat wys hir slekyt schuldris war array
  With kyngly purpour, honorabill and gay;
  And quhou the hair was of this damoysell
  Knyt with a button in a goldyn kell;
  And how a quavir clos scho bair alssua,                             15
  With grondyn dartis wrocht in Lycia;
  And ane hail sipplyn of a gret myr tre,
  Quhilk hyrdis mycht ourheld with bewis he,
  In maner of a speir in hand scho bair,
  Hedit with forgit steill full scharp and squair.                    20
    Alswith as Turnus, our the master towr
  Of Lawrentum, hys baner quhite as flour
  In syng of batale dyd on breid display,
  The trumpys blast and hornys maid deray;
  And stern stedis stampyng for the dyn,                              25
  The armour clattris, fast ilk man can ryn:
  Incontinent togidder, with myndis amovit,
  All Latyum assemblit sone controvit
  Ane coniuratioun or hasty convyne,
  As in feirfull affray thar land to tyne,                            30
  And wod wraith wolx thir ȝonkeris, he and he,
  With byrnand hartis fers to the melle.
  The first chiftanys for assay or defens,
  The gret Mesapus, and the strang Vsens,
  With Mezentyus of Goddis contempnar,                                 5
  The rowtis for supple baith neir and far
  Compellis to assemble with thar poweris,
  And large feildis laid waist of lawboreris.
  Ane Venulus alsso was send, a Greik,
  To gret Diomedis cite, to beseik                                    10
  Supple and help, and to schaw all and sum
  Quhou Troianys war discend in Latyum;
  Ene with navy arryvit vp at hand,
  And brocht his venquyst Goddis in thar land,
  Sayand that, by the fatis and destance,                             15
  He thiddir callit was as kyng tobe:
  And that he suld eik to Diomedis schaw
  That mony pepill war adionyt and draw
  Onto this ilk forsaid strangear knycht,
  For he was cummyn of Dardanus the wyght,                            20
  And wyde quhar our al partis of Italy
  Hys name begouth to spreid and multiply.
  And sen he had begun sic thing on hand,
  Quhat syne he etlyt mycht be vnderstand;
  That is to knaw, gif forton war so heynd                            25
  By aventour of weir tobe his frend,
  Mair evidently he covat to proceid
  Agane his ancyent ennemy, Diomed,
  Than to ourset the ȝong knychtly Turnus,
  Or ȝit ourcum the ald kyng Latynus.                                 30


  Of dreflyng and dremys quhat dow it to endite?
  For, as I lenyt in a ley in Lent this last nycht,
  I slaid on a swevynnyng, slummyrrand a lite,
  And sone a selcouth seg I saw to my sycht,
  Swownand as he swelt wald, sowpyt in syte,                           5
  Was nevir wrocht in this warld mair wofull a wycht;
  Ramand, Resson and rycht is rent be fals ryte,
  Frendschip flemyt is in Frans, and faith hes the flycht,
  Leys, lurdanry, and lust, ar our laid starn;
        Peax is put owt of play,                                      10
        Welth and weilfar away,
        Luf and lawte baith tway
            Lurkis ful darn.

  Langour lent is in land, all lychtnes is lost,
  Sturtyn study hes the steir, distroyand our sport,                  15
  Musyng marris our myrth half mangit al most;
  So thochtis thretis in thra our brestis ourthwort,
  Bailfull bessynes baith blys and blithnes can bost:
  Thar is na sege for na schame that schrynkis at schort,
  May he cum to hys cast be clokyng, but cost,                        20
  He rekkis nowder the rycht nor rakles report;
  All is weill done, God wate, weild he hys will.
            That bern is best can nocht blyn
            Wrangwys gudis to wyn;
            Quhy suld he spair, for ony syn,
                Hys lust to fulfyll?                                   5

  All ledis langis in land to laucht quhat thame leif is:
  Lufferis langis only to lok in thar lace
  Thir ladeis lufly, and louk but let or releifis,
  Quha sportis thame on the spray sparis for na space;
  The gallyart groym grunschis at grammys hym grevis,                 10
  The fillok hyr deformyt fax wald have a fair face,
  To mak hir maikles of hir man at myster myscheif is;
  The gudwif grulyng befor God gretis eftir grace,
  The lard langis eftir land to leif to his ayr;
            The preist for a personage,                               15
            The seruand eftir his wage,
            The thral tobe of thrillage,
                Langis ful fair.

  The myllar mythis the multyr with a met skant,
  For droucht had drunkyn vp his dam in the dry ȝeir;                 20
  The cadgyar callis furth his capill with crakkis wail cant,
  Calland the colȝar a knafe and culron ful qweir:
  Sum schippart slais the lardis scheip, and says he is a sanct,
  Sum grenys quhil the gyrs grow for his gray meir,
  Sum sparis nowder spiritual, spowsyt wife, nor ant,                 25
  Sum sellis folkis sustynance, as God sendis the feir,
  Sum glasteris and thai gang at, and all for gait woll:
            Sum spends on the ald vse,
            Sum makis a tvme ruse,
            Sum grenys eftir a guse,
                To fars his wame full.

  The wrach walis and wryngis for this warldis wrak,
  The mukkyrrar murnys in his mynd the meil gaue na pryce,             5
  The pyrat pressys to peill the peddar hys pak,
  The hasartouris haldis thame hereyt, hant he nocht the dyce;
  The burges byngis in hys boith, the brovne and the blak
  Byand bessely, and bane, buge, bevir, and byce;
  Sum ledys langis on the land, for love or for lak,                  10
  To sembyll with thar schaftis, and set apon sys;
  The schipman schrenkis the schour, and settis to schor:
            The hyne crynys the corn,
            The broustar the beir schorn,
            A fest the fedlar to morn                                 15
                Covatis full ȝor.

  The ralȝear raknys na wordis, bot ratlis furth ranys,
  Full rude and ryot ressons baith roundalis and ryme;
  Swengeouris and scurryvagis, swankeis and swanys,
  Gevis na cur to cun craft, nor comptis for na cryme,                20
  With berdis as beggaris, thocht byg be thar banys,
  Na laubour list thai luk till, thar lufsis ar byrd lyme:
  Get ane bysmer a barn, than all hir blys gane is,
  Scho will nocht wirk thocht scho want, bot wastis hir tyme
  In thiggyn, as it thrift war, and other vayn thewis,                25
            And slepis quhen scho suld spyn,
            With na will the warld to wyn;
            This cuntre is full of caymis kyn,
                And sik schire schrewis.

  Quhat wikkytnes, quhat wanthrift now in warld walkis!
  Baill hes banyst blythnes, bost gret brag blawis,
  Prattis ar reput polycy and peralus pawkis,
  Dignyte is laid dovn, darth to the dur drawis;
  Of tratlys and tragedyis the text of all talk is:                    5
  Lordis ar left landles be onleill lawys;
  Burgessis bryngis hame the bothe to breid in thar bawkis;
  Knychtis ar kowhubeis, and commonys plukkyt crawis;
  Clerkis for oncunnandnes mysknawis ilk wight:
            Wifis wald haue all thar will,                            10
            Enewch is nocht half fyll,
            Is nowder resson nor skill
                In erd haldin rycht.

  Sum latyt latton, but lay, lepys in lawyd lyt,
  Sum penys furth a pan boddum to prent fals plakkis;                 15
  Sum gowkis quhill the glas pyg grow full of gold ȝit,
  Throu cury of the quynt essens, thocht clay muggis crakkis:
  Sum wernour for this warldis wrak wendis by hys wyt;
  Sum trachour crynys the cunȝe, and kepys corn stakkis;
  Sum prygpenny, sum pyke thank with prevy promyt,                    20
  Sum jarris with a jed staf to jag throu blak jakkis.
  Quhat fenȝeit fair, quhat flattry, and quhat fals talys!
            Quhat mysery is now in land!
            Quhou mony crakkyt cunnand!
            For nowther athis, nor band,                              25
                Nor selis avalis.

  Prestis, suldbe patteraris and for the pepill pray,
  Tobe Papis of patrimon and prelaceis pretendis;
  Ten tendis ar a trump, bot gif he tak ma
  Ane kynryk of paroch kyrkis cuppillit with commendis.
  Quha ar wyrkaris of this weir, quha walkynaris of wa,
  Bot incompetabill clergy, that Cristyndome offendis?
  Quha revis, quha ar ryotus, quha rakles, bot tha?                    5
  Quha quellys the puyr commonys bot kyrkmen, weil kend is?
  Thar is na stait of thar stile that standis content;
            Knycht, clerk, nor common,
            Burges, nor barroun;
            All wald haue vp that is dovn,                            10
                Weltrit the went.

  And as this leyd at the last lyggand me seys,
  With a luke onlufsum he lent me sic wordis;
  Quhat bern be thou in bed, with hed full of beys,
  Grathit lyke sum gnappar, and, as thi greis gurdis,                 15
  Lurkand lyke a longeour? quod I, Lovn, thou leys.
  Ha, wald thou feght? quod the freik; we haue bot few swordis:
  Thar is sic haist in thi hed, I hop thou wald neys,
  That brawlys thus with thi bost quhen bernys with the bourdis.
  Quod I, Churle, ga chat the, and chyde with ane other.              20
            Move the nocht, said he than,
            Gyf thou be a gentill man,
            Or ony curtasy can,
                Myne awyn leif brother.

  I speik to the into sport; spell me this thyng,                     25
  Quhat lykis ledis in land? quhat maste langis thou?
  Quod I, Smake, lat me sleip; sym skynnar the hyng:
  I weyn thou byddis na better bot I brek thi brow.
  To me is myrk myrrour ilk mannys menyng;
  Sum wald be cowrt man, sum clerk, and sum a cachkow.
  Sum knycht, and sum capitane, sum Caser, sum Kyng,
  Sum wald haue welth at thar will, and sum thar wame fow,
  Sum langis for the leffyr ill to lyk of a quart,                     5
            Sum for thar bontay or boyn,
            Sum to se the new moyn;
            I lang to haue our buke done,
                I tell the my part.

  Thy buke is bot brybry, said the bern than,                         10
  Bot I sal leir the ane lesson to lys all thi pane.
  With that he racht me a roll: to reid I began
  The roytast ane ragment with mony rat rane,
  Of all the mowys in this mold sen God merkyt man;
  The moving of the mapamond, and how the moyn schane,                15
  The pleuch, and the polys, the planettis began,
  The son, the sevyn starnys, and the Charl wayn,
  The elwand, the elementis, and Arthurus hufe,
            The horn and the hand staf,
            Prater Johne and Port Jaf,                                20
            Quhy the corn hes the caf,
                And kow weris clufe.

  Thys romans ar bot rydlys, quod I to that ray;
  Leyd, lern me ane other lesson, this I ne like.
  I persaue, Schir parson, thi purpos perfay,                         25
  Quod he, and drew me doun dern in dolf by a dyke;
  Had me hard be the hand quhar a hurd lay,
  Than prevely the pennys begouth vp to pike:
  Bot, quhen I walknyt, all that welth was wiskyt away,
  I fand nocht in all that feild, in faith, a be byke:
  For as I grunschit at this grome, and glisnyt abowt,
            I grapyt graithly the gyll,
            Every modywarp hyll;                                       5
            Bot I mycht pyke thar my fyll
                Or penny come owt.

  Than wolx I teyn at I tuke to sic trufis tent,
  For swevynnys ar for swengeouris that slummyrris nocht weill;
  Mony mervellus mater nevir merkit nor ment                          10
  Will seggis se in thar sleip, and sentens but seill:
  War all sic sawys suythfast, with schame we war schent.
  Thys was bot faynt fantasy, in faith, that I feill,
  Nevir word of verite, bot all in waist went,
  Throw roytnes and ravyng, that maid myne eyn reill,                 15
  Thus lysnyt I, as losanger, syk lewydnes to luke:
            Bot, quhen I saw nane other bute,
            I sprent spedely on fute,
            And vndre a tre rute
                Begouth this aucht buke.                              20



  _Quhou Tiberinus, god of the ryver,
  Till Eneas in visioun gan appeir._

  As thys convyne and ordinance was maid
  Of Latyum throw owt the boundis braid,
  Quhilk, euery poynt, this Troiane lord onon,
  Cummyn of the hows of kyng Laomedon,
  In hevy curis flowand all on flocht,                                 5
  Avysys weill, how all this thing was wrocht:
  And hastely in mynd on euery sydis
  Now for this purpos, now for that, providis,
  Now heir, now thar, ryvest in syndry partis,
  And sersys, turnand to and fra all artis.                           10
  Lyke as the radyus sonnys bemys brycht,
  Or than the glymmerand monys schaddo lycht,
  Reflexit from the brasyn veschell, we se,
  Fillyt with watir to the cirkyll on hie,
  Our all the hows reboundis and doys spreid                          15
  Schynand, and sersys euery sted on breid,
  Quhil in the ayr vpgoys the twynkland lycht,
  Glitterand on euery spar and ruf on hyght.
    The nycht come, and all thing levand sessit;
  Wery of wark baith byrd and brutal best
  Our all the landis war at rest ilkane,                               5
  The profound swouch of sleip had thame ourtane;
  Quhen this ilk prince, Eneas, all on flocht,
  With mynd sowpyt in cuyr and hevy thocht,
  And for this sorofull batale richt onglaid,
  Apon the ryver bank hym self dovn laid                              10
  Vndre the cald firmament for the nanys,
  And gave schort rest onto his wery banys.
  Quham to the God of that sted dyd appeir,
  Tyberynus, furth of the still ryver,
  Amyd the branchis of the popill treys,                              15
  As agyt man semyng hym self vpheis:
  A lenȝe watry garmond dyd hym vaill,
  Of cullour fawch, schaip lyke a hempyn saill,
  And leiffy redis dekkis weill hys haris:
  To meys Eneas thochtis and hys sarys,                               20
  Thus he begouth to speke, and sayd, but dyn:
    O gentill get, cummyn of hie goddis kyn,
  Quhilk from thy fays to ws with mekill joy
  Hes hyddir brocht the gret cite of Troy,
  And Pergama, the Troiane wallys wight,                              25
  Eternaly conservis throu thy myght;
  Desyrit maist of lang tyme, now welcum
  Onto the grond and soill of Lawrentum,
  And all the feildis eik of Latyn land:
  Heir is thy sikkir duellyng place at hand,                          30
  Ane sovir ferm habitatioun for ay:
  Withdraw the not fra hyne, pas nocht away,
  Nor dreid na thing the bost of this batell.
  The rancour all of Goddis, I the tell,
  And boldynand wreth, appesyt ar almaste.                             5
  And so thow weyn not at my wordis be waist,
  Nor fenȝeit dremys do to the appeir,
  Vndyr sawch treis by thir bankis neir
  Onon thou sall do fynd a mekill swyne,
  With thretty hed ferreyt of grysys syne,                            10
  Of cullour quhite, thar lugyng on the grond,
  Hyr quhite brodmell abowt hyr pappis wond.
  That is the place to set vp thy cite,
  Quhilk of ȝour laubour sovir rest salbe;
  Quhar that, as thretty ȝheris byrun and gane is,                    15
  Ascanyus sal do beld of lyme and stanys
  The cite hait fair Alba of delyte,
  Berand hys name fra the fair cullour quhite.
  Thus I declar the nane oncertane thing,
  Bot verray suythfast takynnys and warnyng.                          20
  Now harkis bot a litill, I the pray,
  I sall the lern in quhat wordis, quhat way
  Thow may cum speid, and haue the haill ourhand
  Twichand this instant mater now at hand.
  Thar bene pepill of Arcad from the ryng                             25
  Cummyn in this land, discend of Pallas kyng,
  Quhilk, with Evandir kyng in cumpany,
  Followand the syngnys schaw, hes fast heir by
  Chosyn a sted, and beldit a cite,
  Amang the knollis round or motis hie,                               30
  Eftir thar forfader of nobill fame,
  Pallas, clepyt Pallanteum to name.
  Contynualy thir folkis euery ȝeir
  Agane the Latyn pepyll ledis weir;
  Adione to thir thyne ost in falloschip,                              5
  Do mak with thame a lyge, and bynd frendschip.
  I sall my self convoy the the rycht way
  Betwix thir brays vp the fludis gray,
  So that agane the streme, throu help of me,
  By ayris rowth thydder careit sall thou be.                         10
  Haue done, get vp, thou son of the Goddes;
  First as the starris declynys, the addres,
  I meyn into the dawyng rycht ayrly,
  Dewly to Juno se thou sacryfy,
  Hyr wreth and all sik mannans to ourset                             15
  With devoyt supplications maid of det:
  And, quhen thou has optenyt victory,
  To me thou sall do wirschip by and by.
  I am God Tybris, watry hewyt and haw,
  Quhilk, as thou seys, with mony jawp and jaw                        20
  Bettis thir brays, schawyng the bankis dovn,
  And with full flude flowand fra tovn to tovn,
  Throw fertill feildis scheryng thar and heir,
  Vnder the lift the maste gentill ryver:
  Heir is myne habitatioun huge grete,                                25
  Of mychty citeis cheif and souerane sete.
    This beand sayd, this ilk God of the flude
  Vnder the deip can dowk dovn quhar he stude,
  And socht onto the watir grond onone,
  So darnly hyd nane wist quhar he was gone.                          30


  _The sow with grysis, as Tiberinus said,
  Eneas fand, and sacrifice has maid._

  The nycht fled, and the sleip left Ene.
  On fut he startis, and onon can he se
  Furth of the orient in the brycht mornyng
  The sonnys hevynly bemys newly spryng,
  And in the holl lufis of his hand quhar he stude                     5
  Dewly the water hynt he fra the flude,
  Syne to the hevyn thus wys his prayeris maid:
    O nymphys all of fludis blith and glaid,
  And O ȝe haly nymphys of Lawrentum land,
  Quham fra thir fresch ryveris, and euery strand                     10
  That flowys rynnyng as we se sa cleir,
  Hes thar begynnyng furth of sowrssys seir;
  And O thou haly fader Tiberyne,
  With Tybris eik, thy blissyt flude dyvyne,
  Ressave Eneas to ȝow onbekend,                                      15
  And now at last from all perrellys defend.
  And, gif thou takis rewth of our gret skathis,
  Heir I awow and promittis with aithys,
  Quhar evir thy lowch or fontane may be fund,
  Quhar evyr so thy spryng is, in quhat grund,                        20
  O flud mast plesand, the sall I our all quhar
  Hallow with honorabill offerandis euermar.
  Hornyt ryver, ryngand as lord and kyng
  Our all the fludis in to Itall ryng,
  Be in our help, now at last, I requere;
  Eftyr sa feill dangeris and perellis seir,
  Conferm thy promys and orakill in hy.
  Quhen this was said, furth of all his navy
  Twa galeis dyd he cheis the ilk tyd,                                 5
  With dowbill raw of ayris on athir syde,
  And for the rowyng weil grathit thaim hes he,
  Syne for the weir instrukkit his menȝe.
    Bot lo, in haist befor hys eyn he saw
  A mervalus and wondrus thyng to knaw;                               10
  A mylk quhite sow within the woddis lay
  Apon the grene watris bank in hys way,
  With hir lyttar new ferreit in that sted,
  All of a cullour, grysys thretty hed:
  Quham the devoyt Eneas on hys gys                                   15
  Onto the, gretast Juno, in sacryfys
  Brytnys, and, with hyr flok and followaris,
  Hes set and offerit vp on thy altaris.
  Tybyr his swelland fludis all that nycht,
  Quhow lang at evir it was quhil days lycht,                         20
  Stabillys and cawmys at hys awin will;
  The streme bakwartis vpflowys soft and still;
  On syk wys mesand his watir, that he
  Ane standand stank semyt for tobe,
  Or than a smoith puyl, or dub lovn and fair,                        25
  So that the ayris mycht fyndyn na contrar.
  Tharfor Eneas can hys tyme aspy,
  And hastis on hys vayage bissely;
  With prosper curs, and sobyr quhisperyng,
  The pikkyt bargis of fyr fast can thryng,                           30
  And slydis throw the schaldis stil and cleir:
  The watir ferleys of thar fard and beir;
  The forest, nocht accustummyt to se
  Sik thingis, wondris quhat at this mycht be,
  As to behald schynand scheldis on far                                5
  On mennys schuldris ay cumand nar and nar,
  The pantit carvellis fletyng throu the flude.
  Baith nycht and day ilk man, as thai war wod,
  Can spend in rowth with irksum lauboryng,
  The lang stremys and welys rovnd sworlyng                           10
  Our slydyng fast vpwartis the ryver,
  Hyd and ourheldit with mony treys seir;
  Endlang the still fludis calm and beyn
  Thai seik and schar throu owt the woddis greyn.


  _Quhou Eneas with kyng Evander met,
  And bandis of kyndnes has betwix thame knet._

  The fyry son be this ascendit evin                                  15
  The myddill ward and regioun of the hevyn;
  That is to knaw, be than it was myd day,
  Quhen that on far the cite wallis se thai,
  With towris and the hows hedis on raw
  Skatterit dispers, and bot a few to knaw;                           20
  Quhilk now the mychty power of Rome tovn
  Hes onto hevyn maid equal of renovn:
  The kyng Evander, of moblys not mychty,
  Held for that tyme bot sobyr senȝeory.
  In haist thyddir thar stevynnys can do steir
  Eneas sort, and to the tovn drew neyr.
    Thys kyng Evander, born was of Arcad,                              5
  Percace the self day a gret honour mayd,
  Solempnyt fest, and full hie sacryfys,
  Onto the gret Hercules on thar gys,
  That fostyr son was till Amphitrion,
  And to the other goddis euery one,                                  10
  Befor the cite in a hallowit schaw:
  Pallas, hys son, was thydder alsso draw,
  Togiddir with the principalis of ȝonkeris,
  The sobir senatouris, and puyr officeris,
  All sammyn kest ensens; and with a stew                             15
  Besyde the altar blude sched and scalit new,
  Beand lew warm, thar full fast dyd reik.
  Bot ȝit, als swyth as thai persauyt eyk
  The gret bargis slydand thus on raw,
  And throw the dern woddis fast thydder draw,                        20
  So stilly bendand vp thar ayris ilk wight;
  Thai worth affrayt of the suddand syght,
  And euery man thai left the burdis in hy,
  On fut gan starting from the mangeory.
  Quham hardy Pallas dyd forbyd and diffend                           25
  Thar sacrifys to brek, quhill it war end:
  He hynt a wapyn, with a few menȝe
  Thame to recontyr onon furth haldis he;
  And ȝit weill far from a hill or a know
  To thame he callys; standis, ȝyng men, howe!                        30
  Quhat caus hes movit ȝou apon sik way
  Thir strange wentis onknawin to assay?
  Quhiddir ettill ȝe, or quhat kynrent ȝe be?
  Schaw quhens ȝe com, and quhilk is ȝour cuntre.
  Quhidder do ȝe bryng onto our boundis heir                           5
  Bodword of peax, or cumis in feir of weir?
    Eneas tho, the fader of wirschip,
  Maid answer from the pulpyt of the schip,
  And in hys hand straucht furth, at he mycht se,
  In takyn of peax a branch of olyve tre:                             10
  My frend, quod he, thou seys pepill of Troy,
  To Latyn folkis ennemys, man and boy;
  Quhilk, flemyt of our realm, newly agane
  Thai ilk Latynys hes socht with prowd bargane.
  Onto the kyng Evander all seik we,                                  15
  Hym to requir of succurs and supple.
  Bair hym this message, and declar hym plane,
  That chosyn men discend from kyng Dardane
  Beyn hyddir cummyn, besekyng hys frendschip,
  To knyt vp band in armys and falloschip.                            20
    Pallas, estonyst of sa hie a name
  As Dardanus, abasyt worth for schame:
  Cum furth, quod he, quhat evir thou be, bern bald,
  And say befor my fader quhat thou wald,
  And entyr in our lugyngis the to rest,                              25
  Quhar thou salbe ressauyt welcum gest.
  And furth onone he hynt hym by the hand,
  A weil lang quhile hys rycht arm embrasand:
  Syne furth togiddir rakyt thai on raw,
  The flud thai leif, and entris in the schaw.                        30
    Eneas tho, with frendly commonyng,
  Spak curtasly, thus sayand to the kyng:
  O thou maste curtas prynce, and best in neid
  That evir was byget of Grekis seyd,
  Quhamto fortoun wald I suld cummyn heir,                             5
  The lawly to besekyng and requir,
  And wald alsso I suld furth reke to the
  Wippyt with bendis the branch of olyve tre,
  In takyn that of thy supple I neid;
  Forsuyth, I caucht na maner feir ne dreid,                          10
  Thocht thou a capitane of the Grekis be,
  Yborn alsso of Arcad the cuntre,
  Of blude coniunct to the Atrides tway,
  I meyn onto Agamemnon and Menelay:
  Bot myne awin vertu, and haly oracleis                              15
  Of the goddis be devyn miracleis,
  And our forbearis all of a kynred,
  Thy fame dyuulgat into euery sted,
  Hes me fermly adionyt onto the;
  The fatis eik tharto inducis me,                                    20
  That wilfully I obey thar command.
  Schir Dardanus, the kyng first in our land
  That belt the cite Troy or Ilion,
  Our cheif fader, as Grekis grantis ilkone,
  Born of Electra, Atlas douchter ȝyng,                               25
  Careit be schip come first to Troys ryng;
  And this Electra gret Atlas begat,
  That on hys schuldyr baris the hevynnys plat.
  Mercur is fader of ȝour clan alssua,
  Quham the schene madyn, the fair fresch Maya,                       30
  Apon the frosty hillys top all bair,
  Quhilk Cillenus is hait, in Arcad bair;
  And this ilk Maya suythly, gif that we
  Ony credens to it we heir or se
  May geif, Atlas begat, that sam Atlas                                5
  That rollys the hevynly starrit speir cumpas:
  So baith our kynrentis, schortlie to conclud,
  Devidit ar furth of a stok and blude.
  Quharfor, havand confidens in thir thyngis,
  Nothir by ambassat, message, nor writingis,                         10
  Nor other craft, thy frendschip first socht I;
  Bot myne awin self in person com in hy,
  That onto the submittit has my hed,
  And the to pray socht lawly to this sted.
  For the ilk pepill vnder Dawnus kyng,                               15
  That the Rutilianys has in governyng,
  Quhilk ledis weir aganys thi cuntre,
  With cruell batal now persewis me;
  And gif thai mycht expel ws of this land,
  Thai weyn tharby that nocht may thame ganestand,                    20
  Bot at thai sall vnder thar senȝeory
  Subdew alhaill in thraldom Italy,
  And occupy thai boundis oriental
  Quhar as the ovir see flowys alhaill,
  And eik thai westir partis, trastis me,                             25
  Quhilkis ar bedyit with the neddir see.
  Ressaue, and knyt vp faith and ferm cunnand;
  Tak our promyt, and geif ws treuth and band:
  Strang bodeis til abyde bargane haue we,
  With hardy myndis in batal or melle,                                30
  Exercit in weir, and expert at sik nedis,
  In lusty ȝouth likly to do our dedis.
    Thus said Eneas, and Evander than,
  Fra tyme that he first forto speke began,
  Hys eyn, hys mowth, and all hys body rycht,                          5
  Gan to behald, espying with hys syght;
  Syne schortly maid hys ansuer thus agane:
  O quhou glaidly the, mast forcy Troiane,
  I do ressaue as tendir frend and feir!
  Quhou blythly now I knaw and weil may heir                          10
  The voce, the wordis, and the speche, but les,
  Of thy fader, the gretast Anchises!
  And full perfytly now I draw to mynd
  The vissage of that worthy knycht maste kynd.
  For weill I do ramembir, lang tyme gone,                            15
  Quhou Priamus, son of Laomedon,
  To vissy hys sisteris land Hesiona,
  Socht to the cite hait Salamyna,
  And at the sammyn rays hys vayage maid
  Throw the cald frosty boundis of Arcaid.                            20
  My grene ȝouth that tyme with pilis ȝyng
  First cled my chyn, or berd begouth to spryng;
  I ioyt to se the Troian dukis ilkone,
  And on the son of kyng Laomedone,
  That is to say, this ilk ȝong Priamus,                              25
  Forto behald was mervel gloryus:
  Bot thy fader Anchises, quhar he went,
  Was hyar far than all the remanent.
  My mynd brynt, of ȝouthed throu desire,
  To speke and commoun with that lordly syre,                         30
  Tobe acquentit, and ioyn hand intil hand,
  Cunnand to knyt, and bynd fordwert or band:
  To hym I went desyrus of frendschip,
  And sped that sammyn so in falloschip,
  Within the wallys of Pheneus I hym led.                              5
  And quhen he dyd depart, or thens hym sped,
  Ane courtly quavir ful curyusly wrocht,
  With arowis maid in Lycia, wantand nocht,
  Ane garmond he me gaue, or knychtly weid,
  Prynnyt and wovyn full of fyne gold threid,                         10
  Twa goldyn bridillis eik, as he dyd pas,
  Quhilk now my son occupyis, ȝong Pallas.
  Quharfor our allyance, faith, and rycht hand,
  As ȝe desire, ar ellys adionyt in band,
  We bene of ald confideratis, perfay:                                15
  Quharfor to morn, alssone as the brycht day
  Begynnys allycht the landis and the sky,
  With succurs and suppovell blythly I
  Sal ȝou fra hyne hame to ȝour army send,
  And with my gudis and my mobillis amend.                            20
  And in the meyn tyme, sen, my frendis deir,
  Onto our sacrefyis ȝe be cummyn heir,
  Quhilk ȝeirly vsyng we as anniuersary,
  That bene onlefull to defer or tary;
  Tharfor with ws do hallow our hie fest,                             25
  And with glaid semlant blythly maste and lest
  Accustom ȝou from thens, and now instant
  Our tabillis as ȝour frendly burdis hant.
    Quhen this was said, mesis and cowpis ilkane,
  Quhilk war away tak, bad he bring agane,                            30
  And he hym self the Troiane men fut het
  On sonkis of gresy scheraldis hes doun set:
  Thar pryncipal capitane syne, Ene,
  Beside hym self on des ressauys he;
  The benk, ybeldyt of the grene holyne,                               5
  With lokkyrrit lyoun skyn ourspred was syne.
  Than ȝong men walit bissy heir and thar,
  And eik prestis of Hercules altar,
  The rostit bullys flesch set by and by,
  The bakyn breid of baskettis temys in hy,                           10
  And wynys byrlys into gret plente.
  Eneas, sammyn with hys Troiane menȝe,
  Dyd of perpetual oxin fillettis eyt,
  And purgit entralis, clepit clengyng meit.


  _Evander tellith till Eneas, but baid,
  The verray caus quhy this sacrifice was maid._

  Eftir that stanchit was the hungris rage,                           15
  And appetit of meit begouth asswage,
  Said kyng Evander; na superstitioun vayn,
  Nor mysknawlage of goddis ancyane,
  Thys hie fest and gret solempnyte,
  Nor this bankat and mesys, as ȝe se,                                20
  Hes institut to ws, and this alter
  Of sa excelland maieste standyng heir:
  Bot, my deir frend and nobill gest Troiane,
  We, preservit from cruel peralus pane,
  Hantis this seruys apon sik manere,
  As proper det and observans ilk ȝer.
    First, do behald ȝone schorand hewchis brow,                       5
  Quhar all ȝon craggy rochis hyngis now,
  Quhou the huge weghty brays bene dovn cast,
  The holkit fows in the mont syde left waste,
  Quhar as the craggy quhynnys, dovn declyne,
  Has drawyn of the hill a huge rewyne.                               10
  Ȝon was a cavern or cove in ald days,
  With gousty entray far furth of all ways;
  A grisly den and ane forworthyn gap
  Of Cacus, that na mar had bot the schap
  Of mannys form, for skant half man was he                           15
  Throw cruel dedis of iniquyte,
  That in ȝone fendlich hole dwelt hym allane;
  A hellys byke, quhar sonnys beme nevir schane,
  Quhar the vile flur evir lew warm was spred
  With recent slauchter of blud newly sched:                          20
  Befor that tyrrandis ȝet of men that ded is
  Affixit stud mony dolorus hedis,
  With vissage blakynt, blude byrun, and bla,
  The laithly ordur or filth stilland thar fra.
  Onto this hutyt monstre, this Cacus,                                25
  The God of fyre was fader, Wlcanus;
  And at hys mouth, a wondir thing to se,
  Hys faderis reky flambe furth ȝiskyt he.
  As to hys body, quhar so evir he passit,
  Of bustuus statur lyke nane other was it.                           30
    Proces of tyme at last hes ws inspirit,
  And send ws help, as we full lang desyrit,
  Be cummyng of the mychtfull Goddis presens;
  For the danter of monstreis, our defens,
  The maste redoutit Hercules, com at hand                             5
  Be aventour onto this ilke land,
  New from the slauchter into stern melle
  Of Geryon, the quhilk had bodeis thre.
  With prowd spulȝe arryving triumphal,
  This conquerour maid thyddir dryve and call                         10
  Hys bullys, and hys oxin huge gret,
  And eik hys ky, to pastur and to eyt
  Endland ȝone valle that is large and wyde,
  And tuk thar lugyng on this ryver syde.
  Bot the ondantit fury mynd of this theif,                           15
  Schrewit Cacus, all way ful of myscheif,
  By his frawart engyne and sle consait,
  So that na maner wikkytnes nor dissait
  Mycht be, that he ne durst nocht tak on hand,
  Ne onassayt leif, out from thar stand                               20
  Four semly oxin of body gret and squar,
  Als mony tendir quyis excedand fair,
  Of all tha catal away with hym drave.
  And, that thar tred suld na way be persaue,
  Onto hys cave ay bakwartis by the talys                             25
  To turn thar futsteppis he thame harlys and tralys:
  And thus his spreith he had ontil his in,
  And with a queym stane closyt hes the gyn:
  Sik way he wrocht that, quha thar tred list goif,
  Na takynnys suld convoy thame to his coif.                          30
    In the meyn quhile, as all the bestis war
  Repatyrit weil eftir thar nychtis layr,
  At morow ayrly first as thai removit,
  For Hercules depart from thens behuffit,
  The catal gan to rowtyng, cry, and rar,                              5
  The woddis rang of thar sound our alquhar,
  And with thar noys dynnyt hillis and knowys;
  Quhil in the caif as that a quyok lowis,
  With lowd voce squeland in that gousty hald,
  All Cacus trast reuelit scho and tald.                              10
    Bot tho in greif this worthy Hercules,
  Alceus nevo, the douchty Alcides,
  That so oft sys was clepit commonly,
  Within his skyn begouth to byrn and fry
  In brym fury of his bitter gall;                                    15
  Hys wapynnys and his armour hynt withall,
  Hys weghty burdon, or his knorry mays,
  And to the hillys hycht held in a rays.
  Than was the first tyme that ony in this erd
  Of our pepill persavyt Cacus efferd,                                20
  Within his hed trublit his eyn tway.
  Swyft as the wynd he fled and gat away,
  And to his cave hym sped with ery spreit;
  The dreid adionyt weyngis to his feyt.
  And, fra he had hym self sesyt tharin,                              25
  A stane of huge weght for to clos the gyn
  He leyt do fall, and with sic haist doun thrang,
  The chenȝeis brak quharwith it festnyt hang,
  That forgit war by hys faderis engyne;
  With gret irne slottis schet the entre syne.                        30
  Bot lo, in haist Hercules come at hand
  With furyus mynd careyng our the land,
  Passage and entre sekyng bissely,
  Now heir his eyn, now thar, rollyng in hy,
  Graslyng hys teith, and byrnand full of ire.                         5
  Of Aventynus hill thrys all the swyre
  He sersys our, and thrys assays he
  To brek and rent that craggy stone entre;
  Bot all for nocht, thocht he was nevir sa wight:
  So, thrys irkyt, doun from the hillys hyght                         10
  To rest hym is he to the valle gone.
  Thar stude a pynnakil of quhyn or flynt stone,
  Apon the baksyde of this cavern cald,
  That rays on end rycht hie forto behald,
  For wild fowlys of reif a ganand sted,                              15
  That rent raw flesch of bestis bonys ded;
  The craggis all about this rolk war worn,
  With wedderis blast to holkyt and to torn:
  And as it stud on schor sweyand that tyde,
  Downwith the bank towart the watir syde,                            20
  Hercules it smytis with a mychty towk
  Apon the rycht half, forto mak it jowke,
  Inforsyng hym to welt it our the bra;
  And sa rudly it branglys to and fra,
  That from the rutis he it lowsyt and rent,                          25
  And tumlyt dovn fra thyne, or he wald stent.
  The large ayr dyd reirding with the rusch,
  The brays dyndlit, and all dovn can dusch;
  The ryver wolx effrayt with the rak,
  And, demmyt with the rokis, ran abak.                               30
    Than this gret cove, of Cacus sail ryall,
  Was discoverit; hys inwart cavernys all,
  Wont tobe dyrk, worth patent now and knaw:
  Non otherwys than quhen the erd ourthraw
  By fors of thundyr, or erdquake with a clap,                         5
  Ryvys vp a terribill sewch or grisly gap,
  Oppynnand the hellis mansioun infernall,
  And onclosys that dyrk regioun paill
  Quhilk of the goddis al abufe is hayt;
  Or thocht the hellis bysme in sik estait                            10
  War oppynnyt, that his bodum se men mycht,
  And dampnyt sawlys effrayt of new lycht.
  Quharfor this worthy stalwart Hercules,
  That on this wys had Cacus set in pres,
  And fund onwarnyst by this lycht suddane,                           15
  Quhar he was closyt in a cave of stane,
  Fast rumesand apon a strange maner;
  This campyoun with dartis fell of weir
  Gan down tobet, and in his wod fury
  Eftir all kynd wapynnys can do cry,                                 20
  With branchis rent of treis, and querral stanys
  Of huge weght dovn warpand all at anys.
  Bot this ilk Cacus, quhen that he dyd se
  Fra this danger thar was na way to fle,
  Furth of his throt, a wondrus thing to tell,                        25
  A laithly smok he ȝiskis blak as hell,
  And all the hous involuyt with dyrk mist,
  That sone the sycht vanyst, or ony wist,
  And reky nycht within a litill thraw
  Gan thikkyn our al the cavern and ourblaw,                          30
  And with the myrknes mydlit sparkis of fyre.
    The hie curage of Hercules, lordly syre,
  Mycht this no langar suffir, bot in the gap
  With hasty stert amyd the fyre he lap,
  And thar as maist habundyt smokis dyrk,                              5
  With huge sop of reyk and flambis myrk,
  So that the caif dyd glevyn of the heyt,
  Thar has he hynt Cacus, that wikkyt spreit,
  That al invane hys hait kyndlyng furth gaspyt;
  For as a ball he hym in armys claspyt,                              10
  And so strenȝeis hys throt, furth chirt hys eyn,
  Hys hals worth dry of blude. Than mycht be seyn
  This mirk dungeon and onsemly hald:
  The entre oppynnyt Hercules the bald,
  Bet doun the closeris, and syne brocht to the lycht                 15
  Hys oxin fra him reft by subtel slycht;
  And by the feyt furth harlyt was onon
  Of Cacus the deformyt carion.
  The hartis than and myndis of our menȝe
  Mycht not be satisfyit on him to luke and se,                       20
  As to behald hys vgly eyn twane,
  Hys terribil vissage, and hys grisly gane,
  The rouch byrsys on the breist and creste
  Of that monstruos half deil wilde beiste,
  And in his gorge stikkand the sloknyt fyre.                         25
    Evir sen that tyme, to Hercules the gret syre
  We haue this honour mayd and sacrifice,
  Al our ofspring and ȝong men on this wys
  This day kepis solempnyte, as ȝe se;
  Potitius first master heir with me,                                 30
  And the famyll of Pynaria the bald,
  The cheif keparis of Hercules hallowyt hald,
  Ȝon altar in this cuthyll dyd vpbeild,
  That onto ws in euery tyme of eild
  Is clepyt maist solempnyt and hie altar,                             5
  And salbe reput gretast euermar.
  Tharfor haue done, ȝong gallandis; now in hy,
  In wirschip of this fest and mangeory,
  Of greyn branchis plet for ȝour hed garlandis,
  Do waucht and drynk, bryng cowpys full in handis,                   10
  Call on our patron common God dyvyne is,
  And with gud will do skynk and birl the wynys.
  Thus sayand, the party popill grayn
  Heldit his hed with skug Herculyane,
  The levis from the plettis dovn hyngand,                            15
  Ane haly cowp fillit in hys rycht hand.
  Than ilk man smertly tastis the wyne at tabill,
  Prayand thar goddis for tobe aggreable.


  _In lovyng of the douchty Hercules
  The pepill syngis hys warkis mar and les._

  In the meyn sesson Hesperus drew neir,
  Throw the declynyng of the hevynly speir:                           20
  Tharwith the prestis of the sacryfyis,
  Gyrdyt in skynnys, eftir thar ald gys,
  Gan trasyng furth togidder in a rowt,
  And formest went Potityus the stowt.
  All do thai beir the byrnand hait fyre brandis;
  And, to renew the bankat, with thar handis
  Ful delicat danteis for the secund mete                              5
  Thai dres onone, and furth of platis gret
  With paysit flesch plenyst the altaris large,
  Tharon bestowyng in hepis mony a charge.
  Syne the menstralis, syngaris, and danseris,
  To syng and play with soundis, as afferis,                          10
  Abowt the kyndlit altaris, quhil thai brynt,
  Assemblit ar ful swyth, and wald nocht stynt,
  With poppil tre hattis buklyt on thar hed.
  The ȝonkeris ȝonder in ane other sted
  Led rowndis, dansys, and fresch caralyng;                           15
  Other agit persons thame addressit to syng
  In ympnys, ballettis, and lays, throu the pres,
  The lovabill gestis of mychty Hercules:
    Quhou the first monstreis of his stepmoder sle,
  Lugyng a bab in creddill, stranglit he;                             20
  That is to knaw, twa gret serpentis perfay,
  The quhilk he wyrreit with hys handis tway:
  And how this ilke Hercules of renovn
  The ryall citeis assegis and bet dovn,
  Of Troy, and eik the strang Echalia:                                25
  A thousand hard journeis sufferyng alssua,
  Vndre the kyng clepit Euristeus,
  By Junoys frawart will mast envyus.
  And thus thai syng; invyncybill weriour,
  That bair of strenth and hardyment the flour,                       30
  The stern Centaures thou slew and dovn bet,
  Dowbill of form, and on the clowd byget;
  Thow brytnys eik and with thi hand hes slane
  Pholus and Helyus, stalwart gyantis twane;
  Of Creit the monstreis dantis thou at full,                          5
  The savage bestis, as wild bair and bull;
  Vndre a roik, Nemee forest within,
  Thou slew and rent the hydwys lyoun skyn.
  The laik off Stix trymlyt for dreid of the;
  The grisly portar of the hellys see,                                10
  Lugyng in caif on ded banys half gnaw,
  Dyd quaik for feir, quhen he thy vissage saw:
  Na kynd of bysnyng figour dyd the grys,
  Nor byg Typheus, that agane Jove oftsys
  Movyt batell, with wapynnys fell in hand                            15
  Mycht the affray, nor thy gret strenth ganestand;
  Nor the serpent of Lern, thou put to ded,
  Fand the want nowder wysdom nor manhed,
  Thocht scho, of hedis with hir mekil rowt,
  The dyd assail and ombeset about.                                   20
  Hail, verray child of Jove; hail, honour hie
  Adionyt to the goddis in maieste!
  Baith ws and eik thi sacrifyce infeir
  We pray the wissy, at thou may cum heir
  With prosper presens and ful happy fut,                             25
  In our helpyng for tobe our bute.
    In sic sangis thar fest thai sanctify,
  And Hercules hie lovyng syng and cry;
  Bot principaly, and last of the laif,
  Thai maid mensioun of Cacus slane in caif,                          30
  And quhou that he the flambis furth dyd blaw.
  The wod resoundis schill, and euery schaw
  Schowtis agane of thar clamour and dyn,
  The hillys rerdis, quhil dyndlis roik and quhyn.
    Syne, quhen dyvyne seruys was at end,                              5
  To the cite bownys ilk man to wend.
  Furth held the kyng onweldy in ald ȝeris,
  Fast by hym haldand, as his frendis and feris,
  The prynce Eneas and his ȝong son Pallas;
  And, quhil thai thus towart the cite pas,                           10
  With syndry sermondis schortis he the way.
  Eneas awondris of that he dyd say,
  And kest his eyn about delyuerly,
  Thai stedis all to serchyn and espy;
  Sa fair placis to se and vissy tyte                                 15
  This strange knycht caucht plesance and delyte,
  And glaidly can inquiryng euery thing,
  And hard the answer of the agit kyng,
  Quhilk teching him per ordour to him tald
  Memorialis of seir forfaderis auld.                                 20


  _Quhou kyng Evander rehersis til Enee
  In eldris days the rewle of that cuntre._

  Thys kyng Evandrus than, the first foundar
  Of Romys burgh or palyce, can declar
  And dyd rehers ontil his gest Enee:
  Thir woddis and thir schawis all, quod he,
  Sum tyme inhabyt war and occupyit
  With Nymphis and Fawnys apon euery syde,
  Quhilk fairfolkis, or than elvys, clepyng we,                        5
  That war engendryt in this sam cuntre,
  That with ane kynd of men yborn, but leys,
  Furth of ald stokkis and hard runtis of treis;
  Quhilkis nowder maneris had nor polecy,
  Ne couth thai eir the ground, nor occupy                            10
  The plewis, nor the oxin ȝok infeir,
  Nor ȝit had craft to conquys nor wyn geir,
  Nor kepe thar moblis quhen it gadderit was;
  Bot, as thir bestis, or the doillit as,
  Thar fude of treis dyd in woddis fet,                               15
  Or of the wild veneson scharp to get.
  First from the hie hevynnys into this land
  Saturnus com, fleand gret Jovis brand,
  Hys realmys reft, and banyst eik was he:
  Bot tha ontaucht pepill of this cuntre,                             20
  That skatterit dwelt in his hillis greyn,
  He maid forgadder togidder and conveyn,
  Gaue thame lawys and statutis thame to lede,
  And wald also this regioun euery sted
  War callit Latium, and clepit to hys name,                          25
  For that he surely lurkyt in the same.
  And as thai tel, and redis in mony ryme,
  Of gold the warld was in that kyngis tyme;
  Sa lykandly, in paix and liberte,
  At eys his common pepill governyt he:                               30
  Quhil, peis and peis, the elde syne war and war
  Begouth to wolx, that cullour fading far,
  As, in the sted of paix, the rage of wer
  Begouth succeid, and covatys of geyr.
  Syne the pissance com of Ausonya,                                    5
  And the pepill Sycany hecht alsswa,
  By quham the land of Saturn, war and wys,
  Hes left and changit his ald name oft sys.
  Syne kyngis com, amangis quham for the nonys
  Stern Tybrys rygnyt, a man byg of bonys,                            10
  Fra quham, ay syne, all the Italiane blude
  Thar gret ryver hes clepit Tibrys flude;
  Thus Albula hys auld trew name hes lost.
  And me also to duel within this cost,
  Banyst and flemyt of my natyve land,                                15
  Strang destany, quhilk may nocht be gaynstand,
  And fortoun eik, clepit omnipotent,
  Throu all extremys of sey hes hidder sent.
  The reuerend als and dreidfull monysyngis
  Of Carmentes my moder, in mony thingis                              20
  Expert as nymphe and prophetes dyvyne,
  And the autorite of god Appollyne,
  Hes me constrenyt to dwel in this hald.
    Scars hes Evandrus all thir wordis tald,
  Quhen, walkyng thens furth bot a litil space,                       25
  He can do schaw the altar and the place
  Quhilk in the langage Romane ȝit, sans faill,
  Is to this day clepit port Carmentaill;
  Quharby ramemmorit is in the ilk tovn
  This ald Carmentes wirschip and renovn,                             30
  Quhilk was baith nymphe and fatale prophetes,
  That first declarit, in hir sawys expres,
  The gret pryncis fortocum of Ene,
  And of Pallenteum the nobilite.
  The kyng syne schew him to the haly schaw,                           5
  Quhilk strang Romulus dyd reduce and draw
  In maner of franches or of sanctuary.
  He schew him eik, but ony langar tary,
  Vnder the frosty bra, the coif, was call
  Ful mony ȝeris in thar leid Lupercall,                              10
  Eftir thar gys of Arcad and estait,
  To Pan the god of Lyce consecrait.
  He schew alsso the wod hait Argilete,
  That to the man of Arge, thar lost the swete,
  Was dedicat, and drew to witnes that sted                           15
  That he was nevir culpabill of his ded,
  And can to him declar the mater plane,
  Quhat wys his gest, this man of Arge, wes slane.
  Fra thyne, to mont Tarpeya he him kend,
  And beknyt to that sted, fra end to end,                            20
  Quhar now standis the goldin Capitoll,
  Vmquhil of wild buskis rowch skroggy knoll.
  Thocht, the ilk tyme, ȝit of that dreidfull place
  Ane feirfull reuerent religioun, per cace,
  The ery rural pepill dyd affray,                                    25
  So that this crag and scroggis wirschippit thai.
  In ȝon schaw, on this woddy hillis top
  That skowgit is with mony buskis crop,
  Quod Evander, tharon a god dois dwell,
  Bot quhat god at he be can na man tell:                             30
  My pepill that bene cummyn from Arcaid
  Wenys thai saw ȝonder, as thai me said,
  Gret Jove hym self, as he ful oft at large
  Dyd schake his tawbart, or his beknyt targe,
  And with his rycht hand dyd assembill and steir                      5
  The watry clowdis, that makis thundris beir.
  And forthir eik he said ontill Enee,
  Ȝon twa town stedis thou behaldis, quod he,
  With barmkyn down bet and euery wall,
  Of forfaderis thai bene memoriall:                                  10
  This cite beldit our ald fader Janus,
  And ȝonder cite fundit Saturnus:
  Janiculum this hecht, myne awin leif brother,
  And Saturnya clepit was that other.
    Amangis thame with sic carpying and talk,                         15
  Towart Evandrus pur lugyng thai stalk:
  The catal eik behald thai raik on raw,
  And in that sted thar pasturand thai saw,
  Quhar now in Rome is the cheif merkat placis,
  Baith squeil and low in thai ilk plentuus gatis                     20
  Quhilk sum tyme hecht Caryne, fair and large,
  Quhar the howsis war like a turnyt barge.
  And quhen thai cummyn to the palice wer,
  Quod Evander, at thir ilk ȝettis heir
  The conquerour entrit, douchty Hercules;                            25
  This sobir mans ressauyt hym, but les.
  My gentil gest, enfors the and addres
  To lern to dar contemp welth and riches,
  And do thi self compone, and schaw in deid
  In goddis steid worthy to succeid,                                  30
  With thame equal ressauyt in sic herbry;
  Amang smal geir now entris bowsumly.
  And sayand this, the myghty gret Ene
  Within hys narrow chymmys ledis he,
  And maid him sytting doun apon a bed,                                5
  That stuffit was with levys, and ourspred
  With the rouch skyn of a bustuus wild beir
  In Affrik bred befor mony a ȝer.


  _Ontil Eneas Venus armour requiris
  Fra Wlcanus, quhilk grantis hir desiris._

  The nycht approchis with hir weyngis gray,
  Ourspred the erd, and put all lycht away;                           10
  Quhen Venus moder till Ene efferd,
  And not but caus, seand the felloun rerd,
  The dreidfull bost and assemly attanys
  Aganys hir son of pepill Laurentanys,
  To Wlcanus, hir husband and gud man,                                15
  Within hys goldyn chalmyr scho began
  Thus forto spek, and with hir wordis the fyre
  Of dyvyne luf can towartis hym inspire.
  Quod sche, quhil that the kyngis of Grece and Arge
  Down bet the Troiane wallys wyde and large,                         20
  That destinat war, bath towr, town, and wall,
  Of ennemys be flambys to down fall,
  Na help onto thai wrachit folkis I socht,
  Nane armour axit, nor thy craft besocht,
  Nor the, my deirest spows, exers bad I
  Thy craft, nor wark invane wald occupy:
  Albeit that to the childring of Pryam kyng                           5
  I was bedettit into mekill thing,
  And the ontollerabill laubour of Enee
  Bewalit oft wepand ful fair, quod sche,
  Quhilk now by Jovis power stad remanys
  Within the boundys of Rutilyanys.                                   10
  Quharfor this tyme I, thy ilk spows and wyve,
  Thy blissyt godhed, derrest to me on lyve,
  Cummys lawly to beseik and requer
  For wapynnys, harnes, armour, and sic ger;
  For my deir son I, moder, prays the:                                15
  Sen Nereus douchter, Thetys, mycht, quod sche,
  Induce the till enarm hir son Achill,
  And eik Tythonus spous, at hir awin will,
  Aurora, with hir terys so the brak
  Fortill enarm hir child Memnon the blak.                            20
  Behald quhat pepill, lo, assemblit bene,
  Quhat wallit townys with ȝettis closyt in teyn
  Gryndys thar wapynnys aganis me and myne,
  To bring ws to distructioun and rewyne.
    Thus said the goddes, and in hir milk quhite armys                25
  Ful tendirly belappys him and warmys,
  Quhil that he musys so, that hait fyre sle
  Of lufe bekend onon ressauyt he;
  The natural heit into the merch dyd glyde,
  Persand the banys maid soft on every syde:                          30
  Nane other wys than as, sum tyme, we se
  The schynand brokkyn thundris lychtnyng fle
  Wyth subtil fyry stremys throu a ryft,
  Persand the watry clowdis in the lift.
  Venus hys spows, confiding in hir bewte,                             5
  Ful glaid persavys that hym caucht had sche.
    The fader than Vlcanus, god abuf,
  Lokkyt in the eternal cheyn of luf,
  Answerd and said; quharfor, myne awin hart deir,
  Sa far about thou glosys thy mater?                                 10
  Quhy axis thou nocht planely thy desire?
  Quhiddir is becum of me, thy lord and syre,
  The ferm confidence thou suld haue, Goddes?
  Quhat nedyt mor bot schaw thy mynd expres?
  Gyf siclike curis and desire had bene                               15
  Into thy mynd that sammyn tyme, I meyn
  Duryng the subuertioun of Troys ryng,
  To ws it had bene bot a lesum thing
  Troianys til haue enarmyt at thy request:
  Nowder the fader almychty at the lest,                              20
  Ne ȝit the fatis contrary dyd ganestand,
  Bot Troys cite mycht haue langar stand,
  So that kyng Priamus ryng, by our power,
  Mycht haue remanyt fully othir ten ȝeir.
  And now, gif thou the grathis forto fecht,                          25
  And tharto be thy mynd set, I the hecht
  All maner thing, with solist diligens,
  That may be wrocht in my craft or sciens,
  Or ȝit may be forgit in irne or steill,
  Or moltyn mettal graif and burnyst weill.                           30
  Sa far as fyre, and wynd, and hie engyne,
  Into our art may cumpas or dyvyne.
  Tharfor desist of thi strenth to haue dreid,
  Or me to pray in ocht at thou hes neyd;
  For in sic cacis thar nedis na request:                              5
  Am I nocht reddy to fulfill thy behest?
    Thir wordis beyng said, this hait syre
  Gan hir enbrasyng al at his desyre,
  And, lappit to hys spowsys breist in armys,
  The plesand natural sleip, to beit his harmys,                      10
  And eys hys wery membris, can he tak.
  Syne as he had slummyrrit bot a snak,
  Quhen the first silence of the quyet nycht
  Hys myddil curs and cirkill run had rycht,
  Provokyng folk of the first sleip awaik:                            15
  Lyke as the puyr wife, quhilk at evin had raik
  Hyr ingill, rysys forto beit hir fyre,
  As scho that hes nane other rent nor hyre
  Bot with hir rok and spynnyng forto thryve,
  And tharwithall sustene hir enty lyve;                              20
  Hir day wark to encres, or scho may se,
  Thartill a part of the nycht ekis sche,
  And at the candill lycht hir handys tway,
  And eik hir pur damysellis, as scho may,
  Natly exercis forto wirk the lyne,                                  25
  To snoif the spyndill, and lang thredis twyne,
  Quharby scho mycht sustene hir powerte,
  Kepe chaist hir spowsys bed in honeste,
  And tharwith eik foster hir childer lyte:
  The mychty God of fyre this tyme als tyte,                          30
  And no slawar, bot on the sam maner,
  Furth of hys bed startis, and hynt his geir,
  And to hys smyddy craft and forge hym spedis.
    Thar standis ane ile, with reky stanys as gledis,
  Vpstrekyng hie betwix the cost Sycille                               5
  And Lyparen, god Eolus wyndis ille:
  Vndre the quhilk byg iland in the see
  Ane coif thar is, and hyrnys feill thar be,
  Lyke till Ethna holkyt in the mont,
  By the Ciclopes fornace worn or bront,                              10
  That makys rumlyng, as quha dyd thunder heir,
  The bustuus dyntis on the styddeys seir;
  Ane huge dyn and noys the strayke doyth mak.
  The irne lumpys in tha cavys blak
  Can byss and quhissill, and the hait fyre                           15
  Doith fuf and blaw in blesys byrnand schire:
  Quhilk forges bene Wlcanus duellyng call,
  And eftir Wlcan that cuntre nemmyt all.
  The mychty God of fyre dovn from the hevin
  Into this forsaid ile discendit evin,                               20
  Quhar as, intill hys large and gowsty caif,
  The hydduus Ciclopes forgit furth and draif,
  Brontes, Steropes, and nakyt Pyracmon,
  The glowand irne to well and peyn onon.
  The fyreflaucht, ȝyt nocht formyt perfitely,                        25
  Quhilk the fader of godis oft throw the sky
  From euery art dovn in the erth doys cast,
  Thai had into thar handys wirkand fast;
  That ane part polist, burnyst weill and dycht,
  Thar other party not perfytit rycht.                                30
  Thre rawys wel tha of the frosyn hail schour,
  Thre of the watry clowd, to eik the stowr,
  Thre blesys of the byrnand fyris brycht,
  With thre blastis of the south wyndis lyght:
  Syne to thar wark, in maner of gun powder,                           5
  Thai myddillyt and thai myxit this feirful sowder,
  A grysly sound, gret dreid, and goddis ire,
  Quham followys ay the fel flambys of fyre.
  Ane other sort ful bissely to Mart
  The rynnyng quhelys forgis, and weir cart,                          10
  Quharwith the men to batale doys he steir,
  And movys citeis to rays mortal weir:
  Thai dycht and polys egirly alssua
  The horribill terget, bustuus Egyda,
  Quhilk is the grevyt Pallas grysly scheild,                         15
  With serpent scalys puldrit in goldyn feild,
  Togidder lynkyng lowpyt edderis twa;
  And in the breist of the goddes graif thai
  Gorgones hed, that monstre of gret wondir,
  With eyn wawland, and nek bane hak in sondyr.                       20
    Away with this, ȝhe Ethna Ciclopes,
  Quod Wlcanus, and all sic warkis ses,
  And at I say enprentis in ȝour thocht.
  Ontill a forcy man ar tobe wrocht
  Harnes and armour: now nedis it, quod he,                           25
  Ȝour strenth exers and pythis schaw; lat se
  Quha nymlyast can cum and turn thar handis;
  Now on all master poynt of craft it standis:
  Do put away in haist all maner delay.
  Na mair he said; bot wondir frakly thai                             30
  Onto thar laubour can thame all addres,
  Assignand euery man hys part expres:
  The irne the mettal throw thir cundyttis flowys,
  The moltyn gold and weirlyk steil hait glowys,
  And furth of gousty furnace fundyt ran.                              5
  Maste craftely to forgyng thai began
  A huge gret semly target, or a scheild,
  Quhilk only mycht resistyng into feild
  Agane the dynt of Latyn wapynnys all;
  In euery place sevin ply thai welt and call.                        10
  Sum can ressaue the glowand heyt, sum wynd
  With blawand bellys bet the fyre behynd;
  Sum of the trowch apon the sparkand gledis
  The byssand watir strynklys and ourspredis.
  The huge coif and all the mont within,                              15
  For strak of stydeys, can resound and dyn.
  Amangis thame self thai grisly smythys gret
  With mekil fors dyd forge, peyn, and bet,
  And can thar armys hesyng vp and dovn
  In nowmyr and in dew proportioun,                                   20
  And with the grippand turcas oft alsso
  The glowand lump thai turnyt to and fro.


  _Evander telland Eneas thingis seir,
  Vlcanus armour dyd in the sky appeir_.

  Quhil that the fader of Lemnos, Wlcanus,
  Within the boundis of wyndy Eolus
  To wyrk this geir hastis on euery syde,
  The blissull lycht ayrly at morrow tyde,
  And myrthfull sangis of the byrdis bay,
  The swallow, syngis on the ruf hir lay,
  Awalknyt kyng Evander, and maid rys                                  5
  Within his sobir chymmys quhar he lyis.
  Vpstart the ald, and cled hym in hys cote,
  Apon his feyt hys meit schoys hote
  War buklyt on the gys of Tuscany;
  Syne our hys schuldris, down hys myddil by,                         10
  Hyngis buklyt hys trasty swerd Arcaid;
  From hys left arm, about the rycht syde layd,
  Ywymplyt was the spottit pantheris skyn:
  Hys twa keparis can furth by hym ryn
  From the hie palyce, bustuus hundis two,                            15
  That haldis thar lordis pays quhar evir he go.
  Furth held this heir the secret prevy way
  Towart the sted quhar as Eneas lay,
  His Troiane gest, ramembring al at rycht
  Hys help and promys grantit ȝister nyght.                           20
  On the sam wys, at morow ful ayrly,
  Eneas hastis vp, and mycht nocht ly.
  The kyng only bot with his son Pallas,
  Achates with Eneas accumpaneit was.
  Thai jonyt handis sone as thai war met,                             25
  And syne amyd the chalmer doun thame set.
  Quhar, finaly, thai fel in commonyng
  Of secret materis and attentik thing.
    The kyng begouth, and said first til Ene:
  Maist souerane ledar of Troiane cumpane,                            30
  Quha beand on lyfe nevir grant I sall
  Troy is distroyt, nor castyn doun the wall,
  Nor ȝit the Troiane power put at vnder;
  We haue bot sobir pissance, and no wonder,
  To help in batale, and to mak supple                                 5
  Onto so hie excellent maieste:
  On this half closyt with the Tuscane flude;
  On ȝonder syde ar the Rutylianys rude,
  Nyddris our boundis, as full oft befallis,
  With thar harnes clatteryng about our wallis.                       10
  Bot I purpos adione to the onon
  A huge pepill, and landis mony one,
  Ostis of fertill realmys neir fast by.
  O fortoun, or we wist, so happely
  Thou schawist the in our help and supple!                           15
  And O maste douchty campioun Ene,
  Desyrit of the destany and fatis,
  Heir ȝe be weill arryvit many gatis!
  Fundyt of ald stanys, not far hyne,
  Inhabyt stand the cite Agyllyne;                                    20
  Quhar that the worthy pepill Lydyane,
  Vailȝeant in batale, duellis and dois remane
  Apon the egge of the Hetruscan hillys.
  Thir folkis all in lykyng at thar willis
  This land inhabyt, vale, mont, and swyre;                           25
  Quhil fynaly, ful prowd in his empyre,
  Mezentyus begouth thar tobe kyng,
  And in gret fors of armys tharon ryng.
  Suld I rehers the ontellabil myscheif,
  The cruel dedis, slauchter, and huge greif                          30
  Of that tyrant, quhilk ȝit the goddis dyng
  Apon hys hed reseruys and ofspring!
  For he, besyde his othir wikkyt deyd,
  The quyk bodeis, speldit furth on breid,
  Adionyt to the corps and caryoun ded,                                5
  Layd hand to hand, baith face to face and hed,
  Quhil quyk mowthis dyd ded mowthis kys:
  O, quhat maner of torment call ȝe this!
  Droppand in worsum and filth laithly to se,
  So miserabilly enbrasyng, thus wys he                               10
  By lang proces of ded can thame sla.
  Quhil, at the laft, of this ennoy and wa
  Hys citesanys irkyt, syne in a rowt
  Enarmyt ombeset his mans abowt:
  Hym al enragit on his wild maner                                    15
  Besegit thai, and of his complicis seir
  Hes slane onon, and all in pecis hakkit,
  And fyre blesis on his hie biggingis swakkit.
  Amyd the slauchter, on cace, eschapit he,
  And to the feildis Rutilyane can fle,                               20
  Quhar intill armys, be Turnus hys ost,
  He hym begouth defend apon that cost.
  Quharfor Hetrurya all, full justly
  Aggrevyt, rays in armys by and by,
  Onto punytioun and all tormentis seir                               25
  Thar kyng to ask, and seik in feir of weir.
  To thir mony thousand pepill, quod he,
  Souerane ledar I sal the jone, Ene.
  For now thar schippys ful thik reddy standis,
  Brayand endlang the costis of thir landis;
  Thai byd display thar baneris owt of faldis;
  Bot ane ancyent dyvynour thame withhaldis,
  Schawand the fatale godly destyne:
  O ȝe mast valȝeand ȝong gallandis, quod he,
  And pepill cummyn from Meonya,                                       5
  Ȝhe that bene flour of chevalry alssua,
  The vertu and the strenth of vassallage
  Of ancestry and men of ȝour lynnage,
  Quham just dolour steris on this wys,
  Baldly aganys ȝour ennemys to rys;                                  10
  All thocht Mezentyus, to hys myscheif,
  Hes weil deservit aganys hym ȝour greif
  Thus in commotioun forto rays and steyr,
  Ȝyt neuertheles belevys, owt of weir,
  So gret a pepill, as vnder Turnus kyng                              15
  And Latynus leyndis, forto down thryng
  Onlesum is till ony Italyane:
  Ȝow behuffis to seik a strange chiftane.
  Of Hetrurya the ostis vnder scheild
  With that word stoppit in the sammyn feild,                         20
  Of the goddis admonysyng all effrayt.
  Tarchon hym self, thar duke, lyst not delay it,
  Bot to me send ambassatouris all bovn,
  Offerand to me the ceptre and the crovn
  Of al thar realm, and thar ensenȝeis brocht,                        25
  Requyryng me that I refusyt nocht
  Tocum and be chiftane of thar army,
  The realm Tyrrheyn eik to ressaue in hy.
  Bot my febill and slaw onweldy age,
  The dasyt blude gane far by the hait rage,                          30
  Or than the owtworn dait and mony ȝeris,
  With fors falȝeit to hant the strang weris,
  Envyis that I suld joys or bruke empyre.
  My son Pallas, this ȝong lusty syre,
  Exhort I wald to tak the steir on hand,                              5
  Ne war that of the blude of this ilk land
  Admixit standis he, takand sum strynd,
  Apon his moderis syde, of Sabyne kynd.
  Bot thou, quham baith thi ȝeris and thi blude
  The fatis favouris, and is so conclude                              10
  By the goddis abufe as, owt of weir,
  Tobe callyt and schaip for this mater,
  Go to the batal, campyoun maste forcy,
  The Troianys baith and Italyanys to gy.
  And forthir eik, this sammyn ȝyng Pallas,                           15
  Our son, our hope, our comfort, and solace,
  I sal adione in falloschip, quod he,
  As his master, to exers vndre the,
  And lern the fayt of knychtly chevalry,
  Hard marcyall dedis hantyng by and by,                              20
  Tobe accustummyt and behald thy feris,
  For wondyr followyng thy warkis in ȝyng ȝeris.
  Twa hundreth walyt hors men, wight and stern,
  Of Arcad, sal I geif onto that bern;
  And of hys awyn behalf, in thy supple,                              25
  Als mony Pallas sal promyt to the,
  Quhilk in the hail may weill four hundreth bene.
    Skant this was said, quhen, castyng dovn his eyn,
  Trast Achates, and Anchyses son Ene,
  Sat starrand on the grond, baith he and he,                         30
  And in thar hartis dyd full oft compas
  Ful mony hard aduersyte and cace,
  With drery cheir and myndis sad bath twa;
  Ne war Venus, lady Citherea,
  Dovn from the hevin of comfort to thame sent                         5
  Ane oppyn takyn, cleir and evident.
  For suddanly thai se, or thai be war,
  The fyreslaucht betyng from the lyft on far,
  Cum with the thundris hydduus rumlyng blast,
  Semyng the hevyn suld fall and all doun cast;                       10
  The ayr onon can dynnyng vp and doun
  With brag of weir and Tyrreyn trumpys sovn.
  Thai lysnyng to persaue and heir the dyn,
  Ay mar and mar agane it dyd begyn
  To rerd and rattill apon a feirfull wys:                            15
  Quhill at the last thai se and al espyis
  Throw the cleir sky and regioun of the hevyn,
  Amang the clowdis, brycht as fyry levyn,
  The glitterand armour burnyst lemand schene,
  And, as thai schuke, thar rays thunder bedene.                      20
  Abasyt in thar myndis worth the laif;
  Bot this lord Troiane knew and did persave
  Full weil the sound, and all the cace expres,
  Be promys of hys moder the Goddes;
  Syne can rehers it plane, and thus gaitis said:                     25
  Forsuyth, forsuyth, my gentill ost, be glaid,
  The nedis not to ask, ne ȝit to speir
  Quhat signyfyis thir wondris dyd appeir:
  For I am callyt to the hevin, quod he.
  The haly moder, my genitryce, schew me                              30
  That sic a takyn suld be send, scho said,
  Gyf ony wald with batale ws invaid,
  And, in my helpyng, hecht doun throu the ayr
  To send Wlcanus armour, gude and fair.
  Allace, how feill slauchter now apperis                              5
  To wrachit Latynys in thir mortal weris!
  By me, Turnus, quhat panys salt thou dre!
  O Tybir fair that rynnys in the se,
  Quhou mony scheldis, helmys, and stern body,
  Vndre thy fludis warpyt law sall ly!                                10
  Lat thame array thar ostis now lat se,
  And baldly brek thar frendschip maid with me.


  _Evander sendis hys son, the ȝong Pallas,
  With hys army in help of Eneas._

  Fra this was sayd, from his hie set he start:
  And first the sloknyt fyris hes he gart,
  The rakyt harthis and ingill ȝister nycht,                          15
  On Hercules altar beyt and kyndill bryght,
  And glaidly went to wirschip and to call
  Sobir Penates, goddis domesticall;
  And walyt twynteris, eftir the auld gys,
  He slew and brytnyt onto sacryfys;                                  20
  With hym Evander eik, and all hys feris
  Of Troiane menȝe, lusty fresch ȝonkeris.
  Syne doun in haist he went onto hys schippys,
  Hys folkis he visseyt and his falloschippys:
  Of quhais nowmyr hes he walyt owt
  Ane certane, the mast lykly, bald, and stowt,
  Quhilk suld hym follow into euery place;                             5
  The remanent tuk byssely thar rays
  Down by the watyr, on the followand flude
  Discendand slawly, to beir message gude
  Sone eftir this ontill Ascanyus ȝyng,
  Twychand hys fader and of euery thing.                              10
  The horssys syne war gevin and furth brocht
  To the Troianys that onto Tuscane socht;
  And till Eneas led onon thai gaue
  A gentill steyd excedand all the laif,
  On quham at all partis was ourspred and fold                        15
  A dun lyonys skyn with nalys of gold.
  Than throu the litil cite all on raw
  The fame onon dywlgat swyftly flaw,
  Quhow that the horsmen spedis thame bedene
  To go onto the land and cost Tyrrene.                               20
  The wyssys and avowys than, for feir,
  By woman and the matronys dowblet wer;
  Mor grew the dreid the narrar drew dangar,
  Now Martis ymage semys walxin mair.
    The fader than Evander, as thai depart,                           25
  By the rycht hand thame gryppyt with fair hart,
  Hys son enbrasyng, and full tenderly
  Apon hym hyngis, wepand ontellabilly;
  And thus he sayd: O sen omnipotent
  Hie Jupiter my ȝyng ȝheris by went                                  30
  Wald me restor! in sic strenthis and eild,
  So as I was quhen first in batal feild
  The armys of the ostis down I dang
  Of Preneste vndir the wallis strang,
  And victor of myne ennemys, as prowd syre,                           5
  Hail hepys of thar scheildis brynt in fyre:
  Quhar, with this sammyn rycht hand quellyt and slane,
  Vndre the hellys grond Tartareane
  Kyng Herylus was sent to dwell for ay;
  Quhamtill hys moder Feronya the gay,                                10
  Into the tyme of hys natiuite,
  Grisly to say, had gevyn sawlys thre,
  And that he suld beir armour thrys in fyght,
  And thrys behwyt to the ded be dicht;
  Fra quham that tyme this rycht hand, not the les,                   15
  Tha sawlys all bereft, and thar expres
  Of alsmony enarmouris spulȝeit clene.
  Gyf so war now with me as than hes bene,
  Ne suld I nevir depart, myne awyn child deir,
  From thyne maste sweit embrasyng, for na weir;                      20
  Nor our nychtbour Meȝentyus in hys fed
  Suld na wys, mokkand at this hasard hed,
  By swerd haue killyt so feill corps as slane is,
  Nor thys burgh, of sa mony citesanys
  Left desolat and denudyt, quod he.                                  25
  Bot O ȝe Goddis abuf, and Jove mast hie,
  The governour of hevynly wyghtis all,
  On ȝou I cry, on ȝou I clepe and call;
  Begyn to haue compaciens and piete
  Of ȝour awin wofull kyng of Arcadye;                                30
  Oppyn and inclyne ȝour dyvyne godly erys,
  To heir and ressaue the faderis meik prayeris.
  Gyf it be so ȝour godhed and gret myghtis
  Be presciens provyd hes, and forsychtis,
  Pallas my son in salfty hail and feir,                               5
  Gyf the fatis preservys hym of danger,
  Sa onys in my lyfe I may hym se,
  Agane togidder assemblyt I and he;
  I ȝow beseik my febill lyfe to respyte,
  That I mycht lyf, and endur ȝyt a lyte                              10
  All pane and laubour that ȝou list me send.
  Bot, O faynt fortoun, gyf thou doys pretend
  And mannancis ony myschewos cace,
  Now, now furthwith, into this sammyn place
  Suffir me swelt, and end this cruel lyfe,                           15
  Quhil dowtsum is ȝyt all sic sturt and stryfe,
  Quhil hope oncertane is of thing tocum,
  And quhil I thus, my deir child, all and sum
  My lustis plesance, and my last weilfair,
  The in myne armys enbrasis but dispar;                              20
  So that, eftir, na sorowfull messynger
  With smert ennoy hurt nevir myne agit eyr.
    The fader Evander with full sory hart,
  At lattir poynt quhen thai war to depart,
  Thir wordis spak, syne fel in swoun rycht thar:                     25
  Hys men hym hynt and to hys chalmyr bar.
    Be this, the rowt of horsmen strang in fyght
  War ischit at the portis euery wight:
  Amangis the formast the duke Eneas,
  And eik the trast Achates, furth can pas,                           30
  Syne other nobillis of the Troianys stowt;
  The ȝyng Pallas rydyng amyd the rowt,
  So farrand and so lusty personage,
  Cled in a mantill in hys tender age,
  Quhilk dyd ourheld hys burnyst armour brycht:                        5
  On hym to luke was a mor gudly syght
  Than on the day stern, quhilk at morn ayrly
  Baithit in the occeane rysys in the sky,
  Quhois fyry bemys Venus in speciall
  Chosys abuf all starnys gret and small,                             10
  Heich in the hevin liftyng hys vissage schene,
  To chays away the myrknes with hys eyn.
  The wofull moderis, quakand for cald dreid,
  Stude on the wall behaldand quhar thai ȝeid,
  And dyd convoy or follow with thar sight                            15
  The dusty sop, quharso the rak went rycht,
  Govand apon thar bryght armour at schane,
  So fer as that thar luke mycht thame attane.
  The cumpany al sammyn held array
  Throw scroggy bussys furth the narrest way,                         20
  Enarmyt rydyng thyddir as thai wald:
  The brute and dyn from thame vpsprang thik fald,
  The horny hovyt hors with four feyt
  Stampand and trottand on the dusty streyt.


  _Quhou that Venus ontill Eneas brocht
  The godly armour be Wlcanus wrocht._

  Thar growys a gret schaw, neir the chil ryver
  Quhilk that flowys with hys frosty stremys cleir
  Down by the cite of Agillyna,
  That other wys is clepyt Cereta,
  Quhilk is in wirschip haldyn and in dreid                            5
  By faderis ald, the large boundis onbreid,
  As sanctuar; and with deip clewchis wyde
  Thys schaw is closyt apon euery syde:
  Ane thyk ayk wod of skowgy fyrris stowt
  Belappys all the said cuthill abowt.                                10
  The fame is that the Grekis ancyane,
  Quhilk clepyt bene to surname Pelasgane,
  That quhilum lang tyme in the formast eildis
  The Latyn boundis occupeyt and feildis,
  To Syluanus fyrst dedicat this schaw,                               15
  The God of bestis and of feildis faw,
  And constitut to hym solempnyt fest.
  Duke Tharcon, and the Tuscanys maste and lest,
  Not fer from thens, intyll a strenthy place
  Thar palȝeonys all had plantyt apon cace,                           20
  That from the top of the hillys hyght
  The army all thai mycht se at a syght,
  With tentis stentit strekand to the plane.
  Thyddyr held Eneas, the souerane Troiane,
  And all the bernys of hys ryall rowt
  Chosyn for the batell, lusty, stern, and stowt.
  And, wery of thar travale, thocht thai best
  Thar self and horssis to refresch and rest.
    Bot than Venus, the fresch Goddes, bedene                          5
  Amang the hevynly skyis brycht and schene,
  Berand with hir the dyvyne armour cleir,
  To mak tharof a presand, can draw neir:
  And as on far hir son scho dyd behald,
  Secret allone by the chill ryver cald,                              10
  Amyd ane holl cleuch, or a dern valle,
  Of hir fre will tyll hym apperis sche,
  And with sic wordis to hym spak, sayng:
  Lo, my reward heir, and my promysyng
  Fulfillyt justly by my husbandis wark;                              15
  So that, my son, now art thou sovyr and stark,
  That the not nedis to haue ony feir
  Fortill resist the prowd Latynys in weir,
  Nor ȝit the strang Turnus to assaill,
  Hym to provok, or challance for batale.                             20
  Thus said the scheyn Citherea fair of face,
  And, with that word, can hyr deyr child enbrace;
  And thar the schynand armour forgane his sycht
  Vndre a bowand aik layd dovn full rycht.
    Seand sic gyftis of this trast Goddes,                            25
  This gentill knycht reiosyt wolx, I ges,
  Glaid that so gret honour ressauyt he,
  That scarsly kowth he satisfyit be
  Forto behald thir armour bryght and schene;
  On euery peys to vissy kest hys eyn,                                30
  Tharon wondrand; betwix hys handis two
  And byg armys thame turnys to and fro:
  The grysly crystit helm he can behald,
  On feirfull wys spowtand the fyre thik fald;
  The fatale swerd, dedly to mony ane;                                 5
  The styf hawbryk of steill yburnyst schane,
  Of huge weght and bludy sangwyne hew,
  That sic a glans or variant cullour schew,
  As quhen the byrnand sonnys bemys brycht
  The watry clowd persand with hys lyght,                             10
  Schynand on far, forgane the skyis how
  Schapys the figour of the quent rayn bowe:
  The lyght legharnes on that other syde,
  Witht gold and burnyst laton puryfyde,
  Grathit and polyst weill he dyd aspy;                               15
  The speir, and eik the scheild so subtelly
  Forgyt that it was ane ontellabill thyng.
  For Vlcanus, of fyre the lord and kyng,
  Knawand full weill the art of prophecy,
  And syndry thingis tocum eik by and by,                             20
  The valȝeand dedis of Italyanys,
  The gret triumphys als of the Romanys,
  And of Ascanyus stok all nobil knyghtis,
  Thar batalys all per ordour, weir, and fyghtis,
  Had tharin porturat properly and grave.                             25
  Amang al otheris, in Martis gresy cave
  The sukkyn wolf furthstrekand breste and vdyr:
  Abowt hir pappys, but feir, as thar moder,
  The twa twynnys, smal men childer ȝyng,
  Sportand ful tayt gan to wrabill and hyng;                          30
  And scho hir lang rovnd nek bane bowand raith
  To geif thame sowke, and can thame culȝe baith,
  Semyng scho suld thar bodeis by and by
  Lyk with hir tong, and clenge full tenderly.
  Not fer from thens Rome cite eikyt he;                               5
  Quhar, by ane new inuentioun wonder sle,
  Sittand into ane holl valle or slak,
  Within the lystis for the triumphe mak,
  War Sabyne virgynys revyst by Romanys,
  As that thai war assemblyt for the nanys                            10
  The gret gammys Circenses forto se,
  Quhilk justyng or than turnament cleip we.
  With hasty sterage thar most thou behald
  The werys rasyt aganys Romanys bald
  By agyt Tatyus and fell Curetanys:                                  15
  Syne the ilk princis, and the said Romanys,
  The weris sessyt sammyn all infeir,
  Enarmyt stad befor Jovys alter,
  With cowpys full in hand for sacryfys;
  Thar mycht thou se thame, eftir the ald gys,                        20
  The swyne stekit brytnyt sone and slane,
  Conferm thar trewys and mak paix agane.


  _Quhou that Wlcanus thar, amang the laif,
  Storys tocum dyd in the armour graif._

  Fra thyne not far the chariot thou mycht knaw,
  Metus Suffytius in seir pecis draw;
  Albeit thou thocht this cruelte, kyng Albane,
  Quhy wald thou not at thy promys remane?
  Quhy list thou not thy faith obserue and saw?
  Thys faithles wyghtis entralys war outdraw,
  By command of Tullus Hostilyus,                                      5
  And throu the woddis harlyt, euery bus,
  Quhil that the tharmys and the bowellys rent
  Scroggis and breris all with blude bysprent.
  Thar mycht thou se Tarquynus in exile
  Furth cast of Rome, and syne, within schort quhile,                 10
  By kyng Porsenna into batale plane
  Commandit fortobe ressauyt agane;
  With that a felloun sege al Rome about
  Dyd ombeset, and closyt with hys rowt:
  The Romanys than discendit from Enee                                15
  Rusch onto wapynnys for thar liberte.
  Thou mycht behaldin eik this ilk Porsen
  Lyke as he had dyspite, and bostand men;
  For that the hardy Cocles, darf and bald,
  Durst brek the bryg that he purposit to hald,                       20
  And eik the virgyn Clelya, quhar scho stude,
  Hyr bandis brast, and swam our Tibir flude.
  Manlyus the knycht abufe into the scheild,
  In the defens for Jovys tempil beild,
  Kepand the strenth and castell Tarpeia,                             25
  And haldand the heich Capitoll alssua,
  Stud porturat, neir the chymmys calendar,
  Quhais ruffis laitly ful rouch thekit war
  With stra or gloy by Romulus the wight.
  Thar was alsso engravyt all at ryght                                30
  The siluyr ganer, flyghterand with lowd scry,
  Warnand all reddy the gilt entre by,
  Quhou the Franchmen dyd the ȝet assaill:
  Thar mycht thou se the Franch army alhaill
  Haist throu the bussys to the capitoll,                              5
  Sum vndermyndand the grond with a hoill,
  So that almaist thai wan the forteres;
  Gret help thame maid the clos nychtis myrknes;
  Thar haris schane as doith the brycht gold wyre,
  And all of gold wrocht was thar rich attyre,                        10
  Thar purpour robbys bygareit schynand brycht,
  And in thar hand withhaldand euery knycht
  Twa javillyng speris, or than gyssarn stavis,
  Forgit in the montanys al sik maner glavys,
  Thar bodeis all with lang tergis ourheild.                          15
  Syne ȝonder mar was schapin in the feld
  The dansand prestis, clepit Salii,
  Hoppand and syngand wonder merely,
  And Panos prestis, nakit Lupercanys;
  The toppyt hattis quhar the woll threid remanys,                    20
  And bowyt buklaris falland from the sky.
  Thar mycht besene, forgyt maste craftely,
  The chaist matronys throw the cite all
  In soft charis thar gemmys festual
  Ledand, and playand with myrthis and solace.                        25
  A far way thens ful weill engravit was
  The vgly hellis set Tartareane,
  The deip dungioun quhar Pluto dois remane,
  And of the wikkyt pepill all the pyne:
  Thar was thou markyt, cursyt Catylyne,                              30
  Hyngand out our ane schorand hewch or bra,
  And trymland for the feirfull dreid and wa,
  To se the furyus grysly sisteris facis,
  That with thar scurgis wikkit pepil chacis:
  The rychtwis folkis, at levit deuotly,                               5
  Fra thame war partit in a place far by,
  And the wys man Censorius Cato
  Gevand thar just rewardis till all tho.
  Myd way betwix the other storeis seir,
  The swelland seys fygour of gold cleir                              10
  Went flowand, bot the lippyrrand wallys quhyte
  War pulderit full of fomy froith mylk quhite:
  The delphyn fysches, wrocht of siluer schene,
  In cirkill swepand fast throu fludis grene,
  Sewchand swyftly salt stremys; quhar thai far,
  Vpstrake thar talys the stour heir and thar.


  _Eneas mervellys of the storeys seir
  Wrocht be Wlcanus in hys armour cleir._

  Amyd the seys mycht be persauyt weill
  The weirly schippis with thar snowtis of steill,
  The Actiane batalys, semyng as quha dyd se
  The mont Lewcata, standand by the seye,                             20
  For ostis arrayt glowand as the gleyd;
  Of glitterand gold schane all the flude on breid.
  On that a party, thar myght thou behald
  Cesar August Octauyan the bald,
  Movand to batale the Italyanys;
  With hym senatouris and worthy pepill Romanys,
  And Goddis domestik, quhilk Penates hait,                            5
  With all the gret Goddis of mair estait:
  Heich in the forstam stand he mycht be sene,
  From hys blyth browys brent and athir eyn
  The fyre twynklyng, and hys faderis star
  Schew from hys helmys top schynand on far.                          10
  The byg and stowt Agrippa, hys frend deir,
  Hys navy led at hand weil by neir,
  As he that in hys help and succurs fyndis
  The prosper favouris baith of goddis and wyndis:
  Quhais forhed schane of ane prowd syng of weris,                    15
  A crown with stammys sic as schippis beris.
  Marcus Antonyus cummys thame aganys
  With hail suppovel of barbaryanys,
  As nobill victour and cheif conquerour,
  Careand with hym of Orient the flour;                               20
  Diuers armyis and pepillys for melle,
  From Pers, Egipt, and costis of the Red See,
  The power all assemblit in hys flote,
  Ane huge rowt and multitude, God wote,
  The ȝondermast pepill, clepit Bactranys,                            25
  Quhilk neir the eist part of the warld remanys.
  Hym followys to the feild, ane schame to say,
  Hys spous Egiptiane, queyn Cleopatra.
  Thai semyt sammyn ruschand all togidder,
  Quhill all the sey vpstowris with a quhidder;                       30
  Ourweltit with the bensell of the ayris,
  Fast fra forstammys the flude swowchis and raris,
  As thai togiddir matchyt on the depe.
  Thou suld haue wenyt, quha tharto tuke kepe,
  The gret ilandys, Ciclades, hail vprent,                             5
  Apon the sey fletand quhar thai went,
  Or huge hie hillys, concurrand all atanys,
  Togiddir rusch and meyt with other montanys;
  On athir hand with sa gret fors and weght
  The men assalys in schip of towr to feght.                          10
  Thai warp at other brycht blesys of fyre,
  The kyndillyt lynt, and hardis byrnand schire;
  The castyng dartis fra hand to hand dyd fle,
  Slang gaddis of irne, and stane cast gret plente:
  Neptunus feildis, all the large flude,                              15
  For new slauchter wolx blandit red of blude.
  Amyd the ostis Cleopatra queyn
  The rowtis dyd assembill to feght bedene,
  With tympane sound, in gys of hir cuntre,
  Prouocand thame to move in the melle:                               20
  Nor ȝit beheld scho not the edderis twane
  Behynd hir bak, that eftir hes hir slane.
  The monstruus goddis figuris, of al kynd
  That honorit ar in Egipt or in Inde,
  And eik the barkand statu, Anubis,                                  25
  Agane Neptune, agane Venus, I wys,
  And als agane Mynerva, porturat standis
  In that bargane, with wapynnys in thar handis.
  Amyd the feld stude Mars, that felloun syre,
  In plait and mail, wod brym and ful of ire:                         30
  The sorofull Fureys from the firmament
  By the Goddys to tak vengeans war sent:
  In went Discord, joyus of that journe,
  With mantill rent and schorn men mycht hir se;
  Quham followit Bellona of batell,                                    5
  With hir kynd cousyng, the scharp scurgis fell.
  Actyus Appollo, seand in the sky
  Of this melle the dowtsum victory,
  Hys bow abufe thar hedis hes he bent,
  Lyke forto schote hys dartis and down sent:                         10
  For dreid of quham all the Egiptianys,
  All thai of Inde, and the Arabyanys,
  And thai of Sabey, turnyt bak to fle.
  Cleopatra the queyn thar mycht thou se
  Wynd sayll about, and gang befor the wynd,                          15
  Ay mar and mair dredand persute behynd,
  Sclakand schetis, and haldand rowme at large,
  With purpour saill abufe hir payntit barge.
  The mychty God of fyre hir wrocht and maid
  Ful pail of hew, sorowfull and not glaid,                           20
  In syng tocum of hir smert hasty ded,
  Amangis ded corpsis new of slauchter red,
  And, with the west wynd and the wallys haw,
  Frawart the flude of Nyle our stremys blaw:
  Quhilk Nylus ryver, murnand for thar deseys,                        25
  Hys large skyrt onbrede spred thame to ples,
  With all his habyt oppynnyt thame to call,
  As thocht hym list ressaue the venquyst all
  Within hys watry bosum, large and rude,
  And hyde in secret cundyte of his flude.                            30
    Within the wallis syne of Romys cite,
  Cesar, ressauyt with triumphis thre,
  Thou mycht behald, thar offerand on his gys
  Till Itale goddis immortal sacryfyce:
  Our all the cite, in maist singular joy,                             5
  The blysfull fest thai makyng man and boy,
  So that thre hundreth ryall tempillys dyng
  Of ryot, ryppet, and of revellyng,
  Ryngis, and of the myrthful sportis seir
  The stretis soundyng on solacius maner;                             10
  At euery sanctuary, and altar vpstent,
  In caralyng the lusty ladeis went;
  Befor the altaris eik, in cirkyll round,
  The brytnyt bestis strowyt all the ground.
  Cesar hym self, seysit in sete ryall,                               15
  Within the snaw quhite statly merbill wall
  Of God Phebus tempill, thar as he sat
  Visseand the pepillis gyftis, this and that,
  And on the prowd pillaris, in takynnyng
  Of hys triumphe, maid thar be vp hyng:                              20
  The pepill by hym venquyst mycht thou knaw,
  Befor hym passand per ordour, all on raw,
  In langsum tryne; and how feil kyndis seir
  Of tungis and of langage men mycht heir,
  Als mony diuers habyttys wor thai strange,                          25
  Als feil sortis of armouris dyd thai change.
  Vlcanus heir the beltles Numydanys,
  And thai folkis that in Affrik remanys,
  Had gravyn weill; and ȝonder porturat was
  The Leleganys, and the pepill Carras,                               30
  And Gelones, tha pepill of Sythia,
  In archery the quhilk ar wonder thra.
  The mekill flude Eufrates, fast by,
  With streym now semyt flow mair sobirly;
  The Moryn pepill eik, fast by the see,                               5
  Of men reput the last extremite,
  The forkyt flude of Reyn eik pantit was,
  And the ondantit Danys thar dyd pas,
  The flude Arax of Armeny alsso,
  Havand disdene a bryg our it suld go.                               10
    Eneas, of hys moderis gyft wondryng,
  Our al Vlcanus scheild samony a syng
  Wrocht on sic wys, nocht knawand the mater,
  To se the figouris of thir storeis seir
  Reiosyt wolx, and syne deliuerly                                    15
  Apon hys schulder hyntis vp in hy
  The famus honour, and hie renownye,
  Or gloryus jestis of hys postheryte.







  Thir lusty warkis of hie nobilyte
  Agilyte dyd wryte of worthy clerkis,
  And tharin merkis wysdome, vtilyte,
  Na vilyte, nor sic onthryfty sperkis:
  Scurilyte is bot for doggis at barkis,                               5
  Quha tharto harkis fallys in fragilyte.

  Honeste is the way to worthynes,
  Vertu, doutles, the perfyte gait to blys;
  Thou do na mys, and eschew idilnes,
  Persew prowes, hald na thing at is hys;                             10
  Be nocht rakles to say sone ȝa, I wys,
  And syne of this the contrar wyrk expres.

  Do tyll ilk wight as thou done to waldbe;
  Be nevir sle and doubill, nor ȝit our lyght;
  Oys not thy mycht abufe thyne awin degre,                           15
  Clym nevir our hie, nor ȝit to law thow lycht;
  Wirk na malgre, thocht thou be nevir sa wyght,
  Hald with the rycht, and pres the nevir to le.

    Eneuch of this, ws nedis prech na mor,
  Bot, accordyng the purpos said tofor,                               20
  The ryall style, clepyt heroycall,
  Full of wirschip and nobilnes our all,
  Suldbe compilit but thewhes or voyd word,
  Kepand honest wys sportis quhar thai bourd,
  All lowus langage and lychtnes lattand be,                           5
  Observand bewte, sentens, and grauyte.
  The sayar eik suld weil consider thys,
  Hys mater, and quhamto it entitilit is:
  Eftir myne authouris wordis, we aucht tak tent
  That baith accord, and bene conuenient,                             10
  The man, the sentens, and the knychtlyke stile,
  Sen we mon carp of vassalage a quhile.
  Gyf we descryve the woddis, the treis, quod he,
  Suld conform to that mannis dignyte
  Quhamto our wark we direct and endyte.                              15
  Quhat helpis it? full litill it wald delyte
  To write of scroggis, broym, haddir, or rammale;
  The lawrer, cedyr, or the palm triumphale,
  Ar mar ganand for nobillis of estait:
  The muse suld with the person aggre algait.                         20
  Stra for to spek of gayt to gentill wight;
  A hund, a steid, mar langis for a knyght,
  Quhamto efferis hant na rebald daill;
  Thar suld na knyght reid bot a knychtly taill.
  Quhat forsis hym the bussart on the brer,                           25
  Set weil hym semys the falcon heroner?
  He comptis na mair the gled than the fewlume,
  Thocht weil hym lykis the goshalk glaid of plume.
  The cur, or mastys, he haldis at smal availl,
  And culȝeis spanȝellis, to chace pertryk or quaill.                 30
  Ne byd I not into my stile for thy
  To speke of trufis, nor nane harlotry;
  Sen that myne author with sic eloquens
  Hys buke illumnyt hes, and hie sentens,
  Sa fresch endyte, and sang poeticall,                                5
  That it is clepyt the wark imperiall,
  Endyt onto the gret Octauyane,
  The Emperour excellent and maste souerane:
  By quham, the gospell makis mensioun,
  The hail warld put was to discriptioun,                             10
  To numbir all the pepill tharin suld be,
  So, but rebellioun, al quhar obeyt was he.
  Bot, sen that Virgill standis but compar,
  Thocht in our leid hys sayngis to declar
  I haue in ryme thus far furth tane the cur,                         15
  Now war me laith my lang laubour mysfur:
  All thocht my termys be nocht polist alway,
  Hys sentence sall I hald, as that I may.
  Gyf ocht be weill, thank Virgil and nocht me;
  Quhar ocht is bad, gays mys, or owt of gre,                         20
  My lewytnes, I grant, hes all the wyte,
  Kouth not ensew hys ornat fresch endyte,
  Bot, with fuylhardy curage malapert,
  Schupe to enterprit, and dyd perchance pervert,
  Thys maist renownyt prynce of poetry:                               25
  Quhar I sa dyd, _mea culpa_, I cry.
  Ȝit, by my self, I fynd this proverb perfyte,
  The blak craw thinkis hyr awin byrdis quhite:
  Sa faris with me, bew schirris, wil ȝe hark,
  Can nocht persaue a falt in all my wark,                            30
  Affectioun sa far my raysson blyndis.
  Quhar I mysknaw myne errour, quha it fyndis
  For cheryte amendis it, gentil wight,
  Syne pardon me, sat sa far in my lycht,
  And I sal help to smore ȝour falt, leif broder;                      5
  Thus, vail que vail, ilk gude deid helpis other.
  And for I haue my wark addressyt and dycht,
  I dar sa, baith to gentil barroun and knycht,
  Quhais name abufe I haue done notyfy,
  And now of prowes and hie chevelry                                  10
  Behuffis me to write and carp a quhile;
  The mair glaidly I sal enfors my stile,
  And for hys saik do scharp my pen all new,
  My maste renownyt author to ensew,
  That thar salbe, wyll God, litill offens,                           15
  Salwand owr bustuus wlgar differens.
    Na mar as now in preambill me list expone,
  The nynt buke thus begouth Eneadon.



  _Juno to Turnus in message Iris sent,
  To sege the Troianys, Eneas tho absent._

  Quhyll on this wys, as I haue said or this,
  Sik materis and ordinancis wirkand is
  In diuers placis, set full fer ytwyn,
  Saturnus get, Juno, that list not blyn
  Of hir auld malyce and iniquyte,                                     5
  Hir madyn Iris from hevin sendys sche
  To the bald Turnus malapert and stowt;
  Quhilk for the tyme was with all his rowt
  Amyd ane valle wondyr lovn and law,
  Sittand at eys within the hallowyt schaw                            10
  Of god Pilumnus, hys progenitor.
  Thamantis douchtir knelys hym befor,
  I meyn Iris, this ilk fornamyt maid,
  And with hir rosy lippys thus hym said:
    Turnus, behald on cace reuoluyt the day,                          15
  And of hys fre will sendys the, perfay,
  Sik avantage and oportunyte,
  That set thou wald haue axit it, quod sche,
  Thar was nevir ane of all the goddis dyng
  Quhilk durst haue the promittit sic a thing.
  Eneas, desolat levand hys cite,                                      5
  Hys navy eik, hys ferys, and hail menȝe,
  Is till Evander socht, and Palatyne,
  That burgh. But not eneuch; for farther syne
  To the extreme citeis of Tuscany
  In mont Corythus haldys he in hy,                                   10
  And doys assembill the wild lauboreris,
  That quhilum com fra Lyd, till armys in weris.
  Quhat dredis thou? now tyme is to prik hors,
  Now tyme fortill assay ȝour cartis and fors.
  Haue done, mak na mar tary nor delay,                               15
  Set on thar strenthis sone, gif thame affray.
  Quod sche; and tharwith, in hys presens evin,
  With equale weyngis flaw vp in the hevin,
  Vndre the clowdis schapand, quhar scho went,
  A gret rane bowe of diuers hewys ment.                              20
    The ȝong man knew hir weill, and hastely
  Vp baith hys handis hevis to the sky,
  With sic wordis followand, as scho dyd fle:
  Iris, thou bewte of the hevynnys hie,
  Throw all the clowdis and thir skyis brovn,                         25
  Quha hes the send to me in erth a dovn?
  Quhow is becummyn on this wys, quod he,
  Sa brycht weddir and cleir serenyte?
  I se the hevynnys oppynnyt and devyde,
  And movand sternys in the lyftis syde.                              30
  So gret takynnys and reuelacions schaw
  I sal persew, and fallow quhat befaw;
  Quhat evir thou be that callys to the weris,
  Thy command sal I obey, as efferis.
  And thar withall, with wordis augurall,                              5
  Eftir thar spayng cerymonys diuynal,
  Onto the flude onon furth steppis he,
  And of the stremys crop a litill we
  The watir lyftis vp intill his handis,
  Full gretumly the goddys, quhar he standis,                         10
  Besekand till attend to hys prayer,
  The hevynnys chargeyng with feil awowis seir.
    With this the ostis all in the plane feild
  Held furth arrayt, schynand vnder scheld.
  Men mycht behald full mony riall stedis,                            15
  Full mony pantyt targe and weirlyke wedis:
  Of giltyn geir dyd glytter bank and bus.
  The formast batale ledis Mesapus;
  The hyndmast ostis had in governyng
  Of Tyrrhyus the sonnys or childer ȝyng:                             20
  Turnus thar duke rewlys the myddill ost,
  With glave in hand maid awful feir and bost;
  Thame till array raid turnand to and fro,
  And by the hed alhaill, quhar he dyd go,
  Hyear than all the rowt men mycht hym se.                           25
  In sik ordour furth haldis his menȝe,
  Lyke as sum tyme Ganges, the flude Indane,
  Sevyn swelland ryveris eftir spayt of rayn
  Ressauyt in hys large bosum in hy,
  In hys deip trowch now flowys esely:                                30
  Or as vmquhile the fertill flude, Nylus,
  Ourfletand all the feildis, bank and bus,
  Syne, eftir the gret fludis watry rage,
  Returnys swagit to hys auld passage.


  _Turnus segis the Troianys in gret ire,
  And all thar schippis and navy set in fyre._

  Be this the Troianys in thar new cite                                5
  A dusty sop vprysand gan do se,
  Full thik of stowr vp thryngand in the ayr,
  And all the feildis myrknyt mair and mair.
  Caycus first cryis, as he war wod,
  Dovn from the hie garrat quhar he stude;                            10
  O citesanys, how gret ane ost, quod he,
  Is lappit in ȝone dusty stew I se!
  Swith hynt ȝour armour, tak ȝour wapynnys all,
  Bryng hydder dartis, speil vp on the wall,
  Our ennemys cummys at hand, but dowt.                               15
  Hay, hay, go to! than cry thai with a schowt,
  And with a huge bruyt Troianys at schort
  Thar wallys stuffyt, and closyt euery port.
  For sa Eneas, maste expert in armys,
  At hys departing, dredand for thir harmys,                          20
  Gaif thame command, gif thai assalȝeit wer,
  Or hys returnyng, be hard fortoun of weir,
  That thai ne suld in batale thame array,
  Nor in the plane thar ennemys assay:
  Bot bad thai suld alanerly withhald
  Thar strenth within thar fowseis, as he wald,
  And kepe thar wallys forsely and weill,                              5
  With fowcy dichis and wapynnys styfe of steill.
  Tharfor, all thocht baith schame and felloun ire
  Thar breistis had enflambyt hait as fyre.
  In the plane feild on thar famen to set,
  Ȝit neuertheles thar portis haue thai schet,                        10
  Fortill obey the command of Enee;
  On boss turrettis and on towris hie
  Enarmyt stude thar fays till abyde.
    Turnus the chiftane on the tother syde
  Come to the cite, or that ony wist,                                 15
  Furth fleand swipperly, as that hym best list,
  Befor the ost, quhilk went bot esy pas:
  With hym a twenty chosyn men he has;
  Apon a sterand steid of Trace he sat,
  Of cullour dapill gray and wail fat,                                20
  Full hie rysand abuf his knychtly hed
  Hys goldin helm, with tymbrel al blude rede.
  Go to, ȝyng gallandis, quha that list, quod he,
  Thar ennemys assailȝe first with me:
  And, with that word, threw a dart in the air,                       25
  As he to geif batale all redy war,
  Syne in plane feild with browdyn baneris gay
  Bargane to byde drew hym till array.
  Hys feris all ressauyt the clamour hie,
  And followand thar chiftane, he and he,                             30
  The bruyt rasyt with grisly sound attanys,
  And gan to mervell the dolf hartit Troianys,
  That durst nocht, as thame semyt, in plane feild
  Thame self aventour, nor ȝit with sper and scheld
  Mach with thar famen in patent bargane,                              5
  Bot hald thame in thar strenthis euery ane.
  And all commovit, brym, and full of ire,
  Baith heir and thar Turnus the grevyt syre
  Went on horsbak, seirsand abowt the wall
  Every dern way and secret passagis all,                             10
  Gyf ony entre or tocome espy
  He myght, fortill assail the cite by.
  Lyke as we se, wachand the full scheip fald,
  The wild wolf ourset with schowris cald
  Of wynd and rane, at myddis of the nycht,                           15
  Abowt the bowght plet all of wandis tyght
  Brays and gyrnys; tharin bletand the lammys
  Full sovirly liggis vnder thar dammys:
  He brym and felloun his rage and furour
  Aganys the absentis, reddy to devour,                               20
  Rasys in ire, for the wod hungris lyst;
  Hys wysnyt throt, havand of blude sic thrist,
  Gendris of lang fast sic ane appetyte
  That he constrenyt is in extreme syt.
  Nane other wys, the feirfull fervent ire                            25
  In Turnus breist vpkyndillis hait as fyre,
  Seand thir wallys and fortressis attanys;
  The huge ennoy byrnys hym throu the banys,
  Imagynand by quhat resson or way
  Hys ennemys he mycht wyn till assay,                                30
  And on quhat wys the Troianys fra thar strenth
  He mycht expell, and in plane feild on lenth
  Mak thame to ische in patent batale place.
  And as he musand was heiron, per cace,
  The navy of thar schippys he dyd invaid,                             5
  That fast by jonyt to the wall was layd,
  With dychys and with fowseis dern abowt,
  In the flude watir, as neir owt of dowt:
  Quham fra he had espyit, but abaid
  At hys feris, quhilkis wilfull war and glaid,                       10
  Eftir the fyre and kyndillyng dyd he cry,
  And in hys awin handis hyntis vp in hy
  A blesand fyrebrand of the fyrryn tre.
  Than byssely Rutilyanys, he and he;
  So the presens of Turnus dyd thame steir,                           15
  That euery man the rekand schydis in feir
  Rent fra the fyris, and on the schippis slang:
  The semys crakkis, the watir byssyt and sang,
  The tallownyt burdis kest a pikky low,
  Vpblesis ourloft, hechis, wrangis, and how;                         20
  Quhill myxt with reik the fell sparkis of fyre
  Heich in the air vpglydis byrnand schire.


  _Quhou the fyre was expellit fra the navye,
  The schippis translait in nymphis or goddessis of see._

  Say me, O Musys, reherses and declare,
  Quhilk of the Goddis sa cruel flammys sayr
  Held from Troianys? quha sa vehement fyre
  Drave from thar schippis, thus wys byrnand schire?
  The deid is auld forto beleif or wry,
  Bot the memor remanys perpetualy.
    The first tyme quhen the Troiane Eneas                             5
  By sey to tak hys vayage schup to pas,
  And gan do beld his schippis vp ilkane
  In Ida forest, that mont Phrygiane;
  The moder of Goddis, Berecyntia,
  Spak to hir son gret Jupiter, thai sa,                              10
  With sikkynd wordis, sayand; My child deir,
  Grant this ane axin quhilk I the requeir,
  Grant thy belovit moder bot a thing,
  Thou at art master of the hevynly ryng.
  Apon the top of Gargarus, quod sche,                                15
  Thar grew a fyr wod, the quhilk into dante
  Full mony ȝeris held I, as is knaw;
  Thys was my cuthill and my hallowit schaw,
  Quhar that the Phrygianys maid me sacrifice;
  Ful weill me lykyt thar to walk oft sys,                            20
  With pikky treis blak skuggit abowt,
  And abundans of hattyr gestis stowt;
  Quhilk glaidly I haue gevin a ȝong Troiane,
  Strang Eneas, discend from kyng Dardane,
  Fortill support the mysteris of hys navy.                           25
  And now the dowtsum dreid, for the ilk quhy,
  Full pensyve haldis me and doith constrene:
  Deliuer me of thys feir be sum meyn,
  My deir son, suffir at thy moderis request
  Be admittit this a time, be the leste,                              30
  So that tha schippis be nevir mair ourset
  With contrar curs, nor ȝit with storm dovn bet;
  Quharby thai may haue sum avale, quod sche,
  At thai vmquhill grew in our hillys hie.
  Hyr son, the quhilk rewlys at hys lykyng                             5
  The hevyn, the starris, and all erdly thyng,
  Ansuerd and said: O moder best belovyt,
  Quhou art thou thus agane the fatis amovyt?
  Or quharto axis thou to thir, quod he,
  With mortale handis wrocht of stokkis and tre,                      10
  That is to say, thir schippis so habill to faill,
  That lesum war thai suld be immortale?
  And that Enee, in dedly corps onsure,
  Assoverit fermly throw all dangeris fuyr?
  Quhat God hes to hym grantyt sik frelage?                           15
  Bot for thy saik, quhen fully thar vayage
  Thai haue compleyt, and at costis of Itale
  Arryvit ar, and in tha portis set sail,
  And thar duke Troiane careit our the see
  To boundis of Lawrentum, that cuntre,                               20
  Alsmony of thame as than hes eschaipe
  The wally fludis sall I turn and schaip
  Furth of thar mortale formys corruptabill,
  And sall command thame forto be mair habill
  From thens forthwart, as immortale, quod he,                        25
  In Nymphes turnyt and Goddessys of see;
  Lyke as Nereus douchter, Clotho gay,
  And Galathea, throw fomy fludis gray
  Scheryng with braid brestis delytabill.
  Quod Jupiter: and till hald ferm and stabill,                       30
  Be Stix the flude, Pluto hys broderis see,
  Hys godly aith and promys sworn hes he;
  Be that ilk pykky laik with brays blak,
  And laithly sworlys, till kepe at he spak
  He dyd afferm hys hecht, and in takynnyng                            5
  The hevynnys all maid trymmyll at hys likyng.
    Tharfor the day that he by promys set
  Is now at hand, and the ful tyme of det,
  By the werd sisteris schaip, is now compleit;
  Quhen Turnus thus in hys iniuryus heit                              10
  Admonyst hes hys pepill, and commandis,
  With dry schydis and with hait fyre brandis,
  The moder of Goddis by sik flambys fell
  Furth of hir hallowyt schippis to expell.
  At this tyme first apperis in thar syght                            15
  A new takynnyng of gret plesand lycht,
  And a braid schynand clowd thai dyd aspy
  Cum from the est, rynnand our all the sky;
  The rowtis eik onone thai gan behald
  Of Ideanys, tha wightis that in the hald                            20
  Ar of the moder of the Goddis clos;
  Dovn throu the air eik come a feirful voce,
  And fillit all the ostis baith atanys
  Of Troiane pepill and Rutilianys,
  Sayand; Troianys, dreid na thing, haist ȝou nocht                   25
  Fortill defend my schippis, albeit ȝe mocht,
  For that caus tak na wapynnys in ȝour handis:
  For rather, now as that the mater standis,
  Sal it be lefull Turnus fyre the see,
  Or that he byrn my bargis maid of tre.                              30
  O ȝe my schippys, now to ȝou I say,
  Go fre at large quhar ȝou list away,
  Go furth and swym as Goddessis of the see;
  The moder of Goddis commandis so tobe.
  And, wyth that word, als tyte furth from the bra                     5
  Ilk barge bownys, cuttyand hir cabyll in twa;
  Lyke delphyn fysch onon as thai tuke kepe,
  Thar snowtis dowkand held vnder the deip.
  Syne from the grond, a wonder thing to say,
  With als feill virgyne facis vpsprang thai,                         10
  And throu the fludis, quhar thame list, dyd fair,
  Quhou mony steill stammyt bargis that ayr
  Stude by the costis syde, or thai war fyryt.
    Rutylianys wolx affrayit with myndis myryt;
  Mesapus musyng can withdraw on dreich,                              15
  Seand hys stedis and the horssis skeich;
  And eik the ryver brayt with hays sovnd,
  Quhill Tyberinus bakwartis dyd rebound,
  As thocht hys curs dyd stop and step abak.
  Bot netheles, for all the feir thai mak,                            20
  The hie curage and forcy hardyment
  Baid onamovyt in Turnus stowt entent,
  So that baldly with hardy wordis on hie
  Thar spretis rasyt, and rycht fersly he
  Gan thame repreve, that tuk for nocht affray.                       25
  Thir monstruus takynnys at ȝe se, perfay,
  Sekis mischeif to the Troianys, said he;
  And by this way gret Jupiter, as ȝe se,
  Hes now byreft thar help and confidens,
  Quharby thai wont war to fle for defens:                            30
  Now nowder Rutyliane fyre nor swerdis dynt
  May thai withstand, for all thar fors is tynt.
  Sen that thai may not eschape by the see,
  Nor hes na maner hope away to fle,
  The maist half of the Troiane help is lost;                          5
  This land is in our power, feld and cost;
  So that thai sal na wys eschape our brandis,
  Quhou mony thousand douchty men of handis
  Ar heir assemblyt, all Italyanys.
  I compt na thing all thocht ȝon fant Troianys                       10
  Rakkyn thar fatis that thame hydder brocht;
  All syk vayn ruys I feir as thing of nocht,
  In cace thai prowd be of the goddis answeris,
  And thame avant tharof with felloun feris.
  It may weill suffys, and eneuch, I wys,                             15
  Baith to thar fatis and Venus grantit is,
  That evir thir Troianys in this cost fast by
  Hes anys twichit the boundis of Italy.
  My werdis eik and fatale destane
  Be the contrar is grantit onto me,                                  20
  Thys cursyt pepill tobet down with my glave,
  For my deir spous, quham byreft me thai have:
  Nor this ennoy alanerly twichis nocht
  The twa Atrydes, that Troy to rewyne brocht;
  I meyn the principal chiftanys, breder twa,                         25
  That is to knaw, Agamemnon and Menelay;
  Ne ȝit allane this caus to armys steris
  The pepill of Myce to move batale and weris;
  Bot principaly this querrell myne I knaw.
  Gif it had bene eneuch, as that thai schaw,                         30
  At thai bot anys distroyit aucht tobe,
  It war eneuch and mycht suffys, think me,
  That thai haue faltit anys lang tyme befor;
  Quhy dowbill thai thar trespas mor and mor?
  All thocht that women brocht thame to foly,                          5
  Ȝyt hait thai not wemen aluterly.
  Quhat meyn thai be this myddill mantill wall?
  This litill stop of dykis and fowseis all?
  Weyn thai this be a strenth that may thame save?
  Thar lyfe is now in juperte, thai raif,                             10
  Full neir thar ded thai stand: all men may knaw
  Quhidder gif the wight wallys of Troy thai saw,
  Belt by the hand of Neptunus, that syre,
  Rent and bet down, and all the town in fyre.
  Bot O ȝe walyt knychtis of renown,                                  15
  Quham I behald with pykkis brekand dovn
  Ȝon forteres, and now present with me
  Assalȝeand this affrayt strenth we se;
  Ws nedis not Wlcanus armour heir
  Aganys thir maste fant Troianys in our weir,                        20
  Nor ȝit we mystir not a thousand schippis.
  All thocht hail Tuscany into falloschippis
  With thame adione, and cum on euery syde,
  Lat thame nocht dreid that we, be nyghtis tyde,
  Sall thyftuusly Palladium steill away,                              25
  Nor sla thar wachis slepand; na, perfay,
  Dern in ane horssis belly large and wyde,
  Thame to dissave, we sall ws neuer hyde:
  For we determyt haue by fors in fyght,
  In plane batale, and on days lyght,                                 30
  With fyre and swerd ȝon wallys ombeset.
  So dowchtely we schape to do our det,
  That thai sall not beleif weir vndertane
  Agane Grekis, nor pepill Pelasgane,
  Quhilkis in thar weris previt sa spreitles men                       5
  That Hector thame delayt ȝeris ten.
  Now, chosyn men, and walyt weriouris,
  Sen the maist part of this days howris
  Is gane, said he, I hald it for the best
  Eftir this gud journay ȝe tak ȝou rest;                             10
  Do eys ȝour bodeis and ȝour hors quhil day,
  Bot hald ȝou reddy for the batale ay.
  In the meyn tyme, of the nycht wach the cure
  We geif Mesapus, the ȝettis to discure,
  And forto beit brycht fyris abowt the wallys.                       15
  Twys sevin Rutilianys for al chance befallys
  Was chosyn with knychtis forto wach the town;
  Ilkane ane hundreth fallowys reddy bown
  Of ȝoung gallandis, with purpour crestis red;
  Thar giltyn geir maid glitteryng euery sted,                        20
  Quhar so thai walk, and rowmys still and soft.
  Thai stalk about, and wardis changis oft,
  And sum tyme, on the greyn herbys down set,
  Thai byrll the wyne, and ilk man dyd hys det
  Fortil ourturn goblettis of mettell bryght.                         25
  The schynand fyris our al the land kest lycht;
  And all the forenycht thir wachis sikkyn way,
  But sleip, dyd spend in revale, gam, and play.


  _Heir Nysus carpis to his frend Eurilly,
  Till vndyrtak ane aventur onsilly._

  The Troianys, from thar fortres quhar thai stude
  All thar deray beheld and vnderstude,
  And baith with armour and with wapynnys brycht
  The towr hedys thai stuffyt all that nyght;
  And feill tymys in hasty effeir for dreid                            5
  The portis vissy thai, gyf ocht war neid,
  And drawbriggis befor the ȝettis vprasyt,
  Junct to the wallys, at thai suld nocht be trasyt;
  And euery man stud reddy in hys geir
  Enarmyt weill, and in his hand a speir.                             10
  Mnestheus stern, and eik Serestus stowt,
  Ful bissy war to walk and go abowt,
  Tyll ordinance forto put every thing;
  For thame Eneas, at his departyng,
  Had deput rewlaris to hys ȝong son deir,                            15
  And master capitanys of hys ost in weir,
  Gyf so betyd ony aduersyte,
  Or aventour, befor hys returne.
  Ane hail legioun about the wallis large
  Stude wachyng, bodyn with bow, speir, and targe:                    20
  The danger was by cuttys sone decyde,
  At euery corner quha, or quha, suld byde;
  And euery man his curs abowt dyd sleip,
  Quhil that his fallow had his ward to keip.
    Nisus, Hirtacus son, that tyme was set,
  As for hys stand, to byde and kepe the ȝet,
  As he that was in armys bald and stowt,
  Ane the maist valȝeant intill all that rowt;
  Quham Ida hys moder, ane huntryce,                                   5
  In falloschip send with Ene ful wys:
  To cast dartis nane sa expert as he,
  Nor forto schoyt swyft arrowys half sa sle.
  Euryalus, hys fallow, stude hym by,
  Of all Eneas ost nane mair gudly,                                   10
  Nor ȝit mar semly cled in Troiane armys,
  Stowt, of hie curage, dredand for na harmys:
  Hys florist ȝouth ravest hys vissage ȝyng,
  Ȝit nevir schavyn, with pilis newly spryng.
  To thir twa was a will in vnyte,                                    15
  A lust, and mynd in vniformyte:
  Sammyn thai ȝeid to mete, to rest, or play,
  And baith togidder in batale ruschit thai;
  Now sammyn eik thai war in statioun set,
  As baith in feir to kepe the common ȝet.                            20
    Nisus thus spekis, O brothir myne Ewrylly,
  Quhiddir gif the Goddis, or sum spretis sylly,
  Movys in our myndis this ardent thochtfull fyre,
  Or gif that euery mannis schrewit desyre
  Be as his God and Genyus in that place,                             25
  I wait nevir how it standis; bot this lang space
  My mynd movys to me, heir as I stand,
  Batale or sum gret thyng to tak on hand.
  I knaw not to quhat purpos is it drest,
  Bot be na way may I tak eys nor rest.                               30
  Behaldis thou not so surely, but affray,
  Ȝon Rutylianys thame haldis glaid and gay?
  Thar fyris now begynnys schyne full schire;
  Sowpyt in wyne and sleip baith man and syre
  At quyet lugyng ȝondyr at thar will;                                 5
  Queym silens haldis the large feildis still.
  Considir this profundly, I the pray,
  Quhat suld I dreid, quhat thinkis thou, now say.
  Baith common pepill and the heris bald
  To bryng agane Eneas ful fane thai wald;                            10
  Langyng ful sair eftir hys hame cummyng,
  And of hys mynd to haue sure witteryng,
  Thai all desyre sum attentik men be send.
  Gyf, as I wald, thou had licens to wend,
  Sen weill I knaw thy famus nobill dedis,                            15
  In sik a cace, me think, na ma thar nedis,
  Vndre ȝon moyte the way fund weill I se
  To hald onto the wallys of Pallante.
    Ewrialus, smyte with hie fervent desyre
  Of new renown, quhilk brynt hym hait as fyre,                       20
  And half eschamyt of this bodword glaid,
  Thus til hys best belovyt fallow said:
  Nisus broder, in souerane actis hie,
  For ony caus, quhou may thou refus me
  With the to go in falloschip as feir?                               25
  Suld I the send allane in sik danger?
  My fader, Opheltes, the quhilk all hys days
  The weris hantit, nevir apon that ways
  Instrukkit me, nor tawcht sik cowardy.
  Was I not lernyt to hant chevalry                                   30
  Amyd the Grekis brag, and Troiane weris?
  Haue I me born with the, at thou afferis
  Off my curage? the maist dowchty Enee,
  And of fortoun to the last extremyte,
  Haue I not followyt, refusand na pyne?                               5
  Heir is, heir is, within this corps of myne,
  A forcy spreit that doith this life dispys,
  Quhilk reputtis fair to wissyll, apon sik wys,
  With this honour thou thus pretendis to wyn,
  This mortale stait and life that we bene in.                        10
    Nisus answeris; forsuyth, my broder dyng,
  Of the, God wait, ȝit dred I nevir sic thing;
  For so to think in faith onlefull wer.
  So hail and feir mot salf me Jupiter,
  And bryng me sownd agane with victory,                              15
  As euer ȝit sic consait of the had I.
  To wytnes draw I that ilk God, quod he,
  With frendly eyn quhilk dois ws heir and se,
  And in my mynd first movit this consait.
  Bot gif that so betyde, as weill ȝe wait                            20
  In sic aventouris thar bene dangeris seir,
  Be hard fortoun or aventour of weir,
  Or goddys dispositioun happin it fall,
  My will was the to salue fra perrellis all:
  Thy florist ȝouth is mair worthy to leif                            25
  Than forto put in danger of myscheif.
  I wald alsso at hame sum frend haue had
  That gif at I war takyn and hard stad,
  Or fra me reft the lyfe, and sa withhald,
  Quhilk my body or banys ranson wald,                                30
  And lay in grave, eftir our Troiane gys;
  Or, gyf fortoun wald suffir on na wys
  My body mycht be brocht to beriall,
  Than to hys frend the seruyce funeral
  With obsequeis to do for corps absent,                               5
  And in my memor vp a tumbe to stent.
  Ne wald I not alsso that I suld be
  Caus or occasioun of sic duyll, quod he,
  To thy maist reuthfull mother, trast and kynd,
  Quhilk anerly of hir maist tendir mynd,                             10
  From all the other matronys of our rowt,
  Hes followyt the, hir luffyt child abowt,
  Ne for thy saik refusyt not the see,
  And gave na fors of Acestes cite.
    The tother tho hym ansuerit sone agane:                           15
  My frend, for nocht thou says sik wordis vane,
  Ingirand cacis ar of nane effek;
  My first entent I list not change nor brek.
  Haist ws, quod he. And tharwithall baith twa
  The nixt wach thai walknyt quhar thai lay;                          20
  Quhilk gat on fut, and to thar rowmys went.
  Eurialus, to fulfill hys entent,
  With Nysus furth can hald hys way onon,
  And to the prynce Ascanyus ar gone.


  _Quhou at the consal the fornamyt two
  Ontill Eneas purchest leif to go._

  Apon the erth the othir bestis all,
  Thar bissy thochtis sessyng, gret and small,
  Ful sownd on sleip dyd cawcht thair rest be kynd,
  All irksum laubour forȝet owt of mynd:
  Bot the cheif ledaris of the Troiane rowt,                           5
  And flowr of fensabill ȝyng men stern and stowt,
  In the meyn tyme sat at wys consell
  For common weill and materis hie befell,
  Consideryng wisly quhat ado thar was,
  Or quha suld message beir to Eneas;                                 10
  Amyddis thar tentis, in feild quhar thai stand,
  With scheildis schrowd, apon thar speris lenand.
  Tho Nysus and Eurialus baith twane
  Glaid of this cast, seand thair tyme maste gane,
  Besocht thai mycht be admittit to say                               15
  A gret mater of weght, quhais delay
  Myght harm gret deill, and eik be thar avys
  Thar erand was worth audiens and of price.
  Ascanyus first, seand thar hasty way,
  Admittit thar desire, and bad thame say.                            20
  Than this Nisus, Hirtacus son, thus said:
  Gentill Troianys, with equal myndis glaid
  Ressaue my wordis, for this thing, quod he,
  Quhilk I ȝou tell may nocht considerit be
  With sik as ws, nor men sa ȝong of ȝheris,
  Bot to ȝour wisdomys till avys esseris.
  The Rutilianys, ourset with sleip and wyne,
  Lyggis sowpit, fordoverit, drunk as swyne:
  To set apon thame, and await with skaith,                            5
  The place surely we haue espyit baith,
  Quhilk reddy may ful esely be get
  In ȝondir forkyt way, strekis fra the ȝet
  Down to the seys cost the nerrest went;
  Quhar the fyris fast falȝeis, neir owt brynt,                       10
  So that the blak reik dyrknys all the air.
  Gif that ȝe suffir wald, as I said ayr,
  That we mycht vse this oportunyte
  Quhilk fortoun has ws grant, sone suld ȝe se
  Eneas socht by ws at Pallantyne,                                    15
  And hyddir brocht in schort quhile eftir syne,
  With ryche spulȝe, and mekill slauchter maid.
  We knaw the way thidder full weill, he said,
  And all the watyr of Tibyr vp and down;
  In dyrk valeys oft we saw the town,                                 20
  As we by custum oft the huntyng hantit.
    Agit Alethes, that na wisdome wantit,
  Bot baith was rype in consale and in ȝheris,
  Onto thir wordis digestly maid ansueris:
  O kyndly Goddis of our natyve landis,                               25
  Vndre quhais myghtis all tyme Troy vpstandis,
  All thocht the weill tharof in dowt remanys,
  ȝit list ȝou not distroy all the Troianys,
  Ne thame so clene defait aluterly,
  Sen sa stowt myndis as we heir aspy,                                30
  And sa bald reddy breistis gevin haue ȝhe
  To thir ȝonkeris. And sayand thus, can he
  The rycht handis and schuldris of baith embrace,
  With terys tryncland our his chekis and face.
  O manly knychtis, quhat reward condyng                               5
  May ganandly be geif for syk a thyng,
  Forsuyth I can nocht in my mynd devys;
  Bot ȝour maist cheif ganȝeld and gyft to prys
  The gret Goddis mot rendyr ȝou, said he,
  And ȝour awin vertu mot be renownee:                                10
  The remanent onone ȝe sall ressaue,
  Sa that na wys ȝe sal ȝour medis crave,
  By the handys of reuthfull Eneas;
  Or, gif he sone from this lyfe happynnys pas,
  Ascanyus, quhilk as ȝit is bot page,                                15
  ȝong and fordward into hys hailsum age,
  Sall render ȝour desert, I tak on hand,
  And sik thankis, quhil that he is levand,
  Sal nevir be forȝet nor do away.
    The sammyn word onon, as he dyd say,                              20
  Furth of hys mowth Ascanyus hes hynt:
  I hecht forsuyth that deid sall nevir be tynt,
  For all my weil alanerly doys hyng
  Apon my faderis prosper hame cummyng.
  Nysus, said he, I ȝou pray and beseik,                              25
  Be our Penates, kyndly goddis meik,
  And be Assaracus goddis domesticall,
  Quham ȝe the cheif stok of our kynrent call,
  And be the secret closettis or entre
  Of the venerabill auld canus Veste,                                 30
  Bryng hame my fader sone, I ȝou exort:
  All that pertenyng is to me, at schort,
  Baith twychand consale and commandment,
  Or aventouris of fortoun, in ȝour entent,
  In ȝour willys, I put all haill, quod he,                            5
  Bryng hame my fader that I may hym se;
  For had we hym ressauyt, I dar say,
  Is no thing suld ennoy ws nor effray.
  Twa siluer cowpys, wrocht rycht curyusly
  With figuris grave, and punsyt ymagery,                             10
  I sall ȝou geif, the quhilk my fader wan
  Quhen conquest was the cite Arisban;
  Twa charis rych, or trestis quently fold,
  And twa gret talentis of the fynast gold,
  And eik the crafty ancyant flacconys two                            15
  Quhilkis to me gave the Sydones Dido.
  And gyf, certis, as victouris ws betydis
  To conquys Ital, as the fatys provydis,
  Tharin to bruke the crown and ceptre wand,
  And to distribut the pray, as lord of land;                         20
  Beheld ȝe nocht quhatkyn a cursour wyght,
  Quhou prowd armour, weil gilt and burnyst brycht,
  That Turnus bair this ȝister nyght, quod he?
  The sammyn scheld, and helm with crestis thre
  Semyng of fyre all rede, and the ilk steid,                         25
  Fra this sammyn hour, Nysus, salbe thy meid;
  I sall thame sort fra all the remanent.
  And forthir eik my fader, of hys assent,
  Twelf chosyn matronys sall ȝou geif all fre,
  Tobe ȝour sclavys in captiuite,                                     30
  With all thar childryng and thar hail ofspryng,
  Thar moblys, catal, rentis, and armyng;
  And eik that feild and pryncipal peys of land,
  Quhilk kyng Latinus hes now in hys hand.
  And O thou wirschipfull ȝong child, quhais age                       5
  Is to my ȝouthed in the nerrest stage,
  With all my hart I the ressaue evin heir,
  In all cacis as tendir fallow and feir.
  But the, na glorius act in my materis
  Salbe exercyt, nother in paix nor weris:                            10
  In euery thing, baith into word and deid,
  The maist trast salbe geif the for thy meid.
    Ewrialus maid this answer for hys syde:
  That day sal neuer cum, nor tyme betyde,
  For my defalt onworthy sall I be                                    15
  Fortyll attene sa souerane dignyte.
  Lat fortoun send ws gude luk, gif scho lest,
  Or mysaventour, I sal do my best:
  Lo, this is all, na mair I may promyt.
  Bot, abuf all thingis, a gift grant me ȝit,                         20
  That I beseik the oft and monyfald:
  Ane moder, cummyn of Priamus blude of ald,
  Within this town I haue, quhilk silly wyfe,
  Me forto follow not comptand hir lyfe,
  The realm of Troy mycht not withhald, said he,                      25
  Nor ȝit in Sycyll Acestes fair cite.
  Now hir I leif onhalsyt as I ryde,
  Of this danger, quhat so evir betyde,
  All ignorant and wait no thyng, puyr wight:
  To wytnes draw I heir this ilk gude nyght,                          30
  And thy rycht hand, my lord and prynce maste hie,
  The wepand teris may I not suffir nor se
  Of my deir moder, nor that rewthfull syght.
  Bot I beseik thy gentyll hart of ryght
  Forto comfort that cayrfull creatur;                                 5
  That desolat wight to succur schaw thi cuyr.
  Grant this a thyng, and suffir that of the
  This a gude hop I bair of town with me;
  And far the baldar, quhat so fortoun send,
  Ontill all dangeris glaidly sall I wend.                            10
    The Troianys all for reuth, at speke hym heris,
  Smyte with compassioun, brastis furth of terys,
  With tender hartis menand Ewrialus;
  Bot principaly lusty Ascanyvs:
  The ymage of hys faderly piete,                                     15
  Prent in hys mynde, hym strenys swa that he
  Wepand answerd, and said; my brother deir,
  I promys all thou desiris, out of weir,
  For thy commancement and stowt begynnyng
  Is sa douchty I may the nyte na thyng.                              20
  Forsuyth this woman, quhat so evir scho be,
  Fra thyne fordwart sal moder be to me,
  Wantyng na mar of my moder in plane
  Alanerly bot Creusa, hyr name;
  And thus of sik a byrth na litill blys                              25
  Sall hyr betyde, quhou evir eftir this
  The chans turnys, owder to weill or wo.
  Be this ilk hed I swere to the also,
  By quhilk my fader wont was forto swere,
  All that I haue onto the promyst heir,                              30
  Gyf thou returnys in prosperyte,
  Failȝeand tharof, as Jove defend swa be,
  To thy moder and onto thy kynred
  Sail fully bene obseruyt, in thy sted.
    Thus sayd he wepand; and tharwith alssua                           5
  Hys gyltyn swerd he hynt his schuldris fra,
  Quham wonder craftely in the land of Creyt
  Lycaon forgyt had, and wrocht it meyt
  Within a burnyst scheith of evor bone;
  Thame baith togiddir he gaue Ewrill onone.                          10
  Syne Mnestheus a bustuus lyon skyn,
  That rowch and weirlyke tawbart na thing thyn,
  To Nysus gave; and the traste Alethys
  With hym hes helmys cosyt, and gaue hym hys.


  _Furth haldis Nysus and Eurillius baith tway,
  And huge slauchter thai haue maid be the way._

  Onon thai held enarmyt furth thar way:                              15
  Quham all the nobillys ȝyng and ald, persay,
  Convoyt to the portis, na thyng fayn,
  Prayand full oft Jove bryng thame weil agane.
  Bot principaly the fresch Ascanyus ȝyng,
  Abufe al otheris in hys commonyng                                   20
  Schawand the wysdome, consait, and forsyght,
  Of agit man, and eik the curage wight,
  Gave thame feill chargis and commandmentis
  To beir hys fader, twychand hys ententis:
  Bot with the wynd tha skatterit war on raw,
  And all for nocht amang the clowdis flaw.
    Furth ischit thai, and by the fowcyis wentis,                      5
  In silens of the dyrk nycht, amangis the tentis
  And perellus pailȝeonys, to thame ennemy,
  Thai entrit ar, and caucht gret harm tharby:
  Bot netheles, or ony skaith thai hynt,
  The ded of mony was thar douchty dynt.                              10
  Apon the gyrs, ourset witht sleip and wyne,
  Fordoverit, fallyn down als drunk as swyne,
  The bodeys of Rutylianys heir and thar
  Thai dyd persaue; and by the cost alquhar
  The cartis stand with lymowris bendyt strek,                        15
  The men lyggyng, the hamys abowt thar nek,
  Or than amangis the quhelys and the thetis;
  All sammyn lay thar armour, wyne, and metys,
  Baith men and cartis myddillyt all our ane.
  With ane bas voce thus Nysus spak agane:                            20
  Ewrialus, the mater now thus standis,
  Forto be stowt and forcy of our handis;
  Thys is our passage, quhilk way we mon wend.
  Thy part salbe to kepe and to defend
  That nane onset cum on ws at the bak;                               25
  Spy far about, tharto gude tent thou tak.
  I sall befor mak voyd passage and way,
  And the convoy throu a large streit away.
  Rehersand this, onon he held hym clos,
  So that na noys mycht thar be hard or voce:                         30
  And tharwith eik with drawyn swerd in pres
  He can assail the pompus Rhamnetes,
  Quhilk lay, percace, slepand soft and sownd
  On prowd tapetis spred apon the grond;
  A kyng he was, and a spa man, suyth to sayn,                         5
  To Turnus kyng mast trast auguriane:
  Bot with hys diuinatioun nor augury
  The trake of deth ne cowth he not put by.
  Thre of hys seruandis, that fast by hym lay,
  Ful raklesly he kyllyt, all thocht thai                             10
  Amang thar speris lyggyng war infeir;
  And quellyt ane to Remus was squyer.
  The cartar syne, luggyng apon the streit,
  He hynt onon amang the horssis feyt,
  And with hys swerd hys nek, hyngand on syde,                        15
  In twane hes hakkyt; and the sammyn tyde
  Thar lordis hed, I meyn this said Rhamneyt
  Of smytis he, quhill all the bed wolx weyt:
  Lyke a ded stok the corps wantand the hed
  Lay bullerand, al besprent with sprayngis red,                      20
  And als the erth grew warm with teppet blude.
  Attour he stekit hes eik, quhar he stude,
  Twa forcy men, Lamus and Lamyrus,
  And als the lykly ȝong child, Serranus,
  That all the fornycht in ryot and in play                           25
  Had spendyt as he lyst, and now he lay
  With membris strekit, and plesand vissage brycht,
  Ourset with god Bachus mekill of myght:
  Ful happy and weill fortunat had he be,
  In sport and gam on the sam wys gif he                              30
  All the remanent of that nycht had spent,
  Quhil the lycht day, and tyl hym self tane tent.
  Lyke as the empty lyoun, lang onfed,
  Be nychtis tyde quhen all folk sleip in bed,
  Trubland the fald full of silly scheip;                              5
  The wod rage of hys hungir is so deip
  That he constrenyt is sik wys to fair:
  He ryvis and he harlys heir and thar
  The tendir bestis, that for awfull feir
  Of hys presens dar nowder bleyt nor steir;                          10
  He rummysis with bludy mowth and brays.
  So dyd Ewrilly, and none other ways,
  And na les slauchter maid he in the plane,
  Of ire inflambyt in his wod brane.
  A multitude of commonys of birth law,                               15
  By quhilk resson thair namys ar onknaw,
  He ombeset and put to confusioun:
  And Fadus syne, with Hesebus dang he down,
  And Arabys also, onwarnystly;
  And Rhetus eik, lay walkand hard thame by,                          20
  Behaldand all thar sterage and deray;
  Bot, of the stowt Ewrialus for affray,
  Behynd a wyne bote or a pype hym hyd:
  Quham Eurialus, as the cace betyd,
  Keppyt on hys swerdis poynt, that all the blaid                     25
  Hyd in hys cost vp to the hyltis glaid:
  To ded he duschis down bath styf and cald,
  And vp the purpour spreit of lyf he ȝald,
  And blude and wyne mixt he can furth schaw,
  At he last drank owt ȝeskis in the ded thraw.                       30
  And, by sik slyght full brym, thus he enforcis
  To mak huge slauchtir of onweldy corpcis,
  Etlyng wightly to the nixt stude fast by.
  Thar as Mesapus feris all dyd ly,
  And the last fyris almaste quynchit owt,                             5
  The hors, per ordour, tyit weill abowt,
  Etand thar meit he mycht behald and se:
  Quham schortly Nysus bad ses and lat be;
  For he persauyt Eurialus by his feris
  Had our gret lust to slauchter, and dangeris                        10
  Persauyt nocht quhilkis war apperand eft:
  Desist, quod he, this mater mon be left,
  For the day lycht, quhilk is to ws onfrend,
  Approchis neir, we may na langar lend.
  Gret harm is done, eneuch of blude is sched,                        15
  Throw owt our fays a patent way is red.
    And sayng thus, thai sped thame on thar way:
  Behynd thame, for vptakyng quhar it lay,
  Mony brycht armour richly dyght thai left,
  Cowpys and goblettis, forgyt fare, and beft                         20
  Of massy syluyr, lyand heir and thare,
  Prowd tapysry, and mekil precyus ware:
  Salf that Eurialus with hym tursyt away
  The rial trappouris, and myghty patrellys gay,
  Quhilkis war Rhamnetes stedis harnessyng;                           25
  And, for the mair remembrance in takynnyng,
  Ane rych tysche or belt hynt he syne,
  The pendentis wrocht of burnyst gold maste fyne,
  Quhilk gyrdill ane Cedicus, that was than
  Duryng his tyme ane the myghtyast man,                              30
  Bereft a strang Rutiliane, as thai tell,
  Quham he venquyst in singular batell,
  And send it syne to ane Remulus hes he,
  That duke was of the Tiburtyne cite,
  In syng of frendschip and ferm acquentans;                           5
  Thus athir absent jonyt allyans;
  Syne this ilk prynce, into hys legacy,
  That tyme apon hys ded bed dyd he ly,
  This gyrdill left to ȝongar Remulus,
  Hys tendyr nevo, that is heir slane thus.                           10
  Euryll, as said is, hes this jowell hynt,
  Abowt hys sydis it brasyng, or he stynt;
  Bot all for nocht, suppos the gold dyd gleit:
  Mesapus helm syne, for him wondir meit,
  With schynand tymbret and with crystis hie,                         15
  Apon hys hed onon buklyt hes he.
  Furth of the tentis with this bownyt thai,
  And fra thar fays held the sovyr way.


  _Quhou capitane Volscens, cumand Turnus till,
  Recontrit Nysus and hys fallow Ewrill._

  In the meyn quhile, as this other army
  Thus at the sege gan in the feildis ly,                             20
  From Lawrentum, kyng Latinus cite,
  War horsmen sent to Turnus, forto se
  Quhat he plesyt, and the kyngis entent
  Tyll hym to schaw, thre hundreth men furthwent
  With scheild on schuldir vndre capitane Volscens;
  And be this cummyn war to the distens
  Neir to thar ost, and, as the cace dyd fall,                         5
  Thai held fast vnder this new cite wall;
  Quhar as on far towart the left hand thai
  Turnand thar curs bakwart persauyt tway:
  For the brycht helm in twynkland starny nycht
  Mythis Eurilly with bemys schynand lycht,                           10
  Quhilk he, onwar, persauyt nocht, allace!
  And as thai scars war thus aspyit on cace,
  Volscens the capitane, from amyd his rowt,
  Said, stand fallowis; and cryis with a schowt:
  Quhat is the caus of ȝour cummyng, said he,                         15
  That rydis thus enarmyt? quhat ȝe be,
  And quhidder ar ȝe bown, ȝe schaw ws plane.
  The tother twa maid nane ansuer agane;
  Bot in the woddis hyis at the flicht,
  Assurit gretly in dirknes of the nycht.                             20
  The horsmen than prekis, and fast furth sprentis
  To weil beknawin pethis, and turnys wentis
  Baith heir and thar; sone ombeset haue thai
  The owtgatis all, thai suld nocht wyn away.
  The wod was large, and rowch of buskis ronk,                        25
  And of the blak ayk schaddowis dym and donk,
  Of breris ful, and thyk thorn ronnys stent;
  Scarsly a strait rod or dern narow went
  Tharin mycht fundyn be that men mycht pas,
  Quharthrou Eurialus gretly cummyrrit was:                           30
  Quhat for myrknes, thik buskis, branch, and breir,
  And weght also of the new spulȝeit geir,
  Tharto the hasty onset and affray
  Maid hym gang will in the onknawin way.
    Nysus was went, and by this chapyt cleir                           5
  Hys ennemys, onwar quhar was hys feir:
  And as he stude at that sted, eftir syne
  From Alba cite clepit was Albyne,
  Quhar, for the tyme, this forsaid Latyn kyng
  Hys hors at pastour held in stabillyng,                             10
  He blent abowt to se hys frend so deir,
  Bot all for nocht, thar was na man hym neir.
  Ewrill, quod he, allace onhappely
  In quhat part of this land the left haue I?
  Or quhar sall I the seik? O wailaway!                               15
  Tharwith this ilk wilsum perplexit way
  Bakwart he held, euery futstep agane,
  Throw the dern wod dissaitfull and onplane;
  Quhil, at the last, amang rank buskis he
  Errit by the way, becaus he myght nocht se.                         20
  The hors stampyng and the dyn he heris,
  The wordis and the takynnys come to hys erys
  Of thame quhilk at persewit hym at the bak.
  A lytil space eftir tent gan he tak,
  And hard a scry: harknand quhat that suld be,                       25
  Eurilly takyn in handys dyd he se;
  Quham the dissaitfull onbekend dern way,
  The myrk nycht, and the hasty dowtsum fray,
  Betrasyt had, that all the mekill rowt,
  Or he was war, hym lowkyt rownd about.                              30
  Full gret debait he maid, as that he mocht;
  Ourset he was, defens was all for nocht.
    Quhat mycht than silly Nysus do or say?
  Be quhat fors or wapynnys dar he assay
  Forto deliuer hys tendir cousyng deir?                               5
  Suld he or not aventour hym self heir,
  And rusch amyd hys ennemys in that sted,
  To procur in haist by wondis ane honest ded?
  Vprasys he onon hys arm bakwart,
  To thraw a gevillyng, or a castyng dart,                            10
  And, lukand vpwart towart the cleir moyn,
  With afald voce thus wys he maid hys boyn:
  O Latonya, Goddes of mekill myght,
  Mastres of woddis, bewte of sternys brycht,
  Be thou present, and send me thy supple,                            15
  Addres my wark, be directrix, said he:
  Gif euer that Hirtacus, my fader deir,
  Offrit for me sum gift at thy alter;
  Or gif that I of my huntyng and pray
  Ekyt thy honour ony maner way,                                      20
  Or, at thy standart knoppit post of tre,
  Thy haly tempillys rufe, or bawkis hie,
  Gif evir I hung or fixit ony thyng,
  Wild bestis hed, wapynnys, or armyng;
  Thoil me to trubbill this gret rowt of men,                         25
  Do dres my dartis in this wilsum den,
  So that my schote and myssour may go rycht
  Throw the dyrk ayr and silens of the nycht.
    Thus sayand, with all fors of hys body
  The grundyn dart he leyt do glyde in hy.                            30
  The fleand schaft the nycht schaddoys devydis,
  And rycht forgane him on the tother sydis
  It smate Sulmonys scheild, hang on his bak,
  Quharin the querral al in schuldir brak;
  Bot with the dynt the rynde is revyn swa,                            5
  Hys hart pipis the scharp hed persyt in twa.
  Down duschis he in ded thraw all forlost,
  The warm blude furth bokkand of his cost,
  And for the cald of deth hys lungis lap,
  With sobbys deip blawys with mony clap.                             10
  Hys ferys lukis about on euery syde,
  To se quharfra the grundyn dart dyd glyde.
  Bot lo, as thai thus wondrit in effray,
  Thys ilk Nysus, worthin provd and gay,
  And baldar of this chance swa with hym gone,                        15
  Ane other takill assayt he onon,
  And with a sownd smate Tagus, but remede,
  Throu athir part or tymplis of his hed;
  In the harn pan the schaft he hes affixt,
  Quhil blude and brane al togidder mixt.                             20
  The felloun capitane, Volscens, neir wod wendis,
  Seand na man quham of to get amendis:
  He mycht do stanche his ire, and syth his thocht,
  For quha that threw the dartis saw he nocht.
  Thou, not the les, quod he, that standis by,                        25
  With thy hait blude for baith twa sal aby
  The pane for this myscheif; and, with that word,
  He ran apon Euryll with drawyn sword.
    Than Nisus, dredand for his fallow kynd,
  Begouth to cry, all wod and owt of mynd,                            30
  Nor na langar in dern hym hyde he mycht,
  Nor of his frend behald sa reuthfull syght:
  Me, me, ȝe sla; lo, I am heir, he said,
  That dyd the dede; turn hidder in me ȝour blaid
  And swerdis all, O ȝe Rutilyanys!                                    5
  All be my slycht now ȝour feris slane is:
  That silly innocent creatur so ȝyng
  Myght, nor ȝit durst, on hand tak sic a thing:
  Be hevynnys he, and all the starnys, I swer,
  That ws behaldis with thar bemys cleir.                             10
  Sik wordis said he: for on sic maner,
  And sa strangly, his frend and fallow deir,
  That sa myschancy was, belovit he,
  That rather for hys life him self list de.
  Bot thar was na remedy nor abaid:                                   15
  The swerd, wightly stokit, or than was glaid
  Throu owt hys cost: allace, the harmys smart!
  That mylk quhite breist is persyt to the hart.
  Down ded ruschit Eurialus right thar,
  The blude bruschand outour his body fair,                           20
  And on hys elbok lenand a litill on wry,
  Hys hed and hals bowys he hevely.
  Lyke as the purpour flour in fur or sewch,
  Hys stalk in two smyt newly with the pleuch,
  Dwynys away, as it doith faid or de;                                25
  Or as the chesbo hedis oft we se
  Bow down thar knoppis, sowpit on thar grane,
  Quhen thai be chargyt with the hevy rane.
    Bot Nysus than ruschit amyd the rowt,
  Amangis thame all sekand Volscens the stowt,                        30
  And on Volscens alanerly arestis;
  Thocht rownd about with ennemys he prest is,
  Quhilk heir and thar onon at euery syde
  Hym ombeset with warkand woundis wyde.
  Bot netheles thame stowtly he assalit,                               5
  Not amovit, as na thing him had alit:
  And euer his schynand swerd about him swang,
  Quhil at the last in Volscens mouth he thrang,
  As he, forgane him standand, cryit and gapit.
  Allace, quhat reuth was it he not eschapit!                         10
  For he deand bereft his fa the life;
  Stekit and hurt sa oft with speir and knyfe,
  Fell down abuf his frendis ded body,
  Quhar best him likit ded to rest and ly.
    O happy baith, O fortunat and dyng!                               15
  Gif myne endyt or stile may ony thing,
  Nevir day nor proces of tyme sal betyde,
  That ȝour renown sal owt of memor slyde:
  Quhil the famyl and ofspring of Ene
  The stane immovabill of the Capitolie                               20
  Inhabitis, and sa lang as Romanys bald
  The monarchy of the empyre sal hald.
    The schameful victouris, thir Rutilyanys,
  The pray and spreth, and other geir that ganys,
  Joysyng but obstakil, Volscens ded body                             25
  Onto the tentis wepand bair in hy.
  And na les murnyng hard thai in that sted
  For Rhamnetes, fund hedles, pail, and ded,
  Togidder with samony capitanys,
  And gret herys, so wrachitly as slane is;                           30
  Serranus ȝyng, and the gentill Numa,
  And nobill corpsis brytnyt mony ma.
  Gret pres flokkit to se the bodeis schent,
  Sum men ȝit throwand half ded on the bent;
  Of recent slauchter and the hait effray                              5
  The feld abowt all warmyt quhar thai lay,
  That all with spait was blandyt and on flude
  In bullyrrand stremys of the fomy blude.
  The spulȝe led away was knaw full rycht;
  Mesapus rich hewmet schynand brycht,                                10
  The goldyn gyrdill, and trappouris prowdly wrocht,
  With mekill swete and labour agane brocht.


  _Ewrillys moder hir sonnys deth bewalis,
  And quhou Rutilianys the cyte first assalis._

  Be this Aurora, levand the safron bed
  Of hir lord Tithone, had the erth ourspred
  With new cleirnes, and the son scheyn                               15
  Begouth defund hys bemys on the greyn,
  That euery thing worth patent in the lyght:
  Turnus, enarmyt as ane douchty knyght,
  Till armys sterys euery man abowt,
  In plait and maill full mony forcy rowt                             20
  Prouocand to the bargane and assay:
  Ilk capitane hys folkis settis in array,
  And gan thar curage kyndill in ire to fyght,
  Be schamefull murmur of this ȝister nycht.
  And forthir eik, ane miserabill thing to se,
  Ewril and Nysus hedys, on speris hie
  Fixit, thai rasyt haldand to the wall,                               5
  With huge clamour followyng ane and all.
  The forcy and the stowt Eneadanys,
  That for the tyme in this cite remanys,
  The bront and fors of thar army that tyde
  Endlang the wallis set on the left syde;                            10
  For on the rycht hand closyt the ryver;
  Thai held the forfront quhar thar was danger,
  Kepand the braid fowseis and towris hie:
  And as thai stand ful dolorusly, thai se
  The twa hedys stikkand on the speris,                               15
  A miserabil syght, allace! onto thar feris;
  Thar facis war our weil bekend, baith twa,
  The blaknyt dedly blude droppand tharfra.
    In the meyn quhile, throw the drery cite
  The weyngit messenger, Fame, dyd swyftly fle,                       20
  And slippand come to thy moder, Ewrilly.
  Than suddanly that wrachit wight onsilly
  Al pail become, as na blude in hir left,
  The naturale heit was from the banys reft.
  Furth of hir hand the spynnyng quheil smate sche,                   25
  The ȝarn clewis, spyndill, and broche of tre,
  All swakkit our, and full onhappely
  Furth fleys scho with mony schowt and cry,
  With wepyng, and with wifly womentyng,
  Ryvand hir haris, to the wallys can thring                          30
  All wod enragit, and with a spedy pays
  Dyd occupy tharon the formaste place,
  Takand nane hed, na ȝit na maner schame,
  Swa amangis men to ryn, and rowp or raym;
  Na maner feir of perrel seys sche,                                   5
  Nor mynd of dartis cast that fast dyd fle.
  And as that from the wall hyr sonnys hede
  Behaldis sche, wofull, and will of rede,
  With hir petuus rewthfull complantis sayr
  The hevynnys all scho fillyt and the ayr.                           10
    O my Ewryll, lamentabilly scho cryis,
  Sall I the se demanyt on syk wys?
  O thou, the latter quyet of myne age,
  Quhou mycht thou be sa cruell in thy rage
  As me to leif alyve, thus myne allane?                              15
  O my maist tendir hart, quhar art thou gane?
  Na licens grantit was, nor tyme, ne space,
  To me, thy wrachit moder, allace, allace!
  Quhen thou thy self onto sik perellis set,
  That I with the mycht samekill laser get                            20
  As forto tak my leif for evir and ay,
  Thy last regrait and quethyng wordis to say.
  Ichane, allace! intill ane oncouth land,
  Nakyt and bair thy fair body on sand
  To fowlys of reif and savage doggis wild                            25
  Sall ly as pray, myne awin deir only child!
  Nor I, thy moder, layd not thy corps on beir,
  Nor with my handis lowkyt thyne eyn so cleir,
  Nor wysche thy wondis to reduce thy spreit,
  Nor drest the in thy lattir clathis meyt,                           30
  The quhilkis I wrocht, God wayt, to mak the gay,
  Full bissely spynnand baith nycht and day,
  And with sic wobbis and wark, for the, my page,
  I comfort me in myne onweldy age,
  And irkyt not to laubour for thy sake.                               5
  Quhar sall I seik the now? allake, allake!
  Or in quhat land lyis now, maglyt and schent,
  Thy fair body, and membris tyrvit and rent?
  O deir son myne, O tendir get, quod sche,
  Is this the comfort at thou dois to me,                             10
  Quhilk hes the followyt baith our seys and landis?
  O ȝe Rutilianys, steik me with ȝour brandis;
  Gyf thar be rewth or piete in ȝour banys,
  Do swak at me ȝour dartis all atanys:
  With ȝour wapynnys first ȝe sal me sla.                             15
  O thou gret fader of Goddis, can scho say,
  Haue reuth apon me, wrach of wrachis all,
  And on my catyve hed thou lat dovn fall
  Thy thundris dynt of wildfyre fra the hevin,
  Law vndre hell tharwith to smyte me evin;                           20
  Sen that this langsum cruel life I ne may
  Consume nor endyng be nane other way.
    With this regrait the Troiane myndis all
  War smyte with reuth; endlang the large wall
  The duylfull murnyng went and womentyng:                            25
  Thar hie curage, to tel a wondyr thyng,
  That oneffrayt was batale to sustene,
  Wolx dolf and dull the petuus sycht to sene.
  Bot as scho thus kyndillis sorow and wo,
  Ane Ideus, and Actor, Troianys two,                                 30
  At the command of Illyoneus past,
  And ȝyng Ascanyus wepand wonder fast,
  And hynt hyr vp betwix thar armys squar;
  Syne hamewart to hir lugyng thai hyr bair.
    Bot than the trumpettis weirly blastis abundis,                    5
  With terribill brag of brasyn bludy soundis;
  The skry, the clamour, followys the ost within,
  Quhill all the hevynnys bemyt of the dyn.
  The Volscenaris assemblyt in a sop,
  To fyll the fowseis and the wallis to slop,                         10
  All sammyn hastand with a pavys of tre
  Hesyt togidder abuf thar hedys hie;
  Sa sairly knyt that maner embuschment
  Semyt tobe a clos volt quhar thai went.
  Ane other sort pressyt to haue entre,                               15
  And clym the wallis with leddyrris large and hie,
  Quhar as the army of the Troiane syde
  Was thynnast scattyrrit on the wallis wyde,
  And brycht arrayt cumpany of the men
  War dividit or sloppit, at thai mycht ken                           20
  The weirmen not sa thyk in syk a place.
  Bot the Troianys, that oft in sik lyke cace
  Be lang vsage of weir war lernyt and kend
  Quhou thai thar town and wallys suld defend,
  All kynd of wapynnys and dartis at thame slyngis,                   25
  And dang thame down with pikkis and poyntit styngis;
  Down weltyng eik of huge weght gret stanys,
  Be ony way gif tharby for the nanys
  Thai mycht on fors dissevyr that punȝe,
  Quhilk thame assalȝeit thekit with pavys he:                        30
  For weill thai knew thar fays al maner of teyn
  Vndir that volt of targis myght susteyn,
  Sa lang as thai sammyn onsyverit war.
  Bot now thai mycht thar ordour hald na mar:
  For the Troianys, or evyr thai wald ces,                             5
  Thar as the thikast rowt was and maist pres,
  Ane huge weght or hepe of mekill stanys
  Ruschys and weltis down on thame atanys,
  That diuers of Rutilianys lay thar ondyr;
  The laif skalyt on brede; brok was in sondir                        10
  The covertouris and ordinance of thar scheldis.
  Fra thens, the hardy Rutilianys in the feildis
  Pressyt na mar in hydlys forto fyght,
  Bot thame enforcis now with all thar myght,
  With ganȝeis, arrowys, and with dartis slyng,                       15
  Thar famen from the wallys forto dyng.
  And at ane other syde with felloun feir
  Mezentyus the grym, apon a speir,
  Or heich styng or stour of the fyr tre,
  The blak fyre blesis of reik in swakkis he:                         20
  And Mesapus, the dantar of the horssys,
  Neptunus son, with hys menȝe enforcis
  Tyl vndermynd the dike and rent the paill;
  Leddyris he axis the wallys to assaill.


  _Quhou Turnus set the ȝet towr into fyre,
  And maid gret slauchter of Troianys in his ire._

  Calliope, and O ȝe Musys all,
  Inspire me til endyte: on ȝou I call
  To schaw quhat slauchter and occisioun,
  Quhou feill corpsis thar war brytnyt doun
  By Turnus wapynnys and hys dartis fell;                              5
  Quham euery man kyllit and send to hell:
  Help and assist to revolue heir with me
  The extreme dangeris of that gret melle.
  Ȝhe blissyt wightis, forsuyth, ramembris weill
  Sik thyngis, and quhar ȝou lyst may reveill.                        10
    Thar stude a towr of tre, huge of hyght,
  With batellyng and kyrnellys all at ryght,
  Set in ane neidfull place neir by the ȝet,
  Quham to assailȝe, ourcum, and down bet,
  With hail pyssance all the Italianys                                15
  At vtir power ombeset atanys:
  And by the contrar, on the tother syde
  Alkynd defencis can Troianys provyde;
  Threw stanys down, and sillys heir and thar,
  At euery part or oppyn fenystar                                     20
  The grundyn dartis leyt down fle thikfald.
  Turnus the prynce, at was baith darf and bald,
  Ane byrnand bleis leyt at the fortres glyde,
  And festynyt the fyre hard to the towris syde,
  Quhilk with the wyndis blast, thar as it stak,
  Vpblesyt in the burdis and the thak,
  And spreddis wide amangis the gestis gret;
  The byrnand low consumyt all throu hete.
  Within thai schuddrit for the fell effray;                           5
  Bot all for nocht to pres to wyn away,
  Na laser was the danger to escape:
  For as thai ran abak, and can thame schaip
  Fortill withdraw towart the tother syde
  Quhar as the fyre was not ȝit ourglyde,                             10
  And hurlyt all togidder in a hepe,
  Tho with thar swechtis, as thai reill and leipe,
  The byrnand towr down rollys with a rusche,
  Quhill all the hevynnys dyndlyt of the dusch.
  Down weltis the men half ded with brokyn banys,                     15
  The huge heip thame followit all atanys,
  On thar awyn wapynnys stikkand he and he,
  Sum stekit throu the cost with spilys of tre
  Lay gaspand, of thame all that scarsly tway,
  Ane Helenor, and Lycus, gat away:                                   20
  Of quhom the formest, this ilk Helenor,
  Now in hys florist ȝouth, was get and bor
  Betwix Meonyus kyng, in prevyte,
  And Lycynya the boynd wench wondir sle,
  Quhilk hym to Troy had send that hendyr ȝer,                        25
  Onkend, in armour forbodyn for wer;
  Delyver he was with drawin swerd in hand,
  And quhite target, onsemly and evill farrand.
  Thys Helenor, scand hym self in dowt
  Amyd thousandis enarmyt of Turnus rowt,                             30
  Behaldand graithly apon athir hand
  Arrayt ostis of Latyn pepill stand;
  Lyke the wild ragyt best, quham huntaris stowt
  Hes ombeset with thyk range all abowt,
  Seand be na meyn that scho myeht evaid,                              5
  Apon the wapynnys rynnys with a braid;
  Slyppis hir self, and with gret fors hir beris
  Apon the poyntis of the huntyng speris:
  Nane othir wys, this ilk ȝong Helenor,
  Thus ombeset behynd and als befor,                                  10
  Amyd hys fays ruschys reddy to de,
  Quhar thikkast was the pres thar etlys he;
  Quhilkis, but abaid, alssone hes hym slane
  As spark of gleid wald in the sey remane.
  Bot Lycus, spedyar far on fut than he,                              15
  Throw owt the ostis and armyt men can fle,
  And to the wallys wan, and vp on hyght
  Enforcis hym to clym with all hys mycht,
  And forto gryp sum of hys feris handis:
  Quham Turnus, lanssand lychtly our the landis,                      20
  With speir in hand persewys forto spill,
  And quhen he hes ourtane him at his will,
  Thus dyd hym chyde; O catyve wytles knaip,
  Quhat wenyt thou our handis to eschaip?
  And tharwith drew hym doun, quhar he dyd hyng,                      25
  And of the wal a gret part with hym bryng.
  Lyke as the egill, Jovis squyer, straucht
  Within hys bowand clukis had vp clawcht
  A ȝong cygnet, or quhite swan, or a hair,
  Tharwith resursyng heich vp in the ayr;                             30
  Or as a ravanus bludy wolf throu slycht
  Hyntis in hys gowl, furth of the fald be nycht,
  The litill tendyr kyd, or the ȝong lam,
  With feill bletingis socht by the gait, hir dame.
  Rutilianys for joy than rasyt a schowt,                              5
  And fast invadys the cite all abowt;
  With hepys of erd the fowsy do thai fyll:
  Sum otheris presyt with schydis and mony a syl
  The fyre blesys abowt the ruf to slyng.
  Bot Ilioneus that tyme dyd doun dyng                                10
  With a gret quhyn, or roch of cragy stone,
  Ane Lucetyus, and brak hys nek bone,
  As that he dyd approche towartis the ȝet,
  The hait flammys of fyre tharin to set:
  Liger a Troiane from the wall also                                  15
  Doun bet a Rutiliane hait Emathio:
  A Phrigiane eik, Asylas, stern and stowt,
  All tofruschit Choryneus withowt,
  Quhilk was in dartis castyng wonder sle;
  On far to schute scharp flanys and lat fle                          20
  Nane mar expert than this Emathio:
  Ceneus ourquhelmyt Ortygius also;
  And this Ceneus, quhilk than gat the mastry,
  Belyve Turnus with a dart ded gart ly:
  And down dyngis alsso this ilk Turnus                               25
  Ithis, Clonyus, and eik Dioxippus,
  Promulus als, and busftuus Sagaras,
  And syne the huge byg Troiane, hait Idas,
  Standand forto defend the towris hie:
  Capys, a Troiane, bet doun Pryverne,                                30
  Quham Themyllas with a scharp casting dart
  Had newly hurt and wondyt in sum part;
  And he hys hand plat to the wound in hy,
  Hys scheild besyde hym swakkand fulychly,
  So that the fedderit arrow furth dyd glyde,                          5
  And nalyt hys hand plat to the left syde:
  The schaft and hed remanyt in hys cost,
  Be dedly wound the lyfe thus hes he lost.
  Arcens, Arcentis son, stude on the wall,
  In brycht armour ful semly schynand all,                            10
  Hys mantill of the purpour Iberyne,
  With nedill wark brusyt rych and fyne,
  Of vissage was he plesand forto se;
  Hys fader Arcens send him with Enee:
  Fostyrrit he was and vpbrocht tendirly                              15
  Within hys moderis hallowyt schaw, fast by
  The flude Symethus into Sycill land,
  Quhar as the plentuus fat altar dyd stand
  Of the placabill Goddis, Palycy hecht.
  Ane gret staf slung byrrand with felloun weght                      20
  Hynt Mezentius; hys scheild syne by hym lays;
  The stryngis thrys abowt hys hed assays,
  And this ilk Arcens standyng hym forgane
  Hes smertly with a ledyn pellok slane:
  Hys harn pan and forhed al to claif,                                25
  Quhil at the led in sondir brak and raif,
  That he ourtumlys speldit on the sand.
  Thus gret slauchtir was maid fra hand to hand.


  _Heir ȝyng Ascanyus the strang Numanus slew,
  Quhilk wordis owtragyus to the Troianys schew._

  Ascanyus this ilk tyme, as is said,
  That wont was with his schot bot to invaid
  The wild bestis, quhilkis cowth do nocht bot fle,
  First heir in bargane leyt swyft arrowys fle;
  And by hys handis slew strang Numanus,                               5
  That was to surname clepit Remulus,
  Had laitly Turnus ȝyngast systir wed,
  As for hys spows, and brocht ontill hys bed.
  This ilk Numanus Remulus, in that sted,
  Befor the frontis of the batell ȝeyd,                               10
  Furth schawand mony diuers sawys seir,
  Baith ganand and onganand forto heir,
  Rycht prowd and hely in his breist and hart
  That newlyngis of the kynrik was a part
  To him befall; his gret estait this wys                             15
  Woustand he schew with clamour and lowd cryis:
    Aschame ȝe nocht, Phrigyanys, that twys taik is,
  Tobe inclosyt amyd a fald of stakis,
  And be assegit agane sa oft sys
  With akyn spilis and dikis on sik wys?                              20
  Schame ȝe not to prolong ȝour lyvis? said he.
  Thir venquyst cowart wightis behald and se,
  That dar our spousage into batale craif!
  Quhat wild dotage so maid ȝour hedis raif?
  Or quhat onthrifty God in sic foly
  Hes ȝou bywavit heir till Italy?
  Heir ar not the slaw weirmen Atrydes,
  Nor the fenȝear of fair speche Vlixes.
  Bot we, that bene a pepill derf and dour                             5
  Cumyn of kynd, as keyn men in a stour,
  Our ȝoung childring, the first tyme born thai ar,
  Onto the nixt rynnand flude we bair,
  To hardyn thar bodeis and to mak thame bald
  With the chil frostis and the watyr cald:                           10
  Our childir ȝyng exercis bissely
  Huntyng with hundis, hornys, schowt, and cry,
  Wild deir throw owt the woddis chais and mait.
  To dant and reyn the horssis ayr and layt,
  That is thar game and sport thai hant on raw,                       15
  Or with thar bowys schute, or dartis thraw.
  Our ȝong spryngaldis may all laubouris endur,
  Content of litill fuyde, I ȝou assur,
  Of ȝouth thai be accustumat tobe skant,
  The erd with plewch and harrowys forto dant,                        20
  Or than in batal bettis citeis down.
  In euery age with irne grath ar we bown,
  And passand by the plewys, for gad wandis,
  Broddis the oxin with speris in our handis:
  Nor ȝit the slaw nor febill onweldy age                             25
  May waik our spreit, nor mynys our curage,
  Nor of our strenth to altyr ocht or pair.
  The steill helmys we thrist on hedis hair;
  Best likis ws all tyme to rug and reif,
  To dryve away the spreth, and tharon leif.                          30
  Ȝour pantit habittis dois of purpour schyne;
  Ȝour hartis lykis best, so I dyvyne,
  In idilnes to rest abuf al thing,
  To tak ȝour lust, and go in karellyng:
  Ȝour cotys hes traland slevys our ȝour handis,                       5
  Ȝour foly hattis trappouris and brasyng bandis.
  O verray Phrygiane wifis, dasyt wightis!
  To call ȝou men of Troy that onrycht is;
  Ȝe be onworthy to sa hie style to clame.
  On Dyndyma top go, and walk at hame;                                10
  Quhar as the quhissill rendris soundis seir,
  With tympanys, tawbronys, ȝe war wont to heir,
  And bos schawmys of turnyt buschboun tre
  That grew in Berecyntia montane hie,
  Onto the moder of Ida dedicat,                                      15
  Callys eftir ȝou to dans, and nocht debait:
  Ȝeld ȝou to men, and leif al ȝour armyng,
  Rendir ȝour swerdis, and all wapynnys resyng.
    Ascanyus ȝyng, byrnand for proper teyn,
  Sa gret owtrage of wordis mycht not sustene,                        20
  Herand sa hie avant of pompus pryde,
  And sik dispyt blawyn owt apon hys syde.
  Hys bow with horsis sennonys bend hes he,
  Tharin a takill set of sovir tre,
  And tasand vp his armys far in twyn,                                25
  Thus onto Jove lawly dyd begyn
  To mak hys first petitioun and prayer:
  Omnipotent hie Jupiter, me heir
  Assist to this hardy commancement!
  My self onto thy templis sal present                                30
  Solempnyt gyftis, maste gudly may be get,
  And eik befor thyne altar sall I set
  A ȝoung bullok of cullour quhite as snaw,
  With goldin schakaris hys forhed arrait on raw;
  The best salbe full tydy, tryg, and wight,                           5
  With hed equale till hys moder on hyght,
  Can all reddy with hornys fuyn and put,
  And scrape or skattyr the soft sand with his fut.
  The fader of hevin exceppit hys prayer,
  And, on that part quhar the lift was maist cleir,                   10
  Towart the left hand maid a thundyrryng:
  All sammyn soundyt the dedly bowys stryng.
  Quhyrrand smertly furth flaw the takill tyte,
  Quyte throw the hed the Remulus dyd smyte;
  The grundyn steill outthrowch hys tympillys glaid.                  15
  Hald on thy ways in haist, Ascanyus said,
  Thy self to loif, knak now scornfully
  With prowd wordis all at standis by.
  Sik boydword heir the twys takyn Troianys
  Sendis for hansell to Rutylianys.                                   20
    Thus far spekis Ascanyus, and na mair.
  Bot the Troianys rasyt a scry in the ayr
  With rerd and clamour of blithnes, man and boy,
  That to the starnys thar curage sprang for joy,
  Ascanyus extolland abuf the skyis.                                  25
  And, as thai mak this ryot on sik wys,
  Down from the regioun of the hevin tho
  The brycht curland haryt Appollo,
  Apon a clowd sittand quhar he wald,
  The ostis of Italianys can behald,                                  30
  And eik new Troys cite, with cheir glaid
  Till Iulus the victor thus he said:
  Eik and continew thy new vailȝeand dedis,
  Thou ȝong child; for that is the way the ledis
  Vp to the starnys and the hevynnys hie,                              5
  O thou verray Goddis ofspring, quod he,
  That sal engendir Goddis of thy seyd.
  In the, be verray resson and of neid,
  All batalys, quhilkis by werd ar destinate
  Agane Assaracus hows to move debait,                                10
  Salbe appasit, and to quyet brocht.
  This litill town of Troy, that heir is wrocht,
  May nocht withhald the in sik boundis lyte.
    And sayand thus, from the heich hevin als tyte
  Discendis he, movand the hailsum ayr,                               15
  And to the child Ascanyus socht rycht thar:
  Hys figur changit that tyme as he wald
  In lyknes of ane Butes, hayr and ald,
  That pursevant tofor and squyer had be
  To Troiane Anchyses, fader of Enee,                                 20
  And trasty kepar of hys chalmyr dur;
  Now had Ene committ to hym the cur
  For tyll attend apon Ascanyus ȝyng.
  Lyke to this ancyent Butes in al thyng
  Furth steppys Phebus, baith in voce and hew,                        25
  With lokkis quhite and armour na thing new,
  Rousty, and with a felloun sound clattring,
  And sic wordis spak to Iulus ȝyng,
  That otherwys is hayt Ascanyus,
  With ardent mynd of bargane desyrus:                                30
    Eneas verray douchty son and ayr,
  It may suffice, the nedis do na mair,
  Sen, thou onhurt, with thy schote in this sted
  The strang Numanus thou hes dung to ded:
  This first loving and eik hie renownee                               5
  The souerane Apollo grantys the,
  Nor na disdene at the sal haue, suthly,
  Tobe hys peregall intill archery.
  Leif of my child, and of sic batale ces;
  Na mair at this tyme; draw the owt of pres.                         10
    On this wys carpys the brycht Appollo,
  And in the myddis of hys sermond tho
  He vanyst far away, I wait neuer quhar,
  Furth of this mortal sycht in the schire ayr.
  The nobillys, and the Troiane capitanys trew,                       15
  Be thir takynnys the God Appollo knew,
  And hard hys arrowys clatterand in hys cace.
  Tharfor thai haue withdraw furth of that place
  Ascanyus, at brycht Phebus mychty charge,
  And wald no langar thoill hym go at large,                          20
  All thocht to feght he had desyre and joy;
  Hame to hys innys dyd thai hym convoy:
  Syne to the bargane hes thame sped agane,
  In oppyn perrellys, dangeris, and all pane,
  Thar personys and thar lyvys for thar town                          25
  Offerand, and for defens maid thame bown.


  _Quhou Pandarus and Bitias, brethir twane,
  Kest vp the ȝettis, and thar was Bytias slane._

  Endlang the wallys kyrnellys euery stand,
  The bruyt and clamour rays fra hand to hand;
  Thar bustuus bowys keynly do thai bend,
  Scharp querrellis and castyng dartis furth send,
  Quhilk thai with lyamys and thwangis lang owt threw:                 5
  Sa thik the ganȝeis and the flanys flew,
  That of schaftis and takillys all the feildis
  War strowit, and the large planys ourheldis.
  On bos helmys and scheldis the weirly schote
  Maid rap for rap, reboundand with ilk stot.                         10
  Scharp and awfull incressis the bargane,
  Als violent as euer the ȝet doun rane
  Furth of the west doith smyte apon the wald,
  In October, quhen the twa sternys cald,
  That clepyt beyn the Kyddis, first vpspryngis;                      15
  And als thik as the hail schour hoppys and dyngis
  In furdys schald, and brays heir and thar,
  Quhen trublit beyn the hevynnys and the ayr
  With stormy tempest and the northyn blastis,
  Quhill clowdis clattris, and all the lyft ourcastis.                20
    Pandarus and Bytias, twa brethir germane,
  By Alcanor engendryt, that Troiane,
  Quham Hybera, the wild foresteres knaw,
  Bred and vpbrocht in Jovys haly schaw,
  Sa byg ȝong men thai war, sa gret and wight,
  That equale semyt thame tobe of hight
  With fyr treis of thar landis or hillys;
  And tharto eik sa egyr of thar willis
  At thai the port, quhilk be Eneas charge                             5
  Was commandyt to kepe stekit, all at large
  Has warpyt oppyn onbreid to the wall,
  And baldly dyd thar fays clepe and call
  To entyr, gyf thay durst, and thame assay:
  Sa gret confidens in thar fors had thai.                            10
  And thai within stude by the ȝet, that tyde,
  Quhilk oppin was on the rycht and left syde,
  As thai had towris beyn baith gret and squar,
  Enarmyt with thar wapynnys brycht and bair.
  The hie tymbrettis of thar helmys schane:                           15
  Lyke to behald as bustuus akis twane
  Besyde the beyn ryver Athesys grow,
  Or flowand fludis bankis of the Pow,
  Vpstrekand thar byg croppys to the ayr,
  And onsned branchis wavand heir and thar.                           20
  Alsswith as the Rutylianys dyd se
  The ȝet oppyn, thai rusch to the entre:
  Quercens formast, and Equycoly,
  A lusty knycht in armys rycht semly,
  Wight Tynarus, fers myndyt to assaill,                              25
  And bald Hemon, with curage marcyall.
  Bot thai with all thar complicis in fyght
  War dung abak, and constrenyt tak flyght,
  By Troiane rowtis, or than in that stryfe
  Quha that abaid lost in the port thar lyfe.                         30
  Tho brymmar grew thar fers mudis within,
  So that the Troianys can flok and sammyn ryn
  Towart that place, and maid felloun debait;
  So bald thai wolx that in the plane gait,
  Ischand without the portis on the land,                              5
  Thai durst recontyr thar fays hand for hand.
    A messynger to Turnus come that tyde,
  That wondir fersly at ane othir syde
  The town assalȝeis; and thar he til hym schew
  Quhat hait slauchter hys fays maid of new,                          10
  And sik a port had all wyde oppyn set.
  Hys first purpos he left, and to that ȝet,
  With felloun ire movit, furth sprent he tho,
  Towart the Troianys and prowd brethir two:
  And first hes slane byg Antyphates,                                 15
  That him on cace met formest in the pres,
  Son to the bustuus nobill Sarpedon,
  In purches get a Theban wench apon:
  Hym smate he down with the cast of a dart;
  The fleand schaft Italian to his hart                               20
  Glydand, throw owt the schire ayr duschit sone,
  The stomok persyt, and in the cost is done.
  The how cavern of his wond a flude
  Furth bruschit of the blaknyt dedly blude;
  So deip the grundyn steill hed owt of sycht is,                     25
  Ful hait and warm it festnyt in his lychtis.
  Syne Meropes and Erymanthus he
  And Aphydnus slew with his hand al thre;
  And eftir that, with a stern mynd full teyn,
  Slew Bytias, for al his glowrand eyn:                               30
  Bot that was nother with dart, swerd, nor knyfe;
  For na sik wapyn mycht him haue reft the lyfe;
  Bot with ane hydduus byssand fyry speir,
  That clepit is Phalarica in weir,
  Quhilk with sa vehement fors this Turnus threw                       5
  That as the thundris dynt at him it flew:
  Quham nowder scheld of twa bull hydis thik,
  Nor ȝit the dowbill malyt traste hawbrik,
  All gilt with gold, mycht it resist nor stynt:
  The bustuus body down duschit of the dynt,                          10
  Quhil all the erd to granyt with a rattill;
  The hydduus scheild abufe him maid a brattill:
  Lyke as the hie pillar of marbill stone
  Standand apon the cost Euboycon,
  Vmquhile besyde Bais, the rych cite,                                15
  With grysly swecht down duschit in the see;
  Quhilk was of ald of massy stanys a byng,
  And by the fludis sik wys doun was dyng,
  Hys fall drew down the cite quhar it stude,
  And ruschit in a fer way in the flude:                              20
  The seys mixt ourran, and all ourhed
  Blak slyke and sand vp poplit in the sted;
  Quhill of the feirfull sovnd the ilandis twa
  Trymlyt, Inaryme and eik Prochita;
  Quhilk Inaryme, at Jupiteris command,                               25
  Full hard bed is to Typheus the gyand.
    At this tyme Mars, the God armypotent,
  Ekyt the Latynys fors and hardyment,
  With felloun ire prikland so thar myndis,
  That as hym lyst he turnys so and wyndis;                           30
  And makis the Troianys tak the flycht gud speid,
  On them he kest sik feir and schamfull dreid.
  The Latyn pepill flokkis on euery syde
  Quhen thai beheld the port sa oppynyt wyde,
  Seand thai had a rowm to fecht at will;                              5
  The God of stryfe thar curage steris thartill.


  _Quhou Turnus the byg Pandarus smat doun,
  Lyke a wod lyoun past within the town._

  Pandarus, seand hys brotheris corps at erd,
  And on quhat wys thus fortune with thame ferd,
  And quhou the chance of batale ȝeid al wrang,
  Full forcyly with hys braid schuldris strang                        10
  He thristis to the levys of the ȝet,
  And closyt queym the entre, and furth schet
  Without the port a gret sort of hys feris,
  In hard bargane amyd the mortal weris;
  And of hys ennemys sum inclosyt he,                                 15
  Ressavand all at thrang to the entre.
  A fuyll he was, and wytles in a thyng,
  Persauyt not Turnus, Rutilian kyng,
  So violently thryng in at the ȝet;
  Quham he onwar within the cite schet,                               20
  Lyke as ane rageand wild tyger onstabill
  Amang the febill bestis onfensabill.
  Sone as Turnus hym hes inclusyt seyn,
  A glowand new lyght brystis from hys eyn,
  Hys armour ryngis or clattris horribilly;
  Hys crystis trymlyt on hys hed in hy,
  That in hys sanguane bludy scheild als straucht                      5
  Kest schynand fyry bemys lyke fyre flaucht.
  All suddanly, affrayit Eneadanys
  Hys face onfrendly persauit and byg banys.
  The hydduus Pandarus than hym self furth schew,
  That wonder fervent in hys furour grew,                             10
  Hys broderis slauchter to revenge in will,
  Thus austernly he spekis Turnus ontill:
    Thys is not queyn Amatais cheif cite,
  Suld the be geif into dowry, said he;
  Nor ȝit the myddis of Ardea cite bald,                              15
  Thi faderis burgh, Turnus, doith the withhald:
  Thou seys thy fays strenth and wallys wyde;
  ȝeild the for thy, thou may eschape na syde.
    Turnus agane, with curage blyth and glaid,
  Nocht abasyt, ful baldly to hym said:                               20
  My frend, begyn, gif thou hes hardyment,
  And mach with me allone apon this bent;
  And hand for hand, gif at it be thy will,
  Thou sal schaw Pryam heir thou hes fund Achill.
  The tother tho a huge speir of haill tre,                           25
  With bark and knottis altogidder, leyt fle
  In al his fors; bot the dynt dyd no deir;
  Nocht bot the ayr was wondyt with the speir:
  For wikkyt Juno, the ald Saturnus get,
  Choppyt by the schaft, and fixt it in the ȝet.                      30
  Ha! quod Turnus, sa sal thou not astart
  Thys wapyn now in faith or we depart,
  Nor on sik wys eschape this bytand brand,
  Quhilk my gret fors thus rollys in my hand:
  For he that aw this swerd, and wond sal wyrk,                        5
  Is not sa faynt, ne sa sone sall nocht irk.
  And with that word, standand on hys typtays,
  Hevyng hys swerd, heich hys hand dyd rays;
  Down with the dynt duschit the steil blaid keyn
  Amyd hys forhed, hard betwix hys eyn,                               10
  Hys berdles chekis or hys chaftis rownd
  In sondyr schorn hes with a grysly wound:
  Sa felloun sownd or clap maid this gret clasche,
  That of hys huge weght, fell with a rasche,
  The erd dyndlyt, and all the cite schuke.                           15
  So large feild hys gowsty body tuke,
  That fer onbreid ourspred was all the plane,
  Hys armour sparkyt with hys blude and brane:
  Baith to and fra, apon hys schuldris tway,
  Hys hed clovyn in equale halfis lay.                                20
    Of dreidfull raddour trymlyng for affray,
  The Troianys fled right fast and brak away:
  And gif Turnus had than incontinent
  Ramembryt hym, and kauch in mynd to rent
  The lokkis vp, and oppyn the ȝettis wyde,                           25
  So that hys feris without the port that tyde
  Mycht haue entryt, and cummyn in the cite,
  The last day of the batale that had be,
  And latter finale end to the remanys
  Of Phrigiane folkis and pepil Troianys.                             30
  Bot sic ardent hie furour martyall,
  And of slauchter desire insaciable,
  Draif hym to follow thame that hym gaynstandis:
  And first he kyllit Phalarys with his handis,
  And ane other, that Gyges hecht, alssua,                             5
  Of quham the howchys bath he smate in twa;
  Syn speris rent and hynt vp all on raw,
  And at the flearis bakkis fast dyd thraw,
  That wondir was to se hym quhar he went,
  For Juno ekyt hys strenth and hardyment.                            10
  Syne ane Hales onto the corpsis ded
  In cumpany he ekyt in that sted;
  And Phegeas doun brytnys in the feld,
  Spetit throw owt the body and hys scheld;
  Alchandrus syne, and the prowd Halyus,                              15
  Nemonas eik, and keyn Prytanyus,
  Quhilkis mysknew Turnus was within the wall,
  And to the bargan dyd thar feris call,
  Apon the grund onon al ded he layd,
  In bargan full expert: syne dyd invaid                              20
  With schynand swerd, hard at the dykis syde,
  Ane Lynceus, the quhilk the sammyn tyde
  Resistys, as he myght, with fell afferis,
  And eftir help cryis apon hys feris;
  Bot with a strake he smate hys nek in twa,                          25
  Baith helm and hed flaw far the body fra.
  And, eftir thir, ane Amycus he slew,
  That bayn had beyn to wild bestis enew;
  Was nane other mair happy nor expert
  To graith and til invnct a castyng dart,                            30
  And with vennom to garnys the steil hedis.
  By Turnus handis the ilk tyme done to ded is
  Eolus son, hait Clytius, the heynd,
  And Creteus also, was the Musys frend;
  Creteus, poet to Musys famyliar,                                     5
  That in hys mynd and breist all tymys bar
  Sangis and gestis, musyk and harpyng;
  Apon hys stryngis playd he mony a spryng,
  Lays and rymys on the best awys,
  And euermar hys maner and his gys                                   10
  Was forto syng, blason, and discryve,
  Men and stedis, knychthed, wer, and stryve.


  _The Troianys set on Turnus dyntis rude,
  Quhill at he fled, and lap into the flude._

  At last Mnestheus and strang Serestus,
  The Troiane capitanys, herand quhow that thus
  Thar pepill slane war doun, dyd convene;                            15
  Thar feris fleand pail and wan haue thai sene,
  And thar cheif ennemy closyt in thar wallys.
  Mnestheus on thame clepys thus and callys:
  Quhar ettill ȝhe to fra hyne? quhidder wald ȝhe fle?
  Quhat other wallys seik ȝhe, or cite?                               20
  Quhar haue ȝe other strenth or forteres?
  O citesanys, behaldis heir expres
  Nane bot a man standand ȝou aganys,
  Closyt within ȝour dykis and wallys of stanys,
  Onrevengit, sa gret occisioun
  And huge slauchter sal mak within ȝour tovn,
  Or sa feill valȝeand ȝyng capitanys kend,                            5
  Onresistit, thus down to hell sall send!
  O maste onworthy cowartis, ful of slewth,
  Of ȝour onselly cuntre haue ȝhe na rewth,
  Nor piete of ȝour ancyent Goddis kynd?
  Think ȝhe na lak and schame into ȝour mynd,                         10
  To do sa gret owtrage to strang Enee,
  In hys absens thus catyfly to fle?
    The Troianys by sik wordis as he said
  In curage grew, and fermly all abaid,
  Abowt thar faman flokkand in a rowt.                                15
  Turnus a litil, thocht he was stern and stowt,
  Begouth frawart the bargane to withdraw,
  And sattil towartis the ryveris syde alaw,
  Ay peys and peys, to that part of the tovn
  Was closyt with the ryver, rynnand dovn.                            20
  Troianys, that seand, the mar apertly
  Assalȝeit hym with mony schowt and cry,
  And thikkyt fast abowt hym inveroun.
  As quhen abowt the awfull wild lyoun,
  With thar invasibill wapynnys scharp and squar,                     25
  Ane multitude of men bilappyt war;
  And he full fers, with thrawin wlt, in the start,
  Seand the scharp poyntis, recullys bakwart:
  Bot, forto gif the bak, and fle away,
  Nowder hys greif nor curage suffir may;                             30
  And, thocht he wald, for all hys mekill mycht,
  Agane samony men and wapynnys brycht
  To pres fordwart may he cum na speid.
  Nane other wys Turnus, at sik a neid,
  Steppys abak with huly pays full still,                              5
  Hys mynd scaldand in greif and egir will:
  And forthir eik amyd hys fays he
  Twys ruschit in, and schuddrit the melle;
  And twys also that onrebutit knycht
  Endlang the wallys put thame to the flycht.                         10
  Bot al togidder, intyll ane convyne,
  Apon hym haill the town assemlyt syne,
  Nor Saturnus get, Juno, in that fyght
  Agane thame durst him minister strenth nor mycht;
  For Jupiter had from the hevynnys fair                              15
  Send dovn Iris, quhilk dwellis in the ayr,
  Onto hys spous and sister thar at hand
  Ful scharp chargis bryngis and command,
  Les than Turnus, quhou evir the chance befallis,
  Withdrew hym fra the fatale Troiane wallys:                         20
  Quharthrow this valȝeand campioun ȝong and keyn
  Nowder with his scheild sa mekil mycht sustene,
  Nor sic defens mak with his hand, as ayr.
  With dartis at him swakkit heir and thar
  On sik wys is he quhelmyt and confundyt,                            25
  That euer in ane hys bos helm rang and soundyt,
  Clynkand abowt hys halfheddis with a dyn:
  Hys sovir armour, strang, and na thyng thyn,
  Is brokkyn and byrsyt with feill stonys cast;
  So thik war dyntis, and strakis smyt so fast,                       30
  That of his helm down bettyn war the crestis;
  Sa sair the bosys of hys target prest is,
  Hys scheild na langar mycht sik rowtis sustene;
  The Troianys, with this Mnestheus, in thar teyn
  Dowblys thar dyntis at hym with speris cast,                         5
  As it had bene the hydduus thundris blast.
  Our all hys body furth ȝet the swait thik,
  Lyke to the trynland blak stremys of pyk;
  Ne gat he laser anys hys aynd to draw:
  The febillit brath ful fast can beit and blaw                       10
  Amyd hys wery breist and lymmys lasch.
  Than at the last, al suddanly, with a plasch,
  Harnes and al togiddir, quhar he stude,
  Him self he swakkis and lap into the flude.
  With giltyn stremys hym keppyt the ryver,                           15
  And bar hym vp abuf hys wallis cleir;
  Syne blithly careit to hys feris bedene,
  All blude and slauchter away was weschyn clein.


  He plasmatour of thingis vniuersall,
  Thou renewar of kynd, that creat all,
  Incomprehensibill thy warkis ar to consave,
  Quhilk grantyt hes to every wight to haue
  Quhat thing mast ganys onto hys governall.                           5

  Quhou mervellus beyn divisions of thy gracis,
  Distribut so to ilk thing in all placis!
  The son to schyne our all, and schaw hys lyght,
  The day to laubour, for rest thou ordanyt nycht;
  For diuers causys schupe seir sessonys and spacis.                  10

  Fresch veir to burgioun herbys and sweit flowris;
  The hait symmyr to nurys corn all howris,
  And breid all kynd of fowlys, fysch, and beste;
  Hervist to rendir hys frutis maste and leste;
  Wyntir to snyb the erth with frosty schowris.                       15

  Not at thou nedyt ocht, all thyng thou wrocht,
  Bot to that fyne thou maid all thing of nocht,
  Of thy gudnes tobe participant;
  Thy Godhed na rychar, nor ȝit mar skant,
  Nowthir now nor then, set thou ws wrocht and bocht.                 20

  Thy maist supreme indiuisibill substans,
  In ane natur thre personys, but discrepans,
  Regnand etern, ressauys nane accident;
  For quhy? thou art rycht at this tyme present
  It at thou was, and evir sal, but varians.                           5

  Set our natur God hes to hym vnyte,
  Hys Godhed incommixt remanys perfyte,
  The son of God havand verray naturis twane
  In a person, and thre personys all ane
  In deite, natur, maieste, and delyte.                               10

  The Son the self thing with the Fader is;
  The self substans the Haly Gaist, I wys,
  Is with thame baith; thre distinct personage,
  Ar, war, and be sall, euer of ane age,
  Omnipotent, a Lord, equale in blys.                                 15

  Quhilk souerane substans, in gre superlatyve,
  Na cunnyng comprehend may nor discryve;
  Nowther generis, generat is, nor doith proceid,
  Allane begynnar of euery thing, but dreid,
  And in the self remanys etern on lyve.                              20

  The Fader, of nane generat, creat, ne boir,
  Hys only Son engendris evirmor;
  Not makis, creatis, bot engendris all way
  Of hys substans; and all tyme of baith twa
  Procedis the Haly Gaist, equal in glor.                             25

  Of baith, from ane begynnyng, procedis he;
  So bene the warkis of the Trinite
  Maist excellent, and wondirfull to consave:
  Ȝit thame to traste the mair meryte we have,
  That be na manys rayson prevyt may thai be.                          5

  The Fader knawys hym self, quhilk knawlege spredis
  Be generatioun etern, that evir bredis
  Hys Son, hys word and wysdom eternall:
  Betwix thir twa is luf perpetuall,
  Quhilk is the Haly Gaist, fra baith procedis.                       10

  Not at the Faderis natur mynyst is,
  Of hys substans he generis his Son in blys;
  Ne so the Son of hys kynd is ybor,
  That he a part hes tharof, and na mor;
  Bot all he gevys hys Son, and all is hys.                           15

  The ilk thing he hym gevis, that he remanys:
  Thys syngill substans indifferently thus ganys
  To thre in ane, and ilk ane of the thre
  The sammyn thing is in a maieste,
  Thocht thir personys be seuerall in thre granys.                    20

  Lyke as the sawle of man is ane, we wait,
  Havand thre poweris distinct and separate,
  Vnderstandyng, rayson, and memor:
  Intelligens consideris the thing befor,
  Rayson discernys, memor kepis the consait.                          25

  As thai beyn in a substans knyt all thre,
  Thre personys ryngnys in a Deite.
  We may tak als ane other simylytude,
  Grosly the sammyn purpos to conclud;
  Flame, lycht, and hait, bene in a fyre we se.                        5

  Quhar euer the low is, lycht and heit bene thar;
  And had the fyre bene byrnand euermar,
  Evyr suld the flambe engendrit haue hys lyght,
  And of the byrnand low the flambys brycht
  Perpetualy suld heit haue sprung alquhar.                           10

  So generis the Fader the Son with hym etern,
  From baith procedis the Haly Gaist coetern.
  Thus rude exemplys and figuris may we geif;
  Thocht, God by hys awin creaturis to preif,
  War mar onliknes than liknes to discern.                            15

  Frend, farly nocht, na caus is to complene
  Albeit thy wyt gret God may nocht attene;
  For, mycht thou comprehend be thyne engyne
  The maist excellent maieste dyvyne,
  He mycht be reput a pretty God and meyn.                            20

  Consider thy raison is so febill and lyte,
  And hys knawlage profund and infynyte;
  Consider quhou he is onmensurabill:
  Hym, as he is, to knaw thou art not habill;
  It sufficis the beleif thy creid perfyte.                           25

  God is, I grant, in all thing nocht includyt;
  Gevis all gudnes, and is of nocht denudyt;
  Of hym hes all thing part, and he nocht mynyst;
  Hail he is alquhar, not diuidit, ne fynyst;
  Without all thing he is, and nocht excludit.                         5

  O Lord, thy ways beyn investigabill!
  Sweit Lord, thy self is sa inestimabill,
  I can write nocht bot wondris of thy mycht,
  That lawyt sa far thy maieste and hyght
  Tobe born man intill ane oxis stabill.                              10

  Thow tuke mankynd of ane onwemmyt maid,
  Inclosyt within a virginis bosum glaid,
  Quham all the hevynnys mycht nevir comprehend;
  Angellis, scheiphyrdis, and kyngis thy Godheid kend,
  Set thou in cryb betwix twa bestis was laid.                        15

  Quhat infynyte excellent hie bonte
  Abufe thy warkis all, in wonderfull gre!
  Lord, quhen thou man wrocht to thyne awyn ymage,
  That tynt him self throu hys fulych dotage,
  Thou man becam, and deit to mak hym fre.                            20

  Maid thou not man first president vnder the,
  To dant the bestis, fowlys, and fysch in see,
  Subdewit to him the erth, and all tharin;
  Syne paradice grantit hym and all his kyn,
  Gave him fre will, and power nevir to dee?                          25

  Enarmyt him with raison and prudence;
  Only bad hym kepe thyne obediens,
  And to hym suld all creaturis obey?
  Bitter was that fruyt for his ofspryng, and fey,
  Maid deth onknawin be fund, and lyfe go hens.                        5

  O thyne inestimabill luf and cheryte!
  Becam a thrall to mak ws bondis fre,
  To quykkyn thy sclavys tholyt schamfull ded maste fell.
  Blissyt be thou virginal frute, that hereit hell,
  And pait the pryce of the forbodin tre!                             10

  Thocht thou large stremys sched apon the rude,
  A drop had bene sufficient of thy blude
  A thousand warldis to haue redemyt, I grant;
  Bot thou the well of mercy wald nocht skant,
  Ws to provoik to lufe the, and be gude.                             15

  Our all this syne, thyne infynyte Godhed,
  Thy flesch and blude in form of wyne and bred,
  Tobe our fuyd of grace, in plege of glor,
  Thou hest ws geif, in perpetuall memor
  Of thy passioun and dolorus paynfull ded.                           20

  Quhat thankis dew or ganȝeld, Lord benyng,
  May I, maist wracht synfull catyve indyng,
  Rendir for this souerane peirles hie bonte?
  Sen body, saule, and all, I haue of the,
  Thou art my pryce, mak me thy praye condyng.                        25

  My makar, my redemar, and support,
  Fra quham all grace and gudnes cumis at schort,
  Grant me that grace my mysdedis til amend,
  Of this and all my warkis to mak gud end:
  Thus I beseik the, Lord, thus I exort.                               5

  From the begynnyng and end be of my muse:
  All other Jove and Phebus I refus.
  Lat Virgill hald hys mawmentis to him self;
  I wirschip nowder ydoll, stok, nor elf,
  Thocht furth I write so as myne autour dois.                        10

  Is nane bot thou, the Fader of Goddis and men,
  Omnipotent eternal Jove I ken;
  Only the, helply Fader, thar is nane other:
  I compt not of thir paygane Goddis a fudder,
  Quhais power may nocht help a haltand hen.                          15

  The scripture clepys the God, of Goddis Lord;
  For quha thy mandat kepys in ane accord
  Bene ane with the, not in substans, bot grace,
  And we our Fader the clepys in euery place:
  Mak ws thy sonnys in cherite, but discord.                          20

  Thow haldis court our cristall hevynnys cleir,
  With angellis, sanctis, and hevynly spretis seir,
  That, but cessyng, thy glor and lovyng syngis:
  Manifest to the, and patent, bene all thyngis;
  Thy spows, and queyn maid, and thy moder deir.                      25

  Concord for ever, myrth, rest, and endles blys,
  Na feir of hell, nor dreid of ded, thar is
  In thy sweit realm, nor na kynd of ennoy,
  Bot all weilfair, eys, and euerlestand joy;
  Quhais hie plesance, Lord, lat ws neuer mys! Amen.                   5



  _Quhou Jupiter the court of goddis dyd call,
  And Venus makis complaynt amangis thame all._

  On breid, or this, was warp and maid patent
  The hevynly hald of God omnipotent.
  The kyng of men and fader of goddis all
  Ane consale or a sessioun maid do call,
  Amang the spretis abufe and goddis gret,                             5
  Within hys sterrit hevyn and mylky set:
  Quharfra, amyd hys trone sittand full hie,
  Our all the erd he mycht behald and se
  The Troianys castellys, and the pepill Latyne.
  Down sat the Goddis in thar segis dyvyne,                           10
  The faldyn ȝettis baith vp warpyt braid;
  First Jove hym self begouth, and thus he said.
    O hevynly wightis, of gret power and mycht,
  Quhou is betyd ȝour myndis bene sa lycht,
  That ȝour decreit fatal and sentens hie                             15
  Retretit thus and turnyt bakwartis suld be?
  Or quhy with frawart myndis now of layt
  Aganys ȝour ressonabill oraclys ȝe debait?
  My will was not at the Italianys
  In batale suld concur contrar Troianys.
  Quhat maner discord be this at we se,                                5
  Expres agane our inhibitioun? said he:
  Quhat dreid or reuerens thame, or thame, hes movyt
  To ryn till armys, and rasys weir controvit?
  Or hes sic wys persuadyt to bargane,
  With bludy wapynnys rent, and mony slane?                           10
  Haist not the sesson to provoke nor prevene;
  Of batale cum sal detfull tyme bedene,
  Heireftir, quhen the fers burgh of Cartage
  To Romys boundis, in thar feirfull rage,
  Ane huge myscheif and gret qualm send sall,                         15
  And thyrll the hie montanys lyke a wall:
  Than war just tyme in wreth to mak debait,
  Than war the tyme to rug and reif thus gait.
  Now of sic thingis leif and desist; with me
  Glaidly do makis frendly amyte.                                     20
    A few wordis on this wys Jupiter said;
  Bot not in quhoyn wordis him answer maid
  The fresch goldyn Venus: O thou, quod sche,
  Fader of all, O eternal powste,
  Regnand abuse all men, and Goddis eik,                              25
  To the I cum, the rewthfully beseik,
  Sen thar nane other maieste bene, ne glor,
  That in sik neid may help ws to implor.
  Thow seys quhou, with bost and felloun feir,
  The Rutilianys makis gret derray and steir;                         30
  And quhou Turnus, pransand on semly stedis,
  Throw owt the ostis rydis in steill wedis;
  And quhou orpyt and prowdly ruschis he
  Amyd Troianys, be fawour of Mars, quod sche.
  The strenth of wallys, nor the portis schet,                         5
  May nocht salf Troianys; lo, within the ȝet,
  Amyd the clos muralȝeis and paill,
  And dowbill dikis, quhou thai thame assaill,
  Quhill the fowceis of blude rynnys on spait:
  Eneas absent of this na thing wait.                                 10
  Quhidder gif that thou list suffir neuermar
  Thar sege scalit, nor thame fre of dangar?
  Behald agane abowt new Troys wall,
  Ȝit bot begyn to byg, and not clos all,
  Quhou inveroun musteris thar ennemyis:                              15
  Ane other ost and sege abowt thame lyis,
  And newly, lo, Tedeus son, not far
  From Arpos cite into Calabar,
  To wery Troianys movis, Diomed.
  I feill agane my wondis newly bleid;                                20
  And I, thy blude, thi get, and douchter schene,
  Ȝit mortale wapynnys mon thoil eik and sustene!
  Gyf the Troianys, but thy benevolens,
  Or repugnant to thy magnificens,
  Hes socht onto the cost of Italy,                                   25
  Lat thame be punyst and thar cryme aby;
  And I sall suythly stand content for me,
  Thou mak thame na kynd help nor ȝit supple.
  Bot gif thai followit haue for thar behufe
  Sa feill responsis of the Goddis abufe,                             30
  With syndry admonitiouns, charge, and redis
  Of the infernal wightis and spretis that ded is,
  Than wald I knaw the caus or resson quhy
  That ony mycht pervert or ȝit bewry
  Thy commandmentis? how, or quharfor, may thai                        5
  New fatys mak, and the ald do away?
  Quhat nedis to rehers, quhou on the cost
  Of Scycilly thar schippis brynt war lost?
  Or quharto suld I dwel, to schaw ȝou thus,
  Quhou be the God of tempest, Eolus,                                 10
  The rageand wyndis send war our alquhar,
  Or Iris catchit throw clowdis of the ayr?
  Now movyt eyk bene fendlych wightis affrayt:
  Befor, only that chance was onassayt;
  Bot now Alecto newly is furth sent                                  15
  Into the ovir warld, that fell torment,
  With Bacchus fury enragit by and by,
  Walkand throu all citeis of Italy.
  Na thyng I paus on the empyre, quod sche,
  Allthocht we hoip had at sic thing suld be,                         20
  Quhen fortoun schew tharof sum apperans:
  Lat thame be victour quham thou lyst avans.
  And gif na realm in this warld remanys,
  Quhom thy stern spous list geif to the Troianys,
  I the beseik of Troy by the rewyne,                                 25
  By that subuersioun rekand, and huge pyne,
  Suffyr that ȝyng Ascanyus mot be
  Salf fra all wapynnys, and of perrell fre;
  And, at the lest, in this ilk mortall stryve
  Suffir thy nevo to remane alyve.                                    30
  As for Ene, forsuyth, I mak na cair:
  Thoill hym in onkowth stremys, as he was ayr,
  Be dryve, and warpyt euery sey abowt,
  To follow furth in danger and in dowt
  Quhat curs and went at fortoun lyst hym sent;                        5
  Mot it ples the fader omnipotent
  That I may bot defend ȝon litill page,
  And hym withdraw from this fers weris rage.
  I haue in Cipyr the cite Amathus,
  And the hie standand burgh that hayt Paphus,                        10
  And eik the ille yclepyt Cythera,
  The hallowyt hald als of Idalya,
  Quhar, rendryt vp all armys in that stede,
  Duryng hys age he sobir lyfe may led.
  And command eik with gret fors and mastry                           15
  The burgh of Cartage down thryng Italy;
  Fra thyne sal na thing resist nor gaynstand
  Contrar citeis of Tyre or Affrik land.
  Quhat proffit has it done, or avantage,
  Of Troys batale to haue eschape the rage,                           20
  And throw amyd the Grekis fyrys eik
  Haue fled away, and throw the sey haue seik,
  Sa feill dangeris bywent and ourdryve
  Our streym and landis; gyf that thus belyve
  Troianys hes socht till Itaill, to vpset                            25
  New Troys wallys, tobe agane doun bet?
  Had not bene bettir thame in thar natyve hauld
  Had syttin still amang the assys cauld,
  And lattyr isillys of thar kynd cuntre,
  Or barrand soyll quhar Troy was wont tobe,                          30
  Than thus, fra ded to ded, from payn to payn,
  Be catchit on, and euery day be slane?
  Restor, I pray the, to thai wrachit wightis
  Xanthus and Symoes, fludis quhilk of rychtis
  Was wont tobe thar propyr herytage:                                  5
  O fader, suffir the fey Troiane barnage
  To seik agane quhat hard myschance befallys
  To Troy or Ilion with thar brokyn wallys.


  _To Venus complaynt Juno fra end till end
  Maid hasty ansuer, hir actioun to defend._

  The queyn Juno than, but mair abayd,
  Prykkyt with felloun fury thus furthbrayd:                          10
  Quhy doys thou, said scho, to me sik offens,
  Constrenyng me brek clos profund sylens,
  And with thy wordis, quhar ayr I was koy,
  Prouokis to publys and schaw myne hyd ennoy?
  Quhat maner man, or quhilk of goddis, lat se,                       15
  To move batale constrenyt hes Ene,
  Or to engyre hym self to Latyn kyng
  As mortal fa, within hys proper ryng?
  I geif the cace, to Italy socht he
  Of the fatys by the autoryte,                                       20
  Provokyt tharto be the wyld dotage
  Of wod Cassandra in hir fury rage:
  Lat se, for all this, gyf that anys in sport
  To leif hys strenthis we dyd hym exhort;
  Or forto put hys lyfe in ony danger;
  To sayll, or submyt hym to wyndis seir?
  Lat se, gyf we hym causyt to walk at large,                          5
  And till ane bab commyt the batellis charge,
  And governance haill of hys cite wallys?
  Lat se gyf we, how evir the chance befallys,
  Persuadyt hym forto commove and steir
  Other quyet pepill with hym to rays the weir,                       10
  Or till adione vp frendschip and ally
  With Tyrrhene pepill and folk of Tuscany?
  Quhat God amovit hym with sic a gawd
  In hys dedis to oys sik slyght and frawd,
  Or quhilk of our hard poweris wrocht sic thyng?                     15
  Quhar was Juno with all, this lady ȝyng?
  Or quhar was sche also quhen, ȝistir nycht,
  Irys was send down throu the clowdis brycht?
  Is this a thing full onlesum, but let,
  Thocht Italianys with flambys ombeset                               20
  The new cite of Troy vprysand, lo?
  And is it not full gret dispyt also
  That, in hys natyve land and faderis ryng,
  Turnus remane, or pretend tobe kyng,
  Quhamto the God Pylumnus grandschir is,                             25
  And haly nymphe Venylia moder, I wys?
  Quhat! thinkis thou lesum is at Troianys infeir
  Violens to mak with brandis of mortall weir
  Agane Latynys, syk onkowth heritage
  Tyll occupy and subdew in bondage,                                  30
  And thar catale in spreth to dryve away?
  Quhat! haldis thou lesum als, I pray the say,
  From otheris to withdraw sa thyftuusly
  Thar eldfaderis and maist tendyr ally,
  Or, from betwix thar breist and armys tway,                          5
  Thar treutht plyght spowsys forto reif away?
  To cum and beseik trewys in strange landis,
  With syng or takyn of paix born in thar handis;
  And, netheles, to mak reddy for weir,
  Purvay thar schippis, provide armour and geir?                      10
  To salf Ene, hes thou not power and mycht
  From Grekis handis hym to withdraw be slycht,
  And set in sted of that man, light as lynd,
  Owder a clowd or a waist puft of wynd?
  And eik thou may transform the schippis, quod sche,                 15
  Intil alsmony Goddessis of the see:
  Bot, be the contrary, Rutilyanys ofspryng
  We suld support, that is forbodyn thyng!
  Thy son Ene, mysknawyng this deray,
  As thou allegis, is absent now away:                                20
  And quhat iniurys, absent mot he remane,
  And ignorant for ay of this bargane?
  Thow has Paphos, thyne is Idalia,
  And thyne mot be the ile of Cithera:
  Sen thou hes all thir at command and will,                          20
  Lat other folkis in paix and rest dwell styll.
  Quharto assalzeis thou a strang cite,
  That hes bene oft exercyt in melle,
  And lyst invaid pepill with hartis kene?
  I can not fynd quhat occasioun ȝe meyn.                             30
  Haue we etlyt the Phrigyane febill geir
  Down from the grund to welt our into weir?
  Quhidder was it we, or than Parys, that faltyt,
  That wrachit Troianys by Grekis war assaltit?
  Quhat was the caus, that Europ and Asya                              5
  To rays the weir in armys war sa thra
  Aganyst otheris, and thar auld allyans
  With thiftuus reif to brek on sic myschans?
  Was I not governour and cheif ledar thar,
  The tyme quhen that the Troiane adulterar                           10
  Ombesegyt the cite of Spartha,
  And the queyn Heleyn reft and brocht awa?
  Or quhidder gif I evir into that weir
  Mynysterit dartis, wapynnys, or sic geir?
  Or ȝit that bargane stuffyt or bet, lat se,                         15
  With Cupydis blynd lust and subtilite?
  Than had bene honest tyme, and ganand baith,
  Till haue previdit for thy frendis skaith:
  Now, al to layt, with thyne iniust complantis
  Aganyst ws thou rysis, and attantis                                 20
  Forto warp owt thy vane wordis chydyng,
  Quhilk certis may avale the in na thing.
    With siclyke wordis Juno fra end to end
  Gan hir querrell sustene and als defend;
  And all the hevynly wightis dyd quhyspir and rown,                  25
  In opynyonys full diuers, vp and down:
  Lyke as first, or wyndis blast be persave,
  The swouch is hard within the woddis waif,
  With frasyng soundis quhisland, ȝit onknaw
  Quharof cumis this bruyt owt throw the schaw;                       30
  All thocht it be to maryneris a syng,
  Of wyndis blast to follow sur taknyng.
    The Fader than omnipotent maist hie,
  That our all thingis hes souerane maieste,
  Begouth to say; and, quhen he spak, all cessyt:                      5
  The hevynly heich hows of Goddis was pecyt;
  The erthis grund schuke trymlyng for feir,
  And still, but movyng, stud the hevynys cleir;
  The wyndis eik thar blastis lowynt sone;
  The sey calmyt hys fludis playn abone.                              10
  Ressaue, quod he, my sawis, and tak tent,
  And thir my wordis within ȝour myndis emprent.
  Sen that algatis ȝit may not sufferit be
  Latynys considir with Troianys and Ene,
  Nor ȝe can nocht mak end of ȝour debait,                            15
  I sall me hald indifferent, the meyn gait,
  And as for that, put na diuersyte
  Quhiddir so Italianys or Troianys thai be;
  Quhow evir this day the fortoun with thame standis,
  Bruke weill thar chance and werd on athir handis,                   20
  Lat ich of thame hys hoip and fortoun sew:
  Quhidder so the fatys hes determyt of new
  Troianys tobe assegit with Italianys
  To thar myscheif, or wraik of the Troianys,
  Quhilkis with frawart admonytions sa lang                           25
  Peraventour hes errit and gane wrang;
  Nowder Troianys nor Rutilianys freith will I.
  Lat athir of thame thar awin fortoun stand by,
  And bruke thar wark thai haue begun; but faill,
  Kyng Jupiter salbe to all equale.                                   30
  The fatis sal provyd a way mair habill.
  And with that word, fortill hald ferm and stabill
  Hys godly aith and promys sworn hes he,
  Be Stix the flude, Pluto hys broderis see,
  Be that ilk pykky layk with brays blak,                              5
  And laithly golf, to kepe all that he spak;
  And, til afferm hys aith, at hys lykyng
  The hevynnys all maid trymbill, for a syng.
    Thus endit was the consale, and al doyn,
  And Jupiter rays fra hys goldyn troyn:                              10
  Quham hevynly wightis amyddis thame with joy
  Ontill hys chymmys ryall dyd convoy.


  _Quhou the Troianys defendis thar cyte,
  Eneas absent sekand mair supple._

  Duryng this quhile, all the Rutilianys stowt
  The cite portis lappit rownd abowt,
  Forto down bet the Troianys, euery fyre,                            15
  Inveroun all the wallys with hait fyre.
  Eneas barnage, at myschefis huge
  Thus ombeset, and segyt but refuge,
  Inclusyt war but hop to wyn away,
  And sobyrly at defens, as thai may,                                 20
  On the hie towris hedis stud on raw:
  Ful thyn the cirkyllys of the wallys law
  Thai mannyt abowt; for in the first front stude
  Jasyus, Imbrasus son, and eik the gude
  Tymetes, son of strang Icetoan,
  And by thame alsso the Assaracus twane,
  The eldar Thybrys with Castor full wroth;                            5
  Brethir germane to kyng Sarpedon boith,
  Quham Clarus had, and Hemon, ferys twa,
  Followyt from the hie realm of Lycya.
  Ane Agmon of Lyrnesya fast tharby
  Presys with all the fors in hys body                                10
  A felloun stone to welt the wallys tyll,
  Quhilk semyt be a gret part of a hyll;
  Na les of statur than hys fader Clytyus
  Was he, nor ellys hys brother Mnestheus.
  With dartis thai assaill the cite fast,                             15
  And thai defend with slungis and stane cast;
  Sum presys thik the wyld fyre in to slyng,
  The arrowys flaw spangand fra euery stryng.
  The Dardane child, the ȝyng Ascanyus,
  Principall thocht and cuyr of Dame Venus,                           20
  Amyd the rowtis, in covert quhar he ȝeid,
  Thar mycht be seyn in hys fresch lustyhed,
  Lyke as ane gem, with hys brycht hew schynyng,
  Departis the gold set amydwart the ryng,
  Or in the crownell pyght, or rych hynger,                           25
  Quhilk doys the nek array, or the hed ger;
  And mair semly than evir bane to se,
  Craftely closyt within the box of tre,
  Or than amyd the blak terebynthyne
  Growys by Orycia: and, as the geit dois schyne,                     30
  Hys curland lokkis hyngis down weill dek
  About hys schuldris our hys mylk quhyte nek;
  Ane circulet of plyabill gold so bryght
  Abuf hys haris apon hys hed weil pyght.
  Thow Ismarus, of magnanymyte                                         5
  Fulfyllit, eik thar myght men the se,
  Invnctand venemus schaftis the ilk tyde,
  Addres dartis, and wyrk wondis full wyde;
  Cummyn of the gentill blude of Meony,
  In Lyde cuntre born thou was, fast by                               10
  The plentuus sulze quhar the goldyn ryver
  Pactolus warpys on grund the gold vre cleir.
  Reddy at hand was Mnestheus wight,
  Quham the renowne of this ȝistir nycht,
  For that he Turnus our the dychys drave,                            15
  Full prowd maid in hys curage our the laif:
  With hym was Capys thar alsso, quham by
  The town Capua is namyt in Champany.
    Thus ather party into hard barganyng
  Stude at debait, quhill Eneas the kyng,                             20
  With all hys ferys, baith day and mydnycht
  Slydis throw owt the salt famys lyght.
  For eftir that fra kyng Evander he
  Departit was, as heir abufe said we,
  And entrit in amyd the Tuscane tentis,                              25
  The kyng he socht, and tald hym hys ententis,
  Hys name to hym rehersyng, and hys blude;
  And hys desyre, fully to conclude,
  Hes schawyn planely, twychand quhat he socht,
  And quhat supple alsso with hym he brocht;                          30
  And tald quhat army prowd Mezentyus
  Had convenyt, and how the bald Turnus
  So violent and fers was in hys will,
  Exhortyng hym to tak gude heyd heirtill;
  And how instabill was all warldis chance,                            5
  All manis surte hyngand in ballance:
  And onto this hys request and prayer
  Adionyt hes on ful gudly maner.
  Thar was na mair delay, bot Tarchon kyng
  Al reddy was to fulfyll hys lykyng,                                 10
  With moblys and all ryches at command,
  And vp gan knyt thar fordward and cunnand
  Of amyte and perpetuall ally:
  Than of the fatys fre, in thar navy,
  At command of the Goddis, pepill Tuscane                            15
  Ar entrit in thar schyppys euerilkane,
  Submytting thame ontill a strange duke.
  Eneas barge than furth the vayage tuke
  Befor the laif, as almeral of the flote,
  And in hir stevyn kervyn full weil, God wot,                        20
  The lyonys that the Phrygyane armys bene;
  Abufe the quhilkis porturat fair and greyn
  Was Ida forest, to fugytyve Troianys
  Thar best belovyt wod and natyve wanys.
  In hyr was set the gret prynce Eneas,                               25
  That with hym self can mony thing cumpas
  Twychyng the chancis of batal in that tyde:
  Pallas adionyt sat by hys left syde,
  And he at hym dyd wysly ask and speir
  The curs and namys of the starnys cleir,                            30
  Quhilk in the styl hevyn schynys on the nycht:
  Now speris he, franand with all hys myght,
  To knaw Eneas wandryng be the see,
  And quhou huge payn he had on landis dre.


  _Heir comptis Virgill the pepil of Tuscane,
  Quhilkis with Eneas com to the bargane._

  Ȝhe Musys now, sweit Goddessis ychone,                               5
  Oppyn and onclos ȝour mont of Helycon:
  Reveil the secretis lyand in ȝour mycht,
  Entone my sang, addres my style at rycht,
  To schaw quhat pyssance, ostis, and army,
  At this tyme from the boundis of Tuscany                            10
  In falloschyp com with the prynce Ene,
  And stuffyt schippys of weir set to the see.
    Fyrst, prynce Massycus cummys with hys rowt,
  Into hys barge Tygrys, with stelyt snowt,
  Sowchand throw owt the fludis quhar scho went,                      15
  A thowsand stowt ȝong men of hys talent
  Vndir hym ledyng, for the batale bown,
  From Clusyum com vmquhile, that nobell town,
  And fra the Tuscane cite of Cosa;
  Baith castyng dartis and flanys vsyt tha,                           20
  With arrow casys and other quavyrris lycht,
  And mortal bowys buklyt for the fyght.
    Sammyn furth salys Abas; and hym by
  Hys barnage stud enarmyt rychely;
  Hys weirlyke schip our the fludis ilkane
  Of God Appolloys goldyn statw schane:
  The rych cyte of Populonyas,                                         5
  Hys natyve cuntre, quharof born he was,
  Sax hundreth men of armys in wer expert
  With hym hes send; and the ile in that part
  Illua callyt, within the Tuscane see,
  Sa rych of steill it may nocht wastyt be,                           10
  Thre hundreth eik hes send with hym to pas.
    The thryd capitane, worthy Asylas,
  Of Goddis eik and men interpretur,
  Of euery spayng craft that knew the cuyr,
  Quhat the hart pypis and bestis entralys ment,                      15
  Quhat signyfeit the starnys, quhar thai went
  Thar rycht cursis abufe the hevynnys hie,
  And euery byrdis vocis weil knew he,
  And quhat betaknyt, schynnyng from the hevyn,
  Thyr fyry blastis, or this thundris levyn;                          20
  A thousand men assemlyt with hym ledis,
  With awful speris and scharp grundyn hedis:
  Quham the Hetruscane cite, Pysa gude,
  Inhabyt first from Alpheus that flude,
  Send tyll obey hym as thar capitane.                                25
    Syne followys Astur, the semlyast of ane,
  Astur, maist sovyr horsman forto seik,
  Of variant cullour was hys armour eik;
  Thre hundreth walyt men with hym he led.
  All of a will, furth to the batal sped                              30
  The folkis alhail dwelt in the cite sweit
  Of Agelyn, otherwys callyt Cerete,
  And thai that dwellys in tha feldis, I wys,
  Endlang the bankis of flude Mynyonys,
  Or intill ancyent Pyrgus town alssua,                                5
  Or inhabytys the cyte Grauyssa,
  Ful contagius of tempest and grews ayr.
    Suld I the pretermyt, sen thou was thar?
  I meyn the, Cygnus, of Lygurianys
  The cheif ledar, amang other capitanys                              10
  Ane the maist forcy into batal sted.
  Ne wil I not forȝet, suld I be ded,
  The, strang Cupauus, with thy few menȝe,
  Fra quhais tymbret rysys apon hie
  The lusty swannys fedrame, brycht and scheyn:                       15
  The cryme and caws of all ȝour woful teyn
  Was luf and amouris, or pompus array
  Schrowd in ȝour faderis connysans al to gay.
  For, as thai tell, quhil dolorusly Cygnus
  Maid hys complant amang the scroggy bus                             20
  Of poppill tre branschis lang and squar,
  Quharin the twa systeris transformyt war,
  And gan bewail Phaeton, hys best belovyt;
  Quhil that he sang and playt, as hym behwyt,
  The dolly tonys and lays lamentabill,                               25
  With sic regrate to comfort and astabill
  Hys hevy amorus thochtis ennoyus,
  In quhite canos soft plumys joyus
  Became ourheld, in lyknes of a swan,
  And led hys age na mar furth lyke a man,                            30
  Bot tuke hys flycht vp from the erd in hy,
  And with a swouchand voce socht in the sky.
  Hys son, this tyde, havand hys falloschippys
  Distribut equaly into syndry schippys,
  Amang the navy and the flote at large,                               5
  With ayris rollys furth hys bustuus barge,
  Clepyt Centaurus, and ithandly syne he
  Dryvys throu fludis of the stormy see:
  Byg of statur stude he lyke to feght,
  Bostand the streme with ballast of huge weght,                      10
  And with hys lang and lusty ballyngar
  Ourslydis the deip fludis in thar fair.
    The nobill Ocnus from hys natyve land
  A fair army assemlyt brocht at hand,
  Son of God Tibris, the Tuscane ryver,                               15
  Beget apon Manthus the lady cleir,
  That was baith nymphe and famus prophetes:
  Thys Ocnus was the ilk man quhilk expres
  Of Mantua the cite dyd he wall,
  And eftir hys said moderis name can call                            20
  Mantua, myghty of ald ancystry
  And forfaderis: bot hys geneology
  Was not of ane kynrent cummyn all;
  For that town had thre clannys principall,
  And, vnder euery clan or trybe of tha,                              25
  War other sobyr famyllis twys twa:
  Mantua eik was cheif and principal hed
  Till all thir pepill wonnyng in that sted,
  Takand thar fors and hardyment ilkane
  From the lynage and nobill blude Tuscane.                           30
  Mezentius, throu hys auld tyrranny,
  Furth of this cite aganyst hym in hy
  Fyve hundreth men till armys maid do steir;
  Quham Myncyus, the fresch rynnand ryver,
  That from the lowch of Bennacus ischis down,                         5
  And is ourheldyt all with redis brovn,
  Hes careit to the braid seys large
  Within thar weirly schip and awfull barge.
    Furth held the stowt and degest Aulestes,
  Quhilk with gret strenth of rowaris in that pres,                   10
  Rasyng thame on thar thoftis for the nanys,
  The fludis smate with hundreth arys at anys,
  Quhil that the famy stowr of stremys le
  Vp weltis from the braid palmys of tre.
  The mekill howk hym bair was Tryton callyt;                         15
  For in hir forestam was the monstre stallyt,
  With watry trumpe fleyand the fludis gray:
  Quhar as scho salyt, men mycht se hym ay
  With byrsy body porturyt, and vissage
  All rowgh of harys, semyng of cullage                               20
  In mannys form fra hys cost to hys crown;
  Bot from hys belly, and thens fordwart dovn,
  The remanent straucht lyke a fyschis tayll,
  In symylitude of huddon or a quhaill;
  Vndre the breist of this ilk bysnyng thyng                          25
  The sey wallys bulrand makis murnyng.
    Sa mony walyt capitanys, nobill men,
  In help of new Troy, with schippys thrys ten,
  Slydis throw the salt stremys of the see
  With stelyt stevynnys and bowand bylge of tre.                      30


  _Eneas schippis, translait in Nymphis of see,
  Tald hym quhou Turnus assegit the cyte._

  Be this declynyt was the days lyght;
  The moyn intill hyr waverand cart of nycht
  Held rollyng throw the hewynnys myddil ward;
  As Eneas, the Troiane prynce and lard,
  For thochtis mycht na wys hys membris rest,                          5
  Sa mony curys in hys mynd he kest,
  Bot sat in proper person, and nane other,
  To steir hys carvell and to rewle the ruther,
  And forto gyde the salys takand tent.
  Onone, amyd hys curs, thar as he went,                              10
  Recontyris hym hys falloschip in hy
  Of Nymphis, quham of schippys and his navy
  The haly moder, clepyt Cybele,
  Maid to becum Goddessys in the see:
  All sammyn swam thai, hand in hand yfeir,                           15
  And throw the wallys fast dyd sewch and scheir,
  Als feill in numbyr Nymphys throw the flude,
  As laitly with thar stelyt stevynnys stude
  Of Troiane schippys by the costis syde.
  A weil far way, as our the streme thai glyde,                       20
  Thar kyng thai knaw, and all in carralyng
  About hys schyp went circulyt in a ryng.
  Amangis quham, in speche the maist expert,
  Cymodocea to the wail astert,
  And with hir rycht hand can the eft casteill
  Do gryp onon, that all hir bak ilk deill
  Abuf the sey watir dyd appeir:
  Beneth the calmyt stremys fair and cleir
  With hir left hand craftely swymmys sche;                            5
  Syne on this wys spekis till Enee,
  That of this wonderus mervell knew na thing:
    Walkis thou or not, thou verray Goddis ofspryng,
  Our prynce and master Eneas? now awaik,
  Takill thy schippys, and thy schetis sclaik.                        10
  We beyn thy navy and thy flote, quod sche,
  Bowyt sum tyme of fyr and bych tre,
  Grew in the haly top of mont Ida,
  And now, as present thou behald ws may,
  Nymphes we beyn, and salbe euermor.                                 15
  For, as ȝon faithles Turnus by the schor
  Invadyt ws with glavys and with fyre,
  On fors constrenyt for the flambys schire,
  Thy cabillys we in sundyr brak in haist,
  To seik the throw the sey, as we war chaist:                        20
  And than the moder of Goddis, Cybele,
  Havand of ws compassioun and piete,
  In this figour has ws all translait,
  For euermar to be deificat,
  As Goddessys, quhar so ws lykis best,                               25
  Amangis the fludis forto leif and lest.
  Bot thy deir child, ȝyng Ascanyus stowt,
  Besegyt is, and closyt rownd abowt
  With wallys, fowcy, and trynschis, ather syde,
  Amyd dartis or quarrellys fast doys glyde,                          30
  And dreidfull hostis of stern pepill Latyne,
  By weir enforsyng to distroy all thyne.
  Evandrus horsmen, clepyt Arcadanys,
  Mydlyt sammyn with Hetrurianys,
  Quham in thy help thou sendis by the land,                           5
  Thai placis now, quhar as thou gaue command,
  Can occupy, abydand thy cummyng:
  Bot Turnus hes determyt, as certane thing,
  Gret garnysonys to send betwix thame sone,
  That ȝour hostis sall not togidder joyn.                            10
  Get vp, haue done, and sone in the mornyng,
  Alsswyth as the brycht day begynnys to spryng,
  Thy ferys haill thou fyrst to harnes call,
  And with thy scheild invynsibill tharwithall
  Thy selvyn schrowd, quham mychty God of fyre                        15
  To the, as ane maist souerane lord and syre,
  Has wrocht and gevyn, and with gold sa brycht
  The bordouris has ourgylt and forgit at rycht.
  Gyf thou belevys not my sawys invayn,
  The lyght of day to morn, I schaw the playn,                        20
  Huge hepys sal behald in feld dung down
  Of Rutilianys by fell occisioun.
    Thus said sche; and, departand with a skyp,
  By hir rycht hand sche schowys furth the schyp,
  As scho that was in that craft rycht expert;                        25
  And throw the wallys on the tother part
  Glydys away undir the fomy seys,
  Als swyft as ganȝe or feddyrrit arrow fleys,
  That stryvys forto pyngill with the wynd:
  The remanent hir followys fast behynd.                              30
  Anchises son, the gret Troiane Ene,
  Awondris, onwyttyng quhat this mycht be;
  And, netheles, hys curage dyd avance
  With this ilk fatale augury or chance:
  Syne schortly, lukand to the hevyn abone,                            5
  On this maner can pray and maid hys boyn.
    O blyssyt moder of the Goddis, quod he,
  That hallowyt art in the montane Ide,
  Quhamto the toppys of mont Dyndymane,
  And eik the towryt citeis mony ane,                                 10
  With renyt lyonys ȝokkyt to the char,
  Ful tendyr bene and hartly euermar;
  Be thou in batall now my president,
  Be my protectrix, dewly takand tent
  At this orakyll be hastyt to our weill;                             15
  O haly Goddes, with happy fute of seill
  Cum and assistis to thyne awyn Troianys.
    No mor he spak, bot, with that word atanys,
  In the meyn quhile vpspryngis the brycht day,
  Chasand the clowdis of the nycht away.                              20
  And fyrst Eneas gan hys ferys command
  Thar baneris to displayt and follow at hand,
  Thar curage eik and curace to addres,
  And graith thame for the batail all expres.
  For he, be than, hys Troianys mycht behald;                         25
  And of the eft schyp into hys town and hald
  Men mycht hym se, and knaw, quhar at he stude,
  Hys schynand new scheild from amyd the flude
  Into hys left hand rasyt hie on hyght.
  The Troianys from the wallys of that sycht                          30
  War sa reiosyt, vp tha rasyt a cry
  That rerdis to the starnys in the sky.
  The hoip of hys returnyng hait as fyre
  Dowblyt thar curage, and vprasyt thar ire,
  That with thar handis fast thai dartis slyng,                        5
  With sic a dyn of clamour and crying,
  And trumpys blast rasyt within the town
  Sik maner bruyt, as thocht men hard the sovn
  Of crannys crowplyng, fleand in the ayr
  With spedy fard in randoun heir and thar;                           10
  As from the flude of Trace, hait Strymone,
  Vndre the dyrk clowdis, oft we se,
  Thai fle the weddris blast and rak of wynd,
  Thar glaidsum soundis followand thame behynd.
    Bot quhat mycht meyn this affeir and deray                        15
  A gret farly and wondyr was, perfay,
  To Turnus, kyng of Rutuleis, that tyde,
  And the Italiane dukis hym besyde:
  Quhill thai at last beheld towart the cost,
  And saw the navy cum and mekill ost,                                20
  Semand the sey of schippys all our flet.
  The creist or schynand tymbret, that was set
  Abufe Eneas helm and top on hyght,
  Kest byrnand flambys with a glytterand lycht;
  And eyk the goldyn boys of hys bukleir                              25
  Large fyry stremys on breid schew fair and cleir
  Lyke as the comete stern sanguynolent,
  With hys red cullour tryst and violent,
  Schynys sum tyme apoun the donk nycht;
  Or frawart Syrius, that fervent star brycht,                        30
  Quhilk with the scaldand heyt at hys rysyng
  Byrnys the erth of drowth, and is the syng
  Pretendand tyll all mortale folk, I ges,
  Contagyus infirmyteis and seiknes,
  That with hys schrewyt lyght canicular                               5
  Infekkyt all the hevynnys and the ayr.
    Bot Turnus hardy stalwart hie curage,
  For all this feir, demynyst nevir a stage,
  Quhilk manfully schup thame to withstand
  At the cost syde, and dyng thame of the land,                       10
  That on na wys thar thai suld arryve;
  And with glaid semlant gan his folk belyve
  Exortyng forto rays thar spretis on hie,
  And with hys wordis forthirmar eik he
  Gan thame repreif of thar sa hasty feir.                            15
  Lo! now present, says he, is cummyn heir
  The mater quhilk ȝe lang desyrit haue;
  The tyme is now to gryp in hand ȝour glaif;
  The tyme of batale reddy is at hand,
  Quhar strenth beis schawyn in stalwart stowr to stand.              20
  Now euery man ramembir on his spows,
  Thynk on thar natyve land and dwellyng hows:
  Reduce ȝe now onto ȝour mynd, ilkane,
  The worthy actis of ȝour eldris bygane,
  Thar lovabyll fame, and ȝour awyn renowne;                          25
  And lat ws formest haist ws to the see,
  And thar recontyr our fays, or thai land,
  Quhill as thai first set fut apon the sand,
  With slyde to cummyn, half deil in effray,
  Or thai thar fut steppis ferm, and tak array.                       30
  Hap helpis hardy men, be myne avys,
  That weil dar tak on hand stowt interprys.
    Thus said he; and tharwith in hys thocht
  Devysis quham maist ganandly he mocht
  Led with hym, to resist and meit his fays,                           5
  Or quham he suld not from the sege vprays,
  Bot styll remane to ferm and clos the town,
  The wallys and the trynschis enveroun.


  _Eneas fra the schippis landit his ost,
  And Turnus thame assalit at the sey cost._

  In the meyn sesson, the Troiane Ene
  Begouth hys folkis from thar schippis hie                           10
  On bryggis and on plankis set on land:
  Mony abaid the ebbyng of the sand,
  Quhill the swarf fard wallys abak dyd draw,
  Than in the schaldis dyd thai leip on raw;
  And sum with ayris into coggis small                                15
  Etlyt to land. But tho amang thame all
  The prynce Tarchon can the schor behald,
  Thar as hym thocht suldbe na sandis schald,
  Nor ȝit na land bryst lyppyrryng on the wallys,
  Bot quhar the flude went styll, and calmyt all is                   20
  But stowr or bullyr, murmour or movyng;
  Hys stevynnys thydder steryng gan the kyng,
  And on this wys hys ferys dyd exort:
  Now, O ȝe walyt flour of weir, at schort,
  Bend vp ȝour ayris styth, and rays ȝour schippys,
  Haist owr the flude, bair to the schor with skyppys,
  And with ȝour stelyt stevynnys, ane and all,                         5
  Thys ground onfrendly to ws and innimicall
  Do scheir and cleif in sundyr lyke a stok,
  Lat euery barge do prent hir self a dok:
  Na fors I not in sik port by this meyn
  To brek the schyp, sa we the land atteyn.                           10
    Fra Tarchon had thir wordis said, but mair
  Hys feris startis ilk man till ane ayr.
  The stowrand famy bargis dyd rebound,
  Inrowand fast towart the Latyn grond,
  Quhyl that thar stammys tuke the bankis dry,                        15
  And thar kelys stak in the slyke fast by,
  But ony harm or danger, euery one.
  Bot sa tyd not onto thy schyp, Tarchon:
  For in the schald scho stoppys, and dyd stand
  Apon a dry chyngill or bed of sand,                                 20
  A lang tyme all to schakyng with the flude;
  Quhill fynaly, thar rokkand as scho stude,
  To brystis scho, and ryvys all in sondyr,
  Warpyt the men amyd the faym thar vndir;
  The plankis, hechis, and mony brokyn ayr,                           25
  That on the streym went flotand heir and thar,
  Maid to thar landing gret impediment,
  And slyddry glar so from wallys went
  That oft thar feyt was smyttyn vp on loft:
  Bot finaly, all drowkyt and forwrocht,                              30
  Thai salwyt war, and warpyt to the cost.
    Than na delay of sleuth, nor feir, ne bost,
  Withheld Turnus, bot with hys haill armee
  Aganyst Troianys by the cost of the see
  He dyd array all sammyn in that stound.                              5
  The trumpettis blew thar bludy weirlyke sownd:
  And fyrst, in syng of gud luk in the weris,
  Ene the rowtis of the lauboreris,
  Or rurall husbandis, invadis and ourset,
  And hes the Latyn commonys haill doun bet,                          10
  By slauchter fyrst of thar chiftane, Theron,
  Amang all otheris the biggast man of one,
  Quhilk set apon Eneas or he wyst:
  Bot he throw owt hys syde hys sword hes thryst,
  Persyt the stalwart platit scheild of steill,                       15
  And throw the schynand hawbrek euery deill;
  The giltyn mailȝeis makis hym na sted,
  For in the cost he tholys dynt of ded.
  Syne smate he Lychas, and hym hes al to torn,
  That of hys ded moderis waym was furth schorn,                      20
  And onto Phebus God was consecrait,
  And was sa chancy in hys ȝong estait
  That he the swerd eschapit by hys hap;
  Bot not at this tyme so the dedis clap.
  And not far thens this douchty Eneas                                25
  Kyllyt the dowr and stalwart Cysseas,
  And put to deth the bustuus Gyas strang,
  That with hys burdoun down haill rowtis dang:
  Thar strenthy handis helpyt thame na thyng,
  Nowder Hercules wapynnys nor armyng                                 30
  Mycht thame defend, nor ȝit thar syre, that heght
  Melampus, and companȝeon was in feght
  To Hercules in hys sair journeis feill,
  Quhil he in erth was levand and in heill.
  And lo, as Pharon cryis and dois rowst                               5
  With haltand wordis and with mekill woust,
  Eneas threw a dart at hym that tyde,
  Quhilk, as he gapyt, in hys mowth dyd glyde.
  And thou also, the fey Greyk, Cydon,
  Quhilk strangly luffyt thir ȝong childer ichone,                    10
  As thou the ȝyng Clytius dyd persew,
  Quhais ȝallow berd begouth to spryng of new,
  And was alhaill thy new lust and desyre,
  Be the rycht hand of this ilk Troiane syre
  Thar had bene maid end of thy amouris greyn,                        15
  And wrachitly had lyin ded, I weyn,
  War not the brethir of the clan Phorcanys
  Apon Eneas assemblit all atanys:
  In numbyr sevyn thai war, and dartis sevin
  Alsammyn thai kest, forcy as fyry levin;                            20
  Of quham sum dyd, but harm or other deir,
  Stot from hys scheild, his hewmet, or hed geir;
  And sum, that wald haue hyt hys corps in hy,
  Venus hys haly moder choppyt by.
    Than to the traist Achates said Ene:                              25
  Reik me dartis and castyng speris, quod he,
  That in the Grekis bodeis fixit stude,
  Quhilum in Troys planys bedyit with blude;
  And my rycht hand sall thraw thame so ilkane
  On Rutulanys, that nane sal sle invane.                             30
  A bustuus schaft with that he grippyt has,
  And incontrar hys aduersaris gan tays,
  Quhilk flaw towartis Meonyus fast by:
  Owt throw the scheild platit with steill in hy
  Duschyt the dynt, and throw the corslettis glydis,                   5
  Gyrd throw the cost persyng baith the sydis.
  Onto hym startis Alcanor, hys brothir,
  To beir hym vp, quhen that he saw hym schuddir,
  With hys rycht arm, bot throw hys gardy sone
  The grundyn hed and bludy schaft ar done,                           10
  Furth haldand the self randoun as it went;
  The ryght arm, from the schulder al to rent,
  Apon the mankyt sennonys hyngis by,
  As impotent, quyte lamyt, and dedly.
  Than Numytor furth of hys brotheris corps                           15
  Ruggis the trunschoun, and with all hys fors
  It swakkis at Ene; bot he na mycht
  Had till attane ne wond the nobill knycht:
  Ȝyt with the dynt the gret Achates thee
  He hurt and strenȝeit has a litill wee.                             20
  With this come Clawsus, full of vassalage,
  Confidand in hys ȝouth and florist age,
  The Curytanys with hym brocht in the pres,
  And with a lang styf speir ane Dryopes
  Smate in the hals, vnder the chyn, sa sair                          25
  That hym byreft was in the place rycht thar
  Baith voce and spreit of lyfe; and that na wondir;
  For hys nek bayn and throte war carf in sondir,
  That doun he duschys with a felloun rerd,
  Quhil that hys forret raschit on the erd,                           30
  And of hys mouth, a petuus thing to se,
  The lopprit blude in ded thraw voydis he.
  Thre otheris syne this ilk Clawsus has slane,
  Born into Trace of the clan Boryane;
  And thre com fra the cite of Idas,                                   5
  And other thre of cite Ismaras,
  By diuers chancis put he al to ded.
  Alesus hym recontris in that sted,
  And all the barnage com from Aurunca,
  That auld cite; and thame followys alssua                           10
  To that melle the son of Neptunus,
  That is to knaw, the worthy Mesapus,
  Quhilk into horsman craft was maist expert.
  Now presys this syde, and now ȝonderwart,
  To reill abak and to expell in fyght                                15
  Thar aduersaris, and mak thame tak the flycht:
  Thus by the cost Ausonya that tyde
  Hard wolx the batale apon athir syde.
    As thocht sum tyme amyd the large ayr
  The contrar wyndys stryvys heir and thar,                           20
  With brethfull blastis in thar equale mychtis:
  Nane lyst obey tyll other, all sa wight is;
  Nowder thai amang thame self, nor ȝit the clowdis,
  Ne ȝit the rageand seys, quhilkis sa lowd is;
  So that the bargane lang standis in dowt,                           25
  Quha salbe victor, and quha vnderlowt:
  Sa forcyly remanys the elementis
  Contrary otheris to thar awin ententis.
  Nane other wys the Troiane hostis in feild,
  And Latyn rowtis ȝokkit vnder scheild,                              30
  Metys in the melle: jonyt sammyn than
  Thai fewtyr fut to fut, and man to man.


  _Quhou Pallas confortis his ost of Archadye,
  Quhilkis gave the bak and tuke purpos to fle._

  Bot quhen that Pallas at ane owtyr syde
  Persavyt hys Arcad army that tyde
  In sic a place had takyn land attanys,                               5
  Quhar as a burn had warpyt rowand stanys,
  And buskis with the brays down had bet,
  That thai war in sa hard myscheif ourset,
  As men nocht vsyt forto go feght on fute,
  And than, constrenyt, knew nane other buyt,                         10
  For scharpnes of that sted, bot leif thar hors;
  That weil persauyt he how that on fors
  Thai gave the bak, and schupe to tak the flycht,
  The Latynys followand thame in all thar mycht:
  Than, quhile with prayer, now with wordis sowr,                     15
  Thar curage he enflambis to the stowr,
  Quhilk maner havyng is suyth, as is the creid,
  As vtir poynt remedy at sik a neid.
    My ferys, says he, quhidder do ȝe fle?
  I ȝou beseik, be ȝour gret renowne,                                 20
  And be ȝour forcy dedis done of ald,
  And by ȝour pryncis fame, Evander bald,
  And be the oftis and mony victorys
  That ȝe in weir and batale wan feill sys,
  And be my gude beleif and hoyp, that now
  With haill confidens restis fixt in ȝow,
  As to atteyn onto my faderis glore,                                  5
  To ondertak sik dedis done before;
  Do nevir, for schame, onto ȝour self that lak,
  To lyppyn in speid of fute and gyf the bak.
  With swerdys dynt behuffis ws, perfay,
  Throw amyddis our ennemys red owr way.                              10
  Quhar ȝondir sop of men thikkis in a rowt,
  Ȝondir is the passage quhar we moste wyn owt;
  Ȝondir ȝour noble cuntre wyl ȝe pas;
  Ȝon way to wend exhortis ȝour duke Pallas.
  Heir is na power of dyvynyte,                                       15
  Nor Goddis mycht gaynstandyng ws, quod he:
  Nane other bargane haue we in thir fyghtis
  Bot agane dedly and with mortale wightis:
  Alsmony mortale bodeis heir haue we,
  And als feill handis to debait the melle.                           20
  Behaldis, quhou the sey with obstakill gret
  Inclusys ws, and at our bak can bet;
  On land is left ws heir na place to fle:
  Quhat! wald ȝe ryn to Troy owt throw the see?
    Thus said he, and forthwith, or he wald ces,                      25
  Amyd hys fays ruschit in the pres,
  Quhar as the rowtis thikast war in stowr.
  And first of other, to hys fatale howr,
  Hym metys Lagus, a Rutilyane;
  Quham fyrst ourrollyt with a mekill stane,                          30
  Throw gyrd hys cost syne with a castyng dart,
  Persyng hys rybbys throuch, at the ilk part
  Quhar beyn the cupplyng of the ryg bone,
  And the ilk schaft stak in hys cors onone.
  Pallas it joggillit, and furth drew in hy:                           5
  Quham ane Hysbon, standand neir tharby,
  Wenyt to have kawcht, bot the gryp he falyt;
  For as onwar he stowpyt, and devalyt,
  Wod wroth for wo of this myschews ded
  Of hys deir fallow, in the ilk sted                                 10
  Pallas hym keppyt syk wys on hys brand
  That all the blaid, vp to the hylt and hand,
  Amyd hys flaffand longis hyd has he,
  On sik maner that na man mycht it se.
  Syne Pallas set apon Anchemolus,                                    15
  And Sthenelus, that of the kyng Rhetus
  Prynce of Marrubyanys, ancyent pepill, beyn;
  The quhilk Anchemolus was that ilk, I weyn,
  Defowlyt hys faderis bed incestuusly,
  And had forlayn hys awyn stepmoder by.                              20
  And ȝe alsso, stowt gemel brether twa,
  Childer and sonnys onto hym Dawcya;
  Tymber, I meyn, and thy brother Laryde,
  Amyd the feild Rutiliane dyd abyde;
  Ȝe war sa lyke in form and symylitude                               25
  Nane mycht decern betwix ȝou quhar ȝe stude;
  Quhilk maner errour, or sik mysknawyng,
  To fader and mother is oft plesand thyng,
  Seand thar childer resembill ane lyknes:
  Bot at this tyme has Pallas, as I ges,                              30
  Markyt ȝou swa with sic rude differens,
  That by hys keill ȝe may be knaw fra thens.
  For swa stud with the, Tymber, thou art ded,
  Evandrus swerd hes swepyt of thy hed;
  And thy rycht arm of smyttyn, O Laryd,                               5
  Amyd the feild lyis the besyde,
  And half lyfles thi fyngyrris war sterand,
  Within thy neif doys gryp and faik the brand.
    Than schame and dolour, mydlit baith ourane,
  Baldis the pepill Arcad eueryane                                    10
  To the bargane aganyst thar ennemys,
  For Pallas wordis maid thar curage rys,
  And eik, for thai beheld befor thar eyn
  Hys douchty dedis, thai hym love and meyn.
  For Pallas than throw gyrd Rheteus the kyng,                        15
  As he on cace glaid by on char fleyng:
  Na mair space was of tary ne delay
  That Ilus deth prolongit the ilk day;
  For as agane the, Ilo, with fell feir
  Pallas addressyt had a stalwart speir,                              20
  Rhetheus start in betwix, and cawch the dynt,
  As he on cace was fleand fers as flynt
  From thy handis, the maist forcy Teucras,
  And thy brother Tyres, that by the was:
  Ourweltis Retheus in ded thrawys atanys,                            25
  And with hys helys smayt the Rutilian planys,
  Tumlyt from hys hie cart chargit quhar he sat,
  And on the grund rebundis with a squat.
  And lyke as sum tyme in the symmyris drowth,
  Quhen wyndis rysys of the north or sowth,                           30
  In seir placis the hyrd, at hys desire,
  Amang the scroggy rammell settis the fyre;
  Wlcanus hostis of brym flambys red
  Spredand on breid, vpblesys euery sted;
  Than he that set the kyndillyng glaid and gay                        5
  Behaldis quhou that the low doys mak deray,
  Blesand and crakand with a nyce reuery:
  Non other wys, the Archadanys in hy
  All sammyn socht in feild with all thar mycht,
  And maid debait to help Pallas in fyght.                            10
  Bot tho Alesus, keyn into batale,
  Thame to recontyr etlys, and assaill,
  And gan hym self weil schrowd vnder his scheild;
  Syne manfully ruschit amyd the feild,
  Quhar that he slew ane Ladon, and Pheres,                           15
  And Demodocus eftir in the pres:
  As hym Strymonyus by the gorget grippyt,
  With hys brycht brand hys rycht hand be of quhyppyt;
  And Thoas syne sa smayt apon the hed
  With a gret stane, quhil mixt of blud all red                       20
  The harnys poplit furth on the brayn pan.
    Thys ilk Alesus fader, as witty man,
  Forto eschew hys sonnys fatys strang,
  Hyd hym prevely the thik woddis amang:
  Bot, fra the auld Alesus lay to de,                                 25
  And ȝeldis vp the breth with wawland E,
  The fatale systeris set to hand onon,
  And can this ȝong Alesus so dispon,
  That by Evandrus wapynnys, the ilk stownd,
  He destinat was to caucht the dedis wond.                           30
  Towart quham Pallas bownyt has ful sone,
  And in hys renk on this wys maid hys boyn:
  Now grant, thou God and fader Tyberyne,
  Gude chance and fortoun to this hed of myne
  The quhilk I tays apon this castyng speir,                           5
  That it may throw Alesus body scheir;
  And ȝon harnes, cote armour, and spulȝe brycht,
  Quhilk now sa weirly schynys on ȝon knycht,
  Sall hyng apon ane ayk fast by thi bra.
  The God hys askyn hard, as he dyd pray:                             10
  For quhil Alesus onavisytly
  Cled with hys scheild Imaonus, hym by,
  That was to hym hys frend and fallow deir,
  Hys breist stud nakyt, but armour or geir,
  Quharin he Pallas dedly schaft ressauyt.                            15
    Bot Lawsus, wilfull hys syde to haue savyt,
  As he that was a gret part of the ost,
  And lyst not suffir, with sik feir na bost,
  Or slauchtir maid be Pallas and deray,
  At his cumpanȝeis suld caucht mair affray,                          20
  Ruschit in the melle; and first in hys teyn
  Slew Abas, that gret bargane dyd sustene.
  The thikast sop or rowt of all the pres,
  Thar as maist tary was, or he wald ces,
  Thys Lasus al to sparpillyt and invadys:                            25
  Down bettyn war the barnage of Archadys;
  Down bettyn eik war the Hethruryanys;
  And ȝhe also, feil bodeis of Troianys,
  That war not put by Grekis to vtyrrans.
  Than all the ostis semlyt with speir and lans,                      30
  The chiftanys all jonyt with hail poweris,
  The hyndmast wardis swarmyt all yferis;
  So thik in staill all marryt wolx the rowt,
  Oneys mycht ony turn hys hand abowt
  To weild hys wapyn, or to schuyt a dart.                             5
  Full douchtely Pallas on the ta part
  Inforcis hym to greif hys fays that tyde;
  Lawsus resistis on that othir syde.
  Thar agis was not far indifferent,
  And of maist semly statur, quhar thai went,                         10
  Thai war excellent of bewte baith tway;
  Bot so it stude, at fortoun, walloway!
  Wald nother suffir to hys realm resort.
  And, netheles, to meyt sammyn at schort,
  As into feild to preif thar hardyment,                              15
  The governour of hevyn omnipotent
  Lyst na way thoill: for, belyve eftir this,
  To athir of thame thar dedly fatys, I wys,
  To ane far grettar aduersar remanys,
  As heir onon doys follow vnder anys.                                20


  _Quhou that fers Turnus has ȝong Pallas slane,
  For quham hys folkis makis gret dolour and mayn._

  Duryng this fervour of the bargane swa,
  The haly nymphe, clepit Juturna,
  Hir brother Turnus dyd monys and exhort
  To succur Lawsus, and hys folk support;
  The quhilk Turnus, as in hys spedy char
  The myd rowtis went sloppand heir and thar,
  Beheld hys ferys debatand with Pallas:                               5
  Lo, now is tyme to desist, and lat pas
  All sic bargane, quod he; cessis in hy;
  For I will set on Pallas anerly;
  Only to me, and to nane other wight,
  The victory pertenys of sik a knycht;                               10
  Glaidly I wald hys fader stude heirby,
  This interprys to dereyn and aspy.
  Thus said he, and hys feris at command
  Voydit the feild, and all plane left the land.
    Than ȝong Pallas, seand Rutylianys                                15
  Withdraw the feild sa swith, and rovm the planys,
  At the prowd byddyng of thar prynce and kyng,
  Amervellit full gretly of this thing,
  And farly can on Turnus to behald,
  Our all hys bustuus body, as he wald,                               20
  Rollyng hys eyn, and all hys corps in hy
  With thrawyn luke on far begouth aspy;
  Syne movyng fordwart, with sic wordis on hie,
  To answer Turnus speche, thus carpys he:
  Owthir now, quod he, for ay be lovyt I sall                         25
  Of rych kyngly spulȝe triumphall,
  Quhilk heir I sall rent from myne aduersar,
  Or than salbe renownyt evirmar
  Of ane excellent end moist gloryus.
  Do wa thy bost and mannance maid to ws:                             30
  For my fader, quhom thou desyris besyde,
  Reputtis all elyke, quhou evir the chance betyde.
  And sayand thus, amyd the plane furth startis:
  The blude congelyt abowt Archadyane hartis.
    Turnus down lepys from hys twa quhelit char,                       5
  And bownys fast towartis his aduersar.
  Lyke as ane lyoun from the hillys hycht,
  Amyd the valle had scharply gottin a sycht
  Of sum prowd bull, with hys horn in the plane
  Addressand hym reddy to mak bargane,                                10
  Cummys bradand on the best fast in a lyng;
  On siclyke wys was Turnus tocummyng:
  And quhen that Pallas saw hym cum sa neir
  He mycht areke to hym a casting speir,
  Formast he bownys to the jonyng place,                              15
  Gyf sa betyd that fortoun, of hir grace,
  Hys interprys for stowt ondertakyng
  Wald help, or hym support in ony thing,
  As he that ȝong was, and of strenth all owt
  Na wys compeir to Turnus stern and stowt;                           20
  And to the gret Goddis in hevyn abone
  Apon this maner prayand said he sone:
    I the beseik, thou myghty Hercules,
  Be my faderis gestnyng, and the ilk des
  Quhar thou strangear was ressauyt to herbry,                        25
  Assist to me, cum in my help in hy,
  To perform this excellent fyrst journe;
  That Turnus in the ded thraw may me se
  Bereif fra hym hys bludy armour red,
  And, ȝaldand vp the breth in the ilk sted,                          30
  Mot with hys eyn behald me hym befor
  In hie tryumphe, with ourhand as victor.
    Gret Hercules the ȝong man hard onon,
  And from the boddum of hys hart can gron,
  Hydand hys smert for rewth of Pallas ȝyng,                           5
  Seand the fatys wald haue hys endyng;
  And for ennoy salt terys, all in vayn,
  Furth ȝettyng our hys chekis thyk as rayn.
  Tho Jupiter, hys curage to astabill,
  Thus to hys son spak wordys amyabill.                               10
    Tyll euery mortale wofull wight, perfay,
  Determyt standis the fixit lattir day;
  Ane schort and onrecoverabill term is set
  Of lyfe, quhen all most neydlyngis pay that det:
  Bot, to prolong thar fame by nobill dedis,                          15
  Fra vertuus wark that cumys and procedis.
  Quhou mony sonnys and deir childryn, said he,
  Of goddis kyn, vnder Troy wallys hie
  War done to ded, and brytnyt blude and bone!
  So that amangis all otheris Sarpedon,                               20
  My tendir get, my kyn, and blude, lyis slane.
  Forsuyth also, I say the into plane,
  The fynale fayt awatis Turnus in feild,
  The dait and methis approchis of hys eild.
    On this wys spak gret Jove to Hercules;                           25
  And, with that word, hys eyn towart the pres
  On the Rutilian feild addressis he.
  And, the ilk stownd, ȝong Pallas lattis fle
  With mekill fors at Turnus a gret speir,
  And syne onon hys brycht brand burnyst cleir                        30
  Hyntis furth of the scheith to mak debait.
  The schaft flaw towart Turnus, and hym smait
  Apon the schulder, abuf the gardis hie
  That rysys vmast tharvpon we se,
  And throw the bordour of the scheild swa persyt,                     5
  Quhill fynaly in sum deill it traversyt,
  And hurt a part of Turnus byg body.
    Than Turnus smyttyn, full of felony,
  A bustuus lance with grundyn hed ful kene,
  That lang quhile taysyt he in proper teyn,                          10
  Leyt gyrd at Pallas, and thus wys said he:
  Consider ȝoungkeir, gyf our lancis be,
  Bettir of tempyr and mair penytratyve.
  And, with the word, the schaft flaw furth belyve,
  So that the scharp poynt of the brangland speir                     15
  Throw owt amyddis of the scheild can scheir,
  Persand sa mony platis of irne and steill,
  And sa feill plyis of bull hydis ilk deill,
  All sammyn cowchit in hys target strang,
  The bustuus strake throw all hys armour thrang.                     20
  That styntit na thing at the fyne hawbryk,
  Quhil throu the cost thyrlyt the dedly pryk.
  Pallas, nocht schrynkand for the mortale dynt,
  Invane the hait schaft of hys wond lies hynt;
  For al togidder by the sammyn way                                   25
  The blude and sawle passys hyne bath tway.
  Apon hys wond onon he ruschis down:
  Abuf hym rang hys harnes with a sovn:
  And that onfrendly erth inimycall,
  That in hys deth he suld not scryk nor call,                        30
  As was the gys, with bludy mowth bait he.
  Turnus, abufe hym standand, carpys on hie:
    O ȝhe pepill of Arcaid, takis tent,
  And my wordis do rehers and present
  To kyng Evander, sayand hym playnly,                                 5
  That hys son Pallas to hym send haue I
  In sik array as that he hes deservyt;
  And, of my gentrys, wil he be preservit
  To all estait and honour funerall,
  With all solace pertenyng beryall                                   10
  Of tumbe and of entyrment, as efferis.
  Na lytill thyng, perfay, into thir weris
  Hes hym bycost the frendschip of Ene.
  And, sayand thus, with hys left fut hes he
  Pallas ded corps ourwelt, or euer he stent,                         15
  And syne abowt hys sydis sone has rent
  Hys goldyn gyrdill, pasand a gret deill,
  Quharin was gravin craftely and weill
  Of Danavs douchteris the iniquyte,
  Quhou that the fyfty ȝong men, schame to se,                        20
  War fowlly murthuryt on the first nycht,
  As thai war spowsyt to thar ladeis brycht;
  The chalmeris portyrit war bysprent with blude:
  Quhilk historeis Eurition, warkman gude,
  Had carvyt weill and wrocht full craftely                           25
  In weighty platis of the gold massy;
  Of quhais spulȝe now is Turnus glaid,
  Joyfull and blyth that he it conquest had.
    O mannis mynd, so ignorant at all
  Of thingis tocum and chancis quhilkis may fall!                     30
  Vpheit sone in blynd prosperyte,
  Can not be war, nor myssour hald with the!
  The tyme sall cum quhen Turnus sall, persay,
  Hait and wary this spulȝe and this day,
  Desyrand he mycht by for mekill thing                                5
  That he had nevir twichit Pallas ȝyng.
    Abowt the corps assemblit tho his feris,
  With mekill murnyng and huge plente of terys;
  Apon a scheild Pallas body thai laid,
  And bair hym of the feild, and thus thai said:                      10
  O Pallas, quhou gret dolour and wirschyp
  To thy fader, and all hys falloschip,
  Sall thou rendir and bryng hame, said thai:
  This was to the in weyrfar the first day,
  Quhilk first in bataill dressyt the to go;                          15
  The ilk for ay has the bereft tharfro!
  And, not the les, thy swerd leiffis in the planys
  Gret hepys ded of the Rutilianys.


  _The rich Magus na ranson mycht reskew,
  And preist Hemonydes, baith Eneas slew._

  Tho nane incertane rumour nor demyng,
  Bot sovyr boydword cam thar, and warnyng,                           20
  Ontill Eneas of this gret myschance,
  Schawand quhou that his folkis stud in ballance.
  As bot in litill distans all from ded;
  The tyme requiryt forto set remeid,
  And succur Troianys quhilkis had tane the flycht.
  Than, as wod lyon, ruschit he in the fight,
  And all quham he arekis nerrest hand                                 5
  Without reskew dovn mawis with his brand;
  The bytand blaid abowt hym inveroum
  Amyd the rowtis reddis large rovm.
  Enragit and inflambit thus in ire
  Throw owt the ostis Turnus, that prowd syre,                        10
  Quhilk had this new slauchtir maid, socht he:
  Ay prentand in hys mynd befor hys E
  The gudly Pallas, was sa stowt and ȝyng,
  And the gret gentryce of Evander kyng;
  The cheir and fest hym maid bot a stranger;                         15
  Per ordour all thing, quhou and quhat maner
  He was ressauyt, and tretit thankfully;
  Syne of hys band of frendschip and ally
  With athis sworn and interchangit handis,
  Remembryng tho his promys and cunnandis.                            20
  Amovit in this heit, or euer he stynt,
  Four ȝong men quyk he hes in handis hynt,
  That born was of the cite hecht Sulmon;
  Alsmony syne he takyn has onon
  Bred and vpbrocht besyde the flude Vfens,                           25
  Quham that he etlys forto send from thens
  To Pallas lykewalkis and obsequeis,
  To strow his funeral fyre of byrnand treis,
  As was the gys, with blude of presoneris,
  Eftir the ald rytis into mortale weris.                             30
    Syne hynt Eneas a perellus lance in hand,
  And it addressis far furth on the land
  To ane Magus, that subtell was and sle,
  And jowkit in vnder the speir has he;
  The schaft schakand flaw furth abufe hys hede;                       5
  And he Eneas in that samyn sted
  Abowt the kneis grippyt humylly,
  With petuus voce syne thus begouth to cry:
  Be thy deir faderys gost I the beseik,
  And be that gude beleif quhilk thou has eik                         10
  Of Ascanyvs vprysyng to estait,
  Thys silly sawle of myne, sa faynt and mayt,
  Thow salf to my a son and fader deir.
  I haue a hows, rych, full of mobillis seir,
  Quharin bedelvyn lyis a gret talent,                                15
  Or charge of fyne siluer, in veschell quent
  Forgyt and punsyt wonder craftely;
  Ane huge weght of fynast gold tharby,
  Oncunȝeit ȝit, ne nevir put in wark:
  Sa thou me salf, thy pyssans is so stark,                           20
  The Troianys glory nor thar victory
  Sal na thyng change nor dymynew tharby,
  Nor a puyr sawle, thus hyngand in ballance,
  May sik diuisioun mak nor discrepans.
    Thus said this silly Magus, all invane.                           25
  Quhamtill Eneas answeris thus agane:
  Sa mony talentis of fyne siluyr and gold,
  Quhilkis thou rehersand heir befor hes told,
  Do kepe onto thy small childyr and ayris;
  Lat thame bruke weill, I consent it be tharis.                      30
  All interchange and ransonyng, perfay,
  In this batale Turnus hes done away,
  Now laitly slayand ȝong Pallas, allace!
  That rewthfull harm, and that myschews cace,
  Felys baith Ascanyus and my faderis gost,                            5
  For thai na litill thyng tharby hes lost.
  Thus sayand, by the helm hym grippys he
  With hys left hand, and fast as he mycht dre
  Writh down hys nek, quharin, but mair abaid,
  Hys bludy brand vp to the hyltis slaid.                             10
    Not far thens stude Hemonydes allane,
  Prest onto Phebus and the thrynfald Dyane,
  On quhais hed wympillit holy garlandis
  With thar pendentis lyke to a mytyr standis,
  Hys habyt as the scheyn son lemand lycht,                           15
  And all hys armour quhite and burnyst brycht:
  Quham Eneas assalyt myghtyly,
  And gan do chays owt throw the feld in hy,
  That fleand stummyrryt and to grond went sone:
  The Troiane prynce down lowtis hym abone,                           20
  And with hys brand hym brytnys at devys,
  In maner of ane offerand sacryfys.
  The large schaddow of Eneas in feild
  Dyd haill the ded corps of this preist ourheld.
  Serestus sortis vp hys armour gay,                                  25
  And on hys schuldris careit hes away,
  To hyng as trophe or syng victoriall
  Tyll Mars the God, quhilk Gradyus is call.


  _Quhat douchty chiftanys of the Latyn land
  That day Eneas kyllit with hys hand._

  Ceculus, discendit of Wlcanus blude,
  And Vmbro eyk, the stalwart chiftane rude,
  That cum was fra the montanys Marsyane,
  The bargane stuffis, relevand in agane.
  Bot Eneas, discend from Dardanus,                                    5
  Ganstandis thame, ful brym and furyus,
  And onto ane, hecht Anxurus, in the feild
  Of strak the left arm all dovn with the scheld;
  Quhilk had maid sum gret vant, spekand prowdly,
  Wenyng that in hys sawys by and by                                  10
  Thar had bene gret effect, and hardyment,
  As thocht he wald extoll in hys entent
  Hys manhed to the hevyn and starnys hie,
  And promys to hym self, for hys bonte,
  Agit cannos hayr and lang proces of ȝeris:                          15
  Lo, now he lyggis law, for all hys feris!
  Syne baldly with glaid curage, as I ges,
  Agane Eneas can Tarquytus dres,
  In schynand armour wonder prowd and gay,
  Of Dryope born, the nymphe or schene may,                           20
  To Fawnus wonnyng in the woddis greyn;
  And, to recontyr Ene inflambyt in teyn,
  Kest hym selvyn: bot the tother, but feir,
  Buyr at hym mychtyly with a lang speir
  Throw owt hys scheild of pays and hawbrik fyne,
  That to the grond gan dovn hys hed declyne;
  All thocht he than full humylly hym besocht,
  And schupe to say mekill, all was for nocht.
  Hys pallat in the dust bedowyn stude,                                5
  And the body baithit in the hait blude
  Ene ourweltis, sayand thir wordis withall,
  With trublit breist and mynd inimicall:
    Now ly thow thar, that wenyt the so wight
  That thou was feirfull ontill euery wight.                          10
  Thy best belovyt mother sall the not haue
  To erd, as custum is, nor delf in grave,
  Na do thy bonys honour with sik cuyr
  As thame to lay in fadyrris sepultur;
  Bot salbe left to the wild bestis fuyd,                             15
  Or than the spait watir of this flude
  Sal bair the in the deip, and thar on raw
  With empty throtis sal thy banys gnaw
  Thir sey monstreys in thar wod rage,
  And lape thy blude thar hungar to asswage.                          20
    Syne, but delay, Antheus and Lycas,
  Quhilkis that of Turnus first ward ledaris was,
  Persewys he, and also Numa bold,
  And Camerthes, brycht schynand all of gold,
  Son of the manly Volscens capitan;                                  25
  In all the fertill grond Ausonyane
  The richast man, and kyng was this Volscens
  Of Amyclys the cite of silens.
  And lyke as Egeon, the kyng of gyandis,
  Quhilk had, thai say, ane hundreth armys and handys.                30
  And fyfty mowthys, of quham the fyre dyd schyne,
  As he into the batale gigantyne
  Incontrar Jovis thundir and fyre flaucht
  With alsmony scharp drawyn swerdis fawght,
  Clatterand in bargane with samony scheildis:                         5
  The sammyn wys, enragent throw the feildis
  Went Eneas, as victor with ourhand,
  Fra tyme that anys bedyit hys burnyst brand
  And wet he had in hait Rutiliane blude.
  So that alsso, in this ilk fury wod,                                10
  He draif at Nypheus amyd the breste bane,
  Set in hys fourquhelit chariot allane:
  Bot fra the hors on far dyd hym aspy
  Sa grym of cheir stalkand sa bustuusly,
  For feir thai start abak, and furth can swak                        15
  The duke Nypheus wyd oppyn on hys bak,
  And brak away with the cart to the schor,
  With stendis feill and mony bray and snor.
    The self stound, amyd the pres fut hoyt
  Lucagus entyris in hys chariote,                                    20
  With quhyte hors drawyng wonder lustely,
  Hys brother Lyger sittand neir hym by;
  Thys Lyger led the renȝeis with hys hand,
  Bot bald Lucagus swakkis a burnyst brand.
  Eneas mycht nocht suffir nor sustene                                25
  Of thame sic fervour in thar felloun teyn,
  Bot ruschit furth, and with a gret speir
  Forganyst thame can into sycht appeir;
  Quhamto this Liger carpys apon he:
  Thou seys nocht Dyomedis stedis heir, said he,                      30
  Nor ȝit Achillis char persavis draw,
  Thocht athir venquyst the in feild, we knaw;
  Nor ȝit the Troiane planys behaldis thou:
  The end of thyne age and of bargane now
  Salbe maid in thir landis on this grond.                             5
    Sic wordis vayn and onsemly of sovnd
  Furth warpys wyde this Lyger fulychly:
  Bot the Troian barroun onabasitly
  Na wordis pressis to rendir hym agane,
  Bot at hys fa leyt fle a dart or flayn,                             10
  That hyt Lucagus; quhilk, fra he selt the dynt,
  The schaft hyngand into hys scheild, but stynt
  Bad dryf hys hors and char al fordwart strecht,
  As he that hym addressit to the fecht,
  And strekit furth hys left fut in hys char:                         15
  Bot sone Eneas speir was reddy thar,
  Beneth hys schynand scheild reversyt law,
  So that the grondyn hed the ilk thraw
  At hys left flank or leisk persyt tyte,
  Quhill clar owt our the charyot is he smyte,                        20
  And on the grond weltis in the ded thrawys.
  Quham on this wys with sowr wordis and sawys
  The petuus Eneas begouth to chyd:
  Lucagus, said he, forsuyth as at this tyde
  Na sla curs of thy horssys onweldy                                  25
  Thy cart has rendryt to thyne ennemy,
  Nor ȝit na vayn wrathys nor gaistis quent
  Thi char constrenyt bakwart forto went,
  And malgre thyne withdraw thi fays gryppys;
  Bot lo now, of thy fre will, as thou skyppys                        30
  Owtour the quhelys of thy cart, God wait,
  Levand the renys and hors all desolat.
  Thys beand said, the horsis renys he hynt.
  The tothir fey brother, or evyr he stynt,
  Lap fra the cart, and kneland petuusly,                              5
  Vphevand hys bayr handis, thus dyd cry:
  O Troiane prynce, I lawly the beseik,
  Be thyne awyn vertues and thy thewys meyk,
  And be thy parentis maist of renowne,
  That sik a child engendryt hes as the,                              10
  Thow spair this wofull sylly sawle at lest,
  Haue rewth of me, and admyt my request.
  With wordis feill as he thus can requer,
  Ene at last on this wys maid answer:
  Syk sawys war langer furth of thy mynd.                             15
  Sterve the behuffis, les than thou war onkynd
  As for to leif thy broder desolait
  All hym allane, na follow the sam gait.
  And tharwithall the hyrnys of hys gost
  He rypyt with the swerd amyd hys cost,                              20
  So tyll hys hart stoundis the pryk of deth:
  He weltis our, and ȝaldis vp the breth.
    Thys Dardane prynce as victor thus in weir
  Sa mony douchty corpsis brocht on beir,
  Amyd the planys reddand large gait,                                 25
  As doys a rowtand ryver red on spait;
  That for hys dyntis wolx hys fays agast,
  As for the feirfull drumly thundris blast.
  Quhil fynaly Ascanyus the ȝyng page,
  And the remanent of Troian barnage,                                 30
  Quhilk war, as said is, besegyt invane,
  Thar strenth hes left, and takyn hes the plane.


  _Juno rycht quayntly causys Turnus to fle,
  Ane fenȝeit figour persewand of Ene_.

  The ilk stound, of hys awyn fre volunte,
  Jove callys Juno, and thus carpys he:
  O thou my systir german and my feir,                                 5
  My best beluffyt spows, most leif and deir,
  Thyne opynyon has not dissauyt the,
  As thou belevyt: now may thou not se
  Quhou Venus doys susteyn and fortyfy
  The Troiane rowtis and pyssans by and by?                           10
  Nane actyve handis, nor stowt myndis, I weyn,
  Nor bodeys reddy all perrellys to sustene,
  Haue thai, thou may se be experiens.
    Quhamto Juno, with humyl reverens,
  Answeryt; my sweit and mast gudly husband,                          15
  Quharto lyst the renew my sorow at hand,
  As cayrfull wight, that lykis nocht sic bourdis?
  All efferd of thy fatal dreidfull wordis
  I am bestad: bot war I now, I weyn,
  Als strangly belovyt as I sum tyme haue bene;                       20
  Thocht ȝit, God wait, accordyt so tobe
  Baith to myne honour and thy dignyte;
  I say, war I beluffyt as I was ayr,
  Thou Jove almyghty ryngand euermar
  Suld not deny me sa sobyr a thyng,
  Bot at I mycht withdraw, at my lykyng,
  Furth of the feild Turnus, and hym save                              5
  Onto hys fader Dawnus, that our the lave
  Belovyt hym, as raysoun wald, quod sche.
  Now sall he perysch, and now sal he de,
  And sched hys gentyll blude sa pacient,
  In grews panys be Troianys tort and rent:                           10
  And netheles hys kyn origynall
  Is renownyt of godly stok ryall,
  Discendit of our seid and hevynly clan,
  Fra God Pylumnus to rekkyn the ferd man;
  And eik, thou wait, full oft with large hand,                       15
  With mony oystis, and ryght fair offerand,
  Thy templys and thyne altaris chargit has he,
  In wirschyp of thy myghty maieste.
    The souerane kyng of hevyn etherial
  In few wordis maid answer thus at all:                              20
  Gif thow askis a resput or delay,
  Bot for a tyme, or tyll a certane day,
  Of thys evident deth of Turnus ȝyng,
  Desyrand I suld grant the sik a thyng,
  All thocht he mortale be rycht sone we knaw;                        25
  I leif the to remove hym and withdraw,
  And from this instant perrellus hard fayt
  Steill hym away, and gyde hym by the gait:
  For so lang space ȝyt restis at will of me
  To lenth hys lyfe, quhilk I the grant, quod he.                     30
  Bot gif sa beys, that vndre thy request
  Mair hie pardon lurkis, I wald them cest:
  For gif thou wenys that all the victory
  Of the batale, and chancis by and by,
  May be reducyt and alterat clar agane,                               5
  A mysbyleve thou fosteris all invane.
    To quham Juno on this wys said wepyng:
  Quhat harm mycht fall, thocht be sum takyn or syng
  Thow schew thy mynd, and grantit that, quod sche,
  Quhilk be thy wordis of fatale destane                              10
  Now grunschis thou to geif or to conceid?
  That is to sa, quhat fors, thocht thou in deid
  Waldyst appreif and ratyfy agane
  That Turnus lyfe a lang tyme suld remane?
  Bot now approchis to that innocent knycht                           15
  A feirfull end; he sal to ded be dicht,
  Or than my sawys ar voyd of veryte.
  And O, wald God, at rather sa suld be
  That I dissavyt war bot with fals dreid,
  And at thou list, as thou has mycht in deid,                        20
  Thy fatale promys and thy statutis strange
  In bettir purpos to translait and change!
    Fra scho thir wordis had said, the ilk tyde
  Dovn from the hevyn scho leyt hir selvyn slyde,
  Befor hyr dryvand a tempestuus wynd,                                25
  And all abowt, befor and eik behynd,
  Within a clowd of myst circulyt cleyn:
  So throw the air bownyt furth this queyn
  Towart the Troiane hostis in the planys,
  And to the tentis socht of Lawrentanys.                             30
    Thys Goddes than furth of ane boys clowd
  In lyknes of Ene dyd schaip and schrowd
  A voyd figur, but strenth or curage bald,
  The quhilk wondyrus monstre to behald
  With Troiane wapynnys and armour grathis sche,                       5
  With scheild, and helm, and tymbret set on hie,
  Be semlant lyke Eneas godlyhed;
  And tharto ekis scho in euery sted
  Quent fenȝeit wordis, fant and contyrfait,
  With voce, but mynd, or ony other consait;                          10
  And fenȝeis eik hys concernans and pacis;
  Syklyke as that, thai say, in diuers placis
  The wraithis walkis of goistis that ar ded,
  Or as the slepy dremys, fra sted to sted
  Fleand in swevyn, makis illusionys,                                 15
  Quhen mennys myndis oft in dravillyng gronys:
  And all befor the forfront of the feild
  Richt haltandly, as curageus vnder scheild,
  Musturis this ymage, that with dartis keyn
  Aggrevyt Turnus, and dyd hym chyde in teyn,                         20
  Prouocand hym to bargane and tyl ire.
  And Turnus tho als hoyt as any fyre
  Thys figur dyd invaid, and tharat he
  In gret dispyte a quhirrand dart leyt fle:
  Bot this ilk schaddo, as sum deill addred,                          25
  Turnyt abowt, and gaif the bak and fled.
  Then Turnus, wenand Ene had tane the flycht,
  And al awondryt of that selcouth fyght,
  Within hys mynd a vayn comfort kawch he,
  And cryis lowd; quhidder fleys thou now, Ene?                       30
  Leif nevir, for schame, thus dissolait and waist
  Thy new allyans promyst the in haist,
  Of Lavynya the spousyng chalmyr at hand,
  And all this ilk regioun and this land,
  Quhilk thou sa far has socht owt our the se:                         5
  My rycht hand sal the saysyng geif, quod he.
  With sik wordis he schowtand dyd persew,
  And ay the glymmyrand brand baith schuke and schew,
  Na thyng persavand quhou this myrth and blys
  Away quyte with the wynd bewavit is.                                10
    On cace thar stude a mekill schip that tyde,
  Hyr wayl jonyt til a schor rokis syde,
  With plankis and with bryggis layd on land,
  The entre reddy grathit weill thai fand;
  In the quhilk schip Osynyus kyng, I wys,                            15
  Come laitly from the cite of Clusys.
  Thydder went this wrath or schaddo of Ene,
  That semyt, all abasyt, fast to fle,
  And hyd hyr dern vndre hychis tharin.
  Na slawar Turnus hastis hym to ryn,                                 20
  That but delay he spedis to this schyp,
  Ran owr the bryg, and inwith burd can skyp;
  And scars was entrit in the forcastell,
  Quhen Saturnus douchter saw hir tyme befell:
  Than soyn the cabyll in sondir smytis sche,                         25
  And fra the schor draif the schip throu the see.
    Bot Turnus absent thus that sammyn howr
  Eneas seyrssys throw amyd the stowr,
  And in hys renk quham euer he met lay ded;
  Full mony a man he kyllit in that sted.                             30
  And tharwithall hys lycht and fenȝeit gost,
  Fra tyme the schip was chargyt fra the cost,
  No langar sekis hyrnys hir to hyde,
  Bot flaw vp in the ayr the sammyn tyde,
  And al dissoluyt into a dyrk clowd.                                  5
  The meyn sesson, can fors of wyndis lowd
  Turnus far furth amyd the deip sey dryve:
  He dyd behald abowt hym tho belyve,
  All ignorant quhat wys this chance was wrocht,
  And of hys lyfe salvyng na thyng he rocht;                          10
  With handis junct vphevit towart hevin,
  Syk wordis he furth braid with drery stevyn:
    Almychty fader of the hevynnys hie,
  Has thou me reput on sic wys tobe
  Confusyt in this schame for myn offens?                             15
  And will I suffyr syk torment and pennans?
  Quhidder am I dryue, and from quhens am I cumyn?
  Quhat maner eschewyng or fleyng haue I nummyn?
  In quhat estait sall I return agane?
  Sall I evir se the wallys Lawrentane,                               20
  Or evir eft my tentis sall I se?
  Quhat may ȝon ost of men now say of me,
  Quhilkis my querrell and me followit to feild,
  Quham now, allace! lo, fechtand vnder scheild
  Ȝondir, schame to say the harm, sa wikkytly                         25
  Reddy to myschews deth beleft haue I?
  Lo, I behald thame fleand paill and wan,
  And heris the granyng of mony douchty man
  In my defalt falland fey to grond.
  Quhat sal I do? allace the wofull stond!                            30
  Or quhilk land, thocht a thousand tymys I stervit,
  May swelly me sa deip as I haue servyt?
  Bot, O ȝe wyndis, rather haue mercy,
  On rowkis and on craggis by and by
  Do swak this schyp, sen heir na erth I se,                           5
  And haue of wrachit Turnus sum pyete,
  Quhilk of hys fre will, stad in this maner,
  Besekis ȝow with all hartly prayer;
  Do warp my body on the schaldis onkend,
  Far furth on Syrtys at the warldis end,                             10
  Quhar Rutilyanys me nevir fynd agane,
  Sa that na fame nor rumour may remane
  Eftir my deth of this schaymfull trespas.
    And, sayand thus, in mynd dyd he cumpas
  Full mony chancis rolland to and fro,                               15
  Quhidder gif he suld, for proper lak and wo,
  Into this fury smyte hym with hys brand,
  And thryst the bludy blaid in with hys hand
  Throw owt hys rybbys, and sched his hart blude;
  Or than to swak hym self amyd the flude,                            20
  Swymmand to seik the nerrest costis bay,
  In feild agane the Troianys to assay.
  Athir way till assay thrys presyt hes he:
  And thrys hym styntis Juno, queyn mast hie,
  Havand compassioun of this ȝong man bald,                           25
  And can asswage hys mynd, and hand withhald.
  Furth held the schip, slydand owt our the fludis,
  With prosper wynd and followand tyde sa gude is,
  Quhill he is careit suyrly throw the see
  Tyll Ardea, hys faderis auld cite.                                  30


  _In Turnus sted Mezentius dyd succeid,
  Killyt doun his fays, and spulȝeit of thar weid._

  Durand this quhile, in fatis marciall,
  Mezentyus movyt with ardour bellycall,
  Be instigatioun of Jove in that neid,
  Can to the batale in hys place succeid;
  And the Troianys to invaid na thing sparis,                          5
  That semyt prowd as all the feild war tharis.
  Than sammyn to recontyr hym atanys
  Semlyt haill ostis of Hethrurianys,
  And all assailȝeit Mezentius allone;
  Aganyst a man thai rowtys euery one,                                10
  Inflambyt all in malyce, maid persutys,
  And thik as haill schour at hym schaftis schutis.
  Bot he, lyke to a ferm rowk, quhilk we se
  Strekyt on lenth amyd the large see,
  Sytuat aganys the rageand wyndis blast,                             15
  And brym wallys boldynnand wondyr fast,
  From all that violens doys hym self defend,
  And haill the fors sustenys to the end
  Baith of the hevynnys and byr of seys rage,
  Remanand onremovyt ferm in hys stage:                               20
  Als stern standis Meȝentius in that stound
  And first he hes fellit and laid to the grond
  Hebrus, the son of ane Dolycaon,
  And hym besyde Latagus flew onon,
  And Palmus eik, accustumat to fle:
  Bot with a stane Latagus brytnyt he
  Quhilk of a montane semyt a gret nuke,
  With quham hym on the vissage he ourtuke;
  And Palmus howgh sennonys smait in tway                              5
  Maid hym sa slaw he mycht nocht fle away;
  Thar armour syne to Lawsus gevyn hes he
  To weir on hys schuldris, and crovn on hie
  Thar creistis set, the quhilk sa rychly schane.
  He slew also Evantes a Troiane,                                     10
  And Mynas syne he kyllys in the feild,
  Quhilum to Parys companȝeoun and evin eild;
  Quham on a nycht Theana, gude and fair,
  To hys fader Amycus in Troy bair,
  Quhen Heccuba, douchter of Cisseus,                                 15
  Dremyt scho was gret, the story tellis thus,
  With a fyre broynd, and the self samyn nycht
  Was delyver of Parys, the fey knycht,
  Quhilk in hys natyve cite maid hys end:
  Bot thir feildis Lawrentan ombekend                                 20
  Withhaldis now the body of Mynas:
  So brym in stowr that stond Mezentyus was.
  Lyke to the strenthy sangler, or the bore,
  Quham hundis quest with mony quhryne and rore
  Down dryvyng from the hightis maid discend,                         25
  Quhilk mony wyntyr tofor had hym defend
  In Vesulus, the cauld montane hie,
  That is ourheldyt with mony fyr tre;
  Or than the bustuus swyne weil fed, that bredis
  Amang the buskis rank of ryspe and redis,                           30
  Besyde the layk of Lawrens, mony ȝheris,
  Quhen that he is betrappyt fra his feris
  Amyd the huntyng ralys and the nettis,
  Standis at the bay, and vp hys byrsys settis,
  Grasland hys tuskis with astern fyry eyn,                            5
  With spaldis hard and harsk awfull and teyn,
  That nane of all the huntmen thar present
  Hym to engreif has strenth or hardyment,
  Nor dar approchyng within hys byt neir,
  Bot standand far on dreich with dart and speir,                     10
  Assoverit of hys reik, the beste assays,
  With felloun schowtis, bustuus cryis, and brays.
  Nane other wys stud all the Tuscane rowt
  This stalwart knycht Mezentius abowt;
  And, thocht thai just caws had of wreth and feyd,                   15
  Thar was nane of thame durst hym put to ded,
  Nor curage had with drawyn swerd in hand
  Hym till assaill, nor mach apon the land;
  Bot with takillis and castyn dartis on far
  Thai warp at hym, bot durst not ane cum nar,                        20
  And with huge clamour hym infestis that tyde:
  He, onabasyt, abowt on euery syde
  Behaldis, gyrnand full of proper teyn,
  And with hys scheild choppyt by schaftis bedene.
    Furth of the ancyent boundis of Coryt tho                         25
  Was cum a Greik, quhilk clepyt was Acro,
  That fugityve into his lusty heyt
  Had left hys spowsal trewth plicht oncompleit:
  Quham as Mezentius saw amyd the rowt
  Hym grevand soir, as weriour stern and stowt,                       30
  And saw the plesand plomys set on hycht
  Of hys tymrell, and eik the purpour brycht,
  Quhilk of his trewthplycht lufe he bair in syng;
  Than, lyke a hungry lyon rumysyng,
  Constrenyt by hys rageand empty maw,                                 5
  The beistis dennys circuland all on raw,
  Gif he on cace aspys a swyft ra,
  Or the ȝyng hart with spryngand tyndis twa,
  Joyful he bradis tharon dispytuusly,
  With gapand gowle, and vprasys in hy                                10
  The lokkyrris lyand in his nek rowght,
  And all the bestis bowellis thrymlys throwght,
  Hurkylland tharon, quhar he remanyt and stude,
  Hys gredy gammys bedyis with the red blude:
  On the sammyn wys, Mezentius rycht baldly                           15
  Mydwart hys fays rowt ruschit in hy;
  Down smytis fey Acron amyd the ost,
  That in the ded thraw, ȝaldand vp the gost,
  Smate with hys helys the grond in maltalent,
  And brokkyn schaftis with hys blude bysprent.                       20
    This ilk Mezentius eik dedenȝeit nocht
  To sla Orodes, quhilk than was onflocht,
  That is to knaw, quhill frawart hym he went,
  And reput na wys, as by hys entent,
  Syk ane fleand to wond into the bak,                                25
  Onawarnyst, quhen he na defens mycht mak,
  Bot ran abowt and met hym in hys rays;
  Than athir man assemblit face for face:
  Orodes mair of prattik was all owt,
  Bot the tother in dedis of armys mair stowt,                        30
  That to the erth ourthrawyn he hes his feir,
  And, possand at hym with hys stalwart speir,
  Apon hym set hys fut, and thus he said:
  O now my feris, beys blyth and glaid;
  Lo, a gret party of this weir, but les,                              5
  Heir lyis at erd, the douchty Orodes.
  Hys feris sammyn rasyt vp a cry,
  With joyus sound in syng of victory,
  And blew the prys triumphall for his deth:
  Bot this Orodes, ȝaldand vp the breth,                              10
  Onto Mezentyus carpys thus on hie:
    Me onrevengit, thou sal nocht victour be,
  For weill I wait that sone I salbe wrokyn,
  Na, for all thy prowd wordis thou has spokkyn,
  Thou sall nocht lang endur into sik joy;                            15
  Bot siclyke chancis and semblant ennoy
  Abydis the, thocht thou be nevir sa bald,
  Thys sammyn feild sall thy ded corps withhald.
  To quham Mezentius smyland said in teyn;
  Thou sall de first, quhat evyr to me forseyn                        20
  Or previdyt has myghty Jove, quod he,
  Quham fader of Goddis and kyng of men cleip we.
  And sayand thus, the schaft the ilk thraw
  Furth of hys wond and body dyd he draw.
  Tho Orodes the hard rest doith oppres,                              25
  The cauld and irny slepe of dethys stres,
  And vp the breth he ȝald onon rycht
  With eyn closyt in evir lestand nycht.
    Cedicus al totrynschit Alcathous,
  And Sacrator to grund laid Hydaspus;                                30
  Rapo, ane Arcaid, has Parthenyus slane,
  And Orses, wondir byg of blude and bane;
  And Mesapus kyllyt the stowt Clonyvs,
  And Erycates with Lychaonyus;
  The formast lyggand at the erd he ouvraucht,                         5
  That by hys hedstrang hors a fall had caught,
  And Lychaonyus eik, a fut man, he
  Lyghtit on fut and slew in the melle.
  Aganys hym than went a man of Arge,
  Hait Lycyus, bodyn with speir and targe;                            10
  Bot by the way Valerus, gude in nedis,
  Nocht inexpert in douchty eldris dedis,
  Recontryt hym, and put hym to the ded:
  Salyus a Troiane in that sammyn sted
  Atronyus slew; and Nealces, expert                                  15
  To schut the fleand arrow or castyng dart,
  Quhilk invadis a man or he be war,
  Slew Salyus with schot, beand on far.


  _Quhou Eneas the ȝong Lawsus has slane,
  Quhilk fred his fader hurt in the bargane._

  Thus awfull Mars equaly with hys brand
  The sorow rasyt apon athir hand:                                    20
  Huge slauchter maid was and seir woundis wyd,
  Thai kyll and ar bet down on euery syde,
  That sammyn in the feild thai fall infeir,
  Baith the victouris, and thai that venquyst weir,
  And nother party wist, nother he nor he,
  To salf hym self quhar away to fle:
  So that the Goddis in Jovys hevynly hald                             5
  Had compassioun and rewth for to behald
  The wroith and ire of athir in the fightis,
  That sik distres rang amang mortal wightis.
  Venus towart the Troiane syde tuke tent:
  Aganyst quham, all full of maltalent,                               10
  Saturnus douchter Juno, that full bald is,
  Towart the party aduersar behaldis;
  And the pail furour of Tysiphone
  Walkis wod wroth amydwart the melle.
    Bot pryncipaly Mezentyus all engrevyt,                            15
  With a gret speir, quharwith he feill myschevit,
  Went brangland throu the feild all hym allon:
  As bustuus as the hydduus Orion,
  Quhen he on fut woyd throu the mekill see,
  Scherand the streym with hys schuldris hie,                         20
  Abufe the wallys of the flude apperis;
  Or lyke ane ancyent ayk tre, mony ȝheris
  That grew apon sum montane toppys hycht,
  Semand so hie to euery manis sycht,
  Quhilk, thocht hys rutis spred in the grond all sydis,              25
  Hys crop vpstraucht amyd the clowdis hydis:
  Syk lyke Mezentius mustyrris in the feild,
  With huge armour, baith speir, helm, and scheild.
  Aganyst quham Eneas fast hym hyis,
  Fra tyme amyd the rowt he hym aspyis.                               30
    The tother, onabasyt, all reddy thar
  The cummyng of hys douchty aduersar
  Abydis stowtly, fermyt in hys fors,
  And massely vpstude with bustuus cors;
  And, mesurand with hys E als large spais                             5
  As he mycht thraw a castyng speir, thus says:
  My rycht hand, and this fleand dart mot be,
  Quhilk now I tays, as verray God to me!
  Assistyng to my schot I ȝou beseik;
  For I awow, and heir promittys eyk,                                 10
  In syng of trophe or triumphall meith,
  My lovit son Lawsus forto cleith
  With spulȝe and all harnes rent, quod he,
  Of ȝondir rubbaris body, fals Enee.
    Thus said he; and fra hys hand the ilk tyde                       15
  The castyng dart fast byrrand lattis glyde,
  That fleand sclentis on Eneas scheild;
  Syne, standand far on rovm ȝond in the feild,
  Smate worthy Anthores the ilk thraw,
  Betwix the bowellys and the rybbys law:                             20
  Anthores, ane of gret Hercules ferys,
  That come from Arge into hys lusty ȝheris,
  Inherdand to Evander the Arcaid,
  And had hys dwellyng and hys residens maid
  In Palentyn, cite Italian;                                          25
  Onhappely now lyggis thus down slane,
  All of a wound and dynt quhilk in the fycht
  Addressit was towart ane other knycht.
  Ȝit, deand, he beheld the hevynnys large,
  And can ramembir hys sweit cuntre of Arge.                          30
    Than the reuthfull Eneas kest hys spere,
  Quhilk throu Mezentius armour all dyd schere;
  Throw gyrd hys targe platyt thrys with steill,
  And throw the cowchit lynnyn euery deill,
  And thrynfald plyis of the bullys hydis,                             5
  That law down in hys flank the dynt abydis:
  Bot it byreft hym nowder lyfe ne mycht.
  Eneas tho, quhilk was expert in fyght,
  Joyfull quhen that Mezentius blude saw he,
  Furth hynt hys swerd at hang law by hys thee,                       10
  And fervently towart hys fa can pas,
  Quhilk, for the dynt, sum deill astonyst was.
    Quhen Lawsus saw this aventour of weir,
  He wepyt wail sair for hys fader deir;
  Sa wobegone becam this lusty man                                    15
  That salt teris fast our hys chekis ran.
  Forsuyth, I sall not ourslyp in this sted
  Thy hard myschance, Lawsus, and fatale ded,
  And thy maist dowchty actis bellycall:
  O fresch ȝongker, maist dyng memoriall                              20
  I sall rehers, gyf ony faith may be
  Gevyn to sa gret dedis of antiquyte.
    With this Mezentyus menzeit drew abak,
  Harland hys leg quharin the schaft stak,
  That quhar he went he baris our the feild                           25
  Hys ennemys lance fixit in hys scheild.
  Betwix thame ruschys in the ȝong Lawsus,
  Amyd thar wapynnys, stern and curagus,
  Hym self has set forto sustene the fyght:
  Vnder Eneas rycht hand rasyt on hycht.                              30
  That reddy was to smyte a dedly wond,
  In steppis he, and baldly the ilk stound
  The bytand brand vphevyt keppyt he,
  And can resist and stynt the gret Enee.
  Hys feris followys with a felloun schowt:                            5
  Quhill that Mezentius of the feild wan owt,
  Diffend and coverit with hys sonnys scheild,
  Thai cast dartis thikfald thar lord to held,
  With schaftis schot, and flanys gret plente,
  Perturband thar stern aduersar Ene;                                 10
  That all enragyt hys sovir targe erekkit,
  And thar vndre hym haldis closly dekkyt.
  And lyke as sum tyme clowdis brystis attanys,
  The schowr furthȝettand of hoppand hailstanys,
  That all the plewmen and thar hynys inhy                            15
  Fleis of the croftis and feildis by and by;
  And eik the travellour ȝond vnder the wald
  Lurkand withdrawys to sum sovir hald,
  Owdir vndir watyr brays and bankis dern,
  Or in sum craggis clyft, or deip cavern,                            20
  So lang as that the schour lestis on the plane,
  That he may, when the son schynys agane,
  Exers hys journe, or hys wark alsfast:
  Syk wys Ene with schoit and dartis cast
  Was all ourheld, and ombeset ilk syde,                              25
  Quhil he the pres of batale styntis that tyde,
  And all thar fors sustenyt and deray;
  Reprevand Lawsus, thus begouth to say,
  And mannansyt hym with brand of blude all red:
    Quhidder hastis thou sa fast apon thy ded?                        30
  Or quhou dar thou ondertak into fyght
  Syk interprys, quhilk is abuf thy mycht?
  Thou art nocht wys; thy tendir hart, quod he,
  And rewthfull mynd all owt dissavis the.
    Bot for all thys ȝong Lawsus, vail que vaill,                      5
  Wald no wys ces Eneas till assaill.
  Than hyear rays the wraith and felloun ire
  Of the ilk manfull Troiane lordly syre,
  And eyk the fatale sisteris tho in deid
  Had wymplyt vp this Lawsus lattyr threid:                           10
  For so Eneas stokis hys styf brand
  Throw owt this ȝongker, hard vp to hys hand,
  That swerd, befor maid mannansyng and bost,
  Throw gyrd that gentill body and hys cost,
  Hys target persand, and hys armour lycht,                           15
  And eik hys cote of goldyn thredis brycht
  Quhilk hys moder hym span; and, to conclude,
  Hys bosum all is fillyt of hait blude:
  Sone eftir is the spreit of lyfe furth went
  Down to the goistis law with sad entent,                            20
  And left the body ded, and hyne dyd pas.
  Bot quhen Anchises son, fers Eneas,
  Beheld hys wlt and contenans in deyng,
  Hys sweit vissage sa in the ded thrawyng
  Becummyn wan and paill on diuers wys,                               25
  He sychit profundly owder twys or thrys,
  And drew abak hys hand, and rewth has hynt;
  For so into hys mynd, eftir the dynt,
  The ymage of hys faderly piete
  Imprentit was, that on this wys said he:                            30
    O douchty ȝynglyng, worthy tobe menyt,
  Worthy tobe bewalyt and complenyt,
  Quhat sall the reuthfull compacient Ene
  For sa gret lovabill dedis rendir the?
  Or quhat may he the ȝeld sufficient                                  5
  For sik natural and inborn hardyment?
  Thyne armour, quharof sumtyme thou reiosyt,
  With the I leif, for ay to beyn eniosyt:
  Onto thy parentis handis and sepultre
  I the beleif tobe entyrit, quod he,                                 10
  Gyf that sic maner of triumphe and cost
  May do thame plesour, or eys onto thy gost.
  Bot thou, onsilly child, sa will of red,
  Do comfort heirwith thy lamentabill ded,
  That thou ourmatchit art and thus lyis slane                        15
  By the gretast Eneas handis twane.
  Syne he hys feris can repreif and chyde,
  That thai sa lang delayt hym besyde,
  Makand na haist to bair hys corps away;
  And he hym self betwix hys armys tway                               20
  The ded body vpliftis fra the grond,
  That with the red blude of his new grene wond
  Besparklyt had hys ȝallow lokkis brycht,
  That ayr war kemmyt and addressyt rycht.


  _Fra Mezentius knew ȝong Lawsus deces,
  Hym to revenge his lyfe lost in the pres._

  The meyn sesson, hys fader with his feris,
  Down at the fludis syde of Tyberis,
  Stanschit his wondis with watyr by and by,
  Weschand the blude and swait from hys body.
  Hys helm of steil besyde hym hang weil ne                            5
  Apon a grayn or branch of a grene tre;
  Hys other weghty harnes, gud in neid,
  Lay on the gyrs besyde hym in the meid;
  Hys trasty chosyn verlettis hym abowt:
  And he ful for wondyt, all in dowt,                                 10
  Stude lenand with hys wery nek and bonys
  Owt our a bowand tre, with sair gronys;
  Hys weil kemmyt berd, hyngand ful straucht
  Apon his breist, onto hys gyrdill raucht:
  And feill tymys on Lawsus menys he,                                 15
  Prayand full oft he mycht hym falsly se,
  And mony messyngeris onto hym hes send,
  To withdraw hym the feild, and to defend
  That he abyde na langar in bargane,
  And schaw quhat sorow for hym hys fader had tane.                   20
    Bot than Lawsus ded owt of the feild
  Hys wofull feris careit apon a scheild,
  Wepand sa gret a man was brocht to grond,
  And discumfyt with sa grysly a wond.
  Mezentius mynd and consait, the ilk tyde,
  Suspekand the harmys quhilkis war betyde,
  On far considerit the caus of thar murnyng,
  And on hys canos hair the dust can slyng,
  With mekill powdir fyland hys hasart hed;                            5
  And baith hys handis in that sammyn sted
  Towart the hevin vphevis in a fary,
  And he the Goddis and starnys fast dyd wary;
  Syne, lenand on hys sonnys corps, thus cryis:
    O my deir child and tendir get heir lyis!                         10
  Had I sa gret appetit and delyte
  Onto this wrachit lyfe, sa ful of syte,
  That I the sufferit to entyr in my sted
  Vndre our fays hand, and with thy ded
  My lyfe is salfit? Ha, I thy fader heir,                            15
  Quhilk the begat, my only son sa deir,
  Suld I be salf and lyfand eftir the,
  Throu tha sa grisly wondis that I se?
  Allace, onto me, wrachit catyve thing,
  Myne exill now at last and banysyng                                 20
  Becummyn is hard and insufferabill!
  The stound of deth, the panys lamentabill,
  Is deip engravyn in my hart onsound;
  Now am I smyttyn with the mortal wond!
  I, the self man was the caus of thy ded,                            25
  With my trespas, my child, in euery sted
  Filyt the glor and honour of thy name,
  Thy hie renovn bespottand with my schame,
  As I that was, by invy and haitrent
  Of my awin pepill, with thar haill assent,                          30
  Expellit from my ceptre and my ryng,
  And was adettyt, for my mysdoyng
  Onto our cuntre, till haue sufferit pane:
  I aucht and worthy was to haue bene slane,
  And to haue ȝald this wikkyt sawle of myne                           5
  Be all maner of turment and of pyne,
  Fortill amend myne offencis and fed.
  Ha, now I lyf, allace! and thou art ded!
  Ȝit want I not off men the cumpany,
  Nowder lyght of lyfe, ne cleirnes of the sky,                       10
  Bot soyn I sal thame leif and part tharfra.
    And sayand thus, sammyn with mynd ful thra
  He rasyt hym vp apon hys wondit thee,
  And determyt to revenge hym or de:
  For thocht the violens of hys sair smart                            15
  Maid hym onfery, ȝit hys stalwart hart
  And curage ondekeit was gude in neid.
  He bad ga fech Rhebus, hys ryall sted,
  Quhilk was hys wirschip and hys comfort haill,
  And hys support hys fays to assaill;                                20
  For by thys hors in euery gret iourne
  Hame fra the feild victour eschapit he.
  Quhamto Mezentyus, but mair abaid,
  Seand the steid drowpand and sad, thus said:
  Rhebus, we twa hes levit lang yfeir,                                25
  Gyf that to mortal wightis in this erd heir
  Ony tyme may be reput lang, quod he.
  Owder this day beys thou revengear with me
  Of Lawsus dolorus deith, and wrek our schame,
  And sall as victour with the bryngyn hame                           30
  Ȝon bludy spulȝe, and Eneas hed;
  Or, gif na fors nor strenth into that sted
  Will suffir ony way that it be so,
  We sal in feild sammyn de baith two.
  For, O moist forcy steid, my lovyt foill,                            5
  I can na wys beleif at thou may thoill
  To be at ony otheris commandment,
  Nor that the lift dedeyn, gif I war schent,
  Till obey ony master or lord Troiane.
    And sayand thus, ful towartly onane                               10
  The steid bekend held to hys schulder plat,
  And he at eys apon hys bak doun sat;
  And bath hys handis fillyt with dartis keyn,
  With helm on hed burnyst brycht and scheyn,
  Abuf the quhilk hys tymbret buklyt was,                             15
  Lyke till a lokryt mayn with mony fas.
  And into sik array with swyft curs he
  Furth steris hys steid, and draif in the melle.
  Deip in hys hart boldynnys the felloun schame,
  Myxit with dolour, angir, and defame;                               20
  The fervent luf of hys son ȝyng of age
  Gan catchyng hym into the furyus rage;
  Tharto alsso persuadis to the fyght
  Hys hors weil knawin hys hardyment and mycht:
  And, in sik poynt, throw owt the rowtis all                         25
  With mychty voce thrys dyd Eneas call.
    Eneas hard hym cry, and weil hym knew,
  And glaid tharof can towartis hym persew,
  And prayand says; the fader of Goddis hie,
  And eik mychty Apollo, that grant to me,                            30
  Thou wald begyn in bargan on this land
  To mell with me, and to meyt hand for hand.
  Thus carpyt he, and with stern lance, but tary,
  Furth steppys forto meyt hys aduersary.
    Bot Mezentius, seand hym cumand,                                   5
  Cryit to hym onon and bad hym stand:
  O thou maist cruell aduersar, said he,
  Quhat wenys thou so to effray and bost me,
  Sen thou my son has me bereft this day,
  Quhilk was only the maner and the way                               10
  Quharby thou mycht ourcum me and distroy?
  Now, sen that I haue tynt all warldis joy,
  Nowder I abhor the ded, to starve in fyght,
  Nor rak I ocht of ony Goddis mycht.
  Desist, and ces to bost me or manas,                                15
  For I am cum to de in this ilk plas;
  Bot first I bryng the thir rewards, quod he.
  With that word, at his fa a dart leyt fle,
  And eftir that ane other has he cast,
  And syne ane other has he fixit fast,                               20
  About hym prekand in a cumpas large:
  Bot all thir dyntis sustenyt the goldin targe.
  Thrys on the left half fast, as he war wod,
  About Eneas raid he quhar he stude,
  Thik with hys handis swakkand dartis keyn:                          25
  And thrys this Troiane prynce our all the greyn,
  Intil hys stalwart stelyt scheild stikand owt,
  Lyke a hair wod the dartis bair abowt.
  At last, as he ennoyt of this deray,
  This irksum traysyng, jowkyng, and delay,                           30
  And cumryt wolx sa mony dartis invane
  Thus oft to draw furth and to cast agane,
  As he that was matchit that tyme, but faill,
  With hys fa man in bargane inequale,
  Quhilk ay was at avantage and onflocht,                              5
  Full mony thing revoluyt he in thocht;
  Syne on that weirman ruschit he in teyn:
  In the forhed, betwix the horsys eyn,
  He kest hys speir with all his fors and mycht.
  Vpstendis thar the stalwart steid on hycht,                         10
  And with his helys flang up in the ayr;
  Down swakkis the knycht sone with a fellon fair,
  Foundris fordwart flatlyngis on hys spald,
  Ourquhelmyt the man, and can hys feit onfald.
    Than the Latynys, and eik pepill Troianys,                        15
  The hevynnys dyndlit with a schowt at anys.
  Eneas gyrd abufe hym with a braid,
  Hynt furth hys swerd, and forthir thus he said:
  Quhar is he now, Mezentius, sa stern?
  Quhar is the fers stowt curage of that bern?                        20
    Quhamto Mezentius, this ilk prynce Tyrrheyn,
  Fra that he mycht alyftyn vp his eyn
  To se the hevynnys licht, and draw hys braith,
  And hys rycht mynd agane recoverit haith,
  Thus answeris: O thou dispituus fo,                                 25
  Quharto me chydis thou reprochand so,
  And manancis me to the ded by and by?
  Of my slauchter I think na villany,
  Nor on sik wys heir com I not in feild,
  That I stand aw to swelt vnder my scheild;                          30
  Nor, I beleif, na frendschip in thy handis,
  Nane syk trety of sawchnyng nor cunnandis,
  My son Lawsus band vp with the, perfay.
  Bot of a thyng I the beseik and pray,
  Gif ony plesour may be grantit or beld                               5
  Till aduersaris, that lyis venquyst in feild;
  That is to knaw, suffir my body haue
  Ane sepultur, and with erd be bygrave.
  I knaw abowt me standand in this sted
  My folkis byttyr haitrent and gret feid:                            10
  Defend me from thar furour, I requeir,
  And grant my corps, besyde my sonnys infeir,
  Into sum tumbe entyrit for tobe.
  And sayand thus, knawand at he most de,
  Befor hys eyn persavyt the burnyst brand,                           15
  That throuch hys gorge went from Eneas hand;
  Within hys armour, schortly to conclude,
  Furth bruschit the sawle with gret stremys of blude.
    Be this the son declynyt was almost,
  So that the Latynys and Rutilian ost,                               20
  Quhat for the absens of thar duke Turnus,
  And new slauchter of bald Mezentius,
  Withdrew thame to thar raset in affray,
  And Troianys went onto thar rest quhil day.


  Thow hie renown of Martis chevalry,
  Quhilk gladis euery gentill wight to heir,
  Gif thou mycht Mars and Hercules deify,
  Quharfor beyn nobillys to follow prowes swer?
  Weill auchtin eldris exemplis ws to steir                            5
  Tyll hie curage, all honour till ensew:
  Quhen we consider quhat wirschip tharof grew,
  All vyce detest, and vertu lat ws leyr.

  Prowes, but vyce, is provit lefull thyng
  By haly scriptur into syndry place,                                 10
  Be Machabeus, Josue, Dauid kyng,
  Mychael, and eyk hys angellys full of grace,
  That can the dragon furth of hevynnys chace
  With vailȝeand dyntis of ferm myndis contrar:
  Nane other strokis nor wapynnys had thai thar,                      15
  Nother speir, buge, pol ax, swerd, knyfe, nor mace.

  In takynnyng that in chevalry or fyght
  Our myndis suld haue just ententioun,
  The grond of batale fundyt apon rycht;
  Not for thou lyst to mak discentioun,                               20
  To seik occasyons of contentioun,
  Bot rype thy querrell, and discus it plane:
  Wrangis to reddres suld wer be vndertane,
  For na conquest, reif, skat, nor pensioun.

  To speke of moral vertuus hardyment,                                 5
  Or rather of dyvyne, is myne entent;
  For warldly strenth is febill and impotent
  In Goddis sight, and insufficient.
  The Psalmyst says, that God is not content
  In mannys stalwart lymmys nor strenth of cors,                      10
  Bot into thame that trastis in hys fors,
  Askand mercy, and dredand jugement.

  Strang fortitud, quhilk hardyment cleip we,
  Abuf the quhilk the vertu souerane
  Accordyng pryncis, hecht magnanymyte,                               15
  Is a bonte set betwix vicis twane:
  Of quham fuyl hardynes clepit is the tane,
  That vndertakis all perrellis but avice;
  The tother is namyt schamefull cowardyce,
  Voyd of curage, and dolf as ony stane.                              20

  The first is hardy all owt by mesur,
  Of tyme nor rayson gevis he na cuyr,
  No dowt he castis, bot all thinkis suyr,
  Nocht may he suffir, nor hys hait endur:
  The tother is of all prowes sa puyr,                                25
  That evir he standis in feir and felloun dreid,
  And nevir dar vndertak a douchty deid,
  Bot doith all curage and all manheid smuyr.

  The first soundis towart vertu sum deill,
  Hardy he is, couth he be avyse;
  Of hardyment the tother has na feill:                                5
  Quhou may curage and cowardys agre?
  Of fortitud to compt ȝou euery gre,
  As Arestotill in hys Ethikis doith expres,
  It wald, as now, conteyn our lang proces;
  Quharfor of other chevalry carp will we.                            10

  Gyf Crystis faithfull knychtis lyst ws be,
  So as we aucht, and promyst hes at font,
  Than mon we byde baldly, and neuer fle,
  Nowder be abasyt, tepyt, nor ȝit blunt,
  Nor as cowartis to eschew the first dunt.                           15
  Pawle witnessith, that nane sall wyn the crown,
  Bot he quhilk dewly makis hym reddy bown
  To stand wightly, and feght in the forfront.

  And quha that sall nocht wyn the crown of meid,
  That is to say, the euerlestand blys,                               20
  The fyre eternall neidlyngis most thai dreid:
  For Cryst into his gospell says, I wys,
  Quha bydis nocht with me contrar me is:
  And gif thou be aganyst God, but weir
  Than art thou wageour onto Lucifer.                                 25
  God salf ws all from sik a fyre as this!

  The armour of our chevalry, perfay,
  So the Apostyll techis ws expres,
  Not corporall bot sperituall beyn thai,
  Our conquyst haill, our vassellage and prowes,
  Aganyft spretis and pryncis of myrknes;                              5
  Not agane man, owr awyn brother and mait,
  Nor ȝit aganyst our maker to debait,
  As rabell tyll all vertu and gudnes.

  The flesch debatis aganys the spiritual gost,
  Hys hie curage with sensual lust to law,                            10
  And, be the body victor, baith ar lost;
  The spreit wald vp, the cors ay down list draw:
  Thy secund fa the warld, ane other thraw,
  Makis strang assaltis of covatys and estait,
  Aganyst quham is full perrellus debait;                             15
  Thir fays famyliar beyn full quaynt to knaw.

  Lyff in thy flesch as master of thy corps,
  Lyf in this warld as nocht ay to remane;
  Resist the fendis slycht with all thy fors,
  He is thy ancyent ennemy, werst of ane;                             20
  A thousand wylys he hes, and mony a trane,
  He kendillis oft thy flesch in byrnand heit,
  He causys wrachit plesans seym full sweit,
  And, for nocht, of this fals warld makis the fane.

  He is thy fa and aduersar principall,                               25
  Of promyssioun wald the expell the land,
  For he the sammyn lost, and caucht a fall;
  Enfors the strangly contrar hym to stand.
  Rays hie the targe of faith vp in thy hand,
  On hed the halsum helm of hoip onlace,
  In cheryte thy body all embrace,                                     5
  And of devoit oryson mak thy brand.

  Stand at defens, and schrynk not for a schore:
  Thynk on the haly marthyris at ar went,
  Thynk on the payn of hell, and endles glore,
  Thynk quhou thy Lord for the on rude was rent,                      10
  Thynk, and thou fle fra hym, than art thou schent,
  Thynk all thou sufferis ontyll hys paynis nocht is,
  Thynk with quhou precyus pryce as thy sawll bocht is,
  And ay the moder of grace in mynd enprent.

  Feill beyn thy fays, fers, and full of slycht,                      15
  Bot be thou stalwart campioun and knycht;
  In feild of grace with forsaid armour brycht
  Thou may debait thame lyghtly in ilk fyght:
  For of fre will thyne acton is sa wight
  Nane may it pers, wilt thou resist and stand;                       20
  Becum thow cowart, crawdoun recryand,
  And by consent cry cok, thy ded is dycht.

  Thynk quhou that fa is waik and impotent,
  May venquys nane bot thame lyst be ourcum;
  He sal the nevir ourset, but thy consent.                           25
  Eith is defens to say nay, or be dum;
  And for thy weill, lo, thys is all and sum:
  Consent nevir, and thou sall nevir be lost,
  By disassent thou may venquys ane ost,
  And, for anys ȝa, tyne thy meid euery crum.

  Na wondir is; for by exempill we se,                                 5
  Quha servys hys souerane intill all degre
  Full mony days, and eftir syne gif he
  Commyttis anys trayson, suld he nocht de,
  Les than hys prynce, of gret humanyte,
  Pardoun hys falt for hys lang trew seruys,                          10
  Gyf he wald mercy craif? The sammyn wys
  We beyn forgevyn, so that repent will we.

  Bot quhat avalys begyn a strang melle,
  Syne ȝeld the to thy fa, but ony quhy,
  Or cowartly to tak the bak and fle?                                 15
  Na; thar sall nane optene hie victory,
  Les thai sustene the bargane dowchtely;
  And quha so perseueris to the end
  Ane conquerour and campioun euir is kend,
  With palm of triumphe, honour, and glory.                           20

  The maist onsilly kynd of fortoun is
  To haue beyn happy; Boetius techis so;
  As, to haue beyn in welth and hartis blys,
  And now tobe dekeit and in wo:
  Richt so, quha vertuus was, and fallys tharfro. 25
  Of verray rayson malewrus hait is he;
  And ȝit, by grace and hys fre volunte,
  He may recovir meryt agane alsso.

  I say, be grace; for quhen thou art in grace,
  Thou may eik grace to grace, ay mor and mor;
  Bot quhen thou fallys be syn tharfra, allace!                        5
  Of thy meryte thou gettis hyr nevirmor:
  Ȝit quhen thou dewly disponys the tharfor,
  Doand all that in the thar may be done,
  Of hys gudnes the etern Lord alssone
  Restorys the meryt, with grace in arlys of glore.                   10

  Haill thy meryt thou had tofor thy fall,
  That is to say, thy warkis meritabill,
  Restorit ar agane baith gret and small,
  And grace tharto, quhilk is sa profitabill
  That thou tharby to eik meryt art habill;                           15
  Bot nocht ilk gre of grace thou had befor;
  That gettis thou not sa soyn, quhill forthyrmor:
  Be war tharfor, fall not, bot standis stabill.

  For lyke as quha offendit had hys lord,
  That lang tofor hys trew servand had bene,                          20
  And syne agane becumis at ane accord
  With hys master, all thocht hys lord wald meyn
  On hys ald seruyce, ȝit netheles, I weyn,
  He sall nocht soyn be tendir, as he was ayr:
  Be war tharwith, and kepe ȝou fra the snair,                        25
  Tyne nocht ȝour laubour and ȝour thank betweyn.

  Exempill takis of this prynce Ene,
  That, for hys fatale cuntre of behest,
  Sa feill dangeris sustenyt on land and see,
  Syk stryfe in stour sa oft with speir in rest,
  Quhill he hys realm conquest bath west and est:                      5
  Sen all this dyd he for a temporall ryng,
  Pres ws to wyn the kynryk ay lestyng,
  Addres ws fast fortill opteyn that fest.

  He may be callyt, as says sanct Augustyn,
  Ane delicat, owr esy, crystyn knycht,                               10
  Refusys to thoill traval, sturt, or pyne,
  And but debait wenys till optene the fyght.
  To wyn the feild, and nevir preif thy mycht,
  That war nyce thyng: thy kyng Cryste in batell
  Quhat sufferit he for the, O catyve wight!                          15
  Lyis thou at eys, thy prynce in bargane fell?

  Aschamys of our sleutht and cowardyce!
  Seand thir gentyles and the paganys ald
  Ensew vertu, and eschew euery vyce,
  And for sa schort renown warryn so bald                             20
  To susteyn weir and panys teyr ontald;
  Than lat ws stryve that realm forto posseid,
  The quhilk was hecht till Abraham and hys seyd:
  Lord, at ws wrocht and bocht, grant ws that hald!



  _Eftir the feild Enee maid sacrifyce,
  Offerand the spulȝe to Mars, as was the gys._

  Duryng this quhile, furth of the sey dyd spryng
  The fresch Aurora with the brycht dawyng.
  Ene, albeyt hys hasty thochtfull curis
  Constrenyt hym, as twychyng sepulturis
  Of hys folkis new slane and berying,                                 5
  Forto provide a tyme mast accordyng,
  And gretly eik in mynd he trublyt was
  For the slauchtyr and ded corps of Pallas;
  Ȝit netheles, as first the son vpsprent,
  Scheddyng hys bemys in the orient,                                  10
  As victor he onto the Goddis als tyte
  With sacryfyce can hys vowys acquyte.
  Ane akyn tre, was huge gret and squar,
  The branchis sned and kut abowt alquhar,
  Apoun a motys hycht vpset has he,                                   15
  And all with schynand armour cled the tre:
  The coyt armour and spulȝe tharon hang
  Of Mezentius, the vailȝeand campioun strang;
  To the, gret God of stryfe, armypotent,
  In syng of trophe tharon was vpstent
  Hys cryst and hewmet all besprent with blude,                        5
  The brokyn trunschions of hys speris rude,
  And hys fyne hawbryk, with speir, swerd, and macis,
  Assayt and persyt into twys sax placis;
  Hys stelyt scheild dyd on the left syde hyng;
  Abowt hys gorget, or hys nek armyng,                                10
  Was hung hys swerd with evor scawbart fyne.
  And thus exortis Ene hys ferys syne:
  The chiftanys all abowt hym lowkyt war,
  Quhilk glaidsum warryn of this joyus fair.
    O douchty men, quod he, worthy in weris,                          15
  The grettast part of our warkis and afferis
  Beyn endit now, sa that in tyme cummyng
  All feir and dreid ar passyt of ony thyng:
  Thir bene the spulȝe, and first weirly weid,
  Reft from the prowd kyng be my handis in deid;                      20
  Lo, heir Mezentius venquyst lyis doun bet.
  Now to the wallys of Lawrent and the ȝet
  The way is maid to kyng Latyn to wend.
  Tharfor addres ȝour myndis, and attend
  To armys and to weirfar euery ane,                                  25
  Provydand in ȝour consatis for bargane;
  So that ȝhe reddy be, and na delay
  May stoppyn ȝou, nor stunnys ane other day,
  Be ȝour awyn sleuth, for lak of gude forsycht,
  Gif ȝe onwarnyst beys callyt to the fycht:                          30
  Alssone as fyrst the Goddis omnipotent
  By sum sygnys or takyn lyst consent
  The ensenȝeis and baneris be vphynt,
  And all the ȝonkeris meyt for swerdis dynt,
  Of thar tentis convoyt in array,                                     5
  Se ȝhe all reddy be than, but delay.
  And, in the meyn quhile, lat ws to erd haue
  The corpsys of our fallowys onbegraue;
  Quhilk only honour is haldyn in daynte
  At Acheron, the lawest hellys see.                                  10
  Pas on, he said; tha sawlys valȝeant,
  Quhilk, with habundans of thar blude bysprent,
  Has conquyst ws this realm apon sik wys,
  Do honour with thar funeral servys,
  And wirschip with thar finale last rewardis.                        15
  Bot first, befor all corpsis of tha lardis,
  Ontill Evandrys dolorus cite
  Of ȝong Pallas the body send mon we;
  Quham, wantand na vertu nor prowes,
  The wofull day hes ws byreft expres,                                20
  And with a wofull slauchter caucht, allace!
    Thus said he, wepand salt terys our hys face:
  Syne tuke hys vayage towart the ilk sted
  Quhar Pallas lyfles corps was lyggand ded;
  Quham ancyent Acetes thar dyd kepe,                                 25
  With flottyryt berd of terys all beweip;
  The quhilk Acetes had tofor ybe
  Squyer to kyng Evander, from the cite
  Of Parrha cummyn into Arcady,
  And at thys tyme was send in cumpany                                30
  With hys deir fostyr child he had in cur,
  Bot not, as ayr, with happy aventur.
  About the corps alhaill the multitud
  Of servyturis and Troiane commonys stud,
  And dolorus Phrigyane wemen, on thar gys,                            5
  With hair down schaik, and petuus spraichis and cryis.
  Bot, fra that enterit was Eneas bald
  Within the portis of that large hald,
  A huge clamour thai rasyt and womentyng,
  Betand thar brestis quhill all the lyft dyd ryng;                   10
  So lowd thar wofull bewalyng habundis
  That all the palyce dynnys and resoundis.
  Thys prynce hym self, fra that he did behald
  The snaw quhite vissage of this Pallas bald,
  Hys hed vphald, mycht nocht the self sustene,                       15
  And eik the gapand dedly wond hes sene,
  Maid by the sperys hed Rutilyane
  Amyd hys snerth and fair slekyt breist bane.
  With terys brystand from hys eyn, thus plenyt:
    O douchty child, maist worthy tobe menyt,                         20
  Has fortoun me envyit sa far that, eft
  Our weill is cummyn, thus thou art me bereft,
  Sa that thou suld not se our ryng, said he,
  Nor ȝit as victor with prosperyte
  Onto thy faderis cite hame retour?                                  25
  Syk promys hecht I not the lattir hour
  To thy fader Evandrus, quhen that he
  At my departyng last embrasyt me,
  And send me to conquys a large empyre:
  And, dredand eyk for the, that lordly syre                          30
  Vs monyst tobe war and avyse,
  Becaus the men quhamwith to do had we
  War bald and stern; said, we had wer at hand
  With bustuus folk, that weill in stryfe durst stand.
  Now, certis, he levand in hoip, invane,                              5
  For thy prosper returnyng haym agane
  Perchans doith mak prayer and offerandis,
  Chargeand the altaris oft with hys awyn handis:
  Bot we hys lyfles child, quhilk aw na thyng
  Onto the Goddis of the hevynly ryng,                                10
  With womentyng heir menand tendyrly,
  And vayn honour, accumpaneis by and by.
  O fey onhappy kyng Archadian!
  Now thy sonnys ded corps cruelly slane
  Thou sal behald: allace, the panys strang!                          15
  This is our haymcom thou desyrit lang;
  This salbe our triumphe thou lang abaid,
  To se thy a son on hys beir tre laid!
  Ha! quhat, is this my promys and gret faith?
  Bot, O Evander, beys not with me wraith;                            20
  Thou sall not se thy son was dryve abak
  With schamefull wondis that he caucht in the bak:
  Ne thou hys fader, war he alyve this day,
  Suld nevir haue lak of hym, ne for hym pray
  For hys desert he deit a schamefull deth;                           25
  And now with honour hes he ȝald the breth.
  Bot netheles, quhat harm, ful ways me!
  Quhou large support, hey! quhat beld or supple
  In hym hes tynt Ausonya the ryng,
  And quhou gret deill hes lost Ascanyus ȝyng!                        30


  _Ȝong Pallas corps is till Evander sent,
  With all honour accordyny hys tyrment._

  Quhen he bewalyt had on this maner,
  This wofull corps he bad do lyft on beir,
  And with hym send a thousand men in hy
  Walyt of euery rowt and cumpany,
  Forto convoy and do hym falloschip                                   5
  At hys last honour and funeral wirschip,
  And tobe present at the lamentyng
  Of hys fader, to comfort hys murnyng;
  Thocht smal solace was that to hys regrait,
  Quhilk was sa huge, bot to hys estait                               10
  Accordit weill that sik thingis suld be,
  Quhen all wightis mycht rew on hym to se.
  Sum of Eneas ferys bissely
  Flakis to plet thame presys by and by,
  And of small wikkyris forto beld a beir                             15
  Of sowpill wandis and of bronys seir,
  Bund with the syonys or the twystis sle
  Of small rammell or stobys of akyn tre.
  Thyr beddis beldyt, or funeral lytteris,
  Syk tumbys as for ded corps efferis,                                20
  With greyn burgionys and branchys fair and weill
  Thai gan ourheld, and stentys euery deill:
  Amyd the quhilkis, of blumys apon a byng
  Strowyt full hie, thai laid this Pallas ȝyng;
  Lyggyn tharon als semly forto se
  As is the fresch flowris schynand bewte,
  Newly pullyt vp from hys stalkis smaill
  With tendyr fyngeris of the damysaill,
  Or the soft violet that doys freschly schyne,                        5
  Or than the purpour flour, hayt jacynthyne;
  Quham all thocht the erth hys moder with sap
  Hym nurys not, nor comfortis on hir lap,
  Ȝyt than hys schene cullour and figur glaid
  Is not all went, nor hys bewte defaid.                              10
  Eneas syne twa robbys furth gart fold
  Of rych purpour and styf burd of gold,
  Quhilk vmquhil Dydo, Quheyn of Sydones,
  Of sik laubour full byssy tho, I ges,
  As at that tyme to ples hym wonder glaid,                           15
  With hir awyn handis to hym wrocht and maid,
  Wovyn full weill, and brusyt as rych wedis,
  Of costly stuf and subtell goldyn thredis;
  And with the tane of thir full dolorusly
  Eneas cled the ȝyng Pallas body,                                    20
  Tobe hys finall and hys last honour:
  Hys lokkis and hys harys the self hour,
  Quhilkis war forto be brynt in assys cald,
  Into the tother habyt dyd he fald.
  Abuf all thys, rewardis mony ane,                                   25
  Yconquest in this batall Lawrentane,
  In haill hepys with hym hes he send,
  And bad thai suld tak gud kepe and attend
  To leid the pray per ordour pompusly.
  Feill horssys als he gaue thame by and by,                          30
  With wapynnys eik, and other precyus geir,
  That he had reft hys fa men in the weir:
  The presoneris alsso, quham he had tak,
  He send with handis bund behynd thar bak,
  Quhilkis, at the obsequies or entyrment,                             5
  To the infernal gostis suldbe sent,
  And with thar bludis sched, as was the gys,
  The funeral flambe strynkyll in sacrifys.
  He bad the capitanys and the dukis all,
  In syng of trophe or pomp triumphall,                               10
  Gret perkis bair of treyn saplyng that squair is,
  Cled with the armour of thar aduersaris,
  To wryte and hyng tharon baith all and sum
  The namys of thar ennemys ourcum.
  Furth led was the onsilly Acetes,                                   15
  Ourset with age, and sorow mycht nocht ces;
  Now bludyand hys awyn breist with hys fystis,
  Now with hys nalys hys face rentis and brystis,
  And oft down fallys spaldit on the erd,
  With mony gowl, and a full petuus rerd.                             20
  And furth war led rych cartis for the nanys,
  Besprent with blude of the Rutylianys.
  And eftir com Aethon, hys werly steid,
  Dispulȝeit of hys harnessyng and weid;
  Wepand he went for wo, men mycht haue seyn                          25
  With gret terys floddyrrit hys face and eyn.
  Ane bair hys helm, ane other bair hys speir;
  For the remanys of hys harnes and geir,
  Syk as hys rych gyrdill, and cotarmour,
  Turnus victor byreft hym in the stour.                              30
  Furth haldis syne the drery cumpany
  Of Troianys, and Tyrrheyn dukis thame by;
  And wofull Archadis, in syng of dolour, weris
  Scheldis reversyt, and doun turnyt thar speris.
  And eftir that, per ordour, by and by,                               5
  Thai beyn furth passyt euery cumpany,
  Eneas tho can styntyng and abaid,
  And with a petuus regrait thus he said:
  The horribill batellys of thir sammyn weris
  Tyll otheris funerall womentyng and terys                           10
  Callys ws from thens; we may nocht follow the,
  Thyne entyrment forto behald and se.
  Adew for ay, Pallas, beluffyt best,
  Fair weill for evyr intill eternall rest!
    Na mair he said, bot went towart new Troy,                        15
  Entrand tharin with terys of ennoy.


  _Quhou Eneas onto the Latynys gave
  Twelf days of respyt the ded corps to grave._

  Be this war cum fra kyng Latynys cyte
  Ambassatouris, with branch of olyve tre,
  Besekand favouris and benevolens;
  That he wald suffir tobe careyt from thens                          20
  Tha corpsys ded, quhilkis on the feldis broun
  Lay strowyt heir and thar, with swerd bet down,
  And thame restor agane of hys gentre,
  To suffyr thame begravyn for tobe;
  Assuryng hym, thar mycht be led na weir
  On venquyst folkis, that lyfles mycht not steir,
  And prayt spair thar pepill at syk myschans,                         5
  Quhylum clepyt hys frendis and acquentans.
  Quhen that Eneas, heynd, curtas, and gud,
  Thar peticioun sa ressonabill vndirstud,
  As man that was fulfillyt of bonte,
  Thar hail desyre full glaidly grantit he,                           10
  And forthir eik onto thame thus he said:
    O Latyn folkis, quhat mysfortoun onglaid
  Has ȝou involuyt in sa onhappy weir
  That ȝhe chays ws away, ȝour frendis deir?
  Desyre ȝhe paix bot for thame that bene lost                        15
  By marcyall fayt, and slane into this ost?
  And I, forsuyth, tyll all that levand be
  Wald glaidly grant the sammyn, I say for me.
  Neuir hyddyr had I cummyn, wer not, perfay,
  Into this sted the fatys hecht for ay                               20
  Our restyng place providit and herbry;
  Ne na weirfar with ȝour pepill led I.
  Bot ȝour kyng has our confiderans vpgeif,
  And rather hes settyn all hys beleif
  On Turnus vassalage and his hie prowes:                             25
  Thocht mor equale and ganand war, I ges,
  To this Turnus, the brekar of our paix,
  Till aventour hymself to de in pres.
  Gif he pretendis in batale with a brand
  To end the weir, or Troianys of this land                           30
  Forto expell, heir semyt hym vnder scheild
  With wapynnys to recontre me in feild,
  That nane bot ane of ws war left levand,
  Quhais lyfe God lyst withhald, or hys rycht hand.
  Now haldis on, and all the lyfles banys                              5
  And corpsis of ȝour wratchit citeȝanys
  Do byrn, and bery eftir ȝour awyn gys:
  Says Eneas, the Troiane war and wys.
    Than of hys speche so awondrit war thai,
  Kepit thar silens, and wist nocht quhat to say;                     10
  And athir towartis otheris turnys, but mayr,
  And can behald his fallow in a stair.
  The eldast man amang thame, finaly,
  Clepyt Drances, that had full gret envy
  At ȝyng Turnus, all way to hym infest                               15
  For ald malyce or of cryme manyfest,
  Begouth to speke and ansuer thus agane:
  O huge gret is thy fame, thou Duke Troiane,
  Bot far grettar all owt we may aspy
  Thy dedis of armys and thy chevalry:                                20
  With quhat lovyngis equaill may I compair
  The to the Goddis in hevyn abuf the ayr?
  Quhidder sall I fyrst extoll, and wonder in the,
  Thy gret gentryce and sa just equyte,
  Or thy gret fors and laubour bellicall?                             25
  Glaidly, forsuyth, now haymwart bair we sall
  Ontill our natyve bundis and cite
  Thir sa gret sygnys of humanyte;
  And, gif that ony chans can fynd the way,
  We sall do fully all that evir we may                               30
  The to conione with kyng Latyn in hy:
  Lat Turnus quhar hym list go seik ally.
  And forthir eik weil lykis ws at all
  To help till rays this fatale massy wall,
  And forto ber apon our schuldris war joy                             5
  Thir stonys gret to thys new wark of Troy.
    Thus said Drances, and all the remanent
  Tharto annerdis with haill voce and consent.
  Twelf days of trewys thai band, to stanch debait,
  Forto kepe paix, and werys sequestrate:                             10
  Than throu the woddis and thir holtis hie
  Troianys and Latynys sammyn, he and he,
  Quhar so thame list, wandris but danger.
  The heich eschis soundis thar and heir
  For dyntis rude of the scharp stelyt ax;                            15
  Down weltit ar with mony granand strakis
  The fyrrys rekand to the sternys on hie;
  The mekill syllis of the warryn tre
  With weggis and with proppis beyn devyd;
  The strang gustand cedyr is al to schyde;                           20
  Ne ces thai not apon the jargand wanys
  The gret akys to turs away atanys.


  _The kyng Evander complenyt sor and wareit,
  Quhen his son Pallas ded was to hym careit._

  Than Fame with this, alsfast as scho mycht spryng,
  As messynger of sa gret womentyng,
  Flaw furth, and all with murnyng fillys sche
  Evander kyng hys palyce and cyte,
  Quhilk layt tofor had schawyn that Pallas
  In Latyum landis sa victoryus was;
  Now says sche, lo, is he brocht on beir!                             5
  The Archadis ruschit to the portis in feir,
  And euery wyght in handis hynt als tyte
  Ane hait fyre broynd, eftir the ald ryte,
  In lang ordour and rabill, that all the stretis
  Of schynand flambys lemys brycht and gletis.                        10
  Quhil all the large feildis of the light
  Myght seueraly be raknyt at a sight.
  The Troiane rowtis, on the tother hand,
  With thame adionys thar folkis sair wepand:
  Quham as the matronys beheld on sik wys                             15
  So duylfully wend to the kyngis palys,
  The dolorus town in euery streit and way
  With petuus scrykis and gowlyng fyllit thai.
  Than was na fors Evander mycht refreyn,
  Bot in amyddis thame with gret disdene                              20
  He ruschis, plenand on wofull maner,
  And fell on growf abuf ded Pallas beir,
  Wepand and waland as his hart wald breke;
  Embrasyt hym, bot no word mycht he speke:
  And scars at last with gret difficulte                              25
  The cundytis of his voce war lowsyt fre;
  Quhen he mycht speke, than thir hys wordis was:
    This is nocht thy last cunnand, son Pallas;
  Thou promyst not so vnto thy fader deir,
  Bot at thou suld pas mair warly in weir,                            30
  And not in danger of the cruell Mart.
  Owr weill I wist, with harmys at my hart,
  Quhat aventour, and of quhou mekill mycht
  Till ony ȝong man, the first feld in fight,
  Was gret desire of new loif or glory,                                5
  And how sweit was renown of chevalry.
  Allace! the first commancement and assays
  To ȝyng men beyn in weir full fey always;
  And rycht hard bene the first entechment
  Of hasty batall to thame bene not acquent.                          10
  My vowys nor my prayeris gret and small
  War not accept to nane of Goddis all.
  O thou my blissyt spows, decessit or now,
  Full happy of that ded in faith was thou,
  That to thys sorow not preservyt was!                               15
  Bot be the contrar I, allace, allace!
  Ourlevit has my fatys profitabill,
  And am alyve as fader miserabill:
  Quham, wald God, in ȝon sammyn mortale weris
  Rutilyanys had ourquhelmyt with thar speris,                        20
  That, followand to the feild my feris of Troy,
  I mycht haue ȝald this sawle full of ennoy,
  So that this funeral pomp, quhilk heir is wrocht
  My body, and nocht Pallas, hame had brocht!
  Ne byd I nocht ȝou, Troianys, to argew                              25
  Of amyte and allyance bund of new,
  Ne our rycht handis and promys, quhilkis we
  In frendschip knyt and hospitalyte:
  This mysfortoun is myne of ald thirlage,
  As tharto detbund in my wrachit age.                                30
  Bot had this hasty ded, sa ondigest,
  Haue sufferit bot my son a stound to lest,
  Quhill of Rutilianys he had slane thousandis,
  And investit the Troianys in thar landis,
  That is to say, in Latyum or Lavyn,                                  5
  Weill lykyt me that he had endyt syne.
  And forthir eik, Pallas, my son so deir,
  Na mair rychly cowth I the lay on beir,
  Nor with mair wirschip list me entyre the,
  Than is providit be reuthfull Enee,                                 10
  Be myghty Troianys and pryncis Tyrrheyn:
  For all the Tuscane menȝe, as heir is seyn,
  Gret trophe and rich spulȝe hyddir bryngis,
  On perkis rychly cled with thar armyngis
  Quham thy richt hand in feild had put to ded.                       15
  Bot, O thou Turnus, in this sammyn sted
  Amangis otheris heir suld thou haue be,
  In form and maner of a stok of tre,
  Gyf ȝhe of age had beyn equale and perys,
  And baith elyke cummyn to ȝour strenthy ȝheris.                     20
  Bot now, allace! I, fey onhappy wight,
  Quharto delay I Troianys from the fyght?
  Pas haym in haist, and remember to say
  Thir my desiris to ȝour prynce, I ȝou pray:
  Evander says that thy ryght hand, Ene,                              25
  Is all the caws that he delays to de,
  Or that this haitsum lyfe sustene he wald.
  Sen now is lost hys son Pallas the bald:
  Sa till hym that he oblist is of det,
  Baith to the son and the fader, to set                              30
  Ȝon Turnus slauchter for owr recompens:
  To the Eneas only, but offens,
  And to fortoun, remanys this journay ȝit,
  Quharwith thou may thankfully be acquyt.
  Tell hym, na lust to lyf langar seyk I;                              5
  Onlesum war syk plesour I set by;
  Bot for a thraw desyre I to lest heir,
  Turnus slauchter and deth with me to beir,
  As glaid tithandis onto my child and barn,
  Amang the gostis law in skowgis dern.                               10


  _Heir athir party takis byssy cuyr
  The ded bodeis to graif in sepultur._

  The meyn sesson Aurora rasyt hir lycht,
  Richt confortabill for euery mortall wight,
  Rendryng agane the oportunyte
  Of laubour and of wyrkyng, as we se.
  The prynce Eneas, and the kyng Tarchon,                             15
  Gret byngis has of treys mony one
  Vpbeldyt, by the bowand costis bay.
  Thydder euery ane dyd cary, but delay,
  Eftir thar eldris gys, onto that sted
  The corpsis of thar frendis that war ded,                           20
  As for to do thar observans of det;
  And thar vnder the smoky fyre has set,
  Quhill that the hevynnys hye dyd walxin dirk,
  Involuyt with the reky stewys myrk.
  And thrys on fut all sammyn euery man
  In schynand armour abowt the fyris ran,
  And thrys the wofull funerall inglys thai                            5
  Circulyt abowt on horsbak in array,
  With gowlyng and with vocis myserabill;
  Quhill that of trigland terys lamentabill
  The feildis strowyt war in euery place,
  Armouris all wet with wepyng, and thar face.                        10
  The clamour of the men and trumpys stevyn
  Gan spryngyng vp on hight onto the hevyn.
  Syne cumis sum, and in the fyre dyd slyng
  The weirly wedis, spulȝe, and armyng,
  Rent from the Latynys slane into the weir;                          15
  As helmys, scheildis, and rych swerdis seir,
  Brydillys, and all thir stedis trappouris fair,
  The hasty hurland charyot quhelys squair:
  And other sum kest in the fyre syk geir
  As weilbekend the corps was wont to weir,                           20
  Thar awyn wapynnys, and thar onsilly scheildis,
  Quhilk mycht thame nocht defend into the feildis.
  Full mony carcage of thir oxin gret
  Abowt the fyris war brytnyt and downbet,
  And bustuus bowkis of the byrsyt swyne,                             25
  Our feildis all byreft from euery hyne;
  Thai steik the beistis, and swakkis in the fyre,
  Endlang the costis all tho byrnand schyre;
  And can behald quhou that thar feris brynt,
  Observand weill the gledis half owt quent,                          30
  And eik the assys half brynt of the ded:
  Ne may thai thens be harlyt of that sted,
  Quhill at the hevyn ourquhelmyt the dyrk nycht,
  That ganand is for fyry sternys brycht.
    And, netheles, the Latynys lamentabill                             5
  In placis seir fyris innumerabill
  Vpbeldit has, and sum with wofull rerd
  Feill corpsis deip bedelvys vnder erd;
  And sum alsso in cartis haue thai sent
  To townys in the feildis adiacent;                                  10
  And sum alsso war send to the cite,
  Tobe entyrit as thame accordyt be:
  The remanent all sammyn assemlyt ourane,
  But numbyr and but ordour, euery ane,
  Of corpsys slane in huge heip byrn thai:                            15
  And thus, on athir sydis, the hie way
  And large feildis dyd oft of fyris schyne.
  As that the thryd days lycht eftir syne
  The dyrk nycht removyt from the sky,
  The assys deip, murnand with mony a cry,                            20
  Down dyd thai cast, and scrapis owt atanys
  The hait amyrris and the byrslyt banys;
  And ȝit all warm, onculyt, sone thai have
  Bedelvyn thame, and in the erd begrave.
    Bot, certis, than renewys the womentyng                           25
  Within the mychty burgh of Latyn kyng,
  The rumour rays and murmour principaly
  Of bewalyng all owt the maist party.
  The wofull moderis and matronys wepis heir,
  The eldmoderis, and eyk the systeris deir;                          30
  Thar mycht be hard with duylfull breistis greyt
  The ȝyng babbys walyng on the streyt,
  That had thar faderis slane this hyndir day,
  Cryand, ichane, allace! and weill away!
  Thai curs and wary fast this vengeabill weir,                        5
  And Turnus wedlok bannys with mony a teir:
  All in a voce thai cry, desirand he
  Suld ondertak the batall and melle,
  And feght allane to mak end of this thing,
  As he the quhilk pretendis to weld the ryng                         10
  Of Italy with honour pryncipall,
  Desyrand that he suld be lord of all.
    The brym Drances aggregis weill this thyng,
  And buyr on hand baldly befor the kyng
  Nane bot this Turnus challance wald Enee,                           15
  Turnus only to feght desyris he.
  And, be the contrar, mony sensymentis
  For Turnus schawys evident argumentis:
  Of queyn Amatha the gret authoryte
  Dekkis and defendis hym with wordis sle;                            20
  And hys gret fame and actis triumphall
  Hys querrell dyd susteyn agane thame all.


  _Befor king Latyn and hys consale in deid
  Venulus schawis respons of Diomeid._

  Abuf all this, lo, the ilk stound onon
  Thyr messyngeris, all trist and wobegon,
  Returnyt haymwart into thar maist neid
  From the gret cite of schir Dyomed;
  Reportand answer, that alhaill was lost
  Thar lang travale and maist sumptuus cost;
  Schortly, thai had doyn thar na thyng at docht,                      5
  The rych gyftis nor gold avalyt nocht,
  For all thar large requestis and prayeris;
  To help the Latyn pepill in thar weris
  Behuffyt thame to seik other supple,
  Or to mak paix with Troiane prynce Ene.                             10
    Herand thir wordis, this ald Latyn kyng
  Falys all curage, with gret lamentyng:
  For patently the Goddis wraik, hym thocht,
  Schew that by fait Ene was thyddir brocht,
  And manifest mycht of Goddis hym dyd sustene,                       15
  That schew the new gravys befor thar eyn.
  Quharfor, a gret consale assemlys he,
  And callys the cheif ledaris of hys menȝe,
  Chargeand thai suld in hys palyce conveyn
  Onto the riall chymmys. Tho bedeyn                                  20
  Thai flok so fast that euery way was hyd.
  Thys ancyent kyng dyd set hym dovn amyd
  The cepturyt men, as first and pryncipall,
  Bot no thyng semyng glaid of cheir at all.
  Than the ambassat, that was returnyt agane                          25
  From Dyomedis cite Etholiane,
  He bad do schaw the credens that thai brocht,
  Per ordour haill thar answer, faland nocht.
  Silens was maid, ilk man hys tong held than,
  And Venulus, of thame the gretast man,                              30
  Begouth fortill obey the kyngis charge,
  And schew hys credens planely thus at large:
    O citeȝanys, we haue visseit Diomed,
  And seyn thai strenthys by thame of Arge in deid
  Vpbeldyt in the boundis of Italy;                                    5
  The ways thiddir we haue met by and by,
  And eschapyt all dangeris by the gait,
  All thocht our journay was nocht fortunait.
  We haue twichit that sammyn douchty hand
  By quham of Troy distroyt was town and land:                        10
  Quhilk now as victor, in the feildis plane
  Besyde the skyrtis of the mont Gargane,
  Within boundis of Japigya fulȝe,
  That now on days Apulȝe clepyng we,
  Vprasyt hes the cite Argyripas,                                     15
  Quham fra hys natyve pepill namyt he has.
  Fra that we entryt war in hys presens,
  And forto speik was geif ws audiens,
  The gyftis and rewardys present we;
  Our credens, our estait, and our cuntre,                            20
  Declaryt plane, and quha with wer ws socht,
  And quhat occasioun had ws thidder brocht.
  He hard ws weill, and on a frendly wys
  Thus answer maid with wordis war and wys:
    O fortunat folk, quhar Saturn regnyt swa,                         25
  Ȝhe ancyent pepill of Ausonya,
  Quhat mysaventour and onkyndly heyt
  Ȝou steris from ȝour lang rest and quyet,
  Prouocand ȝou to movyng, rays, and steir,
  Sa peralus, onkowth, and onthrifty wer?                             30
  For euery ane of ws that dyd offens
  In Troys bundis with swerd and violens,
  Or cruell handis set fortill invaid
  Kyng Priamus, and of hys realm degraid;
  (I leif ontald all thai that in the feld                             5
  By Troys wallys hes swelt vnder scheld,
  Or that the flude of Symois by the town
  Drownyt in stremys warpis vp and dovn;)
  Our all the warld of ws hail the remanys
  Beyn punyst fore with onrehersabill panys,                          10
  And sufferit hes all maner of turment:
  Ful weill knawis my wordis, quhat I ment,
  The sorofull constillatioun of Mynerve,
  Quhilk causyt mony douchty man to sterve;
  And on the costis of Euboica                                        15
  The rokis beris witnes ȝit alssua,
  And the montane Caphareus, God woit,
  That vengeans tuke and wraik apon our floyt.
  From that weirfar and cursyt chevalry
  We cachyt ar to syndry costis, far by                               20
  Our natyve bundis and ald heritage.
  Lo, Menelay, ane of the cheif barnage,
  And Atrius son, yclepyt Atrydes,
  To Protheus pillaris, bait Pyramydes,
  Constrenyt is in exill forto wend;                                  25
  Vlixes alsso, as full weill is kend,
  Bewavyt is wyd quhar our all the see,
  So that the Ciclopes of Ethna saw he.
  Quhat suld I tell of Neoptolemus,
  That other wys to name is hait Pyrrhus,                             30
  The hard myschans and tynsell of hys ryng?
  Or quhou aganys Idomeneus the kyng
  Hys kyndly Goddis and cuntre dyd rebell,
  And hym gan of hys natyve realm expell?
  Or quhou the Locrys, Aiax Oelyus ost,                                5
  Now doys inhabyt the waist Lybyan cost?
  Sen he hym self the gret Agamemnon,
  The kyng of Myce, and cheif ledar of on
  Of all the Grekis ostis in batale,
  Ha, schame to say! fowlely befell,                                  10
  That by the handis of hys awyn wife
  The first nycht in hys palyce lost hys lyfe.
  And he that venquyst Asya lyis ded;
  The sle adultrar occupiis hys sted.
  The Goddis eik sa far did me invy,                                  15
  That in my natyue land neuer sall I spy
  My chaist spousage, lyke as befor hes bene,
  Ne Calydon my realm of crymys cleyn.
  And now alsso, a grisly thyng to se!
  Ane selcouth monstre, lo, betyd hes me:                             20
  My ferys lost with plumys in the ayr
  As thame best lykis ar fleand our al quhar,
  Allace of my folkis the vengeabill wraik!
  Transformyt in fowlys, wandris by the laik,
  And of thar lamentabill and wofull sowndis                          25
  The large costis dynnys and redoundis.
  Thir myschevys for my trespas and cryme,
  I may traist, hes betyd me sen that tyme
  That I, witles and so rakles, perfay,
  The hevynly bodeis durst with swerd assay,                          30
  And with smert wond was our presumptuus
  To violat the rycht hand of Venus.
  Solist na mar, quod he, persuaid me nocht
  That to so dangerus batellis I be brocht.
  Eftir the bettyng down of Troys wallys,                              5
  With the Tewcranys, quhat chance that euir befallis,
  I will na mair debatis mak nor weris;
  Nor of our ald stryfe thir hyndir ȝheris,
  That so myschews was and bad to se,
  May I glaidly remember now, said he.                                10
  Tha giftis rych, and mony fair presandis,
  Quhilkis ȝe to me hes brocht furth of ȝour landis,
  Return and beir onto the Prynce Ene.
  Contrar hys keyn dartis ellis stand haue we,
  And hand for hand matchit hym in fycht:                             15
  Beleif me as expert, quhou stowt and wight
  Is he owther in batale place or feld,
  And how sternly he rasys vp hys scheild,
  Or with quhou gret a thud in the melle
  Ane lance towartis hys aduersar thrawys he.                         20
  Forthir, he said, I certify ȝou alsua,
  That, gif the forsaid grond of Phrygia
  Twa othir sik men fosterit had or bred,
  The citeis all of Arge mycht sore haue dred,
  And the offpryng of Dardan esely                                    25
  Mycht in our realmys arryvit by and by,
  So that Grece suld haue murnyt, euery tovn,
  The fatis ald reuersit vp syd dovn.
  Alhail the stop, resistans, and delay,
  Mayd at Troy wallys, quhil the sege thar lay,                       30
  Was by the handis of Hector and Ene;
  The Grekis conquyst lang tyme, trastis me,
  By thame was styntit, apon sik maner
  That it prolongit was quhil the tent ȝer.
  Athir of thame in bonte and curage                                   5
  Excelland war, and full of vassalage;
  Athir of thame maist souerane and douchty
  In dedis of armys, prowes, and chevalry:
  Bot this Ene was first all owt expres
  Of reuth, compassioun, and of gentilnes.                            10
  Tharfor all sammyn adionys ȝour rycht handis
  In ferm allyance of concord, and sik bandis
  Be ony wys se ȝhe optene, quod he;
  For, gif thai start till armys in melle,
  Be war with thame fortill debait, I red.                            15
    Maist nobill kyng of kyngis, in this sted
  Hys answer hes thou hard, as I haue tald,
  And twichand this gret batale quhat he wald.


  _The kyng proponys with Enee to tak pes
  Incontrar Turnus; tharto persuadis Drances._

  Scars had the messyngeris thir wordis said,
  Quhen all the Latynys, trublyt, full onglaid,                       20
  Fra hand to hand quhispyris fast and roundis,
  On diuers wys demyng with murmour soundis:
  Lyke as the swyft watir stremys cleir
  Sum tyme rowtand men on far may heir,
  Quhar it is stoppit with thir stanys round,
  That of the ryveris brute and brokkyn sound,
  Brystand on skelleis our thir demmyt lynnys,                         5
  The bankis endlang all the fludis dynnys.
  Bot eftir that thar mudis mesyt wer,
  Thar waverand wordis stanchit and sik beir,
  With reuerens first blyssand the Goddis mycht,
  The kyng thus carpys from hys trone on hycht:                       10
    O Latyn pepill, forsuyth I wald al gait,
  And so had beyn far bettir, weill I wait,
  Full lang or now avisyt had we be
  Twychand the common weill and materis hie;
  And not at sik a poynt, apon this wys,                              15
  Our consale to assembill and to avys,
  Quhen that our fays and aduersaris ar bown
  Forto bysege the wallys of our town.
  O citeȝanys, we move and ledis at hand
  Ane wer inoportune, quhilk is onganand,                             20
  Aganys folkis of Goddis clan discend,
  That beyn invincybill, and weill can defend
  So that na bargane may thame irk nor tyre;
  Nor thocht thai venquyst war, baith man and syre,
  May thai desist, ne withdraw the melle.                             25
  Gif ony hope or confidens had we
  In chevalry of the Etholianys,
  Quhilkis in Napillis with Dyomed remanys,
  And for thir men of armys thidder send,
  Do all sik traste away, and ȝou defend:                             30
  Lat euery man in his awyn self haue hope.
  But quhou febill sik traste is ȝe may grope,
  And eik befor ȝour eyn cleir may ȝe se
  In quhou gret perrell and proplexite
  All other materis lyis now or standis;                               5
  All sic thyngis bene braid amang ȝour handis.
  I will accus nor argu now na wight.
  All haill the fors or strenth mycht be in sycht
  Exercyt was, I wait; sen all the flour
  And pyssans of this realm dyd stryve in stour.                      10
  Now so it is that I will breifly end,
  And in schort wordis mak onto ȝou kend
  The dowtsum purpos in my mynd remanys;
  Attendans geif, and harkis all at anys.
  I haue, besyde Tyber the Tuscane flude,                             15
  Ane ald feld onprofitabill and rude,
  Far strekand west to the bundis quhar remanys
  The Scicyll pepill, quhilkis clepit ar Sycanys:
  The folk Auruncane and of Rutuly
  This grand sawys full onthriftely,                                  20
  With scharp plewis and steill sokkis seir
  Thai hard hillys hyrstis forto eyr,
  And on thir wild holtis harsk alsso
  In faynt pastur doith thar bestis go.
  All that cuntre and band of hillis hie,                             25
  Sa full of rochis pynnakillis, as we se,
  Lat it be geif for amyte and concord
  To the Troianys, and Eneas thar lord;
  Syne offer thame equale trety condyng,
  And, as our perys, do call thame in this ryng;                      30
  All sammyn lat thame dwell heir by and by,
  Gif thai haue sik desyre to Italy,
  Do lat thame beld thar cite wallys squar.
  Bot gif so be that thai lyst ellis quhar
  To othir costis or pepill forto wend,                                5
  Thar dwellyng place for ay to apprehend,
  And possibill be that of our boundis thai
  May so depart, and from thens wend away;
  Twys ten schippis lat ws beld agane
  Of strang tymmyr and treis Italyane,                                10
  And gif thai wald compleit ma in this land,
  The stuf lyis all reddy by the strand:
  Of thar schippis the numbir and maner
  Lat thame command, and we sal furnys heir
  The irne graith, the warkmen, and the wrychtis,                     15
  And all that to the schippis langis of rychtis.
  And forthir eik it lykis me, quod he,
  To ber my wordis to this prynce Ene,
  And to conferm our frendschip and our pes,
  Ane hundreth gay ambassatouris, but les,                            20
  Of gretast blude of the Latyn menȝe,
  And in thar handis reke furth the peaceable tre;
  And bair hym giftis and rewardis large,
  Of gold and evoir mony sovm and charge,
  The char or sete accordyng for the ryng,                            25
  Our rob ryall, ensenȝeys of a kyng.
  Avys heiron amangis ȝou for the best,
  And help to bryng our febill weill to rest.
    Ane Drances tho vpstud, and speke began:
  The quhilk Drances was the self man                                 30
  That, as we said haue laitly heir tofor,
  Was rycht molest to Turnus euermor,
  Quham the renovn of Turnus and glory
  Prikkyt full sor with lurkand hyd envy;
  Of moblis rych and plentuus was he,                                  5
  And maste expert in speche and wordis sle,
  Bot of his handis into batale sted
  Full cald of curage, dolf as ony led,
  And into consalys gevyng he was hald
  A man nocht indegest, bot wys and cald;                             10
  Bot ane seditioun or a brek to make
  Sa masterfull, tharin was nane hys mayk:
  The nobill kynrent of hys moderis syde
  Maid hym full gret of blude, and full of pryde;
  Hys fader was oncertane and onknaw.                                 15
  And vp he startis in this ilk thraw,
  With thir wordis Turnus to ourcharge,
  Aggregyng on hym wrath and malyce large:
    O douchty kyng, thou axis consale, said he,
  Of that mater quhilk, as semys me,                                  20
  Is nother dyrk nor dowtsum, bot full cleir,
  That mysteris not our avicis beyn heir.
  The pepill haill grantis that thai wait
  Quhat forton schawys, and in quhat estait
  Our materis standis; bot thai ar arch to schaw,                     25
  Quhispirand amangis thame, thai stand sik aw.
  Bot caus hym geif thame liberte to speke,
  Do way his bost, at thar breth may outbreke;
  I meyn of hym, by quhais onhappy werd,
  And fraward thewys, now ded on the erd                              30
  Samony cheif chiftanys and dukis lyis:
  Forsuyth, I sall say furth all myne avys,
  All thocht with brag and bost, or wapynnys, he
  Me doith await, and mannans forto de:
  For by hys dedis may we se expres                                    5
  Thys cite haly plungit in distres,
  Quhillys that he has maid hym to assay
  The Troianys strenth, and stall sa sone away,
  Havand assurans to withdraw and fle,
  And into armys dois bost the hevynnys hie.                          10
  Bot, O thou all thar best and riall kyng,
  To all thir gyftis ekis bot a thyng;
  Onto thir presandis, and wys wordis seir,
  That to Troianys thou has byd say and beir,
  Ekis a gift, and lat neuer demyt be                                 15
  The bustuusness of ony may dant the,
  Bot that thi douchter, O thou fader gude,
  Onto ȝon worthy prynce of gentill blude
  Be gevyn, tobe thy son in law, I wys,
  As he that worthy sik a wedlok is;                                  20
  And knyt vp paix, but mor disseuerans,
  With that eternall band of allyans.
  And gif sa gret raddour or dreid haue we
  Within our myndis or our breistis, quod he,
  That, for Turnus, we dar nocht do sik thyng;                        25
  Than lat ws for the weilfar of this ryng
  Beseik hym tharfor, and with haill entent
  Require hym at he wald grant hys consent,
  So that the kyng, at hys fre volunte,
  Mycht oys and do hys proper dewyte,                                 30
  And, for the weill publik of this land,
  Desyre that he na wys tharto ganestand.
  O Turnus, hed and causar verraly
  Of thir myschevis gret in Italy,
  Quharto sa feill sys in playn perrellis now                          5
  Thir sylly wrachit citeȝanys warpis thou?
  Nane hoip of weilfar haue we in this wer:
  For paix halely we all the requer,
  Togiddyr with Lavinia the schene may,
  Quhilk is the pand or plege, this dar I say,                        10
  Of paix tobe kepit inviolate.
  And I forsuyth, quhilk, as be thy consait,
  Thou fenys thyne evill willar forto be,
  And for the common weill, sa mot I thee,
  So forto cum I refus nocht, gud broder,                             15
  Bot lo me heir, now formest of all other
  Humylly the besekyng: I requer,
  Haue mercy, lord, of thyne awyn frendis deir,
  Lat be thy stowt mynd, go thy way but lak,
  With ane mair strang rebute and dryve abak.                         20
  Ded corpsis bet down enew haue we seyn,
  Our large feldis and boundis all betweyn
  Left desolate and waist of induelleris.
  Bot gif thy fame and gret renown the steris,
  Gyf in thy breist sa hie curage and mycht                           25
  Thou has consauyt, thynkand the sa wight,
  And gif that on sik wys this hald ryall
  Suldbe thy dowry and rych gyft dotall
  Thou berys in hart, and is to the sa deir;
  Do vndyrtake this thyng, and end the weir:                          30
  Addres thy body baldly, and not spayr
  Forto recontyr alone thyne aduersar,
  To that entent, that Turnus all hys lyfe
  May weld the kyngis douchter to hys wyfe;
  So that we, dolf of curage as the led,                               5
  Be not doun strowit in the feildis ded,
  In cumpaneis onberyit or bewalyt.
  Bot thou, that has in feild sa feil assalyt,
  Gyf ony strenth thou has or hardyment,
  Or marciall prowes steryng thyne entent                             10
  For thy cuntre; aganyst the, for hys rycht,
  Behald thy fa prouocand the to fyght,
  Ȝondir all reddy to mak hys party gude:
  Delay no mor, bot manfully go to it.


  _Turnus, at Drances speche commovit sair,
  Rycht subtelly allegis the contrar_.

  The fers mude of Turnus, this bald syre,                            15
  At sik sawys kyndillyt hait as fyre;
  Sychand rycht sor deip in hys breist onon,
  Thir wordis pronuncis with a petuus grone:
    Drances, said he, forsuyth euer hes thou beyn
  Large and to mekill of spech, as weil is seyn                       20
  Now, quhen the batale desyris wark at hand:
  The consale syttand, first thou doys vpstand.
  Bot not with wordis suld the cowrt be fillyt,
  Set thou be gret tharin, and ful evill willyt,
  With haltand wordis fleand from the heir,
  Quhen thou assouerit art of al danger,
  So lang as that our strenthy wallys gude                             5
  Our ennemys debarrit doith exclude,
  Or quhil the fowceis of our forteres
  Rynnys not our of bludy spait, I ges.
  Tharfor trump vp, blaw forth thyne eloquens,
  As thou was wont to do, mak thy defens:                             10
  Bot than thou may, Drances, be myne avice,
  Me to reproch of feir and cowardyce,
  Quhen that thi rycht hand into batale sted
  Sa mony hepis of Troianys hes laid ded,
  And quhen thou takynnyt hes so worthely                             15
  With syng tropheall the feildis, as haue I.
  Full eith it is fortill assay, and se
  Quhat may our sprety fors in the melle;
  And, as full weill is knawyn to ws eik,
  Our fais beyn not far from hens to seik,                            20
  Bot plant about the wallis of our town:
  Aganyst thame go mak ws reddy bown.
  Quhy duellys thou and tareis thus al day?
  Quhidder gif thy marcial dedis, as thai war ay,
  Into thy wyndy clattrand tung salbe,                                25
  And in tha cowart feit, euir wont to fle?
  Says thou I was repulsyt and dryve away?
  O maist onworthy wight, quha can that say?
  Or me justly reprochyng of syk lak,
  That I rebutyt was or dung abak,                                    30
  By me quhen thou behald mycht Tyber flude
  Boldyn and ryn on spait with Troian blude,
  And all the famyll of Evander kyng
  Brocht onto grond alhail and his ofspryng;
  And the Archadis, confundyt and ourset,                              5
  With mony ma in armys I doun bet?
  The grysly Bytias, and Pandarus his brother,
  Thai ar expert gif I fled one or other,
  And eik thai thousand sawlys on a day
  As victor I to hell send hyne away,                                 10
  Quhen that I was inclusyt at distres
  Amyd myne ennemys wallis and forteres.
  Thou says, in weir na hoip is of weilfare:
  O wytles wyght! pronunce that, and declare
  Sik chance betyd ȝon Dardan capitane,                               15
  And spa sik thyng onto thy dedis ilkane.
  And forthir eik, sen thou art mad becum,
  Ces not forto perturbill all and sum,
  And with thy felloun raddour thame to fley;
  The febill myghtis of ȝon pepill sey,                               20
  Into batale twys venquyst schamefully,
  Spare not fortill extoll and magnyfy;
  And, be the contrar, the pissans of Latyn kyng
  Do set at nocht, bot lychtly, and down thryng.
  Now the nobill Myrmydon capitanys                                   25
  Quakis in armys for feir of the Troianys,
  And now Tedeus son Diomedes
  Agast is, and Larissyane Achilles:
  And Aufidus, the swyft flowand ryver,
  Rynnys contyrmont frawart the sey for feir.                         30
  And quhill alsso this ilk schrewit wight,
  That is controvar of mony wykkyt slycht,
  Fenȝeis hym sleyt or abasyt tobe,
  That he dar not chide furth incontrar me,
  Than with hys dreid and sle controvit feir                           5
  My cryme aggregis he on hys maner.
  Desist, Drances, be not abasyt, I pray,
  For thou sal neuer los, schortly I the say,
  By my wapyn nor this rycht hand of myne,
  Sik ane pevych and catyve saule as thyne:                           10
  Nay; lat it duell with the, as best may gane,
  Within that wrachit corps, and thar remane.
  Now, O thou gret fader and prynce souerane,
  To the and thy consale I turn agane.
  Gyf thou list no thyng trasting nor affy                            15
  Into our armys nor our chevalry;
  Gyf that we be of help all desolate,
  And hail at vnder into this last debait,
  Distroyt for ay, and na help may mak,
  For that our ost was anys drevyn abak,                              20
  And forton hes na return ne regres;
  Lat ws beseik for paix at sik distres,
  Mak hym request to rew apon our harmys,
  And reke hym furth our ryght hand bair of armys.
  Quhoubeit, O! wald God, in this extreme neid                        25
  That ony thyng of curage or manheid
  Remanyt, as was wont with ws tobe:
  Abuse the laif thame worthy thinkis me,
  Maist fortunat in fatys marcyall,
  And excellent in hie curage our all,                                30
  Quhilk wilfully, as that thame selvyn wald,
  At thai ne suldyn sik myscheif behald,
  Fell ded to grond by fatale happy werd,
  And with thar mowth anys bait the erd.
  Bot gif we haue ryches and moblys seir,                              5
  And nevir assayt ȝit fresch ȝong power,
  And, in our helpyng, of Italianys
  Citeis and pepillys habundis and remanys;
  Or gif that also to the Troiane syde,
  With effusioun of blude and wondis wyde,                            10
  This victory betyd is; trastis me,
  Thai haue als feill ded corpsis as haue we:
  Gyf this tempestuus trake of the batale
  On baith the halfis is all owt equale,
  Quhy failȝe we so schaymfully our mycht                             15
  Into the first entre of the fycht?
  Quhy quakis thus our membris vp and dovn,
  Befor the bludy blast and trumpis sovn?
  For tyme, feill sys, and eik the variant chance
  Of our onstabill lyfe hung in ballance,                             20
  Reducit hes full mony onlykly thyng
  To bettir fyne than was thar begynnyng;
  And fortoun interchangabill with blenkis quent
  Full mony ane dissauyt hes and schent,
  Syne eftir in a thraw, this weill I wait,                           25
  Restoryt thame agane to thar ferm stait.
  I put the cace, set the Etholianys,
  With Dyomed and the pepill Arpanys,
  Lyst not cum in our helpyng nor suple;
  Ȝit than the bald Mesapus weill wylbe,                              30
  And the happy Tolumnyus alsso,
  With all tha other dukis mony mo
  That fra so feill pepillys beyn hydder sent:
  And na litill renown, be myne entent,
  Followys the chosyn folkis of Italy,                                 5
  Nor thame that duellis in Lawrent feildis heirby.
  Haue we not eik the stalwart Camylla,
  Of the famyll and kynrent of Volsca,
  Ledand thir armyt ostis and stern feildis,
  In byrnyst plait arrayt and schynand scheldis?                      10
  Bot gyf the Troiane pepill, euery ane,
  Desyris me to feght in feild allane,
  Gif that be plesand onto the, schir kyng,
  And I sa far, eftir Drances menyng,
  Gaynstandis the common weill; into that cace,                       15
  That schame sal nevir betyd me in na place:
  For victory me hatis not, dar I say,
  Nor lyst syk wys withdraw thir handis twa,
  That I refus suld to assay ony thyng
  Quhilk mycht sa gret beleif of weil inbryng.                        20
  With stowt curage agane hym wend I will,
  Thocht he in prowes pas the gret Achill,
  Or set in cace sik armour he weris as he,
  Wrocht by the handis of God Vulcanus sle.
  To ȝou, and kyng Latyn my fader in law,                             25
  I Turnus heir, quham full weill ȝe knaw
  No thyng behynd, nor tobe reput les,
  To nane of all our eldris in prowes,
  This saul and life, the quhilk sa weil I lufe,
  Doith promys and awowis for ȝour behufe.                            30
  Thai say, allone me challancis Ene;
  And I beseik gret God he challance me:
  Ne byd I not that Drances deir aby
  Ocht with hys deth, quhar that apposit am I;
  Nor, quhidder this turn to Goddis wrethfull wraik,                   5
  Or hardyment and honour, we ondertake,
  Na thing at all tharof salbe his part;
  The chans is myne, I will it not astart.


  _Duryng this disputatioun, as is said,
  Enee hys ost abowt the town has laid._

  Quhill thai thus at gret altricatioun wer
  Amangis thame self in dowtsum thingis seir,                         10
  Eneas all his ost and haill army
  Hes rasyt, trumpyng to the town in hy.
  A messynger com ruschand in with haist,
  Amyd the rowtis ran as he war chaist,
  That with huge rumour and a feirfull dyn                            15
  Fillit onon the kyngis riall In,
  And with gret dreid the cite stuffit alquhar;
  Schawand quhou that thar fays cummyn war
  In plane batale arrayt, to conclude,
  The Troiane barnage from Tibir the flude,                           20
  With ordinance of Tuscan, that dyd spreid
  In forfront al the large feildis on breid.
  Onon the pepillis hartis effrayt wer,
  And commonys breistis proplexit all for feir;
  In sum, the greif and ire dyd fast habund,
  Rasyt with brethfull stangis full onsond,
  And with a felloun dreid all on steir                                5
  Thai hynt to harnes, and cryis eftir thar gere:
  Harnes, harnes, all the ȝong citeȝanys
  With fellon brute and noys schowtis atanys;
  The febill and agyt faderis wobegone
  Can pleyn and weip with mony a petuus grone.                        10
  In euery part the gret clamour and cryis
  In diuers opinionys rays vp to the skyis:
  Nane other wys than as sum tyme we knaw
  The flycht of byrdis fordynnys the thik schaw,
  Or than the rawk vocit swannis in a rabill,                         15
  Sondand and swouchand with noys lamentabill
  Endlang the bemand stankis and stremys cleir
  Of Padusa, sa full of fyschis seir.
    Turnus, that fand hys tyme sa oportune,
  Now baldly says he, citeȝanys haue doyn;                            20
  Do call ȝour consale, takis avysment,
  Sittand at eys ilkane say his entent,
  Carpys of paix, and ruys it now, lat se,
  Quhen that thai ȝonder invadis ȝour cuntre,
  Ȝour mortale fays inarmyt ȝou to assaill.                           25
  Na mair he said, bot startis vp sans faill,
  And of the cheif palyce ischit furth in hy,
  Thus carpand to the noblys stud hym by:
    Go tyte, Volusus, to the banereris
  Of the Volscanys, and thame that standartis beris;                  30
  Charge thame thar ensenȝeis forto rays on hycht,
  And in thar armour adres thar men to fyght:
  And ȝhe, Mesapus, Coras, and ȝour broder,
  The horsmen all enarmyt, ane and other,
  Convoys furth onto the feildis braid.                                5
  A party of the citeȝanys, he said,
  Do stuf the entreis, and the portis defend;
  Sum to the towris and wall hedis ascend;
  The remanent of all our haill menȝe,
  Quhen I command, lat thame set on with me.                          10
    Onon our all the cite by and by
  Vp on the wallys ryn thai than in hy.
  The kyng Latyn hys consale, full onglaid,
  And gret materis quhilkis he begunnyn had,
  Left and differrit quhil ane other day,                             15
  Trist in his mynd, and trublit of that delay:
  And mony ways hym self he accusyt,
  That he sa lang had slewthit and refusyt
  To ressaue glaidly the Troiane Ene;
  Repentyng sor, for weill of his cite,                               20
  That he had not requirit hym and draw,
  Or than, to be his mawch and son in law.
  Sum tho, thar cite entre forto kepe,
  Befor the portis delvis trynschis deip;
  Sum to the ȝettis weltis weghty stonys,                             25
  And sum gret jestis and sillys for the nonys:
  The bas trumpet with a bludy sovn
  The syng of batell blew our all the tovn.
  The wallis than thai stuffit rownd abowt
  With diuers sortis of mony syndry rowt:                             30
  Baith wifis, barnys, childer, men, and page,
  Na kynd of stait was sparit tho, nor age;
  The hyast poynt and lattir resistens
  Callit euery wight to laubour and defens.
    The queyn also, Amata, furth can hald                              5
  Onto the tempill and Pallas souerane hald,
  Born in hir char, and walkyng hir abowt
  Of matronys and nobil wemen a rowt;
  Offerandis and gyftis brocht with hir scho had:
  Nixt hand hir went Lavynia the maid,                                10
  The caus of all this harm and wofull teyn,
  That down for schame dyd cast hyr lusty eyn.
  The matronys entris in the Goddis presens,
  And smokis the tempill with sweit vapour and sens,
  And reuthful vocis warpis lovd on hie.                              15
  Alssone as thai attenyt the entre,
  O thou, said thai, Pallas armipotent,
  Tritonia clepit, maid, and president
  Of batale and of weris eueryone,
  With thy virginal handis breke onon                                 20
  Ȝon Troiane revaris wapynnys and his speir;
  Hym self als tyte dovn to the grund thou ber,
  Vndre our portis and our wallis hie
  Down warp hym ded, that we that sycht may se.


  _Heir Turnus and Camylla gan devys
  Practikis of weir, the Troianys to supprys._

  Turnus hym self, als fers as ony gleid,
  Ful bissely addressyt on his weid,
  Desyrus of the batale and bargane.
  Intil a clos curas Rutilyane
  Be than his body weill embrasyt had he,                              5
  Hys burnyst armour, awfull for to se,
  With lymmys claspit in platis gilt with gold,
  And hed all bair; ȝit, as hym selvyn wold,
  Hys dedly brand he beltis by his syde;
  And, schynand all of brycht gold, fast can glide                    10
  Throw owt the palyce ryall heir and thar,
  Reiosyt in his mynd, as thocht he war
  In ferm beleif fortill ourset his fo:
  And on sik wys gan walkyng to and fro,
  With hart hyngand on the joly pyn.                                  15
  As, sum tyme, dois the curser start and ryn,
  That brokkyn hes his band, furth of his stall,
  Now gois at large out our the feldis all,
  And haldis towart the studis in a rage,
  Quhar merys rakis in thar pasturage,                                20
  Or than onto the deip rynnand ryver,
  Quhar he was wont to drynk the watir cleir;
  He sprentis furth, and full provd walxis he,
  Heich strekand vp his hed with mony a ne,
  Out our his spaldis and nek lang by and by
  His lokkyrrit mayn schakand wantonly:
  Siklyke this Turnus semys, quhar he went.
  And, as he bradis furth apon the bent,
  The maid Camylla cummis hym agane,                                   5
  Accumpaneit with hir ostis Volscane:
  Befor the portis dovn lyghtis the queyn,
  Quham all the rowt hes followyt bedeyn,
  Discendand from thar horssis esely;
  Syne on sic wys this lady spak on hy:                               10
    Turnus, says sche, gif ony hardy wight
  May traste or assure in thar awyn mycht,
  I vndertak, and dar promys, allane
  To mach in feild the ostis Eneadane,
  And baldly dar recuntir in melle                                    15
  All the horsmen of the Tuscane menȝe.
  I the requyr, suffir me to assay
  With my retenew and thir handis tway
  The first danger in batale, or I stent:
  Byde thou behynd on fut in enbuschment,                             20
  And kepe the wallis of this tovn, scho said.
  Turnus his eyn hes fixit on this maid,
  That weirlike was and awfull onto se,
  Syne on this maner to hir ansueris he:
    O thou virgyn, glory of Italy,                                    25
  Quhat thankis ȝeld or rendir the may I,
  Or quhat may I refer of thy renovn?
  Bot, sen thou art to all thyng reddy bovn,
  Surmontyng all in curage souerane,
  Now at this tyme of sic laubour and payn                            30
  Grant me my part, so that on athir syde
  Betwix ws twa the bargane be dyvyde.
  Hark, I sall schaw ȝou myne avys, quod he:
  Ȝon detestabill and myschews Enee,
  As that the rumour surely hes maid kend,                             5
  And als my spyis schawis was thidder send,
  A certane horsmen, lycht armyt for the nanys,
  Hes send befor forto forray the planys;
  Hym self ascendis the hie band of the hyll
  By wentis strait and passage scharp and wyll,                       10
  Schaip on our cite fortocum prevely.
  Tharfor a prattik of weir devys will I,
  And ly at wait in quyet enbuschment
  At athir pethis hed or secrete went;
  In the how slak, be ȝonder woddis syde,                             15
  Full dern I sall my men of armys hyde.
  Set thou apon the Tuscan horsyt rowt,
  With pynsellis semlyt sammyn with a schowt:
  The stalwart Mesapus with the sall go,
  The Latyn barnage, and the brethir two,                             20
  Thai capitanys come fra Tyburtyn cite,
  With all thar ordinance and hail menȝe:
  Tak thou the cuyr with thame to rewle and steir
  Alhaill that ryall army into weir.
  Thus said he, and with sic wordis at schort                         25
  Mesapus to the fight he dyd exhort,
  And all his feris, syne euery capitane;
  And syne towart his aduersaris is gane.
    Thar lay a valle in a crukyt glen,
  Ganand for slycht till enbusch armyt men,                           30
  Quham, wonder narrow, apon athir syde
  The bewys thik hampirris and doith hyde
  With skowgis darn and full obscur, perfay,
  Quharthrow thar strekit a rod or a strait way,
  Ane narrow peth, baith outgang and entre,                            5
  Full scharp and schrowit passage wonder sle:
  Abufe the quhilk, apon the hill on hycht,
  Quhar men may spy about a weil far sycht,
  Thar lyis a playn to the Troianys onknaw;
  Bot, quha so list towart that sted to draw,                         10
  It is a stellyng place and sovir harbry,
  Quhar ost in stail or enbuschment may ly,
  Quhidder men list the bargane to abyde
  Owder on the rycht hand or on the left syde,
  Or on the hycht debait thame for the nanys,                         15
  And on thar fays welt dovn weghty stanys.
  Thyddir ȝong Turnus held and dyd ascend,
  As he that all the passage weil bekend;
  The place he tuke, and ful prevy, onknaw,
  Lyggis at wait vnder the darn wod schaw.                            20


  _Quhou that Opis was doun from Dyane send,
  And of quhat kyn Camylla was discend._

  The meyn sesson, Latonas douchter Dyan,
  Within hir sete of hevynnys souerane,
  The swyft Opys, a nymphe ane of hir feris,
  Ane haly virgyne of hir sort mony ȝheris,
  To hir callis, rycht dolorus and onglaid,
  And, sychand sair, to hyr syk wordis said:
    O virgyn deyr, lo now, Camylla gays                                5
  To cruell batall aganyst hyr mortal fays,
  And, al in vayn, with hir into syk werys
  Our wapynnys and our armour with hyr berys.
  I the declar and certifeis, quod sche,
  Abuf all other full deyr is sche to me:                             10
  Ne this luf, suythly, is nocht cummyn of new,
  Nor ȝit of lait in Dyanys brest vpgrew,
  And with a hasty sweitnes movyt my spreit,
  Bot of ald kyndnes lang tyme onforleit.
  For quhen hir fader, Metabus the kyng,                              15
  Was throw invy expellit hys ancyent ryng
  Of Pryvernum, and for the cruelte
  Of his pepill fled from that cite,
  With hym he bair this ȝong infant sa deir,
  Tobe his fallow in exill, and play feir,                            20
  And eftir hir moderis name, hait Casmylla,
  Camylla hes clepit, a lettir tane awa.
  Befor hym in hys bosum he hyr bair,
  And socht onto the wilsum holtis hair.
  Hys cruel fays with thar wapynnys keyn                              25
  Hym ombeset on all partis in teyn:
  With armyt men and wageouris the Volscanys
  So neir almost bylappyt hym at anys,
  Thar was na passage quhar away to fle.
  For lo! amyd the went quhar etlyt he,                               30
  Amasenus, that ryver and fresch flude,
  Abuf the brays bulryt as it war wod;
  From the clowdis was bryst sik spait of rayn
  The ryver flowis our the large plane.
  He, dressand hym to swym, at the bank syde                           5
  For luf of the ȝong bab most neid abyde,
  And, for his deir byrdyng dredand soir,
  Ilk chance in haist dyd roll in his memor;
  And scars this sentens prent into hys mynd,
  Hys douchtir forto clos within the rynd                             10
  And stalwart sapplyn or bark of cork tre:
  For in hys hand the self tyme had he
  A bustuus speir, percace, baith styth and stuyr,
  As he that was a worthy weriour;
  The schaft was sad and sound, and weill ybaik:                      15
  Ywympillit in this bark tho dyd he take
  Hys ȝong douchter, and with hys awyn hand
  Amyddis of this lans full suyrly band;
  Quhilk tasand with hys rycht hand, sone on hye
  Onto the hevyn abuf thus carpys he:                                 20
    O blissyt maid Latonya, our alquhar
  Of wild forestis the inhabitar,
  I, fader, heir professys servand to the
  This tendir ȝonglyng, bund onto this tre;
  Fleand hys fays throw the skyis, lo,                                25
  Knyt to thy schaft, lawly besekis scho.
  Ressaue hir, lady, and testify, God wait,
  As thyne alhail, onto the dedicate,
  Quhilk now thou seis standis in danger,
  Commyttit to the wyndis and the ayr.                                30
    Thus said he, and onon with a swak
  Hys gardy vp has bendit far abak,
  And threw the speir with all hys fors and mycht;
  The stremys soundyt of the schaftis flycht:
  Owr this fers ryver to the farthyr bra                               5
  This fey onsilly bab, ȝong Camylla,
  Flaw knyt onto this quhirrand schaft of tre.
  Bot this Metabus, quhen that he dyd se
  The gret pres of hys fays cum sa neir,
  Na langar duelt, bot swam throu the ryver;                          10
  And, cummyn to his purpos blyth and glaid,
  The speir onon, sa buklyt with the maid,
  In presand onto the thrynfald Dyane,
  Furth of the gresy sward he has vptane.
  Na rurall byggyngis, nor ȝit na strang cite,                        15
  Wald hym ressaue within thar wallys he,
  Nor, thocht thai wald hym to harbry haue tane,
  Hys fers mynd couth not subdew to nane:
  So that, in maner of hyrdis in pasturage,
  On wild montanys he wonnyt all his age;                             20
  Quhar that his dochtyr, amang buskis ronk,
  In dern sladis and mony scroggy slonk,
  With mylk he nurist of the beistis wild,
  And with the pappis fosterit he his child
  Of savage stude meris in that forest;                               25
  Oft tymys he thar breistis mylkit and prest
  Within the tendir lippys of his get.
  And, fra the child myght fut to erd set,
  And with hir solis first dyd mark the grond,
  With dartis keyn and hedis scharply grund                           30
  Hir fystis and hir handis chargyt he;
  And at hir schuldir buklyt hes on hie
  Ane propir bow and litil arow cace:
  And for hir goldyn garland or hed lace,
  In sted eik of hir syde garmont or pall,                             5
  Our the schuldris fro hir nek down with all
  The grisly tygrys skyn of rent dyd hyng.
  The self tyme ȝit sche bot tendir ȝonglyng
  Thir dartis and the takillis swyft leit glyde;
  And oft abowt hir hed the ilk tyde                                  10
  Wald warp the stryngis of the stowt staf slyng,
  Quharwith feill sys to grand ded wald scho dyng
  The cran of Trace, or than the quhite swan.
  For nocht scho was desirit with mony a man,
  And moderis feill throu the townys Tuscane                          15
  Desirit hir thar gud douchter, in vane:
  For scho only, full ferm in hir entent,
  Of Diane, Goddes of chastyte, stud content,
  And list to hant evyr in woddis with me
  The dartis schutyng, and love virginyte,                            20
  Remanand incorrupt and a cleyn maid.
  I wald, forsuyth, at this tyme scho abaid,
  And had not hastit to sic chevalry,
  Forto molest the Troianys stowt army;
  Bot that ane of my ferys scho suld be,                              25
  As scho that is at all tyme deir to me.
  Haue done onon, thou nymphe Opys, scho said,
  With wikkyt fatis sen bestad is ȝon maid,
  Thou slyde down from the hevyn, and that in hy;
  The Latyn feildis thou vissy and aspy,                              30
  Quhar, in the wofall batale and melle,
  To ane onhappy chance betaucht is sche.
  Tak thir dartis, and sone owt of my cays
  That ilke revengeabill arow thou owt rays:
  Quha evir with wond doys hurt or violat                              5
  Hyr haly body onto me dedicat,
  Quhidder he be Troiane or Italiane,
  All is in like, that he onon be slane,
  And with hys blude myn offens deir aby.
  My self thar eftir the reuthfull corps in hy                        10
  Amyd a boys clowd sall cary away,
  Onspulȝeit of hir armour or array,
  And hir bygrave, reducit to hir cuntre,
  In sepultur full gloryus, said sche.
  Than Opys lyghtly of the hevynnys glade,                            15
  Throw owt the skyis sowchand fast doun slaid,
  Persand the ayr with body all ourschrowd
  And dekkyt in a watry sabill clowd.


  _Quhou that Eneas with hys haill power
  Towart the cyte wallys drawis neir._

  Dvryng this quhile, the Troiane power all
  Approchys fast towart the cite wall,                                20
  The Tuscane Dukis and horsmen rowtis alhaill
  Arrayt in batale, euery ward and staill.
  Our all the planys brays the stampand stedis,
  Full galȝeart in thar bardis and weyrly wedis,
  Apon thar strait born brydillis brankand fast,
  Now thrympand heir, now thar, thayr hedis can cast:
  The large grond worth grysly onto se                                 5
  Of steill wapynnys and scharp speir hedis hie;
  And as the fyre all byrnand schayn the feildis
  Of brycht armour, heich helmys, and braid scheildis,
  Aganyst thame alsso onon apperys
  The bald Mesapus, valȝeant in werys;                                10
  The agill Latyn pepill with hym was,
  And duke Catyllus, with his brother Coras,
  And eik the weyng of Wolscane pepill in feild
  With the stowt wench Camylla vnder scheild;
  And furth thai streik thar lang speris weill far,                   15
  Drew in thar armys with schaftis chargit on far,
  Tasyt vp dartis, taclys, and fleand flanys:
  The contyr or first tocome for the nanys
  Full ardent wolx, and awfull forto se,
  The men byrnand to joyn in the melle,                               20
  And furour grew of stedis sterand on stray.
    Now thai, approchyng sammyn in array
  Within ane arow schot on athyr syde,
  Syne maid a litill stop, and still dyd byde;
  Rasyt vp a schowt, bad on thame with a cry,                         25
  Quhil bruyt and clamour fordynnyt the sky;
  Thar fers stedis dyd for the bargane cheir;
  On athir half thai mak a weirlike feir:
  And thar withall at anys on every sydis
  The dartis thik and fleand takyllys glydis,                         30
  As doith the schour of snaw, and with thar flycht
  Dyrknyt the hevynnys and the skyis lyght.
    Tyrrhenus tho, ane of the Tuscane rowt,
  And Acontevs, a Rutilyane full stowt,
  Togidder semblyt with thar speris ran,                               5
  To preif the first fall sammyn, man for man:
  Thai meit in melle with a felloun rak,
  Quhil schaftis al to schuldris with a crak;
  Togiddir duschis the stowt stedis atanys,
  That athyris contyr fruschyt otheris banys.                         10
  And Aconteus, lyke to the thundris blast,
  Smyte from hys sadill a far way was cast,
  Or lyke a stayn warpyt from the engyne,
  That al tofruschit dovn he dyd declyne,
  With sik rebund and rewyne wonder sair                              15
  That he his lyfe hes sparpellit in the ayr.
    All suddanly the Latynys tuke affray,
  And gaue the bak bedeyn, and fled away,
  Thar scheldis our thar schuldris kest behynd,
  And to the tovn spurris als fers as wynd.                           20
  The Troianys dyd persewyng on the chays,
  And fast invadis thame Prynce Asyllas.
  Quhen thai approchyng to the portis neir,
  The Latyn pepill returnys all infeir,
  Thar weill dantit hors nekkis quhelit abowt,                        25
  Syne gaue a cry, and on thame with a schowt:
  The tother party than hes tane the flyght,
  Leit ga the brydill, and fled in all thar mycht.
  Lyke as the flowand sey with fludis rude
  Now ruschis to the land, as it war woyd,                            30
  And on the skelleys at the costis bay
  Vpswakkis fast the fomy wallys gray,
  And with his jawpys coverys in and owt
  The far sandis our the bay abowt;
  Now with swyft fard gois ebband fast abak,                           5
  That with hys bulrand jaschis and owt swak
  With hym he sowkis and drawys mony stayn,
  And levis the strandis schald and sandis plane:
  The Tuscane folk the Latynys on sik wys
  Onto the cite wallys chasyt twys;                                   10
  And twys thar self dyd fle and gif the bak,
  With scheldis at defens behynd thame swak.
  Bot thareftir the thryd assay thai mak,
  The ostis sammyn jonyt with a crak,
  That euery man hes chosyn hym his feir:                             15
  And than, forsuyth, the granys men mycht heir
  Of thame that stervyn and dovn bettyn beyn,
  That armour, wapynnys, and ded corps bedeyn,
  And stedis throwand on the grond that weltis,
  Mydlit with men quhilk ȝald the gaste and sweltis,                  20
  Bedowyn lay full deip in thar awyn blude:
  The stowr encressis furyus and woyd.
    Orsilochus, a Troiane, with all his fors
  Dressis his lans at ane Remulus hors,
  For hym to meit he stude a maner feir;                              25
  The hed remanyt vnder the horssis eyr.
  The steid enragit for the cruell dynt,
  And lansys vp on hycht als fers as flynt,
  As he that was inpacient of his wond,
  That Remulus down weltis on the grond.                              30
  Catillus, ane of the brethir Tyberyne,
  Iollas down bet, and thareftir syne
  The gret Hermynyus, wondir byg of corps,
  Bot far byggar of curage and of fors;
  Quhais hed and schuldris nakyt war and bare,                         5
  And on his crovn bot lokrand ȝallow hair;
  And thocht he nakyt was, and voyd of geir,
  Na wond nor wapyn mycht hym anys effer:
  Forgane the speris so bustuus blomyt he,
  That this Catillus stalwart schaft of tre                           10
  Throw gyrdis baith hys braid schulder banys,
  And with the dynt stud schakand all at anys,
  Transfixit so, and persand euery part,
  It dowblis and renewys the mannis smart.
  The blaknyt dedly blude on athir syde                               15
  Furth ruschis owt of workand wondis wyde;
  The swerdis baithit wolx in bargane red;
  Feill corpsis kyllit in the feild fell ded,
  And caucht a douchty end to swelt in fyght,
  By hurtis feill forto manteym thar rycht.                           20


  _Quhou Camylla hir fays doun can dyng,
  And venquyst Awnus, for all his fair flechyng._

  The awfull maid Camylla the ilk tyde,
  With cace of arrowis tachit by hyr syde,
  Amyd the slauchter and melle apon hyr foyn
  Prowdly pransys lyke a wench Amaȝon,
  That, forto hant the bargane or assay,
  Hyr rycht pap had cut and brynt away:
  And now the sowpill schaftis baldly sche                             5
  On athir sydis thik sparpellis and leit fle;
  Now, not irkyt in batale stith to stand,
  Ane stalwart ax scho hyntis in hir hand:
  Apon hir schulder the giltyn bow Turcas,
  With Dyanys arowys clatterand in hyr cays.                          10
  And gif that so betyd into that fight
  Hyr ferys gave the bak and tuke the flycht,
  Into the chais oft wald scho turn agane,
  And, fleand, with hir bow schuyt mony a flane.
  Abowt hir went hir walit salwart feris,                             15
  The maid Laryna, and Tulla ȝong of ȝheris,
  And Tarpeia, that stowtly turnys and swax
  With the weil stelit and braid billit ax;
  Italyanys born; quham the nobil Camylla
  Had to hir lovyng and honour deput swa,                             20
  Tobeyn hir servandis in ganand tyme of paix,
  And in batale to stand by hir in pres.
  Lyke as of Trace the wenchys Amaȝonys
  Dyndillis the flude Thermodoon for the nonys,
  As in thar payntit armour do thai fyght,                            25
  Owder abowt Hippolita the wight,
  Or by the weirlyke maid Penthesile,
  Rolland hir cart of weir to the melle;
  The wemen rowtis baldly to the assay,
  With felloun bruyt, gret revery, and deray,                         30
  Furth haldis sammyn our the feldis sone,
  With crukyt scheldis schapyn like the moyn.
    O thou stern maid Camylla, quhat sall I say?
  Quham first, quham last, thou smait to erth that day?
  Or quhou feil corpsis in the batale sted                             5
  Thou laid to grond, ourthrew, and put to ded?
  With the formast, Ewmenyus, that was one
  Son to Clysius; quhais braid breist bone
  With a lang stalwart speir of the fyr tre
  Throw smyttyn tyte and persyt sone hes sche:                        10
  He cavis owr, furthbokand stremys of blude,
  And with his teith eik, schortly to conclude,
  The bludy erd he bait; and, as he sweltis,
  Apon hys wond oft writhis, tumlys, and weltis.
  Abuf this nixt scho ekis other two,                                 15
  Lyris, and ane Pegasyus alsso;
  Of quham the tane, that is to say, Lyris,
  As that he fordward stowpand was, I wys,
  To hynt hys horssis reyn that gan to fundir,
  And the tother present, to kep hym vndir,                           20
  Furth straucht his febill arm to stynt his fall,
  To grund togidder ruschit ane and all.
  And to thir syne the son of Hyppotes,
  Amastrus hait, ded scho adionyt in pres;
  And lenand fordwart on hir lance of tre,                            25
  Terreas and Harpalicus chasys sche,
  Persewand eik full bustuusly onon
  The bald Chromys, and strang Demophoon:
  Quhou feill dartis with hir hand kest this maid,
  Alsmony Troianys ded to grund scho laid.                            30
    Ane Ornytus, ane huntar, far on raw,
  In armour and in cognycens onknaw,
  Raid on a curser of Apulȝe throu the feild:
  Hys braid schuldris weill cled war and ourheld
  With a ȝong bullis hyde newly of hynt;                               5
  Hys hed coverit, to salf hym fro the dynt,
  Was with ane hydduus wolfis gapand jowis,
  With chaftis braid, quhyte teith, and bustuus powis.
  To mak debait, he held intill his hand
  A rural club or culmas insted of brand;                             10
  And, quhar he went, amyd the rowtis on hie
  Abuf thame all his hail hed men myght se.
  Camylla hym at myscheif hes on set,
  Scho bair hym throw, and to the grund dovn bet;
  Nor na gret curage, forsuyth, was that, na mycht,                   15
  For all his rowt tofore had tane the flycht.
  Bot forthir eik this forsaid Camylla,
  With mynd onfrendly, can thir wordis sa:
  Thou Tyrrheyn fallow, quhat, wenyt thou tobe
  In woddis chasand the wild deir? quod sche:                         20
  The day is cummyn that ȝour prowd wordis hait
  A womanis wapyn sal resist and debait.
  And, not the les, na litill renowne
  From thens thou sal do turs away with the,
  And to our faderis gostis blythly schaw                             25
  That with Camyllais glave thou art ourthraw.
    Incontinent this madyn eftir thys
  Slew Orsilochus, and ane that hait Butys,
  Twa biggast men of body and of banys
  Of all the ost and fallowschip Troianys.                            30
  Bot this ilk Butys, standand hir befor,
  Out throu the nek dyd scho pers and bor,
  Betwix the hawbrig and the helm in hy,
  Quhar that his hals scho dyd nakyt aspy;
  For our his left schulder hang his scheld.                           5
  Bot this Orsilochus fled hir in the feild,
  And gan to trump with mony a turnyng went;
  In circulis wyde scho drave hym our the bent,
  With mony a curs and jowk, abowt, abowt;
  Quhar euer he fled scho followis in and owt:                        10
  And at the last scho has ourtak the man,
  And throw hys armour all, and his harn pan,
  Hyr braid poll ax, rasyt so on hie,
  With all hir fors and mycht syne strykis sche;
  As he besocht for grace with gret request,                          15
  Scho dowblit on hir dyntis, and so hym prest,
  With feil wondis his hed has tort and rent;
  Hys harnys hait our all his vissage went.
    Than Awnus son, quhilk also Awnus hait,
  On cace betyd approche in the debait                                20
  Towart this maid, and, alssone he hir saw,
  Abasyt huvis still for dreid and aw:
  Into the mont Appennynus dwelt he,
  Amang Liguriane pepill of his cuntre;
  And not, forsuyth, the lakest weriour,                              25
  Bot forsy man, and rycht stalwart in stour,
  So lang as fatis sufferit hym in fycht
  To excers prettykis, juperty, or slycht.
  This Awnus, fra that weil persavit he
  Na way to fle nor eschew the melle,                                 30
  Nor mycht eschaip the queyn, stude him agane;
  Than he begouth assay hir with a trayn,
  And with a sle dissait thus first he said:
  Quhat honour is till a stowt wench or maid
  Fortill assur and trast in a strang hors?                            5
  Leif thy swyft steid, and traste in thyne awyn fors;
  At nane avantage, quhen thou lyst to fle,
  Lyght on this plane, and hand for hand with me
  Addres ws to debait on fut allone:
  Thar sall thou se, thar sall thou knaw onone,                       10
  Quhamto this wyndy glore, voust, or avantis,
  The honor, or, with payn, the lovyng grantis.
  Thus said he: bot scho than als hait as fyre,
  Aggrevit for, inflambit in felloun ire,
  Alycht, and to hir mait the hors betaucht;                          15
  At his desyre onon on fut vpstraucht,
  With equal armour bodyn wondir lycht,
  The drawyn suerd in hand that schane full brycht,
  And onabasyt abaid hym in the feild,
  Abylȝeit only bot with a quhite scheild.                            20
  The ȝong man, wenyng with his sle dissait
  He had begilit hir be his consait,
  Abowt his bridill turnyt but mair delay,
  And at the flycht sprent furth and brak away,
  And feil sys leit the hors sydis feill                              25
  The scharp irne spurris prik apon his heill.
  O, quod the maid, thou fals Liguriane,
  Our wanton in thy prowd mynd, all invayn;
  O variant man, for nocht perfay, quod sche,
  Hes thou assayt thy cuntre craftis sle:                             30
  Dissaitfull wight, forsuyth I to the say,
  Thy slycht and wylis sall the nocht beir away,
  Nor hayl scarth hyne do turs the hame fra ws
  Onto thy faderis hows, the fals Awnus.
  Thus said the wench onto this other syre,                            5
  And furth scho sprent as spark of gleid or fyre;
  With spedy fut so swyftly rynnys sche,
  By passyt the horssis renk, and furth can fle
  Befor hym in the feild with gret disdeyn,
  And claucht onon the curser by the reyn;                            10
  Syne set apon hym baldly, quhar scho stude,
  And hir revengit of hir fays blude:
  Als lychtly as the happy goishalk, we se,
  From the hycht of a rokis pynnakill hie
  With swyft weyngis persewis wonder sair                             15
  The silly dow heich vp into the ayr,
  Quham finaly he clippis at the last,
  And lowkyt in his punsys sarris fast,
  Thristand his tallons sa throu hir entralis
  Quhill at the blude abundantly furth ralys;                         20
  And, with hir beik deplumand, on al sydis
  The lycht downys vp to the skyis glidis.


  _Tarchon, gret chiftane of the Tuscan ost,
  The fleand folkis to turn agane can bost_.

  The fader of Goddis and men with diligent eyn
  Has all hir dedis vnderstand and seyn,
  And, situat in his hevynly hous on hie,
  Inducis and commovis to the melle
  Tarchon, of Tuscanys pryncipall lord and syre,
  In breithfull stoundis rasyt brym as fyre;
  So that amyd the ful myschewos fyght,                                5
  The gret slauchter and rowtis takand the flycht,
  On horsbak in this Tarchon baldly draw,
  Wilfull his pepill to support and saw:
  The wardis all of euery natioun
  With admonitiouns seir and exhortatioun