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Title: The Automatic Toy Works Manufacturers of the Best Novelties in Mechanical and Other Toys
Author: Anonymous
Language: English
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Transcriber’s Note: A warning to the reader. The toys depicted in
this catalogue are, for the most part, outdated and offensive racial

                           AUTOMATIC TOY WORKS

                            MANUFACTURERS OF
                           THE BEST NOVELTIES
                        Mechanical and other Toys
                          UNDER LETTERS PATENT.

                          No. 20 College Place,
                          (CORNER PARK PLACE,)
                             NEW YORK CITY,
                                U. S. A.

       Lockwood & Crawford, Stationers, 59 Pine Street, New York.


SPRING, 1882.

We present this revised and enlarged edition of our Illustrated Catalogue
to the Trade, confidently believing that it will be of service in the
selection of MECHANICAL TOYS and NOVELTIES which have gained so great
favor and are now so popular in this country and abroad. In style, finish
and dress of our figures, we have made very many improvements and have
added several new kinds to our list. In the partiality which has been
universally shown in favor of our Toys, and the constantly increasing
demand for them, we find an incentive to more than sustain their
reputation in the future.

The Toys represented in this Catalogue are all mechanical and are set in
motion, on being wound up, by patent movements.

Each Toy is packed in a substantial wooden box, and will be sent,
postpaid, to any address on receipt of price, where our goods are not
found with dealers.

Discount rates sent to the trade on application.

  20 College Place,

The Mechanical Bear.


This wonderful toy imitates the movements of a bear, by means of
clock-work, in the most life-like manner. The bear rises up on its hind
legs, turns its head from side to side, growls, moves its paws, and
snaps its jaws together. At intervals it gets down on its fore-paws and
goes through similar motions. It runs a long time, and while going it is
difficult to believe it is not alive. It is elegantly made, and covered
with fine fur. The mechanism is so strong and perfect, that only the
greatest abuse can put it out of order. It amuses old as well as young,
and is exceedingly attractive for a show window. It is conceded to be one
of the most ingenious toys ever invented, on account of its variety of
motion and resemblance to nature. Made in black and white fur.

                                                          _Price, $4.25._


Mechanical Sewing-Machine Girl



A little girl is seated at a cabinet sewing-machine. On winding up the
mechanism her feet begin to work the treadle, and the sewing-machine
begins to sew rapidly; she leans forward, puts the work in position,
watches it, occasionally rising up and bringing the work up to examine
it. These movements are repeated for a long time. The little figure is
elegantly dressed in the latest fashion. It combines the attractiveness
of a beautiful French doll with the interest of life-like motion.

                                                          _Price, $3.50._

Old Uncle Tom,



We consider this toy one of the most comically quaint of anything yet
made. When seen in motion, laughter is irresistible. The old fellow
commences the performance by slowly rocking backward and forward, as if
debating what he should play, then suddenly he strikes his “favorite,”
and rolling his head from side to side, fiddles in an ecstacy of
enjoyment. Funny as it is, there is something almost pathetic in it, too.
This toy is well and carefully made, and with ordinary care will last for

                                                          _Price, $2.50._

The Celebrated Negro Preacher.


He stands behind a desk, and slowly straightening himself up, turns his
head from side to side and gestures vigorously with his arm. As he warms
to his work, he leans forward over the pulpit, and shakes his head and
hand at the audience, and vigorously thumps the desk. The motions are
so life-like and comical that one almost believes that he is actually
speaking. The face and dress alone provoke irresistible laughter. He
preaches as long as any preacher ought to, and stops when he gets through.

                                                          _Price, $2.50._

Our New Clergyman.



The description on the opposite page applies to this brudder also.

                                                          _Price, $2.50._

Old Aunt Chloe,



Old Aunt Chloe demonstrates that happiness may be found in a wash tub as
well as in a palace. She is faithful at her toil, and we commend her to
our young ladies as an artist of no mean pretentions, after whom they may
pattern if they choose to revive and become proficient in one of the lost

                                                          _Price, $2.50._

The Old Nurse.


This mechanical toy is made to imitate an old negro nurse with a child.
Her motions are as natural as life. She holds the child in her hands and
when the mechanism is started, (by being wound) she leans backward and
forward tossing the child up and down in a most surprising manner. This
is a very pleasing toy for children and is very popular.

                                                          _Price, $2.50._

Fing Wing,



This image, with its shaven head, long queue and quaint looking dress,
gives a striking and life-like picture of a Chinese Laundryman. When at
work, he bends over the tub, and rubs the garment which he holds in his
hands with a naturalness so perfect he might easily be mistaken for a
real Celestial.

                                                          _Price, $2.50._




This piece is similar to the Laundryman represented on the opposite
page. It shows Ah-Sin with a smoothing iron, putting the polish upon a
gentleman’s linen. The mechanism of these novelties is so perfectly made,
that only the greatest abuse can put them out of order.

                                                          _Price, $2.50._

The Coaster.


A simple and attractive toy for small boys. Represents a colored boy on
his sled, which, by means of a mechanical movement, when wound up, goes
skimming along in a direct line, or in circles, according to the setting
of a steering apparatus, attached to the rear of the sled. Nicely packed
in a neat wooden box.

                                                          _Price, $1.00._

The Drummer Boy.


This is also an attractive piece for small boys. It consists of a
three-wheeled carriage, which supports the figure of a little man with
cymbals and drum, which are alternately struck and beaten as the wheels
revolve by propulsion.

                                                          _Price, $1.00._

The Scissors Grinder.



A man grinding scissors. When wound up he holds his scissors against the
rapidly revolving stone, at the same time working the treadle with his
leg. He stoops over his work, at intervals straightens up, and examines
the scissors. It is very entertaining.

                                                          _Price, $2.00._

The Woman’s Rights Advocate.


In presenting this advocate to the public, and remembering with
satisfaction the cordial reception our sterner suffragists and preachers
have received, and believing in every respect she is their equal, we
shall hope to receive as many calls for her. This woman will not insist
upon the last word. Societies supplied with advocates on short notice.

                                                          _Price, $2.50._

The Artist at his Work.


This figure represents an artist in his studio in an effort to surpass
Raphael. He is dressed in his morning gown and smoking cap, and appears
to be very much engaged with his painting. He surveys, in different
lights, his incompleted work of art, which rests on a small easel,
and then commences to paint with all the confidence of one of the old
masters. This is a deservedly popular toy.

                                                          _Price, $3.00._

Grandmother Rocking Cradle.


This domestic picture is perfect in miniature. No grandmother, with
all her experience, ever rocked a cradle more naturally or with more
tranquilizing effect. While she rocks the cradle with her foot, with one
hand she fans the infant sleeper, and with the other hand wipes her face
with the handkerchief, and occasionally turns her head and views the
situation with approval.

This is a combination of the toys most coveted by little girls.

                                                          _Price, $3.50._

The Italian Organ Grinder.


This devotee of classical music discourses several popular airs, in
perfect imitation of his larger brethren. While turning the crank he
occasionally shakes his head at the monkey which dances upon the organ,
and frequently passes his little cap for contributions. The musical
instrument is of the best Swiss manufacture.

                                                          _Price, $6.00._

A Wonderful Creeping Baby.



This unique toy, when wound up, creeps and imitates the movements of a
baby in the most natural manner, moving its hands and feet alternately
as it passes along, and as it occasionally turns its face towards the
spectator, the resemblance to life is almost startling. Delights and
pleases both old and young. Durably and elegantly made. Each doll is
carefully packed in a substantial wooden box. Parents and friends of
little girls send for one of these delightful dolls.

                                                          _Price, $5.00._

It is the aim of the AUTOMATIC TOY WORKS to excel all other manufacturers
in Artistic Designs, Strength and Durability of Construction and Elegance
of Finish.

Foremost in the field with new novelties.

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