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Title: Harper's Young People, 1882 Index - An Illustrated Weekly
Author: Various
Language: English
As this book started as an ASCII text book there are no pictures available.
Copyright Status: Not copyrighted in the United States. If you live elsewhere check the laws of your country before downloading this ebook. See comments about copyright issues at end of book.

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Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1882, by


In the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington.


"All aboard!" 769.

Ancestors, In the Halls of his, 489.

ANGELS:--The Angels' Watch, 525; Five little Angels, 733.

ANIMALS:--Barnum's Show in Winter-Quarters, 265, 281; Riddle about
Animals, 541.

Apes--The Prisoner at the Bar, 509.

Apple, Little Girl with a big--"Too bad," 832.

Aquarium, A queer, 272.

ARCTIC:--Fishing Fleet in Green Bay--A Girl of Reykjavik, Iceland, 89.

Art Decoration, 336.

Asleep--The beautiful Land of Nod, 717.

Asphalt Pavement--Prying the Boys out, 104.

Astronomical Acrostic Puzzle, 476.

At Odds, 292.

BABIES:--Puzzled, 384; Fourth-of-July Procession, 585; "Where did you
come from?" 665; Measuring the Baby, 832.

Baboon, Peter, at the "Zoo," 469.

Bagdad--"The Bridge of Boats," 828.

BAGGAGE:--Boy about to carry Baggage--"Doing Something," 337; The young
Baggage-smasher, 596.

BALLOONS:--Our Balloon, 252; Billy's first Rise in the World, 696.

Barnegat, New Jersey Coast, Off, 676.

Barnum's Show in Winter-Quarters, 265, 281.

Base-Ball at the Polo Grounds, New York City, 524.

Base-Ball Season, The--The "Home Run," 512.

Bath-Room, The, 205.

Bat, The Owl and the, 92, 93.

Battle, A sham, 97.

BEARS:--Bear feasting on Remains of Canoeists' Breakfast, 805; Mark
Outrigger in the Clutches of the Bear, 840.

Bed, Just out of, 528.

Bedouins, A Party of wandering, 732.

Bell, Tolling the, 393.

BEN BUTTLES:--Ben Buttles's great Catch, 1; Ben at Work, 24.

"Besieged," 793.

Billy's first Rise in the World, 696, 712.

BIRDS:--"Why shouldn't we enjoy ourselves?" 208; A Bird
escaped--"Flown," 212; Swallows and their Nests, 233; The Titmouse, 345;
An April Shower, 408; The Vain Sparrows, 425; Barn-Swallows and their
Nests, 456; California Linnet, 456; House-hunting, 480; Wrens and their
Nests, 521; "Strategy," 581; African Kingfishers, 633; Humming-Birds,

Blockheads, The merry, 432.

"Blood will run? I wonder if the," 800.

Boar, A wild, 296.

BOATS:--"Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep," 457; Boy sailing a Boat,
702; Boarding the Gun-Boats, 808.

Bonheur's (Rosa) "A Humble Servant," 321.

Boot-Black--"His first Shine," 336.

Boot of Card-Board, 103.

Borneo, The Head-Hunters of, 388.

Bouquet, An animated, 352.

"Bow-wow!" 481.

Boy, A very bad. 137.

Boy, Metempsychosis of an idle, 80.

Boy's Head, 193.

"Bread-and-Butter Days," 777.

Brooklyn Sunday-School Union, Fifty-third Anniversary of the, 504, 505.

Broom, The queer old, 109.

Brown's (J. G.) "Clear the Track," 841.

Buckwheat Cakes--A Winter Nightmare, 320.

Bull, The obstinate--"Jes you 'have yerself, and come 'long now," 464;
"And she went," 464.

Bull tossing Boy in the Air, 652.

"Burglars, They thought they were both," 725.

Butterfly Net, 599; Butterflies, 600.

"Cæsar's Arch" at Ctesiphon, 732.

Calf and Girl--"Good-Morning!" 716.

Camel and small African--"My golly! I's cotched him dis time, for sure,"

Camel--The Mail-Rider of the Desert, 692.

Camisards, The Boy Commander of the--Cavalier personating the Lieutenant
of the Count Broglio, 232.

Candy Pull, The, 301.

CANOE CLUB, THE CRUISE OF THE:--"Don't think for a Moment of getting any
other Canoe," 657; "She's half full of Water," 677; A Stampede in Camp,
689; Not so easy as it looks, 709; "He caught hold of the Root of a
Tree, and kept his Canoe stationary," 721; Running the Rapid, 741;
Getting Breakfast under Difficulties, 760; Hunting for a Wild-Cat in
Chambly Castle, 773; Sailing down the Richelieu River, 792; A Bear
feasting upon the Remains of their Breakfast, 805; Around the Camp Fire,
821; "How in the World did you get up there?" 844.

Canoe, Diagram of, 651.

Cans, Old Fruit, 320.

Car, Boy driving a--Very nearly a Collision, 756.

Carnival, The Children's, 285.

Carpentering--How to make a Tool Chest, 844.

"Cars, Look out for the," 752.

Cast, A most successful, 656.

CATS:--The two Pets, 88; "Winter-Quarters," 153; Mr. Thomas Catt and
Family at Dinner, 249; Art Decoration, 336; Pussy's Music Lesson, 448;
Kitty's Dream, 605; A guilty Conscience, 784; Greedy Jerry, 800;
Twilight, 814; "Wait a few Minutes, Pussy," 817.

Chair, A Steam, 172.

Chair-Sleigh, 269.

Chase, A Summer, 544.

"Cherries are Ripe," 573.

Cherry-Tree Lesson, A, 589.

Chicks and the Worm, The, 672.

Child and the Watcher, The, 330.

Choir Boys, 340.

CHRISTMAS:--A Christmas Scene in Scandinavia, 4; Christmas Morning, 100;
Christmas Morning: Before Daylight, 112; Preparing for Christmas, 112; A
Perfect Christmas, 121, 122, 123, 124, 125, 126; The Angel's
Proclamation, 129; A Christmas Mystery, 132; Christmas Pie, 136; "A very
bad Boy," 137.

Church Steeple, Regilding the--Ben at Work, 24.

Circumstances alter Cases, 848.

CIRCUS:--Mr. Barnum's great Show in Winter-Quarters, 265, 281; Circus
Wagon and runaway Horse--"It was all in a Minute," 748.

Clavichord, 69.

"Clear the Track" (J. G. Brown), 841.

Clock, The magic, 128.

Clowns' Duel, The, 368.

Coaching, 560.

Cock-Horse to Banbury Cross, Ride a, 173, 352.

Coney Island, Under Way for, 801.

"Cooks, Too many, spoil the Broth," 173.

Corals, 724.

Corday, Charlotte, Painting the Portrait of, 37.

Cork, Balancing a, 16.

Corner, In the, 237, 537.

Cotton, Parsee Merchants bargaining for, 588.

Country, Poor Boys' Trip to the--The Fresh-Air Fund, 681.

Cow, A very new, 785.

Cupids, The sad Fate of seventeen, 268.

Curling-Match at Central Park, New York, 248.

"Daisy-spotted Meadow, Thro' the," 189.

Daisy Trail, The, 632.

Dancing Lesson, The, 160.

Dandelions Grow, How the, 448.

"Dellusk," 412.

DESIGNS:--A Swan Design for Flat Pocket Pincushion, 780.

"Dining-Room, Wasn't there a Circus in that," 572.

"Dinner in the Nursery, New-Year's," 145.

Doctor, Playing, 617.

DOGS:--"The Two Families," 8; A Friend in Need is a Friend indeed, 81;
The Shepherd's Friends, 217; The new Love, 312, 313; Sympathy, 329;
"Railway Jack," 343; Dr. Blank giving Pepper his Medicine, 389; Nero,
420; "Bow-wow!" 481; The Dogs holding the Lynx at Bay, 513; Meeting of
Dogs, 592; The Playmates, 608; "Wait for Pussy, Fido!" 648, 649; A first
Glimpse into the World, 824.

DOLLS:--Washing Dolly, 33; The Dolls' Reception, 73; Dolls in Shop
Windows, New York City, 141; The little Dolls' Dressmaker, 188, 204,
220, 236; A sweet Kiss from Dolly, 601; "I do love Dolly so much!" 804.

DONKEYS:--Homeless, 269; A humble Servant, 321; Baby in Donkey-Cart,

Dot's Letter, 205.

Dreamer, A little, 184, 185.

Dream, Kitty's, 605.

"Dreams, Such happy," 169.

"Dress, I see myself hurrying into Mattie's," 437.

DUCKS:--"We ain't afraid, 'cause we can swim," 304; Awful thirsty, 736;
Wild-Ducks, 846.

Dunces' Bench, The, 413.

Easter Egg, Bringing home the, 384.

Easter--"For lo! He hath arisen," 369.

Electricity, Experiments with, 240.

ELEPHANTS:--The performing Elephant, 48; A farewell Ride on Jumbo, 373;
How Jumbo crossed the Ocean, 409.

Evening, Morning and, 713.

Fairy Godmother, Bessy's--"She snatched the Key, and said, 'I will be
back in a Moment,'" 825.

False Colors--"I see myself hurrying into Mattie's Dress," 437; "I stood
back, ashamed of my Position among them all," 460.

"Families, The two" (Michael Munkacsy), 8.

Fan Tales, Japanese, 637.

Fashions for the Fall, 782.

Feeding his Pets, 645.

Fencing, A young Prince practicing the Art of, 440.

FIRES:--Rescued from the Flames--The first "Steamer", in New York, 44;
"Pailful after Pailful of Water was dashed upon the Fire," 584.

FIRE-WORKS:--Burning the "Toro," 564; Wonderful Fire-Works, 576.

FISH AND FISHING:--Ben Buttles's great Catch, 1; Fishing Fleet in Green
Bay, 89; Sponge Fishing, 149; Fish-Hooks and Fishing Implements, 427,
428, 700; Paddy and the Fish, 540; "Something bright and vigorous sprang
clear out of the Water," 612; A most successful Cast, 656; Something
like a Bite, 720; "A little too much Fish," 736; "The Three walked away
up the Path," 837.

FLOWERS AND PLANTS:--Grape Fungus, 101; Potato Fungus--Loaf Mildew--Rye
Smut--Mildew on Virginia Creeper--Silk-Worm Fungus, 102; Corn and
magnified Root--Geranium Pistil--Geranium Stamen and Pollen
Grains--Pistil of Heart's-ease, 244; A Vase of Flowers, 318; What the
Spring brought to little lame Elsie, 340; Lady's-Slipper--Young Plant
growing on Flower Stem, 355; Honey Pouch and Pollen Pods--Pencil and
Needle, with Pollen--Butterfly's Proboscis, with Pollen, 356; Leaf of
Geranium Flower--Leaf of Sorrel--Corn Stalk cut across--Plant
Mouths--Water-carrying Plants--Cactus, 532; The Flower Girl, 685; The
Bean--Movement of Root of Black Bean--Morning-Glories--Virginia
Creeper--Pads through the Microscope--Diagram of straight and curved
Stems, 788.

Flown, 212.

FOOT-BALL:--A Game of--Diagram of the Ground, 90; A "Punt"--A
"Drop-Kick," 91.

Fourth of July in the Woods, Celebrating the, 576.

Fourth-of-July Procession, The Babies', 585.

Fresh-Air Fund, The, 681.

Frost Queen, The little, 273.

Gate, Kissing through the, 750.

Gauls mounting the Walls of the Capitol, The, 757.

Genius, The young, 512.

"Girl, Best, in America!" 97.

GIRL, THEIR--"No, sir; I'm goin' to buy you a new Dress," 776; The Boys
trying to select a Dress for Katy, 796; Under Way for Coney Island, 801.

Gladiolus--The sad Fate of seventeen Cupids, 268.

Glass, Baby looking into a--"Where did you come from?" 665.

Glass, Girl looking in the--Not quite satisfied, 638.

GOATS:--The Dancing Goat, 701; "O Nanny, wilt thou gang wi' me?" 761;
Four Goats--A Puzzle, 816.

Golden-Rod, 772.

"Good-Morning!" 716.

Gossips, The, 302; Little Gossips, 830.

Grandma, A too-confiding, 688.

Grandmamma's Chair, In, 297.

"Grandmother, Little," 520.

"G'an'pa, Dit up," 297.

"Grandpa, you do look sweet," 53.

Greenwood Scene, A, 558.

Greuze's (J. P.) Boy's Head, 193.

Guest, An unbidden, 528.

Hahs's (Philip B.) "What yer laughin' at?" 9.

"Hair, Just one Lock of," 488.

Hair, Little Girl cutting her, 800.

"Halsewell," The loss of the--"They pulled with a will," 441.

Happy New-Year, 142.

Harpsichord, Handel's favorite, 70.

Heroism--A Roll of Honor, 819.

Holidays over, The, 161.

Homeless, 269.

HONDURAS, ON THE KEYS OF:--"You Dog, why don't you answer?" 276; Ashton
protecting himself from the Wild-Boar, 296.

Hornet, Parrot and--An unwelcome Visitor, 620.

HORSES:--A wooden Horse--Dobbin's Perversity, 109; "Lightning walked
straight ahead," 549; "Poor old Dobbin!" 668.

"Hot, Too," 705.

House-hunting, 480.

Hubbard, Little Mother, 728, 729.

Hunters--"The Hunt is up, the Morn is bright and gray," 68.

Hutch, The Rabbit, 697.

Hydroids growing on a Shell--Hydroid magnified, showing
Spore-Sacs--Jelly-Fish, with Young in various Stages, 308.

Ice, Boys on--The Thermometer at 100°, 608.

ICE, FUN ON THE:--"Snapping the Whip," 192; "Shinny on your own Side,"
224; "Keeping the Pot boiling," 240; Treating the Ladies to a
Sleigh-Ride, 256.

Iceland, A Girl of Reykjavik, 89.

Ice, The last of the--"Every Cake they trod upon danced and
wobbled"--The Rescue, 300.

Iguana, The, 804.

Indian Pearl-Diver, 324.

"Indian, With a single Blow he knocked over the," 421.

Insects, What five, are represented in this Picture? 656.

Italian Boy, The little--Nicolo, 52.

Japan, Buried Treasures in--A native Picture, 684.

Japanese Fan Tales, 637.

Jelly-Fish, 435, 436, 437.

JIMMY BROWN'S EXPERIENCES:--"Oh, my!" 40; The Steam Chair, 172; "We've
been playing Pigs, Ma," 357; "Sue had opened the Box," 429; "They
thought they were both Burglars," 725; The Trapeze Performance, 789.

JINGLES (illustrated):--749, 765, 781, 797, 829.

JUMBO:--A farewell Ride on Jumbo, 373; How Jumbo crossed the Ocean, 409.

Jumping over a Rope--"Skippity-Hop," 448.

Kettle and Pan, Rub-a-dub-dub on, 109.

Kettle-holder, A, 508.

Kingfishers, African, 633.

King Hazelnut, 61.

Kiss, A loving, 237.

Kiss from Dolly, A sweet, 601.

KITES:--352, 379, 397.

Knitted and Crochet Mitten, 77.

Knitting, Grandfather, 557.

Lacrosse, A Game of, at the Polo Ground, New York City, 25.

Land of Nod, The beautiful, 717.

Lanterns, 556.

Lapp Driver, Reindeer and Pack, with, 4.

"Laughin' at, What yer" (Philip B. Hahs), 9.

Lawn Tennis Tournament at the St. George's Club Ground, Hoboken, 41.

"Leap-Frog," 416.

Leaves, Autumn, 812.

Letter, His first, 94.

Lights flared up one by one, The, 416.

"Little Jack," 292.

Little Ones, These my, 553.

Lizard--The Iguana, 804.

Lullaby, A, 680.

Lynx at Bay, The Dogs holding the, 513.

Madeira, Tom Fairweather in--Carriage drawn by Oxen--Hammock-Riding--The
Mountain Sled, 140.

Mail-Rider of the Desert, The, 692.

Make Way for his Majesty! 253.

Mammoth, The Story of a great, 737.

Marjorie's New-Years Eve--"We are going right to Santa Claus's Castle,"

Masquerade Party, A, 216.

May I come in? 404.

Meet, A bad Place to, 704.

Metempsychosis of an idle Boy, 80.

Mexican Fire-Works--The "Toro." 564.

Mexico--The Favorite Tree of Montezuma--"The Tree of the Noche Triste,"

MICE:--The captured Mouse, 21; The daring Mice, 813.

Midsummer Song, A, 621.

Milk, Child and a Pan of, 144.

Mill, The old, 653.

Mitten, Knitted and Crochet, 77.

Monkey and Porcupine (stealing Peaches), 16.

Monogram Puzzle, 237.

Morning and Evening, 713.

Moth Dance, The, 344.

Mother Hubbard, Little, 728, 729.

Mother's Baby, 430.

"Mountain, For some time the Boys rested on the Side of the," 405.

Moving Day, 445.

MR. STUBBS'S BROTHER:--The Conference, 353; Ben practicing in his
Father's Barn, 372; Training the old blind Horse, 385; Leander is
engaged at Home, 387; "'Now be all ready to run,' he said," 401; The
Managers of the Circus looking at the Posters of their Rival, 424; Old
Ben, 433; Mr. and Mrs. Treat exhibit privately for the Benefit of the
Boys, 453; Uncle Daniel receiving his Guests, 465; "'Oh, Ben!' was all
Toby could say," 485; "'How did this Boy get hurt?' asked Ben," 501;
"Mr. Stubbs's Brother was brought in," 517; Toby and Abner attending the
Rehearsal, 529; Unrolling the Schooner's Sails, 545; Mr. Stubbs's
Brother misbehaves himself, 565; Searching for the Burglar, 577; The
Boys inquiring for Mr. Stubbs's Brother, 597; Mr. Stubbs's Brother after
his Encounter with the Porcupine, 616; Bob and the "Grizzlee Bare," 625;
Toby rescues the crowing Hen from Mr. Stubbs's Brother, 641; "The great
white-winged Messenger of God came," 664; Toby and Mr. Stubbs's Brother,

Mumps, Some, 224.

Mushrooms of the Sea, 436.

MUSIC:--Musical Instruments--Clavichord--Italian Spinet--Piano of about
1777--Handel's favorite Harpsichord, 69, 70; The Music-Room, 284;
Pussy's Music Lesson, 449; The first Music Lesson, 548.

NAN--"I am your Second Cousin Phyllis," 833.

Napoleon presenting the Cross of the Legion of Honor to the Drummer-Boy,

Negro Girl in Mischief--Topsy left all alone, 493.

New Jersey Coast south of Sandy Hook, 500.

New Love, The, 312, 313.

Newsboy--Happy as a King--"Papers all sold," 61.

"New-Year's Dinner in the Nursery," 145.

New York City, Scenes in Shop Windows, 141.

Nightingale's Lesson, The, 253.

NURSERY RHYMES:--"Willy Boy, Willy Boy"--A Diller, a Dollar--Tell-tale
Tit--To Market, to Market--Jack Sprat--Lucy Locket lost her
Pocket--Cross Patch--Ride a Cock-Horse--Polly, put the Kettle on, 29;
Ring-a-ring-a-Roses--Little Maid, little Maid--Seesaw--As I was going up
Pippin Hill--Goosey, Goosey, Gander--Tommy Snooks and Bessie
Brooks--Georgie Peorgie--My Mother and your Mother--Tom, Tom, the
Piper's Son, 45. (See also "Jingles.")

Nutting-Time, The Pleasures of, 57.

"One, two, three, down goes she!" 624.

"Order Arms!" 561.

Organ Adventure, Art's--"He was drinking Coffee or Soup out of a Cup,"

Oriole feeding his Mate, An, 168.

Ostriches, 28.

Owl and Child--A severe School-Master, 676.

Owl and the Bat, The, 92, 93.

Painting the Portrait of Charlotte Corday, 37.

Panther, Killing the, 17.

Pantomime, Children of the, 105.

PARROTS:--"Teasing Tom," 305; Parrot and Hornet--An unwelcome Visitor,
620; "Does Polly want a Cracker?" 720.

Patient, The little, 569.

Pearl-bearing Shells, Group of, 324.

Pearl-Diver, Indian, 324.

Pets, The two, 88.

Phizo, 464.

Photographs, Girls taking each other's, 228.

PIANO-FORTE, THE:--Playing the Piano--"Quite in the Style of her
Mistress," 48; Clavichord--Italian Spinet--Virginal--Piano of about
1777--Handel's Favorite Harpsichord, 69, 70.

Pie-Plant Gatherer, The little, 764.

PIGS:--"We've been playing Pigs, Ma," 357; "Oh, that Pig!" 444; "Such a
Lot of us, and we're so Clean!" 624: "Besieged," 793.

Pincushion, A--Cover of Pincushion, 92.

Plants. (See "Flowers," etc.)

Plaque, The Fairy, 221.

Playmates, The, 480, 608.

"Play with, I want Somebody to," 809.

"Polly want a Cracker?" 720.

Pony-Cart upset--A too-confiding Grandma, 688.

Poor Woman from Baby-Land, Here comes a, 672.

Porcupine and Monkey (stealing Peaches), 16.

Portuguese Man-of-War, 516.

Postage Stamps, 135, 404.

"Pot, keep boiling"--Bubble, Bubble, Bubble, 77.

Predicament, A complicated--"'Here's Job! here's Job!' shouted every one
at once," 216.

Prince's first Ride, The, 13.

Prisoner at the Bar, The, 509.

Punchinello's marvellous Adventures, 316, 317, 332, 333, 348, 349.

Puppet-Show, The, 416.

Pussy's Music Lesson, 449.

"Pussy, Wait a few Minutes," 817.

Queen of Hearts, The, 156, 157.

Rackets, 362.

Raft, Launching the, 544.

RATS:--Rats and the Meal, 397; Rats and Mice--Rats escaping from Box,

Rebuses, 432, 704, 848.

Reception, The Dolls', 73.

Recess, Fun at--Leap-Frog, 416; The Tug of War, 816.

Rehearsal, The, 205.

Reindeer and Pack, with Lapp Driver, 4.

Restaurant, A School--Disposing of the Candy--Lunch-Hour in an
Industrial School, 200; Midday Dinner in the "School Restaurant," 201.

Ride, The Prince's first, 13.

Rocks telling their Story, The, 20.

"Royal George," The Loss of the, 164.

Rustic-Work, 636.

"Sail a Boat," 444.

Satisfied, Not quite, 638.

Scandinavia, A Christmas Scene in, 4.

School is Out! 477.

School's Begun, 766.

Scientific Puzzles, 32.

Scrap and his Kitten, 497.

Sea-Anemones, 613.

Servant, a Humble (Rosa Bonheur), 321.

SHAMRUCK:--"'Yes,' he said, 'I do want a new Pair," 113; "She gathered
those little Beings about her," 116; "In a Moment a strange Figure
appeared before him"--"The King jumped out of Bed," 117; "Taking Milk
from the Giant's Spoon," 120.

Sheep at Grandpa's Farm, The, 593.

SHELLS:--"It's telling me all about the Sea," 180; Pearl-bearing Shells,

Shepherd's Friends, The, 217.

Shine, His first, 336.

"Shinny on your own Side"--Fun on the Ice, 224.

Shipwrecked Party rescued by the "Ark," The, 628.

Shooter, A good, 784.

Show, An Amateur--"Doing Something," 337.

Shower, An April, 408.

"Sick, Me's," 629.

Sisters, The little, 673.

Skating, Birds--"Why shouldn't we enjoy ourselves?" 208.

Skating--Fun on the Ice--"Snapping the Whip," 192.

"Skippity-Hop," 448.

"Sleep, Baby, Sleep," 365.

"Sleepers, The little," 209.

Sleeping in the Meadow, 286.

Sleigh, Chair, 269.

Sleigh drawn by four coal-black Horses, 177.

Snow Man with the nodding Head, The, 304.

Soldiers, Little--"Order Arms!" 561.

Somebody is coming, 468.

Sparrows, The vain, 425.

Spectre Specs, The, 208.

Spinet, Italian, 69.

Spitsbergen--Fishing Fleet in Green Bay, 89.

SPONGES:--Sponge-Fishing--Sponges growing--Group of
Spicules--Circulation of Water through the Sponge--Glass Sponge, 149,

SPRING:--"Spring, the sweet Spring, is the King of the Year," 344; The
Spring Concert, 361; Spring Sport's, 448.

Stairs, Children on--Morning and Evening, 713.

"St. Mary's," The Boys of the, listening to the Story of their old
Commander's Death, 472.

Strategy, 581.

"Straw, A Man of," 205.

Styles for Boys, Spring and Fall, 366.

SUMMER:--Dreaming of the coming Summer, 461; Going to spend the Summer
at the Sea-side, 560; "They come, the merry Summer Months of Beauty,
Song, and Flowers," 592.

Sunday Dinner, Dissatisfied with his, 144.

"Sweetheart, My little," 452.

Sympathy, 529.

Tadema's (Laura Alma) "Winter," 280.

"Taffy," 688.

TALKING LEAVES, THE:--The Corral, 5; Killing the Panther, 17; The Lipans
securing the Game, 36; "Many Bears looked at the Picture," 60; "A
Spy-Glass! I didn't know you had one," 76; "All the while Bill was
tapping away with his Hammer," 85; "The foremost levelled his Gun
straight at Red Wolf," 108; "They'd better have killed her, like they
did mine," 133; Marking the Buckhorn Mine, 148; The ragged little
Captain, 165; "There was one little patient-looking Mule which had more
than his share," 181; "The storm of dark Horsemen was headed by Many
Bears in person," 197; "Halt! they've brought out the Boys," 213; The
Apache Women waiting for the return of the Braves, 229; "Everything's
got to go by Weight," 245; "In an Instant she was floundering in the
River," 261; The Miners crossing the Ford, 277; The Escape of
To-la-go-to-de and his Chiefs, 293; "'What! do you understand English?'"
309; "Stow away as many of these little Bags as you can," 325; "Rita,
Rita, my dear little Daughter!" 341; "She dropped her Stew-pan and stood
looking at him," 364; "Dismount behind your Horses, and take aim across
the Saddle," 376; "Oh, Ni-ha-be, come with me!" 396.

Tchungkee, The Game of, 264.

Tea, An Afternoon, 744.

Team, A splendid, 845.

"Teasing Tom," 305.

"Terrors, In a thousand" (L. Knaus), 473.

THANKSGIVING:--The Way the little Folks keep Thanksgiving-Day, 49; An
unexpected Thanksgiving Dinner, 56; The real Way to celebrate
Thanksgiving, 64; The last of the Thanksgiving Feast, 80.

Thief, Opportunity makes the, 328.

Thirsty, Awful, 736.

Times (Father) Dilemma, 289.

Titmouse Family, The, 345.

Toboggan, The, 228.

Tom Primrose protected his Father, How--"'See, they're getting away!' he
cried," 65.

Tool Chest, How to make a, 844, 845.

Tops, 412, 413.

"Track, Clear the" (J. G. Brown), 841.

Trapeze Performance, The, 789.

Trees--The Favorite Tree of Montezuma--"The Tree of the Noche Triste,"

Truant--"Daddy thinks I've been to School"--"Does he, though?"--"Grand
Finale!" 272.

"Tug of War," 816.

TURKEYS:--Job watching his Turkey, 604; "He would have pitched headlong
into the Well," 604.

Twilight--A Kitten, 814.

Unhappy Thought, 64.

VALENTINES:--A Valentine and a Mission--"No one had a larger supply than
Theodora and Bessie," 241; A Valentine, 254; A first Valentine, 256;
Jesse's Valentine, 257.

Virginal, 69.

Vladimir besieging the City containing his Archbishop, 84.

WAGER ISLAND--"With one Blow Captain Cheap felled the Man to the
Ground," 552; Byron carrying the Captain's Seal, 568.

"Wait for Pussy, Fido!" 648, 649.

Walk, Out for a, 350.

Walnut Shell, The Cruise of the, 379, 380, 381.

"Washed, Don't want to be," 377.

Washing Dolly, 33.

Water-Melon, Jube's, 669.

Waves, The--Fingers of the Sea, 196.

Whale, Captain Edwards's big--Front View of the Mouth--Side View of the
Mouth--Rear View, showing the Flukes, 392.

Wheel, The old Water, 653.

WIGGLES:--96, 176, 288, 400, 496, 640, 768.

Willie's Adventure--"I've got you safe enough now," 693.

Window, Bab at the, 533.

Window Gardening--Window Box complete--Spruce-Wood Panel--Cone
Panel--Grape-Vine Panel--Oil-Cloth Panel--Clinker Panel--Mosaic Panel,

"Winter" (Laura Alma Tadema), 280.

Winter-Quarters, 153.

Wolf and Pig--Preparing for Christmas, 112.

Wreck of the "Grosvenor," 52, 72.

Wrens and their Nests, 521.


  Bach, John Sebastian, 260.
  Baxter, Edith, 740.
  Beethoven, Ludwig von, 820.
  Corday, Charlotte, 37.
  Edwards, Captain, 392.
  German Emperor and Princes, 661.
  Gluck, 660.
  Handel, George Frederick, 484.
  Haydn singing before two great Musicians, 753.
  Jack, Little, 292.
  Jackson, General, 836.
  Marie Antoinette, 660.
  Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus, 580.
  Nicolo, the little Italian Boy, 52.
  Prince Frederick William August Victor Ernest, 661.
  St. Elizabeth of Thuringin, 609.
  Webster, Daniel, and his Teacher, 180.


ADVICE, BITS OF:--About using odd Minutes, 8; How to introduce People,
8; Talks about Surprise Parties, 54; About Christmas Gifts, 82; At the
Matinée, 155; Presence of Mind, 250; Picnics, 477; On the Road, 699; How
to manage the little Ones, 790.

ADVICE TO BOYS:--Cuts and Bruises, 539; How to restore Persons
apparently Drowned, 627.

Africa, South, A Buffalo Hunt in, 311.

Albatross, Saved by an, 555.

All-Hallow-Eve, A Story of, 10.

Anagrams--An old-fashioned Amusement, 315.

Anecdotes of Country Life, 11.

Angelo, Michael--How a Boy was hired out, 650.

Anglers, Aids for Young, 700.

Animals, 357.

Animals, Musical, 784.

Animals, Plants and--Their Difference, 707.

Ant Country, The, 842.

April-Fools' Day, 344.

Archbishop, A War for an, 83.

Arctic Seas, The Victims of the, 471.

Art's Organ Adventure, 225.

Asiatic Story, An, 43.

Austin, Philip, The Trials of, 694.

Austria, The Children's Journey in, 470.

Autumn Leaves, 811.

Babies' Procession, The, 584.

Badminton, 714.

Bagdad--"The City of the Caliphs," 827.

BALLOONS:--Our Balloon, 252; Gas Balloons, 512; A Balloon Adventure,
512; How Billy went up in the World, 695, 711, 730.

Barbers' Poles, 592.

Barn, Right through a, 714.

Barnum's, Mr., great Show in Winter-Quarters, 266, 282.

Barrington Toll-Gate, The, 763.

"Bartlett & Arnold," 747.

Base-Ball, 523.

Bassorah, Tom Fairweather goes to, 602.

Battle in the Dark, 835.

Battle of Lake Borgne, The, 807.

BEARS:--My Bear Hunt, 291; Mark Outrigger meets with an Adventure, 839.

Bedouin Postman, The, 691.

Beetle, The Sparrow and the, 624.

Ben Buttles, The surprising Experience of, 2, 23.

Berlin, Max Rander's Adventure in, 82.

Bessy's Fairy Godmother, 824.

Bicycle, Max Rander on a, 146; Who won the Bicycle? 810.

Billy went up in the World, How, 695, 711, 730.

BIRDS:--Birds' Nests for Soup, 233; Mr. Thompson and a Bird with a
Lantern, 278; Do Birds know their old Homes? 455; "A Bird in Hand is
worth two in the Bush," 528; Humming-Birds, 744.

Bismarck, Count von, 343.

Blast at the Stone Quarry, The big, 482.

Boots, Eph's New-Year's, 154.

Boy Commander of the Camisards, The, 231.

Boy's Head by Greuze, 202.

Bran's Conscience, 251.

Brave Boy, A, 595.

Brave little Sister, A, 275.

Bright, John, 135.

Brother Jonathan, 576.

Buffalo Hunt in South Africa, A, 311.

Bullet-proof Man, The, 738.

Bull-Frog, Mr. Thompson and the, 199.

Butterflies, Catching, 599.

Calf, Deacon Dodd's, 778.

Caliphs, The City of the, 827.

Camel, The, 32; A Camel-Race, 304.

Candy Pull, The, 301.

Canoeing Story. (See "The Cruise of the Canoe Club.")

CANOES:--The Canoe Fight, 421; How to make a Toy Canoe, 651.

Cape Horn, Off, 378.

Captain Banner's Lynx, 513.

Carbo: his Story, 818.

Car, Why Dick drove the, 755.

Cats, a Dog who liked, 448.

Cellar, Down, 725.

Chair, A Steam, 171.

Chair-Sleigh, A novel, 269.

Chambers, William, The Boyhood of, 502.

Charley Otis's Ride, 274.

Charley Sparks, An Evening with, 160.

CHILDREN:--The Children's Carnival, 284; The Children's Journey, 470;
The Children's Day, 503.

Chocorua, A Night on, 630.

CHRISTMAS:--Christmas Preparations, 77; About Christmas Gifts, 82; A
perfect Christmas, 119; A Christmas Mystery, 130: What is a
Christmas-Box? 144.

Church of St. Mary's of the People, The Building of, 780.

Cigarette Smoking, On, 196.

CIRCUS:--A private Circus, 39; Mr. Barnum's Show in Winter-Quarters,
266; Playing Circus, 789; Story about a Circus (see "Mr. Stubbs's

Clock, The magic, 126.

Cobbler who kept School in a Workshop, The, 374.

Cocoa-nuts, The Full Moon of, 560.

Complicated Predicament, A, 215.

Cooking, The fine Art of, 360.

Corals, 723.

Corday, Charlotte, 37.

Country Life, Anecdotes of, 11.

"Coventry, To," 836.

Cow, A very new, 785.

Creek, Up the, 610, 627.

Crotchets and Quavers, About, 210.

Crows, Mr. Thompson and the, 666.

Cruise, Dare's, 594.

Cruise of the Canoe Club, The, 657, 677, 689, 709, 721, 740, 758, 772,
790, 805, 821, 842.

Curling, The Game of, 248.

Cuts and Bruises, 539.

Dangerous Plaything, A, 43.

Dare's Cruise, 594.

Deacon, How they helped the, 619.

Deer Hunt in the Rocky Mountains, A, 212.

"Dellusk," 412.

Diamond Stories, Some, 467.

Dick drove the Car, Why, 755.

DOGS:--The Story of a little Dog's Tail, 166; Bran's Conscience, 251;
The Dog of Niagara, 330; "Railway Jack," 343; At the Dogs' Hospital,
389; Dogs of my acquaintance, 420; A Dog who liked Cats, 448; Leo, 661;
Don, 688; Old Nipper and the Cobbler, 752; Some Hints on Dog Teaching,

Doing Something, 337.

DOLLS:--The Dolls' Reception, 73; The Little Dolls' Dressmaker, 187,
203, 219. 235.

Dolly beat the Hunters, How, 506.

Don, 688.

Drowned, How to restore Persons apparently, 627.

Duke, A little, 548.

Easter in Jerusalem, 370.

Egyptian History, 673.

Electricity, Experiments with, 240.

Empress, The Tomb of an, 816.

Eph's New-Year's Boots, 154.

False Colors, 437, 459.

"Families, The Two" (Michael Munkacsy), 8.

Father Time's Dilemma, 289.

Feat of all, The bravest, 535.

Felix, 170.

Fencing Experience, Max Rander's, 547.

Fire-Works, Wonderful, 576.

Fishing, Trout, 427; Paddy Ryan's Fish, 540; Fishing with a Lantern
Trap, 720; "To Coventry," 836.

Flood, Incidents of the great, 295.

FLOWERS:--"Picciola," 243; Flowers in Fancy Dress, 355; The thirsty
Flowers, 531.

Flying Ship, A, 523.

Foot-Ball, A Game of, 90.

FOURTH OF JULY:--Preparing for the Fourth of July, 555; A Fourth-of-July
Warning, 570; Fourth of July at Beaver Brook, 582.

Fox's Dinner Party, The, 608.

"France, The first Grenadier of," 630.

Fresh-Air Fund, The, 682.

Fruit Cans, Old, 320.

Fun and Facts for little Folks, 268.

Fungi, The Fairy, 101.

GAMES, TRICKS, ETC.:--Balancing a Cork--Hunting (City in New
York)--Solution of Labyrinth Puzzle, 16; Lacrosse, 26; Scientific
Puzzles, 32, 112, 144, 192; A Lawn Tennis Tournament, 42; The performing
Elephant, 48; Shadow Pantomimes, 61; Letter Puzzles--Answer to Yorktown
Puzzle, 64; What am I? 80; Enigmas, 80, 112, 160, 224, 240, 336, 352,
480, 784, 848; A Game of Foot-Ball, 90; The magic Clock, 126; Imitation
of Song of Canary--Imitation of Punch and Judy Troupe, 160; The Spectre
Specs, 208; The Fairy Plaque, 221; Mirthful Magic, 224; Monogram Puzzle,
237; Experiments with Electricity, 240; The Game of Curling, 248; What's
in a Name? 256; The Game of Tchungkee, 264; Parallels--Answer to
Monogram Puzzle, 272; Nine Men's Morris, 283; Bouquetaire, 304; An
old-fashioned Amusement, 315; Games with Marbles, 331; Houdin's
impromptu Dessert, 336; Parlor Magic, 352, 528, 608, 656; Rackets, 362;
Silent Stories, 384; In-door Amusements, 416; King Simple, 432; Dropping
melted Lead, 448; Phizo, 464; Astronomical Acrostic Puzzle, 476;
Characters; or, Who am I? 480; Magical Music, 512; Base-Ball, 523; The
flying Dime, 528; Riddle about Animals, 541; Solution of Astronomical
Acrostic Puzzle--Letter Sequences, 544; "Rome and Carthage," 560:
"Duck," 576; Nine Holes, or Egg Hat, 672; Original Riddle, 688; Bipeds
and Quadrupeds, 704; Badminton, 714; Natural History Jingles--Solution
of Moon Puzzle, 720; Alliteration, 736; Race-Ball 746; The great Peach
Puzzle, 752; A good Shooter, 784; The magic Sack, 794; The Game of
Historic Characters, 800; Who was he, and what did he invent? 816.

Gardening, Window, 11.

Garrick's (David) Dog--The Story of a little Dog's Tail, 166.

Gavotte, The, 259.

Geese and the Capitol, The, 757.

Germany, Four Kings of, 661.

Gilbert, William S., 74.

Girl's Life in 1782, A little, 179.

Gladstone, William Ewart, 311.

Gluck, 659.

"Goose, As stupid as a," 253.

Grandmother, The little, 519.

"Grosvenor," The Wreck of the, 50, 71.

Gymnastics for stormy Days, Home, 218.

"Halsewell," The Loss of the, 441.

Handel and "The Messiah," 483.

Handicraft, 807.

Hare and Hounds, 346.

Harry Miller's Sturgeon, 596.

Hat, Millie's Nile-Bird, 632.

Haydn, Francis Joseph, 754.

Hero, An unknown, 778.

Hired out, How a Boy was, and what came of it, 650.

Honduras, On the Keys of, 275, 295.

Hornets' Nest, That, 514.

Horse which made a Sensation, A, 656.

Huldah Deane's Heroism, 417.

Hunters, How Dolly beat the, 506.

Hunting Season, The, 68.

Hurricane, A tropical, 538.

Icebergs, A Battle of, 314.

Ice, The last of the, 299.

Iguana, The, 804.

India, Catching Quail in, 403.

INDIANS:--Indian Story (see "The Talking Leaves"); Amateur Indians, 86;
The Game of Tchungkee, 264.

Jelly-Fish, Some odd Relations of the, 307; How Jelly-Fish live and
move, 435.

Jerome, Evvie--A brave Boy, 595.

JIMMY BROWN'S EXPERIENCES:--A Private Circus, 39; Our new Walk, 103; A
Steam Chair, 171; Our Balloon, 252; Animals, 357; Rats and Mice, 428;
The old, old Story, 571; Our Bull-Fight, 652; Down Cellar, 725; Playing
Circus, 789.

Job's Turkey, 603.

Jube's Water Melon, 667.

Jumbo, 373; How Jumbo crossed the Ocean, 410.

Just for Fun, 177.

Kangaroo Hunt, My first, 487.

Kettle-holder, A, 508.

Kites, and how to fly them, 379; More about Kites, 396.

Lacrosse, 26.

Lady Rags, 97.

Lake, A wonderful, 518.

Lake Borgne, The Battle of, 807.

Lawn Party, Phrony Jane's, 679.

Lawn Tennis Tournament, A, 42; Lawn Tennis Courts, How to lay out, 587.

Leaves, Autumn, 811.

Lee, William--The Inventor of the Stocking-Loom, 292.

Legardeur Party, The, 322.

Leo, 661.

Lightning, Something about, 666.

Longest Day in the Year, The, 209.

"Luck," 34.

Lynx, Captain Banner's, 513.

Madeira, Tom Fairweather's Holiday in, 139.

Magic Lantern, How to make a, 347.

Mammoth, The Story of a great, 737.

Manage the little Ones, How to, 790.

Man in the Moon, 408; Moon lends a Hand, The, 770.

Marbles, Games with, 331.

Marjorie's New-Years Eve, 150, 162.

Market Report, Pet Stock, 183.

Mark Outrigger meets with an Adventure, 839.

Matinée, At the, 155.

Max Rander's Adventure in Berlin, 82; Max Rander on a Bicycle, 146; Max
Rander's young Nobleman, 263; Max Rander's French Eggs, 458; Max
Rander's Fencing Experience, 547; Max Rander's wild Tiger, 634.

Mexico, Historical Trees of, 643.

Mice as Pets, 56.

Milkmaids of Dort, The, 263.

Millie's Nile-Bird Hat, 632.

Mining under the Ocean, 848.

"Minute-Hand of the Clock, The," 614.

Miss Holsover's "Treasure," 250, 258.

Monkey and the Sugar, 816; Carbo: his Story, 818.

Mönkgut, Hänschen von, 292.

Mountain Dwarf, The, 468.

Mountain, The fall of a, 55.

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus, 579.

MR. STUBBS'S BROTHER, 353, 370, 385, 401, 423, 433, 453, 465, 485, 501,
517, 529, 545, 565, 577, 597, 615, 625, 641, 663.

Mr. Thompson and the Bull-Frog, 199; Mr. Thompson and a Bird with a
Lantern, 278; Mr. Thompson and the Swallows, 438; Mr. Thompson and the
Crows, 666; Mr. Thompson and the Owls, 758.

Musical Animals, 784.

MUSIC:--The Piano-forte, 69; About Crotchets and Quavers, 210; The
Gavotte, 259; Something about Sonatas, 297; The Music-Master's Daughter,
329; The Story of the Opera 339; The Orchestra of Yesterday and To-day,
407; How to bind Music, 432; Handel and "The Messiah," 483;
Piano-playing in the Time of Mozart and Beethoven, 819.

Nan, 833.

National Game, The, 523.

New Orleans--the Battle in the Dark, 835.

Niagara, The Dog of, 330.

Night, One, 570.

Nine Men's Morris, 283.

Nipper and the Cobbler, Old, 752.

Nutting, How "the Baby" went, 38.

Nyâgândi, Little, 535.

Oiling the Waves, 488.

Old Light's Joke, 549.

Old, old Story, The, 571.

Opera, The Story of the, 339.

Orchestra of Yesterday and To-day, The, 407.

Orioles, My Family of, 166.

Ostrich Farm, A Visit to an, 27.

Our Bull-Fight, 652.

Owls, Mr. Thompson and the, 758.

Paddy Ryan's big Fish, 540.

Pantomime, Children of the, 106; The magic Clock, 126.

Parrot's Memory, The, 336.

Parsee Merchants of Bombay, 587.

Pearls come from, Where the, 323.

PEOPLE WE HEAR ABOUT:--Arthur Sullivan, 56; William S. Gilbert, 74; John
Bright, 135: William Ewart Gladstone, 311; Bismarck, 343.

PERILS AND PRIVATIONS:--The Wreck of the "Grosvenor," 50, 71; The Loss
of the "Royal George," 163; On the Keys of Honduras, 275, 295; The Loss
of the "Halsewell," 441; Wager Island, 551, 566; The Trials of Philip
Austin, 694.

"Peter," 469.

Pet Stock Market Report, 183.

Philately, Chats about, 135, 404.

Photography, Amateur--Fun and Pictures, 228; Photography and Work, 490.

Phrony Jane's Lawn Party, 679.

Piano-forte, The, 69; Piano-playing in the Time of Mozart and Beethoven,

"Picciola," 243.

Picnics, 477; The Friday Picnic, 698.

Pictures, Fun and, 228.

Pigeons, Homing, 683.

Pig, The speckled, 443.

Pincushion, A, 92; A Swan Design for flat Pocket Pincushion, 780.

Plants and Animals--their Difference, 707; Climbing Plants, 787.

Plaque, The Fairy, 221.

Play, How to, 153.

Polly Gardner and the Draw-Bridge, 306.

"Popsey," 491.

"Portuguese Man-of-War, The," 515.

Postage Stamps. (See "Philately.")

Postman, The Bedouin, 691.

Pounds, John--The Cobbler who kept School in a Workshop, 374.

Presence of Mind, 250.

Present, A novel, 103.

Princely Art, A, 439.

Princess Sunnylocks and the runaway Sunbeam, 21.

Punchinello, 316, 332, 348.

Pyramids of Egypt, The, 419.

Quail in India, Catching, 403.

Rabbits as Pets, 458.

Race-Ball, 746.

Race for Life, A, 618.

Rackets, 362.

"Railway Jack," 343.

Rattlesnake, A live, wanted, 405.

Reindeer, The Home of the, 3.

Reparation, The Queen's, 390.

Restaurant, A School, 199.

Rhinoceros Stories, 451.

River gets into Trouble, The, 675.

R. K. R. R., The great, 327.

Robin Goodfellow, 507.

Rocks, The, 19.

Roll of Honor, A, 819.

"Royal George," The Loss of the, 163.

Rustic Adornments for Lawn and Garden, 635.

Ruth's Opportunity, 645.

Sack, The magic, 794.

Sam Jenkins's Dream, 138.

Scarlet Glow, The, 450.

SCHOOL:--A School Restaurant, 199; How Johnnie went to School, 586.

"Scrap," 497.

"Scud," How Jamie sailed in the, 358.

Scullion who became a Sculptor, The, 202.

Sea-Anemones, 613.

Sea-Firs--Some odd Relations of the Jelly-Fish, 307.

Shark, Chased by a, 410; "My Shark," 736.

Shepherd's Friends, The, 217.

Shipwrecks, Stories of. (See "Perils and Privations.")

Shop Windows, The, 140.

Showman did not tell, What the, 762.

Show, Todd and Ketchum's "grate," 194.

Sister worth having, A, 742.

Skates, On, 186.

Smoking, On Cigarette, 196.

Snake Story, A, 672.

Soldier's Cheese, The, 769.

Sonatas, Something about, 297.

SONGS:--Thro' the Daisy-Spotted Meadow, 189; Sleeping in the Meadow,
286; A Song of a Doll, 334; "Sleep, Baby, Sleep," 365; An Easter Carol,
382; The Angels' Watch, 525; Hold up the right Hand! 623; The Menagerie,

Sound, Testing the Velocity of--An Experiment in Switzerland, 256.

Sparrows, The vain, 426; The Sparrow and Beetle, 624.

Spider, A musical, 352; Feats by Spiders, 432.

Spitsbergen, 90.

Squirrels, Those, 832.

Steamboat, The--Robert Fulton, 794.

Steam-Engine, The, 452.

St. Elizabeth of Thuringia, 610.

St. Mary's of the People, The Building of, 780.

Stocking-Loom, The Invention of the, 292.

Strike, The long, 726.

Sturgeon, Harry Miller's, 596.

Sugar, The Monkey and the, 816.

Sullivan, Arthur, 56.

Sunday-School Anniversary--The Children's Day, 503.

Swallows in furnished Lodgings, 704.

Switzerland, An Experiment in, 256.

Swords, Small--"A princely Art," 439.

Sword-Stroke, A good, 674.

TALKING LEAVES, THE (_Concluded_):--5, 17, 35, 58, 74, 85, 106, 133,
147, 164, 181, 197, 213, 229, 245, 261, 277, 293, 309, 325, 341, 363,
375, 394.

Tea Party, The Boys', 474.

Terrible Experience, A, 706.

THEIR GIRL:--774, 795, 802.

These my little Ones, 533, 553.

"Think and Thank," 279.

Tiger, Max Rander's wild, 634.

Tiger Tom, 247.

Tigress Hunt, A, 642.

Tigris, Tom Fairweather's Voyage up the, 731.

Titmouse Family, The, 345.

Tobogganing, 227.

Todd and Ketchum's "Grate Show," 194.

Toll-Gate, The Barrington, 763.

Tomb of an Empress, The, 816.

TOM FAIRWEATHER:--A Yarn from his Log-Book--A Visit to an Ostrich Farm,
27; Tom Fairweather's Holiday in Madeira, 139; Tom Fairweather's Visit
to the Sultan of Borneo, 387; Tom Fairweather goes to Bassorah, 602; Tom
Fairweather's Voyage up the Tigris, 731.

Tom Primrose protected his Father, How, 66.

Tony's Birthday, and George Washington's, 266.

Tool Chest, How to make a, 844.

Tops, and how to spin them, 412.

"Toro," Burning the, 563.

Trapping Torups, 618.

Travelling--On the Road, 699.

Treasures, Buried, 684.

Trees of Mexico, Historical, 643.

Trials of Philip Austin, The, 694.

Tricks. (See "Games, Tricks, etc.")

Trout-Fishing, 427.

Tug of All, The hardest, 650.

Tunnel, Through the, 562.

Turkey, The Lame, 53.

Under-ground Escape, An, 716.

Valentine and a Mission, A, 242.

Valentine Story--Miss Holsover's "Treasure," 250, 258.

Vladimir the Great--A War for an Archbishop, 83.

Wager Island, 551, 566.

Walk, Our new, 103.

Water-Melon, Jube's, 667.

Wave and Sand, 499.

Waves at Work, The, 195.

Webster, Daniel, The Boyhood of, 180.

Willie's Adventure, 692.

Window Gardening, 11.

Wolf hid, What the, 682.

Woodchuck, Having Fun with a, 582.

Wrens and their Nests, 521.


  "Amen," Artie's, 423.
  Angels, Five little, 733.
  Angels' Watch, The (set to Music), 525.
  Apple Blossoms, 474.
  April Joke, An, 339.

  Bath-Room, The, 205.
  Baxter, Edith, 740.
  Beautiful Child, My, 187.
  Bed, Just out of, 528.
  Bird, The Child and the, 819.
  "Bo-Peep," 318.
  Boys, Two, 112.
  Boy, The Tale of a very bad, 138.
  Broom, The queer old, 109.
  Bubble, Bubble, Bubble, 77.
  Butterfly's Funeral, The, 755.

  Captain Ortis, 551.
  Catastrophe, A dire, 144.
  Cherry-Tree Lesson, A, 589.
  Child and the Watcher, The, 330.
  Child's Puzzles, A, 146.
  Chimney, Dot's, 103.
  Christmas Pie, 136.
  Church, Children's, 790.
  Clowns' Duel, The, 368.
  "Comet, Just like a," 803.
  Corner, In the, 237.
  Country Boy in Winter, A, 194.
  Cruise of the Walnut Shell, The, 379, 380, 381.
  Cupids, The sad Fate of seventeen, 238.

  "Daisy-spotted Meadow, Thro' the" (set to Music), 189.
  Daisy Trail, The, 632.
  Dancing Lesson, The, 160.
  Dandelions grow, How the, 448.
  Dobbin's Perversity, 109.
  Doll, The Lament of a left-over, 170.
  Dot's Letter, 205.
  Dreamer, A little, 184.
  Dreaming of the coming Summer, 461.
  Ducks, Wild, 846.

  Easter Carol, An (set to Music), 382.
  Easter Poem--"For lo! He hath arisen," 369, 370.
  Ebony and Pearl, 416.
  ENIGMAS:--160, 224, 240, 336, 352, 480, 784, 848.

  Fairy, A little, 74.
  Farewell, 34.
  Flag, The Burial of the old, 706.
  Flower Girl, The, 685.
  "For lo! He hath arisen," 369.
  Frost Queen, The little, 274.

  Gentleman, A little, 358.
  Goat, The Dancing, 701.
  Golden-Rod, 772.
  "Good-by, Winter," 282.
  Good Company, 32.
  Good-morning, little Bird, 494.
  "Good Tidings of great Joy," 130.
  Grandfather Knitting, 557.
  Gran'ma's Stitches, 659.
  "Grandpa, you do look sweet," 53.
  Greedy Jerry, 800.
  Green Beds, The little, 487.
  Greenwood Scene, A, 558.

  "His Highness," Amusing, 599.
  Hold up the right Hand! (Set to Music), 623.

  Independence Day, 563.

  Japanese Fan Tales, 637.
  JINGLES:--749, 765, 781, 797, 829.

  King Hazelnut, 61.
  Kiss, A loving, 237.
  Kissing through the Gate, 750.
  Kitty's Dream, 605.

  Land of Nod, The beautiful, 717.
  Lily and Violet, 723.
  Little May, 704.
  Lock of Hair, Just one, 488.
  Longfellow, H. W.--The Poet's empty Chair, 387.

  Maid for me, The little, 624.
  Make Way for his Majesty! 253.
  "Man of Straw, A," 205.
  Man, The little, 192.
  Man who cared for Nobody, The, 7.
  May I come in? 404.
  Menagerie, The (set to Music), 719.
  Mice, The Daring, 813.
  Midsummer Song, A, 621.
  Mill, The Old, 653.
  Moth Dance, The, 344.
  Mother's Baby, 430.
  "Mother, The sweetest," 455.

  NURSERY RHYMES:--29, 45.

  Owl and the Bat, The, 92, 93.

  "Pansies think, What do the," 435.
  Patient, The little, 569.
  Petit Jean, 262.
  Pinkety Wink, 269.
  Poet's empty Chair, The, 387.
  Prisoner at the Bar, The, 509.
  Pug, An English, 26.
  Puzzled, 384.

  Queen of Hearts, The, 156, 157.

  Rats and the Meal, The, 397.
  Rehearsal, The, 205.
  Ride a Cock-Horse to Banbury Cross, 173.
  Roses, The June, 514.
  Rub-a-dub-dub, 109.

  Sad, but Just, 16.
  Santa Claus, Mistress, 119.
  Satisfied, Not quite, 638.
  Scamp, A little, 592.
  School-Master, A severe, 676.
  School's Begun, 766.
  Sheep at Grandpa's Farm, The, 593.
  Sick Dolly, 180.
  "Sleep, Baby, Sleep" (set to Music), 365.
  Sleeping in the Meadow (set to Music), 286.
  Slighted Stranger, The, 835.
  Slumber Song, 171.
  Snow, The, 227.
  Song of a Doll, A (set to Music), 334.
  Spring Concert, The, 361.
  Sunbeam, The wandering, 582.

  "Taffy," 688.
  Telegraph Poles are meant for, What, 534.
  Thanksgiving, Elsie's, 50.
  "Too Bad!" 832.
  "Too many Cooks spoil the Broth," 173.

  Violet, Lily and, 723.

  Waiting, 427.
  Who are they? 307.
  Wind, The merry, 43.
  Winter-Quarters, 153.

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