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Title: John Calvin - Secret Providence - Calumniator’s Preface
Author: John Calvin
Language: English

00004-0004 Secret Providence - Calumniator's Preface
John Calvin, though your name is very famous in almost the whole world, and your doctrine has undoubtedly many abettors, yet it has also many adversaries. Now, as it is my eager wish, that doctrine were one, as truth is one, and that all if possible might harmonize in it, I have supposed that you should be frankly informed, of the objections continually made to your doctrine, that if they are false, you may refute them, and send the refutation to us, that so we may be able to withstand the gainsayers; and let your reasons be such as the people can understand.

Though there are many things in regard to which many differ with you, yet deferring other matters to another time, I shall at present handle with you, the single argument concerning fate or predestination, both because this point is exciting great tumults in the church, which we would fain see terminated; and because in this instance, the arguments of the adversaries, cannot as yet be refuted, from the books which you have hitherto published.

I will here set down in desultory way, certain articles taken from your books, and tossed about in this discussion; I will then subjoin what is ordinarily alleged against each article, that you may perceive what requires an answer.