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Title: 'He Giveth His Beloved Sleep'
Author: Browning, Elizabeth Barrett, 1806-1861
Language: English
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                    "HE GIVETH HIS BELOVED SLEEP"


                      ELIZABETH BARRETT BROWNING


                         _ENGRAVED BY ANDREW_

                      LEE AND SHEPARD PUBLISHERS

                           COPYRIGHT, 1880,
                          By LEE AND SHEPARD.

"He Giveth his Beloved Sleep"

PSALM cxxvii. 2.


  OF all the thoughts of God that are
  Borne inward unto souls afar,
    Along the Psalmist's music deep,
  Now tell me if that any is,
  For gift or grace, surpassing this--
    'He giveth His beloved, sleep'!

  What would we give to our beloved?
  The hero's heart to be unmoved,
    The poet's star-tuned harp, to sweep,
  The patriot's voice, to teach and rouse,
  The monarch's crown, to light the brows?
    'He giveth His beloved sleep.'

[Illustration: Along the Psalmist's music deep]

  What do we give to our beloved?
  A little faith all undisproved,
    A little dust to overweep,
  And bitter memories to make
  The whole earth blasted for our sake.
    He giveth His beloved sleep.

[Illustration: A little dust to overweep]

  "Sleep soft, beloved!" we sometimes say,
  But have no tune to charm away
    Sad dreams that through the eyelids creep.
  But never doleful dream again
  Shall break the happy slumber when
    He giveth His beloved sleep.

[Illustration: Sad dreams that through the eyelids creep
               But never doleful dream agains
                 Shall break the happy slumber]

  O earth, so full of dreary noises!
  O men, with wailing in your voices!
    O delvèd gold, the wailers heap!
  O strife, O curse, that o'er it fall!
  God strikes a silence through you all,
    He giveth His beloved sleep.

[Illustration: Oh men with wailing in your voices]

  His dews drop mutely on the hill;
  His cloud above it saileth still,
    Though on its slope men sow and reap.
  More softly than the dew is shed,
  Or cloud is floated overhead,
    He giveth His beloved sleep.

[Illustration: Though on its slope men sow and reap]

  Ay, men may wonder while they scan
  A living, thinking, feeling man,
    Confirmed in such a rest to keep;
  But angels say, and through the word
  I think their happy smile is _heard_,--
    'He giveth His beloved sleep.'

[Illustration: And through the word
               I think their happy smile is heard]

  For me, my heart that erst did go
  Most like a tired child at a show,
    That sees through tears the mummers leap,
  Would now its wearied vision close,
  Would childlike on His love repose,
    Who giveth His beloved sleep.

[Illustration: Like a tired child at a show]

  And, friends, dear friends,--when it shall be
  That this low breath is gone from me,
    And round my bier ye come to weep,
  Let one, most loving of you all,
  Say, "Not a tear must o'er her fall--
    'He giveth His beloved sleep.'"


                           HYMNS AND POEMS.

         Uniform volumes. 4to. Illustrated. Per vol., $1.50.

                     HE GIVETH HIS BELOVED SLEEP.

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                        BY JOHN HOWARD PAYNE.

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                        BY HENRY FRANCIS LYTE.

                            ROCK OF AGES.

                          BY FELICIA HEMANS.

                       NEARER, MY GOD, TO THEE.
                        BY SARAH FLOWER ADAMS

                   LEE AND SHEPARD ... PUBLISHERS,

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