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Title: A Little Princess
Author: Burnett, Frances Hodgson, 1849-1924
Language: English
As this book started as an ASCII text book there are no pictures available.

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This audio reading of A Little Princess is read by

Kara Shallenberg


# Chapter 1: Sara - 00:22:47

# Chapter 2: A French Lesson - 00:13:31

# Chapter 3: Ermengarde - 00:16:50

# Chapter 4: Lottie - 00:19:44

# Chapter 5: Becky - 00:32:17

# Chapter 6: The Diamond Mines - 00:23:11

# Chapter 7: The Diamond Mines Again - 00:46:50

# Chapter 8: In The Attic - 00:22:51

# Chapter 9: Melchisedec - 00:24:37

# Chapter 10: The Indian Gentleman - 00:26:11

# Chapter 11: Ram Dass - 00:20:21

# Chapter 12: The Other Side of the Wall - 00:17:53

# Chapter 13: One of the Populace - 00:23:00

# Chapter 14: What Melchisedec Heard and Saw - 00:11:16

# Chapter 15: The Magic - 00:53:16

# Chapter 16: The Visitor - 00:33:32

# Chapter 17: “It is the Child” - 00:16:21

# Chapter 18: “I Tried Not To Be” - 00:25:11

# Chapter 19: Anne - 00:15:17

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