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´╗┐Title: Cluthe's Advice to the Ruptured
Author: Cluthe Rupture Institute
Language: English
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  _+The Five Members of the Cluthe Rupture Institute+_

  Founder of the Cluthe Rupture Institute
  41 Years' Experience

  23 Years' Experience in the Institute

  21 Years' Experience in the Institute

  19 Years' Experience in the Institute

  17 Years' Experience in the Institute ]



  Chas. Cluthe & Sons


  Bloomfield, New Jersey
  (A Suburb of New York City)



  One of the World's Most Terrible Burdens                 5
  Our Forty Years of Experience                            9
  Rupture Always Brought On by Weakness                   12
  How to Overcome the Weakness Which Causes Rupture       16
  How Your Rupture is Kept from Coming Out                20
  The Care and Attention We Give You                      23
  Able to Work While Being Cured                          30
  Don't Let Yourself be Scared into
    Risking an Operation                                  32
  Why Ordinary Trusses Do More Harm Than Good             34
  Law Should Stop the Sale of Drug-Store Trusses          38
  Physicians Advise Cluthe Truss Instead of Operation     44
  Ruptured People Swindled Out of
    Thousands of Dollars                                  46
  What We Have Done for Over 290,000 Others               50
  Costs More to Do Without it Than to Get it              52
  The Special Advice You Get in Connection with
    the Cluthe Truss                                      57
  Forms and Conditions of Rupture                         60
  Let Us Send You a Cluthe Truss on 60 Days' Trial        65
  See How Little it Costs to Get Relief                   68
  Don't Let Yourself Keep on Getting Worse                70

_+One of the World's Most Terrible Burdens+_

Why So Few People Know of Anything That Will Do Any Good

In a good many ways, rupture is one of the world's most terrible

It is almost as common as poor eyesight.

And the cause of far more trouble, far greater suffering and worry.

For, while it's easy enough to get glasses that will improve the
_sight_, only a small proportion of the vast host of sufferers have ever
been fortunate enough to find anything that would even keep _rupture_
from growing worse.

And about all a doctor can do is to suggest an operation.

Though there are plenty of good physicians, plenty who can conquer other
ailments, there are mighty few who can do anything whatever for rupture.

But that is no fault of the physicians.

  [Sidenote: Medical Treatment is Powerless]

This affliction, like trouble with the eyes or teeth, falls entirely
outside the physician's province; for medicines, the physician's chief
means of cure, are utterly powerless either to relieve or overcome it.

And, unfortunately, scarcely one sufferer in a hundred knows of anyone
else to turn to, with the exception of the surgeon, after finding that
physicians can give no relief.

For the proper treatment of rupture has received little attention as a
specialized profession.

Scientific treatment of the eyes and of the teeth have both become
special professions; you'll find good oculists and good dentists in
nearly every town.

But, in all America, the Members of the Cluthe Rupture Institute are
probably the only men who have honestly and conscientiously taken up the
scientific study and treatment of rupture as their exclusive profession.

There have always been plenty of places where a ruptured man could go
for a truss; surgical supply houses, truss manufacturers, truss dealers,
drug-stores, etc. But at these places, though their intentions are good,
the men who undertake to fit you have made no special study of rupture,
and therefore can do little or nothing for you.

And the trusses they give you, because not based on a scientific study
of rupture, don't make proper provision for your requirements.

Then many sufferers, in their search for relief, have been handicapped
by wrong ideas about rupture.

  [Sidenote: Many Wrong Ideas About Rupture]

There has grown up a general impression that rupture is something to be
ashamed of.

But a badly mistaken impression.

For the plain fact is that rupture, if you don't let it go till
complications set in, merely indicates a weakness of certain muscles,
and is no more to be ashamed of than a weak stomach or deafness, or poor

Such wrong ideas-- and the false modesty they have bred-- have made
rupture a tabooed subject; one to be talked about in whispers, one to be
discussed with blushes.

This lack of frank discussion-- lack of light on the subject-- has kept
people in the dark.

So the majority of sufferers haven't known just what was needed; in
seeking relief they have had to trust largely to luck.

That is why rupture has heretofore been such a terrible handicap.

  [Sidenote: The Misery It Has Caused]

It has ruined the health of hundreds of thousands, simply because they
couldn't find anything that would do any good. Kept them from getting
much enjoyment out of life, sapped their strength and vitality, left
them more or less helpless, robbed them of the ability to provide for
themselves and families.

It has probably kept more people from doing their best work than any
other one affliction.

It has kept many from doing any kind of work whatever.

It has cheated American workingmen-- all those who have been its
victims-- out of vast sums of wages. For there's a big difference
between what a badly ruptured man can do and earn, and the earnings
of one who is sound and strong.

Some employers won't even hire a man if they know he is ruptured--
afraid he'll have to be so careful of himself that he can't do a good
day's work.

Rupture has kept lots of business and professional men down--

By robbing them of part of their efficiency, it has robbed them of the
chance to get farther along; robbed them of money they might have made.
For no man can be at his best in any capacity if his rupture is
bothering him-- the drain on the strength is too great.

It has interfered with the pleasures of thousands.

Deprived them of recreation, kept them from taking part in athletics,
kept them from getting proper exercise because they have known of no way
to escape the danger that lies in sudden movements.

It has made the lives of many women a burden; made it hard for them to
do their work or to enjoy social affairs; deprived many of them of the
blessings of motherhood.

It has seized upon countless children; filled their days with suffering,
robbed them of childhood's happiness.

  [Sidenote: Not Hard To Get Rid Of]

But in spite of all that, when taken in time, rupture is no longer a
hard thing to get rid of.

So easy to overcome that many ruptured people can now be cured while

And those who can't be cured, can at least, unless in the last stages,
keep their ruptures from giving any trouble.

The main point about rupture is that it requires very different
treatment than any other ailment humanity is heir to.

_Medical_ treatment, as everybody knows, can accomplish nothing

_Surgical_ treatment or operation, as later explained, is usually

There remains only one means of relief. That is _mechanical_ treatment.

Now, hundreds of methods of mechanical treatment-- trusses,
"appliances," etc.-- have at different times been devised.

But most of them absolutely worthless.

For to perfect a beneficial mechanical treatment requires, in addition
to considerable mechanical ability, a thorough knowledge of rupture;
something few have ever taken the pains to acquire.

But here at the Cluthe Rupture Institute we have had over forty years of
day-after-day experience-- and successful experience-- in the study and
treatment of nothing but rupture. And this has given us a thorough
knowledge of the needs of ruptured people.

As with all the great discoveries which have done so much for suffering
mankind, there were many weary years of disappointment before we finally
perfected the simple mechanical treatment which has since brought
complete recovery to thousands.

And, as shown in the following chapters, this simple, inexpensive way to
relieve and overcome rupture is within the reach of every sufferer.

Moreover, as explained on page 65, every sufferer can easily prove its
merits by trying it sixty days at our risk.

_+Our Forty Years of Experience+_

Day After Day We Have Dealt With Every Form and Condition of Rupture

Like his father and grandfather before him, Chas. Cluthe, founder of the
Cluthe Rupture Institute, made his start in life in the Surgical
Instrument business.

Learned his trade in the old country-- over in Germany, where the
world's finest surgical instruments are made.

Learned the business under the old-fashioned German apprentice system;
and got a mighty thorough training, as most men do over there.

When still a young man he came to this country; and in course of time,
he started up for himself.

Now, nearly all surgical instrument houses-- in those days same as
now-- make or sell trusses.

And Chas. Cluthe soon saw the utter worthlessness of all the trusses
then in existence.

  [Sidenote: He Saw The Need For Something Better]

He saw what a multitude of people were ruptured. Saw the great need for
something better than ordinary trusses or appliances, something better
than operation.

He decided that by supplying that need he could be far more useful than
by manufacturing surgical instruments.

And from that day to this-- now over forty-two years-- the scientific
study and relief of rupture have been the one aim of his life.

That led, later on, to the founding of the Cluthe Rupture Institute.

And there are now five of us-- father and four sons. For as we sons grew
up, we were trained in our father's work in the field of rupture; and
have become Members of the Institute.

We four sons have all had the benefit of our father's forty years of
experience. And the youngest of us has now had seventeen years of
individual experience.

And here, day-after-day, we have dealt with rupture in all its forms and

Altogether, at this writing, we have treated, by mail and in person,
over 290,000 cases.

All kinds, from infants in their mothers' arms to men and women over
sixty and seventy. Among them some of the worst cases on record.

We have made impartial, fair-and-square tests of every known method of

We have had experience with all kinds of medical applications, and all
kinds of mechanical appliances.

We have fitted belt and spring trusses in all their variations. We long
ago found just why they all fail to hold or relieve rupture-- just why
they usually cause the wearer untold torture.

We have had the co-operation of some of this country's most noted
physicians and surgeons.

We have studied the effects and watched the results in hundreds of

We have found just why operations are frequently fatal. Why they are
nearly always dangerous. And why the rupture frequently breaks out anew,
after the operation apparently heals.

Every remedial means in existence for the relief of rupture has been

  [Sidenote: The Result Of Our Study]

And the result of all this study and experimenting was the invention of
the famous Cluthe Truss and Automatic Massager.

Something so vastly different from everything else for rupture that it
has received _eighteen separate patents_.

Something far _more_ than just a _truss;_ something far _more_ than
merely a device for holding the rupture in place.

Yet the _simplest_ truss ever invented.

  *  *  *  *  *

The Cluthe Automatic Massaging Truss is so utterly unlike anything else
for rupture-- so much more than just a _truss_-- that sometimes we feel
we should have adopted some other name.

For the country is full of _worthless_ trusses; and so many people have
tried truss after truss without being in any way benefited that they
think that nothing called a truss can do any good. Although when people
get an inferior article of some other kind-- like clothing or shoes--
they don't condemn everything similar.

This fear of anything called a truss has kept lots of people from
answering our advertisements; lots of people, because of disappointing
experience with other trusses, won't even take the trouble to
investigate; give themselves no chance to find out about the merits of
the Cluthe Truss.

We would like to have these people believe in us and have them believe
in our truss; but, by being so suspicious, they lose far more than we;
they lose the chance to get better, and probably the chance to get well.

We sometimes speak of the Cluthe Truss as the Cluthe Automatic Massager;
both names are necessary if we would do our truss full justice.

But we have decided never to give up the word truss; in spite of the
fact that its use makes it harder to get people to believe our

We don't want to fly under false colors.

We don't want to do any of the things done by those who have _worthless_
trusses to sell; those who have cheap contraptions which they call
"appliances," "methods," etc., in order to deceive ruptured people.

If we were willing to call the Cluthe Truss by some other name, we would
probably disarm much of the suspicion many people have against the word

But we don't want to adopt any subterfuges. And there are now so many
people wearing Cluthe Automatic Massaging Trusses, or who have worn them
until cured, that simply by one man recommending the Cluthe Truss to
another the prejudice against the word truss is bound to be overcome in

_+Rupture Always Brought On By Weakness+_

The word _Rupture_ is _wrong_; a relic of the days when no one
understood the real nature of this affliction.

In its true definition, the word means a _break_ or _tear_. And that is
how this ailment got the name _Rupture_-- people used to think the
muscles had broken or torn in two.

But we have examined hundreds of ruptures under the searching X-rays.

And we long ago found that rupture is _not_ a break or tear; something
all physicians and surgeons now concede.

The muscles at some point have simply lost their _strength_-- lost
their _elasticity_-- like a piece of old rubber which has lost its

  [Sidenote: The Cause Of The Weakness]

Sometimes this weakening is due to general poor health; sometimes to
lack of exercise; and sometimes the weakness is inherited.

Now the bowels are always _pushing_ or _pressing_ more or less against
the abdominal wall-- any one, whether ruptured or not, can plainly
_feel_ that pressure when coughing or sneezing; while lifting or other
exertion greatly _increases_ the pressure or strain.

When in a healthy or sound condition, the abdominal wall is _elastic_;
and when the bowels push against it, the muscles which form it simply
_stretch_ until the strain on them is over.

Just as when you pull at your cheek, the flesh falls back in position
the instant you let go.

  [Sidenote: Why The Muscles Give Way Under Strain]

But if the muscles of the abdomen are in a _weak_ condition, they can't
_stand_ much strain-- can no longer _stretch_-- any quick movement is
often enough to cause them to spread apart, forming an opening through
which a part of the bowels _pushes out_ or _protrudes._

Now there is only one way to _overcome_ that weakened condition; only
one way to get rid of rupture without undergoing the dangers of

As a first essential, proper artificial _support_ must be applied at the
point of rupture.

Comfortable mechanical support that can be depended upon to hold the
bowels always in _place_.

Just as a broken bone must be held in place, while healing, by a bandage
or plaster cast.

Dr. Birkett, of the famous Guy Hospital of London, and one of the
world's most eminent medical and surgical authorities, says this:

  [Sidenote: What Dr. Birkett Says]

"The expediency of judiciously pursuing the mechanical treatment of
every variety of hernia (rupture) cannot be too strongly urged upon the
laity by the profession. In both sexes it should be carefully conducted
the moment that the slightest protrusion shows itself; whether the
hernia occurs in infancy, youth, middle age or at later periods of life,
if properly watched and judiciously supported, it usually gives but
little trouble; in many cases it is even cured. But on the contrary, if
it be neglected, increase in bulk and, sooner or later, diseased states
of the rupture, often leading to the death of the individual, will
almost infallibly occur."

And there is only one thing in the world that can _give_ the mechanical
support which Dr. Birkett and other famous physicians say is essential.

That is the right kind of _truss_.

Any system of treatment (except operation) which claims to relieve or
cure rupture _without_ the use of a truss is simply a fraud.

  [Sidenote: Why You Need a Truss]

The weak muscles at the rupture opening can't possibly get strong
without the aid of a truss that will do what the muscles themselves are
_too weak_ to do; a truss that will hold the bowels in place.

But trusses which will do _that_ even _half_ the time are mighty

Thousands of sufferers have tried truss after truss in _hopes_ they
would finally get one that would do it; and to this day haven't found
such a truss.

All trusses and "appliances" _claim_ to hold you together.

But ordinary trusses-- those with bands or belts or springs around the
body, those with leg-straps, those sold by drug-stores and "Hernia
Specialists"-- are absolutely _wrong_ in principle, construction and

They are like trousers worn without suspenders or belt-- continually
slipping-- you've got to keep adjusting and "hitching them up."

The "harness" shifts or pulls the holding pads _away_ from the rupture

Thus your rupture is continually coming out-- Nature never gets the
ghost of a chance to start any healing process.

But even if such trusses _did_ hold the rupture in place, that _alone_
could never result in cure; couldn't even result in improvement.

Because that alone does nothing whatever to _strengthen_ the weakened
muscles, or to overcome the muscle _lifelessness_, the conditions which
_cause_ rupture.

No man ever made his _arm_ strong by not _using_ it.

And if a truss does nothing _more_ than hold the rupture in _place_, the
_muscles_ at the rupture opening are never _used_, get no _exercise_, so
they grow constantly _weaker_ instead of _stronger_.

We have had cases here at the Institute where, for lack of _activity_,
the muscles around the rupture opening had withered almost completely
away. And usually, in addition to lack of use, the deadening, benumbing
pressure from a wrong truss was partly responsible for that withered or
deadened condition of the muscles.

We can do nothing in cases like that. Neither can an operation or
anything else. It is entirely too late.

Like a man whose _arm_ has been _broken_.

While carried in a sling or plaster cast, the arm tends to lose its
_strength_-- loses it through lack of use.

And if, after the bone has knit, the arm is still carried in a sling,
never used, its muscles would soon _atrophy_ or become _dead_, weaken
and waste away until useless.

A _doctor_ would insist that the arm be _used_ or _exercised_ as soon as
the bone had knit, thus gradually restoring it to strength.

Same way with rupture. It can be _cured_ or made _better_ only by
_strengthening_ the weakened muscles, gently _exercising_ them, giving
them support which takes the _strain_ off them while _helping_ them do
their work until, gradually, they _regain_ their _full_ strength and
_need_ no help.

Yet we of the Cluthe Rupture Institute are the only people to-day who
take that physiological fact into consideration.

How to _apply_ our knowledge of that physiological fact, _how_ to
exercise and thus strengthen the weak ruptured parts while at the same
time _supporting_ and holding them in _place_ wasn't the easiest thing
in the world to discover.

However, the Cluthe Truss or Cluthe Automatic Massager provides
a way. And is the _only_ thing ever invented that can both _hold_ the
rupture and give Nature the necessary assistance in the process of
_strengthening_ the weak parts.

Just _how_ it assists Nature is explained in the next chapter.

_+How to Overcome the Weakness Which Causes Rupture+_

A New Way, But Based on a Principle as Old as the Hills-- A Principle
Recognized by all Doctors

As everybody knows, you can make most any part of the body _strong_
simply by _exercising_ it.

Exercise is a wonderful thing.

Keep a child cooped up-- give it no place to play-- and it will probably
grow up puny and sickly.

While a boy on the farm-- with the big out-of-doors for a playground--
is usually a picture of health.

Or take a blacksmith. He is constantly _using_ or _exercising_ his
_arms_. So you'll find _them_ as hard as nails.

While his _legs_-- because he doesn't _use_ them so much-- aren't likely
to be nearly so well developed.

A man in an office or store usually has soft, flabby, _weak_ muscles.

But let that man take up some form of _exercise_, like tennis or base
ball, and his muscles will soon be strong.

It is a law of Nature that our minds and muscles grow by proper use,
building themselves up to meet any demands made on them.

That is why, after any sickness which leaves the body _weak_, doctors
nearly always tell you to take plenty of _exercise_.

Until recent years, the only way to develop strength was by _active_
exercise; movement of the muscles by their own force, as in walking,
chopping wood or playing some game.

But nowadays there is a _substitute_ for exercise.

  [Sidenote: Massage Is a Substitute For Exercise]

Called _Massage_; a sort of _artificial_ exercise; a way to strengthen
muscles _without using_ them.

In simple language, massage consists in alternately expanding and
contracting the muscles by applying a gentle force _externally_, instead
of moving them by voluntary and _internal_ force.

Now massage-- like ordinary exercise-- is so _strengthening_ that it
will overcome almost any kind of _weakness_.

So _invigorating_ and _beneficial_ that many well-known physicians say
the day is coming when it will be an almost _universal_ method of _cure_
for every trouble in any way due to weakness.

At the Vanderbilt Clinic in New York, many cases of weak _ankles_, weak
_backs_, etc., have been cured by massage.

Now Rupture, as shown in the last chapter, is _also_ a weakness.

But massage, as given at hospitals, can't be used to advantage for

Too _expensive_-- requires an _expert_. And could be given only when you
are lying flat on your back in _bed_; therefore couldn't be given very
_often_; and it would take years for only _occasional_ massaging to
overcome rupture.

Moreover, hospital or hand massage could be used only in combination
with a truss that would keep the rupture from _coming out_. A protrusion
every day or so, as happens with most trusses, would _undo_ all the
beneficial effects of the massage.

But the invention of the _Cluthe_ Truss-- the _only_ truss that can be
_depended_ on to _prevent protrusion_-- makes hand or hospital massage
unnecessary; it takes their place.

It massages the weak ruptured parts as well as a skilled hand-massager
could, as well as could be done at a hospital. And charges nothing for
giving the massage-- there is no expense beyond the price of the truss.

  [Sidenote: This Strengthening Massage Given Automatically]

It massages the weak ruptured parts entirely _automatically_ or
_mechanically_. And does it in a wonderfully simple way; the massaging
device-- so small it would go in a watch case-- is so simple that you'll
wonder when you see it how it can produce such a strengthening effect.

Keeps massaging the weak ruptured parts _all day long_-- all without a
moment's attention from you, all without keeping you from your work, all
without in any way interfering with your pleasure.

And, at the same time, holds the rupture constantly and comfortably in

Takes all _strain_ off the ruptured parts, _rests_ the weakened muscles
while the _massage_ is _strengthening_ them; just as you must rest a
strained _ankle_-- keep your _weight_ off it-- while it is healing.

Keeps you from even _feeling_ a single one of the strains that are apt
to do so much harm when _other_ trusses are worn.

That is how this remarkable truss, while overcoming your weakness, rids
_work_ of all its _dangers_.

Takes away all risk of further weakening yourself or of making the
rupture worse.

  [Sidenote: Rids Work of All Its Dangers]

Instead, any work you do will actually help make your rupture _better_,
actually have a _healing_ or _curative_ effect.

Every movement you make-- in working, walking, exercising, even in
breathing-- so acts on the Cluthe Truss as to help produce the
strengthening massage.

This massage is wonderfully _soothing_, like gently rubbing a bruised

And is so remarkably beneficial that in about one hundred and
ninety-nine cases out of every two hundred, the rupture usually begins
to get better almost the day a Cluthe Truss is put on.

So remarkably beneficial that the Cluthe Truss has cured some of the
worst cases of rupture on record-- cured many of them even after
everything else, including operation, had done no good whatever.

For this massage does for the weak ruptured parts exactly what
_exercise_ does for the _arms_ or _legs_-- gradually gives _new_
strength-- in most cases soon makes the ruptured parts as strong and
sound as a dollar.

  *  *  *  *  *

This massage, in some ways, is like _Osteopathic_ treatment.

Which, as a cure for certain ailments, is fast taking the place of
_drugs_ and surgical _operations_.

Most likely you've heard or read about some of the Osteopathic cures.
Nearly everybody, nowadays, has. Maybe you know of Osteopathic cures
right there in your own neighborhood.

Some of the cures made in this way seem almost magical.

And it is largely because _massage_ forms a big part of it that
Osteopathic treatment does so much good, especially in many kinds of

  [Sidenote: _+Something Like Osteopathic Treatment+_]

Like a weak back, or weak kidneys, or weak or worn out nerves, etc.

And there's only one reason why Osteopathic physicians can't cure
_rupture_ as easily as any _other_ weakness.

Like _hospital_ massage, it can be given only when you are flat on your
back; and, unless a Cluthe Truss is worn-- which takes the _place_ of
Osteopathic Treatment and makes it unnecessary, just as it does the
hospital massage-- there would be no way of preventing protrusion
_between_ treatments.

Moreover, Osteopathic treatment, like hospital massage, would be too
_expensive_ for most people. Even if given only occasionally. For
Osteopathic physicians charge $3.00 to $5.00 a treatment.

But the _Cluthe Truss_ keeps giving the _massage_ part of Osteopathic
treatment-- the _strengthening_ part of the treatment-- all day long;
and all without any expense, except the small cost of the truss.

_+How Your Rupture is Kept From Coming Out+_

And How the Cluthe Truss is Held in Position by Suction-- No Belt,
Leg-straps or Springs Around the Body

The Cluthe Truss is the only kind in existence which applies the support
at the proper _angle_-- _upwards_ against the rupture opening; thus
counteracting the internal _downward_ pressure of the abdominal organs,
the natural tendency of the bowels to push out.

And, unlike all others, it is _self_-adjusting, _self_-regulating.
Automatically adjusts itself with every one of your movements when you
in any way exert your strength.

Sudden strains or movements, like coughing or sneezing, like in working
or exercising-- strains which would cause _other_ trusses to slip or
shift out of position-- simply cause an instant, _automatic increase_ in
the comfortable _support_ a Cluthe Truss gives to your rupture.

  [Sidenote: Holding Power Automatically Increases To Meet Any Strain]

Every strain of any kind is instantly and automatically counteracted.

After fitting men here at the Institute, we have had them do everything
we could think of, but they couldn't throw the Cluthe Holding Pads out
of position, couldn't force the rupture out.

The holding power of this truss instantly increased to meet every strain
the men made.

The Cluthe Automatic Holding Pads-- the pads which hold the rupture in
place-- are free acting-- work on a ball-bearing, universal joint. Thus
they are wonderfully sensitive to the slightest movement, instantly
respond to each movement.

No other truss in the world has this self-adjusting feature-- no other
can hold a bad rupture, no other can keep the rupture from getting

Just as no other can overcome the weakness which causes rupture-- no
other can give the strengthening massage which the Cluthe Truss
gives-- no other can make the rupture better.

We have so much confidence in the Cluthe Truss that we guarantee in
writing-- as fully explained on page 66-- that it will at all times
prevent protrusion.

  *  *  *  *  *

Another thing about the Cluthe Truss.

In cases of Double Rupture, this truss is of course equipped with
Automatic Holding Pads on both sides.

While in case of Single Rupture, the side not ruptured is protected
against strains by a free-acting Protection Pad; this supports and
strengthens the well side, prevents all danger of double rupture. Every
man who has a double rupture originally had only a single rupture. Most
other trusses fail to provide any _dependable_ protection for the well
side in Single Rupture.

  *  *  *  *  *

And now note that when you put on a Cluthe Truss, there's no belt, band
or elastic around the waist, no springs, no legstraps, nothing that can
pinch, squeeze or bind, nothing that can cut, chafe or in any way
irritate the skin.

  [Sidenote: Holds Securely Without Unnecessary Pressure]

It is the only truss without "harness" of any kind whatever.

It is held on the body by free-acting _suction_ or _vacuum_ Pads.

These Pads rest lightly and comfortably over the natural cushion of
muscles forming the rump.

And hold the truss securely in position on the body in much the same way
suction holds a properly fitting set of false teeth so comfortably in
place that they seem like natural teeth.

Because free from "harness," there is nothing about the Cluthe Truss
that can bulge the clothing. It can be worn under corsets; or worn under
_tights_ without _showing_. Many acrobats wear Cluthe Trusses under
their tights when performing.

Yet the Cluthe Truss doesn't squeeze or hug, doesn't bind against the
body at any point save where the Suction Pads rest and where the Holding
Pads support the rupture.

This makes it the most _comfortable_ truss ever invented.

Many people have written us that it is as comfortable as their

  *  *  *  *  *

Another feature.

Every part of the Cluthe Truss is covered with vulcanized rubber or
waterproof casing.

No leather or cloth or similar material to heat up the skin and make it

Nothing that can absorb perspiration; nothing that can get sweaty,
sticky or foul-smelling.

And because waterproof, it can easily be washed; easily kept clean.

  [Sidenote: Wear It When Taking a Bath or Swim]

It is about the only truss that is _all_ waterproof. Therefore about the
only truss you can keep on while taking a bath or swim-- a time when you
are in danger, if you have no truss on, of having the rupture thrown out
by the bending and twisting you do.

Other trusses which claim to be waterproof can't be depended upon to
hold-- won't hold successfully when you are in the water or any other
time. It takes more than waterproof quality alone to keep rupture from
coming out.

  *  *  *  *  *

Yet, with all its exclusive superiorities, the Cluthe Truss-- including
the professional services of the members of the Cluthe Institute-- costs
only a trifle more than the worthless trusses which do little or no good

_+The Care And Attention We Give You+_

All Without Taking You a Single Step From Your Home or a Minute From
Work or Business

When you try a Cluthe Automatic Massaging Truss, you will find that you
get vastly different treatment-- vastly better care and attention-- than
when you go to a drug store or local truss dealer.

For you will get from us-- in connection with the Cluthe Truss, and
without extra charge-- the skilled care and attention of five men (the
five members of the Cluthe Rupture Institute) who are pretty well known
throughout America as being foremost in the field of rupture.

And you will get our care and attention-- and our special advice on your
case-- without putting yourself to half as much trouble as when you go
to a drug store--

You will get it merely by sending us-- as explained farther on--
a little simple information.

  [Sidenote: Distance Makes No Difference]

We can study and understand your case as well with you five to five
thousand or more miles away as we could with you right before us; or
just as well as the best physician could study and diagnose a case of
typhoid or other sickness right at the bedside of the patient.

Our system of attending to people by mail is so exact-- and our
knowledge and skill so great-- that no matter how far away you are
we can fit you correctly with a Cluthe Truss just as surely as a high
class tailor could fit you with a suit of clothes after taking your
measurements himself.


Here we have on file-- in writing-- complete particulars concerning each
of the 290,000 cases we have attended to.

Every case is carefully indexed and ready for instant reference.

Nothing is left to memory or guesswork-- nothing can be overlooked,
nothing forgotten.

Thus your case can be easily and accurately compared with hundreds of
similar cases.

You see we have made mail order fitting and mail order care and
attention a science.

That-- together with the superiority of the Cluthe Truss-- together with
the knowledge and experience gained through attending to thousands of
widely different cases-- gives us a tremendous advantage over your local
druggist or any one else you could go to.

For years our Institute was located in the heart of New York City--
within a short car ride of several million people.

  [Sidenote: Our Advantages Over The Drug Store]

And there-- in the course of years-- among the thousands of people who
came in person to be attended to at our Institute, we had in our care
case after case of every kind and condition of rupture ever known.

And all this time we were also attending by mail to cases of all kinds
in all parts of the civilized world.

No druggist-- no truss fitter in any drug store or surgical supply
house-- no one else in all America-- ever had such a wonderful
opportunity to learn all the peculiarities of rupture.

Our experience has been so complete that in the last five years we
haven't come across a single case-- either by mail or among those who
came to the Institute-- which presented any peculiarities that we were
not already familiar with.

Yet-- because he has never seen a case like it before-- a case that
would seem simple to us often completely baffles the best of truss
fitters in drug stores, local truss concerns, surgical supply houses,

Now it is only in the largest drug stores, local truss establishments
and surgical instrument houses-- perhaps in only five or six places in a
city like New York or Chicago-- that a special or "expert" truss fitter
of any kind is employed.

So if a comparatively simple case puzzles these "expert" fitters, a man
certainly can't expect much satisfaction at the small drug store, where
whichever clerk that isn't busy-- at best someone with little or no
knowledge at all of rupture-- will undertake to wait on you.

During our long experience, for every person who came to our Institute
we have probably attended to ten others by mail.

And we have proved over and over-- year after year-- that we can give
relief by mail to the man five or five thousand miles away just as well
as to the man who came to our Institute.

  [Sidenote: Give Entire Time To Attending Cases By Mail]

So now we have moved our Institute to Bloomfield, N.J.-- only ten miles
from New York City-- a quiet suburb where we can give our entire time to
attending to cases by mail.

For we have found that the great majority of the victims of rupture
can't afford to lay off from work or business long enough to undergo
operation-- the only thing besides the Cluthe Truss which can be looked
upon as a means of relief; we have found that most ruptured people can't
spare the money required for an operation; and that many of them--
largely because they have been wearing, for years, perhaps, trusses
which have been letting them get worse all the time-- are so weakened
and run down in health that they stand little chance of recovering from
the shock of an operation.

These are the people who are most in need of our truss and most in need
of our skilled care and attention.

And here in Bloomfield we can do more good, give relief to more people
by mail, than we could had we remained in New York.

And here, day after day, we are attending by mail to people in New York
City-- only ten miles away-- just as we are to sufferers in Maine,
Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, California, etc.

  [Sidenote: Well-Known Business Men Order By Mail]

Big business men in New York-- bankers, presidents of big corporations,
noted lawyers and others-- men perhaps living in the same block with
some noted physician or surgeon-- men who could send for their autos
and in fifteen to thirty minutes be in any one of New York's best
hospitals-- men who can afford the best medical and surgical care in the
world-- are among those who have ordered Cluthe Trusses from us here in
Bloomfield in exactly the same way-- by mail-- that a man out in Ohio or
Oregon would.

Now when men like these-- many of them acting on the advice of famous
physicians-- are taking advantage of the care and attention we give by
mail in connection with the Cluthe Truss, it is mighty good proof of our
ability to attend to any kind of case by mail.

  [Sidenote: How We Study Your Case]

The first thing we do, when a man writes for a Cluthe Truss, is to make
a careful, scientific study of his case. We must understand your case
thoroughly-- know all its peculiarities.

And please bear in mind that your case will receive the personal
attention of at least three members-- perhaps there will be a
consultation of all five members-- of the Cluthe Rupture Institute.

No order is ever put in the hands of a clerk or helper or other
inexperienced person.

In each case we give our complete professional service. Each case is
treated _individually_.

We take into consideration the kind of rupture-- the location of the
rupture opening-- the size of the protrusion, the length of time
ruptured, the cause of the rupture, whether or not an operation has been
performed, etc., etc.

You will find, on our information blank (one is enclosed with this book,
or see duplicate questions on page 73) some simple, easily-answered
questions concerning these points.

And your answers to these questions, if your answers are correct,
furnish us all the guidance we need as to the special requirements of
your case. Just as a physician in writing a prescription is guided by
the answers to his simple questions.

That is how we determine the shape and size of the Automatic Holding Pad
(in case of Double Rupture, each rupture is _individually_ treated,
usually a different kind of pad for each side, for both sides are seldom
the same).

And that is how we determine the adjustment of the pads and all parts,
the amount of support needed and the regulation of the holding pads to
give the support, etc., etc.

Then, after deciding all these points, we make for you a _special_
Cluthe Truss-- one exactly adapted to your individual case-- every part
of it exactly what your condition requires. (Compare _that_ with the way
drug stores and local truss dealers try to fit you with a ready-made
"stock" truss.)

We next take this specially made truss to our Gallery of Statues-- which
consists of life-size and life-like models or dummy figures.

  [Sidenote: Our Life-Like Models]

And here, no matter what your size or build, we have a dummy model
corresponding to your living self in shape-- a form your clothes would
fit just as they fit on you.

When we see the measurements you give when ordering (they are all
provided for in a simple way on our Information or Question blank) we
know at once which one of our many models or forms to use.

And on this form-- duplicating your size and build-- we fit your truss,
as soon as it is made, just as if you yourself were right here in front
of us.

We can usually make up your truss, fit it, and have it ready to send
within twenty-four to thirty-six hours after receiving your order.

Every day we fit in this way scores of people we have never seen.

And it's only in about one case out of several hundred that we fail to
give perfect fit. While in such cases, usually only some slight
adjustment is needed to make the fit perfect-- some simple adjustment
which the patient himself can easily make. Our common-sense instructions
fully provide for proper adjustment if any is necessary.

Our ability to meet the exact requirements of your case-- our expert
skill and care in fitting-- are things no one else can give you-- for no
one else has had our forty years of professional experience-- no one
else has learned _how_, as we have.

The method we follow (which is exclusively our own), is the only method
of fitting that can result in continuous and comfortable holding.

And continuous and comfortable holding, combined with the soothing,
strengthening and healing massage treatment which the Cluthe Truss
automatically gives, is the only thing (save an operation-- which can't
always do it)-- that can effect a permanent cure.

_+How Day-After-Day Holding is Given by the Cluthe Automatic Pad+_


The above illustration represents the side view of the lower abdomen of
a person of medium size. C, A and E is the natural line of the abdomen.
D, B and F is the line when the abdomen is inflated by coughing,
sneezing, or any exertion or strain. The black disc is the pad. When the
wearer coughs or strains, pad end A is forced to position B, while the
lower or retaining end of pad E is instantly forced inward to position
F, thereby completely checking the descent of the rupture and
effectively locking it in. Thus rupture is at all times retained with
the least possible pressure of pad under normal conditions, yet the
extra pressure needed is instantly and automatically given when any
exertion or strain demands it.

This automatic action of the Holding Pad also _massages_ the ruptured
parts. This massage has a soothing, healing effect-- like gently rubbing
your forehead when you have a headache-- or like rubbing a bruised
spot-- and, gradually overcomes the weakness which _causes_ rupture--
gradually _strengthens_ the weak ruptured parts, just as exercise
strengthens the muscles of the arms.

_+Able to Work While Being Cured+_

For men with a living to make, work to do, business to attend to,
families to provide for, the Cluthe Truss is nothing less than a

And it means just as much to men who want to take part in athletic
games, men who want active outdoor exercise.

Some, in their letters to us, have called it a _life-saver_.

For the Cluthe Truss rids work and exercise of every one of their
dangers; rids them of every one of their injurious effects on rupture.

You who read this-- by letting us send you a Cluthe Truss on sixty days'
trial-- can easily prove all that; just as thousands of others have
proved it.

With this truss on there isn't the slightest risk of having your rupture
forced out by sudden strains or movements.

Just bear _that_ in mind-- you who have been compelled, because your
truss has been doing no good, to drop everything perhaps two or three
times a day or more and put your rupture back.

This truss puts an end to all danger of further weakening yourself while
working-- puts an end to all danger of making your rupture worse.

Just keep _that_ in mind-- you who now scarcely dare do a thing--
scarcely even cough or laugh, for fear of bad effects on your rupture--
for fear your truss will yield and let the rupture escape.

  [Sidenote: What You Can Do With a Cluthe Truss On]

And with a Cluthe Truss on, work, exercise or outdoor sports will never
cause any discomfort.

Don't overlook _that_-- you who have been putting up with old-fashioned
trusses or "appliances" with their belts, bands, elastics, leg-straps
and other torturing harness-- trusses which hurt so much every time you
move that they almost drive you frantic.

Instead of letting work injure you in any way, a Cluthe Truss (as
previously explained) makes the work you do and the exercise you take
actually help make your rupture _better_-- makes your work actually have
a _healing_ or _curative_ effect.

There is plenty of proof of that.

Men doing _heavy_ work, and doing it every day-- men like farmers,
blacksmiths, railway firemen, factory workers, miners, etc.-- are among
those cured by this truss; cured while _working_ right along, cured
while earning good incomes.

Also men taking more or less violent exercise, like base-ball players,
tennis players, horse-back and bicycle riders, etc.

  [Sidenote: A Few Of The Men Who Were Cured While Working]

Some of them, while working, remember, cured in less than three months.

A lot of them cured in from four to twelve months; among them men who
had been ruptured as long as fifteen to thirty years.

And took only a little while longer for some who had been ruptured as
long as fifty years to be cured.

You will find, at the back of this book, many letters in proof of this.

  *  *  *  *  *

We have seen the Cluthe Truss do so much good for so many other people
that we feel sure it can do wonders for you.

So sure it will help you, just as it did them that-- as explained in a
later chapter-- we are willing to let you test it on sixty days' trial,
to prove just how much it can benefit you.

_+Don't Let Yourself Be Scared Into Risking An Operation+_

Cluthe Truss Has Done Away with All Need For Operation, Except in
Occasional Cases

People _used_ to think that an operation was the only way to cure
rupture-- thought they had to be cut open.

Just as people _used_ to know no better than to undergo _bleeding,_ no
matter in what way they were sick. Histories and biographies tell us it
was the loss of blood from this barbarous bleeding which led to George
Washington's death.

But nowadays we never hear of bleeding.

Just as fever patients are no longer denied ice water and ice
applications. Though, not so many years ago, people were literally
allowed to burn up with fever.

  [Sidenote: Thousands Have Died Under The Surgeon's Knife]

Operation for rupture, for reasons stated below has never been much more
than a life-or-death chance, even for those with a rugged constitution.
Thousands of ruptured people have died under the surgeon's knife.

Oftentimes a weak heart-- because of the ether-- makes it unsafe even to
attempt operation.

And it has always been a big expense which not one in a hundred could
afford. Even though it had no dangers, the cost and the long lay-off
from work or business make it useless for the majority of sufferers to
think of an operation.

The reasons operation is so risky for most people are these:

The sufferer is seldom in condition for an operation, is run down, the
vitality is low-- that is why the muscles over the intestines have
weakened and spread.

Another grave danger lies in the fact that a very large opening must be
made-- many delicate tissues cut through-- before the surgeon can reach
the weakened muscles which caused the rupture.

Moreover, in a surgical operation, the relaxed muscles are tightened
simply by shortening them-- by cutting out a piece.

But nothing is done to strengthen these muscles. Nature is in no way
assisted. The parts usually remain weak-- that is why, when a man leaves
the hospital after an operation for rupture, he is usually told to wear
a truss or support.

And that is why, in about six out of every ten apparently successful
operations, the rupture sooner or later breaks out anew.

So we would never advise an operation, save as a last resort. As in
strangulated hernia, where there is no hope except through heroic

Save in very rare cases, there is now no need whatever to undergo the
dangers of an operation-- no need to risk the surgeon's knife. No need
to incur the big expense of going to a hospital-- no need to lose any
time from work or business-- no need to be in bed a single day.

For since the invention of the Cluthe Truss or Cluthe Automatic
Massager, the day of operation is over, save for an occasional case.

The Cluthe Truss has probably effected more _permanent_ cures than all
the operations ever performed.

And is always _safe_, and almost invariably _beneficial_, whether or not
it brings complete cure. (Cure is sometimes impossible, as told in
another chapter.)

_+Why Ordinary Trusses Do More Harm Than Good+_

The country is full of trusses which are nothing but more or less
worthless makeshifts. Some with so little merit that they try to hide
under other names.

Like the junk handed out at drug-stores. Like the traps peddled by the
quacks who pose as Hernia "Specialists."

Trusses and appliances with belts, bands or springs around the waist,
trusses with leg-straps, etc.

Some of these trusses cost little more to make than a pair of good
suspenders or garters. A little leather, a few pieces of elastic or web
band, a cloth-covered pad with sawdust in it, is about all there is to

So, like suspenders or garters, they absorb perspiration; that rots them
so they soon give out.

But their greatest weakness isn't in their cheap materials; it's in
their unscientific construction, in the fact that they usually do more
harm than good.

  [Sidenote: Your Suspenders Would Do As Much Good As Some Trusses]

A rubber band around your waist would do as much good as some of these
makeshift trusses and "appliances"; and not be so apt to do harm.

Might just as well wear your suspenders or garters over your rupture as
some of the trusses and devices with which this country is overrun. Some
of these trusses would hold your rupture just about as well if you left
them hanging in the closet instead of wearing them.

During the many years The Cluthe Rupture Institute was located in New
York City, we had daily evidence of the utter worthlessness of all such

Every day, one after another of the victims of such appliances were
coming to us for relief.

When we examined these patients, we usually found that the rupture had
pushed the pads aside and worked out above or below them.

Sometimes we found that the pads had worked away from the rupture
opening, worked down against the pelvic bone. And the ruptured parts
had slipped out and were being squeezed between the pads and the bone.
A condition apt to result in strangulation.

Some of these patients came to us suffering intense torture from the
terrific pressure of such trusses-- pressure perhaps ten times greater
than needed-- and this cruel pressure is exerted from the wrong
direction, in the wrong place.

Perhaps merely a slight sneeze or cough is enough to push the pads out
of position. And then the pressure of these pads forces the ruptured
parts out, instead of holding them in.

Sometimes the pads had slipped down so far on the pelvic bone-- or had
been pulled down by the leg-straps-- that there was no support for the
rupture whatever.

And this constant pressure against the pelvic bone saps the vitality.
Often causing sexual weakness and mental failing. For between this bone
and the outer skin is the sensitive life-giving spermatic cord.

  [Sidenote: Ordinary Trusses May Bring On Other Ailments]

Also, we have found in hundreds of cases that these belt and spring
trusses press against the femoral artery so severely that heart
disorders result. Causing dizziness, headaches, irritability, etc. Yet
the patient seldom associates his truss with these troubles, seldom
knows their cause.

And constipation and stomach troubles are often brought on by these
trusses. Gas on the stomach is a common result.

These troubles can be remedied only by removing the cause-- only by
discarding the harmful truss.

The Cluthe Truss soon overcomes such complications. We have countless
letters-- from people formerly suffering from such troubles brought on
by wrong trusses-- telling how the Cluthe Truss has given them a new
lease on life-- made them feel many years younger.

Among patients who came to us wearing spring trusses, we have often
found evidence of injury to the spine.

For such trusses press against the spine-- the delicate center of the
nervous system-- just as cruelly as they dig into the abdomen and the
pelvic bone in front.

And frequently, when patients came to us wearing belt trusses, we have
found the tender skin all cut and bruised where the belt fits around the
body. And nearly always the cruel leg-straps had made the wearer's legs
raw and sore.

The sufferer who wears a truss like these can scarcely have a moment's

Thousands of belt and spring trusses have been thrown away by new
patients at our Institute, after we had fitted them with Cluthe Trusses.

And among all these discarded trusses we have never found one that could
be properly adjusted-- the pressure couldn't be properly regulated.

There is by far too much pressure at times when only slight pressure is

And, at times of strain, when more pressure is needed, there is no
increase in pressure to meet that need.

This unregulated pressure tends to _stretch_ the weakened muscles at the
point of rupture-- distends and enlarges the opening.

That is one reason why a rupture grows constantly worse when a leg-strap
or spring truss is worn. Such trusses are a _crime_-- wearing them is
simply slow suicide.

We keep a record showing the history of every rupture we treat.

This record shows that every severe rupture with which we have had to
deal has grown into a serious case solely through the wear of some form
of the belt or spring truss.

Just judge of all this by your own experience. Probably, in spite of the
trusses you've been wearing, your rupture has grown constantly worse
instead of better.

And then-- for the sake of comparison-- just read some of the letters
you'll find at the back of this book; see the verdicts of people who
have had experience with both the Cluthe Truss and with other kinds.

_+Trusses Like These Are A Crime+_

  [Illustration: Common Elastic, or Belt Truss (Single)]

So-called "Appliances" are Usually Merely a Slight Adaptation of this
Style of Truss-- Merely the Most Worthless Kinds of Trusses Masquerading
under Misleading Names.

The only way to give leverage to the pad is to tighten up the belt and
the leg-straps. The tighter they are, the farther they pull the pad away
from the rupture opening. The leg-straps pull the pad down on the pelvic
bone, where its pressure squeezes the life-giving spermatic cord.

Whenever the wearer coughs, sneezes or is under strain, the bowels leave
their natural position, working out and in through the rupture opening
(due to flexibility and stretching of straps), and the bowels when out
are repeatedly pressed between the pelvic bone and the pad.

The Cruel Spring Truss


It is impossible to keep the spring truss in position. Due to the force
of the springs around the waist, the pads dig against the pelvic bone
with terrible pressure, sapping the vitality. The previous chapter shows
how most ruptures grow constantly worse when trusses like these are


Dotted lines in lower illustration show Spring Truss coiled up before
applied. Try to hold springs apart as when on the body as shown for half
a minute. Then you will know what criminal pressure the spring truss

_+Law Should Stop the Sale of Drug Store Trusses+_

We believe the day will soon come when laws will be passed forbidding
any one either to fit or sell trusses without a legal license.

Just as physicians, surgeons and dentists must all have licenses. So
must oculists and opticians, in most states. Also druggists, before they
can fill prescriptions.

And, unless a man has made a specialized study of rupture-- unless he
has a thorough knowledge of it-- he should no more be allowed to sell or
fit trusses than a schoolboy should be allowed to practice medicine.

Ruptured people seriously risk their health when they trust their cases
to any one who hasn't made a thorough, specialized study of rupture.
That is almost as dangerous as having a prescription filled by an
inexperienced clerk, instead of by a registered pharmacist. For a wrong
truss can cause immense harm.

  [Sidenote: Trusses Should Be Sold Only Under License]

When the time comes when trusses can be sold only under license, we'll
see most of the self-styled "Hernia Specialists" driven out of business.

We'll also see an end to the selling of "stock" trusses by general
Mail-Order houses where an order for a truss is handled in exactly the
same way-- and often by the same man-- as an order for groceries or

And, when that time comes, mighty few drug-stores will be able to sell

Let us show why.

Take the following as an example:

A man might _think_ he had only a bad cold.

And might go to a drug-store.

Now, a druggist doesn't pretend to know _disease_-- he simply knows

So about all the druggist could do would be to hand out some patent
medicine-- some cure-all.

But if the man went out to a good _physician_--

The _physician_ might find, after asking a few questions and thus
making a diagnosis, that the patient had _La Grippe_, or _Pneumonia_,
or _Pleurisy_ (instead of merely a _cold_, as the patient _thought_).

The physician would find out what the patient _needed_, then write a
specific prescription-- and seldom the same prescription for any two
patients. For the requirements would always _differ_.

Or a man might have poor _eyesight_.

He might go to an _optician_.

Now, an _optician_ doesn't know much about _eyes_-- _he_ has made a
special study of _lenses_-- _he_ merely _fits_ glasses-- just as a
_druggist_ merely _fills_ prescriptions-- neither pretends to _diagnose_
or _prescribe_.

And an _optician_ is just as likely as not to fit a _near_-sighted man
with _far_-sighted glasses.

  [Sidenote: A Truss Fitter Should Know as Much About Rupture
  as an Oculist About the Eyes]

But if the man with poor eyesight goes to an _oculist_--

The _oculist_ finds out what the _trouble_ is-- and what kind of glasses
are _needed_-- then _prescribes_ that kind of glasses.

And then the _optician fits_ the man according to the _oculist's
prescription_. Just as a _druggist_ fills a _physician's_ prescription.

Now our method of fitting you by mail is precisely like the physician's

From your answers to the simple questions we ask on our information
blank, we first decide the _needs_ of your case-- then we _prescribe_--
then we _fill_ our prescription by making especially for your case
exactly the kind of truss you need.

A physician never asks _you_ what _kind_ of medicine _you want_--
he _prescribes_ for you the kind which _he_ knows you _need_.

But if you go to a _drug-store_ for a truss, the clerk behind the
counter asks you what _kind_ of truss you _want_!

You must be your _own_ doctor.

  [Sidenote: Druggists Know Nothing about Rupture]

Neither the drug clerk nor the druggist knows enough about _rupture_ to
know what kind of _truss_ you _need_.

And, usually, his knowledge of _trusses_ is confined to the difference
in _prices_-- he'd rather sell you a $10 truss than a $3 truss.

His knowledge of _fitting_ is not much greater.

If you measure 36 inches around the hips, he gives you a 36-inch
truss-- which, in everything except size, would be exactly like the
truss he'd sell at the same price, to a man with a rupture only _half_
as bad as yours, or to a man with a rupture _twice_ as bad as yours.

A drug-store sells trusses in exactly the same way that the
old-fashioned shoe store sold shoes.

It was solely a matter of how much the customer wanted to _pay_, and the
_style_ the customer _wanted_-- _not_ what the customer _needed_.

Thousands of people have been "all crippled up" because their shoes were
too _short_, or too _narrow_, or the _wrong shape_. The old-fashioned
shoe clerk knew his _stock_, but he didn't know enough about the
customer's _feet_ to know when the customer was _properly fitted_.

Just as thousands of people have trouble with their glasses because they
were fitted by an _optician_-- "over the counter,"-- instead of having
an _oculist prescribe_ for them.

And, partly because improperly fitted at drug-stores, and partly because
drug-store trusses are usually mere makeshifts, thousands of people are
to-day wearing trusses which are doing immense _harm_ instead of
good-- trusses which cause the rupture to grow constantly worse.

Even if there is any druggist in the country who _does_ happen to know
much about rupture and about fitting trusses, he'd have to be a mighty
bright man to be able to fit you at all properly with the kind of
trusses sold in the average drug-store.

Practically all the drug-store trusses are simply some form of the
old belt or springs and leg-strap truss-- though sold under hundreds
of different names as "improvements." They are usually cheaply
constructed-- turned out by machinery in immense quantities.

And they are always ready-made "stock" trusses. Each kind made in only
one model or style, and the pads in only a few different shapes and

Making mighty scant provision for the wide variation between the
ruptures of different people; making mighty little allowance for the
fact that what will do for one man won't do at all for another.

  [Sidenote: Each Man Requires Something Different]

Your rupture, when out, may be the size of a hen's egg; your neighbor
may have a protrusion almost as big as his head; and a lot of other men
with protrusions ranging all the way from one extreme to the other. To
say nothing of big differences in other ways besides size.

Each of you should have a size and shape of holding pad especially
adapted to the needs of your case-- each should have a truss put
together especially for you. Else there can be no such thing as
continuous, comfortable holding of the rupture.

So you see the absurdity of trying to get a comfortably fitting truss at
a drug-store, or of expecting to get one that will do much good.

Might as well expect all men to be properly fitted in a shoe store which
carries only one size and shape of shoe. Or in a hat store which carries
only one size of hat. Might as well expect both near-sighted and
far-sighted men to see better if both wore the same kind of glasses. And
might as well expect common window-glass to improve the eye-sight as to
expect common drug-store trusses to do any good.

  [Sidenote: Just Like Getting Glasses]

There is just as much difference in different men's ruptures as in the
size and shape of their feet or heads.

Just as much variation in rupture as in failing eyesight. And everybody
knows that one man may need very powerful glasses, while another needs
glasses which magnify only slightly; one may need a double lens, while
another needs only a single lens; one may need convex lenses, while
another needs concave.

All this doesn't mean that it is hard to fit ruptured people, but merely
that ample provision must be made for the different requirements. As a
shoe store does for men's feet.

We have found it necessary to make the Cluthe Holding Pads in 115
different styles, shapes and sizes. And frequently we have to make a
special style or size.

Thus, no matter what your rupture is like, we can fit you with a Cluthe
Truss-- one put together especially for you-- one that will meet your
requirements just as well as a shoe store can fit you with shoes, or an
oculist fit you with exactly the kind of glasses you need.

  *  *  *  *  *

It is for these reasons-- their ignorance of rupture-- that we have
never sold the Cluthe Truss through druggists.

Trusses are simply a _side-line_ in the average drug-store. Just as
_cigars_ are, or "_soft drinks_."

A druggist knows all about _drugs_.

He has made _them_ his special _study_.

But he _doesn't_ know much about _rupture_-- doesn't pretend to-- and
can't be expected to. Because he _hasn't_ made a _study_ of it.

It took _us_, here at the Cluthe Rupture Institute, over _forty years_
to learn all that we _now_ know about Rupture.

_Forty years_ of day-after-day _concentration_ on the _study_ and
_treatment_ of Rupture.

And during those forty years, we have learned things about Rupture which
no one _else_ has _ever learned_-- we have gained knowledge which is
exclusively our _own_.

And it took many years of scientific study and experiment to perfect the
_Cluthe Truss_, and to design the hundreds of different _kinds_,
_sizes_, and _shapes_ of Holding Pads which adapt this truss to every
form and condition of Rupture known to-day.

We have told you this, Reader, to show that placing yourself in our care
is vastly different from going to a _drug-store_, or to a mere _dealer_
in trusses or _manufacturer_ of them.

And the following chapters will show that even more conclusively.

  Showing a few of the different sizes and shapes
  in which the Cluthe Holding Pads are made.]

_+Physicians Advise Cluthe Truss Instead of Operation+_

Until they know of something better, most physicians, because of
their training, naturally believe in hospital treatment for rupture--
naturally favor operations.

But few good physicians would ever advise an operation if they knew of
the Cluthe Truss and the world of good it has done.

Just as no conscientious physician would ever think of sending anyone to
the drug-store for a truss if he knew how much more beneficial a Cluthe
Truss is.

Too bad, for the sake of their ruptured patients, that more physicians
don't know the facts about this truss. Too bad the good news hasn't yet
spread among all the profession.

However, thousands of physicians all over the country are already
familiar with the facts-- thousands have seen the folly of expecting
ordinary trusses to do any good-- thousands now know that getting a
Cluthe Automatic Massaging Truss and our professional care and attention
in connection with it, is a vastly different thing than going to a
drug-store for a truss.

Just as calling in a physician and having him prescribe exactly what you
need for typhoid, grippe, nervous trouble, rheumatism or other sickness,
is a hundred times more likely to give you relief than if you go to a
drug-store for some patent medicine "cure-all."

So far as we know, every physician who has impartially looked into the
merits of the Cluthe Automatic Massaging Truss and the care and
attention we give has from that time on (unless operation was absolutely
necessary) been advising a trial of the Cluthe Truss in all cases of
rupture which come under his charge.

Among such physicians are many connected with hospitals, who almost
invariably advise a trial of the Cluthe Truss instead of an operation;
just as they would prefer to cure appendicitis without an operation
unless an operation seemed imperative.

And many physicians (you'll find the names of some of them in the book
"Your Neighbor's Word") are themselves wearing Cluthe Trusses, or have
worn them until cured.

_+Ruptured People Swindled Out of Thousands of Dollars+_

Look Out for the Deceitful "Don't-Wear-a-Truss" Arguments
and the Tricky "Not-a-Truss" Claims

Get-Rich-Quick Quacks are year after year humbugging ruptured people out
of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The traps they set are cleverly baited. But the bait always consists of
misrepresentation and tricky subterfuges.

Some style themselves "doctors"-- an insult to the medical profession.

Some call themselves "Captain" or "Colonel"-- an attempt to get the
sympathy of Civil War veterans.

Some try to work on your sympathies by telling you they were themselves
formerly ruptured-- that they got their knowledge of rupture by studying
their own cases-- that they made a special "appliance" for themselves.
But a doctor or surgeon can't set his own arm. And no one can make a
scientific study of his own rupture any more than he can perform an
operation on himself.

And some call themselves Rupture or Hernia "Specialists"-- but never
specialized in anything except swindling ruptured people.

Some of them make offers like "Free to the Ruptured"-- so worded as to
make a man think it means free cure. But all they send you free is a
cheap little folder or circular. People who write to them soon learn to
know better than to expect something for nothing.

  [Sidenote: Don't be Fooled by "Appliances," "Methods," etc.]

And some try to snare their victims with deceitful "Don't-Wear-a-Truss"

Try to hoodwink you into thinking they have no truss to sell.

Try to fool you with things they call "Appliances," "Methods,"
"Discoveries," etc.

But the man who puts any faith in such claims soon finds that these
so-called "Appliances" and "Methods" are nothing but an adaptation of
the old-fashioned truss with belt, band, leg-straps, springs, etc.
Nothing but the most worthless kind of a truss masquerading under a
misleading name.

Some of these "Method" concerns throw in some absurd kind of liniment,
salve or ointment-- tell you the secret lies in this "lymph" or whatever
they call it rather than in their appliances.

But that is nothing more nor less than the rankest kind of fraud.

It is folly to suppose any salve, liniment or medicine can possibly cure
rupture. Might as well expect them to cure a broken bone. Though they
can probably do as much good as the worthless "appliances" they come

  [Sidenote: The Liniment Fraud]

When you first apply this "lymph" or liniment, you may feel some
stimulating effects; for these lymph-sellers are always careful to tell
you to _rub_ the stuff _in_ thoroughly. But the stimulation lasts only a
few minutes; and is due to the _rubbing_ and not to the liniment. If you
rub with your fingers alone-- without any liniment-- it will do just as
much good.

This rubbing, while the stimulation lasts, simply proves the value of
_massage_. For rubbing with your hands is, in a way, like the massage
which the Cluthe Truss gives automatically. But the massage given by our
truss is a hundred times more invigorating and strengthening to the
ruptured parts than any amount of hand-rubbing. Our truss is giving the
_massage_ all day long, while rubbing with your hands can be done only
once or twice a day at most, only when flat on your back, and only for a
few minutes at a time.

Some of these people claim they can cure rupture by means of a
plaster-- like the kidney plaster which proved worthless long ago.

These plaster venders are careful to avoid saying out and out in plain
language that their plaster will positively keep your rupture from
coming out-- they make no direct promises or guarantee whatever of
holding the rupture.

If they cannot guarantee holding, it is nonsense to think any plaster
can possibly overcome any weakness like rupture, no matter what kind of
_magical_ ointment there may be in the plasters.

We have talked of these kinds of people in plain language; we have
called a spade a spade.

For it is nothing less than a crime the way these men have grown rich by
defrauding ruptured people.

It is worse than the way wildcat "mining" men have robbed the
unsuspecting public. For these rupture swindlers take advantage of
people's suffering.

  [Sidenote: How to Save Yourself from Being Humbugged]

But it is easy enough to avoid being fooled-- easy enough to guard
against frauds and fakes.

And it is easy enough to save yourself from throwing money away on
drug-store trusses and other things which may be sold without wrong
intent-- but which are utterly incapable of doing any particular good.

Simply make up your mind not to put any faith in anything whatever for
rupture unless you can get the sellers to agree to let you test it on
_Sixty Days' Trial_ and under the protection of a _Money-Back

Make sure that everything is clearly understood-- see that all
agreements are plainly worded-- insist on a signed guarantee that your
rupture will be held or your money refunded.

Any concern which makes or sells a truss or anything else good enough to
stand _that_ test doesn't need to resort to misleading claims or
subterfuge or trickery of any kind.

And _that_-- a sixty days' trial under the protection of our iron-clad
money-back guarantee-- is the test we ask you to make of the Cluthe
Automatic Massaging Truss.

_+Showing How the Cluthe Truss is Held in Place
Without Leg-Straps or Other "Harness"+_


These illustrations show the free action of the rear or Suction Pads of
the Cluthe Truss.

The sole work of these pads is to support the frame which passes around
the body. They hold the Truss in position, so the Rupture Pads in front
can't slip up or down or away from the rupture opening.

These pads rest against the cushion of muscles behind the hips (the
muscles forming the rump). The pads are hollow on the under side. This
forms a vacuum or suction, which makes slipping or displacement
impossible in any position.

_+What We Have Done For 290,000 Others+_

At this writing we have treated at our Institute, over 290,000 ruptures.

These included all kinds and conditions. Some of them the worst cases in

Many of these people, in despair, were at the point of undergoing an
operation. But the Cluthe Truss made operation unnecessary-- saved the
big expense-- saved the terrible risk.

Among those we have fitted by mail are many infants from a few months to
a few years old.

And even these little ones wore the Cluthe Truss in absolute comfort
while being made better, while being cured.

We don't need to tell you it would be cruelty to put any other truss on

  [Sidenote: From Infants To Men Over 80]

We have fitted by mail men and women over 60, 70 and 80 years old.

People who had been ruptured for from twenty to fifty years.

People who had tried dozens of other trusses. But never found one that
would hold.

Some were in such bad shape-- in such pain-- that they hadn't worked for

Some of them, before getting Cluthe Trusses, couldn't walk more than two
or three blocks without resting. Could hardly get around at all for fear
of bad effects on their rupture.

And the Cluthe Truss, with its strengthening massage, has worked
thousands of cures in cases apparently hopeless like these.

While in those cases where cure wasn't brought about-- or hasn't yet
been-- this truss kept the rupture from coming out, and made the rupture

We keep in touch with all our patients-- our interest doesn't cease
until we know they are getting along all right. Yet we have known of
only a few cases, including the worst ones, where the rupture ever came
out after the first few days' wear of this truss.

Think of that-- you who had almost given up hope.

You can see for yourself what the Cluthe Truss has done by reading a few
of the letters-- all voluntarily written-- which are printed at the back
of this book. These letters are only a few out of the thousands we have

_+Costs More to Do Without It Than To Get It+_

You will find it many times cheaper to get a Cluthe Automatic Massaging
Truss than to try to do without one.

As long as you put up with worthless makeshifts, you are paying the
price of a Cluthe Truss over and over without getting any of its

Probably paying its price again and again in time lost from work or

For if your rupture never keeps you from putting in a full day-- if you
never find it a handicap-- if it never keeps you at home in bed when you
should be earning money-- then you are far more fortunate than most
ruptured people who don't wear Cluthe Trusses.

And as long as you try to get along with worthless makeshifts, you have
to keep buying truss after truss, paying out dollar after dollar for new
trusses to take the place of those which don't last and those which
don't do any good. Thus throwing away in a little while many times more
than the price of a Cluthe Truss.

  [Sidenote: Ordinary Trusses Are a Waste Of Money]

As long as you go without a Cluthe Truss, your rupture keeps getting
worse-- probably worse now than a year ago-- been getting worse every

Thus again, you are constantly paying far more than the price of a
Cluthe Truss; paying it in wear-and-tear on your health, in the drain on
your strength and vitality, in the loss of many of the enjoyments which
help make life worth living.

Without a Cluthe Truss, your rupture is a constant worry. For a man has
to be more optimistic than most ruptured people if he can look into the
Future without dread when he knows his rupture isn't getting any better.

No man, especially one with a family to provide for, wants to let his
rupture make him more or less helpless if there is anything he can do to
prevent it.

No man wants to be disabled for active work, no man wants to be
dependent on others.

That has been the fate of thousands who never knew of the Cluthe Truss,
or who didn't have the wisdom to try it.

But you who read this, now that you know the facts, have absolutely no
excuse for ever letting rupture get the best of you.

  [Sidenote: Don't Let Rupture Get the Best of You]

No one's fault but your own, if you now let your rupture keep on growing

No one but yourself to blame if you don't take the chance we give you to
find out, by trial at our risk, just what the Cluthe Truss can do for

It will be _our_ loss and not yours if this truss doesn't at least make
you a whole lot better. But _your_ loss, not ours, if you neglect to
_try_ it.

Unless you have already let your rupture become permanently irreducible
the probabilities are that the Cluthe Truss can entirely free you from
the clutches of rupture, just as it has thousands of others.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying a Cluthe

If it doesn't do any good, we'll take it back and you won't lose any

  [Sidenote: Ends all Expense on Account of Your Rupture]

If it does prove beneficial, it will in all probability last as long as
you have any need for a truss. For it is mighty seldom that any part of
a Cluthe Truss ever gives out, even when, as in incurable cases, it is
worn year after year.

So once you get a Cluthe Truss, you'll probably never have to pay out
another dollar on account of your rupture.

The Cluthe Truss costs so little-- only $9 to $14-- that every body not
a pauper can easily afford it. Costs so little-- when you consider the
good it does-- that no one can afford to go without it.

You can get lots of trusses that cost less and some that cost even
more-- but one Cluthe Truss is worth a dozen of them.

Every thrifty man knows that good _shoes_, for instance, are more
economical than cheap ones; for the cheap shoes soon go to pieces, soon
get shabby; one good pair would outlast three or four of the cheap ones.

Every man knows that good shoes-- shoes that keep the feet dry-- are
less expensive in the end than shoes which leak and bring on colds and

  [Sidenote: Like Buying Shoes]

And every man knows that properly fitting shoes, shoes you can wear with
comfort, are worth three or four pairs of shoes which hurt the feet. For
no matter how little the uncomfortable shoes cost, you can't get your
money's worth out of them if you can't wear them.

Lots of people have common-sense enough to think of all these things in
buying shoes.

But lots of them let their common-sense go on vacation when it comes to
buying trusses.

Yet a truss is a hundred times more important than shoes.

Think how much depends on a truss-- your comfort, your ability to make a
living, your safety when working, even your very life sometimes, all
depend on your truss.

If your truss is no good, if it lets any little strain throw your
rupture out, there is constant danger that some sudden wrench, some
slip, some fall or misstep, may throw the rupture out so violently as to
cause _strangulation_ of the rupture. And that usually ends in quick

But the man who wears a Cluthe Truss has nothing whatever to worry

For the Cluthe Truss keeps the rupture from coming out, takes all danger
out of work or exercise, takes all strain off the weak ruptured parts,
rests them, and-- by automatically massaging them-- daily strengthens

As the result of this constant hold and in constant strengthening,
rupture is not likely to give any more trouble from the day a Cluthe
Truss is put on. Just as weak eyes won't bother you any more after you
get the right kind of glasses.

  [Sidenote: Does More for Rupture Than Glasses do for the Eyes]

The Cluthe Truss or Cluthe Automatic Massager is the only truss in
existence that can be depended on to do for rupture what good glasses do
for the eyes.

In the majority of cases, it does far more.

About all that glasses can do is to keep the eyes from getting
worse-- take the strain off them-- rest them, so they won't be further

No one expects glasses to _cure_ weak eyes, no one expects them to
improve the sight so much that glasses won't need to be worn.

But the Cluthe Truss, in many cases, _does_ cure rupture.

You will see proof of that by reading some of the letters at the back of
this book.

And in those cases where it doesn't result in complete cure, it almost
invariably makes the rupture better. If it doesn't do that, we are
always ready to refund the purchaser's money, as fully explained in a
later chapter.

_+X-Ray View of Cluthe Truss+_

Note that there is no Belt, Elastics or Spring around the Waist,
and no Leg-Straps


This Truss Can be Worn in the Bath, or when Swimming--
All Parts Are Water-Proof

This X-ray view shows how simple the Cluthe Truss is-- how few parts it
has-- its freedom from uncomfortable "harness"-- and just how it looks
when on.

This view is taken from above-- what is called a "Bird's Eye" view. The
rear pads (Suction Pads) are level with the pads in front (the
Automatic-Acting Holding or Rupture Pads), though they seem higher in
the picture.

Bear in mind that the frame you see in the picture is no way a spring or
belt or band. It leaves the hips and spine free-- doesn't press against
the body at any point. (This is shown more clearly by the Cross-Section
View on page 58.) The Suction Pads in the rear-- which rest lightly on
the rump-- hold the truss in proper position, keeping it from slipping,
shifting or moving the least bit out of place. The only purpose of the
frame is to connect the Suction Pads with the Rupture Pads in front, so
the truss can hold you together.

The truss shown here is for a severe case of right-side Groin or Scrotal
Rupture. Has Automatic-Acting Holding or Rupture Pad on the ruptured
side, and a free-acting Protection Pad on the side not ruptured, thus
protecting the well side against strains, etc.

For Double Groin Rupture, another Holding Pad would be fitted where the
Protection Pad is shown here.

The Cluthe Automatic Holding Pads are made in over 115 different shapes
and sizes, and are selected as the severity and nature of each case may

We determine the true nature and real needs of the case from the answers
given to the questions on our Order blank, and then shape frame of truss
so hips and spine will be left free from pressure, and select Rupture
Pad or Pads of the right size and shape, and "set" or adjust the truss
so it will be self-regulating in the way necessary to automatically seal
the rupture opening to give proper support, and to hold the rupture
properly in place.

_+The Special Advice You Get in Connection with the Cluthe Truss+_

In every case, we give our complete _Professional Services_.

  [Sidenote: Like Being Under a Physician's Care]

Just as the physician gives thorough study and attention in connection
with the medicine he prescribes.

Our Professional Service gives you knowledge of your trouble, based on
Nature's laws, mechanical laws and common sense, which we have learned
during our forty years of day-after-day experience.

As a part of our Professional Services, we give Special Instructions--
confidential advice-- based on the individual needs of each case.

This confidential advice has to do with your general health, the length
of time you have been ruptured, and other conditions having a direct
bearing on your rupture.

All this costs you nothing extra. And our Special Instructions and
Advice are no trouble whatever to carry out.

_+Showing How the Cluthe Truss Can't Rub, Hug, Pinch, Squeeze,
Chafe, Bind or Irritate+_


Cross Section View, showing how the frame of the Cluthe Truss doesn't
press against the body at any point. The Cluthe Truss comes in contact
with the body only at the rupture opening (where the Holding Pads
support the rupture)-- and at the rear, where the Suction Pads rest
against the muscles of the rump.

While the frame doesn't press against the body, it fits so closely
around the body that the truss won't "show" in any way under the
clothes-- no one can tell you have a truss on. Won't even "bulge" a
woman's corset-- won't interfere with the corset. Many acrobats wear
this truss under their tights when performing, yet no one can see any
sign of it.

_+Showing the Simplicity of the Automatic-Acting Rupture Pads
and of the Massaging Device+_


Illustration at left shows Holding Pad in normal position.

When you cough or strain, your abdomen naturally expands, pushing upper
end of pad (where finger points in illustration at right) outward, thus
forcing the lower part of pad (where arrow points) in against rupture
opening. Because of this automatic action of the Holding Pad, your
rupture can never come out.


The simple mechanism shown on the inside of this pad-- a device so small
it would almost go in a watch case-- is what makes the Cluthe Holding or
Rupture Pad automatic in its action (self-adjusting, self-regulating).

And at the same time, this little device causes the Holding or Rupture
Pad to give the strengthening _massage_ to the weak ruptured parts-- all
_automatically_ or _mechanically_, like the running of a watch. But--
unlike a watch-- this massaging device doesn't need to be wound up--
never needs any attention whatever; and also unlike a watch, so strong
and simple that it can never get out of order-- never fail to work

_+Forms and Conditions of Rupture+_

The illustrations on following pages show various stages of the four
common varieties of abdominal Rupture.

Groin Rupture (Inguinal) is the most common form.

Scrotal Rupture (Inguinal) is simply a worse stage of Groin Rupture. The
intestines have descended into the scrotum.

Navel Rupture (Umbilical) is that form in which the opening occurs at or
near the navel.

Thigh Rupture (Femoral) is that form of rupture which appears at the
upper part of the thigh.

Any of these forms of rupture may appear on the right or left side or on

Our experience has taught us that out of one hundred cases of rupture
about eighty-six are Groin or Scrotal Rupture. Thirteen out of each
hundred are about evenly divided between Thigh and Navel Rupture. And
the remaining one may be one of several uncommon forms not mentioned
here because they are usually the result of accident.

About half of the cases of rupture occur in childhood. But there are
many cases which occur between the ages of 30 and 40. And it is a well
known fact that two-fifths of such cases become Scrotal because of
neglect, or because a truss is worn that does not keep the rupture from
coming down.

All ruptures at the start are usually very mild in form. But if the
ruptured parts are not held in place, the sac will gradually grow larger
because of the failure to seal the originally small opening through
which the intestines at first escape.

  [Sidenote: Warn Those Recently Ruptured]

This is something about which you who have been ruptured any length of
time, you who know how rupture gets worse if not properly taken care of,
should warn any one you may know who has only recently been ruptured.
You can save them years of suffering by telling them about the Cluthe

For it so often happens-- due to the general ignorance about rupture--
that newly ruptured people don't know their danger until too late.
The rupture often gives so little trouble at first that they think it
nothing to worry about. Or perhaps-- also due to ignorance-- they are
ashamed to ask anyone's advice. So they go to a drug-store and get a
worthless makeshift; and, of course, wearing the cheap contraptions
sold by drug-stores, they soon find themselves in a serious state.

There are six conditions of rupture.

When the rupture can be pressed back into the abdomen by the ordinary
manipulation of the fingers, it is a Reducible Rupture. This is the
first condition, but without a proper truss it soon grows worse.

When only a part of the contents of the lump or rupture sac can be
pressed back into the opening, it is known as a Partly Reducible
Rupture. This condition is generally the result of neglect of the
Reducible Rupture or the use of an improper truss.

When at times the contents of the lump or sac cannot be pressed back
into the body with the hands, it is known as a Temporarily Irreducible
Rupture. This temporarily irreducible condition can often be cured and
always prevented from growing worse if the proper truss is fitted and

The foregoing condition sometimes becomes so bad that it is known as
Permanently Irreducible. But even then it can usually be controlled--
prevented from growing worse-- if the right kind of truss is worn.

The condition bordering on strangulation is known as Incarcerated
Rupture. The only help for a person in this condition is an immediate

The worst condition of rupture is the strangulated form. This is a
condition where mortification has already set in. If an operation is not
immediately resorted to, the sufferer will die.

  *  *  *  *  *

  [Illustration: Fig. 1]

  [Illustration: Fig. 2]

  [Illustration: Fig. 3]

  [Illustration: Fig. 4]

  [Illustration: Fig. 5]

  [Illustration: Fig. 6]

These illustrations show Groin Rupture as it first appears, and how it
gradually grows worse and descends into the privates (both male and
female) when neglected or not properly protected, as when a worthless
truss or other appliance is worn which frequently or occasionally lets
the rupture come out.

Figures 1, 2, and 3 show the first three stages of Groin Rupture.

Figure 4 shows Groin Rupture descended only to the privates.

Figures 5 and 6 show the rupture _after_ it has descended _into_ the

  [Illustration: Fig. 7]

  [Illustration: Fig. 8]

  [Illustration: Fig. 9]

  [Illustration: Fig. 10]

  [Illustration: Fig. 11 (At Navel)]

  [Illustration: Fig. 12 (At Navel)]

Figures 7, 8, and 9 show advanced stages of Scrotal or Groin Rupture
(getting worse all the time because not properly protected, because not
kept from coming out) after it has descended into privates. (The
different stages are the same in Females as in Males.)

Figure 10 shows Thigh or Femoral Rupture, which comes out on the upper
part of thigh, just below the crease or depression between abdomen and
thigh. Femoral Rupture never appears higher up-- never appears in groin,
and never descends into privates.

Figures 11 and 12 show two stages of Navel Rupture. (For Cluthe Navel
Truss, see page 64.)

We make the Cluthe Truss with special Holding Pads that meet the
requirements of every one of the foregoing conditions of Rupture, save
Incarcerated and Strangulated. With the exception of these two forms we
guarantee that the perfect truss with Automatic Massage Treatment will
constantly hold any rupture in place.

Navel or Umbilical Rupture (which appears at or near the navel) demands
immediate treatment.

  [Sidenote: Navel (Umbilical) Rupture]

Neglect or Mal-Treatment is liable speedily to treble the size of the

We make a special Cluthe Navel Truss which has never in any case failed
to improve the condition from the moment it was applied.

Our Navel Truss does not bind the abdomen-- allows perfect freedom-- is
light, clean and comfortable even in the hottest weather.

It is the only successful holder for Navel Rupture-- the only one that
supports the overhanging weight in front without the use of torturing
elastic fabrics.

Cases of Navel Rupture demand special care, for hardly any two are
alike. So we cannot prescribe for Navel Rupture until we know your

Simply write us stating whether the rupture can be fully reduced. If it
can't, give size of part that cannot be reduced.

If none of the forms of Navel Rupture shown on the order blank seems
to be about the size of your rupture, and in the same location, please
mark on the picture as nearly as you can the size and location of your

On receipt of such report, we shall advise you as to the appliance
needed, and its price.

  *  *  *  *  *

  [Sidenote: After Operations]

For recurrence of Rupture after an operation, we make the Cluthe Truss
with special frames and pads. For the requirements in each case are
usually different.

Simply fill out the order blank, and we will tell you just what you
need, and the price.

_+Let Us Send You A Cluthe Truss On 60 Days' Trial+_

Won't Cost You a Single Cent if You Don't Get Better

We don't ask you to risk a single cent of your money in finding out what
a Cluthe Truss can do for you.

We have so much faith in our truss-- we know what it has done for so
many others-- that we are willing to make a Cluthe Truss, as explained
below, especially for your case, and let you wear it sixty days on

Think of that, Reader! When you get a truss at a drug-store or truss
dealer's, the only chance you have to make a test is _while trying the
Truss on_.

But the sixty days' trial we allow you certainly gives you plenty of
time to make an absolutely thorough test-- plenty of time to see whether
the truss is doing any good-- plenty of time to make sure that, with
this truss on, your rupture can't come out-- plenty of time to prove
the wearing and water-proof qualities of our truss.

_Sixty days_ is longer than lots of trusses or "appliances" would last!

  [Sidenote: 60 Days Is Longer Than Lots of Trusses Would Last]

Longer than you could stand to wear any truss which pinches or squeezes
or hurts in any way!

We'll protect you by giving you our signed guarantee (this paragraph in
itself is a guarantee) that this truss will keep your rupture from
coming out and improve your condition when put on and worn according to
our simple directions; guarantee it to prevent protrusion, not for just
a few minutes at a time, but for all day long, including when you are
working, exercising, taking a bath or swim.

If, after fair trial-- whether at the end of ten days, thirty days or
sixty days-- you find that the truss isn't holding your rupture, isn't
helping you, simply let us know what the trouble is and if we can't
correct it we'll promptly refund your money.

Our willingness to let you try a Cluthe Truss sixty days entirely at our
risk is the best proof in the world of its merits.

We could never afford to send you a Cluthe Truss on such a long trial if
there were any likelihood that it wouldn't prove beneficial, any
likelihood that you would want to return it.

But the Cluthe Truss has been put to the test so many times, including
hundreds of seemingly hopeless cases, that we know our faith in our
truss is justified.

  [Sidenote: Benefits 199 Out of Every 200]

Counting all the thousands of people who have placed themselves in our
care, our records show that the cases in which a trial of the Cluthe
Truss failed to prove beneficial have averaged only one out of each two

A really remarkable record. For among the people who have tried the
Cluthe Truss, among those cured by it, are hundreds who had been
ruptured over 50 years. Note letters in back of book and the 5,000 names
you'll find in "Your Neighbor's Word."

The law of averages always holds good; it is one of the most certain
things in the world.

And when 199 out of every 200 who have tried this truss were benefited,
and many of them cured, you can see that there are mighty few people who
can't expect a Cluthe Truss to do them a lot of good.

Bear in mind that we aren't claiming that every one who has tried a
Cluthe Truss has been completely cured by it. We would rather err by
claiming too little than claim too much. Even a common cold, about the
simplest of all human ailments, can't always be cured, can't always be
so much as relieved or checked; that is why a cold, in spite of
everything that can be done, so often develops into pneumonia, bronchial
trouble, etc.

But we do stand back of the Cluthe Truss with an absolute guarantee that
it will keep the rupture from coming out, enable you to work without
danger, and result in improvement. Surely no man can expect a stronger
guarantee, especially after what many have gone through with other

Note that our guarantee is in plain, straightforward language-- you know
exactly what it means-- no evasions, no subterfuges-- an iron-clad and
absolutely legal guarantee.

  [Sidenote: Our Guarantee Protects You Absolutely]

It is nothing like the tricky, hoodwinking guarantees which so many
other concerns give. Beware of a so-called guarantee which merely reads
"This truss fully guaranteed." A guarantee-- as any lawyer will tell
you-- isn't worth the paper it's printed on unless it guarantees
something specific, such as holding. And it gives you no protection
unless it guarantees your money back in case of failure.

But our Guarantee is a positive Money-Back Guarantee.

If the Cluthe _Truss_ fails to "make good," then _we_ will "make good"
by refunding your money.

You don't need to worry about that for a minute. No one dependent on the
good will of the public could remain in business as long as we have, now
over 40 years, and constantly gain new friends through the old, unless
every customer received a square deal. Dishonesty would have driven us
out of business long ago.

We believe that our reputation for absolute fairness and honesty is as
firmly established among people who have had dealings with us as the
reputation of Wanamaker's or Marshall Field's.

We are so seldom asked to refund money that it would be the height of
folly to risk injuring our reputation for the sake of the few dollars
represented by a Cluthe Truss or even a thousand trusses.

If we were selling automobiles or shoes or hardware, our honesty would
be taken for granted. But there has been so much trickery in the sale of
trusses and other things for rupture that it is only in justice to
ourselves that we mention our reputation.

  [Sidenote: Your Money Simply Held on Deposit]

Remember that we protect you at every point. And our interest in your
case won't cease until we know you are getting along all right; you'll
always find us ready at any time to do everything within our power.

So don't let another day go by without trying this truss, this truss
which has done wonders for others.

Remember that all money you pay is simply held on deposit until you have
made the 60-day test.

If you have any doubts about our responsibility, have your local bank
look us up in Bradstreet's or Dun's.

_+See How Little it Costs to Get Relief+_

If you had to pay for the world of good a Cluthe Truss does, the price
would be many times higher.

But we charge only for the materials and time which go into the truss,
plus a legitimate profit.

There is nothing fancy about a Cluthe Truss, for you don't wear a truss
for ornament. But the minute you see it, you will know you are getting
your money's worth.

It is the strongest truss ever made-- and at the same time the lightest;
also the cleanest, neatest-looking.

Made of the best materials we can buy-- materials which will last.

So well made that the cost of making a single part-- such as one of the
Holding Pads, the massaging device or the self-adjusting feature-- is
greater than the cost of making most other trusses complete.

So strongly made and so simply made that there is nothing about it
likely to get out of order.

  *  *  *  *  *

  [Sidenote: About Prices]

We make the Cluthe Truss or Cluthe Automatic Massager in two grades.

Both are precisely the same in principle and in action.

Both are fully guaranteed to hold your rupture securely.

Both are perspiration-proof and both water-proof. The Cluthe Truss--
either grade-- is the only truss made that you don't have to remove
while taking a bath or swim and that insures perfect holding at _such_
times as well as at all other times.

Our Grade A is the best wearing truss-- the most durable truss made. If
you get this truss, you'll probably never need to pay out another dollar
on account of your rupture.

Frames and pads are both covered with water-proof Vulcanized Rubber
(unless you prefer water-proof Cushion Holding Pads).

And now note that the Cluthe Truss costs little or no more than many
other kinds which are nothing but makeshifts.

The price of Grade A, for single rupture, is $12. For double rupture,

Grade B, for adults with hip measurements 28 inches or larger, is $9 for
a single rupture. For double rupture, $11.

For children, up to 27 inches hip measurements, this grade for single
rupture is $6. For double rupture, $8.

  [Sidenote: Only $9 to $14]

Grade B will outlast a dozen ordinary trusses. But it isn't as durable
as Grade A. The frame is covered with special Waterproof Casing.

Holding Pads on Grade B Truss are the same as on Grade A-- vulcanized
rubber or water-proof Cushion Pads.

We advise Grade A, simply because this is more durable.

Both grades are for Groin or Scrotal Rupture only. For Navel Rupture, or
After Operation, see page 64.

In fitting either grade, we give equal attention and care-- give you
our complete Professional Services, special instructions and our
confidential advice.

And on both grades give you sixty days' trial and the protection of our

  *  *  *  *  *

The prices quoted here are for Mail Order Fitting only. Our charges for
Fitting by appointment at the Institute will be furnished upon request.
Previous appointment for personal fitting at the Institute is
_absolutely_ necessary.

Our terms are Amount with Order. As explained elsewhere the amount is
simply held on deposit until you have made thorough trial of the truss.

_+Don't Let Yourself Keep on Getting Worse+_

There's no Better Time Than Right Now to Put the Cluthe Truss to a 60
Days' Test

Don't wait till the last minute-- don't wait till your rupture makes you
absolutely helpless-- don't wait till good-for-nothing trusses cripple
you up so you can scarcely drag around at all-- don't wait till it's too
late for a Cluthe Truss, an operation or anything else to save you.

Don't cheat yourself out of making a sixty-day test of the Cluthe
Automatic Massaging Truss-- don't rob yourself of this chance to get
relief without having to risk a single cent of your money.

Even though you may think your condition is hopeless, don't let that
keep you from trying a Cluthe Truss-- don't let anything whatever keep
you from finding out what this truss can do for you.

  [Sidenote: You'll Begin to Get Better Right Away]

Unless you are far worse off than most others who have tried this truss,
you'll begin to get better from the day you put a Cluthe Truss on.

You'll have nothing more to worry about-- you can work your hardest
every day in the week-- take any kind of exercise-- take your bath or
swim, etc.-- all without the slightest danger of forcing your rupture

  [Sidenote: No More Torturing Harness]

And no belt, band or springs around the waist, no leg-straps, no
pressure on the spine or the pelvic bone. Nothing that can squeeze,
pinch or bind, nothing that can heat, chafe, itch or cut the skin,
nothing that can irritate in any way.

Constant holding every minute of the day, and day after day, and the
soothing, strengthening, invigorating massage which the Cluthe Truss
automatically gives, will soon make a new man of you.

We won't accept your order, won't take your money, if we don't think,
after making a study of your case from the particulars you give when
ordering, that a trial of our truss will prove beneficial to you.

Your rupture will prove far worse than the average man's, your condition
worse than that of 199 out of every 200 who have tried this truss, if
the Cluthe Truss doesn't do you a lot of good.

Just give a few minutes attention to the 5,000 voluntary endorsements of
the Cluthe Truss which you'll find in "Your Neighbor's Word"-- See how
many of the people whose names and addresses you'll find there live
right in your own town or county or state.

Read a few of the letters-- all voluntarily written-- which we print
at the back of this book. See how many very severe cases have been
completely cured by the Cluthe Automatic Massaging Truss-- many of them
cases of from thirty to fifty years standing-- many of these people
cured (while _working_, remember) in from three to ten months-- many
of them cured after everything else, including operation, had proved
utterly useless.

There isn't a single reason in the world for condemning yourself to drag
through even another month with your rupture everlastingly bothering

And not a single reason for longer enduring the curse of wearing a
truss which is doing no good or which hurts so it keeps you in constant

  [Sidenote: Why Remain a Victim of Good-for-Nothing Trusses?]

Every day that you remain at the mercy of a truss which either
occasionally or frequently lets your rupture come out is simply a day of

You can gain nothing whatever by waiting-- by trying to get along
without a Cluthe Automatic Massaging Truss.

And you risk nothing whatever-- not a single cent-- by testing the
Cluthe Truss on sixty days' trial.

Better make the test right now-- if you put it off you simply face the
danger of getting worse all the time.

  Chas. Cluthe & Sons
  Bloomfield, New Jersey
  (A Suburb of New York City)

_+How to Order+_

First decide which Grade of the Cluthe Truss you want to try. (See pages
68 and 69.)

And please don't forget to enclose the necessary amount with your order.
(This amount, as explained elsewhere, will simply be placed to your
credit and held as a deposit in your name while you are testing the
truss on 60 days' trial.)

The best way to send the amount is to get a draft at your bank, or get a
Post Office Money Order or Express Money Order. If currency is sent, be
sure to register your letter.

In ordering, please use the Information or Order blank which we enclose
with this book. Be sure to sign your name plainly, and give your full

Be careful to write out plainly as you can a full and complete answer to
each of the simple questions we ask on the Order blank-- remember that
your answers guide us in determining the requirements of your case, the
size and shape of Holding Pad or Pads, the amount of support you need,
and the point at which to "set" or adjust the truss so it will
automatically give the right amount of support or holding power.

If there is any further information you want to give us, write it in the
space under "Remarks" on the Order blank, or on a separate piece of

If you happen to mislay the order blank, just use a separate sheet of
paper for writing out your answers to the questions given below.
(Instead of taking the trouble to write out both questions and answers,
merely give the answers alone, and number the answers 1, 2, 3, etc., to
agree with the corresponding question.)

These Questions are the Same as on Order Blank

1. Which of the figures shown on pages 62 and 63 most resembles your
Rupture, when fully out-- On your right side? On your left side? 2. Give
measurement around naked body in direct line over place where rupture
first comes out. 3. Male or female? 4. Age? 5. Height? 6. Weight?
7. Occupation, and does your work require heavy lifting? 8. Where is
your rupture located? (State whether right, left, or both sides, or at
navel.) 9. If on both sides, which is worse and which harder to hold?
10. When rupture is out how does it compare in size to pigeon's, hen's,
or goose egg? (If two ruptures, give size of each.) 11. Has your
difficulty been to get a Truss to hold? 12. If male, does your rupture
descend INTO the scrotum? 13. If unsuccessfully operated on for
rupture-- or if rupture is result of an operation-- mark on a rough
sketch or on a trace of the figure most resembling your rupture the
comparative location of _incision_. 14. How many years ruptured?

Address Chas. Cluthe & Sons, Bloomfield, New Jersey.


+Prominent Arkansas Physician Cured of Rupture of 49 Years Standing
in 8 Months by Cluthe Truss+

With pleasure I beg to submit the following facts in my own case at
which I was greatly surprised. I am 53 years old, and was badly ruptured
when 4 years old, on both right and left sides. The right side rupture
failed to be held by any and all kinds of trusses until I put on a
Cluthe Truss. I can now remove the truss and feel no symptoms of Hernia.
Now, how is this for a cure in eight months? I take pleasure, as a
physician and surgeon, in recommending the Cluthe Truss to any and all
sufferers from Hernia. I have fitted Cluthe Trusses on four other
patients, three of whom are already well and the fourth greatly
improved. You have my permission to use this testimonial as you please,
and I hope it may be the means of others, suffering from rupture,
resorting at once to a Cluthe Truss.

  October 4, 1911.
  Aurora, Ark.

+From a Prominent New York Plumber+

After trying a drug store truss and a strap without getting either to
hold my rupture, which was getting larger all the time, I tried a Cluthe
Truss, which has worked wonders in my case. In my work as a plumber I
have to get into every conceivable position, often tie up in a knot, as
it were, but my Cluthe Truss never failed; never shifted a fraction of
an inch. I often go without my truss without the slightest sign of
rupture or feeling of weakness. After what I suffered and considering
the size of my rupture before I was lucky enough to hear of you, you can
realize how strongly I can recommend anyone ruptured to send for a
Cluthe Truss and save the money he would waste in buying any of the

  December 22, 1911.
  863 Sixth Ave., New York City.

+This Man, 72 Years Old, Cured in a Few Months by Cluthe Truss
While at Work+

When I was first ruptured I bought a truss and tried to wear it. This
was fitted by a local dealer time and time again-- but I could not wear
it. I then tried another local dealer with the same result. I was then
induced to try another truss but could not get any relief. Then,
I noticed your advertisement. It seemed impossible to me then that you
could do by measurement, which I was to send you, what the local dealers
could not do when I was personally present. However, I did send for your
truss, expecting only to get a truss that I could wear with comfort.
I wore it some months-- after a while I would forget to put it on, and
would go for a day or two without it. Each time I would go longer
without it-- then some weeks I discarded it entirely. I consider that I
am entirely cured of my rupture. I cannot express to you how grateful I
am to you and without solicitation on your part I am writing you this
letter to show you my appreciation of your efforts. I am now 72 years of
age, a mason by occupation and am working every day.

  J. F. BYAM,
  October 12, 1911.
  701 Cherry St., Rome, N.Y.

+This Man from Missouri Quickly Cured by Cluthe Truss+

I gladly testify to convince people suffering from rupture that the
Cluthe Truss was a sure cure in my case. Experience has convinced me
that if anyone ruptured will apply a Cluthe Truss according to the
directions it means positive relief, and the only hope for a cure.
I cannot recommend the Cluthe Truss too highly.

  October 5, 1911.
  3730 Marcus Ave., St. Louis, Mo.

+Ruptured for Years-- Tried Cluthe Truss-- Cured in Two Months+

I had worn several kinds of trusses, which did me no good, but, on the
contrary, made me worse all the time. I saw your truss advertised and
sent for one to try. I felt better at once. I had suffered for years
before, and wore the Cluthe Truss a little over two months; then I did
not need a truss any more. Now, I feel all right, and if anyone wants to
know what the Cluthe Truss can do for rupture refer them to me, and I
will truthfully tell them what it has done for me.

  November 3, 1911.
  R.F.D. No. 12, Erin Road, Medina, N.Y.

+Cannot Say Too Much for the Cluthe Truss, which Completely Cured
His Rupture+

I am more than glad to recommend your truss at any time. I cannot do too
much for the Cluthe folks. My rupture is a complete cure and I have you
to thank for it.

  October 5, 1911.
  Matamoras, Pa.

+Cured of as Bad a Scrotal Rupture as Anyone Ever Had+

I take pleasure in informing you that the Cluthe Truss cured me of as
bad a Scrotal Rupture as anyone ever had. I thank you for what you have
done for me.

  December 3, 1911.
  15 5th St., Glens Falls, New York.

+This Man 70 Years Old Cured by Cluthe Truss+

I am glad to add my testimony as one who has been cured by the Cluthe
Truss. I did not get one with the expectation of being cured, as my
rupture was very bad, and I was 70 years of age. I would advise any
person, be they young or old, who are afflicted with rupture, not to
delay trying a Cluthe Truss and no other, for I have tried many of the
others and found them of no good.

  December 2, 1911.
  Canning, N.S., Canada.

+This New York City Man has had No Need for Trusses for 2 Years+

My troublesome rupture was perfectly held in place from the day I wore
my Cluthe Truss until I found it unnecessary to longer wear the truss,
and I have not had a truss on for nearly two years. I consider the
Cluthe Truss the best in the world and I am glad to testify as per the

  c/o W. D. Power & Co.,
  601 West 33rd St., New York City.
  December 22, 1911.

+Rupture Now Cured and has No More Need of a Truss+

I have no more need of a truss of any kind, for I am entirely cured of
my rupture, and the Cluthe Truss did it. You can use this if it will
help anyone else afflicted the same as I was. I haven't worn my truss
for some time.

  December 29, 1911.
  509 E. Oak St., Masillon, Ohio.

+This Arkansas Man Cured by Cluthe Truss After Suffering 20 Years+

I cheerfully recommend the Cluthe Truss to anyone suffering from
rupture. It is the only one I have ever seen, had or heard of that does
the work thoroughly. I am practically cured of my rupture through using
the Cluthe Truss, after having suffered for 20 years. It is because it
is the only truss that will absolutely prevent the rupture from coming

  October 2, 1911.
  Haynes, Ark.

+Cluthe Truss Saves These Two from Surgeon's Knife+

My wife was saved from the knife after a wild midnight ride to the House
of Mercy in an ambulance. We can never say too much for the Cluthe
Truss. My wife was ruptured for 11 years and suffered great pains at
times. We are both nearly cured. She has worn her Cluthe Truss since
June of this year and I have worn mine since last Christmas. Many thanks
to the Messrs. Cluthe for their wonderful truss.

  September 26, 1911.
  272 So. Dalton Road, Pittsfield, Mass.

+A Man 79 Years Old Practically Cured in 3 Months+

I have worn your truss about three months and it is worth its weight
in gold. I believe I am cured. I forgot to put the truss on different
occasions and did not notice my rupture or feel the slightest weakness.
I am working every day. The other trusses I wore only made me worse.
I shall still wear my Cluthe Truss-- I would not take any chances just
now. I shall be pleased to recommend it to everyone ruptured.

  381 Harvard St., Cambridge, Mass.
  October 10, 1911.

+Soon Cured and Never Used Truss Since+

I verily believe that your truss is the best of all the trusses made,
for after less than a year's use of the Cluthe Truss I laid it away and
never had to use any truss since. Hoping that all who have suffered as I
have in the past from rupture may find relief from this terrible

  J. C. DE MOTT,
  5 West Long Ave., Du Bois, Pa.
  October 3, 1911.

+New Lease of Life for This Man+

I found the Cluthe Truss as different from all other trusses as a
scientific balance is to a vise. I am 70 years old and have always been
unable to take long walks, but the first Sunday I had your truss I
walked a mile to my house and felt so good that I walked three miles
more. Prior to getting your truss I could not walk half a dozen city
blocks without great distress. I wish you great success towards
suffering mankind.

  1238 Wisconsin Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C.
  September 6, 1911.

+Had Probably the Largest Display of Trusses before He Tried
the Cluthe, Which Alone Holds+

Some months ago I was induced to make just one more venture in buying
trusses. I admit that I had but mighty little faith, in fact I was well
nigh discouraged. I had probably the finest and largest display of
trusses of any man in the country, but none of them would hold my right
side rupture. How thankful I am I tried just once more, and bought the
Cluthe Truss! It holds splendidly and is so easy to wear that it gives
me no trouble whatever.

  H. C. VANDERHOEF, Belmont, New York.
  December 19, 1911.

+Man 76 Years Old Cured+

My rupture has been entirely cured by the Cluthe Truss, and I have been
without a truss for over a year. What this means, I alone can
appreciate, as I am 76 years old.

  210 Catharine St., Elizabeth, New Jersey.
  December 22, 1911.

+Tried All Remedies; Only the Cluthe Could Cure Him+

After suffering 5 years from rupture and trying all the remedies and
trusses I could get (all of them failed) finally I ordered a Cluthe
Truss, and now I am entirely well. I cannot find words to praise the
Cluthe Truss high enough. Thanks to you for the benefits enjoyed from
the best thing ever made for rupture.

  ELISHA A. HARTMAN, Terre Alta, W.Va.
  December 19, 1911.

+This Brooklyn, N.Y., Man Cured+

Let ruptured people know that the Cluthe Truss cured me of my rupture,
and that I now have no need for a truss of any kind.

  90 Fountain Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y.
  December 22, 1911.

+Now Well and Strong as She Ever Was+

I want to thank you for your help. Your Cluthe Truss has cured me
completely. I am as well and strong as I ever was. You may use this, for
I think anyone afflicted as I was would consider it a great blessing to
know how to be cured without an operation.

  814 North Cherry St., Galesburg, Ill.
  March 28, 1911.

+Practically Cured in a Few Months+

My rupture is cured, thanks to your truss. I could take my truss off
now, but I am going to keep it on a little while longer.

  532 So. Fairview St., Lock Haven, Pa.
  October 4, 1911.

+No More Need for Trusses Now+

After wearing truss about six months I found I did not need it any more
and have used none since. From your grateful friend,

  Waterbury, Vt.
  October 29, 1911.

+This Texas Engineer Gets Instant Relief by Cluthe Truss
After Suffering 35 Years+

I would not take one thousand dollars and do without your truss if I
could not get another exactly like it. I was ruptured July 6, 1876, and
have bought all kinds of trusses and things for rupture-- but could
never get one to hold me. My rupture had just about put me down and out,
but now I can ride, lift, do any kind of work, get into all positions
and the Cluthe Truss keeps me held without the slightest discomfort.
Just think of it-- I had suffered since the year 1876 and only since I
have had my Cluthe Truss did I get any relief. I am a railroad engineer
and train man, a member of the B. of L.F. and E. and I am well-known
over much of Texas and Mexico. I cannot make my recommendation too

  O. R. ERWIN,
  Mabank, Tex.
  September 30, 1911.

+Practically Cured-- Recommended Friend Delighted+

My rupture has not been out since I got my Cluthe Truss. Sometimes I
have taken off my truss and walked around but do not see any indication
of the rupture coming out. I suffered so much wearing ordinary trusses,
which made my rupture larger and larger, that I do not feel like doing
without your truss yet. I consider myself cured but my truss feels so
good I do not go out without it. Through my recommendation a friend got
one of your trusses and he is delighted.

  West Paris, Maine.
  October 4, 1911.

+Gained 60 Pounds Since Cluthe Truss Cured His Rupture+

The Cluthe Truss positively cured me of a very bad rupture. I have
gained 60 pounds since I was cured and am now in the best of health.

  3842 N. 6th St., Philadelphia, Penn.
  January 6, 1912.

+Considers Cluthe Truss More Than a Success in His Case+

I have worn about all kinds of things for rupture that have been made
during the last 25 years and have spent lots of money on them, and can
truly say I never had a moment's let-up of pain until I wore a Cluthe
Truss. After making the readjustment you advised I would not know I was
ruptured, the Truss has been so comfortable. Mine is a severe case of
rupture, being quite large. Before I got your truss, my rupture would at
times keep me in bed for days at a time.

There is only one trouble with people who are ruptured. They are wrongly
advised and fly to a druggist and buy a truss like a cigar (I have
bought lots of them that way). Then they think all trusses are alike.
When I read your advertisement, I had no more faith in you than in any
of the rest of them that sell trusses under all sorts of different
names. The result of my transaction with you, however, is that I
consider that I drew a prize in my Cluthe Truss, and I want to say that
you are the first Truss men that ever lived up to their agreement that I
ever found.

Your truss has held me from the day I received it, April 20, 1911.
I could not walk a quarter of a mile before I got it, and could lift no
more than a hod of coal. After I had the truss two weeks I could carry a
barrel of flour. I have done my garden digging, mowed a lawn, and even
raised a 30 ft. ladder all alone. It would take more than a thousand
dollars to-day to buy my Cluthe Truss if I couldn't get another like
it-- that is how I value it. Before I tried your truss my body was full
of callous places, made so by the other appliances I wore, but they are
all gone now, thanks to the Cluthe Truss. I feel better to-day than I
ever have in years. I have written you to some length, but I do it with

  75 John St., Newport, R.I.
  January 1, 1912.

+Counts Himself Lucky in Having Heard of Cluthe Truss+

I can assure you I count myself lucky in having answered your
advertisement, which I saw in an old paper, for I owe my present cure to
you, and I thank you heartily. I will be glad to speak a word of
recommend whenever possible, for I know you are doing good work for

  Woodhull, Ill.
  October 13, 1911.

+Now Safe and Sound and Needs No Truss+

I wish to say that your truss has effected a permanent cure of my
rupture. I have lately gone without my Cluthe Truss without the
slightest trouble or inconvenience.

  4 Steuben St., Schenectady, N.Y.
  October 13, 1911.

+Believes He is Cured by Cluthe Truss+

I believe I am cured, but as I am doing heavy work I am not going to
take the chance just yet to prove it, until I have lighter work to do.

  Creede, Colo.
  September 26, 1911.

+Worst Ruptured Man in Town Completely Cured in 5 Months+

Have been thinking for some time about writing you, how the truss I got
of you last April was working. I am happy to inform you that I could
throw the truss off altogether without any danger of my rupture coming
out. It was said that I was the worst ruptured man in town. It was
almost as large as a cocoanut-- I could not get a truss that would hold
it up. I could not go anywhere, I was in pain most of the time. The
doctor told me I could never get a truss that would hold me. Several
times my daughter went to the 'phone to call the doctor to operate on
me, but the Cluthe Truss saved my life. I would have paid any money for
it. I recommended your truss to my brother-in-law and received a letter
from him yesterday in which he says that it is the best investment he
ever made. What I write you I can truthfully tell to anyone ruptured.
You can use this letter as you see fit.

  747 E. Main St., Ravenna, Ohio.
  October 4, 1911.

+Glad to Pass This Cure on to Any One Afflicted+

Before using the Cluthe Truss I had a rupture that was never in place.
It troubled me in a great many ways, and it was also very sore at times.
I had to put my hand in my pocket and push the rupture back into place
repeatedly during the day, and glad to state that the Cluthe Truss cured
this troublesome rupture, and I am only too glad to pass your cure on to
some person who is afflicted as I was.

  101 Cleveland St., Central Falls, R.I.
  October 20, 1911.

+This Man Cured by Cluthe Truss After 14 Years of Suffering+

I can never forget the good the Cluthe Truss has done for me. After 14
years of suffering I tried the Cluthe Truss, which entirely cured me.
It is now three years since I have worn any truss at all. It took your
truss only one year to cure me and make a new man of me, after
everything else I tried had failed.

  Little Neck, L.I., New York.
  January 1, 1912.

+Another of the Thousands of New Yorkers Cured by Cluthe Truss+

I have not worn my Cluthe Truss since last June, and have been doing
hard work and heavy lifting without even feeling the strain of work. In
fact I feel just as if I had never been ruptured or worn a truss in my

  443 St. Ann's Ave., (Bronx), New York City.
  December 28, 1911.

+Cluthe Truss the Only Relief After Suffering and Searching 35 Years+

I had been ruptured all my life and am now 35 years old and never could
get anything that would give me relief from my rupture sufferings until
I got a Cluthe Truss. To-day I could go without my truss, because it has
cured my rupture.

  W. R. BUCK,
  Upper Marlboro, Md.
  October 4, 1911.

+Cured by Cluthe Truss-- His Rupture No Longer Appears+

I will gladly do anything in my power to help another sufferer, that is
why I can say to all that the Cluthe Truss is the easiest truss to wear
I ever had, and I have tried many. My rupture has not appeared for the
last two months, so the prospects are that I am cured.

  609 No. Garfield Ave., Burlington, Iowa.
  September 29, 1911.

+Has Not Worn a Truss for 2 Years and is as Sound as He Ever Was+

The Cluthe Truss is the best thing for rupture that I ever heard of. It
cured me of my rupture completely. I have not worn a truss of any kind
for 2 years, and am as sound to-day as I ever was, all through the use
of your truss.

  162 Bayway St. Elizabeth, New Jersey.
  December 26, 1911.

+The Cluthe Truss Entirely Cured Him+

I wish to state that your truss has entirely cured my rupture. You may
refer any person to me at my address.

  26 Mynderse St., Schenectady, N.Y.
  October 19, 1911.

+Has Not Needed or Worn Any Truss for Months+

I have not had my Cluthe Truss on for the last 4 months, and my rupture
has not shown or bothered me in the least. Your Truss has certainly
cured my rupture. I had three other kinds of trusses before I got yours
and could not wear any of them, because they hurt me so.

  R.F.D. No. 3, Norwich, N.Y.
  October 13, 1911.

+Says Law Should Be Passed to Stop Sale of Drug Store Trusses+

Your truss has cured me. At least my rupture never comes out when I have
the truss off for 2 or 3 hours at a time. I think your truss is the only
perfect device for rupture made. There ought to be a law passed
prohibiting drug stores from selling those so-called trusses that don't
hold or give a man a minute's peace.

  813 No. 18th St., East St. Louis, Ill.
  October 26, 1911.

+This Retired Railroad Man Cured by Cluthe Truss+

Use my name in the hope that it may benefit some one afflicted as I was,
but now restored.

  H. B. HAMMON, Bristolville, Ohio.
  October 26, 1911.

+Believes He is Cured After a Few Months Wear+

I have not missed wearing my Cluthe Truss a day since I got it.
I believe I am cured, but as I had so much trouble before I got your
truss, I thought I would wear it a little longer, as it does not bother
me in any way.

  A. S. HOLLOMON, Trimble, Tenn.
  October 9, 1911.

+Says Results Have Proved Good Judgment of His Faith in the
Cluthe Proposition+

I could not exaggerate the facts in connection with the great good
secured to me from the use of the Cluthe Truss. I have had more pleasure
in life since using your Truss than during all the 50 or more years

The very minute I read your proposition I knew you were on the square
and onto your job and I made no mistake in my judgment.

  c/o West Hotel, Minneapolis, Minn.
  November 18, 1911.

+Wonderfully Benefited+

I have been wonderfully benefited, perhaps cured, by using the Cluthe
Truss, and would suggest to every sufferer from rupture to throw away
all other trusses and secure a Cluthe, as they cannot possibly make a
mistake in its use. My truss is as good now as the day I received it
from you.

  West Church St., Williamsport, Md.
  October 4, 1911.

+Feels No Trouble Whatever from Either Rupture+

I still wear the double truss I purchased last March. I think I am
cured, as I feel no trouble whatever from either rupture, but the truss
is so comfortable I have continued to wear it.

  C. A. HAZEN,
  Woodsville, N.H.
  September 30, 1911.

+This Newark, N.J., Man Cured of Worst Kind of Scrotal Rupture
by the Cluthe Truss+

Your great truss cured me of a scrotal rupture of the worst form, after
years of suffering, having tried at least 20 other makes of trusses,
etc., which did me no good except caused me more suffering. I wish you
continued success in aiding suffering mankind.

  F. A. ZIPF,
  47 Tichenor St., Newark, New Jersey.
  December 29, 1911.

+Cluthe Truss Freed Him From Pain at Once-- Now Cured+

I feel I am cured of my rupture but continue to wear the truss for
protection. I never had any benefit whatever from any other appliances I
ever tried. In regard to the Cluthe Truss, I feel as though I was in
Heaven (as it were), as it freed me from pain at once.

  829 E. Jersey St., Elizabeth, New Jersey.
  December 23, 1911.

+The Cluthe Truss the Only Help He Found for His Rupture+

I will gladly tell anyone suffering from rupture that I am more than
pleased with my Cluthe Truss. Of all the things I have tried for my
rupture, the Cluthe Truss is the only thing that ever helped me.
I believe it will cure me entirely. I have not felt the slightest pain
since I put the truss on.

  1113 Oregon St., South Muscatine, Iowa.
  September 22, 1911.

+Found Cluthe Truss a God-send+

I have worn your best grade truss since last March. It has given me
perfect satisfaction as well as to my friend, Mr. R. M., a man 82 years
old, to whom I recommended your truss. Before I tried yours I wore one
ordered by my physician. It caused me great suffering, and I was unable
to do any lifting or stooping whatever. The doctor then informed me no
truss could help me. I then happened to hear of the Cluthe Truss, which
I ordered and has been a God-send to me. I am able to work every day.
You can use this letter in any manner you see fit.

  716 Logan St., La Crosse, Wis.
  September 26, 1911.

+But for Cluthe Truss, Probably Would Not Have Lived to Write This+

To be honest with you, I don't believe I would be here to write this if
it had not been for the Cluthe Truss. Can truthfully say I have been
wonderfully benefited, and feel as though my rupture is cured.
I strongly advise all ruptured people to try the Cluthe Truss and
be convinced.

  R.F.D. No. 2, Haviland, Kansas.
  October 3, 1911.

+Prominent Saratoga, N.Y., Man Cured of Long-Standing Rupture
in One Year+

My case was a severe scrotal one, with ruptures on both the right and
left sides. It had been in peril of my life for a number of years,
receiving no relief from different trusses which I tried. Fortunately I
learned of yours, and now after only a year's use, I am completely

  (Veteran of Civil War. Ex-postmaster of Saratoga Springs for 18 years.
  and proprietor of Daily "Saratogan" for 25 years.)
  Saratoga Springs, N.Y.
  October 6, 1911.

+Was a Godsend to Him+

The Cluthe Truss I purchased of you was a godsend to me. I found that it
did all that you led me to believe it would do.

  4111 Humboldt Ave., Chicago, Ill.
  September 29, 1911.

+Cured in Eight Months+

I can truthfully say I am a well man. You may, with the greatest of
pleasure, use my testimony it if will help anyone who is afflicted with
rupture, and I will do all in my power to induce others that I know and
suffer as I did before I was wise enough to try the Cluthe Truss. May
God crown you in all your efforts, and give you great success.

  Housatonic, Mass.
  November 3, 1911.

+Cured His Rupture and also His Friends+

In justice to you I will state that I am permanently cured, by use of
your truss, and have not been very quiet in recommending your treatment
to others similarly afflicted. A neighbor sent for your truss at my
solicitation, and he tells me that he, too, is completely cured. We
fully appreciate the great good you are doing.

  A. W. KEDDIE, Quincy, Cal.
  October 4, 1911.

+Nine Months of Cluthe Truss Comfort Cures This Man+

I must thank you for all the good your truss has done me. Since wearing
your truss, I have felt like a different man. I have worn it only nine
months, and can truthfully say that I am completely cured of my rupture.

  FREDERICK L. KLINGLER, Rexburg, Idaho.
  October 13, 1911.

+This Missouri Doctor Cured+

I believe my rupture is cured, although I have worn the Cluthe Truss
only about three or four months. I have not lost a day out of the saddle
since I received the truss. Before, I could only walk my horse with
other trusses I wore, but with my Cluthe I could ride just as well as I
could before I was ruptured. Yours is so perfectly easy one does not
know one has it on. I will be seventy-three years old next month.
I cannot speak too highly of your truss. I don't see how it could be
improved upon. From my own personal experience, I would say that anyone
ruptured who follows your simple directions, is on a quick road to
complete recovery the moment he wears a Cluthe Truss.

  New Bloomfield, Mo.
  November 10, 1911.

+This Oregon Man Cured+

I am almost sure I am cured. Your truss is so easy that I feel lonesome
lost unless I have it on. Consequently, I wear it most of the time.
I tried five different kinds before I was fortunate enough to hear of
the Cluthe Truss. I am doing a little missionary work for you all the
time in appreciation of the great good your truss did for me.

  Harrisburg, Ore.
  October 10, 1911.

+Thinks Cluthe Cure a Great Thing+

I think I am permanently cured. I cannot recommend your truss too
strongly to anyone I know who has a rupture. Some of my neighbors have
already sent to you for advice and treatment, and others will do so
soon. I consider the Cluthe cure a great thing.

  S. L. LEE,
  Quincy, Cal.
  November 21, 1911.

+Quick Cure by Cluthe Truss+

I have had my Cluthe Truss only two months, and believe I am cured right
up. I can honestly say that your truss has done for me what no other
truss ever did, that is hold the rupture up, and to think that it even
cured me. Of course I shall continue to wear the truss some time,
although no rupture shows when I leave the truss off. I believe your
truss is sure to cure most people with rupture, if they would only buy

  45 St. Patrick St., Goderich, Ontario, Can.
  November 16, 1911.

+Has Not Had to Wear Any Truss for Years+

I am sure my rupture, which was cured by a Cluthe Truss, will never come
out again, now after so long. I have been without pain for years. I have
gladly recommended the Cluthe Truss at all times, for I know what
wonders your truss did in my case.

  30 Union St., Dominion No. 1, N.S., Can.
  October 19, 1911.

+Tried All Kinds, but Only the Cluthe Cured+

I purchased your truss about eighteen months ago. It cured my rupture.
Previously I had tried all kinds of trusses, but it remained for the
Cluthe Truss to cure me. It is the only one worthy of the name.

  861 West Main St., Greenfield, Ind.
  October 18, 1911.

+This British Columbian Man Cured+

I can go about without my truss, but I wear it at my work, as I feel
safer with it on. I find it most comfortable.

  Victoria, B.C., Can.
  October 17, 1911.

+Cured for Good+

I cannot speak too highly of the Cluthe Truss. It has stood by me
constantly while before I got your truss I could get nothing that would
give me any relief. Yours has done the work, for I believe that the
rupture is entirely healed.

  R.F.D. No. 1, Box 12, Whittier, Cal.
  October 13, 1911.

+Practically Cured in Five Months+

Your truss has done me more good in five months than all the others I
wore before I got the Cluthe Truss. I put it on the 20th of May, and
from that time to this the rupture never showed. I now know that my
rupture is completely cured, because I have not worn the truss for
weeks, and feel no weakness on account of not wearing it. Let any
ruptured man know what I write here, hoping the Giver of Goodwill will
always smile on me.

  J. L. MOSS,
  Atwood, Ala.
  October 13, 1911.

+Cluthe Truss Hangs in Closet While He Does His Work, Cured+

I can truthfully say I am cured by the use of your truss. I believe it
is the best truss ever invented by man. It did for me just what you said
it would. My truss is now hanging up in a closet in my house, and I
don't have to use it at all. Anyone can write to me if they don't
believe what you say. So give this to the suffering people of this land,
for why should it not do for thousands of others what it has done for

  Olympus, Texas.
  October 13, 1911.

+Ruptured Ten Years; Cured by Cluthe Truss+

I had suffered for ten years, and will admit that when I purchased your
truss I did not expect it to cure me, for the reason that I had been
disappointed by so many different makes or makers. I shall gladly
recommend the Cluthe Truss to anyone that I shall come in contact with,
who is suffering with a rupture.

  5619 Georgia Ave., Washington, D.C.
  October 6, 1911.

+Doctor Says in Six Months Will Be Entirely Cured+

My ruptures are so now that they do not come down without the truss, but
my doctor says to wear it for six months longer, and then I will be able
to go without the truss altogether. I have only had the Cluthe Truss
four months.

  1104 7th Ave., Seattle, Wash.
  September 27, 1911.

+Cluthe Truss Makes Him a Different Man+

I do not know how to express my gratitude to you. Money could not buy my
Cluthe Truss from me. My health is so much better and I feel so
different than I used to before I purchased your truss. I was always
afraid to go ahead and do any work, fearful of the consequences, but now
I never think of it, for I feel absolutely safe. I am confident that if
I knew about your truss sooner than I did, I would be a well man to-day.

  Sheridan, Ore.
  October 2, 1911.

+Tried the Whole Category of Trusses, and Finds Only Cluthe Makes Good+

It gives me much pleasure to state the truth about the Cluthe Truss.
I found it the best truss I ever tried, for I have tried about the
whole category of trusses, and no truss ever did me any real good until
I purchased this one, which I have worn for about four months with
comfort. I have not had a moment of trouble with my rupture since
putting the Cluthe Truss on. I believe myself to be cured. I have worked
hard all the time, doing work that I could not have done before I had my
Cluthe Truss.

  Hooser, Kan.
  October 3, 1911.

+Almost Cured in Three Months+

I am almost cured already, although I have worn the truss only three
months. My rupture has not been out since I put the truss on. It
certainly was a God-send to me when I got your truss, and I cannot
recommend it too highly.

  A. L. MYERS, Ilwaco, Wash.
  September 25, 1911.

+Took Six Months to Cure This Rupture+

I am glad to state that after wearing your truss since last February I
feel I am cured to stay cured. As my work requires heavy lifting, I
still use the truss while working, but at all other times I never have
it on. I have not had to wear it for the last three months. The truss is
just as good as the day I bought it.

  1079 17th Ave., Minneapolis, Minn.
  October 25, 1911.

+Cured in Five Months+

I purchased my Cluthe Truss last February, wore it five months, and have
not had to wear any truss since. From the first day I put it on to this
present day, the rupture has never been out or bothered me in any way,
and I have done lifting and all kinds of heavy work all this time. So I
have reason to feel sure I am cured.

  CHARLES T. NASS, Robinsons Corner, N.S., Can.
  September 30, 1911.

+Cluthe Truss Does What Physician Advises Only Surgical Operation
Could Do+

I have been so greatly benefited by your truss that I feel myself
practically cured. I suffered sixteen years and tried many different
trusses during that time. Physicians advised me to go through an
operation. Your truss gave me relief the first day. I cannot speak too
highly of if. I cannot recommend it too strongly to anyone afflicted.

  R.F.D. No. 1, Saco, Maine.
  October 4, 1911.

+Never Saw Rupture Since Wearing Cluthe Truss+

My rupture has never come out since I got the truss, and I have often
left my truss off all day without any signs of the rupture showing.
Before I got the Cluthe Truss I suffered all the time, but yours gave me
comfort from the moment I tried it.

  JAMES NAYLOR, E. Arrow Park, B.C., Can.
  October 4, 1911.

+Cured in Less than 4 Months+

I have had your truss less than four months, and have been able to go
without it for a week at a time, without the rupture coming down. So I
think I am about cured, with many thanks to you.

  W. H. NEAL,
  136 Race Path St., Fayetteville, N.C.
  September 25, 1911.

+Man Seventy-two Years Old Cured+

I take pleasure in aiding all my friends who are ruptured. I am entirely
cured, and do not need to wear a truss now. I am 72 years old. One man
to whom I recommended the Cluthe Truss says he would not take $150 and
be without his truss, if he could not get another. Use my recommendation
any time.

  J. A. PRICE, 906 Cruise St., Corinth, Miss.
  October 20, 1911.

+This Case of Double Rupture Cured+

Am writing you to let you know what your truss has done for me. My
ruptures are both healed up perfectly sound. They do not bother me
in the least. I cannot say enough for the Cluthe Truss. You have my
permission to use this letter, and I would be glad to make affidavit to
it, if you wished.

  Watervliet, Mich.
  September 23, 1911.

+Another of the Thousands of Kansans Cured by Cluthe Truss+

I go weeks at a time without the truss, but when I am at heavy work I
keep it on as a wise precaution. I would not take many times what it
cost for it. I am more than satisfied with your treatment of my case.

  W. E. CROWL,
  Riley, Kansas
  November 18, 1911.

+Entirely Cured+

I wish to say that I consider myself most fortunate in having heard of
the Cluthe Truss. It has entirely cured me of my rupture.

  Ashton, Rhode Island.
  October 23, 1911.

+Never Spent any Money in His Life that Did Him So Much Good+

I was ruptured for six years and never got anything that did me any good
in that time till I got this truss from you. I tried everything I heard
of before I got my Cluthe Truss. I am now about well, but I still wear
the truss when doing heavy work. I never spent any money in my life that
did me so much good.

  Northspur, Cal.
  October 10, 1911.

+Saved from an Operation, Costing at Least $300, by the Cluthe Truss+

I am getting along finely. I have only worn the truss a few weeks and
would not expect a cure of my case so soon. I work about fourteen hours
a day, and am on my feet all day long. I never have the least trouble
with the truss, and would not sell it for any money. It saved me from an
operation costing at least $300. I wish you all the success you deserve.

  Le Mars, Iowa.
  September 29, 1911.

+Ohio Minister Cured+

I still wear my Cluthe Truss, though I am cured, as it gives me no
uneasiness or discomfort.

  Van Buren, Ohio.
  October 19, 1911.

+Prominent Arkansas Man Quickly Cured+

It is only in justice to you, and a great pleasure to me that now after
wearing your truss for 90 days, to say that I find my rupture back in
place and that it does not come down without the truss. However, I have
thought it best to wear it for a while longer, believing that my case,
a double rupture of 50 years standing, is practically cured. I am 67
years of age, and during that time I have tried over 25 different
trusses and treatments for rupture.

  Ex-Postmaster of Stuttgart, Ark., and Past Department Commander G.A.R.
    of Arkansas, Stuttgart, Ark.
  October 13, 1911.

+Only Real Device for Rupture Made in the World+

I wish to state a few facts concerning your truss. It is the only real
device for rupture made in the world. It cured me. I don't know what I
would have done if I had not heard of the Cluthe Truss.

  17 West 4th St., Jamestown, N.Y.
  November 9, 1911.

+Considers Cluthe Truss a Wonder+

The truss I purchased from you about six months ago is a wonder. It has
me about cured. You can use my name whenever and wherever you wish, and
I will help any person that suffers with rupture anywhere in the city of
Chicago or any other city, that writes me to verify this statement.

  2275 Archer Ave., Chicago, Ill.
  October 3, 1911.

+Cured In Seven Months While Indulging in Athletic Sports+

I had tried several so-called trusses with poor results up to last May,
when you fitted me, and I can positively state that from that day my
rupture has not been down since. I indulge in athletic sports, in
swimming and bathing and wore your truss in the water with no
inconvenience whatever. I feel confident that I am now entirely cured
of my rupture, and write this hoping that some afflicted brothers may
take advantage of your grand invention. You may use the above for
recommendation if you wish.

  25 Water St., New York City.

+Absolutely Cured by the Cluthe Truss+

About August, 1909, I began using your truss for rupture. With it life
was not such a misery as all my other trusses had made it. Some months
thereafter I took the truss off and found I was completely cured. And
herewith greetings and heartfelt thanks, for I know your members to be
great benefactors to suffering humanity.

Before I bought my Cluthe truss I was examined by two "doctors." One
would cure me with the knife for $200 and $25 per week while in
hospital, and the other, by injection, for $150, and he would also use
some form of Spring truss.

You are at liberty to use these few words any way you wish.

  D. A. ROSS,
  R.F.D. No. 3, Oklahoma City, Okla.

+Doctor Who Was to Operate Calls It Perfect Cure by Cluthe Truss+

I am perfectly cured by wearing one of your trusses. My rupture was as
large as a goose egg, and was out all of the time. I put your truss on
and kept it on for one hundred days, and when I took it off the rupture
was all healed up and cured. The doctor who was going to operate on me
called it a permanent cure.

  720 Calvert St., Rome, N.Y.
  October 6, 1911.

+Proof of Permanency of Cure by Cluthe Truss+

Please send me an order blank for a friend. It may interest you and
others to know that I purchased a truss of you many years ago, which
cured me.

  L. E. DRAKE, Bellevue, Alta, Canada.

+Cured by Cluthe Truss in 6 Months+

Your Truss is all you claim for it. I have had the truss about six
months and never had any symptom of trouble since then. I am now cured
and will only be too glad for you to refer anyone to me for any
reference you want. I tried many other trusses with no relief. Those
afflicted should not delay in getting your truss.

  G. P. LA FOLLETTE, 289 Edith Ave., Memphis, Tenn.

+Blacksmith Cured While Doing His Work+

I bought one of your trusses about eight months ago and am more than
pleased with results. I have worked hard-- even at horseshoeing-- every
day since I put the truss on, but in spite of all that it cured me of my

  PHILIP POGREBA, Delano, Minn.

+Cluthe Truss Cured This Californian 76 Years Old+

I am glad to have the opportunity of letting the public know of the
benefit I received from the truss purchased from you. It is all you
claim for it, for my left rupture is now cured and the one on the right
side almost well. I am past 76 years old but I felt all of ten years
younger from the day I commenced using your wonderful truss. I shall be
indeed glad to impart to those who suffer as I did, any information I
can give regarding the Cluthe Truss.

  W. L. NOTLEY, 63 Pearl St., Santa Cruz, Calif.

+Now Over 81 Years Old-- Was Cured by Cluthe Truss+

My rupture is all well and the cure is complete, but I keep the truss on
day and night because I am over 81 years old and might take a fit of
sneezing. With many thanks for your kindness.

  G. A. P. BRYANT,
  R.F.D. No. 1, Smyrna Mills, Maine.

+This Chicagoan Cured in 3 Months+

After I had worn your truss three months, I noticed that the rupture did
not appear as formerly on retiring at night. An instance-- my cat had a
fit one night, I jumped out of bed very hurriedly, grabbed the cat,
rushed down two flights of stairs and threw the cat out on the porch.

When I returned to my room I thought of the truss, not having thought to
put it on before going downstairs-- was overjoyed to find that there was
no sign of the rupture; this was several months ago and there has been
no return of the rupture since. Would be pleased to recommend the Cluthe
Truss at any time.

  Western Bank Note Co., 20th street and Indiana avenue, Chicago, Ill.

+Cured by Cluthe Truss While Sawing and Chopping Wood+

My rupture has never bothered me since I started to wear the Cluthe
Truss. I found it to stay in place just as you recommended it, while at
hard work such as sawing and chopping wood, digging and carpenter work.
I thank you for the great good and the cure it has effected for me.

  Winchester Springs, Ont., Canada.

+Cured-- and Cannot Recommend It Too Highly+

I was more than satisfied with my Cluthe Truss. It cured me of my
rupture and cannot recommend it too highly.

  63 N. 9th W., Salt Lake City, Utah.

+This Scrotal Rupture Cured+

The truss I bought of you less than a year ago has been a wonderful
success. I am now entirely cured of my scrotal rupture.

  316 Market St., Logansport, Ind.

+Has Worn Cluthe Truss only 6 Weeks and Fast Getting Well+

I have worn the Cluthe Truss six weeks and am fast getting well-- can't
see or find anything of my rupture now-- but shall wear truss longer.

The elastic truss that I used to wear got so wet on the body that I had
to tighten it up to get it to hold-- only to have it fail me later in
the day. Mr. Fitzgerald has also been greatly benefited by his truss he
got from you.

  141 Albion St., Somerville, Mass.

+No More Sign of a Rupture+

I am now well and don't see any signs of being ruptured-- thanks to the
Cluthe Truss.

  R.F.D. No. 1 Osco, Ill.

+Cured While Doing Heavy Work+

I felt like a different man the very first week I wore my Cluthe Truss,
and it has done me so much good that I can safely leave it off entirely.
However, I take no chances, and being so comfortable and easy, I put it
on when I have extra heavy lifting to do in the course of my heavy work.
I have spoken to many of my friends about the wonderful Cluthe Truss.

  119 N. Ann St., Baltimore, Md.

+From One Who Has Tried Them All+

I write to let you know that I cheerfully recommend the Cluthe Truss for
rupture. It does all you claim for it. I had been ruptured for many
years and tried all kinds of trusses and rupture cures but found no
relief until I used yours.

  National Soldiers' Home, Milwaukee, Wis.

+Thanks God Daily for the Cluthe Truss+

This is simply to inform you that I must every day when I put your truss
on thank God for having found something which is not a fraud but a
blessing to all ruptured people. The Cluthe Truss enables me to take my
place among men, either in running, jumping or other hard work. It is
safe and comfortable and I would not be without it, knowing the Cluthe
Truss existed.

  Burquitlam, B.C., Canada.

+What This Kansan Says+

I will say your truss has helped me very much. Believe I am now cured
for sure as the rupture does not come out now when the truss is off.
It is the best thing I ever tried. Will tell everyone suffering from
rupture to try this truss. J. C. S.---- of my town sent for one through
me. You can use my name.

  Herington, Kans.

+Recommends Cluthe Truss to All+

I think it my duty to notify you that the Cluthe Truss you made for me
was indeed a great success. My rupture has disappeared and I am so far
cured. I certainly recommend the Cluthe Truss to all in need of relief
from rupture.

  215 Cooper Avenue, Lockland, Ohio.

+This Philadelphian Cured in Less Than 8 Months+

It gives me great pleasure to write you a few words of commendation in
reference to the truss I purchased from you in March, 1910. I, at first,
doubted its full value as I thought my rupture was incurable, but
subsequent results have proved my error. Ever since my birth I have
endured the pains and torture of a rupture until I started to wear your
truss, which was nearly eight months ago. I am now entirely cured of my
rupture-- thanks to the Cluthe Truss. Gentlemen, I thank you very much
for your able device and assistance, as you have made me feel like a new
man after all these years of misery.

You may use anything I have written, as I like to encourage a good deed.

  2018 S. 64th St., Philadelphia, Pa.

+Read What This Massachusetts Physician Says+

I am much interested in making known the excellence of the Cluthe Truss,
for I have confidence in its curative process. You can refer to me any
time you desire, not only as to the worth of your truss but also as to
the fair dealing you manifest toward your patients.

  1 Crown St., Worcester, Mass.

+Ruptured 30 Years, Believes He is Now Cured+

I have been ruptured for 30 years and have worn a good many kinds of
trusses and I never got one that did not nearly kill me at times.
My doctor has been trying for years to have me undergo an operation,
and I nearly made up my mind to have an operation when I saw your
advertisement in the Chicago Tribune.

I decided to try once more to get a truss, and after thinking about it
and putting it off for six months I finally purchased one of your
trusses three months ago. If I had only sent for one when I first
started I would not need to wear a truss now.

My rupture was a large one and since wearing your truss the rupture has
never been out. I can now stand on my feet without the truss on and
rupture does not show-- the opening seems to be closed.

I feel so grateful for the relief that I cannot help but thank you and
any time you wish to have anyone call on me I will gladly recommend you.

  W. H. BRUCE,
  204 East 54th St., Chicago, Ill.

+Proof of Permanency of Cure by Cluthe Truss Years Ago+

The truss purchased of you years ago gave me permanent relief and cure.
While I was always skeptical as to a permanent cure of rupture by means
of a truss the fact remains that after following your advice and
instruction, I have been going about without a truss, doing all kinds of
work same as I did prior to becoming ruptured. I cheerfully recommend
your truss to one and all afflicted with rupture. Only the patient
himself knows from experience how he has to suffer. Publish this letter
if you so desire.

  Route No. 1, Souderton, Pa.

+Now Freed of His Rupture Trouble+

I was in awful misery before I ordered a Cluthe Truss and as soon as I
put it on I felt like a new man. I can now leave truss off without
detecting the least sign or feeling of the rupture. I most highly
recommend the Cluthe Truss to any one who is ruptured and wish to give
you my best thanks for what it has done for me.

  South Milwaukee, Wis.

+Did Not Believe Cluthe Truss Would Cure, Now Happily Disappointed+

Over a year ago I bought a Cluthe Truss but had no belief that it would
cure my rupture. I have been, however, happily disappointed and am now
glad to inform you and everyone suffering from rupture, that the Cluthe
Truss did cure my rupture entirely. Thanks to you.

  29 Mechanic St., Putnam, Conn.

+For 47 Years Suffered with Wrong Trusses, Cluthe Truss Proved
Its Worth in This Case+

I was ruptured in the spring of 1863; for 47 years I bought and wore all
kinds of trusses and none ever held the rupture. One year ago I bought
the Cluthe Truss; it holds the rupture securely, I have better health,
can now do any kind of work on the farm and forget actually that I wear
a truss; I have no dread now of strangulation and am thankful I saw your
adv., sent for your book and bought the one truss that by experience
proves that it holds the rupture at all times. I am now in my 85th year
and happy with the Cluthe Truss.

  R.F.D. No. 1, Box 63, Murrysville, Pa.

+Cured by Cluthe Truss in 5 Months After Suffering 49 Years+

I have worn your truss since August and in the following January--
merely by chance-- I took off the truss. To my surprise I could not see
any rupture nor feel any opening-- nor after coughing, the spot is firm
and no protrusion. While as a member of Co. F, 46th N.Y. Vol. Inf.,
during the bombardment of Fort Pulasky, I ruptured myself, and ever
since-- after 49 years (April, 1862), I have tried many trusses with no
results of any benefit until I tried yours. I gladly give the Cluthe
Truss my strongest recommendation on what it has done for me.

  C. G. RUSSE, Phoebus, Va.

+Wore Other Trusses 4 Years without Benefit, Cluthe Truss Cured
in 3 Months+

I take great pleasure in adding my name to your list of cured patients.
I wore the Cluthe Truss but 3 months and am now entirely cured. I wore
other appliances for four years without the slightest benefit. With best
wishes and many thanks and assuring you you may use my name in any way
you wish.

  Independence, La.

+Perfectly Well After One Year's Use of Cluthe Truss+

Kindly mention my name in your book of cured patients, as I have worn
the Cluthe Truss but one year and am now perfectly well and trying to
get others to buy Cluthe Trusses.

  Las Vegas, New Mexico.

+Wonderful Cure for His Double Rupture+

Many years ago I discarded the Cluthe Truss as it cured me of my 2
ruptures. I now look upon this cure as permanent, and wonderful, as I
was past the middle of life and suffered torture from other trusses
before ordering the Cluthe Truss. I consider it my duty to recommend the
Cluthe Truss to all people afflicted with ruptures.

  W. B. FISH (Pres.),
  Bullock Mfg. Associates, Springfield, Mass.

+Another Thankful Man Cured by the Cluthe Truss+

I was cured of my rupture trouble by the Cluthe Truss and cannot speak
too highly of the benefits I received from it. I shall spread your
wonderful work abroad to all in the condition I was in.

  Ingram Port (Halifax Co.), Nova Scotia, Canada.

+Satisfaction from the First+

Some time ago I purchased the Cluthe Truss, which has given excellent
satisfaction from the time I used it. It has cured my right side rupture
entirely and the left side is also nearly cured.

  Fleetwood, Penna.

+A New Man Since Wearing the Cluthe Truss+

It will soon he 2 years since I purchased my Cluthe Truss. I certainly
have been a new man ever since I put it on. I have left it off and felt
no bad effects from doing so. I am now cured.

  120 Henry St., Binghamton, N.Y.

+Cluthe Truss Cures Absolutely+

I am absolutely cured of my rupture by the Cluthe Truss. I consider your
truss the best device ever made for rupture.

  J. F. WOEHR,
  167 Perry Ave., Maspeth, Long Island, N.Y.

+Relief After 23 Years of Torment. 84 Years Old+

After 23 years of torment with different appliances I put on the Cluthe
Truss as soon as received and have not taken it off night or day since
and have no reminder of it being on. It was a blessed day for me when I
received it. I am 84 years old.

  Griswoldville, Ga.

+More Comfort in One Month Than Before in Years+

After more than a month's test of the Cluthe Truss, I wish to inform you
how well pleased I am with it. It holds me perfectly. I have taken more
comfort since wearing the Cluthe Truss than I had for years.

  PRYCE W. BAILEY (Postmaster),
  Seneca Falls, N.Y.

+Would Not Take $500 for His Cluthe Truss+

My father, John Brierley, wishes me to write you that he would not sell
his Cluthe Truss for $500 if he were unable to procure another like it.

  M.D., 228 Central Ave., Albany, N.Y.

+His Rupture Has Healed+

I have been wearing the Cluthe Truss several months and my rupture has
not come down in that time. I took the truss off 8 days ago and have not
noticed the first sign of a rupture and I believe it is all healed up.
Thanks for the greatest of all trusses, the leader of them all.

  J. J. CONLON (Box 38),
  Spring Valley, N.Y.

+Cluthe Truss Made New Man of Him+

Having used your Cluthe Truss for 3 months, I feel now that I can highly
recommend it. It has made a new man of me and my rupture has never been
out since putting the truss on.

  R.F.D. No. 3, Trenton, N.J.

+Cured His Son+

A short time ago I bought a Cluthe Truss for my son, which Truss I am
thankful to say has cured his rupture entirely. He is a very strong boy
continually jumping and tumbling around and still we can see no sign of
the Rupture. You can refer anyone you wish to me.

  A. A. DAVIS,
  2844 38th Place, Chicago, Ill.

+Ruptured 13 Years, Cured by Cluthe Truss+

I suffered torture with a rupture for 13 years. Then I got the Cluthe
Truss, which cured me in a short time. Your truss is more than you say
it is. I can get a doctor to back all I say for the Cluthe Truss.

  JOHN T. IBEY (Box 60),
  Meyersburg, Ont., Canada.

+Another Man Cured+

Some time ago I bought a Cluthe Truss and I write to tell you that it
has cured my rupture.

  Philipsburg, Mont.

+Can Recommend Cluthe Truss to All+

I can recommend the Cluthe Truss to all persons suffering from rupture.
I surely have been benefited by the Cluthe Truss very much in the short
time I have been wearing it.

  410 W. Princess St., York, Pa.

+Wants World to Know He was Cured+

I was cured by the Cluthe Truss after suffering from a rupture for 20
years and I want the world to know of my cure. I have not had my Cluthe
Truss on in 8 months and I can see no sign of my rupture.

  Oak Hill, Fla.

+Another Cure and Another Thankful Man+

I am very thankful to Mr. Chas. Cluthe, for he was the first man that
ever told me where my rupture was. Two doctors wanted to operate on me
and were about to get me into a hospital when I heard of the Cluthe
Truss and bought it and it has cured me of my rupture. Both doctors were
about 6 inches out of the way of where Mr. Cluthe told me my rupture
really was.

  269 Fayette St., Hammond, Ind.

+Sends His Patients to Us+

I have sent my patients to you with perfect satisfaction, knowing you
have an excellent truss, the Cluthe Truss.

  616 Madison Ave., New York City.

+Now Well and Sound-- Goes Bowling+

Last month I took off your Truss as I am cured and I now go down to the
bowling alley and often spend an hour and a half bowling and I do not
feel anything and am satisfied that I am now cured. I will consider it a
pleasure to recommend the Cluthe Truss.

  H. W. ERWIN,
  190 W. Brookline St., Boston, Mass.

+This New York City Man Completely Cured in Less Than a Year+

I found such good results from the use of the Cluthe Truss that I only
had to wear it less than a year when I was completely cured. I have
since been as well as ever I have been in my life.

  661 Ninth Ave., New York City.
  December 22, 1911.

+Could Hardly Walk. Now Rid of All Pain+

Words cannot praise the Cluthe Truss highly enough. After suffering 9
years I purchased a Cluthe Truss and it has rid me of all pain. Before
wearing your truss I was unable to walk half a mile. But one morning
lately I walked 8 miles and if my feet did not give way I think I would
be walking yet. I have no pain now and perform all my household duties,
as I could not before wearing the Cluthe Truss, because I had such pain
from my rupture. I owe much to the Cluthe Truss. It saved me from the

  60 Greig St., Rochester, N.Y.

+Man of 79 Has Nothing But Good to Say+

I have nothing but good to say of the Cluthe Truss for what it has done
for me, a man 79 years of age.

  Pine Island, Minn.

+Wouldn't Take $100+

I wouldn't take $100 for my Cluthe Truss. Success to the Cluthe Truss.

  R. L. AUTER,
  Vicksburg, Miss.

+Ruptured 20 Years; Cluthe Truss Holds Perfectly+

Truss received and am well pleased with it. It is a perfect fit and
holds my rupture perfectly. The Cluthe Truss is the first one to hold my
rupture in 20 years.

  F. W. JONES,
  Enterprise, Okla.

+Thanks to Cluthe Truss Can Now Climb Trees+

The Cluthe Truss is the only one worthy of the name of truss. It was the
best investment I ever made. I suffered untold agony with other
appliances, but the Cluthe has been a pleasure to wear. I can now climb
trees like a squirrel. Thanks to the Cluthe Truss.

  Waterbury, Conn.

+Says Cluthe Truss is the Best on the Market+

Truss received this P.M. Everything is more than satisfactory. You
certainly have the best truss on the market. If I can say a good word
for you I shall be more than pleased to do so.

  ABEL HALEY, Wolfeboro, N.H.

+Grateful for the Cure Effected by the Cluthe Truss+

I have not worn my Cluthe Truss in 6 months as my rupture is entirely
cured, and I cannot find words to express my gratitude to you and your
wonderful truss. It is without doubt the best truss made and I can
highly recommend it.

  74 Alexander St., Newark, N.J.

+Physicians Say Best Truss They Ever Saw+

I have worn your Cluthe Truss for a month and am free to say it is the
only Truss that I ever found perfectly satisfactory. I have worn trusses
for 51 years and spent hundreds of dollars; all these were failures.
I have shown the truss when on me to several physicians and they all say
it is the best they ever saw.

  J. MABBOTT BROWN (Supt.), Madison Fire Agents' Asso.,
  35 Tenney Block, Madison, Wis.

+Ruptured 20 Years; Cured in 5 Months+

For the benefit of those who are in the dark about Trusses and who are
suffering unnecessarily, I wish to state, without solicitation on your
part, that after spending over $200 for all kinds of trusses for over 20
years, I purchased a Cluthe Truss in March, 1908. Five months later I
took off the Truss and have not worn any since. My rupture is cured and
I am to-day as strong and well as the healthiest man. I might add that I
did not take your promises seriously when I purchased the Truss, but I
have changed my mind since and I hold you now in the highest respect and
believe you fill a long-felt want for the suffering thousands. Anyone
can communicate with me who doubts the truth of this assertion.

  North Lake Ainslie (Inverness Co.), C.B., N.S., Canada.

+Clergyman Tells How He was Cured+

I am only too glad to add my word of commendation as to the value of the
Cluthe Truss. I had used a number of others with no permanent good. You
cannot say too much in reference to the Cluthe Truss. It does all you
claim for it. It cured my rupture.

  Vineyard Haven, Mass.

+Cured by Cluthe Truss; Now Does Heavy Lifting+

I write to tell you that I was very much benefited by the Cluthe Truss.
I have not worn it in 2 months and have not felt the rupture at all.
I work in a feed store and have to do very heavy lifting.

  109 North St., Middletown, N.Y.

+Says Doctors are Enthusiastic+

The Cluthe Truss has given me wonderful satisfaction. I have shown it to
quite a number of people and doctors and they all think it a fine truss.
My rupture is now entirely cured.

  Culebra, Canal Zone, Panama.

+After Trying All Kinds; Cured in a Few Months+

After trying all kinds of trusses which did more harm than good, I
purchased a Cluthe Truss about 5 years ago and after wearing it a few
months have not seen or felt the rupture. I am entirely cured and can
recommend the Cluthe Truss to anybody suffering with a rupture.

  2228 John St., Ft. Wayne, Ind.

+Cluthe Truss Brings Long Denied Comfort+

Your truss received. A perfect fit. Have put it through a severe test
the past month and I am pleased to state that it has given me a
long-denied comfort, is satisfactory in every way and a master of my
rupture, for which accept my thanks and lasting gratitude. I deem it my
duty to recommend the Cluthe Truss whenever I can.

  Ellicott City, Md.

+Permanently Cured 10 Years Ago+

I purchased a Cluthe Truss from you about 10 years ago and after wearing
it one year I found it cured me and this cure has been a permanent one.

  Irvona, Pa.

+Cannot Speak Highly Enough for the Cluthe Truss+

About 8 or 10 months ago I purchased a Cluthe Truss which I have worn
with the greatest success. About a week ago I left Truss off and find
that the Rupture does not show; neither have I felt it and I think I am
cured. However, I shall put Truss on and wear it when I have hard work
to do as a special precaution. I cannot speak highly enough for your

  Cooleemee, N.C.

+Medical Student Cured by Cluthe Truss+

I am glad to say that after wearing the CLUTHE TRUSS I laid it aside
over a year ago and have not needed it or any other since. I am taking
up the medical profession now and if I can be of any service to you at
any time in future I will be glad to be of such service.

  ARTHUR L. BLACK, M.C. of S.C.,
  Charleston, S.C.

+Freed This Man of His Rupture Trouble+

I take pleasure in giving you my full consent to make public my
testimony regarding the benefit derived from your scientific Truss. If
you meet with any "Doubting Thomas," send them to me. I will be pleased
to tell them what it has done for me.

  167 W. 129th St., New York City.

+Saved Him from an Operation+

I can safely recommend the Cluthe Truss as the only safe alleviator of
the terrible sufferings of those unfortunate sufferers from rupture. It
was the Cluthe Truss that saved me from an operation. My very highest
commendations for the best truss-- the CLUTHE TRUSS.

  127 31st St., Newport News, Va.

+Himself Cured by the Cluthe Truss; Sends Order for a Friend+

I take pleasure in handing you herewith Mr. ---- 's order for a Cluthe
Truss together with remittance, which order please acknowledge. Mr. ----
is an employee in our office and being familiar with my rupture troubles
became convinced that as your Truss cured my rupture it ought to do the
same for him. Hence his order enclosed.

  C. A. McLANE,
  c/o Laredo Water Co., Laredo, Texas.

+Cured, But so Comfortable Would Feel Lost Without Truss+

I believe I am absolutely cured by the Cluthe Truss, but I still hang
onto it; would feel lost without it. I should consider it a pleasure to
recommend the Cluthe Truss to any doubting or suffering ones for I KNOW
what it is.

  603 E. Fayette St., Syracuse, N.Y.

+Utica Man Thinks of Us as Old Friend+

The Cluthe Truss has given me such a wonderful cure that I think of the
Cluthe Co. as an old friend.

  J. C. BIGELOW, Sr. (Florist),
  2 Columbia St., Utica, N.Y.

+Says Cluthe Truss is Finest on Earth+

I am more than pleased to acknowledge receipt of the Cluthe Truss, which
arrived last Saturday, and to say that the wearer reports it the finest
on earth. You are at liberty to refer any and all to me.

  H. C. KING (Broker),
  22 Fifth Ave., Chicago, Ill.

+Cured by the Cluthe Truss+

I am glad to let you know my rupture is cured by the use of the Cluthe

  Seymour, Conn.

+Cluthe Truss Gives Perfect Satisfaction+

My Cluthe Truss has given perfect satisfaction. The left side rupture is
entirely healed and right side much better. Have taken a great deal of
pleasure with it.

  GEO. A. HANSON (Box 1154),
  Bath, Me.

+This Yonkers, N.Y., Man Cured+

I recommend the Cluthe Truss to everybody who needs one, as it cured my

  189 Ashburton Ave., Yonkers, N.Y.

+Double Rupture Cured in 6 Months+

It is now 6 months since I purchased my Cluthe Truss and I have not seen
any sign of my two ruptures since.

  430 Plane St., Newark, N.J.

+Couldn't Work Until He Got Cluthe Truss+

You may tell the world that you make the best truss in the world. I have
been ruptured 10 years and wore 4 different appliances before the Cluthe
Truss and each of the 4 failed. Since wearing the Cluthe Truss my
rupture has not been down once, despite the fact that my work is heavy
in a saw mill. I could not do a hard day's work until I got the Cluthe

  Broad St., Tallapoosa, Ga.

+Says Cluthe Truss Leads All+

I can truthfully say the Cluthe Truss leads all the others. The old-time
harnesses are only a torture. During the past 3 weeks I have been
wearing the Cluthe Truss and my rupture has not bothered me since.
I scarcely can believe I have it on, it is so easy.

  80 East St., Clinton, Mass.

+Rides Horseback and Runs an Automobile+

During the few months I have been wearing the Cluthe Truss I have done
almost everything that would rupture a man or cause a ruptured man agony
or to be operated on. I ride horseback and I am now a chauffeur. Ask any
man what it means to crank an engine of high compression. This needs an
extraordinary truss to hold a bad rupture under such conditions, but the
Cluthe Truss does it. I hardly know I have it on.

  WM. C. WOOD,
  care G. L. Boissevain, Mt. Kisco, N.Y.

+Cured This Boy of a Bad Rupture+

I am more than pleased to say that the Cluthe Truss cured my 10-year-old
boy, who was badly ruptured. I thank God for directing me to you.

  258 W. 44th St., New York City.

+Cluthe Truss "One of the Comforts of Life"+

It gives me great pleasure to recommend the Cluthe Truss to my fellow
sufferers from rupture. I have a double rupture and since putting on the
Cluthe Truss have had that comfortable feeling ever since. I recommend
the Cluthe Truss to the ruptured as one of the comforts of life. It was
a friend of mine who had derived benefits from the Cluthe Truss who
recommended the Cluthe Truss to me. I thank him for so doing, ever

  51 Eldert St., Brooklyn, N.Y.

+His Rupture Has Not Appeared for the Last 4 Months+

I am inclined to think I am cured, but hardly wish to say so absolutely,
because I still wear my Cluthe Truss when I work, leaving it off now and
then when doing no heavy manual labor. My rupture has not appeared for
the last 4 months and I begin to feel confident that it will not appear

  Millington, Mass.
  September 26, 1911.

+Hasn't Seen Any Signs of Rupture for Three Years+

I have not seen my rupture for over 3 years. The Cluthe Truss is the
best I ever had.

  E. B. SCULL,
  Dias Creek (Cape May Co.), New Jersey.

+Cured His Little Boy After He Had Been Made Worse at a Hospital+

My little boy was 2 years old when I purchased a Cluthe Truss for him.
After wearing it 4 months it cured his rupture. He is now past 4 years
and has never been troubled since. We took him to a hospital before we
got the Cluthe Truss for him, but they only made him worse. We have only
praise for the Cluthe Truss.

  221 E. 29th St., New York City.

+Cluthe Truss Worth Its Weight in Gold+

I bought a Cluthe Truss and wore it about 8 months. It cured my rupture,
although I am 74 years old and I am now as free as ever I was. The least
I can say about the Cluthe Trusses is that they are worth their weight
in gold.

  Clayton, N.Y.

+Best Bargain He Ever Made+

I was cured of my rupture by the Cluthe Truss and it was the best
bargain I ever made. I no longer wear a support of any kind.

  Avon, Penna.

+Ruptured 12 Years; Cured by the Cluthe Truss+

The Cluthe Truss has cured me of a bad rupture of 12 years' trouble. It
is a blessing to every person affected that way.

  Norwich, N.Y.

+Hasn't Needed Truss for Over a Year+

I am glad to say that I have not needed any truss for over a year. The
Cluthe Truss cured my rupture. I find that ruptured people are somewhat
adverse to telling others of their trouble. That is why they do not hear
all they might from their fellow sufferers. I would be only too glad to
impart to them the benefits received from the CLUTHE TRUSS.

  Wadena, Sask., Canada.

+Thanks God for Having Heard of the Cluthe Truss+

You will remember I got a Cluthe Truss 6 months ago. About 4 weeks ago I
took it off and I feel I am cured and have seen no sign of rupture. I
feel so much better that I thank God I ever sent for your book. You sent
a truss just to fit my case and it cured me and I cannot recommend it
too highly.

  Jefferson, Oregon.

+Clergyman Cured by the Cluthe Truss+

I am happy to say that since I laid away the Cluthe Truss as being cured
by it, I have had no occasion to use it. That is now over 2 years ago.
Hoping you may be able to do for many others what you have done for me,
I am,

  B. F. MEREDITH (Pastor),
  Methodist Episcopal Church, Vale, Oregon.

+This Woman Cured in 6 Months+

I found the Cluthe Truss everything it was represented to be and cured
myself with it in 6 months and in the future will be glad to recommend
the Cluthe Truss to everyone I know to be suffering with a rupture.

  4 Woodruff Ave., Binghamton, N.Y.

+Cured in 9 Months+

After wearing the Cluthe Truss for 9 months I laid it aside for a
season. I had nothing that would hold my Rupture in until I got your
Truss. It has been a blessing to me. God bless you and yours. My Rupture
has not been out since I laid Truss off, which is over 2 months ago. In
future when sending out your pamphlet, add my name to it. It will show
my people what the CLUTHE TRUSS has done for me.

  E. A. HOWELL, Sr.,
  R. No. 7, Box 40, Booneville, Miss.

+Now Does Heaviest Work+

I have worn the Cluthe Truss for 18 months and my Rupture has not been
down in all that time. When not working I am now able to go without the
Truss. But my work in the hay and grain business is very heavy and I
wear the truss when lifting those heavy bales to be on the safe side.

  528 Washington St., Providence, R.I.

+Himself Cured by Cluthe Truss; Recommends It to Others+

Some time ago you furnished me with a Cluthe Truss which cured my
rupture. To-day in conversation with a customer who is ruptured I
strongly advised your Truss and he asked me to send you his order, which
I do.

  Main St., Pincher Creek, Alta, Canada.

+Wants Others to Know of Cluthe Truss+

I consider myself cured by the Cluthe Truss and am glad to do all I can
to help anyone who is ruptured by recommending your Truss. Hoping to see
my name in your book so I can be of help to others, I am,

  9 West Daine St., Beverly, Mass.

+Indian Chief Cured by Cluthe Truss+

I will always recommend the Cluthe Truss as the only one that did me any
good. I am sure I am cured, but at present will not stop wearing it and
take any chances, as I am riding on horses nearly all the time, and a
trotting horse is the worst thing for any truss or rupture. My rupture
never came down. Your truss never hurt me. I shall gladly answer all
letters when they send me return stamped envelope.

  U.S.S., 625 3rd St., San Diego, Cal.
  October 20, 1911.

+With Cluthe Truss on He Can Now Work on His Farm+

I was operated on for my rupture, but that did me no good. I then
ordered the Cluthe Truss and it has been a great blessing to me for I
can work now and tend to my farm. May God bless you in your good work.

  Waverly, Penna.

+Double Ruptured 12 Years, Cured by Cluthe Truss+

I had been ruptured twelve years and in all that time I never found a
truss or treatment that did me any good until I tried yours. Now I go
about without any truss, as I am completely cured-- thanks to the Cluthe

  Elm St., Stratford, Conn.

+Enjoys All Kinds of Comfort from Cluthe Truss+

One month ago I bought a Cluthe Truss, believing at the time I was
throwing my money away, as I had purchased so many other appliances
during the 40 years I have been ruptured and spent hundreds of dollars.
But I must say for once my money was well spent. Since I have worn the
Cluthe Truss I have enjoyed all sorts of comfort. It has held the
rupture perfectly since applied. It is clean and agreeable to wear; in
fact, I cannot realize I wear a truss. I will with pleasure explain and
show my truss to anyone in this section, doubting the above.

  President, Little Rock Trust Co., Little Rock, Ark.

+Cluthe Truss Cured Rupture of 45 Years' Standing+

I left my Cluthe Truss off recently, and there was no sign of my rupture
coming out. It cured my rupture of 45 years' standing. Wishing you

  279 Portland Ave., Rochester, N.Y.

+Ruptured 44 Years; Helped by Cluthe Truss+

I was ruptured on both sides about 45 years ago by jumping from train in
a terrible head-on collision. I bought all kinds of trusses and spent
considerable money. Then I got a Cluthe Truss and can now do any work in
safety. You are a benefactor of mankind. I had to give up my regular
work on train before using the Cluthe Truss.

  83 Hudson St., Port Jervis, N.Y.

+Cluthe Truss Cured This Man+

From the time I put the Cluthe Truss on in June until I took it off the
following May as cured of my rupture, it never once let go or slipped.
You may use my name in any way you please if by so doing you can help

  Pioneerville, Idaho.

+Now Goes Without a Truss+

My rupture is cured, as I can go about without my truss. It is too much
to believe. It is the Cluthe Truss that cured me.

  Fernandina, Fla.

+Cured Scrotal Rupture of 30 Years' Standing+

To-day is the 10th anniversary since you fitted me with the wonderful
Cluthe Truss and I feel that I must not let this day pass without
letting you know my opinion of it. Since that day 10 years ago my
rupture, a very bad scrotal rupture of some 30 years' standing, has not
come down from that day to this, and I am permanently cured. I wish I
could tell every poor afflicted mortal throughout this land about the
Cluthe Truss, and how much suffering and misery it would save them.
I wish you and your four noble sons a long and happy life for the great
good they have done and are still doing.

  55 Tuers Ave., Jersey City, N.J.

+Cluthe Truss Cured This Boy After Others Failed+

I wish to say that the Cluthe Truss I bought for my boy has cured his
rupture. I had four other appliances for him before I got the Cluthe
Truss, but it remained for the Cluthe Truss to cure him.

  Penn Ave., Dover, N.J.

+Listen to this Man's Heartspoken Thanks for the Cluthe Truss+

After going through all the pain and misery of a left side rupture for
16 long years which got so bad that it nearly cost my life, after
wearing all the different Trusses I could buy, none of them any good as
I am a locomotive engineer and my work is of the hardest kind, straining
and pulling when I have to reverse my engine a thousand times a day,
I purchased a Cluthe Truss. I have worn it 10 days and as regards the
rupture I have not seen it since I began to wear Truss, which Truss
proves a miracle to me. It fits me so comfortably that I really feel
like a new man, started out on a new life in a new world with a heart
full of joy and gladness. I would if I were near you call on you and
your sons who helped to make the Cluthe Truss and shake hands with each
of you and give you my heartfelt thanks for the good you have done me.

If there is any sufferer who wants to know about the Cluthe Truss let
him write to me.

  S. S. TEASE,
  369 Vancouver Ave., Portland, Ore.

+This Texas Man Finds Cure in Cluthe Truss+

After suffering many years, I got a Cluthe Truss which cured me of my
rupture after wearing it for five months.

  Chicota, Texas.
  October 17, 1911.

+Considers His Cure by Cluthe Truss Worth a Thousand Dollars+

My rupture has not come down since the day I put on my Cluthe Truss.
I followed your instructions, and I must say I have been well rewarded.
I would not take $1000 for my truss for I owe my cure to it. You may
cheerfully inform the whole world as far as I am concerned, for if I can
help others suffering as I did, I certainly will be glad to do so. I am
sure it is no disgrace to be ruptured, it is simply a misfortune. I am
sure that in most cases of rupture, your truss would soon work a speedy
cure as it did for me.

  337 South Main St., Fond du Lac, Wis.
  October 3, 1911.

+Cluthe Truss Cured Him in Less than 3 Months+

I gladly let any one know, and I cannot put it too strongly either, that
the Cluthe Truss cured me of my rupture in less than 3 months.

  Strool, South Dakota.
  October 9, 1911.

+Another Rome, N.Y., Man Quickly Cured by Cluthe Truss+

I have only had my Cluthe Truss 7 months, and can now safely go about
without any truss, without rupture appearing. I would not be back to
where I was before I got my Cluthe Truss for $1000.

  Rome, N.Y.
  September 26, 1911.

+Finds a Cure in 3 Months+

The truss I received from you gave me complete satisfaction. I had not
worn it 3 months, when I could leave it off as completely cured.
I believe it to be the most perfect device for rupture that can be made.
I might say a great deal more in its favor, but I am sure that any one
who once puts on a Cluthe Truss would never be satisfied with the
torturing leg-straps and heavy springs of other trusses.

  Bowell, Ont., Can.
  October 14, 1911.

+Well-Known South Carolinan Cured+

You are at liberty to use this as you please, if it will help any poor
sufferer, suffering from rupture as I did before I purchased my Cluthe
Truss. I am still using the truss, but my rupture is cured from its use.
I have been the means of your selling several of your trusses around
here, and I am still doing all I can for you. Your appliance is all and
even more than you claim for it. Previously I tried all kinds of trusses
that I saw or heard of, but none of them did me any good.

  Bishopville, S.C.
  September 30, 1911.

+Cured Him and His Child+

I don't need to wear any truss at all now, as the truss I purchased from
you cured me. It also cured my child of his rupture.

  342 Brook Ave., Harrisburg, Pa.
  October 12, 1911.

+Read What This Prominent Bostonian Says+

I am glad to say that the Cluthe Truss I purchased of you a week or so
ago, works to perfection. It does the business and completely holds the
rupture under all conditions. During the past 60 years, I have tried
various trusses and treatments, and all were failures or near-failures.
I am more than pleased to be relieved of the annoyances and suffering I
have had nearly all my life. I shall take great pleasure in recommending
the Cluthe Truss to all I meet, for I am now up for reference. I wish
you all success in relieving suffering humanity.

  70 Essex St., Boston Mass.
  September 13, 1911.

+His Pleasure to Inform of the Complete Cure by Cluthe Truss+

It is a pleasure for me to inform you of the complete cure in my case by
the Cluthe Truss. I wish to say that I have not worn my truss nor any
support whatever for 4 months, and I am sound and well, thanks to your
treatment. Command me at any time that I may be of service to you or the
afflicted, for it is indeed a great pleasure to me to speak a good word
for the Cluthe Truss.

  Clarksburg, W. Va.
  September 1, 1911.

+Delights in Permanency of His Cure+

The strongest argument I can make, based on my own experience with the
Cluthe Truss, is that I have been permanently cured by using it.

  Cornwall Landing, N.Y.
  October 13, 1911.

+A Blessed Day When He Received His Cluthe Truss+

I got a Cluthe Truss from you about 5 months ago, and it has completely
cured me. I went without it for 3 weeks, and there is no sign of the
rupture coming back. When I received it and put it on, for the first
time, I felt instant relief, and knew then that it was going to do me
good. It was a blessed day for me when I received my Cluthe Truss.

  Boulter, Ont., Can.
  November 23, 1911.

+Now Only Wears It as a Precaution+

I never wear my Cluthe Truss now only when I have some extra heavy
lifting to do. I am perfectly cured of my rupture, however, thanks to
the Cluthe Truss.

  Ponca, Ark.
  November 28, 1911.

+Wants Every One to Know that Cluthe Truss is a Necessity
for All Ruptured Who Want Relief+

I want every one to know my opinion, which is that the Cluthe Truss is
the one that everybody ruptured should get, if they want relief. I have
tried many, and have found yours the best and easiest to wear. If I had
enough money I would gladly pay the price of a truss to anyone who would
not be cured after giving it a trial. That is how I feel about the
Cluthe Truss.

  W. C. WOODS,
  Gause, Texas.
  November 23, 1911.

+79 Years Old Cured by Cluthe Truss+

It is a pleasure to me to let you and all others know what I think of
the Cluthe Truss. My case was a double one, and the rupture on the right
side was very bad, but I can truthfully say that I am now cured. I am
now living on borrowed time, being in my seventy-ninth year.

  48 Grape St., New Bedford, Mass.
  November 28, 1911.

+Hard Work Every Day Did Not Prevent This Cure by Cluthe Truss+

I really don't know how to express my gratitude to you for my rupture is
cured at last. I feel as strong as I ever did before I was ruptured.
I work hard every day and have never had any bad effects.

  Escuminac River, Que., Can.
  November 28, 1911.

+Cured by Cluthe Truss While Lifting Rails and Ties
in the Course of Work+

I have often been without my Cluthe Truss, and rupture has never come
down even without the truss. Before getting the Cluthe Truss I had tried
many others, but none of them held my rupture continuously, to say
nothing of the discomfort caused and chafing by those leg-straps and
springs. By reason of my work as section foreman I am frequently
required to do heavy lifting, such as railroad rails and ties. This is
what I think of the Cluthe Truss.

  Hollis Depot, N.H.
  November 27, 1911.

       *       *       *       *       *
           *       *       *       *
       *       *       *       *       *


The muscles at some point have simply
  _text reads "simlpy"_
there is no expense beyond the price
  _text reads "beyonp"_
no springs, no legstraps
  _no hyphen in original_
and, gradually overcomes the weakness
  _comma in original_
you who now scarcely
  _text reads "nows carcely"_
dare do a thing-- scarcely even cough or laugh
  _dash supplied by transcriber: no punctuation in original_
that is why, when a man
  _text reads "whan"_
bands or springs around the waist
  _text reads "wait"_
"Don't-Wear-a-Truss" Arguments
  _text reads "Dont"_
But it is easy enough
  _text reads "But it easy"_
The Cluthe Truss costs so little
  _text reads "cost"_
worthless makeshift
  _text reads "makeshirt"_
"This truss fully guaranteed."
  _text reads "guaranted"_
a legitimate profit
  _text reads "ligitimate"_
Both are perspiration-proof and both water-proof. The Cluthe Truss
  _text reads "The Cluthe. Truss"_
60 days' trial.)
  _close parenthesis missing in original_
agree with the corresponding question.)
  _close parenthesis missing in original_
do any kind of work
  _text reads "king"_
747 E. Main St., Ravenna, Ohio.
  _comma after "Ravenna" missing_
  period after "CHAS" missing_
To be honest with you, I don't believe I would be here to write this if
it had not been for the Cluthe Truss. Can truthfully say I have been
wonderfully benefited, and feel as though my rupture is cured
  _text reads "don?t believe ... if it has not been ... feel aa though"_
My ruptures are so now
  _text unchanged: missing word after "so"?_
wear it for six months longer
  _text reads "sic"_
to wear any truss since. From the first day
  _text has comma for period_
in that time
  _text reads "yhat"_
Western Bank Note Co., 20th street and Indiana avenue, Chicago, Ill.
  _capitalization unchanged_
2844 38th Place, Chicago, Ill.
  _comma after "Chicago" missing_
I have been permanently cured by using it
  _text reads "permenantly"_
I can truthfully say that I am now cured
  _text reads "thaat"_

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