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´╗┐Title: Funny Alphabet - Uncle Franks' Series
Author: Cogger, Edward P.
Language: English
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Copyright Status: Not copyrighted in the United States. If you live elsewhere check the laws of your country before downloading this ebook. See comments about copyright issues at end of book.

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  [Transcriber's Note:
  The original text, including any apostrophes, is unchanged.]

Uncle Franks' Series



McLOUGHLIN Bro's Publishers 24 Beekman



[Illustration: A]

[Illustration: B]

  A was an Actor,
    'Tis clear to your view:
  B was three Boys,
    Forming letters for you.

[Illustration: C]

[Illustration: D]

  C was a clown, who clever was found.
  D was a dunce, and Harlequin bound,
  E was soon formed with the aid of a child,
  F in a frolic appear'd to be wild.

[Illustration: E]

[Illustration: F]

[Illustration: G]

[Illustration: H]

  G was George Godfrey, a truant I fear,
  H hand in hand, like two pillars appear.
  I was an Indian figure for thee:
  J was Jemima Mermaid, only see.

[Illustration: I]

[Illustration: J]

[Illustration: K]

[Illustration: L]

  K was Kail Knowledge, to Kew he was bound,
  L was Luke Lazy, he's now on the ground.
  M Master Merryman, mark what I say,
  N Neddy Noodle the Vicar of Bray.

[Illustration: M]

[Illustration: N]

[Illustration: O]

[Illustration: P]

  O Obadiah a letter quite round,
  P Paul Plaintive, in Pleasure was found,
  Q quit was, in shape much like O,
  R Robin Roughead, I'd have you to know.

[Illustration: Q]

[Illustration: R]

[Illustration: S]

[Illustration: T]

  S Simon Sobersides, serious and soft,
  T Timothy Touchstone, tomboy and torch,
  U Uniform, Union, and Unicorn trot,
  V very vexatious his letters forgot.

[Illustration: U]

[Illustration: V]

[Illustration: W]

  W Walter and William
    Were vex'd,
  X in the Alphabet,
    Is sure to stand next.

[Illustration: X]

[Illustration: Y]

[Illustration: Z]

  Y was a Youngster,
    He'd play with his betters;
  Z was a Zany,
    For not knowing his letters.



  24 Beekman Street,  NEW YORK.


Amusement for Children.


MCLOUGHLIN BRO. have recently issued, under the above title, twelve
kinds of PAPER DOLLS, with a variety of beautiful Dresses, Bonnets, &c.

+The Bride+, a handsome doll, both sides of the dress colored.

+American Lady+, a very large doll, beautifully colored.

+Emma+, and her twin sister, +Etty+.

Just out, +Grace Lee+, a splendid doll, both sides of the dress colored.

+Susan Lee+, a beautiful doll, both sides dress colored.--12 cts each.

The following is a list of small dolls.--Price 6 cents each.

  DOLLY,      BABY,       LITTLE LADY,

We have also Published seven new sets of


No. 1, +Bed-room Set,+ contains a French Bedstead, Bureau, Wash-stand,
Table, two Ottomans, and four Chairs.

No. 2, +Parlor Set,+ contains a Sofa, Centre Table, six Gothic Chairs,
two Rocking Chairs, and two Ottomans.

No. 3, +Drawing-room Set,+ contains Piano Forte, Sofa, Table,
six Chairs, two Ottomans, and two Rocking Chairs.

No. 4, +Drawing-room Set, Brocatel,+ contains a handsome imitation
Rosewood Piano, two Rocking Chairs, two Tete-a-tete's, six Chairs,
and two Ottomans.--Price 12 cents each.

No. 5, +Double Set,+ contains the Bed-room, and the Drawing-room
Set.--Price 25 cents each.

No. 6. +Bed-room Set, Small.+

No. 7. +Parlor Set,+     "   --Price 6 cents each.


Contains 28 Soldiers and Officers to be cut out and pasted on Stands.


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