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Title: Putnam's Word Book
Author: Flemming, Louis A.
Language: English
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Copyright Status: Not copyrighted in the United States. If you live elsewhere check the laws of your country before downloading this ebook. See comments about copyright issues at end of book.

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Putnam's Word Book

A Practical Aid in Expressing Ideas through the Use of an Exact and
Varied Vocabulary


Louis A. Flemming

Copyright, 1913
G. P. Putnam's Sons

(Under the title _Synonyms, Antonyms, and Associated Words_)


The purpose of this book, as conceived by the author, is not to attempt to
create or to influence usage by pointing out which words should or should
not be used, nor to explain the meaning of terms, but simply to provide in
a form convenient for reference and study the words that can be used,
leaving it to those who consult its pages to determine for themselves,
with the aid of a dictionary if necessary, which words supply the
information they are looking for or express most accurately the thoughts
in their minds. The questions, therefore, that were constantly in the
author's mind while he was preparing the manuscript were not, _is_ this
word used? nor _should_ it be used? but is it a word that some one may
want to know as a matter of information or to use in giving expression to
some thought? When the word in question seemed to be one that would be of
service it was given a place in the collection to which it belongs.
Believing the book would be consulted by students and workers in special
fields, the author incorporated into it many words, including some
technical terms, that might, in the case of a work of more restricted
usefulness, have been omitted.

It happens frequently that the word which one thinks of first does not
express the exact shade of thought one desires to express and some other
word of similar meaning is necessary. For this reason there is, for those
who want to write and speak with precision and effectiveness, an important
use for collections of synonyms. Throughout this book synonyms means words
that are similar in meaning or which express the same general idea with
shades of difference. Those who use this work should bear in mind that all
words that are classified as synonyms cannot be used interchangeably; that
there are differences in meaning between them; and that, before using an
unfamiliar word, they should ascertain its meaning and usage in a
dictionary. Antonyms are words that are opposed to another word in
meaning. Such words are helpful when it is desired to express contrasted
or conflicting ideas or thoughts. In many instances, however, a list of
antonyms is unnecessary. For example, no antonyms of _good_ are found
after the synonyms of that word because one thinks of _bad_ instantly when
considering the opposite of _good_; and under _bad_ numerous synonyms,
which are also the antonyms of _good_, are found.

It is not an infrequent occurrence for a word to be required that is
neither a synonym nor an antonym of a familiar term but merely associated
with it in meaning and usage. Such a word cannot when unknown or
momentarily forgotten be easily found in a dictionary. In this volume
collections of such words are found after the general terms with which
they are associated. This feature of the book will be of service as a
memory-help when a word cannot be recalled and also, which is perhaps of
greater importance, by enabling writers and students to learn of words
objectively or through their associations.

By turning to the word that is thought of first or to the word with which
the term that is wanted is associated and reading the collections there
presented, any word that may be desired will be found.

The author spared no effort to make his work as complete as possible; and
he believes that it will be appreciated for its comprehensiveness,
modernity, and practical usefulness. He will be pleased to receive from
those who use his book any suggestions relative to changes, corrections,
or additions that might make the work more useful. He may be addressed in
care of the publishers.

L. A. P.

List of Abbreviations Used in This Book

a.            stands for adjective.
adv.            "     "   adverb.
Amer. Ind.      "     "   American Indian.
Astron.         "     "   Astronomy.
Bot.            "     "   Botany.
Cen. Amer.      "     "   Central America.
Chem.           "     "   Chemistry.
Civ. Law.       "     "   Civil Law.
Colloq.         "     "   Colloquial.
conj.           "     "   conjunction.
Eccl.           "     "   Ecclesiastical.
Fr.             "     "   French.
Ger.            "     "   German.
Gram.           "     "   Grammar.
Gr. Antiq.      "     "   Greek Antiquity.
Heb.            "     "   Hebrew.
Med.            "     "   Medicine.
Mil.            "     "   Military.
Mus.            "     "   Music.
n.              "     "   noun.
pl.             "     "   plural.
p.p.            "     "   past participle.
prep.           "     "   stands for preposition.
R.R.            "     "   Railroad.
sing.           "     "   singular.
Sp.             "     "   Spanish.
Sp. Amer.       "     "   Spanish America.
Theol.          "     "   Theology.
v.              "     "   verb.

Note.--A number of words with their synonyms and related terms that are
not found in the body of the book will be found in the Addenda beginning
on page 615.

Putnam's Word Book


Abandon, v. desert, forsake, forego, discard, relinquish, repudiate,
waive, renounce, abdicate. Antonyms: retain, maintain, continue,

abandon, n. unrestraint, wantonness.

abandoned, a. forsaken, deserted, derelict, castaway, rejected;
depraved, reprobate, incorrigible, arrant, graceless, irreformable.

abandonment, n. desertion, relinquishment, dereliction, reprobation,
surrender, evacuation, rejection, abdication. Antonyms: retention,
continuance, maintenance, persistence.

abase, v. humble, degrade, dishonor, reduce, humiliate.

abasement, n. humiliation, reduction, dishonor, degradation,

abash, v. disconcert, confuse, discomfit, discompose, chagrin,
mortify, embarrass.

abashment, n. discomfiture, confusion, mortification, chagrin,

abate, v. moderate, assuage, subside, diminish, intermit. Antonyms:
See increase.

abatement, n. moderation, diminution, reduction, subsidence,

a b c. alphabet, symbols; rudiments, elements, first principles.

a b c book. primer, hornbook.

abdomen, n. belly, paunch. Associated words: abdominal, ventral,
paunchy, abdominous, peritoneum, peritonitis, celiac, laparotomy, groin,
eventration, abdominoscopy, hypogastric, hypogastrium.

abduction, n. kidnapping, child-stealing, man-stealing, defiliation.
Associated words: abduct, abductor.

aberration, n. wandering, deviation; abnormity, irregularity;
madness, mania.

abet, v. instigate, encourage, incite, egg on, foment, uphold.

abetment, n. instigation, incitement, encouragement.

abeyance, n. suspension, indetermination.

abhor, v. abominate, loathe, hate, detest.

abhorrence, n. detestation, loathing, repugnance, abomination.

abhorrent, a. repugnant, detestable, loathsome, repulsive.

abide, v. dwell, stay, sojourn, continue, remain; acquiesce, conform

abiding, a. continuing, lasting, stable.

ability, n. competence, efficiency, aptitude, capacity, skill,
proficiency, capability. Antonyms: inability, incapability.

abject, a. degraded, groveling, servile, ignoble, contemptible base.
Antonyms: noble, lofty, dignified, exalted.

able, a. competent, qualified, capable, talented, clever, gifted,
efficient; effective, cogent, telling, potent. Antonyms: unable,
incompetent, incapable, inefficient ineffective, impotent.

able-bodied, a. stalwart, brawny, robust, sturdy, strapping muscular.

abnormal, a. anomalous, irregular, exceptional, aberrant, erratic,
unusual. Antonyms: See normal.

abnormality, n. variation, irregularity, anomaly, abnormity.
Antonyms: regularity, naturalness.

abnormity, n. irregularity, abnormality, monstrosity, anomaly.

abode, n. residence, habitation, dwelling, domicile, sojourn.

abolish, v. annul, nullify, abrogate, invalidate, repeal, revoke,
rescind, disannul, set aside, destroy. Antonyms: confirm, establish.

abolition, n. annulling, abrogation, destruction, abolishment,
disestablishment, cancellation, extinction, nullification, rescission,

abominable, a. odious, execrable, detestable, loathsome, abhorrent,

abomination, n. detestation, execration, abhorrence, loathing,
aversion, odiousness.

abortion, n. miscarriage, failure, frustration; castling, mooncalf,

abortive, a. unsuccessful, unavailing, miscarrying, frustrate,
ineffectual; rudimentary, undeveloped, sterile, imperfect.

abound, v. be plentiful, teem, swarm.

abounding, a. rife, plentiful, abundant, galore.

about, prep. concerning, anent, relative to, with regard to.

abridge, v. shorten, diminish, curtail; epitomize, condense.

abridgment, n. diminution, lessening, reduction, curtailment,
condensation; epitome, compend, synopsis, digest, summary, breviary.

abrogate, v. annul, repeal, revoke, abolish, rescind, nullify,

abrogation, n. repeal, abolition, revocation, annulment, defeasance.

abrupt, a. precipitous, steep, craggy, jagged, rugged;
unceremonious, hasty, brusque, rough, rude, curt, discourteous;

abscess, n. aposteme, imposthume, ulcer, fester.

absence, n. nonattendance; want, destitution, privation, lack;
inattention, absent-mindedness. Associated Words: furlough, parole.

absent-minded, a. preoccupied, distrait, inattentive, unmindful,

absent-mindedness, n. preoccupation, abstraction, inattention.

absolute, a. unconditional, unrestricted, uncontrolled, supreme;
consummate, faultless, ideal; actual, real; self-existent, self-sufficing;
autocratic, despotic.

absolution, n. forgiveness, remission, discharge, pardon.

absolutism, n. autocracy, despotism.

absolve, v. release, remit, pardon, exonerate, acquit, exculpate.

absorb, v. engulf, overwhelm, swallow up; imbibe, suck up,
assimilate; engross, occupy, monopolize.

absorbent, a. absorbtive, absorbing, bibulous.

absorbing, a. engrossing, engaging, fascinating.

absorption, n. imbibition; engrossment. Associated Word:

absquatulate, v. (Jocular) decamp, go away, depart.

abstain, v. forbear, refrain, withhold, deny one's self. Antonym:

abstaining, n. abstention, abstinence.

abstemious, a. abstinent, temperate, self-denying, frugal.

abstinence, n. forbearance, temperance, self-denial, abstemiousness.

abstinent, a. abstemious, temperate, continent. Antonyms: sensual,
wanton, self-indulgent, intemperate.

abstract, n. summary, epitome, compendium, synopsis, brief, compend.

abstracted, a. separated, disconnected, withdrawn; absent-minded,

abstraction, n. separation, disconnection, withdrawal; inattention,
absent-mindedness, preoccupation, musing; defiliation; purloining,
seizure, stealing.

abstruse, a. recondite, obscure, incomprehensible.

absurd, a. ridiculous, preposterous, nonsensical, incongruous,
foolish, irrational, inconsistent.

absurdity, n. inconsistency, fallacy, irrationality, ineptitude,

abundance, n. sufficiency, plenty, profusion, copiousness,
exuberance, plenteousness, overflow. Antonyms: deficiency, dearth,
scarcity, poverty.

abundant, a. plentiful, copious, exuberant, galore, ample, lavish,
plenteous, teeming, bountiful. Antonyms: deficient, inadequate,

abuse, v. misapply, misuse, pervert, desecrate, violate, profane;
maltreat, mistreat; revile, reproach, vilify, vituperate, malign, traduce;
violate, ravish, rape.

abuse, n. misuse, misapplication, perversion, profanation,
desecration; injury, maltreatment, mistreatment, outrage, offense;
invective, contumely, reproach, scurrility, opprobrium, tirade,
billingsgate, vilification; violation, rape.

abusive, a. reviling, scurrilous, opprobrious, reproachful,
vituperative, insulting, rffensive, contumelious, outrageous.

abut, v. project, terminate, be contiguous, meet;--with _on_, _upon_,
or _against_.

accent, n. stress, ictus; modulation, accentuation.

accent, v. emphasize, accentuate.

acceptance, n. approval, favorable reception; acceptableness.
Antonyms: rejection, refusal.

accessory, a. accompanying, accessary, contributory, subservient,

accident, n. casualty, mishap, contretemps, mischance, contingency.

accidental, a. casual, fortuitous; incidental, nonessential,

accidentally, adv. unintentionally, casually, fortuitously.
Antonyms: intentionally, advisedly, deliberately.

acclimate, v. acclimatize.

acclimation, n. acclimatization.

accommodate, v. adapt, conform, adjust; oblige, favor.

accommodating, a. obliging, complaisant.

accommodation, n. adaptation, adjustment; complaisance; favor,

accompaniment, n. concomitant.

accompany, v. escort, attend, convoy; chaperon.

accomplice, n. abettor, ally, accessory, confederate, _particeps

accomplish, v. achieve, effectuate, execute, complete, effect.

accomplished, a. completed, effected; practised, proficient.

accomplishment, n. completion, fulfillment, execution, effectuation;
attainment, acquirement, acquisition, grace.

accord, n. agreement, concurrence, harmony, sympathy. Antonyms:
variance, disagreement, inharmony.

accordance, n. conformity, unanimity, harmony, accord, rapport,

according to. agreeably to, in accordance with, in conformity with,

accost, v. greet, address, salute, hail.

accoucheur, n. obstetrician.

accoucheuse, n. midwife.

account, n. reckoning, computation, calculation, record, tab;
registry, register; recital, relation, narrative, report, delineation,
description, portrayal, explanation; reason, ground, consideration,
motive, sake; estimate, valuation, judgment, estimation, opinion;
importance, consequence, value, worth, reputation.

accountability, n. amenability, liability.

accountable, a. answerable, liable, amenable, responsible.
Antonyms: unaccountable, irresponsible, exempt.

accumulation, n. accretion, hoard, aggregation, accrument,

accumulative, a. cumulative.

accuracy, n. exactness, fidelity, correctness, precision. Antonyms:
inaccuracy, incorrectness, error.

accurate, a. correct, exact, just, true, literal. Antonyms:
inaccurate, incorrect, erroneous.

accusation, n. crimination, charge, indictment, impeachment,
arraignment, allegation, incrimination.

accusative, a. incriminatory, inculpatory, accusatory.

accuse, v. indict, charge, impeach, incriminate, arraign, criminate.

accuser, n. complainant, plaintiff, informant, prosecutor.

accustom, v. habituate, familiarize, inure.

accustomed, a. customary, wonted, habitual, usual. Antonyms:
unaccustomed, unfamiliar, unwonted.

achieve, v. accomplish, effectuate, realize, effect, attain.

achievement, n. accomplishment, attainment, effectuation feat,

acknowledge, v. admit, avow, concede, own, confess. Antonyms:
repudiate, deny, disavow.

acknowledgment, n. admittance, avowal, concession, recognition.

acme, n. culmination, top, zenith, climax, apex, pinnacle.

acorns, n. pl. mast. Associated Words: balaniferous, balanoid,
cupule, cupuliferous, quercite, racahout.

acquaint, v. familiarize, inform, tell, apprise, notify.

acquaintance, n. familiarity; kith. Antonyms: ignorance,
unfamiliarity, unacquaintance.

acquirement, n. acquisition, attainment.

acquit, v. discharge, release, exculpate, exonerate.

acquittal, n. release, discharge, exoneration, exculpation.

acrid, a. pungent, biting, corrosive, caustic.

acridity, n. pungency, bitterness, causticity, acrimony.

acrimonious, a. caustic, sarcastic, censorious, virulent, rancorous.

acrimony, n. asperity, bitterness, virulence, causticity, rancor,

acrobat, n. equilibrist, tumbler, funambulist, vaulter.

across, prep. and adv. athwart, crosswise, traverse

act, n. performance, feat, stunt (Colloq.), exploit, achievement,
deed, action, procedure, turn; decree, edict, law, statute, enactment,

act, v. behave, deport one's self; play, personate, impersonate,
mimic; feign, counterfeit, simulate, dissemble.

acting, n. personation, impersonation, simulation, feigning,
stage-playing, histrionicism, histrionism, affectation mimicry, pantomime
(acting without speaking).

action, n. agency, operation, movement, activity; pl. conduct,
behavior, deportment, deeds; (Law) lawsuit, litigation, suit.
Antonyms: inaction, stagnation, inactivity, inertia.

active, a. brisk, nimble, agile, sprightly, spirited; strenuous,
diligent, enterprising; operative, efficacious, drastic; effective;
transitive. Antonyms: inactive, passive, latent, quiescent, sedentary.

activity, n. operation, action; liveliness, briskness, agility,
sprightliness, strenuousness. Antonyms: inactivity, passiveness,

actor, n. doer, participant, performer; comedian; tragedian;
thespian; impersonator, personator, mime, mimic; pantomimist; barnstormer;
hamfatter; supernumerary.

actress, n. tragedienne; comedienne; ingenue, soubrette, understudy;

actual, a. real, veritable. Antonyms: potential, nominal,

actuality, n. reality, veritableness.

actuate, v. instigate, impel, incite.

actuation, n. instigation, incitement, animation.

acumen, n. astuteness, shrewdness, discernment, sharpness.
Antonyms: dullness, stupidity, short-sightedness.

adage, n. See saying.

Adam, n. Associated Words: Adamic, adamite, preadamic, preadamite,

adapt, v. adjust, conform.

adaptable, a. conformable, adjustable.

adaptation, n. adjustment, conformability.

add, v. sum up, foot up; append, supplement, subjoin, affix, adjoin,
superadd, annex. Antonyms: subtract, deduct, detract, remove.

addict, v. habituate, accustom.

addition, n. annexation, annex, appendage, supplement, appendix,
postscript, wing, augmentation, adjunct, rider. Antonyms: subtraction,
deduction, detraction.

additional, a. supplemental, adscititious, supplementary.

addle, v. muddle, confuse; spoil, rot.

address, n. discourse, speech, lecture, oration, allocution;
direction, superscription, delivery. Associated Word: vocative.

address, v. accost, speak to; direct, superscribe.

adept, n. See expert.

adequacy, n. sufficiency. Antonyms: inadequacy, insufficiency.

adequate, a. sufficient, commensurate, equal, proportionate.
Antonyms: inadequate, insufficient.

adjacent, a. adjoining, contiguous.

adjoining, a. contiguous, adjacent, neighboring.

adjustment, n. adaptation, regulation, settlement.

admissible, a. allowable, permissible. Antonym: inadmissible.

admit, v. acknowledge, confess, concede; allow, permit. Antonyms:
repulse, reject, refuse.

admittance, n. admission.

ado, n. fuss, bustle, stir, excitement, pother.

adolescence, n. nonage, juniority, minority, youth.

adopt, v. father, affiliate; espouse, support, maintain.

adoption, n. affiliation, fathering; espousal.

adorn, v. decorate, beautify, embellish, deck, ornament, grace,
garnish, bedizen, bedeck, bestud, beset, emblazon. Antonyms: disfigure,
mar, deform.

adornment, n. ornamentation, decoration. Antonyms: disfigurement,

adrift, a. and adv. drifting, derelict, lost.

adulterate, v. sophisticate.

adulterated, a. adulterate, impure, sophisticated.

adulteration, n. sophistication.

adultery, n. infidelity, criminal conversation.

advance, n. progress, progression, march, advancement, promotion,
preferment, elevation, appreciation, enhancement; overture, tender,
proposal, proffer, offer. Antonyms: retreat, retrogression, decline,
retrogradation, deterioration.

advance, v. progress, increase; promote, elevate; enhance, augment.
Antonyms: retreat, retrograde, decline, deteriorate.

advance guard. vanguard, van.

advancement, n. progress, progression; promotion, preferment,
exaltation, aggrandizement, furtherance.

advantage, n. vantage-ground; superiority, mastery, ascendency;
benefit, avail, profit. Antonym: disadvantage.

adventurous, a. adventuresome, temerarious, venturous.

adversary, n. enemy, foe, antagonist, opponent.

adversity, n. misfortune, buffeting, disaster, affliction, reverses,

advertise, v. announce, publish, proclaim, trumpet.

advertisement, n. announcement.

advice, n. counsel, admonition, monition, recommendation;
information, tidings, report. Associated Words: admonitory, mentorial,

advisable, a. expedient, desirable, befitting. Antonym:

advise, v. counsel, admonish, warn; apprise, inform, notify,
acquaint, tell; advise with, consult, confer.

advisedly, adv. purposely, intentionally, designedly, deliberately,

advisement, n. consideration, deliberation, consultation.

adviser, n. counselor, mentor, monitor, admonitor.

advocate, n. defender, apologist, vindicator, propagandist, upholder,

aërial, a. atmospheric; aëriform, vaporous, ethereal, empyreal,

affability, n. courteousness, civility, complaisance, sociability,

affable, a. courteous, sociable, gracious, cordial, benign,
complaisant, accessible. Antonyms: inaffable, discourteous.

affect, v. act upon, move, touch, influence, melt; concern, bear
upon, interest; dispose, turn, incline.

affectation, n. mannerism, pretension, puppetry, simulation.

affected, a. assumed, feigned, simulated, unnatural. Antonyms:
unaffected, sincere, natural, unfeigned.

affecting, a. touching, moving, pathetic, piteous.

affectionate, a. devoted, fond, loving, ardent.

affidavit, n. deposition. Associated Words: affiant, deponent,
jurant, depose.

affiliation, n. adoption, connection, association.

affirm, v. assert (positively), aver, asseverate, state.

affirmation, n. assertion, averment, asseveration.

affirmative, a. confirmative, ratifying, approving.

affix, v. subjoin, annex, append.

afflict, v. persecute, distress, scourge, trouble, harass.

affliction, n. tribulation, adversity, trouble, buffeting,
bereavement, hardship, visitation, scourge, distress, misfortune.

affront, n. indignity, insult, outrage, contumely, offense.

aflutter, a. agitated, perturbed, discomposed, excited. Antonyms:
calm, composed.

aforethought, a. designed, prepense, premeditated, deliberate,

aforethought, n. premeditation.

afraid, a. alarmed, fearful, timid, timorous, apprehensive, scared,
diffident. Antonyms: fearless, unafraid, intrepid, bold, undaunted,

afresh, adv. again, anew, _de novo_, newly.

after, a. next, subsequent, succeeding, following, later.

after all. nevertheless.

afterbirth, n. secundines; heam (afterbirth of a beast).

after-birth, a. post-natal.

after-death, a. post-mortem, posthumous.

after-dinner, a. post-prandial.

after-marriage, a. post-nuptial, post-connubial.

aftermath, n. rowen, eddish, lattermath, eagrass, etch rowett.

afternoon, a. post-meridian.

after the flood. post-diluvian, post-diluvial.

after the war. post-bellum.

age, n. maturity, seniority; epoch, period, time; century; eon;
climacteric; old age, dotage, senescence, senility, decrepitude,
superannuation; longevity. Associated Words: nostology, geratology,
geromorphism, coetaneous, coeval, contemporaneous.

agency, n. instrumentality, operation, action, mediation, means.

agent, n. representative, canvasser, substitute, deputy, factor,
procurator, syndic, go-between, commissioner, proctor, emissary, envoy,
solicitor, negotiator. Antonyms: principal, chief.

aggrandize, v. exalt.

aggrandizement, n. exaltation.

aggravate, v. intensify, heighten, enhance, increase; exasperate,
irritate, provoke.

aggravation, n. enhancement, heightening; (Colloq.) exasperation,
provocation, irritation.

aggregate, n. mass, whole, total.

aggregation, n. collection, accumulation, mass.

aghast, a. astounded, terrified, dismayed, horror-struck.

agile, a. nimble, spry, active, lively.

agility, n. spryness, nimbleness, activity.

agitate, v. disturb, shake, unsettle; excite, perturb, disconcert;
discuss, consider.

agitation, n. commotion, disturbance, perturbation, excitement,
flustration, discomposure, unrest, turmoil, estuation; discussion,

agitator, n. incendiary, firebrand.

agree, v. concur, accord, chime, acquiesce, harmonize; accede,
comply, assent, consent, grant; stipulate, promise, compromise;
correspond, coincide, comport, tally, conform, match. Antonyms:
disagree, differ, higgle, chaffer. See disagree.

agreeable, a. pleasant, grateful, gratifying, pleasurable, enjoyable,
congenial; suitable, conformable to, compatible, consonant, befitting.
Antonyms: See disagreeable.

agreement, n. concurrence, consensus, harmony, compatibility,
acquiescence, accord, concord, conformity, coincidence, unanimity, unison,
corroboration, correspondence; contract, treaty, stipulation, protocol,
compact, collusion, cartel (Mil.). Antonyms: disagreement, dissension,
discrepancy, variance, opposition, incompatibility.

agriculture, n. husbandry, farming, terra-culture, geoponics,

agriculturist, n. husbandman, farmer, agriculturalist, agronomist.

aground, adv. stranded.

aid, n. assistance, coöperation, succor, relief, furtherance, help,
subsidy, subvention, patronage; assistant, helper; aid-de-camp.

aid, v. assist, succor, coöperate, befriend, promote, abet, help.

aider, n. assistant, coadjutor, auxiliary, accessory, abettor,
coöperator, helper.

ailment, n. malady, disorder, complaint, illness.

aim, n. object, purpose, design, aspiration, end, goal.

aimless, a. drifting, purposeless, random, objectless, desultory.

air, n. atmosphere. Associated Words: oxygen, nitrogen, carbon
dioxide, ether, aërology, aërologist, aërometry, aëroscopy, aërometer,
aërography, aëriferous, aërodynamics, aërial, aërophobia, azote,
barograph, barometer, cyanometry, hermetic, hermetically, meteorology,
ozone, neon, pneumatic, aërator, pneumatics, pneumotherapy, hygrometry,
pneumatology, xenon, ventilator, aërostat, ariel, aëronautics,

air, n. melody, tune, descant, aria, song; publicity, vent;
appearance, look, bearing, mien, demeanor, aspect, deportment; semblance,

air, v. ventilate; aërate, aërify; display, expose, flaunt.

airhole, n. vent, vent hole, bung, spile hole; spiracle.

airiness, n. aëriality, unsubstantiality; gayety, vivacity, buoyancy,

airing, n. ventilation; aëration, aërification; display, flaunting,

air plant. aërophyte epiphyte.

airy, a. aërial, aëriform, ethereal, atmospheric, pneumatic,
unsubstantial; breezy, windy, ventilated; visionary, unreal; vivacious,
sprightly; garish, jaunty, flaunting.

akin, a. (Used after the noun) consanguineous, kindred, cognate,
agnate, related, congenial.

alarm, v. terrify, frighten, scare, appall, daunt, unnerve,

alarm, n. warning, signal; apprehension, terror, consternation
trepidation, fright, panic, dismay.

alarm-bell, n. tocsin, alarum.

alarming, a. startling, ominous, terrifying, frightful. Antonym:

albinoism, n. albinism, leucopathy.

alcohol, n. ethyl alcohol, methol, spirit of wine, rectified spirit.
Associated Words: alcoholism, spirituous, alcoholic, vinification,
vinificator, methilepsia, dipsomania, dipsomaniac, fusel, methyl,
methylate, methylated.

ale inspector. aleconner, aletaster.

alert, a. vigilant, watchful, wary, attentive.

alien, n. foreigner.

alien, a. foreign; adverse, inconsistent, unallied, incongruous

alienate, v. transfer, demise, assign; estrange, disaffect, wean.

alienation, n. transfer (of title), demise; estrangement,

alight, v. dismount.

alike, a. similar, analogous, homogeneous, resemblant uniform,

alimentary canal. enteron.

alive, a. living, quick, animated, instinct.

alkali flat. playa.

all, n. the whole, totality, aggregate, total, entirety.

allay, v. appease, alleviate, pacify, mollify, mitigate, moderate,
assuage, soothe, temper, palliate, abate, lessen, reduce, ease.
Antonyms: intensify, aggravate, heighten, rouse.

all-creating, a. omnific.

all-devouring, a. omnivorous.

allegiance, n. fealty, loyalty, devotion, fidelity.

alleviate, v. mitigate, mollify, lessen, allay, assuage moderate,

alleviation, n. mitigation, palliation, assuagement, relief,

alleviative, a. palliative, mitigative, assuasive.

alley, n. passage; lane, byway; cul-de-sac (blind alley).

all hollow. (Slang) completely, entirely.

alliance, n. union, coalition, federation, confederacy, league;
affinity, affiliation, connection, relationship.

all-knowing, a. omniscient.

allot, v. apportion, mete out, assign.

allotment, n. apportionment, assignment.

allow, v. permit, consent to; tolerate, suffer, endure.

allowable, a. permissible, admissible.

allowance, n. permission, concession, admittance, authorization,
sanction, tolerance, sufferance, connivance, leave, assent; extenuation;
discount, rebate, deduction, annuity, tontine; stipend; alimony.
Antonyms: disallowance, prohibition, refusal, injunction, embargo.

alloy, n. amalgam, alloyage; adulteration.

all-powerful, a. omnipotent, almighty.

all-producing, a. omniferous, omniparient, omniparous.

all-seeing, a. omnispective.

allspice, n. pimento.

allude, v. refer, advert, suggest.

allure, v. entice, lure, tempt, decoy, seduce, tweedle.

allurement, n. enticement, lure, temptation, seduction, decoy,

alluring, a. charming, tempting, seductive, attractive, fascinating.
Antonyms: repellent, repugnant, unattractive.

ally, n. confederate, co-worker, auxiliary, abettor, assistant.

ally, v. associate, confederate, join.

almanac, n. ephemeris (Astron.).

almightiness, n. omnipotence.

almighty, a. omnipotent.

alms, n. dole, charity. Associated Words: eleemosynary, almoner,
almonry, corban.

alone, a. (Used after the noun) single, solitary, isolated,
unaccompanied, companionless; unique, unmatched, incomparable. Antonyms:
accompanied, in company.

aloud, adv. audibly. Antonyms: inaudibly, _sotto voce_.

alphabet, n. symbols, letters, crossrow; rudiments, elements, a b c.
Associated Words: abecedary, alphabetic, alphabetism, alphabetize,
primer, abecedarian.

Alps, n. pl. Associated Words: Alpine, cisalpine, trans-alpine,
alpenstock, alpestrine.

also, adv. besides, too, further, in addition, furthermore, moreover.

altar, n. Associated Words: reredos, altarage, mensa, retable,
chancel, ciborium, pyx, dorsal, dossal, piscina, antependium, baldachin,
hagioscope, predella, frontal.

alter, v. See change; (Colloq.) geld, castrate.

altogether, adv. wholly, completely, unconditionally, thoroughly,
utterly, entirely, totally, _in toto_; in the aggregate, _en masse_,

always, adv. perpetually, continually, forever, everlastingly,
evermore, unceasingly, for aye; invariably, constantly, uniformly.
Antonyms: intermittently, occasionally, periodically.

amanuensis, n. secretary.

amass, v. accumulate, collect, gather, heap up.

amaze, v. astonish, astound, surprise, stagger, dumfound,

amazement, n. astonishment, confusion, surprise, flabbergastation.

amazing, a. astonishing, striking, astounding, marvelous, wonderful.

ambassador, n. plenipotentiary, legate, envoy, minister (of the
highest rank).

ambiguous, a. indefinite, delphic, equivocal, vague, doubtful.

ambition, n. aspiration, emulation.

ambitious, a. aspiring, emulous, desirous; showy, pretentious,
ostentatious. Antonyms: unambitious, indifferent.

amenable, a. answerable, accountable, responsible; submissive,
tractable, responsive. Antonyms: unamenable, unaccountable, disobedient,

amends, n. pl. reparation, indemnification, restitution, atonement,
redress, indemnity.

amenity, n. agreeableness, amiability, pleasantness, graciousness.

amiable, a. gracious, good-natured, benign, obliging, benignant,
affable. Antonyms: See unamiable.

amicable, a. friendly, peaceable, harmonious.

amiss, adv. improperly, incorrectly, wrongly.

amity, n. friendship, harmony, comity, good will.

amount, n. total, sum.

ample, a. spacious, extensive, roomy; abundant, copious, plentiful;
diffusive, prolix, protracted.

amuse, v. entertain, divert, beguile, recreate, please.

amusement, n. diversion, entertainment, beguilement, recreation,
relaxation, pastime, merriment, fun, sport, pleasure.

amusing, a. pleasing, diverting, laughable, entertaining, farcical,
droll, divertive.

analogy, n. resemblance, similarity, parallelism, agreement,

analyze, v. decompound, decompose.

anathema, n. denunciation, malediction, curse, execration,

anathematize, v. curse, denounce, comminate, maledict.

anatomy, n. dissection; body, structure, skeleton; somatology.

ancestor, n. forefather, progenitor, primogenitor, forbear.
Associated Words: atavic, atavism, lineal, collateral, hereditary,
heredity, genealogy, genealogist.

ancestral, a. patrimonial, hereditary.

ancestry, n. lineage, descent, pedigree, stock, family: ancestors,

anchor, n. (small) kedge, grapnel, grapline, killock.

anchorage, n. mooring.

ancient, a. old, antiquated, archaic, antique, pristine, primitive,

ancient writings. Associated Words: diplomatics, paleography,
paleographer, paleographist, hieroglyph, hieroglyphic.

angel, n. seraph, cherub, eudemon, archangel, spirit. Associated
words: angelology, angelophany, dulia, angelhood, angelize, angelolatry,

angelic, a. seraphic, cherubic, celestial, angelical, heavenly,

anger, n. indignation, fury, rage, wrath, exasperation, dudgeon, ire,
animosity, umbrage, resentment, passion, choler, displeasure, vexation,
grudge, pique, flare-up, spleen, tiff, fume, offense, frenzy, tantrum,

anger, v. enrage, incense, irritate, displease, ruffle, offend,
exasperate, infuriate, madden, inflame, vex, provoke.

angle, v. fish; intrigue, scheme.

angle-worm, n. earthworm, dewworm, _lumbricus_.

angry, a. enraged, wroth, furious, passionate, incensed, exasperated,
raging, infuriated, piqued, choleric, wrathful, hot, irate, indignant,
provoked, resentful, ireful, in high dudgeon.

anguish, n. agony, distress, torture, misery, pang, remorse.

animal, a. brute, beastly, brutal, brutish, bestial; carnal,
physical, fleshly.

animal, n. being, creature; brute, beast. Associated Words:
zoölogy, zoölogist, zoögraphy, zoöpathology, zoölatry, zoöphilist,
zoöphily, zoötomy, zoiatrics, zoölogical, zoo, warren, taxidermy,
taxidermist, veterinarian, veterinarianism, menagerie, pound, animalism,
animalize, animalization.

animals, n. pl. (of an area or epoch) fauna.

animals, n. pl. (invisible or nearly so) animalcules.

animals, n. pl. vermin (noxious little animals).

animal spirits. health and energy, frolicsomeness, sportiveness,
vivacity, life.

animate, v. vitalize, vivify, quicken, inspirit, stimulate, rouse.

animated, a. lively, spirited, vigorous, vivacious, gay, brisk.

animation, n. vitalization, spiritedness, vivacity, life, gayety,

animosity, n. malignity, rancor, hatred, virulence.

animus, n. spirit, mind, temper.

ankle, n. tarsus. Associated Word: tarsal.

ankle bone. astragalus, tarsale.

annals, n. pl. records (historical), archives, chronicles, rolls,
history, registers.

announce, v. proclaim, publish, blazon, advertise, trumpet, noise
abroad, promulgate, herald. Antonyms: suppress, reserve, withhold,
secrete, hush up.

announcement, n. proclamation, publication, advertisement,
promulgation, manifesto, notice, pronunciamento annunciation. Antonyms:
suppression, reservation, secretion.

announcer, n. proclaimer, herald.

annoy, v. molest, trouble, plague, hector, bother, vex, pester,
aggravate, chafe.

annoyance, n. molestation, vexation, irritation, harassment; plague,
nuisance, bore, torment, infliction, trouble, thorn.

annoying, a. troublesome, vexatious, carking.

annul, v. abrogate, nullify, rescind, invalidate, abolish, reverse,
disannul, revoke.

annulment, n. abrogation, nullification, abolition, invalidation,

anointment, n. anointing, embrocation, unction; ointment, unguent.

anomalous, a. abnormal, irregular, aberrant, unnatural, exceptional.

anomaly, n. irregularity, abnormity, deviation.

another, n. Associated Words: vicarious, deputy, substitute,
delegate, proxy, delegation.

answer, n. reply, response, rescript, repartee, rescription,
rejoinder, retort; refutation, defense; solution.

answer, v. reply, respond, rejoin, retort.

answerable, a. liable, amenable, accountable, responsible; refutable.
Antonyms: unanswerable, unaccountable, irrefutable.

answering, a. responsive, responsory, redditive (Gram.).

ant, n. emmet, pismire, formican; termite (white ant).

antagonist, n. opponent, foe, adversary, assailant, rival, foeman.

antagonistic, a. contradictory, repugnant, conflicting, renitent,

antecedence, n. priority, precedence, anteriority. Antonym:

antecedent, a. anterior, preceding, prior, previous. Antonym:

anterior, a. prior, before, antecedent, previous.

antetype, n. prototype.

antic, n. caper, dido, trick, gambol, prank; clown, zany, harlequin,

anticipate, v. expect, forestall, preclude, obviate.

anticipation, n. expectation, preclusion, preoccupation, foretaste,
antepast, forethought.

antidote, n. counterpoison, alexipharmic, alexiteric; corrective,
remedy, cure.

antipathy, n. aversion, enmity, dislike, hatred; contrariety,

antiquarian, n. antiquary, archæologist.

antiquated, a. archaic, antique, obsolete, ancient, old-fashioned.

antique, a. archaic, old, antiquated, ancient.

antiquity, n. Associated Words: archæology, paleography,
paleology, paleontology.

antler, n. Associated Words: deciduous, troching, croche, burr,
fraying, tyne, velvet.

antonym, n. counterterm.

anxiety, n. solicitude, apprehension, disquietude, foreboding.
Antonyms: assurance, indifference, calmness, satisfaction, unconcern.

anxious, a. solicitous, apprehensive, concerned, worried. Antonyms:
unconcerned, assured, indifferent.

apathetic, a. passionless, unfeeling, unconcerned, indifferent.

apathy, n. dispassion, indifference, unconcern, insensibility.

ape, n. simian, pongo; gorilla, chimpanzee, orang-outang, baboon,
troglodyte. Associated Words: simian, simial, pithecoid, pithecan.

ape, v. imitate, mimic.

aphis, n. puceron, aphidian, plant louse; pl. aphides, aphidæ.
Associated Words: aphidian, aphidivorous, aphidophagous.

aplomb, n. self-possession, assurance.

apologizer, n. apologist, vindicator, defender, advocate.

apology, n. justification, extenuation, defense, vindication, _amende
honorable_; makeshift, substitute, excuse.

apostasy, n. defection, unfaithfulness, renunciation, desertion

apostate, n. deserter, pervert, renegade, turncoat, backslider,

apparent, a. visible, perceptible; palpable, manifest, obvious,
evident; seeming, ostensible, specious.

apparition, n. specter, ghost, phantom, wraith, phantasm, illusion,
chimera, shade.

appeal, n. entreaty, application, petition; resort, recourse.
Associated Words: appellant, appellate, appellancy, appellatory,
appellee, appellor.

appealing, a. imploring, beseeching, entreating, supplicating.

appear, v. emerge; seem, look, loom, resemble.

appearance, n. emersion, emergence; phenomenon, phase, aspect,
presence, look, air, semblance.

appeasable, a. placable, pacifiable, forgiving. Antonyms:
unappeasable, implacable.

appease, v. conciliate, pacify, tranquilize, calm, propitiate,
assuage, mollify, reconcile, placate, mitigate.

appeasement, n. pacification, propitiation, conciliation,
reconciliation, placation.

appendage, n. concomitant, pendicle, adjunct, appanage, appurtenance,
appendix, attachment.

appetite, n. desire for food, hunger; desire, appetency, craving,
passion, appetence. Antonyms: inappetency, indifference, aversion,

appetizer, n. relish, zest, sauce.

applauders, n. pl. claque (hired applauders).

applauding, a. plauditory, plausive, acclamatory, cheering.

applause, n. acclamation, _éclat_, plaudit, acclaim, cheers.
Antonyms: denunciation, decrial, hooting, derision.

apple, n. costard, codling.

apple of the eye. pupil.

apple-shaped, a. pomiform.

apple worm. codling moth.

appliance, n. device, apparatus, facility.

applicable, a. relevant, pertinent, apposite, germane, appropriate,
befitting. Antonyms: inapplicable, irrelevant, inapposite.

applicant, n. candidate, petitioner, aspirant, suitor.

application, n. applying; use, practice, employment, exercise;
relevancy; assiduity, persistency; request, petition, appeal,

apply, v. utilize, employ, practice.

appoint, v. establish, prescribe, ordain, enjoin, assign, allot;
deputize, depute, commission, delegate, nominate

appointment, n. deputation, commissioning, delegation; engagement,
tryst; assignation; equipment, furniture.

apportion, v. allot, partition.

apportionment, n. allotment, partition.

appreciable, a. perceptible, discernible. Antonym: inappreciable.

appreciate, v. value, esteem, prize.

appreciation, n. valuation, estimation, esteem. Antonyms:
depreciation, inappreciation.

apprehend, v. arrest, seize; understand, recognize, consider believe;
anticipate, dread, fear.

apprehension, n. seizure; arrest; opinion, conception, belief,
notion; understanding; fear, dread, anxiety, solicitude, alarm.

apprehensive, a. discerning, apt; fearful, anxious, worried.

approachable, a. accessible. Antonym: unapproachable.

appropriate, a. fitting, proper, applicable, apposite, pertinent,
fit. Antonyms: See inappropriate.

approval, n. approbation, sanction, commendation, liking,
indorsement. Antonyms: See disapproval.

approve, v. commend, sanction, countenance, favor, like.

apron, n. pinafore, tier; boot.

apt, a. fit, relevant, appropriate, germane, applicable, felicitous,
pertinent, _apropos_; likely, liable; clever, intelligent, bright, deft.
Antonyms: See inapt.

aptitude, n. proneness, propensity, leaning, proclivity, inclination.
Antonym: inaptitude.

aptness, n. appropriateness, pertinence; intelligence, cleverness.

arbitrary, a. tyrannical, absolute, imperious, unrestrained,

arbitrator, n. arbiter, umpire, judge, referee.

arbor, n. bower, pergola, trellis.

arch, a. greatest, chief; cunning, roguish, mischievous, sportive.

arch, v. vault, concamerate.--n. concameration, fornication.

archæologist, n. antiquary, antiquarian, paleologist.

archæology, n. paleology.

archbishop, n. primate, metropolitan.

arched, a. vaulted, camerated, forniciform, fornicated.

archery, n. Associated Word: toxophilite.

archives, n. pl. public records, registers, muniments.

ardent, a. zealous, passionate, fervent, warm, enthusiastic,
sanguine, vehement, impassioned; spirituous, alcoholic; fiery, hot,
burning, flagrant, intense.

ardor, n. eagerness, zeal, heartiness, impetuosity, fervor,
vehemence, empressement, intensity, warmth. Antonyms: indifference,

arduous, a. onerous, difficult, laborious, wearisome.

arena, n. amphitheater, ring, field.

arguable, a. debatable, disputable, moot, contestable.

argue, v. reason, plead, remonstrate, expostulate; contend, dispute,
controvert, moot, discuss; prove, evince, betoken, indicate, imply,

arguer n. reasoner, disputant, debater, controversialist.

argument, n. reasoning, controversy, argumentation, discussion,
debate, dispute, disputation, polemic.

argumentative, a. ratiocinative; disputatious, polemical,
controversial, dialectical.

arid, a. dry, barren, unproductive, parched, sterile; uninteresting,
dull, unsuggestive.

aridity, n. dryness, drought, unproductiveness, sterility; dullness,

arise, v. mount, ascend, rise; proceed, issue, spring, originate.

aristocracy, n. peerage, patriciate, nobility, patrician order.
Antonyms: commonalty, yeomanry, proletariate, _bourgeoisie_, peasantry,

aristrocrat, n. patrician, noble, peer, grandee, lord.

aristocratic, a. patrician, noble, titled. Antonyms: plebeian,

arm, n. brachium (upper arm), antibrachium (forearm); (bones of
the arm) humerus, radius, ulna, epipodiale. Associated Words: akimbo,
solen, cradle, triceps, chevron, brassard, pinion, discriminal,
gesticulate, gesticulation, gesture, brachial, chelidon, elbow, biceps.

arm, n. branch; inlet (of the sea), fiord, firth, frith, cove,
estuary; projection.

arm, v. equip (with weapons), fortify, strengthen.

armhole, n. scye (Cutter's term).

armor, n. mail, panoply, armature, armory, cuirass, jambeaux,
corselet, hauberk.

armor-bearer, n. armiger.

armory, n. arsenal.

armpit, n. axilla.

arms, n. pl. weapons, armor, artillery, accoutrements, guns,
ordnance; escutcheon, scutcheon, ensigns armorial, coat-of-arms.

army, n. troops, force, armament; host, legions, throng. Associated
words: militia, military, strategy, logistics, generalship, tactics,
regiment, squad, company, stratography, flank, barracks, bivouac, muster,
caisson, ploy, ployment, deploy, deployment, van, mobilize, mobilization
demobilize, demobilization, etat major, impedimenta, munitions.

army peddler. sutler.

aromatic, a. fragrant, redolent, balmy, spicy, savory.

arouse, v. excite, rouse, animate, stimulate, awaken, revive,

arrange, v. dispose, range, classify, marshal, methodize; prearrange,
devise, contrive, premeditate; adjust, settle, determine.

arrangement, n. disposition, distribution, collocation,
classification; preparation, preconcertion, settlement, adjustment,
agreement; economy, management, regulation. Antonyms: disarrangement,
confusion, chaos.

arrest, v. apprehend; stop, check, restrain; stunt, dwarf.

arrest, n. apprehension, capture, detention; custody, duress;
stoppage, restraint, interruption, hindrance, prevention. Associated
words: capias, warrant.

arrogance, n. hauteur, superciliousness, insolence, haughtiness,
lordliness, contumely.

arrogant, a. See haughty.

arrow, n. dart; matras. Associated Words: barb, ouabain, sagittal,
sagittary, quiver, sheaf, belomancy.

arrowhead, n. Associated Words: cuneiform, sagittate.

arsenal, n. armory, magazine.

art, n. (fine arts) music, painting, sculpture, architecture,
poetry, engraving; (liberal arts) grammar, logic, rhetoric, arithmetic,
geometry, music, astronomy, the sciences, philosophy, history; craft,
dexterity, clevernes, ingenuity, cunning, artifice. Associated Words:
technical, paleotechnics, technics, technic, intransigeant,
intransigeance, artist, artistic, artistry.

artful, a. designing, crafty, diplomatic, disingenuous, ingenious,
dexterous, politic.

article, n. thing, commodity; portion, clause, stipulation, detail,
item; contribution, piece, essay, feature.

articulation, n. joint; utterance, pronunciation, enunciation.

artifice, n. stratagem, finesse, craft, guile, subtlety, wile,
machination, ruse, diplomacy.

artificial, a. factitious; feigned, affected, assumed, fictitious,
counterfeit, spurious.

artisan, n. artificer, craftsman, mechanic, handcraftsman.

artist's workshop. studio, atelier.

artless, a. ingenuous, naïve, guileless, simple, sincere, unaffected,

artlessness, n. ingenuousness, naïveté, guilelessness, sincerity,
candor, innocence.

ascent, n. rising, ascension; elevation, height.

ascetic, n. hermit, recluse, eremite, anchoret, solitary. Antonyms:
voluptuary, sensualist, sybarite, worldling, epicure, gormand.

ascribable, a. attributable, assignable, chargeable, imputable,

ascribe, v. attribute, assign, impute.

ascription, n. attribution, imputation.

ashamed, a. abashed, confused, mortified, disconcerted. Antonyms:
unashamed, brazen-faced.

ashes, n. pl. cinders; lapilli. Associated Words: ashery, mortuary
urn, spodomancy, leach.

ashes of barilla. pulverine.

ashy, a. ashen, cineraceous, cineritious, cinereous.

Asia, n. Associated Words: Asiatic, Asiaticism, Eurasian,
Eurasiatic, Asian.

ask, v. inquire, question, interrogate, quiz, catechize; request,
solicit, petition, supplicate, entreat, desire, beg, seek, beseech, crave,
implore, importune, dun, apply; require, demand, expect, challenge, exact,
claim; invite, bid.

askance, adv. sidewise, obliquely, askant, askew, asquint.

asker, n. petitioner, inquirer, questioner, solicitor, solicitant,
suitor, supplicant, postulant.

askew, adv. awry, askance, asquint, obliquely, sidewise, askant.

asking, n. petition, solicitation, inquiry, quiz, interrogation,
question, instance, entreaty, supplication, request, importunity,
application, imploration, invitation.

aslant, adv. obliquely.

aspect, n. appearance, look; view, scene, prospect; position,

aspiring, a. ambitious, emulous, aspirant.

asquint, adv. obliquely, awry, askance, askew.

ass, n. donkey, jackass. Associated Word: bray.

assail, v. attack, assault, oppugn; asperse, defame, vilify, malign.

assailant, n. assailer, aggressor, assaulter, antagonist.

assault, n. onset, onslaught, charge, aggression, assailing,
invasion, incursion.

assault, v. attack, assail.

assaulter, n. assailant.

assay, n. Associated Words: docimology, docimacy, docimastic.

assemble, v. convene, congregate, gather, meet; muster, convoke.

assembly, n. concourse, congregation, assemblage, meeting;
convention, convocation, congress, synod, diet, council, caucus,
consistory, conclave, conventicle, conference; galaxy.

assent, n. consent, agreement, acquiescence, concurrence; placet.
Antonyms: dissent, declension.

assent, v. concur, acquiesce, concede, yield, consent. Antonyms:
dissent, refuse.

assert, v. affirm, state, say, aver, predicate, asseverate, maintain,

assertion, n. affirmation, statement, declaration, averment

assertive, a. positive, peremptory, declaratory, affirmative

assets, n. pl. resources, property, effects, possessions.

assiduity, n. sedulity, diligence, sedulousness, perseverance

assiduous, a. sedulous, diligent, persistent, industrious,

assign, v. allot, apportion, appoint; transfer, make over, convey:
advance, adduce, specify.

assignment, n. transfer, conveyance; apportionment, appointment,
allotment, allocation, emplacement; determination specification, adducing.

assish, a. asinine.

assishness, n. asininity.

assist, v. abet, coöperate with, aid. See help.

assistance, n. aid, succor, relief, coöperation, reinforcement,
collaboration, subservience.

assistant, a. helping, auxiliary, subsidiary, coöperating, adjuvant.

assistant, n. helper, auxiliary, aider, coöperator, collaborator,
coadjutor; abettor, aid, accessory, ally, adjuvant, adjunct, confrère,
accomplice, confederate, subsidiary.

assisting, a. auxiliary, subsidiary, assistant.

associate, v. join, connect, affiliate; fraternize, consort, hobnob.

associate, n. companion, intimate, mate, fellow, consort, comrade,
yoke-fellow, chum, crony, compeer; colleague, confrère, partner,
collaborator, coöperator.

association, n. affiliation, connection, intimacy, conjunction,
combination, participation, collaboration, collusion, coöperation,
coadjuvancy; fraternity, sodality, syndicate, confraternity, league,
corporation, guild. Antonyms: disassociation, disconnection.

assume, v. undertake; presume, presuppose, postulate, take for
granted; arrogate, appropriate; affect, simulate, pretend, feign.

assumed, a. supposed, postulated; make-believe, pretended, feigned.

assuming, a. pretentious, presumptuous.

assurance, n. surety, promise; confidence, conviction, assuredness;
effrontery, audacity, impudence; insurance.

astonish, v. amaze, stagger, astound, overwhelm, flabbergast

astonishing, a. amazing, astounding.

astonishment, n. amazement, surprise, wonder, flabbergastation

astraddle, adv. astride.

asylum, n. retreat, sanctuary.

Athanasian Creed. Quicunque, Quicunque vult.

athlete, n. gymnast, pancratist.

athletic, a. gymnastic, agonistic, pancratic; stalwart, muscular,
able-bodied, brawny, lusty.

athletics, n. pl. gymnastics, athletism. Associated Words:
agonistics, stadium.

atom, n. monad, molecule, particle, bit, iota, grain, scrap,

atomic, a. molecular.

atonable, a. expiable. Antonyms: unatonable, inexpiable.

atone, v. expiate.

atonement, n. expiation, amends, reparation, propitiation.

atoning, a. expiatory, propitiatory.

at short notice. summarily, promptly.

atrocious, a. heinous, flagitious, nefarious, felonious, infamous,

atrocity, n. heinousness, enormity, nefariousness, flagrancy, crime,

attach, v. affix, annex, append, subjoin; distress, distrain, seize.

attachment, n. devotedness, devotion, adherence; adjunct appendage,
appurtenance; seizure, distress.

attack, n. assault, onset, aggression, onslaught, invasion, escalade,
siege, descent, charge, bombardment, fusillade, allonge, oppugnancy;
access, fit.

attack, v. assault, assail, invade, charge, beset, storm, besiege,
bombard, waylay; impugn, censure.

attain, v. achieve, compass, gain.

attainable, a. achievable, compassable, practicable, obtainable.

attainment, n. achievement, culmination, acquisition, accomplishment,

attend, v. guard, look after; accompany, escort; pay regard, heed,

attendant, a. consequent, accompanying, concomitant, attending.

attention, n. heed, regard, advertence, vigilance, circumspection,
consideration, alertness, watchfulness, notice; civility, courtesy,
deference, _devoirs_, addresses. Antonyms: inattention, inadvertence,
slight, disregard.

attentive, a. heedful, observant, intent, mindful, wary, alert,
circumspect, watchful; courteous, deferential, considerate. Antonyms:
See inattentive.

attest, v. corroborate, confirm, authenticate, certify, indorse,

attestation, n. corroboration, witness, authentication, ratification,

at the same time. simultaneous.--adv. simultaneously.

attic, n. garret, loft, cockloft.

attitude, n. posture, position, pose.

attract, v. allure, entice, draw, decoy, interest, engage, induce.
Antonyms: repel, repulse, alienate, deter.

attraction, n. allurement, fascination, charm, inducement, witchery,
magnetism, enticement, lure. Antonyms: repulsion, repellence,
repugnance, antipathy.

attraction, n. chemism, affinity (chemical attraction).

attractive, a. alluring, engaging, enticing, magnetic, prepossessing,
personable, winning, mesmeric, taking, seductive, bewitching. Antonyms:
unattractive, repellent, repulsive, forbidding, repugnant.

attributable, a. ascribable, imputable, referrible, assignable,

attribute, v. ascribe, impute, assign, refer, trace.

attribute, n. characteristic, peculiarity, predicate; symbol.

at variance. bickering, contending, at loggerheads, dissenting.

auction, n. vendue.

audacious, a. presumptuous, impudent, insolent, brazen, unabashed.
See bold.

augur, v. portend, forebode, presage, indicate, betoken.

augury, n. divination, prophecy; omen, portent, auspice, sign.

august a. majestic, sublime, imposing, impressive, grand, pompous.

auspices, n. pl. protection, favor, guidance, patronage, charge.

auspicious, a. propitious. Antonym: inauspicious.

Austrian Parliament. Reichsrath.

authentic, a. genuine, trustworthy, authoritative, credible.

authenticate, v. verify, attest, confirm.

authentication, n. verification, attestation, confirmation.

author, n. creator, originator, father; _littérateur_, writer.

authority, n. dominion, jurisdiction, authorization, right; prestige,
influence, ascendency, supremacy; precedent; justification, warrant;
permission, sanction, permit, license, warranty; credibility, reliability,
trustworthiness. Associated Word: purview.

authorize, v. empower, commission; sanction, warrant, justify,

authorless, a. anonymous.

autocracy, n. absolutism, despotism, dictatorship; self government,

autocratic, a. absolute, despotic, arbitrary.

automatic, a. self-propelling, self-moving; involuntary, mechanical.

autopsy, n. necropsy, post-mortem examination.

auxiliary, n. assistant, coadjutor, helper.

avarice, n. cupidity.

avaricious, a. covetous, greedy.

average, a. medium, ordinary, mediocre, middling.

averse, a. disinclined, indisposed, reluctant, loath.

aversion, n. dislike, antipathy, disinclination, loathing,

avid, a. eager, greedy, desirous.

avidity, n. eagerness, greediness, intense desire.

avoid, v. evade, shun, elude, eschew, shirk, parry.

avoidance, n. evasion, eluding, eschewing, parrying.

awaken, v. wake, awake, rouse, arouse, excite.

aware, a. cognizant, conscious, apprised, mindful.

away, adv. hence, absent, gone, aside, off; (Colloq.) on,

awe, n. veneration, reverence.--v. overawe, intimidate.

awful, a. appalling, terrible, dreadful, frightful, grewsome,
horrible, shocking, heinous, flagrant; awe-inspiring, majestic; (Slang)
immoderate, great, serious, flagrant, egregious, excessive.

awfully, adv. fearfully, dreadfully; (Slang) very, excessively,
extremely, exceedingly.

awkward, a. clumsy, ungraceful, bungling, maladroit, gawky,
inelegant, ungainly, loutish, unskillful, unwieldy, uncourtly;
embarrassing. Antonyms: graceful, dexterous, deft, courtly, elegant,
adroit, clever.

awning, n. sun-shade, canopy, baldaquin, tilt.

awry, a. distorted, wry, crooked, asquint, askant, perverse.

ax, n. adz, mattock, broadax, battleax, dolabra, hatchet, poleax,

axiom, n. truism; postulate.

axle, n. arbor, axletree, spindle (of a wheel), axis; gudgeon.


Baa, n. bleat, bleating.--v. bleat.

babble, v. prattle, gabble; murmur, purl. See talk.

babble, n. prattle, gabble, chatter, prating; murmur, purl.

babbler, n. prater, chatterer, prattler, tattler.

baby, n. infant, babe, suckling, nursling. See child.

baby, v. humor, fondle, indulge, coddle, pet, cosset.

baby, a. infantine, infantile, babyish.

babyhood, n. infancy.

bachelor, n. celibate.

bachelorhood, n. bachelorship, bachelorism, celibacy.

back, n. reverse; posteriors, fundament, buttocks, seat, rump,
breech; ridge. Associated Words: supine, resupine, resupination,
dorsigerous, dorsiferous, crick, dorsiparous, _dos-à-dos_, tergiferous,
lumbago, notalgia, lumbar, aitchbone, loins, dorsicumbent.

back, a. posterior, dorsal, notal, tergal, neural; remote, distant,
frontier; rear, reverse.

back, adv. backward, rearward; in arrear; in return, in restitution,
in requital.

back, v. support, second, maintain, abet, subsidize, coöperate, with;
mount; indorse.

backbite, v. defame (clandestinely), malign, traduce, vilify,
calumniate, scandalize.

backbiter, n. defamer, detractor, maligner, vilifier, slanderer,

backbiting, n. defamation, vilification, traducement, calumny,
slander (secret).

backbone, n. spine, spinal column, rachis, chine. Associated Words:
vertebræ, Vertebrata, vertebra, vertebral spinal. See spine.

backbone, n. moral principle, steadfastness, stability, firmness,

backboned, a. vertebrate, vertebrated. Antonyms: invertebrate,

backdown, n. surrender, recession, withdrawal.

backhouse, n. outhouse, privy, necessary, water-closet, jakes,
latrine (in camp or hospital).

backing, n. support, coöperation, seconding, assistance, subsidy.

backing out. withdrawal, retreat, recession, retirement.

back out. (Colloq.) withdraw, retreat, resile, recede, retire.

backset, n. discouragement, setback, check, repulse, rebuff.

backslide, v. break faith, apostatize, retrograde, relapse, desert,
fall away.

backslider, n. apostate, renegade, deserter, recreant, pervert.

backsliding, n. apostasy, defection, relapse, recidivism, recreancy,

backsliding, a. apostate, renegade, retrogressive, recidivous,
recreant, unfaithful.

backward, a. retrograde, retrogressive, reverse, regressive;
retrospective; reluctant, averse, loath, disinclined, unwilling; dull,
inapt; late, tardy, delayed; undeveloped.

backwardness, n. reluctance, averseness, unwillingness,
disinclination, hesitancy; inaptness, dullness; lateness, tardiness;

bacon, n. Associated Words: lardoon, bard, flitch, gammon, lard.

bad, a. evil, wicked, immoral, iniquitous, arrant, corrupt, depraved,
sinful, base, demoralized, sinister, licentious, unprincipled, abandoned,
graceless, vicious, incorrigible, unscrupulous, miscreant, reprobate,
disreputable, rascal, scoundrel, profligate, knavish, naughty, malevolent,
malicious, unrighteous, degrading, dissolute, libertine, hardened, wanton;
injurious, prejudicial, pernicious, detrimental, baneful, unwholesome,
baleful, deleterious, mischievous, noisome, malign, malignant, noxious,
unpropitious, disadvantageous; offensive, serious, grave, severe, mortal;
defective, imperfect, incompetent, inferior; untoward, depressing,
unwelcome, adverse, grievous, unfavorable, inauspicious; infertile,
inarable; barren, unproductive, worthless; hard, heavy, serious,
irreparable, egregious; nefarious, felonious, infamous, villainous,
heinous, flagrant, atrocious, flagitious.

badge, n. device, cognizance, emblem, ensign, brassard, cordon, star,

badinage, n. raillery (innocent), banter, persiflage, asteism.

badly, adv. poorly, unskillfully, wretchedly, grievously,
imperfectly; very much; greatly.

badness, n. depravity, improbity, unscrupulousness, iniquity,
immorality, turpitude, knavishness, villainy, peccancy, baseness,
profligacy, venality, licentiousness, obliquity, pravity, degeneracy,
viciousness, wantonness, criminality, libertinism, malevolence,
incorrigibility, rascality, malignity, noxiousness, infamy, mischief.

baffle, v. foil, balk, checkmate, disconcert, frustrate, thwart,
circumvent, nonplus.

bafflement, n. frustration, foiling, thwarting, circumvention,
defeat, disconcertion.

baffling, a. disconcerting, frustrating, confusing, perplexing.

bag, n. sack, pouch, wallet, reticule, knapsack, pocket, cul-de-sac,
haversack, portmanteau, poke, scrip, satchel, suitcase, quiver, valise,
sporran, gunny sack; udder; cyst, vesicle, saccule, utricle, bladder.

bag, v. capture, entrap, catch.

baggage, n. luggage, traps.

baggage truck. lorrie, lorry.

baggy, a. unshapely, flabby.

bagpipe, n. doodlesack.

bail, n. security, surety, vadium.

bait, n. lure, enticement, inducement, temptation, decoy, allurement;

balance, v. poise, librate; equal, counterpoise, counteract,
counterbalance, countervail; adjust, equalize, square. Antonyms:
unbalance, derange, preponderate.

balance, n. scales; equipoise, equilibrium, steadiness; surplus,
excess, remainder, overplus; poise, equipoise; weighing, estimate.
Antonyms: preponderance, deficit, deficiency.

balcony, n. gallery, terrace.

bald, a. hairless, polled; tonsured; unadorned, literal,
undisguised, unvarnished, unqualified; uncorroborated, unsupported,
glaring, mere.

balderdash, n. flummery, nonsense, jargon, fustian, moonshine,
twaddle, fudge.

baldness, n. alopecia. Associated Word: alopecist.

balk, v. frustrate, baffle, foil, thwart, disappoint; jib.

balky, a. refractory, perverse, recalcitrant, contrary, stubborn.

ball, n. sphere, globe, orb, pellet; pome, pommel; base-ball,
football, lacrosse, basket-ball, tether-ball; bullet, projectile,
dejectile, missile; glomeration, conglobation; fandango (Mexico).

ballarag, v. (Slang) bully, threaten, browbeat, overbear,

ballast, n. steadiness, self-control, equipoise, stability, judgment.

ballet, n. Associated Words: choreograph, choreographer.

ballet-dancer, n. _danseuse_, _coryphee_, _figurante_.

balloon, n. aërostat.

ballooning, n. aëronautics, aërostation, balloonery.

balloonist, n. aëronaut, aërostat, ballooner.

balm, n. unguent, ointment; mitigant, anodyne, assuager, nepenthe,

balmy, a. aromatic, odoriferous, sweet-smelling, odorous, balsamic.

bamboozle, v. (Colloq.) cheat, humbug, impose upon, dupe.

ban, n. announcement, notice; curse, anathema, denunciation,
malediction, execration; interdiction, proscription, interdict, taboo.

ban, v. curse, anathematize, execrate; interdict, forbid, proscribe,

banal, a. commonplace, platitudinous, hackneyed, trite.

banality, n. platitude, commonplace.

band, n. fillet, fetter, manacle, shackle, gyve; cincture, girth,
swaddle; belt, zone, cestus; bandage, link, bond, vinculum, withe;
company, crew, troop, gang, coterie; cabal, clique, club, junto, league;

band, v. league, confederate, unite, clique.

bandage, n. ligature, deligation, fillet; capeline, fasciation,
fascia, spica.

bandage, v. deligate, swathe.

bandit, n. outlaw, brigand, footpad, highwayman, marauder, desperado.

bang, v. thump, cudgel, maul; slam; resound, reëcho.

bang, n. thump, whack, rap, knock; clangor, clang.

banish, v. exile, expatriate, relegate; drive away, dismiss, expel.

banished person. exile, expatriate.

banishment, n. exile, expatriation, relegation, proscription,

banister, n. baluster; pl. balustrade.

bank, n. mound, pile, ridge, dike, heap, drift, embankment, brink,
shore, rivage, rim, brim, marge, strand; shallow, shoal, bar; levee;

bank, v. embank, dike; pile up, heap up.

bankrupt, a. insolvent; depleted, impoverished. Antonym: solvent.

bankrupt, v. impoverish, ruin, break.

bankruptcy, n. insolvency. Antonym: solvency.

banner, n. flag, standard, gonfalon, ensign, oriflame, vexillum,
banderole, colors, pavilion.

banquet, n. junket, regalement, feast.--v. feast, junket,

banter, n. joking, jesting, pleasantry, badinage, chaff, raillery,
persiflage, asteism.

banter, v. jest, chaff, rally, roast.

baptism, n. baptizing; parabaptism, pedobaptism; hypothetical,
baptism. Associated Words: baptize, christen, font, baptistery,

bar, n. obstruction, barrier, impediment, obstacle, barricade,
hindrance; shoal, sandbar, bank; ingot; lever, pole, rod; tribunal,
judgment-seat; jimmy, betty.

bar, v. debar, except, exclude; obstruct, restrain, hinder.

barbarian, a. barbarous, savage, rude, uncivilized.--n. savage.

barbarism, n. savagery, savagism; outrage, brutality, atrocity;
vulgarism, impropriety (of speech), solecism.

barbarity, n. barbarism, barbarousness, inhumanity, brutality.

barbarous, a. uncivilized, barbarian, inhuman, truculent, brutal.

barber, n. tonsor. Associated Word: tonsorial.

barber's itch. sycosis.

bare, a. naked, nude, undressed, denuded, unveiled, exposed,
undraped, _in puris naturalibus_; unadorned, bald, meager, unembellished,
uncolored, unvarnished; empty, destitute, unfurnished; threadbare,
pileworn, napless; meer, alone, sheer.

bare, v. denude, strip, divest, expose, undress, unmask.

barefaced, a. unmasked, undisguised, glaring, notorious; shameless,
unabashed, brazen, audacious.

barefooted, a. unshod, discalced, discalceated.

bareness, n. nakedness, nudity.

bargain, v. stipulate, agree, contract, covenant; barter.

bark, n. cortex. Associated Words: cortical, corticate,
corticiferous, corticiform, phleophagus, corticose, periderm, liber,
decortication, decorticator.

bark, v. peel, flay, skin, decorticate; bay, yelp, yap.

barn, n. stable.

barrel, n. cask, cade, butt, puncheon, tierce, hogshead, keg,
rundlet; (of wine) 31-1/2 gallons; (of flour) 196 pounds. Associated
words: gauntree, cooper, bilge, stave, hoop, chine.

barren, a. sterile, agenestic, infecund, unprolific, unprocreant;
unproductive, unfruitful, unfertile, effete, desert; unprofitable,
fruitless, unremunerative, empty; stupid, dull, unimaginative, prosaic,
devoid, uninspiring, uninteresting. Antonyms: prolific, fecund, virile,
fruitful, fertile, teeming.

barrenness, n. sterility, infecundity, unprolificness, infertility.
Antonyms: fecundity, prolificness, fertility.

barrier, n. obstruction, impediment, obstacle, hindrance, barricade.

barter, n. traffic, exchange, trade, business.--v. traffic,
trade, exchange.

base, a. debased, impure, spurious, alloyed, counterfeit; low-minded,
unworthy, ignoble, mean, servile, groveling; despicable, discreditable,
disgraceful, venal; plebeian, obscure, untitled, unhonored.

base, n. basis, bottom, foundation, groundwork; pedestal; plinth.

baseboard, n. mopboard, scrubboard.

baseborn, a. plebeian.

baseless, a. unfounded, groundless.

basement, n. cellar. Associated Word: area.

bashful, a. over-modest, diffident, coy, shamefaced, sheepish,

bashfulness, n. modesty, diffidence, shyness, over-modesty.

basis, n. foundation.

bask, v. luxuriate, revel.

basket, n. hamper, creel, hanaper, pannier, corb, tumbril, dosser,
canister, prickle, corf, bassinet, voider, flasket, punnet, wicker,
wicker-work, scuttle.

basket-bearer, n. canephore, canephorus. (Gr. Antiq.)

bastard, n. illegitimate child, love-child, whoreson; mamzer (Mosaic

bastard, a. illegitimate, adulterine; spurious, false, counterfeit,

bastardize, v. illegitimatize, Antonyms: legitimate, legitimatize.

baste, v. beat, cudgel, pound, pommel, buffet, thrash, maul, strike.

bat, n. club, cudgel; brickbat; cheiropter, vampire; racket;
(Slang) blow, stroke, buffet; (Slang) spree, jollification.

batch, n. quantity, collection, lot, assortment.

bate, n. puer, grainer.

bath, n. ablution, lavement; bathroom, lavatory. Associated Words:
balneal, balneary, balneography, balneology balneotherapy, laver.

bathe, v. lave, wash; foment; surround, envelop, enwrap, suffuse.

bathing, n. ablution, lavement.

baton, n. staff, wand, sceptre, truncheon.

batten, v. fatten.

batter, v. smite, pelt, assault; demolish, raze, shatter.

battle, n. engagement, fight, encounter, skirmish, contest, combat,
tournament, strife.

battle array. battalia.

bauble, n. gewgaw, gimcrack, kickshaws, trinket, plaything.

bawdy-house, n. brothel.

bay, n. bight, frith, estuary, fiord, bayou; recess, alcove, sinus,
oriel (bay window); bay-tree, sweet laurel; last resort, desperation;
pl. honors, garland, renown.

beach, n. shore, strand, shingle, marge.

beached, a. stranded, aground.

beacon, n. balefire, signal fire; signal, pharos. Associated Word:

beadle, n. apparitor, summoner, servitor.

beads, n. pl. rosary; passementerie (beaded trimming); chaplet;
wampum, suckanhock, peag.

beak, n. bill, nib, neb, mandible; prow, bow, rostrum. Associated
word: cere.

beam, n. girder, joist; ray, gleam.

beam, v. gleam, shine, glitter, glisten, scintillate.

beaming, a. radiant, shining.

beanlike, a. fabaceous.

bear, n. Bruin; Ursus; Ephraim; cub, whelp; grumbler, growler, boor;

bear, v. endure, tolerate, stand, undergo, brook, submit to, suffer,
bear with; harbor, cherish, entertain; support, sustain, uphold; carry,
convey, transport, waft; render, produce, yield; bring forth, teem;
relate, refer, concern; press, push, oppress.

bearable, a. sufferable, tolerable, endurable. Antonyms:
unbearable, intolerable.

beard, n. whiskers; goatee, mustache; awn, arista (beard of grain).

beard, v. defy, encounter, oppose.

bearded, a. whiskered; aristate, awned.

bearing, n. mien, carriage, port, demeanor, air, deportment;
endurance, forbearance, long-suffering, toleration, sufferance; relation,
connection, dependency; course, aim, direction; bringing forth, yielding.

bearish, a. discourteous, boorish, uncivil, rude; ursine, ursiform.

bear out. sustain, support, corroborate, confirm, uphold.

beast, n. brute; quadruped; monster, brute.

beastly, a. bestial, irrational, brutal; (Colloq.) abominable,
disagreeable, nasty.

beat, v. forge, malleate, beetle, weld, hammer; belabor, maul,
buffet, smite, flagellate, whack, pelt, strike; See whip; overcome,
vanquish, surpass, conquer, eclipse, subdue, checkmate, rout, excel,
outdo; cheat, swindle, defraud; throb, pulsate; pulverize, comminute,
bruise, bray, triturate; perplex, pose, nonplus.

beat, n. throb, pulsation; round; superior.

beat, a. (Colloq.) exhausted, weary, fatigued, beaten.

beat back. repel, repulse, resist.

beaten, a. conquered, defeated, vanquished.

beating, n. flagellation, drubbing, flogging, fustigation,
castigation, thumping, mauling, verberation, pommeling; pulsation, throb,
throbbing, saltation; defeat, repulse; malleation, forging, welding.

beating, a. pulsating, throbbing, pulsatile.

beau, n. lover, sweetheart, gallant, swain, flame, cicisbeo, admirer,
suitor, inamorato; dandy, popinjay, dude, fop, coxcomb, exquisite, blade.

beautiful, a. fair, lovely, handsome, comely, personable, beauteous,
elegant, exquisite. Antonyms: homely, ugly, repulsive, unlovely,
hideous, uncomely, inelegant.

beautify, v. embellish, adorn, grace, garnish.

beauty, n. loveliness, fairness, elegance, comeliness, pulchritude,
grace, exquisiteness, charm, attraction. Associated Words: æsthetics,
æsthetician, æstheticism, æsthete, æsthetic, esthetology, Apollo, Adonis,
Venus, Hebe, Hyperion, Houri, Aphrodite.

becloud, v. dim, cloud, obscure, adumbrate, obfuscate.

becoming, a. appropriate, fit, seemly, befitting, comely. Antonyms:
See unbecoming.

bed, n. berth, bunk, couch, cot; pallet, paillasse, mattress; cradle,
trundle-bed; deposit, seam, vein, stratum. Associated Words:
decumbiture, lectual, clinic, clinical, valance, alcove.

bedbug, n. chinch.

bedclothes, n. pl. Associated Words: floccillation, carphology,

bedim, v. obscure, becloud, adumbrate, overcast.

bedlam, n. madhouse, insane asylum; babel, pandemonium.

bedroom, n. chamber.

bedsore, n. decubitus.

bedspread, n. counterpane, coverlet.

bed-wetting, n. enuresis.

beehive, n. beehouse, apiary, alveary.

bees, n. pl. Associated Words: apiology, apiculture, apiologist,
apian, apiarian, apiarist, apivorous, hive, swarm, cerago, beebread.

beetle, n. mallet (heavy); scarabee, clock, coleopter, scarab.
Associated Words:: coleopterist, coleopteral.

beetle, v. overhang, jut out, protrude, project.

befall, v. happen, supervene, betide, bechance.

befitting, a. suitable, proper, becoming, appropriate, seemly, meet,
applicable, congruous.

before, prep. preceding, ahead of, anterior to, previously to, prior.

before death. ante-mortem.

before the flood. antediluvian, antediluvial.

before the war. ante-bellum.

befuddle, v. confuse, mystify, bewilder.

beg, v. beseech, supplicate, implore; ask alms.

beget, v. procreate, engender, generate, get.

begetter, n. procreator, generator, father.

beggar, n. mendicant, starveling, fakir, vagrant, eleemosynary, prog,
tramp, bezonian, mumper, schnorrer (Jewish).

beggar, v. impoverish, ruin; exhaust, surpass, go beyond.

beggarly, a. indigent, destitute; despicable, pitiable, paltry.

beggary, n. mendicancy, indigence, penury, want, pauperism.

begging letter or drawing. screeve.

begin, v. commence; arise, spring, originate.

begin again. resume, recommence.

beginner, n. tyro, novice, neophyte, learner, apprentice, understudy,
novitiate, probationer, catechumen, recruit.

beginning, n. commencement, inception, opening, outset, initiation,
indication, incipience, nascency, incipiency, threshold, tyronism,
novitiate; origin, source.

beginning again. resumption, recommencement.

begone, interj. avaunt.

beguile, v. insnare, mislead, lure, deceive, cheat; while away.

beguilement, n. imposition, deception.

behave, v. deport one's self, act, bear.

behavior, n. conduct, deportment, actions, demeanor.

behead v. decapitate, decollate, execute.

beheading, n. decapitation, decollation, execution.

behindhand, a. and adv. in arrears; dilatory, late, tardy,

beholden, a. obliged, indebted, bound.

beholder, n. spectator, witness, onlooker, eye-witness.

being, n. existence, entity. Antonyms: nonexistence, nonentity.
Associated Words: ontology, metaphysics, ontological, ontologist.

belch, v. eruct, expel, throw up; eructate.

belching, n. eructation.

belfry, n. bell-tower, campanile. Associated Words: louver

belief, n. credence; persuasion, faith; conviction, assurance,
confidence; tenet, dogma, creed, opinion, doctrine, cult, view, principle;
intuition; superstition, fanaticism. Antonyms: doubt, disbelief,
skepticism, misgiving, incredulity. Associated Words: credulous,
incredulous, credulity, credibility, incredibility, gull, gullible,

believable, a. credible.

belittle, v. decry, disparage, underrate, depreciate.

bell, n. campana, carillon, curfew, tocsin, gong. Associated Words:
campanology, campanologist, peal, ring, knell, toll, chime.

bellicose, a. pugnacious, belligerent.

belligerent, a. at war, warring, militant; bellicose, pugnacious.

bell-ringer, n. sexton, campanologist.

bell-shaped, a. campaniform, campanulate, campaniliform.

bell-tower, n. belfry, campanile.

belly, n. abdomen, paunch; recesses, _penetralia_, depths.

belly-ache, n. colic, gripes, tormina, enteralgia.

belly-band, n. girth, surcingle.

belly-god, n. glutton, epicure, gourmand, sybarite, voluptuary.

belonging, n. appendage, appurtenance, adjunct concomitant,
accessary, attribute.

below, adv. under, beneath, underneath.

below, prep. under, beneath, underneath; inferior to; unworthy of,

belt, n. girdle; girth, surcingle, cincture, cestus; zone; bandolier.

belt, v. encircle, begird, encompass, surround.

bemoan, v. lament, bewail, deplore.

bench, n. form; workbench.

bend, v. curve, flex, deflect, crook; direct, turn, apply; stoop,
incline; yield, condescend.

bend, n. curve, deflection, crook, curvature, bight, coil, flexure,

bendable, a. flexible, supple, lithe, pliable, pliant. Antonyms:
See inflexible.

benefice, n. living (Eccl.); sinecure. Associated Words:
advowson, simony, donative.

beneficent, a. benevolent, charitable, philanthropic, magnanimous,

beneficial, a. advantageous, salutary, profitable, useful, wholesome.

benefit, n. avail, profit, behalf, advantage, service.

benefit, v. help, conduce, avail, advantage, be useful to, do good

benevolence, n. beneficence, bounty, benignity, charity.

benevolent, a. benign, beneficent, bountiful, charitable,

benighted, a. unenlightened; belated.

bent, a. crooked, flexed, hooked; determined.

bent, n. leaning, bias, proclivity, tendency, predilection,

benumb, v. stupefy, blunt, hebetate.

benumbed, a. torpid, unfeeling, stupefied.

bequeath, v. devise, will.

bequest, n. legacy.

berate, v. upbraid, rate, reprimand, censure.

berry, n. Associated Words: baccate, baccated, baccivorous,
bacciferous, cocciferous, bacciform.

beseech, v. entreat, implore, adjure, supplicate.

beset, v. besiege, obsess, beleaguer, environ, encompass; perplex,

besides, adv. moreover, furthermore, further, too.

besiege, v. obsess, environ, beset, beleaguer, encompass.

besieging, n. obsession.

best, a. supreme, consummate, superlative, crowning, incomparable,

bet, v. wager, stake.--n. wager.

betoken, v. foreshadow, portend, presage, foreshow, indicate, augur.

betray, v. seduce, mislead, delude, beguile, inveigle; reveal,
disclose; give up treacherously, give over to the enemy, act the traitor,
be false to.

betrayal, n. treason, treachery, perfidy; revelation, exposure;

betrayer, n. traitor, seducer; Judas.

betroth, v. affiance.

betrothal, n. affiance, betrothment.

better, n. upper hand, domination, advantage, control, superiority;

better, v. ameliorate, improve, emend, promote, reform, meliorate,

betterment, n. amelioration, improvement, promotion, amendment,

between, prep. betwixt (Obsolescent).--a. interjacent,

betwixt and between. (Colloq.) so-so, mediocre, average, ordinary,

bevy, n. (of birds) flock, covey; (of deer) herd; (of girls)

bewail, v. deplore, lament, bemoan, wail over.

bewilder, v. confuse, perplex, nonplus, obfuscate, confound, mystify,

bewildered, a. perplexed, confused, mystified, nonplused, obfuscated.

bewildering, a. perplexing, confusing, puzzling, mystifying.

bewilderment, n. perplexity, confusion, mystification, obfuscation.

bewitch, v. charm, fascinate, captivate, enamor. Antonyms:
disillusionize, repel, disabuse.

bewitchery, n. bewitchment, charm, fascination, witchery.

bewitching, a. enchanting, captivating, charming, irresistible.

bias, n. bent, proneness, predisposition, prejudice.

Bible, n. the Scriptures, the Word of God; (Catholic) Douay Bible,
Vulgate; (Mohammedan) Koran. Associated Words: canonics, canon,
canonical, anagogics, anagoge, exegesis, biblical, biblicist, bibliolater,
bibliolatry, bibliology, biblist, bibliomancy, Hagiographa, hagiographer,
hagiologist, hagiology, commentator, Heptateuch, Hexapla, Octapla,
Apocrypha, Hexateuch, apologetics, concordance, synoptist, uncanonical,
Homologoumena, Antilegomena.

bibulous, a. absorbent; intemperate, cup-loving, bibacious.

bickering, n. altercation, contention, wrangling, sparring,
dissension, quarrel.

bid, v. offer, proffer; order, direct, enjoin, command; invite, ask;
wish, greet, salute.

bidding, n. command, order, behest, dictation; offer, bid.

big, a. large, huge, bulky, massive, immense, gross, voluminous,
capacious, extensive; pregnant; arrogant, overbearing, lordly,
magisterial, pompous; bombastic, grandiose, grandiloquent, highflown,
sesquipedalian, inflated, turgid.

bigamy, n. polygamy, polygyny.

big-bellied, a. abdominous, paunchy, pot-bellied.

bigness, n. size, bulk, largeness, magnitude, dimensions, volume,

bigot, n. fanatic, zealot, dogmatist.

bigoted, a. dogmatic, narrow-minded, illiberal, intolerant.

bigotry, n. intolerance, dogmatism, narrow-mindedness.

bile, n. Associated Words: acholia, acholous, biliation,
biliferous, cholecystis, Ibilious, cholagogue, choleric, choledology,
fellinic, hypercholia, biliary, bilin, choleic.

bile, n. choler, bitterness:, anger, spleen, rancor, acrimony.

bill, n. circular, placard, dodger, poster, broadside, bulletin;
invoice; statement; beak, nib, mandible.

billingsgate, n. vituperation, tirade, invective, ribaldry, abuse.

bill of fare. menu.

bin, n. crib, bunker, recepotacle.

bind, v. fetter, tie, fasten, secure, gird, confine, restrict,
restrain; bandage, swathne; oblige, obligate, lay under, obligation;
indenture, apprentice; confirm, sanction, ratify; swaddle. Antonyms:
unbind, loose.

binding, n. ligature, ligsation, astriction, constriction bandage;
obligation, reestraint, restriction; galloon swaddling.

binding, a. astringent, astrictive; obligatory, valid. Antonyms:
optional, elective.

bird, n. (young) fledgeling, nestling; (one year old) annotine;
squab; _rara avris_ (rare bird).

bird-catcher, n. fowler.

bird-catching, n. fowling, birding.

birds, n. pl. Aves; Avifauma. Associated Words: ornithology,
ornithologist, ornithological, ornithotomy, ornithography, ornithoid,
ornitholite, ornithon, ornithophilous, game, ornithic, aviary, avicular,
aviculture, covey, neossology paleornithollogy, taxidermy, taxidermist,
preen, rookery, cote, hutch, coop, cage, avian, poult, auspice, ariel,
mute, Mallophaga.

birr. n. whirring.

birth n. nativity; origin, beginning, nascency, genesis; extraction,
lineage; (new birth) regeneration, renaissance, regenesis, palingenesis.
Associated Words: natal, native, pre-natal, post-natal, ante-natal,
abortion, congenital, connate, connascent, connascence, horoscope, genial,
genethliac, genethlialogy, genethliacs, sooterkin, uniparous, biparous,
pluriparous, viable, viability, primiparous, natality.

birthday poem. genethliac.

birthmark, n. nævus.

birthright, n. inheritance.

bisexual, a. hermaphrodite.

bishop, n. diocesan, prelate; suffragan, coadjutor, metropolitan.
Associated Words: episcopal, episcopacy, bishopdom, episcopicide,
crosier, chimere, episcopate, rochet, gremial.

bishopric, n. diocese, see.

bit, n. morsel, fragment, scrap, crumb; mite, ace, scintilla,
particle, whit, iota, tittle, grain, atom, jot, molecule, speck, mote.

bit by bit. piecemeal.

bitch, n. slut; whore.

bite, v. champ, nibble, chew; sting, smart, tingle; take hold of,
adhere; nip, blight, blast.

bite, n. mouthful; wheal.

biting, a. stinging, sharp, cutting, sarcastic, caustic, scathing,
bitter, satirical, pungent, piquant; nipping, blasting; erosive,
corrosive, acrid, mordant.

bitter, a. acrid, acerb; poignant, intense; calamitous, distressing,
virulent, acrimonious; implacable.

bitterness, n. acridity, acerbity; gall, wormwood; poignancy,
intensity, severity; rancor, malice, malignity, implacableness.

bizarre, a. fantastic, whimsical, grotesque.

blab, n. babbler, blabber, telltale.--v. tell, tattle.

black, a. sable, ebon, inky, Stygian, Cimmerian, lowering, murky;
Ethiopian, Papuan, negro.

black, n. stain, smooch; Ethiopian, Papuan, negro.

black and blue. livid, ecchymosed.

black and blue spot. ecchymosis, suggillation.

black art. necromancy, conjuration, magic, sorcery.

blacken, v. darken, denigrate; begrime, besmirch, tarnish, discolor;
defame, malign.

blackguard, n. scoundrel, rascal, villain, ruffian.

blackguard, a. vicious, scurrilous, opprobrious, foul.

blackguardism, n. ruffianism, scoundrelism, rascality; scurrility,

blackhearted, a. villainous, abandoned, reprobate, diabolical, base,

black lead. graphite, plumbago.

blackleg, n. (Colloq.) gambler, gamester (disreputable).

blackness, n. black, nigritude; atrocity, heinousness, depravity.

Black Sea. Euxine.

blacksmith, n. ironsmith, farrier, horseshoer. Associated Words:
Hephestian, anvil.

blacksmith's shop. smithy, smithery, farriery, stithy, forge.

black vomit. melenemesis.

bladder, n. Associated Words: cystitis, cystic, cystocele, cystose,
cystolith, cystotomy, lithotomy, lithotomist, endoscope, endoscopy,
prostate, catheter, litholysis, utricular, lithotrity, lithotome,

blade, n. leaf (of a plant), spire (of grass); buck, gallant,

blamable, a. culpable, censurable, reprehensible, blameworthy.

blame, v. censure, reproach.

blame, n. censure, reproach, reprehension, condemnation, stricture,
animadversion, reproof; culpability, reprehensibility, demerit,
wrongdoing, fault.

blameless, a. guiltless, irreprehensible, inculpable, unimpeachable,
faultless, irreproachable.

blameworthy, a. censurable, blamable.

bland, a. suave, mollifying, affable, complaisant; soothing,
emollient, demulsive, assuasive.

blandish, v. flatter, cajole, caress.

blandishment, n. cajolery, wheedling, caresses, blandiloquence.

blank, a. void, empty, unfilled; expressionless, vacant: confounded,
nonplused, astounded; unmitigated, absolute, downright.

blarney, n. (Colloq.) blandiloquence, palaver, blandishment,
cajolery, flattery.

blamey, v. flatter, cajole, palaver, wheedle, blandish.

blasé, a. surfeited (with pleasure), sated, palled.

blasphemy, n. sacrilege, calumny, profanity.

blast, n. squall, gust; peal, blare, clang; explosion, discharge.

blast, v. blight, destroy; frustrate, ruin; explode, rend, open.

blasting, n. blighting, carbunculation; frustration, ruination.

blat, v. bleat.

blatant, a. brawling, clamorous, obstreperous, bawling braying.

blaze, n. flame.

blazing, a. flaming, ablaze, aflame. Antonym: smoldering.

blazon, v. emblazon; publish, display, exhibit.

bleach, v. etiolate, whiten, blanch.

bleaching, n. blanching, whitening, etiolation.

bleak, a. windswept, cheerless, raw, penetrating, desolate, dreary.

bleared, a. rheumy.

blearedness, n. lippitude, glama, epiphora.

bleed, v. exude.

bleeding, n. hemorrhage; phlebotomy, bloodletting, venesection.
Associated Words: tourniquet, garrot, styptic.

blemish, v. deface, mar, disfigure, sully.

blemish, n. defect, fault, imperfection, eyesore, disfigurement,

blench, v. flinch, recoil, shrink from.

blend, v. intermingle, fuse, merge, combine, mix, assimilate.

blend, n. mixture, merging, fusion, assimilation, synthesis.

blessing, n. benediction, benison, beatitude; boon, God-send.

blight, v. blast; ruin, frustrate, fowart.

blind, a. unseeing, sightless, purblind; oblivious, undiscriminating,
inconsiderate, unmindful; unintelligible, illegible; obscure, intricate,

blind, n. shade, curtain, screen; blinder, blinker; subterfuge,
pretext, ruse, stratagem, pretense, feint sophistry.

blind alley. cul-de-sac, _impasse_.

blind gut. cæcum.

blinding, a. obscuring.

blindness, n. sightlessness, anopsia, purblindness; amaurosis.

blink, v. wink; connive at, disregard, overlook.

bliss, n. felicity, transport, rapture, beatitude, happiness,

blissful, a. felicitous, ecstatic, rapturous, beatific.

blister, n. vesicle, pustule, pustulation, bleb; vesicatory,
vesicant, epispastic, pustulant.--v. vesicate, pustulate.

blistering, a. vesicatory, epispastic, pustulant.--n.
vesication, pustulation.

bloat, v. inflate, distend.

bloated, a. distended, turgid, intumescent, tumefied.

bloating, n. dilatation, intumescence, turgidity.

block, v. obstruct, blockade.--n. obstruction, obstacle,

blockhead, n. dolt, dunce, simpleton, ninny, numskull.

blood, n. lifeblood; gore. Associated Words: hematology,
hemorrhage, hemal, hematic, plethora, anæmia, sanguification, sanguify,
clot, corpuscle, styptic, hematosis, sanguiferous, hematin, sanguine,
sanguineous, sanguinivorous, hematophobia, hyperæmia.

blood, n. blade, spark.

bloodhound, n. sleuthhound.

bloodless, a. exsanguineous, exsanguious, anæmic.

bloodletting, n. venesection, bleeding, phlebotomy.

blood of the gods. ichor.

blood poisoning. toxæmia, septicæmia.

bloodshed, n. carnage, massacre, slaughter, bloodshedding.

bloodsucker, n. leech, sanguisuge; (Slang) extortioner; vampire.

bloodthirsty, a. sanguinary, truculent, ferocious, cruel.

blood vessel. artery; vein; capillary. Associated Words: angiology,
angiography, angiotomy, intrafusion, embolism, embolus, thrombosis,
thrombolism, rete, hillus, endothelium, epithelium.

bloody, a. gory, sanguinary, exsanguined, blood-stained.

bloom, n. blossom, blow; prime, vigor, heyday, flush; fuzz, down.

blossom, n. flower, florescence, inflorescence, efflorescence, bloom,
blow, anthesis.--v. bloom, blow.

blot, n. stain, blemish, smutch, smooch, reproach; erasure,

blot, v. stain, spot, blur, blemish, sully, disgrace, tarnish,
dishonor; efface, erase, delete, obliterate, expunge; obscure, eclipse.

blotch, n. eruption, blain, bulla, pustule, bleb; splotch, smutch,

blow, n. blossom, bloom; whack, knock, thwack, rap, thump, assault,
stroke; buffet, calamity, disaster, reverse, misfortune.

blow, v. blossom, bloom; pant, puff, gasp; spout; inflate, puff up,
distend; explode, shatter; (Colloq.) boast, brag, bluster, vaunt,
gasconade; rant, scold, censure.

blower, n. (Slang) braggart, boaster, vaunter.

blowhole, n. spiracle.

blow out. extinguish.

blow-out, n. (Colloq.) jollification, celebration, feast,

blowpipe analysis. Associated Word: pyritology.

blue, a. azure, cerulean, cerulific, sapphire, sapphirine,
amethystine, turquoise, ultramarine, sky-colored; livid, ecchymosed;
rigorous, severe; (Colloq.) melancholy, downhearted, depressed,
despondent, dejected, low-spirited, dispirited, hypochondriac, chapfallen,
gloomy, (Colloq.) gloomy, inauspicious, dismal, depressing; (Colloq.)
pedantic, literary.

blue, n. azure, amethystine, sapphirine, cerulean; cyanin, anthokyan,

blue jaundice. cyanopathy, cyanosis.

blues, n. pl. (Colloq.) despondency, melancholy, dismals, vapors,
depression, blue devils, hypochondria, dumps, megrims.

bluff, a. abrupt, unceremonious, brusque; gruff, surly; precipitous,
steep, abrupt.

bluff, v. (Colloq.) frighten, deter, intimidate.

blunder, n. bull, error, mistake, impropriety, slip, solecism, _faux

blundering, a. bungling, awkward, stupid, floundering.

blunt, a. dull, obtuse; abrupt, brusque, unceremonious, uncivil,
ungracious, discourteous; stupid, stolid.

blunt, v. dull, deaden, stupefy; assuage, alleviate, mitigate.

blur, v. dim, bedim, obscure; sully, blemish; mackle, macule.

blur, n. blot, indistinctness; mackle, macule.

blurred, a. indistinct, obscure, dim, bedimmed, sullied.

blurt, v. ejaculate.

blushing, n. blush, erubescence.

bluster, v. swagger, storm, rage, gasconade, roister.

bluster, n. swaggering, gasconade, boasting; wind, storm.

blusterer, n. swaggerer, braggart, rodomont, roisterer, vaunter.

blustering, a. stormy, windy, tempestuous; swaggering, bullying,
boastful, roistering.

boar, n. male hog; barrow (castrated); hogget (young boar).

boast, v. brag, vaunt, vapor, gasconade. Antonyms: belittle, decry,

boaster, n. braggart, vaunter, braggadocio, gascon, rodomont,
blusterer, fanfaron, drawcansir.

boastful, a. bragging, vaunting, vainglorious, thrasonical,
cockahoop, braggart, jactitatious.

boasting, n. bragging, gasconade, vaporing, fanfaronade, rodomontade,
blague, bravado, blustering, jactitation, vaunting. Antonyms:
disparagement, depreciation.

boat, n. water craft, launch, rowboat, canoe, gondola, punt, yacht,
yawl, scull, cock, dugout, smack, pirogue, trawler, sloop, praam, coracle,
pontoon, bateau, wherry, pinnace, scow, banca, transport, dory, galley,
cruiser, ship, barge, bark, brig, bucentaur, skiff, caique, drogher,
schooner, cockleshell, vessel, tug, towboat, tow, cog, wangan, ferry-boat,
dinghey, argosy, oomiac, junk, longboat, catboat, felucca, cutter,
frigate, xebec, tartan, una boat, moses, raft, catamaran, sampan,
lifeboat, caravel, trekschuit, masoola, argo, coggle. Associated Words:
davits, oar, helm, stern, pilot, rudder, flotilla, navy, navigation,

beatable, a. navigable.

boat races. regatta.

boat-shaped, a. navicular, scaphoid, cymbiform, naviform.

bob, n. pendant, float.

bobtailed, a. curtailed.

bode, v. forebode, foreshadow, augur, presage, betoken, portend.

bodiless, a. incorporeal, disembodied.

bodilessness, n. incorporeality, disembodiment.

bodily, a. physical, corporal, corporeal.

boding, a. ominous, portentous.

boding, n. omen, sign, prognostic, foreboding, augury, auspice,

bodkin, n. stiletto, eyeleteer; tape needle.

body, n. the physical person; torso, trunk; physique; bulk, mass;
axis, centrum; individual, person, creature; system, code; consistency,
substance; hulk; cuerpo. Associated Words: physiology, anatomy,
bicorporal, embody, embodiment, disembody, disembodiment, manikin,
corporeality, corporeity, in cuerpo, somatic.

body servant. valet, squire.

body snatcher. resurrectionist, ghoul.

bodyguard, n. lifeguard, _garde du corps_, retinue.

bog, n. quagmire, marsh, swamp, fen, morass, slough.

boggle, v. hesitate, stickle, falter; bungle.

bogus, a. (Colloq.) spurious, counterfeit, fictitious, sham,
fraudulent, forged, mock, false, supposititious.

bogy, n. bugaboo, bugbear, bogle, specter.

boil, n. furuncle. Associated Word: furuncular.

boil, v. seethe, simmer, effervesce.--n. boiling.

boil away. evaporate.

boiling, a. seething, ebullient, effervescent, simmering.

boiling, n. ebullition, coction, effervescence, seething,
gurgitation, simmering, ebullience.

boisterous, a. noisy, tumultuous, turbulent, hoidenish, unrestrained,

bold, a. daring, intrepid, brave; forward, immodest, rude, hoidenish,
brazen, saucy, insolent, unabashed, audacious, pert, shameless, malapert;
conspicuous, prominent, salient; steep, abrupt, precipitous, acclivitous,
jagged. Antonyms: modest, bashful, diffident, coy, shy, timid, retiring.

bold-faced, a. impudent, brazen-faced, insolent.

boldness, n. temerity, impudence, presumption, effrontery,
impertinence, nerve.

boll, n. pod, pericarp.

bolster, v. prop up, support, maintain.--n. cushion, pad,

bolt, v. sift; leave suddenly; gulp.

bomb, n. shell.

bombast, n. magniloquence, fustian, bombastry, altiloquence,

bombastic, a. magniloquent, grandiose, high-sounding, turgid,
inflated, grandiloquent.

bona fide. in good faith, real, actual, really, actually.

bond, n. band, tie, vinculum, copula; pl. shackles, manacles,
fetters, constraint; pl. imprisonment, captivity, bondage, restraint;

bond, a. captive, enslaved.

bondage, n. servitude, slavery, captivity, bond service, thralldom,

bondsman, n. bondman, slave, villain, serf; surety.

bone, n. (little) ossicle, osselet.

bone, n. Associated Words: osteology, osteography, ossify,
ossification, ossiferous, ossific, splint, marrow, ossivorous, ossuary,
osteoplasty, caries, osteopathy, solen, necrosis, gangrene, rongeur,
impaction, calcify, calcification, bursa, ossein, ossifying, ostalgia,
ossifragous, skeleton.

bone formation. ostosis, ossification, ectostosis, osteogeny.

boneless, a. exosseous.

bonelike, a. osseous, ossified, bony.

boneset, n. thoroughwort, Indian sage, feverwort.

bonmot, n. repartee.

bonnet, n. headdress, chapeau.

bonny, a. comely, pretty, merry, blithe, sportive, cheerful, buxom,
chubby, plump.

bonus, n. premium; honorarium.

booby, n. dolt, dunce, simpleton, numskull, coot, ninny, dullard,

boodle, n. (Slang) swag.

boohoo, v. (Slang) bawl, squawl.

book, n. volume; tome (ponderous); manual; publication; biograph;
monograph; polygraph; anthology. Associated Words: bibliography,
bibliolater, bibliomania, bibliophobia, format, facture, biblioclast,
bibliognost, stichometry, cahier, imprimatur, _ex libris_, edition,
collation, Elzevir, bibliophilism, library, collaboration.

booked, a. registered; (Colloq.) on the way, destined.

bookish, a. studious; formal, pedantic.

bookkeeper, n. accountant, countercaster (Contemptuous).

bookkeeping, n. accountancy.

booklet, n. pamphlet, brochure, tract.

book lore. bibliology.

booklover, n. bibliophile.

bookman, n. scholar, student.

bookseller, n. bookmerchant, bibliopole, bibliopolist.

book worship. bibliolatry.

boom, v. resound, roar.

boon, a. generous, bountiful, benign; jolly, convivial, gay, jovial,
frolicsome, sportive.

boor, n. peasant, rustic (rude); lout, churl, gawk.

boorish, a. uncultured, rude, unrefined, gawky, loutish, ungainly.

boot, n. premium, bonus; buskin, gamashes.

bootless, a. useless, unavailing, futile, ineffectual.

booty, n. plunder, spoil, loot.

booze, v. tipple.

border, n. verge, edge, margin, brink, marge, skirt, rim, brim; purl,
fillet; boundary, frontier, outskirt, confine, march, purlieu.

bordering on. adjacent, adjoining, coterminous with, conterminous

border, v. border on, be contiguous, be adjacent, adjoin, verge,

bore, n. perforation; caliber; tiresome person, proser.

bore, v. perforate, pierce, drill; weary, tire, annoy, fatigue.

boring, n. perforation; transforation.

born, p.p. née.--a. innate, natural, inherent, congenital.

bosh, n. (Colloq.) nonsense, froth, flummery, moonshine, twaddle,
balderdash, drivel, fustian, prating.

boss, n. protuberance, stud, knob, process; (Colloq.)
superintendent, director, employer, foreman, overseer.

boss, v. (Colloq.) direct, oversee, superintend; domineer,
dominate, dictate.

bossy, a. studded; (Colloq.) dictatorial, domineering, imperious,
arbitrary, masterful, authoritative.

botanist, n. phytologist.

botany, n. phytology.

botch, n. bungle, fiasco.

bother, v. trouble, annoy, discommode, incommode, inconvenience,
worry, molest.

bother, n. petty trouble, annoyance, inconvenience.

botheration, n. (Colloq.) perplexity, annoyance, nuisance,
vexation, disturbance.

bothersome, a. troublesome, perplexing, annoying, vexatious.

bottle, n. phial, vial, cruet, flask, decanter, cruse, siphon,
amphora, ampulla, tankard, matrass, bolthead, carboy, carafe, croft,
canteen, flagon, kit, demijohn, jorum, vinaigrette, costrel, pycnometer,
magnum, flacket, betty.

bottom, n. foot, base; nadir; foundation, groundwork, basis, base,
pedestal; fundament, buttocks, rump, fundus, seat; dregs, precipitate,
lees, sediment, grounds.

bottom, a. fundamental.

bottomless, a. abysmal, unfathomable.

bough, n. branch, limb.

boulevard, n. Associated Word: boulevardier.

bounce, v. spring, bound; rebound, recoil; (Colloq.) discharge,

bounce, n. bound, leap, rebound, spring; (Colloq.) discharge,

bouncer, a. (Cottoq.) braggart, boaster; lie, falsehood; whopper.

bouncing, a. lusty, buxom, strapping, plump; excessive, big,

bound, v. limit, inclose, circumscribe, terminate; leap, spring,
bounce; rebound.

bound, n. spring, leap, bounce, rebound; boundary, confine.

bound, p.p. and a. restrained, constrained, repressed; bounden;
destined, sure, certain; (Colloq.) determined, resolved; costive,

boundary, n. circumference, periphery; bound, limit, border, term,
confines, precinct, bourn, march, marge.

bounden, a. obliged, beholden; obligatory, binding.

boundless, a. illimitable, unbounded, vast, immense, limitless.

bounteous, a. bountiful, generous, liberal, munificent.

bountiful, a. liberal, free-hearted, generous; plentiful, abundant,
copious, unstinted, ample.

bounty, n. generosity, liberality, munificence, beneficence; premium,
bonus, reward.

bouquet, n. nosegay; boutonnière (buttonhole bouquet).

bourne, n. destination, goal; stream, rivulet; boundary, bound.

bout, n. round, turn; contest, set-to, conflict.

bow, v. bend, curve, crook; prostrate, overwhelm, crush, abase,
yield, obey, submit, be obeisant; incline, nod.

bow, n. nod; obeisance; salam; congé; stern, prow, beak; courtesy,

bow and arrows. Associated Words: archery, archer, toxophilite,
crossbow, quiver, centaur, ascham, belomancy, bowman, Sagittarius,
sagittary, arbelest, vireton.

bowels, n. pl. intestines, entrails, inwards; cæcum, colon, rectum;
recesses, _penetralia_.

bower, n. arbor.

bowl, n. dish, beaker, mortar.

bow-legged, a. bandy-legged.

bowman, n. archer.

bow-shaped, a. arcuate, arcuated.

box, n. receptacle, chest, case, coffer, carton, caddy, bandbox,
casket, caisson; ciborium, pyx; binnacle; slap, cuff, buffet, stroke.

box, v. slap, cuff; spar.

boxing, n. sparring.

boy, n. lad, youngster, stripling, master, youth, son, minor, junior,
youngling, cadet, chap, urchin, bub, sprig, callant, younker, hobbledehoy;
gamin, gutter-snipe.

boyhood, n. youth, juvenility, juniority, nonage, minority.

boyish, a. juvenile, immature, childish, youthful.

boy-servant, n. page, footboy; groom, hostler, lackey.

brace, v. prop, support, fortify, buttress, stay, shore; strengthen,

brace, n. prop, support, shore, strut, stay, stanchion; tension;
pair, two.

bracer, n. tonic, invigorant; stiffener, support, prop.

bracing, a. invigorating, strengthening, stimulating.

bracket, n. console, corbel, strut, modillion, cantalever; pl.

brag, v. boast, vaunt, vapor. Antonyms: disparage, decry, belittle,

brag, n. boasting, self-glorification, vaunt, gasconade braggadocio,
bravado, vaporing. Antonyms: disparagement, detraction, decrial,

braggadocio, n. brag, boasting; boaster, braggart.

braggart, n. boaster, rodomont, gascon, vaunter, vaporer, blusterer,
braggadocio, bouncer.

braid, n. plait; queue, pigtail.--v. plait, plat, entwine,

brain, n. cerebrum; cerebellum; encephalon. Associated Words:
cerebrology, encephalology, cerebrate, cerebric, lecithin, excerebration,
cephalopathy, encephalitis, apoplexy, cerebral.

brain action. cerebration.

brain fag. cerebropathy.

brainless, a. anencephalic, anencephalous; witless, silly, imbecile,

brake, n. thicket.

branch, n. bough, limb; shoot, sprout, sprig, spray, twig, tiller,
switch, sucker, stolen, offshoot; ramification; division, department,
bureau, wing; tributary, affluent.

branch, v. ramify, divaricate, diverge, fork, bifurcate.

branch, a. tributary.

branching, a. forked, dendroid, dendritic, arborescent, furcated.

branching, n. ramification, divarication, divergence, forking,
bifurcation, radiation, dichotomy.

brand, v. stigmatize.

brand, n. firebrand; kind, quality, grade, stigma.

branding, n. stigmatization.

brash, a. quick-tempered, irascible; brittle, crisp, fragile.

brass, n. (Colloq.) impudence, insolence, temerity, effrontery,

brass worker. brasier, brazier.

brassy, a. brazen; (Colloq.) bold, impudent, forward.

bravado, n. brag; blustering, threat.

brave, a. intrepid, courageous, valiant, daring, bold, valorous,
chivalrous, fearless, adventurous, dauntless, doughty, gallant, heroic,
mettlesome, undaunted, venturesome, lion-hearted, manly, unafraid, plucky;
showy, effective, striking. Antonyms: craven, timorous, cowardly,
recreant, pusillanimous. See cowardly.

brave, v. defy, dare, beard.

bravery, n. intrepidity, courage, heroism, valor, prowess, hardihood,
mettle, pluck, fearlessness, boldness. Antonyms: cowardice, timidity,
recreancy, poltroonery, flinch.

brawl, n. quarrel (noisy), dispute, mêlée, broil, rumpus, uproar.

brawling, a. clamorous, disputatious, noisy, quarrelsome, jangling.

brawny, a. stalwart, muscular, sinewy, robust, strong.

brazen-faced, a. impudent, shameless, pert, immodest.

breach, n. breaking, rupture; infraction, violation, trespass,
nonobservance; hernia, rupture; falling out, alienation, disaffection,
variance, difference; separation, ruption, disruption.

bread, n. Associated Words: panification, panary, panivorous,
crouton, zwiebach, panade, sop, crumb, crust, brewis, sippet, dough,
knead, leaven.

bread-basket, n. pannier.

breadth, n. width, latitude; liberality, tolerance, catholicity.

break, v. fracture, dispart, sever, rend, smash, shatter, shiver,
splinter, batter, burst, rupture, crack; infringe, violate, disobey,
transgress, trespass; communicate, disclose, divulge, tell, impart,
broach; discipline, tame; bankrupt, impoverish, ruin.

break, n. breach, rupture, fracture, fissure crack, chasm, gap, rent,
rift, hiatus, cæsura, interstice.

breakdown, n. downfall, collapse, crash.

breaking, n. fracture, rupture; breach, infraction, violation.
Associated Words: brittle, frangible, frangibility, tenacious, tenacity,
inviolable, inviolability.

breaking out. eruption, rash, efflorescence, exanthema; paroxysm.

breaking out again. recrudescence.

breakup, n. disruption, disorganization.

breakwater, n. jetty, pier, mole, dike.

breast, n. chest, bosom, thorax; teat, pap, dug, mamma. Associated
words: amasty, pectoral, plastron, bib, gorget, mammillary, angina
pectoris, areola, pectoriloquy, diaphragm, sternal.

breast, v. stem, struggle with, withstand, resist.

breastbone, n. sternum.

breastpin, n. brooch, pectoral.

breath, n. respiration.

breathable, a. respirable. Antonyms: irrespirable, unbreathable.

breathe, v. respire, inhale and exhale; infuse; wheeze, suspire,
sigh, gasp, pant, aspirate; exhale, emit.

breathing, n. respiration, inhalation (breathing in), exhalation
(breathing out); aspiration, suspiration, sighing, panting,
insufflation, gasp, wheeze, afflatus, inflation, pneuma; inspiration,
theopneusty. Associated Words: eupnœoe, dyspnœoe, asthma, apnœoe,
cachon, respiratory, gill, branchia, pneumodynamics, pneometry,
suffocation, stertorous.

breathless, a. panting.

breech, n. buttocks.

breeches, n. pl. smallclothes, knickerbockers, knee-breeches;
trousers, pants.

breed, v. beget, generate, procreate, engender, conceive and bear;
nurture, train; occasion, originate, engender.

breed, n. race, variety, strain, extraction, family, lineage,
pedigree; class, sort, kind, variety.

breeding, n. generation, procreation, begetting, prolification;
stirpiculture, eugenics; nurture, training. Associated Words:
dysgenesis, dysgenesic, hybrid, hybridization, thremmatology.

breeding freely. prolific. Antonym: unprolific.

breeze, n. zephyr; (Colloq.) disturbance, quarrel, tumult.

breezy, a. airy, windy; (Colloq.) lively, spirited, animated,

brew, v. foment, concoct, hatch, plot.

bribe, n. hush-money, boodle (Slang).--v. suborn.

bribery, n. subornation.

bric-a-brac, n. virtu, knick-knacks.

brick, n. adobe (unburnt and dried in the sun); malm-brick.

bridal, a. nuptial, conjugal, hymeneal.

bridge, n. trestlework, viaduct, culvert, pons, pontoon bridge,
cantilever bridge.

bridge, v. span.

bridle, n. restraint, curb, check.--v. restrain, curb, check,

brief, a. short-lived, ephemeral, transient, transitory; terse,
concise. See short.

brief, n. breviary, epitome, summary; writ, precept, breve.

briefness, n. brevity.

brier, n. thorn, bramble.

brigand, n. highwayman, bandit, outlaw, robber, footpad, freebooter.

bright, a. luminous, gleaming, lustrous, radiant, resplendent,
glistening, beaming, shimmering, phosphorescent, luciferous, luminiferous,
argent, orient, dazzling, glowing, glittering, flashing, scintillating,
sparkling, refulgent, effulgent, brilliant, vivid, glossy, fulgent, naif,
lucent, glaring, garish, crystalline; intelligent, precocious, apt, acute,
discerning, clever, smart, knowing; auspicious, propitious; illustrious,
glorious. Antonyms: dull, lackluster, obscure, dim, opaque, murky,
nebulous, dingy, tarnished, sullied.

brighten, v. polish, burnish, furbish; illuminate, irradiate, cheer,
rally, enliven, inspirit.

brightness, n. brilliancy, splendor, luster, luminosity,
resplendence, radiance, refulgence, effulgence, glow; aptness, precocity,
acuteness, sharpness, discernment; vivacity, animation, liveliness.

brilliancy, n. brightness, resplendence, refulgence, brilliance.

brilliant, a. sparkling, glittering, scintillating, dazzling,
gleaming, glistening, flashing; splendid, glorious, signal, eminent,

brim, n. rim, border, margin, edge, brink, bank, marge.

brimstone, n. sulphur.

bring, v. fetch.

bring about. bring to pass, effect, accomplish, effectuate, achieve.

bring back. return, restore, replace; revive, resuscitate.

bring forward. introduce.

bring to. resuscitate, revive, reanimate.

bringing to. resuscitation, revivification.

bring on. incur.

bring to pass. accomplish, effectuate.

bring up. nurse, rear, nurture, train.

brink, n. edge, border, verge.

brisk, a. lively, spirited, sprightly, spry, agile, rapid.

British soldier. Tommy Atkins.

brittle, a. frangible, crisp, friable.

brittleness, n. frangibility. Antonym: tenacity.

broad, a. wide; extensive, extended, vast, wide-reaching,
comprehensive; liberal, tolerant, catholic; indelicate, gross,

broadside, n. placard, poster.

broil, v. grill.

broiler, n. gridiron.

broiling, a. scorching, torrid, grilling.

broken, a. fractured, splintered, shattered, shivered; disconnected,
discontinuous, interrupted; impaired, shattered; subdued, humbled,
contrite, penitent, crushed, trained, subjugated, tractable; violated.
Antonyms: inviolate, intact, whole.

broken-hearted, a. disconsolate, inconsolable, comfortless.

broker, a. agent, factor, middleman, go-between.

brood, v. incubate, sit; meditate (morbidly).

brook, n. rivulet, runlet, rill, creek, streamlet, runnel, run, burn.

brook, v. tolerate, suffer, endure, bear.

broom, n. besom; whisk (small broom).

brothel, n. house of prostitution, bawdy-house, brothelry.

brother, n. Associated Words: fratricidal, fraternize, fratricide,
brotherhood, brother german, brother uterine.

brotherhood, n. fraternity, fellowship.

brotherly, a. fraternal.

brow, n. forehead.

brown, a. dusky, tawny, dun, swarthy.

brown race. Malayan.

brown study. abstraction, revery, musing, preoccupation.

bruise, v. contuse, ecchymose.

bruise, v. indent, deface, disfigure.

bruise, n. contusion, ecchymosis.

bruiser, n. (Colloq.) boxer, pugilist.

bruit, n. report, town talk, rumor, hearsay.--v. noise, abroad,
report, tell, circulate.

brush, n. brushwood; thicket, underbrush; grazing.

brushwood, n. thicket, coppice, underbrush, brush.

brutal, a. inhuman, cruel, fell, ruthless, truculent, unfeeling;
beastly, bestial, brutish.

brutality, n. inhumanity, cruelty, truculence.

brute, n. beast; fiend, monster, ruffian, yahoo.

brute, a. irrational.

brutish, a. bestial, brutal, brute.

bubonic plague. polyadenitis.

buck, n. ram; beau, fop, blade, dandy.

bud, v. pullulate, germinate, bourgeon.

Buddha, n. Gautama Siddartha, Sakya Sinha.

budding, n. gemmification, bourgeoning, gemmation.

buffalo, n. bison; carabao (water buffalo).

bugaboo, n. ogre, bugbear, bogy, fright, bullbeggar.

bugbear, n. bugaboo, ogre, bogy, _bête noire_.

build, v. erect, construct, raise.

builder, n. architect; carpenter.

building, n. erection, construction; edifice, structure, pile;

businesslike, a. pragmatical.

bulging, a. protuberant, convex, gibbous.

bulgy, a. (Colloq.) bulging, gibbous, convex.

bulk, n. mass, size, dimensions, magnitude, bulkiness; majority,

bulky, a. massive, ponderous, big.

bull, n. Taurus; Minotaur; Apis. Associated Words: tauriform,
taurine, bovine, bellow.

bulldoze, v. (Colloq.) intimidate, browbeat.

bullfight, n. Associated Words: arena, banderilla, banderillero,

bullfighter, n. matador, toreador, tauridor, capeador, tauromachian.

bullfighting, n. tauromachy.

bullhead, n. (Colloq.) dolt, lout, lubber, dunderhead, beetlehead.

bully, n. blusterer, swaggerer, roisterer, rowdy, rough.

bully, a. (Slang) jolly, jovial; fine, excellent, good.

bully, v. browbeat, overbear, swagger, bluster, intimidate.

bullying, a. hectoring, swaggering, blustering.

bulwark, n. rampart, fortification; defense, palladium, shield.

bump, v. jolt, jounce, thump.

bump, n. protuberance, prominence, lump, nodule, swelling.

bumpkin, n. lout, boor, clodpoll, yokel, yahoo, hind.

bumptious, a. (Colloq.) self-conceited, obtrusive, pushing.

bunch, n. cluster, tuft, knot, tussock; raceme, racemation;
protuberance, lump, nodule, hunch, bump; lot, collection, group,
assortment, set.

bundle, n. parcel, package, bale, pack, budget, packet.

bung, n. stopper, tampoon, spigot, stopple; bunghole, vent.

bunghole, n. bung, vent, vent-hole.

bungling, a. unskillful, maladroit, inexpert, clumsy, inapt.

bunker, n. bin, receptacle, crib.

bunko, v. cheat, swindle, victimize.

burden, n. load, cargo; incubus, encumbrance, weight, impediment,
trial, oppression; chorus, refrain.

burden, v. encumber, load, surcharge, oppress.

burial, n. interment, inhumation, sepulture, entombment. Antonyms:
disinterment, exhumation.

burlesque, n. travesty, farce.

burn, v. scorch, scald, singe, char, sear, cauterize, brand, consume,
incinerate; cremate, incremate.

burn, n. ambustion.

burnable, a. combustible, inflammable. Antonyms: incombustible,

burning, n. combustion, cineration, incineration; cauterization,
cautery; pyrography; arson; incendiarism; smoldering.

burning, n. cremation, incremation. Associated Words: cremator,
crematory, crematorium.

bury, n. inter, inhume, entomb, sepulcher; hide, secrete, conceal,
cache. Antonyms: disinter, exhume.

burying-ground, n. cemetery.

bush, n. shrub; thicket, jungle, underwood, boscage.

bushwhacker, n. bushranger, guerrilla.

business, n. vocation, calling, pursuit, craft, trade, occupation,
profession; avocation; traffic, trade, commerce, enterprise, industry,
barter; duty, function, work, place; affair, concern, matter. Associated
words: commercial, mercantile, technical, technicality, technology.

bustle, n. stir, agitation, tumult, ado, pother, commotion; bishop,
tournure, pannier.

busy, a. occupied, engaged, employed, engrossed; diligent,
industrious, sedulous, active; intrusive, officious, meddlesome.

butcher, v. slaughter.

butter, n. Associated Words: butyric, butyrin, butyrometer,
butyrate, dairy, creamery, churn, butterine, capric, caprylic, caproic
acid, butyraceous.

butterflies, n. pl. Lepidoptera. Associated Words: lepidopterist,
lepidopteral, lepidopterous, caterpillar, larva.

buttock, n. rump, fundament, breech; glutæus (muscle).

buttress, n. support, stay, prop.

buy, v. purchase.

buyer, n. purchaser.

buying, n. purchase.

buzz, n. hum, murmur, bombinate; whiz.

buzz, v. hum, bombinate.

by degrees. gradually.

bystander, n. spectator, onlooker, witness.

by turns. alternately, in succession.


C. Associated Word: cedilla.

cabbage, n. savoy; colewort; broccoli; collards; Brussels sprouts.
Associated Words: Brassica, brassicaceous.

cabbage, v. (Colloq.) steal, pilfer, purloin, filch.

cabin, n. hut, hovel, shanty, cot, shack, cottage.

cage, n. mew.--v. confine, coop up, encage, mew.

caged, a. imprisoned, confined.

cajole, v. beguile, wheedle, blandish, inveigle, flatter.

cajolery, n. wheedling, blandishment, beguilement.

cake, v. concrete, harden, solidify, coagulate.

calamitous, a. disastrous, deplorable, baleful, ill-fated, untoward,

calamity, n. disaster, catastrophe, misfortune, casualty, reverse,
adversity, mischance.

calculate, v. compute, reckon, estimate; forecast; (Colloq.)
expect, intend, contemplate, plan.

calculating, a. scheming, forecasting, crafty, circumspect, cautious,

calculation, n. computation, reckoning; expectation, anticipation;
circumspection, wariness, forethought, caution.

calendar, n. almanac; list, schedule, register, catalogue, docket.

calf, n. Associated Words: vellum, parchment, veal, fatling, dogy,
vitular, vituline, slink, slunk, calve, steer.

calico, n. print.

California poppy. eschscholtzia.

call, v. summon, bid, evoke, invite; convoke, assemble, muster,
convene; entitle, name, designate, dub, denominate; invoke, petition,

call, n. summons, vocation, invocation, entreaty, appeal, invitation;
signal; requirement, demand, requisition; election, appointment;

calling, n. summons, call; vocation (divine summons); evocation,
convocation; occupation, business, trade, employment, vocation, pursuit.

callous, a. unfeeling, insensible, hardened, unimpressible.

callow, a. unfledged, unfeathered; immature, green, inexperienced.

call to account. impeach, accuse.

calm, n. lull, tranquillity, quiet, placidity.

calm, a. still, serene, motionless, undisturbed, unruffled, pacific,
placid, tranquil, halcyon; sedate, collected, imperturbable, unmoved,
cool, composed, dispassionate. Antonyms: excited, stormy, agitated,
ruffled, discomposed, perturbed, boisterous.

calm, v. lull, allay, hush, tranquillize, becalm, still, compose,
quiet, appease, pacify, assuage, moderate, alleviate, conciliate, abate,

calmness, n. tranquillity, serenity, placidity, stillness,
composure, imperturbability, dispassion, imperturbation, unconcern,
equanimity, collectedness, self-possession. Antonyms: commotion,
excitement, agitation, discomposure.

camel, n. dromedary (one hump); bactrian camel (two humps);
deloul, maharik (the swift camel).

cameo, n. anaglyph. Antonym: intaglio.

camp, n. encampment; bivouac; cantonment, quarters. Associated
words: castrensial, étape, decampment, decamp, castrametation.

camp, v. encamp.

canal, n. channel. Associated Words: towpath, berm, heelpath, lock.

cancel, v. annul, abrogate, rescind, nullify, quash, abolish,
countermand. Antonyms: confirm, approve, corroborate, enforce, reënact,

cancellation, n. annulment, abrogation, rescission, nullification,

cancer, n. carcinoma, carcinosis. Associated Words: cancerate,
canceration, cancerous, cancriform, cancroid, solanoid.

candid, a. impartial, unbiased, fair; frank, ingenuous, unreserved,
straightforward. Antonyms: disingenuous, deceitful, reserved, subtle.

candidate, n. aspirant, nominee, postulant, office-seeker, contestant
(for an office).

candle, n. taper, cierge, rushlight, serge; pl. chandlery.
Associated Words: chandler, wick, snuff, socket, accensor,
petrostearine, sconce, sweal.

candlestick, n. candelabrum, jesse, girandole, lustre.

candor, n. impartiality, disinterestedness; frankness, ingenuousness,
naïveté, openness.

candy, n. confectionery, bonbon, sweetmeat, confection, comfit,
confect, lollipop, caramel, fudge, fondant, praline, taffy, sugar plum,

candy maker. confectioner.

cane sugar. sucrose.

canker, n. corrosion, erosion, blight.

cannibal, n. anthropophagite.--a. anthropophagous.

cannibalism, n. anthropophagy; exophagy, endophagy.

cannibals, n. pl. anthropophagi, man-eaters, androphagi.

cannon, n. Associated Words: ordnance, cannonade, cannoneer,
linstock, calibre, bore, cascabel, breech, reenforce, chase, muzzle,
trunnion, rimbase, chamber, howitzer, mortar.

canny, a. cunning, crafty, wary, shrewd, cautious, prudent,
circumspect; magical.

canoe, n. piroque (dugout); pitpan (Cen. Amer.); kayak (Arctic

canon, n. law, rule, regulation.

canonicals, n. pl. vestments; gown, robe, cassock, surplice, alb,
pallium, cope, scapulary, dalmatic, stole, chasuble, tunicle, scarf,
mantelleta, cowl, ephod, amice, mitre, capoch, biretta, chimere, rochet,
scapular, planeta, maniple, tippet, plicata.

canopy, n. covering, awning, baldaquin, baldachin, tilt, tester,

cant, n. slope, tilt, turn; bias, impulse; prating; idioms, parlance,
vocabulary; affected piety, hypocrisy; slang, jargon, lingo, argot.

cant, v. tilt, tip, incline.

cantankerous, a. (Colloq.) perverse, contumacious, contentious,
headstrong, contrary.

canteen carrier. (female) cantiniere, vivandiere.

canvas, n. tarpaulin; coutil.

canyon, n. gorge, ravine, gulch.

cap, n. biggin, biggon, biggonnet, busby, coif, berretta, biretta,
barret, caul, callot, head-gear, turban, fez, calotte, toque, mortarboard,
mitre, tarboosh, Tam-o-Shanter, zuchetto, wimple, shako, morion, mozetta,
casque, helmet, mutch, montero, domino, beaver, glengarry, calpac, thrum
cap, beret, keffieh, mortier, mobcap. Associated Word: visor.

cap, v. crown, complete, consummate, surpass, exceed.

capability, n. ability, capacity, competency, qualification,
efficiency, proficiency.

capable, a. able, qualified, susceptible, competent, efficient,
proficient. Antonyms: See incapable.

cape, n. promontory, headland.

caper, n. dido, trick, prank, leap, gambol, curlycue.

caper, v. gambol, frisk, cavort, leap, skip, prance, capriole.

capital, a. principal, leading, chief, cardinal, foremost;
(Colloq.) excellent, first-rate.

capital letter, n. majuscule (ancient manuscripts). Associated
word: cyriologic.

capitation, n. poll-tax.

caprice, n. fancy, whim, notion, freak, vagary, crotchet, quirk,
whimsey, fickleness.

capricious, a. fanciful, whimsical, vagarious, inconstant, fickle,
crotchety, volatile.

cap-shaped, a. pileate, pileated.

capsize, v. upset, overturn.

captain, n. commander, chieftain, leader, chief: skipper; colonel;
master, foreman.

captious, a. critical, carping, censorious, caviling.

captivate, v. enchant, subdue, bewitch, fascinate, entrance, enamor,

captivating, a. bewitching, fascinating, enchanting. See

captivation, n. fascination, infatuation, charming.

captivity, n. bondage, servitude, thralldom, vassalage, slavery.

capture, v. seize, catch, apprehend, arrest, corral, deprehend.

capture, n. prey, prize; apprehension, arrest, seizure, catching.

car, n. cart, vehicle, chariot, caboose, tender, cage, coach, tram,

carbolic acid. phenol, phenic acid.

cardinal, a. principal, chief, superior, preëminent.

cardinal virtues. prudence, temperance, justice, fortitude.

cardinals, n. pl. Associated Words: propaganda, conclave,

care, n. concern, anxiety, worry, apprehension; oversight, charge,
management, tutelage, custody; ward, charge, protégé, responsibility;
attention, heed, caution, regard, circumspection, carefulness. Antonyms:
See carelessness.

careful, a. cautious, watchful, provident, chary, attentive,
circumspect, considerate, heedful, prudent, discreet, wary, mindful,
choice, sparing, observant.

carefulness, n. caution, wariness, circumspection, chariness,
forethought, precaution, watchfulness, discretion, concern, cautiousness.

careless, a. negligent, unconcerned, indifferent, heedless,
inattentive, regardless, lax, incautious, remiss, inconsiderate,
nonchalant, neglectful, unwary, imprudent, indiscreet, improvident,
reckless, desultory, perfunctory, devil-may-care, slovenly, slack, supine.

carelessness, n. unconcern, indifference, negligence, heedlessness,
remissness, incaution, nonchalance, inadvertence, laxity, improvidence,
inattention, dereliction, indiscretion, recklessness.

cargo, n. freight, load, burden, lading, last.

caricature, n. exaggeration, burlesque, take-off, travesty, parody.

carking, a. harassing, worrying, distressing, vexatious.

carnal, a. sensual, fleshly, bodily; lustful, salacious;

carousal, n. revel, wassail, orgies, bacchanals, saturnalia, jamboree

carouser, n. reveler, roysterer, debauchee, bacchanalian.

carp, v. cavil, censure.

carpenter, n. joiner.

carpet covering. drugget, bocking.

carping, a. caviling, censorious, captious, hypercritical,

carriage, n. carrying, transportation; bearing, behavior, deportment;
air, mien, demeanor.

carriage, n. vehicle, conveyance, coach, gig, buggy, sulky,
diligence, perambulator, cabriolet, brougham, surrey, chaise, stanhope,
sedan, jumpseat, tally-ho, victoria, tumbrel, chariot, jingle, rockaway,
hack, calash, cab, coupe, hansom cab, volante, cart, equipage, turnout,
jaunting car, landau, phaeton, wagonette, jinrikisha, vandy, dogcart,
kibitka, britzska, barouche, fly, whisky, post-chaise, droshki, trap,
dos-à-dos, litter, palanquin, curricle.

carriage dog. Dalmatian dog.

carrier, n. messenger, conveyer; porter, bearer, teamster.

carrion, n. Associated Words: necrophagan, necrophagous,
saprophagan, necrophilous, saprophagous, saprophytic, saprophyte.

carry, v. convey, transport, bear, waft, portage; carry out,
complete, effectuate, consummate, accomplish.

carrying, n. transportation, conveyance, portage, transmission,
conduction, delivery. Associated Words: portable, portability,
unportable, palanquin, litter, sedan chair.

cart, n. vehicle, wagon, carriage; lorrie, truck, tumbril, carreta.

carte, n. menu, bill of fare.

Carthaginian, a. Punic.

cartilage, n. gristle. Associated Words: chondrology, chondrotomy,
chondritis, chondroid, chondrification, chondrify, cartilaginous, gristly.

cart maker. cartwright.

carve, v. sculpture, chisel, engrave, fashion, mould.

carving, n. sculpture (in wood or ivory); anaglyptics, anaglyphy.

case, a. sheath, covering, capsule, receptacle, quiver, chest; event,
happening, instance, circumstances, condition, affair, plight,
predicament, dilemma, contingency.

case-hardened, a. seared, obdurate.

cash, n. coin, specie, currency.

cashier, n. cash-keeper; bursar, treasurer, purser.

cask, n. tierce, hogshead, pipe, puncheon, butt, tun.

casket, n. gemmary; coffin.

cassock, n. soutane.

cast, v. fling, hurl, throw, impel, pitch, sling; direct, turn, drop,
deposit, place; exuviate, shed, molt, discard, shed, reflect, throw;
compute, reckon, add, enumerate.

cast, n. throw, fling; exuviæ, ejection, secretion.

castaway, n. outcast, reprobate, pariah, derelict.

castigate, v. chastise.

castigation, n. chastisement.

castiron, a. unyielding, indomitable, hardy.

castle, n. fortress, citadel, stronghold, fastness, donjon, keep;
mansion, château.

castling, n. abortion.

cast off. discard, reject, slough.

cast-off, a. discarded, rejected.

castor oil. Associated Words: ricinoleic, ricinolein, ricinus,
Palma Christi.

castrate, v. geld, alter; emasculate.

castrated person. eunich, spade.

castration, n. orchotomy, emasculation, gelding.

casual, a. chance, accidental, fortuitous, contingent.

casualty, n. accident, calamity, contingency, fortuity.

cat, n. feline, _Felis_, tabby, puss, pussy; kitten, kitty; grimalkin
(an old she cat). Associated Words: purr, mew, miaul, caterwaul,
feline, _Felidæ_ (cat family).

catacomb, n. grotto, crypt, cave.

catalogue, n. list, register, schedule, index, inventory, Associated
word: raisonné.

cataract, n. waterfall, cascade, fall, lin.

catastrophe, n. disaster, calamity.

catch, v. seize, grasp, clutch, snatch, gripe, nab; apprehend;
arrest; deprehend; overtake; insnare, entangle, entrap.

catch, n. capture, seizure, arrest, apprehension; hasp, hook, clasp.

catching, a. contagious, infectious, communicable, pestilential.
Antonyms: noncontagious, incommunicable.

catching, n. seizure, apprehension, arrest.

catchword, n. cue.

category, n. class, state, condition, division, predicament.

cater, v. purvey.

cater-cornered, a. (Colloq.) diagonal.

caterer, n. purveyor.

cathartic, n. purgative, physic, purge, evacuant.

catholic, a. universal, general, world-wide; liberal, tolerant,
unsectarian, broad-minded; Roman Catholic, Romish. Antonyms: uncatholic,
sectarian, local, narrow, noncatholic.

catholicity, n. universality, catholicism; liberality.

catkin, n. ament.

cat's-eye, n. chatoyant, chrysoberyl. Associated Words: chatoyant,

cat's-paw, n. dupe, tool, cully, gull.

cattle, n. kine; Bos; Bovine quadrupeds; Taurus.

cattle-plague, n. rinderpest, murrain.

cattle-stealing, n. abigeat (Civil Law).

cause, n. origin, source; motive, incitement, inducement, incentive.
Associated Words: ætiology, etiology, teleology, etiological, causation,
causative, causality.

cause, v. occasion, induce, effect, originate.

caustic, a. burning, virulent, acrid, catheretic, mordacious,
cutting, satirical.

caution, n. wariness, forethought, circumspection; advice, warning,

caution, v. forewarn, admonish, warn, counsel, advise, dissuade.

cautious, a. circumspect, prudent, wary. Antonyms: incautious,

cave, n. cavern, grotto, grot, den, catacomb, crypt. Associated
words: speleology, spelean, stalactite, stalagmite, cavernicolous,
troglodytic, caverned, cavernous.

cave-dweller, n. troglodyte.

cavil, v. carp, criticize.--n. objection, criticism (specious
or frivolous).

caviling, a. carping, captious, cavilous, hypercritical.

Cayenne pepper. capsicum.

cease, v. discontinue, stop, desist, refrain.

ceaseless, a. incessant, unceasing, constant, uninterrupted,

cedar tree. Associated Words: cedrine, cedrene.

cede, v. surrender, relinquish, grant.

ceding, n. cession.

celebrate, v. commemorate, solemnize, observe.

celebrated, a. famous, illustrious, noted, renowned, eminent,
far-famed. Antonyms: obscure, inglorious, unrenowned.

celebration, n. commemoration, observance, solemnization.

celebrity, n. fame, renown, eminence.

cellar, n. basement.

celluloid, n. xylonite.

cement, n. adhesive, glue; lute, luting.

cement, v. cohere, join, glue, glutinate.

cemetery, n. necropolis, God's acre, graveyard, mortuary.

censer, n. thurible, incensory.

censor, n. inspector, reviewer, critic; caviler, censurer.

censorious, a. carping, captious, caviling, critical.

censurable, a. reprehensible, culpable, blamable, reproachable,

censure, n. reproof, reprehension, blame, reprimand, objurgation.

censure, v. reprove, rebuke, reprehend, upbraid, objurgate, chide,
inveigh against.

censuring, a. reprehensory, reproachful, reproving, objurgatory,

centenary, n. centennial, century.

centennial, n. centenary.

center, n. middle, midst. Antonyms: circumference, perimeter, rim,
boundary. Associated Words: centrifugal, centrifugence, centricity,
centripetal, centripetence, centrality, centralize, centralization,

centerpiece, n. épergne.

central, a. middle, centric, centrical, equidistant.

century, n. centenary. Associated Words: centennial, secular.

ceremonious, a. formal, precise, punctilious. Antonyms: informal,

ceremony, n. rite, form, ceremonial, solemnity; formality.

certain, a. assured, confident, convinced, satisfied, undoubting;
undeniable, irrefutable, indubitable, incontrovertible, incontestable,
sure; inevitable, unavoidable; unfailing, infallible, inerrable; fixed,
stated, specified. Antonyms: indefinite, uncertain, doubtful. See

certainty, n. sureness, confidence, assurance, surety; fact, truth.
Antonyms: See uncertainty.

certificate, n. testimonial, credential, voucher.

certify, v. assure, attest, testify to, vouch for.

chafe, v. rub, gall, irritate; fret, fume, rage.

chaff, n. glumes, hulls, refuse.

chaff, n. banter, raillery, pleasantry, jesting, badinage.

chaff, v. jest, banter.

chaffy, a. acerose, palaceous, stramineous.

chagrin, a. mortification, abashment, vexation, confusion,
discomposure, humiliation.

chagrin, v. mortify, abash, vex, confuse, humiliate.

chain, n. concatenation, catenation, series, congeries, carcanet,
catena, chatelaine, necklace, gorget, links, torque; bond, shackle,
fetter, tether.

chain, v. fetter, restrain, shackle, enslave, trammel, catenate.

chain wheel. sprocket wheel.

chair, n. seat; professorship; chairman.

chalice, n. grail.

chalk, n. Associated Words: calcography, calcographer,
calcographic, chalkiness, crayon.

chalkstone, n. tophus. (Med.)

chalky, a. cretaceous.

challenge, v. defy, dare, brave.--n. defiance; exception,

champion, n. defender, vindicator, protector, paladin; winner, hero,

champion, v. defend, maintain, advocate, vindicate.

chance, v. befall; risk, venture.

chance, n. fate, fortune, luck, fortuity, hap, casualty, accident;
possibility, likelihood, contingency; opportunity; hazard, jeopardy, risk,

chance, a. casual, fortuitous, accidental, contingent, random.

chancery, n. equity.

change, n. variation, alteration, transition, mutation,
transposition, conversion, metamorphosis, innovation, transfiguration,
permutation, transference, reversion, reaction, transmutation;
substitution, commutation; variety, novelty, vicissitude. Associated
word: mutanda. Antonyms: continuation, stability, conservatism,
permanence, inertia, monotony, perpetuation, continuance, fixity,
invariability, uniformity.

change, v. alter, transmute, shift, modulate, reverse, reform, vary,
modify, convert, transform, transpose, transfer, exchange, substitute,
commute. Antonyms: continue, persist, remain, abide.

changeable, a. mutable, variable, inconstant, unstable, unsteadfast,
reversible, alterable, revocable, mobile, convertible, transmutable,
commutable, kaleidoscopic, transformable, impermanent; volatile, fickle,
mercurial, protean, irresolute, capricious, vacillating, fitful,
inconstant, erratic, eccentric, crotchety; iridescent; chatoyant.

changeableness, n. mutability, variability, inconstancy, instability,
vacillation, convertibility, transmutability, mobility, impermanence;
volatility, irresolution, fickleness, capriciousness; iridescence;

changeless, a. permanent, immutable, inexorable, invariable,
undeviating, unalterable, unvarying, constant, unconvertible.

changelessness, n. immutability, inalterability, permanence,
conservatism, invariability, monotony, inconvertibility.

changeling, n. oaf; waverer, whiffler.

change of life. climacteric; menopause.

channel, n. water-course, canal, aqueduct, gutter, runway, alveus,
conduit, duct; strait; furrow, chamfer, chamfret, groove, fluting; avenue,
route, artery.

chant, v. intone, intonate, cantillate.

chant, n. intonation; introit; cantillation.

chaos, n. confusion, disorder, disorganization.

chap, n. crack, chink; boy, lad, youth; kibe.

chapel, n. oratory, chantry, bethel.

chapped, a. kibed.

chaps, n. pl. jaws, chops, flews.

chapter, n. branch. Associated Words: capitular, capitulary.

character, n. personality, nature, individuality. Associated Words:
ethology, ethologist.

characteristic, n. trait, peculiarity, feature, attribute,
attribution, idiosyncrasy.

characterize, v. distinguish.

charge, n. accusation, complaint, allegation, indictment, imputation,
crimination, impeachment, arraignment, gravamen (burden of a charge);
trust, ward; custody, care, responsibility, oversight, obligation,
commission, management; onset, attack, assault, onslaught, fusillade;

charge, v. impose, load, encumber; exhort, enjoin, adjure, instruct;
commit, intrust; debit; accuse, indict, tax, impute, criminate, arraign;
attack, assault.

chargeable, a. imputable, attributable, referrible.

charitable, a. benevolent, benign, beneficent, magnanimous; liberal,
tolerant, lenient. Antonyms: uncharitable, illiberal, intolerant.

charity, n. benevolence, good will, love, benignity, philanthropy,
beneficence, bounty, liberality, tolerance. Associated Words:
eleemosynary, alms, dependent.

charlatan, n. pretender, quack, impostor, fraud, cheat, mountebank,

charlatanic, a. pretentious, empirical, quackish.

charlatanry, n. quackery, pretension, empiricism, charlatanism.

charm, n. spell, incantation, enchantment, conjuration; periapt,
amulet, phylactery, talisman, fetich, abraxas; fascination, glamour,
witchery, attraction, illusion, rhetoric; breloque (jewel);
countercharm. Antonyms: disenchantment, repellence, disillusionment.

charm, v. enchant, fascinate, enamor, infatuate, enrapture, bewitch,
captivate; allay, soothe, subdue. Antonyms: decharm, disillusionize,
disenchant, repel.

charmer, n. enchanter, magician, sorcerer; siren, enchantress.

charming, a. bewitching, captivating, enchanting, enrapturing,
entrancing, magical, fascinating, winning, ecstatic, siren, delightful,
winsome, seductive, ravishing. Antonyms: charmless, unattractive,
repellent, repulsive.

charnel house. ossuary, ossuarium, tomb, carnary.

chart, n. map. Associated Words: cartography, cartographer.

chary, a. frugal, careful, saving, cautious, circumspect.

chase, v. track, hunt, pursue; scatter, expel, drive, disperse,

chase n. hunting, field-sport, hunt, venery, chevy; pursuit.

chasm, n. abyss, gap.

chaste, a. virtuous, continent, undefiled, pure, inviolated, modest,
innocent; classic, refined, pure, correct. Antonyms: See unchaste.

chasten, v. discipline, correct, punish; refine, purify, subdue.

chastise, v. castigate, chasten, punish, whip.

chastisement, n. castigation, chastening, punishment, whipping.

chastity, n. purity, virtue, continence.

chat, n. confabulation, talk, conversation, _causerie_, confab

cheap, a. inexpensive, low-priced; inferior, mean, mediocre, of small

cheapen, v. depreciate; belittle, lower.

cheat, n. fraud, trick, hoax, finesse, imposition, imposture,
swindle, humbug, bubble, wile, deception, stratagem, bunko, blind,
thimblerigging; impostor, deceiver, quack, mountebank, thimblerigger,
charlatan, empiric, trickster, swindler, blackleg, bamboozler, sharper;
delusion, chicanery, mockery, counterfeit, fetch.

cheat, v. swindle, defraud, overreach, trick, bamboozle, hoodwink,
dupe, hoax, bilk, thimblerig, hocus, bunko, beguile, cozen.

check, n. obstacle, restraint, curb, bridle, damper, barrier,
restriction, rebuff, repulse, delay, interruption; bank check, cheque.

check, v. restrain, impede, curb, repress, bridle, checkmate.

checker, v. variegate, diversify, tessellate.

checkered, a. diversified, variegated, plaid, mosaic, tessellated.

checkers, n. draughts.

checking, a. repressive, restraining, curbing.

checkmate, v. defeat, vanquish, conquer, baffle.

cheek, n. jowl. Associated Words: zygoma, zygomatic, buccate,
buccal, malar, buccinator, meloncus, meloplasty, melitis, dimple, jugal.

cheek, n. (Slang) effrontery, temerity, assurance, impudence,

cheeky, a. (Slang) audacious, bold, impudent, presumptuous,

cheer, v. inspirit, elate, exhilarate, encourage, console, revive,
gladden; applaud.

cheerful, a. cheery, buoyant, sunny, vivacious, optimistic, sanguine,
elated, jubilant, lightsome, airy, exhilarating, exhilarated, jocund,

cheerfulness, n. cheeriness, buoyancy, elation, exhilaration,
alacrity, jocundity, light-heartedness, optimism.

cheering, n. applause, plaudit; ovation.

cheerless, a. dismal, sombre, drear, dreary, gloomy, desolate,
forlorn, sad, hopeless, despairing, joyless.

cheery, a. cheerful, pleasant, sunny, blithe, jovial, affable.

cheese-paring, a. scrimping, niggardly.

cheesy, a. caseous.

chemise, n. shirt, smock, shift, chemisette.

cherish, v. treasure.

cherry-colored, a. cerise.

chest, n. box, case, coffer, trunk, hutch, receplacle, bahut.

chest, n. thorax, breast. Associated Words: pectoral, pectorally,
diaphragm, midriff.

chestnut, n. Associated Words: esculic, esculin, castanea, burr.

chestnut-colored, a. castaneous.

chew, v. masticate, munch; crunch, craunch, champ.

chewing, n. mastication; rumination, remastication.

chew the cud. ruminate.

chic, a. (Colloq.) in good taste, neat.--n. good form, style.

chicanery, n. trickery, chicane.

chicken, n. fowl; hen; rooster; pullet; poult; capon; pl.
poultry, brood.

chicken-hearted, a. timid, fearful, cowardly.

chicken pox. varicella.

chide, v. admonish, censure, upbraid, scold.

chief, n. head, leader, commander, chieftain, captain.

chief, a. leading, supreme, main, head, principal, paramount, prime,
cardinal, major, foremost.

child, n. progeny, offspring, issue; infant, babe, baby, tot, bairn,
brat; bastard (illegitimate); orphan; foundling, waif; cockney (spoilt
child); minor. Associated Words: pediatrics, prolicide, infanticide,
puberty, philoprogenitive, philoprogenitiveness, misopedia, filicide,
putti, filial, filiation, affiliation, affiliate.

childbirth, n. parturition, accouchement, childbed, lying-in,
travail, labor, childbearing. Associated Words: tocology, midwife,
midwifery, parturient, maieutic, layette, obstetrics, obstetrician,
celation, puerperal, accoucheur, accoucheuse, fetus, post-partum.

childhood, n. nonage, infancy, minority, impuberty, pupilage.

childish, a. puerile, juvenile, infantile, immature.

childishness, n. juvenility, puerility, immaturity.

children, n. offspring, progeny, issue, descendants, posterity.

chill, n. chilliness, shiver, rigor.

chilly, a. cool, chill, raw, bleak.

chime, v. accord, agree, harmonize, be in unison.

chime, n. unison, harmony; carillon.

chimera, n. delusion, phantom, hallucination, illusion.

chimney, n. Associated Words: cowl, flue, hoveling, smoke jack,
chimney-breast, tewel.

chimney corner. ingle nook, ingleside.

chin: n. Associated Words: genian, mental, gill, wattle, chuck,

China, n. Celestial Empire, Cathay (Old name).

China clay. kaolin.

Chinaman, n. Chinese, Celestial, Mongol, Mongolian; mandarin; coolie.

china ware. china, porcelain.

Chinese, n. Associated Words: sinology, sinologue, sinicism, sinic,
yamen, haikwan, hong, canque, sinological, Taoism, Confucianism, Manchu,
kotow, li, abacus, chinoiserie, taotai.

Chinese idol. joss. Associated Word: ting.

chink, n. crack, cranny, crevice; (Colloq.) money, cash, coin.

chin whelk. sycosis.

chipper, a. lively, vivacious, cheerful, talkative.

chirp, v. chirrup, cherup, cheep, pue.

chivalrous, a. gallant, knightly, magnanimous, valiant.

chivalry, n. knighthood, gallantry, knight-errantry.

choice, n. selection, election, alternative, option, preference,
discrimination, preferment, volition. Antonyms: coercion, compulsion,

choice, a. select, rare, _recherché_; careful, sparing, chary
Antonyms: indiscriminate, promiscuous, common.

choir-leader, n. chorister, precentor, choir-master.

choir vestments. cotta; cassock.

choke, v. strangle, throttle, stifle, suffocate, suppress.

choleric, a. irascible, irritable, petulant, testy.

choose, v. select, elect, prefer, cull, pick out.

chop, v. hack, mince, hash, haggle.

chop, n. stroke, chopping; jaw, chap; pl. flews.

chorus, n. (Greek.) Associated Words: strophe, antistrophe,

chosen, a. selected.

Christmas, n. Yule, Yuletide, Christmastide.

Christmas mummer. guiser.

chronic, a. habitual, lingering, inveterate.

chronicle, n. record, account, narrative, diary, history.

chrysalis, n. aurelia, nympha, cocoon, kell.

chum, n. roommate; companion, intimate, associate, friend, crony.

church, n. temple, sanctuary, house of God, meeting house, fane;
cathedral; chapel, oratory, minster, bethel, tabernacle, chantry; kirk
(Scotch); synagogue (Jewish); denomination, sect; basilica.
Associated Words: ecclesiastical, ecclesiology, ecclesiolatry,
ecclesiasticism, parish, hierarch, hierarchy, hierocracy, hierolatry,
hierology, hierarchism, irenics, curé, evangelical, verger, beadle,
chancel, clearstory, nave, transept, vestry, presbytery, prebend,
prebendary, lectern, apse, irenicon, living, benefice, sinecure, glebe,
see, prelacy, convocation, synod, conference, conclave, consistory, crypt,
schism, orthodoxy, heterodoxy, unchurch, sacristan, sacristy, Dorcastry,
Sarum use.

church and state. Associated Words: Erastian, Erastianism.

church dignitary. prelate, primate, elder, deacon, dean, hierarch,

church fathers. Associated Words: patristic, patristics, patrology,

churchly, a. ecclesiastical.

church officer. vestryman, warden, presbyter, trustee.

churl, n. rustic, hind, bumpkin, lout, boor.

churlish, a. boorish, rude, morose, unamiable.

chyle, n. Associated Words: chylification, chylifaction, chylify,
achylous, chylaceous, chylous, chyliferous, chylocyst, lacteal,
chylopoiesis, chylopoietic.

chyme, n. Associated Words: chymification, chymiferous, chymify,
chymous, achymous.

cigar, n. (small) stogie; tobie; cheroot.

cinch, n. (Colloq.) tight grip.

cipher, n. zero, naught, nothing; nonentity, nobody; device,

cipher writing. cryptography, crytograph, steganography, cryptogram.

circle, n. ring; circumference, periphery; circuit; clique, coterie,
set, class; annulation, annulus.

circle, v. encircle.

circuitous, a. roundabout, devious, indirect.

circulate, v. disseminate, promulgate, diffuse.

circulation, n. dissemination, diffusion, promulgation, propagation.

circumference, n. periphery, circumscription, girth.

cistern, n. reservoir; impluvium.

cite, v. quote; specify, mention, name, refer to.

citizen, n. resident.

city, n. municipality.--a. municipal, urban.

civil, a. civic, political, municipal; courteous, obliging, polite.
Antonyms: See uncivil.

civility, n. courtesy, politeness. Antonyms: incivility,

claim, v. demand, pretend; (Colloq.) assert, maintain.

claim, n. pretension, demand, requisition; title, right.

claimant, n. claimer, pretender, pretendant.

clamor, n. uproar, tumult, hubbub, racket, din.

clamorous, a. noisy, uproarious, bawling, obstreperous.

clandestine, a. hidden, stealthy, surreptitious, furtive, secret.

clannish, a. narrow, exclusive.

clap, n. gonorrhea.

clapboards, n. pl. siding, weatherboarding.

claptrap, a. humbug, stage trick, _coupe de theatre_.

clarity, n. clearness.

clash, v. collide, hurtle, crash together; contend, disagree;
clatter, clang.

clash, n. collision, crash; opposition, interference, contrariety;
clangor, clang.

clasp, v. grasp, grapple, clutch, seize; embrace, hug.

clasp, n. hook, hasp, fibula, morse, catch; embrace.

class, n. rank, order, category, species, variety.

class, v. classify, dispose, categorize.

classification, n. disposition, grouping; taxonomy.

clause, n. article, stipulation, proviso, provision.

claw, n. talon; dewclaw. Associated Words: ungual, unguicular,
retract, retractile, unguiculate, pounced, unguiform.

claw, v. scratch, laniate, lacerate.

clay, n. argillaceous earth; pug, argil, hole, marl, kaolin.
Associated Words: potter, pottery, figuline, fictile, pug, puddle.

clayey, a. argillaceous, argillous, argilliferous, luteous, cledgy.

clean, a. unsoiled, unsullied, immaculate, cleanly, neat; chaste,
pure, virtuous, undefiled, incorrupt, uncontaminated; shapely,
well-proportioned; kosher (Jewish).

clean, adv. wholly, perfectly, completely, quite, entirely,

clean, v. cleanse.

cleanse, v. purify, deterge, absterge, wash, disinfect, fumigate,

cleanser, n. abstergent, detergent, purifier, detersive.

cleansing, a. detergent, abstergent, abstersive, detersive,

cleansing, n. purification, detersion, purgation, abstersion,
lustration, expurgation.

clear, a. transparent, diaphanous, pellucid, limpid, relucent,
crystalline, lucid, crystal; unmistakable, plain, evident, obvious,
unambiguous, distinct, explicit, manifest, palpable, patent, decipherable,
express, comprehensible, graphic; serene, cloudless, unclouded, undimmed;
clarion, sonorous, resonant, canorous, audible, piercing; pure, unmixed,
unadulterated, unalloyed; in full, net; passable, unimpeded, unobstructed,
open; acquitted; unburdened, exempt; clarified. Antonyms: opaque,
obscure, indecipherable, ambiguous, equivocal, vague, cryptic, abstruse,
inexplicable, roily, turbid, enigmatical, inexplicit, inaudible,
adulterated, cloudy, befogged, unintelligible, doubtful.

clear, v. clarify; explain, interpret, elucidate, eclaircise; acquit,
absolve, exonerate, vindicate; disengage, extricate, disentangle,

clearer, n. clarifier.

clearing, n. clarification, clearance, dispersion; interpretation,
explanation, eclaircissement, dénouement; exoneration, acquittal; assart.

clearness, n. clarity, distinctness; transparency, limpidity,
lucidity, perspicuity, translucency; serenity. Antonyms: opacity,
ambiguity, vagueness, intransparency.

cleave, v. adhere, cling, be loyal; split, rive, separate.

cleft, a. riven, split, divided.

clergy, n. ministers, the cloth, ecclesiastics, clergymen, clerisy.
Antonym: laity.

clergyman, n. minister, divine, ecclesiastic, priest, pastor, parson,
churchman, preacher, rector, curate, dominie, vicar, missionary,
evangelist, patriarch, dean, bishop, chaplain, cleric, deacon, presbyter,
imparsonee, kirkman, _padre_, _curé_, _abbé_. Antonym: layman.

clergyman's residence. parsonage, rectory, manse.

clerk, n. salesman, saleslady; accountant, recorder, registrar,
prothonotary, amanuensis, bookkeeper. Associated Words: clerical,

clever, a. adroit, skillful, expert, ingenious, deft, dexterous.

clients, n. pl. clientele.

cliff, n. crag, bluff, precipice; pl. palisades (line of bold

climate, n. Associated Words: meteorology, phenology, climatology,
acclimatable, acclimate, acclimation, acclimatize, acclimatization,
climatic, climatize, climatography.

climax, n. culmination.

climb, v. clamber, scale.

climbing, a. scandent, scansorial.

cling, v. adhere, cleave, hold fast.

clip, v. shear, snip, nip, trim, prune, curtail.

clip, n. (Colloq.) blow, knock, thump, rap.

clique, n. coterie, circle.

cloak, n. mantle, coat, capuchin, dolman, palladium, pelisse;
pretext, blind, mask.

cloak, v. conceal, mask, hide, veil, disguise.

clock, n. timepiece, timekeeper, horologe, horometer: clepsydra,
isochronon; scarab, scarabee, beetle. Associated Words: horology,
horography, horologiography., pendulum, strike, dial, tick.

clockmaker, n. horologist, horologer.

clodhopper, n. bumpkin, boor, hind, lout, clown, yokel.

clog, v. impede, hamper, encumber, restrain, obstruct.

clog, n. shackle, dragweight, deadweight, encumbrance; sabot,

cloister, n. monastery, nunnery, convent, abbey, priory, cenoby.

cloisterer, n. cenobite, recluse.

cloistral, a. monastic, cloistered, recluse.

close, a. oppressive, uncomfortable, muggy, unventilated; narrow,
cramped; close-mouthed, secretive, reticent, reserved, uncommunicative,
taciturn; dense, solid, compact, imporous; near, adjacent, adjoining;
intimate, confidential; parsimonious, stingy, penurious niggardly,
miserly, illiberal, close-fisted; exact, literal, faithful; intent,
assiduous, fixed, intense.

close, v. shut, stop, occlude; conclude, finish, end, terminate;
inclose, encompass, confine, environ; grapple, clinch; lute, calk.

close, n. conclusion, end; peroration; grapple; court, area,
enclosure, inclosure, yard.

close-mouthed, a. wary, cautious, secretive, uncommunicative,

closeness, n. nearness, proximity, adjacency; density, compactness;
intimacy; reticence, secretiveness; parsimony, stinginess, illiberality,

closet, n. private room; clothespress, ambry.

closing, a. concluding, final.

closing, n. stopping up, obstruction, blockade, occlusion;

clot, n. coagulation, coagulum.--v. coagulate.

cloth, n. fabric, material, drapery, textile, texture, woof, weft.
Associated Words: draper, drapery, drape.

clothe, v. dress, attire, array, gird, drape.

clothes, n. pl. dress, clothing, garments, vesture, attire, apparel,
drapery, costume, raiment, garb, vestment, habiliments, regalia, uniform,
livery, guise, wardrobe, rig, toggery, frippery, regimentals,
paraphernalia; (clerical) vestments, canonicals; trousseau (bride's).

clothing, n. clothes, raiment. Associated Words: frippery,
wardrobe, habilatory.

cloud, n. nebulosity, rack; cirrus, cat's-tail, mare's-tail; cumulus,
stratus, nimbus; cirro-cumulus, cirro-stratus, cumulo-stratus; storm scud,
wane cloud; tarnish, blemish; eclipse, obscurity. Associated Words:
nephology, meteorology, nubiferous, nephelodometer, nephelometer,
nephoscope, nepheloid, nephograph.

cloud, v. overcast, becloud, obscure, shade, obfuscate; tarnish,
sully, blacken.

cloudy, a. overcast, lowering, murky, overclouded, obscure, sullen,
nebulous, hazy, dim; tarnished, indistinct, blurred; variegated, mottled.

cloven, a. bisulcate.

clover, n. trifolium, trefoil; alsike.

cloves, n. pl. Associated Words: eugenic, eugenin, clove, camphor,
eugenol, caryophyllin.

clown, n. buffoon, jester, merry-andrew, zany, harlequin, droll,
punch, mime, _farceur_, scaramouch, _grimacier_ jackpudding; boor, lout,
gawk, gawky, lubber, put, bumpkin, churl, carl, tike; rustic, hind,
clodhopper, yokel, yahoo.

clownish, a. boorish, ungainly, awkward, loutish, churlish, gawky.

cloy, v. satiate, glut, surfeit, pall, sate.

club, n. cudgel, bludgeon, truncheon, bat, mace, staff, shillalah,
waddy, bandy, knobkerry; society, coterie, association, sorosis (woman's

club, v. cudgel, beat, pommel; club together, combine, coöperate.

club-bearer, n. claviger. Associated Word: clavigerous.

clubfoot, n. talipes.

clubfooted, a. taliped, talipedic.

club-shaped, a. clavate, clavated.

clue, n. intimation, hint, key.

clump, n. cluster, tuft, bunch, collection, thicket.

clumsy, a. ungraceful, lumbering, uncouth, unwieldy, unhandy, inapt,

cluster, n. bunch, clump, tuft; racematiofl, fascicle, raceme,
panicle; bevy, crowd.

clustered, a. aciniform, racemed, fascicled.

clutch, v. seize, grasp, grip, grapple, clench, grab, snatch.

clutch, n. grasp, seizure, hold; crampoons.

clutter, n. litter, disorder, jumble, confusion, disarray.

cluttered, a. disordered, littered, jumbled, disarranged.

coach, n. stage coach, tallyho, diligence; trainer.

coach dog. Dalmatian dog.

coachman, n. jehu, postilion, coach-driver, coachee (Slang).

coal, n. anthracite; bituminous; charcoal; culm, scoria, slack;
ember. Associated Words: carbon, carboniferous, gobbing, strata,
carbonize, carbonization, briquette, coke, brat, brattice, brettice.

coal-dealer, n. collier.

coalhod. scuttle.

coal-mine, n. colliery, coalpit.

coal-miner, n. collier.

coal-miner's consumption. anthracosis.

coal oil. kerosene, petroleum.

coals, n. pl. Associated Words: brasier, brazier, brasero.

coarse, a. crass, gross, unrefined, rude, unpolished, indelicate,
ribald, homespun, vulgar, inelegant; unbolted, unpurified.

coast, n. seashore, seaboard, seaside, shore, strand, beach.

coat, n. sack, jacket, frock, tuxedo, cutaway, paletot, dreadnaught,
ulster, capote, blouse, redingote, toga, cloak, surtout, duster,
mackintosh, joseph, cardinal, pelerine, temiak (Eskimo).

coat of arms. armorial bearings, escutcheon, arms, crest.

coat of mail. hauberk, cuirass, habergeon, armor, mail.

coax, v. wheedle, cajole, persuade, entice, cog, tweedle.

cob, n. spike, axis; sea mew, gull.

cocoanut, n. Associated Word: copra.

cochineal, n. Associated Words: nopal, nopalry, carminic acid.

cock, n. rooster, chanticleer; capon (castrated); weather-cock,
vane; chief, leader, dominator; faucet, stop-cock.

cockade, n. rosette.

cockahoop, a. boastful, defiant, vainglorious, blustering.

cock and bull story. canard.

cockatrice, n. basilisk.

cocker, v. fondle, indulge, pamper, pet, humor, coddle.

cockfighting, n. cockmatch, alectoromachy, alectryomachy.

cocky, a. (Slang) pert, saucy.

cocoa, n. Associated Word: theobromine.

coddle, v. parboil; pamper, fondle, cocker, humor, indulge.

coequal, a. coördinate.

coerce, v. constrain, compel, intimidate, restrain.

coercion, n. compulsion, restraint, force, repression, constraint.

coffee, n. Associated Words: caffeine, chiccory, biggin, pulp,

coffee-chaser, n. _chasse_.

coffee-house, n. café.

coffin, n. casket.

cog, n. cam, catch; trick, deception, fraud.

cogent, a. convincing, conclusive, forcible, influential.

coheir, n. parcener.

coheirship, n. parcenary.

coherent, n. consistent, logical.

coil, n. convolution, intervolution; entanglement, toil, mesh,
perplexity; querl.

coil, v. convolve, intervolve.

coin, n. quoin, corner, coigne, wedge, plug, key.

coin, n. specie, cash; medallion. Associated Words: numismatic,
numismatics, numismatist, numismatology, jugata, engrailment, nurling,
milling, brockage, numismatography, numismatologist, nummary, rouleau,
nummular, nummulary.

coin, v. mint; neoterize, neologize; fabricate, invent, originate.

coinage, n. minting; neologism, neology, neoterism.

coincide, v. concur, correspond, agree, harmonize, tally.

coincidence, n. concurrence, correspondence, agreement.

coincident, a. concurrent, contemporaneous;--followed by _with_.

coiner, n. minter; neologist, neoterist.

cold, a. cool, chilly; frigid, gelid, icy; nipping, bleak, raw,
frosty, freezing; unresponsive, phlegmatic, passionless, chilling,
stoical, apathetic, reserved.

cold, n. coldness, frigidity, gelidity, chilliness, algidity:

cold-blooded, a. poikilothermal; deliberate.

colic, n. gripe, enteralgia, tormina.

collar, n. neckband, carcanet, ruff, ruche, collet, rabat,
piccadilly, dickey, collarette.

collar-bone, n. clavicle.

collect, v. assemble, accumulate.

collection, n. assemblage, accumulation, aggregation, heap; offering,
offertory; anthology, symposium, collectanea, miscellany, rosary,

college, n. Associated Words: collegiate, Alma Mater.

college dress. academicals.

college grounds. campus.

college student. collegian.

collision, n. clashing, concussion, interference, brunt, impact.

colloquial, a. conversational, familiar, informal.

colony, n. settlement, dependency. Associated Words: colonial,
colonist, planter, colonize, colonization, colonizationist.

color, n. hue, shade, tinge, tincture, tint; pigment, paint, dye,
stain. Associated Words: chromatics, colorific, colorist, chromatism,
chromatology, lake, decolorant, mordant, intinctivity, iridescent,
iridescence, prismatic, pigmentation, fugacious, fugitive, fugacity,
monochromatic, monochrome, polychromy, polychromatic, suffuse, suffusion,
imbuement, chromatic, achromatic.

color, n. ruddiness, redness, flush, blush, rosiness; semblance,
pretext; variety, shade, kind, species; pl. flag. Antonyms:
decoloration, colorlessness.

color, v. dye, tinge, stain, imbue, tint, tincture, variegate;
falsify, pervert, garble, palliate, gloss, distort; blush, flush.
Antonyms: decolor, bleach, decolorize.

colorable, a. specious, plausible, palliated.

color-blindness, n. Daltonism, achromatopsy, acritochromacy.

colored, a. tinged, dyed, tinted, stained, discolored; specious,

colorific, a. tinctorial.

coloring, n. dyeing, staining, intinction, tinting, tinction,
imbuement, variegation.

colorless, a. uncolored, faded; pale, pallid; neutral, characterless.

colossal, a. enormous, gigantic, monstrous, huge, prodigious,

colt, n. filly (female); foal (male); hogget.

coltish, a. frisky, sportive, wanton, playful.

column, n. pillar, post, shaft, obelisk; file, line, row; pilaster;
pl. peristyle, portico, colonnade. Associated Words: entablature,
frieze, architrave, triglyph, cornice, base, shaft, capital, plinth.

comb, n. crest, caruncle, head-tuft.

combat, n. contest bout, struggle, contention, fight, joust, battle.

combatant, n. contestant, fighter.

combative, a. pugnacious, contentious, bellicose, belligerent.

combination, n. union, alliance, federation, confederacy, syndicate,
league, cabal, merger, coalition, conspiracy, coöperation, collusion;
amalgamation, synthesis, incorporation.

combine, v. unite, incorporate, merge, amalgamate, blend, coalesce,

combine, n. (Colloq.) combination.

combined, a. united, confederated, federated, amalgamated,

combing, n. pectination.

comblike, a. pectinal, pectinate, pectinated, pectiniform.

come, v. arrive, approach; come from, issue, proceed, ensue, flow,
emanate, originate.

come after. follow, succeed. Antonyms: precede, antecede.

come again. return, recur.

come and go. alternate.

come between. intervene, interpose, interfere, contravene; cause
estrangement, disaffect.

come down. descend, alight.

comely, a. good-looking, handsome, personable. Antonyms: uncomely,
homely, plain.

come near. approach, approximate.

come round. recur; change, relent; circumvent, wheedle.

come short. be deficient.

come to. revive, recover; consent, yield, accede; arrive at, reach;
amount to.

come to a head. suppurate, mature; culminate.

come under. subvene.

comfort, n. ease, consolation, solace, nepenthe, encouragement.

comfort, v. console, solace.

comforter, n. consoler, cheerer; comfortable.

comfortless, a. disconsolate, inconsolable, desolate, distressed.

comical, a. See funny.

coming, n. approach, arrival, advent.

coming between. intervention, interposition, interference,

comity, n. politeness, courtesy, civility, graciousness, urbanity.

command, v. order, direct, enjoin, require, bid.

command, n. order, mandate, injunction, charge, behest, requisition,
bidding, direction, dictation, precept; authority, leadership, control.

commanding, a. authoritative, mandatory, imperative, dictatorial,

commandments, n. pl. The Decalogue. Associated Words: Kyrie

commence, v. begin.

commend, v. commit, consign, intrust; praise, extol recommend.

commendable, a. praiseworthy, laudable. Antonyms: unpraiseworthy,

commendatory, a. laudatory, eulogistic.

comment, v. remark, descant, annotate.

comment, n. remark, observation; annotation, commentary, explanation.

commentator, n. annotator, expositor, scholiast, glossarist,

commerce, n. traffic, barter, business, trading; intercourse,

commercial, a. mercantile.

commit, v. intrust, consign; perpetrate, do.

common, a. public, general; customary, usual, ordinary,
unexceptional, commonplace, inconspicuous, average, mediocre; plebeian,

commonalty, n. populace, proletariate, proletariat, varletry,
_bourgeoisie_, ruck, rank and file, the common people.

commonly, adv. ordinarily, generally, customarily.

common man. commoner, proletary, plebeian.

commonplace, a. ordinary, banal, hackneyed, trite, platitudinous,

commonplace, n. platitude, banality.

commotion, n. agitation, tumult, disturbance, turmoil, riot,
perturbation, flurry, furore.

communion, n. participation, sharing, communication: association,

communion, n. eucharist, Lord's Supper, sacrament: viaticum.
Associated Words: elements, host, wafer, chalice, paten, credence,
corporal, eucharistic, ciborium, ostension, purificator, impanation,
transubstantiation, consubstantiation, concomitance, post-communion,
ante-communion, volipresence, ostensorium, monstrance, _sursum corda_,
dominicale, celebrant, communicant, consistentes, intinction.

communism, n. socialism, humanitarianism, Fourierism, Saint
Simonianism, phalansterism.

compact, a. close, solid, dense, crowded, impenetrable, serried.

compact, n. covenant, agreement, pact, treaty, contract.

companion, n. associate, comrade, intimate, consort, partner, fellow,
mate, chum, compeer, confederate, accomplice, ally, colleague, crony,
confrère, concomitant, accessory.

companionable, a. affable, congenial, genial.

companionship, n. association, intimacy, fellowship, society,

company, n. guest, visitor; fellowship, companionship, association,
society; companion, escort; assembly, group, concourse, crowd;
corporation, syndicate, firm, house; troupe; band, guild. See
society. Antonyms: seclusion, loneliness, retirement, host.

compare, v. collate, liken.

comparison, n. collation; illustration, similitude, simile.

compass, n. Associated Words: binnacle, gimbal.

compass, n. extent, reach, sweep.

compassion, n. pity, sympathy, commiseration, condolence mercy.

compel, v. force, make, constrain, oblige, necessitate, coerce,
drive, dragoon, overpower.

compelling, a. forcible, coercive, constraining, imperative,
compulsory. Antonyms: elective, optional, discretional.

compelling, n. compulsion, coercion, constraint, duress, force.

compendium, n. epitome, summary, digest.

competency, n. fitness, ability, qualification, efficiency,
proficiency, capability.

competent, a. qualified, capable, efficient, proficient, able.
Antonym: incompetent.

competition, n. emulation, rivalry, contention, strife.

competitor, n. rival, contestant, opponent, antagonist.

complain, v. murmur, repine, grumble, whine, croak.

complaining, a. murmuring, repining, querimonious, querulous,
discontented, grumbling.

complaint, n. murmur, plaint, lamentation; malady, ailment, disease;
accusation, allegation, information.

complete, v. finish, consummate, perfect.

complete, a. entire, consummate, whole, integral, plenary,
unabridged, intact.

completion, n. consummation, integration, elaboration, finishing,
realization, effectuation.

complex, a. composite, compound, mixed; complicated, intricate,
involved. Antonyms: incomplex, simple, obvious.

complexity, n. intricacy, entanglement, complication.

compliance, n. yielding, concession, submission, obedience,

compliant, a. yielding, obedient, tractable, submissive, flexible.

complicated, a. complex, intricate, involved, entangled, complicate.

complication, n. intricacy, entanglement, involution, complexity,
snarl, confusion, imbroglio. Antonyms: disentanglement, simplicity.

composure, n. self-possession, calmness, sedateness, equanimity.

compound, n. combination, mixture, concoction, amalgamation,
intermixture, conglomeration, farrago, medley, synthesis, salmagundi,
jumble, olio, hodgepodge, olla podrida.

comprehend, v. understand, fathom, grasp; embrace, comprise, embody,

comprehension, n. understanding, apprehension. Antonyms:
incomprehension, inapprehension.

comprise, v. comprehend, include, embrace, involve, contain, embody.

compulsion, n. constraint, coercion, obligation, coaction.
Antonyms: discretion, spontaneity, volition, election, free-will.

compulsory, a. constraining, coercive, obligatory, unavoidable.
Antonyms: optional, discretional, elective.

compunction, n. qualm, contrition, remorse, regret, sting of

compute, v. reckon, calculate, enumerate, rate, estimate.

comrade, n. associate, companion, mate, compeer.

comradeship, n. association, _camaraderie_.

concave, a. rounded, vaulted. Antonym: convex.

concealed, a. hidden, latent, secreted, clandestine, disguised.

concealment, n. secretion, hiding; secrecy, latency, privacy,
seclusion, retirement; suppression.

conceit, n. idea, conception, fancy; whim, caprice, vagary, freak;
priggery, vanity, egotism, self-conceit, inflation, self-glorification,
overweening, conceitedness.

conceited, a. egotistical, priggish, bombastic, bumptious, vain,
overweening, self-conceited.

concentrate, v. centralize, focus, consolidate; condense, rectify.

concentration, n. centralization, consolidation; condensation.

concept, n. conception, notion, idea.

conception, n. ideation, imagination; idea, concept, notion,

concern, n. business, affair; moment, importance, interest, weight,
consequence; solicitude, anxiety, uneasiness care; firm, house, company,
partnership. Antonyms: unconcern, inconsequence.

concerned, a. solicitous, worried, anxious, apprehensive, troubled,
uneasy. Antonyms: unconcerned, indifferent.

concerning, prep. regarding, about, respecting, touching, with
reference to.

concert, n. accordance, concurrence, harmony; musicale.

concise, a. epigrammatic, sententious, succinct, laconic, pithy.
Antonyms: diffuse, prolix.

conclude, v. decide, determine, resolve; end, close; infer, deduce;
effect, arrange.

conclusion, n. decision, determination; inference, deduction,
corollary, illation; close, end, peroration, finale, completion,
dénouement, l'envoy.

concoct, v. compound, mix; devise, contrive, invent, excogitate.

concrete, a. solidified, consolidated; specific, special, particular.

concretion, n. solidification, lapidescence, stone; clot,

concubine, n. paramour, odalisque; pl. harem, seraglio.

condemn, v. denounce, anathematize, curse, execrate, reprobate, doom,
ban. Antonyms: exonerate, exculpate, vindicate, absolve, justify,

condemnation, n. denunciation, reprobation, execration, ban.

condemnatory, a. denunciatory, condemning.

condense, v. abridge, epitomize, reduce; compress, concentrate.

condescend, v. deign, vouchsafe.

condition, n. state, plight, category, predicament, situation,
stipulation, provision, proviso, term, prerequisite.

conditional, a. contingent, subject, provisory.

conduce, v. lead, tend, contribute, redound, subserve, advance.

conduct, v. lead, pilot, escort, guide, attend, convoy; administer,

conduct, n. guidance, management, leadership, administration,
behavior, deportment.

confederate, a. confederated, federated, allied, leagued.

confederation, n. coalition, federation, league, confederacy, union.

confess, v. acknowledge, own, admit, avow; divulge, disclose, reveal.

confession, n. acknowledgment, avowal, admission; confiteor; shrift;
exomologesis. Associated Words: shrive, shrift, confessional, shriven,
shriver, shrift, father.

confidence, n. reliance, trust, faith, dependence; assurance,
certainty. Antonyms: See doubt.

confidence game. swindle.

confident, a. sure, undoubting, sanguine, reliant, undaunted.

confine, n. boundary, border, frontier, limit.

confine, v. restrain, restrict, limit, circumscribe, pinion, inclose,
bound; immure, imprison, incarcerate.

confinement, n. restraint, imprisonment, durance, duress,
incarceration, immurement, limbo; limitation, circumscription; lying-in,

confines, n. pl. boundaries, borders, precincts, outskirts, purlieus,
marches, frontiers.

confirm, v. ratify, verify, corroborate, substantiate. Antonyms:
See abrogate.

confirmation, n. ratification, corroboration, substantiation,

conflict, n. clashing, antagonism, encounter, opposition, battle,
struggle, strife, skirmish, contest, combat, affray, fray, scrimmage.

conflict, v. clash, interfere, collide, be contradictory.

conflicting, a. contending, contradictory, contrary, opposing.

confound, v. confuse, disconcert, abash, nonplus, bewilder.

confounded, a. confused, disconcerted, abashed; (Colloq.) extreme,
excessive, odious, detestable.

confuse, v. disconcert, perplex, abash, fluster, embarrass, chagrin,
pose, nonplus, bewilder, obfuscate, discompose, addle, obscure, confound,

confusion, n. disorder, tumult, turmoil, disarray, jumble, chaos;
babel, pandemonium, commotion; abashment, chagrin, agitation,
disconcertion, mortification, consternation fluster, perturbation,
discomposure, flustration, obfuscation, distraction, flurry.

confutation, n. disproof, refutation.

Confute, v. refute, disprove.

congenial, a. kindred, sympathetic; suited, suitable, agreeable,

congratulate, v. felicitate, gratulate. Antonyms: commiserate,
condole with.

congratulation, n. felicitation, gratulation.

conjecture, n. surmise, supposition.--v. surmise, guess,

conjuration, n. incantation, enchantment, spell, sorcery, magic art.

conjurer, n. sorcerer, magician, wizard, diviner, exorcist,

connect, v. join, link, couple, attach, unite, affiliate; implicate.

connected, a. joined, coupled, linked, affiliated, related, akin,

connection, n. union, alliance, relationship, junction, conjunction,
affiliation, association, filiation; implication, relative, relation,
kinsman; bond, tie, link, coupling vinculum. Antonyms: disconnection,
detachment, isolation, incoherence.

conquer, v. defeat, overpower, down, vanquish, triumph, overthrow,
subdue, subjugate.

conqueror, n. subjugator, subduer, vanquisher, victor; conquistador.

conquest, n. subjection, subjugation, victory, mastery, triumph,
reduction, overthrow, rout.

conscience, n. Associated Words: casuistry, Erinys, compunction,

conscientious, a. scrupulous, just, upright, high- minded.

conscionable, a. reasonable, just.

conscious, a. cognizant, aware, sensible, apprised; sentient,
percipient, knowing. Antonyms: See unconscious.

consecrate, v. dedicate, sanctify, hallow.

consent, v. agree, accord, concur, accede, yield, assent, acquiesce,
comply, permit. Antonyms: dissent, disagree, refuse.

consent, n. concurrence, acquiescence, compliance, approval,
permission, agreement.

consequence, n. result, effect, issue, event, sequence, sequel,
outcome, upshot, eventuality; pursuance; importance, moment, weight.
Antonym: inconsequence.

conservation, n. preservation, maintenance, keeping.

conserve, v. save, preserve.

consider, v. meditate on, ponder, contemplate, think about; regard,

considerate, a. thoughtful, circumspect, heedful, mindful Antonyms:
See inconsiderate.

consideration, n. deliberation, advisement, contemplation, deference;
motive, reason.

console, v. comfort, cheer, condole with, solace, sympathize with.

consolidate, v. solidify, compress, concrete; unify, merge,
incorporate, combine.

consolidation, n. unification, union, combination, incorporation.

consonant, n. Associated Words: spirant, fricative, surd, sibilant.

conspicuous, a. salient, noticeable, prominent, manifest. Antonym:

conspiracy, n. plot, complot, machination, cabal, intrigue,

conspirator, n. conspirer, plotter, intriguer, caballer, machinator.

conspire, v. plot, complot, cabal, machinate, intrigue, collude.

constancy, n. steadfastness, stability, unchangeableness, resolution,
loyalty, devotion, fidelity.

constant, a. permanent, unchanging; unwavering, unshaken, steadfast,
stanch, unswerving, loyal, faithful; continuous, incessant, continual,
perpetual, uninterrupted. Antonyms: See inconstant.

consternation, n. dismay, terror, alarm, panic, distraction.

constipated, a. costive, bound.

constipation, n. costiveness, stegnosis.

constitution, n. structure, physique, temperament.

constitutional, a. inborn, innate, organic, inbred, natural,

constrained, a. involuntary, forced, unnatural, embarrassed.

constraint, n. compulsion, coercion, force, pressure; restraint,

constrictor, n. sphincter.

consultation, n. conference, council, convocation, advisement.

consummate, a. perfect, supreme, complete, finished.

consummation, n. fulfillment, perfection, realization, attainment.

consumption, n. phthisis; consuming.

contact, n. touching, tangency, contingency, impact, juxtaposition,
osculation, contiguity, apposition, syzygy.

contagion, n. virus, infection, _contagium_.

contagious, a. communicable, infectious, pestilential, pestiferous.
Antonym: incommunicable.

contain, v. comprise, embody, include, comprehend, hold, restrain.

container, n. receptacle.

contaminate, v. corrupt, pollute, defile, infect, taint, vitiate,
sully, debase.

contamination, n. corruption, pollution, defilement, vitiation,
taint, infection.

contemporaneous, a. contemporary, synchionous, synchronal,

contemporary, a. contemporaneous, coeval.

contempt, n. disdain, scorn, contumely, derision, detestation,
disgrace, reproach.

contemptible, a. despicable, abject.

contemptuous, a. disdainful, supercilious, scornful, insolent,
flouting, cynical, contumelious, haughty.

contend, v. struggle, vie, wrestle, combat, compete; dispute,
maintain, argue.

content, v. satisfy, appease, gratify.

contented, a. content, satisfied.

contention, n. controversy, dissension, altercation, quarrel,

contentious, a. disputatious, litigious, quarrelsome; dissentious,

contest, n. rivalry, match, tournament, tourney, competition,
emulation; dispute, controversy, dissension, contention.

continual, a. ceaseless, incessant, constant, uninterrupted,

continuance, n. endurance, persistence, constancy, continuation.

continuation, n. protraction, prolongation, continuance,

continued, a. prolonged, protracted, extended; serial.

continuous, a. ceaseless, uninterrupted, unceasing, continual,
constant, running. Antonyms: intermittent, occasional, inconstant.

contraband, a. prohibited, forbidden, unlawful, illegal.

contract, v. reduce, narrow, condense; incur, acquire; covenant,
agree; shrivel, shrink; syncopate.

contract, n. agreement, compact, covenant, pact, protocol, treaty,
concordat, convention, stipulation.

contracting, a. astringent, puckering, contractile.

contraction, n. astriction, constriction, stricture, syncopation,

contradict, v. gainsay, controvert, impugn, dispute, contravene.

contradiction, n. gainsaying, opposition, contrariety, antagonism,
paradox, inconsistency.

contradictory, a. inconsistent, irreconcilable, paradoxical,
opposing, contradicting.

contrariety, n. antagonism, repugnance, disagreement, inconsistency,

contrary, a. opposite, adverse, counter, opposed; repugnant,
incompatible, contradictory, retroactive, antagonistic, conflicting,
abhorrent, inconsistent; perverse, wayward, refractory, headstrong,

contrast, n. comparison; opposition, antithesis, dissimilitude,

contravene, v. thwart, oppose, counteract countervail; violate,

contravention, n. thwarting, opposition, counteraction, violation,

contrite, a. penitent, repentant, sorrowful. Antonyms: impenitent,

contrite person. penitent, repentant.

contrition, n. penitence, compunction, remorse, attrition,

contrivance, n. contriving, devising; device, expedient, scheme,

contrive, v. devise, concoct, invent, excogitate, scheme, plan.

control, v. restrain, regulate, govern, manage, repress, direct,
bridle, dominate.

control, n. restraint, repression, check, hindrance; domination,
ascendency, dominion, regulation, superintendence governance, command,
mastery. Antonyms: unrestraint, abandon, subjection.

controller, n. governor, regulator, ruler; comptroller.

controversial, a. disputatious, polemical.

controversy, n. dispute, contention, disoutation, altercation
polemics, logomachy.

convalescence, n. revalescence.

convene, v. assemble, convoke, congregate.

convenient, a. handy, advantageous; seasonable, timely, opportune,
suitable; accessible.

convent, n. nunnery, monastery, cloister, abbey, priory. Associated
words: conventual, conventical, monastic.

convention, n. custom, usage, conventionality; assembly, convocation,
congress, diet, synod, council.

conversation, n. converse, colloquy, parlance, parley, interlocution,
chat, _causerie_, conference, confabulation, interview.

conversational, a. colloquial, interlocutory.

converse, v. talk, chat, commune, confabulate, parley.

converse, n. intercourse, communion, conversation, parley.

conversion, n. transmutation, transformation; proselytism;
regeneration; appropriation, application, employment.

convert, v. transform, transmute; proselyte; regenerate; appropriate,

convert, n. proselyte.

convex, a. protuberant, bulging, gibbous. Antonym: concave.

convexity, n. protuberance, gibbosity. Antonym: concavity.

conveyance, n. carriage, transmission; transfer, demise, alienation,

convict, n. felon, prisoner, criminal, culprit, malefactor.

convincing, a. cogent, persuasive, conclusive.

convivial, a. festive, festal, social, jolly, gay.

convocation, n. convention, congress, synod, diet, council,

convoy, n. protection, escort, attendance; guard, escort.

convulsion, n. spasm, paroxysm; agitation, commotion, disturbance,

cook, n. chef (chief cook).

cook, v. stew, seethe, gratinate; (Colloq.) tamper with, garble,

cookable, a. coctible.

cooking, n. cuisine.

cook-room, n. kitchen, cuisine; galley, cuddy.

cool, v. chill, refrigerate; moderate, allay, calm, quiet.

cool, a. deliberate, self-possessed, unexcited, dispassionate,
indifferent, nonchalant, unconcerned, composed; chilling, apathetic,
repellent, distant, unfriendly, ceremonious; audacious,
impudent, shameless, presumptuous, flippant, presuming.

cooler, n. refrigerator.

cooling, n. refrigeration; gelation (Astron.)--a. refrigerant,

cooling room of Roman baths. frigidarium.

coolness, n. dispassion, nonchalance, indifference; (Colloq.)
impudence, audacity.

coon, n. raccoon, mapach.

coop, n. pen, cote, mew, hutch, poultry-house.

coop, v. confine, shut up, imprison, incage, mew.

coöperate, v. concur, unite, work together; collude.

coöperating, a. cooperative, auxiliary, concurrent; synergetic.

coöperation, n. concurrence, working together; collusion; synergism,
synergy. Antonyms: antagonism, competition, opposition.

coot, n. (Colloq.) dolt, dunce, dullard, simpleton.

copier, n. copyist, transcriber; imitator, plagiarist. Antonym:

copious, a. plentiful, abundant, overflowing, ample, exuberant.

copper, n. _cuprum_; cauldron. Associated Words: cupreous, cupric,
cupriferous, cuprite, cuprous, speiss, chalcopyrite, chalcography,
eruginous, verdigris, chalcographer, chalcographist.

copperas, n. green vitriol, sulphate of iron, ferrous sulphate.

coppice, n. copse.

copse, n. thicket, brushwood, coppice, boscage, bosk.

copulation, n. union, conjunction; sexual union, coition. Associated
words: intromittent, infibulation, copulatory, copulate.

copy, n. transcript, reproduction, transcription, replica,
replication, facsimile, duplicate, pasticcio, counterpart, counterfeit,
imitation, apograph, estreat, exemplification, protocol, porotype;
pattern, model, original, example, precedent; manuscript.

copy, v. transcribe, reproduce, trace, duplicate; imitate, ape,
follow; exemplify.

copying machine. copygraph, polygraph.

copyist, n. transcriber, copier; imitator, plagiarist.

coquette, n. flirt.

coral, n. madrepora, madrepore.

cord, n. string, twine, torsade.

cordial, a. hearty, sincere, affectionate; strengthening,
invigorating, cheering.

cordiality, n. sincerity, heartiness, ardor, _empressement_.

cork, n. stopper, stopple, shive. Associated Words: cloop,
phelloplastics, phelloplastic, subereous, suberin, phellogen.

corn, n. maize, Indian corn; clavus.

corner, n. angle, cusp, cantle, bight, coin, quoin, coigne; nook,
recess, niche; direction, quarter.

corner, v. nonplus, pose, perplex, confuse.

cornerwise, adv. diagonally.

cornhouse, n. granary.

corporal, a. bodily, corporeal, material.

corpse, n. remains, relics, cadaver; carcass; mummy. Associated
words: cadaverous, cadaveric, necrophilism, necrophilous, carrion,
necrophobia, necrogenic, necrogenous, necrotomy, necropsy, coffin, bier,
catafalque, vespillo, cremate, cremation, crematory, crematorium, embalm,

correct, a. accurate, right, exact, precise. Antonyms: incorrect,

correct, v. rectify, amend, emend, right; reprove, discipline;
counteract, modify.

correctible, a. rectifiable.

correction, n. rectification, amendment, emendation; discipline,
punishment; counteraction.

corrective, a. rectifying, reformatory, correctory, disciplinary

correctness, n. accuracy, inerrancy, exactness, precision.
Antonyms: incorrectness, inaccuracy, inexactness, error.

correspond, v. accord, comport, tally, correlate, harmonize, agree.

correspondence, n. adaptation, agreement, congruity, concurrence,
homology; letters.

correspondent, a. conformable, congruous.

corrode, v. erode, canker; consume, wear away.

corrosion, n. erosion.

corrosive, a. erosive, eroding, corroding; vexing, carking, fretting.

corrupt, a. spoiled, tainted, addled, rotten, decaying; vitiated,
depraved, dissolute, venal, unprincipled, unscrupulous, vicious,
purchasable, mercenary.

corrupt, v. rot, spoil, deprave, vitiate, pervert, debase,
demoralize, defile, infect, pollute.

corruption, n. putrefaction, decay; pollution, vitiation: improbity,
venality, depravity, demoralization, dishonesty, bribery, subornation.
Antonyms: incorruption, honesty.

cortège, n. procession.

cosmopolitan, n. cosmopolite.

cost, n. charge, expense, price, outlay; detriment, loss.

costemonger, n. fruiterer, costardmonger, coster.

costiveness, n. constipation.

costly, a. expensive, dear, high-priced; sumptuous, rich.

cot, n. cottage, hut; pen, coop, cote; cradle, crib.

coterie, n. clique, set, circle.

cottage, n. cot, cabin, lodge, casino, bungalow, chalet, hacienda,
croft, hovel, shack, bower, shanty.

cottage cheese. smearcase.

cottager, n. cotter, cottier.

couch, n. lounge, sofa, bed.

cough, n. Associated Words: bechic, tussicular, pectoral, tussive.

council, n. aldermen, cabinet; assembly, junta, junto, camarilla,
synod, cabal.

council-chamber, n. audience-room, divan.

counsel, n. consultation; prudence, deliberation, forethought;
advice, admonition, suggestion. Associated Words: mentorial, monitorial,

counsel, v. advise, admonish.

counselor, n. adviser, mentor, monitor, admonitor; lawyer, attorney.

count, v. enumerate, number; esteem, consider, reckon, judge, think.

count, n. numbering.

countenance, n. face, visage, features; support, goodwill,
encouragement.--v. encourage, favor, approve.

counter, a. contrary, opposite, antagonistic.

counteract, v. defeat, frustrate, contravene, neutralize.

counteraction, n. frustration, contravention, neutralization.

counterbalance, v. counterpoise, countervail, equiponderate,

counterfeit, a. false, fraudulent, spurious, fictitious, sham, mock,

countermand, v. revoke, cancel, rescind, recall.--n. revocation,

counterpoint, n. polyphony.

counterpoise, v. counterbalance, balance, equiponderate.

countersign, n. watchword, password, _consigne_.

counterterm, n. antonym.

counting frame. abacus.

count out. exclude.

countrified, a. rude, uncourtly, rustic, bucolic, rural.

country, n. region, territory; nation; rural parts, farming region.
Associated Words: patriotism, patriot, patriotic, incivism, compatriot,
expatriate, expatriation, deport, deportation, repatriate, repatriation,
national, rusticate, rustication.

country, a. rural, rustic, agrestic.

countryman, n. compatriot, fellow-citizen; farmer, granger
husbandman, rustic; peasant; (country bumpkin) yokel, carl, clod,
clodhopper, churl, yahoo.

county, n. shire.

couple, n. two, pair, brace, span, couplet, team.

couple, v. join, link, connect; copulate.

couplet, n. distich.

courage, n. intrepidity, heroism, bravery, gallantry, hardihood,
fortitude, valor, fearlessness, pluck, prowess. Antonyms: See
cowardice and fear.

courageous, a. intrepid, brave, heroic, gallant, hardy, bold,
fearless, valiant, valorous, dauntless, chivalrous, plucky, daring,

courier, n. messenger, runner; estafet.

course, n. progress, passage; direction, bearing; heat, bout, round;
procedure; sequence, routine, order, succession regularity; career;

court, n. tribunal, judicatory, judicature, judiciary, forum, mall;
courtyard, quadrangle, cortile; jurisdiction; royal household, princely
retinue; assize. Associated Words: curialistic, aulic, judicial,
judiciary, forensic, docket, tipstaff, beadle, apparitor, summoner, _dies
judicus, dies non_.

court, v. woo, spark; solicit, seek, allure, attract, invite.

courteous, a. deferential, polite, debonair, gracious, urbane, civil,

courtesan, n. prostitute, harlot, demirep, _amorosa_, _bona roba_.

courtesy, n. politeness, urbanity, civility, complaisance; favor,
indulgence; curtsy.

courtly, a. elegant, dignified, polite.

courtyard, n. court, quadrangle, area, cortile, yard; patio, (Sp.

cove, n. bay, recess, bight, inlet.

covenant, n. compact, agreement, pact, concordat.

cover, v. overspread, overlay, thatch, hide, conceal, secrete;
comprise, embrace, embody, comprehend; copulate with, serve.

cover, n. lid, covering, case, canopy, awning, tilt, roof, casing,
cope, capsule, envelope; shelter, protection, defense, safeguard;
counterpane, quilt, coverlet, spread; covert, underbrush, undergrowth,
underwood, jungle, bush; plate.

covered, a. covert, screened, sheltered, protected, hidden.

covering, n. cover, wrapper, sheath, pavilion.

covert, a. secret, hidden, disguised, clandestine, stealthy.

covert, n. shelter, refuge, retreat; underwood, jungle, thicket.

covetousness, n. cupidity, avarice, greed.

cow, n. female of bovine animals; heifer (young cow); maverick.
Associated Words: bovine, Bos, moo, low, lowing, farrow, beef, neat,
moolley, vachery, chiche-vache, milch.

cow, v. overawe, daunt, intimidate, scare, dishearten.

coward, n. craven, dastard, poltroon, milksop, recreant.

cowardice, n. pusillanimity, poltroonery, dastardy, recreancy,
timidity, cowardliness.

cowardly, a. craven, pusillanimous, dastard, dastardly, poltroon,
recreant, timorous, white-livered, chicken-hearted faint-hearted,

cowboy, n. cattle herder, drover, herdsman, vaquero.

cowcatcher, n. pilot.

cow doctor. veterinarian, veterinary, veterinary surgeon.

cower, v. crouch, squat; quail, cringe.

cowlike, a. bovine.

coworker, n. colleague, coagent, collaborator, associate.

cowpox, n. vaccinia, kinepox, cowpock, kinepock.

coxcomb, n. fop, dandy, dude, popinjay, exquisite.

coy, a. shy, modest, retiring, demure, reserved.

cozy, a. snug; talkative, chatty, sociable.

crab, n. crustacean, mollusk.

crabbed, a. See cross.

crabs, n. pl. Cancer, Crustacea, Mollusca, Brachyura. Associated
words: crustacean, cancriform, cancerite, cancrine, cancroid, lobster,
carcinology, brachyurean, cancrivorous, cancrophagous, carcinoid,

crack, n. chink, crevice, cranny, fissure, rift, rime, rent, cleft,
interstice; rupture, breach, flaw; report, clap, pop, explosion, snap.

crack, v. break, chop, cleave, split, rift, snap.

crack, a. (Colloq.) first-rate, excellent, fine, capital,

cracked, a. (Colloq.) crotchety, eccentric, crazy.

crackle, v. crepitate, decrepitate.--n. crepitation, crackling.

crackling, a. crepitant.--n. crepitation, decrepitation,

crack up. (Low) extol, laud, praise, cry up.

cracksman, n. burglar.

cradle, n. baby's bed, trundle-bed; solen; _cunabula_.

craft, n. dexterity, skill; trade, handicraft; guild; guile, cunning,
subtlety, artfulness.

craftiness, n. artfulness, guile, craft, cunning.

craftsman, n. artificer, artisan, mechanic, skilled workman.

crafty, a. shrewd, artful, wily, tricky, cunning, sly, deceitful,
Machiavelian. Antonyms: guileless, artless, undesigning.

cragged, a. jagged, broken, craggy.

cram, v. compress, crowd, squeeze, press, impact.

cramp, v. restrain, confine, hinder, restrict, obstruct.

cranium, n. skull.

crank, n. winch, turning-handle; bend, turn, twist, crook, curve.

cranky, a. (Colloq.) crotchety, capricious, unreasonable,
cantankerous, cross, perverse, cross-grained, contumacious unsteady.

cranny, n. crevice, chink. See crack.

crash, n. ruin, smash, failure, collapse.

crass, a. coarse, unrefined, gross, crude.

crave, v. long for, yearn for, hanker after; beseech, entreat,

craven, a. cowardly.--n. coward.

craving, n. longing, yearning, hankering, hungering; entreaty,

crawler, n. creeper, reptile; pl. Reptilia, reptiles.

crawling, a. creeping, reptile, reptant, reptatorial,
reptatory.--n. creeping.

craze, v. madden, derange, distract; confuse, disarrange.

craze, n. craziness, distraction; fancy, freak, crotchet; mania,
passion, infatuation.

craziness, n. insanity, lunacy, dementia, delirium; monomania;
megalomania; paranoia.

crazy, a. demented, deranged, insane, delirious, dementate, mad,
lunatic, distracted, frantic, crazed, crack-brained; rickety, decrepit,
shaky, tottering, dilapidated; desirous, eager, infatuated. Antonyms:
sane, rational.

crazy person. madman, maniac, lunatic, bedlamite; monomaniac;
paranoiac; megalomaniac.

cream, n. best part, quintessence; cremor; cosmetic.

crease, n. ruck, wrinkle.

creation, n. origination, making, invention; universe, cosmos, world.

creative, a. demiurgic, inventive, cosmoplastic, omnific.

creature, n. being.

credence, n. belief, credit, acceptance.

credit, n. belief, faith, confidence; repute, good name, esteem,
honor; influence, prestige; trust, tick. Antonyms: discredit, dishonor,

creditor, n. Associated Words: bilk, subrogation.

credulous, a. unsuspecting, gullible. Antonym: incredulous.

creed, n. Associated-words: symbolics, symbolism Athanasian,
Nicene, Apostles'.

creek, n. brook, rivulet, race, runlet, streamlet, runnel, bourn,
burn; cove, bight.

creepers, n. pl. Reptilia.

creephole, n. retreat; subterfuge, expedient, makeshift excuse.

creeping, a. crawling, reptile, reptant; fawning, truckling,
obsequious, sycophantic.

creeping, n. reptation; formication.

creepingly, adv. insidiously, cunningly.

cremate, v. incremate, incinerate.

cremation, n. incremation, incineration. Associated Words:
crematory, crematorium.

crest, n. tuft; helmet; top, ridge, crown, summit; armorial bearings,
device, cognizance.

crested, a. cristate.

crestfallen, a. dejected, discouraged, disheartened, downcast.

crevice, n. cleft, fissure, rent, cranny, crack, chink.

crew, n. assemblage, throng, gang, mob, band, crowd.

crib, n. manger, rack; bin, bunker, box.

crib, v. (Colloq.) appropriate, plagiarize, steal, purloin.

cricket, n. Associated Words: stridulate, stridulation,
stridulator, stridulatory, stridulous.

crime, n. felony, atrocity, outrage, enormity; offense,
transgression, misdemeanor, malefaction, dereliction. Associated Words:
criminology, criminologist, criminality, recidivism, recidivist.

criminal, a. felonious, flagitious.

criminal, n. felon, malefactor, culprit; criminaloid.

criminate, v. incriminate, implicate, accuse.

crimination, n. incrimination.

crimp, v. curl, crisp, frizz.

crimpy, a. frizzly, crimped, wavy.

crincum, n. (Colloq.) twist, turn, freak, caprice, fancy, whim.

cringe, v. truckle, fawn, crouch.

cringing, a. truckling, fawning, servile, obsequious, slavish.

crinkle, v. curl, wrinkle.

crinkly, a. wavy, wrinkly, kinky.

cripple, v. maim, lame, disable; hough, hamstring.

crippled, a. maimed, lame, disabled, deformed, halt.

crisis, n. critical juncture; climacteric, emergency, strait,

crisp, a. brittle, friable, short; crackling, lively, brisk.
Antonyms: tenacious, tough, flexible.

critic, n. censor, reviewer, adept, judge, inspector; caviler,
carper, censurer; Zoilus.

critical, a. discriminating, fastidious; carping, censorious,
captious, caviling, zoilean; crucial, momentous, decisive, precarious,

criticism, n. critique, censure, animadversion, stricture, cavil.

croak, v. forebode, decry, complain, grumble.

croaker, n. grumbler, alarmist, decrier, pessimist.

crock, n. jar, pot; soot, smut.

crony, n. (Colloq.) bosom friend, intimate, associate, chum.

crook, n. bend, turn, curve, curvature, deflection; crosier; pothook;
artifice, trick, subterfuge, ruse.

crook, v. bend, curve, incurvate.

crooked, a. twisted, bent, devious, deformed, tortuous, sinuous,
winding, flexuous, curved, curvilinear, spiral, labyrinthial; distorted,
awry, askew, wry; dishonest, fraudulent, unscrupulous, knavish.

crookedness, n. tortuousness, tortuosity, sinuosity, incurvation,
curvature, deformity, curvity, wryness, anfractuosity; dishonesty,

crop, n. harvest, fruit, product, ingathering.

crop, v. clip, lop, cut off; gather, reap, harvest, garner; browse,

cross, n. crucifix, rood, gibbet; rebated cross, gammadion, fylfot,
saltire, swastika, cross bottony. Associated Words: crucify,
crucifixion, crucifier, cruciform, crucial, cruciate, crucigerous,
crucifer, vexillum, crantara, consignation.

cross, n. hybrid, mongrel, limmer.

cross, a. athwart, transverse, intersecting; adverse, baffling,
contrary, perverse; petulant, peevish, cynical, surly, unamiable,
inaffable, crabbed, crusty, captious, fractious, churlish, vixenish,
querulous, fretful, choleric, touchy, waspish, morose, sullen,
ill-natured, irascible acrimonious, irritable; inverse, interchanged.

cross, v. intersect; traverse; run counter to, thwart, baffle,
frustrate, foil; intercross; interbreed, hybridize; cancel.

crossbarred, a. cancellated.

crossbars, n. pl. lattice, grille, cancelli.

crossbeam, n. girder, stringer.

crossbow, n. arbelest, arcubalist.

crossbreed, n. hybrid, mongrel.

crossbreeding, n. hybridization.

crossbred, a. hybrid, mongrel.

crosscut, v. intersect.

cross-examination, n. cross-questioning, inquisition.

cross-eye, n. strabismus, strabism.

cross-fertilization, n. allogamy.

crossgrained, a. intractable, contrary, perverse, refractory,
froward, stubborn.

crossing, n. hybridization.

crossing, n. intersection, decussation; cancellation; traversing;
junction; crosswalk; thwarting, frustration, contradiction, interference;

crossness, n. petulance, peevishness, cynicism, unamiability,
moroseness, irritability, asperity, ill-nature, inaffability,

crosswise, adv. across, transversely.

crotch, n. fork, crotchet, angle.

crotchet, n. whim, fancy, vagary, caprice, freak.

crotchety, a. whimsical, fanciful, vagarious, capricious.

crouch, v. squat, couch, stoop; cringe, fawn, truckle.

croup, n. cynanche.

crow, n. Associated Words: caw, corvine, corviform, corvoid.

crow, v. brag, exult, swagger, vaunt, gasconade, vapor.

crowd, v. press, shove, jostle; compress, cram, cramp, squeeze, stow,
impact; swarm, throng, troop; intrude.

crowd, n. concourse, crush, posse, multitude, number, mass, throng,
horde, host, troop, bevy, knot, assembly, confluence; populace, rabble,
commonalty, mob, proletariat, riffraff, the masses, rabblerout,

crowded, a. congested, serried, dense, compact. Antonyms:
incompact, loose.

crowding, n. congestion, compression.

crown, n. diadem, coronet, corona; tiara; wreath, garland chaplet,
coronal, laurel, bays; royalty, sovereignty; consummation, capsheaf,
summit, top, crest, vertex, vortex; krone. Associated Words: coronal,

crown, v. consummate, complete.

crowning, a. consummating, completing.

crowning, n. coronation.

crucial, a. cruciform, cross-shaped; severe, trying, ordeal

crude, a. undeveloped, inelaborate, uncouth, inartistic, unfinished.

cruel, a. pitiless, merciless, inhuman, unmerciful, fell, relentless,
ruthless, truculent, brutal, unfeeling, severe, inexorable,
incompassionate, implacable.

cruelly, n. inhumanity, implacability, severity, atrocity,

crumble, v. disintegrate, decay, molder.

crumbly, a. friable.

crumple, v. rumple, ruck, wrinkle, crush together.

crush, v. overpower, vanquish, quell, subdue, conquer, suppress;
squeeze, press, compress.

crush, n. compression; pressure, crowd.

crushing, a. overwhelming.

crush-room, n. foyer.

crust, n. incrustation.--v. incrust.

crusty, a. cross, unamiable, surly.

crux, n. puzzle, riddle.

cry, v. weep, sob, wail, bawl, squall, whimper, blubber, pule,
bewail; shout, call, exclaim, yell, scream, vociferate, clamor, ejaculate.

cry, n. exclamation, ejaculation, acclamation, outcry, clamor,
vociferation, yoicks, scream, shriek, howl, yell, proclamation; slogan,
shibboleth; halloo, whoop, hoot: crying, weeping, wail, lamentation, mewl,
plaint whimpering.

cry down. decry, disparage, dispraise, traduce.

crying, n. weeping, sobbing, wailing, wail, clamation, bawling,
puling, squalling.

crying, a. weeping, sobbing, clamant; flagrant, egregious, heinous,

cry out upon. denounce, censure, condemn.

crypt, n. catacomb; follicle.

cryptic, a. hidden, secret, occult, enigmatical.

cry to. pray to, implore, beseech.

cry up. extol, laud, praise.

cube, n. hexahedron.

cucking-stool, n. castigatory, tumbrel, trebucket, ducking-stool

cucumber, n. gherkin (small and prickly).

cud, n. rumen; quid. Associated Words: Ruminantia, ruminant,
ruminate, rumination, merycism.

cuddle, v. nestle, snuggle.

cudgel, n. club, bludgeon.

cue, n. catchword; queue, pigtail; hint, suggestion, intimation.

cuff, n. box, slap, buffet; manchette (ornamental cuff).

cuff, v. box, slap, smite, strike, buffet.

cull, n. cully, dupe, gull.

culprit, n. offender, malefactor, delinquent, criminal sinner.

cultivable, a. tillable, arable, culturable.

cultivate, v. till.

cultivation, n. tillage.

culture, n. cultivation, tillage; refinement, enlightenment,

cultured, a. refined, educated, enlightened.

cumbersome, a. burdensome, troublesome, unwieldy, unmanageable.

cunning, a. artful, crafty, sly, wily, arch, designing, deceitful,
intriguing; curious, ingenious; skillful, dexterous.

cunning, n. craft, deceit, craftiness, subtlety, wiliness.

cup, n. mug, noggin, nipperkin, beaker, bumper, tankard, jorum, tig;
pl. carousal, wassail, intoxication, orgies; cupping-glass, cupel;

cupboard, n. locker, buffet, ambry, closet.

cupidity, n. covetousness, avarice, greediness.

cupola, n. dome; lantern.

curable, a. remediable, sanable. Antonyms: incurable, irremediable.

curative, a. remedial, sanatory.

curator, n. custodian, keeper, trustee, warden.

curb, v. check, restrain, control, repress, bridle.

curb roof, gambrel roof; mansard roof.

curdle, v. coagulate, thicken, curd, clabber, lopper

curdled, a. coagulated, thickened, loppered.

curdled milk. clabber.

curé, n. spiritual charge, curacy; medical treatment, therapy;
antidote, remedy, specific; healing.

cure, v. heal, remedy.

cure-all, n. panacea, catholicon.

curiosity, n. inquisitiveness; curio, freak, rarity, _rara avis_,
wonder. Antonyms: incuriosity, uninquisitiveness.

curious, a. inquisitive; strange, rare, unusual. Antonym: incurious.

curl, n. ringlet, kink, toupet.

curl, v. crisp, crimp, crape; writhe, wreathe, twist, wind.

curling, n. crispation.

curl paper. papillote.

curly, a. curling, curled, crinkled, crinkly, wavy, kinky.

curlycue, n. (Colloq.) flourish, paraph, caper.

current, a. present, instant; circulating, rife.

curse, n. denunciation, anathema, ban, malediction, execration,
imprecation, fulmination, malison, maranatha; torment, plague, scourge,

curse, v. anathematize, execrate, fulminate, denounce, condemn.

cursed, a. accursed, execrable, abominable, odious.

curtail, v. shorten, reduce, retrench.

curtain, n. hanging, drapery, portiere, valance, purdah.

curvature, n. curve, flexure, sinuosity; cyrtosis.

curve, v. bend, crook, turn, inflect, deflect, deviate, wind.

cushion, n. pad, bolster, pillow, pillion; pouf, pouffle.

cussedness, n. (Slang) perversity, obstinacy, doggedness, meanness.

custodian, n. curator, guardian, keeper.

custody, n. safe-keeping, care; imprisonment.

custom, n. usage, practice, conventionality; patronage; impost, duty,

customary, a. usual, wonted, habitual, conventional, accustomed.

customer, n. patron.

cut, v. gash, slash, hew, crop, reap, mow, lop, prune, clip, shear,
whittle, shave, trim, detruncate, dock, curtail, exscind, dissect,
chamfer, amputate, carve, chase, chisel, lance, bisect, cleave, razee,
slit, incise, fell, score, nurl, knurl.

cut, n. incision, gash, slash, slit, wound; slight, ignoration;
sarcasm, taunt; notch, groove, chamfret; defile, passage; kerf; slice,
piece; fashion, style, mode; engraving.

cut down. fell; retrench, curtail, reduce.

cute, a. (Colloq.) clever, sharp, ingenious, cunning, shrewd.

cut off. amputate, sever; interrupt, stop, intercept.

cut out. exscind, excise, remove; supplant; debar, exclude.

cutting, a. incisive, sharp, keen, trenchant; penetrating, nipping,
biting; sarcastic, satirical, caustic, acrimonious, mordacious; secant.

cutting, n. incision, felling, amputation, cleavage, truncation,
curtailment, celotomy, dissection, scarification, slashing, cropping;
slip, scion, clipping. Associated Words: sectile, sectility, insecable.

cutting out. excision, exsection.

cut to pieces. dissect, mutilate, dismember.

cut up. afflict, grieve, distress, harry; play pranks, play tricks,
cut capers, misbehave.

cyclone, n. tornado.

cypher, n. See cipher.

Czar, n. Tsar, Tzar. Associated Words: Czarinian Czarowitz,
Czarevna, autocrat.

Czarina, n. Tsarina, Tsaritsa.


Dabbler, n. superficialist, sciolist, smatterer, dilettante.

dabblingly, adv. superficially, cursorily.

dabster, n. (Colloq.) expert, adept, master-hand.

dagger, n. stiletto, poniard, bowie knife, dirk; obelisk.

daily, a. diurnal, quotidian.

dainty, n. delicacy, tidbit, treat, rarebit, _bonne bouche_.

dainty, a. fastidious, squeamish, finical; delicate, exquisite.

dale, n. glen, dell, dingle, vale, valley.

dalliance, n. fondling, endearments; delay, procrastination,

dally, v. dawdle, trifle; fondle, wanton; delay, postpone,

dam, n. barrier, weir, burrock.

dam, v. restrain, obstruct.

damage, v. injure, hurt, harm, despoil, scathe, deface, impair,
disfigure, damnify.

damage, n. injury, detriment, impairment, defacement, harm, hurt,

damages, n. pl. indemnity, satisfaction, reparation.

damn, v. condemn, curse, reprobate, denounce.

damnable, a. accursed, atrocious, execrable, heinous.

damnation, n. condemnation, reprobation, perdition.

damning, a. condemnatory, damnatory.

damp, a. moist, wet, humid, dank.

dampen, v. moisten, damp; check, repress, restrain, discourage,

damper, n. check, setback, wet blanket, discouragement, rebuff.

dampness, n. moisture, humidity.

dance, n. ballet, cotillion, quadrille, waltz, reel, fandango, polka,
two-step, polonaise, mazurka, schottische, allemande cancan, minuet,
courant, bolero, gavot. Associated Words: terpsichorean, Terpsichore,
choregraphy, dervish.

dancing-mania, n. epidemic chorea, choromania, cory-bantism

dander, n. (Slang) anger, resentment, ire, wrath, dudgeon.

dandified, a. foppish, coxcombical. Antonyms: slovenly, careless,

dandy, n. fop, exquisite, dude, coxcomb, popinjay, incroyable,
jackadandy. Antonym: sloven.

danger, n. jeopardy, hazard, peril, insecurity, risk, exposure,
imminence, impediment. Antonyms: safety, immunity, security, shelter,
safeguard, protection.

dangerous, a. perilous, hazardous, risky, unsafe, critical, parlous,
imminent. Antonyms: See safe.

Danish Parliament. Rigsdag (Landsthing and Folkething).

dapper, a. spruce, trim, natty, spry, nimble.

dappled, a. piebald, spotted, pied, mottled.

dare, v. venture, presume; defy, challenge, stump.

dare, n. defiance, provocation, challenge.

dare-devil, a. reckless, rash, inconsiderate, venturesome.

dark, a. unilluminated, sunless, dusky, rayless, Cimmerian, pitchy,
tenebrific, murk, murky, dingy, shadowy, shady, mirky, lowering, overcast,
gloomy, sullen, Stygian, sombre; obscure, mysterious, incomprehensible,
recondite abstruse, cabalistic, cryptic, enigmatical, occult; brunette,
swart, swarthy.

darken, v. shade, obscure, infuscate, shadow, becloud, obfuscate;
perplex, confuse; sully, tarnish, discolor.

darkness, n. obscurity, shadow, dimness, gloom, infuscation,
murkiness, obfuscation, tenebrosity; unenlightenment. Associated Words:
Erebus, Ahriman, Cimmerii.

dart, v. hurl, launch, jaculate; spring, dodge, bolt, shoot.

dash, n. collision, allision, crash; abashment, frustration;
infusion, smack, tincture, sprinkling; onset, rush, sally; energy,
animation, vigor; (Slang) parade, flourish, show, ostentation.

dashboard, n. splashboard, dasher.

dashing, a. spirited, bold, brilliant, ostentatious, gay; roaring,
rushing, headlong.

dastard, n. coward, craven, poltroon. See coward.

daub, v. smear, bedaub, besmear, soil, sully.

daughter, n. Associated Words: filial, filiation, filicide.

daunt, v. cow, intimidate, frighten, alarm, appall, dishearten,

dauntless, a. intrepid, valorous, daring, fearless.

dawn, n. daybreak, aurora, dayspring, sunrise.

day, n. daytime, nycthemeron; time, age, generation, epoch, era.
Associated Words: metemptosis, proemptosis, daily, diurnal, quotidian,
ephemeral, _sine die_, ferial, _per diem_.

day-blindness, n. nyctalopia.

day-dream, n. revery.

day scholar. extern.

day-sight, n. hemeralopia.

dazzle, v. daze, blind; bewilder, astonish, overpower.

dazzling, a. brilliant, intense, glaring.

deacon, n. Associated Words: diaconal, diaconate.

dead, a. lifeless, deceased, inanimate, defunct, extinct, departed;
inert, obtuse, impassive, callous, torpid, unfeeling, subdued.

dead body. See corpse.

deadborn a. stillborn.

deaden, v. blunt, benumb, hebetate, moderate; devitalize, subdue.

dead-house, n. morgue; ossuarium, charnel-house, mortuary, tomb.

deadly, a. fatal, mortal, lethal, lethiferous, noxious, internecine;
implacable, unrelenting.

deaf-mute, n. Associated Word: dactylology.

deal, v. distribute, apportion, dispense, allot; trade, traffic,

dealer, n. trader, dispenser, trafficker, retailer, shopkeeper,
merchant, monger, vender, tradesman, broker, mercer, commission dealer,

dealing, n. distribution, apportionment; traffic, intercourse,
barter, business, transaction, negotiation, commerce, trade.

dear, a. costly, expensive, high-priced; beloved, darling, precious.
Antonyms: cheap, inexpensive.

dearth, n. scarcity, lack, deficiency, paucity, want. Antonyms: See

death, n. decease, demise, dissolution, dying, mortality, expiration,
quietus, mort, obit, extinction; euthanasia (an easy death).
Associated-words: eschatology, thanatology, thanatopsis, necrology,
thanatophobia, necrophobia, necrolatry, requiem, necromancy, posthumous,
post-mortem, ante-mortem, euthanasian, dirge, crossbones, placebo, _in
extremis_, decedent, funeral, obit, obitual, necrologist, fatality, fatal,

deathless, a. immortal, imperishable, undying.

death notice. obituary, necrology.

debar, v. preclude, exclude.

debase, v. degrade, deteriorate, abase, vitiate, corrupt, alloy,

debasement, n. degradation, abasement, deterioration, vitiation,

debatable, a. contestable, moot, disputable, mooted, controvertible.
Antonyms: incontestable, indisputable, incontrovertible.

debate, v. argue, discuss, moot, contend, controvert.

debate, n. discussion, argument, moot, dispute, controversy,
disputation, forensic.

debauch, v. vitiate, deprave, corrupt, demoralize; ravish, rape.

debauch, n. debauchery, dissipation, abandon, drunkenness saturnalia,
orgies, bacchanals, lechery; rape. Antonyms: temperance, continence,

debauched, a. dissolute, licentious, dissipated, corrupt.

debauchee, n. libertine, lecher, fornicator, rake, drunkard, satyr.

debauchery, n. lechery, libertinism, sensuality, licentiousness,

debonair, a. suave, courteous, urbane, complaisant, gracious.

debt, n. liability, due, obligation, debit. Antonyms: asset,
resource. Associated Words: garnishee, distrain, distress, debenture.

decadent, a. deteriorating, degenerating.--n. degenerate.

decay, v. decline, retrograde, deteriorate; rot, decompose, putrefy,

decay, n. deterioration, corruption, decline, decadence, senescence,
retrogradation, decomposition, caducity; putrefaction, putrescence, rot;

decayed, a. rotten, corrupt, putrefied, carious, putrescent,

decaying, a. rotting, corrupt, mouldering, decadent, putrefying,
carious. Antonym: imputrescible.

decease, n. demise, death.

deceased person. decedent.

deceit, n. deception, imposition, trickery, chicanery, artifice,
delusion, circumvention, guile, duplicity, imposture finesse,
dissimulation, cozenage, trumpery, fallacy.

deceitful, a. deceptive, illusive, insidious, fraudulent, wily,
artful, disingenuous.

deceivable, a. deceptible, gullible, credulous. Antonyms:
indeceptible, undeceivable.

deceive, v. delude, beguile, mislead, gull, impose upon, dupe,
circumvent, hoodwink, bamboozle. Antonyms: undeceive, disillusionize,

deceiver, n. impostor, charlatan, mountebank, swindler, knave,

decency, n. propriety, seemliness, decorum, modesty, Antonyms: See

decent, a. suitable, modest, decorous, seemly, respectable.
Antonyms: See indecent.

deception, n. imposition, craft, duplicity, deceit, hoax, fallacy,
ruse, imposture, artifice, illusion, prevarication, finesse,
dissimulation, cozenage, sophistry, coggery. Antonyms: guilelessness,
candor, disillusionment, fair dealing, sincerity.

deceptive, a. delusive, fallacious, deceitful, specious, insidious,
sophistical. Antonyms: guileless, candid, ingenuous, sincere, open.

decharm, v. disillusionize, disenchant, disabuse.

decide, v. determine, settle, conclude, resolve.

decided, a. unequivocal, determined, pronounced, unwavering,
positive, incontrovertible.

decision, n. determination, settlement, conclusion, verdict,
inference, deduction; firmness, resolution, constancy, steadfastness.
Antonyms: indecision, irresolution, vacillation.

decisive, a. conclusive, final, peremptory, summary.

deck, v. bedeck, bedizen, array.

declaration, n. assertion, affirmation, avowal, predication,

declare, v. affirm, assert, aver, state, asseverate, predicate.

decline, v. lean, incline, bend; languish, sink, wane, diminish,
decrease, deteriorate, retrograde; deviate, stray; shun, refuse.

decline, n. deterioration, retrogradation, diminution, retrogression,
degeneracy, declension, declination, decay; progressive emaciation,
marasmus. Antonyms: progress, advancement, improvement.

decolor, v. decolorate, decolorize.

decorate, v. embellish, adorn, beautify, ornament, garnish, enrich,
trim, bedizen, bedeck.

decorated, a. embellished, ornate, ornamented, trimmed. Antonyms:
See plain.

decoration, n. embellishment, garniture, bedizenment, adorning,
ornamentation, decking, insignia, regalia, purfling; paraphernalia.

decorative, a. ornamental, embellishing, adorning.

decoy, v. entice, lure, allure, ensnare, entrap.

decoy, n. lure, enticement, magnet, allurement.

decrease, n. decrement, diminution, reduction, decline, depreciation,
abatement, subsidence.

decrease, v. diminish, reduce, dwindle, subside, depreciate, abate,

decreasing, a. decrescent, diminishing, waning.

decrease of motion retardation.

decree, n. edict, fiat, mandate, decretal, rescript.--v. enact,
ordain, enjoin.

decrial, n. condemnation, disparagement, dispraise, detraction,
derogation, belittling.

decry, v. disparage, belittle.

dedicate, v. consecrate.

dedication, n. consecration. Associated Words: dedicate, dedicator,
dedicatorial, dedicatory, dedicatee.

deduct, v. subtract, rebate.

deduction, n. subtraction, discount; inference, conclusion,
corollary, illation.

deed, n. exploit, act, feat, perpetration, performance, stunt.

deed, n. Associated Words: defeasance, feoffment, muniment.

deep, a. profound, intricate, inexplicable, unfathomable,
incomprehensible, recondite, abstruse; abysmal; sagacious, cunning,
astute, shrewd; dark, intense; grave, grum, full-toned, guttural.
Antonyms: superficial, shallow.

deepen, v. intensify.

deer, n. Cervidæ; fallow deer, red deer, mule deer, reindeer; buck
(fawn, brocket, pricket, sorel, sore, spitter); (female) doe, roe;
(male red deer) stag, hart; hind, roe (female red deer); havier
(castrated); halfer; antelope hummel; staggard. Associated Words:
venison, fumet, umbles, cervine, deerstalking, capreoline.

deerhound, n. staghound.

deface, v. mar, disfigure, mutilate.

defacement, n. disfigurement, mutilation, marring.

defamation, n. calumny, libel, lampoon, traducement, roorback. See

defamatory, a. slanderous, calumnious, libellous, vituperative,

defame, v. calumniate, malign, vilify, lampoon, vituperate, slander.

defaulter, n. delinquent, peculator, embezzler, defalcator.

defeat, n. repulse, overthrow, vanquishment, foil, rout, frustration,

defeat, v. conquer, vanquish, repulse, discomfit, rout, checkmate,
outwit, balk, foil, frustrate.

defect, n. blemish, flaw, imperfection, foible, failing, shortcoming,

defend, v. guard, protect, shield, secure, screen, shelter, fortify,
garrison, preserve, harbor, countenance; uphold, espouse, vindicate,
advocate, plead, justify, maintain.

defender, n. defendant, vindicator, advocate, champion, pleader,
asserter, upholder, guardian.

defense, n. protection, defending, maintenance; guard, protection,
palisade, rampart, bulwark, fortress, blockhouse, fortification,
earthwork, breastwork, shield, armor, stockade, buckler, redoubt, remblai,
palladium, garrison, ravelin, reliance, muniment, machicolation;
vindication, advocacy, plea, excuse. Antonyms: betrayal, exposure,
surrender, abandonment, capitulation.

defiance, n. challenge, provocation; opposition, insubmission,
contumacy, contempt, insubordination, insurgency, mutiny, rebellion,

defiant, a. disobedient, insubmissive, contumacious, bellicose,
rebellious, contumelious, refractory, cockahoop, mutinous. Antonyms:
obedient, tractable, submissive.

deficiency, n. inadequacy, insufficiency, shortage, meagreness.

deficient, a. defective, imperfect, meagre, scanty, inadequate,

defile, v. contaminate, pollute, soil, befoul, vitiate, taint,
corrupt, infect, sully.

defilement, n. contamination, pollution, vitiation, corruption.

definite, a. positive, specific, express, explicit, specified, exact,
precise. Antonyms: See indefinite.

definition, n. explanation, description; lexigraphy.

deformed, a. misshapen, disfigured, crippled.

deformity, n. malformation, disfigurement, unshapeliness distortion.
Associated Words: orthopedy, orthopraxy, orthopedic, orthopedist.

defraud, v. See cheat.

deft, a. dexterous, adroit, expert, skillful, apt, clever.

defy, v. challenge, dare; spurn, flout, scorn.

degeneracy, n. decline, degeneration, retrogression, deterioration.

degenerate, v. deteriorate, retrograde, decline.

degeneration, n. deterioration, decline, retrogradation, degeneracy,

degradation, n. abasement, debasement, disgrace, humiliation.

degrade, v. abase, debase, disgrace, pervert, humiliate, dishonor.

degraded, a. debased, low, shameful.

deiflcation, n. apotheosis.

deify, v. apotheosize.

deign, v. condescend, vouchsafe.

delay, n. deferring, deferment, procrastination, postponement,
respite, reprieve; retardation, retention, obstruction; dawdling,
lingering, dalliance. Antonyms: dispatch, promptness, expedition, haste.

delay, v. postpone, defer, procrastinate, suspend, reprieve, retard,
impede, hinder, obstruct; linger, tarry, dawdle, dally. Antonyms:
dispatch, hasten, expedite, facilitate.

delegate, v. depute, commission.

delegate, n. deputy, proxy, vicar, commissioner, legate, envoy,
appointee, surrogate.

deleterious, a. hurtful, noxious, pernicious.

deliberate, a. intentional, premeditated, prepense, done on purpose.
Antonyms: accidental, unconscious, unpremeditated, unintentional.

deliberation, n. consideration, discussion, consultation.

delicacy, n. daintiness, fineness, frailty, refinement,
fastidiousness, discrimination, sensitiveness; dainty, tidbit, junket.
Antonyms: indelicacy, coarseness, indiscrimination.

delicate, a. graceful, fine, exquisite, minute, slender; refined,
sensitive, fastidious, dainty; critical, ticklish. Antonyms: See

delicious, a. luscious, palatable, savory, exquisite, delightful.
Antonyms: unpalatable, nauseous, distasteful fulsome.

delighted, a. charmed, overjoyed, enraptured.

delightful, a. charming, enchanting, rapturous, beatific, ravishing,
delectable, pleasurable, delicious, congenial, enjoyable.

delirious, a. irrational. Antonyms: rational, lucid, sane.

delirium tremens. _mania a potu_, œnomania, the horrors (Colloq.).

deliverance, n. rescue, salvation, redemption; extrication,

delivery, n. rescue, release, liberation, deliverance, extrication;
surrender, conveyance, transfer, transmission.

delusion, n. illusion, deception, phantasm, hallucination, mockery,
ruse. Antonyms: disillusionment, disenchantment, reality, actuality,

demand, n. exaction, requisition, requirement, order, request.

demeanor, n. deportment, carriage, behavior, bearing, mien.

demerit, n. fault, wrongdoing, misconduct, delinquency.

demolish, v. See destroy.

demon, n. devil, fiend, Mara. Associated Words: demoniac,
demonocracy, pandemonium, demonology, sabbat, demonophobia, polydemonism,
demonism, exorcise, exorcism, exorcist.

demon worship. demonolatry.

demoralize, v. deprave, debase, corrupt, vitiate.

demure, a. sedate, sober, staid, decorous.

den, n. cavern, cave, lair; retreat, haunt, squalid resort.

denial, n. negation, rejection, disclaimer, disavowal, controverting,
abjuration, disacknowledgment, refusal, abnegation, renunciation.
Antonyms: affirmation, acceptance, avowal, confession.

denote, v. signify, imply, indicate, betoken.

denouncing, n. denunciation.

dent, n. indentation.--v. indent.

denunciation, n. condemnation, arraignment, accusation, fulmination,
malediction, stigmatizing.

denunciatory, a. condemnatory, comminatory, fulminatory

deny, v. gainsay, contradict; disavow, disown, abjure, renounce,

department, n. division, section, part, category; district, precinct,
branch, province; station, sphere, capacity.

departure, n. deviation; retirement, withdrawal.

depend, v. lean, rely, trust.

dependable, a. trustworthy, trusty, reliable. Antonyms:
untrustworthy, unreliable.

dependant, n. retainer, vassal, minion, subject, feudatory, adherent,
satellite; corollary, consequence, concomitant.

dependence, n. suspension, dependency; reliance, trust; mainstay,
support; contingency.

dependent, a. conditioned, contingent. Antonyms: independent,

depict, v. portray, delineate, describe, picture.

depiction, n. portrayal, delineation, description, picture.

deplore, v. lament, deprecate, bewail, regret, rue, bemoan.

deportment, n. behavior, conduct, demeanor.

deposit, n, deposition, sediment, precipitate, alluvium, alluvion,
diluvium. Associated Words: alluvial, diluvial.

depositary, n. trustee, guardian, fiduciary.

depository, n. storehouse, magazine, depot, warehouse, promptuary.

depot, n. depository, warehouse; station.

depredation, n. pillage, sacking, rapine, spoliation, plunder.

depredator, n. plunderer, pillager, despoiler, robber.

depressed, a. dejected, dispirited.

depression, n. cavity, hollow, indentation, concavity, dent;
dejection, discouragement, despondency, vapors, gloom; inactivity,

deprive, v. dispossess, strip, divest, despoil.

depth, n. profundity; extent, measure, intensity; deep, abyss;
astuteness, shrewdness, acumen, discernment. Associated Words:
bathometer, bathymetry, bathymetric.

derelict, a. abandoned, forsaken; lost, adrift; careless, negligent,
remiss, delinquent.

deride, v. scoff, ridicule, mock, taunt, jeer, scout, jibe.

derision, n. ridicule, mockery, jeering.

derogatory, a. disparaging, detracting.

descendants, n. pl. progeny, posterity, offspring.

descent, n. descension; incursion, raid, foray; derivation, lineage,
extraction, parentage, birth; declivity, slope, decline; dismounting;
bathos; escarpment, scarp.

describe, v. delineate, depict.

description, n. delineation, depiction, portrayal; class, species,
sort, character.

desecrate, v. profane, pollute, secularize.

desecration, n. profanation, secularization.

desert, n. merit, meed, due.

desert, n. wilderness, wild. Associated Words: oasis, mirage,
caravan, caravansary, eremic.

desert, a. waste, unproductive, barren, desolate, infertile,
inarable. Antonyms: fertile, arable.

desert, v. forsake, abandon, leave, run away from.

deserted, a. forsaken, desolate, abandoned, derelict.

deserter, n. renegade, turncoat, delinquent, backslider, apostate,
recreant, poltroon, rat, traitor.

desertion, n. abandonment. Antonyms: See faithfulness.

desert wind. simoon.

deserve, v. merit.

deserved, a. merited, condign. Antonyms: undeserved, unmerited.

deserving, a. meritprious, worthy, meedful. Antonyms: undeserving,

design, n. sketch, draught, outline, plan; scheme, intention,
purpose, project, intent, aim. Associated Words: teleology, teleologist,

designing, n. artful, wily, crafty, subtle, politic, Machiavelian
disingenuous. Antonyms: See undesigning.

desire, n. longing, craving, will, aspiration, hankering, appetency,
cupidity, impulse; request, petition, quest, entreaty; velleity;
pruriency. Antonyms: apathy, antipathy, aversion, inappetency.
Associated Words: desiderative, desideratum, orectic, optative.

desire, v. want, crave, long for, lust, covet, yearn, aspire,

desolate, a. dreary, waste; broken-hearted, inconsolable, solitary;

desolate, v. devastate, depredate, despoil, sack, lay waste.

despair, n. hopelessness, desperation, inconsolableness.

desperate, a. irretrievable, hopeless, incurable, remediless,
outrageous, atrocious, monstrous, heinous.

desperation, n. despair, hopelessness, recklessness.

despicable, a. contemptible, abject.

despise, v. contemn, disdain.

despiteful, a. malicious, spiteful, resentful.

despondency, n. melancholy, depression, dejection.

despondent, a. disheartened, discouraged, dejected, depressed.

despot, n. tyrant, autocrat.

despotic, a. autocratic, tyrannical, absolute, despotical.

despotism, n. absolutism, autocracy, tyranny.

destìne, v. doom, preordain, appoint, foredoom.

destiny, n. fate, doom, lot, fortune.

destitute, a. devoid, deficient, lacking; needy, very poor.

destitution, n. privation, need, want, poverty, deficiency,

destroy, v. annihilate, undo, demolish, raze, desolate, devour, sack,
dismantle, eradicate, exterminate, ruin. Antonyms: conserve, preserve,
perpetuate, spare.

destroyer, n. iconoclast, annihilator, vandal, hun, destructionist,

destruction, n. annihilation, demolition, eradication, ruin,
perdition, havoc, vandalism, subversion, desolation, devastation,
iconoclasm. Antonyms: conservation preservation, perpetuation.

destructive, a. ruinous, iconoclastic, vandal, vandalic, internecine,
deleterious, pernicious, annihilative.

desultory, a. fitful, irregular, cursory, unsystematic.

detach, v. disconnect, disjoin, sever, disunite, isolate, segregate.

detachment, n. disconnection, separation, disunion, isolation,

detail, v. particularize, enumerate.

details, n. pl. minutiæ, particulars.

detention, n. restraint, custody, confinement, arrest.

deter, v. hinder, prevent, dissuade, restrain.

deteriorate, v. decline, degenerate, retrograde; corrupt, vitiate,
debase, degrade.

deterioration, n. decline, degeneration, retrogression; vitiation,
corruption, debasement.

detest, v. loathe, despise, abominate, abhor, hate, execrate.

detestable, a. abominable, loathsome, execrable, abhorrent.

detestation, n. abomination, execration, loathing, abhorrence,

deuced, a. (Low) devilish, excessive, extreme.

devastate, v. desolate, sack, despoil, ravage, plunder.

devastation, n. desolation, sacking, despoliation, ravage, havoc.

develop, v. mature, evolve; unfold, disentangle, unravel. Antonyms:
atrophy, blast, blight.

development, n. unfoldment, progression, evolution; hypertrophy
(excessive development). Antonyms: atrophy, undevelopment, abortion,

deviate, v. swerve, deflect, digress, stray, wander, diverge.
Antonym: continue.

deviation, n. swerving, deflection, digression, divergence.

device, n. contrivance, invention, expedient, wile, maneuver,
artifice, trickery; symbol, motto, legend, cognizance.

devil, n. Satan, Lucifer, Apollyon, Belial, Beelzebub, deuce,
dickens, Mephistopheles, Asmodeus, Abaddon; demon, fiend. Associated
words: diabolology, Satanic, demoniac, exorcise, exorcism, diabolism,
Izedi, Izedism, demonology.

devilish, a. demoniac, diabolical, fiendish, infernal; atrocious,

devil-may-care, a. reckless, defiant.

deviltry, n. devilry, diablerie, devilment, fiendishness.

devious, a. wandering, circuitous, mazy, winding, tortuous,
roundabout; erring, sinful.

devise, v. contrive, invent, scheme, concoct, excogitate; bequeath.

devoted person. devotee, zealot.

devotion, n. consecration, dedication; zeal, allegiance, attachment,
love; worship, adoration; religion, holiness, devoutness; fetishism,

devotional, a. reverential, devout.

devour, v. consume.

devout, a. pious, reverent, devotional, godly, holy, religious.
Antonyms: irreverent, irreligious, impious, unholy.

dexterity, n. expertness, skill, adroitness, aptitude, readiness.

dexterous, a. expert, adroit, skillful.

dialing, n. gnomonics.

dialogue, n. colloquy, duologue, interlocutory, interlocution,
collocution. Associated Words: interlocutor, interlocutory, collocutor.

diarrhea, n. flux; lientery; (of cattle) scour.

diatribe, n. philippic, tirade, invective, screed.

dice, n. die, cube. Associated Word: cleromancy.

dicker, v. trade, barter, negotiate, exchange.--n. barter,
trade, exchange, chaffering.

dictate, n. command, admonition, prescription, impulse.

dictator, n. despot, autocrat.

dictatorial, a. imperious, dogmatical, overbearing.

diction, n. language, phraseology.

dictionary, n. lexicon, vocabulary, wordbook, glossary; gazetteer,
gradus, onomasticon, idioticon, thesaurus. Associated Words:
lexicography, lexicographer, lexicographic.

dido, n. trick, antic, caper, prank.

die, v. expire, perish, decease; wither, fade, vanish, recede, wane,
subside, languish.

die, n. dice; stamp.

differ, v. be unlike; disagree. Antonyms: agree, concur.

difference, n. dissimilarity, unlikeness, distinction, variation,
contrast, discrepancy, discrimination, disparity, diversity,
dissimilitude, incompatibility, inequality, heterogeneity, variety;
dissension, variance. See disagreement. Antonyms: uniformity,
similarity, agreement consonance, correspondence, indiscrimination,
promiscuity, identity.

different, a. dissimilar, unlike, contrary, opposite, contrasted,
variant, diversified, manifold, various, diverse, sundry, incompatible,
heterogeneous, nondescript, miscellaneous unclassifiable, unique.
Antonyms: similar, like, same.

differentiate, v. discriminate.

differentiation, n. discrimination.

difficult, a. arduous, onerous, complicated, intricate, hard;
uncompliant, intractable, perverse, fastidious, exacting. Antonyms:
facile, light, easy.

difficulty, n. obstacle, impediment, obstruction; arduousness,
hardness; controversy, disagreement, objection, cavil; predicament,
quandary, dilemma. Antonyms: ease, facility, extrication, release.

diffidence, n. timidity, bashfulness.

diffident, a. bashful, timid, shy.

diffuse, a. copious, full, verbose, prolix.

dig, v. delve, excavate, scoop; thrust, poke, punch, jab; exhume
(dig up).

dig, n. thrust, punch, poke; grind (student).

digest, v. codify, systematize, methodize, classify.

digest, n. pandect, summary, code, system, abridgment.

digestion, n. eupepsia. Antonyms: indigestion, dyspepsia.
Associated Words: peptics, pepsin, peptic, pepticity, chyme, chyle,
digestible, digestibility, indigestible, indigestibility.

digging, n. excavation; exhumation (digging up). Associated
words: fossorial, fodient.

diggings, n. pl. (Slang) region, locality.

dignified, a. stately, majestic, august, imposing, decorous.
Antonyms: See undignified.

dignify, v. exalt, grace, ennoble, honor, elevate.

dignity, n. exaltation, eminence; stateliness; honor, preferment.

digress, v. deviate, depart, wander, turn aside.

digression, n. deviation, divergence; episode, incident.

dike, n. levee, embankment.

dike warden. dikereeve.

dilapidated, a. ramshackle, dismantled.

dilate, v. expand, distend; expatiate.

dilation, n. expansion, dilatation, distention; expatiation.

dilemma, n. predicament, quandary, difficulty, strait, pickle.
Antonyms: extrication, release.

diligence, n. assiduity, sedulousness, sedulity, perseverance,
stagecoach (France).

diligent, a. sedulous, industrious, assiduous, persevering.
Antonyms: See lazy.

dillydally, v. dawdle, dally, fritter, trifle, loiter.

dillydallying, n. dawdling, loitering, trifling, dalliance.

dilute, v. attenuate, thin, weaken, reduce.

diluter, n. diluent, attenuant.

dilution, n. attenuation, thinning, reduction.

dim, a. obscure, indistinct, faint, sullied, blurred. Antonyms:
bright, vivid, intense, clear.

dim, v. bedim, obscure, darken, dull, eclipse, blur, tarnish.

diminish, v. decrease, reduce, abate, lessen, contract, curtail.

diminution, n. reduction, decrease, abatement, decrement.

dim-sighted, a. purblind, moonblind.

din, n. clamor, noise, racket, uproar, hubbub, clangor, hullabaloo.

dinner, n. Associated Words: prandial, post-prandial, croupier,
ante-prandial, dine, diner.

dinner pail. blickey (Local U.S.).

dint, n. indentation, dent; force, power.

dip, v. plunge, immerse, duck, souse, douse, dive; lade.

direct, a. straight, undeviating; diametrical. Antonyms: indirect,
circuitous, roundabout.

direct, v. point, aim; guide, pilot, lead, steer, regulate, govern,
control, manage, conduct, superintend, instruct; address, superscribe.

direction, n. guidance, government, administration, management,
superintendence, oversight; instruction, order, command; address,

directly, adv. diametrically; immediately.

dirge, n. requiem, coronach, trental, threnody.

dirt, n. earth, soil; squalor, filth, muck, foulness.

dirt-eater, n. geophagist.

dirt-eating, n. geophagism, chthonophagia, pica.

dirty, a. defiled, unclean, foul, nasty, filthy, soiled, begrimed,
grimy, squalid, uncleanly, loathsome, bedraggled, daggletailed, besmeared,
sullied; sordid, groveling, despicable, vile, contemptible, abject.

dirty, V. soil, befoul, begrime, besmirch, sully, tarnish, besmear,

disable, v. incapacitate, disqualify, cripple, maim.

disabled, a. disqualified, crippled, maimed, incapacitated, _hors de

disadvantage, n. inconvenience, detriment, hindrance, drawback,

disadvantageous, a. inconvenient, detrimental, unfavorable,
inexpedient, prejudicial.

disagree, v. be at variance, differ, contend, dissent, contradict,
quarrel, altercate, spar.

disagreeable, a. unpleasant, distasteful, offensive, fulsome,
uncongenial, contrary, incongruous, inconformable, inconsistent.

disagreeing, a. incompatible.

disagreement, n. difference; quarrel, bickering, dispute,
altercation, sparring, squabble, contention, controversy, dissent,

disappear, v. vanish, evanesce, recede, be lost to view.

disappearance, n. vanishing, evanescence.

disappoint, v. dissatisfy, frustrate, balk, foil, baffle, defeat.

disappointment, n. frustration, dissatisfaction, balking, defeat,

disapproval, n. disapprobation, dislike, disfavor.

disaster, n. calamity, mishap, catastrophe, casualty.

disastrous, a. calamitous, deplorable, unfortunate, ill-fated

disband, v. demobilize, disorganize.

disbandment, n. demobilization, disorganization.

discern, v. perceive, discriminate, distinguish. See see.

discernible, a. perceptible, visible, noticeable, discoverable,
apparent, manifest.

discerning, a. acute, sharp-sighted, shrewd.

discernment, n. insight, penetration, judgment, discrimination.

discharge, v. absolve, acquit, exculpate, release, exonerate, free;
dismiss, cashier, remove; excrete, exude, void, eject, emit, expel; pay,
liquidate; fulfill, perform; fire, shoot, volley; annul, rescind,
invalidate, abrogate, cancel. Antonyms: retain, hold.

discharge, n. firing, burst, blast, volley, fusillade, salvo;
acquittance, exoneration, quittance, release; fulfillment, observance,
performance; dismissal; liquidation, payment evacuation, emission,
ejection, exudation, excretion voiding; quietus.

discharged, a. dismissed, acquitted; emeritus.

disciple, n. adherent, follower.

disciplinarian, n. martinet (strict disciplinarian).

discipline, n. correction, chastisement, punishment; submission
regulation; martinetism. Antonyms: laxity, unrestraint, indulgence.

disclaim, v. disown, deny, disavow, renounce, repudiate.

discomfiture, n. disconcertion, abashment, confusion, frustration,

discommode, v. inconvenience, incommode, trouble.

discomposure, n. agitation, perturbation, confusion.

disconnect, v. detach, dissever, disjoin, separate.

disconnected, a. detached, separate, isolated, incoherent.

disconnection, n. detachment, disunion, separation, incoherence.

disconsolate, a. inconsolable, broken-hearted.

discontent, n. dissatisfaction, discontentment. Antonyms:
contentment, satisfaction.

discontented, a. dissatisfied, restless, malcontent, disgruntled

discord, n. dissonance, discordance, inharmony, variance, dissension.
Antonyms: harmony, agreement, consonance

discordant, a. inharmonious, dissonant, jarring, unmelodious
strident; at variance, contradictory, repugnant absonant.

discount, n. deduction, allowance, rebate.

discourage, v. dishearten, dispirit, depress, deter, dampen, unnerve,
oppose, dissuade.

discouragement, n. depression, dejection; opposition, dissuasion,
intimidation, determent, damper, obstacle, difficulty, barrier.

discouraging, a. depressing, disheartening, dissuasive.

discourse, n. dissertation, address, disquisition, oration, harangue,

discourteous, a. uncivil, rude, disrespectful, abrupt, unmannerly,
boorish, inurbane.

discourtesy, n. rudeness, incivility, inurbanity, impoliteness.

discover, v. ascertain, detect, unearth, descry, discern, disclose,
ferret out.

discovery, n. ascertainment, detection, unearthing, disclosure.

discredit, n. disesteem, disrepute, unpopularity.

discreet, a. prudent, circumspect, wary, judicious.

discretion, n. prudence, circumspection, wariness; choice, liberty,
will. Antonyms: indiscretion, imprudence, compulsion, constraint,

discretional, a. optional, discretionary, elective. Antonyms:
compulsory, obligatory.

discriminating, a. distinguishing, differential, discriminative.

discrimination, n. difference, distinction, discernment, judgment.
Antonyms: indiscrimination, promiscuity, undiscernment.

discuss, v. debate, argue, canvass, agitate, moot, deliberate.

discussion, n. debate, argument, canvass, agitation, consideration,
symposium, forensic.

disdain, n. scorn, contumely, superciliousness, contempt.

disdainful, a. contemptuous, scornful, contumelious, supercilious.

disease, n. ailment, disorder, malady, complaint, affection,
distemper; plague, pestilence, pest; epidemic, endemic. Antonyms:
health, vigor. Associated Words: nosology, nosography, etiology,
nosogeny, pathology, pathologist, pathological, pathogeny, therapeutics,
symptomatology, diagnosis, pathognomonic, diagnostics, semeiology,
semeiography, clinic, polyclinic, prognosis, contagion, infection,
contagious, infectious, zoonosology, enantiopathy, loimography, loimology,
quarantine, pathogene, germ, microbe, bacteria, bacillus, incubation.

diseased, a. morbid, unhealthful.

disembowel, v. eviscerate, gut.

disembowelment, n. evisceration.

disengage, v. extricate, disembarrass, disentangle, detach,

disfavor, n. disapproval.

disfigure, v. deface, mar, blemish.

disfigurement, n. disfiguration, defacement; blemish, deformity.

disgrace, n. reproach, discredit, dishonor, shame, infamy,
degradation, disrepute, ignominy, obloquy, odium, opprobrium, scandal,
debasement, abasement.

disgrace, v. dishonor, humiliate, shame, degrade, debase, abase,
discredit, tarnish, sully.

disgraceful, a. ignominious, shameful, dishonorable, discreditable,
opprobrious, scandalous, disreputable, infamous.

disgruntled, a. (Colloq.) dissatisfied, displeased.

disguise, v. mask, dissemble, dissimulate, cloak, shroud, masquerade.

disguise, n. mask, blind, cloak, masquerade.

disguised, a. veiled, masked, incognito.

disgust, n. aversion, abhorrence, repulsion, repugnance.

disgust, v. revolt, offend, nauseate.

disgusting, a. fulsome, revolting, loathsome, repulsive, noisome,
mawkish, nauseating, sickening, abhorrent, repugnant.

dish, n. vessel, utensil, receptacle.

dished, a. ruined, spoiled, undone; baffled, upset, disappointed

disheveled, a. disarranged, disorderly, uncombed, frowzy.

dishonest, a. unscrupulous, corruptible, deceitful, fraudulent.

dishonesty, n. improbity, unscrupulousness, fraudulence, cheating,

dishonor, n. disrepute, discredit, disgrace.

dishonorable, a. discreditable, disgraceful; unscrupulous,

disillusionize, v. disenchant, decharm, disabuse.

disinterested, a. impartial, unbiased, indifferent, neutral,
magnanimous, unselfish.

disjoint, v. dislocate, luxate, disarticulate.

disjointed, a. incoherent, rambling, desultory, loose, disconnected.

dislike, v. disapprove, disrelish, hate.

dislike, n. aversion, antipathy, disrelish, disapproval, hatred,

dislocate, v. disjoint, luxate.

dislocation, n. luxation, disjointing.

disloyal, a. perfidious, unfaithful, false, treacherous, treasonable,
traitorous, apostate.

disloyalty, n. perfidy, unfaithfulness, treachery, treason, apostasy,
faithlessness, inconstancy.

dismal, a. dreary, gloomy, cheerless, joyless, sombre.

dismantle, v. raze, demolish.

dismay, n. consternation.

dismember, v. mutilate, dislimb.

dismemberment, n. mutilation.

dismiss, v. discharge, cashier; banish.

dismissal, n. discharge, dismission, removal.

disobedience, n. contumacy, dereliction, undutifulness, defiance,
insubmission, noncompliance, indocility, insubordination.

disobedient, a. contumacious, insubmissive, undutiful, defiant,
remiss, derelict, indocile, insubordinate, refractory.

disobey, v. transgress, violate, disregard, defy, infringe.

disorder, n. confusion, disarray, disarrangement, disorganization,
jumble, chaos, litter, irregularity, disturbance, tumult, riot, turmoil,
Bedlam, fracas, pandemonium.

disorder, v. disarrange, confuse, jumble, disorganize, tousle,
derange, discompose.

disordered, a. deranged, confused, jumbled, littered, disarranged.

disorderly, a. immethodical, unsystematic, confused; riotous,
chaotic, lawless, tumultuous.

disorganization, n. disorder, derangement, demobilization

disorganize, v. dissolve, disband, disorder, demobilize, disarrange.

disown, v. repudiate, deny, disclaim, disavow, renounce, reject.

disowning, n. denial, disclaimer, disavowal, repudiation,
renunciation, rejection.

disparage, v. belittle, decry, depreciate. Antonyms: laud, extol,
commend, praise.

disparagement, n. detraction, derogation, decrial, defamation,
dispraise, vilification.

disparaging, a. derogatory, unfavorable, detractory, defamatory.

dispatch, n. haste, speed, celerity, expedition; message, telegram.

dispense, v. deal out, apportion, distribute; administer, execute.

disperse, v. dissipate, dispel, scatter.

displace, v. remove, disarrange; supplant, supersede.

display, n. exhibition, parade, ostentation, show.

display, v. exhibit, evince, expose, parade, flourish.

displease, v. offend, anger.

displeasure, n. disapprobation, dudgeon, dislike, disapproval,
resentment, vexation, umbrage, dissatisfaction.

disposed, a. inclined, minded, willing. Antonyms: See

disposition, n. temperament, mood, nature; willingness, readiness,
inclination; arrangement, disposal; propensity, inclination, proneness,
proclivity, bias, bent. Antonyms: indisposition, unwillingness,

dispossess, v. dislodge, oust, eject, evict, dispropriate, disseize,
remove, depose.

dispossession, n. dislodgment, ejection, eviction, ousting,
divestiture, disseizin, ouster.

disproof, n. confutation, refutation.

disprove, v. confute, refute.

disputable, a. controvertible. Antonyms: indisputable,

disputant, n. controversialist, controvertist, dissenter, disputer,

disputatious, a. contentious, polemical, argumentative, quarrelsome.

dispute, v. contend, argue, gainsay, controvert, altercate, wrangle,
impugn, bicker, squabble, spar.

dispute, n. disputation, controversy, argument, debate, logomachy,
squabble, contention, polemic.

disregard, n. indifference, ignoration, slight, neglect, disesteem,
inattention, oversight.

disregard, v. ignore, slight, contemn, overlook, disobey.

disrepute, n. disesteem, unpopularity, disgrace, odium.

disrespect, n. discourtesy, incivility, disesteem, rudeness,
irreverence, insolence.

disrespectful, a. discourteous, uncivil, rude, irreverent, impious,
insolent, saucy.

dissatisfaction, n. discontent, discontentment, disapproval,

dissatisfied, a. discontented, displeased, restless, malcontent,
impatient, disgruntled.

dissection, n. anatomy; analysis, examination; vivisection,
callisection, sentisection.

dissector, n. anatomist, prosector.

dissent, n. dissension, disagreement, variance; nonconformity,

dissenter, n. nonconformist, sectary, dissident, separatist,
schismatic, recusant.

dissertation, n. discourse, disquisition.

dissimilar, a. See different.

dissipated, a. profligate, dissolute, licentious, fast.

dissipation, n. dispersion, scattering; profligacy, dissoluteness.

dissolute, a. debauched, dissipated, licentious, abandoned.

dissolution, n. dissolving, analysis; solution, liquefaction;
decomposition, resolution.

dissolvable, a. dissoluble, soluble, fusible. Antonyms:
indissoluble, indissolvable.

dissolve, v. melt, liquefy, macerate, fuse, deliquesce; disorganize,
disband, disperse; sunder, disunite.

dissolvent, n. menstruum, solvent.

dissuade, v. deter, divert.

dissuasion, n. dehortation.

distance, n. interval, intervening space; remoteness; reserve,
aloofness, ceremoniousness, unfriendliness, alienation. Associated
words: longimetry, longitude, latitude, odometer, odograph, perambulator.

distance, v. outstrip, outdo, surpass.

distant, a. remote, far-off; uncordial, reserved, cold. Antonyms:
See near.

distaste, n. aversion, dislike, disrelish. Antonyms: taste, liking,

distasteful, a. unpleasant offensive, repugnant, unpalatable,
unsavory, disagreeable.

distill, v. trickle, drop, drip; rectify.

distillation, n. trickling; rectification, vaporization.

distinction, n. discrimination; eminence, celebrity, renown, fame,
repute, prominence. Antonyms: indistinction, indiscrimination
promiscuity, obscurity.

distinctive, a. discriminative, distinguishing, characteristic.

distinguish, v. characterize; discriminate, differentiate, discern,

distinguished, a. marked, special; eminent, illustrious, famous,
celebrated, renowned, noted; transcendent, extraordinary, supreme,
consummate, conspicuous. Antonyms: undistinguished, obscure,
commonplace, inconspicuous, humble.

distinguishing, a. distinctive, peculiar, discriminative,

distort, v. deform, twist; pervert, misinterpret, falsify,

distortion, n. deformity; perversion, crookedness; falsification.

distracted, a. frantic, frenzied, raving, crazy. Antonyms: See

distraction, n. diversion, amusement; confusion, mystification,
bewilderment; tumult, commotion, hurly-burly; despair, frenzy.

distress, n. anguish, agony, torture, sorrow, grief; misery,
affliction, adversity, disaster, calamity, misfortune; straits, poverty,
destitution, indigence.

distress, v. pain, grieve, afflict, wound; distrain.

distressing, a. grievous, distressful, painful, afflictive.

distribute, v. apportion, allot, deal out, dispense; classify,
assort, group.

distribution, n. apportionment, allotment, dispensing, partition,
division, dole; disposition, classification, grouping, arrangement.

district, n. region, precinct, province, circuit, quarter, locality,

distrust, n. doubt, suspicion, mistrust.

distrustful, a. suspicious.

disturb, v. molest, perturb, annoy, disquiet, agitate, incommode,
ruffle, disarrange, derange, unsettle, roust, excite.

disturbance, n. molestation, derangement, disquiet, disorder,
perturbation, inquietude, agitation, uneasiness; commotion, turmoil,
tumult, uproar, riot, clamor. Associated Words: perturbable,
imperturbable, perturbability, imperturbability, imperturbation.

disuse, n. desuetude, insuetude, inusitation, discontinuance,

disused, a. obsolete.

ditch, n. trench, moat, fosse, channel. Associated Words: scarp,
escarp, parapet, graffage, counterscarp.

dive, v. plunge.--n. plunger, header; (Slang) resort.

divergence, n. radiation; disagreement, variance; divarication,

divergent, a. diverging, radiating; variant, different.

divers, a. several, sundry, various, many, numerous.

diverse, a. different, dissimilar, heterogeneous, diversified,

diversified, a. various, variegated, multiform.

diversion, n. turning aside; amusement, sport, recreation,

diversity, n. difference, dissimilarity; variety, multiformity.

diver's apparel. scaphander.

diver's disease. caisson disease.

divide, v. sunder, split, cleave, disunite, part, separate, sever,
dissociate, disconnect, detach, disintegrate, demarcate, dimidiate,
partition; apportion, distribute, allot, assign, parcel out; disaffect,
alienate, estrange, part; share, partake, participate.

divine, a. Godlike; religious, holy; heavenly, angelic, seraphic,

divine, v. foresee, foreknow, surmise, forebode, conjecture,

diving bell. nautilus.

divisible, a. separable, dividable, partible.

division, n. separation, partition, demarcation, dimidiation;
section, segment, part, compartment, portion, canton, category, group;
disunion, alienation, schism, variance, dissension; apportionment,
allotment, distribution

dizziness, n. vertigo.

dizzy, a. vertiginous, giddy.

do, v. effect, accomplish, produce, achieve, consummate, execute,
perform; transact; perpetrate, commit; translate, render; suffice, answer;
fare, prosper; vouchsafe, grant; (Colloq.) cheat, overreach, swindle,
defraud. Antonyms: shirk, evade.

do-all, n. factotum.

do away with. abolish.

docile, a. tractable, teachable, gentle, yielding, obedient,
submissive. Antonyms: See indocile.

docility, n. tractableness, submissiveness. Antonym: indocility.

dock, v. curtail; deduct from, lessen.

dock, n. wharf, pier, jetty.

dock hand. stevedore.

doctor, n. physician, medical practitioner, leech; homeopath;
allopath; interne; externe; savant; (ignorant) quack, empiric.

doctor, v. repair, treat; (Slang) tamper with, falsify, adulterate.

doctrine, n. tenet, dogma, belief, principle, teaching.

doddering, a. shaking, trembling, infirm.

dodge, v. duck, evade, parry; prevaricate, equivocate, shift, evade,
quibble, parry.

dodge, n. (Colloq.) prevarication, trick, artifice, subterfuge,
stratagem, evasion, parry, device.

dodger, n. prevaricator; handbill, circular.

dog, n. canine; (young) pup, puppy, whelp; (female) bitch, slut;
cur, whippet, tike, fice, mongrel. Associated Words: canine, _Canis_,
cyniatrics, rabies, hydrophobia, cynanthropy, cynegetics, cynic,
cynophobia, cynoid, cynopodous, cynocephalous, cynocephalus, cynocephalic,
learn, leash, dog-fancier.

dog, v. follow, worry, hound.

dog days. canicular days.

dogged, a. stubborn, obstinate, mulish, headstrong, persistent.

doggish, a. surly, sullen, churlish, cynical, morose.

dog house. kennel.

dogma, n. doctrine, tenet.

dogmatic, a. positive, magisterial, dictatorial, imperious,
domineering, overbearing; authoritative, categorical.

dog-star, n. Sinus, Canicula, Cards Majoris.

doings, n. pl. actions, proceedings, deeds, acts, performances,

dole, n. pittance, alms; distribution, apportionment, share, portion;
grief, sorrow.

doleful, a. sorrowful, dolorous, plaintive, piteous, lugubrious,

domain, n. dominion, sovereignty; realm, territory; province,

dome, n. cupola.

domestic, a. home, household, family; intestine; domesticated, tame;
fond of home.

dominant, a. predominant, prevailing, predominating, paramount.

dominate, v. predominate, sway, rule, govern, control, surmount,

domination, n. government, dominion, supremacy, rule, authority,

domineer, v. tyrannize, lord it; swagger, vapor, bluster.

domineering, a. tyrannical, dictatorial, overbearing, lordly,
imperious. Antonyms: meek, apologetic, retiring.

dominion, n. sovereignty, sway, supremacy; realm, empire, kingdom,

do more than duty requires. supererogate.

donation, n. gift, present, benefaction.

done for. (Colloq.) tired out, used up, spent, collapsed,

done up. (Colloq.) wrapped up; worn out, exhausted.

donkey, n. ass, burro, Neddy. Associated Words: bray, asinine,

do-nothing, a. inactive, idle, lazy, fabian, slothful.

doodlesack, n. bagpipe.

doom, n. judicial sentence, judgment; destiny, death.

door, n. entrance, portal, gate; postern; porch, portico. Associated
words: lintel, jamb, sill, threshold, stile, panel, rail, mullion,
porte-cochère, reveal, rabbet, casing.

doorkeeper, n. porter, _concierge_, ostiary; tyler.

doorsill, n. threshold.

dormancy, n. abeyance, quiescence, inactivity, torpor, lethargy,

dormant, a. quiescent, latent, inert, inactive, abeyant, torpid.

dose, n. draught, dram, potion. Associated Word: posology.

dot, n. period, point; dowry; speck.

dotage, n. senility, anility, decrepitude; fondness, affection
(excessive or weak).

double, a. twofold, duplex, bifold, binate; equivocal, Janus-faced,
deceitful, insincere, perfidious.

double, v. duplicate; fold, plait, pleat.

double, n. duplicate, counterpart; duplication, plait, doubling;
circuit, maneuver, shift, artifice, stratagem, ruse.

double-dealing, n. duplicity, dissimulation, trickery, Machiavelism.

double-faced, a. Janus-faced, deceitful, perfidious.

double-headed, a. bicipital, bicipitous.

double-hearted, a. perfidious, deceitful, treacherous, insincere.

double-minded, a. irresolute, vacillating, unsettled, undetermined.

doubling, n. duplication, reduplication; fold, plait, plication,

doubt, v. waver, hesitate, question, be undecided, query; distrust,
suspect. Antonyms: believe, trust, rely upon.

doubt, n. indecision, uncertainty, vacillation, irresolution,
misgiving, query, suspense, hesitancy, distrust, suspicion, quandary,
perplexity; skepticism, incredulity, pyrrhonism; ambiguity, difficulty.
Antonyms: conviction, credulity, confidence, decision, assurance,
belief, certainty.

doubtful, a. unsettled, undetermined, dubious, wavering, precarious,
undecided, irresolute; questionable, involved; ambiguous, enigmatical,
problematical, equivocal, vague, indefinite. Antonyms: certain,
implicit, sure, unquestionable, unwavering.

doubting, a. incredulous, suspicious, skeptical.

doughfaced, a. pliable, weak, irresolute.

doughty, a. redoubtable, valiant, bold, fearless.

dour, a. hard, obstinate, sour.

douse, v. duck, immerse, dip, plunge, souse, submerge.

dove, n. pigeon. Associated Word: coo.

dovecote, n. columbary, pigeonry, pigeon house.

dovelike, a. columbine.

dowdy, a. vulgar-looking, slovenly, untidy, slatternly, frowzy.
Antonyms: See neat.

do without. dispense with.

down, adv. downward, below.

down, v. overthrow, subdue, floor, prostrate.

down, a. descending, sloping, downward.

down, n. pubescence; pl. (Colloq.) depression, abasement.

downcast, a. despondent, dejected, discouraged, gloomy, dispirited.

downcome, n. downfall.

downfall, n. downcome, descent, reverse, abasement, humiliation.

down grade. descent, declivity.

downhearted, a. dejected, despondent, discouraged.

downhill, n. descent, declivity, slope.--a. declivous,
descending, sloping.

downright, a. blunt, direct, unceremonious, positive, undisguised,
absolute, unmixed, straightforward.

downy, a. pubescent, flocculent.

draft, n. drawing, draught; bill of exchange; delineation, sketch,
current of air; conscript, conscription. Associated Word: conscript
(one drafted).

drag, v. haul, trail, tug, pull; break, harrow.

drag, n. dragging; dragnet; harrow; skid; clog, impediment, obstacle.

drain, n. channel, gutter, trench, ditch, sewer.

drain, v. empty, exhaust, deplete; filter.

draw, v. haul, drag, tug, tow; attract; entice, allure, lure, induce,
tempt; extract, educe; unsheathe; deduce, infer, conclude, derive;
disembowel, eviscerate; delineate, draught, sketch, depict, trace, limn;
influence, win, induce; contract, shrink. Antonyms: repel, repulse,
rebuff, reject, alienate.

drawback, n. disadvantage, hindrance, defect, imperfection; rebate,
deduction, discount.

draw back. retract; shrink, flinch, recoil, withdraw, wince.

drawer, n. till (money drawer), tiller.

drawing, n. traction, hauling, pulling; graphics, diagraphics,
delineation; sketch, draught, diagram, picture, limning, representation.

drawing back. retraction; shrinking, flinching, recoiling,
withdrawal, wincing.

drawing off. withdrawal, abstraction.

drawing out. extension, protraction, stretching; eduction,

draw off. withdraw, abstract.

draw out. stretch, extend, protract; elicit, educe, extract.

draw up. compose, draught, write; array, arrange.

dread, n. apprehension, fear, awe (reverential fear).

dread, v. fear, apprehend.

dreadful, a. fearful, terrible, formidable, awful, dread, dire,
direful, frightful.

dream, n. vision; illusion, vagary, wild conceit, revery, fancy,
fantasy. Antonyms: fact, actuality, reality, substance, realization.
Associated Words: Morpheus, Morphean, oneiroscopy, oneiroscopist,
oneirocritic, oneiromancy, oneirology, oneirocriticism, nightmare.

dreamer, n. visionary, enthusiast, castle-builder, John-a-dreams.

dreamy, a. visionary, unreal, illusory. Antonyms: practical, real.

dreary, a. dismal, drear, cheerless, lonesome, wearisome, dull.

dregs, n. pl. refuse, sediment, lees, draff; riffraff.

dress, n. gown, toilette, robe; raiment, clothes, clothing, garments,
habiliments, attire, garb, apparel, habit, array, costume, togs, toggery.
Antonyms: See undress.

dress, v. clothe, deck, drape, apparel, robe, array, attire; adjust,
align; curry, smooth, plane, finish; (Colloq.) castigate, chastise,
whip. Antonyms: undress, disrobe, divest, strip, expose.

dress gaudily. bedizen, prank.

dressing, n. forcemeat, stuffing, condiment; (Colloq.) castigation,
scolding, whipping, flogging, chastisement.

dressmaker, n. modiste, mantuamaker.

dribble, v. drip, trickle.

dribble, n. (Colloq.) trickling.

drier, n. desiccator, desiccant, desiccative, exsiccant, exsiccator.

drift, n. course, direction, bearing, tendency, aim, intention
intent, design, import, meaning; accumulation, heap, bank, pile, diluvium.

drill, v. perforate, pierce, bore; train, discipline, exercise.

drink, v. quaff, sip, sup, imbibe, slake one's thirst; tipple, tope,
guzzle, booze, house, be intemperate; absorb.

drink, n. beverage, potation, potable; draught, dram, potation,

drinkable, a. potable, potulent. Antonym: undrinkable

drinking, n. potation; tippling, bibacity, drunkenness, carousal,
guzzling, intemperance. Antonyms: temperance nephalism, abstinence,
teetotalism. Associated Words: bibacious, bibulous, bibitory,
dipsomania, alcoholism thirst, nectar, hobnob, bacchanalian, inebriant,
potatory, œnomania, symposium, crapulence, supernaculum convivial,
conviviality, tankard, beaker, cup, stein, canteen.

drinking-bout, n. orgies, compotation, bacchanals, carousal revel,
revelry, wassail, saturnalia, debauch, spree, excess, carouse,

drip, v. drop, trickle, dribble.

dripping, n. trickling, dribbling.

dripping from the eaves. stillicide.

drive, v. impel, force, compel, press; propel, send; rush, press;
conduct, carry on.

drive at. aim, intend, purpose.

drive away. dispel, disperse, scatter, dissipate.

drive back. repulse, repel, rebuff.

drivel, n. driveling; nonsense, twaddle.

drivel, v. drool.

driveler, n. drooler; imbecile, fool, idiot.

driver, n. coachman, jehu, charioteer, whip.

driving, a. violent, forcible; impelling, impellent, propulsive,

driving, n. guiding by reins; impulsion, propulsion, compulsion,

driving back. repulse, rebuff, repulsion, repercussion, repellence,

driving out. expulsion.--a. expulsive.

drizzle, n. mizzle, misle, mist.--v. mizzle, misle.

droll, n. jester, buffoon, merry-andrew, zany, harlequin; comedy,
farce, burlesque.

droll, a. ludicrous, laughable, comical, facetious, funny.

drollery, n. waggery, buffoonery, pleasantry, facetiousness.

drone, n. sluggard, idler, lounger.

drool, v. drivel, slaver, slabber.

drooler, n. driveler, slaverer, slabberer.

droop, v. languish, faint, grow faint, sink; bend, drop, hang;
slouch; fade, wilt, wither.

drop, n. globule, minim, blob; pendant; descent, fall.

drop, v. distill, dribble, trickle, drip; fall; let fall, release,
banish, dismiss, discontinue, discard, intermit, remit, relinquish; lower,
sink, depress; variegate, bedrop, speckle, fleck.

drop by drop. _guttatim_, _guttat_, stillatitious.

droplight, n. pendant.

dropping, n. distillation, trickling, dribbling, falling; stillicide.

droppings, n. pl. excrement, dung.

drop serene. amaurosis, _gutta serena_.

drop-shaped, a. globular, guttiform, stilliform.

dross, n. refuse, scum, recrement, draff, dregs, scobs, waste,

drought, n. aridity, dryness; scarcity, dearth.

drought plant. xerophyte. Associated Words: xerophilous,

drove, n. herd, flock; crowd, company.

drown, v. overwhelm, submerge, flood, inundate, deluge.

drowning, n. demersion, submersion, inundation; noyade.

drowsiness, n. sleepiness, oscitancy.

drowsy, a. sleepy, dozy, oscitant.

drudge, n. menial, hack, slave, scullion, fag.

drug, v. deaden, dull, stupefy; surfeit; hocus.

drug, n. Associated Words: pharmacology, pharmacologist, pharmacy,
pharmacognosis, pharmaceutics, pharmacodynamics, pharmacopœoea,
pharmacography, spatula, mortar, pestle, cribration, pharmacopolist,

druggist, n. pharmacist, apothecary, pharmaceutist.

drum, n. snare-drum; base-drum; kettle-drum; tabor, taborine.
Associated Words: reveille, rappel, chamade, ruff, tattoo, ruffle, roll,
rataplan, drummer, drumhead, drumstick.

drum, v. thrum, strum.

drumstick, n. tibiotarsus.

drunk, a. intoxicated, drunken, inebriated, tipsy, boozy, besotted.
Antonyms: sober, unintoxicated.

drunk, n. (Slang) spree, drunkenness.

drunkard, n. inebriate, toper, sot, tippler, carouser, dipsomaniac,
wine-bibber, bacchanal, bacchanalian, debauchee. Antonyms: abstainer,
ascetic, nephalist, teetotaler.

drunken, a. intoxicated, drunk; sottish, maudlin, fuddled, mellow,
groggy, disguised.

drunkenness, n. intoxication, inebriety, inebriation, ebriety,
ebriosity, debauch; excitement, frenzy, inflammation. Antonyms:
sobriety, temperance, abstinence.

dry, a. desiccated, exsiccated, dried, evaporated; arid, parched;
anhydrous; droughty; barren, uninteresting, jejune, vapid, tedious,
prosaic, tame; sharp, keen, quaint, shrewd, droll.

dry, v. evaporate, desiccate, exsiccate, arefy, insolate (dry in the
sun), torrefy; infumate (dry in smoke).

dry goods. textile fabrics. Associated Word: mercer.

drying, n. desiccation, exsiccation, evaporation, torrefaction,
arefaction. Associated Words: desiccator, exsiccator, desiccative,
evaporator, kiln.

drying, a. desiccative, exsiccative, desiccatory, desiccant,
exsiccant, evaporative.

dryness, n. aridity, drought, desiccation, exsiccation.

dubious, a. undetermined, undecided, doubtful; equivocal,
questionable, vague.

duck, v. souse, dip, plunge, immerse; dive; dodge, cringe.

duck, n. drake (male); teal; pl. Anatidæ, Anseres. Associated
words: anatine, anserine, anatiferous, quack.

ducking-stool, n. castigatory, trebucket, cucking-stool, tumbrel.

duct, n. tube, canal, pipe, channel, conduit.

dude, n. dandy, fop, coxcomb, swell, popinjay, exquisite. Antonyms:
sloven, guy.

dudgeon, n. resentment, anger, displeasure.

dudish, a. foppish, dandified, coxcombical. Antonyms: slovenly,
seedy, unkempt.

duds, n. pl. (Colloq.) frippery (old clothes); clothes, effects,

due, a. payable, unpaid; appropriate, becoming, proper; regular,
appointed; owing, ascribable.

due, n. debt; duty, right.

duel, n. monomachia, monomachy.

duelist, n. monomachist.

dugout, n. excavation.

dull, a. unintelligent, obtuse, stolid, loggerheaded, inapt, doltish,
beetle-headed, blockish, sluggish; apathetic, unfeeling, insensate,
callous; blunt, obtuse, dulled, pointless; dim, faint; tedious,
uninteresting, prosaic, stupid, wearisome, jejune, depressing; lifeless,
torpid, slow, inactive; matte, lusterless, lackluster.

dull, v. blunt, rebate, benumb, obtund, stupefy, deaden, hebetate;
sully, tarnish, obscure, dim, bedim; depress, sadden, dishearten; assuage,
alleviate, moderate, allay.

dumb, a. mute, speechless; pantomimic.

dumbness, n. muteness, obmutescence, speechlessness.

dumb show. pantomime.

dumfound, v. astound, amaze, astonish, confound.

dumpish, a. dull, moody, moping, dejected, gloomy, despondent.

dumps, n. pl. melancholy, depression, despondency.

dunce, n. dullard, dolt, numskull, witling, blockhead, coot,
lackbrain, ninny, oaf, nincompoop, mooncalf, ignoramus, booby, simpleton.

duncical, a. doltish, witless.

dung, n. ordure, excrement, fæces, dejections, lesses, muck; puer,
fumet, fiants, treddle, spraints, coprolite (petrified), mute, guano,
ornithocopros. Associated Words: coprophagy, coprophagous, Augean,
dungmeer, excrementitious, sterconst, sterconcolous, stercoraceous,

dupe, n. gull, cully, gudgeon, dotterel, victim.

duplicate, a. double, twofold, duplex.--n. facsimile,
counterpart. See copy. Antonyms: original, archetype prototype,
model, pattern.

dusk, n. twilight, evening, nightfall.

dust, n. powder; detritus; stive (in flour mills). Associated
words: pulverizable, pulverable, pulverulence, pulverize, pulverization.

dust storm. simoon; (in India) shaitan, devil, peesash; dust whirl.

dusty, a. powdery, pulverulent, pulverous, pulverized.

dutiful, a. obedient, duteous, submissive, deferential, docile.

duty, n. responsibility, incumbency, accountability; service,
business, work, function, office; tax, impost, toll, excise, custom.
Associated Words: ethics, deontology, casuistry, ethology, morals,
ethicist, ethically, supererogate, supererogation.

dwarf, n. pygmy, gnome, manikin, dandiprat, Lilliputian, elf, midget,
runt, Tom Thumb, pigwidgeon, homunculus, hop-o-my-thumb.

dwarf, v. stunt, atrophy.

dwarfish, a. diminutive, undersized, Lilliputian, pygmy, pygmean,
runty, stunted, undeveloped, tiny, atrophied.

dweller, n. denizen, resident, sojourner, inhabitant, habitant.

dwelling, n. residence, domicile, house, abode.

dwindle, v. decrease, diminish, shrink.

dwindling, n. decrease, diminution, shrinkage.

dye, v. color, stain, tinge, imbue.

dying, a. moribund; expiring, last; mortal, perishable.


Eager, a. ardent, avid, zealous, impetuous, vehement, intent,
animated, impatient, fervent, athirst, impassioned ravenous, anxious,
glowing, keen. Antonyms: indifferent, apathetic, dispassionate,
phlegmatic, unconcerned unmoved, stolid.

eagerness, n. impatience, avidity, fervor, zeal, intensity,
empressement, impetuosity, vehemence, heartiness, intentness ardor,

eagle, n. Aquila, bird of Jove; eaglet (young eagle). Associated
words: aquiline, eyry, aerie.

ear, n. (of grain) spike.

ear, n. (external) auricle, pinna, concha; (inner) labyrinth.
Associated Words: otology, otologist, aurist (ear doctor), auricular,
otography, otopathy, aural, auditory, otiatrics, lappet, otoplasty,
tympanitis, otorrhea, auricled, alveary, otolith, lobe, otic, binaural,
malleus, stapes, incus.

earache, n. otalgia, otalgy. Associated Word: otalgic.

eardrum, n. tympanum.

earlier, a. antecedent.

early, a. seasonable, timely, forehanded; premature.

earnest, a. unfeigned, ardent, sincere, fervent, impassioned,
zealous, intent.

earnest, n. sincerity, seriousness, good faith; pledge, handsel,
token, foretaste. Antonym: jest.

earnestness, n. ardor, sincerity, fervency, seriousness, intentness,

earpick, n. auriscalp.

earring, n. eardrop, pendant; girandole.

ear-shaped, a. auriform.

earth, n. world, terra firma, globe; land, soil, ground. See

earthborn, a. terrigenous, human; groveling, abject, base.

earthenware, n. crockery, pottery, stoneware, porcelain, Delftware.

earthling, n. mortal, tellurian, tellurist.

earthly, a. worldly, carnal, groveling, sordid; terrestrial, terrine;
temporal; possible, conceivable.

earthly-minded, a. worldly-minded, sensual, groveling, unspiritual.

earthquake, n. earthshock, earth tremor. Associated Words:
seismology, seismic, seismography, seismometry, seismal, seismometer,
seismograph, seismogram, seismoscope, microseism, microseismic,
meizoseismal, coscismal, anaseismic, isoseismic.

earthwork, n. fortification, embankment.

earthworm, n. angleworm, dewworm, lumbric, _lumbricus_.

earthy, a. terrestrial, terrene, earthly; gross, carnal, groveling,

ear-trumpet, n. sonifer, otophone, auricle.

earwax, n. cerumen.

ease, n. facility, easiness; repose, quiescence, comfort,
tranquillity, contentment, peace, serenity; unrestraint, informality,
abandon. Antonyms: constraint, difficulty, discomfort, uneasiness,

ease, v. facilitate, mitigate, appease, assuage, allay, soothe,
alleviate, palliate, release, relax, mollify.

easiness, n. ease, facility.

east, a. Associated Words: orientate, orientation, Orient,
Orientalism, Orientalist, orientalize, orientality.

eastern, a. oriental, orient, ortive.

easy, a. facile, slight; comfortable, untroubled, quiet, tranquil;
gullible, facile, credulous, submissive, compliant, tractable; affluent,
independent; smooth, fluent, unconstrained.

easy-going, a. mild-tempered, ease-loving, unenterprising, inactive,

eat, v. feed, devour; bolt, gulp, gorge. Antonyms: abstain, fast,
diet, starve, famish.

eat, v. consume, corrode, erode, fret.

eatable, a. edible, comestible, esculent. Antonym: inedible.

eaten away. eroded, erose, fretted.

eating, n. feeding, repast; (excess in eating) gluttony,
gormandism, bolting, gulping, superalimentation; browsing. Associated
words: aristology, gastronomy, gastronome, gastronomer, epicure,
epicurism, diet, dietetics, dietary, commensal, dietarian, gastronomic,
gourmet, gormand, cormorant, glutton, omnivorous, appetite, hunger,
hungry, gustatory, pantophagist, pantophagous, pantophagy.

eating, n. corrosion, erosion, fretting, canker.

eating-house, n. restaurant, café, chophouse, buffet.

eating-room, n. dining-room, refectory.

eating together. commensalism.

ebb, n. reflux, refluence; decline, wane, deterioration,

ebb, v. recede, return, retire; decline, wane, deteriorate, decay.

ebbing, a. receding, refluent, falling.

eccentric, a. whimsical, erratic, unconventional, irregular, odd,

eccentricity, n. whimsicality, oddness, unconventionality,
freakishness, irregularity.

echo, n. reverberation. Associated Word: catacoustics.

echo, v. resound, reverberate.

eclipse, n. occultation; obscuration, extinction, concealment,

eclipse, v. obscure, outshine, surpass, outrival, overcast.

economical, a. frugal, saving, thrifty, provident. Antonyms: See

economize, v. save, retrench, husband.

economy, n. thrift, frugality, thriftiness, retrenchment; management,
administration, system.

eczema, n. tetter, milk crust.

eddy, n. vortex, whirlpool.

edge, n. verge, brink, border, margin, rim, extremity; sharpness,
intensity, zest, poignancy, sting; selvage, selvedge, listing; bevel,

edge, v. sharpen, fringe, border, rim; hitch along.

edgy, a. touchy, sharp, irritable, excitable, irascible.

edible, a. eatable, esculent, comestible. Antonym: inedible

edict, n. mandate, decree, proclamation, rescript, manifesto,

educate, v. teach, instruct, school, nurture, edify, enlighten.

educated, a. learned, versed, erudite, scholarly, enlightened,
schooled, literate.

education, n. culture, learning, schooling, tuition, scholarship,
nurture, enlightenment, literacy.

efface, v. expunge, obliterate, erase, eradicate.

effect, n. result, outcome, consequence, issue; validity, force,
weight; execution, performance, realization; meaning, tenor, purport,
intent; ensemble.

effect, v. effectuate, accomplish, realize, achieve, consummate,

effective, a. effectual, efficient, potent, cogent, availing,

effectual, a. efficacious, effective, efficient, availing,
successful. Antonym: ineffectual.

effeminate, a. womanish, unmanly, cockney.--n. cockney.

effervescence, n. ebullition. Antonyms: ineffervescence,

effete, a. exhausted, infecund, unfruitful, wasted, barren.

efficacious, a. potent, effectual, effective, productive. Antonym:

efficacy, n. potency, effectiveness, efficiency, productiveness.
Antonyms: inefficacy, impotency.

efficient, a. competent, capable, proficient, effectual, potent,

effort, n. attempt, endeavor, trial, essay, venture, exertion,
strain, struggle.

egg, n. ovum, germ, cell; spawn. Associated Words: oölogy,
oölogist, ovology, oviferous, yolk, glair, albumen, embryo, oviparous,
oviposit, oviposition, vitellus, fecundate, impregnate, impregnation,
fecundity, clutch, vitelline, oviduct, Ovipara, ovulation, ovulist, tread,
treadle, chalaza, addle, oömeter, oöscope, spawn.

egg, v. urge on, instigate, incite.

egg-shaped, a. oval, ovoid, oviform.

egotism, n. self-conceit, vanity, egoism, self-exaltation.

egotistical, a. conceited, overweening, vain, self-conceited,
self-important, opinionated.

Egyptian dancing girl. alme; ghawazi.

Egyptian peasant. fellah.

Egyptian ruler. Khedive.

eight, n. Associated Words: octonary, octopede, octant, octave,
octavo, octet, octic, octad, octameter.

eight-angled, a. octangular, octagonal.

eightfold, a. octuple.

eight-sided, a. octagonal, octahedral, octangular.

eight-sided figure. octagon.

eight-sided solid. octahedron.

eight tones. Associated Words: diatonic, diatonically.

eight years. octennium. Associated Words: octennial, octennially.

eighty years. Associated Words: octogenarian, octogenary.

eject, v. void, discharge; oust, evict, dislodge.

ejection, n. voiding, discharge; ousting, dispossession.

elastic, a. resilient, springy, extensible, ductile, rebounding,

elasticity, n. resiliency, springiness, extensibility, ductility.
Antonyms: inelasticity, irresilience.

elated, a. elate, exhilarated, overjoyed, jubilant.

electric, a. stimulating, inspiriting, electrifying, magnetic,

elegance, n. beauty, grace, richness, sumptuousness, luxuriousness.

elegant, a. courtly, sumptuous, luxurious, rich.

element, n. constituent, ingredient; pl. rudiments, first

elemental, a. rudimental, elementary, constituent.

elementary, a. rudimental, elemental, constituent, primary; simple,

elephant, n. Associated Words: howdah, pachyderm, kraal, corral,
keddah, ankus, mahout.

elevate, v. lift, raise; promote, advance, aggrandize, exalt;
ennoble, dignify.

elevation, n. promotion, aggrandizement, exaltation, dignity,
advancement; eminence, hill.

eleven years. Associated Words: undecennary, undecennial,

elf, n. sprite, fairy, imp, fay, gnome, urchin.

elfish, n. mischievous, impish, elvish, prankish.

embankment, n. levee, dike; terreplein.

embarrass, v. disconcert, discompose, mortify, abash, chagrin,
nonplus, pose, perplex; impede, obstruct, annoy, involve, harass, hamper,

embarrassing, a. disconcerting, distressing, perplexing, confusing.

embarrassment, n. discomposure, chagrin, abashment, mortification,

embellish, v. decorate, beautify, garnish, bedeck, ornament.

embellishment, n. adornment, decoration, beautification,
ornamentation; ornament, garniture, garnish, trimming.

embezzle, v. peculate, defalcate.

embezzlement, n. peculation, defalcation.

embezzler, n. defalcator, peculator.

embroidery frame. tabouret.

embryo, a. undeveloped, rudimentary.

emery, n. abradant.

emigrant, n. emigrator, immigrant.

emigrate, v. migrate.

emigration, n. migration, exodus; emigrants.

eminent, a. distinguished, renowned, illustrious, famous, celebrated.

emphasis, n. accentuation.

emphasize, v. accentuate.

empire, n. sovereignty, sway, dominion, supremacy; realm, domain,

emptiness, n. vacancy, inanition; hollowness, mockery, inanity;
space, vacuum, void; frivolity, triviality, senselessness.

empty, a. depleted, vacant, inane; unoccupied, void, vacant,
unfilled, tenantless, blank, evacuated; free, devoid of, lacking,
destitute; senseless, hollow, vain, delusive, unsatisfying, inane, unreal;

empty, v. deplete, exhaust, unload, unburden, evacuate; disembogue;

emptying, n. depletion, exhaustion, evacuation, discharge, vacating.

enamel, n. Associated Words: cloisonné, champlevé.

enchant, v. bewitch, charm, enrapture, captivate, enravish,
transport, delight.

enchantment, n. charm, witchery, fascination, glamour, illusion;
sorcery, conjuration, witchcraft, spell. Antonyms: disenchantment,

enchantress, n. siren, inamorata, charmer, sorceress, witch.

encircle, v. environ, encompass, surround, gird, circumscribe,

encounter, n. meeting, collision, rencounter; battle, contest,
conflict, onslaught, attack.

encourage, v. enhearten, reassure, embolden, inspirit, stimulate,
revive, rally, foment, countenance, incite.

encouragement, n. enheartenment, reassurance, incentive, stimulation,
stimulus, incitement, fomentation, patronage, countenance.

encouraging, a. reassuring, inspiriting, cheering, assuring.

encroach, v. trespass, intrude, intrench, infringe, trench, invade.

encroachment, n. trespass, intrusion, intrenchment, infringement,
invasion, inroad.

end, n. termination, terminal, terminus, extremity, limit, bound;
close, _finale_, conclusion, finis, cessation; issue, result, consequence,
sequel, conclusion, peroration; purpose, intention, design, aim, goal,
object, intent; remnant, fragment; extermination, annihilation,
destruction; surcease.

end, v. terminate, conclude, finish, discontinue, cease, close.

endable, a. terminable.

endanger, v. imperil.

ending, n. termination, conclusion.

endless, a. interminable, illimitable, limitless, unlimited,
boundless, infinite; continuous, uninterrupted, continual perpetual,
unending, eternal, everlasting.

endowment, n. dotation, bounty, grant, bequest, talent, faculty,

endurable, a. sufferable, tolerable. Antonyms: unendurable,

endurance, n. permanence, continuance, persistence, abidance,
continuation; sufferance, patience, fortitude, forbearance, resignation,

endure, v. suffer, experience, undergo; stand, brook, tolerate,
submit to, abide; sustain, support, bear; last, abide, continue, remain,
persist. Antonyms: succumb, falter, yield, surrender.

enduring, a. lasting, durable, permanent, imperishable.

enemy, n. foe, adversary, opponent, antagonist, rival, hostile.
Associated Words: hostile, hostility, feud, enmity, inimical,

energetic, a. forcible, potent, vigorous, cogent, active, strenuous,

energizing, a. potent, vitalizing, invigorating, alacrifying.

energy, n. power, potency, force, vigor, zeal, strength

engage, v. pledge, bind, commit; betroth, affiance, plight; engross,
employ, busy, occupy.

engaged, a. occupied, employed, engrossed; affianced, betrothed.

engagement, n. betrothal, affiance, betrothment; contract, pledge,
stipulation, promise; encounter, combat, fight, conflict, action.

engine, n. locomotive, mogul, traction engine.

England, n. Albion (Ancient name). Associated Words:
Anglomaniac, Anglomania, Johnny Bull, Great Britain, anglicize,
anglicization, Anglophobe, Anglophobia.

English, a. British, Anglican.

Englishism, n. Anglicism, Briticism.

English legislature. Parliament.

Englishman, n. Britisher, Briton.

engrave, v. chisel, carve, grave, cut; imprint, infix, impress;

engraving, n. celature, graving, chiseling, carving; print, plate,
stippling, stipple.

enjoyment, n. pleasure, delight, gratification, delectation,
felicity, fruition.

enlarge, v. magnify, amplify, augment, expand, develop, increase,
extend, swell; dilate, descant, launch out, expatiate; ennoble, broaden.

enlargement, n. augmentation, extension, expansion, dilation,
development, growth, increase, amplification, dilatation, ennoblement;

enmity, n. hostility, unfriendliness, opposition, antagonism,
malignity, hatred, animosity, malevolence, rancor, antipathy, feud.

enormity, n. atrocity, heinousness, flagrancy, depravity.

enormous, a. colossal, monstrous, gigantic, mammoth, prodigious,
huge; heinous, atrocious, nefarious, flagrant, flagitious.

enough, n. sufficiency, plenty, abundance, adequacy. Antonyms:
deficiency, inadequacy, surplus.

enough, adv. sufficiently, adequately, fully.

enrich, v. fertilize; embellish, adorn, beautify; endow.

enrichment, n. fertilization; endowment; embellishment, decoration,

enroll, v. enlist, register, matriculate, list, record.

enrollment, n. registration, matriculation, enlistment; register,
record, roster.

enslave, v. enthrall, subjugate, overcome.

enslavement, n. enthrallment, subjugation, subjection, bondage,

entangle, v. interweave, complicate, tangle, enmesh, snarl; insnare,
puzzle, involve.

entanglement, n. complication, intricacy, snarl, tangle,
embarrassment, imbroglio.

enter, v. penetrate, pierce, perforate; embark in, enlist in; insert.

enterprise, n. project, undertaking; activity.

enterprising, a. active, stirring, energetic, venturesome.

entertain, v. divert, amuse, please, junket, beguile, cheer; harbor,
hold, lodge.

entertaining, a. diverting, amusing, interesting.

entertainment, n. diversion, amusement, recreation, pastime, play,
divertissement; banquet, junket, feast, collation.

enthusiasm, n. eagerness, intensity, ardor, fervor, fervency, verve,
empressement, unction. Antonyms: indifference, wariness, caution,
calmness, lukewarmness.

enthusiast, n. zealot, fanatic, devotee, partisan.

enthusiastic, a. eager, zealous, fanatical, fervent, impassioned.

entice, v. seduce, allure, persuade, inveigle, wheedle, tempt.

enticement, n. seduction, allurement, temptation, lure, decoy,

enticing, a. seductive, alluring, tempting.

entire, a. complete, undivided. See whole.

entirety, n. completeness, integrity, totality, wholeness.

entrance, n. ingress, access; entrée; entry, portal, inlet, gate,

entrap, v. insnare, entangle, decoy, entrammel, entice.

entry, n. entrance, access; hall, vestibule; memorandum, minute,

envelop, v. surround, inwrap, inclose, encircle, encompass, environ.

envelope, n. wrapper, inclosure, capsule, case, sheath.

enveloping, a. surrounding, enfolding, circumambient, encircling.

environment, n. conditions, entourage.

epicure, n. gourmand, gastronome, gourmet; sensualist, voluptuary;
sybarite, epicurean.

epicurean, a. sensual, voluptuous, luxurious, sybaritic.

epicurism, n. hedonism, epicureanism, eudæmonism; sensuality, luxury;

epitome, n. compendium, abstract, digest, synopsis.

equal, a. coördinate, tantamount, equivalent, corresponding,
identical, commensurate, proportionate, adequate, sufficient; equable,
uniform, equitable, even.

equal, n. peer, mate, compeer, match, coördinate. Antonyms:
inferior, subordinate.

equality, n. coördination, uniformity, parity, agreement. Antonyms:
See inequality.

equilibrium, n. equipoise, balance.

equip, v. accouter, furnish, fit out, gird.

equipage, n. equipment; carriage, turnout; suite, train, retinue.

equipment, n. apparatus, accouterments, paraphernalia, rigging, gear.

equipoise, n. equilibrium.

equivalent, a. tantamount, equal, commensurate; interchangeable.

eradicate, v. extirpate, exterminate.

eradication, n. extirpation, extermination.

erase, v. expunge, rub out, efface, obliterate, dele, delete.

erasure, n. expunging, erasion, obliteration.

erect, v. build, raise.

erect, a. upright, vertical, raised; undaunted, bold, undismayed.
Antonyms: horizontal, recumbent, prone, inverted, oblique, cringing.

erection, n. building, raising, construction.

erosion, n. corrosion, eroding.

err, v. misjudge, mistake, blunder; deviate, sin.

errand, n. mission, commission.

erratic, a. nomadic, wandering; eccentric, fanciful.

erring, a. peccable, sinful, fallible, weak. Antonyms: impeccable,
infallible, inerrable.

erroneous, a. false, incorrect, untrue, mistaken, inaccurate, wrong.

error, n. mistake, inaccuracy, blunder, misapprehension, falsity,
misconception. Associated Words: fallibility, infallibility, fallible,
errant, errancy, inerrancy, inerrability.

errors, n. pl. _errata_; sing. _erratum_.

erudition, n. learning, scholarship.

eruption, n. outburst, outbreak; exanthema, rash, efflorescence.

erysipelas, n. Saint Anthony's fire, rose.

escort, n. guard, convoy, usher.

Eskimo, n. Husky.

Eskimo house. topek, igloo.

Eskimo language. Husky.

especial, a. special, particular, specific.

essay, n. dissertation, article, disquisition, thesis; attempt,
effort, trial.

essential, a. indispensable, necessary, requisite. Antonyms:
nonessential, superfluous.

establish, v. found, organize, institute; substantiate, verify,

establishment, n. organization, founding, institution;
substantiation, verification.

esteem, v. respect, value, honor, revere; rate, reckon, estimate.

esteem, n. respect, honor, regard; opinion, judgment, estimation.
Antonyms: disesteem, aversion, odium, antipathy, unpopularity.

estimable, a. computable, calculable; meritorious, worthy,
excellent. Antonyms: inestimable, incalculable, incomputable.

estimate, v. appraise, value, rate, prize; compute, calculate,

estimation, n. esteem, respect, honor; appraisement, valuation,

estrange, v. alienate, disaffect.

estranged, a. alienate, alienated.

estrangement, n. alienation, disaffection.

eternal, a. self-existent, infinite; endless, asonian. See

eulogist, n. encomiast, panegyrist, praiser.

eulogistic, a. laudatory, panegyrical, encomiastic.

eulogize, v. laud, praise, extol, panegyrize.

eulogy, n. encomium, panegyric, laudation, praise.

Europe and Africa. Associated Words: Eurafric, Eurafrican.

Europe and Asia. Associated words: Eurasian, Eurasiatic, Scythia.

evade, v. shun, avoid; elude, parry, foil, baffle; prevaricate,
equivocate, dodge, quibble.

evaporate, v. vaporize, evanesce.

evaporation, n. vaporization, evanescence; exhalation. Associated
words: volatile, volatility, volatilize, evaporable.

evasion, n. evading, eluding, escape; baffling, foiling;
prevarication, equivocation, sophistry, tergiversation, subterfuge, dodge,

evasive, a. equivocal, indefinite, elusive.

even, a. plane, level, flush, flat, smooth; equable, uniform,

evening, n. dusk, twilight, nightfall, eventide, even, gloaming.
Associated Words: vespertine, vespertinal, erepuscular, erepusculous,
soirée, vesper.

evening prayer. compline.

evening service. vespers; evensong.

evening star. Hesper, Hesperus, Venus, Vesper.

evenness, n. uniformity, smoothness, equanimity, equableness.

event, n. occurrence, affair, incident, happening; consequence,
result, outcome.

evergreen, a. indeciduous.

everlasting, a. continual, perpetual, interminable, unceasing,
eternal, endless, incessant, never-ending; deathless, immortal, æonian,
imperishable; (Colloq.) constant, continual.

everlasting, n. eternity; immortelle.

every-day, a. commonplace, common, customary.

every now and then. occasionally, repeatedly, frequently.

everywhere present. omnipresent, ubiquitous.--n. omnipresence,

evident, a. manifest, obvious, clear, palpable, patent.

evil, a. sinful, immoral, sinister, unrighteous, vicious, pernicious.
See bad.

evil, n. wickedness, depravity, sin, iniquity, perniciousness,
Belial, unrighteousness; disaster, misfortune, calamity, reverse;
injustice, damage, injury, wrong, mischief.

evil-doer, n. sinner, malefactor, culprit, offender, delinquent. See

evil-minded, a. malicious, malignant, wicked, depraved.

evolution, n. development, unfoldment, evolvement, unfolding.

exact, a. precise, accurate, true, literal, undeviating; punctilious,
methodical, rigid, severe, rigorous, strict.

exact, v. demand, extort, wrest.

exacting, a. severe, harsh, oppressive, peremptory.

exaction, n. extortion, oppression.

exactness, n. precision, accuracy, strictness, exactitude,
correctness, scrupulousness.

exaggerate, v. overstate.

exaggerated, a. overstated, colored, hyperbolical.

exaggeration, n. overstatement; hyperbole.

exalt, v. elevate; dignify, ennoble, aggrandize; magnify,
apotheosize, extol.

exaltation, n. elevation, aggrandizement, loftiness, apotheosis.

exalted, a. sublime, elevated, lofty, grand, dignified.

examination, n. inquiry, autopsy, scrutiny, inspection,
investigation, audit, inquest, reconnoissance, inquisition, recension,
probing, review.

examine, v. inspect, scrutinize, question, audit, heckle,
reconnoitre, review, search, probe, investigate, catechise.

examiner, n. inspector, investigator, inquirer, questioner,
catechiser, resensionist, auditor, censor, reviewer, inquisitor.

example, n. sample, specimen, exemplification; model, pattern,
prototype, copy, archetype, exemplar; precedent instance, illustration,
case. Associated Words: exemplify, exemplification, exemplary, praxis.

exasperate, v. provoke, irritate, incense, anger; aggravate,
imbitter, intensify.

exasperation, n. provocation, irritation, offending, aggravation,
anger; exacerbation.

exceed, v. surpass, transcend; outvie, excel, outdo; preponderate,

exceeding, a. surpassing.

excel, v. outrival, outstrip, surpass, eclipse, outdo, outvie,
transcend, exceed.

excellence, n. preëminence, transcendence, superiority, eminence,
integrity, probity, goodness, worth, merit, virtue.

excellent, a. estimable, meritorious, good, worthy, choice.

excess, n. superabundance, superfluity, redundancy, redundance,
overplus, surplus, surplusage, residue, remainder exuberance, rampancy;
overdoing, exorbitance, immoderation; debauchery, dissoluteness,
intemperance, immoderation.

excessive, a. superfluous, exuberant, superabundant,
disproportionate; outrageous, unreasonable, exorbitant inordinate,
extravagant, fabulous, immoderate, extreme.

exchange, v. trade, barter, traffic, commute, interchange,
reciprocate, bandy, permute.

exchange, n. traffic, trade, barter, commutation, interchange,
reciprocity, permutation; Bourse; agiotage.

excitable, a. susceptible, sensitive, emotional, impressible, mobile;
irritable, choleric, passionate, irascible, fiery, waspish. Antonyms:
unexcitable, imperturbable, calm.

excite, v. stimulate, arouse, inflame, incite, provoke; perturb,
agitate, disconcert, discompose, distract, unsettle.

excited, a. perturbed, agitated, disconcerted. Antonyms: calm,
serene, tranquil, nonchalant.

excitement, n. perturbation, agitation, commotion, furore,
inquietude, sensation, tumult, turmoil, flurry, ebullition; incitement,
stimulus; arousing, awakening. Antonyms: imperturbation, calmness,
serenity, non-chalance.

exciting, a. stirring, rousing, stimulating, sensational.

exclaim, v. ejaculate, shout, vociferate.

exclamation, n. ejaculation, vociferation, outcry; interjection,

exclamation point. ecphoneme.

exclude, v. debar, preclude; except, omit; eject, expel.

exclusion, n. debarment, preclusion; exception, omission; ejection,

excrement, n. fæces, stools, dejections; dung, ordure. Associated
words: scatology, eccrinology, fæcal, excrementitious, void, defecate,

excusable, a. venial, pardonable, justifiable. Antonyms: See

excuse, v. absolve, forgive, pardon, exonerate, palliate, justify,
extenuate, acquit, exculpate, release.

excuse, n. justification, apology, plea, exoneration, palliation,
extenuation, pardon; subterfuge, evasion, pretext, makeshift.

execute, v. effectuate, perform, accomplish, consummate, achieve;
electrocute, behead, guillotine, hang.

execution, n. performance, effectuation, consummation, perpetration,

executioner, n. hangman.

exercise, n. performance, application, practice, employment, use;
activity; training, discipline, drilling; drill, praxis, lesson, task;
gymnastics, calisthenics; gestation.

exercise, v. employ, apply, busy, exert; practice, discipline, drill,
train; distress, worry, harass.

exertion, n. effort, struggle, attempt.

exhaust, v. drain, deplete; debilitate, prostrate, enervate.

exhausted, a. depleted, drained, consumed, spent, effete.

exhaustion, n. consumption, depletion, draining, dissipation,
lassitude, collapse, inanition, weariness, prostration.

exhaustless, a. inexhaustible.

exhibit, v. display, show.

exhibition, n. display, show.

exhumation, n. disinterment, disentombment.

exhume, v. disinter, disentomb.

exile, n. banishment, proscription, expatriation.

exile, v. banish, expatriate.

exiled person. exile, expatriate.

exorbitant, a. unreasonable, inordinate, excessive, fabulous.

expand, v. dilate, distend, enlarge.

expansion, n. dilation, distension, enlargement.

expatiate, v. descant.

expect, v. anticipate.

expectation, n. expectancy, anticipation.

expel, v. eject, drive out; ostracize, banish, proscribe, exile;
excommunicate; discharge, void, eject, evacuate; exclude, remove, dismiss.

expelling, n. expulsion, ejectment, dismissal; banishment, exile,
ostracism, proscription.--a. expulsive.

expend, v. disburse.

expenditure, n. disbursement.

expense, n. outlay, cost, charge, expenditure.

expensive, a. costly, dear, high-priced. Antonym: inexpensive.

experienced, a. practiced, veteran. Antonym: inexperienced.

experiment, n. test, trial. Associated Words: empiric, empirical,
empiricism, empiristic, tentation.

experimental, a. empirical, tentative.

expert, a. skilled, proficient, _an fait_, adroit. Antonyms: See

expert, n. adept, master, dabster, connoisseur, masterhand. Antonyms:
tyro, bungler.

explain, v. expound, elucidate, unfold, interpret.

explainable, a. explicable, interpretable, solvable. Antonyms: See

explainer, n. expositor, interpretator, commentator, exegetist,

explanation, n. elucidation, exposition, explication, interpretation;
solution, deduction, key. Associated Words: exegetics, exegesis,

explanatory, a. expository, elucidative, interpretative, exegetical.

explode, v. burst; detonate, detonize.

exploit, v. develop, utilize.

exploitation, n. utilization, exploiture.

explosion, n. detonation, detonization; bursting; outburst.

explosive, n. dynamite, lyddite, nitro-glycerine, fuse, thorite,
tonite, fulgurite.

expose, v. exhibit, show, display; uncover, unveil; imperil,
endanger, subject, jeopardize; disclose, reveal, unmask, denounce.
Antonyms: conceal, suppress, dissemble, hide, veil.

exposé, n. divulgement, disclosure, exposure.

exposition, n. display, exposure; explanation; commentary
postillation; fair.

expostulate, v. remonstrate.

expostulation, n. remonstration.

exposure, n. exposing, disclosure, divulgement, revelation, _exposé_;
subjection, liability, jeopardy.

express, a. explicit, definite, positive, specific, unmistakable.
Antonyms: vague, tacit, ambiguous, implied, equivocal, indefinite.

express, v. say, utter; signify, represent, indicate, denote,
designate, mean.

expression, n. assertion, statement, utterance, declaration,
representation, indication; phrase, term, word; modulation.

expulsion, n. expelling, ejection, debarment, exclusion.

exquisite, a. beautiful, rare, choice; discriminating, fastidious;
keen, acute, poignant; matchless, consummate, incomparable.

extend, v. lengthen, prolong, protract; jut, project; enlarge.

extensible, a. extendible, ductile, tensible. Antonyms:
inextensible, rigid, inelastic.

extension, n. enlargement, expansion, protraction; projection.
Associated Words: tensility, tensibility, tensile.

extent, n. magnitude, size, volume; reach, compass.

exterminate, v. eradicate, extirpate, uproot.

extermination, n. eradication, extirpation, uprooting.

external, a. outward, exterior, superficial, extrinsic.

extol, v. eulogize, praise, laud, exalt.

extortion, n. exaction (undue), overcharge, rapacity, vampirism.

extortionate, a. oppressive, exacting; (Colloq.) exorbitant.

extortioner, n. harpy.

extra, a. supplemental, additional, supplementary, supernumerary.

extract, n. essence, quintessence; excerpt, quotation, citation,

extraordinary, a. uncommon, unusual, remarkable, egregious,
phenomenal, signal, noteworthy, exceptional, unprecedented.

extravagance, n. improvidence, prodigality, waste; preposterousness,
enormity, exorbitance, immoderation. Antonyms: economy, thrift,

extravagant, a. wasteful, unthrifty, prodigal, improvident, lavish;
wild, immoderate, preposterous, inordinate, exorbitant. Antonyms: See

extreme, a. outermost, utmost, farthest; last, final, ultimate;
ultra, radical, fanatical.

extreme, n. extremity, acme, climax.

extremist, n. radical.

exuberance, n. superabundance, rampancy, excess, copiousness,
luxuriance, lavishness.

exuberant, a. overflowing, copious, excessive, rampant, wanton,
superabundant, rank, luxuriant.

exultant, a. triumphant, jubilant, joyous.

eye, n. optic. Associated Words: optics, optician, ocular, oculary,
oculate, oculifonn, ophthalmology, ophthalmologist, ophthalmic, optometry,
ophthalmostat, optometrist, chatoyant, chatoyment, cynosure, orbit,
strabismus, rheum, ophthalmoscope, ophthalmoscopy, astigmatism,
optography, blear, blear-eyed, bleary, ophthalmometer, orbital, orbitary,
amaurosis, ocellated.

eyebrows, n. pl. supercilium. Associated Word: superciliary.

eye doctor. oculist.

eye-glasses, n. pl. pince-nez, monocle, lorgnette, spectacles,
goggles, blinkers.

eyelashes, n. pl. cilia. Associated Word: ciliary.

eyelid, n. palpebra; _pl._ palpebræ. Associated Words: palpebral,

eyesore, n. blemish, defect.

eyewater, a. collyrium.


Fable, n. apologue (moral fable); fiction, fabrication, myth,

fabler, n. fabulist.

fabulous, a. fictitious, feigned, unverified; exorbitant, inordinate,

face, n. countenance, visage, physiognomy, features; front, exterior;
obverse; facet; effrontery, confidence, assurance, audacity, impudence.
Associated Words: facial, domino, complexion, multifaced, rouge,
cosmetic, grimace, Janus-faced, lineament, profile, silhouette, maskoid,
smirk, physiognomist.

face, v. confront, meet; bully, bluff; veneer; plane, dress, smooth.

face ague. _tic douloureux_.

face guard. mask, beaver.

face to face. _vis-à-vis_, _tête-à-tête_.

facsimile, n. duplicate, copy, reproduction, likeness, counterpart.

fact, n. reality, actuality, truth.

faction, n. dissension, sedition, rebellion, insurgency, division.

factious, a. turbulent, seditious, rebellious, refractory,

factor, n. broker, middleman, consignee, commission merchant, agent;
constituent, element.

factory, n. manufactory, shop, plant, mill.

facts, n. pl. data.

faculty, n. endowment, capability, talent, ability, knack, gift;
competency, dexterity, skill ingenuity, adroitness.

fade, v. decay, decline, droop, languish, evanesce, disappear.

fadeless, a. unfading, permanent, fast, perennial.

fading, a. fugitive, evanescent, declining.

fæces, n. pl. excrement, stools.

fail, v. default, lack; deteriorate, decline, retrograde; disappoint,
desert; miscarry, foil; become bankrupt.

failing, n. shortcoming, deficiency, imperfection, foible, fault,
infirmity, defect, errancy, fallibility, decline, deterioration.

failure, n. failing, deficiency, shortcoming, lack; omission,
pretermission, default, nonperformance, neglect, dereliction
nonfulfillment, nonobservance; nonsuccess, miscarriage, frustration,
abortion, foil, fizzle, fiasco; deterioration, decline, declension,
retrogression; bankruptcy, insolvency.

faint, a. weak, languid, exhausted, feeble; indistinct, dim, faded,
dull; timorous, faint-hearted.

faint, v. swoon.

faint-hearted, a. timorous, timid, diffident, fearful, cowardly.

faint-heartedness, n. timidity, diffidence.

fainting, n. swoon, syncope.

fair, a. impartial, equitable, unbiased, just, honorable,
unprejudiced, ingenuous; average, middling, tolerable, so-so, passable;
comely, attractive, pretty, handsome; blond, light; unsullied,
untarnished, spotless.

fair, adv. clear, openly, frankly, honestly, favorably, auspiciously,

fair, n. bazaar; exposition.

fair and square. equitably, impartially, fairly, honestly.

fairly, adv. impartially, equitably, openly, favorably, auspiciously.

fair play. justice, equity.

fair-spoken, a. plausible, bland, civil, suave.

fairy, n. fay, elf, pigwidgeon, pixy, sprite, sylph, Puck, Robin
Goodfellow, Mab, Oberon, Titania.

faith, n. credence, belief, trust, dependence, credit, reliance,
confidence; dogma, tenet, creed, religion, persuasion; fidelity, loyalty,
faithfulness; promise, engagement, word. Antonyms: doubt, incredulity,
misgiving, unbelief. Associated Words: Fides, fiduciary, fiducial, bona
fide, pistiology.

faithful, a. true, constant, stanch, unwavering, devoted, loyal;
trustworthy, reliable, conscientious; exact, accurate, precise.

faithfulness, n. constancy, devotion, loyalty, fidelity,
true-heartedness, fealty, allegiance, trustworthiness; exactness,

faithless, a. unbelieving, skeptical, incredulous, doubting,
disloyal, false. See unfaithful.

faithlessness, n. unbelief, incredulity, doubt; disloyalty, perfidy.
See unfaithfulness.

fake, n. (Slang) trick, swindle, imposture, fraud, delusion,
humbug, imposition.

fake, v. (Slang) cheat, swindle, humbug, defraud, manipulate,

faker, n. (Slang) trickster, swindler.

fall, v. descend, drop, gravitate; collapse, founder, slump, tumble,
topple; subside, decrease, decline, settle, moderate; sin, do wrong, go
astray; apostatize; empty, discharge, disembogue.

fall, n. descent, collapse, tumble, drop; decrease, decline,
depreciation, slump; cadence; declivity, slope; prostration, downfall,
subversion; autumn; disemboguement, discharge.

fallacious, a. sophistical, misleading, illusive, untenable,

fallacy, n. deception, delusion, misconception; sophism, sophistry,

fallals, n. pl. (Colloq.) frippery, gewgaws, ornaments.

fall away. emaciate; renounce, desert, rebel; apostatize, backslide;
decline, languish.

fall back. recede, retreat, retire, withdraw.

fallen, a. dropped, prostrate, degraded, depreciated, debased.

fallibility, n. errancy. Antonym: infallibility.

fallible, a. errable, erring. Antonym: infallible.

fall in. collapse, cave in.

falling away. emaciation, pining; renunciation, desertion, revolt,
unfaithfulness; apostasy, defection, backsliding; decline, declension.

falling back. recession, retreat, retirement, withdrawal.

falling down. prostration, collapse.

falling in with. meeting; concurrence, agreement, compliance.

falling off. dropping; withdrawal, separation, detachment; apostasy,
defection, desertion; depreciation, deterioration.

falling out. See quarrel.

falling short. deficiency, inadequacy, deficit, shortcoming.

falling sickness. epilepsy.

falling star. meteor.

falling stone. meteorite, aërolite.

falling to pieces. disintegration, dilapidation.--a. ramshackle,
dilapidated, disintegrating.

fall off. drop; withdraw, separate; apostatize, backslide;
depreciate, deteriorate.

fall on. attack, assault, assail.

fall out. See quarrel.

fallow, a. uncultivated, untilled; dormant, inactive.

fall short. be deficient, be inadequate.

fall to pieces. disintegrate.

false, a. spurious, forged, counterfeit, sham, supposititious,
unauthentic, bogus, feigned, fallacious, make believe, hypocritical,
assumed, pseudo, sophistical, untenable; unveracious, dishonest,
erroneous, untruthful; disloyal, perfidious, traitorous, disingenuous,
insincere, recreant, faithless, unfaithful.

false friend. traitor, betrayer, Judas.

falsehood, n. inveracity, untruthfulness; lie, fiction, untruth,
mendacity, fabrication, canard.

false key. picklock.

false name. pseudonym, _nom de plume_. Associated words:
pseudonymous, pseudonymity, pseudepigraphous pseudepigraphy.

false swearing. perjury.

false writing. forgery, pseudography, pseudograph.

falsification, n. counterfeiting, forgery, falsifying;
misrepresentation, distortion.

falsify, v. misstate, misrepresent, garble, distort, pervert;
confute, refute, disprove.

falter, v. hesitate, tremble, waver, vacillate.

faltering, a. wavering, hesitating.

faltering, n. hesitation, indecision, wavering, vacillation.

fame, n. celebrity, note, eminence, renown, glory, reputation,
repute. Antonyms: obscurity, ingloriousness, oblivion, ignominy,

familiar, a. intimate, close, cordial, near, friendly, bosom;
informal, unreserved, unconstrained, easy, unceremonious; conversant,
well-known. Antonyms: unfamiliar, shy, ceremonious, distant.

familiarity, n. intimacy, conversance, acquaintance; informality,
freedom, unconstraint; disrespect, unreserve. Antonyms: unfamiliarity,

familiarize, v. habituate, accustom, inure, break in.

family, n. household; genealogy, lineage, ancestry. Associated
words: genealogist, _foris-familiate_, pedigree, nepotism, nepotic,
cadency, gens.

family way. pregnancy. Associated Words: pregnant, gravid,

famous, a. renowned, famed, noted, celebrated, eminent, illustrious,
distinguished, far-famed. Antonyms: obscure, inglorious, unknown,

fan, n. flabellum (Eccl.), Associated Words: brin, panache,
plicate, plicated.

fan, v. winnow; cool, ventilate; stimulate, rouse, foment, provoke,

fanatic, n. extremist, visionary, zealot.

fanatical, a. fanatic, rabid, uncompromising, over-zealous.

fancied, a. imaginary.

fanciful, a. whimsical, capricious, visionary, imaginative,
unpractical; chimerical, fantastic, illusive, phantasmic, quixotic,
bizarre, erratic.

fancy, n. imagination, conception, conceit, idea, apprehension,
impression, opinion, notion; caprice, whim, whimsey, fantasy, vagary,
maggot, crotchet; inclination, liking, fondness, penchant, taste.

fancy, a. ornate, elaborate, ornamental; fanciful, exorbitant,
fabulous, extravagant.

fancy, v. believe, imagine, apprehend, conjecture, conceive, like.

fandangle, a. fantastic, highfaluting, ornamental.

fang, n. tusk.

fan-shaped, a. plicate, flabelliform, flabellate.

fantastic, a. fanciful, imaginary; unreal, phantasmal, spectral,
illusive; whimsical, capricious, erratic; grotesque, irregular, odd,
rococo, baroque, bizarre.

fantod, n. (Slang) worry, excitement, fuss, fidget; indisposition,

far, a. distant, remote; alienated, estranged, unfriendly.

farce, n. burlesque, travesty, caricature, sham, take-off.

farcical, a. burlesque, ludicrous, ridiculous, absurd.

farewell, n. adieu, leave-taking, good-bye, valediction, congé,

farewell, a. parting, valedictory, final.

far-fetched, a. forced, strained, catachrestic.

farm, n. grange; plantation; croft; hacienda.

farmer, n. agriculturist, husbandman, granger.

farming, n. agriculture, husbandry.--a. agricultural.

far-off, a. remote, distant, far-away.

far-sighted, a. hypermetropic, presbyopic; long-sighted, sagacious.

far-sightedness, n. hypennetropia, presbyopia, hyperopia;
long-sightedness, sagacity.

far-sighted person. presbyope.

fascinate, v. bewitch, enchant, charm, captivate, enamor, infatuate,
entrance, enrapture, enravish. Antonyms: disillusionize, decharm, repel.

fascinating, a. charming, captivating, bewitching, siren, witching,

fascination, n. enchantment, witchcraft, bewitchery, sorcery, magic,
witchery, captivation, charm, enravishment Antonyms: disenchantment,

fashion, n. vogue, style, mode.

fashionable, a. stylish, in vogue, smart, modish.

fast, a. immovable, firm, rigid; impregnable, strong, invincible,
invulnerable, fortified; steadfast, faithful, true; permanent, durable;
rapid, swift, fleet, quick, expeditious, speedy; unrestrained, dissolute,
dissipated, rakish, wanton, profligate, immoral.

fast, adv. swiftly, rapidly, quickly, with celerity, post-haste,
speedily, expeditiously; fixedly, firmly, immovably.

fast and loose. inconstant.

fasten, v. secure, fix, barricade, lock, bind, tie, attach, tether,
rivet, moor, cement, affix, annex, clinch, clamp, append.

fastidious, a. critical, squeamish, punctilious. Antonyms: careless,
indiscriminate, slovenly.

fastness, n. fixedness, immovability, firmness, security,
impregnability; fortress, stronghold, citadel; swiftness, celerity,
rapidity, expedition, quickness, haste.

fat, a. fleshy, plump, corpulent, obese, portly, pursy, burly,
chubby, pampered, gross, squab, stout, pudgy; adipose; fertile,
productive; lucrative, remunerative, profitable.

fatal, a. mortal, deadly.

fatality, n. fatalness, fate, destiny; mortality; disaster, calamity.

fate, n. destiny, lot, doom; chance, fortune; Moira; karma; kismet;

fated, a. destined, doomed, predestined, foredoomed.

fateful, a. ominous.

Fates, n. pl. Destinies, Parcæ (Clotho, Lachesis, Atropos).

father, n. pater familias, procreator, sire, patriarch; founder,
originator, author. Associated Words: affiliate, affiliation, filiation,
patricide, patricidal, paternalism, parricide, agnate, agnation,

father, v. beget, engender, procreate.

fatherhood n. paternity.

fatherly, a. paternal.

fatigue, n. weariness, lassitude, languor, exhaustion.

fatigue, v. weary, tire, jade, exhaust, fag, bore.

fatness, n. corpulency, obesity, _embonpoint_, plumpness, fleshiness,
stoutness, portliness, pudginess; adiposity; fertility, richness.

fatten, v. batten.

fatty, a. adipose, greasy, unctuous, oleaginous, sebaceous.

fatty tumor. lipoma.

fault, n. defect, imperfection, failing, foible, shortcoming,
blemish, flaw; demerit, dereliction, offense, indiscretion, lapse,
delinquency. Antonyms: merit, perfection, beauty, impeccability.

fault-finder, n. caviler, critic, grumbler, carper, repiner,
censurer, censor, complainer.

fault-finding, a. captious, caviling, critical, derogatory,
dissatisfied, grumbling, censorious, discontented, querulous, carping.

fault-finding, n. carping, criticism, grumbling, murmuring,
captiousness, cavil, reprehension, dissatisfaction, animadversion,
stricture, repining.

faultiness, n. defectiveness, imperfection, culpability, peccability.

faultless, a. perfect, blameless, impeccable, inerrable, unblemished.

faulty, a. imperfect, defective; blamable, culpable, peccable,

faun, n. satyr, sylvan.

favor, n. countenance, regard, good-will, kindness; support,
promotion, befriending, championship, espousal, countenancing. Antonyms:
disfavor, opposition.

favor, v. support, countenance, encourage; resemble.

favorable, a. propitious, auspicious, conducive, beneficial, partial,
helpful. Antonyms: unfavorable, unpropitious, inauspicious.

favoring, a. partial, approving, helpful.

favoritism, n. partiality; nepotism. Antonym: impartiality

fawn, v. truckle, curry favor, court.

fawner, n. sycophant, bootlicker, footlicker.

fawning, a. sycophantic, obsequious, servile, truckling.

fear, n. apprehension, anxiety, solicitude, alarm, dread,
trepidation, consternation, panic, dismay, terror, fright, cowardliness,
timidity, pusillanimity; reverence, awe, veneration.

fear, v. apprehend, dread, be afraid of; reverence, venerate, stand
in awe of.

fearful, a. apprehensive, alarmed, afraid, frightened; timid,
timorous, faint-hearted, cowardly, craven, pusillanimous, meticulous;
terrible, frightful, dreadful, grim, awful, dire, fell, atrocious,
ghastly, terrifying, alarming, appalling.

fearless, a. intrepid, courageous, bold, valorous, undaunted,
unafraid, unflinching.

feasibility, n. practicability.

feasible, a. practicable.

feast, n. banquet, repast, regale, Junket, festivity. Associated
words: convivial, conviviality.

feast, v. banquet, junket; delight, gratify.

feastful, a. festive, festal.

feat, n. exploit, achievement, stunt, act, deed.

feather, n. plume, quill, pinion.

feather, v. fledge.

feathered, a. fledged.

feathering, n. endysis.

feather in the cap. (Colloq.) honor, trophy.

featherless, a. unfledged, desplumate, callow.

feathers, n. pl. plumage; aigret; panache, remiges (quill
feathers); down (soft under feathers); coverts; rectrices. Associated
words: plumassier, pterylography, endysis, ecdysis, moult, moulting, mew,
desplumation, preen, barb, midrib, shaft, barbule, pompon, plumassary.

feathery, a. plumy, pennaceous.

feature, n. aspect, appearance; lineament; trait, characteristic,

federation, n. confederation, league, confederacy, union.

fee, n. retainer, tip, honorarium, perquisite.

feeble, a. infirm, doddering. See weak.

feeble-minded, a. half-witted, defective, imbecile.

feeble-minded person, defective, imbecile.

feed, v. bait, regale.

feed, n. provender, fodder.

feel, v. touch, handle; grope, grabble; experience, suffer.

feeler, n. antenna, tentaculum, tentacle, horn, palpus. pl.
antennæ, tentacula, palpi.

feeling, a. susceptible, sensitive, sentient, sympathetic.
Antonyms: insentient, unfeeling, stoic, impassive.

feeling, n. sensibility, sensation, sentiency; emotion. Antonyms:
insensibility, impassivity, numbness.

feign v. pretend, dissemble, simulate, affect, counterfeit, assume.

feigned, a. pretended, simulate, simulated, counterfeit, dissembled,
assumed. Antonyms: real, sincere, unfeigned.

feigning, n. simulation, dissembling.

feint, n. pretense, blind, stratagem.

felicitate, v. congratulate.

felicitation, n. congratulation.

fellow-countryman, n. compatriot.

fellowship, n. companionship, communion, converse, association.

felon, n. criminal, convict; whitlow.

felonious, a. heinous, atrocious, nefarious, flagitious, infamous.

female, a. feminine; pistillate (Bot.).

female warrior. Amazon.

fence, n. pale, palings, palisade, stockade, hurdle, raddle, defense,
protection, enclosure.

fence, v. defend, fortify, protect; equivocate, evade, parry, shift,

fencing, n. swordsmanship, gladiature, swordplay, gladiatorism.

fend, v. ward off, avoid, parry.

fender, n. protection, defense, screen, guard; dashboard,

ferment, n. harm, leaven, yeast; enzyme, histozyme, zyme, zymophite.

fern, n. brake, bracken, maiden hair, Venus hair, poly-pody.

ferns, n. pl. Filices, Pteridophyta. Associated Words: pteridology,
filicology, pteridologist, filical, filicic, filici-form, filicoid, frond,
spore, filicite, cryptogamous.

ferocious, a. rapacious, ravenous, truculent, fell, savage.

ferocity, n. rapacity, fierceness.

ferrotype, n. tintype.

fertile, a. fruitful, fecund; pistillate. Antonyms: infertile
infecund, barren.

fertility, n. fruitfulness, fecundity, richness. Antonyms:
infertility, infecundity, barrenness.

fertilization, n. enriching; fecundation, impregnation.

fertilize, v. enrich, manure; fecundate, impregnate.

fertilizer, n. manure, guano, phosphate of lime, compost.

fervency, n. See ardor.

fervent, a. See ardent.

fervid, a. See ardent.

fervor, n. See ardor.

fester, v. suppurate, maturate, ulcerate; rankle.

fester, n. sore, pustule, festering, abscess, imposthume, rankling.

festering, n. suppuration, maturation, ulceration; fester, rankling.

festering, a. suppurating, maturating; rankling.

festival, n. fête, banquet, feast, holiday.

festive, a. festal, convivial, festival.

festoon, n. garland.

fetid, a. malodorous, stinking, noisome.

fetter, n. shackle, bond, hamper, restraint.

fetter, v. shackle, manacle, hamper; restrain, impede.

fever, n. Associated Words: febrifacient, febrific, febrierous,
febrifuge, febrifugal, pyretology, pyretic.

feverish, a. febrile.

fever spots. petechiæ.

fewness, n. paucity.

fiat, n. order, decree, mandate, edict, command.

fib, n. falsehood, untruth.

fiber, n. staple, thread, filament, pile.

fickle, a. vacillating, volatile, mercurial, irresolute, fitful,
capricious, unstable, inconstant, variable, wavering. Antonyms:
constant, unwavering, steadfast, resolute.

fickleness, n. vacillation, irresolution, inconstancy, volatility,
tergiversation, capriciousness.

fiddle, n. violin; kit.

fiddler, n. violinist.

fidelity, n. loyalty, fealty, faithfulness; truth, integrity.
Antonyms: infidelity, faithlessness.

fidgets, n. pl. restlessness; dysphoria.

field, n. meadow, lea; campaign, savanna, croft; scope, range, room,
province, domain, region, realm, rowen (stubble field).

fiend, n. demon.

fiendish, a. diabolical, atrocious, infernal.

fierce, a. violent, unrestrained, furious, immoderate, impetuous,
vehement, passionate, ferocious, fiery, mettlesome. Antonyms: tame,
gentle, docile.

fiery, a. igneous; vehement, impetuous, passionate, irascible,

fifteen-sided figure. quindecagon.

fifteenth day of March, May, July, and October. ides.

fig, n. fico, snap, fillip.

fig, n. Associated Words: caprification, caricous.

fight, n. combat, battle, engagement, struggle, encounter, fray,
affray, mêlée, scrimmage (Colloq.); pugnacity, belligerence. Associated
words: militant, combative, combativeness, bellicose, belligerent,

fight, v. battle, combat, militate, struggle, cope with.

fighter, n. warrior, champion, combatant, vindicator, gladiator,

fight shy. avoid, elude.

figment, n. fabrication.

figurative, a. typical, representative, emblematical; metaphorical,

figure, n. shape, form, outline, _tournure_, conformation, image,
effigy, statue, bust, figurehead, likeness; numeral, digit, number; type,
emblem, symbol; caryatid; atlantes, telamones; figurine; diagram, drawing;
dash, conspicuousness, show.

figure, v. compute, cipher, calculate; contrive, scheme, plan;
symbolize, typify, represent.

figure of speech. trope, metaphor.

file, n. line, row; rasp, quannet.

filing, n. limature, limation.

fill, n. thill, shaft.

fill, n. sufficiency, plenty.

fill, v. satisfy, cloy, satiate, sate, glut, stuff; occupy, hold;
replenish; expand, dilate, distend, inflate, bloat; pervade.

fill out. extend, inflate, complete, amplify.

film, n. pellicle.

filter, v. strain, clarify, filtrate; percolate, exude, ooze, seep,
transude, infiltrate.

filtering, n. filtration; percolation, exudation, transudation,

filth, n. squalor, foulness, corruption, Augean stable, muck, dirt.

filthy, a. nasty, dirty, squalid, foul; smutty, obscene, indecent,
ribald, lewd.

finally, adv. ultimately, eventually, lastly.

find fault. object, disapprove, demur, cavil, except, criticize,
carp, repine, complain, grumble.

finding, n. discovery; verdict.

finding out. detection, discovery.

find out. discover, detect, ascertain, solve, unriddle.

fine, n. amercement, mulet, penalty.--v. mulet, amerce.

fine, a. refined, nice, exquisite, excellent, _recherché_, elegant,
splendid, admirable, choice, select, attractive, delicate, subtle, minute,
capillary, tenuous, thin, subtile, ethereal, attenuated, filmy, flimsy,
gossamery, slender; comminuted, bolted, pulverized, impalpable, powdered.
Antonyms: coarse, crude, unbolted, stout, crass, thick.

fine arts. Associated Words: esthetics, æsthetic, æstheticism,

finedrawn, a. subtle.

finery, n. ornaments, decorations, frippery, clothes, gewgaws.

finespun, a. subtle, attenuated.

finesse, n. artifice, stratagem, maneuvering, ruses.

finger, n. digit; medius (middle finger); minimus (Little
finger); index (fore or index finger). Associated Words: digital,
digitation, interdigital.

finger, v. touch, handle; thrum, strum.

finger bone. phalanx, internode; pl. phalanges.

finger-shaped, a. digitiform.

finical, a. over-particular, fastidious.

finicky, a. (Colloq.) finical, fastidious, squeamish, dainty.

finish, v. complete, elaborate.

finish, n. completion, elaboration.

fire, v. ignite, kindle; (Slang) discharge, dismiss; inflame,
irritate, arouse, excite, incite; animate, quicken, vitalize, enthuse,
inspirit; stoke; bake, burn, torrefy.

fire, n. combustion, ignition, burning; phlogiston; conflagration,
holocaust, deflagration; flame, blaze; bonfire, balefire, _feu de joie_,
beacon. Associated Words: pyrology, pyrography, pyromania, pyrophobia,
incendiary, incendiarism, arson, lurid, Moloch, fuel, combustible,
pyroleter, smolder, _ignis fatuus_, Vulcan, Hephæstus.

fire-arm, n. See gun.

fire-arms, n. pl. guns, gunnery, artillery.

firebug, n. incendiary, pyromaniac.

fire-damp, n. carbureted hydrogen.

firedog, n. andiron.

fireman, n. fire-tender, stoker.

fireproof, a. incombustible, asbestic.

fireside, n. hearth, ingleside.

fireworks, n. pl. Associated Words: pyrotechnics, pyrotechnist,
pyrotechnician, pyrotechnic, pyrotechny.

fire-worship, n. pyrolatry, Parseeism, Mazdeism, Magianism,

fire-worshiper, n. pyrolater, Gheber, Parsee, Magian, Zoroastrian.

firm, a. fast, immovable, secure; compact, solid, dense, compressed;
fixed, resolute, constant, unwavering, unshaken, steadfast, stanch,
determined, invincible, inflexible, incompliant. Antonyms: flaccid,
soft, vacillating, irresolute, lax, yielding, facile, inconstant.

first, a. earliest; foremost, leading, chief, premier; primary,
primal, primordial, primitive, primeval, pristine, original, aboriginal,
primogenial; elementary, rudimentary, initial.

first, adv. primarily, originally.

firstborn, n. Associated Words: primogeniture, primogenial,

first-formed, a. original, protoplastic.

first installment. earnest, handsel.

first principles. rudiments, principia.

first produce or offspring. firstling.

first-rate, a. excellent, first-class.

fish, n. fry, alevin (young fish); ichthyolite, monilife, (fossil
fish). See fishes.

fish, v. angle, trawl, troll; poach (fish unlawfully).

fish eggs. spawn, roe.

fisherman, n. fisher, piscator, angler.

fishes, n. pl. Pisces; Piscifauna (fishes of a region), Associated
words: ichthyology, ichthyologist, ichthyophagy, ichthyophagist,
ichthyography, ichthyolatry, piscatology, pisciculturist, piscary,
piscine, shoal, kench, minnow, aquarium, piscivorous, piscatorial, warren,
spawn, cauf, creel, kibblings, bait, pisciform, piscinal.

fish culture. pisciculture.

fish glue. isinglass, ichthyocoll; carlock.

fish hawk, n. osprey.

fishing, n. angling, trawling, trolling, whiffing, spillet fishing,
bultow fishing.

fishlike, a. pisciform, ichthyic.

fish line. Associated Words: snell, snood, leader, sinker, bob,
float, boulter.

fishskin, n. ichthyosis.

fish soup. chowder.

fishy, a. fishlike; (Colloq.) extravagant, exaggerated, improbable.

fistic, a. pugilistic.

fisticuffs, n. pl. boxing, pugilism.

fit, n. spasm, paroxysm, convulsion; access, outburst, attack;
epilepsy, catalepsy; humor, whim, caprice, fancy.

fit, a. meet, becoming, suitable, proper, appropriate, congruous,
adequate, expedient, congruent, apposite, qualified, eligible, competent,
befitting, apt, convenient.

fit, v. adapt, qualify, prepare, equip, accommodate, shape, adjust,

fitful, a. variable, capricious, unstable, inconstant, spasmodic,

fitness, n. becomingness, appropriateness, competency, qualification,
congruity, eligibility.

fitting, a. suitable, proper, fit, befitting.

five, n. cinque, quintuplet, quintette; quintuplets. Associated
words: quinary, quintuple, quintuplicate, quincunx.

five-angled, a. pentagonal.

five-angled figure. pentagon, pentahedron.

five cents. nickel.

fivefold, a. quintuple.

five languages. Associated Word: pentaglot.

five-sided, a. pentagonal, pentahedral.

five years. quinquennium, lustrum. Associated Words: quinquennial,

fir, v. mend, repair, restore, adjust; rivet, fasten; settle, fasten,
establish, implant, define.

fix, n. (Colloq.) dilemma, predicament, plight, quandary.
Antonyms: extrication, release.

fixed, a. immovable, established, stable, firm, unchangeable
steadfast, stereotyped.

fixings, n. pl. (Colloq.) embellishments, trimmings.

fizzle, n. (Colloq.) failure, fiasco.

flabbergast, v. (Jocular) astonish, amaze, surprise, dumfound.

flabbergastation, n. (Jocular) astonishment, amazement.

flabbiness, n. flaccidity, limpness.

flabby, a. yielding, limp, soft, flaccid. Antonyms: firm, stiff,

flag, n. colors, standard, banner, gonfalon, pennon, pennant, ensign,
guidon, streamer, banderole; iris, _fleur-de-luce_. Associated words:
furl, unfurl.

flagrant, a. glowing, flaming, ardent; atrocious, heinous, wicked.

flake, n. film, flock, lamina, scale.

flame, n. blaze, fire; love, sweetheart. Associated Words: lambent,
flamineous, flammiferous, flammivomous, flambage.

flame, v. blaze. Antonym: smolder.

flameless a. aphlogistic.

flaming, a. blazing, afire, flagrant; dazzling, brilliant; ardent,

flare, v. flicker, flutter; dazzle, blaze, glare; flaunt.

flare, n. glare, flicker.

flare-up, n. (Colloq.) passion, anger, outburst.

flash, n. gleam, glare, coruscation.

flash, v. glitter, gleam, glisten, coruscate, sparkle.

flash, n. instant, moment.

flashy, a. dazzling, coruscant; gaudy, tawdry, meretricious showy.

flask, n. betty, matrass, bolthead.

flat, a. level, even, plane, smooth; prostrate, prone; stale,
insipid, vapid, tasteless, unsavory, unpalatable, mawkish; peremptory,
unqualified, positive; spatulous, spatulate; sonant, vocal. Antonyms:
convex, concave, warped, cambered, undulating, protuberant, projecting.

flat, n. lowland, champaign; floor, suite.

flatboat, n. punt.

flatfoot, n. splayfoot.

flatfooted, a. splayfooted; (Slang) determined, resolute,
unwavering, firmfooted.

flatiron, n. sadiron.

flatnosed, a. simous.

flatter, v. blandish, cajole, wheedle, compliment.

flatterer, n. wheedler, sycophant, toady, pickthank, flunky, Jenkins,
adulator, blandisher.

flattering, a. wheedling, adulatory, alluring, blandiloquent,
sycophantic, obsequious.

flattery, n. adulation, blandishment, wheedling, flummery,
blandiloquence, cajolery.

flaunting, a. ostentatious, showy.

flavor, n. savor, taste, relish, zest, gusto, race, tang, sapidity.

flavorless, a. insipid, vapid, unpalatable, savorless, tasteless.

flavorous, a. sapid, palatable, savory, gustable.

flaw, n. defect, fault, blemish, imperfection.

flawless, a. faultless, perfect.

flawy, a. defective, faulty.

flay, v. skin, excoriate.

fleece, v. plunder, swindle, despoil, strip.

fleet, n. squadron, navy, flotilla, armada.

fleeting, a. impermanent, transient, transitory, evanescent,
ephemeral, fugitive, temporary.

flesh, n. meat, carnage; pulp (of fruit); carnality, sensual
appetites; carrion (decaying flesh). Associated words: incarnate,
incarnation, excarnate, excarnation, carnate, carneous, trichina,
trichinosis, carnassial, carnification, carnify.

flesh-eaters, n. pl. Carnivora.

flesh-eating, a. carnivorous, sarcophagous.--n. sarcophagy.

flesh-eating animal. carnivore, sarcophagan, sarcophile.

fleshiness, n. corpulence, obesity, plumpness, _embonpoint._ See

fleshliness n. carnality, sensuality.

fleshly, a. carnal, sensual, sensuous.

fleshy, a. corpulent, fat, portly, obese, plump.

flexibility, n. pliability, pliancy, suppleness, litheness,
ductility, compliance.

flexible, a. pliable, supple, flexile, pliant, lithe, limber;
compliant, yielding. Antonyms: inflexible, incompliant.

flight, n. flying; exodus, hegira; fleeing, absconding.

flighty, a. volatile, capricious, mercurial, giddy, fickle.

flimflam, n. trick, deception, lie.--v. trick, deceive.

flimsy, a. superficial, unsubstantial, weak, feeble, shallow,

flinch, v. shrink, wince, recoil, blench, withdraw.

flinders, n. pl. splinters, fragments.

flinty, a. unimpressible, impenetrable, adamantine, unyielding.

flippant, a. voluble, glib, fluent; pert, malapert, forward.

flirt, n. coquette, jilt, jill.--v. coquet, philander.

flirtation, n. coquetry.

flirtatious, a. coquettish.

float, n. raft; buoy.

floating, n. flotation, flotage, supernatation.--a. supernatant.

flock, n. covey, herd, bevy, drove, pack, lot, group, brood, litter.
Associated Words: gregarious, gregal, gregariously, gregariousness.

flog, v. See whip.

flood, n. deluge, inundation, overflow, cataclysm, freshet.
Associated Words: antediluvial, antediluvian, diluvial, diluvian,
alluvium, alluvial, alluvion.

flood, v. inundate, deluge, overflow, submerge.

flood-gate, n. sluice-gate.

floor, v. prostrate, fell, overthrow; embarrass, nonplus.

floor, n. planching, pavement; story, loft.

floor timber. joist.

floral ornament. anthemion, boughpot, palmette.

florid, a. flushed, rubicund. See red.

florist, n. floriculturist.

flounce, n. ruffle, furbelow, frill.--v. flounder.

flour, n. Associated Words: farinaceous, farina, gluten, meal,
aleurometer, aleuromancy, stive, dredge, bolt.

flour box. dredging box.

flourish, v. thrive; wave, brandish.

flourish, n. embellishment; curlycue, paraph; fanfare, call; parade,
show, display; brandishing, waving.

flout, v. mock, jeer, gibe, sneer, deride.

flow, v. circulate; proceed, emanate, issue. Antonyms: stagnate,

flower, n. blossom, bloom; floret, floweret (little flower).
Associated Words: floral, floricultural, floriculture, florist,
floriculturist, florilege, florification, floriferous, botany, botanical,
botanist, botanize, inflorescence, estivation, anther, petal, calyx,
corolla, sepal, anthesis, anthography, anthoid, antholite, anthology,
anthomania, anthophagous, anthophilous, anthotaxy, bouquet, bract, corona,
corymb, cyme, chloranthy, efflorescence, Flora, perianth, pistil,
pistillate, staminate, pollen, prefloration raceme, reflorescence,
pollinate, pollination, stamen, stigma, umbel, verticil, verticillate,
whorl, spadix, spathe, floriated, floriation.

flower beds. Associated Words: parterre, platband, terrace.

flowering, a. phænogamous, phænogamian.--n. inflorescence

flowering plants. Phænogamia.

flowerless, a. cryptogamous.

flowerless plants. Cryptogamia.

flower pot. Associated Words: cachepot, girandole.

flowery, a. florid, ornate, figurative.

flowing, a. running, gliding, fluent, cursive. Antonym: stagnant.

flowing back. refluent, ebbing.--n. refluence, ebb.

flowing in. influx.--a. influent, incurrent.

flowing out. efflux, effluxion, effluence.--a. effluent,

flowing round. circumfluent.

fluctuate, v. vacillate, waver, oscillate, whiffle, swerve.
Antonyms: continue, persist, adhere, abide, remain, stand fast.

fluctuation, n. vacillation, wavering, oscillation, instability.

fluent, a. flowing, gliding; voluble.

fluid, n. liquid, liquor, solution.

flunk, v. (Colloq.) fail, back out.--n. failure.

flunky, n. lackey, footman, servant; snob, toady, sycophant.

flunkyism, n. toadyism, sycophancy.

flurried, a. agitated, excited, perturbed, confused.

flurry, n. squall, breeze, wind; agitation, excitement, commotion.

flush, n. blush, glow; thrill; rosiness, redness.

flush, a. liberal, prodigal, free, lavish; even, plane, level, flat;
prolific, fecund, exuberant; affluent.

fluster, v. perturb, discompose, confuse, disconcert, embarrass,

fluster, n. perturbation, discompose, confusion, agitation.

flustrate, v. (Colloq.) fluster, agitate.

flustration, n. (Colloq.) agitation, fluster, perturbation,

fluted, a. chamfered, channeled, grooved.

flutter, v. tremble, palpitate; hover; oscillate, fluctuate,
vacillate, waver.

flutter, n. tremor, agitation, palpitation; confusion, disorder,

fly, a. (Slang) wide-awake, knowing.

fly, v. wing, soar, flit, mount, hover; decamp, abscond, flee.

flyaway, a. flighty, giddy, unrestrained, volatile.

flying, a. awing, volant, volitant, soaring.

flying, n. aviation, flight.

flying machine. aëroplane, aërodrome, biplane, monoplane. Associated
words: hangar, aviator, aërodynamics, aviatrix.

foam, n. froth, spume, spumescence.--v. froth, spume.

foamy, a. frothy, spumy.

fodder, n. provender, forage, stover; ensilage. Associated Words:
silo, ensile.

foe, n. antagonist, enemy, adversary, opponent.

fog, n. haze, mist, vapor, brume; confusion (of the mind).

fog, v. befog, obscure, confuse.

foggy, a. misty, hazy, brumous, vaporous; beclouded, confused,

fogy, n. (Colloq.) fogram, mossback.

foil, v. baffle, frustrate, thwart, circumvent.

foist, v. interpolate.

fold, n. doubling, plait, convolution; sheep-pen, cote; embrace.

fold, v. double; embrace, infold, clasp.

folding stool. faldstool.

foliage, n. leafage, leaves.

folks, n. pl. (Collog.) people, persons.

follow, v. succeed, chase, pursue, tag; dodge; result, proceed, flow,
ensue, spring, issue; pursue, practice, engage in; trace, track, trail.

follower, n. pursuer; attendant, retainer, henchman; disciple,
partisan, advocate, adherent, votary; imitator, copier.

following, n. pursuance, pursuing, pursuit; sequence, consecution,
succession; adherents, dependents, retinue; vocation, trade, profession,

following, a. succeeding, ensuing, consecutive, pursuant.

folly, n. foolishness, fatuity, indiscretion, unwisdom, absurdity,

foment, v. encourage, instigate, nurse; stupe.

fond, a. indulgent, over-affectionate, doting; affectionate, loving;
baseless, vain, unfounded.

fondle, v. caress, pet, coddle, cosset, indulge, humor.

fondness, n. indulgence, doting; affection, devotion, love;
partiality, liking, preference, predilection, propensity, appetite.

food, n. aliment, nutriment, nourishment, pabulum, nutrition, fare,
diet, bread, meat, rations, victuals, subsistence, commons, provisions,
viands, regimen, finding, sustenance, eatables, refreshments, comestibles,
trencher, ambrosia, broma, manna. Associated Words: bromatology,
bromatologist, alimental, alimentary, pabular, appetite, alimentation,
nutrition, superalimentation, pantophagist, pantophagous, pantophagy,
polyphagous, polyphagy, bromography, dietary, regimen, dietarian,
dietetics, dieter, dietist, asitia, cater, caterer, sitology, chyle,
chyme, victualer, steward, cibation, sitophobia, omnivorous, delicatessen,
proteid, nitrogen, protein, commissariat, commissary.

food for cattle. feed, fodder, provender, forage, pasturage.

food room. larder, buttery, pantry, spence.

fool, n. idiot, imbecile, natural; simpleton, dolt, dunce, defective,
witling, dotterel, driveler, blockhead, beetlehead, ninny, ignoramus,
numskull, booby, clodpate, nincompoop, ass, wiseacre, dunderhead, halfwit,
oaf, dullard, coot, mooncalf; zany, harlequin, buffoon, jester,
merry-andrew, droll, clown, scaramouch. Associated Words: stultify,

fool, v. dupe, gull, delude, hoodwink, deceive, hoax, trick, beguile,
victimize, cully; trifle, toy, dawdle.

fooling, n. foolishness, folly; zanyism, mummery, buffoonery,
monkey-tricks, harlequinism.

foolhardy, a. daredevil, reckless, rash.

foolish, a. idiotic, senseless, irrational, silly, imbecile, witless,
insensate, weak-minded, half-witted, brainless, fatuous, fatuitous,
insagacious, unintelligent; indiscreet, imprudent, ridiculous, absurd,
asinine, inept, nonsensical, puerile.

foolishness, n. idiocy, imbecility, fatuity, silliness,
irrationality, insagacity; imprudence, indiscretion, unwisdom, folly,
absurdity, ineptitude, puerility.

fool's bauble. marotte.

foot, n. paw; hoof; base, bottom, extremity. Associated Words:
chiropody, chiropodist, pedicure, orthopedy, orthopedic, orthopedist,
pedal, plantigrade, bastinado, taligrade, palmigrade, cloven, ball,
instep, phalanges.

foot-bath, n. pediluvium, pedilavium (Eccl.).

footboy, n. page, lackey.

footing, n. foothold; rank, status, standing, grade; amount, total;
tread, step.

footlicker, n. sycophant, fawner, toady, lickspittle.

footman, n. infantryman (foot-soldier); lackey.

footpad, n. highwayman, brigand, robber, thug.

footprint, n. footmark, track, footstep; spoor.

foot-shaped, a. pediform.

foot-soldiers, n. pl. infantry.

footstep, n. footmark, footprint, track, trace, vestige; spoor;
footfall, tread, step.

footstool, n. cricket, hassock.

foozle, v. bungle.--n. foozling, bungle, bungler.

fop, n. coxcomb, dude, dandy, exquisite, popinjay, blade, jackadandy.
Antonyms: sloven, guy.

foppish, a. coxcombical, dandified, finical, exquisite. Antonyms:
slovenly, seedy.

foppishness, n. foppery, dandyism, coxcombry, dudishness.

for all that. nevertheless.

forasmuch as. in as much as, since, whereas, seeing that.

foray, n. See raid.

forbear, v. refrain, stop, pause, withhold, abstain; endure,

forbearance, n. withholding, refraining; long-suffering, patience,
indulgence, toleration.

forbearing, a. long-suffering, patient, indulgent, tolerant, lenient.

forbears, n. pl. ancestors, forefathers.

forbid, v. prohibit, interdict, inhibit, restrain, taboo, preclude,

forbidden, a. prohibited, proscribed, interdicted, contraband,
inhibited, illicit, taboo.

forbidding, a. repellent, repulsive, offensive, abhorrent, odious,
repelling, grim.

forbidding, n. prohibition, interdiction, proscription, restraint,
inhibition, taboo.

force, v. compel, coerce, necessitate, constrain, oblige, make;
impel, obtrude, extort, wrest; capture, storm; rape, ravish. Antonyms:
induce, inveigle, seduce, persuade.

force, n. strength, energy, power, vigor, might, potency, cogency,
validity, efficacy, efficiency; compulsion, coercion, violence,
constraint, tension, impetus; armament, troops, army, legion, battalion,
phalanx. Associated Words: dynamics, dyne, statics, perforce, dynamic,
mechanics, brunt, kinit.

forced, a. involuntary, compulsory, strained, far-fetched.
Antonyms: spontaneous, voluntary, discretional, optional, elective.

forcible, a. energetic, potent, effective, compulsory, coercive,
drastic, vigorous.

forcing, n. compelling, compulsion, coercion, extortion,
necessitation, constraint; rape, ravishment. Antonyms: discretion,
option, election, free-will.

forearm, n. antibrachium.

forebode, v. portend, presage, foreshadow, augur betoken, foretell.

foreboding, n. premonition, presentiment, augury, prescience,

forecast, n. predetermination, premeditation, forethought.

foredoom, v. predestine, preordain.

forefather, n. ancestor, progenitor, forbear; pl. ancestry,
lineage, progenitors, forbears.

forego, v. quit, relinquish, surrender, yield, do without; precede.

foregoer, n. predecessor, forefather; forerunner, herald, harbinger,
precursor, avant-courier.

foregoing, a. previous, anterior, preceding, fore, prior, antecedent,

forehead, n. brow, sinciput. Antonym: occiput.

foreign, a. alien, extraneous, exotic, peregrine; remote,
adventitious, inappropriate.

foreigner, n. alien; emigrant, immigrant. Antonyms: native,
indigene, citizen.

foreign word, plant, or custom. exoticism, exotic.

foreknowledge, n. prescience.

foremilk, n. colostrum.

foreordain, v. preordain, predestinate, foredoom, predetermine.

foreordination, n. predestination, predetermination.

forerun, v. precede, herald.

forerunner, n. precursor, harbinger, herald, avant-courier.

foreshadow, v. presage, presignify, prognosticate, prefigure, augur.

foresight, n. prescience, foreknowledge, prudence.

foreskin, n. prepuce. Associated Words: circumcise, circumcision,

forest, n. wood, woodland, timber-land, woods, wold, wildwood.
Associated Words: sylvan, sylviculture, nemophilist, nemophily, nemoral,
afforest, afforestation, Silenus, hamadryad, glade, reforestize,
reforestation, reboise, reafforest, forestry, forester, disboscation,
disforest disforestation, hag, assart, camass, cruise, cruiser.

forestall, v. anticipate; preoccupy, monopolize.

foretell, v. predict, prophesy, prognosticate, augur, presage,
portend, forebode, bode, divine, foreshadow, presignify.

foreteller, a. See prophet.

foretelling, a. prophetic, prognostic, portentous, predictive,
oracular, augurial, divinatory.

foretelling, n. prediction, prophecy, foreshowing, prognostication,
augury, presage, foreboding, presignification, divination, oracle.

forethought, a. aforethought, prepense, deliberate.

forethought, n. premeditation, prescience, forecast, precaution,
prudence, providence.

foretoken, n. omen, prognostic, premonition, sign, augury.

forever, adv. eternally, continually, perpetually, everlastingly.

forewarning, n. premonition.--a. premonitory.

forfeit, n. forfeiture, philopena; fine, mulct, penalty, amercement.

forge, n. smithy, stithy, smithery.

forger, n. fabricator, falsifier, counterfeiter.

forgery, n. counterfeiting, falsification, counterfeit, pseudograph,
pseudography; (Civ. Law) _falsi crimen_.

forgetfulness, n. amnesty, amnesia, oblivion, Lethe; ecmnesia.

forget-me-not, n. myosotis.

forgivable, a. pardonable, venial.

forgive, v. pardon, excuse, absolve, condone, exculpate, connive,

forgiveness, n. pardon, remission, absolution, condonation,
acquittal, indulgence.

forgiving, a. compassionate, indulgent, placable, remissive.
Antonyms: unforgiving, implacable.

forgo, v. omit, relinquish, let slip.

fork, n. fourchette; divarication, branch, crotch; prong, tine; pew,

fork, v. ramify, branch, divaricate.

forked, a. furcated, bifurcated, crotched, zigzag.

forked support. crotchet.

forlorn, a. deserted, forsaken, lorn, disconsolate, lonesome.

form, n. shape, structure, configuration, figure, conformation, cast,
mould, _tournure_; formula, ritual; formality, ceremonial,
conventionality; symmetry; image, phantom; mould, pattern, model.

form, v. shape, fashion, mould.

formal, a. ceremonial, express, explicit, punctilious, methodical,
prim, ceremonious, conventional.

formality, n. ceremoniousness, precision, punctiliousness, ceremony;

formative, a. plastic, creative.

former, a. antecedent, preceding, previous, prior, foregoing, bygone,
quondam, _ci-devant_.

formerly, adv. heretofore, aforetime.

formless, a. shapeless, amorphous, chaotic.

formula, n. ritual, ceremony, ceremonial; rule, principle; recipe.

formulary, n. ritual, ceremonial, rule, formula.

forsake, v. quit, abandon, leave; renounce, reject, relinquish,

forsaken, a. abandoned, deserted, derelict, lorn.

forsaking, n. desertion, abandonment.

forswear, v. renounce, abjure, disavow.

fort, n. fortress, fortification, citadel, fastness, stronghold,
bulwark, redoubt.

forthwith, adv. immediately, directly, instantly.

fortification, n. See fort.

fortress, n. See fort.

fortunate, a. lucky, favored; auspicious, favorable. Antonyms: See

fortune-teller, n. chiromancer, palmist, chirosophist, fatiloquist,

fortune-telling, n. chiromancy, palmistry.

forty-niner, n. Argonaut.

forum, n. tribunal.

forward, a. anterior, fore; overready, presumptuous, brazen,
impertinent, obtrusive, intrusive; premature, precocious.

forward, v. advance, promote, accelerate, expedite, further;
transmit, send, ship.

forwarding, n. transmission.

fossil, n. Associated Words: paleontology, paleontography,
ichnology, fossiliferous, _in situ_.

fossilist, n. paleontologist.

fossilization, n. fossilification, lapidification.

fossilize, v. petrify, lapidify; mummify.

fossilized, a. petrified; antiquated, old-fashioned.

foster, v. nourish, nurse, support; promote, encourage, advance.

foul, a. filthy, squalid, dirty, polluted; scurrilous, abusive,
obscene, insulting, blasphemous, vituperative, vulgar; shameful,
detestable, odious, abominable, loathsome, disgusting, repulsive,
offensive; unpropitious, unfavorable; feculent, roily, turbid, dreggy,

foul, v. defile, soil, dirty, pollute.

foul-mouthed, a. scurrilous, opprobrious, abusive; blasphemous,
profane, obscene, smutty.

found, v. establish, plant, institute; cast, form, mould.

foundation, n. substructure, base, groundwork; founding
establishment; endowment; grillage. Antonym: superstructure. Associated
words: fundamental, basic, caisson.

founder, n. establisher, institutor, father, planter, originator,
moulder; closh.

founder, v. fall, stumble; fail, miscarry.

fount, n. spring, fountain.

fountain, n. fount, spring, _jet d'eau_; source, fountainhead,
origin; Castalia.

four, n. quaternion, quaternary, tetrad, quadruplet, quartette;
quadruplets. Associated Words: quadrisection quadripartite,
quadripartition, quadruplication, quarter, quadruply, quadruple.

four cities. tetrapolis.

fourfold, a. quadruple, quadruples, quadruplicate.

four-footed, a. quadruped.

four-handed, a. quadrumanous.

four-handed animals. Quadrumana.

four hundred. Associated Word: quadrigenarious.

four-sided, a. quadrangular, square, quadrilateral, tetragonal,

four-sided figure. square, tetragon, quadrangle, rhombus.

foursquare, a. quadrangular.

fourth, n. quarter.

four years, quadrennium. Associated Words: quadrennial,

fox, n. Reynard, Renard, tod, Charlie. Associated Words: vulpine,
vulpicide, skulk.

foxglove, n. digitalis.

foxy, a. cunning, sly, wily, crafty.

foyer, n. greenroom.

fracas, n. brawl, uproar, disturbance, quarrel.

fractious, a. unruly, perverse, irritable, ugly, waspish.

fracture, n. rupture, breach, breaking.

fragile, a. brittle, frangible, frail, delicate.

fragility, n. brittleness, frangibility, frailty.

fragment, n. remnant, chip, scrap, flinder, piece, flitter.

fragmentary, a. disconnected, fractional, incomplete.

fragrance, n. perfume, aroma, redolence. Antonyms: fetor, stench,

fragrant, a. sweet-smelling, redolent, aromatic, balmy,
sweet-scented. Antonyms: inodorous, scentless, fetid.

frail, a. fragile, brittle, frangible; feeble, weak, infirm.

frailty, n. fragility, frangibility, brittleness; imperfection,
fault, defect.

frame, v. devise, plan, contrive, compose; invent, fabricate; adjust,
fit, conform.

framework, n. frame, skeleton.

frank, a. candid, unreserved, outspoken, ingenuous, undisguised.

frankness, n. candor, unreserve, ingenuousness.

frantic, a. distracted, frenzied, crazed, raving.

fraternal, a. brotherly.

fraternity, n. brotherhood, brotherliness.

fraud, n. imposture, deceit, humbug, duplicity, imposition,
chicanery, wile, circumvention, guile, hypocrisy, malversation, graft,
surreption. Associated Words: collude, collusion, collusive, connivance.

fraudulent, a. deceptive, wily, crafty, subtle, surreptitious,

fraught, a. laden, freighted, charged, pregnant.

fray, n. fight, battle, combat, broil, affray; fret, chafe.

frazzle, v. fray, tatter.

frazzle, n. tag end, tatter.

freak, n. whim, vagary, caprice, whimsey, humor, crotchet, fancy.

freakish, a. whimsical, capricious, fanciful, erratic, crotchety,

freckle, n. lentigo, lenticula.

freckled, a. spotted, lentiginous.

free, v. liberate, manumit, disinthrall, deliver, emancipate,
release, enfranchise, disengage, exonerate, acquit, extricate,

free, a. exempt, immune, independent, unrestrained; liberated, freed,
released, emancipated, delivered; unconstrained, unreserved, informal,
familiar, frank, ingenuous, communicative, artless, candid; gratuitous,
spontaneous, voluntary, optional; liberal, open-handed, generous,
bountiful, lavish, flush, munificent, hospitable; unrestrained,
immoderate, prodigal, dissolute, lax; ready, eager, prompt, willing.
Antonyms: subject, reserved, formal, coercive, arbitrary, restrained,

free and easy. (Colloq.) informal, unceremonious, unrestrained.

freebooter, n. buccaneer, pillager, pirate, sea robber.

freebooting, n. plunder, pillaging, robbery.

freedom, n. exemption, immunity; liberty, independence,
self-government, autonomy; privileges, immunities, franchises; ease,
facility, unconstraint, laxity; candor, frankness, informality;
latitudinarianism. Antonyms: subjection, liability, dependence,
heteronomy, reserve, constraint, subordination, repression.

free-handed, a. liberal, open-handed, lavish.

freeing, n. emancipation, manumission, liberation, release,
disinthrallment, enfranchisement, extrication, disengagement, discharge,

free-liver, n. epicure, epicurean, voluptuary, _bon vivant_.

free-living, n. epicurism.

freely, adv. bounteously, readily, abundantly, gratuitously,
voluntarily, liberally, copiously, spontaneously, unreservedly.

free-thinker, n. infidel, unbeliever, skeptic.

free-will, a. voluntary.

freezable, a. congealable.

freeze, v. congeal.

freezing, n. congelation, congealment.

freight, n. cargo, lading, load; freightage.

Frenchism, n. Gallicism.

French policeman. gendarme.

French Protestant. Huguenot.

frenzied, a. distracted, frantic.

frenzy, n. distraction, rage, fury, delirium.

frequenter, n. habitué.

freshen, v. refresh, revive, renovate, renew.

fresh-water, a. fresh, unsalted; unskilled, raw, inexperienced,

fret, v. chafe, abrade, fray, rub; gnaw, corrode; roughen, ruffle,
agitate; worry, harass, tease, irritate, vex, fume, rankle.

fret, n. vexation, agitation, irritation; herpes, tetter, ringworm;
whelk, wale, ridge.

fretful, a. irritable, petulant, querulous, peevish, captious,

fribbling, a. frivolous, trifling.

friction, n. abrasion, attrition, confrication, rubbing; clashing,

friend, n. wellwisher, intimate, confidante, chum, associate; patron,
advocate, adherent, supporter; ally, confrère; Quaker.

friendliness, n. comity, amity, good will, amicability.

friendly, a. amicable, favorable, kind; fraternal, hospitable,
neighborly, cordial; favorable, propitious, salutary, advantageous.
Antonyms: See unfriendly.

friendship, n. amity, intimacy, amicability, friendliness.
Antonyms: enmity, estrangement, alienation, disaffection, hostility,

fright, n. alarm, fear, consternation, terror, dismay; ogre,
scarecrow, guy, dowdy.

frighten, v. terrify, alarm, scare, intimidate, dismay, affright,
daunt, appall, terrorize.

frightful, a. terrible, dreadful, hideous, ogreish, fearful,
alarming, grewsome, grim, dire, direful, awful, Gorgonian, horrible.

frill, n. ruffle, gathering, furbelow.

fringe, n. edging, margin, confine, border, fimbriation.

fringed, a. fimbriate, fimbriated, fimbricate.

frisk, n. frolic, gambol.--v. leap, skip, gambol, frolic, play.

frisky, a. frolicsome, sportive, coltish, playful, gay.

frivolous, a. trivial, trifling, petty, puerile, insignificant.

friz, v. curl, crisp, frizzle.--n. curl, frizzle.

frizzle, n. curl, friz.--v. curl, crisp, frizz.

frock, n. gown; smock-frock; soutane, cassock.

frog-eating, a. ranivorous, batrachophagous.

frogs, n. pl. Associated Words: Batrachomyomachy, ranarium,
amphibious, batrachoid, batrachian, ranine.

frolic, n. prank, lark, gambol, escapade, fun.

frolicsome, a. playful, prankish, sportive, frisky.

from head to foot. throughout, completely, cap-a-pie.

front, n. facade; obverse, face; van, fore-rank, front rank.--a.
anterior, foremost.

frost, n. rime, hoarfrost; uncordiality, unsociability, reserve.

frosting, n. icing.

frosty, a. cold, icy; uncordial, distant, aloof, unsociable;

froth, n. spume, foam.

frothing, n. rant.

frothy, a. spumy, foamy, spumous; trivial, frivolous, unsubstantial.

froward, a. refractory, unyielding, disobedient, insubmissive,

frown, n. scowl, lower, glower.

frowning, a. scowling, lowering, glowering, stern.

frowzy, a. strong-smelling, fetid, rank, musty, rancid, malodorous;
slatternly, disordered, untidy, disheveled, dowdy.

frugal, a. economical, saving, sparing, thrifty, provident.

frugality, n. economy, parsimony, thriftiness, thrift.

fruit, n. produce, harvest, crop; offspring, consequence, result,
outcome, fruitage.

fruit, n. fruitage, fruitery. Associated Words: pomology, Pomona,
pomologist, carpology, carpologist, carpophagous, drupe, carpomania,
raceme, fructiferous, fructify, fructification, bletting, pulp, rind,
orchard, nursery, pepinnery, fruitchafer, pomiculture, sarcocarp.

fruit-eating, a. frugivorous, fructivorous, carpophagous.

fruiterer, n. fruit-dealer, costermonger, coster.

fruitful, a. prolific, productive, fertile, frugiferous, fecund,

fruitless, a. unfruitful, infertile, infecund, acarpous, barren;
unavailing, useless, vain.

fruit-seller, n. fruiterer, coster, costermonger (peddler).

fruit sugar. levulose.

frump, n. (Colloq.) gossip.

frustrate, v. baffle, defeat, disappoint, foil, balk, thwart,
circumvent, nullify.

frustration, n. defeat, disappointment, balking, foiling,

frying-pan, n. spider, skillet.

fuddled, a. muddled, tipsy, drunk, intoxicated, boozy, groggy.

fudge, n. See balderdash.

fuel, n. combustibles.

fugitive, a. fleeing; evanescent, short-lived, fugacious, volatile,
ephemeral, impermanent, transient.

fugitive, n. runaway, runagate, renegade, deserter.

fulfill, v. accomplish, complete, consummate, realize, satisfy, fill,
answer, meet; discharge, perform.

fulfillment, n. consummation, accomplishment, fruition, realization;
discharge, performance.

full, a. filled up, replete; copious, ample, plethoric, plenteous,
bountiful, abundant, liberal; complete, plenary; sated, surfeited, cloyed,
glutted, gorged, saturated; engrossed with.

full swing. _carte blanche_, liberty, unrestraint.

fulsome, a. offensive, nauseous, disgusting, excessive, gross,

fume, n. exhalation, reek, smoke, steam, vapor.

fume, v. smoke, reek; storm, rage, bluster.

fun, n. merriment, mirth, gayety, frolic, jest, pleasantry,
drollery, waggery, waggishness, facetiousness, divertisement amusement,
relaxation, jocularity.

function, n. duty, province, office, business, part; discharge,
performance, execution; party, entertainment, festivity, reception.

fundament, n. buttocks.

fundamental, a. basal, elementary, original, essential, radical.

fundamentally, adv. primarily, essentially, radically.

funeral, n. obsequies.

funeral director. undertaker.

funeral oration. éloge.

funeral pile. pyre.

funeral song. dirge, elegy, requiem.

funereal, a. exequial, mournful, solemn, sad.

Fungi, n. pl. Thallophytes (toadstools_, _mushrooms_, _etc.).
Associated Words: spawn, spore, mycophagy, fungivorous, mycetophagous,
amanitine, mycelium, fungic, fungicide, fungoid, fungiform, fungous,

fungology, n. mycology.

fungus, n. thallogen, thallophyte; granulation, proud flesh.

funk, v. stink; (Colloq.) flinch, recoil, shrink back.

funk, n. (Colloq.) recoiling, flinching; shirk, coward.

funnel, n. tunnel.

funnel-shaped, a. infundibular, infundibulate, infundibuliform.

funny, a. comic, comical, amusing, droll, laughable, farcical, witty,
jocular, jocose, ludicrous, burlesque, facetious, risible, absurd,
waggish, humorous, jesting.

fur, n. peltry, pelage. Associated Words: furrier, furriery,
tippet, pelisse.

furbelow, n. flounce, frill, ruffle.

furbish, v.polish, burnish, scour, clean.

Furies, n. pl. Erinyes, Eumenides (Tisiphone, Alecto Megæra).

furious, a. infuriated, angry, raging, violent, frenzied, turbulent,

furnish, v. supply, provide, contribute, bestow, purvey, cater.

furniture, n. goods, movables. Associated Words: cabinet-maker,
cabinet-making, upholstering, shook.

furthermore, adv. moreover, besides.

fury, n. wrath, rage, indignation, ire, frenzy; virago, termagant,
shrew, vixen, beldame, Xantippe; agitation, excitement, turbulence.

fuse, v. melt, liquefy, dissolve, smelt; commingle, blend,
amalgamate, intermix.

fusion, n. melting, fluidity; intermingling, amalgamation, coalition,
blending, intermixture.

fuss, n. ado, bustle, to-do, pother, agitation, excitement.

fuss, v. pother, fume, fret; disturb, annoy, bother.

fussy, a. fidgety, fastidious, finical, particular, scrupulous,
overnice, pernickety.

fustian, n. bombast, rant, rodomontade; twaddle, nonsense,

futile, a. vain, bootless, ineffectual, unavailing, abortive,

fuzz, n. down, pubescence.

fuzzy, a. downy, pubescent.


Gabble, n. gibberish, babble, prate, prating, chatter, jargon.

gabble, v. gibber, jabber, babble, prate, chatter.

gable, n. Associated Word: pediment.

gad, n. goad.

gag, v. silence, muzzle, muffle, hush, suppress; retch.

gag, n. muffler, muzzler, silencer.

gain, n. increase, profit, advantage, increment, acquisition,
accumulation, accretion, store, hoarding; emolument, lucre.

gain, v. get, acquire, achieve, win, obtain, attain; conciliate,
persuade, induce.

gainsay, v. contradict, dispute, deny, controvert, impugn.

gaiters, n. pl. spats, spatterdashes, leggings, gramashes, puttee.

gale, n. wind, tempest; excitement, confusion, flurry.

gall, n. bile; bitterness, rancor, spite, malignity.

gall, n. (Slang) impudence, audacity, effrontery, insolence.

gall, v. chafe, fret; vex, annoy, harass, worry, exasperate.

gallant, a. polite, deferential, courtly, chivalrous.

gallant, n. spark, beau, cicisbeo, philander; lover, suitor; seducer,

gallantry, n. chivalry, bravery, heroism; courtliness, politeness,
deference; intrigue.

gall bladder. cholecystis.

gallery, n. balcony; corridor, passage, passageway; museum.

galloping, n. Associated Words: rataplan, tantivy.

gallstone, n. bilestone, biliary calculus.

galoot, n. (Slang) rowdy, blusterer.

galore, n. and a. plenty, abundance, in abundance, abounding.

gambler, n. gamester, card-sharper, blackleg, punter. Associated
words: decoy, croupier, capper, by-bidder.

gambol, v. caper, frolic, play, sport, frisk, curvet.

game, n. play, amusement, pastime, diversion, fun, sport; contest;
prey, quarry; scheme, plan, project, undertaking, enterprise, stratagem.

game, a. plucky, resolute, unyielding, courageous, unflinching,
indomitable, undaunted, unconquerable; (Colloq.) crippled, lame,
crooked, deformed.

gang, n. band, crew, company, group, crowd, set, squad, party,
number, clique.

gangling, a. (Colloq.) lanky, spindling.

gangrene, n. mortification, sphacelation.--v. mortify,

gangrenous, a. mortified, mortifying, sphacelate.

gap, n. hiatus, rift, crevice, rent, interstice, chasm. See

gape, v. yawn, oscitate; gaze, stare.

gape, n. yawn, yawning, gaping, oscitancy, oscitation; rictus (the

gaping, n. yawning, oscitancy, oscitation; staring.

garbage, n. offal, refuse, swill, waste. Associated Word:

garble, v. pervert, distort, falsify, misstate, wrench, misquote,

garbling, n. perversion, distortion, falsification, misstatement,

gardener, n. horticulturist.

gardening, n. horticulture.

garland, n. wreath, chaplet, coronal, bays, laurel; anthology,

garnish, v. embellish, beautify, decorate, trim, adorn.

garniture, n. garnish, garnishment, embellishment, decoration,

garret, n. attic, cockloft.

gaseous, a. aëriform, gassy, gasiform; tenuous, thin, unsubstantial.

gash, v. slash, incise.

gash, n. incision, slash.

gasp, n. pant, panting.--v. pant.

gassing, n. (Slang) boasting, vaunt, gasconade, palaver, vapor,

gassy, a. gaseous, aëriform; (Slang) boastful, bombastic, vaporous,

gate, n. entrance, portal; wicket; turnstile, turnpike; postern;
tollgate; sluice gate; stanch; herse, portcullis.

gather, v. congregate, assemble, convene, muster, collect,
concentrate; harvest, pick, glean, pluck, crop, reap; accumulate, amass,
hoard, garner; contract, compress; pucker, plait, ruffle, shirr; infer,
conclude, deduce; maturate.

gather, n. pucker, plait, ruffle, shirring.

gathering, n. collection, crowd, assembly, congregation, concourse,
assemblage, muster, party, company; accumulation, amassing, amassment;
abscess, imposthume, ulcer, boil, carbuncle, suppuration, maturation,

gaudy, a. showy, flashy, meretricious, ostentatious, tawdry, garish.

gaunt, a. emaciated, pinched, attenuated, meager, lean.

gawk, n. gawky, booby, lout, simpleton, hind, boor.

gawky, a. ungraceful, clumsy, ungainly, loutish, boorish, uncouth.

gay, a. merry, sportive, frolicsome, lively, exhilarating, vivacious,
jolly, blithe, airy, boon, convivial, jovial, joyous; brilliant, dashing,
gallant, showy; garish, gaudy, flashing, tawdry; (Colloq.) loose,
dissolute, fast.

gayety, n. merriment, mirth, hilarity, sportiveness, conviviality,
joviality, light-heartedness, elation.

gear, n. rigging, tackle, gearing, mechanism, draught-gear;
accouterments, trappings.

geld, v. castrate.

gem, n. jewel.

general, a. indefinite, vague, ill-defined; prevalent, extensive;
usual, common, ordinary, regular. Antonyms: specific, definite.

generality, n. bulk, common run, mass, main body; universality,

generalship, n. strategy.

generate, v. procreate, beget, engender, reproduce; originate,
produce, propagate.

generation, n. procreation, reproduction, prolification, begetting;
origination, production, formation.

generative, a. generating, procreative, genial.

generosity, n. magnanimity, nobleness; liberality, munificence,
bounty, bountifulness, beneficence, lavishsess.

generous, a. magnanimous, noble, highminded, ingenuous; munificent,
bountiful, open-handed, liberal, lavish, charitable, unstinted; abundant,
plentiful, overflowing. Antonyms: illiberal, ungenerous, stingy, scant,
miserly, penurious.

genial, a. generative, procreative; cheerful, pleasant, agreeable,
cordial, friendly, hearty.

genitals, n. pl. See sexual organs.

gentle, a. well-born, genteel, high-born; docile, tractable, tame,
subdued; mild, quiet, peaceable, meek, unobtrusive; bland, soothing,
pacific, clement, tender, humane; courteous, cultivated, deferential.
Antonyms: drastic, refractory, vicious, brusque, harsh, rough, severe,
rigorous, intractable, indocile.

gentleman, n. Antonyms: cad, boor, churl, Philistine, guy, lout.

gentlemanly, a. courteous, deferential, polite, urbane, gallant,

genuine, a. authentic, veritable, sterling, unmixed, real, pure;
sincere, heartfelt, unaffected. Antonyms: spurious, counterfeit, false,
supposititious, adulterated.

germ, n. origin, first principle; embryo, bud, seed, spore.

German, a. Teutonic.

german, a. related, allied.

German, n. Teuton.

German characteristic. Germanism, Teutonicism.

germane, a. related, allied, akin, relevant, appropriate.

German Federal Council. Bundesrath.

German House of Representatives. Reichstag.

German measles. rubella.

German silver. packfong.

germ destroyer. germicide.

gesture, n. gesticulation, gesturing.--v. gesticulate.

get, v. procure, obtain, acquire, secure, gain, achieve, attain,
realize; induce, persuade, prevail on, win; betake remove; receive; beget,
procreate, engender.

get ahead. advance, prosper, flourish, thrive, proceed; forestall.

getatable, a. (Colloq.) accessible. Antonym: inaccessible

get back. return; recover, recuperate, reclaim, retrieve, regain.

get clear. be acquitted, be released, escape.

get down. descend, alight, dismount.

get off. descend, alight, dismount; escape, be released, be

get on. mount; prosper, advance, progress.

get out. extricate, release.

get over. surmount, overcome, conquer; recover from.

getting, n. acquisition, obtaining, receiving, acquirement,

gewgaw, n. bawble, gaud, knickknack, trifle, toy, trinket, bagatelle.

ghastly, a. cadaverous, ghostly, pallid, pale, horrible, shocking,

ghost, n. shade, phantom, apparition, spectre, spook, revenant,
sprite, wraith; spirit.

ghostly, a. spiritual; spectral, phantomlike.

ghost worship. sciotheism.

ghoul, n. vampire.

giant, n. colossus, monster, Hercules, Goliath, Titan, Cyclops,
Brobdingnagian, ogre.

gibberish, n. jargon, jabber, gabbling, babble, drivel.

gibe, v. scoff, flout, jeer, sneer, ridicule, deride, mock.

gibe, n. ridicule, sneer, sarcasm, derision, mockery.

giddy, a. fickle, mercurial, volatile, flighty, unstable, inconstant,
thoughtless; light-headed, dizzy, vertiginous.

gift, n. gratuity, present, largess, offering, grant, donation,
boon, bounty, bequest, benefaction, contribution, subsidy, legacy, alms,
donative, douceur, dotation, sportula; endowment, talent.

gifted, a. talented.

gigantic, a. enormous, colossal, Herculean, vast, Cyclopean,
prodigious, Titanic, Gargantuan, Brobdingnagian.

giggle, n. snicker, snigger, titter.

gimcrack, n. device, toy, plaything, trinket, knickknack, jiggumbob.

gin, n. trap, snare, springe, artifice, toils; windlass, crane;
Holland gin, schnapps.

gingerly, adv. carefully, cautiously, timidly, fastidiously.

giraffe, n. camelopard.

gird, v. encircle, engird, surround, equip, prepare.

girdle, n. cestus, sash, belt, band, cincture.

girl, n. maiden, maid, lass, lassie, damsel, miss, nymph, virgin;
domestic, maid, waitress; ingenue; soubrette; filly, gill; wench; hoiden,
hussy, minx; coleen (Anglo-Irish).

girlhood, n. maidenhood, virginity.

girth, n. belly-band; circumference.

gist, n. core, substance, pith, marrow, essence.

give, v. confer, bestow, accord, grant, vouchsafe, donate,
contribute, impart, yield, afford, assign. Antonyms: withhold, refuse.

give and take. exchange, interchange, reciprocate, alternate.

give back. return, restore, refund.

give in. yield, surrender, succumb, recede. Antonyms: resist,

given, a. granted, assumed; disposed, inclined; stated, specified.

give off. emit, exhale.

give out. announce, proclaim, publish, report; fail, be inadequate,
be exhausted.

giver, n. donor.

give up. surrender, disgorge; yield, cease, desist, quit,
relinquish, waive, cede, succumb, abdicate, abandon, desert. Antonyms:
resist, withstand, continue, persist.

give way. withdraw, retire, recede; yield, collapse.

giving, n. conferring, bestowal, granting, benefaction.

giving and taking. reciprocity, reciprocation.

glad, a. pleased, delighted, happy, joyous, joyful, gratified,
rejoiced, merry, exhilarated, elated, cheery, animated, gladsome,
jubilant, felicitous, refreshing, exhilarating. Antonyms: sad,
sorrowful. See sad.

gladden, v. cheer, delight, please, exhilarate, gratify, buoy, elate,

gladness, n. delight, pleasure, elation, exhilaration, jubilation,

glamour, n. charm, witchery, magic, spell; illusion, glitter,
delusion, glory. Antonyms: disillusionment, disenchantment.

glance, n. glimpse; allusion; gleam, flash, glitter.

glance, v. glimpse; allude, hint; gleam, beam, glitter.

glare, v. glitter, glisten, dazzle; frown, glower.

glaring, a. dazzling, intense, brilliant; flagrant, notorious,

glass, n. flint glass, crystal glass; aventurine; murrhine glass;
strass (artificial gems); schmelze (Bohemian glass); crystal,

glass, n. tumbler, goblet, bumper, beaker, schooner, bocal; decanter;
carafe; looking-glass, mirror, speculum, cheval glass, pier glass; lens,
spyglass, microscope, telescope, binocular, binocle, opera glass,
lorgnette, polyscope, altiscope, optigraph, prism, reflector, refractor;
hourglass; barometer; hydrometer; pipette; graduate; hygrometer; monocle;
cloche; bolthead, matrass.

glass, n. Associated Words: vitrifacture, vitrifaction, vitrics,
vitrify, vitriform, vitrified, vitrifiable, vitric, devitrify,
devitrification, glazier, glazing, crizzel, invitrifiable vitreous,
vitrescent, vitrescence, hyalography.

glasses, n. pl. spectacles, eye-glasses, pince-nez, goggles,
blinkers, barnacles, lorgnette, louchettes.

glassy, a. vitreous, crystalline, transparent, crystal.

Glauber's salt. sulphate of soda.

gleam, v. glimmer, glitter, radiate, beam, scintillate, sparkle.

gleam, n. beam, ray, glimmer, glance, flash; splendor, sparkle,

glee, n. merriment, joy, mirth, gayety.

gleeful, a. merry, gay, mirthful.

gleety, a. ichorous.

glib, a. smooth, slippery; fluent, voluble, bland, oily.

glimmering, n. glimmer, glimpse, inkling, glance.

glimpse, n. glance; flash; inkling.

glisten, v. sparkle, shine, gleam, flash, glitter, glister.

glister, v. sparkle, glisten, glitter.

glitter, n. brilliancy, shine, gleam, fulgency, radiance.

glitter, v. sparkle, gleam, glisten, glister.

glittering, a. sparkling, glistening, glistering, gleaming, bright,

globe, n. sphere, ball, orb.

gloom, n. gloominess, shadow; melancholy, depression, dejection,

gloomy, a. dark, dismal, obscure, dim, shaded, lowering, overcast,
lurid; melancholy, dejected, sad, despondent, pessimistic, disheartened,
morose, crestfallen, glum, saturnine; disheartening, depressing,

glorious, a. magnificent, grand, resplendent, splendid, admirable,
noble, excellent; (Colloq.) hilarious, ecstatic, elated.

glory, n. fame, renown, honor, eminence, celebrity; pomp,
magnificence, splendor; pride, exultation, arrogance; halo, nimbus,
aureole. Antonyms: ignominy, dishonor, obscurity, ingloriousness, shame,

glory, v. exult, boast, vaunt.

Glory be to the Father. _Gloria Patri_.

gloss, n. luster, polish, sheen, glaze, enamel; show, pretense;
commentary, note, annotation, comment, postil.

gloss, v. annotate, comment, illustrate; glaze, polish; palliate,
extenuate, gloss over.

glossy, a. shining, sleek, sheeny, lustrous, polished, glazed, glacé;
specious, plausible.

glove-maker, n. glover.

glowing, a. ardent, passionate, warm, flushed; luminous,

glue, v. cement, glutinate, agglutinate. Antonyms: unglue,

glum, a. moody, dumpish, sullen, sulky, morose, sour.

glut, v. satiate, sate, cloy, surfeit; overfeed, overstock,

glut, n. superfluity, superabundance, overstock, excess.

glutton, n. gormandizer, belly-god, cormorant, gormand; wolverine.

gluttonous, a. voracious, gluttonish.

gluttony, n. voracity, gormandism.

gnawer, n. rodent; pl. Rodentia.

gnawing, a. rodent.

go, v. operate, pass, move, advance, repair, hark, budge, stir,
resort, frequent, wend; circulate; tend, conduce, contribute; depart;
reach, extend.

go, n. fashion, vogue, mode, custom, style; animation, mettle,
Spirit, fire; (Colloq.) energy, life, enterprise, push, perseverance,
stamina; (Slang) circumstance, occurrence, incident, happening, event.

goad, n. gad, prick; instigation, spur, stimulant.

goad, v. urge, incite.

goal, n. bourne, end, aim, destination.

goat, n. buck; Billy goat; Nanny goat; Capra; Capricorn.

goatish, a. hircine, caprine.

go back. return, recede, retreat, retrograde, back, withdraw.

go back on. (Colloq.) apostatize, desert, renounce, forsake, be

go before. precede, antecede.

goblin, n. gnome, hobgoblin, spectre, bugaboo.

go between. intervene, interpose, intercede, mediate.

go-between, n. middleman, agent, broker, procurer, factor,
intermediary, arbitrator, referee, intercessor, advocate, interagent,

go beyond. surpass, transcend, exceed, overstep, transgress.

go-by, n. neglect, ignoring, pretermission.

god, n. deity, divinity, idol. Associated Words: deify,
deification, apotheosize, apotheosis, theogony, Olympus, pantheon,
deicide, deifie, deiform, mythology, polytheism, monotheism, theomachy,
cuhemerism, monolatry, undeify, undeification, oracle.

God, n. the Supreme Being, the Creator, Jehovah, Infinite Spirit,
Deity, the First Cause, the Almighty; (Hebrew) Elohim, El Shaddai,
Adonai, Jah. Associated Words: theism, deism, atheism, theocracy,
theocrasy, theology, theomachy, pantheism, acosmism, pancosmism,
theocentric, thearchy, theomania, theosophy, theochristic, theodicy,
theophany, demiurge, anthropomorphism, anthropomorphology, tetragrammaton,
anthropopathism, psychotheism.

godfather, n. sponsor.

godless, a. irreligious, impious, atheistical, ungodly.

godlike, a. divine.

godlessness, n. irreligion, impiety, atheism, ungodliness.

godly, a. devout, religious, pious, saintly.

godmother, n. sponsor.

godsend, n. boon, windfall.

going, n. traveling; departure; exit, egress, exodus.

going back. return, recession, retreat, withdrawal, retrogradation.

going back on. apostasy, defection, renunciation, perfidy,
desertion, unfaithfulness.

going before. precedence, antecedence, priority.--a. precedent,
antecedent, prior, preceding.

going between. intercession, mediation, intervention, interposition,
arbitration.--a. mediatorial, intercessory, mediatory.

goiter, n. bronchocele, tracheocele.

gold, n. _aurum_; bullion, (uncoined gold). Associated words:
alchemist, alchemy, auriferous, alloy, assay, assayer, assaying, filigree,
aurated, auric, aureate, aurific, aurigraphy, aurivorous, aurocephalous,
platinum, aurous, billet, carat, chlorination, chrysography, cupel, foil,
cupellation, gild, orphrey, vermeil, gilded, gilding, gilt, orris,
amalgamated, goldsmith, bonanza, schlich, inaurate, inauration, ingot,
lingot, lode, nugget, ore, ormolu, pinchbeck, blick, Mannheim gold.

golden age. Associated Word: Saturnian.

gondolier, n. Associated Word: barcarolle (song).

goneness, n. (Colloq.) inanition, faintness, exhaustion, languor.

good, a. virtuous, worthy, moral, exemplary, conscientious, sterling,
meritorious, saintly, guileless; humane, altruistic, philanthropic,
benevolent, indulgent; desirable, excellent, expedient, commendable,
beneficial, auspicious, propitious, favorable; clever, dexterous,
competent, adroit, proficient, ready.

good, n. welfare, benefit, advantage, weal, well-being, utility,
interest; virtue, excellence, worth, character, value.

good-bye, n. farewell, adieu, _au revoir_.

good fellow. trump, brick, _bon vivant_.

good graces. favor, friendship, regard.

good humor. amiability, geniality, affability, complaisance.

good-looking, a. comely, handsome, pretty, personable.

good nature. amiability, benignity, geniality, complaisance, good
humor, affability.

good-natured, a. amiable, jovial, affable, complaisant, indulgent,
good-humored, genial.

goods, n. pl. chattels, effects, possessions; merchandise, wares,

goose, n. gander (male goose); gosling (young goose); graylag,
ganza (wild goose); goslet; pl. geese; Anseres, Anseriformes.
Associated Words: anserene, anserous, gosherd, yang, honk, gaggle,

goose, n. simpleton, gull, dupe, witling, numskull.

gore, v. stab, pierce, penetrate.--n. blood, cruor; gusset.

gorge, n. gully, defile, ravine, pass.

gorge, v. bolt, gulp, eat greedily; glut, stuff, satiate.

gorgeous, a. magnificent, elegant, resplendent, grand, splendid.

gossip, n. tattler, tale-bearer, frump, quidnunc; gossipry.

go to bed. retire.

gourd, n. calabash.

gout, n. podagra, arthritis.

govern, v. direct, control, regulate, command, reign, influence,
restrain, bridle, guide.

governable, a. manageable, obedient, submissive.

government, n. governance, sway, dominion, command, regency,
authority, regulation, administration. Antonyms: anarchy, license,

governor, n. chief magistrate, executive. Associated Word:

gown, n. dress; robe; wrapper; cassock, soutane.

grab, v. seize, snatch, clutch, grasp, pluck.

grace, n. compassion, lenity, mercy, benevolence, love, excellence,
virtue; beauty, loveliness, gracefulness, comeliness; refinement,
elegance, courtliness, culture, polish; holiness, saintliness, sanctity,

grace, v. adorn, beautify, embellish; dignify, honor, exalt.

graceful, a. elegant, easy, willowy, courtly, polished. Antonyms:
See ungraceful.

graceless, a. depraved, abandoned, reprobate, shameless,

gracious, a. merciful, lenient, beneficent, compassionate, benign,
tender; graceful, elegant; courteous, debonair, complaisant, urbane,

graduate, n. alumnus; pl. alumni.

graft, v. ingraft, march.

grafting, n. ingrafting, ingraftment, inarching.

grain, n. kernel, seed; cereals (edible grains); granule, pellet.
Associated Words: granary, sheaf, shock, farina, graniferous, chaff,
glume, grits, groats, grist, Ceres, flail, thrash, windrow, frumentaceous,

grain, n. fiber, texture; disposition, humor, temper; particle, whit,
mite, scintilla, atom, iota, jot, trace.

grain-eating, a. granivorous.

grainy, a. granular, granulate, granulated, granulous.

grand, a. august, imposing, sublime, stately, magnificent, splendid,
palatial, lofty, consummate, glorious, superb, elegant, majestic,
gorgeous, luxurious, impressive, dignified, illustrious, noble.

grandeur, n. splendor, magnificence, elegance, sublimity, majesty,

grandfather, n. grandsire, patriarch.

grandiose, a. impressing, imposing; bombastic, turgid, declamatory,

grandmother, n. grandam.

grandparent, n. Associated Word: aval.

grant, v. convey, transfer, code; give, bestow, allot, deign,
vouchsafe; admit, concede, allow, comply, permit.

grant, n. conveyance, transfer, cession;, concession; gift, bounty,

grant back. recede.

grape-culture, n. viticulture.

grapes, n. pl. Associated Words: vineyard, vineyardist, arbor,
grapery, pergola, viticolous, marc, must, prokris, rape, coulure,
racemation, tartar, argol.

grape-sugar, n. glucose, dextrose, diabetic sugar, starch sugar.

grapple, v. seize, attack, clutch, grasp, struggle, wrestle, contend.

grappling dogs. spandogs.

grappling iron. grapnel, grab, grapple.

grasp, v. seize, clutch, clinch, clasp, gripe; struggle, wrestle;
comprehend, understand.

grasp, n. seizure, apprehension, gripe, clasp, grip, prehension;
hold, possession; comprehension, understanding.

grasping, a. avaricious, sordid, covetous, niggardly, greedy.

grass, n. herbage, pasture, pasturage; sward, sod, greensward, lawn,
esplanade. Associated Words: agrostology, agrostologist, agrostography,
gramineous, graze, palea, graminology, gramineal, swath, rowen, aftermath,
turf, tussock, hassock, aftergrass, fog, glume, graminaceous.

grass-eating, a. graminivorous, herbivorous.

grass-eating animals. Herbivora.

grateful, a. thankful. Antonym: ungrateful.

gratification, n. satisfaction, indulgence, enjoyment, fruition,
pleasure, delight.

gratify, v. satisfy, indulge, content, delight, humor, Antonyms:
deny, mortify.

grating, a. harsh, jarring, rasping, discordant.

gratitude, n. thankfulness. Antonym: ingratitude.

gratuitous, a. spontaneous, free, voluntary; unrepaid, unrequited;
uncalled for, unwarranted, unfounded.

grave, a. important, momentous, serious; sober, solemn, staid,
demure, sedate, quiet, thoughtful, subdued, sepulchral.

grave, n. tomb, sepulcher, charnel-house, ossuary, sepulture;
tumulus, barrow.

grave-clothes, n. pl. cerements, shroud, winding-sheet.

gravel, n. pebbles, grit, shingle; arena; gravelstone, pebble,

graven, a. carved, sculptured.

graver, n. engraver, sculptor; burin.

grave wax. adipocere.

gray, a. hoary; slate, drab, maltese, mouse-colored.

grease, n. lubricant, fat.--v. lubricate.

greaser, n. lubricant, lubricator.

greasy, a. sebaceous, oily, unctuous, oleaginous, fatty.

great, a. immense, enormous, prodigious, gigantic; numerous,
countless; superior, excellent, admirable; eminent, famous, illustrious,
distinguished, renowned, famed, noted; egregious, flagrant, serious,
grievous; fabulous, excessive, immoderate, exorbitant.

greatest, a. supreme, superlative, utmost, maximum.

greatest good. _summum bonum_.

great-hearted, a. magnanimous.

great-heartedness, n. magnanimity.

great spirit. Manito (Amer. Ind.)

greediness, n. avarice, voracity, avidity, covetousness, rapacity,
gluttony, insatiableness, cupidity.

greedy, a. avaricious, grasping; sordid, covetous; insatiable,
ravenous, voracious, gluttonous, rapacious; insatiate.

greedy-gut, n. (Low) glutton, gormand.

Greek, a. Grecian, Hellenic.

Greek, n. Grecian, Hellene; Romaic, Hellenic, Neo-Hellenic.

Greek, n. (Colloq.) mystery.

green, a. verdant, emerald, virid, virescent; immature, unripe; raw,
untrained, callow, unsophisticated, awkward, inexperienced, unskilled,
undisciplined, gullible; unseasoned; fresh, undecayed. Antonyms: sear,
parched, seasoned, ripe, experienced, veteran.

greenhorn, n. (Colloq.) tyro, novice, gull, dupe, yahoo, gudgeon.

greenhouse, n. conservatory.

green manuring. sideration.

greenness, n. verdancy, viridity, verdure; rawness, immaturity,
unripeness; inexperience, unsophisticatedness, gullibility..

greensand, n. marl.

green-sickness, n. chlorosis.

greet, v. address, salute, hail, accost.

greeting, n. salutation, salute.

grief, n. anguish, sorrow, heartbreak, regret, remorse, dolor,
misery, heartache, woe, tribulation, rue, affliction, bereavement, trial,
adversity, distress, grievance.

grievance, n. wrong, injustice, resentment, trouble, complaint,
gravamen (Law).

grieve, v. mourn, regret, lament, rue, weep, sorrow, bewail, deplore;
wound, afflict, try, distress, pain.

grievous, a. afflictive, distressing, deplorable, lamentable,
painful; heinous, atrocious, flagitious, outrageous, flagrant, egregious,
nefarious; plaintive, pitiful.

grill, n. gridiron, broiler.

grilling, n. broiling, grillade.

grimy, a. begrimed.

grind, v. crush, powder, pulverize, comminute, bruise, bray,
triturate, levigate; harass, persecute, oppress.

grind, n. grinding, pulverization; (Slang) drudgery; (Slang) dig.

grinder, n. abradant.

grinding, n. pulverization, trituration, crushing,
levigation.--a. abradant.

grinding stone. millstone, muller, metate.

grip, n. clutch, grasp; (Colloq.) grippe.

grip, n. (Colloq.) gripsack, valise, satchel, traveling-bag.

grip, v. seize, clutch, grasp, clinch.

gripes, n. pl. colic.

griping, n. gripes, colic.

grippe, n. influenza.

gristle, n. cartilage.

gristly, a. cartilaginous.

grit, n. firmness, resolution, courage, fortitude, spirit,

gritty, a. sandy; (Colloq.) unyielding, plucky, spirited,
determined, resolute.

grizzly bear. Ephraim (Hunter's name).

groan, n. and v. moan.

grogblossom, n. rosedrop, rosy whelk.

grogshop, n. dramshop, saloon.

groom, n. valet; hostler, stable-man; bridegroom.

groove, n. rut, channel, furrow; chamfret, rabbet, fluting; stria,

groove, v. channel, furrow; chamfer, flute.

grooved, a. channeled, chamfered, fluted, striated.

gross, n. aggregate.

grotesque, a. fantastic, bizarre, outlandish, baroque, whimsical.

grouchy, a. (Colloq.) unamiable, sullen, surly, cynical, morose,

ground, n. soil, earth, dirt, clod, loam, mould, clay, land; premise,
reason, consideration, motive, inducement, reason; terra-firma.

ground hog. woodchuck, American marmot.

groundless, a. unfounded, chimerical, baseless, unauthorized.

grounds, n. pl. settlings, sediment, dregs, precipitate.

ground squirrel. chipmunk, hackee.

groundwork, n. foundation, basis, base.

group, n. cluster, assemblage, crowd.

grouty, a. (Colloq.) unamiable, sulky, sullen, cynical, surly,

grovel, v. crawl, sneak, cringe, wallow, fawn.

groveling, a. debased, abject, servile, sneaking.

grow, v. increase, extend, augment, wax, accrue, develop, expand,
mature, flourish, thrive; vegetate, sprout, pullulate, germinate,
bourgeon; raise, cultivate. Antonyms: wane, atrophy, blast, diminish,
stunt, stagnate.

grower, n. cultivator.

growing, a. developing, waxing, increasing, flourishing.

growing together. accretion, concretion, coalescence.--a.
coalescent, accretive.

growl, n. grumble, snarl, gnarl.

growler, n. grumbler, snarler, murmurer, cynic, pessimist,

growth, n. growing, development, accretion, extension, increase,
augmentation, increment, enlargement; excrescence hypertrophy, overgrowth;
germination, cultivation, pullulation, sprouting. Antonyms: atrophy,
decrease, blasting, undevelopment.

grow together. coalesce, concrete, accrete

grub, v. drudge, slave, moil; root out, uprooc, eradicate.

grub, n. caterpillar, maggot, larva, grubworm.

grub-ax, n. mattock.

grudge, n. ill-will, hatred, antipathy, rancor, aversion, enmity,
resentment, envy.

grudge, v. begrudge, resent, envy.

grudgeful, a. envious, resentful.

grudgingly, adv. unwillingly, reluctantly, sullenly, enviously

gruff, a. ungracious, brusque, surly, rude, impolite, stern.

grum, a. morose, surly, sour, glum; guttural, low, rumbling.

grumble, v. murmur, repine, complain, croak; growl, snarl.

grumbler, n. complainer, croaker, fault-finder, growler.

grumpy, a. (Colloq.) surly, disgruntled, grouty, irritable, sullen.

guarantee, n. warranty, security, surety.

guard, v. protect, defend, shield, shelter, fortify, preserve.
Antonym: expose.

guard, n. guardsman, watch, watchman, sentinel, patrol, sentry,
picket; convoy, escort, body-guard; defense, protection, shield,
safeguard, bulwark, armor; attention, heed, watch, circumspection.
Associated Word: cordon.

guarded, a. cautious, wary, circumspect, careful, reserved,

guardian, n. defender, guard, tutelary saint, keeper, warden,
protector, defense, guardian angel. Antonyms: ward, protégé.

guardian, a. tutelary, protecting, tutelar.

guardianship, n. protection, care, watch, wardenship, tutelage.

guess, v. conjecture, speculate, surmise; think, suppose, presume,
apprehend, believe, daresay, opine.

guess, n. conjecture, surmise, supposition, speculation.

guesswork, n. conjecture.

guide, v. pilot, steer, direct, govern, conduct.

guide, n. conductor, pilot, director; cicerone; polestar; rudder,
regulator; mentor, monitor, counsellor; key, clew.

guidebook, n. itinerary.

guiding star. loadstar, polestar, Cynosure.

guild, n. society, association, fraternity, corporation, brotherhood.

guile, n. subtlety, cunning, wiliness, deceit, insincerity, artifice.

guileful, a. deceitful, crafty, artful, wily, subtle, designing.

guileless, a. innocent, artless, sincere, undesigning, ingenuous.

guilt, n. criminality, guiltiness, complicity, culpability, crime;
wrong, offense, transgression, sin. Antonyms: innocence, inculpability.

guiltless, a. inculpable, blameless, innocent.

guilty, a. culpable, punishable, criminal, peccant, sinful.

guise, n. way, custom, manner, mien; garb, shape, appearance, dress,

gulch, n. gully, ravine.

gulf, n.abyss, chasm; vortex, whirlpool, rapids, maelstrom; bay.

gulfweed, n. sargasso.

gull, n. cheat, swindle, humbug, fraud; dupe, gudgeon, cully; seamew,
mew, cob.

gullet, n. esophagus.

gullible, a. credulous.

gully, n. gulch, ravine, gorge, couloir.

gumboll, n. parulis.

gummy, a. viscous, adhesive.

gumption, n. (Colloq.) shrewdness, sagacity, discernment, acumen,
common sense.

gum-yielding, a. guttiferous.

gun, n. firearm, weapon, rifle, shotgun, blunderbuss, musket,
flobert, pistol, revolver, derringer, cannon, swivel gun, matchlock,
breech-loader, stanchion gun, arquebus, Krupp gun, Winchester, howitzer,
gatling gun, flintlock. Associated Words: bayonet, gunsmith, bore,
caliber, trigger, hammer, ramod, armory, armorer, gunsmithery, holster.

gun-cotton, n. pyroxylin.

gunner, n. cannoneer.

gunroom, n. wardroom.

guns, n. pl. artillery, ordnance, cannon, armament, arms.

gunsmith, n. armorer, gunmaker.

gunwale, n. portoise.

gush, v. rush, pour, stream, spout.

gushing, a. rushing, pouring; (Colloq.) effusive, demonstrative,
ebullient, sentimental.

gusto, n. enjoyment, appreciation, relish, taste.

gut, n. intestine.--v. disembowel, eviscerate.

guts, n. pl. intestines, bowels, entrails.

gutter, n. eaves trough, cullis; conduit, channel, drain, rindle;

guttersnipe, n. (Slang) street Arab, gamin.

gutting, n. disembowelment, evisceration.

guy, n. guy-rope, stay, shore; scarecrow, dowdy, fright, effigy.

guy, v. steady, guide, shore, stay (with a rope); (Colloq.) fool,
baffle, ridicule.

gymnast, n. athlete.

gymnastic, a. athletic, calisthenic.

gymnastics, n. pl. athletics, calisthenics.

gypsy, n. Romany, Bohemian; Romany, Romanes (language); schemer,

gypsy, a. nomadic, vagabond.


Habit, n. wont, custom, practice, usage, habitude, addiction, way,

habitual, a. wonted, customary, regular, accustomed.

habituate, v. accustom, addict, inure, familiarize. Antonyms:
disaccustom, wean.

hag, n. vixen, virago, termagant, harridan, fury, Jezebel, beldame.

haggard, a. gaunt, emaciated, hollow-eyed.

haggle, v. hack, hackle; chaffer, higgle.

haggler, n. higgler, chafferer.

hail, v. accost, salute, address, signal.

hail-storm, n. Associated Words: paragrandine, paragrêle.

hair, n. bristle; pubescence; pubes; tentaculum, palpus; lock, tress;
coiffure; chignon; forelock. Associated Words: trichology, depilatory,
depilitant, depilate, depilation, disheveled, bandeau, barrette, tonsure,
pomade, follicle, sac, fillet, ecdysis, endysis, bandoline, piliferous,
piliform, piligerous, coiffeur, tousled.

hairiness, n. hirsuteness, hirsuties, pubescence, villosity,
capillament, hypertrichosis.

hairless, a. bald, glabrous, depilous.

hairsplitting, a. subtle, fine.

hair-worm, n. gordius.

hairy, a. hirsute, shaggy, bristly, pubescent.

half, adv. partially, imperfectly.

half, n. moiety.

half-blooded, a. hybrid, mongrel, degenerate, half-breed.

half-hearted, a. indifferent, lukewarm, perfunctory.

half-moon, n. crescent. Associated Word: semilunar.

halfway, adv. in the middle, imperfectly, partially.--a.
intermediate, midway.

half-witted, a. imbecile, defective, silly, dull-witted, witless.

half-yearly, a. semi-annual, bi-annual.

hall, n. auditorium, lyceum; vestibule, entry, court; corridor,
passage, lobby; manor-house; odeon.

hallow, v. consecrate, venerate, reverence, sanctify, bless.

hallowed, a. holy, sacred, consecrated, dedicated, blessed,

hallucination, n. aberration, chimera, fallacy, self-deception,
delusion, phantasm, illusion.

halo, n. nimbus, glory, aureola, aureole.

haloed, a. glorified, aureoled.

halve, v. bisect, dimidiate.

halving, n. bisection, dichotomy, dimidiation.

hammer, n. sledge, sledge-hammer, maul, mallet, beetle, gavel, kevel,
crandall, marteline. Associated Words: peen, hephestic, poll.

hammer, v. beat, forge, malleate, beetle.

hammer and tongs. vigorously, forcibly, energetically.

hamper, v. fetter, shackle, impede, restrain, hinder, encumber,

hamper, n. hanaper; shackle, fetter, restraint, impediment.

hamstring, n. hough.--v. disable, cripple, lame, hough.

hand, n. paw, manus. Associated Words: chirology, chiromancy,
palmistry, chiropody, chiropodist, chirognomy, chirographer,
chirographist, chirogymnast, chirologist, cheirosophy, manicure,
chiromancer, manual, chirography, ambidextral, ambidextrous,
ambidexterity, ambidexter, achirous, chiragra, fist, manacle, castanets,
mount, discriminal, bimanual, bimanous.

handbag, n. satchel, reticule.

handbook, n. manual, guidebook, _vade mecum_, hornbook, enchiridion.

handcuff, n. manacle, fetter, shackle.

hand down. transmit (in succession).

handle, n. bail; hilt, haft.

handy, a. dexterous, adroit, ready; convenient.

hang, v. suspend; dangle; execute; droop, drop; append, attach;
depend, rest; hover, impend, threaten; lean, incline, slope; lynch.

hang, n. (Colloq.) connection, arrangement, plan.

hang back. hesitate, falter, be reluctant.

hangdog, a. sneaking, ashamed, shamefaced, guilty.

hanger-on, n. tagtail, satellite, parasite, sycophant, dependant,
vassal, minion, sponger, toady, heeler, toadeater, fawner, votary.

hanging, a. suspended, pendent, pendulous, pensile, dangling.

hanging, n. suspension; execution; drapery, valance, tapestry,
dorsal, lambrequin. Associated Words: gallows gibbet.

hanging on. persistence, tenacity, importunity.

hangman, n. executioner.

hangnail, n. agnail.

hang out. project, protrude.

hang over. impend, project.

hang to. cling.

hanker, v. long for, yearn, crave, covet, lust.

hankering, n. longing, craving, yearning.

haphazard, n. chance, accident, random.

happen, v. occur, befall, betide; supervene, intervene.

happiness, n. felicity, blessedness, delight, gladness, pleasure,
ecstasy, bliss, rapture, merriment, mirth, elation, beatitude, joy.
Antonyms: sorrow, grief. Associated Words: eudemonics, eudemonist,
eudemonism, eudemonic, beatify, beatification, hedonics, hedonist,
hedonic, hedonism, felicific, felicitate, felicitation.

happy, a. joyous, light-hearted, gay, blissful, glad, delighted,
elated, merry, ecstatic, buoyant, cheerful, gratified, joyful, beatific,
rapturous, felicitous, blithe, halcyon, charmed, exultant, ravishing,
gladdened; lucky, prosperous, successful; auspicious. Antonyms: See

happy-go-lucky, a. improvident, easy-going, unthrifty.

harangue, n. declamation, ranting, effusion, screed, tirade.

harangue, v. declaim, spout, rant.

harass, v. fatigue, tire, weary; annoy, vex, torment, perplex,
distress, persecute, worry, bother.

harbinger, n. forerunner, precursor, herald, messenger.

harbor, n. refuge, shelter, asylum, retreat; port, haven,

hard, a. firm, solid, compact, impenetrable, unimpressible,
unyielding, rigid, adamantine, dense, insoluble, flinty, indurate,
indurated, infrangible; arduous, laborious, wearisome, onerous,
burdensome, toilsome, tiresome, exhausting, difficult, knotty, intricate,
puzzling, incomprehensible; irresistible, uncontrollable; severe,
rigorous, unendurable, oppressive, unjust, grievous, calamitous,
incompliant; stern, unyielding, obdurate, unfeeling, exacting, insensible,
hard-hearted, callous, implacable, inflexible; repelling, constrained,
inelegant; severe, inclement, rigorous; excessive, immoderate;
unprosperous, unfavorable, disastrous.

hard case. (Colloq.) incorrigible, reprobate, derelict, outcast.

hard coal. anthracite, glance coal.

harden, v. indurate, solidify; petrify, ossify, sear, brutalize,
embitter; inure, season, fortify, steel, brace, accustom.

hardened, a. indurated; callous, inexorable, ossified, petrified,
obdurate, incorrigible, inveterate, case-hardened, seared, depraved,
graceless, impenitent, confirmed; sclerosed, sclerotic.

hardening, n. induration; habituation, confirmation; solidification,
petrifaction, ossification; sclerosis (Med.).

hard-headed, a. shrewd, astute, sagacious.

hard-hearted, a. unsympathetic, inexorable, ruthless, unsparing,
stern, obdurate, incompassionate.

hardihood, n. boldness, bravery, courage, intrepidity, fortitude;
audacity, effrontery, impudence.

hard lines. hardship, difficulties, adversity.

hardness, n. induration, compactness, impenetrability, solidity,
firmness, adamant. Associated Word: durometer.

hardship, n. privation, adversity, affliction, reverse, calamity,
disaster, visitation.

hardware, n. ironmongery.

hardy, a. courageous, intrepid, brave; hearty, hale, robust, lusty.

hare-brained, a. heedless, reckless, rash, giddy, careless.

harem, n. concubines, seraglio.

harlot, n. prostitute, courtesan, whore.

harlotry, n. prostitution, whoredom.

harm, v. injure, hurt, damage, impair, scathe, mar, deface, abuse,

harm, n. injury, damage, detriment, scath, mischief, misfortune.

harmful, a. injurious, pernicious, detrimental, baneful, noxious,
prejudicial, deleterious, ruinous, hurtful.

harmless, a. innocuous, innoxious; inoffensive, peaceable;
uninjured, unscathed.

harmonious, a. symmetrical, correspondent, consistent, congruent,
conformable; consonant, symphonious, melodious amicable, peaceable.
Antonyms: inharmonious, discordant, antagonistic, incompatible.

harmonize, v. agree, chime, tally, correspond, accord; adjust,

harmony, n. concord, agreement, concurrence, consonance chime,
unison, unanimity; concordance, congruity, adaptation, consistency.
Antonyms: discord, antagonism, variance, contention, incongruity,
inconsistency, dissension, opposition.

harness, n. saddlery; accouterments, armor, array, gearing,
equipment, tackling, gear; caparison, trappings, Associated Words:
saddler, saddlery.

harness, v. equip, array, caparison, tackle.

harp, n. lyre. Associated Words: harpist, lyrist, lyrism, lyric,

harpy, n. extortioner, oppressor.

harrow, v. wound, lacerate, tear, distress, torture, harass.

harsh, a. inharmonious, rough, disagreeable, unpleasant, raucous;
dissonant, strident, discordant, cacophonous: austere, morose, severe,
ungracious, inurbane, discourteous, churlish, uncivil, blunt, bluff,
brusque, acrimonious, caustic, acrid, repulsive.

harum-scarum, a. (Colloq.) wild, giddy, reckless, volatile,
indiscreet, hare-brained.

harvest, n. ingathering; crop, produce, yield, fruit.

hash, n. ragout, gallimaufry, potpourri, ollapodrida, olio,
_réchauffé_ (rehash).

haste, n. celerity, swiftness, dispatch, expedition, speed,
quickness; hurry, urgency, precipitance. Antonyms: slowness,

hasten, v. accelerate, expedite, quicken, precipitate press, urge;

hastiness, n. haste, precipitancy, precipitation, precipitance,

hasty, a. swift, rapid, quick, fast; precipitate, rash, eager,
precipitant; cursory, hurried, superficial.

hatch, v. breed, incubate; concoct, excogitate, brew, scheme.

hatcher, n. incubator.

hatchet, n. small ax; tomahawk; machete; dolabra.

hate, v. dislike, detest, abhor, despise, abominate, loathe,

hateful, a. execrable, odious, detestable, abominable, malevolent,

hatred, n. hate, aversion, detestation, animosity, malignity,
antipathy, spite, feud, malice, grudge, malevolence, resentment, dislike,

haughtiness, n. arrogance, hauteur, superciliousness, disdain,

haughty, a. arrogant, supercilious, disdainful, cavalier,
magisterial, assuming, lordly.

haunt, n. resort.

hauteur, n. arrogance, contumely, superciliousness, haughtiness,

haven, n. harbor, port, retreat, asylum, refuge, shelter.

havoc, n. destruction, devastation, waste, ruin, desolation,
demolition, wreck.

hawk, n. falcon; goshawk, kestrel. Associated Words: accipitral,

haystack, n. rick.

hazard, n. chance, contingency, casualty; risk, random, jeopardy,
danger, peril, venture. Antonyms: safety, security, assurance,
certainty, surety.

hazard, v. venture, risk, jeopard, endanger.

hazardous, a. perilous, precarious, risky, unsafe, dangerous.

haze, n. obscurity, dimness, fog, vapor, mist, confusion.

hazy, a. foggy, misty, vaporous; obscure, confused.

head, n. poll, cephalon; costard (Contemptuous), noddle, pate.
Associated Words: phrenology, phrenologist, craniology, craniologist,
cephalology, sinciput, occiput, cephalism, behead, decapitate,
decapitation, capitation, vertex, crown, skull, cranium, fontanel, trepan,
coronal, microcephaly, craniometry, macrocephaly, cephalic, _per capita_,

head, n. chief, leader, commander, director; crisis, culmination;
spike; section, department, category, class.

head, a. principal, chief, leading, cardinal, foremost, main,

headache, n. megrim, cephalalgy, galea.

headdress, n. coiffure.

heading, n. title, caption.

headland, n. cape, promontory, foreland.

heading off. interception.

headless, a. acephalous; beheaded, decapitated; leaderless,

headlong, adv. headforemost; precipitately, rashly; pell-mell,
helter-skelter, confusedly.

head off. intercept.

headsman, n. executioner, Jack Ketch.

headstrong, a. willful, perverse, stubborn, intractable, froward.

heal, v. cure, repair; cicatrize.

healing, a. curative, sanative, restorative, remedial, mollifying,
sanatory, therapeutic, lenitive, medicinal, emollient, assuasive.

health, n. Associated Words: hygiene, Hygeia, hygienic, hygienics,
eucrasy, sanitation, sanitarian, soteriology, eutrophic, hygienist,

healthful, a. healthy; salubrious, wholesome.

healthy, a. hale, well, hearty; salubrious, salutary, wholesome.
Antonyms: unhealthy, ill, sickly, morbid, delicate, diseased.

heap, n. pile, mass, accumulation, lot, stack, cumulation.

heap, v. amass, accumulate, pile, stack, cumulate.

hearer, n. auditor.

hearing, n. audition, listening; audience; earshot, sound, hearing
distance. Associated Words: auditory, acoumeter, acoumetry, acoustic,
audible, audibility, audiometer, deaf, deafness, microcoustic,
microphonous, otacoustic, inaudible, inaudibility, clairaudient,
clairaudience, audient, audiphone, sonometer, audile.

hearsay, n. rumor, report, gossip, bruit, _on dit_.

heart, n. cardia; conscience, character; essence, core, pith, kernel,
marrow. Associated Words: cardiology, carditis, cardiac, cordial,
cardialgia, cardiometry, dexiocardia, systole, diastole, pericardium,
endocardium, auricle, ventricle, valve, aneurism, stethoscope,

heart-broken, a. disconsolate, inconsolable, broken-hearted.

heartburn, n. cardialgia, water-brash, pyrosis.

heartburning, n. discontent, resentment, envy, rankling.

hearthstone, n. hearth, fireside, ingleside. Associated Words:
Vesta, Hestia.

heartless, a. acardiac; cruel, pitiless. See cruel.

heart-shaped, a. cordate, cordiform.

heartwood, n. duramen.

hearty, a. cordial, heartfelt, sincere; healthy, robust, hale;
nourishing, nutritious.

heat, n. warmth, caloric; cauma. Associated Words: pyrology,
pyrologist, thermology, pyrometry, pyrometer, pyronomics, calorifics,
therm, thermal, pyrography, caloric, calorie, thermic, swelter,
thermostat, thermometer, thermometry.

heat, n. vehemence, fire, ardor, impetuosity, fervor, fervency, zeal,
intensity, enthusiasm; œstrus, rut.

heat, v. warm, calefy.

heathen, a. pagan, heathenish, paganic, gentile, paganish;
irreligious, godless.

heathen, n. pagan, idolater.

heathenism, n. idolatry, paganism, pagandom, gentilism; irreligion,

heathenize, v. paganize.

heat stroke. insolation.

heaven, n. Paradise, Elysium, Eden, the New Jerusalem, glory;
Olympus, Elysium, Elysian, Arcadia; Valhalla, Walhalla; Nirvana.

heavenly, a. celestial, supernal; divine, beatific, ravishing,
sublime, ecstatic.

heaviness, n. weight, ponderosity, ponderousness, gravity.

heavy, a. weighty, massive, ponderous; burdensome, oppressive,
onerous, severe; unraised, soggy, indigestible, unleavened.

heavy hand. severity, oppression, persecution, tyranny, extortion.

hector, v. torment, tease, plague, bully, harass.

heed, v. mind, regard, consider, notice, attend.

heed, n. regard, attention, consideration, notice. Antonyms:
disregard, inattention.

heedful, a. attentive, circumspect, cautious, vigilant, mindful.
Antonyms: inattentive, uncircumspect, unmindful, careless, heedless.

heel bone. calcaneum, fibulare.

height, n. altitude, loftiness; elevation; stature, tallness;
eminence, exaltation; summit, zenith, apex, culmination. Associated
words: altimetry, altimeter, hypsometry, hypsometer.

heinous, a. atrocious, flagrant, flagitious, monstrous, nefarious.

heir, n. inheritor; scion; coheir, parcener.

hell, n. inferno, infernal regions, Gehenna, limbo, abyss, Avernus,
Pandemonium, Abaddon, Styx, Hades, Sheol, the grave; Naraka (Buddhism).

hellish, a. infernal, malignant, fiendish, diabolical, atrocious.

helm, n. rudder, tiller, wheel; steersman, pilot; command, control,

helmet, n. casque, headpiece, morion, sallet.

help, v. abet, assist, befriend, succor, aid, coöperate, collaborate,
second, facilitate, subsidize; remedy, ameliorate, alleviate, promote,

help, n. aid, assistance, succor, support, facilitation, backing,
subsidy, subvention, coöperation; remedy, relief, cure, restorative.

helper, n. assistant, ally, auxiliary, supporter, abettor, helpmeet,
associate, coadjutor, confederate, deputy, aider, colleague, acolyte,
adjuvant, collaborator, subsidiary, co-aid, coöperator, accessory,

helpful, a. assistant, conducive, instrumental, useful, salutary.

helping, a. assisting, auxiliary, subsidiary, accessory.

helter-skelter, adv. (Colloq.) irregularly, disorderly, pell-mell,

hem in. environ, surround, encompass, beset, hedge in.

hen, n. partlet; pullet (young hen).

herald, n. messenger, forerunner, precursor, harbinger, crier.

herald, v. proclaim, announce, foretell, usher in.

herd, n. drove; rabble, mob, multitude. Associated Words:
gregarious, gregal.

herdsman, n. ranchman, vaquero, cowboy, vacher.

hereditary, a. ancestral, patrimonial, inheritable, inherited.

heritage, n. inheritance, hereditament, patrimony; possession.

hermit, n. recluse, anchoret, anchorite, eremite, solitary, cenobite.

heroic, a. valiant, bold, daring, brave; desperate, drastic, extreme.

heroism, n. courage, valor, bravery, prowess, fortitude, intrepidity.

hesitancy, n. indecision, vacillation, uncertainty, irresolution,

hesitate, v. doubt, vacillate, falter, dubitate, waver, scruple,
demur, deliberate.

hesitation, n. indecision, doubt, vacillation, reluctance, wavering.

hidden, a. covert, latent, concealed; recondite, esoteric, abstruse,

hide, v. veil, cloak, conceal, dissemble, cache, secrete, mask;
skulk, lurk.

hidebound, a. untractable, bigoted, obstinate, uncompromising.

hideous, a. horrible, grim, ogreish, grisly, repulsive, ugly,
ghastly, shocking.

hiding, n. concealment, secretion.

high, a. lofty, tall, elevated, towering.

high and dry. aground, beached, stranded.

high and mighty. (Colloq.) arrogant, overbearing, domineering,

higher, a. supernal.

highest, a. loftiest, superlative, meridian, maximum, supreme,

highest good. _summum bonum_.

highest point. meridian, culmination, zenith, maximum.

highfaluting, a. bombastic, grandiloquent.--n. bombast.

highflown, a. bombastic, grandiloquent, pretentious, magniloquent,

highflying, a. aspiring, presumptuous, ambitious, Icarian.

highgo, n. (Colloq.) spree, revel, carousal.

highhanded, a. overbearing, tyrannical, arbitrary, autocratic,

high jinks. (Colloq.) revelry, carousal, wild sport.

highland, n. plateau.

high liver. gormand, sybarite, epicure, gourmet, voluptuary,
gastronomer, _bon vivant_.

high living. gormandism, sybaritism, epicurism, luxury. Antonyms:
asceticism, abstemiousness, moderation.

highminded, a. magnanimous, honorable, noble. Antonyms: mean, base,
low, servile, abject, ignoble.

highmindedness, n. magnanimity.

high time. full time; (Slang) carousal, revelry.

hightoned, a. shrill, acute; magnanimous, honorable; (Colloq.)
fashionable, aristocratic.

highwayman, n. bandit, desperado, road agent, outlaw, footpad.

hill, n. mound, eminence, knoll, elevation; monadnock; butte;
monticle; copple; Acropolis; foothill.

hillock, n. knoll, mound.

hilly, a. undulating, uneven, rolling.

hind, n. rustic, boor, peasant.

hinder, n. (Slang) buttocks, rump, seat, fundament.

hinder, a. rear, back.

hinder, v. retard, obstruct, hamper, impede, forestall, forefend,
check, thwart, foil.

hindrance, n. retardation, hindering; obstacle, impediment,
obstruction, restraint, frustration, encumbrance, check.

hinge joint. diarthrosis, ginglymus.

hint, v. intimate, suggest, imply, allude to, refer.

hint, n. allusion, suggestion, insinuation, intimation, innuendo,

hip, n. haunch, huckle; (hip-bone) innominate, ilium, ischium,
pubis. Associated Words: sciatic, ischial, ischiatic, coxalgia,

hire, n. salary, wages, pay, stipend, remuneration,
compensation.--v. engage; let, lease.

hireling, a. mercenary, venal.--n. mercenary.

hiss, n. sibilation, sibilance, hissing.--v. sibilate, whiz.

hissing, a. sibilant, sibilatory.

history, n. annals, chronicle, record, account; biography,
autobiography. Associated Words: historic, historicity, historian,
historiology, historiography, Clio, prehistoric.

hit, v. smite, buffet, strike.

hitch, n. catch, impediment, obstacle, obstruction,
contretemps.--v. hook, yoke, unite, attach.

hoard, v. garner, amass, save, treasure.

hoard, n. store, supply, stock, accumulation.

hoarse, a. harsh, discordant, husky, raucous, guttural.

hobgoblin, n. sprite, goblin, bugaboo.

hobo, n. (Colloq.) tramp, vagrant, vagabond.

hodgepodge, n. medley, farrago, salmagundi, potpourri.

hog, n. swine, porker; boar; sow; barrow (castrated); glutton.
Associated Word: porcine.

hoggish, a. swinish, gluttonous, voracious.

hoitytoity, a. flighty, giddy, thoughtless.

hold, v. sustain, restrain, retain, detain, withhold, arrest;
contain; clutch, grasp, grip, clinch.

hold back. check, restrain, impede, curb, retard.

holdback, n. check, hindrance, restraint, impediment.

holder, n. tenant, occupier; incumbent.

hold in. restrain, curb, check, repress, retain, rein.

holding, n. restraint, retention, checking, continence, tenacity,
detention; tenure, incumbency. Antonyms: incontinence, release.

hole, n. cavity, excavation, pit, perforation, rent, fissure,
opening, aperture, delve, cache, concavity, mortise, puncture, orifice,
eyelet, crevice, loophole, interstice, gap, spiracle, vent, bung, pothole,
manhole, scuttle, scupper, muset, muse; cave, holt, den, lair, retreat,
cover, hovel, burrow. Antonyms: imperforation, closure. Associated
words: auger, drill, gimlet, bodkin, bore, bit, puncture, perforate,
pink, awl, stylet, imperforable, imperforate, punch, wimble, pierce,
eyeleteer, dibble, plug, spigot, spile, gouge, puncheon, probe.

holiday, n. festival, _fête_, _fiesta_ (Sp.).

holiness, n. sanctity, piety, godliness, devoutness, sacredness.

hollow, a. excavated, cavernous, vacant, void, unfilled, empty;
cannulated; concave, depressed, gaunt, sunken; insincere, unsound, false,
hypocritical. Antonyms: convex, protuberant, sincere.

hollow, v. scoop, excavate, concave.

hollow, n. depression, cavity, valley; concavity, channel, groove,
concave, recess; correi.

holy, a. sacred, consecrated, hallowed, sanctified, saintly, godly,
pious, guileless.

Holy Ghost. Paraclete, Holy Spirit, the Comforter, the Sanctifier.

holy oil. chrism. Associated Words: chrismatory, chrismation,
chrismal, cruet, ampulla, unction.

holy water. Associated Words: asperges, aspergill, aspergillum,
aspersorium, aspersoir, stoup, font, bénitier, cruet, hyssop.

homage, n. deference, obeisance, reverence, honor; fealty, fidelity,
allegiance; adoration.

home, n. domicile, residence, dwelling-place, abode, dwelling,
hearth, hearthstone; habitat, seat; asylum, retreat. Associated Words:
domestic, domesticate, domesticity, domestication, inhabitativeness.

homeborn, a. native, indigenous.

homely, a. plain, plain-looking, uncomely; inelegant, rude.

homesickness, n. nostalgia. Associated Word: nostalgic.

homing instinct. orientation.

hone, n. oilstone.

honest, a. honorable, reputable; upright, sincere, guileless,
ingenuous, incorruptible.

honesty, n. uprightness, probity, integrity, candor, sincerity,

honey, n. Associated Words: melliferous, mellific, mellification,
metheglin, mellifluent, mellifluous, mellite, mellivorous, meliphagan,
meliphagous, hydromel, mead, comb.

honey-combed, a. alveolate, cellular, faviform, favaginous.

honey-dew, n. meligo, nectar.

honeysuckle, n. woodbine, caprifole.

honey-tongued, a. persuasive, seductive.

honor, n. respect, esteem, veneration, reverence, deference, homage;
probity, integrity, magnanimity, uprightness, chastity, decency, virtue,
modesty; eminence, distinction, fame; glory, excellency, pride.
Antonyms: dishonor, disesteem, irreverence, improbity, disrepute,

honor, v. esteem, respect, revere, reverence, venerate; dignify,
exalt, elevate.

honorable, a. upright, honest, equitable, reputable, magnanimous.

honors, n. pl. titles, dignities, privileges. Associated Words:
timocracy, timocratic, honorary, honorific.

hood, n. cowl, fascinator, capote, capoch, camail, amice, chaperon,
capuchin, bashlyk (Russia).

hooded, a. cowled, capistrate.

hoodlum, n. (Colloq.) rowdy, larrikin.

hoodwink, v. deceive, impose upon, delude, hoax, dupe, overreach.

hook, n. hasp, clasp, catch; crook, tenaculum, peavey, clives,
agraffe, fluke, pot-hook, cant-hook, cleek, trammel, cottrel; snare,
decoy, trap; bill-hook, sickle.

hook, v. fasten, catch, secure; entrap, ensnare; gore; (Colloq.)

hooked, a. aquiline, bent, curvated, uncinate.

hookedness, n. aquilinity, incurvation.

hoot, v. shout, deride, denounce, execrate.

hop, v. spring, jump, skip, frisk, bound, leap, caper, trip, gambol,

hope, n. optimism, anticipation. Antonyms: despair, desperation,

hopeful, a. expectant, optimistic, promising, sanguine.

hopeless, a. despairing, disconsolate, desperate, unpromising

hops, n. pl. Associated Words: lupulin, humulin, lupuline.

horde, n. troop, gang, throng, crowd, multitude (nomadic and

horn, n. antler; epithema; antenna. Associated Words:
cornification, cornute, dehorn, croche, gore, crocket.

horn, n. trumpet, bugle, cornet, trombone; cornucopia; shophar
(Jewish); spur.

horning, n. (Slang) charivari.

hornless, a. polled, mulley, mooley, dodded.

horns of a dilemma. alternatives.

horny, a. ceratose, corneous, cornified, callous, hard.

horrible, a. dreadful, terrible, hideous, shocking, grim, ghastly,
atrocious, revolting, nefarious, appalling, heinous, dire, grewsome,
execrable, awful.

horrid, a. offensive, detestable, horrible.

horror, n. abhorrence, dread, consternation, detestation.

horror-stricken, a. horror-struck, horrified, appalled.

horse, n. Equus; (male) stallion, stud, sire; (female) mare, dam;
(young) colt, foal, filly; (small) pony, tit, mustang; steed, charger,
nag, gelding, cockhorse, cob, pad, padnag, roadster, punch, broncho,
warragal, sumpter, centaur, hackney, jade, mestino, pintado, roan, bat
horse, Bucephalus, Pegasus, Dobbin, Bayard, hobby-horse. Associated
words: equine, equestrian, equestrianism, equestrienne, equerry,
fractious, hostler, groom, hostlery, postilion, coachman, jockey,
hippocampus, hippogriffe, manège, chack, hippology, hippophile, hippotomy,
tandem, equitation, farriery, equitant, paddock, hippiatrics, hippiatry,
neigh, whinny, nicker, hopple.

horse block. montoir.

horse doctor. veterinarian, veterinary, veterinary surgeon, farrier,
horse leech.

horseflesh, n. Associated Words: hippophagy, hippophagism,
hippophagist, hippophagous, equivorous.

horse-fly, n. breese-fly, bot-fly.

horse-laugh, n. guffaw, cachinnation.

horse-louse, n. nitter.

horseman, n. jockey; equestrian; cavalier; cavalryman; chasseur.

horseshoer, n. farrier, blacksmith.

horseshoeing, n. farriery.

horse-trader, n. jockey.

hose, n. hosiery; tubing.

hospital, n. infirmary, asylum, retreat, sanitarium. Associated
words: nosocomial, hospitalism.

host, n. entertainer; landlord, hotel-keeper; multitude, throng,
horde; army, legion. Associated Word: xenial.

host, n. Associated Words: ciborium, pyx, paten, monstrance,
ostensory, ostension, ostensorium.

hostile, a. antagonistic, inimical, unfriendly, repugnant, adverse.

hostility, n. enmity, animosity, unfriendliness, opposition, warfare,

hostler, n. groom.

hot, a. torrid, sultry, fiery, scalding, scorching, grilling,
broiling, tropical, candent; vehement, passionate, irascible, fervid,
ardent, piquant, pungent, acrid, spicy.

hot-blooded, a. ardent, passionate, irritable, excitable, irascible.

hotel, n. hostelry, inn, tavern, caravansary.

hotel-keeper, n. hosteler, host, landlord, inn-keeper, Boniface.

hot room of Roman baths. caldarium.

hot springs. Thermæ.

hound, v. importune, harass.

house, n. dwelling, residence, domicile, abode, habitation; mansion,
palace; tenement; château, pavilion, villa, manse, phalanstery, lodge;
kiosk; topek; hutch; (religious house) monastery, convent; firm,
company, concern; palafitte.

house, v. shelter, protect, harbor; abide, dwell, lodge.

household, n. family, ménage.

household gods. _Lares et Penates_. Associated word: lararium.

housewarming, n. infare (Local U.S.).

hovel, n. hut, shanty, shack, cabin, den, dugout.

howl, v. yowl, roar, ululate, yawl.--n. yowling, ululation,
howling, wail.

hub, n. nave; protuberance, hummock.

hubbub, n. tumult, uproar, din, clamor, commotion, racket,

huckleberry, n. whortleberry.

huckster, n. peddler, hawker, chapman, cadger, hucksterer.

huff, n. petulance, tiff, pet.

huffy, a. petulant, touchy, irritable.

hug, n. embrace.--v. embrace, clasp.

huge, a. mammoth, colossal, vast, stupendous, enormous.

hullabaloo, n. (Colloq.) uproar, vociferation, hubbub, din, clamor,

hum, n. drone, murmur, buzz, bombination; croon.

hum, v. drone, murmur, buzz, bombinate; croon.

humble, a. lowly, meek, modest, unassuming, unpretentious.

humble, v. humiliate, debase, abase, degrade.

humbug, n. imposition, hoax, deception, imposture, charlatanism,
quackery, cajolery; impostor, deceiver, cheat, charlatan.

humbug, v. deceive, impose on, hoax.

humdrum, a. monotonous, tedious, prosy, tiresome.--n. monotony,

humiliate, v. humble, mortify, abash, disgrace, degrade.

humiliation, n. abasement, mortification, degradation, ignominy;
humbleness, meekness.

humility, n. meekness, lowliness, self-abasement, diffidence,

humor, n. disposition, temper, mood; facetiousness, jocularity,
waggery, pleasantry, wit, satire; pl. caprices vagaries, whims,
fancies, whimsies.

humor, v. indulge, please, gratify, temporize. Antonyms:
discipline, deny, curb, mortify.

humorist, n. wag, droll, jester, wit.

humorous, a. facetious, droll, comical, jocular, waggish.

hump, n. protuberance, hunch.

humpbacked, a. hunchbacked, deformed.

humpy, a. protuberant, humped, uneven.

hunch, n. hump, protuberance; chunk, lump.

hundredfold, a. centuple.

hundred years. century, centenary, centennial.

Hungarian, n. Magyar.

hunger cure. nestitherapy, limotherapy, limotherapia.

hungry, a. voracious, ravenous, eager; starved, depleted, infertile,

hunky, a. (Slang) even, square, all-right, satisfactory.

hunt, v. chase, pursue, follow; search, seek, ransack, rummage,
ferret; poach (hunt unlawfully).

hunt, n. chase, pursuit, search, hunting.

hunter, n. huntsman, sportsman, Nimrod; seeker, pursuer, chaser;

hunting, n. chase, hunt, field-sport. Associated Words: quarry,
game, poaching, poacher, mort, yoicks, hoicks.

hunting horn. bugle.

hurly-burly, n. tumult, bustle, turmoil, confusion, commotion.

hurrah, n. cheer, huzza.

hurricane, n. cyclone, tornado, typhoon.

hurried, a. cursory, hasty, superficial.

hurry, n. haste, speed, dispatch, expedition, precipitancy, celerity.

hurry, v. hasten, impel, expedite, accelerate, speed, precipitate.

hurt, v. damage, wound, impair, harm, injure, offend, harry.

hurt, n. injury, wound, detriment, harm, damage.

hurtful, a. See injurious.

husband, n. spouse, benedict. Antonyms: bachelor, celibate.
Associated Words: marital, monandry, polyandry cuckold, cuckoldom,

hush, v. silence, still, repress, suppress; appease, allay.

husk, n. glume, hull, rind, shell, bark, kex.

husky, a. dry, raucous, harsh, discordant, guttural, hoarse.

hussy, n. jade, quean; jilt, flirt, jill.

hustle, v. jostle.

hut, n. hovel, shack, shed.

hybrid, n. mongrel, crossbreed, cross.--a. mongrel, crossbred.

hypocrisy, n. dissimulation, Pharisaism, sanctimoniousness.

hypocrite, n. dissembler, Pharisee, formalist, dissimulator.

hypocritical, a. Pharisaical, canting, dissembling, sanctimonious,
insincere. Antonyms: sincere, unfeigned, undissembling, ingenuous.


ice, n. Associated Words: igloo, iceberg, glacier, floe, icicle,
frazil, avalanche, curling, skate, skee, skating, skeeing, brash, glare,
serac, crampoons, calk, glaciate, glaciation, creeper, anchor ice.

iced, a. chilled, _frappe_.

Iceland moss. lichen.

icy, a. glacial, glacious.

idea, n. conception, notion, opinion, fancy, impression; intention,

ideal, a. faultless, consummate, perfect.

idiocy, n. imbecility, foolishness, fatuity, folly, senselessness

idiot, n. imbecile.

idiotic, a. imbecile, foolish, fatuous, senseless.

idle, a. leisure; vain, unavailing, futile, ineffectual; indolent,
slothful, inactive, lazy, otiose.

idleness, n. indolence, sloth, inaction, laziness; futility, vanity.
Associated Word: Cocagne.

idler, n. sluggard, drone, lounger, loafer, dawdler, donothing.

idol, n. image (of a divinity), effigy, graven image; Juggernaut.
Associated Words: idolater, idolatrous, idolatry, idolize, iconoplast,
iconoclast, iconodule, idolomania, iconography, iconology, idoloclast,
iconomachy, ting, iconolatry.

idolize, v. deify, worship, adore.

ignis fatuus. Will-o'-the-wisp, Jack-with-a-lantern, decoy.

ignoble, a. humble, plebeian, untitled; base, dishonorable, low.

ignominious, a. dishonorable, shameful, infamous, disreputable.

ignominy, n. disgrace, dishonor, reproach, obloquy, shame,

ignoramus, n. dunce, illiterate, sciolist, wiseacre, dullard,

ignorance, n. illiteracy, inerudition, unenlightenment, nescience;
quackery, charlatanry.

ignorant, a. illiterate, inerudite unenlightened, uninformed,
unlearned, untaught, uneducated, unlettered, nescient; quackish,
charlatanic. Antonyms: educated, instructed, schooled, trained,
proficient, learned.

ignorantly, adv. unknowingly, unconsciously, inadvertently,

ignorant person. ignoramus, illiterate.

ignore, v. disregard, slight, connive, overlook.

ill, a. ailing, sick, unwell; evil, unfavorable, adverse, bad.

ill at ease. uneasy, uncomfortable, anxious.

ill-boding, a. ominous, inauspicious.

illegal, a. illicit, unlawful, contraband, unlicensed, illegitimate.

illegality, n. unlawfulness, illegitimacy.

illegitimate, a. bastard, adulterine; illegal, illicit; spurious.

illegitimate, v. illegitimatize, bastardize.

illiberal, a. ungenerous, parsimonious, stingy; narrow-minded,

illiberality, n. parsimony, stinginess; narrow-mindedness, bigotry,

illicit, a. prohibited, unlawful.

illness, n. malady, sickness, disease.

illogical, a. fallacious, sophistical, unsound.

illusion, n. mockery, hallucination, chimera, phantasm, delusion,

illusive, a. delusive, illusory, chimerical, mocking.

illustrate, v. elucidate, picture, demonstrate, exemplify.

illustration, n. elucidation, exemplification; comparison, example,

ill-will, n. malice, resentment, grudge, rancor, malevolence,
antipathy, hatred.

image, n. statue; effigy, figure; ikon, eikon; idol.

image breaker. iconoclast, idoloclast, vandal.

image breaking. iconoclasm, vandalism.

image worship iconolatry, iconoduly.

imaginary, a. fancied, visionary, chimerical, illusive, phantasmal.

imagination, n. fancy, conception, notion, conceit, figment,

imagine, v. conceive, fancy; think, suppose, opine, apprehend.

imbecile, n. idiot, witling, fool.

imbecility, n. idiocy, fatuity, foolishness, amentia.

imbedded, a. enfonced.

imitate, v. copy, ape, counterfeit; personate, impersonate, mimic,
simulate; parody, caricature.

imitation, n. copy, counterfeit; mimicry, impersonation, mimesis;
pasticcio; parody, travesty, burlesque; onomatopœoea.

imitative, a. apish, copying, mimicking, mimetic; onomatopoetic.

imitator, n. copyist, follower, mimic, mime, ape, echo, impersonator.

immanence, n. inherence, indwelling.

immanent, a. inherent, indwelling.

immature, a. undeveloped, embryonic, crude, unripe, premature,

immediately, adv. instantly, forthwith, directly, straightway, at
once, now, instanter. Antonyms: hereafter, by and by, after a while.

immense, a. vast, infinite, illimitable, immeasurable.

immerse, v. submerge, plunge into, dip, immerge, douse; engross.

immersed, a. submerged, plunged into; engrossed, absorbed, occupied.

immersion, n. submersion, immersing; engrossment, absorption.

immoderate, a. excessive, exorbitant, inordinate, intemperate,

immodest, a. indecorous, indelicate, shameless; lewd, unchaste,

immodesty, n. indecorum, indelicacy, impudicity; lewdness,
unchastity, obscenity.

immoral, a. licentious, dissolute, vicious, profligate, loose,
illicit, rakish.

immorality, n. vice, licentiousness, depravity, profligacy,

immortality, n. deathlessness, athanasia; perpetuity.

immovable, a. fast, permanent, impassive, firm, steadfast.

impact, n. collision, forcible contact; force.

impart, v. communicate.

impartial, a. equitable, fair, disinterested, unbiased,

impartiality, n. fairness, equity, disinterestedness, justice.

impassable, a. impenetrable, pathless, impervious.

impatient, a. restless, restive, fretful, eager, impetuous.

impede, v. retard.

impediment, n. obstacle, barrier, obstruction, stumblingblock.

impending, a. imminent, threatening.

impenetrable, a. impervious, imperforable.

impenitence, n. incontrition, obduracy, impenitency.

impenitent, a. incontrite, unrepentant, obdurate, incorrigible,
recusant, relentless.

imperative, a. binding, compulsory, obligatory, imperious,

imperfect, a. defective, faulty, deficient, undeveloped, abortive,
fallible, frail, errable.

imperfection, n. defect, blemish, shortcoming, infirmity, foible,
deformity, disfigurement, vice, frailty, fallibility.

imperious, a. despotic, magisterial, domineering, dictatorial,
tyrannical, imperative.

imperishable, a. permanent, indestructible, enduring.

impersonate, v. personate; personify.

impersonation, n. personation, impersonating; impersonification.

impersonator, n. mimic, personator, mime, actor.

impertinent, a. irrelevant, inapplicable, impudent, saucy, rude,
insolent, malapert, flippant.

impervious, a. impermeable, impenetrable, imperviable.

impetus, n. momentum, force, impulse, incentive.

impish, a. malignant.

implacable, a. unappeasable, vindictive, pitiless, irreconcilable.

implant, v. instill, inculcate, ingraft, infix.

implied, a. tacit, inferential.

implore, v. beseech, supplicate, entreat, obsecrate.

imploring, n. supplication, obsecration.

impolite, a. discourteous, inurbane, rude, uncivil, disrespectful,
saucy, insolent, impertinent, churlish, brusque, unamiable, surly, gruff,

impoliteness, n. discourtesy, inurbanity, incivility, impertinence,

importance, n. moment, materiality, consequence; pomposity,

important, a. momentous, material, essential; pompous, consequential.

impose upon. delude, dupe, deceive, victimize.

imposing, a. impressive, stately, majestic, august.

impossibility, n. impracticability.

impossible, a. impracticable, unfeasible, unattainable.

impostor, n. pretender, cheat, charlatan, mountebank, quack,

imposture, n. fraud, imposition, charlatanism, deception.

impracticability, n. unfeasibility.

impracticable, a. impossible, unfeasible.

impregnate, v. fecundate.

impregnation, n. fecundation.

imprison, v. incarcerate, immure.

imprisonment, n. incarceration, durance, immurement, duress,
confinement, commitment.

impromptu, a. improvised, offhand, extempore, extemporaneous.

improper, a. indecorous, unseemly, indecent, inappropriate, wrong,

impropriety, n. unsuitableness, unfitness, indecorum, barbarism,

improve, v. amend, ameliorate, rectify, better, mend; utilize, use;
gain, get better.

improvement, n. betterment, amelioration; meliorism; utilization.

improving, a. ameliorative, beneficial, amending.

impudence, n. insolence, impertinence, effrontery, rudeness.

impudent, a. insolent, impertinent, flippant, pert, brazen, saucy.

impulse, n. motive, incentive; impulsion, impetus.

impulsive, a. passionate, capricious, hasty; impellent, propulsive.

impure, a. tainted, defiled, contaminated, polluted, vitiated,
infected; adulterated, alloyed, sophisticated; unchaste, lewd, indelicate,
indecent; barbarous, vulgar, hybrid.

impurity, n. defilement, contamination, taint, pollution;
adulteration, alloy, sophistication; unchastity, lewdness, indecency,
indelicacy; pl. garblings, garbles.

inability, n. incompetence, impotence, incapability, incompetency,
inefficiency, disability.

in a body. altogether, _en masse_.

inaccuracy, n. inexactness, incorrectness, impropriety.

inaccurate, a. incorrect, inexact, erroneous, faulty, wrong.

inaction, n. inactivity, inertness, stagnation, idleness.

inactive, a. inert, motionless, quiescent, dormant, inoperative,
sluggish, stagnant, dilatory, latent, passive, torpid.

inactivity, n. inaction, passivity, inertia, lethargy, dormancy,
stagnation, torpor, latency, sloth, Fabian policy.

inadequate, a. insufficient, deficient; defective, incomplete,

inappropriate, a. unsuitable, unbecoming, inapplicable.

inapt, a. irrelevant, unsuitable, inept, inapplicable.

inattention, n. inadvertence, abstraction, heedlessness, disregard,
neglect, remissness.

inattentive, a. heedless, absent-minded, inadvertent, unmindful,

inbeing, n. inherence.

inborn, a. congenital, inherent, innate, instinctive, ingenerate.

incapable, a. incompetent, disqualified, unfit, insusceptible.

incarnation, n. incarnification, Avatar; personification.

incautious, a. unwary, inconsiderate, indiscreet, thoughtless.

incense, n. Associated Words: thurible, censer, thurification,
thurify, frankincense, cense, thurifer.

incentive, n. motive, spur, incitement, stimulus, inducement

incident, n. event, happening, episode, occurrence.

incidental, a. casual, accidental, oontingent, fortuitous;
subordinate, collateral, accessory.

incite, v. instigate, stimulate, arouse, goad, spur, impel.

incitement, n. stimulus, instigation, incitation, spur, incentive.

incivility, n. discourtesy, rudeness, incomity, inurbanity,

inclination, n. leaning, slant; tendency, propensity, proneness,
penchant, predilection.

incline, n. slant, slope, ascent, descent, grade.--v. lean,
tend, dispose.

inclose, v. surround, encircle, circumscribe, encompass, enclose.

inclosure, n. surrounding, closure, barrier, fence, corral, stockade.

include, v. comprise, comprehend, inclose.

inclusion, n. comprisal.

income, n. revenue, proceeds; tontine, annuity. Associated Word:

incomparable, a. peerless, matchless, transcendent, inimitable
unrivalled, unapproachable.

incompetent, a. inefficient, unqualified, incapable; inadequate;
unfit, unsuited.

incomplete, a. unfinished, defective, imperfect, deficient, partial,

incomprehensible, a. inconceivable, abstruse, unfathomable.

inconsiderate, a. thoughtless, heedless, inattentive, careless.

inconsistency, n. discordance, incoherence, contrariety,

inconsistent, a. disagreeing, incoherent, contradictory, discrepant,

inconstancy, n. fickleness, mutability, variableness, instability.

inconstant, a. fickle, changeable, volatile, flighty, mercurial,

inconvenient, a. unhandy, incommodious, inopportune, untoward.

incorrect, a. inaccurate, erroneous, inexact, wrong; ungrammatical,

incorrectness, n. inaccuracy, inexactness, error; impropriety.

increase, v. augment, advance, enlarge; multiply, be prolific, wax;
aggravate, enhance, extend, augment, intensify, exacerbate, amplify,
magnify, heighten, accelerate.

increase, n. augmentation, accretion, increment, accession,
amplification, addition, accrument.

increase of motion. acceleration.

incremate, v. cremate, incinerate.

incremation, n. cremation.

incumbent, a. obligatory, imposed, binding.

incumbrance, n. hindrance, impediment, incubus; mortgage, claim,

incurable, a. insanable, irremediable, immedicable; irremedicable,

indebtedness, n. obligation; debts, liabilities.

indecency, n. immodesty, indelicacy, shamelessness, obscenity,
ribaldry, lewdness.

indecent, a. immodest, obscene, indelicate, shameless, ribald, lewd,

indecision, n. vacillation, indetermination, irresolution, wavering,

indecisive, a. inconclusive, vacillating, hesitating, irresolute,

indefatigable, a. untiring, persistent, unremitting, sedulous,

indefinite, a. vague, indeterminate, equivocal, ambiguous,
inexplicit, inexact.

indelicacy, n. unrefinement, rudeness, indecorum, immodesty.

indelicate, a. unrefined, indecorous, immodest, unchaste, rude,

indemnity, n. security, insurance; restitution, reimbursement,

indentation, n. bruise, notch, depression, indenture, serrature, jag,
engrailment, crenellation.

independence, n. freedom, self-government, liberty, autonomy;
opulence, affluence.

independent, a. self-governing, autonomous; self-reliant; exclusive,
irrespective; affluent.

Indian, n. (aboriginal American) red man; (of mixed blood)
metisse, ladino, mestizo, guacho, griffe, mameluco, half-breed.
Associated Words: tepee, wigwam, tomahawk, lodge, wickiup, sachemdom,
pueblo, calumet, totem, totemism, powwow, roanoke, coup, gens, Manito,
pogamoggan, potlatch, chinook, runtee, travail, travois, strouding.

Indian blanket. stroud.

Indian chief. sachem, sannup, sagamore, brave.

Indian child. papoose.

Indian money. wampum, seawan, suckanhock, colcol, peag, hiagua,

Indian prince. Maharajah, Rajah.

Indian princess or queen. Rani, Ranee.

Indian woman. squaw, mahaly.

India rubber. caoutchouc.

indicate, v. designate, betoken, signify.

indication, n. designation, signifying; symptom, evidence, sign,
token, manifestation.

indicator, n. (as in a hotel) annunciator.

indictment, n. accusation, charge, arraignment, crimination.

indifference, n. apathy, coolness, negligence, unconcern,
nonchalance, _insouciance_; mediocrity, inferiority; neutrality,
impartiality, disinterestedness.

indifferent, a. disinterested, unconcerned, nonchalant, perfunctory,
apathetic, _insouciant_; neutral, impartial; mediocre, passable,

indirect, a. roundabout, circuitous, tortuous.

indiscreet, a. unwise, imprudent.

indiscretion, n. unwisdom, folly, imprudence; misstep, lapse.

indisposed, a. averse, disinclined, unwilling, loath, reluctant;
sick, ill, unwell.

indisposition, n. disinclination, averseness, reluctance,

indisputable, a. undeniable, incontestable, indubitable,

indissolvable, a. indissoluble.

indocile, a. intractable, refractory, unruly.

indolence, n. idleness, laziness, indulgence, sloth, inactivity,

indolent, a. lazy, slothful, supine, dronish, listless.

inducement, n. incentive, incitement, motive, stimulus.

indulge, v. satisfy, gratify, luxuriate; humor, pamper, cocker;
grant, allow, permit. Antonyms: mortify, deny, suppress, restrain.

indulgence, n. humoring, pampering, gratification; kindness, favor,
lenity, forbearance; absolution. Antonyms: mortification, denial,
restraint, non-indulgence.

indulgent, a. forbearing, kind, lenient, lax, merciful.

industrial science. technology, polytechnics.

industrious, a. assiduous, diligent, sedulous, persistent,
hard-working. Antonyms: idle, indolent, inactive, lazy.

industry, n. assiduity, diligence, activity; labor, work, exertion,

indwelling, n. immanence, inherence.--a. immanent, inherent.

ineffective, a. ineffectual, unavailing, inefficacious.

inefficient, a. ineffective, inefficacious; slack, remiss,

inelastic, a. inductile, inextensible, rigid.

inelasticity, n. inductility, inextensibility, rigidity.

ineligible, a. disqualified.

inequality, n. disparity, disproportion, unevenness, irregularity;
unfairness, injustice; inequation.

inexcusable, a. unpardonable, indefensible, unjustifiable,

inexhaustible, a. exhaustless.

inexorable, a. unyielding, relentless, implacable, unmovable,

inexperienced, a. untrained, unpractised, undisciplined, raw,

inexpert, a. maladroit, unskillful, bungling.

inexpressible, a. ineffable, unspeakable, unutterable.

infallibility, n. inerrability.

infallible, a. inerrable, unerring, sure, certain, undeniable.

infamous, a. disreputable, ignominious, scandalous, opprobrious,
odious, heinous.

infamy, n. disgrace, ignominy, odium, obloquy, opprobrium.

infancy, n. babyhood; minority, nonage, pupilage.

infant, n. baby; minor.

infantile paralysis. poliomyelitis.

infatuate, v. enamor, charm. Antonyms: repel, disgust,

infection, n. contagion, contamination, vitiation, pollution.

infectious, a. contagious, pestiferous, epidemic, vitiating.

infer, v. deduce, imply, gather.

inference, n. deduction, conclusion, illation, corollary.

inferior, a. poorer, lower, subordinate, menial, minor, mediocre,

inferior, n. subordinate. Antonyms: peer, equal, superior.

inferiority, n. subordinacy, mediocrity, deficiency.

infidel, n. free-thinker, atheist, unbeliever, skeptic.

infirmity, n. See weakness.

inflammable, a. combustible, accendible; irascible, irritable,

inflammation, n. phlogosis; phlegmasia. Associated Words:
phlogistic, phlogogenous, antiphlogistic, demulcent delitescence.

inflammatory, a. phlogistic; seditious, incendiary.

inflate, v. expand, enlarge, distend.

inflated, a. distended, blown up; bombastic, pompous, grandiloquent,

inflation, n. distention, expansion.

inflection, n. modulation, accent.

inflexibility, n. rigidity, stiffness; firmness, pertinacity,
obstinacy, steadfastness.

inflexible, a. unyielding, rigid, impliable; immovable, resolute,

influence, n. sway, control; persuasion, restraint; authority,
ascendency, prestige.

influence, v. move, persuade, induce, sway, control, prevail upon,
actuate, impel.

informal, a. unceremonious, unconventional, easy, natural,

informality, n. unceremoniousness.

information, n. knowledge, intelligence, instruction; (Law)
complaint, accusation.

infringe, v. violate, transgress; encroach, trespass, intrench.

infringement, n. transgression, violation, breach, encroachment,
trespass, intrenchment.

in full. unabridged, at length.

ingenious, a. inventive, resourceful.

ingratitude, n. unthankfulness.

ingredient, n. constituent, element, component, part.

inhabitant, n. dweller, denizen, residentiary, resident, citizen.
Antonyms: sojourner, pilgrim, visitor.

inherent, a. innate, adhering, inexistent, inborn, inalienable.

inheritable, a. hereditable.

inheritance, n. heritage, patrimony, legacy.

inhuman, a. savage, barbarous, fiendish, brutal, cruel.

inhumanity, n. cruelty, brutality, barbarity, mercilessness.

injection, n. immission, injecting; enema, clyster, lavement.

injure, v. damage, harm, hurt, impair, disfigure, maim, mar, wound.

injurious, a. hurtful, harmful, detrimental, pernicious, deleterious,
baneful, noxious, maleficent, prejudicial; defamatory, derogatory,

injury, n. damage, detriment, harm, hurt, wound, impairment,
mutilation, defacement, violation, lesion. Associated Words: vulnerable,
vulnerability, invulnerable, invulnerability, inviolable, vulnific.

injustice, n. inequity, unfairness; grievance.

inkling, n. hint, intimation, allusion.

inkstand, n. standish.

inky, a. atramentous, atramental, atramentarious.

inlaid work. marquetry, parquetry, mosaic.

inland, a. interior, internal.

inlet, n. entrance, ingress; bay, recess, bight, estuary, cove,
frith, bayou.

inmate, n. occupant.

inn, n. lodging house, tavern, hotel; cabaret, caravansary, khan.

innate, a. inborn, inherent, native.

inner, a. internal, interior; obscure, esoteric, innermost parts,
recesses, _penetralia_, sanctuary.

innocence, n. blamelessness, guilelessness, guiltlessness,
impeccability, inoffensiveness.

innocent, a. blameless, guileless, guiltless, impeccable,
inoffensive, sinless, artless, inculpable, irreproachable,
irreprehensible, inerrable, irresponsible, virtuous, unsophisticated.

inquiring, a. curious, inquisitive.

inquiry, n. question, query, interrogation; research, investigationm

inquisitive, a. inquiring, mousing, curious, intrusive, prying,
meddlesome. Antonyms: indifferent, unconcerned, uninterested.

insane, a. demented, crazy, mad, deranged, delirious, dementate;
paranoiac. Antonyms: sane, rational.

insane asylum. bedlam, bethlehem, madhouse, retreat.

insanity, n. dementia, alienation of mind, madness, lunacy,
craziness, derangement, frenzy, delirium, mania, hallucination, aberration
of mind, bedlamism; paranoia, monomania. Antonyms: sanity, rationality,
lucidity. Associated Words: alienist, alienism.

insatiable, a. unappeasable; voracious, rapacious, omnivorous.

inscrutable, a. incomprehensible, inexplicable, unsearchable.

insect, n. Associated Words: entomology, entomologist, entomologic,
chrsalis, pupa, cicada, cocoon, credpitaculum, entomophilous, entornophily,
entomtaxy, entomotomy, insecticidal, insectifuge, insectile, larva,
lepidopterist, larvarium, stridor, stridulate, stridulation, silphology,
stridulatory, nymph, horismology, imago.

insect-eaters, n. pl. Insectivora, Entomophaga.

insect-eating, a. insectivorous, entomophagous.

insect powder. insecticide, pyrethrum, entomologic, chrysalis, pupa,
cicada, cocoon, crepitaculum, entomophilous, entomophily, entomotaxy,
entomotomy, insecticidal, insectifuge, insectile, larva, lepidopterist,
larvarium, stridor, stridulate, stridulation, silphology, stridulatory,
nymph, horismology, imago.

insect-eaters, n. pl. Insectivora, Entomophaga.

insect-eating, a. insectivorous, entomophagous.

insect powder. insecticide, pyrethrum.

insecure, a. risky, unsafe, precarious, rickety, unstable,

insecurity, n. unsafely, risk, instability, precariousness.

insensibility, n. unconsciousness, torpor, coma, narcosis, lethargy,
numbness, narcoma, insusceptibility, anæsthesia, stupefaction, stupor,

insensible, a. unfeeling, numb, insensate, torpid, unimpressible,
unsusceptible, unconscious; imperceptible, gradual, imperceivable.

inseparable, a. indivisible, indissoluble.

insert, v. interpolate, intercalate, interject, ingraft, inosculate.

insertion, n. interjection, interpolation, intercalation,

inside, a. internal, inner, interior.

insides, n. pl. entrails; _penetralia_, recesses.

insight, n. discernment.

insignificance, n. unimportance, pettiness, immateriality,
triviality, inanity.

insignificant, n. meaningless; unimportant, immaterial, petty,
trivial, paltry.

insincere, a. disingenuous, dissembling, false, hypocritical,
affected, deceitful.

insincerity, n. duplicity, disingenuousness, hypocrisy,

insinuation, n. innuendo, intimation; ingratiation.

insist, v. persist, press, urge, contend.

insistence, n. persistence, pertinacity, importunity, urgency,
contention, instance.

insnare, v. ensnare, entrap, seduce, inveigle, allure, entangle.

insolation, n. sunstroke, siriasis, sun bath.

insolence, n. impudence, contumely, impertinence, contumacy,
effrontery, disrespect.

insinuation, n. innuendo, intimation; ingratiation.

insist, v. persist, press, urge, contend.

insistence, n. persistence, pertinacity, importunity, urgency,
contention, instance.

insistent, a. persistent, importunate, insisting.

insnare, v. ensnare, entrap, seduce, inveigle, allure, entangle.

insolation, n. sunstroke, siriasis; sun bath.

insolence, n. impudence, contumely, impertinence, contumacy,
effrontery, disrespect.

insolent, a. impudent, contumelious, overbearing, disrespectful

insoluble, a. indissoluble; unexplainable, insolvable, inexplicable.

inspect, v. examine.

inspiration, n. inhalation (breathing in); divine afflatus,

inspiring, a. inspiriting, elevating, promethean.

in spite of. notwithstanding, despite, nevertheless.

install, v. instate, induct.

installation, n. induction.

instance, n. persistency, request, solicitation, urgency; example,
case, illustration.

instantly, adv. immediately, forthwith, at once, instanter, urgently,

instep, n. metatarsus, acrotarsium.

instruct, v. teach, indoctrinate, edify, enlighten, coach.

instruction, n. nurture, tuition, teaching, information,
indoctrination, inculcation, education, admonition; edification,
enlightenment; propædeutics.

instructive, a. edifying, didactic, preceptive, mentorial;

instructor, n. teacher, preceptor, tutor, master, coach, mentor,
counselor, monitor, trainer.

instrument, n. tool, utensil, implement; agent, means, medium.

insufferable, a. intolerable, unendurable; detestable, offensive.

insufficiency, n. deficiency, inadequacy.

insufficient, a. inadequate, deficient, incommensurate, lacking.

insult, n. indignity, affront.

insult, v. offend, affront, flout.

insulting, a. offensive, contemptuous, contumelious, scurrilous.

insurance, n. assurance, indemnity.

insure, v. assure, indemnify; underwrite.

insurgency, n. revolt, rebellion, insubordination, mutiny.

insurgent, a. rebellious, mutinous, insubordinate, insurrectionary.

insurgent, n. rebel, revolter, mutineer, insurrectionist.

intaglio, n. diaglyph. Antonym: cameo.

intelligence, n. knowledge, discernment, insight, acumen.

intelligent, a. clever, discerning, astute, bright, knowing, apt,

intemperance, n. excess, immoderation, debauchery.

intemperate, a. immoderate, excessive, unrestrained.

intend, v. design, purpose, propose, contemplate, plan.

intended, n. fiancé (male), fiancée (female).

intense, a. extreme, excruciating.

intensify, v. aggravate, exacerbate, heighten.

intention, n. design, plan, purpose, aim.

intentional, a. deliberate, premeditated. Antonyms: unintentional,
inadvertent, accidental.

intercede, v. mediate, interpose, propitiate.

intercession, n. mediation, interposition, propitiation.

intercessor, n. mediator, interceder, propitiator, make-peace.

interchange, n. reciprocation, reciprocity, permutation; alternation.

interest, n. concern; share, portion, part, participation; advantage,
benefit, weal, behoof; usury. Antonyms: boredom, ennui, indifference,

interested, a. concerned; prejudiced, partial. Antonyms:
disinterested, unconcerned, bored.

interfere, v. clash, conflict; intermeddle, interpose, intervene.

interference, n. clashing, collision; intermeddling, interposition,

interlining, n. interlineation.

interloper, n. intruder, interferer.

intermediate, a. intervening, interjacent; interlocutory (Law).

intermittent, a. remittent, periodical, recurrent.

internal, a. inward, interior, inside, inner; esoteric; intrinsic;

interpret, v. construe, translate, render.

interpretation, n. rendering, rendition, translation; exegesis,
exegetics, hermeneutics, isagogics, anagogics, dittology.

interrogation point. eroteme.

interval, n. interstice (space between); interim, meantime

intervening, a. intermediate, interjacent.

intervention, n. interference, interposition; mediation,

intestines, n. pl. entrails, bowels, inwards, guts; omentum, caul,
vermiform appendix, colon, rectum, hindgut, enteron, cæcum, ileum, ileus,
volvulus, jejunum, duodenum, alimentary canal; chitterlings. Associated
words: enterology, splanchnology, enterography, splanchnography,
enteropathy, enteroplasty, enterotomy, enteralgia, enterolith, enteritis,
intestinal, enteric, crypt, peristalsis, vermiculation, alvine, viscerate,
visceration, eviscerate, evisceration, disembowel, disembowelment.

intolerable, a. insufferable, unendurable.

intolerance, n. bigotry, dogmatism, illiberality.

intolerant, a. bigoted, unforbearing, illiberal.

intrenchment, n. earthwork, fortification; encroachment,
infringement, invasion, inroad.

intricacy, n. complication, entanglement, complexity.

intricate, a. complicated, entangled, involved, labyrinthian, mazy.

intrigue, n. conspiracy, machination, cabal, plot; amour (illicit
love affair), liaison.

intrigue, v. plot, scheme, machinate, cabal.

intriguer, n. machinator, plotter, schemer, Figaro, intrigant,
intrigante (female).

intriguing, a. scheming, Machiavelian, wily.

intrinsic, a. inherent, innate, real, genuine. Antonym: extrinsic.

introduction, n. preface, proem, exordium, prelude, prolegomenon,
prologue, foreword; presentation; interpolation interposition, initiation.

introductory, a. preliminary, proemial, prefatory.

intrude, v. infringe, invade, encroach, obtrude, interlope.

intrusion, n. encroachment, obtrusion, infringement, interloping.

intrusive, a. obtrusive. Antonyms: unintrusive, unobtrusive,

intrust, v. commit, confide.

invade, v. infringe, encroach, trespass, intrench, trench.

invalid, a. null, void, of no efficacy; baseless, unfounded.

invalid, a. valetudinary.

invalid, n. valetudinarian.

invalidate, v. annul, abrogate, cancel, quash, nullify.

invalidation, n. nullification, abrogation, annulment.

invalidism, n. valetudinarianism.

invasion, n. irruption, foray, raid, aggression; violation,
infringement, encroachment, intrenchment.

inveigle, v. wheedle, seduce.

inveiglement, n. wheedling, seduction.

investigate, v. probe, sift, examine.

investigation, n. examination, inquiry, research.

invidious, a. objectionable, offensive.

invincible, a. indomitable, unconquerable.

invisible, a. imperceptible, microscopic, evanescent.

invitation, n. bidding, call, summons.

invite, v. bid, ask, summon; allure, induce, entice.

invocation, n. prayer, supplication.

involuntary, a. uncontrollable, instinctive, automatic, compulsory,

inwards, n. pl. entrails, intestines, bowels, guts; viscera;
giblets, inmeats, umbles.

iota, n. scintilla, tittle, atom, mite, jot, whit, bit, particle.

Ireland, n. Erin, Emerald Isle.

iridescent, a. prismatic, nacreous.

iris, n. flower-de-luce, _fleur-de-lis_, flag.

Irish, a. Hibernian.

Irishman, n. Hibernian, Milesian, Teague, Pat, Paddy.

iron, v. smooth; mangle.

irons, n. pl. fetters, chains, handcuffs, shackles, manacles,
hampers, gyves.

ironworker's pneumonia. siderosis.

irrecoverable, a. irretrievable.

irregular, a. inconformable, abnormal, anomalous, exceptional,
unsymmetrical, unusual, erose, baroque, aberrant.

irregularity, n. inconformableness, abnormality, asymmetry, anomaly,
aberration, intermittency.

irreligious, a. ungodly, impious, godless, sacrilegious, blasphemous,

irresolute, a. wavering, vacillating, inconstant, fickle,

irresolution, n. indecision, vacillation, inconstancy, fickleness.

irresponsible, a. unaccountable, unanswerable, unreliable.

irritable, a. irascible, fretful, spleeny, choleric, petulant, fiery,
captious, splenetic.

irritate, v. intensify, stimulate; provoke, vex, annoy, offend,

isinglass, n. fishglue, ichthyocol, ichthyocolla; mica; carlock.

island, n. isle, eyot, holm, islet; atoll. Associated Words:
insular, insularity, archipelago, lagoon, coral, maroon, marooner.

isolate, v. insulate, segregate, dissociate, detach, separate.

isolated, a. insulated, separate, solitary, segregated, sporadic.

isolation, n. insulation, segregation; loneliness, solitude.

issue, v. gush, disembogue; sally forth, debouch; proceed, emanate,
ensue, follow, result.

Italian laborers. Associated Word: padrone.

Italian paste. macaroni, vermicelli.

itch, n. psora, scabies; prurigo; sycosis (barber's itch); eczema;

itching, a. tingling, prurient.

ivory, n. Associated Words: eburnean, eburnine, eburin,
eburnification, eburnation.

ivy, n. Associated Words: hederaceous, hederal, hederic,
hederiferous, hederose.


Jab, n. (Colloq.) thrust, punch, dig.

jabber, n. gibberish, chatter, gabble, babble.--v. gabble,
gibber, babble, chatter.

jackass, n. donkey; dolt, simpleton, witling, ignoramus, fool.

jacket, n. coat, jerkin, blouse, spencer, bolero, pea-jacket sontag,
blazer, sweater, reefer, jersey, jumper, cardigan jacket, grego,
garibaldi, camisole, temiak (Eskimo); cleading.

jade, n. nephrite, jadeite; nag, plug; hussy, wench, quean.

jag, n. notch, cleft, barb, protuberance.--v. notch.

jagged, a. cleft, jaggy, notched, serrated, erose, sharp.

jail, n. prison, lockup, calaboose, workhouse, limbo.

jail bird. prisoner.

jailer, n. warden, turnkey, sheriff.

jail fever. typhus fever.

jam, n. preserve, conserve; crowd, throng, crush.

jam, v. squeeze, crowd, press, wedge in, bruise.

jamboree, n. (Slang) carousal, revelry, carouse, spree.

jangle, n. clashing, clang, discord, dissonance; wrangling, quarrel,
dispute, altercation.

jangle, v. clash, clang; quarrel, wrangle, dispute, altercate.

jangling, a. discordant, dissonant, clashing, inharmonious.

janitor, n. doorkeeper, porter, _concierge_; (female) janitress,

Japan, n. Nippon, Flowery Kingdom. Associated Words: Japanese,
geisha, coolie, Mikado, samurai, shizoku, heimin, kwazoku, Mongol,
Mongolian, kimono, Dairi, daimio, saki, Tycoon, Shogun.

japan, n. lacquer, varnish, enamel.

jar, n. crock; gurglet; shock, jolt, vibration.--v. jolt,
jounce, shock, discompose, unsettle; grate.

jargon, n. gibberish, drivel, babble, gabble, twaddle, bosh; cant,
slang, flash, argot, dialect.

jaundice, n. icterus.--v. prejudice.

jaundiced, a. prejudiced, biased, warped.

jaunty, a. airy, showy, finical, affected, fine.

jaw, n. Jawbone, jowl; maxilla (upper jaw); mandible (lower jaw).

jaw, v. (Low) scold, upbraid, berate, clamor, rail at.

jawless, a. agnathic, agnathous.

jaw muscle. masseter.

jayhawker, n. guerrilla.

jealous, a. suspicious, distrustful.

jealousy, n. suspicion, distrust.

jeer, v. mock, deride, ridicule, taunt, jibe.

jeering, n. mockery, derision, ridicule, scoffing, sneer, taunt.

jellylike, a. gelatinous, colloid.

jeopard, v. imperil, risk, expose, endanger, hazard.

jeopardize, v. jeopard.

jeopardy, n. danger, peril, hazard, exposure.

jerk, v. twitch, yerk.

jerked beef. charqui.

jerky, a. abrupt, unconnected.

jest, n. joke, witticism, quip, _jeu d' esprit_, Joe Miller.

jest, v. joke.

jester, n. joker, wag; buffoon, merry-andrew, clown, harlequin, zany.

jesting, n. joking, jest, raillery, banter, persiflage,
facetiousness, badinage, jocularity.

jesting, a. waggish, jocular, facetious, sportive.

jet, v. spurt, spout, gush; protrude, project.--n. spouting,
spurt, gush.

Jew, n. Hebrew, Israelite, Judahite, Judean, Semite, Yid; Rabbi,
Sadducee, Pharisee, Levite. Associated Words: Yiddish, ghetto, kosher,
tref, Talmud, kittel, sephardic, Sanhedrim, synagogue, Jewry, Judaism,

Jewish, a. Hebrew, Judaic, Israelitish, Hebraic, Semitic.

Jewish beggar. schnorrer.

Jewish marriage broker. schatchen.

jewel, n. gem, brilliant.

jewelry, n. jewels; bijoutry.

Jew's pitch. asphaltum, bitumen.

Jezebel, n.virago, she-devil, fury, Gorgon, termagant.

jibe, v. (Colloq.) agree, harmonize, fit.

jiffy, n. (Colloq.)moment, instant, second, trice.

jill, n. coquette, flirt; sweetheart, gill.

jilt, n. coquette, flirt.

jingle, n. tinkling, jingling, tintinnabulation; rhyme.--v.

job, n. task; situation, position.

jocose, a. facetious, waggish, sportive, merry, jocular, humorous.

jocular, a. jesting, jocose, sportive, merry, waggish.

jocularity, n. jesting, waggishness, waggery, facetiousness,

jog, n. shake, jolt, jar, shove; hitch, break.

jog, v. push, shake, jostle; suggest to, notify, remind.

johnny cake. hoecake, corncake.

join v. connect, couple, unite, combine, associate, add, append,
annex, link, conjoin, mortise, dowel, splice, knit, dovetail, mingle,
coalesce, unify, confederate; abut. Antonyms: disjoin, disconnect. See

joiner, n. link, coupling, bond; woodworker, carpenter.

joint, n. gimbal joint, dove-tail joint, joggle joint, mortise joint,
miter, dowel, scarf joint, rabbet joint.

joint, n. articulation; suture, commissure, knuckle. Associated
words: arthrology, arthrography, synosteology arthrectomy, synovia,
articular, bursa, synovial, internode, internodal, anchylose, dislocate,
dislocation, luxate, luxation.

joint, a. combined, joined, united.

jointed, a. articulated, hinged; knotted, gnarled.

jointless, a. acondylous, anarthrous, inarticulate.

joke, n. jest, witticism, jocosity, sally, _jeu d'esprit_, quip,
quirk, Joe Miller.

joke, v. rally, banter, jest.

joking, n. jesting, rallying, banter, persiflage, jocularity,

jokingly, adv. sportively, jestingly, waggishly, jocularly.

jolly, a. jovial, vivacious, congenial, convivial, mirthful,
sportive, gay, facetious, boon, waggish, jocular, jocose, witty, blithe,
sprightly, cheery.

jolly, v. (Colloq.) make good-natured, joke, jest, cheer,

jolt, n. jar, shock, jounce, jolting.--v. shake, jar, jounce.

jot, n. iota, point, tittle, bit, mite, atom, scintilla, ace,
particle, whit.

jotting, n. memorandum, note, entry.

jounce, n. jolt, shake, jolting.--v. jolt, shake, jar.

journal, n. day-book, daily register, record; diary; periodical,
publication, magazine, gazette, ephemeris.

journey, n. trip, tour, pilgrimage, excursion, travel, jaunt,
peregrination. Associated Words: itinerary, itinerancy, viatic,

journeyman, n. handicraftsman, artisan. Antonyms: apprentice,

joust, v. tilt.

Jove, n. Jupiter.

jovial, a. jolly, mirthful, gay, merry, sportive, hilarious, gleeful.

joviality, n. gayety, jollity, sportiveness, liveliness.

joy, n. gladness, exultation, jubilation, mirth, festivity glee,
elation, merriment.

joyful, a. joyous, glad, elated, jubilant, exhilarating, happy,
buoyant, merry, encouraging, felicitous.

joyous, a. joyful.

jubilant, a. joyful, exultant, triumphant.

jubilation, n. rejoicing, exultation, triumph.

Judas, n. betrayer, traitor.

Judas, a. traitorous, treacherous, disloyal, perfidious.

judge, v. adjudge, adjudicate, try; discern, distinguish,
discriminate, decide; esteem, think, consider, reckon, deem, regard;

judge, n. justice, judger; arbitrator, arbiter, umpire, referee;
connoisseur, critic; puisne; deemster (Isle of Man). Associated Words:
judicial, judicially, judicable, judicatory, judicature, judiciary.

judges, n. pl. judiciary.

judgment, n. decision, adjudication, arbitrament, arbitration,
adjudgment; sentence, decree, verdict; discrimination, discernment.

judgment-seat, n. court, tribunal, bar, judicatory.

judicial, a. judicative, judicatory, juridical, judiciary.

judicious, a. prudent, discreet, well-advised.

jug, n. pitcher, ewer, demijohn, flagon; bellarmine, long-beard.

juggler, n. prestidigitator, magician, conjurer; cheat, impostor;

jugglery, n. sleight of hand, legerdemain, prestidigitation, magic,
conjuring; imposture, trickery, hankey-pankey.

juice, n.. sap, lush; must.

juicy, a. succulent, sappy, lush, luscious. Antonyms: juiceless,
sapless, dry.

jumble, v. confuse, disarrange, entangle, mix

jumble, n. disorder, confusion, disarray, mixture, entanglement,
chaos, hodgepodge.

jump, v. spring, bound, leap, hop, caper, vault; bounce, jolt.

jump, n. leap, spring, bound, hop, vault, caper, jolt.

junction, n. union, coalition; juncture.

juncture, n. joint, seam; crisis, conjuncture, point, exigency.

jungle, n. thicket, brake, boscage, brush.

junket, n. delicacy, sweetmeat; feast, banquet. --v. feast,
banquet, regale, entertain.

junta, n. council, tribunal, assembly, convention.

junto, n. secret council, cabal, clique, faction.

jury, n. Associated Words: impanel, panel, venire, venire, facias,
tales, talesman.

juryman, n. juror.

just, a. upright, honest, conscientious, honorable, straightforward;
condign, merited, deserved, due; reasonable, conscionable, equitable,
fair; unbiased, impartial correct, exact, accurate, proper, appropriate.
Antonyms: dishonest, inequitable, undeserved. See unjust.

just, adv. precisely, exactly; closely, nearly, almost; barely,
scarcely, only.

justice, n. justness, quity, impartiality; judge. Antonyms:
inequity, injustice.

justifiable, a. warrantable, defensible, vindicable.

justification, n. vindication, exuplpation, exoneration, defense.

justifier, n. justificatior, vindicator, defender.

justify, v. vindicate, warrant, excuse, exonorate, exculpate,
absolve, defend.

justle, v. clash, bump, jostle, collide.

justly, adv. honestly, fairly, equitably, impartially.

justness, n. justice, fairness, equity, impartiality, condignness.

jut, v. jut out, project, protrude.--n. projection, jutt.

jutting, a. projecting, protruding.

jutting out. projection, projecture, protrusion

jutty, n. pier, mole, jetty.

juvenile, a. youthful, young, immature.

juvenility, n. youthfulness, immaturity.


Keel over. (Colloq.) overturn, capsize, tip over.

keen, a. sharp, acute, trenchant; penetrating, shrewd, astute,
discerning; piercing, poignant, excruciating, a crimonious, mordacious,
bitter, intense, severe; eager, ardent, ravenous, vehement.

keep, n. custody, charge; maintenance, support; stronghold, donjon;
condition, case.

keep, v. detain, restrain, hold, retain, repress, withhold; preserve,
conserve; maintain, continue; guard, shield, defend, protect, screen,
preserve; entertain, harbor; observe, adhere to, fulfill; commemorate,
celebrate, solemnize; support, sustain, provide for.

keep back. reserve, withhold; restrain, repress, check.

keep company with. associate with, accompany, go with.

keep down. hold in subjection, restrain, hinder, subdue.

keeper, n. warden; superintendent, curator, custodian, guardian,
attendant, defender, overseer.

keep from. abstain from, refrain from.

keeping, n. holding, restraint, custody, guard, guardianship,
protection, tutelage; detention, retention; maintenance support,
subsistence, board; conformity, congruity, harmony, consistency,
correspondence; observance; celebration, commemoration, fulfillment.

keeping back. reservation, reserving, withholding; restraint,
repression, checking.

keep on. proceed, continue, persist.

keepsake, n. memento, souvenir.

keep to. adhere to.

keep under. hold in subjection, subdue, mortify.

keep up. maintain, continue.

kelter, n. (Colloq.) condition, order.

kernel, n. seed, grain; nucleus; gist, core, pith, substance,
essence, marrow. Associated Words: enucleate, enucleation, exacinate,

kerosene, n. coal oil, petroleum.

kettle, n. caldron (a large kettle).

kettledrum, n. tympano; pl. tympani.

key, n. Associated Words: claviger, clavigerous, cleidomancy,
escutcheon, lock.

key, n. pitch, tone.

key, n. clew, solution, guide, explanation, elucidation, clavis;
wharf, quay; forelock, cotter, bar, pin; samara.

keyboard, n. clavier.

kick, v. spurn, calcitrate, recalcitrate, winch; resist, oppose;

kick, n. kicking, opposition.

kicking, n. spurning, recalcitration, calcitration, winch;
opposition, resistance.

kicking, a. recalcitrant, calcitrant, resistant.

kiddy, v. (Slang) deceive, outwit, hoax.

kidnap, v. abduct.

kidnapper, n. abductor, man-stealer.

kidnapping, n. abduction.

kidney, n. Associated Words: nephrology, nephrotomy, nephritis,
renal, emunctory, nephritic, loins, reins.

kidney, n. sort, kind, variety, disposition.

kidney-shaped, a. reniform.

kidney stone. nephrite, jade.

kill, v. slay, slaughter, murder, assassinate, butcher, despatch,
execute, lynch, massacre, burke, immolate, guillotine, decimate, destroy,
blast; counteract, neutralize; quell, extinguish.

killer, n. slayer, murderer, butcher, assassin, assassinator,
executor, destroyer.

killing, n. slaying, slaughter, butchering, butchery, assassination,
massacre, strangulation, immolation, holocaust, execution, fusillade,
carnage, murder, manslaughter, chaud-medley, lynching, guillotine,
burkism, garrote, chance-medley, decimation, assideration, destruction,
blasting; counteraction, neutralization.

killing, a. fatal, mortal, deadly, destructive; captivating,
charming, fascinating.

kilt, n. filibeg.

kilter, n. (Colloq.) condition, order.

kin, n. relationship; relatives, relations, kindred, kinsfolk,

kin, a. kindred.

kind, a. indulgent, compassionate, merciful, lenient, clement,
benignant, gracious, benevolent, kind-hearted, forbearing, benign,
beneficent, humane, obliging.

kind, n. variety, genus, species, strain, breed, nature, genre, sort,
style, character, description, kidney.

kind-hearted, a. compassionate, lenient, clement, kind.

kindle, v. enkindle, fire, ignite, incite, inflame, rouse.

kindling, n. enkindling, incitement, accension.

kindly, a. kind.

kindness, n. compassion, benignity, benevolence, kindliness,
graciousness, clemency, compassionateness; favor, service, good turn.

kindred, n. relationship; relatives, relations, kinsfolk, kin,

kindred, a. related, congenial, allied, similar.

kine, n. pl. cows, cattle.

king, n. monarch, sovereign, potentate, regulus. Associated Words:
regicide royalty, regnal, regnant, regnancy, regalia, viceroy, camarilla,
dynastic, dynasty.

kingdom, n. empire, dominion, sovereignty, monarchy, realm.

kingly, a. royal, regal, monarchical; sovereign, august, majestic,
grand. Antonyms: servile, mean, abject, slavish, unkingly.

king's evil. scrofula.

kink, v. snarl, become entangled.

kink, n. snarl, knot, entanglement, twist; crotchet, whim, caprice,

kinky, a. snarled, tangled, knotted; crotchety, eccentric,

kinsman, n. relative.

kiss, v. osculate.

kiss, n. osculation, buss, smack; pax (kiss of peace).

kissing, n. osculation.--a. osculant, oscillatory.

kitchen, n. cookroom, cuisine, scullery (back kitchen); galley
(Nautical). Associated Words: scullion, culinary, olitory.

kith, n. acquaintance.

knack, n. gimcrack, trinket, toy, plaything, knickknack, kickshaws,
gewgaw, bauble; skill, readiness, aptitude, proficiency, dexterity,
adroitness; trick, device.

knarl, n. knot, gnarl, knag, knurl, node.

knarled, a. knotted, gnarled, knurly, gnarly, knotty, knurled,

knave, n. villain, rascal, scamp. See scoundrel.

knavery, n. villainy, rascality, scoundrelism, chicanery,
knavishness, roguery.

knavish, a. unprincipled, rascally, villainous.

knee, n. Associated Words: genuflect, genuflection, ham, hock,
gonitis, stifle, geniculate, dib, quadriceps.

knee breeches. smallclothes, knickerbockers.

kneecap, n. patella, kneepan.

kneeling desk. priedieu.

knees, n. pl. marrowbones.

knickerbockers, n. pl. knee breeches, smallclothes.

knickknack, n. gimcrack, gewgaw, bauble, trinket, knack, curio,

knife, n. dagger, stiletto, dirk, poniard, bowie-knife, misericorde,
anlace, yataghan, machete, bolo, handjar, skean, creese, barong, sword,
billhook, saber; scalpel, lancet, bistoury; jackknife, pen-knife,
pocket-knife. Associated Words: cutler, cutlery, sheath, sheathe,
unsheathe, scabbard, cultrivorous, cultrate, cultriform, tang, scale,
spring, blade, kick, spatula.

knight, n. man-at-arms; champion, partisan, lover, gallant.

knighthood, n. chivalry. Associated Word: accolade.

knightly, a. chivalrous, gallant.

knob, n. excrescence, boss, lump, tubercle, knop, stud, hard
swelling; finial, knosp.

knock, v. rap; clash, bump; strike, beat.--n. blow, stroke; rap.

knock about. (Colloq.) wander about, saunter, stroll.

knock down. fell, floor, prostrate.

knockknee, n. inknee.

knock under. yield, submit, give in.

knoll, n. hillock, mound.

knop, n. See knob.

knot, n. entanglement, snarl, intricacy, complication; cluster,
group, band, bevy, gang, company; joint, node, knag, burl, gnarl, knob,
nodule, nodosity; tuft, bunch.

knot, v. entangle, tie, snarl. Antonyms: disentangle, unravel,

knotted, a. knurled, knaggy, gnarled, gnarly; snarled, entangled,

knotty, a. knotted, gnarled, crossgrained; intricate, difficult,

knowable, a. ascertainable, cognizable, cognoscible, intelligible,
recognizable. Antonyms: unknowable, unascertainable, incognoscible,

knowall, n. (Colloq.) wiseacre, quidnunc.

knowing, a. intelligent, sagacious, wise, clever; expressive,
significant; (Colloq.) artful, sharp, cunning.

knowingly, adv. consciously, intelligently, wittingly, designedly,
sagely, purposely, sapiently, significantly, expressively.

knowledge, n. learning, lore, erudition, culture, enlightenment,
attainments, information; cognizance, apprehension, cognition,
understanding, ken; omniscience (universal knowledge); prescience
(foreknowledge); polymathy. Antonyms: sciolism, ignorance,
inerudition, dilettanteism pedantry, unfamiliarity.

knuckle bones. dibs.

knuckle to. (Colloq.) submit to, yield, cringe, obey.

kodak, n. camera (portable).


labor, n. toil, work, drudgery, task, industry, travail.

labor, v. toil, work, drudge, slave, moil, travail.

labored, a. studied, elaborate, overwrought, stiff, unnatural.

laborer, n. toiler, workman, stevedore, roustabout, drudge, hack,
peon, coolie, navvy.

laborious, a. toilsome, arduous, onerous; diligent, industrious,

labyrinth, n. maze, intricacy, complexity.

lace, n. string, cord, thong, aglet.

lacerate, v. tear, rend, mangle, laniate, harrow, wound, harry,

laceration, n. tearing, rending, laniation, harrowing, wound.

lack, v. need, want, be in need of, require, sedulous.

labyrinth, n. maze, intricacy, complexity.

lace, n. string, cord, thong, aglet.

lacerate, v. tear, rend, mangle, laniate, harrow, wound, harry,

laceration, n. tearing, rending, laniation, harrowing, wound.

lack, v. need, want, be in need of, require.

lack, n. want, need, deficiency, dearth, paucity, scarcity, drought,
default, deficit, insufficiency, inadequacy, shortness.

lackadaisical, a. pensive, dreamy, languishing, die-away.

lackey, n. flunky.

lacking, a. deficient, insufficient, unsupplied, shy, wanting,

ladylove, n. See sweetheart.

lag, v. fall behind, loiter, linger, delay, saunter.

laggard, n. loiterer, lagger, lingerer, saunterer, idler.

lake, n. pond; lagoon. Associated Words: lacustrine, lacustral.

lamb, n. eanling, yeanling, lambkin, cosset.

lambaste, v. (Low) pommel, maul, belabor, beat, strike.

lame, v. disable, maim, cripple, hamstring.

lame, a. crippled, hobbling, limping, halt, deformed, game, maimed,
disabled; inconclusive, unconvincing, inefficient, feeble, unsatisfactory.

lament, v. bemoan, weep, wail, deplore, grieve, bewail, mourn.

lamentable, a. deplorable, grievous, pitiable, distressing,

lamentation, n. wailing, lament, grief, bewailing, plaint, sorrow.

lamented, a. mourned for, deplored.

lampoon, v. libel, defame, satirize.

lampoon, n. libel, pasqinade, iambic.

lance, n. spear, javelin, harpoon.

land, n. terra firma; country; freehold, ground, soil, earth; realty,
real estate; demesne, glebe, close, garth, holm, arado, assart, reliction,
dereliction, alluvium, cadastre, appanage, arable, fallow, allodium,
innings, abuttal; farm, plantation; continent, island, peninsula, delta,
isthmus, headland, cape, plateau, barens. Associated Words: agronomy,
agronomist, agronomics, agronomic, agricultre, agricultral, agriculturist,
georgics, geoponics, escheat, arable, inarable, agrarian, agrarianism,
agrarianize, topography, tilth, terrain, terrene, till, geoscopy,

land, v. disembark, debark; capture.

landing, n. disembarkation, debarkation; wharf, dock, quay; capture.

landlord, n. host, hotel-keeper, inn-keeper, Boniface; owner,

Land of promise. Canaan.

landscape, n. scene, scenery, view, prospect.

language, n. speech, tongue, vernacular; dialect; idiom, phraseology,
diction; argot, flash, slang, lingo, cant, jargon, gibberish; Volapuk,
pasilaly, Esperanto. Associated Words: lingual, linguistic, linguist,
linguistics, philology, philologist, philological, polyglot, glottology,
glossology, paleography, glossologist, monoglot, grammar grammarian,
chrestomathy, glossolaly, collingual.

languid, a. unanimated, flagging, lifeless, supine, listless,
sluggish, tardy, slow.

languor, n. exhaustion, lassitude, inanition, listlessness.

lanky, a. gangling, overgrown.

lapse, n. slip, misstep, indiscretion; backsliding; devolution.

lard, n. grease; leaflard, flare; axunge.--v. interlard.

larder, n. buttery, pantry, spence.

lardy, a. lardaceous.

large, a. big, extensive, huge, unwieldy, vast, massive, immense,
colossal, gigantic, bulky; ample, copious, liberal, unstinted; generous,
liberal, munificent, princely; hypertrophied; spacious, commodious,

lariat, n. lasso, reata.

lark, n. frolic.

larrup, v. (Colloq.) whip, beat, trounce, flog.

larva, n. caterpillar, grub, maggot; pl. larvæ. Associated
words: silphology, pupa, chrysalis.

lascivious, a. lewd, libidinous, salacious. See lustful.

large, a. big, extensive, huge, unwieldy, vast, massive, immense,
colossal, gigantic, bulky; ample, copious, liberal, unstinted; generous,
liberal, munificent, princely; hypertrophied; spacious, commodious,

lariat, n. lasso, reata.

lark, n. frolic.

larrup, v. (Colloq.) whip, beat, trounce, flog.

larva, n. caterpillar, grub, maggot; pl. larvæ. Associated
words: silphology, pupa, chrysalis.

lascivious, a. lewd, libidinous, salacious. See lustful.

lash, n. scourge, thong, whip.

lash, v. scourge, castigate, flagellate; satirize, scold, rate. See

lashing, n. scourging, castigation, flagellation; satire, scolding,

lassitude, n. languor, weariness, exhaustion, languidness,

lasso, n. lariat, cabestro, reata.

last, a. final, hindmost, farthest, latest, ultimate.

last, v. continue, endure, remain.

lasting, a. enduring, durable, permanent, imperishable, abiding.
Antonyms: ephemeral, transitory, fleeting, transient, fugitive,

lastingness, n. durability, permanence, indestructibility,

lastly, adv. finally.

late, a. tardy, delayed; recent.

lately, adv. recently.

latent, a. concealed, dormant, undeveloped, hidden.

later, a. subsequent, posterior.

latitude, n. breadth, width; room, range, scope, extent, freedom;

lattice, n. trellis, lattice-work; cancelli; grille.

lattice-work, n. lattice, trellis, treillage, espailier.

laud, v. extol, praise. See praise.

laundable, a. praisworth, commendable. Antonyms: illaudable,
unpraiseworthy, indign.

laudatory, a. panegyrical, eulogistic, encomiastic, adulatory,

laugh, v. cachinnate, roar, giggle, snicker, titter, chuckle, grin,
twitter, cackle, chortle, hawhaw.

laughable, a. risible, comic, ludicrous, droll, facetious, farcical,
amusing. See funny.

laughing, a. merry, gleeful, mirthful, smiling.

laughing gas. protoxide of nitrogen, nitrous oxide, hyponitrous

lattice-work, n. lattice, trellis, treillage, espalier.

laud, v. extol, praise. See praise.

laudable, a. praiseworthy, commendable. Antonyms: illaudable,
unpraiseworthy, indign.

laudatory, a. panegyrical, eulogistic, encomiastic, adulatory,

laugh, v. cachinnate, roar, giggle, snicker, titter, chuckle, grin,
twitter, cackle, chortle, hawhaw.

laughable, a. risible, comic, ludicrous, droll, facetious, farcical,
amusing. See funny.

laughing, a. merry, gleeful, mirthful, smiling.

laughing gas. protoxide of nitrogen, nitrous oxide, hyponitrous

laughter, n. mirth, laugh, cachinnation, giggle, snicker, roar,
cackle, grin, chortle, chuckle, guffaw, titter. Associated Words:
risible, risibles, risibility, risorial, abderian, sardonic, geloscopy,

laugh to scorn. deride, ridicule.

launch, v. set afloat; set going, start; throw, hurl; expatiate,

lava field. pedregal (Mexico and Western U.S.).

lavish, a. profuse, prodigal, free, unstinted; superabundant,
immoderate, excessive, exuberant.

lavish, v. spend lavishly, bestow with profusion.

law, n. statute, ordinance, edict, enactment, decree, canon, usage.
Associated Words: jurisprudence, nomology, nomography, nomocracy,
antinomy, dysnomy, neonomian, code, codex, codify, codification, digest,
forensic, legislate, legislation, legislative, enact, ordain, repeal,
veto, jurat, juratory, juridic, juridical, jurist, juris consult,
publicist, jurisprudent, juristic, pandect, moratory, judicial,
causidical, nomothetic, nomistic.

law-breaker, n. criminal, malefactor, culprit, felon, delinquent,
offender, sinner.

law-breaking, n. crime, misdemeanor, transgression, violation.

lawful, a. legal, legitimate, licit, legalized. Antonyms: See

lawfulness, n. legality, legitimacy. Antonyms: unlawfulness,

lawing, n. litigation, lawsuit.

lawless, a. anarchical, riotous, mobocratic, licentious.

lawlessness, n. anarchy, unrestraint, abandon, mobocracy, license,

lawmaker, n. legislator, lawgiver, Solon.

lawmaking, n. legislation.

lawsuit, n. litigation, case, suit, action. Associated Words:
litigant, litigate, litigious, litigable, barratry.

lawyer, n. attorney, counselor, barrister, counsel, advocate,
attorney-at-law, solicitor; pettifogger; (dishonest) shyster.
Associated Words: client, clientele.

lax, a. loose, slack, flabby, relaxed; loose, vague, equivocal,
doubtful; slack, remiss, negligent; unrestrained, dissolute, licentious.

laxative, a. aperient.

laxative, n. aperient.

laxness, n. laxity, looseness; relaxation, flabbiness; remissness,
negligence, slackness.

lay, v. deposit, place; impose, assess; impute, charge, ascribe,
attribute; submit, present, offer; superimpose.

lay, n. song, ballad, lyric.

lay, a. laic, laical.

layer, n. stratum, course, tier.

laymen, n. pl. laity.

lay open. uncover, reveal, expose, disclose, exhibit, show.

lay over. overlay, cover, apply; defer, postpone, prorogue.

lay siege to. besiege, beset, bombard, obsess.

lay to heart. take to heart, be grieved at, feel keenly, consider

lay up. store, treasure, save, hoard, garner; confine, disable.

lay wait for. lie in ambush for.

lay waste. desolate, devastate, pillage, sack, spoliate.

laziness, n. indolence, sloth.

lazy, a. indolent, slothful, sluggard, dronish. Antonyms: diligent,
industrious, sedulous, hardworking.

lazy person. sluggard, drone, idler.

lea, n. meadow, lay, mead.

leach, v. lixiviate.

leaching, n. lixiviation.

lead, n. _plumbum_ (Chem.); graphite, plumbago (black lead);
plummet; blende (mock lead).

lead, v. guide, conduct, escort, direct; precede; induce, entice,
influence, allure, persuade, actuate, impel; conduce, contribute, tend;
have precedence; have charge of, command, head.

lead, n. precedence, initiative, command, guidance.

lead astray. mislead, seduce.

leader, n. guide, commander, corypheus, pilot, bellwether,
protagonist, chief.

leadership, n. direction, command, guidance; primacy, supremacy,
domination, hegemony.

leading, a. chief, principal, premiere, influential, guiding.

leaf, n. blade, spire; folio; lithophyll (fossil leaf). Associated
words: foliar, foliferous, foliaceous, foliation, defoliate, defoliation,
frond, bract, frondation, frondesce, frondescence, verticil, whorl,
acanthus deciduous, indeciduous.

leaf-green, n. chlorophyll.

leaf-stalk, n. petiole.

league, n. alliance, confederation, coalition, confederacy, union,
federation, association.

league, v. combine, confederate.

leak, v. percolate, filter, ooze.

leaky, a. defective.

lean, v. incline, slope, recline, tend; rely, depend; careen.

lean, a. thin, lank, spare, meager, poor, skinny, gaunt, emaciated,
marcid, angular; slender, scant, bare.

leaning, a. reclining, inclining, supine.

leaning, n. inclination, tendency, propensity, bent, bias, proneness,
predisposition, proclivity; reclination.

lean-to, n. penthouse, addition, shed.

leap, v. spring, jump, vault, bound, caper, gambol, prance, cavort,

leap, n. spring, jump, vault, bound, capriole.

leaping, a. springing, jumping, salient, saltigrade, saltatory.

leaping, n. springing, saltation, salience.

leap year. bissextile.

learn, v. master, acquire knowledge.

learned, a. educated, erudite, lettered, scholarly.

learning, n. education, erudition, lore, scholarship, knowledge.
Associated Words: savant, philomath, philomathy, misology, oracle,
pedant, pedantry.

lease, v. let, demise, rent.

lease, n. letting, demise; tenure. Associated Words: lessee,

least, n. minimum. Associated Words: minimize, minimization.

least, a. smallest, minimum.

leather-burning, n. pyrography.

leathery, a. coriaceous, tough, alutaceous.

leave, n. permission; leave-taking, adieu, farewell, _congé_;
withdrawal, retirement, departure, leaving, egress.

leave, v. depart from, vacate, retire from; abandon, forsake, desert;
abstain from, forego, desist from, forbear; permit, allow, let; commit,
give over, intrust, consign, deliver; will, bequeath, devise; depart, set
out, start, go.

leaves, n. pl. foliage, leafage. See leaf.

leavetaking, n. farewell, valedictory, _congé_, adieu.

leavings, n. pl. remnants, fragments, offal, refuse, waste, scraps,
culls, orts.

lecher, n. rake, libertine, whoremonger.

lechery, n. libertinism, licentiousness.

lecture, n. discourse, address, dissertation, prelection; reproof,

lecture, v. discourse, address; reprove, censure, rate, upbraid,

ledge, n. shelf; reef, ridge (of rocks); layer, stratum, lode.

left, n. Associated Words: sinister, sinistral, sinistrality,
sinistrorse, sinistrorsal, haw, port, larboard.

left-hand, a. sinister, left.

left-handed, a. sinister, ambilevous.

leg, n. limb, shank, shin; (bones of the leg) tibia, fibula, femur,
thigh bone, epipodiale. Associated Words: crotch, hock, hough, solen,
cradle, puttee, hip, thigh, haunch gyve, scarpines, calf, galligaskins,
spatterdashes, leggings.

legacy, n. bequest, devise.

legal, a. lawful, legitimate. Antonym: illegal.

legality, n. lawfulness, legitimacy. Antonym: illegality.

legalize, v. legitimize. Antonyms: illegalize, illegitimize.

legate, n. ambassador, envoy, representative.

legation, n. embassy.

legend, n. fable, myth; posy, inscription, motto.

legendary, a. mythical, traditional.

legerdemain, n. jugglery, sleight of hand.

legible, a. readable, decipherable. Antonym: illegible.

legion, n. host, horde, army.

legions, n. pl. battalions, troops, soldiers.

legitimate, a. lawful. Antonym: illegitimate.

lemon, n. Associated Words: citric, citrine, citrination, citrus.

lend, v. loan.

lending, n. loan.

lengthen, v. extend, elongate, stretch, prolong, protract; expatiate,

lengthening, n. extension, elongation, protraction, prolongation.

lengthwise, adv. longitudinally.

lengthy, a. long, prolix, protracted, verbose.

lenient, a. compassionate. See merciful.

lenity, n. clemency, mercy, lenience.

Lent, n. Quadragesima.

lessen, v. reduce, diminish, minify, depreciate, minimize, decrease,
mitigate, abate.

lessening, n. reduction, diminution, decrease, decrement,
depreciation, mitigation, shrinkage, abatement.

Lesser Bear. Cynosure.

lesson, n. task, exercise.

let, v. allow, permit, suffer; lease, rent.

let, n. hindrance.

lethargy, n. drowsiness, stupor, unconsciousness.

letter, n. epistle, favor, missive, note; encyclic, encyclical,
decretal (letter of the Pope). Associated Words: correspond,
epistolical, epistolary, epistolean, epistolize, epistler, epistolar,
epistolography, postscript.

letter, n. initial (first letter).

letter-carrier, n. postman, mail-carrier, courier, mail-man, postboy,

letter for letter. _literatim_.

letters, n. pl. correspondence.

letters; n. pl. learning, literature, erudition, humanities.

let-up, n. (Colloq.) abatement, assuagement, respite, subsidence.

let up. (Colloq.) abate, subside, diminish, intermit.

level, a. even, flat, plain, smooth, flush, plumb; horizontal;
steady, impartial, well-balanced. Antonyms: undulating uneven, concave,
convex, warped.

level, v. flatten, equalize, even, smooth, reduce; raze, reduce,
overthrow, demolish; adapt, adjust.

lever, n. pry. Associated Words: fulcrum, purchase, prize, prizing.

leverage, n. purchase.

levity, n. lightness, buoyancy; gayety, frivolity.

lewd, a. unchaste, lustful, licentious, libidinous, lecherous,
incontinent, ribald, lascivious, rakish, ruttish, salacious, concupiscent,
wanton, lubricous, prurient, pornographic. Antonyms: chaste, modest,

lewdness, n. unchastity, incontinence, lust, lechery, ribaldry,
salacity, concupiscence, profligacy, lasciviousness. Antonyms: chastity,
modesty, purity.

liability, n. exposure, accountability, responsibility, amenability
Antonyms: immunity, exemption.

liabilities, n. pl. debts, obligations, indebtedness.

liable, a. exposed, subject, accountable, answerable, amenable,
bound. Antonyms: exempt, immune.

libel, n. defamation, lampoon, roorback.

libel, v. defame (by some publication), lampoon.

libellous, a. defamatory, slanderous, calumnious.

liberal, a. generous, open-handed, bounteous, munificent, unstinted,
princely; profuse, lavish, ample, abundant; catholic, magnanimous,
tolerant. Antonyms: illiberal, ungenerous, stingy, limited, narrow,

liberality, n. generosity. Antonyms: illiberality, stinginess,

liberate, v. See free.

liberation, n. See freeing.

libertine, n. lecher, debauchee, rake, _roué_, profligate.

libertine, a. licentious, lecherous, profligate, rakish.

liberty, n. freedom, independence; privilege, permission. Antonyms:
captivity, bondage, servitude, subjection, constraint, serfdom, slavery.

license, n. privilege, right; lawlessness, anarchy.

license, v. legalize, permit.

licentious, a. immoral, dissolute, profligate, lewd, libertine,
rakish, lascivious; unrestrained, uncurbed, uncontrolled.

lick, v. lap; (Colloq.) flog, thrash, chastise, castigate, trounce,
drub. See whip.

lick, n. slap, stroke, blow.

licking, n. (Colloq.) flogging, chastisement, castigation,
punishment, thrashing, whipping.

lid, n. cover.

lie, n. untruth, falsehood, fib; fiction, fabrication; subterfuge,
evasion, misrepresentation.

lie, v. recline.

lie close. cuddle, nestle, snuggle.

lief, adv. willingly, gladly, freely, readily.

lien, n. incumbrance.

life, n. existence, being, animation, vitality; vivacity,
spiritedness, energy, activity, briskness, sprightliness; biography,
memoir. Associated Words: biology, biologist, vital, biometry,
biogenesis, macrobiotics, vitalization, vitalize, bioplasm, protoplasm,
elixir, biotic.

lifeless, a. dead, inanimate, spiritless, devitalized.

lifelessness, n. inanimation.

lift, v. raise, elevate.

lift, n. lifting, raising, elevation; help, assistance, aid;
elevator, dumb waiter.

lifting machine. derrick, crane, tackle.

light, n. illumination; lamp, taper, candle, lantern, head-light,
cresset; publicity, public notice; phosphorescence, luminescence; aureole,
halo, nimbus, aureola, glory. Associated Words: photology, photologist,
photophobia, catoptrics, dioptrics, photics, Ormuzd, luminary.

light, a. buoyant; easy, inoppressive; active, nimble, deft, fleet,
swift, spry; spongy, porous, well-leavened; incompact, loose, porous;
gossamery, sleazy, flimsy, thin, unsubstantial; volatile, unsteady,
mercurial, fickle, frivolous.

light, v. ignite, illumine, illuminate.

light, v. dismount, alight, descend; rest, perch, settle.

lighten, v. light, illuminate, illume; ease, relieve, alleviate.

light-fingered, a. thievish, pilfering.

light-footed, a. nimble, agile.

lighthouse, n. beacon, fanal, pharos. Associated Words: holophote,

lighting, n. illumination.--a, luminous, luminiferous.

lightness, n. levity, levitation, buoyancy.

lightning-rod, n. paratonnerre.

like, a. similar, alike, cognate, analogous, homogeneous. Antonyms:
See unlike.

like, n. counterpart, copy, equal; liking, preference.

like, v. fancy, approve of; prefer, choose, wish.

like blazes. (Low) furiously, rapidly.

likelihood, n. probability, verisimilitude. Antonyms: unlikelihood,

likely, a. probable, verisimilar; good-looking, comely; appropriate.
Antonyms: unlikely, improbable.

liken, v. compare.

likeness, n. similitude, resemblance, similarity, appearance, guise,
analogy; portrait, effigy, counterpart, image, copy, facsimile.

liking, n. fondness, partiality, affection, approval, preference,
predilection. Antonyms: distaste, aversion, inappetency, hatred,
antipathy, disapproval.

limb, n. branch, bough.

limber, a. flexible, pliant, limp, pliable, supple, lithe, lithesome.
Antonyms: See stiff.

lime, n. Associated Words: calcareous, calciferous, calcariferous,
calcification, calcify, calcified, calcivorous, calcination, calciform,
slack, cretification, calcigerous, kalsomine.

limit, n. bound, boundary, confine, extent; restriction, check,
restraint, limitation.

limit, v. restrict, circumscribe, define, confine.

limitation, n. limit, restriction, restraint, circumscription,

limited, a. restricted, confined, conditioned, finite, circumscribed.
Antonyms: See unlimited.

limp, a. flaccid, flabby, limber, soft, flexile. Antonyms: See

limp, n. halt, limping, hobble.

limpid, a. clear, pellucid, lucid. See clear.

line, n. stripe, streak; cord, rope, thread, string, cable; course,
route; branch, department; boundary, contour, periphery, circumference,
outline; lineament; row, series, rank, file; secant; hachure, hatching.
Associated Words: aliner, alignment, allineation, align, linear, lineal,
lineation, interline, interlinear, interlining, interlineation.

linen, n. napery; lingerie; damask.

linen and wool. linsey-woolsey.

lines, n. pl. reins.

linger, v. loiter, saunter, tarry, lag.

lingering, a. protracted.

link, v. join, unite, connect, couple, concatenate.

lion, n. _Felis Leo_; lioness (female); whelp, lionel (young);
Leo; griffin.

lionlike, a. leonine.

lip, n. Associated Words: labial, labially, labialize,
labialization, labialism, chiloma, labret, philtrum, pout, labiochorea,
cheiloplasty, labioplasty, harelip, blobber lip.

liquid, n. fluid.

list, n. catalogue, roster, schedule, register; selvage, selvedge,

listen, v. hearken; eavesdrop; auscultate. Antonyms: disregard,
ignore, scorn.

listening, n. hearkening; eavesdropping; auscultation, autophony.

listless, a. inattentive, indifferent, supine, heedless, unconcerned.

litigation, n. lawsuit.

litter, n. stretcher; mulch; disorder, untidiness; farrow.

little, a. small, diminutive, minute, tiny, wee, puny, dwarfish,
insignificant, infinitesimal. See small.

little, n. miniature; modicum.

little by little. piecemeal, gradually.

live, v. exist; dwell, reside, abide.

live, a. alive, quick, animate, living.

liveliness, n. animation, vivacity, sprightliness, briskness,
activity, lilt.

live longer than. survive, outlive.

lively, a. animated, spirited, vivacious, vigorous, active, brisk,
energetic, stirring, sprightly; agile, nimble; hilarious frolicsome, gay,
buoyant. Antonyms: slow, sluggish, inactive, quiet.

liver, n. Associated Words: hepatic, hepatology, hepatize,
hepatization, cirrhosis, cirrhotic, giblets, bilious, viscera,
hepatogenic, bile.

liver, heart, etc., of an animal. inmeats (edible viscera).

livid, a. ecchymosed, bruised, black and blue.

living, a. alive, quick, live; quickening, animating.

living, n. life, existence, being; livelihood, sustenance,
subsistence, maintenance; benefice.

living again. redivivus, resurrected, revived, resurgent.

living in seclusion. eremitism, anchoretism, reclusion, seclusion,
retirement.--a. hermitical, eremitic, anchoretic, solitary.

living picture. _tableau vivant_.

living together. cohabitation.

living upon others. parasitic.--n. parasitism.

lizard, n. saurian, reptile; chameleon, gecko, gila monster, iguana,

load, v. encumber, lade, burden, freight.

load, n. burden, cargo, lading, encumbrance, weight, impediment,

loaded, p.p. and a. laden, freighted, fraught.

loaf, v. lounge about, loiter.

loathe, v. abhor, hate, detest, abominate, despise, execrate, recoil

loathing, n. abhorrence, detestation, abomination, execration,

location, n. situation, locality, place.

lock, n. ringlet, curl, tress.

lock-jaw, n. tetanus. Associated Words: tetanic, tetanoid.

lofty, a. tall, towering.

log, n. puncheon (split log).

logical, a. consistent, sound. Antonym: illogical.

loins, n. pl. reins.

loiter, v. saunter, linger.

loitering, a. sauntering, dilatory.

Londoner, n. cockney (Contemptuous).

lone, a. alone, lonely, isolated, desolate; unfrequented, solitary,
sequestered, secluded, lonesome.

lonely, a. sequestered, solitary, unfrequented; lonesome, desolate,
dreary, lorn.

long, a. protracted, prolonged, lengthy, extended; lingering;
extensive, inclusive; tedious, prolix, wordy, long-spun diffuse.

long, v. yearn for, hanker after, crave.

longer than broad. oblong.

long-handed, a. longimanous.

long-headed, a. shrewd, sagacious. See shrewd.

longing, n. yearning, craving.

long life. longevity.

longshoreman, n. stevedore.

long-suffering, a. forbearing, uncomplaining, patient.--n.
forbearance, patience, longanimity.

look, v. glance, gaze, stare, see, con, gloat, glare, peek, peer,
pry, peep, pore, lower, glower, scan, ogle; seem, appear; await, expect,
anticipate; examine, investigate, inspect, contemplate, scrutinize.

look, n. glance, glimpse, inspection, scrutiny, gaze; expression,
appearance, air, manner, mien, semblance, aspect, presence.

look down upon. See despise.

looking backward. retrospection, retrospect.--a. retrospective.

looking for. anticipation, expectation; search.

looking forward. anticipation, expectation, prospect, foresight.

looking forward. prospective, anticipative.

looking-glass, n. mirror; cheval glass.

looking within. introspection.--a. introspective.

look into. inspect, examine, probe, investigate.

look on. see, witness; regard, consider, deem, view.

lookout, n. observatory; watch-tower, conning tower; responsibility.

look over. examine, scrutinize, reconnoiter.

look upon. regard, esteem, consider.

look up to. honor, respect, defer to, venerate, reverence.

look within. introspect.

loop, n. staple, noose, bight.

loophole, n. excuse, plea, pretext.

loose, a. unbound, disengaged, movable, unfastened, unrestrained,
detached; relaxed; incompact, porous.

loose, v. release, disengage, free, disentangle, liberate; absolve,
remit; relax, loosen, slacken.

loosen, v. relax.

looseness, n. laxity, slackness, relaxation.

loot, n. spoil, booty, plunder, prize; plundering, pillage.

loot, v. plunder, sack, rifle, pillage.

lop, v. cut off, obtruncate.

lopsided, a. unbalanced, disproportioned.

loquacious, a. garrulous, voluble, talkative.

loquacity, n. garrulity, volubility, talkativeness.

lord, n. nobleman, peer, magnate, grandee; liege, suzerain.

lord, v. domineer.

Lord, have mercy upon us. Kyrie eleison.

lordly, a. overbearing, domineering, despotic, arrogant, imperious,

lordship, n. seigniory, dominion.

Lord's Prayer. Pater noster.

Lord's Supper. communion, eucharist.

lore, n. learning, knowledge, wisdom, erudition.

lorn, a. forsaken, lonely, solitary.

lose, v. miss, forfeit.

lose ground. retire, recede, retreat, decline.

loss, n. forfeiture. Associated Words: damnific, damnify,

lost, a. forfeited, missing; derelict, adrift; misspent, misemployed,
wasted; irreclaimable, incorrigible, abandoned; preoccupied, abstracted,

lot, n. destiny, doom, fortune, fate; portion, parcel, part,
allotment; (Colloq.) much, many.

loth, a. disinclined, unwilling, reluctant, averse, loath,

lots, n. pl. Associated Word: sortilege.

loud, a. deafening, stentorian, resonant, clarion; clamorous,
vociferous, boisterous; gaudy, flashy, ostentatious, showy; emphatic,
urgent, appealing.

lounge, v. recline, loll.

lousiness, n. phthiriasis, pediculosis, pediculation.

lout, n. booby, boor, bumpkin, lubber, gawky.

loutish, a. boorish, lubberly, gawky, ungentlemanly.

lovable, a. amiable, winsome, lovely, winning.

lovableness, n. amability, winsomeness, amiability.

love, n. affection, devotion, infatuation, passion; amorousness,
amativeness; Cupid, Eros, Venus, Aphrodite, Amorino; philanthropy; storge.

love affair. liaison (an illicit love affair), amour, intrigue.

love feast (of the primitive Christians), agape.

love-letter, n. _billet-doux_, _billet d'amour_.

lovely, a. charming, delightful, delectable, amiable, pleasing.

love potion. philter.

lover, n. amoroso, inamorato, swain, suitor, admirer, philander,
gallant, beau, cicisbeo; paramour, leman.

loving, a. affectionate; enamored; amative, amorous, erotic.

loving-kindness, n. tenderness, mercy, compassion.

low, a. depressed; base, mean, vulgar, raffish, ignominious,
undignified; moderate, reasonable, cheap; humble, lowly, obscure; feeble,
faint, weak; subdued, grave, gentle; ignoble, groveling, abject, degraded,
servile, menial, sordid, base.

low, adv. softly, _sotto voce_.

low, v. moo.

lowborn, a. baseborn, plebeian.

lowbred, a. unrefined, illbred, vulgar, rude.

lower, v. drop; depress, reduce; decrease, diminish, fall, humble,
humiliate, degrade, abash, detrude, dishonor; frown, scowl, glower, look

lower, a. nether, under.

lower classes. proletariat, proletariate, proletarians.

lowering, a. threatening, dark, sullen.

lowest, a. nethermost.

lowest point. nadir.

low life. obscurity.

lowliness, n. humility, meekness, self-abasement.

low-lived, a. mean, dishonorable, ignominious, base.

lowly, a. humble, meek, unassuming.

low-minded, a. groveling, abject, sordid, base-minded.

loyal, a. true, constant, faithful, devoted, stanch, unwavering.

loyalty, n. fidelity, constancy, faithfulness, devotion, fealty,

lozenge, n. tablet, troche, pastille.

lubber, n. boor, lout, bumpkin, looby, gawk, churl, lummox.

lubberly, a. boorish, loutish, gawky, clumsy, ungainly.

lucid, a. See clear.

lucidity, n. See clearness.

luck, n. fortune, chance, fortuity, haphazard, chance, hap-hazard.
Associated Words: mascot, hoodoo.

luckless, a. See unlucky.

lucky, a. fortunate; favorable, auspicious, propitious.

lucrative, a. See profitable.

ludicrous, a. comical, ridiculous. See funny.

lug, v. drag, pull, tug, haul.

luggage, n. baggage, traps.

lugubrious, a. mournful, doleful, sorrowful, woful.

lukewarm, a. tepid; indifferent, cool, unconcerned.

lukewarmness, n. tepidity; indifference, unconcern, coolness.

lull, v. hush, still, quiet, tranquillize; subside, abate.

lull, n. calm, calmness, subsidence.

lumbering, a. unwieldy, ponderous, cumbersome, ungraceful.

luminous, a. See bright.

lummox, n. (Low) booby, gawk, lout, lubber, yahoo, bumpkin, boor.

lump, n. mass, aggregation, aggregate.--v. mass, amass.

lumpish, a. inert, heavy; stupid, dull, stolid.

lumpy jaw. actinomycosis.

lunatic, n. madman, maniac, bedlamite.

lunch, n. luncheon, refection.

luncheon, n. collation, refreshment, nuncheon, tiffin.

lunge, v. allonge, longe, thrust.

lungs, n. pl. lights (lungs of an animal or bird). Associated
words: pulmonary, pulmonic, pneumonic, pleura, pleural lobe, spirometer,

lurch, v. sway, stagger, roll; dodge, shift, evade, bilk.

lure, n. decoy, enticement, bait.

lure, v. entice, tempt, seduce, allure, decoy.

lurking-place, n. ambush, retreat, cover.

luscious, a. delicious, delectable; cloying, fulsome, unctuous.

lush, a. juicy, succulent.

lust, n. venereal appetite, concupiscence, salacity, sexual desire;
longing, cupidity, desire, hankering. Antonym: anaphrodisia. See sexual

luster, n. brightness, gloss, glitter, sheen, brilliancy.

lusterless, a. dull, lackluster.

lustful, a. lascivious, concupiscent, lecherous,
licentiou-libidinous, salacious, carnal, lickerish, ruttish, prurient
aphrodisiac, aphrodisiacal, lecherous.

lustre, n. brilliancy, glitter, radiance, resplendence.

lustrous, a. See bright.

lusty, a. robust, sturdy, stalwart, strapping, muscular.

luxuriance, n. exuberance, rampancy, richness.

luxuriant, a. exuberant, rampant, superabundant, excessive.

luxuriate, v. revel, wanton.

luxurious, a. voluptuous, epicurean, sybaritic.

luxury, n. voluptuousness, epicurism, sybaritism, luxuriousness.

lying, a. untruthful, false, mendacious, deceitful.

lying, n. falsehood, lie, untruth, mendacity, fabrication, fiction.

lying down. reclining, recumbent, accumbent; (face down) prone,
prostrate; (face upward) supine.

lying down. reclining, reclination, accubation, recumbence; (face
down) prostration, pronation; (face upward) supination, supineness.

lying in wait. ambush, ambuscade.

lying round. circumjacent.--n. circumjacence.

lyre, n. See harp.


Machine, n. automaton (self-moving machine); mechanism;
organization, system.

machinist, n. mechanician.

mad, a. crazy, insane, demented, maniacal, raving; indignant,
enraged, irate, resentful; rabid; distracted, wild, infatuated. See

madcap, n. hotspur, blood.--a. wild, reckless, rash.

madden, v. incense, anger, enrage, infuriate, provoke, exasperate,
vex, inflame.

made up. devised, fabricated, artificial, sham, false, counterfeit.

madhouse, n. bedlam, insane asylum.

madman, n. maniac, lunatic, bedlamite; monomaniac.

madness, n. dementia, insanity, craziness, mania, lunacy; monomania;
frenzy, rage, wrath, ire, resentment, fury, indignation, anger.

magazine, n. storehouse, depot, repository; periodical, publication,

magic, n. enchantment, conjuration, wizardry, legerdemain
prestidigitation, necromancy, jugglery, sorcery; fascination, witchery,

magic, a. magical, necromantic, talismanic.

magician, n. conjurer, prestidigitator, sorcerer, wizard,
necromancer, juggler, thaumaturge.

magnet, n. loadstone.

magnetist, n. magnetician.

magnificence, n. grandeur, sublimity, splendor, majesty

magnificent, a. splendid, superb, sublime, majestic, stately, grand.

magnify, v. augment, amplify, enlarge; overstate, exaggerate.

maid, n. See girl; lady's maid, Abigail; soubrette.

maiden, a. virgin; chaste, undefiled, pure; unused, fresh, new.

maidenhead, n. maidenhood; hymen (virginal membrane).

maidenhood, n. maidhood, girlhood, virginity.

mail, n. armor, hauberk; scale, shell; post.

mail, v. post.

mail-carrier, n. postman, letter-carrier, courier.

main, a. principal, leading, chief, capital, cardinal, paramount;
requisite, necessary; sheer, pure.

main, n. ocean, high sea; gross, bulk, majority; strength, power,
might, force.

mainland, n. continent.

mainly, adv. principally, chiefly, largely.

maintain, v. support, sustain; affirm, assert, contend, claim;

maintenance, n. support, sustenance.

majestic, a. august, imperial, regal, splendid, magnificent,

majesty, n. grandeur, magnificence, augustness, splendor.

major, a. greater, larger. Antonym: minor.

majority, n. seniority, manhood; plurality. Antonyms: minority,

make, v. force, compel, coerce, constrain, require, necessitate,
occasion, oblige; create, construct, fabricate manufacture, compose,
invent, prepare, concoct, shape, form, forge.

make, n. construction, shape, form, structure, conformation

make account of. esteem, regard.

make away. alienate, transfer, make over.

make believe. feign, pretend, simulate, personate, affect.

make-believe, a. feigned, mock, sham, counterfeit, spurious,
supposititious, simulated.

make-believe, n. pretense, simulation, affectation, feint.

make bold. presume, venture, dare; embolden.

make good. fulfill, vindicate, justify, establish; indemnify,
reimburse, requite; verify, corroborate, confirm, ratify, substantiate.

make headway. advance, progress, thrive, prosper.

make known. declare, announce, publish, report, proclaim.

make little of. belittle, decry, disparage.

make love to. court, woo, spark.

make out. decipher.

make over, transfer, alienate, convey; remodel, rebuild, reconstruct,

make peace between, mediate, intercede, reconcile, propitiate,
pacify, conciliate.

maker, n. manufacturer, constructor, producer.

makeshift, n. expedient, substitute.

make sport of. deride, ridicule, jeer.

make unfriendly. disaffect, alienate, estrange.

make up. reconcile, adjust, compose, settle; collect, amass,
accumulate; supply, complete, provide.

make up for. See make good.

make up to. accost, address, salute, speak to.

make up with. become reconciled.

make up a face. grimace.

make way. advance, proceed, progress.

making, n. construction, fabrication, workmanship, invention.

malady, n. disorder, distemper, ailment, complaint, disease.

malaria, n. miasma, miasm; fever and ague.

malarious, a. malarial, miasmatic.

male, a. masculine; staminate (Bot.).

malice, n. hatred, rancor, malevolence, animosity.

malicious, a. hateful, malevolent, rancorous, malignant.

malpractice, n. evil practice, misdoing, misbehavior.

maltreat, v. See abuse.

maltreatment, n. See abuse.

mammoth, a. colossal, gigantic, monstrous.

man, n. mortal, person, individual, adult, someone; mankind,
humanity; valet; Primates, Anthropidæ. Associated Words: anthropology,
anthropogeny, anthropography, anthropolite, anthropoid, anthropometry,
anthropometric, anthropocentric, anthropomorphic, android, manikin,
écorché, pithecanthrope, androphobia.

manacle, n. handcuff, fetter, shackle.

manacle, v. handcuff, shackle, restrain, fetter.

manage, v. conduct, administer, supervise, manipulate, superintend,
engineer; contrive, husband, economize.

manageable, a. governable, tractable, docile, controllable,

management, n. administration, conduct, guidance, regulation,
superintendence, direction, procuracy, negotiation, contrivance, intrigue,
economy, manipulation.

manager, n. conductor, administrator, superintendent, proctor,
comptroller, economist, engineer, director.

managing, a. ruling, directing, managerial.

mandate, n. command, edict, order, injunction, precept.

mandatory, a. directory, commandatory, preceptive.

mandrake, n. mandragora; May apple.

mane, n.Associated Word: roach.

man-eater, n. cannibal, anthropophagite.

man-eating, a. cannibal, anthropophagous.

man-eating, n. cannibalism, anthropophagy.

manège, n. horsemanship, equestrianism; riding school.

maneuver, n. management, ruse, stratagem, artifice, trick, finesse.

maneuver, v. scheme, finesse, plan.

maneuverer, n. strategist, tactician.

manful, a. manly, resolute, brave.

mangel-wurtzel, n. mangold-wurtzel, scarcity-root.

mangle, v. mutilate, maim, dismember, hack; smooth, calender.

mangling, n. mutilation.

mangy, a. scabby, scurvy.

mangy creature. ronion, ronyon.

man-hater, n. misanthrope.

man-hating, a. misanthropic.

manhood, n. maturity, majority, man's estate; manliness, fortitude,
resolution, manfulness; virility; humanity, men.

mania, n. madness, insanity, craziness. See insanity.

maniac, n. madman, bedlamite.

maniacal, a. raving, mad, insane, delirious.

manifest, v. show, exhibit, reveal, disclose.

manifest, a. apparent, obvious, patent.

manifestation, n. show, exhibition, revelation, disclosure.

manifold, a. many, various, sundry, diverse, multifarious,
multitudinous, multiplex.

manikin, n. dwarf, pygmy, homunculus.

manipulate, v. handle, operate, manage.

manipulation, n. handling, management.

manly, a. manlike, resolute, brave, strong, dignified.

man-midwife, n. obstetrician, accoucheur.

manner, n. mode, method, style, fashion, way; bearing, demeanor,
mien, air, carriage, deportment; mannerism, affectation, peculiarity;
sort, kind, style; pl. civility, courtesy, politeness.

manners, n. pl. Associated Word: etiquette.

mannish, a. masculine, vigorous, bold. Antonyms: effeminate,

man of all work. factotum.

man-of-war, n. warship, battleship, cruiser.

mansion, n. palace; manor-house, hall.

man-stealer, n. kidnapper, abductor.

man-stealing, n. kidnapping, abduction.

mantle, n. cape, cloak; pallium; mantel-piece, mantel-shelf.

mantle, v. sparkle, foam, bubble, effervesce.

manual, n. handbook.

manufactory, n. factory, shop.

manufacture, n. making, fabrication, construction.

manufacture, v. make, fabricate, construct.

manufacturing, a. industrial.

manure, n. fertilizer, dung, compost, guano. Associated Word:

manure, v. fertilize, enrich.

manuscript, n. copy; paleograph (an ancient manuscript).

man worship. anthropolatry.

many, a. various, numerous, sundry, divers, manifold, multitudinous,
myriad, multiple, innumerable.

many-sided, a. versatile; polyhedral, polyhedrical.

many-sidedness, n. versatility.

many-times, adv. frequently, oftentimes, often, repeatedly.

many-ways, adv. variously, multifariously, diversely.

map, n. chart. Associated Words: cartography, cartographer,
chorography, chorographer, atlas, hachure, contour line, culture.

map, v. sketch, plan, delineate, picture.

maple, n. Associated Words: aceric, spile.

mar, n. defacement, disfigurement, blemish, injury, defect.

mar, v. deface, damage, injure, impair.

marauder, n. See robber.

marble, n. brocatel (in a literary sense, granite-flint). Associated
words: marmoreal, marmorean.

margin, n. confine, border, edge, limit, skirt, brink, rim, brim,
verge. Associated Words: emarginate, emargination.

marine, a. maritime, naval, nautical, oceanic.

mariner, n. sailor, seaman.

marionette, n. puppet.

maritime, a. marine, naval, nautical.

mark, v. note, notice, remark, observe, see; indicate, betoken,
characterize, stamp, imprint, impress, brand, stigmatize, label.

mark, n. characteristic, impress, impression, stamp, sign, trace,
vestige, symptom, token, symbol, indication, brand, stigma; badge,
cognizance; trademark, idiograph; target, bull's-eye; preëminence,
distinction, prominence, earmark; wheal, weal, whelk.

marked, a. designated, noticeable, conspicuous, notable, salient.

market, n. mart, emporium, exchange, market-place.

marketable, a. salable, vendible. Antonyms: unmarketable,

marl, n. greensand.

marriage, n. matrimony, wedlock; wedding, nuptials, espousals,
nuptial rites. Antonyms: celibacy, divorce, bachelorhood, maidenhood.
Associated Words: misogamy, misogamist, affiance, affianced, affinity,
intermarriage, conjugality, misalliance, agamist, benedict, betroth,
betrothal, desponsory, ante-nuptial, sponsal, hymeneal, schatchen,
connubial, connubiality, fiancé, Hymen, fiancée, troth, plight, nuptial,
nuptiality, postnuptial, morganatic, banns, neogamist, matrimonial.

marriageability, n. nubility.

marriageable, a. nubile.

marriage song. epithalamium, prothalamion, prothalamium.

marrow, n. medulla, pith.

marrow-bones, n. pl. knees.

marry, v. wed, espouse.

Mars, n. Associated Word: Martian.

marsh, n. swamp, morass, fen, slough, bog, quagmire. See swamp.

marshal, v. arrange, range.

marsh gas. firedamp.

marsh grass. sedge.

marshy, a. boggy, fenny, swampy, sloughy, palustrine, paludine.

mart, n. market, emporium.

martial, a. military.

martinet, n. disciplinarian.

marvel, n. wonder, prodigy; amazement.

marvel, v. wonder.

marvelous, a. wonderful, amazing, stupendous, astonishing.

masculine, a. male; manly, virile, manful. Antonym: feminine.

masculineness, n. masculinity.

mask, n. disguise, pretext, subterfuge, screen, cloak, veil, ruse,
feint, blind; domino; maskoid; masquerade; mascaron.

mask, v. disguise, masquerade, veil.

masker, n. masquerader, mummer.

masquerade, n. mask, revel; disguise.

mass, n. aggregate, aggregation, totality, lump, heap, assemblage,
collection, accumulation; majority; size, bigness, bulk, dimensions,
magnitude; conglomeration, agglomeration.

mass, v. amass, assemble, accumulate, agglomerate, conglomerate.

massacre, n. carnage, butchery (of human beings), slaughter, havoc.

massacre, v. butcher, slaughter.

massage, n. Associated Words: masseuse, masseur, massotherapeutics,

Mass book. missal.

massive, a. ponderous, bulky, immense, huge, cumbersome, massy.

massy, a. massive, compacted.

mast, n. nuts, acorns.

master, n. director, lord, commander, ruler, manager, governor;
employer; leader, chief; owner, possessor, proprietor; padrone.
Associated Word: dominicide.

master, v. conquer, overpower, subject, subjugate, overcome, subdue,

masterful, a. domineering, imperious, arbitrary.

master-hand, n. expert, adept, dabster.

masterly, a. skillful, proficient, adroit, dexterous, finished.

masterpiece, n. masterstroke, _chef-d'œuvre_.

mastery, n. dominion, command, supremacy, superiority, rule, sway,
mastership, preëminence, leadership, influence; victory, triumph;
acquirement, acquisition, attainment, dexterity, skill.

masturbation, n. onanism, self-abuse, self-pollution.

mat, n. rug; matting; petate.

mat, v. felt together, entangle, twist, interweave, snarl.

match, n. tally, mate, equal, peer; contest, competition, tournament,
tourney; lucifer match, locofoco.

match, v. rival, equal, cope with; contend, pit, oppose; tally,
correspond, be proportionate; adapt, fit, proportion, comport, harmonize;
mate, couple, combine, sort, join.

matchable, a. comparable, proportionable, correspondent, similar.

matchless, a. peerless, incomparable, inimitable, unequalled,
transcendent, surpassing.

mate, n. companion, associate, friend, chum, crony, compeer,
intimate, partner, colleague; match, equal; assistant, subordinate;

mate, v. oppose, cope with, vie with, compete with; match, marry.

material, n. substance, matter, fabric, stuff, cloth, staple;

material, a. corporeal, bodily, physical; important, essential,

materiality, n. corporeity, material existence; importance.

materially, adv. substantially; essentially, vitally.

materia medica. medicines; acology.

matrimonial, a. connubial, nuptial, hymeneal, conjugal.

matrimony, n. marriage, wedlock.

matron, n. dame.

matronly, a. elderly, dignified, matronal.

matted, a. tangled, snarled, entangled.

matter, n. substance, material, body; essence, pith, embodiment,
elements; importance, significance, moment, consequence, weight,
materiality; pus, purulence; manuscript, copy. Associated Words:
material, immaterial, materiality, immateriality, atom, molecule,
chemistry, hylism, hylotheism, hylopathism, hylogenesis, materialism,
physics, somatics, somatology.

matter, v. import, signify, be of importance; maturate, suppurate.

matter-of-fact, a. practical, pragmatical, unimaginative,
commonplace, prosaic.

maturate, v. suppurate; mature.

maturation, n. suppuration; maturing.

mature, a. full-grown, ripe, developed, perfect; prepared, finished.
Antonyms: See immature.

mature, v. ripen, develop, perfect, season.

maturity, n. development, ripeness, perfection, completion.
Antonym: immaturity.

maudlin, a. over-emotional, tearful; tipsy, fuddled, intoxicated.

maul, v. pound, pommel, beat, club, cudgel.

maul, n. beetle, mall.

mauling, n. pounding, beating, clubbing, cudgelling.

maw, n. stomach; craw, crop.

mawkish, a. nauseous, sickening, loathful, disgusting; squeamish,

maxim, n. axiom, adage, proverb, aphorism, apothegm, saw, precept.

maybe, adv. perhaps, possibly, peradventure, haply.

Mayflower, n. hawthorn, white thorn; trailing arbutus.

maze, n. perplexity, bewilderment; labyrinth, intricacy.

maze, v. perplex, bewilder, confuse, puzzle.

mazy, a. intricate, labyrinthian, confusing.

mead, n. metheglin, hydromel; meadow, lea.

meadow, n. mead, lea.

meadow mice. Arvicola. Associated Words: arvicoline, arvicolous.

meager, a. poor, emaciated, gaunt; barren, sterile, unproductive,

meal, n. repast.

mealy, a. farinaceous.

mean, v. intend, purpose, design, contemplate; signify, purport,
denote, betoken, imply, typify, indicate.

mean, a. contemptible, despicable, low-minded, base, abject,
groveling, dishonorable, shabby, scurvy, servile, menial, undignified,
unbecoming, disingenuous; obscure, ignoble, plebeian, inglorious,
undistinguished, vulgar; penurious, illiberal, sordid, miserly, stingy,
mercenary parsimonious, ungenerous; midway, average, moderate, middle,
medium, mediocre; intermediate, mediate, intervening; insignificant,
paltry, inconsequential, piddling, frivolous, inferior, poor.

mean, n. middle, medium.

meander, v. wind, turn.

meandering, a. winding, tortuous, crooked, serpentine, meandrous.

meaning, n. signification, significance, import, acceptation, intent.
Associated Words: lexicology, semasiology.

meaningly, adv. significantly.

meanly, adv. dishonorably, basely, ungenerously.

means, n. property, possessions, wealth, resources, riches, estate;
instrument, agency, instrumentality, method, way, facility; expedient,
resource, contrivance, resort, device, artifice.

meantime, n. interval, interim, meanwhile.

meantime, adv. meanwhile.

meanwhile, adv. meantime, during the interval.

measles, n. rubeola.

measurable, a. mensurable, computable.

measure, n. gauge, rule; dimensions, capacity, size, extent, degree,
limit; quantity, amount; proportion, allotment, share; metre; act, step,

measure, v. gauge, mete; appraise, estimate, compute, adjust; allot,
mete out, apportion, distribute.

measureless, a. immeasurable.

measurement, n. mensuration; dimensions, size, extent, area,
capacity, bulk.

meat, n. flesh (of _animals_). See flesh.

meat pie. mince pie; pasty.

mechanic, n. mechanician, artisan, artificer, handicraftsman,

mechanical, a. automatic, involuntary.

mechanician, n. machinist.

medal, n. medallion.

meddle, v. interfere, interpose, intermeddle, obtrude.

meddlesome, a. officious, intrusive, obtrusive, pragmatical,

meddling, n. interference, intrusion, intermeddling.

mediation, n. intercession.

mediator, n. intercessor. See peacemaker.

mediatorial, a. intercessory, mediatory, propitiatory.

medical, a. medicinal, therapeutical, therapeutic, curative.

medicinal, a. medicative, medical, therapeutic.

medicine, n. materia medica, medicament, remedy, restorative,
corrective, specific, physic, antidote, tonic, panacea; nostrum.

mediocre, a. middling, ordinary, medium, commonplace.

mediocrity, n. commonplaceness, indifference, middle state.

meditate, v. contemplate, muse, ponder, cogitate, reflect, think.

meditation, n. contemplation, musing, cogitation, reflection,

meditative, a. thoughtful, contemplative, reflective.

Mediterranean Sea. Associated Word: Levant.

medium, a. intermediate, middling, mean, average, médiocre.

medium, n. middle; means, instrumentality, agency; menstruum;

medley, n. mixture, jumble, hodgepodge, potpourri, olio, mélange,

meed, n. reward, recompense, prize; merit, desert, worth.

meek, a. humble, unassuming, modest, retiring, docile, lowly.

meerschaum, n. magnesite, seafoam, sepiolite.

meet, v. encounter, confront, collide, converge, engage; intercept;
assemble, congregate, convene, collect, muster; agree, harmonize, unite;
equal, satisfy, fulfill, match. Antonyms: avoid, elude, escape,
disperse, scatter.

meet, a. suitable, proper, befitting, seemly, appropriate.

meeting, n. assembly, assemblage, congregation, convention,
convocation, conference, synod, mall, concourse, gathering, mustering;
juncture, convergence, crossing, junction, confluence; encounter;
collision, clash; interception; interview; tryst, rendezvous.

melancholia, n. hypochondria, hypochondriasis.

melancholy, n. despondency, hypochondria, dejection, disconsolation,

melancholy, a. despondent, hypochondriac, depressed, disconsolate,

mêlée, n. affray, scuffle, set-to, brawl, fight (hand to hand).

melodious, a. tuneful, harmonious, dulcet, musical, sweet,
euphonious, ariose, mellifluous.

melody, n. music; descant, tune, song, air, theme. Antonyms:
discord, dissonance.

melt, v. dissolve, liquefy, thaw, fuse, soften, blend, swale,

meltable, a. dissolvable, soluble, liquefiable, fusible.

melted, a. molten.

melting, a. dissolving, thawing; affecting, touching.

melting, n. dissolution, liquefaction, fusion, thawing, inteneration,
dissipation, colliquation.

melting-pot, n. crucible.

member, n. part, organ, limb; constituent, component, part.

memento, n. souvenir, keepsake, memorial.

memoir, n. biography, autobiography.

memorandum, n. record, minute, note.

memorial, a. commemorative.

memory, n. remembrance, recollection, reminiscence; retrospection.
Antonyms: oblivion, forgetfulness, Lethe, amnesia, ecmnesia. Associated
words: mnemonics, mnemonic, mnemonician, mnemotechny, phrenotypics,
Mnemosyne, immortalize, immemorial, memorable, memorabilia, memorize,
remember, amnesic.

menace, n. threat, threatening.

menace, v. threaten.

menacing, a. threatening, minatory.

ménage, n. household, family.

mend, v. repair, patch; improve.

mendacious, a. lying, untruthful, false, deceitful.

mendacity, n. untruthfulness, lying, falsehood, lie, untruth.

mendicant, n. beggar.--a. begging.

mending, n. repairing, patching, restoration; improvement.

menial, a. serving; low, servile.

mental, a. intellectual.

mentality, n. intellectuality.

mentor, n. monitor, counselor, guide.

mentorial, a. admonitory, monitory.

mercantile, a. trading, commercial.

mercenary, a. hired, hireling, purchased; greedy, sordid, avaricious,

mercenary, n. hireling.

merchandise, n. wares, goods, commodities.

merchant, n. trader, dealer, trafficker, shopkeeper, tradesman.

merchantable, a. salable, vendible, marketable.

merciful, a. pitiful, lenient, clement, compassionate, benignant,
indulgent, kind, gracious, forgiving.

merciless, a. unmerciful, remorseless, cruel, pitiless, ruthless,
inexorable, implacable.

Mercury, n. Hermes; quicksilver; messenger.

Mercury's staff. caduceus.

mercy, n. clemency, pity, lenity, leniency, lenience, compassion,
forgiveness, placability; discretion, disposal; blessing, favor.
Antonyms: revenge, implacability, inclemency, incompassion.

mercy seat. propitiatory.

merely, a. purely, absolutely; simply, barely, only.

merge, v. swallow up, absorb, immerse, take in; be swallowed up, be

merger, n. absorption.

meridian, n. noon, midday; culmination, zenith, pinnacle, apex.
Antonym: nadir.

meridian, a. midday, meridional.

merit, n. desert, worth, meed, worthiness; worth, excellence,
goodness; reward; pl. claim, right. Antonym: demerit.

merit, v. deserve, earn.

meritorious, a. worthy, commendable, meedful, deserving. merriment, n. mirth, gayety, glee, levity, laughter, sportiveness, jocularity. merry, a. mirthful, gay, jolly, gleeful, jovial, sportive, jocular, bonny. mesa, n. tableland, plateau. mesh, n. net, network. mess, n. rations, food; mixture, medley, farrago, litter, hodgepodge, jumble, mélange. message, n. communication, notice, word; telegram, despatch, cablegram. messenger, n. courier, herald, forerunner, precursor, harbinger, mercury, emissary. metaphor, n. simile. meteor, n. fireball, shooting star; bolis, bolide. meteoric stone. meteorite, aërolite. methodical, a. systematic, orderly, methodic. Antonyms: immethodical, unsystematic. meticulous, a. timid, fearful, diffident. mettle, n. spirit, disposition; pluck, nerve, hardihood, stamina, spirit. mettled, a. high-spirited, mettlesome, fiery, ardent. mettlesome, a. spirited, mettled. mew, v. moult. mew, n. cage, coop; sea-mew, gull, cob. miasma, n. malaria. miaul, n. mew, caterwaul. midbrain, n. mesencephalon. midday, n. noon, meridian, noontide. middle, a. mean, medial; intermediate, intervening. middle, n. center, midst. Middle Ages. Associated Words: medieval, medievalism, medievalist, medievals. middle class. _bourgeoisie_. middleman, n. factor, go-between, agent, broker, commissioner. middling, a. mediocre, medium, passable, tolerable, average, so-so, ordinary. midwife, n. accoucheuse, obstetrician (female). midwifery, n. obstetrics, tocology. mien, n. aspect, air, manner, demeanor, appearance, bearing, deportment. miff, n. pique, pet, tiff, displeasure. miff, v. displease, vex, offend (slightly). miffed, a. offended, displeased, piqued, provoked. might, n. strength, power, force, puissance, potency. mighty, a. strong, powerful, potent, invincible. mighty, adv. (Colloq.) very. migratory, a. roving, wandering, nomadic, unsettled. Mikado, n. Emperor of Japan. mild, a. gentle, indulgent, tender, merciful, clement, lenient, bland, demulcent, lenitive, emollient, mitigative. Antonyms: severe, drastic, rigorous, violent, harsh. mildew, n. mould, mustiness, must, blight. military, a. martial. military command. strategy, generalship, tactics, logistics. military dress. regimentals, uniform. military rule. stratocracy. militia, n. troops, military; trainband. milk, n. Associated Words: emulsion, emulsify, lacteal, lactiferous, lactation milch, lactometer lactic, lactivorous, koumiss, whey, curd, serum, lactage, rennet, clabber, lactifuge, casein, curdle, posset. milkiness, n. lactescence. milkmaid, n. dairymaid. milkman, n. dairyman. milk room. dairy. milky, a. lacteal, lactean, emulsive. Milky Way. Galaxy. milt, n. spleen. mimic, n. mime, mimicker, imitator, personator. mimic, v. personate, ape, imitate, mock. mimicry, n. mocking; imitation, mimesis. mince, v. hash. mind, v. obey, regard; consider, heed, mark, note; purpose, intend, design. Antonyms: disobey, disregard, ignore. mind, n. intellect, faculties; opinion, judgment; temperament, humor, disposition. Associated Words: mental, mentality, mentally, intellectual, intellectuality, intellectually, psychic, psychical, psychiatry, psychography, psychology, psychologist, menticulture, alienist, alienism, telepathy, telepathic, noemics, nomology, noölogy metaphysics, psychotherapy, psychotherapeutics, psychodynamic, psychopathology, psychopathic, psychological, psychopathy, psychosis, noetic, subliminal, _compos mentis, non compos mentis_. mindful, a. heedful, regardful, observant. mindless, a. irrational; unmindful, heedless, inattentive. mingle, v. blend, mix, intermix, amalgamate, intermingle, incorporate; consort, associate, fraternize. mingling, n. blending, mixture, intermixture, amalgamation. minister, n. ambassador, envoy, plenipotentiary, delegate: ecclesiastic, parson, divine, rector. See clergyman. minister, v. administer, serve; officiate. ministerial, a. clerical; ambassadorial. ministration, n. officiating, ministry. ministry, n. ministration; cabinet, administration. minnow, n. minim, minny. minny, n. minnow. minor, a. subordinate, secondary, less, smaller. minority, n. nonage, pupilage. minstrel, n. gleeman, bard. mint, v. coin. minute, a. little, tiny, microscopic, diminutive; critical, precise, particular, circumstantial. minute, n. moment; memorandum, record, item, note. minutiæ, n. pl. details. miraculous, a. supernatural, hyperphysical, incredible. mire, n. slough, ooze, mud, slime. mirror, n. reflector, looking-glass, speculum; cheval glass. mirror, v. reflect. mirth, n. merriment, jollity, glee, gayety, fun. mirthful, a. merry, jolly, gleeful, gay, sportive. miry, a. oozy, slimy, muddy. misapply, v. misemploy, pervert, misuse. miscarriage, n. frustration, failure; abortion. miscellaneous, a. mixed, diversified, promiscuous, heterogeneous, diverse, multifarious. miscellany, n. medley, mixture; symposium, anthology. misdeed, n. offense, misdemeanor. misdemeanor, n. offense, transgression. misdoer, n. malefactor, offender, delinquent. misdoing, n. See wrong-doing. misemploy, v. pervert, misuse, misapply, prostitute. misemployment, n. misapplication, misuse, perversion, prostitution. miser, n. niggard, muckworm, curmudgeon, skinflint, hunks, lickpenny, pinchfist, screw, scrimp. miserable, a. wretched, abject; deplorable, grievous, pitiable, calamitous; mean, despicable, contemptible, base, arrant, sordid, groveling. miserly, a. niggardly, avaricious, sordid, parsimonious, penurious, close-fisted, close, stingy, curmudgeonly, hard-fisted. misfortune, n. disaster, calamity, frustration, mischance, reverse, affliction, mishap, bad luck. misgiving, n. doubt, suspicion, evil premonition. misgovern, v. misrule. misgovernment, n. maladministration, misrule. mishap, n. See accident. mishmash, n. medley, mixture. misinterpret, v. misconstrue. misinterpretation, n. misconstruction. misleading, a. delusive, deceitful, fallacious, illusive. misnaming, n. misnomer. misrepresent, v. falsify, distort. misrepresentation, n. falsification, distortion. misrule, n. misgovernment, maladministration. miss, n. failure, miscarriage; omission, oversight, default, mistake, error. miss, v. fail, miscarry, skip, omit, overlook. misshapen, a. deformed, unshapely. missile, n. projectile, dejectile. missing, a. absent, wanting. mission, n. commission, delegation; errand, trust. missionary, n. evangelist, missioner, revivalist, propagandist. misspelling, n. cacography. misstate, v. falsify, distort, misrepresent. misstatement, n. falsification, misrepresentation. misstep, n. _faux pas_. mist, n. mizzle, misle, drizzle; fog, haze, brume. mist, v. mizzle, drizzle; obscure, dim, befog. mistake, n. misunderstanding, misapprehension, misconception; error, blunder, oversight, solecism, _faux pas._ impropriety, bull. mistranslate, v. misrender, misconstrue, misinterpret. mistreat, v. misuse, abuse, maltreat. mistreatment, n. misuse, abuse, maltreatment. mistress, n. matron, superior; sweetheart, flame, dulcinea, ladylove, amaryllis; paramour, concubine; demirep, lorette, Delilah, Phryne, corotte. mistrust, v. doubt, question, suspect, distrust, apprehend. mistrustful, a. distrustful, suspicious, apprehensive. misty, a. obscure, hazy, foggy, orumous. misunderstand, v. misconceive, miscomprehend, misapprehend. misunderstanding, n. misconception, miscomprehension, misapprehension; variance, disagreement, dissension, controversy. misuse, v. misapply, prostitute, pervert, profane; maltreat, abuse. misuse, n. misapplication, prostitution, perversion, profanation, maltreatment, abuse. mite, n. molecule, speck, atom, particle, mote. mites, n. pl. Acarina. mitigate, v. meliorate, alleviate, assuage, temper. mitigation, n. melioration, alleviation, assuagement. mitigative, a. assuasive, meliorative, mollifying. mix, v. mingle, blend, combine, concoct, incorporate, amalgamate, commingle, impregnate, commix, compound, intermix, intersperse, interlard; associate, consort, fraternize. mixable, a. miscible. mixed, a. mingled, blended, amalgamated, compounded; promiscuous, miscellaneous, composite, conglomerate, indiscriminate, heterogeneous, motley. Antonyms: assorted, selected, unmixed. mixture, n. blending, mingling, amalgamation, incorporation, conglomeration, infusion, intermixture, commixture, compound, decoction, concoction; medley, miscellany, gallimaufry, maslin, olio, farrago, hodgepodge, salmagundi, jumble, mélange, heterogoneity, promiscuity. moat, n. fosse, graffe. mob, n. rabble, rabblerout; populace, canaille, riffraff. mob law. lynch law. mob rule. mobocracy, ochlocracy. mock, a. sham, spurious, counterfieit, imitational. mock, v. mimic, flout, taunt, imitate, gibe, ridicule, jeer, schout; balk, disappoint, delude, tantalize, elude; defy, disregard; ape, mimic, personate. mocker, n. scorner, scoffer, jeerer; mimic. mockery, n. mimicry, ridicule, derision, jeering, scouting, counterfeit, sham, travesty, farce; disappointment. mocking, a. derisive, jeering; imitating, mimicking. mode, n. manner, method, fashion, vogue, style. model, n. pattern, prototype, exemplar, gauge, criterion, standard, paragon, archetype; manikin, manequin. model, v. fashion, mould, shape. model, a. exemplary. moderate, v. temper, appease, diminish, mitigate, reduce. moderate, a. sparing, temperate, frugal; reasonable, calm, deliberate; temperate, mild, clement, open; mediocre medium. Antonyms: See immoderate. moderation, n. mitigation, diminution; temperance, restraint; calmness. modest, a. unassuming, shy, unpretentious, unpretending, unobtrusive, retiring, demure, coy, reserved, unostentatious. Antonyms: See immodest. modesty, n. unobtrusiveness, humility; delicacy, chastity, purity, decency, pudicity. Antonyms: immodesty, boldness, indelicacy. modify, v. limit, qualify, adjust. modulate, v. inflect; harmonize, attune, adjust, adapt. modulation, n. inflection; adaptation, adjustment. mogul, n. Mongolian; lord. Mohammedan, n. Mahometan, Mussulman, Moslem, Saracen. Mohammedanism, n. Mahometanism, Islam, Islamism, Moslemism. moist, a. damp, humid, dank. moisten, v. dampen, damp, wet. moisture, n. dampness, humidity; humor. Associated Words: hygrostatics, hygrograph, hygrometer, hygroscopic, hygrometric, hygrometry, deliquescent. molasses, n. treacle. molecule, n. atom, monad. molest, v. disturb, trouble, annoy. molestation, n. disturbance. mollify, v. appease, pacify, tranquilize. moment, n. instant, minute, jiffy, trice; force, momentum, impetus; importance, materiality, weight, consequence. momentary, a. instantaneous, transient. momentum, n. impetus, force, moment. monarch, n. sovereign. See ruler. monarchy, n. sovereignty, kingdom, empire, realm. monastery, n. abbey, priory, cloister, convent; hospice. monetary, a. pecuniary. money, n. currency, coin, capital, funds, finances, change, legal tender, lucre, pelf, specie, sterling, revenue, assets, wherewithal, spondulics (Slang); wampum; boodle; bribe; bonus. Associated Words: bullion, cambist, bank, banker, capitalist, chrysology, till, coffer, economics, coin, coinage, mint, mintage, financial, financier, Mammon, treasury, treasurer, monetary, monetize, monetization, demonetize, demonetization, numismatist, mumismatics, alimony, cameralistics, almoner, alms, numismatology. mongrel, a. hybrid. monitor, n. mentor, adviser, counselor. monk, n. religious, monastic, cenobite, anchoret, friar, _abbé_, fakir. Associated Words: monkish, monastic, monastery, monasticism, conventual. monk's-hood, n. wolfsbane, aconite. monk's hood. cowl. monkeylike, a. simious. monogram, n. cipher. monologist, n. soliloquist. monologue, n. soliloquy. monopolize, v. engross, forestall. monotonous, a. unvaried, uniform, uninteresting, humdrum, tedious. monotony, n. monotone, tedium. monster, n. prodigy, enormity, abnormality, monstrosity _lusus naturæ_; fiend, brute, ogre, villain; Cerberus, Chimera, Minotaur, Bucentaur. monstrosity, n. abnormality, monster, _lusus naturæ_. monstrous, a. abnormal; enormous, colossal; atrocious. month, n. Associated Words: ultimo, proximo, instant. monthly, a. mensal, menstrual. monument, n. tombstone, memorial; cenotaph; dolmen, cromlech. Associated Words: epitaph, lapidary. mood, n. humor. moon, n. satellite; Luna, Cynthia. Associated Words: selenology, selenography, apogee, wax, wane, epigee, selenocentric, selenograph, halo, orb, lunar, lunarian, interlunary, lunation, appulse, crescent, luniform. moonshine, n. balderdash, flummery, fustian, nonsense. moot, a. undecided, unsettled, debatable. mooted, a. moot. mop, n. malkin, swab; merkin (cannon mop). mopboard, n. baseboard, surbase. mopish, a. dejected, glum, dumpish, listless, dull, spiritless. moral, a. ethical; virtuous, good; accountable, responsible, probable. Antonyms: immoral, licentious. moral insanity. æsthesiomania. morality, n. virtue, rectitude, probity, goodness. Antonym: immorality. moral philosophy. deontology, ethology, ethics. morass, n. slough, quagmire, bog, marsh, swamp. Mormon, n. Latter-day Saint. morning, n. forenoon; dawn, daybreak, aurora, cock-crowing, sunrise. morning, a. matin, matutinal. morning concert. (in the open air) aubade. morning reception. levee. morning service. matins. morose, a. churlish, sulky, sullen, moody, splenetic, unamiable. morsel, n. bite, mouthful; fragment, crumb, scrap. mortally, adv. fatally. mortar, n. Associated Word: pestle. mortification, n. gangrene; chagrin, humiliation, abasement, embarrassment; repression, subjection. mortify, v. gangrene; chagrin, embarrass, abase; repress, deny, restrain. mosaic, a. tessellated, inlaid, variegated. most, n. majority. mote, n. particle, speck, mite. moth-eaten, a. moth-fretted. mother, n. materfamilias, matron, matriarch; generatrix; dam. Associated Words: cognate, cognation, matricide, maternalism, uterine, matriarchy, matriarchal. motherhood, n. maternity. motherly, a. maternal. mother-of-pearl, n. nacre. motion, n. movement, activity; gesture, signal, gesticulation; port, gait; impulse. Antonyms: inertia, rest, stagnation, immobility, quiescence, repose. motionless, a. stationary, inert, stagnant, quiescent. motive, n. incentive, inducement, incitement. mottled, a. piebald, party-colored, spotted. mould, n. matrix, matrice; pattern, model; mouldiness, mildew, blight, smut, fungus. mould, v. form, shape, model, cast; knead. mouldy, a. musty, mildewed, fusty, decaying. moult, v. mew, exuviate. moulting, n. exuviation. mount, v. ascend; bestride. mountain, n. mount. Associated Words: orology, orography, orogeny, montiform, butte, arete, spur, montanic, intermontane, oread, mountainous, ultramontane, bergstock, subalpine, alpenstock, range, ridge, submontane, alpestrine. mountebank, n. quack; charlatan, impostor, empiric. mourn, v. deplore, lament, regret, grieve, repine, sorrow, bemoan, bewail. mournful, a. sorrowful, lugubrious, doleful, woful. mourning, n. sorrow, grief, bereavement; weeds. mouse, n. murine, rodent; pl. mice, vermin. mousing, a. meddlesome, prying, intrusive. mouthpiece, n. embouchure; spokesman. movable, a. portable, mobile. Antonyms: immovable, fast, immobile. move, v. transfer; migrate, immigrate, emigrate, remove; impel, propel, actuate, influence; budge, stir. movement, n. motion, locomotion, transference, removal. movement cure. kinesiatrics, kinesitherapy, lingism. moving, a. motive. mow, v. reap. mowing, n. reaping. mucus, n. phlegm. mud, n. mire, ooze, muck; silt. mud bath. illutation. muddiness, n. turbidness, feculence, obscurity, miriness. muddle, v. confuse, fuddle, bewilder. muddle, n. confusion. muddled, a. confused, addled. muddy, a. feculent, turbid, roily; opaque, intransparent, confused, involved, incoherent. mud-eating, a. limivorous. muffle, v. wrap, envelop; deaden, subdue. muffler, n. scarf, tippet. mulct, n. fine, amercement. mule, n. hybrid, hinny. mule-driver, n. muleteer. mulish, a. See stubborn. mull, v. ruminate, ponder, cogitate. mulligrubs, n. (Slang) colic. multitude, n. crowd, throng, host. mum, a. silent, speechless, dumb, mute. mumble, v. mutter, maunder, mump. mumbling, a. muttering, inarticulate, indistinct, incoherent. mummery, n. masquerade, mimicry. mumpish, a. moody, sullen, morose, sulky, unamiable. mumps, n. parotitis; sullenness, the sulks. munch, v. craunch. murder, n. homicide. murderer, n. homicide. murderous, a. sanguinary, homicidal, fell. muriatic acid. hydrochloric acid. murky, a. lowering, dark. murmur, v. grumble, complain, repine. murmur, n. plaint, complaint; purl, babble; undertone. murmuring, a. complaining, querulous, repining. muscle, n. brawn, thew; sinew, tendon. muscular, a. brawny, thewy, sinewy, stalwart. muse, v. contemplate, ruminate, brood, ponder, mull, reflect. muse, n. contemplation, meditation, revery. Muses, n. pl. Pierides, tuneful nine (Calliope, Clio, Erato, Euterpe, Melpomene, Polymnia, Terpsichore, Thalia, Urania). Associated Word: Pierian. mushroom, a. ephemeral, transitory. mushrooms, n. pl. Fungi, agaric, Agaricaceæ. Associated Words: mycology, agaricin, pileus, gills, spore. See Fungi. music, n. melody, symphony, harmony; melodies, harmonics. musical, a. melodious, harmonious, tuneful, symphonious. musical entertainment. musicale, concert. muskmelon, n. cantaloupe. muss, n. confusion, litter, jumble, disorder.--v. disarrange, rumple, dishevel. mustard plaster. sinapism. muster, v. assemble, marshal. musty, a. mildewed, fusty, mouldy, frowzy, rank, stale. mute, a. dumb, obmutescent; silent, speechless. mutilate, v. maim, dismember, mangle. mutilation, n. maim, dismemberment, mangling. mutinous, a. rebellious, insubordinate, seditious, insurgent, insurrectionary. mutiny, n. insurrection, rebellion, insubordination, revolt. mutter, v. maunder. muttering, a. inarticulate, indistinct, maundering. mutual, a. reciprocal. mutuality, n. correlation, reciprocation, interchange. muzzle, v. restrain, repress. mysterious, a. inscrutable, cryptic, obscure, unexplainable, enigmatical, unfathomed, unfathomable, abstruse, mystic, inexplicable, recondite, cabalistic, occult, unexplained. mystery, n. secret, enigma, riddle, intricacy, arcanum. mystic, a. occult, esoteric, cabalistic, mystical. mystification, n. bewilderment, perplexity, obfuscation. mystify, v. bewilder, perplex, obfuscate, befog, nonplus. mystifying, a. perplexing, confusing, bewildering, mysterious. myth, n. legend, tradition, fable. mythical, a. fabulous, legendary, traditional. N nab, v. (Colloq.) grab, snatch, seize. nag, v. (Colloq.) plague, tease, twit, hector, torment, scold. naïve, a. artless, innocent, ingenuous, frank. naïveté, n. artlessness, innocence, ingenuousness, candor. naked, a. nude, undressed, bare; unexaggerated, uncolored, exact, literal. nakedness, n. nudity, bareness; exactness, literalness, accuracy. name, n. appellation, designation, denomination; epithet, title, cognomen, surname, cognomination, pseudonym, patronymic, metronymic, alias, penname, prænomen, sobriquet, _nom de plume_, _nom de guerre_, nickname, eponym, misnomer, euphemism, agnomen, allonym, anonym, autonym, appellative, byname, caconym, cryptonym, compellation, compellative, dionym, trionym, polyonym, diminutive; repute, fame, renown, reputation. Associated Words: nominal, nominally, titular, titulary, onomatology, patronomatology, onomasticon, orismology, pseudepigraphy, pseudonymity, roster, register, née, nomancy, namesake, eponymy, of that ilk, nomenclator, heteronym, synedoche, nominative. name, v. entitle, denominate, style, call, christen, dub, term; designate, specify, nominate. nameless, a. unnamed; undistinguished, inglorious, unknown, obscure; anonymous; unnamable, inexpressible. namelessness, n. anonymity; obscurity. names, n. pl. nomenclature, terminology. Naples, n. Associated Word: Neapolitan. narcotic, n. stupefacient, sedative, anæsthetic, opiate, anodyne. narrate, v. recount, recite, tell about, relate. narration, n. narrative, relation, recital, story. narrative, n. narration, account, portrayal, story, tale. narrow, a. limited, circumscribed, incapacious, contracted, straitened, cramped; bigoted, illiberal, uncatholic, narrow-minded, insular. narrow, v. contract, reduce, constrict, restrict, limit, cramp, confine. narrowing, n. contraction, reduction, constriction, limitation circumscription. narrow-minded, a. illiberal, bigoted, intolerant, narrow, uncatholic. narrow-mindedness, n. illiberality, bigotry, bias, intolerance, insularity, uncatholicity. narrowness, n. contractedness, incapaciousness, circumscription. narrows, n. strait, sound. nastiness, n. squalor, filthiness, pollution, filth, corruption, dirtiness; indecency, smut, obscenity, bawdry, ribaldry, indelicacy, lewdness. nasty, a. filthy, squalid, foul, polluted, dirty; indecent, indelicate, gross, ribald, lewd, obscene, smutty, shameless; odious, sickening, repulsive, nauseous, disgusting, disagreeable. native, a. natal; indigenous, natural, aboriginal, autochthonal; vernacular, mother; genuine, congenital, inherent, inborn, inbred, innate, original. Antonyms: foreign, artificial, exotic, acquired, assumed, unnatural. native, n. aboriginal, denizen (by birth), indigene. natives, n. pl. aborigines. natty, a. (Colloq.) neat, spruce, trim, jaunty, dapper, chic. natural, a. native, inborn, congenital, innate, characteristic; original, indigenous; normal, regular, legitimate; artless, unaffected, ingenuous, spontaneous, simple; unregenerate. Antonyms: unnatural, acquired, affected, simulated. naturalization, n. denization. naturalize, v. familiarize, accustom, habituate, acclimatize, adapt, acclimate. natural philosophy. physics. nature, n. creation, universe, cosmos, world; kind, sort, character, quality, species; disposition, mood, temper, essence, constitution. Associated Words: physiography, physiogony, connatural, connaturalness. nature worship. physiolatry. naughty, a. disobedient, mischievous, perverse, forward, refractory. nausea, n. seasickness; qualm, squeamishness, queasiness, qualmishness. nauseate, v. sicken, disgust, revolt; recoil from, abhor, abominate. nauseous, a. disgusting, nauseating, offensive, sickening, fulsome, distasteful. nautical, a. naval, marine, maritime, oceanic. nautilus, n. Tetrabranchiata; argonaut, paper nautilus; diving-bell. naval, a. nautical, marine, maritime. navel, n. umbilicus, omphalos. navel string, funis, umbilical cord. navigate, v. sail, cruise; guide, steer, direct; circumnavigate near, a. nigh, close, adjacent, neighboring, contiguous, proximate, approximate to; intimate, confidential, bosom; immediate, imminent, impending, forthcoming. Antonyms: distant, remote, far. nearness, n. closeness, proximity, propinquity, contiguity, adjacency, imminence, approximation, approxi-mateness intimacy, familiarity. near-sighted, a. myopic, short-sighted, purblind. near-sightedness, n. myopia. near-sighted person. myope. neat, a. tidy, orderly, trim, clean, cleanly; tasteful, trim, finished, artistic, nice, excellent, adroit; dainty; spruce; dapper, natty. Antonyms: dowdy, slovenly, slatternly, untidy, tawdry, gaudy, frowzy, disorderly, unkempt. necessary, a. requisite, essential, needed, needful, indispensable inevitable, unavoidable. Antonyms: nonessential, unnecessary, optional, discretional, casual, needless. necessary, n. requisite, requirement, essential, _sine qua non_. necessity, n. requisite, necessary, requirement, essential; exigency, urgency; indispensability. Antonyms: choice, option, contingency, doubtfulness, possibility. neck, n. Associated Words: nape, cervical, scruff, atlas, axis, palea, dewlap, scrag, gula, nucha, auchenium, décolleté, jugular, jugulum, wattle, wimple, wryneck, torticollis, Adam's apple, splenius, ruche, colliform, fichu, withers, gorget, carotid, goiter, retrocollic, cruels, nuchalgia, ruff, crane. necktie, n. cravat, neckcloth, scarf, tie. necromancer, n. wizard, sorcerer, magician, conjurer, exorcist, soothsayer, diviner. necromancy, n. magic, conjuration, enchantment, sorcery, black art. need, n. want, necessity, extremity, strait, exigency, urgency; poverty, penury, privation, indigence. need, v. require, lack, want. needful, a. requisite, necessary, essential, indispensable, required. needleprick, n. acupuncture. needless, a. unnecessary, groundless, unfounded. needlewoman, n. seamstress. needs, adv. necessarily. needy, a. destitute, indigent, penniless, impecunious. nefarious, a. atrocious, flagitious, heinous. negation, n. denial, disavowal. negative, n. denial, refusal. Antonym: affirmative. neglect, n. disregard, omission, negligence, default, dereliction, remissness, oversight. neglect, v. disregard, slight, overlook, ignore, omit. neglectful, a. See negligent. negligence, n. neglect, remissness, oversight, heedlessness, laches (Law). negligent, a. neglectful, heedless, indifferent, slack, remiss, regardless, slothful, derelict, inattentive, careless Antonyms: careful, attentive, heedful. negotiable, a. transferable. negro, n. African, blackamoor, Ethiopian, Nigritian, Senegambian, Mandingo, negrillo, Papuan, Krooman; darkey, buck, nigger; (of mixed blood) mulatto, quadroon, octoroon, mestee, Zambo, Sambo, sacatra. Associated Words: negrophile, negrophilist, negrophilism, negrophobia. negro, a. negritic, African, Ethiopian, negroid. negro child. pickaninny. negro woman. negress, wench. neigh, n. and v. whinny. neighborhood, n. vicinity, vicinage, locality, neighbors, venue (Law). neighboring, a. adjacent, contiguous, neighbor, near. neophyte, n. convert, proselyte; novice, tyro, beginner. nerve, n. (Slang) boldness, audacity, presumption, effrontery, courage, assurance. nerve, n. Associated Words: neurology, neurologist, neurography, neuron, lecithin, rete, plexus, neurasthenia, neurasthenic, neurotic, sensorium, funiculus, ganglion, hilum, neurism, innervation, neuration, neuritis, neuropathic, nervine, neuroma, neuropathy, neuroid, neuric, neuricity, aneuria, glioma, neurosis, cinerea, cholesterin, perineurium, epineurium, internuncial. nerve, v. brace, strengthen, fortify, invigorate, energize. nervous, a. excitable, sensitive, timorous. nest, n. nidus; eyrie, aerie; retreat, den, haunt, resort. Associated Words: nidificate, nidification, neossine, caliology, cubilose, nidulant. nestle, v. cuddle, snuggle. net, n. toil, snare, gin, mesh; caul, trammel, seine, trawl, dredge, dragnet. netted, a. reticulated, retiary, interwoven, complicated, reticulose. nettle, n. Urtica. Associated words: urticate, urtication urtical. nettle, v. irritate, provoke, exasperate, ruffle, incense, annoy. network, n. mesh, interlacement, reticulation; plexus, rete, ganglion. neutrality, n. indifference. neutralize, v. counteract, counterbalance, invalidate. nevertheless, adv. or conj. yet, however, notwithstanding. new, a. recent, fresh, modern, novel, newfangled, neoteric, unfamiliar, strange; renewed, renovated, repaired, refreshed; unaccustomed, untried, inexperienced. new custom. innovation. newly, adv. lately, recently, freshly; anew, afresh, again. news, n. tidings, word, report. new word. neologism, neoterism, coinage. Associated Words: neology, neologic, neologist, neoterist, neoterize coin. New York. Gotham. New Yorker. Gothamite. nice, a. fastidious, exacting, particular, punctilious, queasy, finical, difficult, squeamish, dainty; delicate, refined, dainty; discriminating, scrupulous, precise, discerning, subtle; exquisite, agreeable, pleasant, enjoyable, gratifying; fine, neat, finished. nicety, n. niceness, precision; punctilio, subtlety, fine point. niche, n. recess, cavity, nook, tabernacle. nick, n. notch, indentation, dent, score, dint. nick, v. notch, mar, deface, indent. nickname, n. sobriquet. nigger, n. (Colloq.) negro. night, n. darkness. Associated Words: nocturnal, noctuary, noctidial, noctilucous, belated, benight, benighted, noctivagant, noctivagation, noctivagous, nocturne, noctiflorous pernoctalian, pernoctation, lychnobite. night-blindness, n. hemeralopia. nightingale, n. philomel, philomela. nightly, a. nocturnal. nightmare, n. incubus, cacodemon, succubus. nightshade, n. belladonna. night-sight, n. nyctalopia. nimble, a. agile, sprightly, deft, lively, swift, brisk, active, spry. Antonyms: slow, sluggish, clumsy, dilatory, unready, dull, heavy. nimble-fingered, a. dexterous. nimbus, n. halo, glory, aureola. nincompoop, n. (Slang) simpleton, dolt, witling, dunce. See fool. nine, n. novenary, ennead.--a. enneatic. Associated Words: novennial, enneagon, nonagon, enneagonal, enneahedral, enneahedron. nine days' devotion (religious). novena. ninety, n. Associated Word: nonagesimal. ninety years. Associated Word: nonagenarian. nip, n. pinch; blast, cut; sarcasm, taunt, gibe. nip, v. pinch; clip, cut off; blast, kill; chill, deaden, benumb. nippers, n. pl. pincers, tweezers, pinchers, pliers. nipping, a. biting, pinching, blasting, destructive. nipple, n. teat, pap, dug, mammilla. nitric acid. spirit of nitre, aquafortis. nitrogen, n. azote. no, n. refusal, denial, negative. nobby, a. (Colloq.) modish, stylish, fashionable. nobility, n. nobleness, high-mindedness, magnanimity, excellence, superiority, dignity; peerage, aristocracy, patrician class. noble, a. eminent, exalted, magnanimous, superior; stately, magnificent, splendid, imposing, grand; aristocratic highborn, patrician. noble, n. nobleman, peer, grandee. Antonyms: commoner, proletary, plebeian. nobleman, n. noble, peer, lord, aristocrat, patrician, grandee. noblewoman, n. peeress. nobody, n. nonentity, jackstraw. nod, n. bow. nodding, n. bowing, nutation.--a. annuent, bowing, nutant. noise, n. sound; racket, clamor, din, outcry, clatter, uproar, hubbub, tumult, rout, blare, vociferation, hullabaloo (Colloq.), powwow (Slang), hilarity. noiseless, a. still, silent, quiet, inaudible. noisome, a. unwholesome, noxious, pestilential; offensive, malodorous, fetid, stinking. noisy, a. clamorous, boisterous, vociferous, turbulent, riotous, obstreperous, uproarious, blatant, discordant, brawling, hilarious. nomad, n. wanderer. nomadic, a. wandering, nomad. nonchalance, n. indifference, coolness, carelessness, _sang-froid_, _insouciance_. nonchalant, a. indifferent, cool, unconcerned, _insouciant_. nonconformist, n. dissenter, recusant. nonconformity, n. recusancy, dissent. nondescript, a. undescribed, unclassifiable. nonentity, n. non-existence; nobody, cipher. non-essential, a. unimportant, incidental, adventitious. nonesuch, n. paragon, pattern, nonpareil, model. non-interference, n. _laissez faire_. nonplus, v. perplex, puzzle, disconcert, confuse, embarrass, mystify, bewilder. nonsense, n. absurdity, twaddle, bosh, fudge, silliness, balderdash, moonshine, amphigory, rigmarole. nonsensical, a. absurd, senseless, preposterous, insensate, amphigoric, silly. nook, n. retreat, corner, recess. noon, n. meridian, noonday, noontide, midday. normal, a. natural, regular. Antonyms: abnormal, unnatural. northern, a. boreal, north, arctic, northerly, septentrion. northern lights. aurora borealis. northern regions. arctic regions, Thule, septentrion. north pole. Associated Words: Polynia, polar, circumpolar. north star. polestar, lodestar, Cynosure, Polaris. north wind. Boreas. Norwegian Parliament. Storthing, Lagthing. nose, n. snout, nozzle, spout, proboscis, muzzle. nose, n. Associated Words: nasal, rhinal, rhinology, rhinoplasty, coryza, aquiline, simous, retroussé, pug, snuff, snuffle, vomer, nostril, nasalize, nasalization, nasiform, polypus, vibrissa, grogblossom, rosedrop, snivel, rhinitis, rhinolith, septum. nosebleeding, n. epistaxis. nostalgia, n. homesickness. notable, a. noticeable, conspicuous, plain, evident; signal, remarkable, famous. notch, v. nick, score, indent, crenellate. notch, n. nick, indentation, score, dent, crenature, serration, emargination. notched, a. serrated, crenated, incised, emarginated. notching, n. notch, indentation, serration, crenation. note, n. billet; memorandum, minute, record; remark, comment, annotation, commentary, scholium, gloss; mark, token, sign, feature, peculiarity; observation, notice; distinction, repute, celebrity, reputation, fame, renown. note, v. See notice; record, jot down; annotate, comment, postillate. note-book, n. memorandum-book, commonplace book, adversaria, journal, diary. noted, a. celebrated, renowned, eminent, distinguished, famous. notes, n. pl. marginalia (marginal notes), adversaria. noteworthy, a. memorable, remarkable. nothing, n. non-existence, nonentity; bagatelle; naught, cipher, zero, null, nullity. nothingness, n. nihility, non-existence, nullity. notice, n. observation, cognizance, note, heed, attention, regard; announcement, citation, warning, notification; bulletin; recognition, civility, courtesy. Antonyms: disregard, connivance, inattention, heedlessness, ignoring, oversight, slight. notice, v. see, observe, note, heed, recognize, perceive, mark, take cognizance of, pay attention to. Antonyms: ignore, connive, skip, neglect, slight, overlook, disregard. noticeable, a. observable, appreciable, conspicuous, salient, prominent. Antonyms: unobservable, inappreciable, inconspicuous. notification, n. See telling; notice, announcement, warning. notify, v. inform, acquaint, tell, apprise, give notice to. notion, n. conception, idea, concept; opinion, judgment, belief, view; inclination, intention, disposition; (Colloq.) knicknack, device. notional, a. whimsical, capricious, irresolute, freakish, crotchety, changeable. notoriety, n. repute (unfavorable), publicity. notorious, a. talked of, evident, obvious, noted, famous (usually unfavorable). notwithstanding, conj. despite, nevertheless, however. noun, n. substantive. nourish, v. feed, nurture; support; encourage, foster, cherish, promote. nourishing, a. nutritious. nourishment, n. nutrition; food, nutriment. novel, a. new, recent, fresh, unusual, rare, unique, innovative. novel, n. fiction, romance, story, tale. novelty, n. newness; change, curiosity, innovation. novice, n. tyro; probationer, proselyte, convert, novitiate novitiate, n. apprenticeship; probation, tyronism, noviceship. now, adv. instantly, immediately, at once, instanter. now and then. occasionally, at intervals, infrequently, intermittently, sometimes, periodically, once in a while. noxious, a. injurious, baneful, unwholesome, noisome. nub, n. (Colloq.) knob, jag, protuberance, snag, excrescence. nucleus, n. kernel, core, heart, center. nude, a. See naked. nudge, v. poke (with the elbow). nugatory, a. futile, ineffectual, unavailing. See vain. nuisance, n. plague, pest, bane, infliction, bore, offense. null, a. invalid, nugatory. nullification, n. invalidation, abrogation, cancellation, repeal. nullify, v. invalidate, abrogate, cancel, repeal, countermand. numb, a. deadened, unfeeling, insensible, benumbed. numb, v. benumb, deaden. number, v. enumerate; figure up, count, numerate. number, n. numeral, figure, digit, integer; collection, multitude. numbers, n. poetry, music, verse, song. numbers, n. pl. Associated Words: numeral, numeric, notation, coefficient, numerary. numbness, n. insensibility. numerous, a. many, plentiful, multitudinous. numskull, n. (Colloq.) dolt, dullard, dunce, lackwit, simpleton. See fool. nunnery, n. convent, cloister, mynchery (ruins). nuptial, a. hymeneal, bridal. nuptials, n. pl. wedding, marriage, espousals. nurse, v. suckle; nourish, cherish, foster, succor, foment, encourage; attend, tend; bring up, raise, nurture, rear. nursery, n. crèche (public nursery). nursling, n. and a. suckling. nurture, n. care, training; food, nourishment. nurture, v. feed, nourish, nurse; educate, train, school. nut-bearing, a. nuciferous. nutriment, n. nourishment, food, aliment. nutrition, n. nourishment, feeding; nutriment, food; eutrophy, (healthy nutrition); malnutrition, denutrition, innutrition, dystrophy (defective nutrition). Associated Words: threpsology, trophology, trophic. nutritious, a. nourishing, nutritive. Antonym: innutritious. nuts, n. pl. mast. nut-shaped, a. nuciform. nymph, n. dryad, sylph, Undine, nereid, hydriad, oread, houri, Daphne. O oar, n. paddle, scull, spoon oar. Associated Words: rowlock, loom, blade, wash, oarlock. oar-shaped, a. remiform. oat grasses. Avena. Associated Words: avenaceous, oaten. oath, n. adjuration, pledge, sworn promise; curse, profanity, swearing, expletive, blasphemy. Associated Words: juratory, profane, imprecate. oath-breaking, n. perjury. obedience, n. compliance, submission, subservience; dutifulness. Antonyms: disobedience, incompliance, defiance, revolt, insubordination. obedient, a. submissive, tractable, deferential, subservient, compliant, dutiful, docile, amenable. Antonyms: unsubmissive, intractable, disobedient. obelisk, n. Associated Words: pyramidion, monolithic, hieroglyphics. obey, v. comply, submit to, heed, regard, be ruled by. object, v. disapprove, oppose, demur, contravene, gainsay, except, cavil. object, n. thing, article; goal, purpose, aim, motive, intent, design, target, butt, destination, view. objection, n. exception, scruple, demurrer, cavil. Antonyms: approval, acquiescence. objectionable, a. exceptionable, offensive, obnoxious, undesirable, displeasing. objectless, a. aimless, desultory, purposeless, vague. obligation, n. accountableness, responsibility, incumbency, duty, indebtedness; agreement, contract, stipulation, covenant, bond. obligatory, a. binding, incumbent, imperative, coercive. Antonyms: optional, discretional. oblige, v. constrain, obligate; please, gratify, accommodate, coerce, compel, necessitate, force. obliging, a. complaisant, gracious, accommodating, affable, debonair, deferential, yielding. obliterate, v. efface, erase, blot out, remove, destroy, expunge. obliteration, n. extinction, erasure, effacement, removal. oblivious, a. unmindful, unconscious, forgetful, heedless, disregardful. obnoxious, a. subject, liable; offensive, odious, hateful, displeasing. obscene, a. smutty, lewd, gross, indecent, immodest, indelicate, ribald. obscenity, n. lewdness, smut, ribaldry, indecency, bawdiness, immodesty. obscure, a. abstruse, vague, recondite, indefinite, ambiguous; humble, inglorious, mean, undistinguished; secluded, retired, remote; shaded, darkened. obscure, v. darken, obfuscate, bedim, eclipse; involve, dissemble, disguise, confuse. obscuring, n. obscuration, obscurity. obscurity, n. ambiguity, vagueness; privacy, seclusion, retirement; darkness, obfuscation, obscuration. obsequious, a. sycophantic, cringing, fawning, deferential, servile. obsequiousness, n. sycophancy. obsolete, a. disused, archaic, antiquated, unfashionable, old-fashioned. obstacle, n. obstruction, barrier, impediment, hindrance, stumbling-block. obstetrician, n. midwife, accoucheur. obstetrics, n. tocology, midwifery. obstinacy, n. incompliance, doggedness, perversity, obduracy, intractability, stubbornness. obstinate, a. incompliant, intractable, mulish, perverse, dogged, contumacious, stubborn. Antonyms: amenable, yielding, tractable, submissive, compliant, obedient. obstreperous, a. clamorous, vociferous, noisy, uproarious, boisterous. obstruct, v. impede, oppose, retard, barricade, blockade, clog, interrupt, bar, restrain. obstruction, n. obstacle, impediment, barrier, blockade, restraint. obtain, v. gain, get, procure, acquire, win, attain, secure. obtainable, a. procurable, attainable, accessible. Antonyms: unobtainable, unprocurable, unattainable, inaccessible. obtrusive, a. officious, meddlesome, intrusive, forward. Antonyms: inobtrusive, retiring. obvious, a. plain, evident, palpable, manifest, patent, self-evident. occult, a. mystic, mystical, abstruse, recondite, secret, unrevealed. occupant, n. occupier, tenant, holder, incumbent, possessor, lessee. occupation, n. occupancy, tenure, incumbency; vocation, employment. See business. occupational, a. vocational. occupy, v. hold, keep, possess, fill; engage, absorb, employ, busy, monopolize. ocean, n. main, deep. Associated Words: oceanic, interoceanic, doldrums, oceanography, oceanology, terrigenous, Oceanus, transoceanic. odd, a. unmatched, single, uneven; singular, peculiar, unusual, unique, strange, quaint, extraordinary, queer, eccentric, whimsical, freakish, baroque, fantastic, nondescript, abnormal, bizarre, erratic, unconventional, curious, capricious; extra, remaining, additional, redundant, casual, supernumerary. oddity, n. oddness, singularity; curiosity, nondescript, marvel, wonder. odds, sing, and pl. advantage, preponderance, inequality, disparity; probability. odds and ends. remnants, fragments, orts, culls, scraps. odious, a. detestable, abominable, execrable, offensive, repulsive, hateful, loathsome. odium, n. detestation, unpopularity, hatred, contempt, dislike, opprobrium. odor, n. smell, aroma, fragrance, scent, redolence, perfume, savor; stink, stench, fetor. Associated Words: deodorize, deodorization, deodorant, deodorizer, antibromic, disinfectant, disinfect, disinfection, exhale, exhalation, effluvium, emanation. odorless, a. inodorous, savorless, scentless. odorous, a. odoriferous, fragrant, savory, aromatic, balmy, scented. offal, n. refuse, waste, rubbish, garbage. offend, v. displease, affront, provoke, mortify, exasperate, incense, wound, shock. offender, n. delinquent, wrong-doer, trespasser, malefactor, culprit, criminal. offense, n. crime, wrong, sin, outrage, indignity; displeasure, resentment, dudgeon, umbrage; misdemeanor, transgression, delinquency, trespass. offensive, a. obnoxious, displeasing, noisome, distasteful, insolent, abusive, aggressive, assailant, fetid, disagreeable, opprobrious, scurrilous, fulsome. offer, v. tender, proffer, propose, propound, volunteer, bid; immolate, sacrifice. offer, n. tender, proposition, bid, overture, proffer. offering, n. overture, proposition, bid; sacrifice, oblation; offertory; corban. offhand, a. extemporaneous, impromptu, improvised, unstudied. office, n. duty, function, service, work, charge, trust, business. office-holder, n. officer, official, functionary, placeman. officer, n. office-holder, magistrate, dignitary, incumbent. officially, adv. ex-officio. officious, a. meddlesome, intrusive, obtrusive, pragmatical, impertinent. offscouring, n. refuse, scum, offscum, recrement, dross, trash, waste. offset, n. set-off, counterbalance, equivalent.--v. counterbalance, counterpoise. offshoot, n. scion, branch. offspring, n. children, issue, progeny, posterity, descendants. often, adv. frequently, repeatedly, oftentimes, ofttimes. Antonyms: seldom, infrequently. oil, v. lubricate. oiliness, n. lubricity, unctuousness, unctuosity, oleosity, glibness. oil-producing, a. oleiferous. oilstone, n. hone. oily, a. unctuous, oleaginous, emulsive, lubricous; glib, fluent, plausible. ointment, n. unguent, embrocation, salve. old, a. aged, elderly, senescent, decrepit, venerable, patriarchal, superannuated, senile; former, pre-existing, preceding, ancient, archaic, antique, antiquated, olden, time-honored, traditional, immemorial, primitive, primordial, primeval, pristine, fossil; dilapidated, decayed, effete; practiced, veteran, experienced; sensible, astute, shrewd, sagacious. old age. senility, dotage, superannuation, decrepitude. Associated words: geratology, geratic, gerontic. old-fashioned, a. antiquated, archaic, _passé_, antique, obsolete, fogram, frumpish. old-fashioned word. archaism. old iron, glass, etc. junk. old maid. spinster. old man. veteran, patriarch, Nestor, elder, oldster, Methuselah, dotard; gaffer, crone, geezer; centenarian, octogenarian, sexagenarian, nonagenarian. old-time, a. late, former, quondam. old woman. beldame, crone, gammer; witch, hag, harridan. old-womanish, a. anile. old-womanishness, n. anility. omen, n. foretoken, sign, augury, portent, presage, prognostic, auspice. ominous, a. portentous, monitory, premonitory, threatening. omission, n. default, oversight, neglect, pretermission, omittance, non-performance. omit, v. leave out, slap, pretermit, disregard, neglect, overlook, ignore, delete. omittance, n. omission, forbearance, default, neglect, oversight. omnipresence, n. ubiquity. omnipresent, n. ubiquitous. one, n. unit. Associated Words: unify, unity, unification, numerary. one after the other. _seriatim_; tandem; alternately, consecutively. one hundred years. century, centenary. Associated Words: centenarian, centennial. one letter. Associated Word: uniliteral. on end. erect, perpendicular, upright. oneness, n. unity, singleness, individuality, unanimity. onerous, a. laborious, difficult, arduous. one-sided, a. unilateral; partial, unfair, inequitable, _ex parte_. one year. Associated Words: annual, annually. on horseback. mounted. onion, n. (that does not bottom out) scallion, eschallot, shallot. Associated Words: alliaceous, cepaceous, leek, allium, garlic. onlooker, n. looker-on, bystander, spectator, beholder, witness, eye-witness. on tap. broached, abroached. on the sly. (Collog.) sly, covertly, furtively, clandestinely, surreptitiously, secretly. ooze, v. filter, exude, percolate, transude, seep. oozing, n. percolation, filtering, exudation, distillation, transudation. opalescence, n. iridescence. opalescent, a. iridescent. opaque, a. intransparent; (Colloq.) obscure, unintelligible. open, a. accessible, clear, unobstructed, unrestricted; ajar, unlocked; extended, expanded, spread, gaping, yawning, unfolded, dehiscent; frank, unreserved, candid, ingenuous, guileless, overt, undisguised; generous, liberal, bounteous, open-handed; revealed, patent, manifest; unsettled, undetermined, debatable, undecided, controvertible; mild, clement; free, disengaged, unappropriated, unemployed. open, v. spread, expand, unfold, evolve; reveal, disclose; unclose, unlock, unfasten; begin, commence; dehisce. open-air, a. outdoor, al-fresco. opening, a. beginning, introductory, initiatory, preliminary. opening, n. aperture, fissure, gap, orifice, rift, chasm, hiatus, rent; beginning, introduction, outset; vacancy. openly, adv. publicly, unreservedly, candidly. open-mouthed, a. gaping, yawning; greedy, clamorous, ravenous, rapacious, eager. opiate, n. narcotic, anodyne, sedative, dormitive, soporific. opiate, a. somniferous, narcotic, anodyne, sedative, soporiferous, dormitive. opinion, n. belief, judgment, impression; decision, ruling, verdict, sentence. opium, n. Associated Words: narcotic, opiate, chandoo, thebaine, narcotine, codeine, dope, meconism, meconology, meconophagism, meconophagist, opiophagism. opponent, n. adversary, antagonist, rival, competitor. opportune, a. timely, seasonable, apropos, felicitous, appropriate. oppose, v. combat, resist, confront, withstand, oppugn, impugn, contend, antagonize, contravene, discountenance, gainsay, contradict. Antonyms: yield, acquiesce, concur, agree. opposer, n. opponent, antagonist. opposing, a. conflicting, antagonistic, contending, opposite, adverse. opposite, n. antithesis, counterpart, antipodes. opposite, a. contrary, adverse, diametrical, antagonistic, inverse, reverse, contradictory, counter, incompatible, antithetic, antipodal, inconsistent. opposition, n. resistance, counteraction, hostility, repulse, rebuff, recalcitration, counterview, antagonism, contradiction, obstacle, impediment, obstruction. Antonyms: acquiescence, non-resistance, concurrence, agreement. oppress, v. burden, overwhelm, aggrieve, tyrannize, persecute, overpower. oppression, n. tyranny, persecution, extortion, hardship, severity. oppressive, a. rigorous, tyrannical, extortionate, burdensome. oppressor, n. tyrant, persecutor, extortioner. option, n. choice, preference, election, discretion, alternative. Antonyms: constraint, coercion, compulsion. optional, a. discretional, elective. Antonyms: compulsory, coercive, obligatory. oral, a. spoken, verbal, parole, vocal, nuncupative. oration, n. declamation, rhetoric. orator, n. declaimer, rhetorician. oratorical, a. rhetorical, eloquent, declamatory. ordeal, n. crucible. order, n. mandate, command, precept, direction, decree, decretal, injunction; rule, regulation, law, canon, prescription; method, system, disposition, arrangement; succession, sequence; dictation, bidding, commission; grade, degree, class; tranquillity, quiet. order, v. methodize, systematize, regulate; bid, command, dictate, enjoin. ordering, n. distribution, disposition, regulation. orderly, a. systematic, methodical, well-regulated, regular; peaceable. ordinary, a. common, regular, conventional, commonplace, mediocre, average, usual. organic, a. constitutional, vital, fundamental, essential, inherent, instrumental. organization, n. organism; formation, construction, making. organize, v. arrange, systematize, form. orgies, n. pl. carousal, revels, debauch, wassail, saturnalia, bacchanals, riot. origin, n. source, beginning, derivation, rise, origination. original, a. first, primeval, aboriginal, primitive, archetypal, primordial, pristine; creative, productive, inventive, ingenious. Antonyms: derivative, copied. original, n. origin, archetype, prototype, model, pattern. Orkney Islands. Associated Word: Orcadian. ornament, n. decoration, embellishment, adornment, garniture, ornamentation; parure. ornament, v. decorate, embellish, garnish, bedeck, grace, beautify. ornamental, a. embellishing, beautifying, garnishing. ornamentation, n. adornment, garniture, embellishment; arabesque, moresque; purfling; fret-work. ornate, a. ornamented, decorated, embellished, florid, adorned. orthodox, a. Antonym: heterodox. orthodoxy, n. Antonym: heterodoxy. oscillate, v. fluctuate, vacillate. ostentatious, a. showy, pompous, spectacular, gaudy, pretentious. ounce by ounce. _unciatim_. oust, v. eject, evict, dispossess, dislodge, remove, displace, expel, depose. ousting, n. ejection, eviction, expulsion, dispossession, ouster, removal, disseizin, deposition. out, adv. away, absent, abroad; outright, aloud, audibly; wanting, lacking, deficient in; extinguished; at variance. out and out. wholly, completely, openly.--a. absolute, unqualified, undisguised. outbounds, n. pl. limits, boundaries, confines. outbreak, n. eruption, outburst, uprising. outburst, n. eruption, outbreak, paroxysm, access, ebullition. outcast, n. pariah, castaway, reprobate, Ishmaelite. outcome, n. consequence, outgrowth, result, issue, upshot, eventuation. outdo, v. excel, surpass, outvie, outstrip, exceed. outer, a. external, exterior. outermost, a. extreme, uttermost, utmost. outfit, n. equipment. outflow, n. effusion, outpouring. outgeneral, v. outmaneuver, circumvent. outgrowth, n. excrescence; outcome. outlandish, a. grotesque, bizarre, barbarous, unconventional, freakish. outlast, v. outwear, survive. outlaw, n. bandit, desperado.--v. proscribe. outlawry, n. proscription. outlay, n. expenditure, disbursement. outlet, n. egress, vent, exit. outline, n. contour, circumference, periphery, profile; sketch, draught, scenario. outlive, v. survive. outlook, n. prospect, view, vista; watch-tower; foresight. outlying, a. remote, detached, distant, frontier. out of joint. unhinged, dislocated. out of order. disordered, disarranged, jumbled, chaotic, disorganized. out of place. misplaced; improper, unbecoming. out of reach. inaccessible, unattainable. outrage, n. indignity, affront, insult, assault. outrageous, a. atrocious, nefarious, wanton, flagrant, unwarrantable, furious, monstrous, villainous. outright, adv. unconditionally, utterly. outside, n. exterior. outside, a. external. outskirt, n. edge, border, purlieu, suburb, frontier. outspoken, a. unreserved, frank, explicit, blunt, ingenuous. outward, a. external, exterior, outer, superficial, surface, extrinsic. outweigh, v. overweigh, overbalance, preponderate. outweighing, n. preponderance, preponderation.--a. preponderant. outwit, v. circumvent, outgeneral, defeat. oval, a. elliptical. oven mop. scovel. over, adv. across, crosswise, athwart, transversely. overawe, v. intimidate, daunt. overbearing, a. haughty, arrogant, dictatorial, magisterial, lordly, dogmatical, supercilious, imperious, cavalier, overweening. overcharge, n. extortion. overcoat, n. great coat, topcoat, ulster, raglan, inverness, surtout, paletot. overcome, v. surmount, conquer, subdue, master, vanquish, overpower, subjugate. overcoming, a. conquering, overmastering, overwhelming, irresistible. over-confident, a. rash, presumptuous, incautious. overdo, v. overwork, overtask, overtax, exhaust; exaggerate. overeat, v. gorge, glut, satiate. overfeed, v. surfeit, stuff, satiate, gorge, pamper. overfeeding, n. surfeit, superalimentation, pampering. overfill, v. surcharge. overflow, n. deluge, flood, inundation; exuberance, superabundance, profusion. overflow, v. inundate, deluge, engulf. overflowing, n. overflow, inundation; exuberance, copiousness, superabundance. overfull, a. surcharged, plethoric, surfeited, gorged. overfullness, n. plethora, surfeit, satiety, engorgement, congestion, repletion. overhang, n. projection. overhead, adv. aloft, above. overlapping, a. obvolute, obvoluted, imbricate, imbricated.--n.imbrication. overlook, v. supervise, oversee; inspect, overhaul, examine, neglect, disregard, skip, slight, ignore; condone, connive at, forgive. overnice, a. fastidious, squeamish. overplus, n. surplus, excess, surplusage, residue, rest. overpower, v. vanquish, subdue, conquer, overcome, defeat, crush, overwhelm, rout, master, subjugate, overmatch. overpowering, a. overwhelming, conquering, irresistible, overmastering. overpowering, n. vanquishment, conquering, defeat, subjugation, overthrow. overrate, v. overvalue, overestimate, overprize. overreach, v. outwit, dupe, swindle. See cheat. override, v. trample upon, supersede, annul, abrogate. overrule, v. annul, rescind, abrogate, revoke, supersede, set aside. overruling, a. predominant, prevailing, controlling. overruling, n. abrogation, cancellation, rescission. overrun, v. infringe, invade. oversee, v. superintend, supervise. overseer, n. superintendent, supervisor, inspector, taskmaster, foreman, monitor. overshoe, n. galoshe, rubber, arctic. oversight, n. superintendence, supervision, care, inspection, surveillance, control, charge; overlooking, connivance, omission, failure, inadvertence, default, inattention, lapse. overstate, v. exaggerate. overstep, v. exceed, trespass, infringe, intrench, encroach. oversupply, n. excess, superabundance, surfeit, glut, repletion. overt, a. public, apparent, unconcealed, patent. overthrow, v. upset, overturn; demolish, prostrate, subvert, defeat, vanquish, rout, overpower, overcome, subjugate, raze, worst. overthrow, n. overthrowing, demolition, subversion, undoing, reversal, prostration, defeat, bouleversement. overtop, v. transcend, surpass, dwarf, overshadow. overture, n. See offer. overvalue, v. overrate, overestimate, overprize. overweening, a. haughty, arrogant, cavalier, supercilious, lordly, conceited. overweening, n. conceit, arrogance, superciliousness, lordliness. overweight, n. preponderance. overwhelm, v. overflow, submerge, ingulf, drown, overpower, crush. overwhelming, a. irresistible, overpowering. owing, n. indebtedness. owing, a. due, payable, unpaid; ascribable, traceable, imputable, attributable, referable; indebted. own, v. admit, acknowledge, confess, allow, concede, grant; possess. Antonyms: disown, deny. owner, n. proprietor. ownership, n. proprietorship, claim, title. oysters, n. pl. Mollusca, Ostrea. Associated Words: ostreaceous, ostreaculture, ostreophagist, ostreophagous, ostriferous, bivalve, spawn, cultch, spat. P pace, n. amble, rack. pacifiable, a. placable, appeasable, conciliable. pacify, v. appease, quiet, calm, mollify, propitiate, tranquilize. pack, n. bundle, bale, parcel, package; multitude, number, quantity; gang; shook. pack, v. compress, stow, truss; load, encumber. package, n. bundle, packet, bale, parcel, pack, budget, truss, ceroon. pact, n. compact, covenant, concordat. See agreement. pad, n. cushion, bolster; saddle-cloth, housing. padlock, n. Associated Words: shackle, staple, hasp. pagan, n. See heathen. page, n. footboy, buttons (Colloq.); folio. page number. folio. pail, n. bucket; piggin. pain, v. hurt, torture, rack; distress, grieve, afflict, aggrieve. pain, n. punishment, penalty; suffering, ache, smart, throe, rack, agony, torture, distress, qualm, discomfort, pang, excruciation, paroxysm, gripe, twinge, cramp, travail, stitch, crick, anguish; heartache, misery, dolor. Antonyms: ease, comfort, relief, solace. Associated Words: anodyne, anæsthetic, analgesic, dolorific, doloriferous, surcease, anæsthetize. painful, a. distressing, agonizing, excruciating, dolorous, racking; toilsome, arduous, difficult. painstaking, a. diligent, particular, precise, scrupulous. Antonyms: slovenly, negligent. paint, n. pigment; cosmetic, rouge. paint, v. delineate, portray, lim, depict, picture, sketch. painting, n. Associated Words: easel, palette, grisaille, artist, art, atelier, studio. pair, n. two, brace, couple, span, team, yoke, set. pal, n. (Slang) partner, mate, confederate, associate, accomplice. palace, n. mansion, castle, pretorium. Associated Words: palatine, palatial. palaver, n. cajolery, flummery; conference, debate, talk. pale, a. pallid, wan, colorless, ghastly, blanched, cadaverous, etiolate, ashy; dim, faint, indistinct, obscure. Antonyms: ruddy, buxom, flushed, blowzed. pale, n. picket; boundary, limit, confine, fence; inclosure. paleness, n. pallidness, pallor, wanness, colorlessness, etiolation. pall, v. cloy, sate, satiate, surfeit, glut. palled, a. surfeited, satiated. palliate, v. excuse, apologize for, gloss over, extenuate; moderate, mitigate, temper. palliation, n. extenuation, glossing over, excuse, apology; moderation, mitigation, alleviation. palliative, a. lenitive, mitigative, palliatory, apologetic, extenuating. pamper, v. overfeed, feed luxuriously; indulge, gratify, spoil, cocker. pamphlet, n. brochure, booklet, tract. pan, n. basin, chafer. panacea, n. cure-all, catholicon, relief, solace, nepenthe. pancake, n. griddlecake, flapjack, fritter. pander, n. bawd, pimp, procurer, whoremonger. panegyric, n. eulogy, encomium. See praise. panic, n. consternation, terror, alarm. panic-stricken, a. panic-struck, alarmed, dismayed, terrified, appalled. pansy, n. heart's-ease, love-in-idleness. pant, n. gasp, gasping. pant, v. gasp; long, hunger, yearn, thirst. panther, n. puma, cougar, jaguar. panting, n. anhelation, gasping; longing, hunger, desire, thirst. pantry, n. buttery, larder, ambry. pants, n. pl (Colloq.) trousers, breeches, pantaloons; drawers; knickerbockers, skilts, smallclothes, kneebreeches; overalls; chaparejos, chapareras (leather breeches). paper, n. document; essay, dissertation, article; journal, newspaper, periodical, gazette, courant. Associated Words: papyrus, parchment, papeterie, tablet, stationer, stationery, papier-mâché, portfolio. papery, a. chartaceous. par, n. equality, equivalence. parade, n. pomp, display, ostentation, show; procession, pageant, cavalcade; promenade.--v. display, flaunt, show off. paradise, n. garden of Eden; Elysium; Heaven. paragon, n. model, pattern. parallel, a. like, similar, equal, analogous. paralysis, n. palsy. paralyze, v. benumb, deaden, stun, unnerve. paralyzed person. paralytic. paraphernalia, n. equipments, accouterments, ornaments. parasite, n. hanger-on, toady, sycophant, fawner, flunky; zoō parasite, entozoa. parcel, n. bundle, package; collection, lot; tract, plot, piece. parch, v. torrefy. parchment, n. vellum, pell, palimpsest. pardon, n. absolution, remission, amnesty, forgiveness, condonation. Antonyms: retribution, vengeance, retaliation, implacability, penalty. pardon, v. absolve, remit, forgive, condone. pardonable, a. venial, excusable. Antonyms: unpardonable, inexcusable. pare, v. peel. parentage, n. extraction, descent, pedigree, ancestry, family, birth, lineage. parish, n. Associated Words: parochial, parochialism, parishioner, parochialize. parry, v. ward off, avert, prevent; avoid, evade, elude. parson, n. See clergyman. parsonage, n. rectory; manse; living, benefice. part, n. portion, fraction, division, piece, constituent, installment, element, section, subdivision; quarter, region, district; share, portion, lot, allotment, assignment, duty, participation, function; rôle, character; clause, section, paragraph, chapter, passage, division. part, v. divide, sever, disunite, dissever, sunder, dissociate, disconnect, detach, separate; intervene; apportion, share, mete out, allot, distribute. partable, a. partible, separable. Antonyms: impartible, indivisible. partake, v. share, participate in. partaker, n. participant, participator, sharer. partaking, n. participation. parted, a. separated, divided, severed, disunited, isolated, detached, riven, cleft, sundered. partial, a. warped, biased, prejudiced; imperfect, incomplete. Antonyms: See impartial. partiality, n. bias, favoritism; predilection, inclination, fondness, predisposition, bent. partible, a. separable, divisible, detachable, dissoluble, severable. Antonym: impartible. particle, n. See bit; atom, molecule, monad. particular, a. special, especial, specific; minute, precise, detailed, circumstantial; individual, separate, sole, single; characteristic, distinctive, individual, personal, peculiar; fastidious, finical, scrupulous, precise, strict. Antonyms: indiscriminate, slatternly, promiscuous, general. particular, n. detail. particulars, n. pl. details, minutiæ. parting, a. farewell, valedictory. parting, n. division, disunion, severance, separation; leave-taking, farewell. partisan, a. factionary. partition, n. division, distribution, apportionment, allotment. partner, n. copartner, coadjutor; colleague, associate, confederate, accessory, ally, accomplice, partaker, confrère. partnership, n. copartnership, cahoot (Slang). parts, n. pl. talents, gifts, faculties, endowments; regions, districts, quarters. party, n. clique, faction, set, circle, ring, cabal, coterie, junto; function, reception, salon, soirée, levee, matinée, drawing-room; company, squad, detachment, troop; partaker, participant; person, somebody. party-colored, a. variegated. party man. partisan. pass, v. elapse, lapse; transmit, deliver, hand; go, move, proceed, advance; disappear, vanish, recede, depart; pass by, omit, pretermit; overstep, overpass; transude. pass, n. passageway, defile, passage; thrust, passado, lunge, allonge; condition, plight, predicament, state, conjuncture, situation; passport, safe-conduct. passable, a. navigable, traversable, penetrable; tolerable, mediocre, middling, so-so, ordinary, fair. Antonyms: impassable, impervious, impenetrable. passage, n. transit; fare; clause, sentence, paragraph; enactment; corridor, hall; gangway; slype; pass, defile. passing, a. exceeding, surpassing; transient, momentary, transitory, fleeting, impermanent. passing, adv. exceedingly, surpassingly. passion, n. suffering, pain, agony; emotion, ardor, feeling, pathos; wrath, fury, anger; love, infatuation, transport. passionate, a. irascible, quick-tempered, choleric, excitable, waspish; ardent, fervid, vehement, impassioned, fervent. passionless, a. impassive, phlegmatic, stoical, unemotional, dispassionate, apathetic. passive, a. inactive, quiet, inert, receptive, quiescent, patient, unresisting, submissive. pass over. traverse. passport, n. pass, safe-conduct; sea letter. password, n. countersign, watchword, sesame. past, n. Associated Words: preterist, preterition, pretermission, preteritive, preterit, aorist, aoristic, retrospect, retrospective, retrospection, antiquary, antiquity, antiquarian, quondam, antecedent, antecedence, antecedents. past, a. bygone, elapsed; preterite, preterit. pastime, n. amusement, sport, diversion, recreation, divertisement, entertainment, play, fun. pastor, n. See clergyman. pat, a. suitable, fit, convenient, timely, pertinent, appropriate. patch, n. clout; tract, plot, parcel.--v. mend, repair, vamp, revamp. patent, a. evident, obvious, manifest, apparent. path, n. footway, runway, course, passage, route, avenue, trottoir, trail; towpath, heelpath, berm. pathetic, a. plaintive, pitiable, piteous, mournful, sad. pathless, a. untrodden, unexplored, trackless, impenetrable. patience, n. long-suffering, fortitude, resignation, submission, sufferance; indulgence, leniency, forbearance; persistence, diligence, perseverance. Antonyms: impatience, restiveness, resistance. patient, a. uncomplaining, submissive, resigned, passive, long-suffering, indulgent; diligent. patriotism, n. _amor patriæ_. Antonyms: incivism, chauvinism. patron, n. supporter, promoter, defender, guardian, benefactor; customer. patronizing, a. condescending. pattern, n. model, exemplar, original, prototype, archetype; specimen, example; copy, reproduction; delineator, protractor. Associated word: exemplary. pattern, v. model, copy, imitate, follow. paunch, n. abdomen. pauperism, n. penury, indigence. pauperize, v. impoverish. pause, n. intermission, suspension, break; hesitation; break, cæsura. pause, v. stop, hesitate, desist, waver, intermit. pawn, v. pledge, impawn. pay, v. compensate, remunerate, recompense, requite, indemnify, reward, commute; retaliate, punish; liquidate, defray, settle, discharge; be profitable; disburse (payout). Antonyms: repudiate, protest, bilk, defraud. pay, n. compensation, remuneration, recompense, requital, emolument, salary, wages, fee, tip, honorarium, stipend, reward, hire, allowance, perquisite. payable, a. due, unpaid, outstanding; remunerable. pay back. reimburse, refund, restore, repay, requite, indemnify; retaliate. paying, a. profitable, lucrative, gainful, remunerative. paying back. reimbursement, refunding, restitution, requital, indemnification, restoration, repayment; retaliation, requital, reprisal, retribution. paymaster, n. purser. payment, n. paying, compensation, remuneration liquidation, discharge, reparation, settlement, recompense, defrayment, amends; retaliation, retribution, paying back. Antonyms: nonpayment, protest, repudiation, default, defalcation, appropriation. peace, n. concord, amity, harmony; tranquillity, quietness, repose, calmness, serenity; reconciliation, compromise, pacification; armistice, truce. peaceable, a. amicable, inoffensive; tranquil, serene, undisturbed, placid, peaceful, quiet. Antonyms: bellicose, belligerent, contentious, rebellious, pugnacious. peaceably, adv. amicably. peaceful, a. amicable, tranquil, peaceable, halcyon. peacemaker, n. mediator, intercessor, pacificator, make-peace, arbitrator, intermediary. peacemaking, a. pacificatory, conciliatory, intercessory, propitiatory, mediatorial, irenic, intercessional. peacemaking, n. mediation, pacification, reconciliation, intercession, propitiation, pacation, compromise, intervention, arbitration, negotiation, irenics, irenicon. peace-offering, n. atonement, reparation, amends. peach, v. (Colloq.) tell on, betray. peacock, n. bird of Juno, Pavo. Associated word: pavonine. peak, n. apex, pinnacle, summit, crest, spire, point, top, crown, finial. peaked, a. pointed; (Cottoq.) sickly, thin, pale, emaciated. peal, v. resound, reverberate, echo, boom. peal, n. reverberation, resounding. peanut, n. groundnut, earthnut, goober. pear cider. perry. pearl, n. margarite; jewel, gem; baroque pearl; nacre (mother-of-pearl). pearl-producing, a. margaritiferous. pearly, a. nacreous, pearlaceous, pellucid, iridescent. pear-shaped, a. pyriform. peart, a. (Colloq.) lively, active, smart, brisk. peasant, n. rustic, swain, hind. pease, n. pl. legumes, pulse; hastings. Associated Word: leguminous. pea-shaped, a. pisiform. peck at. carp at, nag, tease, importune, twit. peculation, n. embezzlement. peculator, n. embezzler. peculiar, a. individual, personal, particular; singular, eccentric, erratic, queer, odd, exceptional, unique, bizarre, grotesque, nondescript, unusual, unconventional. peculiarity, n. characteristic, trait, attribute, idiosyncrasy, eccentricity, oddness. peddle, v. hawk, vend. peddler, n. hawker, huckster, vender, chapman, cadger, packman, coster. peddler's pack. wallet. peddling, n. hucksterage, hawking. pedigree, n. lineage, ancestry, descent, extraction, genealogy. peek, v. peep. peel, n. rind, skin.--v. pare, decorticate. Antonym: pulp. peep, v. chirp, cheep, pule; peer, peek, pry. peer, n. equal, match, mate, compeer; nobleman, noble, lord. peerless, a. matchless, unrivalled, inimitable, incomparable, unsurpassed, superlative, nonpareil, transcendent, supreme, unequalled. peevish, a. petulant, querulous, captious, spleeny, fretful, impatient, cross. peg, n. pin, spilikin; pretext, support, reason; degree, step. pellmell, adv. disorderly, confusedly, helter-skelter. pelt, n. woolfell, fell. pelt, v. batter, beat, assail, pepper. pen, v. confine, coop, encage, corral. pen, n. coop, sty, cote, enclosure, hutch, paddock, pound, pinfold, corral, stockade. penalty, n. punishment, retribution; forfeiture, fine, mulct. pending, a. undecided, unsettled.--prep. during. penetrable, a. permeable, pervious. Antonym: impenetrable. penetrate, v. pierce, perforate; comprehend, understand; explore; interpenetrate. penetrating, a. piercing, subtile, penetrant, sharp; acute, discerning, penetrative. penetration, n. piercing, perforation; acuteness, discernment, sharpness; interpenetration. peninsula, n. chersonese. penis, n. Associated Words: penial, foreskin, prepuce, glans, urethra, chordee, erection, orgasm, _corpus spangiosum_, priapism, phimosis, smegma, phallus, bougie. penitence, n. contrition, repentance, remorse, compunction. Antonym: impenitence. penitent, a. contrite, remorseful. Antonyms: impenitent, incontrite. penitentiary, n. prison. penman, n. calligrapher, calligraphist, chirographer, chirographist, writer. penmanship, n. writing, calligraphy, pencraft, chirography. pen name. pseudonym, _nom de plume_. penniless, a. impecunious, indigent, destitute. See poor. pennilessness, n. impecuniosity, indigence, poverty, destitution. penny, n. cent; groat, stiver; denarius. penny-a-liner, n. hack, hack writer. pensive, a. meditative, dreamy, lackadaisical, introspective, thoughtful, sad, grave. Pentecost, n. Whitsunday, Whitsuntide. penthouse, n. lean-to. pent up. confined, restrained, restricted. penurious, a. miserly, stingy, niggardly, parsimonious, avaricious, grasping. penury, n. poverty, indigence. people, n. folks; inhabitants, population, citizens; populace, commonalty, rabble, canaille; relatives, relations, kindred; laity. people, v. populate, colonize. peopled, a. inhabited, populated. pepper, n. capsicum. peppery, a. pungent; irascible, hot-tempered, choleric. perceive, v. see, discern, observe; apprehend, comprehend, understand. See see. perception, n. cognizance, discernment; sensation, feeling. Antonym: imperception. perch, n. roost. perchance, adv. perhaps, peradventure, possibly, maybe. perchers, n. pl. Insessores. percolate, v. ooze, strain, filter, transude. percolation, n. filtration, straining, transuding. perdition, n. ruin, wreck, destruction; hell. perennial, a. perpetual, undying, imperishable. perfect, a. consummate, faultless, flawless, exquisite, inviolate, impeccable, infallible, correct, mature, ideal, irreproachable, blameless. Antonyms: See imperfect. perfect, v. consummate, elaborate, retouch, develop. perfection, n. faultlessness, consummation, impeccability. perfidious, a. See unfaithful. perfidy, n. treachery, faithlessness, disloyalty, unfaithfulness. perforate, v. bore through, pierce, penetrate, drill. perforation, n. piercing, penetration; hole, opening, pertusion, aperture. Antonyms: imperforation, imperforable. perforator, n. cephalotome. perform, v. accomplish, execute, do. performance, n. execution, achievement, accomplishment; trick, feat, exploit, stunt, deed, act. performer, n. acrobat, funambulist, equilibrist, tumbler, contortionist, aerosaltant, actor, player, impersonator. perfume, n. fragrance, aroma, redolence, sachet, incense, emanation, odor; attar, musk, patchouli, frankincense, civet, myrrh, pastil, pulvillio. Associated Words: exhale, exhalation, cassolette, perfumer, perfumery. perhaps, adv. perchance, peradventure, possibly, haply. peril, n. See danger. perilous, a. dangerous, hazardous, imperiled, unsafe. Antonyms: See safe. period, n. interval. perishable, a. destructible, impermanent, mortal. Antonyms: imperishable, permanent. perjury, n. oath-breaking. Associated Words: suborn subornation, suborner, perjurer, perjurous, forswear. perk, a. vain, trim, spruce, smart, jaunty. permanence, n. durability, imperishability, stability, permanency. permanent, a. stable, immutable, durable, imperishable, unchangeable, abiding, indestructible. Antonyms: impermanent, evanescent, ephemeral, transient. permeable, a. penetrable, pervious, pervadible. Antonym: impermeable. permission, n. consent, allowance, license, leave, permit, authorization, warrant. Antonyms: refusal, denial, embargo, injunction, veto, prohibition, resistance. permit, v. allow, consent to, suffer, tolerate, let, authorize, indulge, license, empower. Antonyms: refuse, disallow, prohibit, resist. permit, n. warrant, license, leave, permission. pernicious, a. deleterious, harmful, noisome, baleful, vicious. pernickety, a. (Colloq.) finical, particular, fastidious, fussy. perpendicular, a. upright, vertical. Antonyms: horizontal oblique. perpetual, a. See everlasting. perplex, v. bewilder, puzzle, pose, confuse, mystify, distract, disconcert, entangle. perplexed, a. bewildered, confused, puzzled, disconcerted. perplexing, a. bewildering, confusing, carking, mystifying, puzzling. perplexity, n. bewilderment, distraction, confusion, disconcertion, doubt, uncertainty, predicament, dilemma, plight, quandary, difficulty, strait. persecute, v. harass, oppress, tyrannize, torment, dragoon, importune, annoy, hector, badger. persecution, n. oppression, molestation, importunity. perseverance, n. persistence, diligence, constancy, indefatigableness, assiduity, pertinacity. persevere, v. persist, continue. persevering, a. persistent, steadfast, untiring, indefatigable, pertinacious, unremitting, indomitable. Antonyms: inconstant, fickle, unsteadfast. persist, v. persevere. persistency, n. perseverance, doggedness, pertinacity, obstinacy, contumacy, insistence. persistent, a. contumacious, persevering, insistent, pertinacious, tenacious, importunate, constant. personality, n. individuality; reflection, stricture, animadversion, criticism. personally, adv. individually. personate, v. impersonate. personation, n. impersonation. perspiration, n. See sweat. perspire, v. sweat. persuade, v. induce. persuasion, n. inducement, suasion, incitement; creed, belief. Antonyms: dissuasion, coercion, constraint. persuasive, a. persuasory. pert, a. sprightly, dapper, nimble; forward, bold, saucy, malapert. pertain, v. appertain. pertinacious, a. resolute, determined, stubborn. pertinacity, n. resoluteness, persistence, doggedness, stubbornness. pertinence, n. relevancy, applicability, propriety. Antonyms: impertinence, irrelevance. pertinent, a. relevant, apposite, applicable, proper. Antonyms: impertinent, irrelevant. perturb, v. disquiet, excite, disturb, agitate, discompose, distress. perturbation, n. excitement, agitation, discomposure, distress, disconcertion, worry. Antonyms: composure, imperturbation, calmness. perturbed, a. excited, distressed, worried, discomposed, agitated. perusal, n. reading. peruse, v. read. perverse, a. perverted, misdirected, erring, depraved, vitiated; intractable, obstinate, stubborn, contrary, headstrong, indocile. Antonyms: See obedient. perversion, n. debasement, vitiation, corruption, falsification. pervert, v. lead astray, corrupt, debase, vitiate; misuse, misapply, misinterpret, distort, falsify. pervious, a. permeable, penetrable. Antonym: impervious. pesky, a. (Colloq.) vexatious, troublesome. pessimistic, a. gloomy, foreboding, hopeless. pest, n. pestilence, plague, scourge; curse, nuisance, annoyance, infliction, bane. pester, v. plague, badger, harass, harry, tease, torment, hector, disturb, molest. pest house, n. lazaretto, lazar-house. pestiferous, a. infectious, contagious, pestilential; noxious, noisome. pestilence, n. plague, scourge, fatal epidemic. pestilent, a. pestiferous. pet, n. fondling, darling, favorite; cosset; tiff. pet, v. humor, coddle, fondle, cosset, caress, indulge. pet, a. favorite, petted, cade. peter out. (Slang) dwindle. petition, n. entreaty, supplication, prayer. petition, v. entreat, supplicate, pray. petitioner, n. suppliant, applicant, solicitor. petrifaction, n. lapidification, petrescence, lapidescence; fossil, stone. petrify, v. lapidify, fossilize. petticoat, n. underskirt; balmoral. petty, a. small, insignificant, trivial, trifling. petulant, a. See cross. pew, n. slip. phantom, n. spectre, apparition, ghost. phantomlike, a. spectral, ghostly. pharmaceutist, n. apothecary, druggist. pharmacist, n. apothecary, druggist, pharmaceutist. phase, n. aspect, appearance. phase, v. (Colloq.) disconcert, disturb, discompose, affect. philistine, a. uncultured, commonplace. phiz, n. (Colloq.) face, visage, countenance, physiognomy. phlegm, n. mucus. phlegm, n. dullness, sluggishness, coldness, indifference. phlegmatic, a. unemotional, cold, dull, sluggish. phonograph, n. graphophone. photograph, n. heliograph. photography, n. heliography. phrase, n. idiom; diction, phraseology. phrenologist, n. craniologist. phrenology, n. craniology. physic, n. medicine; cathartic, purge, purgative. physic, v. purge. physical, a. material, bodily. physical structure. physique. physician, n. See doctor. piano, n. pianoforte. piazza, n. veranda, portico, stoop, porch. pick, v. pluck; pick out, select, choose, cull, glean. pick, n. pickax; choice; spike, pike; plectrum. picket, n. stake, pale, paling; sentry, guard, watchman, sentinel. pickle, n. brine; (Colloq.) dilemma, predicament, plight; marinade. pickpocket, n. cutpurse, _chevalier d'industrie_ (French). picture, v. delineate, sketch, draw, represent, depict. picture, n. drawing, painting, engraving, half- tone, photograph, print, miniature, daguerreotype, chromo, icon, chromotype, mezzotint, pastel, lithograph, lithotint, cartoon, sketch, etching, chromolithograph, pasticcio, tableau, portrait, illustration, cyclorama, silhouette, carte-de-visite, minette, caricature, vignette, draught, aquarelle, thermotype, tintype, ambrotype, cabinet, heliograph, chrysotype, photogravure, oleograph, cut, negative, study, likeness, scene, landscape, view, stereogram, stereograph, panorama, aristotype, heliotype, diorama, diaphanotype, decalcomania, mosaic, photoengraving, inconograph. piddle, v. trifle. piddling, a. trifling, inconsiderable, insignificant, piffling, inconsequential. piebald, a. spotted, dappled, pied, pintado, pinto, party-colored. piece, n. scrap, swatch, clout, chunk, slice, clipping, chip, hunk, hunch, fragment, fillet, shard; essay, article, composition; étude (Mus.). piece, v. patch, repair; augment. pied, a. mottled, spotted, piebald, dappled, party-colored. pieplant, n. rhubarb. pier, n. wharf, dock, jetty, buttress. pierce, v. transfix, stab, impale, gore; penetrate, bore, perforate, drill. pierced, a. perforated, penetrated. piercer, n. stiletto, eyeleteer, gimlet, awl, bodkin. piercing, a. penetrating, keen, sharp, thrilling, poignant. piercing, n. penetration, perforation, impalement, transfixion, boring. piety, n. sanctity, godliness, holiness. piffle, n. trifling.--v. trifle, piddle. piffling, a. trifling. pig, n. shoat, far; gilt (young female); whinock; hog, swine. Associated Words: porcine, farrow, litter, barrow, boar, sow, pork. pigeon-house, n. dove-cote, columbary. piggery, n. pig pen, sty, pigsty. pigheaded, a. stubborn, perverse. pig pen, n. sty, pigsty, piggery. pigtail, n. queue. pile, n. heap, stack, accumulation. pile, v. heap, stack, accumulate. piles, n. hemorrhoids. pilfer, v. filch, purloin. pilfering, n. filching, theft, pilfery. pilgrim, n. wayfarer, traveler, sojourner, crusader. pilgrimage, n. journey, expedition, sojourn, crusade. pilgrim's staff. bourdon. pillage, n. devastation, plundering, rapine, spoliation; spoil, plunder, booty, loot. pillage, v. sack, plunder, despoil, devastate, foray. pillar, n. column, pier, shaft, post, obelisk, monolith; supporter, maintainer. pillow, n. cushion, bolster. pilot, n. steersman, helmsman; director, guide, conductor. pilot, v. guide, steer, direct. pimp, n. procurer, bawd, pander.--v. pander, bawd. pimple, n. eruption, papule, pustule. pin, n. peg, bolt, skewer, spilikin, spile, plug, linchpin. pinafore, n. apron, tier. pinch, n. twinge, tweak, twitch; exigency, strait. pinch, v. squeeze, compress, twinge, tweak, gripe, nip; cramp, straiten, oppress; skrimp. pinch, v. (Slang) arrest. pinchbeck, a. sham, spurious, brummagem. pinchers, n. pl. pincers, tweezers, pliers, nippers, forceps. pinching, a. griping, compressing, nipping, skrimping. pine, v. droop, languish, waste; yearn, long--n. deal. pining, a. languishing, fading, drooping. pinion, n. feather; wing. pink, v. scallop. pinnacle, n. peak, summit, top, apex, zenith; finial. pious, a. religious, devout, saintly, righteous, reverent. Antonym: impious. pip, n. seed; roup. pipe, n. tube, conduit, aqueduct. pipe, n. tobacco pipe, clay pipe; nargile, nargileh; hubble-bubble; hookah; chibouque; dudeen. piped, a. tubular. pipe of peace. calumet. pipe-shaped, a. tubular. piping, a. peaceful, favorable; shrill, acute; sizzling, boiling, hissing. piquancy, n. pungency, sharpness, spiciness; raciness, liveliness. piquant, a. pungent, spicy; racy, lively. pique, n. displeasure, resentment, vexation, umbrage. pique, v. displease, offend. piracy, n. freebooting, sea-robbery. pirate, n. sea-robber, buccaneer, picaroon, corsair, freebooter, viking. pirate's flag. Jolly Roger. piratical, a. predatory. pismire, n. emmet. piss, n. urine.--v. urinate. pit, n. hollow, hole, excavation, cavity; abyss; parquet; quarry; endocarp, stone, putamen. pitapat, adv. in a flutter, flutteringly. pitch, n. slope, declivity, slant. pitch, n. bitumen, asphaltum. pitch, v. cast, hurl, toss, throw, fling, heave, chuck; plunge; decline, slope, slant. pitcher, n. jug, ewer, jar, toby, aiguière. pitcher-shaped, a. urceolate. pitch into. (Slang) attack, assault, assail. piteous, a. compassionate, merciful; mournful, plaintive, doleful. pitfall, n. snare, trap, pit. pith, n. marrow; gist, heart, essence, substance. pithy, a. sententious, laconic. pitiable, a. sad, piteous, lamentable, deplorable. pitiful, a. tender-hearted, compassionate, merciful, lenient, ruthful, clement; lamentable, piteous, sad, sorrowful; despicable, contemptible, abject, mean. pitiless, a. See unmerciful. pittance, n. dole. pity, n. compassion, mercy, ruth, commiseration, condolence, sympathy. pity, v. have pity for, condole with, commiserate. pitying, a. commiserative, sympathetic, tender, merciful. pivot pin. pintle. placable, a. appeasable, pacifiable. placard, n. broadside, poster, bill, _affiché_. place, a. position, site, situation, locality; rendezvous, tryst; duty, function, post, work, office; stead, lieu. place, v. deposit, locate, dispose, put, set, station, establish, attribute, impute, ascribe, assign; identify. place between. interpose. plague, n. pestilence. plague, v. hector, tantalize, tease, badger, pester, twit, nag, torment, harass, harry. plaguy, a. (Colloq.) troublesome, vexatious, annoying. plaid, a. checkered, crossbarred. plaid cloth of Scotland. tartan. plain, n. prairie, field, savanna, pampas, steppe, llano, champaign, campagna, heath, moor, camass, downs, tundra, veldt, peneplain. plain, a. evident, manifest, explicit, obvious, unmistakable, distinct, apparent, palpable, patent; unembellished, simple, austere, severe, ungarnished, unadorned, untrimmed; homely, uncomely; flat, level, even, smooth, plane; unaffected, simple, artless, outspoken, undesigning, ingenuous, unreserved, direct; frugal, homely; unvaried, unfigured; mere, absolute, unmistakable. Antonyms: ambiguous, equivocal, indistinct, indecipherable, elaborate, luxurious, cryptic, abstruse, ornate, enigmatic, vague, inexplicable, obscure, complex, intricate, embellished. plain, adv. plainly, distinctly, bluntly, candidly, explicitly. plain-dealing, n. honesty. plain song. Gregorian chant, _canto fermo_. plain-spoken, a. frank, candid, unreserved, outspoken. plaint, n. complaint, lamentation. plaintiff, n. complainant. plaintive, a. piteous, melancholy, sad, sorrowful, doleful. plait, n. braid, plat, gather, ruffle, gauffering, plication, fluting, kilting. plait, v. braid, plat, flute. plaited, a. pleated, kilted. plan, n. diagram, draught. plan, v. scheme, project, intend, devise, contrive, design, purpose. planetarium, n. orrery. plant, n. vegetable, herb; pl. flora (plants of a region). plant, v. sow; settle, establish. plant-eaters, n. pl. Herbivora. plant-eating, a. herbivorous, phytivorous, plantivorous, phytophagous. plant-eating, n. phytophagy. plant green. chlorophyll, fecula. plant louse. aphis, aphid, aphidian; pl. aphides, aphidæ. plastic, a. formative, creative; impressible, fictile. plat, v. braid, plait. plateau, n. table-land, mesa. platform, n. rostrum, stage, dais. platitude, n. banality. platitudinous, a. banal, trite, commonplace. platter, n. trencher. plaudit, n. applause, acclaim, acclamation. plausibility, n. speciousness. plausible, a. specious; glib, fluent, oily, smooth-tongued. Antonym: implausible. play, v. frolic, sport, gambol, disport, frisk, skip, caper, romp, revel; wanton, dally, toy, twiddle; impersonate, personate, act; perform, execute; strum, thrum; gamble; simulate, pretend, feign, dissemble. play, n. game, pastime, amusement, recreation, diversion, sport, disport, gambols, frolic, jest, merriment; action, use, employment, practice, exercise; comedy, drama, melodrama, farce, burlesque; dalliance, toying, twiddling; liberty, scope, swing. Associated Words: dramaturgy, dramaturgist, dramatic, dramatize, dramatization, theater, rôle, repertoire. playday, n. holiday. player, n. idler, drone; actor, thespian, tragedian, comedian, imitator, impersonator, mime, mimic; performer, instrumentalist. playful, a. sportive, frolicsome, prankish, jocular, sprightly, wanton. play off. feign, simulate, dissemble. plaything, n. bauble, gimcrack, toy. play-writer, n. playwright, dramatist. plea, n. defense, excuse, apology, vindication, intercession, prayer, entreaty. plead, v. reason, argue; apologize; defend, advocate, intercede. pleader, n. intercessor, defender, advocate. pleasant, a. agreeable, genial, congenial, affable, amiable, enjoyable, good-humored, pleasurable. Antonyms: unpleasant, disagreeable, uncongenial, repellent, repelling, austere, unamiable, inaffable, dreary, dismal, offensive. pleasantry, n. badinage, banter, raillery, witticism, joke, jest, jocularity, drollery, waggery, jollity, humor. please, v. rejoice, gladden, delight, gratify, cheer, elate; satisfy, content; like, choose, prefer. pleasing, a. pleasant, delightful, gratifying, delectable, gracious, winning. pleasure, n. gratification, enjoyment, happiness, delectation, delight; amusement, recreation, diversion; will, choice, preference, desire; voluptuousness, sensuality. Antonym: displeasure. pleat, n. plait. pledge, n. gage, security, hostage, guarantee. pledge, v. pawn, impawn, hypothecate, plight. plenteous, a. plentiful. plentiful, a. abundant, bounteous, ample, galore, copious, full, sufficient, lavish, replete, unstinted, prolific. Antonyms: scarce, deficient, inadequate, insufficient, scant, niggardly. plenty, n. abundance, sufficiency, plenitude. Antonyms: See scarcity. plethora, n. superabundance, superfluity, excess, repletion; hyperæmia. pliability, n. flexibility, suppleness, pliancy, limberness, ductility, malleability. Antonyms: inflexibility, rigidity. See inflexibility. pliable, a. flexible, pliant, supple, limber, lithesome, lithe, flexile, malleable; irresolute, yielding, facile, compliant. Antonyms: impliable, inflexible. plight, n. condition, state, dilemma, predicament, situation, scrape. plight, v. pawn, pledge; promise, betroth. plod, v. trudge, tramp. plodding, a. hardworking, diligent. plot, n. conspiracy, intrigue, machination, cabal, complot; plat; imbroglio (complicated plot). Associated Word: marplot. plot, v. conspire, intrigue, cabal, complot, machinate, scheme. plotter, n. conspirator, intriguer, intrigant, machinator, caballer, intrigante (female). plowable, a. arable. Antonym: inarable. plowland, n. arable, carucate. plowman, n. plower, husbandman. pluck, v. pull, draw; pick, gather. pluck, n. courage, energy, spirit, stamina, pluckiness. plucky, a. courageous, spirited, indomitable, resolute, unflinching, game. plug, n. stopper, stopple, bung, tampoon, spile, tampion, spigot. plumb, a. perpendicular, upright, true. plume, v. preen, prink; pride, vaunt, boast, glory. plump, a. fleshy, bouncing, chubby, fat, portly, stout; blunt, unreserved, unqualified. plunder, n. booty, spoil, loot, pillage, robbery. plunder, v. pillage, loot, rob. plunderer, n. pillager, robber, spoiler, depredator, marauder. plunge, v. souse, immerse, submerge, dip, douse; dive, pitch. pocket, n. bag, sack, pouch, placket, sabretasche. pocket-book, n. purse, wallet, _portemonnaie_. pockmarked, a. pockpitted, pockfretten, pocky, pitted. pod, n. capsule, legume, burr, shale, boll. poem, n. sonnet, ballad, verse, distich, lyric, elegy, eclogue, idyl, madrigal, epic, ode, georgic, cid, rondeau, epilogue, epigram, elegiac, roundelay, dithyramb, dithyrambic, doggerel, rhapsody. poet, n. bard; laureate; versifier, rhymster, poetaster; troubadour, jongleur. poetaster, n. rhymster, verse-monger, versifier. poetical, a. metrical, rhythmic. poetry, n. verse, rhyme, poems, poesy, orthometry, versification, prosody, poetics. Antonym: prose. Associated Word: anthology. poignant, a. pricking, piercing, pungent. point, n. prick, gad, goad; punctilio, nicety, subtlety; poignancy, sting; degree, step, stage; ferrule; zenith (highest point); nadir (lowest point); aiglet, tag; apex, tip. point, v. aim, level, direct; show, indicate, designate; punctuate; taper. point-blank, a. direct, plain, unqualified, unreserved. pointed, a. sharp, picked, peaked, tapering, conical. Antonyms: pointless, dull. pointer, n. indicator, index. pointing, n. sharpening; punctuation; designation, indication. poise, n. equipoise, balance, equilibrium. poise, v. balance, librate. poison, n. venom, virus, toxine, toxicant, irritant, taint, bane, ptomaine. Associated Words: toxicology, toxicophobia, toxicomania, toxiferous, toxicologist, antidote, alexiteric, venenific, septiferous, envenom, infect. poisoning, n. toxication, venenation; autotoxication (self-poisoning); tainting, vitiation, infection. poisonous, a. toxic, toxical, venomous, noxious, baneful, virulent, malignant. Antonyms: nonpoisonous, antidotal. poisonousness, n. toxicity, venomousness, virulence, malignancy. poke, n. bag, sack, pocket; thrust, punch, jog, dig; dawdler, bore. poke, v. stir up, excite; punch, thrust; gore, hook; grope. poke fun at. (Colloq.) ridicule, deride. poker-painting, n. pyrography, xylopyrography. poky, a. (Colloq.) slow, dull, tiresome, tedious, prosaic. polar lights. aurora borealis (northern); aurora australis (southern); Pole, n. Polander, Polack. pole, n. shaft, thill (of a vehicle); rod, perch; bergstock, alpenstock; poy (rope-dancer's pole); 5 1/2 yards, 30 1/4 square yards; jalons; quant. polestar, n. north star, polar star, Polaris, loadstar, Cynosure. polish, v. burnish, furbish. polish, n. gloss, luster, sheen, glaze, glazing; courtliness, refinement. polished, a. burnished, glistening, bright; courtly, elegant refined. polite, a. courtly, civil, courteous, suave, urbane, deferential debonair, mannerly. Antonyms: See impolite. politeness, n. courtliness, courtesy, civility, suavity, urbanity, deference, amenity, comity. politic, a. political; judicious, discreet, shrewd, astute; diplomatic, strategic, artful. politician, n. statesman, statist; demagogue (unprincipled and factious). polliwog, n. tadpole, purwiggy. poll tax. capitation. pollute, v. defile, contaminate, corrupt, infect, debase, vitiate, desecrate, befoul. pollution, n. defilement, contamination, corruption, infection debasement, vitiation. poltroon, n. coward, craven, dastard. pommel, v. beat, pound, maul, belabor, cudgel, thwack, club. pomp, n. pageantry, parade, pageant. pompous, a. stately, imposing, august; pretentious, grandiose See bombastic. pond, n. lake (small); lagoon. ponder, v. meditate, reflect, ruminate, think, muse. ponderous, a. massive, heavy, cumbersome; dull, spiritless momentous, important. pooh-pooh, v. (Colloq.) deride. poor, a. indigent, impecunious, needy, poverty -stricken, straitened, necessitous, penniless, eleemosynary; emaciated, skinny, lean, spare, meager, bony, gaunt, thin, haggard, scrawny, angular, peaked, rawboned, pinched; inferior, mean, shabby, seedy, tacky, worthless; barren, sterile, effete infecund, inarable, exhausted, infertile; miserable, wretched, faulty, defective; despicable, contemptible, abject, sordid, sorry; unfavorable, inauspicious, unpropitious. poorhouse, n. almshouse, infirmary. pope, n. bishop of Rome, pontiff, _Pontifex Maximus_. Associated words: papal, papacy, paparchy, popish, see, popedom, popery, ablegate, nuncio, legate, Vatican, pontifical. poppinjay, n. dandy, coxcomb. See fop. populace, n. commonalty, proletariat, rabble. popular, a. approved. popularity, n. favor, esteem, approbation, celebrity. population, n. inhabitants. porch, n. piazza, stoop, veranda, porte-cochère, portico. pork, n. Associated Words: trichina, trichinosis. porous, a. permeable, penetrable, pervious, percolable. Antonyms: imporous, compact. porridge dish. porringer. port, n. harbor, haven; port-hole, embrasure; larboard; deportment, carriage, bearing, demeanor. portend, v. foretoken, bode, presage, foreshadow, augur. portentous, a. ominous, premonitory; monstrous, prodigious. porter, n. doorkeeper, _concierge_. portico, n. colonnade, arcade; porch. portion, n. part, section, piece; allotment, quota, share, contingent; inheritance; dowry. portly, a. dignified, imposing, stately, commanding; fleshy, obese, corpulent, stout. portray, v. delineate, depict, picture, draw, sketch, paint, describe. portrayal, n. delineation, description, account, recital, painting, depiction. pose, n. attitude, posture (assumed).--v. attitudinize; nonplus, bewilder, embarrass. position, n. situation, post; attitude, posture; situation, place, job; rank, standing, status; state, condition, circumstances. positive, a. definite, precise, unequivocal, explicit, catagorical, unmistakable; confident, certain, sure; veritable, actual, absolute; indisputable; peremptory, dogmatic. posse, n. (Colloq.) crowd, throng, multitude. possess, v. own; have, hold, occupy; seize, take, appropriate. possession, n. ownership, occupancy, tenure, fruition, retention, occupation. possessor, n. owner, proprietor; occupant, tenant, holder. possibility, n. potentiality, contingency. Antonym: impossibility. possible, a. potential, _in posse_, contingent, practicable. Antonym: impossible. possibly, adv. maybe, perhaps, perchance, peradventure, haply. post, n. column, pillar, pilaster; position, seat, station; office, employment, station; bollard, stanchion, pile, newel, puncheon. post, v. placard, announce; mail. posted, a. (Colloq.) informed. poster, n. placard, bulletin, bill. posterior, a. later, subsequent, ensuing, succeeding; hinder, rear. post-mortem, n. autopsy, necropsy. postpone, v. defer, delay, put off, procrastinate, adjourn, prorogue. postponement, n. deferring, delay, procrastination. posture, n. attitude. posy, n. flower, nosegay, boutonnière, bouquet. pot, n. kettle; chamber-pot, jorden, urinal; jardinière. potboy, n. menial, scullion. potent, a. powerful, forcible, cogent, effective, strong. pother, n. confusion, commotion, flutter, bustle, stir. potter, v. trifle, pother. potter's wheel. jigger, throw. pouch, n. bag, sack; paunch; marsupium. poultice, n. cataplasm. pound, v. beat; comminute, pulverize, bray, triturate; maul, belabor; impound. pound, n. pinfold; sixteen ounces (avoir.); twelve ounces (troy); sovereign, $4.86. pounder, n. pestle. pour, v. decant. pouring, n. decantation. poverty, n. penury, indigence, need, destitution, privation, neediness, impecuniosity, pauperism; deficiency, paucity, infecundity, dearth, lack, meagerness, sterility, barrenness. Associated Words: impoverish, impoverishment. powder, n. dust, pulverulence; cosmetic, rouge; pounce; efflorescence. powder, v. pulverize, triturate, comminute, levigate. powdery, a. friable, loose; dusty, pulverized, pulverulent, mealy. power, n. potency, might, cogency, efficacy, force; armipotence, omnipotence; influence, sway, command, domination, authority; faculty, endowment, gift. powerful, a. mighty, potent, drastic, efficacious, intense, strong, dynamic, puissant, effective, omnipotent, armipotent, stentorian, invincible, cogent, commanding. powerless, a. impotent. See weak. pox, n. syphilis. practicability, n. feasibility. practicable, a. feasible. practical, a. pragmatical. Antonyms: impractical, Utopian, chimerical. practice, n. custom, usage, habit; exercise, application, drill, rehearsal. practice, v. exercise, apply, do, train, drill, rehearse. praise, n. commendation, laudation, approbation, encomium, panegyric, eulogy, applause, laud, acclaim, éclat, plaudit, compliment, acclamation, puff, flattery; worship, homage, glorification; pæan. Antonyms: condemnation, dispraise, disapprobation, disparagement, denunciation, animadversion, stricture. praise, v. laud, extol, commend, eulogize, panegyrize, applaud; magnify, glorify. Antonyms: condemn, denounce, disparage, deprecate, criticize. praiser, n. eulogist, panegyrist, extoller, encomiast, lauder. praiseworthy, a. laudable, commendable. Antonyms: illaudable, unpraiseworthy, indign. prance, v. cavort. prank, n. trickpracticable, a. feasible. practical, a. pragmatical. Antonyms: impractical, Utopian, chimerical. practice, n. custom, usage, habit; exercise, application, drill, rehearsal. practice, v. exercise, apply, do, train, drill, rehearse. praise, n. commendation, laudation, approbation, encomium, panegyric, eulogy, applause, laud, acclaim, éclat, plaudit, compliment, acclamation, puff, flattery; worship, homage, glorification; pæan. Antonyms: condemnation, dispraise, disapprobation, disparagement, denunciation, animadversion, stricture. praise, v. laud, extol, commend, eulogize, panegyrize, applaud; magnify, glorify. Antonyms: condemn, denounce, disparage, deprecate, criticize. praiser, n. eulogist, panegyrist, extoller, encomiast, lauder. praiseworthy, a. laudable, commendable. Antonyms: illaudable, unpraiseworthy, indign. prance, v. cavort. prank, n. trick, antic, frolic, caper. prankish, a. playful, frolicsome, sportive, mischievous, gamesome. prate, v. babble, gabble, clatter, chatter, prattle. See talk. prate, n. chatter, gabble, babble, twaddle. pray, v. invoke, supplicate, entreat, implore, beg, petition, intercede. pray against. deprecate. prayer, n. invocation, orison, collect, suffrage, supplication, obsecration; litany, rogation, rosary, euchologion, secreta; entreaty, intercession. preach, v. exhort. preacher, n. homilist, exhorter, predicant, pulpiteer; missionary, evangelist, revivalist. preaching, n. sermon, homily, exhortation. Associated Words: homiletics, homiletic. precarious, a. uncertain, insecure, unassured, doubtful preceding, a. foregoing. precept, n. commandment, maxim, rule, adage, behest, injunction. precious, a. costly, expensive; valuable; dear, beloved, adored, idolized. precious stone. jewel, gem. See stone. precise, a. exact; formal, punctilious, particular, prim, prudish. precision, n. exactness, accuracy; formalness, prudery. predatory, a. predaceous, plundering. predestination, n. foreordination, foreordainment. predict, v. prophesy, foretell, prognosticate, forebode, portend, augur, presage, vaticinate. prediction, n. prophecy, soothsaying, divination, augury, prognostication. predominant, a. dominant, overruling, ascendant, supreme. preface, n. prologue, prelude. See introduction. prejudice, n. prejudgment, bias; harm, mischief, detriment. preposterous, a. absurd, ridiculous, irrational, inconsistent, foolish. presage, n. omen, augury, auspice, portent; foreknowledge, premonition. present, n. gift, donation, largess, gratuity, douceur. preserve, v. conserve.--n. compote. press, n. pressure, urgency. press, v. squeeze, crowd, compress; urge, crowd; express; embrace, hug, clasp; oppress, enjoin, constrain. pressed together. compact, serried, crowded. pressing, a. urgent, importunate, exigent. pretend, v. claim; simulate, feign, affect. pretense, n. assumption, claim, pretension; simulation, affectation; pretext, feint, subterfuge. pretty, a. comely, fair; personable, considerable. Antonyms: plain, homely, uncomely, ugly. prevent, v. thwart, hinder, obstruct, preclude, obviate, forestall, intercept, avert, parry, deter, frustrate. prevention, n. obstruction, thwarting, interruption, hindrance, preclusion, obviation, interception. preventive, a. deterrent, prophylactic, obviating.--n. prophylactic. previous, a. former, foregoing, antecedent, prior, anterior. prey, n. spoil, loot, plunder, booty; victim, quarry, captive; depredation, ravage, spoliation. preying upon others. predatory. prick, n. goad, spur, gad; sting, compunction, qualm; puncture. prick, v. puncture, pierce, perforate; goad, spur, incite; sting, wound, hurt. pricking, a. poignant, sharp, piercing, stinging. prickle, n. thorn, spine, barb. prickly, a. thorny, spiny, brambly, briery. pride, n. self-esteem, self-respect; haughtiness, arrogance, hauteur, superciliousness, contumely, conceit, vanity, priggishness, lordliness, imperiousness. Antonyms: humility, shame, self-abasement, modesty, lowliness. priestly, a. sacerdotal. priestly garments. vestments, canonicals. See canonicals. prim, a. formal, precise, demure, prudish. prime minister. premier. primer, n. hornbook. primitive, a. pristine, primordial, primeval, primal; antique, quaint, old-fashioned; original, radical, primary. principal, a. leading, chief, cardinal, paramount, main, foremost. printing, n. typography; (for the blind) Braille. prior, a. previous, former, antedecent, anterior. priority, n. antecedence, anteriority, precedence. prison, n. penitentiary, bridewell, jail, house of correction, clink, bastille.--v. imprison, incarcerate. Associated Words: mittimus, commit, commitment, turnkey, warden, remand, prisoner, convict. privacy, n. retirement, seclusion; retreat, solitude, concealment, secrecy, secret. private, a. personal, individual; secret, secluded, covert, sequestered, hidden, unrevealed. privates, n. pl. genitals. See sexual organs. privation, n. deprivation, degradation; destitution, poverty, need; absence. privilege, n. liberty, right, franchise, prerogative, immunity, advantage. privy, n. water-closet, backhouse, jakes. prize, n. meed, guerdon, palm, trophy, laurels, reward, premium, sweepstakes. prize, v. value, esteem. prize-fighter, n. pugilist. prize-fighting, n. pugilism. probability, n. likelihood, verisimilitude, credibleness. probable, a. likely, credible, reasonable. probe, v. investigate, examine. proboscis, n. snout, trunk; haustellum (sucking proboscis). procession, n. parade, cavalcade, cortège, train, retinue, file. proclaim, v. See announce. procure, v. get, obtain, acquire. prod, n. goad. prodigal, a. wasteful, extravagant, lavish, profuse. profane, v. violate, desecrate; debase, prostitute, defile. profane, a. unconsecrated, secular; unsanctified, unholy; blasphemous, irreverent, impious, sacrilegious. profess, v. acknowledge, avow, admit; claim, pretend. profession, n. acknowledgment, avowal; vocation, business, calling. proficient, a. expert, adept, skilled. profit, n. gain, emolument, dividend. Associated Words: pernor, fructuary, exploit, exploitation. profitable, a. remunerative, lucrative, gainful, beneficial. Antonyms: See unprofitable. profound, a. abysmal, deep; abstruse, recondite. Antonym: shallow. progress, n. progression, advancement, improvement. prohibit, v. See forbid. prominent, a. protuberant; conspicuous, salient; eminent, distinguished. promiscuous, a. indiscriminate. promise, n. pledge, word, parole, plight, betrothal, troth, vow, assurance, covenant. promise, v. pledge, covenant, assure, plight. promote, v. advance, forward; exalt, elevate, raise, aggrandize; brevet. promotion, n. preferment, exaltation, advancement, furtherance, aggrandizement; brevet. prompt, a. quick, expeditious, ready; punctual, timely. pronunciation, n. orthoëpy; utterance, articulation, enunciation. Associated Words: diacritical marks, macron, breve, diæresis, orthoëpic, orthoëpist, cacoëpy. proof, n. verification, corroboration, attestation, certification, confirmation. Antonyms: disproof, refutation. prop, n. buttress, stay, support, brace, fulcrum, shore, stanchion. prop, v. buttress, brace, stay, support, sustain, shore up. proper, a. appropriate, meet, suitable, seemly, condign, appertinent, conformable, consistent, apposite; decorous, conventional, formal, sedate, demure. Antonyms: improper, inappropriate, unsuitable. property, n. attribute, trait; estate, wealth, chattels, goods, resources, assets, inheritance. prophecy, n. prediction, foretelling, divination, soothsaying, prognostication, augury, vaticination. prophesy, v. prognosticate, foretell, divine, augur, predict, vaticinate. prophet, n. prognosticator, vaticinator, soothsayer, diviner, oracle, seer, python. prophetess, n. sibyl, pythoness. prophetic, a. prognostic, predictive, fatidical, oracular, divinatory, vaticinal. prosperity, n. weal, success, well-being. Antonyms: adversity, reverses, disaster. prostitute, n. harlot, whore, strumpet, courtesan. prostitution, n. harlotry, social evil, whoredom; perversion, misuse, profanation. prosy, a. prosaic, dull, tiresome, tedious, uninteresting, jejune. protect, v. shield, defend, guard, fortify, screen, shelter, befriend. protection, n. defense, shield, shelter, tutelage, refuge, bulwark, coverture, safeguard. protector, n. defender, guardian, patron. proud, a. arrogant, vain, haughty, overbearing, supercilious, cavalier, overweening, disdainful, imperious, lordly, magisterial, contumelious. Antonyms: meek, humble. proud flesh. granulation, fungus. provable, a. demonstrable. prove, v. verify, corroborate, substantiate, demonstrate. Antonyms: disprove, refute. proverb, n. aphorism, maxim, saw, adage. See saying. provide, v. supply, furnish; stipulate, covenant, agree; cater, purvey. provider, n. furnisher, caterer, purveyor, provisor. provoke, v. incite, stimulate, instigate, rouse; exasperate, displease, aggravate, offend. prowess, n. bravery, intrepidity, valor. prudence, n. discretion, caution. prudent, a. discreet, cautious, circumspect, provident. Antonyms: imprudent, incautious. pry, n. lever; leverage.--v. prize; gaze, inspect. puberty, n. Associated Words: puberal, pubescence, pubescent, hebetic, impuberal. publish, v. promulgate, proclaim, circulate, blazon, announce. Antonyms: suppress, withhold. publisher's inscription. colophon, impress, imprint. pucker, v. crease, corrugate, cockle, purse, wrinkle. pucker, n. crease, corrugation, cockle, wrinkle; (Colloq.) confusion, bother, perplexity. puckery, a. astringent. puddle, n. pool, plashet, plash. puerile, a. childish, silly, trifling. puke, v. vomit. pull, v. draw, tug, haul, tow, drag; pluck, jerk, twitch. pulverize, v. triturate, comminute, levigate, bray. pump, v. interrogate, question, quiz. pun, n. paragram. punch, v. push, poke; pierce, bore, perforate, puncture. puncture, v. prick, perforate, pierce. pungent, a. pricking, stinging; poignant, sharp, excruciating, severe. punish, v. chastise, castigate, chasten, discipline. punishment, n. chastisement, castigation, scourging, discipline, penalty, visitation, retaliation, retribution, infliction. Antonyms: immunity, impunity, acquittal, exoneration. Associated Words: penal, penology, punitive, penologist, penological, reprieve, commute, commutation, Nemesis, connivance. punning, n. paronomasia. puny, a. undeveloped, small, undersized, diminutive, stunted, atrophied, feeble. pup, n. puppy, whelp. pupil, n. scholar; learner, disciple, catechumen, neophyte, tyro, novice, probationer. pupilage, n. nonage, minority. puppy, n. pup, whelp; coxcomb, dandy, fop. purchasable, a. venal. purchase, v. buy. pure, a. chaste, virtuous, innocent, undefiled, unpolluted, inviolated, unspotted, immaculate, virgin, incorrupt, impeccable, inviolable; unadulterated, unalloyed, unsophisticated, simple, refined, genuine, uncontaminated. Antonyms: See impure. purge, n. physic, purgative, cathartic. purification, n. depuration, expurgation, defecation, refinement, cleansing. purificator, n. mundatory. purify, v. cleanse, refine, expurgate, sublime, clarify. purity, n. chastity. Antonyms: See impurity. purport, n. meaning, signification, import.--v. mean, intend, signify, import. purpose, n. aim, object, design, intent, goal, view, drift. purpose, v. intend, design, contemplate. purveyor, n. caterer, provider; procurer, pimp, bawd, pander. pus, n. matter, purulence. Associated Words: purulent, maturate, maturation, suppurate, suppuration, indigested, fester. push, v. shove, impel. push, n. shove. push, n. (Colloq.) energy, spiritedness, enterprise, aggressiveness; (Slang) crowd, gang, posse. pushing, a. enterprising, energetic, intrusive, forward, officious, obtrusive, aggressive. pusillanimous, a. See cowardly. pussy, a. (Colloq.) pursy, fleshy. put back. replace, restore, reinstate; retard, impede, delay, hinder. put between. interpose. put down. deposit; crush, quell, suppress, repress, vanquish overthrow; reduce, lower. put in. insert, inject, interpolate, interpose, thrust in, interject, interlard. put-off, n. shift, evasion, subterfuge, ruse, parry. put off. discard, doff; delay, defer, postpone, procrastinate. put out. eject, oust, remove, evict, dispossess, dislodge; extend, protrude; extinguish; issue, publish; dislocate; displease, offend, anger. putter, v. potter, pother, trifle, fribble, dally, dawdle. putting back. hindering, delay, retardation; replacement, restoration, reinstatement. putting in. insertion, injection, interpolation. putting in practice. application. putting off. delay, deferment, postponement, procrastination. putting on. investing, investiture; assumption, arrogation; instigation, incitement. putting out. ejection, eviction, dispossession, expulsion, ousting; extinguishment, extinction; dislocation. put to flight. rout. put-up, a. (Colloq.) arranged, predetermined. puzzle, v. mystify, pose, nonplus, perplex, bewilder, confuse. puzzle, n. enigma, conundrum, intricacy, maze, crux, riddle, rebus, poser; confusion, quandary, perplexity, nonplus, bewilderment. puzzling, a. enigmatical, perplexing, inexplicable, inscrutable, intricate, bewildering. pyx, n. ciborium; ostensorium, monstrance; binnacle. Q quack, n. charlatan, empiric, pretender, mountebank. quack, a. empirical, charlatanic, quackish. quackery, n. empiricism, charlatanism, charlatanry, mountebankery. quackish, a. empirical, charlatanic. quack medicine. nostrum. quaggy, a. boggy, queachy, swampy, marshy, fenny. quagmire, n. slough, swamp, marsh, morass, bog, fen. quail, n. bobwhite. quail, v. tremble, cower, flinch, quake, blench, falter. quaint, a. fanciful, whimsical, odd, curious, grotesque, old-fashioned. quake, v. quiver, tremble, shake, shudder, vibrate. quake, n. agitation, trembling, shaking, vibration, quivering. Quaker, n. Friend. qualification, n. condition, restriction, modification, limitation; endowment, ability, eligibility, capability, fitness, competency; allowance, diminution, adaptation, mitigation, preparation. qualified, a. modified, limited; competent, eligible, fitted, capable. qualify, v. modify, limit, restrict, condition; fit, prepare, equip; modulate, vary, temper; diminish, moderate, mitigate, assuage, alleviate. quality, n. nature, character, sort, strain, condition; characteristic, peculiarity, trait, property, attribute, attribution, accident; high rank, nobility, gentry, aristocracy. qualm, n. nausea; compunction, regret, uneasiness. qualmish, a. nauseated. quandary, n. perplexity, predicament, dilemma, puzzle, difficulty, strait. quantity, n. amount. quarrel, n. altercation, disagreement, dispute, brawl, affray, fray, variance, bickering, contention, wrangle, spat, tiff, squabble, broil, dissension. quarrel, v. wrangle, altercate, dispute, contend, squabble, bicker, spar, jangle; disagree, clash, dissent, differ. quarrelsome, a. disputatious, contentious, irascible, choleric, litigious, pugnacious, brawling. quarry, n. stone pit; game, prey. quartering, n. quadrisection, quadripartition. quarter note. crotchet. quarters, n. pl. rooms, lodging; posts, stations, cantonments, barracks. quartz, n. silica, silex. quash, v. crush, subdue, extinguish, quell, suppress; annul, overrule. quashing, n. extinguishment, quelling, suppression; annulment, overruling. quaver, n. shaking, trembling, quiver.--v. shake, tremble, quiver. quay, n. wharf. quean, n. hussy, jade. queen, n. consort. queer, a. odd, erratic, eccentric, peculiar, singular, unusual, uncommon, unique, whimsical, bizarre, strange, grotesque, fantastic, unconventional, nondescript, freakish, exceptional, irregular; (Colloq.) suspicious, questionable. queer, v. (Slang) ridicule, banter, rally; spoil, discourage. quell, v. subdue, suppress, crush, quash. quelling, n. suppression, repression, crushing. quench, v. slake; extinguish, stifle, suppress. quenchless, a. unquenchable. querulous, a. peevish, fretful, petulant, discontented, fault-finding, querimonious. query, n. question. quest, n. search, seeking, pursuit, request, desire, solicitation, inquiry. question, n. interrogation, inquiry, query, quizzing, quiz, examination; objection, dispute, gainsaying, scruple, cavil; inquest, debate, discussion, disquisition, inquisition; subject, theme, topic, problem, proposition; interpellation. question, v. interrogate, quiz, catechise, examine, inquire of, pump, heckle; doubt, query, challenge; interpellate. questionable, a. suspicious, disputable, doubtful, debatable, problematical, moot, controvertible, dubious, indeterminate, ambiguous. questioner, n. inquirer, interrogator, inquisitor, querist, quizzer, quiz. questioning, a. interrogatory, inquisitive, quizzical, inquisitorial, catechistic, curious, heckling. question mark. interrogation point, eroteme. queue, n. pigtail (of hair), cue. quib, n. gibe, quip, taunt, sarcasm. quibble, n. shift, evasion, cavil, sophism, subterfuge, subtlety. quibble, v. prevaricate, equivocate, cavil, trifle. quibbler, n. caviler, prevaricator. quibbling, a. trifling, evasive, prevaricative, caviling, elusive, sophistical. quick, a. hasty, swift, fast, speedy, fleet, hurried, rapid, expeditious; living, animate, live; animated, sprightly, lively, spirited, agile, brisk, nimble, prompt, deft; irascible, passionate, choleric, excitable, hasty, sharp; summary. Antonyms: slow, dilatory, sluggish. quicken, v. revive, vivify, vitalize, resuscitate, animate; excite, stimulate, incite, actuate; accelerate, expedite, hasten, advance, facilitate, further. Antonyms: impede, retard, hinder, obstruct, check. quickening, n. vivification, resuscitation, reanimation, revivification, animation; excitement, stimulation, actuation, incitement; acceleration, expedition. quickening, a. accelerative. quickness, n. fleetness, expedition, rapidity, celerity, alacrity, agility, dispatch, velocity, haste, speed, facility. quicksand, n. syrtis. quid, n. cud. quiddity, n. cavil, quibble, subterfuge. quiet, a. calm, still, pacific, motionless, unmoved, stagnant, placid, serene, undisturbed, unruffled, halcyon, unmolested; hushed, silent, still, noiseless, inaudible; demure, meek, inoffensive, gentle, retiring, modest, unobtrusive, unassuming, undemonstrative, staid, reserved, sedate; sequestered, unfrequented, retired, secluded. Antonyms: noisy, tumultuous, boisterous, hoidenish, rude, stormy, disturbed, obtrusive, forward, demonstrative. quiet, v. still, hush, lull, appease, allay, compose, tranquilize, pacify, becalm; assuage, alleviate, mollify, moderate, relieve. Antonyms: arouse, aggravate, exasperate, intensify, increase. quietness, n. stillness, quiescence, quiet, repose, calmness, tranquillity, serenity, unobtrusiveness, silence, inaudibility. quill feathers. remiges. quilt, n. coverlet, bedquilt, counterpane. quip, n. gibe, taunt, quirk. quip, v. gibe, taunt. quirk, n. evasion, subterfuge, shift;, quibble, prevarication, equivocation; retort, quip, gibe. quirky, adv. tricky, disingenuous, deceitful. quit, v. cease, stop, desist, discontinue, forbear, break off; abandon, leave, forsake, evacuate, surrender, resign; absolve, acquit. Antonyms: continue, persist, stay. quitch grass. crouch grass, quack grass. quiver, v. tremble, shake, shudder, quake. quivering, a. trimbling, tremulous, shuddering, shaking. quixotic, a. Utopian, impracticable, chimerical fanciful. quiz, v. puzzle, banter, chaff; question. quiz, n. puzzle, conundrum, poser; examination. quod, n. (Slang) quadrangle, court. quoit, n. discus. quondam, a. former, sometime, old-time. quota, n. portion, share, allotment, apportionment. quotation, n. citation, excerpt. quotation marks. guillemets. quote, v. cite, repeat, paraphrase, excerpt. R rabbit, n. hare, coney, bunny, cottontail. rabbitry, n. warren. rabble, n. mob, rabblerout, populace. rabid, a. violent, raging, furious; intolerant, fanatical, uncompromising, rampant. rabies, n. hydrophobia. Associated Words: rabid, rabietic, hydrophobic, antihydrophobic. race, n. Associated Words: ethnology, ethnography, ethnologist, ethnic, racial, ethnogeny, holethnos, holethnic, interracial. race-course, n. race-track, ring, circus, career, hippodrome, curriculum, stadium. racer, n. courser. rack, n. pain, torture, agony; amble, pacing; crib, manger; distaff; arrack. rack, v. stretch, strain, torture, agonize; harass, persecute, torment. rack and ruin. (Colloq.) destruction, ruin. racket, n. din, uproar, clamor, babel, clangor, blare, noise, hullabaloo, hilarity, vociferation; (Slang) carouse, revel, dissipation. racy, a. fine-flavored, pungent, rich; spirited, piquant, fresh and lively. Antonyms: insipid, vapid, tasteless, flavorless, dull, prosaic. radiance, n. effulgence, refulgence, brilliancy, brightness. radiant, a. effulgent, refulgent, brilliant. See bright. radiate, v. shine, beam, gleam; diverge. radiated, a. divergent. radiation, n. irradiance, irradiation; divergence. Antonym: convergence. radical, a. original, fundamental; extreme, thorough-going; primitive. Antonyms: conservative, moderate, slight, trifling, derivative. radical, n. root, etymon, radix. radically, adv. fundamentally. raff, n. heap, jumble. raffle, n. lottery. raft, n. float, catamaran; (Slang) lot, multitude, collection, heap. rag, n. tatter, flitter, shred, patch, frazzle, fragment. ragamuffin, n. tatterdemalion, scarecrow. rag-baby, n. mopsey, moppet. rage, n. fury, wrath, passion; (Colloq.) vogue, mode, fashion. See anger. rage, v. storm, fume, rave. ragged, a. rent, torn, frazzled; rough, jagged; ragamuffin, tatterdemalion. raging, a. furious, raving, infuriated, wroth, frenzied, flagrant, rampant. rag-picker, n. chiffonier. raid, n. foray, incursion. rail, v. upbraid, reproach, censure, scoff. railing, n. invective, vituperation, reproach, upbraiding, contumely. See abuse. raillery, n. banter, pleasantry, jesting, asteism. railroad, n. railway. railroad, v. (Colloq.) hurry, rush. raiment, n. See clothes. rain, n. (fine rain) drizzle, mizzle, mist, misle; shower. Antonym: drought. rainbow, n. iris. rain gauge. ombrometer, udometer, pluviometer, pluviograph, ombrograph, hyetometer. rainy, a. showery, wet, pluvious, pluvial. raise, v. uplift, lift; hoist, heave; erect, build, rear; elevate, advance, exalt; enhance, augment; excite, arouse; propagate, grow, cultivate; rear; levy, collect. raising, n. uplifting, lifting, elevation, hoisting; erection, rearing; exaltation, elevation; propagation, growing, cultivation. rake, n. libertine, lecher, debauchee, _roué_, wencher, rakehell, satyr. rakish, a. licentious, dissolute, libertine, immoral, lecherous, lewd. rally, v. collect, reunite; recover, recuperate; assemble; banter, satirize, joke. ram, n. buck; (Astron.) Aries. ram, v. cram, stuff, compress. ramble, v. rove, range, stroll, stray, straggle, roam, wander. ramble, n. stroll, wandering, rambling. rambler, n. rover, wanderer, roamer, stroller. rambling, a. roving, wandering; discursive, digressive, incoherent. ramp, v. spring, leap, bound, romp. rampage, n. (Slang) debauchery, passion, excess, unrestraint. rampageous, a. (Low) rampant, unrestrained, unruly, violent. rampancy, n. exuberance, luxuriance. rampant, a. exuberant, luxuriant, rank, wanton, excessive; uncontrollable, violent, raging, furious, unbridled. rampart, n. fortification, bulwark, security, vallum. ramshackle, a. dilapidated, disjointed. rancid, a. musty, tainted, rank, frowzy. rancor, n. malignity, vindictiveness, hatred, virulence, malevolence, bitterness. rancorous, a. malevolent, vindictive, malignant, hateful, virulent, bitter. random, a. haphazard, chance, stray, aimless, hazarded. range, v. arrange, rank, class, classify; rove, roam, ramble; correspond. range, n. extent, reach, sweep, compass, scope, latitude; order, class, kind, series, rank; compass, register. rank, a. exuberant, luxuriant, rampant, vigorous; violent, extreme, excessive, immoderate, gross; rancid, musty, frowzy, fetid, stale; offensive, impalatable, fulsome, foul, gross. rank, n. row, line, range, order, tier, series; grade, class, order, division; position, station, degree; eminence, distinction. rank, v. classify, arrange, dispose, class, group, be ranked. rankling, n. festering, inflammation; heart-burning, resentment. ransack, v. rummage. ransom, n. release, liberation, redemption, deliverance. ransom, v. redeem, rescue, liberate, deliver. rant, v. declaim, spout, rave, vociferate. rant, n. rodomontade, ranting, vociferation, bombast. ranting, a. bombastic. rap, v. knock.--n. knock, thump, thwack. rapacious, a. predatory, predaceous, ravenous; avaricious, grasping, extortionate, voracious. rapacity, n. voracity, rapaciousness, greediness, avarice. rape, n. constupration, defloration, ravishment, violation. rape, v. ravish, constuprate, violate, deflower. rapid, a. swift, fast, fleet, expeditious, cursory, quick, speedy, hasty, furious. rapidity, n. swiftness, celerity, velocity, haste, speed, fleetness. rapidly, adv. swiftly, fast, post haste. rapine, n. plundering, sack, pillage, spoliation, depredation. rapscallion, n. (Colloq.) rascal, rogue, scoundrel, knave, miscreant. rapt, a. enraptured, fascinated, transported, spellbound; absorbed, engrossed. rapture, n. ecstasy, transport, delight, bliss, beatitude. rapturous, a. ecstatic, beatific, delightful, ravishing, transporting. rare, a. uncommon, unusual, strange, infrequent, singular, curious; exquisite, fine, incomparable, _recherché_; sparse, dispersed; subtile, fine, thin, rarefied, tenuous; underdone. rare bird. _rara avis_. rarebit, n. delicacy, tidbit, dainty. rarely, adv. infrequently, seldom. rascal, n. rogue, scoundrel, caitiff, scamp, knave, villain, miscreant, varlet, trickster, renegade, scapegrace, rapscallion. rascality, n. chicanery, improbity. See badness. rash, a. incautious, precipitate, overhasty, indiscreet, inconsiderate, impulsive, temerarious, madcap, headlong, foolhardy, unwary, reckless. rash, n. exanthema, eruption, efflorescence. rashness, n. temerity, precipitancy, indiscretion, incaution, recklessness. rasp, v. grate, file; offend. rasping, a. grating.--n. pl. scobs. rate, v. estimate, value, appraise; assess; scold, censure, chide, berate, reprove. ratification, n. confirmation, sanction, substantiation, corroboration. ratify, v. confirm, sanction, substantiate, corroborate. ration, n. allowance, portion, allotment. rational, a. reasoning; intelligent, sane, sound, judicious, wise, reasonable, equitable. Antonyms: irrational, insane, injudicious, unwise, unreasonable. rationale, n. explanation, exposition, reason. rattle, v. clatter; chatter, prate, babble, prattle; disconcert, confuse, discompose. rattle, n. clatter; chatter, babble, prattle; crepitaculum; rale. rattle-headed, a. giddy, rattle-brained, thoughtless. ravage, v. plunder, pillage, devastate, sack, desolate, despoil. ravage, n. plunder, pillage, devastation, spoliation, sack, despoliation, rapine. rave, v. rage, rant, storm. ravel, v. unravel. ravening, a. rapacious, insatiable, predatory, ferocious. ravenous, a. voracious, rapacious, ravening, insatiable. ravine, n. gorge, defile, clough, lin, gully, gulch. raving, a. irrational, delirious, maniacal, wild, phrenetic. ravish, v. transport, enrapture, enchant; rape. ravishing, a. rapturous, ecstatic, transporting, beatific, delightful. ravishment, n. ecstasy, transport, rapture; rape. raw, a. uncooked; unprepared, crude; immature, unripe; galled, sore, sensitive; inexperienced, unskilled, green. rawboned, a. gaunt, skinny. raw meat. Associated Word: omophagic. raw sugar. cassonade. ray, n. beam, gleam. raze, v. erase, efface, rase; overthrow, subvert, demolish. reach, v. attain. reachable, a. attainable, accessible. reach the highest point. culminate. react, v. repeat; resist, oppose; rebound, recoil. read, v. peruse. readable, a. legible. Antonyms: unreadable, illegible. reader, n. peruser. readiness, n. promptness, facility, alacrity. Antonyms: unreadiness, reluctance. reading, n. perusal; recitation, prelection. reading desk. lecturn. real, a. genuine, veritable, actual, true. Antonyms: fictitious, unreal, spurious, ostensible, artificial, feigned, sham. reality, n. actuality, verity. Antonyms: unreality, phantasm, simulation, phantom. realization, n. fulfillment, effectuation. realize, v. effectuate. really, adv. actually, truly, indeed, veritably, verily. realm, n. kingdom, dominion; domain, region, sphere, department. realty, n. real estate. ream, n. twenty quires, 480 sheets. rear, a. hindmost. rear, v. raise, lift, elevate; erect, build; bring up. rearing, n. elevation, raising; erection. reason, n. motive, consideration, design, purpose, rationality, logic, account. Associated Words: dialectics, logic, syllogism, premises, conclusion. reason, v. ratiocinate, syllogize; argue, remonstrate, expostulate. reasonable, a. rational; logical, just; conscionable, fair, moderate, equitable. reasoner, n. logician. reasoning, n. ratiocination, argumentation, syllogism, discursus; (sophistical or false) sophistry, fallacy, casuistry. reata, n. lariat, lasso, riata. rebate, n. deduction, discount, allowance. rebel, n. insurgent, revolter, turncoat. rebel, v. revolt, mutiny. rebellion, n. insurrection, insurgency, mutiny, sedition, revolt, insubordination. rebellious, a. insurgent, seditious, mutinous, insubordinate, refractory. Antonyms: dutiful, submissive, docile, compliant, deferential, obedient. rebound, v. recoil, ricochet; reverberate, reëcho. rebound, n. rebounding, resilience, repercussion, recoil, ricochet. rebuff, n. repulse, resistance, opposition, repellence, check, setback. rebuff, v. repulse, resist, repel, oppose. rebuke, v. reprove, upbraid, censure, reprehend, chide, admonish. rebuke, n. reproof, censure; chastisement, punishment. recall, v. revoke, annul, retract, recant, rescind, repeal, abjure; remember, recollect. recall, n. revocation, rescission, repeal, recantation, retraction. recalling, a. revocatory. recant, v. retract, abjure. recantation, n. retraction, abjuration, retractation. recapitulate, v. summarize. recapitulation, n. summary, résumé. receipt, n. receiving, reception; formula, recipe, formulary; voucher. receive, v. take, accept; admit, allow; welcome; hold, contain. receiver, n. recipient, donee; beneficiary; receptacle; fence (receiver of stolen goods). recent, a. new, late. receptacle, n. container, repository. reception, n. receipt, receiving; levee, soirée, function; acceptance, welcome, admittance. recess, n. retreat, withdrawal, retirement; intermission; alcove, niche, nook, retreat; seclusion, privacy. recipe, n. formula, receipt. recipient, n. receiver, beneficiary, donee, conferree. reciprocity, n. reciprocation, interchange. recital, n. recitation, narration, narrative. recitation, n. reciting, rehearsal; cantillation (recitation with musical modulations). recite, v. relate, recount, repeat, deliver; cantillate. reckless, a. heedless, inconsiderate, unmindful, thoughtless, temerarious, rash, uncircumspect, incautious, hasty, foolhardy. reckon, v. compute, calculate, count, enumerate; esteem, regard. reckoning, n. computation, calculation, enumeration; settlement, adjustment. reclaim, v. tame, domesticate; reform. reclamation, n. reclaiming, recovery, reformation. reclining, a. recumbent, leaning, lying.--n. recumbence, reclination. recluse, a. solitary, eremitic. recluse, n. solitary, eremite, anchoret, hermit. reclusion, n. seclusion, eremitism. recoil, v. rebound, react; flinch, shrink, quail. recollect, v. remember. recollection, n. remembrance, memory, reminiscence. recommend, v. commend, praise. recommendation, n. commendation. recompense, v. See repay. reconcile, v. conciliate, propitiate, pacify; harmonize, adjust, settle. Antonyms: estrange, disaffect, alienate. reconciliation, n. conciliation, pacification, appeasement, reunion. recondite, a. See abstruse. record, n. register, memoir, diary, chronicle, minute, memorandum, note, annals, document, muniment, cartulary; testimony, witness, attestation. recorder, n. register, registrar; cartulary. records, n. pl. annals, archives. recover, v. regain, reclaim, retrieve, repair, recoup, recruit, rally, repossess, recuperate. recoverable, a. retrievable. recovery, n. retrieval, recuperation, regaining, restoration, convalescence. recreancy, n. cowardliness, mean-spiritedness, pusillanimity, apostasy. recreant, a. mean-spirited, pusillanimous, cowardly, craven, faithless, false, apostate. recreation, n. pastime, amusement, relaxation, diversion, sport, fun, divertisement. rectify, v. correct, amend. rectitude, n. probity, integrity, uprightness, honesty, virtue. rector, n. pastor, clergyman, priest. rectorship, n. rectorate, pastorate. rectory, n. parsonage. red, n. carmine, crimson, scarlet, cerise, garnet, vermilion. Associated Words: rubefacient, rubefaction. red, a. florid, blushing, flushed, ruby, ruddy, rubicund, blowzed, rubescent, auburn (reddish brown). redeem, v. repurchase; regain, recover; ransom, rescue, deliver. redeemer, n. ransomer, deliverer, savior. redemption, n. repurchase; ransom, salvation, deliverance, rescue. red-letter, a. fortunate, auspicious, happy. redoubtable, a. formidable, terrible; valiant, courageous, brave. redound, v. contribute, conduce, react. red pepper. cayenne pepper. redress, n. reparation, amends, indemnification, relief. reduce, v. diminish, lower, degrade, minimize, depress, debase; humble, conquer, subdue, vanquish, subjugate, subject. reduction, n. diminution, abatement, minimization, decrement, debasement; subjugation, subjection, conquest, subdual, overthrow. redundance, n. superabundance, superfluity, excess, plethora. redundant, a. superabundant, superfluous, excessive, plethoric. reëcho, n. reverberation.--v. reverberate, resound, peal. reek, n. fume, vapor, exhalation, effluvium, steam. reeking, a. fumy, vaporous, steaming, smoky. reel, v. stagger. refer, v. allude. referable, a. attributable, ascribable, traceable, assignable. referee, n. umpire, judge, arbitrator, arbiter. refine, v. purify, defecate, clarify, sublimate, subtilize, sublime, devulgarize, decrassify. refined, a. exquisite, polished, fine, well-bred, courtly, cultured; purified, sublimated, subtle, subtilized. refinement, n. culture, elegance, polish, fastidiousness; purification, sublimation, subtility, clarification, tenuity. Antonyms: vulgarity, coarseness, crudity, barbarity, Philistinism. reflect, v. mirror; rebound, revert; meditate, ruminate, consider, contemplate. reflection, n. meditation, contemplation, rumination; stricture, animadversion. reforestization, n. reforesting, reafforestation, reboising. reforestize, v. reafforest, reboise. reform, v. reclaim, regenerate, convert, amend. reformable, a. corrigible. Antonym: irreformable. reformation, n. reform, reclamation, betterment, improvement. refraction, n. deflection. refractory, a. See unruly. refrain, v. restrain, curb, check; forbear, abstain, desist. refresh, v. revive, enliven, reanimate; renovate, renew, restore. refreshing, a. reviving, reanimating, cooling, reinvigorating, refective. refreshment, n. collation, lunch, refection, regalement. refuge, n. stronghold, asylum, retreat, covert; shelter, protection, security, guard; expedient, device, shift, resort. refugee, n. fugitive, runaway. refund, v. repay, return, restore. refusal, n. dissent, denial, non-acceptance, negation; option, preëmption. refuse, v. deny, decline; reject, rebuff, repulse. refuse, n. offal, dregs, offscum, garbage, fag-ends, recrement, riffraff, lees, dross, draff, offscouring, rubbish, waste, culls. refutable, a. confutable. Antonym: irrefutable. refutation, n. confutation, disproof. refute, v. confute, disprove. regain, v. recover, retrieve. regal, a. kingly, royal. regale, v. feast, entertain, gratify. regalia, n. pl. insignia. regard, v. heed, observe, consider. regard, n. respect, esteem, estimation, opinion; respect, reference, relation; heed, attention, observation, notice. Antonyms: disregard, heedlessness. See disregard. regardful, a. mindful, heedful, attentive, observant. regardless, a. heedless, careless, unmindful, inattentive, indifferent. regards, n. pl. compliments, respects. region, n. district, quarter, locality, neighborhood, vicinity. register, n. list, roll, schedule, roster; registrar, recorder. register, v. record, enroll, matriculate. registration, n. registry, enrollment, matriculation. regret, n. sorrow, compunction, deprecation, rue. regret, v. deplore, be sorry for, rue, deprecate. regular, a. formal, normal, conventional, systematic: steady, uniform, methodical, constant; (Colloq.) unmitigated, thorough, out-and-out. regularity, n. uniformity, symmetry, shapeliness, constancy, order, system, method. Antonyms: irregularity, inconstancy, unshapeliness, disorder. rehash, n. _réchauffé_. reign, n. sovereignty, rule, dominion; regnancy, sway, power, influence; kingdom, realm. reins, n. pl. loins. reject, v. cast away, discard; refuse, decline, rebuff, repulse, contemn, repudiate. rejection, n. refusal, declination, rebuff, repulse, discarding, repudiation. rejoice, v. glory, exult; gladden, cheer, delight, please, exhilarate. rejoicing, n. joy, gladness, exultation, delight, pleasure. relate, v. recount, narrate, tell. related, a. allied, cognate, german, agnate, akin, kindred; consanguineous; cognate; agnate; correlated, correlative. relation, n. connection, bearing, relationship, reference, correlation, alliance, correspondence, relevancy; affinity, consanguinity, kindred, kinship, cognation, filiation; telling, account, recital, narration, narrative, detail, report. Antonyms: irrelation, alienage. relationship, n. kindred, affinity, alliance, kinship, cognation. relationship by blood. consanguinity; cognation; agnation. relationship by marriage. affinity. relative, a. relating, referring, respecting, pertaining; particular, definite, specific, pertinent. relative, n. relation, kinsman, kinswoman, connection; cognate, agnate. Associated Words: nepotism, nepotic, nepotist. relax, v. loosen, slacken; abate, diminish, mitigate, temper. relaxation, n. loosening, slackening; diversion, recreation, rest. relay, n. reinforcement. release, v. liberate, loose, discharge, free, acquit, extricate, disengage, relinquish, absolve, remit, relieve, exonerate, disencumber. release, n. liberation, discharge, deliverance, acquittance, extrication, exoneration, disengagement, freedom. relentless, a. ruthless, implacable, unrelenting, inexorable, unmerciful. relevancy, n. pertinency, applicability, relevance. relevant, a. pertinent, germane, apposite. reliability, n. trustworthiness. reliable, a. trustworthy, trusty, dependable. reliance, n. dependence, confidence, trust. reliant, a. confident, trusting. relics, n. pl. leavings, remains, reliquiæ, remnants; memorial, souvenir, memento, trophy, keepsake. Associated Words: reliquary, confession, hierotheca. relict, n. widow. relief, n. alleviation, mitigation, comfort, ease, succor, palliation, assuagement, help; redress, remedy; relay, reinforcement; prominence, projection. relieve, v. assuage, alleviate, allay, lessen, remedy, ease, mitigate, palliate, succor, extricate, disentangle, disburden, redress, disengage. relieving, a. mitigative, assuasive, palliative, remedial, emollient, lenitive, comforting. religious, a. pious, godly, devout, righteous, devotional; strict, exact, scrupulous, conscientious. relinquish, v. surrender, waive, forego, renounce, cede, abandon, desert. relinquishment, n. surrender, abandonment, renunciation. relishable, a. palatable, gustable. reluctance, n. unwillingness, disinclination, aversion. reluctant, a. disinclined, unwilling, averse, loath, indisposed. remain, v. See stay. remainder, n. residue, remnant, balance, rest, surplus, surplusage, residuum. remaining, a. residual, remanent, remainder. remains, n. pl. relics, debris, remnants; corpse. remand, v. recommit, send back.--n. recommitment. remark, v. notice, observe, heed, see, note; say, state, assert. remark, n. comment, observation. remarkable, a. noteworthy, striking, extraordinary, wonderful, notable. remediless, a. irremediable, incurable, desperate, irreparable, insanable. remedy, v. heal, cure, repair, relieve, redress, alleviate, assuage, palliate. remedy, n. medicine, cure, antidote, corrective, specific, restorative, panacea, alterant, carminative, medicament, arcanum, prescription, nostrum, elixir, balm; reparation, cure, redress, aid, relief. remember, v. recollect, recall. remembrance, n. recollection, memory, reminiscence; souvenir, keepsake, memento, memorial, trophy, reminder. Antonyms: forgetfulness, amnesia, amnesty, oblivion. remembrancer, n. memento, souvenir, keepsake, trophy, memorial. reminder, n. remembrancer. remiss, a. negligent, derelict, careless, slack, heedless, neglectful. remission, n. surrender, relinquishment; discharge, acquittance; abatement, assuagement, mitigation, subsidence; absolution, exculpation, forgiveness. remmnant, n. remainder, residue, rest; fragment, piece. remonstrance, n. expostulation, protest, protestation. remonstrant, a. expostulatory, remonstrative. remonstrate, v. expostulate, protest. remonstrative, a. expostulatory, remonstrant. remorse, n. self-reproach, sorrow, regret, penitence; pity, compassion, sympathy. remorseless, a. implacable, ruthless, merciless, unmerciful. remote, a. distant. remoteness, n. distance. removal, n. displacement, dislodgement, transference, expulsion, elimination, dismissal, discharge, ejection, dispossession, divestiture, extraction. remove, v. move, displace, transfer, dislodge; dismiss, discharge, divest, dispossess, eject; extract, isolate, abstract, withdraw. remuneration, n. See pay. remunerative, a. profitable, lucrative. rend, v. tear, rive, lacerate, cleave, sunder. render, v. repay, restore; translate, interpret, construe; extract, try out; yield up, contribute. rendering, n. repayment, restoration; contribution, surrender; translation, version; extraction. rending, n. tearing asunder, laceration, riving. renegade, n. deserter, recreant, backslider, turncoat; rebel, traitor; vagabond, outcast. renew, v. renovate, rejuvenate, restore, rebuild, remodel, reconstruct, revamp, redintegrate, repair; regenerate, transform. renewal, n. renovation, repair, restoration, redintegration, reconstruction, rejuvenation, regeneration. renounce, v. disclaim, disown, repudiate, reject; forswear, abjure, forsake. renouncement, n. renunciation, abnegation, repudiation, abdication, rejection. renovation, n. restoration, renewal, rehabilitation, reconstruction. renown, n. celebrity, repute, fame, notoriety, note. renowned, a. famous, celebrated, eminent, far-famed, illustrious. Antonyms: unrenowned, obscure, inglorious, unknown. rent, v. lease, let, hire. renter, n. lessee, tenant. renunciation, n. abjuration, denial, disownment, disclaimer, abnegation. repair, v. mend, restore, patch, tinker, revamp, darn, cobble, remodel; indemnify, redress, atone for, retrieve, regain. repair, n. renovation, restoration, reconstruction, reparation, rehabilitation. reparable, a. restorable, retrievable. Antonyms: irreparable, irretrievable. reparation, n. restoration, rehabilitation, instauration, renovation; atonement, restitution. repartee, n. _bon mot_. repay, v. refund, restore, reimburse; recompense, requite; revenge, avenge, retaliate. repayment, n. restoration, reimbursement; recompense, requital; retaliation, revenge. repeal, v. revoke, rescind, abrogate. repeal, n. revocation, rescission, abrogation. repeat, v. iterate, reiterate, verbigerate. repeating, n. repetition, iteration, reiteration; verbigeration. repel, v. repulse, rebuff, resist, oppose. repellence, n. repulsion, rebuff, opposition. repellent, a. repulsive, repelling. repentance, n. penitence, contrition, compunction, remorse. Antonym: impenitence. repentant, a. contrite, penitent. Antonyms: unrepentant, impenitent. repetition, n. iteration, reiteration, recurrence; verbigeration; tautology; echo, rote; recapitulation; reverberation. repine, v. complain, murmur. replace, v. restore, refund, repay. replacement, n. restoration, reinstatement. repletion, n. excess, superabundance, surfeit; plethora. reply, v. answer, respond, rejoin, retort. reply, n. answer, response, rejoinder; retort, repartee. report, n. rumor, _on dit_, hearsay, bruit; account, statement, communication; fame, repute, reputation; sound, noise, repercussion, detonation, discharge, explosion; cahier; description, narrative, narration, recital. report, v. announce, communicate, describe; bruit, circulate, promulgate, publish. Antonyms: suppress, withhold, reserve. repose, n. rest, inactivity, motionlessness; composure, tranquillity. repository, n. depository, storehouse, depot, magazine. represent, v. show, typify, symbolize; personate, impersonate; portray, delineate, depict. representative, a. delegated, vicarious; typical, figurative, symbolical, emblematic. representative, n. deputy, delegate, vicar, proxy, agent, substitute, vicegerent, surrogate, regent, commissioner, envoy, emissary, ambassador, exponent. repress, v. quell, subdue, suppress, overpower, restrain, curb, stifle. repression, n. suppression, restraint, quelling, check. reproach, v. censure, upbraid, rebuke, reprimand, revile, chide, vilify. reproach, n. censure, scurrility, contumely, invective, odium, obloquy, shame, disgrace. reproachful, a. upbraiding, opprobrious, abusive; shameful, disgraceful, scandalous. reprobate, a. abandoned, depraved, profligate, incorrigible.--n.castaway, outcast, wretch. reprobate, v. condemn, denounce, reject, abandon. reprobation, n. condemnation, denunciation, censure abandonment. reproduce, v. portray, duplicate, imitate; generate, beget, propagate. reproduction, n. duplication, copy, imitation; generation, procreation, propagation. reproof, n. See censure. reprovable, a. culpable, censurable, reprehensible, blamable, reproachable. reprove, v. See censure. repudiate, v. reject, renounce, disavow, abjure, disclaim. repudiation, n. disavowal, rejection, abjuration, disclaimer, disowning. repugnance, n. aversion, reluctance, unwillingness, hostility, antipathy. repugnant, a. hostile, contrary, refractory, adverse, offensive, antagonistic, opposed. repulse, v. repel, reject. repulse, n. repulsion, repelling, rejection, refusal, rebuff. repulsive, a. repellent, offensive, forbidding, revolting. reputation, n. repute, name, credit, esteem, honor. repute, n. reputation, esteem, credit. reputed, a. putative. request, n. asking, solicitation, demand, instance, prayer, petition, entreaty, suit, quest. request, v. ask, supplicate, petition, beg, entreat, importune, beseech. require, v. demand, claim, exact, need, want, necessitate, enjoin. requirement, n. demand, requisition, requisite; command, essential, need. requisite, a. necessary, required, essential, indispensable. requital, n. recompense, remuneration, retribution, recaliation, reprisal. requite, v. compensate, remunerate, repay, pay, retaliate, avenge, reciprocate. rescue, n. deliverance, liberation, salvation, ransom, extrication, disentanglement. rescue, v. release, deliver, liberate, recapture, redeem, save, extricate, disenthrall. resemblance, n. likeness, similitude, similarity, analogy, parity, semblance. resentment, n. dudgeon, umbrage, displeasure, grudge. reserve, n. reticence, constraint, uncommunicativeness, taciturnity, restraint. reserved, a. retained, withheld, excepted; uncommunicative, reticent, taciturn, restrained. residence, n. dwelling, domiciliation, abode, habitancy, habitation, domicile, home. resident, n. denizen, inhabitant, dweller, residentiary. residue, n. remainder, remnant, residuum, rest, balance; surplus, excess. resign, v. demit, abdicate, withdraw, surrender, relinquish, submit. resignation, n. surrender, abdication, demit; forbearance, fortitude, long-suffering, patience. resigned, a. surrendered; uncomplaining, submissive, patient. resist, v. oppose, withstand, impugn, oppugn, defy, baffle, contravene, rebuff. resistance, n. opposition, renitence, recalcitration, oppugnation, antagonism, rebuff. resistant, a. resisting, opposing, renitent. resistless, a. irresistible. resolute, a. determined, unwavering, unflinching, steadfast, firm, pertinacious. resolution, n. firmness, determination, pertinacity, persistence, steadfastness, constancy; resolve, purpose, determination; decomposition, solution, dissolution. resolvable, a. solvable, resoluble, dissolvable. resolve, v. determine; dissolve, liquefy. resolve, n. resolution, determination, intention, purpose, design. resonance, n. reverberation. resonant, a. resounding, reverberating. resound, v. reverberate, reëcho, peal. resound, n. echo, reverberation. resounder, n. resonator, reverberator. resounding, a. resonant. resource, n. resort, expedient, device, shift. resources, n. pl. assets, means. respect, n. care, caution, regard; esteem, veneration, deference, reverence, homage, obeisance; reference, regard; particular, feature. Antonyms: See disrespect. respect, v. esteem, venerate, revere, honor, reverence. respectable, a. reputable, honorable, estimable; moderate, fair, average. respectful, a. deferential, courteous, polite, obeisant, reverent. Antonyms: disrespectful, discourteous, defiant, irreverent. respective, a. relative; particular, own. respect of persons. partiality, favoritism. respects, n. pl. compliments, regards, devoirs. response, n. reply, answer, rejoinder, retort, repartee, antiphon, antiphone, antiphony. responsibility, n. accountability, liability; duty, trust. responsible, a. accountable, answerable, amenable. Antonyms: irresponsible, unaccountable, independent. responsive, a. responding, antiphonal. responsory, n. antiphone, antiphony, antiphonary. rest, n. quiet, quietness, inactivity, repose, ease, tranquillity, quiescence, stillness, stagnation, security, cessation, abeyance, intermission, respite, reprieve, pause, recess, sabbatism; cæsura, pause; support, stay, brace; residue, remainder, balance, residuum, others; surplus. Antonyms: activity, agitation, unrest, commotion. rest, v. stop, halt, pause, desist; repose, recline, lie; trust, rely, depend, acquiesce. restaurant, n. café, eating-house, chophouse, refectory, buffet. restaurant keeper. restaurateur. rest house. caravansary (in Eastern countries). resting, a. reclining, lying, incumbent. resting on something else. superincumbent.--n. superincumbence. restitution, n. repayment, restoration, return, indemnification; reparation, requital, compensation. restive, a. restless, impatient, fidgety, intractable, uneasy, fractious, rebellious. restless, a. restive, fidgety, agitated, unquiet, uneasy, kicksy-wicksy. restlessness, n. restiveness, the fidgets, uneasiness, agitation, turbulence, dysphoria. restoration, n. return, restitution, replacement, reinstatement, reparation; repatriation; renewal, renovation, redintegration, reconstruction, rehabilitation, instauration; recuperation, recovery. restore, v. repair, renew, reconstruct, rehabilitate, redintegrate, remodel; replace, refund, return; repatriate; resuscitate, reestablish, revive. restrain, v. repress, suppress, check, bridle, curb, constrain; abridge, circumscribe, limit, restrict, narrow; withhold, forbear; debar, prevent, interdict, prohibit. restraint, n. repression, constraint, check, suppression; limitation, prevention; confinement, duress. restrict, v. restrain, limit, confine, repress, curb, circumscribe. restriction, n. restraint, constraint, confinement, repression, circumscription, limitation. result, v. terminate, end, eventuate, redound, issue, accrue, ensue. result, n. consequence, effect, issue, event, outcome, eventuation, sequence; decision, resolve. résumé, n. recapitulation, summary, abstract. resurrect, v. (Slang) disentomb, disinter, unbury, exhume. resurrection, n. resurgence, revivification. retain, v. keep, hold, reserve. retainment, n. retention. retaliate, v. avenge, requite, repay. retaliation, n. revenge, requital, retribution. retard, v. impede. retarding, n. retardation. retentive, a. tenacious. Antonyms: unretentive, irretentive. reticence, n. reserve, uncommunicativeness, taciturnity. reticent, a. taciturn, reserved, uncommunicative. retinue, n. train, suite, followers. retire, v. withdraw, retreat, recede, retrocede, leave, secede. retired, a. secluded, sequestered, unfrequented, withdrawn. retirement, n. withdrawal, seclusion, retreat. retiring, a. diffident, shy, coy, shrinking, reserved, modest. retract, v. recant, rescind, recall, disavow. retraction, n. recantation, rescission, disavowal. retreat, n. retirement, withdrawal; refuge, asylum, seclusion, privacy, fastness. retreat, v. retire, withdraw, recede. retrench, v. curtail, lessen, diminish, abridge; limit, confine. retrenchment, n. diminution, curtailment, abridgment, lessening. retribution, n. retaliation, repayment, requital. retrograde, v. retrocede, recede, decline, deteriorate. retrogression, n. retrogradation, decline, regression, deterioration. return, v. restore, repay, refund, replace; recur, regress, reappear, revert; requite, retaliate, repay; repatriate. return, n. restoration, restitution, repayment, requital, retribution, redress; recurrence, regress, reversion; repatriation, atavism; recrudescence; relapse. returning, a. recurrent, recurring, intermittent. reveal, v. disclose, unveil, expose, divulge, impart. revel, n. carousal, festivity, saturnalia. revel, v. carouse; luxuriate, wanton. revelation, n. disclosure, divulgement, exposition, apocalypse. reveler, n. carouser, bacchanal, roysterer, bacchant, bacchanalian. revelry, n. reveling, carousal, wassail, saturnalia, riot, bacchanal. revenge, v. avenge, retaliate, wreak vengeance. revenge, n. vengeance, retaliation. revengeful, a. vindictive, implacable, resentful, rancorous. revenue, n. income. reverberate, v. resound, reëcho. reverberation, n. resonance, reëcho. revere, v. venerate, reverence, honor, respect. reverence, n. veneration. reverence, v. revere, venerate. reverent, a. reverential, humble. reverse, v. invert; overthrow, subvert, overturn; revoke, annul, rescind, countermand. reverse, n. opposite, contrary, counterpart; reversal; misfortune, failure. reversion, n. succession; atavism; escheat. review, v. reconsider, revise, reexamine, retrace. review, n. reëxamination, reconsideration, retrospect, revision. revile, v. vilify, traduce, asperse, reproach, malign, calumniate. revilement, n. vilification, traducement, aspersion, reproach, calumniation, contumely. reviling, a. scurrilous, vituperative, contumelious, reproachful, abusive. revisal, n. revision, emendation, recension. revision, n. revisal, recension, emendation. revivable, a. resuscitable. revival, n. revivification, reanimation, resuscitation, restoration, renaissance, renascence. revivalist, n. evangelist. revive, v. resuscitate, reanimate, quicken, revivify, reinspirit, revitalize, restore, reinspire, rally. revivification, n. resuscitation, reanimation, revival, quickening. revocation, n. recall, repeal, reversal, abjuration, recantation. revoke, v. repeal, reverse, recant, rescind, abrogate, countermand, retract, abjure. revolt, n. rebellion, sedition, uprising, mutiny, insurrection, insubordination, insurgency. revolt, v. rebel, mutiny; disgust, nauseate, shock, offend. revolter, n. insurgent, rebel, mutineer, renegade. revolting, a. nauseating, repulsive, fulsome, abhorrent, disgusting. revolution, n. rotation, gyration; rebellion, revolt. revolve, v. rotate, spin, gyrate, turn; devolve; brood over, ruminate, ponder, consider. revolver, n. pistol, repeater. revolving, a. rotary, gyrating, gyratory, rotatory.--n. revolution, rotation. reward, n. recompense, requital, guerdon, meed, remuneration premium, bonus, bounty, douceur, merit; honorarium; retribution, retaliation, penalty. reward, v. requite, recompense. rhyme, n. jingle, poetry. rhymer, n. poetaster, versifier, rhymester, rhymist. rib, n. costa. Associated words: costal, intercostal, sternal, asternal. ribald, a. indelicate, gross, indecent, obscene, lewd. ribaldry, n. obscenity, indecency, lewdness. ribbon badge of honor. cordon. rice refuse. shude. rich, a. wealthy, opulent, affluent, well-to-do, moneyed; abundant, copious, bountiful, plentiful; fecund, fertile, luxuriant, prolific, exuberant, teeming, productive; sumptuous, luxurious; delicious, luscious, hearty, nutritive gorgeous, elegant, beautiful; vivid, bright, intense. Antonyms: poor, infertile, indigent, plain. rich, n. (newly rich) _Nouveau riche_. riches, n. pl. See wealth. rich man. nabob, Crœoeus, Dives, plutocrat, millionaire. richness, n. opulence, wealth, affluence; abundance, profusion; luxuriance, sumptuousness, costliness, elegance, fertility, fecundity. Antonyms: poverty, infertility. rickets, n. rachitis. rickety, a. ramshackle, dilapidated, tottering, crazy. rid, a. free, clear, disencumbered. rid, v. free, disburden, relieve, disencumber, dispose, dispatch. riddance, n. deliverance, relief, disencumbrance. riddle, n. enigma, puzzle, problem, rebus, crux, conundrum, paradox. rider, n. equestrian, horseman; equestrienne (female), jockey, postilion. ridge, n. crest; whelk. ridicule, n. mockery, gibe, jeer, burlesque, raillery, satire, sarcasm, irony. ridicule, v. deride, satirize, scoff, rally, banter, burlesque, lampoon, mock, scout, jeer, taunt, twit. ridiculous, a. preposterous, absurd, farcical, burlesque, ludicrous. riding boots. top boots. riding on horseback. equestrianism, equitation. rife, a. abounding, prevalent, plentiful, replete. rifle, v. strip, fleece, despoil, pillage, devastate. rift, n. cleft, fissure, crack, gap, crevice, cranny, break, chink. rig, v. equip; bedizen, accouter. rigging, n. dress, tackle, equipment, gear. right, a. just, true, equitable, honest, rightful, lawful, correct, true, accurate, reasonable, ethical, condign, appropriate, proper, suitable, seemly, relevant, consistent, fortunate, auspicious, favorable; dexter, dextral, dextrorse. right, v. correct, rectify, emend; make restitution, redress. right, n. prerogative, privilege, immunity, exemption. right, n. uprightness, rectitude, probity, integrity, propriety, justice, morality, virtue, equity; title, claim; authority. Associated words: ethics, casuistry, deontology, redress, ethology, aretology. right along. continuously, constantly, uninterruptedly. right away. immediately, straightway, right off, instantly, instanter, at once. righteous, a. pious, religious, devout, godly, saintly; equitable, just, right. righteousness, n. godliness, holiness, sanctity. Antonym: unrighteousness. right-handed, a. dexterous. right-handedness, n. dexterity, dextrality. rigid, a. inflexible, stiff, unyielding, unpliant; rigorous, severe, austere, strict. rigidity, n. stiffness, inflexibility, severity, rigor. rigmarole, n. (Colloq.) nonsense, flummery, balderdash, twaddle. rigor, n. rigidity, inflexibility, austerity, severity, asperity, sternness, inclemency, stringency. rigorous, a. severe, stringent, strict, unyielding; inclement, severe. rile, v. (Colloq.) roil; anger, vex, offend. rill, n. streamlet, rivulet, runnel, brook. rily, a. (Colloq.) roily, turbid. rim, n. brim, margin, edge, brink, verge, border; felly (rim of a wheel). rime, n. hoarfrost. rind, n. skin, peel. Antonym: pulp. ring, v. sound, resound, reverberate; toll, knell, chime, ding, tinkle, clang. ring, n. circle, hoop; grommet, gimmal, terret, manilla, lute; annulation, annulet. Associated Words: annular, annularity, annulate, signet, dactyliology, dactylioglyphy, dactylioglyph, cameo, intaglio, lapidary, lapidist, posy. ring, n. arena; clique, coterie, set, cabal. ringing, n. sounding, resounding, reverberation, tolling, clang, chime, clam, tinkling, knell, clangor. ringlet, n. tress, curl, lock. ringworm, n. circular herpes, serpigo. riot, n. tumult, uproar; revelry. rioter, n. reveler, carouser, roysterer. riotous, a. wanton, luxuriant, unrestrained; seditious, tumultuous, turbulent, insubordinate, rebellious. rip, n. rent, tear. rip, n. (Slang) harridan, hag. ripe, a. mature, ripened; consummate, complete, perfect; suppurated, matured; rareripe. ripen, v. mature, maturate. ripeness, n. maturity, completeness, consummateness, development. ripple, v. fret. rise, v. ascend, mount, arise, levitate; tower; swell, increase, grow, enlarge; emerge; proceed, spring, emanate, originate; rebel, revolt; transcend (rise above). rise, n. ascent; spring, source, origin, beginning; increase, advance, appreciation, augmentation; elevation, hill, knoll. rise again. resurge. risible, a. funny, ludicrous. See laughable. rising, a. ascending, ascendant. rising, n. ascent, ascension, rise, levitation, levee, emergence; insurrection, uprising. <>rising again. resurrection, resurgence.--a. resurgent. risk, n. unsafety, danger, peril, jeopardy, hazard, imperilment. risk, v. hazard, endanger, peril, imperil, jeopard, jeopardize. risky, a. hazardous, unsafe, perilous, jeopardous, dangerous, precarious. rite, n. ceremony, ordinance. ritual, n. liturgy, consuetudinary. rival, n. competitor, emulator, antagonist.--a. competing, competitive, emulative. rival, v. compete, emulate. rivalry, n. competition, emulation, contention. riven, a. cleft, split, rent asunder. river, n. Associated Words: potamology, potamography, riparian, riparious, fluvial, levee, wady, estuary, fluviatic, fluviatile, bayou, pothole, dredge, fluvicoline, fluviograph, fluviometer, crevasse, anadron, tributary, embouchure, barrage. rivulet, n. rill, creek, streamlet, runnel, runlet, brook, bourn. road, n. thoroughfare, avenue, highroad, highway, street, lane, passage, artery, roadstead, boulevard, esplanade, turnpike, tramroad, causeway, corduroy road, anchorage, _impasse_. road agent. highwayman, bandit. roam, v. ramble, stray, rove, range, wander. roar, n. bellow, bellowing. roar, v. bellow; boom, peal, resound, thunder. roast, v. bake; torrefy, parch; (Colloq.) banter. rob, v. plunder, pillage, fleece, despoil, rifle, sack, spoliate, loot, forage. robber, n. bandit, brigand, buccaneer, burglar, depredator, despoiler, footpad, filibuster, forager, desperado, corsair, freebooter, highwayman, picaroon, marauder, pillager, pirate, plunderer, raider, thief, ladrone. robbery, n. larceny, burglary, theft, plundering, piracy, peculation, depredation, brigandage, buccaneering, despoliation, loot, sack. robe, n. gown. robing room of a church. vestry, sacristy. robust, a. strong, sinewy, muscular, brawny, stalwart, vigorous, sound. rock, n. bowlder; crag. rocking-horse, n. cockhorse. rod, n. wand, cane, stick; pole, perch, 16-1/2 feet. roe, n. roebuck; ova, spawn (of fishes). rogue, n. knave, miscreant, scamp, rascal, sharper. See scoundrel. roguery, n. cheating, knavery, fraud; mischievousness. roguish, a. knavish, tricky; waggish, sportive, arch, mischievous. roil, v. make turbid, rile. roily, a. turbid, muddy, feculent. roll, n. scroll; roster, record; convolution, trundle, coil. roll, v. wheel, whirl, revolve, rotate, turn, gyrate, spin, trundle, circumgyrate; inwrap, infold, convolve; wallow, welter; rock, sway, lurch, titubate, fluctuate. rolled, a. coiled, convoluted, involuted. roller, n. cylinder; fillet. rolling, a. rotating, circumrotary; undulating, hilly; voluble. rolling, n. rotation, wheeling, circumrotation, titubation, involution. romantic, a. imaginary, impractical, chimerical, picturesque, fanciful, fantastic. roof timber. rafter. room, n. space, compass, range, scope, latitude; apartment, chamber, compartment. Associated Word: suite. roomer, n. lodger. roomy, a. spacious, capacious, commodious. roost, n. perch. rooster, n. cock, chanticleer; cockerel (young); capon (castrated). root, n. rootstock, radix, taproot, spur; rootlet, radicel; tuber, bulb. root, n. etymon, stem, radix, radical. rooted, a. radicated; implanted, fixed, ingrained. rooting, n. radication; burrowing; implantation. rooting out. uprooting, eradication, extirpation. rope, n. cordage, cable, hawser, lasso, lariat, cabestro, tether, tow; pl. shrouds, ratlines. Associated Words: marline, marline spike, marling, strand, oakum, winch, windlass, lif, contline. rope-dancer, n. funambulist, equilibrist, acrobat. rope-dancing, n. funambulation. Associated Words: funambulate, funambulatory, poy. rope-walker, n. equilibrist. ropy, a. stringy, tenacious, sticky. rose, n. Associated Words: attar, rodomel. rose-colored, a. roseate, rosy; alluring. rosedrop, n. grogblossom, rosy whelk. rose-grower, n. rosarian. rose rash. roseola. rosery, n. rosarium, rosary. rosin, n. colophony. rostrum, n. platform, stage, dais. rosy, a. rose-colored, roseate, ruddy, alluring. rot, n. decomposition, decay, putrescence, corruption, putridity. Antonyms: preservation, imputrescence, incorruption, soundness. rotary, a. turning, rotating. rotary motion. rotation. Associated Words: trochilics, trochilic. rotate, v. revolve, turn, gyrate, whirl. rotation, n. turning, revolution; succession. rotten, a. decayed, putrid, putrescent, carious, corrupt, decomposed, putrefied; malodorous, fetid. rottenness, n. putrefaction. See rot. Associated Words: antiseptic, imputrescible, septic, putrescible, aseptic. rotund, a. round, spherical, globular, orbicular. rotundity, n. roundness, sphericity, circularity, globosity. roué, n. rake. rouge, n. ferric oxide, crocus; cosmetic. rough, a. uneven, jagged, craggy, rugged, cragged, scraggy; rude, inurbane, burly, unrefined, discourteous, uncivil, blunt, bluff, brusque, austere, abrupt, gruff, boorish, uncourtly; boisterous, tumultuous, tempestuous, stormy; harsh, hard, severe, inclement, drastic, violent; harsh, grating, raucous, discordant, inharmonious; unkempt, disheveled, shaggy; incomplete, superficial, cursory, crude, uncut, unpolished, scabrous. rough, n. bully, ruffian, rowdy. round, a. circular, spherical, orbicular, orbed, globular, annular, discoid, rotund; cylindrical; convex, protuberant, bulging; orotund. round, n. revolution, cycle, rotation, series, succession; rung, rundle, ranee, step; circuit, beat; bout. roundabout, a. circuitous, indirect, tortuous; encircling, ambient, circumambient, encompassing. roundabout language. circumlocution. round building or room. rotunda. roundelay, n. rondeau, rondel, round. roundness, n. circularity, globularity, sphericity, rotundity, cylindricity, globosity, annularity, orbiculation, orotundity, convexity. rouse, v. See arouse. rousing, a. exciting, stirring; (Colloq.) astounding, startling. rout, n. overthrow, defeat, discomfiture, vanquishment: clamor, tumult, uproar, din, brawl; mob, rabble. rout, v. vanquish, defeat, scatter. route, n. course, way, road, passage. routine, a. custom, round, course. rove, v. range, ramble, straggle. See wander. rover, n. See wanderer. row, n. (Colloq.) brawl, broil, affray, rumpus, squabble, mêlée, tumult, fracas. row, n. rank, line, file, series. rowdy, n. (Colloq.) ruffian, rough, bully, hoodlum, larrikin. royal, a. kingly, regal, imperial, monarchical, palatine; august, majestic, princely. royal mace. scepter. royalty, n. kingship, sovereignty, regality, regency; sovereign, majesty; domain, realm. rub, n. friction; hindrance, impediment, obstruction, pinch, difficulty; sarcasm, jeer, jibe, taunt; whetstone. rub, v. abrade, chafe, scrape, grate, fret; embrocate; massage; graze, scour, smooth, smear, fray; burnish, furbish, polish. rubber, n. caoutchouc, India-rubber; overshoe, galoshe, galoche; eraser. Associated Words: vulcanize, vulcanization. rubbing, n. friction, abrasion, attrition, chafing, fraying; embrocation; massage. rubbing out. erasure, obliteration, effacement. rubbish, n. trash, litter, lumber, refuse, debris, garbage, dross, trumpery. rubicund, a. ruddy, florid. rub out. erase, obliterate, expunge, efface. rub up. burnish, scour, polish. ruck, n. wrinkle, crease; (Colloq.) common sort. rudder, n. Associated Word: tiller. ruddy, a. red, florid, rubicund, blowzed. rude, a. crude, unpolished, raw, rough, indelicate, unrefined, coarse, undisciplined, uncivilized; inelegant, inartistic, artless; uncivil, discourteous, inurbane, impolite, romping, hoidenish; boisterous, turbulent, violent, inclement, tumultuous; unwrought, unfashioned. rudiment, n. element; embryo; pl. elements, accidence. rudimentary, n. rudimental, elementary, initial; embryonic, embryo. rue, v. regret, deplore. rueful, a. woeful, sad, lugubrious, mournful. ruffian, n. monster, villain, rowdy, desperado. ruffle, n. ruff, frill, flounce, furbelow; perturbation, flurry, bustle. ruffle, v. pucker, pleat, wrinkle; rumple, derange, disarrange, disorder; agitate, discompose, perturb, disconcert; swagger, strut. rugged, a. irregular, rough, uneven, scraggy, cragged, craggy; inclement, tempestuous, turbulent, boisterous, wild; (Colloq.) robust, hardy, vigorous; austere, crabbed, harsh, unfeeling. ruin, n. bane, pest, plague. ruin, n. wreck, destruction, undoing, dilapidation, disorganization, perdition, ruination, subversion, shipwreck, downfall, havoc, demolition. ruin, v. overthrow, subvert, destroy, wreck, ruinate, impoverish. ruination, n. ruin. ruinous, a. destructive. rule, n. regulation, prescript, prescription, order, ruling; standard, criterion, touchstone, brocard; maxim, law, canon; norm; government, sway, regency, domination, authority, direction, empire, dynasty, supremacy, administration, regime. rule, v. govern, dominate; restrain, influence, sway, prevail, dominate, preponderate, domineer. ruler, n. governor, sovereign, monarch, president, king, potentate, dynast, lord, satrap, rajah, emir, caliph, burgrave, procurator, Pharaoh, interregent, despot, regent, dominator, arbiter, viceroy, vicegerent, autocrat, oligarch, liege lord, protector, kaiser, czar, dey, doge, mogul, pasha, bey, tetrarch, khedive, sultan, emperor. ruling, a. regnant, reigning; predominant, dominative, dominant, prevailing. ruling, n. government, regnancy. rum, a. (Slang) queer, odd, old-fashioned. ruminate, v. meditate, muse, ponder, reflect. rumination, n. meditation. rummage, v. ransack. runmy, a. (Slang) strange, odd, freakish, singular. rumor, n. hearsay, gossip, bruit, _on dit_. rump, n. buttocks. rump bone. aitchbone, edgebone, natch bone. rumple, v. crumple, wrinkle, pucker, crease. rumple, n. crumple, pucker, wrinkle, crease. rumpus, n. (Colloq.) disturbance, quarrel, affray, brawl, row, fracas. run, v. sprint, lope, scamper, scud, speed, his, hasten, scour, scuttle, flee, race, pace, gallop, trot; proceed, flow; melt, fuse; elapse, pass; pursue, follow, tag; stampede; abscond. run, n. running, sprint, sprinting; course, series, repetition pressure, demand, importunity; generality. run, n. brook, rill, streamlet, rivulet. run after. pursue, follow, tag. runagate, n. renegade, deserter, apostate, vagabond. runaway, n. fugitive, absconder, deserter, truant, renegade. runaway, a. fugitive, absconding, truant. run away. flee, escape, desert, elope, abscond. run away with. accompany. run down. decline, deteriorate; decry, belittle, disparage, derogate. rung, n. round, rime, rundle (of a ladder). run into. collide. runner, n. racer, sprinter; messenger, courier. running, a. successive, consecutive; flowing, easy, cursive; continuous; trailing. running after. pursuit. running away. desertion, fleeing, absconding, elopement. running down. decline, deterioration; decrial, disparagement. running into. collision. running out. expiration, extension, expatiation, extinction. run out. expire; extend, spread; expatiate, descant; become extinct. run over. overflow. runround, n. (Colloq.) felon, whitlow. runt, n. dwarf, pygmy. run through. squander, dissipate; transfix, impale, pierce. ruption, n. breach, rupture. rupture, n. disruption, breach; hernia. rural, a. rustic, country, countrified, pastoral, bucolic, agrestic. ruralism, n. ruralness, rurality, rusticity. ruralize, v. rusticate. ruse, n. artifice, wile, trick, stratagem, maneuver, feint, dodge. rush, v. press, hurry. rush, n. activity, demand. Russia, n. Associated Words: Russian, russianize, Russification, russify, Russophile, Russophobia, Russophobe, Duma, vodka. Russian peasant. muzhik, moujik. rust, n. corrosion, ærugo, verdigris; mildew, blight, mould; pating. rust, v. corrode; degenerate (in idleness), decline. rustic, a. rural, country, agrestic; unpolished, countrified, uncouth, rude, rough; coarse, plain, simple, inelegant, homely; artless, unaffected. rustic, n. countryman, farmer; boor, churl, hind, put, carl, yokel. rusticate, v. ruralize. rustle, n. rustling, frou-frou. rustlings a. whispering, susurrous. rust of plants. ferrugo. rusty, a. seruginous; ferruginous; reasty, rancid, musty, fusty, mildewed; discolored, stained; rubiginous. rut, n. groove; roaring (of waves), rote. rut, n. œstrus, heat, œstruation. Associated Word: œstrual. ruth, n. pity, tenderness, compassion, mercy. ruthful, a. pitiful, tender, compassionate, merciful. ruthless, a. pitiless, cruel, truculent, relentless, implacable, fell, hard-hearted. ruthlessness, n. truculence, implacability, cruelty, mercilessness. ruttish, a. lustful, salacious, lascivious. rye, n. Associated Words: ergot, ergotism, ergotized. S sack, n. bag, pouch; pillage, plunder, rapine, havoc, devastation, spoliation. sack, v. devastate, plunder, pillage, ravage, despoil, loot, rapine, strip. sacred, a. consecrated, hallowed; venerable, sainted, religious; inviolable. sacredness, n. sanctity, holiness; inviolability, inviolableness. sacrifice, n. oblation, immolation; surrender, loss, giving up; holocaust; hecatomb. sacrifice, v. offer, immolate; surrender, give up, forego. sacrilege, n. desecration, profanation, violation. sacrilegious, a. impious, profane, irreverent. sad, a. sorrowful, pathetic, plaintive, doleful, piteous, lugubrious, rueful, mournful, dismal, funereal, gloomy, melancholy, disconsolate, dejected, touching; calamitous, deplorable, grievous, dire, afflictive, wretched, saturnine, grave, sober; dull, sombre, subdued; (Colloq.) bad, naughty, troublesome, mischievous, vexatious. sadden, v. depress, dishearten; tone down, subdue. saddle, n. Associated Words: pommel, cantle, girth, pillion, stirrup, saddle-tree, croup, crutch, chapelet, tilpah, tapadero, housing, latigo, pique, panel, sinch, saddle-bow, selliform, holster, mochila. sadness, n. melancholy, pathos, sorrow, gravity, soberness, seriousness. safe, a. unharmed, intact, unscathed, immune; trustworthy, reliable, sure, secure, invulnerable, impregnable. Antonyms: unsafe, endangered, insecure. safe-conduct, n. convoy, guard, escort; pass, passport. safeguard, n. defense, security, palladium, protection, convoy, guard; passport. safeguard, v. guard, defend, protect, shield. safekeeping, n. guardianship, care, custody, charge, preservation. safety, n. security, custody; immunity, exemption. sagacious, a. intelligent, knowing, shrewd, discerning. sagacity, n. intelligence, shrewdness, cleverness, ingenuity, wisdom. sail, v. navigate, cruise, embark.--n. sailing, cruise, embarkation. sailable, a. navigable. sailcloth, n. canvas, duck, tarpaulin, raven's-duck. sailing, n. navigation; circumnavigation (sailing round); orthodromics, orthodromy. sailor, n. mariner, navigator, seaman, seafarer, tarpaulin, tar, salt, Jacky. sailor's song. chantey. sailor's wages. portage. saint, n. Associated Words: canonize, canonization, hagiology, hagiologist, hagiolatry, hagiolater, hagiography, Hagiographa, dulia, legend, diptych, feretory, philatory, relic, apse, reliquary, shrine, saintism, sainthood, saintship, hagiographer, hierotheca. sainted, a. holy, pious, saintly, consecrated; canonized. Saint Vitus's dance. chorea. Associated Word: choreic. salable, a. vendible, marketable. Antonyms: unsalable, unmarketable. salacious, a. lascivious, lecherous, concupiscent. See lustful. salad, n. Associated Word: acetarious. sale, n. vendition, market; auction; handsel. salient, a. prominent, conspicuous, noticeable, striking. saliva, n. spittle, sputum, spit. Associated Words: salivate, salivation, insalivate, insalivation, salivant, salivary, ptyalism, salival, salivous, expectorant, drool, drivel, ptyalogogue, sialogogue, ptysmagogue. sally, n. spring, leap; sortie; witticism, jest, frolic, escapade. saloon, n. grogshop, barroom, groggery, dramshop. sal soda. carbonate of soda. salt, n. chloride of sodium. salt, n. seasoning, flavor, savor, taste; piquancy, wit, sense, humor; old sailor. saltness, n. salinity, salineness, saltiness. salt of wisdom. alembroth. saltpetre, n. potassium nitrate, nitre, nitrate of potash. salt spring. saline. salt works. salina. salty, a. saline, brackish, saltish, salt, briny, saliferous. salute, v. address, greet, hail, welcome, accost.--n. salutation. salvation, n. redemption. Associated Word: soteriology. salve, n. ointment, cerate, embrocation, emollient, balm, unguent. salve, v. anoint, embrocate, heal; remedy, cure. sal-volatile, n. carbonate of ammonia, salts of hartshorn, smelling salts. same, a. identical, invariable, uniform, analogous, similar, cognate; isomeric, isonomic. Antonyms: See different. sameness, n. identity, identicalness, similarity, correspondence, uniformity, analogy, parity, invariability, parallelism; monotony; isomerism. sample, n. specimen, example, illustration, exemplification, instance, pattern. sanction, n. confirmation, ratification, authorization, penalty, punishment. sanction, v. confirm, ratify, approve, countenance. sanctity, n. godliness, saintliness, inviolability, sacredness. sanctuary, n. shrine, sanctum, adytum; Holy of Holies; church, temple. sand, n. sandy soil; quicksand, syrtis; arena (Med.). Associated words: dune, downs, arenicolous, burst, sabulosity (sandiness), psammophilous, ammophilous, medano, eschar, os, kame, arenarious. sand, n. (Slang) grit, pluck, nerve, courage, fearlessness, audacity, spirit. sand bath. arenation, psammotherapy, inhumation, saburration. sandglass, n. hourglass. Sandwich islands. Associated Word: Kanacka (native). sandy, a. sabulous, gritty, arenaceous, arenose. sane, a. underanged, rational, sound, lucid, _compos mentis_. sanguinary, a. bloody, murderous; cruel, truculent, bloodthirsty. sanitarium, n. sanatorium, health retreat. sanity, n. saneness, rationality. sap, v. mine, undermine, subvert; exhaust, drain, unsettle. saphead, n. (Slang) simpleton, sap, dolt. sappy, a. juicy, lush, succulent; (Low) silly, foolish, half-witted. sapwood, n. alburnum. sarcastic, a. satirical, taunting, ironical, derisive, sneering. sash, n. girdle. Satan, n. devil, Belial, Apollyon, Abaddon, Asmodeus, Prince of Darkness, Archfiend, the Evil One, the Tempter, the Arch Enemy. satchel, n. handbag, valise. satiate, v. surfeit, pall, glut, overfeed, cloy, gorge. satiety, n. satiation, surfeit, cloyment, over-fullness. satire, n. irony, sarcasm, ridicule, lampoon, pasquinade. satirical, a. bitter, sarcastic, ironical, caustic, mordacious. satirize, v. lampoon, ridicule, lash. satisfaction, n. gratification; contentment, complacency, content, comfort; reparation, indemnification, requital, reimbursement, recompense; atonement, amends. Antonyms: dissatisfaction, discontent. satisfactory, a. sufficient, satisfying, conclusive, gratify, ing, atoning. satisfy, v. gratify, content, appease, satiate, suffice; indemnify, repay. sauce, n. (Low) sauciness, impertinence, insolence, rudeness saucy, a. impertinent, insolent, pert, impudent, malapert, flippant. saunter, v. loiter, linger, straggle, lounge, stroll, delay, dawdle, lag. savable, a. salvable. savage, a. uncivilized, barbarous; ferocious, ravenous, fierce, untamed; brutal, fell, truculent, implacable, atrocious, ferocious, inhuman. savage, n. barbarian; cannibal. savages, n. pl. Associated Words: agriology, agriologist. save, v. rescue, deliver, redeem; preserve, conserve, keep; reserve, hoard, garner; economize, husband; spare, obviate, prevent, forefend, shield, protect. save, prep. or conj. except, excepting, reserving. saving, a. preserving, redemptory, redeeming; preservative, conservative; frugal, thrifty, economical, provident, sparing, choice, chary. Antonyms: lavish, extravagant, prodigal, unthrifty, profuse, wasteful. saving, n. treasure, hoard, reserve; exception, reservation, salvation, rescue, redemption, deliverance; preservation, conservation; salvage. savingness, n. frugality, parsimony, thrift, providence, economy, chariness. Antonyms: extravagance, prodigality, improvidence. savory, a. gustable, palatable, toothsome, fragrant. Antonyms: unsavory, impalatable. savvy, v. (Slang) understand, comprehend.--n. understanding, comprehension. saw, n. maxim, adage, apothegm. See saying. sawbones, n. (Nickname) surgeon. sawer, n. sawyer. saw tooth. serration, serrature, serrulation. saw-toothed, a. serrate, serrated, serrulate. say, v. utter, express, mention, pronounce, speak, declare, tell, articulate, recite, rehearse; state, assert, affirm, allege, aver, asseverate, predicate, cite; suppose, assume, presume. saying, n. utterance, declaration, statement, pronunciation, mention, assertion, affirmation, citation, averment, asseveration, alleging, recital, rehearsal. saying, n. maxim, saw, proverb, apothegm, aphorism, adage, dictum, precept, axiom, motto, quotation. scab, n. eschar, incrustation; mange. scabby, a. scabbed, scaly, scabious, mangy. scaffold, n. staging, scaffolding; gallows. scalawag, n. (Slang) scamp, rascal, rogue, scapegrace, miscreant, scoundrel, villain, caitiff, varlet. scale, n. flake, lamina, leprosity, lamella, squama, incrustation. scale, n. (Mus.) gamut, sol-fa. Associated Words: diatonic, chromatic, tonic. scale, n. (Bot.) squamula, lodicule; fulcrum. scale, v. exfoliate, desquamate; climb, ascend, mount, clamber, escalade. scales, n. pl. balance; steelyards, Roman balance. scalloped, a. pinked; crenate, crenated (Bot.). scaly, a. flaky, squamose, leprose, squamoid, scurvy; (Low) mean, low, contemptible, scurvy, despicable. scamble, v. sprawl, wabble, shamble; scramble, jostle. scamp, v. (Colloq.) slight, skimp. scamp, n. rascal, knave, miscreant, caitiff, scapegrace, scoundrel. scamper, v. hasten away, scud, hie, run, scuttle, scatter. scandal, n. reproach, opprobrium, disgrace, odium, shame; slander. scandalize, v. shock, offend, displease; disgrace; slander, defame, vilify. scandalous, a. defamatory, libellous, slanderous; infamous, disgraceful, opprobrious, shameful, disreputable. scant, a. scanty, meager, insufficient, inadequate; sparing, saving, chary. scant, v. limit, straiten, stint. scantness, n. smallness, narrowness, inadequacy, insufficiency, meagerness, scantiness. scanty, a. insufficient, inadequate, meager; sparing, illiberal, niggardly. scapegrace, n. rogue, scamp, blacksheep, miscreant. scar, n. cicatrix, seam, cicatrice; blemish, disfigurement, flaw. Associated Words: cicatricial, cicatrisive, cicatrizant, cicatrize, cicatrization, escharotic. scarce, a. rare, unplentiful, deficient. scarcity, n. dearth, deficiency, insufficiency, lack, drought, rarity, paucity. scare, v. frighten, intimidate, terrify, daunt, cow, appall, startle, affright, alarm, browbeat, dismay, terrorize, overawe. Antonym: reassure. scare, n. fright, alarm, terror, panic, consternation. scarecrow, n. guy, effigy; ragamuffin. scarf, n. muffler, tippet, neckcloth, neckerchief, cravat, necktie, maniple. scarfskin, n. epidermis, cuticle. scary, a. (Colloq.) timid, apprehensive, alarming, frightful. scatter, v. dissipate, disperse, dispel, separate; intersperse. scatter-brained, a. giddy, thoughtless, flighty, careless. scattering, a. scattered, sporadic. scattering, n. dissipation, dispersion; interspersion. scene, n. spectacle, show, exhibition, display, view, scenery. scenery, n. view, landscape, prospect. scent, n. odor, smell, perfume; _flair_. See smell. scepter, n. royal mace, sovereignty. schedule, n. list, catalogue, table. scheme, n. design, plan, project, machination, intrigue, cabal; outline, draught, arrangement, plan, system. scheme, v. devise, excogitate, plan, machinate, plot, design. schemer, n. plotter, intriguer, machinator, intrigant, planner, contriver. scheming, a. artful, designing, intriguing, Machiavelian, tricky, wily, insidious. Antonyms: guileless, undesigning, artless. schismatic, a. dissentious, heretical, dissentient, schismatical. schismatic, n. nonconformist, dissenter, separatist, heretic, sectary. scholar, n. pupil, student, learner, disciple; savant, philomath. scholarly, a. scholarlike, erudite, scholastic. scholarship, n. erudition, learning, knowledge, attainments, polymathy. school, n. institute, academy, seminary, college, gymnasium conservatory, university; denomination, sect; shoal; clinic. school, v. train, educate, drill, teach. schooling, n. education, training, nurture, discipline; tuition. scientist, n. savant. scintilla, n. iota, trace, whit, particle, mite, bit, tittle, jot, scrap, atom. scion, n. descendant, heir; shoot, sprout. scoff, v. deride, ridicule, mock, sneer, gibe, jeer, contemn. scoffer, n. derider, ridiculer, mocker, sneerer, scorner, contemner, jeerer. scoffery, n. mockery, derision, ridicule, jeering. scold, v. chide, berate, censure, reprimand, blame, reprove, brawl, lecture, reprehend, vituperate, rate, rebuke, declaim against. scold, n. shrew, vixen, virago, termagant, rixatrix, Xantippe. scolding, n. chiding, censure, rating, reprimand, reprehension, rebuke, berating. scolding, a. berating, chiding, censorious, shrewish, reprehensory, termagant. scoop, n. ladle; cavity, hollow; stroke, sweep, swoop. scope, n. design, purpose; opportunity, space, room, liberty; extent, compass, purview. scorch, v. singe, char, torrefy, burn, parch. score, n. tally, account; notch, incision; motive, account, reason, sake, consideration, behalf; line, groove; twenty. score, v. notch, scratch, cut; record, enter. scorn, n. contempt, disdain, derision, contumely, mockery, slight. scorn, v. despise, reject, contemn, disregard, scout, spurn. scornful, a. disdainful, contemptuous, contumelious, defiant. Scotch, n. Gaelic. Scotchman, n. Scot, Scotsman, Caledonian, Gael, Celt. Scotland, n. Scotia, Caledonia. scoundrel, n. villain, knave, rascal, scamp, rogue, caitiff, reprobate, cheat, swindler, libertine, miscreant, bezonian, vagabond, wretch. scoundrelism, n. villainy, turpitude, knavery, rascality. scourge, n. affliction, infliction, bane, punishment. scout, v. disdain, flout, contemn, scorn, spurn, scoff, ridicule. scout, n. spy. scowl, v. glower, frown, lower.--n. frown. scowling, a. sullen, glowering, frowning, lowering. scraggy, a. scragged, craggy; scrawny, lank, gaunt, skinny, angular. scramble, v. scrabble, clamber; struggle, contend, strive. scrap, n. bit, fragment, morsel, crumb; excerpt, extract; pl. cracklings. scrapbook, n. commonplace book, album. scrape, n. difficulty, predicament, dilemma. scrape, v. abrade, rasp, grate, rub; gather, collect; erase, remove. scraper, n. rasper. scrappy, a. fragmentary, disconnected, inconsistent. scratch, v. scrape; scribble; erase, expunge; scarify. scratch, a. (Slang) haphazard, chance, improvised. scrawl, n. scribble. scrawny, a. (Colloq.) angular, lank, meager, scraggy, bony, rawboned, gaunt. screak, n. creaking, screech, squeak.--v. screech, creak, squeak. scream, n. shriek, screech, yell, outcry. screech, n. shriek, scream, screak. screechy, a. discordant, unmelodious, unmusical, strident. screed, n. tirade, diatribe, harangue. screen, n. shield, protection, guard, defense, traverse, fender; mask, disguise; sieve, riddle; jube, parclose, rood screen; pavesade. screen, v. shield, defend, protect, cover, conceal, cloak, hide; sift, riddle. screw, v. twist, wrench, force, squeeze; oppress, rack; distort. screw, n. extortioner, skinflint. scribe, n. writer, scrivener, amanuensis, copyist. scrimmage, n. skirmish, scuffle, scrabble, row, fight. scrimp, v. limit, straiten, scant, stint. scrimp, a. scanty. scrofula, n. king's evil. Associated Words: scrofulide, scrofulous. scrotum, n. cod. Associated Words: scrotal, varicocele, spermatic cord, pneumatocele, gubernaculum, cirsotomy, dartos, urocele, sarcocele, mesorchium, scrotocele, _vas_ _deferens_, suspensory. scrub, n. jungle, thicket, brushwood. scrubby, a. stunted, dwarfed, undeveloped, scrub, insignificant. scrumptious, a. (Slang) fine, elegant, excellent, fastidious, particular. scruple, n. hesitation, doubt; twenty grains. scrupulous, a. conscientious, exact, strict, punctilious, particular. scuffle, n. tussle, struggle, encounter, contest, fight, fray. scullion, n. menial. sculpture, n. statuary. scum, n. dross, recrement, refuse, waste, froth.--v. despumate. scurrilous, a. indecent, scurrile, opprobrious, insulting, abusive. scurry, v. hurry, scamper, scuddle, scuttle. scurry, a. despicable, abject, low, mean, contemptible. scurvy, n. scorbutus. scuttle, n. coal hod; manhole. scuttle, v. scuddle, hurry, bustle, run. scythe, n. Associated Words: swath, snath. scythestone, n. whetstone. sea, n. Associated Words: marine, naval, maritime, nautical, Davy Jones, pelagic, pelagian, loom, looming, submarine, ultramarine, rote, frith, estuary, fiord, kraken, Triton, haliography, haliographer, hydrography, thalassography, marinorama, nereid, mirage, nautilus, thalassotherapy. seacoast, n. seaboard, seashore, seaside, beach, strand, seamarge. sea cow. manatee; dugong; walrus. sea fight. naval battle, naumachy. sea horse. hippocampus; walrus. sea king. Norse pirate chief, Viking (pirate). seal, n. Associated Words: rookery, pup. seal, n. signet; assurance, ratification, attestation, authentication, confirmation; cachet (seal of a letter); breloque (jewel). Associated Words: sphragistics, sigillography, sigillate. seal, v. ratify, authenticate, confirm, attest. sea letter. passport, sea pass. sealing, n. confirmation, ratification, authentication, attestation, obsignation. seam, n. suture, commissure; layer, stratum. seamaid, n. mermaid, sea-nymph, siren. seaman, n. sailor, seafarer, mariner, tarpaulin, tar, salt, sea dog, Jacky, beachcomber; merman; midshipman, middy, skipper, cockswain, pilot, navigator. sear, v. cauterize, scorch. sear, a. dry, withered, dead, sere. search, v. examine, explore, hunt, seek, overhaul; rummage, ransack, ferret; scrutinize, probe, sift. search, n. quest, research, pursuit. searcher, n. seeker. searchless, a. unsearchable, impenetrable, inscrutable. seared, a. scorched, cauterized; callous, case-hardened. searing, n. scorching, cautery, cauterization, cauterizing. Associated Words: cauter, cauterant, cauterism, cautery. seashore, n. seacoast, seaside, seaboard. seasickness, n. nausea, _mal de mer_. sea soldier. marine. season, v. habituate, inure, harden, accustom, acclimatize, acclimate; dry, mature; flavor, spice. seasonable, a. opportune, timely, suitable, apropos, convenient. seasoning, n. condiment, spice, relish, sauce, flavor, salt, _hautgoût_. seat, n. site, abode, situation, station; fundament, buttocks, bottom, breech; chair, sofa, tête-à-tête, divan, settee; banquette, dickey, rumble; bench, form; pew. seat, v. usher. seaweeds, n. pl. algæ, dulse, sea lettuce, confervæ, wrack; sargasso; kelp, fucus, rockweed. Associated Words: algology, algous, fucivorous, fucoid, fucoidal, fucosol, laver, barilla, phycology, phycography, varec, rhabdolith. secluded, a. sequestered, isolated, retired, withdrawn, covert, lonely. seclusion, n. sequestration, isolation, solitude, loneliness, retirement. second, n. backer, supporter, assistant.--v.. back, support, abet. secondary, a. subordinate, second, inferior, minor, collateral. secondary, n. subordinate, deputy, delegate, proxy, underling, auxiliary. second-class, a. inferior, second-rate. second son. Associated Word: secundogeniture. second sight. prophetic vision, deuteroscopy. second thought. reconsideration. secrecy, n. seclusion, privacy, retirement, concealment, confidence. secret, a. mystery, arcanum; pl. confidences; pl. genitals; pl. _penetralia_. Associated Words: secretive, secretory, confide, confidential. secret, a. hidden, concealed, unrevealed, mysterious, cryptic, recondite, occult, esoteric, cabalistic, abstruse, unknown, latent; secluded, privy, withdrawn, retired, covert, private, sequestered; stealthy, underhand, clandestine, sly, surreptitious, confidential, undetected. Antonyms: overt, revealed, open, exoteric, manifest. secretary, n. amanuensis, clerk, writer, scribe; writing-desk, escritoire, scrutoire. Associated Words: secretarial, secretariat, portfolio. secrete, v. bury, hide, conceal, shroud, disguise, cloak. secretion, n. concealment, hiding. secretive, a. uncommunicative, taciturn, reserved, silent, wary. secretiveness, n. taciturnity, reserve, silence, uncommunicativeness, wariness. secret language. cryptology, argot, flash. secret name. cryptonym. secrets, n. pl. confidences, mysteries; arcana, _penetralia_. secret science. esoterics, cabala. secret vice. masturbation, onanism, self-abuse. secret writing. cryptography, cipher, steganography, cryptogram. sect, n. school, party, denomination. sectarian, a. denominational. section, n. portion, part, division, segment, piece; paragraph. secular, a. temporal, worldly, laic, civil. secure, a. safe, confident, assured, fast, immovable, stable, indemnified. Antonyms: insecure, risky, hazardous. secure, v. gain, procure, obtain, get, acquire; fasten, moor; guarantee, ensure, insure, assure, indemnify; defend, guard, shield, protect. security, n. safety, confidence, assurance, certainty; warranty, surety, indemnification, pledge, indemnity, bond, guarantee, vadium; defense, protection, bulwark. sedate, a. staid, demure, imperturbable, composed, calm. sedative, a. composing, soothing, anodyne. sedative, n. anæsthetic, narcotic, opiate, hypnotic. sediment, n. precipitate, dregs, lees, settlings, grounds, feculence. sedition, n. rebellion, revolt, insurrection, riot, mutiny, insubordination. seditious, a. rebellious, insubordinate, insurgent, mutinous. seduce, v. entice, tempt, betray, allure. seducement, n. seduction, enticement. seducer, n. Lothario. seduction, n. enticement, temptation, allurement, lure. seductive, a. alluring, attractive, siren, enticing. see, v. perceive, descry, view, behold, witness, espy; discern, distinguish, observe, note, notice, observe, understand, grasp; watch, regard, look after; accompany, escort; interview, visit. Antonyms: overlook, ignore, miss, skip, connive at. seed, n. semen, sperm; first principle, origin, source. seed, n. kernel, grain, pip, ovule. Associated Words: carpology, spermologist, seminal, semination, seminific, spermophyte, angiosperm, pericarp, angiospermous, carpolite, germinate, germination, achene, carpel, spermophyta, silique, silicle, weevil, chorion, testa, tegmen, endopleura, capsule, pod. seedy, a. (Colloq.) shabby, tacky, threadbare; spiritless. seeing, n. perception, viewing, espial, descrying, beholding; discernment, observation, comprehension; sight, vision. Antonyms: imperception, blindness, connivance. See sight. seek, v. search for, hunt; aim at, strive after, attempt. seeming, n. appearance, show, semblance, speciousness, guise, look. seemingly, adv. apparently, ostensibly. seemly, a. becoming, suitable, proper, appropriate, meet, befitting. seep, v. percolate. seer, n. prophet, vaticinator, predictor, diviner. seething, a. boiling, ebullient. segment, n. section, part, portion, piece; (Biol.) metamere, somite, somatome. seize, v. apprehend, snatch, clutch, catch, gripe, grasp, grapple; arrest; confiscate, usurp, appropriate; distrain, distress. seizure, n. apprehension, grasping; capture; confiscation, usurpation. seldom, adv. infrequently, rarely. select, v. pick out, choose, prefer, cull, single out, elect.--a. choice. Antonyms: promiscuous, indiscriminate. selecting, a. elective, eclectic. selection, n. choice, election, preference, pick; collection, assortment. Antonyms: promiscuity, indiscrimination. self, n. ego, person, individual. Associated Words: egoism, egoist, egoistic, egotism, egotist, egotistical. self-abasement, n. self-degradation, humility, meekness. self-abuse, n. masturbation, onanism, secret vice, self-pollution. self-acting, a. automatic. self-conceit, n. egotism, overweening, priggishness, vanity. self-conceited, a. egotistical, vain, overweening, priggish, opinionated, bumptious, conceited. self-consumption, n. autophagy. self-defense, n. Associated Word:: jujutsu. self-deification, n. autotheism. self-denial, n. self-abnegation, asceticism, self-sacrifice, abstemiousness. Antonyms: self-indulgence, sensuality, voluptuousness. self-denying, a. self-sacrificing, unselfish, ascetic, abstemious. self-evident, a. axiomatic, obvious. self-examination, n. introspection; autoscopy. self-explanatory, a. obvious. self-fear, n. self-distrust, autophoby. self-fertilization, n. autogamy. self-government, n. self-control; democracy; autonomy. Antonyms: subjection, heteronomy, abandon, subordination. self-heating, a. idiothermic. self-importance, n. pompousness, pomposity, vanity, conceit. self-important, a. pompous, vain, opinionated, bumptious. selfish, a. ungenerous, narrow, illiberal, uncharitable. self-knowledge, n. autology. self-murderer, n. suicide, _felo-de-se_. self-possessed, a. composed, unruffled, sedate, calm, collected. self-possession, n. composure, equanimity, calmness, _aplomb_. Antonyms: discomposure, agitation. self-righteous, a. pharisaic, sanctimonious. self-sufficiency, n. self-complacency. self-taught person. autodidact, automath. self-worship, n. autolatry, idiolatry. sell, v. vend, barter, exchange; betray; (Slang) deceive, impose upon, cheat. sell, n. (Slang) imposition, cheat, hoax, deception, trick, fraud. seller, n. vender, vendor. selling, n. vendition, barter, vending, sale. selvedge, n. listing. semen, n. sperm, seed. Associated Words: seminal, spermatic, spermatism, gonic, aspermatism, aspermia, seminific, seminiferous, spermatoid, spermatozoid, spermic, spermary, spermatorrhea, spermatozoa, emission, _vesiculæ seminales_, fecundate. semicircle, n. hemicycle. send, v. dispatch, commission, delegate; transmit, forward. send back. return, remand, recommit. sending back. return, remand, remandment, recommitment. senile, a. decrepit, feeble, aged, infirm. senility, n. dotage, decrepitude, old age. seniority, n. eldership, superiority. sensation, n. consciousness, feeling, perception; excitement. Associated Words: æsthesiology, sensorium, sentient, sensific, sensory, sentiency, insentient, sensifacient, sensiferous, sensificatory, sensitive, æsthesiometer, æsthesiogen, catalepsy, anæsthesia. sensational, a. melodramatic, emotional, exciting, thrilling. sense, n. perception, sensation, sensibility, feeling, æsthesia; apprehension, understanding; wisdom, sagacity; judgment, notion, opinion, sentiment, view; conviction, consciousness. Associated Words: æsthematology, æsthesiography, sensuous, sensual, sensuality, sensuousness. sense, v. (Colloq.) perceive, recognize. senseless, a. insensible, unconscious; absurd, silly, nonsensical, inept, foolish, idiotic, fatuous, unwise. senselessness, n. insensibility, unconsciousness; fatuity, absurdity. sensibility, n. susceptibility, sensitiveness, delicacy, feeling, emotion. sensible, a. apprehensible, perceptible; susceptible, impressible, conscious, cognizant, aware; wise, judicious, discreet, intelligent. Antonyms: insensible, unconscious. sensitive, a. susceptible, impressible, sentient, irritable. sensual, a. unspiritual, carnal, fleshly, sensuous; voluptuous, luxurious, sybaritic, wanton, licentious, self-indulgent. sensualist, n. voluptuary, epicure, sybarite. sensuality, n. voluptuousness, carnality, sybaritism; wantonness, licentiousness, self-gratification. sensuous, a. sensual. Antonym: insensuous. sentence, n. opinion, decision, determination, judgment; axiom, maxim, precept, posy, adage, epigram, apothegm, saying. sententious, a. terse, pithy, laconic, epigrammatic. sentient, a. sensitive, perceptive, conscious, susceptible. Antonyms: insentient, insusceptible. sentiment, n. thought, feeling; judgment, notion, opinion; maxim, saying, toast; sensibility, susceptibility. sentimental, a. romantic, impressible, emotional, lackadaisical. Antonyms: unsentimental, matter-of-fact, pragmatical. sentinel, n. guard, sentry, watchman, picket, vidette, perdue. Associated Word: cordon. separable, a. divisible, detachable, severable, partible. Antonym: inseparable. separate, v. divide, dissolve, detach, sunder, sever, disconnect, part, disjoin, withdraw, rend, dissociate, disengage, isolate, disunite, eliminate, disintegrate, segregate, scatter, disperse, dissipate, sequester, cleave, insulate, dissever, deglutinate. separate, a. detached, disconnected, disjoined, separated, apart, distinct, isolated, segregated, disunited, severed, withdrawn. separation, n. division, segregation, disunion, disconnection, sequestration, disjunction, dissolution, disengagement, disintegration, insulation, isolation, rupture, dissociation, divorce, analysis, decomposition, detachment, demarcation, severance, partition, deglutination. separatist, n. nonconformist, dissenter, sectary, schismatic. sequel, n. continuation, conclusion, consequence, result, outcome. sequence, n. succession, series, following; result, sequel, consequence. sequestered, a. secluded. sere, a. dry, withered, sear. serenade, n. nocturne; (burlesque) charivari, callithump. serene, a. calm, placid, composed, tranquil, unruffled, unclouded. serenity, n. calmness, composure, tranquillity; cloudlessness, clearness. serf, n. bondman, thrall, slave, bond servant, villein. serfdom, n. thralldom, slavery, subjection, bondage, servitude. serious, a. grave, earnest, thoughtful, solemn, staid, sober, demure, saturnine; momentous, important, weighty, grave; dangerous, alarming, critical. seriousness, n. gravity. Antonyms: levity, frivolity, triviality. sermon, n. homily, exhortation (religious), discourse. Associated words: homiletics, homiletic, homilist. serpent, n. snake, reptile, ophidian; basilisk, cockatrice, amphisbæna. Associated Words: ophiology, ophiolatry, ophiophagous, ophiography, herpetology, ophidian, ophiologic, ophiomorphous, herpetologist, herpetotomy, herpetotomist, ophiologist, ophiomancy, echidna, echidnine, fang, uræus, serpentry, reptilian, anguiform, anguine. serpentine, a. serpentlike, subtle, sinuous, winding, zigzag, tortuous. servant, n. dependent, subaltern, subordinate, helper, servitor, attendant, retainer; domestic, maid, menial, drudge, valet, flunky, groom, coistril, lackey, underling, fag, coolie, butler, factotum, orderly, soubrette, equerry. serve, v. attend, wait upon; promote, advance, contribute, conduce to; subserve; treat, requite; satisfy, suffice, content, answer, do; deal, distribute. service, n. labor, employment, office, duty, business, function, ministry; ritual, ceremony, rite; advantage, benefit, avail, use, utility; homage, obeisance. servile, a. slavish, abject, cringing, groveling, obsequious; dependent, enslaved. servitude, n. bondage, enslavement. set, v. place, put, fix, establish, locate, station; adjust, regulate, adapt; oppose, obstruct; appoint, assign. set, a. fixed, immovable, rigid, firm, obstinate, inflexible, unyielding; regular, uniform, established, prescribed, ordained, appointed. set, n. clique, group, class, party, coterie, circle, band, company. set aside. displace, supersede. setback, n. (Colloq.) backset, check, repulse, reverse, relapse. set-off, n. offset; counterclaim, equivalent. set-out, n. display, equipage, rig, turnout; (Colloq.) preparations. settle, v. fix, establish; ordain, install; adjust, determine, decide; sink, subside, fall; precipitate; quiet, calm, pacify, tranquillize; colonize, people. settlement, n. establishment; ordination, installation; colonization, colony; adjustment; subsidence. settler, n. pioneer, colonist. settlings, n. pl. sediment, dregs, lees, precipitate, grounds, feculence; foots. set-to, n. (Colloq.) contest, conflict, encounter, combat, fight, scrimmage. seven, n. heptade. Associated Words: septenary, septuple, septette, septenate, septemvirate, septemvir, heptarchy. sevenfold, a. septuple. seven languages. Associated Word: heptaglot. seven-sided, a. heptagonal, septilateral. seven-sided figure. heptagon, heptahedron. seventy, n. Associated Words: septuagenary, septuagesimal, Septuagint. seventy years. Associated Words: septuagenarian, septuagenary. seven years. septennate. Associated Words: septennial, septennially, septenary. sever, v. part, divide, disunite, separate, disjoin, detach, disconnect. several, a. various, diverse, manifold, divers, sundry. severe, a. drastic, harsh, stern, rigorous, exact, cruel; serious, sedate, grave, austere, sober; distressing, afflictive, sharp, acute, violent, intense; inexorable, stern, exacting, peremptory, unrelenting, unmerciful; plain, austere, unembellished, unadorned; methodical, strict, precise, exact. severity, n. rigor, rigorousness, harshness, exactness, cruelty; seriousness, gravity; violence, intensity, acuteness; austerity, simplicity, plainness; exactness, strictness, preciseness. sew, v. stitch; baste. sewer, n. Associated Words: sewerage, sewage. sewing woman. seamstress. sex, n. Associated Words: sexual, gender, bisexual, unisexual, epicene, hermaphrodite, hermaphroditism, androgyne, androgyny, gonad. sexless, a. asexual, agamous. sexton, n. janitor (of a church), sacristan, sacrist. sexual desire. lust, venereal appetite, sexual appetite, carnal appetite, lasciviousness, venery, concupiscence, salacity, salaciousness, aphrodisia; satyriasis (immoderate); nymphomania (morbid in women); (of animals) œstrus, rut, heat, œstruation. Antonym: anaphrodisia. Associated Words: aphrodisiac, antaphrodisiac, anaphrodisiac, aphrodisiacal, amative, amativeness, amorous, amorousness, amatory, antiorgastic, philter, œstrual, sedative, erotic, erotomania, sadism, satyromaniac. sexual intercourse. coition, copulation, venery, sexual conjunction; (illicit) fornication, bawdry; prostitution, putage; adultery; incest; rape; (unnatural) sodomy, buggery, pederasty; (of birds) tread. Antonyms: continence, chastity, virginity. Associated Words: venereal, incontinence, incontinent, unchastity, copulatory, gonorrhea, clap, syphilis, cenogamy, infibulation, intromittent, access, nonaccess, orgasm, fecundation, impregnate, impregnation, copulate, lecher, lechery, lecherous, libertine, libertinism, house of assignation, bawd, procurer, bawdry, pander, catamite. sexual love. venery, amorousness, amativeness. sexual organs. genitals, privates, private parts, organs of generation, pudenda, virilia; (male) penis, testicles; (female external) vulva, pudendum; (internal) womb, uterus, ovaries, vagina, clitoris. Associated Words: agamic, agamous, protandric, protandrism, nympha, maidenhead, pudic, pubes, spermatheca, gonad, masturbation, infibulation. sexual power. virility; fecundity. Associated Word: emasculate. sexual weakness. (male) impotency, sexual debility, invirility, emasculation, eviration; (female) sterility, defemination, infecundity. shabby, a. seedy, threadbare, tacky (Colloq.); mean, despicable, scurvy, contemptible. shack, n. (Colloq.) vagabond, tramp, loafer; hut, shanty, hovel, cabin. shackle, n. handcuff, manacle, fetter. shackle, v. manacle, hamper, fetter; impede, trammel. shade, n. umbrage, shadow; pl. darkness, obscurity, gloom, shadows; retreat, seclusion; screen, protection, curtain, awning, blind; spirit, ghost, specter, phantom, manes; minute difference, variation, nuance. shade, v. screen; obscure, dim, obfuscate, cloud, darken, eclipse. shadow, n. shade, darkness, penumbra, adumbration; prefiguration. Associated Words: sciagraphy, sciomachy, periscian, silhouette, sciomancy. shadow, v. shade, screen; adumbrate, typify, symbolize; cloud, obscure. shadowy, a. unsubstantial, visionary, illusory, chimerical. shady, a. umbrageous, shadowy, umbriferous; sheltered, screened; (Colloq.) equivocal, questionable, corrupt. shaft, n. arrow, spear, missile; column, obelisk; handle, helve; spire, pinnacle; pole, tongue, thill; axis. shake, v. agitate, jar, jolt, convulse, concuss, jounce, dodder, tremble, trill, shiver, totter, joggle, jiggle, wave, vibrate, shudder. shake, n. jar, shivering, jolt, shaking, shudder. shaking, n. concussion, agitation, disturbance, trembling, convulsion. shaky, a. trembling, shaking; (Colloq.) unsound, tottering. shallow, a. shoal; superficial, frivolous, senseless. sham, n. pretense, feint, delusion, imposition, mockery, fraud, imitation, dissimulation, simulation. sham, a. counterfeit, spurious, pretended, dummy, unreal false, mock, simulated. sham, v. feign, pretend, imitate, personate, dissimulate. shame, n. ignominy, dishonor, reproach, derision, contempt discredit, opprobrium, scandal, disgrace, obloquy; mortification, abashment, humiliation, discomfiture; modesty, decency. shame, v. humiliate, mortify, disconcert; disgrace, degrade; mock, deride, ridicule. shamefaced, a. bashful, diffident, modest. shameful, a. indecent, immodest, obscene; scandalous, disgraceful, reproachful, ignominious, infamous, flagitious, disreputable, vile, opprobrious. shameless, a. immodest, unabashed, indelicate, indecent, unblushing, audacious, brazen-faced, abandoned, graceless. shammy, n. chamois. shanty, n. hut, hovel, shack. shape, v. form, mould, fashion, frame; adjust, regulate, design, plan, arrange. shape, n. form, figure, guise, appearance. shapeless, a. misshapen, unsymmetrical, unshapely, formless, amorphous. shapely, a. symmetrical, well-formed, comely, well-proportioned. share, v. apportion, divide; partake, participate in. share, n. portion, allotment, quota, dole, proportion, contingent, dividend. sharer, n. participator, partaker; divider, distributor. shark, n. (Colloq.) sharper, trickster, cheat, swindler; fraud, trickery. sharp, a. pointed, trenchant, incisive, keen; poignant, piercing, acute, penetrating, severe, excruciating, intense, subtile, violent; biting, sarcastic, acrimonious, acrid, cutting; sagacious, clever, perspicacious, ingenious, bright, discerning, resourceful, astute, shrewd, apt, smart, long-headed, acuminous; fierce, fiery, unquenchable, eager; exacting, close; steep, abrupt, precipitous; pungent, piquant peppery, high-seasoned: shrill, piercing; peaked, ridged. sharpen, v. intensify, aggravate, quicken; hone, grind, point, whet. sharpening stone. whetstone, hone, oilstone, grindstone, abradant. sharper, n. trickster, swindler, knave, cheat, extortioner, blackleg. sharpness, n. keenness, poignancy, acuity, acuteness, edge; asperity, acrimony, impatience; acumen, sagacity, shrewdness, astuteness, aptness; pungency, piquancy. sharp practice. trickery, chicanery. sharp-sighted, a. eagle-eyed, acute, perspicacious, argus-eyed. shatter, v. shiver, demolish; disorder, derange. shave, n. shaving; spokeshave, drawshave. sheath, n. case, scabbard; covering. shed, v. diffuse, emit, radiate, spread; cast, exuviate, moult, mew, discard; doff. shed, n. outhouse, lean-to, shack, shanty. shedding, n. (skins_, _shells_, _etc.) exuviation, ecdysis, moulting. she-devil, n. Jezebel, fury, virago, termagant. sheen, n. shine, luster, gloss, brightness, splendor. sheep, n. _Ovis_, _Ovis aries_; (male) ram, buck; (female) ewe; (young) lamb, eanling; (castrated ram) wether; (leader of the flock) bellwether; hoggerel, hogget. Associated Words: bleat, braxy, gid, mutton, flock, ovine, shepherd, shepherdess, cosset, raddle, yean, ean, lowbell, abigeat, sheepcote, fold. sheep-dog, n. collie, shepherd dog. sheepish, a. bashful, shy, over-modest. sheepskin, n. sheep-pelt, pelt, woolfell; roan; (Cant) diploma. Associated Words: fellmonger, woolpuller, skiver, budge. sheer, a. thin; unadulterated, pure, unmixed; precipitous, abrupt, perpendicular. shelf, n. mantel, mantelpiece; bracket, console; ledge, shallow, shoal; banquette. shell, n. shuck, putamen; test, testa, episperm, spermoderm. Associated Words: scleroid, enucleate, enucleation, inenucleable. shell, n. armature, case, exoskeleton, shale; carapace, plastron; cockle, conch, periwinkle, cowrie, whelk, mitre shell, abilone shell; exuviae (cast-off); conchite (fossil). Associated Words: conchology, conchologist, malacology, testaceous, cockled, mollusk, conchiferous, conchiform conchometer, conchometry, crustacean, exuvial, exuviate, exuviation, Loricata, bivalve, multivalve, univalve. shell, n. framework; bomb, torpedo, shrapnel, grenade. shell, v. hull, shuck, shale, enucleate; bombard, besiege. shellfish, n. pl. Mollusks, Mollusca, Testacea. shell money. wampum, hiagua, peag, colcol, kopkops, seawan, suckanhock. shelter, n. protection, screen, cover, shield, defense, covert, security, lee; asylum, refuge, retreat, haven, sanctuary. shelter, v. shield, protect, defend, screen, ensconce, cover. Antonym: expose. sheltered, a. protected, covert. shepherd, n. pastor, pastoralist. Associated Words: bucolic, pastoral, staff, crook. shibboleth, n. watchword, party cry. shield, n. ægis, buckler, escutcheon, scutcheon, pavise, scutum; defense, protection, palladium, bulwark, safeguard. Associated Words: scutal, bouche. shield, v. defend, protect, safeguard; ward off, repel. shield-shaped, a. thyroid. shift, v. veer, change, turn; quirk, quibble, palter; change, substitute. shift, n. subterfuge, device, contrivance, evasion, stratagem, trick, dodge; resource, expedient, change, substitution; chemise. shifting, a. unstable, variable, changeable. shiftless, a. improvident, unthrifty, thriftless, wasteful. Antonyms: thrifty, industrious. shilly-shally, adv. irresolutely, hesitatingly. shilly-shally, n. hesitation, irresolution, indecision, vacillation, wavering, trifling, evasion, dalliance. shilly-shally, v. hesitate, waver, trifle, dally, vacillate, dodge, be irresolute. shin, n. shank. shindy, n. (Slang) uproar, disturbance, riot, row; hockey; liking, fancy. shine, v. beam, radiate, gleam, irradiate, glisten, glow, glitter, flare, glare; excel, surpass; polish. shine, n. luster, polish, gloss, sheen, radiance, resplendence, brilliancy, lucency, glaze. shine, n. (Slang) liking, fancy; caper, antic, dido. shining, a. radiant, beaming, lustrous, luminous, glowing, brilliant, lucent, bright, sleek, glazed, glistening, splendent, resplendent, glossy, shiny; conspicuous, noticeable. shining between. interlucent. shining round. circumfulgent. ship, n. vessel. Associated Words: barratry, hypothecate, hypothecation. ship, v. transport; deport; (Colloq.) dismiss, send away. shipbuilder, n. shipwright. shipment, n. shipping, transportation; consignment. ship mortgage. bottomry, hypothecation. shipping, n. shipment, transportation; navigation. shipwreck, n. wreckage; disaster, destruction, ruin, subversion, miscarriage. Associated Words: salvage, flotsam, jetsam, derelict, jettison. shipwrecked person. castaway. shirk, v. avoid, evade, neglect. shirt, n. smock, chemise, shift, tunic, camise. shiver, n. splinter, sliver; shivering, tremor, horripilation. shoal, n. shallow, sandbank, bar.--a. shallow. shock, v. dismay, horrify, appall, terrify, frighten; stook; astound, stun, paralyze, scandalize, outrage, offend. shock, n. impact, blow, collision, concussion, onset, brunt, clash, percussion; stroke, blow; stook, hattock. shocking, a. scandalous, appalling, offensive, outrageous, heinous, dire. shod, p.p. and a. calced, calceated. shoddy, a. (Colloq.) sham, spurious, mock. shoddy, n. rag wool, mungo. shoe, n. boot, balmoral, Goodyear welt, clog, sock, buskin, sandal, slipper, creedmore, Creole, stogy, chopine, brogan, blucher, bottine, moccasin, oxford, sabot, pump, cracowes, poulaine, racket. shoemaker, n. crispin, cordwainer (Archaic). shoe mender. cobbler. shoe mending. cobbling. shoestring, n. shoelace, latchet. shoot, n. chute, shute, flume, channel. shoot, n. tiller, sucker, sprout, offshoot, chit, twig, scion. shoot, v. discharge, fire; eject, hurl, emit, ejaculate; protrude, project, extend, jut; germinate, sprout; penetrate, dart; fusillade; tiller. shooting, a. darting, piercing. shop, n. workshop, factory; store; warehouse; atelier, studio. shore, n. beach, coast, strand, marge. Associated Words: littoral, circumlittoral, limicoline, shingle, beached. shore, v. prop, brace, buttress, support, stay. shorn, a. sheared, clipped; divested, deprived, fleeced. short, a. brief, contracted, terse, concise, condensed, sententious, laconic, succinct, summary, epigrammatic, pithy; limited, inadequate, insufficient, deficient, scanty; abrupt, curt, uncivil; lacking, shy, unsupplied; crisp, friable, brittle. Antonyms: diffuse, prolix, long. shortage, n. deficiency, insufficiency, inadequacy, deficit, ullage. Antonyms: See surplus. short-billed, a. brevirostral, brevirostrate. shortcoming, n. defect, imperfection, fault, foible, failure. shorten, v. abridge, abbreviate, curtail, reduce, epitomize, contract, retrench, condense, diminish; limit, restrict, restrain, confine, circumscribe; dock, lop. shortening, n. abbreviation, abridgment, contraction, curtailment, reduction, retrenchment. shorthand, n. phonography, stenography. short-headed, a. brachycephalous. short-legged, a. breviped. short-lived, a. ephemeral, mushroom, transitory. shortness, n. brevity, briefness, conciseness, laconism, inadequacy, deficiency, insufficiency, shortage, deficit. short-sighted, a. myopic, near-sighted; unwise, impudent, indiscreet. short-sightedness, n. myopia, near-sightedness; unwisdom, imprudence, indiscretion. short-sighted person. myope. short-winged, a. brevipennate. shot, n. discharge; projectile, bullet, ball; marksman; range, reach. shoulder, n. Associated Words: epaulet, shrug, espauliere, scapular, scapulary, baldric, infrascapular, omagra. shoulder, v. jostle, push; assume, bear. shoulder blade. scapula, omoplate. shout, n. vociferation, halloo, outcry, call, hoot, clamor, acclamation. shout, v. vociferate, yell, halloo, call, clamor, acclaim. show, n. exposure, exhibition, exposition, demonstration, representation; display, spectacle, ostentation, parade, pomp, flourish, splurge, pageantry, splendor: appearance, semblance; pretense, puppetry, speciousness, simulation. show, v. exhibit, present, display, uncover, reveal, disclose, manifest, divulge, evince, proclaim; direct, guide, usher, conduct; demonstrate, explain, expound, exemplify; indicate, signify. showing, n. demonstration, exhibition, presentation, revelation, disclosure, exposition, manifestation; direction, guidance, ushering; explanation, expounding, illustration, interpretation, indication, exemplification. Associated Words: ostensive, ostensible, exhibiting, expository. showy, a. spectacular, pageant, ostentatious, pompous; garish, gaudy, meretricious, gorgeous, flashy, bedizened, gay, conspicuous, tinsel. Antonyms: inconspicuous, modest, unostentatious, quiet, subdued. shred, n. fragment, tatter, rag, strip, frazzle. shrew, n. scold, brawler, termagant, vixen, virago, Xantippe. shrewd, a. astute, sharp; cunning, crafty, wily, artful, long-headed. shrewdness, n. acumen, astuteness, sharpness, long-headedness. shrewish, a. vixenish, termagant, brawling, clamorous. shriek, n. screech, yell, scream. shrill, a. piercing, acute, strident. shrink, v. contract, shrivel, decrease, dwindle; flinch, recoil, blench, wince, winch. shrinkage, n. contraction; (Colloq.) depreciation. shrinking, a. coy, shy, diffident, bashful, modest, retiring. shroud, n. winding-sheet, grave-clothes, cerements. shroud, v. mask, screen, cloak, conceal. shrub, n. bush; pl. shrubbery, thicket, boscage, bosket. shuck, n. shell, husk, pod, shale.--v. shell, enucleate. shudder, n. tremor.--v. tremble, shake, shiver, quake. shuffle, v. jumble, intermix; equivocate, prevaricate, quibble, shift; shamble. shuffle, n. artifice, evasion, prevarication, trick, sophism, ruse. shun, v. avoid, elude, evade, eschew. shut, v. close; debar, exclude, preclude; (shut up) confine, imprison, coop up, incarcerate, immure. shy, a. timid, coy, backward, retiring, diffident, wary, cautious; (Slang) short, lacking. shyness, n. diffidence, coyness, timidity, bashfulness. shyster, n. (Slang) knave, impostor, rogue, cheat. sick, a. ill, unwell, ailing, indisposed, diseased, morbid; nauseated, queasy, squeamish, qualmish; disgusted, surfeited, weary, palled, satiated. sick, v. sick on, incite, urge. sicken, v. nauseate, disgust, pall, surfeit, decay, languish. sickening, a. nauseating, disgusting, fulsome, nauseous, revolting. sickle-shaped, a. falcate, falcated. sickly, a. invalid, unwell, unhealthy, ailing; unwholesome; pale, languid, haggard, puny, peaked. sickness, n. illness, malady, ailment, complaint, disorder, distemper, morbidity, indisposition, invalidism, disease. Associated words: morbidity, morbific, malinger, malingerer, malingery, decumbiture, convalescent, convalescence, relapse, malaise, clinic. sickness of stomach. nausea, qualm, qualmishness. side, n. flank; faction, sect, party. Associated Words: lateral, laterality, laterally, collateral, bilateral, equilateral, quadrilateral, longilateral, lopsided, multilateral, perimeter, ambidexter, ambidextrous, ambidexterity. side, a. lateral, collateral, incidental. side by side. in apposition. Associated Words: apposition, juxtaposition, juxtapose, juxtaposit. side dish. entrée, entremets. sidehill, n. descent, declivity, decline, slope. sidelong, a. lateral, oblique. sidesman, n. partisan. sidetrack, v. shunt; (Colloq.) switch off, divert. sideways, adv., sidewise, askance, obliquely, laterally. sidewise, adv., sideways, askance. siding, n. sidetrack, turnout; clapboards, weatherboarding. siege, n. investment, blockade, besiegement. Associated Words: obsidional, besiege, beleaguer, obsess, obsession, beset. Siena marble. brocatel. sieve, n. strainer, sifter, bolt, bolter, riddle, tammis, tammy. sievelike, a. cribrate, cribrose, cribriform. sift, v. bolt, cribble, riddle; investigate. sifting, n. bolting; (Pharm.) cribration; investigation. sigh, n. suspiration.--v. suspire. sight, n. vision; seeing, view, perception; visibility; spectacle, phenomenon, panorama, vista, gapeseed, cynosure; (Colloq.) great number, many, multitude, great quantity. Associated Words: optics, optical, optic, ocular, optician, caligo, astigmatism, perimeter, perimetry, amaurosis, visual, visualize, apparition. sightly, a. comely, attractive, handsome. sign, n. omen, auspice, portent, prodigy, prognostic, augury, foretoken, presage; mark, token, indication, symptom, index, emblem, symbol; trace, vestige, ensign, signal, beacon; gesture, motion; signature. Associated Words: ominous, portentous, augurial, semeiology, semeiological, sematology, semiotic, semeiography. sign, v. signify, mark, indicate, betoken; subscribe. signal, n. sign, ensign, beacon. Associated Word: pharology. signal, a. memorable, remarkable, noticeable, notable. signature, n. autograph, sign-manual. Associated Word: signatory. signer, n. subscriber, signatory. significance, n. meaning, import; consequence, importance, force. significant, a. momentous, important; indicative, significative. Antonyms: insignificant, unimportant, meaningless. signification, n. meaning, import, acceptation, sense. signify, v. indicate, betoken, denote; mean; matter. silence, n. stillness, quietness; taciturnity, muteness, reserve; secrecy. silence, v. still, hush, quiet, suppress, lull, quell, appease. silent, a. still, quiet, noiseless, inaudible; taciturn, reserved, mute; quiescent. silkworms, n. pl. Associated Words: sericulture, mulberry, cocoon, filature, cocoonery, bombic, bombyx, filator, muscardine. silky, a. sericeous, silken. sill, n. threshold; window sill. silliness, n. folly, foolishness, puerility, stupidity, inanity, inaneness, absurdity, senselessness, ineptitude. silly, a. witless, foolish, simple, fatuous, imbecile, half-witted; stupid, unwise, inept, absurd, inane, nonsensical, senseless, puerile. silver, n. _argentum_; bullion (uncoined silver). Associated words: filigree, platinum, desilverize, desilverization, patio, vermeil, fulguration, silversmith. silvery, a. silver, argent, argentine, argentous, argentiferous. similar, a. like, corresponding, resembling, homogeneous, analogous. similarity, n. analogy, homogeneity, likeness, similitude, correspondence. simile, n. comparison, metaphor. simoon, n. desert wind, khamsin, samiel. simper, n. smirk. simple, a. incomplex, uncompounded, single, elementary, uncombined, mere; plain, unaffected, artless, naïve, unsophisticated; credulous, gullible, silly, oafish. Antonyms: complex, complicated, intricate, artful, crafty, elaborate. simpleton, n. dolt, dunce, numskull, lackbrain, oaf, witling, fool. simulate, v. pretend, feign. simulation, n. pretense, feint, feigning, affectation. simultaneous, a. contemporaneous, synchronal, synchronous. sin, n. iniquity, transgression, wickedness, delinquency, peccadillo, offense, peccancy, unrighteousness. Associated Words: ponerology, hamartiology, peccable, peccability, peccant, _peccavi_, impeccable, impeccability. sin, v. do wrong, trespass, transgress. sincere, a. heartfelt, genuine, unfeigned, undissembling. Antonyms: See insincere. sincerity, n. honesty, unaffectedness, frankness. Antonyms: insincerity, dissimulation. sinew, n. tendon; muscle, thew. sinful, a. iniquitous, wrong, immoral, wicked, depraved, vicious, unrighteous. sinfulness, n. iniquity, immorality, depravity, wickedness. sing, v. carol, warble, chant, hymn, hum, troll, yodel, croon. singe, v. sweal, swale, scorch. singer, n. vocalist, songster, songstress, minstrel, chanter, cantatrice, cantor, prima donna, precentor, bard, troubadour, jongleur, musician. single, a. individual, alone, particular, isolated, sporadic, solitary; unmarried, celibate; simple, unmixed; honest, sincere, ingenuous, frank. single, v. single out, choose, select, separate, isolate, segregate. single-hearted, a. sincere, honest, guileless. single-minded, a. artless, undesigning, guileless. singsong, n. monotone.--a. monotonous, drawling. singular, a. unusual, unconventional, uncommon, strange, peculiar, unwonted, rare, extraordinary, exceptional, odd, whimsical, eccentric, bizarre, queer, unique, unprecedented, unexampled, curious. singularity, n. peculiarity, idiosyncrasy, individuality; curiosity, freak, abnormality, rarity, abnormity, queerness, eccentricity. sinister, a. left; unlucky, inauspicious, evil, wrong, forbidding. sink, v. subside, descend, decline, fall; immerse, submerge, engulf, merge. sinker, n. plummet. sinking, n. subsidence, fall, decrease, decline. sinless, a. innocent, guiltless, undefiled, perfect, blameless, faultless. sinner, n. wrong-doer, delinquent, miscreant, trespasser. See wrong-doer. siren, a. bewitching, fascinating, enticing. sister, n. Associated Words: sororicide, sororize, sorosis, sororal. site, n. location. sitting, n. Associated Words: sedentary, assession, astasia. situation, n. position, place, post, employment, job, location, site, station, position; circumstance, condition, plight, predicament, exigency. sitz bath. hip bath. six, n. Associated Words: sexenary, hexaplar, sextant, sextuple, sextet, sestet, sextic, senary. six-cornered, a. hexangular, hexagonal. six days. hexahemeron. six fingers or toes. Associated Words: sexidigitism, sexidigitist. sixfold, a. sextuple. six-footed, a. hexapod. six months. semester. Associated Words: half-yearly, semi-annual, bi-annual, semestral. six-sided, a. cubic, hexahedral, hexagonal. six-sided body. cube, hexahedron. six-sided figure. hexagon. sixty, n. Associated Words: sexagenary, sexagesimal. sixty years. Associated Words: sexagenarian, sexagenary. six years. Associated Words: sexennial, sexennially. size, n. magnitude, volume, dimensions, amplitude, bulk, extent, bigness. skedaddle, v. (Slang) run away, flee, decamp, scuttle, scamper, scurry. skeptic, n. unbeliever, infidel. skeptical, a. doubtful, disbelieving, incredulous. Antonym: credulous. skepticism, n. doubt, incredulity, infidelity; Pyrrhonism. Antonym: credulity. sketch, n. draught, outline, plan, drawing, design, scenario, esquisse. sketch, v. draught, portray, draw, depict, delineate. skid, n. drag, clog, skidpan. skill, n. adroitness, ingenuity, cleverness, technic, dexterity, proficiency, expertness, facility, deftness, knack. Antonyms: maladroitness, empiricism, quackery, inexpertness, clumsiness. skillful, a. skilled, expert, adroit, dexterous, adept, masterly, proficient, deft, able, efficient, competent, accomplished. Antonyms: unskillful, empirical, maladroit. skimp, v. (Colloq.) scamp, slight, scrimp, save. skimpy, a. (Colloq.) scant, skimp. skin, n. integument, tegument, derm; epidermis, cuticle, scarfskin; true skin, dermis, derma, cutis; membrane, epithelium, ecteron, enderon, ecderon; pelt, pell, pelage, peltry; hide, kip; husk, hull, glume; (of fruit) peel, peeling, rind, paring, epicarp; pellicle, film; episperm, testa, tegmen; slough, exuviae (cast-off-skin); parchment, vellum. Antonyms: pulp, flesh. Associated Words: dermatology, dermatologist, dermic, dermatic, dermal, cutaneous, dermatitis, dermatography, dermatoid, smegma, caul, dermatopathic, dermoplastic, dermoplasty, hypodermic, subcutaneous, dermatopathy, exuviate, exuviation, desquamate, desquamation, slough, dermatophyte, dermostosis, cuticular, epidermal, apellous, abrasion, emphractic, excoriation. skin, v. flay, excoriate; pare, peel; (Slang) cheat, defraud, fleece. skin-deep, a. superficial. skinflint, n. miser, niggard, curmudgeon, scrimp, screw. skinny, a. emaciated, gaunt, rawboned, poor. skip, v. omit, pass, disregard; caper, gambol, jump, leap; ricochet. skip, n. omission; gambol, caper, hop, leap; ricochet. skipper, n. sea-captain; cheese maggot. skirt, n. petticoat (underskirt); kilt; fustanella; kirtle; margin, border, edge, rim. skirt opening. placket. skit, n. reflection, jeer, gibe, satire, squib. skittish, a. timorous, shy; volatile, restless, wanton. skulk, v. sneak, slink, lurk. skull, n. cranium; death's-head. Associated Words: cranial, acrania, acranial, craniology, phrenology, trepan, trephine, fontanel, sphenoid, cephalism, parietes, parietal, crossbones, occiput, frontal, sinciput. skullcap, a. calotte. sky, n. firmament, welkin, empyrean, azure, the heavens. Associated words: meridian, zenith, nadir, horizon, uranology, uranography, zodiac. sky-blue, a. azure, cerulean. skyey, a. ethereal. slack, a. lax, loose, relaxed; remiss, negligent, careless, shiftless; inactive, slow. slacken, v. moderate, retard, slack, reduce; loosen, relax; diminish, abate, mitigate; slake; relax, flag. slackness, n. looseness, laxity, negligence, remissness, carelessness, shiftlessness; relaxation, diminution. slag, n. scoria, cinders, recrement, dross, refuse. slake, v. quench; slack; abate, decrease, allay. slam-bang, adv. (Collog.) violently, forcibly, noisily, loudly. slander, v. malign, defame, traduce, asperse, vilify, calumniate, backbite, scandalize, libel. slander, n. defamation, calumny, aspersion, libel, vilification, scandal, abuse, traducement, backbiting, roorback, vituperation. slanderous, a. defamatory, malicious, vituperative, calumnious, libellous. slant, n. slope, incline, inclination, obliquity.--v. slope, incline. slanting, a. sloping, oblique, slant.--n. obliquity, inclination, tilt. slap, n. cuff, buffet.--v. box, cuff, buffet. slap, adv. (Colloq.) suddenly, violently, unceremoniously, instantly. slap-dash, adv. (Colloq.) carelessly, at random, all at once. slash, n. incision, gash, cut, slit. slate, n. argillite, argillaceous schist; grapholite.--v. enroll, register. slated, a. registered, enrolled (for an appointment). slattern, n. draggle-tail, drab, trollop, niopsy, malkin, drabble-tail. slatternly, a. slattern, untidy, draggle-tailed. slaughter, n. butchery. See killing. slaughter-house, n. abattoir, shambles. slave, n. vassal, bond servant, bondslave, bondman, thrall, serf, captive, helot; drudge. Associated Words: abolitionism, abolitionist, blackbird, maroon. slave, v. drudge, toil, moil. slavery, n. bondage, enslavement, servitude, inthrallment, captivity, bond service, vassalage, thralldom, subjection, helotism; drudgery. slave warehouse. barracoon. slavish, a. servile, menial, abject, groveling. sleazy, a. flimsy, thin, gauzy. sled, n. sleigh, sledge, toboggan. sleek, a. smooth, glossy. sleek, adv. (Low) easily, dexterously. sleep, v. slumber, repose; doze, drowse; lie dormant; hibernate; lodge. sleep, n. slumber, repose; nap, doze, drowse, snooze, dozing; siesta; dormancy, lethargy; trance; sopor, coma, carus; somnipathy, somnolism; dogsleep. Associated Words: hypnology, hypnotic, agrypnotic, hypnosis, hypnotism, narcotic, opiate, dwale, somniloquence, somniloquism, somnial, somniferous, hypnophobia, hypnogogic, stupefacient, mesmeric, soporific, dormitive, soporiferous, soporous, somnific, somnolent, somniloquous, antihypnotic, morphean, oversleep, morphine, narcosis, lullaby, incubation, hypnogenic, Mara, Morpheus, Hypnos, Somnus, dormitory, diurnation, cubicle, insomniac, hibernation, somnipathist, somniloquist, agrypnia, wake, awaken. sleeper, n. slumberer; drone, sluggard; tie; joist. sleepiness, n. drowsiness, somnolence. sleeping, a. asleep, slumbering, dormant. sleepless, a. wakeful, insomnious, insomnolent. sleeplessness, n. wakefulness, insomnia, insomnolence. sleep of plants. nyctitropism. Associated Word: nyctitropic. sleepwalker, n. somnambulist, noctambulist, somnambulator, somnambule. sleepwalking, n. somnambulism, somnambulation, somnambulance, noctambulism, noctambulation. Associated Words: somnambulate, somnambulistic, somnambular, somnambulic. sleepy, a. drowsy, somnolent, dozy; soporiferous, somniferous, soporific, dormitive, narcotic, somnific, hypnotic; dormant, sluggish, lethargic, torpid, dull. sleeve, n. Associated Word: chevron. sleigh, n. cutter, sled, sledge, bobsled, toboggan, jumper, pung. sleight of hand. prestidigitation, jugglery, legerdemain, magic, conjury. Associated Words: prestidigitator, juggler, conjurer, magician, legerdemamist. slender, a. slim, slight, thin, spare, lank, spindling; delicate, feeble, fragile, frail, tenuous; trivial, inconsiderable; abstemious, frugal, spare, plain. slice, n. chop, collop; rasher, flitch. slick, a. sleek, sleeky, smooth. slide, n. slip; flume, shoot, chute. slide, v. slip, glide, lapse, elapse, skid. slight, a. inconsiderable, trivial, insignificant, trifling, petty, paltry; desultory, cursory, superficial, indifferent. slight, n. neglect, inattention, disregard, snub. slight, v. overlook, neglect, disregard, ignore. slightly, adv. somewhat; superficially, cursorily, hastily. slim, a. thin, gaunt, poor, lank, spare, spindling, meager; slight, insufficient, inconsiderable, paltry. slime, n. mud, mire, ooze, liman. slimsy, a. (Colloq.) flimsy, frail, poor. slip, v. slide, glide; err, trip; omit, lose; foist; elapse. slip, n. lapse, error, indiscretion, transgression, peccadillo, mistake; twig, cutting, scion, shoot; escape, riddance, desertion; wrapper, covering. slipper, n. slipshoe; (Oriental) baboosh, babouche. slipperiness, n. smoothness, glibness, lubricity. slippery, a. smooth, glib; inconstant, unstable; loose, incontinent, lubric. slipshod, a. slovenly, careless, negligent. slit, n. gash, incision. sliver, n. splinter. slobber, v. drivel, drool, slabber, slaver; smear, daub, defile. slogan, n. war cry, rallying cry. slope, v. slant, incline. slope, n. inclination, slant, obliquity, acclivity; declivity. sloping, a. oblique, slanting; acclivous; declivous. slosh, n. slush, sludge. sloth, n. sluggishness, indolence, laziness. slothful, a. dronish, lazy, indolent, supine, sluggish, idle, inactive. slouchy, a. slouching, ungainly, awkward. slough, n. quagmire, bog, morass; swale; exuviae. sloughing, n. ecdysis, exuviation. slovenly, a. untidy, disorderly, frowzy, careless. slow, a. deliberate, moderate, gradual; dilatory, languid, unready, phlegmatic, lingering, torpid, sluggish, slack, leisurely; (Colloq.) wearisome, dull, prosaic, uninteresting, tiresome. slow, v. slacken, relax, moderate, delay, retard. sluggish, a. idle, lazy, slothful; inactive, slow, inert. slump, n. (Colloq.) depreciation. slur, v. soil, sully; disparage, traduce, asperse; blur, mackle. slur, n. stain, mark; innuendo, reproach, brand. slush, n. slosh, sludge. slut, n. bitch (femaledog); slattern, quean, malkin. sly, a. cautious, nimble, skillful, arch, wary, knowing, shrewd, cunning, wily, artful; subtle, stealthy, clandestine, covert, surreptitious, furtive. smack, n. taste; kiss, buss; crack, snap. smacking, a. brisk, smart, resounding. small, a. little, minute, diminutive, petty, slight, inconsiderable, puny, tiny, weazened, undeveloped, dwarfish, runty, wee, stunted, inappreciable, undersized, atrophied; miniature; trivial, insignificant, trifling, frivolous; mean, narrow-minded, illiberal, sordid, ungenerous, contracted; short, limited; piping, feeble, weak; microscopic, infinitesimal, molecular, corpuscular, atomic, fine; homeopathic. smallpox, n. variola; varioloid (modified smallpox after vaccination). Associated words: vaccination, vaccine, virus, variolation, vaccinate, pock, pockmark, pockmarked, antivariolus, variolus, pocky, papule, pustule. smart, v. sting, prick, suffer. smart, a. acute, bright, clever, apt, brilliant, gifted, talented; precocious; vigorous, energetic, forcible; fashionable, pretentious, trim, elegant; fresh, smacking, brisk; agile, nimble, lively; pungent, poignant, intense, keen. Antonyms: dull, inapt, dowdy, tawdry. smash, v. shiver, crush.--n. destruction, ruin, wreck; bankruptcy. smatterer, n. sciolist, superficialist. smattering, n. sciolism, superficial knowledge. smear, v. besmear, daub.--n. smooch, smutch, blotch, daub. smeary, a. dauby, sticky, viscous. smell, n. olfaction; odor, savor, scent; (sweet smell) fragrance, aroma, perfume, redolence; (offensive smell) stink, fetor, stench. Antonyms: inodorousness, scentlessness, anosmia. Associated Words: olfactory, reek, fume, perfume, inodorous, malodorous, odoriferous, odorous, osphresiology, osphretic, odorless, deodorize, deodorization, emanation, effluvium, sniff, whiff, disinfect, disinfection, unsavory, savory. smell, v. scent; savor; stink. smelling, n. olfaction, osmesis (Med.). smelling salts. sal-volatile, carbonate of ammonia. Associated word: vinaigrette. smile, n. smiling; propitiousness, favor. smirch, n. smutch, discoloration, smooch. smirk, n. simper, sneer. smite, v. strike, buffet; blast, destroy; afflict, chasten, visit. smithereens, n. pl. (Colloq.) atoms, fragments, smithers, splinters. smitten, p.p. of smite. stricken; blasted; afflicted, chastened; enamored, fascinated, infatuated, captivated. smock, n. shift, chemise, shirt, blouse. smockfaced, a. smoothfaced, girlish, beardless. smoke, n. fume, reek, effluvium; smudge (dense smoke). Associated words: capnomancy, flue, chimney, soot, tewel. smoke, v. reek; fume; infumate; fumigate; suffumigate; smolder. smoking, n. smoldering; fuming; fumigation; infumation suffumigation. smoky, a. fumid, fumy, sooty, reeky, fumacious, fuliginous. smooch, n. smutch, stain, smudge. smooth, v. level, plane, sleek, flatten, planish, levigate; facilitate, pave. smooth, a. even, plain, flat, level, abraded, levigated, slippery, sleek, glary; unruffled, placid; voluble, fluent; suave, oily, bland, insinuating, flattering, smooth-tongued. Antonyms: rough, abrupt. smoothfaced, a. beardless, smockfaced. smoothness, n. evenness, levelness, sleekness; volubility, fluency; suavity. smooth over. palliate, gloze, extenuate, mitigate. smooth-spoken, a. smooth-tongued, adulatory, plausible, glib. Antonyms: brusque, abrupt. smother, v. suffocate, stifle; extinguish, repress, suppress; smolder. smuggler, n. contrabandist. smut, n. scot, dirt, smutch; mildew, blight; obscenity, lewdness, ribaldry. smut, v. stain, blacken, sully, tarnish; crock. smutty, a. obscene, lewd, ribald, indecent, gross. snail, n. sluggard, drone; slug. snake, n. serpent, reptile. See serpent. snakestone, n. madstone; ammonite. snaky, a. serpentine, winding; insinuating, subtle, deceitful. snap, n. spell, period, season, interval; catch, clasp; fillip, crack, smack, fico; (Collog.) energy, briskness, vigor; (Slang) sinecure. snappish, a. captious, irascible, testy, petulant, splenetic, cross. snare, n. catch, wile, trap, gin, lure, decoy, trapan, toils. snarl, v. entangle, complicate, involve, knot; confuse, enmesh, insnare; growl, gnarl. Antonyms: disentangle, unravel, extricate. snarl, n. complication, entanglement, intricacy, knot; confusion; growl. snarler, n. growler, grumbler, fault-finder, cynic. snatch, v. seize, grasp, gripe, wrest, pluck, grab, twitch. sneak, v. skulk, slink, lurk, snoop. sneaking, a. lurking, skulking, slavish, underhand, covert, stealthy. sneer, v. mock, gibe, scoff, flout, jeer, deride, ridicule, scout. sneer, n. gibe, scoff, jeer, gird, derision. sneezing, n. sternutation. Associated Words: sternutative, sternutatory. snicker, n. giggle, titter, snigger. snide, a. (Slang) tricky, deceptive, dishonest, fraudulent. sniff, v. snuff; scent, smell.--n. snuff, breath. snivel, n. mucus, snot. snob, n. upstart, pretender, parvenu; rat, knobstick. snobbish, a. pretentious, assuming, overbearing, uppish. snoring, n. Associated Word: stertorous. snot, n. snivel, mucus (from the nose). snotty, a. snively, mean, despicable. snout, n. nose (of a beast), muzzle, proboscis; nozzle. snow, n. Associated Words: pluviography, flurry, sleet, spoondrift, drift, flake, igloo, slush, avalanche, hyetology, meteorology, blizzard. snowy, a. niveous, snowlike. snub, v. slight, ignore, disregard. snub, n. slight, check, rebuke. snuff, n. maccaboy, rappee; sniff. snug, a. cozy; concealed, close; comfortable, compact. snuggle, v. nestle, cuddle. soak, v. drench, saturate; absorb, imbibe; macerate imbrue, steep. soaked, a. drenched, saturated, sodden. soaking, a. drenching, saturating. soap, n. Associated Words: saponify, saponification, saponifiable, saponin, lather, suds. soapiness, n. saponacity. soap liniment. opodeldoc. soapstone, n. steatite. soapy, a. saponaceous. sob, v. weep. sober, a. temperate, abstinent, abstemious; unintoxicated; solemn, grave, demure, sedate; dispassionate, unimpassioned, calm, rational. sobriety, n. soberness; gravity. sociable, a. affable, friendly, companionable, genial, social, unreserved. Antonyms: unsociable, inaffable. social, a. civil, civic; sociable; festive, convivial. social evil. prostitution. socialism, n. Communism, Fourierism, Saint Simonianism, humanitarianism. society, n. sodality, association, fraternity, club, confraternity, guild; _verein_ (Ger.); companionship, association, fellowship, company. sockdologer, n. (Slang) poser, facer, settler, conclusive answer. sod, n. sward, turf; peat. sodden, a. boiled, seethed; soaked, saturated. sofa, n. tête-à-tête, divan, causeuse. soft, a. mellow; yielding, impressible, impressionable, malleable, fictile, plastic, pliable; bland, emollient, grateful, delicate, subdued; flexible, flaccid, facile, compliant, irresolute; conciliatory, mild; effeminate, unmanly silly, foolish; queachy. soft coal. bituminous coal. soften, v. intenerate, mollify; palliate, extenuate, qualify, modify, relax, mitigate, emolliate, appease, temper, abate; subdue, tone down. softening, a. demulcent, lenient, assuasive, emollient, relaxing, mollient, mollifying. softness, n. mellowness, impressibility, plasticity, flaccidity, fictility, emollescence. soft parts of the body. Associated Word: sarcology. soft soap. (Colloq.) blandishment, blarney, palaver, buncombe, wheedling, cajolery, flattery. soil, n. ground, earth, dirt, humus, land, loam, mold; dirt, pollution, defilement; manure, dung, fæces, excrement. soil, v. dirty, defile, pollute, besmear, contaminate, taint, besmirch, sully, tarnish, begrime. soldier, n. warrior; private; cadet; recruit; veteran; cavalry; infantry; cohort; sepoy; chasseur; zouave; volunteer; conscript; myrmidon; cossack; guerrilla; trooper; skirmisher; grenadier; uhlan; dragoon. soldierly, a. martial, military. soldier's dress. uniform, regimentals. solecism, n. blunder, impropriety, barbarism. solemn, a. serious, sober, grave; impressive, awe-inspiring, august, majestic. solemness, n. solemnity, gravity, impressiveness, seriousness. solicit, v. ask, seek, request. solicitation, n. request, instance, entreaty, invitation. solid, a. dense, compact, hard, impenetrable, firm, unyielding, imporous, concrete, substantial; unanimous, united, undivided. Antonyms: porous, incompact, hollow, spongy, soft, plastic, unstable, fallacious. solidness, n. solidity, firmness, compactness, stability, imporosity; validity. soliloquy, n. monologue. solitary, a. unfrequented, secluded, lonely; single, individual; eremetic, hermitical. solitary, n. recluse, anchoret, hermit, eremite. solitude, n. loneliness, isolation, seclusion, eremitism, retirement; wilderness. Associated Words: apanthropy, monophobia, eremophobia. solution, n. dissolution, melting, liquefaction, resolution, disintegration; disentanglement, explanation, elucidation, explication. solvent, n. menstruum, dissolvent, resolvent. somersault, n. somerset. sometimes, adv. at intervals, now and then, occasionally. son, n. Associated Words: filial, filiation, unfilial, filicide, mulier, mulierty. song, n. hymn, chant, lay, ditty, ballad, onody, chansonnette, lyric, lilt, lied, pæan, cantata, aria, sonnet, strain, round, rhapsody, dirge, chanson. songcraft, n. versification, poesy, poetry. song of Solomon. canticle. song of triumph. pæan. sonorous, a. resonant, resounding; high-sounding, stentorian, vibrant. sonship, n. filiation. soot, n. crock, smut. soothe, v. compose, tranquilize, pacify, assuage, mollify, calm. soothing, a. bland, emollient, demulcent, gratifying, quieting, sedative. soothsayer, n. seer, prophet, diviner, haruspice, foreteller. soothsaying, n. prophecy, augury, divination, prediction, prognostication. sooty, a. fuliginous, soot-covered. sophism, n. fallacy, paralogy, fallacious reasoning. sophistical, a. fallacious, unsound. sophistry, n. fallacy, paralogy, paralogism. sophomoric, a. inflated, bombastic, pretentious. soprano, n. descant, treble. sorcerer, n. conjurer, necromancer, magician, enchanter, juggler, wizard. sorcery, n. necromancy, magic, enchantment, witchcraft, black art. sordid, a. low, degraded, abject, base. sore, a. ulcerated, cankered, ulcerous, raw, inflamed, irritated; distressing, grievous, severe; grieved, pained, hurt, sensitive. sore, n. ulcer, ulceration, imposthume, pustule, boil, abscess, canker, fester, blain, gathering; (venereal sore) chancre, chancroid. Associated Words: antiseptic, slough, proud flesh, poultice, salve, ointment, pledget, spleget. sore, adv. grievously, sorely, severely, greatly. sorrow, n. grief, regret, remorse, misery, heaviness, rue, unhappiness, contrition, dolor, agony, distress, compunction, bereavement. sorrow, v. grieve, mourn, regret, deplore, bewail, lament. sorrowful, a. See sad. sorry, a. melancholy, mournful, dismal, depressing, sad; abject, despicable, miserable, mean, paltry, contemptible, pitiful; contrite, penitent, chagrined, pained. sort, n. kind, species, character, description, strain, class. sort, v. assort, classify; conjoin; choose, select, cull; consort, associate, fraternize; harmonize, agree, accord, conform. so-so, a. middling, passable, tolerable, mediocre, ordinary, average. sot, n. toper, drunkard, bibber. soul, n. spirit, Psyche. Associated Words: psychology, psychic, psychological, psychomachy, transmigration, metempsychosis, psychogenesis, psychopannychism, theodicy, monopsychism. sound, a. whole, intact, perfect, flawless, unimpaired; healthy; logical; severe, hard, heavy; sane, rational; profound, undisturbed, unbroken; valid, legal, lawful: seaworthy; sensible, irrefutable, convincing. sound, n. strait, narrows, channel. sound, v. fathom, gauge; examine, try, test, probe, explore; proclaim, publish, herald; resound. sound, n. noise, report. Associated Words: acoustic, acoustics, acoustician, catacoustics, cataphonics, phonetic, phonetics, polycoustic, phonetism, phonology, polycoustics, diacoustics, diaphonics, phonic, soniferous, sonification, megaphone, sonorescence, diacritical, harmonics, phonation, polyphone, polyphonic, polyphonist, polyphony, monophonic, monophthong, homophone, homophonic, homophony, modulate, modulation. sounding, n. bathymetry; examination; proclamation; resonance, reverberation. sounding, a. sonorous, resonant, sonant. soundless, a. unfathomable, abysmal; silent, noiseless, aphonic, surd. sound-producing, a. sonorific. soup, n. broth, bouillon, consommé, pottage, purée, bisk, bisque, julienne. soup dish. tureen. sour, a. acid, tart, acetose, acerbitous, acrid; rancid, musty; curdled, loppered; imbittered, morose, misanthropic, unamiable, dour, cynical, surly, grum, austere, crabbed, cross. sour, v. curdle, acidify, lopper, spoil, acidulate; imbitter, embitter. source, n. origin, spring, fountain, rise. sourness, n. acidity, tartness, acerbity, sharpness; rancidity, mustiness; asperity, acrimony, moroseness, cynicism, crossness. souse, v. pickle; douse, immerse, plunge, submerge. soutane, n. cassock. southerner, n. southron. southern lights. aurora australis. south wind. Auster, Notus. souvenir, n. keepsake, reminder, memento; trophy. sovereign, a. supreme, chief, paramount, predominant; controlling, effectual, efficacious. sovereign, n. ruler, monarch. sovereignty, n. dominion, supremacy, sway, empire, scepter, dynasty. sow, v. propagate, disseminate, scatter, plant. space, n. extension, vacancy; vacuum; distance, interval; interspace (intervening space); interstice; abyss. Associated Words: plenum, plenist, vacuist, spacial. spacious, a. capacious, roomy, vast. spade, n. spud (narrow_, _with long handle). Spain, n. Iberia. Associated Words: Hispanicism, Hispanic, Spanish, Spaniard, Iberian. span, n. nine inches; team, yoke, pair. spare, v. forbear, refrain, be merciful. spare, a. thin, lean, poor, gaunt, meager, lank; superfluous. sparing, a. economical, frugal, saving, parsimonious, chary; scanty, scarce, meager; compassionate, indulgent, forbearing, merciful, lenient. spark, v. court, woo, philander. sparkle, v. glitter, coruscate, glisten, scintillate, twinkle, gleam. sparkle, n. scintillation, glitter, gleaming, brilliancy. sparkling, a. glittering, flashing, brilliant, twinkling, coruscant, glistening, lambent, scintillant, glistering; spirited, vigorous, impassioned, bright; mantling, gleaming, bubbling. sparse, a. scattered, thin, innumerous, meager. Spartan, a. hardy, undaunted, courageous, doughty. spasm, n. convulsion, paroxysm, fit, throe. spasmodic, a. intermittent, fitful, convulsive. spat, n. tiff, quarrel, dispute, dissension. spats, n. pl. gaiters, spatterdashes. spawn, n. roe, ova, eggs (of fishes_, _frogs, etc.); mycelium. speak, v. utter, pronounce, say, articulate, enunciate, express, talk; discourse, address, declaim, harangue, preach, lecture, rant, descant, expatiate; accost, address; declare, publish, proclaim, announce, bruit. Antonyms: repress, suppress, refrain. speaker, n. orator, discourser, spokesman, prolocutor, mouthpiece, interlocutor, chairman. speaking alone. monologue, soliloquy. speaking together. conference, collocution. spear, n. lance, javelin, harpoon, assagai, trident, jireed; shoot, spire, blade. special, a. particular, especial, specific, exceptional. specialty, n. particularity; speciality. specie, n. coin, cash, metallic money. species, n. group, class, kind, brood, sort, variety. specific, a. definite, precise, specified; characteristic, particular, special. specify, v. designate, particularize, individualize, name. specimen, n. example, sample, model, copy, pattern. specious, a. plausible; obvious, manifest. speck, n. spot, stain; atom, mite, particle, bit. speckle, v. speck, spot, dot. speckled, a. spotted, mottled. spectacle, n. scene, sight, show, exhibition, pageant. spectator, n. beholder, witness, bystander, onlooker, observer. specter, n. phantom, apparition, shade, ghost, manes, spirit, wraith, spook. spectral, a. phantomlike, ghostly. speculate, v. theorize, meditate, conjecture, guess, think. speculation, n. theory, supposition, conjecture; contemplation, thought. speculative, a. contemplative, meditative; theoretical, supposititious. speech, a. utterance, speaking; language, talk, conversation, parlance, words; tongue, dialect; patois; discourse, oration, address, plea, declamation, dissertation, epilogue, allocution, exhortation, disquisition, effusion, descant; harangue, diatribe, tirade, screed, rhapsody, philippic, invective, rant; soliloquy, monologue; dialogue; colloquy; trialogue; interlocution; improvisation; toast; equivocation, prevarication, quibbling; ambages, pseudology, amphibology, amphiboly, dilogy. Associated Words: extempore, extemporaneous, extemporize, extemporization, impromptu, improvise, improvisation, brogue, aphasia, amnesia, oratory, elocution, rhetoric, oratorical, rhetorical, rhetorician, elocutionary, peroration, voluble, volubility, fluent, fluency. speechless, a. dumb, mute, aphasic, inarticulate. speechlessness, n. dumbness, muteness, obmutescence, taciturnity, aphasia. speed, n. velocity, swiftness, rapidity, celerity, haste, expedition, dispatch, posthaste; impetuosity. Associated Words: tachymeter, tachometer, trechometer, stathmograph, momentum, impetus. speed, v. hurry, hasten; accelerate, expedite, quicken, dispatch, facilitate; prosper, favor. speedy, a. swift, quick, fast, rapid, fleet, hasty, hurried, expeditious. spell, n. charm, incantation, exorcism; period, season, interval. spell, v. orthographize; decipher, read, unravel, unfold; charm, bewitch. spellbound, a. fascinated, charmed, enchanted, bewitched. speller, n. orthographist, orthographer. spelling, n. orthography. Associated Words: orthographic, phonetic, glossic, nomic, homographic, homography, homograph, heterographic, heterography, cacographic, cacography. spend, v. expend, disburse. spender, n. prodigal, spendthrift. spending, n. expenditure, disbursement. spendthrift, n. waster, spender, prodigal, squanderer spent, a. exhausted, tired, consumed, worn out. sperm-whale, n. cachelot, spermaceti whale. sphere, n. globe, orb, ball; province, circuit, beat, purview, compass, circle; station, position, rank; region, domain, realm; orbit. spice, n. condiment; piquancy, pungency. spicy, a. aromatic, fragrant; piquant, pungent, sharp. spider, n. araneidan; scorpion, tarantula; pl. Araneina, Arachnida. Associated Words: arachnology, arachnologist, araneidan, araneiform, web, arachnoid, arachnophagous, spinneret, arachnean, falcer, cobweb, cocoon, retiary, arachnidium. spigot, n. stopper, plug, stopple. spin, v. whirl, twirl, revolve, gyrate; protract, prolong, extend. spinach, n. Associated Word: spinaceous. spinal, a. vertebral, rachidian. spinal cord. myelon, myel. spindle-shaped, a. fusoid, fusiform. spindling, a. tall and slender. spine, n. backbone, spinal column, rachis, chine. Associated Words: Vertebrata, Invertebrata, vertebra, vertebrate, cyrtosis, chiropractic, chiropractor, spondyle, coccyx, rickets, ependyma, ependymis. spineless, a. invertebrate. spinet, n. virginal, clarichord. spinning, n. whirling, twirling. spiral, a. winding, cochleate, helical, turbinated, helicoid. spire, n. steeple; shoot, stalk, blade, spear; top, peak, summit. spirit, n. soul; shade, apparition, specter, ghost, phantom, revenant; animus; vivacity, energy, life, ardor, enthusiasm, zeal, force, intensity; temper, mood; meaning, intent, significance; pl. manes. spirit, v. inspirit, animate, encourage; spirit away, carry off, kidnap, abduct. spirited, a. animated, lively, ardent, mettlesome, fervent, passionate. spit, v. expectorate; spawl, sputter; eject. spit, n. spittle, sputum, saliva. Associated Words: salivary, salivous, salivant, salivate, salivation, ptyalin. spite, n. malignity, malice, rancor, hate, resentment, defiance, spleen. spiteful, a. malicious, malign, malignant, rancorous, hateful. spitting, n. expectoration. spittoon, n. cuspidor, spitbox. splash, v. plash, dash, spatter, dabble.-- n. daub, splotch, blot. spleen, n. milt; anger, spite, malice, choler; melancholy, depression. Associated Words: splenic, splenetic, splenography, splenology, splenotomy, splenitis, lienal, lienitis, splenalgia, splenocele, splenoid. spleeny, a. irritable, petulant, choleric, irascible; melancholy. splendid, a. bright, brilliant; magnificent, grand, superb, imposing, sumptuous; illustrious, glorious, distinguished, celebrated, famous. splendor, n. brilliancy, brightness; magnificence, pageantry, pomp, grandeur; renown, glory, eminence, sublimity, fame. splice, v. interweave, unite, braid together. splinter, n. sliver, flinder. split, v. rive, cleave, sunder, rend, divide, separate, rift, burst, rupture, disunite, disrupt. split, n. crack, rent, fissure, rift; (Colloq.) breach, separation, disunion, rupture. split, a. cleft, riven, divided, sundered, rent, disunited cloven. splitting, n. fission, cleavage, riving, sundering, rupture disruption. Associated Words: fissile, fissility. splotch, n. smear, smudge, smutch, daub, spot, stain. spoil, v. plunder, rob, pillage, ravage, depredate, despoil devastate, sack; corrupt, vitiate, debase, mar, demoralize, deprave, sophisticate, infect, defile, contaminate; disfigure, deface, damage; decay, addle, putrefy, rot. spoil, n. plunder, pillage, booty, prize, gain, loot; waste, robbery, devastation, sacking, rapine, spoliation; corruption, decay, vitiation. spoke, n. radius, ray; rung, round. spoken, a. oral, nuncupative, parole. spokesman, n. speaker, mouthpiece, prolocutor. sponge, v. imbibe, absorb; expunge, efface, erase, obliterate. sponger, n. parasite, hanger-on, trencher friend. spongy, a. porous, spongoid, spongiform, incompact; absorbent, bibulous. sponsor, n. godparent; surety. Associated Words: sponsorial, sponsorship, sponsion, ward, protégé. spontaneous, a. instinctive, voluntary, impulsive, unforced spontaneous generation. abiogenesis. spook, n. ghost, spirit, specter, apparition, phantom, hobgoblin. spooney, a. (Colloq.) silly, sentimental, foolishly fond. spoor, n. track, trail (of a wild animal). sporadic, a. separate, single, isolated. sport, n. amusement, game, recreation, fun, play, diversion, pastime, jollity, pleasantry, hilarity, gayety, merriment; derision, mockery, ridicule, jeer; plaything, toy; monstrosity; (Slang) sportsman. sport, v. frolic, play, caper, disport; (Colloq.) exhibit wear, display. sportive, a. frolicsome, merry, boon, frisky, sprightly, prankish, gamesome. spot, n. speck, speckle, mark, blot, discoloration, fleck, dapple, blotch, smutch; stain, reproach, blemish, flaw; place, locality; areola, areolet, areolation, ocellus. spot, v. dapple, variegate, mottle, speckle, blot, sully, stain, maculate. spotless, a. immaculate, unspotted, stainless, unsullied, irreproachable, blameless. spotted, a. speckled, dappled, dotted, discolored, variegated, bespeckled, flecked, freckled, spotty, soiled, piebald, mottled, blotched, pinto, pied, pintado, party-colored, specked, plashy, finchbacked, rubican, ocellated. spotted fever. cerebro-spinal meningitis, typhus fever. spotted sickness. pint. spout, v. spurt, squirt, gush; rant, harangue; (Cant) pawn. spout, h. nozzle; conduit, trough, adjutage; waterspout; gargoyle; dale. spouter, n. declaimer, ranter, haranguer. spout hole. blowhole, spiracle. spouting, n. harangue, declamation, magniloquence, ranting. spray, n. twig, sprig, branch. spray, n. Associated Words: atomize, atomization, atomizer, spoondrift, nebulize, nebulizer, nebulization. spread, v. extend, stretch, expand, dilate; unfurl, unroll, open; disseminate, bruit, circulate, propagate, promulgate, diffuse, emit; suffuse; cover, overspread, mantle; expatiate. spread, n. extent, compass, reach; (Colloq.) feast; cover. spreadeagle, a. bombastic, boastful, magniloquent, grandiloquent. spreading, n. extension, expansion, dilation; dissemination, propagation, promulgation, diffusion, circulation; suffusion, circumfusion; radiation. spree, n. (Colloq.) carousal, debauch, revelry, orgies, bacchanals, wassail, saturnalia. sprig, n. shoot, slip, twig, spray. sprightliness, n. animation, liveliness, vivacity, activity, briskness, lilt. sprightly, a. lively, brisk, animated, debonair, vivacious, sportive, gay. spring, v. dart, shoot; bound, leap, jump, hop, vault; emerge, rise, arise; rebound, recoil, fly back; bend, warp; issue, emanate, originate, flow, arise. spring, n. leap, bound, saltation, vault, jump; resilience, elasticity, springiness; fount, fountain, source; cause, origin, motive, source; springtime, vernal season. spring, n. Associated Word: pegology. springboard, n. batule, batule board. springy, a. elastic, resilient, rebounding, recoiling; spongy, yielding, queachy. sprinkle, v. scatter, strew; besprinkle, bedew, asperse. sprinkling, n. aspersion, besprinkling. sprinter, n. runner. sprite, n. elf, goblin, pixy, fay, specter, phantom, ghost. sprout, v. germinate, pullulate, bourgeon, grow, vegetate; branch, ramify; tiller. sprout, n. shoot, tiller, chit, sucker, scion; aerospire, plumule; rattoon. sprouting, n. germination. spruce, a. natty, jaunty, neat, finical, trim. spry, a. agile, nimble, quick, brisk, sprightly, alert. spunk, n. touchwood, punk, amadou. spunk, n. (Colloq.) spirit, mettle, pluck. spunky, a. (Colloq.) mettlesome, plucky, spirited. spur, n. rowel, goad, prick; snag, projection; incitement, stimulus, goad, incentive, instigation, impetus, provocation; spine (on a cock's leg). spur, v. goad, incite, urge, stimulate, instigate, impel. spurious, a. counterfeit, sham, false, mock, adulterine, unauthentic. spurn, v. reject, scorn, contemn, despise, scout. spurn, n. rejection, disdain, scorning. spurt, n. gushing, spouting, jet, ejection.-- v. gush, spout, jet. spy, n. scout; emissary (disguised).-- v. espy, see. spying, n. espionage, espial. squab, a. plump, stout, fat; unfledged, unfeathered. squabble, n. wrangle, dispute, altercation. See quarrel. squad, n. band, gang, knot, bevy, company. squalid, a. filthy, foul, nasty, dirty. squalidness, n. squalor. square, n. quadrate, quadrature; block, area; equality, level, agreement. square, a. equitable, true, just, honest, impartial; even, balanced, adjusted; quadrate, quadratic. square, v. adjust, fit, suit; balance, settle; conform, agree, accord. squares, n. pl. Associated Words: tessellate, tessellated, tessellation, mosaic, checkered. squat, v. crouch, cower. squeak, v. creak; (Colloq.) betray, tell, confess. squeal, v. cry, yell; (Slang) tell, betray, confess. squeeze, v. compress, gripe, pinch; oppress, extort; crowd, elbow, press. squeeze, n. compression, pressure; (Colloq.) exaction, extortion. squelch, v. (Colloq.) crush, silence, quell, stifle, abash. squib, n. satire, lampoon, pasquinade. squint-eyed, a. cross-eyed, cock-eyed, gimlet-eyed. squinting, n. strabismus; cross-eye. squirm, v. wriggle, writhe, twist. squirrel skin. vair. s-shaped, a. sigmoid, sigmoidal, sigmate. stab, v. pierce, thrust, gore, transfix; backbite, malign. stab, n. thrust, wound, stoccado. stability, n. fixedness, firmness, permanence, constancy, steadiness. Antonyms: instability, unsteadiness. stable, a. steady, firm, immovable, unwavering, constant, permanent. stable, n. barn; mews. Associated Words: paddock, equerry. stableman, n. groom, hostler. stack, n. pile, rick. staff, n. rod, stick, cane; truncheon; mace; crozier; support; bourdon. stag, n. hart. stage, n. platform, rostrum; scaffold, staging; theater, playhouse, arena, boards; degree, step, point; drama. Associated Words: histrionic, histrionism, histrionicism, proscenium, postscenium, parascenium, coulisse, wing. stagecoach, n. stage, omnibus, diligence (France). stagger, v. reel, totter, sway; shock, astound, dumfound. stagnant, a. motionless, standing, quiet; inactive, dull, sluggish. stagy, a. theatrical, assumed, bombastic. staid, a. sedate, demure, serious, settled. stain, v. soil, sully, defile, taint. stain, n. blot, taint, discoloration, tarnish. stainless, a. immaculate, spotless. stairway, n. stairs, staircase, flight of stairs; escalator (moving stairway); caracole (spiral staircase). Associated Words: baluster, balustrade, newel, landing, riser, tread, banister, nosing, dog-legged. stake, n. picket, pale, post; pledge, wager, bet; venture, risk, hazard. stake, v. venture, risk, hazard, wager, bet, pledge. stale, a. vapid, musty, fusty, flat, insipid, mawkish; trite, common, banal, hackneyed, commonplace. staleness, n. vapidity, mustiness, insipidity; triteness, banality. stalk, n. stem, axis, petiole, pedicel, peduncle, spire, stipe, culm, kecksy. stall, n. stable; booth, stand; seat. Associated Words: manger, stanchion. stalwart, a. strapping, brawny, muscular, redoubted, athletic, strong. stamina, n. vigor, strength, sturdiness, backbone. stamp, v. impress, imprint; stomp (Colloq.). stamp, n. impression, imprint, die; hallmark; pestle. stamp out. extinguish, crush, quell. stamps, n. pl. Associated Words: philately, philatelist, philatelic, timbrology, frank, grill, surcharge. stanch, a. loyal, steadfast, constant, true, unwavering; sound. stand, v. endure, bear, weather, brook, suffer, tolerate, yield to, abide, submit; agree, accord, be consistent; stagnate. stand, n. halt, stop, pause, stay; tripod, trivet; situation, location, position, post; stall, booth; quandary, perplexity; resistance, opposition, withstanding; stillion. standard, n. criterion, model, type, pattern, norm; gauge, measure; flag, colors; labarum, vexillum. standard-bearer, n. color-bearer, color-sergeant, ensign, vexillary; leader. stand by. befriend, vindicate, advocate, defend, maintain. standing, a. erect; stagnant; lasting, permanent, persistent. standing, n. status. standing out. prominent, projecting, protuberant, jutting out; conspicuous, salient. standing out. prominence, projection, protuberance, bulge, protrusion; conspicuousness, salience; persistence, incompliance, obduracy. standing up for. defense, justification, support, advocacy. stand in hand. behoove, be advantageous, conduce to one's interest. stand it. endure, tolerate, bear, brook. stand off. keep aloof, refrain; refuse, resist, withstand. stand out. project, overhang, jut out, beetle; resist, withstand. standpoint, n. point of view, viewpoint. stand up for. defend, support, espouse, champion, advocate, justify, vindicate. star, n. luminary, planet; asterisk, asterism; pentalpha; pentacle; meteor. Associated Words: astronomy, astronomer, astronomical, astrolatry, astrolater, astrogeny, astrology, astrologer, astrological, astrometry, astromancy, sidereal, astral, horoscope, constellation, zodiac, observatory, galaxy, acronycal, cosmical, astrophotography, astrophysics, periastral, stellar, interstellar, intersidereal, orbit. star, v. bespangle. starched, a. stiff, ceremonious, prim, formal, punctilious, precise. starchy, a. amylaceous, amyloid, starched. starry, a. bespangled; astral, stellar, stellary, radiated, stelliform. start, v. set out, go, initiate, launch, institute, embark. startle, v. scare, surprise, affright. starvation, n. famishment. starve, v. famish. state, n. condition, plight, category, situation, pass, predicament, circumstances; rank, quality; pomp, grandeur, magnificence; commonwealth; canton. Associated Words: federal, federalist, federalism, federalize, confederate, confederation, gerrymander, secession. state, v. assert, affirm, aver, allege, say, specify, declare. statehouse, n. capitol. stately, a. imposing, dignified, august, pompous, majestic, formal. statement, n. assertion, affirmation, specification, avowal, averment, narration, dictum. station, n. standing, rank, status; depot; situation, place. statue, n. image; acrolith, caryatid; xoanon. Associated Words: sculpture, statuary, sculptor, statuesque, figurine, esquisse. status, n. standing, rank, station, condition. statute, n. law. Associated Words: statutable, statutory, purview. stay, v. sojourn, tarry, lodge, remain, continue, abide; support, prop, buttress, brace, uphold, strengthen; delay, obstruct, hinder, restrain, appease, withhold, forbear, withstand, impede, retard. stay, n. sojourn, abidance, stop; dependence, support, upholder; impediment, hindrance, obstruction, restraint. steadfast, a. firm, fixed; constant, unswerving, unwavering, stanch, unshaken. steady, a. steadfast, constant; stable, firm, fixed; unremitted, constant, uniform, undeviating. Antonyms: intermittent, infrequent, occasional, inconstant, unsteady. steal, v. pilfer, filch, peculate, purloin, poach, abstract, rob, defraud, pirate, plunder, crib, pillage, rapine loot, thieve, embezzle, peculate, plagiarize; insinuate, creep furtively, go stealthily, sneak, slink, skulk; ratten. stealer, n. See thief. stealing, n. theft, larceny, robbery, pilfering, peculation, thievery, abstraction, looting, cribbing, rapine, depredation, surreption, piracy, plundering, pillage, embezzlement, peculation, shop lifting, plagiarism. Associated Words: light-fingered, booty, spoil, plunder, loot, swag, spoils, predatory, fence, kleptomania. stealthy, a. clandestine, sly, secret, furtive, skulking, underhand. steam, n. vapor, reek, fume, emanation, effluvium, exhalation, stufa. steam organ. calliope. steel, n. Associated Words: siderotechny, siderurgy, bessemerize, Bessemer, damaskeen, damask. steel, v. fortify, brace, nerve. steel-engraving, n. siderography. steep, a. precipitous, abrupt, sheer, perpendicular: (Slang) excessive, immoderate. steep, n. precipice, cliff, abrupt declivity; escarpment, scarp. steep, v. soak, macerate, imbrue, infuse. steeple, n. spire, tower, turret; minaret. steer, v. guide, pilot, control, govern. steerable, a. dirigible. steering, n. guiding. Associated Words: tiller, rudder, helm. steersman, n. helmsman, pilot, cockswain. stem, n. trunk, body; peduncle, pedicel, petiole, stalk, culm; root, etymon, radical, radix, theme. stem, v. oppose, withstand, breast, resist, check. stench, n. fetor, stink. stenography, n. phonography, shorthand. step, n. pace; stair, round; footstep, footprint, footmark, track; grade, degree, gradation; measure, action, procedure, expedient; stride (a long step). step, v. pace, stride. stepmother, n. Associated Word: novercal. steps, n. pl. stairs; stile; perron. sterile, a. barren, infecund, unproductive, unfruitful, unprolific. sterility, v. barrenness, infecundity, unproductiveness. Associated words: sterilize, sterilization. stern, a. austere, rigorous, exacting, strict, hard-hearted. sternness, n. austerity, severity, rigor, strictness. stew, n. (Colloq.) confusion, agitation; ragout. steward, n. purveyor; major-domo; seneschal, dapifer; manciple. stewpan, n. skillet. stick, n. switch, rod, birch; billet; fagot; wand; cane, staff, walking-stick; club, cudgel; goad, gad; gambrel, garrot, ferule, skewer, batlet; stake; boomerang, woomerah; stab, thrust; maul-stick; sprag; pl. chatwood. stick, v. pierce, stab, penetrate, impale, transfix, gore; insert, thrust, push, infix; paste, cement, glue, attach, affix; cleave, cling, adhere, remain, abide; stall; hesitate, scruple; adhere, agglutinate, glutinate, cohere; pose, puzzle, disconcert; stick out, project, jut, protrude. (Slang) impose upon, cheat. sticker, n. poster; label; adhesive, glue, cement, mucilage, paste, agglutinant; (Colloq.) puzzle, poser. stickiness, n. adhesiveness, viscosity, tenacity, cohesiveness, glutinousness. sticking, n. adhesion, adherence, coherence, cleaving, cohesion, agglutination. sticking out. projecting, protruding, prominent.--n. projection, protrusion, prominence. stickle, v. contend, altercate, dispute, quibble, scruple, haggle, higgle, chaffer; trim, prevaricate, shift, palter, play fast and loose. stickler, n. haggler, higgler, contender. sticktoitiveness, n. (Colloq.) pertinacity, persistence, perseverance, diligence, tenacity. stick up for. (Colloq.) assert and defend, vindicate. sticky, a. adhesive, viscous, viscid, mucilaginous, glutinous, clammy, tenacious. stiff, a. inflexible, rigid, firm, unbending, inelastic, stark, impliable, rigorous, unyielding, inductile; strong, violent, forcible, inopposable; pertinacious, obstinate, tenacious, uncompromising, incompliant; constrained, formal, starched, affected, unnatural, precise, prim, ceremonious, prudish, punctilious; cramped, graceless, inelegant; (Slang) high, immoderate, large. Antonyms: limber, flaccid, limp, flexible, lithe. stiff joint. anchylosis. stiff neck. obstinacy, contumacy, intractability, incompliance, stubbornness. stiff-necked, a. obstinate, intractable, perverse, contumacious, stubborn, obdurate. stiffness, n. inflexibility, rigidity, firmness; prudery, constraint, precision, formality; tension. Antonyms: pliability, limpness, flexibility, flaccidity, ease, relaxation, informality. stifling, a. close, oppressive, suffocating. still, a. motionless, unruffled, stagnant, quiescent, inert, stationary, placid, tranquil; noiseless, inaudible, silent, mum. still, v. calm, compose, quiet, silence, hush. still-hunt, n. stalking. stilted, a. bombastic, pompous, grandiose, highflown, grandiloquent. stimulant, n. excitant; provocation, stimulus, spur, goad. stimulate, v. excite, incite, instigate, arouse, provoke, goad, spur. stimulus, n. incentive; pl. stimuli. sting, n. aculeus, prick; goad, incitement. stinginess, n. parsimony, illiberality, penuriousness, closeness, avarice. Antonyms: liberality, generosity. stingy, a. parsimonious, illiberal, close, penurious, miserly, avaricious, close-fisted, sordid, niggardly. Antonyms: liberal, generous. stink, n. stench, fetor. stinking, a. fetid, malodorous, offensive, noisome, ill-smelling. stinkstone, n. anthraconite, swinestone. stint, n. limit, restraint, restriction; assignment, allotment. stint, v. limit, restrict, restrain, confine, stent, straiten. stipend, n. Associated Words: stipendiary, stipendiate, stipendiarian. stir, v. move, budge. stir, n. agitation, tumult, bustle, commotion, flutter, ado, activity, confusion, flurry, disturbance, fuss. stirring, a. animated, lively, strenuous, active, enterprising. stock, n. goods, merchandise, wares, reserve. stock, v. replenish, supply, furnish. stockjobbing, n. agiotage. stockings, n. pl. hosiery, hose. stocky, a. (Colloq.) stout, plump. stodgy, a. stuffed, distended, lumpish. stogy, a. heavy, coarse, clumsy. stolen goods. booty, loot, spoil, plunder, pillage. Associated word: fence. stolid, a. dull, impassive, stupid, obtuse. stomach, v. resent, dislike; (Colloq.) bear, brook, tolerate, stand, endure. stomach, n. (of ruminants) fardingbag, paunch, rumen, reticulum, psalterium, manyplies, abomasum, omasum; (of birds) gizzard, crop, maw. stomach, n. Associated Words: gastric, gastrology, gastronomy, gastritis, agastric, rennet, tripe, stomachal, stomachic, alvine, gastrectomy, pylorous, gastroscope, gastroscopy, stomacher, paunchy, paunch, anticardium, gastralgia, abdomen, abdominous. stomach-ache, n. (Colloq.) colic. stone, n. rock, bowlder; pebble; calculus, concretion; flint, granite, marble, quartz, adamant, shale, flag, flagstone, cobblestone, rubble, brash, shingle; monolith, polyolith; cairn, muller, merestone; cromlech; madstone, snakestone; aërolite, meteorite; (of fruit) endocarp, pit, nut, putamen. Associated Words: petrify, petrifaction, lithology, lithography, lithic, lapidary, lithoglypher, lithoglyptic, litholatry, lapidescence, lapidescent, lapidify, lapillation, lapidification, lapidific, lapilli, catapult, quarry, petrography, lapidist, petrology, geology, lithogenesis, lithification, wimble, Niobe, petrescence, petrescent, petrifactive, petrologist, concrete, lapidarian, lapidarious, fossil, schist, scapple, lichen, regolith, monadnock, saxatile, saxicoline, saxicavous, saxifrage, saxifragous. stone, n. (precious and semi-precious) gem, jewel, diamond, brilliant, beryl, emerald, chalcedony, bloodstone, agate, heliotrope girasole, onyx, sardonyx, garnet, sardine stone, jade, opal, peridot, chrysolite, sapphire, ruby, topaz, turquoise, turquoise matrix, zircon, hyacinth, carbuncle, amethyst, pearl, coral, bijou, doublet, carnelian, briolette, cabochon, chatoyant, rhinestone, amphibole, aquamarine, tourmaline, rhodolite, spinel, bufonite. Antonyms: paste, strass, gewgaw, gimcrack, tinsel, pinchbeck, gaud, bauble, foil stone. Associated words: lapidary, lapidist, lapidarian, cameo, intaglio, facet, naif, anaglyph, briquet, collet, platinum, bizet, caret, anaglyphic, diaglyptic, anaglyphies, glyptography, table, bezel, girdle, pavilion, cadrans, mound, mount, dichroiscope, dichroism, dichroscope. stone pit. quarry. stone coffin. sarcophagus. stonecutting, n. stereotomy. stonecutter's consumption. chalicosis. stony, a. rocky, flinty, adamantine, petrous; unrelenting, pitiless. stool, n. footstool, cricket, hassock, ottoman, tabouret, buffet; tripod, trivet; faldstool; excrement, fæces. stoop, v. bend; condescend, deign, descend. stoop, n. condescension, descent; porch, veranda, piazza. stop, v. obstruct, close up; stanch; arrest, hinder, impede, block, stay, check; repress, restrain, suppress, deter, interrupt, suspend, thwart, preclude, intercept, impede; halt, pause, stagnate, stand; refrain from, discontinue, cease, desist, suspend, intermit; break off, forbear: lodge, tarry. Antonyms: continue, persist. stop, n. cessation, discontinuation, surcease, pause, suspension, intermission, interception, interruption, obstruction, obstacle, impediment. stoppage, n. arrest, stopping, detention, stop. stopper, n. stopple, cork, bung. store, n. shop; accumulation, stock, abundance, plenty, hoard, supply. store, v. stock, replenish, save, hoard, garner, husband, treasure up. storehouse, n. warehouse, repository, depot, store, magazine, promptuary. storm, n. tempest. Antonyms: calm, subsidence, serenity, tranquillity. storm, v. assault, attack, besiege, expugn; rage, fume, rant. storminess, n. inclemency, tempestuousness, boisterousness, violence. stormy, a. tempestuous, boisterous, inclement, rugged, impetuous; violent, furious, wild; agitated, disturbed. Antonyms: calm, pacific, serene. story, n. fiction, tale, anecdote, romance, novel, fable, legend, myth, parable, apologue, chronicle, record, history, narrative, narration, yarn, rehearsal, recital, tradition, jeremiad; falsehood, canard; floor, loft; mezzanine, entresol. story-teller, n. _raconteur_. stout, a. strong, powerful, vigorous, enduring, durable, tough; portly, fleshy, corpulent, thickset, obese, burly, chubby, fat. straddle, v. bestride. straight, a. perpendicular, vertical, plumb, erect, upright; direct, rectilinear, undeviating, unswerving; square, honest, equitable, honorable; (Slang) unmixed, clear, undiluted. Antonyms: indirect, oblique, crooked, devious, circuitous. See crooked. straight-out, a. (Colloq.) unqualified, thoroughgoing, artless, undesigning. straightway, n. immediately, at once, directly, forthwith. strain, v. stretch, tighten; sprain, wrench; percolate, filter, defecate, filtrate; overtask, overwork. strain, n. pedigree, race, lineage, extraction; sort, kind; overexertion, effort; tension, intension; tune, melody; style, manner. strained, a. tense, unnatural, forced, artificial, agonistic, farfetched. strainer, n. colander, filter, sieve. strait, n. narrows, channel; dilemma, difficulty, pinch, exigency, restriction. straiten, v. limit, restrict, narrow, confine, constrain, tighten, embarrass. straitened, a. restricted, embarrassing, distressing. strait-laced, a. uncompromising, rigorous, strict, prudish, prim, precise. stranded, a. wrecked, aground, beached. strange, a. foreign, unfamiliar, exotic, outlandish; novel, odd, unusual, queer, unique, nondescript, exceptional, singular, peculiar, rare, erratic, unique, bizarre, eccentric, inexplicable; unaccustomed, unfamiliar; reserved, distant, unfriendly; unknown. Antonyms: familiar, accustomed, wonted, commonplace, conventional. strangle, v. choke, throttle, suffocate; stifle, suppress; garrote. strangling, n. strangulation, choking, suffocation, suppression, constriction. strap, n. thong, strop, leash. strapping, a. (Colloq.) stalwart, able-bodied, large, muscular, brawny. stratagem, n. artifice, device, machination, maneuver, intrigue, ruse, finesse. straw, n. stalk, culm; litter, mulch; sennet, platting. straw roof. thatch, thatching. strawy, a. stramineous. stray, v. wander, rove, roam, swerve, deviate; err, sin. stray, n. estray, waif. streak, n. stripe, wale, whelk, ridge, vein. streaked, a. striped, streaky, whelky, striated, whelked, brindled, barred, veined. stream, n. current, river, creek, brook, race, run, rivulet, rill, runnel; drift, course, tendency; torrent; arroyo; flume. stream, v. pour, gush, run; radiate, shed. streamer, n. ensign, pennon, banner, banderole, flag. street, n. highway, avenue, thoroughfare, boulevard. street car. trolley car; tram (England). street cleaner. scavenger. street railway. tramway (England). strength, n. force, vigor, power, might, hardihood, potency, puissance, stamina; tenacity, toughness, durability; impregnability, invincibility; security, validity, conclusiveness, cogency, efficacy; support, stay; intensity, vividness; virility; vehemence, violence, force, impetuosity; fortitude; robustness, lustiness, stoutness, brawniness, muscularity, thew, sturdiness. Antonyms: debility, delicacy, fragility, weakness, impotency, frailty, infirmity. strengthen, v. invigorate, brace, nerve, steel, fortify, harden; intensify, heighten; confirm, corroborate, sustain. strengthening, a. invigorating, roborant, tonic, fortifying. strenuous, a. zealous, ardent, valiant, intrepid, vigorous, active, energetic. strenuousness, n. zeal, ardor, intrepidity, earnestness, strenuosity, activity, energy. stress, n. urgency, pressure; emphasis, accent; severity, inclemency; significance, importance. stretch, v. extend, elongate, lengthen, spread; overstate, exaggerate; distend. stretcher, n. litter. stretching, n. tension, distension, extension, porrection, pandiculation, intension. strict, a. rigorous, stringent, exacting, rigid. Antonyms: lax, remiss, indulgent. stricture, n. animadversion, criticism; contraction. strife, n. conflict, struggle, contention, emulation, competition, battle. strike, v. hit, smite, buffet, knock, beat, thump, whack, cuff, slap; deal, inflict; impress, affect. striking, a. impressive, noticeable, astonishing, surprising, forcible. string, n. cord, line, twine, warp; fillet, ribbon; series, chain, concatenation, row; chord; leash, learn; thong. Associated Words: polychord, monochord. stringent, a. binding, restrictive, rigid, severe, rigorous, exact. stringer, n. sleeper, tie; joist. stringy, a. fibrous, filamentous; ropy, viscid, tenacious, viscous. strip, n. shred, fillet, batten, cleat, list. strip, v. deprive, divest, dispossess, dismantle; plunder, desolate, devastate, pillage, sack, fleece, rifle, despoil; undress, disrobe, denude, uncover. stripe, n. streak, band, wale, wheal, whelk, ridge, striation, stria. stripe, n. (Colloq.) sort, likeness, color, kind. striped, a. streaked, striate, striated. stripping, n. deprivation, divestiture, divestment, dispossession, dismantling; plunder, desolation, devastation, depredation, despoliation, fleecing, sacking, rapine; denudation, undressing, denuding, disrobing. strive, v. struggle, try, endeavor, contend, vie, cope. stroll, v. ramble, rove, range, stray, straggle, wander. strolling, a. wandering, nomadic, itinerant, roving, vagrant, straggling. strong, a. firm, tough, enduring, hale, sound, robust, hardy, durable, puissant; powerful, mighty, invincible, impregnable, irresistible, fortified; virile, athletic, muscular, brawny, vigorous, stout, strapping, lusty, sturdy, sinewy, stalwart, thewy, able-bodied; violent, forcible, impetuous, vehement; potent, cogent, influential, urgent, convincing, conclusive; ardent, eager, zealous, strenuous, stanch, unwavering, determined; spirituous, intoxicating, alcoholic; vivid, dazzling, intense, glaring; effective, drastic, potent; racy, pungent, piquant; tough, tenacious; rank, strong-smelling; valid. Antonyms: weak, vulnerable, frail, fragile, delicate, faint, mild, frangible. stronghold, n. fastness, fort, fortress, muniment, donjon, citadel, keep, bulwark. strong-smelling, a. fetid, rank, frowzy, rancid, malodorous, offensive, musty. struggle, n. conflict, contest, strife. struggle, v. strive, cope, grapple, labor. stub, n. stump, counterfoil. stubble, n. eddish, rowen, arrish. stubborn, a. unyielding, obstinate, obdurate, mulish, refractory, indocile, headstrong, inflexible, intractable, perverse, contumacious, impersuadable, recalcitrant, stiff-necked, rugged, persistent, incompliant. stuck-up, a. (Colloq.) proud, arrogant, haughty, vain, overbearing, cavalier, supercilious, uppish. studio, n. atelier. study, n. research, excogitation, lucubration, cogitation; étude (Mus.); curriculum (course of study). study, v. muse, pore, con over, lucubrate, excogitate; dig, grind. stuff, n. material, fabric, cloth; trash, refuse, rubbish; goods, things; nonsense, balderdash. stuff, v. cram, press, stow, crowd, fill. stuffing, n. filling, forcemeat, dressing, farce. stumbling-block, n. difficulty, obstruction, hindrance, barrier, stumbling-stone. stump, v. (Colloq.) dare, challenge, nonplus. stun, v. overcome, stupefy, dumfound, bewilder. stunning, a. overpowering, stupefying; astonishing, striking, fine. stunt, v. dwarf, atrophy. stunted, a. dwarfed, atrophied, undeveloped, scrubby, undersized. stupefier, n. stupefacient, narcotic, opiate. stupefy, v. dull, benumb, hebetate, blunt, besot. stupid, a. dull, stolid, obtuse, sluggish, inept, bovine, beef-witted, beetle-headed, besotted, fat-witted, doltish, undiscerning; prosaic, vapid, prosy, humdrum, uninspiring tame; lethargic, comatose, stupefied, torpid, insensible. Antonyms: shrewd, sharp, apt, spirited, lively, exciting, interesting. stupor, a. lethargy, insensibility, unconsciousness, narcoma, torpor, coma. sturdy, a. obstinate, stubborn, pertinacious; strong, hardy, robust. sty, n. hordeolum. style, n. mode, vogue, fashion; manner, way, method. stylish, a. modish, fashionable, in vogue, _á la mode_, genteel, smart. Styx, n. Associated Words: Stygian, Charon. suasion, n. persuasion, inducement. suave, a. urbane, courteous, debonair, bland, affable. suavity, n. urbanity, courtesy, affability. subdue, v. conquer, vanquish, subject, overpower, subjugate, crush, master, quell; tone down, soften. subdued, a. vanquished, conquered, submissive, tame. subject, a. exposed, liable, prone; answerable, amenable; subservient, subordinate. Antonyms: exempt, immune, independent, free. subject, v. subordinate, expose. subject, n. dependant, subordinate; topic, subject matter, theme. subjection, n. subjugation, conquest, subordination, subserviency. sublime, a. exalted, grand, magnificent, glorious, majestic. submerge, v. plunge, immerse, sink, submerse; overflow, flood, deluge, inundate. submerging, n. submergence, submersion, immersion, inundation. submission, n. compliance, acquiescence, surrender, resignation, obedience; meekness, submissiveness, fortitude, forbearance, long-sufferance. submissive, a. yielding, obedient, tractable, meek, resigned, passive. Antonyms: insubmissive, defiant, intractable, rebellious, refractory. submit, v. yield, surrender, succumb, acquiesce, comply, tolerate, stand. Antonyms: resist, rebel, disobey, revolt. subservient, a. subordinate, subject, inferior; serviceable, conducive. subside, v. decrease, sink, abate, fall. subsidence, n. decrease, abatement. substantiate, v. verify, corroborate, confirm, prove. substantiation, n. corroboration, confirmation, verification. substitute, v. exchange, commute. substitute, n. deputy, proxy, representative, agent, lieutenant, delegate, vicar, envoy, _locum tenens_; makeshift, expedient, shift, resource. Associated Word: vicarious. substitution, n. exchange, commutation. subterfuge, n. artifice, evasion, shift, sophistry, excuse. subtile, a. rare, fine, ethereal, delicate; crafty, artful. subtilty, n. rarity, fineness, ethereality; refinement; artifice, craft, guile, cunning. subtle, a. artful, cunning, sly, designing, crafty; refined, discriminating. subtlety, n. cunning, artfulness, guile, craftiness; discernment, penetration. suburbs, n. pl. environs, purlieus, outskirts, confines. succeeding, a. subsequent, following. success, n. prosperity, triumph, victory, good fortune. successful, a. prosperous, victorious, triumphant, fortunate. succession, n. sequence, consecution; chain, line, series. successive, a. consecutive. successor, n. Antonym: predecessor. succor, n. assistance, help, relief. suck, v. imbibe, absorb; engulf. sucker, n. shoot, tiller, scion, sprout; embolus, piston, valve. sucker, n. (Slang) dupe, gull, cully, greenhorn; parasite, sponger, toady. suckling, n. lactation.--a. unweaned. sudden, a. unexpected, abrupt, unlocked for. sue, v. prosecute. suffering, n. distress, agony, misery, pain, discomfort, torture, sufferance. sufficiency, n. enough, adequacy, competence. Antonyms: insufficiency, inadequacy. sufficient, a. adequate. Antonyms: insufficient, inadequate. suffocate, v. choke, stifle, smother, asphyxiate, burke. suffocation, n. smothering, asphyxiation. suffrage, n. vote, assent, ballot; testimony, attestation; prayer, petition. sugar, n. sucrose, saccharose (cane sugar); levulose (fruit sugar); dextrose, glucose (grape sugar); muscovado (unrefined sugar); maltose (malt sugar); lactose (milksugar); inosite (muscle sugar); invert sugar; cassonade (raw sugar); caramel (burnt sugar). Associated words: sacchariferous, dextrine, sorghum, saccharify, saccharimeter, saccharimetry, saccharin, saccharoid, saccharize. suggest, v. allude to, hint, intimate, insinuate, propose, recommend. suggestion, n. intimation, hint, allusion, proposal, instance, insinuation. suicide, n. self-murder, self-destruction; self-murderer, _felo-de-se_. suit, n. wooing, courtship, addresses; prosecution, action, lawsuit; retinue, suite; petition, solicitation, entreaty, request. Associated words: champerty, maintenance. See lawsuit. suit, v. fit, adapt, adjust; please, gratify, satisfy; accord, comport, agree. suitable, a. fitting, accordant, proper, becoming, congruous, consistent, congruent. suite, n. retinue, staff, train of attendants. sulky, a. sullen, morose, surly, moody. sullen, a. morose, unamiable, sulky, intractable. sulphur, n. brimstone. sulphuric acid. oil of vitriol. sum, n. amount, total, aggregate, sum total; problem, example. sum, v. cast up, add, compute; summarize. summary, n. recapitulation, epitome, résumé, synopsis. summer, n. Associated Words: æstival, æstivate, æstivation. summing up. résumé, recapitulation, peroration. summit, n. top, pinnacle, zenith, apex, vertex, culmination. summoner, n. apparitor. sum up. summarize, recapitulate. sun, n. Sol. Associated Words:: heliography, heliometry, solar, solstice, solarize, anthelion, parhelion, halo, heliocentric, actinometer, actinometry, heliacal, heliograph, equinox, astronomy, astronomer, photosphere, helioscope, heliostat, paranthelion, maculæ, Hyperion. sun bath. insolation. sunburnt, a. tanned, blowzy, bronzed. Sunday, n. the Lord's day. Associated Word: dominical. sundial, n. Associated Words: sciotheric, gnomon, gnomonics, gnomonolcgy, style, gnomonist, dialing. sundog, n. parhelion. sundry, a. several, divers, various. sunny, a. genial, pleasant, cloudless, radiant. sunrise, n. daybreak, dawn, aurora. sun room. solarium. sunshade, n. parasol; awning, shade. sun's path. ecliptic. sun spots. faculæ. sunstroke, n. insolation, siriasis, _coup de soleil_. sun-worship, n. heliolatry, Sabianism. sun-worshiper, n. heliolater. super, n. supernumerary. superabundance, n. redundancy, excess, surfeit, superfluity, exuberance, plethora. superabundant, a. superfluous, redundant, excessive, plethoric. superb, n. magnificent, grand, august, elegant. superfluity, n. superabundance, surplusage. See superabundance. superfluous, a. superabundant, redundant, excessive, supernumerary. superintendent, n. overseer, guardian, supervisor, custodian, intendant, manager, controller, principal, curator, warden. superior, a. more excellent, surpassing, paramount, predominant. superiority, n. predominancy, preëminence, ascendency, supremacy. supernatural, a. miraculous, preternatural, hyperphysical. supersede, v. replace, displace, supplant. supine, a. negligent, heedless, listless, indolent, careless. supplant, v. remove, displace, supersede. supple, a. flexible, pliant, lithe. See flexible. supplement, n. continuation, appendix, postscript, addition, addendum. supply, v. furnish, afford, yield, replenish, recruit, stock. support, v. prop, brace, bolster, uphold, sustain; maintain, keep, provide for; verify, substantiate, ratify, corroborate, confirm; vindicate, defend, maintain; second, back, aid. Antonyms: desert, undermine, weaken, repudiate, oppose. support, n. prop, buttress, brace, fulcrum, bolster, stanchion, shore, staddle, supporter; maintenance, sustenance, subsistence, finding, livelihood; base, foundation, basis; assistance, espousal, advocacy, countenance; Caryatid. Antonyms: nonsupport, opposition, desertion, repudiation. supporter, n. advocate, adherent, defender, pillar, paraclete, sustainer, upholder, support. suppose, v. assume, conjecture, presume, imagine, believe, imply, surmise. supposed, a. assumed, presumed, putative. supposition, n. hypothesis, conjecture, surmise, assumption, presumption, postulate. suppositional, a. hypothetical, conjectural, supposed, assumed. suppress, v. quell, overpower, put down; check, repress, restrain; secrete, conceal. suppression, n. quelling, overthrow; repression, restraint; concealment, secretion. supreme, a. transcendent, preëminent, superlative, paramount, predominant. surcingle, n. girth. sure, a. certain, inevitable; positive, confident, assured, sanguine, convinced; unfailing, infallible, unerring, inerrable, abiding, stable, trustworthy, reliable, dependable, secure, safe. Antonyms: uncertain, doubtful, dubious. sureness, n. certainty, inevitability, assurance, certitude, safety, positiveness. surety, n. sureness, certainty; security, pledge, guaranty; bondsman; substitute, hostage; sponsor; ratification, corroboration. surface, n. exterior, outside, superficies. surfeit, n. fullness, repletion, satiety; superabundance, plethora. surgeon's case of instruments. tweese. surgery, n. aciurgy. surly, a. morose, sullen, crabbed, unamiable, gruff, inurbane, snarling, crusty. surmise, v. suppose, conjecture, suspect, guess, opine. surmise, n. supposition, conjecture, guess, suspicion. surmount, v. overtop; conquer, overcome, vanquish. surmountable, a. superable, conquerable. Antonyms: insuperable, unsurmountable. surname, n. patronymic, cognomen. surpass, v. excel, exceed, outdo, outstrip, transcend. surpassing, a. exceeding, superior, preëminent, transcendent, supereminent. surplus, n. surplusage, excess, overplus, residue, remainder. surprise, v. amaze, astonish, astound. surprise, n. amazement, astonishment. surprising, a. astonishing, amazing, astounding, marvelous. surrender, v. relinquish, yield, abandon, capitulate, waive, remit. surrender, n. relinquishment, capitulation, yielding. surround, v. enclose, encircle, encompass, environ, hem in, corral, invest, intrench. surrounding, a. circumambient, encompassing, encircling ambient, enveloping. surroundings, n. pl. environment, entourage. surveying, n. survey, chorometry; geodesy. Associated Words: theodolite, transit, perambulator. susceptible, a. sensitive, impressionable, impressible, tender. suspect, v. mistrust, distrust, doubt; conjecture, surmise. suspenders, n. pl. gallowses, braces. suspense, n. uncertainty, wavering, hesitation, irresolution. suspension, n. pendency; delay, respite, postponement, abeyance. suspicion, n. mistrust, misgiving, distrust; surmise, conjecture, supposition; (Colloq.) suggestion, hint. swag, n. (Slang) booty, boodle, loot, plunder, spoil. swaggering, n. blustering, boasting, roistering. swallow, v. ingurgitate; gulp, bolt, engorge, englut; ingulf, suck in, absorb, submerge, engulf, overwhelm; accept, believe, credit; appropriate, arrogate, monopolize, engross; bear, brook, tolerate, pocket. swallowing, n. deglutition, ingurgitation, absorption. Antonym: aglutition. swamp, n. marsh, morass, slough, quagmire, bog, fen, marish. Associated Words: paludine, paludinous, paludism, paludose, palustrine, draco, muck, effluvium, malaria, miasma. swamp, v. engulf, overwhelm, submerge. swampy, a. boggy, fenny, marshy, sloughy, slumpy, queachy. swan, n. cob (male); cygnet (young). swap, v. (Colloq.) exchange, trade. swarm, v. teem. swarming, a. teeming. swashing, a. heavy, violent, crushing. sway, n. dominion, domination, rule. swear, v. blaspheme, curse, imprecate, use profane language. swearing, n. profanity, oath, blasphemy, expletive, cursing, imprecation. sweat, v. perspire; exude. sweat, n. perspiration; exudation. Associated Words: sudoriferous, sudoral, sudorific, sudatory, diaphoretic, diaphoresis, perspiratory, empasm, bagnio, adiophoretic. sweating-bath, n. sudatory, sudatorium, vapor-bath. Swedish Parliament. Riksdag. sweet, a. saccharine, honeyed, sugary, nectarean, ambrosial, nectareous; dulcet, melodious, harmonious, mellifluous, silvery, symphonious, tuneful; winsome, winning. Antonyms: bitter, acrid, tart, sour. sweetbread, n. pancreas. sweeten, v. dulcify, edulcorate; purify, disinfect, fumigate, deodorize. sweetening, n. dulcification, edulcoration. sweetheart, n. (male) lover, inamorato, beau, flame, spark, swain, suitor; (female) ladylove, mistress, inamorata, dulcinea, darling, flame, amaryllis. sweets, n. pl. confectionery, sweetmeats. sweet-smelling, a. fragrant, redolent, balmy, aromatic, savory, sweet-scented. swell, v. distend, dilate, expand, bloat, puff up, tumefy, intumesce; increase, augment; heave, surge; protuberate; strut, swagger. swell, n. swelling; augmentation, increase; protuberance, bulge; elevation, rise. swell, a. (Slang) fashionable, elegant, distinguished, exquisite.--n. exquisite, fop, dandy. swelled, a. swollen, tumid, enlarged, bloated, protuberant, turgid. swelling, n. intumescence, turgescence, prominence, protuberance, bump, node, blain, distention. Antonyms: subsidence, detumescence. swelling, a. turgent, tumefacient, tumid, turgid; grandiloquent, bombastic, grandiose. swerve, v. deviate, deflect, diverge, turn aside. swift, a. fleet, rapid, fast, speedy, quick. swiftness, n. celerity, velocity, speed, rapidity, fleetness, quickness. swill, n. hogwash, swillings, draff. swimming, n. natation; dizziness, vertigo, giddiness; transnatation, supernatation. Associated Words: natatorial, natant, natatorious, natatorium, natatory. swimming birds. Natatores. swindle, n. See cheat. swine, n. pl. hogs. Associated Word: porcine. swing, v. oscillate, vibrate; sway, brandish, flourish, wave. swing, n. swinging; free course, liberty, unrestraint, sweep. swinging, n. oscillation, vibration. swinging, a. oscillatory, oscillating, vibratory. swipe, v. strike; (Slang) steal, pluck, snatch, purloin. Swiss, n. Switzer, Helvetian.--a. Helvetic. Swiss Federal Council. Bundesrath. switch, v. whip, flog; shunt, shift. swollen, a. tumid, tumefied, bloated, purled up. sword, n. rapier, saber, scimiter, brand, curtana, claymore, smallsword, glaive, broadsword, cutlass, Damascus blade, spadroon, creese. Associated Words: scabbard, sheathe, unsheathe, forte, hilt, sheath, foible, foil, fence, fencer, gladiatorial, gladiatorism, gladiature. swordfight, n. fencing, swordplay. sword of mercy. curtana. sword player, n. fencer; gladiator. sword-shaped, a. ensiform. sycophancy, n. obsequiousness, fawning, truckling, servility, sycophantism. sycophant, n. fawner, toady, flunky, lickspittle. sycophantic, a. obsequious, fawning, adulatory, servile. syllabus, n. compendium, abstract, synopsis. symbolic, a. typical, emblematical. symbolize, v. typify, emblematize. symmetry, n. proportion, shapeliness. Antonyms: asymmetry, disproportion. sympathetic, a. compassionate, commiserating, pitiful, kind, tender. sympathize, v. have sympathy, commiserate, condole with; agree, be in accord. sympathy, n. fellow-feeling, tenderness; pity, commiseration, compassion, condolence; accord, agreement, rapport, concord. Antonyms: antipathy, incompassion, inclemency, disagreement, incompatibility. symptom, n. indication, mark, sign, evidence, diagnostic. Associated words: symptomatic, rymptomatology, semeiology, semeiotic, semeiography, pathognomonic, diagnosticate, diagnosis. synopsis, n. syllabus, compendium, abstract, summary, epitome, digest. system, n. method, order. Antonyms: chaos, confusion, disorder. systematic, a. methodical, orderly. Antonyms: unsystematic, chaotic, immethodical. systematize, v. methodize, classify. T Tab, n. (Colloq.) account, reckoning, check, tally, score. table, n. tablet; schedule, synopsis, index, list; trivet (three-legged table). Associated word: mensal. table, v. tabulate, tabularize. tableland, n. plateau, mesa (Southwestern U.S.). table linen. napery. tablet, n. lozenge, troche, trochiscus. taboo, n. interdiction, prohibition, proscription. taboo, v. interdict, prohibit, proscribe. taboo, a. prohibited, forbidden, interdicted, proscribed. tackle, n. gear, implements, equipment, rigging, apparatus. tacky, a. sticky, adhesive; (Colloq.) dowdy, shabby, unkempt, seedy. tadpole, n. polliwog. taffy, n. toffy, candy; (Slang) flattery, blandishment, blarney. tail, n. Associated Words: caudal, dock, scut, prehensile, caudate, bicaudal, rump, uropygium. tailless, a. acaudate, anurous. tailor, n. Associated Word: sartorial. tailpiece, n. appendage. taint, v. imbue, impregnate, corrupt, infect, vitiate, sully, besmirch, discolor, contaminate. taint, n. infection, contamination, vitiation, defilement, pollution. tainted, a. infected, contaminated, defiled, imbued, vitiated, polluted. take, v. seize, grasp, clutch, procure, clasp, catch; confiscate, appropriate, usurp, arrogate; deprehend, apprehend; require, need; select, choose. take back. recant, retract, recall, revoke, rescind, disavow, resume. take in. comprise, encompass, comprehend, include, embrace. take-in, n. (Colloq.) imposition, fraud, deception, swindle, cheat, hoax. taken, p.p. charmed, captivated, enamored, fascinated. take off. doff, remove, divest one's self of. take-off, n. caricature, burlesque, travesty, parody. take the place of. supplant, supersede, displace, substitute. take upon one's self. assume, undertake; arrogate, usurp. taking, a. alluring, fascinating, winning, charming, captivating. taking, n. seizure, apprehension; reprisal; prehension. taking back. recantation, retraction, resumption, disavowal, revocation. tale, n. story, romance, parable, apologue, legend, fable, narrative, myth, jeremiad (tale of sorrow). tale-bearer, n. scandal-monger, busybody, quidnunc, tattler, telltale, tabby, gossip. talent, n. endowment, faculty, gift, forte, knack, genius. talented, a. gifted, endowed, clever. talk, v. speak, converse, confer, confabulate, consult; babble, prattle, prate, chatter, gabble, gibber, blather; expatiate, descant, comment, harp, rant; palaver. talk, n. conversation, converse, colloquy, conference, confabulation, chat, parley, _causerie_, parlance, confab; dialogue, interlocution; soliloquy, monologue; palaver, buncombe, blarney, blandishment, flattery, flummery; chaff, banter, raillery, persiflage, badinage, asteistn; chatter, babble, chit chat, gibberish, jargon, twaddle, fustian, moonshine, hanky-panky, jabbering, rhapsody, rant, grandiloquence; expatiation, descant. talkative, a. garrulous, loquacious, communicative, voluble, unreserved. Antonyms: reserved, reticent, uncommunicative, silent, still. talkativeness, n. garrulity, loquacity, communicativeness multiloquence. Antonyms: reserve, reticence, taciturnity. talker, n. conversationalist; interlocutor; chatterer, babler, magpie, chatterbox. tall, a. lofty, high, towering. tally, n. mate, match, counterpart; score, account, record. tally, v. match, conform, agree, correspond, coincide, square, comport, accord. tame, v. domesticate, reclaim, break; discipline, subjugate, conquer, repress. tame, a. docile, domesticated, gentle; prosy, dull, vapid; submissive, subdued. tamper, v. meddle, tinker. tangible, a. palpable, tactile, material; substantial, evident, perceptible, obvious. tangle, v. snarl, entangle, interweave; embroil, insnare, entrap, involve, perplex, enmesh. Antonyms: disentangle, unravel, extricate. tangle, n. snarl, complication, intricacy; imbroglio, perplexity. Antonyms: disentanglement, extrication. tangled, a. entangled, complicated, tangly, snarled, intricate, involved. tank, n. reservoir, vat. tantalize, v. torment, plague, vex, disappoint. tap, n. stopper, plug, spigot, spile, faucet. tap, v. broach. tape needle. bodkin. tapering, a. conical, taper, pyramidal, fusiform. tapeworms, n. pl. tænia. Associated Words: tæniafuge, tæniacide, tænioid, tæniid, proglottis, segment, cysticercus, cestode, measles. tardy, a. slow, sluggish; dilatory, reluctant, behindhand, late. Antonyms: punctual, prompt. tarnish, v. dim, sully, besmirch, blacken, deface. task, n. work, labor, assignment, stint; study, lesson, exercise. taste, n. tasting gustation, degustation; flavor, savor, tang, race, relish, _goût_, saporosity, sapor, gusto, gust, sapidity; liking, fondness, appetite, appetency; tincture, infusion, dash, _soupçon_; discernment, discrimination; foretaste, prelibation. Antonyms: dowdiness, tawdriness, distaste vulgarity. Associated Words: gustatory, saporific. tasteful, a. palatable, savory, relishable, toothsome, gustable, delicious. tasteless, a. insipid, flat, unpalatable, vapid. tastelessness, n. insipidity, vapidity. tasty, a. tasteful, neat. Antonyms: dowdy, tawdry, meretricious, inartistic. tattle, v. tell, divulge, blab, peach. tattler, n. tale-bearer, gossip, quidnunc, news-monger, busybody. taunt, v. ridicule, deride, mock, reproach, revile, jeer twit, gibe. taunt, n. ridicule, derision, jeer, reproach, gibe, quip, quirk. taunting, a. reviling, derisive, jeering, sarcastic. tawdry, a. gaudy, meretricious, showy, flashy, inelegant. tax, n. assessment, toll, excise, levy, tribute, custom, duty, impost; capitation, poll-tax; charge, exaction. tax, v. assess; exact, demand, task. taxable, a. assessable. tea, n. Associated Words: theine, thea, theism, samovar, caddy, theiform, maté, canister, cabaret, tannin. teach, v. instruct, inform, educate, discipline, train, indoctrinate, school, enlighten, drill, tutor, instill, inculcate, coach. teachable, a. docile, tractable, apt, bright. teacher, n. instructor, tutor, master, pedagogue, preceptor, preceptress, governess, coach, usher, mentor; pl. faculty. teaching, n. instruction, education, breeding, enlightenment, inculcation, tuition, tutoring, indoctrination. Associated Words: pedagogy, pedagogics, didactics, paideutics, propædeutics, didactic, instructive, propædeutic, pædeutic, pedagogic, pedagogism, didacticism. team, n. span, pair. tear, n. rent, fissure, rip. tear, v. rend, rip, lacerate, dilacerate, sunder, dismember; fume, rage, rave, rant, storm. tearful, a. lachrymose, weeping, maudlin. tearing, n. rending, laceration, lancination, ripping, dismemberment. tears, n. pl. Associated Words: lachrymal, lachrymation, lachrymatory, lachrymals, lachrymiform, lachrymary. tease, v. torment, plague, tantalize, hector, taunt, harass, badger. teat, n. nipple, pap, dug, mammilla. tedious, a. tiresome, wearisome, irksome, humdrum, monotonous. tedium, n. tediousness, humdrum. teem, v. multiply, be prolific, abound, overflow, swarm. teeming, a. prolific, abounding, replete, overflowing, rife. teeter, v. seesaw, titter, titter-totter. teeth, n. pl. biters, incisors, molars, bicuspids, grinders, tusks, wisdom teeth, eye teeth, canine teeth, fangs. Associated Words: odontology, dentist, dentistry, dental, odontography, dentiloquy, denture, cement, tartar, pyorrhea, gnash, alveoli, corona, dentifrice, dentilave, pulp, dentiform, dentilation, cusp, overshot. teething, n. dentition, odontiasis. teetotaler, n. nephalist, total abstainer. teetotalism, n. nephalism, abstinence (from spirituous liquors), temperance. tell, v. mention, recount, relate, narrate, enumerate, advise, inform, recite, disclose, bruit, divulge, proclaim, expose, apprise, peach, communicate, acquaint, notify, reveal, discern. Antonyms: suppress, reserve, withhold, forbear. telling, n. notification, apprising, communication, relation, narration, recital, divulgement. telling, a. effective, cogent, potent, conclusive. telltale, n. tattler. temerity, n. audacity, boldness, presumption, recklessness, foolhardiness, rashness. temper, v. qualify, modify, moderate, appease; anneal. temper, n. mood, disposition, humor; passion. temperament, n. constitution, nature, temper, disposition. temperance, n. sobriety, nephalism, moderation. temperate, a. moderate; dispassionate, calm; abstemious, sober, self-denying. tempest, n. storm, tumult, commotion, disturbance. tempestuous, a. See stormy. temple, n. fane, church, sanctuary, tabernacle; teocalli, pagoda, mosque, hieron, marai. temporal, a. secular, worldly; temporary; political, civil. temporary, a. transitory, transient, temporal, impermanent, ephemeral, fleeting. tempt, v. seduce, entice, decoy, allure, induce; provoke, incite, instigate. temptation, n. seduction, allurement, enticement, attraction; decoy, lure, bait, inducement. tempter, n. seducer, siren, Circe. tempting, a. enticing, alluring, seductive. ten, n. Associated Words: decimal, decimate, decimation, denary, decemvir, decemvirate. tenacious, a. retentive; cohesive, tough; pertinacious, persistent. tenacity, n. retentiveness; cohesiveness, toughness; pertinacity, persistency. tend, v. conduce, contribute; attend, accompany, guard; incline, lean. tendency, n. drift, inclination, proclivity, proneness, propensity, bent, predisposition. tender, a. delicate, fragile, sensitive, susceptible; pathetic, touching, plaintive; sympathetic, pitiful, compassionate, kind. Antonyms: tough, strong. tender, n. attendant; offer, proposal, overture, proposition. tender, v. offer, present, proffer, propose. ten dollars. eagle. tent, n. pavilion, tabernacle, marquee, tilt, wigwam, tepee; pl. tentage. tenth, n. tithe, tithing; decimal. ten thousand. myriad. Associated Word: myriarch. ten years. decade, decennium, decennary. Associated Words: decennial, decennially. terms, n. pl. stipulations, conditions; terminology, nomenclature. terrace, n. esplanade, plateau. terrible, a. dreadful, formidable, shocking, horrible, frightful, dire, grewsome, nefarious; (Colloq.) severe, extreme, excessive, immoderate. terrify, v. appall, intimidate, daunt, horrify, alarm, shock, frighten. territory, n. province, region, district. terror, n. alarm, consternation, dismay, panic, fright, affright. test, n. trial, ordeal; standard, touchstone, criterion; crucible. test, v. try, prove, assay. testicles, n. pl. testes. Associated Words: castrate, castration, testicular, emasculate, alter, geld, spade, eunuch, varicocele, scrotum, orchitis, suspensory, orchotomy, sarcocele, hydrocele, parorchis, orchialgia, orchic, spermatic, semen, monorchism, epididymis, gubernaculum, gonad. testify, v. depose, attest, asseverate, verify. testimonial, n. credential, certificate, voucher. testimony, n. attestation, deposition, corroboration; witness, evidence. testy, a. irritable, choleric, captious. tetter, n. ringworm, herpes, fret. text, n. passage, pericope; subject, topic, theme. texture, n. fabric, web; grain, structure, contexture. thankful, a. grateful. thankfulness, n. gratitude. Antonyms: unthankfulness, ingratitude. thankless, a. unthankful, ungrateful; unacceptable, unappreciated. thanks, n. pl. gramercy (many thanks). theater, n. playhouse; odeon, lyceum; arena, stage, scene, field. theatrical, a. dramatic, histrionic, scenic; stagy, artificial. theft, n. See stealing. theory, n. hypothesis. thick, a. dense, coagulated, crass, gross, inspissate, inspissated, grumous, incrassated; compact, turbid, roily, feculent, muddy; (Colloq.) intimate, confidential. thicken, v. coagulate, condense, inspissate, curdle, concrete, incrassate. thickening, a. inspissant. thickening, n. inspissation, condensation, coagulation, incrassation. thicket, n. shrubbery, copse, chaparral, grove, boscage, bosk, spinny, coppice. thick-headed, a. pachycephalic, pachycephalous; dull, stupid, doltish. thicklip, n. blobberlip. thickness, n. denseness, density, compactness; grossness, crassitude, consistence; intimacy. Associated Words: pachometer, pachymeter. thick-skinned, a. pachydermatous; obtuse, dull, unimpressible. thick-tongued, a. pachyglossal, crassilingual. thief, n. robber, pilferer, filcher, peculator; embezzler, defaulter, peculator; plagiarist; poacher; shoplifter; kleptomaniac. thievery, n. theft, larceny; embezzlement, peculation; shoplifting. thievish, a. light-fingered, pilfering, predatory; stealthy, sneaking. thill, n. shaft (of a vehicle). thin, a. emaciated, slender, poor, wasted, peaked, gaunt, scrawny, lank, spare, meager, haggard, scraggy; tenuous, delicate, fine; incompact; dilute, rare, rarefied, subtile, attenuated; sheer, flimsy, sleazy, unsubstantial, gossamery, gauzy, diaphanous, transparent; sparse, scanty; inadequate, insufficient, superficial. thin, v. dilute, reduce, attenuate, rarefy, diminish, subtilize. thing, n. object, article. things, n. pl. (Colloq.) clothes, furniture, appurtenances, belongings, goods, luggage, accessories, chattels, effects, traps, impedimenta (Mil.), paraphernalia. think, v. meditate, cogitate, ponder, contemplate, brood, reflect, muse, consider, speculate, ruminate, opine, deem, apprehend, excogitate, infer, surmise, mull. thinkable, a. conceivable, cogitable, imaginable, presumable. thinking, a. rational, pensive, reflective, contemplative, cogitative, introspective. thinking, n. cogitation, meditation, contemplation, thought. thinness, n. emaciation, slenderness, gauntness, spareness, meagerness; tenuity, delicacy, fineness; incompactness; rarity, subtilty, subtilization; inadequacy, sparseness, scantiness. thinning, n. dilution, reduction, attenuation, rarefaction, subtilization. Associated Words: attenuant, diluent. thin-skinned, a. leptodermic; sensitive, impressible, irritable. third, a. tertiary. thirst, n. dryness, aridity, drought. Antonym: adipsy. Associated words: slake, quench, dipsetic, adipsous. thirty years. Associated Words: tricennial, tricennially. thorn, n. spine, prickle, brier; torment, plague, infliction. thornless, a. spineless, inermis. thorny, a. spiny, briery, prickly; vexatious, troublesome, annoying. thorough, a. complete, profound. Antonyms: superficial, cursory, partial, sciolistic. thought, n. reflection, cogitation, revery, musing, meditation, consideration, abstraction, imagination, brown study, contemplation, deliberation, introspection, retrospection, lucubration, rumination, preoccupation, excogitation; idea, concept, surmise, inference. thoughtful, a. contemplative, meditative, reflective, cogitative, wistful, pensive, preoccupied, abstracted; considerate, heedful, circumspect, wary. thoughtless, a. inconsiderate, careless, unmindful, remiss, rash, inadvertent, indiscreet, heedless, unreasoning. thousand, n. Associated Words: millennium, millennial, chiliad, chiliasm, chiliarchy, chiliarch, chiliast, millenary, millesimal. thrash, v. thresh. thread, n. filament, fibre, stamen, staple, pile, raveling, lint, warp, woof, thrum.--v. thrid. threadbare, a. napless, pileworn, seedy, trite, hackneyed. threat, n. menace, threatening, commination, fulmination, intimidation. threaten, v. menace; augur, forebode, portend; impend, be imminent. threatening, a. imminent, ominous, impending, minatory, fulminating. three, n. trio, trinity, triad, ternary, ternion; triplets. Associated Words: thrice, treble, trialogue, triarchy, triplicate, triplication, triplicity, trinal, triarchy, tripartition, tripod, triptych, trisect, trisection, trireme, triumvirate, trilogy, triform, triformity, trilling, trilemma. three-colored, a. tricolored. three-flowered, a. trifloral, triflorous. threefold, a. triple. three-forked, a. trisulcate, trifurcated. three hundred years. tricentenary. Associated Words: tercentenary, tricentenary, tri-centennial. three languages. Associated Word: trilingual. three-leaved, a. trifoliate, trifoliated. three-legged stand. trivet, tripod. three letters. triphthong, trigraph. three months. trimester. Associated Words: trimestral, trimestrial, quarterly. three-parted, a. tripartite. three-pointed, a. tricuspidate, tricuspid. three-pointed spear. trident. three-sided, a. triangular, trilateral. three-sided figure. triangle. three-toothed a. trident, tridentate. three years. triennium. Associated Words: triennial, triennially. threshold, n. doorsill. thrift, n. frugality, economy, thriftiness, providence; prosperity. thriftless, a. wasteful, improvident, extravagant, prodigal. thrifty, a. sparing, economical, provident, frugal; thriving, prosperous; luxuriant. thrilling, a. moving, exciting, sensational. thrive, v. flourish, prosper. thriving, a. flourishing, thrifty, prosperous. throat, n. pharynx, fauces; gullet, esophagus. Associated Words: guttural, gutturalize, gargle, faucal, laryngeal, glottis, pharyngeal, pharyngotomy, larynx. throb, n. beating, pulsation, palpitation.--v. palpitate, pulsate, beat. throbbing, a. pulsating, palpitant, palpitating. throne, n. sovereignty. Associated Words: enthrone, dethrone, dorsal, abdicate, abdication, interregnum, accession, accede. throw, v. pitch, hurl, fling, cast, toss, sling, heave; overturn, prostrate, floor. throw away. squander; reject, decline, refuse. throw by. discard. throw in. inject; contribute. throwing, n. Associated Words: missile, putting. throwing out. ejection, expulsion; eviction; ejaculation. throwing overboard. jettison. throw off. expel; reject, discard, abandon. throw out. expel, evict, oust, reject; emit; discharge, excrete, eject, egest, void, ejaculate, eliminate. Antonym: retain. throw up. resign; vomit, puke, disgorge. thrush, n. aphtha. thrust, n. push, shove, allonge, stab, protrusion. thrust, v. push, force, impel, shove, stab, pierce, protrude. thug, n. ruffian, rough, assassin. thunder, n. Associated Words: brontology, Thor, brontorneter, brontograph, fulmineous, fulminatory, isobront, keraunophobia. thunder, n. fulmination, denunciation.--v. fulminate, denounce. thunder, v. detonate, roll, boom. thundering, n. fulmination.--a. fulminatory. thunderstruck, n. dumfounded, astounded, amazed. thwart, v. frustrate, baffle, foil, balk, contravene. tickle, v. titillate; please, delight, gladden. tickling, n. titillation.--a. titillative. ticklish, a. difficult, critical, delicate. tidbit, n. delicacy, dainty, junket. tide, n. Associated Words: ebb, flood, flow, marigray, marigram. tidy, a. orderly, neat, trim. tie, v. secure, fasten, bind, tether, leash. tie, n. knot, fastening; bond, obligation; (R.R.) sleeper, crosstie. tight, a. taut, tense; snug, close-fitting; (Colloq.) close, penurious, stingy, parsimonious; (Colloq.) stringent; (Slang) tipsy, boozy, fuddled, intoxicated, drunk. tighten, v. straiten. tile, n. Associated Words: tegular, mosaic, tessellated, parquetry. till, v. cultivate. tillable, a. arable, cultivable. tilt, v. slant, slope, incline, tip, cant. time, n. duration; while, spell, season, interval, interim, lapse, interregnum, period; season, opportunity, leisure; tense; (Mus.) measure, tempo; perpetuity; usance; age, date, eon, epoch, era, term. Associated Words: horology, horography, horometry, chronology, chronological, anachronism, anachronistic, synchronology, synchronal, synchronous, synchronism, synchronize, synchroncity, chronometry, gnomonics, contemporaneous, coexistent, coexistence, contemporary, contemporaneity, simultaneous, simultaneousness, concurrence, coincident, coincidence, gnomon, coincide, isochronal, isochronism, isochronon, isochronous, anachronous, prochronism, chronogram, chronic, coeval, coetaneous. timely, a. seasonable, punctual, opportune. Antonyms: untimely, inopportune. timepiece, n. time-keeper, chronometer, horologe, clock, watch, hourglass, chronograph, chronoscope, clepsydra, gnomon, repeater, sundial, isochronon. time-server, n. temporizer, trimmer. time-serving, a. temporizing, trimming. timid, a. timorous, shy, diffident, meticulous, faint-hearted, cowardly. timidity, n. diffidence, shyness, timorousness, cowardice. tin, n. _stannum_; latten, prillion. Associated Words: stannary, stannic, stanniferous, stannous, shadd. tin mine. stannary. tinsel, a. glittering, meretricious, specious, flashy. tinsel, n. spangle, pinchbeck, glitter, tawdriness. tinsmith, n. whitesmith, tinner. tintype, n. ferrotype, stannotype. tip, v. incline, lean, cant, tilt; careen, capsize, keel, overturn, upset.--n. end, apex, extremity. tiptop, n. (Colloq.) pinnacle, apex. tirade, n. diatribe, invective, billingsgate, screed. tire, v. fatigue, weary, jade, fag, bore, irk, tucker, exhaust. tiresome, a. irksome, wearisome, fatiguing, tedious; toilsome, arduous. tissue, n. fabric, stuff, cloth, texture; web, network, fabrication. toad-eater, n. toady. toads, n. pl. Associated Words: ranine, ranivorous. toadstool, n. fungus. See Fungi. toady, n. sycophant, toad-eater, flatterer, fawner. tobacco, n. Associated Words: tobacconist, nicotine, nicotinism, canaster, cavendish, plug, cud, quid, fumacious, carotte, capa, perique, mundungus, humidor. toe, n. digit. together, adv. unitedly, jointly, concertedly, simultaneously. toil, n. labor, drudgery; toils, snare, trap.--v. labor, moil, drudge. token, n. sign, symbol, index, indication. tolerable, a. sufferable, endurable; passable, mediocre, so-so, ordinary. tolerance, n. endurance, toleration, sufferance. Antonym: intolerance. tolerant, a. indulgent, forbearing, charitable. Antonym: intolerant. tolerate, v. endure, suffer, brook; allow, permit, admit. toleration, n. tolerance, endurance, sufferance; allowance, permission. tomb, n. sepulchre, crypt, vault, ossuary; mausoleum (a magnificent tomb). tomboy, n. (Colloq.) hoiden, romp. tombstone, n. monument; cenotaph (honoring one buried elsewhere). Associated Words: sepulchral, epitaph, lapidary. tomfoolery, n. (Colloq.) folly, trifling, monkey-tricks, mummery. tone, n. sound, note; cadence, modulation; force, vigor, energy. tone down. subdue, moderate, soften. toneless, a. aspirated, surd, atonic, unintonated. tongue, n. Associated Words: lingual, glossal, sublingual, fur, tchick, barb, papillæ, lick, lap, hyoid, lincture, aglossal, frænum, fourchette, raphe. tonguy, a. (Colloq.) voluble, fluent, loquacious, garrulous. tonic, n. invigorant, roborant. tool, n. implement, utensil, instrument; cat's-paw, puppet, hireling. Associated Words: ratten, cocobola, kit. tooth, n. (little tooth) denticle, dentile. Associated Words: denticulation, serration, serrature. See teeth. toothache, n. odontalgia. Associated Word: odontalgic. toothless, a. agomphious, edentate, edentulous. toothless animals. Edentata. toothsome, n. palatable, delicious, savory, gustable. top, n. summit, crest, apex, vertex, pinnacle, zenith, culmination, capsheaf, meridian. top, v. surmount, overtop, surpass. toper, n. drunkard, sot, inebriate, guzzler. topic, n. subject, theme; division, head, subdivision. topknot, n. crest. top-shaped, a. turbinate, turbinated. torch, n. flambeau (flaming torch), cresset. torment, n. pain, anguish, distress, torture; bane, infliction, scourge, thorn. torment, v. persecute, hector, tease, tantalize, harry; torture, grill, rack, distress. torn, a. rent, lacerated, ripped. tornado, n. hurricane, cyclone, whirlwind. torpid, a. numb, benumbed, unfeeling; lethargic, dull, hebetate, sluggish, stupid. torpidity, n. numbness, lethargy, inactivity, hebetude. touch, v. meet, impinge; graze. touch, n. touching, contact, contiguity, juxtaposition, osculation, tangency; taction, tact, palpation; dash, sprinkling, _soupçon_, infusion; animadversion, censure, stricture, reflection, slur. Associated words: tactile, tactility, tactual, palpable, impalpable, palpability, impalpability. touchiness, n. irascibility, petulance, irritability. touching, a. pathetic, affecting, moving, tender. touching, prep. respecting, concerning, regarding. touchstone, n. criterion, test; basanite, Lydian stone. touchwood, n. punk, tinder, agaric, spunk. touchy, a. irascible, irritable, petulant, testy, choleric, snappish. tough, a. tenacious, unyielding; cohesive, adhesive; obdurate, refractory, stubborn; (Colloq.) difficult, arduous, hard. tour, n. journey, trip, excursion, expedition. tousled, a. (Colloq.) disordered, disheveled. toweling, n. crash. tower, n. steeple, campanile, minaret, spire, belfry, turret, cupola, dome; tourelle, barbican, pylon, martello tower; castle, citadel, donjon, keep, fortress. tower, v. overtop, rise above. toy, n. gimcrack, plaything, trinket, kickshaw, bauble, teetotum, gewgaw. trace, n. vestige, sign, impression. track, n. trace, vestige, footprint, footmark, foil; spoor; wake, trail. tract, n. Associated Words: colporteur, colportage. trade, n. commerce, barter, traffic, business; handicraft. Associated Words: technical, technology, technicals, technicality, technological, polytechnic, polytechnics, vocational, Mercury. trade, v. exchange, barter, traffic, swap (Colloq.). trader, n. trafficker, dealer, merchant, tradesman, monger. tradesman, n. trader, merchant; artisan, craftsman, mechanic, journeyman, handicraftsman. trading, a. commercial, mercantile; venal, corrupt, jobbing. trail, n. train; track, wake, spoor, footmark, foil, trace. trailing, a. procumbent, prostrate. Antonyms: upright, erect. train, n. retinue, suite, attendants; series, chain. train, v. discipline, nurture, drill; accustom, habituate, familiarize. trained, a. skilled, practiced, disciplined, competent. Antonym: untrained. training, n. discipline, nurture, drilling, exercise. traitorous, a. perfidious, treasonable, recreant, faithless. tramp, v. march, trudge, plod. tramp, n. vagrant, vagabond, landloper, walleteer, nomad, hobo, derelict. trample, v. crush; scorn, spurn, disregard. transaction, n. procedure, affair, deal, business. transform, v. transfigure, metamorphose; transmute. transformation, n. transfiguration, metamorphosis; transmutation. transgress, v. violate, infringe, disregard. transgression, n. violation, infringement, infraction. transient, a. fleeting, transitory, temporary, impermanent. translate, v. construe, render, interpret. translation, n. rendering, interpretation. transmogrify, v. (Colloq.) transform, metamorphose. transparency, n. diaphaneity, translucency. Antonyms: opacity, intransparency. transparent, a. diaphanous, translucent, pellucid. Antonyms: opaque, intransparent. trap, n. snare, toil, gin, springe, pitfall; artifice, stratagem. trap, v. entrap, ensnare, trapan, catch. trapdoor, n. hatchway. trappings, n. pl. decorations, paraphernalia, frippery, gear, rigging, ornaments; caparisons, accouterments. traps, n. pl. See things. trash, n. rubbish, refuse, trumpery. trashy, a. trumpery, rubbishy, waste. travel, v. journey, itinerate, peregrinate. travel, n. journey, tour, peregrination. traveler, n. wayfarer, itinerant, voyager, pilgrim, tourist, peregrinator, passenger. traveler's handbook. itinerary. traveling, a. wayfaring, itinerant, wandering, peripatetic. traveling man. drummer, agent, traveling salesman. traveling preacher. itinerant. travesty, n. burlesque, parody, caricature, take-off. tray, n. salver, waiter, plateau, server. treacherous, a. traitorous, perfidious, faithless. treachery, n. treason, perfidy, disloyalty, Punic faith. treasury, n. exchequer; repository. Associated Words: treasurer, fiscal, treasure-trove. treat, v. regale, feast; negotiate; behave toward, deal with. treatise, n. disquisition, dissertation, monograph; thesis. treaty, n. covenant, agreement, compact, concordat, pact, protocol. tree, n. (young) sapling, seedling; (with top cut off) pollard, bolling; (small) staddle. Associated Words: dendrology, sylviculture, arboriculture, arboriculturist, sylviculturist, dendrologist, arboreal, arbor, arboreous, arborescence, arborescent, arborist, arborization, dendrography, dendrophilous, sylvan, topiary work, thicket, copse, coppice, grove, plashing, sawyer, dendromoeter, rampick, spinny, dendrite, dendriform, dendroid, dendrolite, lichen, motte. trellis, n. lattice, lattice-work, espalier, _treillage_. tremble, v. quake, quiver, shudder, dodder, quaver, totter, vibrate, oscillate. trembling, n. tremor, quivering, quaver, trepidation, rigor, oscillation. trembling, a. doddering, shaking, infirm, quivering. trench, n. ditch, gutter, trough, moat, channel. trend, n. tendency. trespass, v. encroach upon, infringe, intrude. trial, n. test, experiment, proof, essay, examination; probation; ordeal, crucible, criterion; effort, exertion, endeavor; adversity, hardship, tribulation, affliction. Associated Words: empiricism, empirical, empiric, probationer, probationary, tentative. trick, n. ruse, artifice, stratagem, sleight, hoax, maneuver, wile, feint, chicane; antic, prank, caper; trait, peculiarity. trick, v. deceive, cheat, defraud, cozen, impose upon; dress, decorate, set off, adorn. trickery, n. deception, chicanery, artifice, duplicity, Machiavelianism, circumvention, indirection. trickle, v. dribble, drip, percolate, distill. trickster, n. rogue, cheat, impostor, scoundrel. tricky, a. trickish, knavish, unprincipled, treacherous. trifle, n. triviality, bagatelle, doit. trifle, v. dawdle, dally, pother, fribble, quiddle. trifler, n. fribbler, dawdler, dallier, piddler, quiddler. trifling, a. trivial, paltry, piddling, insignificant, piffling, frivolous. trifling, n. piddling, frivolity, piffle, dalliance, quibbling, piffling. trim, a. spruce, smart; neat, tidy. trim, v. adjust, arrange; decorate, adorn, garnish, embellish, bedeck, trick; prune, clip, lop; (Colloq.) rebuke, reprove, reprimand, rate, scold. trimming, n. embellishment, garnish, decoration; (Colloq.) chastisement, scolding, reproof. trinket, n. bauble, gimcrack, knickknack, gewgaw, gaud; bijou; pl. trinkets, trinketry; bijoutry. trip, n. jaunt; lapse, slip, stumble, misstep. Associated Words: itinerary, itinerancy, viatic, viaticum. triplet, n. trilling. trite, a. hackneyed, banal, commonplace. triumph, n. victory, conquest; exultation, ovation. triumph, v. overcome, prevail, succeed; exult, rejoice. triumphant, a. exultant, jubilant; victorious. trivial, a. trifling, frivolous, insignificant, unimportant. triviality, n. unimportance, paltriness. troop, n. company, battery, squad, band, throng, crowd. trouble, v. vex, disturb, distress, inconvenience, incommode, pester, worry. trouble, n. tribulation, adversity, reverses, affliction, calamity, misfortune; vexation, annoyance, inconvenience, worry, disturbance; torment, plague, thorn, bane. troublesome, a. vexatious, burdensome, afflictive, harassing, galling, wearisome. trounce, v. (Colloq.) flog, castigate, whip. trousers, n. pl. pants, pantaloons, breeches; trews; spatterdashes, garnashes; knickerbockers. trout, n. Associated Word: truttaceous. truce, n. armistice. truckle, v. cringe, knuckle, submit, yield. true, a. correct, exact, accurate, veritable, authentic, real, genuine, actual; veracious, truthful; loyal, stanch, steadfast, unwavering; incorruptible, trustworthy, faithful, honorable. Antonyms: See untrue. trueblue, a. (Colloq.) incorruptible, loyal, true. truism, n. axiom. trump, v. impose, palm off, obtrude, deceive. trumpery, n. falsehood, deception; rubbish, trash.--a. worthless, deceptive, trashy. trumpet, n. horn; shophar (Heb.). Associated Words: fanfare, buccinal. trump up, v. devise, fabricate. trunk, n. body, bole, stock; proboscis; chest, coffer. truss, v. pack, compress; skewer. trust, n. credence, confidence, belief, reliance, affiance, faith; credit, tick; assurance, confidence; duty, commission, charge. Antonyms: distrust, doubt. Associated Words: fiduciary, fiducial. trust, v. depend upon, rely upon; give credit to, tick; intrust, commit. trustee, n. fiduciary, regent. trustful, a. unsuspicious, confiding, credulous, confident. trusty, a. trustworthy, faithful, reliable. truth, n. veracity, truthfulness; accuracy, precision, exactness, correctness; verity, fact; truism, axiom; fidelity, constancy, loyalty, fealty, steadfastness; candor, frankness, ingenuousness. Antonyms: See untruth. truthful, a. veracious, undissembling, ingenuous, veridical. try, v. test, examine, prove; attempt, essay, endeavor; purify, refine; hear, adjudicate, adjudge; strive, seek, strain. try, n. attempt, essay, trial, experiment. See trial. trying, a. severe, distressing, hard, irksome, afflictive, ordeal. trysting-place, n. rendezvous. tub, n. firkin, keeler, keelfat, keeve, vat, piggin. tube, n. pipe; valinch. tubular, a. tubiform, fistular, cannular. tuft, n. knot, bunch, clump; tussock, crest. tug, n. trace; pull, effort. tumble, v. heave, toss, roll, pitch; topple. tumble-down, a. (Colloq.) dilapidated, ramshackle. tumbler, n. acrobat, contortionist. tumor, n. sarcoma; myoma; carcinoma; lipoma. Associated Words: oncology, oncotomy. tumult, n. commotion, hurly-burly, turbulence. tumultuous, a. disorderly, turbulent, noisy, riotous. tune, n. air, melody; order, harmony, unison, concord, accord. tune, v. attune, modulate, harmonize. tuneful, a. melodious, harmonious. tuneless, a. inharmonious, discordant, dissonant. tunnel, n. funnel; subway. turf, n. sward, sod, greensward; peat. turmoil, n. commotion, uproar, tumult, turbulence, agitation. turn, v. revolve, spin, gyrate, rotate, wheel, veer, shift, swivel; deflect, inflect; reverse, revert; divert, avert; invert; resort, apply. turn, n. bend, winding, meander, curve, detour, deflection, crook, sweep; favor, kindness, service, accommodation. turn aside. divert, avert, deflect, parry. turned away. averted. turning, n. rotation, revolution, spinning, gyration; eversion, extroversion; flexure, flexion, incurvation; deviation, deflection; circumrotation. turning, a. revolving, rotary, rotating, gyratory, winding, circumrotary. turning aside. averting, deviation, diversion, deflection, parry. turning back. retroversion, retroflexion. turning inward. introversion. turning over or backward. inversion, reversal. turning point. crisis; pivot. Associated Words: pivotal, critical. turning upside down. inversion, reversal. turning wrong side out. extroversion, eversion. turnip-shaped, a. napiform. turnkey, n. warder. turn upside down. invert, reverse. turtle, n. tortoise; terrapin. tussle, n. struggle, contest, scuffle, conflict. twaddle, n. flummery, balderdash, fustian, moonshine. twelve, n. dozen. Associated Words: dodecagon, dodecahedral, dodecahedron, duodecimal, duodecimfid, duodecimo, duodecuple, duodenary. twenty, n. score. Associated Words: vicenary, vigesimal, vigesimation, icosahedron. twenty years. Associated Word: vicennial. twig, n. spray, branch, sprig, switch. twilight, n. dusk, evening. Associated Words: crepuscular, crepusculous. twine, v. entwine, encircle, wreathe. twinkle, v. blink, wink; flash, sparkle, scintillate. twinkling, n. sparkling, scintillation, flash, twinkle. twist, v. contort, writhe, squirm, convolve, pervert, coil, wrench, distort. twisted, a. contorted, awry, tortuous, coiled, perverted. twisting, n. contortion, convolution, writhing, torsion, wrench, distortion, perversion. twit, v. taunt, upbraid, reproach. twitch, n. jerk; twitching, vellication.--v. jerk, snatch, vellicate. twitter, n. chirp, chirrup. two, n. couple, pair, brace, doublet, dyad, team, span, twain; twins. Associated Words: dual, duality, double, dualism, duplex, duplicate, duplication, bifarious, binary, dimidiate, dimidiation, duet, dialogue, duarchy, bisect, bisection, halve. two bodies. Associated Word: bicorporal. two colors. Associated Words: dichromatic, dichromatism, dichromic. two-faced, a. Janus-faced, bifacial. two fingers. Associated Word: bidigitate. twofold, a. double, duplicate. two-footed, a. biped. two-footed animal. biped. two-forked, a. bifurcated, bifurcate, dichotomous. two-handed, a. bimanous; ambidextrous. two-handed animals. Bimana. two-headed, a. bicephalous. two hundred years. Associated Words: bicentenary, bicentennial. two languages. Associated Words: bilingual, diglot, bilingualism, bilinguist. two-legged, a. biped. two letters. Associated Words: biliteral, biliteralism, diphthong, digraph, duoliteral. two months. Associated Word: bi-monthly. two parties. Associated Words: bipartisan, bipartisanship. two parts. Associated Words: bipartible, bipartite, bipartition, bipartient, bisect, bisection. two poles. Associated Words: bipolar, bipolarity. two-sided, a. double-faced, bilateral. two weeks, fortnight. Associated Words: bi-weekly, fortnightly. two years. Associated Words: biennial, biennially. type, n. symbol, token, representation; model, exemplar, phototype, archetype. Antonyms: antitype, variant, monstrosity. typesetter, n. compositor; typograph (machine). typhoid fever. enteric fever. typical, a. emblematical, prefigurative, representative, indicative. Antonyms: atypical, abnormal, variant, unique. typify, v. represent, prefigure. typographer, n. printer. typography, n. printing. tyrannical, a. despotic, arbitrary, autocratic, imperious, absolute, dictatorial, domineering, oppressive, tyrannic. tyrannize, v. domineer, persecute, oppress. tyranny, n. despotism, absolutism, oppression, rigor, severity. tyrant, n. despot, autocrat; oppressor, persecutor, usurper. tyro, n. novice, neophyte, pupil, beginner. U Ubiquitous, a. omnipresent. ubiquity, n. omnipresence. udder, n. mamma. Associated Words: escutcheon, garget. ugly, a. repulsive, unsightly, loathsome, hideous, grewsome, frightful; (Colloq.) crossgrained, ill-natured, unamiable, inaffable, surly, refractory, vicious, indocile, spiteful, sullen, morose; uncomely, hard-visaged, homely, ill-favored, hard-featured. ulcer, n. fester, gathering, imposthume, pustule, ulceration. Associated Words: sanies, sanious. ulcerate, v. suppurate, fester, maturate. ultimate, a. final, farthest, extreme. ultimately, adv. finally. ultra, a. extreme. umbrage, n. resentment. umpire, n. referee, judge, arbitrator, arbiter. unabated, a. undiminished, unassuaged. unable, a. incapable. unabundant, a. scarce, deficient, rare. unacceptable, a. objectionable, unwelcome, undesirable. unaccountable, a. incomprehensible, inexplicable, inscrutable. unaccustomed, a. unfamiliar, unwonted, unused. unacquainted, a. unfamiliar, strange. unadulterated, a. unsophisticated, unalloyed, pure. unadvised, a. imprudent, unwise, indiscreet, inconsiderate. unaffected, a. unmoved, untouched, unimpressed; artless, naïve, sincere, natural, unfeigned. unafraid, a. undaunted, unappalled, unabashed, undismayed. unalterable, a. immutable, unchangeable. unambitious, a. unenterprising, indifferent. unamiable, a. cross, ungracious, surly, unfriendly, irascible. unanimity, n. unison, accord, agreement. unanswerable, a. irrefutable, incontrovertible. unappeasable, a. insatiate, insatiable, unquenchable, implacable. unappreciable, a. imperceptible. unapproachable, a. inaccessible, distant. unarmed, a. defenseless, unguarded, unprotected. unasked, a. unsolicited, voluntary, free-will. unassailable, a. impregnable, invincible, secure, invulnerable. unassorted, a. mixed, promiscuous, indiscriminate. unatonable, a. inexpiable, irremissible. unattainable, a. unachievable, impracticable, impossible. unauthentic, a. spurious, supposititious, uncanonical, apocryphal, fictitious. unavailing, a. futile, nugatory, ineffectual, abortive, vain, bootless. unavoidable, a. inevitable, unpreventable, ineludable. unaware, a. unconscious, unmindful, insensible. unbearable, a. intolerable, insufferable, unendurable. unbecoming, a. inappropriate, unseemly, unsuitable, indecorous. unbegotten, a. self-existent. unbelief, n. incredulity, skepticism, doubt, infidelity, distrust, suspicion. unbelievable, a. incredible, implausible, fabulous. unbeliever, n. doubter, skeptic, infidel, free-thinker, nullifidian. unbelieving, a. incredulous, doubtful, skeptical, nullifidian. unbend, v. relax. unbending, a. inflexible, unyielding, rigid, unpliant, resolute, incompliant. unbiased, a. unprejudiced, impartial, unjaundiced, neutral, disinterested. unbidden, a. unasked, uninvited; spontaneous, voluntary, volitional. unblamable, a. blameless, inculpable, irreprehensible, innocent. unblushing, a. shameless, unabashed, brazen-faced, indecent, immodest. unbosom, v. confess, reveal, divulge. unbounded, a. illimitable, boundless, unlimited, limitless, immeasurable, vast, infinite, immense. unbreakable, a. infrangible; inviolable (said of a promise or vow). unbreakableness, n. infrangibility; inviolability. unbreathable, a. irrespirable. unbridled, a. unrestrained, uncurbed, uncontrolled, licentious, immoderate. unbroken, a. whole, intact; inviolate, inviolated; undisturbed, sound, profound; wild, untamed. unburnable, a. incombustible, asbestic, incremable. unbury, v. exhume, disentomb, disinter. unburying, n. exhumation, disentombment, disinterment. uncanny, a. weird, eerie. uncanonical, a. apocryphal, unauthentic. unceasing, a. incessant, perpetual, perennial, ceaseless. unceremonious, a. informal, unconstrained; bluff, blunt. uncertain, a. distrustful, hesitating; dubious, precarious, problematical, insecure; equivocal, ambiguous, indefinite, irresolute, inconstant, fickle, variable, capricious; fallible. uncertainty, n. distrust, hesitation, doubt, dubiousness, dubiety, incertitude; irresolution, variableness, inconstancy, capriciousness; ambiguity, indefiniteness; contingency, fortuity; fallibility; suspense. unchangeable, a. immutable, invariable, changeless, stereotyped, unalterable, unmodifiable, permanent, constant. unchanging, a. unvarying, permanent. uncharitable, a. illiberal, intolerant, ungenerous, bigoted, censorious. unchaste, a. incontinent, impure, lewd, wanton, immoral. unchastity, n. incontinence, wantonness, lechery, licentiousness, lewdness, impurity. unchecked, a. unbridled, unrestrained, unhampered, untrammeled, uncurbed. unchurch, v. excommunicate. uncivil, a. discourteous, rude, churlish, boorish, brusque, impolite. uncivilized, a. savage, barbarous, unreclaimed, benighted. unclassifiable, a. nondescript. uncle, a. Associated Word: avuncular. unclean, a. soiled, dirty, foul, filthy, nasty, uncleanly; tref (Jewish); polluted, defiled, impure. uncommon, a. unusual, singular, rare, unique, queer, strange, odd, anomalous, exceptional, abnormal, variant, nondescript, extraordinary, noteworthy, remarkable, aberrant. uncommunicative, a. reserved, taciturn, reticent, secretive. uncompelled, a. voluntary, spontaneous, gratuitous, unconstrained, volitional. uncomplaining, a. resigned, patient, forbearing, long-suffering, meek. uncomplimentary, a. unflattering, frank, derogatory, blunt. uncompromising, a. inflexible, irreconcilable, intransigent, firm. unconcern, n. indifference, nonchalance, apathy, disinterestedness. unconcerned, a. indifferent, nonchalant, cool, apathetic, disinterested. unconditional, a. absolute, unqualified, unrestricted, _carte blanche_. uncongenial, a. disagreeable, unpleasant. unconnected, a. disconnected, separate, isolated, abrupt, incoherent. unconquerable, a. invincible, insuperable, impregnable, indomitable, inexpugnable. unconscionable, a. unreasonable, inordinate, exorbitant, excessive. unconscious, a. unaware, insensible; comatose; ingenuous, artless, naïve. unconsciousness, n. insensibility; coma. unconstrained, a. spontaneous, uncompelled, voluntary, natural. uncontradictable, a. incontrovertible, indisputable, incontestable. uncontrollable, a. ungovernable, irrepressible. unconvincing, a. inconclusive. uncouple, v. disconnect, detach, disjoin, loose. uncourtly, a. rude, gawky, ungraceful, awkward, inelegant. uncouth, a. awkward, clumsy, rude, ungainly, loutish, gawky, ungraceful. uncover, v. disclose, reveal, expose, show. unction, n. anointing; unguent, ointment; fervor, emotion, fervency, enthusiasm. uncultivated, a. untilled, fallow. uncultured, a. unlettered, ignorant; philistine. undaughterly, a. unfilial. undecaying, a. imperishable, amaranthine, perennial, undying, fadeless; imputrescible, incorruptible. undeceive, v. disabuse, disillusionize, disillusion. undeceiving, n. disillusion, disillusionment. undecided, a. unsettled, pending; wavering, irresolute, dubious, controvertible. undecipherable, a. illegible. undefinable, a. unexplainable, undeterminable. undefined, a. vague, indefinite, obscure; boundless, limitless. undemonstrative, a. staid, quiet, demure, phlegmatic, sedate. undeniable, a. incontestable, indisputable, unquestionable, indubitable, irrefragable, incontrovertible, unimpeachable. under, prep. beneath, below, subordinate, inferior, subject to. under, a. subordinate, subaltern, inferior, subjacent. underbrush, n. undergrowth, jungle. underground, a. subterranean, subterraneous, subterrene, subterrestrial. underhand, a. underhanded, surreptitious, clandestine, covert. underhand, adv. clandestinely, covertly, secretly, surreptitiously. underhanded, a. covert, clandestine, surreptitious, underhand. underline, v. underscore. underling, n. subordinate, inferior, understrapper. underlying, a. fundamental, basic. underrate, v. underestimate, undervalue, underprize. understand, v. comprehend, apprehend, grasp, discern. understandable, a. comprehensible, intelligible. understanding, n. comprehension, discernment, apprehension; accord, _entente_, harmony, agreement. Associated Word: tacit. under the rose. secretly, privately, confidentially, _sub rosa_. undervalue, v. depreciate, vilipend, despise; underrate, underestimate. under water. submarine, subaquatic, subaqueous, submerged. underwear, n. underclothing; lingerie. underwrite, v. insure; subscribe. undeserved, a. unmerited, unjust. undeserving, a. unworthy, unmeritorious, indign. undesigned, a. unpremeditated, unintentional, accidental. undesigning, a. artless, guileless, sincere. undesirable, a. inexpedient; objectionable, unacceptable, ineligible. undetermined, a. unsettled, irresolute, wavering, indeterminate, abeyant. undeveloped, a. in embryo, embryonic, immature, abeyant, embryo, imperfect; atrophied, dwarfed, rudimentary, stunted, abortive, puny. undevelopment, n. immaturity; atrophy, abortion; embryo. undignified, a. unseemly, unbecoming, groveling, servile, obsequious. undiminished, a. unabated, unlessened. undiscernible, a. imperceptible, indiscernible. undisputable, a. incontrovertible, incontestable, indisputable, undeniable. undissolvable, a. insoluble, indissolvable, indissoluble. undo, v. reverse, annul, nullify, abrogate, neutralize, invalidate; loose, unfasten, disentangle; impoverish, ruin. undoing, n. reversal, annulment, invalidation, abrogation; impoverishment, ruin. undoubted, a. indubitable, unquestioned, unchallenged, undisputed. undoubting, a. sure, confident, sanguine, implicit. undress, n. dishabille, negligee. undress, v. disrobe, strip, divest, doff, disarray. undressing, n. disrobing, stripping. undue, v. unreasonable, immoderate, exorbitant, excessive, disproportioned. undutiful, a. disobedient, unfilial. undying, a. deathless, immortal. unearth, v. uncover, disclose, ferret out. unearthly, a. weird, supernatural, preternatural, eerie, apalling, terrific. uneasiness, n. restlessness, inquietude, perturbation, anxiety, agitation, malaise. uneasy, a. restless, restive, anxious, perturbed, impatient. uneatable, a. inedible, incomestible. uneducated, a. illiterate, benighted. See ignorant. unemotional, a. phlegmatic. unendurable, a. intolerable, insufferable. unequal, a. unmatched, uneven, disparate; ill-balanced, disproportioned, incommensurate, inequitable; inequable, irregular; inadequate, insufficient. unequaled, a. unmatched, unexampled, incomparable, superior, preëminent, peerless, unsurpassed, unrivaled, exceeding, superlative, _sans pareil_. unequalness, n. inequality, unevenness, disproportion, inadequacy. unerasable, a. indelible, inerasable, permanent. unerring, a. certain, sure, unfailing, infallible, inerrable, impeccable. unescapable, a. inevitable, unavoidable. unessential, a. nonessential, immaterial, unnecessary. uneven, a. jagged, rugged, rough, hummocky, humpy, protuberant, unequal. unexcelled, a. unequaled, unsurpassed, superior, supreme. unexcitable, a. imperturbable, phlegmatic. unexhaustible, a. exhaustless, inexhaustible. unexpected, a. unforeseen, unanticipated, unlooked for. unexperienced, a. inexperienced, unpracticed. unexplainable, a. inexplicable, inscrutable, uninterpretable. unexpressible, a. inexpressible, unutterable, ineffable. unextinguishable, a. unquenchable, insuppressible. unfading, a. perennial, amaranthine, permanent, enduring. Unfailing, a. sure, certain, constant, inexhaustible, infallible, inevitable. unfair, a. unjust, partial, unconscionable, inequitable, disingenuous. unfairness, n. injustice, inequity, partiality. unfaithful, a. disloyal, faithless, perfidious, undutiful, renegade, apostate, recreant, derelict, false, treacherous, traitorous, treasonable, untrustworthy, pervert, inconstant, unsteadfast, fickle. unfaithfulness, n. disloyalty, perfidy, apostasy, recreancy, inconstancy, treachery, treason, bad faith, dereliction, fickleness, defection. unfaltering, a. steadfast, unwavering, unswerving. unfamiliar, a. unaccustomed, strange, novel; inconversant, unacquainted. unfathered, a. fatherless; bastard, illegitimate. unfathomable, a. abyssmal, immeasurable; inscrutable. unfavorable, a. adverse, inimical, unpropitious, inauspicious, malign, derogatory, hostile. unfeathered, a. unfledged, callow, squab. unfeeling, a. insensible, insensate, insentient, numb, apathetic, impassible, impassive; stoic, callous, cruel, stern, incompassionate, unpitying, brutal, inclement. unfeelingness, n. insensibility, impassibility, impassivity, torpidity, numbness, apathy; unkindness, cruelty, stoicism, incompassion, inclemency. unfeigned, a. genuine, sincere, unaffected, unassumed. unfinished, a. incomplete. unfit, a. unsuitable, ineligible, inappropriate, unqualified, incompetent, inapt, inept. unfit, v. disqualify, incapacitate, disable. unfitness, n. ineligibility, unsuitableness, incompetency, irrelevance, disqualification. unflattering, a. uncomplimentary, derogatory, frank. unfledged, a. callow, unfeathered, squab. unflinching, a. resolute. unfold, v. unfurl, expand, evolve, unroll; disentangle, unravel, resolve; divulge, disclose, reveal, elucidate. unfoldment, n. evolution, evolvment, expansion, unrolling; disentanglement, interpretation, explanation. unforced, a. spontaneous, voluntary, optional, unconstrained. unforgivable, a. unpardonable, irremissible, inexpiable. unforgiving, a. implacable, irremissive, relentless. unfortunate, a. unlucky, unsuccessful, disastrous, ill-starred, ill-fated. unfounded, a. baseless, groundless. unfriendliness, n. enmity, inimicalness, hostility, disfavor, antipathy, disaffection, alienation, estrangement, unfriendship. unfriendly, a. hostile, ill-disposed, inimical, malign, unamicable, disaffected, alienated, estranged, antagonistic, unfavorable, adverse. unfruitful, a. unproductive, effete, unprolific, infertile, acarpous. ungainly, a. awkward, gawky, ungraceful, lumbering, loutish, wooden, uncouth. ungenerous, a. illiberal, narrow, sordid, uncharitable, stingy. unglue, v. deglutinate. ungodly, a. godless, impious, irreverent, profane, unrighteous. ungovernable, a. unruly, unmanageable, refractory, intractable, mutinous, impotent, irrepressible, rampant, unbridled, impetuous. ungraceful, a. awkward, uncourtly, clumsy, uncouth, lumbering, ungainly, wooden, gawky. ungrateful, a. ingrateful, unthankful; disagreeable, offensive. ungratefulness, n. ingratitude. ungrateful person. ingrate. unguarded, a. defenseless, unprotected; incautious, unwary. unhair, v. depilate. unhairing, n. depilation. Associated Word: depilatory. unhallowed, a. unsanctified, profane. unhandy, a. inconvenient; clumsy, awkward, maladroit. unhappiness, n. infelicity, misery, distress, sorrow, woe. unhappy, a. infelicitous, unfortunate; miserable, wretched, sad, sorrowful, disconsolate, woeful, distressed, heart-sick, mournful, lugubrious; deplorable, calamitous, distressing, grievous, inauspicious, unpropitious, malign. unharmed, a. unscathed, inviolate, uninjured, unhurt, intact, scathless. unharmonious, a. inharmonious, discordant, dissonant, harsh. unhealable, a. insanable, incurable. unhealthful, a. unwholesome, insalubrious, unsanitary, unhealthy, morbific, pestiferous. unhealthfulness, n. insalubrity, unwholesomeness. unhealthy, a. unhealthful, unwholesome, insalubrious, noxious, noisome, pestiferous, pernicious, unsanitary, unhygienic, morbid, morbific, pestilent, insalutary; sickly, unsound, diseased, morbid, invalid. unheard of. unprecedented, exceptional; unknown, obscure. unheeded, a. disregarded, ignored, unnoticed. unholy, a. unhallowed, unconsecrated, profane, impious, evil, ungodly. unhonored, a. inglorious, unsung, unrenowned, obscure. unhurt, a. See unharmed. uniform, a. unvarying, invariable, constant, undeviating; consonant, consistent. Antonyms: diverse, difform, anomalous, variant, heterogeneous, variable. uniform, n. livery, dress, regimentals. uniformity, n. sameness, even tenor; invariability, regularity, equableness, conformity, consonance, consistency. Antonyms: diversity, variation, anomaly. unimaginative, a. matter-of-fact, prosaic, literal, practical, unromantic. unimportance, n. immateriality, insignificance, triviality, paltriness. unimportant, a. immaterial, insignificant, trivial, paltry. unimpressible, a. unimpressionable, impassible, stoical, impassive. unintentional, a. accidental, unpremeditated, fortuitous, undesigned. union, n. coalition, combination, merger, fusion, unification, incorporation, conjunction, amalgamation, coalescence, junction, league, confederacy, federation, alliance; agreement, concurrence, unison. Antonyms: disunion. See separation. unique, a. unmatched, unexampled. unite, v. join, combine, annex, associate, link, couple, yoke, splice; consolidate, merge, amalgamate, fuse, confederate, unify, coalesce, concur, coöperate. united, a. combined, incorporate, federated, confederate, affiliated, unified, blended, leagued, conjugate, yoked, amalgamated. unity, n. oneness, singleness; concord, harmony, agreement, uniformity, unison, concert. universal language. pasilaly; Esperanto. universal writing. pasigraphy. unjust, a. unfair, inequitable, iniquitous, unmerited. unjustifiable, a. indefensible, inexcusable, unwarrantable. unkind, a. cruel, harsh, austere, rigorous, incompassionate, inclement, brutal. unkindness, n. cruelty, brutality, severity, incompassion, incivility, disfavor. unknowable, a. incognizable, incognoscible, unascertainable, unintelligible, incomprehensible. unknowingly, adv. unwittingly, ignorantly, unconsciously, inadvertently. unknown, a. obscure, inglorious, unrenowned, nameless, undistinguished; unascertained, unexplored, unapprehended; anonymous. unknown person. stranger, ignote. unladylike, a. hoidenish, pert, ill-bred. unlawful, a. illegal, illicit, contraband, illegitimate, unlicensed. unleavened, a. azymous. unleavened bread. azym. unlike, a. dissimilar, different, diverse, sundry, variant, heterogeneous, unique, nondescript. unlikelihood, n. improbability, unlikeliness. unlikely, a. improbable; unpromising. unlikeness, n. dissimilarity, dissimilitude, difference, contrast. unlimited, a. limitless, illimitable, infinite, absolute, unbounded. unload, v. disburden, unlade, relieve. unlooked-for, a. unexpected, unanticipated, unforeseen, chance. unlovely, a. uncomely, homely, plain, unattractive, repulsive. unlucky, a. unfortunate, luckless, ill-starred, unhappy, untoward. unmaidenly, a. hoidenish, rude, boisterous, pert. unman, v. emasculate, castrate; dishearten, discourage, unnerve, intimidate; emolliate, effeminate. unmanageable, a. ungovernable, intractable, refractory, fractious; cumbersome, unwieldy. unmanly, a. ignoble, cowardly, mean; womanish, effeminate cockney. unmanned, a. emasculated, effeminate. unmannerly, a. impolite, discourteous, boorish, uncivil, rude. unmanning, n. emasculation, castration; debilitation; discouragement. unmarried, a. single, celibate. unmarried man. bachelor, celibate, agamist. unmarried woman. spinster. unmatchable, a. peerless, matchless, incomparable, inimitable, unique. unmatched, a. unequaled, matchless, incomparable, nonpareil. unmeaning, a. meaningless, senseless; insignificant, inexpressive. unmeant, a. unintentional. unmelodious, a. discordant, harsh, dissonant, inharmonious, unmusical. unmeltable, a. infusible. unmerciful, a. cruel, pitiless, merciless, inclement, unsparing, stern, unrelenting, ruthless, brutal, incompassionate, unkind; (Colloq.) excessive, fabulous, exorbitant, immoderate. unmindful, a. oblivious, inadvertent, inattentive, heedless. unmistakable, a. manifest, palpable, obvious, patent, evident, distinct, unambiguous. unmixable, a. immiscible. unmixableness, n. immiscibility. unmovable, a. fixed, stable, immobile. unmoved, a. calm, dispassionate, indifferent, unstirred, impassive, stoical. unmusical, a. inharmonious, discordant. unnatural, a. abnormal, monstrous, anomalous, aberrant, variant, preternatural, exceptional, irregular; artificial, affected, feigned, assumed simulated, constrained. unnecessary, a. superfluous, useless, needless, uncalled for, expletive, redundant, supernumerary. unneighborly, a. unsociable, exclusive, distant, unaccommodating. unnoticed, a. unheeded, unnoted, surreptitious. unobjectionable, a. unexceptionable. unobtainable, a. unprocurable, unattainable, inaccessible. unobtrusive, a. unpretentious, unassuming, modest. unorthodox, a. heterodox. unpacifiable, a. implacable, unappeasable, unreconcilable. unpaid, a. outstanding, payable, due, unliquidated. unpardonable, a. inexpiable, unatonable, irremissible, unforgivable. unpassable, a. impassable. unpenetrable, a. impenetrable, impervious, imperforable. unpierceable, a. imperforable, impenetrable. unplanted, a. fallow. unpleasant, a. disagreeable, uncongenial. unplowed, a. fallow. unpopular, a. disliked, obnoxious, odious, offensive. unpopularity, n. odium, disesteem, obnoxiousness. unpractical, a. impractical, visionary, Utopian. unpraiseworthy, a. uncommendable, illaudable, indign. unprejudiced, a. impartial, unbiased, unjaundiced. unpremeditated, a. extemporaneous, offhand, impromptu, extempore. unpretending, a. unobtrusive, modest, unpretentious, unostentatious. unpretentious, a. unpretending. unpreventable, a. unavoidable, inevitable. unprincipled, a. unscrupulous. unproductive, a. unfruitful, barren. unprofessional, a. amateur. unprofitable, a. unremunerative, profitless; futile, fruitless, unavailing. unpromising, a. unlikely; inauspicious, unpropitious. unqualified, a. incompetent, ineligible; absolute, unconditional. unquenchable, a. unslakable, insatiate, insatiable, quenchless. unquestionable, a. incontrovertible, irrefutable, incontestable, indubitable, obvious, indisputable. unquestioned, a. undoubted, implicit. unravel, v. disentangle, extricate, ravel; decipher, unfold. unreachable, a. inaccessible. unreadable, a. illegible. unreal, a. fanciful, imaginary, visionary, unsubstantial, shadowy, chimerical, illusive, phantasmal, phantasmagorial. unreasonable, a. irrational, absurd, unwise, preposterous, senseless; excessive, exorbitant, unfair, unconscionable, inordinate. unreclaimable, a. irreclaimable, irretrievable, hopeless, incorrigible. unrecognized, a. ignored, disregarded, unacknowledged. unreconcilable, a. antagonistic, incompatible, irreconcilable, implacable, unpacifiable. unrecoverable, a. irrecoverable, irreparable, irretrievable, irrecuperable. unredeemed, a. forfeited, unransomed, unfulfilled. unrefonnable, a. irreformable, incorrigible. unrelenting, a. relentless, implacable, inexorable, remorseless, pitiless, unmerciful. unreliable, a. untrustworthy, undependable, uncertain. unremediable, a. irremediable. unremitting, a. indefatigable, persevering, unceasing, constant. unrepairable, a. irreparable. unrepentant, a. impenitent, incontrite. unreserve, n. frankness, candor, ingenuousness. unreserved, a. frank, undissembling, candid, ingenuous; unconditioned, unlimited. unresistible, a. irresistible. unresisting, a. passive, submissive, long-suffering. unrest, n. unquietness, restlessness, uneasiness, disquietude, inquietude. unrestrained, a. unbridled, ungoverned, uncurbed, riotous, impotent, saturnalian, rampant; licentious, dissolute, profligate. unrestraint, n. freedom, liberty, license, abandon. unrestricted, a. unlimited, unfettered, uncircumscribed. unrevivable, a. irrevivable, irresuscitable. unrighteous, a. unholy, evil, iniquitous, wicked, vicious. unrivaled, a. peerless, matchless, inimitable, incomparable, supreme. unroll, v. unfold, unfurl, evolve. unrolling, n. unfolding, unfurling, evolvement, evolution. unromantic, a. prosaic, pragmatical, matter-of-fact, practical, literal. unruly, a. turbulent, ungovernable, refractory, insubordinate, fractious, insurgent, indocile, disobedient, froward, vicious, intractable, rebellious. unsafe, a. insecure, risky, perilous, dangerous, hazardous, imperiled, precarious. unsafety, n. insecurity, danger, risk, peril, hazard, jeopardy. unsalable, a. invendible, unmarketable. unsatisfactory, a. disappointing, insufficient. unsatisfiable, a. insatiable, insatiate. unsavory, a. offensive, rank, unpleasant; insipid, savorless, mawkish, unpalatable, vapid. unsay, v. recall, retract, recant. unsaying, n. recantation, retraction. unscrupulous, a. unprincipled, unconscientious, dishonest, dishonorable, knavish. unsearchable, a. inscrutable. unseasonable, a. inopportune, ill-timed, untimely, premature. unseasonably, adv. malapropos, untimely. unseemly, a. unbecoming, improper, indecorous. unseen, a. invisible, unperceived, secret, unnoticed, unobserved, clandestine, surreptitious, furtive, concealed, underhand. unselfish, a. magnanimous, disinterested, altruistic, charitable. unselfishness, n. magnanimity, altruism, beneficence, liberality. unsentimental, a. matter-of-fact, prosaic, pragmatical, practical. unserviceableness, n. inutility. unsettle, v. disorder, derange, upset, unhinge, disconcert. unsettled, a. undetermined, dubious, unadjusted, controvertible, disputable; irresolute, fickle, changeable; roily, feculent, turbid. unshapely, a. misshapen, deformed. unsheltered, a. exposed, unprotected. unshod, a. discalced, barefooted, discalceated. unshrinking, a. unflinching, determined, resolute. unsightly, a. offensive, repulsive. unskilled, a. unpracticed, unskillful, empirical. unskillful, a. maladroit, inexpert, unskilled, clumsy. unsociable, a.morose, uncompanionable, inaffable, ungenial, taciturn. unsolvable, a. insoluble, inexplicable. unsophisticated, a. unadulterated; innocent, guileless, gullible, ingenuous. unsound, a. defective, impaired; sophistical, fallacious, illogical, untenable. unsparing, a. liberal, ungrudging, profuse; severe, unmerciful. unspeakable, a. ineffable, unutterable, inexpressible. unspotted, a. spotless, pure. unstable, a. insecure, unsteady, irresolute, inconstant, erratic. unsteadfast, a. unstable, inconstant, wavering, irresolute. unsteady, a. inconstant, precarious, wavering, variable, vacillating, wabbly. unstinted, a. plentiful. unstudied, a. extemporaneous, extempore, impromptu, offhand. unsubmissive, a. insubordinate, refractory. unsuccessful, a. unfortunate, unlucky, unprosperous; abortive, fruitless, unavailing, bootless, ineffectual, futile. unsuitable, a. inappropriate, incongruous, incompatible. unsupplied, a. destitute. unsurmountable, a. insuperable. unsurpassed, a. peerless, transcendent, superior, unrivaled, matchless. unsusceptible, a. unimpressionable, unfeeling. unsuspecting, a. unsuspicious, gullible, credulous, indubious, unsophisticated. unsustainable, a. untenable, controvertible. untangle, v. unravel, disentangle. untaxed, a. scot-free, exempt. unteachable, a. indocile, intractable. unthankful, a. ungrateful. unthankfulness, n. ingratitude. untidy, a. disorderly, slatternly, littered. untillable, a. inarable. unfilled, a. fallow. untimely, a. premature, unseasonable, inopportune, ill-timed, malapropos. untiring, a. indefatigable, unceasing, tireless, unremitting, unwearied. untrodden, a. trackless, pathless. untrue, a. inveracious, mendacious, false, untruthful, unfaithful. untruth, n. falsehood, fiction, fabrication, lie. untruthful, a. inveracious, mendacious, lying. untruthfulness, n. mendacity, inveracity, falsehood. untwist, v. unravel, disentangle, feaze. unused, a. unaccustomed, unfamiliar. unusual, a. uncommon, curious, rare, odd, unique, extraordinary, anomalous, irregular. unutterable, a. unspeakable, ineffable. unvarying, a. invariable, monotonous, uniform. unveil, v. expose, uncover, reveal, disclose. unviolated, a. inviolate, inviolated, inviolable. unwarrantable, a. unjustifiable, indefensible. unwavering, a. steadfast, resolute. unwearied, a. indefatigable. unweighable, a. imponderable. unwholesome, a. baneful, insalubrious. See unhealthy. unwieldy, a. ponderous, cumbersome, clumsy. unwilling, a. reluctant, indisposed, loath, disinclined, averse. unwind v. disentangle, unravel. unwise, a. imprudent, injudicious, inexpedient, indiscreet. unwittingly, adv. unknowingly, undesignedly, inadvertently. unworthy, a. unmeritorious, undeserving, despicable, contemptible. unwritten, a. traditional. unyielding, a. inflexible, stiff, unbending, incompliant, indomitable, insubmissive, tenacious, unimpressible, impliable, obdurate, intractable, game, resolute. upbraid, v. reproach, scold, chide, rate, reprove, reprimand, twit. upbraiding, n. scolding, reproach, reprimand, censure, reprehension. up grade. ascent, acclivity. uphill, a. ascending, acclivous, rising. uphold, v. support, sustain, vindicate, defend. upkeep, n. maintenance. upper, n. vamp (of a shoe). upper-hand, n. advantage, mastery, dominion, control. upper ten. (Colloq.) aristocracy, élite, _bon ton_. uppish, a. (Colloq.) proud, arrogant, assuming. upright, a. erect, perpendicular, vertical; honorable, honest. uprightness, n. perpendicularity, verticality, erectness; honesty, integrity. uproar, n. turmoil, _fracas_, clamor, tumult, commotion, din, hubbub. uproarious, a. (Colloq.) clamorous, obstreperous, boisterous, noisy, turbulent. uproot, v. eradicate, extirpate. uprooting, n. eradication, extirpation. upset, v. overturn, overset, capsize, invert, overthrow; disconcert, discompose, perturb, agitate, unnerve, excite. upshot, n. event, result, issue, outcome, consequence. upside down. inverted; disordered, topsy-turvy. upstart, n. parvenu, snob, mushroom. up to snuff. (Slang) knowing, acute, sharp. upward, a. ascending, acclivous (sloping upward). urge, v. egg, importune, exhort; impel, force; incite, instigate, goad. urgency, n. insistence, pressure; importunity; exigency, stress, necessity; incitement. urgent, a. pressing, imperative, insistent, exigent, importunate, pertinacious, imperious. urine, n. piss, emiction; stale (urine of horses and cattle). Associated words: uronology, urinal, urinate, urination, micturition, urethra, uric, uretic, uriniferous, enuresis, anuresis, diabetis, strangury, urolith, lateritious sediment, uroscopy, urinary, urea, diuretic. usage, n. treatment; custom, practice, use. use, n. employment, application, service, utilization, exploitation; necessity, need; utility, avail, advantage, usefulness, service; custom, usage, practice. Antonyms: disuse, obsolescence, desuetude, inutility. Associated Words: obsolescent, obsolete, obsoletism, utilitarian, utilitarianism, utilizable, chrestomathic. use, v. employ, apply, utilize, exploit; treat, behave toward; practice, exercise; consume, exhaust; accustom, habituate, familiarize, inure. useful, a. serviceable, advantageous, available. usefulness, n. utility, advantage. useless, a. unserviceable, futile, worthless, unavailing, bootless, ineffectual, null, nugatory, abortive. uselessness, n. inutility, futility, unserviceableness. usher, v. show to a seat; introduce, forerun, precede, herald, escort. usual, a. ordinary, general, accustomed, conventional, prevailing, everyday. Antonyms: See unusual. usually, adv. ordinarily, generally, customarily, commonly. usurp, v. arrogate, seize, appropriate, accroach. usurpation, n. arrogation, seizure, appropriation. utility, n. usefulness. Antonym: inutility. Associated Words: utilitarian, utilitarianism, utilizable. utilize, v. use, employ, exploit. utmost, a. farthest out, extreme, last; greatest, maximum, uttermost. Utopian, a. chimerical, visionary, fanciful, air-built. utter, v. speak, pronounce, express. utter, a. complete, absolute, perfect; unconditional, unqualified, peremptory. utterable, a. pronounceable, expressible. utterance, n. speech, articulation. utterly, adv. entirely, completely, wholly, unconditionally, altogether. uttermost, a. extreme, utmost, farthest. V Vacancy, n. emptiness; space, vacuum, chasm, gap; leisure, vacation, intermission. vacant, a. empty, unfilled, void, uninhabited, untenanted; leisure, unemployed. Antonyms: full, filled, occupied. vacate, v. empty, evacuate, resign, abdicate; annul, abrogate, invalidate. vacation, n. evacuation, resignation, abdication; invalidation, abrogation; intermission, holidays, recess. vaccinate, v. inoculate. vaccination, n. inoculation (with the cowpox). vacillate, v. fluctuate, waver, veer, oscillate, whiffle. vacillating, a. irresolute, changeable, wavering, undecided, inconstant. vacillation, n. fluctuation, indecision, changeableness, oscillation, irresolution, inconstancy. vagabond, n. vagrant, tramp, mendicant, beggar; rascal, rogue, scamp, knave. vagabond, a. vagrant, wandering, nomadic, landloping. vagabondage, n. vagrancy, vagabondism, nomadism. vagary, n. whim, caprice, fancy, freak, whimsey, humor. vagrancy, n. vagabondage. vagrant, n. tramp; beggar, vagabond, rascal.--a. wandering, nomadic, vagabond. vague, a. indefinite, ambiguous, obscure, uncertain, groundless, hazy, indistinct. vagueness, n. indefiniteness, ambiguity, obscurity, uncertainty. vain, a. conceited, arrogant, egotistical, overweening, vainglorious; nugatory, fruitless, ineffectual, frustrate, unavailing, bootless, futile, abortive, ineffective, empty; delusive, chimerical, unsatisfying, unsubstantial, deceitful. vainglorious, a. boastful, pretentious, assuming, arrogant, conceited, overweening. vainglory, n. vanity, boasting, gasconade. vale, n. dell, valley, dale, dingle. valiant, a. See brave. valid, a. cogent, logical, justifiable, efficacious, well-grounded. Antonyms: See invalid. validity, n. strength, cogency, soundness, force. Antonym: invalidity. valise, n. portmanteau, satchel, gripsack. valley, n. vale, hollow, bottom, dale, ravine, dingle, glen, clough, dell. valor, n. See bravery. valuable, a. costly, precious, rare, expensive; esteemed, worthy; serviceable, useful. valuable, n. treasure. valuation, n. appraisement, appraisal. value, n. worth, excellence. value, v. appraise; prize, esteem, appreciate. vamose, v. (Slang) decamp, depart quickly, go. vampire, n. extortioner, bloodsucker. vandal, n. destroyer, iconoclast, hun. vanish, v. See disappear. vanishing, a. evanescent, disappearing, transient.--n. disappearance, evanescence. vanity, n. unsubstantialness, unreality, inanity, delusiveness, emptiness, sham; conceit, self-admiration, egotism. vanquish, v. overcome, defeat, subjugate, subdue, rout, overpower. vanquishment, n. defeat, subjugation, routing, conquering. vapid, a. lifeless, spiritless; insipid, stale, tasteless; prosy, tame. vapidity, n. lifelessness; insipidity, tastelessness; prosiness, tameness. vapor, n. gas, haze, fog, fume, effluvium, exhalation, reek, emanation, rack. Associated Words: atmology, atmolysis, atomize, atomization, exhale, emanate. vaporize, v. evaporate. vaporous, a. halituous, vapory, foggy. variability, n. variableness, mutability, inconstancy, unsteadfastness. variable, a. mutable, changeable. See changeable. Antonyms: invariable, unchangeable. variance, n. change, alteration; dissension, disagreement, difference, nonconformity. variation, n. mutation, change; deviation, diversity, discrepancy; diversification. varied, a. various, diversified, different, motley. variegated, a. mottled, diversified, motley, divers-colored, party-colored, polychrome. variety, n. diversity, diversification, multiplicity, variousness; assortment, collection; kind, class, species. various, a. manifold, diverse, sundry, numerous, multifarious. varnish, v. lacquer, japan, enamel, glaze; gloss over, palliate, extenuate. varnish, n. lacquer; gloss, palliation, extenuation. vary, v. diversify, variegate, modify; deviate, depart, swerve; disagree; modify, alternate. vassal, n. feudatory, beneficiary, subject, liege, liegeman. vast, a. spacious, immense, monstrous, huge, extensive, immeasurable. vault, n. crypt, tomb, catacomb, ossuarium. vault, v. leap over, spring, bound, jump; tumble. vaulted, a. arched, concave. vaunt, v. See boast. veal, n. Associated Word: vituline. veering, n. shift, shifting; vacillation, tergiversation; temporizing, time-serving. vegetable, n. plant, truck. vegetable oyster. salsify. vegetate, v. sprout, grow, germinate, pullulate; rusticate, hibernate. vehemence, n. fervency, impetuosity, intensity, zeal. See ardor. vehement, a. fervent, impetuous, ardent, passionate, eager. vehicle, n. conveyance, carriage; medium, instrument; excipient. veil, v. screen, cloak, disguise, shroud, mask, conceal. veil, n. disguise, pretense, cloak, mask, mantilla. veiled, a. hidden, disguised, incognito. vein, n. Associated Word: venous. See blood vessel. vein, n. seam, lode. venal, a. purchasable, mercenary, hireling. vend, v. See sell. venerate, v. reverence, revere, honor, esteem. veneration, n. reverence, honor. venereal disease. gonorrhea, clap; syphilis. venereal sore. chancre, chancroid (soft chancre). venery, n. amorousness, amativeness; sexual intercourse, coition. vengeance, n. retribution, avengement, revenge; Nemesis, retaliation. Associated Word: wreak. venial, a. pardonable. Antonyms: See unpardonable. vent, n. airhole, aperture, venthole; touchhole; spiracle blowhole; outlet, emission, escape. vent, v. emit, utter, say, discharge. venthole, n. touchhole, vent, bung, orifice, spiracle. ventriloquism, n. ventriloquy, gastriloquy. ventriloquist, n. gastriloquist, polyphonist. venture, n. chance, risk, hazard, contingency. venture, v. dare, hazard, risk. venturesome, a. daring, bold, intrepid, undaunted, temerarious. Venus, n. Aphrodite, Cytherea; Morning Star, Lucifer Phosphor; Evening Star, Hesper, Hesperus. veracious, a. truthful. veracity, n. truthfulness. Associated Words: compurgation, compurgator, compurgatorial. veranda, n. porch, piazza. verbal, a. oral. verbiage, n. wordiness, verbosity, perissology, prolixity, pleonasm. verdant, a. See green. verdict, n. finding, decision. verification, n. confirmation, corroboration, authentication, attestation, proof. verify, v. corroborate, confirm, attest, authenticate, prove. vermifuge, n. anthelmintic, helminthagogue. verse, n. stitch; poetry, versification; stanza, stave, staff, text; l'envoi. versed, a. acquainted, skilled, proficient, conversant. versification, n. orthometry. version, n. rendition, translation. vertex, n. apex, top, summit, crown, zenith. vertical, a. upright, perpendicular, plumb. Antonyms: horizontal, flat, level. very, a. veritable, true, real, actual, unquestionable, identical, same, selfsame. very, adv. exceedingly, highly, greatly, extremely, excessively, surpassingly. vessel, n. dish, utensil, receptacle; boat, ship; duct, canal, tube. vest, n. waistcoat. vest, v. invest. vestibule, n. hall, antechamber, lobby. vestige, n. trace, sign, mark. vestments, n. pl. canonicals (priestly garments); pontificals; cassock, cotta (choir vestments). Associated Words: vested, vestiarian, vestiary, vestry. vestry, n. vestry-room, sacristy. veterinarian, n. veterinary surgeon, horse doctor, farrier, horse leech. veterinary art. farriery. veterinary surgeon. veterinarian, farrier. vex, v. tease, plague, harass, torment, tantalize, hector, annoy, irritate, trouble, bother, distress. vexation, n. discomfiture, irritation, chagrin, mortification, annoyance. vexatious, a. annoying, troublesome, carking, irritating, provoking, aggravating, afflictive, burdensome, anxious. vibrate, v. brandish, flourish, swing; oscillate, librate; quiver, shake; fluctuate, vacillate. vibration, n. oscillation, swinging, vacillation, libration. vibratory, a. vibratile, oscillatory, swinging, fluctuating, oscillating, libratory. vicar, n. deputy, lieutenant, vicegerent. vice, n. sin, iniquity, licentiousness, immorality; defect, fault, blemish, imperfection. vicinity, n. neighborhood, vicinage; nearness, propinquity, proximity. vicious, a. immoral, evil; defective, faulty, imperfect; refractory, unruly, unmanageable; foul, noxious; (Colloq.) malignant, hateful. victim, n. (Colloq.) gull, dupe, gudgeon, cully, prey. victor, n. conqueror, champion, master. victorious, a. triumphant, conquering, successful, exultant. victory, n. triumph, conquest, mastery. Antonyms: See defeat. Associated Words: trophy, epinicial. victualler, n. caterer. vie, v. contend, compete, emulate. view, n. scene, landscape, vista, perspective, panorama, prospect, scenery; seeing, sight, survey, inspection, aspect, scrutiny, supervision, beholding; opinion, judgment, impression, conception; design, intention, intent. viewy, a. visionary, fanciful, quixotic; spectacular, panoramic, picturesque. vigilance, n. watchfulness, circumspection, attention, caution. vigilant, a. watchful, attentive, circumspect, wakeful. vigor, n. strength, force, lustiness, energy, endurance, virility, hardihood. vigorous, a. strong, lusty, robust; energetic, cogent, forcible, luxuriant. vile, a. base, depraved, vicious, iniquitous, felonious, atrocious, outrageous, shameless; worthless, mean, despicable, contemptible, abject, scurvy, sordid, debased, ignoble, miserable, wretched. vilify, v. malign, revile, vituperate, traduce, calumniate. village, n. hamlet, borough, thorpe, dorp, burg. Antonyms: city, town. villain, n. See scoundrel. villainous, a. unprincipled, knavish, arrant, depraved, atrocious. villainy, n. depravity, wickedness, turpitude, rascality, scoundrelism, atrocity. vim, n. (Colloq.) activity, energy, spirit, life. Antonyms: lifelessness, languor. vindicate, v. justify. vindication, n. justification, defense. vindicator, n. justifier, champion, advocate. vindictive, a. revengeful, implacable, malevolent, rancorous. vine, n. Associated Words: lattice, trellis, tendril, arbor, pergola, bower, bine, cordon, amplectant, capreolate, cirrose, pourridie, cirrus. vinegar, n. Associated Words: acetic, acetification, acetify, mother, guile, wort, gyle, insolation, cruet. vinegary, a. acetous, sour, unamiable. violate, v. break, disobey, transgress, contravene, profane, desecrate. violation, n. transgression, infringement, breach, infraction, contravention, profanation, desecration. Antonyms: inviolability, keeping, obedience. violator, n. trespasser, infringer, transgressor, infractor. violence, n. force, impetuosity, vehemence, intensity, severity, wildness, fury; injury, violation, profanation, outrage, assault. violent, a. passionate, vehement, impetuous, fierce, impotent, ungovernable, outrageous, poignant, severe. Antonyms: See mild. violet, n. mauve. violin, n. fiddle; kit. virgin, n. vestal. virgin, a. vestal, virginal; chaste, pure, stainless; impregnant. virginal generation. parthenogenesis. virginity, n. maidenhood, chastity. Virgin Mary. Madonna, Theotokos (Theol.). Associated Words: mariolatry, mariolater, hyperdulia, Ave Maria. virile, a. masculine, vigorous, strong; potent. Antonyms: invirile, emasculated, impotent. virility, n. manhood, manly vigor. Antonyms: invirility, impotency, emasculation. virtual, a. potential, energizing; practical, essential. virtually, adv. practically, really, substantially, potentially. virtue, n. excellence, worth, goodness, purity, morality, integrity. Associated Words: aretology, aretaics. virtuous, a. good, exemplary, moral, pure, continent, upright. virulent, a. poisonous, venomous; malignant, bitter, acrimonious. visible, a. perceivable, perceptible, discernible, apparent, evident, manifest. Antonyms: invisible, imperceptible. vision, n. sight; apparition, dream, phantasm, specter, phantom, hallucination, illusion. visionary, a. dreamy, imaginative, romantic, fanciful, illusory, chimerical, Utopian. visionary, n. castle-builder, dreamer, illusionist. visitor, n. guest. Antonym: host. vitiate, v. debase, corrupt, demoralize, contaminate, deprave, spoil. vitiation, n. debasement, corruption, demoralization, depravation, contamination. vixen, n. virago, scold, shrew, termagant, Tartar, Xantippe, spitfire. voice, n. utterance, speech; vote, choice, election, suffrage. Associated Words: phonology, phonetics, phonation, phonography, oral, vocal, non-vocal, aphonic, arsis, ictus, vocalize, modulate, modulation, inflection. void, a. vacant, empty, vacuous; destitute, devoid, lacking; ineffectual, invalid, nugatory, vain. void, v. evacuate, eject, discharge, egest, pass; nullify, abrogate, annul. voidance, n. evacuation, discharge, egestion. volatile, a. See changeable. volcano, n. Associated Words: crater, lapilli, lava, scoria, obsidian, volcanic, eruption, belch. volley, n. salvo; outpouring, storm, discharge. voluble, a. glib, fluent, oily, talkative. volume, n. book, tome; dimensions, compass, size, bulk, mass. voluntary, a. free, volitional, unforced, spontaneous. Antonyms: See involuntary. volunteer, n. Antonym: conscript. voluptuary, n. sensualist, epicure, sybarite, _bon vivant_. Antonym: ascetic. voluptuous, a. sensual, epicurean, sybaritic. Antonyms: ascetic, abstemious, austere. vomit, v. puke; spew, emit, belch, disgorge, eject. vomiting, n. emesis, vomition, puking, spew. Associated Words: emetic, antemetic, qualmish, gag, retch, nausea, nauseate. voracious, a. rapacious, ravenous, insatiable, fierce, gluttonous, cormorant. voracity, n. rapacity, voraciousness, greediness. votary, n. devotee, votarist. vote, n. suffrage; ballot, ticket; referendum, plebiscite. Associated Words: enfranchise, enfranchisement, disenfranchise, disenfranchisement, suffragist, elect, election electoral, electorate, acclamation, franchise, poll. vote, v. (Colloq.) declare. voter, n. elector, suffragist. voters, n. pl. electorate. voting place. poll. vouch, v. attest, corroborate, warrant. voucher, n. attestator. vow, n. pledge. Associated Words: votary, votive. vowel, n. Associated Words: macron, breve, diæresis. vulgar, a. unrefined, plebeian, ignoble, low-born, coarse, inelegant, ribald, risque, broad, gross. Antonyms: refined, dainty, pure, chaste. vulgarity, n. unrefinement, dowdiness. vulgar-looking, a. dowdy. W Wabble, v. stagger, vacillate, reel. waddle, v. toddle, totter. wade, v. ford. wading birds. Grallatores, Grallæ. wading place. ford. wage, v. stake, bet, wager. wager, v. bet, stake, pledge, hazard, speculate. wages, n. compensation, pay, earnings, hire, salary. waggery, n. humor, facetiousness, pleasantry, drollery, jesting, jocularity. waggish, a. frolicsome, facetious, roguish, arch, sportive, prankish. wagon, n. vehicle, wain; caravan, van. wagon-maker, n. wainwright, wagonwright, wheelwright. waif, n. estray, stray, wastrel. waist, n. corsage, bodice; blouse, basque; girth (waist measure). waistcoat, n. vest, doublet. wait, v. tarry, stay, linger, await, abide; (Colloq.) delay, postpone, defer, procrastinate. wait, n. waiting, delay, halt, stop; ambush, ambuscade. waiter, n. attendant, servitor, lackey, _garçon_ (Fr.); salver, tray. waiting, n. tarrying, lingering, delay; abeyance, suspension, quiescence. waiting-room, n. station, depot. waive, v. relinquish, forego, surrender. wake, v. awake, waken; arouse, rouse, revive. wakeful, a. sleepless, insomnolent; vigilant, watchful. wakefulness, n. sleeplessness, insomnia, insomnolence; vigilance, watchfulness. waken, v. awake, awaken, wake. Wales, n. Cambria (Ancient name). walk, n. stroll, promenade, constitutional; gait, step, carriage; sidewalk, mall; ambulatory. Associated Words: ambulant, ambulatory, ambulatorial, peripatetic pedometer, odograph, gradient, gravigrade, stilts, shambling, shuffling, locomotion, alure. walk, v. stroll, tramp, stride, plod, trudge, tread, ambulate, pace, march, promenade, shamble, stalk, strut, step, bundle, toddle, daddle, waddle, shuffle, gad, galavant, hike, saunter, foot it, slouch; perambulate (walk through or about). walker, n. pedestrian, ambulator, perambulator. walking, n. ambulation, pedestrianism, strolling, perambulation. walking papers. dismissal. wall, n. foundation; partition; defense, breastwork, rampart, battlement, bulwark, parapet, fortification. Associated Words: mural, murage dado, buttress, coping, intramural, wainscot, alcove, niche, abutment, pointing, fresco, studding, underpinning. wallet, n. pocket-book, purse. wallow, v. welter, flounder; grovel. walrus, n. morse, sea-cow. wand, n. verge, rod; baton, mace, truncheon. wander, v. ramble, range, rove, stroll, roam, stray, straggle, itinerate, saunter, gad, peregrinate, digress, expatiate; depart, deviate, swerve. wanderer, n. nomad, vagrant, rover, rambler, stroller, peregrinator, vagabond, itinerant, pilgrim, waif, wayfarer, landloper. wandering, n. rambling, ranging, roving, strolling, itineracy, peregrination, pilgrimage; digression, expatiation, departure, deviation, divergence, errantry; aberration, delirium, raving, irrationality; divagation. wandering, a. nomadic, migratory, itinerant, vagrant, vagabond, landloping, wayfaring, errant, unsettled, devious, excursive, digressive, deviating. wane, v. decrease, diminish, fade.--n. decrease, diminution, decrescence. want, n. deficiency, lack, dearth, scarcity, need, default, absence, shortness, inadequacy, paucity, insufficiency, scarceness; desideratum, requirement; destitution, distress, straits, privation, indigence, penury, poverty. want, v. need, require; desire, wish, crave. wanting, a. absent, lacking, missing, deficient, defective, needy, destitute. wanton, a. unrestrained, uncontrolled, unchecked, unbridled undisciplined; luxuriant, rampant, exuberant, excessive, rank; dissolute, licentious, immoral, unchaste; frolicsome, playful, sportive; reckless, heedless, inconsiderate. war, n. hostilities, warfare, strife, battle, crusade, belligerence. Associated Words: Bellona, Mars, belligerent, bellicose, tactics, _casus belli_, strategy, cartel, campaign, mobilize, mobilization, demobilize, demobilization, munitions, disarmament. war, v. contend, fight, combat, militate, wage war. warble, v. trill, carol, yodel. warble, n. trill, carol, yodel. warcry, n. slogan, war-whoop. ward, n. guardianship, guard, tutelage; protégé. Associated Word: pupillary. ward, v. ward off, fend off, avert, parry, repel, forefend. warden, n. church warden; keeper, custodian, curator, warder. warder, n. keeper, guard, warden; mace, truncheon; turnkey. warding off. parry, evasion, averting. wardship, n. pupillage, pupillarity, minority. warehouse, n. storehouse, depot, magazine, repository, depository. wares, n. pl. merchandise, commodities. warfare, n. war, hostilities; crusade, struggle, strife, militancy. war-horse, n. charger; Bucephalus. warlike, a. military, martial, belligerent, bellicose. warm, a. lukewarm, tepid, thermal; zealous, ardent, fervent, sanguine, fervid, glowing, eager, enthusiastic; temperate, genial; irascible, choleric, irritable, peppery, fiery; vehement, violent, heated, passionate, animated, spirited; sultry, muggy; incalescent. warm, v. heat. warm-blooded, a. homothermous, homoiothermal. warmed over. _réchauffé_. warm room of Roman baths. tepidarium. warmth, n. heat; ardor, fervor, passion, earnestness, fervency, cordiality, vehemence, enthusiasm, zeal, empressement. warn, v. admonish, caution, notify, premonish, apprise, advise, forewarn, signal. warner, n. admonisher, monitor, sentinel, sentry, mentor. warning, a. cautioning, monitory, mentorial, monitorial, ominous, admonitory, admonishing. warning, n. premonition, forewarning; caution, admonition, monition; portent, omen, beacon. warp, v. twist, bend, bulge; pervert, distort, bias. warped, a. twisted, bent, bulging, protuberant, distorted. warp thread. stamen. warrant, v. guarantee, assure, insure; justify, defend; affirm, attest, vouch. warrant, n. commission, authority; guaranty, surety; voucher, attestation. warrantable, a. justifiable, defensible. warranty, n. guaranty, guarantee, security, warrant. wart, n. excrescence, ecphyma, verruca; condyloma (venereal wart). Associated Word: catheretic. warty, a. excrescent, verrucose, verruciform. wary, a. guarded, cautious, circumspect, careful, vigilant. wash, v. lave, bathe, absterge, foment, rinse; launder. wash, n. lotion. washbowl, n. lavatory, washbasin, laver. washerwoman, n. laundress. washhouse, n. laundry. washing, n. ablution, bath, bathing, lavement; abstersion, detersion, fomentation; laundering, laundry. washing away. detergent, abluent. washing soda. sodium carbonate. washstand, n. commode. wasp, n. Associated Words: vespid, vespiform, vespine, vespoid. waspish, a. irascible, irritable, snappish, touchy, petulant. wasp nest. vespiary. waste, v. squander, misspend, fritter away, dissipate, dawdle; desolate, devastate, despoil, sack, pillage, ravage, strip; decline, decay, pine, wither, dwindle, molder. waste, a. refuse, rejected, unused, unproductive, untilled, inarable, worthless; desolate, devastated, stripped, ravaged, pillaged; superfluous, exuberant, unnecessary; excrementitious. waste, n. wasting, squandering, dissipation, decrement, prodigality; wilderness, wild, desert; remnants, offal, recrement, garbage, refuse, rubbish; desolation, devastation rapine, ravage, havoc, destruction, sacking, pillage, despoliation. wasteful, a. extravagant, prodigal, unthrifty, improvident infrugal, lavish, thriftless. waster, n. spendthrift, prodigal, squanderer. wasting, n. squandering, dissipation, prodigality, improvidence; emaciation, decline. watch, n. vigil, outlook, attention; watcher, patrol, watchman, sentry, perdue, picket, guard, sentinel, vedette, guardsman, Argus. watch, n. horologe. watch, v. keep vigil, be on the lookout, keep guard. watchful, a. vigilant, heedful, attentive, alert, circumspect wary, Argus-eyed. watchfulness, n. vigilance, circumspection, wariness, heedfulness. watching, n. vigil, vigilance; espionage, surveillance. watchmaker, n. horologer, horologist. watchmaking, n. horology, horography. watchman, n. sentinel, guard, Argus, Cerberus. See watch. watch-pocket, n. fob. watch-tower, n. observatory. watchword, n. countersign, password, shibboleth, parole. water, v. irrigate. Water, n. Associated Words: aquatic, aquarium, aqueduct, alluvial, alluvion, affusion, aquapuncture, alluvium, diluvium, anhydrous, enhydrous, amphibious, amphibian, aquiferous, aquiform, aquiparous, buoy, coffer, cofferdam, debacle, cataclysm, dehydrate, dehydration, irrigation, diluvian, douche, glairin, baregin, hydragogue, hydrant, hydrate, hydration, hydrated, hydraulicon, hydrodynamics, hydroextractor, hydrogen, oxygen, hydrognosy, hydrographer, hydrography, hydrologist, reservoir, hydrolysis, hydromania, hydromaniac, hydraulic, hydromancy, hydromechanics, hydrometry, hydrophanous, hygrophilous, hydrorrhea, hydroscope, hydrostatic, hydrofuge, hydrostatics, hydrotic, hydrotherapeutics, hydrous, siphon, seepage, philhydrous, sluice, turbine, hydraulics, current, undertow. water, n. lymph; serum. water-bearer, n. Aquarius. water bottle. carafe. water brash. water-qualm, pyrosis. water-clock, n. clepsydra; hydroscope. water-closet, n. privy. water color. aquarelle. water-course, n. channel, ditch, canal, moat, sewer, drain, aqueduct, gutter, trench, wady. water-cure, n. hydropathy. water-doctor, n. hydropathist. waterfall, n. cascade, cataract, fall, linn. wateriness, n. aquosity. waterless, a. anhydrous. water-lily, n. Nymphæ. waterman, n. ferryman, boatman. water-nymph, n. Naiad, hydriad. water on the brain. hydrocephalus. water on the chest. hydrothorax. water plant. aquatic, hydrophyte. Associated Word: hydrophytology. water-pox, n. varicella, swine-pox. water-qualm, n. water brash, pyrosis. watershed, n. divide. water sports. aquatics. water wheel. tympanum, turbine. watery, a. aqueous; ichorous, serous, sanious. watery discharge. hydrorrhea. wattle, n. gill, caruncle. wave, n. undulation, surge, eagre, bore, swell, billow, breaker; ripple; whitecap; signal, flourish; swelling, excitement, tide. Associated Words: rote, trough, rut, crest. wave, v. undulate, float, flutter; flourish, brandish; beckon, signal. waver, v. vacillate, fluctuate, veer, oscillate, hesitate. wavering, a. vacillating, fluctuating, oscillating, unstable, irresolute, uncertain. wavering, n. vacillation, fluctuation, indecision, irresolution, oscillation, hesitancy. wavy, a. undulatory, undulating, undulated. wax, n. beeswax; spermaceti; adipocere (grave wax); ozocerite, mineral wax. Associated words: cerography, ceroplastics, ceroplasty, cerograph, cerographist, cerotic, ceromancy, cerate, encaustic, ceroma, inceration, cerotene, incerative, cerographic, ceroplastic, cetin. wax, v. cere; increase, grow, develop, become larger. waxy, a. waxen, ceraceous, ceral; facile, pliable, fictile, impressible, plastic. way, n. manner, method, mode, fashion, style, guise, custom, habitude, wont, practice; distance, interval, space; passage, transit, progression, advance; means, device, expedient, contrivance; direction; road, track, path, thoroughfare. wayfarer, n. traveler, pilgrim, passenger, wanderer. wayfaring, a. traveling, passing. way in. entrance. waylay, v. ambush. way out. exit, egress. wayward, a. disobedient, perverse, froward, willful, intractable, headstrong. waywiser, n. odometer, pedometer, perambulator. weak, a. feeble, infirm, debilitated, weakly, fragile, delicate, invalid, emasculated, enervated; vulnerable, assailable, unguarded, unprotected, exposed; frail, pliant, tender; peccable, fallible, errable, erring, indiscreet; impotent, ineffectual, inefficacious, ineffective; illogical, unsustained, inconclusive, lame, unsatisfactory; vacillating, irresolute, wavering, unstable; diluted, thin, insipid, vapid; slight, gauzy, sleazy, flimsy, brittle, fragile; unsound, unsubstantial, defective, unsafe, rickety. weaken, v. debilitate, enfeeble, enervate, unnerve, emasculate, incapacitate, sap, undermine, unman, exhaust, deplete; dilute, thin; invalidate; impair, diminish, lower, decline. weakening, a. debilitant; diluent, attenuant. weak-kneed, a. yielding, irresolute, pliant, vacillating. weak-minded, a. feeble-minded, foolish, shallow, witless. weakness, n. debility, feebleness, infirmity, enervation, debilitation, frailness, fragility, impotence, invalidism; vulnerability, accessibility, exposedness; foible, defect, deficiency; peccability, errability, fallibility; inefficacy, ineffectiveness; vacillation, indecision, instability, irresolution; atony, asthenia. wealth, n. opulence, affluence, riches, fortune, competence. Associated Words: economics, Pluto, plutocracy, plutology, chrysology, chrematistics, plutomania, plutocrat, plutocratic, magnate. wealthy, a. opulent, affluent, rich, capitalistic, independent. wean, v. disaccustom, alienate, detach. weaning, n. ablactation; alienation. wear away. abrade, fray, erode, corrode, fret, chafe. wearied, a. tired, fatigued, exhausted, weary, fagged, jaded. weariness, n. fatigue, lassitude, languor, exhaustion, _ennui_. wearing away. abrasion, attrition, detrition, corrosion, erosion. weary, a. tired, fatigued, worn, exhausted, wearied, spent, fagged, _ennuyé_. weary, v. tire, fatigue, exhaust, jade, fag, bore. weather, n. Associated Words: meteorology, meteorologist, barometer. weather-cock, n. weather-vane. weave, v. entwine, interlace, mat, plait, braid, plat, fabricate. weaving, n. Associated Words: loom, textile, textorial, textrine, spindle. web, n. texture, tissue. web-footed, a. palmiped, palmated, fin-toed, lobate. wedding, n. nuptials, marriage, espousals. wedge, n. embolus, chock, quoin, scotch. wedge-shaped, a. cuneiform, sphenoid. weed, v. uproot, extirpate. weeding, n. sarculation; extirpation, rooting out. weeding machine. aberuncator. week day. Associated Word: ferial. weekly, a. hebdomadary, hebdomadal. weep, v. sob, cry. weeping, n. sobbing, crying. weevil, n. curculio. weighable, a. ponderable. weight, n. heaviness, ponderousness, gravity, ponderosity, poise, heft; encumbrance, pressure, incubus, clog, burden; importance, consequence, moment, significance. weighty, a. heavy, ponderous, massive, onerous; momentous, important, pregnant, serious. welcome, n. greeting, salutation. welfare, n. prosperity, happiness, weal, success, well-being. well, a. good, desirable, fortunate, expedient, favorable, beneficial, advantageous; healthy, sound, undiseased, hale, hearty. Welsh, a. Cymric, Cambrian.--n. Cymry. Welshman, n. Cambrian. welter, v. wallow, flounder, roll. west, n. Associated Words: Occident, Hesperian, Hesperus, Hesperides. western, a. occidental. west wind. Associated Word: favonian. wet, a. damp, moist, humid, soaked. wet, v. moisten, dampen, soak, imbrue, saturate. wet blanket. check, damper, discouragement. whalebone, n. baleen. whale oil. train oil. wharf, n. pier, quay, dock; jetty. whatnot, a. étagère, cabinet. wheat, n. Associated Word: mattamore. See grain. wheedle, v. cajole, blandish, inveigle. wheedling, n. cajolery, blandishment, inveiglement. wheel, n. cycle; truckle, caster, roulette, rowel; gear, cogwheel, miter wheel; pulley, sheave (wheel of a pulley). Associated words: spoke, felly, hub, strake, tire, straddle, cog, sprocket, linchpin, arbor, axle, axletree, sprag, traction, trochilics, trochilic, ratchet, flange, skid, rotiform. whetstone, n. oilstone. Associated Word: coticular. whey cure. serumtherapy, serotherapy. whim, n. vagary, caprice, fancy, crotchet, freak, humor, maggot, notion, quirk. whimsey, n. whim. whimsical, a. capricious, vagarious, notional, crotchety, fantastic. whine, n. whimper, puling, complaint.--v. whimper, pule, complain. whiningly, a. plaintively, querulously. whinny, n. and v. neigh. whip, v. lash, beat, thrash, flog, drub, punish, chastise, trounce, flagellate, castigate, scourge, switch, spank, maul, fustigate; (Slang) conquer, defeat; jerk, snatch, whisk. whip, n. horsewhip, crop, scourge, lash, switch, rattan, thong, knout, cat-o-nine-tails, quirt (rawhide); koorbash (Africa). whipping, n. chastisement, castigation, punishment, scourging, trouncing, flagellation, beating, lashing, fustigation, flogging, mauling; defeat. whippletree, n. whiffletree, swingletree, singletree. whirl, v. spin, revolve, twirl, rotate, gyrate, wheel, pirouette. whirl, n. circumvolution, rotation, gyration, swirl. whirling, a. spinning, rotating, vertiginous, gyratory. whirling, n. spinning, rotation, gyration, turbination, pirouette. whirlpool, n. maelstrom, vortex, eddy; Charybdis. whirlwind, n. cyclone, typhoon. whiskers, n. pl. beard; (of a cat) vibrissa. whiskey, n. _spiritus frumenti_. Associated words: faints, distill, distiller, distillery, poteen, moonshine, moonshiner. whisper, n. susurrus, susurration, whispering, sibilation; innuendo, suggestion, intimation. whistling, n. rhonchus, râle (Med.). whit, n. particle, atom, iota, jot, tittle, bit, mite, mote, ace, scintilla, scrap. white, a. blanched, bleached, etiolate, pale; hoary. white heat. incandescence. white hot. incandescent. white lead. ceruse, carbonate of lead. white livered, a. cowardly, pusillanimous, dastardly. whiten, v. bleach, blanch, pale, etiolate, decolorize. whitening, n. bleaching, blanching, etiolation. white race. Caucasian race. whites, n. leucorrhea, fluor albus. Whitsunday, n. Pentecost, Whitsuntide. whiz, v. hum, buzz, whirr. whole, a. all, total, entire; intact, complete, inviolate, integral, unbroken, unscathed, unabridged. whole, n. sum, total, totality, all, aggregate, gross, integral. Antonyms: part, portion, fraction, disintegration. wholeness, n. entirety, completeness, integrity. Associated Words: integral, integrate, integration, integrant. wholesome, a. healthy, salubrious, salutary, nutritious, beneficial. Antonyms: See unhealthy. whoop, n. halloo, hoot, shout, yell. whooping-cough, n. chin cough, pertussis. whore, n. harlot, prostitute, strumpet, courtesan, wench, Cyprian, bawd, drab, punk, woman of ill fame, demirep. whoredom, n. prostitution, fornication, lewdness, harlotry, bawdry. whorehouse, n. brothel, bawdy-house. whoremaster, n. lecher, fornicator, whoremonger; pimp, procurer, pander. whoremonger, n. whoremaster, debauchee, rake, wencher. whorish, a. lewd, incontinent, licentious, meretricious, libidinous. wicked, a. sinful, iniquitous, evil, immoral, depraved, vicious, pernicious, abandoned, unrighteous, heinous, flagitious. wickedness, n. iniquity, depravity, immorality, sinfulness, vice, infamy, atrocity, evil, offense, flagrancy, unrighteousness. wide, a. broad: extensive, vast; comprehensive. wide-awake, a. alert, keen, vigilant, watchful, wary, attentive. wideness, n. breadth, width. widespread, a. prevalent, extended, extensive. widow, n. relict. Associated Words: viduage, dower weeds, widowhood. width, n. breadth. wife, n. spouse, consort, helpmate, partner. Associated Words: uxoricide, uxorious, uxoriousness, coverture, dowry, polygamy, polygamist, monogamy, dower, dot, uxorial. wig, n. peruke, toupee, periwig, toupet, jasey, scratch wig, bagwig. wiggle, v. squirm, wriggle. wigmaker, n. perruquier. wigwam, n. tepee. wild, a. untamed, undomesticated, feral, ferine; desert, waste, uncultivated, uninhabited; savage, ferocious, barbarous, uncivilized, cannibal; unrestrained, violent, turbulent, tempestuous, riotous, wanton, uncontrolled; visionary, bizarre, grotesque, impracticable; agrarian, agrestial. wile, n. artifice, deception, guile, trick, ruse, craft. will, n. volition, preference, choice; command, wish behest, order. will, n. testament, devise. Associated Words: intestate, intestacy, testate, testacy, testamentary, testator, testatrix, surrogate, bequeathable, bequeather, bequeathment, bequest, codicil, devisee, devisor, intestable, legacy, legatee, legator, testable, nuncupative. will, v. bequeath, devise, leave; decree, ordain, direct, order; wish, desire, want. willful, a. refractory, headstrong, perverse, disobedient, inflexible. willing, a. disposed, voluntary, desirous. willingness, n. readiness, disposition, alacrity. will-o'-the-wisp, n. ignis fatuus, Jack-o'-lantern, Jack-with-a-lantern. willow, n. osier. Associated Words: osiery, osiered, salicaceous, salicin, withe, wicker. willowy, a. lithe, graceful, pliant; osier, osiered. wily, a. crafty, artful, intriguing, designing, tricky, insidious, politic. win, v. achieve, attain. wince, v. shrink, flinch, recoil. wind, n. breeze, zephyr; draught; gale, squall; hurricane, tornado, cyclone, tempest, whirlwind, flurry; simoon, sirocco, monsoon, chinook, trade wind, levanter, typhoon, harmattan, solano. Associated Words: anemology, anemography, anemometry, Typhon, Æolus, gust, æolian, bellows, cenemograph, anemophilous, fan, blast, æolic, sough, soughing, lee, leeward, windward, anemogram, anemograph. wind, n. flatulence. Associated Words: belch, belching, eructation, crepitus, ructation, tympany, carminative, flatulent, tympanitis. wind, v. coil, twine, twist, wreathe; crook, meander, curve, deviate, sinuate, bend. windfall, n. godsend, boon. windflower, n. anemone. wind gauge. anemometer. winding, n. convolution, labyrinth, detour, meander, meandering, crook, bend, curve, angle, sinuation, contortion. winding, a. circuitous, labyrinthian, meandering, spiral, serpentine, tortuous, deviating. winding-up, n. conclusion, settlement, _dénouement_, finale, end. windlass, n. winch. window, n. casement, ventilator, transom, fenestella, oriel, dormer window, bay window, luthern, rose window, _moucharaby_, _œil-de-bœuf_, lunette window. Associated Words: fenestral, fenestrated, fenestration, squilgee, cancelli, tracery, mullion, mullioned, sash, sill, reveal, jamb, foliation, lintel, rabbet, splay, louver boarding, interfenestration, lattice, shutter. windpipe, n. trachea, weasand, throttle. Associated Words: tracheal, tracheary, tracheitis, tracheotomy, tracheocele, tracheoscopy, bronchus. windy, a. squally, gusty, tempestuous; flatulent. wine, n. Associated Words: vinous, vintage, viniculture, vintner, vinometer, mull, stum, œnology, œnophilist, vinaceous, flagon, lees, œnolin. wine-bibber, n. tippler. wing, n. pinion. Associated Words: alary, alate, alation, elytra, neuration, shard. wing, n. annex, ell; flank. wink, v. nictate, nictitate; overlook, ignore, connive at. winking, n. nictation, nictitation. winning, n. achievement, gaining. winning, a. charming, captivating, winsome, engaging. winter, n. Associated Words: hibernation, hibernal, hibernacle, hyemation, hibernaculum, hyemal, brumal. winter, v. hibernate. wipe, v. swab; expunge, efface, obliterate, erase. wipe, n. gibe, taunt, jeer, sarcasm. wireless telegraphy. Associated Word: marconigram. wire-pulling, n. intrigue. wisdom, n. lore, learning, sapience, erudition, knowledge, enlightenment. wise, a. erudite, sapient, learned, philosophical, enlightened, sage; sagacious, expedient. wiseacre, n. pretender, sciolist, ignoramus. wisely, adv. prudently, judiciously, sapiently, sagaciously. wise man. Solon, sage, oracle, luminary, authority, philosopher, Nestor, savant, philomath, scholar. wise men (of the East). Magi. wish, v. desire, aspire; invoke, imprecate; congratulate, felicitate (wish happiness to). wish, n. desire, longing, aspiration, hankering. wishbone, n. merry thought, furculum; fourchette. wishing, n. longing, aspiration. wit, n. sense, understanding; repartee, drollery, facetiousness, jocularity, waggishness; wag, humorist. witch, n. sorceress, enchantress; hag; siren; warlock (male witch). witchcraft, n. sorcery, enchantments, necromancy, black art, conjuration, incantation; fascination, witchery. witchery, n. witchcraft, sorcery; fascination, spell, charm, entrancement. witch-hazel, n. hamamelis. witching, a. bewitching, fascinating, charming. withdraw, v. retire, retreat, quit; recall, retract, recant, disavow. withdrawal, n. retirement, retreat; retraction, recantation, disavowal. withering, a. blighting, blasting, marcescent. with foal. pregnant. withhold, v. refrain, abstain; refuse, deny. withholding, n. restraint, repression, abstinence; refusal, denial. witness, v. testify, bear witness, confirm, corroborate, attest. witness, n. attestation, testimony, evidence; eye-witness, deponent, attestor. witty, a. facetious, droll, sharp. witty sayings. witticisms, conceits, facetiæ, _bons mots_. wizard, n. wonder-worker, magician, conjurer, sorcerer, enchanter, necromancer. wizardry, n. wonder-working, sorcery, necromancy. wolf, n. coyote; werewolf, lycanthrope. wolfish, a. lupine, ravenous. woman, n. dame, matron; mulier; adult. Associated Words: gynecology, gynecologist, gyniatrics, gyneocracy, gynecocracy, gynocracy, gynecian, gynarchy, gyneolatry, gyneolater, gynephobia, gynecopathy, philogynist, philogyny, misogyny, femicide, matriarchy, gynæceum. woman-hater, n. misogynist. womanhood, n. womanliness, femininity, feminality. womanish, a. effeminate, feminine. womb, n. uterus, venter, matrix, matrice. Associated Words: uterine, metritis. wonder, n. surprise, astonishment, amazement, awe; phenomenon, miracle, prodigy, marvel, rarity. wonder, v. marvel. wonderful, a. marvelous, wondrous, phenomenal, miraculous, portentous. wonder-worker, n. wizard, magician, thaumaturge, thaumaturgist, necromancer. wonder-working, n. wizardry, magic, sorcery, thaumaturgy, necromancy. wonder-working, a. magical, thaumaturgic, miraculous, necromantic, wizard. wont, n. habit, custom, practice. wonted, a. accustomed, customary, usual, habitual. wood, n. timber; duramen, heartwood; alburnum, sapwood; kindling, fuel. Associated Words: kyanize, fissile, fissility, lignification, lignify, ligniferous, lignescent, lignite, lignivorous, xylopyrography, pyrography, veneer, cord. wood, n. forest, wold, grove, woodland, timberland, copse. woodbine, n. honeysuckle, caprifole, eglantine; Virginia creeper. woodcoal, n. charcoal; lignite, brown coal. wood-engraving, n. xylography; woodcut. wooden shoe. sabot, clog. woodman, n. forester. wood-nymph, n. dryad, hamadryad. woods, n. pl. forest. wood-sugar, n. xylose. woody, a. wooden, ligneous; sylvan, bosky. wooing, n. courtship. wool, n. fleece; worsted, merino, pelotage; mortling, Associated words: laniferous, lanifical, lanigerous, lanolin, depilate, depilation, depilatory. woolly, a. downy, fleecy, nappy, lanate. word, n. term, vocable; etymon, root; derivative; signal, order, command; promise, affirmation, parole. wordbook, n. dictionary, lexicon, thesaurus, glossary. word for word. _verbatim_, literally. wordiness, n. verbosity, prolixity, verbiage, pleonasm, redundancy. wording, n. phrasing. words, n. pl. phraseology; vocabulary. Associated Words: glossary, glossarist, glossography, glossology, glossologist, lexicology, lexicologist, etymology, etymologist, etymologize, neology, lexicography, terminology, paronomasia, pun, punning, onomatopœoea, syncope, syncopation, literal, literally, literalism, transliteration, verbal, verbalist, verbalism, battology, logomachy, logomachist, verbarium, apocope, kyriology, metonomy, autonomasia, multiloquence, perissology, purism, purist, elision, polysynthesis, coin, coinage, apheresis, aphetic, aphetism, aphesis, onomatopoiesis, metaphrase, acrostic, rebus, synecdoche, verbicide, verbomaniac, locution. words of an opera. libretto. Associated Word: librettist. wordy, a. diffuse, prolix, verbose, redundant, pleonastic. Antonyms: terse, succinct, laconic. work, v. toil, labor, strive; drudge, slave; operate, manipulate, perform; ferment, effervesce. Antonyms: shirk, idle, dabble, loaf, soldier (Colloq.). work, n. industry, toil, labor, employment, occupation; effort, exertion, striving; drudgery; diligence, assiduity; business, duty, job, task; _magnum opus_. Antonyms: idleness, dalliance, trifling, sloth, sluggardy, truancy, dabbling, dilettanteism, relaxation, leisure, vacation. work-bag, n. reticule. worker, n. artisan, artificer, craftsman, handicraftsman, journeyman, mechanic, workman, laborer, operative, industrial. Antonyms: idler, drone, dabbler, sluggard, truant, dilettante, loafer, shirker. working, a. industrious. working man. worker, laborer. working together., coöperation; collusion; concurrence; collaboration. workman, n. artisan, artificer, craftsman, journeyman. See worker. work together. coöperate; collude; concur; collaborate. world, n. earth, creation, universe, cosmos; globe; planet; macrocosm, microcosm. Associated Words: cosmology, cosmologist, cosmography, cosmogony, cosmographer, cosmogonist, cosmometry, cosmoplastic, cosmic, cosmolatry, cosmopolite, cosmopolitan, cataclysm, ante-mundane, secularize, secularization, secularist, supermundane, geography, geology, paleontology, tellurian, telluric. wordliness, n. secularity, secularism. worldly, a. terrestrial, earthly, mundane, terrene; secular, temporal. worldly-minded, a. irreligious, sordid, groveling. worm, v. wriggle, insinuate. worm killer. vermicide. worm medicine. vermifuge, anthelmintic, helminthagogue. worms, n. pl. Associated Words: helminthology, helminthologist, vermeology, vermeologist, vermifugal, verminivorous, vermin, vermiculate, vermiculated, vermiculation, tænifuge, helminthic, helminthiasis, vermicious, vermicular, vermiculose, anthelmintic, wormy. worm-shaped, a. vermiform, vermicular, wormlike. worn away. eroded, abraded, attrite. worry, v. harass, vex, annoy, torment, tease, fret, trouble, pester, badger, harry, importune; be anxious, be solicitous, fret. worry, a. anxiety, fretting, apprehension, concern, solicitude. Antonym: unconcern. worrying, a. anxious, distressing, carking. worship, n. adoration, homage; idolatry, deification, apotheosis. Associated Words: liturgies, liturgy, ritual, cult, fetish, fetishism, totem, totemism. worship, v. adore, revere; idolize, deify, apotheosize, glorify. worst, v. defeat, vanquish, conquer, overcome, overthrow, discomfit, rout. worth, n. worthiness, excellence, virtue, merit, integrity, honor; value. worthless, a. valueless, good-for-nothing, futile, trashy, unworthy, trumpery, scurvy, contemptible. worthy, a. meritorious, excellent, estimable, deserving, reputable, exemplary, upright. would-be, a. self-styled, _soi-disant_, presumptuous. wound, n. hurt, injury, scath, lesion, trauma; traumatism. Associated Words: vulnerable, vulnerability, invulnerable, invulnerability, vulnerary, vulnific, sanies, sanious, pledget, spleget, dossil, ichor, probe, antiseptic, inviolable, violable, tent, autoplasty. wound, v. injure, scath, hurt, maim, disable. wrangle, n. altercation, dispute, squabble, brawl, bickering, quarrel. wrangle, v. altercate, dispute, squabble, bicker, quarrel. wrangler, n. disputant. wrap, v. infold, swathe, bemuffle, envelop, muffle, swaddle. wrapper, n. house-dress; negligee, kimono, peignoir; envelope, wrap, covering, capsule; tillot. wrath, n. See anger. wreath, n. garland, chaplet, festoon, crown. wreck, n. desolation, ruin, havoc, devastation, ravage debris, derelict. wreck, v. demolish, destroy, ruin, shatter, strand, founder, undo, raze. wrest, v. wrench, wring, extort; distort, pervert, garble, falsify, misconstrue. wretch, n. outcast, pariah, pilgarlic, vagabond, knave, rogue, scoundrel, caitiff, miscreant, scapegrace, villain, rascal, renegade, reprobate, rake, scullion, poltroon, varlet, ronion, libertine, blackguard, cullion, bezonian. wretched, a. miserable, unhappy; contemptible, abject, despicable, paltry. wring, v. writhe, squeeze, pinch; distort, pervert, wrest, exact, extort. wrinkle, n. corrugation, pucker, crease, furrow, rumple, crinkle, ruck; (Colloq.) notion, fancy, whim, caprice, vagary, freak, whimsey; pl. crow's feet. wrinkle, v. rumple, pucker, corrugate, crease, cockle, ruck, crumple. wrinkled, a. corrugated, rumpled, puckered, cockled, creased, rugous. wrist, n. carpus. Associated Words: carpal, carpale. write, v. inscribe, indite; superscribe (write on the top or outside of anything); subscribe. writer, n. scribe, scrivener, penman, secretary, amanuensis, correspondent, essayist, clerk, copyist, author, hack, calligrapher. writing, n. handwriting, chirography, penmanship, hand, calligraphy; document, writ, indenture, debenture, certificate, charter, holograph; inscription, superscription, subscription. Associated Words: graphology, agraphia, graphomania, _cacoëthes scribendi_, cursive, uncial, clerical, stylus, planchette, scotograph script, literary, cacography. writing-desk, n. secretary, escritoire. writing-room, n. scriptorium. written above. superscript, suprascript. written under. subscript, subscribed. wrong, a. immoral, bad, wicked, sinful, evil, improper, criminal, vicious, unjust, contraband, wrongful, iniquitous, blameworthy, reprehensible, base, crooked, sinister; erroneous, mistaken, untrue, false, inaccurate, inexact, incorrect; inappropriate, unsuitable; reverse. wrong, n. injustice, inequity, oppression, disservice, trespass, transgression, injury, tort, offense, grievance, detriment; error, falsity; immorality, vice, iniquity, sin, evil, improbity, guilt, misdoing, malpractice, offense, delinquency, peccancy, dereliction, mischief, obliquity, misdemeanor.--adv. amiss, erroneously. wrong, v. cheat, damnify, defraud, maltreat, abuse. wrong-doer, n. sinner, criminal, culprit, delinquent, offender, malefactor, transgressor, miscreant, profligate, pervert, crook, prevaricator. wrong-doing, n. misdemeanor, malfeasance, malpractice, malversation, dereliction, iniquity, sin, immorality, wickedness, indiscretion, prevarication, chicanery, delinquency, transgression, graft, malfaction, demerit, default. wrong-timed, a. ill-timed, inopportune, unseasonable. wrought, a. worked, elaborated, finished. wrought up. excited, perturbed, distracted, discomposed, agitated. wry, a. twisted, distorted, awry; wrested, perverted. wryneck, n. torticollis. X X-ray, n. the Röntgen ray. Associated Words: fluoroscope, fluoroscopy, cryptoscopy, cryptoscope. Y Y. Associated Words: ypsiloid, ypsiliform. yank, n. (Colloq.) pull, jerk, twitch.--v. pull, jerk, twitch, snatch. yap, n. bark, yelp. yard, n. three feet; enclosure, court, area, garth, courtyard, quadrangle, curtilage (Law). yarn, n. worsted, warp, abb, spinel. Associated Word: skein. yawn, v. gape, oscitate. yawn, n. gape, gaping, yawning, oscitation, oscitancy. yawning, a. gaping, oscitant. yearbook, n. annual. yearly, a. annual, anniversary.--adv. annually. yearn, v. long, desire, hanker after, pine. yearning, n. longing, hankering, pining. yeast, n. harm, leaven, ferment. yeasty, a. barmy. yell, n. outcry, scream, shriek, howl, yowl, vociferation. yell, v. scream, shriek, screech, bawl, howl, yowl, vociferate, hoot. yellow, a. golden, sallow, tawny, ecru, amber, fallow, fulvous, croconic, jaundiced, fulvid, buff, luteous, saffron, ocherous, lurid. yellowbird, n. goldfinch. yellow race. Mongols, Mongolians. yellows, n. jaundice; jeterus. yelp, n. bark, yap, yaup. yes, adv. yea, aye, ay.--n. affirmative, consent. yield, v. produce, pay, return; submit, surrender, succumb, give up, capitulate; resign, relinquish, cede, forego, waive; concede, admit, grant, allow. Antonyms: resist, retain, withhold, refuse, withstand. yield, n. product, crop, harvest. yielding, n. production, bearing, surrender, relinquishment, submission, compliance, acquiescence, succumbing. yielding, a. compliant, tractable, submissive, amenable, unresisting, docile, indulgent, irresolute, facile; plastic, fictile, pliant, flexible. Antonyms: See unyielding. yoke, n. oxbow and bar, crosspiece; team, span, pair, couple; bond, link, chain, coupling. yoke, v. couple, join, unite, link, hitch together; subject, enslave. yokel, n. bumpkin, boor, rustic. yolk, n. yelk, vitellus, oviplasma. young, a. juvenile, youthful, immature, adolescent. young, n. offspring. Associated Words: beget, prolific, fecundity, procreation, fetus, brood, generation, fetiferous, pregnant, pregnancy. younger, a. junior. youngest born. Associated Word: postremogeniture. youth, n. juvenility, youthfulness; adolescence, teens, minority, nonage, juniority; young man, lad, boy, stipling, cadet, minor, juvenile, adolescent. Associated Words: rejuvenescence, rejuvenation, rejuvenate, rejuvenescent, rejuvenating, juvenescence, juvenescent. youthful, a. immature, juvenile, adolescent, boyish. Antonyms: adult, manly, mature. Z Z. izzard, zed. zany, n. jester, buffoon, clown, harlequin, merry-an-drew. zanyism, n. harlequinism, buffoonery, clownishness. zeal, n. fervor, ardor, zealotry, intensity, passion, devotion, devotedness. zealot, n. enthusiast, partisan, devotee, fanatic. zealous, a. ardent, eager, strenuous, fervent, passionate, intense, devoted, impassioned. zenith, n. culmination, pinnacle, acme, summit, apex. Antonym: nadir. zero, n. cipher, nothing, naught. zest, n. relish, flavor, taste; enjoyment, relish, gusto. zinc, n. spelter. zip, n. hissing, sibilance, sibilation.--v. hiss, sibilate. zone, n. clime, region; girdle, belt, band, girth. Addenda automobile, n. motor car, autocar, motor. Associated Words: garage, tonneau, carburetter, chassis, automobilist, chauffeur, mechanician. baby carriage. perambulator. balloon, n. Montgolfier (hot-air balloon). Associated words: parachute, inflate, inflation, deflate, deflation, dirigible. birth rate. natality. blood poisoning. pyæmia. blue, n. indigo. books, n. pl. Associated Words: literature, literary, bibliomaniac, bibliophagist, bibliotaph, bookcraft, bookworm. break up. disorganize, disrupt. burglar, n. housebreaker, cracksman (Slang). burglary, n. housebreaking. Associated Word: burglarious. buttonhole bouquet. boutonnière. Christ, n. Jesus, the Savior, the Messiah, the Annointed, Immanuel, the Redeemer, God the Son, the Mediator, the Intercessor, the Advocate, Son of God, Son of Man, Lamb of God, Logos, the Word, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, King of Glory, Prince of Peace, Son of Righteousness, Light of the World, Good Shepherd, Incarnation, Hypostatic Union. Associated Words: dominical, Christology, Christian, deicide, bambino, kenosis, psilanthropist, psilanthropy, Antichrist, christocentric, pietà. coffee, n. _Associated word: demi-tasse_. college student. undergraduate. color, n. Associated Words: polychrome, party-colored, variegated, variegation. come back. return, recur. coming back. return, recurrence. coming down. descent. coming up. ascent. consumption, n. tuberculosis. Associated Words: tubercular, tubercle, tuberculin, hectic, consumptive, pectoral. crime, n. Associated Words: accessory, accomplice, perpetrate, perpetration, perpetrator, incorrigible. date, n. Associated Words: chronology, chronological, chronologist, antedate, antedating, prolepsis, metachronism, prochronize, prochronism. death, n. Associated Words: mortuary, _rigor mortis_. death rate. mortality. die sooner than. predecease. electricity, n. Associated Words: volt, voltage, ohm, kilowatt, ampere, amperage, armature, current, amperemeter, battery, dynamo, motor, voltaic, magnet, charge, coil, induction, conductor, nonconductor, insulate, insulation, farad, electrology, electric, electrician, electrify, electrification, electrifiable, electrition, electrization, electrizer, electrocute, electrocution, electrodynamics, electrodynamometer, electrotherapeutics, electrolysis. electric light. incandescent light; arc light; electrolier (lamp or chandelier). expression, n. locution. famous person. celebrity, notable. five, n. Associated Word: quintan. five-sided figure. pentagon. funeral, n. exequies. funeral procession. cortège. go in. enter, penetrate. going in. entrance, penetration. going up. ascent, ascension, rise. go through. penetrate, permeate. go up. ascend, rise. green, n. chlorine; chlorophyll. happen again. recur. high priest. pontiff, pontifex. Associated Words: pontifical, pontificate, pontificals. humming birds. Associated Word: trochilidist. imagination, n. fantasy. improve, v. Antonyms: deteriorate, decline, degenerate. iron, n. cast iron; wrought iron; pig iron; spiegel iron. Associated words: ferriferous, ferrous, billet, ore, forge, founder, foundry, ironmaster, ironmonger, ironmongery, ironsmith, ironware, irony, ironbound, pyrites, metallurgy, metallurgist, siderurgy, siderotechny, siderognost, siderurgical, malleable, smelt, smeltery, anneal, siderite, shadrach, larget, manganese, carbon, speiss. jaw, n. Associated Words: gnathic, gnathism, gnathic index, undershot, overshot, prognathous, prognathism, prognathic, orthognathous, orthognathism, mesognathous, gonion, paragnathous, inframaxillary, intermaxillary, submaxillary, maxillary, supramaxillary, admaxillary, lantern-jawed. khan keeper. khanjee. language, n. Associated Words: purist, purism, euphuism, euphuist, euphuistic, euphuize, euphemism, euphemistic, euphemize, charism, locution, provincial, provincialism, localism, solecism, solecistical, barbarism, vulgarism. lock-jaw, n. trismus. marriage rate. nuptiality. metals, n. pl. Associated Words: metallic, metallurgy, metallography, metalliferous, metalliform, metalline, metallist, metallurgical, metallurgist, alloy, lode, dross recrement, bimetallic, bimetallism, monometallic, monometallism. minerals, n. pl. Associated Words: mineralogy, mineralogist, mineralize, mineralization, mineralogize, sclerometer, chondrule, paramorphism, geology. mouth, n. Associated Words: oral, oriform, stomatology, stomatoplasty, palate, stomatic, uvula, collutory, cibarian, grimace, splaymouth, buccal. moving pictures. photo play. Associated Words: cinematograph, biograph, vitascope, bioscope, kinematograph, kinetograph, kineograph, chronophotograph, film, scenario. muscles, n. pl. Associated Words: muscular, muscularity, myology, myolin, myography, myosin, myologist, tonicity, collagen, coördination, myotomy. northern, a. hyperborean. nose, n. Associated Word: nasute. occur again. recur. older, a. senior, elder. parent, n. father; mother; begetter; author, originator, source. Associated Words: parental, parricide, foster, filiation, prepotent, prepotency. people, n. Associated Words: demotic, democratic, democracy, popular, lay, depopulate, depopulation. philosopher's stone. Associated Word: carmot. pickpocket, n. dip. (Thieves' slang). pillar saint. stylite, pillarist. pistol case. holster. prayer-book, n. breviary; missal. priest, n. presbyter, minister, rector; _padre_ (Sp. Amer. and India); flamen (Rom. Antiq.); hierophant; hierarch; hieromartyr. Associated Words: acolyte, hierarchy, hierocracy, hagiarchy, exeat, hierarchism, hierarchal, hieratic, hagiocracy, unfrock, ordain, ordination, sacerdotalism, pontificate, pontific, pontifical, priesthood, Holy Orders, priestcraft, priest-ridden, soutane, cassock, vestments, canonicals, rectory, incumbent. provincial words. Associated Word: patavinity. roundabout, a. circumlocutory, circumlocutional, periphrastic. self-propelling, a. automatic. sending, n. transmission. shorthand writer. stenographer. short pants. (Colloq.) knickerbockers, knee breeches. speechifier, n. declaimer, haranguer, orator. speechify, v. declaim, harangue. speed gauge. speedometer. stools, n. pl. dejecta. strap-shaped, a. ligulate. trade, n. craft. vulgar person. vulgarian. weal, n. prosperity, welfare, happiness. willy-nilly, adv. willingly or unwillingly. with a bad grace. reluctantly, perfunctorily, ungraciously. with a good grace. graciously, willingly, gracefully. wood-tar oil. creosote. workmanship, n. craftsmanship. *** End of this Doctrine Publishing Corporation Digital Book "Putnam's Word Book" *** Doctrine Publishing Corporation provides digitized public domain materials. Public domain books belong to the public and we are merely their custodians. This effort is time consuming and expensive, so in order to keep providing this resource, we have taken steps to prevent abuse by commercial parties, including placing technical restrictions on automated querying. 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