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´╗┐Title: Images from Duchesse d'Orleans' Louis XIV
Author: Orleans, Charlotte-Elisabeth, duchesse d', 1652-1722
Language: English
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By Duchesse d'Orleans

A pious Capuchin explained her dream to

Always has a fictitious malady in

Art of satisfying people even while he
reproved their requests

Asked the King a hundred questions,
which is not the fashion

Bad company spoils good manners

Because the Queen has only the rinsings
of the glass

But all shame is extinct in France

Duc de Grammont, then Ambassador,
played the Confessor

Duplicity passes for wit, and frankness
is looked upon as folly

Even doubt whether he believes in the
existence of a God

Exclaimed so long against high

Follies and superstitions as the
rosaries and other things

Formerly the custom to swear horridly
on all occasions

Frequent and excessive bathing have
undermined her health

Great filthiness in the interior of
their houses

Great things originated from the most
insignificant trifles

He had good natural wit, but was
extremely ignorant

He always slept in the Queen's bed

He was a good sort of man,
notwithstanding his weaknesses

Her teeth were very ugly, being black
and broken (Queen)

Honour grows again as well as hair

I thought I should win it, and so I
lost it

I never take medicine but on urgent

I wished the husband not to be informed
of it

I have seldom been at a loss for
something to laugh at

I am unquestionably very ugly

I had a mind, he said, to commit one
sin, but not two

I formed a religion of my own

If I should die, shall I not have lived
long enough?

It is an unfortunate thing for a man
not to know himself

It was not permitted to argue with him

Jewels and decoration attract attention
(to the ugly)

Like will to like

Louis XIV. scarcely knew how to read
and write

Made his mistresses treat her with all
becoming respect

My husband proposed separate beds

No man more ignorant of religion than
the King was

Nobility becoming poor could not afford
to buy the high offices

Not lawful to investigate in matters of

Old Maintenon

Only your illegitimate daughter

Original manuscripts of the Memoirs of
Cardinal Retz

Provided they are talked of, they are

Robes battantes for the purpose of
concealing her pregnancy

Seeing myself look as ugly as I really
am (in a mirror)

She never could be agreeable to women

Since becoming Queen she had not had a
day of real happiness

So great a fear of hell had been
instilled into the King

Soon tired of war, and wishing to
return home (Louis XIV)

Stout, healthy girl of nineteen had no
other sins to confess

Subject to frequent fits of abstraction

That what he called love was mere

The old woman (Madame Maintenon)

Throw his priest into the Necker

To tell the truth, I was never very
fond of having children

To die is the least event of my life

You never look in a mirror when you
pass it

You are a King; you weep, and yet I go

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Memoirs Louis XV. by Duchesse d'Orleans

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