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Title: Secret Enemies of True Republicanism
Author: Smolnikar, Andrew B.
Language: English
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the University of Michigan.

[Transcriber's note: The original print edition contain many obvious
typos that have been corrected in this electronic edition. I have taken
care to mark where changes were made within the text, and notes about
the changes can be found at the end of this text. I have left hyphen
irregularities as they were printed (so that both "anti-slavery" and
"antislavery" will be found within the text). For additional perspective
on errata within the text, see the author's remarks following the final








Springhill, Peace Union Centre.

Preliminary Remarks

Attentive readers will find superabundance of signs or credentials
testifying the mission of every one who comprehends this book and acts
with us for the accomplishment of the great promise, if they peruse the
whole book as often as necessary for a full understanding of each event
mentioned herein in connexion with the whole. From this connection of
events it is evident, that in collisions in to which we have come with
our opposers during the performance of the duties of our mission, we
were under the direction of those invisible guardians who are labouring
to introduce the promised new era of Truth and Righteousness, while our
opposers were endeavouring to support the existing systems of delusion
and iniquity, and that spirits of all spheres, heavenly angels as well
as infernal demons, give testimony to our mission, spirits of each
sphere in such a manner as is most suitable to their sphere. By the
developments made in this book the secret enemies of true Republicanism
are made manifest, and it is made clear, how every party and sect,
notwithstanding their profession of republicanism, are supporting
Popery, or, what is the same Monarchy, if they disregard our disclosures
concerning the Roman Catholic and the Protestant churches in reference
to Christ's Peaceable Reign which will be the universal republic of
truth and righteousness[C], and if they neglect to co-operate with us
for its introduction.

When I say "us," I understand the whole body of messengers whom I
represent. I became Representative of this Body by having performed and
explained what has been shown to me by the Spirit of Truth for the
introduction of the promised New Era. No imaginations, but facts,
events, are testifying our Heavenly Mission for the true Freedom,
Harmony and Peace of Nations, as well as the infernal Mission of those
who either openly or secretly, are opposed to our mission. In this their
condition they are supporting the Papal Imperial Royal or Monarchial
powers. This will be evident to those who comprehend this book. Then
they will know that those are either wittingly deceivers, or are
deceived and repeat the lies and slanders of others, who say that I make
too great claims and am anxious to be a great man. I confess to be
nothing else but a true republican, a man for free discussion,
testifying what I know, and offering it to be duly examined and used for
the welfare of nations. I had to forsake all things of this world and to
devote all my time to deep investigations, till at length my studies had
arrived to maturity, that I could be used by Heavenly Powers as an
instrument or medium to disclose what is required for Christ's peaceable
Reign on Earth. But those who should have been our first labourers in
the great cause of Human Redemption, have deceived others in regard to
our mission; and I have been abused, slandered and persecuted, and have
suffered more than a man could willingly bear for his fellow men,
without being supported by Higher Powers. This support has brought me on
the ground where I stand, and on which they shall arrive who will study
this book with understanding[D], and then act accordingly.

This book is divided into several treatises, which are so connected that
every reader in order to comprehend the unexpected developments for the
introduction of the promised New Era, must study them in the order in
which they appear. While studying in this manner, if the contents of
some passage appear to him not only unexpected, but also very
improbable, he will receive more light upon them in the continuation of
studying this book, till at length that which appeared at the first view
improbable, will be made manifest to him to be a great truth, and he
will become our zealous fellow labourer in the great mission for the
accomplishment of the greatest Promises to the Human race. I write in
the expectation, that my brethren and sisters, after having perused this
book, will comprehend their calling and act accordingly with their
sincere servant.


Washington D.C. March 29th, 1859.


I wrote this preface in the expectation of soon finding in Washington
means for publishing this book. But I had to wait, till at length the
war in Italy commenced. Therefore readers are requested to study what
they must know to stop Revolutions and Wars and to commence the New Era
of Harmony and Peace.


    Louis Napoleon, according to a severe divine judgment Emperor of
    France, and James Buchanan, according to the merciful divine
    benignity President of the United States.

On the 27th January, 1859, while I was ready to start from Philadelphia,
a messenger said, that on that day an article appeared in the German
Democrat of that city for my use, and handed to me the number containing
that article, from which we translate the following passages:

"A pamphlet of the famous Mr. Belly, directed to Emperor Napoleon III,
was announced in Paris on all corners of the streets with very large
letters, under the inscription


"Whereas nothing can be published in Paris without the permission of the
Imperial censorship, it is supposed, that Mr. Belly acted according to a
superior order to arouse the public opinion against the United States.
The President's message gives the pretext for it. The United States are
represented as deadly enemies of the whole Latin Race and of the
monarchies of Europe, which must fall to their feet, if that race does
not commence a crusade against the heretics, and take the sword against
the pirates, thieves and bankrupts of the United States."

Not having the original of the pamphlet and giving the following
passages in a free translation from the German translation which
appeared in the above quoted number of the Democrat, I may be excused by
those who have the French pamphlet at hand, if they should find any
deviation from it. Monsieur Belly writes besides other things also:

"The longing of the United States for Cuba and Mexico has not only the
tendency to enlarge their territory and their interests, but they act
besides this, according to a principle, which is diametrically opposite
to that of France; they do not care about any civilization beyond their
frontier; they have made alliance with all who are filled with hatred
against the European politics. When the Democratic Republic obtains the
supremacy in the new world, all empires and kingdoms in the world will
become inimical to its interests and therefore it will be consequent and
necessary to destroy them either by art or by force.... Our commerce,
our industry will be compelled to obey instead of being the rulers, and
the discovery of the new world will lead to the remarkable result of
having occasioned the death of the old.

"The Catholic sovereigns constituted by God and by their subjects, are
obliged to introduce such circumstances as to carry into execution their
legitimate claims. And those who have been elected by a band without
discipline, by bankrupts and thieves, dare to declare publicly, that the
hour has come for these thieves and bankrupts to attack the civilized
world! are we not as much devoted to the truth, as they are to the lie?
We should not delay to promote our system of salvation, while we are
discussing their system of perdition. And whereas they are elevating the
crime to their religion with more energy than we do our holy religion,
while we appear to surrender it, we will henceforth extol the cross and
draw the sword, and unite the Latin race to the alliance, without which
there is no salvation for civilization.

"The president's message is in open opposition to the faith, the ideas,
the principles and the interests, the acknowledged defender of which
your Majesty is. That message strikes Europe on both cheeks; and I
affirm that those who like to make it laughable, become pale when they
reflect upon it in their closets.

"Mr. Buchanan and the nation whom he represents, keep these things not
any longer in secret. From henceforth they demand Cuba, and the language
in the message shows, that they will not desist from any means to obtain
their object. This object is one portion of Mexico and then an other,
the whole Central America and West Indies," &c.

If our profession which is expressed on the title page of this book, is
true, we have received the commission to move nations and their rulers
to establish the universal republic of truth and justice, harmony and
peace. It will be the true reign of Christ, for which all political and
ecclesiastical memorable events of past centuries and of this time, are
preparations. Our commission, that is, the commission of messengers whom
I represent, is confirmed by so many signs according to prophecies, that
while I was writing the last of the five German volumes which have been
published from A.D. 1838 till 1842, I have oftentimes repeated, that the
key has been given in those volumes to unlock and explain so many
prophecies and signs testifying our mission, that five hundred volumes
could be filled, if there had not been superabundance of them already
published in the five above mentioned volumes, from which it is evident,
that neither monarchs amongst themselves in Europe, nor political and
ecclesiastical parties and sects in this country, can establish peace,
but will continue to quarrel and consume every year an enormous amount
of property for war preparations, and corrupt and ruin nations, and
destroy many men and women during those preparations, till at length
they are again and again so brutalized and enraged, that they kill each
other, till all parties are so exhausted, that they are compelled to
make peace, which is nothing else but an armistice; because when the
true peace or Christ's reign, which will be the universal Republic of
Truth and Justice, shall be established on the whole globe, soldiers and
all preparations for war, will disappear, and those who are now learning
how to destroy each other, will learn how to prolong their lives and
improve their intellectual and moral faculties for their own temporal
and eternal welfare, as well as for the welfare of others. Wo! wo! wo!
to the Roman catholics as well as others in these United States and in
all other parts of America and in Europe and elsewhere, if the infernal
fire of revolution and war, which is glowing, breaks out with all force
in the United States of America. It would extend on the globe and
consume millions of men, and amongst them also Monarchs. But we write to
prevent their destruction, and to prepare them to become true
republicans and truly happy, and to contribute their share for the
happiness of all men.

After the publication of the above mentioned five volumes I made urgent
applications to political and ecclesiastical rulers and their
counsellors in Europe by sending to some of them my books and letters,
and to others letters only, showing how to obtain my books, and
exhorting them to study them and act accordingly to prevent revolutions
and wars and to commence the new Era. After that, whenever a peculiar
crisis was approaching, we have issued some publication, warning the
American Nation as well as other nations and their governments, and
showing, that there was high time to study the contents of _our_
volumes. I am not alone, but there are invisible messengers giving
testimony by my instrumentality, as superabundance of proof is given
also in this volume. In this connection of matters I mention the
following instance:

At the end of the year 1853 my pamphlet "Antichristian Conspiracy
against true Republicanism" issued from the press; and in the first part
of the year 1854 copies of that pamphlet as well as written disclosures
containing most solemn warnings to the American as well as to all other
nations, were sent to President Pierce and to a number of congressmen in
both houses. In said pamphlet and in the annexed written disclosures,
the Government was most solemnly exhorted to appoint a convention for
examining our system or the magnetic chain of events through the course
of the past centuries in connection with the events of this generation,
which have not been understood so as they are made manifest in our chain
for binding the Dragon, the spirit of delusion and destruction, REVEL.
xx. 2. who has given his power, and his seat, and great authority REVEL.
xiii: 2, not only to the representative of the beast or the Pope of
Rome, but also to the ten horns of the beast, or kings, that is
monarchs, who hate the whore, that is the Apostatized Church, the people
who have apostatized from truth and justice, and whom monarchs make
desolate and naked, and eat their flesh and burn them with fire, REVEL.
xvii: 16.

"The Catholic Sovereigns" are according to the quoted passage of Mr.
Belly, "constituted by God and by their subjects." The number of the
Democrat, which occasioned this treatise, was providentially handed to
me. But here is no room to explain that which will be explained in our
"monthly theological course," which is appointed in this book, and in
which our system or the chain to bind the dragon, will be exhibited, and
in which will be made manifest, how far "the Catholic sovereigns" or
monarchs are constituted by their subjects, and how their subjects would
constitute them, if they were free and enlightened, as they should be
according to the will of God who has endowed them with intellectual and
moral faculties, to be duly developed. Here we mention only, that the
highest duty of monarchs is to do all in their power for that
development. If monarchs would fulfil their highest duty, their subjects
would become true republicans, and then monarchs would cease to be, what
they now are by the appointment of the dragon, the spirit of delusion
and destruction, by whose inspiration they are executioners of the
degraded people whose education has been neglected, and who would have
become true republicans, if monarchs had become fathers and teachers of
the ignorant. But obviously appears to be as absurd, as Mr. Belly's
assertion, that God has constituted the monarchs, although it is
manifest, that the dragon has constituted them, or they are constituted
"according to a severe divine judgment," according to his eternal laws,
when people are so degraded, that they are not prepared for a better
government, what is expressed in the following words of the Revelation;
"God has put in the hearts of the ten horns to fulfil his will, and
agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God
shall be fulfilled," REVEL. XVII.: 17.

In those circumstances, after the destruction, of the first Napoleon's
power, it was best, when the rulers or fathers of nations have neglected
to fulfil their highest duty, that they have submitted their monarchies
under the protection of the Pope, the representative of the Beast with
ten horns and seven heads, till the prophecy has been fulfilled. From
neglecting that rule much greater evils, most dreadful revolutions and
wars originated. The history of the so called christian church, when
some portions rebelled against the Pope through the course of centuries
until this time, is the most horrible theatre under the dominion of the
dragon. Therefore, after the destruction of the first Napoleon we read
in REVEL. xvii: 13, that the ten horns or monarchs agreed unanimously
(in the Congress of Vienna, A.D. 1815,) to give their power and strength
unto the beast, that is, to make the Pope, the representative of the
beast, a partaker of their own power and strength. This was the means
for the support of their own thrones, till the prophecy has been
fulfilled by what has been executed through our mediumships in the Roman
Catholic Church, and has been explained in the first three of my above
mentioned five German volumes. Those three volumes appeared between A.D.
1838 and 1840, and have been sent to three Roman Catholic Monarchs, to
wit, the Emperor of Austria, the King of Bavaria and the King of France,
with my hand writings, showing to the first two their highest duty to
enjoin their Theologians to examine those volumes and to send to me the
result of their examinations, to be published with my remarks, that
truth might be made manifest, and to the king of France, that he should
translate those volumes into French and spread them as much as possible
in his monarchy. All three have been most solemnly exhorted to do what
was required in those volumes to prevent the repetition of revolutions,
wars, and other plagues, which cannot be removed but must be repeated,
till the heavenly message of Peace made manifest by our instrumentality,
is received by governments and nations. When our applications to and
exhortations of political and ecclesiastical influential men in America
and in Europe were not regarded, and in these days of Noah the earth was
corrupt and filled with violence, and all flesh had corrupted his way, I
Mos. vi: 11 and 12, the flood of revolution broke out in Europe in the
year 1848, on the exact day in correspondence with prophecies given by
our instrumentality and published in my volumes, and emperors and kings,
and their machines of destruction, the bishops of America and in Europe,
and other political and ecclesiastical officers, who with all our
exhortations remained obstinate sinners against the Holy Ghost, who has
disclosed by our instrumentality that which is required for the
introduction of the promised peaceable reign of Christ, which according
to our disclosures by a long chain of signs according to prophecies,
will be the universal republic of truth and justice, harmony and peace
on the whole globe, are responsible for all destruction of human life
and property, which were consumed in that revolution and afterwards
until this hour, and would have been saved, if the means shown in our
message, had been used.

Ferdinand, Emperor of Austria, was the first compelled to give a
constitution. I read it on the 18th, April, 1848, and was inspired to
write on the 19th, April, or, on his birth-day a letter to him and an
appeal to the inhabitants of the Austrian Empire, assuring them, that
the calamities came, because the contents of our publications had not
been regarded, although our mission had been superabundantly proven by
signs according to prophecies. I confessed also, that I was ready to go
instantly to Vienna, and to show practically, how to make the right use
of that constitution for the commencement of the new era of harmony and
peace, if the emperor would publish directly my appeal to the
inhabitants of his empire, and write to me, and give the security to
support the constitution, which was such as the inhabitants of the
empire had a right to demand, as well as the emperor had a right to
watch against the abuse and to apply the proper means for the right use
of the constitution.

My former applications and my volumes have been sent by me directly
through Triest to Vienna, but that my last document to emperor Ferdinand
was sent to his minister in Washington city with an urgent exhortation
to the minister, to forward it to the emperor, and with the remark that
in the time in which an answer could be expected, I would send to the
minister my direction, to which post office he had to send the answer;
because I wrote to the emperor from the State of New-York on my journey
to other States. I wrote at length to the minister, that if he receives
an answer to my documents from the Emperor Ferdinand, he should send it
to the post office of Nashville, capital of the State of Tennessee. I
urged the Emperor to send an answer as soon as possible, and I assured
him, that it was impossible, to prevent new revolutions without the use
of the remedy contained in our message of peace. But knowing the
slowness of the business at the Austrian government, I now on the 14th
September 1848, at noon time to the post office of Nashville to ask for
letters. When I was approaching the post office, fire bells commenced to
arouse people who were asking where the fire was. Some answered, that it
was in the Presbyterian Church on Church street; but others remarked,
that they should not be mocked in this manner; because it appeared to be
quite improbable that fire should break out at that hour in that season
in a church without being struck by lightning; and that was a very clear

I asked in the post office for letters. But there was no letter for me
there. On my return from the post office, the whole presbyterian church
the largest in that city, on Church Street, was enveloped in awful
flames, by which it was entirely consumed.

The next night after that solemn spectacle an angel of my Lord brought
to me the message, (and attentive readers of this book will be
convinced, that when my mission requires, I come in perceivable
communication with Heavenly messengers,) that on the next sunday I
should proclaim in that city, that that was a prophetical fire
testifying that revolutions would break out again in the Austrian
empire, because the bishops of that empire had neglected to fulfil their
highest duty to instruct the Emperor in what he should do for the
pacification of nations, and that the revolution should be a solemn
warning to the citizens of the United States: because judgments cannot
be removed from this country, but must increase till churches of the
great harlot and her daughters will be consumed, if these judgments
shall not be stopped by the application of our message of peace. Public
halls are generally not opened for our proclamations, because we have no
money to pay for their use. But at that time the masonic fraternity were
carrying their instruments into their building, from which they removed
them during the danger while the church opposite their building was
burning. I said to them, that I had to proclaim a message against the
Pope of Rome in correspondence with that fire, and requested them to
grant their hall for that purpose, They granted it, and my proclamation
was advertised in the daily newspapers of Nashville. It was delivered on
the next sunday after the fire in the German language before, and in
the English language after noon.

In the next month after that proclamation the last dreadful European
revolution and war commenced in Hungary in correspondence with the fact,
that the bishops of Hungary were the last among the bishops of Europe,
who have been under the direction of my Heavenly leaders most solemnly
warned to prevent the revolution which commenced in Paris on the 24th
February[E] 1848. That was in the octave of the tenth anniversary after
my first public appearance in my present mission and my solemn
initiation by Heavenly messengers for this mission. Ten years in
commemoration of the ten horns of the beast were granted for repentance
to the blind leaders of the blind, for whom I published A.D. 1838 the
first volume of explanations of the mystery; and in that year I
commenced to exhort Emperor Ferdinand and his bishops, that they should
study that volume. But after the publication of the fifth volume A.D.
1842, the bishops of Hungary were the last amongst the grandees of
Europe, to whom I applied; to wit, when all my applications were
disregarded, I published a Latin circular and sent copies of it to a
number of bishops in Europe. While I was preparing those copies for the
mail, Samuel Ludvigh, a Hungarian scholar, came into my room. He never
before nor after that did come to me, although I met with him several
times in other places, and warned him always, that he should study my
writings to be converted from his materialism to the true spiritualism.
But at that my meeting with him in my room I said to him, that he came
at the right time, to give me directions to all bishops in Hungary. He
did so, and by this unexpected provision I was enabled, to send to all
Roman Catholic bishops in Hungary copies of my Latin circular, in which
direction to find copies of my volumes, was given and the duty of the
Austrian bishops was shown to study my volumes, and then to instruct the
Emperor and other grandees of the Austrian Empire and Hungarian Kingdom,
in what they should do, to prevent revolutions and wars, and to
establish the promised peace on earth.

When all our endeavoring to move the blind leaders of the blind to take
the medicine which was prepared in our publications to open their eyes,
was disregarded, I met at length in Cincinnati with the same doctor
Samuel Ludvigh, a materialistic reformer, trusting in weapons of war,
and I was inspired that I said to him, that there was high time for him
to learn that he had an immortal soul and also, that he himself was a
strong medium of deluding and destroying spirits, and that I was ready
to give him a peculiar testimony of that truth most necessary for him to
become an apostle of peace. He asked, how I could show him this. He was
not ready to examine arguments and experience of others in this respect.
Therefore I, according to the direction of my Heavenly leader said, that
I would magnetize him. That was the same in that connection of things,
as to say, that I would initiate him into the mystery of our close
connection with departed spirits. There is the right use as well as the
abuse of human magnetism. Some eight years ago I published a pamphlet on
"the dreadful abuse of human magnetism in the mysteries of the Roman
Catholic Church and her daughters the protestant sects." Samuel Ludvigh
was willing that I should magnetize him directly. But I remarked, that
the tavern in which I met with him, was not the proper place for our
initiation or ordination. But he was inspired to ask me, that I should
make a trial there in his room in which some of his materialists were
with him. I was impressed to do so, and it was directly made manifest,
that the legion of demons by which he was surrounded, were compelled to
give way to our magnetism. And when he fell into the magnetic sleep, I
said to him, that to go so deep into our magnetism as to be convinced of
man's immortality and to become with us an apostle of the New Era, he
must visit me at my boarding house. And he promised to do so on the next
following evening. I said that I would come to take him with me. But
when I came I found not him, but a writing in which he imformed me, that
some friends came and moved him to start with them for other places. We
heard then, that he had started for Europe. At length we received his
German pamphlet, which was published in Hamburgh, a seaport in Europe,
and was entitled: "The sword of Revolution," in which this strange
prophet Samuel Ludvigh, reports, that he took a sword of the American
revolution and other insignia of war, and copies of his German
periodical, entitled "The Torch," and stopped in Europe first in Paris,
and three days after his departure from that city, revolution broke out
there. From thence he went to Berlin, and from that city to Vienna, and
in each of those cities soon after his departure revolution broke out.
At length he put his sword and other insignia of war into the National
Museum of Hungary, and returned to America.

Those who will study this whole book so as to comprehend the whole
connection of matters, will learn gradually better than they see when
they arrive in reading it to this period, that my meeting with Samuel
Ludvigh in Cincinnati was providentially prepared for a testimony to all
governments, that when Samuel Ludvigh who had performed since A.D. 1838
in his meetings with me manifold prophetical actions which have been
mentioned in some of my former publications, and was also at that my
meeting with him in Cincinnati not yet disposed to become an apostle of
peace, and the measure of crimes in Europe was filled, the Heavenly
congress with whom we are connected, gave permission to the infernal
demons to carry their medium with the war insignia to Europe, and to
announce to the infernal demons in Europe, that the time had arrived for
them to inspire their mediums to break out in their fury and spread
destruction, for the reason that those who kept people in bondage and
were the cause of their degredation, have rejected our message of peace
and continued to be obstinate sinners against the Holy Ghost who has
offered them in our publications the means for the pacification of
nations. But whereas the means for peace were not used, revolutions and
wars had to give a new turn to human affairs.

When those who were deluding the good natured Emperor Ferdinand, kept
him in bondage and would not make use of my above mentioned last
application to him for a commencement of the millennial happiness first
in the Austrian Empire, I, according to the direction of my Heavenly
Leaders, made no more applications to Europe, but commenced to urge
Presidents and other influential men at the government of the United
States, to study our message and the credentials of our mission for the
pacification of nations. When after all my applications to several of
the predecessors of President Pierce at length also he remained in the
shackles of the infernal Papal Imperial Royal Magnetism, and members of
the Congress of all parties and sects followed his example, I was
impressed that I should apply to the Emperor Louis Napoleon and to
prepare him, that he might commence to look, where to find the great
refuge for his own and the true happiness of his family in their mortal
bodies as well as in all eternity after their departure from this short
life, every moment of which should be duly used as preparation for the
eternity. He was at that time, in the spring, 1854, engaged with great
preparations for the tremendous war with Russia; and I wrote a document
to his ambassador in Washington, showing that if Emperor Napoleon would
be truly great in this and in all future ages, and truly happy in all
eternity, he instead of preparations for war with Russia, should call
all bishops of his Empire to a Latin convention with me in Paris. In
that convention my manuscript which I wrote A.D. 1849, in Latin and in
which I concentrated the system or the magnetic chain to bind the
Dragon, REVEL. xx. 2, who deludes Emperors and Kings to keep people in
bondage so that when they break their bonds they are as the wildest
beasts killing till they are killed, should be examined and bishops and
their theologians should make any objection, but all which they object
they must object in writing, to be then annexed to my manuscript and
published with my remarks in Latin and in translations, that nations and
their ecclesiastical and political representatives might judge, each for
himself, whether we have received or not received the commission and the
credentials of our mission for the introduction of the promised new era
of harmony and peace amongst all nations. A Latin convention for this
purpose was first appointed in the City of New-York A.D. 1849, and the
Archbishop of Baltimore was urged by our Latin manuscript Epistle and
English printed circular, to move the whole synod of bishops who met at
that time in Baltimore, to attend our Latin convention, and those who
could not attend it themselves to send the most qualified Theologians to
attend it. And John Hughes bishop of New-York, was particularly
exhorted, that he, as bishop of the place of the convention, was
principally bound to bring his Theologians to said convention. But when
all my endeavoring to move bishops as well as the government of the
United States to send able Latin scholars to attend said convention, did
not move them to do so, I translated at length that manuscript into
German and into English, and appointed conventions in those languages.
But I could not move such as have great influence at the government, to
attend those conventions, and then to commence with power the New Era.
Therefore I thought, that a trial should be made, whether the United
States or the representative of the government of France would
comprehend sooner, that nothing in the world could bring greater glory
in this life and in all eternity, than the work to examine or order that
our message of peace be examined by the best judges of this matter, and
be applied for the introduction of the new era. In the hope that Emperor
Napoleon would comprehend the great mission which was offered to him in
our message, I wrote to his ambassador at Washington, suggesting to the
Emperor, that I was ready to come as a citizen of the United States to
Paris, to exhibit the credentials which are signs according to
prophecies, testifying our mission to move the governments of this
world, to establish Christ's peaceable reign or the universal republic
of truth and justice, harmony and peace. I expected that the time for
the abolition of severe judgments, the principal executor of which is
Emperor Napoleon, was expiring.

Not having room in this treatise for any explanation of points which I
mention, I show here one of the general tokens, by which the severity of
judgments may be measured, to wit, the armies of soldiers, to keep
nations in bondage and to defend them against inimical neighbours. The
greater in proportion to the number of people, the number of soldiers
is, the severer is the judgement. When soldiers shall not be needed, and
those who are soldiers, will take up occupations beneficial to mankind,
the perfect victory of Christ against the dragon will be celebrated. And
if all governments of a christian name would understand to-day our true
christian message of peace, they could give directly to those who are
soldiers, true christian occupations; and heathens could be soon
converted into true christians. While Emperor Napoleon was gathering
together warriors and provisions for the great war against Russia, we
offered him the best opportunity to be the first of those who should
commence the New Era. Whether he had received from his ambassador in
Washington D.C. our offer or not, he may tell for himself; because I
have received no answer, although I have offered to the ambassador
himself, that although I was ready to go to Paris and show there in our
Latin convention to all bishops of the French Empire my mission, which
is also the mission of my fellow laborers, and the credentials of our
mission, I would visit the ambassador himself and give him as many
evidences of this great truth as would be abundantly sufficent for him,
to recommend with all his energy our offer to the Emperor, if the
ambassador would write to me and call me to Washington. Instead of an
answer from the ambassador to my proposition for the true christian
triumph of France and for the pacification of the world we have received
at length the tremendous answer which has occasioned this my treatise.
Here is not the place for an investigation, whether people of "the Latin
Race" in Europe and America or others are the principal people who
commit the crimes with which citizens of the United States are charged.
To the article in the number of the Democrat from which I have quoted
some passages, a list of bankruptcies is annexed, which took place in
the United States in the years 1857 and 1858. A.D. 1857 the total number
of bankruptcies is 4932; and A.D. 1858, 4235. It would be of great
consequence, to investigate the deeply secret principal cause of their
bankuptcies, and also the native place, education and character of each
bankrupt. An impartial examination would bring new contributions to know
the secret conspiracy of the servants of his Holiness the apocalystical
dragon, to keep nations in bondage.

Emperor Napoleon is not only a spiritualist of the last fashion, but a
strong medium of dreadful deluding and destroying demons, and I know
much more about his mediumship than he himself and his mediums know
about it, and this treatise is written to be prefixed to documents which
contain facts that should move all nations of "the Latin race" as well
as heretics, to come out from Babylon which is made manifest, in our
mission, as a habitation of demons, REVEL. XX.: 2. When I am preparing
documents of great warning, servants of demons must send from all
quarters of the world testimonies, how the infernal hosts of demons are
preparing everywhere their mediums for destruction of human life and
property. This and the following treatises are written to deliver other
mediums as well as monarchs from the influence of deluding and
destroying demons. And Emperor Napoleon should consider this treatise as
the most precious Heavenly gift, to bring him and by his instrumentality
millions of others into the glorious resurrection. If he studies this
book in which this treatise occupies the first place, so as to
comprehend it: we have no doubt, that he will arrive on our ground and
invite us to visit Paris and celebrate there the glorious resurrection
of those who belong to "the Latin race" and are yet in their mortal
bodies as well as of their departed friends.

In the third of my above mentioned five German volumes is the appearance
of Napoleon I. reported, when he was brought on the 24th June, 1839,
before me in his materialistic superficial imperial shape. But when I
was looking into his interior condition, the awful distress and
tremendous darkness blotted out all his imperial splendor. He and others
in a similar deceitful condition are influencing the Emperor. But I am
writing as his most sincere friend in his behalf and that of nations,
and promise to do all in my power according to my mission to assist him,
that he might become a blessing to nations and with our assistance
pacify the departed Emperor Napoleon and other congenial friends, and
draw them into the glorious New Era. The mediumship of Emperor Louis
Napoleon was manifest to us in correspondence with many cases of solemn
warnings for the imperial court and all other members of "the Latin
race" in close connexion with events which happened in our mission at
the same time, when those cases surprised the world. Here I mention the
solemn execution of the Archbishop of Paris in Saint Stephen's Church by
the mediumship of the priest who has been inspired and supported for
that work which required more than human strength, from the infernal
regions on the day and at the hour of the novena, which were most
suitable according to the prophetical Roman Catholic Calendar in
correspondence with what we were doing at the same time in our charge
under the Heavenly direction, and in correspondence with what Emperor
Napoleon was doing at the same time under the direction of deluding and
destroying spirits.

In the first three of my above mentioned five German volumes it was
shown, that the doings of the Popes of Rome, who are under the
inspiration from the inferior regions, were so controlled through the
course of centuries by our Heavenly congress, that those amongst the
Popes, who had received peculiar rolls in the great drama of the
ecclessiastical and political history, had received also corresponding
names to their rolls, and numbers corresponding to their names. And we
will have also in this book opportunity to mention some instances of
that kind. But here we made this remark on account that at the receipt
of the report of the solemn murder of the archbishop, we (after having
received instruction in different spirit languages which we need in
disclosing the mysteries for the promised New Era, and amongst those
languages is also the language by numbers,) saw the great unexpected
truth, that the Heavenly congress who are with the Lamb, were so
controlling the inferior regions of the papal imperial royal demons,
that in Paris which is the principal seat of the intrigues connected
with the Papal machinations, also Bishops were so counted, that when the
number of their succession according to our spirit language was complete
in their Novena, amongst them also the number of the Popish Saints as
well as the number of Cardinals and the number of Archbishops of Paris
corresponded to the celebration of the mystery of the execution, and
that Archbishop has been solemnly executed in Saint Stephen's Church,
who was in every respect most qualified for the celebration of that
mystery, and the infernal executioners have received permission from the
Heavenly Congress to effect the execution by their Medium, a priest who
became most qualified to be their Medium; and this happened for a
peculiar warning to the Pope, his Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops and
Priests, that they might not wait, till a general destruction of their
persons in connection with their Hierarchy would take place, but that
they might come out from Babylon and become with us messengers of the
New Era. I wrote an extraordinary treatise disclosing the deep mystery
of the Episcopal succession in Paris connected with the solemn execution
of the Archbishop in his complete numbers by the inspiration and
assistance of destroying demons, using their sacerdotal medium,
according to the permission of the Heavenly Congress, for a peculiar
warning to the Papal Imperial Royal Hierarchy and the whole "Latin
Race." There not being room in this book for publication of that
treatise which is preserved amongst others of my manuscripts to be
published in due time and in connection with other treatises which need
deeper studies to be fully understood than the memorable events which we
have selected for this book, we found proper to mention somewhat
regarding that execution in peculiar connexion with Emperor Napoleon and
the clergy of his empire, that they might open their eyes and stop the
infernal fury which has been made manifest in the preaching of the
crusade which gave occasion to this our extraordinary treatise.

The position of Napoleon III. to Napoleon I. according to prophecies,
cannot be understood except in the magnetic chain of events shown in our
system which will be explained in our monthly theological course, which
is announced in this book for the introduction of the New Era. Although
the Pope of Rome and the Emperor Napoleon, both may be destroyed at the
abolition of systems which they, each in his sphere, represent,
notwithstanding this we labour most earnestly, that their lives may be
preserved and they come into our New Jerusalem and draw millions of
others into it. At the explosion of the percussion shells, in which
others have been killed at the entrance to the theatre, but Napoleon's
life was preserved, peculiar manifestations took place. The explanation
of that mystery will be annexed as an appendix to the above mentioned
treatise, in which the mystery of the succession of Bishops of Paris is
explained. The representative of bishops who have generated such fruits
as are manifest in Paris, has suffered death. But Emperor Napoleon's
life was preserved at other occasions of danger as well as at the
explosion of the percussion shells; and we are labouring in the
expectation that he will understand this book and become with us a great
apostle removing the severe judgments and the dreadful bondage, which
are connected with his present government, and assisting us in the
preparation for the great resurrection of those in their mortal bodies
as well as of their departed friends. All that is written in this book
is written for a peculiar instruction to all, and especially to those
who are strong Mediums of deluding and destroying spirits the great
Prince amongst whom is Emperor Napoleon. But we write this treatise, to
deliver him from those miserable tyrants, and to make him a preacher of
peace also to his departed friends. What we write for him, we write that
it might be used by all readers.

As strange as the point in the inscription, that James Buchanan is
according to the merciful Divine Benignty President of the United
States, may appear not only to other governments, but also to many big
men in these United States, and to millions of others who are deceived
by big men, we write to undeceive all, and that also those might be
saved, who would have been already destroyed, if instead of James
Buchanan Col. Fremont had been elected President of the United States.
We are on quite another ground from which we consider human affairs,
than that from which they are generally considered: because I speak as
Medium of the Heavenly Powers by whom I am sent to draw nations on our
ground. For there is no salvation but destruction for them, if they will
not arise from their present degraded condition upon our ground from
which they will see matters as we see them. In the meantime we instruct
them by facts, that they might know, that we are correct and they are in
delusion. I am as independent from President Buchanan, as his enemies
are, and if he has received my writings which I have sent and directed
to him, he did not make use of them; although I suppose that my writings
directed to him since his Presedential administration, remain in the
hands of others. But in case, he had received and read those my
writings, and had despised the course which is shown in our message as
the course for redemption of nations from the Papal Imperial Royal and
other oppresive and speculating powers, the inscription in regard to him
remains true; and when I do not despair of Emperor Napoleon's conversion
from his dragon to our Christ, I expect with great confidence, that
President Buchanan will be sooner converted than Napoleon; although I do
not know, how the Heavenly Congress see this matter, because I am not in
their congress but only a medium of messengers sent from that congress.
But in every case the inscription to this treatise is true, as the
bitterest enemies of President Buchanan may learn from the following
items, and by studying this whole book they themselves may be brought
upon our ground and assist us in drawing the President upon the same
ground for the redemption of nations from all tyrannical powers.

I was in Cincinnati, when honorable James Buchanan was nominated
Democratic Candidate for Presidency. That nomination took place on the
6th of June 1856. During the balloting of the Delegates I was inspired,
and said on the 4th June, to Doctor B. F. White, that I felt it to be my
duty to endeavor to make known to the Delegates our message of Peace and
the credentials of our mission, and that the place for that purpose was
providentially prepared a few days before that by a building having been
removed at the front of Burnet's Hotel, the largest hotel in which the
largest portion of the democratic delegates boarded, and I made the
proposition to Doctor B. F. White, that he should open the meeting for
my address. He promised to do so. He was a strong medium of spirits of
the so called Republican Party. But I belong to no party, supporting
Truth wherever I find it sufficiently proven, and working against
delusion and error, wherever I have enough evidence against them. B. F.
White knew somewhat in regard to our message, having heard some of my
speeches and having read my pamphlet which had been published in
Cincinnati a few days before that nomination. We agreed strictly to
observe two points; in the first place to say nothing which would have a
reference to any party, and to proclaim only, what all should hear
regarding our message of Peace. The second point was that we should
speak before sunset, and finish our speeches before night should
commence. I was certain about the point which I related to Dr. White,
that if we would speak in the night, some disaster would happen during
our speeches on that occasion. Dr. White accompanied me, while we were
going to the open lot, on which we had agreed to address the Democratic
Delegates; but on our way we met with somebody who commenced to talk
with Dr. White. I left them talking and went to the spot agreed upon to
deliver our address. But while I was waiting more than one hour there,
Dr. White did not come. I felt that I alone should not deliver my
message there. He came at length while there was already twilight. I
said to him, that it was too late and we should not speak. I assured him
again, that I was determined not to speak that night. But he replied
that he was determined to speak, and that he was sure, that nothing
would happen. But I repeated, that some disaster would happen. Then
another strong medium came. He belonged to the same Republican party
that Dr. White did, and lived with Dr. White. His spirit confirmed the
assertion of the spirit of Dr. White, that nothing would happen, if we
would address the Delegates. Then I would not interfere any longer, and
Dr. White commenced to address the assembled. While he spoke, the crowd
increased and some commenced to make disturbance. At that moment the
Editor of the Democratic Review in Washington City interfered, and he
took the platform, addressing the audience and saying, that the speaker
should not be disturbed, and that he supposed the speaker belonged to
the Democratic party. I said once more to Dr. White, that it was high
time to leave that place. But he again asserted, that he was certain,
that nothing would happen. And the other medium of the Republican party
confirmed again Dr White's assertion.

At that moment I left the spot and went to Dr. White's office. Fifteen
or twenty minutes after me Dr. White and the other strong medium of
deluding and destroying spirits, both came about 9 o'clock P.M. and they
were frightened and said, that there was so great a disturbance, that
policemen were not sufficient to check it. And they added as a very
remarkable instance, that a policeman in trying to check the
disturbance, lost his star. But they did not know the other particulars
which appeared on the next morning in the newspapers, to wit, that the
above mentioned Editor of the Democratic Review in Washington City was
dangerously stabbed in his lungs. His wound proved not to be fatal,
although it was so large, that when it was sounded, the air which blew
out of the wound, extinguished the candlelight which was applied to see
the wound. The man who stabbed the Democratic Reviewer from Washington,
could not be detected, although the circumstances, from our position
considered, make it certain, that he was a medium of distroying spirits
belonging to the Republican party. Those spirits were allowed by our
leaders to give a prophetical sign. The stabbing took place about 9
o'clock P.M. on the 4th day of June, 1856.

I have circumstantially related the stabbing of the Democratic Reviewer;
because from these circumstances in connexion with what follows, it is
evident to anybody who understands the prophetic languages by numbers,
names and other circumstances, that by that stabbing prophecy has been
given under the control of our Heavenly Congress who determined to
interfere by our mediumship, that the Democratic party, although they
would come in great danger to lose the victory in their battle against
the Republican party, would finally conquer their opposition. I was
inspired, to give opportunity to that prophecy. Doctor Benjamin Franklin
White, a spiritualist and a strong medium of spirits of his party, was
the representative of the Republican party; and the Democratic Reviewer
from Washington City, was the representative of the Democratic party.
Benjamin Franklin White, doctor of medicine, has most suitable names
expressing his prophetical position, as we will have perhaps elsewhere
opportunity to explain the mystery. As the office of the Democratic
Reviewer in Washington was expressive to the mystery of his
representation, so were probably his names which I do not keep in
memory, and my notes of that time are not at hand, while I am writing
this. But the circumstances mentioned in connexion with what we will
report on the following pages of this treatise, are superabundantly
sufficient to testify that it was a great prophecy. The delegates then
continued their work, till at length on the 6th day of the 6th month
James Buchanan was nominated Candidate by Democrats for the Presidential
Chair. I looked into the next prophetical almanac which was at hand, and
the name of that day was "Benignus." There are Roman Catholic and
Protestant calendars which are used by our sphere of spirits in giving
prophecies. That was a Protestant almanac; _because_ that was a
Protestant affair. At the events of great importance names of our
prophetical almanacs correspond to the events. _Benignus_, the Latin is
in English _Benign_, that is kind or _generous_. From thence we adopted
the word _Benignity_, that is _grace_ or _graciousness, generosity,
kindness_, in the inscription of this treatise.

If I would explain the prophetical language by numbers and names and
other circumstances, this would require more room than our economy could
here spare, and we could not consent to publish at this time a much
larger volume than manuscript is prepared for this volume, also in case
that somebody should be desirous to publish it; because this volume
contains more than most readers will be prepared to study and digest
thoroughly. Therefore we must delay other manuscripts for other
occasions, and we can explain only a little of what we know; because
otherwise we could never finish our explanations. But the substance
given in the prophecy on the 4th and 6th of June at the nomination of
Hon. James Buchanan, in which he became the Democratic Candidate for
Presidency, did announce, that

James Buchanan will become President of the United States by the
interference of the Heavenly congress of spirits who are commissioned to
introduce the Peaceable Reign of Christ or the Universal Republic of
truth and justice, harmony and peace, by the instrumentality of
messengers whom I represent to move the governments and nations for
action to accomplish the great object to which prophecies of all ages
and of all nations have their tendency; but notwithstanding that his
administration will be for the increase of the 4th Beast in the 7th
chap, of Daniel, the number of the name of which is 666, REVEL. xiii,
17 and 18, and its fundamental number is 6, and notwithstanding that
President Buchanan will continue the administration for the support of
that Beast, till he arrives either on our ground or is taken away,
notwithstanding this, he is given as President by the Heavenly Congress
in divine mercy, according to the Benignus, or according to the merciful
divine Benignity, that a great door for the commencement of the promised
peaceable reign of Christ will be opened, which would have been locked
for this time, if the opposition had succeeded and brought their
Candidate Col. Fremont upon the Presidential Chair.

Nobody should say, that I interpret prophecy after its fulfilment. Any
body who has studied the first three of my German volumes, the 3d of
which appeared A.D. 1840, if he knew the above, mentioned circumstances
and had reflected upon them, would have been qualified to interpret the
prophecy in Cincinnati on the 6th day of the 6th month 1856, at noon
time, while the roaring of the cannon was announcing the nomination of
James Buchanan. But whether he will be the great hero, to commence the
Millennium in the White House at Washington and proclaim the Millennial
glory to other governments on the globe, or whether he will perish in
the Beast and its ten Horns, as his predecessors did, and another will
obtain and spread the Heavenly blessings offered to President Buchanan,
is not expressed in the prophecy. But we write in the expectation, that
at length he will comprehend this and act accordingly.

After that great prophecy I thought that my duty was to behave perfectly
neutral during the great struggle of the two parties, to wit, the
Democratic and the Republican, at the presidential campaign. I delivered
then in several places of the State of Ohio public addresses; but I made
expressedly everywhere the remark, that I was perfectly independent from
all political parties and proclaiming according my mission the message
of Peace to all parties and sects, to prepare them for the promised New
Era. But after every address, notwithstanding all my protestation,
Republicans cried that I belonged to their party, and Democrats were

At length I arrived in Pittsburgh Pa. and a medium of strong spirit
manifestations and public street preacher has offered to me for a
present a copy of Fremont's Life published by Horace Greeley & Co.: and
made the remark, that if I should read it, I would be moved to act for
Fremont's election. I remarked, that I would have in these circumstances
scarcely sufficient time to read so much regarding Fremont and also
regarding Buchanan, as would be necessary to know both as far as to
decide according to my knowledge of both for one or the other; and then
it would be against my usual course, if I should take any part in the
election of the one or the other. But I took the offered book, and then
I was inspired to study it with great attention, and I was astonished,
that in the falsely called Republican party the large number of those
who are for the Republican against the monarchial cause, could be so
duped and deceived by miserable speculators and monarchial agents as to
accept Col. Fremont as their Candidate for Presidency. Here is not the
place to show by the testimonies which are contained in the book
published by Horace Greeley for a recommendation of his Presidential
Candidate Fremont, what this man is. The testimonies were not understood
by the Republicans who are so obscured by the Papal Imperial Royal
magnetism, that although they have eyes, they do not see matters of this
kind. I make only the general remark, that the United States would have
been already burning in revolutions and wars not for the Republican but
for the monarchial cause, if Fremont had been elected President.

After the perusal of that book I read also the book published by
Democrats for Buchanan's election. Then I understood that not only the
Heavenly congress who do not deprive men of their free will although
they control their actions for the final triumph of the true Republican
cause, but that also I was in duty bound to enlighten Citizens of
Pennsylvania, who had to decide the Presidential election, that they
might know Fremont and Buchanan, as they must be known for the welfare
of the country. I did it when I had an opportunity. A short time after
that I heard a speech of "Hon. Burlingame," which contained a heap of
"burlygames," and misrepresentations, deluding and instigating Citizens
of Pennsylvania against Buchanan, and soliciting them to vote for
Fremont. Then I wrote what I thought proper, that it was used by others,
and under the control of our Heavenly leaders good and bad people, those
who co-operated in truth with us, without any other interest except the
interest of nations, as well as those who co-operated for their private
interest, contributed their share for Buchanan's election according to
the merciful Divine Benignity, that we could peaceably prepare people
for the New Era until this hour under his administration, and warn the
inhabitants of the United States, that they should lose no time to avert
the impending judgments, which would have already effected a general
destruction without hope of escape, except by blind submission to
tyrants, if the falsely called Republicans who have been made blind
tools of the monarchial speculations, had succeeded with the intrusion
of their candidate upon the Presidential Chair. If President Buchanan
and the American Nation should continue in their course until the
impending general judgments would destroy the country, then also in this
most deplorable case, my inscription of this treatise would remain true,
and nobody else but the American Nation should be blamed, that they
neglected to make use of the divine mercy and the divine benignity, by
virtue of which they should have at least during Buchanan's
administration until now made use of the precious time, and spread our
message for the pacification of the world.

The explanation of the given hints and what is connected with them,
would need a large and special volume; but we have mentioned here as
much as sufficient, and remark that if Mr. Horace Greeley and Readers of
the Tribune, are desirous to know their great hero Col. Fremont, as he
is exhibited in my above mentioned treatise, I will extract out of it
the passages which belong to him and to the slanderers and abusers of
President Buchanan, and send them to be published in the New-York
Tribune with such remarks of the Editors as they would think proper to
add, under the condition to publish then also my answers to their
remarks as I should think proper to make additions for a wholesome
instruction to the Editors and Readers of the Tribune, that they might
be delivered from the delusion by which the True Republican cause is

If they are anxious to know truth, they will understand this book and
determine to act with us for the redemption of nations from the
monarchial Powers. In this case they are requested to write to me under
the directions which are given in the proper place of this book, and
assure me in their writing, that they accept the proposition, and are
determined to co-operate with us for the introduction of the promised
New Era of Harmony and Peace, in which Publishers and Editors will have
nobler occupations than they have at present in the servitude laboring
hard for the support of the Beast and its ten Horns. This was to be
mentioned in this connection in regard to Hon. Horace Greeley and the
New-York Tribune. But the parties of the so-called Republicans and
Abolitionists will receive in an other treatise of this book
extraordinary lessons, that they might at length commence to co-operate
with us for the introduction of the Millennial glory. Many of them have
abused and misrepresented me in my mission. Therefore I do not marvel
that they have abused and misrepresented also President Buchanan not
only during the campaign, but also during his administration. We have
made urgent appeals to him, to make use of our message against the
enemies of this Republic; but he has neglected to do so, or perhaps my
documents did not reach himself, or the neglect must be attributed
rather to his enemies than to him. They would not hear me, and probably
they would not have heard him. Matters have to come so far as they are
made manifest in this book. After the Crusade of professed Monarchists
in Europe became as manifest, as there is the Crusade of Abolitionists
and false Republicans against him manifest in America, we expect that
President Buchanan will comprehend at length our mission, and endeavor
to arrive upon our ground to become the great Apostle of the New Era. If
he comprehends this book and makes use of our weapons of the spirit, he
will be a partaker of the great promise, and he will convert millions of
his enemies of all parties and sects into his true friends, and those
who will not be converted, will be destroyed. Moses and other Prophets
of the Old Testament, Christ and his Apostles and Prophets through the
course of centuries of the Christian Era as well as of this time, have
testified our mission, and signs are continuously repeated, announcing
the final victory of the cause entrusted to our mission, as those who
will study this book thoroughly, will be convinced of this unexpected
assertion. But here for the close of this treatise we remark for the
peculiar use to President Buchanan and others who are invited to become
our fellow laborers in the true Republican or true Christian against the
Monarchial or Antichristian cause, that in the second and third chapters
of the REVELATION the seven churches are typical symbols of the seven
states of the church, and that to one or the other of these states each
church of the christian name can be reduced, from the time the
Revelation has been published, to the time in which Christ comes or is
made manifest by our mission, in which that is performed and disclosed,
which is needed for his peaceable reign on earth.

In the second chapter of the REVELATION, verses 18 to 29 is Thyatira the
type of the Roman Catholic Church. In the 24th and 25th verses to those
Roman Catholics "who have not known the depths of Satan," who has
brought them so on the surface and perverted the truth of the doctrine,
that they keep the shadow for truth, it is said: "I will put upon you
none other burden. But that which ye have, hold fast till I come,"
REVEL. ii: 24 and 25. They have to keep the heavy burden of ceremonies,
feasts and fasts, and all kinds of other practices which are not
proficient to intellectual and moral perfection[F] of man, although they
are connected with enormous expenses for the support of Priests and many
others, and for all the buildings, vessels, and all kinds of
instruments, not knowing what is in their depth, till Christ comes. And
then it is said; "and he that overcometh and keeps my works unto the
end, to him will I give power over the nations: and he shall rule them
with a rod of iron; as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken to
shivers: even as I received of my Father. And will I give him the
morning star," REVEL. ii: 26, 27 and 28.

Here in the quoted verses at Christ's coming Christ's relation to him
who overcometh, is such as the relation of a father to his son, who
inherits from the father all things which the father possesses. Christ
has not been known in the churches of Babylon, as he is made known in
our mission to introduce the New Jerusalem. Christ in his appearance in
flesh was the Head, that is the representative of his body of followers;
but they could not establish his peaceable reign. It was necessary, that
through the course of centuries matters should be so developed, as
Prophets of the Bible as well as in the subsequent ages did prophesy;
and I, to be qualified for my present mission, had to go not only
through the usual studies of the Roman Catholic Church, but I had also
to study continuously, with all sincerity of my heart, the sources of
human knowledge and the investigations of different parties and sects,
to support the Roman Catholic Church against the assaults of her
adversaries, and was found qualified to be public Imperial Royal
Professor of Bibical Literature in that Church. In the charge of my
Professorship I considered myself peculiarly bound to defend with the
use of the Bible that church against all aggressions of the adversaries.
I did not know at that time, that the spirit of my Lord was preparing me
through all stages of my life for my present office. But while I was
investigating the depth of the "burden," of that church, comparing it
with the Jewish and Heathen antiquities and with the developement of the
mysteries of those antiquities through the centuries of the Christian
Era, when I was duly prepared and the time of the last development of
preparations for the Millennial glory arrived, I was called by
messengers of the Heavenly Congress to "the works," which were to be
performed and explained by my instrumentality, and, under the direction
of Heavenly leaders, who were most qualified to be my leaders in "those
works," I overcame all difficulties and I kept the "works of my
spiritual Father Jesus Christ unto the end," until all has been
performed and explained, that belongs to the commencement of the
Millennial glory, or what is the same, for the New Era or the New

And we, that is, the whole body of messengers whom I represent, have
received "the iron rod and the morning star," the two symbols of our
mission. The first symbol testifies, that nations which reject our
message of Peace, will be broken to pieces. We do not break them, but we
announce to them judgments by which they will be broken. But we are
laboring to save nations, that they as god's people might come out from
Babylon, that they be not partakers of her sins and receive not of her
plagues, REVEL. xviii: 4. If people hear our voice, they will be
partakers of the Heavenly blessings prepared for them in the New Era or
in the New Jerusalem, and while they will be saved, their political and
ecclesiastical systems "as the vessels of a potter will be broken to
shivers." Systems that could not bring better fruits than those which
the political and ecclesiastical history and the experience of our days
shows, are founded in delusion and deception, which were generating
continuous destruction of human life and property and all the misery
which is founded in political and ecclesiastical follies. But
enlightened men and women of all ages and amongst all nations have seen
a new day, and to us has been entrusted "the Morning Star," the symbol
testifying that we have received all that is needed for the new day, the
New Era, which our morning star is announcing.

All my published works and all my manuscripts are testifying, that it is
impossible to save this country from the yoke of monarchs and from the
most abject degradation and servitude, by any weapons except those which
have been entrusted to our charge by Christ's spirit. And those who
study this whole book from the commencement to the end, in the same
order in which the documents are placed in it, so that they understand
each portion separately and the connection of it with all that precedes,
to be prepared for the right understanding of what follows, to
comprehend at length the whole, will be as convinced as I am, that we,
that is I and all my visible and invisible fellow laborers, have truly
received the great commission to move nations for the introduction of
the promised New Era, which will be the universal Republic of Truth and
Justice, Harmony and Peace amongst all nations, the Dispensation of the
Fulness of Times, in which all in Heaven and on Earth will be gathered
together in Christ, Ephes, 1: 10.

Readers must keep in mind, that all that is written in this book is only
a preparation to the "monthly theological course" which is appointed at
the end. In the "monthly course" the system or the chain to bind the
Dragon REVEL. xx: 2 will be explained and that will be made manifest,
which is mentioned in this book but cannot be explained. And our
proceedings in that monthly course will be then published in different
languages for a testimony to all nations, to move them for co-operation,
that all in Heaven and on Earth might be brought to Harmony and Peace.

President Buchanan! allow me to close this treatise with some important
words to you! For you we need no more testimonies than those partly
printed partly written documents which I have sent at different critical
occasions by the mail directly to you, if they had been handed to you,
and you had studied them with such attention, as they deserved to be
studied by the President of the United States. Those testimonies would
have been sufficient to convince you, that no other weapons can be used
for the victory against your enemies and the enemies of the true
Republican cause, by whom this country is overflowed, and who in Europe
are preaching crusades against you and the supporters of the cause
entrusted to your care, except the weapons of Christ's spirit entrusted
to our care. Those who are with the Lamb, called, chosen and faithful,
will overcome the Beast and its ten Horns. REVEL. xvii: 14. This will
not take place with preparations for war and with armies of soldiers;
but we have the Heavenly armies upon white horses, REVEL. xix: 14, and
offer to all our enemies reconciliation with Heaven and temporal and
eternal most precious blessings. But if they reject the Heavenly gifts,
all infernal hosts are subject to our Heavenly armies, and by these
executioners of divine judgments as many of our enemies will be
destroyed as sufficient, to move the rest of them to repentance.
Although I could give thousands of instances of destruction of enemies
of our cause, who have been cast into the inferior regions, because they
have rejected the Heavenly gifts offered them by our instrumentality, I
will mention only one instance for a peculiar warning to you.

A.D. 1849 at our appointment of a Latin convention in the City of
New-York for an examination of the magnetic chain shown by our
instrumentality to bind the Dragon, REVEL. XX: 2, I sent to President
Zach. Taylor a copy of my printed English circular in which that
convention was appointed, and a copy of my large Latin letter, taken
from the copy which was directed and sent to the Archbishop of Baltimore
to be read to all Bishops of the United States, who were at that time
assembling their Synod in Baltimore. To those copies I added my English
letter in which I addressed President Taylor showing to him, that our
message is as important for all political as for all ecclesiastical
governments and especially for the government of the United States to
stop the Papal Imperal Royal or monarchial influence and to restore the
true Republican cause, and that therefore he, President Zach. Taylor,
was in duty bound to send to said convention qualified Latin scholars to
attend it. In my printed and written documents as many items have been
concentrated as would have been sufficient to move the President to do
what was required, if President Taylor had been qualifyed for his post.
We have warned him most solemnly, that he as the twelfth President,
should not be a traitor of the Republican cause, as Judas Jscariot was a
traitor of Christ's cause. But my warnings were not regarded by
President Taylor.

After the destruction of the armies of those who were deceived in Europe
by their leaders that they were fighting with carnal weapons for the
Republican cause, I wrote again to President Taylor showing, that he was
responsible for all destruction of human life and property, which would
have been saved, if he had not neglected to fulfil his highest duty
which has been shown to him in my documents; but that, notwithstanding
this, according to divine mercy, to save him and by his instrumentality
many others, I was again authorized to apply to him and to show, what he
ought to do in those circumstances, to open the way for spreading our
message of Peace amongst all nations. But when all my efforts to move
the President for an energetic action for the support of the true
Republican cause remained without effect, I committed him to the
judgment of the Heavenly Congress.

On the 9th day of July, 1850, at 5 o'clock A.M., shortly after my
arrival in Cleveland Ohio, an Angel of the Lord, a holy martyr, came to
me and said, that I should write directly to the Congress and show that
President Taylor had neglected to fulfil his highest duty and deserves
on this account the severest judgment. After having finished my writing
on that day, I was looking to find in Cleveland somebody acquainted with
a congressman to whom we could entrust my document. But on that day I
could not find such a man. On the 10th I went to a "free soil" minister
with the expectation, that he might know such a man. That minister was
not at home; but his wife said, that he had gone to the Post Office and
was soon expected to return. He returned with the message, that
President Taylor died at 10 o'clock P.M. of the preceding night. Then I
understood the mystery, that my writing was not prepared for the
Congress of the United States in Washington but for the Heavenly
Congress, and I have shown to that minister my writing directed to the
Congress of the United States. I did not hear before, that the President
had been taken sick, although I have heard afterwards, that his sickness
was very short, and that his last words were, that he was departing with
the consciousness, that he had fulfilled his duties. This is the
consolation which ministers of darkness impart to such destroyers as
General and President Zach. Taylor was. If he had had any regard for the
lives of his fellow beings and for their true happiness, he would have
understood my documents and have done what was his duty for the
destruction of the Beast, its image and the false prophet, which destroy
every year an enormous amount of human life and property. Although I
have mentioned in this treatise several strange facts, some of the
following will appear more strange; but they will be the more
comprehended, the more this whole book shall be understood. Not only the
order which I received in the morning of the day on which Zach. Taylor
departed, to write to the congress that he had neglected to fulfill his
highest duty, but also the day and hour, in which he daparted, were most
suitable for the celebration of the mystery of Zach. Taylor's death, and
the tremendous fire in Philadelphia at 4 o'clock P.M. or 6 hours before
Taylor's death, was a prophetical precursor of his death. In that fire a
number of persons were killed by a terrible powder explosion
commemorating the fact that the privileged murderer had been nominated
President in that city. All that happened by the dreadful influence of
infernal demons under the control of messengers from our congress, who
have given at the exact hours on the proper day signs of a great
warning. As soon as I heard of President Taylor's death, I understood,
that I was ordered to write to the Heavenly Congress of the United
States, that is, the congress of the holy prophets and martyrs who have
the commission to unite finally all states of all governments on the
globe in Christ's peaceable reign or the universal Republic of Truth and
Justice, according to the prophecies which have been given by their
mediumship, while they were yet in their mortal bodies. My writing to
the congress was copied by one of our departed messengers, and when
President Taylor departed, my writing was shown to him. Such things
would not appear strange to Bible readers, if they would understand what
they read. Here is no room to explain the actions of the departed,
amongst which there is also writing and reading. When the departed
President was reading my document showing that he had neglected to
fulfil his highest duty, his animal passion of murder was aroused, to
kill the writer. That privilege was granted to him only under the
condition, if he succeeds by taking a toad in possession, and by its
instrumentality poisoning the water of the well at the house in which I
used to stop. The water was poisoned; the prophetess and her husband
with whom I boarded, when I was in that section of the country, were by
drinking the water, taken sick, and they recovered as soon as they
ceased to use the water, but they could not catch the toad. It happened
before my arrival with them. And when I arrived in their house and would
drink of that excellent water, they warned me. But I did not care about
their warning and drank, and was straightway taken sick and continued to
be sick, till a Heavenly messenger came at the right hour and took the
sickness away. At length the toad was caught and killed the right day
and hour by the husband of the prophetess, who was a zealous Democrat.
He was in many battles with Generals of Napoleon I. and killed men and
animals; but he assured us oftentimes, that he never had so much
trouble in killing any creature, as with that toad, and never heard so
pitiful lamentations as have been poured out by that toad when it was
dying. Zach. Taylor, when he was compelled to leave the toad and to
enter into the infernal regions of his inner life, into his torments,
resisted as long as he could; but when the right day and hour came, he
could not resist longer. If you study this whole book so, as you need to
study it, you will not be surprised at such unexpected events. You read
in the fifth chapter of Mark, that a whole legion of demons, that is a
whole regiment of soldiers who have been destroyed in a battle, have
been permitted to enter into a heard of hogs. But they could not remain
there, and were compelled to enter into the depth of the lake. And
General Taylor who had destroyed many people, after having despised
reconciliation and apostleship offered to him by virtue of our mission,
was at length not allowed to be with a toad, but was compelled to
descend into the abyss.

I have given here only some hints of strange events which are in
connection with other events which could not be mentioned here, nor can
we explain what we have mentioned without enlarging this treatise. But
we have written a peculiar treatise in which President Taylor's spirit
manifestation by the instrumentality of a toad is circumstantially
explained in a manuscript which will be published when required. But
here we have mentioned as much as we could in this confined space, and
we hope, that not only you, President Buchanan, but also Emperor
Napoleon as well as your friends and enemies in general will reflect
upon such things with earnestness.

On the 24th day of June 1839, I returned from Philadelphia to Boston
with many collections to write the third of my five German volumes, and
to show, that the memorable events which have been reported in my first
and second volumes, happened according to prophecies, as signs
testifying our mission. When, on that day, as is reported in my 3d
volume, I was praying in my room and preparing to write the 3d volume,
Emperor Napoleon, in his Imperial splendour stood before me with the
invitation, that I might become his medium. I looked into his inner
state, and the magnetic outward splendor disappeared, and his inner
wretchedness and distress were manifest, and he could not stand any
longer before me, and, with an explosion like a powerful thunderclap, he
left me and took the direction to Europe. The title of my third volume,
if we translate it from German into English, reads:

"Memorable events in the life of Andrew Bernardus Smolnikar. Third
volume containing the Explanation of Prophecies, by which Christ the
Lord, has confirmed that he has appeared unto us for the fulfilling of
his promises, in order to restore his reign upon the whole earth and to
give his peace to all nations, and has at his appearance appointed the
author as an extraordinary messenger, and performed by him all the
mysteries for the foundation of that peace &c., New-York, 1840."

We read, "Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand
against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and
blood, but against principalities, against the rulers of the darkness of
this world, against spiritual wickedness[G] in high places." EPHES. vi:
11 and 12. These are the secret enemies whom we must know, and we must
stand on a ground, on which they cannot come, and from which we will
conquer them. When Napoleon was allowed to approach me with the
invitation, that I should follow him, that is, that I should become his
medium, he was allowed in a like manner, as the tempter or devil in the
4th chapter of MATTHEW was allowed to tempt Jesus. Napoleon was one of
the dragons or devils, who was permitted to do so for a great
instruction to all rulers on the globe. There is not one, but there are
many dragons or devils, leading each his sphere of infernal demons or
degraded departed spirits. You will understand the more the mystery, the
farther you proceed in studying this book. Now is renewed and fulfilled,
what is written in the gospels, and what in the Bible was not
understood, receives light by our experience. Jesus could not descend
from his height, to become a medium of one of these rulers of darkness.
And likewise I could not do this. This dragon, this spirit of delusion
and destruction, when I commenced to look into his interiors was made
manifest, and he could not stand any longer. He was compelled to leave
me instantly and to be tormented seeking another medium. At length[H],
because our message of Peace has been rejected and people were so
degraded, that the European Revolution of 1848 opened the way to the
throne of Napoleon III, Napoleon I. could have this as a suitable medium
to delude and destroy nations. And to this dragon so much of human life
and property has been sacrificed, that for the celebration of the birth
of the Papal Imperial Royal Mary on the 8th September 1855, thirty
thousand soldiers have been murdered at the taking of Sebastopol. Nobody
who does not see human affairs from our position, can duly appreciate
the criminality of such a tremendous madness, from which to deliver
Napoleon III. and his armies, you, President Buchanan, are able to give
us a powerful assistance. I do not despair of the conversion of Napoleon
III himself. When people descend so deep into the society of infernal
spirits that there is no other remedy than destruction of many to save
the remnant, then according to divine judgment people receive such
rulers as are connected with one or the other of the infernal dragons,
to inspire them with the infernal furies to destroy each other. Great
warriors are great mediums of the princes of darkness. But if they are
reached by our instrumentality, they when they are studying our message
of Peace, are drawing their leading spirits from their depth of misery
into a better condition. Napoleon III. if he could be moved to study our
message of Peace and to act accordingly, could reach his uncle Napoleon,
and draw him into the pacification. What we mention here, is explained
in our system for the promised New Era.

This is the joyful message, which is to be communicated by your
instrumentality, President Buchanan, to Emperor Napoleon and other
monarchs, that they might study our message of Peace and become our
fellow laborers to draw their living and departed friends into the New
Era, or the New Jerusalem, which is to be introduced by our
instrumentality. And you, President Buchanan, are powerfully exhorted,
to prepare for the Kingdom of our Lord and his Christ, REVEL. xi: 15.
Editors and translators of the New Testament were so ignorant of the
true Christian principles that they took instead of "the kingdom of our
Lord and his Christ" the wrong reading "the kingdoms" in plural number;
but there will be one kingdom, that is, one government of our Lord, and
his Christ. And this will be a true Republican government--to give
explanations about which there is no room here, but we remark, that this
great truth will become self-evident to those who comprehend this book.
And we expect, that you, respected President Buchanan, will comprehend
it and then you will take the spiritual weapons, which are comprehended
in our message, for the conversion of monarchs into true republicans,
which is the same, as true Christians. But in the first place bishops
and priests in America are to be moved, to attend our monthly
theological course and then assist us at the conversion of monarchs; And
we expect that by your good example and your assistance bishops and
priests will learn at length to comprehend their highest duty. Matters
come to maturity; but we will not expatiate, because we have already
extended this treatise so far: nothing but our duty to do all in our
power for the pacification of nations, moved us to write it according to
our mission for the redemption of oppressed humanity.

Postscript to the first treatise. I arrived the last time in Washington
City at the end of March, this year, 1859, and remained there until the
8th of April. Then I walked to Baltimore and wrote to hon. Hicks,
Governor of Maryland, and invited him, to study the documents which I
had offered to President Buchanan, but he had no time to study them,
although they contain matters of great importance for all governments to
remove War and establish Peace on the whole globe. I mentioned many
items in my letter that I expected to move the Governor to accept my
offer; but, received no answer. The same time a great sign was given so
that I was sent speedily from Baltimore to the Western Reserve of Ohio.
At my arrival there the Spring was changed in a severe Winter, and I
commenced to write during a great storm and snow on Easter Saturday,
April 23d 1859, a new treatise exhibiting wonders and signs in connexion
with Presidents and other high Officers of the Federal Government of the
United States and showing, how they are subjugated by the Beast with
seven Heads and are supporting the ten Horns of that Beast, and that
there will be a great destruction of human life and property in this
country, as there is in Europe, if it shall not be stopped by receiving
and spreading our Heavenly message of Peace, which is developed by our
mediumship. Since my public appearance in my present mission there was
continuous correspondence of memorable events connected with the
Government of the United States and memorable events connected with the
steps of my mission, containing most solemn warnings to this Government,
and many striking instances are concentrated in said treatise which was
intended to occupy the second place in this book. But we found that the
book would become too large, to be bought and studied by many who might
be attracted to study this and then to co-operate with us for the
fulfilment of the prophecy which was given by the disappearance of the
Steamboat President and all persons, who were in it at the same time in
which President Harrison died in such connexion with what was set in
type at the same time for my 4th volume, entitled: "The one thing
Needfull," and with the documents which were at the same time sent from
Europe for our use, and explained in said volume in such correspondence
with the disappearance of the Steamboat President and the death of
President Harrisson, that the prophecy contained in those events is
manifest, by which the spirit assures us, that he will sweep away the
antichristian government of the United States as well as other
governments. Knowing this, people of the United States and their
Officers may avoid all the dreadful destruction, which is in Europe
preparing the way, that at length governments and people will pay
attention to our message and learn how to establish perfect peace on the
whole globe.

After the disappearance of President Harrison and of the prophetical
Steamboat President, solemn warnings were repeated under all following
Presidents in correspondence with what happened in our mission; and in
this respect President Buchanan is peculiarly remarkable, and in said
treatise memorable events of great warnings connected with his
administration have been explained. But we must delay their publication,
and every reader will find in the following treatises of this book
superabundance of solemn warnings, that all might become our zealous
fellow laborers for the accomplishment of the glorious promises, and
that especially President Buchanan might give to others good example and
come from patching the old house which must crumble to pieces, in our
peace union and give powerful assistance for the introduction of the
promised New Era. Great mercy was shown through him to the country while
he is yet in Babylon, but was quenching the fire which would have
consumed the country, if his antagonist had been elected President.
Therefore, notwithstanding his having neglected the one thing needful
until this hour we expect, that he will arrive at length on our ground
and co-operate with us in building the New Jerusalem.

This treatise, to which I add this postscript June 22d 1859, was written
in February last, and the tremendous war and destruction in Italy broke
out two or three months afterwards, exactly[I] while I was explaining
the thrilling prophecy given by Daniel or Judgement of God performed by
Sickles under the control of our Leader in the 14th verse of the 14th
chap, of the REVEL., "having in his hand a sharp sickle." He gave to the
destroying Spirit the permission to seize the medium and to show
prophetically what he will do in hundreds of thousands of cases, if the
right order shown in our Plan, will not be restored. There is a depth in
the mystery of the unexpected tragedy, in which all actors have most
suitable names and offices, each for the post he occupies; and the most
suitable spot as well as the most suitable day and hour were selected
for the performance, with all the preceding, accompanying and following
circumstances in correspondence with our doing on the same Sunday
Sexagesima on which this year the tragedy was perpetrated, as well as
what happened in the preceding years since my first public appearance in
my present mission on that Sunday A.D. 1838, and the initiation which
has been imparted to me on that Sunday for my present ministry, by the
martyr on the white cloud, who has in his hand a sharp sickle, REVEL.
xiv. 14. I give here only some hints; but the explanation is given in
connexion with many other cases of a great warning to this government in
the treatise, the publication of which must be delayed; for we expect
that the contents of the following treatises of this book will be
strong enough to awaken the enemies of President Buchanan to give us
assistance to awaken him from his lethargy, if he should not be sooner
aroused to assist us to deliver them from their wrong course, by which
they injure the great cause of the true Freedom of nations.

In the great ignorance in which people are regarding the inner life of
man and the spirit world, they are reading many signs of the times,
without understanding what they read.

I mentioned above, that I started on the 8th April from Washington. It
is to be understood that so many signs and wonders took place and so
many secrets were disclosed, while I was trying spirits in Washington,
that a book of this size would be too small to comprehend them. On the
8th April 1859, I finished all work which I had to perform in
Washington, at the same hour, in which four men were, all at once in
Baltimore, hung by the neck, till dead, although the black struggled
some minutes longer with death than his white companions. As soon as my
work was finished in Washington, I started and walked to Baltimore, and
arrived in that city on the 9th April, when all newspapers were filled
with reports of the execution, and with biographies of the executed. I
had to read the reports of that execution which belongs to the links of
the chain to bind the dragon REVEL. xx., 2. That reading occasioned my
above mentioned letter to governor Hicks. I thought, that perhaps after
the execution of some champions of his party, he and other leaders of
that party might be more prepared to receive lessons from us, than they
were prepared in former times, while I was applying to them in
Baltimore, Annapolis, and in hundreds of other cities and villages,
exhorting and warning them, to study our message of Peace, and
co-operate with us for the true American, or, what is the same, the true
Republican cause. But they have despised our warnings. At length matters
arrived so far that, if all other warnings of this book should not be
sufficient, we expect that the spirit manifestations which are connected
with that execution and are mentioned in the fourth treatise of this
book, will move them to become our worthy fellow labourers for the
fulfilment of the grandest promises. But we repeat, that every reader
should study this book in the same order in which it is written,
weighing with great attention and earnestness every sentence, till he
understands it and retains in his mind all that preceded. If you have
studied in this manner this treatise, you are prepared for studying the
second treatise.


     Memorable events, by which the parties of Abolitionists and
     Republicans as well as subjects of Monarchs should be aroused for
     co-operation with us, to draw not only the President and the
     Congress of the United States but also monarchs on our ground for
     the introduction of the promised universal Republic of Harmony and
     Peace on earth.

As strange as our disclosures made in the first treatise may appear to
those who have neglected to observe the signs of the times, they should
not be surprised who know that the time for the fulfilment of the great
promises in regard to mankind had arrived, although all things seem to
run in quite another course than they expected.

In the 6th verse of the 14th chap. of the REVELS. the first of the three
Angels spoken of in that and the following verses, commences to deliver
his message. At the commencement of the last century it was known
amongst German theologians, that those three angels or messengers are
the three men, each of whom is representing a body of messengers by whom
the contents of the prophecy given to each of those angels are to be
fulfilled. The first is preaching the everlasting Gospel, the contents
of which are given in the 7th verse. Gospel is Greek evangelion and
means glad tidings. The contents of the glad tiding of his preaching is
that nations should be converted from their idols to God the creator of
the universe, and he announces that the time of judgment had arrived.
The commencement of this preaching took place with Martin Luther, so
that he is to be considered as the representative of those, who are
comprehended in the prophecy of the first of those three angels. But
Luther and other preachers who came at that time and afterwards against
the Pope of Rome, and continue yet in the same spirit their work, did
not know in Luther's time nor afterwards, nor do they know in our time
their position, except as they learn it by what is disclosed by the
third angel or messenger, who commences his prophecy in the 9th verse of
the 14th chap. of the REVEL. In the third of my five German volumes,
published from A.D. 1838 to 1842 it has been shown that Luther had a
prophetical position, that is, he was according to the term adopted by
modern spiritualists, a very strong medium, inspired and supported by
his leaders, who were deluding and destroying spirits, who did not know
the true God and his Christ, but were prophesying judgments which took
place and continue till people shall be converted from their idols to
the living God. The three hundred years from Luther's appearance to our
appearance, were years of manifold developments preparatory to our
mission. Although Luther was born in Eisleben, that means "the life in
ice," because the fire of Christian charity has been extinguished, and
the spirit of persecution was nourished amongst all parties and sects,
notwithstanding this great preparations have taken place since his
public appearance till our public appearance, and there is an admirable
correspondence between his actions in the sixteenth century and my
actions which took place in the same years of the nineteenth century,
till Luther died on the 18th day of February 1546, which year in our
century, I mean 1846, was the great tropical year for dreadful
renovations of judgments, for the reason that the leaders of parties and
sects and their followers have rejected our message, which I commenced
to proclaim after having been publicly initiated to my present mission
on the 18th day of February 1838. We shall speak further on in this book
regarding the great event. But we have mentioned Doctor Martin Luther as
representing the champions of Protestantism against Popery. Their
mission is only prophetical. On their position they are supporting
Popery or Monarchy in general and they are particularly supporting a
number of Popish tenets regarding the Bible, regarding Christ and his
mission and manifold other doctrines, in which when they endeavored to
improve, they generally apostatized farther from truth towards
materialism, than the papal Hierarchy themselves; but they were
continuously repeating the substance of their prophecy, that people
should be converted from their idols to the living God. But by all that
repetition parties and sects multiplied, and there has been since Martin
Luther's appearance until this hour so dreadful a Babylon, or confusion
and delusion in social, political and ecclesiastical affairs, as there
never was before. And while pious men were looking into the prophecies,
to see the end of this dreadful Babylon, Doctor Bengel of Wurtemberg in
Germany was awakened in the first part of the last century, to compare
for many years the prophetical dates of the Revelation with events of
the ecclesiastical history, and has shown in his book, entitled:
"Erklaerte Offenbarung," which means "Revelation explained," that
Christ's manifestation for overcoming his enemies and establishing his
peaceable reign on earth, would take place about the year 1836. John
Wesley was not the author but only the copy holder of what Doctor Bengel
has explained in the Revelation.

That Doctor Bengel was the 2nd angel representing the body of messengers
spoken of in REVELATION xiv. 8, has been shown in my above mentioned 3d
volume, in which it is made manifest, that the mission of the 2nd angel
is as well prophetical, as the mission of the first angel, REVEL. xiv.
6. But in this treatise we had only to mention matters, which have been
explained in my quoted volume. Doctor Bengel and the whole body of
messengers who came from his school proclaiming the coming of Christ
about the year 1836, and Wm. Miller and the army of preachers with him
who were proclaiming Christ's coming about the year 1843, and others
proclaiming it in some other period, were ignorant about the manner of
his coming or of his manifestation for establishing his peaceable reign.
All these and many other things have been reserved to the 3d angel or
messenger, spoken of in REVEL. xiv. 9. This is our mission. The martyr
on the white cloud in the 14th verse, having "in his hand a sharp
Sickle," was my leader in what I had to perform in the Roman Catholic
Church in the year 1838 as the 3d angel REVEL.: xiv. 9, representing the
body of messengers, by whom the proclamation of the contents of REVEL.:
xiv. 9, 10, 11, must be made everywhere. And those great events and the
prophecies in which they have been predicted, have been explained in the
first three of my above mentioned German volumes; and we have so many
credentials or signs according to prophecies testifying our mission,
that while we were writing the fifth of my above mentioned five volumes,
we were repeating, that sensible readers of those volumes were aware,
that five hundred volumes could be written, testifying our mission. And
when they study this whole volume and comprehend it, they will be
convinced of the same truth.

The third angel or the messenger representing the body of messengers, by
whose efficacy the beast and its image and the false prophet supporting
them, will disappear from the globe, gives in the last treatise of this
book the plan according to which the beast and its image and the false
prophet will disappear and Christ's peaceable reign will be established
on the whole globe. Peace would have been already established amongst
nations of the Christian name and they would have labored at this time
powerfully in the conversion of Heathens not to one or the other sect
but into the peaceable reign of Christ, which will be the universal
Republic of Truth and Justice, if those who have been exhorted first, to
study our message of peace had fulfilled their highest duty. The first
who have been powerfully urged to study our message of peace and the
credentials of our mission, were bishops, doctors of divinity and other
clergymen of all parties and sects where I had opportunity to reach
them. But when they refused to fulfill their highest duty, I was
particularly engaged to move abolitionists to study what has been
providentially prepared by our instrumentality to move slaveholders
themselves for co-operation with us to introduce the millennium or the
universel Republic of Truth and Justice and Peace amongst all nations:
because I was certain, that if the abolitionists would study it,
slaveholders themselves would do the same. But alas! when Jesus was
explaining the dreadful condition of Jerusalem, the Jews did not see it.
Likewise also citizens of the United States do not see theirs as we see
it from the position of our mission. The principal elements of the
vulcano the eruption of which is yet latent, are in leaders of
abolitionists, who are obstinate materialists refusing to make use of
the means which are offered them in our message to extinguish the
burning vulcano. They have lost discernment and judgment, when it is
most necessary to make the right use of it, to liberate the country from
the yoke of tyrants. Although I could write volumes to illustrate my
assertion, at this occasion I mention only a little of my experience in
the Convention to overcome evil with good, and which was in the
newspapers announced under the specious title: Philanthropic Convention
to overcome evil with good, and which was held on the 10th, 11th and
12th days of September, 1858, in Utica of the State of New-York. The
most influential persons in that Convention were Abolitionists of the
Garrisonian and Gerrit Smith's parties and Spiritulists belonging to
those and to the Republican party. I attended that Convention to offer
the remedy against the pernicious effects, which are produced by the
wrong course which leaders of those parties pursue for destruction of
this Republic, and to show the course which all true reformers have to
pursue for Harmony and Peace of all nations.

That those who are concerned and their followers might be converted to
the true Republican cause, and all true Republicans might be
strengthened not to be deceived by secret and open servants of tyrants
and by deluding and destroying spirits and sectarian ministers of
darkness, I find proper to insert here the article which I wrote shortly
after the Convention, but I did not find a chance to publish; because we
are not popular, when we dare to express so great truths as are
comprehended in said lengthy article which reads as follows:

Preparations for the resolutions "to overcome evil with good;" also:
introductory remarks to expose the league by which the Utica
"Philantrophic Convention" was governed.

There are many such pretenders as the Garrisonian Liberator of Boston,
who, under the specious pretext to liberate slaves, are the greatest
supporters of slavery, by rejecting the means providentially prepared
for deliverance of all men and women from the yoke of tyrants, and by
instigating people to Revolutions and other sacrilegious enterprises to
ruin this country and bring it under the yoke of monarchs. While I was
endeavoring in many places, to move people to study our disclosures
regarding the divine plan for a peaceful abolition of all kinds of
slavery by co-operation of slaveholders themselves, and for the
introduction of the promised universal Republic of Harmony and Peace,
which is usually although improperly called the millennium, I found them
everywhere so deluded by the infernal league, that they have neglected
to study "the one thing needfull" for the true freedom of all nations.

During my travelling in more than twenty of the United States I stopped
several times in the Western Reserve of Ohio. I found more worshippers
of the Garrisonian Liberator there than in other sections of the country
of the same population, those places excepted, which are inhabited by
that sect of Quakers who are called "Progressive Friends," who are
progressing very fast in the arts of the infernal league for the ruin of
the true Republican cause. I arrived A.D. 1847 at the Quaker settlement,
called Green Plane, near Xenia in Ohio, and appointed there in a
Wesleyan meeting-house a Convention, in which I proposed to explain the
signs of our mission and the plan according to which, when it will be
understood and spread on the globe, all kinds of slavery will be
abolished. I expected that Quakers and other Abolitionists of that
section of the country would take great interest in our movement. But I
experienced afterwards, that the small Popes of that section were
against it, although they themselves did not disturb our Convention; but
a Quaker and a Wesleyan minister, both from a distance, were so great
disturbers of it, that whenever an important point was to be examined,
they directed the attention of the audience to other subjects; although
that Convention has been called for an examination of the points
concentrated in my manuscript. When I saw, that they were in conspiracy
with others in the Convention, I myself dissolved it. I asked then the
Quaker preacher Joseph Dugdale, whose residence was next to the
meeting-house of the Convention, why he did not attend it. He answered,
that he received from the spirit what he needed. I started from thence
for the Western Reserve of Ohio, and appointed in Trumbol County a
Convention, and sent an article to the Garrisonian Liberator. In that
article I assured the Abolitionists, that from my documents which should
be examined in the Convention, it would be evident, that we have
received the mission, and that we have as credentials of our mission a
long chain of signs according to prophecies, by which we are assured,
that we will abolish all kinds of slavery and monarchy by the power of
the spirit, with the assistance of slaveholders themselves, when
abolitionists shall comprehend our message and spread it on the globe.

Lloyd Garrison, the head medium of the infernal league, has published my
article, but with such editorial remarks, as were quite agreeable to his
master, the infernal Holiness. I forgot to inquire, whether my article
appeared or not in the Liberator, till on the first day of our
Convention a man remarked that our Convention was small on account of
Garrison's editorial remarks to my article and his grand tent meeting in
the neighborhood at the same time with our Convention. I came from a
distance, and was ignorant of the great provisions made by the infernal
holiness to retain his slaves in bondage at the appointment of our
Convention for their deliverance. The same man had a copy of the
Liberator containing my article with Garrison's remarks. They were read
to the Convention. Then I made my remarks[J] and the proposition, to
finish our Convention so as to reach on the last day Garrison's[K] grand
tent meeting in Lima, Ohio, and proclaim there our resolutions.

We did so. A committee from our convention went with me, and we arrived
in Lima at the Garrisonian tent meeting on the last day. Several
thousand persons were assembled, and the first business after our
arrival was the reading of a resolution, in which Garrison and his
fellow laborers were declared as the true ministers of the Gospel, in
connexsion with a fatal blow to the ministers of other sects. A general
reception of the resolution was testified with "yes" from a thousand
voices; but when the contrary vote was required, there was only my "no"
heard; but it was so strong, that it surprised the whole audience. I
added that I came to show, who the true ministers of the Gospel[L] were.

We agreed with the committee consisting of three public speakers, that
they should make use of the first opportunity to proclaim the
resolutions which have been unanimously adopted in our Convention. Soon
after my tremendous "no" one of our committee arose and told the
assembled thousands, that a committee sent from an anti-slavery
Convention had arrived with most important resolutions, to be publicly
read in the grand tent meeting. The chairman replied, that next after
the address of the man who occupied the floor, they should deliver their
resolutions. They went directly on the platform. But the pharisees on
the platform were anxious to find out, who the man was, that gave the
strong negative vote to their resolution. Some amongst them knew me
personally. Therefore as soon as our committee came upon the platform,
the above mentioned Quaker preacher Joseph Dugdale came to me inquiring,
whether that committee belonged to my association or not. I said, that
he should not ask me, but the committee, to which association they

One of the deepest English investigators into the Jewish and Christian
antiquities wrote in one of his publications, that there is no society
more like the society of the Old Pharisees, than the Society of Quakers
is. He knew them in England, and I know them in America, and confess
that it is true in regard to the Quaker speculators, who have enslaved
the whole Quaker society, to be in their servitude and to prepare in
their ignorance of matters the subjugation of the whole country under
the yoke of monarchs. Joseph Dugdale is the principal medium who was
carried soon after that spectacle to Pennsylvania, and demons were
powerfully operating through him in starting the sect of the
"Progressive Friends." But at that tent meeting he inspired the heads to
be cautious in admitting our committee to speak. Therefore after the
address of the man after whom our committee according to the promise of
the chairman were to address the tent meeting, another was announced by
name, to speak, and then a second, a third, and so on, although our
committee were waiting on the platform from 9 o'clock A.M. till 2 or 3
P.M. At length the chairman announced, that teams had arrived, to carry
the tent from that to another place. Provisions had been made, that if
there should be danger for the infernal league, things might be
prepared, to break of the tent. Therefore when the chairman announced
the advent of the teams, another pharisee mentioned, that the waiting
committee had not yet spoken and the chairman said, that they should

The speaker, instead of reading directly the resolutions of our
Convention, undertook to prepare the audience by telling them, that he
knew how to value the great zeal of Mr. Garrison for the deliverance of
slaves. And as far Mr. Garrison and others on the platform seemed to be
pleased. But as soon as he mentioned, that "Garrison is not infallible,"
those who were ready for action, commenced to break off the tent, and
there arose such a tumult amongst the assembled people, that nobody
could distinguish the voice of the speaker from the noise of the crowd.

These items may suffice, to make known the infallible Pope, the
Garrisonian Liberator, although I could write many volumes of
extroardinary spirit manifestations in public and private meetings with
members of that party, while I was endeavoring to deliver them from the
shackles of the infernal Holiness and his armies. But they remained so
fastened, as in their "Philanthropic Convention" in Utica, which I
attended because we had been informed, that the Poughkeepsie seer,
Andrew Jackson Davis, was the principal author of said Convention, or,
the principal medium of speculators calculating to extend the government
of the infernal liberator by using said Convention. Andrew Jackson Davis
is the prince of mediums of spirits, who appear as angels of light, but
when they are tried by us, they are made manifest as dreadful deluding
and destroying demons. After they had been made manifest to me by his
deceiving publications, I tried several times to reach him personally,
and to show him his dreadful situation and how he could arrive on our
ground. But his cunning demons carried him away from my presence. At
length I met with him on the tenth of this month September, 1858, in
the "Philanthropic Convention" of Utica. Ira Hitchcock was appointed
chairman. His first name means in Latin "wrath" or "vengence," and the
second name is in the English language appropriate to the important
office which our duped and deceived friend did receive in said
Convention. Mr. Davis offered some rules, to be observed in the
Convention They were adopted. One of those rules was, that no speaker
should occupy more than twenty minutes, except the audience should
desire, that after the expiration of twenty minutes he should continue
to speak.

Mr. Davis was called, to open the Convention with his speech. It was
read from a manuscript and contained a very imposing and deceiving view
of the past and the present in the history of mankind. Since his reading
lasted more than one hour, I asked after its close, that it should be
decided, whether those who open the meeting, should be bound by the
adopted rule of twenty minutes, or be permitted to speak or read as long
as they would be pleased also when they misrepresent the history in such
an absurd manner as the speaker did. No regard was taken of what I said,
and they proceeded in singing and speaking.

The afternoon session was opened with as long a reading as the forenoon
session. After the reading they debated, whether it should be directly
printed in a newspaper of the place and in extra copies, or not. It was
unanimously decided that it should be printed, except that I disturbed
the unanimous vote with a powerful "no." But when I desired to give my
reasons, that its publication would not serve "to overcome evil with
good," but to increase the evil, I was stopped, as being not in order in
opposition to a resolution which had been unanimously carried out.

For a better understanding of the spectacles which will be mentioned
afterwards, we must remark the following incident, which happened on
that day, to wit, somebody mentioned, that there came many female
mediums from a great distance in the expectation to be moved in the
Convention by spirits to speak, that therefore all these mediums should
come on the platform, and speak, whenever any of them should be moved by
a spirit to do so. I think that others felt the absurdity of that
proposition, which if it had been, accepted, would have created great
confusion and hindrance to the realization of their speculations;
therefore they did not respond to his suggestion. Readers should know,
that if not all, certainly most of the heads and the agents of that
Convention were spiritualists of the latest fashion.

On the afternoon of that day, after singing, I suddenly took the stand,
to make use of the twenty minutes time, conceded by the rule of the
Convention to every speaker. I wished to show, that nobody in the
Convention touched the root of the evil; and that when others have
neglected to study our message of Peace, which shows that root and how
to extirpate it, at length spiritualists have been urged to do so. But
they, instead of progressing and learning by our message, how to
overcome evil with good, were attached to evil spirits, and they deluded
people regarding our message of Peace, when we endeavored to move them
to study it and act accordingly. Instead of many instances of our
experience testifying this, I would mention only my experience at the
last public meeting of spiritualists which I attended in the City of New
York. A female medium whose lying spirits were exposed by me in a public
meeting of spiritualists in Philadelphia on the first day of the last
month (August 1858) came on the 22d of the same month to a meeting of
spiritualists in New-York, in which meeting I spoke. During my speech
the demon by whom she was possessed, propelled her three times to stop
my speech. But when he was rebuked so terribly, that her friends could
not bear any longer, they awakened her from her sleep and carried her
out of the hall. But as soon as I ceased to speak, she returned; and the
demon shut instantly her eyes, and said through her, that I am a Judas
Jscariot, a Jesuit, an emissary of the Pope, &c. The chairman was
induced, to ask the name of the spirit; but he refused to tell his name.
Then he said through his medium, that he is "Donquixote Thomas Paine."
The first name he pronounced so that I knew by the pronunciation, who
amongst my departed friends was the controller of the lying spirit, by
whom the medium was possessed. My departed friend compelled him in the
first place to tell, that he was Don Quixote, known as the hero in the
celebrated Spanish romance or fable called Don Quixote. A similar
fiction was also the speech of the demon by whom that medium was
possessed, only that those who do not know me, might take the calumny of
the devil for truth. After the confession that he was Don Quixote, to
make which he was compelled by a higher power, he added according to his
lying propensity, that he was Thomas Paine, although he was not Thomas

When I desired to explain, from which sphere of spirits that liar came,
I was stopped by a man crying behind me to the chairman, asking him
whether I should be permitted or not to occupy an hour, while nobody
could understand me. At such interruptions I strike sometimes the
impudent demons, as they deserve to be stricken. I think, that I did not
speak ten minutes, when that interruption took place. To draw my
attention from the disturbing demon, Henry C. Wright jumped to me,
saying that I should not speak, because I am not understood, and he told
the audience that he knew me to be a good man, but that I could not be
understood by Americans. I interrupted him saying with indignation, that
he did not know me and that those do not understand me, who have ears
and will not hear and eyes and will not see. I felt that the audience
were not prepared for further explanations; but the truth is, that while
I have been speaking English on more than one thousand places in
America, those who have acquired some education and paid attention to my
discourses, understood me; but enemies of truth complained, that they
could not understand me, or they made disturbance. Not to give to demons
any opportunity to enrage their mediums against me at the night session
of that day, I would not attend that session.

On the 11th inst. at the first opportunity at the forenoon session I
offered the resolutions to be read, for a better understanding of which
these remarks are a preparation. But the chairman remarked, that that
was not the proper time for reading my resolutions. Then I kept silence
at that session. But during the afternoon session I offered several
times my resolutions to be read. But Ira Hitchcock always interfered,
pointing to some other, that he was in order to speak, although I did
not see, that he arose before me for this purpose.

I found proper not to attend any of the following sessions of said
Convention, in which I have offered the means, "to overcome evil with
good;" but the infernal league hindered their communication to the
people, and when the mediums of the infernal league thought, that they
were removing evil and promoting good, they were doing just the
contrary. If we have the mission which is proved in many of my volumes
and expressed at the end of the resolutions for which we are preparing
readers by these remarks, then all those who are hindering the
circulation of our message of Peace, are the most dreadful slaveholders
and destroyers of human life and property. They keep people in shackles
of delusion and ignorance of what they should know, to prevent
destruction of many and subjugation of the remnant by cruel tyrants.

I saw the report of the proceedings on the first day of the Convention
in two Utica daily papers. I quote from the Utica Morning Herald,
September 11th, 1858, the following passage regarding my first
interference, as follows: "at the conclusion of Mr. Davis' lengthy
harangue, a German arose and said, he hopes that those who opens the
meetings, speaks no more as twenty minutes, or not! I have prepared a
speech on the root of all evil that will not dake so mooch dime as the
friends who have speak!" The devil, that means calumniator, by whom this
reporter was so possessed, that he knew neither orthography nor grammar,
was not so bad as the devil, by whom the evening 'Telegraph' was
possessed. He, in the service of the heads of the Convention, calls me
"the member from Germany," also "the teutonic individual," and what he
reports, he so reports for the benefit of the infernal league according
to the wishes of mediums of lying spirits, that I had to write much if I
would explain the cunning malice, which is comprehended in the
misrepresentations and lies in regard to the exertions which I made to
move the "Philanthropic Convention" to an investigation of my written
documents showing that which is first necessary to overcome evil with
good. But here not being room, I quote only the following passage, which
the Telegraph has published as my saying: "I knew Don Ke Shott; some
call him Don Quixote, but I call him Don Ke Shott. I can tell you all
about him."

Mediums of lying and destroying spirits have been brought to that
Convention from the Cities of New-York, Boston and many other places of
several States. To deliver those slaves from their tyrants, I mentioned,
that at my last attendance of a public meeting of spiritualists in
New-York a female medium was seized by a terrible devil who declared,
that I was "Judas Iscariot[M], an emissary from the Pope, a Jesuit,"
although after my having been from A.D. 1819, till 1838 a Roman Catholic
Priest, I was working since the year 1838, according to my mission, with
great zeal for the abolition of all kinds of Popery. On this account I
am abused and persecuted not only by the agents of the grand Pope of
Rome, but also by such small Popes, as have been assembled in said
"Philanthropic Convention" as well as by their reporters. I mentioned in
my address, that the lying spirit who said through the female medium,
that I am a "Judas Iscariot[M], a Jesuit, an emissary from the Pope,"
did confess then, that he is "Don Quixote Thomas Paine." But that my
remark was then so terribly abused, as the above quoted passage
testifies. Lying spirits are supported by speakers and by editors of

The reader should recollect what I said above regarding Henry C.
Wright's assisting his colleague interrupting my speech. The Herald
reports it, as follows: "Mr. Wright finally said he had known Smollnikar
for some time, he was a very worthy man, but the Convention could not
understand him when he tried to speak English." Smollnikar--"They have
ears and will not hear, they have eyes and will not see."

The Herald has given here the substance and also the name of Mr. Wright.
But this did not agree with the position of the heads of the
Convention, who have promised free speech, and then one of the principal
heads of Abolitionists came as Judas Jscariot to me, and assisted the
murderer of my message, with a hypocritical address to the audience, as
if he was my best friend. Therefore instead of his name Henry C. Wright
there appeared in the Telegraph "a lagerbeer," as if I had spoken so in
the Convention, that intoxicated Germans themselves had found it
necessary to stop me in my speech.

I did not see any German in the Convention; but it would be too mild to
call Henry C. Wright a "lagerbeer." He is a "Wright" or a workman, an
emissary of the infernal "Ira Hitchcock," The Latin word "Ira" means the
wrath or vengence, which appeared in the chairman Ira Hitchcock, or
hitch, that means catch the cock, that he might not cry and awaken
people from their lethargy, to save the country from the infernal wrath
and vengeance, which is kindled by such emissaries of His Infernal
Holiness, as Henry C. Wright is, a blasphemer of the Living God and His
Christ, and a rebel against Divine Decrees made manifest in our mission,
but which have been despised by Henry C. Wright, Ira Hitchcock and other
heads of said Convention. Those rebels against God and His Christ had
many years ago opportunity to learn the Divine Decrees for redemption of
oppressed humanity; but they have conspired also in their last
Convention, to check their proclamation and to open the infernal crater
of a volcano to destroy the country by rebellion and other crimes, which
have been openly defended by Henry C. Wright and others in that
Convention, in which by our mission the means were offered to abolish
all kinds of slavery in a peaceable manner.

In my signature at the end of the resolutions as well as in my
publications, you find my name correctly written. But the mentioned
reporters were mediums of deluding and destroying spirits by whom they
were magnetized and were made deaf and blind, so that they thought, I
was a German; although they should have so much sense of discernment,
and judgment, as to know from my pronunciation, that I am not a German.
If I had been a German, I could not have received[N] the mission with
which I am charged--because the messenger in the mission with which I
am charged, must come, according to prophecies, from the Slavonian
nation, from the country called Illyria or Illyricum, from the town,
named in my mother tongue Kamnik, in Greek and Latin Lithopolis, in
German Stein, in English Stone.

Against the impudence with which also my language was so terribly
misrepresented there is no room to make more than this remark:

A.D. 1835, I wrote a Latin treatise "On the congeniality of languages,"
showing how by the comparative study of languages many deep truths for
the introduction of Christ's peaceable Reign or of the universal
Republic of Truth and Justice would be unravelled. Before I was
qualified to write such a treatise, I had to study many ancient and
modern languages, some more thoroughly, and some only by looking over
the grammar and dictionary. Here is no room to explain the reasons, why
I devoted, before writing said treatise, only some few hours and learned
more than the Herald and the Telegraph and other scoffers of our mission
have learned all their life time regarding the etymology of their own
English mother tongue. If they cannot comprehend this our assertion
without our explanation, I am ready to explain it in an article, if they
promise to publish it in their newspapers: because it may awaken many
scholars for co-operation with us to introduce the new Era of Union and
Peace of nations, who have in their ignorance of matters worked until
now for disunion of nations and for destruction of human life and

We hope, that editors and publishers of newspapers, who have by their
reports misrepresented our mission, will not remain mediums of lying and
destroying spirits, but will, as their duty requires, publish this
article, and comprehend the importance of the preceding remarks as well
as of the "Resolutions" which follow and what is annexed to the
resolutions, to move the American nation and by their mediumship all
nations for action, to redeem oppressed humanity from the yoke of
tyrants, and that those for whom it would be impossible, to publish the
whole in one number, will publish it in two or three numbers. Our
resolutions have been offered to the Convention in the following words:

     Resolutions for the "Philanthropic Convention to overcome evil with
     good," held in Utica on the 10th, 11th, and 12th September 1858.

     Whereas the writer of the following resolutions did hear nothing in
     this Convention of "the general fundamental cause of the existing
     evils in the social, religious and political relations of mankind,"
     and according to his knowledge in no Convention of the so called
     reformers has this general fundamental cause been found out, and
     will not be comprehended by them, till they come on the ground
     which the writer occupies, according to his mission, which is made
     manifest in the documents which have been offered to be read in
     this Convention. When those documents will be read and
     comprehended, the following resolutions will be adopted:

     Resolved 1st, that the general fundamental cause of the evils which
     are to be removed from the social, political and religious
     relations of mankind, is founded in the Old Heavens and in the Old
     Earth, that means the old institutions, which will be removed when
     they shall be comprehended by true reformers, since the so called
     reformers who are warring against those institutions from their
     materialistic position, are supporting those institutions, because
     they are mediums of those spirits who are subject to and controlled
     by the Papal Imperial Royal Spirits, so that materialism and the
     modern spiritualism are the last outbreaks of Popery, and
     materialists and modern spiritualists are the means of the outbreak
     of the worst evils, which remain latent, till the materialistic
     spirits come in collision with the rules given by their
     controllers, the Popish spirits. From this collision of spirits
     originate riots, wars and other evils, which will be removed, when
     the pretended reformers and mediums of deluding and destroying
     spirits will receive the light which has been kindled by the
     mediumship of the writer.

     Resolved 2d, That the particular and in the exterior life of people
     manifest evils, which are easily observed by those materialists who
     are falsely called reformers, cannot be removed from the society,
     till true reformers understand the real position of the existing
     churches and the spiritualism in the churches as well as the modern
     spiritualism out of the churches; because without this
     understanding there is neither knowledge nor strength in the so
     called reformers, to effect the true reformation, and to establish
     the promised Peace amongst all nations, for which the means are
     developed in the publications and manuscripts of the writer of
     these resolutions.

     It is expected, that those who have called this Convention, and
     those who attend it are not so blind that they having called "a
     Convention to overcome evil with good,"[O] and granted freedom of
     speech in this Convention, this freedom being accepted by the
     assembly, would reject the good which is offered by the writer to
     overcome evil; since the writer affirms that those who are anxious
     to speak in this Convention, have nothing to say, which has not
     been already many times repeated in Conventions, if it is for any
     use at all to remove evil, but that the writer has to communicate
     matters to remove evil, which are not known to those who attend
     this Convention, as will be evident, if the two documents which are
     offered to be read in this Convention, and which have been written,
     one the last month, and the other during the travelling of the
     writer from New-York to this Convention, will be read publicly to
     this assembly. The writer remarks especially in regard to the
     mediums of spirits by whom they have been brought, to speak with
     closed eyes in this Convention, that from the documents offered to
     be read, it will be made manifest, that their spirits are deluding
     spirits, from whom the mediums will be delivered, and enlightened
     by spirits of Truth, if they study with attention the writings
     which have been produced by the mediumship of the writer who signs
     his name and the charges which he has received for the introduction
     of the New Heaven.

     ANDREW B. SMOLNIKER, &c. see title page.

Neither this lengthy nor other shorter articles which have been offered
since that time to editors of newspepers did suit their taste in the
general corruption of the press. I saw since that time, to wit in
December, 1858, again personally Mr. Garrisson in his office in Boston,
but he was as stubborn in his pernicious course as in former times. I
called very seldom, when I was in Philadelphia, in the "Garrisonian"
antislavery office. But it happened, I think, towards the end of the
winter season, A.D. 1858, while I was passing that office, that I was
impressed to enter it. I found there a rich Mulatto with whom I had been
acquainted for years, but who was so chained by the Garrisonian
imposition, that although I walked several times some miles from
Philadelphia to teach him in his house, how our master had decreed to
deliver slaves by co-operation of slaveholders themselves, the rich
Mulatto had never time to study our message of Peace, although he seemed
to burn with great zeal for redeeming slaves, and he and his wife had
superabundance of time to attend antislavery meetings and conventions
and to perform all prescriptions of "the Garrisonian Liberator." At that
my meeting with him in the "Anti-slavery Office" I understood from his
conversation with others, that they had appointed a meeting at
candle-light of that day, and that that Mulatto was by virtue of his
office president of that meeting. I did not inquire, for what
antislavery purpose that meeting was appointed, and without asking this
I said to the Mulatto, that I was also inclined to attend that meeting,
if he would tell after their meeting to the audience, that I had a
message which would need no more than three minutes time, and that my
message would not interfere with their meeting. The rich Mulatto
accepted my offer.

That meeting was held in a large church of the colored people and the
church was crowded. But I was quite surprised, when I understood from
their proceedings and harangues, that it was an "underground railroad"
meeting, in which they disclosed so much of their secret proceedings of
the transportation of slaves to Canada, and endeavored by their
revolutionary speeches to kindle the animal passions of the audience to
rebellion that if such a meeting would have been held in France or
Austria or several other monarchies, all speakers would have been
imprisoned in the State's Prison and if not all, certainly several of
them would have remained perpetually in prison. After their meeting the
rich Mulatto chairman announced, that I had to deliver a short message
independent from their meeting. I mentioned briefly, that I am a
messenger of Peace, having superabundance of credentials for delivering
slaves by co-operation of slaveholders themselves, if abolitionists
would learn our message and give good example to slaveholders; and that,
since there was no time for an explanation of the matter, they should
appoint a committee to whom a manuscript of mine should be read,
containing that which those should know, who are working for redemption
of slaves. A committee of five colored men was appointed; but at our
first meeting all members of the committee were not present, and those
who came to the first meeting were so distracted with other business,
that they did not pay attention to what has been read the first time,
and the others had their excuses to come again, except a Mulatto from
West India who would have persevered, if others had done the same. But
he alone could do nothing, because he was not a long time in
Philadelphia and had not much influence there.

I have given here one case of my experience, instead of hundreds of
cases, how dreadfully the colored people are duped and deceived by the
heads of antislavery armies, while these heads or popes appear to have
great zeal for deliverance of slaves, although they are the cause, that
some of them are killed, and those who are brought to Canada, become
more miserable slaves than they have been before, because they are
drilled in weapons to kill and be killed, while our master offers by our
instrumentality to the anti-slavery champions the means to deliver white
and black slaves from all forms of oppression[P] and slavery. But there
are many, under the specious name of the antislavery cause, agents of
monarchs and traitors of the true Republican or true anti-slavery cause.
And those who are not directly bribed by monarchial agents for the
conversion of this country into monarchies, are mediums or instruments
of deluding and destroying spirits, by whom they are so blinded that
they, really believe, that they are working "for deliverance of the poor
slave," while they are assisting monarchs, to enslave the whole country.

I think that our friend Grerrit Smith is such a medium. We have tried to
convert him many years ago from his delusion, and after previous
preparations which we have made in his house, it was, I think, on the
18th of February, 1845, (which is the anniversary of great events in
our mission,) that I met with him in a convention of antislavery
ministers and other abolitionists, which was held in Syracuse, N.Y. He
was chairman. A number of resolutions for operations in the antislavery
movements had been read and adopted. Then I arose and assured the
audience, that if my document which I had prepared for that occasion,
would be read, they could comprehend that those resolutions would be for
no use, and that better means have been providentially prepared for the
redemption of slaves by co-operation of slaveholders themselves, if
anti-slavery champions would study to know those means and make use of
them. The chairman Gerrit Smith asked the audience, whether my document
should be read. The majority answered "Yes." He asked the votes of those
who would be against its reading. Some voices were heard, that it should
not be read. And the chairman Smith said: "Smolnikar, you have lost the
floor." He was right, if the Convention was ruled by those who had made
the resolutions and by their colleagues. And I said, that if they would
not receive light, they should continue in darkness, and I left
directly. At length rapping spirits broke out and had great influence in
his house, because he shut his eyes, when light has been offered to him
from the spirit of truth by our mediumships. I tried in different times
to move our friend Gerrit Smith to study our message and the credentials
of our mission. But deluding and destroying spirits drew him in other
directions. At length A.D. 1854 I tried particularly to move the
Congress of the United States to appoint a Convention in which I
promised to exhibit the means to deliver this country from monarchial
influence and to establish the promised universal Republic of Truth,
Justice and Peace on earth, and the credentials of our mission, and I
applied to a number of congressmen in both Houses to bring the subject
before their respective bodies. At length, when all others had neglected
to fulfil this their highest duty, I applied to Hon. Gerrit Smith, who
was at that time in the House of Representatives.

I mention strange things; but they will not appear strange, if readers
keep in mind, that I represent the body of messengers, who are
collectively called the third angel in REVEL. xiv: 9. In this book I
give on many subjects only hints; otherwise I should have to write also
a large volume of wonders and signs which happened, while I was trying
in that year President Pierce and members of the cabinet and the
congress. But if editors of the Tribune wish besides what I offered in
the first treatise to show regarding their pet Fremont, that they might
commence to be sober in forwarding candidates for high offices, I would
like to write also an other article comparing Hon. Gerrit Smith with
Senator Seward and to publish what happened while I was trying both in
Washington City; because at that our trial it was in an extraordinary
mariner made manifest, that although Gerrit Smith was badly chained by
the spirit of delusion, Senator Seward was found much more chained than
Gerrit Smith. On this account our leaders moved me at the last campaign
of candidates for governor of the State of New York, A.D. 1858, and I
was acting in my mission in that State, while Gerrit Smith was
proclaimed candidate by his party so that I wrote to him, what he had to
do, to be favored by our leaders in his course for a high office;
because the time has at length arrived in which our leaders will
commence to show publicly, how they have the power to interfere in the
election business of officers. And then candidates for offices and
officers will commence to see the necessity of studying our message and
the credentials for our mission, to become with us messengers of Peace,
and people will commence to abhor electing such as are so degraded, that
they are not prepared to study the Heavenly message made manifest for
the redemption of oppressed humanity and the establishment of the
promised universal Republic. But how until now those who have been
solemnly warned by us, to do what they as professing to be Republicans
and occupying high offices, were particularly bound to do, have
neglected to fulfil their highest duty, we will show with few instances,
that those who will be named, might arise from death to life, and all
readers might be inspired for co-operation with us, since Providence is
instructing mankind by so remarkable cases, as are the following:

At the commencement of the year 1856 I arrived in Columbus, Ohio, and
endeavored to move the Republican anti-slavery Governor Chase and the
Republican Party which was the strongest in the legislature of Ohio, to
co-operation with us to establish the universal Republic of Peace on
earth. For this purpose I wrote "an address to the legislature and the
citizens of Ohio" and sent the manuscript with an urgent recommendation
to Governor Chase, that he after having perused the manuscript might
forward it with his recommendation to the legislature of Ohio. In my
manuscript or my written address to the legislature as many testimonies
of our mission were mentioned as would have been sufficient to move a
man who has discernment in spiritual things, for co-operation with us.
But the Governor, after having perused my manuscript in which I urged
the legislature by virtue of the memorable events which have been
mentioned in it, to appoint a monthly theological course, to which
qualified persons would be invited to hear the explanation of my
manuscript which contains the system for the foundation of the universal
Republic, and for the commencement of the New Era called the millennium,
said when he returned it to me, that he was not the proper person to
forward the manuscript to the legislature. I do not know, whether he
would have entered into a discussion of the matter, if I had offered him
to show, that he was not only the proper person, but that it was his
most urgent duty to forward my address to the legislature. I thought
that he in his new highest office of that State was too much distracted
and was not prepared for our extraordinary business. Wherefore I sent
that same address which was directed to the legislature of Ohio, to the
speaker in the House, and instructed him in an extra letter of his duty,
to forward my address to the House. But he belonged to the Republican
Party and had no capacity for what was needed to establish the true
Republic of Harmony and Peace on earth, and could not be moved to do,
what was shown to him to be most necessary in his circumstances. He
returned my address. From him I went to the Lieutenant Governor or
speaker in the Senate. He belonged to the American. Party and by his
application the Senate appointed a committee for examining my document.
In that committee was a member of the Republican Party, who assured his
colleagues, that he knew me, that I was a madman, having come from
Geauga County in which I held a Convention in the year 1851.
Notwithstanding the most malicious conspiracy of the Sectarian
neighborhood we succeeded so far, that a number of resolutions in which
I have concentrated what has been explained in the Convention for the
commencement of the millennium, have been unanimously adopted, and then
published with other documents for an easier understanding of the
resolutions. But materialists, papists and other sectarians, instead of
having reflected upon the unexpected glorious news made manifest in that
pamphlet and put them into circulation, did all in their power that the
largest portion of copies of that pamphlet and the man to whom they have
been given in care, disappeared, and the calumny was put into
circulation, that I became mad. And when that same calumny was renewed
in the Senate chamber of Ohio, I wrote a resolution, to be offered to
that body. But members of the Senate became so scared, that I could find
nobody, to undertake to offer it to the Senate. I wished by that
resolution to move the Senate to give me their chamber for a lecture, in
which I wished to explain the madness of those who instead of studying
our disclosures for Harmony and Peace of nations, are slandering and
calumniating me, and ruining this country and preparing it more and more
to become a spoil to enrich monarchs and their agents.

Then I published that address and other documents which I supposed,
would be strong enough to move the legislature and other citizens of
Ohio to send qualified persons to the monthly theological course, which
was appointed in that pamphlet.

Here we must extract passages from the last page for a great lesson to
Republicans and others that they might not be duped any longer by the
blind leaders of the blind. That page contains "a great appeal to the
Governor, the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Ohio."
It was written, mark well, on the 2d day of February, as is mentioned on
that 32d page as well, as on the pages 31 and 29; because on the 29th
page I commenced to write a paragraph as follows: "I had to wait till
the composition of this epistle advanced so far, that I must finish it
on this 2d day of February" &c. On that day I wrote what follows from
that passage to the end of the pamphlet. And the "great appeal" reads:
"Fellow laborers in the great cause of human redemption! If you have
studied this pamphlet with such attention as it deserves to be studied
you will accept this title with gratitude to the Most High, that he has
chosen us in his mercy for the accomplishment of the most glorious
promises".... "The first most urgent work" (which the legislature of
Ohio in those circumstances could do) "is to kindle with this pamphlet a
light in the Cabinet and the Congress of the United States. 'And Babylon
is become a habitation of demons.' REVEL. xviii: 2. The fall of Babylon
has been proclaimed by my instrumentality for the fulfilment of the
first three verses of the 18th chapter of the REVELATION, on Easter
Sunday, 1838, under the direction of the powerful angel, who was sent
from the Heavenly Congress. And since that proclamation, the habitation
of demons on every place of Babylon, on which my message is rejected, is
made manifest ... and the numbers of votes which members of the House of
Representatives were casting since my first publication of the
'testimony for the superabundance of miracles,' which is reprinted on
the 9th and 10th pages of this pamphlet, are testifying, from which
quarters of pitfalls and deep holes the demons came who took possesion
of the Capitol at the present session.... On this 2nd day of February in
my Country Roman Catholic men and women bring each his own candle into
the church and burn them" &c.

I quoted these passages, written on the 2d day of Feb., which was
Saturday, and given on the same day to the printer; because I had an
engagement on the next following day in the country and left Columbus on
that Saturday, Feb, 2d 1856. When I returned on the next following week
from the country, I heard that on that same day February 2d, 1856, the
House of Representatives finished at length their voting for speaker and
that Nathanael Banks was elected Speaker in the House. There is a spirit
language by numbers. Representatives in the House were casting votes
from the time in which my article "Testimony for the superabundance of
miracles" appeared in two newspapers of Cleveland and was then copied in
my pamphlet for the legislature of Ohio, to make use of it for the
conversion of the Congress in Washington; because I saw, whenever I
looked the numbers of votes cast to elect the speaker, that members of
the parties casting votes were under a strong Papal Imperial Royal
delusion. When I wrote the above quoted passages on the 2nd day of
February, 1856, I did not know, that at that same time they finished
their voting with Nathanael Banks as speaker in the House. Nathanael
means a "gift of God." And the name Banks was prophetical for what
followed then in regard to the Banks; because this generation could
receive no more suitable gift than Banks are. There is not only in
numbers but also in names and in manifold other correspondences a spirit
language which we understand; and in this our mission events connected
with our steps testify the condition in which those are, who neglect to
make use of our message of Peace. The Governor and the legislature of
Ohio did not care about our urgent appeal made to them in writing and in
print, and the same time in Washington the name of Banks announced the
terrible condition of this same country founding their trust in banks
and paper-money, which will be eventually made manifest with a terrible

After that experience made at the Republican Legislature of Ohio, in
which we could not find assistance for the circulation of our message of
Peace, and for holding our monthly theological course, I remained in
Ohio, till I heard Governor Chase in a campaign for candidate Fremont
assert with great boldness, that he knew Fremont. I did not know Fremont
at that time. But after having studied as much as was required to know
him, I pitied Governor Chase and other Republicans very much, that they
either by ignorance of matters or by preferring private interest to the
common welfare, should have ruined the country and destroyed an enormous
amount of human life and property, so that the Kansas affairs alone cost
more than fifty millions of dollars. All the evils would have been
avoided, if Hon. Giddings and his co-operators who have been most
urgently invited to attend the above mentioned Convention which was held
in their vicinity in the year 1851, had not despised our invitation.
But at that time matters had not arrived to that maturity in which they
are now. And we write and mention some champions and leaders of parties,
that they themselves and by their instrumentality many others might be
awakened from their lethargy and attend at length our monthly
theological course the appointment of which they will find at the end of
this book, and learn that which is most needed for the support of the
true Republican, or what is the same, true Christian against the
monarchial cause.

I have sent to speaker Banks a copy of the pamphlet, from the last page
of which I have quoted above some passages, on which page there is the
admirable correspondence of the governor and the legislature of Ohio
with his election for speaker. But I think, that other trifling business
did hinder Mr. Banks' comprehending wonders and signs contained in that
pamphlet, and that he did not study it so deep as to comprehend the
correspondence of the contents of the last page of said pamphlet with
his election for speaker on the same day on which I wrote that page. In
this book is no room to explain the language by numbers; but we may
generally observe, that the election took place under the spell of the
Papel Imperial Royal spirits; and it was said, that it did not happen,
till a Roman catholic priest came into the House of Representatives and
performed his prayer. Whether that report was true or not, is is not my
business to investigate; but it is true, that the spell was taken away,
when I in my application to the governor and the legislature of Ohio
wrote on the last page of the above quoted pamphlet: "You are requested
to cast so many copies of this pamphlet in the Cabinet and Congress of
Washington, and also into the legislature of each State, as are required
to kindle a great light everywhere." Reference is made to the
"Candle-mass," as the feast of the 2d February is called. It is Mary's
purification and Christ's presentation in the temple; and that our
reference to the casting of votes for the speaker in the House of the
United States destroyed the spell and they agreed at length in the
prophetical name Banks, with which there was already great trouble, and
the greater troubles will follow the longer nations delay to apply our
remedies against the manifold enormous evils with which nations are
harrassed and ruined. I made some acquaintance with Governor Banks after
my last arrival in Boston in Nov. 1858. I found proper to write to him a
lengthy letter in which I assured him, that if he would become a great
supporter of the true Republican cause, he would need[Q] some private
lessons to know what happened in our age for the introduction of the
universal Republic of Harmony and Peace; because without that knowledge
he in the present course of the Republican Party would contribute his
share not for Peace, but for revolutions and war. I offered in that
letter to give him some private lessons in his house, if he would wish
to receive them regarding our message of Peace and the credentials of
our mission, and I added, that in that season of short days and long
nights there would be at candle-light good opportunity for our lessons.
I went then to his house in Waltham, several miles from Boston. But on
that evening he had not yet returned from his office, and I was
informed, that on the next morning would be the best chance to speak
with him. I then went there but he had not much time to speak, because
he had to go to his office, and he invited me to see him in his office.
From that circumstance I concluded, that he did not keep in mind the
contents of my letter in which I assured him, that his office would not
be the proper place for our lessons, but that the night hours in his
house would suit best for our lessons; but then there was no time to
expostulate with him on this point. I started then for New Hampshire,
and at my return to Boston I wrote to him again, that I intended to see
him again, but not in his office which would not be the proper place for
our lessons, but in his house, that if he would be desirous to receive
lessons I would remain for some days in his village and give to him
lessons at candle-light. I came then to his village, and prepared one of
his acquaintances, a zealous spiritualist who appeared to comprehend
easier than other spiritualists! that Presidents, Governors and other
officers cannot save this Republic from the grasp of monarchs except by
the use of the spiritual weapons which are concentrated in my writings
for the commencement of the promised New Era and that Governor Banks to
use his influence for Harmony and Peace of all nations, had to take
lessons from me. When I thought, that the spiritualist partly by hearing
me partly by reading one of my pamphlets had understood the matter so
far as necessary to move the Governor to accept my proposition, he went
to see Governor Banks. But he returned with the message, that the
Governor had started for Hartford.

I could not stay longer in Waltham and understood from this circumstance
that Governor Banks was not the officer, who would commence to open the
door at the government for commencing the New Era. I thought that if he
would comprehend our message, by his instrumentality the Legislature of
Massachusetts and by their instrumentality the Congress of the United
States might be moved for using our spiritual weapons against the
anti-Republican powers, I heard in November 1858, in the night before
the election of the Governor and the congress members Governor Banks
deliver his speech in Chelsea City. He affirmed that he did not speak
for himself but for his friend Burlingame, that he might be re-elected
for Congress. I heard this same Burlingame haranguing against Buchanan
and for Fremont during the last Presidential campaign, and understood
that his speech was nothing else but a heap of "burly games." Mark well,
that in our meetings with remarkable persons, names are expressive, but
sometimes their signification is so hidden, that some letter is to be
changed, to be understood. The great heap of burly games spread in
newspapers and in public speeches against Buchanan instead of studying
our message of Peace and communicating it to President Buchanan to save
the country, prove nothing else except that this degraded generation are
preparing the way to such a tyranny as will destroy the largest part and
chain the remnant of the people in such a manner that no word will be
heard against the cruelty and tyranny which will keep them in slavery,
if they do not sooner open their eyes and make use of our message of
Peace. I thought[R], that if Governor Banks would be converted, he would
convert also his friend Burlingame and act through him in the congress.
I came after that in Boston, to the office of Governor Banks to see him
there; but I was told, that he was expected to be in half an hour in
the office. But instead of waiting at, or returning to the office, I was
told by my leader, that I had accomplished my mission in the State of
Massachusetts and was carried directly to other States.

Wonders and signs which have been given in Boston and Chelsea City near
Boston at that my visit there, are spoken of in the following treatise.
But before we finish this treatise, we should mention somewhat regarding
the Governor of New York in connexion with the Governors of Ohio and
Massachussetts. We do not take any interest in the campaign for
officers, except when we are directed by our leaders to give in this way
a great lesson to nations: as it was the case in the first treatise of
this book.

While I intended in Summer, 1858, to start from Philadelphia for the
West, I was directed by my leaders to New York. I arrived the same hour
in the City of New York, in which the laying of the Atlantic Cable had
been accomplished, and while spiritualists were rejoicing in a public
meeting at the success, in the supposition that the success was certain
and that it was a great blessing for the United States, I explained in
that meeting, that the success would be a great scourge for this
country, if people would not receive our message of Peace and convert
monarchs into true Republicans. My explanation was then confirmed by
signs. After the exchange of President Buchanan's message with the
message of Queen Victoria the use of the Atlantic Telegraph has been
suspended by invisible agency, and while the City of New York, the great
Babylon of the United States, was celebrating the first time the success
of the Atlantic Telegraph, the tower, the cupola and so much of the
interior of the building of the City Hall was destroyed, as could be
reached by fire. And at the second solemn celebration of the success of
the Atlantic Telegraph the whole Quarantine with numerous buildings was
destroyed by fire. The materialistic spectators who looked only on the
surface, were not aware of the interior agency. But in connexion with
these warning fires other signs were given testifying also in this
connexsion of matters the subjugation of this country by Papal Imperial
Royal or Monarchial spirits, while citizens of the United States are not
yet aware of. I wrote a peculiar treatise on those signs, which will be
published in due time. There was a coalescence of strange
correspondences, While the Queen of England was celebrating with Emperor
Napoleon the tremendous naval exhibition at Cobourgh, for the
subjugation of the world by monarchs, the laying of the Atlantic
Telegraph was accomplished and the President of the United States
exchanged the message with the Queen; and the destroying fires
accompanied the celebration of its success, till at length also the
Crystal Palace was consumed by fire; and the spirits who are subject to
Popish prelates and monks, announced the "Philanthropic Convention in
Utica," and the Archbishop of New-York laid the corner stone to his new
cathedral by the assistance of six suffragan bishops. All these in
connexion with other memorable events happened according to the spirit
language of the prophetical calendar, and I was directed to perform
corresponding memorable actions which are explained in this treatise,
and amongst those actions here I mention the trial of the three
candidates for the Governor's office of the State of New-York. I have
already remarked, that I wrote to Hon. Gerrit Smith after he had been
proclaimed candidate by his party. But when he was not ready to become
messenger of the New Era, I wrote then two lengthy articles, one to be
used by Judge Parker, the Democratic candidate, if he would receive our
message, and another to be used by the merchant Morgan, the candidate of
the Republican Party. I do not belong to any party, and I had only to
try spirits of the candidates for Governor in the State in which is the
concentration of all monarchial speculations, against which and for the
true Republican cause only that Governor could act with power, who would
have so much understanding in spiritual things as to comprehend the
substance of our message and of the credentials of our mission. Such a
man would be a blessing not only for his State, but for the whole
country. Both my articles have been written in a manner, that only that
Candidate could make use of the article prepared for his use, who would
be convinced of our mission, which I intended to explain to him
privately, if he would take an interest in my article.

Here follows only a synopsis of our trials of spirits at the two
candidates, to wit, the Democratic and the Republican for the office of
Governor in the State of New York.

According to the direction of our leaders I paid first my personal visit
to Judge Parker of Albany, Democratic Candidate. He appointed a certain
time for an interview in which he would be ready to read my writing and
hear what I had to say. But when I would return at the appointed time,
my leader interfered and said, that I had to try the spirits of merchant
Morgan of the City of New York, Candidate of the Republican Party.
Morgan appeared to be shrewd as I supposed him to be; because otherwise,
having commenced in poverty he would not have become a rich merchant.
When I mentioned my business with him, he replied that he had a
business, which he must attend in the city, and that his clerk who was
in that room, would settle my business with him; and he left the room.
Then I talked with his young clerk and mentioned my former charges and
my present charge, as far as he may have been able to bear, and that I
had with me a document which I had prepared for that campaign. I added,
that whereas I belong to no party, that candidate would be most
qualified for the Governor's office, who would comprehend my document
and make use of it. The clerk insisted, that I should go with my
document to the editors of the Tribune. But I replied, that my document
was not prepared for the Tribune, but to be studied and used by the
candidate himself. But the clerk remarked, that Mr. Morgan would not
have time to study it. And I said, that if Mr. Morgan would not have
time, I would go to Judge Parker; and I assured the Clerk, that if Judge
Parker would have time to study my document and to make use of it, he
would certainly become Governor. Then the clerk was moved, that he
appointed the hour of the next following day, in which I could speak
with Mr. Morgan. I came at the appointed hour; but Mr. Morgan spoke with
another man, and when he saw me, he went with his man in an other room.
In the mean time the clerk insisted, that I should go with my document
to the editors of the Tribune. I did not leave directly the room but was
waiting till Mr. Morgan dispatched his man. Then without speaking with
me a word he went to other business.

After that my experience I thought that in our dealings with material
men we must be provided with very tangeable arguments. I made shortly
before that trial acquaintance with a stubborn materialist in the City
of New York. He had great influence upon people of certan classes, and
had all his trust in weapons of iron to put down monarchs. I found him
accessible at the point of human magnetism and convinced him by degrees
so far, that he confessed that the weapons of the spirit were the right
weapons to overcome the monarchial powers. He was, when I made
acquaintance with him, running against Judge Parker. But I came after my
trial of Mr. Morgan to him, showing that Judge Parker was amongst the
three candidates the man who if he would comprehend our message of
Peace, would work powerfully for the true Republican cause. During my
explanation he was inspired to do all in his power for Judge Parker's
election, if the Judge should settle matters with me and pay the
expenses for what was to be published in German and in English circulars
from each position separately, to be put in circulation in all
directions of the State of New-York. That man gave me then in writing
the promise to excercise all his influence for Judge Parker's election,
if the Judge settles with me the matter.

It is to be repeated, that I according to my mission, am working not for
any pay or reward, but only for the great cause of my mission, satisfied
with simple food and raiment, which I get when needed, from those who
understand that I am working without pay for the great community of
mankind. The man who gave me the above mentioned written promise gave me
also money to pay my fare from New-York to Albany. I arrived there on a
Sunday morning, which was the best time for trying Judge Parker's
spirit. I explained to him briefly the reasons why I could not come at
the appointed time, without mentioning the invisible direction; because
I supposed that the Judge was not yet prepared to comprehend spiritual
things. But I insisted, that he, to secure his election, had to spend
that Sunday in studying my writings instead of going to church; for he
mentioned that I did not come the proper time to him, because he was
preparing to go in the church. I showed to him the title page of my
pamphlet; "Redemption of oppressed humanity! Christ's manifestation by
his messengers for the Abolition of all kinds of Popery." On that page
not only my former offices in Babylon are expressed, but also my present
office is mentioned, by virtue of, which I represent the messengers by
whom the promised New Era will be introduced. If he had read the title
page on which the substance of our message is concentrated and our
mission is expressed, with such attention as to comprehend it and to
reflect upon it, he could have understood, that to spend that Sunday
with me was exceedingly more important than to attend his sectarian
church. I repeated that to study my documents on that Sunday was most
important for him.

Two things seemed to deter him from receiving my advice. In the first
place he saw on the title page, that I, after having been eighteen years
Roman Catholic Priest, appeared in public for the abolition of all kinds
of Popery. He may have been afraid to scare Roman Catholics from voting
for him, if he would be in any connexion with me. I found not proper to
explain, that what I intended to publish in behalf of his election,
would not scare but strengthen Roman Catholics to vote for him, but
would scare many Republicans and Abolitionists to vote for their
candidates and would draw them to him. In the second place he seemed to
have been in the same opinion in which I found Democratic editors of
newspapers, who told me expressly that they were certain, that their
candidate would be Governor. When I found him not ready to study my
document on Sunday instead of going into his sectarian church, I did not
show him the writing of the champion who was determined to act under the
above mentioned condition for Judge Parker's election, but I reported
directly to that champion that which happened at my trial of Judge
Parker's spirits and I started straightways for the States of New

Attentive readers of this treatise do comprehend, why in the cloud of
witnesses of our mission amongst the men and women of the so called
Republican Party I selected the three acting Governors, Hon. Chase of
Ohio, Banks of Mass, and Hon. Morgan of New York. They appear, because
they are Headmen of the three most dangerous States to the true
Republican cause. Those are the principal States from which there is
spread also into other States much zeal for freedom of nations without
knowledge of the means for the true freedom. This their zeal instead of
promoting the true Republican cause is promoting the cause of monarchs
and ruining this country. I could write much in connexion with these
three Governors for a warning example to all Governors and all other
officers; but these few hints may suffice, that all might know the
necessity to study our message of Peace, to promote in their offices the
true Democratic or true Republican cause and establish Peace on the
whole globe. There is a general hue raised by Republicans, that there is
great corruption at the Federal Government. There is in all parties and
sects a general and exceedingly great corruption; and we must repeat,
that those political and ecclesiastical heads who belong to the parties
of Abolitionists and Republicans, are the principal cause of the
horrible degradation and corruption, by which this country is ruined;
because since the time in which I commenced to urge the American nation
by English addresses and publications, my principal applications were
especially to those who profess to belong to the parties of Republicans
and Abolitionists. If they had studied our message of Peace and had
applied the remedy which is comprehended in it against all kinds of
degradation and corruption, we would have seen several years ago the
fruits of our work. But when they in their degradation and corruption,
instead of having received our message of Peace, did all in their power
to stop it, as I have shown, instead of hundreds of instances of our
experience only by the remarkable specimen of the Utica Philanthropic
Convention, they are to be regarded as the principal cause of such awful
warnings, as a specimen was given on Sunday Sexagesima, February 27th
1859, on the President's Square of Washington by the executive power of
our leader who has REVEL. xiv:14 a sickle in his hand, and will make use
of "sickles" to sweep away the scoundrels and corruptors of females.
Their abominations will come to day-light in this "Judgment
Dispensation," when the criminals will least expect. The farther you
proceed in reading and understanding this book, the more light you will
receive in regard to the inner life of man and to the world of spirits,
to know the secret enemies of true Republicanism, and how to stop the
degradation and corruption, by which Republic is destroyed and monarchy
or tyranny is established.

We have selected in the first treatise such facts as should inspire
every reader and especially Democrats for co-operation with us, and the
facts made public in this treatise, should move especially the parties
of Abolitionists and Republicans. We will see, whether President
Buchanan's friends or the heads of his opposition will hear sooner the
voice of our master made manifest by our mediumship for Harmony and
Peace of all nations, and awaken not only the Government of the United
States but also other governments from their lethargy.

Human degradation and corruption having been sheltered under the cloak
of virtue, and under the specious name of "Free Love" careless males and
female having been ruined in body and soul, peculiar opportunity was
given us to close this treatise with a brief report on "a treatise on
the second coming of Christ. By John H. Noyes, Putney, Vt. 1840,"
because that treatise was handed to me on this 19th day of March, while
I am travelling through Cumberland County, Pa. and by what happened at
the reception of that treatise I was aware, that a brief report would
suit best for closing this our treatise. On the 29th page of that
treatise we read; "Now Swedenborg preached that the second coming of
Christ took place in 1757, and that he was himself an eye witness of the
transaction. Ann Lee, the mother of the Shakers, preached that the
second coming took place in 1770, and that Christ made his appearance
in her person. Many similar proclamations have been made from time to
time, along the whole period of Christian history, and especially since
the Reformation. The latest of this fashion that has come to our notice,
is Professor Andreas Bernardus Smolnikar, who teaches that Christ
appeared in 1836, and appointed him 'Ambassador Extraordinary'" (Mr.
Noyes quotes as his authority "Signs of the times," No. 12. p. 95. Then
he continues his tale as follows:) "of all these we may say fearlessly,
as Paul says, 'though they be Angels from Heaven, let them be accursed'
they have denied the word of God--together with these, another class of
visionaries and impostors, less presumptuous, but equally foolish, may
be noticed. We refer to those who either by pretended revelation, or by
interpretation, have undertaken, from time to time within the last few
centuries, to prophesy of the near approach of the second advent. The
latest and most notable specimen of this class, is William Miller, who
at this time, is confidently proclaiming, 1843 is the appointed year of
the second coming."

I would not have noticed "Noyes's treaties," if it had not been
unexpectedly handed to me, when I came, while I thought I was going into
the house of a man with whom I was acquainted, to his brother whom I did
not know until yesterday, when I came against my expectation to him. He
commenced to tell that he had a pamphlet in which Mr. Noyes speaks about
me. Then he has shown the above quoted passage in Noyes's pamphlet. But
I did not yet think to take notice of it, till at length he has brought
this morning the pamphlet to his brother-in-law, with whom I stopped
last night, and I found proper to quote the passage and to write this
edition for the conclusion of this treatise. But the quoted passage is
in such connexions and correspondences, that in a new large treatise I
could not explain them. Here we can report only the following items.

In the year 1840, on Easter Saturday, my third German volume of
"memorable events" issued from the press. Those three volumes exhibit
the "magnetic chain" of events to bind the dragon or serpant, the image
of the spirit of delusion and destruction, who inspires such
"extraordinary ambassadors", as John H. Noyse is. That he belongs to
those deceivers who have deluded those who belong to the Anti-slavery
and Republican Parties, and are opposed to our message of Peace, is
evident by the circumstance, that I commenced this treatise with the
three angels or ambassadors or messengers of the 14th chapter of the
REVEL., the 3d amongst whom commences his message in the 9th verse of
that chapter. I mentioned that each of those angels or messengers
represents a body or society of messengers, and that Dr. Bengel has
pointed out in the first part of the last century, that Christ will be
made manifest about the year 1836; but that neither Dr. Bengel nor any
other man did know the manner in which he was to be made manifest, till
it was disclosed by the 3d Angel REVEL. xiv: 9, or the representative of
angels or ambassadors or messengers by whom the contents of the prophecy
xiv. 9, 10, 11, must be fulfilled. Interpreters did not understand many
other things nor those verses till they may read their explanation in my
above quoted three German volumes. I do not recollect, how I did entitle
that my address; but it did not contain 95 pages nor was it published in
several numbers, so that I did not know what those "signs of the times"
were, to which Noyse has reference, except that Joshuah Himes, the head
of the Millerite imposition was publishing at that time a paper,
entitled "Signs of the Times," and since he announced, that he would
publish also such views regarding Christ's coming, which were not in
accordance with the views of his sect, I expected to open the door to
the circulation of our message of Peace through that paper. I wrote
therefore a preparatory article, in which I touched only such matters as
that sect of adventurists could bear. And that my article was published
in that paper. But when I offered the second article which touched
nearer the Millerites' absurdities and follies, expecting Christ on the
clouds and other paraphernalia, he refused to publish it, and is yet
deceiving his disciples, although in the year 1840 opportunity was given
to Millerites, to come out from their dreadful delusion. Whether Joshuah
Himes was the first who misrepresented in so dreadful a manner our
message[S], or Noyse perverted what the other deceiver published, they
may decide; because the other is also a dreadful deceiver, who had
opportunity to communicate to his readers our disclosures concerning
Christ's Coming, but he refused to publish our article. But to the
conclusion of this treatise Noyse belongs.

On the 5th of January, 1837, at 5 o'clock P.M. I received from a
Heavenly messenger the order to prepare for starting to America. But at
that time I did not know more than that in this country preparations
were to be made for establishing the promised peaceable reign of Christ
on earth. But my extraordinary mission commenced to be made manifest
after the events which happened A.D. 1838 in connexion with my mission
and which are explained in my above mentioned three German volumes.
Instead of having studied those volumes and then reported accordingly,
there came such ambassadors of darkness as we have here a specimen of
John H. Noyse. Greater impudence could not be expected than to write
about me without having studied my books in which I have published what
should have been translated from the German also In other languages. In
the third volume it is shown, where Swedenborg, Wm. Miller and others
stand, who wrote before me on the second Coming of Christ. But before I
undertook to write about their standing, I read their books; then I have
shown, how parties and sects, each in their own way have given testimony
to our mission. The principal of those parties have been mentioned in my
third volume, which was published A.D. 1840. But John H. Noyse and his
sect were not at that time so famous as to having been brought to my
notice. At length a "noise" of his existence came to me in the following

About the year 1844, while I had business in New York. Theophilus Gates
came to me after having read an address of mine in which I urged readers
to co-operate for establishing a centre of our work. T. Gates spoke
about a certain point persuading me to adopt it for a sure success in
establishing our centre. I said, that I did not know, whether I
understood him correctly or not. Therefore I would read if he had
published anything on that subject and then I would talk with him about
it. Then he brought to me his pamphlet, entitled: "the Battle Axe," in
which he endeavored to prove "the free love doctrine" by the Bible as
well as by authorities of this time. His greatest authority was a letter
of this same John H. Noyse.

I gave a great lesson to Th. Gates who was ruining people by his
infernal doctrine; but he did not digest my lesson. Then I made
acquaintance with some John H. Noyse's disciples and asked them, how
their leader became so blind as to support the damnable doctrine which
opens the door to all kinds of lasciviousness, adultery and fornication,
which ruins people and is diametrically opposed to the spirit of the New
Testament. His disciples said, that he wrote that letter in a haste, and
that it was published against his intention, and that he retracted his
view expressed in that letter. Then I attended a meeting of
Perfectionists in Newark, N.J. Some of them were with Noyse, others were
against his supporting the Free Love doctrine. I addressed the audience.
Then I was invited to dinner by a Perfectionist who did not belong to
Noyse's Party. I was asked by my host, whether I did read or not, what
appeared shortly before that in Noyse's "Perfectionist" against me.
After my negative answer he gave me the number containing Noyse's
article against me. I took it to the meeting which was appointed on the
same Sunday afternoon and read that article at the meeting and explained
Noyse's misrepresentations of the contents of my article to which
reference was made in Noyse's article, and remarked that it was
possible, that Mr. Noyse did not make purposely but only in haste those
misrepresentations, and that in the case that he is a friend of Truth,
he would retract what he had published misrepresenting my statements. I
added, that in this case I would like to see him and converse personally
with him about the matter. One of his disciples said that Noyse was a
man ready to receive truth, and that he wished to go with me to Mr.
Noyse and to bear travelling expenses. We started and took also another
friend of Mr. Noyse with us. At our arrival we were cordially received,
till Mr. Noyse heard my name. At that moment he was entirely changed,
took his friends into his room, while I remained on the porch. He spoke
with them so loud, that I heard every word, while he reproached to them,
that they took me with them. It was nearly dinner time, and I found
proper not to speak about our case, till we would be together in his
Printing Office. It happened soon after dinner. I said that those who
were present, were Mr. Noyse's friends, but that I expected, that they
were for truth, and that also Noyse will correct the errors and
misrepresentations which he has published regarding my mission and
regarding my statements in my article, to which he had reference in his
article. But Mr. Noyse pertinaciously denied to have misrepresented my
statements. I had in my pocket the number of the paper containing my
article and that number of the Perfectionist in which my publication has
been misrepresented. I read corresponding passages from both, and asked
the witnesses, whether Noyse's report contained the same sense as my
report. All his friends remained silent; but he continued to be
obdurate, and repeated in the most impudent manner, that he did not
misrepresent my statements. I did know nothing until yesterday about his
having misrepresented as early as 1840 my doctrine regarding Christ's
coming and slandered and calumniated me already in that year. And when I
met four or five years after that personally with him in his Printing
Office about our business, he appeared as the most stubborn infallible
Pope, affirming with the most impudent affront, that what he published
against me, was true. But some bystanders commenced to cry: "Snake!
snake! snake!" pointing out of the door of the Printing Office in a
distance from the door to see what it was. There was a very large snake
marching from a distance directly towards us and towards the door of the
Printing Office, and went, in spite of the men gazing it, under the
threshold, and sheltered its self under the floor of the Printing
Office. It was most singular, that the devil, that means calumniator, by
whom the snake was possessed, magnetized so the witnesses, that none of
them took an instrument to kill the snake, although he could have easily
reached one for this purpose in the Printing Office. After having been
all so baffled, I said to Mr. Noyse, that the snake or the dragon is the
Holy Ghost who comes from the depth of his Printing Office and inspires
his readers with such infernal delusion, as appeared in his
"Perfectionist" against my mission, and I left directly his place.

The man who has brought me to Mr. Noyse, left soon after that spectacle
his own wife, a good natured woman, and went with another "Lady" to
unknown regions. And Noyse left, not long after that that place, and
founded in the State of New York, the Oneida community, in which his
followers professed publicly and published their Free Love doctrine, and
put it in practice in that community and elsewhere, when they had
opportunity to deceive and ruin the incautious, abusing the Bible in the
most horrible manner and anathematizing the true messengers of God. Such
imposters must also give testimony to our mission in a manner convenient
to their position, as I have given at the close of this treatise some
hints, although I could write a volume of memorable events connected
with John H. Noyse's "Perfectionist" and confirming the given hints. But
this treatise being already weighty, we do not need to add an
explanation, why our leaders were pleased to furnish Noyse's pamphlet to
give occasion to these solemn warnings with which we close this
treatise, which should be thankfully received from our directors by all
parties and especially by Abolitionists and Republicans and by all kinds
of Perfectionists and Spiritualists of the last fashion, who are by the
abomination, called Free Love, so stupified, that they cannot comprehend
our message, although they pretend to be Reformers. But those who will
become true Reformers, must come on our ground according to the plan
made public in the last treatise of this book by your sincere brother
Andrew B. Smolnikar, "extraordinary Ambassador" for the introduction of
the New Era of Harmony and Peace.


     "The War in Europe, its remote and recent causes" in connexion with
     our Epistle to the Bishops of Illyria, to be communicated to the
     Emperors of Austria and France for the resurrection of the mortals
     as well as their departed friends from their misery and distress
     into the state of true happiness.

Instead of the treatise which was prepared to occupy this place in this
book, we write on the 4th day of July, 1859, a New Treatise, while
others are keeping the shadow for reality, rejoicing in companies and
filling my ears with explosions of crackers and thunders of guns and my
nostrils with the most disagreeable smell of gun powder, while I am
mourning in my solitude in the midst of hundreds of thousands of people
of the City of New York and neighbourhood, because they would not
receive our message of peace and learn how to bring forth fruits of the
true liberty of nations. This treatise was occasioned by the book "The
War in Europe, its remote and recent causes" written by J. H. Duganne,
and published a few days ago by R. M. DeWitt, Nassau St., No. 60, New
York. I mention it here, because it contains a collection of facts and
events, by the perusal of which any body, if he reflects upon what he
reads, may be aware of what we continuously repeat, that people and
their political and ecclesiastical governments have apostatized from
Truth and Justice, and cannot establish the promised peace, except
according to the plan which is given in the fifth or last treatise of
this book. The causes of Revolutions and Wars and manifold other plagues
are contained in the apostasy of men from Truth and Righteousness. This
apostasy brings mortal men into the association with departed deluding
and destroying spirits, as you know, if you have comprehended the
preceding treatises, and you will receive the more proof of this
important truth, the farther you will proceed in studying this book.
Mortal men are in close connexion with congenial departed spirits. The
life of man in his mortal body is a manifestation of influence from the
sphere of spirits, for whose society he is prepared. By them he is moved
and supported for action; they influence those who are congenial with
them. But men, if they are not versed in the inner life, are not aware
of this influence; although this is the first and most necessary
knowledge for the abolition of revolutions and wars and manifold other
plagues, which originate from the influence of destroying spirits, who
themselves may be so ignorant, that the magnetic fluid which they
communicate to men is pestilential, as a man who is infected with one or
the other kind of plague, may be ignorant of his dreadful condition, and
of the fact that he infects also others who, in their ignorance of
matters, are united with his deleterious condition. If, for instance,
the Emperors of Austria and France, and their Generals and other
Officers, and all who sympathize with one or the other, and contribute
their share for the destruction of the enemy, would know the proper
condition of spirits with whom they are associated and by whom they are
inspired in their destructive work, they would be exceedingly
frightened, and would cry: "What shall we do to be saved?"

Many years before I knew anything about my present mission, I was aware
by comparing the reports of the Bible with the reports of other ancient
and modern works and with our own experience in regard to the spirit
world, that angels and demons in the Bible are departed men and women of
different high and low spheres, made manifest to men in mortal bodies,
when there was suitable to give to men tangible testimonies, that
mortals are in close connexion with departed congenial spirits. The
legion, for instance, in the fifth chapter of Mark, is a legion or
regiment of soldiers who have been destroyed in a battle. The captain
and his legion had the grave or the cave in which dead bodies were
located, for a suitable location to their degraded condition; and the
magnetic fluid, which they inhaled into their inner or magnetic bodies
which are used by spirits, came from the decomposed and rotten cadavers,
and was the most delicious influence which they could communicate to
their worshipers, and their captain has shewn his terrible madness by
the attacks upon his medium, while he was compelled to make manifest,
what he really was. But when he was not compelled to show his real
condition, he was deceiving in like manner, as now departed Emperors,
Kings, Generals and other warlike spirits are deceiving, till they
bring their worshippers on the battlefield, where they effect such
carnages, as we read now many reports in newspapers. In this madness the
victors and their bishops and priests are feasting and singing "Te
Deum," while the defeated are praying for the reverse, and neither party
are prepared to reflect upon the crimes which they have committed by
having killed their fellow men, who should have been educated and should
have progressed in knowledge of truth and practice of virtue as long as
their constitutions by applying the right means for the support of their
physical strength and health, would have admitted. But alas! they have
been wantonly killed, when they were least prepared for Heaven and best
disposed for the infernal regions! And others have been mangled and
wounded, so that they are crippled for all their lifetime and also
hindered in the right use of their intellectual and moral faculties. And
all who were drilled for war, were instead of progressing in virtue,
retrogressing into corruption. Volumes could be written on this point of
the deepest humiliation of the human race. Which are "the remote and
recent causes of the war in Europe?" The book which occasioned this
treatise, contains a series of most detestable facts and proceedings as
forerunners of the eruption of the volcanoes of the infernal furies
which are destroying now in the wholesale human life and property;
because governments and nations are not in truth, but in delusion and
confusion, the necessary consequence of which is destruction. Truth will
make you free. This is the teaching of the master whose religion the
belligerent parties profess with words, while their actions are
instigated by the infernal furies. Also this book contains
superabundance of testimonies of our mission, which is expressed on the
title page. In my five German volumes published within the years 1838
and 1842, the mystery of iniquity of all governments which profess to be
christian governments, has been disclosed, and their highest duty has
been made evident to abolish those abominations and to unite with us for
the introduction of Christ's reign, which will be the universal Republic
of Truth and Justice, Harmony and Peace on the whole globe. In those
volumes as well as in all my following publications it is made evident
that Peace can never be established on the globe in the present course
of political and ecclesiastical affairs, and that, what they call peace,
is only an armistice, during which the dragon and his host are inspiring
the governments to amass means for new eruptions of revolutions and
wars. The book which occasioned this treatise, contains a collection of
testimonies confirming and illustrating our teaching, that true peace
cannot be established, till governments and nations arrive on our
ground. If the Emperor of Austria would evacuate this moment all places
which he occupies in Italy, and if the Emperor of France and his allies
would have in sincerity no other object in view, but the only one to
make Italy perfectly free, I mean to make Italy a true Republic, and
would sacrifice all their strength and influence to this only object,
they could not realize their object, till they would learn and receive
our message of Peace and adopt the plan given in this book for the
introduction of the promised New Era. As long as they neglect to do
this, they remain under the influence of deluding and destroying
spirits. But these their masters are so controlled by our leaders, that
when the measure of crimes of governments and nations is again and again
filled, new eruptions of destructive revolutions and wars take place on
such days and under such circumstances, that by our explanations of
correspondences they become peculiar warnings; as we have already given
specimens of this kind also in this book; and many more will be given on
suitable places of the following pages. Readers should not forget that
we are preparing them for the Epistle to the Bishops of Illyria.

Before we commence to translate that epistle, we must give a brief
epitome of the contents of the treatise, which was to be printed in lieu
of this treatise, and to which reference has been made in the preceding
treatise, and we must write on this 4th of July, 1859 in the midst of
great noise and continuous cracking and thunder of guns and so much
smell of powder, that it becomes very tedious. This morning it appeared
in newspapers, that Samuel Jackson's pyrotechnical establishment on 10th
and Reed Streets in Philadelphia was yesterday afternoon destroyed by
the explosion of fireworks, which were prepared for the exhibition on
this day; but they yesterday burned Mr. Beck to death. We mention this
case, because we saw it besides many other cases amongst the news of
this day, and this Jackson is one of the many strong mediums of
destroying spirits whom we endeavored many years ago to deliver from
those spirits; but they continue to prepare tremendous fireworks. In the
octava of the outbreak of the infernal furies in the French Revolution
of February, 1848, spirits commenced to awaken materialists by raps
through the Fox Girls in the vicinity of Rochester of this State of
New-York. They became at length generally known as Rochester Rapping
Spirits; because in the City of Rochester people first commenced to
assemble in large numbers and hear those rappings, or also carefully to
investigate, whether those raps came, as they purported, from spirits or
from some other cause. As soon as I read in newspapers the reports of
those manifestations, I understood the correspondences and also, why our
leaders let the infernal powers exhibit their craft in this manner.
Deluding and destroying spirits from the same spheres from which they
have inspired their fighting mediums in Europe, commenced to give
testimony in this country that there is truly such a relation between
the living in the mortal bodies and the departed as has been disclosed
in our publications, and at the same time also to show how they were
duping and deluding such as would not hear our explanations regarding
the true condition of spirits, but were quite pleasing with the answers
which they received through the daughters of Mr. Fox and other mediums
who commenced then to be developed in large numbers, that is, deluding
and destroying spirits or infernal demons shewed by manifold perceivable
possessions, that they were closely attached to congenial men and women.
I made use of that opportunity and assured citizens of the United
States, that rapping spirits would be dreadful destroying spirits also
in this country, if their operations will not be stopped by the
application of the means which are comprehended in our message of Peace.
But I did not try those spirits in circles of spiritualists, till I
received order from my leaders to do so. Opportunity was given in
Pittsburgh, Pa. by the reports published in some English and German
newspapers regarding the mediumship of Christina Beil, (as the name of
that medium of German parents is correctly written, but English
reporters wrote it Beail, although it is the German Beil, that means a
hatchet or axe)[T]. Her mediumship aroused a general attention, and
while crowds of attendants were convinced that raps by which questions
were answered, were produced by spirits, sceptics denied it, and Mrs.
Swisshelm published in her "Saturday Visitor" the results of her
investigations of spirit rappers at Christina Beil's mediumship. She
thought, that raps must have been produced by some trick of one or the
other mortal, although she was not able to discover the trick. The same
confession was made in German newspapers by a German Lutheran Pastor.
The excitement moved a skilful German chemist who was also a strong
materialist, to investigate the matter in the expectation that he might
find out the trick. But he was sincere and confessed, that raps
purporting to come from spirits, were produced by beings who understood
the questions. But under the circumstances of his investigations they
could not be produced by mortal men, and must have been produced by
invisible agents.

A few days before my reading of those reports, a rapping spirit had been
shown to me in an extraordinary manner, to relate which in this epitome
there is no room. But by that manifestation I was instructed, that I
should try the rapping spirits of Christiana Beil in the presence of
sufficient witnesses. The same German learned chemist, and a German
Pastor of the Reformed Church and other witnesses were present, when I
tried the spirits of Christina Beil. Also that pastor belonged to that
school of theologians who send their departed into such an eternity,
from whence there is no return to mortal men. Such folly is according to
our knowledge of the condition of the departed most pitiful materialism
in disguise. But at our meeting with that medium in the house of her
mother, soon a number of rappers commenced to show by raps in a number
of places of the room, that they were ready to give answers to our
questions. The medium commenced to ask, and instantly all others became
silent, and the strongest amongst them gave answers with raps. To the
question with whom he wished to converse, the pastor was shown by strong
raps as the person with whom the spirit wished to converse, and he
signified by raps also that he was ready to give his name by pointing
out the letters of his name with raps. The pastor repeated the alphabet,
and was quite astonished, that the letters spelled the name of his
peculiar friend, a medical doctor and open materialist, who was
expressedly denying man's immortality while he was in his mortal body,
from which he departed a few months before that meeting. The pastor gave
a number of questions, and expected to get some answer, with which he
would be able to show, that such an answer could not come from that
doctor. But at length the pastor confessed, that by nobody else except
by that departed doctor he would expect all those answers which he had

When all was done which would convince the greatest sceptic, if he was
prepared to reflect upon the facts, I interfered and remarked, that
after having received sufficient testimony from that spirit, we wished
to converse with some other, if any is present. Soon raps were heard of
so different a sound from the former, that any observer could perceive
the exchange of spirits. The first gave answers to German questions;
therefore also the second was asked, whether he wished to converse in
German. He answered in the negative, and the medium was pointed out by
raps as the person with whom he wished to converse. Then English
questions were given and he consented to give his name. The alphabet was
repeated, till all the letters of his name were pointed out by raps. And
his name alarmed the medium exceedingly, that she commenced to cry, and
also all her acquaintances were very much excited. I asked the reason,
and was told, that that spirit was expected amongst the first when that
girl became a medium, but they had never any test that he was present,
and that they gave up all their hopes of getting any answer from him.
Therefore his manifestation was so unexpected, that it produced such an
effect upon the medium. I understood the whole matter. That spirit was
the principal guardian of that medium or she was principally possessed
by him, and he had rapped generally in the name of others, when the
inquirers were so congenial with the medium, that he could look into
their wishes. But he did not give his name, that he might not be
discovered as the deceiver who rapped in the name of others. At length I
came in the charge of my mission in March, 1851. I was acquainted
several years before that with that pastor and exhorted him to study my
books and then to proclaim our message of Peace. But my message was not
popular and it teaches, that the belief of the close connexion of men in
mortal bodies with congenial departed spirits is the A B C, to arrive
gradually to a deep knowledge of true religion and to the true freedom
and deliverance from lying destroying spirits. But pastors who became
materialists, were scared when they perceived, that my message
presupposes the close connexion with congenial departed. At length
mediums or possessed by departed spirits alarmed the materialistic
pastors. The mother of the medium belonged to the congregation of that
pastor and she invited that pastor to come and be a witness. My leaders
were controlling the legion of spirits, who came from different quarters
with their witnesses, and in those circumstances the medical doctor
Reitz, a peculiar friend of that pastor, was the strong rapper and the
next was the lying spirit who, when there was no stronger than he,
rapped in the name of others, till he was at length in our presence
compelled to give his name. After that remarkable trial of spirits, I
said to the pastor, that he should instruct the trustees of his church,
to give me permission to deliver some lectures in that church and to
explain that of which he was a witness, but which he could not
understand in the connexion of things, in which it must be understood
for the commencement of the New Era, which according to the testimonies
given in his congregation, should be powerfully proclaimed from his
church. But the pastor thought that his congregation were not prepared
for so deep things. Although I insisted, that I would make them very
popular in the German language, which was the language of his
congregation, and that it was his highest duty to make use of the
opportunity to learn what is most necessary for Harmony and Peace of
nations, he remained as obstinate as other Roman Catholic and Protestant

Then I wrote an article for newspapers, in which I have shown what
should be generally known regarding the spirit manifestations which
commenced with raps by the mediumship of the Fox Girls to delude, as
cunning foxes are accustomed to delude, such as would not receive truth
which was disclosed in our message, and were discovered, when they were
tried according to our mission at the medium Christina Beil's, which,
means the Christian hatchet or the Christian axe, an instrument for
destruction, that they were deluding and destroying spirits, by whose
influence destruction of life and property will continue until it will
be stopped by receiving and spreading our message of Peace. That article
was prepared in English and in German; but editors who have spread
deceiving reports regarding spiritualism, refused to publish my article.
I sent it then to Boston, to be published there in a paper of
spiritualists. But it was not popular and could not be published.
Matters were to arrive so far as those will find them, who study and
comprehend this whole book.

After that trial of spirits I returned several times to Pittsburgh and
paid always my visit to that learned chemist, who was converted from a
materialist into an enthusiastic spiritualist. He, like many others, was
expecting through his mediums to receive truth regarding the spirit
world. But he was offended, when I endeavored to make him comprehend,
that those spirits with whom he came in communication by his mediums,
were materialistic spirits who did not speak through his mediums from
the miserable condition of their inner life but from the surface of
their outward condition as they while in their mortal bodies were
accustomed to boast, and to cheat and delude their fellow men. In the
treatise which would have occupied this place, if I had net been moved
to prepare this for the celebration of the 4th of July, 1859, and its
octava, that people might commence to learn, how they could become
independent from the invisible and visible tyrants by whom they are now
enslaved, and inspired for revolutions, wars and other crimes, I have
explained some very important spirit manifestations at my meetings with
the learned chemist in Pittsburgh as preparations to the spirit
manifestations which took place at my last visit to the City of Boston
and neighborhood, and which constitute the principal part of that
treatise, the publication of the whole of which must be delayed, and we
give here in a synopsis as preparation to our Epistle to the Bishops of
Illyria, the following items:

Boston is the City, in the cathedral Church of which by our mediumship
A.D. 1838, such, spirit manifestations took place, by which we have
received the key to open the door for the promised New Era of Harmony
and Peace on earth. We will give in the next following treatise of this
book some light on those manifestations. But when our disclosures on
those manifestations had not been received, at length spiritualism of
the last fashion gained a peculiar stronghold in Boston, although
materialism made great exertions to check also the modern fashion of
spiritualism. Since A.D. 1838 I returned several times to Boston, and
was trying to move some influential men or congregations for an
examination of our message and of the credentials of our mission. When I
arrived at the end of October, 1858, again in Boston I attended on the
next Sunday the conference of spiritualists, which was at that time on
Sundays usually held in Boston. As soon as they finished their
ceremonies by which their conference was opened, I found proper to speak
a little in my Illyrian mother tongue, to arouse the attention to what I
spoke then in English, and in the English language I rebuked
materialists and testified our mission to restore true spiritualism.
After my speech a medium arose, whom I did not know, but found out
afterwards, that he was Agent of the Fountain House, where spiritualists
had their resort and their speculations. He was rebuking a lecturer who
was opposed to spiritualism, and, as I understood from the rebuke,
misrepresenting facts, and came to that conference to expose
spiritualism from his materialistic position, denying any manifestation
from the departed. During that rebuke, for a proof, that spirits
manifest themselves, he invited that lecturer and other materialists to
a meeting, in which he offered to give an exact description of my mother
whom he affirmed to have seen standing on my side, while I was speaking
in the conference, and that although I was a perfect stranger to him, he
was certain that she was my mother, and that he would give an exact
description of her, so that he was confident, that I would confirm his
description. There were spiritualists in the Conference who knew me,
that I troubled them in the Utica Convention and elsewhere, and they
seemed not to be favorable to that proposition.

On the next following Sunday I made again an attempt in said Conference
to find out, whether there was any influential person amongst them ready
to take an active interest in examining our message and the credentials
of our mission. I commenced to speak from the point which was mentioned
in the last conference by the medium testifying, that he saw my departed
mother standing in her glory on my side while I was speaking. But I made
the remark that I had two mothers in the spirit world, to wit, my first
mother by whom I was born, She had great care during her life for my
welfare, and having been a great medium of spirit manifestations before
her departure, always anxious to know truth and act accordingly, she
progressed with me also after her departure and became one of those my
guardians, who take care for my provisions and protection against
danger. In this her care she found a strong medium of spirit
manifestations, an aged lady who was looking for the third angel, REVEL.
xiv:9, because according to the testimonies which she had received, she
was certain, that since A.D. 1836 he was preparing somewhat, and while
she was looking for him since that year in Europe, she was directed by
her guardian to America with the assurance that she would find him in
this country. At length she heard one of my German lectures and
comprehended, that I had the mission of the third angel. When she
commenced to testify this, my mother appeared to her and entrusted her
the care, which she herself had for me before her departure. My mother
was an Illyrian, but this new mother was a German. Whenever I had
opportunity to stop and write in her house, great spirit manifestations
occurred. At length also she departed and is acting amongst the women
who have amongst the departed peculiar offices for the introduction of
the New Era. When I mentioned in said Conference somewhat about these
matters and understood from the speeches of others that their spirits
were drawing the audience in other directions, I turned also to other
places, and tried besides others those professors at Cambridge, Mass.
who were appointed A.D. 1857 as a committee to investigate the physical
phenomena which were believed by some to have been caused by spirits,
while others attributed them to other causes, and those professors,
after having performed their investigations, published their opinion
that spirits had nothing to do with the phenomena which they had

When I read that publication, I saw that readers, by the authority of
those professors, were strengthened in materialism. Therefore, at my
return to Boston I felt it to be my duty to try to move those professors
of Cambridge from their materialism, I saw personally those three, who
belonged to the committee who have published their opinion regarding the
phenomena, called spirit manifestations, and also the fourth who did not
belong to the committee, but was the strongest operator to explode the
truth, that departed spirits are in close connexion with congenial
mortals, and that they, when circumstances are favorable and it agrees
with the Plan of Divine Government, give also to exterior senses of men
perceivable proofs of this connexion. I said to them, that A.D. 1838
were greater spirit manifestations in the Roman Catholic Cathedral
Church of Boston by my mediumship and the mediumship of 144 witnesses,
than mortal men could expect. Whereas that catalogue of witnesses as
well as the events which happened in connexion with our proceedings,
have been published in my books, I could by the means of that catalogue
in a short time convince the professors of the great Truth of close
connexion and mutual influence between mortals and their congenial
departed, and by the public testimony of the professors the pernicious
influence of their report regarding the spiritual phenomena would be
abolished, and the way for the circulation of our message of Peace would
be opened. They should therefore appoint time and place to meet with me
for this most important investigation of what departed spirits are able
to effect through mortal men. With all my exertions to move the
professors they remained obstinate sinners against the Holy Ghost who
gave them opportunity to learn what is most important to correct the
pernicious effect of their report and to cease to brutalize their
students with their materialism. I started from Massachussets to New
Hampshire, because in that State besides other spirit manifestations in
Concord a Convention of those adventists was held, who besides other
blasphemies of the living God and his Christ teach also, that man dies
as a beast, but that when Christ comes on the clouds, he will awaken the
righteous from death, but the wicked will be eternally annihilated. As
all other pestilence which is spread in the Papal and in the Protestant
sects is supported by the use and abuse of the Bible, likewise also
these "annihilators" made their discoveries of the annihilation of the
wicked by the means of the Bible. They are spread through the country
and especially through the States of New England, and are only a branch
of the dreadful materialism which has brought the human beings so on the
surface of the matter, that they stifled the most needful knowledge
regarding the spirit world. I warned all sects of Adventists as well as
others, everywhere. At length I met in October, 1858, with a portion of
the Adventist annihilators in a Conference in Providence of Rhode
Island, and tried to convert them from their folly. But they were not
ready to hear facts and then reflect upon them with a sound reason, to
know man in his interior life.

There are different sects of the Adventist annihilators; but that same
sect, with whom I met in Providence, have appointed for November, 1858,
a Convention in Concord N.H. The appointment contained a general
invitation, without confinement to their sect, and I thought that there
might be an opportunity for me to find some investigating minds who
would listen to our message of Peace. But when I commenced to speak in
their Convention, and their Popes saw that there was danger for their
spirit annihilation, they applied to the audience with their complaint,
that they found in Providence, that I did not believe in Christ's coming
on the clouds and annihilation of the wicked and am rather a kind of a
spiritualist. Therefore if I would remain I had to be silent, or I had
to leave the Hall. I replied, that in their circular was no confinement
to their sect, but their invitation contained exactly the opportunity
for the proclamation of our message. But the possessed Popes by spirits
of delusion and destruction became fierce and enraged, and I found best
to leave them in their hall. My leader showed me that I should return
towards Boston. At my return I was trying spirits on several places. It
is to be understood that volumes could be written, if I would explain
what I mention in this synopsis preparatory to my Epistle which I have
sent in my hand-writing to the Bishops in Illyria to be communicated to
the Emperors of Austria and France, and which is to be printed in this
treatise, that it might reach monarchs and their agents in this book, if
it should not have reached them in hand-writing. But the events which
occupy the largest portion of the treatise which would have appeared
here, if the celebration of the 4th of July had not moved me to write
and publish this in lieu of the other, may be expressed in this epitome
in the following sentences:

During my travelling I am most time walking on foot. While I was walking
on foot from Linn, Mass. to Chelsea City, I found the tollgate keeper
standing without occupation on the turnpike, and asked him for a
direction to the strongest spiritualist in Chelsea City. He directed me
to a merchant. He was not at home, and I asked his clerk, to give me
directions to some other spiritualist. He put several on a paper, the
first of whom was Mr. Mansfield, and I was impressed to go to him. I was
quite a stranger and without asking about the occupation of this
Mansfield, I asked only for a direction to his house. When I found it, I
was told that Mansfield was at his office No. 3. Winter Street in
Boston. Without asking, what his occupation was, I came at length on the
3d of December, 1858, into his office. When I was in his office, the
portraits of the dead drawn by some entranced medium with whom I was
personally acquainted, and other paraphernalia reminded me, that that
must be the celebrated medium J. V. Mansfield, of whom I read in
newspapers, that many sealed letters not only from different quarters of
America but also from other parts of the Globe, were directed to
departed acquaintances of the writers, and answers were asked from the
departed which he could not give also in the case, if he would read the
letters. But answers were to be given without opening the letters, by
him as writing medium of spirits. He had to return the letters without
opening the seal, and to add the answers as written by his mediumship.
While reading the reports regarding that medium, I thought to see him,
when I would come again to Boston. But while I was in the first part of
November, 1858, in Boston I did not remember this, and came at my return
from New Hampshire in the briefly related manner on the third December,
1858, against all my expectation to him. I think that he was present at
the two above mentioned Conferences in Boston, in which I spoke before
starting for New Hampshire. When I conversed on the 3d of December with
him in his office, he invited me to come on Saturday, December 4th 1858,
to his office and from thence to ride with him to his house in Chelsea
City and spend Sunday, December 5th, with him. I was impressed to do so.
That Sunday was the second Sunday in Advent. On the 4th, after the
arrival in his house we both were tired and went to bed at 10 o'clock
P.M. I rested well, till I was awakened by a female departed spirit who
was in great distress and entreated me to give her assistance to kill
her husband. I understood it in a spiritual sense to stop the pernicious
course of her husband, and promised her my assistance. As soon as I
promised her my assistance my leaders took her in protection and they
expelled at the same time the whole company of her task masters out of
the room, and then from two places on the outside of the house, from
which they were compelled to remove. After that spectacle, the detail of
which here is not the place to explain, the clock struck four. From this
circumstance I understood, that the scene commenced at three o'clock.

There are certain hours, according to our spirit language by numbers
most convenient for certain communications. As the communication
requires, also the hour is selelected by my leaders in which they draw
me into the inner state in which they show me, what is congruous to my
mission. They put me, in that instance, from my sleep into the inner
state of knowledge of what was going on. In this state I not see the
female, although I was conscious, that she was surrounded by enemies of
her happiness. The whole scene and explanation belonging to the treatise
which will be published in an other time, these hints may suffice, to
understand the following items. As soon as I saw after that scene Mr.
Mansfield and his wife at breakfast, I told them that I had a great
spirit manifestation, which Mr. Mansfield could not understand, except
if he would study some of my writings to know somewhat about my mission
He read and I explained the substance of some points in my writings to
make him known somewhat about my mission. Afternoon, while reading one
of my pamphlets, he started suddenly and went very fast into another
room, and brought directly some paper, put it on the table and said,
that while he was reading my pamphlet, a spirit was impressing him to
ask me to write questions which he would answer. I knew not who the
woman was, who asked at three o'clock in the morning of that day my
assistance to kill her husband, but I understood, that if I would follow
the direction of my leader, he would reveal it in due time, I knew, that
at that spirit battle, at which that female was taken under the
protection of our leaders, the principal champion was the martyr John
George Zeigler, an American of German descent, who in his mortal body
studied deeper than any other man, my five German volumes, and forsook
then all for our holy mission. While he was travelling in a steamboat he
was pushed into the Ohio River by an enemy of our holy mission, and
departed into the spirit world, in which he received such offices as he
was most qualified for them. He having been the principal amongst those
who took the woman in protection, while she asked my assistance, I
thought, that if I would write to him questions, I would receive the
information, who that woman was. It is to be understood, that Mr.
Mansfield wished, that I should write so, that he could not see what I
wrote, and then to wrap my writing, to which the spirit had to give
answers. But I thought I could write in German, because I was certain
that Mr. Mansfield could not read German. Therefore I said to Mr.
Mansfield, that I determined to write in the German language to the
spirit whom I had in my mind, to whom while he was a mortal, I wrote
sometimes in German, sometimes in English, but he answered always my
letters in English, and he, if he is present, will answer also through
you in English. But Mr. Mansfield remarked, that I should write my
questions in English, that he had lately great troubles with questions
which have been sent by Otto Kunz from Pittsburgh in the German language
to his departed, and that the last number of the Spirit Age contained an
article of Otto Kunz in this respect. I remarked, that I was acquainted
with Otto Kunz, (he is the learned chemist, by whom I was preparing my
way in this treatise, for what follows) but that I did not hear anything
about him for a long time, (to wit, since the summer of 1856, when I saw
him the last time before my meeting with Mr. Mansfield). I added that I
should like to see, what Otto Kunz had published. He brought then from
an other room the number of the Spiritual Age, which has the date
December 4th 1859. It must be added, that I had not before looked into
that number, nor heard anything about Otto Kunz's article. But when Mr.
Mansfield handed me that number, I read Mr. Kunz's article laid the
paper on the table and said to Mr. Mansfield: I will write in English to
the spirit whom I have in my mind. I had yet John George Zeigler in my
mind; but when I took the pencil, I was impressed to write to Charlotte
Kunz (the departed wife of Otto Kunz) in English, in the supposition,
that she could not write English, while she was a mortal, and that also
in the spirit world she did not learn to write English, that therefore
to my English address we must receive some unexpected disclosures. I
wrote therefore while the medium Mr. Mansfield turned in the opposite
direction, that he could not see, what I wrote: "Charlotte Kunz, if you
are present, please to write what you find proper." I folded my writing,
that Mansfield could not see it. He was soon entranced, and gave the
signs, from which I understood, that she was the person who asked at 3
o'clock A.M. my assistance, and then the communication was written by
Mr. Mansfield in a correct English style and correct orthography and
signed "Charlotte Kunz." The communication contains characteristic
marks, that the controlling spirit was intimately connected with deep
mysteries explained in my German books, but that he was not the writer,
but one of the company belonging to J. V. Mansfield's guardians, wrote
through him according to the wishes of Charlotte Kunz, but wrote so, as
if she herself had written. After the communication directed to me has
been written, and Mr. Mansfield reduced into his normal state, I
requested him, to copy the communication, and to give the original and
the copy to me; because I was asked in the communication by Charlotte
Kunz, professing that she was the writer, that I might write to her
husband. The handwriting of the copy was different from the original. I
preserved the copy and sent the original to Otto Kunz, with my
handwriting, remarking, that that communication has been produced by his
wife under the assistance of our leaders, that he, Otto Kunz, might
contribute his share for starting the centre of our Peace Union. I have
quoted in my writings to Otto Kunz one of the characteristic notes
testifying that the communication had certainly been produced under the
assistance or control of my leaders. And that characteristic note had
reference to Dante's Prophecy in the 33d Song of Purgatory. I speak of
that prophecy in the Epistle to which we are preparing the way. I have
explained also to Mr. Kunz several years before my meeting with his
departed wife the substance of that prophecy. I thought, if he at the
receipt of that unexpected communication would remember my explanation
of that prophecy and other testimonies of my mission, he would not be
too hasty in judging about what he could not understand in the
communication but would expect my farther explanation regarding my
communication; because the explanation could not be given in a letter,
and he was also not prepared in those circumstances to study the
treatise in which that communication is copied verbatim, and the
preparation for its understanding and its explanation is given, and that
treatise would have been published instead of this treatise, if we would
not have prefered this in the expectation, that this might be more
congruous to the present European War, which gives me opportunity to
exhort nations and governments. And for this purpose, to communicate
other important things in this treatise, we give only an epitome of the
treatise which will be published in another convenient time. But Mr.
Mansfield who has astonished many people in all quarters of the Globe by
having given more than forty thousand answers to sealed letters directed
to departed persons, became so remarkable, that he in connexion with the
well known spiritualist Otto Kunz deserved a peculiar treatise, and
appears also in this connexion of matters as a peculiar witness; because
that which has been made evident in many cases in which we tried
remarkable mediums, was in a peculiar manner confirmed, while we tried
the spirits of J. V. Mansfield, to wit, that he has certain guardians by
whom many are deluded, because those guardians give through him answers
which are found correct, when they reach and control the writers of the
sealed letters directed to their departed. But when this is not the
case, answers are not correct. Mr. Mansfield told me, that the largest
portion of his answers is correct. Such points in regard to the
relations in which the departed have been with the inquirers are
revealed in the answers, as Mr. Mansfield could not know them. From this
circumstance is also explicable, how people could be so moved, that he
had received many thousands of letters, although each applicant had to
send one dollar fee to the medium, and three dollars in case of a
guarantee that either an answer, if received would be sent, or the money
returned. When we speak of correct statements in many cases, we add that
in those communications was much of delusion regarding the spirit world.
At length when the measure of abominations was filled, I had to try his
spirits in the manner, the substance of which is given in this epitome,
the treatise being prepared to be published, whenever a publisher is
ready to publish a new book, which would contain that and other
treatises. From that treatise it is evident, that when Otto Kunz wrote
his letter to his departed wife and sent it to Mr. Mansfield to be
answered by his mediumship, the tyrants by whom Mr. Mansfield is
guarded, took her under their subjection. But to give in a new manner a
most solemn warning to all spiritualists who will not progress on our
ground, I was sent to Mansfield, and our guardians took under their
control Charlotte Kunz and the spirits who are writing through Mr.
Mansfield. The enemies of the truth, that departed spirits may use men
as their writingrnediums must explain the answers by assertions which in
most cases appear most ridiculous, for instance, I heard the assertion,
that Mansfield opens the letters. But he returns sealed letters as he
receives them; although we would not deny the possibility of temptation
to open one or the other letter of persons, with whom his guardians were
not congenial, and therefore could not give an answer. But if I had
shown to him my line directed to the departed Charlotte Kunz, although
he has been before that in correspondence with her husband, Mr.
Mansfield with all his guardians would not have been able to give the
characteristic notes which are in the communication testifying, that
some of our leaders was the superior, while J. V. Mansfield's guardian
was writing that communication with Charlotte Kunz's signature, although
there are the strongest marks in the communication, that she could not
write it, but that a deluding and destroying guardian of J. V. Mansfield
wrote it, partly according to her wishes, partly according to his own
impulse, partly according to the dictation of our leader who controlled
him, that he inserted the characteristic notes given by our leader. This
is the epitome of that treatise, which was to be given in this treatise
as a peculiar preparation to my epistle to the Bishops of Illyria. But
before we commence to translate it, we must add also the following
remarks. When our leaders compel in one place "the Secret Enemies of
True Republicanism" to bring to daylight their abominations for our
peculiar use to enlighten this degraded generation, they send us
corresponding testimonies also from other places, and we have collected
in said treatise some extraordinary testimonies for an illustration of
the answers of the sealed letters by J. V. Mansfield's mediumship. A
peculiar witness in this repect was Doctor Randolph, whose spirits I
tried several years before my meeting with Mansfield; but he was not
ready to be converted from darkness to the light which is kindled by our
disclosures. At length when I tried Mansfield's spirits, newspapers
commenced to publish Dr. Randolph's confessions. He tells: "I was a
medium about eight years, during which time I made three thousand
speeches," &c. "And to day I had rather seen the Cholera in my house
than be a spiritual medium! for years I have lived alone for
spiritualism and its cognates. Henceforth I live to combat many of the
identical doctrines that I once accepted as Heavenly truths." "I enter
the arena," says he "as the champion of common sense, against what in my
soul I believe to be the most tremendous enemy of God, morals and
religion, that ever found foothold on the earth--the most seductive,
hence most dangerous form of sensualism that ever cursed a nation, age
or people." If Dr. Randolph had been brought from spirits of delusion on
our ground, he would have assisted us to open the door for the New Era.
But he returned to the sects, from which spirits commenced to manifest
themselves in their materialistic deluding manner, till we commenced to
show, what they were, and then they commenced to be caught in their
lies, and many spiritualists commenced to be scared; but they would not
progress on our ground, and returned to professed materialism and
sectarianism. But the concentration of all abominations of the perverted
spiritualism is in the Papal Imperial Royal Courts. Many spirits delude
monarchs and their supporters either openly by peculiar manifestations,
or without such manifestations deceiving secretly monarchs and
supporters, that they prepare at length for war and commence to fight in
horrible battles, which is the highest manifestation of the infernal
furies. That they might stop this abominable work in which they are now
engaged, I wrote the following epistle, which I give in a free
translation, and then I will add some remarks for a conclusion of this
treatise. You will find in this epistle some repetitions of what has
been mentioned in the first treatise of this book, because when they
were setting that in type I did not think about writing this treatise in
which what is repeated, should be repeated so often till it is

The Epistle is entitled:

     "Most important events for rulers of nations."

     To P. T. Anthony Slomshek, Prince Bishop of Laibach. Long Island,
     State of New-York, June 13th 1859.

Reverend Bishop! Being in occupations of my office on this anniversary
of momentous events on this Island, I am impressed by the spirit who has
brought me to America, to write again after a long interruption, to my
native country, and to direct my Epistle to you, to communicate copies
of it also to the bishops of Triest and Goricia. I asseverate before
you, three witnesses, that I am not guilty of the blood which is shed in
the present terrible war; although I would be most guilty, if I had not
faithfully fulfilled the duties of my charge. If those to whom I have
written at Vienna, in our native country, and also in other countries of
Europe, had discharged as conscientiously the duties of their office, as
I did those of my office, the promised universal peace would have been
established not only in the whole of Europe, but also in other parts of
the globe. But whereas there was deficiency in respect to the
intellectual and moral preparations of those who were in the office, the
terrible consequences therof are more and more visible. To bishops I
write usually in Latin. But this epistle should be delivered by you to
the government of Austria, and published to the nations not only in
German, but also in as many other languages as possible.

Prince Bishop Anthony Slomshek! Having had more opportunity than others
who are at present bishops under the Austrian government, to obtain
knowledge about me during my residence in Europe and by wise providence
having become a bishop of the diocese, in which I was born, educated and
ordained a priest, I expect that you will receive light from the spirit,
to comprehend correctly the hints which may be concentrated into the
space of an ordinary epistle. You know that I had from my youth an
extraordinary desire to search not only the Jewish and Christian but
also the antiquities of other nations, and to compare the results of my
investigations with what others have brought to light in former times
and recently, to find out, how the promised universal peace will be
established. After my having been six years secular priest of the
diocese of Laibach, I entered the Benedictine Order of the Monastery of
Saint Paul in Carinthia, for the purpose of obtaining more time and
opportunity in that order which furnishes learned professors, than in my
native country for a continuation of my investigations for the peace of
nations. After my having searched two years in the library of the
monastery, I became Professor of Biblical Literature in Clagenfurt, and
in that city I became acquainted with you, you having been there
Spiritual Adviser of Students of Divinity.

During the ten years of my Professorship I had opportunity to examine
many points, which I would never have had opportunity to examine in the
Diocese of Laibach. But I did not know that the spirit who was my guide
from my youth, was preparing me for the office which has been entrusted
to me in America. Moreover, notwithstanding I had from my youth peculiar
inclination to study the Bible and to read not only the writings of the
Church Fathers but also the writings of the old Heathen and Jews for the
purpose of getting more light on the Bible, during the last ten years of
my Professorship I did not yet know that the office with which I am
commissioned in America, had been manifoldly prophesied in the Bible,
and the prophecy repeated by prophets of the christian centuries as well
as in our time by images suitable to the seasons. Neither had I any
thought to make a voyage to America, till the spirit of truth showed by
evident testimonials, that he called me to this country. Then he opened
also the way for me hither so wonderfully, that although the Prelate of
the monastery of Saint Paul resisted with all his power, and the monks
who were my friends, united with him to hinder my voyage, Emperor
Ferdinand was enlightened to let me have my passport to America.

Signs and wonders preceded and accompanied my voyage to America, and I
reached this continent first in Boston of the State of Massachusetts on
my birth-day, November 29, 1837. In that city all that was required for
the continuation of our work, has been so prepared by invisible agents,
that although I had not the least foreboding to remain in that city, I
became convinced by the signs which happened there, that in the Roman
Catholic Cathedral Church in Boston important ocupations had been
prepared for me. I did not yet know the particular occupations: but I
followed faithfully the directions of the spirit and performed in that
church all, that had been shown to be performed by me. On the 7th of
January, 1838, one hundred and forty-four witnesses signed their names
in my catalogue. Also those witnesses were guided by invisible agents in
such a manner, that they, too, performed in that church, what was
required of them, so that on Easter Sunday, April 15, 1838, in the
Cathedral Church in Boston, in the presence of these 144 and many other
witnesses by my instrumentality the solemn excommunication of the Beast
with seven heads and ten horns from the Church of Christ has been
performed, that is, solemn declaration has been made, that the mysteries
which are contained in those figuritive expressions, do not belong to
the Church of Christ and must be therefore abolished from the earth. A
long chain of signs, according to the prophecies, preceded that
excommunication, and signs succeeded and are continually repeated. By
these signs our mission, that is, my mission and the mission of my
fellow labourers has been confirmed, and the dreadful condition of those
who are opposed to our action has been most evidently developed. In the
years 1838 and 1839 the first two volumes of Memorable Events appeared
in print. Those events took place in my experience for a testimony, that
Christ appears by His messengers for the foundation of the promised
peace on earth. A box of those volumes was sent to the Emperor of
Austria, and my written explanation was given, that in my books the will
of the most High Majesty has been made manifest, to whom Emperors and
Kings are bound to submit and to learn to know the events which have
been explained in my books and to become with us messengers of peace to
the nations, and for this purpose to give my books to the best
theologians for the strictest examination, that the result of their
examination might be sent to me, to be published with my remarks, that
nations might learn what is required for the foundation of the peace of
the world. I assured the Emperor, that dreadful revolutions and wars
will be the consequence if my advice will be rejected.

After having received no answer to my writings to the Emperor, to the
parson of his court, to a number of bishops and other influential men of
the Empire, and A.D. 1840, my third volume appeared, in which was shown,
that the unexpected events which have been explained in the first and
second volumes, happened according to prophecies, and would not have
been unexpected to bishops, if they had studied prophecies and observed
the signs of the times, and reflected upon the disclosures given by our
forerunners upon these matters, I did not send that volume straightway
to Austria, but I sent a box of all three volumes to the King of
Bavaria, with a similar written warning to the King, as in the preceding
year to the Emperor of Austria, and with the most urgent demand, that
after the Emperor of Austria and his bishops had neglected to fulfil
their highest duty, he should become the messenger of peace to all other
monarchs and open the way to the circulation of our message. At the same
time a copy of all three volumes was sent to the King of France with the
most urgent written petition that he should order without delay a French
translation of the three volumes to be spread everywhere in France, and
our solemn assurence was added, that, if he neglects to fulfil this
highest duty, Revolutions and Wars will be the necessary consequence of
this neglect.

In an ordinary epistle farther hints cannot be given in regard to what
was done on our side, to move the one or the other government to order
the strictest examination of our message, which contains the means for
abolition[U] of all Revolutions and for the foundation of the universal
peace on the whole globe; but I remark, that when they would not hear
our warning voice, Revolution broke out in February, 1848, under such
preparatory, concomitant signs, and under such corresponding events,
that after having studied those events in my writings which have been
after that partly published in the English language partly preserved for
publication, you will see, that, after our warnings given under Heavenly
inspiration had been contemptuously rejected, the infernal furies had
received the power, to commence to spread the flood of Revolution
exactly on the same day, which gives the most evident testimony, that
Revolution broke out according to a higher calculation on account of the
contempt of our message of peace.

Emperor Ferdinand having been compelled by that Revolution to issue a
constitution, I read that constitution in a newspaper on the 18th of
April, 1848, and was moved on the 19th April, which was the birth-day of
the Emperor, to give him in consequence of my charge a written assurance
that by that constitution the government and people will be saved from
ruin, if the Emperor accepts my offer; because in this case I was ready,
to start directly for Vienna, and show how the Free Press which was
guarantied by the constitution, would be properly used for developing
and spreading truth, as people have a right to demand, and its abuse
impeded, as the government is bound to impede it. I have given the
Emperor the assurance, that this, our offer, was made under higher
direction for the true happiness of the Imperial Family and the people.
I have sent in the same writing our proclamation to the nations of the
empire, and exhorted the emperor, that if he would write to me, that I
should come to Vienna, he should at the same time publish our
proclamation in all languages of the empire; because, if he accomplishes
this, by our use of the free press the door will be opened for the
introduction of the promised peace of the world, but on the contrary
revolutions and wars would be repeated and governments and nations
ruined. Those highly momentous documents were sent to the minister of
the Austrian government in Washington to be forwarded to the emperor.
Informatian was given to the minister in my next letter, to which post
office he should send the answer, if he should receive any for me from
the Austrian government. After having thus notified him I have received
no answer; but very important signs were given of the approaching war in
which the emperor resigned the throne and Hungary was wasted.

The three monarchs to whom my books have been sent, but who have
neglected to make use of the means contained therein for the peace of
nations, have been compelled to give up their thrones, but nations could
not become partakers of the promise of the universal peace; because it
will not be established by the sword but by the means contained in our
message of peace, and we have received so many signs according to
prophecies as evidences of our mission, that whereas since the year 1838
to 1842 five volumes have been written in this respect, I repeated while
I was writing the fifth volume, that five hundred volumes could be
written, if we would continue to explain prophecies of past ages and
their development in the preparations for our mission and during our
mission, and the signs by which our mission is confirmed. But we have
explained superabundance of them, because by our explanation the
dreadful condition of governments and nations has been disclosed. Signs
continue steadily, although the blind leaders of the blind, while the
Lord appears as a thief, comprehend them as little, as the Pharisees
did, when Christ appeared and prophesied the destruction of the city and
the temple.

Confined to a common letter, I can give only some hints. While the
terrible war was raging principally in Hungary, I laboured industriously
at the commencement of the year 1849 to move the American bishops, to
appear either personally or to send their Theologians to a convention in
the city of New York, to whom I offered to read in the Latin language my
system for the abolition of revolutions and Wars and introduction of the
world's peace.

I did all I could to move the bishops to attend our Latin convention,
and to make as many objections and remarks as they would find suitable,
although all must have been made in writing and handed to me, to be
annexed with my remarks to my system and published in Latin and in
translations, that men everywhere, could learn our message of peace and
all nations might become partakers of the greatest promises and the
world's peace could be established.

After bishops had neglected their highest duty, I translated the Latin
system into English and German, and made most urgent applications to
several Presidents and to congressmen of the United States, to move the
American government, to assemble a convention for the same object, for
which I endeavoured to move bishops. In the meantime Lewis Kossuth
arrived in America, and I considered it to be my peculiar duty, to make
use of what was in my power, to direct him from the spirit of
destruction to peace and to explain to him my system in which is shown,
how without soldiers the rights of men will be restored and the peace of
the world established. After several letters of preparation, at length I
met personally with him in Cincinnati. But he was cunning and let me
come to him in company with others, and when I required to speak
privately with him, he excused himself with not having time to speak
with me privately, and directed me to Count Pulski, who was his
associate. I paid to this man several visits, and shewed to him that it
was necessary for Kossuth and his assistants, to study my system and to
retire with me for this purpose. But the result of all my labour was,
that at length Kossuth had sent to me the message that it was impossible
for him to give up his plan. He is a strong "Medium," as those are
called here who are possessed, and those who are possessed by destroying
spirits, have their work, to torment rulers or also to destroy them, if
they will not find salvation in our message of peace.

Having here only opportunity to give hints on points, on which I could
write volumes, I remark, that when the American government could not be
moved to call a convention for an examination of our message of peace, I
wrote, when Emperor Napoleon III. was preparing for war against Russia,
to his ambassador in Washington, that the emperor would gather together
the highest merits for himself and mankind, if he, instead of the war
preparations against Russia, would call bishops of his empire to Paris,
to examine with me my Latin system for the foundation of the world's
peace. By doing this he would make himself and his friends and at the
same time all nations happy; but in the opposite course he would prepare
misfortune for himself and France. I assured the ambassador of the
French government in Washington, that if he before he would write to the
emperor, himself wished to be convinced of my assertion, I was ready if
he would call me, to come myself to Washington and to explain to him my
system as long as would be necessary to convince him, that we have truly
received from Heaven the commission and credentials for the foundation
of the worlds peace, and that those regents will be in this and in the
future life most unhappy, who refuse to accept our invitation. I have
received no answer from the ambassador of the French government.

Although I am writing very closely in my advanced age without
spectacles, which I never used in my life, I have very little space in
a common letter, to mention also the following items: The nearer we were
approaching to the present Revolutionary Wars in Europe the stronger
were also the signs of warning, and they are building just now on the
land which has been bought for our Peace-Union, a hall for our
conventions, in which our system for the foundation of the world's peace
will be explained and messengers of peace will be educated to be sent in
all quarters of the world. But whereas, before their labors will
establish the world's peace everywhere on the globe, all monarchs and
their families might be exterminated, if they would not make use of the
means for the foundation of the world's peace, I write this letter on
this Feast of Pentecost and anniversary of momentous events. Your
predecessor, Anthony Aloysy Wolf, Prince-Bishop of Laibach, was one of
those Prince Wolves, who have received my first two volumes, but were
not prepared to study them, and to proclaim to Emperor Ferdinand and to
the nations, the great things which the Lord has done. Those wolves have
deceived in regard to our mission the Emperor, the priests and the
people, and by this deception they became the originators of all those
murders, which have been perpetrated in revolutions and wars and
manifold other manners, which would have been prevented by receiving and
spreading our message of peace. These are the fruits, when wolves are
made pastors of nations! By murders which are perpetrated in
revolutions, wars and other ways, those who are murdered, are turned
into infernal furies, instead of having been converted by suitable
education, into Heavenly Angels. By these furies which have been
murdered in revolutions and wars, nations which are now living, are
instigated to murders in revolutions and wars and in manifold other
manners and also to all kinds of other criminal deeds, the atmosphere is
disturbed and men are tormented with all kinds of plagues, and if they
are not murdered cruelly by force, their lives are shortened manifoldly,
so that also those who live longest, would have lived much longer, if it
would have been introduced amongst nations and duly used, what we know,
but cannot use till governments introduce that which we demand.

I was Professor of Divinity in Babylon which is spoken of in the
Revelation; but whereas I was sincerely searching after truth for my own
and the welfare of my fellow-men, matters have been disclosed to me,
which I had never expected, while I was prepared without my knowledge by
invisible agents for my present charge. According to this charge I am
now Professor of Divinity or Church-Doctor for the promised peaceable
Reign of God on Earth. As Church-doctor I will teach bishops and priests
as well as monarchs and other grandees of the kingdoms of this world,
when they will be ready to hear the Heavenly voice which is made
manifest through so feeble an instrument as I am, how to pacify the
furies into which men are converted by murders and how to draw them into
the resurrection, that is, from their low to a higher condition. My
apostolic name which I have obtained on the feast of the apostle Andrew,
November 30, 1795, is Andrew. But when on the 30th November, 1826, at
the solemn profession of the Benedictine order I adopted by higher
impulse the name Bernardus, then also Pope Leo XII. was inspired, that
he promulgated Bernardus a Church-doctor. He in his shortsightedness,
had in his mind the celebrated monk of the twelth century. But neither
that monk who was preaching crusades, nor Pope Leo XII. knew, that
Turks, heretics and other nations will be converted in true Christians
without blood shedding and Christ's peaceable reign will be established
on the whole earth. But the Pope spoke as prophet of our mission who was
at that time High Priest and prophesied, that, whereas I adopted in the
prophetical profession of the Benedictine Order the name Bernardus, I
had to pass as monk through the last epoch of my studies of preparations
for my present charge, till I became Doctor Ecclesiæ, Church-Doctor,
teaching what bishops and doctors of Divinity do not understand,
although it is highly necessary for the peace of nations. From my first
arrival in the Benedictine Order, when I determined to live there, till
I started for America, exactly twelve years passed.

By the memorable events which happened in the Cathedral Church in
Boston, a key was given us to unlock prophecies, which have been before
either entirely locked, or only in some measure unlocked. Some
interpreters have known, that the seven churches in the second and
third chapters of the Revelation were prophetical churches, typifying
the seven states, to which all churches of the Christian name since the
edition of the Revelation until the foundation of the universal peace on
earth may be reduced, so that every portion of the Christian name
belongs to the one or the other of the seven churches. In the third of
the above mentioned volumes, we, that is, I under the direction of
invisible assistants, have disclosed so much regarding the fulfilment of
the prophecies in our time, as is abundantly sufficient for testimony of
our mission. In our disclosure Thyatira in the 18th verse of the second
chapter of the Revelation is the type of the Roman Catholic Church. What
is said concerning that church until the end of that chapter, you
Bishops should at length consider and digest well. You kept fast what
you did not understand, till at length the Lord comes by our mission,
and unlocks by our mediumship the Divinity for His Reign of peace. We
have overcome and to us was given "the Rod of Iron and the Morning
Star." I speak in the name of all those who are co-operating with me
according to the Plan of the Most High for the universal peace of all
nations. We have "the iron rod," but not the iron sword. The iron rod is
only a symbol of our office to announce judgments to the disobedient
nations and to their rulers. They are bruised enough and broken. Those
who remain, should at length hear our voice, then their wrong systems
will be broken to pieces, but men will be saved. For we have received
not only the iron rod, but also the morning star. In the great
temptations through which we had to pass, we remembered the morning star
which appeared several times during the sun shine in close connexion
with our steps, and once in a peculiar connection with you, Prince
Bishop Anthony Slomshek! as well as in connection with the Emperor of
Austria! You remember that I wrote at a certain occasion my opinion in
regard to your sermons which appeared in print in our Slavonian mother
tongue, and in that my article I made also some extracts from my Latin
manuscript, "On the congeniality of languages[V]," to publish them with
that article in the "Carinthia"[W]. I finished writing that article on
the 6th February, 1835. When I was on the 7th February well nigh ready
to go to my students in the college, I was moved by the spirit to write
instantly a prophetical conclusion to that article. When I finished that
conclusion, I hurried to be in the college. After that there was much
talking among the Professors and others about the morning star which
appeared on that forenoon during sunshine. I explored exactly the time,
and found that the star appeared, when I commenced writing that
prophetical conclusion, and disappeared, when I finished writing. I
handed then that article to you, to deliver it to the editor of the
Carinthia. But there occured an accident, that the article appeared
later than I expected, so in the Carinthia, that the last part with the
great prophecy regarding the peace of nations was published on Easter
Saturday April 18, 1835, or on the Eve of the birth-day of the Emperor
Ferdinand the first year of his government. His birth day was celebrated
that year on Easter Sunday. An exact calculation was made by our
invisible agents. The poems of two panegyrists of the birthday of the
Emperor appeared in the same number immediately before our prophecy.
Those two adulators were types of the two adulators, Joseph Pletz Parson
of the Imperial Court, and Anthony Alosy Wolf, Prince Bishop of Laibach.
These two prelates have deluded the Emperor in regard to our mission,
and as a consequence terrible judgments came upon governments and
nations. But this writing is connected with the Morning Star, which
should be delivered by you to the young Emperor Francis Joseph and to
many nations as well as the ancestors of the Emperor, who are waiting in
the Empire of death for their redemption by our Message. It should be
delivered by you in the midst of terrible judgments. If you have the
spirit which I expect in you, you yourself will carry this letter
without delay to the Emperor, and explain personally, what is necessary
for his resurrection and strength. Now he belongs in the 16th verse of
the 17th chapter of the REVELATION. Kossuth, Mazzini and other heroes of
the Revolution are preparing the Harlot for Emperors and Kings, who are
fulfilling the judgments which are announced in that verse. But we to
whom this victory is promised, belong to those, who are united with the
lamb in the 14th verse of the 17th chapter of the REVELATION and will
overcome the Beast and its ten horns. To wit, we have the chain, with
which the Dragon, the seducing and destroying Serpent, will be bound and
cast into the abyss, REVEL. xx: 2, That is the magnetic chain of events
of past times in connexion with events of this time. In this chain the
genuine condition of the existing political and ecclesiastical
governments appears in its true light, so that, when this chain will be
duly spread and made known to Nations, they will be carried from the
existing Babylon into the New Jerusalem. Who ever amongst the rulers
comprehends this and carries the people into the New Jerusalem, into the
promised Reign of Peace, he himself and his family, as well as his
departed or yet in mortal bodies living congenial relations will be
brought into the true happiness; but on the contrary those rulers and
who are attached to them, who despise our apostolic voice, will be
exterminated. Judgement will not cease, till at length it destroys
themselves also. I have given in this Epistle as many hints as are
sufficient for such Bishops who are not entirely dead, to believe, when
I assure them, that, in our writings it has been made clear and evident,
that our chain or our system, which, for Peace of Nations, should be
made known to all political and ecclesiastical Governments, is
astronomically and historically correct. Therefore that of the three
named bishops, who receives first this Epistle, should inform the other
two of the matter and summon them to go directly with him to the
Emperor. Who comprehends this, and is inspired by the Holy Ghost who is
our director, for the accomplishment of Divine Decrees, is with us a
messenger of God. He should as such appear before the Emperor with this
Epistle, read to him the Epistle, and explain it, and summon the Emperor
to become with us a messenger of God, and may he be seemingly in profit
or seemingly in loss in regard to the Emperor Napoleon, to send this
Epistle to Emperor Napoleon, and require instantly an armistic under the
condition, that he is desirous to make immediately, with condescension,
a treaty of Peace, to hear the "Messo di dio," the messenger of God,
spoken of by the prophets of the Old and New Testament as well as by the
prophets of the succeeding ages of the Christian Era, and to fulfil the
will of the Most High for the welfare of nations. Amongst those
prophecies is one of the most remarkable in the 33rd Song of Purgatory
in the Divine Comedy of the great Italian Poet Dante, in which the
spirit Beatrice, Dante's departed wife, speaks of the "five hundred, ten
and five messenger of God," that is, of "Smolnker messenger of God."

The number 500, 10 and 5, that is the number 515, is opposed to the
number 666 in the Revelation, xiii: 18. The name which comprehends the
mysteries which are contained in the 17th and 18th verses of the 13th
chapter of the Revelation and also the number 666, has been delivered
into our hands, and all that belongs to the name, has been explained in
my books, in which to obtain the number 666, we had to write the name
with Greek letters, because the Revelation appeared in the Greek
language. And likewise also my name SMOLNKER, as it was originally
exactly pronounced, to wit, with short _o_ and short _e_ must be written
with Greek letters. This was the exact pronunciation of my name, as I
heard it pronounced by my grandparents and my parents. And the Greek
letters with short _o_ and short _e_ exactly pronounced in my name
SMOLNKER, give exactly the number 515, which is the number of the
messenger of God in Dante's prophecy. If you add this number to the year
1321, in which Dante died, you obtain the year 1836. "The messenger of
God" is in the quoted prophecy the same as the 3d Angel in Revel, xiv.
9. That the third Angel regarding whom the prophecy commences in the 9th
verse of the 14th chapter of the Revelation, had to appear before the
public about the year 1836, and also that that Angel or messenger would
not be a departed but a man living in his mortal body, has been shown in
the last century by Doctor Bengel and his disciples using admirable
astronomical calculations by the means of the prophetical numbers in the
Revelation. My first German teacher, a Franciscan Monk from Bavaria,
inserted the letter _i_ into my name, and taught me to write my name
SMOLNIKER, till at length Professor Valentine Vodnik wrote my name as I
write it now. The numbers of my name, after having received those
changes, if you calculate the years, commencing with Dante's death,
give also highly important stopping points in the development of the
mysteries of the Theology for Christ's peaceable reign. I can give in an
epistle only some hints.

By many of our forerunners many points have received partial
disclosures, or there have been prepared several links for the chain,
with which we will strangle the Harlot and the Giant who sins with the
Harlot, without hurting the flock and the fields, according to Dante's
prophecy. This prophecy mentions also the stars by which our advent is
announced, and in my books several apparitions of unexpected stars are
remembered in close connection with our office. In Dante's prophecy is
the messenger of God a collective name as well as the third Angel or
messenger in the 9th verse of the 14th chapter of the Revelation. One
man is representing the whole society by whom is accomplished what is
comprehended in the prophecy. The representative had to execute and
explain the mystery. At the expiration of the year 1836, which year has
been so mysteriously announced by the prophets, that I knew nothing
about it, I was called on the 5th day of January, 1837, at 5 o'clock
p.m. to this office. The call was delivered to me by an Angel of the
Lord, that I should make the resolution to prepare for my voyage to
America. And when I said: "O Lord! Thy will be done!" the same moment a
great light appeared over the City of Klagenfurt, where I was Professor
of Biblical Literature and you were Spiritual Adviser in the Theological
Seminary. You yourself have perhaps seen the light-ball, or certainly
heard much and read in newspapers about it. I myself have not seen it,
because I was in a deep trance and received at the same moment the order
by a Heavenly messenger.

Here is no space to say more about Dante's prophecy. In my third volume
of Memorable Events more than one hundred pages have been used for
disclosing Dante's strange prophecy regarding the Messenger of God in
the 33d or the last Song of Purgatory, in connection with other
prophecies with which it is parallel and in connection with the
prophecies which have been given A.D. 1814 at the first distribution of
premiums after the fall of Emperor Napoleon I, when our city of Laibach
returned under the Austrian government, and I received Dante's Divine
Comedy for the first premium out of the Italian language. And whereas I
am labouring since my arrival in America with the greatest zeal to save
men and to bring them from Purgatory into Heaven, warlike spirits are
murdering and casting them into hell. Yet I have great confidence that
by your intermediation not only the Emperor of Austria but also the
Emperor of France will hear the Heavenly voice, which is sounding in
this letter. I have written several months before the outbreak of this
war a book in the English language ("this same book from which we take
away other manuscript and publish this epistle,") to publish it as soon
as circumstances will be favourable. I have shown in that book by
peculiar events which occurred with Emperor Louis Napoleon, but which
are not comprehended by him and his mediums till they study to know our
chain to bind the dragon, Revelation, xx: 2. that Emperor Napoleon is a
very strong medium of destroying spirits, but that I foster the hope,
that he will comprehend our message of peace and draw also his Uncle
Nepoleon I. into our reign of peace and become a great apostle of peace
to the nations.

Both Emperors, the Emperor of Austria as well as the Emperor of France,
will become truly great if they accept our message of Peace, which
contains the substance, that they should directly conclude Peace, with
all mutual condescension and with our assurance, that soldiers who will
not be needed in God's Keign of Peace on Earth, will obtain according to
the plan which is to be published in the above mentioned book "(in this
book)" and which after the English edition may be translated also in
other languages, occupations most suitable to their strength and the
best spiritual education, to be truly happy in their mortal bodies as
well as after their departure.

But whereas no treaty of Peace can be of duration in our time, unless
the governments enter into Christ's Peaceable Reign, which to establish
we have obtained the mission, you, Prince Bishop Anthony Slomshek, and
also the other two witnesses who are bound to give you all possible
assistance, are particularly summoned to recommend most urgently to
both emperors, as soon as they conclude an armistice and prepare the way
to the treaty of Peace, to appoint also a healthy place, where according
to the geographical situation and other circumstances bishops of both
empires can easiest meet, for our Convention in which my Latin
manuscript which should have been examined A.D. 1849 by the American
Bishops in the Convention which was appointed in the City of New-York,
is to be examined according to the same rules mentioned above, and to
give me as well as the bishops information of this affair; because I am
ready to do all in my power for the Peace of Nations. You, Bishop
Anthony Slomshek are requested, to send me directly the result, after
having received and read this letter in your Consistory, and direct your
letter to

Pennsylvania, in North America.

We cannot enter into explanations of the paints mentioned in this
Epistle to Bishop Anthony Slomshek. The substance of the remote and
recent causes of the war in Europe and of the causes of all revolutions
and wars is, that men are living on the surface, in materialism,
according to their animal lusts and passions, using their reason to
accomplish their animal desires, and neglecting the one thing needful to
grow in the knowledge of their true inner condition and the true
condition of the departed, and in corresponding virtue for high spheres
of spirits to promote the true welfare of the whole human race while
they are promoting their own welfare. The treasures which I collected
from my early youth to this advanced age for the promotion of the common
welfare, I carry with me into the spirit world. But those who, instead
of having cultivated their inner man, came on the surface into the
materialistic life, and lived according to their animal passions and
carnal lusts and according to the custom of their party and sect, and
supported blindly the performances contained in the traditions and
systems which have been delivered to them by their predecessors, were
preparing in their way for revolutions and wars, instead of having
learned our disclosures that the time had arrived for the abolition of
the Old Heavens and the Old Earth, that is, of the old ecclesiastical
and political institutions, and how they are to be abolished in the most
peaceable manner.

In this ignorance of things which have been disclosed in our
publications, those who keep up those Institutions, come in collision
with those who endeavour to destroy them without knowledge of their
prophetical meaning and of the truth which is behind the vail of the
outward form, and without preparation for a better state of human
affairs. This collision is continuously preparing revolutions and wars.
Men on the surface, not knowing the right means for true liberty, use
the means which destroy not only liberty, but also human life and
property, and life is wantonly destroyed, because men in their dreadful
degraded condition do not know how to appreciate it. In this condition,
if the old systems would succeed so far as to crush down with absolute
despotism all movements for deliverance, they could not keep for a long
time people in bondage of absolutism. Crevices would be always found,
from which the movements of the secret aspirations for liberty would
commence to be made manifest, till the eruption of the flood of
revolution and war would effect great destruction of life and property.
But also in the case, that the enemies of the old institutions would
succeed so far as to sweep away every vestige of them on the surface of
the Globe, they would be as little able as the supporters of the old
systems to preserve Peace; because there is no pacification in the
spirit world, except by receiving and spreading the means shown us from
the spheres of spirits by whom we are commissioned to introduce the New
Era of Harmony and Peace amongst mortals as well as amongst their
congenial departed. But the more materialism subdues the Globe, the more
the inner causes for new out-breaks of revolutions and wars are
operating to find crevices for the outbreak, so that there is absolutism
and despotism as necessary for those who without the use of the old
forms promise to make people free, as for those who promise the same in
the support of the new systems. Emperor Louis Napoleon and Emperor
Francis Joseph are quite remarkable representatives of the two systems,
while Napoleon makes such a use of the old form as to satisfy many of
the open opposers to it, and the Emperor of Austria endeavours to
sustain with hundreds of thousands of soldiers the inheritance of the
old abominations which should have been abolished by the application of
our message without murder of any man and for the greatest benefit of
the departed and the mortals of the family of Hapsburgh, while the whole
empire and all nations would have been benefited.

From the scattered hints in this book you may collect, that since
Francis Joseph's Government I was rather endeavouring to effect in one
or the other manner a movement in this country, by which at length also
the Bishops and the Government of Austria might be awakened from their
fatal lethargy; because I saw that my direct applications to the young
Emperor would have been for no use. I am in no direct correspondence
with my native country, and I receive news either in newspapers or from
occasional reports, and shortly before I wrote the weighty Epistle to
Anthony Slomshek I met with a countryman who was professor in Vienna,
during the revolution of 1848, and on account that he inspired students
for fighting, he had to leave the country, and he told me besides other
news, that he heard that Anthony Slomshek was Prince Bishop in Laibach.
Several years before that I received the news that he was Prince Bishop
at Saint Andrew in Lavant Valley of Carinthia, only five miles from the
monastery of Saint Paul, where I became a monk of the Benedictine order.
I wrote to him, when I received that report; but I received no answer.
At length the Epistle which appears in this treatise, has been sent to
him as to Prince Bishop of Laibach, on the above mentioned authority.
The Epistle would retain in this book the same value also in the case,
that the report should not be correct that he is Bishop of Laibach;
because the facts which I relate in the Epistle as facts known to him
are facts of my own experience and such as occurred in close connection
with my experience, and have been attested by many witnesses directly
after they happened.

Although I made few applications directly to Austria during the
Government of Emperor Francis Joseph, my fellow student Frederick
Baraga, Bishop at the Falls of Saint Mary at Lake Superior, extending
his diocese widely amongst Indians of North America, a peculiar favorite
at the Austrian Court, after having neglected the former opportunities
to study our message of Peace and to spread it in the Austrian
Government, was brought on the great Popish Feast of Christ's Body
(Festum Corporis Christi) May 22, 1856, to me in quite an unexpected
manner for both but in such a connexion with the present war in Europe,
that if this man, at least at that time had fulfilled his highest duty,
instead of the tremendous war, Christ's Peace would have already been
established in Europe. Therefore, not having room to write much, I must
mention at least somewhat about that our meeting showing the secret
causes of the present war and of all revolutions and wars since our
first proclamation of the great message entrusted to our care.

On that feast, which was celebrated A.D. 1856 on the 22d day of May, my
pamphlet: "Redemption of oppressed Humanity! Christ's manifestation for
the abolition of all kinds of Popery!" issued from the press in the same
Printing Establishment of Cincinnati, into which Bishop Baraga came on
that feast to see the proof-sheet of the title page of his Latin Book
for his missionaries. Our meeting on that feast in a Protestant Printing
Office was so unexpected, that we did not know each other, when we met
at the compositors' room which he left while I was entering into it. I
was then instructed by the compositors, that that gentleman was the same
Bishop Baraga about whom I spoke in the pamphlet showing that while
bishops were consecrating him or made him a bishop, they were crucifying
Christ in his members; to wit, that bishop after having become so great
an apostle of the Indians, that he was very renowned in our native
country and at the Austrian Government, was made a medium by my
leaders, that he opened the way for my voyage to America. But after
having discovered, that our mission was not for, but against the Pope,
he instead of having studied my books and examined our message of Peace
and the credentials of our mission, became enraged. I expected that at a
personal meeting with him I would make him comprehend our mission. But
there was no opportunity until that feast on the 22d May, 1856, which
was selected for the commencement of the spirit manifestations at my
personal meetings with that medium of spirits of delusion and

After having written a considerable portion of the next following
treatise, I am aware that I cannot encompass within so few pages as I am
desirous to do, what is to be communicated there to nations, and I take
from this treatise some sheets away, in which I have given disclosures,
why we have mentioned in our Epistle to Bishop Anthony Slomshek also the
Bishops of Triest and Goricia, whose predecessors should have at the
same time opened the way to the circulation of our message of Peace in
which time Bishop Anthony Aloysy Wolf should have been their co-operator
for Peace. But Matthew Raunicher, who was at that time Bishop of Triest,
should have been the leader of this work; because amongst those who
belonged to the Austrian Government he was the first who received the
first two volumes of my works. But he was formerly Professor of
Dogmatics and as such also my professor, and was so fixed in the Dogmas
of his infallible Church, that he could not study my books, to learn
what all dogmatists of the so called christian denominations require, to
with signs according to prophecies by which an "extraordinary
ambassador" to the churches should prove his mission. I hope, that
Raunicher's disciples, Bishop Baraga and Bishops and Priests in Illyria
and elsewhere will learn at length that we have superabundance of signs
according to prophecies testifying our mission against the infallibility
of the Church, and for the great truth, that many of the Dogmas of the
church are the most shocking absurdities, of they are taken as they have
been delivered by the Papal Imperial Royal Hierarchy, but that we show
a deeper sense, in which sound reason and science are reconciled with
religion. But we close this treatise to get more room for the next
following treatise, to assist the Pope and his bishops to prepare for
their own and the ressurrection of their departed predecessors.


     Pious IX Bishop of Rome, Louis Napoleon Emperor of France, Francis
     Joseph Emperor of Austria, the three extraordinary witnesses of our
     on the title-page of this book expressed mission and powerful
     preachers to all governments and in the first place to the
     Government of the United States of North America, that they should
     submit to the Government of our Lord and his Christ and become with
     us messengers to introduce the promised universal Republic of Truth
     and Justice, Harmony and Peace on the whole Globe.

In the first three of my five German volumes the magnetic chain of
memorable events to bind the dragon. Revel xx: 2, is so developed, that
the proper position of the existing governments of the so called
Christians is made manifest. They belong to the Beast with seven heads
and to its ten horns either in the old or in a new fashion. Those three
volumes having been published from A.D. 1838 to 1840, Pope Pius IX and
the two named Emperors to whom the world's attention is now directed,
have not been mentioned in those volumes nor known to mortal men, that
they will occupy the position, on which they appear according to
prophecies, nor they themselves nor other men know at this time that
position, if they have not studied the magnetic chain exhibited in those
volumes to bind the dragon, Revel, xx.:2, the large serpent, the image
of the spirit of delusion and destruction by whom rulers and their
supporters have been inspired with such a madness as to apply their
studies how to kill men in the most cunning manner and to strip the
remnant of their property and keep them in bondage. Each of those
volumes is of a considerable size; the third is the largest containing
864 pages. But the substance of their contents is concentrated in the
Latin manuscript, written at the commencement of 1849.

If Theologians had studied my German volumes or attended the Latin
Convention to which they have been most earnestly invited, they had
known without my explanation the position of these three great
representatives, or rather they had converted them long ago into the
messengers of Peace. But after matters had arrived so far as they are
now manifest, we must do what we can for the benefit of these three
witnesses and of those who are attached to one or the other as well as
for the benefit of all governments and their subjects; because all are
preparing instruments for destruction of human life and property and
drilling men to destroy or wound their fellow men in the most artful and
cunning manner, and to reward with the highest premiums those who
perform best this most criminal work.

If you ask, by whose authority they are doing this, the answer is given:
"and the Dragon gave him his power, and his seat and great authority,"
Revel. xiii: 2. to wit, to the representative of the Beast with seven
heads and ten horns. Under the Christian mask he became such a terrible
monster, that no other epithet was more suitable for him than that of a
Therion, of a ferocious beast having seven heads and ten horns. Having
been inspired and directed by the Dragon and his host, he could not
teach his sons and daughters, emperors and empresses, kings and queens,
a better doctrine than that which was infixed in his heads by the Dragon
and his host. "The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman
sitteth; and they are seven kings; five are fallen, and one is, and the
other is not yet come; and when he comes, he must continue a short
space," Revel. xvii: 9 and 10.

It is to be understood, that in a brief treatise we can give only some
hints in regard to certain links of the long chain of events, which is
exhibited in the first three from A.D. 1838 to 1840 published volumes.
The three at the head of this treatise mentioned witnesses are so
extraordinary links added to that chain, that while I was writing those
three volumes I thought that the chain was long and strong enought to
bind the Dragon and to establish Peace on the whole Globe. But when
people would not spread that chain, it was after that much protracted.
In the years 1841 and 1842 the 4th and 5th German volumes and then a
number of English pamphlets were added; but the last links of the chain
cannot be understood without some knowledge of the preceding links.

In every age men were awakened, whose intellectual and moral improvement
was above the general course of the age, and who were endeavoring to
warn and elevate the fallen generation. They were preparing the way for
our advent, and disclosing what belonged to their sphere, that it might
receive more light in "the dispensation of the fulness of times" Ephes.
1: 10, to introduce which we are commissioned. One of those forerunners,
was Doctor Bengel, disclosing what belonged to his mission in the first
half of the last century, so that in the same years of the 18th century
remarkable disclosures have been made by his instrumentality, in which
years in the 19th century Heavenly messengers have given great
disclosures by my instrumentality regarding Christ's peaceable reign on
earth. A.D. 1740 his German work "Erklaerte Offenbarung" (Revelation
explained) was published; and exactly one hundred years after that, on
Easter Saturday, 1840, my third German volume, by which the chain to
bind the Dragon was complete, issued from the press. To wit, in the
first and second volumes the "memorable events" are reported, which took
place at our experience for the abolition of Popery, or what is the
same, for the abolition of monarchy; and in the third volume is shown,
that memorable events which are explained in my first two volumes,
happened according to prophecies which are in the Bible and also in
other works of ancient times and have been repeated through the course
of centuries of the Christian Era, and that the memorable events which
happened at our experience, would not have scared priests and preachers,
but would have been expected by them, if they had not been ignoramuses
of what our forerunners had disclosed before us, or stubborn
materialistic hypocrites, not beleaving what they preach and profess by
their performance.

The principal of those forerunners have been mentioned in that volume,
and how far each in his situation saw the objects, which have received
in our mission a light which could not be obtained in former ages.
Doctor Bengel occupies amongst those forerunners a peculiar place;
because he is the second angel or messenger, spoken of in Revel. xiv: 8,
that is, the representative of messengers by whom the contents of that
verse are fulfilled, because he was the first amongst those, who have
proclaimed prophetically Christ's coming or Christ's manifestation to
effect the fall of Babylon while they were showing the time in which it
had to take place, and disclosing many other deep things which were not
known before, and have warned people powerfully, to prepare for Christ's
coming. This was done by Doctor Bengel and his disciples prophetically,
I mean, that they saw Christ's coming only in the image of the Biblical
prophets, and did not know the manner of his coming, and pointed out the
year 1836, as the tropical year for his coming. But when that year
expired, those who had before great confidence in Dr. Bengel's
disclosures, said, that he was mistaken in the calculation of the times.
But we have shown according to our mission in the 3rd. of the mentioned
volumes, that Doctor Bengel was not mistaken in what belonged to the
sphere of his mission, and his wonderful calculation was correct
regarding the time, but that what he wrote regarding the manner of
Christ's coming and other things were not correct, which not he but the
third angel, Revel. xiv. 8, had to disclose; because the year 1836 was
the tropical year, at the expiration of which the 3d angel had to
appear, and then to perform his task and explain the prophetical images
and other things which have not been understood before that explanation;
because the Lord came at that time as a thief, Revel. xvi: 15. The thief
is not seen, when he takes away what he finds suitable for his use. And
the same have we done in our mission in which was gradually disclosed,
that Christ comes by us, his messengers, and discloses what is needed,
by the direction of his invisible agents who are operating through our

If you keep all that has been said in this book, you will comprehend
the hints which we have given as preparations at our approach to the
development of what we have promised in the inscription of this
treatise. Others have tried to show from their position, and Doctor
Bengel with application of historical and astronomical erudition
endeavoured to make it most evident, that the Beast with seven heads and
ten horns in the 13th chapter of the Revelation, is the papal monarchy.
At length came the 3rd angel or messenger, Revel. xiv: 9, by whose
mediumship the whole chain was developed, which testifies the same. And
Heavenly Congress of the 144,000 martyrs, Revel. xiv: 1, who
superintend, that prophecy given under their direction, is exactly
fulfilled, (as there is the case with the prophecies of the Revelation,)
have given also such testimonies of this truth, that the most stubborn
materialist if he studies to learn truth, finds superabundance of most
striking evidences, that hosts of spirits were co-operating, that
prophecy was fulfilling, till at length by unexpected events the Divine
seal was attached to its fulfilment by our mediumship. We will give
later in this treatise striking testimonies of this truth. But here was
the preparation, that you may understand the following hints on the 9th
and 10th verses of the 17th chapter of the Revelation in connection with
the inscription of this treatise.

Doctor Bengel was the first who has discovered, after an investigation
for many years in the Bullarium Romanum, in which the dates of the papal
letters which are known under the name of the Papal Bulls, bear besides
the time, the place from which they issued, that is, the place of the
Papal See or Chair, or of the papal government. In the 17th chapter is
the same Beast with the seven heads and ten horns which appears in the
first verse of the 13th chapter, only that in the 17th chapter it
appears in another state, to wit, the seer says in Revelation, xvii: 3d,
"I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of
blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns." This woman is called in
the 5th verse: "Babylon the great, the mother of harlots and
abominations." The same woman is called in the 3d verse of the second
chapter in the second epistle to the Thessalonians "the apostasia or
apostasy," what your translators expressed with "a falling away." In
the preceding treatise we quoted a prophecy in the 33d song of Purgatory
in Dante's Divine comedy, in which the five hundred ten and five
messenger of God strangles the harlot and the giant who sins with the
harlot. That harlot is the same old woman, which is called in the 17th
chapter of the Revelation, "the mother of harlots and abominations," and
the giant is the representative of the Beast, at this time Pius ix,
carrying on his shoulders the whole burden of abominations and
blasphemies of the whole succession of the apostles whose master is the
apocalyptical dragon, who has given him "power, seat and great
authority," Revel. xiii: 2. The word which is in your translation seat,
is in Greek "throne," which you understand. But by the worshipers of the
Beast it is usually called "the Holy See," and you know if you have
comprehended this book until this page, that the Pope had received his
holy see from "his infernal holiness, the dragon." And we will
concentrate and kindle an admireable light upon this subject in this

In the the 7th chapter of Daniel is the 4th Beast, having ten horns, the
Roman Monarchy. This same monarchy became at length the papal monarchy,
when the Bishop of Rome became monarch of the church and extended his
monarchy or superintendency over the other monarchs and nations as far
as he could, with the same view, as the heathen Roman Emperors had, to
make Rome the mistress of the globe; only that the Roman bishop did this
under a christian title, although his government was an antichristian
government under a christian pretext. There was inspiration; but the
inspiration was from the dragon and his host. The foundation of that
Empire is expressed in Revel. xiii: 2. Any body who has a christian
spirit and compares that which happened in Italy from Easter Sunday of
this year until this day, July, 21st, 1859, is convinced of this truth.
These are the fruits of the Papal monarchy! I have superabundance of
other business, and am writing occasionally since the 4th of this month
the preceding and this treatise, and the reader should keep continuously
in his mind, that I give only some links in this time of great delusion
preparing great destruction also in this country, that there not being
opportunity to study the whole chain of our disclosures people might
receive as much as necessary to know the "secret ememies of true
Republicanism," and the inner life of man and the spirit world, that
they might be saved, instead of being ruined and destroyed. "The seven
heads are seven mountains. Also seven kings, five of whom are fallen,
and one is and the other is not yet come." This is the state of things
at the time, in the 9th and 10th verses of the 17th chapter of the
Revelation. Rome is located on a number of hills, the seven principal of
which are called by the ancient writers the seven mountains. Doctor
Bengel has shown from the Ballarium Romanum and other documents
regarding the Papal government, that since the Roman Emperor Constantine
I. the Pope had the seat of his administration until the time in which
Doctor Bengel wrote, on five of the seven mountains, to wit, 1. on the
mountain Coelius, 2. mountain Aventinus, 3. Vaticanus, 4. Qurinalis, 5.
Esquilinus. Farther is to be remarked that although Popes had some times
their seats in other places, for instance in Avignon of France, others
in opposition to them had at the same time their seat in Rome, or when
in some Revolution they were driven from Rome, they returned as soon as
they could. Doctor Bengel when he found, that in his time the seat of
the Papal government was the fifth of the seven mountains, assured most
solemnly, that that government would not be translocated from that upon
another mountain until it crumbled to pieces, and he, by his admirable
calculation, showed, that it would take place before the expiration of
his century. It took place A.D. 1798, when Pope Pius VI. was taken
captive and carried to France, and the French Directory located the seat
of their government in Rome, not upon one of the five mountains which
were successively occupied as the seat of the Papal government, but upon
the mountain Capitolinus. On that mountain was the temple which was
dedicated during the heathen Rome to all heathen Gods, and during the
Papal Rome to all Saints or all Gods whom the Pope professed to worship.
But then it was taken by the French Directory for the seat of the

All these things were axactly performed, by the influence of spirits of
different spheres. Every actor in the great drama was influenced by
spirits for whose inspiration he was best prepared. But all that took
place under the vigilance of the highest order of spirits for the
accomplishment of prophecies. In Revelation, xvii: 10 the seven
mountains are called seven kings, that is seven monarchial or dospotic
or antichristian governments, governments which originated from the
inspiration of the dragon, the spirit of delusion and destruction. The
seven mountains are types of these seven governments. But five are
fallen, that is five kings or five monarchial governments are fallen at
the time which the Revelator saw, that is, at the time, when the woman
was sitting on the Beast having seven heads and ten horns. During those
five kings or during the Papal governments on the live mountains that
woman, which is the mother of harlots and abominations, was prepared and
fostered by all the anti-christian deeds which have been perpetrated by
the authority of the Papal Bulls which issued from the five mountains.
People who came out from the exterior fashion of Popery, did not return
to the christian truth and christian spirit, but progressed into
materialism and endeavoured to effect with weapons of war, what can only
be effected according to the plan given in the following treatise. The
French Revolution broke out A.D. 1789, and progressed in tremendous
destruction of life and property and in terrorism and distress of the
survivors, that at length A.D. 1798 Pope Pious VI was carried captive to
France, where he died; the Papal Monarchy or the Beast having seven
heads, disappeared, or the woman was sitting upon the Beast, that is,
took possession of the monarchy. That woman is called the harlot and the
mother of harlots, and the apostasy, or defection from truth and
righteousness. People polluted with this defection appear under the
image of a harlot. And those who professed to act in the name of the
Republic or the people, after having removed the Pope from his seat,
located their government on the Mountain Capitolinus, in contempt of the
saints or gods of the Pope, and supported their government with a more
terrible despotism, than their predecessors, the popes, did. This
government of the French Directory on the Mountain Capitolinus, is in
this calculation the sixth government, or the government introduced in
Rome after the fall of the governments on the five of the seven
mountains. When the government on those five mountains was translocated
from one mountain upon an other, the government was not destroyed but
only changed, as circumstances required. But when the sixth government,
(called in Revel. xvii: 10 "the one is" that is, the one which was in
existence after the fall of the preceding five), was introduced, the
former governments of the Papal monarchy were entirely abolished. When
this took place, "the other" in Revel, xvii: 10 "was not yet come," and
the government of the French Republic was in the greatest danger of
being overturned. In those circumstances, "the other," that is Napoleon
came. He returned from Egypt and saved the republic; but the republic
could not be sustained, and Napoleon advanced gradually so far that he
became at length Emperor; and of him is said: "he must continue a short
space." Revel. xvii: 10. His government is in this calculation the
seventh government. He thought, that the secular monarchy of the Pope
was injurious to his Empire, and he required that the Pope, Pious VII,
successor of Pius VI who died in France, should give up his secular
monarchy. And when the Pope refused to do so, he was taken captive and
brought at length to France.

Napoleon is in our magnetic chain the same, who according to the vulgar
reading and translation is called "the man of sin, the son of
perdition." 2d Ep. Thessal. ii: 3. We give only as many hints as are
sufficient, to arouse governments and nations from their lethargy.
Theologians not knowing how the Bible originated, nor how to make the
right use of it, had made already of the first chapter of the Bible the
greatest abuse, and came in collision with developments of astronomy and
geology as well as with the true history of man, being in that chapter
nothing else but the vision or the image of the creation of the mosaic
Heaven and the mosaic Earth, or the mosaic ecclesiastical and political
institutions, which are abolished by virtue of our mission in which we
show the new Heaven and the new Earth. Interpreters and translators
commenced to dupe people with the first verse of the Bible, where the
Hebrew word "Elohim" is in the plural number. But they translated that
word, "God;" although those who know somewhat about the true
spiritualism, may easily comprehend, that those Elohim are the guardian
gods or the guardian angels, departed ancestors of the Jewish Nation. At
the administration of those guardians Moses produced the ecclesiastical
and political institutions of that nation. Of those institutions, and of
the books of that nation such a tremendous abuse was made, that from
that abuse at length "the man of sin, the son of perdition" was
produced. But this vulgar reading is taken in the first place from a
wrong Greek reading. The genuine reading gives in the first place the
translation "the man of lawlessness" that is, the man who came out from
a lawless state, from a state in which the ecclesiastical and political
laws have been overthrown. In the second place instead of "the son of
perdition" should be translated "the son of destruction," that is, the
man who came through that dreadful destruction of human life and
property which is preserved in history, upon the Imperial Throne of
France, that all in him has been fulfilled, what we read in the quoted
chapter, and is explained in our magnetic chain in which we have given
also the genuine reading and the genuine translation, where needed to
understand the prophecy, as far as it has been fulfilled[X] in Napoleon
I. But the explanation cannot be here repeated; but we had here to
mention as much as necessary, that the supplement of its fulfilment
might be understood by Napoleon III. and that the two fighting emperors
and their tremendous armies in Italy, as well as all other monarchs,
might learn their true position and be converted from the Dragon to
Christ and become with us messengers of Peace. For this purpose we must
give the following hints:

"And the Beast that was and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the
seven, and goeth into perdition. Revel. xvii: 11. You must keep in mind,
that the Revelator saw the state in which the harlot was sitting on the
Beast, that is, occupying the place of the Papal monarchy. In that state
of things the Beast or Papal monarchy was not in existence. But when the
Revelator was contemplating that state with marvel, the angel who has
shown him this state of things, gives some prophecies of what would
follow after that state.

"The Beast that thou sawest, was, and is not; and shall ascend out of
the bottomless pit, and go into perdition" Revel. xvii: 8. The Papal
monarchy, which disappeared for a certain time, had to re-appear, and
that re-appearance is its ascension from the abyss, from so deep a cave
that its bottom is not seen, from the realm of darkness in reference to
Revel. xiii: 2, when it came into existence first by the spirit of
delusion effecting great destruction, at the incursion of barbarian[Y]
nations into the Roman Empire in the 4th, 5th, and 6th centuries. At
that time the Bishop of Rome took advantage to commence to be
Superintendent of the kingdoms which originated from the Roman Empire,
and their number was successively ten, which are called the ten horns of
the Beast. Napoleon's Empire "which continued a short space," having
been the seventh government, the Papal monarchy which ascended out of
the abyss Revel. xvii: 8, was in this calculation the eighth king or
government, Revel. xvii: 11, and came out of the seven preceding
governments, and commenced, when A.D. 1814 Pope Pius VII took possession
of his territory after his triumphant return to Rome. Then the ten horns
of the Beast, who "are ten kings" Revel. xvii: 12, (to wit, in reference
to the origin of the kingdoms out of the Roman Empire in connexion with
the origin of the papal monarchy,) the monarchs or their Representatives
who after the overthrow of Napoleon's Empire assembled in the Congress
of Vienna, "These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength
unto the Beast." Revel. xvii: 13. The translation being not exact, we
give only the sense, that they agreed, that the representative of the
Beast or the Pope should be with them a partaker of his temporal power,
or of his monarchy, which he has lost entirely during the sixth
government, and died in captivity. His successor Pius VII, who commenced
to restore it, was then taken by Napoleon; but after Napoleon's fall the
old dynasties with the Papal monarchy were restored. And the people
continued in the great apostasy which is called the harlot, and the
monarchs were fulfilling and continue to fulfil at this time in the most
tremendous manner the 16th verse of the 17th chapter of the Revelation,
"making the harlot desolate and naked, eating her flesh and burning her
with fire." In this tremendous condition they continued since they took
again possession of their governments. Their proceedings and the whole
management of their affairs appear anti-christian. These governments
"make war with the lamb." Revel. xvii: 14. This they do continously,
till at length we read reports of such destructions as are now in Italy.
But to those who are with the lamb, called and chosen and faithful, the
victory against the antichristian governments is promised in the same
verse. Without having room for farther hints in this confinement to a
small book, that it might be studied by many who could not be moved or
would not have time to study a large work or would not have the means to
buy it, we must give here some hints, how our victory against those who
are in war with the lamb, has been secured by the most solemn promises
and fulfilment of the most sublime prophecies. Readers should keep in
mind all hints given on the preceding pages, and should know, that I was
called to America by a Heavenly messenger. Then followed continuous
signs, by which all things were prepared the right moment, that I was
directed to Boston, Mass., and arrived in that city on my birth day,
November, 29, 1837, when I was exactly 42 years old. I had no knowledge,
that my invisible guardians had prepared all that was required, that in
that city great works have been performed by my instrumentality. On
memorable events which happened in the Roman Catholic Church of that
city from December, 1837, until the 3d Sunday after Easter, 1838, by my
mediumship and assistance of 144 witnesses many hundred pages have been
written in my often mentioned five German volumes.

Readers of this book are accustomed to hear unexpected events, and we
mention without explanations the following as preparatory to the light
which we shall give in this treatise upon the present meeting of Emperor
Napoleon and his army with Emperor Francis Joseph and his army in Italy,
and upon the present Pope in their vicinity.

While I was preparing to start from Boston to other places, I was
instructed by unexpected wonders and signs that I must remain in Boston
and take care of the German Catholic congregation, and the priest who
had charge of it, was by invisible agents compelled to leave directly
Boston. For the use of our German Congregation the Roman Catholic
Cathedral Church was granted at the time, during which it was not
occupied by the Irish and American Congregation. We had our service on
Sundays from 8 to 10 o'clock A.M. in that Church, and I explained
prophecies in reference to our time and the necessity of true
Reformation for those who would be partakers of the great promises for
the fulfilment of which the time was approaching. This I knew as well as
also, that I came to America to work in this country for their
fulfilment according to the direction of my leaders. But I did not know,
what, according to their plan was to be done.

On the 6th day of January, 1838, which was Saturday and the feast of
Epiphany or Christ's manifestation, a great prophetical feast for our
mission, I received the order from my guardian, the martyr in Revel.
xiv: 14, who was crucified and burned by the Pope, and found by the
Heavenly Congress, Revel. xiv: 1, as best qualified to be my principal
director in what I had to perform in the cathedral Church in Boston. The
name of that martyr and why he was found to be my leader in that work,
is in other of my writings. By him I was instructed to prepare the
congregation on that feast, that those who would be willing to
co-operate with us for the great Reformation which was required for the
fulfilment of prophecies, should be ready to come on the next following
day after our Sunday service in my school room and sign their names and
what they would be willing to do for defraying expenses in our
enterprises. On sunday the 7th of January, 1838, I delivered again a
sermon suitable to inspire the congregation for the great enterprise,
and asked that those who were ready for co-operation, should come
directly after the service in our school room. That was a step against
all precedence. The catalogue of those who belonged to the congregation,
was given to me before, and trustees took great care to collect large
subscriptions for us. But all this should be rejected, and only those
who would be ready to work with me for the great reformation without
regard to the bishop, should come and sign their names and
contributions, to be regarded as my fellow labourers in the great
reformation. Although I have explained to them in my sermons as many
signs as they could bear, that I came against all my expectations to
America to prepare people for the reformation necessary for the
fulfilment of the greatest promises, I, according to human insight into
matters, did not expect that any would dare to sign his name. But I did,
as I was ordered by my leader.

After our service on Sunday, January 7, 1859, there came so many that
our school room was crowded. Trustees and others came with them to warn
the others, not to do any step for such an enterprise, without asking
first the bishop, what should be done in this case. Others remarked,
that I knew well what I was doing. And I repeated what I have explained
at our meetings in the church, that I was doing nothing except what was
showed to me by the spirit, who had given also in their presence
sufficient testimonies, that he was a spirit of truth and righteousness.
Then all were so inspired, that those who resisted most signed first
their names. Having been agreed that they must sign their names before
me and witnesses in my catalogue the business required time, and those
who came from a distance, remained to sign their names amongst the
first, and the others went home, and returned afternoon. On the next
following Sunday we assembled again, that the names of the signers were
read solemnly and distinctly in the presence of the whole congregation
for other purposes, which to mention here is no room, as well as for the
purpose which must be mentioned, that the congregation were expressly
admonished, that at the reading of the names of the signers they should
pay pecular attention, that if any mistake should be found, it might be
corrected, and that all might be witnesses of what every one had signed
to contribute for our enterprise. Every one, called by the name,
answered. Most of them, if not all, were present. And if any one, for I
do not recollect any case, was absent, certainly those who knew him and
were present when he came to sign his name, testified, that they saw
him, when he signed his name and contribution, and that his name was
correctly written into my catalogue. In this manner that which was
signed January 7th 1838, before witnesses was on the 14th of the same
month testified by the whole congregation.

Signs and wonders became more manifest. I was commanded by my leader to
write an Encyclic Latin Epistle, directed to the Bishops of the Austrian
Empire, showing the necessity of true Reformation that nations might
become partakers of the promises. I have shown in that Epistle of seven
closely written sheets, what was first and most necessary; and I
mentioned a number of signs which have been given in the Austrian Empire
before I started thence to America, and a number of signs in Boston
after my arrival there, by which our mission was testified. After having
finished writing that Epistle, I was directed by the same spirit, to
write to Benedict Fenwick Roman Catholic Bishop of Boston, a short
letter, as addition to the Encyclic Epistle to the Bishops of Austria,
showing to the bishops, that whereas some signs have been mentioned,
which took place in the Austrian Empire in the presence of witnesses who
have been named in the Epistle, and other signs happened in Boston, and
of those signs he was a witness, he was in duty bound to sign first the
circular Epistle and to promise his co-operation with us for the great
Reformation of the Church, which is necessary to stop judgments and to
make nations partakers of the greatest promises. I added, that if he
would refuse to sign, I could not go any more into his Church. The
bishop was a cunning Jesuite. He understood that by signing that Epistle
he could not satisfy his Pope, and he wrote to me a very enticing
letter, to stop me in my Reformation. But I assembled directly those of
the congregation, who could be assembled that evening, Friday, February
16th 1838, and explained what had happened, showing to them their duty,
to make known to the congregation to assemble on next Sunday in a
Protestant School-house in which I would explain, why I could not go any
more into the Church of the Bishop. I convinced them after sufficient
explanation of the matter, that they were satisfied, that I had to obey
rather the direction of the spirit, than the wishes of the bishop.

On Saturday, Feb. 17, 1838, I was again awakened at 3 o'clock A.M. as at
my former commission, and commanded by my leader, to write again to the
bishop and explain my message given to the congregation to assemble on
the next day in a Protestant School house unless the bishop would
acknowledge his fault and do what was required. I assured him most
solemnly, that all those steps were done under strict direction of the
spirit who had confirmed my mission; therefore "nisi haec feceris, tecum
in sacris communicare non possum." It is to be understood, that I wrote
to him in Latin, and said: "If thou, Bishop, wilt not do this," that is,
if thou wilt not sign the Epistle and co-operate with us, "I can have no
ecclesiastical communion with thee." The Epistle was then carried and
handed to him at 8 o'clock A.M. of that day.

Soon after that a deputation of our congregation came to me. They
reported that our message according to our agreement, was spread in the
congregation, but there was a means, to satisfy the spirit; because the
Catholic Cathedral Church does not belong to the bishop, but to the
nations. The deputation assured me that Roman Catholics and Protestants
of different nations have contributed freely to build that church, and I
could explain freely in the church what I had to communicate to the
congregation; since neither the bishop nor any of his priests understood
German. It was evident, that one of the three was under the influence of
a prudent spirit. But I replied, that in steps of such consequence I
must act strictly according to the order of the spirit. They should
therefore go to the bishop. Perhaps they might move him to sign the
Epistle. They went; but they returned with the message, that they found
the bishop not well, entreating me very much that although he could not
sign my encyclic Epistle, I should go in the church, and difficulties
would be then amicably settled. From that circumstance I understood,
that the bishop did not comprehend what it was, to receive a commission
by Heavenly messengers, which was sufficiently attested as sent from
Heaven. Therefore I said to the committee, that after the bishop had
remained in such a darkness, I must strictly act according to the
direction of the spirit who has sent me. Then the man who was under
influence was stronger moved to urge me to go in the church, without
regard to the bishop, and explain what I wished to communicate to the
congregation. When the other two belonging to the committee thought that
I could not be moved, they left my room. Then the third was stronger
moved by his leader than before, to urge me to go in the church. Then my
leader brought to me the distinct message that I should go into the
church and perform independently from all bishops, what would be shown
to me to be performed. At that unexpected message I said to the man,
that I have received the communication which I needed to tell to the
congregation, that they should assemble on the next day in the church.

From the message I understood, that after having excommunicated the
bishop from my ecclesiastical communion, and in my last letter more
distinctly than in my first, I had to omit in my performances in the
church all that shows any communication with the bishop or with the
Pope, whose representative the bishop was. But I knew long before that,
that the Roman Catholic Church was a prophetical church, and I had to
perform the prophetical ceremonies which were in use at those days on
which I had to go in the church. The prophetical spirit has so provided
for what I had to perform from that moment in the church, that at every
performance also the passages which were taken from the Bible into the
Roman Catholic mass-book and ritual, corresponded exactly with what I
was doing.

On the 18th February, 1838, which was Sunday Sexagesima, I came the
first time independently from all bishops, into the Roman Catholic
Cathedral Church of Boston, Mass. to do what would be shown to me by
inspiration. The church has prepared for that Sunday from the 11th and
12th chapters of the 2d Epistle to Corinthians the sufferings of the
Apostle Paul and his report, that he was caught up to the third Heaven.
When I was reading at the Altar that section, and came to the quoted
passage, "I was caught up to Heaven." Paul the Prophet, as he appears in
our mission, did not know, whether it was in or out of his body. But I
know I was entranced, while my body was immoveable at the Altar, and
Heavenly power was communicated to me, and I was ordered to explain to
the audience the testimonies of my mission, commencing with the
initiation which I have received twelve years before that. To wit, A.D.
1825 after my having been six years secular Priest, testimonies were
given, that I was called to join with Priests of the Benedictine Order.
I felt that there were sufficient testimonies of my call from Heaven.
But after my having moved into the monastery, matters appeared so
contrary to my expectation, that I thought, that my surest way would be
to write to the next bishop and to continue to labor as secular Priest.
In that my determination to write on the next following day to the
Bishop of Lavant, I went to rest. But I came from my sleep into a trance
of unspeakable Heavenly light, during which I was surrounded by a
company of spirits and magnetized or initiated by them for the great
labor which I had to perform, and the temptations against which I had to
act. At that initiation I did not see my mother, but I heard so
distinctly her voice and with so powerful impression that it could not
be effaced from my mind, when she said that I should remain in the
monastery. Amongst all communications which I received in Europe from
Heavenly guides, this was the only one, which I have received from my
mother; and nobody else could impress a stronger conviction than she
did, in the most momentous instance in which I needed a Heavenly
comfort. And that initiation by Heavenly messengers strengthened me,
till I received on Sunday Sexagesima, February 18, 1838, the great
initiation at the Altar of the Cathedral Church of Boston for my public
appearance in my present charge and was commanded by the martyr Revel.
xiv: 14 to commence my address with the initiation which I had received
twelve years before that. The Roman Catholic Church has prepared for
that Sunday Luke viii 4-15, and I explained according to the 10th verse
the mystery of our mission. I had to mention some points at my public
initiation to my present mission in which I had to perform in the first
place in the Roman Catholic Church what was required according to
prophecies to give the Pope and his bishops the most solemn divine
testimony, that their prophetical administration is accomplished, and
that their highest duty is to become with us messengers of the
dispensation of the fulness of times Ephes. 1:10, in which all in Heaven
and on Earth should be united and pacified in Christ. For this purpose
the church or the people must be cleansed. To show them the necessity of
the cleansing of the sanctuary, after that my public appearance in the
glorious mission, demons were compelled to bring to daylight the secret
abominations, of which we have in the brief hints of this treatise to
mention one instance, which is in peculiar connexion with the three on
the title-page named witnesses and with other regents. One man was found
in our congregation, who was not in the catalogue of the 144, who have
signed their names into our catalogue on the 7th January, 1838; but he
was in the catalogue of those who have been given to me before that
signing as belonging to the congregation, and that man appeared in that
catalogue as being married, and when after our public appearance in the
present mission the abominations commenced to be detected, that man was
found, that he was not married with the woman with whom he lived as
being married. I sent to him word, that if he wished to know his duty,
he should come to me. But he would not come. This happened in the week
after my public appearance in my present charge. I asked, whether the
case was known in the congregation, and I was told, that it was known.
On the next following Sunday, which was Quinquagesima or the next Sunday
before Lent, I received the order from my leader to excommunicate that
man publicly. I delivered a sermon appropriate to the case, mentioned
that such a man was in the congregation, without naming him, and made
the declaration that such a man does not belong to the church of Christ
or to our congregation till he is converted from his illegal connection.

After that many other performances of our mission took place, which
cannot be mentioned here, except the following:

According to the agreement the signers of their names and contributions
for our support and to defray the necessary expenses, had to bring a
portion of their contribution before Palm Sunday 1838 which is the
Sunday before Easter, and if somebody should be hindered in doing what
he agreed to do, he should come and mention his reason, or if he could
not come himself, he should send word by some other. In the case, that
he would neglect to do the one or the other, we would send, to inquire
for the reason of his having neglected his duty. This was to be
mentioned for the right comprehension of the unexpected events which we
must in this connexion of things report as briefly as possible.

In the night from Palm Sunday to Monday I was at one o'clock by a shock
suddenly awakened and I heard the voice: "Arise and take from the
catalogue those who had neither brought their contributions, nor the
excuse why they could not do so, and excommunicate them on the next
Sunday solemnly from Christ's Church." I arose directly, made light,
took them from my catalogue and put them on another paper. Then I became
suddenly very drowsy and returned to bed. When I arose at the usual
time, I reflected upon the unexpected communication, and I thought, that
my duty was to inquire for the men, and that only under the condition
that they would obstinately resist to submit to the rules of our order,
they would deserve a public declaration, that they do not belong to
Christ's Church. Also it appeared quite strange, that Easter Sunday was
appointed for that excommunication. I thought, that if I would send for
and converse with them, I would perhaps find out the reason of such an
unexpected order. Besides all other things I had also the most
convenient lodging for my performances in the new mission. But here we
select only those points which are preparatory to the development of
deep secrets by which the three extraordinary men mentioned on the
title-page become extraordinary witnesses of our mission. The merchant
with whom I boarded knew most persons of our congregation. Therefore I
took the paper on which I put the names according to the Heavenly
commission, and asked him whether he knew any of those persons who were
on the paper. After his negative answer I called our messenger to give
him the paper with the order to inquire at those who were acquainted
with most people of our congregation, to find out those persons and
invite them to come to me about important matters, without telling the
case which I myself did not understand. But at the moment, when I would
give him the paper, I was severly shaken and heard the voice, not to
inquire for any body but to perform that which I had been commanded to
do. The order having been given by the leader from whom other most
important orders came, I was satisfied, that with the order were deeper
things connected than I could expect. I asked the messenger whether he
heard any voice. He replied, in the negative. I understood that I was
taken by him into the inner state, when he shook me and said to me not
to inquire for anybody, but to perform the order.

From Monday to Tuesday in the week before Easter I was again shaken and
awakened by my leader at 1 o'clock A.M. and heard his voice: "Arise and
write for the book the order given on the preceding night to be executed
on next Sunday." To understand this order I must remark, that soon after
my declaration made to Bishop Fenwick of Boston, that if he refuses to
sign the Epistle I can have no ecclesiastical communion with him, which
declaration was a polite manner in which I excommunicated the bishop, I
commenced to write a book, showing that my extraordinary steps were made
under higher direction testifying my extraordinary mission; because as
soon as I was ordered to separate from the bishop, and to perform
independently from all bishops in the Roman Catholic Cathedral Church,
what would be shown me by the spirit, I understood my extraordinary
mission; although I did not know, what the Heavenly Congress intended to
perform by my mediumship. And when I was commanded by the spirit at 1
o'clock from Monday to Tuesday before Easter 1838, to arise and to write
for the book, which is now called the first of my five German volumes, I
felt more than before the importance of the obligations of the 144
witnesses who have signed their names in my catalogue; and from this
view I wrote that night what I inserted in the most suitable place of
the manuscript, that it was then published for a testimony to all
nations, that I did know nothing in regard to the deepest mystery which
was intended by the Heavenly Congress with that excommunication.

One point more as preparation for the great celebration of the Easter
Sunday, April 15, 1838. On Wednesday before Easter the man who was
excommunicated on Sunday Quinquagesima from our congregation, came to
me after having separated from the woman with whom he was not married. I
understood that he was under influence of an invisible power brought to
me, and that I had to take him into our communion and make it publicly
known on Easter Sunday in the same general terms without mentioning his
name, in which he was separated. And I said to him, that I will mention
this in our next meeting on Easter Sunday.

When all was prepared on that great Easter Sunday, in the midst of our
usual prophetical performances at the Mass I ascended the pulpit and
delivered under inspiration a sermon preparatory to the excommunication,
instructed the audience then regarding the excommunicated by a distinct
report, how I was three times ordered to perform that excommunication,
that therefore those who are comprehended under the names of the
excommunication, are as certainly excommunicated from Christ's Church,
as I am confirmed as his messenger for establishing his reign of Truth
and Justice, Harmony and Peace on the whole Globe by all the signs and
wonders many of which they had already heard in my addresses, others
they will read in the book. The congregation knew, that I was printing a
book in Cambridge near Boston, showing that what I was doing I was doing
under the direction of Heavenly messengers for the fulfilment of the
greatest promises. Amongst all the signs and wonders many of which you
have also read in this book, one of the most remarkable signs was, that
after my having excommunicated Benedict Fenwick, Bishop of Boston, in
both letters, that of the 16th as well as that of the 17th February
1838, although more expressedly in the last than in the first, neither
the Bishop nor any other Priest did interfere with my using the Roman
Catholic Cathedral Church of Boston, but I performed without the least
disturbance all that has been shown to me by the holy martyr Revel.
xiv:14 and his company. I assured the congregation at the same time that
the excommunication will not injure those who are comprehended in the
names of the excommunicated, except if they remain obstinate after the
excommunication is made known.

After the necessary solemn preparation, the excommunication was
performed in the most vigorous manner, and the names of the
excommunicated were read so loud and distinctly, that they could be
heard in every corner of the church, for the peculiar purpose that no
name might be confounded with another name.

After that act I continued the Mass and distributed the Eucharist to a
large number of the congregation whom I prepared on the previous days by
hearing their confessions; because, as I have mentioned before, in my
extraordinary mission in the Roman Catholic Cathedral Church all that
which was practised was to be repeated for a testimony that it was
accomplished. Without there being room here to write about the
confession we mark only in general, that it had also its time in the old
Heaven, but we have better means of education in the new Heaven. But it
is to be remarked that also the man who had been excommunicated on
Sunday Quinquagesima, came to me to the confession before Easter and was
received into our congregation, and this was then on Easter Sunday
directly after my solemn sermon before I commenced to prepare the
audience for hearing the excommunication of those who were to be
excommunicated, distinctly announced to the congregation, and that same
man received then with the others the Eucharist from my hand. Then he,
after our service, accompanied me closely, without saying a word, to my
lodging, and said when I was entering the house, that he wished to talk
with me privately. When we were alone, he entreated me pitifully to
receive him in Christ's Church or in our congregation. I was surprised,
and asked him, whether he forgot, that I received him first privately,
and whether he did not hear that I made that known to the congregation
on that same day, and that he took also the Eucharist from my hand as
the confirmation of being in our congregation. He replied that all this
was true, but that he heard distinctly his name, when I read those who
were excommunicated, and that the Spirit said to him, that he should go
directly to me and tell me this.

I saw that he was acting under the influence of a spirit, and to get
some more information, asked him, how he could hear his name, when I
pronounced loud and distinctly those who were on my paper for the
excommunication, when I read them from the paper as being
excommunicated, and that I could not be such a fool as to put the same
name amongst the excommunicated, whom I took before privately into our
Communion, and announced this also publicly, immediately before the
performance of the excommunication. He replied, that he did not only
hear distinctly his name, but saw it also on the paper from which I read
those who were excommunicated, and if I would show him the paper, on
which those are who were excommunicated, he would show me his name.
Neither he nor any other man could read the names from that paper, which
I had in the New Testament book, in my pocket, and from which I read to
the audience, what was to be read from that book on Easter Sunday; but
my pulpit was so arranged, that nobody besides me could see what I read.
When he demanded to see that paper, to show me his name, I took the
paper from that book, to satisfy him, that he was mistaken. As soon as I
had shown him the paper, he fixed his finger to a name and exclaimed:
"This is my name! this is my name!" The more I assured him, that he was
mistaken and that he should look better the letters of the name, to see
that it was not his but quite another name, the more he affirmed, that
it was his name; and the more he looked at the name, the more he
asserted, that it was his name. Then I named each letter of that name,
asking him, whether he saw that it was the named letter, and when he
answered in the affirmative to all letters, I urged him to spell the
whole name. And he spelt the whole name, and it was "Kaiser." This
German name means in English "Emperor."

As soon as the man, or rather the departed spirit who urged him, that he
performed all this, spelt the name Kaiser, that is, Emperor, the spirit
seemed to be quite satisfied. After a short pause he again operated upon
the man powerfully, saying, that he had brought his name on the 7th Jan.
into my catalogue. I understood always, that he meant that man whose
name was Kaiser, and I said, that his name is not in the catalogue. But
when he continued to assert, that it is in the catalogue, and I repeated
that I perused oftentimes that catalogue and was quite certain, that
his name is not in the catalogue, and we both remained, each on his
point of certainty, I said at length, that I would convince him, that I
was correct, if he would tell me, who was the next before him, who put
his name in the catalogue. And when he named him and also others before
and after him, I opened the catalogue, and saw, that on the 100th place,
which was according to that direction his place, was the name "Kaiser,"
that means "Emperor," instead of the name "Geyer" that means "hawk" or
"vulture." Geyer was the name of the man who had brought on the 7th
January, 1838, instead of his own, the name Kaiser. But by all our
precautions, that there might not be a mistake in any name and by all
our uses of that catalogue until that moment no body discovered this!

That my business with that man required more time than could be spared,
because others were waiting till I dispatched him, and then all that
Easter Sunday there was other work so that I had no time to reflect upon
that case, nor, if there had been time, had I dared to think, what might
have been, behind the vail, without having received peculiar revelation.
Having been occupied on that Easter Sunday with other business as well
as with hearing confessions of those who came from far, I was then tired
and went to rest. During my rest I was awakened by an Angel of the Lord,
and heard the voice, that I should arise and write a communication. I
arose, kindled a light and saw by the watch, that it was one o'clock
after midnight, and felt that there was a company of Spirits present,
while I received from one the communication which was to be delivered on
that day to the congregation. That was the second day of Easter, a
festival in the Roman Catholic Church, and we had our service. That
communication not belonging into this epitome, was mentioned, because it
was a preparation to what follows.

After having finished writing that communication between 1 and 2
o'clock, A.M. on Easter Monday, April 16, 1838, I felt much stronger
than at the receipt of the first communication that I was surrounded by
a company of Spirits, amongst whom, at that moment, my mother
approached next to me, and with an unexpected power of her voice which
made such an impression upon my spirit and my whole system as may be
easier felt than expressed with words, delivered the message that, I
received in our ecclesiastical communion the man who directed my
attention to the Emperor who was excommunicated, and that that Emperor
was excommunicated who pretends to be Apostolic Majesty, and that I must
write down this and publish in the book which was at that time in

I mentioned above, that I received by my departed mother one
communication twelve years before that; and this was the second and also
until this hour the last communication which I have received by the
instrumentality of my mother. Never in my life, at all my experience
from the Spirit world, I was so affected as at that communication. It
was delivered after having written the first communication, and thought
to extinguish the light and return to bed. At that moment I felt that, I
was surrounded by a company of Heavenly Messengers amongst whom one was
approaching nearest, and the powerful communication came. After that
there was no inclination to return to bed, nor is there room here to
repeat, what has been explained in the first and second of my five often
mentioned German volumes, for the correct understanding of said
communication, and the prophecies which have been fulfilled in said
excommunication and explained in my third volume. From those
explanations it is evident, that the Emperor of Austria who has besides
other anti-Christian titles also the title "Apostolic Majesty," is
representing in that excommunication the whole body of Monarchs and
Tyrants, who keep people in the anti-Christian servitude, from which
they are to be redeemed at the present manifestation of Christ by his

Since the female sex has been much more injured and abused by monarchs
and other tyrants than the masculine sex, Beatrice Dante's departed wife
was found as most suitable Heavenly messenger by whom the great prophecy
in the 33d and last Song of Purgatory was communicated to the Poet and
most remarkable Prophet Dante, and my mother was found most suitable to
deliver the above mentioned communication and to make greater
impression than any other Heavenly messenger upon me, when the first
message was to be delivered to understand that great prophecy and
thousands of other prophecies which have been locked until that time. At
that moment a key was given to commence to unlock them.

We give only some hints regarding the points which are the substance of
the contents of the five Germam volumes published from 1838 to 1842; and
many volumes would be required, if we would explain the memorable events
which happened afterwards for new illustrations and confirmations of the
preceding events. There is a concatenation of the most solemn warnings
to all the upholders and supporters of the old ruined Babylon, that they
should come out not to be partakers of her plagues. Besides the
mentioned mystery on the 100th place of our catalogue there is another
mystery on the 90th place. Besides those two, four or five others as you
may read the whole report in those volumes, have neglected to fulfil
their highest duty, and were excommunicated on Easter Sunday, 1838. But
those four or five came after that excommunication to me and were
received in our communion; but the 90th and the 100th have been brought
by their mediums for the fulfilment of prophecies and for the most
solemn divine assurance to political and ecclesiastical rulers, that
they are in such a tremendous condition, in which they would not remain
a moment, but would become directly with us messengers of Peace, if they
would comprehend but a little of what we know regarding their condition.

After having received such an astonishing unexpected light regarding the
100th of the 144 witnesses of our catalogue, that only those can duly
appreciate it who have studied my volumes, others who have neglected
their duty and came in the number of the excommunicated only for an
illustration of those on the 90th and 100th places, as we have explained
in those volumes, came then without having been called, to me, and were
received in our communion. But the 90th did not come, and his place and
his names had a peculiar reference to all that which has been performed
in the Cathedral Church of Boston by our instrumentality; but I had
received no communication in regard to him. Therefore I thought proper
to send Messengers to inquire, whether anybody knew a man having the
name "Leo Hefner" and having been in Boston at the time in which the 144
witnesses signed their names in my catalogue. But after the most careful
inquiry nobody brought any account of Leo Hefner. After that I received
the communication, that that name which is on the 90th place of our
catalogue, is a mystery which must be explained by me.

Then I commenced to explain, that most suitable names have been selected
by Divine wisdom for the excommunication, of the Beast which has the
mouth of a Leo, that means in English a Lion, Revelation, xiii: 2, and
the Beast is the Papal Monarchy, for the foundation of which although
several predecessors of Pope Leo I. were preparing the way, that Leo or
Lion contributed most by his energy and principles which are expressed
in his writings, to that monarchy, which afterwards Pope Gregory VII.
endeavoured to establish with great power, and his successors triumphed
at length against their adversaries, and the mouth of these lions under
the Christian mask swallowed as much of human life and property as it
could reach, and the whole succession or family of the Popes produced a
"Hefner." In the explanation of the expressive names which have been
prepared by the Heavenly Congress, we take the most suitable
significations which appear obviously in the names. We took the name
"Hefner" as a composition of German Hef or Hefe, which means "dregs" or
"sediment," and the Hebrew "Ner," which means Lamp, so that Hefner means
"dregs of the Lamp" in our interpretation. The Pope used the Hebrew Lamp
and besides others especially German scholars gave him the greatest
assistance, that by his anti-christian management the Lamp of Truth and
Righteousness could not burn, because there was oil consumed and dregs
of the most dreadful materialism were destroying and ruining mankind.

It is to be understood, that we give only some hints of what we
explained in the first volume as far as our leaders found proper to do,
showing gradually the great apostasy from the christian truth and
immersion into materialism and ceremonialism, produced by the
anti-christian management[Z] of the "Hefner or Dregs of the Lamp." In
the second volume we cotinued the explanation, that is, I under the
direction of invisible agents, was writing for the second volume. When I
thought that regarding the Beast with ten Horns was sufficient
explanation given for that volume, I heard on the 20th November, 1838 at
noon time a Heavenly voice: "Count the number of the name of the Beast."
Revelation, xiii: 17 and 18. I replied "Lord! I counted it long time
ago." Then the Heavenly voice was repeated. I asked, "Is'nt Lateinos"
the right name? I received the answer: No. Then I understood, that
neither that name which was delivered by the old Church Father Irenaeus
and written with Greek letters gives the number 666 and points to the
affairs of the Latin Man, nor any other name found for an illustration
of the prophecy and containing 666, expresses what is prophesied about
the beast; but that Hefner, contains the whole mystery; because each
pope as pope has the mouth of a leo or lion, and the whole family or
succession of the popes have produced the Hefner, or dregs in the lamp,
which cannot burn, because oil is consumed with the mouth of the Leo.
After my having explained for the second volume, that all circumstances
testified that by "Leo Hefner" the Papal Monarchy was excommunicated
from Christ's Church, and that in this name the whole history of Popery
is comprehended, showing what every pope as pope is, and what the whole
succession of the popes had poduced, the heavenly voice "Count the
number of the name of the beast," has given the most striking divine
confirmation or divine seal to our interpretation of the mystery. I
wrote the family name, after having received the heavenly order, with
Greek letters, and to my astonishment they gave exactly the number 666,
Revel. xiii: 18. Greek scholars should keep in mind, that the German H
is expressed by the Greek mark which is called by grammarians spiritus
asper, and that in both syllables of Hefner _e_ is long, and with this
remark they will find by writing Hefner with Greek letters, in the name
exactly the number 666.

After having received the Heavenly order, that I counted the number of
the beast, while I was writing the manuscript and preparing the print of
the second volume in Philadelphia, I received soon a letter from Boston
containing the information, that Matthew Arnold who is on the 86th place
of the 144 witnesses and in the deputation who after my having
excommunicated Bishop Benedict Fenwick from my ecclesiastical communion,
came to move me to occupy the church for my performances, was inspired
and remained when the other left my room when I received the
communication to occupy the church for our work, that same man learned
who the man was who brought the name Leo Hefner into my catalogue. Since
there were usually besides the witnesses also a number of others in the
school room, in which names were signed in my catalogue, it seemed to be
an easy task to discover the man, who had brought the name, by asking
those who signed their names next the 90th. But there are thousands of
discoveries quite easy, but they could not be made, till the time for
their use arrived. Besides me, all the 144 were also under so strict a
control of invisible agents, that all happened in due time. After all
other things regarding the mystery have been disclosed and also the
number of the beast has been counted, I received the information, that
the man who has brought the name, was a single man, quite suitable that
he became a medium of Pope Leo xii. The first name of that medium was
not Leo, but he was known under the French name Louis, although his
German name was Ludwig; and his family name was Hefner. But Leo Hefner
was not his name. He was brought as a medium of the departed Pope Leo
XII. and he gave the name which we needed. His family name corresponded
with the whole mystery of the fruits of the family or succession of the
Popes, but he was only a medium, and instead of his proper name a name
was to be given which suited the mystery, and the Pope amongst the
departed who represented the succession of the Popes, had to give his
own name. Here is no room to repeat the explanation from my often
mentioned volumes, how tangibly it was shown by signs, that Pope Leo
XII. was the leader who had brought that medium for the most astonishing
excommunication of popery. The name Leo has given also the stopping
place, from which we count in different directions the epochs of the
duration of the Papal monarchy. We have done so in the third German
volume and in the work which exists in Latin, German and English for our
monthly theological course and for the Latin convention, if the Emperors
of France and Austria comprehend us and call their bishops together, to
learn the great things which are disclosed for the pacification of the
world. Bible Students may explain many things by the hints, given in
this book, for instance, how the three verses of the 18th chapter of the
Revelation have been fulfilled on Easter Sunday, April, 15, 1838, by the
excommunication of the Beast and its image or its ten Horns from
Christ's Church. We could name here the powerful Angel, Revelation,
xviii: 1. But here is no room to explain, why that martyr was found most
qualified for that office, that he delivered to me three times the
command to perform that excommunication[AA], in which the proclamation
is included: "Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the
habitation of demons, and the hold of every foul beast, and a cage of
every unclean and hateful bird." Revelation, xviii: 2. Interpreters did
not know, how to read the text, because some manuscripts have the word
"beast" and others have instead of that word "spirit." But the powerful
Angel who had the superintendency in these affairs, has shown, that you
have to read the word "Beast," because he has given to Pope Leo XII. the
order to inspire his medium, to give for our use the name "Leo," or Lion
who is the king amongst the Beasts, for our use in the excommunication
of the Papal monarchy from Christ's Church, and the medium, although of
German parents, was secreted under the French name Louis, in reference
to the French Kings, who were for a great support, and at length for a
great fall of popery.

But with the Imperial Family of Austria is an other phase. "Petra dedit
Petro et Petrus Diadema Rudolpho." This was the motto when the infernal
holiness inspired the Pope, to send the crown to the Count of Hapsburgh,
to have that count when he becomes Emperor of Germany, his obedient
servant. At length, after the support of all kinds of Papal Imperial
Royal abominations the departed Emperor Francis was allowed to take the
most suitable medium in possession. The proper name of the medium
should have been Eagle according to the delight of Emperors in that
Fowl. But our superintendent in those affairs took rather the Hawk or
Vulture as a more suitable rapacious fowl, who put the name Emperor
instead of his name into our catalogue. That the departed Emperor
Francis of Austria became the leader of that his medium, will be shown
below for a peculiar instruction of Emperor Francis Joseph, that he
might become with us messenger of the New Era. But before this we must
give here a very brief lesson to Pope Pius IX, although this whole book
and especialy this treatise contain extraordinary lessons for him, and
we could write a large volume of correspondences of wonders and signs in
Pope Pious IX actions with our apostolic actions.

Bishops would have converted long time ago Pope Pius IX into a powerful
preacher of the New Era if they themselves had studied our message of
Peace, or rather the Papal monarchy would have been extinguished long
time before the appearance of Pope Pius IX. Gregory XVI was the last
Pope in the ordinary course of affairs. While I was reading his book:
"Il trionfo della Santa Sede e della Chiesa" (the triumph of the Holy
See and of the Church,) my Lord has opened my eyes, that he was near to
overthrow the See of his infernal holiness, supported by such an
abominable delusion as is contained in that pestilential book and other
similar impositions. But I did not know at that time, by what kind of
means it would be effected, till A.D. 1838 the wonderful works were
executed in the Cathedral Church of Boston, so that I expected, that
bishops would, after the publication of my explanation of those events,
comprehend them and instruct their Pope in what was his highest duty.
But they proved to be miserable servants of this their grandmaster of

Popes with their whole Hierarchy are continuously repeating prophecies
and at the same time refusing to do what is their highest duty for the
fulfilment of prophecies. I could not have expected, that Pope Gregory
XVI, that machine of darkness, would have paid attention, if I had
applied directly to him. But if bishops had studied our writings and
comprehended our mission and its credentials, they might have drawn also
their master Gregory XVI, to look into our matters. But he vegatated
and died in the fulness of his prophetical position, whereas he was not
ready to enter into the Dispensation of the fulness of times, Ephes. 1:
10, which is to be introduced by messengers whom I represent, I
mentioned that the whole Papal Church is prophetical. In her is
concentrated the prophecy of Judaism and Heathenism. Popes who had a
peculiar charge, had also names and numbers correspondent to their
charge. When in Pope Leo XII the apostolic number was complete he
prophesied, as readers must recollect, according to his Leonine wisdom
about a Church Doctor or Apostle of the higher mission, and after his
departure he had to inspire and bring the man into our school-room, to
sign the most suitable-mysteries on the 90th place of our catalogue for
the excommunication of Popery from Christ's Church. And Pope Gregory XVI
had to write the above quoted book, while he was yet a monk. But by that
book the way was opened for him to the Papal Chair. He prophesied on the
title-page of that book in the first place the triumph of the Holy See
or the Papal Government. And it triumphed so, when he became Pope that
with his successor the whole miserable machinery is breaking and
breaking, till at length the Church, that is, the people will triumph by
receiving our message of Peace, by which all kinds of Popery will be
abolished from the Globe. He on the Papal Chair concentrated in his name
and number of the name the whole mystery of his position. He was
Gregory, that means a watchman, as prophets are called, and he stands as
prophet, in the full number XVI, which is as remarkable in the
developments of Popery as the number 666, so that the disciples of the
Revelator were debating, whether the spirit had given to their master
the number 666, or the number 16 in Revel. xiii: 18, till the spirit had
shown by our instrumentality, that the number 666 is the principal
number in counting the name and the periods of the duration of the
government of that Beast, but the number 16 comprehends many of its deep
mysteries. The 4th Beast in the 7th chapter of Daniel was formed
gradually into the shape of the Papal monarchy, and 4 times 4 is the
complete number in which the last ordinary Pope appeared in his glory;
he is the "infallible monarch of the church," as he himself has proved
while he was yet a monk, in the above quoted book, that the Pope is the
infallible monarch of the church. By the means of that book my Lord of
truth and righteousness has opened my eyes, that I commenced to
comprehend the infernal imposition of the dragon and his host, by which
nations were so duped that they believed the Papal infallibility,
holiness and all other abominations and blasphemies of the living God
and his Christ, and that I have performed and explained what is required
for the abolition of all kinds of Popery. The number of the Biblical
writing mediums or prophets, whose books are collected in one section of
the books of the Old Testament, is sixteen. They were as little
understood as to who they were and where they were, as the Popes. The
number of the Popes each of whom appears under the name Gregory or
watchman, is also sixteen, or two times eight. The last of them or the
sixteenth Gregory was the Pope under whose administration the mysteries
were performed by our instrumentality for the abolition of all kinds of
popery. But he continued to rule in all his glory and to keep disturbers
of his infallible monarchy in prison. He was the most glorious during
the time, in which the Beast or the Papal monarchy is in the number
eight, Revelation, xvii: 11.

The often mentioned catalogue of the 144 witnesses which appears in the
English translation of my 4th German volume, entitled "The one thing
needful," from the 533d till 538th page, is a concentration of wonders
and signs, which were effected under the control of the 144,000 martyrs,
Revelation xiv: 1. In reference to this mystery as well as in reference
to the 144 cubits of the wall of the New Jerusalem, Revelation, xxi: 17,
their number is exactly 144. They were the stones used while we were
performing in the Roman Catholic Cathedral Church what was required
according to prophecies for the removal of Babylon and bilding of the
New Jerusalem. "Behold I come as a thief." Revelation xvi: 15. He came
so secretly, that neither on the 7th Jan., 1838, while those 144
witnesses were signing their names into my catalogue nor afterwards,
while they were performing each his task, we understood much of what was
behind the vail, till after the great excommunication on Easter Sunday,
1838, the great mystery commenced gradually to be developed, and I
received on the third Sunday after Easter, 1838, directly before the
service, from my guardian the direction to deliver the valedictory
sermon in order that all which, was to be executed in that church
according to prophecies, had been accomplished. The church had prepared
for our use on that Sunday the 16th chapter of John. And I selected the
text: "A little while, and ye shall not see me: and again a little while
and ye shall see me, because I go to the Father." John, xvi: 16.

If you have comprehended this book to this page, you know, that I am
Jesus Christ's first-born son in the Dispensation of the Fullness of
Times. Ephes. 1: 10. But also after having been publicly initiated to
this ministry on Sunday Sexagesima, February 18th, 1838, at the altar of
the Cathedral Church of Boston, I progressed slowly in the development
of the mystery.

All disclosures which I give are preparatory for an easier understanding
of the great testimony of the three witnesses named at the caption of
this treatise. I am partly going around and applying to all kinds of
mediums in the cities of New York and Brooklyn, and in all directions is
somewhat prepared for an illustration of the testimony of the three
extraordinary witnesses. On Sunday, 24th inst., when the message of "the
Treaty of Peace" between the Emperors of Austria and France arrived in
America but was not communicated to us on that day, I wrote some of the
last disclosures before this paragraph. After that I wrote two letters.
But before having finished the second, I was inspired to go and I
thought that I was going to a Conference meeting of Spiritualists; but
on my way I met with one who is holding his own meetings publicly to
draw the incautious into private "Free Love Meetings," and I went with
him to his public meeting. When I returned to my room I was tired, went
to bed, and then I arose yesterday, July 25th, and finished at fish-oil
light the second letter of July 24th, 1859. Then I wrote three other
letters before breakfast, at which I heard the first report of "the
Peace Treaty." After that I was occupied all day in the cities of New
York and Brooklyn. I thought proper, to write this episode this morning,
July 26th, before my starting to other business; because it is in such
a connexion with the "Peace Treaty," that it will be in the proper place
more particularly explained for a great illustration of the three
extra-ordinary witnesses.

"Christ's first-born Son in the Dispensation of Universal Harmony and
Peace on the whole globe" is the third angel preaching powerfully in the
9th, 10th and 11th verses of the 14th chapter of the Revelation. There
have been a number of prophecies which have been referred to Christ who
has been crucified by the Jews more than eighteen hundred years ago, but
which cannot be understood except in regard to his first-born son and
the whole Body of Messengers whom he represents. Since our public
appearance some mediums have preached that now Christ's first-born son
appears, and were quoting a number of Biblical passages testifying this.
If there would be room, I would write some pages regarding my meetings
in Cincinnati of Ohio with the principal of those mediums. He after
having been an elder in the Mormon Church, separated from them and was
preaching "the Judgment Dispensation," and that Christ's first-born Son
Was coming now. Although my meetings with that prophet would be for a
peculiar illustration of the testimony of the three extraordinary
witnesses, I can mention here only the substance, that he was often
times possesed by some of the generals of Napoleon I. to give from his
position peculiar testimonies to our mission. Once, for instance, was he
so strongly inspired by his leader, that he wrote a decree by the
authority of that his god, in which he appointed me to be "Pope Andrew
I." It was A.D. 1846. He gave a copy of that decree to an editor of a
newspaper in Cincinnati,--to the same who publishes now in Washington
City the National Era, which will be used before the close of this
treatise in a peculiar connexion with the three witnesses, and he handed
to me a copy of the same decree. At the perusal of that decree I saw
that a dragon was the god by whom he was inspired, and I wrote directy a
protest, to accept any office from his God who was a spirit of delusion
and destruction, I handed my protest to the same editor with the remark
that if he publishes the appointment for me to be Pope Andrew I, he must
publish also my protest. He made known this to that medium who under
those circumstances withdrew the decree. He was a rich general, and
there is no doubt, that as Pope in a new shape I had found soon support
of other rich, persons to carry out the plan of the dragon for

While I was writing the 4th of the five often mentioned German volumes I
had to quote oftentimes the catalogue of the 144 witnesses, and was
continuously aware, that not only the 90th, and the 100th, who have
brought as Mediums not their own names but the names which were suitable
to the office of those, by whom they were inspired, obtained the places
which according to our language by numbers were most suitable to the
mystery which they contain, but that also those who have brought their
own names, brought them as mediums of invisible agents by whom they were
controlled in such a manner, that those who had peculiar charges,
obtained also the places with numbers corresponding to their charges.
After having observed many times this phenomenon I saw at length the
necessity of publishing that catalogue with the names in the same order,
in which they had been brought into the catalogue. But at that time I
was not aware, that the catalogue contains exactly 144 witnesses, the
complete mystical number of their represensation; because on the 538th
page of "the One Thing needful" that catalogue ends with "143 Anthony
Larger," and in my first three volumes as well as in "The One thing
Needful" or in the 4th volume these witnesses are named "the 143
witnesses." On the 538th page the paragraph after the close of that
catalogue commences: "This is the foundation catalogue of the new reign
of Christ on earth," and in the same paragraph these witnesses are
called the 143 witnesses; because they occupy 143 places, and I was not
aware that there were 144 witnesses in that catalogue, till at length I
heard the voice: "Count exactly the number of the witnesses." I looked
then at every place, and found that on each place of the catalogue is
only one witness, except the 81st place in which are two sisters
together, and therefore the number of witnesses in that catalogue is 144
in reference to the 144, 000 members of the Heavenly Congress Revelation
xiv: 1, by whose wisdom names for that catalogue were wonderfully
provided, and in reference to the 144 cubits of the measure of the
walls of the New Jerusalem, Revelation xxi: 17, the chief corner stone
of which being Jesus Christ, and the members of his peaceable kingdom
are named lively stones. 1 Peter ii: 5. And, those 144 were given to me
as assistants to show what is to be done for the establishment of
Christ's peaceable reign on earth, to wit, all the ecclesiastical and
political powers must co-operate with us to draw all nations into the
new era. Here we give only some hints, how wonderfully they are exhorted
and urged by all other events, as well as by the formation of that
catalogue in which is the concentration of wonders and signs.

We quote the following places from the catalogue as peculiar instances
in reference to the three "extra-ordinary" witnesses: "80, Bischofberger
with two, 81 sisters." This man came under the strong control of his
guardian, and when the quoted words were signed, and on the place "81
sisters" appeared, we required the names of his sisters. But he said,
the names will be made known to me another time. Each signer had to give
his name, but Bischofberger after having put the name "sisters" on the
81st place of the catalogue, refused to give their names, and assured me
that they will be made known in due time, and I received orders from my
leader to let it remain as it was written. When the unexpected wonders
which are concealed in that catalogue, commenced to be disclosed, it was
manifest, that on the 80th place was put the representative of the Beast
which itself is the eighth king, Revelation xvii: 11 and has ten horns.
To show, that it was in the complete age or in the fulness of its glory
in our age, it was put on the ten times the eighth place with suitable
names. To wit, Alexis means one who hinders. He hinders the redemption
of mankind from oppression and the development of truth and justice,
which is required for this redemption. And the family name shows who
this man is, to wit, "Bischofberger." The first part of this compound
name is the same word, as the English word "Bishop," and the German
"Berge" are "Mountains," so that this Bishop is Bishop of the Mountains,
or on the Mountains, having his seat on the mountains, in reference to
the seven mountains, on which Rome is located. In this his glory he has
two sisters, which represent the two powers of the Pope, to wit, the
ecclesiastical and political power. He himself in his glory and both his
powers have been typified on the 80th and 81st places of our catalogue
showing to the Pope his highest duty, to become with us messenger of
Christ's peaceable reign.

On the six places which precede immediately the 80th place, those are
represented who have raised the Pope so high as he stands. We remark,
that the German name Ochs is pronounced as the English name Ox and means
the same beast. Those representatives are in our catalogue in the
following order: 74 Joseph Ochs, 75 Conrad Ochs. 76 Aloysius Ochs. 77
John Ochs. 78 Iidorus Ochs. 79 Joseph Januarius Ochs. The number six is
the fundamental number of the number of the name of the Beast 666,
Revelation xiii: 18, and to one or the other of the six classes of men
who appear here as oxen, all orders of monks may be reduced. The name
which stands before the name "Ochs," defines nearer the position of the
representative Ochs. Monks of all Papal orders appear in reference to
the Pope as Oxen, tame useful animals, working for the support of
Popery, without knowledge of their own and the true condition of the
Pope. But Revelation xiii: 11 we read: "I beheld another beast coming up
out of the earth, and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a
dragon." Here are the orders of monks under the image of a Therion, a
ferocious beast, which appears as a lamb to those whom it entraps for
the Pope, but it is ferocious, although it hides its ferocity, as a
dragon, till its delusion is made manifest, when it destroys the enemies
of the Pope. It is caught in all six shapes into our catalogue, the
explanation of the mysteries of which in our volumes shows to all monks
and priests the urgent necessity to become with us messengers of the new
era And the explanation from the 11th verse to the end of the 13th
chapter of the Revelation and of other mysteries is in our volumes
showing the dreadful condition of monks and priests in their present

We have given some hints without explanations which are in my printed
volumes and in the manuscript, which N.B. On this great prophetical
Feast, August 15, 1859, of Mary's Assumption into Heaven and of Napoleon
I's Birthday, I mention that I was since the twenty-first day of June
last, on which day agreement was made with the printer and the
manuscript of the First Treatise was given him for printing this book,
confined to New York, wishing to have it printed as soon as possible.
But those Messengers from our sphere who have the commission to count
according to our spirit language by numbers, pages and lines in my
publications and days for their printing in agreement with the calendar,
for this purpose controlling the spirits of the compositors, did not
hinder them to annoy me in manifold ways. At length I wrote on the 1st
inst. my complaint and carried it to the same attorney who without
charge wrote the agreement; but not having found him in his office, I
myself carried it to the printer, expecting a good effect. But I was as
much disappointed, as when I commenced to write the Fourth Treatise and
thought that it would not become larger than the largest of the
preceding Treatises. But having become more than twice as large, we
stopped the composition of the Fourth Treatise at the end of the 168th
page, which according to the printer's calculation will be finished on
the 17th inst. The portion of the Fourth Treatise which appears in this
edition is a necessary preparation to comprehend the proper position of
Pope Pius IX. and of the Emperors of France and Austria, and to
understand the mysteries of the dates of the remarkable events in the
last war in Italy. Those dates testify that those events happened under
strict control of our leaders watching the infernal furies destroying
men, and in so exact a correspondence with events of our mission, that
if you comprehend this book and act accordingly, you will open soon the
door for the New Era in America and in Europe; but if you neglect this
the three extraordinary witnesses have such a position as to continue

Those who comprehend this book, will be anxious to read also the
continuation and the end of the Fourth Treatise, and will collect as
many subscribers as possible. As soon as they secure us to call a
printer to our Peace Union Centre and to publish a new edition of this
book, we will send gratis to them in an extra pamphlet the "Supplement
to the Fourth Treatise," which will appear in the next edition.
Therefore we request those who buy this book, to give their exact
direction either to those from whom they buy or to send it according to
the direction on the title-page.



     The Plan for Redemption of Nations from monarchical and other
     oppressive speculations and for the introduction of the promised
     New Era of Harmony, Truth and Righteousness on the whole globe.

We write the following pages only for those who have studied all the
preceding pages of this book, and concentrate the subject of what would
require volumes, on few pages, to be gradually developed in our
Periodical. On the title-page of this book our Mission is expressed, and
the four preceding Treatises contain superabundance of credentials or
testimonials of our mission as well as the great truth, that the social,
political and ecclesiastical relations of mankind are rotten and
corrupt, the whole structure is a Babylon, confusion and delusion, which
is to be abolished and on its place truth and justice, harmony and peace
are to be established by virtue of our mission.

Readers of this book know that I speak as medium of messengers from the
Heavenly Congress who have the commission to introduce the New Era, and
as representative of messengers by whom nations are to be moved for
action to escape from the plagues which continue in the ruins of Babylon
till people come out and establish the New Jerusalem, the new order of
things, in which persons of both sexes will receive such development of
their intellectual and moral faculties and of their physical skill and
strength as they will be qualified to receive, to enjoy themselves in
their mortal bodies as well as after their departure such happiness as
their persons will be capable of enjoying while they themselves will
contribute, each member his or her share to the common welfare of
mankind, that the whole society will progress as far as circumstances
will allow.

This development demands time. It could not take place in a moment, but
means which have been in preparation and prepared through the course of
ages may be concentrated, and when thus concentrated they may be
usefully applied in accelerating the true and right education of
degraded humanity, and in a few years that may be effected, which past
centuries did not effect. But with all the knowledge which we have
acquired for promoting the true happiness of mankind, we can do nothing
for them, if they are not reached and aroused from their lethargy. If
they will be redeemed from their present miserable and wretched
condition, they must begin to comprehend where they are and to what
point of intellectual and moral perfection with corresponding happiness
and health and strength of body and mind they could arrive, if they
would apply their energy and the means which are prepared by nature as
well as by human skill, art and science to be used in bringing mankind
from their present Babylon or from the existing confusion and delusion
into the new Jerusalem, into the New Era, into the new order of things,
which is usually called the Millennium, about which there are many false
and wrong notions, but which will be the universal republic in which
truth and righteousness will reign and all nations will be united in the
great brotherhood in which they will enjoy perpetual peace. We have
received the commission and the credentials of the Mission to introduce
this state of things.

To commence with power the grand work which is to be accomplished by
co-operation of men and women, who are associated amongst themselves and
united with Heavenly messengers who are commissioned to prepare for the
promised New Era, we unite and form an Association which we call
Peace-Union (Friedens-Verein), a union of co-operation for establishing
peace. Real, perpetual peace comprehends the restoration of human
rights. Our co-operation for this purpose needs a centre, a place on
which we concentrate the means to attain our object. Hence, we according
to our mission, invite all who are able to contribute their share,
either in money or property or any kind of mental and physical labor for
the realization of the object, that they might co-operate with us to
establish first a centre of our work, and according to the pattern of
the centre as many other settlements as may be required for
accommodation of all who would enter into the New Era.

The first centre should be a provisional centre, that is, a place for
concentrating our co-operation so long as may be necessary, till for the
same purpose a more suitable place be furnished. But not all who are
invited to co-operate can have accommodation on the first central
station, nor would all be ready at once, who might so desire, if
buildings and other necessary conveniences were provided, which,
however, is primarely to be attended to. We need co-operators everywhere
to arouse as many as can be aroused for co-operation with us in these
days of Noah, at the approach of the flood of tribulations. In my former
publications as well as in this book and in my manuscripts a
superabundance of credentials are exhibited, that those men and women,
who are united with us in Christ's spirit, that is, in the spirit of
truth and righteousness, and are living in accordance with what is
required by that Spirit, and are spreading the glorious news made
manifest by our instrumentality for redemption of oppressed humanity,
are true messengers of Christ; but those clergymen who, instead of
co-operating with us, are keeping people in shackles of their sects and
despising our message of peace, are messengers of the deluding and
destroying spirit and supporting the Beast or monarchy which receives
its power from the dragon, the deluding and destroying serpent which is
the image of that spirit, Revelation xiii: 2. We expect they will
comprehend this book and commence to act with all their strength as our
fellow-laborers, and become with us partakers of the blessings which
will originate from our co-operation.

After this preparation we ask, whether according to the common stock
association or according to a true community of goods the centre and
other settlements of our Peace-Union should be established. I wrote many
years ago a plan according to a common stock association, according to
which members of the Peace-Union should have prepared themselves and
others for a true community of goods, but within seven years an exact
accouut of labor furnished and of its worth as well as of other property
should have been kept, and at the expiration of that period the division
of profits according to the shares of labor furnished and other property
invested should have taken place, and during the period of seven years
all the members should have been prepared for the great community or
true republic, into which mankind will finally associate, that those who
would not be sufficiently prepared before the expiration of seven years
to commence a true community, might at least, in seven years be prepared
for it. At the end of that plan is the paragraph a portion of which we
copy here as preparatory to what follows:

"I have mentioned only some of the many points which are to be mentioned
in more suitable times, or in the periodical; because that which has
been mentioned may suffice to move those who are culled and chosen to be
the first champions in starting the centre of our action. They may
easily comprehend, why we are compelled to commence on so low a station,
on which continuous accounts and calculations as well as many other
inconveniences will make much trouble. If we would expect good success
on a higher ground, we would commence on that ground. But this
generation is found in such a degradation and corruption, that also the
proposed plan to draw mankind from lower to higher stations, will
probably not find directly sufficient support of what we need to bring
mankind quickly and powerfully into the New Era, which in its splendor
and glory will be the great community of goods, based on true republican
principles, &c."

This paragraph was to be copied, because we must give some explanation
of the matter, that mankind were to be prepared in manifold ways, to
become gragually ready to enter into the right order of things. Readers
of this book know, that from A.D. 1838 till 1842 my five German volumes
containing "Memorable Events" developing the dreadful social,
ecclesiastical and political state of mankind and testifying our mission
to introduce the promised New Era, have been published. During and after
the publication of those volumes it was evident, that our duty was to
make known to those who have read or heard somewhat regarding our
mission, that for a powerful co-operation we would need a centre of our
action. Adolph Etzler published that time a book entitled: "The New
World or Mechanical System to Perform Labour of Man and Beast by
Inanimate Powers." I have read it and found the principles correct, and
that although all that he proposed, would not be practicable, some of
his propositions could be put in practice. And when I saw that Germans
were so chained either by materialism or sectarianism, that instead of
studying those my five German volumes and of acting accordingly they
followed rather after their sectarian and materialistic leaders who have
published all kinds of delusion against my books, and spoke also in a
like manner publicly and privately against them, my directors moved me
to tell to those who took more or less interest in the contents of my
books and were skilful mechanics, that they should study Etzler's book,
and if they would find his propositions practicable, they should try to
awaken Germans with Etzler's machine to study my German volumes. The
best mechanic among them, after having studied Etzler's book, and having
seen the draughts of all parts of Etzler's machine and heard Etzler's
explanation of all its parts, has assured me in words and in writing
that he gave all his property as security, that he would put Etzler's
machine in operation. But a seeress who belonged to our association, and
gave amongst all women the strongest testimony to our mission, although
she did not see the pattern of the machine, received in a vision its
whole structure and described exactly the portions which she saw in the
vision, that they broke. She received that vision a considerable time
before those who were expecting certain success, commenced to build
Etzlers machine. I was certain that the prophetical vision would be
fulfilled, but I expected that afterwards would be shown how Etzler's
mistakes should be repaired, and that great lessons would be given to
nations by the trial of that machine, the inventor of which was a great
materialist, not knowing that he himself was a strong medium of spirits
of a similar character as spirits of Napoleon I. were, to subdue the
world by physical means, while I considered that machine as the means of
peculiar spirit manifestations to awaken nations from their materialism
to our message of peace containing the true spiritualism. The machine
was built under Etzler's direction in Warren County, Pa., the trial was
made, and the pieces broke which have been foreseen and foretold as

There was a great jubilee of those who have been deluded by priestcraft,
that they thought when Christ was killed, that he would arise no more,
When Etzler as well as the man who has given me in words and in writing
the pledge with his whole property that he would put the machine in
operation, have left the place I said to those who have remained on the
place, that in the next night would be revealed to one of them, how the
mistakes made by Etzler, should be corrected and the machine should be
put in operation. George Karle, a young lame shoemaker, a sincere seeker
after truth and firm believer in our mission, was the man to whom the
mystery was revealed, and he has explained at our meeting the matter in
such a manner, that also those who were most opposed, have at length
been convinced, after having heard his explanation how Etzler's mistakes
should be repaired, that he had received a true revelation, and agreed
that he should be the director in rebuilding Etzler's machine, to make a
new trial. But before this has been done, he was brought into the
Allegheny River and drowned by the instrumentality of the departed
Mormon Prophet Joe Smith, not directly but indirectly by the
instrumentality of a cow. But a week after that, on the 30th of July,
1844, the same destroying spirit Joe Smith was allowed to attack me
directly, to show how he would be able to kill a man in a minute, if he
would be permitted. But he was seized by my guardian and cast into a
combustible matter which was by his infernal electricity instantly
kindled. George Karle was permitted to be drowned, because the time for
establishing our centre had not yet arrived, and Karle had an important
mission in the spirit world, and in that great mission he continues to
be engaged.

It is to be understood that the given hints regarding Joe Smith would
need a peculiar treatise. I did not know him personally in his mortal
body, but urged preachers of his sect to move him to meet me either in a
written correspondence or personally, to learn to know his dreadful
delusion. The same I published in "The one thing needful," and urged his
Elders, to send to him an English copy of that volume, which as readers
of this book know, has been translated from the German into English. But
in that year matters did not yet arrive to maturity for the conversion
of Mormon Apostles and Elders. Their infernal President had to show, how
his army had the power to prevent my starting the centre of our
operation. But that my meeting with the departed Joe Smith occasioned
my meeting with the mortal Brigham Young, while he was yet in Nauvoo,
but although I preached to him and his disciples the judgment
dipensation, they were not yet mature to be converted, and my
manuscripts in which dreadful mysteries of the Mormon Spiritualism are
developed, must wait to be published, when nations will be prepared to
read so important disclosures.

I have given here some hints of my experience at and after the trial of
Etzler's machine, by the means of which so much regarding the inner life
of man and the spirit world and the dreadful condition of mankind has
been disclosed, that volumes would be needed to explain it. That
experience is testifying, that time did not yet arrive for establishing
the centre. People were ridiculing me and reproaching the machine, not
knowing that I have only occasioned its building, and that I warned
those who undertook to build it, that they should reflect upon the
point, that at its first trial the pieces foretold by the seeres would
break, although they would be repaired and the mistake of the inventor
corrected, if they would persevere in the work of the Lord. But the wife
of the man who undertook the work and gave the pledge, was instigated by
Jesuites and their agents and made him blind in the work in which he had
to persevere, that by our experience it became at length manifest, that
the trial of the machine was made for great instruction of nations.
People were deluded by the blind leaders of the blind and would not hear
us, when we invited them after the trial for co-operation to establish a
centre without trying any machine, but only using machines which have
been tried by others and found to be useful. But when we will be in all
directions secured with abundant means, we will support inventions for
the common welfare.

Here is no room for further explanations, that wherever I endeavoured to
start a centre of our co-operation on the plan of the common stock
association, great spirit manifestations showing the dreadful condition
in the existing Babylon took place, and the inner life of man was more
and more developed and all our sufferings have been abundantly rewarded
with imperishable treasures. We give here some hints on one case the
full explanation of which would need as large a volume as this volume
is. During the building of Etzler's machine George Karle found John
Zeigler in a hermitage in which he employed one half of his time to
chopping wood and the other to studying the Bible and to prepare for a
happy home in the spirit world. Karle gave him some instructions
regarding our mission and some of my books. Zeigler discovered soon that
by studying my books he would receive light which he could not obtain in
other ways, and then he studied them deeper than any other mortal man,
and whenever his presence was required, he came to give us assistance,
and then he returned to his hermitage. In the latter part of 1849 and
the commencement of 1850 I was preparing in Indiana and Illinois and
especially near the line of both states people for our message and for
co-operation to establish on the grand prairie our centre. When I
thought to have found the best location for it, I found soon a man of
property who paid for the land according to our plan. Then I wrote to J.
G. Zeigler who was from his hermitage preparing people by letters for
our message, that he should come, and then we would write together to
such as we would invite to come as pioneers. He wrote, that he was ready
to start directly. He started, but he was pushed into the Ohio River in
the night of the 10th of April, 1850, between 11 and 12 o'clock by a
papist instigated by the power of darkness. The whole conspiracy was
then detected to us; but we committed the murderer to the Judgment of
the Heavenly Court, and Zeigler continues to work with us amongst the
departed. He was an American well versed in English and in German, and
his work is extensive. The spirit language by numbers should be known in
a certain measure to biblical students; although the most celebrated
amongst them know very little about it. But those who comprehend this
book, may easily find out, why I met with the departed Napoleon I. in
the 20th line of the 20th page, and why the spirit directed me to repeat
this important fact with additional circumstances on the 39th page, and
why I meet with Napoleon in the 39th line on the 39th page in this book.
Readers in looking into these mysteries should keep in mind, that the
battle of Solferino was fought on the same day in the year 1859, on
which day I met with Napoleon A.D. 1839. If you understand this book,
you will easily comprehend also, why the spirit was pleased to prepare
on the same 39th page before the departed Napoleon the departed
President Taylor and Buchanan in the Presidential administration, who
appears to live although he is yet dead. But his friends should awaken
him to study this book and to co-operate with us, that he might escape
the judgment in which President Taylor was executed, and John George
Zeigler was sent by the Heavenly Congress to give orders to destroying
spirits to carry Zach. Taylor into their infernal regions. "Zeigler was
the angel of the Lord," mentioned in the first line of the 37th page of
this book. He has shown to Zach. Taylor, when he entered from his mortal
body into his inner life, my handwriting testifying, that he had
neglected to fulfil his highest duty. And I have mentioned in this
connexion of things this incident, that you might do what your
predecessors have neglected to do.

When by the departure of our martyr John George Zeigler was shown, that
the Grand Prairie was not the place for starting our centre, I wrote to
the man who has bought and paid for the land, that he was at liberty
either to keep that land for his use or to sell it, and then I was
preparing in other States people for our message, showing them also the
necessity for starting a centre of our co-operation. At lenght at the
end of February and at the commencement of March of this year, 1859, was
in peculiar manner made manifest, that we should start the "_Centre of
our Community_" or the Centre for establishing the True Republic, which,
as has been made manifest, will be a true Community of Goods, and a true
matrimony of one man with one woman, as has been prophesied by the first
Christians at Jerusalem, but could not be accomplished in practice till
the dispensation of the fulness of times, Ephes. 1: 10. or the New
Jerusalem, will be introduced by messengers whom I represent. If we
should find before finishing the last of the 24 pages of the 8th sheet
some space, we will give hints on the wonders and signs by which it has
been shown, but explanation of these matters must be delayed, till we
establish a Printing office at the Centre of our Peace Union Community.

"And fear came upon every soul: and many wonders and signs were done by
the Apostles. And all that believed were together, and had all things
common. And sold their possessions and goods, and parted them to all
men, as every man had need." Acts ii: 43, 44, & 45. "And the multitude
of them that believed were of one heart, and of one soul, neither said
any of them that aught of the things which he possessed was his own; but
they had all things common. Neither was there any among them that
lacked: for as many as were possessors of lands or houses sold them, and
brought the prices of all things that were sold, and laid them down at
the Apostles feet; and distribution was made unto every man according as
he had need." Acts iv: 32, 34, & 35.

This was not the commencement of the Community in the Jewish Church, but
of the great conversion of those who have been attached to the sects of
the Pharisees and the Sadducees. Besides these two sects there was a
third sect, called the Esseni or Therapeutes. They understood that the
letter of the Jewish Bible kills and that there was in those prophetical
books a deeper, a spiritual sense of what was to come, and they retired
into the deserts of Egypt, and were acting from thence to convert the
world to their community principles. From that association the Christian
Religion originated. Jesus Christ was the descendant or offspring of the
Therapeutes or Healers, who were powerful in healing diseases of
demoniac influence. Their spirittual power came from their strictly
moral life, they did not abuse the procreative powers, but those who
were married, used them only for obtaining children in the right season,
and many of them lived in celibacy in the strictest continence all their
life time. Such was the life of the Therapeute Monk Eli or Heli, the
Father of Jesus Christ, Luke 1:23. He, while living in the strictest
celibacy arrived to an advanced age, and when the time arrived for the
procreation of the Messiah of the Jews, he became the medium of the
spirit who was selected by the Heavenly Congress to seize him and to
procreate by his instrumentality the Messiah. And when the departed
spirit called Gabriel or the power of God, was operating through Eli
that is "My God," Mary was seized by her guardian and submitted, that
the offspring was not the origin of a carnal co-operation, but the work
of a Holy Spirit, so that Jesus Christ was the concentration of the
spiritual power of the highest association amongst the Jews as well as
of the prophecy of the Jewish Nation. In one of my former writings I
have given more disclosure regarding this mystery, but when we will have
our own Printing office, I will give a more complete explanation of the
mystery, as well as of my generation, because if you comprehend this
book, you know that we have superabundance of signs according to
prophecies, by virtue of which I appear as the first born son of Jesus
Christ for the introduction of his peaceable reign on earth or the great
Community or Republic, for which we must prepare by establishing a
centre of our co-operatian.

Here is to be mentioned that regarding the community great abuse was
made of the above quoted verses from the above quoted and other biblical
passages in monasteries and nunneries as well as in other associations.
Christ says to the Angel of the church of Ephesus: "But this thou hast,
that thou hatest the deeds of the Nicolaitanes, which I also hate."
Revelation, ii: 6. And to the angel of the church in Pergamos he
reproaches: "So hast thou also them that hold the doctrine of the
Nicolaitanes, which thing I hate." Rev. ii: 15. Nicolaitanes in the
Revelation are the same who are in our days known as Free-lovers. Some
called them Dr. Nichol's people. But that Doctor was at length converted
to Romanism, lecturing for the Roman Catholic Church, and the day before
yesterday or on the 14th of August, I read the advertisement of his
lecturing here in New York. We expect, that he will get this book,
comprehend our spiritualism and draw many Roman Catholics into the true
Catholic Church, or what is the same, into our Peace Union. Man must be
restored to his true condition. A chaste, pure life in celibacy, and a
true matrimony in which carnal copulation is usued only for obtaining
children when sound reason or true christian spirit requires it, this
is the true condition of man for his true happiness in this and in the
future life. All excess in this respect is injurious to body and soul of
parents and children. As long as mankind are not reduced to the right
order in this respect, they remain in their degradation and misery. How
they will be brought lo the right order in the true community as the
only refuge for the restoration of the human race will be explained in
our Periodical for the common use and particularly to those who will
come to our Peace Union, here not being room except to give hints on
many points the full explanation of which requires large treatises. Here
we give the following hints.

In the present Babylon dollars and cents as the means in this state of
affairs used for what man needs to support his mortal life and for
committing all kinds of sins and crimes against his fellow men, occupy
in so dreadful a manner the minds of men and women in general in their
present degraded condition, that the one thing needful, their spiritual
progress is so neglected, that probably if some few comprehend this book
so far as to apply all their energy to spread it, they will have a hard
task to move the public in general to study it so as it should be
studied and comprehended. Reader should recollect, that when I came the
first time in my present charge before the public, the passage Luke
viii: from the 4th to the 15th verse, was prepared for my use. Besides
dollars and cents there are especially the sexual disorders which ruin
mankind so, that they appear as dead to the truly spiritual things, for
which they will get the right taste, when in the community they
comprehend, that mankind belongs to two houses. Americans are quite
accustomed to two Houses in the Capitol of Washington; but in the true
community they will learn to be accustomed to the two Houses, or two
departments in one and the same house, to which mankind belong, when
they arrive to the higher perfect order, so that males belong to their
own House or department and females to their own, although each husband
has his own wife, and each wife her own husband; but they do not meet
together for carnal copulation, except in the right season for the only
object to get a child, with due preparation to transfuse a holy spirit
into the child. Nothing is more injurious to the parents and to the
child than the act of procreation without due preparation, which is in
this present Babylon generally neglected. Besides this in this present
abominable situation of mankind, the act of carnal copulation is
oftentimes repeated during the pregnancy and before the child is weaned.
All this has a very injurious effect upon the child and degrades and
ruins also the parents. Here is no room to explain the hints showing the
origin of the hereditary sins, which will be abolished, when the true
community will be flourishing, and the whole House of males as well as
the whole House of females will support every individual belonging to
the House, as well as the whole community in their common meetings will
support each other in the progression towards perfection.

These hints may appear quite strange to many readers. But if they will
come out from the existing corruption, they may be assured, that they
will comprehend me, when I give in a long dissertation a complete
explanation of the given hints, in the supposition that those who have
comprehended this book know our mission, and that we have received the
knowledge which is required to our mission to bring nations out of their
present corruption which kills many when they arrive to manhood and
womanhood; and many more before that age, and not a small portion of
them before or soon after they are born. And all this originates from
the corrupt state introduced by the follies of men. When these follies
will be removed, mankind in general will commence, within few
generations, to become old and will enter into the spirit world with
great imperishable riches.

We read: "Verily I say unto you, there is no man that has left house, or
brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or
lands, for my sake and the gospel's, but he shall receive a hundredfold
now in this time, houses and brethren and sisters and mothers and
children and lands, 'after persecution,' and in the world to come
eternal life." Mark x: 29, 30. According to our reading in the Greek
text we translate: "after persecution." When the persecution is
abolished, the promised great advantages will be made manifest in the
true community. There will not be plurality of wives, but each husband
will have his own wife. Now father, mother, wife or children might
resist to the determination of a person to join with the true community.
Those who comprehend, that this will be the true life in the true reign
of Christ, in his Peace-Union, will co-operate with us for its
introduction without regard to any opposition of their nearest
relatives. Every one who forsakes all and acts with us as much as he
can, for establishing the Peace-Union, will when persecution ceases and
the Peace-Union flourishes, consider those, who are old, as his fathers
and mothers, those of equal age as brothers and sisters, and those who
are younger as his children, and all the property belonging to the
Peace-Union as ours, and we will truly pray to God: "Our Father."

Not being yet in this happy condition but endeavoring to arouse a
general turn towards it, we must make some provisions to support the
feeble in their turn, and those who turn towards our Peace-Union that
they might easier settle matters with those who belong to their family
and will not turn into our Peace-Union.

Every individual who determines to enter into our community, brings all
his property into it, after having settled all his business in the
world. This property, according to our principles will be taken in
possession by the community; and if it is not money but other property,
it will be valued according to a very moderate price, and its value and
the amount of money if he brings any, will be put into the ledger of the
community, and a receipt will be given to him or her under the
provisions mentioned as follows: In the possible but not probable case,
that he or she should return to the former fashion, the value of the
property would be returned, although not directly, but when the
community would find easy to do so. In the mean time they would exchange
the receipt which he or she received at the delivery of their property,
with a note containing the amount of money and the time when the
community promise to pay according to the value or course of money at
the time received and at the time in which it would be paid to him. For
instance, if a dollar received would have at the time in which it would
be paid, only the value of ten cents, ten cents would be paid to him or
her instead of a dollar, without any interest; because the step should
be made after earnest reflection and determination, and with this
provision we must deter hypocrites from joining our Peace-Union; but to
those who would be feeble, all possible assistance would be given to
strenghten them in the work which they would commence. In the true
community when it will flourish, everybody will enjoy as much of its
riches as is required for his bodily strength and for such an
intellectual and moral improvement as to enrich as much his spirit as
his faculties will be prepared to receive, that after his departure he
or she enters into a happy abode of our Peace Union.

I and other pioneers, who are preparing for the happy state which the
Peace-Union community when flourishing will enjoy, must suffer many
privations. But the spiritual treasures which during our great struggle
with the opposition we acquire, we carry with us at our departure, and
where our community will flourish, we will rejoice with them who will
partake of the fruits of our labor, so that I will not be less happy
than the happiest who will be born in our Peace-Union thousands of years
after my departure. With this consolation every reader should follow my
example and act with us for the introduction of the New Era.

After these hints some rules must be mentioned regarding the economy and
management of affairs for the introduction and maintenance of the
Peace-Union to realize what in Christ's peaceable reign on earth is

As soon as circumstances will admit, a printing-office will be
established on the place on which we commence our provisional
Peace-Union centre, and a Periodical based on and directed by the
principle of free discussion will be published, as the nature of the
case, reason and arguments for the restoration of human rights demand.
And previous steps, made before we are enabled to publish the
Periodical, are subject to be criticized in the Periodical, and we
undertake such enterprises or actions as we are ready to support before
the tribunal of truth and righteousness.

This rule contains all that a sensible man or woman using his or her
intellectual and moral faculties may demand. If we had used our whole
book to develop our plan, we would not have finished our work, if the
volume had been much larger than it is. But the points belonging to our
plan, must be gradually developed in our Periodical, and those who
comprehend this book and our mission, superabundance of credentials of
which are contained here, will not tarry for a moment to co-operate with
all their strength with us, and to draw their mortal and their departed
friends into our Peace-Union.

Members of the Peace-Union agree to support whatever may be shown by
free discussion through our Periodical to be suitable, practicable and
necessary to promote the common welfare of the Peace-Union, which is the
welfare of mankind. Those who would refuse to support it, had to show
the contrary in the same Periodical, that it might be discussed,
otherwise they would be disturbers, and if they could be by no means
corrected, they would deserve to be excluded, and the Peace-Union, after
having exhausted the means to bring them to the right order, would be
compelled to declare them to be separated, and to give them the note or
the certificate of their claim according to the rule above, and they
return the receipt which they have obtained when they have brought their
property into the Peace-Union.

We illustrate the point with an example. I have given, for instance,
some hints regarding the two departments of males separately and females
separately, notwithstanding the true matrimony of one husband with one
wife. When there is the right time for them to procreate a child, they
will have a convenient place for the performance of the most responsible
duty. This my hint, when sufficiently explained, will satisfy every
friend of progression into truth, righteousness and happiness, and will
give to the human affairs quite a new turn, and deliver both sexes from
temptations, in which until now the whole human race succumbed and
descended much under the degree of the nobler classes of brutes, and
parents depraved and ruined themselves and children. From all the
strange and unexpected things disclosed in this book readers may expect
that I have also regarding the true matrimony and the restitution of
mankind in such a condition in which they will be truly happy, a
glorious message and such truths which when sufficiently explained, will
satisfy all lovers of progression into the true happiness. But there may
join with our Peace-Union some self-conceited person who would not give
up what would be shown by us as necessary to be removed for the
restoration of mankind to their true happiness, and what he would not be
able to refute, and notwithstanding this he would remain in his bad
habit. In this case he would compel us to remove him. At his removal he
receives the note or certificate, while he returns the receipt which he
had obtained for what he had put into the Peace-Union, as is explained
above. But we have to add here, that if those who would be separated,
had damaged the whole Peace-Union or some individual, the damage is to
be deducted from their claim. And it is to be repeated, that nobody who
joins with the Peace-Union, has any claim to any pay or reward for the
labor performed in the Peace-Union, into which all men and women are
invited to come and to remain in it in this mortal body and in all
eternity, and to partake for him or her and their families of all
riches, spiritual and physical in exchange for what they furnish. But
what they brought in at their joining, is returned to them, with
deduction of the damages, if they have caused any at their turn into
enemies of the Peace-Union, or which originated by their fault, although
it could not be proved, that they had a malicious intention in causing
damages. This point is here to be remarked, that children before they
acquire the legal age, if by whatever means they would be withdrawn from
the Peace-Union, while their parents are living there or did not depart,
should not receive the portion of the property brought for them into the
Peace-Union, till they arrive at the legal age in which they have the
right according to the laws of the country to depart from their parents;
because the Peace-Union have the parental duties towards children who
are received with their parents into the Peace-Union. Also this is to be
mentioned, that no others except who come with their parents or with
their children into the Peace-Union, have any claim to the property
which they bring into it. They settle their business with all others,
when they join with the Peace-Union, and in the same time they make
their will, how much they themselves if they would leave the Peace-Union
and some of their children would remain in it, and how much each of the
children when in full legal age, would receive, if he or she would leave
the Peace-Union.

We thought proper to concede so much to the feebleness of those who are
desirous to join with the Peace Union, but imagine the possible case,
that they might be turned out and lose their property. For them their
property is secured, althought without interest, and their possible case
is rather imagination, and they would become gradually so strong as to
give good example to others. But we have mentioned a point which must
terrify hypocrites to join to our Peace Union; because their hypocrisy
would become in due time manifest, and then they could not stand and
would be turned out with demand to repair damages. Therefore they should
remain in Babylon till they have a sincere desire to join with us for
their true conversion to our principles and corresponding acting with
us. When they are determined to act for this purpose they should not be
afraid to join the Peace Union on account of the possibility of being
separated; because no person will be separated except such as deserves
in consequence of immoral acts or gross omissions of what is absolutely
necessary for obtaining the object of our association, after having been
sufficiently instructed and exhorted that their toleration would ruin
the Peace Union. A separate person, if he or she would think there was
not sufficient cause for separation, will be permitted to publish in our
Periodical the reason or reasons of his or her complaint. By doing so,
however, he gives occasion for members of the Peace Union to publish
their remarks on his reasons, that truth might be made manifest; because
the object of the Peace Union is the restoration of human rights, and
therefore her members engage and promise to correct any mistake, when it
is shown and it is proven.

The nature and object of the Peace Union is, that science or knowledge
in every department and every branch of enterprise directs and governs
the work. Therefore the man or woman who is found to be most skilful in
any art, business or work, is to be elected as foreman, and continues to
act as such, till some one more skilful is found. And then to him the
place is to be given, however, not before it is shown, that by
exchanging the place sufficient advantage will accrue to the community.
The member who thinks he is able to show this, may assemble members
belonging to the branch of that business, or if the case is a general
case, members in general, the body of females having their votes as well
as the body of males in general affairs; in particular branches the body
decide who belong to that branch. Whoever calls members together, shows
them the case, and if the majority find his reasons to be sufficient,
the person proposed obtains the office. But before votes are taken,
those who are assembled, must also hear the objections. But if there is
any member who thinks, that the decision was not made according to
justice, he may announce the matter to the assembled, showing them their
mistake and his duty that if they will not correct their mistake, he
will make known the reasons of his complaint against the decision in the
Periodical of the Peace Union. And the assembled, if they see that he is
right, are bound to receive thankfully that which is right, but if they
see that he is wrong, they are bound to show him this. But if he,
notwithstanding this, publishes his reasons, those who do not agree with
him, are bound to show in their replies that he will riot act according
to sound reasons, but is disposed to make disturbance, deserving to be
expelled. In this case if he continues to be obstinate against evidence,
he should be expelled peaceably.

In the first place we need a centre. And according to the pattern of the
centre as many settlements on other places will be established as will
be needed to accommodate all who will find best to move from their
present situation to a settlement of our Peace Union. But everywhere
persons of our principles will be needed to instruct and strengthen the
neighbours. The hints given here will be so modified to their situation
as their circumstances will require.

In the centre is to be concentrated, what is to be spread everywhere, to
benefit in the first place members of the Peace Union and by their
instrumentality as many others as can be reached. Therefore co-operation
and support from all who comprehend this book and their application to
others is necessary to raise means, for establishing what is required in
the centre. Although all who contribute for the centre, will not have
chance to reside there, they will have a chance to send some of their
children or relations to the institutions of the University for the New
Era, which will be established there, according to our plan, according
to which a great change will take place in studies, that all
intellectual and moral faculties of students will be harmoniously
developed, and much time will be gained for learning every day for some
hours in the school and for some hours in the shops and elsewhere that
to learn which each will be most qualified and inclined. Wherefore those
who afford money and other property for the centre and what is needed
there, acquire the right to reside there, when needed as teachers, or
for mechanical branches, arts, sciences, for agriculture, horticulture,
&c. What mankind need for the New Era, should be shown there to students
theoretically and practically. Therefore all who have superabundant
means, if they comprehend this book, will send such an amount as they
can spare, as donations, which will become spiritual treasures to the
donors. When the institutions which according to our plan should be at
our centre, will be established, there will be such competition of
students, that there will not be room for accommodation of all. All that
is given as donation for raising our institutions, will be put in our
ledger for the benefit of the donors, so that, when all students could
not be accommodated at our centre, those recommended by the donors would
be prefered to others, the case excepted, that others be found more
useful in our mission, if they study the branches.

Those who have no superabundance of means to give a donation, are
invited to invest for establishing the centre as much as their
cicumstances permit, to be invested for their benefit, as belonging to
them, although without any interest in money, but with the advantage,
that when all students could not be accommodated at our centre, their
sons and daughters would have the preference before such as have done
nothing towards the foundation of the centre. And if any have land, who
are desirous that on their land a settlement might be started according
to our plan for the New Era, by their furnishing means for starting the
centre they acquire the claim and right that their land shall be taken
for that purpose rather than the land of another who had done nothing
for the centre, when circumstances would not require the preference of
the land of other for a new settlement of our Peace Union.

From what has been mentioned, the following general rule may be derived:
Without having a centre of our communities we cannot accomplish our
work. Therefore all who comprehend us, are solemnly entreated to
contribute without delay what their circumstances allow. If they cannot
send a donation, they are entreated to send what will be regarded as
theirs without bearing interests, but bearing to them all the advantages
to which according to the circumstances they are qualified, to come,
when all will be prepared, to the centre, if they can be employed there;
otherwise they may be useful to our community on the place which they
now occupy, or they may join with an other place of our community. In
this case the centre settles with that community in reference to what
they have advanced to the centre, to be sent, when the centre is able to
do so, to that community for them, if they should not prefer to leave it
in the centre to be consumed there by such students as they would send
to the University in the centre of our Peace Union, where all the
knowledge and wisdom which can be obtained, will be concentrated to
bring mankind into that situation which is promised and mankind are able
to attain by the right application of their intellectual and moral
faculties and their physical strength, and the proper use and right
application of all the knowledge which has been propagated through the
course of centuries and improved in our age.

No money or other property can or will be taken into the Peace Union,
settlements to be put into their ledger for the benefit of the person
who invests it, to be returned in the case that the person or one of his
or her family should leave the Peace Union, except money that has been
acquired in an honest manner. By the term _honest_ we mean a manner
which is not only justifiable according to the laws of the country, but
also according to the moral laws attributable to the person who invests
it, at least so far, that no person or society is known to whom it
should be restored. We do not mean the severest scrutiny, but the usual
course of affairs; because according to our plan by those who will join
the Peace Union, the way will be opened for a final restoration of all
human affairs into the right order. To this point we must gradually

By what we have remarked in regard to money as the root of all evil, if
it is not managed for the commom welfere, it is a necessary evil as far
as business is done with those who do not belong to our Peace Union, and
we are compelled to make use of many evils which are yet in existence,
to bring nations out of the evil into the New Era. We must make such use
of money as to promote the welfere of the Peace Union which encloses the
welfere of all nations, which would not he promoted, if we would take
any amount of money from those who enter into our Peace Union under the
condition to return it in case, they would leave the Peace Union. Under
this condition we could take no more than one thousand dollars, so that,
if any man or woman would come with his or her family, and bring more
than one thousand dollars for each person belonging to his or her
family, after having settled all matters of business with others, we
could not take more than the mentioned sum under the mentioned
condition, to wit, if husband and wife with parents and children, would
join, for each of them one thousand dollars: the surplus they had to
give as donation, if they would not accept the advice which is given

Also this is to be mentioned, that if a family comes on the place of the
Peace Union and they invest for each member of the family a certain sum,
and some of the family would be taken into the spirit world, and the
others would leave the Peace Union, in this case only that has been
invested for them, would belong to them. What was given for the
departed, remains in the Peace Union. Also in the case, that a father
would come with a large or with a small family and give for each
individual a certain sum, and then the others would remain, but he
himself would become a backslider, his claim would be only to the money
which he had invested for his own person. The same priciple is to be
applied in every case, in which somebody invests a certain sum for
himself, and besides also sums for others.

To those who have greater riches than one thousand dollars for each
individual of their family, is to be said, that they are only
administrators of that property to make the poor rich and the rich truly
happy. And whereas the Peace Union undertakes this great work, a rich
person should be instructed and enlightened, that this will not take
place in any other way than by a true community, for which we have given
this sketch, only in this point deviating from the course which we would
pursue if we would have to deal with perfect persons, that we found
proper to concede, that if any body should leave the Peace-Union
settlement, he should receive in due time the sum invested not exceeding
one thousand dollars. But those whose property reaches higher, will go
the safest way according to Christ's direction: "Go thy way, sell
whatever thou hast and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in
Heaven; and come and take up thy cross and follow me." Mark x: 21. This
man to whom Christ gave that advice "had great possessions." And we give
to those who have great riches the same advice, but with a different
application. Jesus Christ, the Father of the New Era which is to be
introduced by our mission, had not the chance in Palestine, which we
have in the United States. He advised as he could in his circumstances,
and we give in our circumstances to the rich who have great possessions
the following advice and the best for them to be saved: "Give as a
donation as much into our Peace-Union centre as you are able to do for
raising our institutions as the best means for the redemption of the
poor and degraded people from the existing misery and distress, and come
and learn how to administer your possessions for the poor, and we will
send with you to your possessions[AB] a man to commence there with you a
community for the poor only, and you may call poor people of your choice
together. And you should superintend, and our administrator should
assist you and labor with you to educate the poor so as to make them
truly rich and happy. And you, while you would have enriched our centre
as much as would be possible without selling your possessions, would be
the presiding elder at the community of the poor made rich by your
possessions, and when you would be pleased to stop with those in the
centre, you would be received as one of the founders, and you would have
treasure in Heaven."

What I say to one I say to all rich men and women. If they receive our
advice they will become very rich and happy; but now they are "wretched
and miserable and poor and blind and naked," Revelation iii: 17. They
are the Heads in Laodicea, which means the judgment of the people, whom
they are preparing for destruction, and for themselves the hell. Luke
xvi: 23. From them is more required to be saved than from those who have
only a small property in comparison with the great possessions of the
rich, and their small property they have earned with hard labor. But it
would be too troublesome to reckon, how they had acquired their riches.
But instead of a long reckoning or a general confession of their sins
and crimes we show them the shortest and surest way to Heaven.

We must say also to those who invest property not exceeding one thousand
dollars for each member of their family into our Peace-Union with the
reserve that if they leave the Peace-Union, that property should be
returned to them in equivalent without any interest, and at a time in
which the Peace-Union can easily do this without hurting their own
business, that this reserve will continue only until the time in which
they will be sufficiently strengthened in the principles of the true
community, and convinced that this is the only way for redemption of
oppressed humanity. When they will advance so far, they will sign the
covenant of the New Era, they themselves and those of their family who
are of age and with them united in the Spirit; and they will transfer
the property which is their portion to the community, which secures
their rights to the provisions for their body and their spirit to enjoy
such happiness as the Peace-Union will be able to afford to prepare them
for the society of blessed spirits.

From these hints you see, that the true community consists of members
who give all their property, without any reserve, and receive all the
advantages which a mutual co-operation in the true brotherly spirit
affords. At the commencement they must be tried. On the title-page of
this book we have mentioned, that it is published at the "Peace-Union
Centre." We intended to give explanation of the matter in this plan. We
are starting there the Peace-Union Centre. About five hundred acres of
land, with farmhouse, barn, orchard &c. belong to that property, on a
beautiful very healthy hill, with excellent springs of soft water,
romantic locations for buildings, and all kinds of institutions for the
New Era. The soil as far as may be cleared, is good for raising all
kinds of fruits, and as much as we will need of vegetables. But our
centre will be for literary institutions, surrounded with all kinds of
the best mechanics and artists, from whom students will learn all kinds
of work. Therefore the largest portion of grain will be obtained from
other settlements to which productions at the centre will be sent in
exchange. About one hundred acres of the land are cleared and much more
can be cleared and used for different purposes, but the largest portion
of that land is Toscarora mountain, producing wood, timber, stone for
building, and is good for different other purposes, for instance, the
top of the mountain for our observatory, &c.

Spring Hill in Racoon Valley belonged to Abraham, the oldest of the
twelve sons of my departed friend Christian Long. Christian was one of
the students of my German books, and strong witness of our mission; but
his son Abraham preaching water baptism was not prepared to receive his
testimony. But Christian and others in his company amongst the departed,
were operating and preparing this place, while we thought that we had
already succeeded in taking another place in possession, seventeen miles
from this place, and we have been in quite an unexpected manner
instructed that Springhill is the place in which we should start the
Peace-Union Centre, and we have received the place as cheap as the worth
of its improvements may be valued. This is according to our principles,
according to which the land belongs to the whole human family, and to
the improvements only each individual may claim as much right as he has
consumed labor to produce them. But it is evident also that labor never
can be exactly valued, and I had to write a very large volume to expose
the manifold forms of labor, in which time is wasted, to corrupt and
ruin human society. All the hints given in this book, may convince any
investigating mind, that there is no redemption of the degraded and
wretched condition of mankind except in the community in which men will
be brought gradually into the true happy state in this life and in the
spirit world, and will draw their departed friends into higher spheres.

Being compelled by circumstances to take away manuscript containing the
spirit battle by which not only this, that we have to start our
Peace-Union as a community and in Springhill, but also many other
important points have been disclosed, which although they were known to
us long time before that, may arouse the attention of those who would
not hear us otherwise, except when they hear extraordinary spirit
manifestations, which in connexion with starting our Peace-Union Centre
on this place may be published another time. But here we must mention
that by quite an unexpected vision against the wishes of the medium and
his wife our doctrine has been illustrated, to wit, that those who make
a covenant with our Peace-Union community, separate so from those who
remain in Babylon, that if of those who are married, one partner would
make such a covenant, but the other would remain in Babylon, we would do
all in our power to draw also that partner into our community. But if he
or she would remain obstinate despiser of our Heavenly message, we
according to Divine law would consider the person who made the covenant
with our Peace-Union as perfectly free to marry a person belonging to
our community, and labor at the same time to convert the Government to
acknowledge our mission and the Divine law made manifest by our
mediumship. "What God hath joined together let no man put asunder."
Matth. xix: 6. "What the devil has joined together, God puts asunder."
If we have the mission expressed on the title-page, and confirmed by all
signs and wonders which have been mentioned in this book, and with which
hundreds of volumes could be filled, then it is evident that the devil
has joined those together or the devil will keep them together, when one
understands our mission and advances so far that he or she makes the
covenant with our community and the other resists and will keep him or
her in Babylon, when he or she starts to come out of her not to be
partaker of her sins. The partner, may be he or she, who remains
obstinate, remains in the great whore of the 17th chapter of the
Revelation, is an adulterer or adulteress in the spiritual sense, and
certainly with whoredom or other abominations he or she became so
endarkened, that when the partner progressed so far, as to comprehend
our Heavenly message, the destroying devil will detain him or her from
the truth made manifest in our message. Those who have comprehended this
book to this point, know that our case is just the contrary to the so
called Free Love, diametrically opposed to it. A chaste husband or wife
will comprehend us, but those who will continue in their fornication and
adultery, will cry against us and misrepresent truth for their
destruction. Here is no room for explanation of a point, on which I will
write an extraordinary treatise, in which I will report and explain also
the mentioned vision, when the diseased stomachs will be ready to digest
our most wholesome medicine.

In this compression is also to be remembered, that the promise given on
the 45th page in regard to the four in Baltimore executed in connexion
with my visit to President Buchanan appears in a more dreadful shape in
the portion of the 4th treatise which will appear in the second edition
of this book if that edition shall be demanded, than I would have
expected, when I mentioned that case. When President Buchanan, Governor
Hicks and other Grandees of Washington and Maryland were not prepared to
afford money for buying Springhill for our Peace Union Centre and for
publishing this book, we read on the 42d page: "The same time a great
sign was given so that I was sent speedily from Baltimore to the Western
Reserve of Ohio." A.D. 1854 we commenced to prepare Brother Robert D.
Eldrige in Baltimore for our mission. Then happened many wonders and
signs in connexion with him, till at length a sign was given in
Baltimore. But the principal of the four executed in Baltimore was
brought before me in the Western Reserve of Ohio, and you will hear of
strange spectacles in the next edition regarding that manifestation in
connexion with the four Presidents Taylor, Fillmore, Pierce and
Buchanan. After having performed the trials of spirits in the Western
Reserve of Ohio, Eldrige started with me, and after having tried spirits
in different places during our travelling, we arrived at length at
Abraham Long's, and I showed to Brother Eldrige some of the secret
treasures on the premises of Springhill, where Heavenly Wisdom[AC]
prepared a great variety of most beautiful sceneries, magnificent
fairviews on a number of sites very suitable for excellent buildings,
and to all those places excellent springs of soft water may be derived
by few rods of pipes, and excellent stone for buildings and
superabundance of wood is most handy. We took then the deeds in the name
of our Peace Union Community[AD], and we appear as Trustees, I by virtue
of my mission, in duty bound to communicate the spirit who has sent me
for the fulfilment of the most glorious promises to mankind, with those
who will receive this spirit and will be drawn from Babylon into the New
Jerusalem, and Robert D. Eldrige by virtue of his mission, who came with
money and paid for the place with the rights which are given in this
plan to those who invest money, and with the duty of superintendency for
a good success. In those our duties all are bound to support us, who
join with the Peace Union.

On the 11th day of July, 1859, my Document, entitled: "Great News for
the Friends of Progression in Truth and Righteousness towards the
promised New Era of Harmony and Peace amongst all nations" was set in
type, the proof-sheet corrected by me, and a portion of copies struck
off on the same day. We were preparing readers for the first convention
which will be held in the New Hall on the Peace Union settlement in the
latter part of the next month, and requesting Editors to publish that
Document. But I think that the warlike spirit of destruction kept most
of them in the servitude of monarchs. But that document was to be set in
type and printed on the same day, on which Napoleon and Francis Joseph
made their treaty of peace at Villafranca for an important testimony,
that spirits from our sphere have controlled the affairs also there, so
that if you hurry to do what is required in this book, you will prevent
immense destruction of human life and property in this country,
otherwise you should know that I have done more than from a mortal man
could be expected, to move you for action. But when men become such
beasts that they have no sense for spiritual things, destruction is a
necessary consequence. At the commencement of the first treatise page 6
you see that Mr. Belly gave occasion to that treatise. Last month he
came again to Paris and remains there according to newspapers until the
20th of the next month; and I proposed that on the same day our first
convention should commence in the New Hall. We quote from said document
in which the title of this book is copied, the close as follows: "The
book with the above copied title will be published by Robert D. Eldrige
in our Convention, and then copies will be sent by him to those who send
to him the money (50 cents fur one copy, twenty dollars for 50 copies,
35 dollars for 100 copies) either before or after or at the Convention.
He being a man of property and known as our trusty fellow labourer for
improving the condition of mankind, has charge of the business
department at our Peace Union, while, I the writer of this book and of
this article am bound to devote my precious time to spiritual objects
for Harmony and Peace of Nations, requesting to direct letters which do
not belong particularly to my sphere, to him under the direction: Robert
D. Eldrige, Donnally's Mill, Perry Co: Pa." This book appears small for
this price; but remember the contents of page 169, and collect
subscribers, and as soon as we print the second edition, we will send a
large pamphlet as supplement without additional charge. In the mean time
we assure you that also this small book contains so large an amount of
most important points for you, that the oftener you study it, the more
you will learn to appreciate its value; and the enormous labour for
obtaining all the parts contained in this book cannot be paid with
money, and my labour never was paid.

On the 11th of this month, August, 1859, there came many people to
Springhill. An extraordinary medium who had been in England an Elder
amongst the Baptisers wrote on the 13th Instant to me: "I came on foot
to Springhill, Peace Union Centre, a long walk of about 17 miles in hot
weather. We raised the frame work of the Large Hall. The day (11th
inst.) was fine, and all things went on well, and the work that is done,
looks well and in good order. All kinds of rumors and talk: What the
house is for? What they will do? Why did they not build so as the Hall
could be seen? Some one thing, some, other things, &c."

     The Periodical, entitled: "Peace Union Message." Conventions at the
     Peace Union Centre in Springhill Toscarora Township, Perry Co: Pa.
     6 miles west of Millerstown, the stopping place for the Cars.

Our Periodical, spoken of in the plan, will be published as soon, as
there will be a sufficient number of subscribers. In the expectation
that those who are versed in English, will comprehend us first, we will
publish it first in English, in Quarto, to be preserved in books and
translated in as many other languages as needed; because it will contain
social, ecclesiastical and political matters and movements of nations
and daily news of importance, considered from our position, to draw
nations from the existing confusion and degradation into the new order
of things. All that will improve the condition of mankind, and what is
hurtful for them, as far as we will have opportunity[AE] to reach it,
will be examined from our position. But there not being room in this
book, we will publish in the first number which will issue, when we are
secured by subscriptions, what we will find proper to draw those amongst
all nations who have somewhat new for improving mankind, to send it for
publication in our Periodical. Every one who sends somewhat of this
kind, will add his full direction and occupation. If his or her
communication is found by those whom we find to be competent judges in
that branch, to be such as required, it will be published when room will
be for it in our Periodical. But if it is not found such as to be
published, the writer will be named and the reason given, why it cannot
be published. If the writer should think to have been injured, our
Periodical would be open to publish his complaint with the preliminary
requisites which will be made known in our first number as quite
reasonable to save time to him and us and to the readers as well as to
the printers and others. I quoted purposely some passages from the
letter of our friend Peter assuring that he is ours truly "in bonds for
truth waiting for deliverance." If the talkers of nonsense had asked
those to whom we told, why we selected that place for that building,
near the farm house and the springs, they had received information. The
basement of the new building is a large cellar, the first story a large
Hall, having in the midst a partition, which we remove when we use the
whole Hall, but the second story has a partition which cannot be removed
and each department has its own stairs. The farm house and the new
building are in a cove. The first story of the building will be
provisionally[AF] used for our Conventions, till the substantial edifice
within the most magnificent fairview will be established. With this
fairview we entreat most earnestly every reader to collect as many
subscribers for this book as well as for the Periodical, as he or she is
able to collect. The book is to be paid for at the delivery, and the
Periodical will cost $2 a year, money to be paid for half a year or a
year at the delivery of the first number.

Whoever secures us five subscribers receives six copies. And those who
will act as agents, after having comprehended by studying this book our
plan and adopt it, are regarded as our fellow-laborers, when they show
practically that they belong to our Peace-Union. If the expected
exertions are made, we may be able to publish the first number of our
Periodical at the commencement of the year 1860.

Our first Convention next month at the Peace Union Centre is announced
in our Circular. But readers of this book are requested to proclaim,
that on the first day of November 1859, the second Convention will
commence and continue for two weeks, and that only those persons of both
sexes are invited to attend, who after having comprehended our mission
are ready to act as missionaries or to support with their means our
enterprises to establish what is needed at the Centre. And for this
purpose we intend to hold successively a number of Conventions. The
second could be attended by those who belong to the Cabinet and the
Congress of Washington, or to any legislature. Each Convention will last
one or two weeks. Those who comprehend this book will tell or write to
those with whom they are acquainted, that although the contents of this
book are of importance for any body, those who belong to the Government
need most to understand them. This book will be taken as the text-book,
but also those who may have read it before many times, will receive in
the Convention new light to understand it better and to hear many things
which are not mentioned in the book. There may be so many aroused to
attend the Convention that all could not be accommodated. Therefore
whoever and whenever he determines to attend one of our Conventions, he
is requested to write directly, and to give an exact direction, and put
a letter stamp into his letter, and we will answer it, and tell, whether
he could be accommodated in that or in any of the following Conventions.
Boarding is to be had as moderately as we can afford it. The rule is to
be observed also afterwards in this and in the next year, that whoever
wishes to attend our Convention, is requested to write directly, and he
will receive an answer when he could be accommodated. Answer may come
sooner or later, because it may depend upon circumstances, when after
the receipt of his or her letter our next Convention would be held.
Probably there is in this last "form" no room, to say more than that our
Post-Office address is on the title-page and also three or four pages
before this. It has been said that the stopping place for the cars is
Millerstown, Perry Co.: Pa. I desire nothing more than to draw you into
the sphere of our Heavenly abode as your sincere brother.


Remark. I perused 192 pages of this book while the last form was in
composition, and found a moderate number of errata as may be easily
corrected by the reader; for instance, he may connect himself in the 7th
line of the "Preliminary Remarks" the two particles IN TO in one word,
and he may separate where he finds two words close together and change C
and E, also N and U and some other letters when required, or add when a
letter is omitted, or cast it out when it is superabundant. Such trifles
will not trouble those who are anxious to learn to understand this book,
nor if they read sometimes CONNEXION and other times CONNECTION, I
always write CONNEXION; but I was assured, that according to the present
fashion CONNECTION is more used, although this use is irregular.

The general rule is observed by our invisible messengers mentioned on
the 169th page, while they are controlling the spirits of the
compositors, that they let them commit such errata as disturb the sense
on such pages, on which the reader should stop and reflect upon the
connexion of matters. An astonishing lesson was given, when I received
the order to stop the composition of the Fourth Treatise at the end of
the 168th page. The manuscript for that Treatise contains 85 pages, and
the 168th page of this book ends in the middle of the 34th page of
manuscript. The spirit who made this provision exhorts powerfully
readers to digest the 168 pages and to prepare for what follows. I did
not know, what our invisible agents intended to put on the 168th page,
till I saw in the proof sheet the six oxen, the first of whom is Joseph
Ox, on the 74th place of our catalogue. These oxen are supporting the
mysteries on the 80th and 81st places of our catalogue, and those two
mysteries are in the 4th line of the 168th page. This provision tells
that you should pay peculiar attention to the contents from the 74th to
the 81st page of this book, and you will find amongst the Americans
those who furnish as great assistance to the Beast with ten horns as the
six oxen on the 168th page. But on the 21st line of the 82d page, my
interpretation[AG] commences, and the omission in the midst of the 83d
page exhorts you that you should reflect upon the "Sect of Adventurists"
mentioned in the 9th line from the bottom of the 83d page. In my
manuscript were only Adventists. But I tell you that the young boy who
set in type the largest portion of this book, was a peculiar medium.
Noyse and Himes and all those whom they represent belong to the sect of
Adventurists who are the greatest supporters of Popery.

All other marvellous things you will hear in our Convention commencing
November 1, 1859, on the Feast of All Saints.

My address is page 124 of this book.

Set in type June 27th, 1859.

Transcriber's Notes

B. "WOHLE" changed to "WHOLE".
C. "rightousness" changed to "righteousness".
D. "uderstanding" changed to "understanding".
E. "Febuary" changed to "February".
F. "perfetion" changed to "perfection".
G. "wickednes" changed to "wickedness".
H. "lenghth" changed to "length".
I. "axactly" changed to "exactly".
J. "remaks" changed to "remarks".
K. "Garrsion" changed to "Garrison".
L. "Gosple" changed to "Gospel".
M. "Jscariot" changed to "Iscariot".
N. "recived" changed to "received".
O. Opening quotation mark added.
P. "oppresion" changed to "oppression".
Q. "nead" changed to "need".
R. "thougt" changed to "thought".
S. "messsage" changed to "message".
T. Closing parenthesis added.
U. "obolition" changed to "abolition".
V. "languuages" changed to "languages".
W. Closing quotation mark added.
X. "fulfiilled" changed to "fulfilled".
Y. "babarian" changed to "barbarian".
Z. "mangement" changed to "management".
AA. "excommunicatiom" changed to "excommunication".
AB. "poseessions" changed to "possessions".
AC. "Wisdon" changed to "Wisdom".
AD. "Commnuity" changed to "Community".
AE. "oportunity" changed to "opportunity".
AF. "provisionaly" changed to "provisionally".
AG. "interpre-pretation" changed to "interpretation" (original word
    spanned two lines at hypen).

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