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´╗┐Title: My Flower-pot - Child's Picture Book
Author: Unknown
Language: English
As this book started as an ASCII text book there are no pictures available.
Copyright Status: Not copyrighted in the United States. If you live elsewhere check the laws of your country before downloading this ebook. See comments about copyright issues at end of book.

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    CONCORD, N. H.:



    CONCORD, N. H.:


    I love the flowers, the fragrant flowers!
      They're fairy things to me;
    They seem like angels sent to bless,
      And teach of purity.




    There is beauty in flowers
    When kissed by the showers
    That fall in the bowers
          Of gardens so fair,
    When music is telling
    In notes that are swelling,
    And love is excelling,
          Aloft in the air.


    Birds now are singing,
    Deep valleys are ringing,
    And harmony bringing
          Content to the mind.
    Flowers are caressing,
    And sending a blessing
    To all now confessing
          To be to them kind.


    Minds soon are roving
    To lands that are blooming
    Afar from the glooming
          Of woe and despair,
    Saying, "Come to the bowers
    Filled with rare flowers--
    Nature's kind dowers,
          Free as the air."


    Come, my love, and do not spurn
    From a little flower to learn:
    See the lily on the bed,
    Hanging down its modest head;
    While it scarcely can be seen,
    Folded in its leaf of green.


    Yet we love the lily well,
    For its sweet and pleasant smell,
    And would rather call it ours
    Than many other gayer flowers;
    Pretty lilies seem to be
    Emblems of humility.

    'Tis not beauty that we prize,--
    Like a summer flower it dies.


    But humility will last,
    Fair and sweet, when beauty's past;
    And the Saviour, from above,
    Views a humble child with love.

    Come, my love, and do not spurn
    From a little flower to learn:
    Let your temper be as sweet
    As the lily at your feet;
    Be as gentle, be as mild:
    Be a modest, simple child.

The Forget-me-not.

    There is a sweet, a lovely flower,
      Tinged deep with faith's unchanging hue,
    Pure as the ether in its hour
      Of loveliest and serenest blue.

    The streamlet's gentle side it seeks,
      The silent fount, the shaded grot;
    And sweetly to the heart it speaks--
      Forget-me-not, forget-me-not.


    See the flowers, how they grow;
    Hear the winds that gently blow.
    Bird and insect, flower and tree,
    Know they must not idle be;
    Each has something it must do--
    Little children, so must you.


    The buds and the blossoms,
      How bright to the view!
    Like jewels and diamonds,
      They sparkle with dew.

    The sun's rising beams
      Have greeted each flower:
    How lovely the scene,
      How peaceful the hour!


    All nature awakens
      From a night of soft sleep,
    And the insects once more
      From their hiding-holes creep.

    The old birds have flown
      Far away to get food,
    While anxiously wait
      Their timid young brood.

    To our Father in heaven
      Our voices we'll raise,
    With feelings most fervent,
      In songs to his praise.

    Dear Saviour, to love thee
      Our hearts are inclined;
    Oh, teach us, we pray thee,
      Thy precepts to mind!

    Upon our heart-garden,
      Oh, let thy love rain,
    Like fresh summer showers
      Upon the young grain.

    Like soft, gentle dew
      Upon the dry earth,
    Which opens the old buds,
      And to new ones gives birth.


    O, teach us to offer
      Good deeds in thy praise,
    And acts of true charity
      Be the hymns that we raise.

    From all that will harm us,
      Or sorrow will bring,
    Oh, keep us, dear Lord,
      Beneath thy bright wing.



    Say, Ma! did God make all the flowers
      That richly bloom to-day?
    And is it he that sends sweet showers
      To make them look so gay?

    Did he make all the mountains
      That rear their heads so high?
    And all the little fountains
      That glide so gently by?

    And does he care for children small?
      Say, Ma! does God love me?
    Has he the guardian care of all
      The various things we see?

    Yes! yes! my child, he made them all,--
      Flowers, mountains, plants and tree;
    No man so great, no child so small,
      That from his eye can flee!






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