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´╗┐Title: Quotes and Images from Christopher Columbus
Author: Young, Filson, 1876-1938
Language: English
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By Filson Young

A man standing on the sea-shore

Absent for a little time, and his
organisation went to pieces

All days, however hard, have an
evening, and all journeys an end

Amerigo Vespucci

And every one goes naked and unashamed

At last extricate himself from the
theological stupor

Attempts that have been made to glorify
him socially

Bede, in the eighth century,
established it finally (sphericity)

Began to offer bargains to the Almighty

Believed that the Spaniards came from

Biography which obscures the truth with
legends and pretences

Cannibal epicures did not care for the
flesh of women and boys

Christian era denied the theory of the
roundness of the earth

Columbus, calling for an egg, laid a

Columbus never once mentions his wife

Columbus's habit of being untruthful in
regard to his own past

Cooling off in his enthusiasm as the
pastime became a task

Desire to get a great deal of money
without working for it

Diminishing object to the wet eyes of
his mother, sailed away

Dogs wagged their tails, but that never

Establishment of ten footmen and twenty
other servants

Exchanging the natives for cattle

First known discovery of tobacco by

First organised transaction of slavery
on the part of Columbus

Freed by force and with guns

Having issued three Bulls in twenty-four hours,
he desisted

He had a way of rising above petty

He was a great stickler for the
observances of religion

Hearts quick to burn, quick to forget

Heretics were being burned every year
by the Grand Inquisitor

High time, indeed, that they should be
taught to wear clothing

Idea of importing black African labour
to the New World

Ideas to him were of more value than

If there were no results, there would
be no rewards

Inclined to be pompous

Irving: so inaccurate, so untrue to
life, and so profoundly dull

Islands in that sea had their greatest
length east and west

Juan Ponce de Leon, the discoverer of

Learn the blessings of Christianity
under the whip

Lives happily in our dreams, as blank
as sunshine

Logic is irresistible if you only grant
the first little step

Loose way in which the term India was
applied in the Middle Ages

Man with a Grievance

Man of single rather than manifold

More than a touch of crafty and
elaborate dissimulation

Nautical phrase "make it so."

Never to deal with subordinates

No more troubled by any wonder, sleeps
at last

No Spanish women accompanied it (2d

Nothing so ludicrous as an Idea to
those who do not share it

Only confirmative evidence remained

Patience which holds men back from

Presence of the owner makes the horse

Professors of Christ brought not peace,
but a sword

Religion has in our days fallen into

Saw potatoes also, although they did
not know what they were

Sea of Darkness

Seeking to hire the protection of the

She must either sin or be celibate

Shifts and deceits that he practised

Spaniards sometimes hanged thirteen of
them in a row

Spaniards undertook to teach the
heathen the Christian religion

St. Chrysostom opposed the theory of
the earth's roundness

Stayed till night to eat their sop for
fear of seeing (weevils)

Stuffed so full indeed that eyes and
ears are closed

Tasks that are the common heritage of
all small boys

Terror and amazement; they had never
seen horses before

The cross and the sword, the whip-lash
and the Gospel

The great thing in those days was to
discover something

The missionary walked beside the

The terrified seamen making vows to the

Theologians, however, proved equal to
the occasion

There is deception and untruth

They saw the past in the light of the

Took himself and the world very

Vague longing and unrest that is the
life-force of the world

When the pot boils the scum rises to
the surface

Who never could meet any trouble
without grumbling

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The Complete PG Christopher Columbus

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