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Title: New West Indian Spiders - Bulletin of the AMNH, Vol. XXXIII, Art. XLI, pp. 639-642
Author: Banks, Nathan
Language: English
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Copyright Status: Not copyrighted in the United States. If you live elsewhere check the laws of your country before downloading this ebook. See comments about copyright issues at end of book.

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_New West Indian Spiders._


VOL. XXXIII, ART. XLI, pp. 639-642.

_New York, November 21, 1914._

[Transcriber's Note: Words surrounded by tildes, like ~this~ signifies
words in bold. Words surrounded by underscores, like _this_, signifies
words in italics.]



The following new species were found in the course of an examination of
material in the American Museum of Natural History collected by Dr. F.
E. Lutz and Mr. Charles W. Leng in Cuba and by Dr. Lutz in Porto Rico.
The types are in that institution.

~Mecoloesthus signatus~ n. sp.

Cephalothorax pale, with black median mark, wider at head; sternum
reddish or yellowish. Abdomen pale, with a black median stripe, narrowed
near middle, not reaching anterior end where there is an oblique stripe,
and a basal spot each side, also an apical spot each side, and the basal
pleura show an oblique dark stripe. These marks are made up of small
spots, more or less connected. The venter shows a narrow, median black
stripe followed by a round spot, some distance before the spinnerets.
Femora reddish, blackish near tip, and a white band at extreme tip;
tibiæ dark, with a broad, white band near tip; rest of legs paler. Eyes
in two groups, three each side (subequal in size) on a distinct
elevation; A. M. E. minute, close together, and as high as upper edge of
A. S. E. Abdomen elongate, cylindrical, spinnerets apical; legs very
long; vulval area corneous, yellow, concave behind, but little swollen.
Length; ceph. 1 mm.; abdomen 2.5 mm.; femur I, 12 mm.; femur IV, 10 mm.

From Naguabo, Porto Rico, March. No. 21669, Dept. Inv. Zoölogy.

~Callilepsis grisea~ n. sp.

Cephalothorax reddish brown, clothed with white hair; black in
eye-region; mandibles reddish brown; legs yellowish, darker on anterior
tarsi and metatarsi, a dark band on middle of tibiæ III and IV and these
metatarsi rather dark; sternum yellowish brown, darker on sides; abdomen
grayish white above and below, above with a median basal blackish
streak, a dark streak on each anterior pleuron and a dark streak each
side toward apex, and two blackish spots above spinnerets, latter
brownish. Cephalothorax narrow; eye-rows short and far apart; P. M. E.
slightly oval, about three diameters apart and much closer to the larger
P. S. E.; legs moderately long, very hairy or bristly, and with stout
spines especially on femora III and IV; tibiæ I and II with three spines
beneath, one at base, one at middle, one at tip, metatarsi with basal
spine only; metatarsi and tarsi scopulate beneath; hind legs more
numerously spined; sternum once and a half longer than broad, pointed
behind, narrowed in front; abdomen fully twice as long as broad, sides
subparallel. Length 6.8 mm.

From 12-1/2 kilometers south of Pinar del Rio, Cuba, September. No.
21670, Dept. Inv. Zoölogy.

~Wulfila pretiosa~ n. sp.

Pale yellowish. Cephalothorax with a greenish stripe each side, a
greenish mark over groove, and two faint lines back from P. M. E.;
mandibles with a greenish vertical line in middle. Abdomen with dark
greenish or nearly blackish stripe each side reaching to middle, a spot
behind it, and a large median spot above spinnerets, four small dark
dots in mid-dorsum; legs with faint dark spots at bases of many spines
on femora and tibiæ. Cephalothorax narrow in front, A. M. E. hardly more
than diameter apart; about as close to the very much larger A. S. E.
Posterior eye-row nearly straight, the eyes equal and as large as A. S.
E., P. M. E. about two diameters apart, and about as far from P. S. E.
Legs long and slender, first and fourth pair about equal, all with stout
spines on femora; tibiæ and metatarsi I and II each with two pairs of
very long spines, none at tips. The black hair on tips of maxillæ, lip
and mandibles is very prominent. Abdomen twice as long as broad. Length
4.5 mm.; leg I, 8 mm.

From San Carlos Est., Guantanamo, Cuba. October. No. 21671, Dept. Inv.

~Wulfila immaculata~ n. sp.

White or pale yellowish throughout, unmarked; the eyes on black rings,
the claws black, and the anterior edge of the vulva reddish. The A. M.
E. small, but little more than their diameter apart, about twice as far
from the plainly large A. S. E., P. M. E. nearly three diameters apart,
and only about two diameters from the P. S. E. Mandibles with only fine
hairs; legs long, and very slender, the first pair more than twice as
long as the body, all with very long, slender spines, and fine hairs.
Abdomen nearly twice as long as broad; vulva shows two reddish marks in
front, and behind is a large indistinct cavity. Length 3 mm.; leg I, 7.5

Type from 7 kilometers north of Viñales, Cuba, September, No. 21687,
Dept. Inv. Zoölogy. Paratypes from Cabanas, Cuba, September; Naguabo,
Porto Rico, March; and Mona Island, Feb. Nos. 21672 and 21682 to 21686,
Dept. Inv. Zoölogy.

~Bathyphantes semicincta~ n. sp.

Cephalothorax dull yellowish, a marginal dark seam, eyes on black spots;
mandibles dull yellowish. Legs pale yellowish, femora and coxæ more
whitish, tibiæ and patellæ I and IV tipped with black. Sternum
yellowish, margined with dark. Abdomen above gray, with scattered white
spots and larger black patches; a basal black spot each side, and two
others each side toward tip, the last larger and extending down on sides
to near the spinnerets; a large, oblique, dark spot on pleura, and one
near base; venter with a large, median blackish spot, concave in front,
dark on sides of genital groove. Legs I and II very long, much longer
than others, all with many long, fine but stiff, hairs and some erect
bristles on tibiæ, a long one at top of each patella above and one near
middle of tibia above. Length 1.8 mm.

From 7 kilometers north of Viñales, Cuba, September. No. 21673, Dept.
Inv. Zoölogy.

~Epeira gundlachi~ n. sp.

Cephalothorax, legs, sternum, mandibles, and palpi whitish; tarsi, and
sometimes metatarsi, slightly infuscated; sternum sometimes more
yellowish, no markings. Abdomen white above and below. Eyes small;
posterior row recurved, subequal in size, the P. M. E. one half nearer
to each other than to the S. E. and about three diameters apart; the
four M. E. make a square; A. S. E. smaller than other eyes, close to P.
S. E., fully as far from A. M. E. as these from each other. Legs with
many fine white bristles, and a few black spines, two on inner side of
femur I near tip, no spines in front nor below on femora, nor below on
tibiæ I and II, a few above on tibiæ and patellæ, the tarsus plus
metatarsus I about as long as tibia plus patella I. Sternum
sub-triangular, a little longer than broad, pointed behind. Abdomen
fully one and a half times longer than broad, roundedly projecting
behind the spinnerets, no higher at base than at spinnerets, and
broadest at about middle of length. Length 3 mm.

From 12-1/2 kilometers south of Pinar del Rio, Cuba. September. No.
21674, Dept. Inv. Zoölogy. Related to group of _E. mormon_ and _E.
peckhami_ by shape of abdomen and vulva.

~Misumessus echinatus~ n. sp.

Male: Cephalothorax yellowish, with about fifty small reddish-brown
spots scattered over surface, from each of which arises a short, but
very stout spine; the marginal seam is reddish. The legs are pale with
spots similar to those on the cephalothorax, many of which have a
bristle or spine; no marks on the tarsi, but tibiæ and metatarsis are
twice banded with reddish. The coxæ and sternum are pale. The abdomen is
rather whitish above, with two rows of five reddish spots near middle,
and elsewhere with many reddish dots, from many of which arise short,
stout spines like those on the cephalothorax, pleura with red spots;
venter with two reddish marks near base, beyond genital furrow with
transverse white and black spots; some red around the pale spinnerets.
The A. S. E. rather larger than usual; P. M. E. about three diameters
apart, about as close to the P. S. E. Legs long and slender, tibia I
with four pairs of spines beneath, the longest but little longer than
the width of the joint. The male palpal organs show a very long stylet
curved over two times around the bulb. Length 2.5 mm.

From Cerro Cabras, near Pinar del Rio, Cuba. September. No. 21675, Dept.
Inv. Zoölogy.

~Olios bicolor~ n. sp.

Male: Cephalothorax, palpi, sternum, and most of legs yellowish; abdomen
dark brown; metatarsi dark, tibiæ infuscated; mandibles reddish brown;
tips of male palpi dark. Cephalothorax with several dark lines; a median
one reaching to groove, a short one from each P. M. E., one from S. E.
curved and then extending toward groove, four or six lateral dark lines;
two dark lines on mandibles. A. M. E. rather more than diameter apart,
about as far from the somewhat smaller A. S. E.; P. S. E. equal to A. S.
E., P. M. E. much smaller than A. M. E., fully two and one half
diameters apart and as far from the slightly larger P. S. E. Male palpi
figured. Length 10 mm.; ceph., 4.6 mm.; femur I, 5 mm.; tibia I, 3.7

Type from Desecheo Is., Feb., No. 21688, Dept. Inv. Zoölogy. Paratypes
from San Juan, Porto Rico, February; Desecheo Isl., Feb., and Mona Isl.,
Feb. Nos. 21676 to 21681, Dept. Inv. Zoölogy.


     Fig. 1. Mecoloesthus signatus, abdomen and vulva.
      "   2. Callilepsis grisea, vulva.
      "   3. Bathyphantes semicincta, side of abdomen.
      "   4. Wulfila pretiosa, vulva.
      "   5. Olios bicolor, palpus beneath.
      "   6. Misumessus echinatus, palpus.
      "   7. Wulfila immaculata, vulvæ of two specimens.
      "   8. Epeira gundlachi, top and side outline of abdomen, and vulva.
      "   9. Olios bicolor, palpus above.


PUBLICATIONS OF THE American Museum of Natural History.

     The publications of the American Museum of Natural History
     consist of the 'Bulletin,' in octavo, of which one volume,
     consisting of 400 to 800 pages and 25 to 60 plates, with
     numerous text figures, is published annually; the 'Memoirs,'
     in quarto, published in parts at irregular intervals; and
     'Anthropological Papers,' uniform in size and style with the
     'Bulletin.' Also an 'Ethnographical Album,' and the
     'American Museum Journal.'


Each Part of the 'Memoirs' forms a separate and complete monograph,
usually with numerous plates.

Vol. I. Zoölogy and Palæontology.

PART I.--Republication of Descriptions of Lower Carboniferous Crinoidea
from the Hall Collection now in the American Museum of Natural History,
with Illustrations of the Original Type Specimens not heretofore
Figured. By R. Z. Whitfield. Pp. 1-37, pll. i-iii, and 14 text figures.
September 15, 1893. Price, $2.00.

PART II.--Republication of Descriptions of Fossils from the Hall
Collection in the American Museum of Natural History, from the report of
Progress for 1861 of the Geological Survey of Wisconsin, by James Hall,
with Illustrations from the Original Type Specimens not heretofore
Figured. By R. P. Whitfield. Pp. 39-74, pll. iv-xii. August 10, 1895.
Price, $2.00.

PART III.--The Extinct Rhinoceroses. By Henry Fairfield Osborn. Part I.
Pp. 75-164, pll. xii_a_-xx, and 49 text figures. April 22, 1898. Price,

PART IV.--A Complete Mosasaur Skeleton. By Henry Fairfield Osborn. Pp.
165-188, pll. xxi-xxiii, and 15 text figures. October 25, 1899.

PART V.--A Skeleton of Diplodocus. By Henry Fairfield Osborn. Pp.
189-214, pll. xxiv-xxviii, and 15 text figures. October 25, 1899. Price
of Parts IV and V, issued under one cover, $2.00.

PART VI.--Monograph of the Sesiidæ of America, North of Mexico. By
William Beutenmüller. Pp. 215-352, pll. xxix-xxxvi, and 24 text figures.
March, 1901. Price, $5.00.

PART VII.--Fossil Mammals of the Tertiary of Northeastern Colorado. By
W. D. Matthew. Pp. 353-448, pll. xxxvii-xxxix, and 34 text figures.
November, 1901. Price, $2.00.

PART VIII.--The Reptilian Subclasses Diapsida and Synapsida and the
Early History of the Diaptosauria. By Henry Fairfield Osborn. Pp.
449-507, pl. xl, and 28 text figures. November, 1903. Price, $2.00.

Vol. II. Anthropology.

_Jesup North Pacific Expedition, Vol. I._

PART I.--Facial Paintings of the Indians of Northern British Columbia.
By Franz Boas. Pp. 1-24, pll. i-iv. June 16, 1898. Price, $2.00.

PART II.--The Mythology of the Bella Coola Indians. By Franz Boas. Pp.
25-127, pll. vii-xii. November, 1898. Price, $2.00.

PART III.--The Archæology of Lytton. British Columbia. By Harlan I.
Smith. Pp. 129-161, pi. xiii, and 117 text figures. May, 1899. Price,

PART IV.--The Thompson Indians of British Columbia. By James Teit.
Edited by Franz Boas. Pp. 163-392, pll. xiv-xx, and 198 text figures.
April, 1900. Price, $5.00.

PART V.--Basketry Designs of the Salish Indians. By Livingston Farrand.
Pp. 393-399, pll. xxi-xxiii, and 15 text figures. April, 1900. Price, 75

PART VI.--Archæology of the Thompson River Region. By Harlan I. Smith.
Pp. 401-442, pll. xxiv-xxvi, and 51 text figures. June, 1900. Price,

Vol. III. Anthropology.

PART I.--Symbolism of the Huichol Indians. By Carl Lumholtz. Pp. 1-228,
pll. i-iv, and 291 text figures. May, 1900. Price, $5.00.

PART II.--The Basketry of the Tlingit. By George T. Emmons Pp. 229-277,
pll. v-xviii, and 73 text figures. July, 1903. Price, $2.00. (Out of

PART III.--Decorative Art of the Huichol Indians. By Carl Lumholtz. Pp.
279-327, pll. xix-xxiii, and 117 text figures. November, 1904. Price,

PART IV.--The Chilkat Blanket. By George T. Emmons. With Notes on the
Blanket Designs, by Franz Boas. November, 1907. Price, $2.00.

Vol. IV. Anthropology.

_Jesup North Pacific Expedition, Vol. II._

PART I.--Traditions of the Chilcotin Indians. By Livingston Farrand. Pp.
1-54, June, 1900. Price, $1.50.

PART II.--Cairns of British Columbia and Washington. By Harlan I. Smith
and Gerard Fowke. Pp. 55-75, pll. i-v. January, 1901. Price, $1.00.

PART III.--Traditions of the Quinault Indians. By Livingston Farrand,
assisted by W. S. Kahnweiler. Pp. 77-132. January, 1902. Price, $1.00.

PART IV.--Shell-Heaps of the Lower Fraser River. By Harlan I. Smith. Pp.
133-192, pll. vi-vii, and 60 text figures. March, 1903. Price, $1.00.

*PART V.--The Lillooet Indians. By James Teit. Pp. 193-300, pll. viii
and ix, 40 text figures. 1906. Price, $1.80.

*PART VI.--Archæology of the Gulf of Georgia and Puget Sound. By Harlan
I. Smith. Pp. 301-442, pll. x-xii, and 98 text figures. 1907. Price,

*PART VII.--The Shuswap. By James Teit. Pp. 443-789, pll. xiii-xiv, and
82 text figures. 1909. Price, $6.00.

Vol. V. Anthropology.

_Jesup North Pacific Expedition, Vol. III._

PART I.--Kwakiutl Texts. By Franz Boas and George Hunt. Pp. 1-270.
January, 1902. Price, $3.00.

PART II.--Kwakiutl Texts. By Franz Boas and George Hunt. Pp. 271-402.
December, 1902. Price, $1.50.

*PART III.--Kwakiutl Texts. By Franz Boas and George Hunt. Pp. 403-532.
1905. Price, $1.40.

Vol. VI. Anthropology.

_Hyde Expedition._

The Night Chant, a Navaho Ceremony. By Washington Matthews. Pp. i-xvi,
1-332, pll. i-viii (5 colored), and 19 text figures. May, 1902. Price,

Vol. VII. Anthropology (not yet completed).

_Jesup North Pacific Expedition, Vol. IV._

PART I.--The Decorative Art of the Amur Tribes. By Berthold Laufer. Pp.
1-79, pll. i-xxxiii, and 24 text figures. December, 1901. Price, $3.00.

Vol. VIII. Anthropology.

*_Jesup North Pacific Expedition, Vol. V._

PART I.--Contributions to the Ethnology of the Haida. By John R.
Swanton. Pp. 1-300, pll. i-xxvi, 4 maps, and 31 text figures. 1905.
Price, $8.00.

PART II.--The Kwakiutl of Vancouver Island. By Franz Boas. Pp. 301-522,
pll. xxvii--lii, and 142 text figures. 1909. Price, $10.00.

Vol. IX. Zoölogy and Palæontology.

PART I.--The Osteology of _Camposaurus_ Cope. By Barnum Brown. Pp. 1-26,
pll. i-v. December, 1905. Price, $2.00.

PART II.--The Phytosauria with Especial Reference to _Mystriosuchus_ and
_Rhytiodon_. By J. H. McGregor. Pp. 27-101, pll. vi-xi, and 26 text
figures. February, 1906. Price, $2.00.

PART III.--Studies on the Arthrodira. By Louis Hussakof. May, 1906. Pp.
103-154, pll. xii and xiii, and 25 text cuts. May, 1906. Price, $3.00.

PART IV.--The Conard Fissure, A Pleistocene Bone Deposit in Northern
Arkansas, with Descriptions of two New Genera and twenty New Species of
Mammals. By Barnum Brown. Pp. 155-208, pll. xiv-xxv, and 3 text-figures.
1907. Price, $2.50.

PART V.--Studies on Fossil Fishes (Sharks, Chimæroids, and Arthrodires).
By Bashford Dean. Pp. 209-287, pll. xxvi-xli, and 65 text figures.
February, 1909. Price, $3.50.

PART VI.--The Carnivora and Insectivora of the Bridger Basin, Middle
Eocene. By W. D. Matthew. Pp. 289-567, pll. xlii-lii, and 118 text
figures. August, 1909. Price, $5.00.

Vol. X. Anthropology.

*_Jesup North Pacific Expedition, Vol. VI._

PART I.--Religion and Myths of the Koryak. By W. Jochelson. Pp. 1-382,
pll. i-xiii, 1 map, and 58 text figures. 1905. Price, $10.00.

PART II.--Material Culture and Social Organization of the Koryak. By W.
Jochelson. Pp. 383-811, pll. xiv-xl, and 194 text figures. 1908. Price,

Vol. XI. Anthropology.

*_Jesup North Pacific Expedition, Vol. VII._

PART I.--The Chuckchee: Material Culture. By W. Bogoras. Pp. 1-276, pll.
i-xxxi, 1 map, and 199 text figures. 1904. Price, $8.00.

PART II.--The Chuckchee: Religion. By W. Bogoras Pp. 277-536, pll.
xxxii-xxxiv, and 101 text figures. 1907. Price, $4.00.

PART III.--The Chuckchee: Social Organization. By W. Bogoras. Pp.
537-733, pl. xxxv, and 1 text figure. 1909. Price, $3.00.

Vol. XII. Anthropology.

*_Jesup North Pacific Expedition, Vol. VIII._

Part I.--Chuckchee Mythology. By Waldemar Bogoras. Pp. 1-197. 1910.
Price, $1.25.

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