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´╗┐Title: British Sports, for the Amusement of Children
Author: Belch, William
Language: English
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Copyright Status: Not copyrighted in the United States. If you live elsewhere check the laws of your country before downloading this ebook. See comments about copyright issues at end of book.

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W. BELCH'S _British Sports_.

(Price 6^d. Col^d.)


_Printed, Published & Sold by_ W. Belch,

_Newington, Butts, London_.

    W. BELCH'S

        Entertaining Views
        Scenes from Nature
        Rural Scenes
        Youthful Sports
        Fishes and Insects
        Fruit and Flowers
        Alphabet of Nations
        British Sports
        Foreign Sports
        Capitals of Europe
        Nursery Calculations, or a Peep into Numbers.

    1s. & 1s. 6d. CHILDREN's BOOKS, Plain and Coloured.

    _PLAIN & COLOURED LOTTERIES, very great Variety._
    6d. 9d. 1s. and 1s. 3d. DRAWING BOOKS, Plain and Coloured.

BRITISH SPORTS, for the Amusement of CHILDREN

[Illustration: PHEASANT SHOOTING.]

    See the Fowler takes his aim,
    To bring down the feather'd game;
    September Season is the time,
    When these birds are in full prime.


_Printed, Published & Sold by W. Belch, Newington Butts._



    How happy & frisky the Rabbits appear,
    Prancing & skipping without any fear;
    But alas, their enjoyment is like to be short,
    By the aim of a Gunner who seeks them for sport.



    Baited by Dogs, the Badger dies,
    A cruel sport it thus supplies,
    The Skin is by the Furriers bought,
    And thus for gain & pleasure sought.



    Goaded with Spurs they seem to fly,
    Like lightning to the human eye,
    Stretch out their necks to gain the post,
    While thousands on the course are lost.



    The timid Stag with eager bounds,
    Strives to escape pursuing Hounds;
    In vain he flies he's doom'd to die,
    Whilst shouts of Huntsmen rend the Sky.



    They beat the Bush to find a Hare,
    And thus for a long chace prepare;
    Poor gentle Puss thy fate is hard,
    And it with pity I regard.



    The Fox is Reynard sly and cunning,
    Often with our Poultry running;
    To hunt him yields a manly sport,
    And numbers to the chace resort.



    Angling will oft our patience try,
    Ere we a dish of Fish supply;
    Yet many love the rural sport,
    And to the Brook or Lake resort.



    _Plain and Coloured_.

    Isaac and Rebekah
    Samuel and Saul
    Queen Elizabeth
    Christ's Sermon on the Mount
    Nathan's Parable
    Life of Saint Paul
    Miraculous Draught of Fishes
    Jeptha's Rash Vow
    Whittington and his Cat
    Life of Christ
    Life of Joshua
    Life of Solomon
    Life of Moses
    Life of Joseph
    Life of Job
    Life of Jonah
    Life of Pharoah
    Life of Abraham
    Acts of the Apostles
    Adam and Eve
    Deserted Village
    Pope's Prayer
    Pilgrim's Progress
    Lord's Prayer
    Ten Commandments
    Apostles' Creed
    Naaman cured of his Leprosy
    Creation of the World
    Morning Hymn
    Evening Hymn
    Revelation of St. John
    Queen Sheba's Visit to King Solomon
    Noah's Ark
    David and Goliah
    Daniel in the Lion's Den
    Robinson Crusoe
    King Alfred
    Beggar's Petition
    Chevy Chase
    Economy of Human Life
    Seven Wonders of the World
    Conversion of St. Paul
    Captain Cook
    Horse Soldiers
    God save the King
    Rule Britannia
    Edward the Black Prince
    Death of Ananias
    Pharisee and Publican
    Three Warnings
    End of Time.

    _With additional new ones annually._


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