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´╗┐Title: Morning and Evening Prayers for All Days of the Week - Together With Confessional, Communion, and Other Prayers and Hymns for Mornings and Evenings, and Other Occasions
Author: Habermann, Johann, 1516-1590
Language: English
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                          _Morning and Evening
                       for All Days of the Week_

                          DR. JOHN HABERMANN.
                             Together With

                  _Confessional, Communion, and Other
                     Prayers and Hymns for Mornings
                           and Evenings, and
                            Other Occasions_

                            Done in English
                            EMIL H. RAUSCH.
                        _Editor Lutheran Herald_

                           Chicago, Illinois.
                       WARTBURG PUBLISHING HOUSE.

  March, 1918, 3M.
  September, 1918, 5M.
  January, 1920, 5M.

                          Translator's Preface

This little manual of prayers herewith offered to English speaking
Christians in their own language, has long been one of the treasures of
the German people. With the exception of a few prayers, as hereinafter
noted, it was originally written by one of God's noblemen, by one who
"lived and moved and had his being" in the things of the Kingdom of God.
Dr. John Habermann (known also as Avenarius, Latinized form of Habermann)
died 1590 as superintendent at Zeitz, was a famous preacher and a
distinguished scholar of his day. He was noted for his profound knowledge
of oriental languages especially of the Hebrew. Still it is not this but
the fact of his little prayer book that has endeared him to his fellow
Christians. And this manual of prayers is the mature product of an inner
life rich in the grace of God. On every page it bears the stamp of one
for whom the communion with the eternal Father in heaven through the
faith in Jesus Christ, the Savior, is a blessed reality. Nothing more
natural therefore also than that he should "live and move and have his
being" in the language of the Word of God. And this is quite apparent in
his prayer language. God's Word give him the terms to express his
thoughts. Especially the Psalter, the prayer and hymn book of Israel,
proves a veritable thesaurus of prayer terms and of these he makes a
copious use.

The present little volume presents the Englished edition of "Wachet und
Betet," as issued by the Synod of Iowa and other States. Owing to the
exigencies of the times, with the great world war raging in all its fury,
a special set of prayers for times of war has been added by the
translator, in the hope that they will add to the usefulness of the book.
These are found on pages 131-138. The hymns as far as possible are given
in the form as found in the new Common Service Book with Hymnal. Many of
them however are new translations that here appear in print for the first
time. For these we are indebted especially to Prof. Alfred Ramsey of the
Lutheran Theological Seminary, Maywood, Chicago, and the Rev. H.
Brueckner of Iowa City, Iowa, a fact which is here gratefully

The labor of clothing these little gems of prayer into the language of
the land has been done as a labor of love, albeit the stress of other
work often precluded the continued effort. The work was done a bit at a
time. This little volume is herewith issued with the fervent hope and
prayer, that it may long continue on its course of blessing, and lead
many lives into the closer communion with God, through Jesus Christ. Soli
Deo Gloria!

                                                            E. H. R.

Waverly, Iowa, during the blessed season of Epiphany, 1918.

                         EXHORTATION TO PRAYER

Arise, dear soul, and carefully reflect who He is with whom thou speakest
and before whom thou standest when thou prayest. Behold, thou speakest
with God, thy Maker, and standest in the presence of Him, the eternal
Majesty, whom thousand times thousand holy angels and arch-angels attend.
Therefore, O Christian, enter thou into the closet of thy soul, and
beware, lest thou failest to put from thee all sluggishness of heart, and
liftest up to thy God a countenance free from blame. Then wilt thou
delight in the Lord and have power with Him, and prevail. Yea, thou wilt
conquer the unconquerable God and bear away the blessing through Jesus
Christ. Amen.

                           The Lord's Prayer

_Our Father, who art in heaven; Hallowed be Thy Name; Thy kingdom come;
Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven; Give us this day our daily
bread; And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass
against us; And lead us not into temptation; but deliver us from evil;
For Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever and
ever. Amen._

                            The Benediction

    _The Lord bless thee, and keep thee._
    _The Lord make His face to shine upon thee,_
      _and be gracious unto thee._
    _The Lord lift up His countenance upon thee,_
      _and give thee peace. Amen._

                      Morning and Evening Prayers

                       Prayer for Sunday Morning.

Lord, our Heavenly Father, Eternal God! Blessed be Thy divine power and
might; magnified Thy fathomless goodness and mercy; praised Thine eternal
wisdom and truth. For Thou hast shielded me with Thy hand against the
perils of this night, and hast suffered me to rest and slumber in peace
under the shadow of Thy wings. Thou hast kept and safeguarded me with a
father's care against the Evil One and all his wicked designs and
purposes. Therefore, I magnify Thy goodness and the wonders which Thou
doest for the children of men. I will exalt Thee in the congregation. Thy
praise shall evermore be in my mouth. My soul shall bless Thee, O my
Lord, all that is within me shall bless Thy holy name, and nevermore will
I forget Thy benefits. May the praises of my lips, which in singleness of
heart I bring before Thee at this early hour, be acceptable in Thy sight.
I call upon Thee with all my heart to preserve me this day against all
danger of body and soul. May Thy holy angels have charge over me and keep
me in all my ways. Encompass me with Thy shield and lead me on the paths
of Thy commandments that, like the children of light, I may be blameless
in Thy service, to Thy good pleasure. Stay the Evil One and all
wickedness of this world. Restrain mine own flesh and blood that I be not
overcome by them. Lead me with Thy Holy Spirit that I attempt, do, speak,
or think nothing except what is well-pleasing in Thy sight and conducive
to the glory of Thy divine Majesty. Behold, O God, I consecrate and
dedicate myself entirely to Thy holy will, with body and soul, all my
powers and abilities, inwardly and outwardly. Make me a living sacrifice,
holy and acceptable unto Thee, so that I may render Thee a reasonable and
pleasing service. Therefore, Most Holy Father, Almighty God, let me be
wholly Thine. Govern Thou my heart and soul, and all my emotions that I
know and understand none but Thee. O Lord, in the morning wilt Thou hear
my voice. Early will I seek Thee and look up to Thee. Early will I praise
Thee, and will not cease when evening comes. Through Jesus Christ. Amen.

                    Gott des Himmels und der Erden.

    God, Who madest earth and heaven,--
    Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
    Who the day and night hast given,
    Sun and moon, and starry host,
    Thou Whose mighty hand sustains
    Earth and all that it contains;

    Praise to Thee my soul shall render,
    Who this night has guarded me,
    My omnipotent Defender,
    Who from ill doth set me free;
    Free from danger, anguish, woe,
    Free from the infernal foe.

    Let the night of my transgression
    With night's darkness pass away;
    Jesus, into Thy possession
    I resign myself to-day.
    In Thy wounds I find relief
    From my greatest sin and grief.

    Let my life and conversation
    Be directed by Thy Word;
    Lord, Thy constant preservation
    To Thy erring child afford.
    Nowhere but alone in Thee
    From all harm can I be free.

    Wholly to Thy blest protection
    I commit my heart and mind;
    Mighty God! to Thy direction
    Wholly may I be resigned.
    Lord, my Shield, my Light divine,
    O accept, and own me Thine.

                                                  Heinrich Albert, 1643.
                                        Tr. John Christian Jacobi, 1720.
                                             Arthur Tozer Russell, 1848.
                                              Catherine Winkworth, 1855.

                       Prayer for Sunday Evening.

Eternal God, Merciful Father, I lift up my hands unto Thee as an evening
sacrifice, and render Thee most hearty thanks, praise, and glory, that
Thou hast protected me this day and all the days of my life from all evil
and calamity, and through the ministrations of Thy holy angels hast
graciously guarded me against the Evil One. I pray Thee to forgive me all
my sins, wherever I have done wrong. Surround me this night with Thy holy
angels. May thou compass me round and cast a trench about me, that I may
escape the snares and evil cunning of the enemy. I commend myself to Thy
goodness and mercy. Protect me with Thine outstretched arm; for from my
heart do I pant after Thee in the nightwatches, and with my spirit within
me do I watch for Thee at all times. I wait upon Thy goodness, and my
soul trusts in Thee, the living God, for Thou art my refuge and my
Savior. Behold, O Lord, whether we sleep or wake, we are Thine: whether
we live or die, Thou art our God who hast called us into being.
Therefore, I cry unto Thee: let Thy grace be not far from me. Shelter me
with Thy shield. Keep me, that I lie in quiet, sleep in peace, and awake
again in health. Hide me in Thy pavilion in the time of trouble, in the
secret of Thy tabernacle hide me, set me upon the rock, and I will fear
no evil. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I
will fear no evil: for Thou art with me; Thy rod and Thy staff they
comfort me. Grant me grace, that though my body sleep, my soul may ever
wake for Thee, that I may ever have Thee in my heart and before my mind,
and be not overcome by the night of sin. Keep me from all wicked and evil
dreams, from restless wakings and useless anxieties, from depraved and
hurtful thoughts, from all grief. My Lord and God, into Thy gracious care
do I commend my body and soul, my brothers and sisters, and all my kin
and loved ones. May it please Thee, O Lord, to save us, and turn not Thy
mercy from us. May Thy grace and fidelity protect us alway. Cover us this
night with Thy goodness, and encompass us with Thy mercy, that we be
safe-guarded in body and soul. Amen.

                    Christe, du bist der helle Tag.

    O Christ, who art the sun-lit day,
    Before Thee night must flee away,
    Thou dost reflect the Father's light
    And teachest us His will aright.

    Dear Lord, as night is drawing near,
    Fill Thou our hearts with light and cheer,
    Let us securely rest in Thee
    And from the foe's attacks stay free.

    And while our eyes in slumber close,
    Grant that our hearts may find repose;
    But let them be to Thee awake
    And of Thy saving grace partake.

    Protect us from the wily foe
    Who seeks to harm our souls, we know.
    Be Thou our shield, our staff, and stay,
    Lord Jesus Christ, for this we pray.

    For Thou hast made us, Lord, Thine own,
    We as Thy heritage are known.
    Thy blood was shed, that we might be
    The Father's precious gift to Thee.

    So let Thy holy angel stay
    Around us both by night and day.
    Place Thou a watch beside our bed,
    And guardian angels overhead.

    Thus in Thy name we fall asleep,
    While angels o'er us watch must keep.
    To Thee, O Holy One in Three,
    Be praise to all eternity.

                                                       Latin, 7 Century.
                                                    Erasmus Alber, 1555.
                                                 Tr. H. Brueckner, 1918.

                       Prayer for Monday Morning.

O Thou Eternal and Merciful God! Thou hast commanded Thy people in Thy
law each morning to offer Thee a burnt offering, thereby to praise and
thank Thee for Thy merciful protection: thus I too would bring unto Thee
my offering of praise, that is the fruit of my lips, and magnify Thy holy
name. For by Thy grace and mercy Thou hast kept me this night from all
evil and harm in body and soul, and hast graciously protected me. If Thou
hadst not been my shield and my help, manifold calamities would have
engulfed me, and I could not have risen in health and safety. Therefore,
I thank Thee for Thy protection. But I continue to call to Thee from the
depths of my heart, and my supplication ascends to Thee in the early
hour. Early do I seek Thy countenance and pray Thee to safeguard me and
mine from the wiles and power of the devil, from sin and disgrace and all
wickedness. Visit Thou me in this early hour with Thy grace, as without
Thee I can do nothing, and grant that I may this day begin all my work in
Thy name and end it joyously, to the glory of Thy divine majesty and the
betterment of my neighbor. Preserve my soul, mind, reason, senses, and
thoughts, all that I do and leave undone, that the prince of darkness do
me no injury. Safeguard me against the destruction that wasteth at
noonday. Defend me against mine enemies that neither secretly nor openly
they harm or injure me with their craft and cunning, violence or malice.
O God, Father and Lord of my life, shield me from all impurity and
disorderly conduct. Keep me from all intemperance and unchastity, and
turn from me shameless thoughts. Help me by Thy grace to pluck out the
eye that offends me and cast it away, and renounce all wicked and impure
desires of the heart. Grant whatever is pleasing to Thee and useful to
me, that I may serve Thee in the true faith. Look upon me with the eyes
of Thy mercy, Thou Savior of the world, and enlighten my heart and eyes,
that I may walk in the light of Thy grace, which rises above me, and
never lose Thee, the Eternal Light. Amen.

                      Ach bleib mit deiner Gnade.

    Abide with grace unbounded,
    Lord Jesus, with us still,
    That Satan's craft confounded
    May no more work us ill.

    Abide with us, dear Savior,
    Both with and in Thy Word:
    To us both now and ever
    Thy saving health afford.

    Abide with all Thy brightness,
    Thou brightest Light of all;
    And lest we stray from rightness,
    Make Thou Thy truth our wall.

    Abide with us and bless us,
    Thou Lord whose riches 'bide;
    With growing grace possess us
    And all things best provide.

    Abide with Thy protection,
    Great Captain, clothed with might;
    O'ercome our world affection
    And vanquish Satan's spite.

    Abide with care untiring,
    Our God and Lord indeed;
    All steadfastness inspiring,
    Help, Lord, our every need.

                                                   Josua Stegmann, 1630.
                                                    Tr. A. Ramsey, 1916.

                       Prayer for Monday Evening.

O Thou Mighty and Everlasting God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, I
thank Thee that by Thy divine power Thou hast this day preserved me from
all injury and danger of body and life. I owe it to Thy mercy alone that
Thou didst protect me on all my paths. I pray Thee to forgive me all my
sins which I have committed against Thee, and this night and during our
entire lives mercifully to defend me and my loved ones against all sorrow
and anxiety, and against the craft and power of the devil, wherewith day
and night he seeks to ensnare us. Preserve us from the deadly pestilence
that walketh in the darkness, and deliver us from the snare of the enemy.
Protect us from the temptation and terror of Satan, from all evils of
body and soul. For Thou art our strong fortress, our sword and buckler.
All our hope and trust rests in Thee. Therefore, O faithful God, may
Thine eyes be upon us and we be safeguarded this night against all
violence and assault of the enemy. Be Thou our keeper and protector.
Encompass us with Thy shelter, for in Thee is our salvation. Unto Thee
only, from whom cometh my help, do I lift up mine eyes. My help cometh
from the Lord, who made heaven and earth. Behold, as the eyes of servants
look unto the hands of their masters, and as the eyes of a maiden unto
the hand of her mistress; so our eyes wait upon the Lord our God, until
that He have mercy upon us. Have mercy upon us, O Lord, have mercy, for
we are poor and needy. Lift upon me the light of Thy countenance lest I
sleep the sleep of death. Amen.

                        Nun ruhen alle Waelder.

    Now under night's dark shadow
    Rest woodland, field, and meadow,
    The world in slumber lies.
    But thou, my soul, awake thee,
    To song and prayer betake thee,
    Give praise to Him who rules the skies.

    The sun's fair light hath vanished,
    The night its rays hath banished,
    The night, the foe of day.
    'Tis well: my heart containeth
    A sun whose light ne'er waneth,
    Since Jesus there holds constant sway.

    The reign of day is over,
    And golden stars now cover
    The canopy so blue.
    Thus I shall shine in heaven,
    Where golden crowns are given
    To all who faithful stay and true.

    My body is divested
    Of garments that have rested
    Upon its form of clay.
    Thus I at heaven's portal
    Shall lose all that is mortal
    And with the Lord forever stay.

    Head, feet, and hands are taking
    Sweet rest from toil and waking,
    Released from ev'ry pain.
    O heart of mine, why borrow
    The troubles of tomorrow?
    Thou rest from sin and woe shalt gain.

    Ye members weak and tired,
    By joy no more inspired,
    Betake yourselves to bed.
    The time and hour for sleeping
    In God's own faithful keeping
    Will come when you are cold and dead.

    My tired eyes are closing,
    And while I am reposing,
    Where doth my soul remain?
    To Thee be it commended
    Until the night is ended,
    Let me Thy gracious favor gain.

    Lord Jesus, who dost love me,
    Spread both Thy wings above me,
    Thus shielding me from harm.
    If Satan should draw near me,
    Let angels come to cheer me
    And so the wily foe disarm.

    My loved ones, rest securely,
    Since God will guard you surely
    From pain and perils sore.
    May you in safety slumber,
    While angels without number
    Attend you now and evermore.

                                                    Paul Gerhardt, 1648.
                                                 Tr. H. Brueckner, 1918.

                      Prayer for Tuesday Morning.

Blessed be God, the maker of heaven and earth, blessed be the Lord, who
only doeth wondrous things, and blessed be His glorious name for ever who
hath made both day and night through His glorious wisdom, and so ruled,
that while the earth remaineth, they shall not cease, that man may rest
by night, and proceed again to his labors by day. O Lord, how manifold
are Thy works! In wisdom hast Thou made them all: the earth is full of
Thy riches. For such Thy gifts we should thank Thee ere the sun rises,
and come into Thy presence when the light breaks forth. Therefore I bless
Thee now also, for Thou hast suffered me securely to rest and sleep this
night, and again awakened me to the joy of living. Thou hast mercifully
sheltered me from the assaults and malice of enemies. I supplicate Thy
grace: grant that my soul may repose in Thy hands, my body continue in
health according to Thy good pleasure, and be kept from all injury and
peril. Be Thou my mighty protection and strong stay, a defence from heat,
and my cover from the sun at noon, my preservation from stumbling, and my
help from falling, that no harm may come unto me. O Merciful God, knowing
the hour is come to awaken out of the sleep of sin and iniquity, for now
is our salvation so near, the night is far spent, the day is at hand: so
help us to cast off the works of darkness, and put on the armour of
light, that we may walk honestly as in the day; not in rioting and
drunkenness, not in chambering and wantonness, not in strife and envying,
but putting on the Lord Jesus Christ in the true faith and a Christian
conduct. Thus awaken us each morning. Open Thou my ears that I may hear
Thy holy Word with a believing heart and keep the same in my memory. Let
my ears incline to the entreaties and prayers of the needy, not to
forsake them in their distress. And when in my distress I cry unto Thee,
hear Thou the voice of my supplications, and despise not my sighings in
the hour of death. Let my prayers come before Thee early. Incline Thine
ears to my entreaties. Satisfy us early with Thy mercy; that we may
rejoice and be glad all our days. Amen.

                    Wach auf, mein Herz, und singe.

    Awake, my heart, rejoicing,
    Thy Maker's praises voicing,--
    The Giver, good gifts sending;
    Their Shield, His folk defending.

    All night while darkness 'bound me
    In deepest gloom around me,
    By Satan craved while sleeping
    God had me in His keeping.

    Thou spak'st me words endearing;
    Sleep now, my child, unfearing;
    Sleep well, night's terrors spurning;
    Thou'lt see the sun returning.

    Thy word performed, now waking,
    I see the bright dawn breaking,
    Safe kept from ills unnumbered
    While 'neath Thy care I slumbered.

    An off'ring Thou desirest.
    Behold what Thou requirest.
    Nor lamb nor incense bringing,
    I come with prayer and singing.

    Nor wilt Thou now despise them,
    But in Thy heart wilt prize them,
    Well knowing, yea, and surely
    My best I offer purely.

    Approve my works when shown Thee.
    Help Thou good councils only;
    Beginning, middle, closing,
    Lord, for the best disposing.

    With blessings guard me waking,
    My heart Thy dwelling making,
    And with Thy Word, Lord, feed me
    Whilst heavenward Thou dost lead me.

                                                    Paul Gerhardt, 1648.
                                                    Tr. A. Ramsey, 1916.

                      Prayer for Tuesday Evening.

Lord, Merciful God, Holy Father, in the daytime do I cry unto Thee with
my voice, in my distress I call upon Thee, and at eventime I remember Thy
goodness and mercy, which Thou hast wrought for me. And especially do I
magnify Thee now, that purely out of fatherly grace and mercy, without
any merit or worthiness on my part, Thou hast this day preserved me from
all harm and danger and kept me from sudden death. Therefore do I now and
at all times render unto Thee praise and thanksgiving, and pray Thee, for
the sake of the bitter sufferings of Jesus Christ, to forgive me wherever
I have sinned against Thee this day. Mercifully protect me during the
night against my adversary, the devil, and against the fears and terrors
of the night. Suffer me to rest without anxieties and worries, and may
the eyes of my faith ever behold the lustre of Thy countenance even
during the shades of night. For Thou art that shining and true light,
which dispels all darkness that surrounds us. Thou, O Lord, art ever with
me. Thou art my rock, and my fortress, my deliverer, my strength, in whom
I will trust, my buckler, the horn of my salvation, and my high tower.
Lord, my God, at eventime do I lift up my hands unto Thee. Come unto me
as the latter rains that make the earth fruitful. Abide with us, for the
day is far spent and in the darkness there is none to defend us save Thou
alone, our God. Hasten to uphold us. Defend us this night, lest our souls
fall into the sleep of sin and our bodies be overcome with evil. Awake us
again in due time, and make us to hear joy and peace, for we love Thy
word and Thy testimonies, which are the delight of our souls. May our
ears be saved from all messages of sorrow, and all anguish be turned from
our souls; for Thou canst prosper all that liveth, and fill my life with
Thy blessing; in Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

              Die Nacht ist kommen, drin wir ruhen sollen.

    Now God be with us, for the night is closing;
    The light and darkness are of His disposing;
    And 'neath His shadow here to rest we yield us,
    For He will shield us.

    Let evil thoughts and spirits flee before us;
    Till morning cometh, watch, O Master, o'er us;
    In soul and body Thou from harm defend us,
    Thine angels send us.

    Let holy thoughts be ours when sleep o'ertakes us;
    Our earliest thoughts be Thine when morning wakes us;
    All day serve Thee, in all that we are doing
    Thy praise pursuing.

    As Thy beloved, soothe the sick and weeping,
    And bid the prisoner lose his griefs in sleeping;
    Widows and orphans, we to Thee commend them;
    Do Thou befriend them.

    We have no refuge, none on earth to aid us,
    Save Thee, O Father, Who Thine own hast made us;
    But Thy dear presence will not leave them lonely,
    Who seek Thee only.

    Father, Thy name be praised, Thy kingdom given;
    Thy will be done on earth as 'tis in heaven;
    Keep us in life, forgive our sins, deliver
    Us now and ever.

                                                   Petrus Herbert, 1566.
                                                     St. 5, Anon., 1627.
                                          Tr. Catherine Winkworth, 1863.

                     Prayer for Wednesday Morning.

Almighty, All-gracious God! All Thy creatures should praise and glorify
Thee. The birds under the heavens magnify Thee with lovely songs early in
the morning as their Lord and Maker. So will I too heartily thank Thee,
that Thou hast preserved me under Thy shelter and protection during the
night now past, and all my life even to the present hour, and awakening
me from the sleep of the darkness of this night, hast suffered me to
arise again in health and joy. I pray Thee for the sake of the saving
resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, that Thou wouldst ever keep
me together with all my loved ones from all danger and evil. O Lord, save
Thy people, and bless Thine inheritance: feed them also, and lift them up
for ever. Fill me also at this early hour with Thy grace, that I may pass
this day rejoicing in Thy commandments, and free from mortal sin. Let me
experience Thy grace as a dew from the womb of the morning, and as the
refreshing moisture that diffuses at the break of day, making the land
fruitful. Thou wouldest spread Thy goodness over me, that I may gladly
and zealously do Thy will. Govern me with Thy Holy Spirit that I may
serve Thee in righteousness and holiness of truth, well pleasing in Thy
sight. Guard me that I sin not against Thee, nor defile my conscience
with carnal lusts that militate against the soul. Keep my tongue from
evil, and my lips from speaking guile. Foolish talking or jesting,
unbecoming of Christians, be ever far removed from me. Grant, that I
offend none with my lips, nor backbite, judge nor condemn, defame nor
vilify. O that I might put a lock to my lips and seal them with a strong
seal, that they bring me not to naught, nor my tongue destroy me. Give me
grace that I may know my shortcomings and correct them, and not fall into
Thy righteous judgment and condemnation. Grant my prayer, O Eternal God,
for the sake of Thy dear Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

                       Morgenglanz der Ewigkeit.

    Dayspring of Eternity,
    Light from endless Light proceeding,
    Let Thy beams upon us shine
    As the shadows are receding;
    And dispel by Thy great might
    Our dark night.

    As the soft refreshing dew
    Falls upon the drooping flower,
    So our fainting hearts renew
    By Thy Spirit's quickening power;
    Ne'er Thy bounteous grace withhold
    From Thy fold.

    Let the glow of Thy pure love
    All our icy coldness banish;
    In the radiance from above
    May our doubts and fears all vanish,
    That ere dying we may be
    Found in Thee.

    O Thou glorious Sun of grace,
    May Thy light be ne'er denied us!
    Till we reach the heavenly place
    Shine upon our way to guide us,
    That at last among the blest
    We may rest.

                                     Christian Knorr v. Rosenroth, 1684.
                                                    Tr. J. F. Ohl, 1915.

                     Prayer for Wednesday Evening.

Most Holy Trinity, One in essence, Three in person, who art my life,
salvation, and eternal joy, I praise and thank Thee with mouth and heart
that Thou hast so graciously protected me throughout this day. I pray Thy
divine goodness to cover up all my shortcomings, and especially where
this day, with my tongue, with vain and unprofitable words, slander or
otherwise, I have sinned against Thee and Thy holy commandments.
According to Thy name, O God, so is Thy praise unto the ends of the
earth: Thy right hand is full of righteousness. Therefore I commend my
body and my soul into Thy hands. Thy divine Majesty bless me; Thy holy
Trinity shelter me; Thy eternal Unity preserve me. May Thy unbounded
mercy protect me; Thy inexpressible benevolence defend me, the sublime
truth of God cover me; profound knowledge of Christ strengthen me; the
unfathomable goodness of the Lord keep me. The grace of the Father govern
me; the wisdom of the Son refresh me; the power of the Holy Spirit
enlighten me. My Creator aid me, my Redeemer quicken me, my Comforter
abide with me. The Lord bless me and keep me. The Lord make His face
shine upon me and be gracious unto me. The Lord lift up His countenance
upon me and give me peace. The protection and blessing of the one and
eternal Godhead be between me and all mine enemies, visible and
invisible, today and always, that they may not approach nor injure me. As
the pillar of the cloud went between the army of the Egyptians and the
army of Israel, so that they could not come together, and no harm befall
the children of Israel, so mayest Thou be a pillar of fire and a wall of
separation between me and mine enemies, that no harm come over me. Keep
me also in my last hour. When mine eyes no longer see, mine ears no
longer hear, my tongue no longer speak, be Thou with me, O blessed
Trinity, that the Evil One have no power over me. Amen.

                          Hirte deiner Schafe.

    Shepherd never sleeping,
    In Thy gracious keeping
    I have been today.
    Thou art my Defender,
    So in mercy tender
    Come and with me stay;
    All this night
    Keep me in sight,
    Send Thine angels to attend me
    And protection lend me.

    While I lie and slumber,
    Let Thine hosts outnumber
    All my raging foes.
    Be of grace the Giver,
    And Thy child deliver
    From guilt's painful throes.
    For Thy Son
    My soul hath won;
    By His wounds, so sorely stricken,
    He my heart doth quicken.

    Shield Thou from all danger
    Ev'ry lonely stranger
    And my dear ones, too.
    Tenderly embrace us
    And with mercy grace us,
    Be our Father true.
    Thou with me
    And I with Thee,
    Thus shall I, mine eyelids closing,
    Be in peace reposing.

    Close the door behind us,
    Let no evil find us,
    Keep all ills away.
    Be our shield and cover,
    Let Thine angels hover
    O'er us now, we pray.
    By sweet rest
    Let us be blest,
    Ev'ry fear of Satan's raging
    In our hearts assuaging.

    What if death should take me
    And no light awake me
    From my sleep and rest?
    If Thou hast intended
    That my life be ended,
    Let Thy name be blest;
    As for me,
    I yield to Thee.
    In the wounds of Jesus lying,
    I am daily dying.

    By no cares encumbered,
    Though my hours be numbered,
    I now fall asleep.
    All to Thee commending
    Who Thine hosts are sending
    Watch o'er me to keep.
    Through the night
    Be my delight,
    And if I should see the morrow,
    Thou wilt cure all sorrow.

                                               Benjamin Schmolcke, 1715.
                                                 Tr. H. Brueckner, 1918.

                      Prayer for Thursday Morning.

Jesus Christ, Thou art the eternal light, which dispelleth the darkness
of night and the shadow of death: I magnify Thy name, I glorify and thank
Thee. For Thou hast so graciously kept me during this night, and hast
brought me out of the darkness to the light of day. Thou hast shielded me
against the terrors of the night, the snares of the devil, the noisome
pestilence, that walketh in the darkness, manifold illness and disease.
Thou hast guarded and watched over my soul, even as the shepherd watches
over his flock. And all that I possess is kept from harm through Thy
great mercy. Praise and thanks be said unto Thee for Thy gracious
protection and all Thy gifts. I will speak of Thy power and magnify Thy
goodness, when the day breaks. For Thou art my refuge, my strong tower,
my present help, my faithful God, in whom I trust. Thou makest glad my
heart and my countenance rejoiceth. I pray Thee, for the sake of Thy holy
birth and incarnation, suffer Thy grace to rise in my heart and break
forth even as the beauty of the morning, and come over me as the early
rain. Illumine me with Thy radiance, and be Thou the light of my heart,
for Thou art the right day star and the true light, that lighteth men to
the eternal life. Be merciful unto me, O Lord, for in Thee do I put my
trust. My soul waiteth for Thee, more than they that watch for the
morning, yea more than they that watch for the morning. Be Thou mine arm
in the morning, my salvation also in the time of trouble. Protect me in
body and soul, that no evil befall me and no plague come nigh unto my
dwelling. Keep from me all wicked spirits. Defend me from evildoers.
Stand up for me against the workers of iniquity and shield me, that the
hands of mine adversaries may not touch me. O Lord, our God, establish
Thou the work of our hands upon us; yea, the work of our hands establish
Thou it, and strengthen our hands, and teach us that we may keep Thy
commandments and sin not against Thee this day. Grant us this for the
sake of Thy mercy, which endureth for ever and ever. Amen.

                Wach auf, mein Herz, die Nacht ist hin.

    Awake, my soul; the rising sun
    Dispels the night of mourning;
    Awake, with songs of praises run
    To greet the Lord returning.
    He burst the gates of death today
    And left the gloomy grave for aye
    While all the world rejoices.

    Arise, my soul, from sin and death,
    To thee new life is given;
    Arise and run the race of faith;
    Fix thy desires on heaven
    Where Jesus, thy Redeemer reigns,
    And seek the things that it contains,
    If thou with Him be risen.

    Art thou distressed by weight of care?
    Thy Savior will remove it.
    Believing, thou with joy canst bear
    Thy cross and learn to love it.
    Cast all thy burden on the Lord;
    Fear not; for He will help afford,
    For now He hath arisen.

    Now Judah's Lion, true and tried,
    The victory obtaineth;
    The Lamb of God, the Crucified,
    For us salvation gaineth,
    And giveth righteousness and life;
    For after all the dreadful strife,
    O'er every foe He triumphs.

    Then up, my soul, begin the fight,
    For Christ, the Victor, leadeth.
    He arms thee with a victor's might;
    With Him thy cause succeedeth.
    Now thou can'st rise and live anew
    And righteousness and peace pursue
    And be a faithful servant.

    Fear not the angry jaws of hell,
    Nor world, nor death, nor devil.
    Thy Savior lives and all is well,
    Though sore has been His travail.
    A Victor crowned, He as a Friend
    The mean and feeble doth attend,
    And therefore thou shalt conquer.

    Ah, Lord, whom death could not defile,
    Who from the dead hast risen,
    Free us from Satan's might and guile
    And save us from his prison.
    O grant, that, as one body, we
    May enter that new life in Thee
    Which Thou for us hast gotten.

                                              Laurentius Laurenti, 1700.
                                                          Tr. A. Ramsey.

                      Prayer for Thursday Evening.

Praise be to Thee, O God, our Father, through Jesus Christ in the Holy
Ghost, one, eternal God, who through Thy manifold compassion hast kept me
this day, a poor sinner and miserable creature, from the fiery darts of
Satan that fly by day, from the destruction that wasteth at noonday, and
hast graciously protected me from a sudden and evil death. Thy mercy, O
Lord, is in the heavens; and Thy faithfulness reacheth unto the clouds.
Thou art gracious and merciful, and all Thine acts are glorious. I pray
Thee, O merciful God, graciously to forgive me all that I have done
against Thee this day, in thought, word, or deed. Turn Thy mercy toward
me, that I may slumber and rest during this coming night, and that I may
never turn from Thee, who art the eternal rest. Suffer me ever to abide
in Thee in the true faith, and safely to sojourn under Thy protection, so
that the enemy may never come nigh unto me, nor do me injury. Lord, Thou
art my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? Thou art the strength
of my life; of whom shall I be afraid? My heart trusteth in Thee, and I
am helped. Thou art my strength and my great shield. Thy right hand
strengtheneth me. Thy right hand gladdeneth my heart, and in the shadow
of Thy wings will I make my refuge. Behold, my God, in the daytime do I
cry unto Thee, and Thou hearest me, and in the night season I am not
silent, and Thou answereth my prayer. I remember Thee on my bed, and
meditate on Thee in the night watches, because Thou hast been my help.
Therefore in the shadow of Thy wings will I rejoice. My soul cleaves unto
Thee, for Thy right hand defends me. When darkness comes over me, then
Thou, O Lord, art my light and my salvation. O gracious God, vouchsafe
unto me Thy grace, so that when that last hour cometh, and I lay me down
on my deathbed for the eternal rest, through Thy help, in the true faith,
in all confidence and trust, I may happily fall asleep for the eternal
life. Meanwhile keep me in Thee, that I may ever watch and pass my days
in all sobriety and moderation, and be found in Christian readiness,
since I can not know the hour when Thou comest, O God, to call me hence,
so that I may be worthy to stand before the Son of Man, and be not put to
shame; who liveth and reigneth with Thee and the Holy Ghost, world
without end. Amen.

                      Nur in Jesu Blut und Wunden.

    Now in Jesus' wounds reposing,
    I my tired eyes am closing.
    For His love and pardoning grace
    Are my only resting place.

    Through the day His mercy holds me,
    And by night His arm enfolds me.
    Of Thy strong protection sure,
    Jesus, I shall rest secure.

                                                 Tr. H. Brueckner, 1916.

                       Prayer for Friday Morning.

Blessed be God, my Maker! Blessed be God, my Savior! Blessed be God, my
Comforter! Who giveth unto me my health, my life, and every blessing; my
very present help and my protection. Thou hast kept me according to Thy
great and most blessed compassion during this night now past against the
onslaughts of Satan, and preserved me in health. I beseech Thee, Heavenly
Father, through Jesus Christ, Thy dear Son, take me this day also into
Thy divine protection, and shield me that no evil may assail my life. For
into Thy hands do I this day and all days commend my body and soul, my
thoughts, words, and deeds, all that I do or leave undone, my going out
and my coming in, my walks and ways, my rising up and my lying down, my
will and counsel, my thoughts and desires, my faith and profession, the
end of my life, the day and hour of my death, my passing away and my
resurrection. O Lord God, do Thou with me as Thou wilt: for Thou knowest
what serves best Thy glory and my salvation. Keep me in Thy fear and in
the true knowledge of Thee. Protect me from the deeds of unrighteousness.
And if perchance and by reason of my frailty I sin against Thee, I pray
Thee take not from me Thy mercy; turn not from me Thy grace; withdraw not
Thy help. For there is none other God nor Helper but Thee, and as there
is none before Thee, there is none after Thee. Thou art the first and the
last, Alpha and Omega, and there is none other God beside Thee. Therefore
do I call only upon Thee: may Thy goodness rule over me. Cause me to hear
Thy loving kindness in the morning; for in Thee do I trust. Lead me on
the paths of righteousness, that I may not walk in the counsel of the
ungodly, nor stand in the way of sinners, nor yet sit in the seat of the
scornful, but that my heart may ever delight in Thy word and
commandments, and meditate upon them day and night; through Jesus Christ,
our Lord. Amen.

                  Die helle Sonn leucht jetzt herfuer.

    The morning sun shines in the skies,
    And we from peaceful slumbers rise.
    All praise to God who hath this night
    Protected us from Satan's might.

    Lord Jesus, shield us now by day
    From sin and error on our way.
    To us Thy holy angels send,
    And let them to our wants attend.

    Make Thou our hearts obedient,
    To use Thy word and sacrament,
    To do Thy will whate'er betide,
    Thus pleasing Thee, our trusty guide.

    Bless Thou the labor of our hands
    And help us keep Thy law's demands,
    That all our work, begun in Thee,
    May to Thy praise and glory be.

                                                 Nicolaus Hermann, 1560.
                                                 Tr. H. Brueckner, 1918.

                       Prayer for Friday Evening.

Blessed be the Lord God, who only doeth wondrous things! And blessed be
His glorious name for ever: and let the whole earth be filled with His
glory! Daily will I praise the Lord, and at eventime my mouth shall thank
Him while I have any being. For when I cry with my voice, He hears me,
and gives ear to my supplication. When I pray, He attends to my voice.
The Lord is my refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.
Therefore do I laud and magnify Thee, Eternal God, that Thou hast this
day so mercifully kept me from every harm and evil. My heart is glad and
my soul glorifies Thee for Thy goodness and mercy. Ever shall my tongue
speak of Thee and say, Blessed be the Lord, and blessed be Thy holy name!
I pray Thee, graciously pardon, wherever I have this day sinned against
Thee, and grant me and mine Thy protection during the coming night. Be
Thou my shield, and my shade upon my right hand. O Lord, preserve me from
all evil, preserve my soul. Be gracious unto me, for in Thee do I put my
trust. I trust in the Lord, and cry to God, the Highest, to God Who
endeth all mine affliction. Behold, He that keepeth Israel shall neither
slumber nor sleep. He will guide my steps on the paths of righteousness,
that I slip not and my feet do not falter. He will not suffer my feet to
be moved, and His word is a light unto my path. Therefore as I lay me
down, I will not be afraid of sudden terror, neither of the desolation of
wicked people, when it cometh. For Thou keepest my foot from being taken,
and deliverest me from the snares of death. O Lord God, lift upon me the
light of Thy countenance, that I may lie down and sleep in peace, and
dwell in safety under Thy protection. For Thou alone, O Lord, can help
me. In Thy name will I lie down to rest and let my eyelids slumber. Thou,
O Lord, wilt again awaken me with rejoicing, to the glory and praise of
Thine eternal majesty; through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

                    Hinunter ist der Sonnen Schein.

    Sunk is the sun's last beam of light,
    And now the world is wrapt in night.
    Christ, light us with Thy heavenly ray,
    Nor let our feet in darkness stray.

    Thanks, Lord, that Thou throughout the day
    Hast kept all grief and harm away;
    That angels tarried round about
    Our coming in and going out.

    Whate'er of wrong we've done or said,
    Let not the charge on us be laid;
    That, through Thy free forgiveness blest,
    In peaceful slumber we may rest.

    Thy guardian angels round us place
    All evil from our couch to chase;
    Our soul and body, while we sleep,
    In safety, gracious Father, keep.

                                                 Nicolaus Hermann, 1560.
                                        Tr. Frances Elizabeth Cox, 1841.

                      Prayer for Saturday Morning.

O Thou Very and Eternal God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. To Thee
do I lift up my heart in dutiful gratitude. I will not hide Thy
righteousness within my heart. I will declare Thy salvation. I will not
conceal Thy loving kindness and Thy truth from the great congregation,
and all the good that Thou hast shown me will I not keep silent. For it
is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord, and to sing praises unto
Thy name, O Most High: to shew forth Thy loving kindness in the morning,
and Thy faithfulness every night. Therefore my soul doth magnify Thee,
that Thou in Thy immeasurable grace hast kept me during the night now
past. Blessed be Thou, Lord God Sabaoth, who art merciful unto all, that
seek Thee and love Thy salvation. Blessed is Thy holy name in all the
earth, who art our refuge and our help! Blessed are all Thy works which
Thou doest for the children of men! I beseech Thee, protect me this day,
that the Evil One may not harm me, and the hands of the wicked touch me
not. Lord God, my Savior, early will I seek Thee, early do I cry unto
Thee. Grant, that I may fulfill the duties of my calling and all that is
committed unto me with diligence and trust to the glory of Thy name and
the betterment of my fellowman, so that I may not misuse the light of
this day, neither any of Thy creatures in the service of sin and vanity,
neither grieve Thee, nor transgress the covenant of my Baptism with
anything I do or leave undone. Vouchsafe unto me Thy grace, that I may
guard myself against the six things which Thou dost hate, yea, seven
which are an abomination unto Thee: a proud look, a lying tongue, and
hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that deviseth wicked
imaginations, feet that are swift in running to mischief, a false witness
that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren. From such
and the like vices preserve me, O God, that I may nevermore be led nor
consent to them, but teach me to do Thy will; for Thou art my God: Thy
Spirit is good. Lead me into the land of uprightness, that I may serve
Thee in a life that is without blame, and my deeds and all my conduct be
pleasing in Thy sight; for Christ's sake. Amen.

                           Die gueldne Sonne.

    The sun, ascending,
    To us is lending
    Bliss, joy, and gladness,
    Cure for all sadness,
    Filling the world with its rich, golden light.
    I was reclining
    When no light was shining;
    But the sun's beauty
    Now calls me to duty,
    As I behold it so fair and so bright.

    Mine eye beholdeth
    What God unfoldeth:
    Heaven's bright glory
    Tells me the story
    Of His unlimited power and love,
    And how the sainted
    In beauty untainted,
    Free from things mortal,
    Beyond death's dark portal,
    Dwell in the heavenly mansions above.

    To God in heaven
    Be praises given;
    Come, let us offer
    And gladly proffer
    To the Creator the gifts that we prize.
    He well receiveth
    A heart that believeth,
    Hymns that adore Him
    Are precious before Him
    And to His throne like sweet incense arise.

    At the day's ending
    Sweet slumbers sending,
    And in the morning
    All things adorning,
    These are His works and His blessings so true.
    When night descendeth
    Protection He lendeth
    When morn appeareth
    Our spirits He cheereth,
    Causing His mercy to crown us anew.

    Father above me,
    Thou who dost love me,
    Bless my beginning,
    Keep me from sinning,
    Move ev'ry hindrance well out of my way.
    Strength ever lend me,
    From Satan defend me,
    Spare me temptation,
    So that in my station
    I may Thy holy commandments obey.

    Let me with pleasure
    See the full measure
    Which upon others,
    Who are my brothers,
    Thou of Thy blessings dost richly bestow.
    Bid envy vanish!
    All greediness banish!
    Make me Thy dwelling,
    Sin's darkness dispelling.
    Grant that in virtue I daily may grow.

    What is man's being?
    It is like seeing
    Autumn's bleak shadows
    Sweep o'er the meadows
    When the cold winds drive the clouds on their way.
    All that we cherish
    Must crumble and perish.
    Plants must stop growing,
    And stars must cease glowing;
    Heaven and earth are not destined to stay.

    All else decayeth,
    God only stayeth,
    He of creation
    Is the foundation.
    His will and word must forever abide.
    His grace endureth
    And for us secureth
    Comfort in sorrow
    And help for the morrow,
    Keeping us cheerful, whate'er may betide.

    God of creation,
    Be my salvation!
    Calm all my terrors,
    Blot out my errors,
    Grant that Thy pardon I fully may share;
    Withal attend me,
    Rule, guide, and defend me
    In mercy tender,
    Because I surrender
    Soul, will, and all to Thy fatherly care.

    Whilst Thou art giving
    What for a living
    Seems very needful,
    Oh, make Thou me heedful
    Of this great truth and commendable thought:
    God, like a tower,
    Transcends all in power;
    Good beyond telling,
    In beauty excelling,
    He doth suffice me, all else counts for naught.

    If grief and sadness
    Temper my gladness
    If for the morrow
    Thou send me sorrow
    Do as Thou wilt, for my trust is in Thee.
    Thou surely knowest
    That what Thou bestowest,
    E'en though distressing,
    Must bring me a blessing;
    Thou wilt not deal too severely with me.

    Ills that still grieve me
    Soon are to leave me;
    Though waves may tower
    And winds gain power,
    After the storm the fair sun shows its face.
    Joys e'er increasing,
    And peace never ceasing,
    These I shall treasure
    And share in full measure
    When in His mansions God grants me a place.

                                                    Paul Gerhardt, 1666.
                                                 Tr. H. Brueckner, 1918.

                      Prayer for Saturday Evening.

Praise be unto Thee, Thou great and unchangeable God! Praise be unto Thy
goodness and mercy! Praise be unto Thy eternal wisdom and truth, that
Thou hast preserved me during the day now past from all danger and harm.
I pray Thee, graciously perfect Thy goodness which Thou hast begun in me,
and suffer me to rest this night under Thy protecting shield, and cover
me with Thy wings. Suffer me to put my trust under the shadow of Thy
hands, that I fear no evil. Keep me, O God, as the apple of the eye. Hide
me under the shadow of Thy wings. Lord, Thou art the portion of mine
inheritance; my salvation is in Thy hands. Grant unto me, according to
Thy goodness, that neither fear nor trembling come over me, and no
terrors of the night overwhelm me. Be merciful unto me, for in Thee do I
put my trust, and under the shadow of Thy wings do I find my refuge. I
seek the Lord in the time of need; my hand is outstretched in the night
without ceasing; for my soul has none other comfort; and I know of none
other helper in heaven or earth but Thee alone. At midnight when I
awaken, I meditate upon Thy name, so altogether lovely, upon Thy goodness
and fidelity, vouchsafed unto me, and I praise Thee because of Thy
righteous judgments. When I am troubled I remember God, when my spirit is
overwhelmed I speak of my Savior. For He redeemeth my life from
destruction and saveth me from the snares of death. Lord God, my Savior,
by day and by night do I cry unto Thee, pardon all my transgressions,
which during this day and the week now past I have committed against
Thee. O Lord, deliver my soul for Thy mercy's sake. Thou art gracious and
just, and our God is merciful. The Lord preserveth the simple. I was
brought low, and He helped me. Therefore will I rejoice and praise Thee,
and sing aloud upon my bed. For the days of my life will appear as
noonday, and darkness as the morning's light, and I will rejoice that
Thou, O God, art my hope and my rest in life and death. I lay me down,
and none will terrify me. Thus do I commend my body and soul into Thy
hands, Thou Faithful God. Thou hast redeemed me through Jesus Christ, our
Lord. Amen.

                      Werde munter, mein Gemuete.

    Soul of mine, to God awaking,
    And ye senses, ev'ry one,
    Come, your quiet haunts forsaking,
    Tell what God to me has done.
    How He this entire day
    Has been with me on my way,
    To my many wants attending
    And from ills protection lending.

    Praise and thanks to Thee I render,
    Father Thou of mercies great.
    Thou hast been my strong Defender,
    And Thy love does not abate.
    Thou hast shielded me from woe,
    Lent me strength and quenched the foe,
    So that I, such help beholding,
    Rest secure in Thine enfolding.

    If from Thee I have departed,
    I return again to Thee,
    Knowing Thou art tender-hearted,
    Since Thy Son has died for me.
    I can not deny the guilt,
    But for me His blood was spilt,
    And Thy grace, all sin exceeding,
    Lends forgiveness at His pleading.

    O Thou Light, with brightness filling
    Ev'ry true and pious soul,
    Into me Thy grace instilling,
    Make my troubled spirit whole.
    Deign this night to stay with me,
    And let me abide in Thee,
    That, while darkness may enthrall me,
    Yet no evil may befall me.

    Grant that I in peace may slumber,
    Finding sweet and quiet rest.
    Let no cares my soul encumber,
    Keep it by Thy presence blest.
    Mind and body, child and wife,
    All my goods and all my life,
    Friends and foes (again befriended)
    Be this night to Thee commended.

    Let no terrors overtake me,
    Shield me well from base attack.
    Let no grievous pain awake me,
    War and pestilence keep back.
    Ward off fire, water, death,
    All that threatens life and breath.
    Spare me violence, extortion
    And, withal, a sinner's portion.

    O immortal God, endue me
    With the gifts for which I ask.
    Jesus, lest some ill pursue me,
    Prosper me in ev'ry task.
    Holy Spirit, comfort, friend,
    On whose counsel I depend,
    Listen to my earnest pleading,
    Amen. Thou my prayer art heeding.

                                                      Johann Rist, 1642.
                                                     H. Brueckner, 1918.

                            A Daily Prayer.
                   To be spoken mornings or evenings.

Dear God and Lord! I live, yet know not how long. I die, yet know not
when. Thou, O Heavenly Father, knowest. Lo, dear Lord, is this hour, this
day (this night) the last of my life: Thy will be done! Thou alone
knowest best. As Thou wilt I am willing through the true faith in Jesus
Christ, my Redeemer, to live or die. But, O God, do Thou grant me this
petition, that I may not suddenly pass away in my sins, and be lost.
Vouchsafe unto me true knowledge, repentance and sorrow over my passed
transgressions. Set them before my sight in this life, that they may not
at the last day be set before me, and I be put to shame before angels and
men. Grant me sufficient time and opportunity for repentance, so that
from all my heart I may know and acknowledge my transgressions, and from
Thy saving word obtain forgiveness and comfort for the same. O Merciful
Father, forsake me not, and take not Thy Holy Spirit from me. My heart
and my heart's trust, O Thou Searcher of hearts, is ever known to Thee.
Keep me in such trust to the life eternal. May I die, when Thou wilt,
only grant me a peaceful and blessed End. Amen.

    Lord Jesus Christ, Thou highest good,
    I pray Thee, through Thy precious blood,
    Grant, that my final end be good. Amen.

                  At the Beginning of the Week's Work.

Rule Thou, O God the Father, who hast made us, and like all other
creatures ordained us not to indolence but to work, and bless each one in
his calling. Thou who rulest the universe also rule our own dear
government and graciously vouchsafe to it Thy wisdom and strength.

Rule Thou, O God the Son, who hast redeemed and ransomed us from sin.
Take from us the burden of sin committed during the week now past, and
graciously grant us Thy peace. Thou the Supreme Bishop and Archshepherd
of our souls, help all servants of Thy word in this and all Thy
congregations on earth to labor and bring forth much fruit unto eternal

Rule Thou, O God the Holy Ghost, who hast sanctified us and born us again
in Holy Baptism. Create in us a clean heart and renew a right spirit
within us, that we carry no evils of the past into the new week, but put
away all purpose and inclination of the old Adam still in us. Govern Thou
our hearts with power; and if this week mark for any of us the end of
life, help Thou in the last bitter hour. Fill the heart with that grace
which is better than life. Teach the hands to battle and vanquish the
last enemy, and grant for Christ's sake, the rest and triumph of the
sabbath everlasting.

Thou, the Triune and Immortal God, be and abide with us and Thy Church
forever. Unto Thee be glory, laud, and honor, world without end. Amen.

                              At the Table

                           Grace Before Meat.

The eyes of all wait upon Thee, O God, and Thou givest them their meat in
due season. Thou openest Thine hand and satisfiest the desire of every
living thing. Amen.

O Lord God, Heavenly Father, bless us and these Thy gifts, which we
receive from Thy loving kindness, through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

    Come Lord Jesus, be our guest,
    And let Thy gifts to us be blest.

Gracious Father, who feedest and nourishest every living creature, feed
and nourish our souls and bodies that we may not abuse Thy gifts, but
that we be rather quickened by the same unto the glory of Thy Name, unto
all honest toil and every good work, to live and move before Thee in
righteousness and innocence. Amen.


    Be present at our table Lord;
    Be here and everywhere adored.
    Thy people bless, and grant that we,
    May dwell in paradise with Thee.

    Heavenly Father, bless this food,
    To Thy glory and our good.

    Jesus, bless what Thou hast given,
    Feed our souls with bread from Heaven;
    Guide and lead us all the way,
    In all that we may do and say.

                           Grace After Meat.

O give thanks unto the Lord, for He is good; for His mercy endureth
forever. He giveth food to all flesh; He giveth to the beast his food;
and to the young ravens which cry. The Lord taketh pleasure in them that
fear Him, in those that hope in His mercy. Amen.

We thank Thee, Lord God, Heavenly Father, through Jesus Christ, our Lord,
for all Thy benefits; who livest and reignest for ever and ever. Amen.

    Dearest God, for meat and drink
    Accept our praise. Thy Name be blessed.

Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me, bless His holy
Name. Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits. Amen.

    We thank Thee, Lord, for this our food,
    We thank Thee more for Jesus' blood,
    Let manna to our souls be given,
    The bread of life sent down from heaven.

    Praise God from whom all blessings flow,
    Praise Him all creatures here below;
    Praise Him above ye heavenly host;
    Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

                          For Hearth and Home

                        Prayer of a Housefather.

Gracious and Eternal God! Who Thyself in Paradise hast ordained holy
matrimony, vouchsafe unto me Thy grace and help in my married life, that
I may ever maintain the true Christian love and fidelity toward my
spouse. Grant, that I may dwell with her, as with the weaker vessel, in
kindness and harmony according to knowledge, giving honor unto her, as
being heirs together of the grace of life, and guide her together with my
children and servants to the true knowledge of Thy divine glory, and to
modesty and honesty. Grant to them also, O Lord, that they follow Thee,
and suffer themselves to be guided. Preserve us, O Thou God of Peace,
from strife and dissensions, and the calumnies of the enemy, from undue
suspicion, which the devil sows as a seed of perdition, and for the
destruction of conjugal love and faith. Grant, that as Thy children we
may suffer and forgive each other in love and charity. Give us faithful
servants and keep them in good health. Bless our labor and all that
contributes to the wants of the body. Enable us to bear our cross with
patience, and grant that we be together again in the after-life. Amen.

                        Prayer of a Housemother.

O God Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, Thou giver of all blessing and
consolation, behold me, whom Thou hast placed in the estate of holy
wedlock and made me the mother of this family, with the eyes of Thy
mercy. Vouchsafe unto Thy handmaiden Thy grace, that I may love Thee
above all things, seek Thee, and ever be diligent in Thy service. And
grant that next to Thee I may honor, fear, and love my husband, and obey
him with patience and kindness, in pure and modest conduct, in piety and
humility well pleasing to Thee, and that the hidden life of my heart be
constantly adorned with a meek and gentle disposition and every virtue,
even as in former times the consecrated women, who trusted in God and
continued in subjection to their husbands. Enable me to train my children
and servants with meekness, to the honor and glory of Thy holy name. Give
grace, that they follow me with gentleness, and grant, that I with my
husband and family may satisfy the wants of this life in good health and
according to Thy divine will. Protect us from harm and from enemies.
Enable us so to use this world that we be not hindered in our salvation,
but in all things seek Thee, O Lord, and endeavor to be well-favored in
Thy sight. May we not despise the cross neither murmur against it, but
bear it in patience, and thus remain in Thy keeping unto the end. May we
as servants of God bring forth abundant fruitage, live holy lives in this
world, and attain to the everlasting inheritance in the world to come.

                           Prayer of a Child.

Almighty and Eternal God! Thou hast commanded me to honor my parents, and
in all things, which are not contrary to Thy word, to obey them. I
beseech Thee, for the sake of the obedience of Thy dear Son, Jesus
Christ, my Lord, grant unto me, that I may duly honor my father and
mother, serve them, obey, love, and esteem them, so that their blessing
may dwell with me to the end of my days. Keep me from sin and evil
communications, that I may not anger or grieve my dear parents with
hatred, sadness, scornfulness, disobedience, or obstinacy, and thus bring
upon myself on this earth already their and Thy curse, and in the
after-life Thy eternal wrath. And since I have sinned many times through
weakness, I beseech Thee, work in me sorrow and true repentance, through
Jesus Christ, my Savior, who gave to me the example of true obedience.
Grant, that according to His example I may ever grow, and increase in
wisdom, stature, and grace before Thee, O God, and all men. Amen.

                     Prayer of a Youth or a Maiden.

Lord, Almighty and Holy God, who lovest a pure heart, a chaste mind, and
a holy life: I pray Thee, create in me also a clean heart, and renew a
right spirit within me, so that I may serve Thee with sincere faith and
true fear, and love Thee with all my strength. And keep me from all
impure communications. Subdue the evil lusts in my heart, and extinguish
the fires of fleshly desire. Preserve me from unchaste and dissolute
associations, from rioting and drunkenness, which lead to excess. May all
filthiness, and foolish talking, unbecoming a Christian, be ever foreign
to my life. Keep me from arrogant pomp, or idleness and lounging, from
the snares and nets of the devil. Grant, that I may serve Thee with a
pure soul and an undefiled body in true faith, as did pious and chaste
Joseph in Egypt, and graciously take me into Thy safekeeping against all
temptations and seductions of life, for the sake of Jesus Christ, Thy
dear Son. Amen.

                          Prayer of a Servant.

Merciful God, Who through the precious suffering and death of Thy dear
Son, Jesus Christ, hast redeemed and made me free from eternal servitude,
from the power of sin, from the dominion of darkness, from the cruel
tyranny of the devil, and the mastery of death and hell: I beseech Thee,
grant me grace, so that in my present station and calling, in which Thou
hast placed me on earth according to Thy good pleasure, I may not be
dissatisfied, nor murmur impatiently against Thy ordinance, nor yet envy
others in their more exalted stations, but help me to do such Thy will
from the heart, with good will, ever thinking that I serve Thee, O God in
Heaven, and not men. Help Thou, dear Father, that I serve Thee, the
supreme Lord of heaven and earth, in true knowledge and upright fear,
love Thee above all things, put all my hope and salvation in Thee, and
continue in Thy commandments without blame. May I also be subject to my
masters and mistresses according to the flesh, not only to the good and
gentle, but also to the froward, and patiently obey them in everything
that is not contrary to Thy pleasure, with fear and singleness of heart,
as unto Christ my Lord, not with eye-service, as man pleaser, but from
the depths of my heart and for the sake of Thy will and commandment.
Grant me grace that I may be found faithful in all things committed and
entrusted to my care, not neglect nor bring them to naught, suffer no
harm to come through carelessness on my part; also that I may not covet
nor fraudulently appropriate to my own use the possessions of another
entrusted to my care. Preserve my health, strengthen my limbs and all the
powers of my body. Endow me with wisdom and understanding, that I may
perform the labor of my masters and mistresses, with Thy help improve
their living. May they be blessed through my industry; and all that I do
and perform, may it redound to Thy divine glory and a blessed exercise of
my faith. For Christ, Thy dear Son's sake, who liveth and reigneth with
Thee and the Holy Ghost, world without end. Amen.

             Prayer of a School Child for the Holy Spirit.

O my dear Lord, Jesus Christ, I thank Thee, that to the present day, Thou
ordainest church and school ordinances and regulations, and hast given
unto my parents and me grace, that I too may be thus trained. I beseech
Thee, fill me with Thy Holy Spirit, that I may ever obey my dear parents
and teachers, who only seek my welfare. Give unto me a docile heart, that
I may learn my catechism, noble arts and language, and thus increase in
godliness, wisdom, understanding, and every virtue. O my dear Lord Jesus
Christ, create in me a pure, chaste, and modest heart. May I ever serve
Thee in upright faith and true fear, and love Thee from all my heart.
Subdue in me all evil lusts. Endow me with Thy Holy Spirit. Help me to
continue in true humility. Grant me an obedient heart, to honor my
parents according to Thy commandment, and neither anger nor grieve them.
May they live long on this earth, and protect Thou and preserve them from
disease, evil, and harm. Be gracious unto us and merciful. Bless us in
body and soul, now and forevermore. Amen.

                     Prayer During a Thunder Storm.

Most Mighty God! All the powers of the earth shall honor Thy holy name,
and worship Thee, Eternal Father, in the beauty of holiness. For Thou art
the Lord, who reigneth over all. Thou showest Thy might and power
throughout the universe. The voice of the Lord is upon the waters. The
Lord of glory thundereth. The Lord is upon many waters. The voice of the
Lord is powerful and full of majesty. The earth shook and trembled. The
foundations also of the hills moved and were shaken. There went up smoke
out of Thy nostrils, and fire out of Thy mouth devoured: coals are
kindled by it. Thy pavilion round about Thee are dark waters and thick
clouds of the skies. The Lord thundereth in the heavens, and the Highest
gave His voice. All things are subject to Thee. All things acknowledge
Thee as their maker, and tremble before Thy divine majesty. The mountains
and the depths of the abyss are sore vexed when Thou art wroth, the earth
trembleth, and the sea and the waters flee because of Thy wrath. The
voice of the Lord divideth the flames of fire. The voice of the Lord
shaketh the wilderness. The Lord is king forever. The Lord will give
strength unto His people. The Lord will bless His people with peace. O
merciful God, preserve us from Thy wrath, which is beyond endurance!
Forgive us our sins! Make Thy face shine upon us! Cause this grievous
tempest to pass by without harm to us! Protect us in body and soul, our
house and home. Keep the fruits of the fields from hail and storm, from
great inundation by water and all harm. O Holy God, preserve us from an
evil death, and protect us, that no disaster befall us. Amen.

                   Thanksgiving After a Thunderstorm.

Almighty God, our Heavenly Father, who has said, Call upon Me in the day
of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify Me; we praise and
thank Thee most heartily. For Thou hast graciously heard our prayer and
hast made this storm to pass that no harm befell us in life and property.
Thus hast Thou again revealed to us Thy fatherly compassion, and that
Thou wouldest not deal with us after our sins, neither reward us
according to our iniquities. Grant us, O Merciful Father, for the sake of
Thy only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, that we may take heed of Thy earnest
and fatherly admonitions, improve our lives, and live in the fear of
Thee. May we constantly prepare and make ready ourselves for the coming
of Thy dear Son, when the elements shall melt with fervent heat, and the
earth also, and the works thereof, shall be burned up, and may we meet
Him with rejoicing and enter the new heaven, wherein dwelleth
righteousness, and forever be with Thee; through the same, Thy dear Son,
our Master and Redeemer, Jesus Christ. Amen.

                    Prayer on the Eve of a Journey.

Almighty and Gracious God and Father, Thou protector of all that trust in
Thee from their hearts! In Thy name will I proceed and undertake this
journey. For Thou art my God and preservest my going out and my coming
in. Thou leadest my feet in right paths and wilt not suffer them to be
moved. I heartily beseech Thee to be my gracious guide and companion on
this present journey. Send Thy holy angels, and command them, in all my
wanderings, to keep me from all evil in body and soul. Lead me on the
paths of the righteous and bring me safely to my destination, that I may
laud and magnify Thee, here in time and in eternity forever. And now, O
Lord God and Father, into Thy hands do I commit my body and soul and all
that I possess. Thy holy angel be my safe guard. Amen.

                        Prayer During a Journey.

Almighty and Most Merciful God! We are always in Thy sight wherever we
be. Thou preservest our coming in and our going out, and leadest us on
the right paths that we slip not. I pray Thee, that as Thou didst lead
Thy servant Abraham from the land of the Chaldees and kept him unharmed
in his pilgrimage, and didst say to his grandson Jacob when he journeyed
to Mesopotamia, I am with thee, and will bring thee again into this land;
and as Thou also didst lead the Children of Israel through the Red Sea
and through the desert, and didst go before them, by day in a pillar of a
cloud and night in a pillar of fire: thus wouldst Thou also be with me on
my wandering, protect me on land and sea, by day and by night, and keep
me from all harm and danger. And when my business is completed bring me
home again in full health of body and soul. And as Thou didst accompany
youthful Tobias through Thy angel Raphael, likewise do Thou accompany me
in all my ways, so that when I, too, have happily returned to my home, I
with all mine own may have the greater reason to laud and praise Thee as
my true and faithful guide. Meanwhile I commend to Thy care all that I
leave at home, and beseech Thee to have charge concerning them, and
suffer me to find them unharmed when I return. Amen.

       Prayer of Children for Their Father Engaged on a Journey.

O Eternal Son of God, Thou Savior of all who call upon Thee in faith! We
Thy children, baptized into Thy blood, consecrated by Thy Spirit a royal
priesthood, and ordained Thy brethren and co-heirs with Thee in grace,
call upon Thee with innocent tongues, and earnestly pray Thee, graciously
to safeguard our dear father now journeying over land for the sake of his
calling and to gain the means of livelihood. Help him to discharge his
duties with favor and despatch, and return him to us in health and joy,
as Thou through Thy angels didst preserve and guide Thy servant Jacob on
his journeys, for Thou art the faithful guide and companion of all who
fear Thee and trust in Thy mercy. Amen.

                Thanksgiving After a Completed Journey.

Gracious God and Father! Most heartily do I thank Thee that Thou hast
enabled me to bring my journey to a happy end. Through the ministrations
of Thy dear angels Thou hast again brought me to my home, guarded and
kept me from all evil, preserved me from the murderous and robbing hands
of evildoers, and the teeth of wild beasts, and kept me from all other
dangers of body and soul. In short, that I have been led to and fro in
health and happiness: I owe it altogether to Thy fatherly goodness and
almighty care. And I beseech Thee from all my heart, continue to keep me
and mine under Thy protection, and preserve us, body and soul, to the
eternal life, for Jesus' sake. Amen.

                           A Birthday Prayer.

Dear Father in heaven, I thank Thee from all my heart, that Thou hast put
me into this world and made me a rational being. I am born of Christian
parents and made a member of Thy holy Church. Today the anniversary of my
birth hath come, and since I have been permitted to reach this day and
thus complete another year of my pilgrimage, I thank Thee from all my
heart and joyfully reiterate the thanksgiving of Thy servant David,
"Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me bless His holy
name. Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits: who
forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases; who
redeemeth thy life from destruction; who crowneth thee with loving
kindness and tender mercies."

Since every day of my life, however, is one step nearer to death, which
can strike me this hour, yes, this very minute, I beseech Thee so to
shape and rule every day of my life, that I may walk according to Thy
pleasure as in the day, that is circumspectly in Thy sight, honestly, and
conscious of my responsibility, in short as a true Christian and in
conformity with the promise made by me to Thee, my dear God, in my
baptism. And if this prove my last year and my last birthday, I place all
things into Thy gracious keeping. If it is Thy will that I should cease
to live, then I have lived enough. For if it is sufficient for Thee, it
is sufficient for me. Am I old enough for Thee, I am old enough for me.
Here I again put myself under Thy shield and protection, into Thy sublime
and eternal power. If I live this year, may I live in Thee; if I die, may
I die in Thee, so that I may live, and move, and have my being in Thee,
and whether living or dying I may be Thine to all eternity. Amen.

                       Prayer for Temporal Peace.

Eternal God, Everlasting Father! Thou art a God and lover of peace. From
Thee all true unity cometh. We pray Thee graciously to protect Thy
Christendom on earth against all its enemies, so that we may be kept in
peace, and ever serve Thee gladly in faithful doctrine and a pure
conduct. Grant us grace, so that all estates and rulers of Christendom
may live peacefully and harmoniously in perfect piety and godliness, so
that discipline and order prevail, churches and schools be not destroyed,
and the country be not devastated nor grievously oppressed. Grant us
grace, so that men will content themselves with what they have, and will
not for the sake of avarice or lusting after foreign lands and peoples,
nor yet because of pride, vain ambitions, and arrogance, enmity, hatred,
envy, nor any other cause, incite war, sedition, or revolution in this
our country. Hinder all evil counsel and purpose of unstable men, who
think only of that which is not good. Put them to naught in their
purposes, so that they must retreat and are utterly consumed with
terrors. Stretch forth Thine arm to protect us who are named after Thee,
so that Thy heritage be not destroyed. Support Thy faithful who rely upon
Thee and call upon Thy name. Hear us in our distress, and Thy holy name
protect us. Send us help from Thy sanctuary, and strengthen us from on
high. Bless the country and the cities in which Thy holy word dwelleth.
Prosperity must dwell within their palaces! O merciful God, incline the
hearts of all men to a Christian peace and concord, to the which Thou
hast called us through Thy word and gospel. And if bitterness prevail
among some, help that it be done away with, to the glory of Thy holy
name, the spreading of Thy word, and the betterment of Christendom, and
that the poor and distressed in the land may rejoice in Thee and praise
Thy holy name, for Thou only performest wonders and provest Thy powers
among the nations. Amen.

                          A Prayer for School.

We pray Thee, everlasting God, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, Thou eternal
and inseparable Trinity and inexpressible Unity, that Thou wouldest
faithfully take under Thy protecting wing the flock of Thy Christendom,
and ever abide in our midst with Thy grace and truth. Be Thou with us, O
Lord, our God. Be Thou a wall of fire round about us, and destroy them
who hate Thee and are hostile to Thy name. So rule us, O God, that we may
ever be guided by Thy clear and pure word and are not seduced by the
external appearance of things. Keep us, Lord Jesus, from error and false
doctrine, and send us faithful teachers who take heed unto Thy
congregation, purchased with Thy blood, and are anxious to perform Thy
will. Grant us obedient hearts, so that we, as lambs of Thy flock, may
obey Thy voice, and be filled with fruits of righteousness. Teach us ever
to do Thy will, for Thou art our God: Thy spirit is good. Lead us into
the land of uprightness, to the end that we, too, through a blessed
departure from this life may attain to Thee and the everlasting joy and
blessedness, and behold Thy glory to all eternity. Amen.

                             Church Prayers

                      Prayer When Going to Church.

Almighty God, Heavenly Father, because of Thy great mercy I will go to
Thy house and worship Thee in Thy temple in Thy fear. Lord, lead me in
the paths of righteousness, and make Thy way straight before my face.
Guide me on the paths of Thy commandments, for Thou art my God, and the
Lord of my salvation. I delight in Thy sanctuary and rejoice in the
congregation of Thy saints, who confess and glorify Thee. How amiable are
Thy tabernacles, O Lord of hosts! My soul longeth, yea, even fainteth for
the courts of the Lord. O come, let us worship and bow down: let us kneel
before the Lord our maker. For He is our God; and we are the people of
His pasture, and the sheep of His hand. Magnify the Lord our God, adore
at His footstool; for He is holy. I worship Thee, O God, in the accepted
time through Thy great mercy. Hear me according to Thy grace. Amen.

                     Prayer for Sincere Repentance.

Merciful and Gracious God, Thou art slow to anger and plenteous in mercy!
Thou callest us daily through the gracious preaching of Thy word to
devout conversion, and in Thy name causest repentance and remission of
sins to be preached. And Thou showest Thy forbearance with us through Thy
long suffering and inexpressible mercy, and dost not suddenly come upon
sinners in the midst of their evil deeds with Thy righteous wrath and
judgment to punish them, but giveth place and time for repentance, so
that no one can justly charge or accuse Thee. For Thou art not willing
that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have
everlasting life. O dear God, Thou knowest the sluggishness of our flesh
and the hardness of our hearts, that we through inherited sin are thus
far deranged and so deeply sunk in sin, that of our own accord we can not
rise or return. Therefore, for the sake of the wounds of Jesus Christ, my
Lord, I beseech Thee, convert Thou me, and I am converted. For Thou art
my God, and where I am converted I will truly repent. Save Thou me, O
Lord, and I am saved. Help me, and I am helped. Behold, I am like an
erring and lost sheep. Seek Thou Thy servant, that I forget not Thy
commandments. Circumcise the foreskin of my heart. Purge me, and I shall
be clean. Wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow. Create in me a clean
heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me. Cast me not away from
Thy presence; and take not Thy Holy Spirit from me. O dear God, look upon
me, as Thou didst look upon Mary Magdalene, the repentant sinner, as she
lay at Thy feet and wept over her transgressions; and the publican in the
temple, as he smote his breast and besought Thy grace. Vouchsafe unto me
sincere sorrow and contrition over my sin, and a true faith with firm
confidence in Thy grace, and also worthy fruits of repentance. Let me
discern the day of Thy visitation, and not despise the riches of Thy
mercy, so that I may not neglect the accepted time, and the day of Thy
salvation, and not fail to turn to Thee, my Lord and God. May I not
postpone my repentance from one day to another, nor yet to the last hour,
but rather turn to Thee this day and repent. Amen.

                  Prayer for the Forgiveness of Sins.

Merciful Father, Eternal God, my sins are grievous, many and great my
transgressions, and mine iniquities are innumerable, for the imaginations
of my heart are evil from my youth. O Lord, who can understand his
errors? Behold, I acknowledge my transgressions: my sin is ever before
me. Against Thee only have I sinned, and done evil in Thy sight: that
Thou mightest be justified when Thou speakest, and be clear when Thou
judgest. I beseech Thine infinite mercy, enter not into judgment with Thy
servant: for in Thy sight shall no living man be justified. If Thou,
Lord, shouldest mark iniquities, O Lord, who shall stand? Behold, if Thou
contendest with man, he can not answer Thee one of a thousand, for all
our righteousness before Thee is as the filthy rag. Have mercy upon me, O
God, according to Thy loving kindness: according to the multitude of Thy
tender mercies, blot out my transgressions. Wash me thoroughly from mine
iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin for Thy name's sake. Lord, have
mercy upon me, save my soul, for, alas! I have sinned against Thee.
Remember, O Lord, Thy tender mercies and Thy loving kindnesses; for they
have been ever as of old. Remember not the sins of my youth, nor my
transgressions: according to Thy mercy remember Thou me for Thy goodness'
sake, O Lord. Remember that we are flesh, as the wind which bloweth and
doth not return, and cease in Thy anger and wrath against us. O merciful
God, I acknowledge that my virtues and my deeds can never blot out my
sins, nor yet merit Thy grace. Only the innocent suffering and death of
Jesus Christ, the Lamb without spot or blemish, is the true offering for
our iniquities, and His blood, shed for the remission of our sins, is the
cleansing and purification of our souls. In such confidence and hope I
supplicate Thee: forgive Thou the transgressions of Thy people. Cover our
sins. Impute not our iniquities, for Thou art merciful. Cleanse Thou me
from secret fault. Let my sorrowing soul and my vexed bones again
rejoice, for with Thee there is mercy and plenteous redemption. O Lord,
hear the voice of my supplication, and despise not the groanings of my
heart, for Christ's sake. Amen.

                         Prayer for True Faith.

Lord, Almighty God, Thou Father of lights, with whom there is no
variableness, neither shadow of turning, from whom every good and perfect
gift cometh, I pray Thee, since all men have not faith: implant and
maintain in my heart through the workings of Thy Holy Spirit the true
knowledge of Thy dear Son Jesus Christ, and increase it from day to day,
so that I, too, may be filled with the knowledge of Thy will in all
wisdom and spiritual understanding, that I may walk worthy of Thee unto
all pleasing, being faithful in every good work, and increase in such
knowledge according to Thy glorious power in all patience and long
suffering with joy. Grant unto me, according to the riches of Thy glory,
that I may be strengthened with might by Thy Spirit in the inner man,
that Christ may dwell in my heart by faith. O dear God, since no man
knoweth the Son but Thou, O Father, and no man knoweth Thee, the Father,
but only the same Thy Son, and he to whom the Son will reveal Thee, I
pray Thee, draw Thou me unto Thee. Grant me the knowledge of salvation,
which is the forgiveness of sins. Strengthen my weak faith, which is
small as the mustard seed, so that it may increase, and I be rooted and
grounded in Thee, and may stand steadfast and unmoveable. Gracious God,
Thou hast kindled the spark of faith in my heart and has begun this good
work in me, I cry to Thee, perfect it until the end, that we may ever
increase in knowledge and understanding, and be sincere and without
offense till the day of Christ, being filled with the fruits of
righteousness, which are by Jesus Christ, unto the glory and praise of
God. Preserve what Thou hast begun, that we might war a good warfare,
holding faith and a good conscience, and not waver or succumb in trial
and temptation and make shipwreck concerning faith. Therefore protect me,
my God, that I am not led astray among the errors, schisms, and heresies
of the world. Preserve me from superstitions and all false doctrine, that
I may neither err nor doubt in any article of faith. And vouchsafe unto
me Thy grace, that my faith be not lifeless, inactive, or without good
fruits, but active and energetic, serving in love, so that I, too, may
carry off the end of faith, which is the soul's salvation. Amen.

                       Prayer Before Confession.

Lord Jesus Christ, Thou my Redeemer, Thou hast given unto Thy dear Church
on earth and its faithful servants the sacred office of the keys, and
invested it with the promise, that whatsoever by virtue of the same they
shall loose or bind on earth shall also be loosed or bound in heaven: I
thank Thee, and eternally praise and glorify Thee, for such Thy gracious
gift. And, since I a poor and bound sinner need this blessed key which
looseth, so that I may not be kept under the bonds of the infernal
jailer, I beseech Thine infinite mercy, that I may receive its comfort
through my spiritual father, my pastor, and for the sake of Thy holy,
precious blood and Thy innocent offering and death be loosed from all my
sins. Grant me Thy Holy Spirit, so that I may grasp this holy absolution
in heartfelt contrition and undoubting trust, firm resolve, brotherly
love and gratitude, and inherit the eternal life. Amen.

                     Thanksgiving After Absolution.

O Blessed, Merciful, and Gracious God! I thank and praise Thee from all
my heart, that through Thy servant Thou hast again forgiven me, a poor
sinner, all my sins, again received me in grace, and promised me eternal
life. I earnestly pray Thee, vouchsafe unto me Thy Holy Spirit, and
create in me a pure heart, so that I may joyously trust that all my sins
are forgiven me through Jesus Christ. As an earnest and surety of this
blessed fact, I will now eat and drink the true body and blood of Thy
dear Son Jesus Christ, under the bread and wine, to my soul's salvation.
Grant me also, O faithful God, that henceforth I may earnestly avoid all
sin and better my life. This Thou wouldest graciously grant me for Thy
name's sake. Amen.

                  A Morning Prayer for Communion Day.

Arise, my soul, this is the day which the Lord hath made. We will rejoice
and be glad in it. Give thanks unto the gracious and merciful God for His
blessings and say:

Almighty and Merciful God and Father, I thank Thee from all my heart for
the protection of this night, for the refreshing rest, and for the joyous
morning, which Thou hast granted unto me. I praise Thee with all my soul
for Thy wonderful mercy which blesses me with the forgiveness of my sins.
Praised be Thy grace, which is new each morn, and which on this day also
bids me to Thy house, and calls and invites me to Thy altar.

O Lord, since I, too, would come to Thy Supper with the throngs which
celebrate, do Thou Thyself make me ready. As Thou wouldest find a pure
residence in me, do Thou cleanse and consecrate my body and soul. Guide
me with Thine eye, and lead me with Thy hand to the riches of Thy mercy.
Comfort me with Thy countenance, and do not forsake me. As the hart
panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after Thee, O God.

And, that my sacred resolve may not be hampered, I commend to Thee my
body and soul, reason, senses, and thoughts, whatever I do or leave
undone, my coming in and going out, my walking, standing, sitting, and
resting, my imaginations and aspirations, my faith and confession, and
whatever internally or externally I may be or do. O God, preserve in me a
devout spirit, and hinder whatever might disturb or hamper me. Receive me
into the especial care of Thy grace, and increase in me the work that is
now begun. Perfect and complete it according to Thy power and grace to
Thy glory and my salvation. Keep me from evil thoughts, from idle
imaginations, from all uncleanliness, so that in Thy fear I may begin a
consecrated life and continue therein. May the light of my faith shine
before men. May I give offense to none, but rather in Christian conduct
edify the brethren and direct them to all virtue.

Holy Jesus, do Thou unite with my body and soul on this day. Nourish me
with Thy flesh and refresh me with Thy blood, so that my weak faith be
strengthened, and receive the assurance of Thy grace, the remission of my
sin, and eternal salvation. Invest me with the pure silk of Thy
righteousness. Clothe me in the true wedding garment, that I may appear
at Thy heavenly board a worthy guest.

Now, Lord God and Father, be my help and my protection! Lord Jesus Christ
be my bread, my light, and life! And Thou, O Holy Ghost, illumine and
preserve me in the true sanctification, so that in that estate, into
which I again am permitted to enter, I may remain for the course of my
life. Let me be enveloped in Thee. Without Thee there is only grief. O
dear Savior, let me ever be with Thee. Amen.

                     Prayer Before Holy Communion.

Lord Jesus Christ, Eternal Son of God, I am not worthy to open my lips
and receive the most precious sacrament of Thy body and blood. For I am a
sin-stained man, but Thou art the Lord whom the heavens can not
encompass. How then can a human being who is but dust and ashes be worthy
to receive Thy most holy body and precious blood! I well know and
acknowledge that my sins are many and that for that reason I am an
unworthy guest at Thy table. But I also sincerely believe and confess it
with my lips that by Thy grace Thou canst render me worthy. For Thou art
omnipotent and gracious. Thou only canst cleanse and make holy whatever
took rise in unclean seed. Thou canst transform sinners into true and
holy men, when by Thy grace Thou forgivest sin and renewest us with Thy
Holy Spirit. Therefore I pray Thee, by Thy power and love grant me grace,
that I may worthily approach Thy altar, and not become guilty of Thy body
and blood by unworthy eating and drinking, so that I may not receive
death in place of life. Grant me grace, that I may know and test myself
as a poor sinner, my heart filled with sorrow over mine iniquity, and may
properly discern Thy tender and noble body, and Thy holy, precious blood.
May my reason, senses, and intellect be ever submissive to Thy word, and
may I be earnestly resolved to better and improve my life with Thy help,
so that in this precious sacrament, I may not only with my mouth receive
Thy body and blood, but also in true faith accept Thee, my Savior and
Redeemer, enthrone Thee in my heart, and find in Thee my life and
blessedness. For Thou art the living bread which cometh down from heaven
and bringeth life to men. Whoever cometh to Thee shall nevermore hunger,
and he that believeth on Thee shall nevermore thirst. Whoever eateth Thy
flesh and drinketh Thy blood dwelleth in Thee and Thou in him, and shall
never die. O beloved Lord, my spirit and my mind yearn for Thee. As the
hart panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after Thee, O
God. My soul thirsteth for God, for the living God: when shall I come and
appear before God? Fill me with Thy grace. Amen.

        A Sigh When About to Receive the Sacred Body of Christ.

Lord Jesus Christ, Thy holy body strengthen and preserve me in the true
faith unto eternal life. Amen.

        A Sigh When About to Receive the Sacred Blood of Christ.

Lord Jesus Christ, Thy holy blood strengthen and preserve me in the true
faith unto eternal life. Amen.

                     Prayer After the Holy Supper.

Lord Jesus Christ, with all my heart I thank and glorify Thee, that Thou
hast again cleansed me, a poor sinner, from all my sin, and as an earnest
of such cleansing and forgiveness of my sin, hast nourished me with Thy
body and blood, and like an unclean child, after such purification, hast
received me into the fatherly arms of Thy grace and mercy, and put me
pure, reproachless, and without blemish before Thy Father.

I earnestly pray Thee with all my power, in addition to such blessing,
grant me Thy grace through the workings of Thy Holy Ghost, so that I may
sufficiently understand such blessing and grace, gratefully accept it,
and glorify and praise Thee with all my heart. Grant me strength from
above by Thy Holy Spirit, that I may heartily forgive my neighbor
wherever he hath sinned against me, even as Thou hast fully and richly
forgiven me my great and manifold transgressions, yes, entirely blotted
them out and wilt never remember them. Help me to love my neighbor and
gladly show him every good, as Thou hast done unto me, and hast shown me
more than I can ever sufficiently thank Thee for. Praise and glory be to
Thee, O faithful God, together with the Father and the Holy Ghost, world
without end. Amen.

                        Prayer for a Pious Life.

O my dear Lord Jesus, illumine me today and evermore, that I may shape
the course of my Christian life and direct it toward the eternal
Jerusalem, my eternal home. And as Thou yearnest for me, may I also have
all my delight and thirst in Thee, seek Thee early, yearn for Thee, and
make of Thee, the bread of life, the companion of all my ways. Keep me, O
unchangeable, everlasting God, from the inconstancy of the children of
this world, that I may not fall into hypocrisy as they do, but today and
always, in all my calling, prove myself constant in godliness, so that my
life may decrease in vice and increase in virtue. May I always faithfully
serve Thee, my Lord, disdain the worldly, be exalted in Thee, experience
Thy grace and protection, and eternally thank Thee, for Christ's sake.

              Prayer for Faithful Teachers and Preachers.

The harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few; pray ye,
therefore, the Lord of the harvest, that He will send forth laborers into
His harvest.

Merciful God, who hast commanded us through Thy only begotten Son to pray
Thee for laborers in Thy harvest: I earnestly beseech Thee, grant us, Thy
sheep, pastors according to Thy heart, to feed us with doctrine and
wisdom. Put learned bishops, Christian pastors, pious teachers over Thy
congregation, faithfully to show the true way to eternal life. Fill them
plenteously with Thy Holy Spirit, so that they may fruitfully proclaim
the holy and precious word of the gospel, and sincerely perfect Thy work.
Grant them a courageous heart, that without fear or favor they may lift
up their voices and put the adversaries to silence. Open the door for
their word, that they may be blessed and go from strength to strength.
May they also be shining examples for the flocks entrusted to their care.
Grant me and all listeners a grateful heart, that we may communicate in
all good things unto them that teach us the word, rejoice in them,
forsake them not, so that we may be blessed of Thee according to Thy
promise in all the works of our hands. Preserve us from hirelings,
time-servers, unfaithful laborers, and hypocrites, who falsely deceive
the hearts of the righteous, whom Thou hast never grieved, and fortify
the hands of the wicked, that they will not turn from their evil ways.
Let us never be robbed of our faithful preachers for the sake of our
ingratitude, but rather look upon the glory of Thy holy name, yea, behold
the Kingdom of Thine Anointed, that it may prevail among us to the end of
the world. Amen.

                     Prayer for the Kingdom of God.
                     (Meeting of the Congregation)

Gracious and Blessed God, who hast taught, and commanded us above all
things and first to seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness: I pray
Thee, grant us grace, that Thy holy word may be preached in all the world
in all its truth and purity, and we submit our reason to the obedience of
faith, and live holy lives according to it as behooves the children of
God to Thy pleasing, so that Thy kingdom may come to us, and increase,
and many of them, who do not yet believe in the word, be won through a
Christian conduct. Help us, dear God, who are delivered from the power of
darkness and are translated into the kingdom of Thy dear Son Jesus
Christ, in whom we have redemption through His blood, even the
forgiveness of sin, that we may remain in His kingdom, faithfully
continue in the wholesome doctrine, and live worthily as children of
light in all piety and godliness. And since the kingdom of God cometh not
with outward shew, neither consists of mere words, but is power and
spirit: grant us grace, that we may be born again from above through Thy
saving word and Thy Holy Spirit, co-heirs of life, so that with our
hearts we may dwell above where Christ sitteth, and constantly seek the
inheritance incorruptible, and undefiled, that fadeth not away. Enable us
to be poor in the spirit and humble, and such who sorrow over their sins.
Let us be anhungered and athirst, and heartily yearn after righteousness.
May we ever be meek, and suffer and overcome whatsoever of persecution
and tribulation may assail us, and revilings and undeserved malignings
with patience and longsuffering. Keep us from all offenses, whereby Thy
holy name is blasphemed and outraged, Thy kingdom hindered and weakened.
Grant us grace to practice our faith in works of love and mercy, feeding,
clothing, harboring, visiting, comforting the poor and distressed of this
world, so that when that great day dawns we may hear the blessed and
joyous voice of Thy dear Son: Come ye blessed of My Father, inherit the
kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world. Amen.

                          Prayer for Missions.

I pray Thee, my heavenly Father, through Jesus Christ, Thy dear Son, our
Lord, have mercy upon the unbelievers, whoever and wherever they are, who
still walk in darkness, and do not yet possess the light of Thy gospel.
They are stricken with blindness by the evil one. Their foolish heart is
darkened. They are alienated from the life that is of Thee, through their
native ignorance, carried away to the dumb idols, even as they are led,
and in their blindness curse and blaspheme Thy dear Son, Jesus Christ,
the mercy seat. For that reason, O faithful God, take away the veil,
which is upon the heart of the Jews, who stumble at the stone of
stumbling and the rock of offense. Illumine their eyes that they may know
the true Messiah, the Savior of the world. Gather the heathen and all
unbelievers, who look upon Thy word as foolishness, into the true fold
and the true assembly of Christians, the congregation of saints, so that
with us and all the faithful they may honor, glorify, and worship Thee,
the Father in the Son, and the Son with the Father and the Holy Ghost,
ever one God and Lord. Open the understanding of all men, who do not put
their salvation and their confidence solely and alone on the true
fundament and cornerstone, even Jesus Christ, so that they know Him, whom
Thou hast sent, and in the true faith and a sincere trust of their hearts
may acknowledge and accept Him as their Savior and Redeemer, who through
His obedience and fulfillment of the law, and through His bitter death,
hath merited an eternal salvation. We pray Thee also, to return to the
truth of Thy word all of them who have defected from the Christian faith,
or err in sundry other things and are cumbered with false doctrines. Thou
God of grace, have mercy upon those, who are not of the true faith, who
dwell in the shadow of death, and in the darkness of their minds walk on
uneven paths. Seek the lost, lead aright the erring, illumine the blinded
and infatuated, open the ears of the deaf, unloose the tongues of the
dumb, who do not confess Thee, raise the fallen, bring back the corrupt,
assemble the dispersed, lead aright the erring and seduced, for Thy
mercy's sake. Amen.

               Prayer Against False Doctrines and Sects.

Gracious God! Thou hast warned us, that we should beware of false
prophets who come in sheep's clothing, but inwardly are ravening wolves.
And since in these latter days, in which we now live, evil times will
come, in which Satan clothes himself in the livery of heaven, and false
teachers and fraudulent laborers dissemble as though they were the
apostles of Christ, who have the form of godliness but deny the power
thereof; and since the defection from the pure doctrine, and the man of
sin, the son of perdition, who opposeth and exalteth himself above all
that is called God shall be made manifest, help us, eternal God, that we
may be filled with the love for truth, and avoid the spirit of lies and
all falsehoods and errors, abstain and flee from all appearance of evil,
so that we may not be moved from the true faith, nor yet beguiled from
our reward, but may continue steadfast by Thy word unto the end. May we
never be led astray, neither through deceiving powers, signs, and
miracles, nor through any temptation to unrighteousness, so that we be
not tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by
the slight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to
deceive. Preserve Thy elect in this evil world, O God, that they may not
be led into error. Shorten the days in these evil times. Destroy the
Antichrist, the wicked child of perdition and temptation, through the
spirit of Thy mouth. Put an end to his days through the appearance of Thy
dear Son. Preserve us also from unruly spirits and schisms, from the
ravenous wolves who have no mercy for the flocks, from men who speak
perverse doctrines and draw the disciples to themselves, from men of
corrupt minds who sow offense and bring about separation, from the tares
which the enemy scatters, from thieves and murderers of the soul. Let us
only hear Thy voice, and follow it from our hearts in true faith and
upright obedience, so that your word may be our only rule and norm,
according to which we measure all doctrine, flee the evil teaching, and
all unrighteousness. Then will we, too, have boldness and be not brought
to naught on that day when Jesus Christ, our Savior, shall appear. Amen.

               Prayer Against the Enemies of Christendom.

O Lord God, why do the wicked rage without cause? and the mighty set
themselves and take counsel against Thee and Thy Son, Thine Anointed? O
Lord, how numerous are Thine enemies, and great the number of those who
conspire against Thy word to destroy it, and put their own evil idolatry
in its place and introduce false doctrines into Thy Church. They invent
secret artifices and practices, to destroy the confessors of Thy word.
They counsel what is evil, pregnant with calamity. They lie in wait for
us like the lion seeking his prey. Thus they waylay our souls. They open
wide their jaws, like a gaping sepulchre, to devour us. O Lord God,
commit us not to their will, for behold, the wicked mob speaks in its
heart, Thou, O Lord, hast forgotten us. Thou hast concealed Thy
countenance. Arise, therefore, O Lord. Lift up Thy hand, forget not the
distressed. Awaken, O Lord, why sleepest Thou! Awake, and do not quite
reject us. Why dost Thou hide Thy face, and forget our misery and
distress? Arise, and help us, and deliver us for Thy mercy sake, that the
enemy may not injure us, nor the children of Belial harm us. Save us from
the hands of aliens, whose teaching is useless, and their works evil. For
they will not be guided to do good. They will not regard Thee, the Lord
of hosts, nor yet the works of Thy hands. Thou wilt destroy and not build
them. O Lord God Sabaoth, militate Thou against our assailants. Give
victory to our Christian government, and conquer the enemies of Thy name.
For victory cometh from heaven, and is not brought about by the great
multitude. Thou canst as readily help through the few as through the
many. Therefore destroy the arm of the wicked. Make their counsels of no
account, that they can not accomplish them, but must be brought to naught
with shame. They must return, who hate Thee, and seek to annihilate Thy
holy word. They must be as chaff before the wind. Thy holy angel brush
them aside, that they may not boast against Thee and say our hand hath
done this. Therefore safeguard Thy honor among men, and help us for Thy
name's sake, that it may not be desecrated and blasphemed. Amen.

                      Prayers During Times of War

                           Prayer During War.

O Lord God, who art righteous in Thy judgment, and plenteous in mercy,
whose faithfulness endureth from generation to generation, who rulest
even above the din of war: may all nations learn to know that Thou alone
art God, that Jesus Christ is Thy Son, and that all who truly confess Thy
name are the people of Thy pasture and the sheep of Thy hand. Thou hast
permitted the nations to rise up in war against each other and our own
beloved country to become engulfed in its throes. O Lord God, our Father,
we know that war is a punishment for sin and that we, too, have justly
merited Thy punishment through our sins. Therefore we humbly confess our
sins, and supplicate Thy pity and compassion, lay not our iniquities
against us, but graciously forgive us our sins and shortcomings for the
sake of our Lord Jesus Christ. To Thy fatherly goodness and care we
commend our people, and especially our soldiers and sailors now in the
service of their country. They are absent from their loved ones, beset by
dangers on all sides. Be Thou ever near. Keep them from all evil. O Thou,
without whose consent not even a sparrow falleth to the ground and who
hast numbered the very hairs of our heads, take them under the shadow of
Thy wings. Give them courage and obedience, fortitude and valor in the
hour of danger, and compassion and mercy in the flush of victory. Prosper
their arms to the establishment of justice, peace, and truth among all
peoples. Lead them safely back to their homes and their loved ones,
better citizens, better Christians than before. And to Thy holy name be
glory, laud, and honor, world without end. Amen.

                     Prayer for the Army and Navy.

Almighty and Eternal God, Thou King of kings and Lord of lords, who
rulest and governest all things in heaven and earth: we beseech Thine
infinite mercy to bless the officers and men of our army and navy.
Preserve them against all dangers and temptations which may assail their
lives. Help them manfully to battle against and overcome the powers of
evil, the world, the devil, and the flesh. May they ever be filled with
Thy Holy Spirit from on high, and in courage, manliness, and truthfulness
prevail in the hour of danger and when the battle rages. May they ever
look to Thee, who art the succorer of those in peril, as to their only
helper, and in Thy name fight a holy fight to maintain the country's
honor and keep the flag unsullied, that truth and righteousness may
prevail. Put to naught all evil designs and devices of their enemies,
both spiritual and temporal. Guide Thou and direct them that they may
ever fight the good fight of faith and in the end overcome and attain to
their soul's salvation, to the glory of Thy holy Name; through Jesus
Christ, our Lord. Amen.

                      Prayer on the Eve of Battle.

O Lord God of hosts, Thou the Highest of the high and the Holiest of the
holy, who rulest and shapest all things to the glory of Thy name and the
betterment of Thy people: we humbly beseech Thine infinite mercy in this
hour of our peril, judge Thou between us and our enemies. Be Thou our
sure defense. Stir up Thy might and hasten to our help. Lay not our sins
to our charge, but for the sake of Thy dear Son, our only Lord and
Savior, Jesus Christ, manifest Thy mercy toward us and blot out our
iniquities, and sanctify and guide us by Thy truth. We Thy poor servants
call upon Thy holy name, and implore Thy grace. Have mercy upon us. Lead
us safely through the blood and carnage. Make it appear that Thou art our
deliverer. Make us strong with the assurance that it is Thy cause, that
we are Thy children, that Thou holdest our destiny in Thy hand. And if it
is Thy will that we should lay down our lives--Thy will be done! Help us
then that our last day on this earth may be the first in Thy paradise.
Bless our loved ones at home, and comfort them with the hopeful
assurances of Thy word. May they and all of us rightfully know and
appreciate, whether we live, we live unto the Lord. And whether we die,
we die unto the Lord. Therefore whether we live or die we are the Lord's.
Through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

                        Prayer for the Wounded.

Lord God, our Heavenly Father! We implore Thy eternal compassion for all
who are this day wounded, suffering, or dying. Be Thou nigh unto them in
their affliction. Comfort them with Thy grace and with the hopeful
assurance, that, though kindred and friends be far away, Thou art ever
present and hearest even the faintest sight of all who seek Thy succor.
If it be Thy pleasure, restore to them their former health and vigor.
Help them to bear their pains without murmuring against Thy grace. Give
them patience and strength and faith in Thee. May they rest assured, that
Thou wilt never leave nor forsake them. Deliver them from the assaults of
the enemies of their souls. O God and Father in heaven, bless them and
all of us, and may we ever seek those things that are acceptable to Thy
sight. Forgive us our sins, not because of any merit or worthiness in us,
but solely because Thou art merciful for Christ's sake. And to Thee, the
Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, be glory and honor forever. Amen.

                         Prayers for the Dying.
                          (St. Paul's Prayer)

"The time of my departure is at hand. I have fought a good fight, I have
finished my course, I have kept the faith: henceforth there is laid up
for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge,
shall give me at that day: not to me only, but to all of them also that
love His appearing." 2 Tim. 4:6-8.

                                 * * *

O Lord, on Thy cross Thou didst cry, "Father, into Thy hands I commend My
Spirit!" I, too, commend my spirit into Thy hands now when my end is
near. Thou hast redeemed me, O faithful God. Amen.

                                 * * *

Lord Almighty God, Heavenly Father! My time has come to an end, my life
is slowly ebbing away. Be Thou with me. O Lord, I suffer much and Thou
only canst help me. Be Thou my succor, and shorten and soften my pain.
Darkness comes over me and I cry for comfort and strength. Have mercy
upon me. Take my soul under Thy protecting wing, that I perish not. Take
my sins from me, and blot all my guilt; for Christ's sake, my Savior and
my Lord. Amen.

    Abide with me! fast falls the eventide.
    The darkness deepens: Lord, with me abide!
    When other helpers fail and comforts flee,
    Help of the helpless, O abide with me!

    Hold Thou Thy cross before my closing eyes,
    Shine through the gloom, and point me to the skies:
    Heaven's morning breaks, and earth's vain shadows flee:
    In life, in death, O Lord, abide with me!

                     Prayers for the Sick and Dying

                          Prayer of a Patient.

Lord God, Heavenly Father! Thou art a faithful God, and wilt not suffer
any one to be tempted beyond what he is able, but rather with the
temptation wilt also make a way to escape, that he may be able to bear
it. I supplicate Thee in my great suffering and pain, so shape the cross,
that it may not lay too heavily upon me, and strengthen me that I may
bear it with patience, and nevermore despair of Thy mercy. O Christ, Thou
Son of the living God! Thou hast endured the agony of the cross for me,
and hast died for my sins, I beseech Thee with my whole heart, have mercy
upon me a poor sinner, and forgive me my transgressions, wherever I have
sinned against Thee. Let my faith in no wise diminish. O God Holy Ghost!
Thou true comforter in all times of need. Keep me ever in the spirit of
patience and supplication. Sanctify me in my reliance upon Thee. Turn not
from me in the hour of my death, and lead me from this vale of sorrow to
Thyself in heaven. Amen.

                       Prayer for a Blessed End.

O Merciful God, Thou hast put a limit to man's life, which no man can set
aside. For he has his definite time, the number of his months rests with
Thee. Thou hast numbered all our days, which pass away like a stream, as
though we flew away. Man is like grass, which soon withereth, like the
flower of the field, which passeth away. Teach me, O merciful God, to
know and take to heart, that I, too, must pass away and that my life has
a limit, and I must go hence. Behold, my days are as a handbreadth before
Thee, and my life as nothing in Thy sight. Every man at his best is
altogether vanity. Lord, so teach us to number our days, what it is, that
we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. Lord, teach me to remember that I
must die, and have no continuing city in this pilgrimage. Make known unto
me my short and transient being, that I may often think of my end, so
that in this world I may not live unto myself, but live and die unto
Thee, so that I may bravely and joyously await the day of my translation
and the appearance of Thy dear Son, Jesus Christ, and with a consecrated
life and a pious conduct hasten to Him. Bless me, O God, with a blessed
departure, and when my hour cometh, that I may joyously die, find a
rational end in true knowledge, and that my reason and intellect be not
deranged, and I speak no arrogant words or blasphemies against Thee, my
Lord, or against my salvation. Preserve me from an evil sudden death and
from eternal damnation. Let me not be suddenly overcome by my last hour
without warning, but that I may prepare myself with true repentance and
sincere faith. And when it comes make me joyous and brave for my temporal
death, which only opens the door to the eternal life. May I then, as Thy
servant, depart in peace. For mine eyes have seen Thy salvation, which
Thou hast prepared before the face of all people; a light to lighten the
Gentiles, and the glory of Thy people Israel. Grant that my last word may
be that which Thy dear Son spoke on the cross, "Father, into Thy hands do
I commend My spirit!" And when I can no longer speak, hear Thou my last
sigh through Jesus Christ. Amen.

                      Prayer in the Hour of Death.

Almighty, Everlasting, and Most Merciful Lord and God! Thou art the
Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, and I know that Thou art willing and
able to fulfill whatsoever Thou hast said. Thou canst not lie. Thy word
is truth. Thou hast from the beginning promised me Thy dear Son Jesus
Christ. And He is come, and has redeemed me from the devil, death, hell,
and sin. And in Thy gracious providence Thou hast for a greater surety
established the sacraments of Holy Baptism and Holy Communion in which
His true natural body and blood are given me in, with, and under the
bread and wine, thus offering and assuring me of the forgiveness of sins,
eternal life, and every heavenly gift. And because of this Thy assurance
I have made use of these means of grace, and firmly relying upon Thy word
have received them. And now I do not doubt but that I am secure from the
power of the devil, death, hell, and sin. And if now my hour hath come,
and this is Thy divine will, I will gladly and willingly depart hence and
be with Thee in peace. Amen.

               Prayer of the Bystanders for the Sick One.

Almighty, Merciful God, who keepest our life in death, we pray Thee, turn
the eyes of Thy mercy to this sick person, strengthen him in body and
soul, and forgive him all his sins through Thy grace. Take the sacrifice
of the innocent death of Jesus Christ, Thy dear Son, as a propitiation
for his transgressions, since he, too, is baptized in His name, washed
and cleansed with His blood. Save him from the pains and agonies of his
body. Shorten his sufferings. Keep him from the accusations of his
conscience and all temptations of the enemy, so that in faith he may
truly battle and conquer. Grant him a blessed translation to the eternal
life. Send Thy holy angels, that they accompany him to the blessed
company of all the elect in Christ Jesus, our Lord. Amen.

             Prayer When the Patient Has Died in the Lord.

Jesus Christ, Thou Lord of glory and Prince of life, we glorify and thank
Thee now and always, that Thou hast so mercifully helped this now blessed
one, and hast taken his soul into Thy holy keeping. And when the last day
cometh Thou wouldest reunite his soul with his body in heavenly radiance,
and grant us altogether, when the divinely appointed hour cometh, to
follow him in blessedness. Meanwhile grant us a Christian conduct,
refresh all sorrowing hearts with heavenly solace. Keep us in Thy eternal
grace, for the sake of Thy inexhaustible mercy and goodness. Amen. O Thou
most holy, most glorious Trinity. Amen.


                     Du Volk, das du getaufet bist.

    Ye baptized people, one and all,
    Who know your God in heaven,
    Who have received a holy call,
    To whom Christ's name is given,
    Do not forget, but ponder well,
    The gifts that now within you dwell,
    The blessings of baptism.

    This washing cleanseth us from sin
    And lends a sacred beauty,
    It makes us white and pure within,
    Incites to love and duty,
    From Satan's prison sets us free,
    Enables us the sons to be
    And heirs of God, our Father.

    Our sinful nature is renewed,
    The curse of God is lifted;
    By choicest blessings thus endued
    And with the Spirit gifted,
    We unto sin are pledged to die
    And by the pow'r of God on high
    The gates of hell can conquer.

    Here we with Jesus Christ are clad,
    His righteousness receiving,
    Which covers what in us is bad,
    Our rescue thus achieving;
    His holy blood, for sinners spilt,
    Releases us from sin and guilt,
    And we with God find favor.

    O wondrous work, O sacred bath,
    O water thou of blessing,
    The world nowhere thy equal hath,
    Such healing grace possessing.
    Thou hast indeed a pow'r divine,
    According to God's own design,
    And with His word connected.

    Thou art no water such as we
    Can draw from well or river.
    In thee the life of God we see,
    Who is of grace the Giver.
    His Holy Spirit in thee dwells,
    Who ev'ry evil lust dispels
    That in our hearts would linger.

    O Christians, bear this well in mind,
    And thank the Lord sincerely
    For all the gifts that here you find,
    And that you prize so dearly.
    When nothing else can soothe the soul,
    These gifts lend comfort till the goal
    Of life on earth appeareth.

    Use well the things you have in store,
    That are for you intended,
    And, cleansed by Jesus, sin no more
    Until life's course is ended,
    When you, in yonder happy land,
    Before God's radiant throne shall stand,
    In heaven's festal garments.

                                                    Paul Gerhardt, 1667.
                                                 Tr. H. Brueckner, 1918.

                   Ich bin getauft auf deinen Namen.

    Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
    I am baptized in Thy name;
    In the seed Thou dost inherit,
    With the people Thou dost claim,
    I am reckoned:
    And for me the Savior came.

    Thou receivest me, O Father,
    As a child and heir of Thine;
    Jesus, Thou who diedst, yea, rather
    Ever livest, Thou art mine
    Thou, O Spirit,
    Art my Guide, my Light divine.

    I have pledged, and would not falter,
    Truth, obedience, love to Thee;
    I have vows upon Thine alter
    Ever Thine alone to be,
    And for ever
    Sin and all its lusts to flee.

    Gracious God, all Thou hast spoken
    In this covenant shall take place;
    But if I, alas! have broken
    These my vows, hide not Thy face;
    And from falling
    O restore me by Thy grace.

    Lord, to Thee I now surrender
    All I have, and all I am;
    Make my heart more true and tender,
    Glorify in me Thy Name,
    Let obedience
    To Thy will be all my aim.

    Help me in this high endeavor,
    Father, Son, and Holy Ghost!
    Bind my heart to Thee for ever,
    Till I join the heavenly host.
    Living, dying,
    Let me make in Thee my boast.

                                             Johann Jacob Rambach, 1734.
                                      Tr. Chas. William Schaeffer, 1860.

                     Wir danken dir, o Jesu Christ.

    We thank Thee, Jesus Christ, our Lord,
    For all the help Thou dost afford.
    Thou art the Lamb for sinners slain,
    And this is our eternal gain.

    Thy holy supper doth prepare
    For us a precious fountain where
    Salvation flows for ev'ry soul,
    To make the wounded spirit whole.

    This covenant Thou, Lord, didst make:
    "Receive my body and partake
    Of mine own blood which flowed for thee,
    That thou a ransomed soul mightst be."

    I eat Thy body, which for me
    Was made to die upon the tree,
    I drink Thy blood and thus receive
    Life for my soul, as I believe.

    And though I die, yet shall I live;
    Thy body and Thy blood will give
    To me eternal life above,
    The fruit of Thy redeeming love.

    Let me be numbered with the blest,
    Who on Thy loving bosom rest,
    Thy worthy guest, to sup with Thee
    And praise Thy name eternally.

                                               Nicolaus Selnecker, 1572.
                                                 Tr. H. Brueckner, 1918.

                   Aus tiefer Not schrei ich zu dir.

    Out of the depths I cry to Thee,
    Lord, hear me, I implore Thee!
    Bend down Thy gracious ear to me,
    Let my prayer come before Thee!
    If Thou remember each misdeed,
    If each should have its rightful meed,
    Who may abide Thy presence.

    Our pardon is Thy gift; Thy love
    And grace alone avail us.
    Our works could ne'er our guilt remove,
    The strictest life must fail us.
    That none may boast himself of aught,
    But own in fear Thy grace hath wrought
    What in him seemeth righteous.

    And thus my hope is in the Lord,
    And not in mine own merit;
    I rest upon His faithful word
    To them of contrite spirit.
    That He is merciful and just,--
    Here is my comfort and my trust,
    His help I wait with patience.

    And though it tarry till the night,
    And round till morning waken,
    My heart shall ne'er mistrust Thy might,
    Nor count itself forsaken.
    Do thus, O ye of Israel's seed,
    Ye of the Spirit born indeed,
    Wait for your God's appearing.

    Though great our sins and sore our woes,
    His grace much more aboundeth;
    His helping love no limit knows,
    Our utmost need it soundeth.
    Our kind and faithful Shepherd, He,
    Who shall at last set Israel free
    From all their sin and sorrow.

                                                    Martin Luther, 1524.
                                          Tr. Catherine Winkworth, 1862.

                Eines wuensch ich mir vor allem andern.

    One thing I above all others cherish,
    For one thing I long and pray.
    Though in sorrow's vale fond hopes may perish,
    This will prove my staff and stay:
    To behold the Man who, deeply sighing
    And upon earth's bosom prostrate lying,
    Drank the bitter cup of woe
    Since the Father willed it so.

    Ever shall my soul retain the vision
    Of that Lamb, for sinners slain,
    Pale and wounded, held in deep derision,
    Hanging on the wood of pain,
    Wrestling there in thirst and mortal anguish,
    Lest my soul eternally should languish,
    Being mindful, too, of me
    When He died the world to free.

    O Lord Jesus, keep me mindful ever
    Of my guilt and of Thy grace.
    Be it Thou all bonds of sin dost sever
    And all blots of guilt efface.
    Thou of night the brightest daylight makest,
    And Thy lamb into Thy bosom takest,
    As the Shepherd good and fair,
    Nursing it with tender care.

    I am Thine! Wilt Thou reply by saying,
    "Thou forever shalt be mine!"
    Cause Thy precious name, all fears allaying,
    Brightly in my heart to shine!
    Be with Thee all things begun and ended,
    Who from earth to heaven hast ascended.
    Yea, this shall, till life is spent,
    Be our law and testament.

                                              Albert Knapp, 1829 (1823).
                                                 Tr. H. Brueckner, 1918.

                       Meine Seel, ermuntre dich.

    Come, my soul, again inquire
    If the love of Christ constrain thee.
    To His cross again retire;
    See Him give Himself to gain thee.
    Search His faithfulness and try Him,
    Glad in Him and gladdened by Him.

    See Him there, God's only Son
    On the tree for thee suspended,
    Crowned with thorns, by grief undone,
    Crimson stains with crimson blended,
    Pierced for thee, transfixed, forsaken:
    Deathless love by death o'ertaken.

    Thou, yea thou hadst known the rod,
    Endless pain thy sole possession;
    Thou hadst been cast off by God
    For thy multiplied transgression;
    But the Lord thy cause defended;
    By His grace thou art befriended.

    When in mighty woe He died
    Vengeance ceased and wrath abated;
    Sinai was satisfied;
    All things old were new-created;
    Sin and death and hell were thwarted;
    Life and health and heaven imparted.

    Jesus, grace sufficient give
    That this mind be ever in me:--
    Thine I am; to Thee would live;
    Naught from Thee shall ever win me.
    Thou wilt not forsake nor leave me;
    Let me, Lord, in love receive Thee.

                                             Johann Caspar Schade, 1692.
                                                          Tr. A. Ramsey.

                       So nimm denn meine Haende.

    Take, then, my hands, O Father,
    And lead Thou me
    Until my journey endeth,
    Alone I will not wander
    One single day.
    Be Thou my true Companion
    And with me stay.

    O cover with Thy mercy
    My poor, weak heart!
    Let ev'ry thought rebellious
    From me depart.
    Permit Thy child to linger
    Here at Thy feet
    And blindly trust Thy goodness
    With faith complete.

    Though naught of Thy great power
    May move my soul,
    With Thee through night and darkness
    I reach the goal.
    Take, then, my hands, O Father,
    And lead Thou me
    Until my journey endeth,

                                                    Julie von Haussmann.
                                                 Tr. H. Brueckner, 1916.

                            Jesu, geh voran.

    Jesus, still lead on,
    Till our rest be won;
    And although the way be cheerless,
    We will follow, calm and fearless,
    Guide us by Thy hand
    To our fatherland.

    If the way be drear,
    If the foe be near,
    Let not faithless fears o'ertake us,
    Let not faith and hope forsake us;
    For through many a foe
    To our home we go.

    When we seek relief
    From a long-felt grief,
    When temptations come alluring,
    Make us patient and enduring;
    Show us that bright shore
    Where we weep no more.

    Jesus, still lead on,
    Till our rest be won;
    Heavenly Leader, still direct us,
    Still support, console, protect us,
    Till we safely stand
    In our fatherland.

                                    Nicolaus Ludwig v. Zinzendorf, 1721.
                                            Tr. Jane Borthwick, 1846. a.

                         Befiehl du deine Wege.

    Commit thy ways and faring
    With all that grieves thy soul,
    To His e'er faithful caring
    Who doth the heavens control;
    Who giving course and highway
    To clouds and winds and breeze,
    Will find for thee a byway
    Where thou canst fare at ease.

    But thou must trust Him wholly
    To make thy welfare sure;
    And look to His work solely
    To have thy works endure.
    God lets none snatch a blessing
    By fretful grief and care
    Nor one's own self-distressing;
    It must be got by prayer.

    Thy faithfulness unfailing,
    O Father, and Thy grace
    Mark good or ill prevailing
    Amongst this mortal race;
    Then what Thou wilt decreeing
    And pressing on with ease,
    Thou bring'st to pass and being
    Whate'er Thy counsels please.

    All ways do Thine possessing,
    Thou lack'st not means nor might.
    Thy deed is purest blessing,
    Thy path serenest light.
    And none Thy work can hinder,
    Nor can Thy labors rest
    Whenever Thou wouldst render
    Thy children what is best.

    Though devils all endeavor,
    And fain would work defeat,
    Beyond all doubt soever
    The Lord will not retreat.
    Whatever He proposes,
    Whate'er He takes in hand,
    Whene'er His set time closes
    Will come to pass as planned.

    Hope on, poor soul, and bravely;
    Hope on, no more perplexed.
    God from those deeps will save thee
    Where thou by griefs art vexed.
    With grace will He secure thee;
    But wait His time as thine,
    And thou wilt see most surely
    The sun of gladness shine.

    Up! Up! Away with grieving.
    Bid anxious fret begone,
    Thy heart its sadness leaving,
    Its woes ne'er dwelt upon.
    Though thou, who dost not govern,
    Canst naught at all compel,
    God sits enthroned and sov'reign
    And doeth all things well.

    Let Him, a Ruler knowing,
    Arrange for thee, and do.
    Thou'lt see with wonder growing
    How He will bring thee through;
    And how, by means most seemly,
    By counsels wondrous deep,
    He bears Himself supremely
    In works which thou dost weep.

    True, He awhile will tarry,
    His comforting delayed,
    And seem Himself to carry
    As minded not to aid;
    May seem to turn Him from thee,
    Nor e'en, though o'er and o'er
    Thy cares and griefs o'ercome thee
    To ask about thee more.

    But though thou seem neglected,
    And yet believing be,
    When least by thee expected
    Will He deliver thee.
    Thy heart will He deliver
    From all its burd'ning woe
    Which thou, unharmed however,
    Hast carried hitherto.

    And well with thee thereafter,
    Child of the Faithful, found
    Midst praise and thanks and laughter,
    A conqueror, and crowned.
    The palms in hand before him,
    Which God Himself bestows,
    With glad songs thou'lt adore Him
    Who turned aside thy woes.

    Make end, O Lord, good ending
    To all our woes ere long.
    With strength on us attending,
    Our hands and feet make strong.
    Thy faithful care bestowing,
    Till death, our ways attend;
    Then surely, heavenward going
    Our ways in heaven will end.

                                                    Paul Gerhardt, 1656.
                                                    Tr. A. Ramsey, 1916.

                     Alle Menschen muessen sterben.

    Man is but a transient being
    And a pilgrim here below,
    Like a shadow, swiftly fleeing,
    Like the days that come and go.
    He must pass through death's dark portal,
    To obtain that life immortal
    Which on yonder blissful shore
    Blooms in glory evermore.

    So I willingly surrender
    To the Lord my fleeting breath,
    Knowing that His love so tender
    Will allay all fear of death.
    In His wounds there is redemption
    And His death assures exemption
    From the punishment of sin
    And the sense of guilt within.

    Jesus died upon the mountain,
    There His precious blood was spilt.
    Now an ever flowing fountain
    Cleanseth me from all my guilt.
    Hence my soul, endowed with pinions,
    Leaves for heaven's fair dominions,
    There in blissful joy to see
    God, the holy Trinity.

    In those fair celestial regions
    All is life and peace and joy.
    Souls are there in countless legions,
    Happy in the Lord's employ.
    There bright Seraphim are dwelling,
    Who, in majesty excelling,
    Praise with heaven's mighty host
    Father, Son and Holy Ghost

    There the patriarchs are living,
    There the prophets all abide.
    There, to Jesus homage giving,
    His apostles, too, reside.
    There the Lord's whole congregation
    Has a place of habitation.
    There, to honor God, their King,
    All their hallelujahs sing.

    O thou city of the sainted,
    Heavenly Jerusalem!
    How thy beauty is untainted,
    Sparkling like a precious gem!
    What soft music there is sounding,
    What sweet joys are there abounding!
    Night shall never follow day,
    But the sun shall reign for aye.

    Ah, mine eyes have seen the glory
    Of that city fair and high,
    And mine ears have heard the story
    Of those mansions in the sky.
    Now the pure white robe of heaven
    And a crown to me are given,
    Now that light of joy is mine
    Which shall never cease to shine.

                                                  John G. Albinus, 1652.
                                                 Tr. H. Brueckner, 1918.

                    Jerusalem, du hochgebaute Stadt.

    Jerusalem, thou city built on high,
    Would God I were in thee!
    My eager spirit hath so yearned to fly
    And bides no more with me.
    O'er hill and valley mounting
    High, high o'er fields and wastes,
    O'er all, all worthless counting,
    Afar from earth it hastes.

    O lovely day, O hour more lovely still,
    When wilt thou be revealed,
    When blissfully, my voice with joy athrill,
    My soul to God I yield,
    His pledge ordained, unfailing
    In His all-faithful hand,
    That haven waits my hailing
    In yonder Fatherland?

    'Twill mount in e'en the twinkling of an eye
    Beyond the firmament,
    So wondrously, so gently laying by
    Its outworn earthly tent;
    Midst chariots ascending
    While bright angelic bands,
    Around it safe attending,
    Will bear it in their hands.

    All hail to thee, O glorious city, now!
    Lift up thy gates of grace
    How long the time I yearned for thee, and how,
    Before I reached this place
    From yonder life of grieving,
    Of vanity and strife,
    From God at length receiving
    The heritage of life.

    What folk is this now drawing near to me,
    This throng of worthies blest?
    These, one time of th'elect on earth, I see;
    The noblest crown and best
    Which Christ, with grace compelling,
    Sent me in other years
    When still far distant dwelling
    In mine own land of tears.

    Lo, patriarchs renowned and prophets great
    And gathered saintly folk,
    Who while on earth endured the tyrant's hate
    And wore the Savior's yoke!
    But soaring now in freedom,
    With honor clothed upon,
    Midst radiant light I see them,
    And shining like the sun.

    Then when at length I enter in a thrill
    That Paradise of God,
    My every sense with rapturous joy will fill,
    My mouth with praise and laud.
    Hosannas there ascending
    Make holy minstrelsy,
    With Alleluiahs blending
    For all eternity.

    With instruments and with a joyful noise
    Are choirs unnumbered singing,
    Till by the sound and shoutings set apoise
    The courts of joy are ringing.
    With ten ten-thousand voices
    And tens of thousands more,
    The heavenly host rejoices
    As ever from of yore.

                                         Johann Matthaeus Meyfart, 1626.
                                                    Tr. A. Ramsey, 1916.

                      Unter Lilien jener Freuden.

    Midst the lilies blooming yonder
    Thou shalt wander,
    Oh my soul, and be at home.
    Rise, then, as on eagle-pinions--
    Thy dominions
    Are above where angels roam.

    Guide my ship, Thou First-born Brother,
    To no other
    Than that peaceful haven where,
    Sheltered from all storms forever,
    I shall never
    Know of sorrow, sin or care.

    Thou canst fill our mouths with laughter,
    And hereafter
    Make our tongues to sing Thy praise.
    Thou canst softly lead us mortals
    Through death's portals
    And above all evils raise.

    For our sins and grievous errors
    All the terrors
    Of the cross Thou didst endure.
    Death, thy sting for aye has vanished,
    Thou art banished,
    And I rest from thee secure.

                                               J. L. K. Allendorf, 1731.
                                                 Tr. H. Brueckner, 1917.

                 Die wir uns allhier beisammen finden.

    Gathered here, we join our hands, O Savior,
    And upon Thy death unite,
    Ever to be true in our behavior
    Unto Thee, eternal Light.
    And as here Thy praises, Lord, are spoken,
    Enter Thou into our midst in token
    Of Thy love so pure and true,
    Saying, "Peace I give to you!"

                                                 C. R. Zinzendorf, 1754.
                                                 Tr. H. Brueckner, 1916.


  Translator's Preface                                                  3
  Exhortation to Prayer                                                 6
  The Lord's Prayer and Benediction                                     7
  Morning and Evening Prayers                                           9
      Prayer for Sunday Morning                                        11
      Prayer for Sunday Evening                                        14
      Prayer for Monday Morning                                        18
      Prayer for Monday Evening                                        21
      Prayer for Tuesday Morning                                       25
      Prayer for Tuesday Evening                                       29
      Prayer for Wednesday Morning                                     32
      Prayer for Wednesday Evening                                     35
      Prayer for Thursday Morning                                      40
      Prayer for Thursday Evening                                      44
      Prayer for Friday Morning                                        47
      Prayer for Friday Evening                                        50
      Prayer for Saturday Morning                                      52
      Prayer for Saturday Evening                                      59
      A Daily Prayer                                                   64
      At the Beginning of the Week's Work                              65
  At the Table                                                         67
      Grace before Meat                                                69
      Grace after Meat                                                 70
  For Hearth and Home                                                  73
      Prayer of a Housefather                                          75
      Prayer of a Housemother                                          76
      Prayer of a Child                                                78
      Prayer of a Youth or Maiden                                      79
      Prayer of a Servant                                              80
      Prayer of a School Child for the Holy Spirit                     82
      Prayer during a Thunder Storm                                    83
      Thanksgiving after a Thunder Storm                               85
      Prayer on the Eve of a Journey                                   86
      Prayer During a Journey                                          87
      Prayer of Children for Their Father Engaged on a Journey         89
      Thanksgiving after a Completed Journey                           90
      A Birthday Prayer                                                90
      Prayer for Temporal Peace                                        92
      A Prayer for School                                              94
  Church Prayers                                                       97
      Prayer When Going to Church                                      99
      Prayer for Sincere Repentance                                   100
      Prayer for Forgiveness of Sins                                  102
      Prayer for True Faith                                           104
      Prayer before Confession                                        107
      Thanksgiving after Absolution                                   108
      A Morning Prayer for Communion Day                              109
      Prayer before Holy Communion                                    112
      A Sigh when about to Receive the Sacred Body of Christ          114
      A Sigh when about to Receive the Sacred Blood of Christ         115
      Prayer after the Holy Supper                                    115
      Prayer for a Pious Life                                         116
      Prayer for Faithful Teachers and Preachers                      117
      Prayer for the Kingdom of God                                   119
      Prayer for Missions                                             122
      Prayer against False Doctrines and Sects                        124
      Prayer against the Enemies of Christendom                       126
  Prayers During Times of War                                         129
      Prayer during War                                               131
      Prayer for the Army and Navy                                    132
      Prayer on the Eve of Battle                                     134
      Prayer for the Wounded                                          135
      Prayers for the Dying                                           136
  Prayers for the Sick and Dying                                      139
      Prayer of a Patient                                             141
      Prayer for a Blessed End                                        142
      Prayer in the Hour of Death                                     144
      Prayer of the Bystanders for the Sick One                       145
      Prayer when the Patient has Died in the Lord                    146
  Hymns                                                               149
      Abide with grace unbounded                                       20
      Abide with me! Fast falls the eventide                          138
      Awake, my heart, rejoicing                                       27
      Awake, my soul, the rising sun                                   42
      Be present at our table Lord                                     70
      Come, my soul, again inquire                                    158
      Commit thy ways and faring                                      161
      Dayspring of Eternity                                            34
      Father, Son, and Holy Spirit                                    153
      Gathered here, we join our hands, O Savior                      171
      God, who madest earth and heaven                                 13
      Heavenly Father, bless this food                                 70
      Jerusalem, thou city built on high                              167
      Jesus, bless what Thou hast given                                70
      Jesus, still lead on                                            160
      Man is but a transient being                                    165
      Midst the lilies blooming yonder                                170
      Now God be with us, for the night is closing                     31
      Now in Jesus' wounds reposing                                    46
      Now under night's dark shadow                                    23
      O Christ, who art the sun-lit day                                16
      One thing I above all others cherish                            157
      Out of the depths I cry to Thee                                 155
      Praise God from whom all blessings flow                          71
      Shepherd never sleeping                                          37
      Soul of mine to God awaking                                      62
      Sunk is the sun's last beam of light                             52
      Take, then, my hands, O Father                                  159
      The morning sun shines in the skies                              49
      The sun ascending                                                55
      We thank Thee, Jesus Christ, our Lord                           154
      We thank Thee, Lord, for this our food                           71
      Ye baptized people one and all                                  151
  Index of Translated Hymns
      Ach bleib mit deiner Gnade                                       20
      Alle Menschen mueszen sterben                                   165
      Aus tiefer Not schrei ich zu dir                                155
      Befiehl du deine Wege                                           161
      Christe, du bist der helle Tag                                   16
      Die gueldne Sonne                                                55
      Die helle Sonn leucht jetzt herfuer                              49
      Die Nacht ist kommen, drin wir ruhen sollen                      31
      Die wir uns allhier beisammen finden                            171
      Du Volk, das du getaufet bist                                   151
      Eines wuensch ich mir vor allem andern                          157
      Gott des Himmels und der Erden                                   13
      Hinunter ist der Sonnenschein                                    52
      Hirte deiner Schafe                                              37
      Ich bin getauft auf deinen Namen                                153
      Jerusalem, du hochgebaute Stadt                                 167
      Jesu, geh voran                                                 160
      Meine Seel, ermuntre dich                                       158
      Morgenglanz der Ewigkeit                                         34
      Nun ruhen alle Waelder                                           23
      Nur in Jesu Blut und Wunden                                      46
      So nimm denn meine Haende                                       159
      Unter Lilien jener Freuden                                      170
      Wach auf mein Herz, die Nacht ist hin                            42
      Wach auf mein Herz, und singe                                    27
      Werde munter, mein Gemuete                                       62
      Wir danken dir, Jesu Christ                                     154

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