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Title: An Elogy to the Memory of the late Wm. Palgrave, Esq. - with Other Pieces
Author: Parkerson, James
Language: English
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Copyright Status: Not copyrighted in the United States. If you live elsewhere check the laws of your country before downloading this ebook. See comments about copyright issues at end of book.

*** Start of this Doctrine Publishing Corporation Digital Book "An Elogy to the Memory of the late Wm. Palgrave, Esq. - with Other Pieces" ***

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Transcribed from the early 1800’s edition by David Price, email
ccx074@pglaf.org.  Many thanks to Norfolk and Norwich Millennium Library,
UK, for kindly supplying the images from which this transcription was

                                 AN ELOGY
                                  TO THE
                                Memory of
                                 THE LATE
                          _Wm. PALGRAVE_, _Esq._
                            OTHER PIECES. {1}

                                * * * * *

                       _By Jas. PARKERSON_, _Jun._

                                * * * * *

                                PRICE 1s.

                       [WALKER, PRINTER, NORWICH.]

_William Palgrave_, _Esq._

                                 LATE OF
                        IN THE COUNTY OF NORFOLK.

   In passing through this vale of tears,
      That various scenes display;
   Ambition oft her standard rears,
      And mortals lead astray.

   The anxious merchant counts his gain
      From vessels on the sea;
   They’re lost upon the watery main,
      And all his prospects flee.

   Dejection seize his harrass’d mind,
      While struggling with dispair;
   Dame Fortune smiles and proves more kind,
      His spirits for to cheer.

   Such is man’s losses—varied lot,
      To-day he counts his store,
   To-morrow breathless on the spot
      He pac’d the day before.

   Let those who wish thro’ life’s short span,
      In heaven’s path to move;
   Copy the late departed man,
      Whom Death has call’d above.

   Upon his word you might depend,
      Experience prov’d it true;
   He ever was the poor man’s friend,
      Before he bade adieu.

   He always would afford relief
      To those who crav’d his aid;
   And felt for those annoy’d by grief
      ’Till Nature’s debt was paid.

   As Magistrate, impartial steer’d
      His course in such a way,
   As made him honor’d and rever’d,
      Where prudence had her sway.

   Justice he lov’d, to others bore
      That boon, while life remain’d;
   His loss on earth the world deplore,
      Yet trust he has obtain’d

   A place of rest, thro’ Jesus’ aid,
      Till summon’d to appear
   Before our God—before the blest,
      His sentence for to hear.

   I’ll on domestic scenes now dwell
      As husband, ever kind;
   As father, few could him excel,
      And those he’s left behind

   Attest it, by their tears sincere,
      Each relative has shed
   Upon the sable gloomy bier,
      Encompass’d round the dead.

   He’s fled to where none can return—
      Where heavenly blessings dwell;
   Then waft a tear o’er Palgrave’s urn,
      Whene’er you bid farewell.

{1}  The pamphlet in Norwich library is only two pages and shows no sign
of any other pieces ever being part of it.

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