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Title: Practical High School Speller
Author: Various
Language: English
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Copyright Status: Not copyrighted in the United States. If you live elsewhere check the laws of your country before downloading this ebook. See comments about copyright issues at end of book.

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  Boston  New York  Chicago

  COPYRIGHT, 1914,


  Norwood Press
  J. S. Cushing Co.--Berwick & Smith Co.
  Norwood, Mass., U.S.A.



What are the words most commonly misspelled by the average high school
pupil? In an endeavor to solve this problem, two thousand letters,
with five postal cards in each, were sent to representative high
schools in every state in the United States, requesting the heads of
the various departments to report the words most commonly misspelled
in their classes. From the many thousand replies, this text-book has
been compiled.

The first word in Lesson I was sent in by seven hundred high school
teachers; the other words in this lesson show, by their order, the
frequency with which they appear in the replies. No word has been
considered unless suggested by at least two teachers. This book, then,
built on the judgment of those best qualified to know--the teachers
themselves--contains only the words most frequently misspelled by the
average high school pupil.

A simple phrase is placed after each word, illustrating its use, and
serving to identify it better than would a short, abstract definition.
The division of words into syllables with accent marks will be of
great assistance to the pupil, should there be any question in his
mind as to the correct pronunciation. The typography is based on the
idea that it will be a great help to the pupil in visualizing the
words if he sees them in script as well as in print.

                                                           T. O. CHEW.

    MARCH, 1914.


When the diphthongs _ei_ and _ie_ are pronounced _[=e]_, _c_ is
followed by _ei_, all other letters by _ie_. Examples: _ceiling_,
_receive_, _siege_, _believe_. Exceptions: _leisure_, _seize_,
_weird_. The word _slice_ will help pupils to remember this rule--_i_
after _l_ and _e_ after _c_ when applied to _believe_ and _receive_.

       *       *       *       *       *

Final _y_ following a consonant changes to _i_ before a suffix not
beginning with _i_. Examples: _busy_, _business_; _dry_, _dried_. When
the suffix begins with _i_, as in _-ing_ and _-ish_, the _y_ is
retained to avoid having double _i_. Examples: _try_, _trying_;
_baby_, _babyish_.

When the final _y_ follows a vowel, the _y_ is retained before a suffix.
Examples: _toy_, _toyed_; _betray_, _betrayed_; _annoy_, _annoyed_.

       *       *       *       *       *

To form the plural of words ending in _y_ following a consonant change
the _y_ to _i_ and add _es_. Examples: _quantity_, _quantities_;
_factory_, _factories_.

When the final _y_ follows a vowel, the _y_ is retained and _s_ added.
Examples: _journey_, _journeys_; _delay_, _delays_; _money_, _moneys_.

       *       *       *       *       *

Monosyllables and words accented on the last syllable, which end in a
single consonant, following a single vowel, double the final consonant
before a suffix beginning with a vowel. Examples: _hot_, _hotter_;
_begin_, _beginning_. Exceptions: (1) _gas_, _gases_. (2) The letters
_w_, _x_, and _y_ are not doubled. Examples: _show_, _showing_; _box_,
_boxed_; _pay_, _paying_.

In words not accented on the last syllable, the final consonant may or
may not be doubled. Examples: _traveler_ may be spelled _traveller_;
_canceled_, _cancelled_; etc.

       *       *       *       *       *

In words ending in unaccented _e_, the final _e_ is dropped before a
suffix beginning with a vowel. Examples: _come_, _coming_; _glue_,
_gluing_; _fine_, _finer_. Exceptions: (1) The _e_ is retained when it
is necessary to preserve the identity of the word, as _dyeing_,
_singeing_. (2) When the final _e_ is preceded by _o_, as _shoeing_,
_hoeing_. (3) After _c_ and _g_ when the suffix begins with _a_ or
_o_, as _peace_, _peaceable_; _outrage_, _outrageous_; _courage_,


  {separate}               =sep´a-rate= divisions

  {receive}                =re-ceive´= the letter

  {believe}                =be-lieve´= in God

  {until}                  =un-til´= next Monday

  {there}                  =there= he comes

  {their}                  =their= hats are new

  {principle}              =prin´ci-ple= of physics

  {principal}              =prin´ci-pal= parts of a verb

  {business}               =bus´i-ness= of the merchant

  {parallel}               =par´al-lel= lines

  {disappoint}             =dis-ap-point´= us by going

  {to}                     =to= go to town

  {too}                    =too= many rules

  {two}                    =two= dollars in cash

  {necessary}              =nec´es-sa-ry= food

  {judgment}               =judg´ment= of the court

  {all right}              =all right=, I shall come

  {disappear}              =dis-ap-pear´= from sight

  {grammar}                =gram´mar= of the language

  {privilege}              =priv´i-lege= to vote

  {beginning}              =be-gin´ning= of the war

  {government}             =gov´ern-ment= by the people

  {isosceles}              =i-sos´ce-les= triangle

  {laboratory}             =lab´o-ra-to-ry= of the chemist

  {finally}                =fi´nal-ly= it ended


  {coming}                 =com´ing= home

  {seize}                  =seize= the opportunity

  {similarly}              =sim´i-lar-ly= made

  {similar}                =sim´i-lar= triangles

  {Parliament}             =Par´li-a-ment= of England

  {occasion}               =oc-ca´sion= for joy

  {description}            =de-scrip´tion= of the place

  {writing}                =writ´ing= with ink

  {development}            =de-vel´op-ment= of muscle

  {homologous}             =ho-mol´o-gous= figures

  {precede}                =pre-cede´= us down the street

  {recommend}              =rec-om-mend´= him for the work

  {whether}                =wheth´er= we go or stay

  {coefficient}            =co-ef-fi´cient= of the number

  {hypotenuse}             =hy-pot´e-nuse= of a triangle

  {siege}                  =siege= of Troy

  {immediately}            =im-me´di-ate-ly= after

  {already}                =al-read´y= the sun is up

  {forty}                  =for´ty= dollars a month

  {fourth}                 =fourth= house on the street

  {develop}                =de-vel´op= the Kodak film

  {together}               =to-geth´er= at home

  {chord}                  =chord= of a circle

  {cord}                   =cord= of wood

  {village}                =vil´lage= blacksmith


  {hypothesis}             =hy-poth´e-sis= of a theorem

  {truly}                  =tru´ly= yours

  {accommodate}            =ac-com´mo-date= your friends

  {preparation}            =prep-a-ra´tion= for war

  {occurrence}             =oc-cur´rence= of importance

  {quiet}                  =qui´et= as a mouse

  {quite}                  =quite= a different thing

  {villain}                =vil´lain= in the play

  {vertical}               =ver´ti-cal= lines

  {February}               =Feb´ru-a-ry= twenty-second

  {angle}                  =an´gle= of a triangle

  {angel}                  =an´gel= in heaven

  {affect}                 =af-fect´= steel by heating it

  {effect}                 =ef-fect´= of heat on steel

  {balance}                =bal´ance= the account

  {equation}               =e-qua´tion= in algebra

  {professor}              =pro-fess´or= of Latin

  {stopped}                =stopped= by a policeman

  {lose}                   =lose= the money

  {loose}                  =loose= the dog's chain

  {losing}                 =los´ing= his grip

  {complement}             =com´ple-ment= of an angle

  {compliment}             =com´pli-ment= paid to the lady

  {corollary}              =cor´ol-la-ry= of the theorem

  {which}                  =which= man was that


  {usually}                =u´su-al-ly= he walks to school

  {oxygen}                 =ox´y-gen= in the air

  {surprise}               =sur-prise´= party

  {proceed}                =pro-ceed´= with the work

  {quit}                   =quit= the job

  {appearance}             =ap-pear´ance= of the man

  {quadrilateral}          =quad-ri-lat´er-al= figure

  {quantity}               =quan´ti-ty= of sugar

  {received}               =re-ceived´= payment

  {theorem}                =the´o-rem= in geometry

  {acknowledgment}         =ac-knowl´edg-ment= of my letter

  {occurred}               =oc-curred´= to him suddenly

  {conscience}             =con´science= troubled him

  {athletics}              =ath-let´ics= in college

  {bisector}               =bi-sect´or= of an angle

  {piece}                  =piece= of pie

  {peace}                  =peace= on earth

  {plain}                  =plain= features

  {plane}                  =plane= geometry

  {speech}                 =speech= in the Senate

  {parallelogram}          =par-al-lel´o-gram= of forces

  {chauffeur}              =chauf-feur´= was reckless

  {describe}               =de-scribe´= his features

  {fulfil}                 =ful-fil´= our promise

  {participle}             =par´ti-ci-ple= of the verb


  {tragedy}                =trag´e-dy= of Macbeth

  {capital}                =cap´i-tal= city of Texas

  {capitol}                =cap´i-tol= building

  {committee}              =com-mit´tee= meetings

  {perpendicular}          =per-pen-dic´u-lar= lines

  {auxiliary}              =aux-il´i-a-ry= verb

  {accept}                 =ac-cept´= my thanks

  {except}                 =ex-cept´= for this reason

  {odor}                   =o´dor= of tobacco

  {Mediterranean}          =Med-i-ter-ra´ne-an= Sea

  {polygon}                =pol´y-gon= of seven sides

  {superintendent}         =su-per-in-tend´ent= of schools

  {supersede}              =su-per-sede´= the old laws by new

  {always}                 =al´ways= the same

  {hoping}                 =hop´ing= all is well

  {hopping}                =hop´ping= on one foot

  {opposite}               =op´po-site= side of the street

  {opposition}             =op-po-si´tion= to the plan

  {rhombus}                =rhom´bus= in geometry

  {parentheses}            =pa-ren´the-ses= enclosed the phrase

  {straight}               =straight= lines of soldiers

  {strait}                 =strait= of Bosporus

  {definite}               =def´i-nite= number

  {gas}                    =gas= light is bright

  {prejudice}              =prej´u-dice= against him


  {probably}               =prob´a-bly= we shall go

  {respectively}           =re-spec´tive-ly= equal to each other

  {respectfully}           =re-spect´ful-ly= yours

  {disease}                =dis-ease´= caused by germs

  {decease}                =de-cease´= of a friend

  {equivalent}             =e-quiv´a-lent= equations

  {height}                 =height= of the mountain

  {refer}                  =re-fer´= you to him

  {referred}               =re-ferred´= to you

  {referring}              =re-fer´ring= to your letter

  {soluble}                =sol´u-ble= in water

  {calendar}               =cal´en-dar= for next year

  {consul}                 =con´sul= at London

  {council}                =coun´cil= of war

  {counsel}                =coun´sel= is advice

  {control}                =con-trol´= of the business

  {led}                    =led= the way back

  {lead}                   =lead= is a soft metal

  {possession}             =pos-ses´sion= of the island

  {receipt}                =re-ceipt´= for payment

  {simultaneous}           =sim-ul-ta´ne-ous= equations

  {written}                =writ´ten= lesson

  {benefit}                =ben´e-fit= the health

  {ninety}                 =nine´ty= per cent

  {occasionally}           =oc-ca´sion-al-ly= it rains


  {supplementary}          =sup-ple-men´ta-ry= angles

  {Wednesday}              =Wednes´day= morning

  {genitive}               =gen´i-tive= case

  {independent}            =in-de-pend´ent= country

  {misspelled}             =mis-spelled´= the words

  {sophomore}              =soph´o-more= class

  {busy}                   =bus´y= day at school

  {meant}                  =meant= to do well

  {ledger}                 =ledg´er= accounts

  {polynomial}             =pol-y-no´mi-al= of six terms

  {pursue}                 =pur-sue´= the game

  {adjacent}               =ad-ja´cent= angles

  {attract}                =at-tract´= his attention

  {Augustus}               =Au-gus´tus= Cæsar

  {comparative}            =com-par´a-tive= degree

  {difference}             =dif´fer-ence= between two amounts

  {friend}                 =friend= of ours

  {frustum}                =frus´tum= of the pyramid

  {prairie}                =prai´rie= dogs

  {syntax}                 =syn´tax= of early Latin

  {whose}                  =whose= house is this

  {algebra}                =al´ge-bra= is studied at school

  {ammonia}                =am-mo´ni-a= for cleaning

  {embarrass}              =em-bar´rass= us

  {nickel}                 =nick´el= plated ware


  {precipitate}            =pre-cip´i-tate= a panic

  {receivable}             =re-ceiv´a-ble= accounts

  {studying}               =stud´y-ing= the lesson

  {tariff}                 =tar´iff= bill of 1913

  {nominative}             =nom´i-na-tive= case

  {expenses}               =ex-pen´ses= were paid

  {coincide}               =co-in-cide´= with his views

  {apparatus}              =ap-pa-ra´tus= for the experiment

  {bicycle}                =bi´cy-cle= riding

  {dining}                 =din´ing= with friends

  {decide}                 =de-cide´= the question

  {disappointed}           =dis-ap-point´ed= candidate

  {criticise}              =crit´i-cise= the work

  {eligible}               =el´i-gi-ble= to enter

  {hear}                   =hear= the music

  {here}                   =here= they come

  {intercept}              =in-ter-cept´= the letters

  {herb}                   =herb= for medicinal use

  {stationary}             =sta´tion-a-ry= engine

  {stationery}             =sta´tion-er-y= for correspondence

  {omitted}                =o-mit´ted= the word

  {radical}                =rad´i-cal= views

  {weird}                  =weird= tales by Poe

  {temperature}            =tem´per-a-ture= of 90 degrees

  {equal}                  =e´qual= suffrage


  {eighth}                 =eighth= day of the month

  {syllable}               =syl´la-ble= of a word

  {shepherd}               =shep´herd= of the flock

  {quotient}               =quo´tient= is the result in division

  {planned}                =planned= a long trip

  {niece}                  =niece= and nephew

  {homogeneous}            =ho-mo-ge´ne-ous= substances

  {governor}               =gov´ern-or= of Michigan

  {equilateral}            =e-qui-lat´er-al= triangle

  {attack}                 =at-tack´= the city

  {attacked}               =at-tacked´= by the enemy

  {across}                 =a-cross´= the ocean

  {crystal}                =crys´tal= of quartz

  {cylinder}               =cyl´in-der= of the engine

  {absence}                =ab´sence= from school

  {diagonal}               =di-ag´o-nal= of a square

  {miscellaneous}          =mis-cel-la´ne-ous= assortment

  {interest}               =in´ter-est= on the money

  {commercial}             =com-mer´cial= traveler

  {cemetery}               =cem´e-ter-y= lots

  {mischievous}            =mis´chie-vous= puppy

  {resources}              =re-sour´ces= of the bank

  {twelfth}                =twelfth= hour

  {where}                  =where= has he gone

  {reference}              =ref´er-ence= to the book


  {writer}                 =writ´er= of poetry

  {write}                  =write= clearly

  {right}                  =right= hand side

  {rite}                   =rite= of the church

  {prove}                  =prove= the theorem

  {axiom}                  =ax´i-om= in geometry

  {mortgage}               =mort´gage= the farm

  {dependent}              =de-pend´ent= clause

  {deceive}                =de-ceive´= the enemy

  {Caesar}                 =Cæ´sar= crossed the Rubicon

  {benefited}              =ben´e-fit-ed= by exercise

  {trapezoid}              =trap´e-zoid= drawn on the board

  {symmetrical}            =sym-met´ri-cal= figure

  {sincerely}              =sin-cere´ly= yours

  {rhythm}                 =rhythm= of music

  {source}                 =source= of the river

  {repetition}             =rep-e-ti´tion= is monotonous

  {religious}              =re-lig´ious= services

  {promissory}             =prom´is-so-ry= notes

  {possess}                =pos-sess´= the money

  {weather}                =weath´er= bureau

  {persuade}               =per-suade´= him to go

  {perhaps}                =per-haps´= I shall

  {oblige}                 =ob-lige´= me by going

  {alcohol}                =al´co-hol= lamp


  {sovereign}              =sov´er-eign= of England

  {sovereignty}            =sov´er-eign-ty= of our country

  {antecedent}             =an-te-ce´dent= of the pronoun

  {allotment}              =al-lot´ment= of the estate

  {allotting}              =al-lot´ting= the Indian lands

  {treasurer}              =treas´ur-er= of the society

  {advise}                 =ad-vise´= him to go

  {advice}                 =ad-vice´= is cheap

  {accusative}             =ac-cu´sa-tive= case of a noun

  {dissolve}               =dis-solve´= the partnership

  {convenient}             =con-ven´ient= place

  {experience}             =ex-pe´ri-ence= is the best teacher

  {infinitive}             =in-fin´i-tive= form of a verb

  {library}                =li´bra-ry= books

  {occur}                  =oc-cur´= to one

  {pleasant}               =pleas´ant= occupation

  {potato}                 =po-ta´to= salad

  {practice}               =prac´tice= makes perfect

  {procedure}              =pro-ce´dure= in court

  {proportion}             =pro-por´tion= of the money

  {sentence}               =sen´tence= for life

  {supplement}             =sup´ple-ment= of an angle

  {vacuum}                 =vac´u-um= cleaner

  {secretary}              =sec´re-ta-ry= of state

  {exaggerate}             =ex-ag´ger-ate= the story


  {vegetable}              =veg´e-ta-ble= garden

  {arc}                    =arc= of a circle

  {ark}                    =ark= built by Noah

  {analyze}                =an´a-lyze= the sentence

  {different}              =dif´fer-ent= sizes

  {crystallize}            =crys´tal-lize= into snow

  {chief}                  =chief= man of the city

  {elimination}            =e-lim-i-na´tion= of the unfit

  {foreign}                =for´eign= countries

  {generally}              =gen´er-al-ly= known

  {guard}                  =guard= the treasure

  {leisure}                =lei´sure= moments

  {license}                =li´cense= to run an automobile

  {rhomboid}               =rhom´boid= figure in geometry

  {tyranny}                =tyr´an-ny= of the conqueror

  {vertices}               =ver´ti-ces= of the triangle

  {commission}             =com-mis´sion= form of government

  {disappointment}         =dis-ap-point´ment= is hard to bear

  {abbreviate}             =ab-bre´vi-ate= the word

  {conscious}              =con´scious= of her beauty

  {color}                  =col´or= of the flower

  {civilization}           =civ-i-li-za´tion= of the Greeks

  {chlorophyll}            =chlo´ro-phyll= of the plant

  {character}              =char´ac-ter= of the man

  {cavalry}                =cav´al-ry= regiment


  {belief}                 =be-lief´= of the Christian

  {enemies}                =en´e-mies= of the nation

  {especially}             =es-pe´ci-al-ly= good

  {existence}              =ex-ist´ence= on earth

  {gauge}                  =gauge= the distance

  {honorable}              =hon´or-a-ble= man

  {lieutenant}             =lieu-ten´ant= of the army

  {literature}             =lit´er-a-ture= and language

  {necessity}              =ne-ces´si-ty= made him work

  {noticeable}             =no´tice-a-ble= features

  {occupation}             =oc-cu-pa´tion= of farming

  {Renaissance}            =Re-nais-sance´= Period

  {specimen}               =spec´i-men= of my writing

  {successfully}           =suc-cess´ful-ly= done

  {thorough}               =thor´ough= work

  {through}                =through= the window

  {threw}                  =threw= a stone

  {restaurant}             =res´tau-rant= in the hotel

  {off}                    =off= the track

  {of}                     =of= good repute

  {opportunity}            =op-por-tun´i-ty= to play

  {liability}              =li-a-bil´i-ty= of the company

  {liabilities}            =li-a-bil´i-ties= to meet

  {preceding}              =pre-ced´ing= word

  {reciprocal}             =re-cip´ro-cal= benefits


  {salable}                =sal´a-ble= goods

  {salary}                 =sal´a-ry= received for work

  {sense}                  =sense= of hearing

  {shining}                =shin´ing= star

  {succeed}                =suc-ceed´= in doing good

  {success}                =suc-cess´= in the work

  {secede}                 =se-cede´= from the Union

  {Fahrenheit}             =Fah´ren-heit= thermometer

  {address}                =ad-dress´= me in Chicago

  {college}                =col´lege= athletics

  {circumstances}          =cir´cum-stan-ces= alter cases

  {choose}                 =choose= the best

  {Henry}                  =Hen´ry= VIII of England

  {physiology}             =phys-i-ol´o-gy= is interesting

  {apparent}               =ap-par´ent= carelessness

  {alligators}             =al´li-ga-tors= live in Florida

  {divisible}              =di-vi´si-ble= numbers

  {declension}             =de-clen´sion= of the noun

  {course}                 =course= of the river

  {coarse}                 =coarse= and fine salt

  {convenience}            =con-ven´ience= of electric lights

  {clothes}                =clothes= do not make the man

  {buried}                 =bur´ied= in the sand

  {boundary}               =bound´a-ry= line of Texas

  {either}                 =ei´ther= man may go


  {exceed}                 =ex-ceed´= the speed limit

  {know}                   =know= how to spell

  {no}                     =no= boy should lie

  {goddess}                =god´dess= of Liberty

  {medians}                =me´di-ans= of a triangle

  {planning}               =plan´ning= to build the house

  {phosphorus}             =phos´phor-us= matches glow

  {sufficient}             =suf-fi´cient= reason for

  {proportional}           =pro-por´tion-al= quantities

  {recognize}              =rec´og-nize= the fact

  {simile}                 =sim´i-le= and metaphor

  {sure}                   =sure= of himself

  {transferred}            =trans-ferred´= to another wagon

  {Tuesday}                =Tues´day= is ironing day

  {efficiency}             =ef-fi´cien-cy= of the machine

  {ecstasy}                =ec´sta-sy= of delight

  {excel}                  =ex-cel´= in feats of strength

  {enemy}                  =en´e-my= of our country

  {crystallization}        =crys-tal-li-za´tion= of water

  {dropped}                =dropped= from a balloon

  {criticism}              =crit´i-cism= of his work

  {conceive}               =con-ceive´= of any reason

  {capillary}              =cap´il-la-ry= attraction

  {cancel}                 =can´cel= the debt

  {besiege}                =be-siege´= the city


  {zinc}                   =zinc= is a useful metal

  {thoroughly}             =thor´ough-ly= aroused

  {therefore}              =there´fore= he may not go

  {rhyme}                  =rhyme= of the verses

  {really}                 =re´al-ly= fresh eggs

  {proprietor}             =pro-pri´e-tor= of the hotel

  {practical}              =prac´ti-cal= application

  {positive}               =pos´i-tive= of the fact

  {juice}                  =juice= of the fruit

  {origin}                 =or´i-gin= of man

  {segment}                =seg´ment= of a line

  {numerator}              =nu´mer-a-tor= of a fraction

  {measurement}            =meas´ure-ment= of the distance

  {integral}               =in´te-gral= parts

  {exponent}               =ex-po´nent= of the number

  {equiangular}            =e-qui-an´gu-lar= triangles

  {equally}                =e´qual-ly= divided

  {athlete}                =ath´lete= in training

  {acceptance}             =ac-cept´ance= of the position

  {achievement}            =a-chieve´ment= of success

  {agreement}              =a-gree´ment= between the two

  {arrangement}            =ar-range´ment= of the furniture

  {divide}                 =di-vide´= the apple

  {disappeared}            =dis-ap-peared´= in the distance

  {despair}                =de-spair´= of the condemned


  {descendants}            =de-scend´ants= of Adam

  {declarative}            =de-clar´a-tive= sentence

  {consciousness}          =con´scious-ness= of power

  {conscientious}          =con-sci-en´tious= in all things

  {Connecticut}            =Con-nect´i-cut= River

  {committed}              =com-mit´ted= a serious crime

  {chosen}                 =cho´sen= people

  {till}                   =till= the soil

  {barbarous}              =bar´ba-rous= tribes of Africa

  {symmetry}               =sym´met-ry= of a circle

  {specific}               =spe-cif´ic= reasons

  {sieve}                  =sieve= for sifting flour

  {separation}             =sep-a-ra´tion= of gold from silver

  {relieve}                =re-lieve´= the tired sentry

  {relief}                 =re-lief´= expedition

  {recommendation}         =rec-om-men-da´tion= for the place

  {Protestant}             =Prot´es-tant= church

  {prophecy}               =proph´e-cy= of Elijah

  {prophesy}               =proph´e-sy= fair weather

  {pneumatic}              =pneu-mat´ic= tire

  {pendulum}               =pen´du-lum= of a clock

  {paid}                   =paid= in full

  {oscillation}            =os-cil-la´tion= of a pendulum

  {medieval}               =me-di-e´val= history

  {larvae}                 =lar´væ= of the fly


  {indicative}             =in-dic´a-tive= mode

  {imperative}             =im-per´a-tive= manner

  {familiar}               =fa-mil´iar= scenes

  {essential}              =es-sen´tial= to life

  {aqueduct}               =aq´ue-duct= for the city water

  {atmosphere}             =at´mos-phere= of the earth

  {dyeing}                 =dye´ing= the cloth red

  {dying}                  =dy´ing= gladiator

  {disappearance}          =dis-ap-pear´ance= of the snow

  {destroy}                =de-stroy´= the walls

  {desirable}              =de-sir´a-ble= occupation

  {cupboard}               =cup´board= was bare

  {custom}                 =cus´tom= of the country

  {compel}                 =com-pel´= him to study

  {cereal}                 =ce´re-al= for breakfast

  {serial}                 =se´ri-al= story

  {ceiling}                =ceil´ing= of the room

  {sealing}                =seal´ing= the jar of fruit

  {cease}                  =cease= your noise

  {carrying}               =car´ry-ing= the load

  {characteristics}        =char-ac-ter-is´tics= of the man

  {buoyancy}               =buoy´an-cy= of water

  {brief}                  =brief= tale of mystery

  {bisect}                 =bi-sect´= the line

  {binomial}               =bi-no´mi-al= theorem


  {before}                 =be-fore´= we go to sleep

  {transitive}             =trans´i-tive= verb

  {women}                  =wom´en= wish to vote

  {victuals}               =vict´uals= to eat

  {very}                   =ver´y= often late

  {vengeance}              =venge´ance= is mine

  {thermometer}            =ther-mom´e-ter= registered 0°

  {synonym}                =syn´o-nym= of the word

  {surely}                 =sure´ly= he will not

  {succeeded}              =suc-ceed´ed= in finding work

  {siphon}                 =si´phon= of soda

  {scissors}               =scis´sors= will cut

  {science}                =sci´ence= of medicine

  {scene}                  =scene= of the tragedy

  {safety}                 =safe´ty= valve on the engine

  {rhetoric}               =rhet´o-ric= is a useful study

  {resistance}             =re-sist´ance= to opposition

  {representative}         =rep-re-sent´a-tive= of our district

  {religion}               =re-lig´ion= of the Christians

  {remember}               =re-mem´ber= the Maine

  {proteids}               =pro´te-ids= build muscle

  {preferred}              =pre-ferred´= to others

  {plebeian}               =ple-be´ian= people of Rome

  {pistil}                 =pis´til= of a flower

  {pistol}                 =pis´tol= was loaded


  {perimeter}              =pe-rim´e-ter= of a polygon

  {omission}               =o-mis´sion= of a letter

  {occurring}              =oc-cur´ring= to us

  {neuter}                 =neu´ter= gender

  {neither}                =nei´ther= one may go

  {monastery}              =mon´as-ter-y= of the church

  {merchandise}            =mer´chan-dise= to sell

  {lightning}              =light´ning= conductor

  {legible}                =leg´i-ble= handwriting

  {later}                  =la´ter= edition

  {laid}                   =laid= upon the table

  {knew}                   =knew= the meaning

  {new}                    =new= hat for Easter

  {heir}                   =heir= to the fortune

  {forcible}               =for´ci-ble= arguments

  {excellent}              =ex´cel-lent= reasons

  {excellence}             =ex´cel-lence= of the food

  {equilibrium}            =e-qui-lib´ri-um= was maintained

  {equidistant}            =e-qui-dis´tant= from two points

  {accuracy}               =ac´cu-ra-cy= of his addition

  {accession}              =ac-ces´sion= of property

  {arithmetic}             =a-rith´me-tic= and algebra

  {any}                    =an´y= more apples

  {many}                   =man´y= were called

  {annual}                 =an´nu-al= election of officers


  {analytic}               =an-a-lyt´ic= geometry

  {altar}                  =al´tar= in the church

  {alter}                  =al´ter= the conditions

  {advertise}              =ad´ver-tise= in the magazines

  {heinous}                =hei´nous= crime

  {nucleus}                =nu´cle-us= of the collection

  {Niagara}                =Ni-ag´a-ra= Falls

  {negotiability}          =ne-go-tia-bil´i-ty= of the note

  {negotiate}              =ne-go´ti-ate= a loan

  {negotiable}             =ne-go´tia-ble= paper

  {mucilage}               =mu´ci-lage= on the envelope

  {mischief}               =mis´chief= afoot

  {metaphor}               =met´a-phor= in rhetoric

  {mathematics}            =math-e-mat´ics= requires study

  {manual}                 =man´u-al= training

  {erect}                  =e-rect´= position of a soldier

  {latter}                 =lat´ter= is opposed to former

  {jealous}                =jeal´ous= of his rival

  {inventory}              =in´ven-to-ry= of the goods

  {indelible}              =in-del´i-ble= ink for marking linen

  {immigrant}              =im´mi-grant= to America from Italy

  {emigrant}               =em´i-grant= from America to Italy

  {imaginary}              =im-ag´i-na-ry= ills

  {hygiene}                =hy´gi-ene= and health

  {having}                 =hav´ing= a good time


  {fundamental}            =fun-da-men´tal= principles

  {fulfilled}              =ful-filled´= his contract

  {freight}                =freight= cars were wrecked

  {formerly}               =for´mer-ly= he was rich

  {financial}              =fi-nan´cial= disaster

  {feudal}                 =feu´dal= castles on the Rhine

  {embarrassment}          =em-bar´rass-ment= made her blush

  {does}                   =does= he know

  {doze}                   =doze= before the fireplace

  {descent}                =de-scent´= of man

  {descend}                =de-scend´= the ladder

  {denominator}            =de-nom´i-na-tor= of the fraction

  {definition}             =def-i-ni´tion= of the word

  {defense} }              =defense= of the city
  {defence} }

  {defendant}              =de-fend´ant= in the law suit

  {commensurable}          =com-men´su-ra-ble= line-segments

  {Christian}              =Chris´tian= church

  {changeable}             =change´a-ble= weather

  {careful}                =care´ful= of her clothes

  {campaign}               =cam-paign´= of the war

  {masculine}              =mas´cu-line= gender

  {fictitious}             =fic-ti´tious= names

  {chargeable}             =charge´a-ble= to the account

  {bureau}                 =bu´reau= of information


  {bookkeeping}            =book´keep-ing= class

  {Bible}                  =Bi´ble= study on Sunday

  {beneficial}             =ben-e-fi´cial= to the health

  {base}                   =base= motives

  {bass}                   =bass= voice

  {electrolysis}           =e-lec-trol´y-sis= of water

  {tried}                  =tried= to do his work

  {trial}                  =tri´al= by jury

  {woman}                  =wom´an= and man

  {those}                  =those= oranges are sweet

  {thief}                  =thief= who stole

  {suspense}               =sus-pense´= is terrible

  {stomach}                =stom´ach= holds food

  {seized}                 =seized= the opportunity

  {remittance}             =re-mit´tance= by check

  {proof}                  =proof= of his guilt

  {probable}               =prob´a-ble= showers

  {pressure}               =pres´sure= of the weight

  {prefer}                 =pre-fer´= an honest man

  {pneumonia}              =pneu-mo´ni-a= is dangerous

  {perform}                =per-form´= the ceremony

  {perspiration}           =per-spi-ra´tion= from exercise

  {peaceable}              =peace´a-ble= nation

  {paraffin}               =par´af-fin= candles

  {operation}              =op-er-a´tion= for appendicitis


  {omit}                   =o-mit´= the word

  {occupy}                 =oc´cu-py= a seat

  {recollect}              =rec-ol-lect´= the incident

  {suppose}                =sup-pose´= Mars is inhabited

  {advertisement}          =ad-ver-tise´ment= in the paper

  {acknowledge}            =ac-knowl´edge= the defeat

  {author}                 =au´thor= of the story

  {attendance}             =at-tend´ance= at school

  {assassination}          =as-sas-si-na´tion= of Lincoln

  {asked}                  =asked= for help

  {ascend}                 =as-cend´= the ladder

  {article}                =ar´ti-cle= in the paper

  {Arthur}                 =Ar´thur= and his Round Table

  {architecture}           =ar´chi-tec-ture= of the Greeks

  {arctic}                 =arc´tic= regions

  {approximate}            =ap-prox´i-mate= number

  {appreciate}             =ap-pre´ci-ate= your kindness

  {Antarctic}              =Ant-arc´tic= Ocean

  {ancient}                =an´cient= history

  {altogether}             =al-to-geth´er= the best

  {allege}                 =al-lege´= that he did it

  {allegiance}             =al-le´giance= to the king

  {alkali}                 =al´ka-li= salt

  {algebraic}              =al-ge-bra´ic= equation

  {agreeable}              =a-gree´a-ble= companion


  {aggregation}            =ag-gre-ga´tion= of capital

  {accepted}               =ac-cept´ed= the gift

  {oblique}                =ob-lique´= lines

  {negative}               =neg´a-tive= answer

  {narrative}              =nar´ra-tive= poem

  {natural}                =nat´u-ral= laws

  {movable}                =mov´a-ble=, not fixed

  {mold}  }                =mold= the iron into a ball
  {mould} }                =mould= on the bread

  {minute}                 =min´ute= is 60 seconds

  {massacre}               =mas´sa-cre= of the Indians

  {manufacture}            =man-u-fac´ture= of cloth

  {maintenance}            =main´te-nance= of an army

  {logarithms}             =log´a-rithms= in mathematics

  {linear}                 =lin´e-ar= measure

  {lien}                   =li´en= on the property

  {knight}                 =knight= templar

  {intelligence}           =in-tel´li-gence= of the man

  {integer}                =in´te-ger= or whole number

  {incidence}              =in´ci-dence= of a ray of light

  {impossible}             =im-pos´si-ble= to go

  {imagination}            =im-ag-i-na´tion= of the child

  {horizontal}             =hor-i-zon´tal= bars

  {grateful}               =grate´ful= for the help

  {gases}                  =gas´es= from combustion


  {feudalism}              =feu´dal-ism= in old England

  {feminine}               =fem´i-nine= apparel

  {fascinate}              =fas´ci-nate= them with her charm

  {expense}                =ex-pense´= of the journey

  {emperor}                =em´per-or= of India

  {efflorescence}          =ef-flo-res´cence= of the flowers

  {ecclesiastical}         =ec-cle-si-as´ti-cal= robes

  {doesn't}                =does´n't= he know

  {diaphragm}              =di´a-phragm= expansion

  {countries}              =coun´tries= of Europe

  {metonymy}               =me-ton´y-my= in rhetoric

  {drowned}                =drowned= in the lake

  {discipline}             =dis´ci-pline= in the school

  {diphtheria}             =diph-the´ri-a= is serious

  {desert}                 =des´ert= of Sahara

  {dessert}                =des-sert´= of strawberries

  {Delaware}               =Del´a-ware= River

  {dialogue}               =di´a-logue= between two boys

  {counterfeit}            =coun´ter-feit= dollar

  {costume}                =cos´tume= for the play

  {consonant}              =con´so-nant= of the alphabet

  {conqueror}              =con´quer-or= of the Romans

  {confederacy}            =con-fed´er-a-cy= of the states

  {concern}                =con-cern´= yourself with his safety

  {concede}                =con-cede´= the point


  {complexion}             =com-plex´ion= of the girl

  {comparison}             =com-par´i-son= of the two

  {coherence}              =co-her´ence= of the composition

  {chattel}                =chat´tel mortgage=

  {catalogue}              =cat´a-logue= of the library

  {candidate}              =can´di-date= for senator

  {canceled}               =can´celed= the note

  {economic}               =ec-o-nom´ic= value

  {buoyant}                =buoy´ant= spirits

  {biscuit}                =bis´cuit= for breakfast

  {barometer}              =ba-rom´e-ter= indicated a storm

  {tries}                  =tries= to win the race

  {variable}               =va´ri-a-ble= winds

  {usual}                  =u´su-al= occurrence

  {tobacco}                =to-bac´co= from Virginia

  {though}                 =though= he spoke, no one heard

  {surprised}              =sur-prised´= by the news

  {superstitious}          =su-per-sti´tious= persons

  {successful}             =suc-cess´ful= in the contest

  {subtract}               =sub-tract´= 2 from 6

  {partition}              =par-ti´tion= between the rooms

  {particular}             =par-tic´u-lar= about his clothes

  {secession}              =se-ces´sion= of the South

  {salaries}               =sal´a-ries= paid to workers

  {reservoir}              =res´er-voir= full of water


  {representation}         =rep-re-sen-ta´tion= of the play

  {difficulty}             =dif´fi-cul-ty= of the lesson

  {pulley}                 =pul´ley= wheel

  {proceeded}              =pro-ceed´ed= on his way

  {perceive}               =per-ceive´= the fine points

  {ostracism}              =os´tra-cism= from society

  {ostracise}              =os´tra-cise= the undesirable

  {abbreviation}           =ab-bre-vi-a´tion= of the word

  {accelerate}             =ac-cel´er-ate= the speed

  {boundaries}             =bound´a-ries= of the country

  {asparagus}              =as-par´a-gus= served for dinner

  {combustible}            =com-bus´ti-ble= substances

  {conciliation}           =con-cil-i-a´tion= of the colonies

  {decision}               =de-ci´sion= of the judge

  {declaration}            =dec-la-ra´tion= of independence

  {especial}               =es-pe´cial= brand of goods

  {extremities}            =ex-trem´i-ties= of the body

  {fertile}                =fer´tile= soil of Kansas

  {genius}                 =gen´ius= of Edison

  {hydrochloric}           =hy-dro-chlo´ric= acid

  {inseparable}            =in-sep´a-ra-ble= friends

  {jeopardy}               =jeop´ard-y= of his life

  {knowledge}              =knowl´edge= is power

  {liquefy}                =liq´ue-fy= the air

  {mileage}                =mile´age= tickets


  {nuisance}               =nui´sance= to be prohibited

  {original}               =o-rig´i-nal= manuscript

  {parasite}               =par´a-site= on the plant

  {quantities}             =quan´ti-ties= of sand on the shore

  {ridiculous}             =ri-dic´u-lous= actions

  {particle}               =par´ti-cle= of gold

  {territory}              =ter´ri-to-ry= of Alaska

  {accompaniment}          =ac-com´pa-ni-ment= on the piano

  {concentric}             =con-cen´tric= circles

  {collateral}             =col-lat´er-al= for the loan

  {constitution}           =con-sti-tu´tion= of the United States

  {column}                 =col´umn= of soldiers

  {deficit}                =def´i-cit= in the funds

  {ellipse}                =el-lipse´= in geometry

  {eliminate}              =e-lim´i-nate= the bad

  {guardian}               =guard´i-an= angel

  {hereditary}             =he-red´i-ta-ry= characteristics

  {interrogative}          =in-ter-rog´a-tive= sentence

  {jealousy}               =jeal´ous-y= of a lover

  {marriage}               =mar´riage= ceremony

  {ninetieth}              =nine´ti-eth= year

  {participial}            =par-ti-cip´i-al= phrase

  {paragraph}              =par´a-graph= of a story

  {psychology}             =psy-chol´o-gy= is a science

  {precedent}              =prec´e-dent= was established


  {reconcile}              =rec´on-cile= the quarreling

  {schedule}               =sched´ule= of the races

  {significance}           =sig-nif´i-cance= of the remark

  {skilful}                =skil´ful= worker

  {because}                =be-cause´= he came

  {botany}                 =bot´a-ny= tells about plants

  {conjugate}              =con´ju-gate= the verb

  {continually}            =con-tin´u-al-ly= complaining

  {chlorine}               =chlo´rine= gas

  {deleble}                =del´e-ble= ink may be erased

  {frolicking}             =frol´ick-ing= children

  {didn't}                 =did´n't= know how

  {dimensions}             =di-men´sions= of the room

  {emphasize}              =em´pha-size= its importance

  {identity}               =i-den´ti-ty= of the injured man

  {illustrate}             =il-lus´trate= the book

  {phenomenal}             =phe-nom´e-nal= escape

  {innocence}              =in´no-cence= of a babe

  {society}                =so-ci´e-ty= people

  {solemn}                 =sol´emn= as a judge

  {stopping}               =stop´ping= the quarrel

  {vapor}                  =va´por= from the water

  {veteran}                =vet´er-an= of the Civil War

  {warrior}                =war´rior= bold

  {acquiesce}              =ac-qui-esce´= in the plan


  {were}                   =were= you there

  {we're}                  =we're= not going

  {acquaintance}           =ac-quaint´ance= with many persons

  {certainly}              =cer´tain-ly= he will come

  {chimney}                =chim´ney= on the house

  {courteous}              =cour´te-ous= manner

  {disagree}               =dis-a-gree´= with each other

  {emphasis}               =em´pha-sis= on the first syllable

  {efficient}              =ef-fi´cient= bookkeeper

  {erroneous}              =er-ro´ne-ous= statement

  {imagine}                =im-ag´ine= a world without water

  {mercantile}             =mer´can-tile= trade

  {numerical}              =nu-mer´i-cal= quantity

  {irrepressible}          =ir-re-press´i-ble= child

  {quarrel}                =quar´rel= over money

  {ratio}                  =ra´tio= of 2 to 3

  {rinse}                  =rinse= the dishes

  {traveling}              =trav´el-ing= man

  {villages}               =vil´lages= along the railroad

  {whole}                  =whole= numbers

  {hole}                   =hole= in the wall

  {wholly}                 =whol´ly= to blame

  {holy}                   =ho´ly= Bible

  {admirable}              =ad´mir-a-ble= conduct

  {admissible}             =ad-mis´si-ble= evidence


  {correspond}             =cor-re-spond´= with each other

  {captain}                =cap´tain= of the boat

  {dissimilar}             =dis-sim´i-lar= objects

  {division}               =di-vi´sion= of the estate

  {evaporate}              =e-vap´o-rate= the water

  {guarantee}              =guar-an-tee´= the goods

  {history}                =his´to-ry= of America

  {interpret}              =in-ter´pret= the message

  {mercury}                =mer´cu-ry= in the thermometer

  {nonsense}               =non´sense= rhyme

  {presence}               =pres´ence= of mind

  {presents}               =pres´ents= given at Christmas

  {reign}                  =reign= of the king

  {rain}                   =rain= was falling

  {rein}                   =rein= for driving the horse

  {review}                 =re-view´= the parade

  {studied}                =stud´ied= the lesson

  {subtend}                =sub-tend´= an angle

  {common}                 =com´mon= law

  {carefully}              =care´ful-ly= prepared

  {complete}               =com-plete´= story

  {drooped}                =drooped= and wilted

  {holiday}                =hol´i-day= on July Fourth

  {indefinite}             =in-def´i-nite= report

  {interior}               =in-te´ri-or= of the building


  {nineteen}               =nine´teen= dollars

  {ninth}                  =ninth= day of the month

  {profession}             =pro-fes´sion= of law

  {pyramids}               =pyr´a-mids= of Egypt

  {possessive}             =pos-ses´sive= case

  {phrase}                 =phrase= of a sentence

  {phase}                  =phase= of the subject

  {quarantine}             =quar´an-tine= station

  {quantitative}           =quan´ti-ta-tive= analysis

  {quarter}                =quar´ter= of a dollar

  {entrance}               =en´trance= to the hall

  {running}                =run´ning= the race

  {sulphur}                =sul´phur= matches

  {swimming}               =swim´ming= in the lake

  {traffic}                =traf´fic= of the road

  {tolerance}              =tol´er-ance= of the government

  {unnecessary}            =un-nec´es-sa-ry= work

  {wrapped}                =wrapped= in a blanket

  {anxious}                =anx´ious= moments

  {abscess}                =ab´scess= in the ear

  {bankruptcy}             =bank´rupt-cy= of the firm

  {crystalline}            =crys´tal-line= lens of the eye

  {communicate}            =com-mu´ni-cate= with him

  {courtesy}               =cour´te-sy= of the official

  {dilapidated}            =di-lap´i-da-ted= house


  {dyspepsia}              =dys-pep´si-a= tablets

  {effervescence}          =ef-fer-ves´cence= of soda water

  {electricity}            =e-lec-tric´i-ty= for power

  {eccentric}              =ec-cen´tric= person

  {grieve}                 =grieve= over misfortune

  {gaseous}                =gas´e-ous= mixture

  {geometry}               =ge-om´e-try= is studied in school

  {initiatory}             =in-i´ti-a-to-ry= ceremony

  {inconvenience}          =in-con-ven´ience= of the plans

  {influential}            =in-flu-en´tial= man

  {inaugurate}             =in-au´gu-rate= the president

  {journal}                =jour´nal= for bookkeeping

  {librarian}              =li-bra´ri-an= of the city library

  {miracle}                =mir´a-cle= of the loaves and fishes

  {malleability}           =mal-le-a-bil´i-ty= of gold

  {partner}                =part´ner= in the business

  {passed}                 =passed= by the house

  {past}                   =past= and gone

  {sociable}               =so´cia-ble= person

  {synecdoche}             =syn-ec´do-che= in rhetoric

  {statistics}             =sta-tis´tics= of the army

  {valleys}                =val´leys= between the mountains

  {arithmetical}           =ar-ith-met´i-cal= progression

  {alimentary}             =al-i-men´ta-ry= canal

  {amateur}                =am´a-teur= theatricals


  {acquainted}             =ac-quain´ted= with the man

  {account}                =ac-count´= for the loss

  {alliances}              =al-li´an-ces= of the government

  {abdomen}                =ab-do´men= contains the intestines

  {accompanying}           =ac-com´pa-ny-ing= the singer

  {balanced}               =bal´anced= the account

  {conceal}                =con-ceal´= his identity

  {cession}                =ces´sion= of the property

  {session}                =ses´sion= of Congress

  {civilize}               =civ´i-lize= the savages

  {contemporary}           =con-tem´po-ra-ry= authors

  {discussion}             =dis-cus´sion= of the question

  {emanates}               =em´a-nates= from the sun

  {embezzlement}           =em-bez´zle-ment= of the money

  {fiery}                  =fier´y= horse

  {grievance}              =griev´ance= of the boy

  {general}                =gen´er-al= knowledge

  {illegible}              =il-leg´i-ble= handwriting

  {imagery}                =im´age-ry= of poetry

  {immense}                =im-mense´= building

  {kerosene}               =ker´o-sene= oil

  {lying}                  =ly´ing= is contemptible

  {literal}                =lit´er-al= meaning

  {lilies}                 =lil´ies= of the field

  {mechanical}             =me-chan´i-cal= engineer


  {material}               =ma-te´ri-al= of good quality

  {partially}              =par´tial-ly= successful

  {physician}              =phy-si´cian= in the hospital

  {sympathize}             =sym´pa-thize= with the unfortunate

  {syllogism}              =syl´lo-gism= of his reasoning

  {succession}             =suc-ces´sion= of rainy days

  {strategy}               =strat´e-gy= of the general

  {accumulate}             =ac-cu´mu-late= savings

  {advertising}            =ad-ver-tis´ing= the goods

  {affidavit}              =af-fi-da´vit= of the facts

  {again}                  =a-gain´= and again he shouted

  {beautiful}              =beau´ti-ful= flowers

  {bananas}                =ba-na´nas= grow on trees

  {balloon}                =bal-loon´= ascension

  {coöperation}            =co-op-er-a´tion= of the employees

  {coördinate}             =co-or´di-nate= clauses

  {commence}               =com-mence´= the work

  {diminish}               =di-min´ish= the speed

  {disagreeable}           =dis-a-gree´a-ble= weather

  {elementary}             =el-e-men´ta-ry= text-book

  {exercise}               =ex´er-cise= the muscles

  {finely}                 =fine´ly= engraved

  {impel}                  =im-pel´= the workers

  {fusion}                 =fu´sion= of metals

  {multiplicand}           =mul-ti-pli-cand´= of the example


  {musician}               =mu-si´cian= in the band

  {making}                 =ma´king= the dress

  {pronunciation}          =pro-nun-ci-a´tion= of the word

  {peculiar}               =pe-cul´iar= habit

  {irritable}              =ir´ri-ta-ble= disposition

  {people}                 =peo´ple= in the city

  {specially}              =spe´cial-ly= prepared

  {serviceable}            =ser´vice-a-ble= tools

  {sergeant}               =ser´geant= of the company

  {vacancy}                =va´can-cy= of the office

  {confederate}            =con-fed´er-ate= in the plot

  {correspondence}         =cor-re-spond´ence= between friends

  {allies}                 =al-lies´= of the army

  {allusion}               =al-lu´sion= to his past

  {alternate}              =al´ter-nate= to the convention

  {amount}                 =a-mount´= of the bill

  {annually}               =an´nu-al-ly= taxed

  {apologize}              =a-pol´o-gize= for your blunder

  {architect}              =ar´chi-tect= of the building

  {breadth}                =breadth= of the cloth

  {break}                  =break= the bottle

  {brake}                  =brake= to stop a wheel

  {dissatisfy}             =dis-sat´is-fy= the customer

  {distillation}           =dis-til-la´tion= of the liquid

  {experiment}             =ex-per´i-ment= in chemistry


  {extreme}                =ex-treme´= weather

  {vaccinate}              =vac´ci-nate= for smallpox

  {valuable}               =val´u-a-ble= jewels

  {unusual}                =un-u´su-al= performance

  {unite}                  =u-nite´= the pair

  {grievous}               =griev´ous= disaster

  {grandeur}               =gran´deur= of the mountains

  {osmosis}                =os-mo´sis= in chemistry

  {occasional}             =oc-ca´sion-al= showers

  {porous}                 =por´ous= filtering cup

  {journalizing}           =jour´nal-i-zing= in bookkeeping

  {peninsula}              =pen-in´su-la= of Florida

  {projection}             =pro-jec´tion= of a stairway

  {independence}           =in-de-pend´ence= of America

  {indispensable}          =in-dis-pen´sa-ble= tool

  {itself}                 =it-self´= alone

  {separator}              =sep´a-ra-tor= for cream

  {seceded}                =se-ced´ed= from the union

  {gnashing}               =gnash´ing= his teeth

  {sphere}                 =sphere= on which we live

  {spherical}              =spher´ic-al= in shape

  {square}                 =square= wooden box

  {statement}              =state´ment= of facts

  {stooped}                =stooped= to pick it up

  {stretch}                =stretch= the rubber


  {subtrahend}             =sub´tra-hend= to be subtracted

  {suspicious}             =sus-pi´cious= character

  {competent}              =com´pe-tent= workman

  {chocolate}              =choc´o-late= candy

  {crisis}                 =cri´sis= of the war

  {conquer}                =con´quer= the enemy

  {circle}                 =cir´cle= around the moon

  {center}                 =cen´ter= of gravity

  {assassinate}            =as-sas´sin-ate= the tyrant

  {attorney}               =at-tor´ney= for the defense

  {avoirdupois}            =av-oir-du-pois´= weight

  {autumn}                 =au´tumn= leaves

  {disciple}               =dis-ci´ple= of Christ

  {diameter}               =di-am´e-ter= of a circle

  {divisor}                =di-vi´sor= of the number

  {diamond}                =di´a-mond= ring

  {deposit}                =de-pos´it= the money

  {decisive}               =de-ci´sive= battle

  {energy}                 =en´er-gy= from the sun's heat

  {essay}                  =es´say= by Emerson

  {every}                  =eve´ry= child likes candy

  {warrant}                =war´rant= for his arrest

  {wield}                  =wield= the weapon

  {verified}               =ver´i-fied= the answer

  {yield}                  =yield= not to temptation


  {alliteration}           =al-lit-er-a´tion= in the poem

  {acceleration}           =ac-cel-er-a´tion= of the speed

  {accidentally}           =ac-ci-den´tal-ly= injured

  {accrued}                =ac-crued´= interest

  {apartment}              =a-part´ment= house

  {apparel}                =ap-par´el= for wearing

  {approach}               =ap-proach´= of the enemy

  {acoustics}              =a-cous´tics= of the hall

  {advisable}              =ad-vis´a-ble= to be careful

  {brigadier}              =brig-a-dier´= general

  {bulletin}               =bul´le-tin= board

  {blamable}               =bla´ma-ble= for the accident

  {bilious}                =bil´ious= fever

  {boulder}                =boul´der= in the field

  {bolder}                 =bold´er= than a lion

  {chemical}               =chem´i-cal= reaction

  {customary}              =cus´tom-a-ry= ceremony

  {centrifugal}            =cen-trif´u-gal= force

  {cancelation}            =can-cel-a´tion= of the debt

  {courtier}               =court´ier= of King James

  {congruent}              =con´gru-ent= parts

  {curiosity}              =cu-ri-os´i-ty= shop

  {complimentary}          =com-pli-men´ta-ry= remark

  {complementary}          =com-ple-men´ta-ry= angles

  {constitutional}         =con-sti-tu´tion-al= government


  {condensing}             =con-dens´ing= the milk

  {conceived}              =con-ceived´= the plan

  {commit}                 =com-mit´= a crime

  {deficiency}             =de-fi´cien-cy= in his studies

  {decorated}              =dec´o-ra-ted= the building

  {definitely}             =def´i-nite-ly= understood

  {demonstrative}          =de-mon´stra-tive= pronoun

  {dependence}             =de-pend´ence= on others

  {dependents}             =de-pend´ents= of the estate

  {depository}             =de-pos´i-to-ry= for goods

  {expedition}             =ex-pe-di´tion= to the North Pole

  {esophagus}  }           =e-soph´a-gus= leads to the stomach
  {oesophagus} }

  {equilibrant}            =e-qui-li´brant= forces

  {elasticity}             =el-as-tic´i-ty= of rubber

  {electoral}              =e-lec´tor-al= vote

  {endeavor}               =en-deav´or= to do good

  {indorsement} }          =in-dorse´ment= of the note
  {endorsement} }

  {edible}                 =ed´i-ble= mushroom

  {entry}                  =en´try= in the books

  {entries}                =en´tries= in the books

  {explanation}            =ex-pla-na´tion= of the meaning

  {extraordinary}          =ex-traor´di-na-ry= circumstances

  {extremely}              =ex-treme´ly= beautiful


  {enough}                 =e-nough´= money to buy it

  {envelope}               =en´vel-ope= was sealed

  {envelop}                =en-vel´op= with a wrapper

  {faucet}                 =fau´cet= for cold water

  {facet}                  =fac´et= cut on the diamond

  {fuchsia}                =fuch´sia= growing in the garden

  {fatigue}                =fa-tigue´= after a long walk

  {guaranty}               =guar´an-ty= bond

  {hyperbole}              =hy-per´bo-le= of speech

  {handkerchief}           =hand´ker-chief= in his pocket

  {invisible}              =in-vis´i-ble= enemy

  {infallible}             =in-fal´li-ble= judgment

  {immigration}            =im-mi-gra´tion= into America

  {emigration}             =em-i-gra´tion= from Germany

  {irresistible}           =ir-re-sist´i-ble= force

  {friction}               =fric´tion= of the wheels

  {foundry}                =foun´dry= for making boilers

  {judiciary}              =ju-di´ci-a-ry= powers

  {legislature}            =leg´is-la-ture= of the state

  {lodgment}               =lodg´ment= of a complaint

  {length}                 =length= of the cloth

  {meridian}               =me-rid´i-an= of Greenwich

  {malleable}              =mal´le-a-ble= metal

  {maritime}               =mar´i-time= city

  {hypocrisy}              =hy-poc´ri-sy= of the faker


  {monkeys}                =mon´keys= in the cage

  {moraine}                =mo-raine´= formed by a glacier

  {neutral}                =neu´tral= country

  {valid}                  =val´id= excuse

  {seizing}                =seiz´ing= the opportunity

  {sculpture}              =sculp´ture= in the art museum

  {sculptor}               =sculp´tor= of the statue

  {scalene}                =sca-lene´= triangle

  {sensitive}              =sen´si-tive= nerve

  {sensible}               =sen´si-ble= remark

  {reciprocity}            =rec-i-proc´i-ty= with Canada

  {respiratory}            =re-spir´a-to-ry= organs

  {philosopher}            =phi-los´o-pher= Plato

  {philosophy}             =phi-los´o-phy= of Socrates

  {melon}                  =mel´on= growing on a vine

  {pronounceable}          =pro-nounce´a-ble= word

  {peaceably}              =peace´a-bly= resting

  {peculiarly}             =pe-cul´iar-ly= arranged

  {permissible}            =per-mis´si-ble= action

  {propitious}             =pro-pi´tious= circumstances

  {possibility}            =pos-si-bil´i-ty= of success

  {postulate}              =pos´tu-late= needs no proof

  {alphabet}               =al´pha-bet= of 26 letters

  {ambitious}              =am-bi´tious= young man

  {ancestors}              =an´ces-tors= of noble birth


  {capacity}               =ca-pac´i-ty= of the car

  {lacquered}              =lac´quered= box from Japan

  {consecutive}            =con-sec´u-tive= numbers

  {competitor}             =com-pet´i-tor= in business

  {crustacea}              =crus-ta´ce-a= include lobsters

  {chronicle}              =chron´i-cle= of events

  {environment}            =en-vi´ron-ment= of the child

  {epitaph}                =ep´i-taph= on the tomb

  {equipped}               =e-quipped´= for the voyage

  {essence}                =es´sence= of lemon

  {exaggeration}           =ex-ag-ger-a´tion= of the truth

  {excitement}             =ex-cite´ment= of the game

  {icicle}                 =i´ci-cle= hanging on the eaves

  {indorse}                =in-dorse´= the note

  {imminent}               =im´mi-nent= danger

  {identical}              =i-den´ti-cal= results

  {infinite}               =in´fi-nite= time and space

  {motor}                  =mo´tor= boat on the river

  {mountain}               =moun´tain= peak

  {multiple}               =mul´ti-ple= of the number

  {temperament}            =tem´per-a-ment= of the artist

  {transferring}           =trans-fer´ring= the baggage

  {trapezium}              =tra-pe´zi-um= has four sides

  {treacherous}            =treach´er-ous= wild beasts

  {treachery}              =treach´er-y= of his friend


  {tonnage}                =ton´nage= of the boat

  {stratagem}              =strat´a-gem= of the general

  {superstition}           =su-per-sti´tion= of the ignorant

  {souvenir}               =sou-ve-nir´= of the occasion

  {separable}              =sep´a-ra-ble= parts

  {preceded}               =pre-ce´ded= by an escort

  {permanent}              =per´ma-nent= fixture

  {pertain}                =per-tain´= to youth

  {potassium}              =po-tas´si-um= is an element

  {porcelain}              =porce´lain= dish

  {pioneer}                =pi-o-neer´= of America

  {plateau}                =pla-teau´= of Colorado

  {annihilated}            =an-ni´hi-la-ted= by the enemy

  {amenable}               =a-me´na-ble= to reason

  {artisans}               =ar´ti-sans= did the work

  {ascertain}              =as-cer-tain´= his meaning

  {assistant}              =as-sist´ant= of the superintendent

  {conversely}             =con-verse´ly= stated

  {confectionery}          =con-fec´tion-er-y= shop

  {coastal}                =coast´al= plain of California

  {colonization}           =col-o-ni-za´tion= of America

  {censure}                =cen´sure= the bad boy

  {censor}                 =cen´sor= of the news

  {chieftain}              =chief´tain= of the tribe

  {despise}                =de-spise´= a falsehood


  {excommunication}        =ex-com-mu-ni-ca´tion= by the Pope

  {exhort}                 =ex-hort´= the mob

  {expect}                 =ex-pect´= to be elected

  {infinity}               =in-fin´i-ty= of space and time

  {mutiny}                 =mu´ti-ny= of the sailors

  {mutually}               =mu´tu-al-ly= agreeable

  {mysterious}             =mys-te´ri-ous= stranger

  {turbine}                =tur´bine= engine

  {typewriter}             =type´wri-ter= for business letters

  {trigonometry}           =trig-o-nom´e-try= used in surveying

  {technical}              =tech´ni-cal= school

  {separately}             =sep´a-rate-ly= packed

  {strength}               =strength= of a giant

  {solder}                 =sold´er= the tin kettle

  {soldier}                =sol´dier= of the army

  {subjunctive}            =sub-junc´tive= mode

  {substitution}           =sub-sti-tu´tion= of a poorer quality

  {responsible}            =re-spon´si-ble= for the accident

  {receipted}              =re-ceipt´ed= the bill

  {receiver}               =re-ceiv´er= for the company

  {pleasure}               =pleas´ure= of skating

  {plural}                 =plu´ral= noun

  {assume}                 =as-sume´= the responsibility

  {authority}              =au-thor´i-ty= of the law

  {awkward}                =awk´ward= and bashful lad


  {axillary}               =ax´il-la-ry= bud

  {alien}                  =a´lien= residents

  {abridgment}             =a-bridg´ment= of the dictionary

  {abundance}              =a-bun´dance= of hair

  {abyss}                  =a-byss´= was deep

  {accessible}             =ac-ces´si-ble= place

  {bouquet}                =bou-quet´= of flowers

  {burglar}                =bur´glar= robbed the house

  {busily}                 =bus´i-ly= engaged in work

  {begin}                  =be-gin´= to move faster

  {bear}                   =bear= the burden (_also_ animal)

  {bare}                   =bare= hands and feet

  {conjugation}            =con-ju-ga´tion= of a verb

  {controlled}             =con-trolled´= the company

  {cathedral}              =ca-the´dral= at Milan

  {climbed}                =climbed= the stairs

  {compromise}             =com´pro-mise= the dispute

  {continue}               =con-tin´ue= the quarrel

  {corresponding}          =cor-re-spond´ing= with him

  {corporation}            =cor-po-ra´tion= laws

  {cotton}                 =cot´ton= from Texas

  {circular}               =cir´cu-lar= saw

  {cipher}                 =ci´pher= the problem

  {carriage}               =car´riage= for hire

  {consensus}              =con-sen´sus= of opinion


  {codicil}                =cod´i-cil= to the will

  {dilemma}                =di-lem´ma= of the culprit

  {direct}                 =di-rect´= communication

  {dissension}             =dis-sen´sion= in the party

  {divine}                 =di-vine´= power

  {dose}                   =dose= of medicine

  {dubious}                =du´bi-ous= as to the result

  {decimal}                =dec´i-mal= fractions

  {debt}                   =debt= was paid

  {elephant}               =el´e-phant= hunt in Africa

  {expel}                  =ex-pel´= the pupil

  {effective}              =ef-fec´tive= laws

  {easement}               =ease´ment= of the pain

  {enclose} }              =en-close´= a dollar bill
  {inclose} }

  {erosion}                =e-ro´sion= of the rocks

  {eraser}                 =e-ra´ser= on a pencil

  {error}                  =er´ror= in the figuring

  {euphony}                =eu´pho-ny= of the language

  {employment}             =em-ploy´ment= agency

  {fertilize}              =fer´til-ize= the soil

  {financier}              =fin-an-cier´= in Wall Street

  {forfeit}                =for´feit= the money

  {foreigner}              =for´eign-er= just landed

  {franchise}              =fran´chise= for women


  {fumigate}               =fu´mi-gate= the sick-room

  {formally}               =for´mal-ly= announced

  {fierce}                 =fierce= lions and tigers

  {gymnasium}              =gym-na´si-um= exercise

  {glacier}                =glac´i-er= on the coast of Alaska

  {geography}              =ge-og´ra-phy= lesson

  {group}                  =group= of children

  {harass}                 =har´ass= the captive

  {hexagon}                =hex´a-gon= has six sides

  {haven't}                =have´n't= you gone

  {honor}                  =hon´or= of a gentleman

  {hoped}                  =hoped= all was well

  {hopped}                 =hopped= like a toad

  {hundredth}              =hun´dredth= part of an inch

  {humorous}               =hu´mor-ous= remark

  {hurrying}               =hur´ry-ing= to catch the train

  {heresy}                 =her´e-sy= among the Lollards

  {inflammable}            =in-flam´ma-ble= material

  {initiate}               =in-i´ti-ate= the candidate

  {initials}               =in-i´tials= of his name

  {instructor}             =in-struct´or= of mathematics

  {interference}           =in-ter-fer´ence= of his friend

  {inversely}              =in-verse´ly= proportional

  {itemize}                =i´tem-ize= the account

  {labeled}                =la´beled= the bottles


  {materially}             =ma-te´ri-al-ly= changed

  {mechanics}              =me-chan´ics= in the factory

  {memorandum}             =mem-o-ran´dum= of engagements

  {metamorphosis}          =met-a-mor´pho-sis= of the butterfly

  {militia}                =mi-li´tia= of the state

  {millinery}              =mil´li-ner-y= department

  {mackerel}               =mack´er-el= fishing

  {manufacturing}          =man-u-fac´tur-ing= shoes

  {nomination}             =nom-i-na´tion= of the president

  {noticing}               =no´tic-ing= details

  {notion}                 =no´tion= in her head

  {grotesque}              =gro-tesque´= appearance

  {organization}           =or-gan-i-za´tion= of a society

  {oxidize}                =ox´i-dize= the metal

  {obedience}              =o-be´di-ence= of the child

  {opinion}                =o-pin´ion= on the subject

  {offered}                =of´fered= his arm

  {only}                   =on´ly= one remained

  {wealthy}                =wealth´y= capitalist

  {witch}                  =witch= in the fairy tale

  {humidity}               =hu-mid´i-ty= of the atmosphere

  {woolly}                 =wool´ly= lamb

  {vicinity}               =vi-cin´i-ty= of the park

  {vicissitude}            =vi-cis´si-tude= of the explorer

  {vitriol}                =vit´ri-ol= burns like fire


  {voice}                  =voice= of the singer

  {volcano}                =vol-ca´no= in eruption

  {volcanoes}              =vol-ca´noes= of the Pacific coast

  {volume}                 =vol´ume= of the tank

  {poison}                 =poi´son= the rat

  {policy}                 =pol´i-cy= of the party

  {prepare}                =pre-pare´= for war

  {preposition}            =prep-o-si´tion= and its object

  {primer}                 =prim´er= of the language

  {prism}                  =prism= of glass

  {process}                =proc´ess= of making steel

  {pavilion}               =pa-vil´ion= for a band concert

  {percussion}             =per-cus´sion= of the blow

  {porch}                  =porch= on the house

  {relative}               =rel´a-tive= pronoun

  {relieved}               =re-lieved´= of his pain

  {reefer}                 =reef´er= to wear in winter

  {subtle}                 =sub´tle= remark

  {subtraction}            =sub-trac´tion= of the numbers

  {sugar}                  =sug´ar= is sweet

  {summary}                =sum´ma-ry= of the chapter

  {statue}                 =stat´ue= of Liberty

  {statute}                =stat´ute= of the commonwealth

  {special}                =spe´cial= permission

  {solutions}              =so-lu´tions= of the problems


  {sketch}                 =sketch= the beautiful scene

  {shipped}                =shipped= the goods

  {shriek}                 =shriek= of the wounded

  {shown}                  =shown= the sights of the city

  {serge}                  =serge= cloth for a suit

  {surge}                  =surge= of the waves

  {servant}                =ser´vant= in the house

  {superpose}              =su-per-pose´= the triangle

  {sector}                 =sec´tor= of the angle

  {trachea}                =tra´che-a= duct into the lungs

  {transversal}            =trans-ver´sal= line

  {temporary}              =tem´po-ra-ry= building

  {tendency}               =ten´den-cy= of the times

  {tomato}                 =to-ma´to= catsup

  {trough}                 =trough= of water

  {tenant}                 =ten´ant= of the estate

  {thought}                =thought= he could spell

  {treasure}               =treas´ure= in the sunken ship

  {unanimous}              =u-nan´i-mous= consent

  {using}                  =us´ing= good English

  {anhydrous}              =an-hy´drous= substances have no water

  {aborigines}             =ab-o-rig´i-nes= of America

  {argument}               =ar´gu-ment= of the lawyer

  {ascent}                 =as-cent´= of the mountain

  {anxiety}                =anx-i´e-ty= of the mother


  {absolute}               =ab´so-lute= truth

  {acetylene}              =a-cet´yl-ene= gas-light

  {crucifixion}            =cru-ci-fix´ion= of Christ

  {colossal}               =co-los´sal= structure

  {cylindrical}            =cy-lin´dri-cal= tank

  {courageous}             =cou-ra´geous= fireman

  {cotyledon}              =cot-y-le´don= of the plant

  {dactylic}               =dac-tyl´ic= meter of verse

  {diffusion}              =dif-fu´sion= of sunlight

  {erysipelas}             =er-y-sip´e-las= proved fatal

  {extravagance}           =ex-trav´a-gance= of the rich

  {facsimile}              =fac-sim´i-le= of the signature

  {familiarly}             =fa-mil´iar-ly= known to him

  {gradually}              =grad´u-al-ly= the rock wore away

  {generous}               =gen´er-ous= gift

  {geranium}               =ge-ra´ni-um= in the garden

  {gesture}                =ges´ture= of the speaker

  {hypocrite}              =hyp´o-crite= in the church

  {itinerant}              =i-tin´er-ant= preacher

  {intellectual}           =in-tel-lec´tu-al= person

  {irreparable}            =ir-rep´a-ra-ble= loss

  {instalment}             =in-stal´ment= of the machine

  {indict}                 =in-dict´= the man for murder

  {inauguration}           =in-au-gu-ra´tion= of Wilson

  {reimburse}              =re-im-burse´= his expenses


  {inevitable}             =in-ev´i-ta-ble= result

  {ignorance}              =ig´no-rance= of the subject

  {longitudinal}           =lon-gi-tu´di-nal= lines

  {marvelous}              =mar´vel-ous= escape

  {maintain}               =main-tain´= a large establishment

  {mortise}                =mor´tise= the boards

  {perseverance}           =per-se-ver´ance= of the inventor

  {phenomena}              =phe-nom´e-na= of lightning

  {propagation}            =prop-a-ga´tion= of the species

  {polyhedral}             =pol-y-he´dral= figures in geometry

  {rectilinear}            =rec-ti-lin´e-ar= lines

  {rhetorical}             =rhe-tor´i-cal= speech

  {rationalization} }      =ra-tion-al-i-za´tion= of the equation
  {rationalisation} }

  {rheumatism}             =rheu´ma-tism= in his arm

  {resuscitate}            =re-sus´ci-tate= the drowned

  {ache}                   =ache= in my tooth

  {agrarian}               =a-gra´ri-an= laws

  {apostrophe}             =a-pos´tro-phe= before the _s_

  {applied}                =ap-plied´= the brakes

  {appeal}                 =ap-peal´= the case

  {appalling}              =ap-pal´ling= spectacle

  {appositive}             =ap-pos´i-tive= phrase

  {appurtenance}           =ap-pur´te-nance= of the machine

  {approve}                =ap-prove´= his action


  {corpuscle}              =cor´pus-cle= of the blood

  {continuity}             =con-ti-nu´i-ty= of his arguments

  {centigrade}             =cen´ti-grade= thermometer

  {contemptible}           =con-tempt´i-ble= behavior

  {inflammation}           =in-flam-ma´tion= of the wound

  {colonies}               =col´o-nies= of Great Britain

  {contemporaneous}        =con-tem-po-ra´ne-ous= authors

  {feign}                  =feign= or pretend sleep

  {fertilizing}            =fer´til-iz-ing= the soil

  {fief}                   =fief= of feudal days

  {hypnotize}              =hyp´no-tize= the man

  {illegal}                =il-le´gal= sale of liquor

  {evacuate}               =e-vac´u-ate= the fort

  {immersed}               =im-mersed´= the convert

  {industrial}             =in-dus´tri-al= center

  {intelligent}            =in-tel´li-gent= man

  {inertia}                =in-er´tia= of the mass

  {influence}              =in´flu-ence= of a mother

  {lease}                  =lease= the house

  {mandible}               =man´di-ble= of the crawfish

  {moccasin}               =moc´ca-sin= worn by the Indian

  {preference}             =pref´er-ence= for money

  {preliminary}            =pre-lim´i-na-ry= examination

  {pleurisy}               =pleu´ri-sy= is a disease

  {percolator}             =per´co-la-tor= for making coffee


  {nonchalant}             =non´cha-lant= manner

  {piercing}               =pier´cing= shriek

  {pollination}            =pol-li-na´tion= of the flowers

  {personification}        =per-son-i-fi-ca´tion= of the sun

  {precipice}              =prec´i-pice= of rock

  {primitive}              =prim´i-tive= man

  {prestige}               =pres-tige´= of high position

  {possessor}              =pos-sess´or= of a large fortune

  {punctuation}            =punc-tu-a´tion= of a sentence

  {palette}                =pal´ette= for the artist's paints

  {palate}                 =pal´ate back= of the tongue

  {practiced}              =prac´ticed= his lesson

  {vinculum}               =vin´cu-lum= over the numbers

  {veterinary}             =vet´er-i-na-ry= surgeon

  {resonance}              =res´o-nance= of the organ

  {revenue}                =rev´e-nue= stamps

  {reverence}              =rev´er-ence= for old age

  {reversible}             =re-vers´i-ble= cuffs

  {rescind}                =re-scind´= the order

  {requirement}            =re-quire´ment= for entrance

  {radiate}                =ra´di-ate= the heat

  {relatively}             =rel´a-tive-ly= speaking

  {relevant}               =rel´e-vant= to the subject

  {pharynx}                =phar´ynx=, part of alimentary canal

  {reinforced}             =re-in-forced´= concrete


  {tyrannical}             =ty-ran´ni-cal= government

  {technically}            =tech´ni-cal-ly= speaking

  {trinomial}              =tri-no´mi-al= equation

  {trousseau}              =trous-seau´= for the bride

  {systematically}         =sys-tem-at´ic-al-ly= arranged

  {synthetic}              =syn-thet´ic= rubies made in France

  {syndicate}              =syn´di-cate= with large capital

  {synthesis}              =syn´the-sis= is combination

  {suburbs}                =sub´urbs= of the city

  {substitute}             =sub´sti-tute= for the original

  {stimulus}               =stim´u-lus= to work

  {parliamentary}          =par-lia-men´ta-ry= law

  {proprietary}            =pro-pri´et-a-ry= rights

  {solecisms}              =sol´e-cisms= of speech

  {soliloquy}              =so-lil´o-quy= of Hamlet

  {silhouette}             =sil-hou-ette´= against the screen

  {scientific}             =sci-en-tif´ic= treatment

  {symbols}                =sym´bols= used in chemistry

  {accede}                 =ac-cede´= to our request

  {accessory}              =ac-ces´so-ry= before the fact

  {accident}               =ac´ci-dent= on the railroad

  {accomplish}             =ac-com´plish= his purpose

  {consummate}             =con-sum´mate= his desire

  {conspiracy}             =con-spir´a-cy= against the king

  {concurrent}             =con-cur´rent= with the event


  {concession}             =con-ces´sion= of the government

  {committal}              =com-mit´tal= to jail

  {commerce}               =com´merce= between nations

  {colleague}              =col´league= in the faculty

  {collector}              =col-lec´tor= of bills

  {dissociation}           =dis-so-ci-a´tion= of ideas

  {divisibility}           =di-vis-i-bil´i-ty= of the number

  {deceased}               =de-ceased´= husband

  {decomposition}          =de-com-po-si´tion= of matter

  {encyclopedia}           =en-cy-clo-pe´di-a= Britannica

  {exhilarate}             =ex-hil´a-rate= or enliven

  {enforceable}            =en-force´a-ble= by law

  {electrolytic}           =e-lec-tro-lyt´ic= apparatus

  {ingredients}            =in-gre´di-ents= of the mixture

  {initiative}             =in-i´ti-a-tive= and referendum

  {insurrection}           =in-sur-rec´tion= of the natives

  {intersection}           =in-ter-sec´tion= of the lines

  {irrigation}             =ir-ri-ga´tion= of the desert

  {irascible}              =i-ras´ci-ble= disposition

  {martial}                =mar´tial= music

  {moreover}               =more-o´ver= we must go

  {minutiae}               =mi-nu´ti-ae= of little consequence

  {metallurgy}             =met´al-lur-gy= studied in college

  {mentally}               =men´tal-ly= deficient

  {changing}               =chang´ing= her dress


  {modern}                 =mod´ern= fashions

  {possible}               =pos´si-ble= to do it

  {poplar}                 =pop´lar= tree

  {popular}                =pop´u-lar= song

  {political}              =po-lit´i-cal= speech

  {peculiarity}            =pe-cu-li-ar´i-ty= of the man

  {papacy}                 =pa´pa-cy= at Rome

  {paging}                 =pag´ing= the book

  {physics}                =phys´ics= studied in school

  {ruffian}                =ruf´fi-an= attacked him

  {rectangle}              =rect´an-gle= is a quadrilateral

  {sandwiches}             =sand´wich-es= made of ham

  {sacrilegious}           =sac-ri-le´gious= speech

  {sacrilege}              =sac´ri-lege= against the church

  {sincere}                =sin-cere´= friend

  {scheme}                 =scheme= to make money

  {accustomed}             =ac-cus´tomed= to hard work

  {allegory}               =al´le-go-ry= of "Pilgrim's Progress"

  {allowed}                =al-lowed´= him his expenses

  {ally}                   =al-ly´= of the English

  {assassin}               =as-sas´sin= of McKinley

  {assault}                =as-sault´= and battery

  {ambassador}             =am-bas´sa-dor= to France

  {attention}              =at-ten´tion= to the lesson

  {aluminum}               =a-lu´mi-num= cooking utensils


  {acquisition}            =ac-qui-si´tion= of the property

  {pasteurized}            =pas´teur-ized= milk

  {coercion}               =co-er´cion= by the Powers

  {classicism}             =clas´si-cism= of the poet

  {chivalry}               =chiv´al-ry= of the knight

  {chiffonier}             =chif-fo-nier´= made of oak

  {chaperon}               =chap´er-on= the young couple

  {modal}                  =mo´dal= form of verb

  {model}                  =mod´el= of the machine

  {catastrophe}            =cat-as´tro-phe= on the railroad

  {cashmere}               =cash´mere= dress

  {celery}                 =cel´er-y= for dinner

  {catarrh}                =ca-tarrh´= of the throat

  {determine}              =de-ter´mine= his meaning

  {discourage}             =dis-cour´age= his efforts

  {diagramming}            =di´a-gram-ming= the sentence

  {isolated}               =is´o-la-ted= on an island

  {lessee}                 =les-see´= paid his rent

  {legend}                 =leg´end= of "Sleepy Hollow"

  {legion}                 =le´gion= of soldiers

  {league}                 =league= of baseball teams

  {moisture}               =mois´ture= in the atmosphere

  {molecules}              =mol´e-cules= of elements

  {monarchy}               =mon´arch-y= ruled by a king

  {machine}                =ma-chine´= for making shoes


  {persecuted}             =per´se-cu-ted= the Christians

  {pieces}                 =pie´ces= of glass

  {poured}                 =poured= the water

  {picture}                =pic´ture= of his home

  {precise}                =pre-cise´= moment

  {piazza}                 =pi-az´za= of the house

  {petroleum}              =pe-tro´le-um= cream

  {patriotic}              =pa-tri-ot´ic= citizen

  {swords}                 =swords= for fighting

  {sacrifice}              =sac´ri-fice= his honor

  {salmon}                 =salm´on= from the river

  {salve}                  =salve= on the wound

  {sapphire}               =sap´phire= and diamond ring

  {satisfactorily}         =sat-is-fac´to-ri-ly= explained

  {saving}                 =sav´ing= his money

  {scarred}                =scarred= in a fight for life

  {scenery}                =sce´ner-y= in Colorado

  {scholar}                =schol´ar= in the university

  {achieve}                =a-chieve´= great renown

  {annuity}                =an-nu´i-ty= paid to him

  {admitted}               =ad-mit´ted= his guilt

  {admittance}             =ad-mit´tance= to the lodge

  {acetic}                 =a-cet´ic= acid in the bottle

  {academy}                =a-cad´e-my= of science

  {accountant}             =ac-count´ant= to examine the books


  {ability}                =a-bil´i-ty= of the boy

  {acute}                  =a-cute´= angle

  {beneficence}            =be-nef´i-cence= of the gentleman

  {barbarians}             =bar-ba´ri-ans= of Africa

  {cataract}               =cat´a-ract= on the eye

  {casually}               =cas´u-al-ly= dropped a hint

  {capillarity}            =cap-il-lar´i-ty= of the soil

  {calories}               =cal´or-ies= of heat

  {conduit}                =con´duit= for underground wires

  {campaigns}              =cam-paigns´= of Napoleon

  {candor}                 =can´dor= of the honest man

  {filaments}              =fil´a-ments= of silk

  {hygienic}               =hy-gi-en´ic= exercise

  {patriotism}             =pa´tri-ot-ism= of the soldier

  {performance}            =per-form´ance= of the actors

  {period}                 =pe´ri-od= after a sentence

  {patience}               =pa´tience= of the good mother

  {scythe}                 =scythe= for cutting grass

  {sigh}                   =sigh= of the weary

  {secretaries}            =sec´re-tar-ies= wrote reports

  {section}                =sec´tion= of the Pullman

  {senate}                 =sen´ate= passed the bill

  {sepals}                 =sep´als= of the flower

  {liniment}               =lin´i-ment= for a sprain

  {lineament}              =lin´e-a-ment= of the face


  {adaptability}           =a-dapt-a-bil´i-ty= to circumstances

  {adjective}              =adj´ec-tive= of quality

  {aeroplane}              =a´er-o-plane= accident

  {advancement}            =ad-vance´ment= to a good position

  {admire}                 =ad-mire´= the beautiful

  {albumen}                =al-bu´men= of the egg

  {caloric}                =ca-lor´ic= theory of heat

  {cellar}                 =cel´lar= under the house

  {centimeter}             =cen´ti-me-ter= in length

  {chemistry}              =chem´is-try= studied at school

  {chisel}                 =chis´el= for carpentering

  {cinnamon}               =cin´na-mon= flavor

  {circuit}                =cir´cuit= court in session

  {coincident}             =co-in´ci-dent= angles

  {collars}                =col´lars= of white linen

  {commissioner}           =com-mis´sion-er= of education

  {community}              =com-mu´ni-ty= in which he lives

  {company}                =com´pa-ny= of soldiers

  {companies}              =com´pa-nies= of soldiers

  {disappointing}          =dis-ap-point´ing= result

  {discrepancy}            =dis-crep´an-cy= in the accounts

  {element}                =el´e-ment= of danger

  {equipment}              =e-quip´ment= of the regiment

  {geyser}                 =gey´ser= in Yellowstone Park

  {hemorrhage}             =hem´or-rhage= of the lungs


  {isthmus}                =isth´mus= of Panama

  {oligarchy}              =ol´i-gar-chy= in ancient Rome

  {pores}                  =pores= of the skin

  {liquefaction}           =liq-ue-fac´tion= of ice

  {vice versa}             =vice versa=, that is, turned about

  {villainy}               =vil´lain-y= of the rascal

  {recompense}             =rec´om-pense= the faithful

  {regions}                =re´gions= of perpetual snow

  {routes}                 =routes= of the travelers

  {traceable}              =trace´a-ble= lines

  {treatise}               =trea´tise= on art

  {traveler}               =trav´el-er= through Italy

  {traitor}                =trai´tor= to his country

  {transpose}              =trans-pose´= the phrase

  {several}                =sev´er-al= years ago

  {service}                =ser´vice= in the army

  {sheriff}                =sher´iff= of the county

  {shipment}               =ship´ment= of the goods

  {alkaline}               =al´ka-line= solution

  {analogous}              =a-nal´o-gous= terms

  {anarchy}                =an´arch-y= against the government

  {anoints}                =a-noints´= his head with oil

  {answer}                 =an´swer= the question

  {antiquity}              =an-tiq´ui-ty= of the relic

  {aristocrat}             =ar-is´to-crat= by birth


  {ascension}              =as-cen´sion= of the balloon

  {armor}                  =ar´mor= of the knight

  {articles}               =ar´ti-cles= for sale

  {believing}              =be-liev´ing= the story

  {borough}                =bor´ough= of Manhattan

  {borrow}                 =bor´row= the money

  {barrel}                 =bar´rel= of sugar

  {compelled}              =com-pelled´= to resign

  {competition}            =com-pe-ti´tion= in business

  {completely}             =com-plete´ly= finished

  {conceit}                =con-ceit´= of the boastful

  {consequent}             =con´se-quent= result

  {consistency}            =con-sist´en-cy= of the mixture

  {contagious}             =con-ta´gious= disease

  {casualty}               =cas´u-al-ty= insurance

  {crevice}                =crev´ice= in the rock

  {covetous}               =cov´et-ous= of his wealth

  {discernment}            =dis-cern´ment= of the wise

  {dissatisfied}           =dis-sat´is-fied= with his treatment

  {dissenter}              =dis-sent´er= in the church

  {emigrate}               =em´i-grate= from America

  {immigrate}              =im´mi-grate= to America

  {following}              =fol´low-ing= the crowd

  {forbade}                =for-bade´= him to go

  {granary}                =gran´a-ry= for storing wheat


  {grabbed}                =grabbed= the money

  {going}                  =go´ing= to sail

  {ghost}                  =ghost= of Hamlet

  {harmonically}           =har-mon´ic-al-ly= composed

  {irrational}             =ir-ra´tion-al= statement

  {irregular}              =ir-reg´u-lar= proceedings

  {journey}                =jour´ney= to Mexico

  {judicial}               =ju-di´cial= decree

  {manufacture}            =man-u-fac´tur-er= of guns

  {margin}                 =mar´gin= of the page

  {merry}                  =mer´ry= Christmas

  {marry}                  =mar´ry= the girl

  {married}                =mar´ried= in church

  {necessitate}            =ne-ces´si-tate= an explanation

  {octagon}                =oc´ta-gon= used in the design

  {potential}              =po-ten´tial= mode

  {predecessor}            =pred-e-ces´sor= in office

  {presbytery}             =pres´by-ter-y= in session

  {visible}                =vis´i-ble= to the naked eye

  {radius}                 =ra´di-us= of a circle

  {radii}                  =ra´di-i= of the circles

  {raisins}                =rai´sins= in the pudding

  {recent}                 =re'cent= event

  {remit}                  =re-mit´= the money

  {ferocious}              =fe-ro´cious= animal


  {sine}                   =sine= in trigonometry

  {sign}                   =sign= of bad weather

  {size}                   =size= of the barrel

  {skeleton}               =skel´e-ton= of a man

  {social}                 =so´cial= gathering

  {something}              =some´thing= new

  {stamens}                =sta´mens= of the flowers

  {parasitic}              =par-a-sit´ic= plant

  {around}                 =a-round´= the world

  {audience}               =au´di-ence= with the Pope

  {auricle}                =au´ri-cle= of the heart

  {awful}                  =aw´ful= disaster

  {awfulness}              =aw´ful-ness= of the murder

  {axis}                   =ax´is= of the earth

  {axle}                   =ax´le= of the wheel

  {borne}                  =borne= on his shoulders

  {brilliant}              =bril´liant= display

  {biology}                =bi-ol´o-gy= of plants

  {bookkeeper}             =book´keep-er= in the store

  {bluing}                 =blu´ing= the clothes

  {bargain}                =bar´gain= sale of hats

  {breed}                  =breed= of chickens

  {cousin}                 =cous´in= from the country

  {census}                 =cen´sus= of the population

  {coöperate}              =co-op´er-ate= in the work


  {cyclone}                =cy´clone= cellar

  {cycle}                  =cy´cle= of years

  {cruise}                 =cruise= around the world

  {crews}                  =crews= of the vessels

  {cruelly}                =cru´el-ly= treated

  {credit}                 =cred´it= of the merchant

  {crucible}               =cru´ci-ble= for melting gold

  {contents}               =con´tents= of the bottle

  {cabinet}                =cab´i-net= officers

  {civil}                  =civ´il= government

  {central}                =cen´tral= station

  {catch}                  =catch= the fish

  {cannot}                 =can´not= tell a lie

  {comma}                  =com´ma= after the word

  {coupon}                 =cou´pon= attached to the ticket

  {copy}                   =cop´y= the words

  {copied}                 =cop´ied= the words

  {continental}            =con-ti-nen´tal= troops

  {coast}                  =coast= down the hill

  {city}                   =cit´y= of New York

  {cities}                 =cit´ies= and towns

  {citizen}                =cit´i-zen= of the United States

  {dissipate}              =dis´si-pate= a fortune

  {dividend}               =div´i-dend= paying stock

  {don't}                  =don't= smoke cigarettes


  {distillate}             =dis-til´late= of the solution

  {disguised}              =dis-guised´= as a soldier

  {discovery}              =dis-cov´er-y= of America

  {duly}                   =du´ly= signed and witnessed

  {Deity}                  =De´i-ty= to whom we pray

  {dative}                 =da´tive= case

  {resurrection}           =res-ur-rec´tion= of the dead

  {endorser}               =en-dor´ser= of the note

  {enormous}               =e-nor´mous= profits

  {enthusiasm}             =en-thu´si-asm= of the students

  {enterprise}             =en´ter-prise= of the merchant

  {exterior}               =ex-te´ri-or= of the building

  {epoch}                  =ep´och= in history

  {executive}              =ex-ec´u-tive= chamber

  {earnest}                =ear´nest= request

  {forward}                =for´ward= march

  {formulae}               =for´mu-læ= for the mixtures

  {formula}                =for´mu-la= for the mixture

  {fulfilment}             =ful-fil´ment= of his promise

  {fuel}                   =fu´el= for the fire

  {further}                =fur´ther= discussion

  {farther}                =far´ther= away than Chicago

  {ghastly}                =ghast´ly= sight

  {gnat}                   =gnat= buzzing about

  {getting}                =get´ting= something for nothing


  {inoculation}            =in-oc-u-la´tion= to prevent disease

  {guess}                  =guess= the number

  {gaiety}                 =gai´e-ty= of the crowd

  {haughty}                =haugh´ty= noble

  {horizontally}           =hor-i-zon´tal-ly= drawn

  {historical}             =his-tor´i-cal= collection

  {hostility}              =hos-til´i-ty= of the nations

  {hundred}                =hun´dred= dollars

  {hammer}                 =ham´mer= the nail

  {happened}               =hap´pened= by accident

  {hope}                   =hope= for the best

  {hop}                    =hop= on one foot

  {heroes}                 =he´roes= of the war

  {graph}                  =graph= of the population

  {insolvency}             =in-solv´en-cy= of the bank

  {inventories}            =in´ven-tor-ies= of the supplies

  {investment}             =in-vest´ment= of the money

  {introduce}              =in-tro-duce´= the speaker

  {interfered}             =in-ter-fered´= with his progress

  {intolerable}            =in-tol´er-a-ble= heat

  {intercede}              =in-ter-cede´= for him

  {instead}                =in-stead´= of playing, work

  {inserted}               =in-sert´ed= in the socket

  {innocent}               =in´no-cent= child

  {indictment}             =in-dict´ment= for murder


  {indeterminate}          =in-de-ter´mi-nate= sentence

  {incumbrance}            =in-cum´brance= of old debts

  {incentive}              =in-cen´tive= to work

  {juicy}                  =jui´cy= fruit

  {kinetic}                =ki-net´ic= energy

  {knock}                  =knock= at the door

  {lens}                   =lens= of the microscope

  {lettuce}                =let´tuce= salad

  {lovable}                =lov´a-ble= child

  {lonely}                 =lone´ly= farmhouse

  {liter}                  =li´ter= of water

  {lever}                  =lev´er= of the machine

  {likely}                 =like´ly= to happen

  {laugh}                  =laugh= at the joke

  {manufactories}          =man-u-fac´to-ries= of the city

  {medicine}               =med´i-cine= to cure him

  {medicinal}              =me-dic´i-nal= virtues

  {medium}                 =me´di-um= sized bear

  {metallic}               =met-al´lic= ring

  {mountainous}            =moun´tain-ous= country

  {mosquito}               =mos-qui´to= bites

  {molecular}              =mo-lec´u-lar= theory

  {moustache}              =mous-tache´= was shaved off

  {much}                   =much= ado about nothing

  {prize}                  =prize= for spelling


  {muscle}                 =mus´cle= of the arm

  {mussel}                 =mus´sel= on the seashore

  {muzzle}                 =muz´zle= the dog

  {mustard}                =mus´tard= plaster

  {neutralize}             =neu´tral-ize= the solution

  {nutrients}              =nu´tri-ents= in food

  {narration}              =nar-ra´tion= of the story

  {noun}                   =noun= is a part of speech

  {nectar}                 =nec´tar= of the gods

  {neighbor}               =neigh´bor= of mine

  {obstacle}               =ob´sta-cle= in his path

  {optician}               =op-ti´cian= examined her eyes

  {opaque}                 =o-paque´= glass window

  {optional}               =op´tion-al= course of study

  {orchid}                 =or´chid= of rare beauty

  {organize}               =or´gan-ize= a society

  {oracle}                 =or´a-cle= at Delphi

  {obliging}               =ob-li´ging= errand boy

  {omitting}               =o-mit´ting= the useless words

  {o'clock}                =o'-clock´= is a contraction

  {putting}                =put´ting= it away

  {pursuit}                =pur-suit´= of pleasure

  {pursuant}               =pur-su´ant= with the idea

  {profitable}             =prof´it-a-ble= business

  {participate}            =par-tic´i-pate= in the event


  {pretension}             =pre-ten´sion= of the snob

  {pretentious}            =pre-ten´tious= people

  {preterit}               =pret´er-it= form of the verb

  {prevail}                =pre-vail´= against him

  {prevalence}             =prev´a-lence= of the disease

  {prevalent}              =prev´a-lent= idea

  {prevent}                =pre-vent´= him from going

  {primary}                =pri´ma-ry= grade

  {parcel}                 =par´cel= post

  {stirring}               =stir´ring= the soup

  {submitted}              =sub-mit´ted= his paper

  {suggestion}             =sug-ges´tion= for improvement

  {surd}                   =surd= or irrational number

  {omelet}                 =om´e-let= for breakfast

  {penitentiary}           =pen-i-ten´tia-ry= sentence

  {surprising}             =sur-pris´ing= results

  {surrender}              =sur-ren´der= to the enemy

  {sympathy}               =sym´pa-thy= for the helpless

  {usury}                  =u´su-ry= is unlawful

  {usurpation}             =u-sur-pa´tion= of the throne

  {usage}                  =us´age= of the word

  {useful}                 =use´ful= articles

  {usefulness}             =use´ful-ness= of a typewriter

  {zoölogy}                =zo-ol´o-gy= examination

  {triangle}               =tri´an-gle= with equal sides


  {ventricles}             =ven´tri-cles= of the heart

  {wrought}                =wrought= iron

  {yeoman}                 =yeo´man= of England

  {bacteriology}           =bac-te-ri-ol´o-gy= is a science

  {barometric}             =bar-o-met´ric= pressure

  {barbarisms}             =bar´ba-risms= of the uncultured

  {deceitful}              =de-ceit´ful= pretender

  {deception}              =de-cep´tion= of the ventriloquist

  {declamation}            =dec-la-ma´tion= on Lincoln

  {exchangeable}           =ex-change´a-ble= goods

  {etiquette}              =et´i-quette= of the table

  {illiterate}             =il-lit´er-ate= immigrant

  {jurisdiction}           =ju-ris-dic´tion= of the court

  {kilogram}               =kil´o-gram= in weight

  {infantry}               =in´fan-try= of the army

  {achromatic}             =ach-ro-mat´ic= lens

  {asceticism}             =as-cet´i-cism= of the hermit

  {abstruse}               =ab-struse´= idea

  {aberration}             =ab-er-ra´tion= of the mind

  {biennial}               =bi-en´ni-al= plant

  {bacillus}               =ba-cil´lus= of disease

  {commencing}             =com-men´cing= to rain

  {commodities}            =com-mod´i-ties= for sale

  {debut}                  =de-but´= of the girl

  {debris}                 =de-bris´= of the wreck


  {tuition}                =tu-i´tion= paid in advance

  {templar}                =tem´plar= of the 12th century

  {theory}                 =the´o-ry= and practice

  {tragic}                 =trag´ic= death

  {tacit}                  =tac´it= understanding

  {tough}                  =tough= steak

  {title}                  =ti´tle= of nobility

  {thirst}                 =thirst= for knowledge

  {temperance}             =tem´per-ance= lecture

  {temperate}              =tem´per-ate= habits

  {quorum}                 =quo´rum= of senators

  {renown}                 =re-nown´= of the great man

  {referee}                =ref-er-ee´= the game

  {repel}                  =re-pel´= the attack

  {vowel}                  =vow´el= in the word

  {valence}                =va´lence= of the element

  {valise}                 =va-lise´= packed with clothes

  {variables}              =va´ri-a-bles= approach a limit

  {waiting}                =wait´ing= at the church

  {width}                  =width= of the room

  {woolen}                 =wool´en= goods

  {wrap}                   =wrap= up the bundle

  {rap}                    =rap= at the door

  {varying}                =va´ry-ing= in depth

  {velocity}               =ve-loc´i-ty= of the bullet


  {duel}                   =du´el= with swords

  {dual}                   =du´al= personality

  {dairy}                  =dai´ry= farm in Vermont

  {diary}                  =di´a-ry= of Samuel Pepys

  {canvass}                =can´vass= for votes

  {canvas}                 =can´vas= circus tent

  {coal}                   =coal= for the furnace

  {choir}                  =choir= rehearsal

  {quire}                  =quire= of paper

  {berth}                  =berth= in a sleeping car

  {birth}                  =birth= of Christ

  {been}                   =been= away from home

  {bin}                    =bin= full of coal

  {berrying}               =ber´ry-ing= in the pasture

  {burying}                =bur´y-ing= the dead

  {blew}                   =blew= a hurricane

  {blue}                   =blue= ethereal sky

  {boar}                   =boar= hunt in the forest

  {bore}                   =bore= of a rifle

  {bullion}                =bul´lion= for coinage

  {bouillon}               =bouil´lon= served in cups

  {aught}                  =aught= against his honor

  {ought}                  =ought= not to go

  {son}                    =son= of his father

  {sun}                    =sun= sets to rise again


  {psychological}          =psy-cho-log´i-cal= moment

  {rhythmical}             =rhyth´mi-cal= swing

  {subpoena}               =sub-pϫna= the witness

  {sixtieth}               =six´ti-eth= second

  {strategic}              =stra-teg´ic= position

  {sociability}            =so-cia-bil'i-ty= of the hostess

  {strychnine}             =strych´nine= for rats

  {sobriquet}              =so-bri-quet´= of our friend

  {thorax}                 =tho´rax= of the insect

  {threaten}               =threat´en= his life

  {tissue}                 =tis´sue= paper

  {unchangeable}           =un-change´a-ble= laws of nature

  {umbrella}               =um-brel´la= turned inside out

  {valiant}                =val´iant= soldier

  {wrong}                  =wrong= answer

  {aisle}                  =aisle= of the church

  {isle}                   =isle= of Great Britain

  {analysis}               =a-nal´y-sis= of the substance

  {analyses}               =a-nal´y-ses= of many substances

  {currant}                =cur´rant= jelly

  {current}                =cur´rent= of the stream

  {waste}                  =waste= not, want not

  {waist}                  =waist= of a person

  {weak}                   =weak= invalid

  {week}                   =week= before last


  {haul}                   =haul= the load

  {hall}                   =hall= for the dance

  {greater}                =great´er= than he

  {grater}                 =grat´er= for nutmegs

  {due}                    =due= him from me

  {dew}                    =dew= on the grass

  {do}                     =do= it now

  {wear}                   =wear= good clothes

  {ware}                   =ware= made of tin

  {steel}                  =steel= cars are safest

  {steal}                  =steal= the money

  {sight}                  =sight= to delight in

  {site}                   =site= for the schoolhouse

  {cite}                   =cite= the law

  {ordinance}              =or´di-nance= of the city

  {ordnance}               =ord´nance= department

  {scent}                  =scent= of the flower

  {sent}                   =sent= him the letter

  {cent}                   =cent= apiece

  {minor}                  =mi´nor= and major

  {miner}                  =mi´ner= of coal

  {metal}                  =met´al= filing cabinet

  {mettle}                 =met´tle= of the thoroughbred

  {heart}                  =heart= failure

  {hart}                   =hart= frightened by the hunter


  {mete}                   =mete= out the punishment

  {meet}                   =meet= at the station

  {meat}                   =meat= for dinner

  {scull}                  =scull= the boat

  {skull}                  =skull= of the skeleton

  {rout}                   =rout= the army

  {route}                  =route= of the mail carrier

  {prey}                   =prey= of the lion

  {pray}                   =pray= to God

  {plow}   }               =plow= the soil
  {plough} }

  {peeling}                =peel´ing= of the apple

  {pealing}                =peal´ing= of the bells

  {our}                    =our= father

  {hour}                   =hour= of midnight

  {one}                    =one= dollar

  {won}                    =won= a race

  {oar}                    =oar= of the boat

  {ore}                    =ore= from the mine

  {wonder}                 =won´der= at the strange sight

  {wander}                 =wan´der= in the fields

  {wait}                   =wait= for me

  {weight}                 =weight= of the ox

  {need}                   =need= of money

  {knead}                  =knead= the bread



    {Great Britain}


    {Ben Jonson}






    {Alleghany} (Mts.)

    {Allegheny} (City)


































    {George Eliot}







_References are to Lessons._

    abbreviate, 12

    abbreviation, 28

    abdomen, 35

    aberration, 74

    ability, 62

    aborigines, 52

    abridgment, 47

    abscess, 33

    absence, 9

    absolute, 53

    abstruse, 74

    abundance, 47

    abyss, 47

    Abyssinia, 80

    academy, 61

    accede, 57

    accelerate, 28

    acceleration, 40

    accept, 5

    acceptance, 16

    accepted, 25

    accessible, 47

    accession, 20

    accessory, 57

    accident, 57

    accidentally, 40

    accommodate, 3

    accompaniment, 29

    accompanying, 35

    accomplish, 57

    account, 35

    accountant, 61

    accrued, 40

    accumulate, 36

    accuracy, 20

    accusative, 11

    accustomed, 59

    acetic, 61

    acetylene, 53

    ache, 54

    achieve, 61

    achievement, 16

    achromatic, 74

    acknowledge, 24

    acknowledgment, 4

    acoustics, 40

    acquaintance, 31

    acquainted, 35

    acquiesce, 30

    acquisition, 60

    across, 9

    acute, 62

    adaptability, 63

    address, 14

    adjacent, 7

    adjective, 63

    admirable, 31

    admire, 63

    admissible, 31

    admittance, 61

    admitted, 61

    advancement, 63

    advertise, 21

    advertisement, 24

    advertising, 36

    advice, 11

    advisable, 40

    advise, 11

    aeroplane, 63

    affect, 3

    affidavit, 36

    again, 36

    aggregation, 25

    agrarian, 54

    agreeable, 24

    agreement, 16

    aisle, 77

    albumen, 63

    alcohol, 10

    algebra, 7

    algebraic, 24

    alien, 47

    alimentary, 34

    alkali, 24

    alkaline, 64

    allege, 24

    Alleghany (Mts.), 80

    Allegheny (City), 80

    allegiance, 24

    allegory, 59

    alliances, 35

    allies, 37

    alligators, 14

    alliteration, 40

    allotment, 11

    allotting, 11

    allowed, 59

    all right, 1

    allusion, 37

    ally, 59

    alphabet, 48

    already, 2

    altar, 21

    alter, 21

    alternate, 37

    altogether, 24

    aluminum, 59

    always, 5

    amateur, 34

    ambassador, 59

    ambitious, 43

    amenable, 45

    ammonia, 7

    amount, 37

    analogous, 64

    analyses, 77

    analysis, 77

    analytic, 21

    analyze, 12

    anarchy, 64

    ancestors, 43

    ancient, 24

    angel, 3

    angle, 3

    anhydrous, 52

    annihilated, 45

    annual, 20

    annually, 37

    annuity, 61

    anoints, 64

    answer, 64

    Antarctic, 24

    antecedent, 11

    antiquity, 64

    anxiety, 52

    anxious, 33

    any, 20

    apartment, 40

    Apennines, 80

    apologize, 37

    apostrophe, 54

    Appalachian, 80

    apparatus, 8

    apparel, 40

    apparent, 14

    appeal, 54

    appearance, 4

    applied, 54

    appositive, 54

    appreciate, 24

    approach, 40

    approve, 54

    approximate, 24

    appurtenance, 54

    aqueduct, 18

    arc, 12

    architect, 37

    architecture, 24

    arctic, 24

    argument, 52

    aristocrat, 64

    arithmetic, 20

    arithmetical, 34

    ark, 12

    armor, 65

    around, 67

    arrangement, 16

    Arthur, 24

    article, 24

    articles, 65

    artisans, 45

    ascend, 24

    ascension, 65

    ascent, 52

    ascertain, 45

    asceticism, 74

    asked, 24

    asparagus, 28

    assassin, 59

    assassinate, 39

    assassination, 24

    assault, 59

    assistant, 45

    assume, 46

    athlete, 16

    athletics, 4

    atmosphere, 18

    attack, 9

    attacked, 9

    attendance, 24

    attention, 59

    attorney, 39

    attract, 7

    audience, 67

    aught, 76

    Augustus, 7

    auricle, 67

    author, 24

    authority, 46

    autumn, 30

    auxiliary, 5

    avoirdupois, 39

    awful, 67

    awfulness, 67

    awkward, 46

    axillary, 47

    axiom, 10

    axis, 67

    axle, 67

    bacillus, 74

    bacteriology, 74

    balance, 3

    balanced, 35

    balloon, 36

    bananas, 36

    bankruptcy, 33

    barbarians, 62

    barbarisms, 74

    barbarous, 17

    bare, 47

    bargain, 67

    barometer, 27

    barometric, 74

    barrel, 65

    base, 23

    bass, 23

    bear, 47

    beautiful, 36

    because, 30

    Bede, 80

    been, 76

    before, 19

    begin, 47

    beginning, 1

    belief, 13

    believe, 1

    believing, 65

    beneficence, 62

    beneficial, 23

    benefit, 6

    benefited, 10

    berrying, 76

    berth, 76

    besiege, 15

    Bible, 23

    bicycle, 8

    biennial, 74

    bilious, 40

    bin, 76

    binomial, 18

    biology, 67

    birth, 76

    biscuit, 27

    bisect, 18

    bisector, 4

    Bismarck, 80

    blamable, 40

    blew, 76

    blue, 76

    bluing, 67

    boar, 76

    bolder, 40

    bookkeeper, 67

    bookkeeping, 23

    bore, 76

    borne, 67

    borough, 65

    borrow, 65

    botany, 30

    bouillon, 76

    boulder, 40

    boundaries, 28

    boundary, 14

    bouquet, 47

    brake, 37

    breadth, 37

    break, 37

    breed, 67

    brief, 18

    brigadier, 40

    brilliant, 67

    Britain, 80

    Briton, 80

    bulletin, 40

    bullion, 76

    buoyancy, 18

    buoyant, 27

    bureau, 22

    burglar, 47

    buried, 14

    Burroughs, 80

    burying, 76

    busily, 47

    business, 1

    busy, 7

    cabinet, 68

    Cæsar, 10

    calendar, 6

    caloric, 63

    calories, 62

    campaign, 22

    campaigns, 62

    cancel, 15

    cancelation, 40

    canceled, 27

    candidate, 27

    candor, 62

    cannot, 68

    canvas, 76

    canvass, 76

    capacity, 44

    capillarity, 62

    capillary, 15

    capital, 5

    capitol, 5

    captain, 32

    careful, 22

    carefully, 32

    Caribbean, 80

    Carlyle, 80

    carriage, 47

    carrying, 18

    cashmere, 60

    casually, 62

    casualty, 65

    catalogue, 27

    cataract, 62

    catarrh, 60

    catastrophe, 60

    catch, 68

    cathedral, 47

    cavalry, 12

    cease, 18

    ceiling, 18

    celery, 60

    cellar, 63

    cemetery, 9

    censor, 45

    censure, 45

    census, 67

    cent, 78

    center, 39

    centigrade, 55

    centimeter, 63

    central, 68

    centrifugal, 40

    cereal, 18

    certainly, 31

    cession, 35

    changeable, 22

    changing, 58

    chaperon, 60

    character, 12

    characteristics, 18

    chargeable, 22

    chattel, 27

    chauffeur, 4

    Chautauqua, 80

    chemical, 40

    chemistry, 63

    Chesapeake, 80

    chief, 12

    chieftain, 45

    chiffonier, 60

    chimney, 31

    chisel, 63

    chivalry, 60

    chlorine, 30

    chlorophyll, 12

    chocolate, 39

    choir, 76

    choose, 14

    chord, 2

    chosen, 17

    Christian, 22

    chronicle, 44

    Cincinnati, 80

    cinnamon, 63

    cipher, 47

    circle, 39

    circuit, 63

    circular, 47

    circumstances, 14

    cite, 78

    cities, 68

    citizen, 68

    city, 68

    civil, 68

    civilization, 12

    civilize, 35

    classicism, 60

    climbed, 47

    clothes, 14

    coal, 76

    coarse, 14

    coast, 68

    coastal, 45

    codicil, 48

    coefficient, 2

    coercion, 60

    coherence, 27

    coincide, 8

    coincident, 63

    collars, 63

    collateral, 29

    colleague, 58

    collector, 58

    college, 14

    colonies, 55

    colonization, 45

    color, 12

    colossal, 53

    column, 29

    combustible, 28

    coming, 2

    comma, 68

    commence, 36

    commencing, 74

    commensurable, 22

    commerce, 58

    commercial, 9

    commission, 12

    commissioner, 63

    commit, 41

    committal, 58

    committed, 17

    committee, 5

    commodities, 74

    common, 32

    communicate, 33

    community, 63

    companies, 63

    company, 63

    comparative, 7

    comparison, 27

    compel, 18

    compelled, 65

    competent, 39

    competition, 65

    competitor, 44

    complement, 3

    complementary, 40

    complete, 32

    completely, 65

    complexion, 27

    compliment, 3

    complimentary, 40

    compromise, 47

    conceal, 35

    concede, 26

    conceit, 65

    conceive, 15

    conceived, 41

    concentric, 29

    concern, 26

    concession, 58

    conciliation, 28

    concurrent, 57

    condensing, 41

    condition, 44

    conduit, 62

    confectionery, 45

    confederacy, 26

    confederate, 37

    congruent, 40

    conjugate, 30

    conjugation, 47

    Connecticut, 17

    conquer, 39

    conqueror, 26

    conscience, 4

    conscientious, 17

    conscious, 12

    consciousness, 17

    consecutive, 44

    consensus, 47

    consequent, 65

    consistency, 65

    consonant, 26

    conspiracy, 57

    constitution, 29

    constitutional, 40

    consul, 6

    consummate, 57

    contagious, 65

    contemporaneous, 55

    contemporary, 35

    contemptible, 55

    contents, 68

    continental, 68

    continually, 30

    continue, 47

    continuity, 55

    control, 6

    controlled, 47

    convenience, 14

    convenient, 11

    conversely, 45

    coöperate, 67

    coöperation, 36

    coördinate, 36

    copied, 68

    copy, 68

    cord, 2

    corollary, 3

    corporation, 47

    corpuscle, 55

    correspond, 32

    correspondence, 37

    corresponding, 47

    costume, 26

    cotton, 47

    cotyledon, 53

    council, 6

    counsel, 6

    counterfeit, 26

    countries, 26

    coupon, 68

    courageous, 53

    course, 14

    courteous, 31

    courtesy, 33

    courtier, 40

    cousin, 67

    covetous, 65

    credit, 68

    crevice, 65

    crews, 68

    crisis, 39

    criticise, 8

    criticism, 15

    crucible, 68

    crucifixion, 53

    cruelly, 68

    cruise, 68

    crustacea, 44

    crystal, 9

    crystalline, 33

    crystallization, 15

    crystallize, 12

    cupboard, 18

    curiosity, 40

    currant, 77

    current, 77

    custom, 18

    customary, 40

    cycle, 68

    cyclone, 68

    cylinder, 9

    cylindrical, 53

    dactylic, 53

    dairy, 76

    dative, 69

    debris, 74

    debt, 48

    debut, 74

    decease, 6

    deceased, 58

    deceitful, 74

    deceive, 10

    deception, 74

    decide, 8

    decimal, 48

    decision, 28

    decisive, 39

    declamation, 74

    declaration, 28

    declarative, 17

    declension, 14

    decomposition, 58

    decorated, 41

    defence}, 22

    defendant, 22

    deficiency, 41

    deficit, 29

    definite, 5

    definitely, 41

    definition, 22

    Deity, 69

    Delaware, 26

    deleble, 30

    demonstrative, 41

    denominator, 22

    dependence, 41

    dependent, 10

    dependents, 41

    deposit, 39

    depository, 41

    descend, 22

    descendants, 17

    descent, 22

    describe, 4

    description, 2

    desert, 26

    desirable, 18

    despair, 16

    despise, 45

    dessert, 26

    destroy, 18

    determine, 60

    develop, 2

    development, 2

    dew, 78

    diagonal, 9

    diagramming, 60

    dialogue, 26

    diameter, 39

    diamond, 39

    diaphragm, 26

    diary, 76

    didn't, 30

    difference, 7

    different, 12

    difficulty, 28

    diffusion, 53

    dilapidated, 33

    dilemma, 48

    dimensions, 30

    diminish, 36

    dining, 8

    diphtheria, 26

    direct, 48

    disagree, 31

    disagreeable, 36

    disappear, 1

    disappearance, 18

    disappeared, 16

    disappoint, 1

    disappointed, 8

    disappointing, 63

    disappointment, 12

    discernment, 65

    disciple, 39

    discipline, 26

    discourage, 60

    discovery, 69

    discrepancy, 63

    discussion, 35

    disease, 6

    disguised, 69

    Disraeli, 80

    dissatisfied, 65

    dissatisfy, 37

    dissension, 48

    dissenter, 65

    dissimilar, 32

    dissipate, 68

    dissociation, 58

    dissolve, 11

    distillate, 69

    distillation, 37

    divide, 16

    divided, 48

    dividend, 68

    divine, 48

    divisibility, 58

    divisible, 14

    division, 32

    divisor, 39

    do, 78

    does, 22

    doesn't, 26

    don't, 68

    dose, 48

    doze, 22

    drooped, 32

    dropped, 15

    drowned, 26

    dual, 76

    dubious, 48

    due, 78

    duel, 76

    duly, 69

    dyeing, 18

    dying, 18

    dyspepsia, 34

    earnest, 69

    easement, 48

    eccentric, 34

    ecclesiastical, 26

    economic, 27

    ecstasy, 15

    edible, 41

    effect, 3

    effective, 48

    effervescence, 34

    efficiency, 15

    efficient, 31

    efflorescence, 26

    eighth, 9

    either, 14

    elasticity, 41

    electoral, 41

    electricity, 34

    electrolysis, 23

    electrolytic, 58

    element, 63

    elementary, 36

    elephant, 48

    eligible, 8

    eliminate, 29

    elimination, 12

    Eliot, George, 80

    Elizabethan, 80

    ellipse, 29

    emanates, 35

    embarrass, 7

    embarrassment, 22

    embezzlement, 75

    emigrant, 21

    emigrate, 65

    emigration, 42

    emperor, 26

    emphasis, 31

    emphasize, 30

    employment, 48

    enclose, 48

    encyclopedia, 58

    endeavor, 41

    endorsement, 41

    endorser, 69

    enemies, 13

    enemy, 15

    energy, 39

    enforceable, 58

    enormous, 69

    enough, 42

    enterprise, 69

    enthusiasm, 69

    entrance, 33

    entries, 41

    entry, 41

    envelop, 42

    envelope, 42

    environment, 44

    epitaph, 44

    epoch, 69

    equal, 8

    equally, 16

    equation, 3

    equiangular, 16

    equidistant, 20

    equilateral, 9

    equilibrant, 41

    equilibrium, 20

    equipment, 63

    equipped, 44

    equivalent, 6

    eraser, 48

    erect, 21

    erosion, 48

    erroneous, 31

    error, 48

    erysipelas, 53

    esophagus, 41

    especial, 28

    especially, 13

    essay, 39

    essence, 44

    essential, 18

    etiquette, 74

    euphony, 48

    evacuate, 55

    evaporate, 32

    every, 39

    exaggerate, 11

    exaggeration, 44

    exceed, 15

    excel, 15

    excellence, 20

    excellent, 20

    except, 5

    exchangeable, 74

    excitement, 44

    excommunication, 46

    executive, 69

    exercise, 36

    exhilarate, 58

    exhort, 46

    existence, 13

    expect, 46

    expedition, 41

    expel, 48

    expense, 26

    expenses, 8

    experience, 11

    experiment, 37

    explanation, 41

    exponent, 16

    exterior, 69

    extraordinary, 41

    extravagance, 53

    extreme, 38

    extremely, 41

    extremities, 28

    facet, 42

    facsimile, 53

    Fahrenheit, 14

    familiar, 18

    familiarly, 53

    farther, 69

    fascinate, 26

    fatigue, 42

    faucet, 42

    February, 3

    feign, 55

    feminine, 26

    ferocious, 66

    fertile, 28

    fertilize, 48

    fertilizing, 55

    feudal, 22

    feudalism, 26

    fictitious, 22

    fief, 55

    fierce, 49

    fiery, 35

    filaments, 62

    finally, 1

    financial, 22

    financier, 48

    finely, 36

    following, 65

    forbade, 65

    forcible, 20

    foreign, 12

    foreigner, 48

    forfeit, 48

    formally, 49

    formerly, 22

    formulæ, 69

    formula, 69

    forty, 2

    forward, 69

    foundry, 42

    fourth, 2

    franchise, 48

    freight, 22

    friction, 42

    friend, 7

    frolicking, 30

    frustum, 7

    fuchsia, 42

    fuel, 69

    fulfil, 4

    fulfilled, 22

    fulfilment, 69

    fumigate, 49

    fundamental, 22

    further, 69

    fusion, 36

    gaiety, 70

    gas, 5

    gaseous, 34

    gases, 25

    gauge, 13

    general, 35

    generally, 12

    generous, 53

    genitive, 7

    genius, 28

    geography, 49

    geometry, 34

    geranium, 53

    gesture, 53

    getting, 69

    geyser, 63

    ghastly, 69

    ghost, 66

    glacier, 49

    gnashing, 38

    gnat, 69

    goddess, 15

    going, 66

    government, 1

    governor, 9

    grabbed, 66

    gradually, 53

    grammar, 1

    granary, 65

    grandeur, 38

    graph, 70

    grateful, 25

    grater, 78

    Great Britain, 80

    greater, 78

    grievance, 35

    grieve, 34

    grievous, 38

    grotesque, 50

    group, 49

    guarantee, 32

    guaranty, 42

    guard, 12

    guardian, 29

    guess, 70

    Guiana, 80

    Guinea, 80

    gymnasium, 49

    Hague, 80

    hall, 78

    hammer, 70

    handkerchief, 42

    happened, 70

    harass, 49

    harmonically, 66

    hart, 78

    haughty, 70

    haul, 78

    haven't, 49

    having, 21

    Hawaii, 80

    hear, 8

    heart, 78

    height, 6

    heinous, 21

    heir, 20

    hemorrhage, 63

    Henry, 14

    herb, 8

    here, 8

    hereditary, 29

    heresy, 49

    heroes, 70

    hexagon, 49

    historical, 70

    history, 32

    hole, 31

    holiday, 32

    holy, 31

    homogeneous, 9

    homologous, 2

    honor, 49

    honorable, 13

    hop, 70

    hope, 70

    hoped, 49

    hoping, 5

    hopped, 49

    hopping, 5

    horizontal, 25

    horizontally, 70

    hostility, 70

    hour, 80

    humidity, 50

    humorous, 49

    hundred, 70

    hundredth, 49

    hurrying, 49

    hydrochloric, 28

    hygiene, 21

    hygienic, 62

    hyperbole, 42

    hypnotize, 55

    hypocrisy, 42

    hypocrite, 53

    hypotenuse, 2

    hypothesis, 3

    icicle, 44

    identical, 44

    identity, 30

    ignorance, 54

    illegal, 55

    illegible, 35

    illiterate, 74

    illustrate, 30

    imagery, 35

    imaginary, 21

    imagination, 25

    imagine, 31

    immediately, 2

    immense, 35

    immersed, 55

    immigrant, 21

    immigrate, 65

    immigration, 42

    imminent, 44

    impel, 36

    imperative, 18

    impossible, 25

    inaugurate, 34

    inauguration, 53

    incentive, 71

    incidence, 25

    inclose, 48

    inconvenience, 34

    incumbrance, 71

    indefinite, 32

    indelible, 21

    independence, 38

    independent, 7

    indeterminate, 71

    indicative, 18

    indict, 53

    indictment, 70

    indispensable, 38

    indorse, 44

    indorsement, 41

    industrial, 55

    inertia, 55

    inevitable, 54

    infallible, 42

    infantry, 74

    infinite, 44

    infinitive, 11

    infinity, 46

    inflammable, 49

    inflammation, 55

    influence, 55

    influential, 34

    ingredients, 58

    initials, 49

    initiate, 49

    initiative, 58

    initiatory, 34

    innocence, 30

    innocent, 70

    inoculation, 70

    inseparable, 28

    inserted, 70

    insolvency, 70

    instalment, 53

    instead, 70

    instructor, 49

    insurrection, 58

    integer, 25

    integral, 16

    intellectual, 53

    intelligence, 25

    intelligent, 55

    intercede, 70

    intercept, 8

    interest, 9

    interfered, 70

    interference, 49

    interior, 32

    interpret, 32

    interrogative, 29

    intersection, 58

    intolerable, 70

    introduce, 70

    inventories, 70

    inventory, 21

    inversely, 49

    investment, 70

    invisible, 42

    irascible, 58

    irrational, 66

    irregular, 66

    irreparable, 53

    irrepressible, 31

    irresistible, 42

    irrigation, 58

    irritable, 37

    isle, 77

    isolated, 60

    isosceles, 1

    isthmus, 64

    Italian, 80

    itemize, 49

    itinerant, 53

    itself, 38

    jealous, 21

    jealousy, 29

    jeopardy, 28

    Jonson, Ben, 80

    journal, 34

    journalizing, 38

    journey, 66

    judgment, 1

    judicial, 66

    judiciary, 42

    juice, 16

    juicy, 71

    jurisdiction, 74

    kerosene, 35

    kilogram, 74

    kinetic, 71

    knead, 79

    knew, 20

    knight, 25

    knock, 71

    know 15

    knowledge, 28

    labeled, 49

    laboratory, 1

    lacquered, 44

    laid, 20

    larvæ, 17

    later, 20

    latter, 21

    laugh, 71

    lead, 6

    league, 60

    lease, 55

    led, 6

    ledger, 7

    legend, 60

    legible, 20

    legion, 60

    legislature, 42

    Leicester, 80

    leisure, 12

    length, 42

    lens, 71

    lessee, 60

    lettuce, 71

    lever, 71

    liabilities, 13

    liability, 13

    librarian, 34

    library, 11

    license, 12

    lien, 25

    lieutenant, 13

    lightning, 20

    likely, 71

    lilies, 35

    lineament, 62

    linear, 25

    liniment, 62

    liquefaction, 64

    liquefy, 28

    liter, 71

    literal, 35

    literature, 13

    lodgment, 42

    logarithms, 25

    lonely, 71

    longitudinal, 54

    loose, 3

    lose, 3

    losing, 3

    Louisiana, 80

    lovable, 71

    lying, 35

    Macaulay, 80

    machine, 60

    mackerel, 50

    maintain, 54

    maintenance, 25

    making, 37

    malleability, 34

    malleable, 42

    mandible, 55

    Manila, 80

    manual, 21

    manufactories, 71

    manufacture, 25

    manufacturer, 66

    manufacturing, 50

    many, 20

    margin, 66

    maritime, 42

    marriage, 29

    married, 66

    marry, 66

    Marseilles, 80

    martial, 58

    marvelous, 54

    masculine, 22

    Massachusetts, 80

    massacre, 25

    material, 36

    materially, 50

    mathematics, 21

    meant, 7

    measurement, 16

    meat, 79

    mechanical, 35

    mechanics, 50

    medians, 15

    medicinal, 71

    medicine, 71

    medieval, 17

    Mediterranean, 5

    medium, 71

    meet, 79

    melon, 43

    memorandum, 50

    mentally, 58

    mercantile, 31

    merchandise, 20

    mercury, 32

    meridian, 42

    merry, 66

    metal, 78

    metallic, 71

    metallurgy, 58

    metamorphosis, 50

    metaphor, 21

    mete, 79

    metonymy, 26

    mettle, 78

    mileage, 28

    militia, 50

    millinery, 50

    miner, 78

    minor, 78

    minute, 25

    minutiae, 58

    miracle, 34

    miscellaneous, 9

    mischief, 21

    mischievous, 9

    Mississippi, 80

    Missouri, 80

    misspelled, 7

    moccasin, 55

    modal, 60

    model, 60

    modern, 59

    Mohammedan, 80

    moisture, 60

    mold, 25

    molecular, 71

    molecules, 60

    monarchy, 60

    monastery, 20

    monkeys, 43

    moraine, 43

    moreover, 58

    mortgage, 10

    mortise, 54

    mosquito, 71

    motor, 44

    mould, 25

    mountain, 44

    mountainous, 71

    moustache, 71

    movable, 25

    much, 71

    mucilage, 21

    multiple, 44

    multiplicand, 36

    muscle, 72

    musician, 37

    mussel, 72

    mustard, 72

    mutiny, 46

    mutually, 46

    muzzle, 72

    mysterious, 46

    narration, 72

    narrative, 25

    natural, 25

    necessary, 1

    necessitate, 66

    necessity, 13

    nectar, 72

    need, 79

    negative, 25

    negotiability, 21

    negotiable, 21

    negotiate, 21

    neighbor, 72

    neither, 20

    neuter, 20

    neutral, 43

    neutralize, 72

    new, 20

    Niagara, 21

    Nicaragua, 80

    nickel, 7

    niece, 9

    nineteen, 33

    ninetieth, 29

    ninety, 6

    ninth, 33

    no, 15

    nomination, 50

    nominative, 8

    nonchalant, 56

    nonsense, 32

    noticeable, 13

    noticing, 50

    notion, 50

    noun, 72

    nucleus, 21

    nuisance, 29

    numerator, 16

    numerical, 31

    nutrients, 72

    oar, 79

    obedience, 50

    oblige, 10

    obliging, 72

    oblique, 25

    obstacle, 72

    occasion, 2

    occasional, 38

    occasionally, 6

    occupation, 13

    occupy, 24

    occur, 11

    occurred, 4

    occurrence, 3

    occurring, 20

    o'clock, 72

    octagon, 66

    odor, 5

    œsophagus, 41

    of, 13

    off, 13

    offered, 50

    Oklahoma, 80

    oligarchy, 64

    omelet, 73

    omission, 20

    omit, 24

    omitted, 8

    omitting, 72

    one, 79

    only, 50

    opaque, 72

    operation, 23

    opinion, 50

    opportunity, 13

    opposite, 5

    opposition, 5

    optician, 72

    optional, 72

    oracle, 72

    orchid, 72

    ordinance, 78

    ordnance, 78

    ore, 79

    organization, 50

    organize, 72

    origin, 16

    original, 29

    oscillation, 17

    osmosis, 38

    ostracise, 28

    ostracism, 28

    ought, 76

    our, 79

    oxidize, 50

    oxygen, 4

    paging, 59

    paid, 17

    palate, 56

    palette, 56

    papacy, 59

    paraffin, 23

    paragraph, 29

    parallel, 1

    parallelogram, 4

    parasite, 29

    parasitic, 67

    parcel, 73

    parentheses, 5

    Parliament, 2

    parliamentary, 57

    partially, 36

    participate, 72

    participial, 29

    participle, 4

    particle, 29

    particular, 27

    partition, 27

    partner, 34

    passed, 34

    past, 34

    pasteurized, 60

    patience, 62

    patriotic, 61

    patriotism, 62

    pavilion, 51

    peace, 4

    peaceable, 23

    peaceably, 43

    pealing, 79

    peculiar, 37

    peculiarity, 59

    peculiarly, 43

    peeling, 79

    pendulum, 17

    peninsula, 38

    penitentiary, 73

    people, 37

    perceive, 28

    percolator, 55

    percussion, 51

    perform, 23

    performance, 62

    perhaps, 10

    perimeter, 20

    period, 62

    permanent, 45

    permissible, 43

    perpendicular, 5

    persecuted, 61

    perseverance, 54

    personification, 56

    perspiration, 23

    persuade, 10

    pertain, 45

    petroleum, 61

    pharynx, 56

    phase, 33

    phenomena, 54

    phenomenal, 30

    Philadelphia, 80

    Philippines, 80

    philosopher, 43

    philosophy, 43

    phosphorus, 15

    phrase, 33

    physician, 36

    physics, 59

    physiology, 14

    piazza, 61

    picture, 61

    piece, 4

    pieces, 61

    piercing, 56

    pioneer, 45

    pistil, 19

    pistol, 19

    Pittsburgh, 80

    plain, 4

    plane, 4

    planned, 9

    planning, 15

    plateau, 45

    pleasant, 11

    pleasure, 46

    plebeian, 19

    pleurisy, 55

    plough, plow, 79

    plural, 46

    pneumatic, 17

    pneumonia, 23

    poison, 51

    policy, 51

    political, 59

    pollination, 56

    polygon, 5

    polyhedral, 54

    polynominal, 7

    poplar, 59

    popular, 59

    porcelain, 45

    porch, 51

    pores, 64

    porous, 38

    positive, 16

    possess, 10

    possession, 6

    possessive, 33

    possessor, 56

    possible, 59

    possibility, 43

    postulate, 43

    potassium, 45

    potato, 11

    potential, 66

    poured, 61

    practical, 16

    practice, 11

    practiced, 56

    prairie, 7

    pray, 79

    precede, 2

    preceded, 45

    precedent, 29

    preceding, 13

    precipice, 56

    precipitate, 8

    precise, 61

    predecessor, 66

    prefer, 23

    preference, 55

    preferred, 19

    prejudice, 5

    preliminary, 55

    preparation, 3

    prepare, 51

    preposition, 51

    Presbyterian, 80

    presbytery, 66

    presence, 32

    presents, 32

    pressure, 23

    prestige, 56

    pretension, 73

    pretentious, 73

    preterit, 73

    prevail, 73

    prevalence, 73

    prevalent, 73

    prevent, 73

    prey, 79

    primary, 73

    primer, 51

    primitive, 56

    principal, 1

    principle, 1

    prism, 51

    privilege, 1

    prize, 71

    probable, 23

    probably, 6

    procedure, 11

    proceed, 4

    proceeded, 28

    process, 51

    profession, 33

    professor, 3

    profitable, 72

    projection, 38

    promissory, 10

    pronounceable, 43

    pronunciation, 37

    proof, 23

    propagation, 54

    prophecy, 17

    prophesy, 17

    propitious, 43

    proportion, 11

    proportional, 15

    proprietary, 57

    proprietor, 16

    proteids, 19

    Protestant, 17

    prove, 10

    psychological, 77

    psychology, 29

    pulley, 28

    punctuation, 56

    pursuant, 72

    pursue, 7

    pursuit, 72

    putting, 72

    pyramids, 33

    Pyrenees, 80

    quadrilateral, 4

    quantitative, 33

    quantities, 29

    quantity, 4

    quarantine, 33

    quarrel, 31

    quarter, 33

    quiet, 3

    quire, 76

    quit, 4

    quite, 3

    quorum, 75

    quotient, 9

    radiate, 56

    radical, 8

    radii, 66

    radius, 66

    rain, 32

    raisins, 66

    rap, 75

    Raphael, 80

    ratio, 31

    rationalisation}, 54

    really, 16

    receipt, 6

    receipted, 46

    receivable, 8

    receive, 1

    received, 4

    receiver, 46

    recent, 66

    reciprocal, 13

    reciprocity, 43

    recognize, 15

    recollect, 24

    recommend, 2

    recommendation, 17

    recompense, 64

    reconcile, 30

    rectangle, 59

    rectilinear, 54

    reefer, 51

    refer, 6

    referee, 75

    reference, 9

    referred, 6

    referring, 6

    regions, 64

    reign, 32

    reimburse, 53

    rein, 32

    reinforced, 56

    relative, 51

    relatively, 56

    relevant, 56

    relief, 17

    relieve, 17

    relieved, 51

    religion, 19

    religious, 10

    remember, 19

    remit, 66

    remittance, 23

    Renaissance, 13

    renown, 75

    repel, 75

    repetition, 10

    representation, 28

    representative, 19

    requirement, 56

    rescind, 56

    reservoir, 27

    resistance, 19

    resonance, 56

    resources, 9

    respectfully, 6

    respectively, 6

    respiratory, 43

    responsible, 46

    restaurant, 13

    resurrection, 69

    resuscitate, 54

    revenue, 56

    reverence, 56

    reversible, 56

    review, 32

    rhetoric, 19

    rhetorical, 54

    rheumatism, 54

    rhomboid, 12

    rhombus, 5

    rhyme, 16

    rhythm, 10

    rhythmical, 77

    ridiculous, 29

    right, 10

    rinse, 31

    rite, 10

    Röntgen, 80

    rout, 79

    route, 79

    routes, 64

    ruffian, 59

    running, 33

    sacrifice, 61

    sacrilege, 59

    sacrilegious, 59

    safety, 19

    salable, 14

    salaries, 27

    salary, 14

    salmon, 61

    salve, 61

    sandwiches, 59

    sapphire, 61

    satisfactorily, 61

    saving, 61

    scalene, 43

    scarred, 61

    scene, 19

    scenery, 61

    scent, 78

    schedule, 30

    scheme, 59

    scholar, 61

    science, 19

    scientific, 57

    scissors, 19

    scull, 79

    sculptor, 43

    sculpture, 43

    scythe, 62

    sealing, 18

    secede, 14

    seceded, 38

    secession, 27

    secretaries, 62

    secretary, 11

    section, 62

    sector, 52

    segment, 16

    seize, 2

    seized, 23

    seizing, 43

    senate, 62

    sense, 14

    sensible, 43

    sensitive, 43

    sent, 78

    sentence, 11

    sepals, 62

    separable, 45

    separate, 1

    separately, 46

    separation, 17

    separator, 38

    serge, 52

    sergeant, 37

    serial, 18

    servant, 52

    service, 64

    serviceable, 37

    session, 35

    several, 64

    shepherd, 9

    sheriff, 64

    shining, 14

    shipment, 64

    shipped, 52

    shown, 52

    shriek, 52

    Sicily, 80

    siege, 2

    sieve, 17

    sigh, 62

    sight, 78

    sign, 67

    significance, 30

    silhouette, 57

    similar, 2

    similarly, 2

    simile, 15

    simultaneous, 6

    sincere, 59

    sincerely, 10

    sine, 67

    siphon, 19

    site, 78

    sixtieth, 77

    size, 67

    skeleton, 67

    sketch, 52

    skilful, 30

    skull, 79

    sobriquet, 77

    sociability, 77

    sociable, 34

    social, 67

    society, 30

    solder, 46

    soldier, 46

    solecisms, 57

    solemn, 30

    soliloquy, 57

    soluble, 6

    solutions, 51

    something, 67

    son, 76

    sophomore, 7

    source, 10

    souvenir, 45

    sovereign, 11

    sovereignty, 11

    special, 51

    specially, 37

    specific, 17

    specimen, 13

    speech, 4

    sphere, 38

    spherical, 38

    square, 38

    stamens, 67

    statement, 38

    stationary, 8

    stationery, 8

    statistics, 34

    statue, 51

    statute, 51

    steal, 78

    steel, 78

    stimulus, 57

    stirring, 73

    stomach, 23

    stooped, 38

    stopped, 3

    stopping, 30

    straight, 5

    strait, 5

    stratagem, 45

    strategic, 77

    strategy, 36

    strength, 46

    stretch, 38

    strychnine, 77

    studied, 32

    studying, 8

    subjunctive, 46

    submitted, 73

    subpœna, 77

    substitute, 57

    substitution, 46

    subtend, 32

    subtle, 51

    subtract, 27

    subtraction, 51

    subtrahend, 39

    suburbs, 57

    succeed, 14

    succeeded, 19

    success, 14

    successful, 27

    successfully, 13

    succession, 36

    sufficient, 15

    sugar, 51

    suggestion, 73

    sulphur, 33

    summary, 51

    sun, 76

    superintendent, 5

    superpose, 52

    supersede, 5

    superstition, 45

    superstitious, 27

    supplement, 11

    supplementary, 7

    suppose, 24

    surd, 73

    sure, 15

    surely, 19

    surge, 52

    surprise, 4

    surprised, 27

    surprising, 73

    surrender, 73

    suspense, 23

    suspicious, 39

    swimming, 33

    swords, 61

    syllable, 9

    syllogism, 36

    symbols, 57

    symmetrical, 10

    symmetry, 17

    sympathize, 36

    sympathy, 73

    syndicate, 57

    synecdoche, 34

    synonym, 19

    syntax, 7

    synthesis, 57

    synthetic, 57

    systematically, 57

    tacit, 75

    tariff, 8

    technical, 46

    technically, 57

    temperament, 44

    temperance, 75

    temperate, 75

    temperature, 8

    templar, 75

    temporary, 52

    tenant, 52

    tendency, 52

    Tennessee, 80

    territory, 29

    Thackeray, 80

    Thames, 80

    their, 1

    theorem, 4

    theory, 75

    there, 1

    therefore, 16

    thermometer, 19

    thief, 23

    thirst, 75

    thorax, 77

    Thoreau, 80

    thorough, 13

    thoroughly, 16

    those, 23

    though, 27

    thought, 52

    threaten, 77

    threw, 13

    through, 13

    till, 17

    tissue, 77

    title, 75

    to, 1

    tobacco, 27

    together, 2

    tolerance, 33

    tomato, 52

    tonnage, 45

    too, 1

    tough, 75

    traceable, 64

    trachea, 52

    traffic, 33

    tragedy, 5

    tragic, 75

    traitor, 64

    transferred, 15

    transferring, 44

    transitive, 19

    transpose, 64

    Transvaal, 80

    transversal, 52

    trapezium, 44

    trapezoid, 10

    traveler, 64

    traveling, 31

    treacherous, 44

    treachery, 44

    treasure, 52

    treasurer, 11

    treatise, 64

    trial, 23

    triangle, 73

    tried, 23

    tries, 27

    trigonometry, 46

    trinomial, 57

    trough, 52

    trousseau, 57

    truly, 3

    Tuesday, 15

    tuition, 75

    turbine, 46

    twelfth, 9

    two, 1

    typewriter, 46

    tyrannical, 57

    tyranny, 12

    umbrella, 77

    unanimous, 52

    unchangeable, 77

    unite, 38

    unnecessary, 33

    until, 1

    unusual, 38

    usage, 73

    useful, 73

    usefulness, 73

    using, 52

    usual, 27

    usually, 4

    usurpation, 73

    usury, 73

    vacancy, 37

    vaccinate, 38

    vacuum, 11

    valence, 75

    valiant, 77

    valid, 43

    valise, 75

    valleys, 34

    valuable, 38

    vapor, 30

    variable, 27

    variables, 75

    varying, 75

    vegetable, 12

    velocity, 75

    Venezuela, 80

    vengeance, 19

    ventricles, 74

    verified, 39

    vertical, 3

    vertices, 12

    very, 19

    veteran, 30

    veterinary, 56

    vice versa, 64

    vicinity, 50

    vicissitude, 50

    victuals, 19

    village, 2

    villages, 31

    villain, 3

    villainy, 64

    vinculum, 56

    Virginia, 80

    visible, 66

    vitriol, 50

    voice, 51

    volcano, 51

    volcanoes, 51

    volume, 51

    vowel, 75

    waist, 77

    wait, 79

    waiting, 75

    wander, 79

    ware, 78

    warrant, 39

    warrior, 30

    waste, 77

    weak, 77

    wealthy, 50

    wear, 78

    weather, 10

    Wednesday, 7

    week, 77

    weight, 79

    weird, 8

    were, 31

    we're, 31

    where, 9

    whether, 2

    which, 3

    whole, 31

    wholly, 31

    whose, 7

    width, 75

    wield, 39

    witch, 50

    woman, 23

    women, 19

    won, 79

    wonder, 79

    woolen, 75

    woolly, 50

    wrap, 75

    wrapped, 33

    write, 10

    writer, 10

    writing, 2

    written, 6

    wrong, 77

    wrought, 74

    yeoman, 74

    yield, 39

    zinc, 16

    zoölogy, 73

[Transcriber's Note:

* Text enclosed between equal signs was in bold face in the original

* Text enclosed between curley brackets was in cursive writing in the
  original {cursive}.

* Pg 69 Replaced "for´mu-lae" with "for´mu-læ".

* Pg 73 Replaced "zo-ol´o-gy" with "zo-öl´o-gy".

* Pg 77 Replaced "sub-poe´na" with "sub-pœ´na".]

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