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Title: The American Missionary — Volume 49, No. 02, February, 1895
Author: Various
Language: English
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The American Missionary


  No. 2

       *       *       *       *       *


  OUR LIST OF MISSION FIELD WORKERS                                 33
  HOWARD UNIVERSITY--MCINTOSH, GA.                                  34
  LEWIS TAPPAN, WITH PICTURE                                        36
  HON. WILLIAM JACKSON, WITH PICTURE                                37
  TRIALS OF MISSIONARY LIFE                                         39

  GRAND VIEW, TENN.--GOSPEL TRANSFORMATIONS                         40
  THE POOR HELPING THE POOREST                                      41
  CONTRASTS OF MISSION CHURCH WORK  (Illustrated)                   44

  TRIBUTE TO OUR MISSIONARIES                                       48

  LIST OF OUR FIELD WORKERS                                         49

  RECEIPTS                                                          80

       *       *       *       *       *



Bible House, Ninth St. and Fourth Ave., New York.

       *       *       *       *       *

Price, 50 Cents a Year in advance.

Entered at the Post Office at New York, N. Y., as second-class

       *       *       *       *       *

American Missionary Association.



  Rev. F. A. NOBLE, D.D., Ill.
  Rev. ALEX. MCKENZIE, D.D., Mass.
  Rev. HENRY A. STIMSON, D.D., N. Y.

_Corresponding Secretaries._

  Rev. M. E. STRIEBY, D.D., _Bible House, N. Y._
  Rev. A. F. BEARD, D.D., _Bible House, N. Y._
  Rev. F. P. WOODBURY, D.D., _Bible House, N. Y._

_Assistant Corresponding Secretary._

  Rev. C. J. RYDER, D.D., _Bible House, N. Y._

_Recording Secretary._

  Rev. M. E. STRIEBY, D.D., _Bible House, N. Y._


  HENRY W. HUBBARD, Esq., _Bible House, N. Y._



_Executive Committee._

  CHARLES L. MEAD, Chairman.
  CHARLES A. HULL, Secretary.

  _For Three Years._


  _For Two Years._


  _For One Year._


_District Secretaries._

  Rev. GEO. H. GUTTERSON, _21 Cong'l House, Boston, Mass._
  Rev. JOS. E. ROY, D.D., _151 Washington Street, Chicago, Ill._
  Rev. W. E. C. WRIGHT, D.D., _Cong'l Rooms, Y. M. C. A. Building,
    Cleveland, Ohio._

_Secretary of Woman's Bureau._

  Miss D. E. EMERSON, _Bible House, N. Y._


Relating to the work of the Association may be addressed to the
Corresponding Secretaries; letters for "THE AMERICAN MISSIONARY," to
the Editor, at the New York Office; letters relating to the finances,
to the Treasurer; letters relating to woman's work, to the Secretary
of the Woman's Bureau.


In drafts, checks, registered letters, or post-office orders, may be
sent to H. W. Hubbard, Treasurer, Bible House, New York, or, when more
convenient, to either of the Branch Offices, 21 Congregational House,
Boston, Mass., 151 Washington Street, Chicago, Ill., or Congregational
Rooms, Y. M. C. A. Building, Cleveland, Ohio. A payment of thirty
dollars constitutes a Life Member.

NOTICE TO SUBSCRIBERS.--The date on the "address label" indicates the
time to which the subscription is paid. Changes are made in date on
label to the 10th of each month. If payment of subscription be made
afterward the change on the label will appear a month later. Please
send early notice of change in post-office address, giving the former
address and the new address, in order that our periodicals and
occasional papers may be correctly mailed.


"I GIVE AND BEQUEATH the sum of ---- dollars to the 'American
Missionary Association,' incorporated by act of the Legislature of the
State of New York." The will should be attested by three witnesses.

       *       *       *       *       *


VOL. XLIX.     FEBRUARY, 1895.     NO. 2.

       *       *       *       *       *


We commend to our readers the catalogue of our missionary workers and
their stations, in our magazine of this month. Mere names and places
have very little interest to the general reader, but a study of this
list to one who is interested in mission work, and who has the welfare
of his country at heart, will prove to be very suggestive. Some of the
larger institutions, schools and churches, are familiar to many, but
the greater number probably have never been located by our readers
upon the map. There are 243 stations with 617 workers.

Each station represents a great deal of missionary consecration and
devoted service for the Master. Could our readers look in upon these
workers it would quicken the spirit of their own consecration and
benevolence. If they could hear the bell which early calls the
students to prayers, and to their studies; if they could unite with
those engaged in their morning devotions; if they could listen to the
faithful and able instruction of line upon line, and precept upon
precept, this list would cease to be a mere catalogue of names and
places, and would become alive with history.

Nobly are these missionaries doing their work. Let them have the
prayerful sympathy of those whom they represent. Let them feel that
their burdens are lightened and their days are brightened because they
are remembered by their home churches. Do not forget them when you
utter the prayer of our Master, "Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on
earth as it is in heaven."

These missionaries, teachers, and ministers, do not ask the compassion
of those who remain at home. They are happy in their chosen work. They
see the need as it cannot be told. They have a rich reward in the
assurance that their lives, which they have invested in this way, are
bringing abundant returns.

We call attention also to the supplemental list, which shows the names
and residences grouped together side by side. This grouping itself is
interesting as showing the nationality of our work. May we not hope
that these who have gone out from us shall be spared the anxiety and
sorrow which must come by a contraction of their work unless those
from whom they have gone shall be able to meet its pecuniary
necessities? Will not those to whom these words shall come unite their
prayers and contributions with those of the faithful workers at the
front, that they may be saved from the disaster of retreat from the
work to which they have given their hearts and hands?

MEMORANDUM.--It would be well for those who are interested in the
American Missionary Association work to preserve this February
magazine, because it contains the catalogue of our workers for the

       *       *       *       *       *


The Junior class is the best qualified that has entered within the
knowledge of the present teachers. The general standard of scholarship
steadily advances. The students are very useful in all kinds of church
and mission work in the city. Rev. C. H. Butler is doing excellent
work in place of his honored father, who was so long connected with
us. Dr. Pitzer, of the Southern Presbyterian Church, who was also long
our faithful co-worker, gave an eloquent address at our last
anniversary, and has just kindly remembered us with a valuable gift to
our library. Rev. Mr. Reoch, the new pastor of the Fifth
Congregational Church, is doing enthusiastic work in Rev. Mr. Jones'
place, and in place of Rev. Mr. Small, Rev. Dr. Little gives our
students the benefit of his rich experience as their instructor in
pastoral theology.

       *       *       *       *       *



We are beginning our year's work with much better promise than in any
previous year. Our enrollment is a fourth greater now than at the
close of October last year, when it was greater than ever before at
that time. Our boarding department is also filling up much faster.
Better than this is the very marked gain in the tone of the school and
in the character of the work done, and the orderliness and
studiousness of the pupils. It is cheering to look through the various
rooms and note the cheerful diligence with which they are at work.
The reverse side of all this is our lack of room, and the great
poverty of our people this year, caused by a most unfavorable season.
The generosity of our friends at the North can help us meet the
latter, and Christian Endeavor Hall would completely remove the former

       *       *       *       *       *


For the three months ending December 31, 1894, our receipts, as
compared with the corresponding months of the previous year, show a
slight increase in donations, but a falling off in estates, income and
tuition. The last item is sad, but not surprising, for the people in
the South are so utterly impoverished that the payment of tuition is
well-nigh impossible. On the side of expenditures, as compared with
last year, there has been reduction in all items, mission,
publication, collecting agency and administration, and yet the balance
of indebtedness for the three months is $15,671.10, which, added to
the previous indebtedness of $66,360.97, makes a total of $82,032.07.
We can only lay these figures before the friends of the poorest and
most depressed of the people of our land and invoke such help as
patriotism and Christianity will dictate.

       *       *       *       *       *


We call the attention of our readers once more to the observance of
Lincoln Memorial Day, February 10th being the Sunday nearest the
birthday of the Great Emancipator. Last year, in accordance with the
recommendation of our annual meeting, the churches interested in our
great work were invited to observe the day in commemoration of the
emancipation of the slaves in its bearings on the great work which
emancipation involved--the preparation of these people for their new
life. We regard the renewal of this observance as specially fitting
now, because the colored people of the South are passing through a
terrible ordeal, and need all the encouragement and help that is
possible, to save them from utter discouragement. It is said that the
work of this Association is among the agencies most helpful in their
elevation. Last year a Concert Exercise was prepared in this office
for the use of Sunday-schools, giving a sketch of the life of the
Great Emancipator. We have copies remaining, which we will gladly
forward when requested to do so. Pastors and school superintendents
may vary this exercise by introducing other patriotic addresses or
hymns in place of those given.

       *       *       *       *       *


Probably the two most unpopular men in New York fifty years ago were
Arthur and Lewis Tappan. They were ostracized, ridiculed, slandered,
mobbed, and their lives threatened. It is said that the best apples in
the orchard are on the tree that has the most clubs under it. If this
rule applies to people as well, then the Tappans were very good men.
They were honest and prosperous in business; they were sincere and
active Christians, giving liberally to all forms of benevolent effort,
foreign and home missions, the Bible and Tract Societies, theological
and college education, but their one great fault was _they were
abolitionists_--a fault that covered a multitude of their virtues.
They were both deeply interested in the American Missionary
Association, but Mr. Lewis Tappan was most active in its behalf, and
it is of him that we wish to speak.

[Illustration: (Portrait of Lewis Tappan.)]

Lewis Tappan took a prominent part in the organization of some of the
missionary societies that preceded the American Missionary
Association, and that were finally merged into it. He was very
efficient in his activities in securing the organization of the
Association, was present at the meeting in Albany, was elected one of
its executive board, and its first treasurer. This last office he held
for many years, entirely without compensation. He interested himself
in every form of its activities, and was a frequent contributor to THE
AMERICAN MISSIONARY. A * affixed to many articles shows a portion of
his contributions to the early issues of this periodical.

Mr. Tappan was an earnest Christian man and very conscientious in
regard to the distribution of his wealth. He wrote two tracts,
endeavoring to show that men should not accumulate property to be left
to be subject to litigation after death, but that it should be
expended during life. Mr. Tappan lived up to his own theory--giving
much during life and leaving little at his death.

Mr. Tappan had the gratification of seeing the slaves emancipated and
the still greater gratification of aiding with all his strength of
brain and purse in fitting them for the responsibilities and
privileges of their new life. His was a life worth living.

       *       *       *       *       *


[Illustration: (Portrait of William Jackson)]

When the American Missionary Association was formed in 1846 it was so
unpopular on account of its anti-slavery attitude that it was not easy
to find an able and influential man with sufficient courage to accept
its presidency. But the man was found. Hon. William Jackson, a citizen
of Boston, and an active and successful business man, was so deeply in
sympathy with the poor slave that he was willing to assume the
position, and all the more because others shrunk from it. Mr. Jackson
was a member of the Massachusetts Legislature, and afterward was
elected to Congress, and was subsequently reelected for another term
by an almost unanimous vote. He was selected by the Liberty Party as
its first candidate for Governor of the State of Massachusetts. He was
a warm and efficient advocate of the temperance cause. He devoted much
of his time and energies to the establishment of railroads in
Massachusetts--among others the Boston and Albany, Boston and
Worcester, and Providence and Worcester. In various capacities as
director or general agent he rendered efficient service in the work of
these roads. But the charm of Mr. Jackson's life was its Christian
element. At the age of thirty-seven he moved to Newton, Mass., where
he spent the remainder of his life. He was actively engaged in the
erection of the church edifice and gathering the new church, and was
steadfast in his attendance at the prayer meeting, monthly concert,
Sunday-school, and other exercises. Advancing years and failing health
led him to make a somewhat extended trip through Europe. But life was
coming to its end, and it closed with him in deepening interest in the
cause of Christ at home and abroad, and in the strongest assurances of
a triumphant faith.

       *       *       *       *       *


The venerable Dr. Cushing Eells left behind him many mementoes of his
remarkable activity in promoting educational and missionary work in
Oregon and Washington, on the Pacific coast. Nor with his decease has
his good work ceased. Two sons of his have gone forward in similar
lines of effort. His son, Major Edwin Eells, was one of the first
nominees of the American Missionary Association under General Grant's
Peace Policy, and he was renominated by us so long as we were allowed
to make nominations, and he has been continued ever since, making a
total service of twenty-three years and a half. During this time the
Indians have received titles to their lands and have become citizens.
His effective hand has been seen in all their improvement. But now we
learn that he has been notified that he is soon to be relieved. His
removal is said to be due solely to politics. We are sorry for the
Indians, and we are ashamed of a Government that will deprive them for
partisan purposes of a good agent.

Another son of Dr. Eells, Rev. Myron Eells, was appointed as a
missionary at the S'kokomish Agency by the American Board, and when the
transfer of missions was made he was continued at the post under the
American Missionary Association--a position that he still holds. The
subjoined sketch from his pen shows that in point of honesty, in some
respects, at least, the Indians surpass their white neighbors.

       *       *       *       *       *



During the late financial stringency the principal business man near
this reservation failed, and put his property into the hands of a
receiver. The S'kokomish Indians owed him about three thousand dollars,
and the whites owed him over twenty thousand. The first business of
the receiver was to try to collect these debts. After he had made
considerable effort in this direction he said to me substantially as
follows: "These Indians have made more honest efforts to pay these
debts than the whites have, as a whole."

As the Indians have become citizens they have been required to work
road taxes among their other duties. The road supervisor said to me:
"I obtained more satisfactory work out of the Indians than I did out
of the white men." The Indians had often said that the roads were
theirs, and they wanted to use them, so that they were not losing
anything, even if they worked a little over their time, and several of
them who were over fifty years of age voluntarily gave a day's work or
two. While the Indians by no means always do as I wish to have them,
yet these facts are encouraging.


       *       *       *       *       *

THE TRIALS OF MISSIONARY LIFE.--The hardships and dangers to which our
Indian missionaries are exposed are illustrated in the sad experience
of Rev. T. L. Riggs, the superintendent of the missions of the
Association at Oahe, S. D.

The exposure to the blazing sun and cutting winds and excessive cold
of the Dakota winters has produced acute inflammation of the eyes, so
that Mr. Riggs is entirely blind. We trust this is only temporary, but
the pain and confinement in a dark room, and necessary retirement from
the active work which Supt. Riggs so energetically carries on, are a
painful trial, and will awaken the sympathy of all our readers.

A sad affliction has also befallen our honored missionary, Dr. A. L.
Riggs, and his family, of Santee, Neb. Their little grandson, the
child of the missionary daughter in China, has recently died of
small-pox under very painful circumstances. The entire family in China
had this disease, but at last accounts all but the little child were

       *       *       *       *       *



I reached Pleasant Hill last Saturday, driving from Grand View. It is
of Grand View that I want to report first.

They are in the best condition that I have ever seen. The teachers are
doing well, and the new pastor has taken hold most earnestly and

No one can question the bringing in of the mountain people, both in
church and school. More than two-thirds of the pupils are of native
families, and the native people are filling the church. Mr. Dorman,
the new pastor, has put the second service into the evening again, so
as to get more of the mountain folk, and he succeeds. It was a grand
thing to get him, coming with so good an education and devoted spirit.
The people are feeling happier than for years, and coöperating

The institute is full. They cannot get on without more room. In the
primary grade they enroll sixty-nine, and have seats for twenty-eight.
The attendance is fairly well up to the enrollment and they absolutely
cannot get on long this way. It is a splendid work. The American
Missionary Association has reason to be proud of it, but it seems
imperative to have more room.

The work all over this portion of the mountains is thoroughly

       *       *       *       *       *



This autumn has been for me a season of hard labor, and, at the same
time, one of great rejoicing. For more than a month I have been
laboring night and day almost incessantly striving to lead souls to
Jesus, and the dear Lord has blessed me to see more than thirty happy
conversions. Tired, almost exhausted, still I must press on, for there
is yet much to be done.

In the meetings held this fall I have realized more fully than ever
before in my life the mighty power of the Spirit, and the blessedness
of the religion of the Lord Jesus Christ.

At a place in Scott County, Tenn., where I held a ten days' meeting,
this fact of the Holy Spirit's power and the blessedness of the
Christian religion was most beautifully illustrated, as the following
incident will show.

When I began preaching there the neighborhood was in a universal state
of ferment. Fussings, fightings, hard feelings between neighbors were
everywhere; and between denominations most bitter prejudice and cruel
jealousies. There were men there, close neighbors and kinsfolk, who
had not spoken to each other for three years. Some were so angry with
each other that they were fighting occasionally and trying to kill
each other. They came to church with their pistols in their pockets to
shoot each other, and I expected that we might have war in the church
yard at any time and men killed. But while they held their thumbs on
their pistol hammers I wielded the hammer of God's word with
unrelenting force. While they were getting ready to fire revolvers I
was firing red hot gospel shot into them with deadly effect. Their
hard hearts softened, they weakened, they fell before the sword of the
Spirit. Strong men broke down and wept like children. Grasping each
other by the hand, embracing each other in their arms amidst a flood
of tears, they confessed to each other their faults, and begged pardon
and prayed and shouted as I never saw men do before in my life.
Hostile enemies were made happy friends, would-be murderers were
converted to God, hard feelings among neighbors were swept away,
denominational prejudice was forgotten, and brotherly love and
Christian peace reigned supreme. And besides this some twenty-five
precious souls were saved; among them an old grandmother was brought
to Jesus. And still the good work goes on.

Praise the Lord for His wonderful love and for His mighty power which
He has manifested in the salvation of precious souls.

       *       *       *       *       *


_A Charming Picture of Self-Sacrifice._


The extreme poverty among many of the colored people of Wilmington, N.
C., led me to think that there would be many families that would have
no Christmas gifts unless given by those who could spare, even from
their scant living, a portion to be given to those wholly destitute.
Accordingly I invited the children in all the rooms in Gregory
Institute to bring such offerings as they were willing to make, to be
afterward distributed to those who otherwise would have no Christmas
and were without the necessities of life even. The idea seemed to meet
with general approval among teachers and pupils. Friday, the last day
before the Christmas vacation, was appointed to bring in the gifts,
and the amount contributed wholly exceeded our most extravagant hopes.
Shortly after 8 o'clock the school children began to arrive laden with
gifts, consisting of almost every imaginable article that could be
used. Some brought a sweet potato--always the largest they could
find--others a pound of sugar, rice, flour, bacon, pork, beans, peas,
corn meal, cabbages, turnips, tea, coffee, matches, apples, oranges,
grits, and if there are any other things to be found among eatables I
think I can produce them from the packages now deposited in the sewing

Besides this quite a quantity of wood was brought, and a good
supply--several bundles, at least--of fat pine for lighters, and
considerable clothing. One special gift I must mention. It was from a
little girl in the primary class. The girl is about eleven or twelve
years old, and very poor. She worked all last summer and saved her
money to pay her tuition in our school this year, and, as I have
learned, had secured nearly enough to pay her tuition during the year.
But, alas, poor little Mary. For some reason, probably to get the food
necessary to live, her mother was obliged to take her hard earned and
slowly accumulated money, and before school began she found that what
she had so long hoped and planned for she could not realize. However,
she did not give up her cherished plan of coming to school, but worked
away, got her some clothes, and about the first of November presented
herself as wishing to come to school. She brought all the money she
had left, _ten cents_, and said if I would only let her come she was
sure she could pay the rest before long. I kept track of her and found
from her teacher that the poor girl could not obtain anything further
for her tuition, but that she was a very promising girl, so I have let
her come, and I have prayed that some one may be led to contribute $8
for her tuition. But what surprised me most was the Christmas offering
this child made. Just before school called, she came tugging two large
sticks of wood, the combined weight being twenty pounds. This she had
got cut into two pieces and had carried it more than a mile in order
that some one poorer than she might be blessed at Christmas time. This
little incident made me feel that I had never known sacrifice
before--for here was one who often goes hungry to bed, without any of
the comforts of life, yet to make others happy gave literally "all she
had." Truly were the blessed Lord here His words regarding the poor
widow must have been repeated. I feel that the wood she brought is
almost too sacred to be put to common use. I would that a piece of it
were in every Christian home to teach the lesson of true sacrifice.

On Christmas morning a dozen homes will be made happy by these humble
gifts. One old lady in our visits we found so destitute that she had
tasted nothing from Saturday night till Tuesday, when one of the girls
of Gregory school took her in her breakfast. The old lady telling
about it said she knew the Lord would not let her starve. The teachers
have voluntarily taxed themselves ten cents a month, which provides
for her food at least. I need not multiply these cases. Many
sacrifices in kind, if not in degree, could be mentioned equal to that
of little Mary, and many cases of need as extreme as that of "Aunt
Maggie." The scanty purses of the A. M. A. teachers, many of whom, as
in my own case, are obliged to economize in every way to keep our own
families from actual want, are inadequate to meet the demand, and why
should we multiply their cases on our minds when we are powerless to

       *       *       *       *       *



_Dear Friends_: I want to tell you of our Junior Thanksgiving service
last Wednesday eve. The meeting was led by a Junior. After prayer by
one of the members the leader asked of each one: "What have _you_ to
be thankful for?" We had so many blessings given that a large
blackboard was covered, with reports of the many "thankfulnesses." The
following are a few of the many: "For Christ most of all," "the Holy
Bible," "health," "warm sunshine," "blue sky," "I don't know of
anything I'm _not_ thankful for," "for plenty of everything, bread and
fruit and everything to eat," "for forgiveness," "Junior meetings,"
"to bring wood and water for our mothers and fathers." One of the
several four-year-olds in school was thankful for a "stove, love (for)
our brothers, to play, eatin' an' things to cook it in."

And this same little boy, who comes from a home anything but
attractive, had this sentence in his prayer, "thankful for home."
Another dear Junior was thankful for good times and "for my little
sister an' father an' mother." "The privilege to go to school" was
another cause of thankfulness, while many times, both in prayer and
speaking, was "the dear teacher" mentioned.

The prayers were earnest, simple and sincere, and I felt much nearer
heaven after the little ones had gone from their childish meeting. And
I felt more than ever before the divine presence with us. The Juniors
carry their Christian ideas into everything. In school one day I asked
"What is the _heart_ for?" And a little girl (a Junior) replied
quickly "To let _Jesus_ come in."

As the hoped-for advancement lies with the children, I feel that the
work is very encouraging.

       *       *       *       *       *

TO HELP HER OWN PEOPLE.--A minister in a Northern State sends to us a
check for $500, which he says is the gift of a colored lady of over
seventy years of age, to aid in the education of her people in the
South. She has $500 more, which she retained for the present in view
of emergencies, but which she intends ultimately to give to the
Association for the same purpose. The minister says she is
intelligent, a diligent reader, and an interesting person to meet. She
has been a tailoress and probably has earned most of her money with
her needle. Such a person is an honor to her race and to the church of

       *       *       *       *       *



Our mission churches of the South reach different classes of people.
Some are in the large cities, others in populous towns, others in
smaller country villages, and still others in entirely rural districts
among the plantations. The methods of these churches vary as widely as
their location. Some of them take advantage of institutional methods
of church work in all their various forms of Christian service. Many
churches which do not undertake so large a distribution of effort
still have their circles of King's Sons and Daughters, missionary
societies, and, almost everywhere, their Christian Endeavor Societies.
Many of the smaller churches have day schools closely associated with
the congregation, sometimes under the conduct of the pastor or his
wife, or both.


Among our more prominent churches is the Howard Chapel, of Nashville,
Tenn., a picture of which, with the new parsonage, is found on this
page. This church is located on the original site of Fisk University,
and was formerly the chapel of the University. The building is a
commodious brick structure. The church has had many fluctuations in
its membership and condition, but under its present pastor, Rev. J. E.
Moorland, formerly Y. M. C. A. secretary at Washington, D. C., it has
taken on new life and vigor. The membership has rapidly grown. All the
various forms of Christian activity are thoroughly organized, and the
pastor has commended himself not only to the members of the church and
congregation, but to the residents of all that portion of the city.
Lately the congregation took up the question of affording their pastor
a parsonage, and have built a neat and comfortable structure at the
side of the church, which they are now making payment for from their
own means.


In strong contrast with this city church work is the McElderry
Mission, formed and carried on by Rev. J. M. Roan, of Ironaton, Ala.
Mr. Roan, like many other pastors, was anxious that his church should
take hold of aggressive Christian work, and formed a mission at some
distance from the church, out among the plantations. His young men
took hold vigorously with him in the new work and put up the log cabin
chapel, which is shown in the accompanying illustration. It is an
interesting indication of their Christian consecration that the
members of this mission church were so desirous to take hold
themselves of mission work among those of their people still less
favored than they. Mr. Roan says that they are proud of their little
log cabin mission, and that its congregation has steadily increased.
There are now nine Congregational members living near the mission. Of
late there has been quite a desire on the part of many to build a
church in place of the mission cabin, and the people are already
beginning to raise means for this purpose. A flourishing Sunday-school
is carried on in connection with this mission work.

       *       *       *       *       *



The new year of our Chinese Mission opened cloudily. We had passed
through three months of close and anxious questioning about ways and
means; most of the teachers and helpers had received no salary for
from one to three months. Hard times had been crowding our Chinese out
of employment. Families in which they had served felt compelled to do
without them. They were moving to and fro with less inclination to
study, or, possibly, to listen to the word of life, than in the days
when plenty of hard work left them weary in frame, but not heartsore.

At any rate--for these reasons or for others--the reports for
September were, on the whole, less cheering, I think, than any I had
ever received; but now, with the October reports all at hand, we find
the clouds breaking away and have "sunshine in our souls."

The membership of the schools was larger by 33 and the average
attendance by 17, but the gleams that bring best cheer are such as

From Chin Foy, in Sacramento: "Eight names have been signed to pledge
cards for the Christian Endeavor members. Hope this society will be
established before long. Four new members have united with our
Association [thus professing faith in Christ and full consecration to
Him. W. C. P.], and three brethren expect to be baptized by Dr. Hoyt
and to unite with the church next communion. Thank God for His
blessing. The work is encouraging lately." This brother, whose name
may be familiar to the constant and attentive readers of THE
MISSIONARY, and who has been for ten years or more one of our most
useful helpers, instructs me to reduce his scanty salary two-thirds
(from $30 to $10 per month), and will try to make up what is lacking
by other work, so that with our reduced resources our work may not be

Loo Quong writes from Fresno concerning a sick brother who was
converted in China, and has never been identified with any of our
missions: "Miss Beaton [the teacher] found him sick on the street and
asked him to come and live in the mission, in God's name. No one dared
to speak for him to help him in any way whatever, outside our mission.
I asked him, at length, after he had been with us many months, if he
would like to go back home. He says it would be the best way. Thus far
I succeeded in taking up subscriptions for his passage. [There are
$45.30 outside of Fresno, and $28 which was taken up here.] The
Christian Endeavor of the Congregational Church, through Rev. J. H.
Collins, their pastor, gave him passage from here to San Francisco. It
was a kind act of them all. I think God has blessed us all by enabling
us to have this thing done so well in His name, because Mr. Lai Fat
[the beneficiary] is not a member of the Association, nor have any of
us known him before. May God send him to his family all right, and may
his family be blessed through his return to them, and may the Lord
spare him many days with his family in order to lead them to Christ!"
Surely there is a gleam of sunshine in this act of Christian love.
All, or nearly all, our missions joined in it. It is really no unusual
thing with us.

Miss Bradley, of Ventura, writes: "As soon as Yong Kay came [who
divides his time as helper between the two neighboring missions of
Santa Barbara and Ventura] he began measures to revive our C. E.
Society, and now we have one of twelve members. Its meeting are held
on Friday evening, commencing about 9 o clock, and continuing
indefinitely. It is wonderful how they seem to realize the meaning of
the pledge and keep true to it. There is no lagging; no 'awful
pauses.' About two weeks ago they began preparations for a Christian
Endeavor social. Invitations were sent out to all the ministers and
other Christians specially interested in missions. More than fifty
assembled and listened to the programme, which lasted about an hour.
Yong Kay's address was very fine; his use of Scripture was so apt, and
his illustrations so good, Yong Wo Quon, a good, earnest Christian,
will join the church next Sunday morning. I am satisfied that he
understands the step he is taking, and that he will be a great help to

In like manner from Santa Cruz comes this word: "I am most happy to
write that the Chinese I asked you to pray for has joined the
Association and is very happy in our Christian work. Let us continue
to pray for two others who are holding back, but are 'almost
persuaded,'" and from Joe Dun, in our new mission at Watsonville,
this: "We do thank the Lord for His choosing and saving souls. Tuesday
evening of last week one of the associate members [_i.e._, of the new
C. E. society] became active. Last night we have meeting, and he rose
and gave testimony. Said he: 'I am glad to-night, for I believed in
Jesus Christ, and He will save my soul.'"

But my space is more than filled. We rejoice and take courage.

       *       *       *       *       *


Apropos of the roll of our missionaries and teachers we quote an
eloquent tribute from one of the children of the American Missionary
Association who is now the strong pastor of a strong church in the
South. He alludes to a teacher who had devoted many years of her life
to our missionary work and had brought to it a sweetness of spirit and
devotion that had won the confidence and inspired the zeal of those
for whom she labored. We quote:

"The work which these teachers did was the result of no small
sacrifice. For a woman to leave her Northern home of comfort and
refinement to come South to engage in such a work and all that it
implies was not a popular thing even at the North, but in spite of
unpopularity at the North and unworthy treatment at the South, these
self-exiled men and women wrought wonderfully. They proved the best
friends that the black man has ever had. In the school they showed us
the light of letters, which had never before dawned upon us. In the
church they showed us the Light of the world, which was strangely dim
in our souls. In the shop they showed us the light of life about us,
of which we were densely ignorant. Thoughtful minds, skillful hands,
enlightened hearts--this is the heritage they brought us.

"Throughout the length and breadth of the Southland there are such
women among us working in a humble way. The work done by these moral
heroes and heroines is work in the shade, but one day, when the
sunlight of God's justice shall shine upon it, as it surely will, men
will see it and admire it. For these friends we are devoutly grateful.
Deep down in our hearts, too deep in many cases for tears, lies the
feeling of whole-souled gratitude for these moral heroes and heroines.
The half has never been told. We thank God for those who left home and
went to the war to die, if need be, that the slave might be free. But
we thank God equally for those brave men and braver women who, before
the smoke of battle cleared away, came South, and, with the spelling
book in one hand and God's holy word in the other, set the millions of
freedmen on the way toward reading, reasoning and righteousness.
Around God's throne may their crowns of life eternal glitter with the
penitential tears of a grateful people redeemed unto a common Father
by their prayers, their tears, their lives!"

       *       *       *       *       *

Our last Annual Report is printed, and will be sent to those making
application for it to this office.

       *       *       *       *       *



The following list gives the names of those who are in the work of the
Churches, Institutions and Schools of the American Missionary


  Rev. G. S. Dickerman, Field Superintendent.
   "  George W. Moore, Field Missionary.
  Mr. E. E. McKibban, Builder.
   "  Gilbert Walton, General Mountain Missionary.



  Rev. J. E. Rankin, D.D., LL.D.,               Washington, D. C.
   "   J. L. Ewell, A.M.,                       Washington, D. C.
   "   Isaac Clark, A.M.,                       Washington, D. C.
   "   George O. Little, D.D.,                  Washington, D. C.
   "   Sterling N. Brown, A.M.,                 Washington, D. C.
   "   Charles H. Butler,                       Washington, D. C.
   "   Adam Reoch, A.B.,                        Washington, D. C.
   "   Teunis S. Hamlin, D.D.,                  Washington, D. C.
   "   John T. Jenifer,                         Washington, D. C.
   "   Eugene Johnson,                          Washington, D. C.
  Prof. Wm. J. Stephens,                        Washington, D. C.
  Mr. Clement L. Brumbaugh,                     Washington, D. C.

  1701 11th St., N. W.

  _Pastor and Missionary_,
  Rev. E. A. Johnson,                           Washington, D. C.
  Mrs. E. A. Johnson,                           Washington, D. C.


  Rev. S. N. Brown,                             Washington, D. C.




  _Principal._--Prof. W. B. Weaver,             Cappahosic, Va.
  Mrs. A. B. Weaver,                            Cappahosic, Va.
  Miss Lizzie Baytop,                           Ark, Va.
   "   Carrie E. Steele,                        Charleston, S. C.
   "   Estelle I. Sprague,                      Takoma Park, D. C.
  Mr. D. D. Weaver,                             Cappahosic, Va.
   "  J. H. Lockley,                            Cappahosic, Va.



  Rev. Frank W. Sims, Aberdeen, Miss.

  GREGORY INSTITUTE (613 Nun Street).

  _Principal._--Prof. F. T. Waters, A.M.,       Oberlin, O.
  Miss Jennie L. Blowers,                       Westfield, N. Y.
   "   Susan M. Marsh,                          E. Northfield, Mass.
  Mrs. Virginia C. Logie,                       St. Louis, Mo.
  Miss Georgia M. Belyea,                       Ashland, N. B.
   "   Stella M. Hopkinson,                     Oberlin, O.
   "   Minnie T. Strout,                        Salem, Mass.
   "   Katharine M. Jacobs,                     S. Hadley Falls, Mass.
   "   Mary L. Thompson,                        Rouse's Point, N. Y.
   "   Emma J. Bryce,                           Springfield, Ont.
  Mrs. Lucy M. Mellen,                          Oberlin, O.


  Rev. J. P. Sims,                              Talladega, Ala.


  _Principal._--Prof. Fred. S. Hitchcock,       Cambridgeport, Mass.
  Mrs. Fred. S. Hitchcock,                      Cambridgeport, Mass.
  Miss Ella Louise Cheney,                      Oberlin, O.
   "   Anna M. Cooper,                          Boalsburg, Pa.
   "   Lilla L. Johnson,                        Sherburne, Vt.


  Rev. S. P. Smith,                             Chicago, Ill.


  _Minister and General Missionary_,
  Rev. A. W. Curtis, D.D.,                      Crete, Neb.


  _Minister and Missionary_,
  Rev. Anthony Peden,                           Oaks, N. C.

  _Teacher at Oaks_,
  Miss E. W. Douglass,                          Decorah, Iowa.

  _Teacher at Cedar Cliff_,
  Mr. Wm. R. Hall,                              Raleigh, N. C.

  _Teacher at Melville_,
  Miss Jennie S. Irwin,                         Raleigh, N. C.


  Rev. S. S. Sevier,                            McLeansville, N. C.

  _Teachers at McLeansville_,
  Mrs. Elizabeth Smith,                         McLeansville, N. C.
   "   S. S. Sevier,                            McLeansville, N. C.


  Miss Bessie C. Bechan,                        Toronto, Canada.
   "   Julia H. Curtis,                         Syracuse, N. Y.


  Mr. Solomon A. Stanford,                      Oaks, N. C.


  Rev. Z. Simmons,                              Strieby, N. C.

  _Teacher at Strieby_,
  Mr. H. R. Walden,                             Strieby, N. C.

  _Special Missionary, High Point_,
  Miss A. E. Farrington,                        Portland, Me.


  Rev. C. C. Collins,                           Newark, N. J.

  _Teachers at Troy_,
  Miss Evelyn Segsworth,                        Toronto, Canada.
   "   Laura G. Segsworth,                      Toronto, Canada.

  _Teacher at Pekin_,
  Mr. Columbus Green,                           Pekin, N. C.

  _Teacher at Dry Creek_,
  Mrs. Kate J. P. Green,                        Dry Creek, N. C.

  _Teacher at Nalls_,
  Mr. R. H. Saunders,                           Nalls, N. C.


  _Teacher and Preacher_,
  Mr. W. D. Newkirk,                            Carter's Mills, N. C.

ALL HEALING (King's Mountain P. O.).


  _Principal._--Miss Lillian S. Cathcart,       Minneapolis, Minn.
  Miss May E. Newton,                           Springfield, Mo.
   "   Susie T. Cathcart,                       Tangerine, Fla.
   "   Nellie D. Cooley,                        North Amherst, Mass.
   "   Isadore M. Caughey,                      North Kingsville, Ohio.



  _Principal._--Miss F. Annette Jackson,        Hudsonville, Tenn.
  Miss Agnes Ruth Mitchell,                     Acworth, N. H.
   "   Lillian Lavinia Goar,                    Montevideo, Minn.
   "   N. S. Dennis,                            Salem, Mich.


  _Pioneer Evangelist_,
  Rev. E. W. Hollies, Topeka, Kan.

  _Principal._--Miss Mary C. Phelps, Ph.B.,     Nova, Ohio.
  Miss Hattie M. Fairchild,                     Frankfort, Mich.
   "   Minnie A. Hollies,                       Topeka, Kan.
  Rev. E. W. Hollies,                           Topeka, Kan.
  Mrs. S. Hollies,                              Topeka, Kan.


  Rev. Robert Humphrey,                         Whittier, N. C.

  Rev. Robert Humphrey,                         Whittier, N. C.
  Mrs. Olive A. Humphrey,                       Whittier, N. C.


  Rev. Enrico Vinay,                            Valdese, N. C.

  Mr. M. A. Jahier,                             Valdese, N. C.
   "  Antoine Grill,                            Valdese, N. C.


  Rev. W. A. Hamet,                             Brevard, N. C.


  Rev. L. C. White,                             Mooresboro, N. C.



  Rev. George C. Rowe,                          Charleston, S. C.

  AVERY NORMAL INSTITUTE (57, 59 Bull Street).

  _Principal._--Prof. Morrison A. Holmes,       Lee, Mass.
  Miss Maude L. Barnum,                         Oberlin, Ohio.
   "   Mary T. Richardson, B.A.,                Chicago, Ill.
   "   Maude A. Robinson,                       Battle Creek, Mich.
  Mr. Edward A. Lawrence,                       Charleston, S. C.
  Miss Mary L. Deas,                            Charleston, S. C.
   "   Marion R. Birnie,                        Charleston, S. C.
   "   Lora D. Tanner,                          Grand Ledge, Mich.
  Mrs. M. A. Holmes,                            Lee, Mass.


  Rev. J. M. Robinson,                          Detroit, Mich.


  _Principal._--Rev. J. M. Robinson,            Detroit, Mich.
  Mrs. J. M. Robinson,                          Detroit, Mich.
  Miss Julia P. Seymour,                        Rootstown, Ohio.
   "   Julia R. Mitchell,                       Utica, N. Y.
   "   Clara S. Boyd,                           Greenfield, Ohio.
   "   Harriet E. Bell,                         Brecksville, Ohio.
   "   Marie E. Hoover,                         Rushville, N. Y.
   "   Jennie M. Street,                        Detroit, Mich.
   "   Alice A. Holmes,                         Lansing, Mich.


  Rev. E. H. Wilson,                            Columbia, S. C.




  Rev. H. H. Proctor,                           Nashville, Tenn.

  STORRS SCHOOL (120 Houston St.).

  _Principal._--Miss Ella E. Roper,             Worcester, Mass.
  Miss Julia A. Condict,                        Adrian, Mich.
   "   Carrie E. Tambling,                      Oberlin, Ohio.
   "   Alice A. Clarke,                         North Hannibal, N. Y.
   "   A. Laura Humphries,                      Marathon, Iowa.
   "   Nina B. Mosher,                          Painesville, Ohio.
  Mrs. A. S. Webber,                            Worcester, Mass.

  [A] This church is self-supporting.


  Rev. John R. McLean, Macon, Ga.

  _Principal._--Prof. Geo. C. Burrage, A.B.,    Worcester, Mass.
  Miss Eva F. Chesley,                          E. Harrington, N. H.
  Mrs. John Orr,                                Olivet, Mich.
  Miss E. B. Scobie,                            Everett, Ohio.
   "   Ruth M. French,                          Hudson, Ohio.
   "   Carrie E. Browne,                        West Bloomfield, N. Y.
   "   Lucy E. Fairbanks,                       Woodstock, Vt.
   "   Anna M. Woodruff,                        Rose View, N. Y.
   "   M. R. Ruckman,                           La Porte, Indiana.
   "   Helen Hanson,                            Stoneham, Mass.
   "   Clara A. Dole,                           Parkman, Ohio.
   "   Kate L. Snow,                            Fredonia, N. Y.
  Mr.  John Orr,                                Olivet, Mich.


  [B]Rev. L. B. Maxwell,                        Savannah, Ga.

  BEACH INSTITUTE (30 Harris St.).

  _Principal._--Miss Julia B. Ford,             Morristown, N. J.
  Miss Ada Louise Wilcox,                       Monroe, Mich.
   "   May Belle Nicholson,                     Kalamazoo, Mich.
   "   L. J. Hanscom,                           Winthrop, Maine.
   "   Julia E. McMillan,                       Oberlin, O.
   "   Nellie J. Arnott,                        Nashua, Iowa.
   "   L. C. Holman,                            Vincennes, Iowa.

  [B] This church is self-supporting.


  _Minister and Missionary_,
  Rev. Chas. F. Sargent,                        Thomasville, Ga.


  _Principal._--Miss A. Merriam,                Westboro, Mass.
  Miss C. M. Dox,                               Kalamazoo, Mich.
   "   Edna Harris,                             Huron, Ohio.
   "   Nellie D. Sheldon,                       New York City.
   "   B. R. Parmenter,                         Rockford, Iowa.
   "   Frances M. Williams,                     Orange, N. J.
   "   Minerva A. Kinney,                       Whitewater, Wis.
  Mr. H. C. Sargent,                            Thomasville, Ga.


  Rev. R. B. Johns, Reading, Pa.


  _Principal._--Prof. Fred. W. Foster,          Castine, Me.
  Miss Charlotte J. Knowlton,                   Creston, Ohio.
   "   Jennie Curtis,                           Housatonic, Mass.
   "   S. Josephine Scott,                      Hamilton, Ohio.
   "   Emma J. Rosecrans,                       Hammond, Ohio.
   "   Nellie I. Reed,                          Oberlin, Ohio.
   "   Carrie E. Leadbetter,                    Pulpit Harbor, Me.
   "   Harriet E. Leach,                        Norwich, Conn.
  Mrs. Mary W. Foster,                          Castine, Me.
  Mr. B. F. Perkins,                            Castine, Me.

CYPRESS SLASH. (P. O. McIntosh.)

  Rev. J. A. Jones,                             Talladega, Ala.


  Rev. Wilson Callen,                           Savannah, Ga.


  Rev. Paul L. La Cour,                         Athens, Ga.


  _Principal._--Prof. L. S. Clark,              Athens, Ga.
  Miss Emma S. Morton,                          Athens, Ga.
   "   Eliza B. Twiggs,                         Athens, Ga.
  Mrs. P. L. La Cour,                           Athens, Ga.


  Mrs. A. W. Richardson,                        Marshallville, Ga.
  Miss L. J. Blackmore,                         Woodville, Miss.
   "   A. R. Magrath,                           Charleston, S. C.

WOODVILLE. (P. O. Savannah.)

  _Minister and Teacher_,
  Rev. J. H. H. Sengstacke,                     Savannah, Ga.
  Mr. J. Loyd,                                  Savannah, Ga.


  _Minister and Teacher_,
  Rev. Calvin Lane,                             Marietta, Ga.
  Mrs. Calvin Lane,                             Marietta, Ga.


  Mr. F. H. Henderson,                          Cuthbert, Ga.
  Mrs. F. H. Henderson,                         Cuthbert, Ga.



  _Principal._--Prof. Thos. S. Inborden,        Oberlin, Ohio.
  Mr. Isadore Martin,                           Charleston, S. C.
  Mrs. Alice Davis,                             Oberlin, Ohio.
  Miss Lincolnia C. Haynes,                     Macon, Ga.



  Mr. A. W. Bowman,                             Bainbridge, Ga.


  Rev. H. T. Johnson,                           Newburgh, N. Y.

  _Teacher at Rutland_,
  Mrs. E. S. Johnson,                           Newburgh, N. Y.


  Miss ----                                       ----
   "   ----                                       ----



  Rev. T. S. Perry,                             Limerick, Me.


  _Principal._--Prof. B. D. Rowlee,             Fulton, N. Y.
  Miss Edith M. Robinson,                       Battle Creek, Mich.
   "   Helen S. Loveland,                       Newark Valley, N. Y.
   "   Margaret A. Ball,                        Orange Park, Fla.
   "   Carrie E. Bishop,                        New Haven, Conn.
   "   Mary E. Sands,                           Saco, Maine.
   "   Harriet M. Smith,                        Hartington, Neb.
  Mrs. Julia E. Rowlee,                         Fulton, N. Y.
   "   Julia E. Titus,                          Moravia, N. Y.
  Mr. Otis S. Dickinson,                        Granville, Mass.


  _Principal._--Miss Mattie J. Brydie,          Athens, Ga.
  Miss Sarah L. Hunt,                           Sparta, Ga.
   "   Mary A. McClelland,                      Nashville, Tenn.



  Rev. Spencer Snell,                           Talladega, Ala.


  _President._--Rev. H. S. De Forest, D.D.,     Talladega, Ala.
  Rev. Geo. W. Andrews, D.D.,                   Talladega, Ala.
  Prof. William E. Hutchison,                   Talladega, Ala.
   "    Martin Lovering, A.B.,                  Tuckahoe, N. Y.
   "    Edwin C. Silsby,                        Talladega, Ala.
  Mr. Edgar A. Bishop, B.S.,                    Talladega, Ala.
   "  George Williamson,                        Talladega, Ala.
  Prof. Herbert F. Burrage, B.S.,               Worcester, Mass.
  Miss J. A. Ainsworth,                         Hyde Park, Mass.
   "   Etta M. Hitchcock,                       Lewis, N. Y.
   "   Emma F. King,                            Elmhurst, Ill.
   "   Harriet Towne,                           Langdon, N. H.
   "   Caroline E. Frost,                       Methuen, Mass.
   "   Harriet E. White,                        Olivet, Mich.
   "   Justia C. Hoy,                           Bellefonte, Pa.
   "   Ada J. Ringheim,                         Nevada, Iowa.
   "   Louie Savery,                            Talladega, Ala.
   "   Susan Sands,                             Belmont, Iowa.
   "   Clara E. Noble,                          Valparaiso, Ind.
   "   Ruth K. Kingsley,                        Syracuse, N. Y.
   "   A. B. Chalfant,                          Lebanon, S. D.
   "   L. A. Pingree,                           Denmark, Me.
  Mrs. A. E. Foote,                             Omaha, Neb.


  Rev. W. J. Larkin,                            Marion, Ala.


  _Principal._--Miss M. E. Wilcox,              Benson, Minn.
  Miss Edna M. Heald,                           Nashua, Iowa.
   "   Lillian J. Beecroft,                     Madison, Wis.
   "   Minnie M. Gates,                         Phoenix, N. Y.
   "   Mary D. Hyde,                            Mazeppa, Minn.
   "   Ida C. Chapin,                           Gasport, N. Y.
  Mrs. W. J. Larkin,                            Marion, Ala.


  Rev. J. S. Jackson,                           Montgomery, Ala.


  Rev. J. J. Scott,                             Alco, Ala.


  Rev. Marion S. Jones,                         Tougaloo, Miss.


  Miss Mary E. McLane,                          New Haven, Conn.
  Mrs. H. S. Williams,                          Athens, Ala.
  Miss L. E. Woodruff,                          Sheffield, Ohio.
   "   Mary E. Perkins,                         Norwich, Conn.


  Rev. A. T. Burnell,                           Denver, Col.

  BURRELL SCHOOL (366 Selma St.).

  Principal.--Rev. A. T. Burnell, Ph.D.,        Denver, Col.
  Mrs. Mary A. Burnell,                         Denver, Col.
  Miss Edith M. Thatcher,                       Oberlin, Ohio.
   "   Myra J. Lamb,                            Ladoga, Wis.
   "   Helen M. Hyde,                           Sandy Hill, N. Y.
  Mr. James A. Merriman,                        Selma, Ala.
  Mrs. N. D. Merriman,                          Selma, Ala.
   "   Mary A. Dillard,                         Selma, Ala.


  Rev. Z. Jones,                                Talladega, Ala.


  Rev. M. L. Baldwin,                           Talladega, Ala.


  Rev. J. I. Donaldson,                         Talladega, Ala.


  Rev. J. B. Grant,                             Talladega, Ala.


  _Minister and Teacher_,
  Rev. J. M. Roan,                              Talladega, Ala.
  Mrs. J. M. Roan,                              Talladega, Ala.


  Rev. A. Simmons,                              Shelby, Ala.


  Rev. W. P. Hamilton,                          Talladega, Ala.


  Rev. James Brown,                             Anniston, Ala.


  Rev. J. R. Sims,                              Talladega, Ala.


  Rev. J. L. Cole,                              Birmingham, Ala.


  Rev. ----                                       ----



  _Principal._--Prof. H. E. Sargent,            Clearwater, Minn.
  Mrs. H. E. Sargent,                           Clearwater, Minn.
  Miss Edith M. Hatfield,                       Charlestown, Ohio.
   "   Libbie A. Hatfield,                      Charlestown, Ohio.
   "   Edith E. Lamb,                           Ladoga, Wis.


  Rev. William L. Johnson,                      Florence, Ala.


  Rev. William L. Johnson,                      Florence, Ala.
  Miss Mary Lucy Corpier,                       Florence, Ala.

COTTON VALLEY (P. O. Fort Davis).


  _Principal._--Miss Lilla V. Davis,            Boston, Mass.
  Miss Hattie A. DeJarnette,                    Montgomery, Ala.
   "   Corrie N. Johnson,                       Oberlin, Ohio.


  Rev. D. M. Lewis,                             Blocton, Ala.



  Rev. Chas. W. Dunn,                           Nashville, Tenn.


  _President._--Rev. E. M. Cravath, D.D.,       Nashville, Tenn.
  Rev. A. K. Spence, A.M.,                      Nashville, Tenn.
   "   F. A. Chase, A.M.,                       Nashville, Tenn.
   "   E. C. Stickel, A.M.,                     Nashville, Tenn.
  Prof. Charles W. Dunn, A.M., B.D.,            Nashville, Tenn.
  Rev. Eugene Harris, A.M., B.D.,               Nashville, Tenn.
  Prof. H. C. Morgan, A.M.,                     Nashville, Tenn.
   "    H. H. Wright, A.M.,                     Nashville, Tenn.
  Miss Anna T. Ballantine,                      Nashville, Tenn.
   "   Dora A. Scribner, B.A.,                  Gossville, N. H.
   "   Emma L. Parsons, M.A.,                   Le Roy, N. Y.
   "   Mary A. Spence, M.A.,                    Nashville, Tenn.
   "   Mary A. Bye, B.S.,                       Minneapolis, Minn.
   "   M. Antoinette Kellogg,                   Elmira, N. Y.
   "   Alice M. Garsden,                        Westmoreland, N. Y.
   "   Caroline Wandell,                        Phoenix, N. Y.
   "   Alice L. Walker, Ph.B.,                  Grinnell, Iowa.
   "   Nellie F. Comings,                       St. Paul, Minn.
   "   Miriam E. Carey,                         Freeport, Ill.
   "   Emily R. Bishop,                         Keene, N. H.
  Mrs. Lucy R. Greene,                          Amherst, Mass.
  Miss Jennie A. Robinson,                      Nashville, Tenn.
   "   Mary E. Chamberlain,                     Nashville, Tenn.
  Mrs. Luretta C. Stickel, B.L.,                Nashville, Tenn.
  Miss Alice M. Grass,                          Bryan, O.
   "   Frances L. Yeomans,                      Danville, Ill.
  Mrs. W. D. McFarland,                         Granby, Conn.
  Miss Frances M. Andrews,                      Milltown, N. B.
   "   Susan A. Cooley,                         Bavaria, Kan.
  Mrs. Alice M. Brown,                          Rochester, N. Y.


  Rev. J. E. Moorland,                          Nashville, Tenn.


  Rev. E. E. Scott,                             Nashville, Tenn.


  [Supplied from Fisk Theological Seminary.]


  [C]Rev. George V. Clark, Atlanta, Ga.

  LE MOYNE INSTITUTE (294 Orleans St.).

  _Principal._--Prof. Andrew J. Steele, A.M.,   Whitewater, Wis.
  Miss Esther A. Barnes,                        Tallmadge, O.
   "   Luella Waring,                           Kalamazoo, Mich.
   "   Ella A. Hamilton,                        Whitewater, Wis.
   "   Celestia S. Goldsmith,                   Chester, N. H.
   "   Mary W. Bryant,                          Dell Rapids, S. Dak.
   "   Nellie Bishop,                           Palmyra, Wis.
   "   Emma O. Kennedy,                         Memphis, Tenn.
   "   Cornelia E. Lewis,                       Memphis, Tenn.
   "   Mary E. Johnson,                         Bailey, Tenn.
   "   Mary E. Brereton,                        Acorn, Wis.
   "   Mary E. Simonds,                         Hartland, Wis.
  Mrs. M. L. Jenkins,                           Chautauqua, N. Y.
   "   B. C. Brown,                             Downer's Grove, Ill.
  Mr. Elias S. Webb,                            Memphis, Tenn.
   "  O. R. Brown,                              Downer's Grove, Ill.

  [C] This church is self supporting.


  Rev. Sandy A. Paris,                          Brookfield Centre, Conn.


  _Principal._--Miss Anna R. Miner,             Lyme, Conn.
  Miss Alice M. Whitsey,                        Dover, Ohio.
   "   Gertrude Harnar,                         Xenia, Ohio.
   "   Belle F. Burr,                           Toronto, Canada.
   "   Mary D. Backenstoe,                      Evansville, Wis.


  Rev. B. A. Imes,                              Knoxville, Tenn.


  _Principal._--Miss Ida F. Hubbard,            Ascutneyville, Vt.
  Miss Bena P. Gummersbach,                     New York City, N. Y.
   "   Emilie Weiss,                            Jenkintown, Pa.
   "   A. Irene Reed,                           Olivet, Mich.


  [D]Rev. J. E. Smith,                          Chattanooga, Tenn.

  [D] This church is self-supporting.



  _Minister and Instructor in Biblical Department_,
  Rev. W. W. Dorman, B.D.,                      Somerville, Mass.


  _Principal._--Prof. W. F. Cameron, Ph.B.,     South Bend, Ind.
  Rev. W. W. Dorman, B.D.,                      Somerville, Mass.
  Mrs. W. F. Cameron,                           South Bend, Ind.
  Miss Grace Putnam,                            Chattanooga, Tenn.
   "   Maud Taylor,                             Grand View, Tenn.
   "   Gertrude Huntington,                     Grand View, Tenn.
  Mrs. Carrie Ferree,                           Grand View, Tenn.
  Miss Katherine P. Williamson,                 Englewood, Ill.


  Rev. W. E. Wheeler,                           Richfield, Ohio.


  _Principal._--Rev. Warren E. Wheeler,         Richfield, Ohio.
  Mrs. Kate L. Wheeler,                         Richfield, Ohio.
  Miss Hattie E. Hayes,                         Wakeman, Ohio.
   "   Flora M. Cone,                           Masonville, N. Y.
   "   E. Josephine Orton,                      Chicago, Ill.
   "   Emma F. Dodge,                           Pleasant Hill, Tenn.
  Mrs. S. A. Hayes,                             Wakeman, Ohio.
  Mr. Chas. R. Blanks,                          Pine Bluff, Tenn.

  _General Agent_,
  Rev. B. Dodge,                                Pleasant Hill, Tenn.


  Rev. H. E. Partridge,                         Pomona, Tenn.

  _Teacher at Pomona_,
  Mrs. A. E. Graves,                            Pomona, Tenn.

  _Teachers at Crossville_,
  Mr. Thos. Snodgrass,                          Crossville, Tenn.
  Mr. Geo. Burnett,                             Crossville, Tenn.


  Rev. J. B. Cabble,                            Whetstone, Tenn.


  Rev. George Lusty,                            Deer Lodge, Tenn.


  Rev. M. N. Sumner,                            Mill Creek, Tenn.


  Rev. E. N. Goff,                              Bon Air, Tenn.


  Rev. W. G. Olinger,                           Harriman, Tenn.


  Rev. L. C. Partridge,                         Jellico, Tenn.


  Rev. ----                                       ----


  Rev. George Ames,                             Berea, Ky.


  Miss Kate LaGrange,                           Feura Bush, N. Y.
   "   Ollie LaGrange,                          Feura Bush, N. Y.


  Rev. A. A. Myers,                             Cumberland Gap, Tenn.


  _Principal._--Prof. G. A. Holzinger,          Winona, Minn.
  Mrs. A. A. Myers,                             Cumberland Gap, Tenn.
  Miss M. M. Lickorish,                         Elyria, Ohio.
   "   Mabel A. Wightman,                       Rock Creek, Ohio.
   "   L. Belle Knott,                          Clifton, Ohio.
   "   I. Ola Akin,                             Waterloo, Iowa.



  Rev. Byron Gunner,                            Lexington, Ky.

  CHANDLER NORMAL SCHOOL (351 North Broadway).

  _Principal._--Miss Fanny J. Webster,          Sacramento, Cal.
  Miss Katharine S. Dalton,                     Fremont, Ohio.
   "   Gertrude Takken,                         Saugatuck, Mich.
   "   Susan I. Estabrook,                      Olivet, Mich.
   "   Mary H. Ewans,                           Belfontaine, Ohio.
   "   Hester A. Washburn,                      Delavan, Wis.
   "   Susa H. Breck,                           Topeka, Kan.
   "   Mary S. Larkin,                          Marion, Ala.


  Miss Elnora M. Winter,                        Nashville, Tenn.
   "   Birdie M. Wills,                         Nashville, Tenn.


  Rev. E. G. Harris,                            Washington, D. C.



  Rev. W. B. Frey,                              Williamsburg, Ky.


  _Principal._--Prof. Chas. M. Stevens,         Williamsburg, Ky.
  Miss Ella M. Andrews,                         Frankfort, Mich.
   "   Amelia L. Ferris,                        Oneida, Ill.
   "   M. Amelia Packard,                       Brooklyn, N. Y.
   "   Carrie M. Ruddock,                       Clarksfield, Ohio.
   "   Julia B. Glines,                         Elmira, N. Y.
   "   Nora Hill,                               Williamsburg, Ky.
   "   Minnie Ferree,                           Harriman, Tenn.
  Rev. George Ames,                             Berea, Ky.


  Rev. George Ames,                             Berea, Ky.


  Rev. Mason Jones,                             Combs, Ky.


  Rev. Samuel Sutton,                           Williamsburg, Ky.


  Rev. L. C. Partridge,                         Jellico, Tenn.



  Rev. J. W. Doane,                             Campton, Ky.

  _Teachers at Campton_,
  Mrs. Sarah G. Street,                         Kennedy, Neb.
  Miss Mary L. Baird,                           Mallet Creek, Ohio.


  Rev. Herbert Carleton, A. M.,                 Evarts, Ky.


  Rev. Herbert Carleton, A. M.,                 Evarts, Ky.
  Miss Belle M. Hodge,                          Deer Lodge, Tenn.
   "   Sarah E. Ober,                           Beverly, Mass.
  Mrs. Blanche B. Carleton,                     Evarts, Ky.


  Rev. Samuel Sutton,                           Williamsburg, Ky.



  _Minister and Teacher_,
  Rev. Y. B. Sims,                              Talladega, Ala.



  _Principal._--Prof. Chas. W. Driskell,        Stanfordville, Ga.
  Mrs. Chas. W. Driskell,                       Stanfordville, Ga.
  Miss Bettie A. Gunner,                        Lexington, Ky.
   "   Ella M. Thomason,                        Athens, Ala.



  Rev. Thomas J. Austin,                        Jackson, Tenn.


  Rev. R. J. Holloway,                          Langston, Okla. Ter.



  Rev. Frank G. Woodworth, D.D.,                Tougaloo, Miss.


  _President._--Rev. F. G. Woodworth, D.D.,     Tougaloo, Miss.
  Rev. Henry E. Sawyer, A.M.,                   Boston, Mass.
  Prof. Albert S. Hill, A.M.,                   Columbus, Ohio.
  Mr. L. J. Carrier,                            Phoenix, N. Y.
   "  A. H. Stone, B.S.,                        Philliston, Mass.
   "  Frank H. Ball,                            Worcester, Mass.
   "  A. H. Bennett,                            Holden, Mass.
  Miss Elizabeth Ainsworth,                     Hyde Park, Mass.
   "   Mary M. Booth, A.B.,                     New Britain, Conn.
   "   Edith M. Hall,                           Oberlin, Ohio.
   "   Mary E. Hodge, B.S.,                     Hartland, Wis.
   "   Bertha M. Kaestner,                      Chicago, Ill.
   "   Myrta A. Lyman,                          Grinnell, Ia.
   "   Carrie E. Parkhurst,                     Manchester, N. H.
   "   C. E. Pingree, M.D.,                     Denmark, Me.
   "   Emma C. Redick,                          Mansfield, Ohio.
   "   Emma Robertson,                          Concord, N. H.
   "   Mary P. Roberts,                         Jacksonville, Ill.
   "   S. M. Noble,                             Fluvanna, N. Y.
   "   Margaret K. Russell,                     Jacksonville, Ill.
  Mrs. L. J. Carrier,                           Phoenix, N. Y.
   "   Helen M. Sawyer,                         Boston, Mass.
   "   L. M. Sisson,                            Windsor, Vt.


  Rev. C. L. Harris,                            Meridian, Miss.

  _Principal._--Mrs. H. I. Miller,              Topeka, Kan.
  Miss May Knox,                                Chester, Mass.
   "   Maria Myers,                             Kidder, Mo.
   "   Hattie J. Lovewell,                      Willow Springs, Mo.
   "   Ella C. Abbott,                          Winchester, Mass.
   "   C. E. Kendall,                           Dunstable, Mass.



  _Principal._--Miss S. L. Emerson,             Hallowell, Me.
  Miss E. L. Parsons,                           Mount Morris, N. Y.
   "   S. J. Lime,                              Port Carbon, Pa.


  Miss Mary Jane Gibson,                        Jackson, Miss.
   "   Sarah Jane Thomas,                       Summit, Miss.



  Mr. Isaiah T. Montgomery,                     Mound Bayou, Miss.
  Miss Mary V. Montgomery,                      Mound Bayou, Miss.
   "   M. Nellie Crump,                         Nashville, Tenn.


  Mrs. M. A. F. Tapley,                         Columbus, Miss.
  Miss I. D. Feemster,                          Columbus, Miss.



  _Minister_ (University Church),
  Rev. George W. Henderson,                     North Craftsbury, Vt.


  _President._--Prof. Oscar Atwood, A.M.,       Jeffersonville, Vt.
  Rev. George W. Henderson, A.M.,               North Craftsbury, Vt.
  Mr. Arthur C. Cole, A.B.,                     Olivet, Mich.
  Miss Emily W. Nichols,                        Clinton, N. Y.
   "   Mary W. Culver,                          Buchanan, Mich.
  Mrs. Edwin J. Pond,                           Washington, D. C.
  Miss Margaret E. Reed,                        Princeton, Ill.
  Mrs. L. St. John Hitchcock,                   Simsbury, Conn.
  Miss Mary D. Coghill,                         New Orleans, La.
   "   Anna M. Paddock,                         North Craftsbury, Vt.
   "   Nettie M. White,                         New Castle, N. H.
  Mr. George L. Dewey,                          Norwich, Conn.
  Mrs. George L. Dewey,                         Norwich, Conn.
  Mr. Emerson C. Rose,                          New Orleans, La.
   "  James D. Gordon,                          New Orleans, La.
  Miss Jennie Fyfe,                             Lansing, Mich.
   "   Carrie E. Hodgman,                       Princeton, Ill.
   "   Belle C. Harriman,                       North Craftsbury, Vt.


  Miss Louise Denton,                           Freeport, N. Y.
   "   Deborah B. Johnson,                      New Orleans, La.
  Mrs. E. E. McKibban,                          Manhattan, Kan.
  Miss Harriet M. Markham,                      Chicopee Falls, Mass.


  Rev. John W. Whittaker,                       New Orleans, La.

  _Assistant Minister_,
  Miss Bella W. Hume,                           New Haven, Conn.

  Miss Helen Taylor,                            New Orleans, La.


  Rev. Cornelius W. Johnson,                    New Orleans, La.


  Rev. I. H. Hall,                              New Orleans, La.


  Rev. C. H. Claiborne,                         New Orleans, La.


  Rev. J. E. Smith,                             New Orleans, La.


  Rev. C. H. Crawford,                          Glenwood, La.


  Rev. Henry Kendall,                           Roseland, La.


  Rev. M. W. Whitt,                             Belle Place, La.


  Rev. J. A. Herod,                             Abbeville, La.



  William Brown,                                Schriever, La.


  Charles Sands,                                Lockport, La.


  Rev. C. W. Johnson,                           St. Sophie, La.



  Rev. W. S. Goss,                              St. Johnsbury, Vt.


  _President._--Prof. W. S. Goss, A.B.,         St. Johnsbury, Vt.
  Mrs. W. S. Goss,                              St. Johnsbury, Vt.
  Miss Florence A. Sperry,                      Rock Creek, Mich.
   "   Ada M. Sprague, B.S.,                    Keene, Ohio.
   "   Helen L. Robertson,                      Churchville, N. Y.
   "   Ida F. Hayden,                           Medford, Mass.
   "   Elizabeth B. Meek, B.S.,                 Bellefonte, Pa.
   "   Phoebe B. Parsons,                       Marcellus, N. Y.
   "   Margaret Portune,                        Cincinnati, Ohio.
   "   Ella A. Perley,                          Portland, Me.
   "   Marie D. Holzinger,                      Olivet, Mich.
   "   Martha J. Adams,                         Columbus, Wis.
  Mr. Thomas J. Larkin,                         Marion, Ala.
   "  James S. Bingham,                         Winsted, Conn.


  Rev. J. D. Pettigrew,                         Corpus Christi, Tex.


  Rev. Mitchell Thompson,                       Helena, Tex.


  Rev. A. C. Garner,                            Chicago, Ill.

  Rev. A. C. Garner,                            Chicago, Ill.
  Mrs. A. C. Garner,                            Chicago, Ill.


  _Minister and Teacher_,
  Rev. R. H. Henson,                            Paris, Tex.


  _Minister and Teacher_,
  Rev. E. E. Sims,                              Dallas, Tex.
  Mrs. E. E. Sims,                              Dallas, Tex.




  _Superintendent and Minister_,
  Rev. A. L. Riggs, D.D.,                       Santee Agency, Neb.

  Mr. F. B. Riggs,                              Santee Agency, Neb.
  Miss Harriet B. Ilsley,                       Newark, N. J.
   "   Edith Leonard,                           Rochester, Mass.
   "   Williametta O. Nash,                     South Norwalk, Conn.
   "   Carolette Smith,                         Grand Rapids, Mich.

  _Native Teachers_,
  Mr. Eli Abraham,                              Santee Agency, Neb.
  Rev. James Garvie,                            Santee Agency, Neb.
  Mr. C. W. Hoffman,                            Elbow Woods, No. Dak.

  Miss S. Lizzie Voorhees,                      Rocky Hill, N. J.
    (Boys' Cottage.)
  Miss Ella Worden,                             Santee Agency, Neb.
    (Whitney Hall.)
  Mrs. A. C. Slaughter,                         Hudson, Ohio.
    (Dakota Home.)
  Miss Harriet A. Brown,                        Rocky Point, N. Y.
    (Bird's Nest.)
  Mrs. E. J. Black,                             Santee Agency, Neb.
    (Dining Hall.)

  Mrs. A. L. Riggs,                             Santee Agency, Neb.
   "   F. B. Riggs,                             Santee Agency, Neb.
   "   C. R. Lawson,                            Santee Agency, Neb.
   "   W. H. Hamlin,                            Santee Agency, Neb.
   "   I. P. Wold,                              Santee Agency, Neb.
   "   H. L. Stone,                             Santee Agency, Neb.
  Miss May Slaughter (Clerk),                   Hudson, Ohio.

  _Industrial Department_,
  Iver P. Wold, Shoemaking,                     Santee Agency, Neb.
  Charles R. Lawson, Printing,                  Santee Agency, Neb.
  Robert Y. Gray, Blacksmithing,                Santee Agency, Neb.
  William H. Hamlin, Farm Supt.,                Santee Agency, Neb.
  Homer L. Stone, Bakery,                       Santee Agency, Neb.
  Miss Ella Worden, Cooking School,             Santee Agency, Neb.
   "   Jennie M. Lind, Sewing School,           Yankton, So. Dak.

  _Native Pastor_,
  Rev. Artemas Ehnamani,                        Santee Agency, Neb.


  _Native Missionary_,
  Rev. James Garvie,                            Santee Agency, Neb.


  Rev. T. L. Riggs, _General Missionary._


  Mr. David Lee,                                Bad River, S. D.


  Mr. Elias Jacobsen,                           Oahe, S. D.

  Mrs. T. L. Riggs,                             Oahe, S. D.
  Miss Eva F. Dixon,                            Dunstable, Mass.
   "   Florence E. Hunnewell,                   Olivet, Mich.



  Mr. Stephen Yellow-Hawk,                      Oahe, S. D.


  Rev. Edwin Phelps,                            Collamer, S. D.
  Mrs. Ellen Phelps,                            Collamer, S. D.


  Mr. William M. Griffiths,                     Chicago, Ill.
  Mrs. Martha H. Griffiths,                     Ross, Ohio.


  Mr. Clarence Ward,                            Leslie, S. D.
  Mrs. Estelle Ward,                            Leslie, S. D.


  Mr. Justin Black-Eagle,                       Leslie, S. D.


  Mr. Ansel Chapin,                             Leslie, S. D.
  Mrs. Mary Chapin,                             Leslie, S. D.


  Mr. John Bluecloud,                           Sisseton Agency, S. D.
  Mrs. Nora Bluecloud,                          Sisseton Agency, S. D.
  Miss Dora B. Dodge,                           Brooklyn, N. Y.


  Mr. Daniel Yawa,                              Moreau River, S. D.
  Mrs. Mary Yawa,                               Moreau River, S. D.


  Mr. Daniel White-Thunder,                     Leslie, S. D.
  Mrs. Elida White-Thunder,                     Leslie, S. D.

[E] Supported by the Society for Propagating the Gospel.
[F] Supported by the Native Missionary Society.



  Rev. George W. Reed,                          Springfield, Mass.
  Mrs. Charlotte M. Reed,                       Springfield, Mass.


  Miss Mary C. Collins,                         Keokuk, Iowa.
  Mr. Huntington Wakutemani,                    Grand River, S. D.
  Mrs. Louisa Wakutemani,                       Grand River, S. D.


  Miss Mary P. Lord,                            Wellesley, Mass.


  Mr. Elias Gilbert,                            Sisseton Agency, S. D.
  Mrs. Mary Gilbert,                            Sisseton Agency, S. D.


  Mr. Simon Kirk,                               Sisseton Agency, S. D.
  Mrs. Julia Kirk,                              Sisseton Agency, S. D.


  Mr. David Many Buffalo,                       Grand River, S. D.
  Mrs. Martha Many Buffalo,                     Grand River, S. D.


  [G]Mr. Arthur Tibbetts,                       Cannon Ball, N. D.


  Mr. Arthur Tibbetts,                          Cannon Ball, N. D.

[G] Supported by the Native Missionary Society.



  Rev. James F. Cross,                           Rosebud Agency, S. D.
  Mrs. Stella P. Cross,                          Rosebud Agency, S. D.

  BURRELL STATION (P. O. Basin, Neb.).

  Rev. Francis Frazier,                          Santee Agency, Neb.
  Mrs. Maggie Frazier,                           Santee Agency, Neb.

  PARK STREET CHURCH STATION (White River, P. O. Stearns).

  Mr. Lot Frazier,                               Rosebud Agency, S. D.
  Mrs. Rebecca Frazier,                          Rosebud Agency, S. D.


  Mr. Solomon B. Yellow-Hawk,                    Fort Pierre, S. D.
  Mrs. Josephine Yellow-Hawk,                    Fort Pierre, S. D.


  _Superintendent and Missionaries_,
  Rev. C. L. Hall,                               Fort Berthold, N. D.
  Mrs. S. W. Hall,                               Fort Berthold, N. D.

  _Teachers and Matrons_,
  Miss A. Z. Powell,                             Templeton, S. D.
   "   Annie R. Creighton,                       Dundee, Scotland.
   "   Annette P. Brickett,                      Haverhill, Mass.
   "   Jessie McKenzie,                          Minneapolis, Minn.
  Mr. H. A. Hatch,                               Lindenville, Ohio.

  MOODY STATION, NO. 1 (Independence).

  Miss Otta Wolf,                                Fort Berthold, N. C.

  MOODY STATION, NO. 2 (Elbow Woods).

  Miss Elizabeth Kehoe,                          Chicago, Ill.



  Rev. Myron Eells,                             Union City, Wash.



  Rev. J. G. Burgess,                           Crow Agency, Mont.
  Mrs. J. G. Burgess,                           Crow Agency, Mont.



  Mr. W. T. Lopp,                               Cape Prince of Wales, Alas.
  Mrs. W. T. Lopp,                              Cape Prince of Wales, Alas.


  Rev. Wm. C. Pond, D.D.,                       San Francisco, Cal.


  Miss J. R. Beaton,                            Fresno, Cal.
  Loo Quong,                                    Fresno, Cal.


  Mrs. T. M. Webb,                              Los Angeles, Cal.


  Miss Mattie A. Flint,                         Marysville, Cal.
  Chung Moi,                                    Marysville, Cal.


  Miss Rosa E. Lamont,                          San Francisco, Cal.
  Tip Bow,                                      Oakland, Cal.


  Miss Estella Chase,                           Oroville, Cal.
   "   Reese,                                   Oroville, Cal.


  Mrs. M. N. Colby,                             Petaluma, Cal.


  Mrs. W. N. Wyckoff,                           Riverside, Cal.


  Mrs. S. E. Carrington,                        Sacramento, Cal.
  Chin Toy,                                     Sacramento, Cal.


  Mrs. E. M. Davis,                             San Bernardino, Cal.
  Gin Foo King,                                 San Bernardino, Cal.


  Mrs. E. M. Stetson,                           San Diego, Cal.
  Hom Goon,                                     San Diego, Cal.


  Mrs. H. W. Lamont,                            San Francisco, Cal.
   "   M. A. Greene,                            San Francisco, Cal.
  Miss J. G. Morrison,                          San Francisco, Cal.
  Jee Gam,                                      San Francisco, Cal.


  Miss Olive Patton,                            San Francisco, Cal.


  Miss V. W. Lamont,                            San Francisco, Cal.
  Chin Quong,                                   San Francisco, Cal.


  Miss Lida A. Thompson,                        Santa Barbara, Cal.
  Mrs. Snell,                                   Santa Barbara, Cal.


  Mrs. Kate V. Hall,                            Santa Cruz, Cal.
  Pon Fang,                                     Santa Cruz, Cal.


  Mrs. A. P. Patterson,                         Stockton, Cal.


  Miss Alma Bradley,                            Ventura, Cal.
  Mrs. Henry,                                   Ventura, Cal.
  Yong Kay,                                     Ventura, Cal.


  Miss Ella Thomson,                            Vernondale, Cal.


  Mrs. Martha Ellis,                            Watsonville, Cal.
  Joe Dun,                                      Watsonville, Cal.

       *       *       *       *       *


       *       *       *       *       *


  Castine.--Prof. Fred. W. Foster, Mrs. Mary W. Foster, Mr. B. F. Perkins.
  Denmark.--Miss C. E. Pingree, M.D., Miss L. A. Pingree.
  Hallowell.--Miss S. L. Emerson.
  Limerick.--Rev. T. S. Perry.
  Portland.--Miss A. E. Farrington, Miss Ella A. Perley.
  Pulpit Harbor.--Miss Carrie E. Leadbetter.
  Saco.--Miss Mary E. Sands.
  Winthrop.--Miss L. J. Hanscom.


  Acworth.--Miss Agnes Ruth Mitchell.
  Chester.--Miss Celestia S. Goldsmith.
  East Barrington.--Miss Eva F. Chesley.
  Gossville.--Miss Dora A. Scribner, B.A.
  Keene.--Miss Emily R. Bishop.
  Langdon.--Miss Harriet Towne.
  Manchester.--Miss Carrie E. Parkhurst.
  New Castle.--Miss Nettie M. White.


  Ascutneyville.--Miss Ida F. Hubbard.
  Jeffersonville.--Prof. Oscar Atwood, A.M.
  North Craftsbury.--Miss Belle C. Harriman, Rev. Geo. W. Henderson, A.M.,
    Miss Anna M. Paddock.
  Sherburne.--Miss Lilla L. Johnson.
  St. Johnsbury.--Prof. W. S. Goss, A.B., Mrs. W. S. Goss.
  Windsor.--Mrs. S. M. Sisson.
  Woodstock.--Miss Lucy E. Fairbanks.


  Amherst.--Mrs. Lucy R. Greene.
  Beverly.--Miss Sarah E. Ober.
  Boston.--Miss Lilla V. Davis, Rev. Henry E. Sawyer, A.M.,
    Mrs. Helen M. Sawyer.
  Cambridgeport.--Prof. Fred. S. Hitchcock, Mrs. Fred. S. Hitchcock.
  Chester.--Miss May Knox.
  Chicopee Falls.--Miss Harriet M. Markham.
  Dunstable.--Miss Eva F. Dixon. Miss C. E. Kendall.
  East Northfield.--Miss Susan M. Marsh.
  Granville.--Miss. Otis S. Dickinson.
  Haverhill.--Miss Annette P. Brickett.
  Holden.--Mr. A. H. Bennett.
  Housatonic.--Miss Jennie Curtis.
  Hyde Park.--Miss Elizabeth Ainsworth, Miss J. A. Ainsworth.
  Lee.--Prof. Morrison A. Holmes, Mrs. M. A. Holmes.
  Medford.--Miss Ida F. Hayden.
  Methuen.--Miss Caroline E. Frost.
  North Amherst.--Miss Nellie D. Cooley.
  Philliston.--Mr. A. H. Stone, B.S.
  Rochester.--Miss Edith Leonard.
  Salem.--Miss Minnie T. Strout.
  Somerville.--Rev. W. W. Dorman, B.D.
  So. Hadley Falls.--Miss Katharine M. Jacobs.
  Springfield.--Rev. Geo. W. Reed, Mrs. Charlotte M. Reed.
  Stoneham.--Miss Helen Hanson.
  Wellesley.--Miss Mary P. Lord.
  Westborough.--Miss A. Merriam.
  Winchester.--Miss Ella C. Abbott.
  Worcester.--Mr. Frank H. Ball, Prof. Geo. C. Burrage, A.B.,
    Prof. Herbert F. Burrage, B.S., Miss Ella E. Roper, Mrs. A. S. Webber.


  Brookfield Centre.--Rev. Sandy A. Paris.
  Granby.--Mrs. W. D. McFarland.
  Lyme.--Miss Anna R. Miner.
  New Britain.--Miss Mary M. Booth, A.B.
  New Haven.--Miss Carrie E. Bishop, Rev. G. S. Dickerman,
    Miss Bella W. Hume, Miss Mary E. McLane.
  Norwich.--Mr. Geo. L. Dewey, Mrs. Geo. L. Dewey, Miss Harriet E. Leach,
    Miss Mary E. Perkins.
  Simsbury.--Mrs. L. St. John Hitchcock.
  South Norwalk.--Miss Williametta O. Nash.
  Winsted.--Mr. James S. Bingham.


  Brooklyn.--Miss Dora B. Dodge, Miss M. Amelia Packard.
  Chautauqua.--Mrs. M. L. Jenkins.
  Churchville.--Miss Helen L. Robertson.
  Clinton.--Miss Emily W. Nichols.
  Elmira.--Miss Julia B. Glines, Miss Antoinette Kellogg.
  Feury Bush.--Miss Kate C. LaGrange, Miss Ollie LaGrange.
  Fluvanna.--Miss S. M. Noble.
  Fredonia.--Miss Kate L. Snow.
  Freeport.--Miss Louise Denton.
  Fulton.--Prof. B. D. Rowlee, Mrs. Julia E. Rowlee.
  Gasport.--Miss Ida C. Chapin.
  Le Roy.--Miss Emma L. Parsons, M.A.
  Lewis.--Miss Etta M. Hitchcock.
  Marcellus.--Miss Phoebe B. Parsons.
  Masonville.--Miss Flora M. Cone.
  Moravia.--Mrs. Julia E. Titus.
  Mount Morris.--Miss E. L. Parsons.
  Newark Valley.--Miss Helen S. Loveland.
  Newburgh.--Rev. H. T. Johnson, Mrs. E. S. Johnson.
  New York City.--Miss Bena P. Gummersbach, Miss Nellie D. Sheldon.
  North Hannibal.--Miss Alice A. Clarke.
  Phoenix.--Mr. L. J. Carrier, Mrs. L. J. Carrier, Miss Minnie M. Gates,
    Miss Caroline Wandell.
  Rochester.--Mrs. Alice M. Brown.
  Rocky Point.--Miss Harriet A. Brown.
  Rose View.--Miss Anna M. Woodruff.
  Rouse's Point.--Miss Mary L. Thompson.
  Rushville.--Miss Marie E. Hoover.
  Sandy Hill.--Miss Helen M. Hyde.
  Syracuse.--Miss Julia H. Curtis, Miss Ruth K. Kingsley.
  Tuckahoe.--Prof. Martin Lovering, A.B.
  Utica.--Miss Julia R. Mitchell.
  West Bloomfield.--Miss Carrie E. Browne.
  Westfield.--Miss Jennie L. Blowers.
  Westmoreland.--Miss Alice M. Garsden.


  Morristown.--Miss Julia B. Ford.
  Newark.--Rev. C. C. Collins, Miss Harriet B. Isley.
  Orange.--Miss Frances M. Williams.
  Rocky Hill.--Miss S. Lizzie Voorhees.


  Bellefonte.--Miss Justia C. Hoy, Miss Elizabeth B. Meek, B.S.
  Boalsburg.--Miss Anna M. Cooper.
  Jenkintown.--Miss Emilie Weiss.
  Port Carbon.--Miss S. J. Lime.
  Reading.--Rev. R. B. Johns.


  Tacoma Park.--Miss Estelle I. Sprague.
  Washington.--Mr. Clement L. Brambaugh, Rev. Sterling N. Brown, A.M.,
    Rev. Charles. H. Butler, Rev. Isaac Clark, A.M.,
    Rev. J. L. Ewell, A.M., Rev. Teunis S. Hamlin, D.D., Rev. E. G. Harris,
    Rev. John T. Jenifer, Rev. E. A. Johnson, Mrs. E. A. Johnson,
    Rev. Eugene Johnson, Rev. Geo. D. Little, D.D., Mrs. Edwin J. Pond,
    Rev. J. E. Rankin, D.D., L.L.D., Rev. Adam Reoch, A.B.,
    Prof. Wm. J. Stephens.


  Belfontaine.--Miss Mary H. Ewans.
  Brecksville.--Miss Harriet E. Bell.
  Bryan.--Miss Alice M. Grass.
  Charlestown.--Miss Edith M. Hatfield, Miss Libbie A. Hatfield.
  Cincinnati.--Miss Margaret Portune.
  Clarksfield.--Miss Carrie M. Ruddock.
  Clifton.--Miss L. Belle Knott.
  Columbus.--Prof. Albert S. Hill, A.M.
  Creston.--Miss Charlotte J. Knowlton.
  Dover.--Miss Alice M. Whitsey.
  Elyria.--Miss M. M. Lickorish.
  Everett.--Miss E. B. Scobie.
  Fremont.--Miss Katharine S. Dalton.
  Greenfield.--Miss Clara S. Boyd.
  Hamilton.--Miss S. Josephine Scott.
  Hammond.--Miss Emma J. Rosecrans.
  Hudson.--Miss Ruth M. French, Mrs. A. C. Slaughter, Miss May Slaughter.
  Huron.--Miss Edna Harris.
  Keene.--Miss Ada M. Sprague, B.S.
  Lindenville.--Mr. H. A. Hatch.
  Mallet Creek.--Miss Mary L. Baird.
  Mansfield.--Miss Emma C. Redick.
  North Kingsville.--Miss Isadore M. Caughey.
  Nova--Miss Mary C. Phelps, Ph.B.
  Oberlin.--Miss Maude L. Barnum, Miss Ella Louise Cheney, Mrs. Alice
    Davis, Miss Edith M. Hall, Miss Stella M. Hopkinson, Prof. Thos. S.
    Inborden, Miss Corrie N. Johnson, Miss Julia E. McMillan, Mrs. Lucy
    M. Mellen, Miss Nellie I. Reed, Miss Carrie E. Tambling, Miss Edith M.
    Thatcher, Prof. F. T. Waters, A.M.
  Painesville.--Miss Nina B. Mosher.
  Parkman.--Miss Clara A. Dole.
  Richfield.--Rev. Warren E. Wheeler, Mrs. Kate L. Wheeler.
  Rock Creek.--Miss Mabel A. Wightman.
  Rootstown.--Miss Julia P. Seymour.
  Ross.--Mrs. Martha H. Griffiths.
  Sheffield.--Miss L. E. Woodruff.
  Tallmadge.--Miss Ester A. Barnes.
  Wakeman.--Miss Hattie E. Hayes, Mrs. S. A. Hayes.
  Xenia.--Miss Gertrude Harnar.


  Laporte.--Miss M. R. Ruckman.
  South Bend.-- Prof. W. F. Cameron, Ph.B., Mrs. W. F. Cameron.
  Valparaiso.--Miss Clara E. Noble.


  Chicago.--Rev. A. C. Garner, Mrs. A. C. Garner, Mr. Wm. M. Griffiths,
    Miss Bertha M. Kaestner, Miss Elizabeth Kehoe, Miss E. Josephine Orton,
    Miss Mary T. Richardson, B.A., Rev. S. P. Smith.
  Danville.--Miss Frances L. Yeomans.
  Downer's Grove.--Mr. O. R. Brown, Mrs. B. C. Brown.
  Elmhurst.--Miss Emma F. King.
  Englewood.--Miss Katharine P. Williamson.
  Freeport.--Miss Miriam E. Carey.
  Jacksonville.--Miss Mary P. Roberts, Miss Margaret K. Russell.
  Oneida.--Miss Amelia L. Ferris.
  Princeton.--Miss Carrie E. Hodgman, Miss Margaret E. Reed.


  Adrian.--Miss Julia A. Condit.
  Battle Creek.--Miss Edith M. Robinson, Miss Maude A. Robinson.
  Buchanan.--Miss Mary W. Culver.
  Detroit.--Rev. J. M. Robinson, Mrs. J. M. Robinson, Miss Jennie M.
  Frankfort.--Miss Ella M. Andrews, Miss Hattie M. Fairchild.
  Grand Ledge.--Miss Lora D. Tanner.
  Grand Rapids.--Miss Carolette Smith.
  Kalamazoo.--Miss C. M. Dox, Miss May Bell Nicholson, Miss Luella Waring.
  Lansing.--Miss Jennie Fyfe, Miss Alice A. Holmes.
  Monroe.--Miss Ada Louise Wilcox.
  Olivet.--Miss A. Irene Reed, Mr. Arthur C. Cole, A.B.,
    Miss Susan T. Estabrook, Miss Marie D. Holzinger,
    Miss Florence E. Hunnewell, Mr. John Orr, Mrs. John Orr,
    Miss Harriet E. White.
  Rock Creek.--Miss Florence A. Sperry.
  Salem.--Miss N. S. Dennis.
  Saugatuck.--Miss Gertrude Takken.


  Belmont.--Miss Susan Sands.
  Decorah.--Miss E. W. Douglass.
  Grinnell.--Miss Myrta A. Lyman,
  Miss Alice L. Walker, Ph.B.
  Keokuk.--Miss Mary C. Collins.
  Marathon.--Miss A. Laura Humphries.
  Nashua.--Miss Nellie J. Arnott,
  Miss Edna M. Heald.
  Nevada.--Miss Ada J. Ringheim.
  Rockford.--Miss B. R. Parmenter.
  Vincennes.--Miss L. C. Holman.
  Waterloo.--Miss I. Ola Akin.


  Kidder.--Miss Maria Myers.
  Springfield.--Miss May E. Newton.
  St. Louis.--Mrs. Virginia C. Logie.
  Willow Springs.--Miss Hattie J. Lovewell.


  Acorn.--Miss Mary E. Brereton.
  Columbus.--Miss Martha J. Adams.
  Delavan.--Miss Hester. A. Washburn.
  Evansville.--Miss Mary D. Backenstoe.
  Hartland.--Miss Mary E. Hodge, B.S., Miss Mary E. Simonds.
  Ladoga.--Miss Edith E. Lamb, Miss Myra J. Lamb.
  Madison.--Miss Lillian J. Beecroft.
  Palmyra.--Miss Nellie Bishop.
  Whitewater.--Miss Ella A. Hamilton, Miss Minerva A. Kinney,
    Prof. A. J. Steele, A.M.


  Bavaria.--Miss Susan A. Cooley.
  Manhattan.--Mr. E. E. McKibban, Mrs. E. E. McKibban.
  Topeka.--Miss Susa H. Breck, Rev. E. W. Hollies, Mrs. S. Hollies,
    Miss Minnie Hollies, Mrs. H. I. Miller.


  Benson.--Miss M. E. Wilcox.
  Clearwater.--Prof. H. E. Sargent, Mrs. H. E. Sargent.
  Mazeppa.--Miss Mary D. Hyde.
  Minneapolis.--Miss Mary A. Bye, B.S., Miss Lillian S. Cathcart,
    Miss Jessie McKenzie.
  Montevideo.--Miss Lillian Lavinia Goar.
  St. Paul.--Miss Nellie F. Comings.
  Winona.--Prof. G. A. Holzinger.


  Crete.--Rev. A. W. Curtis, D.D.
  Hartington.--Miss Harriet M. Smith.
  Kennedy.--Mrs. Sarah G. Street.
  Omaha.--Mrs. A. E. Foote.
  Santee Agency.--Mr. Eli Abraham, Mrs. E. J. Black, Rev. Artemas Ehnamani,
    Rev. Francis Frazier, Mrs. Maggie Frazier, Rev. James Garvie,
    Mr. Robert G. Gray, Mr. William H. Hamlin, Mrs. W. H. Hamlin,
    Mr. Charles R. Lawson, Mrs. C. R. Lawson, Rev A. L. Riggs, D.D.,
    Mrs. A. L. Riggs, Mr. F. B. Riggs, Mrs. F. B. Riggs, Mr. John
    Rouillard, Mrs. Mary Rouillard, Mr. Homer L. Stone, Mrs. Homer L.
    Stone, Mr. Iver P. Wold, Mrs. Iver P. Wold, Miss Ella Worden.


  Cannon Ball.--Mr. Arthur Tibbetts.
  Elbow Woods.--Mr. C. W. Hoffman.
  Fort Berthold.--Rev. C. L. Hall, Mrs. S. W. Hall, Miss Otta Wolf.


  Bad River.--Mr. David Lee.
  Collamer.--Rev. Edwin Phelps, Mrs. Ellen Phelps.
  Dell Rapids.--Miss Mary W. Bryant.
  Fort Pierre.--Mr. Solomon B. Yellow-Hawk, Mrs. Josephine Yellow-Hawk.
  Grand River.--Mr. David Many Buffalo, Mrs. Martha Many Buffalo,
    Mr. Huntington Wakutemani, Mrs. Louisa Wakutemani.
  Lebanon.--Miss A. B. Chalfant.
  Leslie.--Mr. Justin Black Eagle, Mr. Ansel Chapin, Mrs. Mary Chapin,
    Mr. Clarence Ward, Mrs. Estelle Ward, Mr. Daniel White-Thunder,
    Mrs. Elida White-Thunder.
  Moreau River.--Mr. Daniel Yawa, Mrs. Mary Yawa.
  Oahe.--Rev. T. L. Riggs, Mrs. T. L. Riggs, Mr. Elias Jacobsen,
    Mr. Stephen Yellow-Hawk.
  Rosebud Agency.--Rev. James F. Cross, Mrs. Stella P. Cross,
    Mr. Lot Frazier, Mrs. Rebecca Frazier.
  Sisseton Agency.--Mr. John Bluecloud, Mrs. Nora Bluecloud,
    Mr. Elias Gilbert, Mrs. Mary Gilbert, Mr. Simon Kirk, Mrs. Julia Kirk.
  Templeton.--Miss A. Z. Powell.
  Yankton.--Miss Jennie M. Lind.


  Crow Agency.--Rev. J. G. Burgess, Mrs. J. G. Burgess.


  Denver.--Rev A. T. Burnell, Ph.D., Mrs. Mary A. Burnell.


  Langston.--Rev. R. J. Holloway.


  Union City.--Rev. Myron Eells.


  Fresno.--Miss J. R. Beaton, Loo Quong.
  Long Beach.--Miss Fanny J. Webster.
  Los Angeles.--Mrs. T. M. Webb.
  Marysville.--Miss Mattie A. Flint, Chung Moi.
  Oakland.--Tip Bow.
  Oroville.--Miss Estella Chase, Miss Reese.
  Petaluma.--Mrs. M. N. Colby.
  Riverside.--Mrs. W. N. Wyckoff.
  Sacramento.--Mrs. S. E. Carrington, Chin Toy, Miss Fanny J. Webster.
  San Bernardino.--Mrs. E. M. Davis, Gin Foo King.
  San Diego.--Mrs. E. M. Stetson, Hom Goon.
  San Francisco.--Mrs. M. A. Greene, Mrs. H. W. Lamont, Miss Rosa E.
    Lamont, Miss V. W. Lamont, Miss J. G. Morrison, Miss Olive Patton,
    Rev. W. C. Pond, D.D., Jee Gam, Chin Quong.
  Santa Barbara.--Miss Lida A. Thompson, Mrs. Snell.
  Santa Cruz.--Mrs. Kate V. Hall, Pon Fang, Miss H. P. Shepard.
  Stockton.--Mrs A. P. Patterson.
  Ventura.--Miss Alma Bradley, Mrs. Henry, Yong Kay.
  Vernondale.--Miss Ella Thomson.
  Watsonville.--Mrs. Martha Ellis, Joe Dun.


  Cape Prince of Wales.--Mr. W. T. Lopp, Mrs. W. T. Lopp.


  Bailey.--Miss Mary E. Johnson.
  Bon Air.--Rev. E. N. Goff.
  Chattanooga.--Miss Grace Putnam.
  Crossville.--Mr. George Burnett, Mr. Thomas Snodgrass.
  Cumberland Gap.--Rev. A. A. Myers, Mrs. A. A. Myers.
  Deer Lodge.--Miss Belle M. Hodge, Rev. George Lusty.
  Grand View.--Mrs. Carrie Ferree, Miss Gertrude Huntington,
    Miss Maud Taylor.
  Harriman.--Miss Minnie Ferree, Rev. W. G. Olinger, Mr. Gilbert Walton.
  Hudsonville.--Miss F. Annette Jackson.
  Jackson.--Rev. Thos. J. Austin.
  Jellico.--Rev. L. C. Partridge.
  Knoxville.--Rev. B. A. Imes.
  Memphis.--Miss Emma O. Kennedy, Miss Cornelia E. Lewis, Mr. Elias S.
  Mill Creek.--Rev. M. N. Sumner.
  Nashville.--Miss Anna T. Ballantine, Miss Mary E. Chamberlain,
    Rev. F. A. Chase, A.M., Rev. E. M. Cravath, D.D., Miss Nettie Crump,
    Rev. Chas. W. Dunn, Rev. Eugene Harris. A.M., B.D.,
    Miss Mary A. McClelland, Rev. Geo. W. Moore, Rev. J. E. Moorland,
    Prof. H. C. Morgan, A.M., Rev. H. H. Proctor, Miss Jennie A. Robinson,
    Rev. E. E. Scott, Rev. A. K. Spence, A.M., Miss Mary A. Spence, A.M.,
    Rev. E. C. Stickel, A.M., Mrs. Luretta C. Stickel, B.L.,
    Miss Birdie M. Wills, Miss Elnora M. Winter, Prof. H. H. Wright, A.M.
  Pine Bluff.--Mr. Charles R. Blanks.
  Pleasant Hill.--Rev. B. Dodge, Miss Emma F. Dodge.
  Pomona.--Mrs. A. E. Graves, Rev. H. E. Partridge.
  Whetstone.--Rev. J. B. Cabble.


  Berea.--Rev. George Ames.
  Campton.--Rev. J. W. Doane.
  Combs.--Rev. Mason Jones.
  Evarts.--Rev. Herbert Carleton, A.M., Mrs. Blanche B. Carleton.
  Lexington.--Rev. Byron Gunner, Miss Bettie A. Gunner.
  Williamsburg.--Rev. W. B. Frey, Miss Nora Hill, Rev. Chas. M. Stevens,
    Rev. Samuel Sutton.


  Ark.--Miss Lizzie Baytop.
  Cappahosic.--Mr. J. H. Lockley, Mr. D. D. Weaver, Prof. W. B. Weaver,
    Mrs. A. B. Weaver.


  Brevard.--Rev. W. A. Hamet.
  Carter's Mills.--Mr. W. D. Newkirk.
  Dry Creek.--Mrs. Kate J. P. Green.
  McLeansville.--Rev. S. S. Sevier, Mrs. S. S. Sevier, Mrs. Elizabeth
  Mooresboro.--Rev. L. C. White.
  Nalls.--Mr. R. H. Saunders.
  Oaks.--Rev. Anthony Peden, Mr. Solomon A. Stanford.
  Pekin.--Mr. Columbus Green.
  Raleigh.--Mr. Wm. R. Hall, Miss Jennie S. Irwin.
  Strieby.--Rev. Z. Simmons, Mr. H. R. Walden.
  Valdese.--Mr. Antoine Grill, Mr. M. A. Jahier, Rev. Enrico Vinay.
  Whittier.--Rev. Robert Humphrey, Mrs. Olive A. Humphrey.


  Charleston.--Miss Marion R. Birnie, Miss Mary L. Deas,
    Mr. Edward A. Lawrence, Miss A. R. Magrath, Mr. Isadore Martin,
    Rev. George C. Rowe, Miss Carrie E. Steele.
  Columbia.--Rev. E. H. Wilson.


  Athens.--Miss Mattie J. Brydie, Prof. L. S. Clark, Rev. Paul L. La Cour,
    Mrs. P. L. La Cour, Miss Emma S. Morton, Miss Eliza B. Twiggs.
  Atlanta.--Rev. Geo. V. Clark.
  Bainbridge.--Mr. A. W. Bowman.
  Cuthbert.--Mr. F. H. Henderson, Mrs. F. H. Henderson.
  Macon.--Miss Lincolnia C. Haynes. Rev. John R. McLean.
  Marietta.--Rev. Calvin Lane, Mrs. Calvin Lane.
  Marshallville.--Mrs. A. W. Richardson.
  Savannah.--Rev. Wilson Callen, Mr. J. Loyd, Rev. L. B. Maxwell,
    Rev. J. H. H. Sengstacke.
  Sparta.--Miss Sarah L. Hunt.
  Stanfordville.--Prof. Chas. W. Driskell, Mrs. Chas. W. Driskell.
  Thomasville.--Rev. Chas. F. Sargent, Mr. H. C. Sargent.


  Orange Park.--Miss Margaret A. Ball.
  Tangerine.--Miss Susie T. Cathcart.


  Alco.--Rev. J. J. Scott.
  Anniston.--Rev. James Brown.
  Athens.--Miss Ella M. Thompson, Mrs. H. S. Williams.
  Birmingham.--Rev. J. L. Cole.
  Blocton.--Rev. D. M. Lewis.
  Florence.--Miss Mary Lucy Corpier, Rev. William L. Johnson.
  Marion.--Miss Mary S. Larkin, Mr. Thos. J. Larkin, Rev. W. J. Larkin,
    Mrs. W. J. Larkin.
  Montgomery.--Miss Hattie A. De Jarnette, Rev. J. S. Jackson.
  Selma.--Mrs. Mary A. Dillard, Mr. James A. Merriman, Mrs. N. D. Merriman.
  Shelby.--Rev. A. Simmons.
  Talladega.--Rev. Geo. W. Andrews, D.D., Rev. M. L. Baldwin,
    Prof. Edgar A. Bishop, B.S., Rev. H. S. DeForest, D.D.,
    Rev. J. I. Donaldson, Rev. J. B. Grant, Rev. W. P. Hamilton,
    Prof. William E. Hutchison, Rev. Z. Jones, Rev. J. A. Jones,
    Rev. J. M. Roan, Mrs. J. M. Roan, Miss Louie Savery,
    Prof. Edwin C. Silsby, Rev. J. P. Sims, Rev. J. R. Sims,
    Rev. Y. B. Sims, Rev. Spencer Snell, Prof. George Williamson.


  Aberdeen.--Rev. Frank W. Sims.
  Columbus.--Miss I. D. Feemster, Mrs. M. A. F. Tapley.
  Jackson.--Miss Mary Jane Gibson.
  Meridian.--Rev. C. L. Harris.
  Mound Bayou.--Mr. Isiah, T. Montgomery, Miss Mary V. Montgomery.
  Summit.--Miss Sarah Jane Thomas.
  Tougaloo.--Rev. Marion S. Jones, Rev. Frank G. Woodworth, D.D.
  Woodville.--Miss L. J. Blackmore.


  Abbeville.--Rev. J. A. Herod.
  Belle Place.--Rev. M. W. Whitt.
  Glenwood.--Rev. C. H. Crawford.
  Lockport.--Mr. Chas. Sands.
  New Orleans.--Rev. C. H. Claiborne, Miss Mary D. Coghill,
    Mr. James D. Gordon, Rev. I. H. Hall, Miss Deborah B. Johnson,
    Rev. Cornelius W. Johnson, Mr. Emerson C. Rose, Rev. J. E. Smith,
    Miss Helen Taylor, Rev. John W. Whittaker.
  Roseland.--Rev. Henry Kendall.
  Schriever.--Mr. Wm. Brown.
  St. Sophie.--Rev. C. W. Johnson.
  Corpus Christi.--Rev J. D. Pettigrew.
  Dallas.--Rev. E. E. Sims, Mrs. E. E. Sims.
  Helena.--Rev. Mitchell Thompson.
  Paris.--Rev. H. R. Henson.


  Ashland.--Miss Georgia M. Belyea.
  Milltown, N. B.--Miss Frances M. Andrews.
  Springfield, Ont.--Miss Emma J. Bryce.
  Toronto.--Miss Bessie C. Bechan, Miss Belle F. Burr,
    Miss Evelyn Segsworth, Miss Laura G. Segsworth.


  Dundee.--Miss Annie R. Creighton.

       *       *       *       *       *


Relating to the work of the Association should be directed to one of
the Corresponding Secretaries; relating to the finances, to the
Treasurer, BIBLE HOUSE, New York.


May be sent to the Treasurer, H. W. Hubbard, Esq., BIBLE HOUSE, New
York, or, when more convenient, to one of the District Secretaries. A
payment of $30.00 at one time constitutes a Life Member.


Correspondence of Woman's Local and State Organizations, and all
interested in women's work, may be held with Miss D. E. Emerson,
Secretary, Bible House, N. Y.


The monthly AMERICAN MISSIONARY gives facts, incidents and discussions
of the work, and will have an increased amount of interesting and
valuable information during the coming year. Subscriptions received at
any time. Price, 50 cents.

       *       *       *       *       *


       *       *       *       *       *


_For the Education of Colored People._

  Income for November                                  $16,250.00
  Previously acknowledged                                  960.00


MAINE, $463.54.

  Bangor. First Ch. and Soc.                                58.54
  Blue Hill. To const. MRS. LIZZIE A. TUCKER, L.M.          30.00
  Brewer. First Cong. Ch.                                   21.60
  Brewer. Capt. Robert Parker, _for Student Aid_, 10;
    Cong. Ch., 7.10; Y. P. S. C. E., 2.50; Jun. C. E.
    Soc., 2; Henry Stone, knife, _for McIntosh, Ga._        21.60
  Calais. First Cong. Soc.                                  45.00
  Castine. Cong. Ch. (5 of which _for Student Aid_),
    11; Rainbow Band, 2.50; Mrs. C. E. Cushman, _for
    Freight_, 1.50; J. W. Dresser, 1; Mary W. Webster,
    4; Geo. L. Weeks, 4; Rainbow Band, Bbl. C., etc.;
    "Friends," Large Case Goods, _for Student Aid,
    McIntosh, Ga._                                          24.00
  Cumberland Center. Cong. Ch., _for McIntosh, Ga._,
    Freight                                                  5.00
  Eastport. Sab. Sch. by Mrs. H. J. Reynolds, 8; Harold
    and Leon Reynolds, 2; Miss E. Bilber's S. S. Class,
    1, _for McIntosh, Ga._                                  11.00
  Gouldsboro. Mrs. Helen F. T. Cleaves, _for McIntosh,
    Ga._                                                     2.00
  Gray. Cong. Ch.                                            4.00
  Harrison. Cong. Ch.                                        3.00
  Kennebunkport. Mrs. C. H. Pope, _for Grand River
    Indian Field_                                            5.00
  Lewiston. Pine St. Cong. Ch.                               1.50
  Monson. Cong. Ch.                                          3.50
  North Bridgton. Cong. Ch.                                  5.00
  Norway. Second Cong. Ch.                                   3.00
  Ocean Park. J. C. E. Soc., _for McIntosh, Ga._             2.65
  Orland. Mrs. H. T. and S. E. Buck, _for Student Aid,
    McIntosh, Ga._                                          10.00
  Portland. Williston Ch., 133.42; Second Parish Ch.,
    10; W. C. Rideout, 1                                   144.42
  Portland. Y. P. S. C. E. Williston Cong. Ch., _for
    Student Aid, Chandler Sch._                             10.00
  Portland. Miss. Soc., by Miss Lizzie C. Fuller, _for
    Wilmington, N. C._                                       8.00
  Presque Isle. Y. P. S. C. E., of Cong. Ch.                 5.00
  Richmond. Mrs. Hazen, _for McIntosh, Ga._                  2.00
  Rockport. Cong. Ch., _for McIntosh, Ga._                   8.56
  Sandy Point. Cong. Ch., 4; Cong. Soc., Bbl. C., _for
    McIntosh, Ga._                                           4.00
  Sherman Mills. Washburn Memorial Ch.                       5.00
  Thomaston. Cong. Ch., _for McIntosh, Ga._                  3.56
  Vinal Haven. King's Daughters, _for Student Aid,
    McIntosh, Ga._                                           1.00
  Winterport. Mrs. E. A. Smith, _for McIntosh, Ga._           .25

  Maine Woman's Aid to A. M. A., Mrs. C. A. Woodbury,
    Treas., _for Woman's Work_:
      Biddeford. Second Ch. Y. P. S. C. E.         9.36
      ----. "A Friend," Thank Offering             6.00
                                                 ------     15.36


  Concord. Dea. Frank Coffin's S. S. Class, _for
    Wilmington, N. C._                                      10.00
  Concord. First Cong. Ch., 2 Bbls. C., _for Moorhead,
  Durham. Cong. Soc.                                        10.00
  East Derry. Mrs. Chas. H. Day, _for Student Aid,           5.00
    Gregory Inst._
  Franklin. Cong. Ch.                                       12.00
  Gilsum. Cong. Ch.                                          4.00
  Goffstown. Miss Mary A. Hadley                             5.00
  Hampton. Sab. Sch. Cong. Ch.                              14.33
  Hancock. Miss L. H. Kimball                                1.00
  Henniker. Mrs. Lucy S. Connor                              5.00
  Hinsdale. Sab. Sch. of Cong. Ch.                           9.94
  Hudson. Cong. Ch.                                          9.30
  Keene. First Cong. Ch., by W. H. Spalter, Co. Treas.      43.77
  Keene. Miss M. A. Wheeler, _for Indian Sch., Santee,
    Neb._, and to const. MRS. ANGIE W. COFFIN L.M.          30.00
  Keene. Prim. Dept. Cong. S. S., _for Children's Miss._     5.00
  Kingston. C. E. Soc. of Cong. Ch., _for a Teacher,
    Pleasant Hill Acad._                                    15.00
  Kingston. Cong. Ch.                                        9.25
  Lancaster. Cong. Ch.                                      18.00
  Lisbon. First Cong. Ch.                                    9.52
  Manchester. "A Friend," _for Indian M._                   10.00
  Mason. Cong. Ch.                                          13.35
  Nashua. Pilgrim Ch., to const. JOSEPH L. CLOUGH and
    MISS JESSIE E. WELLMAN L.M's                            62.02
  Newcastle. Cong. Ch., _for Mountain Work_                  7.75
  New Ipswich. A. N. Townsend                                1.50
  North Hampton. Cong. Ch.                                   5.00
  Peterboro. Extra Cent a Day Band, by Miss Julia M.
    Buckminster, Treas.                                     20.00
  Raymond. Cong. Ch. and Soc.                                7.00
  Rindge. Cong. Ch., by W. H. Spalter, Co. Treas.            2.12
  Salem. Cong. Ch.                                           3.00
  Seabrook and Hampton Falls. First Evan. Cong. Ch.         17.00
  Swanzey. Cong. Ch., by W. H. Spalter, Co. Treas.          20.00
  Temple. Mrs. James Bragg                                   1.00
  Walpole. Cong. Ch. and Soc.                                9.18
  Winchester. Mrs. P. F. E. Albree's Sab. Sch. Class,
    20; and Sab. Sch., 15, _for Student Aid, Grand View
    Normal Inst._                                           35.00


  Cornish. Estate of Sarah W. Westgate, by E. G. Kenyon,
    Trustee, Cong. Soc.                                     24.29

VERMONT, $601.63.

  Barton's Landing. L. H. M. U. Case and Pkg. Bedding
    and C., Freight paid, _for McIntosh, Ga._
  Bellows Falls. First Cong. Ch.                            53.75
  Bennington. Miss S. E. Park, Box C., _for
    Williamsburg, Ky._
  Burlington. Mrs. Van Patten, _for McIntosh, Ga._           5.00
  Cabot. Mrs. H. A. Russell, 3; Mrs. L. McAllister,
    25c.                                                     3.25
  Chelsea. Hope Sherman, _for Student Aid, for
    McIntosh, Ga._                                           4.00
  Chelsea. By Mrs. S. W. Sherman, Tub Maple Sugar, 2
    _for Freight_; Cong. Ch., Two Bbls. C., _for
    McIntosh, Ga._                                           2.00
  Chester. Cong. Ch.                                        22.60
  Coventry. Cong. Ch. and Soc.                              25.00
  East Hardwick. Cong. Ch., 27; Cong. Sab. Sch., 18.26      45.27
  Essex. Cong. Ch.                                           2.77
  Franklin. F. L. Hopkins, Bbl. and half Bbl. New Goods,
    78c. _for Freight, for McIntosh, Ga._                     .78
  Groton. Mrs. B. A. Taft                                    8.00
  Manchester. "Friends from Chicago," by Mrs. E.
    Wickham, 10; L. H. M. S., 2 Bbls. C., Freight paid,
    _for McIntosh, Ga._                                     10.00
  Manchester. Miss E. J. Kellogg                             5.00
  Montpelier. Bethany Cong. Ch.                             32.05
  Newbury. First Cong Ch. and Soc.                          28.63
  New Haven. "A Friend," to const. J. M. LANDON and
    MRS. S. H. BOYNTON L.M's                               100.00
  North Bennington. Mrs. S. D. Jennings                     10.00
  North Brookfield. Mrs. C. M. Morse, Bbl. C., _for
    McIntosh, Ga._
  Putney. L. B. Soc., Cong. Ch., _for McIntosh, Ga._
  Saint Johnsbury. South Cong. Ch.                          60.84
  Saint Johnsbury. Mrs. Rebecca P. Fairbanks, 5;
    "Opportunity Circle," 5; Mrs. H. M. Carpenter, 1,
    _for McIntosh, Ga._                                     11.00
  Salisbury. Cong. Ch., _for Indian M._                     11.00
  Shoreham. Bbl. C., Freight paid, _for McIntosh, Ga._
  Waitsfield. Mrs. Jones, 1; "A Friend," 1, _for
    McIntosh, Ga._                                           2.00
  Wallingford. Miss C. M. Townsend, _for Indian M._          5.00
  Waterbury. Cong. Ch.                                      26.09
  West Barnet. Y. P. S. C. E.                                5.00
  ----. "Friends in Vermont"                                10.00

  Woman's Home Missionary Union of Vermont, by Mrs.
    William P. Fairbanks, Treas., _for Woman's Work_:
      Barnet. W. M. S.                            17.77
      Bennington, North. W. H. M. S.               1.30
      Burlington. College St. Ch. Junior C. E.,
        _for Indian Schp._                         5.00
      Coventry. Busy Bees                          8.00
      Fairfax. Mrs. Purmort, 4; Mrs. A. B.
        Beeman, 1                                  5.00
      Fairfield, East. Junior C. E., _for
        Indian Schp._                              5.00
      Newport. W. H. M. S.                        21.40
      Rutland. W. H. M. S.                        25.00
      Ryegate. Junior C. E., _for Indian Schp._    1.00
      Saxtons River. L. B. Soc.                    5.00
      Wells River. W. H. M. S.                     7.00
      Westminster, West. S. S., _for Indian
        Schp._                                     4.13
      Woodstock. Primary Sab. Sch., _for Indian
        Schp._                                     7.00
                                                -------    112.60

MASSACHUSETTS, $10,181.68.

  Acton. Cong. Ch.                                          15.00
  Amesbury. R. H. King, _for Cappahosic, Va._                3.00
  Amherst. North Cong. Ch.                                  68.59
  Amherst. Ladies' M. Soc., First Ch., Bbl. C., _for
    Fisk U._
  Andover. Mrs. A. M. Whittemore                             2.00
  Andover. Miss Lucy F. Partridge, _for Indian M.,
    Standing Rock, N. D._                                    1.00
  Andover. Miss G. L. Merrill, Bbl. C., _for King's Mt.,
    N. C._
  Andover. Y. P. S. C. E., South Ch., Pkg. Papers, _for
    Nat, Ala._
  Ashby. Ortho. Cong. Ch.                                   10.25
  Athol. Ladies' Union, Bbl. C., _for McIntosh, Ga._
  Attleboro. Second Cong. Ch.                               55.56
  Auburn. Cong. Ch.                                         43.06
  Auburndale. Cong. Ch., in part                           271.39
  Beverly. Dane St. Ch., 2 Bbls. C., _for Evarts, Ky._

      Mount Vernon Ch.                           499.70
      Shawmut Cong. Ch. (100 of which _for
        Indian M._)                              225.00
      Ladies' of Old South Ch., _for Student
        Aid, Pleasant Hill Acad._                 70.00
      Rev. Francis E. Clarke, _for Cedar Butte,
        S. D._                                    25.00
      Miss Alice White, _for Cappahosic, Va._      5.00
      "The Whatsoever Band," _for Student Aid,
        Gregory Inst._                             1.00
      "A Friend"                                    .25
    Allston. Cong. Ch.                            21.56
    Charlestown. Mrs. C. H. Flint, Christmas
      Box, _for Moorhead, Miss._
    Dorchester. Village Ch.                       12.13
      Extra Cent a Day Band of Second Cong.
        Ch., _for Waldensian M._                  10.00
      Mrs. C. P. Potter, _for Student Aid,
        Gregory Inst._                             8.00
      Mrs. Mary Houston, 5; J. C. Clarke, 1,
        _for McIntosh, Ga._                        6.00
      "Go Forth Mission Band," Second Cong.
        Ch., _for Indian M._                       1.30
    Jamaica Plain. Helen C. Laughlin, _for
      McIntosh, Ga._                               1.00
    Jamaica Plain. Central Cong. Ch., ad'l.         .05
    Roxbury. Mrs. P. N. Livermore, _for Student
      Aid, Girls, Pleasant Hill Acad._            25.00
    Roxbury. "Friend in Eliot Ch.," _for Indian
      M._                                          5.00
    South Boston. Phillips Cong. Ch.              37.50
      Phillips Ch., _for Student Aid, Fisk U._    35.50
                                                -------    988.99
  Boxford. Cong. Ch.                                        30.07
  Boxford. Sab Sch. Cong. Ch., _for Indian M._              25.00
  Bradford. Bradford Academy, Class of 1895, 14; Kate
    Derr, 1, _for Indian M., Standing Rock, N. D._          15.00
  Braintree. First Cong. Ch.                                 6.47
  Brockton. Porter Evan. Ch. and Soc., to const. WILSON
    TIRRELL and MRS. MARY L. PIERCE L.M's                   62.13
  Byfield. Cong. Ch.                                        12.50
  Cambridgeport. Women's M. Soc. of Pilgrim Ch., _for
    Schp., Straight U._                                     25.00
  Cambridgeport. Scatter Good Soc., Box Christmas Goods,
    _for Marion, Ala._
  Campello. South Cong. Ch.                                135.00
  Campello. South Cong. Sab. Sch., _for Williamsburg
    Academy, Ky._                                           10.10
  Canton. Cong. Ch.                                        122.00
  Carlisle. Cong. Ch.                                        3.00
  Chelsea. First Cong. Ch., 11; Third Cong. Ch., 9.45       20.45
  Chelsea Ladies, _for Indian Mission, Standing Rock,
    N. D._                                                   2.00
  Cohasset. Second Cong. Ch.                                15.57
  Colerain. Bbl. Bedding, _for Kings Mountain, N. C._
  Dalton. Cong. Sab. Sch., _for Furnishing Home,
    Chandler Sch._                                          20.00
  Danvers Center. Extra Cent a Day Band of First Ch.         3.00
  Dover. Cong. Ch.                                           4.07
  Dudley. Miss Nicholas, _for Meridian, Miss._               2.00
  Duxbury. Pilgrim Ch.                                       4.35
  East Bridgewater. Cong. Ch.                                7.47
  East Hampton. Payson Cong. Ch., to const. CHARLES B.
    MRS. A. C. NEVINS L.M's                                120.91
  Enfield. Ladies' Miss. Soc., by Mrs. Amanda W. Ewing      25.00
  Fall River. Central Cong. Ch. (60 of which _for Robert
    K. Remington Memorial Mission_)                        257.13
  Fall River. Central Cong. Ch., Extra Col., _for
    Expenses of Special Appeal_                            150.00
  Fitchbury. Cal. Cong. Ch.                                 44.15
  Framingham. "A Friend," _for Indian Schp._                17.50
  Framingham. Cong. Ch., Bbl. C., _for Williamsburg,
  Freetown. Mrs. G. L. Nichols, 3; Dea. J. D. Wilson, 2      5.00
  Gill. Y. P. S. C. E., ad'l, _for Central Ch., New
    Orleans, La._                                            9.45
  Goshen. Cong. Ch.                                         10.00
  Great Barrington. L. M. S., _for Student Aid, Lincoln
    Acad._                                                  10.00
  Greenfield. Second Cong. Ch.                              49.31
  Groton. Cong. Ch., ad'l.                                   1.00
  Hanson. Cong. Ch. and Soc.                                 3.28
  Haverhill. Mrs. Mary B. Jones, by Samuel Merrill       3,000.00
  Haverhill. Sab. Sch., West Cong. Ch., 30, to const.
    J. W. GOODSELL L.M.; Chas. Coffin, 4.50                 34.50
  Hingham. "A Friend in Evan. Cong. Ch."                    10.00
  Hinsdale. C. T. Huntington, to const: SIMON H. WHITE      35.00
  Holbrook. Miss S. J. Holbrook, _for Straight U._          10.00
  Holbrook. Sab. Sch., Winthrop Ch., _for Student Aid,
  Straight U._                                              20.00
  Holliston. Y. P. S. C. E. of Cong. Ch., _for Central
    Ch., New Orleans, La._                                   5.00
  Holliston. Sab. Sch. of Cong. Ch., 5; Miss W. T.
    White, 2, _for Student Aid, Gregory Inst._               7.00
  Housatonic. Sab. Sch. Cong. Ch. (5 of which _for
    McIntosh, Ga._)                                         21.64
  Huntington. Second Cong. Ch. and Soc.                      6.28
  Hyde Park. First Cong. Ch.                                24.20
  Hyde Park. Sab. Sch. Cong. Ch., _for McIntosh, Ga._        8.00
  Lakeville. W. H. M. Soc., by Mrs. A. C. Southworth,
    Sec., _for Student Aid, Santee Indian Sch._             25.00
  Lakeville. "A Friend," _for Indian M._                     9.50
  Lancaster. Woman's Aux., by Mrs. Harriet N. Eaton,
    Treas., 25, _for Teacher, Santee Indian Sch._; 25,
    _for Teacher, Straight U._, and to const. MRS.
    ISABELLA S. ROWELL L.M.    50.00
  Lenox. Cong. Ch.                                          22.00
  Leverett. First Cong. Ch. and Soc.                        17.55
  Lowell. Collected by Miss B. R. Parmenter at Annual
    Meeting, _for Thomasville, Ga._                         32.00
  Lowell. "A Friend," _for Student Aid, Evarts, Ky._        25.00
  Lowell. Sab. Sch. Eliot Ch., _for Indian Sch., Fort
    Berthold, N. D._                                         5.68
  Ludlow. "A Grateful Christian"                            10.00
  Lynn. First Cong. Ch., 41.10; Central Ch., 15             56.10
  Malden. From Douglass Lecture, 70; E. S. Convers, 50;
    Mrs. C. C. Convers, 10; Dr. D. P. Wadsworth, 5; Mrs.
    Daniels, 5; Mr. Richings, 1; W. H. Barrett, 2.50,
    _for Gloucester Sch., Cappahosic, Va._                 143.50
  Malden. First Ch.                                         38.86
  Malden. Sab. Sch., First Cong. Ch., _for Indian M.,
    Standing Rock, N. D._                                   15.00
  Manomet. Cong. Ch.                                         5.00
  Medfield. C. E. Soc., _for Meridian, Miss._                5.00
  Medford. Sab. Sch., Cong. Ch., _for Student Aid,
    Pleasant Hill Acad._                                    10.00
  Medway. E. F. Richardson, Bbl. books and C., _for Nat,
  Melrose Highlands. Junior. C. E. Cong. Ch., _for
    Indian M._                                               2.00
  Melrose Highlands. Mrs. H. G. Barber                       2.00
  Middleboro. Thomas P. Carleton                             1.00
  Milford. Cong. Ch.                                        59.65
  Millbury. First Cong. Ch. and Soc. (10 of which from
    "A Friend")                                             63.47
  Milton. Bbl. C., _for King's Mt., N. C._
  Montague. First Cong. Ch.                                  8.00
  Neponset. Stone Mission Circle, Trinity Ch., _for
    Straight U._                                             5.00
  Newburyport. Miss Grace M. Scott, _for a little girl
    pupil, Albany, Ga._                                      3.00
  Newton. Y. L. Soc. of Eliot Ch., _for Indian M.,
    Santee, Neb._                                           50.00
  Newton. "Friend in Eliot Ch.," _for Indian M._             5.00
  Newton Highlands. Thanksgiving Offering, _for Indian
    M._                                                     50.00
  Newton Highlands. "Two Friends," _for Student Aid,
    Pleasant Hill, Tenn._                                   30.00
  Newtonville. Central Cong. Ch.                           121.95
  North Adams. Cong. Ch.                                    47.55
  North Amherst. "Whatsoever Soc.," 20; Mrs. G. E.
    Fisher, 15, _for Fisk U._                               35.00
  North Amherst. Sab. Sch. of Cong. Ch., _for Indian M._    16.00
  Northampton. A. L. Williston, 300; A Friend, 50c.        300.50
  North Andover. Cong. Ch.                                  25.00
  North Woburn. Cong. Ch.                                   20.64
  Orange. Y. P. S. C. E. of Cong. Ch., _for Saluda, N.
    C._, and to const. IDA E. BARNES L.M.                   30.00
  Orleans. Cong. Ch.                                         6.00
  Pittsfield. First Cong. Ch.                               45.00
  Pittsfield. Mary A. Bissell, Pkg. Papers, _for Albany,
  Plymouth. Chiltonville Cong. Ch.                          10.40
  Raynham. First Cong. Ch. and Soc.                         20.58
  Reading. Mrs. Sarah Smith                                 10.00
  Royalston. First Cong. Ch. (5 of which _for Mountain
    Work_)                                                   7.89
  Salem. Crombie St. Ch.                                    47.25
  Salem. Crombie St. Ch., 2 Bbls. C., _for Wilmington,
     N. C._
  Saxonville. Edwards Cong. Ch.                              9.15
  Shelburne Falls. Cong. Ch. and Soc.                       24.50
  Shirley Village. Ortho. Cong. Ch. and Soc.                13.79
  Southampton. "A Friend"                                   10.00
  Spencer. Y. P. S. C. E. of Cong. Ch., 7; Ladies' M.
    Soc., 3; G. E. Manley's S. S. Class, 10                 20.00
  Springfield. Memorial Ch.                                 12.30
  Springfield. Miss Abbie L. Sanderson, _for Cappahosic,
    Va._                                                     1.00
  Springfield. Paper Co., 2 Cases Stationery, _for
    Wilmington, N. C._
  Stockbridge. Cong. Ch.                                    18.91
  Southbridge. Mrs. George Bradford, _for Indian M._        10.25
  Tyngsboro. Evan. Ch.                                       6.12
  Tyngsboro. "Friend in Cong. Ch.", _for Indian M._          1.00
  Wakeman. Sab. Sch. Mission Band, Bbl. C., 1 _for
    Freight, for Pleasant Hill, Tenn._                       1.00
  Walpole. Cong Ch.                                         24.00
  Ware. George E. Tucker, _for Reading Room, Central
    Ch., New Orleans, La._                                  25.00
  Ware. First Cong. Ch., _for Indian M._                    14.15
  Ware. Cong. Ch., adl. _for Central Ch., New Orleans,
    La._                                                     2.49
  Ware. Ladies of First Ch., Bbl. C., Freight paid, _for
    McIntosh, Ga._
  Warren. Ladies' Benev. Soc., 2 Large Cases C., 6.30
    _for Freight_; Y. P. S. C. E., 4, _for Student Aid,
    McIntosh Ga._                                           10.30
  Webster. First Cong. Ch.                                  36.33
  Wellesley. Miss Mary P. Lord, _for Two New Native
    Missionaries, Grand River, N. D._                      100.00
  Wellesley. Mrs. R. W. T. Crowell, _for Indian M._         10.00
  Wellesley. Miss Valentine, 1; "Friends of the Work,"
    75c., _for Indian M., Standing Rock, N. D._              1.75
  Wellfleet. Mrs. G. S. Holbrook and Friends, Box Bed
    clothing, _for Albany, Ga._
  Westboro. Ladies' Freedmen's Ass'n, _for Freight to
    Saluda, N. C._                                           1.00
  Westboro. Bbl. Bedding and C., _for Kings Mountain,
    N. C._
  West Boylston. Cong. Ch.                                   8.75
  West Medway. Third Cong. Ch.                              16.50
  West Medway. Dorcas H. M. Circle, Third Cong. Ch.,
    Bbl. C., _for Nat, Ala._
  West Newbury. Ladies' Aux. of First Parish Cong. Ch.,
    _for Central Ch., New Orleans, La._                      2.00
  Whitinsville. Cong. Ch. and Soc.                         997.80
  Whitman. Cong. Ch., Communion Set, _for Evarts, Ky._
  Williamsville and Vicinity. By Mrs. C. Woodruff, 2
    Bbls. C., Freight paid, _for McIntosh, Ga._
  Wilmington. Rev. Elijah Harmon                            3.00
  Winchester. First Cong. Ch.                              50.00
  Worcester. Plymouth Cong. Ch.                            28.62
  Worcester. Y. P. S. C. E. of Salem St. Cong Ch., by
    Miss Nellie A. Keyes                                   13.61
  Yarmouth. First Cong. Ch.                                25.00
  ----. "Friend in Mass.," _for Building, Crow Mission,
    N. D._                                                 30.00
  Hampden Benevolent Association, by George R. Bond,
      Ludlow. First Ch.                           16.07
      West Springfield. First Ch. (10 of which
        from "A Friend"); 36 to const. EDWARD
        C. SMITH L.M.; Park St. Ch., 21.18;
        Mittineague Ch., 30.27                    87.45
                                                  -----    103.52

  Woman's Home Missionary Association of Mass. and R. I.,
    Miss Annie C. Bridgman, Treas., _for Woman's Work_:
       For Salaries of Teachers                  776.94
       South Boston. Mrs. Horace Smith,
         _for Alaska M._                           5.00
       Mansfield. Ladies' M. Soc.                 10.00
       Framingham. Plymouth Ch. Aux., 9.10;
         Plymouth Ch. Primary Sab. Sch., 3,
         _for Central Ch., New Orleans, La._      12.10
       West Somerville. Day St. Ch. Aux.
         Memorial, Mrs. N. B. Wilder               5.00
      Curtisville. Cong. Ch.                      14.36
                                                  -----    823.40


  Boston. Estate Mary A. Blood, by Joseph H. Curtis,
    Executor                                               120.00
  Douglas. Estate of Mary A. Wells, by Chas. Gibson,
    Executor                                                45.00
  Whitinsville. Estate of William H. Whitin, by Edward
    Whitin, Executor                                       200.00


  Ashfield. Ladies' Soc., Cong. Ch., Bbl. C. _for
    Evarts, Ky._
  Brimfield. Ladies' Union, Bbl. Sundries, _for Brewer
    N. Sch., Greenwood, S. C._
  Westboro. Ladies' F. Assn., Bbl. C., _for Saluda
    Sem., N. C._

RHODE ISLAND, $215.55.

  Bristol. First Cong. Ch                                   39.14
  Bristol. C. E. Soc., _for Evarts, Ky._                    25.00
  Central Falls. Cong. Ch.                                  53.26
  East Providence. Newman Ch., to const. GEORGE HENRY
    CURTIS L.M.                                             30.00
  Kingston. Cong. Ch.                                       52.65
  Providence. Mrs. G. G. Hale, _for Gloucester Sch.,
    Cappahosic, Va._                                        10.00
  Providence. Y. P. S. C. E., of North Cong. Ch.             1.50
  Providence. Mrs. James McAuslen, Box C., _for Fisk U._
  Woonsocket. Miss Jean Harris, _for McIntosh Ga._           4.00

CONNECTICUT, $3,684.92.

  Andover. Cong. Ch.                                         3.00
  Bethlehem. "A Friend"                                     10.00
  Black Rock. Cong. Ch.                                     25.50
  Bloomfield. Cong. Ch., Box Books, _for Evarts, Ky._
  Bolton. Cong. Ch.                                         12.88
  Bridgeport. Park St. Cong. Ch., to const. DEA. CHARLES
    M. MINOR and EDWARD S. BLAKE L.M's                      72.81
  Bridgeport. C. E. Soc., Park Cong. Ch., _for
    Williamsburg Acad., Ky._                                 5.20
  Bridgeport. Mrs. J. H. Manchester, Pkg. Papers, _for
    McIntosh, Ga._
  Brookfield. Cong. Ch.                                     24.24
  Clinton. Cong. Ch. and Soc.                               43.15
  Columbia. Cong. Ch.                                       35.46
  Columbia. Mrs. Hattie Little, _for Student Aid_, 8; "A
    Friend," _for Freight_, 2, _for McIntosh, Ga._          10.00
  Danbury. Ladies' M. Circle, _for Student Aid,
    Williamsburg Acad._                                      6.00
  East Canaan. Cong. Ch.                                     4.17
  Falls Village. Cong. Ch.                                   5.05
  Farmington. First Cong. Ch.                               81.00
  Guilford. Y. P. S. C. E., Third Cong. Ch., _for
    Central Ch., New Orleans, La._                          20.00
  Haddam. First Cong. Ch.                                   20.23
  Hartford. Sab. Sch., Pearl St. Cong. Ch., _for
    Rosebud Indian M., So. Dak._                            34.80
  Hartford. Y. P. S. C. E. Windsor Ave. Ch., _for
    Student Aid, Fisk U._                                   50.00
  Hartford. Pearl St. Cong. Ch., 61.02; Mrs. Mary C.
    Bemis, 50; Park Cong. Ch., ad'l, 39.66;
    Y. P. S. C. E., Windsor Ave. Cong. Ch., 10             160.63
  Hartford. C. E. Soc. of Fourth Ch., _for Central Ch.,
    New Orleans_                                            20.00
  Habron. Y. P. S. C. E., _for Grand View, Tenn._            5.00
  Higganum. Sab. Sch. Cong. Ch., to const. REV. THOMAS
    C. RICHARDS L.M.                                        30.00
  Ledyard. J. F. Leach, Saw Filing Clamp, _for McIntosh,
  Lyme. Y. P. S. C. E., _for Warner Inst._                   5.00
  Madison. First Cong. Ch.                                   5.55
  Meriden. Center Ch., ad'l, 50; E. K. Breckenridge, 50,
    to const. C. E. BRECKENRIDGE L.M.                      100.00
  Meriden. Ladies' Soc., Box C., _for Thomasville, Ga._
  Middletown. First Ch.                                     29.55
  Naugatuck. Sab. Sch., 24; Cong. Ch., 3 Bbls. C., Box
    C. and Box Books, _for Evarts, Ky._                     24.00
  Naugatuck. Y. P. S. C. E. of Cong. Ch.                    13.50
  Nepaug. Y. P. S. C. E.                                     7.00
  New Canaan. Cong. Ch.                                     30.15
  New Haven. Douglass Lecture, Grand Ave. Cong. Ch.,
    67.72; Sab. Sch., Grand Ave. Cong. Ch., 50, _for
    Gloucester Sch., Cappahosic, Va._                      117.72
  New Haven. Golden Links, Dwight Pl. Ch., _for Fisk U._    18.00
  New Haven. Robert Crane, M.D., 10; Ch. of the Redeemer,
    ad'l, 5                                                 15.00
  New Haven. Rev. G. S. Dickerman, Bbl. C., _for Kings
    Mountain, N. C._
  New Haven. Mrs. Geo. P. Browning, Box Papers, _for Nat,
  Norwalk. "Forget Me Not" Circle of K. D., _for Skyland
    Inst., Blowing Rock, N. C._                             25.00
  Northford. Cong. Ch.                                       5.00
  Norwich. "Friends," _for Student Aid, McIntosh, Ga._      19.00
  Norwich. "Friend," Bbl. C., _for McIntosh, Ga._
  Old Saybrook. Cong. Ch.                                   32.05
  Old Saybrook. Y. P. S. C. E., _for Reading Room,
    Central Ch., New Orleans, La._                          17.58
  Plainville. "A Friend"                                     2.00
  Plantsville. Ladies' Indl. Soc. of Cong. Ch., _for
    Allen Normal Sch., Thomasville, Ga._                    35.00
  Putnam. Second Cong. Ch.                                  33.27
  Sound Beach. Jr. Y. P. S. C. E., Pilgrim Cong. Ch.,
    Bbl. C., _for Kings Mountain, N. C._
  South Britain. Cong. Ch.                                  27.13
  South Canaan. Cong. Ch.                                    7.10
  South Norwalk. Cong. Ch.                                  50.29
  Suffield. Circle of K. D., Bbl. C., _for Blowing Rock,
    N. C._
  Stamford. Y. P. S. C. E. of Cong. Ch., _for Grand
    View, Tenn._                                            17.00
  Stratford. Cong. Ch.                                      18.34
  Talcottville. Cong. Ch. and Soc.                          82.51
  Wapping. Cong. Ch.                                        11.33
  West Avon. Cong. Ch.                                       5.00
  Westchester. Cong. Ch.                                     4.16
  West Hartford. First Ch. of Christ                        37.74
  West Hartford. Henry C. Butler, _for Indian M._            5.00
  West Winsted. Second Cong. Ch. and Soc.                   30.00
  Whitneyville. "Children's Earnings for Missions," by
    Rev. Chas. F. Clarke                                     8.02
  Windsor. Y. P. S. C. E., by M. G. Marsh, Treas.           12.00
  Windsor. Sab. Sch., First Cong. Ch., _for Santee
    Indian Sch._                                             9.38
  Wolcott. Cong. Ch.                                         7.91
  Woodstock. First Cong. Ch. and Soc.                       16.48
  Woodstock. L. A. S. N., Bbl. C., 2 _for Freight, for
    Moorhead, Miss._                                         2.00
  Woman's Cong. Home Missionary Union of Conn., Mrs.
    W. W. Jacobs, Treas., _for Woman's Work_:
      Norwich. "Friend" in Park Ch.               10.00
      Westchester. Soc. of Christian Bees          5.00
                                                  -----     15.00


  Cornwall. Estate of Silas C. Beers                       433.50
  Norfolk. Estate of Mrs. Mary Langdon Porter, by F. E.
    Porter, Executor                                     1,671.49

NEW YORK, $3,461.24.

  Alfred. Mrs. Ida F. Kenyon                                 5.00
  Antwerp. First Cong. Ch.                                  17.27
  Berkshire. First Cong. Ch. and Soc.                       48.25
  Brasher Falls. Mrs. Eliza A. Bell                         10.00
  Brooklyn. Lewis Av. Cong. Ch., _for Indian M._           109.78
  Brooklyn. South Cong. Ch.                                 71.00
  Brooklyn. Y. P. S. C. E. of Central Cong. Ch., _for a
    Teacher, Blowing Rock, N. C._                           50.00
  Brooklyn. Royal Workers of Park Ch., 5; W. H. M. U. of
    Park Ch., 5, _for a Teacher, Blowing Rock, N. C._       10.00
  Brooklyn. Lewis Av. Ch., _for Big Creek Gap, Tenn._        1.00
  Buffalo. First Cong. Ch.                                 117.53
  Canandaigua. Sab. Sch., Cong. Ch., _for Mountain Work_    16.10
  Castile. G. A. Davis                                       5.00
  Chateaugay. Joseph Shaw                                    5.00
  Cohoes. Coll. Y. W. C. Assn. Meeting, _for Cappahosic,
    Va._                                                     7.52
  Corona. Y. P. S. C. E., Bbl. C., Literature, etc., _for
    Savannah, Ga._
  Elmira. Mrs. J. Glines, _for Student Aid, Grand View
    Normal Inst._                                            5.00
  Elmira. Park Ch., 2 Bbls. C., _for Williamsburg, Ky._
  Gloversville. Junior Soc. of C. E., _for C. E. Hall,
    McIntosh, Ga._                                          10.00
  Huntington. Rev. W. J. Jennings                            5.00
  Lansingburg. Bapt. Ch., Rev. C. L. Stanley, Pastor         8.38
  Lawrenceville. L. Hulburd                                  5.00
  Lebanon. Chas. P. Day, 1; Silas W. Seymour, 1; Alfred
    Seymour, 1                                               3.00
  Lima. Miss M. D. Warner                                     .50
  Lockport. First Cong. Ch., Self Denial Offering            2.50
  Middleton. First Cong. Ch.                                17.07
  Morrisville. Y. P. S. C. E. of Cong. Ch., _for Central
    Ch., New Orleans, La._                                  12.00
  Mount Sinai. Cong. Ch., bal. to const. DEA. SAMUEL J.
   HOPKINS L.M.                                             15.00
  Mount Vernon. Mrs. D. Pearson, _for Pupils, Santee
    Indian Sch._                                            70.00
  Newark Valley. Mrs. Ruth Kimball                           5.00
  Newburg. "Friends," _for Sewing Class, McIntosh, Ga._      2.00
  New Lots. C. E. Soc. of Dutch Ref. Ch., _for Student
    Aid, Williamsburg Acad._                                15.00
  New York. Miss D. E. Emerson, _for A. G. Sch.,
    Moorhead, Miss._                                        30.00
  New York. Mrs. Catherine Young, _for Williamsburg Acad._  10.00
  New York. Broadway Tab. Ch., H. N. Marshall                3.00
  Northville. Sab. Sch. Cong. Ch.                           10.00
  North Walton. Y. P. S. C. E., _for Thunderhawk M._        15.30
  Orient. Sab. Sch. Cong. Ch.                               25.00
  Rochester. T. O. Hamlin                                   25.00
  Sag Harbor. Chas. N. Brown, to const. JAMES SIMMS L.M.    30.00
  Saratoga. Mrs. A. H. Perry                                10.00
  Saugerties. Cong. Ch.                                     19.73
  Saugerties. Y. P. S. C. E., _for Big Creek Gap, Tenn._     6.85
  Sing Sing. Mrs. Cornelia E. Judd and Mrs. Harriet M.
    Cole, 30 each, _for Indian and Chinese M._              60.00
  Spencerport. Two Bbls. C., Freight paid, _for Kings
    Mountain, N. C._
  Syracuse. Chas. A. Beach                                  50.00
  Ticonderoga. Two Bbls. C., _for Kings Mountain, N. C._
  Troy. Fifth Ave. Bapt. Ch., 28.24; First Bapt. Ch.,
    23.44; "Friends," 15; Y. W. Assn. Meeting, 13.73;
    Wm. Shaw, 10; J. Clacksworthy, 5; Mrs. M. E. Hart, 5,
    _for Gloucester Sch., Cappahosic, Va._                 100.41
  Warsaw. Cong. Ch.                                         11.54
  Wautagh. Cong. Ch.                                         3.75
  Westmoreland. First Cong. Ch.                              4.50
  West Winfield. Mrs. Wheeler, 5; Miss Spencer, 5, _for
    Big Creek Gap, Tenn._                                   10.00
  Woodhaven. First Cong. Ch.                                20.00
  Woodville. Cong. Ch.                                       7.50
  Yonkers. J. T. Warren, _for Cappahosic, Va._               5.00

  Woman's Home Missionary Union of N. Y., by Mrs. J. J.
    Pearsall, Treas., _for Woman's Work_:
      Albany. First Ch., L. H. M. S.              25.00
      Binghamton. "Helpers," to const. MISS
        MARY P. MASON L.M.                        30.00
      Brooklyn. Central Ch., L. B. S., 50;
        Lewis Ave. Ch., L. M. S., 50; East Ch.
        S. S., 40; Tompkins Ave. King's
        Daughters, 25; Pilgrim Ch., W. H. M. S.,
        15; Park Ch., L. M. C., 6                186.00
      Homer. Mrs. Coleman Hitchcock, 2.50;
        Mrs. Joseph Stebbins, 1                    3.50
      Middletown. First Ch., Crane Mission         5.00
      Millville. Lee Allen                          .26
      New York. Broadway Tabernacle, Soc. for
        Women's Work, to const. MRS. CEPHAS
        BRAINERD, JR., L.M.                       30.00
      Paris. Judd Mission Band                    11.00
      Poughkeepsie. L. H. M. S., 25; S. S., 15;
        C. E., 10                                 50.00
      Syracuse. Geddes Ch., Willing Workers        5.00
      Warsaw. Earnest Workers                      9.00
                                                  -----    354.76


  Gloversville. Estate of Isaac V. Place, Wayland D.
    West and Cyrus Stewart, Executors                    2,000.00

NEW JERSEY, $371.80

  Jersey City. Mrs. Celia G. Dickinson, _for
    Furnishing New Hall, Tougaloo U._                       40.00
  Lakewood. A. W. Kenney                                    15.00
  Paterson. Auburn St. Cong. Ch.                            21.80
  Upper Montclair. Cong. Ch.                                 5.00
  Westfield. Cong. Ch.                                     255.00

  Woman's Home Missionary Union of the N. J. Assn., by
    Mrs. J. H. Denison, Treas., _for Woman's Work_:
      Paterson. "A Friend," Mem. Off., W. H. M.
        S., Auburn St. Cong. Ch.                  10.00
      Washington, D. C. W. H. M. S. of First
        Cong. Ch.                                 25.00
                                                  -----     35.00


  Fallsington. Mrs. Phebe H. Burgess, _for
    Cappahosic, Va._                                         1.00
  Germantown. Rev. Dr. C. Wood, _for Cappahosic,
    Va._                                                     5.00
  Gug's Mills. Simeon O. Fitch                               1.50
  Philadelphia. The Old Abolitionists Soc., _for
    Gloucester Sch., Cappahosic, Va._                      100.00
  Pittsburg. "Cash"                                        100.00
  Riceville. First Cong. Ch.                                 5.00
  Ridgway. Cong. Ch., _for McIntosh, Ga._                    5.00
  Scranton. F. K. Tracy                                      5.00

  Pennsylvania. Women's Missionary Union, by Mrs. T. W.
    Jones, Treas., _for Woman's Work_:
      Cambridgeboro. W. M. Soc.                             10.00

OHIO, $436.24.

  Alliance. Y. P. S. C. E. of Cong. Ch.                      3.00
  Bellevue. First Cong. Ch.                                  6.20
  Claridon. L. T. Wilmot                                    10.00
  Cleveland. "A Friend," 50; Hough Av. Cong. Ch.,
    6.48                                                    56.48
  Cleveland. "Unknown Friend," Euclid Av. Ch., _for
    Indian M., Standing Rock, N. D._                         1.00
  Cleveland. Mrs. Laura V. Toliver, 1; "A Friend,"
    1, _for Student Aid, Albany, Ga._                        2.00
  Cleveland. Mount Zion Ch. and "Oberlin Friends,"
    Organ, _for Albany, Ga._
  Chatham Center. Cong. Ch.                                 17.80
  Colinwood. Cong. Ch.                                       8.00
  Columbus. Eastwood Cong. Ch.                               9.49
  Hartford. Cong. Ch.                                        8.50
  Hudson. Cong. Ch.                                          8.00
  Jefferson. Cong. Ch.                                       8.11
  Kingsville. Miss Eliza Cummings, 5; Miss Ella
    Richmond, 5, _for Student Aid, Lincoln Acad._           10.00
  Kirtland. Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Clapp                        10.00
  Lorain. Mrs. T. F. Daniels                                 2.00
  Madison. Central Cong. Ch.                                20.38
  Mount Vernon. First Cong. Ch.                             51.98
  North Fairfield. Ladies of Cong Ch., Bbl. C., _for
    Pleasant Hill, Tenn._
  North Kingsville. Mrs. Sarah C. Kellogg, _for
    Indian M._                                               5.00
  Oberlin. Mrs. Lord, 3 Bbls. Books, Freight paid;
    "Friends," Bbl. Books, etc., _for Albany Ga._
  Painesville. W. H. Stocking                                1.00
  Ruggles. Cong. Ch. (of which 80c. _for Mountain
    Work_ and 25c. _for Indian M._), 24.23; Coral
    Workers, 5; and Y. P. S. C. E., 1.05, to const.
    MISS NETTIE E. GAULT L.M.                               30.28
  Sardinia. S. W. Huggins                                    5.00
  Sheffield. Ridge Soc., by R. White, Sec.                   5.00
  Springfield. First Cong. Ch., 6.70; Lagonda Av.
    Cong. Ch., 5                                            11.70
  Wakeman. Cong. Ch. and Soc.                               20.52
  Wellington. Edward West                                   20.00
  York. Cong. Ch.                                           29.00
  Youngstown. "A Friend," Plymouth Ch.                       2.00

  Ohio Woman's Home Missionary Union, Mrs. G. B.
    Brown. Treas., _for Woman's Work_:
      Alliance. Pearl Thomas, 1.25; Louisa Loyd,
        .80                                        2.05
      Bellevue. W. M. S.                           2.75
      Cleveland. Euclid Av. W. H. M. S., _for
        Student Aid, Ballard N. Inst., Macon,
        Ga._                                      16.00
      Cleveland. Euclid Av. Y. L. M. S., _for
        Student Aid, Ballard N. Inst., Macon,
        Ga._                                       8.00
      Tallmadge. Y. L. M. S., 40; Cheerful
        Workers, 5.                               45.00
                                                  -----     73.80

INDIANA, $30.00.

  Richmond. "A Friend," _for Grand View, Tenn._             30.00

ILLINOIS, $862.44.

  Aurora. New England Ch., 17; First Ch., 8.91;
    "Japan," 5; N. L. James, 10                             40.91
  Brimfield. Cong. Ch.                                      10.00
  Canton. Cong. Ch.                                         22.52
  Chicago. First Cong. Ch., 103.41; South Cong. Ch.,
    56.26; University, 25.80; Leavitt St. Ch., .82; New
    England Ch., 21.04; Central Park Ch., 5; Warren Av.
    L. M. S., 2                                            214.33
  Chicago. "A Friend," _for Waldense S. S._                  5.00
  Evanston. Cong. Ch.                                       10.00
  Greenville. Cong. Ch.                                      5.00
  Hamilton. Mrs. H. D. Grubb                                 2.00
  Hinsdale. Cong. Ch.                                       25.00
  Lombard. First Ch.                                        35.75
  Morrison. Miss Ellen S. Brown                              1.00
  Oak Park. Cong. Ch., 138.87; Rev. Jos. E. Roy,
    D.D., 5                                                143.87
  Payson. H. F. Scarborough                                  2.50
  Peoria. First Cong. Ch.                                   63.16
  Pittsfield. Cong. Ch.                                     13.14
  Pontiac. Rev. S. Penfield                                  5.00
  Quincy. First Union Cong. Ch.                            100.00
  Rockton. Cong. Ch.                                         4.00
  Shabbona. Blanche Langford, _for Student Aid,
    Moorhead, Miss._                                         1.50
  Sheffield. Cong. Ch.                                      65.83
  Shelbyville. B. P. Dearing, _Freight_, 1.64, _for
    McIntosh, Ga._                                           1.64
  Wheaton. The College Ch. of Christ                        38.73
  Wheaton. First Cong. Ch. and Sab. Sch., 4; also a
    Christmas Box _for Cumberland Gap_                       4.00

  Illinois Woman's Home Missionary Union, Mrs. L. A.
    Field, Treas., _for Woman's Work_:
      Chicago. Warren Ave. W. M. S.                2.50
      Elgin. W. M. S.                             15.00
      Joy Prairie. W. M. S.                       10.00
      La Salle. W. M. S., _for Student Aid,
        Tougaloo U._                               3.86
      Millburn. W. M. S.                           5.00
      Oak Park. W. M. S.                           2.50
      Poplar Grove. W. M. S.                       3.70
                                                  -----     42.56

MICHIGAN, $1,233.38.

  Agricultural College. Prof. R. C. Kedzie                  10.00
  Alamo. Julius Hackley                                     40.00
  Ann Arbor. First Cong. Ch.                                37.50
  Battle Creek. Mrs. H. L. Root                               .50
  Canton. Geo. R. Woodworth                                  1.00
  Detroit. First Cong. Ch., 30.72; Plymouth Tabernacle,
    9.86                                                    40.58
  Dexter. Dennis Warner                                     10.00
  Eaton Rapids. Y. P. S. C. E., Cong. Ch., _for Student
    Aid, Chandler Sch._                                      5.00
  Gaylord. Rev. P. M. Crips                                  5.00
  Milford. William A. Arms, to const. ALBERT ARMS
    BENNETT L.M.                                            30.00
  Noble. Mrs. Mary B. Bogardus                               1.00
  Olivet. 3 Sab. Sch. Classes, Cong. Ch., _for Student
    Aid, Chandler Sch._                                      2.00
  Vermontville. Orlin P. Fay                                 5.00
  Whittaker. Cong. Ch.                                       5.00

  Woman's Home Missionary Union of Michigan, by Mrs.
    E. F. Grabill, Treas., _for Woman's Work_:
      Allendale. W. H. M. S.                       5.00
      Alpena. W. H. M. S.                         25.00
      Benton Harbor. W. H. M. S.                   5.00
      Covert. W. H. S., _for Student Aid,
        Pleasant Hill_                             5.15
      Grape. W. H. M. S.                            .15
      South Emmett. W. H. M. S. _for Student
        Aid, Santee Indian Sch._                    .15
                                                  -----     40.80


  Ann Arbor. Estate of Dr. C. L. Ford, by E. C.
    Walker, Executor                                     1,000.00

IOWA, $422.52.

  Afton. Mrs. M. A. Clark                                   15.00
  Atlantic. Bear Grove Y. P. S. C. E., _for Student
    Aid, Beach Inst._                                        3.00
  Cedar Falls. Cong. Ch., to const. MRS. D. N. HURD         50.00
  Cedar Rapids. Mrs. J. C. Brocksmit                         5.00
  Chester Center. Cong. Ch. and Y. P. S. C. E.               7.42
  Davenport. Edwards Cong. Ch., Box Books _for Selma,
  Earlville. Cong. Ch.                                       8.20
  Grinnell. Cong. Ch., ad'l.                                 8.75
  Hampton. Pkg. Material for Sewing Dept. and Pkg.
    Literature, _for Savannah, Ga._
  McGregor. Cong. Ch.                                      110.10
  McGregor. Ladies of Cong. Ch., Bbl. C. and 2 _for
    Freight, for New Orleans, La._                           2.00
  Montour. Cong. Ch., to const. W. W. CURPHY AND
    WILLIAM CRAIG LE GRAND L.M's                            61.22
  Muscatine. First Cong. Ch.                                21.67
  New Hampton. Jr. C. E. Soc., by Mrs. G. L.
    Hanscome, Supt., Box C., _for Savannah, Ga._
  Osage. W. M. Soc., Box C., Literature, etc., _for
    Savannah, Ga._
  Postville. Cong. Ch.                                       7.30
  Red Oak. Cong. Ch.                                        26.23
  Rock Rapids. Cong. Ch., _for Indian Sch., Fort
    Berthold, N. D._                                         1.67
  Rockwell. First Cong. Ch.                                 10.00
  Sioux City. Mrs. Penfield                                  5.00
  Sioux City. Cong. Ch., _for Student Aid, Pleasant
    Hill Acad._                                              5.00

  Iowa Woman's Home Missionary Union, Miss Belle L.
    Bentley, Treas., _for Woman's Work_:
      Clinton. "L. M. S."                          7.25
      Danville. "L. M. S."                         2.00
      Davenport. Edwards Y. P. S. C. E.           14.64
      Earlville. W. M. S.                         10.00
      Grinnell. W. M. S.                           1.87
      McGregor. W. M. S., to const. MRS. Q. A.
        SLOAN L.M.                                33.10
      Magnolia. W. M. S.                           1.50
      Riceville. W. M. S.                          4.60
                                                  -----     74.96

WISCONSIN, $274.94.

  Beloit. First Cong. Ch., ad'l.                             3.00
  Berlin. Union Ch.                                         10.00
  Burlington. Cong. Ch.                                     22.30
  Clinton. Cong. Ch., ad'l.                                  3.00
  Delavan. Sab. Sch., Cong. Ch.                              6.25
  Janesville. First Cong. Ch., to const. CHARLES W.
    BILLINGS and MISS SUSIE JEFFRIES L.M's                  65.00
  Leeds Center. Cong. Ch.                                    5.67
  Menomonie. Cong. Ch.                                      13.55
  Milwaukee. North Side                                      3.60
  Osseo. Cong. Ch.                                           3.00
  Racine. Mrs. M. B. Erskine, _for Schp., Pleasant
    Hill Acad._                                             68.00
  Racine. Herbert Probert                                    5.00
  Travor. Liberty Ch.                                        3.00
  Two Rivers. Y. P. S. C. E.                                 6.38
  Windsor. Union Cong. Ch.                                   8.29

  Wisconsin Woman's Home Missionary Union, Mrs. ----,
    _for Woman's Work_:
      Arena. W. M. S.                              1.95
      Elkhorn. W. M. S.                           25.00
      Madison. W. M. S.                           15.00
      Plattville. W. M. S.                          .90
      Whitewater. W. M. S.                         6.05
                                                  -----     48.90

MINNESOTA, $322.69.

  Austin, L. M. S., 3 Bbls. C., _for Jonesboro,
  Fort Fairfield. Cong. Ch.                                 10.00
  Litchfield. Mrs. W. Weeks, _for Meridian, Miss._           5.00
  Litchfield. Mrs. Chany, _for Indian M., Standing
    Rock, N. D._                                             1.00
  Minneapolis. Pilgrim Ch.                                  21.00
  New Ulm. Cong Ch.                                          5.00
  Northfield. First Cong. Ch.                               77.50
  Saint Anthony Park. Cong. Ch.                              8.43
  Saint Anthony Park. W. A. Larkin, _for Student
    Aid, Lincoln Normal Sch._                                2.00
  Saint Paul. Sab. Sch., Plymouth Ch., 3.92;
    Atlantic Cong. Ch., 2.56                                 6.48
  Spring Valley. Bbl. C., _for Jonesboro, Tenn._

  Woman's Home Missionary Union of Minnesota, by
    Mrs. M. W. Skinner, Treas., _for Woman's Work_:
      Alexandria                                  10.00
      Belgrade.                                    1.32
      Benson S. S.                                 1.50
      Minneapolis. Plymouth, 23.97; Como Av.,
        15; First, 6; Park Av. Primary Dept.,
        _for Reindeer, Alaska M._, 5              49.97
      Morris. Y. P., _for Indian Student_          3.00
      Northfield. Carleton College, 35.49;
        W. H. M. U., to const. MRS. ALICE
        S. F. KINSEY L.M., 30                     65.49
      Saint Paul. Plymouth, 15; Plymouth C. E.
        Soc., _for Central Ch., New Orleans,
        La._, 25; Atlantic, 5; Bethany, 1         46.00
      Wadena. Young Ladies, _for Student Aid,
        Allen Normal Sch., Thomasville, Ga._       9.00
                                                  -----    186.28

KANSAS, $33.42.

  Laurence. Plymouth Ch.                                    31.42
  Manhattan. Cong. Ch., 2 Boxes, Books and C.,
    _for Selma, Ala._
  Smith Center. First Cong. Ch.                              2.00

MISSOURI, $351.82.

  Camden. Mrs. Hiram Smith                                  50.00
  Holden. Mrs. S. E. Hawes, _for Indian M._                  1.50
  Kansas City. Y. L. M. S. of Olivet Cong. Ch.,
    _for Blowing Rock, N. C._                                5.00
  St. Louis. Ladies, _for Big Creek Gap, Tenn._              3.50
  St. Louis. Y. P. S. C. E., Pilgrim Cong. Ch.,
    Pkg. Papers, _for McIntosh, Ga._
  Webster Groves. First Cong. Ch.                           51.82

  Woman's Home Missionary Union of Mo., by Mrs.
    K. L. Mills, Treas., _for Woman's Work_:

      St. Louis. W. H. M. S. of Campton Hill
        Cong. Ch.                                 31.00
      St. Louis. L. H. M. S., Pilgrim Ch.        200.00
      St. Louis. Y. P. S. C. E., Ch. of the
        Redeemer                                   5.00
      St. Louis. Y. L. M. S., Campton Hill Ch.     4.00
                                                  -----    240.00

NEBRASKA, $46.69.

  Arborville. Cong. Ch.                                      2.72
  Exeter. First Cong. Ch.                                    5.85
  Lincoln. First Cong. Ch., 33.12; Cong. Ch. and C. E., 5   38.12


  Custer City. First Cong. Ch.                               3.00
  Drakola. Cong. Ch.                                         2.55
  Webster. Cong. Ch.                                         4.20

COLORADO, $40.00.

  Boulder. Cong. Ch.                                        10.00

  Woman's Home Missionary Union of Col., by Mrs. Horace
    Sanderson, Treas., _for Woman's Work_:
      W. H. M. U. of Colo.                                  30.00


  Puyallup. Cong. Ch.                                        1.50
  Tacoma. East Ch.                                           2.50


  Haywards. John J. Booth                                   25.00
  Pomona. "A Friend"                                        10.00
  Redlands. Cong. Ch.                                       58.00


  Washington. First Cong. Ch., "A Friend," _Howard U._      15.00
  Washington. Mrs. A. H. Bradford, Pres. W. H. M. U.,
    N. J. Assn., 5; Mr. Hagen, 5, _for Indian M.,
    Standing Rock, N. D._                                   10.00

MARYLAND, $44.26.

  Baltimore. Second Cong. Ch.                                2.00
  Baltimore. Leaden Hall St. Bapt. Ch., 12.09; Friends
    at a Parlor Meeting, 10; First Bapt. Ch. (White),
    7.27; First Bapt. Ch. (Col.), 4.95; "Friends," 4.95;
    Mr. and Mrs. Lee Taylor, 2; Kate Taylor, 1, _for
    Gloucester Sch., Cappahosic, Va._                       42.26

KENTUCKY, $137.75

  Campton. "Friends," _for Morgan County Sch._             134.75
  Covington. Y. P. S. C. E., First Pres. Ch., Box
    Papers, _for Nat, Ala._
  Red Ash. Cong. Ch.                                         3.00
  Williamsburg. From Unknown Source, Bbl. Bed Clothing
    and Papers.

DELAWARE, $10.00.

  Newark. Prof. W. H. Bishop                                10.00

VIRGINIA, $191.47.

  Hampton. C. E. Soc., Hampton Inst., _for Indian M.,
   Standing Rock, N. D._                                     2.75


    Bethel. Public Sch., Misses Lancaster and
      Gordon, Teachers                             9.50
    Cappahosic. "Friends" and Collections         97.86
    Gloucester. Quarterly S. S. Union, 9.91;
      S. S. Quarterly Union, 7.33                 17.24
    Gloucester Co. By Rev. James Smith, 7.95;
      Misses Scott and Anderson, 3.75; Robbins
      Neck S. S., 1                               12.70
    Great Bridge. A. Poiner                        1.00
    Indian Road. Public School, Miss M. Carter,
      Teacher                                      3.00
    Locust Grove. Public School Children, Miss
      A. Bagtop, Teacher                           6.73
    Matthews Co. Sons and Daughters of Charity,
      1.50; Zion Bapt. S. S., 1; United Friends,
      G. O. of O. F., 1                            3.50
    Middlesex. Calvary Bapt. S. S.                 2.00
    Perton. Public Sch., J. A. Lemon, Teacher      4.40
    Rising Valley. Public Sch., Miss B. Gregory,
      Teacher                                      6.79
    Robbins Neck. Public Sch., Miss L. C. Wyatt,
      Teacher                                     15.00
    Smithfield. Educational Soc.                   1.00
    Truheart. I. S. P. Robinson, 1.70; A. S.
      Billip, 1                                    2.70
    Urbana. Ed. Fitzgerald                         2.00
    Williamsburg. By R. Jackson                    3.30
                                                  -----    188.72

TENNESSEE, $14.50.

  Nashville. Rev. F. A. Chase                               10.00
  Nashville. Jackson St. Ch.                                 4.50


  Blowing Rock. Mrs. H. Bailey, _for Freight_                1.00
  Harrisburg. Moorhead Ch.                                   1.80
  High Point. Cong. Ch.                                      2.50
  Oaks. "A Friend," 30; Cong. Ch., 2                        32.00
  Raleigh. W. H. M. U., 2 Comfortables, _for Kings
    Mountain, N. C._
  Saluda. "A Friend"                                         2.15
  Wilmington. Cong. Ch., by Rev. F. W. Sims                  4.00

GEORGIA, $16.25.

  McIntosh. Emma J. Rosecrans, 5; Prof. Fred. W. Foster,
    3, _for Student Aid, McIntosh, Ga._                      8.00
  McIntosh. Miss H. E. Leach, 5; Cong. Ch., 2; Bbl. C.
    from Unknown Source                                      7.00
  Savannah. Box Sheets, Pillow Cases, etc., from Unknown
  Thomasville. Box Bed Linen, _for Beaufort, N. C._
  Woodville. Pilgrim Ch., .84; Rev. J. Loyd, .16; Rev.
    J. H. H. Sengstacke, .25                                 1.25

FLORIDA, $3.00.

  Macelenny. Rev. A. A. Stevens                              3.00

ALABAMA, $11.20.

  Lapine. Cong. Ch.                                           .50
  Lincoln. Cong. Ch.                                          .30
  Montgomery. By Miss H. A. De Jarnette, _for Gloucester
    Sch., Cappahosic, Va._                                   8.40
  Montgomery. Cong. Ch.                                      1.00
  ----. Coll. Thanksgiving Service at Mission near Lincoln,
    Ala., by Rev. M. L. Baldwin                              1.00

TEXAS, $15.00.

  Austin. Tradesmen of Austin, _for Blacksmith Shop,
    Tougaloo U._                                            15.00

CANADA, $5.00.

  Montreal. Chas. Alexander                                  5.00
  Donations                                            $18,850.67
  Estates                                                5,494.28

INCOME, $1,907.50.

  Avery Fund, _for Mendi M._                     242.25
  E. A. Brown Schp. Fund, _for Talladega C._      15.75
  DeForest Fund, _for President's Chair,
    Talladega C._                                180.00
  Fisk University. Theo. Fund                      1.12
  General Endowment Fund                          22.50
  Graves Schp. Fund, _for Talladega C._          125.00
  Hammond Fund, _for Straight U._                 56.25
  Hastings Schp. Fund, _for Atlanta U._            6.25
  Howard Theo. Endowment Fund, _for Howard U._   871.88
  Le Moyne Fund, _for Memphis, Tenn._             96.25
  Lincoln Schp. Fund, _for Talladega C._          22.50
  Scholarship Fund, _for Straight U._             51.25
  Tuthill King Fund, _for Berea C._               37.50
  Tuthill King Fund, _for Atlanta U._            122.50
  Seth Wadhams Theo. Fund, _for Talladega C._     22.50
  J. and L. H. Wood Schp. Fund, _for Talladega
    C._                                           25.00
  Yale Library Fund, _for Talladega C._            9.00
                                                  -----  1,907.50

TUITION, $3,767.80.

  Cappahosic, Va. Tuition                         11.00
  Evarts, Ky. Tuition                            217.30
  Lexington, Ky. Tuition                          68.25
  Williamsburg, Ky. Tuition                       53.20
  Beaufort, N. C. Tuition                         21.05
  Blowing Rock, N. C. Tuition                     11.45
  Hillsboro, N. C. Tuition                        40.25
  Kings Mountain, N. C. Tuition                   22.00
  Saluda, N. C. Tuition                           22.25
  Troy, N. C. Tuition                              5.00
  Whittier, N. C. Tuition                          7.12
  Wilmington, N. C. Tuition                      212.00
  Charleston, S. C. Tuition                      328.38
  Greenwood, S. C. Tuition                        59.21
  Grand View, Tenn. Tuition                       15.00
  Jonesboro, Tenn. Tuition                       106.55
  Knoxville, Tenn. Tuition                        39.25
  Nashville, Tenn. Tuition                       563.06
  Pleasant Hill, Tenn. Tuition                    96.87
  Albany, Ga. Tuition                            241.00
  Atlanta, Ga. Storrs Sch., Tuition              173.77
  McIntosh, Ga. Tuition                          100.98
  Savannah, Ga. Tuition                          194.46
  Thomasville, Ga. Tuition                        58.88
  Woodville, Ga. Tuition                           3.85
  Athens, Ala. Tuition                            44.80
  Florence, Ala. Tuition                           3.20
  Marion, Ala. Tuition                            50.47
  Nat, Ala. Tuition                               64.00
  Selma, Ala. Tuition                            125.60
  Talladega, Ala. Tuition                         29.80
  Orange Park, Fla. Tuition                       90.00
  New Orleans, La. Tuition                       482.15
  Meridian, Miss. Tuition                        112.00
  Moorhead, Miss. Tuition                         11.40
  Austin, Tex. Tuition                            82.25
                                                  -----  3,767.80

  Total for December                                   $30,020.25


  Donations                                            $43,616.31
  Estates                                               13,115.66
  Income                                                 3,067.50
  Tuition                                                8,284.84
  Total from Oct. 1 to Dec. 31                         $68,084.31


  Subscriptions for December                               $69.40
  Previously acknowledged                                   39.68
  Total                                                   $109.08

  H. W. HUBBARD, Treas.,
  Bible House, N. Y.

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