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´╗┐Title: The Butterflys' Ball - Mother's Series
Author: Anonymous
Language: English
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Collections, University Libraries, Ball State University

[Illustration: Book Cover]






    The Butterfly, once, with the Grasshopper gay,
    A grand party gave in the middle of May;
    So, dear little readers, I'll tell you of all
    The guests who were asked to the feast and the ball.
    The Gnat was invited, the Dragonfly, too,
    And all his relations, green, orange, and blue;
    The Wasp, and Cockchafer, the Beetle and Bee;
    The stoutly-made Mole, and the Emmet so wee;


    The Dormouse, and Snail, with a host more, were there
    But their names I can't tell you, I really declare.
    The Trumpeter Gadfly (who summoned the crew)
    Bade them all come at six, and to time, said, be true:
    In answer to which, they with pleasure replied,
    That they'd surely be there at the time specified.
    In the very best manner (without the least doubt)
    The kind-hearted hosts the grand banquet spread out,


    Beneath an oak tree, which for ages had stood,
    In beauty and pride in the midst of a wood.
    A mushroom grew there, which a nice table made,
    And a waterdock-leaf for the cloth was soon laid.
    When the moment arrived, ready waiting were they
    To welcome their friends in the heartiest way;
    The first to arrive was the Beetle so black,
    Who carried the Emmet, his friend, on his back;


    The Gnat and the Dragonfly next did each bring
    His friends; then the Wasp came, without his sharp sting.
    The Cockchafer hummed, as he journeyed along,
    Some songs he intended to sing to the throng.
    The sly little Dormouse peeped out of his hole,
    And led to the feast his blind cousin, the Mole.
    In fact they all came, as they promised to do,
    In the picture before you, so plain to the view.


    The viands were various; delighted were they;
    Some honey the Bee brought, to honor the day.
    Said he, "My dear friends, I am far behind time,
    But, WORK BEFORE PLAY, is a maxim of mine."
    The feast now commenced, they ate and they talked
    Of the news of the day, and the distance they'd walked
    When the banquet was finished, they said one and all,
    That Gaffer Grasshopper must open the ball;


    Behold him then, bowing politely, advance
    To ask Madam Butterfly with him to dance.
    The dancing began, each a partner had got,
    Excepting the Snail, who said, dance she could not,
    For, fatigued with the distance the length of an ell,
    She said she must sleep in her own little shell.
    The party was merry,--and well it might be--
    For the Cockchafer sang, and a soft voice had he:


    The name of the song I've forgotten completely,
    And also the words, but they sounded most sweetly.
    The company, charmed, entreated another,
    And he favored them, gladly, with "Jack and his brother;"
    When ended the song, (it was loudly applauded,)
    The dance, for a time, again pleasure afforded,
    'Till slily came on the dark shadows of night,
    And the Watchmen, the Glowworms, each showed his bright light;


    By the aid of their lanterns, each safely reached home;
    For some from a very great distance had come.
    Recollect, little readers, the saying is true,
    And I think, when you read it, you'll all say so too:

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McLOUGHLIN BROS. & CO., Publishers, New York.

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