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´╗┐Title: The Adventures of Puss in Boots - Marks's Edition
Author: Anonymous
Language: English
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Copyright Status: Not copyrighted in the United States. If you live elsewhere check the laws of your country before downloading this ebook. See comments about copyright issues at end of book.

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Collections, University Libraries, Ball State University

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    There once liv'd a young man who was very poor.
      For all that he had was a Cat;
    His food being gone, he could get no more,
      And so he resolv'd to kill that.

    Now Puss from the cupboard came out and thus spoke,
      "Grieve not my good master, I pray,
    Provide me with boots, and a bag--'tis no joke--
      Your fortune I'll make then straightway."


    Puss baited his bag with parsley and bread,
      And away to a warren he hied,
    Where he laid himself down as if he was dead,
      Until some young rabbits he spied.

    One entered the bag, puss pull'd at the string,
      The rabbit was kill'd in a trice,
    Puss said this fine game I'll take to the king,
      I'm sure he will say it is nice.


    Next day to a wheat-field Grimalkin repair'd,
      And there two fine partridges caught,
    These he took to the king who kindly enquired,
      From whence the fine present was brought.

    "From the Marquis Carabas, great Monarch," said he,
      "These birds and the rabbit I bring,"
    They both were accepted, and puss in high glee
      Receiv'd a reward from the king.


    This king took a journey, his kingdom to view,
      With his daughter so fine and so gay,
    What happen'd then, I will now tell unto you,
      To my tale therefore listen I pray.

    Puss ran to a cornfield, to the reapers he said,
      "When the king comes these words you repeat,
    'To the Marquis Carabas these fields all belong,


    To an Ogre's grand castle grimalkin now went,
      Which was opened by servants so gay,
    'Is his highness the Ogre at home sir,' said he,
      'For my bus'ness is urgent to-day.'

    The Ogre received him with kindness, and now,
      Puss entr'd the castle so gay,
    When making a low and reverend bow,
      He march'd to the parlour straightway.


    'Tis thought mighty Ogre by all in the nation,
      That miraculous power you possess,
    The power, when you please, of complete transformation,
      This a miracle is and no less.

    To convince you 'tis true, the Ogre replied,
      I will change myself now in your sight:
    He did so--a lion he now roars by his side,
      Which put the poor cat in a fright.


    "Mighty sir," said the Cat, "such a change I must say,
      I never expected to view:
    Yet I venture to doubt--your pardon I pray,
      If a mouse you could change yourself to."

    Doubt not, said the Ogre, my power to do so,
      When a mouse he directly became,
    On his victim Grimalkin immediately flew,
      And sealed in an instant his doom.


    The king and princess now arriv'd at the place,
      But Puss who had travell'd much faster,
    Came out and invited them in with much grace,
      In the name of the Marquis, his master.

    In a spacious saloon, they sat themselves down,
      Where a banquet was already spread,
    And that day, "PUSS IN BOOTS" gain'd greater renown,
      For the marquis and princess were wed.



_The following Sorts._

  The House that Jack Built
  The Ladder to Learning
  The Comic Drama of Punch and Judy
  The Adventures of Puss in Boots
  The Peahen at Home, or the Swan's Bridal Day
  The Butterfly's Ball and the Grasshopper's Feast
  The Adventures of Little Dame Crump, and her White Pig
  The history of the Children in the Wood
  The Life and Death of Cock Robin
  Adventures of Paul Pry and his young Friend in London
  Cinderella, or the Little Glass Slipper
  Adventures of Goody Two Shoes
  Comical Adventures of the Old Woman and Pedlar
  The History of an Apple Pie
  Adventures of Timothy Dump and his Dog Toby
  Nursery Rhymes, illustrated
  The Cradle Hymn, by Dr. Watts
  Adventures of Little Red Riding Hood
  The New London Cries, or a Visit to Town
  Adventures of Mother Hubbard and her Dog
  History of Johnny Gilpin
  Adventures of Johnny Newcome in the Navy
  History of Whittington and his Cat
  Dame Trot her Comical Cat
  Visit to the Zoological Gardens, pt. 1
  Ditto             ditto          pt. 2
  The Marriage of Cock Robin, and Jenny Wren

Transcriber's Note

  * Obvious punctuation and spelling errors repaired.

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