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Title: Selected List of Swan Sonnenschein & Co.'s Publications
Author: Swan Sonnenschein & Co.
Language: English
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_Paternoster Square._ _April 1st, 1886._

Selected List of



_For_ SUBJECT INDEX, _see pp. 27-32_.


Abdy-Williams. Novels by E. M. ABDY-WILLIAMS:

    Two Ifs. 1 vol. ed. Cr. 8vo. 3_s._ 6_d._

    Forewarned! Fcap. 8vo. 1_s._

    For his Friend. 3 vols. Cr. 8vo 31_s._ 6_d._

Adams. Novels by MRS. LEITH-ADAMS. Cheap Editions.

Each vol. cr. 8vo, _cloth extra_, 3_s._ 6_d._

    Geoffrey Stirling.

    Madelon Lemoine.

    Cosmo Gordon. [_Shortly._

    Lady Deane. [_Shortly._

Adams, Rev. F. A. My Man and I; or, the Modern Nehemiah. 8vo, _cloth_,
7_s._ 6_d._

Adams. Books by W. H. DAVENPORT ADAMS:

    A Book of Earnest Lives. With 8 portraits and plates. Demy 8vo, _cloth
    gilt_, _gilt edges_, 7_s._ 6_d._

        Dean Colet, Roger Ascham, Lady Mary Montagu, Robert Raikes, Lord
        Brougham, Dr. Arnold, J. F. Oberlin, Mary Carpenter, Wm.
        Wilberforce, Sir T. F. Buxton, John Eliot, John Howard, Mrs. Fry,
        Mrs. Mompesson, Sister Dora, and others.

    Battle Stories from English and European History. _Second Edition._
    With 16 plates and plans. Demy 8vo, _cloth gilt_, _gilt edges_, 7_s._

        _European_: Byzantium, Cressy, Poictiers, Navarette, Agincourt,
        Lützen, Blenheim, Malplaquet, Pultowa, Waterloo, Inkerman.
        _English_: Hastings, Falkirk, Bannockburn, Bosworth Field, Flodden
        Field, Marston Moor, Naseby, Culloden. _Anglo-Indian_: Plassey,
        Haiderabad, Guzerat; and others.

    Girlhood of Remarkable Women. _Second Edition, enlarged._ With 8
    plates. Demy 8vo, _cloth gilt_, _gilt edges_, 7_s._ 6_d._

        Harriet Martineau, Fanny Burney, Elizabeth Inchbald, Charlotte
        Brontë, Sara Coleridge, Mary Somerville, Mary Russell Mitford,
        Lady Morgan, Lady Jane Grey, Mrs. Hutchinson, Countess of
        Pembroke, Margaret More, Lady Mary Montagu, Catherine of Siena,
        Jeanne d'Arc, Mme. de Miramon, Eliz. Carter, Caroline Herschel,
        Lady Fanshawe, and others.

    Celebrated Women Travellers of the Nineteenth Century. _Second
    Edition._ With 8 plates. Cr. 8vo, _cloth gilt_, _gilt edges_, 3_s._

        Frederika Bremer, Ida Pfeiffer, Lady Stanhope, Lady Brassey, Lady
        Morgan, Mrs. Trollope, Isabella Bird, Lady Florence Dixie, Miss
        Gordon Cumming, Lady Barker, and others.

Alberg. Books by ALBERT ALBERG:

    Gustavus Vasa and his Stirring Times. _Third Edition._ Illustrated.
    Cr. 8vo, _cloth gilt_, _gilt edges_, 3_s._ 6_d._

    Charles XII. and his Stirring Times. Illustrated. Cr. 8vo, _cloth
    gilt_, _gilt edges_, 1_s._ 6_d._

"Alert." Cruise of H.M.S. "Alert." Four Years in Patagonian, Polynesian,
and Mascarene Waters. By R. W. Coppinger, M.D. (Staff-surgeon on board).
With 16 Plates and several cuts in the text from drawings and photos by
the Author and F. North, R.N. _Fourth Edition._ 8vo, _cloth_, _gilt
edges_, 6_s._

Allen, Grant. The Evolution of Flowers. [_In preparation._

Alpine Plants. _See_ Seboth and Bennett; and Bennett.

Althaus. _See_ Schaible and Althaus.

Andersen, Hans. Fairy Tales Set to Music by Annie Armstrong. 4to, _cloth_,
1_s._ 6_d._; _paper_, 1_s._

Arabian Nights, The New. Select Tales, not included in the editions of
Galland or of Lane. Translated by W. F. Kirby (British Museum). _Second
Edition._ Illustrated. Cr. 8vo, _cloth gilt_, _gilt edges_, 3_s._ 6_d._

Armstrong, J. Birds and their Ways. Illustrated. Cr. 8vo, _cloth gilt_,
_gilt edges_. 1_s._ 6_d._

Arthur, T. S. Ten Nights in a Bar-Room. _New Illustrated Edition._ Cr.
8vo, _cloth gilt_, 2_s._

Auerbach, Berthold. Two Stories (Christian Gellert and The Stepmother).
Cuts. Cr. 8vo, _cloth gilt_, _gilt edges_, 2_s._ 6_d._

Austin, Jane G. Moonfolk: A True Account of the Home of the Fairies.
_Second Edition._ Illustrated by W. J. Linton. Cr. 8vo, _cloth gilt_,
_gilt edges_, 2_s._ 6_d._ [_Fairy Library._

Axon, W. E. A. Gipsy Folk Tales. [_In preparation._

Babcock, W. H. Cypress Beach: A Novel. 2 vols. Cr. 8vo, _cloth_, 12_s._

Bagnall, J. E. Handbook of Mosses. With Numerous Woodcuts. Cr. 8vo,
_cloth_, 1_s._

Baker, Ella. Stories of Olden Times. Drawn from History and Tradition.
_Second Edition._ Cr. 8vo, _cloth gilt_, _gilt edges_, 1_s._ 6_d._


    India, and Tiger Hunting. 2 vols. cr. 8vo, ea. 3_s._ 6_d._

    The New Shikari at our Indian Stations. 2 vols. cr. 8vo, ea. 3_s._

Baxter, Right Hon. W. E., M.P. England and Russia in Asia. Cr. 8vo,
_cloth_, 1_s._ [_Imp. Parl. Ser._

Bennett, A. W., M.A., B.Sc. Tourists' Guide to the Flora of the Alps.
Edited from the work of Prof. K. W. v. Dalla-Torre, and issued under the
auspices of the German and Austrian Alpine Club in Vienna. Elegantly
printed on very thin but opaque paper, 392 pp., bound as a Morocco
pocket-book. Pocket size, 5_s._

Best Books, The. A Classified Bibliography of the Best Current English and
American Literature, with the Publishers' names, the prices, and the dates
of each work. 4to. [_Shortly._

Bevan, J. A., M.D. The March of the Strikers. 1_s._

Bevan. Works by G. PHILLIPS BEVAN, F.G.S., F.S.S.:

    The Royal Relief Atlas of all parts of the Globe, consisting of 31
    Embossed Maps. _Second Edition._ Royal 4to, 21_s._

        Each Map is separately framed, and the whole bound in one volume,
        _half persian_.

    The Home Geography. [_In preparation._

    Guide to Lichfield Cathedral. [_In preparation._

    Guide to Westminster Abbey. [_In preparation._

Bickerdyke. Works by JOHN BICKERDYKE, M.A.:

    With the Best Intentions: A Tale of Undergraduate Life at Cambridge.
    Cr. 8vo, _cloth_, 2_s._ 6_d._

    An Irish Midsummer Night's Dream. Frontispiece. Cr. 8vo, _cloth gilt_,
    _gilt edges_, 1_s._ 6_d._

Birthday Book, The Floral. By FLORENCE DUDGEON. With Coloured Plates. Imp.
16mo, _cloth gilt_, _gilt edges_, 3_s._ 6_d._

Boger, C. G. Elfrica: An Historical Romance of the Twelfth Century. 3
vols. Cr. 8vo, _cloth_, 31_s._ 6_d._

Bottone, S. R. The Dynamo: How Made and How Used. Numerous Cuts. Cr. 8vo,
_cloth_, 2_s._ 6_d._

Bourne. Works by C. E. BOURNE, Barrister-at-law:

    Heroes of African Discovery and Adventure.

        Series I.--To the Death of Livingstone.

        Series II.--To 1883.

        Each series in a _Second Edition_. With Plates and Coloured Maps.
        Cr. 8vo, _cloth gilt_, _gilt edges_, each 3_s._ 6_d._

    The Great Composers: Short Lives of Eminent Musicians.

        _Second Edition._ With portraits and plates. Cr. 8vo, _cloth_,
        _gilt edges_, 3_s._ 6_d._


    Life of Gustavus Adolphus. Illustrated. Cr. 8vo, _cloth gilt_, _gilt
    edges_, 1_s._ 6_d._

Bowker, J. Goblin Tales of Lancashire. Illustrated by Charles Gliddon. Cr.
8vo, _cloth gilt_, _gilt edges_, 2_s._ 6_d._ [_Fairy Library._

Bradshaw. Works by Mrs. JOHN BRADSHAW.

    Roger North. 3 vols. Cr. 8vo, 31_s._ 6_d._

    Merevale: A Novel. 1 vol. 6_s._

Brant, Elizabeth, Head Mistress of the Granby Schools. Systematic
Cutting-out for the New Code, from Units of Measurement. With Folding
Diagrams in red and black. Cr. 8vo, _cloth_, 2_s._

Broadhurst and Reid. Leasehold Enfranchisement. By HENRY BROADHURST, M.P.,
and R. T. REID, M.P. Cr. 8vo, _cloth_, 1_s._ [_Imp. Parl. Ser._

Bulow. Works by the Baroness BÜLOW:

    The Child and Child-Nature. _Third Edition._ Cuts. Cr. 8vo, _cloth_,
    3_s._ [_Kindergarten Manuals._

    Hand-Work and Head-Work: Their Relation to One Another. Cr. 8vo,
    _cloth_, 3_s._ [_Kindergarten Manuals._

Burke, Ulick J. Couleur de Rose: A Novel. 2 vols. Cr. 8vo, _cloth_, 21_s._

Butler, E. A. The Entomology of a Pond. [_In preparation._

Buxton, Sydney, M.P. Over-Pressure and Elementary Education. Crown 8vo,
2_s._; _paper_, 1_s._

    See also Imperial Parliament Series, p. 27.

Caballero, Fernan. Book of Spanish Tales. _Third Edition._ Illustrated by
Chas. Harrison. Cr. 8vo, _cloth gilt_, _gilt edges_, 2_s._ 6_d._ [_Fairy

Caine, Hoyle, and Burns. Local Option. By W. S. CAINE, M.P., WM. HOYLE,
and Rev. DAWSON BURNS, D.D. _Second Edition._ Cr. 8vo, _cloth_, 1_s._
[_Imp. Parl. Ser._

Cambridge Examiner, The. A Monthly Educational Journal (except in July and
August). Demy 8vo, Vols. I.--V. [1885], each 5_s._ [48 pages, _Monthly_,

Camden. Tales by CHARLES CAMDEN:

    The Travelling Menagerie. Illustrated by J. Mahoney. Sm. 8vo, _cloth
    gilt_, _gilt edges_, 2_s._ 6_d._

    Hoity Toity, the Good Little Fellow. Illustrated by J. Pettie, R.A.
    Sm. 8vo, _cloth gilt_, _gilt edges_, 2_s._ 6_d._

Cappel, E. S. Old Norse Sagas. Illustrated. Cr. 8vo, _cloth gilt_, _gilt
edges_, 2_s._ 6_d._

    Aslog--Frithiof--Ingeborg--Ragnar Lodbrok--Sigurd--Wayland
    Smith--Hamlet--and others. [_Fairy Library_

Chapman. Books by WILLIAM CHAPMAN:

    Notable Women of the Covenant. With portraits and plates, Cr. 8vo,
    _cloth gilt_, _gilt edges_, 2_s._ 6_d._

    Notable Women of the Puritan Times. With portraits and plates. Cr.
    8vo, _cloth gilt_, _gilt edges_, 3_s._ 6_d._

    Notable Women of the Reformation. With portraits and plates. Cr. 8vo,
    _cloth gilt_, _gilt edges_, 3_s._ 6_d._

    Life of Martin Luther. Cuts. Cr. 8vo, _cloth gilt_, _gilt edges_,
    1_s._ 6_d._

    Life of John Wiclif. Cuts. Cr. 8vo, _cloth gilt_, _gilt edges_, 1_s._

Children's Journey, The, and other Stories. By the Author of "Voyage en
Zigzac," etc. _Second Edition._ Illustrated by the Author. Cr. 8vo, _cloth
gilt_, _gilt edges_, 3_s._

Chitty. Coloured Books by LILY CHITTY:

    Harlequin Eggs. Twenty-four coloured plates by Lily Chitty. With text
    by Ismay Thorn. 4to, 2_s._ 6_d._

    In and Out. Twenty-four coloured plates by Lily Chitty. With text by
    Ismay Thorn. 4to, 2_s._ 6_d._

Chitty, W. Practical Beekeeping. 12mo. [_At press._

Churchill, Mrs. Spencer. Daisy Darling. A Novel. Cr. 8vo, _cloth_, 3_s._

Church Rambles and Scrambles. Cr. 8vo, _cloth_, 2_s._

Clarke. Short Biographies by F. L. CLARKE. Each vol. illustrated. Cr. 8vo,
_cloth gilt_, _gilt edges_, 1_s._ 6_d._

    A Book of Golden Friendships. Illustrated. Cr. 8vo, _cloth gilt_,
    _gilt edges_, 3_s._ 6_d._

    Childhood of the Prince Consort.

    Charlemagne and his Times.

    Life of William Tyndale.

    George Stephenson.

    Robert Stephenson.

    Lives of George and Robert Stephenson (in 1 vol). _Cloth gilt_, _gilt
    edges_, 2_s._ 6_d._

    Sir Walter Raleigh and his Times.

Claus--Sedgwick. Elementary Text Book of Zoology. By Prof. W. CLAUS,
edited by ADAM SEDGWICK, M.A., Fellow and Lecturer of Trin. Coll.,
Cambridge, assisted by F. G. Heathcote, B.A., Trin. Coll., Camb.
Illustrated by 706 woodcuts drawn by Prof. Claus. In Two Parts. Demy 8vo,

    Part I. Protozoa to Insecta. 21_s._

    Part II. Mollusca to Man. 16_s._

Clement, Dr. E. Tabular View of Geological Systems. Cr. 8vo, _limp cloth_,

Cobbe, Lucy. Doll Stories. Cuts. _Cloth_, _gilt edges_, 1_s._ 6_d._

Cockburn, Dr. Samuel. The Laws of Nature and the Laws of God: a Reply to
Prof. Drummond. Cr. 8vo, _cloth_, 3_s._ 6_d._

Conn, William. From Paris to Pekin over Siberian Snows. Edited from the
Travels of Victor Meignan by William Conn. With 16 plates. Demy 8vo,
_cloth extra_, 16_s._

Contemporary Pulpit, The. A Monthly Homiletic Magazine. Vols. I.-IV. Royal
16mo, _cloth extra_, _gilt top_, _each_ 6_s._ [64 pages, _Monthly_, 6_d._

Cooke. Short Biographies by FRANCES E. COOKE. Each vol. illustrated. Cr.
8vo, _cloth gilt_, _gilt edges_.

    A Boy's Ideal. [Life of Sir Thomas More.] 1_s._ 6_d._

    True To Himself. [Life of Savonarola.] 1_s._ 6_d._

    Latimer's Candle. [Life of Latimer.] 1_s._ 6_d._

    An English Hero. [Life of Richard Cobden.] 1_s._ 6_d._

Cooper, A. J. Training of the Memory. 12mo. 3_d._

Corbett, Mrs. George. Cassandra: A Novel. 3 vols. Cr. 8vo, _cloth_, 31_s._

Cox, Sir Geo. W., Bart., M.A. The Little Cyclopædia of Common Things.
_Fourth Edition._ Illustrated. Demy 8vo, _cloth gilt_, 7_s._ 6_d._

Craik, Georgiana M. Twelve Old Friends. With 8 Plates by Ernest Griset.
Obl. 4to, _cloth gilt_. 5_s._

Crawford, J. Coutts, F.G.S. The Reform of English Spelling. Cr. 8vo, 6_d._

Croker, T. Crofton. Fairy Legends and Traditions of the South of Ireland.
_New Edition._ [_Shortly._

Cross--Davidson. Stories of Great Men, taken from Plutarch. By M. CROSS
and A. J. DAVIDSON. Illustrated. Sm. 8vo, _cloth gilt_, _gilt edges_,

Cupples, Mrs. George. Tappy's Chicks, and other Links between Nature and
Human Nature. With nineteen illustrations. Sm. 8vo. _cloth gilt_, _gilt
edges_, 2_s._ 6_d._

Dalton, Douglas. False Steps: a Novel. _Second Edition._ Cr. 8vo, 1_s._

Daly, J. Bowles, LL.D. Radical Pioneers of the Nineteenth Century. Crown
8vo, _cloth_, 6_s._

Darton. Books by J. M. DARTON:

    Brave Boys who have become Illustrious Men of our Time. _Fourth
    Edition._ Plates. Cr. 8vo, _cloth gilt_, _gilt edges_, 3_s._ 6_d._

        Thomas Carlyle--Robert Moffat--Professor Ruskin--George
        Cruikshank--John Stuckey Reynolds--Henry Deane, F.L.S.--William
        Chambers, and others.

    Famous Girls who have become Illustrious Women of our Time. _Twentieth
    Edition._ Plates. Cr. 8vo, _cloth gilt_, _gilt edges_, 3_s._ 6_d._

        Margaret Roper--"Little Miss Burney"--Laura Bridgman--Felicia
        Hemans--Harriet Beecher Stowe--Elizabeth Le Brun--Mme. de
        Staël--Frederika Bremer, and others.

De Portugall, Mme. Synoptical Table of the Kindergarten. Folio, mounted on
canvas, and folding into a cloth case, 2_s._ 6_d._

Dilke and Woodall. Women Suffrage. By Mrs. ASHTON DILKE and W. WOODALL,
M.P. Cr. 8vo, _cloth_, 1_s._ [_Imperial Parliament Series._

Douglas, W. Measure for Measure: a Novel. 2 vols., cr. 8vo, 21_s._

Dover. Works by Rev. T. B. DOVER, M.A., Vicar of St. Agnes, Kennington.

    Lent Manual: Some Quiet Lenten Thoughts. With a Preface by the BISHOP
    OF LINCOLN. Twelfth Thousand. 12mo, 2_s._ 6_d._ Cheap edition, 1_s._

    The Ministery of Mercy.

Eastward Ho! A Monthly Magazine. Vols. I.-III., demy 8vo, _cloth_, each
3_s._ 6_d._

Edwards, F. J. Rules for the Mental Calculator. 12mo, _cloth_, 1_s._

Edwards, R. O. Rabbits for Exhibition, Pleasure, and Market. By R. O.
EDWARDS, assisted by several eminent breeders. With eight plates. Cr. 8vo,
_limp cloth_, 2_s._ 6_d._

Espin, Rev. T. H., M.A. Elementary Star Atlas, with 12 large star-maps.
Imperial 8vo, _cloth_, 1_s._ 6_d._

Evelac, Hamilton. The Leaven of Malice: a Novel. Cr. 8vo, 6_s._

Everitt, Graham. English Caricaturists and Graphic Humourists of the
Nineteenth Century. Illustrated with a large number of woodcut
reproductions of rare caricatures, book illustrations, etc. 4to, _cloth
extra_, _gilt top_, 42_s._

Ewing, R. Handbook of Agriculture. With Preface by Prof. John Scott. 12mo,
_limp cloth_, 6_d._

Fairy Library of All Nations.

    SERIES I. TALES OF THE PEOPLE (from oral tradition).

        Bowker's Goblin Tales of Lancashire, 2_s._ 6_d._

        Caballero's Book of Spanish Tales, 2_s._ 6_d._

        Cappel's Old Norse Sagas, 2_s._ 6_d._

        Fryer's English Fairy Tales from the North Country, 2_s._ 6_d._

        Geldart's Modern Greek Folklore, 2_s._ 6_d._

        Gesta Romanorum, selected and adapted, 2_s._ 6_d._

        Matthews' Hiawatha and other Legends of the Wigwams. [_New Edition
        in preparation._

        Rowsell's Spirit of the Giant Mountains, 2_s._ 6_d._

        Stephens' Old Norse Fairy Tales, 2_s._ 6_d._


        Austin's Moonfolk, 2_s._ 6_d._

        Hauff's Popular Tales, 3_s._ 6_d._

        Parker's Among the Fairies, 2_s._ 6_d._

Faithfull, Mrs. Century Cards: A New Method of teaching Chronology. In
box, 10_s._

Fawkes. Books by F. A. FAWKES, F.R.H.S.:

    Horticultural Buildings, their Construction, Heating, Interior
    Fittings, etc., with Remarks on the Principles involved, and their
    application. With 123 cuts. _Second Edition._ Cr. 8vo, _cloth_, 3_s._

    Hot-water Heating. Cuts. 12mo, 1_s._

    Babies, and how to Rear them. Cr. 8vo, _limp cloth_, 6_d._

Fillmore, J. C. A History of Pianoforte Music. Edited by Ridley Prentice.
Roy. 16mo, _cloth_, 3_s._ 6_d._

Fleay, F. G., M.A. The Logical English Grammar. Fcap. 8vo, _cloth_, 2_s._

Forbes, Gordon S. Wild Life in Canara and Ganjam. With Coloured Plates.
Cr. 8vo, _cloth_, 6_s._

Fowle. Latin and Greek School Books by the Rev. EDMUND FOWLE, M.A.:

    A New Latin Primer. Cr. 8vo. [_Shortly._

    A Short and Easy Latin Book. _New Edition._ Post 8vo, 1_s._ 6_d._

    A First Easy Latin Reading Book. _New Edition._ Post 8vo, 3_s._ 6_d._

    A Second Easy Latin Reading Book. _New Edition._ Post 8vo, 3_s._ 6_d._

    Selections from Latin Authors: Prose and Verse. Post 8vo, 2_s._ 6_d._;
    or in two Parts, 1_s._ 6_d._ each.

    Short and Easy Greek Book. _New Edition._ Post 8vo, 2_s._ 6_d._

    First Easy Greek Reading Book. Containing Fables, Anecdotes of Great
    Men, Heathen Mythology, etc. _New Edition._ Post 8vo, 5_s._

    Second Easy Greek Reading Book. Containing Extracts from Xenophon, and
    the whole of the First Book of the Iliad. _New Edition._ Post 8vo,

    First Greek Reader for Use at Eton. _New Edition._ Post 8vo, 1_s._

    The First Book of Homer's Iliad, in Graduated Lessons, with full notes
    and vocabularies. Post 8vo, 2_s._

Friend. Works by Rev. HILDERIC FRIEND, F.L.S.

    Flowers and Flower Lore. Illustrated. _Third Edition._ 8vo, _cloth
    gilt_, _gilt edges_, 7_s._ 6_d._

    The Ministry of Flowers. Illustrated. Crown 8vo, _cloth gilt_, _gilt
    top_, 2_s._ 6_d._

Froebel, Friedrich. Selections from his Writings. Edited by H. K. Moore,
B.A., and Mme. Michaelis. [_Shortly._

Fryer, Dr. A. C. Book of English Fairy Tales from the North Country.
Plates. Cr. 8vo, _cloth gilt_, _gilt edges_. 2_s._ 6_d._ [_Fairy Library._

Fuller, Thomas, D.D.

    Life of Thomas Fuller, D.D., the Church Historian. By the Rev. J. M.
    FULLER, M.D. _Second Edition._ 2 vols. Cr. 8vo, 12_s._

    Selections from the Holy and Profane States, with a Short Account of
    the Author and his Writings. Crown 8vo, 3_s._ 6_d._

Gaussen. Works by Professor GAUSSEN. Cr. 8vo, each 1_s._ 6_d._

    The Iron Kingdom.

    The King's Dream.

    The Kingdom of Iron and Clay.

Geldart. Works by Rev. E. M. GELDART, M.A.:

    Modern Greek Folklore. Cr. 8vo, _leatherette_, 2_s._ 6_d._

    Sunday for our Little Ones: Addresses to the Young. Cr. 8vo, _cloth_,
    _gilt edges_, 3_s._

    The Doctrine of the Atonement according to the Epistle of St. Paul.
    Cr. 8vo, _cloth_, 3_s._ 6_d._

    See also Zacher, p. 26.

Gems from the Poets. Illustrated with thirty coloured designs by A. F.
Lydon. Imp. 8vo, _cloth extra_, _gilt edges_, 7_s._ 6_d._

Geometry, Plane, The Elements of. Prepared by the Association for the
Improvement of Geometrical Teaching. Part I. (corresponding to Euclid Bks.
I.--II.) With numerous figures. Cr. 8vo, _cloth_, 3_s._ 6_d._ [_Parts II.
and III. at press._

George II., History of the Reign of. By Oxon. Cr. 8vo, _cloth_, 3_s._
[_Student's Manuals._

George III., History of the Reign of. By Oxon (an Army Tutor). Based on
Bright, Macaulay's Essays, Napier, Hughes, and Burke. To which are added
240 Examination questions. Cr. 8vo, _cloth_, 4_s._ 6_d._ [_Student's

Gesta Romanorum. Selected and adapted. Plates. Cr. 8vo, _cloth gilt_,
_gilt edges_, 2_s._ 6_d._ [_Fairy Library._

Gilbert. Books by WILLIAM GILBERT:

    Modern Wonders of the World, or the New Sindbad. _Second Edition._
    Illustrated by Arthur Hughes. Sm. 8vo, _cloth gilt_, _gilt edges_,

    The History of a Huguenot Bible. _Second Edition._ Illustrated. Sm.
    8vo, _cloth gilt_, _gilt edges_, 3_s._

Goethe. Select Poems of Goethe, edited, with Introductions, Notes, and a
Life of Goethe (in German), by Prof. E. A. Sonnenschein, M.A. (Oxon), and
Prof. Alois Pogatscher. _Second Edition._ 12mo, _limp cloth_, 1_s._ 6_d._
[_Annotated German Classics._

Gorman, W. Gordon. Converts to Rome: a Classified List of nearly 4,000
Protestants who have recently become converted to the Roman Church.
_Second Edition much enlarged_ [1885]. Royal 16mo, _cloth extra_, _gilt
top_, 2_s._ 6_d._

Gronlund, L. The Co-operative Commonwealth. An Exposition of Modern
Socialism. Cr. 8vo, _cloth_, 2_s._; _paper_, 1_s._ 6_d._

Gray, Peter. Lichens; Mosses, Scale Mosses, and Liverworts; Seaweeds. With
cuts, 12mo. [_In the press._

Greene, Rev. J. The Insect Hunter's Companion. _Third Edition._ Cuts.
12mo, _boards_, 1_s._

Greenwood, James (the "Amateur Casual"). Reminiscences of a Raven.
Illustrated. Fcap. 8vo, _cloth gilt_, 1_s._

Grimm, Jacob. Teutonic Mythology, translated by J. Steven Stallybrass. 3
vols. Demy 8vo, _cloth_, 45_s._

Guizot, F. The Devoted Life of Rachel, Lady Russell. Illustrated. Cr. 8vo,
_cloth gilt_, _gilt edges_, 1_s._ 6_d._

Gustafsson, Richard. Tea Time Tales for young Little Folks and young Old
Folks. _Third Edition._ Illustrated. Cr. 8vo, _cloth gilt_, _gilt edges_,
3_s._ 6_d._

Guyot, Yves. Hon. member of the Cobden Club. Principles of Social Economy.
With numerous Diagrams. Demy 8vo, _cloth_, 9_s._

Harley, Rev. Timothy. Moon Lore. Illustrated by facsimiles of old prints
and scarce woodblocks. 8vo, _cloth extra_, _gilt top_, 7_s._ 6_d._

Harris, Joel Chandler. Uncle Remus. Legends of the Plantations. _The
Original Illust. Edition._ Cr. 8vo, _cloth_, 2_s._ 6_d._

Harting, J. E. Glimpses of Bird Life. Illustrated with 20 coloured plates
by P. Robert. Royal folio, _cloth extra_, _gilt edges_, 42_s._

Hauff, W. Popular Tales. Translated by Percy E. Pinkerton. _New Edition._
Cuts. Cr. 8vo, _cloth gilt_, _gilt edges_, 3_s._ 6_d._ [_Fairy Library._

Hawthorne, Nathaniel. Biographical Stories. Portraits. Cr. 8vo, _cloth
gilt_, _gilt edges_, 1_s._ 6_d._

    Benj. West, Newton, Johnson, Cromwell, B. Franklin, Queen Christina.

Hawthorne, Dr. Robert. The Student's Manual of Indian History. Cr. 8vo,
_cloth_, 3_s._ 6_d._ [_Student's Manuals._

Hehn, Prof. Victor. The Wanderings of Plants and Animals. Edited by J.
Steven Stallybrass. Demy 8vo, _cloth_, 16_s._

Hein, Dr. G. A German Copy-Book. 32 pages, each with a separate head-line,
4to, in wrapper, 6_d._

Henderson, F. Leslie. Three Plays for Drawing-Room Acting. Cinderella, The
Lady-Help, Story of the Stars. Demy 8vo, 1_s._

Hewett, H. G. Heroes of Europe. Illustrated. Cr. 8vo, _cloth gilt_, _gilt
edges_, 3_s._ 6_d._

Hewetson. Works by Dr. H. BENDELACK HEWETSON:

    Life of Robert Hewetson. Illustrated by phototypes. Royal 4to,
    _boards_, 42_s._

    The Influence of Joy upon the Workman and his Work. Illustrated by
    autotypes. 4to, _boards_, 3_s._ 6_d._

    The Human Eye in Perfection and in Error. Cuts. Demy 8vo, 1_s._

Hichens, R. S. The Coastguard's Secret: a Novel. Cr. 8vo, _cloth_, 6_s._

Higginson, T. Wentworth. Common Sense about Women. _Third Edition._ Cr.
8vo, _cloth boards_, 1_s._

Hillocks, Rev. J. Inches. Hard Battles for Life and Usefulness. With
Introduction by Walter C. Smith, D.D., and photo of the author. _Second
Edition._ Demy 8vo, _cloth_, 3_s._ 6_d._

Hinton, C. H., B.A. Scientific Romances. 1_s._ each.

    What is the Fourth Dimension?

    The Persian King.

Hobson. Works by Mrs. CAREY HOBSON:

    The Farm in the Karoo. Illustrated. _Second Edition._ Crown 8vo,
    _cloth gilt_, _gilt edges_, 3_s._ 6_d._

    At Home in the Transvaal: or, Boers and Boers. 2 vols. Crown 8vo,
    _cloth_, 21_s._

Howe, Cupples, Master Mariner. The Deserted Ship. A real story of the
Atlantic. Illustrated by Townley Green. _Fourth Edition._ Sm. 8vo, _cloth
gilt_, _gilt edges_, 2_s._ 6_d._

Hughan, Samuel. Hereditary Peers and Hereditary Paupers: the two extremes
of English Society. _Paper_, 1_s._

Imperial Parliament Series. _See_ page 27.

Impey, F. Three Acres and a Cow. With Preface by the RT. HON. J.
CHAMBERLAIN, M.P., and Appendix by the DUKE OF ARGYLL. Cr. 8vo, _paper_,

Irving, Washington, The Beauties of. With 23 full-page plates by George
Cruikshank. _Edition de luxe._ Imperial 32mo, _cloth extra_, _gilt top_,
2_s._ 6_d._

Isocrates' Evagoras. Edited, with Introduction and Notes for the use of
schools, by Henry Clarke, M.A. 12mo, _cloth_, 2_s._ 6_d._

Jenkins, Edward, M.P. Jobson's Enemies. With 10 plates by F. Barnard. Cr.
8vo, _cloth_, 6_s._

Jewitt, Llewellynn. Handbook of English Coins. With a Chapter on Greek
Coins by Barclay V. Head (Brit. Mus.). Illustrated. Cr. 8vo, _cloth_,

Jones, C. A. The Saints of the Prayer-Book. 6 plates, royal 16mo, _cloth
extra_, _gilt edges_, 2_s._ 6_d._

Jung, Dr. K. Australia and her Colonies. Illustrated. Cr. 8vo, _cloth
gilt_, _gilt edges_, 3_s._ 6_d._

Karoly, Dr. Akin. The Dilemmas of Labour and Education. Cr. 8vo, _cloth_,
3_s._ 6_d._

Keene, Katherine. Voiceless Teachers. Cuts. Cr. 8vo, _cloth gilt_, _gilt
top_, 2_s._

Kindergarten Manuals.

    Bülow's Child and Child Nature. 3_s._

    Bülow's Handwork and Headwork. 3_s._

    The Kindergarten: Essays on Principles and Practice [Froebel Society's
    Lectures]. 3_s._

Kindergarten, The: Essays on Principles and Practice. Being a Selection of
Lectures read before the London Froebel Society. Cr. 8vo, _cloth_, 3_s._

Kirby. Works by W. F. KIRBY (Brit. Mus.):

    Handbook of Entomology. Illustrated with several hundred figures. 8vo,
    _cloth gilt_, 15_s._

    Evolution and Natural Theology. Crown 8vo, _cloth_, 4_s._ 6_d._

    Young Collector's Handbook of Entomology. Fully Illustrated. Cr. 8vo,
    _cloth_, 1_s._

Kirton. Books by DR. J. KIRTON:

    Happy Homes and How to Make Them. _104th Thousand._ Cuts. 12mo, _cloth
    gilt_, _gilt edges_, 2_s._

    The Priceless Treasure: an Account and History of the Bible. _Fourth
    Edition._ Cuts. 12mo, _cloth gilt_, 2_s._

Kroeker, Kate Freiligrath. Alice thro' the Looking-glass, and three other
Plays for Children. Plates. Crown 8vo, _cloth gilt_, _gilt edges_, 2_s._

Lamb, Charles and Mary. Mrs. Leicester's School. Illustrated. _New
Edition._ Fcap. 8vo, _cloth gilt_, 1_s._

Le Free, Richard. The History of a Walking Stick, in Ten Notches. Cr. 8vo,
_cloth_, 6_s._

Leith-Adams. Novels by MRS. LEITH-ADAMS. Cheap editions. Each vol. cr.
8vo, _cloth extra_, 3_s._ 6_d._

    Geoffrey Stirling.

    Madelon Lemoine.

    Cosmo Gordon. [_Shortly._

    Lady Deane. [_Shortly._

Letters of the Martyrs. Selected and abridged. Portraits. Cr. 8vo, _cloth
gilt_, _gilt edges_, 3_s._ 6_d._

    Letters of Cranmer, Ridley, Hooper, Taylor, Saunders, Philpot,
    Bradford, Whittell, Careless, Glover, Simson, and others.

Liefde, Jacob de. The Great Dutch Admirals. _Fifth Edition._ Illustrated
by Townley Green. Cr. 8vo, _cloth gilt_, _gilt edges_, 3_s._ 6_d._

    Heemskerk, Hein, Marten Tromp, De With, De Ruyter, Evertsen, Cornelius

Life at Home, at School, and at College. By an Old Etonian. Illustrated.
Cr. 8vo, _cloth gilt_, _gilt edges_, 3_s._ 6_d._

Little. Works by J. STANLEY LITTLE:

    South Africa: A Sketch Book of men and manners. 2 vols. Demy 8vo,
    _cloth gilt_, _gilt top_, 21_s._

    What is Art? Cr. 8vo, _cloth_, 3_s._ 6_d._

Little, Rev. H. W. A Short History of Russia. Cr. 8vo, _paper_, 1_s._

Locke, John. Essay on the Human Understanding. Book III. (On Words.)
Edited by F. Ryland, M.A. Cr. 8vo, _cloth_, 4_s._ 6_d._

Löfving. Works by CONCORDIA LÖFVING:

    Physical Education, and its place in a rational system of education.
    Portrait. Cr. 8vo, _cloth_, 1_s._ 6_d._

    A Manual of Gymnastics. [_In preparation._

Lorne, Marquis of, K.G., K.T. Imperial Federation. Cr. 8vo, _cloth_, 1_s._
[_Imp. Parl. Series._

Lubbock, Sir John, Bart., M.P. Representation. Cr. 8vo, _cloth_, 1_s._
[_Imp. Parl. Series._

Maccall, William. Christian Legends of the Middle Ages. Cr. 8vo, _cloth_,
3_s._ 6_d._

McAlpine. Works by Professor D. MCALPINE:

    Life Histories of Plants. With an Introduction to the Comparative
    Study of Plants and Animals on a Physiological Basis. Illustrated.
    Roy. 16mo. [_In the press._

    Handbook of the Diseases of Plants. Illustrated. Demy 8vo. [_In

McCarthy, Sergeant T. A. Quarterstaff: A Practical Manual. With Figures of
the Positions. 12mo, _boards_, 1_s._

Maitland, Agnes C. Madge Hilton; or, Left to Themselves. Illustrated. Cr.
8vo, _cloth gilt_, _gilt edges_, 2_s._ 6_d._

Malins, J. Shakespearean Temperance Calendar. A Red-line Birthday Book.
16mo, _cloth gilt_, _gilt edges_, 2_s._ 6_d._

Malleson, Mrs. Frank. Notes on the Early Training of Children. Cr. 8vo,
_cloth_, 2_s._ 6_d._

Marryat, Florence. Tom Tiddler's Ground. [_In May._

Martineau des Chesney, Baroness. Marquise and Rosette, and the Easter
Daisy. Illustrated. Sm. 8vo, _cloth gilt_, _gilt edges_, 3_s._

Marvin. Works by CHARLES MARVIN:

    Reconnoitring Central Asia. Adventures of English and Russian
    Explorers, Secret Agents and Special Correspondents in the Region
    between the Caspian and India from 1863 to 1884. With Illustrations
    and Map. _Second Edition._ Demy 8vo, _cloth gilt_, 7_s._ 6_d._

    Our Public Offices. _Third Edition._ Cuts. Cr. 8vo, _cloth_, 2_s._

Matthews, C. Hiawatha, and other Legends from the Wigwams of the Red
American Indians. [_New Edition in preparation._

Maynard, Rev. A. Happy Wedded Life. _New Edition._ Plates. 12mo, _cloth
gilt_, 2_s._

Meignan, Victor. Over Siberian Snows. Edited by William Conn. With 16
plates. Demy 8vo, _cloth gilt_, 16_s._

Mentone, Guide to. By an Englishman. Folding Map. 12mo, _cloth_, 1_s._

Miller, Rev. J. R., D.D. The Perfect Home Series. 5 vols., 12mo, _cloth
gilt_, each 6_d._

    1. The Wedded Life.

    2. The Husband's Part.

    3. The Wife's Part.

    4. The Parent's Part.

    5. The Children's Part.

Milnes. Works by ALFRED MILNES, M.A.:

    Problems and Exercises in Political Economy. Cr. 8vo, _cloth_, 4_s._
    6_d._ [_Student's Manuals._

    Elementary Notions of Logic. _Second Edition._ Enlarged. 41 cuts.
    Crown 8vo, _cloth_, 2_s._ 6_d._

Mongan, Roscoe, B.A. Our Great Military Commanders. Illustrated. Cr. 8vo,
_cloth gilt_, _gilt edges_, 3_s._ 6_d._

    Marlborough--Clive--Wolfe--Wellington--The Crimean War--The Indian

Montague, Colonel. Dictionary of British Birds. _New Edition._ Edited by
E. Newman, F.L.S. Demy 8vo, _cloth gilt_, 7_s._ 6_d._

Monteiro, H. Tales of Old Lusitania, from the Folk Lore of Portugal. Cr.
8vo, _cloth gilt_, _gilt top_, 3_s._ 6_d._

Moore. Works by H. KEATLEY MOORE, B.Mus., B.A.:

    The Child's Pianoforte Book. _Second Edition._ Illustrated by Kate
    Greenaway and others. Fcap. 4to, _cloth gilt_, 3_s._ 6_d._

    Music in the Kindergarten. 12mo, 4_d._

        _See_ also FROEBEL.

Moore, Nina. Manual of Kindergarten Drawing. Plates. 4to, _cloth_, 3_s._

Müller, Prof. Max. Deutsche Liebe (German Love). Fragments from the Papers
of an Alien. Cr. 8vo, _vellum_, 5_s._; _cloth gilt_, 3_s._ 6_d._

Mulley--Tabram. Songs and Games for Our Little Ones. By Jane Mulley. Music
by M. E. Tabram. _Second Edition._ Cr. 8vo, 1_s._

Naegeli--Schwendener. The Microscope: Theory and Practice. By Prof. C.
Naegeli and Prof. S. Schwendener. With about 300 woodcuts. Demy 8vo,
_cloth_, 21_s._ [_In the press._

Naturalist's World, The. An Illustrated Monthly Magazine of Popular
Science. 4to, vol. I. [1884], _cloth gilt_, 3_s._ [_20 pages, Monthly_,

Needlework for Ladies, for Pleasure and Profit. By "Dorinda." _Second
Edition._ Crown 8vo, _boards_, 1_s._ 6_d._

New Crusade, A. By PETER THE HERMIT. Illustrated. 8vo, _boards_, 2_s._

Newman. Works by E. NEWMAN, F.L.S.:

    History of British Ferns. _Third Edition._ Cuts. Demy 8vo, _cloth_,

        A "People's Edition" of the same (abridged), containing numerous
        Figures, is also issued. _Fifth Edition._ 12mo, cloth, 2_s._

    _See also_ Montague's Dictionary of British Birds.

Nicholson, E. Student's Manual of German Literature. Cr. 8vo, _cloth_,
3_s._ 6_d._ [_Student's Manuals._

Norton. Histories for Children, by CAROLINE NORTON:

    HISTORY OF GREECE. For children. 12mo. Illustrated. 1_s._

    HISTORY OF ROME. For children. 12mo. Illustrated, 1_s._

    HISTORY OF FRANCE. For children. 12mo. Illustrated, 1_s._

O'Reilly, Mrs. Robert. The Story of Ten Thousand Homes. _Second Edition._
Illustrated. Sm. 8vo, _cloth gilt_, _gilt edges_, 3_s._

Orme, Temple (Teacher at University College School). The Rudiments of
Chemistry. With several Woodcuts. Cr. 8vo, _cloth_, 2_s._ 6_d._

Parker, Joseph, D.D. (of the City Temple). Weaver Stephen; or, the Odds
and Evens of English Religion. 8vo, _cloth_, 7_s._ 6_d._

Parker, Hon. Mrs. Adamson. Among the Fairies. Illustrated by Lily Chitty.
Cr. 8vo, _cloth gilt_, _gilt edges_, 2_s._ 6_d._ [Fairy Library.

Paul, Howard. Not too Funny, just Funny Enough! Short Stories, American
and Original. Cr. 8vo, _boards_, 1_s._

Percy Reliques. The Reliques of Ancient English Poetry, consisting of Old
Heroic Ballads, Songs, and other Pieces. By THOS. PERCY, D.D., Bishop of
Dromore. Edited, with an Introduction, Notes, and Glossary, by H. B.
WHEATLEY, F.S.A. 3 vols., 8vo, _cloth extra_, 36_s._

Perez, Bernard. The First Three Years of Childhood. With a Preface by
Prof. James Sully, M.A. Cr. 8vo, 4_s._ 6_d._

Plautus' Captivi. Edited, with Introduction, Critical Apparatus and Notes,
by Prof. E. A. Sonnenschein, M.A. (Oxon). Demy 8vo, _cloth_, 6_s._

    School Edition of the same, with Notes. _Third Edition._ 3_s._ 6_d._

Pooley--Carnie. The Common-Sense Method of Teaching French. By H. Pooley
and K. Carnie. 12mo, _cloth_. Part I., 1_s._; Part II., 1_s._; Memory
Exercises, 1_s._ [_Other Parts in preparation._

Prantl-Vines. Elementary Text Book of Botany. By Prof. W. Prantl and S. H.
Vines, D.Sc., M.A., Fellow and Lecturer of Christ's College, Cambridge.
_Fourth Edition_ [1885]. 275 woodcuts, demy 8vo, _cloth_, 9_s._

Prentice, Ridley. The Musician: A Guide for Pianoforte Students. In six
Grades. Grades I.-IV. Roy. 16mo, _cloth_, _each_ 2_s._ [_Other Grades in

    _See also_ Fillmore's History of Pianoforte Music.

Ramsay, A., F.G.S. Bibliography, Index and Guide to Climate. Cuts. Demy
8vo, _cloth gilt_, 16_s._

Rathbone and Pell. Local Government and Taxation. By W. RATHBONE, M.P.,
ALBERT PELL, M.P., and F. C. MONTAGUE, M.A. Cr. 8vo, _cloth_, 1_s._ [_Imp.
Parl. Ser._

Rawnsley, Rev. H. R. Christ for To-Day: A Series of International Sermons
by Eminent Preachers of the English and American Episcopal Churches.
Edited by Rev. H. R. RAWNSLEY, M.A., Vicar of Keswick. Imp. 16mo, _cloth_,
_gilt top_, 6_s._

Reid. Novels by Capt. MAYNE REID:

    The Death Shot. Illustrated. Cr. 8vo, _cloth gilt_, _gilt edges_,
    3_s._ 6_d._

    The Flag of Distress. Illustrated. Cr. 8vo, _cloth gilt_, _gilt
    edges_, 3_s._ 6_d._

    The Child Wife. Illustrated. Cr. 8vo. [_In preparation._

Reynard the Fox. An old story new told. With Kaulbach's Illustrations.
_Second Edition._ 4to, _cloth extra_, _gilt top_, 5_s._

Rich, Elihu. History of the War between Germany and France, 1870-71. Fully
Illustrated. Imp. 8vo, 21_s._

Richard and Williams. Disestablishment. By HENRY RICHARD, M.P., and J.
CARVELL WILLIAMS, M.P. _Second Edition._ Cr. 8vo, _cloth_, 1_s._ [_Imp.
Parl. Ser._

Richmond, the Rev. Legh. Annals of the Poor. With Memoir of the Author by
J. S. Stallybrass. Plates. Cr. 8vo, _cloth gilt_, _gilt edges_, 1_s._

"Robin." Children's Books by "ROBIN:"

    The Little Flower Girl, and other Stories, in verse. Illustrated by
    Ernest Griset. Cr. 8vo, _cloth gilt_, _gilt edges_, 1_s._ 6_d._

    Skippo, and other Stories, in prose and verse. Illustrated by Ernest
    Griset. Cr. 8vo, _cloth gilt_, _gilt edges_, 1_s._ 6_d._

Rogers. Works by Prof. J. E. THOROLD ROGERS, M.P.:

    Six Centuries of Work and Wages: the History of English Labour.
    _Second Edition._ In 1 vol., 8vo, _cloth_, 15_s._

    Eight Chapters from the History of English Work and Wages, being a
    reprint of certain chapters of "Six Centuries of Work and Wages."
    Crown 8vo, _cloth_, 3_s._ 6_d._

    Ensilage, and its Prospects in English Agriculture. _Second Edition._
    Cuts. Cr. 8vo, _limp cloth_, 1_s._

Rooper. Books by W. and H. ROOPER:

    An Illustrated Manual of Object Lessons, containing hints for Lessons
    in Thinking and Speaking, with 20 "blackboard" illustrations. Cr. 8vo,
    _cloth_, 3_s._ 6_d._

    A Manual of Collective Lessons in Plain Needlework and Knitting. With
    numerous Plates and Diagrams. Cr. 8vo, _cloth_, 3_s._ 6_d._

Ross, Ellen (Author of "The Candle Lighted by the Lord"). Dora's Boy.
Fifth Thousand. Illustrated. Small 8vo, _cloth gilt_, _gilt edges_, 3_s._

Rouse, Lydia L. Sandy's Faith. A tale of Scottish Life. Illustrated.
_Second Edition._ Fcap. 8vo, _cloth gilt_, 1_s._

Rowe. Tales by RICHARD ROWE:

    Roughing it in Van Diemen's Land, and Harry Delane. Sm. 8vo, _cloth
    gilt_, _gilt edges_, 3_s._

    A Haven of Rest, and Dr. Pertwee's Poor Patients. Sm. 8vo, _cloth
    gilt_, _gilt edges_, 3_s._

Rowsell. Books by MARY C. ROWSELL:

    Sweet Bells Jangled: A Novel. 3 vols. [_At press._

    Tales of Filial Devotion. Illustrated. Cr. 8vo, _cloth gilt_, _gilt
    edges_, 2_s._ 6_d._

    The Spirit of the Giant Mountains. Illustrated. Cr. 8vo, _cloth_,
    _gilt edges_, 2_s._ 6_d._ [_Fairy Library._

Rye, John, M.A. Kirby in the Dale. A Novel. 3 vols. Cr. 8vo, _cloth_,
31_s._ 6_d._

Schaible--Althaus. Seeing and Thinking: Elementary Lessons and Exercises,
introductory to Grammar, Composition, and Logical Analysis. By C. H.
SCHAIBLE, M.D., F.C.P., and T. H. ALTHAUS, M.A., Oxon. _Second Edition._
Cr. 8vo, _cloth_, 3_s._ 6_d._

Schiller's Cabal and Love. Translated by T. S. Wilkinson. 12mo,
_leatherette_, 2_s._ 6_d._

Scottish Naturalist, The. Demy 8vo. Quarterly, 1_s._ 2_d._

Scott, Redna. Edith: A novel. 3 vols. Cr. 8vo, 31_s._ 6_d._

Seboth, J. Alpine Plants. Painted from Nature, with descriptive text by A.
W. Bennett, M.A., B.Sc. 4 vols. each with 100 coloured plates. Super roy.
16mo, _half persian_, _gilt tops_, _each_ 25_s._

    The whole series (four vols.) in an elegant carved cabinet, £6 6_s._

Shakespeare. The Works of WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE. The Text revised by Rev.
ALEXANDER DYCE. In 10 volumes, 8vo, with Life, Portraits, Facsimile of
Will, etc. _Fifth Edition._ _Beautifully printed on antique-laid paper,
and handsomely bound in cloth extra, gilt top_, each vol. 9_s._ [_Vols.
I.-VI. ready._

Shakspere. Othello. Edited for School Use, with notes, by Roscoe Mongan,
B.A. Royal 16mo, _cloth_, 2_s._

Shakspere, The Life and Times of. Portraits. Cr. 8vo, _cloth gilt_, _gilt
edges_, 1_s._ 6_d._

Sherwood's, Mrs. Juvenile Library. In three series. Cuts. 12mo, _cloth
gilt_, _each_, 1_s._

Shields, Rev. R. J. Knights of the Red Cross: Seven Allegorical Stories.
Plates. 12mo, _cloth gilt_, 1_s._

Shilling Gift Books. Illustrated. Fcap. 8vo, _cloth_, _gilt_.

    Mrs. Leicester's School. By Charles and Mary Lamb.

    Sandy's Faith. A Tale of Scottish Life. By Lydia L. Rouse.

    The Knights of the Red Cross: Seven Allegorical Stories. By the Rev.
    R. J. Shields.

    Crimson Pages. A Tale of the Reformation. By W. Tillotson.

    Reminiscences of a Raven. By James Greenwood (the "Amateur Casual").

Shirreff. Kindergarten Books by EMILY A. SHIRREFF:

    The Kindergarten: Principles of Froebel's System, and their bearing on
    the Education of Women. _Third Edition._ Cr. 8vo, _cloth_, 1_s._ 4_d._

    The Kindergarten and the School. 12mo, 3_d._

    Wasted Forces. 12mo, 3_d._

Sime. Novels by WILLIAM SIME.

    The Red Route. 3 vols. 31_s._ 6_d._

    Cradle and Spade. 3 v. 31_s._ 6_d._

Sixpenny Gift Books. Illustrated. Demy 32mo, _cloth gilt_.

    1. Little Henry and his Bearer.

    2. Cheerful Cherry; or, Make the Best of it.

    3. The Basket of Flowers.

    4. The Babes in a Basket.

    5. The Prince in Disguise.

    6. The Wanderer.

    7. Little Goody Two-Shoes.

    8. Little Dickie: a Simple Story.

    9. Three Foolish Little Gnomes.

    10. Cat and Dog Stories.

    11. Story of Patient Griseldis.

    12. Language of Flowers.

Solly, the Rev. Henry. Rehousing of the Industrial Classes, or Village
Communities _v._ Town Rookeries. 16mo, _limp cloth_, 6_d._

Sonnenschein's Three Shillings and Sixpenny Novels.

    Abdy-Williams, E. M. TWO IFS.

    Churchill, Mrs. Spencer. DAISY DARLING.

    Leith-Adams, Mrs. GEOFFREY STIRLING.

    Leith-Adams, Mrs. MADELON LEMOINE.

    Mayne Reid, Capt. THE DEATH SHOT.

    Mayne Reid, Capt. THE FLAG OF DISTRESS.

    Tytler, C. C. Fraser. JASMINE LEIGH.

    Tytler, C. C. Fraser. MARGARET.

    Williams, Sarah ("Sadie"). THE PRIMA DONNA.

Sonnenschein--Nesbitt. Arithmetical works by A. SONNENSCHEIN and H. A.

    The Science and Art of Arithmetic. Part I., 2_s._ 6_d._; Parts
    II.-III., 3_s._ 6_d._; Parts I.-III. in one vol., 5_s._ 6_d._
    Exercises (only), Part I., 1_s._; Parts II.-III., 1_s._ 3_d._ Answers
    (complete), 1_s._ 6_d._

    ABC of Arithmetic. Teacher's Book. Part I., 1_s._; Part II., 1_s._
    Pupil's Book (Exerc. only), Part I., 4_d._; Part II., 4_d._

    Ciphering Book. 40 pp. chequered on right-hand page, and ruled on
    left-hand page for teacher's remarks. 3_s._ _per doz._

Sonnenschein, A. Foreign Educational Codes relating to Elementary
Education, prescribed by Austrian, Belgian, German, Italian, and Swiss
Governments, with Introduction and Notes. Cr. 8vo, _cloth_, 3_s._ 6_d._

Sonnenschein's Number Pictures. Fourteen folio coloured sheets for
teaching the rudiments of number. _Fifth Edition._ On _one roller_, 7_s._
6_d._; on _boards varnished_, 16_s._ Descriptive pamphlet, 6_d._

Sonnenschein's Patent Arithmometer. Box _a_, 5_s._ 6_d._; box _b_, 4_s._
6_d._; box _c_, 20_s._ Complete set, £1 10_s._

Sonnenschein's Special Merit Readers. Each well and fully illustrated, and
strongly bound in _cloth_. Parts I.-II. _at press_. Part III. (Standard
III.), 1_s._ Part IV. (Standard IV.), 1_s._ 4_d._

Sonnenschein's Linear Blackboard (Outline) Maps (rolling up).

    England and Wales. 4 ft. 9 in. by 4 ft. 16_s._

    Europe. 5 ft. 6 in. by 4 ft. 21_s._

    Two Hemispheres. 5 ft. 6 in. by 4 ft. 21 _s._ [_Shortly._

    _Others in preparation._

Stafford, Eric. Only a Drop of Water and other tales. _Third Edition._
Illustrated. Cr. 8vo, _cloth gilt_, _gilt edges_, 1_s._ 6_d._

Stephens, George. Old Norse Fairy Tales. Cuts. Cr. 8vo, _cloth gilt_,
_gilt edges_, 2_s._ 6_d._ [_Fairy Library._

Stories of my Pets. Illustrated. Cr. 8vo, _cloth_, _gilt edges_, 1_s._

Strong and Meyer. A History of the German Language. By H. A. STRONG,
Professor of Latin in the Liverpool University College; and KUNO MEYER,
Lecturer on Teutonic Languages, Liverpool University College. 8vo,
_cloth_, 6_s._

Stubbs. Works by the REV. CHARLES W. STUBBS, M.A.:

    Christ and Democracy. Cr. 8vo, _cloth gilt_, 3_s._ 6_d._

    The Land and the Labourers. _Second edition._ Cr. 8vo, 1_s._

    The Conscience and other Poems. Printed on hand-made paper. 12vo,
    _vellum_, 2_s._ 6_d._

    Anthology of Christian Morals. [_In preparation._

Student's Manuals.

    Hawthorne's Student's Manual of Indian History, 3_s._ 6_d._

    Milnes' Problems and Exercises in Political Economy, 4_s._ 6_d._

    Nicholson's Student's Manual of German Literature, 3_s._ 6_d._

    "Oxon's" Student's Manual of the Reign of George III., 4_s._ 6_d._

Table Books.

    The Graphic Table Book. 1_d._; _cloth_, 2_d._

    The Eclipse Table Book. 130th thousand, 1/2_d._

Taylor, Jeremy. Selections from the Works of. With a Short Account of the
Author and his Writings. 3_s._ 6_d._

Theal, George McCall. Kaffir Folk Lore; with an Introduction on the
Mythology, Manners, and Customs of the Kaffirs. _Second Edition._ Cr. 8vo,
_cloth gilt_, _gilt top_, 4_s._ 6_d._

Thorn. Coloured books with text by ISMAY THORN:

    Harlequin Eggs. A 4to colour-book for children, with 24 pages of
    pictures by Lily Chitty. _Illustrated boards_, 2_s._ 6_d._

    In and Out. A 4to colour-book for children, with 24 pages of pictures
    by Lily Chitty. _Illustrated boards_, 2_s._ 6_d._

Tillotson, W. Crimson Pages: a Story of the Reformation. Plates. 12mo,
_cloth gilt_, 1_s._

Time. A Monthly Magazine of Current Topics, Literature and Art. Medium

    Vols. I.-IX., edited by EDMUND YATES. £3.

    Vols. X.-XI. (1884), edited by B. MONTGOMERIE RANKING. Each 6_s._

    New Series, edited by E. M. ABDY-WILLIAMS, commencing with January,
    1885. Vols. 1-2, each, 7_s._ 6_d._ [Monthly, 1_s._

Tiny Mite, the Adventures of a Little Girl in Dreamland. With a large
number of Illustrations. 4to, _cloth_, 5_s._

Turner, F. C., B.A. A Short History of Art. Illustrated. Demy 8vo, _cloth
gilt_, _gilt top_, 12_s._ 6_d._

Tytler. Novels by C. C. FRASER TYTLER:

    Jasmine Leigh. _Second Edition_, 3_s._ 6_d._

    Margaret. _Sec. Edition_, 3_s._ 6_d._

    Jonathan. _Sec. Edition._ [_Shortly._

Tytler, M. Fraser. Tales of many Lands. Illustrated. Sm. 8vo, _cloth
gilt_, _gilt edges_, 3_s._

Valvedre, A. de. Sorrowful yet Lucky. A Novel. 3 vols. Cr. 8vo, _cloth_,
31_s._ 6_d._

Vernalecken, Th. In the Land of Marvels. Folk tales of Austria and
Bohemia. Edited by the Rev. Prof. E. Johnson, M.A. Cr. 8vo, _cloth_, _gilt
top_, 5_s._

Vicary, J. Fulford, J.P. Readings from the Dane: Short Stories translated
from contemporary Danish writers. Cr. 8vo, _paper_, 1_s._

Villari, Lina. Life in a Cave. Frontispiece. Cr. 8vo, _cloth gilt_, _gilt
edges_, 1_s._ 6_d._

Vines, S. H., D.Sc, M.A. A School Botany. [_In preparation._

    _See also_ Prantl-Vines.

Wägner. Works by Dr. W. WÄGNER:

    Asgard and the Gods. A Manual of Norse Mythology. _Third Edition._
    Illustrated. Demy 8vo, 7_s._ 6_d._

    Epics and Romances of the Middle Ages. _Second Edition._ Illustrated.
    Demy 8vo, 7_s._ 6_d._

Wallace, Cornelia. Flowers, a fantasy. With miniature illustrations. Demy
32mo, _cloth gilt_, _gilt edges_, 6_d._

Wallis. Novels by A. S. C. WALLIS:

    In Troubled Times. A Novel. Translated from the Dutch by E. J. Irving.
    _Third Edition_ (re-translated). Cr. 8vo, 6_s._

    Royal Favour. A novel. Translated from the Dutch by E. J. Irving.
    _Second edition._ Cr. 8vo, _cloth_, 6_s._

"Wanderer" (Author of "Fair Diana," "Across Country," etc.). Glamour: a
Novel. 3 vols. Cr. 8vo, 31_s._ 6_d._

Weir. Works by ARCHIBALD WEIR, B.A.:

    The Historical Basis of Europe. 8vo. [_Shortly._

    The Critical Philosophy of Kant. Cr. 8vo, 2_s._ 6_d._

Welby, S. E. The Traveller's Practical Guide. In four languages. A
waistcoat pocket volume. _Cloth_, 1_s._; _roan_, 1_s._ 6_d._

What the Boy thought. A social satire. Sixth thousand. Roy. 16mo,
_parchment wrappers_, 6_d._

White. Books by F. A. WHITE, B.A.:

    An Unconventional English Grammar. _Second Edition._ 12mo, _cloth_,

    The Boys of Raby. A holiday book for boys. Illustrated by J. Dinsdale.
    Cr. 8vo, _cloth gilt_, _gilt edges_, 2_s._ 6_d._

Wiebe, Prof. E. The Paradise of Childhood: A complete manual of
Kindergarten instruction. _Third Edition._ 75 plates. 4to, _cloth_, 10_s._

Williams, Sarah ("Sadie"). The Prima Donna. A Novel. 1 vol. edition. Cr.
8vo, _cloth_, 3_s._ 6_d._

Wilson, Rev. John M. Nature, Man, and God. Contributions to the Scientific
Teaching of To-day. Cr. 8vo, _cloth_, 5_s._

Wood, Rev. H. A Season among the Wild Flowers. _Second Edition._ Cuts. Cr.
8vo, _cloth gilt_, _gilt edges_, 3_s._ 6_d._

Wright, Dr. Alfred. Adventures in Servia: Experiences of a Medical
free-lance among the Bashi-Bazoucs, etc. Edited and illustrated by E.
Farquhar-Bernard, M.R.C.S. (_late Surgeon of the Servian Army_). Demy 8vo,
_cloth gilt_, 10_s._ 6_d._

Wurtz, Dr. A. The Elements of Modern Chemistry. Cuts. Cr. 8vo, _cloth_,
10_s._ 6_d._

Xenophon. The Hiero. Edited, with Introduction and Notes for the use of
schools, by R. Shindler, M.A. Interleaved. 12mo, _cloth_, 2_s._ 6_d._

Yonge. Biographical Books by Professor C. D. YONGE:

    The Seven Heroines of Christendom. _Third Edition._ Illustrated. Cr.
    8vo, _cloth gilt_, _gilt edges_, 3_s._ 6_d._

    Our Great Naval Commanders. Illustrated. Cr. 8vo, _cloth gilt_, _gilt
    edges_, 3_s._ 6_d._


Youthful Nobility. Plates. Cr. 8vo, _cloth gilt_, _gilt edges_. 1_s._

Zacher, Dr. B. (Assessor to the Prussian Government). The Red
International: An Account of Modern Socialism in Germany, France, Great
Britain, Ireland, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Scandinavia,
Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Russia, and North America. Translated by
the Rev. E. M. Geldart, M.A. Cr. 8vo, _paper_, 1_s._

Zimmern, Helen. Tales from the Edda. Illustrated by Kate Greenaway and
others. Cr. 8vo, _cloth gilt_, _gilt edges_, 1_s._ 6_d._

The Imperial Parliament Series.

Written entirely by MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT. Edited by SYDNEY BUXTON, M.P.

In Uniform Crown 8vo Volumes, red cloth, neat, each about 150 pp. 1s.

1. Marq. of Lorne. Imperial Federation.

2. Sir J. Lubbock. Representation.

3. W. Rathbone, Alb. Pell, and F. C. Montague. Local Government and

4. Rt. Hon. W. E. Baxter. England and Russia in Asia.

5. Mrs. Ashton Dilke and W. Woodall. Women Franchise.

6. W. S. Caine, W. Hoyle, and Rev. Dawson Burns. Local Option.

7. Henry Broadhurst and R. T. Reid. Leasehold Enfranchisement.

8. Henry Richard and Carvell Williams. Disestablishment.

9. J. Bryce. The House of Lords.

10. J. F. B. Firth. London Government and City Guilds.

The last two not yet ready. Others to follow.

Historical, Political and Social Science.

Daly's Radical pioneers, 6_s._

Gronlund's Co-op. commonwealth, 2_s._

Guyot's Social economy, 9_s._

Higginson's Common sense about women, 1_s._

Hughan's Hereditary peers and hereditary paupers, 1_s._

Imperial Parliament Series, p. 27.

Karoly's Dilemmas of labour, etc., 3_s._ 6_d._

Milnes' Political economy, 4_s._ 6_d._

Rogers' Six centuries of work and wages, 15_s._

Rogers' Eight chapters from the history of English work and wages, 3_s._

Solly's Rehousing the poor, 6_d._

Stubbs' Christ and democracy, 3_s._ 6_d._

Stubbs' Land and the labourers, 3_s._ 6_d._

Zacher's Red international, 1_s._

Agriculture, etc.

Chitty's Beekeeping.

Edwards' Rabbits, 2_s._ 6_d._

Ewing's Agriculture, 6_d._

Fawkes' Horticultural buildings, 3_s._ 6_d._

Fawkes' Hot water heating, 1_s._

Rogers' Ensilage, 1_s._

Natural History and Science.

"Alert," Cruise of the, by Coppinger, 6_s._

Allen's (Grant) The Evolution of Flowers.

Alpine Plants, 400 coloured plates, 4 vols., £5. _In Cabinet_, £6 6_s._

Bennett's Flora of Alps, 5_s._

Bevan's Royal Relief Atlas, 21_s._

Claus-Sedgwick's Text-book of zoology, Vol. I., 21_s._; Vol. II., 16_s._

Cox's Little cyclopædia of common things, 7_s._ 6_d._

Espin's Star atlas, 1_s._ 6_d._

Friend's Flowers and flower-lore, 7_s._ 6_d._

Harting's Glimpses of bird life, 42_s._

Hehn's Wanderings of plants, 16_s._

Hewetson's The human eye, 1_s._

Kirby's Handbook of entomology, 15_s._

Kirby's Evolution and nat. theology, 4_s._ 6_d._

McAlpine's Diseases of plants.

McAlpine's Life histories of plants.

Montague's Dictionary of British birds, 7_s._ 6_d._

Naegeli-Schwendener's The microscope, 21_s._

Newman's History of British ferns, 18_s._

Prantl-Vines' Text-book of botany, 9_s._

Ramsay's Bibliography of climate, 16_s._

Wurtz's Elements of modern chemistry, 10_s._ 6_d._


Armstrong's Birds and their ways, 1_s._ 6_d._

Bagnall's Mosses, 1_s._

Bottone's The dynamo, 2_s._ 6_d._

Butler's Entomology of a pond.

Greene's Insect hunter's companion, 1_s._

Clement's Geological systems, 1_s._

Kirby's Young collector, 1_s._

Newman's Ferns, People's edition, 2_s._

Pilter's Human physiology, 1_s._

Wood's Season among wild flowers, 2_s._ 6_d._

Young Collector's Penny handbooks, 8 vols., 1_d._ each.


The Naturalist's World. Monthly, 2_d._

The Scottish Naturalist, quart., 1_s._

Books of Travel, etc.

"Alert," Cruise of H.M.S. _Alert_, 6_s._

Barras' India, 4 vols., each 3_s._ 6_d._

Forbes' Canara and Ganjam, 6_s._

Hobson's The farm in the Karoo, 3_s._ 6_d._

Little's South African sketch book, 2 vols., 21_s._

Marryat's Tom Tiddler's ground.

Marvin's Reconnoitring Central Asia, 7_s._ 6_d._

Meignan's Over Siberian Snows, 16_s._

Wright's Adventures in Servia, 10_s._ 6_d._

Novels and Minor Fiction.

Abdy-Williams' Two Ifs, 3_s._ 6_d._

Abdy-Williams' For his friend, 3 v., 31_s._ 6_d._

Abdy-Williams' Forewarned, 1_s._

Auerbach's Two stories, 2_s._ 6_d._

Babcock's Cypress Beach, 2 vols., 12_s._

Bickerdyke's With the best intentions, 2_s._ 6_d._

Boger's Elfrica, 3 vols., 31_s._ 6_d._

Bradshaw's Roger North, 3 vols., 31_s._ 6_d._

Burke's Couleur de rose, 2 vols., 21_s._

Churchill's Daisy Darling. 3_s._ 6_d._

Corbett's Cassandra, 3 vols., 31_s._ 6_d._

Dalton's False steps, 1_s._

Douglas' Measure for measures 2 vols., 21_s._

Evelac's Leaven of malice, 6_s._

Hichens' Coastguard's secret, 6_s._

LeFree's Walking stick, 6_s._

Hobson's At home in the Transvaal, 2 vols., 21_s._

Leith-Adams' (Mrs.) Geoffrey Stirling, 3_s._ 6_d._

Leith-Adams' Madelon Lemoine, 3_s._ 6_d._

Mayne Reid, The Death Shot, 3_s._ 6_d._

Mayne Reid, The Flag of Distress, 3_s._ 6_d._

Müller's German love, 3_s._ 6_d._ and 5_s._

Parker, Dr. J. Weaver Stephen, 7_s._ 6_d._

Paul's Not too funny! 1_s._

Rowsell's Sweet bells jangled, 3 vols.

Rye's Kirby in the dale, 3 vols., 31_s._ 6_d._

Scott's (Redna) Edith, 3 vols., 31_s._ 6_d._

Sime's The red route, 3 vols., 31_s._ 6_d._

Tytler's Jasmine Leigh, 3_s._ 6_d._

Tytler's Margaret, 3_s._ 6_d._

Valvedre's Sorrowful yet lucky, 31_s._ 6_d._

Vicary's Reading from the Dane, 1_s._

Wallis' In troubled times, 6_s._

Wallis' Royal favour, 6_s._

"Wanderer's" Glamour, 3 vols., 31_s._ 6_d._

Williams' (S.) Prima donna, 3_s._ 6_d._

Antiquities, Folk-lore, etc.

Axon's Gipsy folk tales.

Bowker's Goblin tales of Lancs., 2_s._ 6_d._

Caballero's Book of Spanish tales, 2_s._ 6_d._

Cappel's Old Norse sagas, 2_s._ 6_d._

Croker's Irish fairy legends.

Friend's Flowers and flower-lore, 7_s._ 6_d._

Fryer's English fairy tales, 2_s._ 6_d._

Geldart's Modern Greek folk-lore, 2_s._ 6_d._

Gesta Romanorum, 2_s._ 6_d._

Grimm's Teutonic mythology, 3 vols., 45_s._

Harley's Moon lore, 7_s._ 6_d._

Harris' Uncle Remus, 2_s._ 6_d._

Hehn's Wanderings of plants, 16_s._

Maccall's Christian legends, 3_s._ 6_d._

Matthews' Legends of the wigwams.

Monteiro's Portuguese folk-lore, 3_s._ 6_d._

Percy Reliques, 3 vols., 31_s._ 6_d._

Rowsell's The Spirit of the Giant mountains, 2_s._ 6_d._

Stephens' Old Norse fairy tales, 2_s._ 6_d._

Theal's Kaffir folk-lore, 4_s._ 6_d._

Vernalecken's In the land of marvels, 5_s._

Wägner's Asgard and the gods, 7_s._ 6_d._

Wägner's Epics and romances, 7_s._ 6_d._

Zimmern's Tales from the Edda, 1_s._ 6_d._

Theological and Devotional Books.

Adams' My man and I, 7_s._ 6_d._

Church Rambles and Scrambles, 2_s._

Cockburn, Laws of nature, 3_s._ 6_d._

Contemporary Pulpit. Vols. I.-IV., each, 6_s._ _Monthly_, 6_d._

Dover's Lent manual, 2_s._ 6_d._ and 1_s._ 6_d._

Dover's Ministery of mercy, 6_s._

Fuller's Holy and profane states, 3_s._ 6_d._

Fuller's Life of Fuller. 2 vol., 12_s._

Geldart's Sunday for our little ones, 3_s._

Geldart's Doctrine of atonement, 3_s._ 6_d._

Gorman's Converts to Rome, 2_s._ 6_d._

Kirby's Evolution and nat. theol., 4_s._ 6_d._

Maccall's Christian legends, 3_s._ 6_d._

Miller's The perfect home. 5 vols., ea. 6_d._

Rawnsley's Christ for to-day, 6_s._

Richard and Williams' Disestablishment, 1_s._

Stubbs' Christ and democracy, 3_s._ 6_d._

Stubbs' Anthology of Christian morals.

Taylor, Jeremy, Selections from, 3_s._ 6_d._

Wilson's The Supreme Power.

Temperance and Cottage Books.

Arthur's Ten nights, 2_s._

Eclipse Elocutionist, 1_s._

Kirton's Happy homes, 2_s._

Kirton's Priceless treasure, 2_s._

Malin's Shakespeare temp, cal., 2_s._ 6_d._

Maynard's Happy wedded life, 2_s._

Miller's The perfect home. 5 vols., _each_ 6_d._

Prize Pictorial Readings, 2_s._

Rainbow Readings, 1_s._

Sixpenny Series.

Wheeler's Drops of water, 1_s._

Books on and of Music.

Andersen's Fairy tales set to music, 1_s._ 6_d._

Bourne's Great composers, 3_s._ 6_d._

Fillmore's Hist. of pianoforte music, 3_s._ 6_d._

Moore's Child's pianoforte book, 3_s._ 6_d._

Moore's Music in the K. G., 4_d._

Mulley's Songs and games, 1s.

Pagi's Number notation, 1_s._ 6_d._

Prentice's Musician, Grades I.-IV., 2_s._ each.

Books on the Fine Arts, etc.

Alpine Plants, 4 vols., each 25_s._

Everitt's English caricaturists, 42_s._

Harting's Glimpses of bird life, 42_s._

Hewetson's Life of Hewetson, 42_s._

Hewetson's Influence of joy, 3_s._ 6_d._

Irving (Wash.), Beauties of. 23 plates by G. Cruikshank, 2_s._ 6_d._

Little's What is art? 3_s._ 6_d._

Turner's Short history of art, 12_s._ 6_d._

Kindergarten Books.

Buckland's Happiness of childhood, 6_d._

Buckland's Use of stories, 3_d._

Bülow's Child nature, 3_s._

Bülow's Hand-work and head-work, 3_s._

DePortugall's Synoptical table, 2_s._ 6_d._

Froebel, Selections from.

Heerwart's Mutterlieder, 3_d._

Kindergarten, The. Essays, etc., 3_s._

Moore's (H.K.) Child's pianof. book, 3_s._ 6_d._

Moore's (H.K.) Music in the K.G., 4_d._

Moore's (N.) Kindergarten drawing, 3_s._ 6_d._

Mulley's Songs and games, 1_s._

Shirreff's The Kindergarten, 1_s._ 4_d._

Shirreff's Wasted forces, 3_d._

Shirreff's The Kinderg. and the School, 3_d._

Wiebe's Paradise of childhood, 10_s._ 6_d._

Books on Education.

Buxton's Overpressure, 2_s._ and 1_s._

Cooper's Training of the memory, 3_d._

Crawford's Reform of spelling, 6_d._

Fawkes' Babies; how to rear them, 6_d._

Hoggan's Physical education of girls, 4_d._

Karoly's Dilemmas of labour and education, 3_s._ 6_d._

Kindergarten Books. _See_ special heading above.

Locke "On words," ed. Ryland, 4_s._ 6_d._

Löfving's Physical education, 1_s._ 6_d._

Löfving's Manual of gymnastics.

McCarthy's Government code, 6_d._

Malleson's Early training of children, 2_s._ 6_d._

Moore's Selections from Froebel.

Nicholson's Student's manual of German literature, 3_s._ 6_d._

Perez's First three years of childhood, 4_s._ 6_d._

Sonnenschein's Foreign educational codes, 3_s._ 6_d._

School and College Books, etc.

Bevan's Royal relief atlas, 21_s._

Bevan's Home geography.

Brant's Systematic cutting out, 2_s._

Claus-Sedgwick. Elem. Text-book of Zoology, 21_s._ and 16_s._

Edwards' Mental calculator, 1_s._

Faithfull's Century cards.

Fleay's Logical English grammar, 2_s._

Fowle's Short and easy Latin book, 1_s._ 6_d._

Fowle's First easy Latin reader, 3_s._ 6_d._

Fowle's Second easy Latin reader, 3_s._ 6_d._

Fowle's Short and easy Greek book, 2_s._ 6_d._

Fowle's First easy Greek reader, 5_s._

Fowle's Second easy Greek reader, 5_s._

Fowle's First Greek reader for Eton, 1_s._ 6_d._

Fowle's First book of Homer's Iliad, 2_s._

Fowle's Selections fr. Lat. authors, 2_s._ 6_d._ and 1_s._ 6_d._

Geometry, Plane, Elements of, 3_s._ 6_d._

George II., 3_s._

George III., 4_s._ 6_d._

Goethe, Select poems of, 1_s._ 6_d._

Hawthorne's Manual of Indian history, 3_s._ 6_d._

Hein's German copy book, 6_d._

Isocrates, Evagoras, ed. Clarke, 2_s._ 6_d._

Limerick, Bishop of. Geomet. models.

Milnes' Political economy, 4_s._ 6_d._

Milnes' Elementary notions of logic, 2_s._ 6_d._

Moore's Child's pianoforte book, 3_s._ 6_d._

Norton's Histories, 3 vols., 1_s._ each.

Orme's Chemistry, 2_s._ 6_d._

Pilter's Human physiology, 1_s._

Plautus, The captivi, 6_s._, 3_s._ 6_d._

Pooley-Carnie's Com. sense French, 1_s._

Prantl-Vines' Text-book of botany, 9_s._

Prentice's Musician. Grds. I.-IV. ea. 2_s._

Rooper's Manual of object lessons, 3_s._ 6_d._

Rooper's Needlework and knitting, 3_s._ 6_d._

Schaible-Althaus' Seeing and thinking, 3_s._ 6_d._

Shakspere's Othello, for school use, 2_s._


    Number pictures, 7_s._ 6_d._ and 16_s._

    Blackboard maps, 16_s._ and 21_s._

    Patent arithmometer, 5_s._ 6_d._, 4_s._ 6_d._, and 30_s._

    Special merit readers, 1_s._ and 1_s._ 4_d._

    Science and art of arithmetic, 2_s._ 6_d._, _etc._

    A B C of Arithmetic, 1_s._, _etc._

    Ciphering book, 3_s._ _per dozen_.

Strong's History of German Lang., 6_s._

Student's Manuals.

Table Books, 1/2_d._ and 1_d._

Vines' School botany.

White's Unconventional Engl. gram., 4_s._

Xenophon's Hiero, ed. Shindler, 2_s._ 6_d._

The Cambridge Examiner, Monthly 6_d._

Miscellaneous and Reference Books.

Best Books, The, a classified Bibliography.

Bevan's Guide to Westminster Abbey.

Bevan's Guide to Lichfield Cathedral.

Cox's Little cyclopædia of common things, 7_s._ 6_d._

Jewitt's English Coins, 1_s._

McCarthy's Quarterstaff, 1_s._

Marvin's Our public offices, 2_s._

Mentone, Guide to, 1_s._ 6_d._

Welby's Traveller's pract. guide, 1_s._

What the boy thought, 6_d._


Book at £6 6s. (nett.)

Seboth and Bennett's Alpine plant_s._ 4 series, in cabinet.

Books at £1 1s.

Bevan's Royal Relief Atlas.

Rich's The war between Germany and France 1870-71.

Gift Books at 7s. 6d.

Adams' Book of earnest lives.

Adams' Battle stories.

Adams' Girlhood of remarkable women.

Cox's Little cyclopædia of common things.

Friend's Flowers and flower-lore.

Gems from the Poets.

Wägner's Asgard and the gods.

Wägner's Epics and romances of the Middle Ages.

Gift Book at 6s.

Alert. Cruise of the _Alert_, by Coppinger.

Gift Books at 5s.

Müller's (Max), German Love, _vellum_.

Reynard the Fox.

Vernalecken's In the land of marvels.

Gift Books at 3s. 6d.

Adams' Celebrated women travellers.

Alberg's Gustavus Vasa.

Arabian Nights, the new.

Birthday Book, Floral.

Bourne's The great composers.

Bourne's African heroes. 2 series.

Chapman's Notable women of the Reformation.

Chapman's Notable women of the Puritan times.

Clarke's Book of Golden Friendships.

Cooke's Three great lives.

Darton's Brave boys.

Darton's Famous girls.

Fuller's Holy and profane states.

Gustafsson, Tea-time tales.

Hauff's Popular Tales.

Hewett's Heroes of Europe.

Hillocks' Hard battles.

Hobson's The farm in the Karoo.

Jung's Australia and her colonies.

Letters of the Martyrs.

Liefde's Great Dutch admirals.

Life at home, at school, and at college.

Moore's Child's pianoforte book.

Mongan's Our great military commanders.

Müller's (Max) German love.

Reid's (Mayne) The death shot.

Reid's The flag of distress.

Taylor (Jeremy), Selections from.

Yonge's Seven heroines of Christendom.

Yonge's Our great naval commanders.

Gift Books at 3s.

Children's Journey, the.

Gilbert's Modern wonders of the world.

Gilbert's History of a Huguenot Bible.

Keene's Voiceless Teachers.

Martineau des Chesney's Marquise and Rosette.

O'Reilly's Story of ten thousand homes.

Rowe's Roughing it in Van Diemen's Land.

Rowe's A haven of rest.

Ross' Dora's boy.

Tytler's Tales of many lands.

Gift Books at 2s. 6d.

Auerbach's Two stories.

Austin's Moon folk.

Bowker's Goblin tales of Lancashire.

Bickerdyke's With the best intentions.

Caballero's Book of Spanish tales.

Camden's Hoity Toity.

Camden's Travelling Menagerie.

Cappel's Old Norse sagas.

Chapman's Notable Women of the Covenant.

Clarke's George and Robert Stephenson.

Cupples' Tappy's chicks.

Fryer's Book of English fairy tales.

Geldart's Modern Greek folk-lore.

Harris' Uncle Remus. _Illust. Edition._

Howe's The deserted ship.

Irving (W.) Beauties of. 23 plates by G. C.

Kroeker's Alice thro' the looking-glass.

Maitland's Madge Hilton.

Parker's Among the Fairies.

Rowsell's Tales of filial devotion.

Rowsell's Spirit of giant mountains.

Stephens' Old Norse fairy tales.

Thorn's Harlequin eggs; In and Out.

White's Boys of Raby.

Wood's Season among the wild flowers.

Gift Books at 1s. 6d.

Alberg's Charles XII.

Andersen's Fairy tales set to music.

Armstrong's Birds and their ways.

Baker's Stories of olden times.

Bickerdyke's An Irish midsummer night's dream.

Bourne's Life of Gustavus Adolphus.

Chapman's Life of John Wiclif.

Chapman's Life of Martin Luther.

Clarke's Short biographies--

    Prince Consort.


    Sir W. Raleigh.

    George Stephenson.

    Robert Stephenson.

    William Tyndale.

Cobbe's Doll stories.

Cooke's A boy's ideal.

Cooke's True to himself.

Cooke's Latimer's candle.

Cooke's English Hero.

Gausseu's Iron Kingdom.

Gausseu's King's Dream.

Gausseu's Kingdom of Iron and Clay.

Guizot's Life of Lady Russell.

Hawthorne's Biographical stories.

Richmond's Annals of the poor.

"Robin's" The little flower-girl.

"Robin's" Skippo.

Shakspere, his life and times.

Stafford's Only a drop of water.

Stories of my Pets.

Villari's Life in a cave.

Zimmern's Tales from the Edda.

Gift Books at 1s.

Greenwood's Reminiscences of a raven.

Lamb's Mrs. Leicester's school.

Norton's History of Greece for children.

Norton's History of Rome for children.

Norton's History of France for children.

Rouse's Sandy's faith.

Sherwood's Juvenile library. 3 vols.

Shield's Knights of the red cross.

Tillotson's Crimson pages.

Gift Books at 6d.

Anson's Cat and dog stories.

Anson's Three foolish little gnomes.

Chapman's The wanderer.

Cheerful Cherry; or, make the best of it.

Little Dickie.

Little Goody Two-shoes.

Little Henry and his bearer.

The Babes in a basket.

The Basket of flowers.

The Language and sentiment of flowers.

The Prince in disguise.

The Story of patient Griseldis.

The Perfect home series. By Rev. Dr. Miller. 5 vols., each 6_d._

Wallace's Flowers.


TIME. 128 pages, medium 8vo. Monthly. From 1885, 1_s._

THE CONTEMPORARY PULPIT. 64 pages, roy. 16mo. Monthly, 6_d._

EASTWARD HO! 96 pages. Monthly, 6_d._

THE CAMBRIDGE EXAMINER. A Monthly Educational Journal (except July and
August). 48 pages, demy 8vo. Monthly, 6_d._

THE NATURALIST'S WORLD. Illustrated. 20 pages, fcap. 4to. Monthly, 2_d._

THE SCOTTISH NATURALIST. Demy 8vo. Quarterly, 1_s._ 2_d._

Printed by Hazell, Watson, & Viney, Ld., London and Aylesbury.

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