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Title: The History of Painting in Italy, Volume VI (of 6) - from the Period of the Revival of the Fine Arts to the End - of the Eighteenth Century (6 volumes)
Author: Lanzi, Luigi Antonio, 1732-1810
Language: English
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Copyright Status: Not copyrighted in the United States. If you live elsewhere check the laws of your country before downloading this ebook. See comments about copyright issues at end of book.

*** Start of this Doctrine Publishing Corporation Digital Book "The History of Painting in Italy, Volume VI (of 6) - from the Period of the Revival of the Fine Arts to the End - of the Eighteenth Century (6 volumes)" ***

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                          HISTORY OF PAINTING

                                VOL. VI.

                          HISTORY OF PAINTING

                            THE FINE ARTS,

                       From the Original Italian
                                OF THE
                          ABATE LUIGI LANZI.

                           BY THOMAS ROSCOE.

                            IN SIX VOLUMES.
                                VOL. VI.
                        CONTAINING THE INDEXES.

                              PRINTED FOR
                      W. SIMPKIN AND R. MARSHALL,


  J. M'Creery, Tooks Court,
  Chancery-lane, London.

                          THE SIXTH VOLUME.


    INDEX I. _Professors of Painting mentioned in the
              work; together with the dates, &c._                       1

   INDEX II. _Historical and Critical Publications relating
              to the Art, cited in the Work_                          167

  INDEX III. _Of some of the most important Matters
              contained in the Work_                                  197

*.* _With regard to the Abbreviations of words adopted in the above
Indexes, that of_ b. _is applied to dates of birth, and that of_ d. _to the
deaths of artists. The rest will be perfectly intelligible to the English


Page 96, line 17, in some copies, _for_ 1666 _read_ 1766.

                             FIRST INDEX.

_Artists referred to in this work, noting the periods of their Birth and
Death, and the authorities for the dates._


Abate (l') Ciccio, _v._ Solimene.

Abati, or dell'Abate, Niccolo, a Modenese, b. 1509 or 1512, d. 1571.
_Tiraboschi._ Vol. iv. p. 46, and vol. v. pp. 48, 57.

---- Giovanni, his father, d. 1559. _Tiraboschi._ iv. 48.

---- Pietro Paolo, brother of Niccolo. _Tiraboschi._ iv. 48.

---- Giulio Camillo, son of Niccolo. _Tiraboschi._ _ib._

---- Ercole, son of Giulio, d. 1613. _Tiraboschi._ _ib._

---- Pietro Paolo, son of Ercole, d. 1630, aged 38. _Tiraboschi._ iv. 50.

Abatini, Guido Ubaldo, of Città di Castello, d. 1656, aged 56. _Passeri._
ii. 157.

Abbiati, Filippo, a Milanese, d. 1715, aged 75. _Orlandi._ iv. 315.

Adda, d', Conte Francesco, a Milanese, d. 1550. _MS._ iv. 257.

Agabiti, Pietro Paolo, of Sassoferrato, painted in 1531. _Colucci._ ii. 44.

Agellio, Giuseppe of Sorento, pupil to Cav. Roncalli. _Baglione._ ii. 228.

Agnelli, N., a Roman artist of this age. _MS._ v. 483.

Agostino dalle Prospettive, painted at Bologna in 1525. _Masini._ iv. 231,
v. 79.

Agresti, Livio da Forli, painted in 1551. _Vasari._ d. about 1580.
_Orlandi._ ii. 129, v. 85.

Alabardi, Giuseppe, called Schioppi, flourished towards the end of the
sixteenth century. _Zanetti._ iii. 345.

Alamanni, Pietro, of Ascola, painted in 1489. _Guida d'Ascoli._ ii. 20.

Albani, Francesco, Bologn., b. 1578, d. 1660. _Malvasia._ i. 311, ii. 216,
v. 135.

Alberegno, flourished in the fifteenth century, iii. 9.

Alberelli, or Albarelli, Giacomo, a Venetian, pupil to Palma. _Zanetti._
iii. 271.

Alberino, Giorgio, di Casale, pupil to Moncalvi. _MS._ v. 463.

Alberti, Cherubino da Borgo S. Sepolcro, d. 1615, aged 63. _Baglione._ i.

---- Gio., his brother, d. 1601, aged 43. _Baglione._ i. 274.

---- Durante da Borgo S. Sepolcro, d. 1613, aged 75. _Baglione_, i. 273.

---- Others of the same family, i. 275.

Alberti, Francesco, a Venetian, of whom is cited a single work, and this
doubtful. He must have painted about 1550. _v._ Zanetti in the _Guida_, and
in the greater work, p. 288. iii. 218.

---- Michele, a Florentine, pupil to Daniele di Volterra. _Guida di Roma._
i. 187.

Albertinelli, Mariotto, a Florentine, d. about 1512, aged 45. _Vasari._ i.

Albertoni, Paolo, Rom., a follower of Maratta, d. shortly after 1695.
_Orlandi._ ii. 284.

Albini, Alessandro, a Bolognese, pupil to the Caracci. _Malvasia._ v. 194.

Alboni, Paolo, a Bolognese, d. old in 1730. _Crespi._ Oretti, in his
_Memorie MSS._ calls him Paolo Antonio. d. Sept 5th, 1734, and buried at S.
Procolo, v. 193.

Alboresi, Giacomo, a Bolognese, d. 1677, aged 45. _Crespi._ v. 212.

Aldrovandini, (more commonly Aldovrandini) Mauro, from Rovigo, b. at
Bologna, d. 1680, aged 31. _Guida di Bologna._ v. 271.

---- Pompeo, son of Mauro, b. 1677, d. at Rome, 1739. _MS._ v. _ib._

---- Tommaso, cousin of Pompeo, b. 1653, d. 1736. _Zanotti._ v. _ib._

Alè, Egidio, di Liege, flourished the latter half of the seventeenth
century. _See Guida di Roma._ ii. 309.

Alemagna, di, Giusto, painted at Genoa, 1451. _Soprani._ v. 361.

---- Zuan, _v._ Gio. Tedesco.

Aleni, Tommaso, of Cremona, painted in 1515. _Zaist._ iv. 158.

Alessi, Matteo Perez di, a Roman, painted in Spain in the time of Vargas,
i. 181. _See_ Matteo da Lecce.

---- Pier Antonio da S. Vito, a pupil of Amatteo. _Cesarini._ iii. 132.

Alessiis, de, Francesco, an Udinese, painted in 1494. _Renaldis._ iii. 40.

Alfani, Domenico di Paris of Perugia, b. 1483. _Pascoli._ Was living in
1536. _Mariotti._ ii. 37.

---- Orazio di Paris of Perugia, b. 1510, d. 1583. _Mariotti._ ii. 37.

Aliberti, Gio. Carlo d'Asti, b. 1680, died about 1740. _D. Valle._ v. 487.

---- Ab. Aliberti, his son. v. 488.

Alibrandi, Girol., of Messina, b. 1470, d. 1524. _Hack._ ii. 371.

Aliense, _see_ Vassilacchi.

Aliprando, Michelangiolo, a Veronese, pupil to Paolo Caliari. _Pozzo._ iii.

Allegretti, Carlo di Monte Prandone, a castle in the district of Ascoli; he
painted in 1608. _Orsini._ ii. 168.

Allegri, (also signing himself Lieto) Antonio, from his native place called
Coreggio, b. 1494, d. 1534. _Tiraboschi._ iv. 38, 79.

---- Lorenzo, his uncle, was living in 1527. _Tiraboschi._ iv. 39.

---- Pomponio, son of Antonio, b. about 1520. _Tiraboschi._ Painted in
1593. _Affò._ iv. 113.

Allegrini, Francesco, of Gubbio, d. 1663, aged 76. _Orlandi._ ii. 157, 171.

---- Flaminio, son to Francesco. _Taia._ ii. 157.

Allori, Alessandro, called also Bronzino, a Florentine, b. 1535, d. 1607.
_Baldinucci._ i. 256.

---- Cristoforo, his son, b. 1577, d. 1621. _Baldinucci._ i. 292, 325, 329.

Aloisi, _see_ Galanino.

Altissimo, dell', Cristofano, a Florentine, scholar of Bronzino, living in
1568. _Vasari._ i. 263.

Alunno, Niccolò, of Foligno; his works appeared between 1458 and 1492.
_Mariotti._ ii. 26.

Amadei, Stefano, of Perugia, b. 1589, d. 1644. _Pascoli._ ii. 223.

Amalteo, Pomponio, from S. Vito in the Frioul, b. 1505, d. about 1588.
_Renaldis._ In Motta, in the district of Trevigi, is found inscribed on an
altar-piece, _Mottæ civis et incola_; which I think proves his connexion
with that place. _Federici._ iii. 128.

---- Girolamo, his brother, d. young. _Renaldis._ iii. 130.

---- Quintilia, his daughter. _Renaldis._ iii. 131.

Amato, d', Gio. Antonio, a Neapolitan, b. about 1475, d. about 1555.
_Dominici._ ii. 366, 385.

Amatrice, dell', Cola, (Filotesio) painted in 1533. _Guida d'Ascoli._ ii.

Ambrogi, Domen., called Menichino del Brizio, a Bolognese, living in 1678.
_Malvasia._ v. 192.

Ambrogio, a Greek monk, lived about 1500. _MS._ i. 67.

Amerighi, or Morigi Cav. Michelangiolo da Caravaggio, b. 1569, d. 1609.
_Baldinucci._ ii. 179, 199, 393.

Amico, Mastro, _see_ Aspertini.

Amidano, Pomponio, of Parma, lived in 1595. _MS._ iv. 131.

Amigazzi, Gio. Batista, a Veronese, pupil to Ridolfi. _Pozzo._ iii. 316.

Amigoni, Ottavio, a Brescian, d. 1661, aged 56. _Orlandi._ iii. 328.

---- Jacopo, a Venetian, d. 1752, aged 77. _Zanetti._ iii. 356.

Amorosi, Antonio, of the Commune in the district of Ascoli. Colucci, in
vol. xxi. Lived in 1736. _Pascoli._ ii. 333.

Anastasi, of Sinigaglia, lived in the beginning of this century. _MS._ i.

Ancinelli, dagli, _see_ Torre.

Ancona, d', _see_ Lilio.

Anconitano, l', _see_ Bonini.

Andreasi, Ippolito, a Mantuan, pupil to Giulio. _MS._ iv. 20.

Andreasso, or Andreani, Andrea, a Mantuan. _Lett. Pitt._ i. 415.

Andria, di, Tuzio, painted in Savona in 1487. _Guida di Genoa._ v. 362.

Anesi, Paolo, a painter of landscape, flourished the beginning of this
century. _MS._ i. 364, ii. 329.

Angarano, Co. Ottaviano, a Venetian, painted about 1650. _Zanetti._ iii.

Ange, l', Franc. di Annecy, b. 1675, d. 1756. _Crespi._ v. 253.

Angeli, d', Filippo, a Roman, called Il Napolitano, d. young in the
pontificate of Urban VIII. _Baglione._ i. 326, ii. 171.

Angeli, Giulio Cesare, of Perugia, b. about 1570, d. about 1630. _Pascoli._
ii. 223.

Angelini, Giuseppe, of Ascoli, pupil to Tassi. _Guida d'Ascoli._ ii. 288.

---- Scipione, of Perugia, d. 1729, aged 68. _Pascoli._ ii. 335.

Angelico, _see_ Da Fiesole.

Angelo, pupil to Claude Lorenese. _Passeri._ ii. 248.

---- d', Batista, _see_ Del Moro.

Angussola, or Angosciola, Sofonisba, a Cremonese, d. old at Genoa about
1620. _Ratti._ Aged about 90. _MS._ iv. 188, v. 392.

---- Lucia, and other sisters. _Zaist._ _ib._

Anna, d', Baldassare, a Venetian, pupil to Corona. _Zanetti._ iii. 264.

Annunzio, _see_ Nonzio.

Ans, or Hans, _see_ Ausse.

Ansaldo, Gio. Andrea, b. at Voltri in the Genovese territory, 1584, d.
1638. _Soprani._ v. 415.

Ansaloni, Vincenzio, a Bolognese, a pupil of the Caracci. _Malvasia._ v.

Anselmi, Giorgio, a Veronese, d. 1797, aged 74, iii. 381.

Anselmi, Michelang., of Parma, called Michelangiolo _da Lucca_, and more
commonly _Da Siena_, 1591. _Ratti._ Died in 1554. _Affò._ i. 414, iv. 118.

Antelami, or Antelmi, Benedetto, of Parma, a sculptor, his works, 1178 and
1196. _Affò._ iv. 74.

Antoni, degli, or d'Antonio, _see_ Da Messina.

Antoniano, Antonio, of Urbino, painted at Genoa after the year 1595.
_Soprani._ ii. 189. It seems we ought to read Antonio Viviani. _Lazzari._
v. 393.

Anversa, d', Ugo, flourished in the sixteenth century. _Vasari._ iii. 44.

Apollodoro, Francesco, called Porcia of Friuli, living in 1606. _Statuto
MS. de' Pittori di Padova._ iii. 299.

Apollonio, Agostino, di S. Angelo in Vado, nephew and heir to Luzio Dolce.
_Colucci._ ii. 165.

---- Greco Maestro del Safi. _Vasari._ i. 32.

---- Jacopo, da Bassano, d. 1654, aged 70. _Verci._ Or aged 68.
_Melchiori._ iii. 209.

Appiani, Franc., of Ancona, b. 1702, d. at Perugia, aged 90. _MS._ ii. 312.

Appiano, Niccola, sc. del Vinci in Milano. _Lattuada._ iv. 257.

Aquila, Pietro, a priest of Marseilles, was living at the close of the last
century. _See Orlandi._ ii. 419.

---- dell', Pompeo. _Orlandi._ Flourished in the sixteenth century, ii.

Aragonese, Sebastiano, or Luca Sebastiano da Brescia, flourished about
1567. _Orlandi._ iii. 171.

Araldi, Alessandro, of Parma, d. about 1528. _Affò._ iv. 76.

Arbasia, Cesare, of Saluzzo. Notices of him from 1589 to 1601. _Della
Valle._ ii. 143, iv. 257, v. 458.

Arcimboldi, Giuseppe, a Milanese, d. 1593, aged 60. _MS._ iv. 279.

Arcione, Daniele, of Milan. _See Morelli Notiz._, p. 205, i. 112.

Ardente, Alessandro, of Faenza, (_Diario Sacro di Lucca_) more commonly
supposed to be from Pisa, and by some from Lucca, d. 1595. _MS._ v. 454.

Aretino, Andrea, lived in 1615. _Baglione._ i. 270.

---- Spinello, b. 1328, d. 1400. _Bottari, notes to Vasari._ i. 64.

Aretusi, or Munari degli Aretusi, Cesare, a Bolognese citizen, perhaps born
at Modena, painted in 1606. _Tiraboschi._ d. 1612. _Necrologio di S.
Tommaso_, in Mercato di Bologna. _Oretti._ iv. 43, 134, v. 65, 75.

Argenta, Jacopo, a Ferrarese, was living in 1561. _MS._ v. 454.

Aristotile, _see_ Da S. Gallo.

Armani, Piermartire, da Reggio, b. 1613, d. 1669. _Tiraboschi._ iv. 63.

Armanno, Vincenzio, of Flanders, d. 1649, aged about 50. _Passeri._ ii.

Armenini, Gio. Batista, of Faenza, living in 1587. _Orlandi._ v. 94.

Arnolfo, a Florentine sculptor and architect, d. 1300. _Baldinucci._ i. 6.

Aromatari, Dorotea, a Venetian lady, lived in 1660. _Boschini._ iv. 282.

Arpino, d', _see_ Cesari.

Arrighi, pupil of Franceschini. _Guida di Volterra._ i. 304.

Arrigoni, _see_ Laurentini.

Arzere, dall', Stef., a Paduan, lived about 1560. _New Guide of Padua._
iii. 168.

Ascani, Pellegrino, da Carpi, a painter of the last century. _Tiraboschi._
iv. 68.

Asciano, d', Gio., educated by Berna da Siena, i. 399.

Aspertini, Mastro Amico, a Bolognese, painted in 1514. _Malvasia._ d. 1552,
aged 78. _Oretti, Mem._ v. 4, 33.

---- Guido, his brother, painted in 1491. _Vasari._ v. 34.

Assereto, Giovacchino, a Genoese, d. 1649, aged 49. _Soprani._ v. 417.

Assisi, di, Andrea, called l'Ingegno, b. about 1470, d. 1556. _Galleria
Imperiale._ ii. 36.

---- Tiberio, he subscribes his name _Tiberius Diatelevi_, was living in
1521. _Mariotto._ ii. 40.

Asta, dell', Andrea, a Neapolitan, d. 1721, aged about 48. _Dominici._ ii.

Attavante, _see_ Vante.

Avanzi, Giuseppe, a Ferrarese, d. 1718, aged 73. _Baruffaldi._ v. 341, 350.

Avanzi, Jacopo, a Bolognese, flourished 1370. _Malvasia._ Or Davanzo, a
Paduan, Veronese, or Bolognese. _Notizia Morelli._ His work in Padua, dated
1376. v. 18.

Avanzini, Pierant., of Piacenza, d. 1733. _Guida di Piacenza._ iv. 142.

Avellino, Giulio, called the Messinese, d. in 1700. _Crespi._ v. 349.

---- Onofrio, a Neapolitan, d. 1741, aged 67. _Dominici._ ii. 442.

Averara, Gio. Bat., a Bergamese, d. 1548. _Tassi._ iii. 183.

Aversa, d', Mercurio, a pupil to Caracciolo. _Dominici._ ii. 396.

Augusta, Cristoforo, from Casal Maggiore, pupil of Malosso, d. young.
_Zaist._ His altar-piece at S. Domenico di Cremona, bears his name and date
of 1590. _Oretti, Memorie._ iv. 192.

Aviani, of Vicenza. _See Guida di Vicenza._ Must have flourished about
1630, iii. 344.

Avogadro, Pietro, a Brescian, flourished about 1730. _See the Florentine
Dictionary._ iii. 371.

Ausse, a Flemand, pupil to Ruggieri. _Vasari._ More commonly called Ans, or
Hans, or Gianes da Bruggia, iii. 44.

Autelli, Jacopo, a mosaic painter to the G. Duke of Tuscany, lived in 1649.
_Baldinucci._ i. 334.

Azzolini, or Mazzolini, Gio. Bernardino, a Neapolitan, flourished about
1510, ii. 385.


Baccarini, Jacopo da Reggio, d. 1682. _Tiraboschi._ iv. 63.

Bacerra, (_Vasari_,) or Becerra, (_Palomino_,) Gaspare di Baeza, in
Andalusia, d. 1570, aged about 50. _Palomino._ i. 180. ii. 123.

Bacherelli, Vincenzio, a Florentine, b. 1672, d. 1745. _Roy. Gall._ i. 348.

Bachiacca, _see_ Ubertino.

Bacci, Antonio, a Mantuan, mentioned in the Travels of P. Coronelli, as an
artist then living, vol. i. p. 81., flourished in 1663. _Guida di Rovigo._
iii. 343.

Baciccio, _see_ Gaulli.

Badalocchi, or Rosa Sisto di Parma. He was young in 1609. _Malvasia._ iv.
138, v. 177.

Badaracco, Giuseppe, a Genoese, b. about 1588, d. 1657. _Soprani._ v. 417.

---- Gio. Raffaello, his son, d. 1726, aged 78. _Ratti._ v. 429.

Baderna, Bartolommeo, of Piacenza, lived in 1680. _Guida di Piacenza_, iv.

Badile, Ant., a Veronese, b. 1480, d. 1580. _Pozzo._ iii. 212, 215.

Bagazoti, Camillo, of Camerino, a follower of F. Sebastiano. _Orsini,
Risp._ ii. 125.

Baglione, Cav. Giovanni, a Roman, b. about 1573, painted in 1642. _See_ his
Life, at the close of the _Giornate_, written by him. ii. 228.

Baglioni, Cesare, a Bolognese, d. at Parma, about 1590. _Malvasia._ v. 80.

Bagnacavallo, _see_ Ramenghi.

Bagnaia, da, Don Pietro, _see Guida di Ravenna_, appears to have flourished
about 1550. I have since found in _Oretti_, that one of his pictures,
bearing date 1579, is in the church of the Passione at Milan, a fact which
makes it difficult to suppose him the pupil of Raffaello. ii. 121.

Bagnatore, Piermaria, a Brescian, painted in 1594. _MS._ He was living in
1611. _Zamboni._ iii. 176.

Bagnoli, Gio. Francesco, a Florentine, b. 1678, d. 1713. _Roy. Gall._ i.

Baiardo, Gio. Batista, a Genovese, d. 1657, very young. _Soprani._ v. 417.

Balassi, Mario, a Florentine, b. 1604, d. 1667. _Roy. Gall._ i. 308.

Baldassari, Valerio da Pescia, pupil to Pier Dandini. _MS._ i. 342.

Baldelli, Francesco, nephew and pupil to Barocci. _Crispolti._ ii. 187.

Baldi, Lazzaro, of Pistoia, b. 1624, d. 1703. _Pascoli._ Or b. 1623, April
19th. _Orlandi_, _Carteggio_, and _Oretti_. i. 355.

Baldinelli, Baldino, pupil to Domenichino del Ghirlandaio, i. 96.

Baldini, Baccio, a Florentine, flourished in the time of Botticelli.
_Vasari._ i. 113, 135.

---- Giovanni, a Florentine, lived about 1500. _Baruffaldi._ v. 310.

---- Giuseppe, a Florentine, pupil to Gabbiani. _Series of Illustrious
Painters._ i. 346.

---- Pietro Paolo, pupil to Pietro da Cortona. _Guida di Roma._ ii. 267.

---- Taddeo, pupil to Salvator Rosa, i. 326.

Baldino, Tiburzio, a Bolognese, v. 73.

Baldovinetti, Alessio, a Florentine, b. 1425, d. 1499. _Bottari._ i. 80.

Baldrighi, Giuseppe, a Pavese, settled at Parma, d. 1802, aged 80. _MS._
iv. 142.

Balducci, or Cosci, Gio., a Florentine, d. in the Pontificate of Clement
VIII. _Baglione._ i. 261.

---- Gio. Pisano. His _Memorie_ of 1339 and 1347. _Da Morrona._ i. 7.

Balestra, Antonio, of Verona, b. 1666, d. about 1734. _Guarienti_; or 1740,
_Zanetti_, and _Oretti_, who in his _Memorie_ states the exact day, 21st
April. ii. 286, iii. 373, v. 219.

Balestrieri, Domenico del Piceno. His painting of 1463, ii. 20.

Balestriero, Giuseppe of Messina, d. 1709, aged 77. _Hack._ ii. 411.

Ballerino, _see_ Bittonte.

Balli, Simone, a Florentine, pupil to Aurelio Lomi. _Soprani._ v. 392.

Ballini, Camillo, painted in Venice in the age of the mannerists.
_Zanetti._ iii. 271.

---- Cav. Niccolo, Ven., d. 1736, aged 85. _Zanetti._ iii. 353.

---- Gio. and Stefano, his sons. _Zanetti, Guida di Venezia._ iii. 354.

Bambini, Jacopo, a Ferrarese, d. young, 1629. _Baruffaldi._ v. 324.

Bamboccio, _see_ Laer.

Bandiera, Benedetto, of Perugia, lived about 1650. _Orlandi._ Or rather b.
1557, d. 1634. _Pascoli._ ii. 196.

Bandinelli, Baccio, a Florentine, b. 1487, d. aged 72. _Vasari._ i. 169.

Banier, Luigi, a Frenchman, lived at Turin in 1675. _Della Valle._ v. 475.

Barabbino, Simone della Valle di Polcevera in the Genovese, namely of
Bernardo Castello. _Soprani._ v. 388.

Barbalunga, otherwise Antonio Ricci of Messina, b. 1690, d. 1649.
_Pascoli._ ii. 207, 409.

Barbarelli, _see_ Giorgione.

Barbatelli, _see_ Poccetti.

Barbello, Jacopo di Crema, painted in 1646. _Guida di Bergamo._ d. 1656.
_Zibaldone Cremasco_ for the year 1795. iii. 337.

Barbiani, Gio. Batista, of Ravenna. _See Orlandi._ d. at Ravenna in Sept.
1650. _Oretti, Mem._ v. 199.

Barbieri, dell', Domenico, a Florentine, and assistant of Rosso. _Vasari._
i. 209.

---- Alessandro, _see_ Fei.

Barbieri, Cav. Gio. Francesco, called Il Guercino da Cento, b. 1590, d.
1666. _Malvasia._ ii. 181, v. 164.

---- Paolo, Antonio, his brother, d. 1649. _Malvasia._ v. 205.

---- Francesco, called Il Legnago, b. 1623, d. at Verona, 1698. _Orlandi._
iii. 373.

---- Pier Antonio, a Pavese, b. 1663, painted in 1704. _Orlandi._ iv. 325.

Barca, Cav. Gio. Batista, a Mantuan, flourished at Verona about 1650.
_Guarienti._ iii. 324.

Bardelli, Alessandro di Pescia, a pupil of Cav. Currado. _MS._ i. 315.

Barent, Dieterico, scholar of Titian. _Baldinucci._ iii. 163.

Bargone, Giacomo, pupil of Lazzaro Calvi. _Soprani._ v. 375.

Barile, Gio., a Florentine, flourished in the time of Raffaello. _Vasari._
i. 196.

Barili, Aurelio Parmigiano, painted in 1588. _Affò._ iv. 132.

Barocci, (more recently called Baroccio) or Fiore Federigo of Urbino, b.
1528, d. 1612. _Baldinucci._ i. 280, ii. 182.

Barocci, Giacomo, da Vignola, d. 1573, aged 66. _Orlandi._ ii. 169.

Barri, Giacomo, a Venetian, b. soon after 1630; was living in 1682; no
farther account of him. _MS. Melchiori._ iii. 294.

Bartoli, Franc. da Reggio, d. 1779. _Tiraboschi._ iv. 70.

---- Pier Santi, of Perugia, d. 1700, aged about 65. _Orlandi._ ii. 281.

Bartolini, Gioseffo Maria, of Imola, b. 1657, was living in 1718.
_Orlandi._ d. 1725. His tomb-stone at the Carmine in Imola. _Oretti,
Memorie._ v. 257.

Bartolo, di, Fredi, of Siena, lived in 1356. _D. Valle._ i. 400.

---- di, Taddeo, of Siena, painted in 1414. _D. Valle._ d. aged 59.
_Vasari._ i. 400, iii. 13.

---- Domenico, nephew of Taddeo, painted in 1436. _Vasari._ i. 401.

Bartolommeo, Maestro, painted at Florence in 1236. _Lami._ i. 15.

Barucco, Giacomo, a Brescian, painted with Gandini, and with Randa. _Guida
di Brescia._ iii. 328.

Basaiti, Marco del Friuli, living in 1520. _Zanetti._ iii. 57.

Baschenis, D. Evaristo, of Bergamo, b. 1617, d. 1677. _Tassi._ iii. 345.

Basili, Pierangiolo, of Gubbio, lived to 1604. _Ranghiasci._ ii. 164.

Bassano, da, Martinello, a painter of the thirteenth century. _Verci._ iii.

---- Il, _see_ Da Ponte. _See also_ Teniers.

Bassetti, Marcantonio, a Veronese, d. 1630, aged 42. _Ridolfi._ ii. 232,
iii. 321.

Bassi, Francesco, a Cremonese, called Il Cremonese da Paesi, b. 1642, d.
the beginning of 1700. _Zaist._ iv. 202.

---- another of the same name and country. _ib._

---- another Francesco Bassi, a Bolognese, pupil to Pasinelli, d. aged 29.
_Crespi._ Perhaps a false report gave rise to this account, for Oretti
calls him a scholar of Barbieri, and next of Gennari, and that he died in
1732, aged 80; citing the authority of _Filippo Bassi_, son of _Francesco_,
and parish priest of S. Felice. v. 172.

Bassini, Tommaso, a Modenese, flourished in the fourteenth century.
_Tiraboschi._ iv. 35.

Bassotti, Gio. Francesco, of Perugia, flourished about 1665. _Orlandi._ ii.

Bastaruolo, Il, or Filippo Mazzuoli, a Ferrarese, d. old in 1589.
_Baruffaldi._ v. 322.

Bastiani, Giuseppe of Macera, painted in 1594. _MS._ ii. 167.

Batistiello, _see_ Caracciolo.

Batoni, Cav. Pompeo, b. at Lucca, 1708, d. 1787. _Elogio del Cav. Boni._ i.
361, ii. 320.

Battaglia, Dionisio, a Veronese, flourished in 1547. _Pozzo._ iii. 114.

Battaglie, delle, or delle Bambocciate, Michelangiolo, _see_ Cerquozzi.

Bavarese, Francesco Ignazio, scholar of Orizzonte. _Colonna Catalogue._ ii.

Baur, Gio. Guglielmo, d. 1640. _Sandrart._ ii. 254.

Bazzacco, or Brazzacco, _see_ Ponchino.

Bazzani, Gaspero da Reggio, b. 1701, d. 1780. _Tiraboschi._ iv. 70.

---- Giuseppe, called by mistake in the text Gio. Mantov., died director of
the royal academy of painting in 1769. _Volta._ iv. 29.

Beaumont, Cav. Claudio Francesco, of Turin, b. 1694, d. 1766. _Della
Valle._ v. 483.

Beccafumi, or Mecherino Domenico, Senese, d. 1549, aged 65. _Vasari._ Or
rather lived in 1551. _Della Valle._ i. 110, 415, 430, v. 371.

Beccaruzzi, Franc. da Conegliano, records of him in Trevigi, from 1527 to
1540. _Federici._ iii. 127.

Beceri, Domenico, a Florentine, pupil of Puligo. _Vasari._ i. 253.

Beduschi, Antonio, a Cremonese, b. 1576, painted in 1607. _Guida di
Piacenza._ iv. 185.

Begarelli, Ant. da Modena, b. about 1498, d. 1565. _Tiraboschi._ iv. 40.

Begni, Giulio Cesare, a Pesarese, d. shortly before 1680. _Guida di
Pesaro._ ii. 191.

Beinaschi, or Benaschi, Cav. Gio. Batista, of Turin, b. 1636. _Pascoli._ d.
1688. _Dominici._ Or 1690. _Orlandi._ ii. 215, 414, v. 469.

---- Angela, his daughter, b. 1666, was living in 1717, ii. 415.

Bellavia, Marcantonio, a Sicilian, perhaps a scholar of Cortona. _Guida di
Roma._ ii. 441.

Bellavita, Angelo, a Cremonese, lived in 1420. _Zaist._ iv. 151.

Belliboni, Gio. Batista, a Cremonese, pupil to Antonio Campi. _Zaist._ iv.

Bellini, Bellin, flourished about 1500. _See Ridolfi._ iii. 59.

---- Filippo d'Urbino, painted in 1594. _Colucci_, vol. xxviii. ii. 189.

---- Gentile, a Venetian, b. 1421, d. 1501. _Ridolfi._ ii. 17, iii. 52.

---- Gio. his brother, d. soon after 1516, aged 90. _Ridolfi._ ii. 17, iii.

---- Jacopo, father of the two preceding, painted about 1456. _MS._ From an
inscription cited by Polidoro, it would seem that Jacopo and his two sons
painted as early as 1409. This cannot be credited, we should read 1459. ii.
17, iii. 26.

Belliniano, Vittore, a Venetian, painted in 1526. _Ridolfi._ iii. 65.

Bellis, de, Antonio, a Neapolitan, d. young in 1656. _Dominici._ ii. 403.

Bello Marco. One of his pictures, with the initials _M. B._, formerly in
Argenta, the native place of the artist, is now in the _Obizzi Museum_,
bearing date 1548, iii. 67.

Bellotti, Pietro, da Volzano on the lake of Garda, b. 1625, d. 1700. _Guida
di Rovigo._ iii. 285.

Bellotto, Bernardo, a Venetian, lived in 1718. _Orlandi._ iii. 387.

Bellucci, Ant., b. 1654, in the Pieve di Soligo in the Trevisano, d. there
1726. _Melchiori._ iii. 352.

---- Gio. Batista, his son. _Federici._ _ib._

Bellunello, Andrea, da S. Vito, painted in 1476. In a painting of 1490, he
signs himself Andrea Bellone. _Renaldis._ iii. 39.

Bellunese, Giorgio, da S. Vito, flourished about the middle of the
sixteenth century. _See Cesarini._ iii. 249.

Beltraffio, Gio. Antonio, a Milanese, d. 1516, aged 49. _New Guide of
Milan._ iv. 252.

Beltrano, Agostino, a Neapolitan, painted in 1646, d. about 1665.
_Dominici._ ii. 404.

Belvedere, Ab. Andrea, a Neapolitan, b. 1646, d. 1732. _Dominici._ ii. 423.

Bembo, Bonifazio, or Fazio, da Valdarno, a Cremonese, painted in 1461.
_Lomazzo._ iv. 152.

---- Gio. Francesco, his brother, called Il Vetraro, was painting in 1524.
_Zaist._ iv. 160.

Benci, Domenico, assistant of Vasari, lived in 1567. i. 268.

Bencovich, Federigo, called also Federighetto di Dalmazia, lived in 1753.
_Guarienti._ iii. 353, v. 255.

Benedetti, Mattia and Lodovico, of Reggio, flourished about 1720.
_Tiraboschi._ iv. 63.

Benefial, Cav. Marco, b. at Rome, 1684, d. 1764. _Lettere Pittoriche_, vol.
v. ii. 291.

Benfatto, Luigi, called dal Friso, of Verona, d. 1611, aged 60. _Ridolfi._
iii. 238.

Benini, Sigismondo, a Cremonese, pupil to Massarotti. _Zaist._ iv. 202.

Benso, Giulio, b. in the Genovese, about 1601, d. 1668. _Soprani._ v. 404.

Benvenuto, _see_ Ortolano.

Benzi, Giulio, a Bolognese, d. 1681, aged 34. _Guida di Bologna._ v. 254.

Bergamasco, Il, _see_ Gio. Batista Castello.

Bergamo, da, F. Damiano Domenicano, d. 1549. _Tassi._ iii. 89.

---- Guglielmo, Maestro, lived in 1296. _Tassi._ iii. 19.

Berlinghieri, Camillo, called Il Ferraresino, d. 1635, aged 39.
_Baruffaldi._ v. 335.

---- Bonaventura, da Lucca, painted in 1235. _Bettinelli._ i. 14, 384, iv.

Bernabei, Pier Antonio, of Parma, called della Casa, lived about 1550.
_MS._ iv. 132.

---- Tommaso, a Cortonese, pupil to Luca Signorelli. _Vasari._ Lived in
1540. _Mariotti._ i. 99.

Bernardi, Franc., called Il Bigolaro, a Veronese, pupil to Feti. _Pozzo._
iii. 323.

Bernasconi, Laura, a Roman lady, and disciple of Mario Nuzzi. _Pascoli._
ii. 258.

Bernazzano, a Milanese, flourished in 1536. _Orlandi._ iv. 252.

Bernetz, Cristiano, of Hamburgh, b. 1658, d. 1722. _Pascoli._ ii. 334.

Bernieri, Ant., da Coreggio, b. 1516, d. 1563. _Tiraboschi._ iv. 115.

Bernini, Cav. Gio. Lorenzo, b. at Naples of Florentine parentage, in 1598,
d. 1680. _Baldinucci._ ii. 263.

Berrettini, Cav. Pietro, of Cortona, b. 1596, d. 1669. _Pascoli._ i. 336,
ii. 281.

Berrettoni, Niccolo, di Montefeltro, b. 1637, d. 1682. _Pascoli._ ii. 281.

Berrugese, or Berruguete, Alonzo, a Spaniard, b. 1545. _Palom._ Or rather
at Toledo, very old, in 1561. _Conca._ i. 180.

Bersotti, Carlo Girolamo, of Pavia, b. 1645. _Orlandi._ iv. 325.

Bertani, Gio. Batista, a Mantuan, lived in 1568. _Vasari._ iv. 20.

---- Domenico, his brother. _Volta._ _ib._

Berto, di, Gio., called also _Bertus Joannis Marci_, of Perugia, painted as
early as 1497, was living in 1523, and perhaps later. _Mariotti._ ii. 39.

Bertoia, or Bertogia, Jacopo, Parmigiano, lived in 1574. _Affò._ iv. 131.

Bertoli, a Venetian, painted in 157.... _MS._ iii. 196.

Bertolotti, Gio. Lorenzo, a Genovese, b. 1640. d. 1721. _Ratti._ v. 423.

Bertucci, Lodovico, da Modena, flourished in the seventeenth century.
_Tiraboschi._ iv. 68.

---- Jacopo, _see_ Da Faenza.

Bertusio, Gio. Batista, a Bolognese, was living about 1643. _Malvasia._ d.
1644. _Oretti, Mem._ v. 72.

Bertuzzi, Porino, of the school of Barocci. _MS._ ii. 188.

Besenzi, Paolo Emilio, of Reggio, d. 1666, aged 42. _Tiraboschi._ iv. 64.

Besozzi, Ambrogio, a Milanese, b. 1648, d. 1706. _Orlandi._ iv. 321.

Betti, Niccolo, a Florentine, and assistant to Vasari, i. 268.

---- P. Biagio, a Pistoiese Theatine, d. 1615, aged 70. _Baglione._ i. 276.
_See also_ Pinturicchio.

Bettini, Anton. Sebastiano, b. at Florence in 1707, d. ----. _Roy. Gall._
i. 348.

---- Domenico, a Florentine, b. 1644, d. 1705, at Bologna. _Orlandi._ v.

Beverense, Antonio, iii. 277.

Bevilacqua, Ambrogio, a Milanese, painted in 1486. _Orlandi._ iv. 222.

---- Filippo, his brother. _Lomazzo._ _ib._

---- Cav., _see_ Salembeni Ventura.

Bezzi, Gio. Franc., a Bolognese, called Il Nosadella, d. 1571. _Malvasia._
v. 62.

Bezzicaluva, Ercole, a Pisan, flourished about 1640. _Morrona._ i. 319.

Biagio, Mastro, _see_ Pupini.

Bianchi, Baldassare, a Bolognese, b. 1614, was living in 1660. _Crespi._ d.
at Modena, 1679, aged 65. _Oretti, Memorie._ v. 213.

---- Carlantonio, a Pavese, lived 1754. _Pitture d'Italia._ iv. 325.

---- Cav. Federigo, a Milanese, painted in 1718. _Orlandi._ iv. 309.

---- Filippo, a Venetian, lived in 1660. _Boschini._ iii. 271.

---- Francesco, a Milanese painter of this century. _MS._ iv. 310.

---- Cav. Isidoro, da Campione, in the Milanese, was living in 1626.
_Orlandi._ iv. 318.

---- Pietro, called Bustini, lived in the eighteenth century. _Orlandi._
iv. 319.

---- Pietro, a Roman, b. 1694. _Florentine Dictionary._ d. 1740. _MS._ ii.

---- Bonavita Franc., a Florentine, d. 1658. _Baldinucci._ i. 288.

---- Gio., his father, a Milanese, d. 1616. _Baldinucci._ i. 334.

Bianchi, Ferrari, called Il Frari Francesco, a Modenese, painted in 1481,
d. 1510. _Tiraboschi._ iv. 37.

Bianchini, Vinc., a Venetian mosaic painter in 1517, until 1552. _Zanetti._
iii. 253.

---- Domenico, his brother, called Rosso. Notices of him from 1537 until
beyond 1563. _Zanetti._ iii. 253.

---- Gio. Antonio, son of Vincenzio, flourished in 1563. _Zanetti._ _ib._

Bianco, del, Baccio, a Florentine, b. 1604, d. 1656. _Baldinucci._ i. 331.

Biancucci, Paolo, a Lucchese, pupil to Guido. _MS._ d. about 1553, aged 70.
_Oretti, Memorie._ i. 321.

Bibiena, or Galli da Bibiena, Gio. Maria, b. 1625, d. 1665. _Crespi._ v.

---- Franc., his son, a Bolognese, b. 1656, d. 1729. _Crespi._ v. 273.

---- Ferdinand, another son, b. 1657, d. 1743. _Crespi._ _ib._

---- Alessandro, son of Ferdinand, d. at Vienna about 1760. _Crespi._ v.

---- Antonio, another son, b. 1700, d. 1774. _Guida di Bologna._ Or d.
1769. _Freddy._ _ib._

---- Giuseppe, another son, b. 1696, d. 1756. _Crespi._ _ib._

---- Carlo, son of Giuseppe, lived in 1769. _Crespi._ v. 274.

Bicchierai, Antonio, painted at Rome in 1730. _Guida di Roma._ ii. 306.

Bicci, di, Lorenzo, a Florentine, d. about 1450. _Vasari._ i. 65.

---- Neri, his son. _Vasari._ i. 65.

Bigari, Vittorio, a Bolognese, b. 1692, d. 1776. _Guida di Bologna._ v.

Bigatti, Galeazzi, Minelli, Scholars of Cignani. _Crespi._ v. 254.

Bigi, Felice, of Parma; according to Orlandi, a Roman, taught at Verona
about 1680. _Orlandi._ iii. 388.

Bigio, Marco, a Sienese, flourished about 1530. _Della Valle._ i. 435.

---- _see_ Brazzè.

Bigolaro, _see_ Bernardi.

Bilia, della, Gio. Batista, of Città di Castello, lived towards the middle
of the sixteenth century. _Vasari._ ii. 165.

Bilivert, Gio., a Florentine, b. 1576, d. 1644. _Baldinucci._ i. 286.

Bimbi, Bartolom., a Florentine, b. 1648, d. about 1725. _Roy. Gall._ i.

Bissolo, Franc., a Venetian, flourished about 1520. _Zanetti._ iii. 62.

Bissoni, Gio. Bat., a Paduan, d. 1636, aged 60. _Ridolfi._ iii. 299.

Bitino, painted at Rimini in 1407. _MS._ v. 40.

Bittonte, or Il Ballerino, Gio., of Vicenza, d. 1678, aged 45. _Melchiori._
iii. 314.

Bizzelli, Gio., a Florentine, pupil to Alessandro Allori. _Borghini._ b.
1556. _Orlandi._ i. 257.

Blaceo, Bernardino, of Friuli, painted in 1540. _Renaldis._ His work at S.
Lucia di Udine bearing date 1553. _MS._ iii. 134.

Blanseri, Vittorio, of Turin, d. 1775, aged about 40. _MS._ v. 486.

Bles, de, _see_ Civetta.

Boccaccino, Boccaccio, of Cremona, painted about 1496, d. aged 58.
_Vasari._ About 1518. _Zaist._ At S. Vincenzo is one of his paintings,
bearing date 1516. _Oretti, Memorie._ iv. 155.

---- Camillo, his son, painted in 1527, d. 1546. _Zaist._ iv. 163.

---- Franc., d. old, about 1750. _Zaist._ iv. 197.

Bocchi, Faustino, a Brescian, b. 1659, living in 1718. _Orlandi._ d. about
1742. _MS._ _Carbone presso l'Oretti._ iii. 341.

Bocciardo, Clemente, a Genoese, called Clementone, d. at Pisa, about 1658,
aged 38. _Soprani._ v. 413.

---- Domenico, di Finale, in the Genovese, d. 1746, aged about 60. _Ratti._
v. 439.

Bocatis, Gio. di Camerino, painted in 1447. _Mariotti._ ii. 19.

Boetto, Giovenal, di Fossano. Notices of him from 1642 to 1682. _Della
Valle._ v. 472.

Bologhino, or rather Bolgarino, Bartolommeo, a Siennese, scholar of Pietro
Laurati. _Vasari._ i. 398.

Bologna, da, or Bolognese, M. Domenico, painted in Cremona about 1537.
_Guida di Cremona._ v. 53.

---- Ercole, flourished about 1450. _Malvasia._ v. 23.

---- Franco, painted in 1313. _MS._ v. 12.

Bologna, da, Galante, pupil to Lippo Dalmasio. _Vasari._ v. 22.

---- Guido, painted in 1280. _Malvasia._ v. 6.

---- Giovanni, an ancient painter, _Zanetti._ v. 19.

---- Jacopo di Paolo, or Avanzi, painted in 1384. _Malvasia._ In the
_Oretti Memorie_ is cited the register of S. Procolo, where he painted in
1418. v. 18. _See_ Avanzi.

---- Lattanzio, _see_ Mainardi.

---- Lorenzino, _see_ Sabbatini.

---- Lorenzo, perhaps a Venetian, painted in 1368. _Ercolani Catalogue._ v.

---- Maso, painted in 1404. _Orlandi._ v. 20.

---- Orazio, and Pietro di Jacopo. The first flourished in 1445. _Guida di
Bologna._ v. 19.

---- Pellegrino, _see_ Tibaldi.

---- Severo, painted about 1460. _Malvasia._ v. 22.

---- Simone, called da' Crocifissi, painted in 1377. _Malvasia._ v. 17.

---- Ventura. His paintings from 1197 until 1217. _Malvasia._ v. 6.

---- Vitale, called dalle Madonne, painted in 1345. _Malvasia._ v. 13.

---- Ursone. His notices from 1226 until 1248. _Malvasia._ v. 6.

Bolognini, Gio. Batista, a Bolognese, b. 1612, d. 1689. _Crespi._ v. 155.

---- Giacomo, his nephew, b. 1651, d. 1734. _Crespi._ _ib._

Bombelli, Sebastiano da Udine, b. 1635. _Algarotti Catalogue._ d. 1685.
_Renaldis._ Or rather was living in 1716. _Lett. Pitt._ vol. v. iii. 293,

---- Raffaelle, his brother. _Renaldis._ _ib._

Bombologno, a Bolognese, lived about the middle of the fifteenth century.
_Malvasia._ v. 23.

Bona, Tommaso, a Brescian, was still painting in 1591. _Zamboni._ iii. 250.

Bonaccorsi, _see_ Del Vaga.

Bonacossa, Ettore, da Ferrara, lived in 1448. _Baruffaldi._ v. 289.

Bonagrazia, Gio., of Treviso, b. 1654, pupil of Zanchi. _Federici._ iii.

Bonarruoti, or rather Buonarroti, (_Vasari_); or Buonaroti, _Varchi_;
Michelang., a Florentine, b. 1474, d. 1563. _Vasari._ i. 162, ii. 67, and

Bonasia, Bartolommeo, a Modenese, d. old, 1527. _Tiraboschi._ iv. 36.

Bonasone, Giulio, a Bolognese, an engraver from the year 1544. _Malvasia._
Was employed in 1572, as appears from a picture in Casa Branchetta.
_Oretti, Memorie._ v. 65.

Bonati, _Pascoli_, more correctly Bonatti, Gio., a Ferrarese, b. 1635, d.
1681. _Baruffaldi._ ii. 217, v. 341.

Bonconsigli, or Boni Consilii, Gio., called Il Marescalco da Vicenza,
painted in 1497. _Ridolfi._ In the cathedral of Montagnana are two of his
altar-pieces, dated 1511 and 1514. _MS._ iii. 74.

Bonconti, Gio. Paolo, a Bolognese, a pupil of the Caracci, d. young.
_Malvasia._ d. 1605, aged 42. _Oretti, Memorie._ v. 125.

Boncuore, Gio. Batista, b. in Abruzzo a Campli, in 1643, d. 1699.
_Pascoli._ ii. 217.

Bondi, Andrea and Filippo, of Forli, pupils of Cignani. _Guarienti._ v.

Bonechi, Matteo, a Florentine, painted in 1726. _Serie de' Pittori
Illustri._ i. 348.

Bonelli, Aurelio, a Bolognese, pupil to the Caracci. _Malvasia._ Was living
in 1640. _Moreni._ v. 196.

Bonesi, Gio. Girolamo, a Bolognese, b. 1653, d. 1725. _Zanotti._ v. 239.

Bonfigli, Benedetto, di Perugia, b. about 1420. _Pascoli._ Was living still
in 1496. _Mariotti._ i. 408, ii. 27, 46.

Bongi, Domenico, di Pietrasanta, painted in 1582. _Morrona._ i. 320.

Boni, Giac., a Bolognese, b. 1688, d. 1766. _Crespi._ v. 438.

Bonifazio,--Orlandi writes it Bonifacio,--Francesco, of Viterbo, b. 1637,
was pupil to Pietro da Cortona. _Orlandi._ ii. 267.

---- Veneziano. _Vas. Rid. Zanet._ But are all in mistake, as this artist
was a Veronese. _See Morelli Notizia, &c._, p. 196. He died 1553.
_Zanetti._ Aged 62. _Ridolfi._ iii. 158.

Boniforti, Girolamo, of Macera, painted in the seventeenth century. _MS._
Or rather Francesco, who was living, aged 77, in 1671. _Carteg. Oretti._
ii. 222.

Bonini, Gio. d'Assisi, painted in 1321. _Della Valle._ ii. 15.

---- Girolamo, called at Bologna L'Anconitano, was living in 1660.
_Orlandi._ ii. 217, v. 140.

Bonino, Gaspare, a Cremonese, flourished about 1460. _Zaist._ iv. 151.

Bonisoli, Agostino, a Cremonese, d. 1700, aged 67. _Zaist._ iv. 198.

Bonito, Cav. Gius., of Castell'a Mare, b. 1705. _Flor. Dictionary._ d.
1789. _Roy. Gall._ ii. 440.

Bono, Ambrogio, schol. of Loth. _Zanetti._ iii. 292.

---- Gregorio, a Venetian, painted in 1414. _MS._ v. 450.

---- N., pupil of Squarcione. _Guida di Padova._ From the Notizia Morelli
we learn he was either a Bolognese or a Ferrarese. iii. 72.

Bonomo, di, Jacobello, a Venetian, lived in 1385. _Morelli._ iii. 16.

Bonone, Carlo, a Ferrarese, b. 1569, d. 1632. _Baruffaldi._ v. 330.

---- Lionello, his nephew, lived in 1649. _Baruffaldi._ v. 334.

Bononi, Bartolommeo, a Pavese, painted in 1507. _Pitture d'Italia._ iv.

Bonvicino, Alessandro, called Il Moretto da Brescia, b. 1514. _Orlandi._
Not correct, as he was painting in 1516. Was living in 1547. _Zamb._ iii.

Bonzi, _see_ Gobbo da Cortona.

Borbone, Jacopo, da Novellara, painted in 1614. _Tiraboschi._ iv. 54.

Bordone, Cav. Paris, of Treviso, d. 1570, aged 70. _Necrologio Veneto_,
cited by _Zanetti._ iii. 118, 151.

---- N., son of Paris, iii. 120.

Borgani, Franc., a Mantuan, lived till after the middle of the seventeenth
century. _MS._ iv. 28.

Borghese, Ippol., a Neapolitan, painted in 1620. _Orlandi._ ii. 379.

---- Giovanni, da Messina, pupil to Costa. _Vasari._ ii. 388, v. 293.

---- Girolamo, da Nizza della Paglia, painted about 1500. _MS._ v. 453.

---- Pietro, _see_ Della Francesca.

Borghesi, Gio. Ventura, of Città di Castello, d. 1708. _Orlandi._ ii. 266.

Borgianni, Orazio, a Roman, d. in the pontificate of Paul V., aged 38.
_Baglione._ ii. 234.

Borgo, da, Francesco, painted in 1446. _Guida di Rimini._ v. 41.

---- del, Gio. Paolo, painted about 1545. _Vasari._ i. 272.

Borgognone, Ambrogio, a Milanese, flourished about 1500. _See Lomazzo._ iv.

---- il, _see_ Cortesi.

Borro, Batista, Aretino, lived in 1567. _Vasari._ i. 227.

Borroni, Cav. Gio. Angelo, a Cremonese, b. 1684, d. 1772. _Zaist._ iv. 158,

Borsati, Carlo, Fantozzi Franc., Setti Camillo, all Ferrarese, and supposed
pupils to Cattanio. v. 341.

Borzone, Luciano, a Genovese, b. 1590. _Soprani._ v. 418.

---- Gio. Batista, his son, d. about 1656. _Soprani._ v. 419.

---- Carlo, another son, d. young, in 1657. _Soprani._ _ib._

---- Francesco, son of Luciano, b. 1626, d. 1679. _Ratti._ v. 421.

Bosch, (as he signs his name,) called by Orlandi Bosco or Boss da Bolduch,
extolled by Mazzolari for his Capricci in the Escurial. He painted at
Venice, _Zanetti_; and apparently towards the year 1600. iii. 340.

Boschi, Fabrizio, a Florentine, b. about 1570, d. 1642. _Baldinucci._ i.

---- Francesco, a Florentine, b. 1619, d. 1675. _Baldinucci._ i. 308.

---- Alfonso, his brother, d. young. _Baldinucci._ _ib._

---- Benedetto, another brother. _Baldinucci._ i. 308.

Boschini, Marco, a Venetian, d. 1678, aged 65. _Melchiori._ iii. 259, v.
203. _See_ Index Second.

Boscoli, Andrea, a Florentine, d. about 1606. _Baldinucci._ i. 259.

Boselli, Antonio, a Bergamese. His notices from 1500 to 1536. _Tassi._ iii.
84, 130.

---- Felice, di Piacenza, b. 1650, d. aged 82. _Guida di Piacenza._ iv.

Bottalla, Gio. Maria, a Genoese, called Raffaellino, d. 1644, aged 31.
_Soprani._ ii. 269, v. 426.

Bottani, Giuseppe, a Cremonese, b. 1717, d. 1784. _MS._ iv. 30, 201, 202.

Botti, Rinaldo, a Florentine, lived in 1718. _Orlandi._ i. 328.

Botticelli, Sandro Filippi. _Taia._ Or rather Filipepi, a Florentine, b.
1437, d. 1515. _Vasari._ i. 91, 135.

Boulanger, Gio., of Troyes, pupil to Guido. _Tiraboschi._ d. 1660, aged 94.
_Lettera Scritta da Modena al P. Orlandi Cart. Oretti._ iv. 62.

Bova, Ant., a Messinese, d. 1711, aged 70. _Hakert._ ii. 412.

Bozza, Bartol., a Venetian, when young a mosaic worker, about 1542, d. old.
_Zanetti._ iii. 253.

Bozzato, _see_ Ponchino.

Braccioli, Gio. Francesco, a Ferrarese, b. 1697. _Baruffaldi._ d. 1762.
_Crespi._ v. 345.

Bramante, Lazzari, of Castel Durante, now Urbania, in the state of Urbino,
called also Bramante of Urbino, b. 1444, d. 1514. _Vasari._ Documents
shewing him to have been of Durante, are inserted in the 27th vol. of Sig.
Colucci. According to others Bramante's family was of Castel Durante; but
he was born in Monte Asdrualdo, a villa of Fermignano, four miles from
Urbino. Hence he is called _Asdruvaldinus_. The surname of Lazzari is
merely feigned. Said to have been born 1450. _See Colucci_, tom. xii. and
xxxi. ii. 64, 80, iv. 226.

Bramantino, di, Agostino, a Milanese, flourished about 1450. _Pagave._ Or
rather was a disciple of Suardi. _Lomazzo_, in the Index. iv. 215.

---- or Bartol. Suardi, a Milanese, living in 1529. _Pagave._ iv. 229.

Brambilla, Gio. Bat., living in Turin in 1770. _N. Guida di Turino._ v.

Brandani, Federigo, di Urbino, d. 1575. _Lazzari._ ii. 172.

Brandi, Dom., a Neapolitan, d. 1736, aged 53. _Dominici._ ii. 444.

---- Giacinto, b. at Poli, 1623, d. 1691. _Pascoli._ Others make him from
Gaeta. ii. 213, v. 477.

---- di, _see_ Ottini.

Brandimarte, Benedetto, a Lucchese, living in 1592. _Orlandi._ i. 278.

Brandine, and Flaminet, lived about 1610. _Marino._ v. 469.

Brandino, Ottaviano, called in the _Notizia_ Ottaviano da Brescia, and
companion of Alticchiero. iii. 30.

Bravo, Cecco, _see_ Montelatici.

---- Giacomo, of Trevisi, lived in 1638. _Federici._ iii. 272.

Brazzè, Gio. Batista, called Il Bigio, a Florentine, pupil to Empoli.
_Baldinucci._ i. 332.

Brea, Lodovico, da Nizza. His notices in Genoa from 1483 to 1513.
_Soprani._ v. 363.

Brentana, Simone, a Venetian, b. 1656, was living in 1718. _Orlandi._ iii.

Brescia, da, Gio. Maria and Gio. Antonio, ancient engravers. _Orlandi._ i.

---- F. Gio. Maria, a Carmelite monk, painted in Brescia about 1500.
_Orlandi._ v. 362.

---- F. Girolamo, a Carmelite monk, painted at Savona in 1519. _Guida di
Genoa._ v. _ib._

---- da, F. Raffaello. _See Guida di Bologna._ d. 1539, aged 60.
_Galletti._ _Inscript. Venetæ Romæ extantes._ In the inscription he is
called _Roberti_; whether his surname or a second name, iii. 89.

---- Leonardo, a Ferrarese, flourished in 1530. _Orlandi._ d. 1598.
_Baruffaldi._ v. 307.

Brescianino, delle Battaglie, _see_ Monti.

---- del, Andrea, a Sienese, flourished along with his brother about 1520.
_Della Valle._ i. 407.

Bresciano, Vincenzo, _see_ Foppa.

Brill, Matteo, of Antwerp, b. 1550, d. 1584. _Baldinucci._ Date to be
corrected on the authority of the inscription, which says he died aged 37.
_Galletti, Insc. Romanæ_, tom. ii. p. 406. ii. 170.

---- Paolo, his brother, b. 1554, d. 1626. _Baldinucci._ ii. _ib._

Brini, Francesco, a painter of the seventeenth century. _MS._ i. 315.

Briziano, _see_ Mantovano, Gio. Batista.

Brizio, Franc., a Bolognese, d. 1623, aged 49. _Malvasia._ v. 191.

---- Filippo, his son, d. 1675, aged 72. _Oretti dal Necrologio di S.
Giuliano di Bologna._ v. 192.

---- del, Menichino, _see_ Degli Ambrogi.

Brizzi, Serafino, a Bolognese, b. 1684, d. 1737. _Zanotti._ v. 275.

Bronzino, Angiolo, a Florentine, was living in 1567, aged 65. _Vasari._ d.
aged 69. _Borghini._ i. 253.

---- Alessandro, _see_ Allori.

Bruggia, da, or da Brugges, _see_ Van Eych, _see_ Ausse.

Brughel, Abramo, a Flamand, died at Naples about 1690. _Dominici._ ii. 423.

---- dall'Inferno. He signed himself _P. Breughel_, as I read it on a
little picture in Palazzo Lante at Rome, dated 1660. He is also called
Pietro Brughel the younger, to distinguish him from his father, who had the
same name. iii. 340.

---- Gio., brother of the preceding, b. at Brussels about 1589. _Descamps._
d. 1642. _Filibien._ iv. 285.

Brughi, thus called in the _Guida di Roma_, Gio. Batista, a Roman, pupil to
Gaulli, d. about 1730. _Ratti._ ii. 300.

Brugieri, Gio. Domenico, a Lucchese, b. 1678, d. 1744. _Flor. Dictionary._
i. 359.

Brugno, Innocento, a Udinese, lived in 1610. _Renaldis._ iii. 296.

Brun, le, Charles, a Parisian, b. 1619, d. 1690. _Royal Gallery of
Florence._ ii. 307.

Brunelleschi, Filippo, a Florentine, d. 1446, aged 69. _Vasari._ i. 71.

---- Giulio, a Udinese, b. 1551, painted in 1609. _MS._ iii. 295.

Brunetti, Sebastiano, pupil to Guido. _Malvasia._ d. 1649. _Oretti,
Memorie._ v. 155.

Bruni, Domenico, a Brescian, d. 1666, aged 75. _Orlandi._ iii. 345.

---- Lucio. His work of 1584. _Guida di Vicenza._ iii. 308.

---- Girolamo, a pupil of Borgognone. _Colonna Catalogue._ ii. 254.

Bruno, Nello, Calandrino, friends of Buffalmacco, i. 54.

---- Antonio, pupil to Coreggio. _MS._ iv. 116.

---- Francesco, da Porto Maurizio, in the Genovese, d. 1726, aged 78.
_Ratti._ v. 426.

---- Giulio, a Piedmontese, pupil to Paggi. _Soprani._ (called _Bruni_ by
_Orlandi_.) v. 471.

---- Gio. Batista, his brother, and pupil. _ib._

---- il, Silvestro Morvillo, a Neapolitan. His works from 1571 to 1597.
_Dominici._ ii. 385.

Brunori, or Brunoini, Federigo, of Gubbio, pupil to Damiani. _Ranghiasci._
ii. 163.

Brusaferro, Girolamo, a Venetian, lived in 1753. _Guida di Rovigo._ iii.

Brusasorci, _see_ Riccio.

Budrio, da, _see_ Lippi.

Buffalmacco, Buonamico, of Cristofano, a Florentine, was living in 1351.
_Baldinucci._ i. 53.

Bugiardini, Giuliano, a Florentine, d. 1556, aged 75. _Vasari._ i. 160, v.

Buonamici, _see_ Tassi.

Buonfanti, Antonio, a Ferrarese, called Il Torricella, a supposed pupil of
Guido. _Cittadella._ v. 341.

Buoni, de', Buono, a Neapolitan, d. about 1465. _Dominici._ ii. 364.

---- Silvestro, a Neapolitan, d. about 1484. _Dominici._ _ib._

Buontalenti, Bernardo, a Florentine, called delle Girandole, b. 1536, d.
1608. _Bottari._ i. 251.

Buratti, Girolamo, pupil to Pomaranci. _Guida di Ascoli._ ii. 228.

Burrini, Gio. Ant., a Bolognese, b. 1656, d. 1727. _Zanotti._ v. 224.

Busca, Antonio, a Milanese, d. 1686, aged 61. _Orlandi._ iv. 308.

Buso, or Busso, Aurelio, of Crema, pupil to Polidoro da Caravaggio.
_Soprani._ d. about 1520. _MS._ iii. 184, iv. 279, v. 381.

Bustini, _see_ Crespi and Bianchi.

Buti, Lodovico, a Florentine, flourished about 1590. _Baldinucci._ i. 258.

Butinone, Bernardo, or Bernardino, da Trevilio, painted in 1484, d. about
1520. _MS._ iv. 225.

Butteri, Gio. Maria, a Florentine, painted in 1567. _Vasari._ d. 1606.
_Baldinucci._ i. 262.


Cabassi, Margherita, di Carpi, d. 1734, aged 71. _Tiraboschi._ iv. 68.

Caccia, Guglielmo, called Il Moncalvo, b. in the Novarese, 1568. _Orlandi._
d. about 1625. _Della Valle._ v. 460.

---- Orsola Maddalena, his daughter, d. 1678. _Orlandi._ v. 464.

---- Francesca, another daughter, d. aged 57. _Orlandi._ _ib._

---- Pompeo, a Roman, lived in 1615. _MS._ i. 315.

Caccianiga, Franc., b. 1700 at Milan, d. 1781, _Memorie delle B. A._, tom.
ii., ii. 293.

---- Paolo, Formenti, Pozzi (Gio. Batista) Milanese artists of recent
times, iv. 320.

Caccianimici, Franc., a Bolognese, a disciple of Primaticcio, d. 1542.
_Guida di Bologna._ v. 59.

---- Vincenzio, a Bolognese, lived about 1530. _See Guida di Bologna._ v.

Caccioli, Gio. Batista da Budrio, in the Bolognese, b. 1623, d. 1675.
_Crespi._ v. 213.

Cades, Gius., a Roman of French family, d. aged 49. _MS._ ii. 325.

Cadioli, Gio., a founder in the eighteenth century of the Mantuan academy.
_MS._ iv. 29.

Caffi, la, a paintress of flowers. _Guida di Brescia._ iii. 388.

Cagnacci, Guida da S. Arcangelo, b. 1601, d. 1681. _Guida di Rovigo._ v.

Cairo, Cav. Franc. di Varese, in the Milanese, d. 1674, aged 76. _Orlandi._
iv. 317, v. 478.

---- Ferdinando di Casalmonf., d. 1748, aged 77. _Carboni. MS. presso
l'Oretti._ v. 482.

Calabrese, _see_ Preti, _see_ Cardisco, _see_ Nicoluccio.

Calandra, Gio. Batista, da Vercelli, b. 1586, d. 1644. _Pascoli._ Or d.
1648, aged 72 or 73. _Passeri._ ii. 340.

Calandrucci, Giacinto, b. 1646, at Palermo, d. 1707. _Pascoli._ ii. 283.

---- Domenico, his brother, and Gio. Batista, his nephew. _Pascoli._ _ib._

Calcar, or Calker, Gio. of Flanders, died young in 1546. _Sandrart._ iii.

Calcia, Gius., called Il Genovesino, lived in the last century. _MS._ v.

Caldana, Ant. d'Ancona. _Guida di Roma._ ii. 311.

Caldara, Polidoro, or Polidoro da Caravaggio, d. in 1543. _Vasari._ ii.
114, 373.

Calderari, Gio. Maria di Pordenone, who in an altar-piece signed himself
_I. M. P. Io. Maria Portunensis_, omitting the surname; an excellent pupil
of Pordenone, but little known. He died about 1564. _Renaldis._ iii. 127.

Caletti, Giuseppe, called Il Cremonese, b. about 1600, at Ferrara.
_Cittadella._ d. about 1660. _Baruffaldi._ v. 338.

Caliari, Paolo, a Veronese, d. 1588, aged 58. _Ridolfi._ Or rather aged 60.
_Register cited by Zanetti._ iii. 212, 224, iv. 21.

---- Carlo, his son, d. 1596, aged 26. _Ridolfi._ Or 24, says _Zanetti._
iii. 233.

---- Gabriele, another son, d. 1631, aged 63. _Ridolfi._ iii. 235.

---- Benedetto, brother of Paul, d. 1598, aged 60. _Ridolfi._ iii. 235.

Caligarino, Il, or Gabriele Cappellini, a Ferrarese, flourished in 1520.
_Baruffaldi._ v. 307.

Calimberg, or Calimperg, a German, d. about 1570. _Guarienti._ iii. 245.

Calomato, Bartol., of the Venetian school, an artist of the seventeenth
century. _MS._ iii. 339.

Calori, Raffaello, a Modenese. His records from 1452 till 1474.
_Tiraboschi._ iv. 36.

Calvart, Dionisio, of Antwerp, or Dionisio of Flanders, d. at Bologna in
1619. _Malvasia._ b. about 1565, d. 1619. _Oretti_, who cites the
inscription on his tomb at the _Servi_. v. 70.

Calvetti, Alberto, a Venetian, pupil to Celesti. _Zanetti._ iii. 350.

Calvi, Lazzaro, a Genoese, b. 1502, d. aged 105. _Soprani._ v. 374.

---- Pantaleo, his brother, d. 1595. _Soprani._ _ib._

---- Agostino, their father, lived in 1528. _Soprani._ _ib._

---- Giulio, called Il Coronaro, a Cremonese, d. 1596. _Zaist._ iv. 192.

Calza, Ant., a Veronese, b. 1653, d. 1714. _Guarienti._ Or rather b. 1636,
d. Jan. 27, 1738. _Oretti, Mem._ iii. 340.

Camassei, Andrea, da Bevagna, d. 1648, aged 47. _Passeri._ ii. 207.

Cambiaso, Gio., a Genoese, b. 1495, d. old. _Soprani._ v. 378.

---- Luca, or Luchetto, his son, d. 1580. _Palomino._ Or 1585, aged 58.
_Ratti._ b. 1527, d. about 1585. _Mariet. Descript._ _ib._

---- Orazio, son of Luca. _Soprani._ v. 384.

Camerata, Gius., a Venetian, d. 1762, aged 94. _Longhi._ iii. 356.

Camerino, da, F. Giacomo, painted in 1321. _Della Valle._ i. 382, ii. 15.

Camillo, according to some, of the noble house of Incontri di Volterra,
pupil to Guido, lived in 1634. _Guida di Volterra._ v. 155.

Campagnola, Girolamo, a Paduan, in mistake referred to the Marca Trevigiana
by _Guarienti_; flourished in the fifteenth century. _Vasari._ iii. 167.

---- Giulio, his son, flourished about 1500. _Guida di Padova._ i. 122,
iii. 167.

---- Domenico, supposed son of Giulio, but only his pupil and a Venetian,
not a Paduan. _Morelli_, _Notizia_, p. II. p. 110. Lived in 1543. _MS._ i.
110, iii. 167.

Campana, Andrea, a Modenese, lived in the fifteenth century. _Tiraboschi._
iv. 36.

---- Tommaso, a Bolognese, pupil to the Caracci. _Malvasia._ v. 196.

Campanna, Pietro, of Flanders, d. decrepid in 1570. _Palomino._ ii. 122.

Campi, Galeazzo, a Cremonese, d. 1536, aged 61. _Zaist._ iv. 158.

---- Giulio, his son, b. about 1500, d. 1572. _Zaist._ iv. 169.

---- Antonio, Cav., another son, living in 1586. _Zaist._ Made his will in
1591. _Oretti, Memor._ iv. 173.

---- Vincenzio, another son, d. 1591. _Zaist._ See what is said relating to
the epochs of the three brothers, iv. 175.

---- Bernardino, b. 1522, was living in 1584. _Zaist._ Some autograph
letters of Bernardino, copied from Oretti, bear date 1588, 89, and 90. iv.
177, 287.

Campidoglio, da, Michelangiolo, a Roman, flourished about 1600. _Pascoli._
ii. 259.

Campiglia, Gio. Domenico, a Lucchese, b. 1692. _R. Gall. di Firenze._ i.

Campino, Gio. da Camerino, a painter of the seventeenth century. _Orlandi._
ii. 205.

Campo, da, Liberale, painted in 1418. _Federici._ iii. 38.

Campolo, Placido, a Messinese, d. in the plague of 1743, aged 50. _Hakert._
ii. 441.

Campora, Francesco, della Polcevera, in the Genovese, d. 1763. _Ratti._ v.

Canal, Antonio, a Venetian, called Il Canaletto, d. 1768, aged 71.
_Zanetti._ iii. 386.

---- Fabio, a Venetian, b. 1703. _Longhi._ d. 1767. _Zanetti._ iii. 363.

Cane, Carlo, of Trino, painted in 1600, as we learn from Gio. Andrea Irico,
in his account of Trino, who cites two altar-pieces dated the said year
with the name of _Trinensis_. Orlandi mistakes in saying he was born in the
Milanese, 1618, d. aged 70. iv. 316, 329.

Caneti, F. Francescantonio, da Cremona, a Cappuchin, b. 1652, d. 1721.
_Zaist._ iv. 197.

Canneri, Anselmo, a Veronese, flourished in 1575. _Guarienti._ iii. 239.

Canini, Gio. Angelo, a Roman, d. 1666, aged 49. _Pascoli_ and _Passeri_.
ii. 209.

Canozio, _see_ da Lendinara.

Cantarini, Simone, or Simone da Pesaro, b. 1612, d. 1648. _Orlandi._ v.

Canti, Gio., of Parma, d. 1716. _Volta._ iv. 29.

Cantona, Caterina, a Milanese, lived in 1591. _Lomazzo._ She is called by
_Morigia_ Barbara, and died young in 1595. iv. 282.

Canuti, Domenico Maria, a Bolognese, d. 1684, aged 64, _see_ Crespi.
_Felsina Pittrice_, p. 117, where he corrects _Orlandi_; and also _La
Certosa di Bologna_, p. 14, where he again alludes to him. v. 153.

Canziani, Gio. Batista, a Veronese, lived about 1712. _Orlandi._ iii. 383.

Capanna, Puccio, a Florentine, painted in 1334. _Vasari._ Died early in
life. _Vasari._ _Manni_ and others read _Campana_. ii. 15.

---- il, a Sienese, flourished about 1500. _Bottari._ i. 407.

Capitani, de, Giuliano, or Giulio di Lodi, pupil of Bernardino Campi.
_Lamo._ iv. 288.

Capitelli, Bernardino, a Sienese, lived in 1626. _Lett. Pittoriche_, vol.
i. i. 449.

Capodiferro, Gianfrancesco, a Bergamese, d. about 1533. _Tassi._ iii. 90.

---- Pietro, brother of Gianfranc. Zinino, his son, _ib._

Caporali, Bartol. da Perugia. His works from 1442 to 1487. _Mariotti._ ii.

---- Giambatista, or Bitti, his son, a painter and architect, b. about
1476; made his will in 1553. _Mariotti._ d. about 1560. _Pascoli._ ii. 38.

---- Giulio, son of Giambatista, lived in 1582. _Mariotti._ _ib._

Cappella, Scipione, a Neapolitan, lived in 1743. _Dominici._ ii. 440.

Cappelli, Franc. di Sassuolo, once a fief of the house of Pio, lived in
1568. _Tiraboschi._ iv. 114.

Cappelli, Gio. Ant., a Brescian, b. 1669, d. 1741. _Flor. Dict._ iii. 328.

Cappellini, _see_ Zupelli, _see_ Il Caligarino.

Cappellino, Gio. Domenico, a Genoese, b. 1580, 1651. _Soprani._ v. 401.

Caprioli, Francesco, di Reggio, painted in 1482, d. 1505. _Tiraboschi._ iv.

Capugnano, da, in the Bolognese, Gio. or Zuannino, lived in the times of
the Caracci. _Malvasia._ v. 215.

Capuro, Francesco, of the district of Genoa, pupil to Fiasella. _Soprani._
v. 398.

Caracca, Isidoro, painted in 1595. _MS._ v. 457.

Caracci, (more properly Carracci) Lodovico, a Bolognese, b. 1555, d. 1619.
_Malvasia._ i. 291, ii. 179, iv. 292, v. 106.

---- Paolo, his brother. _Malvasia._ v. 112.

---- Agostino, his cousin, b. 1558, d. 1601. _See_ Inscrip. in the
cathedral at Parma. i. 125, ii. 179, iv. 137, v. 111.

---- Annibal, brother of Agostino, d. 1609, aged 49. _Bellori._ ii. 179,
iv. 137, v. 112.

---- Francesco, their brother, d. 1622, aged 27. _Malvasia._ v. 123.

---- Antonio, son of Agostino, d. 1618, aged 35. _Malvasia._ _ib._

Caraccino, _see_ Mulinari.

Caracciolo, Gio. Batista, called Batistiello, a Neapolitan, d. 1641.
_Dominici._ ii. 395.

Caradosso, a Milanese, worker in niello. _Vasari._ Or perhaps Caradosso
Foppa da Pavia, otherwise called a Milanese. _Morell. Notiz._ Flourished
about 1500. i. 112.

Caravaggio, da, _see_ Amerighi, _see_ Secchi, _see_ Caldara.

Caravoglia, Bartolommeo, a Piedmontese, lived in 1673. _N. Guida di
Torino._ v. 749.

Carboncino, Gio., a Venetian knight. His records up to 1680; when he went
to Rome. _MS. Melchiori._ He afterwards returned and painted much in his
native place. _Guarienti._ iii. 266.

Carbone, Gio. di S. Severino, Acad. of S. Luca in 1666. _Pascoli._ ii. 208.

Carbone, Gio. Bernardo, a Genoese, d. 1683, aged 69. _Ratti._ v. 412. _See
also_ Scacciani.

Cardi, _see_ Da Cigoli.

Cardisco, called Marco Calabrese, flourished from 1508 to 1542. _Vasari._
ii. 375.

Carducci, or, as he signs himself, in _Conca_, Carducho, Bartolommeo, a
Florentine, b. about 1560, d. 1610. _Baldinucci._ i. 267.

---- Vincenzio, his brother, d. 1638, aged 60. _Conca._ i. 268.

Cariani, Gio., a Bergamese. His notices to 1519. _Tassi._ iii. 116.

Carigliano, da, Biagio, pupil to Ricciarelli. _Vasari_; who mistook his
country. Read Cutigliano. i. 276.

Carlevaris, Luca, of Udine, b. 1665, living in 1718. _Orlandi._ d. 1731.
_MS._ He was called di Ca Zenobrio, and commonly Casanobrio, from the noble
family who patronised him, iii. 384.

Carlieri, Alberto, b. at Rome in 1672, living in 1718. _Orlandi._ ii. 338.

Carlini, P. Alberigo da Pescia, Minore Osservante. d. 1775, aged 70. i.

Carlone, or Carloni, _Orlandi_, Gio., a Genoese, d. 1630, at Milan, aged
39. _Ratti._ iv. 297, v. 406.

---- Gio. Batista, his brother, d. 1680, aged about 86. _Ratti._ iv. 297,
v. 407.

---- Andrea, or Gio. Andrea, son of the preceding, b. 1626. _Pascoli._ Or
rather 1639, d. 1697. _Ratti._ v. 429.

---- Niccolo, brother of Andrea, and pupil of the same, v. 430.

Carnevale, Fra., or F. Bartol. Corradini, a Dominican, from Urbino, lived
in 1474; appears to have been deceased in 1478. _Lazzari._ ii. 22, 53.

---- Domenico, da Modena, painted in 1654. _Tiraboschi._ iv. 51.

Carnio, Antonio del Friuli, was living in 1680. _Guarienti._ iii. 296, 297.

---- Giacomo, survived the year 1680. _Renaldis._ iii. 297.

Carnuli, da, in the Genoese, F. Simone Francescano, painted in 1519.
_Soprani._ v. 367.

Caroselli, Angiolo, a Roman, b. 1585, d. 1653. _Passeri._ ii. 204.

Carotto, Gio. Franc., a Veronese, b. 1470, d. aged 76. _Pozzo._ iii. 82,
iv. 11, v. 459.

---- Gio., his brother, d. aged about 60. _Pozzo._ iii. 82, iv. 12.

Carpaccio, Vittore, a Venetian. His works up to 1520. _Zanetti._ On his
portrait executed by himself, in possession of the Giustiniani alle
Zattere, he inscribed the year 1522. _MS._ iii. 54.

---- Benedetto, also a Venetian, although claimed by the people of Istria,
like the preceding. His notices up to 1541. _MS._ _ib._

Carpi and Testa, Ferrarese artists of the fifteenth century. _Cittadella._
v. 300.

---- or de' Carpi, Girolamo da Ferrara, b. 1501, d. aged 55. _Vasari._ Or
aged 68. _Baruffaldi._ v. 313.

---- da, Alessandro, pupil of Costa. _Malvasia._ Lived about the middle of
the sixteenth century. _Oretti. Cart._ iv. 38.

---- Ugo, flourished in 1500. _Orlandi._ i. 110, iv. 55.

Carpioni, Giulio, a Venetian, b. 1611, d. 1674. _Orlandi._ iii. 303, 312,

---- Carlo, his son. _MS._ iii. 313.

Carradori, Jac. Filippo da Faenza. His altar-piece at S. Cecilia di Faenza,
with name and date of 1582. _Oretti, Mem._ v. 48.

Carrari, Baldassare, and Matteo his son, of Ravenna, living about 1511.
_Guida di Ravenna._ v. 39.

Carrega, b. a Sicilian, flourished during the last century. _MS._ ii. 420.

Carriera, Rosalba, a Venetian, b. 1675, d. 1757. _Zanetti._ According to
_Freddy_, b. at Vienna in 1672. iii. 382.

Carrucci, _see_ Da Pontormo.

Cartissani, Niccolo, a Messinese, b. 1670, d. 1742. _Florent. Dict._ ii.

Casa, Gio. Martino, di Vercelli, lived about 1654. _MS._ iv. 278.

---- della, _see_ Bernabei.

Casalini, _see_ Torelli.

Casanobrio, ought to be written Ca Zenobrio, _see_ Carlevaris.

Casella, Gio. Andrea da Lugano, painted at Turin in 1658. _Nuova Guida di
Torino._ v. 477.

---- Giacomo. _ib._

---- Francesco, a Cremonese, lived in 1517. _Zaist._ iv. 159.

---- Polidoro, a Cremonese, flourished in 1345. _Zaist._ iv. 151.

Caselli, Cristoforo, called Cristoforo da Parma, and also Il Temperello,
painted in 1499. _Affò._ iv. 76.

Casembrot, Abramo, of Holland, a painter of the seventeenth century, in
Messina. _Hakert._ ii. 424.

Casentino, di, Jacopo, died old in 1380. _Vasari._ i. 60, 64.

Casini, Gio. da Varlungo in the Flor. territory, b. 1689, d. 1748. _R.
Gall. of Flor._ i. 348.

---- Valore and Domenico, Florentine pupils of Passignano. _Baldinucci._ i.

---- Vittore, a Florentine, assistant to Vasari, i. 268.

Casolani, Alessandro, a Sienese, b. 1552, d. 1606. _Baldinucci._ i. 438,
ii. 428.

---- Cristoforo, or Ilario, his son, called by mistake Consolano, deceased
in the pontif. of Urban VIII. _Baglione._ i. 440, ii. 228.

Casoli, Ippolito, a Ferrarese, lived in 1577, d. 1622. _Baruffaldi._ v.

Casone, Gio. Batista, b. in Sarzana, lived in 1668. _Soprani._ v. 397.

Cassana, Gio. Francesco, b. in the Genoese, d. at Mirandola, about 1700,
aged 80. _Ratti._ Or b. 1611, d. 1691. _Roy. Gall. of Florence_, and
_Oretti Cart._ v. 414.

---- Niccolo, son of Gio. Francesco, b. at Venice in 1659, d. at London, in
1713. _Ratti._ Or rather 1714. _Gio. Agostino Cassana_, his brother, in a
letter of the Car. Oretti. _ib._

---- Gio. Agostino, another son, called Ab. Cassana, d. at Genoa, in 1720,
aged 62. _Ratti._ v. 414.

---- Gio. Batista, a third son, d. at Mirandola, shortly after 1700.
_Ratti._ _ib._

---- Maria Vittoria, daughter of Gio. Franc., d. at Venice, in 1711.
_Ratti._ v. 415.

Cassiani, P. Stefano, called Il Certosino, a Lucchese, painted in the
Certosa of Siena, in 1660. _Della Valle._ _Lett. Seu._, tom. iii. p. 323.
i. 359.

Cassino, di, Bartolommeo, a Milanese. His altar-piece of the Immacolata,
dated 1583. _MS._ iv. 226.

Castagno, del, (in the Florentine state,) Andrea, d. about 1477, aged 74.
_Baldinucci._ i. 81.

Castagnoli, Cesare and Bartolommeo, of Castel Franco, the former painted in
1570. _Federici._ iii. 237.

Castelfranco, da, Orazio, flourished in the time of Titian. _Zanetti._ Or
in 1600. _Melch._; who calls him also, _Orazio dal Paradiso_. HORATIO PER.
P. A. D. M. D. LXVIII. is read on a large Titianesque palla of S. Antonio
Ab., in the church of the Dominicans, at Capo d'Istria. _MSS._ iii. 162.

Castellacci, Agostino, da Pesaro, pupil of Cignani, b. 1670. _Colucci_,
tom. viii. v. 258.

Castellani, Ant., a Bolognese, scholar of the Caracci. _Malvasia._ v. 197.

---- Lionardo, a Neapolitan, painted in 1568. _Vasari._ ii. 375.

Castellini, Giacomo, a Bolognese, living in 1678. _Malvasia._ v. 149.

Castellino, il, da Monza, or Gioseffo Antonio Castelli, living in 1718.
_Orlandi._ iv. 327.

Castello, da, Francesco, of Flanders, d. in the pontificate of Clement
VIII., aged 80. _Baglione._ ii. 160.

---- Giacomo, a painter of animals at Venice, about 1600. _MS._ iii. 343.

---- Bernardo, a Genoese, d. 1629, aged 72. _Soprani._ ii. 178, v. 386.

---- Valerio, his son, d. 1659, aged 34. _Soprani._ v. 400.

---- Castellino, their relation, d. at Turin, 1649, aged 70, v. 405.

---- Niccolò, his son, living in 1668. _Soprani._ _ib._

---- Gio. Batista, called Il Bergamasco, d. 1570. _Palom._ 1579, aged 70.
_Soprani._ Or 80 by _Orlandi_. i. 180, v. 381.

---- Fabrizio and Granello, his sons. _Ratti._ v. 383.

Castellucci, Salvi d'Arezzo, b. 1608, d. 1672. _MS._ i. 353, ii. 266.

---- Pietro, his son. _Orlandi._ i. 286.

Castiglione, Gio. Benedetto, a Genoese, called Il Grechetto, b. 1616, d. at
Mantua, 1670. _Soprani._ v. 421.

---- Francesco, his son, d. at Genoa, at an advanced age, in 1716. _Ratti._
v. 423.

---- Salvatore, a brother of Gio. Benedetto. _Ratti._ _ib._

Castiglioni, da, Bartolommeo, a pupil of Giulio Romano. _Vasari._ iv. 18.

Catalani, Antonio, called at Bologna Il Romano, pupil of Albani. ii. 217,
v. 140.

---- two others, named Antoni Catalani, of Messina, the first termed
_l'Antico_, b. 1560, d. 1630, the second, called the younger, b. 1585, d.
1666. _Hakert._ ii. 228.

Catelani, F. Bernardo, a cappuchin of Urbino. ii. 120.

Catena, Vincenzio, a Venetian, d. 1530. _Zanetti._ iii. 60.

Caterino and Angelo, artists of the thirteenth century, of the Venetian
School. _MS._ iii. 17.

Cati, Pasquale da Jesi. d. in the pontificate of Paul V., aged 70.
_Baglione._ ii. 158.

Cattanio, Costanzo, a Ferrarese, d. 1665, aged 63. _Baruffaldi._ v. 340.

Cattapane, Luca, a Cremonese, was young in 1585. _Zaist._ Painted in 1597.
_Oretti, Mem._ iv. 185.

Cattamara, Paoluccio, a Neapolitan, appears to have lived in 1718.
_Orlandi._ ii. 444.

Cavagna, Gio. Paolo, a Bergamese, painted in 1591, d. 1627. _Tassi._ iii.

---- Francesco, his son, called Il Cavagnuolo, d. about 1630. _Tassi._ iii.

Cavalli, Alberto, a Savonese, painted at Verona about 1540. _Guarienti._
iv. 18.

Cavallini, Pietro, a Roman, d. 1344, (_Manni, notes to Baldinucci_,) aged
85. _Vasari._ ii. 13.

Cavallino, Bernardo, a Neapolitan, b. 1622, d. 1656. _Dominici._ ii. 406.

Cavallucci, Antonio, da Sermoneta, d. at Rome, in 1795, aged about 43.
_Elogi del Vinci e de Rossi._ ii. 323.

Cavalori, Mirabello, _see_ Da Salincorno.

Cavarozzi, _see_ Crescenzi.

Cavazza, Pierfranco, a Bolognese, d. 1733. _Zanotti._ Or b. 1675, on 14th
October, 1733. _Oretti, Mem._ v. 239.

Cavazzola, Paolo, a Veronese, d. aged 31. _Vasari._ iii. 214.

Cavazzone, Francesco, a Bolognese, b. 1559, living in 1612. _Crespi._ v.

Cavazzoni, _see_ Zanotti.

Cavalcabo, Baroni Gasparantonio di Sacco, b. 1682, d. 1759. _Vannetti._
iii. 375, 6.

Cavedone, Jacopo, of Sassuolo, b. 1577, d. 1660. _Tiraboschi._ iv. 59, v.

Caversegno, Agostino, a Bergamese. His will in 1539, and his work, dated
1552. _Tassi._ iii. 85.

Caula, Sigismondo, da Modena, b. 1637, painted in 1682. _Tiraboschi._ iv.

Ceccarini, Sebastiano, of Urbino. _Lazzari._ d. at Fano, almost an
octogenarian, about 1780. _MS._ v. 259.

Ceccato, Lorenzo, a Venetian worker in mosaic, flourished towards the end
of the sixteenth century. _Zanetti._ iii. 253.

Cecchini, Ant. di Pesaro, b. about 1660. _Colucci_, tom. vi. iii. 271.

Cecco, Bravo, _see_ Montelatici.

---- di, Martino, a Sienese, painted about 1380. _D. Valle._ i. 393.

Cedaspe, _see_ Cespede.

Celesti, Cav. Andrea, a Venetian, b. 1637, d. 1706. _Orlandi._ iii. 349.

Celi, Placido, a Messinese, d. 1710. _Hakert._ ii. 411.

Celio, Cav. Gaspare, a Roman, d. old, in 1640. _Baglione._ ii. 226.

Cellini, Benvenuto, a Florentine, b. 1500, d. 1572. _Bottari._ i. 126.

Cennini, Cennino, da Colle, living in 1437. _Baldinucci._ i. 61, 89.

Centino, _see_ Nagli.

Ceraiuolo, del, Ant., a Florentine, pupil of Ridolfo Ghirlandaio. _Vasari._
i. 212.

Cerano. _In the gallery of the Marini Serano._ _See Crespi_.

Ceresa, Carlo, a Bergamese, d. 1679, aged 70. _Tassi._ iii. 335.

Cerquozzi, called Michelang. delle Battaglie, and Michelangiolo delle
Bambocciate, a Roman, b. 1602, (_Baldinucci_, 1600,) d. 1660. _Passeri._
ii. 253.

Cerrini, Giandomenico, called Il Cavalier Perugino, b. 1609, d. 1681.
_Pascoli._ ii. 212.

---- Lorenzo, a Florentine, pupil of Cristoforo Allori. _Baldinucci._ i.
293, 329.

Cerruti, Michelangiolo, a painter of this century. _Guida di Roma._ ii.

Certosino, il, _see_ Cassiani.

Cerù, Bortolo, a Venetian, and pupil of Verona, d. before 1660. _Boschini._
iii. 345.

Cerva, Pierantonio, or rather Gio. Maria, a Bolognese, flourished in 1640,
or 1650. _Guida di Bologna._ Painted in 1667. _Oretti, Mem._ v. 190.

---- della, Gio. Batista, a Milanese, flourished about 1550. _MS._ iv. 270.

Cervelli, Federigo, a Milanese, his work dated 1668. _Catalogo Vianelli._
Flourished in 1690. _Orlandi._ iii. 279.

Cervetti, Felice, of Turin, painted in 1764. _N. Guida di Torino._ v. 487.

Cervi, Bernardo, a Modenese, d. young in 1630. _Tiraboschi._ iv. 61.

Ceruti, Fabio, a Milanese, pupil of Agricola. _MS._ iv. 327.

Cesare, Padre, _see_ Pronti.

Cesari, Cav. Giuseppe d'Arpino, d. an octogenarian, 1640. _Baglione._ Or
rather aged 72. _Stat. della ch. Later._ ii. 153, 179, 390, 391, 397.

---- Bernardino, his brother, d. young, in the pontificate of Paul V.
_Baglione._ ii. 156.

Cesarei, Pietro, called sometimes Perino, or Perino da Perugia, living in
1595. _Pascoli._ ii. 161.

---- Serafino, of Perugia, his painting of 1554. _MS._ ii. _ib._

Cesariano, Cesare, a Milanese, b. 1483, d. 1543. _MS._ iv. 257.

Ceschini, Gio., a Veronese, pupil of Orbetto. _Pozzo._ iii. 320.

Cesi, Bartolommeo, a Bolognese, b. 1556, d. 1629. _Malvasia._ v. 73, 99.

---- Carlo, b. near Rieti, in 1626, d. 1686. _Pascoli._ ii. 266.

Cespede, or rather Cespedes, _Palomino_, in Rome called Cedaspe, Paolo, of
Cordova, painted at Rome in the pontificate of Gregory XIII. _Baglione._
_Palomino_ adds, that he painted also in Spain, and d. 1608. ii. 144.

Chenda, il, or Alfonso Rivarola, a Ferrarese, b. 1607, d. 1640.
_Baruffaldi._ v. 337.

Chere, di, Gio., a Lorenese, painted in Venice, as appears about 1600.
_Zanetti, Guida._ iii. 245.

Chiappe, Gio., Batista, di Novi, d. 1765, aged 42. _Ratti._ v. 440.

Chiari, Giuseppe, a Roman, b. 1654, d. 1727. _Pascoli._ More correctly, he
died 1733, aged 68. _Galletti, Inscr. Rom._ ii. 282.

---- Tommaso, pupil of Maratta, d. 1733, aged 68. _Oretti, dall'Epatiffio._

Chiarini, Marcantonio, a Bolognese, b. 1652, d. 1730. _Zanotti._ v. 269.

Chiaveghino, _see_ Mainardi.

Chiavistelli, Jacopo, a Florentine, pupil to Colonna, b. 1618, d. 1698.
_Roy. Gall. of Florence._ i. 206.

Chiesa, Silvestro, a Genovese, d. young in 1657. _Soprani._ v. 419.

Chigi, _see_ Ghisi.

Chimenti, _see_ Da Empoli.

Chiodarolo, Gio. Maria, a Bolognese, pupil of Francia, _Malvasia._ v. 35.

Ciafferi, Pietro, a Pisan, called Lo Smargiasso, or the bully, living in
1651. _Morrona._ i. 326.

Cialdieri, Girolamo, di Urbino, b. 1593. _Lazzari._ Flourished about 1650.
_Guida di Urbino._ ii. 197.

Ciampelli, Agostino, a Florentine, d. in the pontificate of Urban VIII.,
aged 62. _Baglione._ i. 258.

Cianfanini, Benedetto, pupil to Frate. _Vasari._ i. 194.
Ciarla, Raffaello, an Urbinese, a painter of earthenware in the time of
Taddeo Zuccaro. _Lazzari._ ii. 174.

Ciarpi, Baccio, a Florentine, b. 1578, d. 1642. _Passeri._ i. 259.

Ciceri, Bernardino, a Pavese, b. 1650, living in 1718. _Orlandi._ iv. 325.

Cigognini, Ant., a Cremonese of the fifteenth century. _Zaist._ iv. 159.

Cigoli, da, in the Florentine state, Cav. Lodovico Cardi, b. 1559, d. 1613.
_Baldinucci._ i. 283.

Cignani, Co. Cav. Carlo, a Bolognese, b. 1628, d. 1719. _Zanotti._ v. 218.

---- Co. Felice, b. in Forli, 1660, d. 1724. _Zanotti._ v. 240.

---- Co. Paolo, b. there 1709, living in 1739. _Zanotti._ d. 5th February,
1764. _Oretti, Mem._ _ib._

Cignaroli, Gio. Bettino, a Veronese, b. 1706, d. 1770. _Bevilacqua, Life of
Cignaroli._ iii. 378.

---- P. Felice, Minor Osservante, his brother, d. 1795, aged 70. iii. 381.

---- Gio. Domenico, another brother. _Guida di Bergamo._ _ib._

Cima, _see_ Da Conegliano.

Cimabue, or Gualtieri, Gio., a Florentine, b. 1240, d. 1300. _Vasari._ i.

Cimaroli, Gio. Batista, da Salò, on the Lake of Garda. Was living in 1718.
_Orlandi._ iii. 383.

Cimatori, _see_ Visacci.

Cincinnato, Romolo, a Florentine, d. old in 1600. _Palomino._ i. 252.

---- Cav. Diego Romolo, his son, b. at Madrid, d. at Rome, in 1625.
_Palomino._ _ib._

---- Cav. Francesco Romolo, another son, d. 1636, at Rome. _Palomino._

Cinganelli, Michele, a Florentine, painted at Pisa about 1600. _Morrona._
i. 296.

Cingiaroli, _Pozzo_; or Cignaroli, _Orlandi_. Martino and Pietro, of
Verona, lived at Milan in 1718. _Pozzo._ iv. 328.

Cingiaroli, Scipione, son of Martino, a Milanese, living in 1718.
_Orlandi._ _ib._

Cinqui, Gio., b. in the Florentine state, 1667, d. 1743. _Roy. Gall. of
Florence._ i. 342.

Ciocca, Cristof., a Milanese, pupil to Lomazzo. _Lomazzo._ iv. 275.

Cipriani, Gio. Batista, a native of Pistoia, d. in London, about 1790.
_MS._ i. 356.

Circignani, Niccolò, dalle Pomarance, d. about 1588, aged 72. _Baglione._
This is not correct, as he was painting in 1591. _Guide of Volterra._ He
signs himself _Nicolaus Circignanus Volterranus_. i. 275, ii. 145.

---- Antonio, his son, d. in the pontificate of Urban VIII., aged 60.
_Baglione._ i. 276, ii. 226.

Cirello, Giulio, a Paduan, flourished in 1697. _Guida di Padova._ iii. 308.

Città di Castello, da, Francesco, pupil to Pietro Perugino, ii. 40.

Cittadella, Bartolom., a Venetian, living about 1690. _Guarienti._ iii.

Cittadini, Pierfranc., called the Milanese, d. 1681 at Bologna, aged 65.
_Crespi._ Or died, aged 68, in 1681. _Oretti, Registry of the Annunziata._
iv. 320, v. 160, 256.

---- Gio. Batista, his son, d. 1693, aged 36. _Oretti, Mem._ _ib._

---- Carlo, another son, d. 1744, aged 75. _Oretti, Mem._ _ib._

---- Angiol Michele, another son. _Crespi._ _ib._

---- Gaetano and Girolamo, sons of Carlo. _Crespi._ v. 265.

Civalli, Franc., of Perugia, b. 1660, d. 1703. _Pascoli._ ii. 300.

Civerchio, or Verchio, called the elder, Vincenzio, da Crema, painted at
Milan about 1460. _Lomazzo._ But it seems he could scarcely then be so old,
as there exist documents at Crema shewing him to be living there in 1535.
_Zibaldone Cremasco_ for year 1795. In the _Notizia Morelli_ he is termed
_Civerto el Forner_. iii. 31, iv. 222.

Civetta, or perhaps Enrico de Bles, a Bohemian, living about 1590.
_Lomazzo._ d. at Ferrara. iii. 337, 340.

Claret, Gio., of Flanders, painted in Piedmont about 1600. _Della Valle._
v. 470.

Claudio, Maestro, a French painter of glass, d. in the pontificate of
Giulio II. _Vasari._ i. 227.

Clementone, _see_ Bocciardo.

Clovio, D. Giulio, of Croazia, d. 1578, aged 80. _Bottari._ i. 183, iv. 24.

Coccorante, Lionardo, a Neapolitan, painted in 1743. _Dominici._ ii. 444.

Cockier, or Cozier, Michele, di Malines, b. 1497, d. 1592. _Baldinucci._
ii. 121.

Coda, Benedetto, da Ferrara, d. about 1520. _Baruffaldi._ v. 41.

---- Bartolommeo, his son; he signs himself _Bartholomæus Ariminensis_, and
painted in 1543. _Oretti, Mem._ _ib._

Codagora, and Cadagora by _Dominici_, Viviano, called by mistake Il
Viviani. Flourished about 1650. ii. 260, 421.

Codibue, Gio. Bat., a Modenese, painted in 1598. _Tiraboschi._ iv. 51.

Cola, di, Gennaro, a Neapolitan, b. about 1320, d. about 1370. _Dominici._
ii. 350.

Colantonio, di, Marzio, a Roman, d. at Turin in the pontif. of Paul V.
_Baglione._ ii. 171, v. 468.

Coli, Gio., a Lucchese, d. 1682, aged 47. _Orlandi._ i. 358.

Collaceroni, Agostino, a Bolognese, pupil to P. Pozzi. _Guida d'Ascoli_,
ii. 288, 338.

Colle, dal, near Città S. Sepolcro, Raffaellino, painted in 1546. _Vasari._
i. 220, ii. 116.

Colleoni, Girolamo, a Bergamese. His _Memor._ from 1532 up to 1555, or
thereabouts. _See the annotations to Tassi._ iii. 182.

Colli, Antonio, a pupil of P. Pozzo. _Guida di Roma._ ii. 338.

Colombano, Bernardin, painted at Pavia in 1515. _Pitture d'Italia._ iv.

Colombini, Gio., of Trevisi, d. 1774. _Federici._ iii. 387.

Colonna, Angiol Michele, b. 1600, in the diocese of Como in district of
Revel, d. 1687 at Bologna. _Crespi._ i. 311, v. 211, 440.

---- Melchior, a supposed pupil of Tintoret. _Zanetti._ iii. 196.

---- Girolamo, _see_ Mengozzi.

Coloretti, Matteo, da Reggio, b. 1611. _Tiraboschi._ iv. 68.

Coltellini, Michele, a Ferrarese, lived in 1517. _Baruffaldi._ v. 298.

Comandè, Franc., a Messinese, a pupil of Guinaccia. _Hakert._ ii. 376.

---- Gio. Simone, his brother, b. 1588, _ib._

Comendich, Lorenzo, b. at Verona, flourished in Milan about 1700.
_Guarienti._ iii. 340, iv. 328.

Comi, Girolamo, da Modena, flourished about 1550. _Tiraboschi._ At S.
Michele in Bosco he inscribed on one of his pictures the year 1563.
_Oretti, Memor._ iv. 69.

---- Franc., otherwise called Il Muto di Verona, or Il Fornaretto, was
living in 1718. _Pozzo._ d. the 2d Jan. 1737, aged 55. _Oretti, Memor._ v.

Commenduno, a Bergamese, of the school of Nova. _Tassi._ iii. 30.

Como, da, F. Emanuele, _Minor. Riform._, painted in 1660. _MS._ d. at Rome,
1701, aged 76. _Orlandi._ iv. 326.

Comodi, Andrea, a Florentine, b. 1560, d. 1638. _Baldinucci._ i. 286.

Compagnoni, Cav. Sforza, a Maceratese, lived about 1650. _MS._ ii. 212.

Conca, Cav. Sebastiano, b. at Gaeta, 1676, d. 1764. _Memorie delle belle
Arti._ ii. 301, 412.

---- Gio., his brother, ii. 302.

Conciolo, painted at Subiaco in 1219. _MS._ ii. 11.

Condivi, Ascanio, of Ripatransone, pupil to Michelangiolo; published a life
of him in 1553. i. 162, 179.

Conegliano, da, Cesare, flourished in the time of Titian. _Zanetti._ iii.

---- Ciro, pupil to Paul Veronese, d. young. iii. 237.

---- Conegliano, Gio. Batista, Cima, called from his native place Il
Conegliano. His notices up to 1517. _Ridolfi._ iii. 64.

---- Carlo, his son. _Federici._ iii. 65.

Consetti, Antonio, a Modenese, b. 1686, d. 1766. _Tiraboschi._ iv. 67.

Consolano, _see_ Casolani.

Contarino, Cav. Gio., a Venetian, b. 1549, d. 1605. _Ridolfi._ iii. 282.

Conte, del, or Fassi Guido, b. in Carpi, 1584, d. 1649. _Tiraboschi._ iv.

---- Jacopino, a Florentine, d. 1598, aged 88. _Baglione._ i. 252, ii. 169.

Conti, Cesare and Vinc. d'Ancona, d. in the pontif. of Paul V. _Baglione._
ii. 170, v. 468.

---- Domenico, a Florentine, pupil to Andrea del Sarto. _Vasari._ i. 206.

---- Conti, Francesco, a Florentine, b. 1681, d. 1760. _R. Gall._ i. 347.

---- Gio. Maria, a Parmigianese, painted in 1660. _Affò._ iv. 139.

Contri, Antonio a Ferrarese, d. 1732. _Baruffaldi._ v. 350.

---- Francesco, his son, and successors of the school. _ib._

Coppa, a pupil of Magnasco at Milan. _Ratti._ iv. 328.

---- _see_ Giarola.

Coppi, or del Meglio, Jacopo, da Peretola, in the Flor. state, b. 1523, d.
1591. _R. Gall. of Florence._ i. 269.

Coppola, Carlo, a Neapolitan, living in 1665. _Dominici._ ii. 422.

Coralli, Giulio, a Bolognese, b. 1641, d. at an advanced age. _Crespi._ v.

Corbellini, pupil of Ciro Ferri. _Pascoli._ ii. 272.

Cordegliaghi, or Cordella Aghi Giannetto, and Andrea, of Venice, flourished
the beginning of the sixteenth century. _See Zanetti._ Perhaps this
Giannetto is the Zanin (buffoon) of the Comandador, often mentioned in the
_Notizia_. _See Morelli_, p. 197. iii. 60.

Coreggio, Francesco, a Bolognese, living in 1678. _Malvasia._ v. 145.

---- da, _see_ Allegri, and Bernieri.

Corenzio, Cav. Bellisario, a Greek, b. about 1588, d. 1643. _Dominici._ ii.

Corna, della, Antonio, a Cremonese, painted in 1478. _Zaist._ iv. 151.

Cornara, Carlo, a Milanese, d. 1673, aged 68. _Orlandi._ iv. 311.

Cornia, della, Fabio, of Perugino, of the dukes of Castiglione, b. 1600, d.
1643. _Pascoli._ ii. 224.

Corona, Leonardo da Murano, b. 1561, d. 1605. _Ridolfi._ iii. 264.

Coronaro, _see_ Calvi.

Corradi, _see_ del Ghirlandaio.

Corradini, _see_ F. Carnevale.

Corso, Gio., Vincenzo, a Neapolitan, d. about 1645. _Dominici._ ii. 379.

---- Niccolo, a Genoese, painted in 1503. _Soprani._ v. 367.

Corte, Valerio, from Pavia, d. 1580, aged 50. _Soprani._ v. 385.

---- Cesare, a Genoese, son of Valerio, b. 1550. _Ratti._ d. about 1613.
_Soprani._ _ib._

---- Davide, his son, d. of the plague in 1657. _Soprani._ v. 386.

Cortese, P. Giacomo, called Il Borgognone, a Jesuit, b. 1621, d. 1676.
_Baldinucci._ i. 311, 330, 450, ii. 253.

---- Guglielmo, called Il Borgognone, brother of the preceding, b. 1628, d.
1679. _Pascoli._ ii. 269.

Cortona, da, Pietro, _see_ Berrettini.

---- Urbano, painted in 1481. _Della Valle._ i. 429.

Corvi, Domenico, of Viterbi, d. 1803, aged about 80. _MS._ ii. 325.

Cosattini, Canon. Giuseppe, an Udinese, painted in 1672; was still living
in 1734. _Renaldis._ iii. 364.

Cosci, _see_ Balducci. P. Cosimo, _see_ Piazza.

Cosimo, di (Rosselli) Piero, a Florentine, b. 1441, d. 1521. _Baldinucci._
i. 96, 214.

Cosmati, Adeodato di Cosimo, a Roman, worker in mosaic, i. 8.

Cosmè, _see_ Tura.

Cossa, Franc., a Ferrarese, living in 1474. _Guida di Bologna._ v. 293.

Cossale, Grazio, a Brescian, or rather Cozzale, living in 1605. _Zamb._, p.
114. iii. 327.

Costa, Andrea, a Bolognese, a pupil of Caracci. _Malvasia._ v. 193.

---- Franc., a Genoese, b. 1672, d. 1740. _Ratti._ v. 440.

---- Ippolito, a Mantuan, flourished in 1538. _Lamo._ iv. 21.

Costa, Lorenzo, a Ferrarese, painted in 1488, d. about 1530. _Baruffaldi._
v. 30, 292.

---- Another Lorenzo, lived about 1560. _Vasari._ _ib._

---- Luigi and Girolamo, his brothers. _Volta._ iv. 22.

---- Tommaso, of Sassuolo, b. 1690. _Tiraboschi._ Aged about 56. _Orlandi_,
and _Cart. Oretti_, iv. 62.

Costanzi, Placido, a Roman, associated to the academy of St. Luke, 1741, d.
1759, aged 71. _MS._ ii. 273.

Cotignola, da, Francesco, (Marchesi or Zaganelli) painted at Parma in 1518.
_Affò._ v. 38.

---- Bernardino, a younger brother, lived in 1509. _Crespi, in his Addenda
to Baruffaldi._ v. 39.

---- Girolamo Marchesi, d. aged 69, in the pontif. of Paul III. _Vasari._
Or 1550, aged 70. _Baruffaldi._ v. 32.

Cozza, Franc., b. at Istilo in the Calabrese, 1605, d. 1682. _Pascoli._ ii.
208, 409.

---- Gio. Batista, a Milanese, d. at Ferrara in 1742, aged 66.
_Cittadella._ v. 346.

Crastona, (_Pitture d'Italia_) or Cristona, _Orlandi._

---- Gioseffo, a Pavese, b. 1664, living in 1718. _Orlandi._ iv. 325.

Creara, Santo, a Veronese, pupil to Felice Brusasorci. His works with the
year 1603. _Oretti, Mem._ iii. 316.

Credi, di, Lorenzo Sciarpelloni, a Florentine, d. aged 78, after 1531.
_Bottari._ i. 158.

Cremona, da, Niccolo, lived in 1518. _Masini._ iv. 160.

Cremonese, Lattanzio, lived in the fifteenth century. _Zaist._ _ib._

---- Simone, perhaps the same as M. Simone da Napoli, iv. 150.

---- Il, da Paesi, _see_ Bassi, _see_ Caletti.

Cremonini, Gio. Batista, da Cento, d. 1610. _Malvasia._ v. 79.

Crescenzi, Gio. Batista, a Roman, d. at Madrid, aged about 63. _Baglione._
Or aged 65, in 1660. _Palomino._ ii. 227.

---- del, Bartolommeo Cavarozzi, da Viterbo, d. young in 1625. _Baglione._

Crescione, Giovanni, a Neapolitan, painted in 1568. _Vasari._ ii. 375.

Crespi, Benedetto, of Coma, and Anton Maria, his son, called I Bustini,
lived, as it appears, in the seventeenth century. _Orlandi._ iv. 319.

---- Gio. Batista, called Il Cerano, from a district in the Novarese, d.
1633, aged 76. _Orlandi._ iv. 300.

---- Gio. Pietro, called also De'Castoldi, grandfather of the preceding,
painted about 1535. _MS._ _ib._

---- Raffaello, of the same family, painted about 1542. _MS._ _ib._

---- Daniele, a Milanese, d. 1630, aged about 40. _Orlandi._ iv. 302.

---- Cav. Giuseppe, a Bolognese, called Lo Spagnuolo, b. 1665, d. 1747.
_Crespi._ iii. 359, v. 248.

---- Antonio, his son, d. 1781. _Guida di Bologna._ v. 251.

---- Don Luigi, Canonico, another son, d. 1779. _Guida di Bologna._ _ib._

Crespini, de', Mario, of Coma, flourished about 1720. _MS._ iv. 329.

Cresti, _see_ Da Passignano.

Creti, Cav. Donato, a Cremonese, b. 1671, d. 1749, at Bologna. _Crespi._ v.

Crevalcore, da, Piermaria, pupil to Calvart. _Malvasia._ v. 72.

Criscuolo, Gio. Angelo, a Neapolitan, d. about 1573. _Descrip. of Naples_,
1572. _Dominici._ ii. 383.

---- Gio. Filippo, his brother, b. at Gaeta, d. aged 75, about 1584.
_Dominici._ ii. 379.

Crispi, Scipione, of Tortona, painted in 1592. _Pitture d'Italia_; and in
1559. _Co. Durando._ v. 458.

Cristofori, or Cristofani, Fabio, del Piceno, a worker in mosaic, and
academical painter of S. Luke in 1658. _Pascoli._ ii. 341.

---- Pietro Paolo, a Roman, his son, a mosaic worker, lived in 1736.
_Pascoli._ _ib._

Crivelli, Angiol Maria, called Il Crivellone, d. about 1730. _MS._ iv. 329.

---- Jacopo, his son, d. 1760. _MS._ _ib._

---- Cav. Carlo, a Venetian. _Ridolfi._ Painted in 1476. _MS._ ii. 20, iii.

Crivelli, Vittorio, also a Venetian. In the _Antichità Picene_, tom. xxix.
and xxx. mention is made of his paintings of date of 1489 and 1490. ii. 20,
iii. 29.

---- Francesco, a Milanese, lived in 1450. _MS._ iv. 223.

Croce, Baldassare, di Bologna, d. 1528, aged 75. _Baglione._ v. 125.

Crocifissaio, del, _see_ Macchietti.

Crocifissi, de', _see_ Da Bologna.

Cromer, called Il Croma, Giulio, a Ferrarese, d. 1632, aged about 60.
_Baruffaldi._ v. 326. Also Gio. Bat. Cromer, a Paduan, d. about 1750.
_Guida di Padova._

Crosato, Gio. Batista, of the Venetian school, d. 1756. _Catalogo
Algarotti._ v. 491.

Cucchi, Antonio, or Gio. Antonio, a Milanese, painted in 1750. _Pitture
d'Italia_. iv. 323.

Cungi, or Congi, or Cugni. In _Guarienti's Dictionary_, by mistake, called
Cugini, Lionardo and Gio. Batista da Borgo S. Sepolcro, lived in the time
of Vasari. i. 272.

---- Francesco, son of Lionardo, painted in 1587. _Guida di Volterra._

Cuniberti, Franc. Ant. da Savigliano, d. 1745. _Pitture d'Italia_. v. 488.

Cunio, Daniello, a Milanese, pupil to Bernardino Campi. _Lomazzo._ iv. 287.

---- Rodolfo, a Milanese, lived about 1650. _MS._ iv. 288.

Curia, Franc., a Neapolitan, b. about 1538, d. about 1610. _Dominici._ ii.

Currado, Cav. Francesco, a Florentine, b. 1570, d. about 1661. _R. Gall. of
Florence._ i. 262.

Curti, _see_ Dentone.

Cusighe, da, in the Bellunese, Simone. His notices from 1382 up to 1409.
_MS._ iii. 18.

Cusin, M., a landscape painter, flourished in 1660. _Boschini._ iii. 338.

Cutigliano, _see_ Carigliano.


Daddi, Bernardo, a Florentine, d. 1380. _Baldinucci._ i. 65.

---- Cosimo, a Florentine, pupil to Naldini. _Baldinucci._ Lived in 1614.
_Guida di Volterra._ i. 262.

Dallamano, Giuseppe, a Moden., b. 1679, d. 1758. _Tiraboschi._ iv. 69, v.

Dalmasio, Scannabecchi, a Bolognese painter, b. about 1325, living in 1353.
_Piacenza, nel tom._ ii. _p. 5_. v. 19.

---- Lippo, his son, commonly called Lippo Dalmasio, or Lippo dalle
Madonne. His notices from 1376. _Malvasia._ His will in 1410, shortly
before his decease. _See Piacenza, in place cited._ _ib._

Damiani, Felice, da Gubbio, his works from 1586 to 1606. _MS._ ii. 162.

Damini, Pietro, da Castelfranco, d. 1631, aged 39. _Ridolfi._ iii. 274.

---- Giorgio, his brother, d. 1631. _Ridolfi._ _ib._

Dandini, Cesare, a Florentine, b. about 1595, d. 1658. _Baldinucci._ i.
291, ii. 266.

---- Vincenzio, brother of Cesare, b. 1607, d. aged 68. _Orlandi._ i. 340.

---- Pietro, his son, b. 1646, d. 1712. _R. Gall. of Flor._ _ib._

---- Ottaviano, son of Pietro, flourished during the eighteenth century.
_Serie degl'Illustri Pittori, &c._ i. 341.

Dandolo, Cesare, a Venetian, lived in 1595. _Morigia._ iv. 287.

Danedi, called Montalto, Gio. Stefano da Trevilio in the Milanese, d. 1689,
aged 81. _Orlandi._ iv. 318.

---- Gioseffo, his brother, d. aged 70. _Orlandi._ _ib._

Dante, Girolamo, otherwise Girol. di Tiziano, by whom he was educated.
_Ridolfi._ iii. 155.

Danti, Teodora, of Perugia, aunt of the three Danti who follow, d. 1573,
aged 75. _Pascoli._ ii. 40.

---- P. Ignazio, of Perugia, a Dominican, b. 1537, d. 1586. _Pascoli._ ii.

---- Girolamo, his brother, b. 1547, d. 1580. _Pascoli._ ii. 146.

---- Vincenzio, another brother, b. 1530, d. 1576. _Pascoli._ _ib._

Dardani, Antonio, a Bolognese, b. 1677, d. 1735. _Zanotti._ v. 239.

Davanzo, Jacopo, a Paduan, painted about 1377. _Notizia publ. dal Morelli_,
tom. iii. p. 12. _See_ Avanzi.

David, Lodovico Antonio, di Lugano, lived in 1718. _Orlandi._ iv. 309.

Dei, Matteo, a Florentine worker in niello of the fifteenth century. _Lett.
Pitt._, tom. ii. i. 112.

Delfino, Cav. Carlo, a Frenchman, painted at Turin in 1664. _MS._ v. 476.

Delfinone, Girolamo, a Milanese, lived about 1495. _Lomazzo._ iv. 281.

---- Scipione Delfinone, his son. _Lomazzo._ _ib._

---- Marcantonio, son of Scipione, lived in 1591. _Lomazzo._ _ib._

Deliberatore, Niccolo, da Foligno, his work in 1461. _Colucci._ ii. 26.

Dello, a Florentine, d. about 1421, aged 49. _Vasari._ i. 63.

Dentone, otherwise Girol. Curti, a Bolognese, d. 1631. _Malvasia._ Or died,
18th December, 1632, aged 56, and interred at S. Niccolo. _Oretti, Mem._ v.
80, 206.

Desani, Pietro, a Bolognese, b. 1595, d. 1647. _Malvasia._ iv. 63, v. 184.

Desiderio, Monsieur, a painter of perspective in the time of Corenzio.
_Dominici._ ii. 392.

Desubleo, or Sobleo, Michele, of Flanders, pupil to Guido. _Malvasia._ v.

Diamante, F., a Carmelite, da Prato, pupil of F. Filippo Lippi. _Vasari._
i. 79.

Diamantini, Cav. Gio., or rather Giuseppe da Fossombrone. _Zanetti_, and
_Colucci_, tom. xxxi. d. 1708. _Melchiori._ v. 201.

Diana, Benedetto, a Venetian, was competitor of the Bellini. _Ridolfi._
iii. 57.

---- Cristoforo, of S. Vito in the Friuli, pupil of Amalteo. _Cesarini._
iii. 132.

Dianti, Gio. Franc., a Ferrarese, b. 1576. _Baruffaldi._ v. 312.

Diatalevi, _see_ D'Assisi.

Dielai, otherwise Gio. Francesco Surchi, a Ferrarese, d. about 1590.
_Baruffaldi._ v. 308.

Dimo, Giovanni, painted at Venice in 1660. _Boschini._ iii. 271.

Dinarelli, Giuliano, a Bolognese, pupil of Guido. _Malvasia._ d. 1671, aged
42. _Oretti, Mem._ v. 155.

Discepoli, Gio. Batista, called Lo Zoppo, of Lugano, d. 1660, aged 70.
_Orlandi._ iv. 311.

Diziani, Gaspero, of Belluno, d. 1667. _Catalogo Algarotti._ iii. 368.

Do, Giovanni, a Neapolitan, d. 1656. _Dominici._ ii. 418.

Dolci, Carlo, a Florentine, b. 1616, d. 1686. _Baldinucci._ i. 310.

---- Agnese, his daughter, lived beyond the year 1686. _Baldinucci._ i.

Dolce, Luzio, of Castel Durante, painted in 1536. _MS._ Lived in 1589.
_Terzi._ ii. 164.

---- Ottaviano, his father, and Bernardino, his grandfather. _ib._

Dolobella, Tommaso, of Belluno, a pupil of Aliense. _Ridolfi._ iii. 268.

Domenichino, or Menichino, _see_ Zampieri, _see_ Ambrogi.

Dominici, Franc., da Trevigi, flourished about 1530. _Guida di Trevigi._ d.
aged 35. _Ridolfi._ iii. 166.

---- de', Bernardo, a Neapolitan, published his history in 1742 and 1743,
ii. 444.

Donatello, otherwise Donato, a Florentine, b. 1383, d. 1466. _Vasari._ i.
70, 225.

Donati, Bortolo, a Venetian. _Guida._ Was living in 1660. _Boschini._ iii.

---- de', Luigi, of Coma, painted in 1510. _MS._ iv. 226.

Donato, painted in Venice in 1459. _Ridolfi._ iii. 28.

---- Zeno, a Veronese, a painter of the sixteenth century. _Vasari._ iii.

Dondoli, l'Abate, of Spello, lived the beginning of the eighteenth century.
_MS._ ii. 311.

Donducci, _see_ Mastelletta.

Doni, Adone, d'Assisi, his work in 1472. _Guida di Perugia._ Read 1572.
Living in 1567. _Vasari._ Signed himself _Dono delli Doni_. _Mariotti._ ii.

Donnabella, _see_ Gentiloni.

Donnini, Girolamo, da Coreggio, b. 1681, d. 1743. _Tiraboschi._ v. 255.

Donnino, di, Agnolo, a Florentine, and assistant of Bonarruoti. _Vasari._
i. 170.

Donzelli, Piero and Polito, Neapolitans, d. about 1470. _Dominici._ ii.

---- Pietro, a Mantuan, pupil of Cignani. _MS._ v. 256.

Dorigny, Luigi, otherwise Lodovico, a Parisian, b. 1654. _Orlandi._ d.
1742. iii. 372.

Dossi, Dosso, d. about 1560. _Baruffaldi._ v. 302.

---- Gio. Batista, d. about 1545. _Baruffaldi._ _ib._

---- Evangelista, of the same family. _Scannelli._ v. 306.

Draghi, Cav. Gio. Batista, a Genoese, d. 1712, aged 55. _Guida di
Piacenza._ v. 269, 435.

Ducci, Virgilio, da Città di Castello, a pupil of Albani. _MS._ ii. 217.

Duccio, di, Boninsegna, a Sienese, painted in 1282. His Mem. up to 1339.
_Della Valle._ i. 386.

Duchino, _see_ Landriani.

Dughet, Gasp., b. at Rome, 1613, d. 1675. _Pascoli._ ii. 244.

Duramano, Francesco, a Venetian. _Guarienti._ Flourished about the middle
of the eighteenth century. iii. 389.

Durante, Co. Giorgio, of Brescia, b. 1683, d. 1755. _Guida di Rovigo_, and
_MS. Carbone presso l'Oretti_. iii. 389.

Duro, or Durero, Alberto, b. in Nurimburgh, 1470; rather born 20th May,
1471, d. April 6th, 1528; which dates are verified by the very accurate
_Bartsch_, in his new work, entitled _Le Peintre Graveur_, vol. vii.,
Vienna, 1808. _Baldinucci._ i. 110, 128, 145, iii. 137.


Edesia, d', Andrino, a Pavese, lived about 1330. _Lomazzo._ iv. 212.

Egogui, Ambrogio, a Milanese, his altar-piece of 1527. _MS._ iv. 257.

Elzheimer, Adamo, or Adamo di Frankfort, or Tedesco, d. in the pontificate
of Paul V. _Sandrart._ ii. 241.

Emanuele, a Greek priest, lived in 1660. v. 21.

Empoli, da, in the Florentine state, Jacopo Chimenti, b. 1554, d. 1640.
_Baldinucci._ He is called Cristoforo da Empoli in _Lezioni del Lami_, by
mistake. i. 294.

Ens, or Enzo, Cav. Giuseppe, d'Augusta, called the younger, to distinguish
him from his father, a court painter of Ridolfo II. Flourished in 1660.
_Boschini._ Orlandi calls him Ains, or Enzo; Zanetti, Enzo and Heinz. In
his celebrated Tomb of Christ at Ognissanti, he signed himself _Jos.
Heinsius_. iii. 341.

---- Daniele, his son, Zanetti, _ib._

---- Gio., a Milanese, perhaps of the school of the Procaccini. _Guida di
Milano._ iv. 309.

Episcopio, Giustino, once called De' Salvolini, di C. Durante, lived in
1594. _Terzi._ ii. 165.

Ercolanetti, Ercolano, of Perugia, lived in 1683. _Orlandi._ ii. 331.

Ercole, da Ferrara, _see_ Grandi.

Ercolino, di, Guido, _see_ De Maria.

Esegrenio, perhaps of the sixteenth century, if not more modern. iii. 9.

Estense, Baldassare, of Ferrara, lived in 1472. _Baruffaldi._ v. 293.

Evangelisti, Filippo, assisted by Benefial about 1745. _Lettere Pittor._,
tom. v. ii. 274.

Everardi, Angelo, a Brescian, called Il Fiamminghino, b. 1647, d. aged 31.
_Orlandi._ iii. 339.


Fabio, di, Gentile, of the Piceno, flourished in 1442. ii. 20.

Fabriano, di, Bocco, painted in 1306. _Colucci._ ii. 15.

---- Antonio, his work of 1454. _MS._ ii. 19.

---- Giuliano. _MS._ _ib._

Fabriano, Gentile, his work, 1423; d. an octogenarian. _Vasari._ ii. 17.

Fabrizzi, Antonio Maria, a Peruginese, d. 1649, aged 55. _Orlandi._ Or b.
1594. _Pascoli._ ii. 223.

Facchinetti, Giuseppe, a Ferrarese, pupil of Anton Felice Ferrari.
_Cittadella._ v. 348.

Facciate, delle, Bernardino, _see_ Poccetti.

Faccini, Bartolommeo, a Ferrarese, d. 1557. _Baruffaldi._ v. 315.

---- Girolamo, his brother, _ib._

Fachetti, Pietro, a Mantuan, d. 1613, aged 78. _Baglione._ ii. 169, iv. 22.

Facini, Pietro, a Bolognese, d. young in 1602. _Malvasia._ v. 190.

Faenza, da, M. Antonio, his fine picture of 1525. _Civalli._ v. 91.

---- Jacopone, or Jacomone, the same as Giacomo Bertucci. His _Mem._ from
1513 to 1532. _MS._ ii. 119.

---- Gio. Batista, his son, painted in 1580. _Crespi._ d. 19th February,
1614. _Cart. Oretti._ v. 48.

---- Figurino, pupil of Giulio Romano. _Vasari._ v. 92.

---- Marco, _see_ Marchetti.

---- Ottaviano, a pupil of Giotto. Pace, another scholar of Giotto.
_Vasari._ v. 47.

Falce, la, Antonio, a Messinese, d. 1712. _Hakert._ ii. 411.

Falcieri, Biagio, a Veronese, d. 1703, aged 75. _Pozzo._ iii. 325.

Falcone, Aniello, a Neapolitan, b. 1600, d. 1665. _Dominici._ ii. 420.

Falconetto, Gio. Maria, a Veronese, d. 1534, aged 76. _Vasari._ Or rather
living in 1553. _MS. cited by Temanza._ iii. 214.

---- Gio. Antonio, his brother. _Vasari._ _ib._

Falgani, Guasparre, a Florentine, scholar of Valerio Marucelli.
_Baldinucci._ i. 325, 326.

Fallaro, Giacomo, painted with credit at Venice, in the time of Titian.
_Vasari._ iii. 241.

Fano, da, Bartolommeo and Pompeo, painted about 1530. _MS._ ii. 45.

Fanzone, or Faenzone; Marini writes it _Finzoni_, (_Galler._ p. 8.) Ferraù,
da Faenza, a scholar of Vanni. _Orlandi._ d. 1645, aged 83. _Cart. Oretti._
v. 199.

Farelli, Cav. Giacomo, a Neapolitan, b. 1624, d. in 1706. _Dominici._ ii.

Farinato, Paolo, a Veronese, sprung from the Farinati degli Uberti,
Florentines, d. 1606, aged 84. _Ridolfi._ iii. 171, 222.

---- Orazio, his son, d. young. _Pozzo._ His altar-piece at S. Francesco di
Paola, executed in 1615. _Oretti, Mem._ iii. 223.

Fasano, Tommaso, scholar of Giordano. _Guida di Napoli._ ii. 433.

Fasolo, Gio. Antonio, a Vicentese, d. aged 44. _Ridolfi._ Or aged 44, in
1572. Epitaph in Faccioli. _Museum Lapid. Vicentin._, p. 144. iii. 309.

Fassetti, Gio. Batista, of Reggio, b. 1686, living in 1772. _Tiraboschi._
iv. 70.

Fassi, _see_ Del Conte.

Fassolo, Bernardino, di Pavia, painted in 1518. _MS._ iv. 258.

Fattore, il, _see_ Penni.

Fava, Co. Pietro, a Bolognese, b. 1669, (perhaps 67,) d. 1744, aged 77.
_Crespi._ v. 232.

---- _see_ Macrino.

Fayt, Gio. d'Anversa, living in 1656. _Guarienti._ iii. 344.

Febre, le, Valentino, of Brussels, d. at Venice, about 1700. _Zanetti._
iii. 293.

Federighetto, _see_ Bencovich.

Federighi, Antonio, worked the pavement of the cathedral at Siena, in 1481.
_Della Valle._ i. 429.

Fei, or del Barbiere, Alessandro, a Florentine, b. 1543. _Vasari._ Painted
in 1581. _Borghini._ i. 267.

Feltrini, or Feltrino, Andrea, a Florentine, pupil of Morto, b. 1543.
_Vasari._ Painted in 1581. _Borghini._ i. 214.

Feltro, da, Morto, d. aged 45, at Zara, some years after 1505. _Vasari._ Or
rather after 1519. _Cambrucci._ Supposed to be the same with Pietro Luzzo
da Feltro, called Zarato. i. 213, ii. 46, iii. 247. _See_ Luzzo.

Ferabosco, Pietro, a supposed Lucchese, painted in 1616. _Guarienti._ i.

---- Girolamo, _see_ Forabosco.

Fergioni, Bernardino, a Roman, living in 1718. _Orlandi._ And 1719. _Carte
Oretti._ ii. 332.

Fermo, di, Lorenzino, master of Giuseppe Ghezzi. _Orlandi._ ii. 288.

Fernandi, Francesco, called L'Imperiali, or rather D'Imperiali. _Guida di
Roma._ Flourished about 1730. ii. 306.

Ferracuti, Gio. Domenico, a Maceratese, lived in the seventeenth century.
_MS._ ii. 247.

Ferraiuoli, degli Afflitti, Nunzio, a Neapolitan, d. 1735, at Bologna, aged
75. _Crespi._ v. 264.

Ferramola, Fioravante, a Brescian, d. 1528. _Zamb._ iii. 82.

Ferrante, Cav. Gio. Francesco, a Bolognese, scholar of Gessi, painted much
at Piacenza, d. 1652. _Guida di Piacenza._ iv. 139.

Ferranti, Decio, and Agosto his son, Lombards, flourished about 1500. _MS._
iv. 235.

Ferrantini, Gabriele, otherwise Gabriele dagli Occhiali, a Bolognese,
flourished in 1588. _Guida di Bologna._ v. 72.

---- Ippolito, of the school of the Caracci. _Malvasia._ v. 197.

Ferrara, da, Antonio, or Ant. Alberto, d. about 1450. _Baruffaldi._ v. 288.

---- da, Cristoforo, or da Modena, called also Da Bologna, his work of
1380. _Guida di Bologna._ v. 16, 286.

---- Galasso, his Mem. from 1404 up to 1450. _Baruffaldi._ v. 16, 286.

---- Gelasio, di, Niccolò, lived in 1242. _Baruffaldi._ v. 284.

---- da, Pietro, a scholar of the Caracci. _Malvasia._ v. 329.

---- Rambaldo and Laudadio, lived in 1380. _Baruffaldi._ v. 285.

---- Stefano, a pupil of Squarcione. _Vasari._ Or, at least, contemporary,
as we collect from Savonarola, who wrote about 1430. v. 291.

---- other Stefani da Ferrara. _Guida della Città._ One of them painted in
1531. v. 291.

Ferraresino, _see_ Berlinghieri.

Ferrari, Antonfelice, his son, a Ferrarese, b. 1668, d. 1719. _Baruffaldi._
v. 348.

Ferrari, Bernardo, da Vigevano, his imitator. _Lomazzo._ iv. 270.

---- Bianchi, _see_ Bianchi.

---- Francesco, b. near Rovigo in 1634, d. at Ferrara in 1708.
_Baruffaldi._ v. 347.

---- Gaudenzio, b. in Valdugia in the Milanese, 1484, d. 1550. _Della
Valle._ ii. 118, iv. 266.

---- Gregorio, da Porto Maurizio, in the Genovese, b. 1644, d. 1726.
_Ratti._ v. 399.

---- de', Gio. Andrea, a Genoese, b. 1598, d. 1669. _Soprani._ v. 412.

---- Girolamo, a Vercellese, iv. 278.

---- Lorenzo, his son, b. 1680, d. 1744. _Ratti._ v. 433.

---- Luca, da Reggio, d. 1652, at Padua, aged 49. _Guida di Padova._ Or b.
1605, d. 1654. _Tiraboschi._ iii. 307, iv. 61.

---- Orazio, b. at Voltri, 1606, d. 1657. _Soprani._ v. 417.

---- Pietro, Parmigiano, d. 1787. _Affò._ iv. 141.

---- Succession of this school, v. 348.

Ferrau, _see_ Fanzone.

Ferretti, Gio. Domenico, called D'Imola, b. at Florence, 1692. _Roy. Gall.
of Florence._ i. 349.

Ferri, Ciro, a Roman, b. 1634, d. 1689. _Baldinucci._ i. 336. ii. 271.

Ferrucci, Nicodemo, a Florentine, from Fiesole, d. 1650. _Baldinucci._ i.

Feti, Domenico, a Roman, d. aged 35. _Baglione._ In 1624. _Orlandi._ ii.
230, iv. 27.

Fiacco, or Flacco, Orlando, a Veronese, flourished about 1560.
_Baldinucci._ iii. 216.

Fialetti, Odoardo, a Bolognese, b. 1573, aged 65. _Malvasia._ iii. 196, v.

Fiammeri, P. Gio. Batista, a Jesuit, d. old, the beginning of the
pontificate of Paul V. _Baglione._ ii. 226.

Fiamminghi, Angiolo and Vincenzio. _Guida di Roma._ ii. 236.

---- Gualtieri and Giorgio, painters on glass, lived about 1568. _Vasari._
i. 227.

---- Giovanni, Rossi and Niccolò, workers in embroidery and tapestry.
_Vasari._ i. 215.

Fiamminghini, _see_ Della Rovere.

Fiamminghino, _see_ Everardi.

Fiammingo, Arrigo, d. aged 78, in the pontificate of Clement VIII.
_Baglione._ His altar-piece at S. Francesco in Perugia, dated 1564; where
he signs himself _Henricus Malinis_. _Mariotti._ ii. 160.

---- Enrico, a scholar of Spagnoletto and of Guido. _Malvasia._ v. 154.

---- Gio., painted in the time of Gregory XIII. _Taia._ ii. 170.

---- Jacopo, a scholar of Maratta. _Vita del Maratta._ ii. 286.

---- Lodovico, _see_ Pozzoserrato.

---- (Il), _see_ La Longe, _see_ Calvart.

Fiasella, Domenico, called, from his district, Il Sarzana, b. 1589. d.
1669. _Soprani._ v. 396.

Ficatelli, Stefano, of Cento, lived in 1700. _Cittadella._ v. 172.

Ficherelli, Felice, a Florentine, called Felice Reposo, b. 1605. d. 1660.
_Baldinucci._ i. 295.

Fidani, Orazio, a Florentine, his works, dating about 1642, d. young. _MS._
i. 288.

Fiesole, da, B. Giovanni, a Dominican, called Il B. Gio. Angelico, b. 1387,
d. 1455. _Baldinucci._ Painted in the cathedral of Orvieto. 1457. _Della
Valle._ i. 76, ii. 18.

Figino, Ambrogio, a Milanese, flourished about 1590. _Orlandi._ living in
1595. _Morigia._ iv. 275.

---- Girolamo, living also in 1595. iv. 276.

Figolino, Gio. Batista, or Marcello, a Vicentese, lived about 1450.
_Ridolfi._ In two engravings in the imperial cabinet, by his hand, we read,
_Marcello Fogolino_. _Zani._ The same in his two pictures at Vicenza. i.
122, iii. 34.

Filgher, M. Corrado, a German, living in 1660. _Boschini._ iii. 338.

Filippi, Camillo, a Ferrarese, d. 1574. _Baruffaldi._ i. 180, v. 316.

---- Bastiano, commonly called Bastianino, his son, b. 1540. _Baruffaldi._
Or rather 1532. _Crespi._ _MS._ d. 1602. _Baruffaldi._ v. 315.

Filippi, Cesare, another son, d. shortly after 1602. _Baruffaldi._ v. 318.

---- Giacomo, a scholar of the Ferrari, d. 1743. _Cittadella._ v. 348.

---- (Taia,) or rather Filipepi, _see_ Botticelli.

Filocamo, Antonio, Paolo, Gaetano, brothers and Messinese, d. in the plague
of 1743. _Hakert._ ii. 440.

Finiguerra, Maso, a Florentine, living in 1452. _Gori._ i. 112.

Finoglia, Paol Domenico, d'Orta, d. 1656. _Dominici._ ii. 405.

Fiore, del, Colantonio, a Neapolitan, d. 1444, aged 90. _Dominici._ Or d.
young. _Summozio._ ii. 350.

---- Francesco, a Venetian, deceased in 1434. _Zanetti._ iii. 27.

---- Jacobello, his son, memorials from 1401 to 1436. _MS._ Ridolfi and
Zanetti were mistaken in ascribing to him the picture Della Carità, with
date of 1446; whereas the Cav. de' Lazzara assured me of his having read
_Johannes Alemanus Antonius de Murano_. iii. 27.

Fiorentino, Tommaso, lived in Spain, 1511. _Conca._ i. 212.

---- Giuliano, _see_ Bugiardini.

---- Michele, _see_ Alberti.

---- il, _see_ Vaiano, _see_ Stefano, _see_ Vante.

Fiori, Cesare, a Milanese, d. 1702, aged 66. _Orlandi._ iv. 317.

---- da, Mario, _see_ Nucci Gaspero, _see_ Lopez Carlo, _see_ Voglar.

Fiorini, Gio. Batista, a Bolognese, living in 1588. _Malvasia._ Painted
along with Aretusi, in the church of the Carità, in 1585. _Oretti, Mem._
ii. 129.

Firenze, da, Giorgio, his works from 1314 to 1325. _Baron Vernazza._ v.

Flori, Bastiano, and Foschi F. Salvatore of Arezzo, assistants of Vasari,
about 1545. i. 270.

---- Bernardino, and Griffi Batista, scholars of Garofolo. _Baruffaldi._ v.

---- N. della Fratta, a painter of the sixteenth century. _MS._ ii. 165.

Floriani, Francesco and Antonio, of Udine, lived in 1568. _Vasari._ Of the
first there remains a picture in his native place, with date of 1579, and
another of 1586. _Renaldis._ iii. 135.

Floriano, Flaminio, a supposed scholar of Tintoretto. _Zanetti._ iii. 196.

Florigorio, Bastiano, da Udine. _Ridolfi._ Or rather Florigerio, painted in
1533. _Guida di Padova._ iii. 135.

Foco, Paolo, a Piedmontese, lived about 1660. _MS._ v. 490.

Folchetti, Stefano, of Piceno, his work of 1494. ii. 20.

Foler, Antonio, a Venetian, d. 1616, aged 80. _Ridolfi._ iii. 242.

Foligno, da, F. Umile. _Guida di Roma._ Lived the beginning of the
eighteenth century. ii. 311.

Folli, Sebastiano, a Sienese, painted in 1608. _Della Valle._ i. 441.

Fondulo, Gio. Paolo, a Cremonese, scholar of Antonio Campi. _Zaist._ iv.

Fontana, Prospero, a Bolognese, b. 1512. _Borghini._ Interred at the Servi,
1597. _Oretti, from Church Registers._ ii. 169, v. 63.

---- Lavinia, his daughter, b. 1552. _Malvasia._ d. at Rome, 1614, aged 62.
_Oretti, taken from an authentic portrait in the Casa Zappi._ ii. 169,

---- Alberto, a Modenese, painted in 1537, d. 1558. _Tiraboschi._ iv. 46.

---- Batista, a Veronese, a painter of the sixteenth century. _Pozzo._ iii.

---- Flaminio, di Urbino, seems to have lived in 1576. _Lazzari._ ii. 173.

---- Orazio, brother of Flaminio, flourished from 1540 up to 1560.
_Avvocato Passeri._ _ib._

---- Salvatore, a Venetian, painted at Rome in the chapel of Sixtus V.
_Guida di Roma._ ii. 159.

Fontebasso, Franc. Salvatore, a Venetian, b. 1709, d. 1769. _Catalogo
Algarotti._ iii. 368.

Fontebuoni, Anastagio, a Florentine, d. young in the pontificate of Paul V.
_Baglione._ i. 292.

Foppa, Vincenzio, da Brescia, painted in 1455, d. 1492. _Zamboni._ _See
also_ Caradosso. iii. 30, iv. 218.

Forabosco, (written also Ferabosco,) Girolamo, a Venetian, or Paduan, lived
in 1660. _Boschini._ iii. 284.

Forbicini, Eliodoro, a Veronese, lived in 1568. _Vasari._ iii. 214.

Forli, da, Ansovino, a scholar of Squarcione. _Guida di Padova._ iii. 72.

---- Bartolommeo, a scholar of Francia. _Malvasia._ v. 45.

---- Guglielmo, (Oretti finds him called Guglielmo degli Organi,) a scholar
of Giotto. _Vasari._ v. 42.

---- Melozzo, (F. Francesco,) painted about 1472. _Vasari._ Was living also
in 1494. _Paccioli_, _Summa Aritmetica_. d. 1492, aged 56. _Oretti, Mem._
v. 42.

Formello, di, Donato, deceased in the pontificate of Gregory XIII.
_Baglione._ ii. 157.

Formentini, il, a landscape painter of this age. _Guida di Brescia._ iii.

Fornari, Moresini Simone, di Reggio, a painter of the sixteenth century.
_Tiraboschi._ iv. 37.

Forner, el, _see_ Civerchio.

Forti, Giacomo, a Bolognese, painted in 1483. _Malvasia._ v. 24.

Fortini, Benedetto, a Florentine, d. 1732, aged 57. _Moreni_, vol. vi. i.
325, 328.

Fortori, Alessandro, di Arezzo, lived in 1568. _Vasari._ i. 270.

Fortuna, Alessandro, lived in 1610. _Passeri._ ii. 207.

Fossano, da, Ambrogio, painted about 1473. _Guida di Milano_ of 1783. iv.

Foti, Luciano, a Messinese, b. 1694, d. 1779. _Hakert._ ii. 441.

Fracanzani, Franc., a Neapolitan, d. about 1657. _Dominici._ ii. 418.

Francesca, della, Piero, from Borgo S. Sepolcro, called also Pietro
Borghese, d. about 1484, aged 86. _See Vasari._ i. 71, ii. 23, iv. 221, v.

Franceschi, or de' Freschi, Paolo, of Flanders, d. 1596, aged 56.
_Ridolfi._ iii. 195.

Franceschiello, _see_ De Mura.

Franceschini, Baldassare, from his native place called Il Volterrano, b.
1611, d. 1689. _Baldinucci._ i. 301.

---- Cav. Marcantonio, b. 1648 at Bologna, d. 1729. _Zanotti._ v. 241.

Franceschini, Can. Giacomo, his son, d. 1745. _Guida di Bologna._ Or d.
26th December, 1745, aged 73. _Oretti, Mem._ v. 245.

---- Mattia, of Turin. _Pitture d'Italia_, painted in 1745. v. 487.

Franceschitto, a Spaniard, scholar of Giordano, d. young. _Vita del Giord._
of 1728. ii. 433.

Francesco, Don, a monk of Cassino; a painter on glass; opened school at
Perugia in 1440. _Orlandi_, _Risp._ i. 226.

Franchi, Ant., a Lucchese, b. 1634, d. 1709. _R. Gall._ i. 303, ii. 223.

---- Cesare, of Perugia, d. 1615. _Pascoli._ ii. 223.

Franchini, Niccolò, a Sienese, living in 1761. _Pecci._ i. 454.

Francia, Domenico, a Bolognese, d. 1758, aged 56. _Crespi._ v. 275.

---- Pietro, a Florentine, one of the masters of Fei. _Borghini._ i. 267.

---- otherwise Raibolini Francesco, a Bolognese, painted before 1490.
_Malvasia._ d. 1535. _MS._ i. 112, v. 25.

---- Giacomo, his son; his work of 1526. _Guida di Bologna._ d. 1557, and
interred at S. Francesco. _Oretti, Mem._ v. 29.

---- Gio. Batista, son of Giacomo, d. 1575. _Malvasia._ v. 30.

---- Giulio, cousin of Francesco, flourished about 1500. _Baldinucci._ d.
1540, and buried at S. Francesco. _Oretti, Mem._ v. 29.

---- or Francia Bigi, or Franciabigio, Marcantonio, a Florentine, b. 1483,
d. 1524. _Baldinucci._ i. 202.

Franco, Alfonso, b. at Messina in 1466, d. there of the plague in 1524.
_Hakert._ ii. 367.

---- Angiolo, a Neapolitan, d. about 1445. _Dominici._ ii. 357.

---- Batista, called Il Semolei, a Venetian, painted in 1536, d. 1561.
_Vasari._ i. 182, iii. 242.

---- Giuseppe, a Roman, called De' Monti and Dalle Lodole, d. in the
pontificate of Urban VIII. _Baglione._ ii. 158.

---- Lorenzo, a Bolognese, d. at Reggio about 1630. _Orlandi._ Aged 67.
_Malvasia._ iv. 310.

---- Bolognese, _see_ Da Bologna.

Francucci, _see_ Da Imola.

Frangipane, Niccolò, a Paduan; according to some, of Udine, or rather of
doubtful birth-place. _Lett. Pitt._, tom. i. p. 248. His memor. up to 1595.
_Renaldis._ iii. 169.

Frari, _see_ Bianchi Ferrari.

Fratacci, or Fratazzi, Antonio, a native of Parma, painted in 1730. _Guida
di Milano._ iv. 140.

Frate, il, _see_ Della Porta.

---- Paolotto, il, _see_ Ghislandi.

---- del, Cecchino, a scholar of F. Bartolommeo. _Vasari._ i. 194.

Fratellini, Giovanna (by birth, Marmocchini) a Florentine lady, b. 1666, d.
1731, aged 65. _R. Gall. of Flor._ i. 363.

---- Lorenzo, her son, d. 1729, aged 40. _Serie degli Illustri Pittori._

Fratina, _see_ De Mio.

Frattini, Gaetano, a scholar of Franceschini. _Guida di Ravenna._ v. 247.

Friso, del, _see_ Benfatto.

Friulano, Niccolò, painted in 1332, iii. 19.

Fulco, Gio., a Messinese, b. 1615, d. about 1680. _Hakert._ ii. 407.

Fumaccini, _see_ Samacchini.

Fumiani, Ant., a Venetian, d. 1710, aged 67. _Zanetti._ iii. 353, v. 190.

Fumicelli, Lodovico, of Treviso, painted in 1536. _Ridolfi._ In the _Guida
di Treviso_ he is called Fiumicelli. Flumicellus is read in the Latin
documents, according to _Federici_. iii. 165.

Fungai, Bernardino, a Sienese, lived about 1512. _Della Valle._ i. 407.

Furini, Filippo, called Lo Sciameroni, a Florentine, pupil of Passignano.
_Baldinucci._ i. 328.

---- Francesco, his son, b. about 1600, d. 1649. _Baldinucci._ Or d. in
1646, and buried at S. Lorenzo. _Oretti, Memor._ i. 305.


Gabassi, Margherita, a Modenese, a paintress of this age. _Tiraboschi._ iv.

Gabbiani, Anton Domenico, a Florentine, b. 1652, d. 1722. _R. Gall. of
Flor._ i. 343.

---- Gaetano, his nephew. _Serie de' più Illustri Pittori._ i. 345.

Gabrielli, Camillo, a Pisan, d. 1730. _Morrona._ i. 357.

Gabrielo, Onofrio, called in Padua Onofrio da Messina, painted in 1656.
_Guida di Padova._ b. 1616, d. 1706, aged 90. _Hakert._ ii. 409.

Gaddo, Gaddi, a Florentine, d. aged 73, in 1312. _Vasari._ i. 32.

---- Taddeo, his son, b. 1300, living in 1352. _Baldinucci._ i. 58.

---- Angelo, son of Taddeo, d. 1387, i. 59. _Baldinucci._ Aged 63.
_Vasari._ i. 60.

---- Gio., brother of Angiolo, _ib._

Gaeta, da, _see_ Pulzone.

Gaetano, Luigi, a Venetian, a mosaic worker employed in 1590. _Zanetti._
iii. 253.

Gagliardi, Cav. Bernardino, da Città di Castello, d. 1660, aged 51.
_Orlandi._ ii. 234.

Galanino, otherwise Baldassare Aloisi, a Bolognese, d. 1638, aged 60.
_Baglione._ ii. 241.

Galeotti, Sebast., a Florentine, d. 1746, at Piedmont, aged about 70.
_Ratti._ i. 347.

---- Giuseppe and Gio. Batista, his sons, were living in 1769. _Ratti._ v.

Galizia, Fede, di Trento, was still a young unmarried lady in 1595.
_Morizia._ She painted in 1616. _Guida di Milano._ iv. 296.

Galli, Gio. Antonio, a Roman, called Spadarino. _Orlandi._ A painter of the
seventeenth century. ii. 234.

Galli, _see_ Bibiena.

Galliari, Bernardino, di Cacciorna, in the Piedmontese, d. 1794, aged 87.
_Della Valle._ v. 492.

Gallinari, Pietro, called Pierino del Sig. Guido, d. 1664. _Crespi._ v.

Gambara, Lattanzio, a Brescian, d. aged 32. _Ridolfi._ Or in 1573 or 1574.
_Zamboni._ iii. 177.

Gambarini, Gioseffo, a Bolognese, b. 1680, d. 1725. _Zanotti._ v. 235.

Gamberati, Girol., a Venetian, d. old in 1628. _Ridolfi._ iii. 271.

Gamberucci, Cosimo, a Florentine, painted in 1610. _Moreni._ i. 261.

Gandini, or del Grano, Giorgio, a native of Parma, d. 1538. _Affò._ iv.

---- Antonio, a Brescian, d. 1630. _Orlandi_ and _Zamboni_. iii. 326.

---- Bernardino, his son, d. 1651. _MS._ _ib._

Gandolfi, Gaetano, b. at St. Matteo della Decima in the Bolognese, 30th
August, 1734, d. suddenly 30th June, 1802. _Elogio del Sig. Grilli._ v.

---- Ubaldo, his brother, d. 1781, aged 53. _Guida di Bologna._ _ib._

Gandolfino, Maestro, was living in 1493. _Della Valle._ v. 452.

Garbieri, Lorenzo, a Bolognese, d. 1654, aged 74. _Malvasia._ Or aged 75.
_Oretti_, from the _Registry_ of S. Gio. in Monte. v. 184.

---- Carlo, his son and pupil. _Malvasia._ v. 186.

Garbo, del, Raffaellino, a Florentine, d. 1524, aged 58. _Vasari._ i. 93.

Gargiuoli, Domenico, called Micco Spadaro, a Neapolitan, b. 1612, d. 1679.
_Dominici._ ii. 421.

Garofolini, Giacinto, a Bolognese, b. 1666, d. 1725. _Zanotti._ v. 247.

Garofolo, Carlo, a Neapolitan, scholar of Giordano, d. a few years after
his master. _Dominici._ i. 228.

---- da, otherwise Benvenuto Tisio, or Tisi, b. 1481, in the Ferrarese, d.
1559. _Vasari._ ii. 117, v. 299, 310.

Garoli, Pierfrancesco, b. at Turin in 1638, d. 1716. _Pascoli._ ii. 339, v.

Garzi, Luigi, b. at Pistoia in 1638, d. 1721. _Pascoli._ Or b. 1640, June
23d. _Orlandi_ and _Carte Oretti_. ii. 276.

---- Mario, his son, d. young. _Pascoli._ ii. 277.

Garzoni, Giovanna, of Ascoli, d. 1683, at an advanced age. _Orlandi._ ii.

Gasparini, Gaspare, a Maceratese, lived about 1585. _MS._ ii. 166.

Gatta, della, D. Bartolommeo, a Camaldolese, d. 1461, aged 83. _Vasari._
More probably in 1491. i. 99.

Gatti, Bernardo, or Bernardino, called Il Soiaro, a Cremonese; according to
others a Vercellese, or Pavese; was employed in 1522, d. 1575. _Zaist._ iv.
120, 165.

---- Gervasio, his nephew. His works from 1578 up to 1631. iv. 167.

---- Uriele, painted in 1601. _Guida di Piacenza._ iv. 168.

---- Fortunato, Parmig., employed in 1648. _Affò._ iv. 139.

---- Girolamo, a Bolognese, b. 1662, d. 1726. _Crespi._ v. 247.

---- Tommaso, b. at Pavia in 1642, lived in 1718. _Orlandi._ iv. 325.

Gavasio, Agostino, a Bergamese, painted in 1527. _Tassi._ iii. 84.

---- Gio. Giacomo, a Bergamese, was employed in 1511. _Tassi._ _ib._

Gavassetti, Camillo, da Modena, d. young in 1628. _Tiraboschi._ iv. 59.

Gavignani, Gio., di Carpi, b. 1615, living in 1676. _Tiraboschi._ iv. 72.

Gaulli, Gio. Batista, called Baciccio, b. at Genoa in 1639, d. 1709.
_Pascoli._ ii. 298, v. 425.

Gellée, Claudio, commonly called Claude Loraine, b. 1600, d. 1682.
_Pascoli._ ii. 247.

Generoli, Andrea, called, from his birth-place, Il Sabinese. _Orlandi._
Called Generelli in the _Guida di Roma_. Flourished in the seventeenth
century. ii. 268.

Genga, Girolamo, of Urbino, d. 1551, aged 75. _Vasari._ i. 408, ii. 34.

Gennari, Benedetto, da Cento, lived about 1610. _Malvasia._ v. 165.

---- Gio. Bat., painted in 1607. _Guida di Bologna._ _ib._

---- Ercole, a son of Benedetto, b. 1597, d. aged 61. _Crespi_ in the
_Giunte al Baruffaldi_. v. 170.

---- Bartolommeo, another son of Benedetto. _Crespi._ d. 1658, aged 67.
_Oretti, Mem._ _ib._

Gennari, Benedetto, the younger son of Ercole, b. 1633, d. 1715. _Crespi._

---- Cesare, another son, b. 1641, d. 1688. _Crespi._ v. 171.

---- Lorenzo, di Rimino, was living in 1650. _Guida di Rimino._ v. 172.

Genova, da, Lucchetto, _see_ Cambiasi.

Genovese, Il Prete, or Il Cappuccino, _see_ Strozzi.

Genovesini, by Orlandi called Marco, by others Bartolommeo, a Milanese,
painted in 1628. _MS._ In the _Mem. Oretti_ the mistake into which many, as
well as myself, had fallen, is detected: the above was supposed to be his
surname, whereas this writer found in the church of the Certosa of
Garignano, _Bartol. Roverio D. Genovesino_, 1626; and also in the
refectory one of his Crucifixions with the year 1614. iv. 317, v. 478.

Genovesino, il, _see_ Miradoro, _see_ Calcia.

Gentile, Luigi, of Brussels, an academician of St. Luke in 1650. _Orlandi._
d. 1657, at Brussels, aged 60. _Passeri._ ii. 236.

---- di, Maestro Bartolommeo, d'Urbino. His painting of 1497. _MS._ ii. 21.

Gentileschi, or Lomi Orazio, b. 1563, d. 1646. _Morrona._ i. 316.

---- Artemisia, his daughter, b. 1590, d. 1642. _Morrona._ i. 317.

Gentiloni, Lucilio, da Filatrava, perhaps Filattrano, and Belladonna, whose
designs are extolled by Marini in the _Gallery_, lived about 1610. v. 469.

Gera, a Pisan, an old painter. _Morrona._ i. 66.

Gessi, Franc., a Bolognese, b. 1588, d. 1649. _Oretti, Mem._ ii. 397, v.

---- del, _see_ Ruggieri.

Ghelli, Francesco, of the Bolognese territory, lived in 1680. _Crespi._
Born at Medicina, 8th Jan. 1637, d. at Bologna, 3d May, 1703. _Oretti_ from
_MS._ accounts of artists of that place. v. 204.

Gherardi, Antonio, da Rieti, b. 1644, d. 1702. _Pascoli._ ii. 217.

Gherardi, Cristofano, di Borgo S. Sepolcro, called Doceno, d. 1556, aged
56. _Vasari._ i. 271.

---- Filippo, a Lucchese, d. soon after 1681. _MS._ i. 358.

Gherardini, or Ghilardini, Alessandro, a Florentine, b. 1655, d. 1723. _R.
Gall. of Flor._ i. 347.

---- Gio. a Bolognese, pupil of Colonna. _Crespi._ d. 1685, aged 75.
_Oretti, Mem._ v. 212.

---- Stefano, a Bolognese, scholar of Gambarini, d. 1755. _Guida di
Bologna._ v. 235.

---- Tommaso, a Florentine, b. 1715, d. 1797. _MS._ i. 365.

Gherardo, a Florentine, lived towards the end of the fifteenth century.
_Vasari._ i. 100.

---- dalle Notti, _see_ Hundhorst.

Ghezzi, Cav. Sebastiano, of the Commune in the Ascolano, lived some years
after 1634. _Guida di Ascoli._ ii. 294.

---- Cav. Giuseppe, his son, b. in the Commune in 1634, d. at Rome in 1721.
_Guida di Ascoli._ _ib._

---- Cav. Pierleone, son of Giuseppe, b. at Rome in 1674, d. 1755. _R.
Gall. of Florence._ ii. 295.

Ghiberti, Lorenzo, a Florentine, d. 1455, aged 77 and upwards.
_Baldinucci._ i. 7, 225.

---- Vittorio, a Florentine, lived in 1829. _Varchi presso il Moreni._ i.

Ghidone, Galeazzo, a Cremonese, lived in 1598. _Zaist._ iv. 184.

Ghigi, Teodoro, or Teodoro, a Mantuan, a pupil of Giulio. _Orlandi_ calls
him a Roman. iv. 19.

Ghirardoni, Gio. Andrea, a Ferrarese, lived in 1620. _Baruffaldi._ v. 327.

Ghirlandaio, del, Domenico (Corradi) a Florentine; in some books also
commonly written Del Grillandaio; b. 1451, d. 1495. _Vasari._ i. 94, 163.

---- Davide, his brother, b. 1451, d. 1525. _Vasari._ i. 96.

---- Benedetto, another brother, d. aged 50. _Vasari._ _ib._

---- Ridolfo, son of Domenico, d. 1560, aged 75. _Vasari._ i. 209.

---- Ghisi, Giorgio, called Giorgio, a Mantuan, an engraver in the time of
Giulio Romano. _Orlandi._ iv. 23.

Ghislandi, Domenico, a Bergamese, painted in 1662. _Tassi._ iii. 335.

---- Fra Vittore, his son, called Il Frate Paolotto, d. 1743, aged 88.
_Tassi._ iii. 370.

Ghisolfi, (Crisolfi and Chisolfi) Gio., a Milanese, d. 1683, aged 60.
_Orlandi._ ii. 244, iv. 327.

Ghissoni, Ottavio, a Sienese, pupil of Gio. Vecchi. _Soprani._ i. 443, v.

Ghiti, Pompeo, a Brescian, b. 1631, d. 1703. _Orlandi._ iii. 328.

Giacarolo, Gio. Batista, of Mantua, scholar of Giulio. _Volta._ iv. 20.

Giacciuoli, N. a pupil of Orizzonte. _Catalogo Colonna._ ii. 330.

Giacomone, _see_ Lippi, _see also_ Da Faenza.

Gialdisi, N., a native of Parma, flourished at Cremona about 1720. _Zaist._
iv. 143.

Gianella, _see_ Da Siena.

Giannetti, Filippo, a Messinese, d. 1702, at Naples. _Hakert._ ii. 445.

Giannizzero, scholar of Borgognone. _Catalogo Colonna._ ii. 254.

Giaquinto, Corrado, di Molfetta, d. old in 1765. _Conca._ ii. 305, iv. 323,
v. 484.

Giarola, Gio., da Reggio, d. 1557. _Tiraboschi._ iv. 52, 116.

---- or Gerola, Ant., a Veronese, called Il Cav. Coppa, d. 1665, aged about
70. _Pozzo._ iii. 324, iv. 328.

Gibertoni, Paolo, a Modenese, flourished in Lucca about 1660. _MS._ iv. 69.

Gilardi, Piet., a Milanese, b. 1679, flourished 1718. _Orlandi._ iv. 322.

Gilioli, Giacinto, a Bolognese, a scholar of the Caracci. _Malvasia._ d.
27th June, 1665, aged 71. _MS._ v. 197.

Gimignani, Giacinto, b. 1611, at Pistoia, d. 1681. _Pascoli._ i. 354.

---- Lodovico, son of Giacinto, b. 1644, at Rome, d. 1697. _Pascoli._ _ib._

---- Alessio, a Pistoiese, painted in the 17th century. _MS._ i. 315.

Ginnasi, Caterina, a Roman lady, d. 1660, aged 70. _Passeri._ ii. 215.

Gioggi, Bartolo, a Florentine, lived about 1350. _Baldinucci._ i. 54.

Giolfino, or Golfino, Niccolo, a Veronese, master of Farinato, _Pozzo._
iii. 215.

Gionima, Simone, a Paduan, scholar of Cesare Gennari. _Crespi._ Or rather a
Dalmatian by family, and b. at Venice in 1655. _Family Pedigree in the Mem.
Oretti._ v. 171.

---- Antonio, son of Simone, b. 1697, d. 1732. _Crespi._ v. 234.

Giordano, Cav. Luca, called _Luca fa presto_, a Neapolitan, b. 1632, d.
1705. _Dominici._ Or 1704. _Conca._ i. 228, ii. 426.

---- Stefano, a Messinese, painted in 1541. _Hakert._ ii. 377.

Giorgetti, Giacomo, of Assisi, a scholar of Lanfranco, d. aged 77.
_Orlandi._ ii. 214.

Giorgio, di, Francesco, a Sienese, lived in 1480. _Vasari._ i. 404.

Giorgione, or Giorgio Barbarelli, da Castelfranco in the Trevigiano, d.
1511, aged 34. _Vasari._ iii. 99.

Giottino, or Tommaso di Stefano, a Florentine, b. 1324, d. aged 32.
_Bottari._ i. 57.

Giotto, (Manni explains Angiolotto, others Ambrogiotto) of Vespignano in
the Florentine territory, b. 1276, d. 1337. _Vasari._ Is called Giotto di
Bondone from his father. i. 24, 39, ii. 13, 348, iii. 9, iv. 34, 211, v.
14, 37, 285.

Gio, Tedesco, or Zuane, of Germany, was companion of the Vivarini.
_Zanetti._ His works up to 1447. _Guida di Padova._ iii. 22.

---- di, Tedesco Marco, was employed in 1463. _Guida di Rovigo._ iii. 68.

---- a painter at Chieri in 1342. _MS._ v. 450.

Giovenale, painted at Rome in 1440. _Rondinini._ ii. 16.

Giovenone, Girolamo, da Vercelli, flourished towards 1500. _MS._ Two of his
pictures at S. Paolo di Vercelli, bearing dates of 1514 and 1516. _Lettera
del P. Allegranza al Sig. Oretti._ iv. 237.

Giovenone, Batista, Giuseppe, Paolo, of the same family. _P. della Valle._
iv. 278.

Giovita, a Brescian, called Il Brescianino, a scholar of Gambara.
_Ridolfi._ iii. 180.

Giraldini, (more correctly Gilardino) Melchiore, a Milanese, d. 1675.
_Orlandi._ iv. 316.

---- N., his son, a painter of battle-pieces. _Orlandi._ iv. 317.

Girandole, dalle, _see_ Buontalenti.

Giron, M., a Frenchman, flourished in 1660. _Boschini._ iii. 338.

Gismondi, _see_ Perugino Paolo.

Giulianello, Pietro, a painter in the modern-antique style. _MS._ ii. 44.

Giuliano, Giorgio, da Cività Castellana, painted in 161... _MS._ ii. 213.

Giunta, _see_ Pisano.

Giuntalocchio, Domen., a Pratese, scholar of Soggi, d. old. _Vasari._ i.

Giusti, Antonio, a Florentine, d. 1705, aged 81. _Orlandi._ i. 326.

Gnocchi, Pietro, a Milanese, called also, as it seems, Luini, lived in
1595. _Morigia._ iv. 264.

Gobbi, Marcello, a Maceratese, lived about 1606. _MS._ ii. 222.

Gobbino, _see_ Rossi.

Gobbo, il, da Cortona, il Gobbo de' Caracci, il Gobbo da' Frutti, or Pietro
Paolo Bonzi, d. aged 60, in the pontif. of Urban VIII. _Baglione._ _See
Lett. Pitt._, tom. v. ii. 259, v. 205.

Gobbo, del, _see_ Solari.

Gori, Angiolo, a Florentine, lived in 1658. _Descrip. de la Gallerie Roy.
de Flor._, 1790. i. 325.

---- Lamberto, a Florentine, professor of scagliola work, d. 1801, aged 70.
i. 346.

Goro and Bernardo di Francesco, painters on glass, lived in 1434. _Moreni._
i. 226.

Goti, Maurelio, a Ferrarese, scholar of Facchinetti. _Cittadella._ v. 348.

Gotti, Vincenzio, a Bolognese, d. 1636. _Orlandi._ v. 197.

Gozzoli, Benozzo, a Florentine, d. aged 78. Tomb erected to him in 1478.
_Vasari._ i. 77.

Grammatica, Antiveduto, b. near Rome, of Sienese father, d. 1626, aged
about 55. _Baglione._ i. 451, ii. 241.

Grammorseo, Pietro, painted in 1523, v. 452.

Granacci, Franc., a Florentine, b. 1477, d. 1544. _Bottari._ i. 184.

Grandi, Ercole, da Ferrara, d. 1531, aged 40. _Baruffaldi._ v. 294.

Granello, Nicolosio, a Genoese, pupil of Ottavio Semini. _Soprani._ v. 383.

Graneri, of Turin, lived in 1770. _MS._ v. 490.

Grano, del, _see_ Gandini.

Grappelli, a painter of the seventeenth century, ii. 234.

Grassaleoni, Girolamo, a Ferrarese, d. 1629. _Baruffaldi._ v. 315.

Grassi, Gio. Batista, da Udine, lived in 1568. _Vasari._ iii. 128.

---- Tarquinio, painted at Turin in 1715. _Guida di Torino._ v. 482.

---- Gio. Batista, his son. _ib._

---- Nicola, a Venetian, pupil of Niccolò Cassana. _Zanetti._ Called Guassi
by Guarienti. In the _Guida di Udine_ he is called Della Carnia. iii. 382,
v. 482.

Gratella, _see_ Filippi.

Grati, Gio. Batista, a Bolognese, b. 1681, d. 1758. _Crespi._ v. 229.

Graziani, scholar of Borgognone. _Catalogo Colonna._ ii. 254.

---- Ercole, a Bolognese, b. 1688, d. 1765. _Crespi._ v. 231.

Grazzini, Gio. Paolo, a Ferrarese, d. 1632. _Baruffaldi._ v. 338.

Grecchi, Marcantonio, a Sienese, his work of 1634. _MS._ i. 452.

Greche, delle, Domenico, or Domenico Greco, and Teoscopoli, d. 1625, aged
77. _Palomino_, who here mistakes, the engraving of Pharaoh drowning
bearing date of 1549. i. 110, iii. 155.

Grechetto, _see_ Castiglione.

Greco, N., scholar of Pellegrino da Udine, iii. 134.

Grecolini, Antonio, painted at Rome in 1702. _Pascoli._ ii. 217.

Gregori, Girolamo, a Ferrarese, d. 1773, almost 80. _Cittadella._ v. 350.

Griffoni, Annibale, di Carpi, flourished in 1656. _Tiraboschi._ iv. 71.

---- Don Gaspero, his son, b. 1640, painted in 1677. _Tiraboschi._ _ib._

---- Fulvio, an Udinese, lived in 1608. _Renaldis._ iii. 295.

Grifoni, Girolamo, a Bergamese, scholar of Cavagna. _Tassi._ iii. 333.

Grillenzone, Orazio, da Carpi, d. old in 1617. _Tiraboschi._ iv. 54.

Grimaldi, Gio. Francesco, a Bolognese, lived in 1678. _Malvasia._ d. at
Rome, aged nearly 80. _Orlandi._ ii. 329, v. 203.

---- Alessandro, his son. _Orlandi._ v. 204.

Grisoni, Gioseffo, a Florentine, d. 1769. _Roy. Gall. of Flor._ i. 350.

Grossi, Bartolommeo, Parmigiano, flourished about 1450. _Affò._ iv. 76.

Guadagnini, Jacopo, a Bassanese, d. 1633. _Verci._ iii. 210.

Gualtieri, a Paduan, lived about 1550. _Guida di Padova._ iii. 168.

Gualla, Pietro, di Casale, deceased about 1760. _MS._ v. 489.

Guardi, Francesco, a Venetian, d. 1793, aged 81. _MS._ iii. 387.

Guardolino, _see_ Natali.

Guargena, _see_ Da Messina.

Guarienti, Pietro, a Veronese, d. between 1753 and 1769. _Crespi._ v. 253.

Guariento, a Paduan, or Veronese. _Notizia_, p. 22. Painted in 1365.
_Ridolfi._ iii. 12.

Guarini, Bernardino, di Ravenna, painted in 1617. _MS._, and _L'Oretti_,
who found his name on an altar-piece in the Monache della Torre. v. 198.

Gubbio, da, Oderigi, d. shortly before 1300. _Baldinucci._ i. 33, ii. 12,
v. 9.

---- da, Cecco and Puccio, painted about 1321. _Della Valle._ ii. 12.

---- da, Giorgio, flourished between 1519 and 1537. _Avvocato Passeri._ ii.

Guercino, _see_ Barbieri.

Guerra, Gio., a Modenese, was employed in the pontificate of Sixtus V.
_Baglione._ ii. 149.

Guerri, Dionisio, a Veronese, d. 1640, aged 30. _Pozzo._ iii. 323.

Guerrieri, Gio. Francesco, of Fossombrone, flourished in the seventeenth
century. _MS._ ii. 205.

Guglielmelli, Arcangelo, a Neapolitan, lived in the eighteenth century.
_Vita del Solimene._ ii. 444.

Guglielmi, Gregorio, b. 1714, at Rome, d. 1773, at St. Petersburgh.
_Freddy._ ii. 304.

Guglielmo, supposed to be of the school of Guariento. _MS._ iii. 12.

---- di, Giacomo, di Castel della Pieve, lived in 1521. _Mariotti._ Called
himself also Giacomo di Guglielmo di Ser Gherardo. _Mariotti._ ii. 40.

Guidobono, Prete Bartolommeo, da Savona, d. 1709, aged 55. _Ratti._ v. 434,

---- Domenico, his brother, b. 1670, d. 1746. _Ratti._ v. 435.

Guidotti, Borghese, Cav. Paolo, a Lucchese, d. 1629, aged about 60.
_Baglione._ i. 277.

Guinaccia, Deodato, a Neapolitan, and pupil of Polidoro. _Hakert._ ii. 376.

Guisoni, or Ghisoni, Fermo, da Mantova, was living in 1568. _Vasari._ iv.


Haffner, Enrico, a Bolognese, b. 1640, d. 1702. _Crespi._ And Antonio, his
brother, a Philippine monk at Genoa, d. 1732, aged 78. _Ratti._ v. 269,

Hembreker, called Mon. Teodoro, b. in Haarlem, in 1633. _Orlandi._ ii. 256.

Hugford, Ignazio, a Florentine, d. 1778, aged 75. _MS._ i. 346.

---- P. Ab. Enrico, his brother, of Vallombrosa, b. 1695, deceased 1771.
_Novelle Letterarie di Firenze_, 1771. i. 346.

Hundhorst, or Honthorst, Gherardo, of Utrecht, called Gherardo _delle
Notti_, d. aged 68. _Orlandi._ In 1660. _Sandrart._ ii. 204.


Jacone, a Florentine, d. 1553. _Vasari._ i. 205.

Jacopo, di, Pierfrancesco, pupil of Andrea del Sarto. _Vasari._ i. 206.

---- di, Nicola, _see_ Gera.

Ibi, _see_ da Perugia Sinibaldo.

Imola, da, Francesco. _Colucci._ ii. 17. Perhaps Bandinelli. _Malvasia._ v.

---- Gaspero, was living in 1521. _MS._ _ib._

---- Innocenzo, (Francucci,) painted from 1506 to 1542, d. aged 56.
_Vasari._ His painting at S. Salvatore, of Bologna, bearing date 1549.
_Oretti, Mem._ v. 56.

Imparato, Francesco, a Neapolitan, flourished about 1565. _Dominici._ ii.

---- Girolamo, his son, d. about 1620. _Dominici._ _ib._, ii. 380.

Impiccati, dagl', Andrea, so called from having painted some felons hanged.
_See_ Del Castagno.

Incisori Antichi, old engravers, i. 121.

Indaco, l', or Jacopo, a Florentine, called l'Indaco, painted in 1534.
_Bottari._ d. aged 68. _Vasari._ i. 96, 170.

---- Francesco, brother of Jacopo. i. 96.

India, Bernardino, a Veronese, living in 1568. _Vasari._ His altar-piece at
S. Bernardino of 1572, another of 1579, and a third at S. Nazaro, of 1584.
_Oretti, Memor._ iii. 214.

---- Tullio, father of Bernardino. _Del Pozzo._ _ib._

Ingegno, l', _see_ D'Assisi Andrea.

Ingoli, Matteo, da Ravenna, d. 1631, aged 44. _Ridolfi._ iii. 273.

Ingoni, Gio. Batista, or Gio. Batista, a Modenese. _Vasari._ d. 1608, aged
80. _Tiraboschi._ iv. 51.

Jocino, Ant., a Messinese, painter of landscape in the seventeenth century.
_Hakert._ ii. 425.

Joli, Ant., a Modenese, b. about 1700, d. 1777. _Tiraboschi._ iv. 69.


Laar, (in Italian written and pronounced Laer,) Pietro Vander, called Il
Bamboccio, b. at Laar in Holland, about 1613, d. 1673. _Gall. Imp._ Or in
1675. _Argensville._ ii. 255.

Lama, Gio. Bernardo, a Neapolitan, b. about 1508, d. about 1579.
_Dominici._ ii. 374.

---- Gio. Batista, a Neapolitan, scholar of Giordano. _Flor. Dic._ ii. 435.

Lamberti, Bonaventura, da Carpi, b. about 1651, d. 1721. _Tiraboschi._ Or
b. 5th December, 1652. Letter from his son, in _Oretti_. ii. 291, iv. 66.

Lambertini, Michele, a Bolognese, his work of 1443, with another of 1469.
_Malvasia._ v. 28.

Lamberto, a German, or Lamberto, a Lombard, or Sustermans, or Suavis, b. at
Liege in 1506, flourished about 1550. _Orlandi._ iii. 163.

Lambri, Stefano, scholar of Malosso, painted in 1623. _Zaist._ iv. 192.

Lame, delle, _see_ Pupini.

Lamma, Agostino, a Venetian, was employed in 1696, at about the age of 60.
_Melchiori._ iii. 340.

Lamo, Pietro, of Bologna, scholar of Innocenzio da Imola, known by a _MS._
on the paintings of the said city. _Guida di Bologna._ d. 1578, and buried
in the cloister of S. Francesco, painted by him with histories of that
saint. _Oretti, Memor._ v. 13.

Lamparelli, Carlo, of Spello, pupil of Brandi. _Orlandi._ ii. 214.

Lana, Lodovico, da Modena, d. 1646, aged 49. _Tiraboschi._ iv. 64.

Lancilao and Girolamo, Paduans, lived towards the beginning of the
fifteenth century. _Vasari._ i. 99.

Lancisi, Tommaso, of Città S. Sepolcro, b. 1603, d. aged 79. _Orlandi._ i.

Lanconello, Cristoforo, of Faenza, perhaps a scholar of Barocci. _Lett.
Pitt._, tom. vii. v. 94.

Landriani, Paol Camillo, a Milanese, called Il Duchino, was young in 1591.
_Lomazzo._ His work at La Passione, with his name and the year 1602.
_Oretti, Mem._ Deceased shortly before 1619. _Borsieri Supplemento al
Morigia._ iv. 288.

Lanetti, Antonio, da Bugnato, a scholar of Gaudenzio. _Lomazzo._ iv. 270.

Lanfranco, Cav. Gio. di Parma, d. 1744, aged 66. _Bellori._ ii. 213, 399,
iv. 137, v. 174.

Langetti, Gio. Batista, a Genoese, d. at Venice in 1676, aged 41.
_Zanetti._ v. 427.

Lanini, Bernardino, di Vercelli, was employed in 1546. _Guida di Milano._
d. about 1578. _Della Valle._ iv. 276.

---- Gaudenzio and Girolamo, his brothers. _MS._ iv. 277.

Lanzani, Andrea, a Milanese, d. 1712. _Orlandi._ iv. 321.

Laodicia, a Pavese, living about 1330. _Lomazzo._ iv. 212.

Lapi, Niccolò, a Florentine, b. 1661, d. 1732. _Roy. Gall. of Florence._ i.

Lapiccola, Nicola, of Crotone, a scholar of Mancini, ii. 290.

Lapis, Gaetano, di Cagli, b. 1704, d. 1776. _MS._ ii. 303.

Lapo, di, _see_ Arnolfo, _see_ also vol. i. p. 32, where it is proved that
Lapo was fellow-pupil, not the father of Arnolfo.

Lappoli, Matteo, of Arezzo, scholar of D. Bartolommeo. _Vasari._ i. 222.

---- Gio. Antonio, his son, d. 1552, aged 60. _Vasari._ i. 222.

Laudati, Gioseffo, of Perugia, lived in 1718. _Orlandi._ ii. 287.

Lavizzario, Vincenzio, a Milanese, flourished in 1520. _MS._ iv. 279.

Laurati, _see_ Lorenzetti.

Laurentini, Giovanni, called L'Arrigoni, lived in 1600. _Guida di Rimino._
v. 87.

Laureti, rather than Lauretti, Tommaso, a Sicilian, d. in the pontificate
of Clement VIII., aged 80. _Baglione._ ii. 125, 143, 151, 388, v. 51, 79.

Lauri, Baldassare, of Antwerp, b. about 1570, d. 1642. _Baldinucci._ Or d.
aged 70. _Pascoli._ ii. 276.

---- Filippo, his son, b. at Rome in 1623, d. in 1694. _Pascoli._ _ib._

Lauri, Francesco, another son, b. 1610, at Rome, d. 1635. _Pascoli._ ii.

---- Or de Laurier, Pietro, a Frenchman, scholar of Guido. _Malvasia._ v.
154, 206.

Lauro, Giacomo, a native of Venice, resident at Trevigi, called Giacomo
Trevigiano, d. young in 1605. _Federici._ iii. 236.

Lazzari, _see_ Bramante.

---- Gio. Antonio, a Venetian, a scholar of Cav. Liberi, of Langetti, of
Ricchi, of Diamantini, a good copyist and painter in crayons, d. 1713, aged
74. _Melchiori._ iii. 211, 382.

Lazzarini, Canon. Gio. Andrea, of Pesaro, b. 1710, d. 1801, aged 91. _See
Fantuzzi Notizie del Canon. Lazzarini._ ii. 290, v. 259.

---- Gregorio, a Venetian, d. 1740, aged 86. _Zanetti._ Or in 1735, aged
78. _Longhi._ Or rather in 1730, aged 75. _Guida di Venezia_ of 1733. iii.

Lazzaroni, Gio. Batista, a Cremonese, d. 1698, aged 72. _Zaist._ iv. 195.

Lecce, da, Matteo, painted in the pontificate of Gregory XIII. _Baglione._
ii. 387. _See also D'Alessi._

Lecchi or Lech, Antonio, lived in 1663. _Martinioni._ iii. 343.

Legi, Giacomo, of Flanders, d. young about 1640. _Soprani._ v. 394.

Legnago, _see_ Barbieri Francesco.

Legnani, Stefano, a Milanese, called Il Legnanino, d. 1715, aged 55.
_Orlandi._ iv. 320, v. 478.

---- Cristoforo, or Ambrogio, his father, iv. 320.

Lelli, Ercole, a Bolognese, d. 1766. _Guida di Bologna._ v. 237.

---- Gio. Antonio, a Roman, d. 1640, aged 49. _Baglione._ ii. 230.

Lenardi, Gio. Batista, a scholar of Pietro da Cortona. _Guida di Ascoli._
Or of Baldi, whom he survived. _Pascoli._ ii. 268.

Lendinara, da, Lorenzo Canozio, d. about 1477. _Guida di Padova._ iii. 73,

---- Cristoforo, his brother, and Pierantonio, his son-in-law, iii. 88.

Leone, da, Giovanni, a scholar of Giulio Romano. _Vasari._ iv. 18.

Leon, Carlo, di Rimino, d. 1700. _Guida di Rimino._ iii. 303.

---- Gio. da Carpi, b. 1639, d. 1727. _Tiraboschi._ iv. 72.

---- (dai,) Girolamo, of Piacenza, lived about 1580. _Orlandi._ iv. 139.

Levo, Domenico, a Veronese, lived in 1718. _Pozzo._ iii. 388.

Lianori, Pietro, a Bolognese, his notices from 1415 to 1453. _Malvasia._ v.

Liberale, da Verona, d. 1536, aged 85. _Vasari._ iii. 79.

---- Genzio, di Udine, lived in 1568. _Vasari._ Ridolfi calls him Gennesio;
Renaldis, Giorgio or Gennesio. iii. 247.

Liberi, Cav. Pietro, a Paduan, d. 1687, aged 82. _Register of Venice_,
cited by _Zanetti_. iii. 304.

---- Marco, his son, painted in 1681. _Guida di Rovigo._ iii. 306.

Libri, da, Girolamo, a Veronese, d. 1555, aged 83. _Vasari._ iii. 80.

---- Francesco, his father, and his son Francesco. _ib._

Licino, or Licinio, Cav. Gio. Ant. da Pordenone, called afterwards Regillo,
and also Cuticello,--more correctly Corticellis,--and commonly Il
Pordenone, d. 1540, aged 56. _Ridolfi._ Or in 1539. _MSS. Mottensi._ iii.
121, v. 303, 371.

---- Bernardino da Pordenone, perhaps a relative of Gio. Antonio.
_Ridolfi._ iii. 126.

---- Giulio, pupil and nephew of Gio. Antonio, d. at Augusta, in 1561.
_Sandrart._ _ib._

---- Gio. Antonio, the younger, called also Sacchiense, brother of Giulio,
d. at Como in 1576. _Renaldis._ _ib._

Ligorio, Pirro, a Neapolitan, d. about 1580. _Orlandi._ ii. 128, 385.

Ligozzi, Jacopo, a Veronese, b. 1543, d. 1627. _Roy. Gall. of Florence._ i.
312, iii. 216.

---- Gio. Ermanno, perhaps of the same family;--his father, according to
the _Elogi de' Pittori_. i. 312, iii. 217.

Lilio, or Lillio, Andrea, of Ancona, d. at Ascoli, in 1610, aged 55.
_Colucci_, vol. viii. Called also Andrea Anconitano, which may correct the
error of the _Dizionario degli Uomini illustri di Ancona_, which exhibits
him as two painters. v. _Col._, vol. xxvii. ii. 192.

Linaiuolo, Berto, a Florentine, lived in the fifteenth century. _Vasari._
i. 80.

Lione, di, Andrea, a Neapolitan, b. 1596, d. about 1675. _Orlandi._ ii.

Lioni, Cav. Ottavio, a Paduan by birth, b. at Rome, and there called Il
Padovanino, d. in the pontificate of Urban VIII., aged 52. _Baglione._ ii.

Lipari, Onofrio, a Sicilian painter of this age. _MS._ ii. 441.

Lippi, F. Filippo, a Florentine, b. about 1400, d. 1469. _Baldinucci._ i.

---- Filippino, a Florentine, d. 1505, aged 45. _Vasari._ i. 92.

---- Giacomo, called Giacomone da Budrio, scholar of the Caracci.
_Malvasia._ v. 196.

---- Lorenzo, a Florentine, b. 1606, d. 1664. _Baldinucci._ i. 307.

Lippo, a Florentine, flourished about 1410. _Vasari._ i. 58.

---- di, Andrea, of Pisa, living in 1336. _Discorso su la Storia Letteraria
di Pisa._ i. 67.

Lissandrino, _see_ Magnasco.

Litterini, Agostino, a Venetian, b. 1642, living in 1727. _Melchiori._ iii.

---- Bartolommeo, his son, b. 1669, living in 1727. _Melchiori._ iii. 290.

---- Caterina, his daughter, b. 1675, living in 1727. _Melchiori._ _ib._

Lizini, Giulio, a Roman. _Zanetti._ I believe him to be the same with
Giulio Licinio. He is termed a Roman, perhaps, as a surname acquired by his
long residence in Rome. _Renaldis._ He painted at Venice in 1556.
_Zanetti._ iii. 126.

Locatelli, Giacomo, a Veronese, d. 1628, aged 48. _Pozzo._ iii. 325.

Lodi, Ermenigildo, a Cremonese, painted in 1616. _Zaist._ iv. 192.

---- Manfredo, his brother. A painting at S. Agostino with his name,
executed in 1601. _Oretti, Mem._ _ib._

Lodi, Carlo, a Bolognese, b. 1701, d. 1765. _Crespi._ v. 265.

---- da, Albertino, painted about 1460. _Lomazzo._ iv. 217.

---- Callisto Piazza, his notices from 1524 up to 1556. _MS._ iii. 184.

Loli, Lorenzo, a Bolognese, called Lorenzino del Sig. Guido Reni.
_Malvasia._ d. 5th April, 1691. _Oretti, Mem._ v. 155.

Lolmo, Gio. Paolo, a Bergamese, d. 1593. _Pasta._ Or more correctly in
1595. _Calvi_ and _Tassi_. iii. 329.

Lomazzo, Gio. Paolo, a Milanese, b. 1538. _N. Guida di Milano._ d. 1600.
_MS._ iv. 271.

Lombardelli, _see_ Della Marca.

Lombardi, Gio. Domenico, a Lucchese, called L'Omino, b. 1682, d. 1752.
_Flor. Dic._ i. 360.

Lombardo, Biagio, a Venetian, living in 1648. _Ridolfi._ iii. 338.

---- Giulio Cesare, flourished towards the end of the sixteenth century.
_Zanetti._ iii. 345. _See also_ Lamberto Lombardo.

Lomellino, Valentino, da Raconigi, flourished in 1561. _MS._ v. 454.

Lomi, Alessandro and Mancini Bartolommeo, copyists of Dolci. _Baldinucci._
i. 311.

---- Baccio, a Pisan, living in 1585. _Da Morrona._ i. 276.

---- Aurelio, a nephew of the preceding, d. 1622, aged 66. _Morrona._
According to Cav. Titi he lived to his eightieth year. i. 315, v. 392.

---- Orazio and Artemisia, _see_ Gentileschi.

Londonio, Francesco, a Milanese, b. 1723, living in 1763. _Oretti, Mem._,
written by himself. iv. 329.

Longe, la, Uberto, or Roberto, called _Il Fiammingo_, b. at Brussels, d.
1709, at Piacenza. _Guida di Piacenza_, where it is written _Da Longe_. iv.

Longhi, Luca, da Ravenna. _Vasari._ d. 12th August, 1580, aged 73. _Carrari
Orazione_, &c. v. 82.

---- Francesco, his son, living with his sister, 1581. _Orazione detta._
_MS._ v. 83.

---- Barbara, daughter of Luca. _ib._

---- Pietro, a Venetian, b. 1702, living in 1762. _Aless. Longhi_. Pietro
Longo, or De' Lunghi, was pupil to Paul Veronese. _Zanetti._ iii. 375.

Lopez, called Gaspero da' Fiori, a Neapolitan, d. at Florence about 1732.
_Dominici._ Or at Venice. _Catalogo Algarotti._ i. 325, iii 388.

Lorenese, Claudio, _see_ Gellée.

Lorenzetti, Ambrogio, a Sienese. His works from 1330 to 1337. _Della
Valle._ d. 1340, aged 83. _MS._ i. 393.

---- called Laurati, Pietro, brother of Ambrogio. His works from 1327 to
1342. _Della Valle._ Out of Siena, up to 1355. _Vasari._ i. 394.

---- Gio. Batista, a Veronese, painted in 1641. _Pozzo._ iii. 379.

Lorenzi, Francesco, a Veronese, d. 1783, aged 64. iii. 381.

Lorenzino da Venezia, scholar of Titian. _Ridolfi._ iii. 156.

---- da Bologna, _see_ Sabbatini, _see_ Di Guido, _see_ Loli, _see_ Fermo.

Lorenzo, Don., a monk of Camaldoli, a Florentine, of the school of Taddeo
Gaddi. _Baldinucci._ d. aged 55. _Vasari._ i. 60.

---- di, Fiorenzo, di Perugia. His notices from 1472 up to 1521.
_Mariotti._ ii. 27.

Lorio, Camillo, an Udinese painter of the seventeenth century. _Renaldis._
iii. 296.

Loro, da, (in the Florentine district,) Carlo, living in 1568. _Vasari._ i.

Loschi, Jacopo, of Parma. His notices, 1462 and 1488. _Affò._ iv. 76.

---- Bernardino, of Carpi. His notices from 1495 to 1533. iv. 38.

Loth, Gio. Carlo, a Bavarian, d. 1698, aged 66. _Zanetti._ iii. 291.

---- Onofrio, a Neapolitan, d. 1717. _Dominici._ ii. 423.

Loto, Bartolommeo, a Bolognese, pupil of Viola. _Malvasia._ v. 204.

Lotto, Lorenzo, a Bergamese. His notices from 1513 to 1554 and upwards.
_Tassi._ d. old at Loretto. _Vasari._ Proved to be a Venetian. _Beltramelli
Notizie_, &c. iii. 110.

Loves, _see_ Lys.

Luca, Santo, a Florentine, lived in the eleventh century. _Lami._ ii. 9.

---- di Tomè, a Sienese, painted in 1367. _Della Valle._ i. 399.

Lucatelli, (in most books Locatelli,) Pietro, a Roman academician of St.
Luke, 1690. _Orlandi._ ii. 268, v. 491.

---- Andrea, a Roman landscape painter. _Catalogo Colonna._ ii. 217, 329,

Lucca, da, Diodato, painted in 1287. _MS._ i. 14.

---- (da,) Michelangiolo, _see_ Anselmi.

Lucchese, il, _see_ Ricchi.

Lucchesino, _see_ Testa.

Lucchetto, _see_ Cambiasi.

Luffoli, Gio. Mario, a Pesarese, painted before 1680. _Guida di Pesaro._
His works at S. Abate were from 1665 to 1707. _Oretti_, according to Church
Registers. v. 160.

Lugaro, Vincenzio, di Udine, his notices from 1589 to 1619. _Renaldis._
iii. 295.

Luini, Tommaso, a Roman, d. in the pontificate of Urban VIII., aged 35.
_Baglione._ ii. 205.

---- or Lovini, Bernardino, of Luino, in the Lago Maggiore, lived beyond
the year 1530. _MS._ iv. 258.

---- Evangelista, his son, lived in 1584. _Lomazzo._ iv. 263.

---- Aurelio, another son, d. 1593, aged 63. _Morigia._ iv. 264.

---- Giulio Cesare, Valsesiano, a scholar of Gaudenzio. _Pitture d'Italia._
iv. 270.

---- Pietro, _see_ Gnocchi.

Lunghi, Antonio, a Bolognese, d. 1757. _Guida di Bologna._ v. 230.

Luti, Cav. Benedetto, b. 1666, at Florence, d. 1724. _Pascoli._ i. 345, ii.

Luzio, a Roman, a scholar of Perino, painted at Genoa, about 1530. _See
Vasari._ ii. 126, v. 370.

Luzzo, Pietro, da Feltre, supposed identical with Morto da Feltro, in
_Vasari_. Called also Zarato, and more truly, by _Cambrucci_, Zarotto.
Painted at his native place, in the loggia belonging to S. Stefano, in
1519. _Cambrucci._ iii. 103. _See_ Da Feltro.

Luzzo, Lorenzo, da Feltre, painted at his native place, in S. Stefano, in
1511. _Cambrucci._ iii. 104.

Lys, Gio., called Pan of Oldenburgh, d. 1626. _Sandrart._ In the short
_Catalogue of the paintings of St. Peter in Valle di Fano_, (1781,) he is
termed Gio. Loves. iii. 292.


Macchi, Florio and Gio. Batista, Bolognese pupils of the Caracci.
_Malvasia._ _Oretti_, in the _Memorie_, says of the second, that he died
24th November, 1628. v. 197.

Macchietti, Girolamo, a Florentine, called Del Crocifissaio, b. about 1541,
living in 1564. _Vasari._ i. 263.

Macerata, da, Giuseppino, living in 1630. _MS._ ii. 222.

Macrino, d'Alba, or Gio. Giacomo Fava, his notices from 1496 to 1508. _Co.
Durando._ v. 452.

Maderno, da Como, flourished about 1700. _MS._ iv. 329.

Madiona, Ant., a Syracusan, d. 1719, aged 69. _Hakert._ ii. 411.

Madonne, delle, Carlo, _see_ Maratta, _see_ Lippo, _see_ Dalmasio, _see_ Da

Madonnina, Franc., a Modenese of the sixteenth century. _Tiraboschi._ iv.

Maestri, Rocco, a pupil of Padovanino. _Guida di Venezia dello Zanetti._
iii. 303.

Maffei, Jac., a Venetian, lived in 1663. _Guida di Rovigo._ iii. 339.

---- Franc., di Vicenza, d. in Padua, 1660. _Guida di Padova._ iii. 267,

Magagnolo, a painter and writer of the fifteenth century, a Modenese.
_Tiraboschi._ iv. 36.

Maganza, Gio. Batista, called Magagnò di Vicenza, b. 1509, d. 1589.
_Orlandi._ iii. 170.

---- Alessandro, his son, b. 1556, d. 1630. _Ridolfi._ iii. 309.

---- Gio. Batista, son of Alessandro, d. 1617, aged 40. _Ridolfi._ iii.

---- other sons. _ib._

Magatta, or Domenico Simonetti, of Ancona, an artist of this age. _MS._ ii.

Magatti, Pietro, di Varese, flourished about 1770. _MS._ iv. 323.

Maggi, Pietro, a Milanese, pupil of Abbiati. _MS._ iv. 316.

Maggieri, (in a picture of S. Agostino, at C. di Castello, written
_Maccerius_,) Cesare, of Urbino, d. 1629. _Lazzari._ ii. 197.

---- Basilio, a portrait painter. _Lazzari._ _ib._

Maggiotto, Domenico, a Venetian, d. old in 1794. _MS._ iii. 361.

Magistris, de, Simone, da Caldarola, painted in 1585. _MS._ ii. 197.

Magnani, Cristoforo, di Pizzichettone, lived about 1580. _Zaist._ iv. 186.

Magnasco, Stefano, a Genoese, d. 1665, aged about 30. _Ratti._ v. 442.

---- Alessandro, his son, called Lissandrino, b. 1681, d. 1747. _Ratti._
iv. 328, v. 442.

Maia, Gio. Stefano, a Genoese, d. 1747, aged 75. _Ratti._ v. 440.

Maiano, da, in the Florentine state, Benedetto, d. 1498, aged 54. _Vasari._
iii. 88.

Mainardi, Andrea, called Il Chiaveghino, of Cremona. His notices from 1590
to 1613. _Zaist._ iv. 184, 185, 195.

---- Marcantonio, his nephew, one of his works at Castel Buttano in the
Cremonese bears date 1629. _Bartoli_ and _Oretti_. iv. 184, 187.

---- Bastiano, a Florentine scholar of Domenico del Ghirlandaio. _Vasari._
i. 96.

---- Lattanzio, a Bolognese, d. in the pontificate of Sixtus V., aged 27.
_Baglione._ v. 124.

Mainero, Gio. Batista, a Genoese, d. 1637. _Soprani._ v. 419.

Maioli, or Maiola, Clemente, a Roman, according to some a Ferrarese,
scholar of Pietro da Cortona, (_Cittadella e Guida di M. Alboddo_,) or of
Romanelli. _Guida di Roma._ v. 343.

Malagavazzo, Coriolano, a Cremonese, painted in 1585. _Zaist._ iv. 186.

Malatesta, _see_ Da Pistoia.

Malducci, Mauro, and Fiorentini Francesco, priests of Forli, and scholars
of Cignani. _Guarienti._ v. 258.

Malinconico, Andrea, a Neapolitan, scholar of Stanzioni. _Dominici._ ii.

Malò, Vincenzo, of Cambray, d. at Rome, aged 45. _Soprani._ v. 394.

Malombra, Pietro, a Venetian, b. 1556, d. 1618. _Ridolfi._ iii. 269.

Malosso, _see_ Trotti.

Malpiedi, Domenico, da S. Ginesio, in the Marca, living in 1596. _Colucci._
ii. 193.

---- Francesco, di S. Ginesio, of the same epoch. _MS._ _ib._

Manaigo, Silvestro, a Venetian, a scholar of Lazzarini. _Zanetti._ iii.

Mancini, Annibale, named in the _Gall. del Marino_, lived about 1610. v.

---- Francesco, of S. Angelo in Vado, an academician of St. Luke in 1725,
d. 1758. _MS._ ii. 289.

Manenti, Vincenzio, of Sabina, d. 1674, aged 74. _Orlandi._ ii. 211.

Manetti, Rutilio, a Sienese, b. 1571, d. 1637. _Roy. Gall. of Florence._ i.

Manfredi, Bartolommeo, of Mantua, d. young in the pontificate of Paul V.
_Baglione._ ii. 202.

Manglard, Adriano, a Frenchman, b. 1688, d. 1761. _Flor. Dic._ ii. 332.

Mannini, Jacopo, a Bolognese, b. 1646, d. 1732. _Zanotti._ v. 269.

Mannozzi, _see_ Da S. Giovanni.

Mansueti, Gio., a Venetian, painted at Trevigi in 1500. _MS._ iii. 56.

Mantegna, Cav. Andrea, a Paduan, b. 1430, d. 1506. _Guida di Padova._ i.
122, 124, 136, ii. 16, iii. 70, iv. 6.

---- Francesco, and another son who survived their father. _Bettinelli,
Arti Mantovane._ iv. 10.

---- del, Carlo, a Lombard, painted at Genoa about 1514. _Soprani._ iv. 11,
v. 364.

Mantovano, Camillo, lived about 1540. _Vasari._ iv. 23.

---- Franc., living in 1663. _Guida di Rovigo._ iii. 342.

---- Gio. Batista, or Gio. Batista Briziano, scholar of Giulio. _Vasari._
iv. 23.

---- Diana, his daughter, called Diana Mantovana, _Vasari._ Her name is
signed, _Diana Civis Volterrana_: painted in 1575. _Bottari._ _ib._

---- Rinaldo, scholar of Giulio, d. young. _Vasari._ iv. 19.

---- Teodoro, _see_ Ghigi.

---- Giorgio, _see_ Ghisi.

Manzini, Raimondo, a Bolognese, b. 1668, d. 1744. _Crespi._ v. 267.

Manzoni, Ridolfo, of Castelfranco, b. 1675, d. 1743. _MS._ iii. 389.

---- of Faenza, d. young, v. 200.

Manzuoli, or di S. Friano Maso, a Florentine, b. 1536, d. 1575. _Roy. Gall.
of Florence._ i. 266.

Marasca, Jacopino, a Cremonese, lived in 1430. _Zaist._ iv. 151.

Maratta, Cav. Carlo, called Carlo delle Madonne, b. in Camurano of Ancona,
1625, d. 1713. _Pascoli._ i. 228, ii. 265, 278.

---- M. Maratta, his daughter, ii. 280.

Marca, della, Gio. Batista Lombardelli, called also Montano of Montenovo,
d. about 1587, aged 55. _Orlandi._ ii. 150.

---- Lattanzio, of the Pagani family, b. at Monterubbiano, called also
Lattanzio da Rimino, lived in 1553. _Mariotti._ ii. 41, v. 42.

Marcantonio, da Bologna, _see_ Raimondi.

Marchelli, Rolando, a Genoese, b. 1664, d. 1751. _Ratti._ v. 429.

Marchesi, Gioseffo, called Il Sansone, a Bolognese, d. 1771. _Guida di
Bologna._ Or b. 30th July, 1699, d. 16th February, 1771. _Oretti, Memor._
v. 234.

---- or Zaganelli, _see_ Da Cotignola.

Marchesini, Alessandro, a Veronese, b. 1664, d. 1733. _Guarienti._ Or 1738,
aged 74. _Zanetti._ Or b. 1665, d. 27th January, 1738. _Oretti, Mem._ iii.

Marchetti, Marco, da Faenza, d. in the pontificate of Gregory XIII.
_Baglione._ Or 1588. _Cart. Oretti._ ii. 170, v. 93.

Marchioni, la, di Rovigo, painted towards 1700. _Guida di Rovigo._ iii.

Marchis, de, Alessio, of the kingdom of Naples, flourished about 1710.
_MS._ ii. 331.

Marcilla, da, Guglielmo, d. 1537, at Arezzo, aged 62. _Vasari._ i. 223.

Marcola, Marco, a Veronese, d. 1790, aged 62. iii. 381.

Marconi, Marco, di Como, lived about 1500. _MS._ iv. 236.

---- Rocco, Trevigiano, painted in 1505. _MS._ iii. 117.

Marcucci, Agostino, a Sienese of the school of the Caracci. _Malvasia._ i.

Mareni, Gio. Ant., scholar of Baciccio. _Guida di Torino._ v. 481.

Marescalco, il, _see_ Buonconsigli.

---- Pietro, birth-place uncertain, a painter of the sixteenth century.
_MS._ iii. 79.

Marescotti, Bartolommeo, a Bolognese, d. 1630. _Guida di Bologna._ v. 155.

Margaritone, d'Arezzo, d. after 1289, aged 77. _Vasari._ i. 14.

Mari, Alessandro, of Turin, b. 1650, d. at Madrid, 1707. _Orlandi._ v. 481.

---- Antonio, of Turin. _N. Guida di Torino._ v. 482. Note that Co. Durando
Villa, p. 51, believes that Alessandro and Antonio Mari are the same

Maria, de, Cav. Ercole, a Bolognese, called Ercolino di Guido, d. young
about the time of Urban VIII. _Malvasia._ v. 150.

---- di Francesco, a Neapolitan, b. 1623, d. 1690. _Dominici._ ii. 413.

Mariani, Camillo, b. of Sienese father in Vicenza, d. 1611, aged 46.
_Baglione._ i. 434.

---- Domenico, a Milanese, flourished in the seventeenth century.
_Orlandi._ iv. 327.

---- Gioseffo, son of Domenico, living in 1718. _Orlandi._ _ib._

---- Gio. Maria, of Ascoli, a companion of Valerio Castello. _Soprani._ v.

Marieschi, Jacopo, a Venetian, scholar of Diziani, b. 1711, d. 1794. _MS._
iii. 388.

Marinari, Onorio, a Florentine, b. 1627, d. 1715. _R. Gall. of Flor._ i.

Marinelli, Girol. d'Assisi, painted in 1630. _Descriz. di S. Franc. di
Perugia._ ii. 215.

Marinetti, Antonio, called Il Chiozzotto, scholar of Piazzetta. _MS._ iii.

Marini, Antonio, a Paduan, flourished about 1700. _Guida di Padova._ iii.

---- Benedetto, of Urbino, painted in 1625. _Guida di Piacenza._ ii. 198,
iii. 253.

---- Gio. Antonio, a Venetian mosaic-worker, scholar of Bozza. _Zanetti._
iii. 253.

---- N. da S. Severino, flourished about 1700. _MS._ ii. 311.

Mariotti, Gio. Batista, a Venetian, d. about 1765. _Guida di Padova._ iii.

Marliano, Andrea, a Pavese, scholar of Bernardino Campi. _Lamo._ iv. 288.

Marmitta, Francesco, of Parma. His notices in 1494 and 1506. _Affò._ iv.

Maroli, Domenico, a Messinese, (_Bosch. Hakert._) b. 1612, d. 1676, ii.
409, iii. 343.

Marone, Jacopo, di Alessandria, painted at Savona in the fifteenth century.
_Guida di Genova._ v. 361.

Marracci, Gio., a Lucchese, b. 1637, d. 1704. _Orlandi._ i. 358.

---- Ippolito, his younger brother. _Orlandi._ i. 362.

Martelli, Lorenzo and Baldini Taddeo, Florentine copyists and imitators of
Salvator Rosa. _Baldinucci._ i. 326.

Martinelli, Gio., a Florentine, lived towards the middle of the seventeenth
century. _MS._ i. 296.

---- Luca and Giulio, scholars of Jacopo Bassano. _Verci._ iii. 210.

Martini, Gio., of Udine, scholar of Gio. Bellini, his paintings of 1501 and
1507. _Renaldis._ In the registers of the school of S. Cristoforo at Udine
the person who made its Gonfalone, or banner, is called Gio. di Martino,
and there are accounts of this painter up to 1515. _MS._ iii. 66.

---- Innocenzio, of Parma, lived in the sixteenth century. _Affò._ iv. 132.

Martino, di, Bartolommeo, a Sienese, painted in 1405. _Della Valle._ i.

Martinotti, Evangelista, di Casalmonferrato, d. 1694, aged 60. _Orlandi._
v. 482.

Martis, or Martini, Ottaviano, da Gubbio, matriculated at Perugia in 1400,
living in 1444. _Mariotti._ ii. 22.

Martorana, Giovacchino, a Sicilian, lived in the eighteenth century. _MS._
ii. 441.

Martoriello, Gaetano, a Neapolitan, d. 1723, aged about 50. _Dominici._ ii.

Marucelli, or Maruscelli, Gio. Stefano, a Florentine, or of Umbria, b.
1586, d. 1646. _Baldinucci._ Or d. 1656, aged 72. _Epitafio presso
l'Oretti._ i. 262.

---- Valerio, scholar of Santi Titi, i. 262.

Marullo, Giuseppe, of Casale d'Orta, d. 1685. _Dominici._ ii. 405.

Marzi, by others Mazzi, Ventura, of Urbino, supposed pupil of Barocci.
_Lazzari._ ii. 195.

Marziale, Marco, a Venetian painter in 1488 and 1506. _MS._ iii. 60.

Masaccio, di S. Giovanni, in the Florentine state, b. 1401, d. 1443.
_Baldinucci._ i. 73.

Mascagni, Donato, a Florentine, called afterwards F. Arsenio, b. 1579, d.
1636. _Baldinucci._ i. 314.

Mascherini, Ottaviano, a Bolognese, d. in the pontificate of Paul V., aged
82. _Malvasia._ ii. 180.

Masini, Giuseppe, his work of 1658, i. 328.

Masolino, _see_ Panicale.

Massa, D. Gio., da Carpi, d. 1741, almost 80. _Tiraboschi._ iv. 72.

Massari, Lucio, a Bolognese, b. 1569, d. 1633. _Malvasia._ v. 188.

Massaro, Nicola, a Neapolitan, d. 1704. _Dominici._ ii. 443.

Massarotti, Angelo, a Cremonese, d. 1723, aged 68. _Zaist._ iv. 199.

Massei, Girolamo, a Lucchese, d. in the pontificate of Paul V., aged 80.
_Baglione._ i. 277, ii. 147.

Massi, D. Ant. da Jesi, flourished about 1580. _Colucci_, vol. x. ii. 168.

Massone, Gio., of Alessandria, painted at Savona in 1490. _Guida di
Genova._ v. 361.

Mastelletta, or Gio. Andrea Donducci, a Bolognese, b. 1575, scholar of the
Caracci. _Malvasia._ d. 25th April, 1655. _Oretti, Mem._ v. 193.

Mastroleo, Giuseppe, a Neapolitan, b. 1744. _Dominici._ ii. 435.

Masturzo, Marzio, a Neapolitan, scholar of Rosa. _Dominici._ ii. 422.

Masucci, Agostino, an academician of St. Luke in 1724. _MS._ d. 1758, aged
67. _His Epitaph at Rome. MS._ ii. 284.

---- Lorenzo, his son, ii. 285.

Matham, Teodoro, of Haarlem, lived in 1663. _Orlandi._ v. 477.

Mattei, Silvestro, of Ascoli, d. 1739, aged 86. _Guida di Ascoli._ ii. 288.

Matteis, de, Paolo, a Neapolitan, b. 1662, d. 1728. _Dominici._ ii. 434.

Matthieu, Baldassare, of Anvers, painted at Turin in 1656. _MS._ v. 474.

Mattioli, Girolamo, a Bolognese, lived in 1577. _Malvasia._ v. 66.

Maturino, of Florence, d. about 1528. _Vasari._ ii. 114.

Mayno, Giulio, of Asti, his notices from 1608 to 1627. _MS._ v. 467.

Mazza, Damiano, a Paduan, scholar of Titian. _Ridolfi._ iii. 167.

Mazzanti, Cav. Lodovico, of Orvieto, scholar of Baciccio. _Ratti._ Living
in 1760. _MS._ ii. 300.

Mazzaforte, di, Pietro, his work of 1461. _Civalli._ ii. 26.

Mazzaroppi, Marco, of S. Germano, painted in 1590, d. 1620. _Dominici._ ii.

Mazzelli, Gio. Marco, of Carpi, living in 1709. _Tiraboschi._ iv. 72.

Mazzi, _see_ Marzi.

Mazzieri, Antonio, a Florentine, scholar of Franciabigio. _Vasari._ i. 213.

Mazzolini, Lodov., a Ferrarese, d. about 1530, aged 49. _Baruffaldi._ v.

Mazzoni, or Morzoni, _see_ Morazzone.

Mazzoni, Cesare, a Bolognese, b. 1678, d. 1763. _Crespi._ v. 229.

---- Giulio, of Piacenza, living in 1568. _Vasari._ iv. 133.

---- Cav. Guido, called also Paganini and Il Modanino, of Modena, painted
in 1484, d. 1518. _Tiraboschi._ iv. 40.

---- Sebastiano, a Florentine, d. about 1685. _Guarienti._ iii. 280.

Mazzuchelli, _see_ Morazzone.

Mazzuoli, Annibale, of Siena, d. at an advanced age in 1743. _D. Valle._ i.

---- (_Vasari_) written by others Mazzuola and Mazzola, Pierilario, of
Parma, painted in 1533. _Affò._ iv. 77.

---- Michele, his brother. _Affò._ _ib._

---- Filippo, another brother, d. 1505. _Affò._ _ib._

---- Francesco, his son, called Parmigianino, and by _Lomazzo_, Il
Mazzolino, b. 1503. _Affò._ Or 1504. _Mariette, Descrip._ d. 1540.
_Vasari._ i. 125, iv. 123.

---- Girolamo, cousin of Franc., living in 1580. _Ratti._ iv. 128.

---- Alessandro, son of Girolamo, d. 1608. _Affò._ iv. 130.

---- Filippo, _see_ Bastaruolo.

Mecherino, _see_ Beccafumi.

Meda, Carlo, a Milanese, flourished about 1590. _Orlandi._ iv. 287.

---- Giuseppe, a Milanese, living in 1595. _Morigi._ _ib._

Medola, _see_ Schiavone.

Meglio, di, supposed the same as Coppi.

Mehus, Livio, of Oudenard, in Flanders, b. 1630, d. 1691. _R. Gall._ i.

Mei, Bernardino, a Sienese, his works of 1636 and 1653. _D. Valle._ i. 447.

Melani, Cav. Giuseppe, a Pisan, d. 1747. _Morrona._ i. 357.

---- Francesco, his brother, d. 1742. _Morrona._ i. 362.

Melchiori, Melchiore, di Castelfranco, father of the historian, b. 1641, d.
1686. _Melchiori._ iii. 314.

Melchiorri, Gio. Paolo, a Roman, b. 1664, living in 1718. _Orlandi._ ii.

Melissi, Agostino, a Florentine, painted in 1675. _Baldinucci._ i. 288.

Melone, Altobello, a Cremonese, painted about 1497. _Vasari._ And about
1520. _Bottari._ iv. 154.

Meloni, Marco, di Carpi, lived in 1537. _Tiraboschi._ iv. 38.

Melozzo, _see_ Da Forli.

Melzi, Francesco, a Milanese, living at an advanced age in 1568. _Vasari._
iv. 353.

Memmi, that is Guglielmi Simone, a Sienese, d. 1344. _Della Valle._ Aged
60. _Vasari._ i. 41, 388.

---- Lippo, (Filippo,) a Sienese, a relation of the preceding, living in
1361. _D. Valle._ i. 388.

Menabuoi, _see_ Padovano.

Menarola, Cristof., da Vicenza. _Guida di Vicenza._ Living in 1727.
_Melchiori._ iii. 314.

Mengazzino, _see_ Santi.

Mengozzi, Colonna, or Colonna Mengozzi, Girolamo, a Ferrarese, native of
Tivoli, and academician of Venice; his memorials there commence before
1733, and continue up to 1766, when he attained his 78th year. _Zanetti._
v. 348.

Mengs, Cav. Ant. Raffaello, b. in Aussig. 1728, d. 1779. _Cav. Azara._ ii.
313, 324.

Mengucci, Gianfrancesco, da Pesaro, a scholar of Lanfranc. _Malvasia._ ii.
215, v. 177.

---- Domenico, a landscape painter, flourished about 1660. _Malvasia._ v.

Menichino, del, Brizio, _see_ Ambrogi.

Menini, Lorenzo, a scholar of Gessi. _Malvasia._ ii. 397.

Menzani, Filippo, a Bolognese, living in 1660. _Malvasia._ v. 140.

Mera, Pietro, of Flanders, lived in the time of Aliense. _Ridolfi._ iii.

Merano, Gio. Batista, a Genoese, b. 1632, d. about 1700. _Ratti._ v. 401.

---- Francesco, called Il Paggio, b. 1619, d. 1657. _Soprani._ _ib._

Mercati, Gio. Batista, of Città S. Sepolcro, a painter of the seventeenth
century, i. 352.

Merli, Gio. Antonio, painted at Novara in 1488. _MS._ iv. 237.

Messina, da, Antonello, called by some Antonello degli Antoni, d. aged 49.
_Vasari._ Or b. in 1447, d. 1496. _Gallo._ On the authority of a _MS._ by
an artist of Susi who lived at the close of the seventeenth century. i. 82,
ii. 354. His notices in Venice from about 1470 to 1478. _Zanetti._ In
Trevigi up to 1490. _Ridolfi._ iii. 42, _et seq._

---- Salvo di Antonio, nephew of Antonello, flourished about 1511.
_Hakert._ ii. 371.

---- da, P. Feliciano, a Capuchin (before he became a priest, called
Domenico Guargena) b. 1610. _Hak._ ii. 425.

---- Pino, a scholar of Antonello. _Hakert._ iii. 42.

Messinese, _see_ Avellino, _see_ Gabrielli.

Metrana, Anna, of Turin, living in 1718. _Orlandi._ v. 491.

Mettidoro, Mariotto and Raffaello, Florentines, lived about 1568. _Vasari._
i. 214.

Meucci, Vincenzio, a Florentine, b. 1694, d. 1766. _R. Gall._ i. 349.

Meyer, or rather Meyerle (_Necrologio of Vercelli_) Fran. Anton. da Praga,
d. 1782, aged 72. _MS._ v. 490.

Mezzadri, Anton., a Bolognese, living in 1688. _Crespi._ v. 205.

Michela, a painter of perspective. _Pitture d'Italia._ Flourished about
1740. v. 491.

Michelangeli, Francesco, of Aquila, a scholar of Luti, d. young. _Lett.
Pitt._, vol. vi., ii. 274.

Michele, Parrasio, a Venetian, scholar of Paul Veronese. _Ridolfi._ iii.

Michelini, Gio. Batista, of Foligno, flourished about 1650. _MS._ ii. 212.

Michelino, a Milanese, living in 1435. _Lomazzo._ iv. 214.

Micheli, _see_ Andrea Vicentino.

Micone, Niccolo, a Genoese, called Lo Zoppo (the cripple) of Genoa, d.
1730, aged 80. _Ratti._ v. 442.

Miel, Cav. Gio., of Antwerp, b. about 1599, d. 1644. _Baldinucci._ ii. 256,
v. 474.

Miglionico, Andrea, a scholar of Giordano, d. soon after his master.
_Dominici._ ii. 433.

Mignard, Nicolas, of Troyes, d. 1668. _De Piles._ Aged 63. _Bardon._ ii.

---- Pietro, his brother, called Il Romano. _Orlandi._ _ib._

Milanese, Guglielmo, or Guglielmo della Porta, a pupil of Perino in design,
a celebrated sculptor, and brother of Piombo, living in 1658. _Vasari._
_See also Baglione._ v. 370.

---- il, _see_ Cittadini.

Milanesi, Filippo and Carlo, painters of the fifteenth century. _Lomazzo._
iv. 223.

Milani, Giulio Cesare, a Bolognese, b. 1621, d. aged 57. _Orlandi._ v. 164.

---- Aureliano, his nephew, b. 1675, d. 1749, at Rome. _Crespi._ v. 233.

Milano, da, Agostino, scholar of Suardi. _Lomazzo._ iv. 181.

---- Andrea, living in 1495. _Zanetti._ iv. 233.

---- another Andrea da Milano, _see_ Solari.

---- Francesco, was living in 1540. _Federici._ iii. 185.

---- Gio., painted in 1370. _Vasari._ i. 60, iv. 211.

Milocco, Antonio, of Turin, a painter of this age. _Pitture d'Italia._ v.

Minga, del, Andrea, a Florentine, was living in 1568. _Vasari._ i. 264.

Mini, Antonio, a Florentine, pupil of Bonarruoti. _Vasari._ i. 179.

Miniati, Bartol., a Florentine assistant of Rosso. _Vasari._ i. 209.

Miniera, Biagio, of Ascoli, d. 1755, aged 58. _Guida di Ascoli._ ii. 288.

Minniti, Mario, a Syracusan, b. 1577, d. 1640. _Hakert._ ii. 320.

Minorello, Franc., di Este, d. 1657, aged 33. _Guida di Padova_, iii. 308.

Minozzi, Bernardo, a Bolognese, b. 1699, d. 1769. _Guida di Bologna._ v.

Minzocchi, Franc., called Il Vecchio di S. Bernardo, of Forli. _Vasari._ d.
1574, upwards of 61. _Carte Oretti._ v. 84.

---- Pietro Paolo, his son, v. 85.

---- Sebastiano, another son, his painting of 1593, _ib._

Mio, de, Gio., di Vicenza, perhaps surnamed _Fratina_, painted in 1556.
_Zanetti._ iii. 170.

Miozzi, Niccolo and Marcantonio, of Vicenza, lived about 1670. _Guida di
Rovigo._ iii. 314.

Miradoro, Luigi, called Il Genovesino, painted in 1647. _Zaist._ One of his
works is at S. Imerio, bearing date 1651. _Oretti, Mem._ iv. 197.

Mirandola, Domenico, a Bolognese, scholar of the Caracci. _Malvasia._
Interred at S. Tommaso di Mercato in Bologna, 1612. _Oretti, Mem._ v. 197.

Mirandolese, _see_ Paltronieri, _see_ Perracini.

Mireti, Girolamo, a Paduan, by Vasari called Moretto. His notices, 1423 and
1441. _MS._ iii. 68.

Miretto, Gio., a Paduan, perhaps brother, or relative of the preceding.
_See Notizia Morelli._ iii. 13.

Miruoli, Girolamo, of Romagna, according to _Vasari_, or Bologna. _Masini._
d. about 1570. _Guida di Bologna._ v. 62.

Misciroli, Tommaso, da Faenza, called Il Pittor Villano, d. 1699, aged 63.
_Orlandi._ v. 201.

Mitelli, Agostino, b. in the Bolognese in 1609, d. 1660. _Crespi._ i. 311,
v. 210, 440.

---- Giuseppe, his son, b. 1634, d. 1718. _Zanotti._ v. 212, 213.

Mocetto, Girol., a Venetian, painted in 1484. _MS._ iii. 59.

Modanino, il, _see_ Mazzoni.

Modena, da, Barnaba, painted in 1377. _Tiraboschi._ iv. 34, v. 451.

---- Niccoletto, his engravings from 1500 to 1515. _Tiraboschi._ i. 122,
iv. 37.

---- Pellegrino, _see_ Munari.

---- Tommaso, painted in 1352. _Tiraboschi._ i. 87, iv. 33.

Modigliana, di, Francesco, di Forli. _Guida di Rimini._ Lived about 1600.
v. 86.

Modonino, Gio. Batista, d. about 1656. _Tiraboschi._ iv. 69.

Moietta, Vincenzio, da Caravaggio, flourished at Milan about 1500.
_Morigia._ iv. 234.

Mola, Gio. Batista, a Frenchman, a scholar of Albano. _Malvasia._ d. 1661,
aged 45. _Oretti. Register of the Chiesa delle Lame._ v. 139.

Mola, Pierfrancesco, of the Luganese district, or of the diocese of Como,
b. 1612, d. 1668. _Passeri._ Or b. at Coldrè, 1621, d. 1666. _Pascoli_, and
_Maiette Descriz._ ii. 216, iv. 326, v. 139.

Molinaretto, _see_ Dalle Piane.

Molinari, Ant., a Venetian, was employed in 1727. _Melch._ iii. 351.

---- Gio. Batista, his father, b. 1636. _Melchiori._ _ib._

---- Gio. di Savigliano, scholar of Beaumont, b. 1721, d. 1793. _Vernazza._
v. 486.

Mombasilio, Cav., painted at Turin about 1675. _See Pitture d'Italia._ v.

Mombelli, Luca, a Brescian, living in 1553. _Orlandi._ iii. 175.

Mona, or Monna, or Monio, Domenico, a Ferrarese, d. 1602, aged 52.
_Baruffaldi._ v. 323.

Monaco, delle Isole d'Oro, or d'Ieres, of the Cibò family, a Genoese, d.
1408. _Soprani._ v. 259.

Monaldi, a scholar of Andrea Lucatelli, ii. 333.

Moncalvo, _see_ Caccia.

Monchino, _see_ Dal Sole.

Mondini, Fulgenzio, a Bolognese, scholar of Guercino, d. young in 1664.
_Guida di Bologna._ v. 170.

Mone, for Simone, da Pisa, _see_ Del Sordo.

Moneri, Gio., b. at Visone near Acqui in 1637, d. 1714. _Della Valle._ v.

Monosilio, Salvatore, a Messinese, scholar of Cav. Conca. _Guida di Roma._
ii. 303.

Monrealese, il, _see_ Morelli.

Monsieur Leandro, _see_ Reder, Mons. Rosa, Mons. Spirito, and others, to be
found under their respective names.

Monsignori, Francesco, a Veronese, b. 1455, d. 1519. _Vasari._ iv. 12.

---- F. Girolamo, a Dominican, his brother, d. aged 60. _Vasari._ iv. 13.

Montagna, Bartolommeo, of Vicenza. His notices up to 1507. _MS._ i. 122,
iii. 75.

---- Benedetto, his brother, flourished about 1500. _Ridolfi._ In the
_Notizia Morelli_ he is considered the son of Bartolommeo. i. 122.

Montagna, M. Tullio, a Roman, pupil of Feder. Zuccari. _Baglione_ and
_Orlandi_. ii. 145.

---- of Holland; Olandese, as he is commonly called in Italy, and also M.
Rinaldo della Montagna. _Malvasia._ d. at Padua in 1644. _MS. Monteosso_,
seen by Sig. Brandolese. ii. 252.

Montagnana, Jacopo, a Paduan, living in 1508. _Vasari._ iii. 68.

Montagne, Niccolò de Plate, of Holland, d. about 1665. _Filibert._ ii. 253.

Montalti, _see_ Danedi.

Montani, Gioseffo, of Pesaro, living in 1678. _Malvasia._ b. 1641. _Oretti,
Mem._ v. 161.

Montanini, Pietro, of Perugia, d. 1689, aged 70. _Orlandi._ _Pascoli_ would
have it, aged 63. ii. 331.

Montano, _see_ Della Marca.

Monte, da, Gio. of Crema, flourished about 1580. _MS._ iii. 183. iv. 279.

Montelatici, Francesco, called Cecco Bravo, a Florentine, d. 1661.
_Orlandi._ i. 288.

Montemezzano, Fran., a Veronese, d. young about 1600. _Ridolfi._ iii. 238.

Montepulciano, il, _see_ Morosini.

Montevarchi, il, scholar of Pietro Perugino. _Vasari._ i. 102.

Monti, Francesco, a Bolognese, b. 1685, d. 1768. _Crespi._ v. 229.

---- Eleonora, his daughter, b. 1727. _Crespi._ _ib._

---- another Francesco, a Brescian, b. 1646, d. 1712. _Orlandi._ iii. 339,
iv. 139.

---- Gio. Batista, a Genoese, d. 1657. _Soprani._ v. 419.

---- Gio. Giacomo, a Bolognese, b. 1692. _Crespi._ v. 213.

---- Innocenzio, of Imola, painted from the year 1690. _Crespi._ v. 257.

---- de', Antonio, a portrait painter of Gregory XIII. _Baglione._ ii. 169.

---- de', or delle Lodole, _see_ Franco.

Monticelli, Angelo Michele, a Bolognese, b. 1678, d. 1749. _Crespi._ v.

Montorfano, Gio. Donato, a Milanese, painted at the Grazie in 1495. _N.
Guida di Milano._ iv. 232.

Monverde, Luca, da Udine, scholar of Pellegrino, d. aged 21, painted in
1522. _Renaldis._ iii. 133.

Monza, da, Nolfo, painted about 1500. _Scannelli._ iv. 229.

---- Troso. _Lomazzo._ Employed about 1500. _MS._ iv. 236.

Morandi, Gio. M., a Florentine, b. 1622, d. 1717. _Pascoli._ i. 289, ii.

Morandini, Francesco, da Poppi, in the Florentine state, b. 1544, lived in
1568. _Vasari._ i. 237.

Morazone, Giacomo, a Lombard, painted in 1441. _Zanetti._ iii. 28, iv. 214,
v. 468.

Morazzone, da, Pierfrancesco Mazzuchelli, Cav., d. 1626, aged 55.
_Orlandi._ iv. 299.

Morelli, Bartolommeo, called, from his native place, Il Pianoro, in the
Bolognese, d. 1603. _Crespi._ v. 140.

---- Francesco, a Florentine, master of Cav. Baglione. _Baglione._ ii. 228.

Moreno, F. Lorenzo, a Genoese Carmelite, flourished in 1544. _Soprani._ v.

Moresini, _see_ Fornari.

Moreto, Niccolo, a Paduan. _Vasari._ _See_ Mireti.

Moretti, Cristoforo, called also Rivello, a Cremonese. His notices from
about 1460. _Zaist._ iv. 153.

Moretto, Gioseffo, del Friuli, was employed in 1588. _Renaldis._ iii. 131.

---- Faustino, di Valcamonica in the Brescian territory, a painter of the
seventeenth century. _Orlandi._ iii. 345.

---- da Brescia, _see_ Bonvicino.

Morigi, _see_ Caravaggio.

Morina, (by mistake of Marini called Maina. _Gall._) Giulio, a Bolognese,
pupil of Sabbatini. _Malvasia._ v. 66.

Morinello, Andrea, of Val di Bisagno, (in the Genoese) painted in 1516.
_Soprani._ v. 367.

Morini, Gio., of Imola, was living in 1769. _Crespi._ v. 253.

Moro, il, _see_ Torbido.

---- del, Batista, or Batista d'Angelo, a Veronese, living in 1568.
_Vasari._ iii. 218.

---- Marco, son of Batista, flourished about 1560, d. young. _Pozzo._ iii.

---- Giulio, brother of Batista. _Zanetti._ _ib._

---- del, Lorenzo, a Florentine, living in 1718. _Orlandi._ i. 325, 328.

Morone, Domenico, a Veronese, b. 1430, d. about 1500. _Vasari._ iii. 80.

---- Francesco, his son, deceased in 1529, aged 55. _Vasari._ _ib._

Moroni, Gio. Bat., of Albino in the Bergamese. His notices from 1557. d.
1578. _Tassi._ iii. 174.

---- Pietro, a descendant of Gio. Batista, d. about 1625. _Orlandi._ In
the Guida di Brescia, and in the Carte Antiche by Zamboni, he is called
_Marone Bresciano_. iii. 326.

Morosini, Francesco, called Il Montepulciano, a scholar of Fidani.
_Baldinucci._ i. 314.

Morvillo, _see_ Il Bruno.

Mosca, N., an imitator of Raffaello. _MS._ ii. 123.

Moscatiello, Carlo, a Neapolitan, d. 1739, aged 84. _Dominici._ ii. 430,

Motta, Raffaello, called Raffaellino da Reggio, b. 1550, d. 1578.
_Tiraboschi._ ii. 147, 149, iv. 54.

Muccioli, Bartolommeo, da Ferrara, father of

---- Benedetto, who painted at Urbino in 1492, after his father's death.
_Laz._ ii. 21.

Mugnoz, Sebastiano, a Spaniard, scholar of Maratta, d. 1690, aged 36.
_Guarienti_; who by mistake terms him _Murenos_. _See Lett. Pittor._ vol.
vi. p. 322., ii. 309.

Mulier, or De Mulieribus, Cav. Pietro, called Il Tempesta, b. at Haarlem,
1637, d. 1701. _Pascoli._ ii. 251.

Mulinari, or Mollineri, called Il Caraccino, Gio. Ant. da Savigliano in
Piedmont, b. 1577, d. about 1640. _Co. Durando._ v. 469.

Munari, Pellegrino, called also Aretusi, and commonly Pellegrino da Modena,
employed in 1509, d. 1523. _Tiraboschi._ ii. 115, iv. 42.

Munari, Giovanni, his father and master. _Tiraboschi._ iv. 37.

Mura, de, Francesco, a Neapolitan, living in 1743. _Dominici._ ii. 439.

Murano, da, Andrea. He has an altar-piece at Mussorense, bearing date 1502.
_Verci._ iii. 20.

---- Bernardino, a painter of the fifteenth century. _Zanetti._ _ib._

---- Quirico, a painter of the same century. _MS._ _ib._

---- Natalino, a scholar of Titian. _Ridolfi._ Was employed in 1558. _MS._
iii. 156.

Muratori, Domenico Maria, a Bolognese, b. 1662, d. 1749. _Letter_ from his
son in _Oretti_. ii. 289, v. 233.

---- negli Scannabecchi Teresa, a Bolognese, b. 1662, d. 1708. _Crespi._ v.

Musso, Niccolo, of Casalmonferrato, living in 1618. _Pitture d'Italia._ v.

Mustacchi, il, _see_ Revello.

Mutii, or Mucci, Gio. of Cento, a nephew of Guercino. _Crespi. MS._ v.

Muto di Ficarolo, _see_ Sarti; di Verona, _see_ Comi.

Muttoni, _see_ Vecchia.

Muziano, Girolamo, b. at Acquafredda in the Brescian territory, 1528, d.
1590. _Ridolfi._ Or rather 1592. _Galletti Inscrip. Rom._ ii. 147, 340,
iii. 177.


Nagli, Francesco, called Il Centino, scholar of Guercino. _Guida di
Rimini._ v. 172.

Naldini, Batista, a Florentine, b. 1537. _Orlandi._ Living in 1590. _MS._
i. 260.

Nani, Giacomo, a Neapolitan, scholar of Belvidere. _Dominici._ ii. 424.

Nannetti, Niccola, a Florentine, b. 1675, d. 1749. _Roy. Gall. of
Florence._ i. 348.

Nanni, Girolamo, a Roman, called Il Poco e Buono, (Little and Good,) living
in 1642. _Baglione._ ii. 158.

Nanni, or Nani, _see_ Da Udine.

Nannoccio, a scholar of Andrea del Sarto. _Vasari._ i. 206.

Napoli, di, Cesare, a Messinese, flourished about 1583. _Hakert._ ii. 376.

Napolitano, il, _see_ D'Angeli.

Nappi, Francesco, a Milanese, d. in the pontificate of Urban VIII., aged
65. _Baglione._ iv. 299.

Nardini, D. Tommaso, of Ascoli, d. about 1718, aged 60. _Guida di Ascoli._
ii. 288.

Naselli, Francesco, a Ferrarese, d. about 1630. _Baruffaldi._ v. 336.

---- Alessandro, supposed son of Francesco. _MS._ _Crespi._ v. 337, 341.

Nasini, Cav. Giuseppe, b. in the Sienese, in 1664, d. 1736. _Della Valle._
i. 452.

---- Cav. Apollonio, a clerk, his son, b. 1697, at Florence. _Della Valle._
d. about 1754. _MS._ i. 453.

---- D. Antonio, a brother of Giuseppe, d. 1716. _Roy. Gall. of Flor._ i.

Nasocchio, Giuseppe, da Bassano, painted in the style of the fifteenth
century; left a work with date 1529. I call him the elder, to distinguish
him from Francesco and Bartolommeo, who lived in 1541. _Verci._ iii. 26.

Natali, Carlo, a Cremonese, called Guardolino, b. about 1590. living in
1683. _Zaist._ iv. 195.

---- Gio. Batista, his son, painted in 1657, d. towards 1700. _Zaist._ iv.

---- Giuseppe, di Casal Maggiore, in the Cremonese, b. 1652, d. 1722.
_Zaist._ iv. 203.

---- Francesco, his brother, d. about 1723. _Zaist._ iv. 204.

---- Pietro and Lorenzo, their brothers. _ib._

---- Gio. Batista, son of Giuseppe, d. young. _Zaist._ iv. 204.

---- Gio. Batista, son of Francesco. _Zaist._ _ib._

Natoire, Charles, a Frenchman, b. 1698, d. 1777. _Roy. Gall. of Flor._ ii.

Naudi, Antonio, an Italian, scholar of Paul Veronese. _Palomino._ iii. 238.

Nazzari, Bartolommeo, a Bergamese, b. 1699, d. 1758. _Tassi._ iii. 370.

Nebbia, Cesare, of Orvieto, d. in the pontificate of Paul V., aged 78.
_Baglione._ Living in 1592. _Oretti, Mem._ ii. 148, iv. 299.

Nebea, or Nebbia, Galeotto, of the territory of Alessandria, painted at
Genoa about 1480. _Guida di Genova._ v. 361.

Negri, Pietro, a Venetian, painted in 1679. _Lett. Pitt._, vol. iv. iii.

---- Gio. Francesco, a Bolognese, b. 1648, living in 1718. _Orlandi._ v.

---- or Neri, Pietro Martire, a Cremonese, flourished about 1600. _Zaist._
iv. 194.

Negrone, Pietro, a Calabrese, d. about 1565, aged 60. _Dominici._ ii. 388.

Nelli, Pietro, flourished at Rome the beginning of the eighteenth century.
_MS._ i. 194, ii. 296.

---- Suor, Plautilla, a nun of St. Catherine, at Florence, d. 1588, aged
65. _MS._ i. 364.

Nello, Bernardo di Gio. Falconi, a Pisan, flourished about 1390. _Morrona._
i. 56.

Neri, Gio., a Bolognese, living in 1575. _Masini._ v. 77.

---- Nello, a Pisan, painted in 1299. _Morrona._ i. 66.

Nerito, Jacopo, da Padova, scholar of Gentile da Fabriano. _MS._ iii. 26.

Nero, del, Durante, da Borgo S. Sepolcro, painted in 1560. _Vasari._ i.

Neroccio, a Sienese, painted about 1483. _D. Valle._ i. 407.

Neroni, Bartolommeo, _see_ Il Riccio.

Nervesa, Gaspare, del Friuli, of the school of Titian. _Ridolfi._ iii. 165.

Niccolò, a painter employed in Gemona, 1331. _MS._ iii. 19.

---- di, Gio., perhaps the same as Gio. di Pisa, a painter of the
fourteenth century. _Morrona._ i. 68.

Niceron, P. Gianfrancesco Paolotto, a Frenchman. _Guida di Roma._ ii. 260.

Nicoluccio, a Calabrese, scholar of Lorenzo Costa. _Vasari._ ii. 388, v.

Ninfe, dalle, Cesare, a supposed pupil of Tintoretto. _Zanetti._ iii. 196.

Nobili, de', Durante di Caldarola, in the Picenum, painted in 1571. _Guida
di Ascoli._ ii. 167.

Noferi, Michele, a Florentine, scholar of Vincenzio Dandini. _Baldinucci._
i. 342.

Nogari, Giuseppe, a Venetian, d. 1763, aged 64. _Zanetti._ iii. 375.

---- Paris, a Roman, d. in the pontificate of Clement VIII., aged 65.
_Baglione._ ii. 150.

Nonzio, a miniature painter, or Annunzio, living in 1593, at Milan.
_Morigia._ iv. 296.

Nosadella, _see_ Bezzi.

Notti, dalle, Gherardo, _see_ Hundhorst.

Nova, de, Pecino, a Bergamese, painted as early as 1363, d. 1403. _Tassi._
iii. 19.

---- Pietro, his brother, notices of him, from the year 1402. _ib._

Novara, da, Pietro, painted in 1370. _MS._ iv. 212.

---- Pietro, his father. _MS._ _ib._

Novellara, da, Lelio, _see_ Orsi.

Novelli, Gio. Batista, da Castelfranco, d. 1652, aged 74. iii. 274.

---- Pietro, Cav., called from his birth-place Monrealese, termed by
mistake Morelli, lived in 1660. _Guarienti._ He is also praised by Rosa, in
the _Serie della G. I. di Vienna_, p. 71. ii. 419.

Nucci, Allegretto, di Fabriano, painted in 1366. _MS._ ii. 15.

---- Avanzino, di Città di Castello, d. 1629, aged 77. _Baglione._ ii. 165.

---- Benedetto, di Gubbio, d. 1575. _Ab. Ranghiasci._ iii. 175.

---- Virgilio, his brother. _Ranghiasci._ _ib._

Nunziata, del, Toto, a Florentine, scholar of Ridolfo Ghirlandaio.
_Vasari._ i. 212.

Nuvolone, Panfilo, a Cremonese, flourished in 1608. _Zaist._ d. 1661, aged
53. _Gallerati Istruz. della Pitt. Milanesi._ iv. 193.

Nuvolone, Carlo Francesco, his son, a Milanese, called also Panfilo, b.
1608, d. 1651. _Orlandi._ iv. 343.

---- Gioseffo, another son, a Milanese, called also Panfilo, b. 1619, d.
aged 84. _Orlandi._ iv. 344.

Nuzzi, Mario, b. at Penna, a diocese of Fermo, in 1603, d. at Rome in 1673.
_Pascoli._ ii. 258.


Oberto, di, Francesco, painted at Genoa in 1368. _Guida di Genova._ v. 359.

Occhiali, dagli, Gabriele, _see_ Ferrantini, _see_ Vanvitelli.

Odam, Girolamo, a Roman, b. 1681, living in 1718. _Orlandi._ ii. 286.

Odazzi, or Odasi, Giovanni, b. at Rome in 1663, d. 1731. _Pascoli._ ii.

Oddi, Giuseppe, a Pesarese, scholar of Maratta. _Guida di Pesaro._ ii. 288.

---- Mauro, Parmigiano, d. 1702, aged 63. _Orlandi._ iv. 139.

Oderico, a Canon of Siena, and a miniaturist, living in 1213. _Della
Valle._ i. 376.

---- Gio. Paolo, a Genoese, d. 1657, aged 44. _Soprani._ v. 398.

Oderigi, _see_ Da Gubbio.

Oldoni, Boniforte, a citizen of Vercelli, and Ercole Oldoni, painted in
1466. _Della Valle._ iv. 237.

Oliva, Pietro, a Messinese, flourished towards 1491. _Hakert._ ii. 367.

Olivieri, Domenico, of Turin, b. 1679, d. 1755. _Della Valle._ v. 489.

Omino, l', _see_ Lombardi.

Onofrio, di, Crescenzio. _Colonna Catalogue._ He signed his name also
Crescenzi, living in 1712. _MS._ ii. 246.

Orbetto, _see_ Turchi.

Orcagna, or Orgagna, (those desirous of the utmost degree of minuteness in
minute matters, may consult _Baldinucci_, _Bottari_, and _Manni_,) Andrea,
a Florentine, d. 1389, aged 60. _Vasari._ i. 54.

Orcagna, Bernardo, an elder brother of Andrea. _Vasari._ i. 54.

Orioli, Bartolommeo, painted at Trevigi in 1616. _Federici._ iii. 272.

Orizzonte, _see_ Van Bloemen.

Orlandi, Odoardo, a Bolognese, b. 1660, living in 1718. _Orlandi._ d. 1736.
_Oretti, Mem._ v. 235.

---- Stefano, a Bolognese, b. 1681, d. 1760. _Crespi._ v. 272.

Orlandini, Giulio, of Parma, _Orlandi._ Lived in the seventeenth century.
iv. 139.

Orlando, Bernardo, painted at Turin in 1617. _MS._ v. 467.

Ornerio, Gerardo, a Frisian, painter of glass: painted in 1575. _Orlandi._
i. 228.

Orrente, Pietro, di Murcia, a supposed scholar of Bassano. _Conca._ iii.

Orsi, Benedetto, di Pescia, a pupil of Baldassare Franceschini. _MS._ i.

---- Bernardino, da Reggio, painted in 1501. _Tiraboschi._ iv. 37.

---- Lelio, da Reggio, called Lelio da Novellara, d. 1587, aged 76.
_Tiraboschi._ iv. 52.

---- Prospero, a Roman, d. under Urban VIII., aged 75. _Baglione._ ii. 158.

Orsoni, Gioseffo, a Bolognese, b. 1691, d. 1755. _Crespi._ v. 272.

Ortolano, or Gio. Batista Benvenuto, a Ferrarese, painted in 1525. _Guida
di Ferrara._ d. about 1525. _Baruffaldi._ v. 309.

Orvietani, Andrea and Bartolommeo, painted in 1405. _D. Valle._ ii. 16.

Orvietano, Ugolino, painted in 1321. _D. Valle._ ii. 15.

Ossana, Biffi, Ciniselli, Ciocca, followers of Procaccini, iv. 313.

Ottini, Felice, or Felicetto di Brandi, d. young about 1695. _Pascoli._ ii.

---- Pasquale, a Veronese, d. 1630, aged about 60. _Pozzo._ ii. 232, iii.


Pacchiarotto, Jacopo, a Sienese, went into France in 1435. _Della Valle._
i. 409.

Pace, del, or Paci Ranieri, a Pisan, painted in 1719. _Morrona._ i. 346.

Paccelli, Matteo, a Neapolitan, a pupil of Giordano, d. about 1731.
_Dominici._ ii. 432, 433.

Pacicco, or Pacecco, _see_ Di Rosa.

Paderna, Gio., a Bolognese, and scholar of Dentone, d. aged 40. _Malvasia._
v. 213.

---- Paolo Antonio, a Bolognese, b. 1649, d. 1708. _Orlandi._ v. 204.

Padova, da, Girolamo, called Girolamo dal Santo, d. about 1550, aged 70.
_Guida di Padova._ iii. 72, 73, 74.

---- Lauro, a scholar of Squarcione. _Sansovino._ iii. 74.

---- Maestro Angelo, painted in 1489. _Guida di Padova._ iii. 74.

Padovanino, _see_ Varotari.

Padovano, Giusto, or Giusto Menabuoi, a Florentine, d. about 1397. _Guida
di Padova._ iii. 11.

---- Gio. and Antonio, painters of the same age. _ib._

---- del, or di Lamberto Federigo, of Flanders, lived in 1568. _Vasari._ i.

Paesi, da', _see_ Bassi, Dal Sole, Muziano, Vernigo.

Paganelli, Niccolo, di Faenza, b. 1538, d. 1620. _Oretti Cart._ v. 92.

Pagani, Gasparo, a Modenese, painted in 1543. _Tiraboschi._ iv. 45.

---- Paolo, di Valsolda, in the Milanese, d. 1716, aged 55. _Orlandi._ iv.

---- Francesco, a Florentine, d. 1561, aged 30. _Baldinucci._ i. 289.

---- Gregorio, his son, b. 1558, d. 1605. _Baldinucci._ _ib._

---- Vincenzio, da Monte Rubbiano, in the Picenum, painted in 1529,
_Civalli._ ii. 119.

---- or Da Rimino Lattanzio, _see_ Della Marca.

Paganini, _see_ Mazzoni Giulio.

Paggi, Gio. Batista, a Genoese, b. 1554, d. 1627. _Soprani._ i. 311, v.
389, 396.

Paggio, il, _see_ Merani.

Paglia, Francesco, a Brescian, b. 1636. _Orlandi._ d. after the year 1700.
_MS._ iii. 328.

---- Antonio and Angiolo, his sons; the former d. 9th February, 1747, aged
67, the latter d. 1763, aged 82. _Carboni MS., presso L'Oretti._ _ib._

Pagni, Benedetto, da Pescia, a scholar of Giulio Romano. _Vasari._ i. 218,
iv. 19.

Paladini, Arcangela, a Pisan lady, b. 1599, d. 1622. _R. Gall. of Flor._ i.
320, iv. 282.

---- Cav. Giuseppe, a Sicilian, lived in the seventeenth century, ii. 420.

---- Litterio, a Messinese, d. in the plague of 1743, aged 52. _Hakert._
ii. 441.

Palladino, Adriano, a Cortonese, d. 1680, aged 70. _Orlandi._ i. 353, ii.

---- Filippo, a Florentine, (by _Hakert_ it is written Paladini,) d. in
Mazzarino, 1614, aged about 70. i. 297.

Palloni, (_Orlandi_,) or Polloni, (_Baldinucci_,) Michelangiolo, da' Campi
nel Fiorentino. Passed into Poland in 1674. _Baldinucci._ i. 304.

Palma, Jacopo, the elder, d. aged 48. _Vasari._ iii. 113.

---- Jacopo, the younger, b. 1544, d. aged about 84. _Ridolfi._ ii. 147,
iii. 256.

---- Antonio, father of Jacopo, the younger, flourished in 1600.
_Guarienti._ iii. 256.

Palmegiani, Marco, da Forli, his notices of 1513 and 1537. _MS._ v. 45.

Palmerini, a native of Urbino, flourished about 1500. _Guida di Urbino._
ii. 44.

Palmerucci, Guido, da Gubbio, painted about 1345. _Ab. Ranghiasci._ ii. 13.

Palmieri, Giuseppe, a Genoese, b. 1674, d. aged 66. _Ratti._ v. 436.

Palombo, Bartolommeo, a scholar of Pietro da Cortona. _Orlandi._ ii. 268.

Palomino, D. Antonio, b. near Cordova, a married man, and then a priest, d.
1725, aged 72. _Conca._ ii. 432.

Paltronieri, Gio. Francesco, da Carpi, lived in 1737. _Tiraboschi._ iv. 72.

---- Pietro, called Il Mirandolese dalle Prospettive, b. 1673 ..., d. at
Bologna; d. 3d July, 1741. _Oretti, Mem._ v. 270.

Pampurini, Alessandro, a Cremonese, painted in 1511. _Zaist._ iv. 158.

Pan, _see_ Lys.

Pancotto, Pietro, a Bolognese, pupil of the Caracci. _Malvasia._ Flourished
about 1590. _Masini._ v. 196.

Pandolfi, Giangiacomo, da Pesaro, flourished about 1630. _MS._ ii. 144.

Panetti, Domenico, a Ferrarese, b. 1460, d. about 1530. _Baruffaldi._ v.

Panfilo, _see_ Nuvoloni.

Panicale, da, (in the Florentine state,) Masolino, d. 1415, aged 37.
_Baldinucci._ i. 72.

Panico, Anton Maria, a Bolognese, scholar of Annibal Caracci, d. at
Farnese. _Bellori._ v. 125.

Pannicciati, Jacopo, a Ferrarese, d. young about 1540. _Baruffaldi._ v.

Pannini, Cav. Gio. Paolo, of Piacenza, b. 1691, d. 1764. _Guida di
Piacenza._ ii. 339, iv. 144, v. 491.

Panza, Cav. Federigo, a Milanese, d. 1703, aged 70. _Orlandi._ iv. 315.

Panzacchi, Maria Elena, a Bolognese lady, b. 1668, living in 1718.
_Orlandi._ d. 1737. _Oretti, from the Church Registry of S. Andrea degli
Ansaldi._ v. 264.

Paoletti, Paolo, a Paduan, d. at Udine, in 1735. _Renaldis._ iii. 389.

Paolillo, a Neapolitan, scholar of Sabbatini. _Dominici._ ii. 273.

Paolini, or Paulini, Pietro, a Lucchese, d. old about 1682. _Baldinucci._
Or d. 1681. _Oretti, Mem._ i. 322.

---- Pio, an Udinese, referred to the Academy of Rome in 1678. _Orlandi._
iii. 364.

Paolo, Maestro, painted at Venice in 1346. _Zanetti._ In Vicenza, 1333.
_Morelli Notiz._ iii. 15.

---- Jacopo and Giovanni, his sons. _MS._ _ib._

Papa, Simone, a Neapolitan, b. about 1430, d. about 1488. _Dominici._ ii.

---- Simone, the younger, a Neapolitan, b. about 1506, d. shortly before
1569. _Dominici._ ii. 385.

Paparello, or Papacello, Tommaso, a Cortonese, scholar of Giulio Romano.
_Vasari._ Living in 1553. _Mariotti._ i. 220.

Pappanelli, Niccolò, d. 1620, aged 83, v. 95.

Paradisi, Niccolò, a Venetian, painted in 1404, iii. 16.

Paradiso, dal, _see_ Castelfranco.

Paradosso, _see_ Trogli.

Parasole, Bernardino, a native of Norcia, d. in the pontificate of Urban
VIII. _Baglione._ ii. 156.

Parentani, Antonino, painted at Turin about 1550. _Guida di Torino._ v.

Parentino, Bernardo, or Lorenzo, (the one his name before he became a monk,
the other his assumed ecclesiastical name) of Parenzo, in Istria; d. an
Augustine friar, at Vicenza, in 1531, aged 94. _His Epitaph in Faccioli._
iii. 72.

Paris, di, _see_ Alfani.

Parma, da, Lodovico, a scholar of Francia. _Affò._ Scholar of Costa.
_Malvasia._ iv. 76.

---- Cristoforo, _see_ Caselli.

---- Daniello, _see_ De Por.

Parmigiano, Fabrizio, d. in the pontificate of Clement VIII., aged 45.
_Baglione._ ii. 171, iv. 143.

Parmigianino, _see_ Mazzuoli, _see_ Scaglia, _see_ Rocca.

Parocel, Stefano, painted at Rome in the early part of the eighteenth
century. _See Guida di Roma._ ii. 307.

Parodi, Domenico, a Genoese, b. 1668, d. 1740. _Ratti._ v. 431.

---- Batista, his brother, d. 1730, aged 56. _Ratti._ v. 433.

---- Pellegro, son of Domenico, living in 1769. _Ratti._ _ib._

---- Ottavio, a Pavese, b. 1659, living in 1718. _Orlandi._ iv. 321.

Parolini, Giacomo, a Ferrarese, d. 1733, aged about 70. _Baruffaldi._ v.

Parone, Francesco, a Milanese, d. young in 1634. _Baruffaldi._ iv. 298.

Parrasio, Angelo, a Sienese, painted in 1449. _Colucci._ i. 405.

Pasinelli, Lorenzo, a Bolognese, b. 1629, d. 1700. _Crespi._ v. 217, 220.

Pasquali, Filippo, a Forlivese, scholar of Cignani. _Orlandi._ v. 258.

Pasqualini, Felice, a Bolognese, scholar of Sabbatini. _Malvasia._ v. 65.

Pasqualino, _see_ Rossi.

Pasqualotto, Costantino, da Vicenza, lived about 1700. _MS._ iii. 314.

Passante, Bartolommeo, a Neapolitan, pupil of Spagnoletto. _Dominici._ ii.

Passarotti, Bartolommeo, a Bolognese, flourished about 1578. _Guida di
Bologna._ d. 1592. _Oretti, from the Registry of S. Martino Maggiore._ v.

---- Tiburzio, d. 1612. Aurelio, d. at Rome in the time of Clement VIII.
Ventura, d. 1630. Passarotto, d. 1585. His sons. _Oretti, Mem._ v. 69.

Passeri, (in some books Passari,) Gio. Batista, a Roman, b. about 1610, d.
a priest in 1679. _Life prefixed by the Editor to the Lives written by
him._ ii. 210.

---- Giuseppe, his nephew, b. 1654, d. 1714. _Pascoli._ ii. 283.

---- Andrea, of Como, painted in 1505. _MS._ iv. 235.

Passignano, da, in the Florentine state, Cav. Domenico Cresti, called also
Passignani, b. 1560, d. 1638. _R. Gall. of Florence._ If he be admitted
master of Lodovico Caracci, the date of his birth must be placed earlier.
i. 289, ii. 183, iii. 245, v. 97.

Pasterini, Jacopo, a Venetian, a mosaic worker, flourished about 1615.
_Zanetti._ iii. 253.

Pasti, Matteo, a Veronese, living in 1472. _Maffei._ i. 109, iii. 82.

Pastorino, da Siena, painted at Rome about 1547. _Taia._ i. 227.

Patanazzi, ----, of Urbino, about the times of Claudio Veronese. _MS._ ii.

Pavese, il, _see_ Sacchi.

Pavesi, Francesco, scholar of Maratta. _Vita del Maratta._ ii. 286.

Pavia, Giacomo, a Bolognese, b. the 18th February, 1655. _Oretti, Mem._ d.
about 1750. _Guida di Bologna._ v. 253.

---- da, Donato Bardo, painted in Savona about 1500. _Guida di Genova._ v.

---- Gio., a scholar of Costa. _Malvasia._ iv. 235.

---- Lorenzo, painted at Savona in 1513. _Guida di Genova._ v. 362.

Pauluzzi, Stefano, a Venetian, living in 1660. _Boschini._ iii. 280.

Pavona, Francesco, di Udine, d. at Venice in 1773, aged 88. _Guida di
Bologna._ Corrected by _Renaldis_, for b. 1692, d. 1777. v. 230.

Pecchio, Domenico, a Veronese, and scholar of Balestra, living in 1733.
_Lett. Pittor._ d. about 1760. _Dizion. Istorico._ iii. 383, v. 220.

Pecori, Domenico Aretino, a pupil of D. Bartolommeo. _Vasari._ i. 99.

Pedrali, Giacomo, a Brescian, companion of Domenico Bruni. _Orlandi._ d.
before 1660. _Boschini._ iii. 345.

Pedretti, Giuseppe, a Bolognese, d. 1778, aged 84. _Guida di Bologna._ Or
b. 26th February, 1684. _Oretti, Mem._ v. 247.

Pedrini, Gio., a supposed scholar of Vinci at Milan. _MS._ iv. 257.

Pedroni, Pietro, di Pontremoli, d. 1803. _MS._ i. 366.

Pellegrini, Antonio, of a Paduan family, b. at Venice, 1675. d. 1741.
_Guida di Padova._ iii. 368.

---- Girolamo, a Roman, painted about 1674. _Zanetti._ iii. 280.

---- Felice, of Perugia, b. 1567. _Orlandi._ ii. 195; and Vincenzio his
brother, called Il Pittor Bello, b. 1575, d. 1612. _Pascoli._ ii. 195.

---- Lodovica, a Milanese lady. _Nuova Guida di Milano_ for 1788. Or
Antonia. _Nuova Guida di Milano_ for 1783. Painted in 1626. iv. 282.

---- Andrea, a Milanese of the same family, living in 1595. _Morigia._

---- Pellegrino, his cousin, d. 1634. _MS._ _ib._

Pellegrino, di, S. Daniello, his true name is Martino d'Udine, d. soon
after 1545. _Renaldis._ iii. 66, v. 302.

Pellegrino, da Modena, _see_ Munari.

---- da Bologna, _see_ Tibaldi.

Pellini, Andrea, a Cremonese, painted in 1595. _MS._ His Christ taken from
the cross at S. Eustorgio, bears date 1597. _Oretti, Mem._ iv. 288.

---- Marcantonio, a Pavese, b. 1664, living in 1718. _Orlandi._ Confirmed
by _Oretti, from the Registry of his Baptism_. He had afterwards an account
of his death, which occurred 21st January, 1760, and that he was aged 101
years. iv. 325.

Pennacchi, Piermaria, di Trevigi, flourished about 1520. _Zanetti._ iii.

Penni, Gianfrancesco, or Il Fattore, b. at Florence, d. aged 40, about
1528. _Vasari._ ii. 110.

---- Luca, his brother, assistant of Rosso. _Vasari._ i. 209, ii. 111.

Pensaben, P. Marco, and Maraveia P. Marco, his assistant, Dominicans at
Venice, painted at Trevigi in 1520 and 1521; the former born about 1485,
and registered in the bills of mortality for 1530. A painter of singular
merit, made known to history by P. M. Federici. iii. 85.

Peranda, Santo, a Venetian, b. 1566, d. 1638. _Ridolfi._ iii. 266.

Perino, _see_ Cesarei, _see_ Del Vaga.

Perla, Francesco, da Mantova, a painter of the sixteenth century. _Volta._
iv. 20.

Peroni, Don Giuseppe, di Parma, d. old in 1776. _Affò._ iv. 141.

Peroxino, Gio., painted in 1517. _Della Valle._ v. 452.

Perraccini, Giuseppe, called Il Mirandolese, a scholar of Franceschini, b.
1672, d. 1754. _Crespi._ v. 271.

Perucci, Orazio, da Reggio, d. 1624, aged 76. _Tiraboschi._ iv. 54.

Perugia, da, Gianniccola, b. about 1478. _Pascoli._ d. 1544. _Mariotti._
ii. 38.

---- Mariano, his notices from 1576 to 1547. _Mariotti._ ii. 39.

---- Sinibaldo, his works in 1524 and 1528. _Mariotti._ _ib._

Perugini, a landscape painter at Milan, in the time of Magnasco. _Ratti._
iv. 328. Another of the same name is met with at Milan, d. 1560. _MS._ iv.

Perugino, Domenico, master of Antiveduto Grammatica. _Baglione._ i. 451.

---- Lello, painted in 1321. _Della Valle._ ii. 15.

---- Paolo, or Paolo Gismondi, an academician of St. Luke from 1668.
_Orlandi._ ii. 267.

---- Pietro, or Pietro Vannucci, b. at Città della Pieve, whence he signs
himself _De Castro Plebis_, b. 1446, d. 1524. _Pascoli._ i. 100, 408, ii.
29, 369.

---- another Pietro da Perugia, mentioned by Vasari, who appears to have
lived about 1430. ii. 160, iii. 23.

--- Il Cavaliere, _see_ Cerrini.

Peruzzi, Baldassare, called also Baldassare da Siena, b. in Accaiano, (in
the Sienese) 1481, d. 1536. _Della Valle._ i. 421., ii. 46.

Peruzzini, Cav. Giovanni, of Ancona, d. 1694, aged 65. _Orlandi._ v. 161,

---- Domenico, his brother. _Guida di Pesaro._ _ib._

---- Paolo, son of Cav. Gio., painted about 1670, _ib._

Pesari, Gio. Batista, a Modenese, living about 1650. _Tiraboschi._ iv. 61.

Pesaro, da, Niccolo Trometta, d. in the pontificate of Paul V., aged 70.
_Baglione._ ii. 144.

Pesci, Gaspero, a Bolognese, living in 1776. _Catalogo Algarotti._ v. 277.

Pescia, da, Mariano Gratiadei, a scholar of Ridolfo Ghirlandaio. _Vasari._
i. 211.

Pesello, Pesello, a Florentine, b. 1380, d. 1457. _Vasari._ i. 80.

Pesellino, Francesco, his son, b. 1426, d. about 1457. _Vasari._ _ib._

Pesenti, called Il Sabbioneta Galeazzo, a Cremonese, living in the
fifteenth century. _Zaist._ iv. 159.

---- Martire, of the same family, living in 1582. _Zaist._ iv. 157.

Petarzano, or Preterazzano, Simone, a Venetian, painted at Milan in 1591.
_Lomazzo._ iv. 286.

Petrazzi, Astolfo, a Sienese, painted in 1631. _Della Valle._ d. 1665.
_Baldinucci._ i. 450.

Petreolo, Andrea, di Venzone, living in 1586. _Renaldis._ iii. 295.

Petri, de', Pietro, b. in the Novarese, d. 1716, at Rome, aged 45. At Rome
commonly called De' Pietri. _Orlandi._ ii. 283, iv. 326.

Petrini, Cav. Giuseppe, da Carono, in the Luganese, d. about 1780, aged 80.
_MS._ iv. 323.

Piaggia, Teramo, or Erasmo, di Zoagli, in the Genovese, was living in 1547.
_Soprani._ v. 365.

Piane, dalle, Gio. Maria, a Genoese, called Il Molinaretto, b. 1660, d.
1745. _Ratti._ v. 425.

Pianoro, _see_ Morelli.

Piastrini, Gio. Domenico, a Pistoiese, scholar of Luti. _Serie degli
Illustri Pittori._ i. 355.

Piattoli, Gaetano, a Florentine, b. 1703, d. about 1770. _MS._ i. 362.

Piazza, Callisto, _see_ Da Lodi.

---- P. Cosimo, da Castelfranco, a Cappuchin, d. 1621, aged 64. _Ridolfi._
iii. 273.

---- Cav. Andrea, his nephew, painted in 1649, d. about the year 1670.
_MS._ iii. 273.

Piazzetta, Gio. Batista, a Venetian, d. 1754, aged 71. _Longhi._ Or 72.
_Zanetti._ iii. 359.

Picchi, Giorgio, b. in Castel Durante, now Urbania, was living in 1599, d.
aged about 50. _Terzi._ ii. 192.

Piccinino and Chiocca, lived about 1500. _Morigia._ iv. 234.

Piccione, Matteo, Marchigiano, an academician of S. Luke in 1655.
_Orlandi._ ii. 234.

Piccola, la, Niccola, or Lapiccola, of Palermo, b. 1730, _Florent. Dic._ d.
1790. ii. 290.

Picenardi, Carlo, a Cremonese, flourished about 1600. d. young. _Zaist._
iv. 194.

---- another Carlo Picenardi, flourished about 1660, d. aged 70. _Zaist._

Piemontese, Cesare, flourished in the pontificate of Gregory XIII. _Taia._
ii. 171.

Pieri, Stefano, a Florentine, d. in the pontificate of Clement VIII., aged
87. _Baglione._ i. 263.

Pieri, de', Antonio, called Lo Zotto, that is, Zoppo da Vicenza, painted in
1738. _Guida di Rovigo._ iii. 314.

Pierino, _see_ Gallinari, _see_ Del Vaga.

Pietro, di, Lorenzo, _see_ Vecchietta.

Pievano, Stefano, di S. Agnese, his painting of 1381. _Boni Opusc.
Scientifici._ iii. 9.

Pignone, Simone, a Florentine, b. 1614, d. 1706. _R. Gall. of Florence._ d.
16th December, 1698, and buried at the Teatini. _Oretti, Mem._ i. 306.

Pilotto, Girolamo, a Venetian, living in 1590. _Guida di Rovigo._ iii. 270.

Pinacci, Gioseffo, b. at Siena, 1642, living in 1718. _Orlandi._ i. 454.

Pinelli, Antonio, a Bolognese, scholar of the Caracci. _Malvasia._ d. 1644.
_Oretti, Mem._ v. 197.

Pini, Eugenio, an Udinese, b. at the beginning of the seventeenth century,
living in 1655. _Ab. Boni._ iii. 296.

---- Paolo, a Lucchese. _Orlandi._ Flourished shortly after the Caracci.
_MS._ iv. 327.

Pino, Paolo, a Venetian, living in 1565. _Guida di Padova._ iii. 160.

---- da Messina, _see_ Messina.

---- da, Marco, called also Marco da Siena, d. about 1587. _Dominici._ i.
180, ii. 129, 382.

Pinturicchio, Bernardino, da Perugia, b. 1454, d. 1513. _Pascoli._ Called
also Bernardino Betti. _Mariotti._ i. 408, ii. 33, 58.

Pio, del, Giovannino, _see_ Bonatti.

Piombo, del, F. Sebastiano, a Venetian, d. 1547, aged 62. _Vasari._ His
surname was Luciano. _Claudio Tolomei_, cited in the _Pitture di
Lendinara_, p. 9. i. 181, ii. 107, iii. 105.

Piola, Gio. Gregorio, a Genoese, d. 1625, aged 42. _Soprani._ v. 402.

---- Pierfrancesco, b. 1565, d. 1600. _Soprani._ _ib._

---- Pellegro, or Pellegrino, b. 1617, d. 1640. _Soprani._ _ib._

---- Domenico, his brother, b. 1628, d. 1703. _Ratti._ v. 404.

---- Antonio, son of Domenico, b. 1654, d. 1715. _Ratti._ _ib._

Piola, Paolgirolamo, another son, b. 1666, d. 1724. _Ratti._ v. 430.

---- Gio. Batista, another son. _Ratti._ v. 404.

---- Domenico, son of Gio. Batista, d. 1744, aged 26. _Ratti._ _ib._

Pippi, Giulio Romano, d. 1546, aged 54. _Vasari._ ii. 107, iv. 14.

---- Raffaello, his son, d. 1560, aged 30. _Volta._ iv. 20, _et seq._

Pisanelli, _see_ Spisano, _see_ Storali.

Pisanello, Vittore, da S. Vito, in the Veronese. _Pozzo._ Or rather da S.
Virgilio sul Lago. _Maffei Veron. Illustr. parte 3, cap. 6._ Flourished
about 1450. _Vasari._ He was also called Pisano. _Morelli Notiz._, p. 179.
iii. 32.

Pisano, Giunta, his notices from 1210 to 1236. _Morrona._ i. 11.

---- Niccola, d. about 1275. _Vasari._ i. 5, 6.

---- Giovanni, his son, d. 1320. _Vasari._ i. 7, 35.

---- Andrea, an architect and sculptor of the fourteenth century, i. 6.

Pisbolica, Giacomo, painted at Venice in the sixteenth century. _Vasari._
iii. 241.

Pistoia, da, Gerino, a scholar of Pietro Perugino. _Vasari._ Painted in
1529. _MS._ i. 101.

---- Giovanni, a scholar of Cavallini. _Vasari._ ii. 14.

---- Leonardo, a scholar of Fattore. _Vasari._ He is surnamed Guelfo dal
Celano in the _Notizie di Napoli_; by others Malatesta, and perhaps Gratia.
It appears there were two artists of the same name, one of whom lived in
1516, the other later. i. 218, ii. 119, 378.

---- F. Paolo, a scholar of Frate. _Vasari._ i. 194.

Pitocchi, da, Matteo, a Florentine, flourished about 1650. _Guida di
Rovigo._ d. at Padua about 1700, at an advanced age. _Melchiori._ iii. 282.

Pittoni, Gio. Batista, a Venetian, d. 1767, about 80. _Zanetti._ iii. 358.

---- Francesco, his uncle, _ib._

Pittor Bello, _see_ Pellegrini.

Pittor Santo, il, _see_ Roderico.

---- Villano, il, _see_ Misciroli.

Pittor, da' Libri, il, _see_ Caletti.

Pittori, Lorenzo, a Maceratese, painted in 1533. _Colucci._ ii. 45.

---- Paolo, del Masaccio, accounts of him from 1556, d. 1590. _Colucci._
ii. 168.

Pizzoli, Giovacchino, a Bolognese, b. 1651, d. 1733. _Zanotti._ v. 212.

Pizzolo, Niccolo, a Paduan, d. at the end of the fifteenth century. _Guida
di Padova._ iii. 72.

Po, del, Pietro, a Sicilian, b. 1610, d. 1692. _Pascoli._ ii. 209, 410.

---- Giacomo, his son, a Roman, d. 1726, aged 72. _Pascoli._ ii. 412.

---- Teresa, a Roman lady, daughter of Pietro, an academician of S. Luke in
1678. _Pascoli._ d. 1716. _Dominici._ _ib._

Poccetti, Bernardino Barbatelli, a Florentine, called also Bernardino delle
facciate, or delle grotesche, b. 1542, d. 1612. _Baldinucci._ This date
should be corrected on the authority of a note by the Canon. Moreni, (vol.
ii. p. 152) where it is observed that in 1591 he was in his forty-third
year. i. 265.

Poco e Buono, il, _see_ Nanni.

Poggino, di, Zanobi, a Florentine, scholar of Sogliani. _Baldinucci._ i.

Polla, da, Bartolommeo, appears to have flourished about 1500. _MS._ iii.

Polazzo, Franc., a Venetian, d. 1753, aged 70. _MS._ iii. 361.

Poli, two brothers, of Pisa, painted in the seventeenth century, i. 326.

Polidorino, _see_ Ruviale.

Polidoro, a Venetian, d. 1565, aged 50. _Zanetti._ iii. 157.

Pollaiuolo, del, Antonio, a Florentine, d. 1498, aged 72. _Vasari._ Or aged
71. _Oretti dall'Epitafio._ i. 97, 112, 121, 136.

---- Pietro, his brother, d. 1498, aged 65. _Vasari._ i. 97.

Pomarance, dalle, _see_ Circignani and Roncalli.

Ponchino, Gio. Batista, called Bozzato di Castelfranco, b. about 1500,
painted in 1551. _MS._ d. 1570. _Federici._ Vasari, Ridolfi, Zanetti,
Bottari, and Guarienti, who call him Bazzacco, and Brazzacco, are all in a
mistake, iii. 66.

Ponte, da, Francesco, b. in Vicenza, was father of Jacopo, and d. 1530, at
Bassano. _Verci._ iii. 74.

---- Jacopo, from his birth-place called Bassano, or Bassan the elder, d.
1592, aged 82. _Ridolfi._ iii. 198.

---- Francesco, his son, d. 1591, aged 43. _Verci._ iii. 206.

---- Cav. Leandro, another son, d. 1623, aged 65. _Ridolfi._ iii. 206.

---- Gio. Batista, another son, d. 1613, aged 60. _Ridolfi._ iii. 208.

---- Girolamo, another son, d. 1622, aged 62. _Ridolfi._ _ib._

---- da, Gio., a Florentine, d. 1365, aged 59. _Vasari._ i. 54.

Pontormo, da, in the Florentine state, Jacopo Carrucci, b. 1493, d. aged
65. _Vasari._ i. 183, 203.

Ponzone, Matteo, Dalmatino, Cav., a scholar of Peranda. _Zanetti._ iii.

Ponzoni, de', Gio., a Milanese, lived about 1450. _MS._ iv. 223.

Popoli, de', Cav. Giacinto d'Orta, d. 1682. _Dominici._ ii. 405.

Poppi, da, _see_ Morandini.

Por, de, Daniello, called Daniello da Parma, d. 1566, at Rome. _Bottari._
iv. 116.

Porcia, il, _see_ Apollodoro.

Porcello, Gio., a Messinese, b. 1682, d. 1734. _Hak._ ii. 440.

Pordenone, _see_ Licino.

Porettano, Pier Maria, a scholar of the Caracci. _Malvasia._ v. 197.

Porfirio, Bernardino, of the Florentine state, a worker in mosaic, living
in 1568. _Vasari._ i. 333.

Porideo, Gregorio, a scholar of Titian, iii. 157.

Porpora, Paolo, a Neapolitan, an academician of S. Luke, 1656, d. about
1680. _Dominici._ ii. 423.

Porro, Maso, a Cortonese, painter on glass, shortly before 1568. _Vasari._
i. 227.

Porta, Andrea, a Milanese, b. 1656, living in 1718. _Orlandi._ iv. 317.

---- Ferdinando, a Milanese, b. about 1760. _MS._ Or rather b. 1689, d.
about 1767, at Milan. _Oretti_, from a letter of Porta's friend, iv. 323.

Porta, Giuseppe, called Del Salviati, a native of Garfagnana, d. about
1570, aged 50. _Ridolfi._ i. 252, ii. 129, iii. 243.

---- Orazio, di Monte S. Savino, living in 1568. _Vasari._ i. 270.

---- della, or di S. Marco, F. Bartolommeo Domenicano, a Florentine, called
Il Frate, b. 1469, d. 1517. _Baldinucci._ i. 187.

Portelli, Carlo, da Loro, in the Florentine state, scholar of Ridolfo
Ghirlandaio. _Vasari._ i. 212.

Possenti, Bened., a Bolognese, scholar of the Caracci. _Malvasia._ v. 204.

Poussin, Niccolo, b. at Andeli, in Normandy, 1594, d. 1665. _Bellori._ ii.

---- called Gaspare, _see_ Dughet.

Pozzi, Gio. Batista, a Milanese, painted in 1700. _Nuova Guida di Torino._
v. 478.

---- Gio. Batista, a Milanese, d. in the pontificate of Sixtus V., aged 28.
_Baglione._ ii. 151, iv. 320.

---- Giuseppe, a Roman, d. young in 1765. _MS._ ii. 285.

---- Stefano, his brother, d. 1768. _MS._ _ib._

Pozzo, P. Andrea, a Jesuit of Trent, b. 1642, d. 1709. _Pascoli._ ii. 385,
v. 440, 478.

---- Dario, a Veronese, d. 1652, aged about 60. Or rather in 1632. _Pozzo._
ii. 196.

---- dal, Isabella, painted at Turin in 1666. _Nuova Guida di Torino._ v.

---- Mattio, a Paduan, scholar of Squarcione. _Scardeone._ _See also
Notizia Morelli._ iii. 74.

Pozzobonelli, Giuliano, a Milanese, living in 1605. _MS._ iv. 317.

Pozzoserrato, or Pozzo Lodovico, of Flanders, living in 1587, d. aged 60.
_Guida di Rovigo._ iii. 338.

Pozzuoli, Gio., da Carpi, d. about 1734. _Tiraboschi._ iv. 72.

Prata, Ranunzio, painted at Pavia about 1635. _MS._ At S. Francesco of
Brescia is found an altar-piece representing the Marriage of the Virgin,
and bearing the inscription, _Francisci de Prato Caravajensis opus_, 1547,
pronounced by Oretti to be _rare_. It not being referred to any school, it
may be conjectured, after examination, whether the Francesco da Prato be
one and the same, or rather two artists. See also P. Donasana, Minor
Osservante, who wrote a work on the professors, paintings, and sculpture of
Caravaggio: an extremely rare book. iv. 304.

Prato, dal, Francesco, a Florentine, d. 1562. _Vasari._ i. 251.

Preti, Cav. Mattia, called Il Cav. Calabrese, b. at Taverna in 1613, d. at
Malta, 1699. _Dominici._ ii. 416.

---- Gregorio, brother of the Cavaliere, ii. 418.

Previtali, Andrea, a Bergamese; his works from 1506 to 1528, in which year
he died of the plague. _Tassi._ iii. 83.

Preziado, D. Francesco, b. 1713, at Seville. _R. Gall. of Flor._ Director
of the Spanish academy at Rome. _Bottari._ (_Lett. Pitt._, vol. vi. p.
325.) d. at Rome, 1789. _MS._ ii. 310.

Primaticcio, Ab. Niccolo, b. 1490, at Bologna, d. in France about 1570.
_Guida di Bologna._ iv. 18, v. 57.

Primi, Gio. Batista, a Roman, d. 1657, at Genoa. _Soprani._ i. 251, v. 394.

Prina, Pierfrancesco, di Novara, living in 1718. _Orlandi._ iv. 327.

Procaccini, Ercole the elder, a Bolognese, b. 1520. _MS._ Living in 1591.
_Lomazzo._ It is also read _Porcaccini_, pref. xiv. iv. 134, 289, 307, v.

---- Camillo, his son, flourished in 1609. _Malvasia._ iv. 290, v. 392.

---- Giulio Cesare, another son, died about 1626, aged about 78. _Orlandi._
iv. 293, v. 292.

---- Carlantonio, another son. _Malvasia._ His work at S. Agata in Milan,
with the name and year 1605. _Gallerati Istruz., &c._ iv. 294.

---- Ercole the younger, son of Carlantonio, a Milanese, d. 1676, aged 80.
_Orlandi._ iv. 307.

---- Andrea, a Roman, b. 1671, d. 1734. _Pascoli._ ii. 283.

Profondavalle, Valerio, di Lovanio, d. 1600, aged 67. _MS._ i. 227, iv.

Pronti, P. Cesare, an Augustine monk, of Cesi, called Padre Cesare da
Ravenna. _Orlandi._ b. nella Cattolica, 1626, d. at Ravenna, 1708.
_Pascoli._ v. 173.

Provenzale, Marcello, da Cento, d. 1639, aged 64. _Baglione._ ii. 340.

Provenzali, Stef., da Cento, d. 1715. _Crespi. MS._ v. 173.

Prunato, Santo, a Veronese, b. 1656, living in 1716. _Pozzo._ iii. 377.

---- Michelangiolo, his son, b. 1690, living in 1717. _Pozzo._ iii. 378.

Pucci, Gio. Antonio, a Florentine, studied at Rome in 1716. _Lett. Pitt._,
vol. ii. i. 345.

Puccini, Biagio, a Roman, painted about the pontificate of Clement XI.
_Guida di Roma._ ii. 306.

Puglia, Giuseppe, a Roman, called Del Bastaro, d. young in the pontificate
of Urban VIII. _Baglione._ ii. 158.

Puglieschi, Ant., a Florentine pupil of Pier Dandini. _Baldinucci._ i. 342.

Puligo, Domenico, a Florentine, d. aged 52, in 1527. _Vasari._ i. 206.

Pulzone, Scipione, called Scipione da Gaeta, d. in the pontificate of
Sixtus V., aged 38. _Baglione._ ii. 133, 169, 387.

Pupini, Biagio, or Mastro Biagio, a Bolognese, and Dalle Lame, or Dalle
Lamme, flourished in 1530. _Guida di Bologna._ ii. 115, v. 55.


Quaglia, Giulio, di Como, living in 1693. _Renaldis._ iii. 364.

Quagliata, Gio., a Messinese, b. 1603, d. 1673. _Hakert._ ii. 426.

---- Andrea, his brother, d. 1660, aged 60. _Hakert._ _ib._

Quaini, Luigi, a Bolognese, b. 1643, d. 1717. _Zanotti._ v. 244.

---- Francesco, his father, a scholar of Mitelli. _Zanotti._ d. 1680, aged
79. _Oretti, Mem._ v. 245.

Quirico, Gio. da Tortona, his altar-piece of the year 1505. _MS._ v. 451.


Rabbia, Raffaello, a portrait painter of Marino, was living about 1610.
_Marini Galleria._ v. 469.

Racchetti, Bernardo, a Milanese, d. 1702, aged about 63. _Orlandi._ iv.

Raconigi, da, Valentin Lomellino, living in 1561. _MS._ v. 454.

Raffaellino, _see_ Bottalla, Del Colle, Del Garbo, Motta.

Raffaello, _see_ Sanzio.

Raggi, Pietro Paolo, a Genoese, b. about 1646, d. 1724. _Ratti._ v. 436.

Raibolini, _see_ Francia.

Raimondi, Marcantonio, a Bolognese, d. soon after 1527. _Vasari._ i. 124,
ii. 121.

Raimondo, a Neapolitan painter of the fifteenth century. v. 450.

Rainaldi, Domenico, a Roman, mentioned by _Titi_, painted in the
seventeenth century, ii. 234.

Rainieri, Francesco, called Lo Schivenoglia, a Mantuan, d. old in 1758.
_Volta._ iv. 29.

Rama, Camillo, a Brescian, painted in 1622. _Orlandi._ iii. 328.

Ramazzani, Ercole, di Rocca, a district in the Marca, painted in 1588.
_Colucci._ ii. 43.

Rambaldi, Carlo, a Bolognese, b. 1680, d. 1717. _Zanotti._ v. 239.

Ramenghi, Bartolommeo, called Il Bagnacavallo, b. at Bologna in 1493, d.
1551. _Guida di Bologna._ Or rather b. at Bagnacavallo, 1484, d. 1542.
_Baruffaldi_; who produces the documents. ii. 115, v. 53.

---- Gio. Batista, his son, d. 9th November, 1601. There was another Gio.
Batista Ramenghi, son of Bartolommeo the younger, who painted in 1615.
_Oretti, Mem._ v. 55.

---- Bartolommeo and Scipione. _Malvasia._ v. 79.

Randa, Antonio, a Bolognese, painted in 1614. _Guida di Bologna_; and in
1644. _Guida di Rovigo._ v. 190.

Ratti, Gio. Agostino, b. at Savona in 1699, d. at Genoa in 1775. _Cav.
Ratti._ v. 443.

---- Carlo Giuseppe, Cav., his son, a Genoese, b. 1795, d. aged about 60.
_MS._ _ib._

Raviglione, di Casale, a painter of the seventeenth century. _Orlandi._ v.

Ravignano, Marco, an engraver, and pupil of Marcantonio. _Vasari._ Or Marco
Dente, killed in the sack of Rome, in 1527. _Carrari Oraz. in Morte di Luca
Longhi._ i. 124.

Razali, Sebastiano, a Bolognese, a scholar of the Caracci. _Malvasia._ v.

Razzi, Cav. Giannantonio, di Vercelli, called Il Sodoma, lived to about the
age of 75, d. 1554. _Vasari._ i. 411.

Realfonso, Tommaso, a Neapolitan, and pupil of Belvidere. _Dominici._ ii.

Recchi, Gio. Paolo and Gio. Batista, da Como, painted about 1560. _MS._ iv.
319, v. 477.

---- Gio. Batista, a nephew of Gio. Paolo. _Pitture d'Italia._ iv. 319.

Recco, Cav. Giuseppe, a Neapolitan, b. 1634, d. 1695. _Dominici._ ii. 423.

Reder, Cristiano, or Monsieur Leandro Sassone, b. 1656, d. 1729. _Pascoli._
ii. 332.

Redi, Tommaso, a Florentine, b. 1665, d. 1726. _Roy. Gall._ i. 345.

Reggio, da, Luca, _see_ Ferrari.

Reni, Guido, a Bolognese, d. 1642, aged 67. _Malvasia._ ii. 211, 397, v.

Renieri, Niccolo Mabuseo, flourished in the seventeenth century. _Zanetti._
ii. 262.

---- Anna, and other sisters, _ib._

Renzi, Cesare, di S. Ginesio, in the Picenum, a pupil of Guido Reni.
_Colucci._ ii. 213.

Resani, Arcangelo, b. 1670, at Rome, living in 1718. _Orlandi._ ii. 334.

Reschi, Pandolfo, of Dantzic, d. about 1699, aged 56. _Orlandi._ i. 330.

Revello, Gio. Batista, called Il Mustacchi, from the state of Genoa, d.
1732, aged 60. _Ratti._ v. 440.

Ribalta, Franc., di Valenza, a supposed scholar of Annibal Caracci, and
master of Spagnoletto. _Conca._ ii. 392.

Ribera, Cav. Giuseppe, originally from Valenza, b. at Gallipoli in 1593.
_Dominici._ But more correctly at Sativa, now S. Filippo. The _Antologia di
Roma_, 1795; and d. 1656, aged 67. _Balomino._ He was called Lo
Spagnoletto. ii. 392. iv. 136.

Ricamatore, _see_ Da Udine.

Ricca, or Ricco, Bernardino, a Cremonese, painted in 1522. _Zaist._ iv.

Ricchi, Pietro, called from his birth-place Il Lucchese, b. 1606. d. 1675,
at Udine. _Baldinucci._ i. 321, iii. 278.

Ricchino, Francesco, a Brescian, living in 1568. _Vasari._ iii. 175.

Ricci, Antonio, _see_ Barbalunga.

---- Camillo, a Ferrarese, b. 1580, d. 1618. _Baruffaldi._ v. 321.

---- Gio. Batista, di Novara, d. 1620, aged 75. _Della Valle._ ii. 152, iv.

---- Natale and Ubaldo, painters of Fermo, belonging to this age. _MS._ ii.

---- Pietro, a Milanese, scholar of Vinci. _Lomazzo._ iv. 257.

---- or Rizzi, Bastiano, di Cividal di Belluno, b. 1660. _Orlandi._ Or b.
1659, and d. the 15th of May, 1734. _Descriz. de' Cartoni di Carlo Cignani
and Bast. Ricci._ iii. 365.

---- Marco, nephew of Bastiano, d. 1729, aged 56. _Zanetti._ iii. 367, v.

Riccianti, Antonio, a Florentine, scholar of Vincenzio Dandini.
_Baldinucci._ i. 342.

Ricciardelli, Gabriele, a Neapolitan, painted in 1743. _Dominici._ ii. 444.

Ricciarelli, Daniele, di Volterra, d. 1566. _Vasari._ i. 185, ii. 127.

Riccio, il, or Bartolommeo Neroni, a Sienese, painted in 1573. _Della
Valle._ i. 414, ii. 376.

---- Domenico, called Il Brusasorci, a Veronese, d. 1567, aged 73.
_Ridolfi._ iii. 171, 219.

---- Gio. Batista, his son, a scholar of Caliari. iii. 221.

---- Felice, his brother, d. 1605, aged 65. _Ridolfi._ iii. 220.

---- Cecilia, a sister of Felice and of Gio. Batista. _Pozzo._ iii. 221.

---- Mariano, a Messinese, b. 1510. _Hakert._ ii. 376.

---- Antonello, his son, flourished about 1576. _Hakert._ _ib._

Ricciolini, Michelangiolo, called Di Todi, b. 1654, at Rome, d. 1715. _R.
Gall. of Flor._ ii. 267.

---- Niccolo, b. at Rome in 1637. _R. Gall. of Flor._ _ib._

Richieri, Antonio, a Ferrarese, scholar of Lanfranco. _Passeri._ v. 342.

Richo, Andrea, di Creta, a Greek painter, i. 48.

Ridolfi, Cav. Carlo, b. 1602, at Vicenza. _Orlandi._ d. about 1660. _Calvi
Bibliot. Vicent._, tom. vi. p. 131. He seems to have flourished in 1660.
_Boschini_, p. 509. The epitaph recorded in the _Guida dello Zanetti_, p.
176, dates his decease in 1658, aged 64. iii. 286.

---- Claudio, a Veronese, d. 1644, aged 84. _Cav. Carlo Ridolfi._ ii. 196,
iii. 316.

Ridolfo, di, (Ghirlandaio,) Michele, a Florentine, living in 1568.
_Vasari._ i. 211.

---- Piero, di, a Florentine, painted in 1612. _Moreni._ i. 269.

Rimerici, Gio., first of the known painters of Rimini, living in 1386.
_Fantuzzi._ v. 40.

Riminaldi, Orazio, a Pisan, b. 1598, d. 1631. _Morrona._ i. 318.

---- Girolamo, brother of Orazio, survived him. _Morrona._ i. 319.

Rimino, da, Bartolommeo, _see_ Coda.

---- Gio., lived about 1500. _MS._ His notices, up to 1470. _Oretti, Mem._
v. 42.

---- Lattanzio, _see_ Della Marca. _ib._

Rinaldi, Santi, a Florentine, called Il Tromba, scholar of Francesco
Furini. _Baldinucci._ i. 331.

Ripanda, Giacomo, a Bolognese, flourished about 1480. _See Malvasia._ v.

Riposo, _see_ Ficherelli.

Ristoro and Sisto, Dominican Friars, architects, were employed in 1264. i.

Ritratti, da', Santino, _see_ Vandi.

Rivarola, _see_ Chenda.

Rivello, Galeazzo, Cristoforo, another Galeazzo and Giuseppe. _Zaist._ iv.

---- _see also_ Moretto Cristoforo.

Riverditi, Marcantonio, di Alessandria della Paglia, d. 1774. _Guida di
Bologna._ v. 491.

Riviera, Franc., a Frenchman, d. at Leghorn about the middle of the
eighteenth century. i. 362.

Rivola, Giuseppe, a Milanese, b. 1740. _MS._ iv. 316.

Rizzi, Stefano, master of Romanino. _Guida di Brescia._ iii. 177.

Rizzo, Marco Luciano, a Venetian, living in 1530. _Zanetti._ iii. 251. _See
also_ S. Croce.

Rò, _see_ Rothenamer.

Robatto, Gio. Stefano, b. in Savona, 1649, d. 1733. _Ratti._ v. 428.

Robert, Nicolas, a Frenchman, living in 1473. _MS._ v. 450.

Robertelli, Aurelio, painted in Savona, 1499. _Guida di Genova._ v. 366.

Robetta, an engraver, who signed himself also, R. B. T. A. i. 122.

Robusti,--so named by _Ridolfi_,--Jacopo, called Il Tintoretto, a Venetian,
b. 1512, d. 1594. iii. 187.

---- Domenico, his son, commonly called Domenico Tintoretto, d. 1637, aged
75. _Ridolfi._ iii. 194.

---- Marietta, daughter of Domenico, b. 1590, d. aged 30. _Ridolfi._ iii.

Rocca, Ant. His notices from 1611 to 1627. _MS._ v. 467.

---- Giacomo, a Roman, d. old in the pontificate of Clement VIII.
_Baglione._ ii. 154.

---- Michele, flourished towards the beginning of the eighteenth century.
_Pascoli._ tom. ii. p. 290., ii. 217.

Roccadirame, Angiolillo, a scholar of Zingaro. _Dominici._ ii. 362.

Rocchetti, Marcantonio, called Figurino, flourished in the sixteenth
century, v. 92.

Roderigo, Gio. Bernardino, a Sicilian, called Il Pittor Santo, d. 1667.
_Dominici._ ii. 401.

---- Luigi, his uncle, d. young. _Dominici._ More correctly called
Rodriquez di Messina. _Hakert._ ii. 396, 400.

---- Alonzo, brother of Luigi, b. 1578, d. 1648. _Hakert._ ii. 401.

Roelas, de las, Paolo, of Seville, a canon, scholar of Titian, d. 1620,
aged 60. _Conca._ This epoch disputed. iii. 164.

Roli, Antonio, a Bolognese, scholar of Colonna. _Crespi._ b. 1643, d. on
13th July, 1696. _Oretti, Mem._ v. 212.

Romanelli, Gio. Francesco, of Viterbo, b. 1617, d. 1662. _Pascoli._ ii.
263, 269.

---- Urbano, his son, d. young, ii. 271.

Romani, il, da Reggio, a painter of the seventeenth century. _Tiraboschi._
iv. 61.

Romanino, or Rumano Girol., a Brescian, d. in advanced age. _Ridolfi._
Before the year 1566. _Vasari._ iii. 176.

Romano, Domenico, living in 1568. _Vasari._ i. 252.

---- Giulio, _see_ Pippi.

---- Luzio, _see the letter_ L.

---- Virgilio, a scholar of Peruzzi. _Della Valle._ i. 427.

Romolo, _see_ Cincinnato.

Roncalli, Cav. Cristofano delle Pomarance, d. 1626, aged 74. _Baglione._ i.
276, ii. 146, 224, v. 392.

Roncelli, D. Giuseppe, a Bergamese, d. 1729, aged 52. _Tassi._ iii. 383.

Roncho, de, Michele, a Milanese, painted in 1377. _Tassi._ iv. 212.

Rondani, Francesco Maria, of Parma, d. before 1548. _Affò._ iv. 117.

Rondinello, Niccolo, da Ravenna, flourished about 1500, d. aged 60.
_Vasari._ v. 37.

Rondinosi, Zaccaria, a Pisan, painted in 1665, d. about 1680. _Morrona._ i.

Rondolino, _see_ Terenzi.

Ronzelli, Fabio, a Bergamese, painted in 1629. _Tassi._ iii. 334.

---- Pietro, perhaps father of the preceding. _Tassi._ His works from 1588
to 1616. _Pasta._ _ib._

Roos, _see_ Rosa.

Rosa, Cristoforo, a Brescian. _Vasari._ d. 1576. _Ridolfi._ iii. 181, 249.

---- Stefano, his brother, painted in 1572. _Zamboni._ _ib._

Rosa, Pietro, son of Cristoforo, d. young in 1576. _Ridolfi._ More
correctly in 1577. _Zamboni._ iii. 181.

---- da Tivoli, so called from his long residence there; or Filippo Roos,
b. at Frankfort in 1655, d. 1705. _Guarienti._ ii. 257.

---- Franc., a Genoese painter of the seventeenth century. _Zanetti._ iii.
279, v. 426.

---- Giovanni, d'Anversa, b. 1591, d. at Genoa in 1638. _Soprani._ ii. 257,
v. 394.

---- Salvatore, a Neapolitan, b. 1615, d. 1673. _Passeri._ i. 311, ii. 242,
420, iii. 340.

---- Sigismondo, a scholar of Giuseppe Chiari. _Guida di Roma._ ii. 282.

---- di, Aniella, or Annella, a Neapolitan, d. 1649, aged about 36.
_Dominici._ ii. 404.

---- Francesco, called also Pacicco, or Pacecco, a Neapolitan, b. 1654.
_Dominici._ ii. 403. _See also_ Badalocchi.

Rosaliba, Antonello, a Messinese, painted in 1505. _Hakert._ ii. 367.

Roselli, Niccolo, a Ferrarese, painted in 1568. _Baruffaldi._ v. 306.

Rosi, Zanobi, a Florentine, living in 1621. _Baldinucci._ i. 294.

---- Giovanni, a Florentine, about the same period, i. 326.

Rosignoli, Jacopo, of Leghorn. His epitaph is dated in 1604. _Della Valle._
i. 276, v. 457.

Rositi, Gio. Batista, da Forli, painted in 1500. _MS._ v. 47.

Rosselli, Cosimo, a Florentine, living in 1496. _Bottari._ i. 96.

---- Matteo, a Florentine, b. 1578, d. 1650. _Baldinucci._ i. 298.

Rossetti, Paolo, a Centese, d. old in 1621. _Baglione._ ii. 340.

---- Cesare, a Roman, b. in the pontificate of Urban VIII. _Baglione._ ii.

---- Gio. Paolo, di Volterra, living in 1568. _Vasari._ i. 187.

---- or Fiaminghini, _see_ Rovere.

Rossi, D. Angelo, of the district of Genoa, d. 1755, aged 61. _Ratti._ v.

---- Giovanni and Niccolo, of Flanders, i. 215.

Rossi, Aniello, a Neapolitan, d. 1719, aged about 59. _Dominici._ ii. 432.

---- Antonio, a Bolognese, b. 1700, d. 1753. _Crespi._ v. 255.

---- Carlantonio, a Milanese, d. 1648, aged about 67. _Orlandi._ iv. 324.

---- Enea, a Bolognese, pupil of the Caracci. _Malvasia._ v. 197.

---- Francesco, _see_ De' Salviati.

---- Gabriele, a Bolognese, master of Franc. Ferrari. _Baruffaldi._ v. 347.

---- Gio. Batista, a Veronese, called Il Gobbino, scholar of Orbetto.
_Pozzo._ iii. 320.

---- Gio. Batista, da Rovigo, scholar of Padovanino, b. about 1627, living
in 1680. _Guida di Rovigo._ iii. 303.

---- Girolamo, a Brescian, supposed pupil of Rama. _Guida di Brescia._ iii.

---- another Girolamo, a Bolognese, pupil of Flaminio Torre. _Malvasia._ v.

---- Lorenzo, a Florentine, d. 1702. _Orlandi._ i. 340.

---- Muzio, (and by mistake Nunzio) a Neapolitan, flourished about 1645. d.
aged 25. _Dominici._ Or rather b. 1626, d. 1651. _Crespi._ _La Certosa di
Bologna_, p. 13. ii. 403.

---- Niccolo Maria, a Neapolitan, d. 1700, aged 55. _Dominici._ ii. 433.

---- Pasqualino, da Vicenza, b. 1641, living about 1718. _Orlandi._ ii.
297, iii. 314.

---- or Rossis Angelo, a Florentine, b. 1742. _Guarienti._ i. 361.

---- Antonio, di Cadore, supposed to belong to the school of Jacopo
Bellini. _MS._ iii. 137.

Rosso, il, a Florentine, b. 1541. _Vasari._ i. 207.

---- il, of Pavia, flourished in the seventeenth century. _Orlandi._iv.

---- il, a Venetian, _see_ Bianchi.

Rotari, Conte Pietro, a Veronese, b. 1707, d. 1762. _Oretti, da Vita MS._
iii. 276, v. 217.

Rothenamer, Gio. di Monaco, b. 1564. _Sandrart._ In the _Guida di Venezia_
of _Zanetti_, he is called Rò and Rotamer, as he is also named by
_Ridolfi_. iii. 197.

Rovere, or Rossetti, Gio. Mauro, called Il Fiamminghino, a Milanese, d.
1640. _Orlandi._ iv. 311.

---- Gio. Batista and Marco, his brothers, d. about 1640. _Orlandi._ iv.

---- della, Gio. Batista, of Turin, painted in 1627. _N. Guida di Torino._
v. 467.

---- Girolamo, _ib._

Roverio, _see_ Genovesini.

Rovigo, d'Urbino, flourished about 1530. _Avvocato Passeri._ ii. 173.

Rubbiani, Felice, a Modenese, b. 1677, d. 1752. _Tiraboschi._ iv. 68.

Rubens, Peter Paul, b. at Antwerp in 1577, d. there in 1640. _Bellori._ ii.

Rubini, b. a Piedmontese, painted in Trevigi about 1650. _Federici._ v.

Ruggieri, da Bruggia, lived about 1449. _Ciriaco_; in _Colucci_. Drew his
own portrait in 1462. _Morelli Notizia_, p. 78. i. 405. iii. 43.

---- Antonio, a Florentine, pupil of Vannini. _Baldinucci._ i. 328.

---- Antonio Maria, a Milanese painter of the eighteenth century, iv. 310.

---- Gio. Batista, and Gio. Batista del Gessi, a Bolognese, d. in the
pontificate of Urban VIII., aged 32. _Baglione._ ii. 397, v. 149.

---- Ercole, brother of Gio. Batista, or Ercolino del Gessi, or Ercolino da
Bologna. _Malvasia._ v. 149.

---- Girolamo, b. at Vicenza in 1662, d. at Verona about 1717. _Pozzo._
iii. 373.

---- Ruggiero, a Bolognese assistant of Primaticcio. _Vasari._ v. 59.

Ruoppoli, Gio. Batista, a Neapolitan, d. about 1685. _Dominici._ ii. 423.

Ruschi, or Rusca, Franc., a Roman, flourished about the middle of the
seventeenth century. _Zanetti._ iii. 280.

Russi, de, Gio., of Mantua, flourished about 1445. _Volta._ iv. 5.

Russo, Gio. Pietro, of Capua, d. 1667. _Dominici._ ii. 387.

Rustici, Cristoforo, son of Rustico. _Della Valle._ i. 427.

---- Vincenzio, another supposed son, i. 414, 427.

---- Francesco, a son of Cristoforo, called Il Rustichino, d. young in
1625. _Baldinucci._ i. 447.

---- Gabriele, a scholar of Frate. _Vasari._ i. 194.

Rustico, il, a Sienese, scholar of Razzi. _Della Valle._ i. 414.

Ruta, Clemente, of Parma, d. old in 1767. _Affò._ Or b. 1688, d. 1767.
_Oretti, Mem._ iv. 141.

Ruviale, Francesco, called Il Polidorino, a Spaniard, d. about 1550.
_Dominici._ ii. 374.

---- Spagnuolo, an assistant of Vasari about 1545. _Vasari._ i. 252.


Sabbatini, or Andrea da Salerno, b. about 1480, d. about 1545. _Dominici._
ii. 119, 370.

---- Lorenzo, called also Lorenzino da Bologna, d. 1577. _Malvasia._ i.
183, ii. 145, v. 64*.

Sabbioneta, _see_ Pesenti.

Sabinese, il, _see_ Generoli.

Sacchi, Andrea, a Roman, b. 1600, d. 1661. _Passeri._ But his epitaph gives
his age sixty-three years, four months. _Stato della Ch. Lateran._ ii. 218.

---- P. Giuseppe, a Minor Conventual, his son. _Guida di Roma._ ii. 220.

---- Carlo, di Pavia, d. old in 1706. _Orlandi._ iv. 324.

---- Pierfrancesco, a Pavese. His notices at Milan about 1460. _Lomazzo._
At Genoa from 1512 to 1526. _Soprani._ I must notice that the long career
of this artist leads me to suspect there must be some error in the date of
his notices, or that the name of Pierfrancesco Pavese belonged to two
different artists. v. 365.

---- a Pavese family of Musaicisti, or mosaic workers. _Guida di Milano_ of
1783. i. 332.

Sacchi, N., di Casale, contemporary with Moncalvo. _Della Valle._ v. 463.

---- Ant., di Como, d. 1694. _Orlandi._ iv. 326.

---- Gaspero, da Imola. His altar-piece in the sacristy of Castel S. Pietro
at Imola, with the name, and year 1517; and at Bologna in S. Francesco in
Tavola, 1521. _Oretti, Mem._ v. 201.

Sacco, Scipione, a supposed scholar of Raffaello. _Scannelli_, and
_Guarienti_. He painted 1545. _Oretti, Mem._ ii. 121, v. 84.

Sagrestani, Gio. Camillo, a Florentine, b. 1660, d. 1731. _R. Gall. of
Florence._ i. 348.

Saiter, or Seiter, Cav. Daniello, a Viennese, b. 1649, d. 1705, aged 63.
_Orlandi._ ii. 237, iii. 292, v. 475.

Salai, or Salaino Andrea, a Milanese, scholar of Vinci. _Vasari._ i. 158,
iv. 254.

Salerno, da, _see_ Sabbatini.

Salimbeni, Arcangelo, a Sienese, painted in 1579. _Della Valle._ i. 436.

---- Cav. Ventura, his son, called Il Cav. Bevilacqua, b. 1557, d. 1613.
_Baldinucci._ i. 441, v. 393.

Salincorno, da, Mirabello, perhaps Cavalori, a scholar of Ridolfo
Ghirlandaio, living in 1668. _Vasari._ i. 212.

Salini, Cav. Tommaso, b. about 1570, at Rome, d. 1625. _Baglione._ ii. 258.

Salis, Carlo, a Veronese, b. 1680. _Oretti Notizie._ d. 1763. _Letter.
Pittor._, tom. v. iii. 375.

Salmeggia, Enea, a Bergamese, called Il Talpino, d. old in 1626. _Tassi._
iii. 329.

---- Francesco, his son, painted in 1628. _Tassi._ _ib._

---- Chiara, his daughter, painted in 1624. _Tassi._ _ib._

Saltarello, Luca, b. at Genoa in 1610, d. young at Rome. _Soprani._ v. 398.

Salvestrini, Bartolommeo, a Florentine, d. in 1630. _Baldinucci._ i. 288.

Salvetti, Franc., a Florentine, pupil of Gabbiani. _Serie de' più Illustri
Pittori._ i. 345.

Salvi, Tarquinio, da Sassoferrato, painted in 1573. _MS._ ii. 220.

---- Gio. Batista, his son, called Il Sassoferrato, b. 1605, d. 1685. _MS._
Harms and others, by mistake, suppose him to have lived in the sixteenth
century. ii. 220.

Salviati, de', Francesco Rossi, called Cecchino de' Salviati, a Florentine,
b. 1510, d. 1563. _Vasari._ i. 249, ii. 128.

---- del, Giuseppe, _see_ Porta.

Salvolini, _see_ Episcopio.

Salvucci, Mattio, of Perugia, b. about 1570, d. about 1628. _Pascoli._ ii.

Samacchini, Orazio, a Bolognese, (and Somachino, _Lomazzo_; and by mistake
Fumaccini, _Vasari_) d. 1577, aged 45. _Malvasia._ ii. 129, iv. 134, v. 66.

Samengo, Ambrogio, a Genoese, scholar of Gio. Andrea Ferrari. _Soprani._ v.

Sammartino, Marco, a Neapolitan, living in 1680. _Guida di Rimino._ Or a
Venetian. _Melchiori_, _Guarienti_. He seems to be the same as the
Sanmarchi of Malvasia. v. 266.

San Bernardo, di, _see_ Minzocchi.

---- Daniello, di, _see_ Pellegrino.

---- Friano, da, _see_ Manzuoli.

---- Gallo, da, Bastiano, called Aristotele, a Florentine, d. 1551, aged
70. _Vasari._ i. 102, 215.

---- Gimignano, da, Vincenzio, d. a few years subsequent to 1527. _Vasari._
ii. 116.

---- Ginesio, da, in the Picenum, Fabio di Gentile, Domenico Balestrieri,
Stefano Folchetti, painters of the fifteenth century. _Colucci._ ii. 17.

---- Giorgio, di, Eusebio, of Perugia, b. about 1478, d. about 1550.
_Pascoli._ ii. 38.

---- Giovanni, da, Ercole, _see_ De Maria.

---- Giovanni, da, in the Florentine state, Gio. Mannozzi, b. 1590, d.
1636. _Baldinucci._ i. 299.

---- Gio. Garzia, his son, i. 301.

---- Giovanni, da, Oliviero, a Ferrarese, lived about 1450. _Baruffaldi._
v. 289.

---- Severino, da, Lorenzo, and his brother, lived in 1470. _MS._ ii. 19.

Sandrino, Tommaso, a Brescian, d. 1631, aged 56. _Orlandi._ More correctly
in 1630. _Zamboni._ iii. 345.

Sandro, di, Jacopo, a Florentine, assistant of Bonarruoti. _Vasari._ i.

Sanfelice, Ferdinando, a Neapolitan, scholar of Solimene. _Floren. Dic._
ii. 439.

Sanmarchi, _see_ Sammartino.

Sansone, _see_ Marchesi.

Sansovino, Jacopo, a Florentine, or Jacopo Tatta, a scholar of Andrea
Cantucci, da San Savino; who, as well as his scholar, was called Sansovino;
d. 1570, aged 91. _Borghini._ iii. 244.

Santa Croce, Francesco Rizzo, da S. Croce in the Bergamasco. His notices
from 1507 to 1529. _Tassi._ (Even to 1541, _Federici_.) iii. 56.

---- Girolamo, da S. Croce in the Bergamasco, as Rizzo. His works from 1520
to 1549. _Tassi._ iii. 57, 62.

---- Pietro Paolo, painted in 1591. _Guida di Padova._ iii. 333.

Santafede, Francesco, a Neapolitan, scholar of Salerno. _Dominici._ ii.

---- Fabrizio, his son, b. about 1560, d. 1634. _Dominici._ _ib._

Santagostini, Giacomo Antonio, a Milanese, d. 1648, aged about 60.
_Orlandi._ iv. 312.

---- Agostino, his son, living in 1671. _Nuova Guida di Milano._ _ib._

---- Giacinto, another son of Giacomo Antonio. _Orlandi._ _ib._

Santarelli, Gaetano, a noble of Pescia, and scholar of Ottav. Dandini, d.
young. _MS._ i. 343.

Santelli, Felice, a Roman, competed with _Baglione_. _Guida di Roma._ ii.

Santi, Antonio, di Rimino, d. young at Venice in 1700. _Guida di Rimino._
v. 257.

---- Domenico, a Bolognese, called Il Mengazzino, d. 1694, aged 73.
_Orlandi._ v. 214.

Santi, Bartol., a Lucchese, and theatrical painter of the eighteenth
century. _MS._ i. 362.

Santini, the elder, and the younger, of Arezzo, in the seventeenth century.
_MS._ i. 314.

Santo, dal, Girolamo, _see_ Da Padova.

Sanzio, or di Santi, Giovanni, of Urbino, father of Raffaello, living in
1494. _Lett. Pitt._ i. del tom. i. d. before 1508. _MS._ ii. 22, 52.

---- Galeazzo, Antonio, Vincenzio, and Giulio, ancestors of Raffaello.
_Bottari._ ii. 52.

---- Batista di Piero. _Lazzari._ _ib._

---- Raffaello, di Urbino, b. 1483, d. 1520. _Vasari._ i. 409, ii. 51, 143,
and frequently throughout the entire work.

Saracino, or Saraceni, Carlo, called, from his birth-place, Carlo
Veneziano, b. 1585. _Orlandi._ d. aged about 40. _Baglione._ ii. 202, iii.

Sarti, Antonio, da Jesi, flourished about 1600. _Colucci_, tom. x. ii. 168.

---- Ercole, called Il Muto di Ficarolo, b. 1593. _Cittadella._ v. 322.

Sarto, del, Andrea Vannucchi, a Florentine, b. 1488, d. 1530. _Vasari._ i.
194, _et seq._

Sarzana, _see_ Fiasella.

Sarzetti, Angiolo, a Riminese, living in 1700. _Guida di Rimino._ v. 257.

Sassi, Gio. Batista, a Milanese, living in 1718. _Orlandi._ iv. 322.

Sassoferrato, _see_ Salvi.

Savoldo, Girol., a Brescian, flourished in 1540. _Orlandi._ Called also
Gio. Girolamo Bresciano. _Morelli Notizia_, p. 70. iii. 180.

Savolini, Cristoforo, da Cesena, living in 1678. _Malvasia._ v. 173.

Savona, di, il Prete, _see_ Guidoboni.

Savonanzi, Emilio, a Bolognese, b. 1580, d. aged 80. _Orlandi._ v. 72.

Savorelli, Sebastiano, of Forli, a scholar of Cignani. _Guarienti._ v. 258.

Scacciani, Camillo, da Pesaro, called Carbone, lived towards the end of the
eighteenth century. _MS._ ii. 312.

Scacciati, Andrea, a Florentine, b. 1642, d. in the eighteenth century.
_Orlandi._ i. 325.

Scaglia, Girolamo, da Lucca, called Il Parmigianino, painted at Pisa in
1672. _Morrona._ i. 359, ii. 217.

Scaiario, Antonio, called also Da Ponte and Bassano, from his birth-place,
d. 1640. _Verci._ iii. 210.

Scalabrini, Marcantonio, a Veronese, flourished in 1565. _Pozzo._ iii. 215.

Scalabrino, lo, a Sienese, pupil of Razzi. _Della Valle._ i. 414. Perhaps a
Pistoiese. _ib._

Scaligero, Bartolommeo, a Paduan, scholar of Alessandro Varotari.
_Zanetti._ iii. 303.

---- Lucia, his niece, still young in 1660. _Boschini._ iii. 300.

Scalvati, Antonio, a Bolognese, d. in the pontificate of Gregory XV., aged
63. _Baglione._ ii. 152, 169.

Scaminossi, Raffaello, di Borgo S. Sepolcro, a scholar of Raffaelle del
Colle. _Orlandi._ I have also heard him called _Scaminassi_. i. 273.

Scannabecchi, _see_ Dalmasio, _see_ Muratori.

Scannavini, Maurelio, a Ferrarese, d. 1698, aged 43. _Baruffaldi._ v. 343.

Scaramuccia, Gio. Antonio, of Perugia, b. 1580, d. 1650. _Pascoli._ ii.
212, 227, iv. 321.

---- Luigi, his son, scholar of Guido, b. 1616, d. 1680. _Pascoli._ A
scholar also of Guercino. _Malvasia._ ii. 212.

---- Scarsella, Sigismondo, or Mondino, a Ferrarese, d. 1614, aged 84.
_Baruffaldi._ v. 318.

---- Ippolito, his son, called Lo Scarsellino, b. 1551, d. 1621.
_Baruffaldi._ _ib._

Schedone, now more commonly Schidone, Bartolommeo, da Modena, d. young in
1615. _Tiraboschi._ iv. 57, 136.

Schianteschi, Domenico, di Borgo S. Sepolcro, flourished the beginning of
the eighteenth century. _MS._ i. 362.

Schiavone, Andrea, da Sebenico, b. 1522, d. aged 60. _Ridolfi._ iii. 160.

---- Gregorio, a fellow-pupil of Mantegna. _Ridolfi_; who by mistake calls
him Girolamo. iii. 73.

---- Luca, lived about 1450. _Lomazzo._ iv. 281.

Schioppi, _see_ Alabardi.

Schivenoglia, _see_ Rainieri.

Schizzone, living in 1527. _Vasari._ ii. 116.

Sciacca, Tommaso, di Mazzara, d. 1795, aged 61. _Pitture di Lendinara._ ii.

Sciameroni, _see_ Furini.

Sciarpelloni, _see_ Di Credi.

Scilla, or Silla, Agostino, a Messinese, b. 1629, d. 1700. _Hakert._ An
academician of St. Luke in Rome, 1679. _Orlandi._ ii. 278, 335, 410, v.

---- Giacinto, his brother, d. 1711; and Saverio, his son. _Hakert._ ii.

Sciorina, dello, Lorenzo, a Florentine, living in 1568. _Vasari._ i. 262.

Scipione, Jacopo, of Bergamo, his notices, from 1507 to 1529. _Tassi._ iii.
84, 85.

Sclavo, Luca, a Cremonese, lived soon after 1450. _Zaist._ iv. 151.

Scolari, Gioseffo, a Vicentese, living in 1580. _Orlandi._ iii. 170.

Scor, called Gio. Paolo Tedesco, an academician of St. Luke in 1653.
_Orlandi._ ii. 237.

---- Egidio, his brother. _Taia._ _ib._

Scorza, Sinibaldo, b. at Voltaggio in the Genovese, 1589, d. 1631.
_Soprani._ v. 468.

Scorzini, Pietro, a Lucchese, painter of theatres. _MS._ i. 362.

Scotto, Stefano, a Milanese, master of Gaudenzio. _Lomazzo._ iv. 234.

---- Felice, his work of 1495. _MS._ _ib._

Scuarz, Cristoforo, a German. _Ridolfi._ d. 1594. _Baldinucci._ iii. 164.

Scutellari, Andrea, di Viadana, in the Cremonese, painted in 1588. _Zaist._
iv. 162.

---- Francesco, a painter of the sixteenth century. _ib._

Sebastiani, Lazzaro, a Venetian, scholar of Carpaccio. _Ridolfi._ iii. 56.

Sebeto, da Verona. _Vasari._ Painted about 1377. _Guida di Padova._ iii.
12. Most probably it is a name resulting from a mistake of Vasari. _ib._

Seccante, Sebastiano, an Udinese. His works to the year 1576. _Renaldis._
iii. 132.

---- Giacomo, his brother, painted in 1571. Sebastiano, a younger son of
Giacomo; his works from 1571 to 1629. Seccante de' Seccanti, painted in
1621. _Renaldis._ iii. 132.

Secchi, Gio. Batista, called Il Caravaggio, painted in 1619. _Borsieri_,
iv. 317. In the _Pitture d'Italia_, vol. i. p. 214, he is called
Caravaggino, and an inscription is cited:--_Jo. Bapt. Sicc. de Caravag._

Secchiari, Giulio, a Modenese, d. 1631. _Tiraboschi._ iv. 59.

Segala, Gio., a Venetian, d. 1720, aged 57. _Zanetti._ iii. 352.

Seiter, Daniele, a scholar of Loth. iii. 292.

Sellitto, Carlo, a Neapolitan, scholar of Annibal Caracci. _Dominici._ ii.

Semenza, or Sementi, Giacomo, a Bolognese, b. 1580, d. young. _Baglione_
and _Malvasia_. v. 148.

Semini, Michele, a scholar of Maratta. _Vita del Cav. Maratta._ ii. 286.

Semino, and more commonly Semini, Antonio, a Genoese, b. about 1485,
painted in 1547. _Soprani._ v. 365, 376.

---- Andrea, his son, d. 1578, aged 68. _Soprani._ _ib._

---- Ottavio, another son, d. 1604. _Soprani._ _ib._

Semitecolo, Niccolo, a Venetian, painted in 1367. _Zanetti._ iii. 16.

Semolei, _see_ Franco.

Semplice, (Fra.), _see_ Da Verona.

Serafini, de', Serafino, da Modena, painted in 1376 and 1385. _Tiraboschi._
iv. 34.

Serano, _see_ Cerano.

Serenari, Ab. Gaspero, of Palermo, a scholar of Cav. Conca. _MS._ ii. 304.

Serlio, Sebastiano, a Bolognese, painted at Pesaro in 1511 and 1514; or
rather, he resided there. _Guida di Pesaro._ d. at Fontainebleau, old in
1552. _Histor. Dic._ v. 78.

Sermei, Cav. Cesare, di Orvieto, d. about 1600, aged 34. _Orlandi._ ii.

Sermolei, _see_ Franco.

Sermoneta, da, _see_ Siciolante.

Serodine, Gio., di Ascona, in Lombardy, d. young in the pontificate of
Urban VIII. ii. 205.

Serra, Cristoforo, da Cesena, living in 1678. _Malvasia._ v. 173.

Servi, de', Constantino a Florentine, b. 1554, d. 1622. _Baldinucci._ i.
259, 334.

Sesto, da, Cesare, or Cesare Milanese, d. towards 1524; and Cesare Magni,
by some supposed the same Cesare da Sesto who still painted in 1533.
_Bianconi._ _Guida di Milano con Note MS._ iv. 249, 251.

Sestri, da, _see_ Travi.

Setti, Cecchino, a Modenese, painted in 1495. _Tiraboschi._ iv. 36.

---- de', Ercole, a Modenese; his notices from 1568 to 1589. _Tiraboschi._
iv. 50.

Sguazzella, lo, Andrea, a scholar of Sarto. _Vasari._ i. 206.

Sguazzino, lo, di Città di Castello, living about 1600. _MS._ ii. 166.

Siciolante, Girolamo, called from his birth-place Sermoneta, living in
1572, as appears from an inscription placed to his son. (_Gallet. I. Rom._
tom. ii.) d. in the pontificate of Gregory XIII. _Baglione._ ii. 129, 131,

Siena, da, Agnolo and Agostino, Florentine sculptors in 1338. _Della
Valle._ i. 7.

---- Ansano, or Sano, di Pietro. His notices from 1422 to 1449. _Della
Valle._ i. 403.

---- da, Berna, for Bernardo, d. young about 1380. _Baldinucci._ i. 398.

---- Duccio, Guiduccio, di Boninsegna. His notices from 1282 to 1339.
_Della Valle._ i. 386.

---- Francesco, a scholar of Peruzzi. _Vasari._ i. 451.

---- Francesco, Ant., his work of 1614. _MS._ i. 426.

---- Francesco, di Giorgio, an architect and painter. _Della Valle._ i.
419, 427.

---- Georgio and Gio., called Gianella, scholars of Mecherino. _Della
Valle._ i. 426.

---- Giovanni, di Paolo, father of Matteo. _Della Valle._ i. 403, 429.

Siena, Guido, his work of 1221. _Della Valle._ i. 14, 378.

---- Matteo, di, Gio., his works from 1462 to 1491. _Della Valle._ i. 403,
ii. 353.

---- another Matteo, or Matteino, d. in the pontificate of Sixtus V., aged
55. _Baglione._ i. 428, ii. 170.

---- da, Maestro Mino, or Minuccio, to be distinguished from Fr. Mino da
Turrita. i. 383.

---- Michelangiolo da Siena, or Da Lucca, _see_ Anselmi.

---- Segna, or Boninsegna, painted in 1305. _Della Valle._ i. 386.

---- Ugolino, d. old in 1339. _Della Valle._ i. 33, 386.

---- Simone, _see_ Memmi. Marco, _see_ Da Pino. Baldassare, _see_ Peruzzi.

---- other painters less celebrated, or scholars of those masters. i. 397,
398, 454, 455.

Sighizzi, Andrea, a Bolognese, living in 1678. _Malvasia._ v. 211, 214.

Sigismondi, Pietro, a Lucchese. _Orlandi._ i. 360.

Signorelli, Luca, da Cortona, b. about 1440, d. 1521. _Vasari._ i. 98.

---- Francesco, his nephew. Notices of him until about 1560. _Bottari._ i.

Signorini, Guido, a Bolognese, cousin of Guido Reni, d. about 1650.
_Orlandi._ v. 254.

---- another of the same name and country, a scholar of Cignani. _Crespi._

Silvestro, Don, a Florentine, a monk of Camaldoli, d. about 1350. _Vasari._
i. 60.

Silvio, Gio., a Venetian, his altar-piece of 1532. _MS._ iii. 157.

Simazoto, Martino, or Da Capanigo, living in 1588. _MS._ v. 451.

Simone, Maestro, a Neapolitan, d. 1346. _Dominici._ ii. 349.

---- di, Antonio, a Neapolitan, and an artist of this age. _Dominici._ ii.

---- Francesco, a Neapolitan, flourished in 1340, d. about 1360.
_Dominici._ ii. 349.

Simonelli, Giuseppe, a Neapolitan, scholar of Giordano, d. about 1713, aged
64. _Dominici._ ii. 433.

Simonetti, _see_ Magatta.

Simonini, Francesco, of Parma, b. 1689, living in 1753. _Guida di Rovigo._
iv. 140.

Sirani, Gio. Andrea, a Bolognese, b. 1610, d. 1670. _Crespi_ and _Oretti,
Mem._ v. 150.

---- Elisabetta, his daughter, b. 1638, d. aged 26. _Malvasia._ Or d. 29th
August, 1665, and interred at S. Domenico. _Oretti, Memor._ v. 151.

---- Anna and Barbara, also his daughters. _Crespi._ _ib._

---- female pupils of Elisabetta. v. 152, 153.

Smargiasso, lo, _see_ Ciafferi.

Sobleo, _see_ Desubleo.

Soderini, Mauro, a Florentine, painted in 1730. _Lett. Pitt._, vol. ii. i.

Sodoma, il, _see_ Razzi.

---- del, Giomo, or Girolamo, a Sienese. i. 409.

Soggi, Niccolo, a Florentine, d. old in the pontificate of Julius III.
_Vasari._ i. 101.

Sogliani, Giannantonio, a Florentine, d. aged 52. _Vasari._ Painted at Pisa
about 1530. _Morrona._ i. 159.

Soiaro, _see_ Gatti.

Solari, or Del Gobbo, Andrea, a Milanese, flourished about 1530. _Vasari._
iv. 270.

Solario, Anton., called Lo Zingaro, (the gipsy,) da Civita, in Abruzzo, b.
about 1382, d. about 1455. _Dominici._ ii. 351.

Sole, dal, Antonio, a Bolognese, called Il Monchino da' Paesi, d. 1677.
_Crespi._ Or rather in 1684, aged 78. _Oretti, from the Registry of la
Maddalena._ v. 204.

---- Gio. Gioseffo, his son, b. 1654, d. 1719. _Zanotti._ v. 225.

Soleri, Giorgio, di Alessandria, d. 1587. _MS._ v. 455.

---- Raffaello, Angiolo, his son. _MS._ v. 457.

Solfarolo, il, or Gruembroech, a painter of the seventeenth century. v.

Solimene, commonly so called, but in his epitaph, Solimena, Cav. Francesco,
called L'Abate Ciccio, b. at Nocera de' Pagani, 1657. _Dominici._ d. at
Naples in 1747. _R. Gall. of Flor._ ii. 435.

Sons, (as he thus signs himself,) or Soens, Gio., da Molduch, was aged 57
in 1604. _Guida di Piacenza._ Living in 1607. _Affò._ iv. 136.

Soprani, Raffaello, a Genoese, b. 1612, d. 1672. _Cavanna, in his life of
this artist._ v. 421.

Sordo, di, Sestri, _see_ Travi.

---- d'Urbino, _see_ Viviani.

---- del, Gio., called Mone da Pisa, an artist of the seventeenth century.
_Morrona._ i. 319.

Soriani, Carlo, painted at Pavia in the seventeenth century. _Pitture
d'Italia._ iv. 324.

---- Niccolo, perhaps a Cremonese, d. 1499. _Baruffaldi._ v. 310.

Sorri, Pietro, b. in the Sienese, 1556, d. 1622. _Baldinucci._ i. 437, v.

Sottino, Gaetano, a Sicilian. _Guida di Roma._ ii. 441.

Sozzi, Olivio, di Catania, and Francesco. _MS._ _ib._

Spada, Lionello, a Bolognese, d. 1622, aged 46. _Malvasia._ iv. 63, v. 215.

Spadarino, _see_ Galli.

Spadaro, Micco, _see_ Gargiuolo.

Spaggiari, Gio., of Reggio, d. 1730. _Tiraboschi._ iv. 70.

---- Pellegrino, his son, d. in France, 1746. _Tiraboschi._ _ib._

Spagna, lo, or lo Spagnuolo, Giovanni, flourished until 1524. _Baldinucci._
Or longer. ii. 36.

Spagnoletto, lo, _see_ Ribera.

Spagnuolo, lo, _see_ Uroom, _see_ Crespi.

Spera, Clemente, painted at Milan in company of Lissandrino. _Ratti._ iv.

Speranza and Veruzio, of Vicenza, scholars of Mantegna. _Vasari._ iii. 77.

---- Gio. Batista, a Roman, d. young in 1640. _Baglione._ ii. 216. v. 135.

Spilimbergo, di, Irene, a supposed pupil of Titian. She died some time
before 1576. _Vasari._ iii. 165.

Spineda, Ascanio, of Trevigi, b. 1588. _P. Federici._ Living in 1648.
_Ridolfi._ iii. 271.

Spinello, Aretino, b. 1308, d. 1400. _Bottari._ i. 64.

Spinelli, Parri, (for Gasparri,) his son, living in 1425. _Bottari._ i. 65,

---- Forzore, another son, a worker in niello. _Vasari._ i. 112.

Spirito, Monsieur, living in the seventeenth century. _See Pitture
d'Italia._ v. 477.

Spisano, Vincenzo, called also Pisanelli, and Lo Spisanelli di Orta in the
Milanese, d. at Bologna in 1662, aged 67. _Malvasia._ v. 73.

Spoletti, Pierlorenzo, b. at Finale in the Genovese in 1680, d. 1726.
_Ratti._ v. 487.

Spolverini, Ilario, di Parma, d. 1734, aged 77. _Guida di Piacenza._ iv.

Spranger, Bartolommeo, of Flanders, b. 1546, d. old. _Orlandi._ iv. 168.

Squarcione, Francesco, di Padova, d. 1474, aged 80. _Orlandi._ Some by
mistake call him Jacopo; supposed by _Guarienti_ to be a different person
from Francesco. iii. 35, v. 290.

Stanzioni, Cav. Massimo, a Neapolitan, b. 1585, d. 1656. _Dominici._ ii.

Starnina, Gherardo, a Florentine, b. 1354, d. 1403. _Baldinucci._ i. 63.

Stefaneschi, P. Gio. Batista, a monk of Monte Senario, b. at Ronta in the
Florentine state, 1582, d. 1659. _Baldinucci._ i. 329.

Stefani, de', Tommaso, a Neapolitan, b. 1230. _Descriz. di Napoli._ ii.

Stefano, a Florentine, d. 1350, aged 49. _Vasari._ i. 57, 71.

---- di, Niccolo, da Belluno, flourished about 1530. _MS._ iii. 151.

---- Vincenzio, a Veronese, flourished in the fifteenth century. _Pozzo._
iii. 32.

Stefanone, a Neapolitan, d. old about 1390. _Dominici._ ii. 350.

Stella, Fermo, a Milanese, employed in 1502. _MS._ iv. 270.

---- Giacomo, a Brescian, d. in the pontificate of Urban VIII., aged 85.
_Baglione._ _Bardon_ asserts he died in 1657, aged 61; and that he came
from Lyons. ii. 149, iii. 270.

Stendardo, _see_ Van Bloemen.

Stern, Ignazio, b. in Bavaria about 1698, d. 1746. _Gall. Imp._ ii. 309.

Storali, Gio. and Pisanelli, Loren., Bolognese, pupils of Baglione. v. 81.

Storer, or Stora, Cristoforo, di Costanza, d. in Milan, 1671, aged 60.
_Orlandi._ iv. 308.

Storto, Ippolito, a Cremonese, scholar of Antonio Campi. _Zaist._ iv. 184.

Strada, Vespasiano, a Roman, d. under Paul V., aged 36. _Baglione._ ii.

Stradano, Giovanni, di Bruges, b. 1536, d. 1605. _Baldinucci._ i. 237.

Stresi, Pietro Martire, a Milanese, d. 1620. _MS._ iv. 276.

Stringa, Francesco, a Modenese, b. 1635, d. 1709. _Tiraboschi._ Or born in
1638. _Cart. Oretti._ iv. 66.

Stroifi, Don Ermanno, a Paduan, founder of the congregation of S. Filippo
Neri at Venice; d. there in 1693, aged 77. _Flaminio Corner, Churches of
Venice_, vol. iii. p. 232. iii. 281.

Strozzi, Zanobi, a Florentine, b. 1412, living in 1466. _Baldinucci._ i.

---- or Strozza Bernardo, called Il Cappuccino, or also Il Prete, a
Genoese, b. 1581, d. 1644. _Soprani._ v. 410.

Suardi, _see_ Bramantino.

Subissati, Sempronio, of Urbino, a scholar of Carlo Maratta, d. in Spain.
_Lazzari._ ii. 286.

Subleyras, Pietro, b. at Gilles, 1699, d. 1749. _Memorie delle belle Arti_,
vol. ii. Or b. at Usès, and d. aged 48. _Bardon._ ii. 307.

Subtermans, Giusto, d'Anversa, b. 1597, d. 1681. _R. Gall. of Florence._ i.

Suppa, Andrea, a Messinese, d. 1671, aged 43. _Hakert._ ii. 412.

Surchi, _see_ Dielai.

Sustris, is the surname of Federigo di Lamberto, called also Del Padovano,
_see_ Del Padovano.


Tacconi, Innocenzio, a Bolognese, scholar of Annibal, d. young. _Baglione._
v. 125.

Tafi, Andrea, a Florentine, d. 1294, aged 31. _Vasari._ i. 32.

Tagliasacchi, Gio. Batista, di Borgo S. Donnino, d. 1737. _Guida di
Piacenza._ iv. 142.

Talami, Orazio, of Reggio, b. 1625, d. 1705. _Tiraboschi._ iv. 63.

Talpino, _see_ Salmeggia.

Tamburini, Gio. Maria, a Bolognese, scholar of Guido, d. old. _Guida di
Bologna._ v. 191.

Tancredi, Filippo, a Messinese, b. 1655, d. at Palermo, 1725. _Hakert._ ii.

Tandino, di Bevagna, living in 1580. _Orsini Risposta_, &c. ii. 162.

Tanteri, Valerio, and other copyists of Cristoforo Allori, i. 293.

Tanzi, Antonio, di Alagna, in the Novarese, d. 1644, aged almost 70. _Co.
Durando._ iv. 304.

---- Gio. Melchiorre, his brother, _ib._

Taraboti, Caterina, living in 1660. _Boschini._ iii. 300.

Taraschi, Giulio, a Modenese, painted in 1546. _Tiraboschi._ iv. 43.

---- two brothers of the preceding, iv. 44.

Taricco, Sebastiano, b. at Cherasco in the Piedmontese in 1645, d. 1710.
_Della Valle._ v. 479.

Tarillio, Gio. Batista, a Milanese, his work of 1575. _MS._ iv. 303.

Taruffi, Emilio, a Bolognese, b. 1633, assassinated in 1696. _Crespi._ v.

Tassi, Agostino, of Perugia, b. 1566, d. aged 76. _Passeri. Pref._ xix. i.
316, ii. 250, v. 393.

Tassinari, Gio. Batista, a Pavese, his works of 1610 and 1613. _Pitture
d'Italia._ iv. 325.

Tassone, Carlo, a Cremonese, flourished about 1690, d. aged 70. _Zaist._
iv. 197.

Tassoni, Giuseppe, a Roman, d. 1737, aged 84. _Dominici._ ii. 444.

Tatta, _see_ Sansovino.

Tavarone, Lazzaro, a Genoese, b. 1556, d. 1641. _Soprani._ v. 384.

Tavella, Carlo Antonio, a Genoese, b. at Milan in 1668, d. at Genoa in
1738. _Ratti._ v. 441.

---- Angiola, his daughter, d. 1746, aged 48. _Ratti._ v. 442.

Tedesco, Emanuello, a scholar of Titian. _Ridolfi._ iii. 164.

---- Gio. Paolo, _see_ Scor, _see also_ Lamberto.

---- del, Jacopo, a Florentine, scholar of Domenico del Ghirlandaio, i. 96.

Temperello, il, _see_ Caselli.

Tempesta, il, _see_ Mulier.

Tempesti, (in the _Lett. Pittor._ and in other books _Tempesta_, and in
_Lottini_ called _Tempestino_;) Antonio, a Florentine, d. 1630, aged 75.
_Baglione._ i. 278, ii. 147, 171.

Tempestino, a Roman, flourished about 1680. _Pascoli._ ii. 251.

---- or Tempesti, Domenico, a Florentine, perhaps called also _Dei
Marchis_, b. 1652, living in 1718. _Orlandi._ i. 363.

Teniers, David, of Antwerp, called Il Bassano, d. 1649. _Sandrart._ ii.
241, iii. 211.

Teodoro, a Mantuan, _see_ Ghigi.

---- Monsieur, _see_ Hembreker.

Teofane, of Constantinople, lived in the thirteenth century. _Baruffaldi._
v. 285.

Teoscopoli, _see_ Delle Greche.

Terenzi, Terenzio, called Il Rondolino, a Pesarese; called also Terenzio
d'Urbino; d. in the pontificate of Paul V. _Baglione._ ii. 194.

Terzi, Cristoforo, a Bolognese, d. 1743. _Guida di Bologna._ v. 253.

---- Francesco, a Bergamese, d. old at Rome about 1600. _Tassi._ iii. 183.

Tesauro, Bernardo, a Neapolitan, flourished from 1460 to 1480, or near it.
_Dominici._ ii. 365.

---- Filippo, a Neapolitan, b. about 1260, d. about 1320. _Dominici._ ii.

---- Raimo, Epifanio, a Neapolitan; his works from 1494 to 1501.
_Dominici._ ii. 366.

Tesi, Mauro, of the state of Modena, d. at Bologna in 1766, aged 36.
_Crespi._ v. 276.

Tesio, il, of Turino, a scholar of Mengs. _MS._ v. 487.

Testa, Pietro, a Lucchese, called Il Lucchesino, b. 1617, d. 1650.
_Passeri._ i. 323.

Testorino, Brandolin, a Brescian, lived perhaps in the fourteenth century.
_See Morelli Notizia._ iii. 30.

Tiarini, Alesandro, a Bolognese, b. 1577, d. 1688. _Malvasia._ v. 179.

Tibaldi, or Pellegrino di Tibaldo de' Pellegrini, called Pellegrino da
Bologna, b. 1527, d. 1591. _Life of Tibaldi, written by Gio. Pietro
Zanotti._ v. 59.

---- Domenico, his brother, b. 1541, d. 1583. _Guida di Bologna._ Or d.
1582, aged 42, as stated in P. F. Flaminio da Parma, who gives his epitaph
in the _Memorie Storiche_, &c. Parma, 1760. _Oretti, Memor._ v. 62.

Tiepolo, Gio. Bat., a Venetian, d. 1769, aged 77. _Zanetti._ Or d. 1770.
_Conca._ iii. 361.

Tinelli, Cav. Tiberio, b. 1586, d. 1638. _Ridolfi._ iii. 283.

Tinti, Gio. Batista, of Parma, painted in 1590. _Affò._ iv. 137, 138.

Tintore, del, Cassiano, Francesco and Simone, of Lucca, flourished towards
the end of the seventeenth century. _MS._ i. 324.

Tintorello, Jacopo, of Vicenza, flourished in the fifteenth century. _Guida
di Vicenza._ iii. 34.

Tintoretto, _see_ Robusti.

Tio, Francesco, a Fabrianese, painted in 1318. _Colucci._ ii. 15.

Tisio, _see_ Da Garofolo.

Tito, di, or Titi, Santi, da Borgo S. Sepolcro, b. 1538, d. 1603.
_Baldinucci._ i. 257.

---- Tiberio, son of Santi, long survived his father. _Baldinucci._ i. 258.

Tiziano, _see_ Tizianello, _see_ Vecellio.

Tiziano, di, _see_ Dante.

Tognone, or Antonio, of Vicenza, a scholar of Zelotti, d. young. _Ridolfi._
iii. 241.

Tolentino, di, Marcantonio, a painter of the sixteenth century. _Colucci._
ii. 167.

Tolmezzo, di, Domenico, of Udine, painted in 1479. _Renaldis._ iii. 39.

Tommasi, Tommaso, di Pietra Santa, a scholar of the Melani. _MS._ i. 362.

Tommaso, di, Stefano, _see_ Giottino.

Tonduzzi, Giulio, da Faenza, painted in 1513. _Orlandi._ At S. Bernardino
di Faenza is one of his pictures with the name and year 1532. _Oretti,
Mem._ v. 91.

Tonelli, Giuseppe, a Florentine, lived in 1718. _Orlandi._ Painted from the
year 1668. _Descrip. de la Gallerie R. de Flor._, p. 51. He was sent to
study at Bologna under Aldovrandi. _Oretti, Mem._ i. 328.

Tonno, a Calabrese, who killed Polidoro. _Hakert._ ii. 377.

Torbido, Francesco, called Il Moro, a Veronese, scholar of Giorgione.
_Vasari._ iii. 108.

Torelli, Maestro, or Tonelli, pupil of Coreggio. _Ratti._ iv. 117.

---- Cesare, a Roman, painter and mosaic worker, d. in the pontificate of
Paul V. _Baglione._ ii. 158.

---- Felice, a Veronese, b. 1667. _Zanotti._ d. 1748. _Crespi._ Or b. 1670,
by Biancolini, d. 12th June, 1748, as I learn from _Oretti_. v. 228.

---- Lucia, by birth Casalini, a Bolognese, the wife of Felice, b. 1677, d.
1762. _Crespi._ _ib._

Toresani, Andrea, a Brescian, an artist of the eighteenth century.
_Guarienti._ d. aged about 33. _Carbone presso l'Oretti_, in 1760. _MS._
iii. 371.

Tornioli, Niccolo, a Sienese, living in 1640. _Lett. Pittoriche_, tom. i.
i. 432.

Torre, Bartolommeo and Teofilo Aretini, the second pupil of the former,
flourished in 1600. _Orlandi._ i. 314.

---- Flaminio, a Bolognese, called Degli Ancinelli, d. young in 1661.
_Orlandi._ v. 163.

---- della, Gio. Batista, originally of the Polesine, d. 1631.
_Baruffaldi._ He was established at Ferrara. v. 335.

Torre, Gio. Paolo, a Roman, scholar of Muziano. _Baglione._ ii. 149.

Torregiani, Bartolommeo, d. young shortly after 1673. _Passeri._ ii. 244.

Torri, written also Torre and Torrigli, Pierantonio, a Bolognese, living in
1678. _Malvasia._ v. 140.

Torricelli, _see_ Buonfanti.

Tortelli, Gioseffo, a Brescian, b. 1662, living in the time of Averoldi, or
perhaps in 1700. _Orlandi._ iii. 328.

Tortiroli, Gio. Batista, a Cremonese, b. 1621, d. aged 30. _Zaist._ The
date of his birth should be placed earlier, as he painted well in 1632. See
_Colucci_, who cites one of his works with the name and ancient date in
vol. xix. iv. 195.

Tossicani, Gio. Aretino, a scholar of Giottino. i. 58.

Tozzo, del, Gio., a Sienese, flourished towards the year 1530. _Della
Valle._ i. 435.

Traballesi, Bartol., a Florentine, assistant of Vasari. _Descrip. de la
Gall. R. de Flor._ i. 265.

---- Francesco, painted at Rome in the pontificate of Gregory XIII.
_Baglione._ _ib._

Traini, Francesco, a Florentine, scholar of Andrea Orcagna. _Vasari._ i.

Trasi, Lodovico, of Ascoli, b. 1634, d. 1694. _Guida di Ascoli._ ii. 287.

Travi, Antonio, da Sestri, in the Genovese, called Il Sordo di Sestri, d.
1668, aged 55. _Soprani._ v. 420.

Trevilio, da, in the Milanese, Bernardo, or Bernardino Zenale, d. 1526.
_MS._ iv. 224.

Trevigi, da, Dario, flourished about 1474, as we read in the _City Guide_,
and not 1374. iii. 73.

---- Antonio, his paintings in 1402 and 1414. _P. Federici._ iii. 38.

---- Giorgio, living in 1437. _Rossetti._ _ib._

---- Girolamo, his paintings from 1470 to 1492. _P. Federici_, who surnames
him Aviano. iii. 74.

---- Girolamo, the younger, b. 1508, d. 1544. _Ridolfi._ And supposed of
the Pennacchi family. _Federici._ iii. 120.

Trevisani, Angelo, a Venetian, was living in 1753. _Guarienti._ iii. 356.

---- Francesco, di Trevigi, b. 1656, d. 1746. _R. Gall. of Flor._ ii. 296,
iii. 356.

Trezzo, da, Giacomo, a mosaic worker in _pietre dure_. Of the Milanese
school, d. 1595. _MS._ i. 332.

Tricomi, Bartolommeo, a Messinese, scholar of Domenichino. _Hakert._ ii.

Triva, Antonio, da Reggio, b. 1626, d. 1699. _Tiraboschi._ iv. 64, v. 477.

---- Flaminia, his sister, living in 1660. _Boschini._ _ib._

Trivellini and Bernardoni, Bassanese, scholars of Volpato. The first
inscribes the date of 1694 on a picture at Castelfranco. _Federici._ iii.

Trogli, Giulio, called Il Paradosso, a Bolognese, living in 1678.
_Malvasia._ d. 1685, aged 72. _Guida di Bologna._ v. 149.

Tromba, _see_ Rinaldi.

Trompetta, _see_ Da Pesaro.

Troppa, Cav. Girolamo, supposed pupil of Maratta. _MS._ ii. 286.

Trotti, Cav. Gio. Batista, a Cremonese, called Il Malosso, b. in 1555.
_Zaist._ Living in 1603. _Zamboni_, p. 151. His Pietà at the chapel of S.
Gio. Nova in Cremona, with date of 1607. _Oretti, Mem._ iv. 189.

---- Euclide, his nephew. _Zaist._ iv. 193.

Troy, Gio. Francesco, b. at Paris, 1680, d. 1752. _Abregé de la Vie_, &c.
vol. iv. ii. 307.

Tuccari, Gio., a Messinese, b. 1667, d. in the plague of 1743. _Hakert._
ii. 444.

Tuncotto, Giorgio, living in 1473. _Co. Durando._ v. 452.

Tura, Cosimo, called Cosmè da Ferrara, d. 1469, aged 63. _Baruffaldi._ v.

Turchi, Alessandro, called L'Orbetto, a Veronese, painted at Rome in 1619.
_Catalogo Vianelli._ d. there in 1648, aged 66. _Pozzo._ b. 1580, d. 1650.
_Passeri._ ii. 232, iii. 317.

Turco, Cesare, d'Ischitella, b. about 1510, d. about 1560. _Dominici._ ii.

Turestio, Francesco, a Venetian mosaic worker, painted in 1618. _Zanetti._
iii. 253.

Turrita, da, in the Sienese, F. Mino, or Giacomo, d. about 1289. _Guida di
Roma._ His mosaic work at S. M. Maggiore, which, according to Oretti, bears
the date of 1495, seems to have been retouched. i. 8, 34, 381.

Turini, Gio., da Siena, lived about 1500. _Vasari._ i. 112.


Vaccarini, Bartol., da Ferrara, lived about 1450. _Baruffaldi._ v. 289.

Vaccaro, Andrea, a Neapolitan, b. 1598, d. 1670. _Dominici._ ii. 407. The
Andrea Vaccari, a Genoese, or Roman, mentioned by _Guarienti_, appears to
me one of his usual mistakes.

Vacche, dalle, F. Vincenzo, a Veronese, an Olivetan monk. _Notiz. Morell._
iii. 89.

Vaga, del, or de' Ceri, Perino, or Pierino Bonaccorsi, a Florentine, d.
1547, aged 47. _Vasari._ Or aged 46. _Oretti_, from the Inscrip. in the
Rotonda. i. 212, ii. 111, 125, 379, v. 369.

Vagnucci, Franc., di Assisi, flourished the beginning of the sixteenth
century. _MS._ ii. 161.

Vaiano, Orazio, called, from his birth-place, Il Fiorentino, painted at
Milan about 1600. _MS._ iv. 296.

Valentin, Monsieur Pietro, called by Baglione Valentino, a Frenchman,
native of Briè, near Paris, d. 1632, aged 32. _Bardon._ ii. 203.

Valentina, di, Jacopo, da Serravalle; his painting of 1502. _MS._ iii. 38.

Valeriani, P. Giuseppe, dell'Aquila, d. in the pontificate of Clement VIII.
_Baglione._ ii. 386.

---- Domenico and Giuseppe, Romans, directed by Marco Ricci. _Zanetti._
iii. 384.

Valesio, Gio. Luigi, a Bolognese, d. in his prime under the pontificate of
Urban VIII. _Baglione._ v. 126.

Valle, da, in the Milanese, or Valli, Gio., painted about 1460. _Lomazzo._
iv. 217.

Valle, Carlo, his brother, iv. 234. _Morigia_, p. 403; called, as it seems,
Carlo Milanese. iv. 223.

Van Bloemen, commonly Van Blomen, Gio. Francesco, called Orizzonte,
academician of St. Luke in 1742, d. 1749. _MS._ ii. 330.

---- Pietro, called Monsieur Stendardo, brother of Orizzonte. _Catalogo
Colonna._ ii. 333.

Vandervert, of Flanders, a pupil of Claude Loraine. In the _Catalogo
Colonna_ he is named Enrico Wandervert. ii. 248.

Vandi, Sante, a Bolognese, d. at Loreto, 1716, aged 63. _Crespi._ v. 268.

Vandych, and Vandyck, Antonio, b. at Antwerp, 1599, d. at London, 1641.
_Bellori._ ii. 235, iv. 187, v. 394.

---- Daniele, a Frenchman, painted in 1658. _Zanetti._ iii. 281.

Vanetti, Marco, da Loreto, pupil of Cignani. _Life of Cav. Cignani._ ii.

Van Eych, or Abeyk, Giovanni, di Maaseych, called De Bruges, or Da Bruggia,
and by Facio, who wrote his eulogy, _Jo. Gallicus_, b. 1370, d. 1441.
_Gall. Imp._ i. 81, ii. 355, iii. 41.

Vanloo, Giambatista, of Aix, d. 1745, aged 61. _Serie degli Uomini più
Illustri in Pittura_, &c. vol. xii. Or aged 69. _Bardon_, tom. ii. ii. 307,
v. 484.

---- Carlo, his brother and pupil, _ib._

Vanni, Cav. Francesco, a Sienese, b. 1565, d. 1609. _Baldinucci._ Or 1610.
_Mariett. Descriz._ i. 443.

---- Cav. Michelangiolo, his son, living in 1609. _Della Valle._ i. 432,

---- Cav. Raffaello, brother of the preceding, academician of St. Luke in
1655. _Orlandi._ He was aged 13 in 1609. _Della Valle._ i. 432, 446.

---- Gio. Batista, a Florentine; according to others a Pisan; but in the
epitaph called _Civis Flor._ (_Moreni_, tom. iv.) b. 1599, d. 1660.
_Baldinucci._ i. 294.

Vanno, del, (scholars of Cav. Vanni the elder) Gio. Antonio and Gio.
Francesco. _Guida di Roma._ ii. 230.

Vanno, di, Andrea, a Sienese, his works from 1369 to 1413. _Della Valle._
i. 398.

---- Nello, a Pisan, a painter of the fourteenth century. _Morrona._ i. 56.

---- other Vanni, Pisans, i. 66, 67.

Vannini, Ottavio, a Florentine, b. 1585, d. 1643. _Baldinucci._ i. 291.

Vannucchi, _see_ Sarto.

Vannucci, _see_ Pietro Perugino.

Vante, a Florentine, (signed himself also Attavante) living in 1484.
_Vasari_, and _Lett. Pittor._, tom. iii. i. 100.

Vanvitelli, or Vanvitel, Gaspare, called Dagli Occhiali, b. at Utrecht,
1647, d. at Rome in 1736. _Dizionario Istorico._ ii. 338.

---- Luigi, his son, ii. 339.

Vaprio, Costantino, a Milanese, painted about 1460. _Lomazzo._ iv. 218.

---- Agostino, his painting of 1498. _MS._ _ib._

Varnetam, Francesco, b. at Hamburgh, 1658, d. 1724. _Pascoli._ ii. 334.

Varotari, Dario, a Veronese, b. 1539, d. 1596. _Ridolfi._ iii. 298.

---- Alessandro, his son, called, from his birth-place, Il Padovanino, d.
1650, aged 60. _Orlandi._ iii. 300.

---- Chiara, his sister, living in 1660. _Borghini._ iii. 299.

---- Dario, the younger, son of Alessandro, living in 1660. _Borghini._
iii. 304.

Vasari, Giorgio, of Arezzo, Cav., b. 1512, d. 1574. _Bottari._ i. 232, ii.
380, v. 52.

---- Another Giorgio, and Lazzaro, his ancestors, i. 232.

Vasconio, Giuseppe, a Roman, academician of St. Luke in 1657. _Orlandi._
ii. 234.

Vaselli, or Vasello Alessandro, a scholar of Brandi. _Orlandi_ and _Guida
di Roma_. ii. 214.

Vassallo, Antonmaria, a Genoese, scholar of Malò. _Soprani._ v. 423.

Vassilacchi, Antonio, called Aliense da Milo, b. 1556, d. 1629. _Ridolfi._
iii. 267.

Vaymer, Gio. Enrico, a Genoese, b. 1665, d. 1738. _Ratti._ v. 425.

Uberti, Pietro, a son of Domenico, a Venetian, flourished about 1733.
_Guida di Venezia dello Zanetti._ iii. 383.

Ubertini, Baccio, a Florentine, scholar of Pietro Perugino. _Vasari._ i.
101, 172.

---- Francesco, his brother, called Il Bachiacca, lived to the year 1557.
_Baldinucci._ i. 101.

---- Antonio, another brother, a worker on tapestry and embroidery.
_Vasari._ i. 215, iv. 281.

Uccello, Paolo, a Florentine, d. 1472, aged 83. _Bottari._ i. 71.

Udine, da, Girolamo, painted an altar-piece at Cividale in 1540.
_Renaldis._ iii. 133.

---- da, Giovanni Nanni, or Ricamatore, b. 1494, d. 1564. _Baldinucci._ But
more likely b. 1489, d. 1561. _Renaldis._ Note, that in the _Carte Antiche_
of _Udine_, also signed by Giovanni, there is found only the family name
_Ricamatore_; and perhaps _Nanni_ and _Nani_, which in some places in Italy
stand for Giovanni, has by historians been taken for his surname. i. 213,
ii. 46, 112, iii. 108, 247.

---- da Martino, _see_ Pellegrino.

Vecchi, de', Giovanni, di Borgo S. Sepolcro, d. 1614, aged 78. _Baglione._
i. 273, ii. 159.

Vecchia, Pietro, a Venetian, b. 1605, d. aged 73. _Orlandi_ and
_Melchiori_. Or towards the close of the seventeenth century. _Zanetti._ In
the _Guida di Rovigo_ it is stated he was of the Muttoni family. iii. 288.

Vecchietta, as he signs himself, Lorenzo, di Pietro, a Sienese, d. 1482,
aged 58. _Vasari._ i. 403.

Vecchio, il, di S. Bernardo, _see_ Minzocchi, _see also_ Civerchio.

Vecellio, Tiziano, da Cadore, Cav., d. 1576, aged 99. _Ridolfi._ ii. 124,
iii. 135, iv. 28, 178, v. 314., and throughout the work.

---- Orazio, his son, d. in his prime, 1576. _Ridolfi._ iii. 152.

---- Francesco, brother of Titian, painted in 1531. _MS._ _ib._

---- Marco, a nephew of Titian, d. 1611, aged 66. _Ridolfi._ _ib._

---- Tizianello, son of Marco, living in 1648. _Ridolfi._ iii. 153.

---- of another branch, Cesare, son of Ettore, d. towards 1600. _Renaldis._
iii. 154.

---- Fabrizio, brother of Cesare, d. in 1580. _Renaldis._ iii. 154.

---- Tommaso, a kinsman also of Titian, d. 1620. _Renaldis._ iii. 207.

Veglia, Marco and Piero, Venetians, their paintings of 1508 and 1510.
_Zanetti._ iii. 56.

Velasquez, Diego, ii. 236.

Veli, Benedetto, a Florentine painter of the seventeenth century. _MS._ i.

Vellani, Franc., a Modenese, d. 1768, aged 80. _Tiraboschi._ iv. 67.

Velletri, da, Andrea, painted in 1334. _MS._ ii. 14.

---- Lello, who signs himself _Lellus de Velletro pinsit_. _Orsini
Risposta._ ii. 27.

Veltroni, Stefano, da Monte S. Savino, living in 1568. _Vasari._ i. 270.

Venanzi, Gio., by some called Francesco, a Pesarese, living about 1670.
_Guida di Pesaro._ In the _Oretti MSS._ is cited his S. Onofrio at the
Carmine di Pesaro, where he read _Ant. Venantius Pisauriensis_, 1688; d. on
the 2nd October, 1705, aged 78. _Oretti, Notiz._ v. 161.

Venezia, da, Lorenzo, painted in 1358. _Zanetti._ And in 1368. _Quadreria
Ercolani._ iii. 16, v. 16.

---- Jacometto, painted in 1472. _Notiz. Morelli._ iii. 27.

---- Maestro Giovanni, living in 1227. _Zanetti._ iii. 9.

---- Niccolo, flourished in the time of Perino del Vaga, iv. 281.

---- Maestro Paolo, his notices of 1333 and 1346. _Morelli._ iii. 15.

---- Jacopo and Gio., his sons. _ib._

---- (da,) Fra Santo, a cappuchin, painted about 1640. _Melchiore._ iii.

Veneziano, Agostino, an engraver and pupil of Marcantonio. _Vasari._ i.

Veneziano, Antonio, a Venetian by birth, according to _Vasari_. A
Florentine, as stated by others; d. aged 74, about 1385. _Baldinucci._ i.
61, iii. 17.

---- another Antonio, a Venetian, flourished about 1500. i. 63.

---- Carlo, _see_ Saracini.

---- Domenico, d. aged 56. _Vasari._ About 1470. _Orlandi._ i. 82, ii. 356.

---- or, as _Vasari_ writes, Viniziano, Sebastiano, _see_ Del Piombo.

Venier, Pietro, an Udinese, d. at an advanced age in 1737. _Renaldis._ iii.

Venturini, Gaspero, a Ferrarese, painted in 1594. _Baruffaldi._ v. 325.

---- Angelo, a Venetian, scholar of Balestra. _Guida di Venez._ iii. 375.

Venusti, Marcello, a Mantuan, d. in the pontificate of Gregory XIII.
_Baglione._ i. 182, ii. 126.

Veracini, Agostino, a Florentine, pupil of Bastian Ricci. _MS._ d. 1762.
_Oretti, Memor._ i. 347.

Veralli, Filippo, a Bolognese, painted in 1678. _Malvasia._ v. 204.

Vercellesi, Sebastiano, da Reggio, living in 1650. _Tiraboschi._ iv. 63.

Vercelli, da, F. Pietro, painted about 1466. _Della Valle._ iv. 237.

Verdizzotti, Gio. Mario, a Venetian, d. 1600, aged 75. _Ridolfi._ iii. 247.

Verhuik, Cornelio, di Rotterdam, b. 1648, living in 1718. _Orlandi._ v.

Vermiglio, Giuseppe, a Turinese, living in 1675. _MS._ v. 471.

Vernet, Joseph, a scholar of Manglard, b. at Avignon in 1712. Academician
of St. Luke, 1743, d. at Paris in 1786. _MS._ ii. 332.

Vernici, Gio. Batista, scholar of the Caracci. _Malvasia._ d. at
Fossombrone, 12th March, 1617. _Oretti, Memor._ v. 197.

Vernigo, Girol., a Veronese, called Girolamo da' Paesi, d. 1630. _Pozzo._
iii. 338.

Verona, da, Batista, _see_ Zelotti.

Verona, da, F. Gio., an Olivetan monk, d. 1537, aged 68. _Pozzo._ iii. 89.

---- Jacopo, painted in 1397. _Guida di Padova._ iii. 13.

---- P. Massimo, a cappuchin, d. at Venice, aged 80, in 1679. _Melchiori._
iii. 322.

---- F. Semplice, a cappuchin, d. at an advanced age in 1654. _ib._

---- Stefano, called also Stefano da Zevio (_Piacenza_), flourished about
1400. _Vasari._ i. 61, iii. 31.

---- Stefano, di, Vincenzio da Verona, perhaps a son of the preceding.
_Vasari._ _ib._

---- Maffei, a Veronese, d. 1618, aged 42. _Ridolfi._ iii. 238.

Veronese, Claudio, _see_ Ridolfi, Paolo, _see_ Caliari.

---- another Paolo Veronese, an embroiderer, flourished about 1527.
_Vasari._ iv. 281.

Verocchio, del, Andrea, a Florentine, b. 1432, d. 1488. _Baldinucci._ i.
80, 151.

---- Tommaso, a Florentine, assistant of Vasari, i. 268.

Veruzio, _Vasari_, probably Francesco Verlo, called in Vicenza, his country
perhaps, Verluzo or Verluccio, living in 1512. _P. Faccioli._ iii. 77.

Verzelli, Tiburzio, da Recanati, d. about 1700. _MS._ ii. 338.

Vetraro, il, _see_ Bembo.

Uggione, or Uglone, or Da Oggione, Marco, a Milanese, in the Registry
called Marco da Ogionno, (a district of the Milanese,) d. 1530. _MS._ iv.

Viadana, da, Andrea, a scholar of Bernardino Campi. _Lamo._ iv. 288.

Viani, Antonmaria, a Cremonese, called Il Vianino, living in 1582. _Zaist._
iv. 26.

---- Giovanni, a Bolognese, b. 1636, d. 1700. _Crespi._ v. 237.

---- Domenico, his son, b. 1668, d. at Pistoia in 1711. _Zanotti._ _ib._

Vicentini, Antonio, a Venetian, d. 1782, aged 94. _MS._ iii. 388.

Vicentino, Francesco, a Milanese, flourished in the sixteenth century.
_Lomazzo._ iv. 279.

---- Andrea, a Venetian, d. 1614, aged 75. _Ridolfi._ A date to be
corrected on the authority of a document edited by P. Federici, in which,
while painting at Trevigi in 1590, he is termed M. Andrea Micheli
Visentino. _Federici._ iii. 265.

Vicentino, Marco, his son. _Zanetti._ iii. 266.

Vicinelli, Odoardo, a scholar of Morandi. _Pascoli._ d. 1755, aged 71.
_Galletti Inscrip. Rom._, tom. ii. ii. 296.

Vicino, a Pisan, flourished about 1321. _Da Morrona._ i. 66.

Vicolungo, di Vercelli, lived in the seventeenth century. _MS._ iv. 278.

Vighi, Giacomo, da Medicina, (in the Bolognese,) lived at Turin about 1567.
_Orlandi._ v. 454.

Vignali, Jacopo, b. in the Casentino, 1592, d. 1664. _R. Gall. of Flor._ i.

Vignerio, Jacopo, a Messinese, painted in 1552. _Hakert._ ii. 377.

Vignola, da, Girolamo, a Modenese painter of the sixteenth century.
_Tiraboschi._ iv. 45.

---- Giacomo, _see_ Barocci.

Vigri, B. Caterina, or B. Caterina da Bologna, b. there (her father a
Ferrarese,) in 1413, d. 1463. _Piacenza._ v. 19.

Vimercati, Carlo, a Milanese, Latuada calls him Donelli, by others called
il Vimercati, d. 1715, aged about 55. _Orlandi._ iv. 307.

Vinci, da, Lionardo, b. 1452, d. 1519. _Amoretti Memor. Storiche._ i. 150,
iv. 238, and often throughout the work.

---- Gaudenzio, a Novarese. His altar-piece with his name and the year
1511. _MS._ iv. 257.

Vini, Sebastiano, a Veronese, flourished in the sixteenth century. _MS._ i.

Viola, Domenico, a Neapolitan, d. old about 1696. _Dominici._ ii. 418.

---- Gio. Batista, a Bolognese, d. 1622, aged 46. _Malvasia._ ii. 241, v.

Visacci, so called in the _Pitture di Pesaro_, or Antonio Cimatore di
Urbino, called Il Visacci, a scholar of Barocci. _Lazzari._ ii. 190.

Visentini, _see_ Vicentini.

Visino, il, a scholar of Albertinelli. _Vasari._ d. in Hungary about 1512.
_MS._ i. 193.

Vitali, Alessandro, di Urbino, d. 1630, aged 50. _Lazzari._ ii. 188.

---- Candido, a Bolognese, b. 1680, d. 1753. _Crespi._ v. 267.

Vite, Antonio, a Pistoiese, living in 1463. _Vasari._ i. 64.

---- or della Vite, Timoteo, da Urbino, d. 1524, aged 54. _Vasari._ ii.

---- Pietro, da Urbino, his brother. _MS._ Perhaps the priest of Urbino
mentioned by Baldinucci in the Decennale, iii. sec. 4. ii. 117.

Viterbo, da, F. Mariotto, painted in 1444. _Della Valle._ ii. 16.

---- Tarquinio, d. in the pontificate of Paul V. _Baglione._ ii. 170.

Vito, Nicola, a Neapolitan, scholar of Zingaro. ii. 362.

Vitrulio, a name inscribed on several pictures at Venice. This painter
seems to have lived in the time of Bonifazio, and to have been his
competitor. _See Guida di Venezia._ iii. 242.

Vivarini, Antonio, da Murano. _Zanetti._ His notices up to 1451. _Guida di
Padova._ iii. 21.

---- Bartolommeo, his brother and companion, painted in 1498. _Zanetti._ Or
1499. _N. Guida di Venezia._ iii. 24.

---- Giovanni, supposed of the same family. _Zanetti._ _See_ Gio. Tedesco.
iii. 21.

---- Luigi, supposed the elder, flourished in 1414. _Zanetti._ iii. 21.

---- Luigi, supposed the younger, in the _Notizia_ called _Zuanluisi da
Muran_, painted in 1490. _Zanetti._ iii. 24.

Viviani, Ottavio, a Brescian, a scholar of Sandrino. _Orlandi._ ii. 261,
iii. 345.

---- Antonio, called Il Sordo d'Urbino, (others say of Ancona,) d. in the
pontificate of Paul V. _Baglione._ ii. 189.

---- Lodovico, di Urbino, flourished 1650. _Guida di Urbino._ ii. 190.

---- il, _see_ Codagora.

Ulivelli, Cosimo, a Florentine, b. 1625, d. 1704. _R. Gall. of Flor._ i.

Voglar, Carlo, b. at Maestricht in 1653, d. at Rome in 1695. _Pascoli._ ii.

Volpati, Gio. Batista, di Bassano, a scholar of Novelli. _MS._ b. 1633, d.
1706. _Guida di Bassano._ iii. 315.

Volpi, Stefano, a Sienese, perhaps a scholar of Casolani. _See Il Pecci_,
p. 51. i. 441.

Volterra, da, or Volterrano, _see_ Ricciarelli and Franceschini.

Voltolino, Andrea, a Veronese, d. 1718, aged 75. _Pozzo._ iii. 325.

Voltri, da, in the Genovese, Niccolò, painted in 1401. _Soprani._ v. 359.

Volvino, author of the _Palliotto d'Oro_, Gold Pallium or Mantle, at Milan
in the tenth century. iv. 208.

Vos, de, Martino, of Antwerp, d. at advanced age in 1604. _Sandrart._ iii.

Vovet, Simon, of Paris, d. 1649, aged 59. _Lacombe._ Or b. 1582, d. 1641.
_Abrégé_, tom. iv. Or d. 1648, aged 53. _Bardon_, tom. ii. ii. 203, v. 393.

Urbani, Michelangiolo, a Cortonese, a painter upon glass, living in 1564.
_Lett. Pitt._, tom. iii. i. 227.

Urbanis, Giulio, di S. Daniello, painted in 1574. _MS._ iii. 133.

Urbano, Pietro, a Pistoiese, a scholar of Bonarruoti. _Vasari._ i. 179.

Urbinelli, b. at Urbino, lived in the seventeenth century. _Guida di
Urbino._ ii. 197.

Urbini, or Urbino, Carlo, da Crema, made his will in 1585. _Tibald. di
Vicenza._ iii. 336, iv. 288.

Urbino, di, Crocchia, a scholar of Raffaello. _Baldinucci._ ii. 117.

---- Gio. and Francesco, lived about 1575. _Conca._ ii. 190.

---- il Prete, _see_ Della Vite.

---- Raffaello, _see_ Sanzio. Terenzio, _see_ Terenzi.

Uroom, Enrico, called Enrico di Spagna, and, as appears, also Enrico delle
Marine, b. at Haarlem in 1566. _Sandrart._ ii. 248.


Waals, Godfrey, a German, scholar of Tassi. _Soprani._ v. 394.

Wael, Cornelius, of Antwerp, painted at Genoa in 1665. _Soprani._ v. 394.

Wallint, Francesco, called Monsieur Studio. _MS._ ii. 330.

---- Juniore, his son. _ib._


Zaccagna, Turpino, a Cortonese, living in 1537. _Bottari._ i. 99.

Zacchetti, Bernardino, a Modenese, living in 1523. _Tiraboschi._ iv. 51.

Zacchia, Paolo, called Il Vecchio, of Lucca, painted in 1527. _MS._ i. 102.

---- il Giovane, the younger; he is called Lorenzo di Ferro Zacchia. _MS._
Lived in the sixteenth century. _ib._

Zaccolini, P. Matteo, a Theatine monk of Cesena, d. 1630, aged about 40.
_Baglione._ ii. 260, v. 95. _See_ the Second Index for his Manuscript
Treatises. ii. 260.

Zaganelli, _see_ Da Cotignola.

Zagnani, Anton Maria, a Bolognese, living in 1689. _Crespi._ v. 205.

Zago, Santo, a Venetian, scholar of Titian. _Ridolfi._ iii. 162.

Zais, Giuseppe, a Venetian, d. old about 1784. _MS._ iii. 385.

Zaist, Gio. Batista, a Cremonese, b. 1700, d. 1757. _Panni._ iv. 205.

Zamboni, Matteo, a Bolognese, scholar of Cignani, d. young. _Crespi._ v.

Zambono, Michele, a Venetian mosaic worker, flourished about 1505.
_Zanetti._ iii. 251.

Zampezzo, Gio. Batista, da Cittadella, in the Paduan district, d. 1700,
aged 80. _Melchiori._ iii. 210.

Zampieri, Domenichino, a Bolognese, d. 1641, aged 60. _Bellori._ _Preface_,
xxxiv. ii. 207, 398. v. 127.

Zanata, Gioseffo, a Milanese, living in 1718. _Orlandi._ iv. 315.

Zanchi, Antonio, da Este, b. 1639. _Zanetti._ d. 1722. _Melchiori._ iii.

---- Filippo and Francesco, of Bergamo. Their notices from 1544 to 1567.
_Tassi._ iii. 182.

Zanella, Francesco, a Paduan. His notices until 1717. _Guida di Padova._
iii. 308.

Zanetti, Co. Antonio Maria, _quondam_ Girolamo, a Venetian, thus called to
distinguish him from _Antonio Maria Zanetti, quondam Alessandro_, mentioned
in the Index that follows:--the first was eminent for engraving on various
sorts of wood, in 1728. _Lett. Pitt._, tom ii. p. 152. He was in advanced
age in 1765. _Lett. Pitt._, tom. v. p. 304. Pref. x. The other d. 3rd
November, 1778, aged 62.

Zanimberti, or Zaniberti, Filippo, a Brescian, b. 1585, d. 1636. _Ridolfi._
iii. 326, 267.

Zanna, Gio. a Roman, called Il Pizzica, painted with Tarquinio da Viterbo.
_Baglione._ ii. 170.

Zannichelli, Prospero, of Reggio, b. 1698, d. 1772. _Tiraboschi._ iv. 70.

Zanobrio, di Ca, _see_ Carlevaris.

Zanotti Cavazzoni, Gio. Pietro, a Bolognese, b. 1674, d. 1765. _Crespi._ v.

Zappi, another surname of Lavinia Fontana, v. 65.

Zarato, _see_ Luzzo.

Zei, b. at Città S. Sepolcro, a supposed scholar of Cortona. _MS._ i. 352.

Zelotti, Batista, a Veronese, d. aged 60. _Ridolfi._ About 1592. _Pozzo._
iii. 171, 239.

Zenale, _see_ Da Trevilio.

Zevio, da, in the Veronese, Alticherio, or Altichieri; _in a MS. Document
of the noble house of Dondi Orologio_, Aldighieri; living in 1382. iii. 12.

---- Stefano, _see_ Da Verona.

Zifrondi, or Cifrondi, Antonio, b. in the territory of Bergamo, 1657, d.
1730. _Tassi._ iii. 369.

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in the Valteline. iii. 136, 251.

---- Valerio and Francesco, his sons, lived in 1573. _Zanetti._ iii. 137.

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                             SECOND INDEX.

      _Historical and Critical Publications cited in this Work._


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in several Dictionaries, added in this work more than five thousand, for
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also adduced many anecdotes respecting them, I have availed myself of
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GUIDES _of various Cities, or Districts, cited under this general term,
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these volumes, in addition to the number before extracted. They are added
to this edition under two different heads, namely, _Oretti Carteggio_ and
_Oretti Memorie_, or the initials of these words. Under the first are
comprehended notices of different artists, communicated in letters to Sig.
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Bottari, tom. v. of the foregoing _Lives_, p. 326. i. 244, ii. 140, 141.

       *     *     *     *     *

*.* The _MSS._ cited in the Index of Artists are pointed out in the work,
where the names of the correspondents are given, who have favoured me with
information respecting native or foreign painters. Others, either
professors or connoisseurs, from whom I have received any account, either
oral or written, are noticed in the Preface. I have also availed myself of
their intelligence in the nomenclature and epochs of artists.

                             THIRD INDEX

     _Of some of the most important Matters contained in the Work._


  ACADEMY, Florentine, i. 247, 370.
    Roman, ii. 142, 343.
    Of foreigners in Rome, ii. 307, 309.
    Of Perugia, ii. 37.
    Of Naples, ii. 446.
    Venetian, iii. 390.
    Veronese, iii. 381.
    Mantuan, iv. 30.
    Modenese, iv. 44.
    Of Parma, iv. 145.
    Of Vinci, at Milan, iv. 238.
    Another in the same city, 285.
    Another, 329.
    Bolognese, of the Caracci, v. 103.
    Continued, 194.
    Another, called the Clementine, 219.
    Ferrarese, v. 346.
    Genoese, 446.
    Of Turin, v. 473.
    It is a mistake to suppose academies injurious to the art, i. 248.

  Age, Golden, of painting confined to few years, ii. 48.
    Ends with the Caracci, v. 121.
    That of some schools earlier, some later, iii. 123.

  ---- Brazen, owing to the rarity of great artists, iii. 348, 349.
    Whether latterly a better age is approaching, ii. 342, iv. 145, 146.

  Anatomy; cultivated by artists of the fifteenth century, i. 97, iv. 240.
    Excellence of Michelangiolo in this line, i. 165.
    Carried to affectation by some of his disciples, i. 230.

  Ancient painters. Their methods, i. 44, 45.
    Their religious societies, i. 42;
    And civil, i. 396, ii. 11, v. 74.
    More correct in their small proportions than in their large, i. 29.

  Animals, artists who excelled in painting of, i. 72, 398-9, ii. 113, 257,
       334, 444, iii. 202, 247, iv. 12, 143, 215, v. 115, 202, 264, 265,
       419, 436.

  Arts, of Valesio, with which he surpassed Annibal Caracci in good
     fortune, v. 124.
    Of other painters, to add to their reputation, v. 251.


    A kind of painting not unknown to the ancients, iv. 215.
    Promoted by Laer, ii. 254;
    And by others, _ib._ v. 80, 235, 442, 443.

    Their use in painting since the fifteenth century, i. 404, ii. 364.
    Artists who thus distinguished themselves, i. 300, ii. 114, v. 432,

  Battle-pieces of Giulio Romano, ii. 108.
    Of Borgognone and his school, i. 330, ii. 253.
    Of others, iii. 339, iv. 29, 140, v. 268.

    How studied by Raffaello, ii. 91, 92.
    How by the mannerists, ii. 131.
    How by Guido Reni, v. 142.

  Bolognese artists.
    Did not derive the principles of painting from Florence, only its
       improvement, v. 14.
    Shewed the best method of imitation, v. 23.
    Pre-eminent in the art during two centuries, v. 15.

  Borromei. Benefactors of the fine arts at Milan, iv. 284.


  Caricatures, i. 331, ii. 295, iii. 285, iv. 242, v. 115.

  Chambers of Raffaello, of Pietro da Cortona, &c. _See their names._

  Characters of the Italian schools. _See the first or second epoch of

  Cherubs, boys, genii, by whom well drawn, i. 190, ii. 92, 299, iii. 140,
     141, iv. 105, 164, v. 54, 130, 134, 189, 312, 403.

    Improved at Florence, i. 73.
    Brought to perfection in the time of Vinci and of Giorgione, iii. 101,
       iv. 240.
    What in Caravaggio, ii. 200.
    What in Guercino, v. 164.

  Chiariscuri, preparations for colouring them, i. 192, ii. 318.

  ---- of Pietre Commesse, or mosaic, i. 428.

  Colouring of the Venetians, iii. 91, 246.
    Of Raffaello and of the other painters. _See their names._
    Altered, ii. 442, iii. 301, v. 220.

  Column of Trajan designed, ii. 148.
    Studied by Giulio Campi, iv. 171.
    By Cortona, i. 336.

    Crowded in the early times, i. 99.
    Maxim of Poussin, ii. 237.
    Of the Caracci, v. 106.
    Of Cortona, i. 341.
    Of the Venetians, iii. 71.
    Of Titian, iii. 115.

    Retouched by the masters, i. 206, 293, ii. 103, 104, iii. 150, v. 133,
       and elsewhere.
    Excellent copies, i. 15, iii. 155, 205, 289, v. 149, 169, 386.
    Rules to distinguish copies from originals, pref. xxviii.
    Copies of excellent pictures made in Italy, and transferred into
       foreign royal collections. _See_ Bonavita Bianchi.

    Neglected by many Venetian painters, iii. 349. It is often treated of
       in the characters of the schools and of artists.

  Counsel of learned men listened to by the best painters.
    By Vinci, iv. 224, 239.
    By Raffaello, ii. 66.
    By Poussin, ii. 239.
    By Coreggio, iv. 97.
    By Titian, v. 301.
    By Annibal Caracci, v. 117, 118.
    By the old Ferrarese, v. 281.
    By Castello, v. 386.

    Well represented, ii. 334.
    Paintings in them, i. 228.

  Cupolas. _See_ Gaudenzio Ferrari, Coreggio, Zuccari, Reni, Zampieri,
       Lanfranco, Cignani, De Matteis.


  Death, accelerated by violent passions, iii. 103, iv. 27, and in other
    By defamation, v. 159.

  Design, superior to colouring, but less lucrative, i. 250.
    Various practical processes in designing from life, ii. 90, 435, v.
       144, 186.

  Diligence, a necessary quality in artists, iii. 189.
    Commended in Barocci, ii. 183; in Titian, iii. 149;
    In Coreggio, iv. 83;
    In Cignani, v. 238;
    And in others, 224, 343, &c.
    Very remarkable in Lionardo da Vinci, iv. 241;
    And in Ercole Grandi, v. 295.
    Particularly requisite in beginners, iv. 290, v. 94.
    Ought not to be carried too far, v. 67, 140, 231.
    Abuse of this maxim, iii. 305.

  Drapery, mantles, style of folding.
    Taste of the ancients, i. 76, ii. 30.
    Improved greatly by the Venetians, iii. 91;
    And by the Lombards, iv. 228.
    Frate contributed much towards its perfection, i. 191.
    Others praised in this respect, ii. 97, 319, iii. 141, v. 103, 104,
       141, 175, 176.


  Emulation, youthful, i. 409, ii. 67, iii. 125, v. 116, 179, 183, 334.
    How exemplified between Pasinelli and Cignani, v. 218.
    Want of it injurious to the younger Palma, iii. 255, 256;
    And perhaps to Raffaello, ii. 85.

  Encaustic, ii. 343, v. 353.

  Engraving on wood, i. 105.
    On several kinds, and with different colours, pref. xii. iv. 55.
    On copper, i. 112.

    Always accompanies merit, ii. 180.
    Its arts, _ib._ and 399.
    Accused of poisoning its rivals, i. 421, ii. 178, v. 305, 336, 375.
    Enabled to triumph for a time, v. 132, 133.
    Never succeeds in blinding the public, ii. 180, 400.
    Noble artists answer it only with meritorious works, i. 190, v. 101,
    The most bitter reply it can receive, i. 190.

  Epitaphs of painters too extravagant, i. 271, 272, iv. 115, v. 62.
    Such as are only just, i. 422, v. 278, 457.

  Epochs. Some, though apparently certain, are yet fallacious, iii. 288.

    The soul of painting, ii. 92, _et seq._
    Diligence requisite to succeed in it, _ib._ and 58, v. 110, 122.

    Painted with admirable effect by Camillo Boccaccino, iv. 165.


    Boasted classic imitators of each classic style, v. 328.

    Contributed more than any other city to the revival of the fine arts,
       i. 39, ii. 29.
    At what time in particular it shone as a new Athens, i. 217.
    Its school of painting celebrated of old for its design, i. 148.
    Boasts a series of great masters, and of styles wholly national, i.

  Flower-painters, and of fruits, i. 325, ii. 258, 384, 423, iii. 388, iv.
     285, 68, 294, v. 205, 266, 353.

  Foreign painters.
    Disliked by the natives, i. 223, 406, ii. 396.
    When judiciously invited to Italian cities, they have advanced their
       taste, or at least their decoration, i. 405, iii. 251, iv. 144, 286,
       v. 364, 448, 9, _et seq._

    Melozzo discovered and enlarged this kind
    of painting, v. 42.
    Improved by Mantegna, iii. 71, iv. 10.
    Perfected by Coreggio, and by others, i. 418, v. 53, 54.
    Raffaello left examples of it in architecture, ii. 98.
    _See also_ Perspective.

    The merit of artists not to be estimated by it, i. 201, 421.


    Its splendor of paintings, both in private and public, v. 372.

  Gilding in paintings much used by the ancients, i. 46.
    Abandoned by degrees, i. 96.
    Used by Raffaello, ii. 69.
    Up to the time of Cav. d'Arpino, ii. 155.

  Goldsmith's art the origin of engraving in copper, i. 112.

    The gift of some painters, i. 151, 152. ii. 95, iv. 124.
    Affected by others, iv. 124, 129, 175.

  Grandeur of manner, in what it consists, ii. 74.

  Greeks, ancient.
    By whom postponed to Michelangiolo, i. 166.
    Of early times, not wholly uncultivated in painting, i. 3.
    By them some of our earliest painters were instructed, i. 3, 9, iii. 7,
       v. 7, 286.

    Origin of, ii. 46.
    Professors, i. 213, 426, ii. 112, 158, iii. 248, iv. 170, v. 93, 305,
       374, 450, 451.


  Haste, when excessive, blamed, i. 235, ii. 130, 434, iii. 98, 255, v. 64.
    How corrected in Annibal Caracci, v. 100.

  Heads of men, by Raffaello, ii. 92.
    Of youths, by Guido, in various manners, v. 143, 144, _et seq._
    Of old men, ii. 148, 394, v. 145, 160.
    Of saints, i. 76, ii. 92, 184.

  History of Painting.
    Plan laid down by others, pref. viii.
    That of the author of this work, and on what model, _ib._
    It conveys clearer views of events than _Lives_ or Dictionaries of
       painters, owing to its connected narratives, pref. iv.
    Alluded to in the motto, _series juncturaque pollet_, pref. xvii.


  Illusions, in paintings, well represented.
    In men, ii. 79, iii. 204, v. 166, 167.
    In animals, ii. 257, iii. 283, iv. 13, 229, 252, v. 115.

    Methods properly observed in this by the Caracci, v. 101.
    By Guido, v. 138.
    By others, iii. 302, iv. 117, and in every school.
    Other methods not to be defended, i. 229, iii. 255, iv. 113, v. 220.

    Often confounded with the disciples of the best painters, pref. xix.
       ii. 123.

  Inlaid work, iii. 87.

    Never in want of painters, i. 1.
    Its celebrity in this art, pref. xvii.
    Rich in great artists little known even there, iv. 258, 302.
    Other examples in almost every school.


    Various styles, i. 324, ii. 170.
    Titian opened the true path, iii. 246.
    How much this art is indebted to Annibal Caracci, v. 120, 201, 202.
    To Poussin, ii. 240.
    Three celebrated landscape painters, ii. 242.
    Others in each school.
    _See the close of their epochs._

  Libraries decorated.
    The Vatican, ii. 149.
    Venetian, of St. Mark's, iii. 161, 243, v. 411.
    Paduan, of the university, iii. 168.
    Bolognese, of the Padri Scopetini, v. 54.
    Of the Padri Olivetani, v. 153.
    Royal, of Turin, v. 484.

  Licentious figures.
    Caused much remorse in Agostino Caracci, v. 116.
    Gave the appellation of libertine to Cav. Liberi, iii. 306.

    Its effects admirably exhibited by some artists, ii. 25, 77, 204, 248,
       iii. 148, 200.

  Loggia of Baffaello, ii. 80.
    Continued, 146.


  Mannerists, or sectarists, i. 57, ii. 131, iii. 255, iv. 183, 306, v.

  Masters, their various methods, i. 261, ii. 106, iv. 15, v. 99, 183, 184,
    Liberality in teaching, i. 298, ii. 87.
    Jealous of their disciples' talents, i. 163, 203, ii. 125, 280, iii.
       151, 267, v. 368, 369.
    Skill in directing them best, i. 325, iv. 21, v. 255, 256, 266, 267.

  Maxims of great masters carried to too great lengths by their schools,
     ii. 442, iv. 112, v. 2, 3.

  Mediocrity, Artists of, not to be wholly excluded from a history
      of the arts, pref. xii.
    Not however to be minutely studied, i. 270, 271, and often throughout
        the work.

    Masters of the oldest painters, i. 76, 376, ii. 11, iii. 14, v. 11, 12.
    Miniatures, i. 60, 99, 328, 376, 391, iii. 80, iv. 5, v. 290, 451, 452.
    Of Giulio Clovio, iv. 24.

  Misfortunes and passions sometimes occasion decline in the art, ii. 116,
     v. 184, 188, 381.

  Modena. Inventions made by this school, iv. 73.

  Monuments, ancient.
    Origin of the best design in Italy, i. 4, iii. 7.
    Studied by great painters, i. 92, ii. 66, 237, 246, iii. 38, 140, iv.
       15, v. 117, 163, 416, 263, 264.

  Mosaic-workers, i. 6, 34.
    The art improved by them at Venice, iii. 250.
    Perfected at Rome, ii. 341.


  Naples. Antiquity and talent of this school. ii. 345.

  Native places of painters often contested, and why.
    _See_ Anselmi, D'Alessi, Amalteo, Ardente, Diana Mantovana, Jacopo da
       Bologna, Lotto, Menabuoi, &c.

  Naturalists, without taste, ii. 200, _et seq._ iii. 276.
    Of some choice, i. 147, 308, iii. 152, v. 164, 165, 371, 372.

  Niello, or Niellatori, i. 110.

  Nobles who assisted students of the fine arts, when deserving, i. 357,
     iii. 390, v. 346.

  Nuptials, Aldobrandine, observed by Poussin for composition. ii. 238.


  Objects of pictoric history, pref. xvi.

  Oil, commencement of painting in, i. 81, ii. 355, iii. 41.

  Opinions on the same painter different, pref. xxxiv.
    The historian ought to collect the most authentic and popular, _ib._
    Painters ought to be estimated by their mature labours, conducted with
       most care, i. 301;
    As these may be almost termed their second editions, v. 424.
    More accurately estimated where they painted most, pref. xxxiii.

  Ornamental work of grand palaces, all directed by a single artist, i.
     233, ii. 81, iv. 22, 170, v. 369.


  Painting on different kinds of marble, i. 279, 288,
    with the secret of staining them with colours, i. 432.
    Another invention of F. Sebastiano del Piombo, iii. 107.
    Painting on dressed leather, ii. 176,
      on earthen vases, ii. 171,
      on glass, i. 224.

  Perspective well understood by the ancients, iii. 48, 249.
    Particularly cultivated by the Lombards, iv. 217.
    Excellent professors of it. _ib._, and tom. i. 215, 274, 425, 426, ii.
       24, 335, iii. 48, 249, 270.
    Its revival at Bologna, v. 205, 206, _et seq._
    _See also the end of last epoch of the same school, as well as in other

  _Pietre dure_, works in _commesso_, or variegated stone, more
     particularly conducted at Florence, and sometimes with the minuteness
     of the mosaic worker, i. 332.

  Plagues in Italy proved injurious to painting, ii. 262, iii. 273, v. 419.

  Play obscured many excellent qualities of Guido, v. 143.
    Caused the death of Schedone, iv. 59.

  Pleasure renders artists less correct, ii. 402, v. 64.

  Portraits, very excellent, ii. 79, 237, iii. 146.
    Celebrated portrait painters of the Venetian school; _see_ Titian,
       Contarino, Morone, Tinelli, Ghislandi.
    Others of every school, at the close of their respective epochs.


  Quadratura, _see_ Perspective.

    Artists of the fourteenth century, their dry but exact design, i. 103.
    They professed various arts at once.
    Simple in their composition, iii. 45, v. 26, and elsewhere.

  Question respecting the superior dignity of painting and sculpture, i.


  Removing of paintings from walls to canvass, v. 350.

  Revival of painting in Italy. Its origin, i. 1.

  Restoration of ancient paintings, when cautiously conducted, highly
     useful, ii. 84, iii. 294.
    Recommended by Bonarruoti
    and by the Caracci, at Bologna and Florence, v. 14.
    School for such art at Venice, iii. 389.
    Not successfully applied to the Supper of Vinci, at Milan, iv. 247;
    To various Venetian pictures, by Bombelli, iii. 294, and elsewhere.
    Method discovered at Siena, i. 455.

  Rome, dignifies the ideas brought by foreign artists from other parts,
     ii. 16.
    Character of the school, ii. 105.
    Circumstances which there assisted the progress of the art, ii. 341.


  Saloon, royal, in the Vatican, ii. 127.
    Others at Rome, i. 277, ii. 128, 203, 204.
    Of the Pitti, at Florence, i. 300.
    Of the Palazzo Vecchio, i. 192, 248.
    Of the ducal palace at Venice, iii. 192, 225, &c.
    In Genoa, v. 243.

  Scagliola, works in, i. 346, iv. 70.

  Sea views, painters of, i. 326, ii. 248, 332, 444, iii. 385, v. 204.

  Slowness of artists, remarked in Ricciarelli, ii. 127.
    Punished in Laureti, ii. 151.
    Proverbial with some, i. 161, 416, v. 97.
    Injurious, 267, 268, 343.
    Corrected in Agostino Caracci, v. 97.
    _See also_ Diligence.

  Selection of style to be made according to the genius and disposition of
     the artist, i. 248, 307, 416.

  Surnames of painters,
    confounded and altered, _see_ Lamberto, Da Leccio, Sanmartino, &c.
    Derived by masters from their native place, and sometimes from that of
       their residence. _See_ Orsi, Lotto, &c.
    Murati, ii. 41, iii. 120.

  Statues, of Bonarruoti, i. 165, 166.
    Of Verrocchio, i. 151.
    Where it may be observed, that the Horse of Venice, which was cast by
       him, and did not succeed, was newly cast by Alessandro Leopardo, a
       Venetian. _Temanza._
    Modelled by Vinci, _ib._;
    by Raffaello, ii. 82.

  Symbolical representations of living personages, borrowed from the
     history of illustrious ancients, i. 257, ii. 68.


  Tastes in painting, laudable, though different, i. 231.
    A certain taste not to be hastily changed at an advanced age, i. 205,
       308, 417, v. 195, 196, and elsewhere.

  Tapestries, i. 45, 6, ii. 82, 343, v. 207, 308.

    A sect of painters in Venice, iii. 276, and in Bologna, v. 194.
    Partly occasioned by the bad priming colours, used also elsewhere, i.
       283, iii. 276, v. 108;
    And the models of Caravaggio badly imitated, iv. 185.

  Theatres. Artists distinguished for decorating them, i. 217, 18. iv. 70.


  Unity of History, neglected by Raffaello, ii. 101;
    By Coreggio, iv. 108.
    _See also_ v. 470, 471.

  Urbino, ill provided with aids and conveniences for the art in the time
     of Raffaello, ii. 53.


  Variety, not studied by Pietro Perugino, nor by Bassano, ii. 31, iii.
    Neglected by Taddeo Zuccari, ii. 135;
    and by the mannerists, ii. 264, iii. 207, v. 438, 439.

  Varnish, _see_ Restoration of ancient paintings.

  Virgin, Holy. Ancient Images of, i. 2, 348, ii. 9, 346, iv. 209, v. 67.
    Some painters celebrated for their Madonnas, i. 198, 310, ii. 95, 220,
       278, 284, 315, iii. 52, 59, 116, 117, iv. 96, 261, 315, v. 19, 26,
       106, 180, 224, 261, 314, 451, 462.


  Wax, used by the ancients in painting, i. 88.

  Works, connected with painting, considered by historians of the art,
       pref. xii.
    Written on painting, criticised by Algarotti, pref. xi.

                               THE END.

  J. M'Creery, Tooks Court,
  Chancery-lane, London.

                         Critical Opinions on

                     LANZI'S HISTORY OF PAINTING
                              IN ITALY,

                     TRANSLATED BY THOMAS ROSCOE.

                      FROM THE EDINBURGH REVIEW.

"When we consider the number of painters, the great quantity of historical
matter, the numerous anecdotes, the solid and sensible criticism, and the
vast mass of valuable information, and especially the astonishing variety
of original and striking ideas, that are expressed in a brief, terse style,
in six volumes, we are surprised at the comprehensive shortness of THIS
HIGHLY ESTIMABLE WORK. We are delighted to find much of the ancient
which, more than from any other book, and perhaps as much as it can be
derived from books, we are able to attain an idea of the wonderful genius
of the Italians for the Fine Arts. IT IS WELL ADAPTED TO FORM THE TASTE
examined the works upon which Lanzi delivers his opinion, with his review
in their hands, have bestowed upon him this expressive, strong, and hearty
panegyric, 'HE IS A FINE FELLOW.'

"Mr. Roscoe deserves and will receive the thanks of all lovers of the Fine
Arts, for his valuable contribution towards the advancement of objects
which they have much at heart, and which may be considered of high
importance. He has here afforded his countrymen another opportunity to
acquire some knowledge of the Fine Arts, and of their history, which
assists the mind in reflecting upon the productions of the great masters;
teaches us to admire them upon sound principles, and redoubles the pleasure
of contemplating them; and so shews the truth of the ancient saying, that
the most wise are the most happy. THIS KNOWLEDGE, MOREOVER, FORMS, IN THE

                      FROM THE LITERARY GAZETTE.

REPUTATION UPON THE CONTINENT. From 1795 to the present time, (during which
period a considerable number of editions have appeared) it has increased in
fame, and widened its circle, as a WORK OF GREAT ORIGINAL TALENT ON THE
Altogether, the Arts owe a debt of the deepest gratitude to the man, with
whom Mr. Roscoe has, by this excellent translation, put it in the power of
every English reader to become familiarly acquainted. And we will say, that
in so doing he has enabled them to enjoy a very great pleasure. Unlike the
majority of works upon Science or Art, Lanzi has contrived to render his
is nothing dry about the narrative; but, on the contrary, it seems to us
increase of appetite grow with what it feeds on. In truth, WE ARE OURSELVES
SO DELIGHTED WITH THE HISTORY, that we do not exaggerate our opinion of its
merits, when we transcribe as our own the panegyric of the Cavalier Boni,
already alluded to. (_See Lit. Gat. No. 567._) It is, however, difficult to
convey a just idea of a work composed upon so enlarged and complete a
scale; which embraces a period of about six centuries, and fourteen Italian
schools, but treated with such rapidity and precision, as to form in itself
a compendium of whatever we meet with in so many volumes of guides,
catalogues, descriptions of churches and palaces, and in so many lives of
artists, throughout the whole of Italy."

                       FROM THE MONTHLY REVIEW.

"This Narrative, which exhibits the traces of the utmost diligence and the
most scrupulous regard to accuracy, is interspersed with critical views, so
philosophical, so eloquent, and so just, as to convince us of the thorough
competence of the Abbe Lanzi for the task which he has undertaken. The
extent of his general erudition appears abundantly throughout his work. To
vast and varied acquirements, he united uncommon powers of intellect,
together with an enthusiastic love for the beauties of the Art, to the
study of which he devoted himself from an early period of life;--with what
success, is attested by the favourable reception of his labours.
Completeness and impartiality as to its details, are not the only merits of
this work. To the connoisseur it will form a guide to facilitate his
acquaintance with the peculiar styles, and their varieties, of the great
masters; a species of knowledge which it is difficult to convey, although
of the greatest importance to possess. Nor is the utility of this work to
be overlooked, in disseminating amongst all classes a just taste for, and
sound opinions upon, the Arts. To pretend that, in the foregoing notice, we
have furnished anything like an indication of the multitude of interesting
details contained in these volumes, would be as offensive to truth, as it
would be unjust to the author of as singular a monument of labour and
diligence as modern literature can boast of. Neither do we attempt to
insinuate that we have been able to suggest any adequate notions of the
admirable tact and skill shewn in his arrangement, in which, without
excluding any topics necessary to the purposes of his history, the Abbe
Lanzi disposes of every personage and event in the rank that is due to
their relative importance. And if we have been deficient in these respects,
we feel that we have still more failed in giving a proper idea of the
accurate and discriminating mind of the critic, or of the perfectly
judicial impartiality of his opinions; and when we compare our imperfect
analysis of his work with our own impressions of the author, we are
sensible how little we have been able to transfer to our pages any portion
of those lineaments of taste, graceful propriety, and eloquence of
language, or of that spirit of regulated enthusiasm, which are diffused
through the 'History of Painting in Italy.' With respect to the merits of
the translator, the most obvious one is that of having given to British
literature a work of the very highest value, at no inconsiderable sacrifice
of time and trouble. His version, in general, has all the force and
precision of style which belong to the original."


"Luigi Lanzi was a learned churchman, a skilful antiquarian, a lover of
painting and sculpture, a sensible critic, something of a poet, and in all
those matters remarkably diligent and enthusiastic. He travelled, he
examined, he collected, he studied, and he wrote; and early acquired the
reputation of a candid judge of art, and a sagacious antiquarian. His
admirable work has been recently translated into English by Mr. Thomas
Roscoe, a gentleman whose varied knowledge in foreign literature entitles
him to much respect. His name is sufficiently known to the public, not to
need any great recommendation at our hands; but we must indeed say, that
the translator has conferred a great benefit on that portion of his readers
who are not professed Italian scholars. The work of Lanzi is full of
difficulties, even to Italians themselves, on account of the terms of Art
with which almost every page is full: it thus very much redounds to the
credit of Mr. Roscoe, to have produced so excellent and faithful a
translation, and written wherewithal with great elegance of diction. Of
this our readers cannot fail to be at once convinced, when we inform them
that he was materially assisted by his own respectable father; by Mr. W. H.
Ottley; by Dr. Traill; and by Signor Panizzi, at present resident at
Liverpool, one of the profoundest scholars and best of Italian critics."

                          Transcriber's Notes:

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lower case Roman letters. At the time of posting, these volumes can be
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Some dates of birth and death cited by the author are at variance from
those reported by subsequent sources. Dates that are clearly typographical
errors were adjusted, as listed below. Otherwise, dates were left as
printed, even though the given dates lead to illogical results (e.g., see
entries for Stephano and Alessandro Magnasco).

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A bindery note at the bottom of the first page of "Critical Opinions"
indicates that the reviews following "THE END" should have been
published at the beginning of Volume 1.

  Other changes:

      First Index:
  Date of birth for Barbalunga (Antonio Ricci) from 1690 to 1600.
  Date of birth for G. B. Calandra from 1686 to 1586.
  Entry for Cimatori: 'Visacei' to 'Visacci.'
  'Galti' to 'Gatti'
  Dates of notices for Lorenzo Lotto from 1613 to 1513.
  Removed duplicate 'd.' from entry for Jacopo Marieschi.
  Date of death for Tammaso Salini from 4625 to 1625.
  Date of death for Tommaso Sandrino from 1530 to 1630.
  'Costantino' to 'Constantino' (de' Servi).
      Second Index:
  'Where-ever' to 'Wherever' under Guides for Ferrara.
  Section symbol to the word 'section' under entry for Meerman.
      Third Index:
  'Punic Wax' to 'Punic War' under entry for Luigi Torri.
  Page number from 234 to 334, under listing for Animals, volume ii.
  'respectacle' to 'respectable' in text of Foreign Quarterly Review.

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