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´╗┐Title: Sipurim (Stories)
Author: Vaknin, Samuel, 1961-
Language: Hebrew
As this book started as an ASCII text book there are no pictures available.
Copyright Status: Not copyrighted in the United States. If you live elsewhere check the laws of your country before downloading this ebook. See comments about copyright issues at end of book.

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in Hebrew, thus the text should be displayed in right-to-left

license.  This is a copyrighted eBook.

Coypright (C) 2002 by Shmuel Vaknin

Filename        Title (English Translation)
--------------  -----------------------------------------------------

CONTENTS.TXT	This file, the Table of Contents

sipurim.htm	SIPURIM (Stories) - Introductory Page

abimbola.rtf	Abimbola Salako (Abimbola Salako)

agala.rtf	Agala Arufa (Beheaded Cart)

asisshel.rtf	Asir shel Neyar (Paper Inmate)

baotobus.rtf	Ba'otobus Ha'ira (On the Town Bus)

bayom.rtf	Bayom sheha-Nazim Khazru (The Day the Nazis Returned)

bia.rtf		Bia (Intercourse)

dudaim.rtf	Dudaim (The Passion Fruit)

elitzur.rtf	Elitzur Shotef Mavkhenot (Elitsur Cleanses Vials)

galim.rtf	Galim Ktsarim (Short Waves)

haatid.rtf	Ha'atid shel Madlen (Madeleine's Future)

haazakot.rtf	Ha'az'akot Ha'rishonot (First Sirenes)

habulim.rtf	Habulim shel Mar Peleg (Mr. Peleg's Stamps)

hakol.rtf	Hakol Yihye Beseder (It will all be Fine)

halonot.rtf	Halonot (Windows)

hamatsav.rtf	Hamatsav (The State of Things)

harash.rtf	Harash Milim (The Wordsmith)

haroman.rtf	Haroman Sheli im Yeshu (My Affair with Jesus)

hasevel.rtf	Hasevel (The Suffering)

hashofet.rtf	Hashofet Ha'elion (The Chief Justice)

hatunak.rtf	Hatuna Kafrit (A Rustic Wedding)

hirhur.rtf	Hirhur (Thought)

janush.rtf	Janush Mekhazer akhare Dina (Janus Courts Dina)

keshehag.rtf	Keshehageshem Make (When the Rain Strikes)

lizkor.rtf	Lizkor et Avimelekh (Remembering Avimelekh)

mare.rtf	Mar'e (Sight)

mibaadl.rtf	Miba'ad la-Behonot Ortsel (The Fabric of Shadows)

mikhtavl.rtf	Mikhtav la-Shofet Nun (Letter to Judge N.)

mitbahim.rtf	Mit'bahim (Kitchens)

mothame.rtf	Mot ha-Meshorer (Death of the Poet)

mothana.rtf	Mot ha-Nasikh (Death of the Prince)

otser.rtf	Otser (Curfew)

predame.rtf	Preda me-Akh al Khof (A Beach Farewell)

regishut.rtf	Regishut (Sensitivity)

shablul.rtf	Shablul Makhmad (The Pet Snail)

shalevs.rtf	Shalev Shotek (Shalev is Silent)

katsar.rtf	Sipur Katsar al Khoref (Short Story about Winter)

yagivu.rtf	Yagivu (They will Respond)

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