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Title: Simpson's Chelsea, Pimlico, Brompton, and Knightsbridge Directory, and Court Guide
Author: Anonymous
Language: English
As this book started as an ASCII text book there are no pictures available.
Copyright Status: Not copyrighted in the United States. If you live elsewhere check the laws of your country before downloading this ebook. See comments about copyright issues at end of book.

*** Start of this Doctrine Publishing Corporation Digital Book "Simpson's Chelsea, Pimlico, Brompton, and Knightsbridge Directory, and Court Guide" ***

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Transcribed from the 1863 Tomkies and Son edition by David Price, email
ccx074@pglaf.org.  Many thanks to the Royal Borough of Kensington and
Chelsea Libraries for allowing their copy to be used for this

                       CHELSEA, PIMLICO, BROMPTON,
                            AND KNIGHTSBRIDGE
                               COURT GUIDE,

                 INTELLIGENCE, CHELSEA CHARITIES, &c. &c.

                                * * * * *


                                * * * * *

                        TO BE PUBLISHED ANNUALLY.

                                * * * * *

                      PUBLISHED BY TOMKIES AND SON,


IN introducing this Directory, in a cheap and comprehensive form, to our
numerous subscribers, very few comments are necessary.  Great
inconvenience is felt in all large districts through not being able at a
moment’s notice to discover the place of abode of various individuals,
such as customers, friends, &c.  To obviate this has induced us to
attempt the compiling one of a pure local character, at a price within
the means of all classes.  We trust we have succeeded in completing a
work which cannot fail in giving satisfaction to our subscribers.  It is
our intention to publish annually, and doubt not, as we become more
acquainted with the locality, being enabled to establish a work which
will become thoroughly useful as a book of reference.

                                                             SIMPSON & CO.

_March_, 1863



The Names and Places of Abode of the Rector, Incumbent of the Parish
Chapel, Curates, Churchwardens, Representative Member of the Metropolitan
Board of Works, Vestrymen, Auditors and Officers under the Metropolis
Local Management Act, Overseers, Relieving Officers, Medical Officers,
Superintendent Registrar and Registrars of Births, Deaths, and Marriages,
Vestry Clerk, Deputy Parish Clerk, Beadles, Engine Keepers, Fire Escape
Conductors, Turncocks, Collectors of the different Rates and Taxes, &c.

Blunt, The Rev. A. Gerald W., M.A., Rectory, Church-street.
Davies, The Rev. R. H., B.A., 16, Oakley-street.
Blunt, The Rev. R. Frederick L., A.K.C., 88, Oakley street.
Synge, The Rev. F., B.A.
Pirkis, Rev. D. A.K.C., _Clerk in Orders_, Selwood-place, Queen’s
Elm, Fulham-road.
Diplock, T. B., M.D., 1, Sydney-st.        Shelton, Richard, 22,
Foy, William, 46, Paultons-square.              Richards, George
                                                Wevell, 29,
Hall, William, 22, Paultons-square.             Danvers-street.
                             THE VESTRY.
       _Representative Member of Metropolitan Board of Works_.

Tite, William, Esq., M.P., 42, Lowndes-square.
                Incumbent, The                   for the time being.

              Churchwardens, The
                       No. 1,—OR STANLEY WARD.
Breun, J. Cowan, 6, Lower Sloane-st.            Potter, Samuel, 5,
Foy, William, 46, Paultons-square.
                                                Tipper, William, 367,
Garner, Th. Betts, 317, Fulham-road.            Fulham-road.

Hall, William. 22, Paultons-square.             Veitch, Jas. Jun.,
                                                King’s-road, west.
Hunt, Henry, 16, New King’s-road.
                                                _Auditor_,—Adams, E.
Perry, John, 7, Danvers-street.                 More, 3, New King’s
                        No. 2,—OR CHURCH WARD.
Blazdell, Alexander, 25, Manor-st.         Lawrence, William, 141,
                                           King’s road
Bray, John, 197, King’s-road.
                                           Osborne, W. 8,
Burton, Edw. Gower, 20, Robert-ter.        Queen-street.

Callow, John, 41, Queen’s-road west.       Oxford, Henry, 40,
Cocks, Henry, 39, King’s-road.
                                           Richards, Geo. W. 29,
Cooke, G. W. Esq., 25, Cheyne-walk.        Danvers-street

Dancocks, Sam. S. 177, Fulham-road         Rope, Robert N. 49,
Doubell, William, 144, King’s-road.
                                           Symons, Thomas, 171,
Finch, W. N. 181, King’s-road.             Fulham-road.

Hulse, Robert, 40, Radnor-street.          Yapp, George, 83,

                                           Frederick Charle 19,
                      No. 3,—OR HANS TOWN WARD.
Badcock, John, 19, Smith-street.                Rhind, William, 189,
Birch, A. F. F. 14, Sloane-street.
                                                Slocombe, Thos. 13,
Butt, John, 310, King’s-road.                   Halsey-terrace.

Chelsea, Viscount, 28, Lowndes-st.              Symons, Elias O., 3,
Collier, Caleb, 209 Sloane-street.
                                                Tite, W. Esq., M.P.,
Compton, James, 1, Smith-street.                42, Lowndes-sq.

Fisher, John, 60, Cadogan-place.                Thirst, Edward, 11,
Gurney, G. E. 1, Marlborough-road.
                                                Todd, J.,
Hopwood, O. T. 195, Sloane-street.              Stanley-house,
Layton, Thomas, 14, Moore-street.
                                                Walker, Charles, 25,
Paul, Zacharius, Kensal New Town.               Exeter-street.

                                                Walker, T. H. 6,

                                                Williams, Wm., Kensal
                                                New Town.

                                                Joseph Salway, 117,
                    No. 4,—OR ROYAL HOSPITAL WARD.
Brookfield, Robt. 5, Cheltenham-ter.            Roope, Ch. Jun., 144,
Cattle, W. George, 102, King’s-road.
                                                Sansum, William H.
Dunkley, Th. 18, Lower Sloane-st.               132, King’s-rd.

Leete, John H. 143, Sloane-street.              Wain, George, 2,
Livingston, Alexander, 8, King’s-rd.
                                                Whitehead, H. 7,
Mowels, Samuel A. 142, Sloane-st.               Whitehead’s-grove.

Rabbits, William, 20, Sloane-square.            Wright, John, 8,
                                                Queen’s-road east.

                                                Henry Stephen, 92,
       _Treasurer_.—Hopkinson, Charles, Esq., 3, Regent-street.

  _Solicitors_.—Lee, Pemberton, & Reeves, 44, Lincoln’s Inn Fields.

  _Clerk to the Board_.—Lahee, Mr. Chas., Vestry Hall, King’s-road.

     _Surveyor_.—Pattisson, Mr. Joseph, Vestry Hall, King’s-road.

    _Medical Officer of Health_.—Barclay, Dr. A. W., Vestry Hall.

      _Inspector of Nuisances_.—Alder, Mr. Ealand, Vestry Hall.
                        OVERSEERS OF THE POOR.
Birch, Abel F. F., 14, Sloane-street.           Dancocks, Sam. S.
                                                177, Fulham-rd.
Blazdell, Alexander, 25, Manor-st.
                                                Tipper, William, 367,
                         RELIEVING OFFICERS.
Rodger, William, (_South District_,), 36        Tubbs, William
Upper Manor-street.                             Thomas, (_North
                                                District_), 32,
                          MEDICAL OFFICERS.
Ward, Dr. Martindale, Markham-sq.               Dickinson, Mr. T.,
                                                33, Sloane-street.
Keen, Mr. Thomas, 209, King’s-road.
                                                Scatliff, Dr. J.
                                                Parr, 132, Sloane st.
                   Brown, Mr. George, Kensal Green.
Ward, Dr. Martindale, Markham-sq.               Dickinson, Mr. T.,
                                                33, Sloane-street.
Keen, Mr. Thomas, 209, King’s-road.
                                                Scatliff, Dr. J.
Godrich, Mr. F., 12, Sydney-place,              Parr, 132, Sloane-st.
                                                Brown, Mr. George,
                                                Kensal Green.
                      SUPERINTENDENT REGISTRAR.
              Diggens, W. L., Office, Chelsea Workhouse.
Long, Charles S. 4 Rayner-place.                Smith, Wm. Clifford,
                                                (and of Marriages),
Larner, William, 240 King’s road.               Exeter-pl.
                            VESTRY CLERK.
              Lahee, Charles, Vestry Hall, King’s-road.
                         DEPUTY PARISH CLERK.
                  Sherrell, James, 258, King’s-road.
Nelson, R., 2, Marlborough-square.              Kirk, Robert, 15
                                                Margaretta terrace.
                           ENGINE KEEPERS.
Pigott, William, 1, Arthur-street,              Greaves, Charles, 4,
_Superintendent_.                               Duke-street.

                                                Adams, Henry, 14A,
                       FIRE ESCAPE CONDUCTORS.
OAKLEY SQUARE STATION.—Puzey, Nathaniel, (No. 571,) 30,
Cumberland-street, Marlborough-road, Chelsea.
SLOANE SQUARE STATION.—McCulloch, Thos., (No. 51,) Willow-cottage,
Hart’s-buildings, Westbourne-place.
PELHAM CRESCENT STATION.—Rowland, J. D., (No. 73,) 20, Wilton-street,
KNIGHTSBRIDGE GREEN STATION.—Whatley, Frederick, (No. 15,) 7,
Devonshire-place, Park-walk.
Cramp T., 11, Upper North-street.               Clark, E., 6, St.
                                                Mark’s-rd. Fulham-rd
Rice, Thos. 11, College-place.
                                                Ireland, John, 4,
Shuttleworth, J., 15, Milman’s-row.             Draycott-street,
Allen, Wm., Jun., 4, First-street.
                                                Tilbrook, J., 3,
                                                Chapel-pl., Brompton.
Oughton, Henry, Pavilion-cottage, New-road,     Oughton, Thomas, 119,
Sloane-street.                                  Fulham-road.

                                                Wing, C., 10, College
                                                ter., Bond-st.
                    COLLECTORS OF THE POOR’S RATE.
Sarel, S., 16, Chelsea-vil., Fulham-rd.         Mayers, W. T., 19,
Basely, Edward, 47, Paultons-sq.
                                                Oughton, Thomas, 119,
                    COLLECTORS OF THE WATER RATES.
Day, William, 2, Beaufort-street.               Briscoe, W. C., 9,
               Pearce, Richard, 192, King’s-road, s.w.
                         DISTRICT SURVEYORS.
Wood, S., 10, Robert-terrace, Chelsea.          Beachcroft, C., 3,

The Fire Engines and Ladders are kept at the Workhouse, Arthur Street,
King’s Road; at the Old Church, by the Waterside; and at the Depôt in
Draycott Place.  In Case of Fire give immediate notice to the Engine
Keepers, William Piggott, Superintendent, 1, Arthur Street, King’s Road;
Charles Greaves, 4, Duke Street, Chelsea, near the Old Church; Henry
Adams, 14A, Symons Place, Sloane Square; Chief Station, at the Workhouse,
Arthur Street, King’s Road.

The nearest Fire Escapes are stationed at Oakley Square, Sloane Square,
Pelham Crescent, and Knightsbridge Green.


                        CLERKS OF THE VESTRY.
     Barton Robart Hall, Vestry Clerk, and Clerk to the Trustees.

           Reuben Green, 21, Lansdowne Road, Notting Hill.
                James Broadbridge, 6, Addison Terrace.
                       TREASURERS AND BANKERS.
      Messrs. Hopkinson and Knyvett, 3, Regents Street, London.
                      MEDICAL OFFICER OF HEALTH.
          Francis Godrich, Jun., 1, Sydney Place, Brompton.
                       INSPECTORS OF NUISANCES.
           Giles Lovett, 4, Horbury Terrace, Notting Hill.

           George H. Wood, 10, Charles Street, Kensington.
                         COLLECTORS OF RATES.
                   Philip Kirke, 19, Brompton Row.

   John Manchester, 20, Clarendon Road, Victoria Road, Kensington.

       Samul C. Kingston, 16, Gloucester Terrace, Campden Hill.

          Walter S. Mayers, 9, Ladbroke Road, Notting Hill.
Archbutt, Samuel, 34,               Mould, John Tho., 1,
Ovington-sq.                        Onslow-crescent.

Barnes, Th. 15 and 16, Prospect     Perkins, C. 28 and 29,
place.                              Michael’s-place.

Carver, Jas. Frederick, 1 Gray’s    Watts, William, 8, Onslow
place.                              terrace.

Edwards, David, 15 Gilston rd.      Baines, Math., M.D. 54,
Gawtrey, Rob. L. 6 Alfred
place-west.                         Fitch, William, 9,
Stimpson, Thomas, 1 Brompton-row.
                                    Freake, Charles James,
Triggs, H. J. 1, Middle Queen’s     Cromwell-rd.
                                    Gutters, George, 24, Thurloe-sq.
Walters, James, 3, Brompton-sq.
                                    Green, Edward, 28,
Wilkins, John Thos. 21              Queen’s-buildings.
                                    Kendall, James, 36, Brompton-sq.
Bass, John, 12, Thistle-grove.
                                    Peck, Samuel Burdett 1,
Blore, John, 8, Michael’s-place.    Brompton-rd.

Brown, George, 50, Brompton-row.    Scott, Andrew, 3, Onslow-terrace.

Heather, John, 25,                  Turner, Robert, 9, Gray’s-place.
                                    Auditor of Accounts, Taylor,
Maydwell, Wright, 1,                Thomas, 16 Brompton-crescent.

Strickland, Wm. 30 Michael’s


      RECTOR.—The Rev. Henry Howarth, B.D., 15 Grosvenor Street.
                          THE CHURCHWARDENS.
Hope, Thomas Hen. Esq. 115          Camperdown, Earl of, 15 Hill st.
                                    Blore, Charles Henry, 9 Kinnerton
Baring, the Hon. and Rev. F. 9      st.
                                    Chorley, John R. Esq., 76 Chester
Dowden, Joseph, 18 Upper Eaton      sq.
                                    Cook, James Boyland, 56 and 57
Fellowes, Edward, Esq., M.P., 3,    Upper Ebury st.
                                    James, Thomas, 36 Denbigh st.
Haines, George, Esq., 6
Hobart-place.                       Meyrick, Stanton Edward, Queen
Stewart, A. J. R. Esq., 13
Belgrave sq.                        Phipps, James, 36 Lower Belgrave
Stocken, Frederick, Halkin st.
                                    Smith, Robert George, 35 Ebury
Stocken, William, 1 Park-side,      st.
                                    Smith, T. B. 8 and 10 Upper Ebury
Westerton, Charles, 27 St.          st.
George’s-place, Hyde-park.
                                    Armfield, William, 24 Lower Eaton
Whitbread S. Chas. 24 St.           st.
George’s sq.
                                    Bertolacci, F. R. Esq., 5
Bruce, Lord Ernest, 6, St.          Cornwall ter, St. George’s rd.
George’s pl.
                                    Drake, Henry, Esq., 47 Claverton
Bagot, Colonel Edward, 34 Eaton     ter.
                                    Hodges, J. G. Esq., 98, Cambridge
Love, Dr. James, 11 Burton st.      st.

Lloyd, John, 98 Upper Ebury st.     Jervis, Captain Henry Jervis
                                    White, M.P., 54 St. George’s rd.
Pearks, Henry, 34 Lower Belgrave
st.                                 Lyon, Henry, 76 Gloucester st.

Romilly, C. Esq., 29                Oldershaw, R. P. Esq., 74 Warwick
Wilton-crescent.                    sq.

Shepherd, Wm. Esq., 100 Eaton pl.   Smith, George Thomas, 21 Warwick
Vane, Henry M. Esq., 74 Eaton pl.
                                    Smith, William A. 90 Denbigh st.
Wallace, Martin, 20 St. George’s
pl, Knightsbridge.                  Arnum, Wm. 18 Upper Belgrave pl.

Barnett, James Joseph, 28 Chapel    Bennett, Joseph, Esq., 70
st, Grosvenor pl.                   Eccleston sq.

                                    Bennett, John, 15 Belgrave st

                                    Dunkley, Henry T. 17 Queen’s-row.

                                    Leeks, Edw. F. Esq., 73 Warwick
Hamilton, Captain Henry George,     Dennis, Wm. Esq., 106 Cambridge
R.N., 71 Eccleston sq.              st.

Mitchell, William C. 140 Warwick    Englefield, Rich., 11 Lower Eaton
st.                                 st.

Pocock, Thomas Wilmer, Esq., 4      Jackson, William, 1 Denbigh st.
Eccleston ter South.
                                    Meyrick, Edward Stanton, Queen
Webbe, Henry, 2 Lupus st.           st.

Anwyl, Thomas Eaton Chambers,       Mowott, Fras. Esq., 24 St.
Lower Belgrave pl.                  George’s sq.

Archbutt, John, 26, Victoria rd.    Walton, George, 6 Lower Eaton st.

                                    Wray, John, 57 Cambridge st.

                                    Auditor of Accounts, Wright,
                                    Edward, 97 Upper Ebury st.


                                                     £    _s._   _d._
James Levereth’s Request, to be distributed in        14      0      0
sums of 2s. 6d. each to widows in March.
Richard Guildford’s Request, in sums of 10s. to       10      0      0
poor parishioners, December 5th.
John Gregory’s, in Bread, December 5th.                0     18      9
Samuel Hunter’s, in Bread and Coals, December          5      5      6
Martha Burnsall’s, in sums of 10s. each to poor       10      4      9
parishioners, December 21st.
Washington C. W. Ashfield’s, in sums of 20s. to       30      0      0
poor widows, ten years housekeepers, St. Thomas
Ann Salmon’s, in Bread and Coals, to those that        6      6      0
do not receive alms, December 24th.
Judith Cale’s, in sums of 20s. to poor widows,         6     18      0
parishioners, December 24th.
John Franklin’s, in Bread and Coals, December,         3      0      0
or January.
Catherine Abbott’s, to be equally divided among        8      3      3
six poor women for housekeepers and
parishioners, January.
Charles Hatchett’s, in Bread, January 2nd.             3      7      4
Thomas Stewart’s, to the Ministers for Preaching       3      0      0
a Sermon, January 5th.
Elizabeth D. Denyer’s, in sums of £7. to four         92      0      0
poor Spinsters, repairs of Gravestones, and in
Bread.  In sums of £11 12 6 to four poor
Spinsters, January 6th.
Luke Thomas Flood, to deserving boys and girls,       45      0      0
in Parochial Schools, and Clergymen, organist,
clerk, and others, and to apprentice one boy and
one girl of the Parochial Schools, and in Bread.
January 13th.
Luke Thomas Flood, in sums of £15 each, to one        30      0      0
man and one woman, not man and wife, and
formerly housekeepers, Jan 13.
Luke Thomas Flood, vestry room keeper, pew             3      0      0
openers, and others, (to maintain tomb, or in
bread) employed during the day, Jan 13.
Luke Thomas Flood, for refreshment of nine            12      0      0
Trustees who are annual subscribers of £1. 1s.
to the Parochial Schools, and nine suppers for
officials employed during the day, January 13th.
John Long’s, in Bread, January 14th.                   3     11      4
William Gibb’s, in sums of 10s. 6d. to eighteen       18     18      0
poor men, and eighteen poor women, aged sixty,
third Sunday in January.
Mary Norman’s, in Coals, January 24th.                 3      7      2
Edward Cheyne, in Bread, March 16th.                   1      2      0
Edward Chamberlain, to masters of Parochial           10      0      0
Schools, £5 for educating 5 poor boys £5, and to
apprentice one of such boys to a Waterman £5,



This District extends from Charing Cross by the river to
Battersea-bridge; and thence to Wimbledon, Kingston, Sunbury, Twickenham,
Richmond, Mortlake, Brompton, Knightsbridge, and St. James’s, as far as


 Money Orders are issued and paid at this Office, and inquiries received
                       for misdirected letters, &c.

235.  The following are the latest times for posting Letters, &c. at this
Office for the London District deliveries.  Care should be taken to
deposit the letters, &c. in the proper box.

Box cleared     5 0       7 15     9 0      10 0     10 15     11 15
at Morning
,, Afternoon    12 15     1 15     2 15     3 15     4 15      5 15     6 15     6 45


        Those marked * are Money Order Offices and Savings Banks.


     5  Bridge-street.                  5  Lupus-street.
    *7  Broadway.                     109  Lupus-street.
    55  Cambridge-street.              65  Marsham-street.
     8  Chapel-street.                *23  Millbank-street.
   *46  Churton-street.                *1  New-street,
    *7  Eccleston-street South.        *4  Pall-mall, Colonnade.
     1  Gillingham-street.            *12  Parliament-street.
        *Haymarket.                    *1  Ranelagh-terrace.
        Houses of Parliament.          *3  St. James’s-street.
    98  Jermyn-street.               *161  Sloane-street.
   *33  Knightsbridge.                179  Sloane-street.
     5  Lyall-place.                    3  Upper Charles-street.


Albert gate.                   New Palace Yard.
Belgrave-road.                 Pall-mall.
Belgrave-square.               Pont-street.
Broad Sanctuary.               Regent-circus.
Carlton House-terrace.         Rochester-street.
Eaton-square.                  Stockbridge-terrace.
Grosvenor-place.               St. George’s-road.
Grosvenor-road (Wall-box.)     Victoria Railway Station (Letter-box.)
Grosvenor-street West.         Westmoreland-place.
Millbank, Ponsonby-place.      Whitehall, Horse Guards.


*     Queen’s Elms.             *     Old Brompton.
*     Brompton-row.             *     Queen’s-road West.
      Church-street, Chelsea.         Fulham-road, Alexander-place.
      King’s-road, No. 110.           Fulham-road, Clifton-terrace.
*     King’s-road, No. 131.


     Boltons.                           King’s-road, Britten-terrace.
     Cadogan Pier, Chelsea.             Ovington-square.
     Chelsea, Marlborough-road.         Pelham Crescent.
     Devonshire-terrace.                Rutland-gate.
     Earl’s Court, Brompton.      *     Walham Green.


        [Picture: Chandelier] Hall Lanterns, Vestibules, Pendants,
                      Brackets,[Picture: Chandelier]
                               BURNERS, &c.

                                * * * * *

                              WARREN SMITH,
                       MANUFACTORY AND SHOW ROOMS,

                    66, COLLEGE STREET, CHELSEA, S.W.,
                  (Opposite Pelham Crescent, Brompton,)
                    AND AT 3, QUEEN’S ROAD, BAYSWATER,
                (Five doors down from Kensington Gardens).

                                * * * * *

                    Gas Fitters & Plumbers’ Brasswork
                         BEST WELDED IRON BARREL,
                       Composition and Brass Tubes.
                    _The Cheapest House in London for_
                       _Plain and Cut Gas Glasses_.
                        BATH, HOT WATER, AND STEAM

                       Price Lists on Application.

         A Large Stock of Shop and Factory Fittings always ready.


      Experienced Workmen sent to all parts on the shortest notice.

 _Burners and Fittings in Mansions and Public Buildings kept in Order by

                                * * * * *

Cabinet Maker, Upholsterer, and Undertaker,

                                * * * * *

 _An extensive and well-seasoned Stock of New and Second hand Furniture_.

             Bronze and Iron Bedsteads of every description.

           Houses Furnished throughout at the Shortest Notice.

                                * * * * *


and Sulphur Cream are entirely free from any unpleasant Smell, and are
sovereign remedies against local or chronic cutaneous eruptions,
rheumatism, pains in the joints, &c.  The Sulphur Cream possesses all the
properties of the renowed “Barege Waters for baths,”—recommended by the
most eminent physicians.  Prospectuses and testimonials on application.

Sold Wholesale and Retail by Messrs. Newbery and Sons, 45, St.
Paul’s-church-yard; Barclay and Sons, 95, Farringdon-street; T. Keating,
79, St. Paul’s-church-yard; Districhsen and Hannay, 63, Oxford-street; G.
Jozeau, 49, Haymarket; P. A. Gerard, 390, Strand; Bainbridge and Pound,
60 Leather-lane; Bosley and Coleman, Chemists, 26, Brompton-row, and at
the Depot, 2, Rupert-street, Coventry-street, W.

                                * * * * *


                         OPPOSITE MARKHAM SQUARE,
                          KING’S ROAD, CHELSEA.

                                * * * * *


     _N.B.  All Chemicals and Drugs carefully selected from the first
  wholesale houses in London_, _and warranted of the choicest quality_.

                                * * * * *

_Near the Gilston Road_, _West Brompton_.

                                * * * * *

Repository for all kinds of Berlin and Fancy Articles.  A large and cheap
assortment of Photographic Albums, Carte de Visite Portraits, and all the
materials for the new art of Decolcomania, with instructions for the

        _Noted House for Foreign Postage Stamps of every nation_.

                          CATALOGUE, ALBUMS, &c.
                          REGISTRY FOR SERVANTS.

                                * * * * *


                            ESTABLISHED 1847.

In connexion with MUDIE’S, also with the united LIBRARIES of BOOTHS,
30, St. James’s-square.

Residents in South Kensington, Brompton, and Chelsea, may obtain all the
advantages of a First Class Library, by subscribing for any of the
following Terms:—

                    1 Vol.             2 Vols.            4 Vols.            6 Vols.
Annual         0     10     6     1     1      0     1     16     6     2     7      6
Half-Yearly                       0     12     6     1     1      0     1     10     0
Quarterly                         0     7      6     0     12     6     0     17     6
Monthly                           0     3      6     0     5      6     0     7      6
Weekly                            0     1      0     0     2      0     0     3      0

             _All New Books_, _and exchangeable at pleasure_.

J. M. begs to call the attention of the Gentry to the above REDUCED SCALE
                     of SUBSCRIPTIONS to his Library.


                   Original Carte de Vesite Portraits,

                  By KILBURN, SILVY, MAYALL, and Others.

       Also, Album Portraits of all the Local Clergy, &c., &c., &c.

                 PORTRAIT ALBUMS, from 2s. 6d. to £2 2s.

 _An Extensive Assortment of Gift Books suitable for Prizes_, _Presents_,
                          _or New Year’s Gifts_.

Hymn Books, as used at St. Paul’s Church, Onslow-sq. 6d. each and upwards

         All the Works of the Rev. Capel Molyneux kept in stock.

                           MUSIC AT HALF PRICE.


     Note Paper, 6d., 1s. 6d., 2s. and 3s. per packet of Five Quires.
              Envelopes, 6d., 9d., 1s., and 1s. 6d. per 100.
  Black Bordered Note, 6d. per quire.  Ditto Envelopes 1s. 6d. per 100.
             Depot for De La Rue’s Note Paper and Envelopes.

                      NEWSPAPER AND ADDRESS OFFICE.

                         DUTY OFF PLAYING CARDS.

                   De La Rue’s Cards from 1s. per pack.

                                * * * * *

                        INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION.
          (From the STANDARD and MORNING HERALD, Dec. 26, 1862.)

In the balance sheet, one of the most satisfactory items will be the
shilling and 2s. 6d. day tickets, which sold remarkably well.  _One agent
alone_, Macmichael’s Library, of 207, King’s Road, Chelsea, who was the
first to take the matter up, disposed of over £5,000 worth of day and
season tickets, which numbered upwards of one hundred thousand.

                                * * * * *

  _Agent for the Sale of Tickets for the Monday Popular Concerts and the
                   _Harp Concerts at St. James’s Hall_.

                                * * * * *

W. G. CATTLE & Co. {12}

CIGARS by the BOX, containing over 100 in number, from 9s. 6d.

SNUFFS, very choice, our own and Foreign Manufacture.

TOBACCOS, of the finest quality imported.

N.B.  A famous and delicious SMOKING MIXTURE, that will not blister the
mouth, 7_s._ 6_d._ per lb.

                                * * * * *

               Address W. G. CATTLE & Co, 102, KING’S ROAD,
                              CHELSEA, S.W.

                                * * * * *


IN expressing his acknowledgement for the support he has hitherto
received, begs to inform his Customers and the Inhabitants generally of
the neighbourhood, that he continues to furnish the best materials, made
up in a fashionable and elegant style, at a moderate scale of charges;
and begs to assure those who may entrust him with their commands, that
every attention shall be paid to their wishes.

         _Liveries and Juvenile Clothing on the shortest notice_.

                                * * * * *


                                * * * * *

Feathers Cleaned or Dyed as in Paris.  Moire Silks Dyed and Re-watered.
Satins Dyed and Embossed, or Finished Plain, Shawls, Silks, Dresses,
Gloves, &c., Cleaned and Dyed.  Chintz Furniture Cleaned and Glazed.  Bed
and Window Curtains of every description Cleaned and Dyed.  Blacks Dyed
every Week.  Gloves and Ribbons Cleaned Twice a Week.

                            ESTABLISHED 1849.

                                * * * * *


    A preventive of Indigestion, Spasms, Flatulence, Diarrhœa, Cramp,
           Cholera, Cholic, Neuralgia, Nervous Depression, &c.

Invaluable to Military and Naval Gentlemen, Travellers, Sportsmen, &c.,
also to Public Speakers and Vocalists for preserving the Voice.  In
stamped Bottles, 2_s._ 9_d._ and 11_s._ each.

CAUTION.—Please to observe the written Signature (CHARLES DAY), upon the
Government Stamp, without which none is genuine.

DOSE.—For Adults, from one dessert spoonful to two table spoonfuls.
Dose, for Children, from half a teaspoonful to two tea spoonfuls,
according to age.

This preparation can be taken either with or without the addition of
water.  The proportion of a table spoonful to a bottle of Soda or Seltzer
Water, forms a most refreshing and invigorating draught.

_Mr. DAY was elected_, _by examination_, _and for many years Dispenser_,
_at the King’s College and Middlesex Hospitals_; _he can_, _therefore_,
_with confidence_, _offer this Preparation as a boon to the public_.

Prepared only by CHARLES DAY, Family Chemist, 24, Sloane Street, Lowndes
Square, S.W.

                                * * * * *

Loan Company, Limited.

                            ESTABLISHED 1855.

                                * * * * *

                            CAPITAL, £100,000.

                                * * * * *

                              Chief Office:
                        13, FINSBURY PLACE SOUTH,
                               LONDON, E.C.

                                * * * * *

                    All kinds of Assurance and Annuity
                           Business transacted.

          _Seventy per Cent. of the Profits divided amongst the_
                       _Insurers every fifth year_.

                         LIFETIME OF THE INSURER.

                                * * * * *

                              SICK POLICIES

          Guaranteeing from 5s. to £1 per week during Sickness.
              _Stamp and Medical Fees paid by the Company_.

                                * * * * *


       Are granted in connexion with Life Assurance, at a moderate
                            rate of interest.

                                                        G. W. GIDLEY LAKE,

                          ACTIVE AGENTS WANTED.

                                * * * * *


                                * * * * *

              _Report on the Bread made by Mr. SMITH_, _by_
                               DR. HASSELL.

I hereby certify that I have examined several samples of Bread purchased
at the Establishment of Mr. SMITH, of No. 1, GROVE TERRACE, BROMPTON.

I found them to be made of Flour of excellent Quality, to be free from
Alum, and to be PERFECTLY GENUINE.

                                * * * * *

The Bread manufactured by W. SMITH was furnished to Messrs. F. E. MORRISH
& Co., Refreshment Contractors at the Great International Exhibition, and
will serve as an interesting record of the unprecedented consumption in
that department, and the satisfactory quality of the Bread supplied,
which was as follows:

Household Bread, 200,000 lbs.     French Loaves, 24,125 lbs.
Sandwich do. 67,600 „             Brown do. 1,530 „
                  Dinner Rolls, 210,000 lbs.

                                * * * * *


                                * * * * *

             Wedding Breakfasts, Tea Parties, & Ball Suppers
                          supplied by Contract.

                                * * * * *

           _ICES_, _JELLIES_, _BLANCMANGES_, _CUSTARDS_, _&c._
                       DESSERT AND LUNCHEON CAKES.

  _Rich Wedding_, _Sponge_, _Pound and Madeira Cakes_, _made to order_.

                                * * * * *

                            REFRESHMENT ROOMS.

                                * * * * *


                                * * * * *

 _Elastic Stockings_, _Knee Caps_, _&c.  Waterproof Sheeting_.  _Air and_
    _Water Cushions_.  _Enemas_, _Injection Bottles_, _Urinals_, _&c._

     Crutches, Armslings.  Instruments Repaired.  Charities supplied.


                      Ladies attended by Mrs. Jones.

                                * * * * *

Good Tea.

                               James Wells,

                                                        4b, Sloane Street,

                                             Ten Doors from Knightsbridge.

                                * * * * *

Umbrellas, Parasols, & Walking Sticks.

                                * * * * *

    _Umbrellas and Parasols Recovered and Repaired_.  _Walling Sticks_
                          _Dressed and Mounted_.

                                * * * * *

Liner, Cleaner, and Restorer of Old Pictures,

                                * * * * *

       Gilding in all its branches.  New Frames to Order.  Old ones
                          Re-gilt equal to New.

                                * * * * *

S. W. PASKELL begs to thank his Patrons for their liberal support, and
assures them that all Pictures entrusted to him will be done with the
greatest care, S. W. P. having had great experience for the last 25

                                * * * * *


                                * * * * *


                       Cheapest House in London for

                        GENTLEMENS’ BOOTS & SHOES,


                                * * * * *

                               NOTED HOUSE,
                        17, QUEEN’S ROW, PIMLICO,
                   Ladies’ Fashionable Boots and Shoes
                              OF EVERY KIND.

                                * * * * *

                           CELEBRATED HOUSE FOR
                  Youths’, Young Ladies’, and Childrens’
                             BOOTS AND SHOES,
            _In Immense Variety_, _at the very Lowest Prices_.

                                * * * * *

                             FOR TENDER FEET,
                  The Softest of French Calf Kid Boots,
                      DURABLE, PLIANT, AND HANDSOME.

                                * * * * *

                               GOLDEN BOOT,
                     17, QUEEN’S ROW, PIMLICO, S.W.,
                       OPPOSITE BUCKINGHAM PALACE.

                                * * * * *

     _Merchants_, _Captains_, _and Schools Supplied on Liberal Terms_


Aberall Mrs. 29 Wellington st

Abrahams John, 18 Chelsea villas

Acton Lady, 105 Sloane st

Acton Madame, 8 Halsey st

Adams Mrs. 2 Cheltenham ter

Adams W. 20 Danvers st Paulton’s sq

Adeney Edwd. 8 Markham sq

Ainsley Capt. 45 Hans pl

Alchin W. T. 13 Whithead grove

Alexander Miss, 115 Sloane st

Alexander Rev. Thos. M.A.., 1 Rayner pl

Allen Jos. 51A Paulton’s sq

Allen Alfred, 54 Paulton’s sq

Allet Wm. 43 Paulton’s sq

Alsbury G. 39 Sydney st

Ambler Thomas B. surveyor, 10 Oakley sq

Amos G. 29 Sydney st

Anderson Miss, 41 Smith st

Anderson Mrs. 19 Royal Avenue ter

Andrews Mrs. 9 Lincoln st.

Angel W. Edwd. 19 Chelsea villas

Appleton James, 6 Park rd

Archer Rev. Dr. 18 Hans pl

Archer T. D. 18 Hans pl

Armer Mrs. 10 Markham sq

Armsby Miss, 133 Sloane st

Armstrong Miss, 27 King’s rd

Arnaud Madame, 15 Whitehead grove

Arnold Mrs. 58 Sydney st

Arthur Dr. J. 1 Robert st

Artis Mrs. M. 66 Sydney st

Ashworth William, 18 Stanley st

Aspin John, 35 Halsey st

Astell, Mrs. 9 Oxford ter

Atkinson Mrs. 5 Oakley sq

Attreed George, 45 Halsey st

Attreed William, 38 Halsey st

Austain Miss M. 6 Oakley sq

Austin R. 51 Stanley st

Austin W. W. 17 Danvers st Paulton’s square

Baber Rev. H. 8 St. Leonard terrace

Backhouse Mrs. 28 Hans pl.

Badger Rev. Alb. M.A., 11 Gunter’s gr

Bagwell J. 17 Royal Avenue ter

Bailey & Child, solicitors 51 Sloane st

Bailey L.C., R.N., 3 Durham pl

Bailey A. Esq. 40 Hans pl

Bainbridge Mrs. 28 Wellington st

Bainbridge Artnur, 17 Margaretta ter

Baker William 158 Sloane st

Baker Edmund, 14 Whitehead grove

Balch Henry, 38 Smith st.

Balcolm John, 9 Stanley villas

Baldry Mrs. 1 Oakley sq

Banbee R. 42 Beaufort st

Banks Misses, 1 Barossa pl

Bannester James, 11 Trafalgar sq

Barker Henry, 1 Stanley villas

Barker William, 6 Stanley villas

Barkley C. William, 7 Paulton’s sq

Barley William, 17 Walpole st

Barnard William, 17 Princes st

Bartholomew Charles, 29 Walpole st

Bartlett Capt. 10 Glo’ster ter

Barrable Mr. artist, 162 Sloane st

Barrard Mrs. 2 Rayner pl

Barrie William, 19 Moore st

Barrell Mrs. 12 Milner st

Barrow Mrs. 23 Hemus ter

Barry Francis, 11 Park walk

Basley E. Henry, 5 Bolton pl. Upper Church st

Bartlett John, 9 Cadogan ter

Bassan Geo. 2 Paulton’s sq

Batchelor Mrs. 8 Paulton’s sq

Batt Rev. C. Cadogan ter

Batten John, 27 Milner st

Batten Henry, 4 Oakley crescent n.

Batten John, 27 Milner st

Bawkwell Miss E. 31 Stanley st

Baynon Miss, 9 Margaretta ter

Beach Mrs. 24 Moore st

Beard Edwd. 44 Smith st

Bean Miss, 57 Sydney st

Becker John, 7 Victoria grove

Bedford Wm. R. 4 Manor st

Beggi Dr. 12A Hobury st

Bell Mrs. 61 Sloane st

Benson Wm. B. 2 St. Leonard ter

Benson Thos. 37 Stanley st

Bentey John, artist, 128 Sloane st

Benturi Sebastian, 1 Albion ter

Bennett Miss, 87 Sloane st

Bennet Athr. J. 81 Walton st. Ovington sq

Bennett Ch. 16 Oakley crescent south

Berh W. H. 21 Park walk

Bernard Col. 35 Hans pl

Bertram Mrs. 151 Sloane st

Berry Geo. 55 Paulton’s sq. King’s rd

Berry Miss C. E. 31 Walpole st

Betts Chas. 12 St. Leonard ter

Bickers Henry, 3 Victoria grove

Bickers Charles, 135 Sloane st

Biddle Mrs. 18 Royal Avenue ter. King’s rd

Bilin P. 107 Sloane st

Birch Henry, 5 Durham pl

Birkhead Mr. 34 Hans pl

Bishop Hen. 10 Charles st. Fulham rd

Black John, 8 Victoria grove

Black Mrs. 11 Hemus ter. King’s rd

Blackburn B. Esq. 25 Hans pl

Blencow Mrs. 17 Park walk

Blogg William, 11 Smith st

Bloomfield Richard, 14 Shawfield st

Blomfield Miss, 14 Royal Avenue ter

Boileau Wm. P. 2 Shawfield st

Boner Francis, 13 Moore st

Boon John, 11 Strewan pl

Boning R. 16 Wellington st

Bontein Frederick, 16 Gunter’s grove

Bonney, Elm House 6 Upper Church st

Bostwick John, 44 Markham sq

Botton John, 29 Moore st

Bottin Wm. 10 Hemus ter

Bowden J. 50 Stanley st

Bowman Mrs. 13 Limerston st

Boucher Henry, 47 Halsey st

Boyd John, Argyle House 211 King’s rd

Boys Mrs. 51 Sydney st

Boor Edward, 6 South parade

Booz Mrs. 12 Victoria grove

Braybrook Dr. 8 Park rd east

Brett Geo. 11 Cadogan ter

Brewster Mrs. 12 Stanley villas

Breese Alfred Smith, 17 Milner st

Briant Mrs. 4 Smith st

Brigg Wm. 1 Victoria grove

Briggs E. T. 90 Sloane st

Briggs T. 41 Hans pl

Brimble E. 33 Stanley st

Briskey Miss, 22 Sydney st

Briskham Benjamin, 15 Paulton’s King’s rd

Brittein J. K. 46 Sydney st

Britten Jas. A. 18 Shawfield st

Broadbelt Mrs. 10 Smith st

Brodrick Mrs. 21 Chelsea villas

Brown Mrs. 12 Paulton’s sq

Browne Stephen C.E. 32 Sydney st

Brown Mrs. 24 Hans pl

Brown John, 8 & 9 Hans pl

Brown Dr. Ch. Gage, surgeon, 88 Sloane st

Browne Rev. T. Cadogan ter

Brown Charles, 266 King’s rd

Brown Miss, 17 Gunter’s grove

Brook Arthur, 13 Smith st

Brooks, 9 Halsey st

Brooks Henry, 274 King’s rd

Brooks Henry, 8 Oakley crescent sth

Brookfield Robert, 5 Cheltenham ter

Bruciani Monsieur, Bella Cottage Whitehead grove.

Bryant, E. 13 Stanley st.

Buck Miss, 16 Smith st

Buckmaster J. 17 Beaufort st

Budd George, 12 Milner ter

Bulkley Wilford, 17 Chelsea villas

Bull John, 18 Stanley villas

Bulley Mrs. 99 Sloane st

Bulling Thomas John, 10 Halsey ter

Bullock Dr. 12 Manor st.

Bunce Miss, 85 Sloane st

Bunn Mrs. 16 Halsey ter

Burch Mrs. 15 Sloane st

Burgess Rev. R., Rector, 9 Sloane ter

Burgess Philip, 2 Crawfield villas Oakley sq

Burke Walter, R.N. 1 Park rd

Burnett Mrs. 5 Rayner pl

Burnell Mrs. Henry, 84 Oakley st

Burnham John, 12 Cheyne row

Burton E. G. 20 Robert ter

Buryn J. B. Esq. 19 Hans pl

Burrage R. Ivy Lodge, 2 Up. Church st

Burrell Mrs. 11 Moore st

Burrows Mrs. 3 Limerston st

Busher Edward, 11 St. Leonard ter

Butler Mrs. 59 Sydney st

Buxton H. W. 2 Sydney st

Byford Thomas, 8 Trafalgar sq

Calthorpe Hon. S. 43 Lowndes sq

Campbell Mrs. 22 Oxford ter

Campbell Mrs. 11 Wellington st

Campbell Mrs. 51 Hans pl

Campbell Rev. John, 22 Victoria gr

Campbell William, 24 Hemus ter

Candiash Charles R. 11 Oakley crescent north

Cant Thomas, 5 Lincoln st

Carlyle Thomas, 5 Cheyne row

Carr Thomas, 24 Whitehead grove

Carter Capt. G. J. 1 Shawfield st

Carter Mrs. 17 Moore st

Carter Mrs. E. C. 6 Milner ter

Cartwright Wm. 1 Margaretta ter

Catchpole Henry, 8 Gloster ter

Cattermole John, 7 Archbutt ter Manor st

Cawx G. 34 Beaufort st

Chalmer Mrs. 4 Cheyne row

Chamberlain Edward, 3 Archbutt ter Manor st

Chamberlain Edward A. 22 Margaretta ter

Chambers Walter Henry, 7 Cheyne row

Chapman J. 54 Stanley st

Chapman W. 9 Robert ter

Chatfield Mrs. 76 Sloane st

Cheal Robert, 276 King’s rd

Cherbonneau L. 20 Wellington st

Chisholm Robert, 2 Bolton pl. Upper Church st

Chickin John, 22 Royal Avenue ter King’s rd

Child J. H. solicitor, 2 Halsey ter

Clunie Mrs. 3 Robert st

Clare Mrs. 48 Paulton’s sq

Clark Geo. 2 Moore st

Clark Hen. Jas. 1 Gunters grove

Clark Mrs. 43 Markham sq

Clark Mrs. 15 Margaretta ter

Clark W. F. 6 Stanley st

Clarke J. 4 Royal Avenue ter King’s rd

Clarke Jn. 61 Walton st. Ovington sq

Clarke Hen. Jn. 19 South Parade

Clarke Capt. Wm. 26 Hans pl

Claridge Jn. Esq. 1C Limerston st

Clarkson Joseph, 10 Hans pl

Claxton Capt. Oakley Cottage, 12 Upper Cheyne rd

Clayter Thos. 1 Hemus ter

Clayton Chas. 39 Smith st

Clifford Mrs. 21 Robert ter

Clifford Mrs. 16 Stanley st

Clulow Jn. 56 Oakley sq

Cockerill W. J. 7 Chelsea villas

Coker Mrs. 3 Park road east

Cole Mrs. B. 9 Walpole st

Cole C. 53 Stanley st

Cole Mrs. 19 Danvers st. Paulton’s sq

Cole Wm. 44 Halsey st

Coleman H. 79 Walton st. Ovington sq

Collie Henry, 1 Upper Cheyne row

Collins Ch. R. 33 Moore st

Collins John, 13 Oxford ter

Collins Wm. 22 Beaufort st

Compton Alfred, 9 Milner ter

Cook James, 40 Halsey st

Cook J. D. 2 Phene st

Cook Thurston, 28 Chelsea villas

Cooling Thomas A. 2 Manor st

Coombe Mrs. 1 Trafalgar sq

Coombes Mrs. 5 Shawfield st

Cooper Mrs. 78 Sloane st

Cooper Mrs. 73 Sloane st

Corbyn William, 9 Limerston st

Cornell Samuel, 16 Whitehead grove

Courtney Frederick, 7 Park rd east

Cousins Mrs. 10 Royal Avenue ter. King’s rd

Cowmeadow William, 77 Sloane st

Cox R. 35 Wellington st

Cox Wm. Upper George st. Sloane sq

Crammon Mrs. 4 Sydney st

Crickmay Arthur W. 10 Green’s row

Crickmay William, 34 Walpole st

Crisp Dr. 278 King’s rd

Croft Edwin, 94 Sloane st

Croker Arthur, 18 Danvers st. Paulton’s sq

Cromar Edward, 21 Danvers st. Paulton’s sq

Cromar R. 19 Wellington st

Cross J. 15 Sydney st

Cross Rebecca, 25 Milner st

Crossley Frank, 2 Archbutt ter. Manor st

Cuddon Francis, 13 Cadogan ter

Cuff Chs. 2 Royal Avenue ter

Cumming Mrs. 33 Hans pl

Custance Capt. N. 8 Hobury st

Cuthbertson Chs. 24 Margaretta ter

Cuthbertson John, 18 Walpole st

Cuthbertson T. 23 Wellington st

D’Alback W. 56 Sydney st

Dagnall G. 13 Beaufort st

Dales C. 7 Beaufort st

Darbyshire George, 23 Walpole st

Darsey Mrs. 25 Danvers st. Paulton’s sq

Davidson C. 12 Hemus ter. King’s rd

Davies E. C. 38 Hans pl

Davis John, 33 Paulton’s sq.

Davis Mrs. 1 Phene st

Davis Mrs. W. A. 19 Victoria grove

Davis T. H. 4 Park rd east

Day William, 2 Beaufort st

Dayrell Capt. 42 Hans pl

Debois Monsieur, 18 Gunter’s grove

Deburgh H. 32 Hans pl

Deherzeele Mrs. 7 Albion ter

Delacrousse Mrs. 18 Smith st

Denfort, 15 Hobury st

Dennis Sullivan, 28 Moore st

Denyer Mrs. Mary, 27 Paulton’s sq

De Pasquiuer, 14 Chelsea villas

Diggens W. L. 4 Trafalgar sq

Dick Matthew, 16 Park walk

Dickins Mrs. 16 Royal Avenue ter

Dickinson Thos. surgeon, 33 Sloane st

Dickinson Wm. surgeon, 37 Sloane st

Dickson Edward, 3 Rayner pl

Dickson Mrs. 7 Stanley st

Dike Mrs. G. 16 Beaufort st

Dilke, Sir C. Wentworth, Bart. 76 Sloane st

Diplock Dr. M.D. 10 Up. Cheyne row

Dix Joseph, 10 Stanley villas

Doll Christian P. 79 Sloane st

Done Miss, 19 Walpole st

Dore Wm. 31 Sydney st

Doswell J. F. 44 Sydney st

Dove Alexr. Jas. 2 Hobury st

Dovers Geo. 3 Park road

Dover P. E. 52 Stanley st

Downing J. H. 33 Beaufort st

Downing Mrs. 74 Sloane st

Dowlin Joseph, 4 Walpole st

Dremel Augustus, 4 Durham pl

Drury Rupert, surg. dent. 93 Sloane st

Dudjarden Mr. 41 Markham sq

Drummund William J. 63 Walton st. Ovington sq

Duncan Thomas, 13 Paulton’s sq

Dunning Chas. 8 Robert ter

Durham Mrs. 6 Manor st

Dyer, Capt. H. R.N. 14 Halsey ter

Eagar William, 7A Oakley crescent n.

Eales Mrs. 14 Oxford ter

Earle T. 1 Victoria ter. Beaufort st

Eaton H. 37 Sydney st

Edis Walter, artist, 91 Sloane st

Edmunds Matthew, 2 Sussex villas

Edwards Henry, 6 Milner st

Eidell Joseph S. 117 Sloane st

Ellis James, 23 Halsey st

Elliott Capt. Amyard, 29 Cadogan pl

Ellis Mrs. William, 46 Cadogan pl

Elliot the Hon. Mrs. 29 Cadogan pl

Ellis Robert, surgeon, 63 Sloane st

Elways Capt. William, 22 Hans pl

Engelback L. 26 Paulton’s sq. Kg’s rd

English W. 17 Wellington st

Emms N. 14 Margaretta ter

Eppy C. W. 25 Beaufort st

Erswell Francis, 10 Oakley crescents

Etheridge Robt. 19 Halsey st

Evans John, 15 Chelsea villas

Evans W. 23 Stanley st

Everingham Mrs. 14 South parade

Everington, 15 Wellington st

Ewen Edwin, 7 South parade

Fairhurst John, 7 Markham sq

Falkard Harry, 42 Markham sq

Farley Mrs. 8 Bolton pl. Up. Church st

Farmer Edmund, 102 Sloane st

Farr G. surgeon, 34 Wellington st

Farr John, 21 Halsey st

Farren George, 18 Whitehead grove

Farrier Robert, 2 Hemus ter. King’s rd

Fasson Mrs. 10 St. Leonard ter

Faulkner John, 37 Halsey st

Fauxs Mrs. 12 Manor st

Fawcett George, 11 South parade

Fawsett Mr. 12 Moore st

Faxon Samuel Walton, M.R.C.S. 155 Marlborough road

Fell George, 10 Paulton’s sq King’s rd

Fell W. T. 11 Stanley st

Fenton Mrs. 1 Manor st

Ferguson Thomas, 5 New King’s rd

Ferris T. D. 18 Moore st

Fessey John, Whitehead grove

Field C. F. 5 Stanley villas

Fielders John Henry, Nelson lodge

Fife Thomas, 6 Hobury st

Fildes Miss C. 7 Sydney st

Filler Mrs. 3 Sloane ter

Finch, Hobury House, Hobury st

Finch W. D. 32 Smith st. King’s rd

Fendon W. 15 Stanley st

Fisher S. J. 11 Hans pl

Fisher L. 11 Hans pl

Fisher Mrs. J. S. 36 Oakley st

Fisher Mrs. 24 Walpole st

Fitzgerald Lord, 47 Sloane st

Fitzgerrald Mr. 5 Walpole st

Fitzpatrick John, 9 Park rd

Fitzwater Chas. 4 Sloane ter

Fitzwilliam Mrs. Edwd. 4 Victoria gr

Floris Mrs. 16 Sydney st

Flowerday Mrs. 23 Sydney st

Foile Mrs. 26A Danvers st. Paulton’s sq

Foley Geo. 5 South parade

Foot J. 35 Stanley st

Forbes, 11 Milner st

Forbes Miss, 80 Sloane st

Forckler W. Y. 3 Wellington st

Ford R. 56 Stanley st

Forest Geo. 19 Gunter’s grove

Forster Thos. 2 Stanley villas

Foster Edw. Oakley Cotge, 259 K’s rd

Foulks Edm. S. 86 Sloane st

Fountain Mr. 11 Paulton’s sq.

Foy William, 46 Paulton’s sq.

French Charles 1 Seymour ter

Frair J. R. 47 Hans pl

Freed C. 14 Stanley st

Freeman Jos. L. 83 Walton st. Ovington sq

Freer Mrs. 83 Sloane st

Frost Mrs. 8 Hemus ter. King’s rd

Fuge Mrs. Oakley ter

Fuge Thomas, 3 St. Leonard ter

Furness Miss, 35 Paulton’s sq.

Fussett J. 31 Wellington st

Gales John, 6 Oakley crescent south

Garden, Mrs. 27A Beaufort st

Gardener Mrs. 9 Bolton place, Upper Church st

Gardner G. F. 21 Stanley st

Garnell Miss, 9 Walpole st

Garrard Rev. S. G. M.A. 3 South parade

Garratt Mrs. 12 Hobury st

Garth T. 30 Hans pl

Gattie George, 14 Manor st

Gatty F. 27 Sydney st

Gauntlett Mr. 5 Manor st

Gerard Edward, 12 Walpole st

Geary, Mrs. Capt. Henry, Whitehead gr

Gerlach, photographer, 10 Oxford ter

Germain L. professor of music, 18 Gloucester grove west

Gibbs John, 6 Halsey terrace

Gibbs Richard, 7 Lincoln st

Gibson W. 1 Wellington st

Gilbert John, 3 Beaufort st

Gilbert Mrs. 17 Sydney st

Giles Edward, 10 Park walk

Gilpin Miss, 16 Walpole st

Glaister James, 6 Smith st. King’s rd

Glassington Miss M. 43 Sydney st

Glancy E. 2 Rose cottage, Albion ter

Godward W. 11 Salamanca ter. Upper Church st

Godwell, 30 Margaretta ter

Godwin John, 7 Park place south

Gold R. T. 21 Sloane ter

Golding C. 48 Stanley st

Gompertz Misses, 11 Sloane ter

Giovanotti Miss Emérance Maria Théresa, 12 Oakley crescent north

Good John, 19 Danvers st. Paulton’s sq

Gordon G. 42 Stanley st

Gordon Mrs. 28 Walpole st

Gore, 4 Beaufort st

Gosset C. R.N. 41 Paulton’s sq.

Gould John, 1 Crawfield villas, Oakley sq. King’s rd

Gould Mrs. 290 King’s rd

Gould Robert Thomas, 21 Sloane ter

Gouldsmith S. W. 35 Markham sq

Grafton Hen. C.E. 16 Oakley st

Graham Mrs. 16 Park road

Grain Thos. 4 Crawfield villas, Oakley sq.

Grant Mrs. 121 Sloane st

Green James, 15 Gunter’s grove

Green Miss, 5 Smith st. King’s rd

Green Mrs. 5 Paulton’s sq. King’s rd

Green Wm. 21 Charles st. Fulham rd

Gregory H. 57 Stanley st

Greig Sir Hector, K.C.M.G. 21 Hans pl

Grenhuber Mrs. 10 Hobury st

Grey Mrs. 9 Hemus ter. King’s rd

Griffiths, 18 Victoria grove

Griffiths Mrs. 7 Cheltenham ter

Grover J. 6 Robert ter

Guest Dr. 20 Halsey st

Guest W. H. 6 Albion ter

Gunning Miss, 13 St. Leonard’s ter

Gunning Mrs. 9 Trafalgar sq

Gurney Goldsworthy, 42 Paulton’s sq King’s rd

Hack G. 47 Stanley st

Haden F. Seymr. F.R.C.S. 62 Sloane st

Haims the Misses, 6 Hans pl

Hale Miss, 15 Manor st

Hall Dr. 9 Sydney st

Hall F. Thos, 13 Salamanca ter. Upper Church st

Hall J. 46 Stanley st

Hall Miss, 20 Sloane ter

Hall Mrs. 9 Chelsea villas

Hall Mrs. Louisa, 23 Oxford ter

Hall William, 22 Paulton’s sq King’s rd

Halls John, 28 Danvers st Paulton’s sq

Hamilton Geo. Park rd

Hammond Mrs. 12 Salamanca ter Upper Church st

Hamon Peter G. 81 Sloane st

Hampton C. J. Vine Cotge. Beaufort st

Hampton E. C. 38 Hans pl

Hanison Mrs. 11 Walpole st

Hard A. 3 Stanley st

Hardy William, 8A Oakley crescent n.

Hare Alex. school, 92 Sloane st

Hare J. 8 Sydney st

Harrington Nicholas, Cleves lodge, Upper Church st

Harris Chas. 26 Margaretta ter

Harris John, 120 Sloane st

Harrison Chas. R. 54 Sloane st

Harrison Mrs. Elizabeth 49 Paulton’s sq. King’s rd

Harrison Mrs. 15 Robert ter

Harrison Jn. N. 7 Bolton pl. Upper Church st

Harrison W. 9 Beaufort st

Hart Henry, 9 Park pl south

Hart James, 34 Smith st. King’s rd

Hartley J. J. 5 Sydney st

Harvey Charles. 40 Smith st. King’s rd

Harvey Geo. 16 Stanley villas

Harvey Sidney, 2 Green’s row

Harwood Mrs. 58 Oakley sq. King’s rd

Hatchett Thomas, 9 Gloster ter

Hattey George, 4 Shawfield st

Hawkins Mrs. 77 Walton st. Ovgtn sq

Hay Geo. G. 127 Sloane st

Hay Mrs. 18 Sydney st

Hayne E. 19 Stanley st

Hayward Wm. 20 Chas. st. Fulham rd

Hazleton Wm. 24 Wellington st

Heath Mrs. 12 South parade

Hempson Wm. 46 Halsey st

Hempton James R. 13 Manor st

Henry William, 9 Moore st

Herbert F. solicitor, 20 Royal Avenue ter. King’s rd

Herman W. Robert, 6 Durham pl

Herpet John, 6 Royal Avenue ter. King’s rd

Hewlett, Oakley villa, King’s rd

Hiam Mr. 6 Hans pl

Hickman John, 11 Oakley crescent s.

Hill Mrs. 7 Hobury st

Hinde William T. 7 Manor st

Hitchen W. 49 Smith st. King’s rd

Hodgson James, 15 Oxford ter

Hogarth, 10 South parade

Holinyard James, 9 Halsey ter

Holloway Thomas, 17 Stanley villas

Holmes Charles, 3 Albion ter

Honey Mrs. 262 King’s rd

Hooper James C. 30 Walpole st

Hooper George, 5 Park pl

Hooker Miss Kate, 47 Paulton’s sq. King’s rd

Hope J. 39 Stanley st

Hopewell B. S. surgeon, 12 Beaufort st

Hopkins Edward, 118 Sloane st

Hopkins Mrs. 119 Sloane st

Hopkins W. 50 Hans pl

Hornsby Mrs. 20 Smith st. King’s rd

Houghton Edward, 30 Moore st

Houghton W. R. 4 Paulton’s sq

Howard Ann, 4 Milner st

Howard Miss, 31 Moore st

Howard Mrs. 15 Cheyne row

Howell John, 23 Princes st

Howlett John, 6 Cheltenham ter

Hudson Steven, 17 Hemus ter. King’s rd

Hughes Mrs. 4 Green’s row

Hulm, 30 Stanley st

Humphreys Edw. H. 1 Halsey st

Humphrey Elizabeth, 40 Sloane st

Humphreys Thomas, 47 Markham sq

Hunnard John, 7 Stanley villas

Hunt H. 16 Hobury st

Hunt Spencer J. 17 Oakley crescnts.

Hunt Rich. 13 Park walk

Hunt Robert, 6 Green’s row

Hunt Wm. R. 33 Smith st. King’s rd

Hunton Mrs. 69 Walton st. Ovington sq

Hutchinson Mrs. 2 Limerston st

Huthwait Mrs. 9 Smith st. King’s rd

Hyatt John, 48 Smith st. King’s rd

Instone Mrs. 8 Walpole st

Instone Mrs. Coupler House, Upper Church st

Irvin W. 51 Paulton’s sq. King’s rd

Jackson Edward, 14 Halsey st

Jackson H. 21 Beaufort st

Jackson Miss, 2 New Kings rd.

Jackson Richard Henry, 299 King’s rd

Jackson William, 9 Hobury st

Jacobs William, 19 Stanley villas

James Charles, 12 Barrosa pl

James Isaac, 89 Sloane st

James Mrs. 65 Sydney st

Janson E. 49 Hans pl

Jay Henry, surgeon, 50 Sloane st

Jeffreys J. 11 Markham sq. King’s rd

Jehgall Mrs. 11 Wellington st

Jenkins Mrs. 5 Hobury st

Jennings D. L. 25 Halsey st

Jentzen John, 2 South parade

Jessep Mrs. 42 Sydney st

Johns William, 13 Milner st

Johnson Phillip, 3 Cheltenham ter

Jolly John, 2 Whitehead grove

Jones E. A. watch & clock manufacturer, 113 Sloane st

Jones James, 15 Shawfield st

Jones Miss, 106 Sloane st

Jones Robert, 46 Markham sq

Jones R. S. 30 Paulton’s sq. King’s rd

Jones T. 11 Beaufort st

Jones William, 7 Margaretta ter

Jones William, 11 Park pl south

Jones William, 4 Robert st

Joyner William, 34 Stanley st

Julien Miss, 292 King’s rd

Kahill James, 7 Trafalgar sq

Kealy John, 26 Danvers st. Paulton’s square

Keeps Alfred, 10 Oakley crescent north

Keith Mrs. 14 Hans pl

Kent John, 28 Halsey st

Kerby John, 3 Hemus ter. King’s rd

Kerl Mrs. 1 Hans pl

Kerrett James, 14 Markham sq

Kirkham Mrs. Whitehead grove

King John 8 Park pl south

King Mrs. 3 Hobury st

King Mrs. 1 Sussex villas

King Pencheon, 10 Cadogan ter

King Wm. 8 Stanley villas

Knapman Samuel John, 7 Shawfield st

Knight J. F. 10 Cheltenham ter

Knight Mrs. Geo. 95 Sloane st

Knott R. 44 Stanley st

Kruse Miss, 139 Sloane st

Kurr G. H. 21 Oxford ter

Lacey Mrs. 2 Hans pl

Lacon E. 43 Beaufort st

Lamb J. 30 Wellington st

Lambert, 6 Oxford ter

Lane Edwin, 9 Markham sq. King’s rd

Landells Mrs. 2 Victoria grove

Langmead Rev. Wm. G. M.A. Chaplain to the Forces, and Chaplain to the
Royal Military Asylum, Chelsea, 13 Walpole st

Lankester Mrs. H. 69 Sloane st

Lankshear, surgeon, Park road west

Lassells Miss, 37 Hans pl

Larking Charles, 16 South parade

Larkin Henry, 6 Cheyne row

Larner Henry, 289 King’s rd

Laston Capt. R.N. 3 Great Cheyne row

Laundy R. 13 Hemus ter. King’s rd

Law James, 10 Chelsea villas

Lawrence J. W. 14 Beaufort st

Laxston Mrs. 14 Park walk

Laxton Henry, 11 Stanley villas

Lay, Esq. 52 Hans pl

Layton F. A. 8 Beaufort st

Layton Thomas, 14 Moore st

Leander E. 35 Beaufort st

Lear John, 36 Moore st

Lee Charles, 10 Victoria grove

Lee George, 270 King’s rd

Lee George, 20 Moore st

Lee Mrs. 16 Moore st

Lee Michl. 13 Danvers st. Paulton’s sq

Lee Thomas, 3 Margaretta ter

Lefoullon F. 11 Hobury st

Legg J. 8 Stanley st

Leighton Fred. Chas. 19 Margaretta ter

Lemmer Hy. 65 Walton st. Ovingtn sq

Leonard Henry A. architect & surveyor, 5 Wellington st

Leroche J. 31 Margaretta ter

Leslie, 5 Park rd east

Lewis, 25 Margaretta ter

Lewis Charles James, 8 Cheyne House, Upper Cheyne row

Lewns Ch. F. 34 Halsey st

Lewns William, 9 Cheltenham ter

Light Charles Llewellin, 9 Oakley st

Lillywhite George, 26 Oxford ter

Lincoln John, 23 Moore st

Lindeman J. 25 Paulton’s sq

Lindley Richd. 1 Cheltenham ter

Lindsey Geo. 20 Victoria grove

Lindsey R. 4 Victoria ter. Beaufort st

Lissant G. B. Sidmouth cge Shawfield st

Litolff Martin, 10 Limerston st

Littlejohn Mrs. 28 Stanley st

Livatt Nicholas, 6 Margaretta ter

Livermore Mrs. 32 Beaufort st

Lloyd Fredk. E. 14 Park rd

Lloyd H. W. 11 Milner ter

Lloyd Miss, 5 Charles st. Fulham rd

Lock Charles, 6 Paulton’s sq

Locke Peter, Clifton House, 3 Upper Church st

Lodges Mrs. 5 Victoria grove

Long Miss, 24 Beaufort st

Long S. C. Registrar of Births &c., 4 Rayner pl

Long Wm. 11 Chelsea villas

Longhan Francis, 5 Trafalgar sq

Lonsdale Mrs. 9 Wellington st

Lorel Samuel, 16 Chelsea villas

Lowe James, 3 Manor st

Lowe Mrs. 43 Hans pl

Lowes Nicholas, 98 Sloane st

Lowman Miss, Catherine Lodge

Loxdale Henry, 38 Markham sq

Lucas Thomas, 116 Sloane st

Luck John A. 13 Halsey st

Lumley Edwd. 23 Smith st. King’s rd

Lundbore F. 48 Hans pl

Lyne Lewis Stphn. 3 Oakley sq

McAlpin John, 295 King’s rd

McCarthy Mrs. 16 Oxford ter

MacCarthy Mrs. 7 Hemus ter. K’s rd

McCay J. 1 Park pl. south

McColley Henry, 8 Albion ter

McDonald Mrs. 3 Lincoln st

McTurk William, 3 Shawfield st

Macarthur Mrs. 7 Sloane ter

Machin James, 11 Royal Avenue ter King’s rd.

Mackenzie Mrs. 7 St. Leonard ter

Maclay Mrs. Alex. W. 10 Gunter’s gr

Macmullen Rev. R. G. B.A. Cadogan ter

Madder Francis, 3 Redcliffe rd

Malcolm Major Gen. 67 Sloane st

Malcolm Edwd. 15 Walpole st

Mallan & Son, Mons. surgeon dentist, 111 Sloane st

Maltby Miss, 17 Park rd

Manly Charles, 43 Halsey st

Mansbridge Mrs. 36 Stanley st

Mansfield Robert, 5 Hemus ter. Kg’s rd

Margetts J. P. 4 Park pl. Upr Chrch st

Mark Mrs. 8 Smith st. King’s rd

Marlow Mrs. 18 Beaufort st

Marsh John, 11 Victoria grove

Marshall & Deane, milliners and dressmakers, 141 Sloane st

Marston Miss, 23 Hans pl

Marston, 6 Gunter’s grove

Martin Charles, 14 Paulton’s sq

Martin J. 31 Beaufort st

Martin R. 55 Stanley st

Martin Wm. 17 Shawfield st

Martinson Wm. 11 Cheltenham ter

Mason Charles, 12 Limerston st

Mason General, 13 South parade

Mason James, 61 Sydney st

Mathews Mrs. 6 Sloane ter

Mathewson Andrew, 24 Danvers st. Paulton’s sq

Matthews Jn. Newland House, Oakley sq. King’s rd

Maxwell Mrs. 8 Limerston st

Maxwell Mrs. 35 Sydney st

May R. C. photographer, 5 Sloane ter

May D. R. 18 Royal Avenue ter. K’s rd

May Oliver, 10 Walpole st

May Wm. 2 Milner st

Mayers W. T. 19 Whitehead grove

Maynard The Hon. Miss, 1 Cook’s grove, King’s rd

Mazon Mr. 20 Hemus ter. King’s rd

Mead George E. solicitor, 2 Durham pl

Meadows Miss, 39 Halsey st

Meatyard Oswald, 6 Halsey st

Meeking Mrs. 12 Sloane ter

Meers Mrs. 8 Margaretta ter

Merrick A. 6 St. Leonard ter

Messenger J. 5 Archbutt ter. Manor st

Middlemust Clifford, 4 Park rd

Middleton Miss, 25 Whitehead grove

Middleton Mrs. 17 Whitehead grove

Miller J. 20 Beaufort st

Mitchell Charles, 3 Phene st

Mitchell William, 13 Park pl. south

Miller Mr. 7 Hans pl.

Miller Mrs. 22 Moore st

Miller Miss, 26 Moore st

Miller Robert, 36 Smith st. King’s rd

Miller William, 7 Hans pl.

Milne John, 7 Halsey st

Milner Charles M.D. 23 Danvers st Paulton’s sq

Mills James, 4 Markham sq. Kings rd

Mills Thomas, 15 Milner st

Moncrieff Rev. W. Scott, St. Simon’s Parsonage, 5 Milner ter

Monro, 268 King’s rd

Monson Hon. Miss Charlotte, 58 Sloane st

Montague Wm. 7 Gunter’s grove

Moor Wm. 49 Sydney st

Moore J. 28 Sydney st

Moore Mrs. 25 Stanley st

Moore Mrs. 31 Paulton’s sq. King’s rd

Morcombe Mrs. 45 Chelsea villas

Moresby Miss, 14 Wellington st

Morgan Thomas Vaughan, Beaufort Lodge, Beaufort st

Morling George P. Hope cottage Upper Church st

Morris William, 12 Park rd

Morris Val, 14 Victoria grove

Morse Mrs. E. 8 Cheyne row

Moss John, 22 Stanley villas

Mossop Charles, 9 Upper Cheyne row

Mountford Miss, 17 Victoria grove

Mucklow James, 27 Danvers st. Paulton’s sq

Munday Mrs. 136 Sloane st

Mundell Mr. 3 Hans pl

Munro Mrs. 15 South parade

Muntzer Elizabeth, 14 Cadogan ter

Muntzer Fred. 23 Milner st

Murray Richard, 8 Chelsea villas

Murther Mrs. 15 Moore st

Musgrave C. 1 Paulton’s sq

Myer Mrs. 13 Hans pl

Naish F. 22 Stanley st

Nash John, 32 Moore st

Nash Mrs. 53 Paulton’s sq

Nattall Henry, 3 Green’s row

Nave James, 6 Archbutt ter. Manor st

Neal Mrs. 32 Paulton’s sq

Neane Miss, 18 Hemus ter. King’s rd

Neave John, 30 Markham sq

Needham Jonathan, 13 Stanley villas

Nelson Mrs. 11 Margaretta ter

Netherclift Jos. 50 Sydney st

Neviers Albrecht de, Temple house, Upper Church st

Newell Miss, 11 Lincoln st

Newman John, 13 Markham sq

Newman Edward Esq. solicitor and commissioner to administer oaths in
Chancery, Queen’s Bench, Common Pleas and Exchequer, 280 King’s rd

Nichol Miss, 12 Hans pl

Nicholls, Dartrey House, 6 New Kings rd

Nichols Mrs. 2 Wellington st

Nichols T. 45 Sydney st

Nicholson Richard, 12 Cadogan ter

Nicol Miss, 12 Hans pl

Nock Mrs. E. 55 Sydney st

Nock W. R. P. 33 Halsey st

Noels Walter, 10 Sloane ter

Norman Mrs. 11 Oxford ter

Norman Thomas, 22 Whitehead grove

North Mrs. Princes st

North William R. 5 Green’s row

Northen John, 12 Upper Church st

Oades A. 8 Lincoln st

Oborne Mrs. 21 Moore st

Offlough Mrs. 2 Walpole st. King’s rd

O’Hora, 7 Limerston st

Oliff Thos. Wm. 4 Limerston st

Oliver Benj. 8 Gunter’s grove

Oliver Edwin, 13 Oakley crescent s.

Oliver Miss, 8 South parade

Oliver Mrs. 48 Markham sq

Ollive John, 9 Oakley crescent south

Oniele Mrs. 20 Paulton’s sq King’s rd

Orme Mrs. Elizabeth, 6 Albion ter.

Orton Henry, 13 Cheltenham ter

Osborne Mrs. 297 King’s rd

Oven, 20 Chelsea villas

Oulton Wm. W. 46 Smith st. King’s rd

Ousby Miss, 15 Sloane ter

Page James, 6 Hemus ter. King’s rd

Page Rev. Jas. Rbt. M.A. 1 Hobury st

Page Wm. 45 Paulton’s sq King’s rd

Pain Jas. C. 5 St. Leonard ter

Pallett, 3 Halsey ter

Palmer F. C. 42 Halsey st

Palmer Henry, 4 Upper Cheyne row

Palmer Miss, 5 Beaufort st

Parish Mrs. 17 Robert ter

Parker Wilmot, 6 Upper Cheyne row

Parker E. arch. 21 Paulton’s sq. Kg’s rd

Parkham, 6 Upper Cheyne row

Parker Mrs. 23 Margaretta ter

Parnell Robert, 42 Smith st. King’s rd

Parr Mrs. 17 Paulton’s sq. King’s rd

Parry Capt. 4 Albion ter

Parrock Arthur, 4 Hans pl

Parsey Henry, 12 Gunter’s grove

Parsey Henry, 10 Cheyne row

Parsons Jonathan, 21 Margaretta ter

Parsons M. G. 24 Paulton’s sq. Kg’s rd

Paterson Mrs. 1 Salamanca ter. Upper Church st

Paul Thomas, 13 Upper Church st

Payne Mrs. 2 Park pl. Upper Church st

Payne Thos. 30 Halsey st

Peachey Geo. C. 4 Hemus ter. Kg’s rd

Peacock Mrs. 38 Paulton’s sq. Kg’s rd

Peake Mrs. 2 Chelsea villas

Pearson Wm. 12 Sydney st

Pen John, 16 Shawfield st

Pemberton Capt. Scots Fusilier Guards, 165 Sloane st

Pendrell Geo. 213 King’s rd

Perkis Rev. Daniel, 18 Gunter’s grove

Perrott Mrs. 31 Markham sq

Perry T. 4 Stanley st

Phillipo Mrs. 41 Stanley st

Phillips C. H. 6 Trafalgar sq

Phillips W. 29 Stanley st

Phillips William, 3 Walpole st

Phillott Admiral, 39 Hans pl

Pico Madame, 36 Markham sq

Pierson Mrs. 12 Oxford ter

Pitcher Henry, 45 Markham sq

Pitcher Robert, 4 South parade

Place Mrs. 29 Hans pl

Plant William, 10 Barossa pl

Platt Mrs. 53 Sydney st

Pope Miss, 123 Sloane st

Porter Mrs. 2 Halsey st

Potter Samuel, 5 Oakley crescent n.

Poulain Dr. Salamanca cottage, Upper Church st

Poulton Miss, 11 Green’s row

Powell H. 3 Bolton pl. Upper Church st

Powell J. R. 21 Sydney st

Powell Mrs. C. 3 Stanley villas

Pretty Henry, 6 Victoria grove

Price Edmund, 36 Sydney st

Price John, 5 Markham sq. King’s rd

Price Mrs. Mary and Son, chiropodists, 35 Sloane st

Price William, 15 Chelsea villas

Prince Edwin C. 18 South Parade

Prince George, 13 Victoria grove

Primer Edward, 35 Smith st. King’s rd

Prouter Mrs. 13 Sydney st

Pugh John, 2 Barossa pl

Pugh Mrs. 6 Lincoln st

Pullen James, 5 Halsey st

Pycroft Mrs. 18 Paulton’s sq

Querine Mrs. 75 Walton st. Ovingtn sq

Rackham Mrs. 62 Sydney st

Raggett Wm. P. 9 Paulton’s sq. K’s rd

Ram John, 22 Park walk

Rand Mrs. 6 Beaufort st

Randall Geo. 15 Halsey st

Rason John, 260 King’s rd

Rassell Geo. 1 Rose cottage, Albion ter

Rates R. 10 Wellington st

Rawes Mrs. 4 St. Leonard ter

Rawley Henry G. L.C.P. 11 Upper Church st

Raymond Geo. 66 Sloane st

Rayner J. 12 Stanley st

Read Chas. 14 Milner st

Redman Miss E. 13 Margaretta ter

Remington Mrs. 5 Hans pl

Reynolds Pounsett W. 2 Oakley crescent north

Ridlington Wm. 140 Sloane st

Ridout Jonas, 10 Halsey st

Rich A. Esq. 53 Hans pl

Richards E. 12 Danvers st. Paulton’s sq

Richards Miss, 20 Chelsea villas

Richards George W. 29 Danvers st. Paulton’s sq

Ridge Miss, 14 Sloane ter

Roberts Jas. Wm. 12 Whitehead gr

Roberts Mrs. 6 Bolton pl. Up Church st

Robinson A. 67 Walton st. Ovington sq

Robinson Chas. 12 Lincoln st

Roe Jas. Chambers, 4 Halsey st

Robinson Hy. Geo. 15 Beaufort st

Robiolio Fredk. 12 Park place south

Rodger Capt. W. R.N. 9 Shawfield st

Rodwell Mrs. 24 Sydney st

Roe Mrs. 3 Smith st. King’s rd

Roe Theodore, 15 Stanley villas

Rogers, 15 Park rd

Rogers Jerome, 17 Oxford st

Rogers Wm. 22 Cadogan ter

Rolls Mrs. 2 Cook’s gr. King’s rd

Rolph Mrs. 15 Hemus ter. King’s rd

Rook R. 20 Stanley st

Rooke, 16 Margaretta ter

Roope, Chas. 6 Cadogan ter

Roper Mrs. 36 Paulton’s sq. King’s rd

Rose George, 29 Paulton’s sq King’s rd

Rose Mrs. 2 Trafalgar sq

Rosenberg Mrs. 20 Park walk

Rositer Mrs. 13 Sydney st

Ross Miss, 3 Trafalgar sq

Ronca D. 2 Cheyne row

Royston W. H. 1 Cheyne row

Rumsey Thomas, 2 Gunter’s grove

Rush Miss, 12 Smith st. King’s rd

Russell James, 4 Chelsea villas

Russell Edward J. 9 St. Leonard ter

Russell Mrs. 10 Milner st

Russell Mrs. Bedford House, 4 Oakley sq. King’s rd

Rutland Mrs. 3 Halsey st

Ryall John, 9 Oakley crescent north

Rye Thomas, 284 & 286 King’s rd

Rye W. A. 32 Stanley st

Salmon H. R. 25 Salamanca ter. Upper Church st

Samuels David, 22 Hemus ter

Sampson James, 21 Hemus ter

Sanders J. 10 Beaufort st

Sandham Rev. H. 27 Hans pl

Sandys James, 301 King’s rd

Sanglier J. 4 Archbutt ter. Manor st

Sarel Mrs. 49 Stanley st

Sarel Samuel, 16 Chelsea villas

Sawyer J. C. 26A Beaufort st

Sayer W. H. Vine cottage, Shawfield st

Scanlan Capt. A. 27 Wellington st

Scatcliff J. P. M D. Surgeon, 132 Sloane st

Schnell W. 38 Sydney st

Scollick J. Linden cottage, Beaufort st

Scoones Thos. Collard, 14 Stanley villas

Scotchford W. 63 Sydney st

Scott Fred. 30B Halsey st

Scott Mrs. 12 Park walk

Scott P. Mrs. 8 Upper Church st

Scott William W. 23 Beaufort st

Searle William J. letter cutter, 27 Seymour pl

Sebley S. 2 Stanley st

Seguier Miss, 70 Sloane st

Seguire Miss M. 15 Cadogan ter

Sewel Mrs. 2 Oakley ter

Sewell William, 11 Limerston st

Sharman Mrs. H. 16 Halsey st

Sharp Miss, 131 Sloane st

Sharp Miss, teacher of the pianoforte, 15 Oakley crescent south

Sharp Mrs. 294 King’s rd

Shelton, 8 Cheltenham ter

Shepard John, 3 Lincoln st

Sheppard Mrs. 8 Cadogan ter

Sherborn, C. W. 5 Gunter’s grove

Sherborne Osborne, 1 Carlton villas

Sherdam John, Laburnum House, Upper Church st

Sherlock Charles, 14 Walpole st

Skerrell Jas. Sam. 25 & 26 King’s rd

Sherwood Missellnew, dentist, 385 King’s rd

Shield John, 19 Park walk

Sicard Mdme. prof. of music, 6 Park rd

Simm Wm. George, 293 King’s rd

Simmons Mrs. 72 Sloane st

Sims R. 26 Stanley st

Skelton Miss, 25 Wellington st

Slann John, 6 Whitehead grove

Slark Robert, 2 Albion ter

Smerdon Misses, 9 Albion ter

Smith, 4 Hobury st

Smith George B. 1 Walpole st

Smith Charles, 3 Sussex villas

Smith Daniel, surgeon, 64 Sloane st

Smith George, 288 King’s rd

Smith Samuel 282 King’s rd

Smith G. Frederick, 13 Green’s row

Smith Herbert L. artist, 2 Sloane ter

Smith Hormsby, 9 Victoria grove

Smith Jonathan, 43 Smith st. Kings rd

Smith Miss, 36 Sloane st

Smith Mrs. Craven House, 4 Upper Church st

Smith Mrs. 5 Limerston st

Smith Mrs. 13 Sloane ter

Smith Mrs. 10 Lincoln st

Smith Thomas, professor of free gymnastics, fencing, and drilling, 13
Cheyne row

Smith T. 4 Bolton pl. Upper Church st

Smith Thomas, 24 Whitehead grove

Smith William, 35 Moore st

Smith W. E. 19 Sydney st

Smithe Mr. A. J. dentist, 47 Smith st. King’s rd

Snow N. 7 Robert ter

Soloman Soloman, 12 Royal Avenue ter. King’s rd

Southwell Mrs. 57 Sloane st

Southwell William, 13 Park rd

Spain Mrs. 12 Halsey st

Sparham Mrs. Victoria vils. Beaufort st

Spencer Mrs. 17 Halsey st

Spencer Mrs. 16 Lincoln st

Spkin Wm. 39 Paulton’s sq.

Spurr Rueben, 18 Princes st

Stacey John W. 1 Green’s row

Stanhope Mrs. 4 Whitehead grove

Stanhope The Hon. and Rev. J. Fitzroy, 16 Hans pl

Stanton Esq. 36 Hans pl

Staunton C. O. 3 Paulton’s sq

Steers D. 36 Beaufort st

Steed Mrs. 52 Paulton’s sq.

Sterling Edw. C. 104 Sloane st

Stevens, 40 Sydney st

Stevens Robert, 96 Sloane st

Stevenson Mrs. 6 Park rd east

Steward Yorke F. 7 Smith st. King’s rd

Stewart H. W. 57 Oakley sq.

Stimpson N. 9 South parade

Stacker Isaac, 8 Charles st. Fulham rd

Stockley Mr. 6 Walpole st

Stokes Mrs. 19 Hemus ter. King’s rd

Strachan Benjamin, 12 Shawfield st

Strange William, 7 Upper Cheyne row

Streather A. professor of music, 13 Glo’ster ter

Struthers Miss, 5 Whitehead grove

Stuart S. Allen, 14 Oakley crescent

Styles Mrs. 1 Upper Cheyne row

Summers G. 26 Sydney st

Surtees Thomas, 12 Cheltenham ter

Sutherland, 4 Cheltenham ter

Sweet H. 30 Sydney st

Sweetman Mrs. 18 Margaretta ter

Swain Joseph, 12 Oakley crescent s.

Sykes Miss, 56 Sloane st

Sykes Mrs. 10 Park road

Synge Rev. Francis, 3 Cranfield villas, Oakley sq. King’s rd

Szulczewski Major, 26 Walpole st

Tait James, 36 Halsey st

Talbot Mrs. 4 Moore st

Talfourd Field, 104 Sloane st

Tanner Mrs. 8 Manor st

Tapernoux Monsieur, prof. of languages, 2 Gloster ter

Tasker Mrs. 5 Margaretta ter

Taylor, 1 New King’s rd

Taylor J. W. 34 Sydney st

Taylor Miss E. 15 Royal Avenue ter. Kings rd

Teague C. R. auctioneer and surveyor, 14 Oakley st

Temple Edward, 18 Halsey st

Terry G. W. 41 Sydney st

Theead Thomas, 12 Green’s row

Thurst Alfred, 11 Halsey ter

Thomas J. 52 Sydney st

Thomas Miss, 5 Royal Avenue ter

Thomas Mr. 14 Park pl south

Thomas Mrs. 27 Sydney st

Thomas Thomas Sam. 264 King’s rd

Thompson, 27 Stanley st

Thompson John, 5 Albion ter

Thompson Robt. 27 Halsey st

Thorn Mrs. 20 Gunter’s gr

Thornborrow Mrs. 60 Sydney st

Thorp C. 97 Sloane st

Thornton Mrs. 6 Park pl. south

Thurston Joshua, 14 Green’s row

Thwaites Lt. Gen. 48 Sydney st

Tiller Henry, 3 Oakley crescent north

Tippetts Theodore, 29 Margaretta ter

Twiss Mrs. 68 Sloane st

Todd, Cromarty House, 1 New K’s rd

Tomles John, 35 Walpole st

Tombleson Mrs. 6 Park pl south

Tomkinson Thomas, 15 Danvers st. Paulton’s sq

Tomlin Miss Eliza, 8 Royal Avenue ter. Kings rd

Tompson F. 71 Walton st. Ovington sq

Torr E. 40 Stanley st

Townsend W. 50 Paulton’s sq.

Tozer James, 34 Markham sq

Trego William, 11 Upper Cheyne row

Turner Charles, 291 King’s rd

Turner F. 11 Sydney st

Turner George, 15 Hans pl

Turner Jane, 7 Halsey ter

Turner John, 5 Park rd

Turner John P. 24 Halsey st

Turner Miss, 18 Wellington st

Turtler Louis, 17 Lincoln st

Tweedie Wm. 21 Victoria grove

Tyerman Fredk. arct & sur. 3 Park pl Upper Church st

Tylee Mrs. 17 Hans pl

Tylee Wm. 10 Moore st

Tyrwhit Col. 31 Hans pl

Underwood Mrs. 24 Stanley st

Vanbrurle W. H. 10 Margaretta ter

Varley Bro. photographers, 88 Oakley st

Verity C. 7 Wellington st

Villiers Right Hon. C. Pelham, M.P. 39 Sloane st

Vinall, 4 Wellington st

Vincent Mrs. 9 Green’s row

Vincent William, 7 Durham pl

Waite Mrs. 20 Sydney st

Walker Joseph, 26 Chelsea villas

Walker Mrs. E. 33 Sydney st

Walker T. H. 6 Wellington st

Wallbanke E. 21 Oakley crescent n.

Wallis George, 16 Victoria grove

Wallis James, 15 Victoria grove

Wallace Mrs. 64 Sydney st

Walmesley John, 6 Limerston st

Walmesley John, 4 Gunter’s grove

Walpole Henry, 4 New King’s rd

Walter Burke, 1 Park rd

Walters, 14 Cheyne row

Ward Mrs. 59 Sloane st

Ward Mrs. 16 Paulton’s sq.

Ward Miss, 2 Victoria ter. Beaufort st

Ware Mrs. 48 Paulton’s sq.

Warland Henry, 4 Oakley crescent s.

Warne Wm. 5 Stanley st

Warren Albert H. 2 Upper Cheyne row

Warren George, 16 Cheyne row

Warrick Mrs. 17 Smith st. King’s rd

Warren Mrs. 47 Sydney st

Waters Mrs. 1 Bolton pl. Up Church st

Waters Miss, Montague House school, 14 Hemus ter. King’s rd

Watt Hugh, 14 Lincoln st

Watts E. 6 Sydney st

Watts John, 8 Green’s row

Watts Mr. 6 Oakley crescent north

Watts Mrs. 21 Wellington st

Waud W. W. professor of music, 6 Charles st. Fulham rd

Weatherhead Robt. H. 3 Oakley cres s.

Webb Francis, 37 Paulton’s sq.

Webb Miss, 16 Hemus ter. King’s rd

Webb Mrs. 25 Oxford ter

Webb W. 45 Stanley st

Webber John, 6 Cheyne row

Wedd S. 14 Robert ter

Weedon W. F. 11 Halsey st

Weeks Edmund, 10 Princes ter

Weightman Fredk. 4 Stanley villas

Welbourne Mrs. 112 Sloane st

Weldon Ch. Ed. 17 Stanley st

Wells Geo. 9 Gunter’s grove

Welsh J. 5 Victoria ter. Beaufort st

West John, 19 Shawfield st

West Mrs. 103 Sloane st

Westwood Mrs. 20 Walpole st

Wetherall F. 20 Hans pl

Wicks Henry J. 2 Park rd

Wicks Mrs. 54 Sydney st

Wicks Henry Rich. 14 Limerston st

Wickstead A. 3 Victoria ter. Beaufort st

Wiggins Mary, 18 Park walk

Wigwal Miss, 3 Royal Avenue ter

Wilcox J. 19 Robert ter

Wildhack R. 9 Stanley st

Wiles William, 7 Oakley crescent s.

Wilkinson A. H. 58 Stanley st

Wilkinson Mrs. 3 Gunter’s grove

Willett G. E. 8 Wellington st

Willett G. E. 8 Wellington st

Williams Chas. 24A Halsey st

Williams John, 13 Milmer st

Williams Folkestone, 7 Walpole st

Williams Mrs. 43 Stanley st

Williams Thos. J. 29 Chelsea villas

Willis Harry, 12 Markham sq. Kg’s rd

Wilson James, 41 Halsey st

Wilson Rev. J. D.D. Durham House, near the College, Chelsea

Wilson Robert, 15 Limerston st

Wilson T. H. 19 Beaufort st

Winter Edward, 26 Chelsea villas

Winterbottom E. M.R.C.S. surgeon dentist, 16 Sloane st

Winterbottom E. J. L.R.C.S. surgeon dentist, 16 Sloane st

Wiseman Mark, 30 Smith st. King’s rd

Withers T. G. 23 Paulton’s sq

Wheybrow W. 9 Royal Avenue ter. King’s rd

White Charles, 13 Shawfield st

White Henry A. 2 Margaretta ter

White J. 10 Stanley st

White John, 39 Markham sq

Whitehead Henry, 7 Whitehead grove

Whitfield Thomas, 12 Margaretta ter

Whitmore John, surgeon 124 Sloane st

Whittick Henry, 21 Smith st. K’s rd

Whittington Mrs. 1 Durham pl

Wood Joseph, 15 Halsey ter

Wood Mrs. 10 Robert ter

Wood T. W. 28 Paulton’s sq K’s rd.

Woodfall Herman Thos. 5 Oakley ter

Woodhams James, 14 Hobury st

Woods Thomas, J. 37 Markham sq

Woods Mrs. 1 Stanley st

Woodstock John Thomas, 1 Lincoln st

Woollatt R. Vale grove, Up Church st

Worlledge Rev. 21 Royal Avenue ter. Kings rd

Worman Mrs. 129 Sloane st

Worthington Miss B. 67 Sydney st

Wrentmore H. solicitor, 11 Cheyne row

Wright, Devon cottage, Shawfield st

Wright Mrs. 25 Walpole st

Wright T. M.A., F.S.A. &c.  Correspondent Member of the Imperial
Institute of France, 14 Sydney st

Yare Robert, 25 Moore st

Yates, 38 Stanley st

Young Fred. 17 South parade

Zaba N. J. 2 Sydney st


Abbey Edward, 25 Trevor sq

Abud Richard, 19 Hereford sq

Addison, C. G. 29 Alfred pl west

Alcock Mrs. 6 Neville ter

Alcock Mrs. 17 Alfred pl

Alexander Saml. Cooper, 20 Brompton crescent

Alison Archibald, Lieut. Col. 43 Rutland gate

Allen William, 28 Seymour pl

Allen Mr. 6 Pelham pl

Allen Mrs. 12 Alfred pl west

Allen, 204 Fulham rd

Allen Rev. Brown E. 14 Powlis ter Onslow sq

Allin Thos. Charles, 23 Onslow sq

Anderson Col. Thos. 9 Thurloe sq

Anderson Gorden J. 11 Ovington sq

Anderson John, 15 Gloucester gr w.

Andrews Mrs. Col. 13 Onslow crescent

Andrew Frederick Wm. 3 Neville ter

Aneley Mrs. 14 Alfred pl

Austie Dr. Francis, 15 Onslow sq

Aplin Miss Emma, 1 Grove pl

Archbutt Samuel, 34 Ovington sq

Ardin James, 13 Selwood pl

Argyle, Dow. Duchess, 40 Rutlnd gate

Arnold Henry, 7 Pelham pl

Arnold R. Wm. 7 Elm pl. Fulham rd

Arnold Mrs. 22 Michael’s pl

Arnold Geo. 23 Hill st

Arnold W. J. D. 6 Stamford villas

Arter Edith, Queen’s gardens

Arter Andrew, 8 Walton villas

Arthur Mrs. 17 Selwood pl

Arthur Mrs. 57 Grove pl

Artiss A. haberdasher, 51 Fulham rd

Arrowsmith John, 35 Hereford sq

Arundel Hon. Mrs. H. 7 Gilston rd

Ascroft A. 1 North ter

Ash Miss, 16 Pelham st

Ash Geo. 409 Fulham rd

Ashber John, 4 Gloucester grove west

Ashe Lovat, 8 Glo’ster rd

Ashton, A. F. 2 Pelham cres

Aspa Edwin, 12 Alfred pl

Aspinwall Thos. 3 the Grange

Aspland M. 25 26 27 Montpelier sq

Aston William, 5 Sussex ter

Atkins George, 9 Thurloe sq

Atkins George James, 25 Ovington sq

Atkins Miss, 7 Drayton grove

Atkins James, 27 Pelham crescent

Atwood D. William, 6 Sumner pl

Atwood Henry, 8 Drayton ter

Atkinson Lady, 18 Thurloe pl

Aubyn Mrs. 20 St. Mary’s pl. Tregunter rd

Auldjo Rose T. 1 Rutland gate

Baber Dr. John 31 Thurloe sq

Bacon William, 8 Elm pl. Fulham rd

Backley Mrs. 8 South st

Bakewood Rev. John, 1 Tregunter gr.

Baker Mrs. 2 Richmond villas

Baker Dr. R. 17 Hereford sq

Baker Mrs. 8 Sydney pl. Onslow sq

Baird T. 16 Trevor sq

Bailey E. 1 Glo’ster rd

Baillie Col. Hugh, 45 Rutland gate

Bailis Joseph, 16 Montpelier sq

Baines Mrs. E. 14 Selwood pl

Baines Dr. M. surgeon, 54 Thurloe sq

Bain William, 20 Alfred pl west

Baird Mrs. Hugh, 26 Ovington sq

Balders Maj. Gen. C. 2 Enismore pl

Balfour Dr. Graham, 10 Sumner pl

Ballard Mrs. 2 Percy ter. Old Brompton

Barber Mrs. 2 Selwood ter. Fulham rd

Barber Messrs. surgs. 78 Brompton rw

Barlow Edmund, 36 Rutland gate

Barlow Pratt W. F. 25 Rutland gate

Barnes Miss, 12 Gloucester grove west

Barnett Mrs. 12 Brompton sq

Baron Lt. Col. R. J. 18 Ovington sq

Bartram, 8 Glo’ster ter. Old Brompton

Barr Miss A. 30 Thurloe sq

Barr Miss, 9 Alexander sq

Barrell 217 Fulham rd

Barrett Charles, 14 Thurloe sq

Barron Joseph M. 5 Pelham pl

Barry David J. 45 Thurloe sq

Bass John, Ivy villa, 12 Thistle grove

Bassans W. 1 Stamford villas

Bates Thomas Charles, 4 Drayton ter

Batton Samuel, 22A Thistle grove

Battcock F. 219 Fulham rd

Baum J. 4 St. Mark’s ter

Baumgartner J. M. 18 Michael’s pl

Baverstock Richard, Seymour Cottage, Seymour pl

Baxter Mrs. 7 Michael’s pl

Baxter Charles, 9 Seymour ter

Baxter Walter, 4 Montpelier sq

Bayly W. 183 Fulham rd

Beames Rev. Thomas, 23 Hereford sq

Beauclerk Chas. 31 Montpelier sq

Bedford David, 20 Gloucester grove w.

Bell Mrs. 26 Grove pl

Bellingham Rev. J. G. 185 Fulham rd

Benjamin Paul H. 24 Brompton cres

Bentley John E. 15 Drayton grove

Bennet Mrs. 421 Fulham rd

Berger Francis, 36 Thurloe sq

Berger J. Ada Cottage, 3 Thistle gr

Berger Leo, 3 Onslow cres

Berenburg Julius, 21 Brompton sq

Berry Wm. 1 Arthur st

Berry Wm. 18 Grove pl

Bethune Walter, A. 25 Thurloe sq

Betteridge Thomas, 15 Hill st

Beeston Fred. R. artist, 16 St. George’s ter.  Hyde Park corner

Bianchi Signor L. professor of music, 4 Vincent st

Bicknell Mrs. 10 Sydney pl. Onslow sq

Bicknell Algernon S. 37 Onslow sq

Bignell R. T. Clairville, Old Brompton

Biggan John, 11 Drayton sq

Bird George, 28 Grove pl

Birnstinge Louis, 10 Thurloe sq

Bishop James, 9 Elm pl. Fulham rd

Black Dr. Roberts J. 23 Sumner pl

Black Robert, 36 Hill st

Blakley Capt. 34 Montpelier sq

Blakney Major Robert, 25 Boltons

Blankley Robert, 15 Alexander sq

Blumner Herr S. 5 Pelham crescent

Boast David, 3 Drayton grove

Bolger James, A. 11 Sumner pl

Bolton Chichester, 23 Boltons

Bolton George, 8 Pelham st

Bowen C. S. C. 30 Alfred pl west

Bond H. Onslow House, Fulham rd

Bonham Robert Francis, 13 Albert ter

Bonin Mrs. 52 Brompton row

Boose Charles, 6 Hill st

Booth John, 30 Montpelier st

Borrow George, H. 22 Hereford sq

Borrowman John, 8 Milborne grove

Boustead William, 39 Grove pl

Bothamley Jos. James, 6 Gilston rd

Bouthwait Miss, 7 Alexander sq

Bowden Alfred, 33 Pelham st

Bowdon William, 1 Alexander sq

Bower Edwin, G. 22 Alfred pl west

Boxer Misses, 12 Pelham pl

Boys Mrs. Capt. 16 Selwood pl

Boyle J. 10 Poulis ter. Onslow sq

Brackenburg Evelyn, 9 Pelham cres

Bracher Mrs. 20 Montpelier sq

Bradley John, 1 Crawley pl. Onslow sq

Bradock Washbrook, 27 Onslow sq

Bramah Thomas, 4 Harley rd

Bramah Miss, 4 Harley rd

Brayant William O. 21 South st

Brett Mrs. 12 Trevor sq

Brett Wm. B. 19 Prince’s ter

Brin Mrs. 3 St. Mary’s place

Bristowe Hon. Mrs. 53 Rutland gate

Brocksopp Mrs. 26 Pelham st

Brodie William, 43 Onslow sq

Broome George, 37 Brompton sq

Brough George, 9 Pelham st

Brougham J. Rosery house

Browne Mrs. 1 Redcliffe rd

Browne Mrs. 39 Rutland gate

Browne Mrs. 9 Redcliffe road

Browne James, 20 South st

Brown James, 7 Hill st

Brown W. J. 12 Elm ter

Brownlow Wm. 32 Trevor sq

Brooke Alfred 14 Charles st

Bruce Rt. Hon. Lord E. 8 St. George’s terrace, Hyde Park corner

Brooks Z. 1 Alfred st

Brookfield Rev. W. H. 30 Brompton sq

Bruzard G. J. 11 St. Mary’s pl

Bryant 7 Selwood pl

Brymer Mrs. 82 Brompton row

Buck Henry Stanbury, 5 Selwood pl

Buckingham Albert, 2 Neville ter

Buff Miss, 36 Montpelier st

Bull Thomas, 2 Selwood pl

Bull William, 21 Hereford sq

Bulfort Mrs. 3 Thistle grove

Bulman E. K. 42 Montpelier sq.

Burgess Miss, 18 Selwood ter

Burgess John, 17 Tregunter rd

Burke William H. 19 Thistle grove

Burkin Young Henry, 59 Onslow sq

Burlton Henry, 18 Brompton sq

Burn Alexander, 13 Gilston rd

Burn G. A. 47 Beaufort gardens

Burnett W. G. 25 Gloucester gr. W

Bury Mrs. 58 Brompton sq

Bury Rt. Hon. Visct. 48 Rutland gate

Burrow Capt. Wontford cottage, 10 Thistle grove

Burr Henry, 19 Hill st

Burroughs C. & J. 39 Montpelier sq

Bushe Mrs. G. P. 51 Onslow sq

Butler Charles E. 13 Onslow sq

Butler J. surveyor &c. 2 Seymour ter

Butler Thomas, 26 Brompton sq

Byran George, 13 South st

Byrne Miss, 15 St. George’s ter

Cadore de Marquis, Albert gate

Cahill Dr. M.D. 12 Michall’s pl

Cahill Thomas, M.D. 9 Albert ter

Calvert J. Charles, 4 Seymour ter

Camber Jas. 3 Alfred st

Campbell D. Oxford villa, Gilston rd

Campbell Sir Geo. C. 12 Prince’s ter

Campbell James, 13 Montpelier sq

Campbell James, 59 Brompton cres

Campbell Lord, Stratheden house, South pl. Kensington rd

Canning Frederick, 7 Redcliffe rd

Carlton Charles, 43 Pelham st

Carmichael Lieut. Gen. Hyndford house, St. Michael’s pl

Carter Mrs. C. 2 Thistle gr

Carter Charles H. 30 Grove pl

Carter Wm. 46 Grove pl

Carrey John, 19 Alexander sq

Cater William, 2 Gilston rd

Cates Mrs. 47 Pelham st

Cavan Earl of, 47 Onslow sq

Cecil William, 19 Tregunter rd

Chalmers John, 12 Pelham cres

Chalmers Robert, 50 Thurloe sq

Chalon Henry, 6 North ter

Chamley Thomas, 7 Grove pl

Chandler Charles, 26 Seymour pl

Chandle A. 1 Devonshire st

Chantler Gen. 36 Grove pl

Chapman Mrs. 14 South st

Chapman Mrs. 25 Alfred pl. west

Chapman George, prof. of languages, 2 Prospect pl

Chapman T. William, 4 Elm pl

Chapman Mrs. 18 Hill st

Charles Mrs. 25 Montpelier st

Charles Madame, 23 Michael’s pl

Charles Thomas, 51 Brompton row

Charmen Mrs. 7 Boltons

Chauntter Jesse, 10 Seymour st

Chester Henry, 63 Rutland gate

Chesterman Mrs. 33 Brompton row

Chichester Lord J. 7 St. George’s ter

Chichester Lady, 3 Vincent st

Chichester Lady, 13 Thurloe sq

Chope Rev. Richard R. 9 Orington sq

Churchill Lord S. Alfred, 16 Rutland gate

Clarke Mrs. 1 South st

Clarke Mrs. 8 Boltons

Clarke Mrs. Auckland cottage, 36 Thistle grove

Clark Mrs. 3 Pelham pl

Clarke Anthony Wm. 1 Neville ter

Clark George, 4 Brompton sq

Clarke Mackdonald C. artist, Langley Lodge, 6 Thistle grove

Clark R. Edward, Drayton villa, Thistle grove

Clark William, 15 Sumner pl

Clements Mrs. 56 Grove pl

Clifton Mrs. 18 Montpelier sq

Clutterbuck C. Mulberry House, Fulham rd

Cobbe Bernard, 37 Glo’ster rd

Cobbe Geo. Lieut. Gen. 9 Sydney pl. Onslow sq

Cobbold Chevallier Henry, 8 Poulis ter. Onslow sq

Cockburn Miss, 11 Alexander sq

Cockell George, 8 Ovington sq

Cockerton J. 13 Montpelier st

Cole Mrs. 6 Thurloe pl

Cole Henry, 17 Onslow sq

Cole John, 30 Rutland gate

Cole J. S. solicitor, 3 St. Mark’s ter

Coles Mrs. 1 Alfred pl

Coleman Mrs. Thomas, 21 Sumner pl

Coleridge Rev. D. St. Mark’s College

Colville Rt. Hon. Sir James, 8 Rutland gate

Collin Miss, 8 St. Mark’s ter

Collins C. 13 Charles st

Collins W. W. 2 Hereford sq

Colinson Herbert, 20 Hereford sq

Courtny Mrs. 3 Elm pl

Courtney B. Charles, 37 Rutland gate

Cousins Thomas, 34 Hereford sq

Cousins Wm. Abraham, 34 Brompton cres

Cox Frederick, 5 Rutland gate

Cox J. 11 Devonshire ter

Cox Leigh, Willow Lodge, 15 Thistle grove

Coxon Mrs. 38 Brompton sq

Cozens Mrs. 47 Brompton row

Craig Arthur, 4 Pelham st. north

Crawcour L. 1 Michael’s grove

Crapp Peter, 17 Hill st

Crawford John, 1 Trevor sq

Craven J. B. 221 Fulham rd

Creaton Capt. John, 7 Sydney pl

Crew Christopher, 29 Seymour pl

Crew Thomas F. 9 Gilston rd

Crickmay Herbert, 8 St. Mary’s pl

Crocher Ditton, 19 Pelham pl

Crompton George, 6 Drayton grove

Cropley Mrs. 24 Pelham st

Crooke James, Chester vil. Thistle gr

Cudlipp Mrs. 32 Montpelier sq

Cundy Capel Henry, 4 Thurloe sq

Cunningham David, 12 Montpelier st

Collitt George, 29 Queen st

Compton Henry, 13 Alexander sq

Compton Lord Wm. 32 Rutland gate

Coningham Mrs. 15 Brompton sq

Contades de V. Albert gate house

Cook Charles Henry, 15 Selwood pl

Cook W. John, 40 Pelham st

Cook Thomas, 23 Ovington sq

Cooke William, 14 Neville ter

Cooling Arthur, 423 Fulham rd

Cooper Mrs. 18 Pelham st

Cooper Mrs. Fred. 12 Albert ter

Cooper G. 281 Fulham rd

Cooper John, 20 Pelham crescent

Cooper William, 40 Brompton row

Copson John, Pelham st

Coppinge Mr. 4 Pelham pl

Corbiere Isidore, 35 Onslow sq

Cordery James, 13 Brompton crescent

Cordery John, 1 Seymour pl

Cornell Martha, 2 Primrose cottages Thistle grove

Cornet Mrs. 7 Fulham rd

Coton J. Clifton house, Old Brompton

Cotton P. H. 12 Poulis ter. Onslow sq

Countze George, 12 Pelham st

Courts J. 10 Elm pl.

Cuninghame Mrs. John, 34 Thurloe sq

Cuninghame Sir T. M. 16 Prince’s ter

Curtis Mrs. 30 Pelham st

D’Algner Dr. F.A.E., 4 Ovington ter

Daly T. 17 Stamford villas

Damontel Madame, 20 Michael’s pl

Dando Mrs. 27 Grove pl

Danielli Fred. 23 Grove pl

Darnley Dow. Countess of, 39 Onslow sq

Daubeny Rev. James, Ross house, 13 Boltons

Davidson, Mrs. Woburn lodge, 8 Gilston rd

Davidson Thomas, 14 St. George’s ter

Davies Miss, 7 Brompton sq

Davis Mrs. Charles, 11 Brompton sq

Davies David, 21 Onslow sq

Davies T. William, 5 Onslow crescent

Davy Mrs. 2 Grove pl

Davy John F. 413 Fulham road

Day John, 38 Brompton crescent

Day Robert, 39 Brompton row

Daymond Rev. A. C. 401 Fulham rd

De la Feld Count John, 18 Prince’s ter

Dean Mrs. 2 Charles st

Deane E. John, 6 Sydney pl

Deighton John, 8 Seymour pl

Deipenheim M. 42 Brompton sq

Dennis Mrs. 6 Montpelier sq

Denny John, physician, 1 Sumner ter

Dent Allen Thos. 28 Thurloe sq

Dent Hastings, 42 Thurloe sq

Detheridge J. 7 Poulis ter. Onslow sq

Devery Mark, 40 Montpelier st

Dew Mrs. 34 Pelham st

Dewhurst, Mrs. 37 Brompton cres

Dickenson Miss, 35 Brompton sq

Dicker Frederick, 22B Thistle gr

Dillwyn Lewis L. 10 Rutland gate

Disher Mrs. 2 Devonshire ter

Divers, G. C. 197 Fulham rd

Dixon Henry, 19 Boltons

Dobson H. Henry, 19 Brompton sq

Dodworth Misses, 45 Beaufort grdns

Donold Miss, 18 Alfred pl

Donaldson Sir A. S. 22 Rutland gate

Dorman H. 7 Park villas

Douce Mrs. 8 Alfred pl w.

Doughty Thomas N. 41 Montpelier sq

Douglas Andrew S. 9 Onslow sq

Bowling R. H. 1 Elm pl

Downing Miss, 26 Alfred pl. west

Downs Edwards, 17 Brompton crescent

Dowsland William, 4 Montpelier ter

Drake John, 6 Pelham crescent

Dreager George F. 8 Gloucester ter. Old Brompton

Drew Mrs. 19 South st

Drinkwater Thomas, 14 Hill st

Driver Mrs. 8 Neville ter

Druggan James, 7 Grange ter

Drury Mrs. 279 Fulham rd

Du Bois Douglas, 22 Thurloe sq

Dubrail Edward, 4 Thistle grove

Dubray, 58 Grove pl

Duer G. 23 Gloucester grove west

Duller Henry, 12 Hereford sq

Dunbar, 59 Brompton sq

Dunbar Miss, 16 Brompton row

Dundas Edward B. 8 Charles st

Dunford William, 47 Brompton row

Dungey William, 2A Seymour pl

Dunman Miss, 10 Brompton crescent

Dunsany Lord, 3 Princes ter

Durham John H., 6 Alexander sq

Eades Mr. John, 4 North ter

Eagar Wm. 7A Oakley crescent north

Ealam Mrs. 6 Devonshire ter

Earle Thomas, sculptor, 1 Vincent st

Eastathrides A. 277 Fulham rd

Eastcott W. 9 Grange ter

Eastwick Edward, 38 Thurloe sq

Eastwick Capt. Robert 39 Thurloe sq

Ebers Sarah, 21 Gloucester grove west

Edis, 4 Thistle grove lane

Edishen Madame, 5 Pelham st

Edmonds Mrs. 30 Brompton crescent

Edward Henry, 16 Grove pl

Edwards Charles, 12 St. George’s ter

Edwards D. O. F.R.C.S., surgeon, 15 Gilston rd

Edwards John, 48 Brompton sq

Edwards Samuel, 6 Pelham pl. north

Edwards Mrs. 14 Brompton crescent

Egar Edward, 25 Michael’s pl

Egerton Capt. R. Chas. R.N. 7 Rutland gate

Elgar Gwyn George, 31 Rutland gate

Elgee S. J. 3 Percy ter. Old Brompton

Elligar J. 429 Fulham rd

Elliot C. Madame, 16 South st

Elliot Hon. Adm. Geo. 4 Princes ter

Elliott Henry Capel, 44 Brompton cres

Elliott John, 5 Glo’ster rd

Elliott Mrs. 13 Ovington sq

Elliott Mrs. 16 Queen st

Elliott W. 16 Pelham crescent

Ellis Arthur, 19 Alfred pl west

Ellis C. C. solicitor, 1 Walton pl

Ellis Edward, 17 Drayton grove

Ellis Mrs. 40 Brompton sq

Elphinstone Sir J. D. H. 45 Onslow sq

Elwes Alfred, 3 Glo’ster rd

Endean James R. 16 Gilston rd

Endesly Miss, 12 Neville ter

Englefield Edwin, 14 Selwood ter. Fulham rd

Ennis William, 17 Glo’ster grove west

Esdaile Joseph, 7 Gilston rd

Etches A. Joseph, 2 Neville st

Evans Mrs. Wm. 6 Milborne grove

Everard, 29 Fulham rd

Fagg Robert, 405 Fulham rd

Faircloth Fredk. 9 Selwood ter

Fanscott William, 28 Alfred pl w.

Farrar Capt. John, 41 Rutland gate

Farren, Wm. 23 Brompton sq

Faure Theodore, 18 Brompton cres

Fell Mrs. 22 South st

Fenwick R. Charles, 33 Rutland gate

Ferby James, 8 Pelham pl

Ferguson J. 26 Trevor sq

Fevre Madame, 38A Brompton row

Fitch Wm. 9 Michael’s pl

Fitzclarance Lady A. 24 Rutland gate

Fitzgerald Mrs. 10 Alfred pl

Fitzherbert Mrs. 8 Hill st

Finch Jas. 22 Montpelier sq

Finlay, 2 North ter

Flaxman Mrs. 3 Sussex ter

Flower John, 10 St. Mary’s pl

Flowerden Mrs. 2 Albert ter

Forde W. F. 38 Trevor sq

Foreman Mrs. 5 Charles st

Forester Mrs. 6 South st

Forrest David, 4 Sumner ter

Forrest Mrs. 19 Alfred pl

Forester Edward, 36 Montpelier sq

Forsyth William, 61 Rutland gate

Fortescue Mrs. 6 Sumner ter

Fortune Robert, 1 Gilston rd

Fordick Miss, 29 Montpelier sq

Foster Charles, 30 Ovington sq

Foster William, 15 Alfred pl west

Fothergill Benjamin, consulting engineer, 18 Drayton grove

Fowler Moore Walter, 1 Sydney pl

Fox Miss, 13 Rutland gate

Foxhall Miss, 9 Sumner pl

Foy Miss, 376 Fulham rd

Foy Henry T. Seymour House, Seymour pl

Foys M. Burleigh House, Fulham rd

France Bennett. 2 Onslow ter

Franey Edmund, 10 Montpelier sq

Franklyn Rev. T. M.A. 55 Onslow sq

Fraser Hugh, 2 Redcliffe rd

Fredericks T. 3 Michael’s grove

Freeborn Thomas, 10 Trevor sq

Freeman Mrs. 45 Brompton sq

Freer Christopher, 11 Onslow sq

Freer Henry, 9 Neville ter

French Charles, 1 Seymour ter

French Thomas, 41 Grove pl

Fresby Henry, 25 Pelham crescent

Frohlick William, 10 Brompton sq

Fryer Miss, 20 Stamford villas

Fulcher Mrs. 8 Vincent st

Galey Richard, 12 Charles st

Galleher Mrs. 9 Seymour pl

Gallot 3 Grove pl

Galton Francis, 42 Rutland gate

Garment Miss, 181 Fulham rd

Garnett Brooksbank F. 49 Thurloe sq

Garrad Mrs. 5 South st

Garton Edward, 12 Montpelier sq

Gawtrey Robert, 6 Alfred pl. west

Genet F. J. surgeon, 2 Ovington ter

Gibbs H. George, 1 Neville st

Gibson Mr. 6 Redcliffe rd

Gielgad Adam, 29 Pelham st

Gielgad John, 15 Tregunter rd

Giffard Capt. 40 Brompton crescent

Giles John, 28 South st

Giles Miss, 4 Sussex ter

Gilman Ellis, 14 Boltons

Gingall Mrs. 7 St. Mark’s ter

Gingall William, 27 Hill st

Glasters Mrs. 5 Queen st

Glenme Henry, 55 Redcliffe rd

Goding Henry, 16 Thurloe sq

Goding Miss, 13 St. George’s ter

Goding Mrs. 15 Montpelier sq

Godrich Francis, jun. 11 Sydney pl

Godwin Dr. Ashton, surg. 11 Pelham crescent

Godwin George F.R.C. 24 Alexander sq

Godwin James, 12 St. Mary pl

Godwin Thomas, 11 South st

Godson H. Septimus, 14 Rutland gate

Goldfinch, 5 St. Mary’s pl

Golding Dr. Earl’s Court House, 15 Boltons

Goldsmith Malcolm, 11 Alfred pl west

Goldsmith William, 27A Montpelier sq

Good Mr. 6 St. Mark’s grove

Good Mrs. 47 Grove pl

Goodban J. 199 Fulham rd

Goodban J. Fredk. professor of music, 9 Selwood pl

Goode C. H. S. 14 Glo’ster grove west

Goodman C. John, 5 St. Mark’s grove

Gorden Mrs. J. 36 Brompton crescent

Gosling Mrs. 28 Montpelier sq

Goulburn Hon. Mrs. 5 Princes ter

Gowen William, 17 Thurloe pl

Gowing W. G. 3 Alfred pl west

Graham John, 1 Onslow sq

Gray Robert Mrs. 2 Onslow crescent

Grainger Charles, 20 Alexander sq

Grant Thomas, 4 Selwood ter

Grautiff Bernard, Elm villa, Harley rd

Gray James, 7 Glo’ster rd

Gray Joseph, 13 Pelham st

Gray Miss, 5 the Grange

Gray Mrs. 45 Brompton row

Green John Mrs. 19 Sumner pl

Green William J. 1 St. Mark’s grove

Greenhill Charles, 1 Pelham pl n

Greenall Gilbert, 2 Princes ter

Grenat de Blaser Madame, 37 Brompton row

Greville Col. S. Fulke, 2 Albert gate

Grey, Mrs. 2 Grange ter

Griffiths Henry, Grove cottage, Gloucester grove west

Griffith Mrs. 15 Selwood ter

Grig Capt. 41 Brompton sq

Grigg Mrs. 1 Primrose cottages Thistle grove

Gros Baron, French Ambassador, Albert gate

Groves James, 6 Pelham st

Gunn Cramond J. 16 Sumner pl

Gunter Mrs. 16 Boltons

Gunthorpe Mrs. Capt. 1 Grange ter

Guild Madame, 14 Ovington ter

Gurney T. K. 4 Park villas

Gush F. 14 Stamford villas

Gutteres George, 24 Thurloe sq

Hack Wm. 11 Gloucester ter. Old Brompton

Hacker E. 15 Stamford villas

Hackett John, 1 Radcliffe villas

Hackett James, 7 Montpelier sq

Hadley, 21 Montpelier sq

Hadsley John H. 4 Alfred st

Hagreen Henry B. 10 Thistle gr

Haines F. 23 Fulham rd

Hakewill Edward Chas. 8 Thurloe sq

Halcombe Mrs. 32 Grove pl

Haldine R. 12 Gloucester ter. Old Brompton

Hale William, 3 South st

Halse Miss, 5 Sumner pl

Hatt Mrs. 2 South st

Hall Samuel C., 21 Boltons

Hall W. surgeon, 21 Brompton row

Halliway Jas. Orchard, 6 St. Mary’s pl

Hansley Mrs. 4 St. Mary’s pl

Hamilton John, 9 Drayton gr

Hamilton Mrs. the Rosery, Old Brompton

Hammond Wm. A. 47 Rutland gate

Hance Charles, 17 Alexander sq

Hanis Augusta, 9 Pelham pl

Hannah Robert, 2 Alfred place w.

Harbottle John, 39 Alfred place w.

Hard Alfred, 1 Prospect place

Hard Madame L. 1 Prospect pl

Harden Charles, 11 Onslow crescent

Hardinge Dow. Vicountess, 1 Prince’s ter

Harding John, 4 Hill st

Hardy A. A. 9 Devonshire ter

Hare Miss, 14 Montpelier sq

Harness H. 105 Fulham rd

Harrington Mrs. 21 Michael’s pl

Harrison John N. 7 Bolton pl

Hart Henry, 5 Alfred pl. west

Hart Mrs. 48 Pelham st

Hartopp Captain, 8 Albert ter

Harvey Miss Lee, 10 Thurloe pl

Haselden John B. 25 Grove pl

Hasler John, 11 Selwood ter

Hassard Joseph, 3 Seymour pl

Hassard Mrs. 7 Onslow crescent

Hawes Mrs. 8 Priory grove

Hazlitt William, 14 Ovington sq

Headlam Mrs. 18 Selwood pl

Healley Capt. George 3 Albert gate

Heather John, 25 Brompton crescsnt

Hebbert Charles, 12 Ovington ter

Heddy A. William, Grants lodge, 18 Boltons

Helfrich Francis, 33 Brompton cres

Helps John, 26 Pelham crescent

Hemsley William, 13 Hereford sq

Hemsworth Miss, 15 Pelham st

Hemment J. L. 12 Brompton row

Henderson Mrs. W. 32 Ovington sq

Hendley Thomas, 8 Alfred st

Henley A. 1 St. Mark’s ter

Henry Capt. W. 7 St. Mary’s pl

Henry William, 25 South st

Herbert E. 15 Alfred pl

Hettich Charles, 5 Albert ter

Hewett Mrs. 33 Hereford sq

Hewlin Elias, 5 Seymour pl

Heyland Mrs. 9 Montpelier sq

Heylock William, 7 Gloucester gr. w

Hicks A. solicitor, 6 St. Mark’s ter

Hedden John, 1 Charles st

Higginbotham Miss, 2 Thurloe sq

Higerton H. 8 Devonshire ter

Hildreth John, 1D Seymour pl

Hill Thomas, 14 Trevor sq

Hinde Mrs. 36 Glo’ster rd

Hindley Charles, 34 Trevor sq

Hipp John, 24 Hill st

Hitchings, 3 Priory grove

Hodge George, 18 Gilston rd

Hodges H. F. surgeon, 4 Brompton row

Hodgson Mr. 6 Grove pl

Hodson Richard, 7 Priory gr

Hoffman J. 23 Montpelier sq

Holmes A. 2 St. George’s ter. Hyde Park corner

Holroyd Henry, 22 Alexander sq

Holland Thurston H. 24 Rutland gate

Holloway S. 31 Fulham rd

Honey W. H. 209 Fulham rd

Hope Lady F. Mary, 50 Rutland gate

Hope William, 9 Michael’s grove

Horn C. J. 13 Selwood ter. Fulham rd

Horsley G. S. 21 Thurloe sq

Houseley George, 8 Onslow sq

Houstin, J. A. 14 Gilston rd

Howard L. Onslow villa, Pelham rd

Howard Lord E. Fitzallen, 19 Rutland gate

Hoofsletter Charles, 52 Thurloe sq

Hudson George, 12 Ovington sq

Hudson G. E. 18 Thurloe sq

Hudson Mrs. 19 Pelham st

Hudson Mrs. 17 Grove pl

Hughes Richard, 20 Sumner place

Hughes Mrs. 6 Alfred pl

Hughes Mrs. 48 Grove pl

Hulme Frederick W. 4 Hereford sq

Humphrey William, 42 Montpelier st

Hunt Mrs. 24 Grove pl

Hunt Mrs. William, 16 Ovington sq

Husband Thomas W. 2 Poulis ter

Hutchinson Edward, 6 Pelham villas

Hutchins Jos. 4 Charles st

Hutchinson Edward, 6 Pelham villas

Hyde Edward, 23 Alfred pl west

Hyman Elias, 33 Onslow sq

Irwin William John, 47 Thurloe sq

Ireland Edwin C. 4 Selwood pl

Jackson J. B. 11 Pelham pl

Jacobs Joshua, 8 Pelham crescent

Jaques Chas. Thomas, 50 Brompton sq

Jaquet Mrs. 31 Ovington sq

James Colonel Chas. 3 Gilston rd

James Geo. Alfred, 57 Brompton sq

Jannaway William, 4 Grove pl

Jarits, 7 Devonshire ter

Jay Charles, 3 Hereford sq

Jay James, Onslow villa, Pelham st

Jaynes F. 5 Brompton sq

Jefferies Lewis, 415 Fulham rd

Jeffreys Edward W., 26 Rutland gate

Jenkyns Edward, Grove house, Seymour pl

Jennings, 17 Michael’s pl

Jennings Mrs. 3A Sussex ter

Jermyn Rowland F. 44 Drayton grove

Joel Mr. Brompton hall

Johnson E. 7 Stamford villas

Johnson J. 1 Richmond villas

Johnson J. the Lodge, 7 Thistle grove

Johnson Mrs. 16 Pelham pl

Johnson Thomas, 7 Alfred pl. west

Johnston Edward, 15 Neville ter

Johnston Mrs. 269 Fulham rd

Jones Alfred, 22 Glo’ster grove west

Jones Charles Edward, 2 Crawley pl

Jones John, 53 Brompton sq

Jones James S. 3 Onslow villas

Jones Mrs. 44 Brompton row

Jones Owen, 20 Hill st

Josephine Mdme. 10 Montpelier st

Joseph Mrs. 5 Pelham pl north

Judd Major, Curzon Lodge, Old Brompton rd

Julien George Hanson, 13 Neville ter

Julyen Penrose G. 19 Pelham crescent

Kaye Miss, 15 Pelham crescent

Keates Mrs. 9 Brompton crescent

Keavin Mrs. 16 Brompton sq

Keith, 5 Devonshire ter

Kendab J. 17 Fulham rd

Kent William, 11 Hereford sq

Kennedy Mrs. 5 Alexander sq

Kennard Coleridge J. 13 Prince’s ter

Killick Mrs. 14 Michael’s pl

Kimbers Mrs. school, 14 Montpelier st

King William B. 5 Glo’ster grove w.

King Daniel J. 1 Sumner pl

King John, 19 Thurloe sq

King Jos. W. 41 Brompton crescent

King William, 9 Ovington ter

Kingdom B. J. 3 Pelham pl. north

Kingscote Hon. Mrs. 45 Rutland gate

Kinsey Matthew, 3 St. George’s ter

Kirkham G. L. Cambridge villa Gilston rd

Kitchin —, 111 Fulham rd

Knaggs Wm. Ridley, 27 Montpelier st

Knightfoot J. S. 229 Fulham rd

Knowles Mrs. 19 Grove pl

Knight Mrs. 5 North ter

Lace Charles, 8 Drayton grove

Lacey Edward, 7 Neville ter

Lahee Henry, professor of music, 20 Alexander sq

Lahee James, 2 Ovington sq

Lahee Samuel, 17 Brunswick sq

Laing Mrs. 5 Elm pl

Lane Richard R. 14 Alfred pl. west

Lane William, 36 Pelham st

Lang Mrs. 12 Hill st

Lard Mrs. 4 Glo’ster rd

Lardlow J. 10 Devonshire ter

Large W. C. 10 Stamford villas

Law Miss, 7 Seymour ter

Lawrie John M. 4 St. George’s ter

Lawrence Whitehorn Wm. 56 Thurloe sq

Lagarus Henry, 2 Pelham pl

Lea William J., 9 Thristle grove

Leadhart Alfred, 2 Hill st

Leake Charles F. 3 Alexander sq

Leal Charles, 28 Hill st

Leatherby Mrs. 4 Michael’s pl

Le Clerd Madame, 15 Pelham pl

Le Barnard, 3 Seymour ter

Lee M. 233 Fulham rd

Lee Mrs. 39 Pelham st

Lee Mrs. H. 17 Selwood ter

Lemon R. Hertford House, Fulham rd

Lemon Robt. 10 Ovington sq

Lennox Lord Arthur, 21 Ovington sq

Leonards Francis, 29 Brompton sq

Leonard George, prof. of music, 3 Pelham st

Leonard Henry, 22 Pelham st

Leonard William, 2 Alfred st

Leslie Anthony, 20 Alfred place

Love James, 23 Glo’ster grove west

Levings Miss, 6 Alfred st

Levinson Mr. Grove Lodge, Old Brompton

Lewis Mrs. 5 Montpelier sq

Lewis Emma, 60 Grove pl

Lewis Dr. Thos. 7 Sumner pl

Leyland Capt. Thos. Hyde Park Ho. Albert gate

Liberty Rev. N. 6 Elm pl

Lincoln Mrs. 8 Alexander sq

Lindsey Capt. John, 2 Melbourne gr

Lindgren, 271 Fulham rd

Line Mrs. 1 Hereford sq

Lingleton Mrs. M. 23 South st

Linley William, 7 St. Mark’s grove

Linsey Hon. Lieut. Col. 49 Rutland gt

Little Francis, 7 Onslow sq

Little Mrs. 10 Glo’ster rd

Little Mrs. 55 Grave pl

Llewellyn John, 55 Brompton cresc

Lock Miss, 12 Priory grove

Lock Richard, 6 Sussex ter

Locke William, 2 St. Mary’s pl

Lockwood, 12 Stamford villas

Lodge George, 3 Charles st

Long Edwin, 33 Ovington sq

Longden Hayter Thos. 4 Ennismore pl

Longman Mrs. 9 St. Mary’s pl

Loron Francois Cofarreux, 13 Alfred pl

Lovell Capt. Jersey de N. 21 Prince’s ter

Luff John, 6 Seymour pl

Lubbeck Charles, 22 Pelham crescent

Lutwidge L. G. Robert, 4 Albert pl w.

Lyall George, 9 Rutland gate

Lynn Robert, 28 Ovington sq

McAlpin John, 7 Onslow ter

McCallen Mrs. 41 Thurloe sq

McClean Miss, 80 Alfred pl. west

McClervety Mrs. 5 Alfred pl

McGowan Misses, 10 the Grange

McIntire R. 28 Trevor sq

McQueen Mr. 37 Alfred pl west

Macauley Dr. Alex. 18 Alfred pl west

Macaulay James, 23 Pelham st

Macbean Colonel, 3 Montpelier sq

Macdonald, Alex. 14 Grove pl

Maclaurin David, 27 Pelham st

Macleny Alex. W. 10 Gunters grove

Madox Henry, 22 Summer pl

Madocks Colonel, 39 Brompton sq

Madder Francis, 3 Redcliffe rd

Maitland Gorham J. 51 Rutland gate

Maitland Wm. 11 Alfred pl

Mabley Miss, preparatory school, Tudor Lodge, Thristle grove lane

Manghan Sheffield J. 3 Summer ter

Mann E. Percy Cottage, 16 Thistle gr

Mann George. 9 Milborne grove

Mann James, 3 Seymour pl

Manners Arthur, 20 Rutland gate

Manser Mrs. 37 Grove pl

Margin Mrs. 7 Thurloe pl

Marker R. 383 Fulham row

Marriott Montague, 26A Montpelier sq

Marsh Hy. Matthew, 2 Rutland gate

Marshall Mrs. J. A. 7 South st

Marshall Mrs. 2 Priory grove

Marshall Mrs. 5 Neville st

Martin Brooke, civil eng. 45 Grove pl

Martin Charles, 7 Milborne grove

Martin Theodore, 31 Onslow sq

Martin Miss, 17 Pelham pl

Martin Mrs. 3 Alfred pl

Martyn Dr. Patrick R.N. 33 Thurloe sq

Martyn Silias Edward, 46 Thurloe sq

Martyn Mr. 14 Brompton row

Mason Thomas, 14 Elm pl

Mason Mrs. 14 Alexander sq

Mason Miss, 9 Poulis ter

Matchwick John, 11 Gloucester grove, west

Matthews John, 10 Grove pl

Matthews Mrs. 3 Milborne grove

Maude Miss, 20 St. Mary’s pl

Maule Miss, 15 Prince’s ter

May Frederick, 1 Thristle grove lane

May Henry, 9 Glo’ster grove west

Mayhew Edw. 425 Fulham rd

Mayow Rev. W. M. 2 Boltons

Meacher Mrs. 36 Brompton row

Meadows Drinkwater, 6 the Grange

Meads Miss, 13 Alfred pl west

Meller S. M. 18 Stamford villas

Melton Henry, 5 Michael’s grove

Merle Henry William, 20 Prince’s ter

Merry G. J. T. 33 Fulham rd

Meynell Gerard C., 11 Rutland gate

Miller, 10 Gilstone rd

Miller M. Felix, 2 Argyle villas

Milner Mrs. J. 215 Fulham rd

Miles Hy. Wm. 2 Tregunter gr

Mills F. William, 8 Seymour pl

Mills Miss, 213 Fulham rd

Milton John, 35 Alfred place w.

Milton Mrs. Hakfield Lodge, Fulham rd

Milward John, 49 Brompton row

Minney John, 27 Brompton crescent

Mitchell Charles, 8 Grange ter

Mitchell George, 15 Brompton cres

Mitchell Mrs. Sumner ter. Onslow sq

Moffat John, 12 Melbourne grove

Moiser Charles, 22 Brompton row

Moller Charles, 10 Gilston rd

Monkhouse Richard, 43 Thurloe sq

Montague Mrs. Edwd, 18 Pelham cres

Montford Mrs. 23 Alexander sq

Moore Mrs. Wm. 19 Michael’s place

Moore Wm. Brompton cottage, Old Brompton

Moore Mrs. 44 Montpelier st

Morton Wm. 6 Charles st

Moreton W. 7 Selwood ter Fulham rd

Morgan Charles, 26 South st

Morgan James, 3 Gloucester grove w.

Morley Mrs. 15 Fulham rd

Morrell James, 5 Redcliffe rd

Morris James, 31 Seymour pl

Morris T. M. 407 Fulham rd

Morris Mrs. 18 Alexander sq

Morrison Miss, 27 Fulham rd

Morton Rev. A. H. A. 10 Albert ter

Mostyn Wm. 15 Thurloe sq

Mostyn Mrs. 57 Brompton cres

Mostyn Mrs. 4 Ovington sq

Mottram Samuel, Chapman Thomas, 43 Brompton crescent

Mould T. J. surgeon, 1 Onslow cres

Mountcharles Earl, 60 Rutland gate

Munday J. 20 Stamford villas

Mure Hon. Mrs. 55 Rutland gate

Murphy Matthew, 20 Trevor sq

Maralle George, 25 Onslow sq

Murrey John, 54 Rutland gate

Murray M. 9 Fulham rd

Murray Miss, 57 Onslow sq

Murton Mrs. Colonel, 21 Fulham rd

Musgrove Major Gen. 5 Thurloe sq

Natten Mrs. 6 Ovington sq

Neale Patrick, 15 Charles st

Nelson Miss, 4 Gilston rd

Newcomen Chas. Edward, 20 Ovington sq

Newport R. 225 Fulham rd

Nichols James, 10 Boltons

Nichols John, 12 Elm pl

Nicholl Mr. 24 Michael pl

Nicholson Mrs. 5 Sydney pl

Nicholson W. John, 1 Boltons

Niel Mrs. 2 Alexander sq

Noble Fred. 2 Michael’s grove

Norford George, 5 Prospect pl

Norman John, 10 Glo’ster grove west

Norris Edwin, 6 Michael’s grove

Norton Mrs. 4 Alfred pl

Northam Mrs. 44 Brompton sq

Novitzki de Col. 27 Alfred pl. west

Noyes Charles, 4 Sydney pl

O’Brien Mrs. 30 Hill st

O’Bryen John R. M.D. White House, 17 Thistle grove

O’Conner John M. 24 Brompton sq

O’Grady James, 29 Onslow sq

O’Hanlon Felix, 10 Alfred st

O’Regan Dr. 4 Michael’s grove

Oakley J. 107 Fulham rd

Odowd James, 10 Alfred pl west

Ogilvy Sir John Bart. Kent House, South pl. Kensington rd

Olive Mrs. 8 Redcliffe rd

Oliver Mrs. M. 20 Selwood ter

Olliver William H. 26 Hereford sq

Onslow Capt. 46 Beaufort gardens

Oppenheim Ernest, 14 Albert ter

Oriel Miss, 4 Seymour pl

Orkney Earl of, 3 Enismore pl

Osborne Edgar, 5 Drayton ter

Osborne Misses, 40 Thurloe sq

Oulmixon Captain R.N. 10 Onslow cres

Outhwaite William, 36 Brompton sq

Owen David H. 4 Neiville ter

Owen Rev. Henry John, 11 Poulis ter

Pafford B. 29 Grove pl

Page Mrs. E. 14 Pelham st

Pain Thomas, 4 Grange ter

Palmer Alfred, 22 Gloucester gr w.

Palmer Robert, 35 Ovington sq

Pamphilon Mrs. 18 South st

Parglecal Frederick, 28 Hereford sq

Park Mrs. 10 Michael’s pl

Parker Wm. 22 Montpelier st

Parkin R. Byron cottage, 35 Thistle gr

Parry Major Lane E. 53 Onslow sq

Parry Mrs. 37 Montpelier sq

Parsons W. F. 5 Grove pl

Parsons Miss, 4 Pelham vils. Onslow sq

Paskell S. W. 1 Glo’ster rd

Paskin William, 11 Thurloe sq

Pashley J. 8 Grove pl

Passendorff George, 29 Hill st

Patrick Mrs. 30 Seymour pl

Pattison John C. 49 Brompton sq

Pattison Ralph, 11 Thurloe pl

Pauer E. 3 Crawley pl

Paul, 5 Stamford villas

Paul Mrs. 7 Michael’s grove

Paynter Thomas, 53 Thurloe sq

Pearson J. 33 Trevor sq

Pemberton William, 3 Montpelier ter

Penfold Edward, 11 Charles st

Pennington J. M. 4 Pelham crescent

Percy Hon. W. J. 24 Prince’s ter

Perkins Henry, professor of French &c., 38 Grove pl

Perkins Mr. 15 Brompton row

Perry Mrs. 16 Charles st

Perston, Dr. M.D. 1 the Grange

Peters Major Jas. Wintersell House, 7 Brompton crescent

Pettigrew Thos. Jos. 16 Onslow cres

Phibbs Rich. Major, 12 Rutland gate

Philips Major Wm. S. 5 Gilston rd

Phillips Mrs. 22 Pelham pl.

Phillips Revell, 1 Drayton ter

Philp Miss, 227 Fulham rd

Pierce Edward, 11 Selwood pl

Pierce Mrs. Lee House, Old Brompton

Pignet Mrs. 26 Queen st

Pigon Frederick, 11 Albert ter

Pinches John, 44 Pelham st

Pitcairn Col. Robert, 7 Ovington sq

Plomer Charles, 6 Montpelier sq

Powell Cotton John, 7 Prince’s ter

Powell Miss, 32 Brompton crescent

Powell Mrs. 7 Seymour pl

Polak Mrs. Samuel, 45 Brompton cres

Pollard, Charles F. surg. 26 Brompton crescent

Pollard E. W. surg. 1 Brompton sq

Pollard Misses, Crescent Ho. Brompton crescent

Polhill Richard Cawley, 2 Pelham pl n.

Pomfret Henry H. 32 Brompton cres

Poring Rev. Peter M A. 46 Bromt cres

Pooley Henry, 52 Grove pl

Poolman Mrs. 8 The Grange

Pope Charles, 3 Selwood ter

Pope Richard, 46 Brompton sq

Porter William, 411 Fulham rd

Potter A. George, 16 Selwood ter

Pouys George, Holly cottage

Pratt Mrs. 21 Pelham pl

Pratt Samuel, 21 Alfred pl. west

Preston Mrs. 2 St. Mark’s ter

Price B. 11 Prince’s ter

Price Jas. Arthur, 8 Prince’s ter

Price Edwin, 3 Thurloe sq

Prodgers Edward, 6 Seymour ter

Pulling John, 3 Drayton ter

Putteney Mrs. 10 Rutland gate

Purcell Mrs. 10 North ter

Pybus J. 16 Stamford villas

Quilter John, Harley rd. villa, Harley road

Rackham Mrs. 24 Pelham cres

Radbone John, 10 Seymour pl

Radcliffe Alfred, 12 Redcliffe rd

Radcliffe Henry, 45 Drayton grove

Radermacher Wm. 6 Grange ter

Radermacher Jas. J. 10 Ovington ter

Radermacher John, 32 Brompton sq

Raglan Lord, 58 Rutland gate

Ramsay James, 14 Prince’s ter

Ramsey Thomas, 45 Pelham st

Ransford Henry, Huron lodge, Tregunter rd

Raper Mrs. 6 Prince’s ter

Rattenbury Miss, school, 3 Queen st

Rawlinson Robert, Lancaster lodge, 11 Boltons

Rawlingson T. 13 Thurloe pl

Raymond John, 60 Brompton sq

Rayson S. 19 Selwood ter. Fulham rd.

Read H. 231 Fulham rd

Rebell Charles, 14 Thurloe pl

Redcliffe Herbert, 2 Drayton grove

Redcliffe Henry, 2 Drayton grove

Redford Mrs. 32 Hill st

Redgrave F. James, 11 Glo’ster rd

Redgrave, Eagle Lodge Old Brompton

Reece, 4 Stamford villas

Reed T. 44 Grove pl

Reeve Henry, 62 Rutland gate

Reeve Bycroft S. 11 Brompton cres

Reeves Wm. J. 43 Brompton sq

Reeve Mrs. 1 Pelham crescent

Remington Miss, 3 Prospect pl

Renaud T. Peter, 15 South st

Rendford, Huron Lodge, Tregunter rd

Reynolds Capt. 7 North ter

Reynolds Geo. Chas. 10 Pelham cres

Reynolds Wm. Pownsett, 2 Oakley crescent north

Rice Samuel, 1 Albert ter

Rich George, 1 Drayton grove

Richards Jacob, 9 Glo’ster grove

Richly D. Thomas, 16 Hereford sq

Richmond Mrs. S. 5 Onslow ter

Rickatson Mrs. 11 Milborne grove

Ridley George, 3 Montpelier sq

Ripley J. Robert, 26 Glo’ster grove w.

Robb Mrs. Capt. 46 Rutland gate

Roberts Miss, 29 Hereford sq

Robertson Miss, 1 Ovington sq

Roberts William, 4 Priory grove

Roberts Mrs. 24 Montpelier sq

Robinson David Rev. 4 Rutland gate

Robinson George, 11 St. George’s ter

Robinson J. C. 13 Poulis terrace, Onslow sq

Robinson J. W. 9 the Grange

Robinson James, 2 Thistle grove lane

Robinson Mrs. 5 Boltons

Robinson Miss, 31 Hill st

Robson W. F. 25 Brompton sq

Rodger Capt. W. R.N. 9 Shawfield st

Roe Charles W. 13 Drayton grove

Roe Mr. 13 Pelham pl

Rogers George, 12 South st

Rogers J. Alfred, 46 Brompton row

Rogers Matthew, 33 Hill st

Rogers Rev. Jas. 34 Hill st

Rogers T. White cottage, 2 Seymour pl

Rophé Harris, 23 Pelham cres

Roppe Mrs. F. 23 Pelham cres

Rose Philip, 59 Rutland gate

Rose Samuel, 39 Brompton cres

Ross Charles, 51 Brompton sq

Ross Sir H. Dalrymple, 34 Rutland gt

Ross J. 431 Fulham rd

Rossiter Wm. 54 Brompton sq

Rotton Richard, 3 Boltons

Rouquette Mdme., boarding school for young ladies, 16 Alexander sq

Roux H. 31 Grove pl

Roy Mrs. R. 9 Drayton ter

Rubine Madame, 4 Drayton grove

Rudall Wm. 30 Montpelier sq

Rudermacher Wm. 6 Grange ter

Rudlin W. H. 397 Fulham rd

Rumsey A. 13 Stamford villas

Rumboult, John H. 11 Montpelier sq

Rush John, 14 Tregunter rd

Russell Mrs. 2 Montpelier sq

Russell Howard W. 18 Sumner pl

Russell William, Pembroke House, 15 Boltons

Rye the Misses, 6 Drayton ter

Ryan Charles, 44 Beaufort gardens

Ryder Dudley George, 9 Sumner ter

St. Clair Alexander, 13 Brompton sq

St. George Col. John, 17 Rutland gt

St. John Mrs. 6 Poulis ter. Onslow sq

St. Peter’s home, 27 Brompton sq

Sabonroff Peter, 4 Albert ter

Samsburg John, 2 Seymour pl

Samome Alfred W. 10 Gloucester ter

Sanderson Mrs. 205 Fulham rd

Sanders Jos. 22 Grove pl

Sanderson J. J. 13 Fulham rd

Sandys Mrs. 7 Sumner ter

Sansom Thomas, 24 South st

Sartoris Hon. Mrs. 64 Rutland gate

Saville Mrs. 7 Alfred pl

Saunders Miss, 38 Montpelier st

Savic Miss, 32 Thurloe sq

Sayer Robert, 11 Trevor sq

Sacanell Col. Carmona, 17 Alfred pl w.

Scarlett Hon. Sir James, 25 Princes ter

Scates Mrs. 5 Selwood ter

Schaffer C. Peter, 3 Pelham crescent

Scharr de Chevalier, 6 Onslow crescent

Schenk George, 17 Boltons

Schmilzer Christopher, 3 Selwood pl

Schydh P. 11 Elm ter

Scott Andrew, 3 Onslow ter

Scott Capt. 19 Fulham rd

Seabrook Mrs. ladies school, 35 Pelham st

Selby S. 6 Yeoman’s row

Semenza G. 31 Brompton cres

Sewell Wm. Albert villa, Gilston rd

Seymour Francis, 6 Priory grove

Seymour Mrs. 2 Pelham villas

Seymour Mrs. 7 Sussex pl

Shackleton C. J. 5 Paulis ter. Onslow square

Sharpe Mrs. 3 Sumner pl

Sharpus Thomas, 3 Albert ter

Shaw Mrs. 19 South st

Sheepshanks John, 23 Rutland gate

Sheppard Mrs. 5 Hereford sq

Sheppard Walter G. M.D. M.R.C.S. 11 Rose ter. Fulham rd

Sherrard Mrs. 33 Grove pl

Sherson A. Nowell, 23 Thurloe sq

Sheward Mrs. 5 Montpelier ter.

Sheward George, Manager London and County Bank, 3 Albert gate

Sheydd Paul, 11 Elm ter

Shird Wm. 2 Drayton ter

Shoemack C. Henry, Basing cottage, 6 Gloucester grove west

Shubrick Miss, 6 Gloucester rd

Shute Mrs. Dean, 27 Rutland gate

Shutze, 5 Neville ter

Sibthorp Miss, 22 Brompton crescent

Sicily Neumar, 22 Thistle grove

Sills Wm. 31 Alfred pl. west

Simpkin A. L. 9 Priory grove

Simpson Thomas B. 6 Boltons

Simpson John Pilgrave, 9 Alfred pl w.

Sims Edward, 23 Seymour pl

Sims William H. 9 Thurloe pl

Sims Mrs. 1 Milborne grove

Sinclair William, 7 Charles st

Singleton Alexander, 5 Selwood pl

Singleton Mrs. M. 23 South st

Sisters of Mercy Home, 10 Lower gr

Skelley Col. Francis, 5 Onslow sq

Sketchley Mrs. 32 Hereford sq

Sladen Barbet, 4 Crawley pl

Slaney Mrs. 1 Enismore pl

Slater Miss, 14 Drayton grove

Sloane John, 20 Thurloe sq

Smiles Mrs. 36 Alfred pl, west

Smith, 59 Grove pl

Smith Sir Andrew, 31 Thurloe sq

Smith Augsts Oswald, 44 Rutland gate

Smith Capt. 11 Fulham rd

Smith Henry W. 3 Hill st

Smith James, 3 Michael’s pl

Smith John, 6 Selwood ter

Smith J. Woodville Hse. 16 Draytn gve

Smith J. N., S.C.L. Oxon & L.C.P. Marlbro House School, 93 Fulham rd

Smith Miss A. 5 Park Villas

Smith Mrs. 56 Redcliffe rd

Smith Ridley Martin, 41 Onslow sq

Smith Samuel, 3 Trevor sq

Smith Wm. James, 8 Elm ter

Smith W. Atwell, 9 Michael’s grove

Soame Dow. Lady B. 18 Herefrd sq

Soulby Mrs. 7 Vincent st

Sparham John, 1 Gloucester grove w

Spear Richard, 10 Pelham st

Spence Joseph, 3 Neville st

Spencer Mrs. 47 Brompton crescent

Spiller Wm. school, 32 Brompton row

Spittle James, Old Brompton

Spry Richard James, 2 Sydney pl

Stafford Mrs. 2 Stamford villas

Stanley Thomas, 4 Queen st

Stansfield James, 35 Thurloe sq

Stapleton John, 20 Pelham pl

Starling Edward, 2 Sumner ter

Startin Wm. Hereford Lodge, Old Brompton

Stratham Rev. W. M. 9 Alfred st

Steel Mrs. Amyot House, Fulham rd

Steele Mrs. 1 Seymour pl

Stevens Henry, 403 Fulham rd

Stevens Miss, 1 St. Mary’s pl

Stevens Mrs. 24 Alfred pl. west

Stevens Thomas, 12 Drayton grove

Stephenson John, 17 Pelham st

Stephenson Lady Mary, 56 Rutland gate

Stepney Cowell A. 5 St. George’s ter

Stewart Mrs. 4 Neville st

Stickland Wm. 5 Fulham rd

Stimpson John, 21 Hill st

Stokes Francis, 55 Brompton sq

Stounton Miss, 2 St. Mark’s grove

Strange Edward, 18 Pelham pl

Streatfield Maj. Gen. C.E. 17 Thurloe sq

Street Arthur, 8 Gloucester grove w

Street B. Tregunter lodge, Gilston rd

Street Henry, 12 Gilston rd

Street St. George, 10 Drayton grove

Strong Thomas Banks, 1 Priory gr

Strong William, 15 Ovington sq

Strudwick Hayward J. 11 Priory gr

Stuart Miss, 11 Redcliffe rd

Stukey Henry, 12 Brompton crescent

Sturner, 9 Lower grove

Sullivan J. 14 Stamford villas

Sullivan Robert, 15 Rutland gate

Surrey Christopher, Selwood cottage

Surrey Christopher R. 10 Neville ter

Surrey John H. 7 Elm ter

Surrey William, 13 Elm pl

Sutton Mrs. 30 Hereford sq

Swain Hugh, 42 Pelham st

Swan R. 3 Park villas

Swift R. William, 8 Sumner pl

Symonds Mrs. 3 Hereford sq

Syms Mrs. 24 Seymour pl

Tagg H. W. 211 Fulham rd

Tate James R. 14 Hereford sq

Tate William, 15 Hereford sq

Taylor George, 16 Alfred pl west

Taylor F. W. 207 Fulham rd

Taylor Thomas, 16 Brompton cres

Taylor William, 23 Brompton cres

Teage Mrs. William, 28 Drayton gr

Temple Charles, 31 Pelham st

Temple Mdme. Barn Cottage, Old Brompton rd

Tharp John, 3 Pelham villas

Tharp J. P. Warwick house, Fulham rd

Tharp Capt. John, 3 Pelham villas, Onslow sq

Thomas Arthur, 24 Gloucester gr w

Thomas Frederick, 9 South st

Thomas George, 16 Alfred pl

Thomas James, 16 Alfred pl

Thomas James, 4 Onslow ter

Thomas John, 22 Brompton sq

Thomas J. T. 13 Gloucester gr w

Thomas William, 20 Boltons

Thomas William, 14A Pelham pl

Thomas J. L. Miss, 14 Pelham pl

Thomas Mrs. 2 Redcliffe villas

Thompson James, 24 Montpelier st

Thompson M. 3 Stamford villas

Thompson Thomas, 8 Brompton sq

Thompson Mrs. 25 Hill st

Thorp C. 41 Pelham st

Thayer Henry William, 3 Onslow sq

Teighe Right Hon. Col. Wm. 22 St. George’s ter

Timpson Samuel, 13 Brompton row

Tippetts Edward, surgeon, 10 Elm ter

Tippetts E. 10 Elm ter

Tobit Mrs. 34 Montpelier st

Toby Wm. 3 St. Mark’s grove

Tolfrey Mrs. 24 Hereford sq

Tootel, The Lodge, Grange ter

Topham George, 17 Gilston rd

Trice Wm. Henry, 27 Thurloe sq

Trott J. 273 Fulham rd

Trotter Robert, 26 Thurloe sq

Tuck Mrs. school, 15 Grove pl

Turabe Edward, 56 Brompton sq

Turner Alfred 12 Boltons

Turner James, 26 Michael’s pl

Turnley Jos. W. 10 Michael’s grove

Twistleton Hon. Edw. 3 Rutland gate

Upton John, 2 The Grange

Ussher Rev. Christopher, 10 Priory grove

Vacher Charles, 4 Boltons

Valle Philip, 20 Brompton sq

Valvani V. 235 Fulham row

Valle Philip, 20 Brompton sq

Varnish Mrs. 34 Alfred pl. west

Vaughan John, 32 Pelham st

Vernon Hon. Wm. Warren, 35 Rutland gate

Vernon Mr. 7 Pelham st

Veillard Charles, 3 Poulis ter

Venall, 1 Pelham villas

Vining James, 21 Pelham crescent

Vokes Capt. T. W. Howard villa, 9 Thistle grove

Vokins Mrs. 195 Fulham rd

Wade J. Foxcroft villa, Gilston rd

Waghorn Alfred, 1A Seymour pl

Waite Henry 12 Selwood pl

Waite, 43 Grove pl

Waite Mrs. 34 Brompton row

Wakefield Mrs. 17 Sumner pl

Walker Mrs. 8 Sumner ter. Onslow sq

Walker Robert Bruce Walker, 10 Milborne gr

Walford Edward, 37 Thurloe sq

Walker John, 42 Brompton crescent

Walker R. B. N. 10 Milborne grove

Walker W. E. Holly lodge, Thistle gr

Walkom Mrs. 4 Milborne grove

Waller Miss, 223 Fulham rd

Waller Mrs. 5 Michael’s pl

Wallace’s Hotel, 20 21 22 St. George’s ter, Hyde Park Corner

Walley Mrs. 427 Fulham rd

Wallis Jas. J. C.E. 15 Victoria grove

Walter Robert, 10 Selwood ter

Walton N. James, 4 St. Mark’s grove

Walters Jas. 3 Brompton sq

Walsh Fred. Thos. 15 Michael’s pl

Ward Miss, 23 Pelham pl

Ward Mrs. Argyle lodge, Old Bromptn

Ward E. 2 Park Villas

Ward, 26 Montpelier st

Warren Mrs. Col. 1 Thurloe sq

Watts Mrs. 21 Pelham st

Watts Benjamin, 49 Brompton crescnt

Watts Joshua, 10 Pelham pl

Watts Wm. surgeon, 8 Onslow ter

Wattey Mons. 12 Selwood ter

Waterfield Dr. 17 South st

Waterhouse Jas. Holly Lodge Glo’ster gr west

Watkins R. 203 Fulham rd

Watson Mrs. 2 Brompton sq

Watson T. J. surgn. 3 Devonshire ter

Webb James, 2 Elm pl

Webster Mrs. 4 South st

Webster Fox Charles, 52 Rutland gate

Webber H. J. arch. & surv. 21 Grove pl

Weigall Mrs. 13 Michael’s pl

Welbank Richard, 5 Alfred st

Welsh Wm. Rev. M.A. 9 Hereford sq

Wesley Lieut.-Gen. Sir Robert, K.C.B. 28 Gilston st

West Wm. 25 Seymour pl

West Samuel, 22 Ovington sq

Weston S. C. Miss, 11 Rutland gate

Wesk Wm. 275 Fulham rd

Western T. grammar school, North ter

Westhead Edwd. 17 Ovington sq

Westmacott Misses, 15 Onslow cres

West London Collegiate Institute for Ladies, Barret Mrs.

Wheeler Richard, 5 Seymour ter

Whichcote Rev. F. 35 Montpelier sq

White Alfred, 5 Grange ter

White Dr. 42 Grove pl

White William, 50 Brompton crescent

Whitfield George, 35 Grove pl

Whitefield T. surgeon, 14 Pelham cres

Whitfield Mrs. 27 Hereford sq

Whitehead Thomas S. 6 Montpelier sq

Whiteman Robert, 4 Seymour pl

Whitmore Col. M. 4 Sumner pl

Whitmore S. Charles, 57 Rutland gate

Wightman Mrs. 1 Park villas

Williams Alfred, district surveyor, 4 Pelham st

Williams Charles, 1 Selwood ter

Williams Godwin John, 14 Sumner pl

Williams James, 19 Montpelier sq

Williams Walter, 38 Montpelier sq

Williams William, 11 Gilston rd

Williams Mrs. 8 Alfred pl

Williams Mrs. 7 Montpelier ter

Wilkinson Mrs. 25 Grove pl

Wilkinson John, 5 Pelham villas

Wilkinson John, Priory villa, Hasley rd

Willden George, 3 North ter

Wilkins T. John, 21 Alexander sq

Willington Henry, 12 Sumner pl

Willowghby Mrs. 3 Sydney pl

Wilson Miss, 8 Lower grove

Wilson H. Thomas, 31 Hereford sq

Wilson James, 19 Onslow sq

Wilson John, Newhaven lodge, 8 Thistle grove

Wilson William, 20 Pelham st

Wilson William, 31 Trevor sq

Witt George, 22 Prince’s ter

Winchelsea Dowager Countess, 26 Prince’s ter

Winterbottom Miss, 8 Selwood ter

Wood Mrs. 12 Alexander sq

Wood E. Mrs. 11 Thistle grove

Wood J. W. 179 Fulham rd

Wood Richard E. 1 Montpelier sq

Wood Dr. T. C. 8 Brompton crescent

Wollaston Mrs. Colonel, 49 Onslow sq

Wollaston Captain, 12 Onslow cres

Woolatt R. Vale grove Church st

Wolley Mrs. 8 Michael’s gr

Wormleighton Eliz. 52 Brompton sq

Wraxhall Capt. 7 Drayton ter

Wright Mdme. Burleigh House, Old Brompton

Wright Mrs. 13 Hill st

Wright Mrs. 26 Hill st

Wright Mrs. 35 Hill st

Wright Mrs. 7 St. Mary’s pl

Wright Josiah, 24 Queen st

Wright R. John, 32 Alfred pl west

Wright William, 419 Fulham rd

Wright William, 34 Brompton sq

Wrighley Mrs. E. 5 Montpelier sq

Wyatt Jas. 10 Charles st

Wyndham Rev. Wm. 6 Rutland gate

Yates Dr. Wm. Hall 5 Summer ter

Yelverton Commodore R. H. 38 Rutland gate

Yielding Wm. 2 Alfred pl

York Richard, 23 Montpelier st

York Mrs. 4 Devonshire ter

Young Sir Geo. Chas. 4 Prince’s ter

Young Edmund, 2 Brompton sq

Young Mrs. 17 Montpelier sq

Young Mrs. 4 Poulis ter. Onslow sq

Zanzi Alexr. 30 Brompton crescent


Abbott, 13 Westbourne pl

Abbott Hon. Mrs. 31 Cadogan pl

Abbot Rev. F. J. 46 Claverton st

Aberdour Lord, 19 Wilton crescent

Abingdon Dow. Countess, 32 Glo’ster st

Achell H. 21 Cadogan pl

Adams Miss, 62 Sussex st

Adington Rt. Hon. H. U. 78 Eaton pl

Ager Nathan, 44 Bessborough gardens

A’hmuty Gen. J. 14 Chesham pl

Aird Miss, 7 Cadogan pl

Airey Gen. Sir Rich. 37 Grosvenor pl

Airey Hon. Lady, 37 Grosvenor pl

Akroyd Henry, 84 Eaton pl

Alberts M. 16 Victoria sq

Aldis Dr. C. J. B. 1 Chester ter

Aldin Alfred, 30 Bessborough gardens

Aldridge William, 27 Chapel st

Alexander Lady Lepel, 27 Eaton sq

Alexander J. Wallis, 27 Eaton sq

Alexander Mrs. J. Dupré, 48 Grosvenor pl

Alexander Jacob, 16 Stanley pl

Alexander C. D. 30 Belgrave sq

Allan John, 9 Elizabeth st

Allatt Miss, 47 Lower Belgrave pl

Allen John F. 58 Coleshill st

Allen Lady Henrietta, 27 Chesham st

Allen Mrs. 3 Cumberland st

Allen Robert, 36 Graham st

Alton Mr. John, 38 Coleshill st

Alston W. T. 9 Victoria sq

Ames Henry M. 38 Eaton sq

Ancona Joseph, 40 Glo’ster st

Anderson Charles, 131 Stanley st

Anderson J. S. 47 Tachbrook st

Anderson John Fredk. 67 Coleshill st

Anderson Mr. 5 Upper Belgrave pl

Anderson Wm. 5 Upper Belgrave pl

Andrews Lieut. Col. C. 57 Eccleston sq

Andrews Fred. F. surg. 19 Elizabeth st

Andrews Edward, 7 St. Michael’s ter

Andrews Mrs. 9 Cadogan pl

Anstruther Lady, 1 Chapel st

Antrim Countess of, 30 Loundes ter

Antrobus Edmund M.P. 11 Grosvenor crescent

Antrobus Sir Edwd. Bart. 37 Eaton sq

Antrobus Hugh Lindsey, 65 Eaton sq

Appleyard Mrs. 21 Westbourne pl

Appleyard Mrs. 23 Westbourne pl

Apton Mrs. 131 Warwick st

Arbuthnot H. & Lady Charlotte, 15 Chester st

Archer Fredk. surg. 3 Chapel st

Archer Miss, 19 Winchester st

Arden Hon. Miss, 4 Chesham pl

Arkcoll F. William, 19 Eccleston sq

Arliss William, 106 Ebury st

Armstrong R. B. Q.C. 29 Chester sq

Armitage E. J. 25 Essex st

Armytage Col. & Hon. Mrs. 15 St. George’s rd

Arnauld Miss, 98 Denbigh st

Arnold Matthew, 2 Chester sq

Arntz Robt. R. 52 Bessborough gardens

Arpino Duke de St. 36 Loundes st

Ashburnham Lady F. 98 Ebury st

Ashburnham the Ladies, 101 Eaton sq

Ashford Edmund B. 82 Cadogan pl

Ashford Miss G. E. teacher of pianoforte, 21 Denbigh st

Ashford the Misses, Anglo-French School, 21 Denbigh st

Askew John, 110 Stanley st

Askew Thos. H. P. 5 St. Michael’s ter

Aspinwall John, 87 Warwick st

Atherley Mrs. 77 Eaton pl

Atkins Miss, 35 Cadogan pl

Atwool J. 85 Glo’ster st

Aveland Lord, 12 Belgrave sq

Avrillon Francis, 95 Winchester st

Ayling James, 35 Graham st

Babb Miss, 68 Cambridge st

Baber George, 36 Cambridge st

Badderly G. 32 Denbigh st

Bacon H. lodging house keeper, 9 Stanley st

Bagehot Walter, 12 Up. Belgrave st

Bagot Ponsonby, 34 Eaton sq

Bagot Col. Edward, 34 Eaton sq

Bagot Lady Harriet, 58 Chester sq

Bague C. 19 Coleshill st. Eaton sq

Bague Miss, and Miss Harriet Bague, 19 Coleshill st

Bailey Lady, 20 Belgrave sq

Bailey Thomas, 135 Tachbrook st

Baillie C. A. M.P. 26 Wilson crescent

Baillie Mrs. D. 67 Eaton sq

Bailiss Mrs. 8 Bessborough st

Baird John T. 36 Belgrave rd

Baird Anne Lady, 76 Eaton sq

Baker John, 52 Lower Belgrave pl

Baker R. B. Wingfield, 2 Loundes sq

Baker Samuel, 86 Denbigh st

Baker Jos. naturalist, 8 Tachbrook st

Baldock Edw. Holmes, 31 Grosvenor pl

Balfour Chas. 66 Eccleston sq

Balfour J. & Lady G. 46 Belgrave sq

Balguy John, 20 Chester sq

Ball Edwd. M.P., 50 Denbigh st

Ball Wm. St. George, 63 St. George’s sq

Ballen Mrs. 40 Coleshill st

Balls Thomas, 14 Burton st

Balster B. 45 Denbigh st

Bamber Henry, 19 Bessborough gardens

Bamfad Thomas, 131 Tachbrook st

Banister Wm. H. 34 Cambridge st

Bankes H. Nugent & Hon. Mrs. 29 Eccleston st south

Banks Dr. Roger, 16 Chester ter

Bannerman Sir Alexander Bart. 46 Grosvenor pl

Bannerman Lady A. 46 Grosvenor pl

Bannister H. P. surg. acc. 63 Coleshill st

Barber J. H. 13 Bessborough gardens

Barber Wm. Henry, 1 Gloucester ter

Barclay Thos. Geo. 5 Grosvenor cres

Baring H. Bingham, M.P. 36 Wilton pl

Baring Hon. & Rev. Fredk. 9 Grosvenor cres

Baring Lieut. Col. Chas. 1 Chester pl

Baring T. G. 21 Loundes sq

Barker E. 90 Cadogan pl

Barker J. 27 Cadogan pl

Barker Thoamas, 11 Eccleston sq

Barker Wm. John, 29 Bessborough gardens

Barker R. S. 15 Bessborough gardens

Barker Henry K. 97 Winchester st

Barnaby Edwyn, 50 Eaton pl

Barnaby Lieut. Col. E. S. 50 Eaton pl

Barnard Rev. Chas. C. 6 Eccleston sq

Barnett G. H. 42 Wilton crescent

Barnett Henry, 15 Halkin st west

Barnett Mrs. 10 Chesham pl

Barnett the Misses, 42 Wilton crescent

Barnston Mrs. 66 Cadogan pl

Baron Thomas, 15 Graham st

Barratt Jerome, surgeon, 30 Sutherland st

Barrington Hon. Mrs. Russell 11 Eaton sq

Barry Mrs. Middleton, 10 Eaton ter

Barry Mrs. Smith, 26 Chesham pl

Bart Mr. 114 Stanley st

Bartlett William, 10 Lupus st

Barton Geo. Henry, 15 Claverton st

Barton Mrs. 76 St. George’s rd

Barton S. W. 8 St. George’s sq

Basham Dr. 17 Chester st Grosvenor pl

Bass M. T. M.P. 19 Lower Belgrave st

Bastable A. H. J. 42 Lupus st

Bastard Capt. J. P. 33 Wilton pl

Bastard Capt. W. B. 37 Wilton cres

Bastard Mrs. 37 Wilton crescent

Bate William 28 Denbigh pl

Bates H. 62 Denbigh st

Bateson T. & Hon. Mrs. 32 Grosvenor pl

Bath & Wells, Bishop of (Lord Auckland) 2 Grosvenor crescent

Bathurst Earl, 4 Wilton crescent

Bathurst Lady G. 4 Wilton crescent

Batten Mrs. 121 Warwick st

Battye Dr. F. 6 Glo’ster st

Baxter William, 114 Warwick st

Bayley A. 6 Loundes sq

Baynes Miss, 23 Eccleston sq

Beaman Dr. G. 12 Bessborough st

Beasley W. C. 7 Victoria sq

Beaton Rev. Patrick, 8 St. Michael’s ter

Beauchamp Earl of, 19 Grosvenor pl

Beauclerc Capt. G. 23A Grosvenor st w.

Beauclerk Miss, 61 Chester sq

Beavan Charles, 12 Gloucester tar

Beckham Mrs. 110 Denbigh st

Beckwith Mrs. 52 Eaton pl

Beckwith Thos. P. 52 Eaton pl

Beckham Barnard, 7 Coleshill st

Bedford Francis, 9 Gloucester st

Bedford Duke of, 6 Belgrave sq

Beckham Mrs. & Miss, 55 St. George’s rd

Belcher Rev. B. 32 Warwick sq

Bell Dr. Vernon, 17 William st

Bell Gen. Sir J. 55 Cadogan pl

Bell Mathew, 4 Grosvenor crescent

Bell Matthew, 28 Eaton pl

Bellamy Mrs. 81 Warwick st

Belmore Countess of, 56 Eaton pl

Belmore Earl of, 56 Eaton pl

Belper Lord, 88 Eaton sq

Belton Wm. 120 Stanley st

Bernard Richard, 101 Ebury st

Bennett W. J. 57 Ebury st

Bentinck Baron, 20 Loundes sq

Bennett Chas. 30 Gloucester st

Bennett Joseph, 70 Eccleston sq

Bennett Mrs. 45 Winchester st

Bennett Mrs. E. M. 9 Sussex st

Bennett Robert, 82 Cambridge st

Bennett W. G. 58 Glo’ster st

Benson George, prof. of music, 47 Glo’ster st

Benson Ralph A. 8 Wilton pl

Bentham George, 25 Wilton pl

Bentinck Countess A. 25 Loundes st

Bentley Joseph, 46 Bessborough gdns

Berkley Grenville C. L. 7 Wilton cres

Berkeley Hon. F. H. F. 1 Victoria sq

Bernal Mrs. 32 Chester sq

Berners Mrs. 18 Eaton pl south

Berners Mrs. 79 Cadogan pl

Berry Thomas, architect, 1 Halkin st

Best, Capt. John S. 6 Wilton pl

Beverley Mrs. E. 119 Warwick street

Bethell Hon. Richard 45 St. George’s road

Bicknell Mr. 60 Coleshill st

Bicknell Rev. J. 60 Coleshill st

Biddulph Col. Robert M. M.P., 35 Grosvenor pl

Biddulph Col. T. and Hon. Mrs. 22 Chester sq

Biddulph Robert, 31 Eaton pl

Biddulph Ormus, 80 Eccleston sq

Bigge Miss, 11 Eaton pl. south

BIRD JAMES, Professor & Teacher of the English Concertina, 26 Denbigh st

Bishop Francis, 4 Stanley pl

Blackburne Miss, 22 Wilton st. Grosvenor pl

Blackburne Miss H. 22 Wilton st. Grosvenor pl

Blackden Miss and Miss H. 17 Wilton cres

Blackden Rev. C. 17 Wilton crescent

Blackwood Mrs. F. 4 Eaton terrace

Blackwood Mrs. W. 23 Chesham st

Blair Capt. H. 15 Lower Belgrave st

Blair Miss H. 15 Lower Belgrave st

Blake Henry, 9 Coleshill st

Blake John G. 6 Loundes st

Blakeney Miss, 23 Wilton pl

Blangy Madlle. school, 25 Denbigh st

Blanchard Mrs. 79 Warwick sq

Bland William, 1 Bessborough st

Blantyre Lord, 8 Grosvenor pl

Blashfield J. R. 19 Denbigh pl

Blenkins Major G. E. 9 Warwick sq

Bliss Henry, 26 Eccleston sq

Blome Thomas M. 4 Eccleston sq

Blondin M. 37 St. George’s sq

Blount Walter Aston, 1 Eaton pl west

Blount Miss C. 1 Eaton pl west

Blount Stephen, 1 Eaton pl west

Blower Wm. 27 Burton st

Blumenthal Dolph. 53 Winchester st

Boilain F. G. M. 16 Chester st

Bolton Capt. A. S. 32 Eaton sq

Bolton Mrs. Col. 6 Chester st

Bond James, 7 Denbigh st

Bone S. V. 56 Gloucester st

Bool James, 86 Warwick st

Booth Sir R. Gore, Bart., 7 Buckingham gate

Borthwick Mrs. 99 Ebury st

Bosher William, 62 Cambridge st

Bostock J. A. 54 Chester sq

Boswell Mrs. E. 31 Coleshill st

Boston Lord, 4 Belgrave sq

Botch Mrs. 2 St. George’s rd

Bousy Phillip Jos. 20 Westbourne pl

Bouverie-Pusey C. Miss, 14 Grosvenor pl

Bouverie-Pusey S. E. 14 Grosvenor pl

Bouverie P. P. 15 Eaton pl

Bouverie Rt. Hon. E. P. M.P. 44 Wilton cres

Bovey Mrs. 2 Hobart pl

Bowden Mrs. 17 Grosvenor pl

Bowers Maj. Gen. 31 Wilton pl

Bowen William J. 46 Cambridge st

Bower Edwd. barrister, 6 Eccleston ter

Boxon Mrs. 130 Warwick st

Boyle Lady Louisa, 10 Chesham st

Boyle Major Hon. W. G. 10 Chesham st

Boyne Viscount, 22 Belgrave sq

Boyse Rev. Richd. 3 Halkin st west

Brackenbury Mrs. 2 Gloucester ter

Bradford Earl of, 43 Belgrave sq

Brady John, M.P., 1 Warwick ter

Bradford H. Wm. 86 Eccleston sq

Bradshaw Hen. Denbigh villas

Braham Henry N. 98 Stanley st

Braithwaite Mrs. 139 Tachbrook st

Brake Misses, 22 Upper Belgrave pl

Bramwell George, 73 Chester sq

Brand J. 27 Hanover st

Brand Hon. H. B. W. M.P. 2 Upper Belgrave st

Branding C. 1 Lower Grosvenor pl

Brassey J. Esq. 56 Loundes sq

Breach J. G. (Palace Hotel) 9 Buckingham gate

Bredel Misses, 7A Eaton sq

Brett George, 29 Lower Belgrave pl

Breun Henry, 4 Upper Belgrave pl

Brewster Lieut. Col. W. B. 75 Warwick sq

Bridge the Misses, 78 Eaton sq

Bridgeman Miss, 2 Eaton ter

Briggs John, 35 Sussex st

Briggs John, 129 Warwick st

Brinkorth Edward, 63 Warwick st

Briscoe J. J. M.P. 60 Eaton pl

Bristow S. B. 11 Chester sq

Broadwood Mrs. 17 Cadogan pl

Brodrick William, 23 Chester sq

Bromley Davenport, 5 Loundes st

Bronzoli P. 7 Ebury st

Brooke, 26 Cadogan pl

Brooke Col. Thomas, 20 Chester st

Brooke The Hon. Lady, 53 Eaton sq

Brooks Miss, 88 Warwick st

Brooks R. J. 82 Warwick st

Brooksbank Misses, 39 Cadogan pl

Broughton Lewis D. 73 Belgrave rd

Broughton Mrs. D. 73 Belgrave rd

Broughton V. D. 10 Glo’ster st

Brown Fredk. 98 Warwick st

Brown Fred. 40 Bessborough st

Brown Henry, surgeon, 1 Charles st

Brown Lady Ellen, 54 Eaton pl

Brown Rev. T. C. 4 Halkin st

Brown Thos. 53 Cadogan pl

Brown Thos. 58 Lupus st

Brown William, 83 Warwick st

Brown Wm. Jas. 20 Victoria sq

Browne Hon. G. A. 28 Loundes sq

Brownlow Right Hon. Countess, 25 Loundes sq

Browning Arthur, 36 Sussex st

Browning A. G. 36 Sussex st

Brownrigg Henry M. 12 Eaton pl w.

Brownrigg Mrs. 12 Eaton pl west

Brownsmith Leman J. 104 Cambdge st

Bruce Robert N. 18 Chester sq

Brunskill H. surg. 15 Up. Eccleston pl

Bryan Alfred, 33 Bessborough gardens

Bryan Lady Elizabeth, 9 Chesham pl

Bryant Miss Mary, 46 Winchester st

Bryden William, 85 Eccleston sq

Buccleugh Duke of, 37 Belgrave sq

Buck Richard, 9 St. Michael’s ter

Buckley Alfred, 13 St. George’s sq

Buist Robert, dentist, 169 Cambridge st

Buller Mrs. 3 Eaton sq

Bulton Mrs. 22 Stanley st

Burbidge George, 5 Graham st

Burden Francis, 141 Stanley st

Burgess Mrs. 22 Coleshill st

Burgess Rev. Richard, 69 Cadogan pl

Burgoyne Dow. Lady, 5 Eaton pl s

Burgoyne M. G. 31 Eaton sq

Burnand Theophilus, 5 Charles st

Burnett Fred W. 47 St. George’s rd

Burnett F. C. 10 Eccleston ter. s

Bulkeley Sir R. B. W. Bart. M.P. 87 Eaton sq

Bull Henry, 5 Elizabeth st

Bull Benjamin, 62 Winchester st

Burr D. Higford, 23 Eaton pl

Burrage William, 23 Graham st

Burrough Miss, 9 Cadogan pl

Burrows Charles, 19 Up. Belgrave pl

Burrows James, 27 St. George’s sq

Burrows Mrs. James, 8 Wilton st

Bushby Joseph, 3 Halkin st

Bushby H. Jeffreys & Lady Frances, 40 Chester sq

Bushby Miss, 2 Eaton pl south

Butcher L. J. 56 Bessborough st

Butler Paul, 5 Upper Eccleston st

Butt Augustus, 7 Eccleston ter

Butt Enoch, 96 Warwick st

Butt Newton, 4 Belgrade rd

Barton Edwd. 38 Bessborough st

Button Miss E. professor of music, 29 Denbigh pl

Buxton Chas. M.P., 7 Grosvenor crscnt

Byner Thos. 30 Graham st

Byng Hon. Wm. Fredk. 33 St. George’s rd

Byrne John, 23 Winchester st

Caines G. C. 18 Chester ter

Cairns Sir H. McCalmont, Q.C. D.C.L. M.P. 79 Eaton pl

Cahill Mrs. 26 Bessborough st

Caldwell Mrs. Marsh, 3 Lowndes st

Callcott J. G. 55 Lupus st

Calthorpe Col. 43 Loundes sq

Calthorpe Hon. Mrs. F. 11 Chesham pl

Calthorpe James, 37 Graham st

Calvert Mrs. Nicholson, 9 William st

Cameron Jas. Allan, 67 Eccleston sq

Cameron Lady Vere, 82 Eccleston sq

Campana Fabia, 15 Westbourne pl

Campbell Archibald, 3 Wilton ter

Campbell Col. 8 Lowndes sq

Campbell Lady, 75 Gloucester st

Campbell Lt. Col. Fitzroy, 49 Eaton pl

Campbell Mrs. Gen. 12 Halkin st. w

Campbell Mrs. W. & Miss, 2 Loundes st

Campbell William R. 98 Lupus st

Camperdown Countess, 1 Wilton ter

Campi S. 37 Chapel st. Grosvenor pl

Cancellor F. 54 Cadogan pl

Candy Osbert, 13 Chester sq

Capel Hon. Regd. A. 21 Chesham pl

Cardwell Rt. Hon. E. M.P. 75 Eaton sq

Carew Chas. H. 79 Eccleston sq

Carew Lord, 28 Belgrave sq

Carey Mrs. Gen. P. 12 Eaton pl

Carleton Hon. Richard, 24 Grosvenor pl

Carlisle Earl of, 12 Grosvenor pl

Carnegie Capt. Hon. Swinfen T. R.N. C.B. 50 Wilton crescent

Carpenter John, 27 Denbigh pl

Carr James, 70 Warwick st

Carter Edwd. 18 Bessborough gardens

Carter George, 7 Stanley st

Carter G. W. L. P. 43 Gloucester st

Carter Thos. 17 Bessborough gardens

Cartwrigh William, 128 Stanley st

Cast Reginald J. and Lady Elizabeth 13 Eccleston sq

Castlerose Viscount, M.P., 53 Eaton pl

Cater Henry, 125 Lupus st

Cater W. C. 12 Hanover st

Cathcart Lady, 105 Eaton pl

Cathell Andrew, 61 Warwick sq

Cator, B. P. 74 Cambridge st

Cator Lieut. Gen. W. 6 Eaton pl

Caulfeld Lt. Col. J. M. 10 Chester sq

Cave Capt. Lawrce. T. 23 Loundes st

Cave Charles, 23 Loundes st

Cave S. Esq. 68 Loundes sq

Cave Stephen, M.P. 35 Wilton pl

Cavendish Hon. Miss, 64 Cadogan pl

Cavendish Hon. Mrs. 1 Belgrave sq

Cavendish Hon. Richd. 36 Chesham pl

Cavendish Lord G. H. M.P. 3 Upper Eccleston st

Cavendish Lady G. and Miss, 3 Upper Eccleston st

Cavendish Lord R. 1 Belgrave sq

Cavendish Right Hon. C. B. M.P. 35 Eaton pl

Cavendish Hon. Mrs. 35 Eaton pl

Chalk James J. barrister, 80 Warwick sq

Chalmers Wm. 108 Denbigh st

Chamberlayne Miss, 7 Charles st

Chambers Chas. H. 2 Chesham pl

Chaplin Frederick, 65 Cadogan pl

Chapman E. H. 90 Eaton pl

Chapman Capt. A. R.N. 90 Eaton pl

Chapmam Col. F. E. C.B. 2 Eaton sq

Chapman Thomas, 9 Cumberland st

Chappell William, 127 Stanley st

Chard Oct. E. P. surgeon, 13 Eccleston st. south

Chelsea Viscount, 28 Loundes st

Chenary Thomas, 7 Eaton pl. south

Chester Miss, 35 Loundes st

Chetwynd Hon. R. W. 78 Chester sq

Chevalier G. 125 Tachbrook st

Chewton Viscountess, 37 Wilton cres

Chichester Chas. M. S. 22 Wilton pl

Chichester Dow. Countess of, 22 Grosvenor pl

Chichester Earl of, 22 Grosvenor pl

Chichester Mrs. 22 Wilton pl

Chinnick George, 2 Hanover st

Chipp J. 5 Ebury st

Cholmeley Sir M. J. M.P., & Lady Georgiana, 10 Upper Belgrave st

Chorley Henry F. 13 Eaton pl west

Chorley Miss & John R. 76 Chester sq

Christie George H. 59 Cadogan pl

Christie James, 13 Wilton st

Churchill Lord Allen, 4 Loundes sq

Churchill Miss, 14 Wilton st

Circuitt G. J. 39 Gloucester st

Clagett Horatio, 17 Loundes st

Clanwilliam Earl, 32 Belgrave sq

Clarendon Earl of, 1 Grosvenor cres

Clarke Charles, 33 Graham st

Clark George, 4 Cambridge st

Clark Mrs. 21 Westbourne pl

Clarke Edward, 80 Stanley st

Clarke James, 41 Stanley st

Clarke Mr. 31 Graham st

Clarke J. Lockhart F.R.S. surgeon, 60 Warwick st

Clay Sir Wm. Bart. 91 Eaton sq

Clayton A. 29 Belgrave rd

Clayton J. 38 Elizabeth st, Eaton sq

Cleghorn J. 49 Sussex st. Warwick sq

Clement Hampden, 20 Wilton cres

Clephan Joseph, 15 Coleshill st

Clerke Sir W. H. Bart. 15 Eaton pl south

Clerk Rt. Hon. Sir Geo. Bart. 43 Eaton sq

Clerk John, 2 Lyall st

Clifford, Col. Spencer, 6 William st

Clifford George, 22 Lupus st

Clive George, 48 Eaton sq

Clutton John, 46 St. George’s sq

Coater G. surg. 1 Westbourne st

Coates G. V. surgeon, 1 Westbourne st

Cochrane Adml. Sir T. 20 Belgrave sq

Cock John, 16 Stanley st

Cockell Mrs. 8 Stanley st

Cocks Lady Emily S. 45 Grosvenor pl

Cohen Samuel, 7 Chester sq

Coke Hon. H. J. & Lady Katherine, 28 Warwick sq

Cole Capt. W. W. 66 Eaton pl

Cole J. H. 66 Eaton pl

Cole H. W. Q.C. 5 Chester sq

Cole, the Misses, 66 Eaton pl.

Coles A. L. 78 Cadogan pl

Coles Miss, 16 Claverton st

Collier R. P. M.P. Q.C. 2 Eaton pl w

Collins Edward G. 8 Stanley pl

Collings Mrs. 21 Wilton st. Grosvenor pl

Colquhoun John C. 8 Chesham st

Colvill Lord, 42 Eaton pl

Combermere Viscount, 48 Belgrave sq

Comerford James W. 38 Cambridge st

Connor Armel, 21 Stanley st

Conyngham, G. Lenox, 108 Eaton sq

Conyngham Marchioness, 9 Chesham pl

Cooly H. S. B. 24 Cumberland st

Coon Mrs. 111 Warwick st

Cooper Henry, 14 Gloucester ter

Cooper Mrs. 78 Coleshill st. Eaton sq

Cope Frederick, 72 Cambridge st

Cope William, 17 Winchester st

Copping James, 13 Denbigh st

Copping J. L. 13 Denbigh st

Corbett Wm. 68 Winchester st

Cornish Mrs. 43 St. George’s rd

Corry Capt. Hon. A. Lowry, 56 Eaton pl. Belgrave sq

Cort J. 13 Cadogan pl

Cossart Mr. 102 Cambridge st

Costa Michael, 59 Eccleston sq

Cotter George J. 70 Stanley st

Cotterall Thomas, 50 Eaton sq

Cotton B. H. M. 83B Eccleston sq

Cotton Col. Corbet, 73 Eccleston sq

Cotton Hon. Col. W. H. 48 Belgrave sq

Cotton Lady Augusta, 15 Lowndes sq

Couper Lady, 5 Loundes sq

Court Henry, 92 Warwick st

Courtoy Misses, 14 Wilton crescent

Coventry Hon. Henry, 25 Belgrave sq

Coventry Henry, 25 Belgrave sq

Coventry Mrs. 2 Wilton pl

Covey W. H. surgeon, 23 Wilton pl

Coward Wm. 7 Winchester st

Cowell George, surg. 4 St. George’s sq

Cox C. 19 Loundes sq

Cox George, 4 Coleshill st. Eaton sq

Cox R. H. 44 Loundes sq

Crabbe James, 18 Lower Belgrave pl

Craig, Mrs. 99 Warwick st

Cranswick Mrs. 66 Ebury st

Crane Dr. and Misses, 29 Sussex st

Crane F. C. physician, 29 Sussex st

Craven Oliver, 3 St. Michael’s ter

Crawfurd John, 15 William st

Crawford Miss, 66 Eaton sq

Crawford Robt. Wigram, M.P., 20 Eaton sq

Crawshay Mrs. 69 Eccleston sq

Crichley T. Esq. 58 Loundes sq

Chrichton Rev. Wm. J. 11 Eaton pl

Crickitt Mrs. 1 Cornwall ter

Crocker C. 27 Lower Eaton st

Crossley Frank, 60 Eaton sq

Crowhurst Henry, 16 Denbigh st

Croxton George, 64 Warwick sq

Crozes E. 112 Tachbrook st

Crum-Ewing H. E. M.P., 5 William st

Crum-Ewing John, 5 William st

Crump James, 49 Lupus st

Cubitt George, 25 Eccleston sq

Cubitt Lady, 15 St. George’s sq

Culinford Robert, 28 Cambridge st

Cullen William, 50 Stanley st

Cumberbatch, 25 Cadogan pl

Cumming Dr. 1 Cadogan pl

Cume Mrs. 62 Stanley st

Cunningham Maj. Gen. 25 Chesham st

Cundy C. F. 13 Chester sq

Cundy Thomas, 13 Chester sq

Cundy Thomas jun. 12 Eccleston sq

Curry P. H. 92 Denbigh st

Curtis Chas. Berwick, 105 Eaton sq

Curtis Chas. Wm. 68 Eccleston sq

Curwen Mrs. Ewing, 51 Grosvenor pl

Cust Gen. Hon. Sir Edwd. 52 Grosvenor pl

Cust Lady Anna M. 16 Eccleston sq

Cust Lady Carolina, 2 Hobart pl

Cuthbert Mrs. 30 Chapel st

Dales John, 76 Warwick sq

Dallertantin Frances, 22 Graham st

Dalrymple Dow. Lady & Miss, 20 Chesham pl

Daly Hon. R. 83 Eaton pl. Belgrave sq

Dance Joseph W. 123 Warwick st

Daniell J. H. 2 Halkin st. west

Daniel Misses, 107 Eaton sq

Dann James., 84 Warwick st

Darbishire H. Astley, 3 Eccleston sq

Darcey Anthony Byrne, 6 Sussex st, Warwick sq

Darker John, 16 Graham st

Darling Sir Chas. 84 Eccleston sq

Darling Mrs. Gen. 4 Elizabeth st. Eaton sq

Dash Mrs. Maria, 3 Albert st

Davenport J. 18 Sutherland st

Davie Lieut. Col. J. D. Ferguson M.P. 48 Milton crescent

Davie Lieut. Gen. Sir Hon. Ferguson Bart. M.P. 48 Milton crescent

Davies Edm. 72 Cadogan pl

Davies Henry, 30 Chester sq

Davies Mrs. 17 Denbigh st

Davis David, surgeon, 17 Lower Belgrave st

Davis Edward, 17 Upper Belgrave pl

Davis Edward, 123 Warwick st

Davis Mrs. 2 Upper Belgrave pl

Davis Miss, 2 Upper Belgrave pl

Davis Miss, 50 St. George’s rd

Davis, surgeon dentist, 12 Lower Eaton st

Davison W. S. 16 Loundes sq

Dawkins Miss M. 2 Charles st

Dawson Rev. A. 23 Cumberland st

Day John, 52 Gloucester st

Day Mrs. and Miss, 52 Gloucester st

Day Wm. 13 Victoria sq

De Brunnow Baron, Russian ambassador, Chesham house Chesham pl

De Burgh Miss E. 3 Eccleston ter s

De Burgh Mrs. 61 Eccleston sq

Du Cane C. Esq. 64 Loundes sq

Du Cane Mrs. C. 64 Loundes sq

De Contades Viscount, 63 Eccleston sq

D’Eyncourt Capt. & Lady Henrietta, 27 Warwick sq

De Fivas Mrs. 60 Gloucester st

De Lelincourt C. 21 Bessborough gdns

De Morella, Count and Countess, 81 Eaton sq

D’Oyley Mrs. General, 36 Eaton sq

De Sabouroff M. Chesham house, Chesham pl

De Saulles George, J. 28 Coleshill st

De Tivali Cesare, 11 Stanley pl

De Tivoli V. 11 Stanley pl

Des Vœux Col. Binfield, 67 Chester sq

Des Vœux, Lady Cecilia, 104 Eaton sq

Des Vœux Miss, 11 William st

De Vere S. S. 6 Hanover st

Debenham Capt. 74 St. George’s rd

Dee John S. 122 Warwick st

Deedes J. 26 Chapel st. Grosvenor pl

Deedes Mrs. 18 Eaton ter. Eaton sq

Deedes Mrs. W. H. 52 Chester sq

Delane Mrs. 10 Eaton pl. south

Delano Wm. 70 St. George’s rd

Deleafield W. Esq. 40 Loundes sq

Dell Leonard, 11 Halkin st west

Delle Charles, 144 Cambridge st

Denbigh Earl, 49 Eaton sq

Denison Hon. Mrs. 16 Chesham pl

Denman Capt. Hon. J. R.N. 17 Eaton ter. Eaton sq

Denman Hon. G. M.P. Q.C. 14 Eaton pl. south

Dennis William, 106 Cambridge st

Dering Mrs. C. 12 St. George’s rd

Desart Earl of, 12 Loundes st

Desgratoulet Louis, 133 Tachbrook st

Devanish Miss, 69 Warwick sq

Dew Dr. Edward, 30 Sussex st

Dewar James, 6 Charles st

Dick Chas. George, 10 St. George’s rd

Dickinson Wm. R. 19 Loundes st

Dickinson Samuel T. 119 Stanley st

Dickson Rev. G. D. W. M.A. 50 Lupus st

Dickson Robert, 14 Stanley pl

Digby J. 18 Gloucester st

Digby Lord, 39 Belgrave sq

Dighton Richard, architect, 6 St. Michael’s ter

Disbrowe Col. and Hon. Mrs. 7 Eccleston st Chester sq

Disbrowe Misses, 26 Chester sq

Disraeli James, 3 Eaton ter

Docker W. Fredk. 24 Denbigh st

Dodd George, 9 Grosvenor pl

Doidge William, 92 Warwick st

Dolmage G. 69 Bessborough st

Dollery Mrs. 40 Cambridge st

Donaldson James, 123 Stanley st

Doughty E. D. surgeon, 4 William st

Douglas Miss H. 24 Eaton pl

Douglas Misses Scott, 8 William st

Douglas Mrs. Houston, 42 Eaton sq

Douglas Gen. Monteith, 40 Belgrave sq

Douglas Sir C. E. M.P. 27 Wilton cres

Douvile Mrs. Barry, Westbourne pl

Dore Capt. F. N. 67 Belgrave rd

Dorling Henry, 62 Warwick sq

Dory Seth, 10 St. Michael’s ter

Dowling Mrs. 22 Burton st

Dowling Thurlow, 10 Lower Belgrave street

Downe Viscountess, 8 Belgrave sq

Downes Charles, 29 Coleshill st

Downshire Marquis of, 24 Belgrave sq.

Doyle John Henry, 32 Winchester st

Drake Henry, 84 Belgrave rd

Drake Mrs. George T. 34 Chester sq

Drake Mrs. S. 29 Belgrave sq

Drake Thomas Tyrwhitt, 118 Eaton sq

Drake W. R. 27 Cumberland st

Drake W. T. 34 Chester sq

Driver G. Vernon, surgeon, 2 Lower Grosvenor pl

Driver Mrs. F. 52 Winchester st

Drummond Geo. Jas. 11 Wilton cres

Drummond, the Misses, 11 Wilton cres

Drummond Spencer, 5 Chesham pl

Drummond Miss, 5 Chesham pl

Ducie Dow. Countess of, 69 Eaton sq

Dudan Victor, 42 Stanley st

Dudley Dr. J. G. 71 Belgrave rd

Duff Mrs. 15 Grosvenor pl

Duff, J. A. 14 Upper Eccleston pl

Dukinfield Lady 33 Eaton pl

Dunbar J. H. 11 Bessborough gardens

Duncan Mrs. 7 Belgrave rd

Duncan Hon. Hugh, 1 Wilton ter

Duncalfe J. T. solicitor, 14 Ebury st

Duncan Lady Elizabeth, 1 Wilton ter

Duncan Wm. Elliott, solicitor, 14 Lupus st

Duncan William, 12 Warwick sq

Duncombe Hon. Col. C. and Lady C. 84 Eaton sq

Dundas Henry, 3 Grosvenor st. west

Dundas Wm. 41 Gloucester st

Dunfermline Lord, 56 Eccleston sq

Dungarvan Vicountess, 10 Chesham st

Dunlop Archibald, 5 Gloucester ter

Dunlop Lady Harriet, 35 Chester sq

Dunn A. 54 Ebury st

Dunning Simon, 2 Warwick sq

Dunraven Earl of, 5 Buckingham gate

Dunsany Dow. Lady, 6 Chester sq

Durant G. C. S. 28 Eccleston sq

Durston Josiah, 9 Burton st

Dury William, 6 Coleshill st

Dutton Hon. Ralph H. M.P. 16 Halkin st. west

Dwelly J. H. 51 Lupus st

Dyer James, 34 Belgrave rd

Dyke Charles R.N. 6 Eaton sq

Dyke F. H. 29 Eccleston sq

Dyke George, 70 Cambridge st

Eagle G. Christopher, 8 Chester st Grosvenor pl

Earle William N. 86 Cambridge st

East Sir J. B. Brt. M.P. 117 Eaton sq

Eaton Mrs. R. J. 6 Chesham pl

Elrington Mrs. 53 St. George’s sq

Eddy Dr. C. W. 8 Warwick ter

Eden John, 15 Wilton cres

Eden Rear Adml. Chas. 20 Wilton pl

Eden Vice-Adml. Hy. 45 Eaton sq

Edgerton E. 13 Loundes sq

Edmonston Miss, 7 Halkin st w

Edmonstone Sir A. Bart. 34 Wilton pl

Edwards Francis, 17 Eaton pl

Edwards John, 8 Belgrave rd

Edwards John Robert, 23 Chester st. Grosvenor pl

Eglinton & Winton Earl of, 3 Upper Belgrave st

Elburn Henry J. 28 Sussex st

Elderton E. M. 28 St. George’s sq

Ellenborough Earl of, 110 Eaton sq

Ellice Miss and Miss B. 3 Chester ter. Chester sq

Ellice Col. 3 Chester ter. Chester sq

Ellice Mrs. Robert, 18 Wilton cres

Elliot T. Frederick, 13 Chesham pl

Elliott G. P. 6 Warwick sq

Elliot Hon. Mrs. 29 Cadogan pl

Elliot W. Brownrigg, 31 Belgrave sq

Ellis John B. water rate collector, 44 Winchester st

Ellis Mrs. W. 46 Cadogan pl

Elmer William, 16 Cambridge st

Elmley Viscount M.P. 19 Grosvenor pl

Elmsley Alex. 59 Denbigh st

Elphinstone W. H. 45 Cadogan pl

Elwin Mr. Henry, 17 Coleshill st

Elwood Miss, 71 Coleshill st

Engleheart Gardner D. 1 Eaton pl s.

Erne Earl of, 95 Eaton sq

Erskine J. 87 Cambridge st

Essex Dow. Countess, 9 Belgrave sq

Estcourt E. D. Bucknall, 82 Eaton pl

Estcourt Lady B. 82 Eaton pl

Estcourt Miss, 82 Eaton pl

Effingham Earl of, 57 Eaton pl

Etherington Mrs. 4 Stanley st

Euston Earl of, M.P. 7 Grosvenor pl

Evans C. D. 87 Tachbrook st

Evans George, 9 Stanley pl

Evans John, 15 Cumberland st

Evans Mrs. Wm. 3 Chesham st

Evans Mrs. 10 Stanley st

Evans Richard, 1 Stanley pl

Everall Richd. 36 Winchester st

Everson Mrs. 33 Eccleston sq

Eversley Viscount and Hon. Miss Shaw Lefevre 69 Eaton pl

Every Capt. 137 Cambridge st

Eyre G. 59 Loundes sq

Fahey Jas. 71 Cadogan pl

Fairbairn James, 48 Cambridge st

Fairfax, Chas. G. 55 Eaton pl

Fairfield Mrs. 29 St. George’s sq

Fairn Felix T. 42 Cambridge st

Falconer Christie J. 7 Wilton st

Falio Chev. Campane, 15 Westbourne pt

Farrance, G. J. 13 Upper Belgrave pl

Farquhar H. Morton, 60 Loundes sq

Farrance’s Hotel, 11 Upper Belgrave st

Farren Mrs. G. 38 Gloucester st

Farrar Frederick, 88 Eccleston sq

Farrer George, 24 Chapel st. Grosvenor pl

Farrer Hen. Richard, 42 Loundes st

Farrer Miss, 24 Chapel st. Grosvenor pl

Farrington Miss, 6 Stanley pl

Faulkes Mrs. 39 Coleshill st. Eaton sq

Faushawe, Mrs. 15 Gloucester st

Faushawe John G. 22 Chester ter

Faushaw R. 36 Bessborough st

Fawkes A. T. 77 Warwick sq

Fawn George, 125 Stanley st

Featherstonehaugh A. S. 14 Warwick sq

Fell Mrs. 11 Graham st

Fellows E. & Hon. Mrs. 3 Belgrave sq

Felton Charles, 43 Cambridge st

Fendick William, 41 Cambridge st

Ferguson Miss, 4 Chester st

Ferrers Wm. Stewart, 8 Eaton pl s.

Field Charles, 1 Hanover st

Field Mrs. 74 Cadogan pl

Fife Earl of, 10 Grosvenor pl

Filmer Dowager Lady, 90 Eaton sq

Fincham Dr. G. T. 2 Eccleston ter s.

Fincham James, 1 Winchester st

Fincham James, 24 Upper Belgrave pl

Firman Thos. J. 11 Denbigh st

Fish John, 105 Warwick st

Fisher Fredk. 9 Denbigh st

Fisher John, 60 Cadogan pl

Fisher Miss, 12 Eaton ter

Fisher Henry, 48 Lower Belgrave pl

Fisher Richd. Scott, 30 Eaton pl

Fitzgerald Col. 24 Westbourne pl

Fitzgerald Miss, 91 Ebury st

Fitzgibbon Lady, 35 Loundes sq

Fitzharding Lord, 32 Loundes sq

Fitzjohn Mrs. 56 Coleshill st

Flack Mrs. Carl, 32 Chapel st. Grosvenor pl

Fladgate Wm. Mark, 64 Eaton sq

Fletcher J. C. 98 Eaton pl. Belgrave sq

Fletcher R. 76 Ebury st. Eaton sq

Flower Lady, 24 Loundes sq

Folkard W. Charles, 64 Warwick st

Folwell Wm. 55 Gloucester st

Foot E. E. 105 Ebury st. Eaton sq

Forbs Charles, 17 Chester st

Forbes Mrs. B. 1 Halkin pl

Forbes Viscountess & Hon. Major W. F. 13 Eaton sq

Ford Charles, 64 Cambridge st

Ford George S. 9 Gloucester ter

Ford Robert, 73 Warwick st

Forster John H. 5 Up. Belgrave pl

Fortescue Francis, 75 Eaton pl

Fortescue Henry, 75 Eaton pl

Foster Lady A. 23 Eccleston sq

Foster Vere, 23 Eccleston sq

Fonblanque A. jun. 73 Gloucester st

Fonblanque J. S. M. 73 Gloucester st

Forbes Col. F. 1 Halkin pl

Forbes George B. 14 Stanley st

Forbes Mrs. 68 Chester sq

Fontana George sculpt. 17 Lower Belgrave pl

Fontana Signor A. sculpt. 17 Lower Belgrave pl

Forster R. W. E. 16 Glo’ster st

Fowler Mrs. 4 St. George’s rd

Fox Lady Caroline Lane, 1 Chesham st

Fox Thomas, 35 St. George’s sq

Frampton D. N. surg. Lower Belgrave st

France G. F. 8 Eaton pl

France the Misses, 64 Cadogan pl

Francis C. L. 77 Eccleston sq

France Chas. B. 63 Cadogan pl

Francis G. barr. 43 St. George’s rd

Fraser A. 19 Burton st

Fraser J. F. 104 Eaton pl. Belgrave sq

Fraser Mrs. 5 Eccleston ter

Frayner J. 30 Chester st. Grosvenor pl

Freeth Lt. Gen. James, 80 Coleshill st. Eaton sq

Freeth Capt. R. King, R.A. 24 Lupus st

Freeland John, 129 Lupus st

Freeth Sir James, 80 Coleshill st

Freke Hon. Col. F. J. Evans, 9 Loundes sq

Freke Lady Katherine, 9 Loundes sq

Fremantle Miss, 73 Cadogan pl

Fremantle Right Hon. Sir Thomas, 4 Upper Eccleston st

Freemantle T. F. and Lady Augusta, 22 Chesham pl

French Col. Fitzstephen M.P. 68 Warwick sq

Freyburg Jas. 95 Ebury st. Eaton sq

Friday John, 82 Stanley st

Frodsham Dr. J. M. 17 Victoria sq

Frost W. J. 37 Sutherland st

Fryer Wm. Rolles, 14 Chester st Grosvenor pl

Fugion Major Edwd. 4 Gloucester ter

Fuller F. G. Augsts, 41 St. George’s rd

Fuller Rev. Thos. 1 Eaton pl

Fuller S. D. 1 Eaton pl

Fuller Rose 1 Eaton pl

Furnival Capt. W. G. 83 Ebury st

Gabriel Miss, 5 Chester st

Gabriel Francis Henry, 41 Sussex st

Gage, the Misses, 31 Chester st

Galahare Mrs. 27 Winchester st

Gale F. 11 Cadogan pl

Gale Frederick, 83A Eccleston sq

Gale Fredk. 32 Burton st

Galloway Earl of, 85 Eaton sq

Gallwey Sir W. P. Bart. 3 Buckingham gate

Gallway Miss P. 7 Lower Belgrave st

Galt Wm. 4 Warwick ter

Galton Capt. D. R.E. 12 Chester st. Grosvenor pl

Gambier Capt. J. M. 39 Chester sq

Ganssen Fred. Chas. 27 Chester sq

Gardner Mrs. 100 Eaton sq

Gardner Joseph, 18 Stanley pl

Garrett Mrs. 124 Stanley st

Garvagh Lady, 51 St. George’s sq

Garwood Mrs. 10 Coleshill st Eaton sq

Gascoigne Gen. 14 Loundes sq

Gaskoin H. J. R. 63 Warwick sq

Geary F. 10 Cadogan pl

Georges Mrs. Hamilton, 3 Eccleston st. Chester sq

Genevay Emanuel, 18 Up. Eccleston pl

Gerrard B. W. 86 Cadogan pl

Getty Saml. G. M.P. 8 Eccleston sq

Gibbs Miss, 72 Warwick st

Gibbs Henry, 68 Stanley st

Gibbons David, 30 St. George’s sq

Gifford Hon. E. Scott, 4 Eaton pl s.

Gifford Earl of M.P. 2 Wilton st

Gilbart Stevens, 30 Chapel st

Giles Dr. Sml. 58 Ebury st

Gillman Mrs. C. 74 Tachbrook st

Gilpin Mrs. Westbourne pl

Gilpin Mrs. Edward, 28 Westbourne pl

Ginger Wm. 47 Denbigh st

Gipps Col. 11 Chester st.

Gipps Lady, 11 Chester st.

Giraud Rev. H. A. 28 Gloucester st

Gleig Rev. G. R. 8 Warwick sq

Glentworth Viscount, 79 Chester sq

Glover Miss, 1A St. George’s rd

Glover Edward, 112 Denbigh st

Glyn Clayton, W. F. 4 Chesham st

Glyn G. Carr, M.P. 1 Up. Eccleston st

Godbold Capt. George, 34 Burton st

Goddard, W. 7 Elizabeth st

Godfree Daniel, 89 Winchester st

Godfrey E. G. 86 Tachbrook st

Goding Lady Jane, 13 Wilton cres

Godman J. 55 Loundes sq

Godwin F. D. surgeon. 3 Halkin ter

Goodbody George, 12 Winchester st

Goodwill Mrs. 42 Ebury st

Gompertz F. T. archt. 45 Ebury st

Gompertz R. J. 45 Ebury st

Gompertz Mrs. 45 Ebury st

Gomperte Mrs. 134 Warwick st

Gordon Capt. 21 Wilton st

Gordon Cosmo L. Duff, 1 Halkin st w

Gordon Edward, 108 Stanley st

Gordon Lady Frances, 5 Wilton cres

Gordon Capt. G. 5 Wilton cres

Gordon Mrs. 47 Wilton cres

Gordon Miss, 12A Winchester st

Gore Wm. R. Ornsby, M.P. 18 Chesham pl

Goring Rev. John, 25 Eaton sq

Gorring Wm. 65 Winchester st

Goss John, 25 Bessborough gardens

Gough K. H. 111 Belgrave rd

Goulbarn Colonel, 106 Eaton sq

Gould Mrs. 5 Wilton pl

Gould Henry J. 12 Cambridge st

Grady S. G. 63 Belgrave rd

Grady W. G. M.D. and surgeon, 63 Belgrave rd

Graham Mrs. G. 28 Cadogan pl

Graham Major George, 31 Chapel st

Graham John, 35 Gloucester st

Graham William, 14 Denbigh st

Graham Mrs. 1 Chapel st

Graham Mrs. 9 Coleshill st

Grantley Lord, 10 Wilton pl

Granville Mrs. 42 Gloucester st

Granvill Wm. 69 Chester sq

Grant Joseph, 117 Stanley st

Grant Samuel, 6 Denbigh st

Grant Wm. 58 Tachbrook st

Grasett Elliot, 6 Chesham st

Graves Henry, 25 Cumberland st

Gray C. 22 Westbourne pl

Gray F. Henry, 9 Eccleston sq

Gray Mrs. Hugh, 3 Cromwell ter

Grazebrook J. W. 10 Warwick ter

Greatorex G. 87 Cadogan pl

Green Aylmer, 17 Eaton pl west

Green Daniel, 54 Bessborough st

Green Fred. G. 89 Eccleston sq

Green Henry, 60 Denbigh st

Green William A. 89 Eccleston sq

Greenwood John Q.C. 53 Chester sq

Gregory W. H. M.P. 19 Grosvenor st

Greig Alexander, 10 Loundes st

Greig Mrs. 28 Stanley st

Grenfell C. P. M.P. 38 Belgrave sq

Grenville Neville R. 4 Buckingham gt

Greville Rear Adm. H. T. 7 Chesham pl

Greville the Ladies L. and C. 46 Eaton pl

Grey Lady, 11 Eaton pl. west

Grey Rt. Hon. Sir G. Bart. M.P. 14 Eaton pl

Grey W. J. 18 Cadogan pl

Gridley Capt. H. Gillet, 49 Wilton cres

Griffiths, Mrs. 12 Stanley pl

Griffith Mrs. 44 Bessborough st

Griffith G. R. 20 Eccleston sq

Griffith Sir R. Bart. 20 Eccleston sq.

Griffith Wm. surg. 35 Belgrave rd

Grimes Thos. N. 66 Winchester st

Grinyer Miss, 21 Westbourne pl

Grisewood Henry, 15 Chesham pl

Gritten H. F. surveyor, 49 Tachbrook st

Gritten R. W. architect, 57 Bessborough st

Grogan The Misses, 82 St. George’s rd

Grogan J. Sheldon, 82 St. George’s rd

Groom Charles, 21 Burton st

Grover James, 80 Denbigh st

Guillaume W. F. 15 Elizabeth st

Guillaume Monsieur, prof. of languages, 36 Elizabeth st

Gurwood Mrs. 70 Loundes sq

Hadfield G. M.P. 9 Gloucester st

Hadden John C. 14 Bessborough st

Haig J. B. surg. 14 Chapel st

Haines G. surveyor, 12 Grosvenor st w.

Haines George, Wilton house, Eaton sq

Haines Henry, solicitor, 147 Lupus st

Haines Wm. H. 5 St. George’s rd

Hall J. Steven, 15 Bessborough st

Hall Lady, 63 Loundes sq

Hall Richard, 92 Eaton pl

Hall Samuel, 66 Stanley st

Hall Wm. 32 Sussex st

Hall Mrs. 12 Denbigh pl

Hall Mrs. 23 Coleshill st

Hall Miss, 16 Upper Eccleston pl

Hall Mrs. 12 Denbigh pl

Hales John, 3 Claverton st

Hallet M. W. 51 St. George’s rd

Halstead Capt. J. B.A. 17 Chester ter

Hamber Thomas, 71 Bessborough st

Hamilton Major M.P. 3 Albert st

Hamilton Lieut. Col. 18 Eccleston sq

Hamilton Capt. S. G. 55 St. George’s sq

Hamilton Ld. Claude, M.P. 19 Eaton sq

Hamilton Geo. Alex. 65 Warwick sq

Hamilton Capt. H. R.N. 71 Eccleston sq

Hamilton Rev. Joseph H. 47 Chester sq

Hamilton Rt. Hon. R.C.N. and Lady Mary, 33 Chesham pl

Hamilton Thos. Wm. 12 Wilton pl

Hamilton W. J. and Hon. Mrs. Chesham pl

Hamlet James, 159 Cambridge st

Hammer Sir J. Bart M.P. 59 Eaton pl

Hammersley C. 65 Loundes sq

Hammond Mr. 44 Stanley st

Hammond E. S. 25 Eaton pl

Hand Robert, 75 Cadogan pl

Handfield J. C. 26 Sussex st

Handley William J. 76 Warwick st

Hankey Thomas, 96 Eaton sq

Hardy Mrs. 112 Warwick st

Hardy G. M.P. 12 Grosvenor crescent

Hardy Thomas, 1 Warwick sq

Hardy William, 78 Denbigh st

Harcourt Admiral, 47 Cadogan pl

Harcourt G. S. 71 St. George’s sq

Harcourt V. 5 Pont st

Hardwick B. 87 Gloucester st

Hargreave Mrs. 56 Winchester st

Harenc H. B. 12 Wilhain st

Hargest John, 19 Stanley st

Harman James, 30 Denbigh st

Harmer William, 102 Stanley st

Harper E. Norton, 88 Belgrave rd

Harper John H. 28 St. George’s rd

Hope Dowager Lady, 67 Cadogan pl

Harris Mr. 26 Graham st

Harris Charles, 5 Burton st

Harrington Henry, 26 Barton st

Harington Sir J. E. Bart, 58 Eaton pl

Hartopp E. B. 22 Wilton crescent

Hartshorn John, 63 Ebury st

Hartwell Francis, 14 Eccleston sq

Harvey Legge, 47 Bessborough gdns

Harwood Mrs. 36 Coleshill st

Hastie Mrs. 50 Denbigh st

Haslehurst G. 29 Cottage grove

Haslehurst John, 42 Coleshill st

Hassell Mrs. 51 Cadogan pl

Hawes Mrs. 10 Denbigh pl

Hawes William D. 154 Cambridge st

Hawes Mrs. 10 Denbigh pl

Hawker Edward Jas. 37 Cadogan pl

Hawkes J. Blundell, 21 Chesham st

Hawkey Capt. R.N. 38 Loundes sq

Hawkshan John F.R.S. 43 Eaton pl

Hawksley Capt. 26 Grosvenor pl

Hawksley Miss, 2 Halkin terrace

Hawksworth John, 61 St. George’s rd

Hawley Sir J. H. Bart, 34 Eaton pl

Haworth Fred. 9 Eccleston st

Hawthorne Hans S. 37 Winchester st

Hay Col. Lord Arthur, 16 Chester sq

Hay Col. the Hon. C.R. 33 Cadogan pl

Hay Henry, 22 St. George’s rd

Hay Lady Jane, Elizabeth st. Eaton sq

Hay Henry Tempest, 22 St. George’s rd

Hay Misses, 18 Denbigh pl

Hayes Lady, and Sir Saml. H. Bart. 53 Eccleston sq

Haydon Miss, 12 Up. Eccleston pl

Haydon Richard, 94 Stanley st

Haggarth Col. 49 Chester sq

Haynes J. B. 114 Denbigh st

Head St. Hon. Sir Edm. W. Bart. 29 Eaton sq

Heale Edmond, 23 Cambridge st

Heathcote Hon. Misses, 12 Belgrave sq

Heathcote Hon. G. H. M.P. 12 Belgrave sq

Hedley John, 13 Stanley st

Hedley James, 34 Stanley st

Heginbotham Mrs. 82 Gloucester st

Hellyer G. W. M. 1 Coleshill st

Hellyer W. V. 1 Coleshill st

Helps Arthur, 46 Chester sq

Henage C. 3 Cadogan pl

Henderson G. W. M. 103 Eaton pl

Henderson Miss M. 103 Eaton pl

Henderson Wm. 74 Stanley st

Hendrey James, 78 Warwick sq

Henning J. Junr. sculpt. 17 Lower Belgrave pl

Herbert Lady of Lea, 38 Chesham pl

Herbert Rt. Hon. H. A. M.P. 3 Grosvenor crescent

Herbert Hon. Mrs. Wm. 13 Lower Belgrave st

Hereford Lord Bishop of, 107 Eaton pl

Herries H. Crompton, 10 Glo’ster ter

Herries Chas. J. 42 Cadogan pl

Hervey Henry, 17 Chester sq

Hervey Lady William, 43 Cadogan pl

Heseltine Charles, 16 Lupus st

Hewitt J. F. solicitor, 26 Belgrave rd

Heytesbury Lord G.C.B. 41 Eaton pl

Hibbert J. N. 39 Loundes sq. and Chalfough Park, Bucks.

Hicks Miss, 5 Chester ter

Higinson Mrs. H. 32 Cadogan pl

Higgs M. professor of music, 30 Bessborough st

Higgins Mrs. 88 Cadogan pl

Higgins M. James, 71 Eaton sq

Higgins W. Fred. and Hon. Mrs. 3 Chester pl

Higginson Lieut. Gen. and Lady Frances, 9 Wilton crescent

Highway Henry, 2 Stanley pl

Hildyard Mrs. 40 Eaton pl

Hill Lord A. E. 24 Belgrave sq

Hill George, 90 Warwick st

Hill Henry, 1 Eaton ter

Hill Joseph, 3 Sussex st

Hinds William, 7 William st

Hislop Lady, 56 Chester sq

Hitchins Henry, 28 Grosvenor sq west

Hine Rev. G. H. 1 Gloucester st

Hobart Lord, 6 Eaton pl south

Hobart Hon. F. J. 15 Eccleston sq

Hobhouse Hon. Mrs. 6 Elizabeth st

Hobhouse H. W. 24 Cadogan pl

Hobhouse Stewart, 6 Elizabeth st

Hodges John G. 98 Cambridge st

Hogan Charles, 25A Denbigh st

Hogg Lieut. Col. 9 Eaton pl

Hogg R. F. L. D. 61 Winchester st

Hoile Henry, 44 Lupus st

Holden Mrs. 68 Warwick st

Holman Thomas, 3 Gloucester ter

Holmes Charles, 124 Warwick st

Holmes Mark, 52 Stanley st

Holt Vesey Wm. 63 Warwick sq

Holl John, 167 Cambridge st

Hollford F. S. 85 Eaton pl

Hollford Henry Shaw, 85 Eaton pl

Hollford Thomas, 85 Eaton pl

Holland Henry, 2 St. George’s sq

Holland Philip, 70 Denbigh st

Hollings William, 20 Stanley pl

Holloway James, 129 Stanley st

Honywood Lady D. 34 St. George’s rd

Honywood Miss, 9 Chester sq

Hooper Benjamin, 4 St. Michael’s ter

Hooper Mrs. C. 1 Wilton pl

Hopkins Thomas, 18 Chapel st

Hopkinson Charles, 74 Eccleston sq

Hopkinson Jonathan, 40 Grosvenor pl

Horn Thomas, 50 Bessborough st

Horton George, 54 Denbigh st

Houlton Mrs. George, 4 Chester pl

Howard Abraham, 2 Eccleston sq

Howard A. C. 12 Chester ter

Howard A. G. solicitor, 21 Denbigh pl

Howard Lady C. 34 Loundes st

Howard Hon. Charles, 34 Loundes st

Howard Admiral Hon. E. G. G. 86 Eaton pl

Howard Mrs. E. 14 Cadogan pl

Howard Hon. F. C. 57 Eaton pl

Howard George, 19 Gloucester st

Howard Lord, 57 Eaton pl

Howard Lady M. R. 66 St. George’s rd

Howard Octavius, 2 Eccleston sq

Howard Sir R. Bart. 17 Belgrave sq

Howard Mrs. 69 Coleshill st

Howard Mrs. 143 Cambridge st

Howe E. R. James, 59 St. George’s rd

Howe Mrs. 5 Lower Belgrave st

Howell John, 41 Cadogan pl

Howett John, 88 Stanley st

Howey Mrs. 90 Cambridge st

Howlet William, 16 Cottage grove

Hudson John, 40 Stanley st

Hudson George, 41 Coleshill st

Hughan Thomas, 38 Loundes st

Hughes Thomas, 79 Cambridge st

Hulbert Mrs. 2 Eccleston st

Halse Miss, 56 Eaton sq

Hume Col. Hen. C.B. 16 Wilton st

Hunt Col. E. D’Arcy 41 Wilton cres

Hunt Henry, 21 Up. Eccleston pl

Hunt H. A. 54 Eccleston sq

Hunt John, surg. 100A Tachbrook st

Hunt Josiah, 14 St. George’s sq

Hunt Mrs. Ogle, 41 Wilton cres

Hunt Wm. 13A Graham st

Hunter Chas. surg. 30 Wilton pl

Hunter J. C. surg. 30 Wilton pl

Hunter-Lane James, 170 Lupus st

Hurlstone F. Y. artist, 9 Chester st

Hutchings Hubert, 31 Chester st

Hutchinson Hen. P. 70 Winchester st

Hutchinson J. surg. 23 St. George’s sq

Hutchinson Mrs. John, 19 Wilton pl

Hutton Dr. Charles, 26 Loundes st

Hyatt Thos. solr. 14 Bessborough st

Imperiali Gio. 54 Ebury st

Ince Dr. E. 3 Wilton st

Ince John, surgeon, 3 Poulton st

Inderwick A. H. 17 Bessborough st

Inge Mrs. 38 Wilton cres

Ingestre Viscount, M.P. 47 Eaton pl

Ingram C. T. 64 Gloucester st

Inkersole Wm. 7 Sussex st

Irby Hon. F. G. H. 4 Belgrave sq

Irving John, 94 Eaton pl

Jackson James, 37 Bessborough grdns

Jackson Mrs. 37 Elizabeth st

Jackson Mrs. Col. 34 Gloucester st

Jackson Mrs. Luke, 8 St. George’s rd

Jackson Rev. Thomas, 5 Halkin ter

Jackson W. 41 Belgrave sq

Jacob Henry M. 27 Westbourne pl

Jacobs Henry. 27 Westbourne pl

Jacot Fredk. 77 Coleshill st

Jacques James, 78 Cambridge st

Jaffray A. W. 28 Eaton sq

Jaffray J. B. 28 Eaton sq

Jalland John, 20 St. George’s sq

James Thomas, 36 Denbigh st

Jardine William, 139 Stanley st

Jarvis John, 66 Gloucester st

Jarvoise F. J. E. 13 Chester st

Jearrad Robt. Wm. archt. 1 Sussex st

Jeffery Joseph, 41 Claverton st

Jeffery Henry, 59 Glo’ster st

Jeffreys Marmaduke R. 16 Eaton pl

Jeffryes Samuel, 11 Roehampton st

Jelf Mrs. 36 Loundes sq

Jemmett George E. 69 St. George’s sq

Jenings Tobias, 37 Denbigh st

Jenner Edward Fraser, 18 Loundes st

Jennings Miss, 19 Upper Eccleston pl

Jephson James, 72 St. George’s rd

Jephson Mrs. 18 Denbigh st

Jersey Countess of, 32 Wilton pl

Jervis Capt. H. J. W. R.A., M.P. 54 St. George’s rd

Jervoise S. C. 11 Eaton ter. Eaton sq

John C. H. 45 Lupus st

Johnson Chas. C. surg. 13 Eaton pl south

Johnson Henry, 115 Warwick st

Johnson George C. surg. 12 Eaton pl s.

Johnson Mrs. 92 Glo’ster st

Johnson Mrs. J. E. 46 Lupus st

Johnson Mrs. 5 Cadogan pl

Johnstone Mrs. J. 21 Eaton pl

Johnstone the Hon. Mrs. Hope, 22 Cadogan pl

Jolliffe Mrs. H. 7 Chesham st

Jones B. W. 81 Cadogan pl

Jones David, 82 Eaton sq

Jones Henry, 20 Cambridge st

Jones John, 172 Cambridge st

Jones John P. 153 Cambridge st

Jones Miss Charlotte, 39 Chapel st

Jones Mr. Serjeant, 28 Wilton pl

Jones Mrs. 54 Tachbrook st

Jones Mrs. 42 St. George’s rd

Jones Mrs. 3 Stanley pl

Jones William, 10 Wilton st

Jones William H. 7 St. George’s rd

Jones W. H. H. 62 Gloucester st

Jordan W. P. surgeon, 14 Lower Belgrave st

Joy Mrs. 4 Westbourne pl

Joy Thomas M. 32 St. George’s sq

Joyce Herbert, 149 Lupus st

Joyner Mrs. 8 Bessborough gardens

Jungbluth Fred. 71 Winchester st

Kielmausegge Count, 44 Grosvenor pl

Kilmaine Dowager Lady, 26 Chester st

King A. J. builder &c., 163 Cambridge st

King Fred. C. 9 Bessborough gardens

King Rear-Adml. G. St. Vincent, C.B. 5 Eaton ter

King Henry, 8 Loundes st

King John James, 20 Grosvenor pl

King Joseph, 69 Winchester st

King J. K. M.P. 97 Eaton pl

King Lady, 45 Wilton cres

Kinglake Mr. S. M.P. 40 Eaton sq

Kingscot Henry, 96 Eaton pl

Kinnorel Earl of, 14 Belgrave sq

Kinsey Mrs. 90 Stanley st

Kirwen Mrs. 100 Ebury st

Kitchiner Mrs. 14 Wilton pl

Keeble John, 86 Claverton st

Kekerwick S. T. M.P. 22 Eccleston sq

Kelk John, 80 Eaton sq

Kelley Wm. 66 Cambridge st

Kemp James C. 84 Gloucester st

Kempson Miss, 8 Eccleston st s.

Kenmare A. Countess of, 11 Belgrave sq

Kenmare Earl of, 54 Eaton pl

Kennard A. S. 46 Wilton cres

Kennedy Mrs. 21 Graham st

Kennedy Mrs. 13 Coleshill st

Kennedy Mrs. 13 Coleshill st

Kennedy H. C. 73 Bessborough st

Kernog Gustavus, 19 Westbourne pl

Key John, 33 Eaton sq

Klingemann Mrs. 4 Hobart pl

Klopp Otto, 72 Winchester st

Knapp Charles, 40 Lupus st

Knatchbull Sir N. Bart. 3 Chesham pl

Knollys Lieut. Gen. Wm. 17 Eaton sq

Knox Col. Brownlow M.P. 28 Wilton crescent

Koenig Gustavus, 19 Westbourne pl

Kortrights E. D. 68 Glo’ster st

Kohn Joseph, 106 Stanley st

Kuhlmorgen M. 12 Denbigh st

Le Blanc Mrs. 26 Wilton pl

Le Blanc Chas. Mrs. 23 Grosvenor pl

Le Couteur Lieut. Col. J. Halkett, 17 Chapel st

Lacey Mrs. 5 Wilton st

Ladbroke Felix, 6 Eccleston ter south

Lamb Richard, 115 Stanley st

Lambert A. A. 35 Coleshill st

Lambton Wm. Henry, 17 Chesham st

Land Miss, 107 Warwick st

Lane Jas. Robt. surg. 1 Grosvenor pl

Lane R. Stewart, 8 Chesham pl

Lane Saml. A. con. surg. 1 Grosvenor pl

Langridge Mrs. 78 Warwick st

Lanz Don Juan M. I. 99 Eaton pl

Lark George H. 123 Cambridge st

Larkin Mrs. 64 Stanley st

Larkins Mrs. P. 11 Lower Belgrave st

Lascelles Capt. Claudd, 62 Eaton sq

Lascelles Edwin Agar, 62 Eaton sq

Lascelles Hon. E. 3 Up. Eccleston st

Lascelles Lady Caroline, 62 Eaton sq

Latham William, 16 Coleshill st

Laurence Mrs. 33 Burton st

Lavies Dr. Joseph S. 11 Warwick sq

Lawrence Mrs. 52 Cadogan pl

Lawrenson Major Gen. 9 Wilton pl

Lawrie Andrew, 1 Chesham pl

Layton H. B. 31 Gloucester st

Leach Thomas, 30 Eccleston sq

Learmouth Lt. Col. 93 Eaton pl

Leaton Mrs. 2 Ebury st

Leconfield Lord, 4 Grosvenor pl

Lee J. B. 20 Cadogan pl

Lee Mrs. 27 Eccleston sq

Lee Philipe B. 89 Warwick st

Lee William M.P. 5 L. Grosvenor pl

Leeks E. F. solicitor, 73 Warwick sq

Lefroy T. E. P. 10 Up. Eccleston pl

Lefroy A. & Hon. Mrs. 27 Chesham pl

Leggatt Alfred, surgeon, 13 William st

Legg G. archt. & surv. 14 Westbourne pl

Legh W. J. M.P. 37 Loundes sq

Leicester Miss, 43 Sutherland st

Leigh Hon. E. C. & Hon. Misses 17 Eccleston sq

Leopard L. 41 Hanover st

Leslie Mrs. 27 Wilton pl

Leslie Mrs. G. Farquhar 29 Chester st

Lever John O. M.P. 60 Eccleston sq

Levett Capt. T. J. & Lady Jane, 13 Chesham st

Lewis John, 135 Stanley st

Lewis Maj-Gen. C. A. 74 Chester sq

Lewin Miss, 53 St. George’s rd

Lewis Miss, dressmaker, 5 Stanley st

Ley Charles, 89 Cambridge st

Ley Henry, 51 Chester sq

Leycester The Misses, 19 Wilton cres

Leycester Mrs. 101 Eaton pl

Liddell Col. 49 Cadogan pl

Liddell Hon. & Rev. R. 16 Wilton cr

Liddell Sir John, 72 Chester sq

Limeon Sir J. Bart. 72 Eaton pl

Lindsay Miss, 13 Chapel st

Lindsey Edwin, 1 St. Michael’s ter

Lingard Fredk. 11 Stanley st

Link Jonathan, 127 Warwick st

Linklater John, 44 Eaton pl

Linnington Mrs. 28 Cottage grove

Linstead William H. 85 Warwick st

Lintott James, 51 Winchester st

Lightfoot T. 54 Eaton sq

Lister T. V. 61 Eaton sq

Lloyd Henry, 103 Winchester st

Lloyd William, 35 Sussex st

Loafflar Mrs. 100 Stanley st

Loch Henry Brougham, C.B. 9 Lower Belgrave st

Loch William A. 3 Warwick sq

Lock Mrs. 23 Loundes sq

Lock William J. tailor, 27 Graham st

Locke John, 63 Eaton pl

Locke Mrs. 36 Loundes st

Locke Mrs. J. 73 Coleshill st

Lockhart Lady Macdonald, 82 Eaton sq

Lockwood Maj. Gen. G. H. 18 Chester st

Logan Edward, 24 Wilton pl

Logan Mr. 18 Cambridge st

Lombardy John, 26 Stanley st

Long Mr. 11 Cambridge st

Long Miss, 68 Westmoreland st

Longden John, 3 Coleshill st

Longfield R. M.P. 48 Ebury st

Longuinoff D. Chesham House, Chesham pl

Louis Adml. Sir J. Bart 61 Eaton pl

Love J. surgeon, 11 Burton st

Low, 34 Loundes sq

Low Capt. Henry, 37 Coleshill st

Lowe David, 47 St. George’s sq

Lownds E. C. 84 Eaton pl

Lowray George, 80 Ebury st

Lowry Mrs. 13 Warwick sq

Lowther Capt. H. M.P. 21 Wilton cres

Loyd Rev. S. W. 10 Eaton pl west

Loyd W. Jones, 77 Eaton sq

Lucas John, 10 Cambridge st

Lugard Sir E. K.C.B. 57 Eaton sq

Lumley J. S. 39 Eaton pl

Lucas, Mrs. 76 Cadogan pl

Lushington Rt. Hon. Dr. 18 Eaton pl

Lygon Hon. F. M.P. 19 Grosvenor pl

Lynch Mrs. 57 Coleshill st

Lynot Dr. Robert, 16 Eaton ter

Lyon Charles J. 12 Coleshill st

Lyon Henry, 14 Winchester st

Lyon J. W. 140 Tachbrook st

Lyttelton Hon. Spencer, 13 Eaton ter

M’Cala Henry, 25 Westbourne pl

McCalmont Hugh, 30 Grosvenor pl

McCalmont Robt. 30 Eaton sq

McCulloch Chas. A. 70 Chester sq

McCullagh W. T. 68 St. George’s rd

McClymont Alex. 5 Winchester st

McEwan Miss, 67 Coleshill st

McFarlance Lady and Miss, 11 Chesham st

McGarel Charles, 2 Belgrave sq

McGauley Jas. Wm. school, 57 Winchester st

McKenzie K. 24 Bessborough st

McLean Mrs. 29 Graham st

McMahon Sir T. W. Bart. 41 Grosvenor pl

McNaghten Edwd. 48 Chester sq

McNeal Dr. W. surg. 18 Westbourne pl

Macauly K. Q.C. M.P. 48 Cadogan pl

MacArthur James, 2 Chester st

Macclesfield Earl of, 94 Eaton sq

Macdonald Hon. Miss F. 2 Hobart pl

MacDougall Col. Sir D. 112 Eaton sq

Macgill Dr. M.F.P.S. surg. 117 Warwick st

Macintyre Sml. 22 Bessborough gdns

Mackay Mrs. 71 Cambridge st

Mackenzie George, 30 Warwick sq

Mackenzie Wm. 56 Denbigh st

Mackenzie Lady M. 68 Cadogan pl

Mackerness T. C. E. 4 Bessborough st

Macpherson Major E. 27 Loundes sq

Macnaghten Sir E. C. W. Bart, 18 Eaton sq

Macnaghten Elliot, 46 Eaton sq

Macnaghten Francis, 25 Chester sq

Magenis Fred. R. 13 Grosvenor pl

Mahon Viscount, 3 Grosvenor pl houses, Grosvenor pl

Maines James, 96 Stanley st

Maitland Miss, 28 Grosvenor pl

Maitland John, 89 Ebury st

Malcolm J. Wingfield M.P. & Hon. Mrs. 9 Eaton pl west

Malcolm John G. 41 St. George’s sq

Malden Viscount, 39 Loundes st

Malins Mrs. 6 Cambridge st

Malins R. Q.C. and M.P. 57 Loundes sq

Maloughlin Mrs. 63 Bessborough st

Mangon Jeules, 72 Coleshill st

Mann R. K. 5 Sussex st

Manning Isaac S. 104 Warwick st

Mansell E. & E. G. A. archts. survs. & land agents, 4 Halkin pl

Manwaring Mrs. 17 Wilton cres

Mapleson A. F. surgeon dentist, 35 Westbourne pl

Markham C. R. 21 Eccleston sq

Marquis of Bute, trustees of the, 83 Eccleston sq

Marris Robert, 107 Stanley st

Marsh Mrs. 6 Bessborough st

Marsham Lady Emily, 2 Grosvenor pl

Marsh Sir H. Bart. 6 Victoria sq

Marsh Thomas, 52 Ebury st

Marshall Mrs. 96 Cambridge st

Marshall Mrs. E. F. 88 Ebury st

Marshall Capt. Fredk. 31 Eccleston sq

Marshall F. A. 32 St. George’s rd

Marshall Mrs. John, 29 St. George’s rd

Marshall J. W. 32 St. George’s rd

Marshall John W. 113 Warwick st

Marshall J. 104 Stanley st

Marshall W. C. R.A. sculpt. 47 Ebury st

Marshall Wm. 32 Belgrave rd

Martin Mrs. 14 William st

Martin Joseph, 123 Tachbrook st

Martin J. West, 15 Cadogan pl

Martin Robert, 21 Eaton sq

Martin Rev. S. 5 Eccleston ter south

Martin Hon. Sir Saml. 75 Eaton sq

Maryat Charles, 75 Eccleston sq

Massey John, 84 Cambridge st

Matthews E. D. 127 Cambridge st

Mathewson John, 133 Cambridge st

Maude Capt. C. H. 19 St. George’s sq

Maude Fred. Philip, 44 St. George’s rd

Mawley Thomas, 116 Denbigh st

Maxwell Mrs. B. 24 Chester sq

Maxwell Sir J. H. Bart. 61 Cadogan pl

May T. Erskine, C.B. 60 Chester sq

Mayes, 9 Westbourne pl

Mayne Sir Richd. K.C.B. 80 Chester sq

Meates W. C. surg. 41 Chester sq

Meers Chas. 9 Westbourne pl

Mellish G. 33 Loundes sq

Mellish R. C. 26 Eaton pl

Menhenick Henry, 76 Stanley st

Meredith Wm. 11 Cumberland st

Merser Alfred, 5 Coleshill st

Middleton Hon. Lady, 52 Grosvenor pl

Middleton Viscount, 65 Eaton pl

Mildmay Mrs. P. St. J. 6 Eaton pl

Mildmay E. St. J. 2 Wilton cres

Mildmay Capt. E. H. St. J. 4 Eccleston st

Mills Col. & Mrs. C. C. 22 Eaton pl

Mills Daniel, 20 Eaton ter

Millbanke Hen. J. 45 Eaton pl

Miller David, 141 Lupus st

Miller Leander, 28 Belgrave rd

Miller Wm. H. 79 Warwick st

Milner Mrs. G. 58 Eaton sq

Milner Wm. surg. 22 L. Belgrave st

Milford A. B. 26 Grosvenor st west

Milford H. R. 26 Grosvenor st west

Milford P. 26 Grosvenor st west

Mitchell Thomas, 11 Coleshill st

Mitchell W. C. 140 Warwick st

Moffat George, 103 Eaton sq

Mogson Thomas, 108 Warwick st

Molineux John, 133 Lupus st

Molesworth Dow. Lady, 41 Loundes st

Molesworth Lady, 87 Eaton pl

Monck Mrs. Charles, 38 Chester sq

Monk Mrs. and Misses, 98 Eaton sq

Monro Dr. James, 37 Gloucester st

Montgomery Capt. 56 Cadogan pl

Montgomery Sir G. G. Bart. M.P. 54 Grosvenor pl

Montrose Duke of, 45 Belgrave sq

Moody F. W. artist, 34 Lupus st

Moore Mrs. 89 Gloucester st

Moore A. W. surgeon, 2 Bessborough st

Moore Charles, 29 Upper Belgrave pl

Moore Rev. C. F. 21 Gloucester st

Moore Edmund F. 21 Grosvenor pl

Moore Harry, 142 Warwick st

Moore Samuel, 150 Cambridge st

Moore Thomas, 135 Lupus st

Morgan Mrs. 14 Denbigh pl

Morgan Mrs. 14 Denbigh pl

Morgan John, 75 Cambridge st

Morgan Rev. Robert, 11 St. George’s rd

Morice Miss, 11 Westbourne pl

Morrat Mrs. C. 2 Cadogan pl

Morrice Mrs. 11 Westbourne pl

Morris Mrs. 121 Tachbrook st

Morris Colonel, 77 Cadogan pl

Morris G. artist, 19 Tachbrook st

Morris Thomas, 79 Denbigh st

Morris Mrs. Thos. 19 Lower Belgrave st

Morris Wm. 24 Eccleston sq

Mortimer Rev. Dr. 72 Eccleston sq

Morton Mrs. 49 Winchester st

Morton Earl of, 19 Wilton crescent

Morton George, 8 Cambridge st

Morton John D. 8 Glo’ster ter

Moscrop Mrs. 16 Denbigh pl

Moscrop Mrs. C. L. 15 Denbigh pl

Moscrop E. H. 22 St. George’s sq

Mosley Mrs. Robert, 42 St. George’s sq

Moss Richard, 57 Gloucester st

Mostyn Hon. George, 93 Eaton sq

Mountford John, 106 Denbigh st

Mowatt Francis, 24 St. George’s sq

Moyce Fred. 66 Warwick st

Munro A. 6 Upper Belgrave pl

Munro Campbell, 27 Eaton pl

Mundy Col. P. 5 Eaton pl

Murchison Sir R. I. 16 Belgrave sq

Murphy John, 31 Sussex st

Murray Herbert H. 5 Chester pl

Murray Lady Sarah, 77 Chester sq

Murrey Lt. Colonel and Lady A. 22 Chester st

Murson Mrs. 137 Stanley st

Nalder Fielding, 14 Gloucester st

Napier Mrs. John M. 1 Hobart pl

Napier Lady, 1 Hobart pl

Nash L. R. 9 Bessborough st

Naters Henry T. 2 Winchester st

Neale Dr. 18 Westbourne pl

Neal J. D. 8 Chester sq

Neeve Mrs. C. H. 49 Gloucester st

Neave Sir R. Digby Bart, 78 Eccleston sq

Neeld Sir John Bart, 92 Eaton sq

Neilson F. J. 61 Bessborough st

Nelthropp G. 20 Gloucester st

Nesbitt Gibson, 97 Cambridge st

New Mr. 8 Graham st

Newburgh Countess of, 35 Wilton cres

Neweman Mrs. 32 Elizabeth st

Newlar Mrs. 89 Cadogan pl

Newport Rt. Hon. Viscount, 30 Wilton cres

Newry Viscountess, 98 Eaton pl

Newsam Peter, 22 Cambridge st

Newton Col. W. S. 43 Loundes st

Nichol John, 92 Cambridge st

Nicholls J. 31 Denbigh st

Nicholls Henry, 34 Stanley st

Nicholls Wm. H. 120 Tachbrook st

Nicholas John, 10 Stanley pl

Nicholson Joseph, 4 Graham st

Nightingale Mrs. 99 Winchester st

Nilon Charles, 9 Up. Belgrave pl

Nilon Henry, 24 St. George’s rd

Noble Fred. 2 Michael’s grove

Noble J. Samuel, professor of magic, 40 Denbigh st

Noel Hon. Mrs. F. 5 Warwick sq

Norfolk W. J. 26 St. George’s sq

Norgeat Miss, Belgrave college, 61 Warwick st

Northey Mrs. Hopkyns, 25 Wilton cres

Norton Hon. G. C. 10 Wilton pl

Norris J. W. 1 Graham st

Nugent Baron W. 28 Chester st

Oates Dr. surgeon, 164 Cambridge st

O’Brian Mrs. 8 Westbourne pl

O’Brien Mrs. 8 Westbourne pl

O’Brian Henry, 8 Charles st

O’Bryan Miss, 7 Ebury st

Odell John, 48 Gloucester st

Ogle E. 22 Gloucester st

Ogle George, 17 St. George’s sq

Oglelvy Richard L. 20 Bessborough st

O’Grady Maj. Hon. T. 68 St. George’s sq

Oldershan R. P. 74 Warwick sq

Oldfield Miss, 4 Eaton pl w

Olding John Joseph, 57 Lupus st

Oliver Samuel M.D. 35 Burton st

Oldmixon Capt. W. H. R.N. 3 Claverton st

Omayley Owen, 34 Graham st

Omayley Mrs. 130 Stanley st

O’Malley P. F. 7 Loundes st

O’Neil John, 9 Claverton st

Oppenheim H. 29 Cumberland st

Orpwood Joseph, 8 Burton st

Orr Mrs. Martin, 16 Westbourne pl

Osborne Mrs. Charles, 77 Eaton pl

Osborne John, 67 Eaton pl

Osborn Mrs. R. 3 Wilton pl

Otway Miss F. A. 7 Eaton ter

Ottywell James, 11 St. Michael’s ter

Ovens Daniel, 53 Tachbrook st

Owen Mrs. 4 Victoria sq

Owen Foster, 59 Lupus st

Owen Rev. J. B. 40 Cadogan pl

Owens Owen, 3 Graham st

Owst Wilberfoss, 144 Warwick st

Paget Charles, M.P. 113 Eaton sq

Paget Col. Fred. 55 Chesham sq

Paget Lord Alfred H. M.P. 42 Grosvenor pl

Pain Henry W. surgeon, 30 Upper Belgrave pl

Paine Josiah, 63 Winchester st

Painter George, 128 Warwick st

Pakenham Hon. Capt. T. A. R.N. 73 Eaton pl

Pakington Right Hon. Sir J. S. Bart, 41 Eaton sq

Palgrave R. F. D. 31 Warwick sq

Palk Sir Lawrence Bart, M.P. 102 Eaton sq

Palk Robt. John, 1 Lyall st

Palmer J. auctioneer, &c., 160 Cambridge st

Palmer Rev. 53 Loundes sq

Palmer William, 4 Denbigh st

Parker Mrs. C. G. 47 Grosvenor pl

Parker Wm. K. surgeon, 18 Bessborough st

Parker Wm. 17 Stanley st

Parsey John L. 1 Claverton st

Parsons Mrs. 110 Warwick st

Parsons Hon. Lawrence, 102 Eaton pl

Partridge Mrs. 14 Sussex st

Passey Mrs. 4 Albert st

Patching William, 15 Stanley st

Paterson Miss, 19 Wilton st

Patton Mrs. Wilson, 9 Loundes sq

Paul Chas. A. 56 Sussex st

Payne Dr. G. B. 58 Denbigh st

Paynter Wm. 21 Belgrave sq

Pears Wm. 35 Denbigh st

Pearsall Rev. S. John, 38 Denbigh st

Pearse Christopher, 87 Eccleston sq

Pechey Mrs. 2 Gloucester st

Pedgrift Mrs. 7 Coleshill st

Peel Rt. Hon. F. M.P. 32 Chesham pl

Peel William, 25 Coleshill st

Pelham Lady H. 22 Grosvenor pl

Pellott Arthur, 2 Cambridge st

Pemberton E. L. 29 Eaton pl

Pemberton E. L. jun. 5 Warwick sq

Pemberton Henry, 10 William st

Pemberton H. L. 29 Eaton pl

Pennant Col. Hon. E. G. D. M.P. and Lady Louisa, Mortimer House

Peniston W. M. 57 St. George’s rd

Pepys Philip H. 44 Loundes st

Perceval C. S. 64 Eccleston sq

Perceval Mrs. D. 64 Eccleston sq

Percival Mrs. 42 Bessborough st

Perkins William, 9 Graham st

Perry John, surgeon, 4 Eaton sq

Perry Sir Thomas E. 36 Eaton pl

Petch Mrs. 23 Burton st

Petrie Samuel, 46 Ebury st

Pett Josiah, 4 Hanover st

Pettigrew Dr. W. V. 7 Chester st

Pettigrew F. W. surgeon accoucheur, 9 Belgrave rd

Phillips Capt. N. G. 7 Eccleston ter. s.

Philip Henry, 10 Buckingham gate

Phillips John O. 46 Bessborough st

Phillips Miss, 75 Chester sq

Phillips Miss, 15 Wilton pl

Phipps Lady Sophia, 27 Eaton sq

Phipps Hon. Mrs. E. 7 Eaton pl w.

Picton Dr. 80 Cadogan pl

Piggott James, 30 Cambridge st

Piggott S. F. 93 Ebury st

Pilkington Mrs. R. 4 Chester ter

Pimlico Literary Institution, Winchester st

Pistrucci Miss, 46 Sussex st

Pitt Mrs. Gen. Dean, 14 Chester ter

Pitts John, 3 Coleshill st

Pitts John, 9 Cambridge st

Pipon Col. J. Keith, 15 Eaton pl w.

Plaskitt J. surgeon, 25 Chapel st

Plows Rev. W. M.A. 2 Bessborough gardens

Plunkett Mrs. 28 Chester sq

Podmore Daniel, 31 Burton st

Ponsonby Lady Emily, 4 Wilton cres

Ponsonby Mrs. 5 Halkin st w.

Ponsonby Viscountess, 62 Chester sq

Portal Mrs. 3 Wilton cres

Porter G. T. 8 Gloucester st

Porter J. H. 61 St. George’s sq

Porter Mrs. 32 Bessborough st

Porter Robert, 88 Lupus st

Poole G. S. 65 Warwick st

Postlethwaite Wm. 75 Warwick st

Postlethwaite L. J. 65 Bessborough st

Potterton James, 10 Graham st

Poulton John, 17 Graham st

Powell Lieut. Col. William, 83 Gloucester st

Power Bonamy M. and Panmure Lady 19 Chesham st

Power Dr. R. F. 7 Lower Grosvenor pl

Power Henry, consulting surgeon, 3 Grosvenor ter

Pownall George, 9 Eccleston ter s.

Praed Mrs. Winthrop, 64 Chester sq

Pratt Miss, 16 Bessborough st

Pratt H. S. 45 Tachbrook st

Prendergast J. H. 71 Gloucester st

Prendergast G. L. 24 Loundes st

Prescott Mrs. 97 Warwick st

Pringle John E. 7 Bessborough gdns

Prinsep C. C. 36 St. George’s rd

Pritchard Henry D. 7 Gloucester st

Pritchard John, 100 Warwick st

Price Joseph, 10 Sussex st

Price Lady, 1 Loundes sq

Price Mrs. 4 Eaton pl

Price Mrs. Adml. 1 Up. Belgian st

Pritchard John, M.P. 89 Eaton sq

Proby Lord, M.P. and Lady, 14 Halkin st. west

Prothero, 48 Coleshill st

Pugh Mrs. 16 Eaton pl south

Pulsford Robert, 6 Upper Belgrave st

Pultency Miss, 36 Grosvenor pl

Pum Thomas, 45 Denbigh st

Pym Mrs. W. W. 11 Claverton st

Queensberry Dowager Marchioness of, 3 Eaton pl west

Quin Lord George, 15 Belgrave sq

Quintin W. F. Twiss, 32 Chester st

Rainger Wm. 6 Ebury st

Ram Mrs. E. S. 8 Wilton terrace

Ramadge F. 24 Gloucester st

Ramel Amie D. 19 Cambridge st

Ramsay T. W. 6 Gloucester terrace

Ramsbottom Capt. Richd. 1 Loundes st

Ramsden Miss, 20 Loundes st

Ramsden George, 74 Warwick st

Ramsey Major B. D. W. 18 Chester st

Randall Thomas, 63 Gloucester st

Randolph Col. C. W. 5 Victoria sq

Ranger Wm. C. E. 39 St. George’s sq

Rannie John, 5 Lower Belgrave st

Raper Charles, 16 Grosvenor pl

Rashdall Rev. John, 39 St. George’s rd

Read Wm. 46 Sutherland st

Rebow John Gurdon, and Lady Georgiana, 111 Eaton sq

Reeks Trenham, 118 Warwick st

Reid Hugh G. 59 Winchester st

Rennell C. J. 62 Eaton pl

Rennie George, 39 Wilton crescent

Rennie Geo. Banks, 39 Wilton cres

Rennie Sir John, 7 Loundes sq

Repington Mrs. A’Court, 4 Halkin ter

Repington C. H. W. A’Court, 15 Chesham st

Reybold Mrs. 26 Westbourne pl

Reynolds Miss, 18 St. George’s sq

Reynolds Chas. W. 2 Eaton pl

Reynolds Francis Henry, 4 Wilton pl.

Reynett General Sir J. 62A Eaton sq.

Reynolds J. W. 12 Gloucester st

Riall Lady, 66 Eaton sq

Ricardo Miss, 50 Grosvenor pl

Ricardo Albert, 3 Charles st

Ricardo Lady C. 31 Loundes sq

Ricardo Osman, 71 Eaton pl

Rice Dr. 44 Gloucester st

Rich Miss, 17 Coleshill st

Rich, 2 Graham st

Rich Miss C. A. 18 Coleshill st

Rich Vice-Adml. G. F. 80 Eaton pl

Riddell Misses, 2 Grosvenor pl

Richards Mrs. 62 Warwick st

Richard Mrs. 80 Cambridge st

Richardson A. 39 Sutherland st

Richardson Mrs. J. 52 St. George’s rd

Richmond Duke of, 49 Belgrave sq

Ricketts Lady Caroline, 55 Grosvenor pl

Ricketts Capt. Sir C. Bart, 55 Grosvenor pl

Riley Henry, surgeon, 22 St. George’s rd

Riley John, 20 Stanley st

Rivers Mrs. H. 30 Belgrave rd

Robarts H. C. 41 Loundes sq

Roberts C. E. 12 St. George’s sq

Roberts John, 5 Stanley pl

Robertson Miss, 22 Loundes sq

Robertson E. G. R. 48 Bessborough st

Robertson J. M. 71 Denbigh st

Robertson Dr. R. H. surgeon, 38 St. George’s rd

Robertson Thos. C. 68 Eaton sq

Robinson, 53 Coleshill st

Robinson George F. 4 Burton st

Robinson Henry, 9 Chesham st

Robinson John, 48 Sutherland st

Robinson Rear Adml. R.S. 61 Eaton pl

Robison W. F. professor of music, 53 Coleshill st

Rochfort Mrs. Col. 40 Eaton pl

Rochfort Capt. J. Downes, 40 Eaton pl

Rodgers J. E. D. 41 Denbigh st

Rogers E. S. 11 Warwick ter

Roger Mrs. J. R. 70 Gloucester st

Rogers Miss, 85 Cadogan pl

Romilly Chas. and Lady G. 29 Wilton crescent

Romilly Col. F. and Lady Elizabeth, 55 Eccleston sq

Ronquette Madame, boarding school for young ladies, 16 Alexander sq

Roscoe Dr. Richard, 13 Sussex sq

Ross Mrs. 48 Stanley st

Rothschild Sir Anthony de, 2 Grosvenor pl Houses, Grosvenor pl

Rouse Misses, 62 Coleshill st

Rouse James, 12 Coleshill st

Rowland Mrs. 6 Stanley st

Rowland Charles, 10 Eccleston sq

Rowsell James D. 11 Wilton pl

Rudall John, 59 Eaton sq

Rumley Gen. 12 Cadogan pl

Rundle Nicholas, 25 Denbigh st

Rush Edward, 70 Coleshill st

Rushbrook Mrs. 18 St. George’s rd

Russell Charles J. 137 Tachbrook st

Russell, Lord C. G. 66 Chester sq

Russell Earl, 37 Chesham pl

Russell Lady Elizabeth, 8 Eaton pl w.

Russell Lord Francis R.N. 3 Halkin pl

Russell Hon. G. H. 22 Belgrave sq

Russell G. L. 62 Loundes sq

Russell H. C. H. M.P. 8 Eaton pl w.

Russell John, surgeon, 72 Warwick sq

Russell Mrs. Robert, 18 Wilton pl

Rust T. Parker, surgeon, 53 Lupus st

Ryan E. tailor, 63 Cambridge st

Ryan G. E. N. 33 Gloucester st

Ryde Edward, civil engineer and surveyor, 14 Upper Belgrave pl

Sainsbury Ector, 80 Warwick st

Sainsbury Samuel, 7 Cumberland st

Salmon Chas. 17 Eccleston st south

Salmon George, 23 Gloucester st

Salter Capt. 11 Gloucester st

Sambrooke T. G. 32 Eaton pl

Sampson Mrs. 15 Winchester st

Sandars J. and Lady V. 15 Eaton sq

Sanders John, 23 Lower Belgrave st

Sandbach H. R. 20 Eaton pl

Sandford H. 23 Cadogan pl

Sandys Lord, 2 Chesham st

Sapte Capt. Wm. 70 Eaton pl

Sargeant Mrs. 34 Denbigh st

Saul Wm. 6 Burton st

Saunders Charles, 3 Stanley st

Saunders E. surveyor, 5 Bessborough st

Saunders Miss L. 16 Cottage grove

Saunders Mrs. 7 Gloucester ter

Saville E. B. 30 St. George’s rd

Scanes Edwin, 16 Denbigh pl

Scannell D. S. surg. 22 Chapel st

Scantlebury George, 36 Stanley

Schomberg J. T. 81 Eccleston sq

Scot Henry, Dundas, 10 Eccleston st

Scot Wm. C. 10 Eccleston st

Scott Col. Hon. C. G. 79 Eaton sq

Scott G. S. 24 Chester st

Scott James, surg. 59 Belgrave rd

Scott Lord H. M. M.P. 37 Belgrave sq

Scott Mrs. 17 St. George’s rd

Scott Mrs. 77 Warwick st

Scott M. W. L. civil engineer 9 Eccleston ter

Scott Samuel, 29 Westbourne pl

Scott The Ladies, 21 Chester sq

Scott William, 12 Westbourne pl

Scott Wm. W. 26 Bessborough gdns

Scovell George, 54 Grosvenor pl

Scott Sir F. E. Bart. 97 Eaton sq

Scovell Thomas, 21 St. George’s sq

Seager C. H. 36 St. George’s sq

Secreton Rev. C. F. M.A. 10 Bessborough gardens

Sedgwick George, 6 Winchester st

Sefton Earl of, 53 Grosvenor pl

Sefton Counter of, 53 Grosvenor pl

Selby P. W. 4 Loundes st

Selsey Rt. Hon. Lady, 71 Chester sq

Selwyn J. Charles Q.C. 63 Chester sq

Sewell John, 27 Belgrave rd

Seymour Adml. Sir G. 115 Eaton sq

Seymour G. Edward, 95 Eaton pl

Seymer H. Kerr M.P. 62 Eccleston sq

Seymour Mrs. 118 Stanley st

Seymour Mrs. 119 Tachbrook st

Seymour Rt. Hon. Sir H. 10 Grosvenor crescent

Seymour William, 5 Albert st

Seymour William, 61 Loundes sq

Shank Alexander, 43 Wilton crescent

Shapland John, 111 Stanley st

Shard Charles, 27 Gloucester st

Sharp Ernest, 9 Winchester st

Sharp Mrs. and Miss, 1 Eccleston st

Shaw Henry, 125 Warwick st

Sharpe J. surgeon, 21 Grosvenor st w.

Shaw Lt. Gen. C. A. 24 Eaton sq

Shee Sir G. Bart, 38 Grosvenor pl

Sheil Col. Sir J. K.C.B. 13 Eaton pl

Shepherd Miss, 100 Eaton pl

Shepherd Lloyd, professor of music, 129 Tachbrook st

Shepherd William, 100 Eaton pl

Sheppard Mrs. 19 Lower Belgrave pl

Sheppard Samuel, 42 Sussex st

Sheridan R. Brindsley, M.P. 49 Grosvenor pl

Shinn Wm. Collyer, 60 Lupus st

Shirley Mrs. A. 12 Victoria sq

Shirreff Miss, 19 Chester sq

Shirriff Mrs. and Miss, 25 Chester st

Short Mayow, 64 St. George’s rd

Shovbridge Harry, 14 Claverton st

Shrewsbury and Talbot, Earl of, 30 Belgrave sq

Shrubsole W. H. 48 Ebury st

Sibley Mrs. 26 Cambridge st

Sibthorp H. Waldo, 57 Chester sq

Sibthorp Mrs. Waldo, 57 Chester sq

Sidney Samuel, 14 Hanover st

Silver Joseph, 11 Bessborough st

Simmonds Peter, 8 Winchester st

Simmons Mrs. 44 Cambridge st

Simonds Mrs. 32 Bessborough gardens

Simonds Mrs. George, 13 Glo’ster ter

Simpson Mrs. 3 Lower Belgrade pl

Simpson Mrs. 24 Bessborough gardens

Sims John, 138 Tachbrook st

Sinclair Ambrose, 18 Stanley st

Singleton Hon. Mrs. 6 Wilton cres

Sinclair Mrs. 31 St. George’s rd

Siveuright Wm. 27 Coleshill st

Skimpton Alfred, 112 Stanley st

Skinner C. Binney, 57 Eccleston sq

Slater Robert, 90 Ebury st

Smart George, 30 Cottage grove

Smith Alfred, 78 Stanley st

Smith Augustus, 1 Eaton sq

Smith A. K. 31 Sutherland st

Smith A. R. 23 Denbigh pl

Smyth Colonel, 17 Loundes sq

Smith Charles J. 35 Eaton sq

Smith C. J. 10 Bessborough st

Smith Edward, 54 Coleshill st

Smith F. Vaughan, 3 Lyall st

Smith George Robert, 73 Eaton sq

Smith Henry, 9 Warwick ter

Smith H. Duncan, surg. 32 St. Michael’s ter

Smith H. J. 23 Denbigh pl

Smith Israel, 18 Graham st

Smith Jervoise, 47 Belgrave sq

Smith J. Townsend, 38 Lupus st

Smith J. W. 22 Coleshill st

Smith Lady, 6 St. George’s rd

Smith Lady Susan, 35 Chesham pl

Smith Martin Tucker, M.P. 13 Upper Belgrave st

Smith Miss Emma, 37 Chester sq

Smith J. Abel, 37 Chester sq

Smith Miss F. D. 4 Chester sq

Smith the Misses, 5 Eaton sq

Smith Mr. 147 Cambridge st

Smith Mrs. 94 Cambridge st

Smith Mrs. 22 Coleshill st

Smith Mrs. 3 Upper Belgrave pl

Smith Mrs. 34 Westbourne pl

Smith Mrs. Arthur, 24 Wilton st

Smith Mrs. J. B. 3 Eaton pl

Smith R. G. solicitor, 35 Ebury st

Smith S. B. 96 Glo’ster st

Smith T. Chaloner, 13 Halkin st w.

Smith William, 79 Glo’ster st

Smith William, 13 Wilton pl

Smith William J. B. 3 Eaton pl

Smith W. A. 90 Denbigh st

Smith W. H. 7 Eccleston sq

Smithers Charles, 133 Warwick st

Smyth Lady Elizabeth, 114 Eaton sq

Smyth Mrs. 18 Victoria sq

Smyth Alfred, 13 Bessborough st

Snard Mr. E. 68 Coleshill st

Snell Edward, 3 Bessborough gardens

Snell William, 3 Belgrave rd

Snell Miss, 4 Bessborough gardens

Snell Samuel, 27 St. George’s rd

Sneyd the Misses, 9 Eaton sq

Snowdon Rev. J. Hampden, M.A. 15 Grosvenor st west

Soanes Mrs. 14 Cottage grove

Soelber Louis, 31 Westbourne pl

Somers Caroline, Dow. Countess, 45 Grosvenor pl

Somerset Granville R. H. 11 Chapel st

Sotheron-Estcourt Rt. Hon. T. H. M.P. 51 Eaton pl

Spargo Thomas, 159 Lupus st

Speirs Mrs. 10 Eaton pl

Speirs A. A. 10 Eaton pl

Spicer John, 29 Denbigh st

Spink Mrs. 48 Bessborough gardens

Spicer G. John, 29 Denbigh st

Spottiswoode William, 19 Chester st

Sprenger H. C. 53 Denbigh st

Spring-Rice Hon. C. 17 Eaton pl s.

St. George Major J. 59 St. George’s sq

Stackpole Dr. G. C. surg. 92 Ebury st

Staff G. tax collector, 58 Tachbrook st

Stamp Wm. 33 Denbigh st

Stanesby J. artist, 13 Tachbrook st

Stanhope Earl, 3 Grosvenor pl Houses

Stanley Miss, 6 Grosvenor cres

Stebbing George, 100 Cambridge st

Steele Col. T. C.B. 36 Chester sq

Stemson Samuel, 25 Burton st

Stephens Edwd. B. sculp. 27 Up. Belgrave pl

Stephens J. B. 26 Coleshill st

Stephens Miss M. 18 St. George’s sq

Stephenson Charles, 67 St. George’s sq

Stepney Samuel, 16 St. George’s ter

Sterling Edwd. C. 6 Wilton st

Sterling John B. 6 Wilton st

Stevens Charles, 32 Graham st

Stevens Charles, 106 Warwick st

Stevens Mrs. 8 Grosvenor st w

Stevens Mrs. 84 Ebury st

Stewart A. J. R. & Lady Isabella, 13 Belgrave sq

Stewart J. V. and Lady H. 13 Warwick sq

Stewart Lt. Col. P. 8 L. Belgrave st

Stewart R. W. D. 19 Chester ter

Stewart Sir M. R. S. Bart. M.P. and Lady Octavia, 42 Belgrave sq

Stirling Mrs. Sen. 9 Eaton pl. south

Stirling Mrs. Morries, 9 Eaton pl. s.

Stock Thomas, 25 Upper Belgrave pl

Stocken Alfred, 20 Upper Belgrave pl

Stokes Thomas, 3 Bessborough st

Stopford Hon. Miss H. 22 Grosvenor st w.

Stopford Rear Admiral Robert F. 26 Eaton sq

Stopford Wm. Bruce, 39 Eaton sq

Story Capt. T. K. and Hon. Mrs. 14 Eaton ter

Stoughton Chas. Wm. 5 Grosvenor pl

Stourton Joseph, 79 Coleshill st

Stradbroke Earl, 33 Belgrave sq

Stranshaw Maj. Gen. A. B. 58 St. George’s rd

Stratford Lady Emily, 40 Wilton cres

Strudwick Mrs. 65 Tachbrook st

Stuart Miss, 50 Cadogan pl

Stuart Miss, 133 Stanley st

Stucley Lieut. Col. Sir G. and Lady Elizabeth, 8 Eaton sq

Sumpter Mr. John, 15 Graham st

Sutherland Mrs. and Miss, 109 Eaton pl

Sutton J. H. Manners, 70 Eaton sq

Swanston Thos. 79 Ebury st

Swanston G. J. 3 Warwick ter

Swinton Jas. R. artist, 33 Warwick sq

Swinburne Miss, 18 Grosvenor pl

Symonds Miss, 19 Denbigh st

Symonds Samuel, 120 Warwick st

Synge Wm. W. F. 5 Cumberland st

Talbot Mrs. 7 Cambridge st

Talbot Henry, 122 Stanley st

Talbot Hon. W. C. 30 Belgrave sq

Tanner Dr. M. B. 33 St. George’s sq

Tapp John, 176 Cambridge st

Tarbutt Rev. A. C. M.A. 14 Loundes st

Tarte John, 6 Lower Grosvenor pl

Taunton Lord, 27 Belgrave sq

Taylor A. Henry art. 5 Claverton st

Taylor James, 30 Stanley st

Taylor John, 36 Gloucester st

Taylor J. Pitt, 58 Eccleston sq

Taylor T. surgeon, 70 Ebury st

Taylor Mrs. 50 Coleshill st

Teasdale Miss, 84 Cadogan pl

Teast Mrs. 33 Westbourne pl

Tebay Dr. T. G. surg. 2 Warwick ter

Tebbutt Rev. Francis, 33 Sussex st

Teeson Rev. J. 26 Winchester st

Teevan James, surgeon, 30 Chesham st

Teevan Michael, 6 Grosvenor pl

Tempest Lord A. F. V. 33 Chester sq

Tennent Sir J. E. 66 Warwick sq

Tennent W. W. E. 66 Warwick sq

Tenterden Lord, 12 Wilton st

Termonth Mrs. 9 Lower Belgrave pl

Thelluson Hon. Mrs. and Hon. Misses 65 Chester sq

Thellusson Thomas R. 23 Wilton cres

Thoms Wm. J. 40 St. George’s sq

Thomas Mrs. 70 Warwick sq

Thomas J. E. sculp. 7 L. Belgrave pl

Thomas John L. 26 Gloucester st

Thomond Marchioness of, 39 Grosvenor pl

Thompson Alfred, 44 L. Belgrave pl

Thompson Mrs. 103 Warwick st

Thompson Mrs. V. 3 Up. Belgrave st

Thorn J. Henry, 3 Chester st

Thorn R. L. surgeon, 31 St. Michael’s ter

Thorn Thomas A. 20 Chester ter

Thorne John H. 67 Warwick st

Thornhill W. Pole M.P. 44 Eaton sq

Thornton Thomas, 29 Gloucester st

Thornycroft T. sculp. 21 Wilton pl

Thorpe Mrs. 65 Belgrave rd

Thorpe Rev. Dr. and Pomfret Countess of, 9 Upper Belgrave st

Thorpe Thomas C. 16 Chapel st

Thrupp John, 7 Warwick sq

Thursby Capt. R. H. 1 Eccleston ter south

Tierney Lady, 20 Chapel st

Tighe Mrs. 6 Eaton ter

Till Mrs. Martha, 8 Denbigh pl

Tilley John, 73 St. George’s sq

Tilling Mr. 20 Denbigh st

Tite Wm. M.P. 42 Loundes sq

Todd Mrs. 5 Gloucester st

Tolhurst Henry, professor of music, 3 Victoria sq

Tollemache W. F. and Tollemache Lady Emma, 12 Wilton crescent

Tollemache Wm. F. and Lady Anna Maria, 65 St. George’s sq

Toogood Henry, 1 Chester sq

Torrington Viscount, 4 Warwick sq

Tower Mrs. Charles, 50 Chester sq

Tower Lieut. Col. H. 21 Loundes st

Tower Mrs. William, 21 Loundes st

Townley John, 76 Eaton pl

Townsend Sydney A. 8 Cambridge st

Tozer Thomas, 27 Cambridge st

Tufnell E. C. 26 Loundes sq

Tucker Marwood, 109 Belgrave rd

Tucker T. H. 5 Hanover st

Tull Fred. A. 121 Stanley st

Tulloch Major Gen. Sir A.M. 63 Eaton sq

Tulloh Major Gen. A. Thos. R.A. 29 Warwick sq

Tunns Miss, 12 Chesham pl

Turnor Christopher, and Lady Caroline, 34 Chesham pl

Turner Edward, 1 Upper Belgrave pl

Turner Edward, 116 Stanley st

Turner John, architect, 15A Wilton st

Turner R. E. 25 St. George’s sq

Turner Thomas, 69 Warwick st

Turner Mr. 61 Coleshill st

Turnbull Henry B. 9 Wilton st

Tracy Hon. Misses Hanbury, 28 Chesham pl

Tracy Hon. H. H. 2 Chester ter

Trant Mrs. and Miss, 11 Loundes st

Traquair Dr. S. G. surgeon. 1 Eccleston sq

Travers Capt. Conway, R.M. 4 Gloucester st

Treherne Morgan, 47 Eaton sq

Trevelyan Sir Charles, K.C.B. 8 Grosvenor crescent

Triston Alfred 18 Denbigh pl

Trollope Charles, architect, 13 Claverton st

Trolope Messrs. estate agents, 18 Grosvenor st west

Trollope R. L. 1 Belgrave rd

Trotter Miss, 15 Chapel st

Trounce Wm. 45 Sussex st

Truro Right Hon. Dowager Lady, 83 Eaton sq

Twiss Mrs. H. 20 Grosvenor st w.

Twoart George, 59 Winchester st

Tyas J. H. 27 Grosvenor st w.

Tylee Henry, 62 St. George’s rd

Tylor John, 5 Westbourne pl

Tyndall Charles M. 77 Winchester st

Tyrwhitt Lady, 7 Chesham st

Underhill John, 13 Denbigh pl

Upton Edmund, 38 St. George’s sq

Urwick W. W. 60 St. George’s rd

Vallance H. W. 3 St. George’s rd

Valdivia Don Juan B. 99 Eaton pl

Vane Lord Harry G. M.P. 1 Grosvenor pl Houses, Grosvenor pl

Vane H. Morgan, 74 Eaton pl

Van Darvin Miss, 86 Ebury st

Vereken Hon. S. P. 10 Warwick sq

Verner Col. W. Bart, 86 Eaton sq

Vernon Hon. A. H. 7 Up. Belgrave st

Verschojle Col. 23 Chapel st

Verschoyle Robert, 116 Eaton sq

Vernon G. H. and Hon. Mrs. 5 Belgrave sq

Vian Mr. 101 Warwick st

Vialls Chas. M. 59 Chester sq

Vigil Senor Don B. G. 44 Sussex st

Villebois Henry, 23 Belgrave sq

Vince Wm. 55 Coleshill st

Vinge Thomas, pharmaceutical chemist, 23 Stockbridge ter

Vinicombe surgeon, 1 Westbourne st

Vitzthum Le Comte, saxon minister, 3 Hobart pl

Vivian Major Quintus, 17 Chesham st

Vivian Mrs. J. H. 7 Belgrave sq

Vivian Right Hon. Dow. Lady, 8 Wilton crescent

Vizer E. B. pharmaceutical chemist, 63 Lupus st

Vyse Col. Howard, 5 Chesham st

Waetzig G. A. 50 Gloucester st

Wade Mrs. 15 Victoria sq

Waganrieter Fred. 101 Winchester st

Waguelin Thos. M. M.P. 23 Eaton sq

Walcot Rev. McKenzie, 64 Ebury st

Waldo Mrs. 73 Ebury st

Walford Mrs. 66 Loundes sq

Walker Gilbart, surgeon dentist, 19 Cumberland st

Walker Henry, 19 Cumberland st

Walker John, 76 Cambridge st

Walker Mrs. 34 Bessborough st

Walker Mrs. 17 Gloucester st

Walker Rev. John, 57 St. George’s sq

Walker’s private hotel, 34 Chapel st

Waller Fred. 12 Lower Belgrave st

Waller John, 15 Denbigh st

Waller John, 5 Belgrave rd

Waller Mrs. 12 Lower Belgrave st

Waller Robt. John, 4 Lyall st

Waller Sir W. Bart. 36 Wilton cres

Wallscourt Lady, and Wallscourt Lord, 31 Chester sq

Walpole Hon. H. 27 Loundes st

Walfrond Rev. Theodore A. 37 St. George’s rd

Walter Mrs. 19 Eaton ter

Walters Ralph, 51 Eaton sq

Walton Mrs. 10 Westbourne pl

Ward Mrs. 8 Sussex st

Ward Rev. Richard, 12 Eaton sq

Wardrope James, 12 Victoria sq

Warin Thomas, 10 Denbigh st

Warner Edward M.P. 49 Grosvenor pl

Warre J. H. 54 Loundes sq

Warre Henry, 23 Chester ter

Warren F. Skinner, 74 Gloucester st

Warren M. land surveyor, 111 Winchester st

Warriss Mr. 95 Warwick st

Waskett The Misses, 52 Eaton sq

Wat J. G. 10 Chapel st

Waters Joseph, 6 Graham st

Waters R. E. 1 Wilton cres

Watlington J. W. Perry M.P. 37 Loundes st

Watson J. W. 65 Eccleston sq

Watson Mrs. 7 Wilton pl

Watson Wm. B. 45 St. George’s sq

Wanchope Mrs. 10 Eaton sq

Way Dr. John, surg. 13 St. George’s rd

Webb Dr. E. L. surg. 9 St. George’s rd

Webb Fredk. 7 Bessborough st

Webb George, 126 Warwick st

Webb Miss, 34 Cadogan pl

Webb Miss, 29 Chesham pl

Webb R. G. Esq. 19 Cadogan pl

Webb William, 71 Warwick st

Webbe Dr. J. C. 23 Grosvenor st w.

Webber Alfred, 69 Denbigh st

Webster R. 26 Denbigh pl

Weekes Hy. A. R. A. sculp. 1A Eccleston st s.

Weeks Henry, 55 Winchester st

Welby-Gregory Sir G. Earle Bart. M.P. 8 Upper Belgrave st

Welby Wm. Earle, 8 Upper Belgrave st

Welch Mrs. professor of Music, 123 Lupus st

Weld Gordon, 1 Lower Grosvenor pl

Weller M. W. 68 Ebury st

Weller John, 4 Lyall st

Wellsley Capt. G. G. R.N. 10 Wilton st

Wells H. M. 91 Eaton pl

Wells Mrs. J. Neave, 11 Loundes sq

Wells Mrs. 30 Coleshill st

Wells Miss, 91 Eaton pl

Wells Miss, 8 Eaton ter

Wells Robert Jas. 40 Winchester st

Wells Thomas, 4 Sussex st

Welshman Samuel, 22 Denbigh pl

Wemyss J. Hay Erskine, 6 Buckingham gate

Wenham Mathew, 24 Cambridge st

West J. J. and Misses, 51 Glo’ster st

West Capt. Hon. M. S. 15 Chester sq

Westbrook Mr. 84 Stanley st

West Miss, 5 Eccleston sq

Westmacott Jas. S. sculptor, 14 St. George’s rd

Weston Wm. 20 Graham st

Whalling John, 23 Denbigh st

Wheatley Mrs. 14 Coleshill st

Wheeler Mr. Serjeant L.L.D. 44 St. George’s sq

Whitbread Miss, 22 Eaton pl

Whitbread S. C. 49 St. George’s sq

Whitbread W. 16 Lower Belgrave st

Whitbury W. H. 10 Loundes sq

White Col. H. D. C.B. 25 Chapel st

White Col. Luke M.P. 19 Belgrave sq

White J. estate agent, 1 Halkin st

White John, 2 Coleshill st

White John, 4 Wilton st

White Mrs. Raymond, 2 Wilton ter

White T. C. dentist 13 Up. Eccleston pl

White Wm. 9 Denbigh st

White William, 72 Stanley st

Whitehead Capt. M. 55 Hans pl

Whitehurst E. C. 6 L. Belgrave st

Whitehurst Miss, 6 L. Belgrave st

Whitfield A. 56 Tachbrook st

Whitgreave G. Thomas, 22 Eaton sq

Whiting Amos, 6 St. George’s sq

Whiting James, surgeon dentist, 58 Upper Ebury st

Whiting Mrs. 30 Burton st

Whitman Frederick, 11 Sussex st

Whitmore Henry, 68 Eaton pl

Whittingstall Mrs. 53 St. George’s rd

Whytehead William, 32 Cambridge st

Wicks Mr. Henry, 76 Coleshill st

Wightman Hon. Sir William, 38 Eaton pl

Wilbraham Miss, 16 Loundes st

Wild William, 38 Graham st

Wildman R. 12 Loundes sq

Wilkinson W. A. 33 Sussex st

Wilkinson W. A. 7 Claverton st

Wilkes Mrs. 67 Bessborough st

Wilkinson Mrs. 35 Cambridge st

Wilks Charles, 56 Stanley st

Wilks Irvine, 36 Chapel st

Willes Hon. Sir James S. 16 Eaton sq

Willett J. 54 Gloucester st

Williams James, 7 Roehampton st

William John, 98 Eaton sq

Williams J. W. H. 49 Denbigh st

Williams Mrs. H. 33 Grosvenor pl

Williams Mrs. 54 Winchester st

Williams the Misses, 3 Lower Belgrave st

Williams William, 126 Stanley st

Willoughby W. A. 67 Warwick sq

Willoughby Edward, 26 Warwick sq

Wilmer Mrs. W. 34 Wilton crescent

Wilmot Mrs. 11 Wilton st

Wilson Herbert, 62 Cadogan pl

Wilson Mr. Henry, 70 Tachbrook st

Wilson H. J. 8 Eccleston ter

Wilson John, 139 Cambridge st

Wilson Joseph, 28 Denbigh st

Wilson Mrs. James, 12 Up. Belgrave st

Williams Mrs. A. 76 Eccleston sq

Wilson Mrs. 96 Ebury st

Wilson Miss, 2 Upper Eccleston st

Wilson Rev. Alexander, 17 Denbigh pl

Wilson R. 67 Cambridge st

Wilson Samuel, S. 28 Burton st

Wilson Thomas, 73 Denbigh st

Wilson Thomas, 2 Upper Eccleston st

Wilton Mrs. 34 Sussex st

Wilton Mrs. 10 Westbourne pl

Wimbush Joshua, 16 William st

Winchester Charles, 61 Gloucester st

Windham Major Gen. C. A. C.B. 48 Eaton pl

Winn Hon. Rowland, 20 Wilton st

Winter James John, 2 St. Michael’s ter

Winter Nichilsan, 27 Graham st

Winterbottom R. T. 35 Belgrave sq

Winthrop Mr. 38 Cadogan pl

Winyard Lieut. Col. E. G. 27 Chester st

Wise H. C. 18 Loundes sq

Wiseman Capt. Sir Wm. Bart. 38A St. George’s rd

Wood Chas. Alex. 25 Chesham pl

Wood George, 21 Upper Belgrave pl

Wood G. Watson, 25 Gloucester st

Wood H. W. 11 Denbigh pl

Wood Joseph, 57 Cadogan pl

Wood Joseph, 49 St. George’s rd

Wood Mrs. 2 Albert st

Wood R. solicitor, 26 Belgrave rd

Wood Robert, 30 Lupus st

Wood Rt. Hon. Sir C. Bart. and Lady Mary, 10 Belgrave sq

Wood William, 22 Denbigh st

Woodburn, 17 Westbourne pl

Woodcock Wm. 3 Bessborough gdns

Wodehouse Col. E. 56 St. George’s rd

Woodhead Mrs. 8 Denbigh st

Woodhouse William, 113 Stanley st

Wolferstan F. S. P. 7 Warwick ter

Wombwell Chas. Orby, 14 Chester sq

Wombwell Misses, 19 Chesham pl

Woolmer J. B. surg. 71 Warwick sq

Woulfe S. R. and Hon. Mrs. 29 Wilton pl

Wright C. 138 Warwick st

Wright W. W. 51 Sussex st

Wyatt James, 61 Denbigh st

Wyatt Richard Henry, 27A Grosvenor pl

Wylde Miss, 6 Lower Belgrave pl

Wyndham Capt. M.P. 4 Grosvenor pl

Wyndham Hon. Percy M.P. 44 Belgrave sq

Wynne J. L. 7 Eaton pl

Wyvill Marmaduke, M.P. 5 Eaton pl west

Yielding Rich. M. 12 Bessborough gdns

Yorke Col. John C.B. 11 Glo’ster ter

Yorke Col. Philip J. F.R.S. 89 Eaton pl

Young John, 13 Gloucester st

Young J. J. 51 Tachbrook st

Young Mrs. 95 Cambridge st

Young Thomas, 14 Eaton sq

Zamboni Leopold, 8 Coleshill st

Zillwood Miss, 71 Coleshill st

                                * * * * *


                       _Opposite Victoria Station_.

                                * * * * *

                             LIST OF PRICES.

           _Unequalled for cheapness by any house in any Town_.

                       Per 5 Quires.                      Per Ream.
Cream Laide Note,                  5d.  Household and          1s. 9d.
large size                              Wrapping Papers
Middle do.                        7½d.  Fine large do.         3s. 6d.
Thick do.                         10d.                      Per Quire.
                              Per 100.  Good Blue                  4d.
Cream laid                         4d.  Blotting Papers            5d.
Thick do.                          5d.  Coloured Papers            6d.
Extra thick do.                    6d.  Music Papers               1s.
Superfine Double                   9d.   School Stationery very low.
thick do.
Purchasers can select from the          100 Pencils in            4½d.
largest Stocks in London 20,000 of      box
any sort at any time.
                                        144 Penholders         1s. 6d.

Account Books 6 by 4 in. containing 32 Pages   1s. per Dozen.
Ditto Strongly Bound, containing 190 Pages     5s. „
Ditto Whole Bound, 12 in. Long                 from 1s. Each.

  A Large Assortment always in Stock, and any kind Made to Order within
                               three Days.

                  All Kinds of Stationery equally Cheap.

   Printers, Bag-makers, Ticket Writers, and Dealers can have all their
                 wants Supplied at the Lowest Prices, by

                              SEWELL & Co.,


                            AT ABOVE ADDRESS.

                                * * * * *


  A certain Cure for Coughs, Colds, Consumption, Asthma, Hooping Cough,
                      Bronchitis, and Loss of Voice.

                                * * * * *

A Cough is the forerunner of Consumption; and in England alone 50,000
people, one-fourth of the whole deaths in each year, are attributable to
it.  It has destroyed more human beings than War, Pestilence, and Famine
combined; it neither spares the old nor young, “and there is no family in
which this rapacious destroyer of the human race has not had its
victims.”  It is a well known fact that people with diseased lungs can
live for years, and follow their usual avocations in life, provided they
are relieved of the principal feature of the disease—the Cough—which
shakes and destroys the very elements of the blood, upon which life is
supported.  How very valuable and important to all, then, must a medicine
be which will arrest and cure so fearful a malady.

The Brompton Consumption and Cough Specific has been extensively sold to
the rich and poor, and all assert its wonderful power in immediately
curing any kind of Cough; the Proprietor, Mr HARDY, can assure those who
may have recourse to it, that of all the Medicines used and tried for the
relief of Cough, during the four years he officiated as Dispenser to the
Brompton Hospital for Consumption, this Specific was the most
efficacious, and was administered to 500 out-patients, by a late
Physician to the charity, with the greatest success.  It immediately
allays the tickling of the throat, which provokes Coughing.  Persons
prevented from laying down for fear of being suffocated, may depend on
immediate relief; in fact, a few doses will cure any kind of Cough.  It
strengthens the muscles of the throat and chest, and acts specifically on
the blood, by reducing inflammatory tendency.  It is a universal Cough
Medicine, and will save the lives of thousands, by preventing

In consequence of the immense sale during the last five years at the
Proprietor’s Establishment at Brompton, he has been induced by many of
its patrons to give publicity to the Medicine, so that it may be more
easily obtained; and it can now be procured through any Chemist ordering
it, either from the Depot, 3, ALEXANDER PLACE, BROMPTON, LONDON; or of
the following Wholesale Agents:—

Barclay and Sons, 95, Farringdon    Hannay and Dietrichsen, 63 Oxford
st.                                 st.
Newbery & Sons, 65 St. Paul’s ch    Sanger, 150 Oxford street.
Edwards & Co. 67 St. Paul’s ch.     Dicey, Sutton, & Co. St. Paul’s
yd.                                 ch. yd

    In Bottles, at 1s. 1½d., 2s. 9d., and 4s. 6d. each, Duty included.

                                * * * * *

                     The Specific is prepared only by
                            G. HARDY, Chemist,
                      6, ALEXANDER PLACE, BROMPTON,

                          LATE DISPENSER TO THE

                                * * * * *


Adams G. tobacconist, 129 King’s rd

Adams G. G. sculptor, 126 Sloane st

Adams J. beer retailer, 36 Lower George st

Adcock T. baker, 7 Blenheim ter

Adrien J. hairdresser, 109 Sloane st

Ainsworth J. P. cheesemonger, 372 King’s rd

Alder E. jun. stone mason, 26 Marlbro’ rd

Alexander C. bootmaker, 3 Duke st

Adele Mme. de Paris robes, 13 Elizabeth st

Alexander R. bootmaker, 5 Chelsea market

Alexander David, ‘Aquatic Stores,’ Cremorne rd

Allan J. E. ‘Odell Arms,’ Park walk

Alldin J. I. coal merchant, Arch house wharf

Alldridge, case maker, 1A Exeter street

Alldridge T. brush maker and cooper, 177 Sloane st

Allen John, ‘Fox and Hounds,’ 31 Queen’s rd east

Allen T. cheesemonger, 188 Sloane st

Allen Thomas, W. hat maker, 11 Queen’s rd east

Allgood John, furniture dealer, 2 Chelsea market

Allibon A. ‘The General Elliot,’ 17 Queen’s rd east

Allinson Mrs. wardrobe dealer, 38 Lower George st

Amblar B. Thomas, estate agent, 1 Oakley sq

Ambrose Mary, ‘Black Lion,’ 7 Oakham st

Amherst Charles Thomas, pawnbroker, 105 King’s rd

Anderson John, grocer, 21 D’oyly st

Andrews Alfred, carver, &c., 147 Marlbro’ rd

Andrews C. Walton dairy, Haslar st

Angell W. tinman, 3 Chelsea market

Ansell E. & Co. hosiers, 58 Sloane st

Anslow Thos. tailor, 60 Queen’s rd

Appleby George, boot maker, 14 Lombard st

Appleby John, tailor, 11 York st

Apsley W. stay maker 187 King’s rd

Arbery W. beer retailer, 5 Lower George st

Archer Jas. W. baker, 5 Halsey ter

Armstrong Brooksbank, chemist, 69 King’s rd

Armstrong H. S. oilman, 92 King’s rd

Arter Mrs. & Son, timber merchants, Low. North st., & Queen’s gardens

Arthur Dan. chemist, 1 Robert ter

Artlett W. greengrocer, 9 Leader ter

Ascroft H. Thomas, hair dresser, 35 Queen’s rd west

Ascott Wm. tailor, 82 George st

Ash T. coal merchant, 22 Smith st

Ashby Joseph, cheesemonger, 113 King’s rd {77}

Ashfold J. greengrocer, 16 King’s pl

Ashley, tailor, 29 Sloane sq

Ashmead Mrs. ladies school, 1 Low. Sloane st

Ashton W. chemist, 154 Sloane st

Astley G. photographer, Kings’ rd

Atkins Jas. upholsterer, 8 York st

Atkinson J. corn dealer, 19 Queen st

Atkinson Wm. tailor, 56 Walton st

Attridge Geo. gasfitter, 28A New rd

Aungier Ch. paperhanger, Cadogan st

Austin —, 13 Lower Sloane st

Austin Wm. printer, 2 Leader st

Ayers Mrs. Jane, toy warehouse, 345 King’s rd

Baber, Th. grocer, 68 Low. Geo. st

Badcock John, valuer, 19 Smith st

Backer Margaret, wardrobe dealer, 6 Leader st

Bagnall G. bootmaker, 20 Symons st

Bailey Geo. tailor, 9 Exeter st

Baker Jos. coal dealer, 81 New rd

Baker Richard, tailor, 12 Bond st

Baker S. T. gasfitter, 184 King’s rd

Ball John, hatter, 2 Sloane st

Balstone T. Wm. baker, 8 Manor st

Banham E. R. beer retailer, 6 Manor st

Bangs Rich. baker, 22 Sloane ter

Barnes A. contractor, 11 Lower Blackland ter

Barnett Jas. corn dealer, 2 Duke st

Barns Step. grocer, 36 Church st

Barnsgrove E. lamp maker, 33 Walton st

Barker Edward John, boot and shoe maker, Cadogan house, Sloane st

Barker J. grocer, 2 Queen’s rd east

Barker S. and Co. lead and glass merchants, 162 Sloane st

Barter W. ‘White Horse,’ 12 York st

Bartholomew Hen. bootmaker, 14 Queen st

Barrett G. tobacconist, 13 Draycott pl

Barrow H. William, tobacconist, 49 Cheyne walk

Bartlett C. linendraper, 191 Sloane st

Bartlett J. gasfitter, 4 New rd

Bartlett J. gasfitter, 5A Upp. North st

Bartlett Wm. chemist, 1 Britton ter

Barely E. 31 Robert st

Basham Susan, wardrobe dealer, 73 Queen’s rd west

Batho Thomas, plumber and painter, 3 Markham st

Batstone Thomas, smith and farrier, 12 James st

Batten R. greengrocer, 1 College ter

Batten Wm. fruiterer, 378 King’s rd

Bauman A. cap maker, 4 Duke st

Baxter W., Phene Arms, Phene st

Bayfield Henry, ‘Prince of Wales,’ 6 Exeter st

Beadshaw W. tailor, 146 King’s rd

Bean George, oil and colourman, 127 Marlbro’ rd

Bearns A. M. bootmaker, 28 Robert st

Beaulieu J. & Co, dyers & cleaners, 7 Sloane st

Beaumont Chas, grocer, 32 Lower Sloane st

Beecroft Robert, rag merchant, 1 Princes ter

Beedell William, 3 Lombard ter

Beere Mrs. L. milliner, 41 King’s rd

Beland Rich. fishmonger, 4 Bond st

Belcher N. Richard, tobacconist, 32 Cheyne walk

Bell C. & F. machine printers, 133 King’s rd

Bellinger Nathalien, ladies outfitter, 22 Sloane st

Bendel Ann, fishmonger and poulterer, 187 Marlbro’ rd

Bendel Rbt. fishmonger 5 Leader st

Bennett Alfred, builder, &c., 20 Oakley crescent north

Bennett Ann, grocer, 32 Queen’s st {78}

Bennett C. marine store, 1 Marlbro’ rd

Bennett J. fruiterer, 2 Up. Church st

Bennett William, oil and colourman, 46 King’s rd

Bennett Wm. baker, 2 Regent st

Bent —, wheelwright, Park walk

Benton M. J. baker, 14 Manor st

Berry Thomas, tobacconist, 19 Queen’s rd east

Besley —, 13 Anderson st

Bevan Chs. fishmonger, 85 New rd

Bevan Miss, dressmaker, 7 Cadogan st

Bevan R. dairy, D’oyly st

Buckle J. smith, New rd

Biggs Sarah, confectioner, 4A Cumberland st

Bignell Chas, Augustus, grocer and cheesemonger, 14 Cumberland pl

Bilby W. tobacconist, 5 Strewan pl

Billing Wm. greengrocer, 18 New rd

Binns Philip B. cigar importer, 40 King’s rd

Bingham Th. mason, 12 College st

Birch W. & A. undertakers, 14 Sloane st

Birchall J. brokers, 63 Queen’s rd

Bird Rbt. dyer, 33 Lower Sloane st

Blackford C. C. coffee shop, 8 Sloane sq

Blankley M. B. & R. tailors, 80 King’s rd

Blazdell A. tuner, 25 & 26 Manor st

Blewitt C. J. & Co., wine & spirit merchants, 211 Sloane st

Bloom Mrs. tailor, 15 Pont st

Blyth W. shoe maker, 17 Duke st

Bond A. C. corn merchant, 1 Bond st

Boon Jo. greengrocer, 11 Strewn pl

Bonell Henry, general shop, 12 Chelsea market

Bomer, tailor, 15 Lower Sloane st

Boreham W. dairy, 10 Charlotte st

Bosbury J. carpenter, 12 White lion st

Boulnois J. upholsterer, 30 Sloane st

Boulter R. bootmaker, 5 Hooper’s ct

Bower C. tobacconist, 325 King’s rd

Bower W. miller, baker, and flour factor, 5 Sloane sq

Bowles A. carpenter, 18 Symons st

Bowtell coal merchant, 14 Marlbro’ rd

Bowles J. china dealer, 5 Queen’s st

Bowley Joseph, oil & colour man, 52 Queen’s rd west

Bradbeer T. grocer & cheesemonger 16 Queen’s rd west

Bradby J. watch maker, 17 King’s pl

Braddick pork butcher, 50 King’s rd

Bradley & Bourdas pharmaceutical chemists, 10 Pont st, Belgrave sq and 21
Belgrave rd

Bradshaw J. H. stationer, 3 Lombard st

Bramley W. livery stable, Little Cadogan pl

Brayan J. dealer in coals, 1 Leader st

Braund E. confectioner, 15 King’s pl

Bray W. the Six Bells, 197 King’s rd

Brazier D. beer retailer, 27 Lower Sloane st

Brewer R. grocer, 1A Bond st

Bridget Frederick confectioner, 77 Queen’s rd west

Briggs C. hair dresser, 376 King’s rd

Briggs T. french polisher, 7 Leader st

Bridge W. the Lord Nelson, Manor st

Bridges W. greengrocer, 35 Manor st

Brittle James, grocer and cheesemonger, 35 Robert ter

Brittain H. linendraper, 73 King’s rd

Broad L. umbrella mkr, 82 College st

Brock H. tripe dresser, 4 Hooper’s ct

Brooker E. carpenter, 1 Strewan pl

Brook W. ironmonger, 116 King’s rd

Brockwell R. hairdresser, Exeter pl

Brown C. paper hanger, 166 King’s rd

Brown Caleb, iron plate worker, 6 Blenheim ter

Brown G. coffee house, 31 Oxford ter

Brown H. rag merchant, 40 Queen’s rd

Brown Jas. tailor, 7 Upper North st

Brown J. private hotel, 8 & 9 Hans pl

Brown John, draper, 58 Walton st

Brown Wm. wardrobe dealer, 6 Devonshire pl

Brown R. tobacconist, 30 Marlbro’ rd

Brown and Smith, plumbers and builders, 66 College st

Brown Wm. marine stores, Park walk

Bruce & Son, Swan timber and coal wharf, 70 Queen’s rd west

Brunetti Carlo, cook and confectioner, 14 Pont st

Brush Wm. fishmonger, 339 King’s rd

Buckingham, butcher, 90 Marlbro’ rd

Buckingham W. baker, 1 Chelsea mt

Buckland G. greengrocer, 35 Wood st

Buckle J. smith, 7 Draycott st

Buckley & Beach, gasfitters, 2 Low. Sloane st

Buffon A. tobacconist, World’s-end

Budd, John Rogers, furniture dealer, 364 King’s road

Bull Isaac, boot maker, 2 Keppel st

Bullen Adam, grocer, 10 Exeter st

Bulley G. H. tea dealer, 14 King’s rd

Bullock F. J. brewer, 13 & 14 Symons st

Bulmer H. haircutter, 2 Lombard ter

Bultitude E. butcher, 87 New rd

Bunker, cow keeper, Lit. Cadogan st

Bunting J. tobacconist, 202 King’s rd

Birch William, boot maker, 26 Queen’s rd west

Bird Rbt. china dealer, 2 College ter

Bird John Rogers, furniture dealer, 364 King’s rd

Burgess, 8 Anderson st

Burgess Geo. Cadogan hotel, 75 Sloane st

Burgess John James, spring maker, 249 King’s rd

Burlington William, linendraper, 198 King’s rd

Burnham John, saddler, 14 Lower Symons st

Burrows William, watch and clock maker, 21 King’s rd

Burstow C. cooper, 7 Marlbro’ rd

Burton Martha, draper and milliner, 64 Lower Church st

Burton Thos. grocer, 29 College st

Burton Walter, plumber and builder, 10 Elizabeth st

Bury Euphermea, perfumer and hairdresser, 205 Sloane st

Bush Jer. carpenter, 370 King’s rd

Bushell Ann, fishmonger, 30 Queen’s rd west

Busmer John, baker and grocer, 27 Radnor st

Butler Benjn. baker, 88 King’s rd

Butcher William, stationer, 44 Leader st

Butcher J. William, hosier and haberdasher, 43 Leader st

Butcher J. oval and spiral turner, 3 College pl.

Butcher Elizabeth, 3 Strewan place

Butcher Eliza, cheesemonger, 325 King’s rd

Butcher E. tobacconist, 14 Chyne wk

Butler, 11A Cadogan st

Butler Th. corn dealer, 338 King’s rd

Butler E. greengrocer, 151 King’s rd

Butler J. greengrocer, 39 Queen’s st

Butt Mrs. milliner, 190A Sloane st

Butt J. ‘Lord Nelson,’ 17 Keppel st

Butt John, appraiser and house agent, 14½ Cumberland st

Byes D. greengrocer, 1 Paulton st

Bygrave Wm. chemist and druggist, 40 Lower George st

Byles Robt. bootmaker, 36 Queen’s st

Cæsar, William, cow keeper, 13 Ormond rw

Caird William, chemist and druggist, 342 King’s rd

Calder William, china and glass dealer, 362 King’s rd

Callow John, builder and undertaker, 41 Queen’s rd west

Calver Frederick, ‘Globe,’ Cross st

Campbell Joseph, pawnbroker, 26 King’s rd

Carey Joseph, carpenter, 1 South st, and 8 Keppel st

Carey, Jos. carpenter, 9 Keppel st

Carey M. grocer, 16 College pl

Carly Jas. tailor, 130 King’s rd

Carpenter Wm. hairdresser, 5 Duke st

Carroll J. bootmaker, 7 South st

Carter Fred. auctioneer, Sloane sq

Carter J. beer retailer, 137 New rd

Carter Robert, general dealer, 3 White Lion st

Carter Rbt. zinc worker, 5 College ter

Cartwright B. greengr. 247 King’s rd

Caster Francis, cheesemonger, 201 Sloane st

Cater R. grocer, 32 New rd

Catleugh Mrs. greengrocer, Hans st

Catt F. W. trimming warehouse, 198 Sloane st

Cattle Wm. Geo. manufacturer of tobacco, snuffs, and cigars, 102 King’s

Caulfield G. tailor, &c. 9 Markham st

Cave R. greengrocer, 29 Lwr Sloane st

Challis Mrs. M. fruiterer, 171 Sloane st

Challis T. tripe dresser, 4 Chelsea mkt

Chamberlain John, fancy repository, 86 King’s rd

Chambers H. H. ‘Lord Chelsea Tavern,’ 22 Exeter st

Chambers R. house agnt, 24 Sloane ter

Chapman C. upholsterer, 44 Sloane st

Chapman W. H. plumber, &c., 54 Marlbro’ rd

Chappell H. bricklayer, 6 Church st

Chappell Henry, locksmith and bell hanger, 51 Leader st

Charlton H. grocer, &c. 51 South st

Chatman Joseph, greengrocer, 3 Lower Church st

Chattens —, livery stables, New rd

Chelsea Savings Bank, 140 King’s rd

Child, Edw. pork butcr. 28 Sloane sq

Chittock H. tailor, 69 Queen’s rd w.

Child J. hairdresser, 1A Cheyne walk

Chivers Jos. tailor and piece broker, 137 Marlbro’ rd

Clark —, coffee house, 38 Exeter st

Clark Geo. grocer and cheesemonger, 365 King’s rd

Clapp Miss, milliner, 341 King’s rd

Clark T. rag merchant, 35 Manor st

Clarke J. ‘the Phœnix,’ 23 Smith st

Clarke J. Charles, boot maker, 67 Lower Church st

Clarke G. & F. smiths, 55 Lwr Geo. st

Clarke Th. butcher, 10 Strewan pl

Clay Edgar Henry, Royal Military Asylum, Franklin’s row

Clay Wm. corn chandler, 32 Exeter st

Clayton G. sweep, 7 Lower North st

Clayton, Upper North st

Clements E. saddler, 92 New rd

Clement J. perfumer, 41 Sloane st

Clements John, ham and tongue warehouse, 363 King’s rd

Clements, Th. tailor, 21 Milner st

Clifford Thos. tailor, 73 Walton st

Clifford W. smith, 17 Lwr North st

Clifton John, boot and shoe maker, 384 King’s rd

Clifton J. F. coal merchant, 70 Little Cadogan pl

Clowting I. grocer, &c. 2 Walton st

Clunie John, boot and shoe maker, King’s rd

Cobb Jos. butcher, 52 King’s rd

Cobb Jos. jun. butcher, 2 Sloane st

Cock George J. carpenter and undertaker, 18 Cumberland st

Cockerton Caroline, Royal Hospital Tavern, Queen’s rd east

Cocks Alf. oil shop, Blackland ter

Cocks A. oil & colourman, 1 Queen st

Cockshull James, calico glazer, 37 Orford st

Coe G. boot maker, 14A Elizabeth st

Coffey John, grocer and cheesemonger, 157 Marlbro’ rd

Cole James, 190 King’s rd

Cole J. coffee house, 11 Blenheim ter

Cole Michael, picture frame maker, 11 Brompton rd

Cole William, grocer, 1 Duke st

Colman —, fruiterer, &c. 3 Pont st

Coles E. upholsterer, 29A New rd

Coller Sam. boot maker, 9 Green st

Colligan T. dairyman, 185 Marlbro’ rd

Collier Wm. boot maker, 15 Lower George st

Collins Catherine, furniture broker, 64 Marlbro’ rd

Collins W. coffee house, 381 King’s rd

Collis J. F. rag merchant, 2 South st

Collyer M. J. corset mkr, 147 Sloane st

Collier Caleb, silversmith, watch maker and jeweller, 209 Sloane st

Colman A. butcher, 4 Upr Church st

Comyns H. optician, 43 King’s rd

Connell Dan. coal dealer, Turk’s row

Connor J. ‘The Fountain,’ 19 Lower Sloane st

Cook Geo. dairyman, 58 Leader st

Cook Jas. fishmonger, 143 King’s rd

Cook Jon. confectioner, 7 New rd

Cook Th. Queen’s head, 1 Leader ter

Cook T. wardrobe dealer 8 Blenheim ter

Cook Wm. greengrocer, 49 Leader st

Cooling & Co. soap manufacturers, 257 King’s rd

Coombe Jesse, working jeweller, 16 Leader st

Coombes John, ‘Friend in Hand,’ Queen st

Coombs P. bootmaker, 1 Beaufort p

Cook Rich. ‘Woodman,’ 11 D’oyly st

Cook and Son, boot makers, Chelsea market

Cooper R. grocer &c. 179 Marlbro’ rd

Cooper W. R. 41 First st

Corby Ch. tailor, 10 College st

Cordy Wm. tea dealer, 346 King’s rd

Cornall —, tailor, 361 King’s rd

Corry Hen. ‘Shuckburg Arms,’ 16 James st

Corston Hy. florist, 158 Sloane st

Coton F. dairyman, 160 Sloane st

Cottrell J. Henry, plumber and painter, 71 Queen’s road west

Cottrell J. milliner and dress maker, 71 Queen’s rd west

Cotton J. oil & colorman, 3 College terrace

Cotts —, coach maker, 3 Lwr Sloane st

Cox Alf. fishmonger, 8 Strewan pl

Cox Hy. pianoforte manufacturer, 39 King’s rd

Cox I. marine stores, 4 Lwr North st

Cox & Jones, bricklayers, 23 Keppel st

Cox Wm. job master, 1 Upr Geo. st

Cox W. furniture dealer, 3 Albert pl

Cowley Chas. baker, 10 King’s rd

Crabb W. boot maker, 48 Sloane st

Craighton E. grocer, 10 White Lion st

Cramp T. turncock, 11 Upr North st

Crane T. ‘King’s Arms,’ Cremorne rd

Craney G. R. pawnbrok. 24 Exeter st

Crapper Geo. plumber, 62 Walton st

Crapper T. brass finisher, 42 Robert st

Crawford J. newsagent, 2 Hooper’s ct

Crawford Mathew J. confectioner, 383 King’s rd

Crawley J. carpenter, 18 Manor st

Crayden J. boot maker, 37 Orford st

Crickmay Th. farrier, 80 New rd

Crook T. W. tallow chandlers’ utensil maker, 41 Robert st

Croome Ann, baker, 12 Elizabeth st

Cross A. J. oil & colorman, 7 Milner st

Cross F. W. veterinary surgeon, 65 Lower Church st

Cross T. cow keeper, 46 College pl

Crowe and Son, farriers, Turk’s row

Cruchley W. John, zinc worker, 2 Keppel st

Culloch Jas. bootmaker, 10 Bond st

Cullum J. greengrocer, 18 Coulson st

Cunnington C. dairy, 9 Lwr North st

Currie J. tailor, 22 Upper North st

Curtis Jas. coffee house, 3 Queen’s rd

Curtis John, milk can maker, 12 Lower Symons st

Cusack J. the ‘Magpie and Stump,’ 34 Cheyne walk

Cutler J. cow keeper, 86 Marlbro’ rd

Cutmore Aaron, dining rooms, 4 Queen’s rd east

D’Oyle Henry, tea dealer & wine merchant, 190 Sloane st

Daly J. boot maker, 63 Low. Geo. st

Daniels T. plumber, 12 D’oyly st

Darby H. oilman, 7A Up. North st

Dargavel S. draper, 156 Sloane st

Darrell J. coal dealer, 4 Charlotte st

Davey W. general shop, 18 Upper North st

Davis —, builder, Symons st

Davis Henry, chemist, 83 Leader st

Davis Henry, plumber, 166 Sloane st

Davis Hugh ‘Queen’s Arms Tavern’ Cremorne rd

Davis James, boot and shoe maker, 62 College st

Davis Jo. wireworker, 135 King’s rd

Davis Jo. tripe dresser, 15 Leader st

Davis John, hatter, 17 King’s rd

Davis Jo. boot maker, 3 Pavilion st

Davis T. tailor, 88 New rd

Davis W. rag merchant, 16 Charles st

Davis W. greengrocer, 34 Queen’s st

Davis W. brush maker, 98 King’s rd

Davis S. cabinet makr, 176 King’s rd

Davis W. tea dealer, 22 King’s rd

Dawson Horatio, tea dealer, post and money order office, 161 Sloane st

Day C. chemist, &c. 24 Sloane st

Day D. carver, gilder, 31 Sloane st

Day G. boot maker, Edward ter

Day J. boot maker, 88 College st

Day W. Lord Nelson, 200 King’s rd

Day W. Green Man, Beaufort st

Deacon A. cooper, 10 Low. Seymour st

Deal Geo. 15 Anderson st

Deall Maria, stationer, 14 King’s pl

Dean C. S. greengrocer, 2 Smith st

Debus C. H. baker, 16 Queen’s rd east

Delega A. tailor, 302 King’s rd

Denby E. general dealer, 2 Keppel st

Dench Edward, hothouse builder, 152 King’s rd

Dennis John, ‘Rose and Crown,’ 1 White Lion st

Dent A. bootmaker, 3 Blackland ter

Dibben Geo. wax & tallow chandler, 167 Sloane st

Digby Miss, laundress, 53 South st

Dike J. ‘Old Swan,’ 63 Queen’s rd

Dike W. leather seller, 51 Low. Geo. st

Dimmick —, builder, 4 Cadogan st

Dimmick Joseph, tobacconist, 22 Queen’s rd east

Dimond Henry, confectioner, 4 Blenheim ter

Dixon John, M.R.C.V.S., 92 Little Cadogan place

Dixon Michael, boot maker, 15 Queen’s rd east

Dixon R. linendraper, 37 King’s rd

Dobbins C. J. J. iron works, 27 Markham st

Doble T. J. chemist, 12 Halsey ter

Dockerill R. J. joiner, 4 Charles st

Dolby J. linendraper, 334 King’s rd

Dollar Brothers, veterinary surgeons and farriers, Turk’s row

Donn W. upholsterer, 6 South st

Doran —, bootmaker, 16 Barrosa pl

Doubell W. hosier, 144 King’s rd

Douglass A. watch maker, 11 South st

Douglass Wm. builder, New rd

Downing’s floor cloth manufactory, 122 King’s rd

Dousberry Th. boot and shoe maker, 77 King’s rd

Drage S. butcher, 48 Cheyne wk

Drake R. bootmaker, 10 Ormond row

Draw J. marine stores, 64 Low. Geo. st

Drew W. surgeon, 199 King’s rd

Driver W. hair dresser, 3 Up. North st

Dudman C. butcher, 169 Marlbro’ rd

Duerre Radolph, watch maker, 15 King’s rd

Dunbull Mrs. corset maker, 27 New rd

Dunkinson Geo. grocer, 5 Albert ter

Dunkley E. M. marine store dealer, Church st

Dunkley Thomas, boot and shoe warehouse, 18 Low. Sloane st

Dunning Geo. china & glass dealer, 306 King’s rd

Dunsford W. J. 91 New rd

Duprey J. hatter, 9 Lower Symons st

Dutton S. G. wood carver, 34 New rd

Dwyer J. tobacconist, 20 Marlbro’ rd

Dyer George Henry, general shop, 10 Marlbro’ rd

Dyer J. wardrobe dealer, 4 Keppel st

Dyer Th. pastry cook, 64 King’s rd

Eales M. general shop, Symons st

Earley Geo. dairy, 52 Lower Geo. st

Eavestaff Wm. pianoforte manufacturer, 17 Sloane st

Ebers D. G. grocer, 34 Robert ter

Eden G. coal dealer, 2 Lwr North st

Edgar W. watchmaker, 12 Pont st

Edmonds Abraham, coffee house, 1 & 2 Cumberland st

Edney C. cow keeper, 3 Symons st

Edwards Chas. ‘Black Lion,’ 50 Lower Church st

Edwards E. & Co. cheesemongers, 30 King’s rd

Eldridge Edwin, baker, 15 Exeter st

Eliot —, 17 Orford street

Elkington W. cow keeper, 5 Keppel st

Ellenor Thomas, boot manufacturer, 1 Queen’s rd east

Ellender Wm. tailor, 6 York st

Elliott J. cane worker, 10 Symons st

Elliott W. bootmaker, 14 Symons st

Elliott Wm. builder, 5 Oxford ter

Elliott W. builder, 1 Low. Church st

Ellis Jno. grocer and cheesemonger, 8 College street

Elson G. butcher, 10 Blenheim ter

Elton E. dyer, &c. 52 & 53 Sloane st

Eming H. tripe dresser, 37 Manor st

Ember J. H. beer retailer, 8 Exeter st

Erwin, wardrobe delr. 1 Blackland ter

Ettinger D. baker, 366 King’s rd

Eugenia Matilda, paraffin oil depot, Temple House, Upper Church st

Evers D. ‘The Havelock,’ Queen st

Evans G. broker, 58 Lwr Sloane st

Evans M. stationer, 332 King’s rd

Evans Mrs. baker, 20 Lwr Sloane st

Evans T. beer retailer, 13 Charles st

Ewer J. tripe dealer, 25 Lwr North st

Ewer J. hairdresser, 118 Marlbro’ rd

Exall R. pork butcher, 196 King’s rd

Fairbridge Joseph, carver and gilder, 27 Walton st

Faulkner Miss, establishment for young ladies, Waldgrave House, Smith st

Faulkner The Misses, preparatory school, 1 Markham sq

Farnfield J. J. cheesemonger, 1 Duke st

Farr J. grocer, &c. 15 Ormond row

Farr Wm. greengrocer, 5 Duke st

Farrer Richard, saddler and harness maker, 312 King’s rd

Farrington Benjamin, rag merchant, 19 Leader st

Feen D. haberdasher, 54 Walton st

Fell J. Fred. baker, 61 Queen’s rd

Fell Wm. tobacconist, 23 Duke st

Feltham H. T. butcher, 106 Marlbro’ rd

Fernando, coffee hou. 3 Cambridge ter

Finch Th. hairdresser, 15 Green st

Finleyson R. hair dresser, 17 Upper North st

Fitzgerald Michael, oil and Italian warehouse, 201 King’s rd

Fitch Wm. ‘Bee Hive,’ 21 Manor st

Flack Hy. butcher, 137 King’s rd

Flanagan J. grocer, 5 Queen’s rd wst

Fletcher A. carpenter, &c. 52 Marlbro’ road

Fletcher Ann, grocer, 52 College st

Fletcher J. tripe dresser, 1 Symons st

Fletcher W. saw maker, 16 Leader st

Flood Fred. engineer and sewing machinist, 17 Coulson st

Flory and Gale, The Misses, fancy repository, 3 Sloane st

Flowers G. greengrocer, 43 Smith ter

Floyd G. cab proprietor, Turk’s row

Folkard Edmund, furniture broker, 168 King’s rd

Ford T. tobacconist, 70 Marlbro’ rd

Ford Th. baker, 2 Queen’s rd east

Forrest J. general dealer, Lombard st

Forshaw W. ‘Blenheim,’ 6 Bond st

Forster Shirley, grocer and cheesemonger, 3 Milner st

Forth George, hatter, 5 King’s rd

Foskett R. china dealer, 93 King’s rd

Fossett Wm. draper, 16A Lombard st

Foster Mrs. seminary for young ladies, 7 Royal Avenue ter

Foster Charles, butcher, 2 Albert pl

Foster Hy. tripe dresser, 5 Albert pl

Foster Mrs. butcher, 3 Lwr Symons st

Fountain Mrs. laundress, 54 South st

Fowler J. coffee house, 51 King’s rd

Fox T. picture frame maker, and carver and gilder, 136 Symons st

Frampton Ch. turner, 41A Upper North st

Francis F. bootmaker, 5 Blenheim ter

Franklin J. greengrocer, 72 Queen’s rd west

Franks William, 7 Anderson st

Frauzmann E. baker, 1 Charles st

Frazer Jas. hair dresser, 7 Leader ter

Freeman Wm. baker, 35 Robert st

Freeman Wm. carpenter, 3 East st

French J. gas fitter, 16 Cheyne row

French J. butcher, 20 Queen’s rd w

French Mrs. milliner, 166 King’s rd

Freshwater G. carpenter, &c. Franklin’s row

Fuge George Frederick, bookseller, 13 Sloane sq

Gann John, hairdresser, 53 Queen’s rd west

Gant J. rag merchant, 11 Manor row

Ganes Geo. grocer, 1 Cadogan ter

Gates & Son, livery stables, New rd

Gates John, job master, New rd

Gattey J. R. baker, 23 Queen’s rd w

Gamble W. dairyman, 122 Marlbro’ rd

Gardner J. greengrocer, 14 Francis st

Garland S. boot maker, Little Cadogan pl

Garland William, pork butcher, 3 Queen’s rd west

Garretty —, 67 Lower Sloane st

Gay F. marine stores, 18 Marlbro’ rd

Gaygan & Sons, slaters, 60 South st

Gayton H. R. tailor, 30½ Up. North st

Geary Thomas, baker, 31 Cheyne row

Gems Julius, carver and gilder, 27 Sloane st, and 4 Elizabeth st

George J. C. tobacconist, 12A King’s rd

George Thos. baker, 60 College st

Gibbs Geo. seed merchant, Cross st

Gibbs John F. marble and stone works, Cadogan ter

Gibson R. fishmonger, 172 Sloane st

Gigner John, chemist, 131 King’s rd

Gignell E. F. Victoria, Stanley villas

Gill H. beer retailer, 4 Queen st

Gilbert Hen. T. hosier, 194 Sloane st

Gill Henry, ‘Britannia Brewery Tap,’ Queen st

Gillingham George, veterinary surgeon, 67 Lower Church st

Girling A. O. clothier and outfitter, 1 Queen’s rd east

Glead J. marine store, 21 Turk’s row

Glover C. confectioner, 3A Keppel st

Godbolt G. timber merchant, 300 King’s rd

Goddard William, bootmaker, 1A Cumberland st

Godings C. school, 12 Princes st

Golding B. R. grocer &c, 67 South st

Golding J. Pier Hotel, 28 Cheyne wk

Goodwin R. baker, 31 Low. Sloane st

Gordon J. rag merchant, 2 Keppel st

Goss J. W. Duke’s Head, Queen’s st

Goth Jas. coach builder, Turk’s row

Gould H. boot maker, 12 Leader st

Gould J. tobacconist, 5 Queen’s rd east

Gouldsmith G. auctioneer, &c. Pont st

Gouldsmith Messrs. dyers, 2 Pont st

Gouldsmith Messrs. undertakers, 2 Pont st

Grand J. boot maker, 335 King’s rd

Grant James, bricklayer, Park Walk

Grant John, butcher, 38 King’s rd

Greaves and Son, boat builders, 9 and 10 Lindsey row

Green C. confectioner, 4 Ormond row

Green C. corn chandler, 11 New rd

Green Fred. umbrella and parasol manufacturer, 146 Sloane st

Green George, Devonshire Arms Dining Rooms, 4 Low. George st

Green G. baker, 100 Marlbro’ rd

Green J. beer retailer, 20 D’Oyly st

Green R. W. draper, 354 King’s rd

Green Edward T. chemist and druggist, 6 College st

Greenwood John, ‘The Red House,’ College st

Gregg James, tool dealer and cutler, 27 Sloane sq

Grice Jno. Keppel baths, 1 Keppel st

Gries G. J. boot maker, 1 College pl

Griffin E. news agent, 23 Robert st

Griffin W. B. boot maker, Robert st

Griffin Jas. grocer &c, 1 Orford st

Griffiths Bailey, wholesale and retail stationer, 56 King’s rd

Grigg Geo. hair cutter, 3 Strewan pl

Groom Js. china dealer, 70 Walton st

Groom John, gas fitter, 17 Leader st

Grounds George, boot and shoe manufacturer, 26 Lower Sloane st

Grove & Gannell, grainers, 2 East st

Gubby G. greengrocer, 11 Low Geo. st

Guest Jonah, grocer, 40A Cheyne walk

Gunner Jno. dyer, 31 Cumberland st

Gunter H. pork butcher, 79 Leader st

Gurney Geo. Ed. beer retailer, 102 Marlbro’ rd

Guillim N. painter, Cumberland pl

Gwiillim —, writer, 10 Anderson st

Hack Richard, greengrocer, 28 Queen’s rd west

Hacking William, ironmonger, 259 King’s rd

Hagger Mrs. ladies’ outfitter, 164 Sloane st

Haimes W. tobacconist, Temple House, Church st

Hales Mrs. bottle dealer, 92 New rd

Hall —, grocer and cheesemonger, Elizabeth st

Hall Henry, general shop, 11 Lower Symons st

Hall J. pork butcher, 357 King’s rd

Hall M. A. 109 King’s rd

Hall J. W. butcher, 386 King’s rd

Hallett J. H. joiner, 107 King’s rd

Hall William, oilman, 352 King’s rd

Hall J. builder &c., 143 Marlbro’ rd

Hall Mrs. timber merchant, South st

Hall T. ‘Rising Sun,’ Lombard st

Hall W. dining rooms, 5 Cheyne wk

Hall W. coffee house, 76 Queens rd west

Hall W. Italian warehouseman, 11 Leader st

Hall W. & T. oil and Italian warehouse, 3 Britton ter

Halmkin —, wardrobe dealer, 45 Lower George st

Hallaws —, marina store, 3 First st

Hambidge W. C. baker, 351 King’s rd

Haine Thomas and Son, butchers, 25 King’s rd

Ham C. bricklayer, New rd

Hands W. fishmonger, 4 Seymour st

Hance Philip, bookseller, stationer, music seller, &c., 55 King’s rd

Hannam T. greengrocer, 2 Upper Church st

Hansford Mrs. furniture brokers, 28 Lower Sloane st

Hardiman J. green grocer, Leader ter

Hardwick Jos. grocer, 21 Lower Chandos st

Hare Wm. grocer &c. 1 Pont st

Harman G. painter, 6 Anderson st

Harnor F. H. ‘George and Dragon,’ 17 Queen’s rd west

Harper George, baker, 1 Ives st

Harris H. fishmonger, 180 Sloane st

Harris H. rag merchant, 2 Exeter st

Harris H. furniture dealer, 35 Low George st

Harrald J. bootmaker, 26 Upper North st

Harris J. boot maker, 1 Lower North st

Harris John, miscellaneous dealer, 251 & 255 King’s rd

Harris John, grocer, 10 South st

Harrington David, French polisher, 15B Leader st

Harrison Ch. 54 Queens road east

Harrison Richard, pawnbroker &c., 203 King’s rd

Harrow H. tailor, Low. Symons st

Hart J. turner, 1 Low. Sloane st

Hart Hen. “Markham Arms” 138 King’s rd

Hart W. greengrocer, 4 Bond st

Hartwell John, greengrocer, 19 Symons st

Harvey W. “Don Saltero Tavern” 18 Cheyne walk

Harwood John, French polisher, 64 Lower Sloane st

Harwood Richard, coffee & eating house, 23 King’s rd

Harwell W. undertaker, 24 Bond st

Hastin J. undertaker, 21 Cadogan st

Hastin J. carpenter, 22 Cadogan st

Haskell William, cab proprietor, 1A Henry st

Hasselman Frederick, tobacconist, 4 Blackland st

Hatch Jos. fishmonger, 4 Leader ter

Hawes Mrs. laundress, 30 Beaufort st

Hawes R. the ‘Chelsea Pensioner,’ 2 Queen’s rd west

Hawken George, china and glass dealer, 6 Strewan pl

Hawkins —, carver and gilder, 164 King’s rd

Hawkins J. W. potatoe salesman, 2 Queen’s st

Haydon Andrew, cab proprietor, Draycott pl

Hayes Lucy, tobacconist, 4 Duke st

Hayes W. tailor, 36 Queen’s rd west

Hayer Js. pawnbroker and clothier, 35 & 36 Cheyne walk

Hayford Wm. hosier, 204 Sloane st

Haynes W. greengrocer, 4 South st

Hayes Aaron, 9 Elizabeth st

Hayter Sarah, grocer, 60 Queen’s rd

Hayward Jno. hosier, 100 King’s rd

Hayward William, hair dresser, 74 Queen’s rd west

Hazell J. boot maker, Milner st

Hazle & Baker, grocers, 26 Manor st

Head C. turner, 27 Low. George st

Head Job. saddler, 42 Up. North st

Head Richard, ironmonger, 66 and 67 Low. George st

Head Walter, trimming warehouse, 192A Sloane st

Headford R. grocer, 12 Edward ter

Heath D. harness maker, 40 Marlbro’ rd

Heath Elizabeth, wardrobe dealer, 16A Queen’s st

Heath W. china dealer, 28 King’s rd

Hedderly Martha, greengrocer, 7 Elizabeth st

Henning Geo. news agent, 3 Blenheim ter

Henderson John, the ‘Yorkshire Grey,’ 14 Cheyne walk

Henry T. greengrocer, 333 King’s rd

Henton J. boot maker, 170 Sloane st

Heptonstall Rich. ‘Duke of York,’ 9 Queen’s rd east

Herd Alex. bootmaker, 86 New rd

Herring James, china and glass dealer, 36 Exeter st

Hewitt J. tea dealer, 63 King’s rd

Hewitt T. B. brush maker, 1 Upper North st

Hey W. cow keeper, 30 Lawrence st

Hians J. carver, 6 New rd

Hickman Harry, “Moore Arms,” Halsey ter

Hill John, “Prince of Wales Tavern,” Charles st

Hills and Barnard, linendrapers, 70 King’s rd

Hilliker Mary Ann, wardrobe warehouse, 7 White Lion st

Hinchliff G. corn dealer, 37 Exeter st

Hinsley Wm. tailor, 29 Exeter st

Hirsch Cha. china and glass dealer, 183 Marlbro’ rd

Hirst and Co. mineral water manufacturers, 80 Lower George st

Hobbs Geo. broker, 7 Keppel st

Hobrough Hezekiah, grocer, 116 Marlbro’ rd

Hodgson Thomas, boot and shoe maker, 40 Exeter st

Holbrook and Co, iron and brass founders, Manor st

Holden Sarah, berlin repository, 36 King’s rd

Holiday F. H. broker, 6 College ter

Holland E. wheelwright, 8 Orford st

Holland Edward, wheelwright, 10 Queen’s rd east

Holland George, confectioner, 35 Manor st

Holland Geo. upholsterer, 12 Marlbro’ rd

Holland J. broker, 90 College st

Holland Mr. surgeon dentist, 210 Sloane st

Hollway Mr. 28 Marlbro’ rd

Hollis —, blind maker, 3 South st

Hollis Charles, ginger beer maker, 13 Lombard st

Holloway James, boot maker, 1 Lower Church st

Hollingsworth Robert, writer and painter, 5 College pl

Holmes Ch. butcher, 12 Manor st

Holmes W. hair dresser, 15 South st

Honey W. boot maker, 72 College st

Hook Charles, harness maker, 29 Queen’s rd west

Hookins William, boot maker, 63 Marlbro’ rd

Hope John, builder, 153 Sloane st

Hope, the Misses, milliners, 153 Sloane st

Hopkin John R. greengrocer, 1 Exeter st

Hopton Harriet, bonnet maker, 1 Leader st

Hopwood, O. T. umbrella, parasol, and ladies’ boot and shoe maker, 195
Sloane st

Hopwood Wm. grocer, 6 Queen st

Hordley Mrs. M. fancy repository, 189 King’s rd

Hornsby William, coal merchant, 43 Francis st

Horsley Henry, cabinet maker, 10A Sloane ter

Horwood Jas. grocer, 28 New rd

Hoskins Harriett, bonnet makers, 1 Leader st

Hoskins, bootmaker, 16 Orford st

Houghton J. “D’Oyley Arms,” 34 Marlbro’ rd

Howard G. broker, 21 Leader st

Howell G. baker, 24 Lwr Church st

Hubbard Alexander, upholsterer, 22 24 Sloane st

Hubbocks John, greengrocer, 18 College pl

Hucker & Rutter, linendrapers, 25 King’s rd

Hudson S. newsagent, 25 Smith ter

Hudson W. tobacconist, Chelsea mkt

Hue Thomas, baker, Pont st

Hughes C. R. 11 Anderson st

Hughes J. general shop, Henry st

Hulford W. T. boot mkr, 25 D’oyly st

Hullard Miss, milliner, 57 King’s rd

Hulls W. hair dresser, 36 King’s rd

Humphreys Humphrey, bootmaker, 10 Leader ter

Humpherson B. carpenter, &c. 45 Marlbro’ rd

Humphrey J. newsagent, 151 Marlbro’ rd

Humphrey R. greengr, 9 South st

Hunt J. ham and beef warehouse, 175 Marlbro’ rd

Hunt R. greengrocer, 16 Milner st

Hurd W. hot water apparatus manufacturer, 49 Radnor st

Hunter P. E. jun. general dealer, 45 Upper North st

Hussey E. carpenter & screen maker, 5 Blackland ter

Huster, O. J. corn dealer, 2 Sloane sq

Hutchings Mrs. wardrobe dealer, 55 Walton st

Hyam Samuel, clothier, 3 Bond st

Hyde I. C. boot mkr, 4 Lombard st

Insall Wm. dairy, 1 Hooper’s ct

Iggulden J. butcher, 82 Marlbro’ rd

Iggulden Joshua, pork butcher, 84 Marlbro’ rd

Ireland J. turncock, 4 Draycott st

Jackson R. hair dresser, 1 College pl

Jackson F. broker, 91 King’s rd

Jackson G. watchmaker, 12 Leader st

Jackson T. boot maker, 33 New rd

James Hen. tobacconist, 19 Queen’s rd west

James O. H. corn dealer, 2 Sloane sq

James T. tailor, 14 Barrosa pl

James T. H. fruiterer, 148 Sloane st

Jakeman Ch. baker, 13 Edward ter

Jarvis Elizabeth, grocer and baker, 8 Cheyne row

Jarvis J. cooper, 34 Low. Sloane st

Jayner G. tobacconist, 136 King’s rd

James George, ironmonger, 16 and 17 Charles st

Jelley William, butcher, 22 Lower Church st

Jenkins —, undertaker, 5 Keppel st

Jewell J. W. rag merchant, 7 and 8 Ormond row

Johns George, leather seller, 39 Low George st

Johnson E. boot and shoe maker, Marlbro’ rd

Johnson J. greengrocer, 10 Manor st

Johnson John, coal merchant, Old Ferry Wharf, Duke st

Johnson J. J. furniture broker, 126 Marlbro’ rd {89}

Johnson Walter, the ‘Snow Shoes,’ Queen’s rd east

Johnston and Co., homœopathic chemists, 134 Sloane st

Jobbins —, boot maker, Little Cadogan pl

Jones Eli, watchmaker, 113 Sloane st

Jones Evan, tobacconist, 4 Cumberland st

Jones H. James, grocer and oilman, 20 Leader st

Jones J. dairyman, 10 James st

Jones J. boot maker, 19A Leader st

Jones J. watchmaker, 46 Marlbro’ rd

Jones Mrs. bandage maker, 35 Sloane st

Jones Rich. coffee and chop house, 3 Duke st

Jones R. E. tea dealer, 115 King’s rd

Jones Samuel, carpenter &c., 18 Jubilee pl

Jones Thomas, truss, bandage, and artificial limb maker, 35 Sloane st

Jones William, fancy repository, 191A Sloane st

Jones W. fishmonger, 2 Bond st

Jones William, cheesemonger, 48A Cheyne walk

Jones and Son, scale makers, 7 Queen’s rd east

Joseph Gilbert news agent, 38 Lower Sloane st

Joseph M. clothier, 94 Marlbro’ rd

Judd W. boot maker, 31 Upper North st

Jumpsen Wm. grocer, 2 Manor row

Jutton J. coal dealer, 14 Turks row

Kauffmann W. wardrobe dealer, 8 New North st

Keeble W. marine stores, Park st

Keen J. baker and confectioner, 34 Cadogan st

Kelley F. leather seller, 13 Robert ter

Kellord J. tailor, 47 Queen’s rd west

Kelly T. general shop, 22 Turk’s row

Kemp Isabella, newsagent 27 Queens rd west

Kennedy Geo. tin plate worker, 3 Leader st

Kenningale Benj. bootmaker, 35 College st

Kent J. hairdresser, lA Blackland ter

Kentish, carpenter, 135 Marlbro’ rd

Kenworthy Joseph, fishmonger, 3 Hoopers court

Kerwood J. ironmonger &c., 40 Manor st

Kesner B. outfitter, 106 King’s rd

Knapp, builder, 78 New rd

Knight Miss, 1 Anderson st

Knowles W. jun., painter &c., 60 Marlbro’ rd

Kohn John, Chelsea bun house, 14 Duke st

Koppel B. carver and gilder, 89 King’s rd

Koppel V. carver, 3 Keppel st

Kulb M. confectioner, 48 Leader st

King A. Mary, confectioner, 4 Lower Church st

King Geo. bootmaker, 3 Queen st

King G. library, 1 Lower North st

King Hen. beer retailer, 3 South st

King J. greengrocer, 7 College ter

King J. ‘Queen’s Head,’ Keppel ter

King M. greengrocer, 53 College st

King Mrs. bottle dealer, 12 Charles st

King R. ham dealer, 76 King’s rd

King S. carpenter, 124 New rd

King Thos. sign and glass writer, 65 Lower Sloane st

King W. H. French dyer, 60 Leader st

King —, carpenter, 21 Draycott st

Kindell C. P. haberdasher, 177 Marlbro’ rd

Kineton J. grocer, 84 Leader st

Kineton John, beer retailer, 92 Marlbro’ rd

Lampert W. William, gasfitter, 10 Leader st

Lamb Christopher, pawnbroker, 196 Sloane st

Lambe Brothers, linendrapers, straw millinery, bonnet, and family
mourning warehouse, 4 and 6 King’s rd

Lancaster J. baker, 1 Sloane st

Lancaster R. marine store, Green st

Lancaster —, tailor, 20 D’oyly st

Lanceley Mr. stationer, 45 King’s rd

Lane D. coffee house, 4 Leader st

Lane J. grocer, 21 Low. George st

Lane John, boot maker, 11 White Lion st

Lane T. grocer, 9 Blenheim ter

Lacy E. “Bedford Arms,” Pont st

Laight J. grocer, 21 Up. North st

Lake S. broker, 7 Chelsea market

Lark W. A. general shop, Little Cadogan pl

La Roche Phillip, gasfitter, 6 Blackland ter

Larner H. builder &c., 389 King’s rd

Latchie M. coffee house, 5 Duke st

Low David, baker, 1 East st

Lawrence C. gas fitter, 3 Leader st

Lawrence John, fishmonger, 163 Sloane st

Lawrence Samuel, rag merchant, 4 Keppel st

Lawrence William, ham and tongue dealer, 141 King’s rd

Lay Rachel, grocer, 25 Manor st

Le Chesne V. tailor, 20 South st

Lee Wm. cow keeper, 7 Manor st

Lee M. china and glass dealer, 39 Cheyne wk

Lea W. hatter, 4 Cumberland pl

Lee —, carrier, Charlotte st

Leeter, J. D. provision warehouse

Lette Wm. carpenter &c., 72 Little Cadogan pl

Leggett J. bricklayer, 3 Marlbro’ rd

Lekeux E. cabinet maker, 35 Up. North st

Lemmon Mrs. milliner, 13 King’s rd

Lester William, grocer, 1 Albert pl

Letche Leonard, hosier, and linendraper, 104 King’s rd

Lever James, 208 Sloane st

Levi E. Lewis, cut glass manufactory, 64 Queen’s rd

Levy Lewis, clothier, 5 Albert pl

Lewis J. confectioner, 2 Lower Symons st

Lidstone J. butcher, 206 Sloane st

Lincoln Sam. decorator, 4 Pont st

Lines James, sawing and planing, Manor st

Lines W. marine stores, 9 Ellis st

Lissant Benj. gasfitter, 7 York st

Linstead James, bottle merchant, 22 Symons st

Lipscombe Samuel, carpenter &c., 3 Marlbro’ rd

Little Henry, florist, 99 and 203 King’s rd

Little Matthew, baker, 7 Exeter st

Little Joseph, and Radermacher Henry, silk mercers, linendrapers, and
lace men, 183 & 184 Sloane st

Littler —, 3 Cook’s grove

Livingston Alexander, boot and shoe maker, 8 King’s rd

Livingstone Alexander, boot and shoe maker, 62 King’s rd

Lloyd W. smith, 9 Marlbro’ rd

Lloyd W. bricklayer, 1 Lower George st

Logsdon Ann, wardrobe dealer, 55A Leader st

Looney Mrs. grocer, 7 Strewan pl

Longley Henry, timber merchant, 24 Regent st

Lonsdale Henry Frederick, Commercial Tavern, 119 King’s rd

Louise and Loure, dressmakers, 42 Sloane st

Lovegrove John, tin worker, 2 Blackland ter

Lovejoy Isaac, Admiral Codrington, Green st

Lovibond Henry, Cannon brewery, Cumberland pl

Lowe James, marine stores, 43 Upper North st

LOWE & WILDE, chemists, 53 King’s rd

Loxdale Hen. printer, 70 College st

Lyne William, draper, 68 King’s rd

Lucas Joseph, watch and clock maker, 59 King’s rd

Ludlow William, cheesemonger, 146 Sloane st

Ludlow Wm. grocer and cheesemonger, 24 Queen’s rd west

Luker William, boot and shoe maker, 14 Leader st

Lunn Mrs. 12 Anderson st

Lunn William, greengrocer, 35A Queen’s st

Mc’Donald J. beer retailer, 69 New rd

Mc’Donnell T. builder, 23 Sloane ter

Mc’Clean J. wine and spirit merchant, 149 Sloane st

Mc’Coy W. grocer, 6 Turks row

Mc’Culloch J. bootmaker, 10 Bond st

Mc’Leland J. furniture dealer, 349 King’s rd

Macdonald E. broker, 3 Marlbro’ rd

Macduff J. grocer, 8 Francis st

Macmichael James, bookseller, stationer, music seller and newsagent, 207
King’s road

Mack Mrs. laundress, 27 Queen st

Macrie J. farrier, 36½ Queen st

Maddy Miss, school, 12 Lower st

Macrow Thomas Christmas, grocer and cheesemonger, 78 and 80 Marlbro’ rd

Madder Thomas, grocer and cheesemonger, 55 Lower Church st

Madge Miss, dressmaker, 13 Sloane st

Maher A. greengrocer, 71 Lower Cadogan pl

Makey Richard, china and glass dealer, 329 King’s rd

Mallison Mrs. 5 Cook’s grove

Malden W. W. chemist, 29 Walton st

Manly B. muffin baker, 42 Leader st

Manly Geo. muffin baker, 2 Lower Church st

Mansfield A. Francis, ‘The Duke of Cambridge’, 4 College ter

Mantell Thomas A. Castle Brewery, 31 Lower George st

Markham R. J. “The Roebuck”, 348 and 350 King’s rd

Marlow E. bootmaker, 24 South st

Marlow Henry, rag merchant, 3A Queen st

Marsden J. Jos. “The Enterprise,” 36 Walton st

Marsh F. newsagent, 29 New rd

Martin A. fishmonger, 61A King’s st

Martin G. W. and J. woollen and Manchester warehousemen, 1 and 3 King’s

Martin John, brass founder, 52 Marlbro’ rd

Marsh W. tailor, 1 Little Cadogan pl

Martin William, greengrocer, 78 Lower Sloane st

Martin William, greengrocer, 92 Marlbro’ rd

Maskell R. plumber, 15 New rd

Maron B. newsagent, 22 Marlbro’ rd

Mason B. beer retailer, 387 King’s rd

Mason John, butcher, Queen st

Mason J. gardner, 2 Park pl south

Mason J. P. sweep, Little Cadogan pl

Mason William, fruiterer and greengrocer, 1 Devonshire pl

Mason W. greengrocer, Palk walk

Mattocks James, confectioner and tobacconist, 58 Queen’s rd

Mattocks J. boot maker, 47 Upper North st

Maunder J. grocer, 17 Manor row

Maunder R. fishmonger, 7 Lombard st

Maunder Thos. baker, 27 Princes st

Maunder —, tailor, 7 Draycott pl

Maurer Jos. baker, 62 Marlbro’ rd

May Charles, grocer, 44 College st

Mayers Henry, baker, 1 Elm ter

Mayle J. greengrocer, 4 Albert pl

Mazel A. 52 and 53 Sloane st

Measer G. coal dealer, 3 Green st

Meredith—, wardrobe warehouse, 16 Marlbro’ rd

Michels Frederick Charles, pastrycook, 18 Sloane st

Mickelthwate Arthur, patent sansflectum crinoline manufacturer, 24 Walton
st. Ovington sq

Middleton Thomas, fire wood dealer, 16 Upper North st

Miles Alexander A. silversmith and pawnbroker, 159 Marlbro’ rd

Miller C. cage maker, 5 Queen’s st

Miller Fred. newsagent, 11 Bond st

Miller Richard, grocer, oilman, and Post office, 79 Queen’s rd west

Miller R. F. coach builder, 237 King’s rd

Mills Step. clog maker, 14 Leader st

Milton —, tailor, 22 Cumberland st

Mills T. boot mkr, 5 Cumberland pl

Milton & Co., china and glass dealer, 202 Sloane st

Minns J. butcher, 1 Queen’s rd east

Minton Miss, stationer, 4 Sloane st

Mitchell C. butcher, 2 Maynard pl

Mitchell George, marble works, 28 Walton st

Mitchell George John, general shop, Barrosa pl

Mitchell Jn. baker, 70 Cadogan pl

Mitchell John, grocer, Jubilee pl

Mitchell S. boot maker, 84 Ellis st

Mitchell M. greengrocer, 5 Milner pl

Mitchell Thos. grocer, 6 Lombard st

Mitchell W. G. tailor, 118 King’s rd

Mizen H. tobacconist, 29 Oxford ter

Moate S. carver and uilder, 131 and 133 Marlbro’ road, and 39 South
Audley st

Monk H. corn dealer, 17 Leader st

Monk William M. oil and colourman, 38 Manor st

Money W. bricklayer, 1 Pavilion st

Monk and Wridgway, carpenters, 2 James st

Morgan J. newsagent, 64 Walton st.

Morgan John, wax and tallow chandler, 207 Sloane st

Morgan J. beer retailer, Symons st

Moody E. tobacconist, 84 College st

Moore George, tobacco and cigar merchant, 25 Sloane sq

Moore Mary, corn dealer, 85 King’s rd

Morrell George, tobacconist, 15 White Lion st

Morris B. butcher, 12 Queen’s rd east

Morris C. R. baker, 49A Chyne walk

Morris H. butcher, 40 Queen’s rd west

Morrison Hargrave, oil and colorman, Duke st

Mortimore George, baker, 10 Lower Church st

Mowels Samuel Alfred, bookseller and stationer, 142 Sloane st

Millward and Co. confectioner, 122 Sloane st

Mumford George, grocer and cheesemonger, 3 Green st

Mumford R. grocer, 26 Lawrence st

Munro Isaac, City of Gloucester, St. Leonard’s terrace

Munday H. newsagent, 10 Queen st

Mundell E. poster, 3 Cumberland st

Munns C. cheesemonger, 11 Charles st

Murray M. painter, 5 Symons st

Murrell, gasfitter, 31 Lower George st

Nash H. tobacconist, 328 King’s rd

Nash J. C. coal merchant, 154 King’s rd

Neal Hen. coffee house, 79 Fulham rd

Neal Mrs. wardrobe warehouse, 12 Upper North st

Necropolis Company, 60 Sloane st

Nettleton J. ironmonger, 4 Sloane sq

New Geo. grocer, 104 Marlbro’ rd

Newall J. B. and Co., ironmongers, 26 Sloane street

Newell W. grocer, 5 South st

Newman George, leather seller, 30 North st

Newman T. bootmaker, 30A Regent st

Newton Alf, ‘Royal Oak’, Keppel st

Nicholas James, hair cutter, 17 Lower Church st

Nicholls W. beer retailer, 330 King’s rd

Nicholls Brothers, lead and glass merchants, 233 & 235 King’s rd

Nicholson John, leather cutter, 5 College pl

Nightingale William, boot maker, 46 College st

Noble James, tailor, 14 King’s rd

Nodes H. coffin maker, 40 Robert st

Nolan Wm. greengrocer, 53 Lower George st

North J. greengrocer, 50 Walton st

Norrington J. J. baker, 84 Leader st

Norris J. F. greengrocer, 7 King’s rd

Norton Thomas, general shop, 10 Lower North st

Nowakowski S. furrier, 32 Sloane st

Nunn S. undertaker, 15A Keppel st

Nunn and Son, whitesmiths, Low. George st

Nye H. sweep, 6 Cumberland st

Oakshett T. tailor, 57 Low. Sloane st

Oborne Thomas, C. coffee house, 31 Exeter street

Odam John, boot maker, 19 King’s rd

Oker Mr. district surveyor’s office, 11 Robert ter

Oldham Henry, ironmonger and cutler, 66 King’s rd

Oldridge James, greengrocer &c., 18 Charles st

Oldridge James, Sun loan office, 18 Charles street

Oliver Thomas, musical repository, 2 Blenheim ter

Oppenheim A. hairdresser, 16½ Lower George st

Osborn H. watch maker, 3A Cumberland st

Osborn H. J. tobacconist, 6 Leader ter

Oughton Henry, auctioneer, New rd

Owen Jas. news agent, 1A College pl

Owen W. marine stores, 46 Upper North st

Oyler Samuel, baker, 191 King’s rd

Pack E. haberdasher, Orford st

Page Hen. oilman, 12 Blenheim ter

Paget William, beer retailer, 41 Lower George st

Paice G. corn merchant, Queen’s rd

Palmer William Thomas, dairyman, 19 Cumberland st

Pannell Walter, cheesemonger, 90 King’s rd

Panton George, china shop, 59 Low. George st

Paragreen R. baker, 340 King’s rd

Pardon Geo. chandler, 20 King’s rd

Parker J. carpenter, 11 Ormond row

Parker George William, baker and confectioner, 197 Sloane st

Parnell H. auctioneer, 170 King’s rd

Parr Frederick, grocer, 4 College st

Parrington and Milton, tailors, 58 Marlbro’ rd

Parry & Palmer, dyers, 138 Sloane st

Parsonage A. butcher, 5 Exeter st

Parsons H. linendraper, 344 King’s rd

Parsons John, 9 Anderson st

Parsons Sarah, grocer, 28 Queen’s st

Parsons Mrs. ‘Queen Victoria’, 6 Little Cadogan pl

Parsons Brothers, plumbers &c., 9 Anderson st

Partrick Mathew, boot maker, 7 Queen’s rd west

Pash Dan. boot maker, 7 Sloane sq

Paskell T. tobacconist, 2 Robert ter

Paskell T. B. grocer, 2 Robert ter

Pasmore J. pharmaceutical chemist, 82 King’s rd

Pates Joseph, baker, 145 King’s rd

Patient George, tailor, 38 Sloane st

Paul J. T. auctioneer, 114 Sloane st

Pavey W. florist, 117 King’s rd

Pawsey R. bookseller, 27 Exeter st

Pawsey J. John, grocer, 50 Leader st

Payne Hen. carpenter, 1A John st

Payne John, carpenter, 253 King’s rd

Payne W. dining rooms, 13 King’s pl

Pearce G. dairyman, 52 Godfrey st

Pearce James William, ‘Gloucester Tavern,’ 187 Sloane st

Pearce R. bricklayer, 26 New rd

Pearman Wm. bookbinder, 4 Lincoln st

Pearson & Son, tailors, 231 King’s rd

Pedder G. greengrocer, 18 Symons st

Pees W. china dealer, 2A Up. North st

Pemberton Frederick, greengrocer, 28 Radnor st

Pendrille John, greengrocer, and coal dealer, 47 Upper North st

Pendry Thomas, grocer, 18 College st

Penn Ch. clock maker, 3 James st

Pennack W. greengrocer, 34 King’s rd

Peppiatt F. rag merchant, 18 Manor st

Perry J. undertaker, 145 Sloane st

Peruzzi Hen. tailor, 2 Pavillion st

Peters George, greengrocer, 14 Queen’s rd east

Pewter —, coffee house, 139 King’s rd

Pierce Daniel, ‘Cooper’s Arms,’ 33 Queen’s st

Phillips Ann, butcher, 54 King’s rd

Phillips Charles, general shop, 12 Lower Symons st

Phillips J. carpenter, 70 New rd

Phillips J. J. cutler, 41B Up. North st

Phillips Mrs. shirt maker, 7 Symons st

Phillips Rowland, ‘Rose and Crown,’ 18 Queen’s st

Phillips W. William, ‘Roe Buck,’ 53 Leader st

Philpott J. greengrocer, 1 Manor st

Pierce J. draper, 23 Low. Sloane st

Pierson Wm. dairyman, 8 Manor st

Pike Henry, broker, 50 Marlbro’ rd

Pike Fred. broker, 108 Marlbro’ rd

Pike Fred. tinman, 118 Marlbro’ rd

Pike William, broker, 54 College st

Pilgrim Mrs. fruiterer, 8 Up. North st

Pine John, broker, 52 Leader st

Pinnell Ch. zinc works, 21 Duke st

Pinnick B. ‘Hope & Anchor,’ 5 East st

Pinnock Arthur, ‘Stanley Arms,’ 70 Oxford ter

Pinnock William Thomas, greengrocer, 189 Marlbro’ rd

Piper E. dairyman, 87 King’s rd

Piper H. greengrocer, 112 Marlbro’ rd

Piper Mary, wardrobe warehouse, 4 White Lion st

Pite & Son, printers, 37 Cheyne wk

Pitts Oliver, plumber, 15 Lombard st

Place W. coal dealer, 40 Up. North st

Plumbridge George, beer retailer, 18 Exeter st

Plummer F. bricklayer, 6 Keppel st

Pochin G. H. bootmaker, 72 King’s rd

Pollard J. rag merchant, 31 Lawrence st

Pollard R. F. butcher, 22 Robert ter

Poole C. eating house, 52 Wilton st

Pope John, grocer, 29 Smith st

Porter John, van proprietor, Cross st

Powell J. ‘Old Black Dog, 97 King’s rd

Pratt E. bootmaker, 353 King’s rd

Presland John, military trimming maker, 31 College st

Price Mrs. artificial florist, 4 Pont st

Price J. fruiterer, 22 Low. North st

Priest J. pie shop, 1 Queen’s rd east

Pringle Charles James, military tailor, 25 Sloane st

Prior James, grocer, 19 Cadogan st

Pritchard Ann, Montgomery House, Cook’s ground

Pritchard F. grocer, 20 Keppel st

Pritchard J. sweep, 13 Turk’s row

Purdom Geo. oilman, 20 King’s rd

Puttick J. fishmonger, 36 Manor st

Puzey S. ‘Worlds End’, King’s rd

Puzey T. ‘Wellesley Arms,’ Robert st

Quarterman Henry John, hairdresser, 81 Lower Sloane st

Quick Walter, baker, 53 Godfrey st

Quiller C. R. pharmaceutical chemist, 15 Sloane sq

Quiller C. R. chemist, 145 Sloane st

Quixley James, grocer, 10 Manor st

Rabbits Wm. leather seller, shoe mercer, and upper and shoe manufacturer,
20 Sloane sq

Rackstraw P. G. baker, 1 Jubilee ter

Radenhurst Edward, brush maker, 149 King’s rd

Radford Wm. farrier, 38 Regent st

Railton Joseph, linendraper, 22 Queen’s rd west

Randolph Broughall, tea dealer, and post and money order office, 194
King’s rd

Rarden G. boot maker, 38 Upper North st

Rastall Mrs. butcher, 14 Chelsea mkt

Rawson Edward, haberdasher, 66 Marlbro’ rd

Ray Fred. hair dresser, 44 Low. Geo. st

Rayment Wm. grocer, 13 Leader st

Rayner Jno. hair cutter, 2A Keppel st

Read Sarah, grocer, &c. 27 Henry st

Read Thos. carpenter, 13 Manor st

Rearden John, boot maker, 27 Upper North st

Redford John, stationer, 8 Sloane st

Redwood H. upholsterer, 65 Sloane st

Redwood H. R. fruiterer, 65 Sloane st

Rees George, tinman, 6 Princes ter

Reed John, boot maker, 27 Francis st

Reed John, eel pie house, 149 Marlbro’ rd

Reed Mrs. Ann, furniture dealer, 30 Exeter st

Reid J. printer, 22 Orford st

Reliham James, Turkish baths, 111 Radnor st

Reynolds G. bootmaker, 26 Orford st

Reynolds Wm. cheesemonger, &c. 124 Marlbro’ rd

Reynolds —, carpenter, 5 South st

Rewley Robert, brush manufacturer, 26 Walton st

Rhind Mrs. ladies and general outfitter, 189 Sloane st

Ribbens Mrs. milliner, &c. 13 Cumberland st

Rice W. painter, 47 First st.

Richardson Charles, dining rooms, Queen’s rd west

Richardson J. coach builder, Turk’s row

Richardson Thomas, stay manufacturer, 44 King’s rd

Richardson William, greengrocer, 55 Leader st

Riches Benjamin, fancy repository, 78 King’s rd

Ridewood Wm. boot maker, 32 Marlbro’ rd

Ridler H. upholsterer, 4 Halsey ter

Rigarlsford Frederick, printer, 15 Lower Symons st

Rimer Thomas, stationer and bookseller, 43 Sloane st

Rimmington —, tailor, Cadogan st

Ring J. greengrocer, 7 James st

Rivett F. John, hair dresser, 82 College st

Roan F. trunk maker, 14 Exeter st

Roan F. marine store, 22½ New rd

Roan Geo. marine store, Exeter pl

Robinson Adam, ‘The Australian,’ Milner st

Robinson A. cow keeper, 19 Green st

Robinson Nathaniel, baker, 11 Britton ter

Robinson J. bootmaker, 6 Hooper’s ct

Robinson Mrs. nurse, 32 Orford st

Robertson William, wholesale confectioner, 38 & 39 Queen’s rd west

Roberts Wm. wholesale oilman and tallow chandler, 25 Lwr Sloane st

Roche J. marine stores, 40 Lower George st

Rodway Alfred, coffee house, 388 King’s rd

Rogers John, boot maker, 25 Markham st

Rogers J. cow keeper, 17 South st

Rogers T. harness maker, 14 White Lion st

Roles Elz. draper, 50 College st

Rolfe B. James, furniture dealer, 22 Robert st

Rook J. George, house agent, 1 Seaford ter

Roope and Son, linendrapers, 17 Sloane sq

Roope and Sons, silk mercers, linendrapers, and carpet warehousemen, 144
Sloane st

Rope R. plumber, &c. 49 Sloane st

Rope R. builder, New rd

Root J. W. butcher, 1 Pont st

Rose T. P. toy and fancy repository, 203 Sloane st

Rosher G. and F. brick merchants, Old Swan Wharf, 65 Queen’s rd w

Ronca Js. greengrocer, 4 Cheyne row

Rough Robt. lace man, 188A Sloane st

Rouse Geo. tobacconist, 355 King’s rd

Rouse Richard, tailor, 34 Manor st

Rudermacher Alfred, watchmaker, 48 Sloane st

Rudermacher, Charles John, pharmaceutical chemist, 173 Sloane st

Ruddock Henry, grocer and cheesemonger, 33 Queen st

Ruff Alf. J. corn dealer, 303 King’s rd

Ruskins John, grocer, 12 Strewan pl

Rust Robert, pianoforte maker, 11 Symons st

Russell Geo. undertaker, 100 Queen st

Russell John, carver and gilder, 12 Ormond row

Ryall Hy. ‘May Pole,’ 61 Leader st

Sadd John, house decorator, 7 South st

Sadd Rbt. writer & grainer, 7 South st

Sainsbury Charles, boot and shoe maker, 161 Marlbro’ rd

Salisbury I. greengrocer, 3 Ellis st

Salman Wm. baker, 134 King’s rd

Salsbury J. pork butcher, 57 Leader st

Samner Madam, dress maker, 13 Barrosa pl

Samuel M. clothier, 16 White Lion st

Sandford Thos. beer retailer, New rd

Sanders Matthew, the ‘Cock,’ Upper North st

Sanders and Francot, ‘Cadogan Arms,’ 298 King’s rd

Sandle Samuel E. dairy, 44 Upper North st

Sansbury Thomas, linendraper, 125 King’s rd

Sansun William Henry, plumber and decorator, 132 King’s rd

Sargent H. hairdresser, 23 Symons st

Saunders J. greengrocer, 3 Maynard pl

Saunders Wm. grocer, D’Oyly st

Sayer James, plumber, 3 Leader st

Sayer William, tailor, 25 Francis st

Scarfe F. builder, 7 Draycott st

Scarfe H. boot maker, 42 Godfrey st

Scherer C. clock maker, 28 Lower George st

Schilcock William, ‘Waterman’s Arms’ 16 Lombard st

Schoot William, shoe warehouse, 101 Sloane st

Schott M. bootmaker, 101 Sloane st

Scolding John, grocer, 23 Manor st

Scott A. Geo. butcher, 48 Walton st

Scott J. chimney sweep, 8 New rd

Scott & Weeks, lime wharf, Queen’s rd

Scott —, carpenter, 3 Draycott st

Scott, Cuthbertson and Co., paper stainers, Whitelands

Scovell George, oil and italian warehouse, 39 Exeter st

Seaman W. M. artificial and French florist, 199 Sloane st

Search Stevens, corn dealer, 54 Lower Church st

Seaton H. Henry, wardrobe dealer, 17 Leader st

Sellis W. greengrocer, 2 College pl

Selwyn John, photographic artist, 6 Queen’s rd east

Semon H. printer, 5 Upper North st

Sewell Jas. butcher, 2 Green st

Seex W. J. china dealer, 82 Leader st

Seybold William, umbrella maker, 2 South st

Seymour Charles, 43 Sloane st

Sharp Miss, milliner, 5 Robert ter

Sharp T. ladies outfitter, 74 King’s rd

Shave Richard, watchmaker, 55 Queen’s rd west

Sheat Edwin Benjamin, hair cutter and perfumer, 61 King’s rd

Sheeppey W. tailor, 2 Seymour st

Sheldon F. boot maker, 2 Exeter pl

Shelton R. plumber, 22 Halsey st

Shell Alf. beer retailer, 4 Exeter st

Shelton and Horton, plumbers, 8 Draycott st

Shephard George, greengrocer, 8 Lower Church st

Sheppard J. sweep, 36 Upper North st

Shepheard G. F. dyer 79 King’s rd

Shepherd T. W. provision merchant, 61 Lower George st

Shephard J. turner, 16 Up. North st

Sheppard Richard, confectioner, 368 King’s rd

Sherbourne C. G. gasfitter, 331 King’s rd

Sherry James, grocer and wine merchant, 193 Sloane st

Sherwood —, 385 King’s rd

Shield G. printer, 30 Lower Sloane st

Shingleton R. tailor, 29 King’s rd

Shingleton John, blind maker, 13 Lincoln st

Shinn Ellen, bookseller & stationer, 2 Bretten ter

Shipway J. undertaker, 3 Sloane sq

Shirley Chas. dyer, 15 Cadogan st

Skindmore J. W. grocer, 28 Francis st

Skinner Channon, baker, 50 Walton st

Shattle W. cow keeper, 51 College st

Shortland J. butcher, 37A Manor st

Shufflebotham W. coach builder, Symons st

Sice C. greengrocer, 112 King’s rd

Silly Edward, artist, 152 Sloane st

Silvester R. tobacconist 12 Pont st

Simpson D. tobacconist. 33 Exeter st

Sims J. general shop, Hooper’s court

Slaughter Jn. wardrobe warehouse, Cumberland st

Sloan George, tailor, 9 Sloane st

Sloane Street Domestic Institution, Joseph Lyston, proprietor, 5A Sloane

Slocombe T. butcher, 13 Halsey ter

Slyfield H. locksmith, 21 Symons st

Small T. jeweller, 15A White Lion st

Smart H. boot maker, D’Oyley st

Smith W. A. milliner, 1A Amelia pl

Smith A. baker and grocer, 17 Lawrence st

Styant A. tobacconist, 33 Regent st

Smith B. wardrobe dealer, 3 South st

Smith B. butcher, 67 King’s rd

Smith Ch. carpenter, 5 Queen’s rd e.

Smith F. milliner, 187A Sloane st

Smith Henry, ‘Royal George’, Lower George st

Smith H. tobacconist, 1 College pl

Smith H. C. undertaker, 6 Elizabeth st

Smith George B. pawnbroker, silversmith, and jeweller, 35 King’s rd

Smith G. B. pawnbroker and salesman, 23 Sloane sq

Smith J. cow keeper, 1 Turk’s row

Smith J. egg merchant, 219 King’s rd

Smith J. tobacconist, 30 Queen’s st

Smith J. ‘Duke of Wellington’, 16 South st

Smith and Co. dyers, 356 King’s rd

Smith and Smith, ladies outfitters, 189A Sloane st

Smith Miss. L. milliner, 8 Sloane st

Smedhurst, Miss, baby linen warehouse, 186 Sloane st

Smith Mrs. milliner, 137 Sloane st

Smith Mrs. wardrobe warehouse, 3 South st

Smith P. greengrocer, 2 Turk’s row

Smith Richard, ironmonger, 3 Queen’s rd east

Smith R. tobacconist, 1 Keppel st

Smith T. ironmonger, 1 Lordship’s pl

SMITH T. upholsterer, 65 King’s rd

Smith Warren, gas chandelier manufacturer, 66 College st

Snell Thomas, grocer, 4 Watt’s ter

Snow G. greengrocer, 6 Queen’s rd

Snowden John William, furnishing undertaker, 48 Marlbro’ rd

Soames Edwin, pawnbroker, 32 Queen’s rd west

Somes M. clothier, 4 Lombard te

Solomon C. clothier, 120 Marlbro’ rd

Soloman Ralph, dealer in old china, 34 Sloane st

Soper J. boot maker, 17 Exeter st

Souter Thomas, cab proprietor, 55 College st

Souter E. and A. grocers, 4 East st

Squires G. butcher, 337 King’s rd

Sparks, Ellen Emma, bookseller and stationer, 173 Marlbro’ rd

Spells Wm. baker, 12 Lombard st

Spenceley Wm. wine merchant, 1 Sloane st

Spenceley William, ‘Swan Tavern’, 4 Sloane st

Spenceley George Frederick, ‘The King’s Head & Eight Bells’, 45 Cheyne

Spencer T. butcher, 128 Marlbro’ rd

Spencer Wm. coal and coke dealer, 5 Lower Symons st

Spicer C. mason, Little Cadogan pl

Spicer Henry, builder, decorator &c., 13 Pont st

Spiers William, marine stores, 20 Queen’s rd east

Spinks George, ‘Coach and Horses’, Queen’s rd east

Spooner Mrs. wardrobe dealer, 19 Manor st

Stacey George, confectioner, 171 Marlbro’ rd

Stacey Richard, coffee house, 13 Cumberland pl

Standage Henry W. broker, 27 Marlbro’ rd

Standen J. dairy, 36 Lower Sloane st

Stanesby J. T. and Co. booksellers, stationers, and Post office, 179
Sloane st

Stanesby G. livery stables, Park wlk

Stanford William, H. fly proprietor, Charlotte st

Stanley G. tailor 172 King’s rd

Startling George, ‘Marlbro’ Arms’, 27 College st

Steed James, baby linen warehouse, 9 Sloane sq

Steed Henry, ‘The Man in the Moon,’ 392 King’s rd

Steer John, butcher, 71 King’s rd

Stephens J. dairyman, 15 Francis st

Stephenson Henry, College Arms’, 47 College st.

Sternberg —, furniture dealer, 124 New rd

Stevens J. W. grocer, 11 Lombard st

Stews Lawrence, wardrobe dealer, 1 Ormond rd.

Stevens R. boot mkr, Cumberland st

Stimpson T. builder, Upper North st

Stevens W. boot maker, 4 Francis st

Stocken John, ‘Cricketers Tavern,’ Cheyne walk

Stockley R. greengrocer, 19 Milner st

Stockley T. tea dealer, 178 Sloane st

Stokes E. book mkr, 19 Lombard st

Stokes Henry, greengrocer, 10 Lombard st

Stokes Isaac, tailor, 7 Charles st

Stokes Joseph, baker, 23 Walton st

Stone H. haberdasher, 1 Manor st

Stone Misses, milliner, 5A Sloane st

Stone W. mason, 75 New rd

Storey T. C. ‘White Hart’, Duke st

Storr —, printer, 8 First st

Strachan Mrs. dress maker, 38 Robert st

Strange and Son, family grocers, 46 Cheyne walk

Strange G. greengrocer, 3 Keppel st

Stratton G. cow keeper, 78 Leader st

Street Edmund, ‘The White Horse’, 66 Lower Church st

Strickland R. builder, 2 Godfrey st

Strickland Edward, ham and beef shop, 33 Cheyne walk

Strong C. jeweller, &c. 9 Symons st

Stroulger I. J. tailor, 53 Sloane sq.

Strugnell W. B. tea dealer and Post office, 110 King’s rd

Stwart Alexander, grocer and cheesemonger, 75 Queen’s rd west

Styant W. plumber, &c., 1 Lower Sloane st

Summerfield A. baker, 191 King’s rd

Surridge J. greengrocer, 6 Manor rw

Sutherland James, tobacconist, 17A Queen st

Sutton E. grocer. &c. Cumberland st

Sutton Jane, beer retailer, 18 Queen’s rd east

Swanger John, wardrobe warehouse, 1A Keppel ter

Sweatman Thomas, boot maker, 12 Exeter st

Sweeney J. boot maker, 13 Queen’s rd east

Swinbourn Henry, boot maker, 49 Queen’s rd west

Sydney A. W. oil and colourman, 127 King’s rd

Symons E. O. builder, Exeter st

Tanner C. haberdasher, 18 South st

Tassell T. confectioner, 84 King’s rd

Tate G. boot maker, 4 Ellis st

Taylor J. boot maker, 5 Turk’s row

Taylor and Co, Chelsea distillery, Shawfield st

Taylor and Co. perfume distillers, 121 King’s rd

Temple C. corn merchant, 58 College st

Temple John, appraiser, 16 Exeter st

Temple I. J. appraiser, 19 Up. North st

Temple R. H. gas fitter, 2 Up. North st

Terrey George, potatoe salesman, 4 Cheyne walk

Teggin W. tobacconist, 10 King’s rd

Thatcher T. carpenter, 3 Cumberland st

Theobald J. corn chandler, 9 South st

Thick Thos. tailor, 9 Up. Church st

Thomas Benjamin, upholsterer, 139 Marlbro’ rd

Thomas John, stay and corset maker, 31 Sloane sq

Thomas W. H. ironmonger, 6 Sloane st

Thomson —, writer, 74 Low. Sloane st

Thompson Edward, potatoe warehouse, 54 Leader st

Thompson E. H. watchmaker, 181 Sloane st

Thompson Thomas, the Pier coffee house, 29 Cheyne walk

Thorn C. greengrocer, 38 Up. North st

Thorne T. E. tobacconist, 8 Symons st

Thorn William, oil and colourman, 181 Marlbro’ rd

Thornton Geo. tobacconist, 1 Green st

Thornton W. carpenter Lit. Cadogan pl

Thorp Emma Mary, tobacconist, 169 Sloane st

Thwaites Charles, pork butcher, 13A Symons st

Tilling A. house agent, 29 Manor st

Tilley John, sweep, 13 Chelsea market

Tilling W. brush maker, 193 King’s rd

Tiller Wm. grocer, 16 Coulson st

Tilston Thos hosier, 11 King’s rd

Tindale J. and C. Lee and R. linendrapers, 11 King’s rd

Tippetts B. M. chemist, 3 Sloane st

Todd John, baker, 47 King’s rd

Todd Geo. auctioneer, 30 Cheyne walk

Todd J. and C. W. builders, 8 Milner st

Tomkins Geo. cow keeper, 5 Orford st

Townsend Th. dyer &c., 16 Sloane sq

Townsend William, the ‘Queen of Oude,’ 35 Queen st

Townsend —, plumber, 17 Barrosa pl

Toynbee T. Pavillion stables, Sloane st

Tree Benj. broker, 11 Chelsea market

Tranter Charles, tobacconist, 4 Queen’s rd west

Trebble and Clayton, chimney sweeps, 41 Upper North st

Tregenza Jno. boot maker, 14 New rd

Trowton J. coffee house, 38 Cheyne wk

Truckle Joseph, plumber and painter, Oriel cottage, College st

Trundell J. boot maker, 24 Sloane sq

Tucker J. ‘Cross Keys,’ Lawrence st

Tuck Mrs. Cadogan gardens, Sloane st

Tuck Mrs. J. fruiterer, 28 Sloane st

Tuck Richard, Devonshire dairy, 18 Lower Church st

Tunbridge W. cow keeper, New rd

Turkish Bath establishment, 155 Sloane st

Turner C. gardener, 34 Cumberland st

Turner J. boot maker, 88 Marlbro’ rd

Turner Thomas, furniture dealer, & undertaker, 53A Low. George st

Turpin Mrs. bottle dealer, Little Cadogan pl

Turnpenny Jno. ‘Crown and Anchor,’ 61 Lower Church st

Turrell John, fancy repository, 168 Sloane st

Tyler G. coffee house, 14 Marlbro’ rd

Tyler R. coffee house, 388 King’s rd

Upjohn W. tinman, 34 Up. North st

Vail W. pork butcher, 167 Marlbro’ rd

Valens T. Alfred, cheesemonger, 80 Leader st

Vanchini J. confectioner, 18 Leader st

Varity H. ‘Riley Arms’, York buildings

Vedy L. news agent, 7 Britannia ter

Venner John, baker, 24 Manor st

Venner John, baker, 6 Albert ter

Vinall C. house decorator 25 Walton st

Vincent S. watchmaker, 356 King’s rd

Voss —, tailor, 93 Sloane st

Wain Geo. tea dealer, 2 King’s rd

Waddelove E. James, 10 Salamanca Upper Church st

Walker Ch. cow keeper, 25 Exeter st

Walker David, picture frame maker, 2 College pl

Walker Jas. fishmonger, 94 King’s rd

Walter Julia, baker and confectioner, 150 Sloane st

Walker T. imitator of woods, 18 Robert ter

Waller J. R. tailor, 4 York st

Waller & Son, builders, 75 King’s rd

Wallis Ann, milliner, 23 Sloane st

Wallis T. tobacconist, 3 Queen’s rd w.

Walter Ch. bootmaker, 327 King’s rd

Walter J. cow keeper, 31 New rd

Walters Ann, tobacconist, 8 South st

Walters F. marine store, 114 Marlbro’ rd

Wangler S. watchmaker, 5 Bond st

Wannell Jas. butcher, 8 Leader ter

Ward F. ‘White Hart,’ 49 King’s rd

Ward J. leather seller, 18 Leader st

Ward W. fancy repository, 5 Leader st

Wardley G. baker, 110 Marlbro’ rd

Warnar W. greengrocer, 1 Princes st

Warne Charlotte, tobacconist, 3A Upper Church st

Warne J. dairy, 28 Up. North st

Warner Wm. broker, 66 Walton st

Waters S. milliner, 4A Sloane st

Watkins Jesse, baker, 83 King’s rd

Watkins Misses, preparatory school, 2 Markham sq

Watkins T. M. coffee house, 9 King’s rd

Watkins Wm. grocer, 12 Lawrence st

Watson G. coal merchant, 9 Keppel st

Watson M. grocer, 25 Queen’s rd west

Watson R. blind maker, 40 Walton st

Watson T. herbalist, 8 Queen’s rd west

Watts J. beer retailer 3 Ellis st

Weaving C. boot maker, 50 First st

Webb G. carpenter, 12 South st

Webb R. corn chandler, 76 Marlbro’ rd

Webb William, baker, 35 New rd, and 29 Up. North st

Webber G. jun. painter, 12 Draycott pl

Webbing Robert James, fancy repository, 60 King’s rd

Weeks John and Co., horticultural nursery, 124 and 126 King’s rd

Weeks Thos. grocer, 34 Walton st

Weeks Thomas, Chelsea lime wharf, Queen’s rd

Weidner M. pork butcher, 2 Duke st

Wellbank R. stationer, 42 King’s rd

Wellbank Richard, stationer and news agent, 21 Sloane sq

Wells Henry, grocer, 3 Up. Church st

Wells James, dealer in teas, coffees, Italian articles, and other
household stores, 48 Sloane st

West J. Dan. grocer, 24 Robert st

West M. wardrobe dealer, 3 Beaufort pl

West W. Geo. tailor, 10 Manor st

Weston A. dairy, 13 White Lion st

Weston R. confectioner, 1A Duke st

Weymouth E. William, greengrocer, 33 Cadogan st

Wharton F. chemist, 24 King’s rd

Whatley Frederick, photographic artist, 3 Strewan pl

Wheeler Buchan, chemist, 4 Prospect pl. Cheyne walk

Wheeler J. baker, 18 Queen’s rd west

Whisker R. van proprietor, Cross st

White E. linendraper, 359 King’s rd

White Francis, butcher, 347 King’s rd

White Fred. brewer, Up. North st

White Geo. bootmaker, 128 King’s rd

White Jas. corn dealer, 3 Prospect pl

White John Thackham, leather seller, 129 Marlbro’ rd

White Michael F. and Co, wine & spirit merchants, 71 Sloane st

White Mrs. milliner, 108 King’s rd

White Rich. leather seller, and dealer in grindery, and manufacturer of
Chapmans’ bottom boards, 10 Upper North st

White R. ironmonger, 390 King’s rd

White W. H. hatter, 9 Up. North st

Whitelock G. grainer, 11 Keppel st

Whitehead J. W. greengrocer, 56 Lower George st

Whiting Jonathan, tobacconist, 37 Lower George st

Whittaker James, pork butcher, 49A Queen’s rd west

Whittingham P. grocer, 1 James st

Whyte F. broker, 8 Chelsea market

Wiles —, laundry, 4 Cook’s grove

Willcox Jas. cow keeper, 35 Exeter st

Wilkie R. the ‘Globe,’ 19 King’s pl

Wilkins C. dairyman, 6 First st

Wilkins E. greengrocer, 30 Keppel st

Wilkins Mrs. wardrobe warehouse, 79 Lower Sloane st

Williams Ann, grocer, 14 Lower George st

Williams George Frederick, linendraper, 163 and 165 Marlbro’ rd

Williams James, 12 Rose ter

Williams J. boot maker, 22 Manor st

Williams Mrs. dairy, 29 Beaufort st

Williams Mrs. tobacconist, 5 Ellis st

Williams T. boot maker, 2 Paulton st

Williams W. general dealer, 49 First st

Williams Wm. grainer, 1A James st

Willis and Bray, portmanteau and trunk manufacturers, 192 Sloane st

Wilson G. plumber, 2 First st

Wilson Hen. grocer, 60 Walton st

Wilson S. baker, 8 South st

Wilton Jas. beer retailer, 10 South st

Wilson J. zinc worker, 153 Marlbro’ rd

Wilson John, gas fitter, 2 Bond st

Wilson R. confectioner, 5 Manor row

Wilson & Co. tailors, 4A Up. North st

Wilsher Edwin, house decorator, 44 Radnor st

Wilsher Edward, greengrocer, 20 Lower Church st

Wilsher Geo. grocer, 13 Exeter st

Wilsher Wm. stationer, 22 Duke st

Wiltshear James, grocer, and Post Office, 59 Lower Church st

Wilton John, beer retailer, 20 Cumberland st

Wilton William, cabinet maker and upholsterer, 110 Sloane st

Winchester J. plumber, 147 King’s rd

Winder J. coal dealer, 22 Queens st

Windley C. greengrocer, 25 South st

Wing Chas. baker, 10 College ter

Winkworth D. tailor, 80 College st

Winterflood E. tailor, 34A Robert ter

Wise Jas. dairyman, 29 King’s rd

Wise C. beer retailer, 18 Low Symons st

Wise F. Frederick, ‘Royal Eagle,’ 1 Francis st

Wise Mrs. milliner, 1 Cumberland st

Wiseby Eliza, circulating library, 9 Chelsea market

Withers Joseph, dairy, 11 Ellis st

Witten Robert, farrier, 23 College st

Wolz Mrs. baker, 6 Queen’s rd east

Wood John, bricklayer, 23 Francis st

Wood J. W. bootmaker, 5A Up North st

Wood Mary, tobacconist 1 Bond st

Wood W. ‘Adam & Eve,’ 16 Duke st

Woods Elizabeth, wardrobe warehouse, 86 College st

Woodhouse J. coffee house, 13 Leader st

Woodford & Son, sweeps, 3 Oakham st

Woodward John, watch and clock maker, 3 Exeter st

Woodward and Co, coal merchants, Charlotte st

Woolley J. greengrocer, 16 Manor st

Woolmer Frederick, 195 King’s r

Wooten Mrs. milliner, 229 King’s rd

Wordley Thos. tailor, 27 Keppel st

Worms P. auctioneer &c. 3 Charles st

Wormsley J. undertaker, 1 College st

Wright Jas. butcher, 9 Milner st

Wright James, butcher, 1 Ellis st

Wright James Evan, tobacconist, 2 Queen’s rd east

Wright John, ironmonger, 8 Queen’s rd east

Wright T. builder, Draycott pl

Wright Wm. butcher, 3 Duke st

Wright W. cow keeper, Cook’s ground

Wren John, grocer, 20 Manor st

Wray C. cow keeper, 51 Marlbro’ rd

Wustemann Frederick, professor of the flute, 100 Sloane st

Wyatt J. the ‘Queens Arms,’ 98 Marlbro’ rd

Yapp Peter, gentlemans’ bootmaker, 210 Sloane st

Yapp Peter, ladies’ boot and shoe maker, 200 Sloane st

Young H. greengrocer, 4 Keppel st

Young Joseph, draper, 8 Bond st

Young Phillip, chemist and druggist, 47 Cheyne walk

Young Miss E. fancy repository, 32 Sloane st

Youngman, Hayman, and Burnett, linendrapers, 174, 175 and 176 Sloane st

Young Men’s Christian Association, John Lee, Secretary, 165 Sloane st

                                * * * * *

Boot and Shoe Maker

                        To Her Majesty the Queen,

                AND THE ROYAL FAMILY OF HANOVER, &c., &c.,

                        Tachbrook Street, Pimlico.

                            ESTABLISHED 1801.

                                * * * * *

J. HIRD, having had a long and successful experience in the Bespoke
Department, feels confident he can ensure a fit to all who may favor him
with their patronage, combining ease and comfort, with durability, and

                                * * * * *

A good Assortment kept of Ladies’ and Children’s BOOTS and SHOES, of the
best Manufacture, at Moderate Charges.

                                * * * * *

        _French Satin Shoes of several qualities from_ 3_s._ 6_d._

                                * * * * *

  Ladies and Gentlemen waited on at their residences, and Goods sent on

                                * * * * *


Acton R. Richard, grocer, and Post office, 33 St. George’s pl

Adams W. hair dresser, 6 Clifton ter

Adnitt John, tobacconist, 9 Park pl

Ainsworth John Peachey, cheesemonger & butter man, 9 Crawley ter & 372
King’s road, Chelsea

Albert J. Albert dairy, 321 Fulham rd

Aldridge Thomas, ironmonger, 14 Queen’s buildings

Aldworth B. John, military tailor, 6 Brunswick pl

Alexander J. bootmaker, 5 Clifton ter

Aley Mrs. milliner, 36 Queen st

Allsop Thomas Edward, window blind maker, brush and turnery warehouse, 6
Elm ter

Andrews Mrs. milliner, 10 Rose ter

Atkinson A. Eliza, tobacconist, 5A Upper Queen’s buildings

Atkinson Elliott, ‘Civet Cat,’ 18 Brompton ter

Anderson and Baber, surgeons &c., 18 Brompton row

Anthony John, ‘Crawley Arms,’ Crawley ter

Arnold Geo. F. ‘Queen’s Elm,’ 242 Fulham rd

Ashbey F. & T. blind maker, 12 High rw

Aungier Wm. tailor, 21 Montpelier st

Bailey Mrs. tobacconist, 15 Crawley ter

Baker Ph. grocer, 253 Fulham rd

Baker —, livery stables, Brompton rd

Bolster H. William, furniture warehouse, 14 High rd

Balster H. William, carpet warehouse, 12 Queen’s buildings

Barbey R. stationer, 9 Middle row n.

Barnes B. James, pharmaceutical chemist, 1 Trevor ter

Barnes Edward, family grocer, Registrar of births and deaths, and Post
office, 15 & 16 Prospect pl

Barnes E. wheelwright, 1 Knightsbridge green

Barnes Emma, Italian warehouse, 131 Fulham rd

Barnes H. tobacconist, 14 Prospect pl

Barnes Henry, Italian warehouse, 167 Fulham rd

Barnes James, Italian warehouse, 2 Middle Queen’s buildings

Barrat and Co., steam dyers, 4 Brunswick pl

Barrat L. T. stay manufacturer, 5 Middle Queen’s buildings

Barrett Andrew, brush maker, 29 St. George’s pl

Barrett C. cow keeper, Prospect pl

Barrett Edward, brush maker, 48 St. George’s pl

Bartlett Thomas, tailor, 6 Middle row north

Barrat & Son, gasfitters, 6 Sussex pl

Base John, poulterer, 163 Fulham rd

Bateman Francis, ‘King’s Arms,’ 5 Radcliffe ter

Bates Wm. carpenter, 21 Queen st

Baxter Sarah, ‘Clifton Arms,’ 1 Schofield pl

Bayless M. confectioner, 18 Prospect pl

Beale Chas. fishmonger, 14 New st

Beets J. butcher, 35 St. George’s ter

Bell J. oyster rooms, 99A Fulham rd

Bell R. W. draper, 8 Hill st

Bell William, the ‘Fulham Bridge,’ 11 Brompton rd

Bennett Robert, post master, 15A Lower Grove ter

BENNETTS WILLIAM, artists’ colourman, decorator, gilder &c. 8 Brompton

Berman F. hosier, 2 Montpelier st

Best E. milliner, 15 Queen’s buildings

Bew G. A. coffeehouse, 309 Fulham rd

Bezley James, ham warehouse, 8 Upper Queen’s buildings

Birch, A. and William, undertakers, 5 Middle row north

Birch J. refreshment rooms, 22 High rd

Bingham Edward, marble works, 103 Fulham rd

Bishop Owen, ‘Admiral Keppel’, 77 Fulham rd

Blake D. stove & range maker, 26 New st

Blore John, architect, 8 Michael’s pl

Bley John B. tailor, 4 Elm ter

Bohn John, baker, 1 Clifton ter

Boles —, carpenter, 15 Trevor sq

Bolton James, bookseller and stationer, 39 St. George’s pl

Bolton J. tobacconist, 40 St. George’s ter

Bolton William, tailor, 1 St. Mark’s st

Booker John, china and glass mender, 1 Park side

Boswood Mary, stay maker, 4 Middle row north

Bosely and Coleman, chemists &c., 26 Brompton row

Bywier Edward, spirit merchant, 11 Middle Queen’s buildings

Bowne and Chand, confectioners, 2 Upper Queen’s buildings

Boughton Alfred, greengrocer, 343 Fulham rd

Bradley T. and F. builders, 14 Clifton ter

Brain W. bird fancier, 4 Park side

Brain W. umbrella maker, 1 Park side

Brake Hy. builder, 359 Fulham rd

Braid J. wardrobe dealer, 45 Lancelot pl

Brignall Charles, baby linen warehouse, 4 Brompton pl

Brister W. baker, 11 Clifton ter

Brooker John, coal merchant, 347 Fulham rd

Brockwell Edward, greengrocer, 5 Old Brompton rd

Broomfield Walter, locksmith &c., 5 Knightsbridge green

Brown George, house decorator, and house agent, 50 Brompton row

Bruce B. boot maker, 2 Grove ter

Buckland E. carpenter, 7 Alfred st

Buckley P. house decorator, 1 Onslow pl

Bull W. butcher, 5 Old Brompton rd

Bultitude W. shirt maker, 9 Clifton ter

Buncombe Robert, chemist and druggist, 55 Brompton row

Burman J. brush maker, 24 Albert ter

Burnet Joseph, tailor, 4 New st

Burry W. H. the ‘Talbot’, 19 Montpelier st

Burtenshaw and Finch, drapers, 85 Fulham rd

Burton L. confectioner, 18 High rd

Butt A. Mary, beer retailer, 335 Fulham rd

Butt William, grocer, 35 Raphael st

Calcut J. butcher, 4 Queen’s bldgs

Cant James, baker, 13 New st

Carr John, draper, 175 Fulham rd

Carter James & Co. linendrapers, 34 St. George’s pl

Carter Thomas, tripe dresser, 1 Middle row south

Carthew James Henry, wine and spirit merchant, 1 Queen’s bldgs.

Carver and Son, ironmongers, 75 Fulham rd

Carter Ch. gardener, 2 Thistle grove

Cater & Sons, job masters, 31 Queen st

Champion Miss C. ladies’ wardrobe dealer, 2 Lancelot pl

Channon S. Thomas, stationer and Post office, 5 Brompton pl

Chaplain F. James, house decorator, 5 Brunswick pl

Chaplain F. James, tobacconist, 5½ Brunswick pl

Chapman R. bootmaker, 15 Clifton ter

Chapman and Son, tea and coffee dealers, 43 St. George’s pl

Chappell J. Henry, ironmonger and gas fitter, 2 Onslow pl

Charles A. milliner, 24 St. George’s pl

Charles R. tailor, 3 Ranelagh st

Charles Fred. tobacconist, 6 Park side

Chatten James, dining rooms, 6 Middle row south

Chatterton J. hatter, 331 Fulham rd

Chauntler J. lace men, 12 Lowndes ter

Chown J. cheesemonger, 83 Fulham rd

Clark Fred. optician, 13 Park side

Clark Fred. auctioneer, 2 Brunswick pl

Clarke J. greengrocer, 171 Fulham rd

Cleghorn Edmund, boot manufacturer, 2 Brompton ter

Clifford J. and A. monumental sculptors, 237 and 239 Fulham rd

Coulfield George S., tobacconist, 7 Queen’s buildings

Cockburn Fred. milliner, 7 Grove ter

Cockran W. linendraper, 15 Rose ter

Cole Alfred B. chemist, 1 Crawley ter

Cole William, picture frame maker, 3 Elm ter

Coleman G. plumber, &c. 19 Queen st

Coleman S. draper, 355 Fulham rd

Collins G. Daniel, trunk and portmanteau maker, 3 Brompton pl

Collins William, hat manufacturer, 5 Upper Queen’s buildings

Collins and Co., linendrapers, 2 Lowndes ter

Coning Mrs. Charles, fancy repository, 6 Rose ter

Connolly E. William, ‘The Grapes,’ 16 Lower Grove ter

Cook George, draper, 2A Clifton ter

Cook William, ‘Windsor Castle,’ 7 Middle row north

Corby Wm. tailor, 1A Michael’s grove

Cordery Wm. fruiterer, &c. 27 High st

Coumbe Rich. butcher, 361 Fulham rd

Court John, hot water engineer, 30 Brompton row

Court —, gas fitter, Chapel pl

Couteau John G. court hair dresser, 23 Brompton row

Cowell & Son, butchers, 38 St. George’s pl

Cowley Charles, cow keeper and dairyman, 28 High rd

Cox William, butcher, 16 Middle Queen’s buildings

Cox W. fruiterer, Chapel pl

Cox G. coffee house, 34 Raphael st

Crabb George, hair dresser and perfumer, 23 High rd

Craft John, cheesemonger, 47 St. George’s pl

Cravens Thomas, marble works, 457 Fulham rd

Crawcour Lewin, furniture warehouse, 22 and 23 Queen’s bldgs.

Creamer George, outfitting establishment, 7 Upper Queen’s bldgs.

Creswick G. bootmaker, 6 Crawley ter

Cribb Robert, the ‘Goat in Boots,’ 333 Fulham rd

Cripps F. H. carpenter, Chapel pl

Criswick G. boot maker, 59 Fulham rd

Crops S. greengrocer, 36 Raphael st

Crowfoot A. ‘Zetland Arms,’ Bute st

Crowley Denis Martin, bookseller and stationer, 2 Crawley ter

Currie James, tailor, 62 Grove pl

Curtis Ch. greengrocer, 2 Pelham st

Cutler Joseph, dairyman, 8 Park side

Dacan, J. hair cutter, 15½ Clifton ter

Daer, W. baker, 15 Montpelier st

Dakin, Edmund, draper, 13 Middle Queen’s Buildings

Dallen, J. tailor, Lancelot pl

Dallibar, W. gasfitter, 331 Fulham rd

Dancock, S. Samuel, ‘Model Dairy,’ 177 Fulham rd

Davidson, James, baker, 15 Lower Grove ter

Davis, A. coffee shop, 1A Yeomans’ rw

Davies, R. eating house, 4 Sussex pl

Davis and Flower, chemists, Post, money order office, and savings bank,
191 Fulham rd

Day —, fruiterer, Chapel pl

Dealesandri A. confectioner, 37 St. George’s pl

Dean, Joseph, grocer and cheesemonger, 389 Fulham rd

Dear, William, upholsterer and house agent, 30 and 31 St. George’s ter

Deekes, C. Philip, potatoe warehouse, 1 Brompton pl

Delany, J. stationer, 353 Fulham rd

Dells, Misses, E. and L. fancy repository, 2 Rose ter

Deneulain, W. F. milliner’s, 52 St. George’s pl

Dennis, John, tailor, 15A Park Side

Denolf, J. B. tailor, 6 Montpelier st

Dickinson, G. John, house agent, 265 Fulham rd

Dillon, E. stationer, 2 Alexander pl

Dinwoodie —, draper, 37 Trevor sq

Dobson, H. fishmonger, 17 High rd

Doggett Martin, oilman, 14 Lower Grove ter

Dore, T. confectioner, 339 Fulham rd

Doughty, D. and W. biscuit bakers, 25 High rd

Doughty, John, baker and confectioner, 12 Queen’s buildings

Doughty, D. E. chemist, 4 William st

Dowie, T. E. Berlin repository, 199 Fulham rd

Downing —, floor cloth manufacturer, 6 Lowndes ter

Drake, Noah, ham, beef, and shellfish warehouse, 13 Middle rw north

Draper, T. wardrobe dealer, 3 New st.

Duggin, I. Henry, tea dealer, 17 Queen’s buildings

Druggan, James, wine and spirit merchant, 11 Middle row north

Dummayne J. mantle warehouse, 15 Middle Queen’s buildings

Dumbrell, George, ‘The Stag,’ 145 Fulham rd

Dunbar, W. 10 Princes gardens

Duncan J. boot maker, Brompton rw

Dungate, Samuel, French polisher, 9 Montpelier st

Dutton and Sons, boot and shoe makers, 3 and 5 Lowndes ter

Durose, C. Daniel, tobacconist, 5 Knightsbridge green

Dye, W. bricklayer, 27 Queen’s st

Dyer, Joseph, ladies’ outfitter, 121 Fulham rd

East Robert, cigar warehouse, 20 Albert ter

Easy William, stationer, 7 Middle Queen’s buildings

Eatwell J. ironmonger, 257 Fulham rd

Eckert P. biscuit baker, 193 Fulham rd

Edwards Robert, ‘White Swan Tavern,’ Gloucester ter

Edward Jones, draper, 4 Onslow pl

Edwards Williams, chemist and druggist, 5 Redcliffe ter

Electric Telegraph Station, 22 St. George’s ter

Ellaway John, star coffee house, 29 Brompton row

Elliott R. dining rooms, 349 Fulham rd

Elsworth John, estate house agent, 3 Trevor ter

Emerton J. cow keeper, 7 Arthur st

Emerton Jos. cow keeper, 19 New st

Emery —, paper hangar, 2 Elm ter

Emmins John, poulterer, &c., 11 Montpelier st

Eslick S. coffee house, 27 New st

Evans & Cooke, drapers, 55 Fulham rd

Evens and Son, wine merchants, 54 Brompton row

Fairweather, H. Wm. tobacconist, 8A Middle row north

Farmer, C. ironmonger, 4 Clifton ter

Farrell, Wm. tailor, 14 Crawley ter

Fenton, A. milliner, 387 Fulham rd

Fenton, F. tobacconist, 69 Fulham rd

Field, W. chemist, 27 Queen’s bldgs

Fitch W. builder, 1A Michaels’ grove

Floyd Charles, grocer, 13 Clifton ter

Flack, George D. brush maker, 365 Fulham rd

Fletcher, Charles, watchmaker, 3 Redcliffe ter

Fletcher, Elizabeth, wardrobe dealer, 21 High rd

Folley J. baker, 23 Montpelier row

Forman, Thomas, greengrocer, 16 Queen’s buildings

Fowls, Thos. butcher, 14 Fulham rd

Fox, Henry, wine merchant, 9 Brompton row

Fry, J. builder, Chapel pl

Fry, Stephen John, linendraper, 10 Crawley ter

Garner T. B. fishmonger, 295 Fulham rd

Gallimore W. plumber, 17 Montpelier st

Garner B. T. butcher, 315 Fulham rd

Garner Wm. butcher, 11 Bute st

Garwood William R. ham warehouse, 3 Upper Queen’s buildings

Gates and Son, job and post masters, 8 Sussex ter

Gatti Leonard, ice merchant, 6 Upper Queen’s buildings

Gaubert E. stationer, 151 Fulham rd

Gay E. M. stationer, 4 Alexander pl

Giles R. and Co., china and glass warehouse, 5 Crawley ter

Gilmore H. draper, 43 Montpelier sq

Gilmour Wm. draper, 35 Trevor sq

Gissold Joseph, draper, 2A Upper Queen’s buildings

Glanville F. chemist, 4 Montpelier st

Glanville F. chemist, 3 Clifton ter

Glaister —, veterinary surgeon, 16 High row

Godfree Frederick, eating house, 3 Middle row south

Godfree Frederick, dining rooms, 2 Middle row north

Godfrey and Cooke, chemists, 26 St. George’s pl

Godman Jas. baker, 1 Lancelot pl

Golding G. W. butcher, 5 Montpelier st

Gooch Jo. hosier, 25 Queen’s bldgs.

Goodacre Geo. Jas. umbrella maker, 1 Montpelier st

Goodered F. tobacconist, 2 Michael’s pl

Gootling George, ironmonger, 1 Upper Queen’s buildings

Graham J. draper, 19 Trevor sq

Greasley William, fish monger, 21 Queen’s buildings

Green E. china dealer, 28 Queen’s bldgs

Green Jas. fruiterer, 5 Alexander pl

Guttridge Wm. corn dealer, 291 Fulham rd

Hall, Richard, hosier and glover, 44 St. George’s pl

Halliwell, R. grocer, 11 Fulham rd

Halslam Joseph, draper, 10 Middle Queen’s buildings

Hamilton H. draper, 36 Trever sq

Hamilton L. milliner, 31 Brompton row

Hammond G. stationer, 6 Grove ter

Hammond Walter, general draper, 325 Fulham rd

Hammand William, ‘City of London Brewery,’ Park pl

Hardy Benj. butcher, 3 Grove ter

Harding William, Hope coffee house, 20 New st

Hardy George, chemist, and Post office, 3 Alexander pl

Harrison Charles, boot and shoe manufacturer, 3 Elm ter

Harrod Charles H. grocer, 8 Middle Queen’s buildings

Hart Frederick, house decorator, 125 Fulham rd

Hartland F. grocer, 3 Lancelot pl

Harvey Martha, grocer, Bute House, Prospect pl

Harvey Nichols, and Co., carpet warehouse, 1 Lowndes ter

Hatchett John, grocer, 11 Lower Grove ter

Headen S. newsagent, 12 Park side

Heald E. stationer, 453 Fulham rd

Heath John, tailor, 262 Fulham rd

Heath R. hatter, 25 St. George’s pl

Heatherley James, trunk maker, 135 Fulham rd

Heigham Sophia, pawnbroker, 5 Onslow pl

Heinke H. G. upholsterer, 35 Brompton row

Helling —, tailor, 18 Queen st

Hemmings A. R. ‘Royal Oak,’ Raphael st

Henwood and Co. dye works, 4 Schofield pl

Herbert James, boot manufacturer, 1 Middle Queen’s buildings

Herbet G. and Son, pawnbrokers, 20 Queen’s buildings

Hetherington and Dennis, linendrapers, 10 Lowndes ter

Hoblick E. tailor, 9 Charles st

Hodgers C. coffee house, 18 New st

Hodges S. F. surgeon, 4 Brompton rw

Holderness H. draper, 10 Fulham rd

Holloway James, sadler and harness maker, 23 Albert ter

Holmes J. coffee and chop house, 7 Park side

Holt C. upholsterer, 15 High row

Horey Thomas, carpenter and undertaker, 23 New st

Howell George, confectioner, 33 Raphael st

Hubbard Alexander, furniture dealer, 317 Fulham rd

Hughes W. butcher, 341 Fulham rd

Humble Mrs. W. greengrocer, 12 Prospect pl

Hume J. bread and biscuit baker, 11 Michael’s pl

Humphrey Edwin, newsagent, 9 Middle row south

Hunter Ann, ‘The Montpelier,’ Montpelier row

Hutton J. tailor, 27 Trevor sq

Hyams Henry, tobacconist, 5 Middle row south

Hyde F. tea dealer, 20 Thurloe pl

Jacobs Martha, ‘Cornwall Arms,’ 377 Fulham rd

Jacobs S. watch maker, &c. 5 Park side

Jackson C. and R. G. furniture dealers, Fulham rd

James Duncan, hair cutter, 15 Clifton ter

James George, boot and shoe maker, 1 Middle row north

James —, boot maker, 2 Trevor sq

Jannaway William, auctioneer, 38 Brompton row

Jeffcoat Joseph, brush manufacturer, 9 Middle Queen’s buildings

Jefferson M. milliner, 47A Fulham rd

Jesse Charles, draper, 6 Onslow pl

Jobbin Hen. baker, 17 Brompton ter

Jolland Julia, French dyer, 12 Middle Queen’s buildings

Jones E. dairyman, 43 Fulham rd

Jones E. and Co., tea and coffee dealers, 87 Fulham rd

Jones Henry S. dispensing chemist, 139 Fulham rd

Jones W. ‘Black Bull,’ Fulham rd

Jones William, wire blind maker, 159 Fulham rd

Jones —, fruiterer, Montpelier row

Junck H. sculptor, 46 Pelham st

Keith Wm. plumber, 18 Montpelier st

Kell Alexander, stationer and newsagent, 29 High rd

Kelly F. trunk maker, 3 Park side

Kemp Daniel, grocer, 11 New st

Keysell R. auctioneer, 385 Fulham rd

Kettle Nathaniel, boot and shoe warehouse, 91 Fulham rd

Kibble F. G. goldsmith and jeweller, 36 St. George’s pl

Kibble Thomas, ‘***,’ High rd {111}

King George, 11 Elm pl

Kirk Isaac, ham warehouse, 89 Fulham rd

Kirke P. auctioneer, 19 Brompton row

Knight J. muffin baker, 22 New st

Knight Thomas, ‘Gunter’s Arms,’ 451 Fulham rd

Knight Thomas, 5 Thistle grove

Lathbury & Co., wine and spirit merchants, 28 Brompton row

Lathbury John, ‘Red Lion,’ 9 Upper Queen’s buildings

Land Ed. hatter, 12 Middle row north

Larking C. upholsterer, 12 Crawley ter

Launders John, tailor, 17 Clifton ter

Laurence Mrs. H. milliner, 3 Rose ter

Lewin Edwin, ladies’ wardrobe, 455 Fulham rd

Lewis A. Mary, dining rooms, 3 Middle row north

Lewis C. G. ironger, 1 Lowndes ter

Lindsey Jos. boot maker, 30 Queen st

Linforth Edward, hosier and haberdasher, 28 New st

Linforth Edw. milliner, 1A New st

Little J. tailor, 21 Trevor sq

Little J. greengrocer, 161 Fulham rd

Lockyer J. ladies’ outfitter, 8 Rose ter

Lofting Henry, dealer in game, 2 Queen’s buildings

Lorberg Charles Henry, surgical instrument maker, 5 Brompton rd

Lownds T. Daniel, brush maker, 13 High row

Luff Richard, chemist, Prospect House, Prospect pl

Lye Thomas, wardrobe dealer, 3 Knightsbridge green

Lynn Daniel, upholsterer, 2 Trevor ter

McAdam, plumber, 1 Montpelier ter

McAdam J. plumber, 38 Queen st

McCall Samuel, draper, 11 Hill st

McMillan John, draper, 6 Hill st

Mayor John, boot and shoe maker, 2 Sussex ter

Maiden Walter W. chemist, 12 Lower Grove ter

Marchant William, dining rooms, Cromwell lane

Marchant William, veterinary surgeon, Cromwell lane

Markham Richard, van proprietor, 251 Fulham rd

Marshall R. jeweller, 37 Fulham rd

Marshall and Co., stay makers, 4 Park side

Martin and Johnson, auctioneers, 6 Alexander pl

Martyn W. surgeon, 14 Brompton rw

Marioni J. confectioner, 13 High rd

Mason James, ‘Hereford Arms,’ Hereford sq

Masters Francis, linendraper, 41 St. George’s pl

Matkin J. H. grocer, Yeoman’s row

Matthews Susan, haberdasher, 11 Prospect pl

Maydwell and Gay, builders, 1 Alexander pl

Mayers Henry, baker and confectioner, 1 Elm ter

Merrick George, carver and guilder, 7 Lower Grove ter

Meyrick Thomas, harness maker, 35 Fulham rd

Merriman H. cow keeper, 1 Queen st

Merryweather Charles, tobacconist, 5 Clifton ter

Messent T. confectioner, 61 Fulham rd

Michels John, auctioneer and estate agent, 1 William st

Milton Edw. tailor, 39 Fulham rd

Miller C. eel pie house, 16 High rd

Miller Robert, baker, 9 Fulham rd

Mitchell R. draper, 19 Queen’s bldgs

Morgan William, house decorator, 19 Albert ter

Moreton William, harness maker, 249 Fulham rd

Morse James, confectioner, 10 Queen’s buildings

Mortimore Mrs. wardrobe warehouse, 39 Queen st

Mortimer Henry J. dealer in game, 5 Grove ter

Mortimer J. wardrobe warehouse, 32 Queen st

Morris Frederick D. tobacconist, 10A Brompton rd

Morrison Thomas, book binder, 24 New st

Morton Thos. grocer, Cromwell lane

Moore Edward, tobacconist, 6 Knightsbridge green

Moore T. boot and shoe manufacturer, 50 St. George’s pl

Moore and Bartlett, upholsterers, 6 Brompton row

Moss William S. upholsterer, 187 Fulham rd

Murray & Son, blind manufacturers, 11 High row

Nash George M. bread and biscuit baker, 153 Fulham rd

Neale J. upholsterer, 4 Middle row s

Neale W. confectioner, 8 Park pl

Nelson Richard, mourning establishment, 3 Brompton row

New Jas. greengrocer, 3 Knightsbridge green

Newham Jane, stay manufacturer, 4 Middle Queen’s buildings

Nice H. confectioner, 6 Clifton ter

Nice Henry and Co, cheesemongers, 319 Fulham rd

Nichols Fanny, cheesemonger, 10 Arthur st

Nichols Geo. appraiser, 9 Arthur st

Nichols W. fishmonger, 31 Raphael st

Noakes and Dines, auctioneers, 19 High row

Noakes W. milliner, 73 Fulham rd

Norman Charles, the ‘Rose and Crown,’ High rd

Norman William H. wine and spirit stores, 21 Albert ter

Nugent M. tailor, 19 High rd

Nunneley Th. tea dealer and Italian warehouseman, 11 Crawley ter

Nutkins George, ‘The Gladstone,’ Brunswick pl

Oborne Wm. broker, 5 New st

Oporto, Cadiz, and French Wine Company, 9 Rose ter

Oughton T. auctioneer, 199 Fulham rd

Owles and Beaumont, silk mercers, 4 Grove ter

Padbury George, greengrocer, 7 Redcliffe ter

Padgett and Son, wine merchants, 53 St. George’s pl

Painton F. W. grocer, 8 Montpelier st

Palmer Samuel, hair dresser, 4 Knightsbridge green

Papps H. whip maker, 8 Middle rw s

Papps J. milliner, 7 Middle row s.

Parsons E. bookseller, 8 Queen’s bldgs

Parsons James, baker, 10 Bute st

Parsons T. baker, 4 Old Brompton rd

Parr and Sons, boot makers, 16 Montpelier st

Paskell S. W. picture restorer, 1 Glo’ster rd

Patient W. silversmith, 8 Grove ter

Patman H. Charles, hair cutter, 10 Middle row south

Pausey A. tobacconist, 117 Fulham rd

Pausey A. stationer, 127 Fulham rd

Pegler Charles, ‘Two Brewers,’ 15 Queen’s buildings

Perkins Charles, furniture dealer, 1A Michael’s pl

Percival R. H. hairdresser, 9 Park side

Perkins Henry, tutor, 38 Grove pl

Perrins Joseph, whip maker, 8 Middle row north

Phillippe J. hairdresser, 6 Lancelot pl

Phillips Richard M. grocer and wine merchant, 4 Grove ter

Philpot W. watch maker, 13A Park side

Pickford & Co. carriers, 2 Middle rw s

Pieroy Joseph, the ‘Brown Bear,’ High rd

Piper John, Onslow dairy, 157 Fulham rd

Pits T. draper, &c. 4 Queen’s buildings

Plant Thos. plumber, 1 Sussex ter

Plummer J. pork butcher, 1 New st

Pocock Brothers, boot and shoe warehouse, 67 Fulham rd

Pocock Brothers, boot manufacturers, 3 Queen’s buildings

Pollard C. and E. chemists, &c., 1 Brompton sq

Pope Richard, tailor and habit maker, 43 Brompton row

Porter Rich. tailor, 15 Glo’ster rd

Powell E. fruiterer, &c. 3 Sussex pl

Powter James H. coffee and dining rooms, 81 Fulham rd

Pratt E. beer retailer, 41 Fulham rd

Pratt M. Berlin wool repository, 45 St. George’s pl

Price —, boot maker, 7 Arthur st

Prince Herbert C. umbrella and parasol warehouse, 147 Fulham rd

Pring William, potato merchant, 6 Middle Queen’s buildings

Pring Wm. fruiterer, 3 Montpelier st

Prior James, confectioner, 2 Park side

Prior Jas. tobacconist, 2 Park side

Pritchard Julian, ‘Hoop and Toy Tavern,’ 22 Thurloe pl

Pulling J. upholsterer, 1 Rose ter

Rackstraw J. fishmonger, 5 Sussex pl

Ramsay Daniel, bread and biscuit baker, 37 Raphael st

Ramsay M. and E. Berlin repository, 10 Brompton row

Ratcliffe Mary, grocer, 10 New st

Rayment Charles, corn dealer, 13 Queen’s buildings

Read Misses H. E. & A. booksellers and stationers, 7 Rose ter

Rembges Hajie, French restaurant, 1A Brompton ter

Rendell Francis, china dealer, 1 Thistle grove

Rice William, baker, 22 Albert ter

Richards James, tailor, 2 Queen st.

Richardson Thomas, stay warehouse, 2 Redcliffe ter

Richardson William, cheesemonger, 299 Fulham rd

Richardson and Son, bakers, 26 Queen’s buildings

Ridgway and Monk, carpenters, 1 Yeoman’s row

Roberts George, stay manufacturer, 11 Lowndes ter

Roberts Jos. mantle manufacturers, 7 Queen’s buildings

Robertson Henry, boot maker, 12 St. Mark’s st

Rogers George S. shirt maker and hosier, 2 and 3 William st

Rolph George, greengrocer, 313 Fulham rd

Rood Francis, marine store dealer, Lancelot pl

Rood R. greengrocer, 13 Arthur st

Rothwell D. butcher, 391 Fulham rd

Rowes Alice, furniture dealer, 13A High rd

Rubergall James, West Brompton dairy, 357 Fulham rd

Savage Rob. fruiterer, 14 Park side

Sawyer Jonathan C. fancy repository, 323 Fulham rd

Scarnell Joseph, ladies’ outfitter, 14 Middle Queen’s buildings

Scarff G. upholsterer, 173 Fulham rd

Schneberger John, confectioner, 2 Sussex pl

Scott R. carpenter, 20 Queen st

Scott R. cow keeper, Cromwell lane

Scovell George, tallow chandeler, 5 Queen’s buildings

Searle J. William, letter cutter, 27 Seymour pl

Shackell R. milliner, 26 Thurloe pl

Shanly Daniel, coach maker, 311 Fulham rd

Sharpe William, boot and shoe maker, 12 Fulham rd

Sheen S. coffee house, 12 High rd

Shepright George, linendraper, 14 Rose ter

Shopland W. butcher, 9 Queen’s bldgs

Sinfield William, cook and confectioner, 1 Redcliffe ter

Sinkler Emma, pork butcher, 11 Queen’s buildings

Skinner George, tailor and outfitter, 13 Queen’s buildings

Slarks —, railway and booking office, 13 High row

Slark W. watch maker, 2 Brompton pl

Slater Robert, butcher, 1 Sussex pl

Smart, M. brush mak. 133 Fulham rd

Smeeton John, Pelham nursery, 99 Fulham rd

Smith Charlotte, dining rooms, 247 Fulham rd

Smith C. tobacconist, 2 Caroline rw

Smith F. greengrocer, 297 Fulham rd

Smith Richard M. cemetery marble works, 373 Fulham rd

Smith Charles, upholsterer and undertaker, 1 Michael’s pl

Smith William, baker and confectioner, 1 Grove ter

Smith William, cook and confectioner, 27 Brompton row

Smithers George, boot maker, 329 Fulham rd

Snell Thomas, and Co. tea dealers, 10 Queen’s buildings

Soames Edwin, pawnbroker, 113 and 115 Fulham rd

Soames E. pawnbroker, 303 Fulham rd

Somers William, boot maker, 2 Knightsbridge green

Somerville Robert, cabinet maker, 2 New st

Soole John H. chemist, 10 Middle row north

Spencer, J. carpenter, 7 Montpelier st

Spiller W. school, 32 Brompton row

Spinner William, ‘The Fox and Bull,’ 10 High row

Spreadbrow Ann, tobacconist, 20 High rd

Stammers J. grocer, 9 Butt st.

Stanley W. draper, 16 Queen’s bldgs

Starr Henry, ham and beef shop, 17 Park side

Starr J. cow keeper, 5 St. Mark’s st

Starr William J. watch maker and jeweller, 3 Park side

Stedman Charles, ‘Bell and Horns,’ 5 Alexander pl

Steer W. carpenter, 3 Johnson’s pl

Steggall W. draper, 363 Fulham rd

Stevens George, baker, 1 Grove ter

Stevenson Curtis W. family grocer, 24 High rd

Stevenson Curtis W. grocer, 8 Queen’s buildings

Stewart William D. milliner, 7A Middle Queen’s buildings

Stewart John, baker and confectioner, 395 Fulham rd

Steer Charles, tailor, 149 Fulham rd

Stickland W. H. chemist, Pelham House

Stimpson Mr. builder, 1 Brompton rw

Stimpson T. ‘George the Fourth,’ 44 Montpelier sq

Stocken W. undertaker, 1 Park side

Stockley Wm. ‘Pakenham Tavern,’ Knightsbridge green

Stratford Joseph, confectioner and family bread and biscuit baker, 8
Crawley ter

Street J. china dealer, 337 Fulham rd

Street R. J. ‘Trevor Arms,’ Trevor ter

Suggett J. draper, 24 Queen’s bldgs

Sutton William, linendraper &c., 49 St. George’s pl

Surrey John, H. builder, 7 Elm ter

Symons George, undertaker, 41 Brompton row

Symons T. butcher, 169 Fulham rd

Taylor George, ironmonger, 243 and 245 Fulham rd

Taylor James, grocer, 6 St. Mark’s st

Taylor James, house agent, 393 Fulham rd

Taylor Robert, court hair dresser, 3 Brunswick pl

Taylor T. wardrobe dealer, 53 Brompton row

Taylor, Son, & Ferrall, auctioneers, 28 Thurloe pl

Ternyhough Sarah, fruiterer, 1 Park pl

Thitchener Thomas C. watch and clock maker, 18 Albert ter

Thiselton H. draper, 1A Schofield pl

Thomas C. draper, 2½ Brompton ter

Thomas John, linendraper, 141 and 143 Fulham rd

Tilling Joseph E. packing case maker, 259 Fulham rd

Tilwayer Michael, tobacconist, 165 Fulham rd

Tims W. carpenter, 32 Montpelier st

Tipper Thomas, oil and colorman, 4 Redcliffe ter

Tipper William, grocer and cheesemonger, 367 and 369 Fulham rd

Toby Caroline, coffee house, 9 Queen’s buildings

Todd William J. linendraper, 4 Lowndes ter

Toor E. working jeweller, 3 Knightsbridge green

Toplis M. stationer, 14 Queen’s bldgs

Townsend Jos. A. tailor, 10 Prospect pl

Trimbey William, tobacconist, 307 Fulham rd

Tucker T. wheelwright, 18 Fulham rd

Turner F. cow keeper, 1A Cottage pl

Turner George, lamp manufacturer 13 Rose ter

Turner J. ‘Rose Tavern,’ 4 Rose ter

Turner Rbt. butcher, 57 Fulham rd

Vaughin and Co. silversmiths and jewellers, 22 Park side

Veitch James, Exotic Nursery, Fulham rd

Verity David, lamp manufacturer, 15 High rd

Vincent L. William, pawnbroker, 18 Queen’s buildings

Vine Henry, carver and gilder, 327 Fulham rd

Wadie Thos. veterinary instrument manufacturer, 32 Raphael st

Waight and Son, watch makers, 129 Fulham rd

Walker G. tobacconist, 1 Brompton ter

Walker Hy. grocer, 301 Fulham rd

Walker Th. stationer, 49 Fulham rd

Walker William milliner, &c., 5 and 6 Queen’s buildings

Walter Charles W. trunk and portmanteau manufacturer, 17 Albert ter

Wallis O. A. hosier and glover, 42 St. George’s pl

Ward Richard W. sadler and harness maker, 9 Brompton rd

Warder W. greengrocer, 2 Grove ter

Watkins R. tea dealer, 10 Clifton ter Fulham road

Watkins —, tailor, 10 Queen st

Watson Elizabeth, confectioner, 51 St. George’s pl

Watts Charles R. ironmonger, 13 Lower grove ter

Watts William, chemist and druggist, 71 Fulham rd

Waud W. W. music seller, 5 Rose ter

Wayt C. fishmonger, 16 Clifton ter

Way Thomas, pork butcher, 14 Middle row north

Webb Cowrade E. cheesemonger, 6 Queen’s buildings

Webb Samuel, dyer and cleaner, 4 Crawley ter

Webster Hen. fruiterer, 4 Knightsbridge green

Weed H. printer, 5 Brompton row

Wellicome R. butcher, 155 Fulham rd

West George, baker and confectioner, 305 Fulham rd

Westerton Charles, stationer and bookseller, 27 St. George’s pl

White H. greengrocer, 2 Schofield pl

White J. boot mkr, 293 Fulham rd

White R. haberdasher, 45 Fulham rd

White —, beer retailer, Middle st

Whitefield Thomas, surgeon, 12A Middle Queen’s buildings

Whitefoot Thomas, ‘The Bedford Arms,’ 1 St. Mark’s st

Whiteman R. stationer, 345 Fulham rd

Wilke G. baker, 4 Upper Queen’s bldgs

Wickens Edwin, cheesemonger, 3 Middle Queen’s buildings

Wilkes Henry, silversmith and jeweller, 28 St. George’s pl

Wilkins and Son, Italian warehouse, 63 and 65 Fulham rd

William Mark, toy warehouse 159A Fulham rd

Williams E. ‘Sun Tavern,’ 26 High rd

Williams Jas. hatter, 7 Crawley ter

Williams J. cow keeper, 12 Rose ter

Williams J. butcher, 12 New st

Williams and Sons, boot and shoe maker, 30 Raphael st

Williman Elisha, laceman and milliner, 1 Brompton row

Willis J. trunk maker, 255 Talbot rd

Willoughby Soloman, carriage repository, 12A Middle row north

Willmore and Brothers, glass warehouse, 4A Middle Queen’s bldgs

Wilson Alfred, breeches, gloves, & legging maker, 16 Park side

Wilson Francis E. Pelham Bazaar, 101 Fulham rd

Wilson R. boot mkr, 15 Fulham rd

Windle H. bottle dealer, 9 New st

Winfield C. coffee house, 10 Park side

Wing M. haberdasher, 11 Michaels gr

Wood J. chemist, 11 Queen’s bldgs

Winter S. shoe mkr, 137 Fulham rd

Wood N. greengrocer, 20 Montpelier st

Wood W. Cecil, bookseller and stationer, 56 Brompton row

Woodley John, sadler and harness maker, 27 Thurloe pl

Woodward John, corn and coal dealer, 6A Middle row south

Woodward A. greengrocer, 13 St. ter. Fulham rd

Wrathall J. milliner, 13 Crawley ter

Wren S. boot & shoemaker, 11 Park side

Wright Geo. farrier, 17 Fulham rd

Yaman and Cox, billiard table makers, 6 Queen st

Important to Mothers, Invalids, and persons of Impaired Digestion.

                                * * * * *


                          [Picture: Royal Seal]

                               DR. RIDGE’S
                               PATENT FOOD,
                        FOR INFANTS AND INVALIDS,
                      _Recommended by the Faculty_,

                                * * * * *

THE PATENT FOOD is so carefully and scientifically prepared, that it is
immensely superior to Arrowroot, Sago, Tapioca, Bread, Biscuit, Corn
Flour, or any other kind of farinacious food for Infants, not alone from
its purity, strength, and great nourishing properties, but also from its
having been PECULIARLY and THOROUGHLY cooked in its manufacture, which
renders it more easily digestible.  It cannot cause Acidity or Wind.

It is very agreeable, and, from the nature of its composition, is exactly
adapted to all conditions of the stomach.  It can be made ready for use
without trouble in two or three minutes.

Mixed in Beef Tea, Milk, or any other fluid, the PATENT FOOD is
pre-eminently suited to INVALIDS, from its wholesome and strengthening
qualities.  It is a real blessing, and from its remarkable cheapness
accessible to all.

    _One Trial will prove its efficacy_.  _It will recommend itself_.

                                * * * * *

                Sold in Canisters, 4d., 8d., and 1s. each,

    With clear and full Directions both for Infants and Invalids.  The
                  largest contains four of the smallest.

           None Genuine without the Signature of the Patentee,

                                                         J. J. RIDGE, M.D.

                                * * * * *

                       WHOLESALE AND RETAIL AGENTS,
                           BOSLEY AND COLEMAN,
                        Chemists and Pharmacists,
                      26, BROMPTON ROW, LONDON, S.W.

                        AGENTS BY APPOINTMENT FOR
             _Dr. De Jongh’s Pure Light Brown Cod Liver Oil_.

                                * * * * *

When, from want of time or any other cause it is not convenient to apply
to a Medical Practitioner,


may be depended upon as a safe and efficient remedy for DIARRHŒA,

It has been used during the last FOURTEEN YEARS with unvaried success.
It gives speedy relief, and (unlike most other medicines) it is not
disagreeable to the taste.

                                * * * * *

                             PREPARED ONLY BY
                            BOSLEY & COLEMAN,
                        CHEMISTS AND PHARMACISTS,
                      26, BROMPTON ROW, LONDON, S.W.
 in Bottles, 1s. 1½d., 2s. 3d., and 2s. 9d., with full directions for use

                                * * * * *


                       40, Great Marylebone-street, W. _October_ 22, 1858.

Sir,—Having for fifteen years been a sufferer from periodical attacks of
diarrhœa and dysentery, I was induced, in August last, to try a bottle of
your Anti-Spasmodic Mixture, and am pleased to say, with so satisfactory
a result, that I feel myself in duty bound to thank you for the
unspeakable benefit I have derived from the same.  It is decidely the
best remedy I have met with, for it not only performs a speedy, and, in
my case, perfect cure, but it also has a property of giving instant
warmth and comfort to the stomach, which other medicines I have hitherto
tried have not possessed.  I shall feel obliged by your sending me a
large bottle, for I never mean to be without a supply of it.

                                                   I am, Sir, yours truly,
                                                      WILLIAM H. CHARLTON.

To Mr. J. L. Bosley.

                                * * * * *

                             52, Walton-street, Chelsea, _April_ 18, 1861.

Dear Sir,—I have much pleasure in bearing testimony to the unquestionable
efficacy of your Anti-Spasmodic Mixture.  It is now six years since I
first experienced its effect on myself for a severe attack of Diarrhœa;
since then I have recommended it to a vast number of persons, all of whom
speak of it in the highest praise, it having in every case given almost
instantaneous relief.  It is a great pity that you do not make it more
generally known, for an article of such utility is deserving of and
should have world-wide publicity.

                             I remain, dear Sir, yours truly, CHAS. POOLE.

To Mr. J. L. Bosley.

                                * * * * *

                                    Brompton-square, S.W., _July_ 1, 1862.

Dear Sir,—I am truly sorry your note of the 18th ult. should have
remained so long unanswered.

As you mentioned your intention of publishing your Anti-Spasmodic
Mixture, I cheerfully forward you my testimonial as to its efficacy, for
I have used it for many years past, and can safely assure you my family,
upon all occasions when necessary to resort to it, have been effectually
relieved by it, in fact I never knew it fail either on them or myself, in
at once allaying every painful and spasmodic attack.

If any testimony of mine can promote its general use in families I shall
be glad, and give you full liberty to make any use you please of this
communication.  With every wish for your success, I am, dear Sir,

                                                         Yours faithfully,
                                                               L. H. COVE.

To Mr. J. L. Bosley.

                                * * * * *


                             SURGEON DENTIST,
                           210, SLOANE STREET,
                    _First House from Knightsbridge_.

                                * * * * *


                              A NEW PERFUME
                      FOR THE TOILET & HANDKERCHIEF,
                    _Price_ 1_s. and 2s. per Bottle_.

                                * * * * *

                             MANUFACTURED BY
                           BOSLEY AND COLEMAN,
                        Chemists and Pharmacists,

                            26, BROMPTON ROW,
                              LONDON, S.W.,
                        AGENTS BY APPOINTMENT FOR
                            MONS. A. MOLLARD’S
                               SULPHUR SOAP

                                * * * * *


                                * * * * *

                          [Picture: Royal Seal]

                            RICHARDSON & SON,
                        BREAD AND BISCUIT BAKERS,
                          26, QUEEN’S BUILDINGS,
                                  AND AT
                      25, ELIZABETH STREET, PIMLICO.

                                * * * * *

                          PURE FARM HOUSE BREAD,

        Made by the much approved Dough Kneading Machine, admired
      for its simplicity of construction and Cleanliness in working.

                                * * * * *

              Agents for the Osborne, Howqua, and Asam Teas.

                                * * * * *

                          FAMILIES WAITED UPON.

                                * * * * *

                 _Orders by Post punctually attended to_.

                                * * * * *


Abbott William, licensed victualler, 30 Warwick st

Abrahart Hen. Will. tobacconist, 3 Warwick st

Adkins William J. tobacconist, 8 Belgrave st south

Adshead William, watchmaker, 25A Elizabeth st

Aitkin F. bookbinder, 45 Warwick st

Aldis Frederick, fancy repository, 20 Victoria rd

Alexander G. dairyman, 11 Churton st

Alice Francis, baker, 6 King’s row

Aling S. A. stationer, 18 Sussex st

Allcrofts Wm. gutta percha depot, 5 Bridge row

Allen William, picture frame manufacturer, 31 Ebury st

Allen Wm. cabinet maker, 4 Upper Tachbrook st

Allen W. H. wine cooper, 38 Westbourne st

Alsop Thomas, confectioner, 21 Grosvenor st

Ambross D. the Goat, 6 Queen’s row

Anderson Charles, chemist, 20 Lower Belgrave st

Anderson Anthony, the ‘Belgrave,’ 1 Upper Ebury st

Andrews S. hairdresser, 6 Wilton rd

Applegarth John, boot and shoe maker, 26 Elizabeth st

Arbuthnot Mrs. M. haberdasher, 2A Wilton rd

Archbutt John, grocer and Italian warehouse, 26 Victoria rd

Archbutt and Co., tea dealers, 24 Motcomb st

Archibald Haswell, watch maker, 27 Elizabeth st

Aris —, bootmaker, 14 Eaton lane n.

Armfield Chs. A. working turner, &c. 25 Gloucester ter

Armfield William N. dyer, 24 Lower Eaton st

Armfield and Co., dyers, 11 Belgrave st south

Armstrong J. and Son, tea dealers and grocers, 48 Rochester row

Arnold J. carpenter, 66 Palford st

Arnold Rich. engraver and printer, 26 Lower Eaton st. and at 11 Belgrave
st south

Artis C. D. poulterer, 16 Motcomb st

Ascroft John, tobacconist, 12 Elizabeth st. south

Alston J. greengrocer, 2 Sutherland ter

Assar and Co. milliners, 84 Lupus st

Astley Benjamin, tobacconist, 4 Upper Dorset st

Atkinson William, tailor, &c., 71 Westbourne st

Austin Amos, greengrocer, 129 Upper Ebury st

Austin Emilie Agnes, toy, stationery, & fancy repository, 51 Warwick st

Ayckbourn Fred. C. patent bed manufacturer, 14 Moreton st west

Ayton Edward, harness maker, 7A St. Alban’s ter

Back W. tea dealer, 4 Westbourne st

Bacon F. J. gasfitter, &c. 16 Ebury st

Badger Lionel, fruiterer, 14 Queen st

Bailey Charles, newsagent, 53 Grosvenor row

Bailey Wm. window blind manufacturer, 20 Lower Eaton st

Baker C. S. A. architect and surveyor, 52 Lower Belgrave pl

Baker Mrs. milliner, 13 Up. Belgrave pl

Baker & Dowden, linendrapers, 17 and 19 Upper Eaton st

Balding Mrs. Sarah, china and glass dealer, 14 Upper Tachbrook st

Baldry N. bootmaker, 12 Moreton st w

Ballard B. and Son, undertakers, 8 Upper Tachbrook st

Banks John, perambulator manufacturer, 20 Gloucester ter

Banton G. beer retailer, 11 Brewer st

Barber J. bricklayer, 2 Wilton rd

Barber S. greengrocer, 19 Bridge row

Barnard J. tobacconist, 18 King’s rd

Barnes J. tailor, &c. 10 Moreton st

Barnes and West, linendrapers, 22 Warwick st

Barrett Caroline, marine store dealer, 1 Upper Garden st

Barrett T. baker, 34 Warwick st

Barron C. tea dealer, 11 Moreton st

Barry W. broker, 11 Bridge row

Barry Wm. furniture dealer, 50 Upper Ebury st

Barry William H. furniture dealer, 62 Upper Ebury st

Batten Mrs. milliner, 36 Up. Ebury st

Bartingale Mrs. E. rag merchant, 3 Elizabeth st. south

Barton J. confectioner, 13 Queen st

Barton Rich. auctioneer, &c. 12A Eccleston st. south

Bartrop H. corn dealer, 4 Low Eaton st

Bartrop Hy. baker, 43 Grosvenor row

Barjon V. and Co. wine merchants, 41 Lower Belgrave pl

Baskett J. butcher, 46 Grosvenor row

Bass Thos. printer, 22 Admiral ter

Bates W. greengrocer, 4 Effingham st

Bath T. beer retailer, 17 Pasmore st

Bath S. painter, 5 St. Leonard’s st

Bath Robert, the ‘King’s Arms,’ 1 Stockbridge ter

Batten J. hair cutter, 24 Up. Ebury st

Baugham and Co., undertakers, 7 Stockbridge ter

Baxter Jas. baker, 31 Elizabeth st

Beal Esther, grocer, &c. 22 Brewer st

Beal Henry, marine store dealer, 7 St. Leonard’s st

Beal Mrs. hosier, 33 Warwick st

Beanham Ann Mary, hotel and coffee house, 1 Westbourne pl

Beckham Alfred, French dyer, 68 Upper Ebury st

Beckham Alfred W. French dyer, 36 Upper Belgrave pl

Bedwell B. greengrocer, 7 Rutland ter

Beeching Joel, house decorator, 73 Hanover st

Belgravia Pantechnicon, Motcomb st

Bell John B. station and bookseller, 13 Upper Tachbrook st

Bennett Abner, tailor, &c. 34 Upper Belgrave pl

Bennett Challands, the ‘Rising Sun,’ Commercial rd

Bennett G. greengrocer, 47 Westbourne st

Benneworth Stephen W., grocer, 19 St. Alban’s ter

Berry George, house and estate agent, 8A Motcomb st

Berry Z. D. shoe manufacturer, Wilton rd

Berry Z. D. ironmonger, 3 Victoria Rd

Beresford —, watch and clock maker, 15 Allington st

Best George, furnishing warehouse, 2 Bloomsbury ter west

Betsy Mr. R. surgeon and dentist, 20 Ebury st

Bevington J. W. 54 Cambridge st

Bicknell Wm. chemist and druggist, 38 Ebury st

Biden and Co. ‘Gosport Brewery,’ 1 Shaftesbury ter

Biffin George, paper hanger, 121 Lillington st

Binge Thos. pharmaceutical chemist, 23 Stockbridge terrace

Billing J. butcher, 9 & 10 Queen st

Bingham Thos. grocer, oilman, &c. 10 Upper Ebury st

Birch Edward, stationer, 18A Elizabeth st south

Bird Jno. L. grocer, &c. 8 Dorset st

Bird W. S. grocer, &c. 19 Princes row

Bishop Joseph, greengrocer, 23 Elizabeth st. south

Bishopp Steven, brush maker and turner, 16 Churton st

Bathurst Mrs. E. stationer, 76 Pulford st

Black Ann, the ‘Feathers Tavern,’ Grosvenor st west

Blackaller and Co. linendrapers, 3 Lower Eaton st

Blackbeard and Peacock, drapers and hosiers, 4 Lupus st

Blackburn Wm. glass and china warehouse, 59 Ebury st

Blackburn W. F. stationer, 25 Motcomb st

Blackmore J. L. watch and clock maker & jeweller, 9 Shaftesbury ter

Blanchard George, greengrocer, 20 Upper Ebury st

Blanden W. tailor, 5 Whitaker st

Blanchard J. grocer, 15 Charlotte st

Blizard T. builder &c. 7 Up. Ranelagh st

Bloomfield J. bootmaker, 85 Lupus st

Blore Jno. butcher, 5 Westbourne st

Bodilly R. grocer, 7 Gloucester ter

Bolton C. cabinetmaker, 8 Moreton st

Bond H. carpenter, 11 Belvoir ter

Bond H. upholsterer, 88 Up Tchbrook st

Boncey Charles, the ‘Lord High Admiral Tavern,’ {123}

Booker C. china mender, 4 Wilton rd

Boon J. greengrocer, 11 Strewan pl

Bosworth J. cheesemngr, 37 Churton st

Bowden and Co. dyers, &c. 27 Ebury st

Bowdon, coach builder, 15 Eliz. st. s.

Bower W. upholsterer, 64 Lupus st

Bowerman Mrs. Sarah, tobacconist, 15 Elizabeth st. south

Bowers E. cheesemon. 22 Low. Eaton st

Bowley Joseph, oil and colorman, 49 Grosvenor row

Bowron W. cheesemonger and poulterer, 14 Churton st

Bowron William, cheesemonger and butterman, 43 Grosvenor row

Boulter R. boot maker, 1 Bridge row

Boura M. dyer, 16 Grosvenor st west

Boys Jas. tailor, 4 Moreton st west

Bradbeer Jas. grocer, 21A Queen st

Bradley & Bourdas, pharmaceutical chemists, 10 Pont st. & Belgrave rd

Briant E. 1 Minerva st

Bridge C. fishmonger, 26 Grosvenor rw

Bridge Wm. greengrocer, 5 Queen st

Brisco E. Balmorel Castle Rutland ter

Broadbelt Thomas J. house decorator, 19 Gloucester ter

Broadwood John & Sons, Grosvenor road

Bromly John, grocer, 5 Caledonia st

Brooke J. hosier, 18 Eccleston st s.

Broomhead, carver &c. 95 Lupus st

Brown Geo. C. milliner, 11 Up. Eaton st

Brown Herbert, watchmaker and jeweller, 82A, Upper Ebury st

Brown J. confectioner, 11 Queen st

Brown J. confectioner, 9 Dorset st

Brown Mary, grocer, 6 Bridge row

Brown T. B. W. the Flask Tavern, Ebury sq.

Brown W. ironmonger, 24 Churton st

Bruce S. confectioner, 9 Moreton st

Bryant Jos. butcher, 31 Churton st

Bryant Wm. E. milliner and draper, 1 Minerva st

Bryon Pet. upholsterer, 5 Belgrave rd

Bull Thos. tailor, 3 Tachbrook st

Burbidge G. greengrocr, 2 Windsor ter

Burch John, boot & shoe maker, 87 Upper Ebury st

Burgess W. auctioneer, 24 Sussex st

Burke Thos. tobacconist, 11 Eccleston st south

Burkett Josiah, butcher, 8 Churton st

Burleton J. R. licensed victualler, Sutherland st

Burman R. greengrocer, 22 Charlwood st

Burrows & Co. Coal whf. Grosvenor rd

Bushnell Sophia, Wellington tavern, Colshill st

Button John, bookseller, 97 Lupus st

Bygrove Geo. fishmong. 2 Queen’s st

Cable R. builder, 1 Upper Dorset st

Cameron G. baker, 14 Shaftesbury ter

Camisasco A. coffee house, 13 Belgrave st south

Campion William, fruiterer, 12 Eccleston st south

Caple G. tobacconist, 72 Admiral ter

Capel and Cundy, coal merchant, 6 Victoria rd. Office Wilton Wharf

Card T. tailor, 9 Eccleston st south

Carpenter Edward J. greengrocer, 21 Gloucester ter

Carpenter John, tailor, 26 Lower Belgrave st

Carr Mrs. ladies wardrobe dealer, 10 Lower Eaton st

Carter —, tailor, 39 Westbourne st

Carter Lucy and Son, tripe dressers, 37 Grosvenor row

Carter Mrs. milliner, 17 Grosvenor st west

Carter Mrs. Jane M. china and glass dealer, 101 Lupus st

Carter S. coffee house, 20 Bridge rw

Cassils Th. 2 Up. Tachbrook st

Cattell Richard and Son, bootmkrs, 30 Lower Eaton st

Cave W. J. ‘Crown & Anchor,’ Ebury st

Chalkley Henry, dining rooms, 54 Chapter st

Chalmers and Bain, milliners and dress makers, 8 Upper Eaton st

Chandler William, greengrocer, 8 St. Albans st

Chapman William, A. pawnbroker, 1 Queen’s row

Chapple Edward, grocer, and Post office, 1 Ranelagh ter

Chard F. J. pharmaceutical chemist, 39 Warwick st

Chard F. J. chemist, 13 Eccleston st south

Charles Thomas, fishmonger, 9 Arabella row, and at Lindsey pl Chelsea Ice

Charles William, tea dealer, 85 Westbourn st

Charles Robert, tailor, 3 Ranelagh st

Charles & Son, tailors, 22 Ebury st

Charters Sophia, tobacconist, 17A Elizabeth st south

Chater Wm. stationer, 9 Moreton st

Chick Fanny Maria, fancy repository, 85 Charlwood st

Chilly J. beer retailer, 2 Princes rw

Chisholm Misses S. and A. Berlin wool repository, 7 Lupus st

Clapperton F. artists’ colourman, stationer, & printer, 21 Elizabeth st

Clark Helen, china and glass dealer, 20 Eccleston st south

Clark John, ‘The Three Compasses,’ Upper Ebury st

Clark Jos. fruiterer, 20 Warwick st

Clark Robert, clothing establishment, 46 Admiral ter

Clarke George, nurseryman and seedsman, 4 Windsor ter

Clarke J. hairdresser, 9 Eaton lane n.

Clarke T. butcher, 10 Strewan pl

Clatworthy, John, grocer & cheesemonger, 74 Westbourne st

Clayton E. livery stables, Hugh st

Cleghorn Mrs. milliner, 68 Lupus st

Clement H. tailor, 4 Upper Ebury st

Clements John, greengrocer, 50 Grosvenor row

Cleavers and Mist, Pimlico Cement works, Lower Belgravia

Colham William, Agent to the Sun Fire office, 22 Stockbridge ter

Cockerell E. L. coal merchant, 41 Warwick st

Cockerell and Co. coal merchants, Eaton Wharf, Lower Belgravia

Cockrill S. greengrocer, 17 Brewer st

Cocks Samuel, ‘Marquis of Westminster,’ 24 Warwick st

Coff C. J. furniture repository, 104 Ebury st

Coff C. M. milliner, &c. 19 Ebury st

Coff C. R. undertaker, 7 Elizabeth st south

Coff J. C. upholsterer, 89 Ebury st

Cole F. grocer, 19 Eaton lane north

Cole John, dining rooms, 9 Upper Eaton st

Coles Benjamin, bread and biscuit baker, 16 Vauxhall bridge rd

Colley G. carver, 8 Upper Dorset st

Collins, greengrocer, 10 Arabella rw

Collins Charles, tailor and trousers maker, 5 Stockbridge ter

Collins George Edwin, ‘White Horse,’ 67 Lupus st

Collins Mrs. straw bonnet maker, 9 Gloucester ter

Collins T. greengrocer, 74 Admeral ter

Collins W. carpenter, Wilton rd

Connolly J. tailor, 16 Up. Eaton st

Cook James B. furniture dealer and bedding manufacturer, 56 and 57 Upper
Ebury st

Cook Thomas, fishmonger, 27 Shaftesbury ter

Cook Thomas Henry, cheesemonger, 1 Rochester ter

Cooke F. greengrocer, 13 Brewer st

Cookman S. greengrocer, 26 Queen st

Cooper Charles, baker and confectioner, 1 Lower Belgrave st

Cooper W. greengrocer, 3 Up. Dorset st

Copas Thomas, greengrocer, 12 Avery Farm row

Cope William T. ‘The Pineapple,’ Westbourne st

Coppin John, furniture dealer, 6 Charlwood st

Cordery F. baker, 1 Avery Farm row

Cornell William, cheesemonger, 3 Warwick st

Corsham C. gasfitter, 26 Lwr. Eaton st

Costiff Henry, baker, 4 Moreton st

Costiff William, baker, 15 Sussex st

Cotton F. cheesemonger, 44 Queen st

Courtney James William, pawnbroker, 16 Lower Eaton st

Courtney James William, furniture dealer, 18 Lower Ranelagh st

Covington J. engine keeper, 24 Commercial rd

Cowdery Martha, tea dealer, &c. 13 Gillingham st

Cox F. N. wireworker, 8 St. Albans ter

Critchett H. dairyman, 22 Sussex st

Croft E. baker, 3 Westmoreland st

Croft E. confectioner, 10 Grosvenor st

Crouch Mrs. milliner and dress maker, 21 Upper Ebury st

Crouchley W. beer retailer, St. Leonard’s st

Cross A. hairdresser, 13A Allington st

Crow John, furniture dealer, 28 Upper Ebury st

Culling C. bootmaker, 38 Churton st

Curling Richard, court lace cleaner, 29 Grosvenor st west

Curtice Edward, wholesale newsagent, 4 Moreton ter

Curtis Thomas, ‘The Devonshire Arms,’ 15 Moreton st west

Curtis William, linendraper, 11 and 12 Warwick st

Curtis William, tea dealer, 14 Upper Tachbrook st

Dale J. clothier, 52 Grosvenor row

Dalton M. M. milliner, 18 Churton st

Daniel H. watchmaker, 18 Moreton st

Daniel Nich. upholsterer, 5 Upper Ranelagh st.

Daniels, bootmaker, 10 Brewer st

Dansford Geo. brush maker, 30 Up. Eaton st

Davis David, dentist, 7 Queen’s row

Davis J. bookseller, &c. 44 Churton st

Davies Thomas, bookseller and stationer, 17 Lower Eaton st

Davies John, ‘Marquis of Granby,’ 7 Bridge row

Davies O. milliner, 16 Dorset st.

Davies W. fruiterer, 19 Low. Eaton st

Davey William, picture dealer, &c. 27 Pembroke place

Devey W. tailor, &c. 1 Wilton rd

Day Hen. James, watchmaker and jeweller, 19 Queen street

Day Joseph, bootmaker, 15 Lower Ranelagh st

Day Rbt. tobacconist, 44 Hindin st

Doan Henry, the Bay Horse, 34 Upper Ebury st.

Death Hen. butcher, 18 Victoria rd

Dell R. corn dealer, 4 Tachbrook st

Dennis S. hosier, 8 & 20 Queen’s row

Denyer J. dyer &c. 3 Shaftesbury ter

Dent Wm. grocer &c. 34 Churton st

Dickinson, Benj. straw bonnet mak. 25½ Lillington st.

Dik T. bootmaker, 17 Dorset st

Dines Geo. builder, Grosvenor road

Dinham H. bootmaker, 68 Chapter st

Dixon Thomas, furnishing ironmonger, 15 Lower Eaton st

Dobbs Mrs. coffee house, 72 Lupus st

Doble J. ‘White Swan,’ 1 St. Albans ter

Dobson John, hosier, 22 Churton st

Doidge Charles L. hair cutter, 8 St. Leonards st

Dennant Frederick, sewing machinist, 6 Bedford pl

Dorey Rich. grocer, 39 Tachbrock st

Dosson G. grocer, 18 Moreton st west

Doud M. H. stay maker, 23 Churton st

Downey Mrs. plumber, 19 Elizabeth st

Drake Henry, house decorator and plumber, 24 Moreton st west

Drinkwater James, greengrocer, 59 Cambridge st

Druce & Dale painters, 15 Lower Ranelagh st

Dudman T. watch mkr, 8 Eccleston st s

Duff J. general dealer, 19 Ebury sq

Dunch Charles, Berlin and fancy repository, 60 Ebury st

Dunfee William, ladies’ outfitter, 19 Victoria rd

Dunkley Henry, boot and shoe manufacturer, and Australian merchant, 17
Queen’s row

Dunsby Charles, perfumer and hair dresser, 17 Shaftesbury ter

Durnford Danel, tobacconist, 102 Lillington st

Durrant M. butcher, 16 Brewer st

Dyke Charles, ‘Old King’s Head,’ 11 Arabella row

Dyke H. wardrobe dealer, 3A Wilton rd

Ealden & Co., dyers, 11 Gloucester ter

Earwicker Mrs. Joseph, milliner, 99 Tachbrook st

Eary R. stationer, 44 Westmoreland st

Eatwell M. livery stbls, 1 Charlewood st

Eastgate C. Thomas, booth manufacturer, 10 Upper Tachbrook st

Eccles R. cheesemngr, 8 Gloucester ter

Edmonds George, ‘Stanley Arms,’ 40 Westmoreland st

Edwards Wm. brush manufacturer, 3 Gloucester ter

Eddy Thomas, sadler and harness maker, 34 Ebury st

Eichbaum George, wine and spirit merchant, 16 Sussex st

Ekins J. bootmaker, 20 Grosvenor row

Elliott G. greengrocer, 58 Cambridge st

Elliott John and Alfred, pawnbrokers, 22 and 23 Queen st

Elliott Wm. corn merchant, 24 Lower Belgrave st

Ellis H. confectioner, 4 Warwick st

Ellis Walker, potato merchant, 22 Shaftesbury ter

Elison W. tobacconist, 21 Moreton st w

Ely Geo. grocer and cheesemonger, 5 Westmoreland st

Ely Wm. pork butcher, 91 Lupus st

Emmens J. stationer, 8 Grosvenor st

Emmott Jno. ‘Ship,’ Admiral ter

Englefield Richard, cook and confectioner, 11 Lower Eaton st

Equitable Gas Light Co. Lupus st

Errington Chas. Rivers, fruiterer, 6 Arabella row

Eshelby G. milliner, 1 Up Tachbrook st

Evans A. and M. booksellers and stationers, 42 Tachbrook st

Evans C. upholsterer, &c. 2 Lupus st

Evans Geo. appraiser and upholsterer, 31 Warwick st

Evans Mrs. ladies’ wardrobe dealer, 6 Elizabeth st south

Evans —, job and post master, Lower Belgravia

Ewer J. fishmonger, 18 Grosvenor row

Fabbricotti Brothers, Carrara Marble works, Grosvenor rd.

Facey, Jas. W., writer and grainer, 41 Tachbrook st.

Facey Jas. Wm. Italian warehouse, 41 Tachbrook st.

Fagan F. upholsterer, 10 Elizabeth st s

Falkner, Mrs. milliner, &c., 11 Upper Dorset st

Farrant, Richard E., brush maker and turnery, 16 Queen’s row

Farrer, James, baker and confectioner, 3 Ebury st.

Farrow, F. unredeemed stores, 17 Queen’s st.

Fearis, George, linendraper, 1 & 2 Grosvenor row, & Westbourn st.

Fearon, Edward, ladies outfitter, 5 Victoria rd.

Fergusson, John, tea dealer, 33 Upper Eaton st.

Ferrario, N. confectioner, 19 Stafford row

Field, R. cow keeper, 47 Warwick st

Fifield, W. cheesmonger and ham and tongue dealer, 7 Hugh st w.

Filbee Mrs. Ann, cheesemonger, 13 Mereton st

Filmer W. boot maker, 17 Belvoir ter

Fisk Albert Henry, stationer, 10 Sutherland ter

Fish C. plumber, 2 Princes row

Fish Charles, builder, Cambridge wharf, Grosvenor rd

Fish H. bootmaker, 6 Warwick st

Fisher J. cow keeper, 95 Charlwood st

Fisher E. dairyman, 28 Hindon st

Fitzgerald Edward, cheesemonger and butterman, 4 Queen st

Fitzgerald John, rag merchant, 8 Little Ebury st.

Fitgerald John, tailor, 1 Bedford pl

Flack C. marine dealer, Flask st

Fletcher J. baker, 2 Charlwood st

Flinn John, Grosvenor slate works, Lower Belgravia

Foot G. linendraper, 6 & 7 Warwick st

Footte R. R. chemist, 8 Lower Eaton st

Formley, Bro. cement manufacturers, Medway wharf, Grosvenor rd

Forrow G. grocer, 4 Ranelagh rd

Forster Sophia, ‘Spread Eagle Tavern,’ Grosvenor rd

Foskett E. bootmaker, 13 Allington st

Foster Richard, ‘The Artillery Arm st {128}

Fortescue George, baker, 65 Lupus st

Fowler A. stationer, 5 Tachbrook st

Fowler Edmund, commision stables, 18 Gloucestr ter

Fox J. grocer &c. 29 Westbourne st

Franks D. B. chiropodist surgeon, 41 Lower Belgrave pl

Freeman, carpenter, 15 Belvoir ter

Freer Ann, ‘The Monster Tavern,’ 1 St. George’s rd

Freeman J. plumber, 8 Upper Ebury st

Frewen E. hatter, 8 Grosvenor row

Freyberg James, upholsterer and auctioneer, 11 Grosvenor st w

Frisby E. bootmaker, 10 Eccleston st s.

Frith James, bookseller & stationer, 44 Upper Ebury st

Frostick Edward, ‘William the Fourth,’ Vauxhall bridge rd

Fry, John, butterman, 11 Ranelagh st

Fry J. R. W. grocer and Italian warehouse, 89 Lupus st

Fryer Willam, greengrocer, 65 Upper Garden st

Fuller J. chimney sweep, 5 Eaton lane

Furrian Miss E. hosier, 78 Lupus st

Gadd John, baker, 38 Hindon st

Gander C. ‘Albion Tavern,’ 17 Sussex st

Gauge W. and Son, pianoforte makers, 14 Upper Belgrave pl

Gardiner Caroline, ladies’ outfitting establishment, 9 Grosvenor st w.

Gardiner Mrs. baby linen warehouse, 9 Grosvenor st west

Gardner E. butcher, 17 Moreton st w

Gardner Edwin, grocer and cheesemonger, Bloomsbury ter

Gardner G. builder, 27 Low Belgrave st

Gardner J. china dler. 12 St. Alban’s ter

Garrett Edward, chimney sweeper, 64 Chapter st

Garwood John, ham and tongue dealer, 77 Lupus st

Gascoine John, the ‘Constitution,’ 42 Churton st

Gascoyne Henry, ‘Royal Clarence,’ 3 Westbourne pl

Gautier L. J. dyer, 18 Elizabeth st

Gawan Samuel, ‘Royal Arms,’ 16 Lower Ranelagh st

Goal Charles, grocer and cheesemonger, 56 Chapter st

Gedge L. J. cabinet maker, 12 Sutherland ter.

Gerard J. boot maker, 15 Up. Eaton st

George Street Private Bath, 22 Upper Belgrave pl

Gibbons B. butcher, 28 Elizabeth st s

Gibbons James, marine store dealer, 70 Chapter st

Gibbons —, tailor, 22 Eaton lane n

Gibbins Thomas, pharmaceutical chemist, 18 Lower Eaton st

Gibbings Mrs. coffee house, 28 Low. Eaton st

Gilbert David, hosier and shirt maker, 21 Queen’s row

Gilbert George, pharmaceutical chemist, 20 Moreton st west

Gilbert M. tailor, &c. 73 Pulford st

Gilbert Mary, greengrocer, 34 Lower Ranelagh st

Giles Dr. surgeon, 1A Elizabeth st s

Gillet Wm. chemist, 42 Admiral ter

Gillings I. French dyer, 34 Lillington st

Girling J. linendraper, 14 Up. Dorset st

Girling J. linendraper, 1 Sutherland ter

Gisbourne J. hatter, 46 Warwick st

Glover —, dairyman, 2 Eccleston st

Glover Geo. dairyman, 6 Belgrave rd

Godbold C. tobacconist, 7 Sutherlnd ter

Goddard G. tobacconist, 5 Lit. Ebury st

Godfrey Geo. ‘Royal Pavilion, 18 Howick ter

Godfrey Wm. fruiterer, 4 Victoria rd

Godsmark R. J. linendraper, 9 Moreton st

Gooch Ellis, watchmaker and jeweller, 30 Churton st

Gooding Thomas, boot maker, 9 Sutherland ter

Gooding W. hairdressr, 3 Eccleston st s

Goodwin Oratio, oil and colorman, 10 Rochester row

Goodwin leather seller, 14 Eaton lane n

Goodwin J. cheesemngr. 38 Up Ebury st

Goodwin W. bootmaker, 15 King’s rw

Gook J. T. stationer, 61 Cambridge st

Gorringe F. linendraper, 21 and 22 Victoria rd

Gosling Geo. G. bookseller, stationer, and newsagent, 98 Westbourne st

Gosling and Jordan, booksellers and stationers, 25 Shaftesbury ter

Gould Robt. tailor, 19 Churton st

Goulden George, furniture dealer, &c. 25 Bloomsbury ter

Gouldsmith & Sons, dyers, 2 Pont st

Gouldson Henry, dyer and cleaner, 16 Eccleston st south

Grant Arthur, furniture warehouse, 88 Upper Ebury st

Grant J. Inspector of Nuisances, 25 Commercial rd

Gray E. zinc worker, 4A Whittaker st

Gray J. dairyman, 13 Ranelagh st

Gray H. tea dealer, 13 Queen’s row

Gray T. J. hatter, 9 Up. Tachbrook st

Green Isaac, general tool and cutlery warehouse, 11 Sutherland ter

Green James, tea dealer, Post office, 7 Eccleston st south

Green J. brush maker, 82 Lupus st

Green Sarah, ‘Foresters Arms,’ 27 Gloucester ter

Green W. dairyman, 31 Up. Eaton st

Greenland G. boot maker, 119 Lillington st

Gregg Edward, foreign bookseller, 13 Grosvenor st west

Gregory W. carpenter, 6 Eaton lane n

Grice Marriott, baker and confectioner, 1A Hugh st west

Grigson R. oilman, &c. 4 Warwick st

Groombridge George, stationer, 30 Upper Tachbrook st

Gross John, fruiterer, 40 Elizabeth st

Grover G. tobacconist, 7 Queen’s row

Groves W. tailor, 21 Up. Eaton st

Groombridge Tirrell, confectioner, 22 Bloomburgh ter

Guillaume F. A. bookseller and stationer, 36 Elizabeth st

Guillaume and Co., Colonial booksellers, 42 Chester sq

Gulliver Wm. chemist, 33 Lower Belgrave st

Gunter Richard, pastrycook and confectioner, 23 Motcomb st

Hague S. William, shirt maker, 2 Charlotte st

Haines George, auctioneer, 12 Grosvenor st w

Haines T. butcher, 30 Grosvenor rw

Hales, C. boot maker, 16 Queens st

Halfid A. C. watchmaker, 80 Lupus st

Hall A. baker, 74 Colshill st

Hall C. basket maker, 40 Queen’s st

Hall J. J. butcher, 2 Shaftesbury ter

Hall J. Wm. butcher, 19 Sussex st

Hall James, greengrocer, 25 Lower Belgrave st

Hall William, fruiterer & green grocer, 28 Elizabeth st

Hall & Sons, butchers, 7 Charlotte st

Halford N. greengrocer, 3 Pulford ter

Handcock Charles, ‘Grosvenor Arms,’ Upper Belgrave pl.

Handel’s Private Hotel, 24 Upper Belgrave place

Harder W. marine store dealer, 1 New st

Harness M. John, grocer, &c. 2 Effingham st

Harper John, chemist & druggist, 2 Queen’s row

Harris H. rag merchant, 58 Chapter st

Harris T. clothier, 22 Grosvenor row

Harris Valentine Sayer, cheesemonger, 73 Lupus st

Harrison John, toy repository, 11 St. Albans ter

Harrison R. grocer, &c. 21 Colshill st

Harrington William, linendraper, 11 & 12 Upper Tachbrook st

Hart C. bootmaker, 2 Commercial rd

Hart Lewis, wardrobe dealer, 24 Shaftesbury ter

Harvey H. bird fancier, 50 Queens st

Harvey W. boot maker, 18 Wilton ter

Harvey, carpenter, 2 Eaton lane n

Harwood Abraham, French polisher, 80 Upper Ebury st

Harwood, dairyman, 4 Tachbrook st

Hassell Robert, confectioner, &c. 9 & 10A Moreton st

Hasted Wm. butcher, 127 Lupus st

Hastings George, cheesemonger & poulterer, 13 Churton st

Hatchard Edward, statuary mason, 82 Upper Ebury st

Hatchard F. W. surgeon, &c. 4 Upper Eaton st

Hatt C. cow keeper, 15 Brewer st

Hawgood James, pawnbroker & silversmith, 1 & 2 Gloucester ter

Hawkins James, cheesemonger, 65 Westbourne st

Haylock T. builder, 41 Grosvenor row

Haylock Mrs. stationer, 41 Grsvnr row

Haylock Mayle J. greengrocer, 48 Admiral ter.

Haylock Mayle J. greengrocer, 3 Gloucester ter

Haynes E. oilman, 7 Moreton st w

Haynes William, fruiterer, &c. 10 & 12 Churton st

Haward C. undertaker, 15 Queens st

Hayward Miss, cornet maker, 16 Grosvenor st w

Hayward W. fishmonger, 134 Warwick st

Hayter E. coffee house, 31 Grsvnr row

Hadland G. beer retailer, 16 Union st

Hazell, coal merchant, Lower Belgravia, Ebury wharf

Heaphy Thomas, Esq. 11 Hugh st and 11 Cambridge st

Hearn Henry, hair dresser, &c. 86 Upper Ebury st

Hearne H. tobacconist, 12 Allington st

Heath James, dairyman, 11 Ebury st

Heath Rich. upholsterer, 74 Upper Ebury street

Heathcote A. stationer, 1 Ebury st

Heather John, coffee & shop house, 1 Charlotte st.

Heavens W. E. lamp maker, 1 Hindon st

Helling T. tailor, 26 West st

Hellings Edward, china and glass dealer, 3 Sutherland st

Helms T. fishmong. 4 Providence ter

Herbert Mrs. Maria, tobacconist, 21A Warwick st

Hember E. cabinet maker, 2 Westbourne pl

Herbert Jell C., corn dealer, &c., Moreton st w

Hetherington John, linendraper, 40 Warwick st

Hexter Henry, essence manufacturer, 15 Eccleston st s

Hilbert Soloman, boot and shoe maker, 36 Tachbrook st.

Hinckley R. cheesemonger, 10 Queen’s row

Hipkins George, ‘King William the IV,’ 1 Caledonian st, Grsvnr row

Hird J. boot maker, 8 Arabella row

Hoadley H. linendraper, 13 &14 Victoria road

Hoar T. confectioner, 3 Grsvnr row

Hockley G. ‘George the Fourth,’ 14 Queen’s row

Hoddle & Reeves, butchers, 15 Dorst st

Hodges, hair dresser 50 Grsvenr. row

Hodgson Miss, preparatory school, 32 Upper Tachbrook st

Holdin Benjamin, ‘The Victoria,’ Lower Belgrave pl

Holden P. outfitter, &c. 45 Queen st

Holder W. fruiterer, 25 Churton st

Hollebone & Son, ‘The Shakspeare head,’ 1 Lower Eaton st

Hollis Joseph, cheesemonger, 6 Sutherland ter

Hollards and Son, cabinet makers, Upper Ranelagh st

Holmyard James, upholsterer, 3 Windsor ter

Homles C. plumber, &c. 64 Lupus st

Honeyball H. carpenter, 56 Lillington st

Hooks Robert, grocer and cheesemonger, 131 Lillington st

Hope C. greengrocer, 9 Charlotte st

Hopwood John, ironmonger, 21 Stockbridge ter

Horwood Robert George, greengrocer, 1 Elizabeth st south

Hough J. hairdresser, 19 King’s row

Hudson W. tailor, 7 Sutherland st

Hughes & Co. grocers, 24 Elizabeth st s

Hubble George, Berlin and fancy repository, 93 Charlwood st

Hull E. grocer, 75 Upper Ebury st

Hullams S. bookseller, 20 Lwr Eaton st

Hund J. and Son, pianoforte manufacturers, 21 Ebury st

Hunt A. dining rooms, 38 Grosvenor rw

Hunt C. rag merchant, 32 Union st

Hunt E. rag merchant, 57 Lindon st

Hunt Edward, cheesemonger, 17 Gloucester ter

Hunt M. newsagent, 73 Admiral ter

Hutchings Henry, muffin baker, 5A Wilton rd

Hutchinson Henry, grocer and confectioner, 75 Lupus st

Hutchenson J. wheelwright, Grosvenor row

Inglis and Anderson, watchmakers and jewellers, 22 Motcomb st

Inwood T. tea dealer, 6 Moreton st west

Ion Augustus, bread and biscuit baker, 2 Lower Eaton st

Jackson John C. furniture dealer, 3 and 5 Moreton st west

Jackson William, cheesemonger and poulterer, 16 Warwick st

Jacobs William J. dealer in old gold and silver, 28 Ebury st

James Edwin, brush and turnery warehouse, 22 Elizabeth st

James John, carver and gilder, 10 Upper Belgrave pl

James R. cheesemonger, 8 Victoria rd

James S. tea dealer, 32 Grosvenor row

Jaques William, pawnbroker, 101 Tachbrook st

Jeans B. tobacconist, 9 Tachbrook st

Jeeton Anthony, licensed victualler, 29 Elizabeth st

Jeffries J. greengrocer, 2 Aylesford st

Jenkins John, ‘The Old Chelsea Water Works,’ Upr. Belgrave pl

Jenkins Thomas, marine store dealer, 20 Eaton lane north

Jennings William, tobacconist, 27 Upper Ebury st

Jepson F. furniture dealer 24 Gloucester ter

Johnson E. fishmonger, 2 Elizabeth st

Jekyll G. G. tea dealer, 13 Churton st

Jolley A. umbrella and portmanteau manufactory, 9 Ranelagh st

Jones David, butcher, 46 Coleshill st

Jones Eliza, grocer, 5 Rutland ter

Jones Richard E. herbalist, 9 St. Albans ter

Jones Jn. tobacconist, 2 Belvoir ter

Jones Robert W. corn and coal merchant, 7 Vauxhall bridge rd

Jones T. bootmaker 25 Elizabeth st

Jones T. E. lace man, 32 Churton st

Jones William, dyer, 12 Victoria rd

Jones, house decorator, St. Leonards st

Jones —, Bangor slate works, Lwr. Belgravia

Joseph Rose, dealers in British and Foreign lace, 10 Upper Eaton st

Jupp J. L. greengrocer, 20 Upper Tachbrook st

Jutsum W. C. plumber, 54 Westbourne st

Keat J. ironmonger, 8 Elizabeth st

Keating Mrs. fancy repository, 32 Upper Tachbrook st

Kebble Charles, boot and shoe maker, 13 Belvoir ter

Keene J. poulterer, 64 Coleshill st

Kelson T. pork butcher, 10 Dorset st

Kennedy Charlotte Elizabeth, grocer, 64 Westbourne st

Kerrey P. R. greengrocer, 43 Coleshill st

Kerslake John, boot and shoe maker, 18 Queen’s row

Kettle Mrs. C. haberdasher, 5 Warwick st

Kelk Mr. builder, &c. Commercial rd

Kilpatrick J. tailor, 4 Charlwood st

King F. greengrocer, 37 Hindon st

King Henry, chemist, 1 Churton st

King E. J. grocer, 1 Gullingham st

King & Sons, builders, Roehampton pl

King —, boot mkr, 21 St. Leonard’s st

Knapp George, carpenter, builder, and undertaker, 2 Minerva st

Knapp William, upholsterer and triming manufacturer, 17 Ebury st

Knibbs R. tailor, &c. 21 Brewer st

Knight C. milliner, 32 Tachbrook st

Knight E. and J. lathwood merchants, Lower Belgravia

Knight, William, ‘The Prince of Wales,’ 13 St. Albans ter

Knott J. carpenter, 5 Lillington st

Knowles E. grocer, 35 Lwr. Belgrave st

Kohler William A. Italian warehouse, 10 Lower Grosvenor pl

Kohne Mrs. L. stay maker, 8 Lupus st

Kurr F. baker, 17 Upper Tachbrook st

Lack T. carpenter, 29 Lillington st

Lack Thomas, tobacconist, 27 Lillingston st

Lainson C. linendraper, 102 Tachbrook st

Lamare C. wine merchant, 51 Lower Belgrave pl

Lambert Chapman J. timber merchant, Pimlico Wharf, Upper Belgrave pl

Lambert Thomas, coal merchant, Upper Belgrave pl

Lane George, ‘Duchess of Clarence,’ 1 Warwick st

Lane J. butcher, 1 Westmoreland st

Lane Wm. marble and stone works, 16 Admiral ter

Lane J. 1 Stanley st

Lance H. William, milliner, 19 Stockbridge ter

Lannis C. ‘Royal Oak,’ 41 Eliz. st

Larriban Jean, newsagent, 17 Low. Ranelagh st

Lawford Wm. ‘Bricklayer’s Arms,’ 14 Elizabeth st south

Lawrence T. corn dealer, 30 Queen’s st

Laws Henry, baker, 9 Queen’s row

Leach William, haberdasher, 26 Elizabeth st south

Leany J. greengrocer, 50 Chapter st

Lee G. boot maker, 27 Eliz. st s.

Lee Mrs. wardrobe dealer, 4 Ranelagh st

Lee Alf. coffee house, 21 Admiral ter

Lee, Son, and Smith, patent cement works, Lower Belgravia

Lemon John, boot and shoe maker, 22 Lower Ranelagh st

Lendrum L. baker, 4 Sutherland ter

Lester —, builder, 18 Motcomb st

Levey and Co., coal merchants, 17 Grosvenor st west

Lewer Henry, bookbinder, 33 Low. Ranelagh st

Lewer F. H. tobacconist, 27 Admiral ter

Lewis Jno. grocer, 4 Commercial rd

Lewis John G. oil and colorman, 14 Moreton st

Lewis R. tobacconist, 10 Ranelagh st

Lewis T. butcher, 3 Sutherland ter

Liddell Mrs. E. hosier &c. 16 Moreton st w

Lidgate A. butcher, 13 Warwick st

Lidstone & Co. butchers 4 Motcomb st

Liggins J. tbccnst. 16 Up. Tchbrook st

Lillywhite R. dairyman, 4 Caledonian st

Littleton F. saw mkr. 18 St. Alban’s ter

Lloyd Miss S. milliner, 4 Churton st

Lloyd & Co. marble works, Grosvenor rd

Lockyer A. greengrocer, 3 Moreton st

Logan Thos. marine store dealer, 7 Eaton lane north

Lomath Thomas, greengrocer, 23 Lower Ranelagh st

Long Geo. pharmaceutical chemist, 11 High st w. & 11 Cambridge st

Longden Wm. tailor, 22 Eccleston st s

Louis G. Vedy, newsagent and tobacconist, 7 Brittania ter

Love T. marine store dealer, 11 Dorset st

Lovegrove James R. bookseller, &c. 12 Motcomb st

Lovelace F. fruiterer, 71 Lupus st

Lowdey Wm. baker, 7 Ebury sq

Lowman R. A. newsagent &c. 1 Flask rw

Lownds Jno. watch maker, 5 York pl

Lackman W. milliner, 1A Sutherland st

Lucus E. butcher, 100 Lillington st

Lush S. china dealer, 12 Moreton st

Lyde John Wm. oilman, 7 Churton st

Lye L. Mary, confectioner, 10 St. Albans ter

Lynch Mrs. stationer, 57 Coleshill st

McBain A. baker, 11 Motcomb st

McCurrey R. builder, 7 Upr. Dorset st

McIlwrath W. builder, 10 Moreton st

McManus Felix John, provision merchant, 14 Motcomb st

McMillon James, lamp manufacturer, 12 Grosvenor row

McMullen Alexander, china and glass dealer, 36 Grosvenor pl

McVicker, Peter, paper hanging warehouse, 34 Grosvenor row

Malison T. tea dealer, 32 Warwick st

Mace J. boot & shoe mkr, 107 Lupus st

Mackey J. house agent, 53 Upr. Ebury st

Mackay James Hayward, china and glass warehouse, 6 Motcomb st

Magnus —, Pimlico slate works

Magson R. furniture dealer, 18 Queen st

Malthouse and Son, boot and shoe makers, 15 Motcomb st

Main William D. lead warehouse, 4 Eccleston st south

Mandry W. greengrocer, 11 Dorset st

Manning R. boot & shoe mkr. 1 Ebury st

Mares William, house and estate agent, 21 Lower Belgrave st

Margrie James, clothing establishment, 1 Bloombury ter west

Marks & Co. hatters, 17 Grosvenor row

Marlow J. rag merchant, 2 Upr Ebury st

Marriott Henry J. ‘Victoria the First,’ 29 Lower Ranelagh st

Marshall Mrs. linendraper, 42 Grosvenor row

Martin A. poulterer, 5 Lower Eaton st

Martin W. cheesemonger, 16 Victoria rd

Mason James, baker and Post office, 109 Lupus st

Matthews Charles J. tobacconist, 1 Windsor ter

Matthews S. J. butcher, 69 Lupus st

Mattick H. J. dairyman, 19 Moreton st

Maunder I. P. grocer, 1 Allington st

Mawer and Co. cabinet makers &c. 9 Victoria rd

Mayston G. corn dealer, 5 Tachbrook st

Mead I. ‘Greyhound Tavern,’ High st

Mead J. linendraper, silk mercer, hosier, shawl man, &c. 5 Warwick st

Melchior G. basket mkr, 66 Chapter st

Metcalfe W. linendraper, 79 Lupus st

Meyrick Edward Stanton, West London wine stores, 7 Queen st

Miette H. tobacconist, 96 Westbourne st

Middletom Samuel, ‘The Union Tavern,’ 21 Queen st

Mikisck Dr. A. accoucheur, &c. 16 Stockbridge ter

Miles Mrs. R. toy dealer, 39 Tachbrook st

Miller John, carpet, cabinet, and bed manufacturer, 15 and 16 Shaftesbury

Miller Richard, baker, 42 Queen st

Miller Robert, tailor, 1A Howick pl

Minns Eliz. ‘George the Fourth,’ 1 St. Alban’s ter

Mitchell Elizabeth, greengrocer, 63 Upper Ebury st

Mitchelson Henry, butterman, 50 Cambridge st

Moginie C. watchmaker, 7A Stockbridge ter

Moir A. baker, 84 Westbourne ter

Molland Keith J. biscuit baker, 1 St. Albans ter

Monk F. cheesemonger, 6 Eccleston st s

Morgan James Isaac, egg and provision merchant, 9 Grosvenor rw

Morgan T. tea dealer, 129 Lupus st

Morley H. dealer in curiosities, 5 Grosvenor st west

Morris H. bird fancier, 13 Gloucester ter

Morley Thomas, ham and tongue dealer, 5 Queen’s row

Morse Henry, baker and confectioner, 10 Ebury st

Moss E. chimney sweep, 8 Eaton lane n

Moss H. T. baker, 7 & 8 Ranelagh st

Mosson Henry, saddler and harness maker, 1 Arabella row

Mowtell Henry, upholsterer, 95 Westbourne st

Moy John, ‘Royal Standard,’ 32 Stockbridge ter

Mumford J. H. tobacconist, 12 Queen st

Murgatroyd, undertaker, 20 Stafford rw

Morrell Martha, tobacconist, 24 Stockbridge ter

Musgrove Christopher F. baker and confectioner, 6 Belgrave rd

Naylor John, draper, 99 Lupus st

Naylor, boot maker, 21 Eaton lane n

Neave Miss, milliner, 12 Low. Eaton st

Neill Jas. confectioner, 4 Bridge row

Neill W. curiosity dealer, 24 Eccleston st south

Newman W. bootmaker, 47 Coleshill st

Nichols W. china dealer, 12 Queen’s rw

Nicholson and Son, builders, 43 Upper Ebury st

Noad Charles, boot and shoe maker, 17 Churton st

Noble Richard E. builder and decorator, 14 Eccleston st south

Norman H. watchmaker, 11 Queen’s rw

Norris Edward, ham and tongue dealer, 16 Elizabeth st

Nutt James Arthur, baker and grocer, Aylesford st

O’Brien James, dyer, 17 Churton st

O’Connell D. statner. 66 Westbourne st

Oddy E. grocer, 2 Graham st west

Oldfield E. and Son, sadlers and harness makers, 1 Motcomb st

Oram Robert ‘The Warwick Arms,’ 14 Gillingham st

Ord J. C. cheesemonger, 103 Luke st

Otten L. ‘Equitable,’ Up. Dorset st

Oulds W. tallow chandler, 19 Brewer st

Over John, oil and Italian warehouse, 14 Grosvenor row

Owen Adam Emberg, cook and confectioner, 35 Churton st

Owen Wm. tailor, &c. 40 Hindon st

Padgett and Son, wine merchants, Motcomb st

Page R. S. bookseller and stationer, 15 Warwick st

Paice Mrs. fancy repository, and Berlin wool do. 7 Victoria rd

Paice W. dairyman, 13 Stockbridge ter

Palmer J. plumber, &c. 50 Warwick st

Palmer Mrs. wardrobe dealer, 24 Admiral ter

Pannett Charles H. ironmonger, 12 Stockbridge ter

Parker T. tailor, 20 Elizabeth st

Parnell G. W. pharmaceutical chemist, 11 Victoria rd

Parrett A. greengrocer, 43 Queen st

Parsons John, baker, 44 Churton st

Parton John, linendraper and hosier, 3 and 4 Queen’s row

Partridge John, ‘Eccleston Arms,’ 1 Eccleston st south

Partridge Misses Susannah and Ann Poole, Berlin wool repository, 83 Lupus

Paul T. Joseph, auctioneer, &c. 73 Upper Ebury st

Payne C. J. ironmonger, 66 Lupus st

Payne J. dining rms. 26 Shaftesbury ter

Payne Mrs. Emily, boot and shoe maker, 20 Churton st

Payne T. J. tailor, &c. 27 Grosvenor st w

Peacock J. E. tailor, &c. 12 Up. Eaton st

Pearce Alf. homœopathic chemist, 13 Lower Eaton st

Pearce Dr. C. surgeon, 13A Low. Eaton st

Pearcer William, boot and shoe maker, 11 Moreton st west

Pearl J. W. dealer in wire, 32 Up. Eaton st

Pearson W. grocer, 3 Providence ter

Pellas and Co. marble merchants, Lower Belgravia

Peirson G. boot maker, 3 Arabella row

Pendle S. fishmonger, 1 Warwick st

Pentor S. baker, 5 Lupus st

Perks Henry, provision warehouse, 34 Lower Belgrave st

Perry G. greengrocer, 10 Charlewood st

Perry J. lace manufacturer, 20 Ebury st

Peters G. greengrocer, 5 Grosvenor rw

Pethick P. Nicholas, the ‘King’s Arms,’ Ranelagh st

Pellepher A. butcher, 35 Warwick st

Page J. stationer, 134 Stanley st

Page P. S. stationer, 15 Warwick st

Pike James, ironmonger, gasfitter, stove and range manufacturer, 35
Grosvenor rd

Pillinger Britton, sewing machinist, and portmanteau manufacturer, 21
Upper Tachbrook st

Piper M. tea dealer, 10 Warwick st

Pitt Benjamin, gasfitter, and bell hanger, 16 Upper Belgrave pl

Pitt Catherine, china dealer, 14 Lower Ranelagh st

Pitts J. butcher, 7 Up. Tachbrook st

Phillips A. dairyman, 15 Moreton st

Phillips C. butcher, 14½ Brewer st

Phillips J. dairyman, 8 Charlewood st

Phillips T. baker, 33 Grosvenor pl

Phipp G. printer, 35 Up. Ranelagh st

Phipps J. butcher, 26 Low. Belgrave pl

Pocock Brothers, boot and shoe maker, 48 Grosvenor row

Polkinhorn Edward, fancy repository, 27 Churton st

Polts Lucy, Italian warehouse, 13 St. Alban’s ter

Porter Francis, tea dealer and grocer, 32 Elizabeth st

Porter W. chimney sweep, 18 Eaton lane north

Powell S. G. house decorator, 15 Upper Belgrave pl

Pownceby James, wine merchant, 1 Upper Eaton st

Prangnall M. baker, 31 Westbourne st

Pratt Anthony, corn dealer and baker, 70 Lupus st

Pratt Robert, dairyman, 39 Eliz. st

Pratt Thos. tailor, Cambridge st

Pratt W. and Son, tea dealers, &c. 103 Lupus st

Preece Caleb, bookseller and stationer, 4 Gloucester ter

Preston Joseph, grocer and cheesemonger, 5 Admiral ter

Preston Jos. baker, 6 Admiral ter

Preston Mrs. stay maker, 16 Belvoir ter

Price Charles, newsagent and tobacconist, 6 Shaftesbury ter

Price Edward, baker and confectioner, 81 Upper Ebury st

Price E. oilman, 45 Coleshill st

Price Geo. Knigh and Sons, butchers, 23 Shaftesbury ter

Price J. Edward, wholesale oilman, 30 Upper Ebury st

Price Richard, milliner and fancy warehouse, 22 King’s row

Price R. butcher, 15 King’s row

Price Thomas, lace warehouse, 3 Bloomsbury ter west

Priest Sam. hosier, 49 Queen st

Primmer R. general shop, Eaton lane n

Priseman John, corn dealer, 38 Tachbrook st

Pym Wm. tea dealer and Italian warehouse, 9 High st west

Pyne —, grainer, 49 Westbourne st

Quarterman William, coffee house, 24 Grosvenor row

Quick J. H. hatter, 21 King’s row

Quick Mrs. J. H. milliner, 4 Arabella row

Quinnell G. and John, corn merchants, 6 Gloucester ter

Rabbitt E. H. boot and shoe manufacturer, 18 Warwick st

Raddenbury F. fruiterer and greengrocer, 82 Charlwood st

Radford F. baker, 37 Upper Ebury st

Rastall and Son, general newspaper office, 24 Ebury st

Rawlings Maller, general shop, 10 Allington st

Rawlings W. coal merchants, Wilton rd

Ray J. coffee house, 31 Stockbridge ter

Rayment J. fishmonger, 33 Churton st

Rayner Charles, 26 Motcomb st

Rayner I. milliner, 35 Upr.  Belgrave pl

Rayner Charles, brush, brush case and boottreemaker, 26 Motcomb st

Redrup Wm. coal and corn merchant, & greengrocer, 131 Lupus st

Reed J. hair dresser, 33 Queen st

Rees A. H. watchmaker and jeweller, 19 Queen’s row

Reeve George Blucher, china and glass dealer, 6 Tachbrook st

Reid J. upholsterer, 2 Upper Eaton st

Reid William, portmanteau and trunk manufacturer, 87 Lower Belgrave pl

Revell Mrs. Sarah, boot and shoe maker, 8 Stockbridge ter

Ride W. tobacconist, 60 Ebury st

Rice’s —, livery stables, Motcomb st

Richard J. B. tea dealer, 5 Motcomb st

Richard C. confectioner, 7 Tachbrook st

Richards James, trunk and portmanteau manufacturer, 5 Shaftesbury ter

Richards—, draper, 14 St. Albans ter

Richardson Mary, cow keeper, 26 Stockbridge ter

Richardson Robert, cheesemonger, 8 Charlotte st

Richardson and Son, bakers, 25 Elizabeth st south

Richardson, upholsterer, 1A Caroline st

Ricketts J. corn and flour factor, 10 Victoria rd

Rickon R. toy dealer, 25 Grosvenor row

Ridge William, corn merchant and mealman, 15 Grosvenor row

Risdon Mr. dentist, 3 Arabella row

Rist E. greengrocer, 2 Ranelagh rd

Rist Joshua, baker, 3 Ranelagh rd

Ritchie C. tobacconist, 15 Victoria rd

Roach H. linendraper, 25 Victoria rd

Robbins Sarah, grocer, 52 Hindon st

Robinson F. R. grocer, 27 Hindon st

Robert John, harness maker, 45 Admiral’s ter.

Roberts Jos. bookseller, stationer, and newsagent, 2 Arabella row

Roberts J. W. grocer, oilman, and cheesemonger, 5 Up. Dorset st

Roberts W. locksmith, Lit. Ebury st

Roberts T. and Son, linendrapers, 111 Lupus st

Robertson and Edmunds, brush warehouse, 49 Warwick st

Rogers and Leaver, coffee house, 23 Eccleston st south

Rodman Steven, old iron merchant, St. Alban’s ter

Rogers C. dining rooms, 13 Victoria rd

Rogers T. newsagent, etc. 9 Bridge rw

Rogers T. J. confectioner, 7 Bridge rw

Roe R. coffee house, 27 Stockbridge ter

Roe —, beer retailer, Allington st

Rogers and Co., corn and coal merchants, 2 Motcomb st

Rosaspini Peter L. tailor, &c. 10 Allington st

Rosier J. firewood dealer, Grosvenor rd

Rounds Mrs. stay maker, 8 Moreton st w

Row Hy. butcher, 23 Grosvenor rw

Rowden Mrs. milliner, 17 Low. Eaton st

Rowland John, boot and shoe manufacturer, 15 Westbourne st

Rowland Mrs. grocery 20 Queen st

Rowley E. tobacconist, 12 St. Alban’s ter

Rushworth Wm. commission agent, 19 Churton st

Ruskin John, grocer, 12 Strewan pl

Ruslak John, Queen’s row

Russell George, pianoforte warehouse, 28 Churton st

Rutheven James, confectioner, 89 Charlwood st

Rutter Mrs. milliner, 19 Upper Tachbrook st

Salter H. confectioner, 47 Up. Ebury st

Salter S. tobacconist, 13 Brewer st

Salter Wm. tea dealer, 1 Eaton lane n

Salter W. confectioner, 20 Charlwood st

Salter’s livery stables, Hobart pl

Sandiford Benjamin, boot maker, 11 Lillington st

Sankey Jane, dining rooms, 26 Shaftesbury ter

Sansom Mrs. Mary, dining rooms, 22 Moreton st west

Sargeant D. beer retailer, 7 Grosvenor r.

Saunders John, 23 Low Belgrave st

Savage A. upholsterer, &c. 74 Lupus st

Schmid C. H. cabinet maker, 8 Sutherland ter

Schmitt H. shoe maker, 35 Lower Ranelagh st

Schneberger Johannes, baker, 13 Elizabeth st south

Seaborne Mary, draper, 41 and 42 Upper Ebury st

Seibel R. baker, 42 Westmoreland st

Senior J. tea dealer, 10 Grosvenor row

Sewell John, account book manufacturer, 11 Stockbridge ter

Sewell —, livery stables, Princes row

Shanks —, carriage repository, 19 and 20 Shaftesbury ter

Sharp James, sadler and harness maker, 11 Elizabeth st south

Sharp Wm. dairyman, 80 Hanover st

Shaw A. greengrocer, 24 Westbourne st

Shayer Isaac, hosier, 2 Victoria rd

Sheerman H. tobacconist and snuff manufacturer, 27 Grosvenor row

Shenton W. cheesemonger, 9 Eliz. st s

Shepherd Wm. tailor, 7 Motcomb st

Shepherd D. beer retailer, 31 Queen st.

Sherlock Chas. butcher, 48 Queen st

Sherriff J. F. tea dealer, 13 Sutherland ter

Shingleton Emily, milliner, 3 Upper Tachbrook st

Short and Co., ‘Foresters’ Arms,’ 49 Upper Ebury st

Side J. coffee house, 5 Sutherland st

Silver J. baker, 4 Whitaker st

Simpson R. tailor, 75 Lillington st

Simpson & Co. engineers, Grosvenor rd

Singfield J. fruiterer, 94 Westbourne st

Slann E. grocer, &c. 15 Wilton ter

Slark Robt. baker, 23 Warwick st

Slater R. butcher, 42 Lower Belgrave pl

Sloan Mrs. Jane, ladies’ and childrens’ outfitter, 21 Motcomb st

Slowly and Botevyle, court hair dressers and perfumers, 6 Lupus st

Skevington John Wm. butcher, 54 Cambridge st

Skinner W. baker, 45 Grosvenor row

Smallman William, auctioneer, 18 Lower Eaton st

Smallman —, builder, 2 Eaton lane n

Smith D. H. bookseller, 20 Stafford row

Smith Dr. D. surgeon, 32A Up Belgrave p

Smith E. pawnbroker, 17 Victoria rd

Smith E. tobacconist, 3 Up Eaton st

Smith G. confectioner, 22 Glos’ter ter

Smith George Henry, fishmonger and poulterer, 30 Elizabeth st

Smith G. T. builder, 21 Warwick st

Smith J. greengrocer, 1 Moreton st w

Smith J. ironmonger, 3 Ranelagh ter

Smith J. cow keeper, 59 Up. Ebury st

Smith J. jun. dairyman, 66 Coleshill st

Smith P. oilman, 25 Lower Eaton st

Smith Palmer, oil and Italian warehouse, 10 Stockbridge ter

Smith Samuel, corn merchant, 19A Elizabeth st south

Smith T. B. tailor, 97 Ranelagh st

Smith Th. dyer, 10 Moreton st west

Smith T. S. tobacconist, 81 Lupus st

Smith W. hairdresser, 31 Up Tchbrook st

Smith Wm. tobacconist, 28 Queen st

Smith W. H. milliner, 44 Warwick st

Smyth and Youens Misses, milliners, 13 Motcomb st

Smyth J. G. ‘Perseverance,’ 1 Lupus st

Snell Thos. and Chas. tea dealers, 28 Grosvenor row

Snelling Thomas, furniture dealer, 54 Upper Ebury st

Snow J. hair dresser, 18 Lillington st

Snow T. zinc worker &c. 7 Providence ter

Southen Alf. draper, 6 Rochester ter

Sowerby Thomas B., pawnbroker, 3 and 4 Grosvenor row

Sparkes Charles, baker and confectioner, 56 Cambridge st

Spratt H. boot maker, 4 Ranelagh ter

Sparrow E. J. W. chemist, 2 Ranelagh ter

Spauls —, undertaker, 1 Kemp’s row

Spinner Geo. fruiterer, 20 King’s rw

Spires W. ‘General Havelock,’ West st

Spring J. coffee house, 16 Pembroke pl

St. Leonard’s Chapel, St. Leonard’s st

Standish B. greengrocer, 3 Queen st

Stearman Dennis, carpenter and builder, 75 Coleshill st

Steel W. F. practical optician, and watch and clock maker, 2 Rochester

Steinhardt C. ‘King’s Arms,’ 46 Ebury st

Stephens J. tailor, 20 Elizabeth st s

Stevens Henry, ‘Plumbers’ Arms,’ 37 Lower Belgrave st

Stevens H. tailor, 15 St. Alban’s ter

Stevens R. confectioner, 5 Arabella rw

Steward W. tobacconist, 17 Moreton st

Stimates E. plumber, 16 King’s row

Stirrap C. gener deler, 2 Avery Farm rw

Stocken’s coach manufactory, 19 Eccleston st south

Stockwell Eliz. wardrobe dealer, 18 Westbourne st

Stone Robert, tailor and trimming seller, 40 Upper Ebury st

Stringer J. chemist, 11 Grosvenor rw

Stroud Jane R. fancy repository, 16 Pembroke pl

Stroud J. ‘Clarendon,’ Cambridge st

Stuart Mrs. Jane, baker and confectioner, 6 Stockbridge ter

Stubbings Mrs. Mary A. poulterer, 7 Arabella row

Suffolk S. watchmaker, 4 Elizabeth st s

Summers E. baker, 3 Motcomb st

Sutton J. chemist, 12 Shaftesbury ter

Swainster John, ‘Bag of Nails Tavern,’ 1 Victoria rd

Sympson A. J. tailor, 13 Grosvenor rw

Sympson L. ivory turner, 41 Queen st

Tanklin Mrs. Sarah, Berlin wool repository, 15 Churton st

Taperell Charles, general salesman, 45 Upper Ebury st

Taylor G. tobacconist, 19 Stafford row

Taylor J. greengrocer, 21 Sussex st

Taylor —, hair cutter, 47 Queen st

Taylor William, cutler, 9 Ebury st

Tebbett T. leather seller, 29 Queen st

Temple and Reynolds, ironmongers, 20 Motcomb st

Temple Mrs. brush maker, 32 Lower Belgrave st

Terry W. basket maker, 62 Chapter st

Thursfield —, grocer, 21 Shaftesbury ter

Tipper E. tailor &c. 12 Ranelagh st

Tiptaft J. plasterer, 55 Lillington st

Troeschel J. baker, 1 Providence ter

Thomas B. tailor, 87 Charlwood st

Thompson James N. toy repository, 14 Belgrave st south

Thompson John H. furniture dealer, 26 Gloucester ter

Thompson Henry, greengrocer, 3 Commercial rd

Thomson James, ham and tongue dealer, 21 Churton st

Thorn and Co. stone merchants, Grosvenor rd

Thorne G. confectioner, 2 Moreton st

Thurwood Richard, coffee house, 75 Admiral ter

Thyer T. E. oil and colourman, 76 Lupus st

Toby Benedict, grocer, stationer, and tobacconist, 41 Chapter st

Tomkins William, bread & biscuit baker, and Post office, 1 Gillingham st

Toovey Miss embroiderest, 23 Ebury st

Topliss G. tobacconist, 19 Grosvenor rw

Tree Charles, watchmaker and jeweller, 31 Elizabeth st south

Treveis Charles Walter, ‘The Enterprize,’ 40 Tachbrook st

Trewby W. linendraper, 26 Churton st

Tribe A. fishmonger, 18 Belvoir ter

Trickey Mrs. boot mkr, 3 Caledonian st

Trollope George & Sons, auctioneers, 18 Grosvenor st west

Trollope George and Sons, builders, Grosvenor rd

Trott John Thomas, ‘Nell Gwynn,’ 2 Grosvenor row

Trivass George W. 1 auctioneer, 21 Upper Belgrave pl

Turner E. brass worker, 9 Up. Ebury st

Turner Elizabeth Ann, fruiterer, & greengrocer, 3 Westbourne st

Turner George, carver and gilder, 5 Upper Eaton st

Underwood Alfred, butcher, 5 Eccleston st south

Underwood and Hunt, tailors, 38 Warwick street

Unthank J. draper, St. Alban’s ter.

Utley I. the Hand in Hand, 47 Chapter street

Vaux T. Lion Tavern, Up. Ebury st

Vine Miss M. confectioner, 42 Belgrave st south

Vine Th. baker, 25 Stockbridge ter

Vokins & Co. Pimlico Coal Wharf, Grosvenor road

Wall Th. C. bakery, 24 Victoria rd

Walker William, furniture dealer, 64 Upper Ebury st

Walker George, grocer and cheesemonger, 26 Upper Ebury st

Wallace David, china and glass dealer, 42 Warwick st

Wallis Geo. dyer, 14 Tachbrook st

Walmsley Joseph, china dealer, 61 Upper Ebury st

Waiter W. T. tailor, 17 Warwick st

Walton and Co. Italian warehouseman, 7 Upper Tachbrook st

Walton Mrs. ladies’ wardrobe dealer, 12 Brewer st

Walton J. perfumer, 6 Low. Salon st

Ward A. stay maker, 17 Stockbridge ter

Ward Francis, chemist and druggist, 14 Grosvenor st west

Ward James, window glass cutter, 25 Queen st

Ware Wm. boot and shoe manufacturer, 97 Westbourne st

Warney J. ‘Gun Tavern,’ 126 Lupus st

Warren Mrs. shirt mkr. 25 Admiral ter

Waters F. butcher, 5 Elizabeth st south

Waterhouse T. mason, 25 Pembroke st

Waters Charles Henry, curiosity dealer, 15 Queens row

Watkin John Henry, tea and coffee warehouse, 48 Warwick st

Watkins R. ironmonger, &c. 14 Upper Belgrave pl

Watkins R. chemist and druggist, Moreton st

Watling and Son, pork pie manufacturers, 18 Brewer st

Watson Alf. licensed victualler, 51 Grosvenor st

Watson Mrs. E. tobacconist, 80 Lupus st

Watts R. and Son builders, 9 Motcomb st

Watts Mrs. Eliza, coffee house, 23 Elizabeth st

Watts G. tobacconist, 44 Admiral ter

Way Benj. grocer, New st cottages

Way John, tailors’ trimming warehouse, 14 Stockbridge ter

Weare W. stay maker, 17 King’s row

Weatherton Robert and Son, linendrapers, and Post office, 55 Cambridge St

Webb Th. hosier, 5 Sutherland ter

Weedon C. grocer, 85 Lillington st

Weedon J. beer retailer, Bridge row

Wells T. chemist, 91 Charlewood st

Wells and Sons, corn merchants, 2 Grosvenor rd

Welton’s dining rooms, 23 Glo’ster ter

Wemyss E. the Constitutional Free Assurance Office, 25 Up. Eaton st

Westbrook and Son, tailors, &c. 17 Ebury st

Weston Thomas, watch maker and jeweller, 40 Churton st

Wetherilt J. grocer, 11 Charlewood st

Wheeler Frederick, upholsterer, 31 Lower Belgrave st

Whelpton —, oil and colorman, 10 Rochester ter

Whiffing Charles, hair cutter, 12 St. Alban’s ter

White Edw. cutler, 66 Chapter st

White George R. builder and mason, 39 Vauxhall Bridge road

White Mrs. J. milliner, 87 Lupus st

White T. china dealer, 23 Admiral ter

White Wm. B. draper, &c. 4 Shaftesbury ter

Whitehouse J. optician, 43 Warwick st

Whiting Mr. Chas. G. surgeon dentist, 58 Upper Ebury st

Widdicomb Jno. butcher, 20 Upper Tachbrook st

Wigers T. funeral furnisher, 8 Lower Grosvenor pl

Wiggins W. greengrocer, 11 Eaton la

Wilcox Thomas, ‘Duke of York,’ 28 and 29 Stockbridge ter

Wilkie Jessie, grocer, 71 Pulford st

Wilkins J. cheesemonger, 24 Eliz. st

Wilkinson J. fishmonger, 44 Coleshill st

William Clarke, ‘Ranelagh Arms,’ {141}

Williamson Alfred S. wine merchant, 104 Upper Ebury st

Willcocks G. W. ‘Windsor Castle,’ 1 Windsor st

Willett Charles, pork butcher, 47 Grosvenor row

Williams D. tea dealer, 19 Sussex st

Williams E. bootmaker, 46 Queen st

Williams G. livery stables, Grosvnr st w

Williams G. S. trunk and portmanteau mkr. 21 Up. Tachbrook st

Williams Sarah, boot maker, 20 Stockbridge ter

Williams W. grocer, 2 Stockbridge ter

Williams W. tea dealer, 16 King’s row

Wilson Mrs. Martha, ironmonger and silversmith, 8 Warwick st

Wilson J. boot maker, 6 Moreton st

Wilson Joseph, pharmaceutical chemist, 20 Sussex st

Wilson Thos. stationer, 43 Ebury st

Wiltshire J. tea dealer, 44 Grosvenor rw

Wimpey Geo. A. baker, 6 Queen st

Winch Alf. baker, 6 Grosvenor row

Winch W. ironmonger 5 Grosvenor ter

Winscomb Alfred Louis, baker and confectioner, 2 Churton st

Winstone George, boot and shoe maker, 100A Lillington st

Wise Henry, cow keeper, 17 Elizabeth st south

Wise T. cow keeper, 6 Westbourne st

Wise W. dining rooms, Wilton rd

Witmarsh Henry, rag merchant, 14 Avery Farm row

Wray John, tea dealer and oilman, 57 Cambridge st

Wran —, house decorator, 1 Moreton st

Wren John, Victoria marble works, 38 Lower Belgrave pl

Wright Anna, toy warehouse, 9 Stockbridge ter

Wright Edward, bird stuffer, 82 Upper Ebury st

Wright George, boot and shoe maker, 27 Bloomburgh ter

Wright John, fruiterer, 1 Sutherland st

Wright T. tea dealer, 39 Grosvenor row

Wright F. and A. tea dealers, 6 Churton st

Wright F. and A. tea dealers, 2 Warwick st

Wright Jas. A., Churton st

Wright W. butcher, 23 Westbourne st

Wright —, butcher, 2 Rutland ter

Wood John, the ‘Builder’s Arms,’ 5 Moreton st

Wood J. T. upholsterer, 2 Westbourne st

Wood J. and H. butchers, 34 and 35 Elizabeth st

Wood W. plumber, 8 Elizabeth st

Woodford Mrs. Elizabeth, tripe dresser, 2 Warwick st

Woodger J. boot mak. 9 Warwick st

Woolger W. cow keeper, 51 Chapter st

Woods W. ‘St. George,’ Belgrave rd

Worcer and Son, carriage makers, 21 Lower Eaton st

Wort J. greengrocer, 1 Ebury sq

Wynn Edward John, eating house, 30 Stockbridge ter

Yarwood G. coffee house, 19 Warwick st

Yaxly James, chimney sweeper, 13 Little Ebury st

Yaxley John, farrier, Providence ter

Yearwood H. licensed victualler, 10 Motcomb st

Yeouwell Ann, ‘The Grosvenor Bann,’ 14 Wilton ter

Yielding Mrs. C. confectioner, 32A Hindon st

Young George, ‘Princess Royal,’ 37 Warwick st

Young John, baker, 13 Moreton st w


C.  COLLIER, {1}

                          JEWELLER, WATCHMAKER,

                                * * * * *


                                * * * * *

[Picture: Picture of vase] C. R. WATTS,[Picture: Picture of lamp]

_None but Experienced    [Picture: Picture of     _Best Colza Oil_.
Workmen sent out_,           chandelier]
_and Orders promptly                              _Lamp Cottons and
attend to_.                                           Glasses_.

  _ESTIMATES GIVEN_.                                _Bell Hanger_,
                                                _Locksmith_, _and Gas

                                                 _Re-laquering_, _and
                                                  General Repairs_.

   _A Select variety of Chandeliers and Gas Fittings_, _Fenders_, _Fire
   Irons_, _Lamps_, _Tea Trays_, _Tea Urns_, _Baths of all sorts_, _and
                           Kitchen requisites_.

                       [Picture: Picture of fender]

                                * * * * *

45s. SUIT,
15s. 6d. TROUSERS,

     Thoroughly         [Picture: Picture of              or
                         pair of trousers]
      Shrunk,                                         Two Pairs

                                                       for 30s.

                       TWO GUINEA BLACK FROCK COAT,

              Made from superfine Cloth, warranted fast dye.

                                * * * * *

                        ONE GUINEA DRESS TROUSERS,

                   Made from genuine all wool Doeskin.

                                * * * * *

The large sale to which the above have now attained, testifies to their
intrinsic value, and cannot be surpassed, as one trial will prove.

                                * * * * *

                           OBSERVE THE ADDRESS.

                                 T. BULL,
                           TAILOR & OUTFITTER,
                           3, TACHBROOK STREET,
                              PIMLICO, S.W.,
                    And High Street, Lower Norwood, S.

                                * * * * *


                            5, WARWICK STREET,

                                * * * * *

                                 J. MEAD,
                         (LATE T. & J. BEASLEY.)

                                * * * * *

Purchasers will find this Establishment complete with every description

                             General Drapery,
                              Silks, Shawls,
                         Mantles, Fancy Dresses,
                        Calicoes and Long Cloths,
                       Irish Linens, Diapers, &c.,
                              Table Linens,
                             Hosiery, Gloves,
                         Haberdashery, Umbrellas,
                            Ribbons & Flowers,
                          Lace and Muslin Goods,
                              &c., &c., &c.

                                * * * * *

_J. M. calls particular attention to his Stock of_ CALICOES AND LONG
CLOTHS, _which_, _being purchased previous to the late advances_, _will
be found_ MUCH BELOW _the present market value_.

                                * * * * *


                                * * * * *


                         TAILOR & TROUSER MAKER,
                         5, STOCKBRIDGE TERRACE,

                                * * * * *

                            ESTABLISHED 1847.

                                * * * * *

Within One Minute’s Walk of the Victoria Terminus, in the direct route to
Buckingham Palace.

                                * * * * *

Superfine Black Frock Coats      2     12     6
West of England ditto            3      3     0
Black Dress Trousers from        1      1     0
Angola Trousers (all wool)       0     16     0
Angola Suits from                3      0     0
Lounge Coats                     1     10     0
Cambridge Melton Coats           1     15     0

                  Price of Liveries according to Style.
                       ALL GOODS WARRANTED SHRUNK.

                                * * * * *


                                * * * * *


                        HAMMERSMITH AND KENSINGTON



                   SHEPHERD’S BUSH, TURNHAM GREEN, &c.

                                * * * * *

                           PRICE ONE SHILLING.

                                * * * * *

                            DIRECTORY OFFICE:

                                * * * * *


                   13 KING’S ROAD, NEAR SLOANE SQUARE,
                               CHELSEA S.W.

                                * * * * *

          _Family Mourning_, _Widows’ Gaps and Collars_, _&c._,

                                * * * * *


       (From Messrs. Shoolbred & Bradshaw, Germyn st. St. James’s.)

     Importer of Parisian Corsets, Elastic Corset and Bandage Maker,

                16 GROSVENOR STREET W., EATON SQUARE, S.W.

                                * * * * *

Messdme. S. & A. CHISHOLM,

                Fancy Repository, Berlin Wool, Stationary,
                              Perfumery &c.,

                  7, LUPUS STREET, ST. GEORGE’S SQUARE,

                                * * * * *

E. & C. ELLIS,

          Dealers in Laces, Flowers, Feathers, Fancy Goods, &c.,

               MILLINERY, EMBROIDERIES, PARASOLS, &c., &c.,

                  5, _BEDFORD TERRACE_, _CHURCH STREET_,


                                * * * * *


          Designer, Embroiderer, and Berlin Wool Warehouse, &c.,

                 13 OLD QUEBEC STREET, OXFORD STREET, W.

                                * * * * *


                28, _SUTHERLAND STREET_, _PIMLICO_, _S.W._

                                * * * * *


        Court Lace Cleaners, Clear Starchers, Plumaissers, Dyers,
                         Cleaners, and Bleachers,

                   118, ELIZABETH STREET, EATON SQUARE.

                                * * * * *


                              FROM FOSTER’S,
                   ARTIFICIAL, FLORIST, MILLINER, &c.,
                           320, REGENT STREET,

                  Opposite the Polytechnic Institution,

                                * * * * *


                    12, CRAWLEY TERRACE, FULHAM ROAD,

                   _Near the Hospital for Consumption_.

                                * * * * *

Morning Seminary for Ladies,

                           12, CRAWLEY TERRACE,
                               FULHAM ROAD.

                                * * * * *

Court Dress Makers and Milliners.

BLOWER, MISS, 8, Lower Phillimore-place, Kensington.

BEALE, MRS., 33, Elizabeth-street, Eaton-square.

BEALL, MRS. (also Mantles), 18, Lower Seymour-street, Portman-square.

DODDS, MRS. 40, Elizabeth-street, Eaton-square.

DOWNEY, MISS, 9, Eccleston-street South, Belgrave-square.

DAY, MISS (from Miss Powell’s, New Bond-street), 8, Bedford-terrace,

EDWARDS, MRS. (by appointment to Her Royal Highness the Princess Louis of
Hesse, and other Royal Princesses), 18, Grosvenor-street, Eaton-square.

JOHNSON, MISS ANNA, 2, Upper Eaton-street, Eaton-square.

LOUISE & LAURE, 42, Sloane-street (late of 8, Chapel-street,

NOAKES, MISSES, 202, Sloane-street, Belgravia.

OWEN, MRS., 6, Halkin-street, Belgrave-square.

PARRY & WEAVINGS, la, Charles-street, Lowndes-square.

RAYMOND, MISS, 6, Minerva-street, Chester-square.

SMITH, LOUISA, (also Wedding, Mourning, and India Orders promptly
executed), 8, Sloane-street, Belgravia.

SMITH, MISS (from Madame Lavanchy’s), 19, Grosvenor-street West,

SMYTH & YOUNS, 13, Motcomb-street, Belgrave-square.

TAYLOR, MRS., 20, Ebury-street, Eaton-square.

WILSON & WYATT, 34, George-street, Portman-square.

Milliners, Dress Makers, &c.

BRICHARD, MLLE. ADELE, 13, Elizabeth-street, Hans-place, Sloane-square.

BRITTEN, MISS, 8, Chester-street, Eaton-square.

BRAY, M., 27, Sloane-street, Knightsbridge.

CARTER, MRS., 17, Grosvenor-street West, Eaton-square.

COLLINGS, MISS (from Verey and Lemon, Regent-street), 2A, Holland-street,

EVANS, MISS, 205, Sloane-street, Knightsbridge.

HEARL, MISS, (from Madame Renaux’s, 1 Denbigh-place, St. George’s rd),

HODGES, MRS., 20, Denbigh-place, Belgravia.

JOSAPHINE, MADME., 8, Rawstorne-street, Brompton.

JAMES, MRS., 14, Ebury-street, Eaton-square.

KENT, MRS. (Flowers, Lace, and Wreaths), 22, Upper Eaton-street,

LANCE, MRS., 19, Stockbridge-terrace, Pimlico.

LEWIS, MRS., 60, Grove-place, Brompton.

LEIGHTON, MISS, 3, Thornton-street, Kensington.

MARSHALL & DEANE, 141, Sloane-street, S.W.

PASKELL, MISS, 2, Roberts-terrace, King’s-road, Chelsea.

POTTIER, MADAME, 11 Brompton-road.

RAYNER, MRS., 35, Upper Belgrave-place, Pimlico.

SMITH, MISS, 18, Burton-street, Eaton square.

WRIGHT, A. (also Mantle and Corset Maker), 169, Sloane-street.


                                * * * * *

                           ALFRED PEARCE & CO.

                                * * * * *


All Homœopathic Medicines indigenous to the British Isles, being
Manufactured on the Premises, can be supplied Retail, Wholesale, and for

   _All Imported Medicines_, _from the Continent_, _America_, _and the
                     Indies_, _in guaranteed purity_.

            Medicine Cases in Morocco, Mahogany, and Rosewood.

  Single Phials of Tinctures, Pilules, and Globules from 6_d._ to 1_s._

                    Veterinary Cases of various sizes.


      _All Works_, _British and Foreign_, _published on Homœopathy_.

                PREPARED HOMŒOPATHIC COCOA 1s. 6d. per lb.

                                * * * * *


                      21, _UPPER TACHBROOK STREET_,

                              PIMLICO, S.W.

                                * * * * *

     Under Clothing, Quilting, Mantle and Boot Stitching neatly done.

                                * * * * *

                           THE MACHINE TAUGHT.

                                * * * * *


                             (FROM POOLE’S,)

                        TAILOR AND TROUSERS MAKER,

             10, _ALLINGTON ST._, _VICTORIA STATION_, _S.W._

                                * * * * *

            Scotch Angola Cheviot Trousers, all Wool, 14_s._,
     and Shrunk Black Doeskin Dress Trousers, from 18_s._ to £1 1_s._

                                * * * * *

               Repairs and Alterations in the first Style.

                                * * * * *


                       34, CHURTON STREET, PIMLICO,

BEG to announce to the Inhabitants of Pimlico and its vicinity that they
have re-opened the premises late in the occupation of Mr. BAILEY, for the
Sale of TEAS, COFFEES, SUGARS, SPICES, and every Article connected with
the Trade, of such Quality, and at such Prices, as cannot fail to yield
satisfaction to Purchasers.

                                * * * * *

                    _Families Waited upon for Orders_.

                                * * * * *


                                * * * * *


                                * * * * *

                                T. WESTON,
                          Watch and Clock Maker,
                         SILVERSMITH & JEWELLER,
                    40, CHURTON STREET, BELGRAVE ROAD,

                                * * * * *

A LARGE ASSORTMENT of every description of WATCHES, CLOCKS, and
best quality, at the Lowest possible Prices.

                                * * * * *

       Tea and Coffee Services in Electro Plate from £2 2s. to £10.

                                * * * * *

     _Watches_, _Clocks_, _and Jewellery Repaired on the Premises by
                          Experienced Workmen_.

                                * * * * *


Supplies Wedding Breakfasts, Dinners, Ball Suppers, &c. &c., with Plate,
Glass, Linen, &c., if required, in the best style, on Moderate Terms.

                _Waiters sent out on the shortest notice_.

                                * * * * *


                 Plain and Ornamental Writer to Licensed

                   Victuallers, Brewers, and the Trade,

                  65, _LOWER SLOANE STREET_, _CHELSEA_.

                          GRAINING AND GILDING.

                                * * * * *


                    Ham, Beef & Shell-fish Warehouse,
                    OYSTER, LUNCHEON, & SUPPER ROOMS,

                    13, MIDDLE ROW, N., KNIGHTSBRIDGE,

             Opposite the Duke of Wellington’s Riding School.

                                * * * * *

    _Tea and Coffee always ready_.  _Hot Joints Daily_.  _Good Beds_.

                                * * * * *


       (_Three Minutes Walk from the South Kensington Museum_, _and

                          MANUFACTORY, LAMBETH.

                                * * * * *

                               W. COLLIN’S

Respectfully informs the Public and the Tradespeople of Brompton that he
has opened the above premises, with the best quality Goods pertaining to
the Trade.  While anxious to secure success W. C. would avoid boasting
pretensions now so prevalent, and is content to rest his claims to the
public support on the good quality of his goods, the moderate scale of
his prices, and his disposition to accommodate and oblige all who may
honour him with their favours.

                                * * * * *



                                * * * * *

         _Patronized by the Princess Alice and the Royal Family_.

                                * * * * *

                           PATENT IMPERISHABLE

                   Sansflectum Crinoline Manufacturer,
       Combining Durability and Lightness, with Elegance of Design,

The following remarks in Reference to this Remarkable and Unique
Crinoline from “THE MORNING POST,” of Oct. 10., are respectfully annexed
for perusal by our Lady Patronesses:

    “The most important, however, of all the improvements made in these
    universal articles of clothing is that of Mr. Mickelthwate’s in the
    Eastern Annexe, of which the Princess Alice is the patroness.  They
    are made of very thin Steel Wire, covered with purified Gutta Percha,
    and are exceedingly light, elastic, and pliant; unlike most of the
    crinolines, the wire is not easily broken, while in the event of
    breakage, the outer covering effectually prevents those injuries from
    the protrusion of the broken end of the wires which have not
    unfrequently been inflicted upon the wearer.  It was, we are
    informed, from a very serious accident of this sort occurring to an
    Austrian Lady that the attention of the exhibitor was first directed
    to some mode of covering the sharp steel wires of crinolines, and for
    his success he was rewarded with a Silver Medal by the Emperor of
    Austria.  They are purchased by Thousands at the Exhibition, and the
    Inventor seems destined to add to the number of those who have made
    large fortunes out of the manufacture of the much abused, oft
    deprecated, but still universally worn crinolines.”

    “It is an American invention, combining lightness and durability, and
    is perfectly indestructible with ordinary wear.  The material is the
    best Clock Spring Steel, coated with purified Gutta Percha, so highly
    refined that they have not the slightest unpleasant smell; they will
    bear a good squeeze without getting out of order.  They may at all
    times be kept perfectly clean by means of a wet sponge.  Although so
    light they keep their shape well, whether the dress worn with them is
    of a thin or heavy material.”—_The Queen_.

                   Prices—12s. 6d. to 25s. and upwards.

                                * * * * *

Orders by Post will meet with prompt attention, and delivered within
twelve miles carriage free, on receipt of Post Office Order, made payable

                             A. MICKELTHWATE,

          24, Walton Street, Ovington, Square, Brompton, London.

                                * * * * *


                          26, MARLBOROUGH ROAD,

                                * * * * *

                         HEAD STONES, TOMBS, ETC.
                            Inscriptions Cut.

                                * * * * *


                        115, King’s Road, Chelsea.

                                * * * * *

                       THE CHOICEST TEAS & COFFEES


                                * * * * *

                          COCOAS AND CHOCOLATES
                       OF THE MOST APPROVED MAKERS.

We beg to call especial attention to a newly discovered method of
roasting Coffee, by which the whole of the obnoxious vapour is extracted,
and carried away, leaving the roasted berry in a pure and improved
condition.  This has long been desired, but never before attained.

                                * * * * *

Lists of Prices on application, and Goods delivered free by their own
Vans within Ten Miles.

                                * * * * *

                               TERMS CASH.

                                * * * * *


                                * * * * *

                               J. BISHOPP,
                       Brush and Turnery Warehouse,
                           16, CHURTON STREET,
                              PIMLICO, S.W.

                                * * * * *

          Brushes and Combs of every description made to Order.

                          COCOA & INDIA MATTING.


                        FOREIGN & ENGLISH BASKETS.

                                * * * * *


                        OPPOSITE PELHAM CRESCENT,

                                * * * * *


                     88A, OAKLEY STREET, KING’S ROAD,

                  _CHELSEA_, _S.W._, _CADOGAN PIER END_.

                                * * * * *

                            CARTES DE VISITE,

                                * * * * *

  Set of Twelve Copies, 10_s._ 6_d._  Set of Twenty-six Copies, £1 1_s._

                                * * * * *

 _Portraits from Paintings_, _Prints_, _and Miniatures_, _copied to Album
                               Card Size_.

                                * * * * *


Is acknowledged to Sell the Best and Cheapest Goods.

His 25_s._ and 30_s._ BUSINESS & WALKING COAT, 15_s._ TROUSERS, and 8_s._
VEST, are unequalled.

                                * * * * *



                      Family and Dispensing Chemist,
                        OPPOSITE PELHAM CRESCENT,

IN returning thanks for the liberal support bestowed upon him during the
time he has been in business, assures the Nobility, Gentry, and the
Public in general, that it shall be his constant aim to merit a
continuance of that support, by keeping genuine Chemicals and Drugs of
the choicest quality, at a fair remuneration.

                                * * * * *


FOR Restoring the Growth of Hair, Whiskers, and Eyebrows, Clears the Head
from Scurf, Irritation, or any unpleasantness of the Skin.  It may be
applied to the youngest infant with the greatest safety.

                  Regenerative Liquid and American Fluid

Are considered the best things ever invented for keeping the Head and
Hair in a proper state of cultivation.  Any one whose Hair is falling off
or turning grey, can have it remedied by applying to


Private Rooms for Hair Cutting, and proper advice on the Skin and Hair.

        JAMES SLACK, Professor of Knowledge on the Skin and Hair.

                                * * * * *


                    No. 27, Paulton’s Square, Chelsea.

                                * * * * *

  [Picture: Hydrohyperion fluid for the Hair & Skin from C. DUNSBY, Sole

                        Wig Maker, and Hair Dyer,

                  17, SHAFTESBURY TERRACE, PIMLICO, S.W.

                   _Near the Victoria Railway Station_.

                                * * * * *

It has done wonders for thousands of Ladies’, Gentlemens’, and Childrens’
hair.  It supersedes the use of Oils, Pomades, or Washes, for improving
the growth of the Hair and giving it a healthy appearance.  One bottle
will prove its most astonishing properties.  Every person should see or
use this fluid, as it is a new Indian production in this country, and
should be used at Schools for Childrens’ Hair, and at the Sea-side, as it
will mix with water, and keep the hair clean.

                                * * * * *

    _Sold in Bottles_, 2_s._ 3_d._, 4_s._ 7_d._, _and_ 11_s._, _by all
 Chemists and Druggists_, _and sent to all parts of the Kingdom_, _by the
                            sole Proprietor_.

                                C. DUNSBY,
               17, _SHAFTESBURY TERRACE_, _PIMLICO_, _S.W._

                                * * * * *


    Under the       [Picture: Royal seal]      Patronage
 of Royalty, the                             Nobility, and
   Aristocracy                                 of Europe,

                  _And universally held in high esteem_.

                                * * * * *

                         ROWLAND’S MACASSAR OIL.

This Elegant and Fragrant Oil possesses wonderfully nourishing powers for
promoting the growth, restoring and beautifying the Human Hair.  It
prevents it from falling off or turning gray—cleanses it from Scurf and
Dandriff—and makes it beautifully soft, pliable, and glossy.  For
children it is especially recommended as forming the basis of a beautiful
head of heir.

  Price 3s. 6d., 7s., 10s. 6d. (equal to 4 small), and 21s. per bottle.

                                * * * * *

                            ROWLAND’S KALYDOR.

This Royally-patronized and Ladies’-esteemed Specific realises a healthy
purity of complexion, and renders the Skin soft, clear, and blooming.  It
also exerts the most soothing, cooling, and purifying action on the Skin,
and eradicates Freckles, Tan, Pimples, Spots, Discolourations, and other
Cutaneous Visitations.  Price 4s. 6d. and 8s. 6d. per bottle.

                                * * * * *

                          WHITE AND SOUND TEETH

Are indispensible to PERSONAL ATTRACTION, and to health and longevity by
the proper mastication of food.

                                * * * * *


Compounded of Oriental Ingredients, is of inestimable value in preserving
and beautifying the teeth, strengthening the Gums, and in giving a
pleasing fragrance to the breath.  It eradicates Tartar from the Teeth,
removes spots of incipient decay, and polishes and preserves the enamel,
to which it imparts a PEARL-LIKE Whiteness.  Price 2s. 9d. per box.

        Sold at 20, HATTON GARDEN, and by Chemists and Perfumers.

                    *** Ask for “ROWLANDS’” Articles.

                                * * * * *

Improved Treble Folding Portmanteaus,


                     5, SHAFTESBURY TERRACE, PIMLICO,

                                * * * * *

  _Gun_, _Boot Tree_, _and Brush Cases_.  _Leather Cases Made to Order_.

                        TIN CASES LINED FOR INDIA.

       Waterproof Enamelled Leather Bags, Hat Cases & Carpet Bags.

                                * * * * *


                    (_From Smith’ Burlington Arcade_,)
                Ladies’ and Gentlemens’ French and English
                       Boot and Shoe Manufacturer,

                       BELGRAVE ROAD, PIMLICO, S.W.

                                * * * * *

C. CULLING having a practical knowledge of the trade in all its branches,
having worked ten years for Smith (of the Burlington Arcade) can supply
every article in the trade of first-rate quality, with style, durability,
and economy combined.  Repairing in all its branches promptly attended
to, and executed on the premises by experienced workmen.  French and
English Ladies and Gentlemen waited on at their own residences for orders
by C. C.

Please notice the address, as C. C.’s is the only shop in the
neighbourhood where the work is really done on the premises,

                         BELGRAVE ROAD, PIMLICO.
                        FRENCH AND GERMAN SPOKEN.

                                * * * * *


                         Pharmaceutical Chemist,
                         23, STOCKBRIDGE TERRACE,
                        VICTORIA STREET, PIMLICO,
                       _Near the Victoria Station_.

                                * * * * *

T. B. begs to state that all Drugs and Chemicals supplied by him are of
the purest quality, and that all Medicinal Compounds are prepared
according to the British and Foreign Pharmacopœias.

                 Family, Aperient, or Antibilious Pills.

As a Family Medicine these Pills are found very serviceable in removing
Headache, Sickness, Drowsiness, Depression of Spirits, and for promoting
a regular and healthy action of the Bowels.  In Boxes 1s. 1½d. each.

                             Rheumatic Pills.

One of these Pills taken two or three times a day seldom fails to afford
great relief in those distressing pains of the joints and other parts,
known by the name of Rheumatic Pains.  In Boxes 1s. 1½d. each.

         Concentrated Compound Decoction of Jamaica Sarsaparilla,

   Warranted conformable to the directions of the London Pharmacopœia.

   _Genuine Patent Medicines_.  _Soda_, _Potass_, _Seltzer_, _and other
                             Mineral Waters_.

        Agent to the British Empire Mutual Life Assurance Company.

                                * * * * *


                                * * * * *

PRESCRIPTIONS and FAMILY RECIPES are carefully prepared at this
Establishment with Drugs of the purest quality, by duly qualified
Assistants, under the immediate superintendence of the Principal, and
dispensed in strict accordance with the Formulæ of the British and
Foreign Pharmacopœias.

An exact copy of every prescription is kept, and the number stamped on
each for instantaneous reference.

                                * * * * *

                        GENUINE PATENT MEDICINES.
                      Mineral Waters, Perfumery, &c.

   _Prescriptions and Orders per Post forwarded without delay or extra

                                * * * * *


Desires to inform the Public in the vicinity that they have commenced
business at the above address, and trusting by punctuality, and charges
as low as any other House in the trade, to secure and merit a share of
their patronage and support.


                                * * * * *


                 Corn, Flour, and Scotch Oatmeal Stores,
                        2, SLOANE SQUARE, CHELSEA.

                                * * * * *

 Families supplied with Best Wheaten Flour by the Peck, Bushel, or Sack.

         _Genuine Wheaten Meal for Making Digestive Brown Bread_.


                                * * * * *

40, Warwick Street,

                                * * * * *

                          PERFECT FITTING SHIRT,
                     Made without Machine Stitching,
                            PRICE, 6 FOR 30s.,
                        VERY FINE LONG CLOTH, 36s.

                                * * * * *

                All kinds of Gentlemens’ Hosiery, Gloves,
                            Ties, Scarfs, &c.

                                * * * * *

                LADIES’ BEST KID GLOVES 2s. 6d. per PAIR.

                                * * * * *

                               AND QUALITY.

                                * * * * *

                           40, WARWICK STREET,

                                * * * * *

James Wakeham,

Commercial and General Printer, No. 4, Bedford Terrace, Church Street,
Kensington, is prepared to execute orders to any extent.  Style and Price
cannot fail to give satisfaction.

Magazines, Periodicals, Catalogues, Circulars, Bill Heads, Posting and
Hand Bills, and every description of Address or Business Cards, executed
with punctuality and despatch.

                                * * * * *

The Oldest Shop in the King’s Road,

                                * * * * *

                              WOOLMER & CO.,

                              FAMILY GROCERS
                            AND CHEESEMONGERS,

                        195, King’s Road, Chelsea,

                        KING STREET, HAMMERSMITH.

                                * * * * *


                                * * * * *

                Crosse & Blackwell’s Pickles & Preserves.

                                * * * * *

                        PRICE’S COMPOSITE CANDLES.

                                * * * * *

               The Celebrated Chocolate Menier, 2s. per lb.

                                * * * * *

                         SUPERIOR BRITISH WINES.

                                * * * * *

                          CHOICE FOREIGN FRUITS.

                                * * * * *


{0}  The original book has no page numbers, is misbound in a number of
places, and occasionally slots advertisements in the middle of the lists.
As such I’ve moved most of the advertisements to the end of the eText,
unless they occur between sections.—DP.

{1}  The C. Collier advertisement, which is on the reverse of the inside
cover of the original book, has been obscured by a bookplate and only the
top and bottom of the advertisement are readable.  It presumably is
“Collier Caleb, silversmith, watch maker and jeweller, 209 Sloane

{12}  In the book there’s no heading for this advertisement—I’ve created
one for readability.—DP.

{77}  This page (beginning Ashby Joseph) is bound out of place in the
original book.  There it appears after the Pimlico Paper Warehouse
advertisement page, and before the start of the Chelsea Trade

{78}  This page (beginning Bennett Ann) is bound out of place in the
original book.  There it appears before the Brompton Consumption
advertisement page, and before the start of the Chelsea Trade

{89}  This page (beginning Johnson J. J.) and the following page
(beginning Kineton John) are bound out of place, and occur before the
page beginning Hayward William in the book.

{111}  The part inside quotes has been rubbed out in the original book at
Kensington.  There appear to have been four words.  Given other usages it
may well be the name of a pub.—DP.

{123}  The printer didn’t print the rest of the address in the original

{128}  The printer didn’t print a proper address and left the line as
shown.  There was an Artillery Arms at 1 Rochester Row in the Post Office
Directory for 1854.—DP.

{141}  The printer has not printed an address in the original book, and
the line is as transcribed.—DP.

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