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Title: Catalogue of books on philately in the Public Library of the city of Boston
Author: Anonymous
Language: English
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Copyright Status: Not copyrighted in the United States. If you live elsewhere check the laws of your country before downloading this ebook. See comments about copyright issues at end of book.

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Transcriber's Notes

Several symbols appear in the left margin of certain catalogue entries:
the equals sign (=), em-dash (--) and a circular "bullet" (o). No
explanation is given in the book for the significance of these symbols
which are reproduced as the original.

A distinctive larger typeface is introduced on the title page and used
to denote catalogue items donated by the Boston Philatelic Society. In
this Plain Text version of the e-book this typeface is distinguished by
preceding and following dollar symbols: $thus$.

Other typeface conventions and symbol substitutions are as follows:

  Bold typeface is represented by =equals signs=;
  italic typeface by _surrounding underscores_;
  superscripts by a preceding caret (^) symbol;
  and small caps typeface by UPPER CASE.

  [oe] represents an oe-ligature character.
  [asterism] represents a triangle of three stars.

Where changes or corrections have been made to the text, these are
listed at the end of the book.

       *       *       *       *       *

                          BOOKS ON PHILATELY
                                IN THE
                            PUBLIC LIBRARY
                        OF THE CITY OF BOSTON.

    $(Albrecht, R. F., and Company, publishers.         *2234.22)$
                            WERE GIVEN BY

                            JANUARY, 1903.
                     PRESS OF D. H. BACON & CO.,
                             DERBY, CONN.

Consult the Card Catalogue Under Headings:

  Penny Postage,
  Postage Stamps,
  Postal ----,
  Postal Cards,
  Post Office,
  Revenue Stamps,
  Telegraph Stamps.

Also public documents.


  =Adenaw, Julius.=                                             *2234.13

    A complete catalogue of the revenue stamps of the United States,
      including all private and state issues, and giving all minor
      varieties, with the market value of every stamp.

      New York, Scott Stamp & Coin Co. [1884?] 74, (1) pp 8^o.

  $=Albrecht, R. F.=, and Company, publishers.                 *2232.22$

    $Auction prices. An epitome of the prices realized for postage
      stamps at R. F. Albrecht & Co.'s auction sales during four
      seasons. (1892-95, sales 1-29.)$

  =   $New York, 1895. (4), 127 pp. 8^o.$

  $=American Journal of Philately.=                            *2234.23$

    $Monthly, Henry L. Calman, editor, first series, vol. 1, 1868.$

  =   $New York: Scott Stamp & Coin Co., second series, 1888-1902, 15v.,
      illus. plates, 8^o. The issues for 1889 were edited by J. W.

  =American Philatelic Association.=                            *2237.69

    Books on philately in the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. [Chicago]
      1901. 7 pp. 8^o.

  $=American Philatelic Association.=                          2237.137$

    $Catalogue of the American Philatelic Association's loan exhibit of
      postage stamps to the United States Post Office Department, at the
      World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago, 1893.$

      $Birmingham, Conn. Bacon & Co., 1893. 68 pp. 8^o.$

  $=American Philatelic Association.=                         *2230a.13$

    $Official circular. Sept., 1893-Aug., 1895.$

  =   $[St. Louis, Mo., 1893-95.] v. L. 8^o.$

  $=American Philatelic Publishing Company.=                  2239a.121$

    $"Our catalogue." The standard American catalogue of all the postal
      issues of the world. Together with the revenue stamps of the
      United States and Canada.$

  =   $New York. Albrecht & Co. [1894] (2), 592 pp. Illus. 16^o.$

  $=American Philatelist.= Vol. 1-13.                           *6233.9$

    $Chicago. American Philatelic Association. 1888-99. 13 v. in 7.

      $The annual number for Dec., 1884, is published as vol. 8.
      Previous to vol. 8 the periodical is called American Philatelist
      and Year Book of the American Philatelic Association.$

  $=Bacon=, E. D.                                               2237.59$

    $Reprints of postal adhesive stamps and their characteristics.$

  =   $London. [1900.] viii, 168 pp. Illus. [Stanley Gibbons'
      philatelic handbooks.] 8^o.$

  $=Bacon=, E. D.                                              *2236.47$

    $And Francis John Hamilton Scott Napier.$

      $Grenada: to which is prefixed an account of the perforations of
      the Perkins-Bacon printed stamps of the British Colonies.$

      $London. Stanley Gibbons, 1902 (4) 173 pp. Illus. Pls. [The
      Stanley Gibbons Philatelic Handbooks] 8^o.$

  =Bacon=, E. D. and Francis J. H. S. Napier.                    2237.48

    The stamps of Barbadoes, with a history and description of the
      star-watermarked papers of Perkins, Bacon & Co.

      London: 1896. xi., 119pp. Pls. [The Stanley Gibbons Philatelic
      handbooks.] 8^o.

  $=Bartels, J. M.=, Co., publishers.                          *2230a.2$

    $Complete catalogue and reference list of the stamped envelopes,
      wrappers, and letter sheets regularly issued by the United States.

      $Washington, 1897, 38 pp. Illus Pls. L. 8^o.$

  $=Bartels=, J. M., Co.                                        2230a.3$

    $March, 1899. J. M. Bartels' second complete catalogue and reference
      list of the stamped envelopes, wrappers, letter sheets and postal
      cards, regularly issued by the United States. 1853-1899.$

      $Washington (1899) Unpaged. Illus. F^o.$

  $=Bartels=, J. Murray & Co., publishers.                    2239a.112$

    $The standard price catalogue and reference list of the plate
      numbers of United States adhesive postage stamps, issued from 1890
      to 1898. 3d edition.$

      $Washington, 1898, 37pp. 16^o.$

      $Same.                                                  2239a.113$

      $Stamps issued from 1893 to 1899, 4th edition. With supplement,
      1899, 1900, 2 parts in 1v.$

  =Bazar=, Der.                                                  *6231.6

    für Briefmarken-Sammler, Jahrgang 1, No. 5-11. Heidelberg: 1869-70,

  =Bellars=, Henry John, and ---- Davie.                         2237.53

    The standard guide to postage stamp collecting ... 2d edition.

      London. Hotten. 1864. 130 pp. Sm. 8^o

  $=Boston Philatelic Society.=                                *2234.15$

    $An historical reference list of the revenue stamps of the United
      States, including the private die proprietary stamps. Compiled by
      George L. Toppan, Hiram E. Deats and Alexander Holland, a
      committee of the ... society.$

      $Boston, 1899, 423pp. L. 8^o.$

  $=Boston Stamp Book=, The.                                   *2237.74$

    $[Monthly.] Edited and published by John Luther Kilbon. Vol. 1-3.
      May, 1895-May, 1898.$

  =   $Boston. Cassino & Co. [etc.] 1896-98. v. 12^o.$

  =Bradt=, S. B. & Co.                                          *6226.36

    Catalogue of United States and foreign postage stamps, 1-9, from
      July 25, 1891-Dec. 14. 1892. Sold at Cobb's library.

      [Chicago, 1891, 92.] 9 pphs. in 1 v. 8^o.

  $=Bright & Sons=                                             *2237.68$

    $"A B C" descriptive priced catalogue of the world's postage stamps,
      envelopes, post cards, etc. 3d edition. Revised up to date.$

  --  $London. Simpkin, Marshall & Co. [1898.] 2 parts in 1 v. Sm.
      8^o. London. Simpkin, Marshall & Co. [1901.]$

  $=Brown=, Frank P., publisher.                               2239a.21$

    $The standard postage stamp catalogue. 56th edition.$

  =   $Boston, 1896. xxxvi, 623, (4) pp. Illus. 16^o.$

      $Two copies.$

  $=Brown=, Mount.                                              2237.63$

    $Catalogue of British, Colonial, and foreign postage stamps. 2d

  =   $London. Passmore. 1862. vii, (1), 72 pp. 16^o.$

      $Same. 4th edition. 1863. xi, (1), 85 pp.                 2237.18$

  =Brown=, Walter Lee.                        6226.18 = No. 1 in *2224.6

    Descriptive catalogue of the revenue stamps of Italy, from 1836 to

      New York. J. J. Pusey & Co., prs. 1878. (2), 23, (1) pp. 8^o.

  $=Brown=, William, of Salisbury.                             2230a.23$

    $A reference list to the stamps of the Straits Settlements,
      surcharged for use in the Native Protected States.$

  =   $Salisbury, author, 1894. 108, (1) pp. Illus. Plates. 4^o.
      Reprinted with additions and corrections from the Philatelic
      Journal of Great Britain.$

  =Chalmers=, Patrick.                                          *2237.35

    The adhesive postage stamp. Decision of the "Encyclopædia
      Britannica." James Chalmers was the inventor of the adhesive
      stamps. Also papers on the penny postage reform.

      London: E. Wilson, 1886, 64pp. 8^o.

  Chalmers, Patrick.                                            *2237.37

    The American Philatelic Association and the adhesive postage stamp.

      London: E. Wilson & Co., 1887, 16pp. Sm. 8^o.

  =Chalmers=, Patrick.                                           2237.30

    How James Chalmers saved the penny postage scheme. Letter of the
      Dundee bankers and merchants to the lords of Her Majesty's

      London: E. Wilson & Co., 1890, 71pp. 8^o.

      [Relates to the adhesive postage stamp first proposed by James

  =Chalmers=, Patrick.                                           2237.28

    Mr. John Francis, of the Athenæum, on the plan of Sir Rowland Hill,
      2d ed.

      London: E. Wilson & Co., 1889, 48pp. 8^o.

      [Relates to the adhesive postage stamp.]

  =Chalmers=, Patrick.                                          *2237.34

    Submission of the Sir Rowland Hill committee, 2d edition, with
      opinions from the press (4th series) on "the adhesive postage

      London: E. Wilson, 1886, 115pp. 8^o.

  =Chicago Stamp News.= Vol. 1.                                 *6233.10

    Chicago, 1891, 1892. 8^o.

  =Collin=, Henry, and Henry L. Calman.                         *2234.21

    Catalogue of the stamps, envelopes, wrappers and postal cards of
      Mexico. Including the provisional issues of Campeche, Chiapas,
      Guadalajara, etc.

  =   New York: Scott Stamp & Coin Co. [1900?] (1), 117pp. Illus. L.

  $=Collin=, Henry and others.                                *2230a.25$

    $Catalogue of the stamps, envelopes and wrappers of the United
      States of America, and of the Confederate States of America, by
      Henry Collin and Henry L. Calman, with the collaboration of John
      N. Luff and George L. Toppan.$

  =   $New York: Scott Stamp & Coin Co., 1900. (4), 206pp. Illus.
      Plates. Sm. f^o.$

  $=Collin=, Henry, and Henry L. Calman.                     *2230a.122$

    $A catalogue for advanced collectors of postage stamps, stamped
      envelopes and wrappers....$

      $New York: The Scott Stamp & Coin Co. 1890-1901. 1349pp. Illus.
      Plates. 4^o.$

  $=Coster=, Charles H.                                        *2232.26$

    $The United States locals and their history.$

      $New York: Scott & Co., 1877, 111pp. Illus. 8^o.$

  $=Coster=, Charles H.                                       *2237.110$

    $Les postes privées des Etats-Unis d'Amérique. Bruxelles, Moens,
      1882, 85, 2v. in 1. Illus. [Bibliothèque des timbrophiles.] 16^o.$

      $[Contents.--1. Les timbres adhésifs. 2. Les envelopes timbrées.]$

  $=Daily Stamp Item.=                                        *2230a.31$

    $Vol. 1, 2. January 1 to June 30, 1896.$

  =   $St. Louis, Mo. C. H. Mekeel Stamp & Publishing Co. 1896, 2v.
      Portraits. F^o.$

  $=Daniels=, J. H.                                             2237.31$

    $A history of British postmarks, together with a list of numbers
      used in obliterations in Great Britain and certain colonial
      possessions. London: Gill. 1898 (5), 184pp. Illus. Sm^o.$

  $=Deutsche Briefmarken-zeitung=                              6230a.34$

    $(Periodical) iii.-v. (3 vols.)$

  =Dexter,= George.                                               2237.4

    Catalogue of postage stamps, American and foreign, and U. S. revenue
      stamps. (Anon.)

      Cambridge: Sever and Francis. Two copies. 1868, 78pp. 16^o.

  $=Deutsche illustrirte Briefmarken-Zeitung.=                *2237.154$

    $[Monatlich.], vol. 1, 1883, Leipzig: 1883, 108pp., illus., 8^o. On
      the completion of this volume the publication was merged in
      Illustrirtes Briefmarken-Journal.$

  $=Diena, E.=                                                 2237.148$

    $I Francobolli del Ducato Modena e della Provincie Modenesi, 8^o.$

  $=Diena=, Emilio.                                            2237.150$

    $Les timbres-postes des Romagnes. Suivi d'une étude sur leurs
      réimpressions par J.-B. Moens.$

      $= Bruxelles. Moens, 1898, 95pp. Illus. 8^o.$

  $=Dominion Philatelist=,                                      2234.31$

    $(Periodical) ii.-iv. (3 vols.)$

  $=Durbin= and Hanes.                                          2233.19$

    $Descriptive catalogue of the postage stamps and stamped envelopes
      of all nations. 18th edition.$

      $= Philadelphia: Chambers printing house, 1891, 180pp. Portrait,
      plates. 8^o.$

  $=Earee=, Robert Brisco.                                     *2237.64$

    $Album weeds; or, how to detect forged stamps. 2d edition,

      $= London: Gibbons [1892] xii., 726pp. Illus. 8^o.$

  $=Eastern Philatelist=, The.                                 *2232.28$

    $A monthly magazine in the interests of philately. Vol. 1 to date.$

      $= Newmarket, N. H. Pinkham, 1893 to date. v. 8^o & 4^o. The title
      is on the cover.$

  $=Evans=, Edward Benjamin.                                  *2234.104$

    $A description of the Mulready envelope ... with an account of other
      illustrated envelopes of 1840 and following years.$

      $London: Gibbons, 1891, 8, 240pp. Illus. 8^o.$

  $=Evans=, Edward Benjamin.                                 *2230a.104$

    $The philatelic catalogue of postal stamps, envelopes, wrappers and
      cards, 1840-1890. St. Louis: Mekeel, 1891, (7,) 472, (2) pp.,
      illus., Portr., 8^o.$

  $=Evans=, Edward Benjamin.                                    2237.46$

    $Stamps and stamp collecting. A glossary of philatelic terms and
      guide to the identification of the postage stamps of all nations.
      2d edition.$

      $London: Stanley Gibbons, 1898, 68pp. Illus. Pls. 8^o.$

  $=Ewen=, Henry L'Estrange.                                   2239a.31$

    $Standard priced catalogue of the stamps and postmarks of the United
      Kingdom. No. 6, 1898.$

      $Bournemouth: Pardy, 1898. v. Illus. Sm. 8^o.$

  $=Fabri=, Pio.                                                2237.97$

    $Timbres des Etats de l'Eglise.$

      $Bruxelles, Moens, 1878, (3), 41, (1) pp. Illus. [Bibliothèque des
      timbrophiles.] 8^o.$

    $Same. [In Moens, Jean Baptiste. Timbres des Etats de Toscana et
      Saint Marin. Pp. 69-109. Bruxelles, 1878.]$

  =Fellows=, Eleanor C.                                         *2237.38

    Truth _v._ Fiction, _re_ the Chalmers' claim. By the Postal
      reformer's "home" secretary for 30 years.

      London: R. Forder, 1892, 15 pp. 8^o.

      [On the claim of Patrick Chalmers that his father, James Chalmers,
      was the inventor of the adhesive postage stamp. Signed, Eleanor C.

  $=Filatelic Facts and Fallacies.=                            *2237.78$

    $A monthly magazine for stamp collectors and dealers. [Edited by S.
      Louis.] Vols. 1-6. October, 1892-September, 1898.$

      $= San Francisco: Sellschop & Co., 1892-94. v. 8^o.$

  =Firth=, Oliver.                                              *2237.62

    Postage stamps and their collection: a practical guide to philately
      for all collectors.

  --  London: Gill, 1897, (7), 188pp. Illus. Sm. 8^o.

  $=Fiscal Philatelist=, The,                                  *2237.65$

    $And revenue stamp guide. A monthly journal, devoted to fiscal
      collectors. Vol. 1. Edited by Fred Geo. C. Lundy, 1892-3.$

      $London: Morley & Lundy (1893). Illus. Sm. 4^o.$

  $=Friederich=, Rudolf.                                      *2230a.37$

    $Die Postwertzeichen Spaniens und seiner Kolonien.$

      $= Berlin: Brendicke, 1894, 2 v. in 1. Illus. Plates. 8^o.
      Contents.--1. Die Postwertzeichen Spaniens. 2. Auflage. 3. Die
      Postwertzeichen der spanischen Kolonien. Benutzte Bücher und
      Zeitschriften, pp. xiii, xiv.$

  $=Fulcher=, Lionel William.                                  *2234.35$

    $Catalogue of the revenue stamps of Spain and colonies, including
      the American occupation and revolutionary issues.$

      $= London: Morley, 1902, (4), 98pp. Illus. 8^o.$

  $=Gelli, G.=, and R. Tani, publishers.                       2237.133$

    $Catalogue illustré de timbres-poste et télégraphe, 3e édition$

      $= Bruxelles [1902] (11), 536, 25pp. Illus. 8^o.$

      $Bears date 1903 on the cover.$

  =Girsewald=, Conway, Freiherr von.                           2239a.107

    The stamps of Switzerland--translated from the German. St. Louis:
      Mekeel, 1893, 64pp. Illus. 24^o.

  $=Glasewald=, A. E.                                           2239a.9$

    $Die Postwerthzeichen von Griechenland. Nach den neuesten
      Forschungen bearbeitet.$

      $Gössnitz S.-A. Glasewald, 1896, 64pp. Illus. Pl 8^o.$

  $=Gray=, John Edward.                                         2237.17$

    $The illustrated catalogue of postage stamps, 4th ed.$

      $London: E. Marlborough & Co., 1866, xvi., 180pp.$

      $Sm. 8^o. Same, do., do., 5th ed.$

  Same--Revised by Overy Taylor, 6th ed.                        *2237.11

      London: E. Marlborough & Co., 1875, xv. (1), 523pp. Sm. 8^o.

  $=Gray=, John Edward.                                         2237.16$

    $A hand catalogue of postage stamps, 2d edition.$

      $London: R. Hardwicke, 1863, xiv., 58pp. 12^o.$

  $=Gremmel=, Henry.                                         *2239a.125$

    $Henry Gremmel's stamp catalogue of the western hemisphere, giving a
      full description ... of all the postage stamps, ... together with
      the present market value of every stamp.$

      $= New York [189-.] 162pp. Illus. 16^o.$

  $=Handford=, J. T.                                            2239.42$

    $The illustrated postage stamp catalogue of United States and
      foreign postage stamps, stamped envelopes, postal and money order
      cards.... [4th edition.]$

      $New York: Seebeck, 1882, (4), 112, (8) pp. Plates. 12^o.$

  =Hardy=, William John, and E. D. Bacon.                        2336.33

    The stamp collector. A treatise on the issue and collecting of the
      postage stamps of all nations. With fac-similes.

      London: Redway, 1898, 300pp. Pls. Fac-similes. 8^o.

  =Harrison=, Gilbert,                                           2287.49

    And Francis John Hamilton Scott Napier. Portuguese India [Handbook
      of its postal issues] with notes and publisher's prices.

  --  London: 1893, 87pp., plates [The Stanley Gibbons philatelic
      handbooks] 8^o.

  $=Harrison=, Gilbert.                                       *2230a.99$

    $The Nesbitt stamped envelopes and wrappers of the United States of
      America, with descriptions of the varieties of the dies.... Edited
      and completed by E. D. Bacon.$

      $London: Smith, 1895, 44pp. Plates. 4^o.$

      $Published as a supplement to the London Philatelist.$

  =Herrick=, William.                                           *2234.19

    Catalogue of the Russian rural stamps.

  --  New York: Scott Stamp & Coin Co., 1896, 128pp. Illus. L. 8^o.

  =Horner=, W. E. V.                                            *2332.55

    History and catalogue of the stamped envelopes of the United States.

      Philadelphia: L. W. Durbin, 1879, 52 pp. Illus. Sm. 4^o.

  $=Horner=, W. E. V.                                          *2232.14$

    $The stamped envelopes of the United States, 3d edition.$

      $Revised and continued by E. B. Hanes.$

      $Phila.: Durbin and Hanes, 1889, 62pp. Illus.$

      $[An earlier edition entitled, History and catalogue of the
      stamped envelopes of the United States is on shelf-number

  $=Howes=, C. A.                                              *2234.25$

    $Photographs of a collection of Formosan stamps, the property of J.
      N. Luff.$

      $N. p. 1901, 6 photos. Size, 6-1/2 x 4-5/8 inches. Mounted.$

  $=Illustriertes Briefmarken Journal=                         2237.154$

    $(Periodical) vol. xxii.$

  $=Illustriertes Briefmarken-Journal=.                       *6230a.28$

    $Zeitschrift für Postwertzeichen-Kunde. Jahrgang 22.$

      $= Leipzig: Senf. [1895.] v. Illus. 8^o.$

  =International Collector.=                                    *6226.17

    Published monthly by the Collector publishing company. Vol. 1-4.

      San Francisco, 1887-89. 4 v. in 1. Sm. 4^o.

      Relates to postage stamps, coins, etc. The official organ of the
      Philatelic society of America.

  $=Internationaler Philatelisten-Verein=,                     *2233.17$


    $Vertrauliche Mitteilung, No. 21, 15 Januar, 1899.$

      $Dresden, Hesse and Becker (1899). 8^o.$

  =Jioubukuro.=                                                 *5024.21

    [Envelopes ornamented in colors.] 80 samples. L. 8^o.

  $=Kalckhoff=, F.                                             2239a.29$

    $Die Postkarten der deutschen Schutzgebiete und der deutschen
      Postanstalten im Auslande.$

      $Leipzig: [Naumann] 1902, 32pp. 8^o.$

      $Berichtigter und ergänzter Sonderabdruck aus der Deutschen

  =Kenyon=, Brewster C.                                          2385.15

    History of the postal issues of Hawaii. A list of the adhesive
      postage stamps, stamped envelopes and postal cards of the Hawaiian

  =   N. p., 1895, 26pp. Portr. 8^o.

  $=Koefoed=, O.                                               *2237.75$

    $Danske Postfrimærker, 1851-1901. En historisk Afhandling udarbejdet
      paa Grundlag af originale Aktstykker.$

      $Kobenhavn, Jacobsen: 1901, 152, (4) pp., illus., portrs, pls.
      8^o. [Some of the plates are colored.]$

  $=Kohl=, Paul.                                             *2239a.123$

      $Freimarken-Katalog, 1902.$

      $= Chemnitz: 1902, x, 736pp., illus. 16^o.$

  $=Kropf=, H.                                                 2230a.93$

    $Die Postwertzeichen der Oster.-ungar. Monarchie. Prag: 1902,
      430pp., 4^o.$

  $=Koprovski=, Samuel                                          2237.93$

    $Les timbres-poste ruraux de Russie. Nomenclature générale de tous
      les timbres connus jusqu'à ce jour, avec leurs prix de vente.
      Précédé d'une introduction sur l'histoire des postes rurales, avec
      notes géographiques et historiques.$

    $= Bruxelles: Moens, 1875, xxii, 3-108pp, Illus., 8^o.$

  $=Kroetzsch=, Hugo.                                          2239a.16$

    $Illustrierter ausführlicher Katalog über deutsche
      Postfreimarken.... Leipzig: Krötzsch, 1896, x., 150 pp., illus.,

  $=Kroetzsch=, Hugo.                                      *2237.127.10$

    $Die Postfreimarken der Grossherzogthümer Mecklenburg-Schwerin und
      Mecklenburg-Strelitz. [Leipzig, 1894.] viii, 36, 16pp. Plates.
      [Permanentes Handbuch der Postfreimarkenkunde. Theil 1, Abschnitt
      10.] 12^o.$

  $=Kroetzsch=, Hugo.                                      *2237.127.11$

    $Die Postfreimarken des Nordeutschen Postbezirks. [Leipzig, 1894.]
      ix., (1), 140pp. Plates. [Permanentes Handbuch der
      Postfreimarkenkunde. Theil 1, Abschnitt 11.] 12^o.$

  =Longcope=, E. M.                                            9336 27a5

    Things taxable. Stamp taxes under schedule A. Arranged and compiled
      alphabetically.... [3d ed., enlarged.] Houston: 1898, 86pp. 16^o.

  $=Le Grand=, A.                                              2237.100$

    $Les écritures et la légende des timbres du Japon. Bruxelles: Moens,
      1878, 43pp, illus. [Bibliothéque timbrolozique, 1.] 8^o. [Extrait
      du Bulletin de la Société francaise de timbrologie.]$

  =Le Grand=, A.                                                 2238.39

    Le Grand's Manual for stamp collectors. A companion to the stamp
      album. From the French. Trans., adapted and annotated by Henri
      Pène Du Bois. International ed.

  --  N. Y.: Hurst [1896] 173 pp, 12^o. Two copies.

  $=Lindenberg=, C.                                            2239a.17$

    $Die Briefmarken von Baden unter Benutzung amtlicher Quellen
      bearbeitet. Berlin: Brendicke, 1894, vi., (1), 171pp. 16^o.$

  $=Lindenberg=, Carl.                                        *2237.135$

    $Die Briefumschläge der deutschen Staaten, unter Benutzung amtlicher
      Quellen. Heft 1-15.$

      $= Berlin: Brendicke, 1892-95, 2v. and unbound parts, illus, 16^o.
      Contents--_Band 1_: Heft 1, Braunschweig 2, Mecklenburg-Schwerin
      und Mecklenburg-Strelitz 3, Lübeck 4, Thurn und Taxis 5, 6
      Norddeutscher Postbezirk. _Band 2_: Heft 7, Oldenburg 8, Baden 9,
      Hamburg und Bremen 10, Sachsen 11, 12 Hannover. _Band 3_: Heft 13,
      Bayern 14, 15 Württemberg.$

  $=Lockyer=, Gilbert E.                                        2237.70$

      Colonial stamps: also those of Great Britain. With geographical
      and other notes.

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  $=London Philatelist=,                                       *2230a.7$

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  =Luff=, John N.                                                2237.60

    What philately teaches.

  --  New York: Scott Stamp & Coin Co., 1899, 75pp., illus. 12^o.

  =Lundy=, Frederick George C.                                  2231.115

    History of the revenue stamps of Mexico. St. Louis: Mekeel, 1891,
      45pp., illus. map, 8^o.

  $=Lundy=, Frederick George C., compiler.                     *2237.84$

    $Handbook of the revenue stamps of Germany and Switzerland. Glasgow,
      1896, 80pp 8^o.$

  $=Lundy=, Frederick George C., compiler.                     *2237.85$

    $Hand-book of the revenue stamps of Great Britain and Ireland. In
      commemoration of the bi-centenary of the first stamp duty act,
      29th June, 1694. London: Morley, 1894, 46pp., sm. 4^o.$

  =MacLean=, [McLean], William Seward.                           2237.29

    McLean's stamp collector's guide, containing articles on leading
      subjects; also lists of philatelic societies, and of periodicals
      devoted to the science; also a directory of over two thousand
      United States and Canadian collectors, 1889. Boston: W. S. McLean
      [1889] 100pp. 8^o.

  $=Martindale=, Isaac C.                                     *2230a.33$

    $Catalogue of [his] valuable collection of postage stamps to be sold
      ... October 24th and ... 25th, 1893. [And] List of prices realized
      at the sale.$

      $= [Philadelphia, 1893] (6), 173, 16pp, 8^o.$

  =Mason's Monthly=                                              *6226.3

    Coin and Stamp Collectors' magazine. Vol. 1-6, 1867-72. Phila.:
      Mason & Co. [1868-72] 6v. in 3, illus. 8^o.

  $=Masson=, David Parkes.                                     2237.145$

    $The stamps of Jammu and Kashmir.$

      $= Calcutta [& Lahore] 1900, 01, 2v., illus., plates. [Philatelic
      Society of India. Publications, vol. 4, 5] 8^o.$

  =Mekeel=, Charles Haviland.                                    2231.116

    The history of the postage stamps of the St. Louis postmaster,

  o   Saint Louis, 1895, 25pp., illus., portr., fac-similes 4^o. From
      the Philatelic journal of America [*6230a.10.14].

  =Mekeel=, Charles Haviland.                                    2232.16

    Descriptive priced catalogue of American postage stamps, including
      also a priced list of Mexican revenue stamps, 2d edition.

  =   St. Louis: C. H. Mekeel Stamp and Publishing Co., 1891, 128pp.
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  =Mekeel=, C. H.                                              *2234.114

    Mekeel's complete standard catalogue of the postage stamps of the
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  =Mekeel=, Charles Haviland.                                  2280a.101

    Mekeel's stamp collector's maps of the world. From original designs.
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  =Mekeel=, Charles Haviland.                                  2239a.105

    A stamp collector's souvenir. St. Louis, 1892, 64pp. illus. portrs.

  =Mekeel= (C. H.) Stamp and Publishing Co.                      2239.87

    Mexico. [A description of Mexican postage stamps, envelopes, etc.]

  --  St. Louis [1897?] 48 pp. illus., 16^o.

  $=Mekeel's Weekly Stamp News.=                              *2230.112$

    $Edited by I. A. Mekeel [and others]. Vol. 1-13. St. Louis, 1895-99,
      12v. and unbound parts, illus., portraits, map, F^o. Two copies of
      vol. 6-8, 10, 11. The incomplete set is kept in the children's
      room. Vols. 1-10 were edited by I. A. Mekeel; 11 and 12 by C. E.
      Severn and S. B. Hopkins; 13, by C. E. Severn alone. Nos. 26 and
      47 of vol. 13 are wanting in the regular set, and Nos. 1-5 of vol.
      6 in the "A" copy.$

  $=Metropolitan Philatelist=, The.                           *2230a.11$

    $[Monthly.] vol. 1-12, April, 1890-Sept. 1900.$

      $--New York, Scott [etc.] 1890-1900, 12v, in 8, illus., sq. 8^o.$

  =Millington=, H. Mackwood.                                     2237.72

    An exhaustive catalogue of the adhesive postage stamps of the
      British Empire, up to January, 1894. With a short descriptive
      article on each colony.

  =   London, Gibbons, 1894, xi., (1), 283pp. illus., sm. 8^o.

  $=Mirabaud=, Paul, and A. de Reuterskiöld.                   *2230a.1$

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  =Mitchell=, William H., D.D.S.                        No. 2 in 2236.41

    The standard reference list of the private local postage stamps of
      the United States, including those used in Canada, Hawaiian
      Kingdom and Mexico.

  =   Trenton: Sterling, 1887, xlii. pp. 8^o.

  $=Moens=, Jean Baptiste.                                    *2230a.35$

    $Catalogue prix-courant de timbres-poste, télégraphes, enveloppes at
      bandes, cartes, etc., etc.

  =   Bruxelles, Moens, 1892, 93, 3v., plates, L. 8^o. Contents--1.
      Timbres-poste et télégraphes; 2. Enveloppes, bandes, cartes and
      mandats; 3. Atlas.$

  $=Moens=, Jean Baptiste.                                     *2234.29$

      $Héligoland et ses timbres.$

      $= Bruxelles: Bureau du journal le timbre-poste, 1897, (3) 272pp.,
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  $=Moens=, Jean Baptiste.                                    *2231.118$

    $Histoire des timbres-poste et de toutes les marques
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  $=Moens=, Jean Baptiste.                                     *2237.61$

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  $=Moens=, Jean Baptiste.                                      2237.98$

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      suppression (1847-1867). Bruxelles, Moens, 1880, 107pp., illus.,
      coat of arms. [Bibliothèque des timbrophiles.] 8^o.$

  $=Moens=, Jean Baptiste.                                     *2237.86$

    $Timbres de la République argentine et de ses diverses provinces.$

      $= Bruxelles: Moens, 1882, 2 v. in 1, fac-similes, 8^o. 150 copies

  $=Moens=, Jean Baptiste.                                      2237.89$

    $Les timbres de Maurice depuis leur origine jusqu'à nos jours, 2e
      édition, augmentée.$

      $= Bruxelles: Moens, 1878, 147pp., illus. [Bibliothèque des
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  $=Moens=, Jean Baptiste.                                      2237.99$

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      1879, 84pp. [Bibliothèque des timbrophiles.] 8^o.$

  $=Moens=, Jean Baptiste.                                      2237.92$

    $Les timbres de Prusse.$

      $= Bruxelles: Moens, 1887, 142pp., illus. [Bibliothèque des
      timbrophiles.] 8^o.$

  $=Moens=, Jean Baptiste.                                      2232.45$

    $Les timbres de Russie. Nomenclature générale de tous les
      timbres-poste, timbres locaux, ruraux timbres-téelégraphe,
      enveloppes, bandes, cartes & cartes-lettres.$

      $= Bruxelles: Moens, 1893 (4), 62pp., plates, 4^o.$

  $=Moens=, Jean Baptiste.                                      2237.90$

    $Les timbres de Saxe depuis leur origine jusqu'à nos jours.$

      $= Bruxelles: Moens, 1879, 104pp., illus. [Bibliothèque des
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  $=Moens=, Jean Baptiste.                                      2237.95$

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      ville de Bergedorf.$

      $= Bruxelles: Moens, 1884, 94pp., illus., plates. [Bibliothèque
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  $=Moens=, Jean Baptiste.                                      2237.91$

    $Les timbres du Wurtemberg (1847-1880).$

      $= Bruxelles: Moens, 1881, 2 v. in 1, illus. [Bibliothèque des
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  $=Moens=, Jean Baptiste.                                      2237.96$

    $Timbres des états de Toscane et Saint-Marin par J. B. Moens, et des
      Etats de l'Eglise par Pio Fabri. 2e édition augmentée.$

      $= Bruxelles: Moens, 1878, (1), 112pp., illus. [Bibliothèque des
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  $=Mongeri=, F.                                                2237.87$

    $Croissant-toughra (armoiries de l'Empire ottoman.) Bruxelles:
      Moens, 1887, 26pp., illus., 8^o. [Especially in regard to this
      device on postage stamps.]$

  $=Morley=, Walter.                                           *2237.80$

    $Walter Morley's catalogue and price list of the revenue stamps of
      the British colonies, Nov., 1895. London: (1895) 8^o.$

  $=Morley=, Walter.                                           *2237.82$

    $Walter Morley's catalogue and price list of the stamps of Great
      Britain, 2d edition, 1897. [London], [1897] viii., 191 pp., Sm.

  $=Morley=, Walter.                                           *2237.81$

    $Walter Morley's complete catalogue and price list of British
      railway letter fee stamps, Sept., 1898. London: [1898] v. Sm.

  $=Morley=, Walter, compiler.                                  2237.83$

    $Catalogue of the telegraph stamps of the world, Feb., 1900. London:
      (1900), (4), 179 pp., plates, Sm. 8^o.$

  $=Morley's Philatelic Journal=.                              *2234.27$

    $A monthly paper for collectors of postage, revenue, telegraph and
      railway stamps. Edited by A. Preston Pearce. Vol. 1-3, 1900,

      $= Catford: Morley, 1900-02, 3 v., illus., 8^o.$

  $=Nankivell=, Edward J.                                      2237.152$

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      [The Stanley Gibbons Philatelic handbooks.] 8^o.$

  =Napier=, Francis John Hamilton Scott, and E. D. Bacon.        2237.33

    Saint Vincent. [Handbook of its postal issues.] With notes and
      publishers' prices.

  --  London: 1895, 107pp., plates [The Stanley Gibbons philatelic
      handbooks] 8^o.

  =Napier=, Francis John Hamilton Scott, and Gordon Smith.       2237.44

    South Australia [Handbook of its postal issues] With notes and
      publishers' prices.

  --  London, 1894, (7), 135pp., plates [The Stanley Gibbons
      philatelic handbooks.] 8^o.

  =Nast=, F. A.                                                 2237.139

    A tentative price list of entire U. S. envelopes, arranged according
      to J. W. Scott's system, with the corresponding numbers, according
      to Prof. Horner. N. Y.: The J. W. Scott Co. [188-.] 51pp., 12^o.

  $=Nast=, F. A.                                               2237.139$

    $A tentative price list of entire U. S. envelopes, arranged
      according to J. W. Scott's system, with the corresponding numbers,
      according to Prof. Horner. New York: The J. W. Scott Co. [1888?]
      51pp., illus., 8^o. The title on the cover is J. W. Scott's

  =Ogilvie=, W. T.                                               2236.31

    Handbook for the collector of postage stamps, illus. London:
      Sonnenschein, 1892, 125pp. [The young collector] Sm. 8^o.

  $=Parker=, E. Y., publisher.                                2239a.119$

    $The pocket standard catalogue of the revenue stamps of Canada.
      Toronto: 1899, 23pp., 24^o.$

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    $=Permanentes Handbuch= der Postfreimarkenkunde mit Lichtdrucktafeln
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      $= Leipzig: Krötzsch, 1894-1887, 17 v. in 9, illus., plates, maps,

  $Theil 1. Deutsche Staaten. Abschnitt 1-13, 15              *2237.127$

  $Theil 1. Abschnitt 4. 2. Auflage                           *2237.128$

  $Theil 2.$

  $Theil 3. Russland                                          *2237.130$

  $Vierteljahrs Nachträge.                                    *2237.131$

  $=Permanentes Handbuch der=                                 *2237.131$

    $Postfreimarkenkunde. Vierteljahrs-Nachträge zum Permanenten
      Handbuch der Postfreimarkenkunde und dem Permanent-Sammelwerk in
      losen Blättern von Hugo Krötzsch. Jahrgang 1-3, 1894-1896.$

      $= Leipzig: Krötzsch, 1896, iv., 204pp., illus. plates, 12^o.$

      $The Permanentes Handbuch, Theil 1, is on shelf-number *2237.127;
      Theil 3, *2237.130.$

  $=Philatelic Californian=, The.                              *2233.21$

    $Vol, 1, 2, October, 1893-December, 1895.$

      $= San Francisco: California Philatelic Press Club, 1893-95, 2v.,
      illus., 8^o. A monthly publication.$

  $=Philatelic Era=, The                                       *2237.77$

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      editor and publisher. Vol. 6-8, September, 1892-August, 1894.$

      $= Portland, Me., 1892-94, v., illus., 8^o. This magazine appeared
      monthly previous to September, 1893. The Philatelic Literary
      Review was published as a supplement to vol. 6 of the Philatelic
      Era, from September, 1892, to August, 1893.$

  =Philatelic Journal=, The, of America.                       *6230a.10

    An illustrated monthly magazine in the interest of stamp collecting.
      Edited by Charles Haviland Mekeel. Vol. 1-14. Philatelic
      Publishing Co., St. Louis, 1887-96, 13v., 8^o.

  =Philatelic Journal=, The, of America.                       *6230a.16

    Special ed., vol. 2, No. 24, Feb., 1887. Ed. by Chas. Haviland

  --  St. Louis: Philatelic Pub. Co., 1887, 44pp., illus., portrs.,

  $=Philatelic Journal=                                        *6231.62$

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      of the International philatelic union. Ed. by Percy C. Bishop,
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  $=Philatelic Journal=, The, of India.                       *2230a.17$

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  $=Philatelic Monthly and World=, vol. 19-21.                *6230a.45$

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      portraits, 8^o. The portraits are photographs.$

  $=Philatelic Record and Stamp News=.                        *2231.121$

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      $= London: Buhl & Co. [1897-1901]. v., illus., portraits, plates,

  $=Philatelic Society=, London.                               *2232.18$

    $The postage stamps, envelopes and post cards of Australia and the
      British colonies of Oceanica.$

      $= London, 1887, (6), 147, (1) pp., plates, L. 8^o.$

  $=Philatelic Society=, London.                              *2230a.19$

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      stamps of the British colonies, possessions and protectorates in
      Africa, parts 1-2. London: 1895, 1900, 2v., illus. pls., L. 8^o.$

  $=Philatelic Society=, London.                              *2230a.15$

    $The postage stamps, envelopes, wrappers, post cards and telegraph
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      Tilleard, entitled, "Notes on the De la Rue series of the adhesive
      postage and telegraph stamps of India."] London: 1892, 1896 (4)
      lvii., 32pp. 24 pls., L. 8^o.$

  $=Philatelic Society=, London.                              *2230a.41$

    $The postage stamps, envelopes, wrappers, and post cards of the
      North American colonies of Great Britain.$

      $= London, 1889, 67pp., plates, L. 8^o.$

  =Philatelic World=, The; vol. 3. N. Y.: 1885, 8^o.            *6238.36

  $=Philatelist, Der=                                         2230a.120$

    $(Periodical) Dresden: v.-xi. (7 vols.)$

  $=Post Office=, The.                                         *2230a.9$

    $A monthly journal for stamp collectors. Vol. 1-8, 1891-99.$

      $= New York [1891-97] 8v. in 5, illus., portraits, 8^o. Edited by
      Alvah Davison, 1891-94, Henry Gremmel, 1892-93, Crawford Capen,

  $=Postage Stamps.= Catalogues.                              *2237.125$

    $[Priced catalogues of auction sales of postage stamps. March 17,
      1892-May 30, 1893.]$

      $= [Chicago, etc., 1892, 93] 31 pamphlets in 1 v., plate, 8^o.$

  $=Postwertzeichen-Kunde=                                     6230a.25$

    $(Periodical) 1893-4.$

  =Rebellion Envelopes.=                                        *4410.14

    [A collection of envelopes bearing patriotic pictures, issued during
      the Civil war.] Mounted in scrap books, 5v., f^o. [A few of these
      were issued in the Confederate States.]

  Same.                                                    *"20th" 100.2

      [Four envelopes and 884 pictures cut from envelopes] 4^o.

  $=Reinheimer=, A.                                            2237.161$

    $Illustrierter Preiskatalog der deutschen postalischen
      Entwertungsarten. Dresden: Internationaler Philatelisten-Verein,
      1894 (3), 52pp., illus., 8^o.$

  =Revista filatelica=, La.                                     *2232.60

    Publicación mensual. Eduardo F. Cottilla [y I. A. Mekeel], editor
      [es] vol. 1, 2. St. Louis: Mekeel stamp and pub co., 1892-95, 2v.

  $=Revue Philatelique=,                                       6230a.41$

    $(Periodical) iv.-vi. (3 vols.)$

  =Ribeiro=, Joao Pedro.                                      **D. 192.9

    Dissertacoes chronologicas e criticas sobre a historia e
      jurisprudencia ecclesiastica e civil de Portugal, publicadas por
      ordem da Academia R. das sciencias de Lisboa. Lisboa: Na
      typografia da mesma academia, 1810-13, 3v., Sm. 4^o. [Contenta ...
      vol. iii., parte 2, sobra o uso do papel sellado nos documentos
      publicos de Portugal.]

  =Robert=, Victor.                                            *2235.131

    Catalogue illustré de tous les timbres-poste émis depuis 1840
      jusqu'à 1894 ... et leur prix de vente, 2e éd. Paris: Robert
      [1894] 10, 349pp., illus., 8^o.

  $=Robie=, Lewis,                                              2239.40$

    $Stamp hunting. Chicago: Donohue, Henneberry & Co., 1898, 257pp.
      [The modern authors' library, No. 127] 12^o. This is a chatty
      account of a travelling drug salesman, who made a specialty of
      collecting revenue stamps.$

  $=Roggenstroh=, Hermann.                                     2230a.97$

    $Die Postwerthzeichen von Rumänien. Moldau, Moldau-Walachei,
      Fürstenthum Rumänien, Königreich Rumänien ... Magdeburg [1893?]
      20pp., plates. [Verein für Briefmarkenkunde.] f^o.$

  $=Rommel=, Otto.                                             2239a.18$

    $Die Postwertzeichen des Bergedorfer Postbezirkes.$

      $= München: Larisch, 1892 (7), 56pp., illus., 8^o. Literatur, pp.
      (5, 6).$

  $=Rothschild=, Arthur de, Baron.                              5649.19$

    $Histoire de la poste aux lettres depuis ses origines les plus
      anciennes jusqu'à nos jours. Paris: Librairie nouvelle, 1873, (3),
      335 pp., 12^o. A later edition is entitled, Histoire de la poste
      aux lettres et du timbre-poste [5649.166]$

  $=Rothschild=, Arthur de, Baron.                             5649.166$

      $Histoire de la poste aux lettres et du timbre-poste depuis leurs
      origines jusqu'à nos jours. 3e édition.$

      $= Bruxelles: Moens, 1876, 2v., 12^o. An earlier edition is
      entitled Histoire de la poste aux lettres [5649.19].$

  =Salefranque=, Léon.                                           2231.56

    Le timbre à travers l'histoire, avec dessins et fac-similés. Rouen:
      imp. E. Deshays et cie, 1890, 126pp., 4^o.

  $=Schueller=, Friedrich.                                      2232.30$

    $Die Persische Post und die Postwerthzeichen von Persien und
      Buchara. Döbling: Im. Selbstverlage des Verfassers [1893] 90 (4)
      pp., plates, L. 8^o.$

  $=Scott Stamp and Coin Co.=,                                  2237.47$

    $[Catalogue] 1898, [N. Y., 1898,] illus. 16^o.$

  $=Scott Stamp and Coin Co.=,                                  2237.57$

    $The standard postage stamp catalogue, 55th-61st ed., 1895-1902. N.
      Y.: [1895]-1902. [Several copies of recent editions.]$

  $=Scott=, J. Walter.                                        2239a.127$

    $Standard stamp catalogue, 25th thousand.$

      $= New York: The J. W. Scott Co. [189-] (2), 212pp., illus.,

  $=Scott=, J. W.                                             2239a.127$

    $Standard stamp catalogue ... New York: The J. W. Scott Co. [1891]
      (2), 210pp., illus., 8^o.$

  =Seltz=, C. M.                                                  2237.5

    The postage stamp collector's hand-book. A descriptive catalogue of
      all postage stamps issued from 1840 to the present time. Boston:
      C. M. Seltz, 1867 (3), 20pp., 16^o.

  $=Senf=, Richard,                                            2237.113$

    $Handbuch sämtlicher Postmarken, Briefumschläge und Streifbänder.
      [7. Auflage nebst einem Nachtrag.]$

      $= Leipzig: Senf [1891, 96] xvi., 632, 154pp [Dr. Moschkau's
      Handbuch für Postwertzeichen-Sammler; band 1] 8^o.$

  $=Senf=, Gebrueder.                                        *2239a.117$

    $Gebrüder Senfs illustrierter Postwertzeichen-Katalog, 1899.$

      $= Leipzig: 1899, v., illus., 16^o.$

  =Stamp-collector's Magazine=, The,                            *6226.12

    Illus., vol. 1-12. London: E. Marlborough & Co., 1863-74, 12v., Sm.

  $=Stamp News Annual=,                                        2230a.95$

    $1891-5. (6 Nos. in 1 vol. All that were published.)$

  $=Stamp News=, The.                                         *2230a.29$

    $A monthly illustrated journal for stamp collectors and dealers,
      vol. 7, 8, 10; 1891, 92, 94.$

      $= London: Buhl & Co., 1891-94, 3 v., illus., portraits, 4^o.$

  $=Stanley Gibbons= & Co.                                     *2232.57$

    $Descriptive catalogue and price list of British, colonial and
      foreign postage stamps, post cards, etc. London: 1881, 63, 54pp.,
      illus., sm. 4^o.$

  $=Stanley Gibbons=, Limited, publishers.                      2237.51$

    $Priced catalogue of stamps (1899), 12th edition, parts 1-4.$

      $--London: [1899] 4 v. illus., /sm. 8^o.

      Contents--1. British empire; 2. Foreign countries; 3. Local
      postage stamps; 4. Envelopes, post cards, etc. (Two copies of Pt.

    Same.                                                        2237.52

      $(1900-1901) part 1, 2, 13th edition [1900] 2 v.$

    $Same. 1902.$

  $=Stanley Gibbons Monthly Journal=.                          *2230a.5$

    $[A philatelic periodical] edited by Edward B. Evans, vol. 3-8, 11
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  =Thornhill=, W. B.                                             2237.45

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  =Tiffany=, John Kerr.                                         *2231.50

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  $=Timbre-poste.=                                             *2232.12$

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  =Trifet=, Ferdinand.                                [asterism] 2237.19

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  $=Wolsieffer=, P. M.                                        *2237.107$

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      Leipz. Zschiesche, 1868, iv, 32 pp, 16^o.$

       *       *       *       *       *

Boston Philatelic Society.

Organized March 4, 1891.

M. H. LOMBARD, President. C. A. HOWES, Secretary. L. L. GREEN,

Extract from the Constitution:


SECTION 1. This Society is constituted to encourage and promote:

(1). The study of postage, telegraph and fiscal stamps, stamped
envelopes, newspaper and other bands, and postal cards, their history,
engraving, printing and other details.

(2). The detection and prevention of forgeries and frauds.

(3). The preparation and publication of papers and books bearing upon
these subjects, and the undertaking of all such matters as may
incidentally promote the above objects and contribute to the increase of
the science and practice of Philately.

       *       *       *       *       *

_Meeting, Third Tuesday of each month at Elks' Hall, 24 Hayward Place,
Boston., 8 P. M._

_Visitors cordially welcomed._


* Indicates Charter Member.

  * 1. GILMORE, GEO. L.          Lexington, Mass.
  * 2. SPRAGUE, F. W., 2d.       10 Tremont St., Room 77, Boston.
  * 4. WOODWARD, H. E.           1 Dunreath St., Roxbury, Mass.
  * 5. SIRCOM, S. R.             287 Washington St., Boston.
  * 6. HUMPHREY, H. D.           Dedham, Mass.
  * 7. VAN DERLIP, W. C.         15 Berwick Park, Boston.
  * 9. BATCHELDER, A. W.         Salem, Mass.
   10. COBURN, W. E.             Everett, Mass.
   21. WOODWARD, C. E.           1 Dunreath St., Roxbury, Mass.
   25. HOLTON, E. A.             8 Summer St., Boston.
   27. KING, H. F.               P. O. Box 33, Boston.
   29. ROBINSON, W. E.           Appleton St., Malden, Mass.
   30. RICHARDSON, F. P.         Salem, Mass.
   31. MASON, E. H.              70 Kilby St., Boston.
   32. GREEN, L. L.              47 Tremont St., Boston.
   47. HARRIS, HOWARD P.         12 Northey St., Salem, Mass.
   52. QUINBY, H. C.             52 Wall St., New York City.
   54. THAYER, OLIVER, 2d.       Salem, Mass.
   57. CORBETT, H.               1413 Washington St., Boston.
   69. BROWN, F. P.              339 Washington St., Boston.
   72. ABBOTT, DR. CHAS. E.      Andover, Mass.
   76. MOTT, LUTHER W.           Oswego, N. Y.
   77. DEATS, H. E.              Flemington, N. J.
   78. PHELPS, E. S.             165 West Canton St., Boston.
   81. BANKS, WM., JR.           44 State St., Boston.
   82. JOHNSON, J. F.            383 Lexington St., Auburndale, Mass.
   83. STURGIS, ELLIOT T.        125 Milk St., Boston.
   88. LEBON, CHAS. P.           42 Waumbeck St., Roxbury, Mass.
   89. OLNEY, HON. FRANK F.      Providence, R. I.
   96. CUTTER, CHAS. W.          138 Harvard St., Brookline, Mass.
   98. DODGE, FRANK F.           6 High St., Boston.
   99. JEWETT, WM. W.            502 Congress St., Portland, Me.
  104. PITMAN, FRED H.           45 Dartmouth St., Somerville, Mass.
  109. SMITH, FRED S.            11 South St., Boston.
  111. DAVIS, A. D.              332 Palisade Ave., Yonkers, N. Y.
  116. BURT, FRANK H.            Room 1046, Tremont Bldg., Boston.
  120. AYER, F. W.               Bangor, Me.
  121. DREW, B. L.               122 Oxford St., Cambridge B., Mass.
  127. HOLLAND, ALEXANDER        40 Grace Court, Brooklyn, N. Y.
  128. LINTON, CHAS. E.          59 Franklin St., Cambridge A., Mass.
  132. NOLEN, WM. W.             2 Manter Hall, Cambridge, Mass.
  137. NUTE, HENRY O.            863 Blue Hill Ave., Dorchester, Mass.
  143. WOLCOTT, CHAS. W.         Dedham, Mass.
  146. TOPPAN, GEO. L.           321 Main St., Racine, Wis.
  148. PIERCE, WM. T.            Watertown, Mass.
  150. NEWELL, WARREN            39 Dudley St., Roxbury, Mass.
  151. MACY, ARTHUR H.           39 Dudley St., Roxbury, Mass.
  152. ANDREINI, J. M.           29 West 75th St., New York City.
  155. PATTEN, FRANK W.          Box 35, West Lynn Sta., Mass.
  156. ALTHEN, EDW. C.           369 N. State St., Elgin, Ill.
  162. FROST, WALTER L.          42 Hancock St., Boston.
  169. PETERS, GEO. E.           West Newton, Mass.
  172. SMITH, FRANKLIN E.        56 Fairmont Ave., Newton, Mass.
  174. RICE, H. J.               c/o Blodgett, Merritt & Co.,
                                   16 Congress St., Boston.
  175. LYONS, J. H.              27 Bromfield St., Boston.
  177. HOWES, CLIFTON A.         334 Broadway, Cambridge A., Mass.
  179. CARPENTER, ERNEST M.      21 Bromfield St., Boston.
  180. LUFF, JOHN N.             18 East 23d St., New York City.
  181. LOMBARD, BENJAMIN, JR.    1566 Beacon St., Brookline, Mass.
  192. CLARK, DAVID O.           Hingham, Mass.
  193. STEVENS, EDWIN A.         52 Magnolia St., Boston.
  194. BARKER, W. S., JR.        Medford, Mass.
  197. KIDDER, HENRY A.          Arlington, Mass.
  199. ROCKWELL, J. W.           Medford, Mass.
  201. BOGERT, R. R.             160 Nassau St., New York City.
  207. CAPRON, J. F.             26 Bromfield St., Boston.
  208. WOLSIEFFER, P. M.         1010 Atwood Bldg., Chicago, Ill.
  209. ROTHFUCHS, C. F.          38 Munroe St., Roxbury, Mass.
  210. DUTCHER, FRANK J.         Hopedale, Mass.
  211. WYLIE, WILLARD O.         Beverly, Mass.
  213. TENT, FRANK               47 Oxford Road, Newton Centre, Mass.
  214. LOMBARD, M. H.            2 Lagrange St., Winchester, Mass.
  215. DUNNING, A. W.            Newton, Mass.
  216. FLAGG, GEO. A.            100 Fairmount Ave., Malden, Mass.
  218. TUTTLE, GEO. R.           87 Nassau St., New York City.
  220. DRAKE, C. S.              142B Warren St., Roxbury, Mass.
  223. IRELAND, GORDON           Holyoke House 21, Cambridge, Mass.
  225. BROWN, WALTER L.          410 Pleasant St., Worcester, Mass.
  227. CONE, JOHN J., JR.        4 Russell Park St., New Dorchester, Mass.
  229. MEARS, HENRY A.           21 Gray St., Cambridge, Mass.
  230. LORING, ROBERT B.         95 South Market St., Boston.
  231. WAYNE, A. A.              73 Glendale St., Dorchester, Mass.
  232. SMITH, H.                 42 Dudley St., Medford, Mass.
  233. BURNS, R. F.              36 Union St., Boston.
  234. MARSHALL, W. H.           141 Washington St., Cambridge A, Mass.
  235. DODGE, FRANK A.           223 Franklin St., Cambridge A, Mass.
  238. COLSON, WARREN H.         15 Crombie St., Salem, Mass.
  239. SAWYER, EDWIN F.          101 Washington St., Brighton, Mass.
  241. MASON, HENRY T.           385 Washington St., Cambridge A, Mass.
  242. PORTER, H. L.             10 Columbus Sq., Boston.
  243. PUTNEY, FREEMAN, JR.      21 Bromfield St., Boston.
  244. WELLS, CLINTON G.         933 N. Calvert St., Baltimore, Md.
  246. ELDREDGE, WM. D.          P. O. Box 1352, Boston.
  247. BURLEIGH, DR. CHAS.       199 Pleasant St., Malden, Mass.
  248. STONE, CHAS. H.           91 Antrim St., Cambridge A, Mass.
  249. BARRETT, LOUIS G.         613 Phillips Bldg., Boston.
  250. WALL, JAMES H.            Worcester, Mass.
  253. POWERS, CHAS. F.          376 Massachusetts Ave., Boston.
  254. WOODWARD, HOWARD H.       1 Dunreath St., Roxbury, Mass.
  256. FOSTER, F. APTHORP        28 State St., Boston.
  257. SCHLENKER, SAM            Brenham Texas.
  258. NASH, FRED J.             243 School St., Somerville, Mass.
  259. STONE, WM. C.             384 Union St., Springfield Mass.
  261. GATES, WALTER L.          Teaticket, Mass.
  263. PORTER, JAMES M.          80 Water St., Boston.
  264. CREHORE, FREDERICK M.     Newton Lower Falls, Mass.
  265. CROSBY, CLIFFORD F.       348 Summer St., West Somerville, Mass.
  268. INGRAHAM, JOHN            86 O St., South Boston, Mass.
  270. PARKER, HERMAN,           217 Newbury St., Boston.
  271. MORGENTHAU, J. C.         87 Nassau St., New York City.
  272. BARTELS, J. M.            230 Washington St., Boston.
  273. POWER, E. B.              167 Broadway, New York City.
  274. MASSOTH, F. N.            1603 Marquette Bldg., Chicago, Ill.
  275. MAKINS, J. H.             506 Market St., San Francisco, Cal.
  276. GIFFORD, T. MERRITT       New Bedford, Mass.
  277. WALDRON, GEORGE F.        59 Hudson St., Somerville, Mass.
  279. BUTLER, W. R.             26 Rosedale St., Dorchester, Mass.
  280. CROCKER, HENRY J.         Crocker Bldg., San Francisco, Cal.
  281. RHODES, ALBERT E.         36 Temple Place, Boston.
  282. HOWE, LOUIS P.            235 Pleasant St., Marlboro, Mass.
  283. SMITH, ROBERT BELDEN      7 Pine St., New York City.
  284. LOW, EUGENE E.            11 Burnside Ave., West Somerville, Mass.
  285. DENNISON, A.              86 Walnut St., Neponset, Mass.
  287. SEVERN, C. E.             711 Journal Bldg., Chicago, Ill.
  288. DONCYSON, S. T. S.        730 West 64th St., Chicago, Ill.
  289. OESCH, JOHN J.            34 Wabash Ave., Chicago, Ill.
  290. KLEMANN, JOHN A.          237 Broadway, New York City.
  292. BARNES, S. C.             Amesbury, Mass.
  293. TAYLOR, JOHN I.           228 Beacon St., Boston.
  294. SAWTELLE, CHAS. W.        80 Water St., Boston.
  298. SCOTT, JOHN W.            36 John St., New York City.
  299. HUNT, JAMES T.            Weymouth, Mass.
  302. FOSTER, FRANCIS C.        15 Oxford St., Cambridge, Mass.
  303. PICKMAN, DUDLEY L.        98 Beacon St., Boston.
  304. VON PIRCH, REV. R.        Berlin, Ontario, Canada.
  305. MOFFATT, FRANK D.         181 Keap St., Brooklyn, N. Y.
  306. LOVELL, W. O.             64 Maple St., Malden, Mass.
  307. WEBER, ADOLPH H.          1809 Sutter St., San Francisco, Cal.
  308. MARSTON, H. W.            Amesbury, Mass.
  309. JONES, FRED G.            2013 Brook St., Louisville, Ky.
  310. MARTIN, EBEN S.           16 North Fourth St., Minneapolis, Minn.
  311. BROWN, CHARLES A.         Honolulu, Hawaii.
  312. CAPEN, CRAWFORD           101 Miller Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.
  313. RICH, JOSEPH S.           489 Manhattan Ave., New York City.
  314. SIMMONS, SAMUEL R., JR.,  350 Alexander Ave., New York City.
  315. CALMAN, HENRY L.          42 East 23rd St., New York City.
  316. DORCHESTER, ERNEST DEAN   Velasco, Texas.
  317. ROBERTS, HOBART V.        420 Genesee St., Utica, N. Y.
  318. CHASE, CHAS. N.           Stoughton, Mass.
  319. SHAW, HERBERT M.          44 Hastings St., West Roxbury, Mass.
  320. DUNKHORST, H. F.          1005 7th St., N. W., Washington, D. C.
  321. FRASIER, JOSEPH A., M. D. New Bedford, Mass.
  323. LOW, JOHN F.              34 Portland St., Boston.
  324. VIETS, JAMES R.           26 Greystone Park, Lynn, Mass.
  326. PALMER, CHARLES H.        Wellesley, Mass.
  327. ASHENDEN, E. HAROLD       17 Tudor Terrace, Auburndale, Mass.
  328. FOSTER, DOUGLASS B.       22 Dana St., Somerville, Mass.
  329. BRUNER, P. F.             27 West 58th St., New York City.
  330. GURLEY, WM. F. E.         6153 Lexington Ave., Chicago, Ill.
  332. EATON, D. T.              Muscatine, Iowa.
  334. LEGG, H. W.               26 Hancock St., Boston.
  335. HOWARD, ROBERT G.         Newton, Mass.
  336. BERNICHON, JULES          4 Rue Rochambeau, Paris (9e Arrondt.)
  337. GINN, FREDERICK ROBERT    143 Strand, London, W. C.
  338. GASCOYNE, DR. W. J.       23 South St., Baltimore, Md.
  339. NEVIN, CHARLES K. B.      71 Gardner St., Allston, Mass.
  340. PARKER, CHARLES W., JR.,  38 Thorndike St., Brookline, Mass.
  341. HART, H. L.               71 Gottingen St., Halifax, N. S.
  342. WILLADT, CARL             Pforzheim, Germany.
  344. PHILLIPS, CHAS. J.        391 Strand, London, W. C.
  345. KOHL, PAUL                Chemnitz, Germany.
  346. SWAIN, WILLIAM N.         15 Merlin St., New Dorchester, Mass.
  347. TARR, R. A.               3125 North Broad St., Philadelphia, Pa.
  348. GOTTESLEBEN, R. M.        Box 571, Denver, Col.
  349. BROWN, ALLEN A.           30 Kilby St., Room 19, Boston.
  350. LORING, GEORGE F.         53 State St., Room 1108, Boston.
  351. BEDDIG, A.                Hanover, Germany.
  352. BARTELS, WALTER           230 Washington St., Boston.
  353. GRIMMONS, CHAS. A.        72 Thurston St., Somerville, Mass.
  354. PREVOST, JOHN W.          17 Spencer Ave., Springfield, Mass.
  355. BARTSCH, RUDOLF C.        186 Temple St., West Roxbury, Mass.
  356. CROCKER, JAMES H.         28 Thorndike St., Brookline, Mass.
  357. RANDALL, W. H.            Medford, Mass.
  358. BROWN, CLARK W.           22 Ladd St., Watertown, Mass.
  359. PARKER, FREDERICK W.      Highland Ave., Somerville, Mass.
  360. KELLEY, EDWARD DE Z.      Care Adams Express Co., Boston.
  361. HILLS, ISAAC              Siasconset, Nantucket, Mass.
  362. VAN MALDER, W. F.         145 Bourne St, Roslindale, Mass.
  363. BARTON, CHAS. J.          85 Meridian St., Melrose, Mass.
  364. COOK, FREDERICK S.        22 Sparhawk St., Brighton, Mass.
  365. BIGELOW, CHAS. C.         4 Sargent Ave., Somerville, Mass.
  366. GELLI, GUSTAVE            10 Rue des Fripiers, Brussels, Belgium.
  367. HANSCOM, A. P.            180 Pearl St., Cambridge A, Mass.
  368. MAYNARD, ROBERT D.        36 Oak Grove Ave., Springfield, Mass.


       *       *       *       *       *

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1894--September 23, 1902.)

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