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Title: Blackie & Son's Books for Young People, Catalogue 1898
Author: Various
Language: English
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_In crown 8vo, cloth elegant, olivine edges._

     =At Agincourt:= A Tale of the White Hoods of Paris. With 12 page
     Illustrations by WAL PAGET. 6_s._

"Mr. Henty's admirers, and they are many, will accord a hearty welcome
to the sturdy volume entitled _At Agincourt_."--_Athenæum._

     =With Cochrane the Dauntless:= A Tale of the Exploits of Lord
     Cochrane in South American Waters. With 12 page Illustrations by
     W. H. MARGETSON. 6_s._

"This tale we specially recommend; for the career of Lord Cochrane and
his many valiant fights in the cause of liberty deserves to be better
known than they are."--_St. James's Gazette._

     =The Tiger of Mysore:= A Story of the War with Tippoo Saib.
     By G. A. HENTY. With 12 Illustrations by W. H.
     MARGETSON, and a Map. 6_s._

"Mr. Henty not only concocts a thrilling tale, he weaves fact and
fiction together with so skilful a hand that the reader cannot help
acquiring a just and clear view of that fierce and terrible struggle
which gave to us our Indian Empire."--_Athenæum._

     =A Knight of the White Cross:= A Tale of the Siege of Rhodes. By
     G. A. HENTY. With 12 full-page Illustrations by RALPH
     PEACOCK. 6_s._

"Mr. Henty is a giant among boys' writers, and his books are
sufficiently popular to be sure of a welcome anywhere.... In stirring
interest, this is quite up to the level of Mr. Henty's former
historical tales."--_Saturday Review._

     =When London Burned:= A Story of Restoration Times and the Great
     Fire. By G. A. HENTY. With 12 page Illustrations by
     J. FINNEMORE. 6_s._

"No boy needs to have any story of Henty's recommended to him, and
parents who do not know and buy him for their boys should be ashamed
of themselves. Those to whom he is yet unknown could not make a better
beginning than with _When London Burned_."--_British Weekly._


"Among writers of stories of adventure for boys Mr. Henty stands in the
very first rank."--_Academy._

_In crown 8vo, cloth elegant, olivine edges._

     =The Lion of St. Mark:= A Tale of Venice in the Fourteenth
     Century. By G. A. HENTY. With 10 page Illustrations by
     GORDON BROWNE. 6_s._

"Every boy should read _The Lion of St. Mark_. Mr. Henty has never
produced any story more delightful, more wholesome, or more vivacious.
From first to last it will be read with keen enjoyment."--_The Saturday

     =By England's Aid:= The Freeing of the Netherlands (1585-1604).
     By G. A. HENTY. With 10 page Illustrations by ALFRED
     PEARSE, and 4 Maps. 6_s._

"The story is told with great animation, and the historical material
is most effectively combined with a most excellent plot."--_Saturday

     =With Wolfe in Canada:= or, The Winning of a Continent. By G.
     A. HENTY. Illustrated with 12 page Pictures by GORDON
     BROWNE. 6_s._

"A model of what a boys' story-book should be. Mr. Henty has a great
power of infusing into the dead facts of history new life, and as no
pains are spared by him to ensure accuracy in historic details, his
books supply useful aids to study as well as amusement."--_School

     =Bonnie Prince Charlie:= A Tale of Fontenoy and Culloden. By
     G. A. HENTY. Illustrated with 12 page Pictures by
     GORDON BROWNE. 6_s._

"Ronald, the hero, is very like the hero of _Quentin Durward_. The
lad's journey across France with his faithful attendant Malcolm, and
his hairbreadth escapes from the machinations of his father's enemies
make up as good a narrative of the kind as we have ever read. For
freshness of treatment and variety of incident, Mr. Henty has here
surpassed himself."--_Spectator._

     =For the Temple:= A Tale of the Fall of Jerusalem. By G. A.
     HENTY. With 10 page Illustrations by S. J. SOLOMON,
     and a Coloured Map. 6_s._

"Mr. Henty's graphic prose pictures of the hopeless Jewish resistance
to Roman sway adds another leaf to his record of the famous wars of the
world. The book is one of Mr. Henty's cleverest efforts."--_Graphic._

     =True to the Old Flag:= A Tale of the American War of
     Independence. By G. A. HENTY. With 12 page Illustrations
     by GORDON BROWNE. 6_s._

"Does justice to the pluck and determination of the British soldiers.
The son of an American loyalist, who remains true to our flag, falls
among the hostile redskins in that very Huron country which has been
endeared to us by the exploits of Hawkeye and Chingachgook."--_The

"Mr. Henty undoubtedly possesses the secret of writing eminently
successful historical tales; and those older than the lads whom
the author addresses in his preface may read the story with

_Specimen Illustration from_




"Mr. Henty is one of our most successful writers of historical

_In crown 8vo, cloth elegant, olivine edges._

     =The Lion of the North:= A Tale of Gustavus Adolphus and the Wars
     of Religion. By G. A. HENTY. With 12 page Pictures by
     J. SCHÖNBERG. 6_s._

"A praiseworthy attempt to interest British youth in the great deeds of
the Scotch Brigade in the wars of Gustavus Adolphus. Mackay, Hepburn,
and Munro live again in Mr. Henty's pages, as those deserve to live
whose disciplined bands formed really the germ of the modern British

     =The Young Carthaginian:= A Story of the Times of Hannibal. By
     G. A. HENTY. With 12 page Illustrations by C. J.
     STANILAND, R.I. 6_s._

"The effect of an interesting story, well constructed and vividly told,
is enhanced by the picturesque quality of the scenic background. From
first to last nothing stays the interest of the narrative. It bears us
along as on a stream whose current varies in direction, but never loses
its force."--_Saturday Review._

     =Redskin and Cow-boy:= A Tale of the Western Plains. By G. A.
     HENTY. Illustrated by ALFRED PEARSE. 6_s._

"It has a good plot; it abounds in action; the scenes are equally
spirited and realistic, and we can only say we have read it with much
pleasure from first to last. The pictures of life on a cattle ranch are
most graphically painted, as are the manners of the reckless but jovial

     =With Clive in India:= or, The Beginnings of an Empire. By G.
     A. HENTY. Illustrated by GORDON BROWNE. 6_s._

"Among writers of stories of adventure for boys Mr. Henty stands in the
very first rank. Those who know something about India will be the most
ready to thank Mr. Henty for giving them this instructive volume to
place in the hands of their children."--_Academy._

     =In Greek Waters:= A Story of the Grecian War of Independence
     (1821-1827). By G. A. HENTY. With 12 page Illustrations
     by W. S. STACEY, and a Map. 6_s._

"There are adventures of all kinds for the hero and his friends, whose
pluck and ingenuity in extricating themselves from awkward fixes are
always equal to the occasion. It is an excellent story, and if the
proportion of history is smaller than usual, the whole result leaves
nothing to be desired."--_Journal of Education._

     =The Dash for Khartoum:= A Tale of the Nile Expedition. By G.
     A. HENTY. With 10 page Illustrations by J. SCHÖNBERG
     and J. NASH, and 4 Plans. 6_s._

"It is literally true that the narrative never flags a moment; for the
incidents which fall to be recorded after the dash for Khartoum has
been made and failed are quite as interesting as those which precede


"Mr. Henty is the king of story-tellers for boys."--_Sword and Trowel._

_In crown 8vo, cloth elegant, olivine edges._

     =Through the Fray:= A Story of the Luddite Riots. By G. A.
     HENTY. With 12 page Illustrations by H. M. PAGET.

"Mr. Henty inspires a love and admiration for straightforwardness,
truth, and courage. This is one of the best of the many good books
Mr. Henty has produced, and deserves to be classed with his _Facing

     =Captain Bayley's Heir:= A Tale of the Gold Fields of California.
     By G. A. HENTY. Illustrated by H. M. PAGET. 6_s._

"A Westminster boy who makes his way in the world by hard work, good
temper, and unfailing courage. The descriptions given of life are
just what a healthy intelligent lad should delight in."--_St. James's

[Illustration: _Reduced Illustration from "A Knight of the White

     =St. Bartholomew's Eve:= A Tale of the Huguenot Wars. By G. A.
     HENTY. Illustrated by H. J. DRAPER. 6_s._

"What would boys do without Mr. Henty? Ever fresh and vigorous, his
books have at once the solidity of history and the charm of romance.
_St. Bartholomew's Eve_ is in his best style, and the interest never
flags. The book is all that could possibly be wished from a boy's point
of view."--_Journal of Education._

     =In Freedom's Cause:= A Story of Wallace and Bruce. By G. A.
     HENTY. Illustrated by GORDON BROWNE. 6_s._

"His tale of the days of Wallace and Bruce is full of stirring action,
and will commend itself to boys."--_Athenæum._

     =By Right of Conquest=: or, With Cortez in Mexico. By G. A.
     HENTY. With 10 page Illustrations by W. S. STACEY.

"_By Right of Conquest_ is the nearest approach to a
perfectly successful historical tale that Mr. Henty has yet


"Mr. Henty is one of the best of story-tellers for young

_In crown 8vo, cloth elegant, olivine edges._

     =Beric the Briton:= A Story of the Roman Invasion. By G. A.
     HENTY. Illustrated by W. PARKINSON. 6_s._

"We are not aware that anyone has given us quite so vigorous a picture
of Britain in the days of the Roman conquest. Mr. Henty has done his
utmost to make an impressive picture of the haughty Roman character,
with its indomitable courage, sternness, and discipline. _Beric_ is
good all through."--_Spectator._

     =By Pike and Dyke:= A Tale of the Rise of the Dutch Republic. By
     G. A. HENTY. With 10 page Illustrations by MAYNARD
     BROWN, and 4 Maps. 6_s._

"The mission of Ned to deliver letters from William the Silent to his
adherents at Brussels, the fight of the _Good Venture_ with the Spanish
man-of-war, the battle on the ice at Amsterdam, the siege of Haarlem,
are all told with a vividness and skill which are worthy of Mr. Henty
at his best."--_Academy._

[Illustration: _Reduced Illustration from "At Agincourt"._]

     =Wulf the Saxon:= A Story of the Norman Conquest. By G. A.
     HENTY. Illustrated by RALPH PEACOCK. 6_s._

"_Wulf the Saxon_ is second to none of Mr. Henty's historical tales,
and we may safely say that a boy may learn from it more genuine
history than he will from many a tedious tome. The points of the Saxon
character are hit off very happily, and the life of the period is ably
reconstructed."--_The Spectator._

     =Through the Sikh War:= A Tale of the Conquest of the Punjaub.
     By G. A. HENTY. With 12 page Illustrations by HAL
     HURST, and a Map. 6_s._

"The picture of the Punjaub during its last few years of independence,
the description of the battles on the Sutlej, and the portraiture
generally of native character, seem admirably true.... On the whole,
we have never read a more vivid and faithful narrative of military
adventure in India."--_The Academy._


"No more interesting boys' books are written than Mr. Henty's
stories."--_Daily Chronicle._

_In crown 8vo, cloth elegant, olivine edges._

     =With Lee in Virginia:= A Story of the American Civil War. By
     G. A. HENTY. With 10 page Illustrations by GORDON
     BROWNE, and 6 Maps. 6_s._

"The story is a capital one and full of variety, and presents us with
many picturesque scenes of Southern life. Young Wingfield, who is
conscientious, spirited, and 'hard as nails', would have been a man
after the very heart of Stonewall Jackson."--_Times._

     =Under Drake's Flag:= A Tale of the Spanish Main. By G. A.
     HENTY. Illustrated by GORDON BROWNE. 6_s._

"There is not a dull chapter, nor, indeed, a dull page in the book; but
the author has so carefully worked up his subject that the exciting
deeds of his heroes are never incongruous or absurd."--_Observer._

     =On the Irrawaddy:= A Story of the first Burmese War. With 8
     Illustrations by W. H. OVEREND. Crown 8vo, cloth elegant,
     olivine edges, 5_s._

"Stanley Brook's pluck is even greater than his luck, and he is
precisely the boy to hearten with emulation the boys who read his
stirring story."--_Saturday Review._

     =Through Russian Snows:= A Story of Napoleon's Retreat from
     Moscow. By G. A. HENTY. With 8 Illustrations by W. H.
     OVEREND, and a Map. 5_s._

"Julian, the hero of the story, early excites our admiration, and is
altogether a fine character such as boys will delight in, whilst the
story of the campaign is very graphically told.... Will, we think,
prove one of the most popular boys' books this season."--_St. James's

     =In the Heart of the Rockies:= A Story of Adventure in Colorado.
     By G. A. HENTY. Illustrated by G. C. HINDLEY.

"Few Christmas books will be more to the taste of the ingenuous boy
than _In the Heart of the Rockies_."--_Athenæum._

"Mr. Henty is seen here at his best as an artist in lightning

     =One of the 28th:= A Tale of Waterloo. By G. A. HENTY.
     With 8 page Illustrations by W. H. OVEREND, and 2 Maps.

"Written with Homeric vigour and heroic inspiration. It is graphic,
picturesque, and dramatically effective ... shows us Mr. Henty at his
best and brightest. The adventures will hold a boy of a winter's night
enthralled as he rushes through them with breathless interest 'from
cover to cover'."--_Observer._

     =Facing Death:= or, The Hero of the Vaughan Pit. A Tale of the
     Coal Mines. By G. A. HENTY. With 8 page Pictures by
     GORDON BROWNE. 5_s._

"If any father, godfather, clergyman, or schoolmaster is on the
look-out for a good book to give as a present to a boy who is worth his
salt, this is the book we would recommend."--_Standard._


"Ask for Henty, and see that you get him."--_Punch._

_In crown 8vo, cloth elegant, olivine edges._

     =The Cat of Bubastes:= A Story of Ancient Egypt. By G. A.
     HENTY. Illustrated by J. R. WEGUELIN. 5_s._

"The story, from the critical moment of the killing of the sacred
cat to the perilous exodus into Asia with which it closes, is very
skilfully constructed and full of exciting adventures. It is admirably
illustrated."--_Saturday Review._

     =Maori and Settler:= A Story of the New Zealand War. By G. A.
     HENTY. With 8 page Illustrations by ALFRED PEARSE.

"It is a book which all young people, but especially boys, will read
with avidity."--_Athenæum._

"A first-rate book for boys, brimful of adventure, of humorous
and interesting conversation, and of vivid pictures of colonial

     =St. George for England:= A Tale of Cressy and Poitiers. By G.
     A. HENTY. Illustrated by GORDON BROWNE. 5_s._

"A story of very great interest for boys. In his own forcible style
the author has endeavoured to show that determination and enthusiasm
can accomplish marvellous results; and that courage is generally
accompanied by magnanimity and gentleness."--_Pall Mall Gazette._

     =The Bravest of the Brave:= With Peterborough in Spain. By G.
     A. HENTY. With 8 full-page Pictures by H. M. PAGET.

"Mr. Henty never loses sight of the moral purpose of his work--to
enforce the doctrine of courage and truth, mercy and lovingkindness, as
indispensable to the making of an English gentleman. British lads will
read _The Bravest of the Brave_ with pleasure and profit; of that we
are quite sure."--_Daily Telegraph._

     =For Name and Fame:= or, Through Afghan Passes. By G. A.
     HENTY. Illustrated by GORDON BROWNE. 5_s._

"Not only a rousing story, replete with all the varied forms of
excitement of a campaign, but, what is still more useful, an account
of a territory and its inhabitants which must for a long time possess
a supreme interest for Englishmen, as being the key to our Indian
Empire."--_Glasgow Herald._

     =A Jacobite Exile:= Being the Adventures of a Young Englishman in
     the Service of Charles XII. of Sweden. By G. A. HENTY.
     With 8 page Illustrations by PAUL HARDY, and a Map. 5_s._

"Incident succeeds incident, and adventure is piled upon adventure,
and at the end the reader, be he boy or man, will have experienced
breathless enjoyment in a romantic story that must have taught him much
at its close."--_Army and Navy Gazette._

     =Held Fast for England:= A Tale of the Siege of Gibraltar. By
     G. A. HENTY. Illustrated by GORDON BROWNE. 5_s._

"Among them we would place first in interest and wholesome educational
value the story of the siege of Gibraltar.... There is no cessation of
exciting incident throughout the story."--_Athenæum._


"Mr. Henty's books are always alive with moving incident."--_Review of

_In crown 8vo, cloth elegant._

     =Condemned as a Nihilist:= A Story of Escape from Siberia. By
     G. A. HENTY. Illustrated by WALTER PAGET. 5_s._

"The best of this year's Henty. His narrative is more interesting than
many of the tales with which the public is familiar, of escape from
Siberia. Despite their superior claim to authenticity these tales are
without doubt no less fictitious than Mr. Henty's, and he beats them
hollow in the matter of sensations."--_National Observer._

     =Orange and Green:= A Tale of the Boyne and Limerick. By G. A.
     HENTY. Illustrated by GORDON BROWNE. 5_s._

"The narrative is free from the vice of prejudice, and ripples with
life as vivacious as if what is being described were really passing
before the eye.... Should be in the hands of every young student of
Irish history."--_Belfast News._

     =In the Reign of Terror:= The Adventures of a Westminster Boy. By
     G. A. HENTY. Illustrated by J. SCHÖNBERG. 5_s._

"Harry Sandwith, the Westminster boy, may fairly be said to beat Mr.
Henty's record. His adventures will delight boys by the audacity and
peril they depict. The story is one of Mr. Henty's best."--_Saturday

     =By Sheer Pluck:= A Tale of the Ashanti War. By G. A.
     HENTY. With 8 full-page Pictures by GORDON BROWNE.

"Morally, the book is everything that could be desired, setting
before the boys a bright and bracing ideal of the English
gentleman."--_Christian Leader._

     =The Dragon and the Raven:= or, The Days of King Alfred. By G.
     A. HENTY. With 8 page Illustrations by C. J. STANILAND,
     R.I. 5_s._

"A story that may justly be styled remarkable. Boys, in reading it,
will be surprised to find how Alfred persevered, through years of
bloodshed and times of peace, to rescue his people from the thraldom
of the Danes. We hope the book will soon be widely known in all our

     =A Final Reckoning:= A Tale of Bush Life in Australia. By G.
     A. HENTY. Illustrated by W. B. WOLLEN. 5_s._

"All boys will read this story with eager and unflagging interest.
The episodes are in Mr. Henty's very best vein--graphic, exciting,
realistic; and, as in all Mr. Henty's books, the tendency is
to the formation of an honourable, manly, and even heroic
character."--_Birmingham Post._

     =The Young Colonists:= A Tale of the Zulu and Boer Wars. By G.
     A. HENTY. With 6 Illustrations by SIMON H. VEDDER.
     3_s._ 6_d._

"Fiction and history are so happily blended that the record of
facts quicken the imagination. No boy can read this book without
learning a great deal of South African history at its most critical

     =A Chapter of Adventures=: or, Through the Bombardment of
     Alexandria. By G. A. HENTY. With 6 page Illustrations by
     W. H. OVEREND. 3_s._ 6_d._

"Jack Robson and his two companions have their fill of excitement, and
their chapter of adventures is so brisk and entertaining we could have
wished it longer than it is."--_Saturday Review._


_In crown 8vo, cloth elegant, olivine edges._

     =Through Swamp and Glade:= A Tale of the Seminole War. By KIRK
     MUNROE. Illustrated by VICTOR PERARD. 5_s._

"The hero of _Through Swamp and Glade_ will find many ardent champions,
and the name of Coachoochie become as familiar in the schoolboy's ear
as that of the headmaster."--_St. James's Gazette._

     =At War With Pontiac:= or, The Totem of the Bear. By KIRK
     MUNROE. Illustrated by J. FINNEMORE. 5_s._

"Is in the best manner of Cooper. There is a character who is the
parallel of Hawkeye, as the Chingachgooks and Uncas have likewise their
counterparts."--_The Times._

     =The White Conquerors of Mexico:= A Tale of Toltec and Aztec. By
     KIRK MUNROE. Illustrated by W. S. STACEY. 5_s._

"Mr. Munroe gives most vivid pictures of the religious and civil polity
of the Aztecs, and of everyday life, as he imagines it, in the streets
and market-places of the magnificent capital of Montezuma."--_The

_Crown 8vo, cloth elegant_.

     =Two Thousand Years Ago:= or, The Adventures of a Roman Boy. By
     Professor A. J. CHURCH. With 12 page Illustrations by
     ADRIEN MARIE. 6_s._

"Adventures well worth the telling. The book is extremely entertaining
as well as useful, and there is a wonderful freshness in the Roman
scenes and characters."--_The Times._

     =The Clever Miss Follett.= By J. K. H. DENNY. With 12
     page Illustrations by GERTRUDE D. HAMMOND. 6_s._

"Just the book to give to girls, who will delight both in the
letterpress and the illustrations. Miss Hammond has never done better
work."--_Review of Reviews._

     =The Heiress of Courtleroy.= By ANNE BEALE. With 8 page
     Illustrations by T. C. H. CASTLE. 5_s._

"We can speak highly of the grace with which Miss Beale relates how the
young 'Heiress of Courtleroy' had such good influence over her uncle as
to win him from his intensely selfish ways."--_Guardian._

     =Under False Colours:= A Story from Two Girls' Lives. By SARAH
     DOUDNEY. Illustrated by G. G. KILBURNE. 4_s._

"Sarah Doudney has no superior as a writer of high-toned stories--pure
in style and original in conception; but we have seen nothing from her
pen equal in dramatic energy to this book."--_Christian Leader._


"Mr. Fenn stands in the foremost rank of writers in this
department."--_Daily News._

_In crown 8vo, cloth elegant._

     =Dick o' the Fens:= A Romance of the Great East Swamp. By G.
     MANVILLE FENN. Illustrated by FRANK DADD. 6_s._

"We conscientiously believe that boys will find it capital reading.
It is full of incident and mystery, and the mystery is kept up to the
last moment. It is rich in effective local colouring; and it has a
historical interest."--_Times._

     =Devon Boys:= A Tale of the North Shore. By G. MANVILLE
     FENN. With 12 page Illustrations by GORDON BROWNE.

"An admirable story, as remarkable for the individuality of its
young heroes as for the excellent descriptions of coast scenery and
life in North Devon. It is one of the best books we have seen this

     =The Golden Magnet:= A Tale of the Land of the Incas. By G.

"There could be no more welcome present for a boy. There is not a dull
page in the book, and many will be read with breathless interest. 'The
Golden Magnet' is, of course, the same one that attracted Raleigh and
the heroes of _Westward Ho!_"--_Journal of Education._

     =In the King's Name:= or, The Cruise of the _Kestrel_. By G.

"The best of all Mr. Fenn's productions in this field. It has the
great quality of always 'moving on', adventure following adventure in
constant succession."--_Daily News._

     =Nat the Naturalist:= A Boy's Adventures in the Eastern Seas. By
     G. MANVILLE FENN. With 8 page Pictures. 5_s._

"This sort of book encourages independence of character, develops
resource, and teaches a boy to keep his eyes open."--_Saturday Review._

     =Bunyip Land:= The Story of a Wild Journey in New Guinea. By G.

"Mr. Fenn deserves the thanks of everybody for _Bunyip Land_, and we
may venture to promise that a quiet week maybe reckoned on whilst
the youngsters have such fascinating literature provided for their
evenings' amusement."--_Spectator._

     =Quicksilver:= or, A Boy with no Skid to his Wheel. By GEORGE
     MANVILLE FENN. With 6 page Illustrations by FRANK
     DADD. New edition, 3_s._ 6_d._

"_Quicksilver_ is little short of an inspiration. In it that prince of
story-writers for boys--George Manville Fenn--has surpassed himself. It
is an ideal book for a boy's library."--_Practical Teacher._

     =Brownsmith's Boy:= A Romance in a Garden. By G. MANVILLE
     FENN. With 6 page Illustrations. 3_s._ 6_d._

"Mr. Fenn's books are among the best, if not altogether the best,
of the stories for boys. Mr. Fenn is at his best in _Brownsmith's
Boy_."--_Pictorial World._

[asterism] For other Books by G. MANVILLE FENN, see page 22.


_In crown 8vo, cloth elegant._

     =A Rough Shaking.= By GEORGE MAC DONALD. With 12 page
     Illustrations by W. PARKINSON. 6_s._

"One of the very best books for boys that has been written. It is
full of material peculiarly well adapted for the young, containing in
a marked degree the elements of all that is necessary to make up a
perfect boys' book."--_Teachers' Aid._

     =At the Back of the North Wind.= By GEORGE MACDONALD.
     With 75 Illustrations by ARTHUR HUGHES. 5_s._

"The story is thoroughly original, full of fancy and pathos.... We
stand with one foot in fairyland and one on common earth."--_The Times._

     =Ranald Bannerman's Boyhood.= By GEO. MAC DONALD. With 36
     Illustrations by ARTHUR HUGHES. 5_s._

"The sympathy with boy-nature in _Ranald Bannerman's Boyhood_ is
perfect. It is a beautiful picture of childhood, teaching by its
impressions and suggestions all noble things."--_British Quarterly

     =The Princess and the Goblin.= By GEORGE MAC DONALD. With
     32 Illustrations. 3_s._ 6_d._

"Little of what is written for children has the lightness of touch and
play of fancy which are characteristic of George Mac Donald's fairy
tales. Mr. Arthur Hughes's illustrations are all that illustrations
should be."--_Manchester Guardian._

     =The Princess and Curdie.= By GEORGE MAC DONALD. With 8
     page Illustrations. 3_s._ 6_d._

"There is the finest and rarest genius in this brilliant story. Upgrown
people would do wisely occasionally to lay aside their newspapers and
magazines to spend an hour with Curdie and the Princess."--_Sheffield


     =Young Travellers' Tales.= By ASCOTT R. HOPE. With 6
     Illustrations by H. J. DRAPER. 3_s._ 6_d._

"Possess a high value for instruction as well as for entertainment. His
quiet level humour bubbles up on every page."--_Daily Chronicle._

     =The Seven Wise Scholars.= By ASCOTT R. HOPE. With nearly
     100 Illustrations by GORDON BROWNE. 5_s._

"As full of fun as a volume of _Punch_; with illustrations
more laughter-provoking than most we have seen since Leech
died."--_Sheffield Independent._

     =Stories Of Old Renown:= Tales of Knights and Heroes. By
     ASCOTT R. HOPE. With 100 Illustrations by GORDON
     BROWNE. 3_s._ 6_d._

"A really fascinating book worthy of its telling title. There is, we
venture to say, not a dull page in the book, not a story which will not
bear a second reading."--_Guardian._


_In crown 8vo, cloth elegant._

     =The Log of a Privateersman.= By HARRY COLLINGWOOD. With
     12 page Illustrations by W. RAINEY, R.I. 6_s._

"The narrative is breezy, vivid, and full of incidents, faithful in
nautical colouring, and altogether delightful."--_Pall Mall Gazette._

     =The Pirate Island:= A Story of the South Pacific. By HARRY
     COLLINGWOOD. With 8 page Pictures by C. J. STANILAND
     and J. R. WELLS. 5_s._

"A capital story of the sea: indeed in our opinion the author is
superior in some respects as a marine novelist to the better-known Mr.
Clark Russell."--_The Times._

[Illustration: _Reduced Illustration from "The Log of a

     =The Log of the "Flying Fish":= A Story of Aerial and Submarine
     Adventure. By HARRY COLLINGWOOD. With 6 page
     Illustrations by GORDON BROWNE. 3_s._ 6_d._

"The _Flying Fish_ actually surpasses all Jules Verne's creations; with
incredible speed she flies through the air, skims over the surface of
the water, and darts along the ocean bed. We strongly recommend our
schoolboy friends to possess themselves of her log."--_Athenæum._

[asterism] For other Books by Harry Collingwood, see pages 22 and 23.

     =Banshee Castle.= By _Rosa Mulholland_. With 12 page Illustrations
     by JOHN H. BACON. 6_s._

"One of the most fascinating of Miss Rosa Mulholland's many fascinating

     =Giannetta:= A Girl's Story of Herself. By ROSA
     MULHOLLAND. With 8 page Illustrations by LOCKHART
     BOGLE. 5_s._

"One of the most attractive gift-books of the season."--_The Academy._


_In crown 8vo, cloth elegant, olivine edges._

     =Olaf the Glorious.= By ROBERT LEIGHTON. With 8 page
     Illustrations by RALPH PEACOCK, and a Map. 5_s._

"Is as good as anything of the kind we have met with. Mr. Leighton more
than holds his own with Rider Haggard and Baring-Gould."--_The Times._

"Among the books best liked by boys of the sturdy English type few will
take a higher place than _Olaf the Glorious_...."--_National Observer._

     =The Wreck of "The Golden Fleece":= The Story of a North Sea
     Fisher-boy. By ROBERT LEIGHTON. With 8 page Illustrations
     by F. BRANGWYN. 5_s._

"This story should add considerably to Mr. Leighton's high reputation.
Excellent in every respect, it contains every variety of incident. The
plot is very cleverly devised, and the types of the North Sea sailors
are capital."--_The Times._

     =The Pilots Of Pomona:= A Story of the Orkney Islands. By

"A story which is quite as good in its way as _Treasure Island_, and
is full of adventure of a stirring yet most natural kind. Although
it is primarily a boys' book, it is a real godsend to the elderly
reader."--_Glasgow Evening Times._

     =The Thirsty Sword:= A Story of the Norse Invasion of Scotland
     (1262-63). By ROBERT LEIGHTON. With 8 page Illustrations
     by A. PEARSE. 5_s._

"This is one of the most fascinating stories for boys that it has
ever been our pleasure to read. From first to last the interest never


     =To Tell the King the Sky is Falling.= By SHEILA E.
     BRAINE. With over 80 quaint and clever Illustrations by
     ALICE B. WOODWARD. 8vo, cloth, decorated board, gilt
     edges, 5_s._

"It is witty and ingenious, and it has certain qualities which
children are quick to perceive and appreciate--a genuine love of fun,
affectionateness, and sympathy, from their points of view."--_Bookman._

     =A Girl's Loyalty.= By FRANCES ARMSTRONG. With 8 page
     Illustrations by JOHN H. BACON. 5_s._

"There is no doubt as to the good quality of _A Girl's Loyalty_. The
book is one which would enrich any girls' book-shelf."--_St. James's

     =A Fair Claimant:= Being a Story for Girls. By FRANCES
     ARMSTRONG. Illustrated by GERTRUDE D. HAMMOND. 5_s._

"As a gift-book for big girls it is among the best new books of
the kind. The story is interesting and natural, from first to
last."--_Westminster Gazette._

_Specimen Illustration from_




     =The Universe:= or, The Infinitely Great and the Infinitely
     Little. A Sketch of Contrasts in Creation, and Marvels revealed
     and explained by Natural Science. By F. A. POUCHET, M.D.
     With 272 Engravings on wood, of which 55 are full-page size, and
     4 Coloured Illustrations. Twelfth Edition, medium 8vo, cloth
     elegant, gilt edges, 7_s._ 6_d._; also morocco antique, 16_s._

"Dr. Pouchet's wonderful work on _The Universe_, than which there is no
book better calculated to encourage the study of nature."--_Pall Mall

"We know no better book of the kind for a schoolroom


_In crown 8vo, cloth elegant._

     =A Prisoner Of War:= A Story of the Time of Napoleon Bonaparte. By
     G. NORWAY. With 6 page Illustrations by ROBT. BARNES,
     A.R.W.S. 3_s._ 6_d._

"More hairbreadth escapes from death by starvation, by ice, by
fighting, &c., were never before surmounted.... It is a fine
yarn."--_The Guardian._

     =A True Cornish Maid.= By G. NORWAY. With 6 page
     Illustrations by J. FINNEMORE. 3_s._ 6_d._

"There is some excellent reading.... Mrs. Norway brings before the eyes
of her readers the good Cornish folk, their speech, their manners, and
their ways. _A True Cornish Maid_ deserves to be popular."--_Athenæum._

[asterism] For other Books by G. NORWAY see p. 23.

     =Dr. Jolliffe's Boys:= A Tale of Weston School. By LEWIS
     HOUGH. With 6 page Pictures. 3_s._ 6_d._

"Young people who appreciate _Tom Brown's School-days_ will find
this story a worthy companion to that fascinating book."--_Newcastle

     =The Bubbling Teapot.= A Wonder Story. By Mrs. L. W.
     CHAMPNEY. With 12 page Pictures by WALTER SATTERLEE.
     3_s._ 6_d._

"Very literally a 'wonder story'. Nevertheless it is made realistic
enough, and there is a good deal of information to be gained from
it."--_The Times._

     =Thorndyke Manor:= A Tale of Jacobite Times. By MARY C.
     ROWSELL. Illustrated by L. LESLIE BROOKE. 3_s._ 6_d._

"Miss Rowsell has never written a more attractive book than _Thorndyke
Manor_."--_Belfast News-Letter._

     =Traitor or Patriot?= A Tale of the Rye-House Plot. By MARY C.
     ROWSELL. Illustrated. 3_s._ 6_d._

"Here the Rye-House Plot serves as the groundwork for a romantic love
episode, whose true characters are lifelike beings."--_Graphic._


_In crown 8vo, cloth elegant._

     =For Life and Liberty:= A Story of Battle by Land and Sea. By Dr.
     GORDON STABLES, R.N. With 8 Illustrations by SYDNEY
     PAGET, and a Map. 5_s._

"The story is lively and spirited, with abundance of blockade-running,
hard fighting, narrow escapes, and introductions to some of the most
distinguished generals on both sides."--_The Times._

     =To Greenland and the Pole.= By GORDON STABLES, M.D. With
     8 page Illustrations by G. C. HINDLEY, and a Map. 5_s._

"His Arctic explorers have the verisimilitude of life. It is one of
the books of the season, and one of the best Mr. Stables has ever

     =Westward With Columbus.= By GORDON STABLES, M.D. With 8
     page Illustrations by A. PEARSE. 5_s._

"We must place _Westward with Columbus_ among those books that all boys
ought to read."--_The Spectator._

     ='Twixt School and College:= A Tale of Self-reliance. By
     GORDON STABLES, C.M., M.D., R.N. Illustrated by W.
     PARKINSON. 5_s._

"One of the best of a prolific writer's books for boys, being full
of practical instructions as to keeping pets, and inculcates in a
way which a little recalls Miss Edgeworth's 'Frank' the virtue of

     =With the Sea Kings:= A Story of the Days of Lord Nelson. By
     F. H. WINDER. Illustrated by W. S. STACEY. 4_s._

"Just the book to put into a boy's hands. Every chapter contains
boardings, cuttings out, fighting pirates, escapes of thrilling
audacity, and captures by corsairs, sufficient to turn the quietest
boy's head. The story culminates in a vigorous account of the battle of
Trafalgar. Happy boys!"--_The Academy._

     =Storied Holidays:= A Cycle of Red-letter Days. By E. S.
     BROOKS. With 12 page Illustrations by HOWARD PYLE.
     3_s._ 6_d._

"It is a downright good book for a senior boy, and is eminently
readable from first to last."--_Schoolmaster._

     =Chivalric Days:= Stories of Courtesy and Courage in the Olden
     Times. By E. S. BROOKS. With 20 Illustrations. 3_s._ 6_d._

"We have seldom come across a prettier collection of tales. These
charming stories of boys and girls of olden days are no mere fictitious
or imaginary sketches, but are real and actual records of their sayings
and doings."--_Literary World._

     =Historic Boys:= Their Endeavours, their Achievements, and their
     Times. By E. S. BROOKS. With 12 page Illustrations. 3_s._

"A wholesome book, manly in tone; altogether one that should
incite boys to further acquaintance with those rulers of men whose
careers are narrated. We advise teachers to put it on their list of


_In crown 8vo, cloth elegant._

     =An Ocean Outlaw:= A Story of Adventure in the good ship
     _Margaret_. With Illustrations by WILLIAM RAINEY, R.I.

"We know no modern boys' book in which there is more sound, hearty,
good-humoured fun, or of which the tone is more wholesome and bracing
than Mr. St. Leger's."--_National Observer._

     =Hallowe'en Ahoy!= or, Lost on the Crozet Islands. By HUGH ST.
     LEGER. With 6 Illustrations by H. J. DRAPER. 4_s._

"One of the best stories of seafaring life and adventure which have
appeared this season. It contains a capital 'fo'c's'le' ghost and a
thrilling shipwreck. No boy who begins it but will wish to join the
_Britannia_ long before he finishes these delightful pages."--_Academy._

     =Sou'wester and Sword.= By HUGH ST. LEGER. With 6 page
     Illustrations by HAL HURST. 4_s._

"As racy a tale of life at sea and war adventure as we have met with
for some time.... Altogether the sort of book that boys will revel

     =Meg's Friend.= By ALICE CORKRAN. With 6 page
     Illustrations by ROBERT FOWLER. 3_s._ 6_d._

"One of Miss Corkran's charming books for girls, narrated in that
simple and picturesque style which marks the authoress as one of the
first amongst writers for young people."--_The Spectator._

     =Margery Merton's Girlhood.= By ALICE CORKRAN. With 6
     page Pictures by GORDON BROWNE. 3_s._ 6_d._

"Another book for girls we can warmly commend. There is a delightful
piquancy in the experiences and trials of a young English girl who
studies painting in Paris."--_Saturday Review._

     =Down the Snow Stairs=: or, From Good-night to Good-morning. By
     3_s._ 6_d._

"A gem of the first water, bearing upon every page the mark of genius.
It is indeed a Little Pilgrim's Progress."--_Christian Leader._

     =Grettir the Outlaw:= A Story of Iceland. By S.
     BARING-GOULD. With 6 page Illustrations by M. ZENO
     DIEMER. 4_s._

"Is the boys' book of its year. That is, of course, as much as to
say that it will do for men grown as well as juniors. It is told in
simple, straightforward English, as all stories should be, and it has a
freshness, a freedom, a sense of sun and wind and the open air, which
make it irresistible."--_National Observer._

     =Gold, Gold, in Cariboo:= A Story of Adventure in British
     Columbia. By CLIVE PHILLIPPS-WOLLEY. With 6 page
     Illustrations by G. C. HINDLEY. 3_s._ 6_d._

"We have seldom read a more exciting tale of wild mining adventure in
a singularly inaccessible country. There is a capital plot, and the
interest is sustained to the last page."--_The Times._


_In crown 8vo, cloth elegant._

[Illustration: _Reduced Illustration from "Wulfric the Weapon-Thane"._]

     =Wulfric the Weapon-Thane:= The Story of the Danish Conquest of
     East Anglia. With 6 Illustrations by W. H. MARGETSON.

"A picturesque and energetic story. A worthy companion to his capital
story, _A Thane of Wessex_. One that will delight all active-minded
boys."--_Saturday Review._

     =A Thane of Wessex:= Being the Story of the Great Viking Raid of
     845. By CHARLES W. WHISTLER. With 6 Illustrations by
     W. H. MARGETSON. 3_s._ 6_d._

"This is one of the best books of the season.... The story is told with
spirit and force, and affords an excellent picture of the life of the

     =His First Kangaroo:= An Australian Story for Boys. By ARTHUR
     FERRES. Illustrated by PERCY F. S. SPENCE. 3_s._

"A lively story of life on an Australian stock-station, where the
monotony of things is agreeably diversified by not only the bounding
kangaroo, but also the up-sticking bushranger."--_Scotsman._

     =A Champion of the Faith:= A Tale of Prince Hal and the Lollards.
     By J. M. CALLWELL. With 6 page Illustrations by
     HERBERT J. DRAPER. 4_s._

"Will not be less enjoyed than Mr. Henty's books. Sir John Oldcastle's
pathetic story, and the history of his brave young squire, will make
every boy enjoy this lively story."--_London Quarterly._


_In crown 8vo, cloth elegant._

     =Violet Vereker's Vanity.= With 6 page Illustrations by

"A book for girls that we can heartily recommend, for it is bright,
sensible, and with a right tone of thought and feeling."--_Sheffield

     =Three Bright Girls:= A Story of Chance and Mischance. By
     ANNIE E. ARMSTRONG. Illustrated by W. PARKINSON.
     3_s._ 6_d._

"Among many good stories for girls this is undoubtedly one of the very
best."--_Teachers' Aid._

     =A Very Odd Girl:= or, Life at the Gabled Farm. By ANNIE E.
     ARMSTRONG. Illustrated. 3_s._ 6_d._

"The book is one we can heartily recommend, for it is not only bright
and interesting, but also pure and healthy in tone and teaching."--_The

     =The Captured Cruiser:= By C. J. HYNE. Illustrated by
     FRANK BRANGWYN. 3_s._ 6_d._

"The two lads and the two skippers are admirably drawn. Mr. Hyne has
now secured a position in the first rank of writers of fiction for

     =Afloat at Last:= A Sailor Boy's Log of his Life at Sea. By
     JOHN C. HUTCHESON. 3_s._ 6_d._

"As healthy and breezy a book as one could wish to put into the hands
of a boy."--_Academy._

     =Picked up at Sea:= or, The Gold Miners of Minturne Creek. By
     J. C. HUTCHESON. With 6 page Pictures. 3_s._ 6_d._

     =Brother and Sister:= or, The Trials of the Moore Family. By
     ELIZABETH J. LYSAGHT. 3_s._ 6_d._

     =Life's Daily Ministry:= A Story of Everyday Service for Others.
     By Mrs. E. R. PITMAN. With 4 page Illustrations. Cloth
     extra, 3_s._ 6_d._

"Full of stirring interest, genuine pictures of real life, and pervaded
by a broad and active sympathy for the true and good."--_Christian

     =Dora:= or, A Girl without a Home. By Mrs. R. H. READ.
     With 6 page Illustrations. 3_s._ 6_d._

"It is no slight thing, in an age of rubbish, to get a story so pure
and healthy as this."--_The Academy._


_In crown 8vo, cloth elegant._

     =Two Gallant Rebels:= A Story of the Great Struggle in La Vendée.
     By EDGAR PICKERING. With 6 Illustrations by W. H.
     OVEREND. 3_s._ 6_d._

"There is something very attractive about Mr. Pickering's style....
Boys will relish the relation of those dreadful and moving events,
which, indeed, will never lose their fascination for readers of all
ages."--_The Spectator._

     =In Press-Gang Days.= By EDGAR PICKERING. With 6
     Illustrations by W. S. STACEY. 3_s._ 6_d._

"It is of Marryat we think as we read this delightful story;
for it is not only a story of adventure with incidents well
conceived and arranged, but the characters are interesting and

     =An Old-Time Yarn:= Wherein is set forth divers desperate
     mischances which befell Anthony Ingram and his shipmates in the
     West Indies and Mexico with Hawkins and Drake. By EDGAR
     PICKERING. Illustrated by ALFRED PEARSE. 3_s._ 6_d._

"And a very good yarn it is, with not a dull page from first to
last. There is a flavour of _Westward Ho!_ in this attractive
book."--_Educational Review._

     =Silas Verney:= A Tale of the Time of Charles II. By EDGAR
     PICKERING. With 6 page Illustrations by ALFRED
     PEARSE. 3_s._ 6_d._

"Altogether this is an excellent story for boys."--_Saturday Review._


_Beautifully illustrated and handsomely bound._

     =Highways and High Seas:= Cyril Harley's Adventures on both.
     By F. FRANKFORT MOORE. With 6 page Illustrations by
     ALFRED PEARSE. 3_s._

"This is one of the best stories Mr. Moore has written, perhaps
the very best. The exciting adventures are sure to attract

     =Under Hatches:= or, Ned Woodthorpe's Adventures. By F.
     FRANKFORT MOORE. Illustrated by A. FORESTIER. 3_s._

"The story as a story is one that will just suit boys all the world
over. The characters are well drawn and consistent."--_Schoolmaster._

     =Perseverance Island:= or, The Robinson Crusoe of the 19th
     Century. By DOUGLAS FRAZAR. With 6 page Illustrations.

"This is an interesting story, written with studied simplicity of
style, much in Defoe's vein of apparent sincerity and scrupulous
veracity; while for practical instruction it is even better than
_Robinson Crusoe_."--_Illustrated London News._

     =Girl Neighbours:= or, The Old Fashion and the New. By SARAH
     TYTLER. Illustrated by C. T. GARLAND. 3_s._

"One of the most effective and quietly humorous of Miss Sarah
Tytler's stories. It is very healthy, very agreeable, and very well
written."--_The Spectator._

     =The Missing Merchantman.= By HARRY COLLINGWOOD. With 6
     page Illustrations by W. H. OVEREND. 3_s._

"One of the author's best sea stories. The hero is as heroic as any boy
could desire, and the ending is extremely happy."--_British Weekly._

     =Menhardoc:= A Story of Cornish Nets and Mines. By G. MANVILLE
     FENN. Illustrated by C. J. STANILAND, R.I. 3_s._

"The Cornish fishermen are drawn from life, and stand out from the
pages in their jerseys and sea-boots all sprinkled with silvery
pilchard scales."--_Spectator._

     =Yussuf the Guide:= or, The Mountain Bandits. By G. MANVILLE
     FENN. With 6 page Illustrations by J. SCHÖNBERG.

"Told with such real freshness and vigour that the reader feels he
is actually one of the party, sharing in the fun and facing the
dangers."--_Pall Mall Gazette._

     =Patience Wins:= or, War in the Works. By GEORGE MANVILLE
     FENN. With 6 page Illustrations. 3_s._

"Mr. Fenn has never hit upon a happier plan than in writing this
story of Yorkshire factory life. The whole book is all aglow with
life."--_Pall Mall Gazette._

     =Mother Carey's Chicken:= Her Voyage to the Unknown Isle. By
     G. MANVILLE FENN. With 6 page Illustrations by A.
     FORESTIER. 3_s._

"Undoubtedly one of the best Mr. Fenn has written. The incidents are
of thrilling interest, while the characters are drawn with a care and
completeness rarely found in a boy's book."--_Literary World._

     =Robinson Crusoe.= With 100 Illustrations by GORDON
     BROWNE. 3_s._

"One of the best issues, if not absolutely the best, of Defoe's work
which has ever appeared."--_The Standard._

     =Gulliver's Travels.= With 100 Illustrations by GORDON
     BROWNE. 3_s._

"Mr. Gordon Browne is, to my thinking, incomparably the most artistic,
spirited, and brilliant of our illustrators of books for boys, and one
of the most humorous also, as his illustrations of 'Gulliver' amply

     =The Wigwam and the War-path:= Stories of the Red Indians. By
     ASCOTT R. HOPE. With 6 page Illustrations. 3_s._

"Is notably good. It gives a very vivid picture of life
among the Indians, which will delight the heart of many a

     =The Loss of John Humble:= What Led to It, and What Came of It.
     By G. NORWAY. With 6 page Illustrations by JOHN
     SCHÖNBERG. _New Edition._ 3_s._

"This story will place the author at once in the front rank. It is full
of life and adventure. The interest of the story is sustained without a
break from first to last."--_Standard._

     =Hussein the Hostage:= or, A Boy's Adventures in Persia. By G.
     NORWAY. With 6 page Illustrations by JOHN SCHÖNBERG.

"_Hussein the Hostage_ is full of originality and vigour. The
characters are lifelike, there is plenty of stirring incident, the
interest is sustained throughout, and every boy will enjoy following
the fortunes of the hero."--_Journal of Education._

     =Cousin Geoffrey and I.= By CAROLINE AUSTIN. With 6 page
     Illustrations by W. PARKINSON. 3_s._

"Miss Austin's story is bright, clever, and well developed."--_Saturday

[Illustration: _Reduced Illustration from "Cousin Geoffrey"._]

     =The Rover's Secret=: A Tale of the Pirate Cays and Lagoons of
     Cuba. By HARRY COLLINGWOOD. With 6 page Illustrations by
     =W. C. Symons=. 3_s._

"_The Rover's Secret_ is by far the best sea story we have read for
years, and is certain to give unalloyed pleasure to boys."--_Saturday

     =The Congo Rovers:= A Story of the Slave Squadron. By HARRY
     COLLINGWOOD. With 6 page Illustrations. 3_s._

"No better sea story has lately been written than the _Congo Rovers_.
It is as original as any boy could desire."--_Morning Post._


_Illustrated by eminent Artists. In crown 8vo, cloth elegant._

     =Marooned on Australia,= being the Narration of Diedrich Buys of
     his Discoveries in Terra Australis Incognito about the year 1630.

"A remarkably interesting and well-written story of travel and
adventure in the Great Southern Land."--_School Guardian._

     =My Friend Kathleen.= By JENNIE CHAPPELL.

"A pleasantly-written story for elder girls, who will admire Kathleen's
courage, and learn much from her nobility of character."--_Board

     =A Girl's Kingdom.= By M. CORBET-SEYMOUR.

"The story is bright, well told, and thoroughly healthy and
good."--_Ch. Bells._

     =Laugh and Learn:= The Easiest Book of Nursery Lessons and Nursery

"One of the best books of the kind imaginable, full of practical
teaching in word and picture, and helping the little ones pleasantly
along a right royal road to learning."--_Graphic._

     =Reefer and Rifleman:= A Tale of the Two Services. By Lieut.-Col.

"A good, old-fashioned, amphibious story of our fighting with the
Frenchmen in the beginning of our century, with a fair sprinkling of
fun and frolic."--_Times._

     =A Musical Genius.= By the Author of the "Two Dorothys".

"It is brightly written, well illustrated, and daintily bound, and can
be strongly recommended as a really good prize-book."--_Teachers' Aid._

     =For the Sake of a Friend:= A Story of School Life. By

"An excellent school-girl story.... Susie Snow and her friend, Trix
Beresford, are charming girls."--_Athenæum._

     =Under the Black Eagle.= By ANDREW HILLIARD.

"The rapid movement of the story, and the strange scenes through
which it passes, give it a full interest of surprise and

     =The Secret of the Australian Desert.= By ERNEST FAVENC.

"We recommend the book most heartily; it is certain to please boys and
girls, and even some grown-ups."--_Guardian._

     =A Golden Age:= A Story of Four Merry Children. By ISMAY
     THORN. Illustrated by GORDON BROWNE.

"Ought to have a place of honour on the nursery shelf."--_The


     =Things Will Take a Turn.= By BEATRICE HARRADEN. With 44
     Illustrations by JOHN H. BACON.

"Perhaps the most brilliant is _Things Will Take a Turn_.... A tale of
humble child life in East London. It is a delightful blending of comedy
and tragedy, with an excellent plot."--_The Times._

[Illustration: _From "Things will Take a Turn". (Reduced.)_]

     =The Whispering Winds,= and the Tales that they Told. By MARY
     H. DEBENHAM. With 25 Illustrations by PAUL HARDY.

"We wish the winds would tell _us_ stories like these. It would be
worth while to climb Primrose Hill, or even to the giddy heights of
Hampstead Heath in a bitter east wind, if we could only be sure of
hearing such a sweet, sad, tender, and stirring story as that of Hilda
Brave Heart, or even one that was half so good."--_Academy._

     =Hal Hungerford.= By J. R. HUTCHINSON, B.A.

"Altogether, Hal Hungerford is a distinct literary

     =The Secret of the Old House.= By E. EVERETT-GREEN.

"Tim, the little Jacobite, is a charming creation."--_Academy._

     =White Lilac:= or, The Queen of the May. By AMY WALTON.

"Every rural parish ought to add White Lilac to its

     =Miriam's Ambition.= By EVELYN EVERETT-GREEN.

"Miss Green's children are real British boys and girls."--_Liverpool

     =The Brig "Audacious".= By ALAN COLE.

"Fresh and wholesome as a breath of sea air."--_Court Journal._

     =Jasper's Conquest.= By ELIZABETH J. LYSAGHT.

"One of the best boys' books of the season."--_Schoolmaster._

     =Little Lady Clare.= By EVELYN EVERETT-GREEN.

"Reminds us in its quaintness of Mrs. Ewing's delightful
tales."--_Liter. World._

     =The Eversley Secrets.= By EVELYN EVERETT-GREEN.

"Roy Eversley is a very touching picture of high

     =The Hermit Hunter of the Wilds.= By G. STABLES, R.N.

"Will gladden the heart of many a bright boy."--_Methodist Recorder._

     =Sturdy and Strong.= By G. A. HENTY.

"A hero who stands as a good instance of chivalry in domestic
life."--_The Empire._

     =Gutta-Percha Willie.= By GEORGE MAC DONALD.

"Get it for your boys and girls to read for themselves."--_Practical

     =The War Of the Axe:= or, Adventures in South Africa. By J.

"The story is well and brilliantly told."--_Literary World._

     =The Lads of Little Clayton.= By R. STEAD.

"A capital book for boys."--_Schoolmaster._

     =Ten Boys= who lived on the Road from Long Ago to Now. By JANE
     ANDREWS. With 20 Illustrations.

"The idea is a very happy one, and admirably carried out."--_Practical

     =A Waif Of the Sea:= or, The Lost Found. By KATE WOOD.

"Written with tenderness and grace."--_Morning Advertiser._

     =Winnie's Secret.= By KATE WOOD.

"One of the best story-books we have read."--_Schoolmaster._

     =Miss Willowburn's Offer.= By SARAH DOUDNEY.

"Patience Willowburn is one of Miss Doudney's best

     =A Garland for Girls.= By LOUISA M. ALCOTT.

"These little tales are the beau ideal of girls' stories."--_Christian

     =Hetty Gray:= or, Nobody's Bairn. By ROSA MULHOLLAND.

"Hetty is a delightful creature--piquant, tender, and true."--_World._

     =Brothers in Arms:= A Story of the Crusades. By F. BAYFORD

"Sure to prove interesting to young people of both sexes."--_Guardian._

     =Miss Fenwick's Failures.= By ESMÉ STUART.

"A girl true to real life, who will put no nonsense into young

     =Gytha's Message.= By EMMA LESLIE.

"This is the sort of book that all girls like."--_Journal of Education._

     =A Little Handful.= By HARRIET J. SCRIPPS.

"He is a real type of a boy."--_The Schoolmaster._

     =Hammond's Hard Lines.= By SKELTON KUPPORD.

"It is just what a boy would choose if the selection of a story-book is
left in his own hand."--_School Guardian._

     =Dulcie King:= A Story for Girls. By M. CORBET-SEYMOUR.

"An extremely graceful, well-told tale of domestic life.... The
heroine, Dulcie, is a charming person, and worthy of the good fortune
which she causes and shares."--_Guardian._

     =Hugh Herbert's Inheritance.= By CAROLINE AUSTIN.

"Will please by its simplicity, its tenderness, and its healthy
interesting motive. It is admirably written."--_Scotsman._

     =Nicola=: The Career of a Girl Musician. By M.

     =Jack o' Lanthorn=: A Tale of Adventure. By HENRY FRITH.

[Illustration: _Reduced Illustration from "A Girl in Spring-time"._]

     =My Mistress the Queen.= By M. A. PAULL.

     =The Stories of Wasa and Menzikoff.=

     =Stories of the Sea in Former Days.=

     =Tales of Captivity and Exile.=

     =Famous Discoveries by Sea and Land.=

     =Stirring Events of History.=

     =Adventures in Field, Flood, and Forest.=

"It would be difficult to place in the hands of young people
books which combine interest and instruction in a higher
degree."--_Manchester Courier._

     =A Rough Road:= or, How the Boy Made a Man of Himself. By Mrs.

"Mrs. Banks has not written a better book than _A Rough

     =The Two Dorothys.= By Mrs. HERBERT MARTIN.

"A book that will interest and please all girls."--_The Lady._

     =A Cruise in Cloudland.= By HENRY FRITH.

"A thoroughly interesting story."--_St. James's Gazette._

     =Marian and Dorothy.= By ANNIE E. ARMSTRONG.

"This is distinctively a book for girls. A bright wholesome

     =Stimson's Reef:= A Tale of Adventure. By C. J. HYNE.

"It may almost vie with Mr. R. L. Stevenson's _Treasure

     =Gladys Anstruther.= By LOUISA THOMPSON.

"It is a clever book: novel and striking in the highest


_Illustrated by eminent Artists. In crown 8vo, cloth elegant._

     =Sydney's Chums:= A Story of East and West London. By H. F.

     =Daddy Samuel's Darling.= By the Author of "The Two Dorothys".

     =May, Guy, and Jim.= By ELLINOR DAVENPORT ADAMS.

     =A Girl in Spring-time.= By Mrs. MANSERGH.

     =In the Days Of Drake.= Being the Adventures of Humphrey Salkeld.
     By J. S. FLETCHER.

     =Wilful Joyce.= By W. L. ROOPER.

     =Proud Miss Sydney.= By GERALDINE MOCKLER.

     =Queen Of the Daffodils.= By LESLIE LAING.

     =The Girleen.= By EDITH JOHNSTONE.

     =The Organist's Baby.= By KATHLEEN KNOX.

     =School-Days in France.= By AN OLD GIRL.

     =The Ravensworth Scholarship.= By Mrs. HENRY CLARKE.

     =Sir Walter's Ward:= A Tale of the Crusades. By WILLIAM

     =Raff's Ranche:= A Story of Adventure among Cow-boys and Indians.
     By F. M. HOLMES.

     =The Joyous Story of Toto.= By LAURA E. RICHARDS.

     =Our Dolly:= Her Words and Ways. By MRS. R. H. READ.

     =Fairy Fancy:= What she Heard and Saw. By MRS. READ.

     =New Light through Old Windows.= By GREGSON GOW.

     =Little Tottie,= and Two Other Stories. By THOMAS ARCHER.

     =An Unexpected Hero.= By ELIZ. J. LYSAGHT.

     =The Bushranger's Secret.= By Mrs. HENRY CLARKE, M.A.

     =The White Squall.= By JOHN C. HUTCHESON.

     =The Wreck of the "Nancy Bell".= By J. C. HUTCHESON.

     =The Lonely Pyramid.= By J. H. YOXALL.

     =Bab:= or, The Triumph of Unselfishness. By ISMAY THORN.

     =Brave and True,= and other Stories. By GREGSON GOW.

     =The Light Princess.= By GEORGE MAC DONALD.

     =Nutbrown Roger and I.= By J. H. YOXALL.

     =Sam Silvan's Sacrifice.= By JESSE COLMAN.

     =Insect Ways On Summer Days= in Garden, Forest, Field, and Stream.
     By JENNETT HUMPHREYS. With 70 Illustrations.

     =Susan.= By AMY WALTON.

     =A Pair of Clogs.= By AMY WALTON.

     =The Hawthorns.= By AMY WALTON.

     =Dorothy's Dilemma.= By CAROLINE AUSTIN.

     =Marie's Home.= By CAROLINE AUSTIN.

     =A Warrior King.= By J. EVELYN.

     =Aboard the "Atalanta".= By HENRY FRITH.

     =The Penang Pirate.= By JOHN C. HUTCHESON.

     =Teddy:= The Story of a "Little Pickle". By JOHN C.

     =A Rash Promise.= By CECILIA SELBY LOWNDES.

     =Linda and the Boys.= By CECILIA SELBY LOWNDES.

     =Swiss Stories for Children.= From the German of MADAM JOHANNA

     =The Squire's Grandson.= By J. M. CALLWELL.

     =Magna Charta Stories.= Edited by ARTHUR GILMAN, A.M.

     =The Wings of Courage;= AND THE CLOUD-SPINNER. Translated
     from the French of GEORGE SAND, by Mrs. CORKRAN.

     =Chirp and Chatter:= Or, LESSONS FROM FIELD AND TREE.
     By ALICE BANKS. With 54 Illustrations by GORDON

     =Four Little Mischiefs.= By ROSA MULHOLLAND.

_Illustrated by eminent Artists. In crown 8vo, cloth elegant._

     =Naughty Miss Bunny.= By CLARA MULHOLLAND.

     =Adventures of Mrs. Wishing-to-be.= By ALICE CORKRAN.


In Crown 8vo. Illustrated. Cloth extra, 1_s._ 6_d._ each.

     =Autobiographies of Boyhood.=

     =Holiday House.= By CATHERINE SINCLAIR.

     =Log-book of a Midshipman.=

     =Parry's Third Voyage.=

     =Passages in the Life of a Galley-Slave.=

     =The Downfall of Napoleon.= By SIR WALTER SCOTT.

     =What Katy Did.= By SUSAN COOLIDGE.

     =What Katy Did at School.=

     =Wreck of the "Wager".=

     =Miss Austen's Northanger Abbey.=

     =Miss Edgeworth's The Good Governess.=

     =Martineau's Feats on the Fiord.=

     =Marryat's Poor Jack.=

     =The Snowstorm.= By MRS. GORE.

     =Life of Dampier.=

     =The Cruise of the Midge.= M. SCOTT.

     =Lives and Voyages of Drake and Cavendish.=

     =Edgeworth's Moral Tales.=

     =Marryat's The Settlers in Canada.=

     =Michael Scott's Tom Cringle's Log.=

     =Natural History of Selborne.=

     =Waterton's Wanderings in S. America.=

     =Anson's Voyage Round the World.=

     =Autobiography of Franklin.=

     =Lamb's Tales from Shakspeare.=

     =Southey's Life of Nelson.=

     =Miss Mitford's Our Village.=

     =Two Years Before the Mast.=

     =Children of the New Forest.=

     =Scott's The Talisman.=

     =The Basket of Flowers.=

     _Marryat's Masterman Ready._

     =Alcott's Little Women.=

     =Cooper's Deerslayer.=

     =The Lamplighter.= By Miss CUMMINS.

     =Cooper's Pathfinder.=

     =The Vicar of Wakefield.=

     =Plutarch's Lives of Greek Heroes.=

     =Poe's Tales of Romance and Fantasy.=


_With Illustrations. In crown 8vo, cloth elegant._

     =A Chum Worth Having.= By FLORENCE COOMBE.

     =Penelope and the Others.= By AMY WALTON.

     =The "Saucy May".= By HENRY FRITH.

     =The Little Girl from Next Door.= By GERALDINE MOCKLER.

     =Uncle Jem's Stella.= By Author of "The Two Dorothys".

     =The Ball of Fortune.= By C. PEARSE.

     =The Family Failing.= By DARLEY DALE.

     =Warner's Chase:= or, The Gentle Heart. By ANNIE S. SWAN.

     =Climbing the Hill.= By ANNIE S. SWAN.

     =Into the Haven.= By ANNIE S. SWAN.

     =Down and Up Again.= By GREGSON GOW.

     =Madge's Mistake=. By ANNIE E. ARMSTRONG.

     =The Troubles and Triumphs of Little Tim.= By GREGSON GOW.

     =The Happy Lad=: A Story of Peasant Life in Norway. By B.

     =A Box of Stories.= Packed for Young Folk by HORACE

     =The Patriot Martyr=, and other Narratives of Female Heroism.

     =Olive and Robin:= or, A Journey to Nowhere. By the author of "The
     Two Dorothys".

     =Mona's Trust:= A Story for Girls. By PENELOPE LESLIE.

[Illustration: _Reduced Illustration From "A Chum Worth Having"._]

     =Little Jimmy:= A Story of Adventure. By Rev. D. RICE-JONES,

     =Pleasures and Pranks.= By ISABELLA PEARSON.

     =In a Stranger's Garden:= A Story for Boys and Girls. By

     =A Soldier's Son:= The Story of a Boy who Succeeded. By

     =Mischief and Merry-making.= By ISABELLA PEARSON.

     =Littlebourne Lock.= By F. BAYFORD HARRISON.

     =Wild Meg and Wee Dickie.= By MARY E. ROPES.

     =Grannie.= By ELIZABETH J. LYSAGHT.

     =The Seed She Sowed.= By EMMA LESLIE.

     =Unlucky:= A Fragment of a Girl's Life. By CAROLINE

     =Everybody's Business:= or, A Friend in Need. By ISMAY

     =Tales of Daring and Danger.= By G. A. HENTY.

     =The Seven Golden Keys.= By JAMES E. ARNOLD.

     =The Story of a Queen.= By MARY C. ROWSELL.

     =Edwy:= or, Was he a Coward? By ANNETTE LYSTER.

     =The Battlefield Treasure.= By F. BAYFORD HARRISON.

     =Joan's Adventures at the North Pole.= By ALICE CORKRAN.

     =Filled with Gold.= By J. PERRETT.

     =Our General:= A Story for Girls. By ELIZABETH J. LYSAGHT.

     =Aunt Hesba's Charge.= By ELIZABETH J. LYSAGHT.

     =By Order of Queen Maude:= A Story of Home Life. By LOUISA

     =The Late Miss Hollingford.= By ROSA MULHOLLAND.

     =Our Frank.= By AMY WALTON.

     =A Terrible Coward.= By G. MANVILLE FENN.

     =Yarns on the Beach.= By G. A. HENTY.

     =Tom Finch's Monkey.= By J. C. HUTCHESON.

     =Miss Grantley's Girls,= and the Stories she Told Them. By

     =The Pedlar and his Dog.= By MARY C. ROWSELL.

     =Town Mice in the Country.= By M. E. FRANCIS.

     =Phil and his Father.= By ISMAY THORN.

     =Prim's Story.= By L. E. TIDDEMAN.

[asterism] _Also a large selection of Rewards at 1s., 9d., 6d., 3d.,
2d., and 1d. A complete list will be sent post free on application to
the Publishers._


Under the above title the publishers have arranged to issue, for
School Libraries and the Home Circle, a selection of the best and most
interesting books in the English language. The Library includes lives
of heroes, ancient and modern, records of travel and adventure by sea
and land, fiction of the highest class, historical romances, books of
natural history, and tales of domestic life.

The greatest care has been devoted to the get-up of the Library.
The volumes are clearly printed on good paper, and the binding
made specially durable, to withstand the wear and tear to which
well-circulated books are necessarily subjected.

_In crown 8vo volumes. Strongly bound in imperial cloth. Price 1s. 4d.

     =Dana's Two Years before the Mast.=

     =Southey's Life of Nelson.=

     =Waterton's Wanderings in S. America.=

     =Anson's Voyage Round the World.=

     =Lamb's Tales from Shakspeare.=

     =Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin.=

     =Marryat's Children of the New Forest.=

     =Miss Mitford's Our Village.=

     =Scott's Talisman.=

     =The Basket of Flowers.=

     =Marryat's Masterman Ready.=

     =Alcott's Little Women.=

     =Cooper's Deerslayer.=

     =Parry's Third Voyage.=

     =Dickens' Old Curiosity Shop.= 2 vols.

     =Plutarch's Lives of Greek Heroes.=

     =The Lamplighter.=

     =Cooper's Pathfinder.=

     =The Vicar of Wakefield.=

     =White's Natural History of Selborne.=

     =Scott's Ivanhoe.= 2 vols.

     =Michael Scott's Tom Cringle's Log.=

     =Irving's Conquest of Granada.= 2 vols.

     =Lives of Drake and Cavendish.=

     =Michael Scott's Cruise of the Midge.=

     =Edgeworth's Moral Tales.=

     =Passages in the Life of a Galley-Slave.=

     =The Snowstorm.= By Mrs. Gore.

     =Life of Dampier.=

     =Marryat's The Settlers in Canada.=

     =Martineau's Feats on the Fiord.=

     =Marryat's Poor Jack.=

     =The Good Governess.= By Maria Edgeworth.

     =Northanger Abbey.= By Jane Austen.

     =The Log Book of a Midshipman.=

     =Autobiographies of Boyhood.=

     =Holiday House.= By Catherine Sinclair.

     =Wreck of the "Wager".=

     =What Katy Did.= By Miss Coolidge.

     =What Katy Did at School.= By Do.

     =Scott's Life of Napoleon.=

     =Essays on English History.= By Lord Macaulay.

     =The Rifle Rangers.= By Captain Mayne Reid.

"The Library is one of the most intelligent enterprises in connection
with juvenile literature of recent years.... A glance at the list
proves that the editing is in the hands of some one who understands the
likings of healthy boys and girls.... One of the healthiest juvenile
libraries in existence."--=Bookman.=

_Detailed Prospectus and Press Opinions will be sent post free on



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