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Title: Pearse's Commercial Directory to Swansea and the Neighbourhood, for 1854
Author: Pearse, Ebenezer
Language: English
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Transcribed from the 1854 E. Pearse edition by David Price, email

                           COMMERCIAL DIRECTORY
                          AND THE NEIGHBOURHOOD,

                                * * * * *




                                A COMPLETE
                                 &c., &c.

                                * * * * *




SWANSEA is most delightfully situated in the centre of the Bay to which
it gives its name, near the junction of the river Tawe with the sea.  The
town is protected from the chilling influence of the north-west and
north-easterly winds by two hills lying on either side, but freely
receives those of the south, where it is open to the sea; and the soil
being light and gravelly to a considerable depth, the air is both
salubrious and agreeable.

Swansea justly claims to be the first and most important town in the
Principality.  It is the centre of commercial transactions of very great
magnitude, and its status is proved by its having been selected for the
Meeting of the British Association for the advancement of Science, in
1848.  Few commercial towns have so admirable a sea-side available to the
inhabitants, as that which extends from Swansea to the Mumbles, round the
western margin of the bay.

The town is in general well planned and built, particularly in the newer
portions, and the shops in the principal streets are in the most modern
style.  There are three churches and numerous chapels belonging to the
various denominations of dissenters.  The Castle is an object of
principal interest to the antiquary; it is a fine old ruin, built in
1330, and is remarkable for the range of light arches surrounding the top
of the massive quadrangular tower, and supporting the parapet which forms
a connection with the turret at each angle.  The Guildhall is a beautiful
Grecian structure of Bath stone, and was greatly enlarged in 1848.  The
Royal Institution of South Wales, erected for literary and scientific
purposes, is a most elegant structure, the museum and library of which
are well worth a visit by strangers, who may obtain ready access by a
note from any member.  The Market Buildings are large and commodious, and
well supplied with every kind of provisions, especially butter, poultry,
fish and meat, besides other articles of almost every description.  In
the centre is a tower with a two-dial illuminated clock.  Principal
Market days—Wednesday and Saturday.  The Grammar School founded by Bishop
Gore in 1682, has been recently restored, and a new building in the Tudor
Gothic style erected on a site at Mount Pleasant, commanding a most
beautiful prospect of the Bay and surrounding Country.

There are also other Public Buildings of less importance, of which the
following may be especially named,—Custom House, Theatre, Assembly Rooms,
Police Court, House of Correction, Union Poor House Infirmary, National
and British Schools, Railway Station, Docks, Piers, the Deaf and Dumb
Asylum, and Beau Nash’s Birth-place.

Next to the raising of coal, the most important trade carried on here is
that of copper smelting.  The circumstances that originally determined
the settlement of cooper smelting in and around Swansea, are that it is
possessed of an excellent and well-sheltered harbour, has an almost
unlimited supply of the proper description of coal in the immediate
neighbourhood, and is the nearest Welsh port of any rank to the Coast of
Cornwall, from whence is obtained the principal part of the supply of
copper ores.  Some idea of the extent of the trade may be formed from the
following particulars.  The quantity of ore annually sent from Cornwall
is about 150,000 tons, of the value of nearly £1,000,000.  Irish, about
15,000 tons.  Foreign—from Cuba, Chili, Australia, &c., about 50,000
tons: these contain about double the per centage of copper as compared
with that of Cornwall, and are therefore proportionately valuable.  This
will give upwards of a million-and-a-half of money as the amount annually
paid for ores alone.  In addition to the copper works, there are
extensive works for silver, iron, tin-plate, zinc, alkali, and patent
fuel.  Potteries, breweries, and ship building yards; and these together
with bituminous, freeburning and stone coal are the articles which go to
form the great export trade of Swansea.  The imports are principally
metallic ores, timber, flour, &c., &c.

Under these favorable circumstances, the shipping, the general trade, and
the limits of the town have for many years past been greatly extended.
In the coasting trade, the shipping has nearly trebled itself within
about thirty years, whilst in the foreign trade the increase has been in
a much greater ratio.  The rate of increase in the population has been
found to correspond with the general improvements of the town; in 1821 it
was rather above 10,000, whilst it now amounts to nearly 35,000.

A great impetus was given to this part of the Principality by the opening
of the South Wales Railway in 1851, and Swansea appears to have received
its full share of the advantage which railway communication confers under
the most favorable circumstances.  The improvement of that part of the
town near the railway station is very manifest; several new shops of a
superior class having been built, and others improved and altered in
order to keep pace with the growing importance of the neighbourhood.  At
the same time, in various parts of the town, most important improvements
have been going forward.  The Harbour has been much improved, by floating
that part of the river known as the Town Reach: this was very much needed
for the larger class of vessels trading from this to foreign ports, and
which heretofore were liable to injury from being strained while lying on
the mud in a dry harbour; it also gives the advantage of bridges to pass
over the river in two places, instead of the tiresome old ferry boat,
which happily now is only remembered as belonging to by-gone days.  The
Swansea docks on the western side of the pier, after a long, and at one
time apparently hopeless struggle, are also now actively progressing
towards completion.  The effect of large works of this kind on the
prosperity of the town was soon manifested, for no sooner was the vexed
subject of the docks fairly settled, and the contractor had commenced
operations, than in an incredibly short space of time, fields in the
neighbourhood that were almost valueless, were soon covered with houses
and streets; so that a person who has not seen that part of the town for
the last two years, would now scarcely know where he was, if set down in
the road he was formerly quite familiar with.  In other parts of the town
the tendency to extension is equally seen; and wherever there is _room_
to extend, the buildings are rapidly covering the ground.  Many persons
living remember when the town extended westerly no further than Goat
Street, Cross Street, Rutland Street, &c.; but the generation now rising
up, bids fair to see even a much greater increase than their fathers; and
it is quite impossible to form an opinion how far the town will
ultimately extend.

Three or four projects are now in contemplation, for giving to the public
increased railway accommodation, and improving the harbour; and judging
from the natural capabilities of the district, and the experience of the
past, the carrying out of some of these new schemes of railway
accommodation, and the completion of the docks, must exercise an
influence on the town and district, of which we can at present form very
little idea.

No person who has an hour to spare should leave Swansea without driving
round its beautiful bay to Oystermouth; a village, celebrated for its
native oysters, its lighthouse, rocks, church, and ancient castle, and
embracing from its noble headland, views of sea and rock, hill and dale,
shipping and farming, which makes a _coup d’œil_ no-where to be


THE condition of the town of Swansea, as indicated in the above remarks,
offers a sufficient reason for the publication of a work such as the
present.  Where a town is so rapidly increasing, there is not merely an
addition being constantly made to the previous number of inhabitants, but
there are changes of other kinds constantly going forward, arising out of
its progressive tendency, in addition to the ordinary changes which
affect every place.  This is particularly seen in the number of persons
who settle in Swansea only for a short time and then leave again; and in
other cases where they are led to engage in new occupations.  This
Directory is to give information of such changes; and is intended to be
published periodically, as circumstances may seem to require.  The
publisher has found it a much more arduous undertaking to secure its
correctness than he at first apprehended; and fears that yet some
mistakes and omissions may be discovered.  It is hoped, however, that in
future issues of the work, any errors of that kind may be avoided; and
any suggestion that may tend to make it more correct, and of greater
public utility as a work of reference will be thankfully received.

                                                                     E. P.

_Wind Street_, _Swansea_, _May_, 1854.


ABEL, Daniel, blacksmith, 4, Welcome street

Abergarwed Colliery Company, Port tennant, shipping agent, James Allen

Ace, George, agent to the Ystalyfera Iron Company, 6, Adelaide street

Ace, Samuel and George, coopers, 48, Strand

Akerman, George, 8, Nelson terrace

Adams, Edward, boot and shoe maker, 18, Castle street

Adams, James, pastry-cook and confectioner, 38, Castle street

Adams, James, fuel maker, Ferryside

Adams, Richard, corn and provision dealer, 74, Oxford street

Alban, Diana, _Lord Nelsen_, 170, High street

Albion Life Assurance Society, agent, J. G. Jeffreys, Esq., High street

Alfred Life Assurance Society, agents, Attwood and Brown, Prospect place

Allen, John, cashier, Hafod Works, Mount pleasant

Allen, Mary, lodging house keeper, 4, Somerset place

Alliance Fire and Life Assurance Society, agent, Michael John Michael,
Picton place

Andrew, Philip, ale and porter brewer, 11, Nelson terrace

Andrews, Henry J., lodging house keeper, 7, Somerset place

Andrews, Joseph, maltster, 13, Fisher street

Andrews, John, potatoe merchant, &c., 3, Strand

Anning, Charles, baker and flour dealer, 22, Oxford street

Anstey, Charles, boot and shoe maker, 17, Wind street

Anthony, David, boot and shoe maker, 90, High street

Anthony, Peter, beer retailer, _Joiner’s Arms_, 69, Oxford street

Anthony, Thomas, commercial traveller, 7, Brunswick place

Arnold, Henry Townsend, plumber, brazier, &c., 7, Temple street

Arnold, Jane, milliner and dressmaker, Oxford street

Ashman, James, last and boot-tree maker, Fynone road

Atkins, Joseph, painter and glazier, 125, High street

Atlas Fire and Life Assurance Society, agent, James Strick, Strand

Attwood and Brown, solicitors, Prospect place

Attwood, William M., chemist and druggist, 12, Castle street

Attwood, Thomas, (firm of Attwood and Brown) 5, Mount street

Aubrey, Richard, (firm of James and Aubrey) 1, Gloucester place

Austin, John, pilot, 1, Jeffrey’s place

Ayres, Daniel Thomas, cabinet maker and undertaker, 1, Gower street

                                * * * * *

BAKER, Henry, bookseller and news-vendor, 1, Caer street

Baker, James, grocer and tea dealer, 49, High street

Ball, Eli, agent, 31, Pleasant street

Ball, Sarah, grocer and tea dealer, 50, High street

Ballinger, George, baker and flour dealer, 52, High street

Ballinger, William, brewer, 38, High street

Barber, Thomas, marine store dealer, 44, Greenhill street

Barker, George and Co., grocers and tea dealers, 2, Oxford street

Barnes, Henry, _Black Horse_ livery stables, Rutland street

Barree, Elizabeth, teacher of dancing, 6, Prospect place

Bassett, Mrs. E., 1, Cambrian place

Bath, C., lodging house keeper, 8, Adelaide street

Bath, Henry, (firm of Bath and Son) 1, Longland place

Bath, Henry and Son, copper and silver ore merchants, Tyrllandwr

Baxter, Israel, hawker, 23, Singleton street

Baylis, James Henry, architect and surveyor, Wind street

Beavan, Edward, spirit merchant, 41, Castle street

Bedford, Emma, teacher of dancing, Wind street

Beor, Mrs. Ann, 17, St. Mary street

Beer and Shaw, nurserymen and seedsmen, St. Helen’s road

Beer, John, fruiterer, 16, Castle street

Beer, Mrs. Mary, 7, Wassail street

Bennet, Mrs., lodging house keeper, 16, Camden place

Bennett, Frederick, wine and spirit merchant, 37, Orchard street

Bennett, John, cabinet maker, 19, High street

Bennett, Miss, ladies’ seminary, 11, Dynevor place

Bennett, William, custom house officer, Williams place

Benson, Starling, colliery proprietor, Russell house, Mount pleasant

Benson, Thomas, fishmonger, &c., 5, High street

Beor, Richard White, solicitor, 2, Longland place, office, St. Mary

Berry, Benjamin, grocer and tea dealer, 2, Union street

Betts, John, _Mason’s Arms_, 34, High street

Bevan, George Ace, ship broker, 5, Pier street, office, Broad Quay

Bevan, Mrs. Grace, 14, Gower street

Bevan, John, ironmonger and seedsman, 16, Caer street

Bevan, John, _Smiths’ Arms_, 124, High street

Bevan, Mrs. W., lodging house keeper, 30, Bellevue street

Bevan, Mansel, master mariner, 3, Dillwyn street

Bevan, Miss Matilda, 11, Clarence terrace

Bevan, Philip, mason, grocer and tea dealer, James street

Beynon, John, merchant, 9, Brunswick place

Beynon, Owen, mariner, 9, Dillwyn street

Biddle, William, baker, pastry cook and confectioner, 43, Wind street

Biddulph, John, merchant, office, Bath lane

Biggs, Elizabeth, pawnbroker, 226, High street

Biggs, Frederick, chemist and druggist, 225, High street

Bindon, Frederick, flour and potatoe merchant, 9, Madoc street

Bindon, Henry, grocer, 7, Union street

Birchall, Henry Bath, grocer and tea dealer, 15, Castle square

Birch Grove Coal Company, Ferryside

Bird, George Gwyn, M.D., 2, Burrows place

Birmingham Fire Assurance Society, agent, George Allen, Glamorgan Bank

Birt, Thomas, baker, 9, St. David’s place

Blackmore, Herbert, pilot and lodging house keeper, 1, Island street

Blake, J. W., cattle dealer and lodging house keeper, 8 Heathfield street

Bland, John, South Wales Railway Parcel office, Wind street

Blewett, George, second-hand bookseller and bookbinder, 25, Goat street

Blisset, Mrs., Clarence terrace

Bolton, Robert, _Three Mariners_, 19, Strand

Bonnett, Frederick, plumber, glazier and painter, 7, Quay parade

Bonnett, John, tobacconist, engraver and copper plate printer, 41, Wind

Booth, Henry Compton, merchant, 3, Calvert terrace

Borland, John, travelling draper, 32, Oxford street

Boundy, Aaron, agent, 11, Northampton place

Boundy, Thomas, merchant, 10, Northampton place

Bowden, Henry, ore sampler, 5, Cradock street

Bowden, John, tobacconist and provision dealer, 7 and 8, Wind street

Bowen, Daniel, _Mansel’s Arms_, Wellington street

Bowen, David, grocer, 6, Garden street

Bowen, Evan, mason, 12, Goat street

Bowen, George, hot and cold baths, 2, Adelaide street

Bowen, George, clerk, York street

Bowen, John, _Globe Inn_, Ferryside

Bowen, J. W., wine and spirit merchant, 3, Castle street

Bowen, Thomas, _Lamb and Flag_, Prince street

Bowen, Miss W., 4, Bellevue street

Bowen, William, _Glo’ster Arms_, 134, Strand

Bowen, William, grocer, 92, High street

Brader, John, music repository, 14, Wind street

Bramble, Susan, _Talbot Arms_, 8, St. Mary street

Brend Thomas, chemist and druggist, 40, High street

Brenton, John Rees, collector for board of health, 27, Oxford street

Brett, Richard, railway guard, 3, Cradock street

Brettell, Miss Hannah, ladies’ seminary, Heathfield terrace

Brettell, Miss Louisa, ladies’ seminary, 12, Dynevor place

Brewer, John, master mariner, 3, Camden place

Bright, James, _Quay Tavern_, 7, Quay

British Empire Mutual Life Assurance Society, agent, G. P. Evans,
Northampton place

Brooks, Daniel, police sergeant, 39, Gam street

Brooks, Mrs. Elizabeth, gun maker and toy dealer, 2, Castle street

Brooks, Robert, master mariner, 31, Gam street

Brooks, James, baker and grocer, Gam street

Brown, Amy, baker, grocer and tea dealer, 37, High street

Brown, Edward, grocer and tea dealer, Wind street

Brown, Edward, manager of White Rock Copper Works, Kilvey house

Brown, Thomas, pilot, Jeffreys place

Brown, Thomas, agent to Nicholson and Sons, 4, Island street

Brown, Thomas, _Travellers’ Rest_, Sea beach

Brown, Soloman, jeweller, 16, Nelson street

Brown, Washington H., (firm of Attwood and Brown) 3, Prospect place

Buller, John, grocer and tea dealer, Clarence street

Burchell, James, coach builder, 19, Dillwyn street and York street

Burgess, James Edward, bread and biscuit baker, 37 and 38, Strand and St.
Mary street

Burgess, William, baker, grocer and tea dealer, High street

Burk, Michael, eating house keeper, 74, High street

Burleigh, George, boot and shoe maker, 11, Calvert street

Burge, Edwin, officer of excise, 47, Oxford street

Buse, John, saddler and harness maker, 3, Oxford street

Buse, Nicholas, currier and leather seller, 95, Oxford street

Bustin, Richard, wine and spirit dealer, 96, Oxford street

Butler, William, artist, 40, Oxford street

Butt, Arthur, boot and shoe maker, 10, Goat street

Butt, Arthur, jun., boot and shoe maker, 12, Castle square

Buxton, Edward, principal of the Deaf and Dumb Asylum, 4, Picton place

                                * * * * *

CADWALLADER, E. and Sons, tailors and drapers, 87, Wind street

Cadwallader, George, (firm of E. Cadwallader and Sons) Wind street

Cadwallader, John, tailor, &c., 18, Union street

Candy, Mary E., berlin repository, 12, Wind street

Capus, Peter, hardware dealer, 29 and 30, High street

Carrol, Patrick, _Angel Inn_, 2, Llangefelach street

Cawker, John, grocer, glass, china and earthenware dealer, 94, Oxford

Cawker, Richard, grocer and tea dealer, 5, Cross street

Chalk, Henry, _Blue Bell Inn_, 55, Strand

Challicombe, Henry, sail maker, 9, Heathfield street

Chamings, Richard, flour dealer, 2, Western terrace

Chapman, Mrs. Matilda, 4, Dynevor place

Chapman, Mrs., milliner and dress maker, 17, Dillwyn street

Charles, Charles, watchmaker, 44, Castle street

Charles, George, master mariner, 5, Jeffrey place

Cheshire, George, custom house officer, 6, Herbert place

Cheshire, John, sailmaker, Ferryside

Chiles, John, grocer and tea dealer, 141, High street

Christelow, Robert, _Victory Tavern_, 7, Little Wind street

Christoe, John, assaymaster, Grove place

City of London Life Assurance Society, agent, John Harris Roberts, Wind

Clarke, Frederick, superintendent of South Wales Railway, Mount house,
Mount pleasant

Clark, John W., 12, Picton place

Clark, William, wine and spirit merchant, 86, Wind street

Clerical, Medical, and General Life Assurance Society, agents, Attwood
and Brown, solicitors, Prospect place

Clougher, Thomas, bookseller and stationer, 4, Wind street

Clowes, William, _Spotted Leopard_, 28, Mariner street

Clowes, William, _Black Horse_, 79, High street

Clutton, Valentine and Son, outfitters and clothiers, 87 and 88, Strand

Cobre Copper Mining Association, Tyrllandwr, agent, James Petrie, 1,
Brunswick place

Cock, Josiah, grocer and tea dealer, 18, Wind street

Cohen, Mrs. C., 17, Orange street

Collier, Mrs., lodging house keeper, 25, Oxford street

Collins, Charles, coroner, solicitor, &c., Fisher street

Colston, John Robert, boarding and day school, York street

Conybeare, George, slate and flag merchant, 22, Madoc street

Coode, John, master mariner, 35, Park street

Cook, Mrs. Elizabeth, lodging house keeper, 12, Camden place

Cook, Mrs. Margaret, Fisher street

Coombe, Mrs. Mary, school, 22, Union street

Copeland, Alexander, lock master, 4, Somerset place

Copeland, Robert, mariner, 39, Garden street

Copas, Christopher, _Hop Pole Inn_, Edward street

Corbett, John, ship broker, 41, Strand

Cordukes, Thomas William, _Adelaide Inn_, 12, Adelaide street

Corin, Joseph, trunk maker, toy dealer, &c., 15, Castle street

Couch, David Edward, lodging house, 9, Adelaide street

Couch, George Thomas, sailmaker, 21, Union street and Padley’s yard

Couch, Mrs. Hannah, Camden cottage

Couch, Phillip, joiner, Edward street

County Fire Insurance Office, agent, John Hore, Rutland street

Courtis, William, grocer and tea dealer, Oxford street

Cousins, Richard William, watch and clock maker, 20, Wind street

Cox, William, governor of the House of Correction

Crabbe, Edmund, tin plate worker, 5, Goat street

Crabbe, James, tin plate worker, 222, High street

Crabbe, William, schoolmaster, Dynevor place

Cragg, Mrs., 1, Cradock street

Crapper, William, glass and china dealer, 25, Castle street

Crawley, W. C., master mariner, 24, Bellevue street

Crimp, George, plasterer, cement and colour dealer, 1, Rutland street

Crockford, William, policeman, Kynaston place

Croker, John, master mariner, 1, Nelson terrace

Croker, John, shipwright, 30, Singleton street

Crole, Mrs., Oxford street

Crown Fire Insurance Office, agent, Richard White Beor, solicitor, St.
Mary street

Crowther, Thomas, tinman and brazier, 25, High street

Cummings, John, bell-hanger, lock and white-smith, 30, Goat street

Curnow, James Martin, grocer and tea dealer, 112, High street

Curran, Harriet, dress maker, 4, Caer street

Cwm Capple Coal Company, Strand, agent, Thomas Dryden

                                * * * * *

DABB, Elizabeth, grocer and tea dealer, 31, Strand

Dalton, Arthur, Esq., 3, Cambrian place

Dalton, John, _Globe Inn_, 8, Strand

Damp, John, 61, Oxford street

Dangerfield, Richard James, printer, 15, Singleton street

Daniel, Ann, grocer and tea dealer, Foxhole

Daniel, Benjamin, land and mineral surveyor, 5, Garden street

Daniel, Evan, land and mineral agent, 5, Garden street

Daniel, Henry, land and mineral surveyor, 31, Singleton street

Daniel, Jeremiah, clerk, 5, Garden street

Daniel, Thomas, relieving officer, 3, Heathfield street

D’Arcey, Captain, 5, Picton place

D’Austin, Madame, ladies’ seminary, 13, Nelson street

Daveridge, William, Town hill

Davey, Thomas, commercial traveller, 1, Prospect place

David, David, solicitor, 1, South hill place, office, 18, Castle street

Davison, Bartholomew, engineer, Ferryside

Davies, Ann, grocer and tea dealer, 19, Oxford street

Davies, Mrs. A. M., 23, Dillwyn street

Davies, Benjamin, currier, 6, Pell street

Davies, Charles, _Queen Adelaide_, 40, New street

Davies, David, _Dillwyn Arms_, 3, Union street

Davies, C. S., provision merchant and boot and shoe warehouse, High

Davies, Rev. Daniel, Welsh baptist minister, Nelson street

Davies, Daniel, linen and woollen draper, 1, Castle square

Davies, David, accountant and agent, 41, Oxford street

Davies, David, _Bell Inn_, 54, Oxford street

Davies, David, _Mason’s Arms_, 1, Charles street

Davies, David, fruiterer, 8, High Street

Davies, David, _Cambrian Inn_, 12, Cambrian Foundry place, Strand

Davies, David, _Beaufort Arms_, 6, Ferryside

Davies, Evan, linen and woollen draper, 3, High street

Davies, Evan, A.M., principal of the Normal College, and boarding and day
school, Ivy lodge, Nelson terrace

Davies, Mrs. E. M., lodging house keeper, Mount Pleasant

Davies, Henry, boot and shoe maker, 2, Welcome street

Davies, James, skinner and glove manufacturer, 34, Orange street

Davies, John, butcher, 98, High street

Davies, John, painter, 190, High street

Davies, John, _Castle Hotel_, 10, Castle square

Davies, John, post-master and auctioneer, 12, Fisher street

Davies, John, _Penllergare Arms_, 9, Union street

Davies, John, currier, 7, Cradock street

Davies, Elizabeth, grocer and tea dealer, Singleton street

Davies, Mary, 6, Dillwyn street

Davies, Margaret, lodging house keeper, 21, Dillwyn street

Davies, Margaret, lodging house keeper, 8, Camden place

Davies, Mrs. M., The Laurels, Mount pleasant

Davies, Morgan, _Copperman’s Arms_, Pentreguinea

Davies, Mrs., 9, Heathfield street

Davies, Owen, _Coach and Horses_, 132, High street

Davies, Richard, lodging house keeper, 30, Rutland street

Davies, S. Mostyn, agent, 21, Cradock street

Davies, Thomas, pilot, Little Wind street

Davies, Thomas, tailor and draper, 105, High street

Davies, David, draper, Castle street

Davies, Thomas, boot and shoemaker, 10, St. Mary street

Davies, Thomas, jun., joiner, 4, Jeffreys place

Davies, Thomas, joiner, 25, Park street

Davies, Thomas, master mariner, 3, Adelaide street

Davies, Thomas, Esq., 13, Picton place

Davies, Thomas, _Smiths’ Arms_, Foxhole

Davies, Thomas Robert, printer and bookseller, 13, Castle street

Davies, William, linen and woollen draper, 1, High street

Davies, William, plumber and brazier, 18, Calvert street

Davies, William, ship broker and commission agent, 224, High street

Davis, Thomas, ale and porter stores, 4, Adelaide street

Dawe, Sampson, Esq., 15, Picton place

Dawe, Sampson Rowland, chemist and druggist, 5, Castle street

Day, William, agent and lodging house keeper, 1, Mount street

Day, Henry, weigher and commission agent, 5, Ferryside

Day, Robert, master mariner, 5, Portland street

David, Mrs. S., 30, Bellevue street

Dean, Ann, victualler, 1, Quay

Dean, Eliza Agnes, grocer and tea dealer, 21, Oxford street

Derrick, George, fruiterer and greengrocer, 6, Dragon street

Derrick, Joseph, pastry-cook and confectioner, 33, High street

Devonald, George, grocer and baker, 68, Matthew street

Dicks, Charles, _Jeffrey’s Arms_, 13, Oxford street

Dodd, Henry, grocer and tea dealer, 12, Union street

Donaldson, F., Esq., 9, Grove place

Dowdall, William, _Full Moon_, 146, High street

Down, John, carpenter and furniture broker, 221, High street

Doyle, Charles, _Exeter Inn_, 27, Union street

Dryden, William, _Steam Engine House_, 33, Orchard street

Duncan, J., _Christopher Inn_, 12, Somerset place

Dury, Jonathan, commercial traveller, 10, Dillwyn street

Dutton, Thomas, grocer and tea dealer, 108, Strand

Dutton, Israel, cabinet maker and upholsterer, 207, High street

Dyer, William, builder, 19, Cradock street

Dyke, George Charges, agent, Middle and Upper Bank Copper Works

                                * * * * *

EATON, Henry Knight, timber merchant and Saw Mills, 4, Ferryside

Edmond, John, tolls collector, 8, Albert terrace

Edmond, William, Esq., Windsor lodge, Mount pleasant

Edmonds, William, master mariner, 10, Nelson street

Edwards, Edwin, iron merchant, 6, Pier street

Edwards, James, coach driver, 56, Oxford street

Edwards, John, harbour master, 6, Pier street

Edwards, Mary, flour dealer, 45, High street

Edwards, Thomas, baker, grocer and tea dealer, 3, College street

Edwards, William, mariner, 2, Island cottage

Edwards, William, _Albion Inn_, 24, Greenfield street

Ellery, John Morris, auctioneer, painter, glazier, and paperhanger, 93,
Oxford street

Elliot, Robert, _Railway Inn_, 29, Powell street

Ellison, Joseph, _Tunnel_, Bath lane

English and Cambrian Assurance Society, agent, Evan Evans, 8, Matthew

Equitable Fire Assurance Society, agent, John Naish Smart, Esq., Quay

Essery, Richard, solicitor, office, Castle street

Essery, Thomas A., surgeon, Gloucester place

Essery, Timothy Brimble, merchant, 3, Gloucester place, office, Quay

Essery and Son, commission agents, office, Quay

Evans and Co., seedsmen, 243, High street

Evans and Glasson, Cambrian Pottery, Strand

Evans and Knoyle, drapers, 1, Oxford street

Evans, Benjamin, accountant, Mynydd Bach y Glo Colliery

Evans, Rev. David, baptist minister, 16, Northampton place

Evans, David, tailor, 202, High street

Evans, David, London Mutual Life Insurance Office, 44, Wind street

Evans, David, shipping agent, 2, Beaufort, place

Evans, David, 4, Beaufort place

Evans, David, _Black Lion_, 25, Orange street

Evans, David, cabinet maker and upholsterer, 9, Waterloo street

Evans, David, Ferryside

Evans, Edward, _Apple Tree_, Caer street

Evans, Evan, accountant and schoolmaster, 8, Matthew street

Evans, Rev. George Prichard, boarding and day school, 3, Northampton

Evans, James, butcher, Pantygwyder Farm

Evans, David, agent, Cefen Gorwydd Colliery

Evans, John, Ivy cottage, High street

Evans, Misses, ladies’ seminary, 1, Herbert place

Evans, Mrs., lodging house keeper, Strand

Evans, Mrs., grocer and tea dealer, Greenfield street

Evans, Philip, _Ivy Bush_, Ferryside

Evans, Richard, shipwright, 7, Pleasant street

Evans, Thomas, chemist and druggist, 12, High street

Evans, Thomas, grocer and tea dealer, 126, High street

Evans, Thomas, lodging house keeper, 13, Somerset place

Evans, Thomas, engineer, 30, Cradock street

Evans, William, _Fishguard Arms_, 1, Union street

Evans, William, grocer and tea dealer, 4, Union street

Evans, William, bookbinder, 7, Oxford street

Evans, William, mariner, 28, Oxford street

Evans, Mrs. William Price, Florence Cottage, Bellevue street

Excell, John, grocer and tea dealer, 57, Oxford street

Experience Life Insurance Society, agent, Charles Thomas Wilson, Wind

                                * * * * *

FARISH, James, _Duke Tavern_, 2, Wind street

Fear, Mrs. E., 34, Bellevue street

Finley, John, shipwright, 6, Wassail street

Finner, Joshua, agent, 15, Adelaide street

Fisher, John, boot and shoe maker, 223, High street

Fitzgerald, Peter, manager of the Saw Mills, 1, Albert place

Flanagan, Charles, baker and flour dealer, 238, High street

Ford, Henry Alfred, painter, glazier, plumber, and paperhanger, 8, Oxford

Ford, Thomas, master mariner, 11, Bellevue street

Fox, Joseph, boot and shoe maker, 107, High street

Foy, Thomas, grocer and tea dealer, Island cottage, Island street

Francis and Son, merchants, Strand

Francis and Strick, coal merchants, office, 78, Strand

Francis, David, (firm of Francis and Son) Mount pleasant

Francis, David, keeper of the Night Asylum, 39, Singleton street

Francis, Francis, master mariner, 6, Little Wind street

Francis, George Grant, Esq., F.S.A., mayor, Cae bailey, Mount pleasant

Francis, James, _Queen Adelaide_, 17, Pottery street

Francis, John, master mariner, 3, Trinity place

Francis, Mary, eating house keeper, 215, High street

Francis, Mrs., 10, Dynevor place

Francis, Thomas, eating house, 35, High street

Francis, Thomas, hatter, 27, College street

Francis, William Henry, (firm of Francis and Strick) Mount pleasant

Frankell, Henry, pawnbroker, 17, Goat street

Frankell, M. and D., pawnbrokers, 20, High street

Freeman, John and Co., copper smelters, White Rock Works, agent, Edward

Friendship, James, _Green Dragon_, 131, Strand

Fuge, James, haulier, 37, Park street

Fulford, Philip, boot and shoe maker, 28, Goat street

Fuller, Charles, cabinet maker and upholsterer, 231, High street

Fuller, Mrs., _Shipping Gazette_, 133, Strand

Fuller, W. C., _Union Inn_, 109, Strand

Furr, William, mason, 9, Camden place

Furber, Joseph, potter, 26, Bellevue street

Furrell, James, law stationer, 16, Clarence terrace

                                * * * * *

GALE, George Hamlyn, dealer in gutta percha, and vulcanized India rubber,
40, Wind street

Gant, Samuel Castle, civil engineer and surveyor, 4, Rutland street

Garth Colliery Company, agent, Thomas Edward, Upper Strand

Garret, Mrs. A. P., 30, Orange street

Gaskoine, John, solicitor, 236, High street

Geen, Thomas, butcher, Burrows gardens

General Annuity Life Assurance Society, agent, Eli James, Fisher street

George, Richard, ironmonger, Castle street

Gething, William, chain and anchor maker, Beaufort place and Strand

Gibbs, Ruth, grocer and tea dealer, 24, Goat street

Gibbs, Samuel, (firm of Rayner and Gibbs,) Castle street

Gibson, Mrs. M. A., 11, Picton place

Gironimo, W. H., linen and woollen draper, 227, High street

Globe Fire and Life Assurance Society, agent, David Rees, Picton place

Glover, J., cabinet maker, 52, Oxford street

Glover, Thomas, auctioneer, manager of Swansea Gas Works, 28, Castle

Glover, William, chemist, &c., 33, Castle street

Godbeare, George, marine store dealer, Devonshire Cottage, Town hill

Goldberg, Simon, pawnbroker, 13, Goat street

Goldsworthy, Thomas, _Ship and Castle_, 78, Strand

Goldsworthy, William, baker, grocer, &c., 2, Strand

Goodall, J., (firm of Tucker and Goodall) Castle street

Gordon, Richard, pilot, Edward street

Gorvin, Henry, artist, 34, Oxford street

Gorse Colliery Company, agent, J. Glassbrook, Strand

Gracie, Griffith, travelling draper, 26, Union street

Graigola Coal Company, agent, Charles Moore, Upper Quay

Grant, William, _Rose and Crown_, 72, High street

Gray, Henry and Co., beer and porter merchants, agent, Francis Jefferys,
Nelson terrace

Gray, James, clerk, 4, Cradock street

Green, Edward, baker, confectioner, &c., 31, High street

Gregor, George, grocer and tea dealer, High street

Gregor, William, manager of Weig Fach Colliery, 18, High street

Gregory, Daniel, cabinet maker, 5, Caer street

Gregory, Joseph, _Shades Tavern_, 8, Salubrious place

Grenfell and Sons, Copper Works and Rolling Mills, Middle and Upper Bank

Grenfell, Pascoe St. Leger, Esq., (firm of Grenfell and Sons) Maesteg

Griffiths, Daniel, Ferryside

Griffiths, David, builder, 50, Waterloo street

Griffiths, David, printer, 5, Park street

Griffiths, Edward, _White Lion Inn_, 6, Goat street

Griffiths, Evan, bookseller, printer and stationer, 11, High street

Griffiths, George, grocer and tea dealer, 68, Oxford street

Griffiths, Henry, malster, 45, Oxford street

Griffiths, John, blacksmith, 6, Union street

Griffiths, John, stone mason, 34, Park street

Griffiths, Joseph, _Neptune Inn_, 67, Strand

Griffiths, Joseph, lodging house keeper, 15, Nelson street

Griffiths, Lewis, _Ivy Bush Inn_, 30, Charles street

Griffiths, Martha, woollen manufacturer, 22, Castle street

Griffiths, Thomas, master mariner, Clarence street

Griffiths, William, blacksmith, 12, Matthew street, and Waterloo street

Griffiths, William, mason, 3, Rutland street

Griffiths, William, chemist and druggist, 77, Oxford street

Gronow, William, schoolmaster, 27, Strand

Grove, John, cashier, (Messrs. Bath and Son,) 14, Heathfield street

Grove, Thomas, Esq., 227, High street and Demy Coed

Guardian Fire and Life Assurance Society, agent, T. R. Davies, Castle

Gun, Charles, railway clerk, 16, Dillwyn street

Guy, Richard, lodging house, 14, Somerset place

Gwynne, Richard, grocer and schoolmaster, Foxhole

                                * * * * *

HAINES, Charles, wine and spirit merchant, 5, Temple street

Haines, Elizabeth, _Plume of Feathers_, Wind Street

Hall, Henry, wine and spirit merchant, 19, College street

Hall, James, surgeon, Infirmary

Hall, James, civil engineer, 7, Adelaide street

Hall, Sydney, manager of Warlich’s Patent Fuel Works

Hallam, John W., agent to the Forest Tin Works, 5, Trinity place

Hamerton, Robert J., portrait painter, and master of the Government
School of Art, 16, York street

Hammet, Edward, Esq., 14, Nelson street

Hammet, Edward, master mariner, 5, Little Wind street

Hammet, James, schoolmaster, 9, Nelson terrace

Hammet, John, boot and shoe maker, 31, Goat street

Hanson, Thomas, brewer and cabinet maker, 14, St. Mary street

Harding, Daniel, grocer and provision dealer, 17, Castle street

Harding, John, _Fox and Hounds Inn_, 3, Pottery street

Harding, Mrs., lodging house keeper, 36, Singleton street

Harding, William, grocer, hay and corn dealer, 24, Back street

Hare, Arthur, _Peace and Plenty_, 45, Strand

Harman, Richard, grocer and tea dealer, 2, Back street

Harman, Thomas, cabinet maker, and upholsterer, 28, High street

Harris, George, boot and shoe maker, 6, Castle street

Harris, Henry, _Black Cock_, 194, High street

Harris, Rev. J. Henry, schoolmaster, 13, Union street

Harris, James, _Lamb and Flag_, 22, Llangefelach street

Harris, James, chemist and druggist, 8, Oxford street

Harris, James, _Crown_, 24, Strand

Harris, John, weaver, 20, Oxford street

Harris, Thomas, smith, Matthew street

Harris, William, boot and shoemaker, and coffee house, 29, Fisher street

Harry, George, solicitor, 7, Grove place

Hartnell, John, gardener, Ferryside

Harvey, John, cartman, 31, Matthew street

Hatch, John, fruiterer, 23, Wind street

Havard, Rachael, grocer and tobacconist, 27, Wind street

Hawken, William, clerk, 20, Garden street

Hawkins, Benjamin, master mariner, 10, Cradock street

Hazel, James, clerk, 6, Quay parade

Hazel, Thomas, lodging house keeper, 6, Quay parade

Hennessey, Bernard Rudkin, clock and watch maker, jeweller, &c., 5, Wind

Henshaw, Jane, lodging house keeper, 5, Prospect place

Henwood, William, shipping agent to Graig, Olen and Co., 57, Strand

Hepborn, Mr., builder, 4, Madoc street

Herman, B. G., chemist, (Hafod Silver Works,) Mount pleasant

Hernaman, Misses, milliners, 11, Castle street

Herring, William, master mariner, 2, Clarence terrace

Hill, David, agent, Brunswick street

Hill, Edward, clerk, 4, Melbourne place

Hill, John, fishmonger, &c., 54, Wind street

Hinckley, James, manager of the Mill Villa Pottery, Cambrian Foundry

Hoare, John, (firm of Rolls and Hoare) Singleton street

Hollow, Daniel, master mariner, 1, Pleasant street

Holloway, H. W., draper and outfitter, 2, High street

Holloway, John, coach builder, 25, Fisher street

Holmes, Elizabeth, grocer and tea dealer, 21, Greenhill street

Hone, John, boot and shoemaker, 9, Nelson street

Hopkin, David, Tir Landwr

Hopkins, Abraham, woollen manufacturer, 15, Goat street

Hopkins, Charles, hairdresser, 206, High street

Hopkins, Thomas, registration clerk, 206, High street

Hopkins, Evan, iron and brass founder, 13, Cambrian Foundry place

Hopkins, Hannah, grocer and tea dealer, Cambrian Foundry place

Hopkins, J., brewer, &c., 117, Strand

Hopkins, Rachael, _Farmer’s Arms_, Frog street

Hopkins, Henry, farrier and shoeing smith, Wellington street

Hore, John, accountant and commission agent, 6, Rutland street, office,

Horne, John, _Brewer’s Arms Inn_, 33, Orange street

Hoskin, David, joiner, 2, Pleasant street

Hoskin, John, master mariner, 1, Dillwyn street

Hoskins, William, master mariner, 16, Union street

Howard, Edward, auctioneer, Somerset place

Howard, John, solicitor, Worcester place

Howell, Benjamin, _Swan Tavern_, 86, High street

Howell, D., 4, Portland street

Howell, David, auctioneer, &c., 19, Camden place

Howell, Edward, M.D., South Hill place

Howell, George, draper, &c., 63, Wind street

Howell, Margaret, corn dealer, &c., 9, Caer street

Howell, Susan, _Lord Nelson_, 13, Calvert street

Howell, Thomas, rate collector, Upper bank

Howell, W. J., master mariner, 24, Singleton street

Huggins, Misses S. and J., ladies’ seminary, 3, Mount street

Hughes, Ann, Ferryside

Hughes, Edward, 13, Gower street

Hughes, Gad, bargeman, Ferryside

Hughes, Jane, milliner, draper, &c., 4, Castle street

Hughes, John, smith and farrier, 123, High street

Hughes, Mrs., ironmonger, 5, Oxford street

Hughes, Mrs. Richard, milliner, Northampton place

Hughes, Rees, flour merchant, Edward street, stores, Broad Quay

Hughes, Richard, clerk, Northampton place

Hughes, William, cabinet maker, 20, Cradock street

Hughes, William, _Plough Tavern_, 3, Portland street

Hughes, William, wheelwright, smith, &c., 122, High street

Hullin, George, master mariner, Bellevue street

Hullin, William, master mariner, 13, Dillwyn street

Hulman, J., master mariner, Bellevue street

Humphrey, John, grocer and tea dealer, 33, Llangefelach street

Hunnam, Mrs. Eliza, school mistress, 25, Bellevue street

Hunter, J. W., draper, 17, Cradock street

Hurndall, Henry and Watkin, linen and woollen drapers, 1, Temple street

Hutchinson, Charles, clock and watch maker, silversmith, &c., 46, Wind

Huxtable, John, _Willow Tree_, 99, High street

Hyam and Co., tailors and drapers, 37, Castle street

Hyam, Mrs. 14, Picton place

                                * * * * *

IMPERIAL Fire Insurance Office, agent, Richard White Beor, solicitor, St.
Mary street

Ingram, Philip, commercial traveller, 22, Bellevue street

Isaac, William, _Griffin Inn_, 2, Cambrian Foundry place

Ison, Robert, coffee and eating house, 15, St. Mary street

Ivey, George Pearse, commercial traveller, 8, Northampton place

Ivey, Thomas, excise officer, 20, Camden place

Ivey, William, supervisor of excise, Clarence cottage, 14, Clarence

                                * * * * *

JACKSON, Charles James, engraver, lithographic and copper-plate printer,
42, Wind street, and 1, Rutland street

Jacob, Rev. E., independent minister, Ael y Bryn Cottage, Mount pleasant

Jacob, Greenborne, tailor, outfitter and clothier, 30, Strand

Jacob, Isaac, fancy ware repository, glass and china warehouse, 19,
Castle street

Jacob, John, fruiterer, 14, Cross street

James and Aubrey, coal merchants, (stone coal) Strand, J. Slocombe, agent

James, Benjamin, cow keeper, 37, Orange street

James, Christopher, Esq., Bellevue house, Mount pleasant

James, Eli, Esq., 8, Fisher street

James, John, cabinet maker and upholsterer, 46, High street

James, John, joiner, 36, Park street

James, John William, Esq., 9, Cambrian place

James, Miss, grocer, 17, Nelson street

James, David, woollen manufacturer, 21, Nelson street

James, Owen, superannuated supervisor, 4, Clarence terrace

James, Samuel, _Golden Lion_, 6, Dyvatty street

James, Thomas, farrier and shoeing smith, 21, Goat street

Jancey, Mary, _Rutland Arms_, 24, Rutland street

Jardine, Mrs., grocer, 30, Dillwyn street

Jarmacque, Louis, professor of languages, 13, Northampton place

Jefferys, Francis, agent for Gray and Co., 2, Nelson place

Jenkins, William, _Lower Cock_, 54, High street

Jenkins, Elizabeth, _Upper Lamb_, 30, Greenhill street

Jenkins, David, dealer in earthenware, 13, Calvert street

Jenkins, James George, painter, 116, Strand

Jenkins, John, _Oxford Inn_, 15, Oxford street

Jenkins, John, haulier, 10, Frog street

Jenkins, John, clock and watch maker and jeweller, 50, Wind street

Jenkins, John, _Lamb and Flag_, Foxhole

Jenkins, John Borlace, agent, White Rock Copper Works, Kilvey

Jenkins, John Trevillian, solicitor, 17, High street

Jenkins, David, _Three Crowns_, 22, High street

Jenkins, Miss, circulating library, bookseller and stationer, 24, Wind

Jenkins, Mrs. 13, Bellevue street

Jenkins, Mrs. Catherine, 16, St. Mary street

Jenkins, Mrs. E., grocer, post office, Foxhole

Jenkins, Mrs. Susan, 8, Cambrian place

Jenkins, Richard, solicitor, Goat street

Jenkins, Samuel, ironmonger, 47, Castle street

Jenkins, Thomas, agent, 1, Dynevor place

Jenkins, Thomas, joiner, 3, Island street

Jenkins, Thomas, tailor, 129, Strand

Jenkins, Walter, Ferryside

Jenkins, William, shoemaker, 42, High street

Jenkins, William, Port Tennant

Jenkins, William, ship broker, Mount pleasant, Offices, 59, Strand

Jenkins, William, Edward street

Jobson, Margaret, lodging house, 33, Bellevue street

John, David, Ferryside

John, Evan, master mariner, Dewsbury court, York street

John, Rees, _Margam Inn_, Mysydd street

John, Richard, cartman, 26, Orange street

Johns, Alfred, artist, 5, Dillwyn street

Johns, David, tide waiter, 84, High street

Johns, John, grocer, 40, Strand

Johns, Joseph, currier and leather seller, 219, High street

Johns, Thomas, Esq., 33, Goat street

Johns, Thomas, _Old Duke_, 140, High street

Johns, William, commercial traveller, Brunswick place

Johnson, Jacob, ship chandler, 3, South prospect place

Johnson, James, master mariner, 30, Pleasant street

Johnson, John, ironmonger, 220, High street

Johnston, James Stanley, carver and gilder and picture frame maker, 242,
High street

Jones and Eaton, linen and woollen drapers, 3, Temple street

Jones, Ann, grocer and tea dealer, 22, Waterloo street

Jones, Daniel, Custom House officer, 5, Somerset place

Jones, David, provision dealer, 8, Goat street

Jones, David, _Compass_, 63, High street

Jones, David, tailor, 89, High street

Jones, David, builder, 4, Goat street

Jones, David, grocer, 4, Orange street

Jones, David, agent, 27, Bellevue street

Jones, David, _Union Inn_, 5, Union street

Jones, David, mariner, 2, Jeffrey’s place

Jones, Edwin, master mariner, 18, Pleasant street

Jones, Elias, Cwm Bach Colliery, and grocer, St. Thomas

Jones, Elizabeth, grocer, 23, High street

Jones, Evan, _Ivorites’ Arms_, 48, High street

Jones, Evan, auctioneer, 66, Oxford street

Jones, George, Esq., 1, Brunswick street

Jones, George, grocer, 23, Madoc street

Jones, Harriet, eating house keeper, 22, Wind street

Jones, Herbert, bookseller, binder, and stationer, 81, Oxford street

Jones, Henry William, reporter, (Swansea Herald) 26, Gower street

Jones, Jenkin, _Sailor’s Return_, Back street

Jones, John, linen and woollen draper, 10, Castle street

Jones, John, solicitor, Temple street

Jones, John, hosier, 29, College street

Jones, John, tailor, Kynaston place

Jones, John, shoemaker, 38, Garden street

Jones, John, master mariner, 12, Clarence terrace

Jones, John, rate collector, 17, Union street

Jones, Mrs. J. H., lodging house keeper, 18, Somerset place

Jones, John Morgan, hairdresser, perfumer, &c., 11, Wind street

Jones, John William, accountant, Savings Bank, 11, Heathfield street

Jones, Miss, 26, Wind street

Jones, Margaret, milliner, 25, College street

Jones, Miss, Mount pleasant

Jones, Misses, ladies’ seminary, 26, Gower street

Jones, Mrs. Catherine, 2, Gloucester place

Jones, Mrs., lodging house keeper, 8, Dillwyn street

Jones, Mrs., lodging house keeper, 42, Oxford street

Jones, Mrs. Mary, 33, Waterloo street

Jones, Rachel, baker and flour dealer, 12, Calvert street

Jones, Robert, _Jersey Arms_, 3, Orange street

Jones, Richard, boot and shoemaker, 23, Waterloo street

Jones, Rev. Thomas, incumbent of Kilvey Church, Kilvey

Jones, Thomas, tailor, 20, Castle street

Jones, Thomas, agent, 3, Ferryside

Jones, Thomas, chain and anchor smith, 89, Strand

Jones, Thomas, tailor, Welcome street

Jones, Thomas, Williams’s terrace

Jones, Rev. William, independent minister, (Castle street Chapel,) 26,
Gower street

Jones, William, Esq., Madoc hall

Jones, William, _Park Inn_, 29, Park street

Jones, William, clerk, 2, Brunswick street

Jones, William, Esq., 4, Nelson terrace

Jones, William, agent at Fuel Works, Port tennant

Jones, William, agent, Quay parade

Jones, William, painter, glazier, &c., 105, Strand

Jones, William Evans, accountant, Graig cottage

Jones, W. H., wine and spirit merchant, 78, Oxford street

Joseph, Benjamin, watchmaker and jeweller, 15, High street

Joseph, Jacob, pawnbroker, 39, Castle street

Joyce, James, cutler and surgical instrument maker, 5, College street

Joyce, Samuel, Esq., 1, Picton place

                                * * * * *

KAVANAGH, Rev. Charles, Roman Catholic priest, 1, St. David’s place

Kerr, James, draper, 25, Singleton street

Kern, James and Co., watch makers, 195, High street

Kingsley, Thomas, Esq., 6, Melbourne place

Kingston, William, 7, Clarence terrace

Kirkhouse, John, contractor, Town hill

Knapman, William, grocer, baker, and flour dealer, 81, High street

Kneath, Henry, wine and spirit dealer, 39, Orange street

Kneath, Mrs., wheelwright, 4, Oxford street

Kneath, Thomas, schoolmaster, 7, Park street

Knight, Richard, shipbroker and commission agent, 11, Adelaide street

Knill, Michael, master mariner, 6, Clarence terrace

Kynaston, Mrs., 3, Dynevor place

                                * * * * *

LADD, William, grocer and tea dealer, 85, High street

Lambert, Charles, Port Tennant Copper Works

Lavender, Thomas, _Royal Arch_, 16, Goat street

Law Property Assurance Society, agent, John Naish Smart, 1, Mount street

Leach, Richardson and Co., merchants, 120, Strand

Leaker, Miss P., ladies’ seminary, 2, Dynevor place

Leaker, Rev. W., Primitive Methodist minister, 14, Clifton street

Leakey, Rev. H. P., incumbent of Trinity Church, the parsonage, Trinity

Lean, John, copper ore sampler, Morfa Works, 6, Madoc street

Lee, Henry, boot and shoe maker, 36, Castle street

Leeds, George, superintendent of Swansea Vale Railway, Grove place

Legal and Commercial Fire and Life Assurance Society, agent, J. R Tripp,
Esq., Somerset place

Lewis, Ann, straw hat maker, 2, South Prospect place, Strand

Lewis, Mrs. E., 20, Union street

Lewis, Frederick, builder, 18, Clarence terrace

Lewis, Jacob, linen and woollen draper, 32, Castle street

Lewis, John, _Square and Compass_, 110, High street

Lewis, John, printer and reporter, (Cambrian Office) 18, Union street

Lewis, John, lodging house keeper, 2, South Prospect place, Strand

Lewis, John, _Benson’s Arms_, Ferryside

Lewis, Margaret, grocer and tea dealer, 158, High street

Lewis, Mary, butcher, 7, Cross street

Lewis, Mary, lodging house keeper, 3, Albert place

Lewis, Miss, _Ancient Briton_, 157, High street

Lewis, Mrs., bonnet maker, 47, High street

Lewis, Rachel, grocer and tea dealer, 12, Wassail street

Lewis, Richard Jeffreys, artist, 44, Oxford street

Lewis, Samuel, linen and woollen draper, 5, Castle square

Lewis, Thomas, _Upper Cock_, 186, High street

Lewis, Thomas, master mariner, Union street

Lewis, Thomas, jun., master mariner, Union street

Lewis, William, lessee of tolls, 3, Nelson street

Lewis, William, plasterer, 17, Clarence terrace

Lewis, William, master mariner, Prince street

Lewis, William, customs ship agent, 4, Brunswick street

Lewis, William, _King’s Head_, 1, Portland street

Lewis, William, builder, Ferryside

Lewis, W. P., accountant, Bellevue street

Leyshon, Francis, confectioner, and _Shoulder of Mutton_, 159 and 160,
High street

Leyson, James and Co., iron merchants, 46, Strand

Leyson, James, (firm of Leyson and Co.,) Town hill

Leyson, William, eating house keeper, 205, High street

Linnard, John, watch and clock maker, 11, College street

Liverpool and London Life and Fire Assurance Society, agent, Townshend
Wood, Esq., Bath lane

Llewellyn, Mary, 7, Caer street

Lloyds, agent, James Strick, Esq., Strand

Lloyd, George, tailor, 87, Oxford street

Lloyd, Henry, grocer and tea dealer, 9, Oxford street

Lloyd, Lewis, _Ty Melyn_, 51, High street

Llysnewydd Brick Company, Strand, agent, John Hore

Long, C., lodging house keeper, 13, Gam street

Long, William Harris, surgeon, 11, Fisher street

Longhurst, David, grocer and tea dealer, 1, Wassail street

Lord, Robert, builder, Trafalgar place

Loveless, Lewis, _Jolly Tar_, 30, Wind street

Lovering, Mrs., lodging house keeper, 20, Dillwyn street

Lovering, Mrs. Caroline, lodging house keeper, Adelaide street

Low, Charles, civil and mineral engineer, 16, Picton place

Lowe, Benjamin, draper’s assistant, 4, Calvert terrace

Lowther, Mrs., 24, Union street

Loxton, Henry, boot and shoemaker, 181, High street

Lucas, Mrs. E., 3, Melbourne place

Lucas, F. E., coal proprietor, 29, Singleton street

Luly, John, master mariner, 16, Clifton street

Lumley, Richard, linen and woollen draper, 6, Temple street

Lyons, Harris, tailor, 41, High street

                                * * * * *

MABER, Mrs., 2, Prospect place

Maber, Robert, printer, James street

Macnamara, John, shipwright, 18, Camden place

Madel, Frederick, pianoforte tuner, 5, Herbert place

Madge, Henry James, grocer and tea dealer, 16, High street

Maine, Robert, ship chandler, Fynone terrace, office, 6, Strand

Manning, Mrs. E., lodging house keeper, Dillwyn street

Mansel, Rawleigh Addenbrook, Esq., Tyr-y-Graig, Mount pleasant

Mansfield, Miss, 32, Bellevue street

Margraves, Thomas, 10, Bellevue street

Markland, Frederick, brewer, 37, Singleton street

Marks, Rosetta, pawnbroker, 209, High street

Marshall, Joseph, contractor, 9, Cradock street

Martin, John, builder, 12, Park street

Martin, Sarah, pottery-ware dealer, 34, Strand

Martin, Thomas Arnold, agent, clerk to Swansea Canal Company, 21,
Northampton place

Marwood, Frederick, accountant, 22, Singleton street

Mason, Mary, confectioner, 49, Wind street

Masters, Mrs. E., _Welcome Inn_, 104, Strand

Matthews Brothers and Co., grocers and tea dealers, 6, Castle square

Matthews, Isaac, master mariner, 22, Calvert street

Matthews, James, basket maker, 22, Orange street

Matthews, Mrs., dressmaker, 80, High street

Matthews, Richard, master mariner, 17, Camden place

Matthews, Robert, clerk, Kilvey

Mc’Adams, Mrs. C., 19, Singleton street

Mc’Adams, C. K., merchant, 4, Prospect place

Mc’Adams, J. C. K., livery stables, 3, Adelaide street

Mc’Millan, J. and J., travelling drapers, 3, Grove place

Mc’Millan, Mrs., tea dealer, 4, Nelson street

Meager, Franklin, merchant, 6, Brunswick place, office, 17, Strand

Meager, G. B. and Co., ship builders, Villiers dock

Meager, G. B., (firm of G. B. Meager and Co.) 12, Nelson street

Meager, John A., ship agent, 12, Nelson street

Meager, Mrs., lodging house keeper, 29, Orange street

Meager, Richard and Co., ship chandlers, 39, Strand

Meager, William, ship builder, 208, High street and Phœnix Dock

Meehan, B., bookseller, 13, College street

Melhuish, J., master mariner, Kilvey

Melhuish, Miss E., ladies’ seminary, 12, Dillwyn street

Melhuish, Mrs. J., 5, Heathfield street

Melville, William, nurseryman and seedsman, 9, College street

Michael, David, cabinet maker, 18, Fisher street

Michael, F. D., accountant, Rutland street

Michael, J. P., cabinet maker, 89, Oxford street

Michael, Lewin, merchant, 31, Oxford street

Michael, Michael John., flour merchant, 17, Picton place, office, Wind

Michael, Mrs., 1, Nelson street

Michael, William Henry, surgeon, medical officer to the Board of Health,
230, High street

Middleton, Thomas, 5, Island street

Miles and Thomas, grocers and tea dealers, Castle street

Miller, James, fishmonger, 18, St. Mary street

Mills, Henry, master mariner, railway eating house, 8, Caer street

Mills, Robert, agent, Foxhole Colliery, Bryn Avon

Milward, Lawrence, _Rose and Crown_, Wind street

Millward, Mrs. E., 33, Oxford street

Millward, William, confectioner, 9, Castle square

Mingam, Margaret, _Queen’s Head_, 19, Queen’s street

Mitchell, Henry, china and glass dealer, 29, Castle street

Mitchell, John, master mariner, 1, Clarence terrace

Mitchell, William, painter and glazier, 21, Gower street

Mitchell, William, boarding and day school, 6, Fisher street

Mitchell, William Russell, draper, 65, Oxford street

Moggridge, Matthew, Esq., the Willows, Mount pleasant

Monger, Edward, baker and grocer, 5, Orange street

Montgomery, Alexander, bookseller, 32, Singleton street

Morgan, David, coal merchant, Willow Tree yard

Morgan, Capt. Evan, R.A., St. Helen’s

Morgan, Isaac, grocer and builder, Foxhole

Morgan, John, tailor, 3, Welcome street

Morgan, John, brazier, 34, Waterloo street

Morgan, John, grocer, Foxhole

Morgan, Mary, 130, High street

Morgan, Mary, grocer, 36, Waterloo street

Morgan, Mr., 19, Park street

Morgan, Mrs. W., lodging house keeper, Burrows gardens

Morgan, Mrs., lodging house keeper, 24, Dillwyn street

Morgan, Samuel, wine and spirit merchant, 2, Castle square

Morgan, Thomas, boot and shoemaker, 11, Orchard street

Morgan, William, agent, (Hafod Copper Works,) Mile End

Morgan, William, contractor, Graig street

Morgan, William, confectioner, 25, Waterloo street

Morice, Hartwell, shipbroker, 2, Somerset place

Morrice, John E., shipping agent for Swansea Coal Company, 4, Mount

Morris, Mr., master mariner, 37, Bellevue street

Morris, Elizabeth, _Corner House_, 45, Ebenezer street

Morris, Henry, agent, 8, Pleasant street

Morris, John, _Northumberland_, 10, Strand

Morris, John, boot and shoemaker, 30, College street

Morris, Joseph, _White Hart_, 12, Oxford street

Morris, Mrs., 36, Bellevue street

Morris, Peter, Esq., 23, Gower street

Morris, William, stamp office, stationer and printer, 228, High street

Morris, William, _Glamorgan Arms_, 10, Union street

Morrish, James, cooper, Calvert street

Moses, Emanuel F., watchmaker and jeweller, College street

Moses, I. M., pawnbroker, 7, High street

Moses, Moses, clothier, 106, Strand

Moulding, George, butcher, 240, High street and Castle street

Moyle, Mark, agent, 33, Bellevue street

Munro, G. A., (firm of Munro, Grant and Co.) 22, Northampton place

Munro, Grant and Co., timber merchants, Ferryside

Murray, Miss., 7, Picton place

Mutters, William, fishmonger, 1, Goat street

Myrick, Richard, engineer, Fuel Works, Ferryside

                                * * * * *

NANCARROW, George, agent at Middle Bank Rolling Mills, Bryn Tawe house,

Nancarrow, Henry Tregonnen, clerk, Bellevue street

Nash, Charles, _Prince of Wales_, 6, High street

Nash, Ellen, fruiterer, 3, Wind street

Neat, Jehu, painter, glazier, and paperhanger, 72, Oxford street

Neath Abbey Coal Company, Port Tennant, agent, Griffith R. Bonville,
Mount street

Nicholas, David, Cwm Donkin

Nicholas, Samuel, _Swansea Arms_, 191, High street

Nicholas, Thomas, tanner, 7, Gower street

Nicholls, J. H., _Cornish Home_ eating house, 8, Cross street

Nicholls, Miss, 6, Cambrian place

Nichols, James, shipping agent, 3, Beaufort place, Strand

Nicol, David, M.D., Russel place

Nicson, Elizabeth, 5, Wassail street

Nogle, Elizabeth, milliner, 3, Wassail street

Noon, Thomas, M.A., Ph.D., head master of Grammar School, Bryn Syfe,
Mount pleasant

Norman, Ann, grocer and tea dealer, 11, Wassail street

Northwood, Mr., master mariner, 35, Bellevue street

Norton, John, printer, 3, Western terrace

Nott, George, nurseryman, Cwm Donkin

Nott, William, chemist and druggist, 2, Wassail street

                                * * * * *

OAKEY, Mrs. M., 5, Nelson terrace

Oakshot, John, linen and woollen draper, 14, High street

Oborn, Alfred, _Vernon Arms_, 7, Caer street

Oborn, John, hairdresser, 7, Castle street

Oborn, Mrs. John, milliner, 7, Castle street

O’Conner, J., fruiterer, 60, Wind street

Odie, Robert, master mariner, 28, Cradock street

Oliver, Robert, master mariner, 3, Clarence terrace

Oliver, Thomas, master mariner, 3, Clarence terrace

Outerbridge, S. A., master mariner, 26, Singleton street

Owen, David, _Brewery Inn_, 68, Strand

Owen, George, grocer and tea dealer, 28, Singleton street

Owen, John, butcher, Dyvatty street

Owen, John, dealer in earthenware, 53, High street

Owen, Jonathan Thomas, watchmaker and jeweller, 4, College street

Owen, Mrs., grocer, 78, High street

Owen, Thomas, tanner and currier, 43, High street

Owen, William, clerk, Post-office, 49, Waterloo street

Ower, Elizabeth, lodging house keeper, 2, Camden place

Ower, George, mariner, 2, Camden place

                                * * * * *

PADDON, John, M.D., 9, Picton place

Padley, George, surgeon, 2, Northampton place

Padley, Sylvanus, clerk to Harbour Trustees, 1, Burrows place

Paine, Robert, agent to Messrs. Stoate, flour merchants, 5, Quay

Palmer, William, carver and gilder, 42, Wind street

Parker, Richard, _Powell’s Arms_, 178, High street

Parrott, James, baker, 1, Little Wind street

Parry, Miss, lodging house keeper, 16, Somerset place

Parry, Misses, 6, Cradock street

Parsons, James, travelling bookseller, 11, Gam street

Parsons, John, Esq., 13, Cambrian place

Patent Fuel Company, (Lyon’s), agent, William Jones, Port tennant

Patent Fuel Company, (Warlich’s), agent, Sydney Hall, New cut

Paton, Allen, draper, Oxford street

Pearn, Richard, _Horse and Jockey_, Jockey street

Pearse, Ebenezer, printer, bookseller, and stationer, Railway Guide
office, 15, Wind street

Pearse, Mrs. Elizabeth, Mansel street

Pearson, Charles J., chemist and druggist, 31, Wind street

Pengelly, Rev. Charles, Wesleyan minister, 9, Dynevor place

Penhorwood, Thomas, master mariner, 7, Albert place

Penrose and Starbuck, coal merchants, Port tennant

Penrose, John W., commercial traveller, 28, Union street

Penrose, William, chemist, (Landore Silver Works) 1, Grove place

Penry, Henry, Esq., 26, Oxford street

Perman, Robert, _Farmer’s Arms_, 8, Union street

Perrins, Thomas, _Druid’s Arms_, 19, Mariner street

Perrot, William, Williams’s terrace

Perrott, Walter, clerk, 38, Singleton street

Petrie, James, manager for Cobre Copper Company, 1, Brunswick place

Petherick, J. P., commercial traveller, 5, Albert place

Phillips, Elias, _Fuel Inn_, Ferryside

Phillips, Henry, ironmonger, 21, Castle street

Phillips, Jane, _Orange Tree_, 6, Orange street

Phillips, Robert, _Clarence Inn_, William street

Phillips, Thomas, grocer and tea dealer, 92, Oxford street

Phillips, William, glass and china warehouse, 196, High street

Phillips, William, grocer and tea dealer, 3, Castle square

Phillips, William, _Oddfellows’ Tavern_, Wellington street

Phillips, William, _Sailor’s Home_, 29, Orchard street

Phipps, Lieut. W., R.N., 2, Fisher street

Phipps, William John, master mariner, 2, Fisher street

Pickering, Mark, contractor, Heathfield house

Pilditch, Mrs., Dillwyn street

Pirie, J. and Co., Tyr Landwr

Piser, Isaac, Jewish reader, 2, Rutland place

Pockett, Henry, master mariner, 2, Quay

Pockett, James Wathen, agent for Bristol Steam Packet Company, 9,
Somerset place

Pockett, Walter, general carrier, 2, Quay

Pockett, William, master mariner, 2, Quay

Polety, John, _Gardener’s Arms_, 1, Garden street

Pollard, Benjamin, accountant, 18, Park street

Pond, W. G., _Heathfield Inn_, 84, Oxford street

Poole, Charles, dyer, 3, Little Wind street

Poole, Edwin, dyer, 9, Wassail street

Pooley, James, manager of Morfa Works, 7, Melbourne place

Popham, John, lodging house keeper, 9, Orange street

Potter, John, currier, 13 and 14, Orange street

Powe, John, confectioner, 1, Orange street

Powell, David, grocer and tea dealer, 187, High street

Powell, James, _King William IV_, 15, Wassail street

Powell, Mrs., Town hill

Powell, William, grocer and tea dealer, Mansell street

Prater, Thomas, builder, York street

Preece, Joseph, basket maker, 16, Cross street

Price, Charles J., confectioner, 6, College street

Price, Francis, estate agent to the Duke of Beaufort, Rhyddings

Price, Herbert Aubrey, printer, Angel street

Price, John, barrister-at-law, 9, Goat street

Price, John, butcher, 17, Cross street

Price, John, _Ship Inn_, Foxhole

Price, Miss, milliner, 4, Garden street

Price, Morgan Rees, wine and spirit merchant, 22, College street

Price, Mrs. J. Jackson, 9, Goat street

Price, Rees, _Fishmonger’s Arms_, 15, Park street

Price, Thomas, accountant, 42, Garden street

Prichard, George, furniture broker, 3, St. Mary street

Probett, John, _King’s Arms_, 26, High street

Protheroe, Thomas, tailor, 31, Goat street

Prust, Richard, master mariner, 14, Mariner street

Pugh, Edmond J., practical chemist, Brunswick street

Pyle, Mary, 36, High street

                                * * * * *

RANDALL, Frances, _Lower Lamb_, 111, High street

Randall, Mrs. S., _Duke of Wellington_, 19, St. Mary street

Randel, J., boot and shoe maker, High street

Randles, Thomas, boot and shoemaker, 8, College street

Randolph, R., french polisher and bill poster, Fisher street

Rayner and Gibbs, ironmongers, Castle street

Rayner, Frederick, (firm of Rayner and Gibbs) Castle street

Rayner, William, builder and surveyor, 17, Bellevue street

Rayner, William R., clock and watch maker, jeweller, &c., Castle street

Reed, J. F., cork cutter, &c., 88, Oxford street

Reed, Thomas, master mariner, 1, Clifton street

Rees, D., Esq., 6, Picton place

Rees, David Hill, corn and flour merchant, 27, High street

Rees, Henry, _Rose_, 10, Pleasant street

Rees, Isaac D., solicitor and clerk to the County Court, 1, Worcester

Rees, Jacob, estate agent, 7, Heathfield street

Rees, James, grocer, tea dealer, &c., 131, High street

Rees, James, _Ship_, 4, Cambrian Foundry place

Rees, John, master mariner, 8, Somerset place

Rees, John, Gower street

Rees, John, _Recruiting Officer_, 24, High street

Rees, John, grocer and tea dealer, Clarence street

Rees, John, builder, 2, Rayner place

Rees, John, master mariner, 19, Bellevue street

Rees, John, builder, Kilvey

Rees, Llewellyn, _St. Ives Arms_, 15, Caer street

Rees, Matthew, _Devonport Arms_, 13, Orchard street

Rees, Catherine, grocer and tea dealer, 22, Gower street

Rees, Mrs. Lettice, 35, Goat street

Rees, Rachel, _Mason’s Arms_, Tyr Landwr

Rees, Samuel, master mariner, 6, Bellevue street

Rees, Thomas, ale and porter stores, 13, Waterloo street

Rees, Thomas, builder, Kilvey

Rees, William, master tailor, 33, Park street

Rees, William, _Horse and Groom_, 21, College street

Rees, William, _Mile End Inn_, Port tennant

Rendell, John, hairdresser, &c., 13, St. Mary street

Renoden, Thomas, _Swansea Castle_, 25, Dillwyn street

Resolven Coal Company, Port tennant

Richards, David, grocer and tea dealer, Prince street

Richards, Elizabeth, _King William_, 150, High street

Richards, Evan M., agent, (Landore Silver Works) 20, Northampton place

Richards, George, grocer and tea dealer, 102, High street

Richards, George, _Old Willow Tree_, 108, High street

Richards, Joseph, builder and surveyor, 32, Cradock street

Richards, Miss, 2, Mount street

Richards, Philip, Cocket farm

Richards, Richard, builder, &c., 21, Bellevue street

Richards, Richard, jun., builder, &c., 21, Bellevue street

Richards, Samuel, hairdresser, 237, High street

Richards, Stephen, carpenter and joiner, 8, Park street

Richards, William, architect, &c., 8, Grove place

Richards, William, linen and woollen draper, &c., 30, Castle street

Richards, William, master mariner, 211, High street

Richards, William, grocer and tea dealer, 151, High street

Richardson, Jeremiah Clarke, ship builder, (firm of Richardson Brothers),
1, Russel place

Richardson, James Coxon, ship owner, (firm of Leach, Richardson and Co.)
2, Fynone terrace

Richardson, John, merchant and ship owner, 4, Cambrian place

Richardson, John Crowe, ship owner, (firm of Leach, Richardson, and Co.)
Uplands villa

Richardson, Joseph, ship owner, Mount pleasant

Richmond, Thomas W., linen and woollen draper, &c., 7, Castle square

Rickard, William H., manufacturer (Vale Pleasant Pottery), Dyvatty street

Ridd, John, baker and flour dealer, 142, High street

Ridd, William, grocer and tea dealer, 18, Strand

Ridler, George, cork cutter, 26, Calvert street

Ritchie, F., manager (Branch Bank of England), Temple street

Ritchings, Stephen, pork butcher, 3, Caer street

Roach, William Neath, master mariner, 4, Albert place

Roberts, Rev. B., 18, Cradock street

Roberts, Daniel, shoemaker, 2, Cradock street

Roberts, Edward, grocer, 75, Oxford street

Roberts, Francis, grocer and tea dealer, Mysydd street

Roberts, John, grocer, branch Post Office, 171, High street

Roberts, John, accountant, Prince street

Roberts, John Harris, auctioneer, cabinet maker, &c., 13, Wind street

Roberts, Joseph, commercial traveller, 5, Brunswick street

Roberts, Josiah, _Cuba Hotel_, Ferryside

Roberts, William, grocer and tea dealer, 28, Union street

Roberts, William, grocer, branch Post Office, 21, Orange street

Roberts, William Harris, auctioneer, grocer, 20, Singleton street

Robertson, John, draper, &c., 40, Bellevue street

Robinson, David, attorney’s clerk, Victoria place, Church street

Robinson, David, jun., accountant, &c., 5, Bellevue street

Robinson, George, block and pump maker, 103, Strand

Robinson, Thomas, ship builder, 12, St. David’s place, and Ferryside

Roderick, David, _Red Cow_, 200, High street

Roderick, David, _Collier’s Arms_, 44, Waterloo street

Roderick, William, boot and shoemaker, 67, High street

Roe, Edward, saddler and harness maker, 90, Oxford street

Roe, Edward G., _Ship_, Quay parade

Roe, Thomas, eating house keeper, 60, High street

Rogers, Philip and Son, Marble Works, World’s End

Rogers, Philip, (firm of Rogers and Son) Coleridge house

Rogers, Philip, jun., marble works, 244, High street

Rogers, William, smith, 14, Dynevor place and Waterloo street

Rolls and Hoare, brewers, Singleton street

Rook, H. J., _Duke of Marlborough_, 22, Madoc street

Rose, William, deputy harbour master, 3, Pier street

Rosewall, Miss, ladies’ seminary, 38, Bellevue street

Rosser, David, boot and shoemaker, 32, High street

Rosser, David, boot and shoemaker, 1, Castle street

Rosser, Griffith, master mariner, 4, Rutland place

Rosser, James, coach builder, 47, Wind street

Rosser, John, master mariner, 2, Pier street

Rosser, John, ship owner, Ferryside

Rosser, John, master mariner, 1, Camden place

Rosser, Joseph, printer and stationer, 214, High street

Rosser, T., lodging house keeper, 15, Heathfield street

Rosser, William, light-house keeper, 1, Pier street

Rosser, William and E., boot and shoemakers, 35, Strand

Roteley, Major Lewis, May hill

Row, George, provision merchant, Wind street, and _Port Tennant Inn_,
Port Tennant

Rowland, William, surgeon, 7, Prospect place

Russell, Mrs. M. A., 19, Northampton place

Russell, Robert, eating house keeper, 48, Wind street

Rutter, Joseph, ship chandler, &c., 51, Strand

Ruxton, John, merchant, 13, Camden place

Ryan, William, nail manufacturer, 19, Calvert street

                                * * * * *

SAINSBURY, William, _Britannia_, 30, Powell street

Salveson, Theodore, teacher of navigation, 2, Heathfield street

Samson, Mrs., Ferryside

Samuel, Thomas, _Mermaid_, Port tennant

Sanders, Mrs. G., 15, Clifton street

Saph, James, _Boar’s Head_, 20, Gower street

Saul, J. E., Scripture reader, 35, Singleton street

Savours, William, _Swansea Arms_, 86, Oxford street

Sayer, W. K., _Bush Hotel_, 233, High street

Scantlebury, Thomas, ironmonger, 4, Castle square

Schenk, A. J., railway inspector, 1, Herbert place

Scott, F. S., dentist, 3, Dynevor place

Scott, John, _Packet Hotel_, 130, Strand

Scourfield, James, draper, 82, Oxford street

Seline, Moses, jeweller, 10, Park street

Serle, Martha, _King’s Head_, 9, High street

Shaddock, William, master mariner, 33, Singleton street

Shaw, William, town crier, Frog street

Shaw, Hamilton William, master mariner, 64, Oxford street

Shepherd, Richard, ironmonger, 24, Castle street

Sheppardson, George, merchant, 2, Albert place

Short, Rev. Charles, M.A., (Mount pleasant Chapel), 4, Grove place

Sibbering, Mrs., 7, Wassail street

Siddaway, Sargent, nail maker, 16, Orange street

Simon, Simon, shoemaker, 3, Waterloo street

Simpson, Joseph, merchant, 5, Melbourne place

Sims, William, agent, 5, Grove place

Sims, William, _Fox_, Foxhole

Skews, Thomas, baker, grocer and tea dealer, 79, Oxford street

Slocombe, John, agent, (James and Aubrey), Mount street

Smart, John Naish, solicitor, 10, Quay parade

Smith and Evans, _Royal George Tavern_, 53, Strand

Smith, Elizabeth, ladies’ seminary, 8, Rutland street

Smith, Misses, pestalozzian establishment, 7, Rutland street

Smith, Paul, master mariner, 14, Dillwyn street

Smith, William Henry, barrister-at-law, brick and tile maker, Burrows

Smyth, Edward, linen and woollen draper, 11, Castle square

Soulby, Mrs., lodging house keeper, The Cottage, Cambrian place

Spencer, John, Mail coach proprietor, _Nag’s Head_, 23, Goat street

Spooner, Mrs., grocer and tea dealer, Williams street

Spring, W. H., South Wales Railway guard, 59, Wind street

Squance, Charles, _Britannia_, 15, Back street

Squance, Robert, malster, 32, Oxford street

Squire, Rev. E. B., Vicar, Rectory house

Squire, John, master mariner, 3, Jeffrey’s place

Stacey, John, _General Picton_, 9, King street

Steele, Alexander, _Scotch Hero_, 28, Wind street

Stephens, Edmond, boot and shoemaker, 7, College street

Stephens, James, merchant, 11, Union street

Stephens, Mrs. D. R., lodging house keeper, Fynone terrace

Stephens, Mrs., lodging house keeper, 22, Dillwyn street

Stephens, Samuel, grocer and tea dealer, 178, High street

Stephens, Samuel, upholsterer, 9, Park street

Stevens, David, cab proprietor, Clarence street and Fisher street

Stevens, Edward, plumber and brazier, 2, Worcester place

Stevens, George, boot and shoemaker, College street

Stevens, John Sargent, tailor, 21, Wind street

Stockdale, Miss M. J., 2, Fynone terrace

Strawbridge, George, freestone mason, 30, Park street

Strick, Edward, solicitor, clerk to Local Board of Health, 10, Brunswick
place, office, Fisher street

Strick, George B., merchant, 11, Cambrian place

Strick, James, merchant, agent for Lloyds, 4, Gloucester place

Strick, John Joce, merchant, office, 75, Strand

Strick, Thomas, merchant, 3, Gloucester place

Stroud, Captain, R.N., Mount pleasant

Stroud, George Turton, accountant and auctioneer, 6, Heathfield street

Stroud, William, manager of Glamorgan Bank, 235, High street

Struve, William P., C.E., engineer and mineral surveyor, 23, Northampton

Sutterby, Thomas, _Worcester Arms_, 2, Little Wind street

Sutton, Abraham, general outfitter, 17, College street

Swords, James, draper, 2, Melbourne place

                                * * * * *

TALBOT, John, butcher, &c., 28, College street

Tate, Henry, inspector of police, Picton cottage

Taylor, Henry E., plumber, &c., 21, High street

Tennant, Mr. Ann, Pantygwyder

Terry, Mrs. E., _Crown and Anchor_, 115, Strand

Thomas, Daniel, smith, Squire’s place, Strand

Thomas, David, hairdresser, 73, High street

Thomas, David, grocer and tea dealer, 155, High street

Thomas, David, _Gower Arms_, 71, Oxford street

Thomas, David, poor rate collector, 17, Heathfield street

Thomas, Mrs. E., confectioner, 26, Waterloo street

Thomas, Mrs. Edward, 10, Cambrian place

Thomas, Ebenezer, (firm of Lewis and Thomas), Ferryside

Thomas, Ellen, cooper, 107, Strand

Thomas, Ezekiel, grocer and builder, Ferryside

Thomas, George, plasterer, 17, Clifton street

Thomas, James, master mariner, Edward street

Thomas, James, master mariner, 2, Clifton street

Thomas, Mrs. Jane, grocer and tea dealer, St. Mary’s gate

Thomas, James, _Ship-a-Ground_, 2, Dragon lane

Thomas, John, grocer and tea dealer, 162, High street

Thomas, John, _Dolphin_, 33, Ebenezer street

Thomas, John, tailor, 29, Goat street

Thomas, John, cattle dealer, 53, Oxford street

Thomas, John, builder, 29, Pleasant street

Thomas, John, _Joiners’ Arms_, Foxhole

Thomas, Lewis, solicitor to the Harbour Trust, 9, Fisher street

Thomas, Lewis, grocer and tea dealer, Bethesda street

Thomas, Mary, ale and spirit dealer, 62, High street

Thomas, Mary, lodging house keeper, 15, Somerset place

Thomas, Mary, ladies’ seminary, 5, Rutland street

Thomas, Mary, _Red House_, Tyr Landwr

Thomas, Mayzod, carpet warehouse, 6, Wind street

Thomas, Miss, dressmaker, 14, Oxford street

Thomas, Morgan, _Queen’s Arms_, 11, Dillwyn street

Thomas, Morgan, _Globe Inn_, 76, Oxford street

Thomas, Mrs., grocer, 16, College street

Thomas, Mrs., 5, Dynevor place

Thomas, Mrs. M., lodging house keeper, 28, Bellevue street

Thomas, Philip, pilot, York street

Thomas, Rees, _Weaver’s Arms_, 45, Waterloo street

Thomas, Richard, carpenter, 65, High street

Thomas, Richard, _Dock Inn_, 10, Camden street

Thomas, Robert, foreman at Fuel Works, Kilvey

Thomas, Roger, ballast man, Dan-y-Graig

Thomas, Stephen, rope and twine maker, 3, Quay

Thomas, Rev. T., 18, Northampton place

Thomas, Thomas Edward, Esq., Glanmor

Thomas, Thomas R., hairdresser, 212, High street

Thomas, W. H., baker, 25, Rutland street

Thomas, William, grocer and tea dealer, 25, Garden street

Thomas, William, _Mackworth Arms Hotel_, 10, Wind street

Thomas, William, _Butcher’s Arms_, 11, Caer street

Thomas, William, pilot, Edward street

Thomas, William, Alkali manufacturer, 7, Northampton place

Thomas, William, tailor, 14, Orchard street

Thomas, William, farmer, Ferryside

Thompson, John, clerk at Bank of England, 6, Brunswick street

Thompson, Richard, merchant, 5, Dynevor place

Thorne, Henry, agent for Stogumber Medicinal Ale, 14, Goat street

Tittle, John W., boot and shoemaker, 2, St. Mary street

Tittle, Philip, boot and shoemaker, 8, Quay parade

Toms, John Geen, ship owner, _Cross Keys_, St. Mary’s street

Townsend, Robert, broker, 197, High street

Townsend, Robert, bookbinder, 29, Oxford street

Townsend, W. H., master mariner, 12, Clifton street

Tracey, George, _Cameron Arms Hotel_, 239, High street

Tregaskis, Mrs. Henry, 11, Heathfield street

Tregaskis, Richard, biscuit baker, 112 and 113, Strand and Town hill

Tregaskis, William A., biscuit baker, 11, Clifton street

Trenor, Mrs., _Star_, 6, Cross street

Trestrail, Warren, agent, Cobre Company, Tyr Landwr

Trevena, James, smith, 10, Gam street

Trick, Mrs. Mary, 39, Mariner street

Triggs, William, master mariner, 7, Bellevue street

Tripp, John Rolley, solicitor, 1, Somerset place

Trueman, Alfred, manager of Spitty Copper Works, Bryn-y-Mor

Truscott, James, lodging housekeeper, 14, Adelaide street

Tucker and Goodall, linen and woollen drapers, 23, Castle street

Tucker, David, haullier, 41, Garden street

Tucker, William H., (firm of Tucker and Goodall), 9, Northampton place

Tunnicliffe, Joseph, Richard’s place

Turner, J. W., Custom House officer, 6, Nelson street

Turner, John, engineer, 39, Park street

Turpin, William, grocer and tea dealer, 9, Cross street

Turtle, George, newsvendor, 64, High street

Tyte, Cornelius, clock and watchmaker, jeweller, &c., 16, Wind street

                                * * * * *

VAUGHAN, William, cabinet maker and publican, 57, High street

Vaughan, William, butcher, 15, Park street

Vaughan, George, butcher, Tontine street

Vidall, Mrs., 15, Northampton place

Vivian, John Henry, Esq., M.P., Singleton Abbey

Vivian, Henry Hussey, Esq., M.P., Singleton Abbey

                                * * * * *

WALKER, Henry, wine and spirit merchant, 203, High street

Walker, Mrs., Swansea eating house, 20, Fisher street

Walker, John, pilot, 2, Island street, Camden place

Walters, Ann, dressmaker, 17, Calvert street

Walters, Arthur, agent, Ynismudw Pottery, 9, Clarence terrace

Walters, David, merchant, 62, Wind street

Walters, David, grocer and tea dealer, 6, St. Mary street

Walters, George, tailor, &c., 10, College street

Walters, Griffith, chandler, &c., 2, Caer street

Walters, Griffith, _Six Bells_, Union street

Walters, James, (firm of Walters and Son) 64 and 65, Wind street

Walters, John, clerk, (St. Mary’s Church), 4, Calvert street

Walters, Mary, _Cambrian Hotel_, 19, Somerset place

Walters, Mrs. Edith, 1, Trinity place

Walters, Mrs. W., 2, Grove place

Walters, Philip, Esq., Tyn-y-Graig, Cwm Donkin

Walters, Thomas, (firm of Walters and Son) 3, Picton place

Walters, Thomas, jun., commission agent, 4, Trinity place

Walters and Son, merchants, 64 and 65, Wind street

Walford, Miss, Kilvey

Ward, James, coach and carriage builder, 234, High street

Ward, Joseph, tailor, &c., 52, Wind street

Ward, Samuel, furniture broker, 8, Castle square

Waring, Richard, 23, Union street

Warren, Mrs., 18, Dillwyn street

Watkins, Frederick, master mariner, 12, Cradock street

Watkins, John, grocer and tea dealer, 85, Oxford street

Watkins, John, Ferryside

Watkins, Thomas, butcher, 29, Matthew street

Watkins, Thomas, undertaker, &c., 10, Caer street

Watkins, T., accountant, (Glamorganshire Bank), 39, Bellevue street

Watson, Thomas, master mariner, Williams terrace

Watts, George, builder, Edward street

Watts, Henry, flour merchant, 7, Western terrace

Weaver, John, superintendent of Goods Department, South Wales Railway, 4,
Fynone terrace

Webb, William, _Rock and Fountain_, Mysydd street

Webborn, John, mariner, 39, Orchard street

Wechio, Mrs., _Malsters’ Arms_, 67, Oxford street

Weedon, George, veterinary surgeon, 11, Park street

Weir, Thomas Kynaston, agent, Port Tennant Copper Works, 1, Grove place

West and Covington, general outfitters, 4, High street

Western, Mrs. Joanna, 5, Western terrace

Wheatcroft, Thomas, butcher, 9, Wind street

Wheeler, J. D. and Co., wine and spirit merchants, 7, Fisher street

Whitby, Rev. J., (Lady Huntingdon’s Chapel), 10, Grove place

White, Thomas, brewer, 1, Rutland place

White, Thomas, confectioner, 56, High street

White, William, nurseryman and seedsman, Fynone gardens

Whitehead, Henry, agent, 13, Clarence terrace

Whiteside, Peter, master mariner, Ferryside

Whitmore, William, _Plymouth Arms_, 24, Oxford street

Wilkins, David, grocer, 1, South Prospect place

Wilkins, John, agent, Patent Fuel Company, Bay view, Kilvey

Wilkins, John, master mariner, 11, Nelson street

Wilkinson, Mrs. M., 10, Picton place

Wilks, Benjamin, rate collector, Kilvey

Wilks, Lucy, grocer and tea dealer, 13, College street

Willett, John, contractor and brickmaker, 3, Brunswick street

Williams, Benjamin, copper turner, Ferryside

Williams, Charles, cow keeper, Town hill

Williams, Daniel, ropemaker, 43, Waterloo street

Williams, David, _Rope Maker’s Arms_, 9, Emma street

Williams, David, foreman at Port Tennant Copper Works, Ferryside

Williams, David, livery stables, Wind street and Rutland street, 3,
Salubrious place

Williams, David, shipping agent, 1, Beaufort place

Williams, David, _Mansells Arms_, 18, Oxford street

Williams, Edward, lodging house keeper, 29, Rutland street

Williams, Esther, furniture broker, 7, St. Mary street

Williams, Evan, grocer and tea dealer, 43, Castle street

Williams, George, master mariner, 1, Melbourne place

Williams, Henry, 3, Herbert place

Williams, James, _Hope and Anchor_, 15, Fisher street

Williams, James, butler, 8, Cradock street

Williams, John R., shipbroker and commission agent, Mount pleasant,
office, Mount street

Williams, John, copper and silver ore agent, 48, Waterloo street

Williams, John, plumber and brazier, 24, Orange street

Williams, John, bookseller, stationer and printer, Cambrian office, 58,
Wind street

Williams, John, grocer and tea dealer, 25, Ebenezer street

Williams, John, grocer and tea dealer, 10, Dyvatty street

Williams, John, cabinet maker, 2, Portland street

Williams, Mary, _Sawyer’s Arms_, James street

Williams, Miss, ladies’ seminary, 7, Nelson terrace

Williams, Michael M., agent for Morfa Copper Works, Mont-alto villas

Williams, Morgan, engineer, 31, Cradock street

Williams, Mrs., grocer and tea dealer, 13, College street

Williams, Owen Gething, surgeon, 32, Fisher street

Williams, Philip, builder, 24, Waterloo street

Williams, Rees, _Patriot_, 3, Cambrian Foundry place

Williams, Rees, butcher, 39, High street

Williams, Rees, accountant, 35, Swan street

Williams, Rev. E. G., curate, (St. Mary’s Church), 16, Cradock street

Williams, Rev. William, minister, (Bethany Chapel), 15, Dillwyn street

Williams, R. W. T., Esq., 2, Picton place

Williams, Samuel, tide surveyor, 29, Cradock street

Williams, Thomas, grocer and tea dealer, 126, Strand

Williams, Thomas, Esq., 5, Brunswick place

Williams, Thomas, M.D., 45, Wind street

Williams, William, surveyor, 62, Oxford street

Williams, William, land and mineral surveyor, 5, Kynaston place

Williams, William, _Old Swan_, 15, Dynevor place

Williams, William, tailor and draper, 20, College street

Williams, W. P., harpist, 11, Nelson street

Williams, W. A., superannuated officer of excise, Kynaston place

Wilson, Charles T., chemist and druggist, 66, Wind street and Brunswick

Wilson, Mary, dressmaker, 18, Goat street

Wilson, Robert, manager of Patent Slip, Ferryside

Winchcombe, Henry P., shipbroker, 6, Somerset place

Wing, Mrs., wine and spirit vaults, 8, Goat street

Wonnacott, Ann, publican, 139, High street

Wood, Gifford, master mariner, 27, Singleton street

Wood, John, haulier, 54, Strand

Wood, Townsend and Co., iron merchants, Bath lane

Woodman, Charles, painter, 2, Herbert place

Woodrose, John, hairdresser, 32, Waterloo street

Woollacott, Robert, iron founder, 49, Strand

Woollard, Frederick, _Jolly Butcher_, 58, Back street

Worth, Richard, Esq., Rutland place

Wynne, John, agent, Kilvey

                                * * * * *

YATES, J., _Hare_, 64, Back street

Yeates, Robert, tailor, 24, College street and 60, Oxford street

Ynismudw Pottery Company, Strand, agent, Arthur Walters

Young, H. G., saddler and harness maker, 55, Wind street



Badcock, Christopher, _Dolphin Inn_, Llanrhydian

Badcock, Christopher, miller, Llanrhydian

Ball, Thomas, farmer, Kilvrough

Bevan, George, farmer, Oxwich Castle

Bevan, Richard, farmer and master mariner, Slade

Bevan, Rowland, farmer, Horton

Bevan, Silvanus, farmer, Llanmadock

Bevan, Silvanus, farmer, Overton

Bevan, Thomas, farmer, Scurlage Castle

Bevan, William, farmer, Oxwich Green

Bevan, Philip, farmer, Lunnon

Bevan, William, master mariner, Porteynon

Beynon, David, malster, Overton

Beynon, George, farmer, Pitton

Beynon, George, farmer, Burrows Green

Beynon, Mrs. John, _King’s Head_, Penrice

Beynon, William, _Ship Inn_, Middleton

Bidder, George, Oxwich Green

Chalk, William, _Hope and Anchor_, Porteynon

Clark, James, farmer, Hewllys

Clark, John, farmer, Llandewe

Collins, Rev. John, Oxwich

Courtis, Henry, grocer, Porteynon

Courtis, John, farmer, Pavilon

Courtis, William, farmer, Lunnon

Davies, Rev. J., Reynoldston

Davies, Thomas, _Malster’s Arms_, Reynoldston

Davies, Thomas, _New Inn_, Park Mill

Dunkin, Robert, manager of Penclawdd Colliery, Penclawdd, and agent for

Fisk, Mrs., _Gower Inn_, Park Mill

Ford, Rev. William, (Independent), Pelton Green

Gibbs, Thomas, _Bull Inn_, Oxwich

Gordon, John, registrar, Bury

Gordon, John, farmer, Llanrhydian

Gordon, Thomas, Esq., Llany Buch

Gower, George, farmer, Cilibion

Griffith, Rev. William, (Calvinistic Methodist), Burrows Green

Habbott, Mrs., shopkeeper, Bishopston

Hancorn, Mrs., farmer, Bishopston

Holland, Mr., farmer, Cwm Ivy

Hughes, William, _Rising Sun_, Reynoldston

Hutton, Rev. D., M.A., Ilston

James, Rev. E., Penmaen Rectory

Jenkins, Morgan, farmer, Pengwern

Jenkins, John, farmer, Llanmadock

Jenkins, Richard, Mansell Fold

John, Mrs., farmer, Lunnon

Jones, John, farmer, Willoxton

Jones, John, grocer and general dealer, Park Mill

Jones, Rev. David, Bishopston

Jones, William, farmer, Windmill Farm

Jones, William, boot and shoemaker, Reynoldston

Justice, Thomas, surgeon, Reynoldston

Lloyd, Rev. John, Rhossilly

Lucas, Col. John, Reynoldston

Michael, John Michael, Esq., Penmaen Castle

Morgan, T. E., grocer, Post Office, Park Mill

Morris, John, farmer, Nott Hills, Penmaen

Pearse, Rev. E., Llanmadock

Penrice, Thomas, Esq., Kilvrough

Penry, Mr., farmer, Lithryd

Phillips, Rev. Samuel, Fairy Hill

Rees, John, shopkeeper, Reynoldston

Sheppard, Richard, farmer, Psysouth

Stephenson, Mr., farmer, Penrice Castle

Stoate, Isaac, _Sea Fencible_, Porteynon

Thomas, Frances, _Welcome to Town_, Llanrhydian

Thomas, Mrs. R., _Cefn Bryn Inn_, Hill-end

Thomas, Robert, farmer, Rossilly

Tucker, George, farmer, Horton

Tucker, William, farmer, Slade

Tucker, William, deputy registrar, Bury

Turner, Mrs., grocer and tea dealer, Llanmadock

Walker, John, farmer, Park-la-Bruce

Watkins, Mr., Merton Cottage

Williams, John, farmer, Lunnon

Williams, David, farmer, Long Oaks

Williams, Rev. C. P. N., Llandewi Rectory

Williams, Rev. Mr., Penclawdd

Williams, Rev. Mr., Llanrhydian

Wood, Edward R., Esq., Stouthall

Worsley, Mr., Long-ash, Bishopston


Berrington, J. E., Esq., Woodland castle

Dicks, Charles, farmer

Evans, Catherine, lodging house

Evans, Jane

Garrish, W., grocer

Grove, Miss, Mayles Green

Hancorn, Robert, surgeon

Harris, David, fisherman

Jennings, James and Son, chemical works

Johns, John, _Woodman Inn_

May, Samuel, whitesmith

Tippings, Francis, farmer

Troughton, Miss Ann

William, John, beer retailer

Williams, John


Daniel, Elizabeth, beer retailer

Daniel, Evan, beer retailer

Davies, Rees, carpenter and joiner

Dillwyn and Co., Silver Works, agent, Evan M. Richards, Northampton
place, Swansea

Evans, John, _Red Lion Inn_

Evans, Sarah, _Landore Inn_

James, Daniel, grocer and sundry dealer

Jones, David, beer retailer

Monger, Ann, _George and Dragon_

Pennock, William, master mariner

Powell, Thomas, grocer and general dealer

Rees, Philip, beer retailer

Richards, Charles, _Hafod Inn_

Richards, James, grocer and general dealer

Thomas, Wm., Alkali Works

Williams, John, beer retailer


Bodycombe, Bedlington, builder

Hallam, W. and Co., Upper Forest Tin Works

Jeremy, Thomas, butcher

Jeremy, William, beer retailer

Jones, Mrs. L., grocer and tea dealer

Morgan, Rev. Rice, vicar


Bohen, Thomas, chemical works

Cook, John, surgeon

Daniel, Edward, agent for Swansea Coal Company

David, John, farmer

David, Thomas, grocer and sundry dealer

David, William, post office and _Union Inn_

Davies, David, grocer and sundry dealer

Davies, Evan, _White Hart Inn_

Davies, Diana, grocer and sundry dealer

Davies, James, farmer

Davies, Margaret, grocer and general dealer

Davies, Timothy, _Cross Inn_

Davies, William, saddle and harness maker

Davies, Zephaniah, _Fountain Inn_

Edwards, John, _Bush Inn_

Evans, Rev. David, vicar

Evans, David, beer retailer

Evans, Thomas, _Duke’s Arms_

Evans, Thomas, grocer and general dealer

Francis, Evan, beer retailer

Francis, Philip, _Mason’s Arms_

Glassbrook, William, malster

Good, Francis, farrier

Hambling, John, beer retailer

Harry, Ann, _King’s Head Inn_

Harry, David, beer retailer

Harry, John, _Talbot Arms_

Harry, Thomas, shoemaker

Harry, Thomas, grocer and general dealer

Hawes, William, beer retailer

Hosea, William, beer retailer

Hughes, Richard, malster

Hughes, Richard, tallow chandler

James, David, beer retailer

James, William, _Rose and Crown_

James, William, _Welcome to Town_

Jenkins, Jenkin, _Lamb and Flag_

Jenkins, John, farmer

Jenkins, Richard, farmer

Jeremiah, William, blacksmith

Jeremiah, William, _Castle Inn_

Johns, Joseph, farmer

Johns, William, _Trewydda Inn_

Jones, David, grocer and general dealer

Jones, Hopkin, farmer

Jones, Mary, farmer

Jones, Thomas, grocer and general dealer

Jones, William, beer retailer

Lewis, John David, grocer

Lewis, John, beer retailer

Matthews, Lot, beer retailer

Morgan, Charles, _Swan Inn_

Morgan, David, beer retailer

Morgan, James, farmer

Morgan, Philip, grocer and general dealer

Morris, Thomas, carpenter and joiner

Owen, Thomas, grocer and general dealer

Rees, Edward, beer retailer

Rees, Hannah, beer retailer

Rees, John, beer retailer

Rees, John, tailor

Rees, John, wheelwright

Richards, John, beer retailer

Richards, Thomas, blacksmith

Richards, Thomas, steam engine and boiler maker

Saunders, Morris, grocer and general dealer

Thomas, John, blacksmith

Thomas, John, grocer and general dealer

Thomas, Thomas, tailor

Thomas, William, grocer and general dealer

Tizer, Leonard, _Welcome to Town_

Williams, David, jun., tailor

Williams, Hannah, beer retailer

Williams, John, beer retailer

Williams, Joseph, _Crown Inn_


Bowen, William, miller

Davies, David, farmer

Glassbrook, Thomas, farmer

Jones, John, farmer

Jones, Philip, farmer

Lloydd, William, farmer

Rees, William, farmer


Jones, David, farmer

Roberts, William, farmer

Smith, Thomas, farmer

Williams, Philip, farmer


Davies, Thomas, farmer

Martin, William, farmer

Williams, Griffith, miller


Bennett, James, schoolmaster

Bennett, John, farmer

Bennett, Thomas, farmer

Bidder, James, farmer

Bidder, John, farmer

Button, John, farmer

Cook, Samuel, farmer

Davies, John, _Ship and Castle_

Griffiths, Owen, farmer

Howell, Henry, farmer

Low, S. and E., innkeepers

Nicholl, John, farmer

Owen, John, farmer

Owen, William, farmer

Owen, William, farmer and poor rate collector

Phipps, John, farmer


Bennett, David, farmer

Beynon, John, farmer

Burral, Mary, lodging house

Clark, William, Esq.

Edwards, John, farmer

Edwards, Margaret, grocer and tea dealer

Evans, John, grocer and general dealer

Gammon, Isaac, farmer

Green, David

Hall, Sydney, Esq.

John, David, woodman

Jordan, William, lime burner and quarryman

Moggridge, M., Esq.

Parry, Richard, farmer

Price, John, woodman

Stringer, David, grocer

Thomas, John, _Cross Inn_


Ace, Samuel, _Pilot Inn_

Alldridge, Lieut. Thomas, R.N.

Allen, Charles

Bath, Henry James, merchant

Bennett, Roger M., schoolmaster

Bennett, William, _Beaufort Arms_

Beynon, Mrs. Mary

Beynon, William, farmer

Brick, John, _Red Lion_

Burt, John, ship chandler

Bush, Mrs. J. B., ladies’ seminary

Butler, Edward, boarding school Thistleboon house

Button, Richard, butcher

Carmichael, Misses

Carmichael, Mrs. S. N.

Clark, Mrs. John

Clement, Elizabeth, milliner and dressmaker

Clement, George, blacksmith

Clement, Mrs. Ann, lodging house

Clement, William, builder

Davies, John, boot and shoemaker

Davies, Rev. Samuel, incumbent, The Grange

Dennis, Capt. James, R.N.

Dive, Col. Hugh

Dury, Mrs., lodging house

Eaton, H. K., Esq.

Edmondson, J., surgeon

Evans, Mary Ann, grocer and general dealer

Evans, Richard, lodging house

Fraser, James, lodging house

Gallindet, Mary, lodging house

Gammon, Thomas, boot and shoe maker

Givelon, William, master mariner

Griffith, David, lodging house

Griffiths, John, coast guard

Griffiths, M. and E., lodging house

Griffiths, William, coast guard

Grumbley, Misses

Harris, David, fisherman

Harris, James, marine artist

Harris, J., lodging house, Marine house

Hart, Sarah, coffee house

Hewson, Mrs. The Elms

Hoskin, John, blacksmith

Howell, John, grocer and general dealer

Howell, Mary, grocer and general dealer

Hughes, David, mariner

Jenkins, Mary

Jenkins, Thomas, accountant

Jenkins, William, coast guard

Johnston, Miss, milliner and dress maker

Johnston, Mr., draper and fancy warehouse

Johnston, Mrs., lodging house

Jones, George, boot and shoe maker

Jones, Margaret, grocer and general dealer, Post-office

Knight, John, oyster dealer and lodging house

Lewis, J., professor of singing

Lloyd, David

Lloyd, Herbert, master mariner

Maslin, James, lodging house

Masters, William

Matthews, John, _Pilot Inn_

Michael, David E., lodging house

Morgan, David, blacksmith

Morgan, Francis, cordwainer

Morgan, John, _Talbot Arms_

Morgan, Llewellyn, ship chandler

Morgan, Miss lodging house

Morgans, Miss, dressmaker

Morgan, Mr., surgeon and chemist

Nicholls, Miss Ann

Orrin, James, master of British School

Phillips, George, _Ship and Castle_

Phillips, James, shoemaker

Porter, Mr., coast guard

Porter, Mrs., lodging house

Porter, Miss, milliner and dress maker

Presdee, William, baker and flour dealer

Presdee, Thomas, _Currant Tree_

Prickett, Jane, lodging house

Prickett, James and Son, carpenters and joiners

Price, J. E.

Pugh, David, _Ship-a-Ground_

Price, Francis, agent to the Duke of Beaufort

Rees, Hopkin, haulier

Rogers, John, grocer and general dealer

Shepherd, Charles, joiner

Steadman, Rev. Mr., Independent minister

Smith, W., Beaufort place

Stephens, J., _Mermaid Hotel_

Strick, John J., lime burner

Sullivan, James, coast guard

Taylor, Daniel, _Nag’s Head_

Thomas, Richard, beer retailer

Thomas, Stephen, lodging house

Thomas, William, gardener and lodging house

Townrow, T., _George Inn_

Venn, R., Esq.

Webber, David, master mariner

Wheatcroft, Mr., butcher

Williams, Evan, lodging house

Williams, John, lodging house

Williams, M., lodging house

Wollacott, John, farmer


Baron, Mr., Singleton

Beer and Shaw, nurserymen


Blundell, George, blacksmith

Brown, William, confectioner and baker

Davies, Ann, grocer and general dealer

Davies, James, miller, New Mill

Davies, Owen, grocer and general dealer

Dillwyn, Lewis Llewellyn, Parkwern

Dillwyn, Lewis Weston, Sketty Hall

Eden, Mrs.

Edwards, David, _Cross Inn_

Edwards, David, carpenter and joiner, The Bryn

Fowler, George

Hughes, Mrs., Lower Sketty

Jenkins, Charles Blewit, tailor

Jones, Miss Catherine, Rhyd-yr-Helig

Jones, John, blacksmith

Jones, Evan, _Bush Inn_

Leader, Mr., Singleton

London, Mrs., lodging house

Mollineaux, C. T., National schoolmaster

Morgan, Elizabeth, grocer and general dealer

Nicholson, Charles

Philip, James, grocer

Robarts, Charles, surgeon

Tenant, Mrs., Pant-y-gwydir

Thomas, Iltid, Hill House

Walters, David, shoemaker

Welby, Rev. M. E., incumbent

Webber, Mrs. Caroline, Rhyd-yr-Helig

Williams, William, _New Inn_

Wood, Townsend, Bloomfield


Alexander, David, box maker, Pontardawe

Andrew, Richard, stocktaker, Pontardawe Tin Works

Bevan, John, grocer and draper, Yniscedwyn

Beynon, David, publican and mason, Maendy Llanguick

Bowen, David, farmer, Plasnewydd, Pontardawe

Bowen, John, chemist and druggist, Gurnos

Bowen, John, grocer and tea dealer, Gurnos

Bowen, Walter, corn factor, Pontardawe

British Colliery Company, Abercrave

Budd, James Palmer, Ystalyfera Iron Works, Plasydarren, Ystalyfera

Clatworthy, Thomas, _Queen’s Arms_, Ystradgynlais

Clee, Daniel, grocer and tea dealer, Gurnos

Davies, David, grocer and joiner, Pontardawe

Davies, David, grocer and postmaster, Ystalyfera

Davies, Evan, _Ystalyfera Arms_, Ystalyfera

Davies, Evan, weaver, Pontardawe

Davies, Hopkin, farmer, Pengraig, Pontardawe

Davies, Richard, stone merchant, Pencal

Davies, Thomas, stonecutter, Ystradgynlais

Davies, William, tailor, Gurnos

Davies, William, tiler, Llechan, Pontardawe

Evans, Daniel, chemist and druggist, Ystradgynlais

Evans, Isaac, tailor, Ystalyfera

Evans, John, grocer and tea dealer, Ystalyfera

Evans, Owen, farmer, Llwyn-mudw, Pontardawe

Evans, Theodosius, grocer, _Cross Hands_, Alltwen, Pontardawe

Evans, Thomas L., master of Pontardawe Day School, Pontardawe

Evans, William, general merchant, Cwmtwrch

Fisher, Robert, agent, Ystalyfera

Gape, David, omnibus proprietor, _Bush Inn_, Ystalyfera

Gething, Margaret, _Swan Inn_, Gurnos

Gibbs, David, farmer, Kilhendre fawr

Gibbs, David, farmer, Kilhendre fach

Gibbs, Rees, farmer, Alltwen ganol, Allteven, Pontardawe

Gibbs, William, farmer, Kilhendre ganol

Gough, Richard Doughlas, Esq., Yniscedwyn

Griffiths, David, coal merchant, _Ship Inn_, Ystradgynlais

Griffiths, David, canal superintendent, Trebanos Cottage, Pontardawe

Griffiths, Griffith, farmer and publican, Ynismudw achaf, Pontardawe

Griffiths, John, tin-plate worker, Ystradgynlais

Griffiths, Rev. W., (Independent), Ystalyfera

Griffiths, Rev. Philip, (Independent), Alltwen, Pontardawe

Griffiths, Thomas, accountant, Pallig Railway office, Cwmtwrch

Griffiths, Thomas, grocer and tea dealer, Ystalyfera

Griffiths, William, clerk, Pontardawe Tin Works, Pontardawe

Griffiths, William, tailor and draper, Maes Iago, Pontardawe

Harries, John, agent, Pontardawe Brewery, Pontardawe

Harries, William, _Prince Albert_, Ystradgynlais

Herbert, Herbert, grocer and tea dealer, Cwmtwrch

Hill, Benjamin, Fountain Hall, Ystalyfera

Hopkin, David, publican and farmer, Allteven, Pontardawe

Hopkin, David, farmer, Gelli Onnen uchaf, Pontardawe

Hopkin, William, agent, Godre ’r Garth, Pontardawe

Hopkin, William, farmer, Cefn Llan Isaf, Pontardawe

Hopkin, William, grocer and tea dealer, Panteg

Howell, Griffith, publican, Pontardawe

Howell, Lewis, publican and stone merchant, Allteven, Pontardawe

Howells, Rees, _Gwyn Arms_, Derymock

Hughes, David, draper, Ystradgynlais

Huzzey, William, Pontardawe Brewery, Pontardawe Cottage

James and Aubrey, colliery proprietors, Cumllyafell

James, James, canal agent, Ystradgynlais

James, James, grocer, Gurnos

James, John, agricultural implement manufacturer, Godre ’r Garth,

James, William, blacksmith, Pontardawe

Jeffreys, David, _Mount Pleasant Inn_, Penycae

Jenkins, Roger, tailor and hairdresser, Penycae

John, Hopkin, farmer, Ynismudw isaf, Pontardawe

John, Howell, farmer, Ynisderw, Pontardawe

Jones, Ann, farmer, Penlan, Pontardawe

Jones, D., postmaster, draper, grocer, and accountant, Ystradgynlais

Jones, Evan, coal merchant, Hendreforgan

Jones, Evan, farmer, Garth, Pontardawe

Jones, Isaac, farmer, Glynmeirch, Pontardawe

Jones, Joseph, surveyor, Pontardawe

Jones, John, farmer and blacksmith, Ynismudw ganol, Pontardawe

Jones, John, drainer, Pontardawe

Jones, John, wheelwright, Ynyswen

Jones, Lewis, surgeon, Pontardawe

Jones, Morgan, farmer, Cefn Llan Uchaf, Pontardawe

Jones, Rees, blacksmith, Pencae

Jones, Thomas, _Star Inn_, Ystradgynlais

Jones, Watkin, farmer, Llwynmudw isaf, Pontardawe

Jones, William, saddler, Ystradgynlais

Lamb, Augustus, omnibus proprietor, Ystradgynlais

Lewis and Co., Chemical Works, Pontardawe

Lewis, David, pound keeper, Ystradgynlais

Lewis, Griffith, coal proprietor, Alltycham, Pontardawe

Lewis, Gwenllian, Mount Pleasant, Ystalyfera

Lewis, John, builder, Ystalyfera

Lewis, John, jun., builder, Ystalyfera

Lewis, Philip, grocer and tea dealer, Pontardawe

Lewis, Richard, registrar of births and deaths, _Yniscedwyn Arms_,

Lewis, Thomas, assorter, Pontardawe Tin Works, Pontardawe

Levi, Rev. Thomas, (Calvinistic Methodist), draper and grocer,

Lloydd, John, grocer and tea dealer, Yniscedwyn

Lister, Matthew, accountant, College House, Yniseedwyn

Marryatt, Joseph, ironmaster, Maesydderwen

Martin, Thomas Lot, farmer and agent, Gellifowi fawr, Pontardawe

Morgan, Daniel, grocer and tea dealer, Cwmtwrch

Morgan, David, corn factor, Gelligron Mill, Pontardawe

Morgan, Evan, _Smith’s Arms_, Ystalyfera

Morgan, H. Rees, clerk, Ystalyfera

Morgan, John, proprietor of collieries, Gelligron, Pontardawe

Morgan, Joseph, sexton and publican, Llanguick, Pontardawe

Morgans, Morgan, grocer and tea dealer, Pontardawe

Morgan, Rev. R. H., rector, Llanguick, Pontardawe

Morgan, Thomas, coal proprietor, shopkeeper, and publican, Alltwen,

Morgan, Thomas, draper, grocer, carpenter and painter, Ystradgynlais

Morgan, William, agent, Yniscedwyn

Morgan, William, butcher, _Lamb and Flag_, Ystradgynlais

Morgan, William, grocer and draper, Pencae

Morris, Rev. David, (Baptist), Yniscedwyn

Moses, Walter, chemist and druggist, Ystradgynlais

Owen, John, postmaster and shopkeeper, Pontardawe

Owen, Levi, shopkeeper and publican, Llanguick, Pontardawe

Parsons, William, proprietor of Pontardawe Tin Works, Pontardawe

Passmore, Philip, police-officer, Pontardawe

Phillips, Hannah, _Mason’s Arms_, Ystradgynlais

Phillips, John, coal merchant, Ystradgynlais

Powell, Llewellyn, _Pelican Inn_, Ystradgynlais

Powell, Moses, weaver and woollen factor, Pontardawe

Powell, Rhys Davis, Craig-y-nos Castle

Powell, William, _Tavern-y-garrig Inn_, Derrymock

Price, J. B., draper, Ystradgynlais

Price, Rev. Howell, Kilybebyll Rectory, Pontardawe

Price, William, surgeon, Glantwrch

Primrose Coal Company, Pontardawe

Prosser, David, blacksmith, Ystradgynlais

Prosser, Roger, _Castle Inn_, Ystradgynlais

Prosser, Thomas, blacksmith, Ystradgynlais

Redding, John, Inland Revenue officer, Allteven, Pontardawe

Rees, Rev. Henry, (Independent), Ystradgynlais

Rees, George, carpenter, Ystradgynlais

Rees, Isaiah, foreman, Pontardawe Tin Works, Pontardawe

Rees, Morgan Rees, _George the Fourth_, Cwmtwrch

Rees, Rees, boot and shoemaker, Pontardawe

Rees, William, foreman, Pontardawe Chemical Works, Pontardawe

Richards, Thomas, grocer and tea dealer, Gurnos

Robathan, Evan, assorter, Pontardawe Tin Works, Pontardawe

Roberts, David, shopkeeper, Abercrave

Roberts, John, clerk, Ystradgynlais

Roberts, Thomas, _Royal Oak_, Ystalyfera

Rogers, James, surgeon, Ystalyfera

Smith, Charles, dealer in timber and slates, Kilybebyll, Pontardawe

Smith, Daniel, mineral agent, Yniscedwyn

Smith, Daniel, land agent, Kilybebyll, Pontardawe

Smith, David, agent, Yniscedwyn

Smith, John, barrister-at-law, Kilybebyll place, Pontardawe

Spencer, J., mail-coach proprietor, Ystradgynlais

Stephens, Thomas, chemist and druggist, Ystradgynlais

Stuart, George, agent, Pontardawe Tin Works, Pontardawe

Taylor, Philip, agent, Primrose Coal Company, Pontardawe

Tenney, James, _Ystalyfera Arms_, Ystalyfera

Thomas, Daniel, farmer, Allteven isaf, Pontardawe

Thomas, David, cabinet maker, Maes Iago, Pontardawe

Thomas, David, assistant surgeon, Glantwrch

Thomas, David, _Railway Tavern_, Ystalyfera

Thomas, Elias, furnace manager, Yniscedwyn

Thomas, John, agent, Ynisymond ucha, Pontardawe

Thomas, John, boot and shoemaker, Ystradgynlais

Thomas, John, registrar of births, _Crown Inn_, Cwmtwrch

Thomas, Jonathan, tailor, Ystradgynlais

Thomas, Thomas, auctioneer, _Lamb Inn_, Cwmtwrch

Trick, Wilkin, cashier, Yniscedwyn

Vaughan, Thomas, National School master, Abercrave

Vigers, Thomas, superintendent of police and inspector of weights and
measures, Ystradgynlais

Walters, Rev. John, (Calvinistic Methodist), Pontardawe

Walters, Thomas, grocer and tea dealer, Ystalyfera

Walters, Thomas and James, coal owners, Ynysygeinon

Walters, Thomas and James, iron masters, Abercrave

Watkins, Evan, _Ancient Briton_, Abercrave

Watkins, John, _Miner’s Arms_, Ystradgynlais

Watkins, William, _Tredegar Arms_, Cwmtwrch

Williams, Ann, farmer, Tyn-y-pant, Pontardawe

Williams, Daniel, tailor, Ystradgynlais

Williams, David, _Rock Tavern_, Ystalyfera

Williams, John Thomas, bookseller, Cwmtwrch

Williams, John, _Old Swan Inn_, Gurnos

Williams, John, _Miner’s Arms_, Ystalyfera

Williams, Margaret, _Penybont Inn_, Ystradgynlais

Williams, Philip, Pontardawe

Williams, Rees, boot and shoemaker, Ystradgynlais

Williams, Rees, British School teacher, New College, Yniscedwyn

Williams, Thomas, tailor, Ystradgynlais

Williams, Thomas, carpenter, _Red Lion Inn_, Cwmtwrch

Williams, Walter Jones, clerk, Ystradgynlais Rectory

Williams, William, stonecutter, Ystradgynlais

Williams, William, butcher, _Pheasant Bush_, Ponterdawe

Williams, William, farmer, Pen’r Allteven, Pontardawe

Williams, William, assorter, Pontardawe Tin Works, Pontardawe

Williams, William, proprietor of Brick Works and Pottery, Ynismudw,

Yniscedwyn Iron Company, Yniscedwyn

Ystalyfera Iron and Tin Manufactory, Ystalyfera



Evans, Evan, 8, Matthew street

Hore, John, 6, Rutland street

Jones, J. W., Savings’ Bank

Jones, W. E., Gray Cottage

Michael, F. D., Rutland street

Stroud, G. T., 6, Heathfield street

Williams, Rees, 35, Swan street

Agents—Ship & Commission, &c.

Bevan, George Ace, Quay

Corbett, John, 41, Strand

Daniel, Evan, (land and mineral) 5, Garden street

Davies, Thomas, Adelaide street

Davies, William, 224, High street

Day, Henry, 5, Ferryside

Day, William, 1, Mount street

Dryden, Thomas, Strand

Essery and Son, Quay

Hazel, James, Quay

Hore, John, Strand

Jenkins, D., and Rees, W., South Prospect place

Jenkins, William, 29, Strand

Knight, R., 11, Adelaide street

Leach, Richardson & Co., Strand

Martin, T. A., 21, Northampton place

Meager, J. A., 12, Nelson street

Morice, H., 4, Somerset place

Pockett, James W., 9, Somerset place

Pockett, Walter, Quay

Price, Francis, (estate agent to Duke of Beaufort) Rhyddings

Rees, J. D., (estate), 7, Heathfield street

Sims, William, 5, Grove place

Strick, James, (Lloyds) Strand

Thomas, E., (maritime) Somerset place

Walters, T., jun., 4, Trinity place

Weir, Thomas and Co., Padley’s Wharf

Whitehead, Henry, 13, Clarence terrace

Williams, John, (copper ore), 48, Waterloo street

Williams, John R., Mount street

Winchcombe, H. P., 8, Somerset place

Ale and Porter Merchants.

Davis, Thomas, 4, Adelaide street

Gray, H. and Co., agent, F. Jeffreys, Nelson terrace

Jones, T. P. and Co., Bath lane

Rees, T., 13, Waterloo street

Thorne, Henry, (Stogumber ale), 14, Goat street

Thomas, Mary, 62, High street

Stokes’ Croft Company, W. Rose, agent

Auctioneers & Appraisers.

Ellery, John M., 93, Oxford street

Glover, Thomas, 28, Castle street

Howard, Edward, Somerset place

Howell, David, 19, Camden place

Roberts, John Harris, Wind street

Roberts, William H., 30, Singleton street

Smith, C., Gorse lane, Turnpike

Stroud, G. T., 6, Heathfield street


Baylis, James Henry, Wind street

Richards, William, Trinity place


Butler, William, 40, Oxford street

Gorvin, Henry, 34, Oxford street

Hamerton, R. J., 16, York street

Johns, Alfred, 5, Dillwyn street

Lewis, Richard Jeffreys, 44, Oxford street

Bakers and Flour Dealers.

                  Marked thus * are Biscuit Bakers also.

Anning, Charles, 22, Oxford street

Ballinger, George, 52, High street

Biddle, William, 43, Wind street

Birt, Thomas, 9, St. David’s place

Brookes, James, Gam street

Brown, Amy, 37, High street

* Burgess, J. E., 37 and 38, Strand

Burgess, William, High street

Clarke, William, 2, Orange street

Devonald, G., 68, Matthew street

Edwards, T., 3, College street

Flanagan, C., 238, High street

Goldsworthy, William, 2, Strand

Green, Edward, 31, High street

Jones, Rachel, 12, Calvert street

Knapman, W., 81, High street

Monger, E., 5, Orange street

Parrott, James, 1, Little Wind street

Price, C. J., 6, College street

Ridd, John, 142, High street

Skewes, T., 79, Oxford street

Spring, W. H., Wind street

Thomas, W. H., 25, Rutland street

* Tregaskis, Richard, 112, Strand

* Tregaskis, Wm. R., 11, Clifton street


Price, John, 9, Goat street

Smith, W. H., Burrows gardens

Basket Makers.

Matthews, E., St. Mary street

Matthews, J., 22, Orange street

Preece, Joseph, 16, Cross street


Bowen, G., (hot, cold, and vapour), 2, Adelaide street

The Infirmary, (hot and cold), Oystermouth Road

Thomas, W., _Mackworth Arms_

Berlin Repository.

Candy, M. E., 12, Wind street


                  Marked thus * are Iron Founders also.

Abel, Daniel, 4, Welcome street

Griffiths, J., 6, Union street

Griffiths, John, Strand

Griffiths, W., Waterloo street

Harris, Thomas, Matthew street

Hopkins, H., Wellington street

Hughes, John, 123, High street

* Rogers, William, Waterloo street

Thomas, Daniel, Squire’s place, Strand

Trevena, James, 10, Gam street

* Woolacott, R., 49, Strand

Booksellers and Stationers.

                     Marked thus * are Binders also.

Baker, Henry, 1, Caer street

* Blewett, G., (second-hand) 25, Goat street

Clougher, Thomas, 4, Wind street

Davies, T. R., Castle street

* Evans, W., 81, Oxford street

Griffiths, Evan, 11, High street

Jenkins, Miss, Wind street

* Jones, H., 81, Oxford street

Meehan, B., (second-hand) 13, College street

Montgomery, A., 32, Singleton street

Morris, W., 228, High street

Pearse, E., 15, Wind street

Rosser, J., 214, High street

* Townsend, R., 29, Oxford street

Williams, J., 58, Wind street

Boot and Shoemakers.

Adams, Edward, 18, Castle street

Anstey, Charles, 17, Wind street

Anthony, David, 90, High street

Burleigh, G., 11, Calvert street

Butt, Arthur, 10, Goat street

Davies, C. S., High street

Davies, Henry, 2, Welcome street

Davies, T., 10, St. Mary street

Fisher, John, 223, High street

Fox, Joseph, 107, High street

Fulford, P., 28, Goat street

Hammet, J., 31, Goat street

Harris, George, 6, Castle street

Harris, W., 29, Fisher street

Hone, John, 9, Nelson street

Jenkins, W., 42, High street

Jones, John, 38, Garden street

Jones, R., 23, Waterloo street

Lee, Henry, 36, Castle street

Loxton, H., 181, High street

Morgan, T., 11, Orchard street

Morris, John, 30, College street

Randel, J., High street

Randels, T., 8, College street

Roberts, D., 2, Cradock street

Roderick, W., 67, High street

Rosser, David, 1, Castle street

Rosser, David, 32, High street

Rosser, W. and E., 35, Strand

Simon, Simon, 8, Waterloo street

Stephens, E., 7, College street

Stevens, G., College street

Tittle, J. W., 2, St. Mary street

Tittle, P., 8, Quay parade


                     _See also Plumbers and Tinmen_.

Arnold, H. T., 7, Temple street

Bonnett, F., 7, Quay parade

Morgan, J., 34, Waterloo street

Taylor, H. E., 21, High street


Andrew, P., 11, Nelson terrace

Ballinger, W., 38, High street

Hanson, T., 14, St. Mary street

Hopkins, J., 117, Strand

Markland, J., 37, Singleton street

Morris, William, Garden street

Rolls and Hoare, Singleton street

White, T., 11, Rutland place

Brick and Tile Makers.

Llysnewydd Brick Company, Strand, John Hore, agent

Smith, W. H., Burrows gardens

Willett, J., 3, Brunswick street


       _See also Stone Masons_, _likewise Carpenters and Joiners_.

Dyer, W., 19, Cradock street

Griffiths, D., 50, Waterloo street

Hepborn, G., Madoc street

Jones, David, 89, High street

Lewis, F., 18, Clarence street

Lewis, William, Ferryside

Lord, Robert, Trafalgar place

Martin, John, 12, Park street

Morgan, Isaac, Foxhole

Prater, T., York street

Rayner, W., 17, Bellevue street

Rees, J., 2, Rayner place

Rees, J., Kilvey

Rees, Thomas, Kilvey

Richards, J., 32, Cradock street

Richards, Richard, 21, Bellevue street

Richards, Richard, jun., 21, Bellevue street

Thomas, Ezekiel, Ferryside

Thomas, J., 27, Pleasant street

Williams, P., 24, Waterloo street


Davies, John, 98, High street

Evans, James, Pantyguyder

Geen, Thomas, Burrows gardens

Lewis, Mary, 7, Cross street

Moulding, George, High street and Castle street

Owen, John, Dyvatty street

Price, John, 17, Cross street

Ritchings, S., 3, Caer street

Talbot, John, 28, College street

Vaughan, G., Tontine street

Vaughan, W., 15, Park street

Watkins, T., 29, Matthew street

Wheatcroft, T., 9, Wind street

Williams, Rees, 39, High street

Cabinet Makers and Upholsterers.

                Marked thus * are Furniture Brokers also.

Ayres, D. T., 1, Gower street

Bennett, John, 19, High street

* Down, John, 221, High street

Dutton, Israel, 207, High street

Evans, David, 9, Waterloo street

Fuller, Charles, 231, High street

Glover, J., 52, Oxford street

Harman, Thomas, 28, High street

Harrison, Thomas, 14, St. Mary street

Hughes, W., 20, Cradock street

James, John, 46, High street

Michael, D., 18, Fisher street

Michael, J. P., 89, Oxford street

Roberts, J. H., 13, Wind street

Vaughan, Wm., 57, High street

Williams, John, 2, Portland street

Carpenters and Joiners.

                           _See also Builders_.

Couch, Philip, Edward street

Davies, T., jun., 4, Jeffrey’s place

Davies, Thomas, 25, Park street

Hoskin, D., 2, Pleasant street

James, John, 36, Park street

Jenkins, Thomas, 3, Island street

Richards, Stephen, 8, Park street

Richards, T., 65, High street

Carpet and Fringe Warehouse.

Thomas, Mayzod, 6, Wind street

Carvers, Gilders and Picture Frame Makers.

Johnston, J. S., 242, High street

Palmer, William, 42, Wind street

Chain Cable Makers, and Anchor Smiths.

Gething, W., Beaufort place and Strand

Jones, Thomas, 89, Strand


Walters, Griffith, 2, Caer street

Chemists and Druggists.

Attwood, W. M., 12, Castle street

Biggs, F., 225, High street

Brend, Thomas, 40, High street

Dawe, S. R., 5, Castle street

Evans, Thomas, 12, High street

Glover, William, 33, Castle street

Griffiths, W., 77, Oxford street

Harris, James, 8, Oxford street

Nott, William, 2, Wassail street

Pearson, C. J., 31, Wind street

Wilson, C., T., 66, Wind street

China, Glass and Earthenware Dealers.

Cawker, John, 94, Oxford street

Crapper, W., 25, Castle street

Jacob, Isaac, 19, Castle street

Mitchell, Henry, 29, Castle street

Phillips, W., 196, High street

Civil Engineers.

Gant, S. C., 4, Rutland street

Hall, James, 7, Adelaide street

Low, Charles, 16, Picton place

Struve, W. P., 23, Northampton place

Coach Builders.

Burchell, James, York street

Holloway, John, 25, Fisher street

Jones, Lewis, Oxford street

Rosser, James, 47, Wind street

Ward, James, 234, High street

Coal and Culm Proprietors and Merchants.

          Marked thus * Stone Coal and Culm; † Bituminous Coal.

Abergarwed Colliery Company, Port Tennant, agent, James Allen

Birch Grove Coal Company, Ferryside

Cwm Bach Colliery Company, agent, Elias Jones

Cwm Capple Coal Company, Strand, agent, Thomas Dryden

Garth Colliery Company, agent, Thomas Edward, Strand

Gorse Colliery Company, agent, J. Glassbrook, Strand

Graigola Coal Company, agent, Charles Moore, Upper Strand

Warlich’s Patent Fuel Company, Sydney Hall, manager

* James and Aubrey, Strand, agent, J. Slocombe

Lucas, F. E., 29, Singleton street

Lyon’s Patent Fuel Company, Port tennant

Morgan, David, Willow Tree Yard

Mynydd Bach y Glo Colliery Company, High street, agent, W. P. Struve

Neath Abbey Coal Company, agent, G. Bonville, Mount street

Penrose and Starbuck, Port tennant

Resolven Coal Company, Port tennant

Swansea Coal Company, shipping agent, J. E., Morrice, 4, Mount street

Weig Fach Colliery Company, agent, William Gregor, Strand

Confectioners & Pastrycooks.

                            _See also Bakers_.

Adams, James, 38, Castle street

Biddle, William, 43, Wind street

Derrick, Joseph, 36, High street

Green, Edward, 30, High street

Mason, Mary, 53, Wind street

Millward, W., 9, Castle square

Morgan, W., 25, Waterloo street

Powe, John, 1, Orange street

Price, C. J., 6, College street

Thomas, Mrs. E., 26, Waterloo street

White, Thomas, 56, High street


AUSTRIA—H. Morice, and James Strick, (Deputy.)

BELGIUM—George Ace Bevan, Quay

BRAZIL—Robert Dunkin, Penclawdd

CHILI—Henry Jas. Bath, Mining office

DENMARK—Henry James Bath, Mining office

FRANCE—Edward F. Thomas de la Corneuve, Somerset place

HANSEATIC—Henry James Bath, Mining office

KINGDOM OF THE TWO SICILIES—Hartwell Morice, Somerset place

NETHERLANDS—Thomas Grove, High street, and G. T. Stroud, (Deputy),
Heathfield street

PORTUGAL—George Ace Bevan, Quay

PRUSSIA AND RUSSIA—Robert Dunkin, Penclawdd, and Geo. Ace Bevan,
(Deputy), Quay

SPAIN—Henry J. Bath, Mining office

SWEDEN AND NORWAY—Michael John Michael, Wind street

UNITED STATES—H. Morice, Somerset place


Hughes, J., Northampton place

Kirkhouse, John, Town hill

Marshall, J., 9, Cradock street

Morgan, William, Graig

Pickering, M., Heathfield house

Willett, John, 3, Brunswick street


Ace, S. and G., 48, Strand

Morrish, James, Calvert street

Thomas, Ellen, 107, Strand

Copper Smelters and Manufacturers.

Freeman, John and Co., Whiterock Works, agent, Edward Brown

Grenfell, Pascoe and Sons, Middle and Upper Bank Works

Lambert, Charles, Port tennant

Vivian and Sons, Hafod Works, agent, J. Allen

Williams, Foster and Co., Morfa, Rose, and Landore Works, agent, J.

Copper Ore Merchants.

                      Marked thus * Silver Ore also.

* Bath, H. and Son, Tyr Llandwr

Cobre Mining Association, Tyr Llandwr, agent, James Petrie

Leach, Richardson & Co., Strand Williams and Son

Cork Cutters.

Reed, J. F., 88, Oxford street

Ridler, George, 26, Calvert street

Corn and Flour Merchants, and Dealers.

Bindon, F., 9, Madoc street

Chamings, R., 2, Western terrace

Howell, M., 9, Caer street

Hughes, Rees, Quay

Michael, M. J., Wind street

Rees, D. H., 27, High street

Stoate, W., 5, Quay, agent, R. Paine

Walters, David, Wind street

Walters, James, Wind street

Watts, Henry, 7, Western terrace

Curriers and Leather Sellers.

Buse, N., 95, Oxford street

Johns, Joseph, 219, High street

Owen, Thomas, 43, High street

Potter, John, 13 and 14, Orange street


Scott, F. S., 3, Dynevor place


Poole, C., 3, Little Wind street

Poole, Edwin, 9, Wassail street

Earthen Ware Manufacturers.

Evans and Glasson, Cambrian Pottery, Strand

Richard, W. H., Vale Pleasant Pottery, Dyvatty street

Ynismudu Pottery, Strand

Eating-House Keepers.

Burk, Michael, 74, High street

Dean, Ann, 1, Quay

Francis, Mary, 215, High street

Francis, Thomas, 35, High street

Ison, Robert, 15, St. Mary street

Jenkins, David, 13, Calvert street

Jones, Harriet, 22, Wind street

Leyshon, W., 205, High street

Mills, Henry, 8, Caer street

Nicholl, J. H., Cornish Home

Roe, Thomas, 60, High street

Russel, Robert, 48, Wind street

Walker, Mrs., 20, Fisher street

Farriers and Shoeing Smiths.

German, John, Calvert street

Hopkins, H., Wellington street

Hughes, William, Greenhill

James, Thomas, 21, Goat street


Albion (Life)                       J. G. Jeffreys, 229, High street
Alfred (Life)                       T. Attwood, Mount street
Alliance (Fire and Life)            Michael J. Michael, Wind street
Athæneum (Fire and Life)            Jacob D. Rees, 7, Heathfield
Atlas (Fire and Life)               James Strick, Strand
Birmingham (Fire)                   G. Allen, Glamorganshire Bank
British Empire (Fire and Life)      G. P. Evans, Northampton place
City of London (Life)               J. H. Roberts, Wind street
Clerical, Medical & General         T. Attwood, Mount street
                                    G. T. Stroud, Heathfield street
Corporation of London Assurance     Leach, Richardson & Co., Strand
County (Fire)                       John Hore, Quay parade
Crown (Fire)                        R. W. Beor, St. Mary street
English and Cambrian                Evan Evans, Matthew street

                                    W. Griffiths, Oxford street
Equitable (Fire)                    J. N. Smart
Experience (Life)                   C. T. Wilson, Castle square
General Annuitant (Life)            Eli James, Fisher street
Gresham (Life)                      W. E. Jones, Graig Cottage
Globe (Fire and Life)               David Rees, Wind street
Guardian (Fire and Life)            John Groves, Heathfield street
Imperial (Fire)                     R. W. Beor, St. Mary street
Law Property                        J. N. Smart, Quay parade
Legal & Commercial (Fire & Life)    J. R. Tripp, Somerset place
Liverpool & London (Fire & Life)    D. Jenkins, Strand
London Mutual (Life)                David Evans, 44, Wind street
Mariners’ and General (Life)        John Edwards, Pier street
Medical Invalid and General         J. N. Smart, Quay parade
Monarch (Fire and Life)             W. Morris, High street
Norwich Union (Fire and Life)       G. T. Stroud, Heathfield street
Pelican (Life)                      F. D. Michael, Rutland street
Phœnix (Fire)                       F. D. Michael, Rutland street

                                    James Hall, Adelaide place
Provident (Life)                    John Hore, Quay parade
Provident Clerks’ (Life)            James Hall, Adelaide place
Protestant Dissenters’ (Life)       W. Walters, Fynone
Royal Exchange (Fire and Life)      T. A. Marten, Northampton place
Royal Farmers’ (Fire and Life)      T. Attwood, Mount street
Royal Insurance                     W. Sims, Grove place
Scottish Equitable                  William Penrose, Grove place
Star (Fire and Life)                Thomas Evans, High street
Solicitors’ and General (Life)      R. W. Beor, St. Mary street

                                    G. Harry, Grove place
Standard (Life)                     C. T. Wilson, Castle square
Union and Annuities (Fire & Life)   Herbert Jones, Oxford street
Universal (Life)                    C. Basil Mansfield
West of England (Fire and Life)     John T. Jenkins, High street

Fishmongers and Dealers in Game.

Benson, Thomas, 5, High street

Hill, John, 51, Wind street

Mutters, W., 1, Goat street

French Polishers.

Ayres, James, Orchard street

Murray, P., Caer street

Randolph, R., Fisher street


Beer, John, 16, Castle street

Davies, David, 8, High street

Derrick, G., 6, Dragon street

Evans, E., High street

Hatch, John, 23, Wind street

Hulland, W., Wind street

Jacob, John, 14, Cross street

Melville, W., College street

Nash, Ellen, 3, Wind street

O’Conner, J., 60, Wind street

Furniture Brokers.

                        _See also Cabinet Makers_.

Prichard, G., 3, St. Mary street

Townsend, R., 197, High street

Ward, Samuel, 8, Castle square

Williams, Esther, 7, St. Mary street

Grocers and Tea Dealers.

Baker, James, 49, High street

Ball, Sarah, 50, High street

Barker, G. and Co., 60, Oxford street

Berry, Benjamin, 2, Union street

Bevan, Philip, James street

Bindon, Henry, 7, Union street

Birchall, H. B., 15, Castle square

Bowen, David, 6, Garden street

Bowen, W., 92, High street

Brown, Amy, 37, High street

Brown, Edward, Wind street

Buller, John, Clarence street

Burgess, William, High street

Cawker, Richard, 5, Cross street

Cawker, John, 94, Oxford street

Chiles, John, 141, High street

Cock, Josiah, 18, Wind street

Curtis, William, Oxford street

Curnow, J. M., 112, High street

Dabb, Elizabeth, 31, Strand

Daniel, Ann, Foxhole

Davies, Ann, 19, Oxford street

Davies, E., Singleton street

Dean, E. A., 21, Oxford street

Devonald, G., 68, Matthew street

Dodd, H., 12, Union street

Dutton, Thomas, 108, Strand

Edwards, T., 3, College street

Evans, Mrs., Greenfield street

Evans, Thomas, 126, High street

Evans, William, 4, Union street

Excell, John, 51, Oxford street

Foy, Thomas, Island street

Gibbs, Ruth, 24, Goat street

Goldsworthy, W., 2, Strand

Gregor and Co., High street

Griffiths, G., 68, Oxford street

Gwynne, R., Foxhole

Harding William, Back street

Harman, R., 2, Back street

Havard, R., 27, Wind street

Holmes, E., 21, Greenhill street

Hopkins, H., Cambrian Foundry place

Humphrey, J., 33, Llangefelach street

James, Miss, 17, Nelson street

Jardine, Mrs., 30, Dillwyn street

Jenkins, E., (Post Office) Foxhole

Johns, John, 40, Strand

Jones, Ann, 22, Waterloo street

Jones, David, 4, Orange street

Jones, Elizabeth, 23, High street

Jones, George, 23, Madoc street

Knapman, W., 81, High street

Ladd, William, 85, High street

Lewis, M., 158, High street

Lewis, Rachel, 12, Wassail street

Lloydd, H., 9, Oxford street

Longhurst, D., 1, Wassail street

Madge, H. J., 16, High street

Mc’Millan, Mrs., 4, Nelson street

Matthews, Brothers, and Co., 6, Castle square

Miles and Thomas, Castle street

Monger, Edward, 5, Orange street

Morgan, John, Foxhole

Morgan, Isaac, Foxhole

Morgan, M., 36, Waterloo street

Norman, Ann, 11, Wassail street

Owen, G., 28, Singleton street

Owen, Mrs., 78, High street

Philips, W., 92, Oxford street

Philips, T., 3, Castle street

Powell, David, 187, High street

Powell, William, Mansel street

Rees, James, 131, High street

Rees, John, Clarence street

Rees, Catherine, 22, Gower street

Richards, David, Prince street

Richards, G., 102, High street

Richards, W., 151, High street

Ridd, William, 18, Strand

Roberts, E., 75, Oxford street

Roberts, F., Mysydd street

Roberts, John, 171, High street

Roberts, W., 28, Union street

Roberts, W., 21, Orange street

Roberts, W. H., 20, Singleton street

Skewes, T., 79, Oxford street

Spooner, Mrs., William street

Stephens, S., 178, High street

Thomas, David, 155, High street

Thomas, Ezekiel, Ferryside

Thomas, Jane, St. Mary street

Thomas, John, 162, High street

Thomas, Lewis, Bethesda street

Thomas, Mrs., 16, College street

Thomas, W., 25, Garden street

Turpin, W., 9, Cross street

Walters, D., 6, St. Mary street

Watkins, J., 85, Oxford street

Wilkins, David, 1, South Prospect place

Wilks, Lucy, 13, College street

Williams, E., 43, Castle street

Williams, J., 10, Dyvatty street

Williams, J., 25, Ebenezer street

Williams, Thomas, 126, Strand

Williams, Mrs., 13, College street

Hair Cutters.

                    Marked thus * are Perfumers also.

Hopkins, C., 216, High street

* Jones, J. M., 11, Wind street

* Oborn, John, 7, Castle street

Rendell, J., 13, St. Mary street

Richards, S., 237, High street

Thomas, D., 73, High street

Thomas, T. R., 212, High street

Woodrose, J., 32, Waterloo street


Capus, Peter, 29, High street

Johnson, John, 220, High street


                    Marked thus * are Posting Houses.

_Bush_, William Kerwood Sayer, 233, High street

_Cambrian_, Mary Walters, 19, Somerset place

* _Cameron Arms_, (Commercial), George Tracey, 239, High street

* _Castle_, (Commercial), John Davies, Castle square

_Cuba_, Josiah Roberts, Ferryside

_George_, (Commercial), William Frederick Price, 50, Wind street

_King’s Arms_, J. Probett, 26, High street

* _Mackworth Arms_, (Family and Commercial), William Thomas, 10, Wind

_Packet_, John Scott, 130, Strand


_Adelaide_, T. W. Cordukes, 12, Adelaide street

_Albion_, W. Edwards, 24, Greenfield street

_Ancient Briton_, Miss Lewis, 157, High street

_Angel_, Patrick Carrol, 2, Llangefelach street

_Apple Tree_, Edward Evans, Caer street

_Beaufort Arms_, David Davies, 6, Ferryside

_Bell_, David Davies, 54, Oxford street

_Benson’s Arms_, John Lewis, Ferryside

_Black Cock_, Henry Harris, 194, High street

_Black Horse_, William Clowes, 79, High street

_Black Lion_, David Evans, 25, Orange street

_Blue Bell_, Henry Chalk, 55, Strand

_Boar’s Head_, James Saph, 20, Gower street

_Brewers’ Arms_, John Horne, 33, Orange street

_Brewery Inn_, David Owen, 68, Strand

_Brittania_, Charles Squance, 15, Back street

_Brittania_, William Sainsbury, 30, Powell street

_Butchers’ Arms_, William Thomas, 11, Caer street

_Cambrian_, David Davies, 12, Cambrian Foundry place

_Christopher Inn_, J. Duncan, 12, Somerset place

_Clarence Inn_, R. Phillips, 6, Orange street

_Coach and Horses_, Owen Davies, 132, High street

_Colliers’ Arms_, David Roderick, Waterloo street

_Compass_, David Jones, 63, High street

_Copperman’s Arms_, M. Davies, Pentregumed

_Corner House_, Elizabeth Morris, 45, Ebenezer street

_Cross Keys_, J. G. Toms, St. Mary street

_Crown_, James Harris, 24, Strand

_Crown and Anchor_, Mrs. E. Terry, 115, Strand

_Devonport Arms_, Matthew Rees, 13, Orchard street

_Dillwyn Arms_, David Davies, 3, Union street

_Dock Inn_, Richard Thomas, 11, Camden street

_Dolphin_, John Thomas, 33, Ebenezer street

_Druids’ Arms_, Thomas Perrins, 9, Mariner street

_Duke of Marlborough_, H. J. Rook, 22, Madoc street

_Duke of Wellington_, Sarah Randall, 19, St. Mary street

_Duke Tavern_, James Farish, 2, Wind street

_Exeter Inn_, Charles Doyle, 27, Union street

_Farmers’ Arms_, Robert Perman, 8, Union street

_Farmers’ Arms_, Rachel Hopkins, Frog street

_Fishguard Arms_, William Evans, 1, Union street

_Fishmonger’s Arms_, Rees Price, 15, Park street

_Fox_, William Sims, Foxhole

_Fox and Hounds_, John Harding, 2, Pottery street

_Fuel Inn_, Elias Phillips, Ferryside

_Full Moon_, William Dowdall, 146, High street

_Gardeners’ Arms_, John Polety, 1, Garden street

_General Picton_, John Stacey, 9, King street

_Glamorgan Arms_, William Morris, 10, Union street

_Globe Inn_, John Dalton, 8, Strand

_Globe Inn_, John Bowen, Ferryside

_Globe Inn_, Morgan Thomas, 96, Oxford street

_Gloucester Arms_, William Bowen, 134, Strand

_Golden Lion_, Samuel James, 6, Dyvatty street

_Gower Arms_, David Thomas, 71, Oxford street

_Green Dragon_, James Friendship, 131, Strand

_Griffin Inn_, William Isaac, 2, Cambrian Foundry place

_Hare Inn_, Frederick Yates, 64, Back street

_Heathfield Inn_, W. G. Pond, 84, Oxford street

_Hop Pole Inn_, Christopher Copas, Edward street

_Hope and Anchor_, James Williams, 15, Fisher street

_Horse and Groom_, William Rees, 21, College street

_Horse and Jockey_, Richard Pearn, Jockey street

_Ivorites’ Arms_, Evan Jones, 48, High street

_Ivy Bush_, Lewis Griffiths, 33, Charles street

_Ivy Bush_, Philip Evans, Ferryside

_Jeffrey’s Arms_, Charles Dicks, 13, Oxford street

_Jersey Arms_, Robert Jones, 3, Orange street

_Joiners’ Arms_, Peter Anthony, 69, Orange street

_Joiners’ Arms_, John Thomas, Foxhole

_Jolly Butcher_, Frederick Woolard, 58, Back street

_Jolly Tar_, Lewis Loveless, 30, Wind street

_King’s Head_, Martha Serle, 9, High street

_King’s Head_, William Lewis, 1, Portland street

_King William_, Elizabeth Richards, 150, High street

_King William the Fourth_, James Powell, 178, High street

_Lamb and Flag_, Thomas Bowen, Prince street

_Lamb and Flag_, James Harris, 22, Llangefelach street

_Lamb and Flag_, John Jenkins, Foxhole

_Lord Nelson_, Susan Howell, 13, Calvert street

_Lord Nelson_, Diana Alban, 170, High street

_Lower Cock_, William Jenkins, 54, High street

_Lower Lamb_, Frances Randall, 111, High street

_Malsters’ Arms_, W. Wechio, 67, Oxford street

_Mansell’s Arms_, Daniel Bowen, Wellington street

_Mansell’s Arms_, David Williams, 18, Oxford street

_Margam Inn_, Rees John, Mysydd street

_Masons’ Arms_, John Betts, 34, High street

_Masons’ Arms_, David Davies, 1, Charles street

_Masons’ Arms_, Rachel Rees, Tyr Landwr

_Mermaid_, Thomas Samuel, Port tennant

_Mile End Inn_, William Rees, Port tennant

_Nag’s Head_, John Spencer, 23, Goat street

_Neptune_, Joseph Griffiths, 67, Strand

_Northumberland Inn_, John Morris, 10, Strand

_Oddfellows’ Tavern_, William Phillips, Wellington street

_Old Duke_, Thomas Johns, 140, High street

_Old Swan Inn_, William Williams, 15, Dynevor place

_Old Willow Tree_, George Richards, 108, High street

_Orange Tree_, Jane Philips, 6, Orange street

_Oxford Inn_, John Jenkins, 15, Oxford street

_Park Inn_, William Jones, 29, Park street

_Patriot_, Rees Williams, 3, Cambrian Foundry place

_Peace and Plenty_, Arthur Hare, 46, Strand

_Pentlergare Arms_, John Davies, 9, Union Street

_Plough Inn_, William Hughes, 3, Portland street

_Plume of Feathers_, Elizabeth Haines, Wind street

_Plymouth Inn_, William Whitmore, 24, Oxford street

_Port Tennant Inn_, George Row, Port tennant

_Powell’s Arms_, Richard Parker, 178, High street

_Prince of Wales_, Charles Nash, 6, High street

_Quay Tavern_, James Bright, 7, Quay

_Queen’s Arms_, Morgan Thomas, 11, Dillwyn street

_Queen Adelaide_, Charles Davies, 40, New street

_Queen Adelaide_, James Francis, 17, Pottery street

_Queen’s Head_, Margaret Mingam, 19, Queen street

_Railway Inn_, Robert Elliott, 29, Powell street

_Recruiting Officer_, John Rees, 24, High street

_Red Cow_, David Roderick, 200, High street

_Red House_, Mary Thomas, Tyr Landwr

_Rock and Fountain_, William Webb, Mysydd street

_Rope Makers’ Arms_, David Williams, 9, Emma street

_Rose Inn_, Henry Rees, 10, Pleasant street

_Rose and Crown_, Lawrence Millward, Wind street

_Rose and Crown_, William Grant, 72, High street

_Royal Arch_, Thomas Lavender, 16, Goat street

_Royal Arch Tavern_, Smith and Evans, 53, Strand

_Rutland Arms_, Mary Jancey, 24, Rutland street

_Sailor’s Return_, Jenkin Jones, Back street

_Sailor’s Home_, William Phillips, 29, Orchard street

_Sawyers’ Arms_, Mary Williams, James street

_Scotch Hero_, Alexander Steele, 28, Wind street

_Shades Tavern_, Joseph Gregory, 8, Salubrious place

_Ship Inn_, John Price, Foxhole

_Ship Inn_, James Rees, 4, Cambrian Foundry place

_Ship Inn_, E. G. Roe, Quay parade

_Ship-a-Ground_, James, Thomas, 2, Dragon lane

_Ship and Castle_, Thomas Goldsworthy, 78, Strand

_Shipping Gazette_, Mrs. Fuller, 133, Strand

_Shoulder of Mutton_, Francis Leyson, 159 and 160, High street

_Six Bells_, Griffith Walters, Union street

_Smiths’ Arms_, John Bevan, 124, High street

_Smiths’ Arms_, Thomas Davies, Foxhole

_Spotted Leopard_, William Clowes, 28, Mariner street

_Square and Compass_, John Lewis, 110, High street

_Steam Engine House_, William Dryden, 33, Orchard street

_Star_, Mrs. Trenor, 6, Cross street

_Swan_, William Williams, Gower street

_Swansea Arms_, Samuel Nicholas, 191, High street

_Swansea Arms_, William Savours, 86, Oxford street

_Swansea Tavern_, B. Howell, 86, High street

_Swansea Castle_, Thomas Renoden, 25, Dillwyn street

_St. Ives Arms_, Llewellyn Rees, 15, Caer street

_Talbot Arms_, Susan Bramble, 8, St. Mary street

_Three Crowns_, David Jenkins, 22, High street

_Three Mariners_, Robert Bottin, 19, Strand

_Travellers’ Rest_, Thomas Brown, Sea Beach

_Tunnel_, Joseph Ellisen, Bath lane

_Ty-Melyn_, Lewis Lloydd, 51, High street

_Union Inn_, W. C. Fuller, 109, Strand

_Union Inn_, David Jones, 5, Union street

_Upper Cock_, Thomas Lewis, 186, High street

_Upper Lamb_, Elizabeth Jenkins, 30, Greenhill

_Vernon Arms_, Alfred Oborn, 7, Caer street

_Victory Tavern_, Robert Cristleton, 7, Little Wind street

_Weavers’ Arms_, Rees Thomas, 45, Waterloo street

_Welcome Inn_, Mrs. E. Masters, 104, Strand

_White Hart_, Joseph Morris, 12, Oxford street

_White Lion Inn_, Edward Griffiths, 6, Goat street

_Willow Tree_, John Huxable, 99, High street

_Worcester Arms_, Thomas Sutterby, 2, Little Wind street

Iron and Brass Founders.

Evans and Powell, Landore

Hopkins, Evan, 3, Cambrian Foundry place

Rogers, William, Waterloo street

Strick, John J., Clydach

Woolacott, Robert, 49, Strand


Bevan, John, 16, Caer street

George, Richard, Castle street

Hughes, Mrs., 5, Oxford street

Jenkins, Samuel, 47, Castle street

Phillips, H., 21, Castle street

Rayner and Gibbs, Castle street

Rutter, Joseph, Strand

Scantlebury, T., 4, Castle square

Shepherd, R., 24, Castle street

Law Stationers.

Furrel, J., 16, Clarence terrace

Howard, Edward, Somerset place


Jenkins, Miss, 24, Wind street

Pearse, Ebenezer, 15, Wind street

Linen and Woollen Drapers, Haberdashers, Hosiers, &c.

Davies, Daniel, 1, Castle square

Davies, Evan, 2, High street

Davies, David, Castle street

Davies, William, 1, High street

Evans and Knoyle, 1, Oxford street

Freeth, W., 2, Temple street

Gironimo, W. H., 227, High street

Howell, George, 63, Wind street

Hughes, Mrs., Castle street

Hurndall, H. and W., 1, Temple street

Jones and Eaton, 3, Temple street

Jones, John, 10, Castle street

Lewis, Jacob, 32, Castle street

Lewis, Samuel, Castle street

Lumley, R., 6, Temple street

Mitchell, W. R., 65, Oxford street

Oakshot, John, 14, Wind street

Richards, W., 30, Castle street

Richmond, T. W., 7, Castle square

Robertson, J., 40, Bellevue street

Scourfield, J., 82, Oxford street

Smyth, Edward, 11, Castle square

Tucker and Goodall, 23, Castle street

Livery Stable Keepers.

Barnes, Henry, Rutland street

Barter, Charles, Wassail street

Davies, David, _Beaufort Arms_, Ferryside

Mc’Adams, J. C. K., 3, Adelaide street

Stevens, David, (cab proprietor) Clarence street, and Fisher street

Williams, David, Wind street and Rutland street

Williams, Wm., _Swan Inn_, Gower street

Williams, James, Fisher street

Lock and White-smiths and Bellhangers.

Cummings, John, 30, Goat street

Davies, David, Caer street

Fitt, Benjamin, Orchard street

Rogers, William, Waterloo street

Taylor, H. E., High street

Lodging House Keepers.

Allen, Mary, 4, Somerset place

Andrews, H. J., 7, Somerset place

Bath, C., 8, Adelaide street

Bennett, Mrs., 16, Camden street

Bevan, Mrs. W., 32, Bellevue street

Blackmore, Herbert, 1, Island street

Blake, J. W., 1, Heathfield street

Collier, Mrs., 25, Oxford street

Cook, Mrs. E., 12, Camden place

Couch, D. E., 9, Adelaide street

Davies, E. M., Mount pleasant

Davies, Mary, 21, Dillwyn street

Davies, Mary, 8, Camden place

Davies, Richard, 30, Rutland street

Day, William, 1, Mount street

Evans, Mrs., Strand

Evans, Thomas, 13, Somerset place

Griffiths, Joseph, 15, Nelson street

Guy, Richard, 14, Somerset place

Harding, Mrs., 36, Singleton street

Hazel, Thomas, 6, Quay parade

Henshaw, Jane, 5, Prospect place

Jobson, Margaret, 33, Bellevue street

Jones, J. H., 18, Somerset place

Jones, Mrs., 8, Dillwyn street

Jones, Mrs., 42, Oxford street

Lewis, John, 2, South Prospect place

Lewis, Mary, 3, Albert place

Long, C., 13, Gam street

Lovering, Mrs., 20, Dillwyn street

Lovering, Mrs. C., Adelaide street

Manning, Mrs. E., Dillwyn street

Meager, Mrs., 29, Orange street

Morgan, Mrs. W., Burrows gardens

Morgan, Mrs. W., 24, Dillwyn street

Parry, Miss, 16, Somerset place

Pilditch, Mrs., Dillwyn street

Popham, John, 9, Orange street

Rosser, T., 15, Heathfield street

Soulby, Mrs., Cambrian place

Stephens, Mrs. D. R., Heathfield terrace

Stephens, Mrs., 22, Dillwyn street

Thomas, Mary, 15, Somerset place

Thomas, Mrs. M., 28, Bellevue street

Truscott, James, 14, Adelaide street

Williams, Edward, 29, Rutland street


Andrews, J., 13, Fisher street

Ballinger, W., 33, High street

Glasbrook, Thomas, Morriston

Griffiths, Henry, 45, Oxford street

Hoare, John, Swansea Brewery

Squance, R., 32, Oxford street

Wechio, D., Lower Oxford street

Marine Store Dealers.

Barber, Thomas, 44, Greenhill

Godbeare, G., Devonshire cottage, Town hill

Payne, Robert, Quay

Mast, Oar, Block, and Pump Makers.

Clement, Mary, Quay

Crocker, John, Quay

Luff, George, Quay

Robinson, George, 103, Strand


                     _See also Copper Ore Merchants_.

Beynon, J., 9, Brunswick place

Biddulph, John, Bath lane

Booth, H. C., 3, Calvert terrace

Boundy, T., 10, Northampton place

Eaton, H. K., 4, Ferryside

Edwards, Edwin, 6, Pier street

Essery, T. B., Quay

Francis and Son, Strand

Francis and Strick, 78, Strand

Leach, Richardson and Co., 120, Strand

Leyshon, J. and Co., 46, Strand

M’Adams, C. K., 4, Prospect place

Meager, F., 17, Strand

Michael, Lewin, 31, Oxford street

Michael, M. J., Wind street

Richardson, John, 4, Cambrian place

Ruxton, John, 13, Camden place

Shepherdson, George, 2, Albert place

Simpson, J., 5, Melbourne place

Stephens, James, 11, Union street

Strick, G. B., 11, Cambrian place

Strick, James, 4, Gloucester place

Strick, J. J., 75, Strand

Strick, Thomas, Gloucester place

Thompson, R., 5, Dynevor place

Walters, D., 62, Wind street

Walters and Sons, 64 and 65, Wind street

Wood, Townsend, and Co., Bath lane


Walters, David, Wind street

Padley, William, Pottery Mill

Milliners and Dress Makers.

Arnold, Jane, Oxford street

Chapman, Mrs., 17, Dillwyn street

Curran, H., 4, Caer street

Hernamann, Misses, 11, Castle street

Hughes, Jane, 4, Castle street

Hughes, Mrs. R., Northampton place

Jones, M., 25, College street

Matthews, Mrs., 80, High street

Noyle, E., 3, Wassail street

Oborn, Mrs., 7, Castle street

Potter, Miss, 15, Singleton street

Price, Miss, 4, Garden street

Thomas, Miss, 14, Oxford street

Walters, Ann, 17, Calvert street

Wilson, Mary, 18, Goat street

Musical Instrument, & Music Sellers and Tuners.

Brader, John, 14, Wind street

Madel, Frederick, (organ builder), 5, Herbert place

Nail Makers.

Morris, David, Greenhill

Ryan, William, 19, Calvert street

Sideaway, Sargent, 16, Orange street

Nurserymen and Florists.

Beer and Shaw, St. Helens road, and Sketty

Melville, W., 9, College street

Nott, George, Cwm Donkin

White, William, Fynone gardens

Outfitters and Clothiers.

Clutton, V. and Son, 87, Strand

Holloway, H. W., 2, High street

Jacob, Greenborne, 30, Strand

Moses, Moses, 106, Strand

Sutton, Abraham, 17, College street

West and Covington, 4, High street

Painters and Glaziers.

Atkins, Joseph, 125, High street

Bonnet, F., 7, Quay parade

Davies, John, 190, High street

Ellery, J. M., 93, Oxford street

Ford, H. A., 8, Oxford street

Jenkins, J. G., 114, Strand

Jones, William, 105, Strand

Mitchell, W., 21, Gower street

Neat, John, 72, Oxford street

Paper Hangers.

Ellery, J. M., 93, Oxford street

Ford, H. A., 8, Oxford street

Mitchell, W., 21, Gower street

Neat, John, 72, Oxford street


Biggs, E., 226, High street

Frankell, H., 17, Goat street

Frankell, M. and D., 20, High street

Goldberg, Simon, 13, Goat street

Joseph, Jacob, 39, Castle street

Marks, Rosetta, 209, High street

Moses, J. M., 7, High street


Bird, G. G., 2, Burrows place

Howell, Edward, South-hill place

Nicol, David, 9, Russel place

Paddon, John, 9, Picton place

Williams, T., 45, Wind street


Austin, John

Austin, William

Bidder, George

Blackmore, Herbert

Blackmore, William

Davies, Evan

Davies, Thomas

Deusbury, Philip

George, James

Gordon, Richard

Hopkin, David

Hughes, Samuel

Johnson, John

Mitchell, James

Mitchell, Richard

Morgan, Thomas

Mugford, Richard

Murphy, Edward

Owens, George

Owens, John

Prust, William

Rees, Thomas

Rees, William

Robinson, Joseph

Robinson, Robert

Rosser, Jeremiah

Rosser, John

Rosser, Lewis

Salmon, William

Stevens, Joseph

Thomas, William

Walker, John

Provision Dealers.

Adams, R., 74, Oxford street

Bowden, John, Wind street

Davies, C. S., High street

Harding, Daniel, 17, Castle street

Jones, David, 8, Goat street

Row, George, Wind street

Plasterers and Slaters.

Crimp, George, 1, Rutland street

George, Thomas, Pleasant row

Lewis, W., 17, Clarence terrace

Poletty, John, Garden street

Thomas, G., 17, Clifton street


Arnold, H. T., 7, Temple street

Bonnett, F., 7, Quay parade

Davies, W., 18, Calvert street

Stevens, E., 2, Worcester place

Taylor, H. E., 21, High street

Williams, J., 24, Orange street


Davies, T. R., 13, Castle street

Griffiths, Evan, 11, High street

Jenkins, J., _Swansea and Glamorgan Herald_ office, Castle square

Jones, Herbert, Oxford street

Morris, W., Stamp-office, High street

Pearse, E., _Railway Guide_ office, 15, Wind street

Price, H. A., Angel street

Rosser and Williams, 214, High street

Williams, John, _Cambrian_ office, 58, Wind street

Printers—Lithographic and Copperplate.

Bonnett, John, 41, Wind street

Jackson, C. J., 42, Wind Street

Pearse, E., 15, Wind street

Professors and Teachers.

Barree, E., (dancing), 6, Prospect place

Bedford, Emma, (dancing), Wind street

Jarmacque, Louis, (languages), 13, Northampton place

Roberts, John, (Welsh), High street

Salveson, Theodore, (navigation) 2, Heathfield street

Williams, W. P., (harp), 11, Nelson street

Rope and Twine Makers.

Couch, David E., Wellington street

Rutter, Joseph, Strand

Thomas, Stephen, 3, Quay

Williams, Daniel, 43, Waterloo street

Saddle and Harness Makers.

Buse, John, 3, Oxford street

Roe, Edward, 90, Oxford street

Young, H. G., 55, Wind street

Sail Makers.

Challicombe, H., 9, Heathfield lodge

Cheshire, John, Ferryside

Couch, G. T., Padley’s yard

Salt Merchants.

Pockett, Walter, Quay

Walters, David, Wind street

Walters, Thomas, Wind street


Bennet, Miss, 11, Dynevor place

Brettell, Miss H., Heathfield terrace

Brettell, Miss L., 12, Dynevor place

Colston, J. R., York street

Coombe, Mrs. M., 22, Union street

Crabbe, William, Dynevor place

D’Austin, A., 13, Nelson street

Davies, Evan, A.M., Ivy lodge

Evans, Evan, 1, Matthew street

Evans, Rev. G. P., 3, Northampton place

Evans, Mrs., 1, Herbert place

Gronow, William, 27, Strand

Gwynne, Richard, Foxhole

Hammet, J., 9, Nelson terrace

Harris, Rev. J. H., 13, Union street

Huggins, Misses S. and J., 3, Mount street

Hunnam, Mrs., 25, Bellevue street

Jones, Miss, 28, Gower street

Kneath, Thomas, 7, Park street

Leaker, Miss P., 2, Dynevor place

Meluish, Miss E., 12, Dillwyn street

Mitchell, W., 6, Fisher street

Swansea Grammar School, Mount pleasant, Head Master, Thomas Noon, M.A.,

Rosewall, Miss, 3, Bellevue street

Smith, E., 8, Rutland street

Smith, Misses, Pestalozzian Establishment, 7, Rutland street

Williams, J., 7, Nelson terrace


Beer and Shaw, St. Helen’s road and Sketty

Bevan, John, 16, Caer street

Evans and Co., 243, High street

Melville, W., 9, College street

White, William, Fynone gardens

Ship and Boat Builders.

Meager, C. B. and Co., Villiers Dock

Meager, William, Phœnix Dock

Richardson, Brothers., Patent Slip

Robinson, T., 12, St. David’s place and Ferryside

Ship Chandlers.

                         _See also Ironmongers_.

Johnston, J., 3, South Prospect place

Maine, Robert, 6, Strand

Meager, R. and Co., 39, Strand

Rutter Joseph, 51, Strand

Silversmiths and Jewellers.

Brown, Soloman, 16, Nelson street

Hennessy, B. R., 5, Wind street

Hutchinson, C., 46, Wind street

Jenkins, J., 50, Wind street

Joseph, Benjamin, 15, High street

Kern, James and Co., 195, High street

Owen, J. T., 4, College street

Rayner, W. R., Castle street

Seline, Moses, 10, Park street

Tyte, C., 16, Wind street

Slate Merchants.

Conybeare, G., 22, Madoc street

Lumley, R., 4, Temple street


Attwood and Brown, Prospect place

Beor, R. W., St. Mary street

Collins, Charles, Fisher street

David, David, 18, Castle street

Essery, Richard, Castle street

Gascoine, John, 236, High street

Howard, John, Worcester place

Jenkins, J. T., 17, High street

Jenkins, Richard, Goat street

Jones, John, Temple street

Rees, I. D., (Clerk to the County Court), 1, Worcester place

Smart, John Naish, 10, Quay parade

Strick, Edward, (Clerk to the Local Board of Health), Fisher street

Thomas, Lewis, (Solicitor to the Harbour Trusts), Fisher street

Tripp, John Rolley, 1, Somerset place

Stone Masons.

Bevan, Philip, James street

Bowen, Evan, 12, Goat street

Furr, William, 9, Camden place

Griffiths, John, 34, Park street

Griffiths, W., 3, Rutland street

Strawbridge, G., 30, Park street, (Freestone)

Straw Bonnet and Hat Makers.

Lewis, N., 2, South Prospect place

Lewis, Mrs., 47, High street


Couch, J., Camden place

Essery, T. A., Gloucester place

Hall, James, Infirmary

Long, W. H., 11, Fisher street

Michael, W. H., 230, High street

Padley, George, 2, Northampton place

Rowland, William, 7, Prospect place

Williams, O. G., 32, Fisher street


Daniel, B., (land and mineral), 5, Garden street

Daniel, H., (land and mineral), 31, Singleton street

Gant, S. C., 4, Rutland street

Rayner, W., 17, Bellevue street

Richards, J., 32, Cradock street

Richards, W., Trinity place

Struve, W. P., (mineral), 23, Northampton place

Williams, W., 5, Kynaston place

Williams, W., 62, Oxford street

Tailors and Drapers.

Cadwallader, E. and Sons, 87, Wind street

Davies, Thomas, 105, High street

Evans, David, 202, High street

Hyam and Co., 37, Castle street

Jenkins, Thomas, 149, Strand

Jones, David, 89, High street

Jones, John, Kynaston place

Jones, Thomas, 20, Castle street

Jones, Thomas, Welcome street

Lloydd, G., 87, Oxford street

Lyons, H., 41, High street

Morgan, John, 3, Welcome street

Protheroe, T., 21, Goat street

Rees, William, 33, Park street

Stevens, J. S., 21, Wind street

Thomas, John, 29, Goat street

Thomas, W., 14, Orchard street

Walters, G., 10, College street

Ward, Joseph, 52, Wind street

Williams, W., 20, College street

Yeates, Robert, 24, College street and 60, Oxford street

Tallow Chandlers.

Walters, David, Wind street

Walters, Griffith, Caer street

Walters, Thomas, Wind street


Davies, Joseph, Calvert street

Nicholas, T., 7, Gower street

Owen Thomas, 43, High street

Tea Dealers and Drapers.—Travelling.

Borland, John, 32, Oxford street

Gracie, G., 26, Union street

Hunter, J. W., 17, Cradock street

Kerr, James, 25, Singleton street

Mc’Millan, H. J., 3, Grove place

Paton, Allen, Oxford street

Swords, J., 2, Melbourne terrace

Timber Merchants.

Eaton, H. K., 4, Ferryside

Francis, Richardson, and Co., Strand

Minzies and Williams, New cut

Munro, Grant and Co., Tyrllandwr

Tinmen and Braziers.

                           _See also Plumbers_.

Crabbe, E., 5, Goat street

Crabbe, James, 222, High street

Crowther, Thomas, 25, High street


                           _See also Grocers_.

Bonnett, John, 41, Wind street

Bowden, John, 7, Wind street

Toy Dealers.

Baker, Henry, Caer street

Brookes, W., 2, Castle street

Corin, J., 15, Castle street


                           _See also Drapers_.

Ayres, D. T., 1, Gower street

Reed, J. F., Oxford street

Watkins, Thomas, 10, Caer street

Walters, John, Calvert street


                        _See also Cabinet Makers_.

Edwards, M., Singleton street

Stevens, S., 9, Park street

Watch and Clock Makers.

Charles, Charles, 44, Castle street

Cousens, R. W., 20, Wind street

Hennessy, B. R., 5, Wind street

Hutchinson, C., 46, Wind street

Jenkins, J., 50, Wind street

Joseph, Benjamin, 15, High street

Kern, James and Co., 195, High street

Linnard, John, 11, College street

Moses, E. F., College street

Owen, J. T., 4, College street

Rayner, W. R., Castle street

Tyte, C., 16, Wind street


Hughes, W., High street

Kneath, Mrs., 4, Oxford street

Wine and Spirit Merchants.

Clark, William, 86, Wind street

Jones, W. H., 78, Oxford street

Morgan, S., 2, Castle square

Wheeler, J. D. and Co., 7, Fisher street

Wine and Spirit Vaults.

Bevan, E., 41, Castle street

Bennett, F., 37, Orchard street

Bowen, J. W., 3, Castle street

Bustin, Richard, 96, Oxford street

Haines, Charles, Temple street

Hall, Henry, 19, College street

Kneath, Henry, 39, Orange street

Price, M. R., 22, College street

Walker, Henry, 263, High street

Wing, Mrs., 8, Goat street


Harris, John, 20, Oxford street

Woollen Manufacturers.

Griffiths, M., 22, Castle street

Hopkins, A., 15, Goat street

James, David, 21, Nelson street


_Assayer_, John Cristoe, Grove place

_Alkali Manufacturer_, William Thomas, 7, Northampton place

_Cattle Dealers_, J. W. Blake, 8, Heathfield street, and John Thomas, 53,
Oxford street

_Cow Keepers_, Charles Williams, Townhill, and Benjamin James, 37, Orange

_Cutler and Surgical Instrument Maker_, James Joyce, 5, College street

_Engravers_, John Bonnett, 41, Wind street, Charles James Jackson, 42,
Wind street

_Gun Maker_, Charles Brookes, 2, Castle street

_Gutta Percha and Vulcanized India Rubber Dealer_, George H. Gale, 40,
Wind street

_Hatter_, Francis Thomas, 27, College street

_Last and Boot-Tree Maker_, James Ashman, Fynone road

_Marble and Slate Works_, P. Rogers and Sons, World’s end

_Skinner and Glove Manufacturer_, James Davies, 34, Orange street

_Steam Saw Mills_, H. K. Eaton, Oystermouth road

_Trunk Maker_, J. Corin, 15, Castle street

_Veterinary Surgeon_, George Wedon, 11, Park street

Fisher street, John Davies, postmaster.


For Gower, Mumbles, and Swansea Valley; box closes at 6 a.m., despatched
at 7 a.m.

Up North Mail, for Neath and all places East of Swansea, to Gloucester,
Bristol, West and North of England, Scotland and Ireland; box closes at
11.45 a.m., despatched at 1 p.m.

Down North Mail, for Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire, and Cardiganshire;
box closes at 10 a.m., despatched at 10.30 a.m.

Up London Mail, for Merthyr, Neath, and all places East of Swansea, to
Gloucester and London, North and West of England, and all parts of the
Kingdom; box closes at 5.45 p.m., despatched at 6.45 p.m.

Down London Mail, for Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire, and Cardiganshire;
box closes at 10 p.m., despatched at 5.45 a.m.

                                * * * * *

First Delivery at 7.30 a.m. of London Down Mail, Carmarthenshire,
Pembrokeshire, and Cardiganshire of previous evening, and Mumbles, Gower,
and Swansea Valley letters.

Second Delivery at 12 at noon, of North Down Mail, and Up North Mail from
Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire, and Cardiganshire letters.

                                * * * * *

Money Orders granted from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Letters to be registered must
be presented at least half-an-hour before the box closes.


ST. MARY’S CHURCH, Calvert street; _Vicar_, Rev. E. B. Squire; _English
Curate_, Rev. E. G. Williams; _Welsh Curate_, Rev. John Clarke; _Parish
Clerk_, John Walters; _Vestry Clerk_, R. W. Beor; _Sexton_, Robert
Phillips; _Vicar’s Wardens_, J. Oakshot, W. Rosser; _Mayor’s Wardens_,
Jacob Lewis, Samuel Evans.

ST. JOHN’S CHURCH, High street; _Perpetual Curate_, Rev. Rice Morgan;
_Assistant Curate_, Rev. W. Rees; _Parish Clerk_, Thomas Lewis; _Sexton_,
John Phillips.

HOLY TRINITY, Trinity place; _Incumbent_, Rev. J. P. Leakey; _Clerk_,
John Thomas; _Churchwardens_, J. W. Hallam, I. D. Rees.


BAPTIST—Mount Pleasant Chapel, Heathfield street, Rev. Charles Short.
York Place Chapel, York street, Rev. David Evans.  Bethesda Chapel,
Bethesda street, (Welsh), Rev. D. Davies.  Bethlehem Chapel, Chapel
street, (Welsh), Rev. L. Evans.

WESLEYAN METHODIST—Wesley Chapel, College street, Rev. John C. Pengelly,
Rev. John Harding.  Tabernacle Chapel, Tontine street, (Welsh), Rev. B.

WESLEYAN REFORMERS—Wesleyan Reform Chapel, Bellevue street, no stated

PRIMITIVE METHODIST—Methodist Chapel, Tower lane, Rev. J. Warnes, Rev. M.

CALVINISTIC METHODIST—Trinity Chapel, Park street, (Welsh), no stated
Minister.  Greenhill Chapel, Chapel street, (Welsh), no stated Minister.
Bethany Chapel, Edward street, Rev. William Williams.

INDEPENDENT—Castle street Chapel, Rev. William Jones.  Ebenezer street
Chapel, (Welsh), Rev. Elias Jacob.  Zion Chapel, High street, (Welsh),
Rev. Thomas Davies.  Zoar Chapel, Greenhill, (Welsh), Rev. Rees Rees.

COUNTESS OF HUNTINGDON—Huntingdon Chapel, Adelaide street, Rev. J. W.

UNITARIAN—Unitarian Church, High street, no stated Minister.  Unitarian
Chapel, Baptist court, (Welsh), Rev. J. James.

SOCIETY OF FRIENDS—Friends’ Meeting House, Strand.

ROMAN CATHOLIC—St. David’s Church, Rutland street, Rev. C. Kavanagh.

JEWS’ SYNAGOGUE—Waterloo street, Rev. I. Pisar.


Clerk to Commissioners of Land, Property, and Assessed Taxes, for Swansea
District Christopher Kilby M’Adam, 5, Prospect place.

Ditto for the District of Llangefelach, Thos. Attwood, Mount street.

Recorder, J. G. Jeffreys.

Stamp Distributor, William Morris, 228, High street.

Surveyor of Taxes, George Hall, Grove place.

Receiver of Droits of Admiralty, Geo. Holland, 31, Oxford street.

Lloyd’s agent, James Strick, Strand.

Surveyor of Lloyd’s, W. Johnson, Cradock street.

Collector of Taxes, David Davies, Castle Bailey street.

Collector of Poor Rates, David Thomas, Heathfield street.

Assistant Collector of Poor Rates, John Jones, Union street.

Collector of Local Board of Health Rate, J. R. Brenton, Oxford street.


Assembly Rooms, Cambrian place; _Keeper_, John Luce.

Baths (Warm and Cold), Adelaide street; _Proprietor_, George Bowen.

Deaf and Dumb Institution, Picton place; _Principal_, Edward Buxton.

Inland Revenue Office, Bush Inn, High street; _Collector_, William Thomas
Gregory; _Clerk_, James Parker; _Supervisor_, William Ivey; _Officers_,
Peter Hamley, Thomas Spivey, Thomas Stuchbery, Richard Grainger, Richard
Pike, Richard Wood, and John Redding.

Guildhall and Council Chambers, Somerset place; _Hall Keeper_, Thomas

Harbour Master’s Office, Ferryside; _Harbour Master_, J. Edwards; _Deputy
Harbour Master_, William Rose.

House of Correction, Oystermouth road; _Chaplain_, Rev. E. B. Squire;
_Governor_, W. Cox; _Matron_, Catherine Cox; _Surgeon_, J. G. Hall.

Debtors’ Goal, Swansea Castle, _Keeper_, David Robinson.

Night Asylum, Singleton street; _Keeper_, David Francis.

Markets and Public Slaughter Houses; _Lessee_, Thomas Bullin.

Theatre, Temple street; _Secretary_, J. Lewis, Union street.

Union Workhouse, Oystermouth road; _Chaplain_, M. R. Morgan; _Master_,
Edward Bevan; _Matron_, Ann Bevan.


Swansea Canal; Office, Strand; _Clerk_, T. A. Marten.

Oystermouth Tramroad; Office, High street; _Clerk_, J. G. Jeffreys.

Gas Company; Office, Oystermouth road; _Clerk_, T. Glover.

South Wales Railway; Office, High street; _Superintendent_, Frederick

Ditto Parcel Office, Wind street, _Agent_, J. Bland.

Swansea Vale Railway; Office, New cut; _Secretary_, George Leeds.

Dock Company; Office, Assembly Rooms; _Secretary_, G. G. Francis.

Penclawdd Canal and Railway; Office, High street; _Clerk_, J. G.

Swansea Junction Railway; Office, Assembly Rooms; _Secretary_, G. G.


Royal Institution of South Wales; _President_, L. W. Dillwyn, F.R.S.,
F.L.S., &c.; _Honorary Secretaries_, J. G. Jeffreys, F.R.S., and David
Nicol, M.D.; _Resident Keeper_, Henry Moore.

Swansea Literary and Scientific Society; _Honorary Secretaries_, L. Ll.
Dillwyn, F.L.S., and J. Jenkins, F.R.A.S.

Royal Institution Book Club; _Honorary Secretary_, George Grant Francis,

People’s Institute; _Honorary Secretary_, Henry Thorne.


The _Cambrian_, established 1804, published every Friday morning; office,
58, Wind street.

The _Swansea and Glamorgan Herald_, established 1847, published every
Wednesday morning; office, Castle square.


   Meet on the Second Friday in every month, at 11 a.m., in the Council
                           Chamber, Guildhall.


_Town Clerk_, Charles Basil Mansfield; _Treasurers_, The Glamorganshire
Banking Company; _Receiver and Surveyor_, James Hall; _Town Crier_,
William Shaw; _Serjeants-at-Mace_, J. Luce and T. Murray; _Market
Inspector_, William Lodwick; _Public Weigher_, Robert Day; _Re-weigher_,
George Bluett; _Corn Meter_, Thomas Phillips.

The Assessors and Auditors are elected on the 1st March; twelve
Corporation Harbour Trustees on the 1st January, in each year, and six
more at Michaelmas every third year; the Mayor’s Churchwardens on Easter
Monday in each year; and the Mayor’s Auditor on the 1st March.

Police Force.

_Superintendent_, Henry Tate; _Inspector_, John Bennett; _Sergeants_,
Henry Brice, Daniel Brooks, and Noah Owen; One Detective Officer and
Sixteen Constables; _Police Court and Station_, Temple street; _Surgeon_,
T. A. Essery.

The Fire Brigade.

      Is under the command of Superintendent Tate and his Officers.

Town Porters.

_Master Porter_, William Rose French, Thomas Necrwes, Robert Gregory,
John Morris, William Morgan, Henry Charles, David Hughes, Richard Morris.

_Weighing Machine_, Quay; _Weigher_, Robert Day; _Cranes_, 1 and 2, Quay;
_Keeper_, William Rose French.


   Meet the first Wednesday in every month, in the Council Chamber, at
                     eleven o’clock in the forenoon.

      The Mayor, Aldermen, and Councillors, for the time being, are
                  _ex-officio_ the Members of the Board.


_Clerk_, Edward Strick; _Treasurers_, The Glamorganshire Banking Company;
_Medical Officer of Health_, W. H. Michael; _Surveyor_, Thomas L. Shaw;
_Collector of Rates_, John R. Brenton; _Inspector of Nuisances_, Daniel


 Meet in Petty Sessions, every Tuesday, at 11 a.m., in the Police Court.

Acting for the Hundred of Swansea.

C. R. M. Talbot, Esq., M.P.,        Evan Morgan, Esq., St. Helens
J. H. Vivian, Esq., M.P.,           E. R. Wood, Esq., Stouthall
H. Hussey Vivian, Esq., M.P.,       C. H. Smith, Esq., Derwenfawr
L. W. Dillwyn, Esq., Sketty Hall    Rev. John Collins, Oxwich
L. Ll. Dillwyn, Esq., Parkwern      Rev. Samuel Davies, The Grange
T. Edw. Thomas, Esq., Glanmor       J. D. Berrington, Esq., Woodlands
Iltid Thomas, Esq., Hill House      Matthew Moggridge, Esq., Willows
Christopher James, Esq., Bellevue   G. Byng Morris, Esq., Gabalfa
Starling Benson, Esq., Russell      J. N. Lucas, Esq., Greenfield
                                    Thos. Penrice, Esq., Kilvrough

For the Borough, of Swansea.

Meet every morning (except Tuesday), at 11 a.m., and in the Borough Petty
               Sessions, on Saturday, in the Police Court.

Geo. Grant Francis, Esq., Mayor     Richard Aubrey, Esq.
John Joce Strick, Esq., ex-Mayor    George Gwynne Bird, Esq., M.D.
                     Michael John Michael, Esq.

     _Clerk_, Thomas Attwood; _Chief Constable_, Charles Hutchinson;
             _House of Correction_, William Cox, _Governor_.

The Spring Assizes are held at Swansea, early in March; and the Midsummer
Assizes, at Cardiff, in July.

Quarter Sessions: Epiphany at Cardiff; Easter at Swansea; Midsummer at
Cardiff; Michaelmas at Swansea, and adjourned at each Sessions to Cardiff
and Swansea respectively.


      Meet in the Guildhall, for the Swansea District, every month.

_Judge_, Thomas Falconer, Esq.; _Clerk_, Lewis Morris; _Deputy Clerk_, I.
D. Rees; _High Bailiff_, J. D. Thomas; _Clerk’s Office_, Worcester place.


_Solicitor_, Lewis Thomas; _Clerk and Receiver_, Sylvanus Padley;
_Resident Engineer_, James Hall; _Harbour and Pilot Master_, John
Edwards; _Deputy Harbour Master_, William Rose; _Water Bailiff_, Francis
Price; _Layer Keeper_, John Henry Baylis; _Keeper of the Pier Light_,
William Rosser; _Keeper of the Mumbles Light_, Abraham Ace, jun.


_Collector_, William Waters; _First Clerk_, William Gronow, jun.; _Second
Clerk_, F. Pitman; _Comptroller and Landing Surveyor_, Thomas S. Todd;
_Tide Surveyor_, S. B. Williams; _Searchers_, _Landing_, _and Coast
Waiters_, W. I. Turner and F. Pockett; _Lockers_, George George and
George Cheshire; _Tide Waiters and Boatmen_, William Garde, Daniel Jones,
David Evans, David Johns, Edward Jenkins, H. Newbury, and J. Williams.


        Meet in the Swansea Workhouse, every Thursday, at 10 a.m.

Chairman, two Vice-Chairmen, ten Guardians for the Town, and thirty-six
for the Country Parishes, elected annually.

_Clerk_, Charles Collins; _Surgeon to the Swansea District_, T. A.
Essery; _Relieving Officer_, T. Daniel; _Rate Collector for Swansea_,
David Thomas; _Superintendent Registrar of Births_, _Deaths_, _and
Marriages for the Swansea Union_, Charles Collins; _Deputy
Superintendent_, David David; _Registrar of Marriages for Swansea
District_, George Baker Haynes; _Registrar of Births and Deaths_, John
Oakshot; _Deputy Registrar_, George Harry.


_Chairman_, L. L. Dillwyn; _Vice-Chairman_, M. Moggridge; _House
Surgeon_, J. G. Hall; _Secretary_, George Turton Stroud; _Matron_, Mrs.


BRANCH BANK OF ENGLAND, Temple street, _Agent_, F. Ritchie; _Sub-Agent_,
C. Nicholson.

GLAMORGANSHIRE BANKING COMPANY, High street, Draw on Jones, Loyd, and
Co., London.

SWANSEA SAVINGS’ BANK, Heathfield street, _Actuary_, J. W. Jones.


The South Wales Railway Up Trains

For Neath, Briton Ferry, Port Talbot, Pyle, Bridgend, Lantrissent,
Cardiff, Newport, Chepstow, and Gloucester.

South Wales Railway Down Trains

For Loughor, Llanelly, Pembrey, Kidwelly, Ferryside, Carmarthen, Narberth
Road, and Haverfordwest.

Vale of Neath Trains

For Aberdulais, Glyn-Neath, Resolven, Hirwain, Aberdare, and Merthyr.

Times altered first of every month.  Time Books published by E. Pearse,
15, Wind street.

Coaches and Omnibuses.

To Morriston, Clydach, Pontardawe, Ystalyfera, and Yniscedwyn daily at
7.0 a.m., by Spencer’s Mail Coach, returning to Swansea at 3.15 p.m. each

Mumbles Omnibuses from Rees’s, Horse and Groom, College street, twice a
day; Barter’s, from the Rutland Arms, Rutland street, and Williams’s,
from the Hope and Anchor, Fisher street, each three times a day; and to
and from the Trains.


To Yniscedwyn, John Spencer, Mail Coach, from the Nag’s Head, Goat
street, at 7.0 a.m. daily; and Lamb’s Omnibus, from the Cameron Arms, on
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at 4.0 p.m.

Steam Packets.

To Bristol, from Padley’s Wharf, _Lord Beresford_, Tuesdays and Fridays.
Agent James Wathen Pockett.  Offices at the Wharf.

Ilfracombe, from Padley’s Wharf, _Lord Beresford_, Mondays and Thursdays:
only in summer.  Agent, James Wathen Pockett.

Liverpool, from the Quay, the _Troubadour_, Wednesdays, and _Glendower_,
Fridays.  Agent, Edwin Edwards.

                                * * * * *


                                * * * * *

                                * * * * *


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