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´╗┐Title: Dame Trot and her Cat
Author: Anonymous
Language: English
As this book started as an ASCII text book there are no pictures available.
Copyright Status: Not copyrighted in the United States. If you live elsewhere check the laws of your country before downloading this ebook. See comments about copyright issues at end of book.

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By Anonymous

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|Dame Trot once went to a neighboring fair,

     And what do you think that she bought herself there?

A Pussy! the prettiest ever was seen;

     No cat was so gentle, so clever, and clean.

Each dear little paw was as black as a sloe,

     The rest of her fur was as white as the snow;

Her eyes were bright green, and her sweet little face

     Was pretty and meek, full of innocent grace.

Dame Trot hurried home with this beautiful cat;

     Went up stairs to take off her cloak and her hat;

And when she came down was astonished to see

     That Pussy was busy preparing the tea.

"Oh, what a strange cat! thought poor little Dame Trot,

     "She'll break my best china and upset the pot;"

But no harm befel them--the velvety paws

     Were quite sure; the Dame for alarm had no cause.

[Illustration: 0006]

Next morning when little Dame Trot came down stairs,

To attend, as usual, to household affairs,

She found that the kitchen was swept up as clean

As if Puss, a regular servant had been.

The tea stood to draw, and the toast was done brown,

     The Dame, very pleased, to her breakfast sat down;

While Puss by her side on an arm-chair sat up,

     And lapp'd her warm milk from a nice china cup.

Now Spot, the old house-dog, looked on in amaze,

     He'd never been used to such queer cattish ways;

But Puss mew'd so sweetly, and moved with such grace,

     That Spot at last liked her, and licked her white face.

The Dame went to market and left them alone,

     Puss washing her face, the dog picking a bone;

But when she came back, Spot was learning to dance,

     From Pussy, who once had had lessons in France.

[Illustration: 0008]

[Illustration: 0009]

Poor little Dame Trot had no money to spare,

     And only too often, her cupboard was bare;

Then kind Mrs. Pussy would catch a nice fish,

     And serve it for dinner upon a clean dish.

The rats and the mice, who wish'd Pussy to please,

     Were now never seen at the butter or cheese;

The Dame daily found their numbers grow thinner,

     For Puss eat a mouse ev'ry day for her dinner.

If Puss had a weakness, I needs must confess,

     'Twas a Girl of the Period's fancy for dress;

Her greatest desire a high chignon and hat,

     And a very short dress _a la mode_ for a cat.

[Illustration: 0011]

So, one day, when Dame Trot had gone out to dine,

     Puss dressed herself up, as she thought, very fine;

And coaxed kind old Spot, who looked at her with pride,

     To play pony for once, and give her a ride.

The Dame from her visit returning home late,

     Met this funny couple outside her own gate,

And heartily laugh'd, when she saw her dear cat,

     Dressed up in a cloak and a chignon and hat.

"You're quite a grand lady, Miss Pussy," said she,

     And Pussy, affectedly, answered, "Oui. Oui;"

She thought it beneath her to mutter a mew,

     While wearing a dress of a fashion so new.

Now Spot, who to welcome his mistress desired,

     And to "company manners" never aspired,

Jumped up to fawn on her,--and down came the cat,

     And crushed in her tumble, her feather, and hat.

[Illustration: 0013]

"Oh, Puss!" said Dame Trot, "what a very sad mess

     You'd best have remained in your natural dress;

The graces which nature so kindly bestows,

     Are more often hid than improved by fine clothes."

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