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Title: Rhymes for the Young Folk
Author: Allingham, William
Language: English
As this book started as an ASCII text book there are no pictures available.

*** Start of this LibraryBlog Digital Book "Rhymes for the Young Folk" ***

produced from images generously made available by The
Internet Archive)

[Transcriber's Note: Bold text is surrounded by =equal signs= and
italic text is surrounded by _underscores_.]














    _Green Hills, Blue Mountains, Rocks and Streams,
       Birds, Woodland, Starry-Night, Sea-Foam,
     Flowers, Fairies, Children, Music, Dreams,
       A Book, a Garden-Chair--Sweet Home!_




    THE FAIRIES                    15
    THE ELF SINGING                18
    THE FAIRY KING                 20
    CHORUS OF FAIRIES              23
    ROBIN REDBREAST                24
    AMY MARGARET                   26
    JINGLE JANGLE                  29
    DREAMING                       30
    I LOVE YOU, DEAR               32
    SEASONS                        34
    THE CAT AND THE DOG            36
    HERE AND THERE                 37
    THE BIRD                       41
    WISHING                        42
    A MOUNTAIN ROUND               47
    THE LEPRACAUN                  48
    YES OR NO?                     53
    SLEEPING                       54
    A SWING SONG                   56
    BIRDS' NAMES                   58
    DOWN ON THE SHORE              60
    THE BUBBLE                     62
    NICK SPENCE                    65
    AMBITION                       66
    THE BALL                       69
    RIDING                         70
    TOM CRICKET                    72
    THE YEAR OF HARDSHIPS          74
    A RIDDLE                       75



    FRONTISPIECE: _The Bird_                      HELEN ALLINGHAM.
    THE NEW BOOK                                        DO.
    INTRODUCTION: _The Child and the Fairy_             DO.
    THE ELF SINGING (_Two Designs_)               CAROLINE PATERSON.
    THE FAIRY KING                                HARRY FURNISS.
    AMY MARGARET                                  HELEN ALLINGHAM.
    JINGLE JANGLE                                 CAROLINE PATERSON.
    DREAMING                                      HELEN ALLINGHAM.
    I LOVE YOU, DEAR                                    DO.
    HERE AND THERE (_Ten Designs_)                CAROLINE PATERSON.
    WISHING                                       HELEN ALLINGHAM.
    I SAW A LITTLE BIRDIE FLY                           DO.
    THE LEPRACAUN                                 HARRY FURNISS.
    YES OR NO?                                    CAROLINE PATERSON.
    SLEEPING                                      HELEN ALLINGHAM.
    A SWING SONG                                        DO.
    THE BUBBLE                                    KATE GREENAWAY.
    NICK SPENCE                                   HELEN ALLINGHAM.
    AMBITION                                      KATE GREENAWAY.
    THE BALL                                           W. A.
    THE YEAR OF HARDSHIPS                               DO.
    A RIDDLE                                      HELEN ALLINGHAM.




    UP the airy mountain,
      Down the rushy glen,
    We daren't go a-hunting
      For fear of little men;
    Wee folk, good folk,
      Trooping all together;
    Green jacket, red cap,
      And white owl's feather!

    Down along the rocky shore
      Some make their home,
    They live on crispy pancakes
      Of yellow tide-foam;
    Some in the reeds
      Of the black mountain-lake,
    With frogs for their watch-dogs,
      All night awake.

    High on the hill-top
      The old King sits;
    He is now so old and gray
      He's nigh lost his wits.
    With a bridge of white mist
      Columbkill he crosses,
    On his stately journeys
      From Slieveleague to Rosses;
    Or going up with music
      On cold starry nights,
    To sup with the Queen
      Of the gay Northern Lights.

    They stole little Bridget
      For seven years long;
    When she came down again
      Her friends were all gone.
    They took her lightly back,
      Between the night and morrow,
    They thought that she was fast asleep,
      But she was dead with sorrow.
    They have kept her ever since
      Deep within the lake,
    On a bed of flag-leaves,
      Watching till she wake.

    By the craggy hill-side,
      Through the mosses bare,
    They have planted thorn-trees
      For pleasure here and there.
    Is any man so daring
      As dig them up in spite,
    He shall find their sharpest thorns
      In his bed at night.

    Up the airy mountain,
      Down the rushy glen,
    We daren't go a-hunting
      For fear of little men;
    Wee folk, good folk,
      Trooping all together;
    Green jacket, red cap,
      And white owl's feather!




      AN Elf sat on a twig,
      He was not very big,
      He sang a little song,
      He did not think it wrong;
    But he was on a Wizard's ground,
      Who hated all sweet sound.

      Elf, Elf,
      Take care of yourself!
      He's coming behind you,
      To seize you and bind you,
      And stifle your song.
      The Wizard! the Wizard!
      He changes his shape
      In crawling along,
      An ugly old ape,
      A poisonous lizard,
      A spotted spider,
      A wormy glider,
      The Wizard! the Wizard!
      He's up on the bough,
      He'll bite through your gizzard
      He's close to you now!


        The Elf went on with his song,
        It grew more clear and strong,
          It lifted him into air,
            He floated singing away,
          With rainbows in his hair;
      While the Wizard-worm from his creep
          Made a sudden leap,
          Fell down into a hole,
    And, ere his magic word he could say,
          Was eaten up by a Mole.


    _"High on the hill-top
      The old King sits;
    He is now so old and gray
      He's nigh lost his wits."_

    THE Fairy King was old.
    He met the Witch of the Wold.
    "Ah ha, King!" quoth she,
    "Now thou art old like me."
    "Nay, Witch!" quoth he,
    "I am not old like thee."

    The King took off his crown,
    It almost bent him down;
    His age was too great
    To carry such a weight.
    "Give it here!" she said,
    And clapt it on her head.

    Crown sank to ground;
    The Witch no more was found.
    Then sweet spring-songs were sung,
    The Fairy King grew young,
    His crown was made of flowers,
    He lived in woods and bowers.



          GOLDEN, golden,
          Light unfolding,
    Busily, merrily, work and play,
          In flowery meadows,
          And forest shadows,
    All the length of a Summer day!
    All the length of a Summer day!

          Sprightly, lightly,
          Sing we rightly,
    Moments brightly hurry away;
          Fruit-tree blossoms,
          And roses' bosoms,--
    Clear blue sky of a Summer day!
    Dear blue sky of a Summer day!

          Springlets, brooklets,
          Greeny nooklets,
    Hill and Valley, and salt sea-spray,
          Comrade rovers,
          Fairy lovers,--
    All the length of a Summer day
    All the livelong Summer day!




    GOOD-BYE, good-bye to Summer!
      For Summer's nearly done;
    The garden smiling faintly,
      Cool breezes in the sun;
    Our Thrushes now are silent,
      Our Swallows flown away,--
    But Robin's here, in coat of brown,
      With ruddy breast-knot gay.
    Robin, Robin Redbreast,
      O Robin dear!
    Robin singing sweetly
      In the falling of the year.

    Bright yellow, red, and orange,
      The leaves come down in hosts;
    The trees are Indian Princes,
      But soon they'll turn to Ghosts;
    The scanty pears and apples
      Hang russet on the bough,
    It's Autumn, Autumn, Autumn late,
      'Twill soon be Winter now.
    Robin, Robin Redbreast,
      O Robin dear!
    And welaway! my Robin,
      For pinching times are near.

    The fireside for the Cricket,
      The wheatstack for the Mouse,
    When trembling night-winds whistle
      And moan all round the house;
    The frosty ways like iron,
      The branches plumed with snow,--
    Alas! in Winter, dead and dark,
      Where can poor Robin go?
    Robin, Robin Redbreast,
      O Robin dear,
    And a crumb of bread for Robin,
      His little heart to cheer.



    AMY MARGARET'S five years old,
    Amy Margaret's hair is gold,
    Dearer twenty-thousand-fold
          Than gold, is Amy Margaret.

    "Amy" is friend, is "Margaret"
    The pearl for crown or carkanet?
    Or peeping daisy, Summer's pet?
          Which are you, Amy Margaret?

    A friend, a daisy, and a pearl;
    A kindly, simple, precious girl,--
    Such, howsoe'er the world may twirl,
          Be ever,--Amy Margaret!





            JINGLE, jangle!
            Riot and wrangle!
            What shall we do
            With people like you?
            Here's Jingle!
            There's Jangle!
            Here's Riot!
            There's Wrangle!
    Never was seen such a turbulent crew!

            _You_, north must go
            To a hut of snow;
            _You_, south, in a trice,
            To an island of spice;
            _You_, off to Persia
            And sit on a hill,
            _You_, to that chair
            And be five minutes' still!



          A STRANGE little Dream
          On a long star-beam
    Ran down from the midnight skies,
          To curly-hair'd Fred
          Asleep in his bed,
    With the lids on his merry blue eyes.

          Under each lid
          The thin Dream slid,
    And spread to a picture inside,
          A new World there,
          Most strange and rare,
    Tho' just by our garden-side.

          Rivers and Rocks,
          And a Treasure-Box,
    And Floating in Air without wings,
          And the Speaking Beast,
          And a Royal Feast,
    My chair beside the King's;

          A Land of Flowers,
          And of lofty Towers
    Carved over in marble white
          With living Shapes
          Of Panthers and Apes
    That gambol in ceaseless flight;

          And a Cellar small
          With its Cave in the Wall
    Stretching many a mile underground!
          And the Rope from the Moon!--
          Fred woke too soon,
    For its end could never be found.





    I LOVE you, Dear, I love you, Dear,
    You can't think how I love you, Dear!
            Supposing I
            Were a Butterfly,
    I'd waver around and above you, Dear.

    A long way off I spied you, Dear,
    No bonnet or hat could hide you, Dear,
            If I were a Bird,
            Believe my word,
    I'd sing every day beside you, Dear.

    When you're away I miss you, Dear,
    And now you're here I'll kiss you, Dear,
            And beg you will take
            This flow'r for my sake,
    And my love along with this, you Dear!



[Illustration: Music]



    IN Spring-time, the Forest,
      In Summer, the Sea,
    In Autumn, the Mountains,
      In Winter,--ah me!

    How gay, the old branches
      A-swarm with new buds,
    The primrose and bluebell
      Fresh-blown in the woods,
    All green things unfolding,
      Where merry birds sing!
    I love in the Woodlands
      To wander in Spring.

    What joy, when the Sea-waves,
      In mirth and in might,
    Spread purple in shadow,
      Flash white into light!
    The gale fills the sail,
      And the gull flies away;
    In crimson and gold
      Sets the long Summer Day.

    O pride! on the Mountains
      To leave earth below;
    The great slopes of heather,
      One broad purple glow;
    The loud-roaring torrent
      Leaps, bound after bound,
    To plains of gold Autumn,
      With mist creeping round

    Ah, Wind, is it Winter?
      Yes, Winter is here;
    With snow on the meadow,
      And ice on the mere.
    The daylight is short,
      But the firelight is long;
    Our skating's good sport;
      Then story and song.

    In Spring-time, the Forest,
      In Summer, the Sea,
    In Autumn, the Mountains,--
      And Winter has glee.



    THERE once lived a Man, a Cat, and a Dog,
    And the Man built a house with stone and log.
    "If you'll help to take care of this house with me,
    One indoors, one out, your places must be."
    Said both together, "Indoors I'll stay!"
    And they argued the matter for half-a-day.

    "Come, let us sing for it!" purrs the Cat;
    "No!" barks the Dog, "I won't do that."
    "Come, let us fight for it!" growls Bow-wow;
    "Nay!" says Pussy, "mee-ow, mee-ow!"
    "Well, let us race for it!"--said and done.
    The course is mark'd out, and away they run.

    Puss bounded off; the Dog ran fast;
    Quickly was Puss overtaken and pass'd;
    But a Beggar who under the hedge did lie
    Struck the poor Dog as he gallop'd by
    A blow with his staff, and lessen'd his pace
    To a limp: so Pussy won the race.

    The Beggar went on his way to beg;
    Dog was cured of his limping leg;
    And Cat keeps the inside of the house,
    Watching it well from rat and mouse,
    Dog keeps the outside, ever since then,
    And always barks at beggar-men.





[Illustration: Music]

    Where's Lucy? where's Lucy?
      Far, far in the wood,
    With wild birds for playmates,
      And beechnuts for food?


            _No, here she is! here she is!
                 Happy and gay,
               With singing and ringing
                 To join in our lay._


    Where's Gerald? where's Gerald?
      He's out in the snow;
    The stars shining keenly,
      The cold wind doth blow.

            _No, here he is! here he is!
                 Happy and gay;
               With singing and ringing
                 To join in our lay!_


    Where's Evey? where's Evey?
      She's lost in the fog;
    Go seek her, go find her,
      With man and with dog.

            _No, here she is! here she is!
                 Happy and gay;
               With singing and ringing,
                 To join in our lay!_


    Where's Henry? where's Henry?
      Poor Henry's afloat;
    The sea-waves all round him,
      High tossing his boat.

            _No, here he is! here he is!
                 Happy and gay;
               With singing and ringing
                 To join in our lay!_


    Where's Charley? where's Charley?
      In China dwells he;
    He wears a long pig-tail,
      Perpetually drinks tea.

            _No, here he is! here he is!
                 Happy and gay;
               With singing and ringing,
                 To join in our lay!_


    Where's Johnny? where's Johnny?
      In Nubia, I know;
    He has climb'd a tall palm-tree,--
      A lion's below.

            _No, here he is! here he is!
                 Happy and gay;
               With singing and ringing,
                 To join in our lay!_


    Where's Mary? where's Mary?
      Young Mary's asleep;
    And round her white pillow
      The little dreams creep.

            _No, here she is! here she is!
                 Happy and gay;
               With singing and ringing,
                 To join in our lay!_


    Where's Bertha? where's Bertha?
      She has wings--she can fly!
    She has flown to the bright moon--
      Look up there and spy!

            _No, here she is! here she is!
                 Happy and gay;
               With sinking and ringing,
                 To join in our lay!_




    "BIRDIE, Birdie, will you pet?
    Summer-time is far away yet,
    You'll have silken quilts and a velvet bed,
    And a pillow of satin for your head!"

    "I'd rather sleep in the ivy wall;
    No rain comes through, tho' I hear it fall;
    The sun peeps gay at dawn of day,
    And I sing, and wing away, away!"

    "O Birdie, Birdie, will you pet?
    Diamond-stones and amber and jet
    We'll string for a necklace fair and fine
    To please this pretty bird of mine!"

    "O thanks for diamonds, and thanks for jet,
    But here is something daintier yet,--
    A feather-necklace round and round,
    That I wouldn't sell for a thousand pound!"

    "O Birdie, Birdie, won't you pet?
    We'll buy you a dish of silver fret,
    A golden cup and an ivory seat,
    And carpets soft beneath your feet!"

    "Can running water be drunk from gold?
    Can a silver dish the forest hold?
    A rocking twig is the finest chair,
    And the softest paths lie through the air,--
    Good-bye, good-bye to my lady fair!"


    RING-TING! I wish I were a Primrose,
    A bright yellow Primrose blowing in the Spring!
        The stooping boughs above me,
        The wandering bee to love me,
    The fern and moss to creep across,
                And the Elm-tree for our king!


    Nay--stay! I wish I were an Elm-tree,
    A great lofty Elm-tree, with green leaves gay!
        The winds would set them dancing,
        The sun and moonshine glancing,
    The Birds would house among the boughs,
                And sweetly sing!


    O--no! I wish I were a Robin,
    A Robin or a little Wren, everywhere to go;
        Through forest, field, or garden,
        And ask no leave or pardon,
    Till Winter comes with icy thumbs
                To ruffle up our wing.

    Well--tell! Where should I fly to,
    Where go to sleep in the dark wood or dell?
        Before a day was over,
        Home comes the rover,
    For Mother's kiss,--sweeter this
                Than any other thing!



    I SAW a little Birdie fly,
      Merrily piping came he;
    "Whom d'ye sing to, Bird?" said I;
      "Sing?--I sing to Amy!"

    "Very sweet you sing," I said;
      "Then," quoth he, "to pay me,
    Give one little crumb of bread,
      A little smile from Amy."

    "Just," he sings, "one little smile;
      O, a frown would slay me!
    Thanks, and now I'm gone awhile,--
      Fare-you-well, dear Amy!"





[Illustration: Music]

    TAKE hands, merry neighbours, for dancing the round!
    Moonlight is fair and delicious the air;
    From valley to valley our music shall sound,
    And startle the wolf in his lair.
    From summits of snow to the forest below,
    Let vulture and crow hear the echoes, O-ho! (O-ho!)
    While shadow on meadow in dancing the round
    Goes whirligig, pair after pair!





    LITTLE Cowboy, what have you heard,
      Up on the lonely rath's green mound?
    Only the plaintive yellow bird
      Sighing in sultry fields around,
    Chary, chary, chary, chee-ee!--
    Only the grasshopper and the bee?--
            "Tip-tap, rip-rap,
        Scarlet leather sewn together,
            This will make a shoe.
        Left, right, pull it tight;
            Summer days are warm;
        Underground in winter,
            Laughing at the storm!"
    Lay your ear close to the hill.
      Do you not catch the tiny clamour,
      Busy click of an Elfin hammer,
    Voice of the Lepracaun singing shrill
    As he merrily plies his trade?
            He's a span
            And a quarter in height.
    Get him in sight, hold him tight,
            And you're a made


    You watch your cattle the summer day,
    Sup on potatoes, sleep in the hay:
      How would you like to roll in your carriage,
      Look for a Duchess's daughter in marriage?
    Seize the Shoemaker--then you may!
             "Big boots a-hunting,
                Sandals in the hall,
              White for a wedding-feast,
                Pink for a ball.
              This way, that way,
                So we make a shoe;
              Getting rich every stitch,
    Nine-and-ninety treasure-crocks
    This keen miser-fairy hath,
    Hid in mountains, woods, and rocks,
      And where the cormorants build;
              From times of old
              Guarded by him;
              Each of them fill'd
              Full to the brim
                  With gold!


    I caught him at work one day, myself,
      In the castle-ditch where foxglove grows,--
    A wrinkled, wizen'd, and bearded Elf,
      Spectacles stuck on his pointed nose,
      Silver buckles to his hose,
    Leather apron-shoe in his lap--
             "Rip-rap, tip-tap,
              (A green cricket on my cap!
                Away the moth flew!)
              Buskins for a fairy prince,
                Brogues for his son,--
              Pay me well, pay me well,
                When the job is done!"
    The rogue was mine, beyond a doubt.
      I stared at him, he stared at me;
      "Servant, Sir!" "Humph!" says he,
    And pull'd a snuff-box out.
    He took a long pinch, look'd better pleased,
      The queer little Lepracaun;
    Offer'd the box with a whimsical grace,
    Pouf! he flung the dust in my face,
              And, while I sneezed,
                  Was gone!


    _Raths_, very ancient forts or entrenched
    dwelling-places, usually on hills; the remains of these
    are common in Ireland, and resemble what are called
    "Rings" in England.

    _Yellow bird_, the yellow bunting, or "yorlin."




              YES or No?
              Stay or Go?
      He never can tell, he never will know!
              We must not wait,
              We'll all be late,
    While Barnaby puzzles his queer little pate!

              What do you say?
              Off and away!
      Make up your mind to go or to stay.
              Fix on your plan,
              Step out like a man,
    And follow your nose as fast as you can!




    DO all your sleeping at night,
    For then niddy-noddy is right;
        But awake you must keep,
        And it won't do to sleep,
    In the middle of broad daylight.

    The sun at the end of the day
    Takes his mighty great candle away;
        A curtain on high
        Is drawn over the sky,
    And the stars peep thro' if they may.

    There's the curtain of night over all,
    There's our own window-curtain so small,
        And least in their size,
        Over Emily's eyes
    Her fringed little eyelids will fall.

    She kneels at the side of her bed,
    And softly her prayers are said;
        Now, a kiss, my Dear;
        Come, Angels, near,
    And keep watch round the little one's bed.



              SWING, swing,
              Sing, sing,
    Here's my throne, and I am a King!
              Swing, sing,
              Swing, sing,
    Farewell earth, for I'm on the wing!

              Low, high,
              Here I fly,
    Like a bird through sunny sky;
              Free, free,
              Over the lea,
    Over the mountain, over the sea!

              Up, down,
              Up and down,
    Which is the way to London Town?
              Where, where?
              Up in the air,
    Close your eyes, and now you are there!

              Soon, soon,
    Over the sunset, over the moon;
              Far, far,
              Over all bar,
    Sweeping on from star to star!

              No, no,
              Low, low,
    Sweeping daisies with my toe.
              Slow, slow,
              To and fro,

[Illustration: Music]

              Swing, swing,
              sing, sing,
    Here's my throne and I am a King!
              Swing, sing,
              swing, sing,
    Farewell, earth, for I'm on the wing!




    OF Creatures with Feathers, come let us see
    Which have names like you and me.
    Hook-nosed Poll, that thinks herself pretty,
    Everyone knows, of all birds most witty.
    Friendly Daw, in suit of gray,
    Ask him his name, and 'Jack!' he'll say.
    Pert Philip Sparrow hopping you meet,
    "Philip! Philip!"--in garden and street.
    Bold Robin Redbreast perches near,
    And sings his best in the fall of the year.
    Grave Madge Owlet shuns the light,
    And shouts "hoo! hoo!" in the woods at night.
    Nightingale sweet, that May loves well,
    Old Poets have call'd her Philomel,
    But Philomelus, _he_ sings best,
    While _she_ sits listening in her nest.
    Darting Martin!--tell me why
    They call you Martin, I know not, I;
    Martin the black, under cottage eaves,
    Martin the small, in sandy caves.
    Merry Willy Wagtail, what runs he takes!
    Wherever he stops, his tail he shakes.
    Head and tail little Jenny Wren perks,
    As in and out of the hedge she jerks.
    Brisk Tom Tit, the lover of trees,
    Picks-off every fly and grub he sees.
    Mag, the cunning chattering Pie,
    Builds her home in a tree-top high,--
    Mag, you're a terrible thief, O fie!

        Tom and Philip and Jenny and Polly,
    Madge and Martin and Robin and Willy,
    Philomelus and friendly Jack,--
    Mag the rogue, half-white, half-black,
    Stole an egg from every Bird;
    Such an uproar was never heard;
    All of them flew upon Mag together,
    And pluck'd her naked of every feather.
    "You're not a Bird!" they told her then,
    "You may go away and live among men!"





      DOWN on the shore, on the sunny shore!
        Where the salt smell cheers the land;
      Where the tide moves bright under boundless light,
        And the surge on the glittering strand;
      Where the children wade in the shallow pools,
        Or run from the froth in play;
      While the swift little boats with milk-white wings
        Are crossing the sapphire bay,
      And the ship in full sail, with a fortunate gale
        Holds proudly on her way;
      Where the nets are spread on the grass to dry,
      And asleep, hard by, the fishermen lie,
      Under the tent of the warm blue sky,
    With the hushing wave on its golden floor
            To sing their lullaby.


      Down on the shore, on the stormy shore!
        Beset by a growling sea,
      Whose mad waves leap on the rocky steep
        Like wolves up a traveller's tree:
      Where the foam flies wide, and an angry blast
        Blows the curlew off, with a screech;
      Where the brown sea-wrack, torn up by the roots,
        Is flung out of fishes' reach;
      And the tall ship rolls on the hidden shoals,
        And scatters her planks on the beach;
      Where slate and straw through the village spin,
      And a cottage fronts the fiercest din
      With a sailor's wife sitting sad within,
    Hearkening the wind and the water's roar,
            Till at last her tears begin.



    SEE, the pretty Planet!
        Floating sphere!
    Faintest breeze will fan it
        Far or near;

    World as light as feather;
        Moonshine rays,
    Rainbow tints, together,
        As it plays;

    Drooping, sinking, failing,
        Nigh to earth,
    Mounting, whirling, sailing,
        Full of mirth;

    Life there, welling, flowing,
        Waving round;
    Pictures coming, going,
        Without sound.

    Quick now! be this airy
        Globe repell'd!
    Never can the fairy
        Star be held.

    Touch'd--it in a twinkle
    Leaving but a sprinkle,
        As of tears.




    NICK SPENCE, Nick Spence,
    Sold the Cow for sixpence!
        When his Master scolded him,
            Nicky didn't care.
    Put him in the farmyard,
    The stableyard, the stackyard,
        Send him to the pigsty,
            And Johnny to the fair!



    THE Sea! as smooth as silk,
    And the froth of it like new milk,
    And the sky a wonderful blue,
    The cliff harebells have it too,
    And scatter'd all over the shore
    A thousand Children or more!

    Suppose we join, one-will'd,
    A City of Sand to build,
    With a rampart broad and strong
    From rock to rock along,
    Solid and firm enough
    To last till the sea grows rough
    And the days turn chilly and short,
    The end of our seaside sport,
    When all must bundle and pack
    And swift in the train go back,
    Big folk and little folk,
    To London lamps and smoke?

    Let's draw out our plan to-night,
    Begin it with morning light.
    We'll bring all the Children together
    And build in the sweet sunny weather.
    What use in a House of Sand?
    But a City--that _would_ be grand!
    O yes, I am sure it will stand!
    And I, who first thought of the thing,
    Perhaps they will make me King?



    ALL men, black, brown, red, yellow, white
    Are brethren in their Father's sight.
    To do each other good is right,
    But not to wrangle, steal, or fight.

    A thousand millions, young and old,
    Some in the heat, some in the cold,
    Upon this Ball of Earth are roll'd
    Around the Sun's great flame of gold.


    And this great Sun is like indeed
    One daisy in a daisied mead;
    For GOD'S power doth all thought exceed.
    And of us also He takes heed.


        HIS Lordship's Steed
        Of a noble breed
    Is trotting it fleetly, fleetly,
        Her Ladyship's pony,
        Sleek and bonny,
    Cantering neatly, neatly.

        How shall they pass
        The Turf-Cadger's Ass,
    Creels and all, creels and all?
        Man on him bumping,
        Shouting and thumping,
    Heels and all, heels and all!

        Lane is not wide,
        A hedge on each side,
    The Ass is beginning to bray;
        "Now," says my Lord,
        With an angry word,
    "Fellow, get out of the way!"

        "Ha!" says the Cadger,
        As bold as a badger,
    "This way is _my_ way too!"
        Says the Lady mild,
        And sweetly smiled,
    "My Friend, that's perfectly true."

        The Cadger look'd round,
        Then jump'd to the ground,
    And into the hedge pull'd Neddy.
        "O thank you!" says she,
        "Ax pardon!" says he,
    And touch'd his old hat to the Lady.

        His Lordship's Steed
        Of a noble breed
    Went trotting it fleetly, fleetly,
        Her Ladyship's pony,
        Sleek and bonny
    Cantering neatly, neatly.

        The Cadger he rode
        As well as he could,
    Heels and all, heels and all,
        Jolting and bumping,
        Shouting and thumping,
    Creels and all, creels and all.




    TOM CRICKET he sat in his hole in the wall,
            Close to the kitchen fire,
    Up and down ran the Cockroaches all,
    Red coats and black coats, great and small;
    "Ho, Tom! our hearts are set on a ball,
            And your music we desire!"

    Tom sat in his hole, his horns hung out,
            He play'd away on his fiddle;
    The Cockroaches danced in a rabble rout,
    Scrambling and scurrying all about,
    Tho' they had their own steps and figures no doubt,
            Hands across, and down the middle.

    Till, "Stay!" says a Fat One,--"We're no Elves,
            To dance all night without stopping!
    Now for supper!" They help'd themselves,
    For the servants were gone to bed; on shelves
    And tables they quested by tens and twelves,
            And quick to the floor kept dropping.

    As a Cockroach ran by, says Tom Cricket to him,
            "Fetch me up a piece of potato,
    Good Sir!--to mix in the crowd I'm too slim."
    Says Jack Cockroach, "I see you are proud and prim;
    To eat alone is merely your whim,--
            Which I never will give way to!"

    "Come down," says he, "and look out for your share!"
            "I won't do that," says Tom Cricket.
    And when for another dance they care,
    And call upon Tom for a lively air,
    They find he has drawn himself back in his lair.
            "How shameful," they cry, "How wicked!"

    "Let's fill up the mouth of his cave with soot,
            Because he's behaved so badly!"
    They ran up and down the wall to do't;
    But ere half-done--a dreadful salute!
    In came the Cook, and the Scullion to boot,
            And off they all scampered madly.




                Bitter, very!
              February damp, Sir;
                March blows
                On April's nose,
        May has caught the cramp, Sir;
            Without a sun or moon!
                July, August,
                Many a raw gust;
    September, October, November, December,
    Ten times worse than I ever remember.
      No apples, or hay, or honey, or corn;
        I'm sure it wasn't a fat year.
      Whenever you and I were born,
        Good-luck it wasn't in _that_ year!



    WHAT I say you'll scarce believe,
    Yet my words shall not deceive.
    I saw what seem'd a little Boy,
    With a face of life and joy;
    He danced, he ran, he nodded, he smiled,
    Just like any other Child;
    But could not speak, (how strange was this!)
    Or cry, or breathe, nor could I kiss,
    To save my life, the cherry red
    Of lips, not living and not dead!
    He was no picture, statue, doll;
    He was not a Child at all;
    He was Nothing, as near as could be,
    He was as real as you or me.
    --There he is: turn and see!



Illustrated, Fine Art, and other Volumes.

    =Art, The Magazine of.= Yearly Volume. With about 500
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      Original Drawings by the First Artists of the day. An
      Original Etching forms the Frontispiece. 16s.

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      Coloured Plates by FREDERICK TAYLER. 5s.

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      _Cheap Edition_, 3s. 6d.

    =Artist, Education of the.= By E. CHESNEAU. Translated
      by CLARA BELL. 5s.

    =Bimetallism, The Theory of.= By D. BARBOUR. 6s.

    =Bismarck, Prince.= By C. LOWE, M.A. 2 Vols., demy 8vo.
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      ROBERTSON. 7s. 6d.

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    =British Battles on Land and Sea.= By JAMES GRANT. With
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      61 Coloured Plates. Demy 4to, 35s.

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      Medicine.= (_A List of Volumes forwarded post free on
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        =Writings of Richard Cobden.= 6s.
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        =Reciprocity Craze.= 3d.
        =Western Farmer of America.= 3d.
        =Transfer of Land by Registration.= 6d.
        =Reform of the English Land System.= 3d.

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      Keep Them.= By Prof. C. RANSOME. 1s.

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        =Sweet Mace.=
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        =My Patients.=
        =The Vicar's People.=
        =Cobweb's Father, and other Stories.=
        =The Parson o' Dumford.=
        =Poverty Corner.=

    =Ferns, European.= By JAMES BRITTEN, F.L.S. With 30
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        =The Human Race.=
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        =Tapestry.= By Eugène Müntz. Translated by Miss L.
          J. Davis.

        =Engraving.= By Le Vicomte Henri Delaborde.
          Translated by R. A. M. Stevenson.

        =The English School of Painting.= By E. Chesneau.
          Translated by L. N. Etherington. With an
          Introduction by Prof. Ruskin.

        =The Flemish School of Painting.= By A. J. Wauters.
          Translated by Mrs. Henry Rossel.

        =The Education of the Artist.= By Ernest Chesneau.
          Translated by Clara Bell. Non-illustrated.

        =Greek Archæology.= By Maxime Collignon. Translated
          by Dr. J. H. Wright.

        =Artistic Anatomy.= By Prof. Duval. Translated by
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        =The Dutch School of Painting.= By Henry Havard.
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      BALL, LL.D., F.R.S., Royal Astronomer of Ireland.
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    =Horse-Keeper, The Practical.= By GEORGE FLEMING,
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    =India, the Coming Struggle for.= By Prof. ARMINIUS
      VAMBÉRY. 5s.

    =India: the Land and the People.= By Sir JAMES CAIRD,
      K.C.B. 10s. 6d.

    =In-door Amusements, Cards Games, and Fireside Fun,
      Cassell's.= 2s. 6d.

    =Industrial Remuneration Conference.= The Report of.
      2s. 6d.

    =Insect Variety: its Propagation and Distribution.= By
      A. H. SWINTON. 7s. 6d.

    =Invisible Life, Vignettes from.= By J. BADCOCK,
      F.R.M.S. Illustrated. 3s. 6d.

    =Irish Parliament, The, What it Was, and What it Did.=
      By J. G. SWIFT MCNEILL, M.A. 1s.

    =Italy.= By J. W. PROBYN. 7s. 6d.

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      Illustrated. 2s. 6d.

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    =Land Question, The.= By Prof. J. ELLIOT, M.R.A.C. 10s.

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    =Letts's Diaries and other Time-saving Publications=
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      (_A list sent post free on application._)

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      _People's Edition_, 1s.

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      Guide.= 1s.; cloth, 2s.

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    =Longfellow's Poetical Works.= Illustrated. _Popular
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    =Medicine, Manuals for Students of.= (_A List forwarded
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    =Midland Railway, The Official Illustrated Guide to
      the.= 1s.; cloth, 2s.

    =Modern Artists, Some.= With highly-finished
      Engravings. 12s. 6d.

    =Modern Europe, A History of.= By C. A. FYFFE, M.A.
      Vol. I. From 1792 to 1814. 12s. Vol. II. From 1814 to
      1848. 12s.

    =Music, Illustrated History of.= By EMIL NAUMANN.
      Edited by the Rev. Sir F. A. GORE OUSELEY, Bart.
      Illustrated. Two Vols. 31s. 6d.

    =National Library, Cassell's.= In Weekly Volumes, each
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      WRIGHT, M.A., M.D., F.L.S. With several Hundred
      Illustrations. 7s. 6d. Roxburgh, 10s. 6d.

    =Natural History, Cassell's New.= Edited by Prof.
      P. MARTIN DUNCAN, M.B., F.R.S., F.G.S. With
      Contributions by Eminent Scientific Writers.
      Complete in Six Vols. With about 2,000 high-class
      Illustrations. Extra crown 4to, cloth, 9s. each.

    =Nature, Short Studies from.= Illustrated. 5s.

    =Neutral Tint, A Course of Painting in.= With
      Twenty-four Plates by R. P. LEITCH. With full
      Instructions to the Pupil. 5s.

    =Nimrod in the North; or, Hunting and Fishing
      Adventures in the Arctic Regions.= By FREDERICK
      SCHWATKA. Illustrated, 7s. 6d.

    =Nursing for the Home and for the Hospital, A Handbook
      of.= By CATHERINE J. WOOD. _Cheap Edition._ 1s. 6d.;
      cloth, 2s.

    =Oil Painting, A Manual of.= By Hon. JOHN COLLIER.
      Cloth, 2s. 6d.

    =On the Equator.= By H. DE W. Illustrated with Photos.
      3s. 6d.

    =Our Own Country.= Six Vols. With 1,200 Illustrations.
      Cloth, 7s. 6d. each.

    =Outdoor Sports and Indoor Amusements.= With nearly
      1,000 Illustrations. 9s.

    =Paris, Cassell's Illustrated Guide to.= 1s.; cloth, 2s.

    =Parliaments, A Diary of Two.= By H. W. LUCY. The
      Disraeli Parliament, 1874-1880. 12s. The Gladstone
      Parliament. 12s.

    =Paxton's Flower Garden.= By Sir JOSEPH PAXTON and
      Prof. LINDLEY. Revised by THOMAS BAINES, F.R.H.S.
      Three Vols. With 100 Coloured Plates. £1 1s. each.

    =Peoples of the World, The.= By Dr. ROBERT BROWN. Vols.
      I. to V. now ready. With Illustrations. 7s. 6d. each.

    =Perak and the Malays.= By Major FRED MCNAIR.
      Illustrated. 10s. 6d.

    =Phantom City, The.= By W. WESTALL. 5s.

    =Photography for Amateurs.= By T. C. HEPWORTH.
      Illustrated, 1s.; or cloth, 1s. 6d.

    =Phrase and Fable, Dictionary of.= By the Rev. Dr.
      BREWER. _Cheap Edition, Enlarged_, cloth, 3s. 6d.; or
      with leather back, 4s. 6d.

    =Picturesque America.= Complete in Four Vols., with 48
      Exquisite Steel Plates, and about 800 Original Wood
      Engravings. £2 2s. each.

    =Picturesque Canada.= With about 600 Original
      Illustrations. Two Vols., £3 3s. each.

    =Picturesque Europe.= Complete in Five Vols. Each
      containing 13 Exquisite Steel Plates, from Original
      Drawings, and nearly 200 Original Illustrations. £10
      10s.; half-morocco, £15 15s.; morocco gilt, £26 5s.
      The POPULAR EDITION is published in Five Vols., 18s.
      each, of which Four Vols. are now ready.

    =Pigeon Keeper, The Practical.= By LEWIS WRIGHT.
      Illustrated. 3s. 6d.

    =Pigeons, The Book of.= By ROBERT FULTON. Edited by
      LEWIS WRIGHT. With 50 Coloured Plates and numerous
      Wood Engravings. 31s. 6d.; half-morocco, £2 2s.

    =Poems and Pictures.= With numerous Illustrations. 5s.

    =Poems, Representative of Living Poets, American and
      English.= Selected by the Poets themselves. 15s.

    =Poets, Cassell's Miniature Library of the=:--

        =Burns.= Two Vols. 2s. 6d.
        =Byron.= Two Vols. 2s. 6d.
        =Hood.= Two Vols. 2s. 6d.
        =Longfellow.= Two Vols. 2s. 6d.
        =Milton.= Two Vols. 2s. 6d.
        =Scott.= Two Vols. 2s. 6d.
        =Sheridan and Goldsmith.= 2 Vols. 2s. 6d.
        =Wordsworth.= Two Vols. 2s. 6d.
        =Shakespeare.= Twelve Vols., in box, 15s.

    =Police Code, and Manual of the Criminal Law.= By C.
      E. HOWARD VINCENT, M.P., late Director of Criminal
      Investigations. 2s.

    =Popular Library, Cassell's.= A Series of New and
      Original Works. Cloth, 1s. each.

        =The Russian Empire.=
        =The Religious Revolution in the Sixteenth Century.=
        =English Journalism.=
        =The Huguenots.=
        =Our Colonial Empire.=
        =The Young Man in the Battle of Life.=
        =John Wesley.=
        =The Story of the English Jacobins.=
        =Domestic Folk Lore.=
        =The Rev. Rowland Hill: Preacher and Wit.=
        =Boswell and Johnson: their Companions and Contemporaries.=
        =The Scottish Covenanters.=
        =History of the Free-Trade Movement in England.=

    =Poultry Keeper, The Practical.= By L. WRIGHT. With
      Coloured Plates and Illustrations. 3s. 6d.

    =Poultry, The Book of.= By LEWIS WRIGHT. _Popular
      Edition._ With Illustrations on Wood, 10s. 6d.

    =Poultry, The Illustrated Book of.= By L. WRIGHT. With
      Fifty Exquisite Coloured Plates, and numerous Wood
      Engravings. Cloth, 31s. 6d.; half-morocco, £2 2s.

    =Rabbit-Keeper, The Practical.= By CUNICULUS.
      Illustrated. 3s. 6d.

    =Rainbow Series, Cassell's.= Consisting of New and
      Original Works of Romance and Adventure by Leading
      Writers. 192 pages, crown 8vo, price 1s. each.

        =As it was Written.= By S. LUSKA.
        =A Crimson Stain.= By A. BRADSHAW.
        =Morgan's Horror.= By G. MANVILLE FENN.

    =Rays from the Realms of Nature.= By the Rev. J. NEIL,
      M.A. Illustrated. 2s. 6d.

    =Red Library of English and American Classics,
      The.= Stiff covers, 1s. each; cloth, 2s. each; or
      half-calf, marbled edges, 5s. each.

        =Edgar Allan Poe.=
        =Prose and Poetry, Selections from.=
        =Old Mortality.=
        =The Hour and the Man.=
        =Washington Irving's Sketch-Book.=
        =Last Days of Palmyra.=
        =Tales of the Borders.=
        =Pride and Prejudice.=
        =Last of the Mohicans.=
        =Heart of Midlothian.=
        =Last Days of Pompeii.=
        =Yellowplush Papers.=
        =Handy Andy.=
        =Selected Plays.=
        =American Humour.=
        =Sketches by Boz.=
        =Macaulay's Lays and Selected Essays.=
        =Harry Lorrequer.=
        =Old Curiosity Shop.=
        =The Talisman.=
        =Pickwick= (Two Vols.)
        =Scarlet Letter.=

    =Royal River, The: The Thames, from Source to Sea.=
      With Descriptive Text and a Series of beautiful
      Engravings. £2 2s.

    =Russia.= By D. MACKENZIE WALLACE, M.A. 5s.

    =Russo-Turkish War, Cassell's History of.= With about
      500 Illustrations. Two Vols., 9s. each; library
      binding, One Vol., 15s.

    =Sandwith, Humphry.= A Memoir by his Nephew, T. HUMPHRY
      WARD. 7s. 6d.

    =Saturday Journal, Cassell's.= Yearly Volume. 6s.

    =Science for All.= Edited by DR. ROBERT BROWN, M.A.,
      F.L.S., &c. With 1,500 Illustrations. Five Vols., 9s.

    =Sea, The: Its Stirring Story of Adventure, Peril, and
      Heroism.= By F. WHYMPER. With 400 Illustrations. Four
      Vols., 7s. 6d. each.

    =Sent Back by the Angels.= And other Ballads of Home
      and Homely Life. By FREDERICK LANGBRIDGE, M.A. 4s. 6d.

    =Sepia Painting, A Course of.= Two Vols., with Twelve
      Coloured Plates in each, and numerous Engravings.
      Each, 3s.

    =Shaftesbury, The Earl of, K.G., The Life and Work of.=
      By EDWIN HODDER. With Portraits. Three Vols. 36s.

    =Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.= _Édition de Luxe._
      Illustrated with Twelve Superb Photogravures from
      Original Drawings by F. DICKSEE, A.R.A. £5 5s.

    =Shakspere, The Leopold.= With 400 Illustrations, and
      an Introduction by F. J. FURNIVALL. Small 4to, cloth,
      6s.; cloth gilt, 7s. 6d.; half-morocco, 10s. 6d.;
      full morocco, £1 1s.

    =Shakspere, The Royal.= With Exquisite Steel Plates and
      Wood Engravings. Three Vols. 15s. each.

    =Shakespeare, Cassell's Quarto Edition.= Edited by
      CHARLES and MARY COWDEN CLARKE, and containing about
      600 Illustrations by H. C. SELOUS. Complete in Three
      Vols., cloth gilt, £3 3s.--Also published in Three
      separate Volumes, in cloth, viz.:--The COMEDIES,
      21s.; The HISTORICAL PLAYS, 18s. 6d.; The TRAGEDIES,

    =Shakespearean Scenes and Characters.= Illustrative of
      Thirty Plays of Shakespeare. With Thirty Steel Plates
      and Ten Wood Engravings. The Text written by AUSTIN
      BRERETON. Royal 4to, 21s.

    =Sketching from Nature in Water Colours.= By AARON
      PENLEY. With Illustrations in Chromo-Lithography. 15s.

    =Skin and Hair, The Management of the.= By MALCOLM
      MORRIS, F.R.C.S. 2s.

    =Smith, The Adventures and Discourses of Captain John.=
      By JOHN ASHTON. Illustrated. 5s.

    =Sports and Pastimes, Cassell's Book of.= With more
      than 800 Illustrations and Coloured Frontispiece. 768
      pages, 7s. 6d.

    =Steam Engine, The Theory and Action of the: for
      Practical Men.= By W. H. NORTHCOTT, C. E. 3s. 6d.

    =Stock Exchange Year-Book, The.= By THOMAS SKINNER,
      10s. 6d.

    =Stones of London, The.= By E. F. FLOWER. 6d.

    ="Stories from Cassell's."= 6d. each; cloth lettered,
      9d. each.

        =My Aunt's Match-making.=
        =Told by her Sister.=
        =The Silver Lock.=
        ="Running Pilot."=
        =The Mortgage Money.=
        =Gourlay Brothers.=
        =A Great Mistake.=
   ***The above are also issued, Three Volumes in One, cloth,
                     price 2s. each.

    =Sunlight and Shade.= With numerous Exquisite
      Engravings. 7s. 6d.

    =Surgery, Memorials of the Craft of, in England.= With
      an Introduction by Sir JAMES PAGET. 21s.

    =Telegraph Guide, The.= Illustrated. 1s.

    =Thackeray, Character Sketches from.= Six New and
      Original Drawings by FREDERICK BARNARD, reproduced in
      Photogravure. 21s.

    =Three and Sixpenny Library of Standard Tales, &c.= All
      Illustrated and bound in cloth gilt. Crown 8vo. 3s.
      6d. each.

        =Jane Austen and her Works.=
        =Better than Good.=
        =Mission Life in Greece and Palestine.=
        =The Dingy House at Kensington.=
        =The Romance of Trade.=
        =The Three Homes.=
        =My Guardian.=
        =School Girls.=
        =Deepdale Vicarage.=
        =In Duty Bound.=
        =The Half Sisters.=
        =Peggy Oglivie's Inheritance.=
        =The Family Honour.=
        =Esther West.=
        =Working to Win.=
        =Krilof and his Fables.= By W. R. S. Ralston, M.A.
        =Fairy Tales.= By Prof. Morley.
        =Heroines of the Mission Field.=

    =Tot Book for all Public Examinations.= By W. S.
      THOMSON, M.A. 1s.

    =Trajan.= An American Novel. By H. F. KEENAN. 7s. 6d.

    =Transformations of Insects, The.= By Prof. P. MARTIN
      DUNCAN, M.B., F.R.S. With 240 Illustrations. 6s.

    =Treasure Island.= By R. L. STEVENSON. Illustrated. 5s.

    =Treatment, The Year-Book of.= A Critical Review for
      Practitioners of Medicine and Surgery. 5s.

    =Tree Painting in Water Colours.= By W. H. J. BOOT.
      With Eighteen Coloured Plates, and valuable
      instructions by the Artist. 5s.

    =Trees, Familiar.= By G. S. BOULGER, F.L.S. With Forty
      Coloured Plates by W. H. J. BOOT. First Series. 12s.

    =Twenty Photogravures of Pictures in the Salon of
      1885=, by the leading French Artists. In Portfolio.
      Only a limited number of copies have been produced,
      terms for which can be obtained of all Booksellers.

    ="Unicode": The Universal Telegraphic Phrase Book.= 2s.

    =United States, Cassell's History of the.= By EDMUND
      OLLIER. With 600 Illustrations. Three Vols., 9s. each.

    =Universal History, Cassell's Illustrated.= With nearly
      ONE THOUSAND ILLUSTRATIONS. Vol. I. Early and Greek
      History.--Vol. II. The Roman Period.--Vol. III. The
      Middle Ages.--Vol. IV. Modern History. 9s. each.

    =Vicar of Wakefield and other Works= by OLIVER
      GOLDSMITH. Illustrated. 3s. 6d.

    =Water-Colour Painting, A Course of.= With Twenty-four
      Coloured Plates by R. P. LEITCH, and full
      Instructions to the Pupil. 5s.

    =Wealth Creation.= By A. MONGREDIEN. 5s.

    =Westall, W., Novels by.= _Popular Editions._ Cloth,
      2s. each.

        =The Old Factory.=
        =Red Ryvington.=
        =Ralph Norbreck's Trust.=

    =What Girls Can Do.= By PHYLLIS BROWNE. 2s. 6d.

    =Wild Animals and Birds: their Haunts and Habits.= By
      Dr. ANDREW WILSON. Illustrated. 7s. 6d.

    =Wild Birds, Familiar.= First and Second Series. By W.
      SWAYSLAND. With 40 Coloured Plates in each. 12s. 6d.

    =Wild Flowers, Familiar.= By F. E. HULME, F.L.S.,
      F.S.A. Five Series. With 40 Coloured Plates in each.
      12s. 6d. each.

    =Winter in India, A.= By the Rt. Hon. W. E. BAXTER,
      M.P. 5s.

    =Wise Woman, The.= By GEORGE MACDONALD. 2s. 6d.

    =Wood Magic=: A Fable. By RICHARD JEFFERIES. 6s.

    =World of the Sea.= Translated from the French of
      MOQUIN TANDON, by the Very Rev. H. MARTYN HART, M.A.
      Illustrated. Cloth. 6s.

    =World of Wit and Humour, The.= With 400 Illustrations.
      Cloth, 7s. 6d.; cloth gilt, gilt edges, 10s. 6d.

    =World Of Wonders, The.= Two Vols. With 400
      Illustrations. 7s. 6d. each.



        =_The Quiver, for Sunday Reading._= Monthly, 6d.
        =_Cassell's Family Magazine._= Monthly, 7d.
        =_"Little Folks" Magazine._= Monthly, 6d.
        =_The Magazine of Art._= Monthly, 1s.
        =_Cassell's Saturday Journal._= Weekly, 1d.; Monthly, 6d.

    *** _Full particulars of CASSELL & COMPANY'S =Monthly
    Serial Publications=, numbering upwards of 50 Works,
    will be found in_ CASSELL & COMPANY'S COMPLETE
    CATALOGUE, _sent post free on application._

       *       *       *       *       *

    =Catalogues= of CASSELL & COMPANY'S PUBLICATIONS, which
      may be had at all Booksellers', or will be sent post
      free on application to the Publishers:--

          particulars of One Thousand Volumes.

        CASSELL'S CLASSIFIED CATALOGUE, in which their
          Works are arranged according to price, from
          _Threepence to Twenty-five Guineas_.

          particulars of CASSELL & COMPANY'S Educational
          Works and Students' Manuals.

    CASSELL & COMPANY, LIMITED, _Ludgate Hill, London_.

Bibles and Religious Works.

    =Bible, The Crown Illustrated.= With about 1,000
      Original Illustrations. With References, &c. 1,248
      pages, crown 4to, cloth, 7s. 6d.

    =Bible, Cassell's Illustrated Family.= With 900
      Illustrations. Leather, gilt edges, £2 10s.; full
      morocco, £3 10s.

    =Bible Dictionary, Cassell's.= With nearly 600
      Illustrations. 7s. 6d.

    =Bible Educator, The.= Edited by the Very Rev. Dean
      PLUMPTRE, D.D. With Illustrations, Maps, &c. Four
      Vols., cloth, 6s. each.

    =Bible Work at Home and Abroad.= Yearly Volume, 3s. 6d.

    =Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress (Cassell's Illustrated).=
      Demy 4to. Illustrated throughout. 7s. 6d.

    =Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress.= With Illustrations.
      _Popular Edition_, 3s. 6d.

    =Child's Life of Christ, The.= Complete in One Handsome
      Volume, with about 200 Original Illustrations. Demy
      4to, gilt edges, 21s.

    =Child's Bible, The.= With 200 Illustrations. Demy 4to,
      830 pp. _143rd Thousand. Cheap Edition_, 7s. 6d.

    =Church at Home, The.= A Series of Short Sermons. By
      the Rt. Rev. ROWLEY HILL, D.D., Bishop of Sodor and
      Man. 5s.

    =Commentary, The New Testament, for English Readers.=
      Edited by the Rt. Rev. C. J. ELLICOTT, D.D., Lord
      Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol. In Three Volumes,
      21s. each.

        Vol. I.--=The Four Gospels.=
        Vol. II.--=The Acts, Romans, Corinthians, Galatians.=
        Vol. III.--=The remaining Books of the New Testament.=

    =Commentary, The Old Testament, for English Readers.=
      Edited by the Rt. Rev. C. J. ELLICOTT, D.D., Lord
      Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol. Complete in 5
      Vols., 21s. each.

        Vol. I.--=Genesis to Numbers.=
        Vol. II.--=Deuteronomy to Samuel II.=
        Vol. III.--=Kings I. to Esther.=
        Vol. IV.--=Job to Isaiah.=
        Vol. V.--=Jeremiah to Malachi.=

    =Day-Dawn in Dark Places; or Wanderings and Work
      in Bechwanaland, South Africa.= By the Rev. JOHN
      MACKENZIE. Illustrated throughout. 3s. 6d.

    =Difficulties of Belief, Some.= By the Rev. T.
      TEIGNMOUTH SHORE, M.A. _New and Cheap Edition._ 2s.

    =Doré Bible.= With 230 Illustrations by GUSTAVE DORÉ.
      2 Vols., cloth, £2 10s.; Persian morocco, £3 10s.;
      Original Edition, 2 Vols., cloth, £8.

    =Early Days of Christianity, The.= By the Ven.
      Archdeacon FARRAR, D.D., F.R.S.

        LIBRARY EDITION. Two Vols., 24s.; morocco, £2 2s.

        POPULAR EDITION. Complete in One Volume, cloth,
          6s.; cloth, gilt edges, 7s. 6d.; Persian morocco,
          10s. 6d.; tree-calf, 15s.

    =Family Prayer-Book, The.= Edited by Rev. Canon
      GARBETT, M.A., and Rev. S. MARTIN. Extra crown 4to,
      cloth, 5s.; morocco, 18s.

    =Geikie, Cunningham, D.D., Works by=:--

        =Hours with the Bible.= Six Vols. 6s. each.

        =Entering on Life.= 3s. 6d.

        =The Precious Promises.= 2s. 6d.

        =The English Reformation.= 5s.

        =Old Testament Characters.= 6s.

        =The Life and Words of Christ.= Two Vols., cloth,
          30s. _Students' Edition_, Two Vols., 16s.

    =Glories of the Man of Sorrows, The.= Sermons preached
      at St. James's, Piccadilly. By the Rev. H. G. BONAVIA
      HUNT. 2s. 6d.

    =Gospel of Grace, The.= By a LINDESIE. Cloth, 3s. 6d.

    =Helps to Belief.= A Series of Helpful Manuals on the
      Religious Difficulties of the Day. Edited by the Rev.
      TEIGNMOUTH SHORE, M.A., Chaplain in Ordinary to the
      Queen. Cloth, 1s. each.

        CREATION. By the Lord Bishop of Carlisle.

        MIRACLES. By the Rev. Brownlow Maitland, M.A.

        PRAYER. By the Rev. T. Teignmouth Shore, M.A.

          Newman Smyth, D.D.

        THE DIVINITY OF OUR LORD. By the Lord Bishop of

_In Preparation._

        THE RESURRECTION. By the Lord Archbishop of York.
        THE ATONEMENT. By the Lord Bishop of Peterborough.

    ="Heart Chords."= A Series of Works by Eminent Divines.
      Bound in cloth, red edges, 1s. each.

        =My Father.= By the Right Rev. Ashton Oxenden, late
          Bishop of Montreal.

        =My Bible.= By the Rt. Rev. W. Boyd Carpenter,
          Bishop of Ripon.

        =My Work for God.= By the Right Rev. Bishop

        =My Object in Life.= By the Ven. Archdeacon Farrar,

        =My Aspirations.= By the Rev. G. Matheson, D.D.

        =My Emotional Life.= By the Rev. Preb. Chadwick,

        =My Body.= By the Rev. Prof. W. G. Blaikie, D.D.

        =My Soul.= By the Rev. P. B. Power, M.A.

        =My Growth in Divine Life.= By the Rev. Prebendary
          Reynolds, M.A.

        =My Hereafter.= By the Very Rev. Dean Bickersteth.

        =My Walk with God.= By the Very Rev. Dean

        =My Aids to the Divine Life.= By the Very Rev. Dean

        =My Sources of Strength.= By the Rev. E. E.
          Jenkins, M.A., Secretary of the Wesleyan
          Missionary Society.

    =Life of Christ, The.= By the Ven. Archdeacon FARRAR,
      D.D., F.R.S., Chaplain in Ordinary to the Queen.

        ILLUSTRATED EDITION, with about 300 Original
          Illustrations. Extra crown 4to, cloth, gilt
          edges, 21s.; morocco antique, 42s.

        LIBRARY EDITION. Two Vols. Cloth, 24s.; morocco,

        BIJOU EDITION. Five Volumes, in box, 10s. 6d. the

        POPULAR EDITION, in One Vol. 8vo, cloth, 6s.;
          cloth, gilt edges, 7s. 6d.; Persian morocco, gilt
          edges, 10s. 6d.; tree-calf, 15s.

    =Marriage Ring, The.= By WILLIAM LANDELS, D.D. Bound in
      white leatherette, gilt edges, in box, 6s.; morocco,
      8s. 6d.

    =Moses and Geology; or, The Harmony of the Bible
      with Science.= By SAMUEL KINNS, Ph.D., F.R.A.S.
      Illustrated. _Cheap Edition._ 6s.

    =Music of the Bible, The.= By J. STAINER, M.A.,
      Mus.Doc. 2s. 6d.

    =Patriarchs, The.= By the late Rev. W. HANNA, D.D., and
      the Ven. Archdeacon NORRIS, B.D. 2s. 6d.

    =Protestantism, The History of.= By the Rev. J. A.
      WYLIE, LL.D. Containing upwards of 600 Original
      Illustrations. Three Vols., 27s.; Library Edition,

    =Quiver Yearly Volume, The.= With 250 high-class
      Illustrations. 7s. 6d. Also Monthly, 6d.

    =Revised Version--Commentary on the Revised Version of
      the New Testament.= By the Rev. W. G. HUMPHRY, B.D.
      7s. 6d.

    =Sacred Poems, The Book of.= Edited by the Rev. Canon
      BAYNES, M.A. With Illustrations. Cloth, gilt edges,

    =St. George for England=; and other Sermons preached to
      Children. By the Rev. T. TEIGNMOUTH SHORE, M.A. 5s.

    =St. Paul, The Life and Work of.= By the Ven.
      Archdeacon FARRAR, D.D., F.R.S., Chaplain in Ordinary
      to the Queen.

        LIBRARY EDITION. Two Vols., cloth, 24s.; morocco,

        ILLUSTRATED EDITION, complete in One Volume, with
          about 300 Illustrations, £1 1s.; morocco, £2 2s.

        POPULAR EDITION. One Volume, 8vo, cloth, 6s.;
          cloth, gilt edges, 7s. 6d.; Persian morocco, 10s.
          6d.; tree-calf, 15s.

    =Secular Life, The Gospel of the.= Sermons preached
      at Oxford. By the Hon. W. H. FREMANTLE, Canon of
      Canterbury. 5s.

    =Sermons Preached at Westminster Abbey.= By ALFRED
      BARRY, D.D., D.C.L., Primate of Australia. 5s.

    =Shall We Know One Another?= By the Rt. Rev. J. C.
      RYLE, D.D., Bishop of Liverpool. _New and Enlarged
      Edition._ Cloth limp, 1s.

    =Simon Peter: His Life, Times, and Friends.= By E.
      HODDER. 5s.

    =Twilight of Life, The. Words of Counsel and Comfort
      for the Aged.= By JOHN ELLERTON, M.A. 1s. 6d.

    =Voice of Time, The.= By JOHN STROUD. Cloth gilt, 1s.

Educational Works and Students' Manuals.

    =Alphabet, Cassell's Pictorial.= Size, 35 inches by
      42½ inches. Mounted on Linen, with rollers. 3s. 6d.

    =Algebra, The Elements of.= By Prof. WALLACE, M.A., 1s.

    =Arithmetics, The Modern School.= By GEORGE RICKS,
      B.Sc. Lond. With Test Cards. (_List on application._)

    =Book-Keeping.= By THEODORE JONES. FOR SCHOOLS, 2s.; or
      cloth, 3s. FOR THE MILLION, 2s.; or cloth, 3s. Books
      for Jones's System. Ruled Sets of, 2s.

    =Chemistry, The Public School.= By J. H. ANDERSON, M.A.
      2s. 6d.

    =Commentary, The New Testament.= Edited by Bishop
      ELLICOTT. Handy Volume Edition. Suitable for School
      and general use.

        =St. Matthew.= 3s. 6d.
        =St. Mark.= 3s.
        =St. Luke.= 3s. 6d.
        =St. John.= 3s. 6d.
        =The Acts of the Apostles.= 3s. 6d.
        =Romans.= 2s. 6d.
        =Corinthians I. and II.= 3s.
        =Galatians, Ephesians, and Philippians.= 3s.
        =Colossians, Thessalonians, and Timothy.= 3s.
        =Titus, Philemon, Hebrews, and James.= 3s.
        =Peter, Jude, and John.= 3s.
        =The Revelation.= 3s.
        =An Introduction to the New Testament.= 2s. 6d.

    =Commentary, Old Testament.= Edited by Bishop ELLICOTT.
      Handy Volume Edition. Suitable for School and general

        =Genesis.= 3s. 6d.
        =Exodus.= 3s.
        =Leviticus.= 3s.
        =Numbers.= 2s. 6d.
        =Deuteronomy.= 2s. 6d.

    =Copy-Books, Cassell's Graduated.= Complete in 18
      Books. 2d. each.

    =Copy-Books. The Modern School.= Complete in 12 Books.
      2d. each.

    =Drawing Books for Young Artists.= 4 Books. 6d. each.

    =Drawing Books, Superior.= 3 Books. Printed in
      Fac-simile by Lithography, price 5s. each.

    =Drawing Copies, Cassell's Modern School Freehand.=
      First Grade, 1s.; Second Grade, 2s.

    =Drawing Copies, Cassell's Standard.= In 7 Books. Price
      2d. each.

    =Electricity, Practical.= By Prof. W. E. AYRTON.
      Illustrated. 5s.

    =Energy and Motion: A Text-Book of Elementary
      Mechanics.= By WILLIAM PAICE, M.A. Illustrated. 1s.

    =English Literature, A First Sketch of=, from the
      Earliest Period to the Present Time. By Prof. HENRY
      MORLEY. 7s. 6d.

    =Euclid, Cassell's.= Edited by Prof. WALLACE, M.A. 1s.

    =Euclid, The First Four Books of.= In paper, 6d.;
      cloth, 9d.

    =French Reader, Cassell's Public School.= By GUILLAUME
      S. CONRAD. 2s. 6d.

    =French, Cassell's Lessons in.= _New and Revised
      Edition._ Parts I. and II., each 2s. 6d.; complete,
      4s. 6d. Key, 1s. 6d.

    =French-English and English-French Dictionary.=
      _Entirely New and Enlarged Edition._ 1,150 pages,
      8vo, cloth, 3s. 6d.

    =Galbraith and Haughton's Scientific Manuals.= By
      the Rev. Prof. GALBRAITH, M.A., and the Rev. Prof.
      HAUGHTON, M.D., D.C.L.

        =Arithmetic.= 3s. 6d.
        =Plane Trigonometry.= 2s. 6d.
        =Euclid.= Books I., II., III. 2s. 6d. Books IV., V.,
              VI. 2s. 6d.
        =Mathematical Tables.= 3s. 6d.
        =Mechanics.= 3s. 6d.
        =Optics.= 2s. 6d.
        =Hydrostatics.= 3s. 6d.
        =Astronomy.= 5s.
        =Steam Engine.= 3s. 6d.
        =Algebra.= Part I., cloth, 2s. 6d. Complete, 7s. 6d.
        =Tides and Tidal Currents=, with Tidal Cards, 3s.

    =German of To-day.= By Dr. HEINEMANN. 1s. 6d.

    =German-English and English-German Dictionary.= 3s. 6d.

    =German Reading, First Lessons in.= By A. JAGST.
      Illustrated. 1s.

    =Handbook of New Code of Regulations.= By JOHN F. MOSS.
      1s.; cloth, 2s.

    =Historical Course for Schools, Cassell's.= Illustrated
      throughout. I.--Stories from English History, 1s.
      II.--The Simple Outline of English History, 1s. 3d.
      III.--The Class History of England, 2s. 6d.

    =Latin-English and English-Latin Dictionary.= By J. R.
      BEARD, D.D., and C. BEARD, B.A. Crown 8vo, 914 pp.,
      3s. 6d.

    =Little Folks' History of England.= By ISA CRAIG-KNOX.
      With 30 Illustrations. 1s. 6d.

    =Making of the Home, The=: A Book of Domestic Economy
      for School and Home Use. By Mrs. SAMUEL A. BARNETT.
      1s. 6d.

    =Marlborough Books.=

        =Arithmetic Examples.= 3s.
        =Arithmetic Rules.= 1s. 6d.
        =French Exercises.= 3s. 6d.
        =French Grammar.= 2s. 6d.
        =German Grammar.= 3s. 6d.

    =Music, An Elementary Manual of.= By HENRY LESLIE. 1s.

    =Natural Philosophy.= By Rev. Prof. HAUGHTON, F.R.S.
      Illustrated. 3s. 6d.

    =Popular Educator, Cassell's.= _New and Thoroughly
      Revised Edition._ Illustrated throughout. Complete in
      Six Vols., 5s. each; or in Three Vols., half calf,
      42s. the set.

    =Physical Science, Intermediate Text-Book of.= By F. H.
      BOWMAN, D.Sc., F.R.A.S., F.L.S. Illustrated. 3s. 6d.

    =Readers, Cassell's Readable.= Carefully graduated,
      extremely interesting, and illustrated throughout.
      (_List on application._)

    =Readers, Cassell's Historical.= Illustrated
      throughout, printed on superior paper, and strongly
      bound in cloth. (_List on application._)

    =Readers for Infant Schools, Coloured.= Three Books.
      Each containing 48 pages, including 8 pages in
      colours. 4d. each.

    =Reader, The Citizen.= By =H. O. Arnold-Forster=. With
      Preface by the late Rt. Hon. _W. E. Forster_, M.P.
      1s. 6d.

    =Readers, The Modern Geographical.= Illustrated
      throughout, and strongly bound in cloth. (_List on

    =Readers, The Modern School.= Illustrated. (_List on

    =Reading and Spelling Book, Cassell's Illustrated.= 1s.

    =Right Lines; or, Form and Colour.= With Illustrations.

    =School Manager's Manual.= By F. C. MILLS, M.A. 1s.

    =Shakspere Reading Book, The.= By H. COURTHOPE BOWEN,
      M.A. Illustrated. 3s. 6d. Also issued in Three Books,
      1s. each.

    =Shakspere's Plays for School Use.= 5 Books.
      Illustrated. 6d. each.

    =Spelling, A Complete Manual of.= By J. D. MORELL,
      LL.D. 1s.

    =Technical Manuals, Cassell's.= Illustrated

        =Handrailing and Staircasing.= 3s. 6d.
        =Bricklayers, Drawing for.= 3s.
        =Building Construction.= 2s.
        =Cabinet-Makers, Drawing for.= 3s.
        =Carpenters & Joiners, Drawing for.= 3s. 6d.
        =Gothic Stonework.= 3s.
        =Linear Drawing & Practical Geometry.= 2s.
        =Linear Drawing and Projection.= The Two Vols. in One,
              3s. 6d.
        =Metal-Plate Workers, Drawing for.= 3s.
        =Machinists & Engineers, Drawing for.= 4s. 6d.
        =Model Drawing.= 3s.
        =Orthographical and Isometrical Projection.= 2s.
        =Practical Perspective.= 3s.
        =Stonemasons, Drawing for.= 3s.
        =Applied Mechanics.= By Sir R. S. Ball, LL.D. 2s.
        =Systematic Drawing and Shading.= By Charles Ryan. 2s.

    =Technical Educator, Cassell's.= Illustrated
      throughout. Popular Edition. Four Vols., 5s. each.

    =Technology, Manuals of.= Edited by Prof. AYRTON,
      F.R.S., and RICHARD WORMELL, D.Sc., M.A. Illustrated

        =The Dyeing of Textile Fabrics.= By Prof. Hummel.

        =Watch and Clock Making.= By D. Glasgow. 4s. 6d.

        =Steel and Iron.= By W. H. Greenwood, F.C.S. Assoc.
          M.I.C.E., &c. 5s.

        =Spinning Woollen and Worsted.= By W. S. Bright
          McLaren. 4s. 6d.

        =Design in Textile Fabrics.= By T. R. Ashenhurst.
          4s. 6d.

        =Practical Mechanics.= By Prof. Perry, M.E. 3s. 6d.

        =Cutting Tools Worked by Hand and Machine.= By
          Prof. Smith. 3s. 6d.

        =Practical Electricity.= By Prof. W. E. Ayrton.
          Illustrated. 5s.

    _Other Volumes in preparation. A Prospectus sent post
      free on application._

Books for Young People.

    =Under Bayard's Banner.= By HENRY FRITH. Illustrated.

    =The King's Command. A Story for Girls.= By MAGGIE
      SYMINGTON. Illustrated. 5s.

    =The Romance of Invention.= By JAMES BURNLEY.
      Illustrated. 5s.

    =The Tales of the Sixty Mandarins.= By P. V. RAMASWAMI
      RAJU. With an Introduction by Prof. HENRY MORLEY.
      Illustrated. 5s.

    =A World of Girls: A Story of a School.= By L. T.
      MEADE. Illustrated. 3s. 6d.

    =Lost among White Africans: A Boy's Adventures on the
      Upper Congo.= By DAVID KER. Illustrated. 3s. 6d.

    =Perils Afloat and Brigands Ashore.= By ALFRED ELWES.
      Illustrated. 3s. 6d.

    =Freedom's Sword: A Story of the Days of Wallace and
      Bruce.= By ANNIE S. SWAN. Illustrated. 3s. 6d.

    =Strong to Suffer: A Story of the Jews.= By E. WYNNE.
      Illustrated. 2s. 6d.

    =The Merry-go-Round.= Poems for Children. Illustrated
      throughout. 5s.

    =Heroes of the Indian Empire; or, Stories of Valour and
      Victory.= By ERNEST FOSTER. Illustrated. 2s. 6d.

    =In Letters of Flame: A Story of the Waldenses.= By C.
      L. MATÉAUX. Illustrated. 2s. 6d.

    =Through Trial to Triumph.= By MADELINE B. HUNT.
      Illustrated. 2s. 6d.

    =Sunday School Reward Books.= By Popular Authors. With
      Four Original Illustrations in each. Cloth gilt, 1s.
      6d. each.

        =Rhoda's Reward; or, "If Wishes were Horses."=
        =Jack Marston's Anchor.=
        =Frank's Life-Battle; or, The Three Friends.=
        =Rags and Rainbows: a Story of Thanksgiving.=
        =Uncle William's Charge; or, The Broken Trust.=
        =Pretty Pink's Purpose; or, The Little Street Merchants.=

    ="Golden Mottoes" Series, The.= Each Book containing
      208 pages, with Four full-page Original
      Illustrations. Crown 8vo, cloth gilt, 2s. each.

        ="Nil Desperandum."= By the Rev. F. Langbridge.

        ="Bear and Forbear."= By Sarah Pitt.

        ="Foremost if I Can."= By Helen Atteridge.

        ="Honour is my Guide."= By Jeanie Hering (Mrs.

        ="Aim at the Sure End."= By Emilie Searchfield.

        ="He Conquers who Endures."= By the Author of "May
          Cunningham's Trial," &c.

    =The New Children's Album.= Fcap. 4to, 320 pages.
      Illustrated throughout. 3s. 6d.

    =The History Scrap Book.= With nearly 1,000 Engravings.
      5s.; cloth, 7s. 6d.

    ="Little Folks" Half-Yearly Volume.= With 200
      Illustrations, 3s. 6d.; or cloth gilt, 5s.

    =Bo-Peep.= A Book for the Little Ones. With Original
      Stories and Verses. Illustrated throughout. Boards,
      2s. 6d.; cloth gilt, 3s. 6d.

    =The World's Lumber Room.= By SELINA GAYE. Illustrated.
      3s. 6d.

    =The "Proverbs" Series.= Consisting of a New and
      Original Series of Stories by Popular Authors,
      founded on and illustrating well-known Proverbs. With
      Four Illustrations in each Book, printed on a tint.
      Crown 8vo, 160 pages, cloth, 1s. 6d. each.

        =Fritters; or, "It's a Long Lane that has no
          Turning."= By Sarah Pitt.

        =Trixy; or, "Those who Live in Glass Houses
          shouldn't throw Stones."= By Maggie Symington.

        =The Two Hardcastles; or, "A Friend in Need is a
          Friend Indeed."= By Madeline Bonavia Hunt.

        =Major Monk's Motto; or, "Look Before you Leap."=
          By the Rev. F. Langbridge.

        =Tim Thomson's Trial; or, "All is not Gold that
          Glitters."= By George Weatherly.

        =Ursula's Stumbling-Block; or, "Pride comes before
          a Fall."= By Julia Goddard.

        =Ruth's Life-Work; or, "No Pains, no Gains."= By
          the Rev. Joseph Johnson.

    =The "Cross and Crown" Series.= Consisting of Stories
      founded on incidents which occurred during Religious
      Persecutions of Past Days. With Four Illustrations in
      each Book, printed on a tint. Crown 8vo, 256 pages,
      2s. 6d. each.

        =By Fire and Sword: a Story of the Huguenots.= By
          Thomas Archer.

        =Adam Hepburn's Vow: a Tale of Kirk and Covenant.=
          By Annie S. Swan.

        =No. XIII.; or, The Story of the Lost Vestal.= A
          Tale of Early Christian Days. By Emma Marshall.

    =The World's Workers.= A Series of New and Original
      Volumes by Popular Authors. With Portraits printed on
      a tint as Frontispiece. 1s. each.

        =General Gordon.= By the Rev. S. A. Swaine.

        =Charles Dickens.= By his Eldest Daughter.

        =Sir Titus Salt and George Moore.= By J. Burnley.

        =Florence Nightingale, Catherine Marsh, Frances
          Ridley Havergal, Mrs. Ranyard ("L. N. R.")= By
          Lizzie Alldridge.

        =Dr. Guthrie, Father Mathew, Elihu Burritt, Joseph
          Livesey.= By the Rev. J. W. Kirton.

        =Sir Henry Havelock and Colin Campbell, Lord
          Clyde.= By E. C. Phillips.

        =Abraham Lincoln.= By Ernest Foster.

        =David Livingstone.= By Robert Smiles.

        =George Muller and Andrew Reed.= By E. R. Pitman.

        =Richard Cobden.= By R. Gowing.

        =Benjamin Franklin.= By E. M. Tomkinson.

        =Handel.= By Eliza Clarke.

        =Turner, the Artist.= By the Rev. S. A. Swaine.

        =George and Robert Stephenson.= By C. L. Matéaux.

    =The "Chimes" Series.= Each containing 64 pages, with
      Illustrations on every page, and handsomely bound in
      cloth, 1s.

        =Bible Chimes.= Contains Bible Verses for Every Day
          in the Month. =Daily Chimes.= Verses from the
          Poets for Every Day in the Month. =Holy Chimes.=
          Verses for Every Sunday in the Year. =Old World
          Chimes.= Verses from old writers for Every Day in
          the Month.

    =New Five Shilling Books for Boys.= With Original
      Illustrations, printed on a tint. Cloth gilt, 5s.

        ="Follow my Leader;" or, the Boys of Templeton.= By
          Talbot Baines Reed.

        =For Fortune and Glory; a Story of the Soudan War.=
          By Lewis Hough.

        =The Champion of Odin; or, Viking Life in the Days
          of Old.= By J. Fred. Hodgetts.

        =Bound by a Spell; or, the Hunted Witch of the
          Forest.= By the Hon. Mrs. Greene.

    =New Three and Sixpenny Books for Boys.= With Original
      Illustrations, printed on a tint. Cloth gilt, 3s. 6d.

        =On Board the "Esmeralda;" or, Martin Leigh's Log.=
          By John C Hutcheson.

        =In Quest of Gold; or, Under the Whanga Falls.= By
          Alfred St. Johnston.

        =For Queen and King; or, the Loyal 'Prentice.= By
          Henry Frith.

    =The "Boy Pioneer" Series.= By EDWARD S. ELLIS. With
      Four Full-page Illustrations in each Book. Crown 8vo,
      cloth, 2s. 6d. each.

        =Ned in the Woods.= A Tale of Early Days in the

        =Ned on the River.= A Tale of Indian River Warfare.

        =Ned in the Block House.= A Story of Pioneer Life
          in Kentucky.

    =The "Log Cabin" Series.= By EDWARD S. ELLIS. With Four
      Full-page Illustrations in each. Crown 8vo, cloth,
      2s. 6d. each.

        =The Lost Trail.=
        =Camp-Fire and Wigwam.=
        =Footprints in the Forest.=

    =Sixpenny Story Books.= All Illustrated, and containing
      Interesting Stories by well-known Writers.

        =Little Content.=
        =The Smuggler's Cave.=
        =Little Lizzie.=
        =Little Bird.=
        =The Boot on the Wrong Foot.=
        =Luke Barnicott.=
        =Little Pickles.=
        =The Boat Club.=
        =The Elchester College Boys.=
        =My First Cruise.=
        =The Little Peacemaker.=
        =The Delft Jug.=
        =Lottie's White Frock.=
        =Only Just Once.=
        =Helpful Nellie; and other Stories.=

    =The "Baby's Album" Series.= Four Books, each
      containing about 50 Illustrations. Price 6d. each; or
      cloth gilt, 1s. each.

        =Baby's Album.=
        =Dolly's Album.=
        =Fairy's Album.=
        =Pussy's Album.=

    =Illustrated Books for the Little Ones.= Containing
      interesting Stories. All Illustrated. 1s. each.

        =Indoors and Out.=
        =Some Farm Friends.=
        =Those Golden Sands.=
        =Little Mothers and their Children.=
        =Our Pretty Pets.=
        =Our Schoolday Hours=
        =Creatures Tame.=
        =Creatures Wild.=

    =Shilling Story Books.= All Illustrated, and containing
      Interesting Stories.

        =Thorns and Tangles.=
        =The Cuckoo in the Robin's Nest.=
        =John's Mistake.=
        =Pearl's Fairy Flower.=
        =Diamonds in the Sand.=
        =The History of Five Little Pitchers.=
        =Surly Bob.=
        =The Giant's Cradle.=
        =Shag and Doll.=
        =Aunt Lucia's Locket.=
        =The Magic Mirror.=
        =The Cost of Revenge.=
        =Clever Frank.=
        =Among the Redskins.=
        =The Ferryman of Brill.=
        =Harry Maxwell.=
        =A Banished Monarch.=

    =Cassell's Children's Treasuries.= Each Volume contains
      Stories or Poetry, and is profusely Illustrated.
      Cloth, 1s. each.

        =Cook Robin, and other Nursery Rhymes.=
        =The Queen of Hearts.=
        =Old Mother Hubbard.=
        =Simple Rhymes for Happy Times.=
        =Tuneful Lays for Merry Days.=
        =Cheerful Songs for Young Folks.=
        =Pretty Poems for Young People.=
        =The Children's Joy.=
        =Pretty Pictures and Pleasant Stories.=
        =Our Picture Book.=
        =Tales for the Little Ones.=
        =My Sunday Book of Pictures.=
        =Sunday Garland of Pictures and Stories.=
        =Sunday Readings for Little Folks.=

    ="Little Folks" Painting Books.= With Text, and Outline
      Illustrations for Water-Colour Painting. 1s. each.

        =Fruits and Blossoms for "Little Folks" to Paint.=
        =The "Little Folks" Proverb Painting Book.=
        =The "Little Folks" Illuminating Book.=
        =Pictures to Paint.=
        ="Little Folks" Painting Book.=
        ="Little Folks" Nature Painting Book.=
        =Another "Little Folks" Painting Book.=

    =Eighteenpenny Story Books.= All Illustrated throughout.

        =Three Wee Ulster Lassies.=
        =Little Queen Mab.=
        =Up the Ladder.=
        =Dick's Hero; and other Stories.=
        =The Chip Boy.=
        =Raggles, Baggles, and the Emperor.=
        =Roses from Thorns.=
        =Faith's Father.=
        =By Land and Sea.=
        =The Young Berringtons.=
        =Jeff and Leff.=
        =Tom Morris's Error.=
        =Worth more than Gold.=
        ="Through Flood--Through Fire;" and other Stories.=
        =The Girl with the Golden Locks.=
        =Stories of the Olden Time.=

    =The "Cosy Corner" Series.= Story Books for Children.
      Each containing nearly ONE HUNDRED PICTURES. 1s. 6d.

        =See-Saw Stories.=
        =Little Chimes for All Times.=
        =Wee Willie Winkie.=
        =Pet's Posy of Pictures and Stories.=
        =Dot's Story Book.=
        =Story Flowers for Rainy Hours.=
        =Little Talks with Little People.=
        =Bright Rays for Dull Days.=
        =Chats for Small Chatterers.=
        =Pictures for Happy Hours.=
        =Ups and Downs of a Donkey's Life.=

    =The "World in Pictures" Series.= Illustrated
      throughout. 2s. 6d. each.

        =A Ramble Round France.=
        =All the Russias.=
        =Chats about Germany.=
        =The Land of the Pyramids (Egypt).=
        =Peeps into China.=
        =The Eastern Wonderland (Japan).=
        =Glimpses of South America.=
        =Round Africa.=
        =The Land of Temples (India).=
        =The Isles of the Pacific.=

    =Two-Shilling Story Books.= All Illustrated.

        =Stories of the Tower.=
        =Mr. Burke's Nieces.=
        =May Cunningham's Trial.=
        =The Top of the Ladder: How to Reach it.=
        =Little Flotsam.=
        =Madge and her Friends.=
        =The Children of the Court.=
        =A Moonbeam Tangle.=
        =Maid Marjory.=
        =The Four Cats of the Tippertons.=
        =Marion's Two Homes.=
        =Little Folks' Sunday Book.=
        =Two Fourpenny Bits.=
        =Poor Nelly.=
        =Tom Heriot.=
        =Through Peril to Fortune.=
        =Aunt Tabitha's Waifs.=
        =In Mischief Again.=

    =Half-Crown Books.=

        =Little Hinges.=
        =Margaret's Enemy.=
        =Pen's Perplexities.=
        =Notable Shipwrecks.=
        =Golden Days.=
        =Wonders of Common Things.=
        =Little Empress Joan.=
        =At the South Pole.=
        =Truth will Out.=
        =Pictures of School Life and Boyhood.=
        =The Young Man in the Battle of Life.= By the Rev. Dr. Landels.
        =The True Glory of Woman.= By the Rev. Dr. Landels.
        =The Wise Woman.= By George Macdonald.
        =Soldier and Patriot= (George Washington).

    =Picture Teaching Series.= Each book Illustrated
      throughout. Fcap. 4to, cloth gilt, coloured edges,
      2s. 6d. each.

        =Through Picture-Land.=
        =Picture Teaching for Young and Old.=
        =Picture Natural History.=
        =Scraps of Knowledge for the Little Ones.=
        =Great Lessons from Little Things.=
        =Woodland Romances.=
        =Stories of Girlhood.=
        =Frisk and his Flock.=
        =Pussy Tip-Toes' Family.=
        =The Boy Joiner and Model Maker.=
        =The Children of Holy Scripture.=

    =Library of Wonders.= Illustrated Gift-books for Boys.
      2s. 6d. each.

        =Wonderful Adventures.=
        =Wonders of Animal Instinct.=
        =Wonders of Architecture.=
        =Wonders of Acoustics.=
        =Wonders of Water.=
        =Wonderful Escapes.=
        =Bodily Strength and Skill.=
        =Wonderful Balloon Ascents.=

    =Gift Books for Children.= With Coloured Illustrations.
      2s. 6d. each.

        =The Story of Robin Hood.=
        =Sandford and Merton.=
        =Playing Trades.=
        =True Robinson Crusoes.= (Plain Illustrations.)
        =Reynard the Fox.=
        =The Pilgrim's Progress.=

    =The "Home Chat" Series.= All Illustrated throughout.
      Fcap. 4to. Boards, 3s. 6d. each; cloth, gilt edges,
      5s. each.

        =Home Chat.=
        =Sunday Chats with Our Young Folks.=
        =Peeps Abroad for Folks at Home.=
        =Around and About Old England.=
        =Half-Hours with Early Explorers.=
        =Stories about Animals.=
        =Stories about Birds.=
        =Paws and Claws.=

    =Books for the Little Ones.=

        =The Little Doings of some Little Folks.= By Chatty
          Cheerful. Illustrated. 5s.

        =The Sunday Scrap Book.= With One Thousand
          Scripture Pictures. Boards, 5s.; cloth, 7s. 6d.

        =Daisy Dimple's Scrap Book.= Containing about 1,000
          Pictures. Boards, 5s.; cloth gilt, 7s. 6d.

        =Leslie's Songs for Little Folks.= Illustrated. 1s.

        =The Little Folk's Out and About Book.= By Chatty
          Cheerful. Illustrated. 5s.

        =Myself and my Friends.= By Olive Patch. With
          numerous Illustrations. Crown 4to. 5s.

        =A Parcel of Children.= By Olive Patch. With
          numerous Illustrations. Crown 4to. 5s.

        =Little Folks' Picture Album.= With 168 Large
          Pictures. 5s.

        =Little Folks' Picture Gallery.= With 150
          Illustrations. 5s.

        =The Old Fairy Tales.= With Original Illustrations.
          Boards, 1s.; cloth, 1s. 6d.

        =My Diary.= With Twelve Coloured Plates and 366
          Woodcuts. 1s.

        =Three Wise Old Couples.= With 16 Coloured Plates.

        =Old Proverbs with New Pictures.= With 64
          Fac-simile Coloured Plates by Lizzie Lawson. The
          Text by C. L. Matéaux. 6s.

        =Happy Little People.= By Olive Patch. With
          Illustrations. 5s.

        =Little Folks Album of Music, The.= Illustrated.
          3s. 6d.

        =Elfie Under the Sea.= By E. L. Pearson. With
          Full-page Illustrations. 3s. 6d.

    =Books for Boys.=

        =Kidnapped.= By R. L. Stevenson.

        =The Phantom City.= By W. Westall. 5s.

        =King Solomon's Mines.= By H. Rider Haggard. 5s.

        =Famous Sailors of Former Times=, being =The Sea
          Fathers=. By Clements Markham. Illustrated. 2s.

        =Treasure Island.= By R. L. Stevenson. With
          Full-page Illustrations. 5s.

        =Modern Explorers.= By Thomas Frost. Illustrated.

        =Cruise in Chinese Waters.= By Capt. Lindley.
          Illustrated. 5s.

        =Wild Adventures in Wild Places.= By Dr. Gordon
          Stables. M.D., R.N. Illustrated. 5s.

        =Jungle, Peak, and Plain.= By Dr. Gordon Stables,
          R.N. Illustrated. 5s.

        =O'er Many Lands, on Many Seas.= By Gordon Stables,
          M.D., R.N. Illustrated. 5s.

    =Books for all Children.=

        =Cassell's Robinson Crusoe.= With 100 striking
          Illustrations. Cloth, 3s. 6d.; gilt edges, 5s.

        =Cassell's Swiss Family Robinson.= Illustrated.
          Cloth, 3s. 6d.; gilt edges, 5s.

        =Sunny Spain: Its People and Places, with Glimpses
          of its History.= By Olive Patch. Illustrated. 5s.

        =Rambles Round London Town.= By C. L. Matéaux.
          Illustrated. 5s.

        =Favorite Album of Fun and Fancy, The.=
          Illustrated. 3s. 6d.

        =Familiar Friends.= By Olive Patch. Illustrated.
          Cloth gilt, 5s.

        =Odd Folks at Home.= By C. L. Matéaux. With nearly
          150 Illustrations. 5s.

        =Field Friends and Forest Foes.= By Olive Patch.
          Profusely Illustrated. 5s.

        =Silver Wings and Golden Scales.= Illustrated. 5s.

        =The Wonderland of Work.= By C. L. Matéaux.
          Illustrated. 7s. 6d.

        =Little Folks' Holiday Album.= Illustrated. 3s. 6d.

        =Tiny Houses and their Builders.= Illustrated. 5s.

        =Children of all Nations.= Their Homes, their
          Schools, their Playgrounds. Illustrated. 5s.

        =Tim Trumble's "Little Mother."= By C. L. Matéaux.
          Illustrated. 5s.

        =The Wonderland of Work.= By C. L. Matéaux.
          Illustrated. 7s. 6d.

        =A Moonbeam Tangle.= Original Fairy Tales. By
          Sydney Shadbolt. Illustrated. 3s, 6d.

    _CASSELL & COMPANY, Limited, Ludgate Hill, London, Paris,
               New York and Melbourne._

       *       *       *       *       *

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