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Title: A Catalogue of New Books and New Editions, 1896
Author: Sands, George W., Publishers, Foster, Bliss, Sylvester
Language: English
As this book started as an ASCII text book there are no pictures available.
Copyright Status: Not copyrighted in the United States. If you live elsewhere check the laws of your country before downloading this ebook. See comments about copyright issues at end of book.

*** Start of this Doctrine Publishing Corporation Digital Book "A Catalogue of New Books and New Editions, 1896" ***

  A Catalogue of New Books and New Editions published by Bliss, Sands,
           and Foster at 15 Craven St., Strand, London, W.C.

  _To be obtained of all booksellers, and at all libraries; or of the
      publishers, post-free on remittance of the published price._


  Economics                                                            1
  Travel & Reminiscence                                                1
  Biography                                                            2
  History                                                              3
  Topography                                                           3
  Miscellaneous                                                        4
  Works for Children                                                   4
  Fiction                                                              5
  Works on Nature                                                      7
  Poetry                                                               7
  Classical Reprints                                                   8


Macleod. ECONOMICS. By Henry Dunning Macleod, Author of “The Theory of
  Credit,” “The Elements of Banking,” etc. _Demy 8vo. Cloth, price 16s._

                       _TRAVEL AND REMINISCENCE._

Wm. Beatty-Kingston. MEN, CITIES, & EVENTS. By Wm. Beatty-Kingston.
  _Demy 8vo. Price 16s._

Martin Cobbett. THE MAN ON THE MARCH. By Martin Cobbett. _Large Crown
  8vo. Price 6s._

Mrs. Alec Tweedie. A WINTER JAUNT TO NORWAY. With Accounts (from
  personal acquaintance) of Nansen, Ibsen, Björnson, Brandes, etc.—By
  Mrs. Alec Tweedie, Author of “A Girl’s Ride in Iceland.” _Fully
  Illustrated._ Second and cheaper edition. _Demy 8vo. Price 7s. 6d._

John Bickerdyke. THE BEST CRUISE ON THE BROADS. With useful hints on
  Hiring, Provisioning, and Manning the Yacht; Clothing, Angling,
  Photography, etc. By John Bickerdyke. _Illustrations and Maps. Crown
  8vo. Cloth extra, price 2s. 6d._


PUBLIC MEN OF TO-DAY: An International Series. _Edited by_ S. H. Jeyes.

                      _Volumes already Published._

THE AMEER, ABDUR RAHMAN. _By_ Stephen Wheeler.

LI HUNGCHANG. _By_ Prof. Robert K. Douglas.

M. STAMBULOFF. _By_ A. Hulme-Beaman.



                         _Forthcoming Volumes._

SEÑOR CASTELAR. _By_ David Hannay.

THE POPE, LEO XIII. _By_ Justin McCarthy.

SIGNOR CRISPI. _By_ W. J. Stillman.

PRESIDENT CLEVELAND. _By_ James Lowry Whittle.

LORD CROMER. _By_ H. D. Traill.

          _With numerous Portraits, and Maps where necessary._

                       Crown 8vo, price 3/6 each.

Francis H. Underwood, LL.D. JAMES RUSSELL LOWELL: A Monograph entitled,
  The Poet and the Man. _By_ the late Francis H. Underwood, LL.D.

  New and Cheaper Edition. _Crown 8vo, cloth, 2s. 6d._ (The best
  Edition, buckram, gilt top, price 4_s._ 6_d._, can still be obtained.)


Edgar Stanton Maclay, A.M. A HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES NAVY, from
  1775 to 1893. _By_ Edgar Stanton Maclay, A.M. With technical revision
  by Lieutenant Roy C. Smith, U.S.N. In two volumes (over 1000 pp.)
  _Demy 8vo, gilt top, £1 11s. 6d._


C. R. B. Barrett. CHARTERHOUSE. 1611-1895. In Pen and Ink by C. R. B.
  Barrett. With a preface by George E. Smythe.

  _Containing upwards of_ 40 Drawings, _and a_ Copper-plate Etching.
  _Crown 4to, printed on the finest art surfaced paper, and bound in
  Japanese vellum. Price 6s. net._

C. R. B. Barrett. SURREY: Highways, Byways, and Waterways. With about
  160 pen and ink, and four copper-plate etchings. _By_ C. R. B.
  Barrett, Author of “Somersetshire: Highways, Byways, and Waterways.”
  _Crown_ 4_to, cloth extra. Price 21s. net._

C. R. B. Barrett. SOMERSETSHIRE: Highways, Byways, and Waterways. With
  160 pen and ink, and four (or six) copper-plate etchings. _By_ Charles
  R. B. Barrett, Author of “Essex: Highways, Byways, and Waterways.”

_The above work is issued in two forms—_

  (_a_) The ordinary edition in crown 4to, bound in cloth extra, with
  four copper-plate etchings, on Van Gelder Paper. _Price 21s. net._

  (_b_) A large paper edition, limited to 65 copies, numbered and signed
  by the author. This edition is in demy 4to, printed on the finest
  plate paper, and contains six copper-plate etchings. The work is sent
  in sheets, together with a portfolio containing a complete set of
  India proofs of the whole of the Illustrations. _Price £2 2s. each,


Geo. A. Meagher. FIGURE AND FANCY SKATING. Dedicated to Lady Archibald
  Campbell, and with Preface by the Earl of Derby. _By_ George A.
  Meagher, the Champion Figure Skater of the World. Profusely
  Illustrated with Diagrams. _Crown 8vo, cloth, 5s._

Anonymous. THE STORY OF MY DICTATORSHIP. New and Cheaper Edition. Sixth
  thousand. _Crown 8vo, cloth, 2s.; paper, 1s._

Anonymous. GOVERNMENT BY THE PEOPLE. _By_ the Authors of “The Story of
  My Dictatorship.” _Crown 8vo, paper covers, 1s._

  DIFFICULTIES. _By_ A. W. Johnston, Author of “The New Utopia.” _Crown
  8vo, cloth, 2s. 6d._

W. E. Snell. THE CABINET AND PARTY POLITICS. _By_ W. E. Snell. _Crown
  8vo, cloth, 1s. 6d._

  Davies). With Preface by Florence Marryat. _Crown 8vo, cloth, with
  Portrait, 6s._

Scriblerus Redivivus. THE ART OF PLUCK. _By_ Scriblerus Redivivus
  (Edward Caswall). New Edition. _Royal 16mo, cloth, gilt top, 2s. 6d._

Francis H. Underwood, LL.D. QUABBIN: The Story of a Small Town, with
  Outlooks upon Puritan Life. _By_ the late Francis H. Underwood, LL.D.
  Numerous Illustrations. _Large Crown 8vo, cloth, gilt top. New and
  Cheaper Edition, 5s._

                         _BOOKS FOR CHILDREN._

R. Murray Gilchrist. HERCULES AND THE MARIONETTES. _By_ R. Murray
  Gilchrist. Fully Illustrated by Charles P. Sainton. _Large Crown 4to,
  price 5s._

Ford Hueffer. THE QUEEN WHO FLEW. _By_ Ford Hueffer. With Frontispiece
  by Sir E. Burne-Jones, Bart., and Border Design by C. R. B. Barrett.
  _Imperial 16mo, cloth, price 3s. 6d._

Wilhelmina Pickering. THE ADVENTURES OF PRINCE ALMERO. _By_ Wilhelmina
  Pickering. Illustrated by Margaret Hooper. _Imperial 16mo, cloth,
  price 3s. 6d._

Mrs. Richard Strachey. NURSERY LYRICS. _By_ Mrs. Richard Strachey.
  Illustrated by G. P. Jacomb Hood. _Imperial 16mo, price 3s. 6d._

                        _THE STORY BOOK SERIES._

  _Royal 16mo, half cloth extra, and Cupid paper, Illustrated, 1s. 6d.

1. STELLA. _By_ Mrs. G. S. Reaney.

2. MY AUNT CONSTANTIA JANE. _By_ Mary E. Hullah.


4. HANS AND HIS FRIEND. _By_ Mary E. Hullah.


Gabriel Setoun. ROBERT URQUHART. _By_ Gabriel Setoun, Author of
  “Sunshine and Haar,” and “Barncraig.” _Large Crown 8vo, deckle edge,
  cloth, gilt top, 6s._

L. T. Meade. STORIES FROM THE DIARY OF A DOCTOR. Second Series. _By_ L.
  T. Meade and Clifford Halifax. _Large crown 8vo, cloth, 6s._

Hon. Mrs. Henry Chetwynd, and W. H. Wilkins. JOHN ELLICOMBE’S
  TEMPTATION. _By_ the Hon. Mrs. Henry Chetwynd and W. H. Wilkins (part
  Author of “The Green Bay Tree”). _Crown 8vo, price 6s._

S. R. Crockett. BOG-MYRTLE AND PEAT: Tales chiefly of Galloway, gathered
  from the years 1889 to 1895. _By_ S. R. Crockett, Author of “The
  Stickit Minister,” “The Raiders,” etc. Second Edition, 18th thousand.
  _Large Crown 8vo, cloth, gilt top, 6s._

Charles T. C. James. ON TURNHAM GREEN: being The Adventures of a
  Gentleman of the Road. _By_ Charles T. C. James, Author of “Miss
  Precocity,” “Holy Wedlock,” etc. Third Edition. _Crown 8vo, cloth,

Mona Caird. THE DAUGHTERS OF DANAUS. _By_ Mrs. Mona Caird. Third
  Edition. _Crown 8vo, 480 pp., cloth, 6s._

May Crommelin. DUST BEFORE THE WIND. _By_ May Crommelin. Second Edition.
  _Crown 8vo, cloth, 6s._

Helen P. Redden. M’CLELLAN OF M’CLELLAN. _By_ Helen P. Redden. _Crown
  8vo, cloth, 6s._

Charles Dixon. 1500 MILES AN HOUR. _By_ Charles Dixon. A Book of
  Adventure for Boys. With Illustrations by Captain Arthur Layard,
  _late_ R.E. _Crown 8vo, cloth, gilt edges, price 5s._

V. Schallenberger. A VILLAGE DRAMA. _By_ V. Schallenberger, Author of
  “Green Tea.” _Crown 8vo, deckle edge, gilt top, 3s. 6d._

E. W. Hornung. THE BOSS OF TAROOMBA. _By_ E. W. Hornung, Author of “A
  Bride from the Bush,” etc. etc. New and Cheaper Edition. _Cloth, price
  3s. 6d._

Esmè Stuart. INSCRUTABLE. _By_ Esmè Stuart. _Crown 8vo, cloth, 3s. 6d._

C. Craigie Halkett. SCANDERBEG: A Romance of Conquest. _By_ Constance
  Craigie Halkett. _Large Crown 8vo, cloth, price 3s. 6d._

Clementina Black. AN AGITATOR: The Story of a Strike Leader. _By_
  Clementina Black. A Novel Dealing with Social Questions. _Crown 8vo,
  cloth, 2s. 6d._

Eden Phillpotts. A DEAL WITH THE DEVIL. _By_ Eden Phillpotts, Author of
  “In Sugar Cane Land,” etc. _Crown 8vo, paper covers, 1s._

  other Stories. _By_ Charlotte Rosalys Jones. _Fcap. 8vo, cloth, 2s._

F. W. Maude. VICTIMS. _By_ F. W. Maude. New and Cheaper Edition. _Crown
  8vo, cloth, 2s._

William Bullock-Barker. LAME DOGS: An Impressionist Study. _By_ William
  Bullock-Barker. _Small Crown 8vo, cloth, 1s. 6d._

                          THE MODERN LIBRARY.

     _Small Crown 8vo, cloth, gilt top, 2s.; paper, 1s. 6d. each._

1. A LATTER-DAY ROMANCE. _By_ Mrs. Murray Hickson.

2. THE WORLD’S PLEASURES. _By_ Clara Savile-Clarke.

3. “HEAVENS!” _By_ Alois Vojtech Smilovsky.

4. A CONSUL’S PASSENGER. _By_ Harry Lander.

  _The following surplus LIBRARY NOVELS can now be had at 6s. the set of
  two or three Volumes:_

Charles T. C. James. MISS PRECOCITY. _In 2 Volumes._

Percival Pickering. A LIFE AWRY. _In 3 Volumes._

Mrs. G. S. Reaney. DR. GREY’S PATIENT. _In 3 Volumes._

Mrs. Macquoid. IN AN ORCHARD. _In 2 Volumes._

May Crommelin. DUST BEFORE THE WIND. _In 2 Volumes._

                           _WORKS ON NATURE._

Charles Dixon. BRITISH SEA BIRDS. _By_ Charles Dixon. Author of “The
  Migration of Birds,” etc. etc. With Eight Illustrations by Charles
  Whymper. _Square demy 8vo, cloth, gilt top, 10s. 6d._

J. A. Owen and Prof. Boulger. THE COUNTRY MONTH BY MONTH. _By_ J. A.
  Owen, & Prof. G. S. Boulger, F.L.S., F.G.S. With a Cover Design by J.
  Lockwood Kipling. _Price, paper covers, gilt top, 1s.; Cloth, silk
  sewn, inlaid parchment, 2s._

 _The above consists of Twelve Monthly Parts, each complete in itself._

          One set of 12 (paper), in paper box, _price_ 12_s._
          ”    ”     12 (cloth), in cloth box, _price_ 24_s._

_The above are also bound in Four Quarterly Volumes_—Spring; Summer;
  Autumn; Winter—_price 5s. each Volume_. _Cloth, bevelled boards,
  inlaid parchment, gilt edges._

Edward Step. BY VOCAL WOODS AND WATERS. Nature Studies. _By_ Edward
  Step. _Crown 8vo, fully Illustrated, ornamental binding, 5s._


Lord Granville Gordon. THE LEGEND OF BIRSE, and other Poems. _By_ Lord
  Granville Gordon. With a photogravure frontispiece Portrait of the
  Author. Printed on hand-made paper, rubricated, and luxuriously bound
  in vellum. _Price £1 1s. net._

Maxwell Gray. LAYS OF THE DRAGON SLAYER. _By_ Maxwell Gray, Author of
  “Canterbury Chimes,” “The Silence of Dean Maitland,” etc. etc. _Fcap.
  8vo, cloth, gilt top, 6s._

G. H. Powell. MUSA JOCOSA. A Selection of the Best Comic Poems. Edited
  by G. H. Powell. Including Works by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Thackeray,
  Calverley, W. S. Gilbert, Bret Harte, Hans Breitman, Lewis Carroll, T.
  Hood, and from the Ingoldsby Legends and the Rejected Addresses, etc.
  With a Critical Introductory Essay. _Small Crown 8vo, cloth, 2s._

E. C. H. THE SUICIDE AT SEA, and other Poems. _By_ E. C. H. _Small Crown
  8vo, cloth, price 1s. 6d._

                         _CLASSICAL REPRINTS._

                   _The Cheapest Books in the World._
                            Press Opinions.

_TIMES._—“Should be welcome to many readers.”

_DAILY TELEGRAPH._—“Astonishingly cheap.”

_ATHENÆUM._—“A marvellous florin’s worth.”

_BIRMINGHAM DAILY POST._—“May stand unashamed on any library shelf....
  It is the most wonderfully cheap book we ever saw.”

  Stothard’s Edition of 1820, with reproductions of the 20 Engravings,
  separately printed upon plate paper, and inserted in the Volume. 384
  pages. Demy 8vo (8¾ × 5⅝ inches).

THE ARABIAN NIGHTS’ ENTERTAINMENTS. A reprint of the First Edition of
  Lane’s Translation from the Arabic, with the addition of Aladdin and
  Ali Baba, taken from another source. 512 pp. Uniform with Robinson

UNCLE TOM’S CABIN. _By_ Harriet Beecher Stowe, with a Frontispiece by
  George Cruikshank. A verbatim reprint of the First English Edition.
  320 pages. Uniform with Robinson Crusoe.

THE POETICAL WORKS OF ROBERT BURNS. _Edited by_ John Fawside. With a
  Frontispiece Portrait. Uniform with Robinson Crusoe.

  _The above works are all re-set from new type, with title pages in red
  and black, and are printed on choice antique laid paper, and bound in
  two styles:_

  (_a_) Cloth extra, gilt lettered on back, _price_ 2/-.

  (_b_) Cloth extra, gilt lettered on back, gilt edges, and profusely
  decorated with gold on front and back, _price_ 3/6.

Owing to their large size these works cannot be sent post-free for 2/-;
                the charge for this is 6d. in addition.


THE VICAR OF WAKEFIELD. _By_ Oliver Goldsmith, with careful
  reproductions of the whole of the Illustrations by William Mulready,
  R.A. A facsimile and verbatim reprint of the First Mulready Edition.
  320 pages, large crown 8vo.

GULLIVER’S TRAVELS. _By_ Jonathan Swift, with reproductions of the
  original plates. A verbatim reprint of the First Edition. 320 pages.
  Uniform with the Vicar of Wakefield.

  _The above works are both re-set from new type, with title-pages in
  red and black, designed by_ J. Walter West, _and are printed on choice
  paper, and bound in two styles_:

  (_a_) Cloth extra, gilt lettered on back, gilt top, and gilt panel on
  front, _price_ 2/6.

  (_b_) Cloth extra, gilt lettered on back and front, gilt edges, and
  profusely decorated with gold on front and back, _price_ 3/6.

                          Transcriber’s Notes

--This catalog was bound with an 1896 publication of _British Sea
  Birds_, by Charles Dixon.

--Silently corrected palpable typos; left non-standard spellings and
  dialect unchanged.

--Provided an original cover image, for free and unrestricted use with
  this Distributed Proofreaders-Canada eBook.

--Only in the text versions, delimited italicized text in _underscores_
  (the HTML version reproduces the font form of the printed book.)

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