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´╗┐Title: Report of Governor's Representatives for California at Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition Commission
Author: Filcher, J. A., Wiggins, Frank
Language: English
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       Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition

    GOVERNOR J. N. GILLETT, Commissioner.

           J. A. FILCHER,
           FRANK WIGGINS,
               Governor's Representatives.



                                Report of
                       GOVERNOR'S REPRESENTATIVES
                             for California at
                    Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition

                                  SACRAMENTO, CAL., DECEMBER 27, 1910.

    _To Hon. James N. Gillett,
        Governor of California, and Ex-Officio Commissioner
            Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition._

_Dear Sir_:--

As your Representatives, charged with the details of California's
representation at the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, held at Seattle,
Washington, from June 1st to October 15th, 1909, inclusive, we take
pleasure in submitting to you the following report of our work.

It was right that California should aid and participate in a Western
Exposition, and it was wise to make the appropriation for the purpose
sufficient to insure a creditable representation of the State's
resources. Accordingly, on your recommendation, the Legislature
of 1907, set apart from the General Fund the sum of $100,000,
and authorized you, as Commissioner for California, through such
Representatives as it might be your pleasure to appoint, to supervise
the general expenditure of the appropriation in the erection of a
suitable building on the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition grounds, and
the collection and installation therein of such an exhibit as would do
credit to the State, and exemplify in as striking and effective manner
as possible the great variety and superior quality of California's


In accordance with the authority thus conferred it was your pleasure
to appoint the undersigned to represent you in this work. You acted
promptly and gave your Representatives ample time to take advantage of
the seasons to secure samples of everything necessary for a complete
display of the State's resources. To this one fact is due largely the
greater completeness of the Seattle exhibit than any California had
previously made. You also relieved your Representatives of possible
embarrassment by allowing them to appoint their own assistants and
fix their compensation and term of service. In the exercise of this
authority preference was given to those best qualified to perform the
work required, and the term of employment depended on efficiency and
good behavior. No help was hired that was not absolutely necessary,
and no one was kept on the pay-roll a moment longer than his or her
services were required. In short, it was our determined purpose from
the start to try and secure maximum results at a minimum cost in every
department of the work, to the end that the final outcome might be an
improvement on any previous effort made by California of a similar

We considered this to be necessary, not only in deference to our own
reputation, but more particularly for the credit and benefit of the
State. You can understand if the display made at Seattle had been less
complete or in any way less attractive than the one made at Portland,
for instance, the impression created would be that those in charge were
becoming careless, or that California was retrograding, a condition
that would probably have resulted in as much harm as good, and largely
or entirely neutralized the object of the Legislature in making the


We felt that we must improve on previous showings made by the State at
other Expositions, or resign and ask that the responsibility be placed
in other hands, or that the money be allowed to remain in the State
Treasury. With a larger appropriation, corresponding with the larger
expenditures in freight and numerous other items at Seattle as compared
to Portland, the effort for an improved display would not have been
difficult; but with the appropriation practically the same, considering
the salvage benefit realized for Portland from California's exhibit
the previous year at St. Louis, the planning, the economizing, the
denials and the extra personal labor imposed in order to accomplish
the desired result can never be fully appreciated, except by those
who had immediate charge of the work. Those efforts were made the
more difficult by reason of California's reputation for open handed
hospitality, and the ever present consciousness that nothing must
be done or left undone that might tend to impair that reputation.
You can understand it is no easy task to maintain a show of generous
hospitality all day, and then set up at night to figure out how you can
do the same thing to-morrow without unduly impairing a limited revenue.


But we did it. We built the best and second largest State Building
ever erected at a World's Fair; we collected and installed the most
complete and most attractive exhibit of California's resources that the
State ever made; we maintained stereoptican lectures, gave out verbal
information to all inquirers, and distributed attractive literature;
we gave frequent receptions and dispensed true California hospitality;
we filled the measure of our aim; we did what we believe the State
expected us to do, and it is a proud moment now the work is ended and
we are able to record the fact that we did it without exceeding the


The California building was of the Spanish renaissance style of
architecture. The broad steps that led up to the five large arches
which opened on to the wide portico or colonnade were eighty feet
long, and through any of the five broad doors that fronted the arches
visitors entered the main exhibition hall. This hall was one hundred
and forty feet square with gallery on all four sides twenty-one feet
high and thirty feet wide. Four flights of easy stairs, one at either
corner, led to the spacious gallery. Light was diffused from side
windows under the gallery and in the gallery high enough from the
floor so as not to interfere with the wall for exhibit purposes, and
from an iron-framed skylight sixty-four feet square. On either side
of the main building and in line with the front there were wings
thirty-two feet wide and thirty-five feet long. This gave a total
frontage to the building of two hundred and ten feet, or a little more
than two-thirds of an average city block. The wings were so arranged
as to provide a lecture hall, offices, parlor, reception room, buffet,
and living rooms for the Representatives and some of the employees.
The structure as a whole presented an imposing appearance and was
ideal for the purpose intended. It was designed and built by the State
Engineering Department, with an occasional inspection by one of the
Representatives. Builders figured on the plans and variously estimated
the cost at from $50,000 to $56,000. We had asked for a building to
cost not exceeding one-third of the appropriation. For a time we feared
the dimensions would have to be reduced, but State Engineer Ellery,
after figuring carefully on the job, expressed the opinion that he
could erect the structure as planned for an amount pretty close to our
figures. He was finally requested to go ahead with the work. He put one
of his trusted superintendents in charge, hired his help by the day,
and when completed as nearly as desired for exposition purposes, it was
found to have cost, including preparation of grounds and finishing of
lecture room, just $40,333.84, and it was better finished outside and
more substantially constructed than Exposition buildings usually are.


As you are aware it has been deeded to the Washington University, on
whose grounds the Exposition was held, and, barring accidents, will
remain for many years as the University Museum building.



Center Piece or Fruit Palace]

The installation would be tedious to describe, and we will not
attempt it further than to say that harmony in color and arrangement
was maintained throughout the building, all balancing from an imposing
center-piece, or Product Palace, which was covered entirely with
natural products of the State, including dried fruits, seeds, cereals,
raisins, nuts, etc., so artistically arranged as to give the whole a
very attractive appearance. This center-piece or palace was admitted
to be not only the most beautiful feature of the California Building,
but the most original, elaborate and artistic feature of the entire
Exposition. The editor of _Illustrated Northwest Farm and Home_
visited the California Building during the early part of the Fair, and
returning home gave expression to his impressions through the columns
of his paper in these words:

    "In the California Building there is everything to delight the eye
    and the entertainers can talk English. The statuary and ornaments
    in fruits and nuts surpasses anything that the eye of man ever
    beheld. For instance; the representation of carvings over the
    finished woods are created of various kinds of fruits; at the
    entrance to the center-piece within the main building, are two
    life-size mountain lions made of peaches; a black knight mounted
    on a black horse, are made of California prunes; an elephant, full
    size, is made of California walnuts; a life-size cow is created of
    California almonds; a large black bear has California raisins for
    a robe; a lemon as large as a hogshead, is composed of California

These were some of the fruit features designed to set off the general
display and emphasize the products that composed them. But these
were only incidental to the strong and imposing exhibit of all of
California's material products. There was a generous display of
processed fruits, including all varieties known to the State. The
dried fruit department was strong and attractive, embracing three
separate features, one of miscellaneous dried fruits, one of raisins
and one of prunes. There were separate stands or features of wines,
olive oil, pickled olives, mineral water, canned fruit, preserved
fruit, vegetables, flowers, oranges, nuts, honey, beans, cereals,
seeds, sugar, silk, wool, ostrich feathers, fibers, canned milk, canned
fish, etc., etc., besides many suitable show cases containing samples
of other products more delicate and less in quantity. There was a
strong show of incubators and an attractive feature of borax. Models
were shown, and in operation where practicable, of such articles or
machinery as could not be accommodated otherwise, as for instance the
working model of a complete gold dredge, manufactured especially for
this exhibit by the Risdon Iron Works of San Francisco.


The Mining Department of the display on the main floor of the
California Building was attractively installed and as complete as the
State has ever made, being strong in the minerals in which we are
strong, but embracing in all forty-four separate commercial varieties,
including a strong showing of mineral oils and structural materials. A
beautiful illuminated case of gold specimens and free gold ores from
Siskiyou County, and an equally beautiful illuminated case of rough and
cut gems from San Diego County, including gem jewelry, constituted very
attractive features of the mineral department. The onyx and onyx ware
from San Diego made a fine showing, as did also the large display of
slate in all forms of utility from El Dorado.


The Forestry Department included all the commercial woods of the
State and many that have a prospective value for cabinet purposes.
The variety displayed in this feature was so great, the installation
so attractive, and the quality of the raw and manufactured samples
so superior, that the Jury readily awarded to it a Grand Prize, the
highest recognition possible, and this in a State where forestry is a
leading industry, and by a Jury composed largely of Washingtonians.
This was a victory to be proud of. All the available space on the
walls of the main exhibition hall was covered with enlarged views of
California scenes and industries.



On the upper floor, one gallery (the front) was reserved for display
pictures, a hotel information bureau and receptions, one for an exhibit
of manufacturers' samples, one for Art, and one for Education.


while largely a new departure, constituted a very interesting and
instructive feature. Even many Californians were surprised to learn
that all of the articles found there were made in this State. Leather
and leather goods, silk and silk fabrics and nautical instruments in
this department, each were awarded the highest prize it was possible to


The Art Display collected largely by Miss Evelyn Almond Withrow of
San Francisco, as a labor of love, her services being gratuitous, as
was her time in superintending the installation of the exhibit later,
was freely admitted by those informed on such things to be the best
and most complete representation of California art and handicraft ever
brought together on any previous occasion either at home or abroad. It
comprised nearly three hundred pictures, all the best work of the best
artists in the State, besides busts of statuary, samples of modeling
and eight large and specially designed show cases filled with beautiful
samples of all classes of handiwork known to art.


Our Educational Display was the best and most complete ever made, and
was very much the best exhibit of the kind at the Seattle Exposition.
It was collected and superintended by Mr. Robert Furlong of San Rafael,
an expert in this line of work, and embraced a representative showing
of every department of California's educational system from the
kindergarten to the university, not omitting the libraries and private
educational institutions. There could be only one criticism to this
department and that was its crowded condition, as there was too much
material for the space that could be allowed for it. In an exhibit of
products, quantity can be reduced without material detriment, but if
one sample of an educational exhibit is left out, the work perhaps of
some fond son or daughter whose parents may come looking for it, there
is likely to be trouble. Nearly all portions of California contributed
to this Department, making the display representative in every sense.


The California building, though some distance back from the main
entrance, was on high ground and eligibly located as to attractive
surroundings and accessibility. The grounds for so large a structure
were necessarily extensive, and the work of clearing, leveling, sodding
and planting these grounds involved an expenditure much greater than at
previous expositions, where the grounds were smaller and required less
preparatory work.

Mr. Geo. C. Roeding of Fresno, our Superintendent of Horticulture,
giving his talents and time, as did Miss Withrow, for the love of the
work and the good he could do the State, collected from different
nurseries in California two car loads of fruiting trees, flowering
plants, palms and shrubs, and traveled to Seattle to personally
superintend the work of converting these grounds into a typical
California park, with clusters of palms, geranium beds and orange
groves. It gave to the Exposition a semi-tropic feature which visitors
greatly enjoyed, and which was highly appreciated by the Exposition
management as a rare and valuable acquisition to their already
beautiful landscape effects. It might be said, however, that the citrus
trees and other tender plants did not thrive well even in the Seattle
summer, and though the grounds thus planted, as a side attraction and
subject of favorable comment, were perhaps worth all they cost, yet
they were not so beautiful as they would have been under more favorable
climatic conditions. Mr. Roeding's work in the department was prompted
by love of his art and pride in his State. He contributed liberally
from his own nurseries and gave time and technical assistance that
money could hardly have bought, and for his unstinted services, not
only your Representatives, but all Californians, owe him a debt of
lasting gratitude.


Striving to obtain the best exhibit possible with the means
available, your Representatives early solicited the co-operation of
all the counties of California, offering in return for their efforts
such distinctive representation as the merits of their respective
products would warrant, consistent with a general harmonious plan of
installation. Some responded very generously, others modestly and some
not at all. On the whole, however, the help from counties was very
material, particularly the services of their respective representatives
in entertaining visitors to the California building and answering the
constant flow of questions provoked by an inspection of the exhibits.
Those counties that supported one or more representatives at the
Exposition and which contributed more or less to the general display
were, San Diego, Los Angeles, Riverside, Ventura, Santa Barbara,
Santa Cruz, Alameda, San Francisco, Tulare, Sacramento and Siskiyou.
Material was contributed by Kern, Fresno, San Joaquin, Monterey,
Santa Clara, and here and there a little from others, but none of
these latter maintained a representative, while some of those first
named had at least two people with us all the time. It can be readily
understood that with the regular State employees, reenforced by all
the county representatives indicated, selected generally by reason of
their especial qualifications for the position, the California force
was very strong, and if any one visited the building and left without
learning all he or she wanted to know about our State, or any part
or industry thereof, it was because they did not make the desire for
such information known. The work of the able floor representatives and
lecturers was strongly reenforced by a well equipped


A neat booth with spacious counter was provided at a prominent and
convenient place in the building and well supplied with attractive
literature all the time, free to all comers. In addition to the State
book, a large edition of which was compiled and published at the
expense of the appropriation, and which, we desire to say here, was
as comprehensive a publication on California as was ever gotten out,
nearly every progressive county contributed to the supply, thus making
it possible to meet the eager demand that always exists for information
regarding this State. Altogether from first to last we estimate that
more than a car load of literature was handed out from our literature
booth or given to visitors by those on the floor, and yet no one was
ever asked to take a line who had not previously expressed a desire
for it. If you force literature on people much of it is thrown away
as soon as they are out of your sight. If put within convenient reach
people take what they want and no more, and what they want they keep.
No California literature was thrown away.



were a strong reenforcement to the literature. These lectures were
given by the different County Representatives in a hall built and
equipped by the State especially for the purpose, and which opened
off the main exhibition room. The number of lectures varied from nine
to twelve a day, each occupying half an hour, twenty-five minutes for
the talk and five minutes to empty and re-fill the hall. They were a
popular feature and always well patronized, and their far-reaching and
convincing lessons will be realized in benefits to California, and
especially to the sections represented, for many years to come. A new
departure in Exposition work was the maintenance in the California
building of a California


Room and accommodations were gladly given for this feature, which,
however, was maintained at the expense of certain contributing hotels
that represented practically all important centers of the State. It
relieved your Representatives of the duty of supplying information in
this particular line of inquiry and insured the work being done better
than it could have been otherwise.


were maintained in the California Building by a number of exhibitors
to whom we were pleased to give space for the purpose, as experience
teaches that one of the most effective ways of impressing the merits of
any particular article is to prove its value by sample. Our preserved
fruits, our canned mackerel and our borax products were shown and
sampled from artistic booths, while beans, wine, olive oil and other
products were demonstrated as occasion required but in a more modest


Mrs. Wiggins and Mrs. Filcher who had served so successfully as
hostesses at the St. Louis Exposition and at the Portland Exposition,
were installed as hostesses of the California Building at Seattle, the
compensation to be determined after the close of the Exposition when
our financial condition would be better understood, they agreeing in
advance to abide by the outcome. This arrangement was an incentive
to extra economy on their part, and it may be said they seconded
every effort of your Representatives in that direction, and yet they
maintained California's reputation for hospitality admirably, and
became favorites in the large Hostesses' Association of the Exposition,
of which Mrs. Wiggins was one of the leading officials.


Mr. Geo. A. Dennison, who had a long prior record with the State Board
of Trade, and who served us so efficiently as Secretary at St. Louis
and at Portland, was appointed Secretary at Seattle, and remained with
us to the close of our work. In this connection it may be said that
other State Representatives had as their office force a secretary,
a bookkeeper and a stenographer. Mr. Dennison, possessing the
qualifications, filled all three of those positions for California, and
being an expert in each branch filled them all with marked efficiency.


The splendid exhibit made by California proved one of the principal
attractions of the Exposition. It became to be the general remark
that if you did not see the Government exhibit and the California
exhibit you did not see the show. As a consequence all who attended the
Exposition visited the California building, and as may be supposed, we
had a crowd passing through the exhibits all the time the building was
open. The average attendance at the Exposition was close to 25,000 a
day; allowing that each visitor spent two days on the grounds, and that
in one of the two days practically all visited our building, it may be
estimated that the number who inspected the California exhibits daily
was about 12,000. This we believe is a fair estimate.


We had a separate card register for visitors from this State, and it
will surprise you perhaps to learn that the number of Californians who
registered with us averaged nearly two hundred a day, or twelve hundred
a week. In one day during the height of the season we registered
372 people from our home State. It is not only possible, but very
probable, that many come and went without registering; making allowance
for these, and figuring those who did register at 1,200 a week, and
counting twenty weeks for the Fair (19 weeks and 5 days to be exact),
we estimate the number of Californians who attended the Seattle
Exposition at 25,000.


If other evidence were wanting to establish the claim that the Seattle
exhibit was the best and most complete ever made by California, it
would be found in the record of prizes won by this State. In proportion
to the number of entries we not only beat all the other States in the
number of high awards, but we beat all past records made by California,
and this in face of the fact that the juries as a rule set a high
standard and were very critical in their examinations. California's
greatest total premiums at any previous Exposition was 518, while at
Seattle the total was 800. To win gold medals or higher on half the
entries is considered a remarkable record, and yet out of the total of
800 at Seattle, 90 were grand prizes, an award only made in case of
extraordinary excellence, 414 were gold medals, 155 silver medals, 108
bronze medals and 33 honorable mentions. A careful analysis by one who
understands what is required to win a high award at an International
Exposition and what it stands for, will show at once that this is
a most extraordinary record, one which we confidently believe has
never been equalled by any State or country at any Exposition in the
world, and one which is not likely to be equalled except possibly by
California itself, for many years to come. It will be noticed from
the detailed list of the awards, which follows in this report, that
they are well distributed throughout the State, nearly every locality
and every industry sharing in the honors, a further evidence of the
representative character of the exhibit.


At the close of the Exposition we took sufficient time to safely pack
all material that had to be returned and to label it carefully so as
to facilitate its distribution in California. In the meantime we sold
some of the edible goods and some on order we turned over to local
agents of the owners. All money received therefor has been remitted
to the parties who furnished the articles and receipts received for
the same. The furniture, fixtures and other material which belonged to
the State and which we deemed it advisable to sell, was disposed of to
the best advantage possible, considering the great quantity of this
class of goods that were being thrown on the market. From this source
we realized the sum of $5,135.16. From rent of soft drink stand in the
building we realized the sum of $300.00, and from the sale of building
$750.00, making the total salvage exclusive of building $5,435.16,
which is fully accounted for in the financial statement which follows
in this report. The $750.00 received for the building was turned over
to the State Printer on account and never passed through our hands.



There was certain office furniture which it was deemed unwise to
sacrifice, and some permanent exhibition material that is worth more to
the State for future expositions than any amount that could be realized
from it at a forced sale. Consequently this material was returned and
the furniture has been turned over to the State Agricultural Society
and the exhibition material has been stored in a shed which we built
for the purpose on the grounds of the State Agricultural Society. The
latter consists of eight mineral show cases, a collection of California
ores and mineral specimens, a large assortment of California woods,
including burls and rare specimens, a lot of framed and unframed
pictures of California scenes and industries, and about 500 glass
jars, most of which are filled with seeds, cereals, sugar or processed
fruits. The furniture returned at 50 cents on the dollar, the usual
selling price at an Exposition of good material, is worth $75.00,
the showcases $425.00, exhibit material, estimated at half what it
would cost to collect it, $2,000.00, and the glass jars $1,000.00.
This totals a heritage to the State from the Seattle Exposition of
$3,500.00. This will be available and worth even more than the sum
stated whenever the State desires to make another exhibition.


Summing up the benefits of an exhibit is a good deal like a merchant
trying to estimate the good derived from a sign over his door.
Occasionally a patron may say, "I saw your sign and came in," and
occasionally a party may say, "I saw your exhibit and it prompted me
to come to California." The money dropped from travelers alone who
passed through this State going to or returning from the Exposition,
has probably recompensed California for its outlay, but this is only
the beginning of the harvest. Many people from the eastern and central
States who visited the Exposition with a view of ascertaining in which
part of the Northwest it would be best to settle, changed their minds
after seeing the exhibits made by the different States and came on
to California. Besides, thousands of others already settled, after
inspecting the exhibits made by this State, openly declared that if
they ever moved again they would land in California. The tons of
literature on this State carried away by visitors to supplement and
strengthen their impressions, both impressions and literature to be
disseminated among their neighbors, will have an effect that cannot
be estimated, but which must inevitably bear fruit for California for
many years to come. Then again, the seeing of our splendid products
naturally excites a desire to try them, and the increased demand
for our fruits, oil, wines, etc., growing out of such a display, is
far-reaching. But more than all this, the greater intercourse, the
better acquaintance, the more friendly feeling between the people of
the different sections of the country, and particularly of the west,
and more particularly between the people of this State and Washington,
or Oregon and Washington, if you please, is bound to lead to a better
understanding in regard to trade relations and result in commercial
benefits that cannot be estimated. That the participation of California
was wise there is no doubt, and that the benefits received and to
be received will be many fold greater than the cost is as certain
as the future. The follow-up letters that have already come to your
Representatives from people of the Northwest and other sections who saw
and inspected our exhibit, is further proof that an interest in this
State has been awakened among them that will not soon die out.


We are under obligations to so many that it would be tedious to
enumerate them. The higher officials of the Exposition, President J.
E. Chilberg, Director-General I. A. Nadeau and Director of Exhibits H.
E. Dosch, showed us every courtesy and manifested a desire to do all
they could to facilitate our work; while from the other departments,
and even from the subordinates in all departments, a request from
California was promptly considered and always conceded when not
inconsistent with the Exposition rules. There were differences at
first, as is always the case, but on a better understanding these were
adjusted to the satisfaction of all concerned.


The Southern Pacific Company and the Northern Pacific Company carried
our freight at a one-way rate, and their respective agents were prompt
and accommodating, setting a new mark for railroad efficiency at
Expositions. The Southern Pacific Passenger Department also loaned us
some very fine pictures of California scenes which were valuable not
only as wall decorations but as object lessons on certain features of
our State. To the Golden Gate Park officials of San Francisco, and also
the officials of the Stockton State Hospital, we are under obligations
for liberal contributions of ornamental plants and shrubs for the
decoration of the California building and grounds. Mr. R. M. Teague of
San Dimas and the Fancher Creek Nursery of Fresno, also contributed
liberally of their choicest stock, for which we owe them a debt of
gratitude. The same is true of J. Dietrich, Howard & Smith, Elysian
Park and Edward H. Rust, all of Los Angeles, and of the Orange County
Nursery & Land Co., of Fullerton.

To the counties and other subdivisions of the State that through
organized effort and at their own expense collected valuable exhibition
material, prepared descriptive literature and sent representatives to
Seattle, thereby strengthening the exhibit and adding to the force of
California workers, we are under obligations. To their efforts and to
the efficiency of the people they sent much of California's success at
the Seattle Exposition is due, and we want them to know and feel that
their efforts and co-operation are fully appreciated.

To producers, manufacturers and packers, to lumbermen and miners, who
responded to our request for samples of their output we owe a debt
which we tried to pay in part by caring for their goods as they would
have cared for them, and by looking out for their interests in the
matter of awards as carefully as they could have done had they been

In this connection we wish to express our obligation to the Niles-Pease
Furniture Company for the generous loan of the finest art mission
furniture for our reception room, to Byron Mauzy of San Francisco, the
Star Piano Company and Salyer-Baumeister of Los Angeles, for the loan
of pianos for the use of our guests, and to the Eilers Piano Company
for the free use of a pianola for our lecture room. To Arthur Harris,
designer, and to C. L. Wilson, Superintendent of Installation, both
experts in their line, is due largely the attractive character of
California's exhibit, admitted to be the most beautiful in arrangement
and display, as well as the most comprehensive ever put up by this or
any other State, at Seattle or any other Exposition.


We do not hesitate to affirm that California's participation at the
Seattle Exposition was a success from every point of view, and knowing
our trust was conscientiously performed, and that our best efforts
were exerted in the interest of our State, we dare to hope that you
who trusted us are not disappointed, and that the people of California
who generously advanced the money for the work are satisfied with
the showing made, and that they will reap substantial and lasting
benefit as the result of their enterprise and liberality. We want to
thank you sincerely for the confidence reposed in us, for your kindly
co-operation and advise, and particularly for the generous rein given
to us in carrying out a work for which you, in the eyes of the law,
were primarily responsible. Our studied efforts were continually
directed toward trying to get the greatest results at the least cost,
for, though handling a generous appropriation, we never lost sight of
the fact that it was the people's money, and consequently we consented
to the expenditure of a dollar only where in our judgement a dollar's
worth or more benefit would accrue to California; neither did we lose
sight of the high standard which has characterized your course in the
handling of public affairs. We acted on the principle that public
office is a public trust, and that public money should be handled with
greater care than one would handle his own.

The following pages contain a complete list of the awards made to
California exhibitors and a statement of all moneys received and
expended, and accompanying this report we hand you the vouchers showing
all our transactions and just how the money was expended. We have
settled every honorable claim, we have concluded the work in full, even
to the distribution of the awards, and if there is a dollar left to go
back into the Treasury it is because that dollar was not needed for the
full satisfaction of the duties imposed.

                                         J. A. FILCHER,
                                         FRANK WIGGINS,
                                             Governor's Representatives.



October 1, 1907, to December 27, 1910.

  State of California                                    $99,500.00
  Salvage                                                  5,435.16
  Office Supplies                           $  487.23
  Postage                                      321.45
  Telephone and Telegraph                      248.04
  Drayage                                    2,173.44
  Express and Freight                        5,579.11
  Building Maintenance                       3,250.96
  Printing                                   1,639.30
  Furniture and Fixture                      4,294.74
  Miscellaneous                              3,361.95
  J. A. Filcher, Salary                      3,930.00
  J. A. Filcher, Expense                     1,319.99
  Frank Wiggins, Salary                      1,625.00
  Frank Wiggins, Expense                       705.87
  G. A. Dennison, Salary                     3,100.00
  G. A. Dennison, Expense                      838.35
  Employees' Salary                         10,264.60
  Employees' Expense                         1,570.66
  Rent                                         763.03
  Exhibit Material                           8,205.03
  Installation                              10,829.55
  California Building                       40,333.84
  Returned to A. B. Nye, State Controller       93.02
                                          -----------   -----------
                                          $104,935.16   $104,935.16


Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, Seattle, 1909


  EXHIBITOR                 ADDRESS           AWARD ON--

  A. Repsold & Co.          San Francisco     Brandy 3 star.
  Wetmore-Bowen Co.         San Francisco     Chateau Cresta Blanca.
    Wine Co.                San Francisco     Mesa Blanca Wine.
  The Rosenblatt Company    San Francisco     Apricot Brandy.
  Italian Swiss Colony      San Francisco     Asti Special Wine.
  St. Elmo Cigar Co.        Los Angeles       Cigars.
  F. L. Hogue               Santa Barbara     Beans.
  F. L. Hogue               Santa Barbara     Mustard Seed.
  Lovdal Bros. Co.          Sacramento        Hops.
  San Joaquin Co.           Stockton          Grains and milling
  State of California       Sacramento        Assorted cereals.
  Ventura County                              Lima beans.
  John J. Sommans           Pasadena          Cut glass.
  San Francisco Keramic     San Francisco     Display hand decorated
    Club                                        china.
  Bertha and Ellen          Berkeley          Hand decorated china.
  State of California       Sacramento        Gen'l collection woods and
  State of California       Sacramento        Gen'l collection commercial
                                                and cabinet woods.
  Cawston Ostrich Farm      Pasadena          Ostrich feathers.
  Carlson-Currier Silk Co.  San Francisco     General display silks.
  Los Angeles Silk Works    Los Angeles       "Yard wide" silk.
  Jas. A. Jasper            San Diego         Silk and cocoon exhibit.
  Alameda County            Oakland           Processed vegetables.
  California Nursery        Niles             78 varieties nuts, grown
                                                in one nursery.
  San Diego County          San Diego         Processed fruit in glass.
  W. D. Nichols             Oakland           Processed flowers.
  Sacramento Valley                           Gen'l display processed
                                                fruits and vegetables.
  Fred L. Hilmer Co.        San Francisco     Eggs.
  Petaluma Incubator Co.    Petaluma          Gen'l display incubators
                                                and brooders.
  State of California       Sacramento        Installation mineral
  State of California       Sacramento        Gen'l installation of
                                                State bldg.
  State of California       Sacramento        Installation of fruit
  Brawley Cantaloupe Ass'n                    Cantaloupes.
  Los Nietos Ranchito       Rivera            Walnuts.
    Walnut Growers Ass'n
  C. W. Leffingwell         Whittier          Lemons.
  Los Angeles Chamber                         Processed fruit in glass.
    of Com
  Tulare County Board                         Fruits through season.
    of Trade
  Cal. Fruit Growers        Los Angeles       Oranges.
  E. B. Leach                                 Lemons.
  State of California       Sacramento        Fruit and vegetables
                                                in glass.
  State of California       Sacramento        Almonds.
  California Cotton         Oakland           Raw and manufactured cotton.
    Mills Co.
  Johnston Fruits Co.       Santa Barbara     Lemons.
  Pacific Electric          Los Angeles       Hot point electric iron.
    Heating Co.
  State of California       Sacramento        Processed fruit and
  Holmes Disappearing       Los Angeles       Sanitary conditions.
    Bed Co.
  San Diego County          San Diego         Gem exhibit.
  Cal. Public School System                   General education display.
  Santa Barbara County                        English walnuts.
  San Diego County                            Display of nuts.
  Raymond Glove Co.         Stockton          Manufactured gloves.
  Wagner Leather Co.        Stockton          Tanned leather.
  Champion Manufacturing    Oakland           Aut-O-Lac leather dressing.
  Walsh-Richardson Co.      Sacramento        Saddles.
  Gertrude Boyle            San Francisco     Sculpture.
  Clara Hill                San Francisco     Sculpture.
  A. Stirling Calder        Los Angeles       Sculpture.
  Rosa G. Taussig           San Francisco     Bookbinding.
  Western Art Tile Co.      Los Angeles       Art tile.
  State of California       Sacramento        Beet sugar.
  California Dried Fruit    Fresno            Dried fruits.
  Santa Clara Co. Fruit                       Assorted dried fruits.
  Fresno Chamber of Commerce                  Seeded raisins.
  Fresno County                               Artistic display of raisins.
  Alpine Evaporated Cream   Hollister         Evaporated milk.
  Roeding Fig Packing Co.   Fresno            Dried figs and preserved
                                                figs in glass.
  American Olive Co.        Los Angeles       Ripe olives.
  Ehmann Olive Co.          Oroville          Ripe olives.
  American Olive Co.        Los Angeles       Olive oil.
  Griffin & Skelly Co.      San Francisco     Assorted canned and
                                                preserved fruits.
  Cal. Fruit Canners        San Francisco     Assorted canned and
    Association                                 preserved fruits.
  The J. H. Flickinger Co.  San Jose          Assorted canned fruits.
  Central California        Sacramento        Assorted canned fruits.
  Ewell & Russell           Santa Cruz        Jellies, preserves &
  Bishop & Co.              Los Angeles       Preserved fruits.
  G. H. Waters & Co.        Ramona            Canned fruits.
  Octavia Holden            San Francisco     Bookbinding.
  State of California       Sacramento        General collection of gold
  State of California       Sacramento        General display minerals.
  New Pedrara Mexican       San Diego         Onyx display.
    Onyx Co.
  Siskiyou County                             Gold ores, placer and leaf
                                                gold and gold specimens.
  A. Lietz Co.              San Francisco     Surveying and nautical
  Pacific Coast Borax Co.   Oakland           Borax, raw and refined, and
                                                its product for medical
                                                and domestic use.
  Hicks-Judd Co.            San Francisco     Display bookbinding &
  State of California       Sacramento        California Public Schools
  Los Angeles Pressed                         Pressed and glazed brick.
    Brick Co.
  State of California       Sacramento        Variety of woods and finish.
  Ehmann Olive Co.          Oroville          Olive oil.
  Siskiyou County           Yreka             Indian basketry & Indian
  State of California       Sacramento        Display of arts and crafts.
  Chas. Frederick Eaton     Santa Barbara     Arts and crafts.
  Chas. Frank Ingerson      San Francisco     Modeled leather screen.
  G. Kellogg Claxton        San Francisco     Metal art work and jewelry.
  State of California       Sacramento        Collective display oil
  Goddard Gale              Oakland           Water colors.
  Rose Hooper Plottner      San Francisco     Miniatures.


  EXHIBITOR                 ADDRESS           AWARD ON--

  El Quito Olive & Vine     Santa Clara       Claret.
  C. Shilling & Co.         San Francisco     Lomas Azules (Chateau
  C. Shilling & Co.         San Francisco     Semillon.
  C. Shilling & Co.         San Francisco     Burgundy.
  C. Shilling & Co.         San Francisco     Cabernet Sauvignon.
  C. Shilling & Co.         San Francisco     Sherry.
  C. Shilling & Co.         San Francisco     Cabernet.
  Italian-Swiss Colony      San Francisco     Burgundy.
  Italian-Swiss Colony      San Francisco     Zinfandel.
  Italian-Swiss Colony      San Francisco     Riesling.
  Italian-Swiss Colony      San Francisco     White Tipo.
  Italian-Swiss Colony      San Francisco     Chablis.
  Italian-Swiss Colony      San Francisco     Haut Sauterne.
  Italian-Swiss Colony      San Francisco     Sauterne.
  Italian-Swiss Colony      San Francisco     Cabernet.
  Italian-Swiss Colony      San Francisco     Claret.
  Italian-Swiss Colony      San Francisco     Tipo Red.
  Italian-Swiss Colony      San Francisco     Tokay.
  Italian-Swiss Colony      San Francisco     Sherry.
  Italian-Swiss Colony      San Francisco     Port.
  Italian-Swiss Colony      San Francisco     Muscat.
  Italian-Swiss Colony      San Francisco     Madeira.
  Italian-Swiss Colony      San Francisco     Angelica.
  Italian-Swiss Colony      San Francisco     Isco Grape Juice, white.
  Italian-Swiss Colony      San Francisco     Isco Grape Juice, red.
  Italian-Swiss Colony      San Francisco     Sparkling wine (Burgundy).
  Italian-Swiss Colony      San Francisco     Grape brandy.
  George Bram               Santa Cruz        Zinfandel.
  George Bram               Santa Cruz        Riesling.
  George Bram               Santa Cruz        Burgundy.
  To-Kalon Vineyard Co.     Oakville          Riesling.
  To-Kalon Vineyard Co.     Oakville          Burgundy.
  To-Kalon Vineyard Co.     Oakville          Zinfandel.
  To-Kalon Vineyard Co.     Oakville          Sauterne.
  To-Kalon Vineyard Co.     Oakville          Chablis.
  H. Jevene                 Los Angeles       Sauterne.
  H. Jevene                 Los Angeles       Sherry.
  H. Jevene                 Los Angeles       Port.
  A. Repsold & Co.          San Francisco     Cavaliera (Moselle).
  A. Repsold & Co.          San Francisco     Sauterne.
  A. Repsold & Co.          San Francisco     Mirando (Burgundy).
  A. Repsold & Co.          San Francisco     Rubi Bueno (St. Julien).
  A. Repsold & Co.          San Francisco     Chablis.
  A. Repsold & Co.          San Francisco     Sparkling wine (Burgundy).
  A. Repsold & Co.          San Francisco     Sparkling wine (Sauterne).
  Wetmore-Bowen Co.         San Francisco     Sauterne.
  Wetmore-Bowen Co.         San Francisco     Haut Sauterne.
  Wetmore-Bowen Co.         San Francisco     Margaux Souvenir.
  Wetmore-Bowen Co.         San Francisco     St. Julien.
  Wetmore-Bowen Co.         San Francisco     Sparkling Cresta Blanca,
  Wetmore-Bowen Co.         San Francisco     Sparkling Cresta Blanca,
  Gundlach-Bundschu Wine    San Francisco     Cabinet Riesling.
  Gundlach-Bundschu Wine    San Francisco     Rodensteiner wine.
  Gundlach-Bundschu Wine    San Francisco     Cabinet Gutedel.
  Gundlach-Bundschu Wine    San Francisco     Santa Maria (Burgundy).
  Gundlach-Bundschu Wine    San Francisco     Chateau Gundlach
    Co.                                         (St. Julien).
  Gundlach-Bundschu Wine    San Francisco     Loma Prieta (Medoc).
  Gundlach-Bundschu Wine    San Francisco     Bacchus Chambertin
    Co.                                          (Burg'dy).
  The Rosenblatt Co.        San Francisco     Zinfandel.
  The Rosenblatt Co.        San Francisco     Port.
  The Rosenblatt Co.        San Francisco     Blackberry Cordial.
  Sunset Wine Co.           Los Angeles       Tokay.
  Sunset Wine Co.           Los Angeles       Port.
  Sunset Wine Co.           Los Angeles       Madeira.
  Sunset Wine Co.           Los Angeles       Angelica.
  Italian Vineyard Co.      Los Angeles       Port.
  Italian Vineyard Co.      Los Angeles       Sherry.
  Italian Vineyard Co.      Los Angeles       Angelica.
  Italian Vineyard Co.      Los Angeles       Muscat.
  Italian Vineyard Co.      Los Angeles       Claret.
  Lachman & Jacobi          San Francisco     Sherry.
  Lachman & Jacobi          San Francisco     Port.
  California Wine Ass'n     San Francisco     Zinfandel.
  California Wine Ass'n     San Francisco     Haut Sauterne.
  California Wine Ass'n     San Francisco     Cerrito (Sauterne).
  California Wine Ass'n     San Francisco     Claret.
  California Wine Ass'n     San Francisco     Burgundy.
  California Wine Ass'n     San Francisco     La Loma (Burgundy).
  California Wine Ass'n     San Francisco     Hillcrest.
  California Wine Ass'n     San Francisco     Port.
  California Wine Ass'n     San Francisco     Sherry.
  California Wine Ass'n     San Francisco     Muscat.
  California Wine Ass'n     San Francisco     Malaga.
  California Wine Ass'n     San Francisco     Madeira.
  California Wine Ass'n     San Francisco     Angelica.
  California Wine Ass'n     San Francisco     Brandy.
  California Wine Ass'n     San Francisco     California Wine.
  California Wine Ass'n     San Francisco     Sauterne Type.
  California Winery         Sacramento        Cala-Sauterne.
  California Winery         Sacramento        Cala-Claret.
  California Winery         Sacramento        Cordova Burgundy.
  California Winery         Sacramento        Zinfandel.
  California Winery         Sacramento        Angelica.
  California Winery         Sacramento        Sherry.
  California Winery         Sacramento        Port.
  Theodore Gier             Oakland           Riesling.
  Theodore Gier             Oakland           Sauterne.
  Theodore Gier             Oakland           Burgundy.
  Theodore Gier             Oakland           Zinfandel.
  Theodore Gier             Oakland           Port.
  Napa & Sonoma Wine Co.    San Francisco     Sauterne.
  Napa & Sonoma Wine Co.    San Francisco     Sherry.
  Napa & Sonoma Wine Co.    San Francisco     Port.
  Napa & Sonoma Wine Co.    San Francisco     Cognac.
  Geo. West & Sons          Stockton          Sauterne.
  Geo. West & Sons          Stockton          Claret.
  Edward Germain Wine Co.   Los Angeles       Sherry.
  Edward Germain Wine Co.   Los Angeles       Tokay.
  Edward Germain Wine Co.   Los Angeles       Port.
  Sierra Madre Vintage Co.  Lamanda           Port.
  Buffalo Brewing Co.       Sacramento        Beer.
  S. Martinelli             Watsonville       Apple cider.
  Upper Soda Mineral        Dunsmuir          Mineral water.
    Springs Co.
  Bartlett Springs Co.      Bartlett Springs  Mineral water.
  Meander Bros              Yreka             Mineral water.
  Aetna Springs Co.         Aetna Springs     Mineral water.
  Shasta Water Co.          Shasta Springs    Mineral water.
  Cooks Springs Min'l       Williams          Mineral water.
    Water Co.
  Thos. P. Converse & Co.   San Diego         Mineral water.
  Witter Medical Springs    San Francisco     Mineral water.
  G. Russo                  Los Angeles       Tortoise shells.
  Mrs. Clarence Berry       Los Angeles       2 Alaska Moose head chairs.
  Gibbs & Harris            Los Angeles       Leather suitcases.
  Mrs. Clarence Berry       Los Angeles       Beaver robe.
  Clarence J. Berry         Los Angeles       One mounted Moose head.
  Geo. Griffith             Los Angeles       Smudge pots and smudge fuel.
  Chamber of Commerce       Santa Cruz        5 pieces of redwood tree.
  State of California       Sacramento        Industrial work.
  C. C. Morse & Co.         San Francisco     Assorted flower and garden
  J. R. Newberry            Los Angeles       Citron.
  I. V. Ralph & Co.         Oakland           Flavoring extracts, spices
                                                & coffee.
  Jones Bros. & Co.         Santa Cruz        Vinegar.
  Krieger Vinegar Co.       Santa Cruz        Vinegar.
  Royal Packing Co.         Los Angeles       Canned Chili peppers.
  Pioneer Green Chili       Los Angeles       Chili peppers.
    Pack'g Co.
  California Fish Co.       Los Angeles       Canned fish.
  Monterey Packing Co.      San Francisco     Canned fish.
  Chamber of Commerce       Los Angeles       Comb honey.
  Chamber of Commerce       Los Angeles       Extracted honey.
  I. W. Myers               Oak Park          Strained honey.
  L. D. Walker              Sacramento        Honey in jars.
  Bert Peters               Sacramento        Honey.
  Casper Hauser             San Diego         Honey.
  Sacramento Valley Sugar   Hamilton          Beet sugar.
  American Sugar Co.        Oxnard            Beet sugar.
  Los Alamitos Sugar Co.    Los Alamitos      Beet sugar.
  Spreckels Sugar Co.       San Francisco     Beet sugar.
  Fairoaks Fruit Co.        Fairoaks          Pickled olives.
  C. M. Clifford            San Diego         Ripe olives.
  Akerman & Tuffley         San Diego         Ripe olives.
  Roeding Olive Co.         Fresno            Olive oil.
  J. C. Kubias              Redlands          Olive oil.
  Sanitary Fruit Co.        Red Bluff         Assorted dried fruits.
  Rosenberg Bros & Co.      San Francisco     Assorted dried fruits.
  J. K. Armsby & Co.        San Francisco     Assorted dried fruits.
  Castle Bros               San Francisco     Assorted dried fruits.
  Griffin & Skelly Co.      San Francisco     Assorted dried fruits.
  Chamber of Commerce       Los Angeles       Assorted dried fruits.
  Chico Packing Co.         Chico             Assorted dried fruits.
  Santa Clara Co. Fruit                       Prunes.
  Ewell & Russell           Santa Cruz        Dried apples.
  Fresno Home Packing Co.   Fresno            Raisins.
  Guggenhime & Co.          Fresno            Raisins.
  Griffin & Skelly Co.      Fresno            Raisins.
  J. B. Inderrieden         Fresno            Raisins.
  Willis Pike               Fresno            Raisins.
  Phoenix Packing Co.       Fresno            Seeded raisins.
  Castle Brothers           Fresno            Seeded raisins.
  Rosenberg Bros & Co.      Fresno            Seeded raisins.
  S. Hassli                 Lincoln           Zante currants.
  F. F. Stetson & Co.       Los Angeles       Canned fruits.
  Mrs. M. Wagstaff          Orloff            Assorted fruit jams.
  Code-Portwood Canning Co. Fruitvale         Fruit, jellies, jams in
                                                glass & tins.
  H. P. D. Kingsbury        Redlands          Marmalade, jams, etc.
  Cal. Fruit Canners        San Francisco     Canned asparagus.
  Central California        Sacramento        Canned asparagus.
  I. V. Ralph & Co.         Oakland           Olive oil.
  Los Angeles Olive                           Olive oil.
    Growers Ass'n
  H. Jevene                 Los Angeles       Olive oil.
  C. M. Gifford             San Diego         Olive oil.
  Fairoaks Fruit Co.        Fairoaks          Olive oil.
  El Quito Olive & Vine     Santa Clara       Olive oil.
  Akerman & Tuffley         San Diego         Olive oil.
  Birdsall Olive Co.        Auburn            Olive oil.
  J. T. Bears               Tulare            Grapes.
  H. R. Shoemaker           Tulare            Oranges.
  C. E. Berg                Tulare            Grapes.
  Cal. Fruit Growers        Los Angeles       Grapes.
  Limoneira Company         Santa Paula       Lemons.
  Ventura Co. Walnut                          Walnuts.
    Growers Ass'n
  Maywood Colony            Corning           Peaches.
  J. A. Davidson                              Vegetables.
  J. M. Eddy                Stockton          Fruit in season.
  Lemon Grove Fruit                           Oranges.
    Growers Ass'n
  San Diego County                            Nuts.
  W. L. Detrick             Julian            Apples.
  B. F. Miller                                Apples.
  Loveless Fruit Co.        Escondido         Citrus fruits and grapes.
  Sweetwater Fruit Co.      San Diego         Citrus fruit.
  Arlington Heights Fruit   Arlington H'ts    Lemons.
  E. W. Brewer              Orange            Peanuts.
  J. C. Ostegard            Burbank           Melons.
  J. J. H. Jarchow          San Gabriel       Oranges.
  Rivers Bros               Los Angeles       Grapes.
  Azusa Covina Glendora     Glendora          Oranges.
    Fruit Exchange
  Chas. Rosquenish          Clearwater        Onions.
  A. P. Griffiths           Azusa             Citrus fruits.
  F. C. Anderson            Newcastle         Fruit in season.
  State of California       Sacramento        4 paintings showing the four
                                                important industries
                                                of the State.
  Pioneer Fruit Co.         Sacramento        Fruit.
  Chamber of Commerce       Watsonville       Apples.
  A. McGee                  Orangevale        Grapes.
  California Vineyards Co.  Florin            Grapes.
  J. P. Dargitz             Acampo            Grapes.
  Warren Cozzens            Fairoaks          Citrus fruit.
  Arlington Heights Fruit   Arlington H'ts    Lemons.
  Byron Mauzy               San Francisco     Pianos.
  Starr Piano Co.           Los Angeles       Pianos.
  Pacific Vinegar & Pickle  Oakland           Vinegar, pickles, catsup and
    Works                                       relishes.
  Pacific Manifold Book Co. Emeryville        Blank books for mercantile
  W. D. Nichols             Oakland           Installation Alameda Co.
  Harper & Emig             Santa Clara       Polished and unpolished beach
                                                pebbles from California.
  Fancher Creek Nursery     Fresno            Fig and citrus trees.
  H. Peterson               San Francisco     Model ranch.
  University of California  Berkeley          Assortment of seeds.
  C. S. Riley               Visalia           Spineless cactus.
  R. M. Teague              San Dimas         Citrus fruit trees.
  Ways Pocket Smelter Co.   South Pasadena    Ways pocket smelter.
  Chico Packing Co.         Chico             Assorted dried fruits.
  Los Angeles Pressed       Los Angeles       Pressed brick.
    Brick Co.
  Mrs. Harvey               San Francisco     Hand decorated china.
  Mrs. G. Dorn              San Francisco     Hand decorated china.
  Helen O'Malley            San Francisco     Hand decorated china.
  R. V. Bateman             San Francisco     Hand decorated china.
  S. V. Culp                San Francisco     Hand decorated china.
  O'Malley & Taylor         San Francisco     Hand decorated china.
  A. Haynes                 San Francisco     Hand decorated china.
  Mrs. J. Peltier           San Francisco     Hand decorated china.
  A. Hinze                  San Francisco     Hand decorated china.
  Emily Hesselmeyer         San Francisco     Hand decorated china.
  Minnie C. Taylor          San Francisco     Hand decorated china.
  Mrs. Harry Upton          Los Angeles       Hand decorated china.
  Mrs. C. P. Pailsback      Los Angeles       Hand decorated china.
  Isabella Hampton          Los Angeles       Hand decorated china.
  M. E. Perley              Los Angeles       Hand decorated china.
  Los Angeles Keramic Club  Los Angeles       Hand decorated china.
  Mrs. Elenor Kohler        Los Angeles       Hand decorated china.
  Mary Leicester Wagner     Santa Barbara     Hand decorated china.
  Elwood Cooper             Santa Barbara     Olive oil.
  Indian Crafts Exhibit     Los Angeles       Indian crafts and blankets.
  Dr. Jarvis Barlow         Los Angeles       Sanatorium cottage.
  Santa Barbara County                        English walnut show.
  Tulare Co. Board of Trade                   Gen'l collection processed
                                                deciduous, citrus fruits,
                                                grapes and vegetables.
  Johnson, Musier & Co.     Los Angeles       Assortment beans, fresh
  Tulare Co. Board of Trade                   Jar Phillips cling peaches;
                                                jar matured dates &
                                                bartlett pears.
  Alameda County                              Processed fruit.
  Santa Barbara County                        Processed fruit.
  W. B. Filcher             Pacific Grove     Processed fish.
  I. L. Ettlinger           Sacramento        Hemp in stalk and fiber.
  Eucalyptus Timber Co.     Los Angeles       Collection eucalyptus woods.
  International Eucalyptus  Sacramento        Eucalyptus finished woods.
  Mr. McAbee                                  Redwood burl table top.
  Chamber of Commerce       Santa Cruz        Redwood burls.
  Chamber of Commerce       Santa Cruz        Sequoia Semper Virens tree.
  National Wood Pipe Co.    Los Ang. & S. F.  Redwood water and sewer
  State of California       Sacramento        Collection woods and burls.
  Hughes Manufacturing Co.  Los Angeles       Inlaid eucalyptus wood.
  Cooper Fly Book Co.       San Francisco     Handy fly books.
  Washington Creamery Co.   Yreka             Fresh butter.
  Edgewood Creamery Co.     Yreka             Fresh butter.
  Peerless Hone Co.         Los Angeles       Hones.
  Sacramento Ostrich Farm   Sacramento        Ostrich feathers.
  Smith Bros.               Los Angeles       Fan lawn sprinkler.
  State of California       Sacramento        Installation of art exhibit.
  California Fruit Growers  Los Angeles       Installation of citrus
    Exchange                                    fruits.
  State of California       Sacramento        Installation educational
  State of California       Sacramento        Installation forestry and
  Siskiyou Co.              Yreka             Installation Indian work
                                                & relics.
  California Nursery Co.    Niles             Loquats.
  Fancher Creek Nursery     Fresno            Grapes and figs.
  Chas. L. Wilson           Los Angeles       Lemons.
  James Slauson             Los Angeles       Oranges.
  Lemon Cove Ass'n          Lemoncove         Pomelos.
  Capital Paste Co.         Sacramento        Macaroni.
  Citrus Product Co.        San Diego         Citric acid and lemon oil.
  Dento Table Salt Co.      Stockton          Dento salt.
  Bishop & Co.              Los Angeles       Condiments.
  Bishop & Co.              Los Angeles       Crystallized fruits.
  Bishop & Co.              Los Angeles       Peanut butter.
  Cal. Fruit Canners        San Francisco     Tomato catsup.
  Walsh-Richardson Co.      Sacramento        Carved leather goods.
  Gibbs & Harris            Los Angeles       Rattan and leather
  Zuver Bros. & Davison     Oakland           Manufactured leather gloves.
  Allen C. Rush             Los Angeles       Oil burners.
  Waltz Safe & Lock Co.     San Francisco     Fireproof safe.
  Julius Harkell            San Diego         Showcases.
  International Eucalyptus  Sacramento        Manuf'd eucalyptus
    Ass'n                                       furniture.
  Pacific Coast Rattan Co.  Oakland           Rattan furniture.
  Pease Brothers            Los Angeles       Mission furniture.
  Arthur Harris             Los Angeles       Combina'n settee & library
  Beach-Robinson Co.        San Francisco     Fine handmade chair.
  Idah Meacham Strobridge   Los Angeles       Bookbinding.
  Douglas Tilden            San Francisco     Sculpture.
  Florence Manor            San Francisco     Sculpture.
  Emilie S. Perry           Los Angeles       Sculpture.
  Frank F. Stone            Los Angeles       Sculpture.
  Pacific Shade Cloth Co.   Oakland           Eureka handmade shade cloth.
  Reese Water Proof Co.     Fruitvale         Waterproof garments.
  Dolge Manufacturing Co.   Dolgeville        Manufactured felt and felt
  Pioneer Hosiery Mills     Los Angeles       Knitted products.
  State of California       Sacramento        Crude petroleum.
  State of California       Sacramento        Quicksilver ores.
  Woodstone Flooring Co.    Los Angeles       Woodstone.
  Siskiyou County                             Ores and minerals, and free
                                                milling, including copper
                                                and cinnabar.
  Phoenix Refining                            Mineral oils.
    & Mfg. Co.
  Eureka Slate Co.          Slatington        Slate roofing and tiling,
                                                slate and manufactured
  Risdon Iron Works         San Francisco     Gold dredger.
  F. W. Braun & Co.         Los Angeles       Assayers appliances.
  Champion Manufacturing    Oakland           Washing tablets.
  Try-Me-Meade Brass        San Diego         "Try-Me-Meade" brass polish.
    Polish Co.
  Smith Bros. Hardware Co.  Oakland           Metal polish.
  Diamond Match Co.         Chico             Assorted matches.
  Los Angeles Soap Co.      Los Angeles       Toilet soap.
  Lemola Soap Co.           Los Angeles       Lemola soap.
  Citrus Soap Co.           San Diego         Citrus washing powder.
  Hills Brothers            San Francisco     Canned butter.
  Patto Creamery Co.        Yreka             Full cream cheese.
  W. D. Nickels             San Diego         El Cajon raisin display.
  John C. Dickson           San Diego         Raisins.
  Chas. Galloway            San Diego         Raisins.
  A. S. Hopkins             Sacramento        Brooms.
  Gladding, McBean & Co.    San Francisco     Colored terra cotta
  Foard A. Carpenter        San Diego         Climatological exhibit.
  Sugar & White Pine Agency San Francisco     Assorted & manufactured
                                                doors in sugar pine.
  Diamond Match Co.         Chico             Assorted veneers.
  State of California       Sacramento        Ornamental tiling.
  Redwood Manufacturers     San Francisco     Manufactured doors,
    Ass'n                                       commercial redwood,
                                                planks and bark.
  Diamond Match Co.         Chico             Finished doors.
  Allen C. Rush             Los Angeles       Oil burner for railway
  Vesta Smith               Los Angeles       Arts and crafts.
  Milward Holden            San Francisco     Carved wood.
  Mrs. Elizabeth Burton     Santa Barbara     Arts and crafts.
  R. G. Kiesling            Los Angeles       Carved wood.
  Fred Lueders              Pasadena          Arts and crafts.
  Kathryn Rucker            Los Angeles       Table mat.
  Mrs. A. C. Perkins        San Francisco     Pin cushion top.
  The Campaneros            Santa Rosa        Modeled leather.
  Bertha and Ellen          Berkeley          Modeled leather.
  Chas. Frank Ingerson      San Francisco     Modeled leather.
  Van Erp & Robertson       Oakland           Arts and crafts.
  Eulora M. Jennings        Berkeley          Hand wrought jewelry.
  Katharine B. Gorrill      Berkeley          Metal art work and jewelry.
  Henry Busse               Los Angeles       Leather and metal work.
  Arnold Genthe             San Francisco     Art photography.
  State of California       Sacramento        Collection scenic and
                                                industrial photographs and
                                                bromide enlargements.
  Putnam & Valentine        Los Angeles       Photographs.
  C. C. Pierce & Co.        Los Angeles       Photographs.
  Board of Trade            Pasadena          Photographs.
  San Diego County          San Diego         Photographs.
  Siskiyou Co.              Yreka             Panoramic photographs.
  Chamber of Commerce       Los Angeles       Scenic album.
  California Hotel Exhibit  San Francisco     Display hotel pictures.
  C. I. Ishiguro                              Tri-colored photography.
  Allen C. Rush             Los Angeles       System burning crude oil.
  E. A. Meacham             Riverside         Security ladders--strength
                                                and utility.
  State of California       Sacramento        Lithograph stone.
  Anna Brigman              Berkeley          Art photography.
  C. P. Bailey & Sons       San Jose          Angora goat rugs,
                                                gloves, etc.
  Santa Barbara County                        Grains.
  Marysville Wool           Marysville        Wool in cleaning process.
    Scouring Co.
  Ennis Brown Co.           Sacramento        Beans.
  Pacific Fertilizer Co.    Oakland           Fertilizer, bone meal,
                                                chemicals, poultry food.
  Riverside County                            Model of irrigated orchard.
  Sacramento Valley                           Japanese rice.
  Los Angeles Farming       Los Angeles       Wheat and barley.
    & Milling Co.
  Imperial Chamber                            Wheat and barley.
    of Commerce
  E. Clemens Horst Co.      San Francisco     Hops.
  Thompson & Barnes         Santa Rosa        Hops.
  F. W. Braun               Los Angeles       Hand fumigating outfit.
  Ventura County                              Lima beanstraw.
  Electric Iron Co.         Shasta County     Pig iron smelted by
  State of California       Sacramento        Lithia ore.
  Simpson & Poinie          San Diego         Granite.
  San Francisco                               School art work.
    Public Schools
  California School of      San Francisco     Drawing and industrial work.
    Mechanical Arts
  California Polytechnic    San Francisco     Industrial work.
  Cogswell Polytechnical    San Francisco     Industrial work
    College                                     & photographs.
  University of California  Berkeley          Transparencies showing
                                                University building
                                                activities, etc.
  Oakland Public High       Oakland           School art and industrial
    Schools                                     work.
  Oakland Public            Oakland           School art and industrial
    Elementary Schools                          work.
  San Rafael High School    San Rafael        Relief map.
  Palo Alto Public Schools  Palo Alto         Display art and industrial
  State Normal School       San Jose          Model of Parthenon,
                                                students work.
  Stockton Public Elementary Schools          General school exhibit.
  Stockton Public High Schools                General school exhibit.
  Fresno Public Schools                       School, industrial and art
  Kern County Public Schools                  School photographs, drawings
                                                and botanical collections.
  Los Angeles Public Schools                  School, art and industrial
  Los Angeles Polytechnic School              Art and industrial work.
  Long Beach High School                      Art and industrial work.
  Santa Ana Public Schools                    School, art and industrial
  Redlands Public Schools                     Drawing and industrial work.
  State Normal School       San Diego         School, art and industrial
  State of California       Sacramento        Installation art exhibit.
  William Keith             Berkeley          Oil paintings.
  Bruce Porter              San Francisco     Oil paintings.
  Joseph Greenebaum         Los Angeles       Oil paintings.
  J. Bond Francisco         Los Angeles       Oil paintings.
  Edwin Deakin              Berkeley          Oil paintings.
  Chris Jorgenson           San Francisco     Oil paintings.
  John M. Gamble            Santa Barbara     Oil paintings.
  R. L. Partington          Berkeley          Oil paintings.
  G. Cadanasso              San Francisco     Oil paintings.
  Jean Mannheim             Los Angeles       Oil paintings.
  Oscar Kunath              Los Angeles       Oil paintings.
  Mme. H. Heynsen-Jahn      Los Angeles       Oil paintings.
  Alexander Harmer          Santa Barbara     Oil paintings.
  Theodore Wores            San Francisco     Oil paintings.
  Fred Yates                San Francisco     Oil paintings.
  H. J. Breuer              San Francisco     Oil paintings.
  Chas. Rollo Peters        San Francisco     Oil paintings.
  Henry Raschen             San Francisco     Oil paintings.
  Niels Hagerup             San Francisco     Oil paintings.
  Wm. L. Judson             Los Angeles       Oil paintings.
  Emil Carlsen              San Francisco     Oil paintings.
  Francis E. Duval          Los Angeles       Oil paintings.
  Helen Hyde                San Francisco     Japanese prints.
  Fannie E. Nute            Los Angeles       Miniatures.
  L. Prather Waterbury      Redlands          Miniatures.
  Lillie V. O'Ryan          San Francisco     Miniatures.


  EXHIBITOR                 ADDRESS           AWARD ON--

  State of California       Sacramento        Topographical map of San
                                                Francisco bay.
  State of California       Sacramento        Plan of traveling libraries
                                                and photographs.
  Sacramento Public Schools                   Display industrial training.
  State Normal School       Chico             Art and industrial work.
  Berkeley Public Schools                     School art work.
  State Institute for       Berkeley          Industrial work.
    Deaf & Blind
  Sonoma County Public      Santa Rosa        School, industrial and art
    Schools                                     work.
  Monterey Public Schools                     School, art and industrial
                                                work, and elementary
                                                science collection.
  Ventura County Public Schools               School, industrial and art
  Wilmerding School of Industrial Art         School, art and industrial
  State Normal School       Los Angeles       Statistical chart,
                                                photographs and
  Whittier State School                       Industrial work.
  Pasadena Public Schools                     School, art and industrial
  San Diego County                            Relief map of San Diego
  San Diego Co. Public Schools                Photographs and elementary
                                                science collections.
  San Bernardino Co. Pub. Schools             School, industrial and art
  F. Thompson               Santa Cruz        Yellow calla lillies.
  Justinian Caire Co.       San Francisco     Assayers' laboratory
  Napa & Sonoma Wine Co.    San Francisco     Zinfandel.
  Napa & Sonoma Wine Co.    San Francisco     El Molino.
  Napa & Sonoma Wine Co.    San Francisco     Johannisburg Riesling.
  Lachman & Jacobi          San Francisco     Sauterne.
  Lachman & Jacobi          San Francisco     Riesling.
  Lachman & Jacobi          San Francisco     Cabernet.
  H. Jevene                 Los Angeles       Riesling.
  California Wine           San Francisco     Gutedel.
  California Wine           San Francisco     Hock.
  California Winery         Sacramento        Riesling.
  Sunset Wine Co.           Los Angeles       Sauterne.
  Edward Germain Wine Co.   Los Angeles       Sauterne.
  Edward Germain Wine Co.   Los Angeles       Claret.
  C. Schilling & Co.        San Francisco     Sauterne.
  San Diego Brewing Co.     San Diego         Beer.
  Alhambra Natural          Martinez          Mineral water.
    Water Co.
  Caliente Mineral          Agua Caliente     Mineral water.
    Water Co.
  The Rosenblatt Co.        San Francisco     Sauterne, Sierra Campo.
  The Rosenblatt Co.        San Francisco     Claret.
  The Rosenblatt Co.        San Francisco     Burgundy, Royal type.
  The Rosenblatt Co.        San Francisco     Grape juice.
  Calwa Products Co.        San Francisco     Unfermented grape juice.
  California Grape Juice    Los Angeles       Unfermented grape juice.
  California Mission        Cucamonga         Unfermented grape juice.
    Imp. Co.
  Lodi Fruit Products Co.   Lodi              Unfermented grape juice.
  O. J. Steinwand           Fresno            Unfermented grape juice.
  California Wire Cloth Co. Oakland           Assorted wire cloth.
  T. J. Hammond             Fresno            Dried figs.
  Los Angeles Olive                           Ripe olives.
    Growers Ass'n
  Pioneer Pickle Works      Sacramento        Pickles.
  Point Lobos Canning Co.   Monterey          Canned abalone.
  Annie S. Hatch            San Francisco     Sculpture.
  Bertha Boye               San Francisco     Sculpture.
  Elizabeth Ferrea          San Francisco     Sculpture.
  Mrs. C. S. Sargent        San Francisco     Bookbinding.
  Frances Brewster          San Francisco     Bookbinding.
  Belle McMurty             San Francisco     Bookbinding.
  M. Meade                  San Francisco     Bookbinding.
  State of California       Sacramento        Iron ores.
  State of California       Sacramento        Obicular diorite.
  State of California       Sacramento        Magnesite ores.
  State of California       Sacramento        Manganese ores.
  State of California       Sacramento        Building stone,
                                                granite, etc.
  State of California       Sacramento        Lubricating oil.
  State of California       Sacramento        Crude and refined borax.
  State of California       Sacramento        Fire clay.
  State of California       Sacramento        Asbestos.
  State of California       Sacramento        Fuller's earth.
  San Diego County                            Minerals.
  Siskiyou County                             Tufa.
  Sacramento County                           Hemp.
  A. Weed Lumber Co.        Weed              Manufactured doors
                                                & shingles.
  California Paint Co.      Oakland           Paints, rubber, graphite,
                                                roofing, leads and
  Pacific Plating Co.       Los Angeles       Bungalow hardware.
  Fred Nichols              Oakland           Fire proof art metal doors.
  Bakewell & Brown          San Francisco     Perspectives, residence,
                                                bank, exterior and
  Allen C. Rush             Los Angeles       Railway tie.
  Miss Rutherford           Los Angeles       Carved wood.
  United Studios Inc.       San Francisco     Cement garden pots.
  Mrs. Addie Pell           Pacific Grove     Hammered copper and brass.
  Elizabeth Waggoner        Los Angeles       Metal work.
  O'Hara & Livermore        San Francisco     Leather and water color
  Louis Fleckenstein        Los Angeles       Art photography.
  Lucy R. Lamb              San Francisco     Hand decorated china.
  M. E. Griffin             San Francisco     Hand decorated china.
  L. O. Willits             San Francisco     Hand decorated china.
  Mrs. B. J. Arthur         Los Angeles       Hand decorated china.
  Mrs. E. Elliott           Los Angeles       Hand decorated china.
  Mrs. Harry Andrews        Los Angeles       Hand decorated china.
  Mrs. H. G. Simpson        Los Angeles       Hand decorated china.
  Agnes Peterson            Los Angeles       Hand decorated china.
  Mrs. L. S. Guest          Los Angeles       Hand decorated china.
  Olive Newcomb             Los Angeles       Hand decorated china.
  Bess Edwards              Los Angeles       Hand decorated china.
  Margaret Clapp            Los Angeles       Hand decorated china.
  Laura Adams Armer         Berkeley          Art photography.
  Brugierre & Eisen         San Francisco     Art & commercial
  John R. Loftus Co.        Meloland          Raw cotton.
  Knox Mfg. Co.             Pasadena          Gophergo.
  University of California  Berkeley          Seeds and grain in glass.
  State of California       Sacramento        Redwood facade.
  McCloud River Lumber Co.                    Display lumber in
                                                planks, etc.
  Siskiyou County           Yreka             Installation gold, gold
                                                quartz and mineral ores.
  Jas. A. Jasper            San Diego         Installation silk and
  Jas. A. Jasper            San Diego         Installation gems and
  Sugar & White Pine Agency San Francisco     Yellow pine planks.
  Chamber of Commerce       Santa Cruz        Processed fruits.
  Pruner & Ostrander                          Grapes.
  Vacaville Fruit Co.       Vacaville         Plums.
  Chamber of Commerce       Stockton          Fruits and vegetables.
  T. J. Bryan               Lemoncove         Oranges.
  C. W. Fox                 San Diego         Lemons.
  Arthur Jack               Julian            Apples.
  H. F. Wilcox              Julian            Apples.
  Silva-Bergtholdt Co.      Newcastle         Plums.
  A. Martin                 Little Rock       Almonds.
  Geo. D. Lee               Compton           Grapes.
  Chamber of Commerce       Los Angeles       Peanuts.
  Frank Johnson                               Peaches.
  W. O. Davies              Florin            Grapes.
  Cutter Bros               Sacramento        Vegetables.
  F. W. Barkhaus            Newcastle         Peaches.
  Penryn Fruit Co.          Penryn            Plums.
  Earl Fruit Co.            Sacramento        Cherries.
  E. J. Camp                Florin            Grapes.
  Salyer-Baumeister Co.     Los Angeles       Pianos.
  Dolge-Posey Co.           Los Angeles       Piano sounding board.
  Segnogram Print           Los Angeles       Display job print work,
                                                leaflets, circulars,
                                                artistic notices, etc.
  Oscar Maurer              Berkeley          Art photography.
  Wm. Luch                  Marysville        Shield for stallions.
  Grace Nicholson           Pasadena          Ethnological collection.
  Jas. A. Jasper            San Diego         General display gems
                                                & crystals.
  Jas. A. Jasper            San Diego         Case of minerals.
  Eugen Neuhaus             San Francisco     Oil painting.
  Gordon Coutts             Berkeley          Oil painting.
  Benjamin Brown            Los Angeles       Oil painting.
  Lydia S. Price            Los Angeles       Oil painting.
  Florine Hyer              Los Angeles       Oil painting.
  Annie Harmon              San Francisco     Oil painting.
  L. M. Carpenter           Berkeley          Oil painting.
  Elizabeth Borglum         Santa Barbara     Oil painting.
  Caroline Callahan         San Francisco     Oil painting.
  W. F. Jackson             Sacramento        Oil painting.
  Della Vernon              Oakland           Oil painting.
  Martin J. Jackson         Los Angeles       Oil painting.
  Robert Wagner             Santa Barbara     Oil painting.
  William Cole              Los Angeles       Oil painting.
  Granville Redmond         Los Angeles       Oil painting.
  Elizabeth Strong          Berkeley          Oil painting.
  C. A. Fries               San Diego         Oil painting.
  Grace Hudson              Ukiah             Oil painting.
  A. B. Chittenden          San Francisco     Oil painting.
  H. Heynsen-Jahn           Los Angeles       Pastelle.
  A. Romers Shawhan         San Francisco     Pastelle.
  L. P. Latimer             San Francisco     Water color.
  Susan S. Looseley         San Francisco     Water color.
  M. Fancher Pettis         Berkeley          Water color.
  Eugene Torrey             Los Angeles       Water color.
  E. B. Currier             San Francisco     Water color and oils.
  Mary Harland              Los Angeles       Miniatures.
  Alice Ludovici            Pasadena          Miniatures.


  EXHIBITOR                 ADDRESS           AWARD ON--

  State of California       Sacramento        Nitre.
  State of California       Sacramento        Lead ores.
  State of California       Sacramento        Lime and limestone.
  State of California       Sacramento        Copper ores.
  State of California       Sacramento        Sulphur ores.
  State of California       Sacramento        Gypsum ores.
  State of California       Sacramento        Natural salt.
  Automatic Safety Pulley   San Diego         Pulley blocks.
    Block Co.
  California Magnesite Co.                    Products of magnesite.
  Santa Cruz Portland       Davenport         Cement and products.
    Cement Co.
  Siskiyou County                             Building stones.
  Siskiyou County                             Marbles.
  Roeding Olive Co.         Fresno            Ripe olives.
  J. C. Kubias              Redlands          Ripe olives.
  O'Hara & Livermore        San Francisco     Bookbinding.
  Napa County Public Schools                  School art work &
  Bakersfield Public Schools                  School industrial work.
  Harvard School            Los Angeles       School, art and industrial
  Santa Barbara Co. Public Schools            Photographs of school
                                                buildings and school
  Whittier Public High School                 School, art and industrial
  Redwood Mfrs.             San Francisco     Manufactured doors.
  Meyers & Ward             San Francisco     Perspective of hotel &
  L. C. Mullhardt           San Francisco     Perspective of office
                                                building, residence,
                                                landscape work.
  Emily Pritchford          Berkeley          Art photography.
  American Leather Co.      Los Angeles       Burned leather articles.
  W. E. Dassonville         San Francisco     Art photography.
  Limoneira Company         Santa Paula       Installation lemon exhibit.
  Jas. A. Jasper            San Diego         Installation Old Mission
                                                olives and olive oil.
  Santa Barbara County                        Assorted varieties pickled
  Williams & Newberry       Porterville       Pomegranates.
  J. C. Naylor                                Peaches.
  J. H. Kite                Manson            Peaches.
  W. B. Jennings            Visalia           Peaches.
  J. E. Lebon               Visalia           Peaches.
  G. H. Reynolds            Orosi             Grapes.
  E. Barnard                Ventura           Beans.
  F. M. Mayes               Orosi             Plums.
  C. Scrivner               Tulare            Peaches.
  Harry Thompson            Tulare            Peaches.
  Lee Gates                 Tulare            Apricots.
  F. B. McKevitt            Vacaville         Fruits in season.
  William Quigley           Oak Bar           Fruits in season.
  Thomas Hegler             Walker            Vegetables.
  S. H. Soule               Shasta            Apples.
  J. Cone                   Stockton          Fruits in season.
  F. W. Leffler             Lodi              Grapes.
  Mrs. J. Ridley            Lodi              Grapes.
  J. P. Dargitz             Acampo            Prunes.
  Rialto Citrus Fruit Union                   Tomatoes.
  Robert Clifford           Julian            Apples.
  Rex B. Clark              Julian            Apples.
  C. R. Willington          Julian            Apples.
  Chester Gunn              Julian            Apples.
  J. R. Williams            Julian            Apples.
  Schnabel Bros Co.         Newcastle         Plums.
  W. J. Wilson & Son        Newcastle         Plums.
  Tokayano Rancho           Colfax            Grapes.
  J. A. Burns               Toluca            Peaches.
  J. W. Batchelor           Fruitland         Quinces.
  D. H. Baldwin             Mangana           Apples.
  T. W. Backus              Fruitland         Pears.
  A. Gast                   Fruitland         Peppers.
  H. Atkinson               Watsonville       Fruits.
  Peters & Evans            Riverside         Apples.
  F. M. Parrish             Oak Glen          Apples.
  I. Ford                   Redlands          Apples.
  Oak Glen Ranch            Redlands          Apples.
  F. Radovan                Watsonville       Apples.
  Ed Thompson               Watsonville       Apples.
  J. W. Watters             Watsonville       Apples.
  R. H. Goodrich            Watsonville       Apples.
  Mr. Goodchild                               Apricots.
  Watsonville Land & Fruit Co.                Apricots.
  Mrs. A. E. Lewis          Florin            Peaches.
  J. F. Elliott             Courtland         Plums.
  Mr. Strickland            Newcastle         Plums.
  Daleland Rancho           Mecca             Grapes.
  B. G. Johnson             Mecca             Dates.
  J. A. Filcher             Sacramento        Miniature stamp mill.
  Blanche Cummings          San Francisco     Art photographs.
  Peterson Rapid Wrench Co. San Francisco     Rapid vise.
  John L. Russell           Albion            Tubular level.
  Chas. L. Wilson           Los Angeles       Installation peanut
  Marian M. Williams        Los Angeles       Water color.
  Helen Coan                Los Angeles       Water color.
  L. Maynard Dixon          San Francisco     Water color.
  Ada F. Lathrop            Santa Monica      Water color.
  Marie A. Ney              Los Angeles       Water color.
  Mary Harland              Los Angeles       Water color.
  O. Hansen                 San Francisco     Water color.
  Alice Best                San Francisco     Pastelles.
  N. Danely Brooker         Los Angeles       Colored etchings.
  Caroline Rixford Johnson  San Francisco     Oil paintings.
  Blanche D. Cole           Los Angeles       Oil paintings.
  William Coulter           San Francisco     Oil paintings.
  Helen Maude Raeburn       San Francisco     Oil paintings.
  Chas. A. Rogers           Los Angeles       Oil paintings.
  Perham Nahl               Berkeley          Oil paintings.
  Charles Louis Turner      San Francisco     Oil paintings.
  D. L. Kooreman            Berkeley          Oil paintings.
  A. W. Best                San Francisco     Oil paintings.
  Blanche Letcher           Berkeley          Oil paintings.
  Carl Jonnevold            San Francisco     Oil paintings.
  Alice Best                Berkeley          Oil paintings.
  Geo. W. Kegg              Berkeley          Oil paintings.
  H. G. Villa               Los Angeles       Oil paintings.
  Helen Coan                Los Angeles       Oil paintings.
  Sarah Bender DeWolfe      San Francisco     Oil paintings.
  Bertha Stringer Lee       San Francisco     Oil paintings.
  Langdon Smith             Los Angeles       Oil paintings.
  Mary Hinkson              Sacramento        Oil paintings.


  EXHIBITOR                 ADDRESS           AWARD ON--

  State of California       Sacramento        Mineral paints.
  State of California       Sacramento        Chalk.
  Maud Daggett              Los Angeles       Sculpture.
  Western Creameries Co.    San Francisco     Empty butter cartons.
  Napa Business College     Napa              Photographs and drawings.
  Mills College             Oakland           Photographs.
  Miss Harker's School      Palo Alto         Photographs of school
    for Girls                                   buildings and grounds.
  Los Angeles Co. Public Schools              Photographs of school
  Riverside Co. Public Schools                School photographs.
  Castilleja School                           School photographs.
  J. Walter Dolliver        San Francisco     Model of Santa Rosa
  George Peterson           San Francisco     Ceiling decorations.
  John C. Austin            San Francisco     Perspective liberal arts
  Jas. A. Jasper            San Diego         Installation fresh fruit
  Jas. A. Jasper            San Diego         Installation onyx and
                                                climatic displays.
  State of California       Sacramento        Installation plant and shrub
                                                exhibit around building.
  H. C. Parkinson           Berkeley          Cold knob pot covers.
  S. J. Davis               Eureka            Curios and pictures.
  Jennie D. Parker          Los Angeles       Oil painting.
  Sara White Isaman         Los Angeles       Oil painting.
  Hanna T. Jenkins          Clairmont         Oil painting.
  Mary Stewart Dunlap       Pasadena          Oil painting.
  Hanson Puthoff            Los Angeles       Oil painting.
  J. W. Nicoll              Los Angeles       Oil painting.
  Kate Cory                 Los Angeles       Oil painting.
  Joseph J. Mora            San Francisco     Oil painting.
  R. Hamilton Mohler        Los Angeles       Oil painting.
  Ralph Mocine              Los Angeles       Oil painting.
  F. P. Brackett            Los Angeles       Oil painting.
  Josephine W. Culbertson   San Francisco     Water color.
  Lillian Drain             Los Angeles       Monotypes.
  H. Hammerstrom            San Francisco     Monotypes and oil paintings.
  C. M. Moore               Los Angeles       Pen and ink sketches.
  E. A. Burbank             San Francisco     Pencil drawings.
  Ried Bros                 San Francisco     Architecture.


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