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´╗┐Title: Moby Part of Speech List
Author: Ward, Grady
Language: English
As this book started as an ASCII text book there are no pictures available.
Copyright Status: Not copyrighted in the United States. If you live elsewhere check the laws of your country before downloading this ebook. See comments about copyright issues at end of book.

*** Start of this Doctrine Publishing Corporation Digital Book "Moby Part of Speech List" ***

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Moby (tm) Part-of-Speech II Documentation Notes

This documentation, the software and/or database are:

Public Domain material by grant from the author, January, 2001.

Moby (tm) Part-of-Speech II for MSDOS operating systems is compressed
and distributed as a single zip file.  After decompression the
part-of-speech file included with this product is in ordinary ASCII
format with CRLF (ASCII 13/10) delimiters.


Read Me First File (aaREADME.txt)
Part-of-Speech (mobypos.txt)

Quick Start
1) Insure you have at least 3Mb of free disk space to hold the contents
   of this zip file.
2) Create a directory to hold these files listed above.
3) Extract the contents of this zip file into the destination directory
   using any compatible zip file extraction utility.
4) Delete the original zip file from your disk to save space.  (optional)

This second edition is a particularly thorough revision of the
original Moby Part-of-Speech.  Beyond the fifteen thousand new
entries, many thousand more entries have been scrutinized for
correctness and modernity.  This is unquestionably the largest P-O-S
list in the world.  Note that the many included phrases means that
parsing algorithms can now tokenize in units larger than a single
word, increasing both speed *and* accuracy.

Database Legend:

Each part-of-speech vocabulary entry consists of a word or phrase
field followed by a field delimiter of the backslash (\) and the
part-of-speech field that is coded using the following ASCII symbols
(case is significant):

Noun 			N

Plural			p

Noun Phrase		h

Verb (usu participle)	V

Verb (transitive)	t

Verb (intransitive)  	i

Adjective		A

Adverb			v

Conjunction		C

Preposition		P

Interjection		!

Pronoun			r

Definite Article	D

Indefinite Article	I

Nominative		o

This two-part vocabulary record is delimited from others with CRLF
(ASCII 13/10).  For example, engineer\Nt means that the word engineer
has two main uses in English; the principal part-of-speech is as a
noun "That engineer could write in microcode with one hand and in ADA
with the other" and its secondary part-of-speech is as a transitive
verb: "We sure engineered that software to death."

In many cases, the -ed, -ing, -ly, and -ic forms of words are not
explicitly listed; the participle forms of verbs will be usually
marked simply with the V sign rather than the more specific t or i
symbols.  Words such as "be," which often have more than one head
entry in a dictionary, have one listing with all the parts-of-speech
for all senses concatenated.  Foreign words commonly used in English
usually include their diacritical marks, for example, the acute
accent e is denoted by ASCII 142.

Quick Start

1) Create a destination directory to hold the file listed above.

2) On the PG Catalog page click on the selection "More Files". You will
see a "files.zip" folder in the list. Move this zipped folder to your
computer. On your computer open "files.zip", double click on its "files"
subdirectory and copy the contents into the  destination directory on
your computer.

*** End of this Doctrine Publishing Corporation Digital Book "Moby Part of Speech List" ***

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