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Title: A Bibliography of Bibliography Or a Handy Book About Books Which Relate to Books
Author: Sabin, Joseph
Language: English
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                     Bibliography of Bibliography

                        HANDY BOOK ABOUT BOOKS

                         WHICH RELATE TO BOOKS


                            BY JOSEPH SABIN

      Author of "A Dictionary of Books relating to America," etc.

          "A souldier without arms may be valiant, but not
          victorious; an artizan without his instruments may
          be skillful but not famous; ... To aim at learning
          without bookes is with Danaides, to draw water in a
          sieve." --R. WILLIAMS, 1630.

                               New York

                   J. SABIN & SONS 84 NASSAU STREET



This _brochure_ owes its existence to Mr. Power's _Handy Book about
Books_, a large portion of which was reproduced in the American
_Bibliopolist_. An examination of so much as Mr. Power had done on the
subject of bibliography, led me to the conclusion that he had not made
a personal examination of the books described, and that the eminent
individuals, whom he thanks as having rendered him valuable assistance,
must have had rather limited bibliographical resources; indeed, the
general result was so disappointing that I determined to endeavor an
improvement, and the result is the present list which is about four
times the extent of Mr. Power's, and includes all the titles quoted
by him, some of which we should have preferred to omit. Still it is
not a complete bibliography, for the most excellent reason that such a
work is beyond any one man's capacity; but it is hoped it will prove
useful to those librarians and general readers who desire information
concerning books about books.

Those who seek further information on the subject may consult with
much advantage Petzholdt's _Bibliotheca Bibliographica_, which is
conspicuous for the faithful and painstaking care exhibited in its
compilation, and in which the titles are treated with that minute
attention to classification which is preëminently the characteristic of
the German mind, while our list is conspicuous for the absence of any
attempt at such a classification.

I cannot close this brief notice without tendering my thanks to
Mr. Charles A. Cutter of the Boston Athenæum for his valuable aid.
When librarians in general can approach his standard of library
intelligence, there will cease to be that plentiful lack of knowledge
by which some of them are now distinguished.

                                                JOSEPH SABIN.

NEW YORK, _February 28, 1877_.


 ABBOT (Ezra). Literature of the Doctrine of a Future Life: or, a
 Catalogue of Books relating to the Nature, Origin, and Destiny of the
 Soul, &c. 8vo.                                    _Philadelphia._ 1864.

     This is the bibliographical appendix to Mr. Alger's _Doctrine of a
     Future Life_, some copies of which were issued separately.

 ABRAHAMS (N. C. L.) Description des manuscrits français du moyen âge de
 la Bibliothèque Royale de Copenhague, précédée d'une notice historique
 sur cette bibliothèque. 8vo, pp. xvi, 152.          _Copenhague._ 1844.

 ACHARD (C. F.) Cours Elémentaire de Bibliographie, ou la Science du

 Bibliothécaire.... 3 vols., 8vo, pp. 292; 288; 284. _Marseille_. 1806-7.

 ADELUNG (Friedrich). Bibliotheca Sanscrita. Literatur der Sanskrit
 Sprache.... 8vo, pp. xxii, 431.                _St. Petersburgh._ 1837.

 ADELUNG. An Historical Sketch of Sanscrit Literature, with copious
 Bibliographical Notices of Sanscrit Works. Translated from the German
 [with numerous Additions and Corrections, by D. A. Talboys]. 8vo.
                                          _Oxford: D. A. Talboys._ 1832.

 ADELUNG (J. C.) Mithridates, oder Allgemeine Sprachenkunde, mit
 dem Vaterunser als Sprachprobe in beynahe fünfhundert Sprachen und
 Mundarten, von Johann Christoph Adelung. Fortgesetzt von J. S. Vater. 5
 vols., 8vo, pp. xxxiv, 686; xxiv, 808; xii, 708; viii, 474; xii, 530.
                                                      _Berlin._ 1806-17.

     Vols. II.-V. were written by J. S. Vater. This is a history of all
     known languages and dialects, with an account of all the books
     printed in or relating to them. The second and third parts of the
     third volume--1813-1816--contain the languages of America. "On
     this Babel of an earth which you and I inhabit, there are said
     to be about three thousand languages and jargons. Of nearly five
     hundred of these you will find a specimen in the _Mithridates_ of
     Adelung."--DE QUINCY.

 AGASSIZ _and_ STRICKLAND. Bibliographia Zoologiæ et Geologiæ. A General
 Catalogue of all Books, Tracts, and Memoirs on Zoology and Geology.
 By Prof. Louis Agassiz. Corrected, Enlarged, and Edited by H. E.
 Strickland, M.A., F.G.S., etc. 4 vols., 8vo.         _London._ 1848-54.

     Published by the Ray Society.

 AIME-MARTIN (L.) Plan d'une Bibliothèque Universelle, Etudes des Livres
 qui peuvent servir à l'Histoire Littéraire et Philosophique du Genre
 Humain; suivi du Catalogue des Chefs-d'œuvre de Toutes les Langues,
 et des Ouvrages Originaux de Tous les Peuples. 12mo. _Paris._ 1837. +
 _Bruxelles._ 1837. 12mo, pp. (4), 482.

 ALLEN (W.) The American Biographical Dictionary: containing an Account
 of the Lives, Characters, and Writings of the most Eminent Persons,
 deceased in North America, from its First Settlement. By William Allen.
 Third Edition. 8vo, pp. ix, 905.          _Boston: J. P. Jewitt._ 1857.

     "Truly the _American Bibliographical Dictionary_. Notices of 6,775
     American names."--_Guild's Librarian's Manual._ It is difficult to
     believe that Mr. Guild really knew what he was writing about when
     he penned this note. The work is _not_ bibliographical in a proper
     sense, and in the matter of biography it is confined mainly to New
     England clergymen. It might be omitted from this list without loss.

 Allgemeine Bibliographie; monatliches Verzeichniss der deutschen und
 ausländischen Literatur; von P. Trömel. Jahrgang 2-5, 7; 1857-60, 62. 5
 vols., 8vo.                              _Leipzig: Brockhaus._ 1857-62.

 ALLIBONE (S. A.) A Critical Dictionary of English Literature and
 British and American Authors, living and deceased, from the earliest
 accounts to the latter half of the Nineteenth Century. With Forty
 Indexes of Subjects. 3 vols., impl. 8vo.       _Philadelphia._ 1859-71.

     "These three large volumes contain upwards of 43,000 names, 3,300
     pages of 6,600 columns, in great part consisting of authors
     both American and English now living."--POWER. Rather clumsily
     expressed; do the columns or pages consist of authors?

 The American Bibliopolist. _See_ Sabin & Sons.

 The American Catalogue of Books; or English Guide to American
 Literature. Giving the full Title of Original Works published in the
 United States since 1800 to 1855: with especial reference to works of
 interest to Great Britain. With the prices, &c. 8vo.
                                                 _London: S. Low._ 1856.

 American Publishers' Circular and Literary Gazette. Vol. I. September,
 1855. 7 vols., 4to.                                _New York._ 1855-61.

     Continued as the _American Literary Gazette_.

 AMES (Joseph) _and_ HERBERT (W.) Typographical Antiquities, containing
 Memoirs of our Ancient Printers and a Register of the Books Printed by
 them, from 1471 to 1600. Enlarged by William Herbert. 3 vols., rl. 4to.
 Portrait and Plates.                                 _London._ 1785-90.

     Besides bringing down the history to the year 1600, much later than
     Dr. Dibdin's edition, it does also contain an account of all the
     English books printed abroad, and of those printed in Scotland and
     Ireland, which the following edition does not. Also on large paper.

 AMES, HERBERT _and_ DIBDIN. Typographical Antiquities; or the History
 of Printing in England Scotland and Ireland: containing Memoirs of our
 Ancient Printers, and a Register of the Books printed by them. Begun by
 ... Joseph Ames, ... Augmented by William Herbert, ... and ... Enlarged
 ... by the Rev. Thomas Frognall Dibdin. Illustrated with Portraits,
 Facsimiles, &c. 4 vols., 4to.                           _London._ 1810.

     This edition was not completed.

 ANDREAS (Valerus).... Bibliotheca Belgica.... Editio ... aucta. 4to,
 pp. (14), 900.                              _Lovanii._ CIↄ. IↄC. LXIII.

 Annales du bibliophile, du bibliothécaire, et de l'archiviste; publiée
 par L. Lacour. [Tome I.] 1862. 8vo.                      _Paris._ 1862.

 Annuario bibliografico italiano compilato sopra le notizie raccolte dal
 ministero di Pubblica Istruzione. Anno II-1864. 8vo, pp. 308.
                                                         _Torino._ 1866.

 ANTONIO (Nic.) Bibliotheca Hispana Vetus et Nova, curâ Bayerii. 4
 vols., folio.                             _Matriti: J. Ibarræ._ 1783-8.

     "An excellent edition, the _Bibliotheca Vetus_ being enriched with
     notes by Perez Bayer, a learned Valencian, the _Bibliotheca Nova_
     receiving additions from Antonio's own manuscripts, that bring down
     his notices of Spanish writers to the time of his death in 1684. In
     the earlier portion, embracing the names of about 1,300 authors,
     little remains to be desired. The latter portion contains notices
     of nearly 8,000 writers--it is a monument of industry, firmness,
     and fidelity. The two, taken together, constitute their author
     beyond all reasonable question, the father and founder of the
     literary history of his country."--TICKNOR, I. 218. Further details
     concerning this will be found in Dibdin's _Bibliomania_ and Sabin's
     _Dictionary_, Vol. I. 226-227. There are copies on large paper.

 APPLETON (D. & Co.) A Library Manual, containing a Catalogue Raisonné
 of upwards of Twelve Thousand of the most Important Works, in every
 Department of Knowledge, in all Modern Languages. 8vo, pp. xvi, 434.
                                     _New York: D. Appleton & Co._ 1847.

     Although it bears the name of the publishers, it it well known to
     have been the work of a paid compiler [Mr. Delf?]; it is very well

 ARGELATI (P. A. Filippo.) Bibliotheca scriptorum Mediolanensium ... ab
 anno MCDLXV. ad annum MD. 2 vols., folio.         _Mediolani._ MDCCXLV.

 ASHER (A.) Bibliographical Essay on the Collection of Voyages and
 Travels, edited and published by Levinus Hulsius and his Successors ...
 1598 to 1660. By A. Asher. Sm. 4to, 3 l., pp. 118.
                                    _London and Berlin: A. Asher._ 1839.

 ASHER (G. M.) A Bibliographical Essay on the Dutch Books and Pamphlets
 relating to New Netherland. 4to, pp. lii, 234, 22, 23, 2 l. Map.
 _Amsterdam: F. Muller._ 1854-67.

     Also on large paper. Many copies are imperfect, terminating
     abruptly on page 120. Numbers up to this point had been
     delivered to the publisher's American agent; the agent failed,
     and the delivery was not completed; the book thereafter being
     only supplied entire.

 ASKEW (Anthony). Catalogue of the Splendid Classical and Miscellaneous
 Library of Dr. Askew. 8vo.                              _London._ 1775.

     The sale which included a fine collection of books continued for
     twenty-nine days, but produced only £4000. See Nichol's _Literary
     Anecdotes_, III. 494; Dibdin's _Bibliomania_, p. 515; Horne's
     _Introduction_, II. 640. Some copies were printed on large paper.

 ASPINALL (J.) Roscoe's Library; or, Old Books and Old Times. 8vo.
                                         _London: Whittaker & Co._ 1853.

 ASSELINEAU (Charles). Bibliographie romantique catalogue ... des
 éditions originales des œuvres de Victor Hugo--Alfred de Vigny--Prosper
 Mérimée--Alexandre Dumas--Jules Janin--Théophile Gautier--Pétrus Borel,
 etc.... Seconde édition.... 8vo, pp. xxxii, 264.         _Paris._ 1872.

 ASSEMANI (J. S.) Bibliotheca Orientalis. Tomus I. de Scriptoribus
 Syris Orthodoxis; II. de Scriptoribus Syris Monophysitis; III. et IV.
 de Scriptoribus Syris Nestorianis: Addita singulorum auctorum Vita. 4
 vols., folio.            _Romæ, typis S. Cong. de Prop. Fide._ 1719-28.

     "J. S. Assemani a rendu un éminent service aux amateurs de la
     Liturgie Orientale, par la publication de sa fameuse _Bibliotheca
     Orientalis_, où il mentionne un grand nombre de pièces concernant
     les offices divins."--GUERANGER. As containing original authorities
     regarding the _Nestorians_ and _Monophysites_ this collection it of
     great value. Also on large paper.

 ASTOR LIBRARY, N. Y. Catalogue of Books in the Astor Library relating
 to the Languages and Literature of Asia, Africa and the Oceanic
 Islands. 8vo, pp. (8), 424.
                  _New York: Astor Library Autographic Press._ MDCCCLIV.

     One hundred copies printed. Languages of the American Indians, pp.

 ATKINSON (James.) Medical Bibliography. [Vol. I.] A and B. 8vo, pp. 4,
 379, (9).                                    _London: Churchill._ 1834.

     Guild, in his _Librarian's Manual_, calls this "a very _amusing_ as
     well as an instructive book."

 AUDIFFREDI (J. B.) Catalogus Historico-Criticus Romanarum Editionum
 Sæculi XV. Rl. 4to, pp. xxvii, 476.                       _Romæ._ 1783.

 AUDIFFREDI. Specimen Historico Criticum Editionum Italicarum Sæculi
 XV.... Accedunt Indices IV locupletissimi. Rl. 4to, pp. xii, 459.
                                                           _Romæ._ 1794.

 AXON (W. E. A.) The Literature of the Lancashire Dialect. A
 Bibliographical Essay. Fcp. 8vo.                        _London._ 1870.

     A very useful little pamphlet on this curious dialect.

 AYALA (M. d'). Bibliografia Militare Italiana, Antica e Moderna....
 8vo, pp. xxxii, 450.                                    _Torino._ 1854.

 BACKER (Augustin et Alois de). Bibliothèque des Ecrivains de la
 Compagnie de Jésus, &c. 7 vols., 8vo.                 _Liége._ 1853-61.

     This elaborate work notices all the writings of the Jesuits from
     the foundation of the order to the date of publication, with the
     works written against them. Each volume is of about 800 pages,
     double columns, and each in alphabetical order, and complete in

 BAILLET (A.) Auteurs déguisez sous des noms étrangers, empruntés,
 supposés, feints à plaisir, abregés, etc. 12mo.          _Paris._ 1690.

 BAILLET. Jugemens des Savans sur les principaux ouvrages des auteurs,
 par Adrien Baillet; Revué corrigez & augmentez par M. de la Monnoye ...
 8 vols., 4to.                                        _Amsterdam._ 1725.

     Best edition of this valuable work.

 BAKER (D. E.) Biographia Dramatica; or, a Companion to the Playhouse:
 containing Historical and Critical Memoirs, and Original Anecdotes,
 of British and Irish Dramatic Writers, from the Commencement of our
 Theatrical Exhibitions; among whom are some of the most celebrated
 Actors; also an Alphabetical Account, and Chronological Lists of their
 Works, the Dates when printed, and Observations on their Merits, ...
 To ... 1764, by David Erskine Baker. To ... 1782, by Isaac Reed; to..
 1811, by Stephen Jones. 4 vols., 8vo.          _London: Longman._ 1812.

 BALE (J.) Scriptorvm illustriũ maioris Brytannie, quam nunc Anglium &
 Scotiam uocant: Catalogus: ... Autore Joanne Baleo. 2 vols., folio, pp.
 (28), 744; (20), 336.                                _Basilæ._ 1557-59.

     For the title at length, _see_ Petzholdt, pp. 341-2. An account
     of the ancient writers of Great Britain. Dibdin calls it "the
     foundation of British Biography."

 BANDINEL (Bulkley). A Classed Catalogue of the Books relating to
 British Topography and Saxon and Northern Literature, bequeathed to the
 Bodleian Library by Richard Gough. 4to, pp. 459.        _Oxford._ 1814.

     Dr. Bandinel was the Bodleian Librarian, and Lowndes characterizes
     this as "the most complete Catalogue of English Topography extant."

 BARBIER (A. A.) _et_ DESESSARTS. Nouvelle Bibliothèque d'un Homme de
 Goût entièrement refondue, Corrigée et Augmentée ... Par A. A. Barbier
 et N. L. M. Desessarts. 5 vols., 8vo.                 _Paris._ 1808-10.

     "This is one of the best bibliographical works in any language.
     It is a sure authority for all the best works in the French

 BARBIER. Dictionnaire des Ouvrages Anonymes et Pseudonymes composés,
 traduites ou publiés en Français et en Latin avec les noms des auteurs,
 traducteurs et éditeurs, accompagné de notes historiques et critiques.
 Seconde édition, revue, corrigée et considérablement augmentée. 4
 vols., 8vo. _Paris._ 1822-27. + Troisième édition, revue et augmentée
 par MM. Olivier Barbier, René et Paul Billard.... 3 vols., 8vo.
                                                       _Paris._ 1872-75.

     By far the most perfect and valuable of all the numerous works
     which have been published in this Department of Bibliography,
     being the results of thirty years of diligent labor and research.
     The author was private Librarian to the Emperor Napoleon, and
     afterwards, on the return of the Bourbons, Superintendent of
     the private Royal Libraries. He died in 1825. His Dictionary is
     confined to works in the Latin and French languages, but of these
     it notices between twenty-three and twenty-four thousand. The first
     edition is, _Paris_, 1806-9. 4 vols., 8vo. Part II. of volume III.
     of the third edition is not yet published (February, 1875).

 BARBIER _et_ BEAUVAIS. Dictionnaire Historique, &c. 8vo. _Paris._ 1829.

     In one series of paging to form "une seul volume de 3,500 pages!"
     The best Biographical Dictionary extant, except the _Biographie

 BARBOSA MACHADO (Diego). Summario da Bibliotheca Luzitana. 4 vols.,
 18mo.                                                   _Lisboa._ 1786.

     _See_ Machado.

 [BARCIA (Andres Gonzalez).] Ensayo cronologico, para la historia
 general de la Florida.... Folio, pp. (40), 366, 1 folded leaf, pp.
 (56.)                          _En Madrid._ ... _Año de_ CIƆ IƆCCXXIIJ.

     It is appended to Garcilaso de la Vega's _La Florida_. Severely
     criticised in Joseph de Salazar's _Crisis_, etc. It contains a list
     of the books used by the author.

 BARETTI (Joseph). Italian Library: containing an Account of the Lives
 and Works of the most valuable Authors of Italy. 8vo, pp. 343.
                                                _London: Millard._ 1757.

 BARRETT (F.) Lives of the Alchemistical Philosophers, with a Catalogue
 of Books in Occult Chemistry, and a Selection of the most celebrated
 Treatises on the Hermetic Art. 8vo.                     _London._ 1815.

 BARTLETT (J. R.) Bibliography of Rhode Island. A Catalogue of Books and
 other Publications relating to the State of Rhode Island. With Notes,
 Historical, Biographical, and Critical. 8vo.        _Providence._ 1864.

     Also on large paper.

 BARTLETT. Bibliotheca Americana. A Catalogue of Books relating to North
 and South America in the Library of John Carter Brown of Providence,
 R. I. Part I., 1493 to 1600; Part II., 1601 to 1700; Part III., 1700
 to 1800. With Notes by John Russell Bartlett. 3 vols., impl. 8vo.
 _Providence._ 1866-74.

     Describes a splendid and almost unrivalled collection, rich in
     the Letters of Columbus, Vespuccius, and Cortes, colonial and
     revolutionary pamphlets, and the whole range of Americana. Mr.
     Bartlett has appended many very interesting bibliographical
     notices. Fifty copies printed.

 BARTLETT. The Literature of the Rebellion. A Catalogue of Books and
 Pamphlets relating to the Civil War in the United States, and on
 Subjects growing out of that Event, together with Works on American
 Slavery, and Essays from Reviews and Magazines on the Same Subjects.
 Compiled by John Russell Bartlett.... R1. 8vo, pp. 477. _Boston._ 1866.

     Two hundred and fifty copies printed in octavo, and sixty copies on
     large paper. It describes six thousand and seventy-three different
     books, pamphlets, and magazine articles; also, three hundred
     eulogies, sermons, poems, etc., on the death of Abraham Lincoln.

 BAUER (Jo. Jac.) Bibliotheca Librorum Rariorvm Vniversalis, cum
 Supplementis. 7 vols., 8vo.                        _Nürnberg._ 1770-91.

     Of very uncommon occurrence, more especially with the second
     and third Supplements, which are generally wanting. "I exhort
     the reader to seize hold of this work, whenever it come across
     him--which will be rarely. The descriptions are compendious, and
     the references respectable, and sometimes numerous. My copy of this
     rare and dear book cost me £5 5s."--DIBDIN.

 BECKMANN (Johann). Literatur der älteren Reisebeschreibungen. 2 vols.,
 8vo, pp. 750; 756.                                _Göttingen._ 1808-10.

 BELL (John Gray). Descriptive and Critical Catalogue of Works
 Illustrated by Thomas and John Bewick, with the Supplement. Imp. 8vo.
 Woodcuts.                                           _Manchester._ 1851.

     A Bookseller's Catalogue.

 BELOE (W.) Anecdotes of Literature and Scarce Books. By the Rev.
 William Beloe.... 6 vols., 8vo.                                1807-12.

 BELOE. The Sexagenarian, or Recollections of a Literary Life. 2 vols.,
 8vo.                                                              1817.

     A very amusing performance, filled with anecdotes and characters of
     the author's literary contemporaries. The first edition contains
     some passages relative to Porson and other literati, which were
     suppressed in the edition of 1818.

 BENGHEM (Cornelius à). Bibliographia Historica, Chronologica et
 Geographica Novissima, perpetuo continuanda.         _Amsterdam._ 1685.

 [BÉRARD (A. S. L.)] Essai Bibliographique sur les Éditions des
 Elzévirs. 8vo, pp. 300.                           _Paris: Didot._ 1822.

     Preceded by an account of the most celebrated printers.

 BERCHTOLD (_Count_). An Essay to direct and extend the Inquiries of
 Patriotic Travellers, from the earliest Times to 1787. 2 vols., 8vo.

     The second volume consists of a catalogue of works intended for the
     instruction of travellers, and of the most interesting European

 BERISTAIN DE SOUZA (José Mariano). Biblioteca Hispano-Americana
 Septentrional ó Catálogo y Noticia de los Literatos, que ó nacidos,
 ó educados, ó florecientes en la America Septentrional Española, han
 dado a luz algun escrito, ó lo han dexado preparado para la prensa. La
 escribia, el Doctor D. José Mariano Beristain de Souza.... 3 vols.,
 4to, 2 l., pp. xviii, 540; 1 l., 525; 1 l., 366. _En México: Calle de
 Santo Domingo y Esquina de Tacuba._                   _Año de_ 1816-21.

     Vol. II. has, in addition to the above title, "Y la publica Don
     José Rafael Enriquez Trespalacios Beristain, Sobrino del Autor.
     _Officina de D. Alexandra Valdéz._ 1819." "De Souza is by far
     the most important work for the literature of New Spain that has
     ever been composed. It comprises 3,687 biographies, and although
     like most Spanish works of the kind, singularly uncritical, yet
     it is a perfect treasure as regards the cultivation of science
     and literature in Mexico and the adjacent countries. The work
     is extremely scarce, and appears to be altogether unknown in
     Europe."--LUDEWIG. See also [Harrisse] _Bib. Am. Vet._, pp. xx,
     xxi. Señor Icazbalceta, of the city of Mexico, announced a new
     edition, but I believe it has not been published.

 BERKENHOUT (J.) Biographia Literaria; or, a Biographical History
 of Literature ... Chronologically and classically arranged by John
 Berkenhout. Vol. I. [all that was published]. 4to.      _London._ 1777.

 BERND (C. S. M.) Schriftenkunde der gesammten Wappenwissenschaft. 4
 vols., 8vo.                                            _Bonn._ 1830-41.

     A complete Bibliography of all Armorials, Genealogical Histories,
     and Heraldic Works published in Europe, with critical remarks,
     prices, and references to Reviews.

 The Bible of Every Land; a History of all the Numerous Versions of the
 Sacred Scriptures hitherto published. 4to.  _London: S. Bagster._ 1852.

 Bibliografia Storica, delle città e luoghi dello Stato Pontificale, &c.
 4to.                                                      _Roma._ 1792.

 Bibliographical Miscellanies, being a Selection of Curious Pieces in
 Verse and Prose. 4to.                                   _Oxford._ 1813.

     By Dr. Philip Bliss. Is not strictly bibliographical.

 Bibliographical and Retrospective Miscellany. Containing Notices of and
 Extracts from Rare, Curious, and Useful Books in all Languages. Post
 8vo.                                                    _London._ 1830.

 Bibliographie Agronomique; ou, Dictionnaire raisonné des ouvrages sur
 Économie rurale et domestique, et sur l'art vétérinaire. [Par Victor
 Donatien Musset Pathay.] 8vo.                            _Paris._ 1810.

 Bibliographie des Principaux Ouvrages relatifs à l'Amour, aux Femmes,
 au Mariage, indiquant les auteurs de ces ouvrages, leurs éditions, leur
 valeur, et les prohibitions ou condamnations dont certains d'entre eux
 ont été l'objet. Par M. le C. D'I * * *. 8vo._Paris: J. Gay._ 1861. +
 Seconde édition, considérablement augmentée, par J. Gay, éditeur. 8vo.
 _Paris._ 1864. + Troisième édition. 5 vols., 8vo.     _Paris._ 1871-74.

     Also on large paper.

 Le Bibliomane. Nos. I. and II.           _London: Trübner & Cie._ 1861.

 De la Bibliomanie. 8vo.                                _La Haye._ 1761.

 Le Bibliophile Belge.                                _Bruxelles._ 1845.

     One volume published annually.

 Le Bibliophile Français. Gazette Illustrée des Amateurs de Livres,
 d'Estampes et de haute curiosité. 4 vols., 8vo.       _Paris._ 1868-70.

     Illustrated with fine steel-plate portraits of eminent
     bibliographers and literary celebrities, numerous woodcuts and
     photo-lithographs, &c.

 Le Bibliophile Français. Revue mensuelle des livres anciens et
 modernes.                                                _Paris._ 1862.

 Le Bibliophile Illustré. Texte et gravures par J. Ph. Berjeau. Impl.
 8vo.                               _Londres: N. Trübner & Co._ 1861-62.

     Contains notices of rare and important works, by the editor and the
     most eminent foreign bibliographers.

 Bibliosophia; or Book-Wisdom, containing some Account of the Pride,
 Pleasure, and Privileges of that Glorious Vocation, Book Collecting.
 12mo.                                                   _London._ 1810.

 Biblioteca Italiana, o sia Notizia de Libri rari nella Lingua Italiana.
 4to.                                                   _Venezia._ 1728.

 Biblioteca periodica anual de los libros pub. en España, 1784-91. 2
 vols., 16mo.                                         _Madrid._ 1784-91.

 Bibliothecæ Americanæ Primordia. _See_ [Kennett (White).]

 Bibliotheca Americana; or a Chronological Catalogue of Books,
 Pamphlets, State Papers, &c., upon the Subject of North and South
 America. With an Introductory Discourse on the Present State of
 Literature in those Countries. [By H. Homer.] 4to.      _London._ 1789.

     This book, which has been variously ascribed to Dalrymple, Homer,
     Long, and with more probability, by Homer himself, to Reid, was
     the fullest English work on the subject up to its date; but
     its complicated arrangements, errors of date, unintelligible
     abbreviations, and frequent repetitions mar its utility. Some of
     the remarks in the introduction are curious, if not true. The
     errata, if all printed, would fill a dozen pages. See _M. Rev._,
     II. 474; Rich, I. 354.

 Bibliotheca Americana: Being a Choice Collection of Books relating to
 North and South America, the West Indies, &c. [By D. B. Warden.] 8vo.
                                                          _Paris._ 1831.

 Bibliotheca Americana. A Catalogue of Books relating to the History and
 Literature of America. Sold by Puttick & Simpson. 8vo.  _London._ 1861.

 Bibliotheca Americana. A Catalogue of a Valuable Collection of Books,
 Pamphlets, Manuscripts, Maps, Engravings, and Engraved Portraits,
 illustrating the History and Geography of North and South America and
 the West Indies; altogether forming the most Extensive Collection ever
 offered for sale. 8vo, pp. viii, 308.
                                     _London: John Russell Smith._ 1865.

 Bibliotheca Americana. A Catalogue of a Valuable Collection of Books,
 illustrating the History and Geography of North and South America and
 the West Indies. Collected by John Russell Smith. 8vo, pp. vii, 234.
                                                    _London._ MDCCCLXXI.

 Bibliotheca Americana. A Catalogue of a Valuable Collection of Books
 and Pamphlets, illustrating the History & Geography of North & South
 America and the West Indies. On Sale ... by Alfred Russell Smith, ...
 8vo, pp. vi, 182, 54.                             _London._ MDCCCLXXIV.

 Bibliotheca Anglo-Poetica. _See_ [Griffith (A. F.)]

 Bibliotheca geographico-statistica et œconomico-politica; herausgegeben
 von W. Müldener; 1863-69. 14 parts, 8vo.        _Göttingen._ [1863-69.]

 Bibliotheca Grenvilliana; or, Bibliographical Notices of Rare and
 Curious Books forming part of the Library of the Right Hon. Thomas
 Grenville. 2 vols. Part the Second, completing the Catalogue of the
 Library bequeathed to the British Museum. Addenda--Books printed for
 Clubs and Societies. Part the Third, completing ... 4 vols.
                                                      _London._ 1842-72.

     Parts I. and II. compiled by John Thomas Payne and Henry Foss,
     booksellers; Part III. by W. B. Rye.

 Bibliotheca Heberiana. Catalogue of the Library of the late Richard
 Heber, Esq. 12 parts, 8vo.                           _London._ 1833-34.

     This remarkable collection was sold by auction under the direction
     of the well-known firm of Payne & Foss, of Pall Mall; it occupied
     220 days in its dispersion, and was sold by the following
     auctioneers, viz.: Sotheby and Sons (parts 1, 2, 3, 9, 10);
     Evans (parts 4, 6, 7, 8, 11); and Wheatley (parts 5 and 12). The
     catalogue contained 52,676 lots, comprising 119,613 volumes. They
     cost Mr. Heber £43,891 10_s._ 6_d._, and realized £56,777 18_s._

 Bibliotheca historica; herausgegeben von W. Müldener; 1864-69. 12
 parts, 8vo.                                     _Göttingen._ [1864-69.]

 Bibliotheca historico-geographica; herausgegeben von G. Schmidt;
 1859-61. 6 parts, 8vo.                          _Göttingen._ [1859-61.]

 Bibliotheca historico-naturalis physico-chemica et mathematica;
 herausgegeben von E. A. Zuchold. 1856. 8vo.        _Göttingen._ [1856.]

 Bibliotheca Londinensis; a Classified Index to the Literature of Great
 Britain, 1814-46. 8vo.                                  _London._ 1848.

 Bibliotheca medico-chirurgica pharmaceutico-chemica et veterinaria;
 herausgegeben von C. J. Ruprecht; 1865-67. 6 parts, 8vo.
                                                 _Göttingen._ [1865-67.]

 Bibliotheca Monensis, a Bibliographical Account of Works relating to
 the Isle of Man [by William Harrison, Esq., H.K.]

     Vol. XVIII. of the publications of the Manx Society for 1861.

 Bibliotheca philologica; herausgegeben von G. Schmidt; 1858-68. 22
 parts, 8vo.                                       _Göttingen._ 1858-68.

 Bibliotheca Piscatoria: a Catalogue of Books upon Angling. Fcp. 8vo.
                                           _London: W. Pickering._ 1836.

     This catalogue is formed upon Sir Henry Ellis's corrected copy of
     the list which he contributed to the _British Bibliographer_ in
     1811, and some editions are noticed the existence of which was then

 Bibliothecæ Regiæ Catalogus; or Catalogue of the Magnificent Library
 formed by King George III., now in the British Museum, with the
 Catalogue of Maps, Prints, Drawings, &c. Privately printed. 6 vols.,
 rl. folio.                                           _London._ 1820-29.

     Only a very limited number of this splendid production was printed.

 Bibliotheca Scaccariana; Catalogue d'Ouvrages sur le Jeu des Echecs.
 12mo.                                                   _London._ 1861.

     A bibliography of works on the game of chess.

 Bibliotheca Smithiana seu Catalogus librorum D. Josephi Smithi, per
 cognonima authorum dispositus. 4to.                   _Venitiis._ 1755.

     The collector was British consul at Venice. This valuable library
     was purchased by George III., and now forms a portion of the King's
     Library in the British Museum. Pp. lxvii-cccxlviii, containing
     valuable Addenda, "Prefationes et Epistolæ voluminibus editis
     appositæ ab Incunabulis Typographiæ ante annum MCCCCC."

 Bibliotheca theologica; herausgegeben von C. J. Ruprecht; 1859-66. 16
 parts, 8vo.                                     _Göttingen._ [1859-66.]

 BINNEY (William G.) ... Bibliography of North American Conchology,
 previous to the Year 1860. Prepared for the Smithsonian Institution,
 by W. G. Binney. Part I. American Authors. 8vo, pp. iv, 2 l., 650.
 _Washington_, 1863. (Smiths. Misc. Coll., Vol. v.) + Part II. Foreign
 Authors. 8vo, pp. 298.                              _Washington._ 1864.

 BICKERSTITH (Rev. E.) Christian Student. 12mo. _London: Seeley._ 1844.

     Contains a list of books for a Christian student's library.

 BLADES (Wm.) Catalogue of Books printed by or ascribed to the Press
 of William Caxton, in which is included the Pressmark of every copy
 contained in the British Museum. With a few Woodcut Vignettes. 4to.
                                                         _London._ 1865.

     Only thirty copies of this complete list of Caxton's books were
     printed for sale; of which number fifteen were sent to America.
     "As, however, our National Library is deficient in several of the
     most rare specimens, the compiler has, in such cases, stated where
     a copy may be seen."--_Advertisement._

 BLADES. How to tell a Caxton: with some Hints where and how the same
 might be found. 12mo, pp. 55. 15 Plates.
                                    _London: Henry Sotheran & Co._ 1870.

 BLADES. The Life and Typography of William Caxton, England's First
 Printer, with Evidence of His Typographical Connection with Colard
 Mansion, the Printer at Bruges. Compiled from Original Sources by
 William Blades. 2 vols., 4to.             _London: Joseph Lilly._ 1861.

     Illustrated with more than sixty Facsimile Plates, executed by
     Tupper in the most careful manner. Besides copious quotations
     from original documents, illustrative of the life and times of
     this great and good man, to whom England is indebted for the
     introduction of the "Divine Art" of printing, derived from hitherto
     unexplored sources, it includes the whole of his prologues and
     epilogues attached to the various books printed by him; also
     his own historical work, entitled _Policronicon Liber ultimus_.
     The second volume is devoted to a bibliographical and literary
     account of all the works printed by, or ascribed to, the press of
     Caxton, including many books undescribed by Dr. Dibdin and other
     bibliographers, accompanied with most careful collations, and a
     list of copies of books printed by Caxton, in number more than four
     hundred and fifty, now in the public and private libraries of Great
     Britain. Published by subscription; two hundred and fifty copies

 BLAKEY (R.) Angling Literature of all Nations. 12mo, pp. 341.
                                                         _London._ 1855.

 BLAKEY. Essay on Logic, with Alphabetical List of upwards of One
 Thousand Works on Logic. Post 8vo.                      _London._ 1848.

 BLAKEY. The History of Political Literature from the Earliest Times. 2
 vols., 8vo.                                             _London._ 1855.

 BLAZE (C.) Bibliographie Musicale de la France et de l'Etranger. 8vo.
                                                          _Paris._ 1822.

     A descriptive list of all the treaties and works on vocal and
     instrumental music published in Europe down to 1822.

 BOCK (Friedrich Samuel).... Historia Antitrinitariorum maxime
 Socinianismi et Socinianorum ... 8vo, pp. xxx, 556; xiii, (3),
 557-1092, 12 l.               _Lipsiæ: G. L. Hartungii._ 1774-MDCCLXXVI.

 BODLEIAN LIBRARY. Catalogus Librorum Impressorum Bibliothecæ Bodleianæ
 in Academia Oxoniensi. 4 vols., folio.               _Oxoniæ._ 1843-57.

     "This is entered in the British Museum Catalogue under the name
     of [Bandinel (Bulkeley)]."--POWER. Very properly so; it was made
     under his direction as librarian, and includes the contents of the
     Catalogue in 2 vols., folio, _Oxon_, 1738. Next to the British
     Museum the Bodleian is the finest library in Great Britain, and is,
     perhaps, the third best collection in the world.--J. S.

 Catalogue of the Printed Books and Manuscripts bequeathed by Francis
 Douce, Esq., to the Bodleian Library. Folio.            _Oxford._ 1840.

 BOEHMER (G. R.) Bibliotheca scriptorum Historiæ natvralis Œconomiæ
 aliarvmqve artivm ac scientiarvm ad illam pertinentium realis
 systematica. 9 vols., 8vo.                          _Leipsiæ._ 1785-89.

 BOHN (H. G.) A Bibliographical Account of the Works of Shakespeare....
 By Henry G. Bohn.... 8vo, 2 l., pp. 2253-2368.        [_London._ 1864.]

     This is part of his edition of Lowndes with a title-page.

 BOHN. A Catalogue of Books. Henry G. Bohn.... 8vo, pp. (2), iv, 1948.
                                                     _London._ MDCCCXLI.

     Known as the "Guinea Catalogue," contains upwards of 23,000
     articles in all classes of literature, and is of great value to
     general book-buyers.

 BOHN. Henry G. Bohn's Catalogue of Books. Vol. I. Containing Natural
 History, Books of Prints, Science, Language, Bibliography, Oriental &
 Northern Literature, Old English Histor^{ns}, Early Voyages, Games,
 etc. 8vo, pp. (8), 467, 108.                     _London._ MDCCCXLVIII.

     An admirable catalogue; of Vol. II. Greek and Latin Classics,
     Bibles, Testaments, &c., was published.

 BOHN (James). Catalogue of Ancient and Modern Books, in all Languages.
 8vo.                                                    _London._ 1840.

 Boletin bibliográfico español. Num. I. Año I. 8vo, pp. 296.
                            [_Madrid: F. Martin Alegria._] 1860. + 1867.

 BONNARDOT (Alfred). Essai sur l'art de restaurer les estampes et les
 livres, ou traité sur les meilleurs procédés pour blancher, détacher,
 décolorier, réparer et conserver les estampes, livres et dessins.
 Seconde édition, refondue et augmentée; suivie d'un exposé des divers
 systèmes de reproduction des anciennes estampes et des livres rares.
 8vo.                                                     _Paris._ 1858.

     The best work on the subject; full of valuable receipts.

 BONNARDOT. De la réparation des vieilles relieures: complément de
 l'essai sur l'art de restaurer les estampes et les livres; suivi d'une
 dissertation sur les moyens d'obtenir des duplicata des manuscrits.
 8vo.                                                     _Paris._ 1858.

     A supplement to the foregoing.

 BONNEAU (A.) Haïti, ses progrès--son avenir avec un précis historique
 sur ses constitutions, le texte de la constitution actuellement en
 vigueur et une bibliographie d'Haïti. Par Alexandre Bonneau. 8vo, pp.
 176.                                           _Paris: E. Dentu._ 1862.


 For notices on bookbinding, see Dibdin's _Bibliographical Decameron,
 Eighth Day_; _London Review for_ 1860; Tomlinson's _Cyclopædia
 of Useful Arts_, art. _Bookbinding_; Hannett; Sabin's _American

 The Bookseller. A Handbook of British and Foreign Literature, with
 which is incorporated "Bent's Literary Advertiser," established 1802.
                                              _London_, 1858. Continued.

     A monthly publication, edited by T. Whitaker. "Intended to fill up
     a vacuity much felt by booksellers in general, but more especially
     by _old booksellers_."--POWER. We suppose _old booksellers_ to mean
     dealers in old books.

 Booksellers' Advertiser, and Monthly Register of New Publications.
 American and Foreign. January 1--December, 1834. Vol. I. 4to.
                                               _New York: West & Trow._

     No more published. The editor was George Palmer Putnam.

 Booksellers' Trade List and Publisher's Register. No. 1. _April_, 1854.
 4to. Continued to July, 1854, or longer.

 The Bookworm: a Literary and Bibliographical Review; edited and
 illustrated by J. P. Berjeau. [Vol. I.] 8vo.            _London._ 1869.

 [BOOSEY (T.)] Piscatorial Reminiscences and Gleanings. By an Old Angler
 and Bibliopolist. To which is added a Catalogue of Books on Angling.
 Fcp. 8vo.                                 _London: W. Pickering._ 1845.

 BOSSANGE (H.) Catalogue général de Hector Bossange. Rl. 8vo, pp. xiv,
 984.                _Paris_, 1845. + Supplément. 1847-53. pp. 985-1516.

     A classed catalogue, with tolerably full titles.

 BOSSANGE. Ma Bibliothèque Française. 12mo, pp. (4), vii, 480.
                                        _Paris: Bossange et fils._ 1855.

     An admirable list of the best French literature.

 BOSSANGE. Ma Bibliothèque Américaine. 12mo.
                                     _Paris: H. Bossange._ [about 1862.]

     A list of books relating to America in M. Bossange's library.

 BOSTON. A Catalogue of Books belonging to the Lower Hall of the Central
 Department, in the Classes of History, Biography, and Travel....
 Second, or Consolidated Edition, July, 1873. 8vo, pp. 304.
                                         _Boston: By the Library._ 1873.

 Index to the Catalogue of Books in the Bates Hall of the Public Library
 of the City of Boston.... 8vo, pp. vii, (1), 902. _Boston: J. E.
 Farwell & Company._ 1865. + First Supplement. 8vo, pp. iv, (1), 718,
 Index, 21.                          _Boston: J. E. Farwell & Co._ 1866.

 BOSTON ATHENÆUM. Catalogue of the Library.... 1807-1871. Part I. [A-C.]
 8vo, pp. (4), 724.                                      _Boston._ 1874.

     An admirable performance, by Charles A. Cutter, A.M.

 BOTFIELD (Beriah). Notes on the Cathedral Libraries of England. Rl.
 8vo.                                                    _London._ 1849.

     A very handsomely printed book, of which only 250 copies were
     published. Mr. Botfield also published in the _Miscellanies_ of the
     Philobiblion Society a list of English books printed on vellum.

 BOUCHER DE LA RICHARDERIE (G.) Bibliothèque universelle des voyages, ou
 Notice complète et raisonnée de tous les Voyages anciens et modernes
 dans les différentes parties du monde, publiés tant en langue française
 qu'en langues étrangères ... classés par ordre de pays dans leur série
 chronologique; avec des extraits plus ou moins rapides des Voyages
 les plus estimés de chaque pays, et les jugements, motivés sur les
 Relations anciennes qui ont le plus de célébrité. Par G. Boucher de
 la Richarderie.... 6 vols., 8vo, 2 l., pp. xxx, 495; vij, 531; vij,
 503; viij, 542; vij, 527; viij, 485.
                      _Paris: Treuttel et Würtz, et à Strasbourg._ 1808.

     In the matter of dates and titles very incorrect, but valuable for
     the extracts it contains from the voyages of the last century. Vol.
     VI. relates to America. Dibdin pronounces it "an indispensable
     performance," in which judgment we do not agree.

 BOULARD (S.) Traité Élémentaire de Bibliographie.... 8vo, pp. (4), 140.
                                                 _Paris: Boulard._ 1806.

     This work discusses the qualifications of a bibliographer, the
     rarity and depreciation of books, the invention of printing, &c.

 BOUTERWEK (Friedrich). Geschichte der Poesie und Beredsamkeit seit dem
 Ende des dreizehnten Jahrhunderts. 12 vols., 8vo.            1796-1819.

     Volumes VII. and VIII. are entirely devoted to the history of
     English literature, from the end of the 16th century to Burke,
     Johnson, Blair, &c.

 BOUTERWEK. History of Spanish and Portuguese Literature, Translated
 from the Original German, by Thomasina Ross. 2 vols., 8vo.
                                          _London: Boosey & Sons._ 1823.

     Another edition, in which the Portuguese portion is omitted, was
     published in Bogue's _European Library_, 1847. Post 8vo. It is
     partly superseded by Ticknor's work, described _infra_.

 BOUTERWEK. Histoire de la Littérature Espagnole, ... 2 vols., 8vo.
                                                          _Paris._ 1812.

     This work was also translated into Spanish, _Madrid_, 1829. 4to.

 BOWDOIN COLLEGE. A Catalogue of the Library of Bowdoin College;
 to which is added, an Index of Subjects. 8vo, pp. vi, (2), 832.
                       _Brunswick: Printed for the College._ MDCCCLXIII.

     A model catalogue.

 BOYD (Andrew). A Memorial Lincoln Bibliography. Being an Account of
 Books, Eulogies, Sermons, Portraits, Engravings, Medals, &c., published
 upon Abraham Lincoln. Comprising a Collection in the possession of the
 Compiler. Rl. 8vo.                          _Albany: J. Munsell._ 1870.

     Only a few copies printed.

 BOYNE (W.) The Yorkshire Library; a Bibliographical Account of Books
 on Topography, Tracts of the 17th Century, Biography, Spas, Geology,
 Botany, Maps, Views, Portraits, and Miscellaneous Literature relating
 to the County of York, with Collations and Notes of the Books and
 Authors. By W. Boyne. 4to, pp. viii, 304. Portraits of Francis Drake
 and Thomas Gent.                             _Privately printed._ 1869.

     One hundred and fifty copies only printed. The work is
     indispensable to the collector of a Yorkshire library.

 BRASSEUR DE BOURBOURG (Charles Etienne, _the abbé_). Bibliothèque
 Mexico-Guatémalienne précédé d'un coup d'œil sur les études
 Américaines.... Rl. 8vo, pp. (4), xlvii, 143.
                                       _Paris: Maisonneuve & Cie._ 1871.

 [BRAUN (Placidus).] Notitia Historico-Litteraria de Libris ab artis
 typographicæ inventione vsqve ad annvm MCCCCLXXVIII.-MCCCCLXXX.
 impressis. 4to, pp. xvi, 208; 43. 11 Plates of Characters.
                                        _Augustæ Vindelicorvm._ 1788-89.

 BRAY (T.) Bibliotheca Catechetica: or the Country Curates Library....
 By Thomas Bray, D.D. 8vo.             _London: William Hawes._ MDCXCIX.

 BRAY. Bibliotheca Parochialis: or a Scheme of such Theological Heads
 both General and Particular, as are more peculiarly Requisite to be
 Well studied by every Pastor of a Parish. Together with a Catalogue of
 Books which may be read upon each of those Points. Part I. By Thomas
 Bray, D.D. 4to.
          _London: Printed by E. H. for Robert Clavel, at the Peacock in
                                      St. Paul's Church-Yard._ MDCXCVII.

     No more published. "The conclusion, showing the present state of
     the Protestant religion in Maryland," etc., occupies pp. 125-130.
     The author states that the object of this bibliographical treatise
     was to give those who went to Virginia, Maryland, and the American
     plantations, an idea of the books they should take.

 BRIDGMAN (R. W.) A Short View of Legal Bibliography, containing some
 Critical Observations on the Authority of the Reporters and other
 Law Writers; collected from the best authorities, and intended as a
 Companion to the author's reflections on the Study of the Law; to which
 is added a Plan for Classifying a Public or Private Library. By Richard
 Waley Bridgman. 8vo, pp. xviii, 430.                    _London._ 1807.

     Though this work is of an early date it will be found of interest
     to the law student. It has the advantage of two good indexes, one
     of authors, and the other a classified list of subjects.

 BRITISH MUSEUM. Librorum impressorum qui in Museo Britannico
 adservantur Catalogus. 7 vols in 8, 8vo.             _London._ 1813-19.

 List of Additions made to the Collections in the British Museum. 2
 vols., 8vo.                                                    1833-34.

 Catalogue of Printed Books in the British Museum. Vol. I. [A to Az, all
 printed]. Folio.                                        _London._ 1841.

     It is scarcely necessary to remark that, practically, there is
     no printed catalogue of the library of the British Museum, and
     apparently there never will be. The manuscript catalogue fills a
     room about 30 feet square.

 BRÜGGEMANN (L. W.) A View of the English Editions, Translations, and
 Illustrations of the Greek and Latin Authors. With Remarks, By Lewis
 Will. Brüggemann. 8vo, pp. 836.                   _Stettin._ 1797-1801.

     Indicates what classic authors have been translated into English,
     besides pointing out sources of information as to Essays on
     classical subjects, to be found in transactions of learned
     societies, &c.

 BRUNET (Gustave). Dictionnaire de bibliologie catholique. 8vo.
                                                          _Paris._ 1866.

     Contains a long article on catalogues, books destroyed, suppressed,

 BRUNET. Imprimeurs imaginaires et libraires supposés, étude
 bibliographique suivie de recherches sur quelques ouvrages imprimés
 avec des indications fictives de lieux ou avec des dates singulières.
 8vo.                                                     _Paris._ 1866.

 BRUNET. La France littéraire au XV^{e} siècle.... 8vo, 2 l., pp. viii,
 256.                                           _Paris: A Franck._ 1865.

 BRUNET (J. C.) Manuel du Libraire et de l'Amateur des Livres. Cinquième
 édition originale, entièrement refondue, et augmentée d'un tiers par
 l'auteur. 6 vols., rl. 8vo.                    _Paris: Didot._ 1860-65.

     This is an entirely new edition of this invaluable bibliographical
     work, very much enlarged and improved, and elegantly printed on
     fine paper. "On the whole, the most useful and instructive work we
     possess in this branch of bibliography (_restricted_)."--EBERT:
     Preface to the English edition of _Allgem. Bib. p. v._ Fifty copies
     printed on large paper. It is probably the only bibliographical
     work which reached a fifth edition during its author's lifetime.

 BRUNET. Nouvelles recherches bibliographiques. 3 vols., 8vo.
                                                          _Paris._ 1834.

 BRYDGES (S. E.) Censura Literaria, containing Titles, Abstracts, and
 Opinions of Old English Books, with Original Disquisitions, Articles of
 Biography, and other Literary Antiquities. Second Edition. 10 vols.,
 8vo.                                                    _London._ 1815.

     "A work justly held in high estimation by all Antiquaries in
     Literature." Two hundred and fifty copies only printed.

 BRYDGES. The British Bibliographer. By Egerton Brydges and Joseph
 Haslewood. 4 vols., 8vo.                   _London: Triphook._ 1810-14.

 BRYDGES. Res Literariæ: Bibliographical and Critical. 8vo.
                                        _Naples, Rome, Geneva._ 1821-22.

     Only seventy-five copies printed. But the sets having been issued
     at different places, it is probable that not over fifty were made
     complete. "Whoever is desirous to collect a library of various and
     solid erudition, will find very useful aid in the Res Literariæ."

 BRYDGES. Restituta; or, Titles, Extracts, and Characters of Old Books,
 in English Literature, Revived. By Sir Egerton Brydges. 4 vols., 8vo.
                                             _London: Longman._ 1814-16.

     A valuable work, with copious extracts of the rarest and most
     curious books in early English literature. Only two hundred and
     fifty copies were printed, two copies on colored paper.

 Bulletin du bibliophile et du bibliothécaire; publié par L. Techener.
 8vo.                                                           _Paris._

     Fourteenth Series, published in 1865.

 BURE (G. F. de). Bibliographie Instructive; ou traité da la
 connaissance des livres rares et singuliers. Avec le Catalogue de Louis
 Jean Gaignat; et Table des Auteurs Anonymes. 10 vols., 8vo.
                                     _Paris: de Bure le Jeune._ 1763-82.

     Contents: Vol. I. Théologie; II. Jurisprudence et Sciences et Arts;
     III.-IV. Belles Lettres; V.-VII. Histoire; VIII.-IX. Supplément,
     catalogue de livres de L. J. Gaignat; X. Table des livres anonymes.
     The Table of Anonymous Authors is generally wanting.

 BURE. Appel aux Savans et aux Gens de Lettres, au sujet de la
 Bibliographie Instructive. 8vo.                          _Paris._ 1763.

 BURE. Catalogue des Livres de la Bibliothèque de feu M. le Duc de La
 Vallière. Par Guillaume de Bure fils ainé. 9 vols., 8vo.
                                              _Paris: de Bure._ 1783-84.

     "Catalogue très curieux, et rédigé avec beaucoup de soin."--BRUNET.
     Also on large paper. The Catalogue de Gaignat, one volume, is
     sometimes added.

 BURTON (J. H.) The Book Hunter. By J. H. Burton. Post 8vo.
                                           _Blackwood, Edinburgh._ 1863.

     Ten copies printed in crown 4to.

 BURTON. The Book Hunter, etc., with additional Notes, by Richard Grant
 White. Cr. 8vo                                        _New York._ 1863.

     Mr. White, in his Prefatory Note, says: The following desultory
     dissertation on books, book-collecting, and book-collectors,
     cannot fail to be welcome, for it is always interesting, often
     serviceable, and sometimes amusing information.

 [BYERLY (J. S.)] Relics of Literature. By Stephen Collet. [_pseudon._]
 8vo.                                                    _London._ 1828.

     Contains: The first English Catalogue, Origin of Surnames, Singular
     Dedications, Eccentric Advertisements, Book Destroyers, &c.

 CALVARY & CO. Manuale Bibliographum ... 8vo, pp. (2), 88.
                        _Typis expressit Gumprecht Berlinensis._ [1861.]

 CAMUS (A. G.) Mémoire sur la Collection des grands et petits voyages,
 et sur la Collection des voyages de Melchisedech Thévenot; par A.
 G. Camus.... Imprimé par l'ordre et aux frais de l'Institut. 4to,
 Half-Title, pp. iij, 401, 2 l.      _Paris: Baudouin, imprimeur._ 1802.

     An excellent specimen of bibliographical analysis, and
     indispensable to the "De Bry" and "Thévenot" collectors.

 CAMUS. Bibliothèque Choisie des livres de Droit qu'il est le plus utile
 d'acquerer et de connaitre, par [Arm. Gast.] Camus. Cinquième édition,
 nouvellement revue et augmentée par Dupin aîné. 8vo. _Bruxelles._ 1833.

 CANCELLLIERI (Fr.) Dissertazione intorno agli uomini dotati di gran
 memoria ad a quelli divenuti smemorati, colle biblioteche degli
 scritori sopra gli eruditi precoci, la memoria artificiale ed il giuoco
 degli scacchi. 8vo.                                       _Roma._ 1715.

 CAPITAINE (U.) Recherches historiques et bibliographiques sur les
 journaux et les écrits périodiques liégeois, par Ulysse Capitaine.
 16mo, pp. xlii, 344.                             _Liege: Desrer._ 1850.

 CARAYON (P. A.) Bibliographie historique de la compagnie de Jésus ou
 catalogue des ouvrages relatifs à l'histoire des Jésuites, depuis leur
 origine jusqu'à nos jours par le P. Auguste Carayon ... 4to, pp. viii,
 612.                        _Paris: Auguste Durand_ [_etc._] MDCCCLXIV.

 CARIERE (J. F.) Bibliothèque littéraire, historique et critique, de la
 Médicine ancienne et moderne. Par Joseph Francois Cariere. Vols. I. and
 II. 4to, pp. xxxix, 536; viii, 575.              _Paris: Ruault._ 1776.

 CASIRI (C. M.) Bibliotheca Arabico-Hispana Escurialensis, sive Librorum
 omnium MSS. quos Arabicè ab auctoris magnam partem Arabo-Hispanis
 compositos Bibliotheca Coenobii Escurialensis complectitur. Recensa et
 Explanatio operà & studio C. Michaelis Casiri.... 2 vols., folio, pp.
 (16), xxiv, 544; (8), 565.                          _Matriti._ 1760-70.

     This work must ever be highly valued as affording the only complete
     index to the rich repertory of Arabian Manuscripts in the Escurial,
     and for the ample evidence which it exhibits of the science and
     mental culture of the Spanish Arabs. Gibbon remarks: "The execution
     of this work does honour to the Spanish press. The MSS., to the
     number of 1851, are judiciously classified by the Editor, and his
     copious extracts throw some light on the Mahommedan literature and
     history of Spain."

 CASTRO (J. R. de). Biblioteca Española ... Su autor Joseph Rodriguez de
 Castro. 2 vols., folio, pp. (32), 668, Index, (84); (8), 749.
                                 _Madrid, en la Imprenta Real._ 1781-86.

     Vol. I., Spanish Rabbin writers to the close of seventeenth
     century; Vol. II., Spanish Pagan and Christian writers to the
     eighteenth century.

 Catalogue or Alphabetical Index of the Astor Library.... Part I.
 Authors and Books. [Compiled by J. G. Cogswell.] ... 8vo, pp. v, 2110.
 _New York: Printed by R. Craighead._ 1857-1861. + Supplement ... with
 an Alphabetical Index of Subjects in all the Volumes.... 8vo, pp. (4),
 605.                                                  _New York._ 1866.

     With title-pages to divide the work into five volumes.

 Catalogue of Books relating to America, in the Collection of Colonel
 Aspinwall, Consul of the United States of America at London. 8vo, pp.
 (4), 66.                                              [_Paris._ 1831?].

     The collection comprises 771 rare and valuable articles, collected
     by its worthy possessor during his long residence at London as
     Consul-General. They were subsequently purchased by Mr. S. L. M.
     Barlow of New York.

 Catalogue of the Library of the American Philosophical Society, held at
 Philadelphia for promoting Useful Knowledge. Published by order of the
 Society. 8vo, pp. xv, 290.  _Philadelphia: Joseph R. A. Skerrett._1824.

 Catalogue of the American Philosophical Society Library. Part I., II.
 ... 8vo, pp. 634.
        _Philadelphia: Caxton Press of C. Sherman, Son & Co._ [1863-66.]

 A Catalogue of Books in the Library of the American Antiquarian
 Society, in Worcester, Massachusetts. [By C. C. Baldwin.] 8vo, pp. 571
 in all.                                              _Worcester._ 1837.

     This catalogue is replete with the rarest of American pamphlets.

 Alphabetical Catalogue of the Library of Parliament: being an Index of
 the Classified Catalogue Printed in 1851 and 1858, and to Books added
 to 1st March, 1862. 8vo, pp. 313. _Québec: Hunter, Rose & Co._ 1862.
 + ... Printed in 1857, 1858, and 1864, and to the Books and Pamphlets
 since added to the Library, up to 1st October, 1867.... 8vo, pp. 496.
                             _Ottawa: Printed by G. E. Desbarats._ 1867.

     The title-pages, rules, etc., of all the following catalogues, are
     also given in French.

 Catalogue of the Library of Parliament: General Library. 8vo, pp. (2),
 1074.                                     _Toronto: John Lovell._ 1857.

 Catalogue of the Library of Parliament. Works relating to America.
 Pamphlets and Manuscripts. Index to Authors and Subjects. 8vo, pp.
 viii, 1075-1895, (1).                     _Toronto: John Lovell._ 1858.

 Catalogue of Books in the Library of the Legislative Assembly of
 Canada.... 8vo, pp. 123. _Montreal._ 1846. + Alphabetical Catalogue.
 [No title-page.] 8vo, pp. 21. + Supplement.... ( ... Books added in ...
 1846.) 8vo, pp. 24.                                   _Montreal._ 1847.

     This library was entirely destroyed by the mob in the Spring of

 Supplementary Catalogue of the Library of Parliament. Books added ...
 since 12th February, 1864.... 8vo, pp. 19.              _Quebec._ 1865.

     Titles, rules, etc., also in French. Other catalogues of the
     Library of the House of Assembly were published: _Quebec_, 1835;
     _Kingston_, 1842; and _Toronto_, 1850-51, all in octavo.

 Catalogue of Books relating to the History of America, forming Part of
 the Library of the Legislative Assembly of Canada. 8vo, Title, pp. 29.
 _Quebec._ 1845. + ... Books added.... 8vo, pp. 8.     _Montreal._ 1846.

     With a second title-page: Catalogue d'ouvrages, etc.

 Catalogue of Books in the Library of Parliament.... 8vo, pp. 130.
                                                         _Quebec._ 1852.

 Catalogue d'un Choix de Livres relatifs à l'Amérique et
 particulièrement aux Antiquités et à l'Histoire naturelle du Mexique.
 8vo.                                                     _Paris._ 1857.

     "Eine kleine, aber gut gewählte und geordnete Sammlung von 280

 Catalogue d'une Collection de Livres précieux sur l'Amérique parus
 depuis l'an 1508 jusqu'à nos jours en vente chez F. A. Brockhaus à
 Leipzig. 8vo, pp. 71.                 _Leipzig: F. A. Brockhaus._ 1866.

     _See also_ Trömel (P.)

 Catalogue général des livres composant les bibliothèques du département
 de la marine et des colonies.... 5 vols., rl. 8vo, pp. xxiv, 468;
 (6), xxviii, 868; xix, 594; (6), xviii, 530; (8), xvi, 404.
                                    _Paris: Imprimerie Royale._ 1838-43.

     This elaborate work, edited by Louis Marie Bajot, is quite a
     model catalogue. It describes eighteen thousand different works,
     and shows at one view the contents of three libraries. It is
     indispensable to the collector of books relating to the French
     colonies. _See_ Petzholdt, p. 748.

 A Catalogue of Adversaria and Printed Books, containing MS. Notes
 preserved in the University of Cambridge. Edited for the Syndics of the
 University Press [by H. R. Luard]. 8vo.              _Cambridge._ 1864.

 Catalogue of the Reference Department of the Birmingham Free Library.
 By J. D. Mullins. 1869. 8vo, pp. viii, 379.       _Birmingham._ [n. d.]

     Notable as being at once alphabetical and classified, and
     containing a setting out of the contents of such collections as
     the Harleian Miscellany, the Somers Tracts, the Pamphleteer,
     Collections of Plays (under Drama), Voyages and Travels,
     Constable's Miscellany, Edinburgh Cabinet Library, Murray's Family
     Library, Lardner's Cabinet Cyclopædia, Library of Entertaining
     Knowledge, Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge, Traveller's
     Library, the Bampton Lectures, Clark's Foreign Theological Library,
     Library of Anglo-Catholic Theology, Library of the Fathers, and
     the Publications of the Camden, Chetham, Calvin Translation Early
     English Text, English Historical, Hakluyt, Parker, Percy, Ray,
     Sydenham, and New Sydenham, and other learned Societies; also,
     a large collection of Shakespeariana, forming the Tercentenary
     Shakespeare Memorial Library.

 A Catalogue of Books belonging to the Lower Hall of the Central
 Department, in the Classes of History, Biography, and Travel....
 Second, or Consolidated Edition, July, 1873. 8vo, pp. 304.
                                         _Boston: By the Library._ 1873.

     With very full and valuable notes under each subject,
     characterizing the various works upon it, and referring to articles
     in periodicals, essays, etc.

 A Catalogue of all Books printed in the United States, with the prices
 and places where published annexed.... 12mo, pp. xii, 79.
                 _Printed for the Booksellers at Boston, January_, 1804.

 Catalogue of Anti-Masonic Books.                        _Boston._ 1852.

 Catalogue of a Collection of Works on Pageantry bequeathed to the
 Society of Antiquaries of London by the late Frederick William
 Fairholt, Esq., F.S.A. [By C. Knight Watson.] 8vo.      _London._ 1869.

 Catalogue of Periodicals, Newspapers, and Transactions of various
 Societies, also a List of Metropolitan Printing Societies and Clubs.
 1848 to 1870. Rl. 8vo.                                  _London._ 1848.

     Commenced in 1848, and continued annually.

 Catalogue of the Library of the Athenæum Club, with the Supplement,
 comprising the extensive collection of Tracts, and classified Index of
 Subjects. 2 vols., rl. 8vo.        _Printed for Members only._ 1845-51.

 Catalogue of the Library of the Corporation of the City of London. 8vo.
                _Printed only for the Members of the Corporation._ 1840.

 Catalogue of the Library of the London Institution, Systematically
 classed. With Index and Additions. 4 vols., rl. 8vo. _London._ 1835-52.

     An excellent catalogue, compiled by Upcott, Brayley, and others.

 Catalogue of the Books in the Manchester Free Library. Reference
 Department. Prepared by A. Crestadore, PH.D. 8vo, pp. vii, 975.
                                                         _London._ 1864.

     Contains 26,000 distinct works and index, title-pages given in full.

 A Catalogue of the Library of the Hon. East India Company. Rl. 8vo, pp.
 viii, 325. _London._ 1845. + A Supplemental Catalogue, pp. viii, 239.
                                                         [_Ibid._] 1851.

 Catalogue of the Printed Books and Manuscripts in the Library of the
 Faculty of Advocates in Edinburgh. [By Alexander Brown, the librarian.]
 4 vols., folio.                                   _Edinburgh._ 1742-43.

 Catalogue of the Library of the Royal Artillery at Woolwich, with
 Supplement. 8vo, pp. xii, 325.            _Woolwich: Coleman._ 1825-30.

 Catalogue of the Library of the Royal Society of London.
                                                         _London._ 1825.

 Catalogue of the Library of the Society of Writers to the Signet. In
 Four Parts. With a General Index. 2 vols., 4to.   _Edinburgh._ 1805-37.

     "One of the best arranged catalogues upon De Bure's system that has
     ever appeared."--T. H. HORNE.

 Catalogue of the Liverpool Free Public Library. Established 1852. With
 First Supplemental Catalogue. 8vo.                _Liverpool._ 1852-53.

     Valuable for its classification.

 A Catalogue of Works in all departments of English Literature,
 Classified with ... Index. Corrected to March, MDCCCXLIII. 8vo, pp.
 xiii, 144.                                   _London: Longman._ [1843.]

 Catalogus librorum quibus aucta est Bibliotheca Collegii SS.
 Trinitatis. 8vo.                                        _Dublin._ 1854.

 Catalogus librorum impressorum qui in Bibliotheca Collegii, ...
 Trinitatis, juxta Dublinium, adservantur. Folio.        _Dublin._ 1864.

     Each of these catalogues of the Library of Trinity College are
     edited by James Henthorn Todd, D.D., librarian.

 CAVE (W.) Scriptorum Ecclesiasticorum Historia Literaria, a Christo
 Nato usque ad Sæculum XIV. facili methodo digesta ... Accedunt
 Scriptores Gentiles Christianæ Religionis Oppugnatores; & cujusvis
 Sæculi Breviarum, ... Autore Gulielmo Cave. Editio novissima, ab Autore
 Ipsomet ante Obitum recognita & auctior facta. 2 vols., folio, pp.
 (10), lxviii, 668, (14), 358; (8), 252, 88, 142.
                                _Oxonii e Theatro Sheldoniano._ 1740-43.

     "A capital performance, which discovers great reading, research,
     and accuracy, and contains much important information in
     comparatively little room."--ORME. This is still the most ample,
     correct, and complete work of the sort in existence, and is
     absolutely necessary to the student of ecclesiastical history or of
     Christian writers, down to the fifteenth century. This edition was
     reprinted, _Basiliæ._ 1741-45. 2 vols., folio.

 [CAVENDER (C. H.)] Catalogue of Works in Refutation of Methodism, From
 its Origin in 1729, to the Present Time. Of those by Methodist Authors
 on Lay-Representation, Methodist Episcopacy, etc., etc., and of the
 Political Pamphlets relating to Wesley's Calm Address to our American
 Colonies. Compiled by H. C. Decanver. 8vo, pp. 54. _Philadelphia._
 1846. + Second Edition, Revised by the Author. 8vo, pp. 56.
                                                       _New York._ 1868.

     The author's real name is C. H. Cavender. Decanver is an anagram.

 CEILLIER (R.) Histoire générale des Auteurs sacrés et ecclesiastiques,
 qui contient leur Vie, le Catalogue, la Critique, le Jugement, la
 Chronologie, l'Analysis & le Dénombrement des différentes Éditions
 de leur Ouvrages: ... Par Remy Ceillier. 23 vols., 4to.
                                       _Paris: Le Mercier, &c._ 1729-52.

 CERF (Le). Bibliothèque historique et critique des auteurs de la
 congrégation de Saint-Maur. 12mo.                      _La Haye._ 1726.

 CHALLEN (H.) Publishers' Uniform Trade List Directory, comprising all
 the Books, Old and New, of upwards of Two Hundred Publishers. By H.
 Challen. 8vo, pp. 831.                      _Philadelphia: H. Challen._

     Also: The Uniform Trade List Circular.... 8vo, Title, pp. 19-323.
     _Philadelphia: Howard Challen._ [1867.]

 CHASSANT (L. Alph.) Dictionnaire des abbréviations Latines et
 Françaises, usités dans les inscriptions lapidaires et métalliques, les
 manuscrits et les chartes. Troisième édition, 12mo.      _Paris._ 1866.

 CHASSANT. Paléographie des Chartes et des Manuscrits du xi^{e} au
 xvii^{e} siècle. Sixième édition. 8vo.                   _Paris._ 1866.

     Ten plates, quarto size.

 Le Chasseur Bibliographe. Revue bibliographique, littéraire, critique
 et anecdotique, rédigée par une Société de Bibliographes et de
 Bibliophiles, ...                              _Paris: François._ 1862.

 CHAUMETTE (A.) Catalogue des Livres et MSS. composant la bibliothèque
 de feu A. Chaumette des Fosses; dont la vente aura lieu le jeudi 3
 novembre 1842 ... 8vo, pp. viij, 190.                    _Paris._ 1842.

     Rich in works relating to the language and history of America.

 CHEVON (P.) Catalogue général de la Libraire Française au xix'e siècle
 ... par Paul Chevon.                          _Paris: Jannet._ 1856-59.

     Vols. I.-III. only published. Stops at Dubuison.

 CHOULANT (L.) Graphische Incunabeln für Naturgeschichte und Medicin.
 Bibliographie der Drucke des xv^{ten} und xvi^{ten} Jahrhunderts,
 welche mit illustrirenden Abbildungen versehen sind. 8vo, pp. xx 168.
                                             _Leipzig: R. Weigel._ 1851.

 CIAMPI (C.) Bibliografia critica delle Antiche Reciproche
 Corrispondenze ... dell' Italia colla Russia, colla Polonia, ed altre
 parti Settentrionali, il tutto raccolta ed illustrato con brevi Cenni
 biografici delli Autore meno conosciuti da Sebastiano Ciampi. 3 vols.,
 8vo, pp. (6), v, 336; xii, 326; (6), 137.
                                _Firenze: Allegrini e Mazzoni._ 1834-42.

     A great work, happily conceived, well executed, and full of the
     most interesting details. It is not a mere catalogue; extracts from
     the books and accounts of the authors are met in every page. _See_
     Petzholdt, p. 849.

 [CLARKE (Adam).] A Bibliographical Dictionary; containing a
 Chronological Account, Alphabetically Arranged, of the most Curious,
 Scarce, Useful, and Important Books in all departments of Literature
 ... including ... Harwood's View of the Classics, ... [and] An Essay on
 Bibliography. 6 vols., 12mo.                       _Liverpool._ 1802-4.

     "A creditable work for a first attempt. Contains a summary
     of the Life of each Author, the Times when he lived, and his

 [CLARKE.] The Bibliographical Miscellany, or Supplement to the
 Bibliographical Dictionary. 2 vols., 12mo.              _London._ 1806.

     Usually found with the preceding work.

 CLARKE (E.) Letters concerning the Spanish Nation. By Edward Clarke.
 4to.                                                              1763.

     Contains Catalogues of Spanish Authors, and of the Greek and Hebrew
     Manuscripts in the Escurial--Gregory Mayars on Hebrew and Arabic
     Learning in Spain, and his account of the celebrated Complutensian
     Polyglott of Card. Ximenes; also, a description of the Bull-feasts
     of 1760.

 CLARKE (J.) Bibliotheca Legum, or Complete Catalogue of the Common
 and Statute Law Books of the United Kingdom ... By John Clarke. 12mo.
                                                         _London._ 1819.

 [CLARKE (W.)] Repertorium Bibliographicum; or some Account of the
 most celebrated British Libraries. Rl. 8vo.
                                     _London: William Clarke._ MDCCCXIX.

     The late Mr. Beckford assisted in the compilation of this work,
     particularly in the description of his own library at Fonthill.
     Fifty copies were printed on large paper, in 2 vols., impl. 8vo,
     with portraits of eminent book-collectors. Copies are sometimes
     found with "A Dialogue in the Shades, Rare Doings at Roxburghe
     Hall, and the Diary of Roger Payne, with plate of his monument." Of
     this plate twelve copies were printed with a variation.

 CLAVEL (Robert). The General Catalogue of Books, printed in England
 since the Dreadful Fire of London, MDCLXVI. To the end of Trinity Term,
 MDCLXXX. Together with the ... Author's Names, ... Playes acted at both
 Theatres, ... With an Account of ... all the Books of Law, Navigation,
 Musick, &c. Collected by R. Clavel.                  _London._ 1675-89.

     Published in thirty-two or more numbers; the first in 1674. A
     fourth edition was published in 1696, folio. _See_ Petzholdt, p.

 CLEMENT (D.) Bibliothèque Curieuse, Historique et Critique; ou
 Catalogue raisonné de Livres difficiles à trouver, par David Clement. 9
 vols., rl. 4to.             _Göttingen, Hannover, et Leipsic._ 1750-60.

     "A _sine qua non_ with collectors; but in this country it begins
     to be--to use the figurative language of some of the German
     bibliographers--'scarcer than a white crow or a black swan.'
     The reader may admit which simile he pleases, or reject both!
     but in sober earnestness it is very rare and unconscionably
     dear."--DIBDIN. _Per contra_, it usually sells very cheap. One copy
     was printed on large paper.

 COGGESHALL (W. T.) The Newspaper Record, containing a Complete List of
 Newspapers and Periodicals in the United States, Canadas, and Great
 Britain, together with a Sketch of the Origin and Progress of Printing,
 with some Facts about Newspapers in Europe and America. By W. T.
 Coggeshall. 8vo, pp. xiv, 194.     _Philadelphia: Kay & Brother._ 1856.

 COGSWELL (Joseph Green). [Bibliography of] Literary History. 8vo, pp.
 112.                                       [_Cambridge._ 1822 or 1823.]

 COLLIER (J. P.) A Bibliographical and Critical Account of the Rarest
 Books in the English Language, Alphabetically arranged, which during
 the last fifty years, have come under the observation of J. Payne
 Collier, F.S.A. 2 vols., 8vo. _London: Joseph Lilly._ 1865. + _New
 York: Scribner & Co._ 1865. 4 vols., cr. 8vo.

     Of the New York edition some copies are on large paper, and five
     copies were printed on India paper. In the New York reprint all the
     "Addenda and Corrigenda" which are prefixed to the first volume of
     that edition are placed in their proper positions. The "Index,"
     also, is greatly enlarged. This valuable and interesting work is,
     in fact, an extended edition of the author's catalogue of the Duke
     of Bridgewater's library. It describes books which, for the most
     part, are so scarce, that but few American libraries possess them;
     and Mr. Collier has performed an acceptable office in quoting
     largely from the works he has described.

 COLLIER. Catalogue Bibliographical and Critical of Early English
 Literature, forming a portion of the Library at Bridgewater-House. By
 J. P. Collier. 4to. Facsimile Engravings of Autograph Inscriptions, &c.
                                                         _London._ 1837.

     One of the most interesting and copious bibliographical works
     upon early English literature ever printed, intended for private
     circulation only, printed at the expense of the Earl of Ellesmere.

 COLLIER. Extracts from the Registers of the Stationers' Company of
 Works entered for Publication between 1557 and 1587, with Notes and
 Illustrations. By J. P. Collier. 2 vols., 8vo.
                                            _Shakespeare Society._ 1849.

     A work of great value to all interested in bibliographical
     pursuits; many old ballads of the utmost rarity are printed entire.

 COMI (Siro). Memorie bibliografiche per la Storia della tipografia
 Pavese del Secolo XV. 8vo.                               _Pavia._ 1807.

 COMOLLI (A.) Bibliografia storico-critica dell' Architettura civile
 ed arti subalterne. Dell' Abate Angelo Comolli. 4 vols., 4to.
                                   _Roma Vaticana di Salvioni._ 1788-92.

 [COMPTON (Henry).] A Catalogue of the most vendible Books in England,
 Orderly and Alphabetically Digested; Under the Heads of Divinity,
 History, Physick, and Chirurgery, Law, Arithmetick, Geometry,
 Astrologie, Dialling, Measuring Land and Timber, Gageing, Navigation,
 Architecture, Horsemanship, Faulconry, Merchandize, Limning, Military
 Discipline, Heraldry, Fortification and Fire-works, Husbandry,
 Gardening, Romances, Poems, Playes, &c. With Hebrew, Greek, and Latin
 Books, for Schools and Scholars. The like Work never yet performed by
 any.... 4to.                        _London, Printed in the Year_ 1658.

 CONGRESS. Alphabetical Catalogue of the Library of Congress. Authors.
 Imp. 8vo, pp. 1236.     _Washington: Government Printing Office._ 1864.

 Catalogue of the Library of Congress. Index of Subjects. 2 vols., imp.
 8vo, pp. iv, (2), 976; (4), 977-1744.
                         _Washington: Government Printing Office._ 1869.

     The foregoing Catalogue and Index of Subjects were prepared under
     the direction of Mr. Spofford, Librarian of Congress.

 CONSTANTIN (L. A.) Bibliothéconomie, ou Nouveau Manuel complet pour
 l'arrangement, la conservation et l'administration des Bibliothèques.
 Nouvelle édition, revue, augmentée et ornée de figures. 18mo.
                                                          _Paris._ 1841.

 COPINGER (W. A.) The Law of Copyright in Works of Literature and Art,
 &c. 8vo.                                                _London._ 1870.

     The latest work on the subject.

 CORSER (T.) Collectanea Anglo-Poetica; or, a Bibliographical and
 Descriptive Catalogue of a Portion of a Collection of Early English
 Poetry. With occasional Extracts and Remarks Biographical and Critical.
 2 vols., 4to.               _Printed for the Chetham Society._ 1860-69.

     Chetham Society's Publications, Vols. LII., LV., LXXI., and LXXVII.

 CORWIN (E. B.) ... Catalogue of the ... Books, ... &c., of the late Mr.
 E. B. Corwin, ... relating to America, ... &c.... sold ... November
 10th, 1856,.... 8vo, pp. vii, 263.                  [_New York._ 1856.]

     Prepared by Joseph Sabin. One hundred copies printed on large paper.

 COTTON (H.) List of Editions of the Bible and Parts thereof, in
 English, from the year 1505 to 1850, with an Appendix, containing
 Specimens of Translations and Bibliographical Descriptions. By Henry
 Cotton, D.C.L. ... Second Edition. 8vo.             _Oxford._ MDCCCLII.

     Twelve copies printed on thick paper. First published, _Oxford_.

 COTTON. The Typographical Gazetteer, attempted by the Rev. Henry
 Cotton.... 8vo, pp. xvi, 219. _Oxford: Clarendon Press._ MDCCCXXV.
 + Second Edition, Corrected and much Enlarged. 8vo, pp. xviii, 393.
 _Oxford: University Press._ MDCCCXXXI. + Second Series. 8vo, pp. xvi,
 376, (1).                         _Oxford: Clarendon Press._ MDCCCLXVI.

     A useful book of reference, containing a list of the places of
     printing, with notices of the most celebrated printers, and of
     their principal works. The number of American places cited in the
     Second Series is very large, and pp. 243-308 are devoted to a
     monograph on the newspaper press in the United States.

 CRANWELL (E.) An Index of English Books Printed before MDC., in the
 Library of Trinity College, Cambridge, with a List of the Plays of
 Shakespeare printed before 1623, in the Capell Collection. By Edward
 Cranwell. 8vo.                            _London: W. Pickering._ 1847.

 CREVENNA (P. A.) Catalogue raisonné de sa collection de livres de la
 Bibliothèque de M. Pierre-Antoine-Bolongaro-Cravenna. 6 vols., 4to.
                                                      _Amsterdam._ 1776.

     A most excellent catalogue; it should include "Collection
     concernant les Jésuites," at the end of the fourth volume, p. 54;
     and the table of prices for which the books sold in 1790, at the
     end of the sixth volume, p. 46.

 [CROW (William).] Catalogue of English Writers on the Old and New
 Testament, Corrected and Enlarged ... The Second Impression. 8vo.
                                                         _London._ 1668.

 [CUTTER (Charles Ammi).] The New Catalogue of Harvard College Library.
 (Reprinted from the North American Review for January, 1869.) 8vo, pp.
 (1), 96-129.                                       [_Cambridge._ 1869.]

     This was the continuation of an article in the "N. Am. Rev.," for
     Oct., 1868, on the history and wants of the library, which was not
     reprinted. Mr. Cutter also prepared the Catalogue of the Boston
     Athenæum, described _ante_.

 DALRYMPLE (A.) Catalogue of Authors who have written on Rio de la
 Plata, Paraguay, and Chaco, collected by A. Dalrymple, 1807. 4to, pp.
 (2), 22.                                 _London: F. Wingrave._ 1807-8.

     "Pinelo-Barcia's, enlarged with a few additions, taken chiefly from
     Muratori's _Christianisimo Felice_, and such books as the compiler
     could find in the British Museum."--HARRISSE.

 DANA (D.) Bibliotheca Probata. Catalogue of Books Selected, Examined,
 and Arranged.... Second Edition. 12mo, pp. xxxi, 234.
                                          _New York: Daniel Dana._ 1857.

 DANIEL (G.) Catalogue of the most Valuable, Interesting, and Highly
 Important Library of the late George Daniel, Esq., of Canonbury Square,
 Islington. Rl. 8vo.                                     _London._ 1864.

     Certainly one of the most curious, interesting, and valuable
     collections of early English literature, particularly as relating
     to Shakespeare, ever sold. The prices obtained at this sale for
     the first four folio editions of Shakespeare, as also for the very
     rare first quarto editions of his plays, have never been surpassed.
     This sale marks an era for the sale and the prices of early English

 DANVERS. Catalogue of the Library of the Peabody Institute, South
 Danvers, Mass. 8vo, pp. xix, (1), 102. _Boston: Printed by John Wilson
 and Son._ 1855. + Supplement.... July, 1857. 8vo, pp. 26.
                                                [_South Danvers._] 1857.

 DARLING (J.) Cyclopædia Bibliographica; a Library Manual of
 Theological and General Literature, and Guide to Books for Authors,
 Preachers, Students, and Literary Men, Analytical, Bibliographical and
 Biographical. By James Darling. 2 vols., imp. 8vo, pp. iii-xii, (8),
 1600; 1601-3328.                         _London: James Darling._ 1854.

     "The bibliographical wealth and fulness of the catalogue grow upon
     us as we proceed, and we find increased occasion to admire the tact
     and skill with which the compiler contrives to furnish the student
     with the materials for judging of the degree in which any of the
     books here registered may be useful to him."--_Kitto's Journal._

 DARLING. Cyclopædia Bibliographica. Subjects: Holy Scriptures. Imp.
 8vo, pp. xi, 1907.                       _London: James Darling._ 1859.

 DAVIDSON (J.) Bibliotheca Devoniensis, or a Catalogue of the Printed
 Books relating to the County of Devon. 4to.    _London: Longman._ 1852.

 DAVIES (R.) Memoir of the York Press, with Notices of Authors,
 Printers, and Stationers, in the XVIth, XVIIth and XVIIIth Centuries.
 8vo.                                _Westminster: Nichols & Son._ 1868.

     A supplement of fifty-two pages was printed at _Exeter_.

 DAVIS (W.) A Journey round the Library of a Bibliomaniac; or Cento of
 Notes and Reminiscences concerning Rare, Curious, and Valuable Books.
 By William Davis. Cr. 8vo.                              _London._ 1821.

 DAVIS. Olio, or Bibliographical and Literary Anecdotes and Memoranda,
 Original and Selected. By William Davis. Cr. 8vo, pp. vi, 126.
                                             _London: J. Rodwell._ 1814.

 DAY (W.) Designs and Ornaments for Bookbinding. By William Day. 4to.
                                                         _London._ 1840.

 DEANE (C.) A Bibliographical Essay on Governor Hutchinson's Historical
 Publications. By Charles Deane. Sq. 8vo, pp. 39.
                                      _Boston: Privately printed._ 1857.

     Fifty copies printed.

 [DEANE.] Bibliographical Tracts. No. 1. Spurious Reprints of Early
 Books. Rl. 8vo, pp. 19.                                 _Boston._ 1865.

     "From the Boston Daily Advertiser of March 24, 1865." This reprint
     was not made by Mr. Deane. It is a review of "Salem Witchcraft by
     ... Calef, and Cotton Mather ... with Notes by Samuel P. Fowler."
     One hundred and thirty-five copies printed, six copies on India
     paper. It is not, strictly speaking, a bibliographical work.

 DE BURY (Richardi). Phylobyblon, seu de Querimoniis Librorum omnibus
 Literarum Amatoribus.    [_Sine ullâ notâ, sed Coloniæ._ MCCCCLXXXIII.]

     First edition, very rare. An admirable translation of this
     interesting volume was published some few years since by Mr. Rodd.
     These early and rare books often contain much amusing matter and
     considerable information, even at this our advanced state of
     civilization. Those who come in from a walk on a cold winter's day
     are here cautioned to use a kerchief ere they presume to look at a
     rare book, and also to avoid having books opened during meals.

 DE BURY. Philobiblion. Excellent traité sur l'amour des livres, par
 Richard de Bury, évêque de Durham, grand chancelier d'Angleterre.
 Traduit précédé d'une introduction et suivi du texte latin par
 Hippolyte Cocheris. 12mo, pp. lvi, 288.           _Paris: Aubry._ 1857.

 DE BURY. Philo-Biblon, a Treatise on the Love of Books, translated by
 J. Inglis. 8vo.                                         _London._ 1832.

 DE BURY. Philobiblon, A Treatise on the Love of Books, By Richard De
 Bury, Bishop of Durham, and Lord Chancellor of England. First American
 Edition, with The Literal English Translation of John B. Inglis.
 Collated and Corrected with Notes by Samuel Hand. 8vo, pp. x, 252.
                                       _Albany: Joel Munsell._ MDCCCLXI.

     Thirty copies printed on large paper. His book relates the measures
     he took, the difficulties he encountered, and all the art he
     exerted to gratify his favorite passion. When Chancellor and
     Treasurer of England, he took his perquisites and new-year's gifts
     in books.

 DELANDINE (A. F.) Bibliographie Dramatique; ou Tablettes Alphabétiques
 du théâtre des diverses nations; avec des observations littéraires et
 bibliographiques sur les ouvrages dramatiques les plus remarquables,
 les jugements qu'on en a portés, leur sujet, leurs auteurs, leur
 représentation, et les anecdotes qui leur sont relatifs. Précédé d'une
 notice sur l'origine du Théâtre Français, et sur les Pièces et Mystères
 qui y parurent depuis Faydit jusqu'à Rotrou, c'est-à-dire depuis l'an
 1200 jusqu'en 1600. 8vo.                               _Paris._ [n. d.]

 DELANDINE. Bibliographie spéciale et chronologique des principaux
 ouvrages sur l'origine et l'histoire de l'Imprimerie, les
 Bibliothèques, et les premières Essais de l'art typographique dans les
 diverses villes de l'Europe: par Ant. Fr. Delandine.... Tome 1. 8vo,
 pp. vi, 485.                         _Paris: Renouard et Lyon._ [1816.]

 DELEPIERRE (O.) Analyse des Travaux de la Societé des Philobiblon de
 Londres. Par Octave Delepierre. 8vo, pp. viii, 134.
                                        _Londres: Trübner et Cie._ 1862.

     Three hundred copies printed.

 DELEPIERRE. Études Bio-Bibliographiques sur les Fous littéraires. Par
 Octave Delepierre Rl. 8vo, pp. 79.                    [_London._] 1858.

 DELEPIERRE. Histoire littéraire des Fous. Par Octave Delepierre. 8vo,
 pp. (2), 184.                          _Londres: Trübner et Cie._ 1860.

 DELEPIERRE. Macaroneana, Mélanges de Littérature Macaronique des
 différents peuples de l'Europe, avec notes, extraits, &c. 8vo.
                                                          _Paris._ 1852.

     Dans cet ouvrage plein de finesse et d'erudition, Mr. Octave
     Delepierre, dont les connaissances littéraires et Bibliographiques
     sont bien connues, à réuni tout ce que l'on pouvait désirer sur les
     Macaronées et les ouvrages en style Macaronique.

 DE PEYSTER (F.) The Moral and Intellectual Influence of Libraries upon
 Social Progress. An Address before the New York Historical Society,
 Nov. 21st, 1865. By Frederic De Peyster, President of the Society. 8vo,
 pp. 96.                           _New York: Historical Society._ 1866.

     Fifty copies printed on large paper.

 DE-ROSSI (G. B.) Annali Ebreo-tipografici di Cremona distesi dal
 Dottore G. Bernardo De-Rossi. 8vo.                       _Parma._ 1808.

     For a list of many other bibliographical works by De Rossi, _see_
     Petzholdt's _Bibliotheca Bibliographia_.

 [DESCHAMPS (Pierre).] Notice biographique et bibliographique sur
 Gabriel Peignot. Par P. D. Rl. 8vo, pp. (4), 60.
                                                _Paris: Techener._ 1857.

 DESESSARTS (N. L. M.) Les Siècles littéraires de la France, ou Nouveau
 Dictionnaire, historique, critique, et bibliographique, de tous
 les Ecrivains français, morts et vivans jusqu'à la fin de XVIII^{e}
 siècle.... Par N. L. M. Desessarts, et plusieurs Biographes. 7 vols.,
 8vo, pp. xl, 423; (4), 482; (4), 490; (4), iv, 468; (4), 508; (4), 470;
 (4), xl, 417.           _Paris: chez l'auteur. An_ VIII-XI [1800-1803].

 DETROIT. Catalogue of the Public Library.... Also the Rules concerning
 its Use. 8vo, pp. vii, 149.    _Detroit: Advertiser and Tribune._ 1868.

 Detroit Young Men's Society. Catalogue of the Library, with a
 Historical Sketch. 8vo, pp. 169.         _Detroit: O. S. Gulley._ 1865.

 DIBDIN (T. F.) Specimen Bibliothecæ Britannicæ. Specimen of a Digested
 Catalogue of Rare, Curious, and Useful Books in the English Language,
 or appertaining to British Literature and Antiquities. By the Rev. T.
 F. Dibdin. 8vo.                                         _London._ 1808.

     Forty copies only were privately printed, not published, on small
     paper, and eight copies on large paper. The plate opposite page 14
     is not attached to the small paper copies.

 DIBDIN. The Director; a Weekly Journal ... pp. (2), 4, 379, (1); (2),
 385, (6).                    _London: Printed by William Savage._ 1807.

 DIBDIN. Specimen of an English Debure. By Thomas F. Dibdin. 8vo.
                                                         _London._ 1810.

     Fifty copies privately printed.

 DIBDIN. Typographical Antiquities. _See_ Ames (Joseph).

 DIBDIN. The Bibliomania; or Book Madness; containing some account of
 the History, Symptoms, and Cure of this fatal Disease. In an epistle
 addressed to Richard Heber, Esq. By the Rev. Thomas Frognall Dibdin,
 F.S.A. 8vo, pp. iv, 87.                        _London: Longman._ 1809.

 DIBDIN. Bibliomania; or Book Madness: A Bibliographical Romance, in Six
 Parts. Illustrated with Cuts. By the Rev. Thomas Frognall Dibdin. 8vo,
 pp. ix, (2), 782, (1).          _London: Printed for the Author._ 1811.

     Of this edition eighteen copies only were printed on large paper.

 DIBDIN. Bibliomania; or Book-Madness; A Bibliographical Romance.
 Illustrated with Cuts. By Thomas Frognall Dibdin, D.D. New and Improved
 Edition ... including a Key to the assumed characters in the Drama.
 Medium 8vo.                            _London: H. G. Bohn._ MDCCCXLII.

     This edition was undertaken by Mr. Walmsly. It contains a key
     to the characters, etc., and a supplement, edited by Dr. Dibdin
     himself. The copies on large paper, imp. 8vo, have titles-pages for
     two volumes.

     "The _Bibliomania_ is written in dialogues or conversations,
     the characters introduced are well-known book collectors of the
     author's acquaintance. The great value of the work is in the notes,
     which abound with anecdotes of books and book collectors, and an
     account of the rarer articles in their collections, and the prices
     at which they were sold, extracted from the sale catalogues. It
     will be always consulted as an authority."--LOWNDES.

     "The _Bibliomania_ is evidently formed in the first instance on the
     plan of honest Isaac Walton's _Complete Angler_; with conspicuous
     marks of the author's being deeply versed in the _Battle of the
     Books_, and a familiar acquaintance with old English literature,
     and occasionally with the discussions of Yorick. Under the shape
     of dramatic dialogue, the reader is equally entertained, and
     instructed; the abstruser parts, with the historic details, being
     thrown into the form of notes. It would now be useless to pass an
     encomium on this work, as its merits are so fully established as
     to have more than doubled the original price of a volume now with
     difficulty to be obtained."--_Gent's. Magazine._

     "You have contrived to strew flowers over a path which, in other
     hands, would have proved a very dull one; and all Bibliomanes must
     remember you long, as he who first united their antiquarian details
     with good-humored raillery and cheerfulness."--SIR WALTER SCOTT TO
     DR. DIBDIN.

 DIBDIN. Book Rarities; or a Descriptive Catalogue of some of the
 most Curious, Rare, and Valuable Books of Early Date; Chiefly in the
 Collection of the Right Honourable George John Earl Spencer, K.G., &c.,
 &c., &c. By the Rev. T. F. Dibdin. 8vo.
                              _London: Printed by W. Bulmer & Co._ 1811.

     Very rare; thirty-six copies only printed, not published. "The
     Foundation Stone of the _Bibliotheca Spenceriana_."--DIBDIN.

 DIBDIN. Lincolne Nosegay, a brefe Table of Certaine Bokes in the
 possession of Maister Dibdin, Clerk. Post 8vo, pp. 16. _London._ [1811.]

     Very rare; only thirty-six copies having been printed. Contains
     descriptions of nineteen books then in the author's possession,
     but which afterwards passed into the libraries of Heber and Earl

 DIBDIN. Bibliography, a Poem, in Six Books. With Preface and Notes.
 8vo.                                                    _London._ 1812.

     Very rare; fifty copies only privately printed, not published, the
     greater part of which were destroyed by the author. "There is no
     title-page to this effusion from the pen of Dr. Dibdin."--MARTIN.

 DIBDIN. Bibliotheca Spenceriana; or a Descriptive Catalogue of the
 Books printed in the Fifteenth Century, and of many Valuable First
 Editions, in the Library of George John Earl Spencer, K.G., etc.,
 etc., etc. By the Reverend Thomas Frognall Dibdin. 4 vols., imp. 8vo.
                              _London: Printed for the Author._ 1814-15.

     Fifty copies were printed on large paper. "This catalogue contains
     only the works printed in the fifteenth century and the Editiones
     Principes. It is compiled with the greatest care and industry, and
     those who have had occasion to consult its pages, can testify to
     its accuracy and great utility. It is the finest private collection
     in Europe; the catalogue will ever be regarded as of the first
     importance to the theologian, the historian, and the critic, and as
     a perfect model for the bibliographer."--LOWNDES.

 DIBDIN. The Bibliographical Decameron; or, Ten Days Pleasant Discourse
 upon Illuminated Manuscripts, and Subjects connected with Early
 Engravings, Typography, and Bibliography. By the Rev. T. F. Dibdin. 3
 vols., rl. 8vo.                 _London: Printed for the Author._ 1817.

     Also on large paper, 3 vols., imp. 8vo. "This work may be
     considered as a continuation of the _Bibliomania_, the same
     characters being introduced in the dialogues. From the information
     which it contains, and the splendor of the decorations and
     printing, it will ever be considered as a model of excellence and
     good taste in typography and the arts."

 DIBDIN. Ædes Althorpianæ; or an Account of the Mansion, Books, and
 Pictures, at Althorp; the Residence of George John Earl Spencer, K.G.
 To which is added a Supplement to the Bibliotheca Spenceriana. By the
 Rev. Thomas Frognall Dibdin. 2 vols., imp. 8vo.
                                         _London: Payne and Foss._ 1822.

     _See_ the author's _Reminiscences_, II. 557-94, for the interesting
     account of the publication of this work, where it appears that
     the cost of engraving the portraits was upwards of £2,000. It was
     designed as a supplement to the _Bibliotheca Spenceriana_, and
     contains accounts of the ancestors of Earl Spencer; of the Mansion
     at Althorp; of the gallery, with engravings of the most important
     pictures; and of editions of the Scriptures, Aldine editions, and
     books printed in the fifteenth century, not contained in the former

 DIBDIN. A Descriptive Catalogue of the Books printed in the Fifteenth
 Century, lately forming Part of the Library of the Duke Di Cassano
 Serra, and now the Property of George John Earl Spencer, K.G. With a
 General Index of Authors and Editions contained in the Present Volume,
 and in the Bibliotheca Spenceriana and Ædes Althorpianæ. By the Rev.
 Thomas Frognall Dibdin. Imp. 8vo, pp. x, 295.
                                 _London: Printed for the Author._ 1823.

     Forms another supplemental volume to the _Bibliotheca Spenceriana_,
     with an index to the seven volumes, and completes the work.

 DIBDIN. A Bibliographical Antiquarian and Picturesque Tour in France
 and Germany. By the Rev. Tho. Frognall Dibdin. 3 vols., rl. 8vo.
                                 _London: Printed for the Author._ 1821.

     Also on large paper, 3 vols., imp. 8vo. "This work contains much
     curious information respecting the MSS. and rare works in public
     and private libraries abroad. It is printed and embellished in the
     same style of excellence as the Doctor's other works."--LOWNDES.

     "A work calculated to have as intoxicating an effect on the
     imagination of literary antiquaries, as the adventures of the
     heroes of the Round Table on all true knights, or the tales
     of the early American voyagers on the ardent spirits of their
     age. It has not passed, however, without some hostile (though
     unfounded) remarks from the printers, binders, and librarians of

 DIBDIN. A Bibliographical Antiquarian and Picturesque Tour in France
 and Germany. By the Reverend Thomas Frognall Dibdin, D.D. The Second
 Edition. 3 vols., 8vo, pp. (4), xliii, (2), 421, Portraits, Plates;
 (4), iv, 428; (4), iv, 481.                _London: R. Jennings._ 1829.

     This edition omits some of the plates contained in the first, but
     has others which are not in that. It is esteemed for its preface,
     28 pp., in which the author summarily disposes of Crapelet,
     Licquet, and Lesné.

 [DIBDIN.] Lettre Neuvième relative à la Bibliothèque de Rouen, traduite
 de l'Anglais, avec des Notes par T. Licquet, Conservateur de cette
 Bibliothèque. Rl. 8vo.                                   _Paris._ 1821.

     Also on large paper. One hundred copies only of this rare tract
     were printed. It seldom occurs for sale.

 [DIBDIN.] Lettre d'un Relieur Français à un Bibliographe Anglais, par
 Lesné, Relieur à Paris. 8vo.                             _Paris._ 1822.

     Also on large paper. One hundred copies only printed; very rare.

 [DIBDIN.] Lettre Trentième concernant l'Imprimerie et la Librairie de
 Paris, traduite de l'Anglais, avec des Notes, par G. A. Crapelet. Imp.
 8vo.                                                     _Paris._ 1821.

     Only one hundred copies printed; the notes and preface, which
     contain so much that is "silly" and "scurrilous," drew from Dr.
     Dibdin the following reply, _A Roland for an Oliver_.

 DIBDIN. A Roland for an Oliver; or, Brief Remarks upon the Preface and
 Notes of G. A. Crapelet, attached to his Translation of the Thirtieth
 Letter of the Bibliographical, Antiquarian, and Picturesque Tour. By
 the Author of that Town. Imp. 8vo.                      _London._ 1821.

     Of this excessively rare morceau, the rarest perhaps of all Dr.
     Dibdin's works, only thirty-six copies were privately printed.

 DIBDIN. [First Thoughts. Corrected Proof Sheets of the Tour in France
 and Germany.] Imp. 8vo.

     It is very curious, consisting of a number of proof-sheets of the
     Foreign Bibliographical Tour, with numerous alterations, remarks,
     &c., &c. These sheets are called First Thoughts, became the text in
     the published work varies considerably from these sheets.

 DIBDIN. The Library Companion; or, the Young Man's Guide, and the Old
 Man's Comfort, in the Choice of a Library. By the Rev. T. F. Dibdin.
 2 vols., 8vo, pp. (4), li, (1), 400; (1), 401-912.
                                           _London: Harding._ MDCCCXXIV.

     Also on large paper, imp. 8vo. From an anecdote recorded at page
     394 of this edition, concerning "certain buckskins," in the edition
     of 1823, and which is omitted in the subsequent ones, that acquired
     the title of the "Breeches Edition."

     "It contains much curious and important bibliographical information
     not elsewhere to be found, and will at all times be consulted,
     as a work of reference, by the bibliographer, biographer, and

 DIBDIN. An Introduction to the Knowledge of Rare and Valuable Editions
 of the Greek and Latin Classics. Together with an Account of Polyglot
 Bibles, Polyglot Psalters, Hebrew Bibles, Greek Bibles and Greek
 Testaments; The Greek Fathers and the Latin Fathers. By the Rev.
 Thomas Frognall Dibdin, D.D., &c. Fourth Edition; greatly Enlarged and
 Corrected. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. (4), xiii, 562; (4), 579, (1).
                                       _London: Harding & Lepard._ 1827.

     Fifty copies printed on large paper, to range with the _Bibliotheca
     Spenceriana_. "This edition is entirely rewritten, and contains for
     the first time an account of the best editions of the Hebrew Bibles
     and of the Greek and Latin Fathers."--LOWNDES.

 DIBDIN. A Merry and Conceited Song, dedicated to all Lovers of the
 Library Companion.                                      _London._ 1825.

     Sixty copies only printed--not for sale.

 [DIBDIN.] Bibliophobia. Remarks on the Present Languid and Depressed
 State of Literature and the Book Trade. In a Letter addressed to the
 Author of the Bibliomania. By Mercurius Rusticus. With Notes by Cato
 Parvus. 8vo, pp. 102.                       _London: Henry Bohn._ 1832.

     Also on large paper. One hundred copies only printed for "Those
     whom it may concern." "Fear is the order of the day. To those
     very natural and long established fears of Bailiffs and Tax
     Gatherers, must now be added the fear of Reform, of Cholera, and of
     Books."--page 6. Some copies have a Key to the names of the various
     characters mentioned in the work.

 DIBDIN. Reminiscences of a Literary Life; By the Reverend Thos.
 Frognall Dibdin, D.D. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. xxxii, (4), 556, Portrait,
 Plates; (2), 557-982, Plate.          _London: John Major._ MDCCCXXXVI.

     Also on large paper. The Index, which was published subsequently,
     is often wanting.

 DIBDIN. A Bibliographical Antiquarian and Picturesque Tour in the
 Northern Counties of England and in Scotland. By the Reverend Thomas
 Frognall Dibdin, D.D. 2 vols., rl. 8vo.
                         _London: Printed for the Author._ MDCCCXXXVIII.

     Also on large paper, in 3 vols., imp. 8vo. In this work the author
     concluded his tours. It it an essential companion to the tour in
     France and Germany; and, as it describes some collections that have
     ceased to exist, possesses an historical interest.

 DIBDIN. Catalogue of the Valuable Library of Stanesby Alchorne, Esq.
 containing various Rare Books and first Editions printed in the 15th
 century. 8vo.                                           _London._ 1814.

     Also on large paper, and one copy in imperial 8vo.

 DIBDIN. Catalogue of the Library of an Eminent Bibliographer. 8vo.
                                                         _London._ 1817.

     Some copies have a duplicate title, headed _Bibliotheca
     Rosicrusiana_, and the Doctor has added in a MS. note "Only 14
     copies printed with this head-title, so says T. F. D."

 DIBDIN. Voyage bibliographique, archéologique et pittoresque en France.
 Par T. F. Dibdin. Traduit de l'anglais, avec des notes, par Théo.
 Licquet.... 2 vols., 8vo, pp. xxiv, 344; (4) 374, (1).
                                          _Caen: Chez Mancel._ MDCCCXXV.

 DAVIS (W.) An Olio of Bibliographical and Literary Anecdotes and
 Memoranda, Original and Selected. By William Davis. A New Edition,
 with considerable Additions. Post 8vo, pp. iv, 150, (2), and Errata.
                                                         _London._ 1817.

 DAVIS. A Second Journey round the Library of A Bibliomaniac; or, Cento
 of Notes and Reminiscences concerning Rare, Curious, and Valuable
 Books. By William Davis. Post 8vo, pp. 120.   _London: W. Davis._ 1825.

 Dictionary of the Living Authors of Great Britain and Ireland,
 comprising Literary Memoirs and Anecdotes of their Lives, &c. 8vo.
                                                         _London._ 1816.

 Dictionnaire Universel, Historique, Critique et Bibliographique, ou
 Histoire abrégée et impartiale des homines de toutes les nations qui
 se sont rendus célèbres, illustres ou fameux par des vertus, des
 talens, de grandes actions des opinions singulières, des inventions,
 des découvertes, des monumens, ou par des erreurs, des crimes, des
 forfaits, etc., depuis la plus haute antiquité jusqu'à nos jours; avec
 les dieux et les héros de toutes les mythologies; enrichie des notes
 et additions des Abbés Brotier et Mercier de Saint-Leger, etc. etc. 20
 vols., 8vo.                                         _Paris._ 1790-1812.

     One of the most able and satisfactory biographical compilations
     which has ever appeared. It contains a fund of useful and accurate
     information especially respecting authors and books. Valuable for
     French and Continental names generally, containing particulars not
     elsewhere to be found.

 DIDOT (A. F.) Catalogue Raisonné des Livres de la Bibliothèque de M.
 Ambroise Firmin Didot, Tome 1^{er}. Livres avec Figures sur Bois,
 Solennités, Romans de Chevalerie, 1^{re}. Livraison. 8vo.
                                                   _Paris: Didot._ 1867.

 DIDOT (Pierre). Epître sur les Progrès de l'Imprimerie; par Didot, Fils
 Aîné. 8vo, pp. (2), 20. 2 Plates.
         _Paris: Imprimé chez Didot l'Aîné avec les italiques de Firmin,
                                                 son second fils._ 1784.

 DINGELSTEDT (F.) Jean Gutenberg, ses facts et discours les plus dignes
 d'admiration et sa mort; traduit de l'allemand par Revilliod. Sm.
 folio. 6 Etchings by Gandon.                            _Genève._ 1858.

 Directions for a proper Choice of Authors to form a Library, with a
 List of the Proper Books on the several subjects. 8vo.  _London._ 1766.

     A Catalogue of Books, published by H. Gordon in 1766; probably the
     first attempt to form the _English Catalogue of Books_.

 D'ISRAELI (Isaac). Amenities of Literature; consisting of Sketches and
 Characters of English Literature, illustrating the Literary, Political,
 and Religious Vicissitudes of the English People. By I. D'Israeli....
 Second Edition. 3 vols., 8vo.             _London: Edward Moxon._ 1842.

 D'ISRAELI. Amenities of Literature, ... By Isaac Disraeli. A New
 Edition, edited by his Son, the Right Hon. B. Disraeli. 2 vols., 8vo.
                   _Privately Printed Riverside Press, Cambridge._ 1864.

     One hundred copies printed on large paper.

 D'ISRAELI. Calamities of Authors; including some Inquiries respecting
 their Moral and Literary Character. 2 vols., 8vo.       _London._ 1812.

 D'ISRAELI. Curiosities of Literature.... 3 vols., 8vo. _London._
 1791-1817. + Second Series. 3 vols., 8vo.               _London._ 1823.

     Repeatedly reprinted. The following is perhaps the finest edition:

 D'ISRAELI. Curiosities of Literature. By Isaac Disraeli. With a View
 of the Life and Writings of the Author by his Son. 4 vols., 8vo.
                   _Privately Printed Riverside Press, Cambridge._ 1864.

     One hundred copies printed on large paper. "The nicknacks of
     literature collected in Mr. Disraeli's cabinet were selected from
     sources not generally accessible to ordinary readers. These volumes
     are not only admirably adapted to minister to the amusement of
     the lounger and refined trifler, but they have higher capacities,
     as curious and authentic pictures of the manners of ruder times,
     and records of the progress of letters from their rise in the
     dark middle ages, to almost the present era." There is a French
     translation by T. P. Bertin, 2 vols., 8vo. _Paris._ 1810.

 DISRAELI. The Illustrator [Bolton Corney] Illustrated. 8vo.
                                           _London: Edward Moxon._ 1838.

     "For I believe the public will agree with me that he (Corney) has
     not a leg left to stand upon." Corney is the author of two very
     severe criticisms on Disraeli.

 DISRAELI. Miscellanies of Literature. By Isaac Disraeli. Revised and
 Corrected. Medium 8vo.                    _London: Edward Moxon._ 1840.

     Contains, Literary Miscellanies (first edition, "Miscellanies; or,
     Literary Recreations." _London._ 1796. 8vo), Quarrels of Authors,
     Calamities of Authors, Character of James I., and The Literary
     Character illustrated by the History of Men of Genius (first
     edition, _London_. 1818. 8vo).

 [DISRAELI.] Quarrels of Authors; or some Memoirs for our Literary
 History including Specimens of Controversy to the Reign of Elizabeth.
 By the Author of "Calamities of Authors." 3 vols., sm. 8vo.
                                            _London: John Murray._ 1814.

     "Popular as Disraeli is, I do not think he has ever obtained from
     criticism a fair acknowledgment of the eminent station he is
     entitled to claim."--SIR E. L. BULWER.

 DONALDSON (John). Agricultural Biography, containing a Notice of the
 Life and Writings of the British Authors on Agriculture, from the
 earliest date to the present time. 4to.                 _London._ 1854.

 DORSCHEI (J. G.) Biblia Numerata, seu Index specialis in vetus
 Testamentum ad singula omnium Librorum capita et commata, auctus à Joh.
 Grambsio. 2 vols., folio.                          _Francofurti._ 1674.

     "Contains a list of commentators (four hundred and ninety-one
     in number), with references to their several books, chapters,
     and pages, in which they have illustrated any book, chapter,
     or verse, and even every word, which has been the subject of

 DOWLING (John Goultier). Notitia scriptorum S. S., Patrum aliorumque
 veteris ecclesiæ monumentorum, quæ in collectionibus anecdotorum post
 ... 1700 in lucem editis continentur, nunc primum instructa opera. 8vo.
                                                         _Oxoniæ._ 1839.

 DRAKE (S. G.) Catalogue of the Private Library of Samuel G. Drake,
 chiefly relates to the Antiquities, History, and Biography of America,
 and in an especial manner to the Indians. 8vo, pp. 80.
                                        _Boston: Samuel G. Drake._ 1842.

     This had been previously issued, with a title slightly differing,
     as a catalogue of a library to be sold by auction.

 DRURY (H.) A Catalogue of the Extensive and Valuable Library of the
 Rev. Henry Drury ... Sold ... by Mr. Evans.... 8vo, pp. vii, 262.
                                                         _London._ 1827.

     Thirty-five copies printed on writing paper, principally for
     presents to the Members of the Roxburgh Club.

 DRYANDER (J.) Catalogus Bibliothecae Historico-Naturalis Josephi Banks,
 Baroneti. Auctore Jona Dryander. 5 vols., 8vo, pp. vii, 324; xx, 608;
 xxiii, 694; ix, 416; 531.    _Londini, typis Bulmer et Soc._ 1796-1800.

     "An excellent and admirably arranged catalogue; the most
     comprehensive of the kind ever printed."

 [DUCAREL (_Dr._)] List of the various Editions of the Bible and parts
 thereof in English, from 1526 to 1776. 8vo. [n. p. n. d.]

     This most rare tract was privately printed by Dr. Ducarel in 1776,
     and contains many notices of editions not to be found in Dr.
     Cotton's list. _See_ Cotton's Introduction, p. xi.

 DUCLOS (_Abbé_), _and_ CAILLEAU (A. C.) Dictionnaire Bibliographique,
 Historique et Critique des Livres rares, précieux, singuliers, curieux,
 estimés et recherchés, ... 4 vols., 8vo, pp. xxix, 552; (4), 551; (4),
 544; xvi, 511.                    _Paris: Cailleau et fils._ 1790-1802.

     The precursor of Brunet's Manual, and contains much matter not
     incorporated in that and subsequent compilations, giving lists
     of catalogues, with prices of French, Italian, Spanish, English,
     Greek, and Latin books. The fourth volume is a supplement by J. C.

 DUDIN (M.) L'Art du relieur et doreur de Livres. Folio, pp. 106.
 Plates.                                                  _Paris._ 1772.

 DUTHILLŒUL (H. R.) Bibliographie Douaisienne. 8vo.       _Paris._ 1835.

 DU FRESNOY (L.) Méthode pour étudier la Geographie.... Par Lenglet Du
 Fresnoy. 4 vols., 12mo.                       _Paris: Hochereau._ 1716.

     The edition, "augmentée par Barbeau de la Bruyère et Drouet."
     _Paris: Tilliard._ 1768. 10 vols., 12mo, is considered the best.
     The list of maps of America is really useful as a list; no
     criticisms are given. There is also a list of works on Asia, under
     different heads.

 DU FRESNOY. A New Method of Studying History, Geography, and
 Chronology, with a Catalogue of the Chief Historians of all Nations,
 the Best Editions of their Works, and Characters of them. Made English,
 with Variety of Improvements and Corrections, by Richard Rawlinson,
 LL.D. 2 vols., 8vo.                                     _London._ 1730.

 DU FRESNOY. Recueil de Dissertations sur les Apparitions, les Visions,
 et les Songes. 4 vols., 12mo.                            _Paris._ 1752.

     Contains Bibliography of works on the Occult Sciences.

 DUNTON (J.) Young Student's Library, containing Extracts and
 Abridgments of the most valuable Books printed in England and in
 Foreign Journals, from 1665 to 1692, ... Folio.
                                            _London: John Dunton._ 1692.

     In which are analysed the works of Barrow and Usher, Jurieu's True
     System of the Church, Tavernier's Relations, Vindication of the
     Church of England against Bishop Bossuet, Stillingfleet's Origines
     Britannicæ, Locke's Essay, Stanley's History of Philosophy, Boyle's
     Writings, Cave's Works, Dupin's Ecclesiastical Authors, Extracts
     from English and Foreign Journals, &c.

 DUPIN (L. E.) Nouvelle Bibliothèque des Auteurs Ecclésiastiques,
 contenant l'Histoire de leur Vie, le Catalogue, la Critique, et la
 Chronologie de leur Ouvrages.... Par Louis Ellies Du Pin. 9 vols., 4to.
 _Paris._ 1690-97. + Seconde Edition revuē, corrigée & augmentée. 19
 vols.                                 _Amsterdam and Utrecht._ 1710-31.

 DUPIN. History of Ecclesiastical Writers to the close of the XV.
 Century, ... being an Account of the several Books of the Bible, also
 the Lives and Writings of the Primitive Fathers, and of successive
 Authors and their Works to the XVI. Century, inclusive. Translated with
 Notes, by W. W[otton]. 15 vols., folio.            _London._ 1696-1706.

     "Literally a library of ecclesiastical and theological writers,
     containing almost everything of importance concerning the authors,
     the best editions of their works, and ample details of the subjects
     which they embrace, with judicious criticisms on their manner of
     treating them. The liberality of his opinions was greatly beyond
     that of the Church to which he belonged."--ORME. _See_ Goujet,

 DUPLESSIS (G.) Bibliographie Parêmiologique, etc. 8vo.   _Paris._ 1847.

 DURRIE (D. S.) Bibliographia Genealogica Americana; an Alphabetical
 Index to American Genealogies and Pedigrees, contained in State, County
 and Town Histories, Printed Genealogies, and Kindred Works. By Daniel
 S. Durrie.... 8vo, pp. xii, 5-296. _Albany, N. Y.: Joel Munsell._ 1868.

     A work of much painstaking research, and indispensable to the

 DURRIE. Catalogue of the Library of the State Historical Society of
 Wisconsin. Prepared by Daniel S. Durrie, Librarian, and Isabel Durrie,
 Assistant. 2 vols., 8vo. _Madison: Published by Order of the State._
 M.DCCC.LXXIII. + First Supplement ... 8vo, pp. 383.
                     _Madison, Wis.: E. B. Bolens, State Printer._ 1875.

 DUTENS (Lewis). Tables Génealogiques des Héros des Romans; avec un
 Catalogue des principaux Ouvrages en ce genre. Oblong 4to.
                                             _Londres: Edwards._ [1798.]

     A very curious work, printed on twenty-one pages, on one side the
     leaf only, one of which is occupied with a catalogue of the library
     of Don Quixote.

 DUYCKINCK (E. A. _and_ G. L.) Cyclopædia of American Literature;
 embracing Personal and Critical Notices of Authors, and Selections
 from their Writings from the Earliest Period to the Present Day; with
 Portraits, Autographs and other Illustrations. By Evart A. Duyckinck
 and George L. Duyckinck. 2 vols., imp. 8vo, pp. xvi, 676; xiv, 781. +
 Supplement.                         _New York: Charles Scribner._ 1856.

     This first edition is printed on thicker paper than those of
     a later date. One hundred copies were printed on large paper.
     The work contains personal and critical notices of authors, and
     selections from their writings, with 225 woodcut portraits,
     425 facsimile autographs, and 75 views of colleges, etc. The
     Supplement contains sketches of the old Spanish writers on America
     by Buckingham Smith, and notices of early French writers by John
     Gilmary Shea.

 EASTLAKE (C. L.) Contributions to the Literature of the Fine Arts. By
 Charles L. Eastlake. Second Edition. 2 vols., rl. 8vo. Portrait and
 Plates.                                                 _London._ 1870.

 EBELING (F. W.) England's Geschichtsschreiber. Von der frühesten bis
 auf unsere Zeit. Von Friedrich W. Ebeling. Mit einem Register und zwei
 Beilagen. 8vo, pp. xiv, 197.                    _Berlin: Herbig._ 1852.

     Englands' Historians. From the earliest to the present time.

 EBERT (F. A.) Allgemeines Bibliographisches Lexikon. Von Friedrich
 Adolf Ebert. 2 vols., 4to.               _Leipzig: Brockhaus._ 1821-30.

 EBERT. A General Bibliographical Dictionary, from the German of
 Frederic Adolphus Ebert, Librarian to the King of Saxony, &c. 4 vols.,
 8vo.                    _Oxford: at the University Press._ MDCCCXXXVII.

     A valuable and well executed work (on the plan of Brunet),
     necessary to all who cultivate bibliography.

 EDWARDS (E.) Libraries and Founders of Libraries. By Edward Edwards.
 8vo.                                    _London: Trübner and Co._ 1865.

     Some copies were printed on large paper, royal 8vo. This valuable
     work is in a large measure based upon documents hitherto unused,
     and upon personal examination of the principal collections which
     are described.

 EDWARDS. Lives of the Founders of the British Museum: with Notices
 of its Chief Augmentors and other Benefactors. 1570-1870. By Edward
 Edwards. 2 vols., 8vo.                  _London: Trübner and Co._ 1870.

     Thirty copies printed on large paper.

 EDWARDS. Memoirs of Libraries; Including a Hand Book of Library
 Economy. By Edward Edwards. 2 vols., rl. 8vo.
                                           _London: Trübner & Co._ 1859.

     A few copies printed on large paper. Contains numerous engravings
     from early MSS., facsimiles of types, bookbinding etc. This
     important work was in preparation thirteen years. Neither France
     nor Germany can boast of a work treating the subjects with a
     similar comprehensiveness, and in England the work has certainly
     had no predecessor. "Of the industry bestowed upon this extensive
     compilation, and of the marvellous condensation of fact it
     supplies, it is difficult to speak in terms of proper commendation;
     even to the most accomplished bibliographer it cannot rail to be
     of great service, but how much more so to the tyro, or ordinary
     bibliographer."--BROWNSON'S _Review_.

 EDWARDS. A Comparative Table of the Principal Schemes for the
 Classification of Libraries, &c. Folio.             _Manchester._ 1855.

 EDWARDS. Free Town Libraries: their Formation, Management, and History,
 in Britain, France, Germany, and America. Together with Notices of Book
 Collectors, and of the respective places of deposit of their surviving
 collections. 8vo.                                       _London._ 1869.

 EDWARDS. A Statistical View of the Principal Libraries in Europe and
 America. 8vo.                                           _London._ 1848.

     Printed for private circulation.

 EDWARDS (J.) A Catalogue of the valuable Library of James Edwards,
 Esq., containing a splendid assemblage of Early Printed Books, chiefly
 upon vellum, ... Manuscripts, ... 8vo.                [_London._] 1815.

     Some copies were printed on large paper.

 [EDWARDS (J.)] Bibliotheca Parisiana. A Catalogue of a Collection of
 Books, formed by a Gentleman in France, not less conspicuous for his
 Taste in distinguishing, than for his zeal in acquiring, whatever, of
 this kind, was most perfect, curious or scarce. Sold on the 26th [for
 28th] of March, 1791, and the five days following. 8vo, pp. (4), viii,
 166. [n. p. n. d.]

 EDWARDS (T.) Catalogue of the ... Library of Thomas Edwards.
                                                         _London._ 1828.

     Twelve copies were printed on pink paper. Contains valuable books,
     manuscripts, and missals.

 EGERTON (J.) The Theatrical Remembrancer, containing a Complete List of
 all the Dramatic Performances in the English Language; their Several
 Editions, Dates, and Sizes, ... and a Catalogue of such Latin Plays
 as have been written by English Authors: from the Earliest Production
 of the English Drama to the End of the year MDCCLXXXVII. By John
 Egerton.... 12mo.                                       _London._ 1788.

 EGUIARA Y EGUREN (J. J. de). Bibliotheca Mexicana sive eruditorum
 Historia virorum, qui in America Boreali nati, vel alibi geniti, in
 ipsam Domicilio aut Studijs asciti, quavis linguã scripto aliquid
 tradiderunt: Eorum præsertim qui pro Fide Catholicã & Pietate ampliandã
 forendãque, egregiè factis & quibusvis Scriptis floruere editis aut
 ineditis. Ferdinando VI. Hispaniarum Regi Catholico Nuncupata. Authore
 D. Joanne Josepho de Eguiara et Eguren. Mexicano, electo Episcopo
 Jucatanénsi, etc. etc. Tomus primus exhibens Litteras A B C. Folio,
 pp. (10), (144), 544.
                       _Mexici: Ex novâ Typographicâ in Ædibus Authoris
             editioni ejusdem Bibliothecae destinatâ. Anno Domini_ 1755.

     Of this rare and valuable work Vol I. only was published. It
     contains the most authentic notes on the literature and literary
     men of Mexico, and became the basis of Beristain's celebrated
     _Bibl. Hisp. Amer._, which appeared sixty years later. Eguiara was
     one of the most talented members of the Academy of Mexico. "It is
     unfortunate that no more of this important work was published. It
     is probable that not many copies were printed of this volume, as
     it is not often met with."--RICH, 1. 115. The remainder of the
     manuscript was said to be preserved in the Library of the Cathedral
     of Mexico. Leclerc's collation seems to differ from ours. "Ouvrage
     curieux, mais dont il n'a paru que le premier volume."--BRUNET.

 EINARI (H.) Sciagraphia Historiae literariae Islandicae Autorum
 et Scriptorum tum editorum tum ineditorum indicem exhibens. Cujus
 delineandae periculum facit Halfdanus Einari. 8vo, pp. (30), 271.
                              _Havniae: impr. Sander et Schröder._ 1777.

 ELLIOTT. Bibliographical Index to the Historians of Mahommedan India.
 Vol. I. General Histories. 8vo.                       _Calcutta._ 1849.

 ELLIS (H.) Catalogue of Books on Angling, with some brief Notices of
 several of their Authors. By Henry Ellis. 8vo. _London: Bensley._ 1811.

     First published in Brydges' _British Bibliographer_.

 ENGELMANN (W.) Bibliotheca Geographica. Verzeichniss der seit
 der Mitte des vorigen Jahrhunderts bis zu Ende des Jahres 1856
 in Deutschland erschienenen Werke über Geographie und Reisen mit
 Einschluss der Landkarten, ... Herausgegeben von Wilhelm Engelmann....
 8vo, pp. vi, 1225.                          _Leipzig: Engelmann._ 1858.

 ENGELMANN. Bibliotheca Historico-Naturalis, seu Index Librorum
 Historiam Naturalem spectantium ab anno MDCC ad MDCCCXLVI, in
 Germania, Scandinavia, Anglia, Gallia, Belgio, Italia, atque Hispania,
 impressorum. 8vo.                        _Leipzig: Engelmann._ 1846-61.

     A list of books which have been published on Natural History, in
     Germany, Holland, England, France, Italy, and Spain, from the year
     1700, and with Supplements to the present time.

 ENGELMANN. Bibliotheca Œconomica ... 8vo, pp. iv, 438.
                                             _Leipzig: Engelmann._ 1841.

 ENGELMANN. Bibliotheca Mechanico-thechnologica ... von Wilhelm
 Engelmann. 8vo, pp. vii, 503; iii, 180.  _Leipzig: Engelmann._ 1844-50.

 ENGELMANN. Bibliotheca Scriptorum Classicorum et Graecorum et
 Latinorum.... von Wilhelm Engelmann. 8vo, pp. xlviii, 368; iii, 120.
                                          _Leipzig: Engelmann._ 1847-53.

     Power quotes an edition, _Leipzig_. 1858--perhaps an error. _See_
     Petzholdt, pp. 547, 744, 792.

 Englands Historische Literatur ... 8vo, pp. 56.         _Berlin._ 1852.

     Summary of the historical literature of England during the last
     five years. A mere collection of title-pages.

 England's New Colony, with Four Articles upon English Books in American
 Bookstores; Book-buyers and English Books; English Writers and American
 Readers; Authorship in America under the English Regime, etc.; and a
 Statement of Tariff on Books. 8vo.
                                _Boston: A. Williams and Company._ 1870.

     "This is not a joke, but a very serious publication, intended not
     for sale, but to prime the wire-pullers at Washington to look out
     and provide for the poor publishing houses of Boston, New York, and
     Philadelphia. 'Human labor is the principal item in book-making,'
     they say, and therefore they ask Congress to levy a duty of 25
     cents a pound on English books, to protect them against the
     efforts of the English authors, who are making America an English
     colony by sending over at reasonable rates their own books for

 The English Topographer, an Historical Account of all the Pieces that
 have been written, relating to the Antiquities, Natural History, or
 Topographical Description of any Part of England. 8vo.  _London._ 1720.

 The English Catalogue of Books Published from January, 1835, to
 January, 1863, ... Compiled by Sampson Low. 8vo, pp. vi, (2), 910.
                           _London: Sampson Low, Son and Marston._ 1864.

 ENSLIN (T. C. F.) Bibliotheca Historico-Geographica.... Herausgegeben
 von Theodore Christian Friedrich Enslin. 8vo, pp. (2), 399.
                                                         _Berlin._ 1825.

 ERSCH (J. S.) Literatur der Geschichte und deren Hülfswissenschaften
 ... von Johann Samuel Ersch.... 8vo, pp. (8), 1388 columns.
                                       _Leipzig: F. A. Brockhaus._ 1827.

 ERSCH. Literatur der Schönen Künste ... von Johann Samuel Ersch....
 8vo, pp. (8), 1608 columns.           _Leipzig: F. A. Brockhaus._ 1840.

 ERSCH. Bibliographisches Handbuch der philologischen Literatur der
 Deutschen von der Mitte des achtzehnten Jahrhunderts bis auf die
 neueste Zeit.... 8vo, pp. xi, 1030 columns.
                                       _Leipzig: F. A. Brockhaus._ 1845.

     List of the Greek and Roman Literature, and Modern Philology, with
     their prices.

 ERSCH. La France litéraire ... par J. S. Ersch....
                                          _Hamburg: Hoffman._ 1797-1806.

     Concerning this _see_ Peignot, _also_ Petzholdt, pp. 328, 750, 776.

 ERSCH. Literatur der Mathematik, Natur- und Gewerbskunde ... von Johann
 Samuel Ersch. 8vo. _Amsterdam and Leipzig._ 1813. + Neue ... Ausgabe
 von Franz Wilhelm Schweigger-Seidel.... 8vo, pp. (10), 1740 columns.
                                       _Leipzig: F. A. Brockhaus._ 1828.

     An index of works on mathematics (pure and applied), technology,
     military arts and sciences, &c. Besides the foregoing, this writer
     is the author of valuable works on the bibliography and literature
     of jurisprudence and politics, medicine, philology, theology, &c.,
     all published at _Amsterdam_ and _Leipzig_, 1812-22, &c. 8vo. _See_

 ESCHENBURG (J. J.) Ueber W. Shakspeare. Von Joh. Joach. Eschenburg....
 8vo, pp. (4), 686.                        _Zürich bey Orell_, ... 1787.
     "Für die Bibliographie von besonderem Interesse."--PETZHOLDT.

 Essai bibliographique sur les éditions des Elzévirs, les plus
 précieuses et les plus recherchées précédé d'une Notice sur les
 Imprimeurs célèbres. 8vo, pp. (2), 300. Frontispiece and Plate.
                                                   _Paris: Didot._ 1822.

     Edited by Auguste Limon Louis Bérard. _See_ Petzholdt, pp. 190-194,
     for other works on the Elzévirs.

 Essai philologique sur les Commencemens de la Typographie à Metz, et
 sur les imprimeurs de cette ville. 8vo. Facsimiles.       _Metz._ 1828.

     This valuable monograph contains copious lists of the books issued
     by the early printers of Metz.

 EYTON (J. W. K.) Catalogue of the Library of Joseph Walter King Eyton,
 Esq. comprising an extraordinary Collection of Privately Printed Books,
 Large Paper Copies, Works printed on vellum, &c. 8vo.   _London._ 1848.

     Fifty copies printed on large paper in 4to, for presents, with
     separate titles and frontispiece. This catalogue describes the most
     complete collection of privately printed books and unique copies on
     vellum, ever gathered by one individual.

 FABRICIUS (J.) Historia bibliothecae Fabricianae, qva libri et eorvmqve
 contenta ... doctorvmqve virorvm ivdicia ... indicantvr. 6 vols., 4to.
 _Wolfenbvttelii Svmptibus Godofredi-Freytagii_ (Part 5, 6),
                                            _Christ. Meisneri_. 1717-24.

 FABRICIUS (J. A.) Jo. Alberti Fabricii Bibliographia antiqvaria sive
 Introdvcto in Notitiam Scriptorvm qvi antiqvitates Hebraicas Graecas
 Romanas et Christianas scriptis illvstrarvnt. Editio tertia ex mscpto
 b. Avctoris insigniter locvpletata et recentissimorvm scriptorvm
 recensione avcta stvdio et opera Pavlli Schaffshavsen. 4to, pp. (8),
 1155.                                           _Hambvrgi: Bohn._ 1760.

 FABRICIUS. Bibliotheca Ecclesiastica, ... Curante Jo. Alberto Fabricio.
 4 vols., folio, pp. (8), 228; 202; 270; 356.
                                            _Hamburgi & Felginer._ 1718.

     "This is a careful reprint, with notes, &c., of the various
     authors who have left biographical notices of early ecclesiastical
     writers down to the seventeenth century: St. Hieronymus; Gennaduis
     Massiliensis; St. Isiodorus Hisp.; Idlefonsus Tolet.; Honorious
     Augustod.; Sigebertus Gemblacensis," etc. _See_ Petzholdt, pp. 480,

 FABRICIUS. Jo. Alb. Fabricii Bibliotheca Latina nvnc melivs delecta
 rectivs digesta et avcta diligentia Jo. Avg. Ernesti. 3 vols., 8vo, pp.
 xliv, 512; (2), 473; (2), 572.
                         _Lipsiae: Weidmanni heredes et Reich._ 1773-74.

     The first edition is _Hamburgi_, 1721.

 FABRICIUS. Joannis Alberti Fabricii Bibliotheca Graeca sive Notitia
 Scriptorvm vetervm Graecorvm qvorvmcvmqve monvmenta integra avt
 fragmenta edita exstant tvm plerorvmqve e mss. ac deperditis ab Avctore
 tertivm recognita et plvrimis locis avcta Editio qvarta variorvm cvris
 emendatior atqve avctior cvrante Gottlieb Christophoro Harles Accedvnt
 b. J. A. Fabricii et Christoph. Avgvsti Hevmanni Supplementa inedita.
 Vol. I. 4to. _Hambvrgi: Bohn._ 1790.... + Index ... 4to.
                                              _Lipsiae: Cnobloch._ 1838.

     First published _Hamburgi_, 1705-28. "This incomparable book will
     always be esteemed as containing an interesting account of the
     treasures of ancient learning, whether in print or manuscript; no
     classical library can be deemed complete without it ... Fabricius
     is, perhaps, unrivalled in variety of scholastic attainments, and
     diligence and accuracy of research."--DIBDIN. For a list of his
     other bibliographical works _see_ Petzholdt.

 FALKENSTEIN (Karl). Geschichte der Buchdrucker-Kunst in ihrer
 Entstehung und Ausbildung. Ein Denkmal zur vierten Säcular-Feier der
 Erfindung der Typographie. 4to.                        _Leipzig._ 1840.

     A very complete and well digested history of printing, from the
     earliest period down to 1840, commencing with a large folded
     facsimile wood-block, dated 1423.

 FARIBAULT (G. B.) Catalogue d'ouvrages sur l'histoire de l'Amérique,
 et en particulier sur celle du Canada, de la Louisiane, de l'Acadie,
 et autre lieux, ci-devant connus sous le nom de Nouvelle-France; avec
 des notes bibliographiques, critiques et littéraires. En Trois Parties.
 Rédigé par G. B. Faribault, Avocat. 8vo, pp. (2), 207.
                                               _Québec: W. Cowan._ 1837.

     Extremely scarce. Part I., contains the authors, arranged
     alphabetically. Part II., anonymous works arranged chronologically.
     Part III., a catalogue of maps, charts, and plans. The number of
     works described is 969, and to many of them are added descriptive

 FARMER (R.) ... Catalogue of the ... Library of the Rev. Dr. Farmer,
 particularly rich in early English Poetry, Plays, Chronicles, English
 History, Topography, &c.                                _London._ 1798.

     Twelve copies printed on large paper in royal 8vo.

 FARNHAM (L.) A Glance at Private Libraries [in Boston]. By Luther
 Farnham. 8vo, pp. 79.                                   _Boston._ 1855.

     The principal collections noticed are those of Webster,
     Ticknor, Livermore, Hosmer, Lawrence, Prescott, Everett, Chase,
     Crowninshield, Sparks, Parker, and Adams; seven of which are now

 FERRIAR (J.) The Bibliomania, An Epistle, to Richard Heber, Esq. By
 John Ferriar, M.D.                   _London: Cadell and Davies._ 1809.

     Reprinted in the following work.

 FERRIAR. Illustrations of Sterne. 2 vols., post 8vo.    _London._ 1812.

     A bibliographical and critical account of the Shandy Library,
     _i.e._ the books from which Sterne pillaged in composing _Tristram
     Shandy_. A curious and amusing book, full of quaint and humorous
     selections from the old French novelists.

 FÉTIS (F. J.) Biographie universelle des Musiciens et Bibliographie
 générale de la Musique. Seconde edition entièrement refondue et
 augmentée de plus de moitié par F. J. Fétis. 6 vols., 8vo.
                             _Paris: Didot frères, fils & Cie._ 1860-64.

     A very excellent work, both the lives and list of works of the
     musicians are extensive and elaborate. The first edition is
     _Bruxelles_. 1834-44. 8 vols., 8vo.

 FIELD (J.) Bibliotheca Histrionica. A Catalogue of the Theatrical and
 Miscellaneous Library of Mr. John Field, in which are contained several
 interesting Specimens of the Early Drama, ... 8vo, pp. 97.
                                                _London: Sotheby._ 1827.

     Some copies on large paper in royal 8vo.

 FIELD (T. W.) An Essay toward an Indian Bibliography. Being a Catalogue
 of Books, relating to the History, Antiquities, Languages, Customs,
 Religion, Wars, Literature, and Origin of the American Indians, in the
 Library of Thomas W. Field. With Bibliographical and Historical Notes,
 and Synopses of the Contents of some of the Works least known. 8vo, pp.
 iv, 430.                    _New York: Scribner, Armstrong & Co._ 1873.

     So far, the most extensive list of books on this subject. Mr.
     Field has devoted many years to the acquisition of the books, and
     his notes, which are numerous, convey much valuable information
     concerning not only the books, but the Indians themselves. "This
     bibliographical handbook, embracing a collection of about 1800
     works, may be considered the chief, if not the only one of its
     kind. The author's notes are judicious and valuable, and have an
     interest beyond even the actual subject of the Essay. Collectors
     of Americana of every kind will derive pleasure and profit from
     a labour that evinces a wide range of study and experience."--B.

 Fifty Years' Recollections of An Old Bookseller, consisting of
 Anecdotes, Characteristic Sketches of Authors, Artists, Actors, Books,
 Booksellers, &c., for Half a Century. 8vo.                        1837.

 FIGANIERE (J. C. de). Bibliographia Historica Portugueza, ou Catalogo
 methodico dos Auctores Portuguezes, e de alguns Estrangeiros
 domiciliarios em Portugal, que tractaram da Historia civil, politica
 e ecclesiastica d'estes Reinos e seus dominios, e das Nações
 ultramarinas, e cujas Obras correm impressas em vulgar; onde tamben se
 apontam muitos Documentos e Escriptos anonymos que lhe dizem respeito.
 Por Jorge Cesar de Figaniere. 8vo, pp. ix, 359.
                                    _Lisboa: typogr. do Panorama._ 1850.

 FINOTTI (Joseph M.) Bibliographia Catholica Americana: A List of Works
 by Catholic Authors, and Published in the United States. Part I. From
 1784 to 1820 inclusive. 8vo, pp. 318, (1).            _New York._ 1872.

     For a notice of this see _The American Bibliopolist_, June, 1873.

 [FISCHER (Augustin).] Bibliotheca Mejicana. A Catalogue of an
 extraordinary Collection of Books & Manuscripts, almost wholly relating
 to the History and Literature of North and South America, particularly
 Mexico. 8vo, pp. (4), 312, 41, (1).  _London: Puttick & Simpson._ 1869.

     Father Fischer was chaplain to the Emperor Maximilian. This is a
     catalogue of his library, with some additions from Dr. Berendt's

 FISHWICK (H.) The Lancashire Library. A Bibliographical Account of
 Books on Topography, Biography, History, Science, and Miscellaneous
 Literature relating to the County Palatine Including An Account of
 Lancashire Tracts, Pamphlets, and Sermons printed before the Year 1720.
 With Collations, & Bibliographical, Critical, & Biographical Notes on
 the Books and Authors By Lieut.-Col. Henry Fishwick, F.S.A. ... 8vo,
 pp. vi, (2), 443.         _London: George Routledge and Sons_ ... 1875.

     The titles and collations in this otherwise good work are unusually
     redundant. The titles are given at length, with every detail of
     the location of the publisher, which is a waste of space, and to
     some of them there is appended such a statement as "Temple of the
     Muses," which is merely an advertising bait of the publishers.

 [FLEISCHER (Guillaume).] Dictionnaire de Bibliographie Française.
 Tom. I.-II. [A-Bh.] 8vo, pp. (4), 520; (4), 636.
                    _Paris: au bureau de Bibliographie Française._ 1812.

 FLOEGEL (Charles Frederic). Geschichte der Komischen Literatur. 4
 vols., 8vo.                                         _Leipzig._ 1784-87.

     A literary history of the comic writers of all countries.

 [FOLSOM (George).] A Catalogue of Original Documents in the English
 Archives, relating to the Early History of the State of Maine.... Rl.
 8vo, pp. iv, 137.                  _New York: Privately Printed._ 1858.

 FONTAINE DE RESBECQ (A. de). Voyages littéraires sur les quais de
 Paris.... 16mo.                                          _Paris._ 1857.

 FONTANINI (G.) Biblioteca dell' Eloquenza Italiana ... con le
 Annotazioni del Signor Apostolo Zeno accresciuta di nuove aggiunte.
 Tom. I.-II. ed Indice. 4to, pp. xxiv, 536; 528, (31).
                                       _Parma: fratelli Gossi._ 1803-04.

     "An excellent work, the chief source for Italian
     Bibliography."--EBERT. _See also_ Petzholdt, p. 354.

 FOPPENS (J. F.) Bibliotheca Belgica, sive Virorum in Belgio vita,
 scriptisque illustrium Catalogus, Librorumque Nomenclatura Continens
 Scriptores à Clariss. Viris Valerio Andrea, Auberto Miraeo, Francisco
 Sweertio, Aliisque, recensitos, usque ad annum M.D.C.LXXX. Cura et
 studio Joannis Francisci Foppens. 2 vols., 4to, pp. (2), xxxxiv, 600;
 (2), 601-1233. 144 Portraits.               _Bruxellis: Foppens._ 1739.

     A work of standard authority, quoted by most subsequent
     biographers, and favorably mentioned by Dibdin in his _Library
     Companion_. There are copies on thick paper, which are rare.

 FORBES (J.) A Manual of select Medical Bibliography, in which the
 Books are arranged Chronologically according to the Subjects, ... an
 Appendix containing lists of the collected works of Authors, Systematic
 Treatises on Medicine, Transactions of Societies, Journals, etc. By
 John Forbes. 8vo.                                       _London._ 1835.

     Included in Forbes' _Cyclopedia of Practical Medicine_.

 FORTESCUE (T.) The Foreste, or Collection of Historyes, no lesse
 profitable than pleasant and necessary, doone out of French into
 English. By Thomas Fortescue. 4to. Black letter.
                                           _London: John Daye._ 1571-76.

     This curious book treats on the original invention of writing,
     printing, paper and parchment making, formation of the first
     libraries, etc.

 [FORTIA D'URBAN (_Le Marquis_).] Nouveau Sistême de Bibliographie
 alfabétique, Seconde Édition, ... 12mo, pp. (4), 68, 82, xxvi, 335.
                                       _Paris: Treuttel et Wurtz._ 1822.

 FOSTER (B. F.) The Origin and Progress of Book-Keeping; comprising
 an account of all the works on this subject published in the English
 language from 1543 to 1852. With Remarks, Critical, and Historical.
 8vo, pp. 54.                                            _London._ 1852.

 FOURNIER (Fr. Ign.) Nouveau Dictionnaire portatif de Bibliographie
 contenant plus de vingt-trois mille Articles de Livres rares, curieux,
 estimés et recherchés, avec les marques connues por distinguer les
 éditions originales des contrefactions qui en ont été faites, et des
 notes instructives sur la rareté ou le mérite de certains Livres: on a
 fixe la valeur d'après les prix auxquels ces Livres ont été portés dans
 les ventes les plus fameuses; précédé d'un précis sur les Bibliothèques
 et sur Bibliographie, et suivi du Catalogue des Éditions citées par
 l'Académie de la Crusca ... et des éditions imprimées par les Aldes,
 les Elzevirs, Tonson, Cominus, Baskerville, Barbou, Didot, Herhan,
 etc., etc.... Seconde Édition, revue et considérablement augmentée;
 Par Fr. Ign. Founder. 8vo, pp. 10, x, 566, (2), 49.
                                         _Paris: Fournier frères._ 1809.

     Contains lists of the Aldine and other celebrated editions of
     books, Continental and English. _See_ Petzholdt, p. 86. This
     edition is much superior to that of 1805.

 FOWLE (W. F.) Catalogue of the Choice Collection of Books belonging
 to William F. Fowle, Esq., of Boston, Mass. 8vo, pp. viii, 147.
                                     _Cambridge: Riverside Press._ 1865.

     Eighty-five copies printed on large paper, imperial 8vo. This
     library, although it contained but 1,614 volumes, realized
     $17,512.19, an average of almost $11 per volume, the highest,
     probably, ever attained in America up to its date.

 La France littéraire, ... 4 vols., 8vo.
                                       _Paris: Duchesne veuve._ 1769-84.

 FRANCK (A.) Catalogue de livres, manuscrits et cartes relatifs a
 l'Amérique en vente ... à la Librairie A. Franck. 8vo. _Paris._ [n. d.]

     M. Franck has published many other valuable catalogues.

 FRANKE (C. A.) Handbuch der Buchdrucker-Kunst. 8vo.     _Weimar._ 1857.

     Contains a dictionary of terms used in a printing-office in
     English, French, and German.

 FRANKLIN (Alfred). Histoire de la Bibliothèque Mazarine, depuis sa
 fondation jusqu'à nos jours. 8vo.                        _Paris._ 1859.

     Only three hundred copies printed.

 FREELING (F.) Catalogue of the Curious, Choice and Valuable Library of
 Sir Francis Freeling. 8vo.                              _London._ 1836.

     Also on large paper, royal 8vo.

 FRERE (E.) Manuel du Bibliographe Normand, ou Dictionnaire
 Bibliographique et Historique. 2 vols., 8vo.             _Rouen._ 1858.

 FREYTAG (F. G.) Adparatvs litterarivs vbi libri partim antiqvi partim
 rari recensentvr collectvs Frider. Gotthilf Freytag.... 3 vols., 8vo,
 pp. (8), 720, (1); (6), 721-1466, (22); (8) 798, (58).
                                                     _Lipsiae_, 1752-55.

 FREYTAG. Analecta litteraria de libris rarioribus. 8vo. _Lipsiæ_, 1750.

 FRY (E.) Pantographia; containing Accurate Copies of all known
 Alphabets in the World; together with an English Explanation of the
 Peculiar Force or Power of each Letter: To which are added, Specimens
 of all well authenticated Oral Languages; forming a comprehensive
 digest of Phonology. By Edmund Fry, Letter-Founder, Type Street. Rl.
 8vo, pp. xxxvi, 324.            _London: John & Arthur Arch._ MDCCXCIX.

 [FRY.] Bibliographical Memoranda in Illustration of Early English
 Literature. 4to.                                       _Bristol._ 1806.

     One hundred copies printed. Consists chiefly of long extracts from
     rare old English poetical works.

 FÜRST (J.) Bibliotheca Judaica. Bibliographisches Handbuch der
 gesammten Jüdischen Literatur mit Einschluss der Schriften über Juden
 und Judenthum und einer Geschichte der Jüdischen Bibliographie. Nach
 alphabetischer Ordnung der Verfasser bearbeitet von Julius Fürst. 3
 vols., 8vo, pp. viii, 419; vi, 409; viii, 664.
                                          _Leipzig: Engelmann._ 1849-63.

 GAMBA (B.) Delle Novelle Italiane in prosa Bibliografia di Bartolommeo
 Gamba Bassanese Edizione seconda con correzioni ed aggiunte. 8vo, pp.
 xv, 306.              _Firenze: tipografia all' insegna di Dante._ 1835.

     Italian novelists arranged according to centuries, from the 14th
     to the 19th inclusive. Appended is a good alphabetical index. This
     edition was edited by Giuseppe Molini.

 GAMBA. Serie dei Testi di Lingua e di altre opere importanti nella
 Italiana Letteratura scritte dal secolo XIV. al XIX., di Bartolommeo
 Gamba de Bassano. Quarta Edizione riveduta, ... 4to, pp. xxv, 795.
 Portrait.                     _Venezia: co' tipi del Gondoliere._ 1839.

     Concerning this _see_ Petzholdt, p. 356.

 GARDINER (W.) Catalogue of Ancient and Modern Books, Selected with the
 Greatest Care, on sale by William Gardiner. 8vo.     _London._ 1810-14.

     A series forms seven parts. They are replete with original,
     uncommon, and characteristic bibliographical notes. Gardiner was
     the "Mustapha" of the _Bibliomania_. _See_ his memorable and
     incisive attack on Dibdin at the end of catalogue, Part I., for

 [GASSETT (Henry).] Catalogue of Books on the Masonic Institution, in
 Public Libraries of Twenty-Eight States of the Union, Anti-Masonic
 in Arguments and Conclusions. By Distinguished Literary Gentlemen,
 Citizens of the United States. With Introductory Remarks, and a
 Compilation of Records. By a Member of the Suffolk Committee of 1829.
 8vo, pp. xi, 270.           _Boston: Printed by Damrell & Moore._ 1852.

 GAY (J.) Bibliographic anecdotique du Jeu des Échecs; par Jean Gay.
 12mo, pp. 303.                                      _Paris: Gay._ 1864.

 [GAY (Jules).] Bibliographie des Principaux Ouvrages relatifs à
 l'Amour, aux Femmes, au Mariage, indiquant les auteurs de ces ouvrages,
 leurs éditions, leur valeur et les prohibitions ou condamnations dont
 certains d'entre eux ont été l'objet. Par M. le C. d'I***. _Paris:
 chez Jules Gay._ 1861. + Troisième édition. 6 vols., 16mo.
                                            _Turin et Londres._ 1871-73.

     One hundred copies of the third edition were printed on large paper.

 GEE (J.) Catalogue of Popish Books, Printed, Reprinted, and Dispersed
 in these Nations, by Romish Priests, &c: With Lists of Jesuits,
 Priests, &c. in and about London. By John Gee. 4to.       [n. p.] 1624.

     Also: Catalogue of all the Discourses published anonymously against
     Popery during the Reign of K. James II., with the Names of the
     Authors.... 4to.                                    _London._ 1689.

 A General Catalogue of Books in all Languages, Arts and Sciences, that
 have been printed in Ireland and published in Dublin, from the year
 1700 to the present time. The whole Alphabetically and Classically
 Arranged under the several Branches of Literature; with their sizes and
 prices. 8vo, pp. 112. _Printed by Peter Hoey, Bookseller. Dublin._ 1791.

 GEORGE III. Bibliotheca Regiæ Catalogus. Catalogue of the magnificent
 Library of his late Majesty George III., compiled by Sir F. Barnard,
 N. Carlisle, and J. H. Glover. Together with the Catalogue of Maps,
 Prints, Drawings, &c. forming the Geographical and Topographical
 Collection attached to the Library, compiled by A. Macpherson. 6 vols.,
 rl. folio.                                           _London._ 1820-29.

     Of this magnificent and valuable work only two hundred copies were
     printed, all for presents. This noble collection, which has been
     styled by Sir Henry Ellis "A gift greater than has been bestowed
     by any Sovereign of any nation, since the Library of the Ptolemies
     was founded at Alexandria," was presented to the nation by his late
     Majesty George IV., and is now deposited in a splendid room in the
     British Museum, built for its reception.

 GEORGI. Theophili Georgi Allgemeines Europäisches Bücher-Lexicon.... 5
 vols., folio, pp. (4), 398; 458; 238; 350; (4), 404. _Leipzig: Georgi._
 1742-53. + Svpplement. 3 vols., folio, pp. (2), 400; (2), 390; (4),
 408.                                                _Leipzig._ 1750-58.

     A Universal Dictionary of Books printed in Europe from 1500 to
     1757, with the date, size, price, and number of sheets or pages of
     each. _See_ Petzholdt, p. 281, 282.

 GILDEMEISTER (J.) Bibliothecae Sanskritae sive Recensvs Librorvm
 Sanskritorvm hvcvsqve typis vel lapide exscriptorvm critici Specimen.
 Concinnavit Joannes Gildemeister. 8vo, pp. xiv, 192.
                                          _Bonnae ad Rh.: Koenig._ 1847.

     An exact Bibliography of Sanscrit Literature. _See_ Petzholdt, p.

 GINGUENÉ (P. L.) Histoire Littéraire d'Italie, avec une Continuation
 par Salfi. 10 vols., 8vo.                             _Paris._ 1811-23.

     "Cet ouvrage intéressant, et qui a obtenu le suffrage des Italiens
     eux-mêmes, est plutôt un cours de littérature italienne qu'une
     histoire littéraire complète de l'Italie."

 Giornale generale della Bibliografia Italiana. Anno I.-III. 8vo.
                _Firenze presso Molini. Per la Germania presso Ebhardt a
                                                      Venezia._ 1861-63.

     Edited by Giacomo Molini. _See_ Petzholdt, p. 351.

 GIRARD (C.) Bibliographia Americana Historico Naturalis. a
 Bibliography of American Natural History for the year 1851. By Charles
 Girard. 8vo, pp. iv, (2), 66. _Washington: Smithsonian Institute._ 1852.

 GIRAULT (C. X.) Système de Bibliographie, Extr. du Cours de Bibliogr.
 de Marseille, t. 3, chap. 4, No. XIV. Par Cl. Xav. Girault. 8vo, pp.
 15. Table.                             _Dijon, impr. de Frantin._ 1809.

 GOODHUGH (W.) The English Gentleman's Library Manual; or a Guide to the
 formation of a Library of Select Literature; accompanied with original
 Notices, Biographical and Critical, of Authors and Books. By William
 Goodhugh. 8vo, pp. 10, (1), 392.      _London: William Goodhugh._ 1827.

     Also on large paper.

 GORDON (R.) Catalogue of the Library of Sir Robert Gordon, of
 Gordonstoun. 8vo.                                       _London._ 1816.

     A valuable library. Some copies printed on large paper.

 GOSSETT (I.) A Catalogue of the ... Library of ... Rev. Is. Gossett,
 D.D., sold ... 1813, ... 8vo.                           _London._ 1813.

     Dr. Gossett was the "Lepidus" of Dibdin in his _Bibliomania_. Some
     copies were printed on thick paper.

 GOUGH (R.) Anecdotes of British Topography; or an Historical Account of
 What has been Done for illustrating the Topographical Antiquities of
 Great Britain and Ireland. By Richard Gough. 4to.
                         _London._ 1768. + 2 vols., 4to. _London._ 1780.

     This most useful work has never been superseded. It contains an
     account of all books, prints, drawings, &c., illustrating the
     various counties, till the period of its publication.

 GOUGH. Catalogue of the Books, relating to British Topography, and
 Saxon and Northern Literature, bequeathed to the Bodleian Library in
 1799, by Richard Gough, Esq. 4to.                       _Oxford._ 1814.

 GOUJET. Bibliothèque des Auteurs Ecclésiastiques du dix-huitième
 siècle. Pour servir de continuation à celle de Du-Pin. Par Goujet. Tom.
 I.-II. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. xvi, 672, lxxvi; (10), 648, xlvi.
                                      _Paris: Prallard & Quillau._ 1736.

 GOUJET. Bibliothèque Française, ou Histoire de la Litérature Française
 depuis l'Origine de l'Imprimerie, avec des Jugements, par l'Abbé
 Goujet. 18 vols., 12mo.                                  _Paris._ 1740.

     "Ouvrage estimable, qui renferme des Analyses exactes de livres peu
     connus, et qui prouve dans son laborieux auteur une lecture immense
     et une patience indéfatigable."--_Biographie Universelle._

 GOWANS (W.) A Catalogue of Books on Freemasonry, And Kindred Subjects.
 By William Gowans. 12mo, pp. (2), 59. _New York: William Gowans._ 1858.

     Swarms with errors. _See_ Petzholdt, p. 471.

 [GOWANS.] Catalogue of the Library and Antiquarian Collection of John
 Allan, Esq., with the Names of Purchasers and the price each article
 sold for, preceded by a few Introductory Remarks. Rl. 8vo.
                                       _New York: William Gowans._ 1865.

     One hundred copies only printed. Contains list of purchasers' names
     and prices only. Mr. Gowans' various catalogues are interesting,
     not so much for their bibliographical information, which is of
     doubtful value, as for the notes appended, written by Mr. Gowans
     under the signature of "Western Memorabilia."

 GRÆSSE (J. G. T.) Trésor de Livres rares et précieux, ou Nouveau
 Dictionnaire bibliographique contenant plus de cent mille articles de
 livres rares, curieux et recherchés, d'ouvrages de luxe, etc. Avec les
 signes connus pour distinguer les éditions originates des contrefaçons
 qui en ont été faites, des notes sur la rareté et le mérite de livres
 cités et les prix que ces livres ont atteints dans les ventes les
 plus fameuses, et qu'ils conservent encore dans les magazins des
 bouquinistes les plus renommés de l'Europe. Par Jean George Théodore
 Graesse. 7 vols., 4to, pp. (2), 588; (4), 648; (2), 525, (1); (2), 704;
 (2), 534; (2), 543; (2) 523; 500.            _Dresde: Kuntze._ 1859-62.

     In some respects superior to Brunet, and indispensable in a large

 GRAFTON. Catalogue of the valuable Library of the Duke of Grafton ...
 sold ... 1815. 8vo.                                     _London._ 1815.

     Also on large paper, rl. 8vo. A most valuable collection of large
     paper classics and other rare and curious books.

 GRÉGOIRE (H.) De la Littérature des Nègres, ou Recherches sur leurs
 facultés intellectuelles, leurs qualités morales et leur littérature;
 suivies des Notices sur la vie et les ouvrages des Nègres qui se sont
 distingués dans les Sciences, les Lettres et les Arts. Par H. Grégoire.
 8vo, pp. xvi, 287, (1).             _Paris: Chez Maradan._ M.DCCC.VIII.

     _See_ Petzholdt, _also_ Lanjuinais (J. D.), _infra_.

 GREGOIRE. An Enquiry concerning the Intellectual and Moral Faculties,
 and Literature of Negroes. Followed with an Account of the Life and
 Works of Fifteen Negroes & Mulattoes, distinguished in Science,
 Literature and the Arts. By H. Gregoire.... Translated by D. B. Warden.
 8vo, pp. (2), 253, (1 l.)     _Brooklyn: Printed by Thomas Kirk._ 1810.

 GRESWELL (W. P.) Annals of Parisian Typography, containing an Account
 of the Earliest Typographical Establishments of Paris; and Notices and
 Illustrations of the most Remarkable Productions of the Parisian Gothic
 Press; compiled principally to shew its General Character; and its
 Particular Influence upon the Early English Press. By The Rev. William
 Parr Greswell. Rl. 8vo, pp. xii, 356.   _London: Cadell & Davis._ 1818.

     Also on large paper. This highly interesting volume contains copies
     of the curious woodcut devices of the early French printers.

 [GRESWELL.] A View of the Early Parisian Greek Press, including the
 Lives of the Stephani; Notices of other Contemporary Greek Printers of
 Paris; various Particulars of the Literary and Ecclesiastical History
 of their Times; and an Appendix of Casauboniana. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. xix,
 412; vii, 405; Appendix, 78; Index, 407-413.
                                    _Oxford: Printed by T. Combe._ 1833.

     Displays learning, industry, discrimination, and a vigor of mind
     that throws life and interest into the subject. Some copies contain

 GREVE (E. W.) Hand- und Lehrbuch der Buchbinder- ... Kunst.... 2 vols.,
 8vo. 11 Plates and Portrait. _Berlin._ 1822. + Zweite unveränderte
 Ausgabe. 2 vols., 8vo.                         _Berlin: Eichler._ 1832.

 [GRIFFITHS (A. F.)] Bibliotheca Anglo-Poetica: or a Descriptive
 Catalogue of a Rare and Rich Collection of Early English Poetry:
 ... Illustrated by Occasional Extracts and Remarks, Critical and
 Biographical. Rl. 8vo, pp. viii, 481.
          _London: Printed for the Proprietors of the Collection._ 1815.

     This extraordinary collection of old English poetry formed part of
     the extensive library of Thomas Hill (the "Hull" of Theodore Hook
     in his _Gilbert Gurney_), when he failed in business as a sugar
     baker. This portion of the library, its great value not being
     known to the creditors, was presented to him. He afterwards sold
     it to Messrs. Longman & Co., who employed Griffiths to make out
     this _catalogue raisonné_. The initials at the beginning of each
     letter have very neat woodcuts of the poets from rare prints. It is
     now very scarce. Thirty copies, with a colored frontispiece, were
     printed on large paper.

 GRÖNING. Johannis Gröningii Bibliotheca Juris Gentium communis, Qua
 praecipuorum, Asiae, Africae, et Americae, Populorum de Juris Naturae &
 Gentium Principiis Instituta, Nec non Scriptorum, aetatum fere omnium,
 Sententiae, Ordine Geographico-Chronologico recensentur & declarantur.
 8vo, pp. (2), 150.                         _Hamburgi: Liebezeit._ 1701.

     _See_ Petzholdt, p. 658.

 GUILD (R. A.) The Librarian's Manual: a Treatise on Bibliography,
 comprising a Select and Descriptive List of Bibliographical Works;
 to which are added, Sketches of Publick Libraries. Illustrated with
 Engravings. By Reuben A. Guild, A. M. ... 4to, pp. 10, 304.
                              _New York: Charles B. Norton._ MDCCCLVIII.

     Ten copies printed on large paper. The first part consists of a
     descriptive list of 495 separate works, comprising 1916 volumes of
     such bibliographical books as are considered to be of the first
     importance for a library apparatus, including a copious American
     Bibliography. The second part contains historical sketches of
     fourteen of the largest public libraries in Europe and America.
     _See_ Petzholdt, p. 16, _and_ Norton (C. B.), _infra_.

 GUTENBERG (J.) John Gutenberg, First Master Printer, His Acts, and most
 remarkable Discourses, and his Death. From the German, by C. W. 4to,
 pp. 141.                                _London: Trübner and Co._ 1860.

     One hundred copies printed. "Only a few copies allowed to be sold
     by the book-loving amateur who has produced this beautiful volume
     for presentation to his friends."

 GUTIERREZ (J. M.) Apuntes biograficos de escritores, oradores y hombres
 de estado de la Republica Argentina, por José Maria Gutierrez. 8vo, pp.
 294.                                              _Buenos-Aires._ 1860.

 GUTIERREZ. Bibliografia de la primera imprenta de Buenos Aires
 desde su fundacion hasta el año de 1810 inclusive o Catalogo de las
 producciones de la Imprenta de Ninos Espositos, con observaciones y
 noticias curiosas. Precedida de una biografia del virey Don Juan José
 de Vertiz y de una disertacion sobre el orijen del arte de imprímír
 en America y especialmente en el Rio de la Plata. Por el Dr. D. Juan
 Maria Gutierrez. Orijenes del arte de imprímír en la America Espanola,
 Introduccion a la Bibliografia de la imprenta de Ninos Espositos desde
 su fundacion en 1781 hasta Mayo de 1819.... 8vo, pp. (2), 43, 246.
                                 _Buenos Aires: Imprenta de Mayo._ 1866.

     Fifty copies only printed.

 GUTIERREZ. Estudios biograficos y criticos sobre algunos poetas
 Sud-Americanos anteriores al siglo XIX. Por Juan Maria Gutierrez. Tomo
 1. 8vo, pp. viii, 358.                            _Buenos-Aires._ 1865.

     Contains biographical and critical studies on eight South American
     poets, most of them belonging to the sixteenth and seventeenth
     century. Written with great taste and considerable judgment.

 GUYOT (C. _and_ R. T.) Liste littéraire philocophe ou Catalogue d'étude
 de ce qui a été jusqu'à nos jours sur les Sourds-Muets; sur l'oreille,
 l'ouïe, la voix, le langage, la mimique, les aveugles, etc. etc. par
 C. Guyot et R. T. Guyot. Rl. 8vo, pp. xv, 496, 63.
                                        _Groningue: Oomkens impr._ 1842.

     _See_ Petzholdt, p. 599.

 HAGEN (H. A.) Bibliotheca Entomologica.... Von Hermann August Hagen. 2
 vols., 8vo, pp. xii, 566; (2), 512.      _Leipzig: Engelmann._ 1862-64.

     The second volume contains a Bibliography of Entomological Works
     and a carefully compiled index. _See_ Petzholdt, p. 563.

 HAIG (B. D.) A List of the Works printed in England, prior to the year
 1600, in the Library of the Hon. Society of King's Inns, Dublin. By
 Benjamin David Haig. 8vo, pp. 18.                       _Dublin._ 1858.

     One hundred and ten copies only printed.

 HAIN (L.) Repertorium Bibliographicum, in quo libri omnes ab Arte
 Typographica inventa usque ad Annum MD. Typis expressi, ordine
 alphabetico vel simpliciter enumerantur vel adcuratius recensentur.
 Opera Ludovici Hain. 4 vols., 8vo, pp. (4), 596; (2), 566; (4), 558;
 (4), 548.        _Sumptibus, J. G. Cottae, Stuttgartiae_ ... 1826-1838.

     The object of this work is similar to Panzer's _Annales_, but the
     arrangement being alphabetical is more convenient. Some copies are
     on fine paper. _See_ Petzholdt, p. 126.

 HAJI KHALFA. Lexicon Bibliographicum et Encyclopædicum ... [Arabice]
 primum edidit Latine vertit et Commentario Indicibusque instruxit
 Gustavus Fluegel.... 7 vols., rl. 4to.
                          _Leipzig: Oriental Translation Fund._ 1835-57.

     This valuable Arabic work, which formed the groundwork of
     Herbelot's _Bibliothèque Orientale_, contains accounts of
     several thousand Arabic, Persian, and Turkish works, arranged

 HALL (F. E.) A Contribution towards an Index to the Bibliography of the
 Indian Philosophical Systems. By Fitz Edward Hall.... 8vo, pp. (6),
 236.                                _Calcutta: Printed by Lewis._ 1859.

     The author is a native of Vermont, and this was published by order
     of the Government of the North Western Provinces. _See_ Petzholdt,
     p. 464.

 HALLAM (H.) Introduction to the Literature of Europe, in the Fifteenth,
 Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries. By Henry Hallam, F.R.A.S. 4 vols.,
 8vo, pp. xxxii, Errata, 10 lines, 659; xvi, 511; xx, 687; xix, 651.
                                         _London: John Murray._ 1837-39.

     Repeatedly reprinted, both in England, France, and America. "The
     most important contribution to literary history which English
     libraries have received for many years."--_Edinburgh Review_, LXXII.

 HALLER (A. von). Bibliotheca Botanica. Qua scripta ad Rem Herbariam
 facientia a rerum initiis recensentur. Auctore Alberto von Haller. 2
 vols., 4to, pp. xvi, 654; (2), 785.                  _Tiguri._ 1771-72.

     A carefully written Bibliography of all Botanical Works. _See_
     Petzholdt, 554, etc.

 HALLIWELL (J. O.) A Brief Account of an Unique Edition of Sir Philip
 Sidney's Arcadia. 4to.                            _Brixton Hill._ 1854.

     Twenty-five copies privately printed.

 HALLIWELL. A Brief Hand-list of Books, Manuscripts, etc., Illustrative
 of the Life and Writings of Shakespeare, collected between the years
 1842 and 1859. By J. O. Halliwell. Cr. 8vo.             _London._ 1859.

     Thirty copies privately printed.

 HALLIWELL. A Brief Hand-List of the Collections respecting the
 Life and Works of Shakespeare, and the History and Antiquities of
 Stratford-upon-Avon, formed by the late Robert Bell Wheler, and
 Presented by his Sister, to be preserved for ever in the Shakespeare
 Library and Museum. 4to.                                _London._ 1863.

     One hundred copies privately printed.

 HALLIWELL. A Brief Hand-list of the Early Quarto Editions of the Plays
 of Shakespeare; with Notices of the Old Impressions of the Poems. By J.
 O. Halliwell. 8vo.                                      _London._ 1860.

     Twenty-five copies privately printed.

 HALLIWELL. A Brief List of some of the Rarer and most Curious Old-Book
 Rarities in the Library of J. O. Halliwell, Esq. Illustrative chiefly
 of Early English Popular Literature. Sm. 4to, pp. vii, 72.
                                                  _West Brompton._ 1862.

     Twenty-five copies privately printed. Many of the books in this
     extraordinary collection are unique.

 HALLIWELL. Brief Notices of Bibliographical Rarities in the Library of
 J. O. Halliwell at ... Brixton Hill. 4to.               _London._ 1855.

     Twenty-five copies privately printed.

 HALLIWELL. A Catalogue of Chap-Books, Garlands, and Popular Histories,
 in the Possession of J. O. Halliwell. Sm. 8vo, pp. (4), iv, 190.
                                                         _London._ 1849.

     Privately printed.

 HALLIWELL. A Catalogue of an Unique Collection of Ancient English
 Broadside Ballads, with Notes of the Tunes and Imprints. Cr. 8vo.
                                                         _London._ 1856.

     Ten copies only printed.

 HALLIWELL. A Catalogue of the Early Editions of Shakespeare's Plays,
 &c., By J. O. Halliwell. 8vo.                           _London._ 1845.

 HALLIWELL. Catalogue of Proclamations, Broadsides, Ballads, and Poems,
 presented to the Cheetham Library, Manchester, by James O. Halliwell,
 Esq. 4to. Facsimile. 1851.

     One hundred copies printed for private circulation.

 HALLIWELL. Contributions to Early English Literature, derived chiefly
 from rare books and inedited MSS. Edited by J. O. Halliwell, Esq. 4to.
                           _Printed for Private Circulation only._ 1849.

     Only seventy-five copies printed.

 HALLIWELL. A Dictionary of Old English Plays, existing either in
 Print or in Manuscript, from the earliest times to the close of the
 seventeenth century; including also notices of Latin Plays written by
 English Authors during the same Period. By J. O. Halliwell. 8vo, pp.
 viii, 296.                          _London: John Russell Smith._ 1860.

 HALLIWELL. Early Editions of Shakespeare, described by J. O. Halliwell.
 8vo.                                                    _London._ 1857.

 HALLIWELL. Essays on Numerical Contractions, and early Almanacs (with
 facsimiles). By J. O. Halliwell. 8vo.                   _London._ 1839.

 HALLIWELL. A Hand-List of upwards of a Thousand Volumes of
 Shakesperiana, added to the three previous Collections of a similar
 kind formed by J. O. Halliwell, and of which Lists have been previously
 printed. Sq. 8vo.                                       _London._ 1862.

     Twenty-five copies privately printed.

 HALLIWELL. A Hand-list of a Curious and Interesting Collection of
 Early Editions of the Works of Shakespeare; mostly printed before the
 appearance of the first Folio Edition of 1623. 8vo.
                                                  _West Brompton._ 1867.

     For private circulation only.

 HALLIWELL. A Handbook of the Early English Literature preserved in the
 Malone Collection [in the Bodleian Library]; selected from the Printed
 Catalogue of that Collection. By J. O. Halliwell. 8vo.  _London._ 1860.

     Printed for private circulation only.

 HALLIWELL. Hand-List of the Early English Literature, preserved in the
 Douce Collection [in the Bodleian Library]. Selected from the Printed
 Catalogue of that Collection. By J. O. Halliwell. 8vo.  _London._ 1860.

     Seventy-five copies only printed.

 HALLIWELL. A List of Works illustrative of the Life and Writings
 of Shakespeare, the History of Stratford-on-Avon, and the Rise and
 Progress of the Early English Drama. Printed for very Limited and
 Private Circulation at the Expense of J. O. Halliwell, 1850-1866. 8vo,
 pp. 69, (1).                                            _London._ 1867.

 HALLIWELL. Literature of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries,
 illustrated by reprints of nine very rare Tracts. Rl. 4to.
                                                         _London._ 1851.

     Twenty-five copies printed on thick paper, and fifty on ordinary
     paper, all for private circulation.

 HALLIWELL. Notes on ascertaining the value; and directions for the
 preservation of old Books, Manuscripts, Deeds and Family Papers. By J.
 O. Halliwell. 12mo.                                     _London._ 1851.

     Only twenty-five copies printed.

 HALLIWELL. Shakesperiana: A Catalogue of the Early Editions of
 Shakespeare's Plays and of the Commentaries and other Publications
 illustrative of his Works. By James Orchard Halliwell. 8vo, pp. 46.
                                     _London: John Russell Smith._ 1841.

     Also on large paper. _See_ Petzholdt, p. 255.

 HALLIWELL. Some Account of the Popular Tracts formerly in the Library
 of Captain Cox, of Coventry, A.D. 1575. By J. O. Halliwell. 8vo.
                                                         _London._ 1849.

     Fifty copies privately printed.

   "This Captain Cox, by Saint Mary,
   Had a goodly library."--BEN JOHNSON.

 HALLIWELL. Some Account of the Antiquities, Coins, Manuscripts, Rare
 Books, Ancient Documents, and other Reliques, illustrative of the
 Life and Works of Shakespeare, in the Possession of James Orchard
 Halliwell.... 4to.                                _Brixton Hill._ 1852.

     Eighty copies only printed for private circulation. Also: Account
     of the Theological MSS. in his Library at Brixton Hill.... 4to.
     1854. Privately printed.--Account of the Vernon Manuscript,
     a volume of Early English Poetry, preserved in the Bodleian
     Library.... 8vo. 1848. Fifty copies printed.--Description of the
     Ancient and Modern MSS. in the Plymouth Library.... Rl. 4to. 1853.
     Only eighty copies privately printed; at the end are added some
     hitherto unpublished pieces by Dr. Forman Shirley, Nicholas Breton,

 HALLOIX (Peter). Illustrium ecclesiæ orientalis scriptorum, qui primo
 et secundo seculo floruerunt, vitæ et documents. 2 vols., folio.
                                                       _Duaci._ 1633-36.

 HAMST (Olphar). _See_ [Thomas (Ralph)].

 HANNETT (John). Bibliopegia, or Bookbinding; in two parts. Part I.: The
 Books of the Ancients and History of the Art of Bookbinding. Part II.:
 The Practical Art of Bookbinding. Sixth Edition. 12mo.  _London._ 1865.

     "The work of a practical bookbinder, minute and clear."

 HANROTT (P. A.) Catalogue of the ... Library of P. A. Hanrott, Esq....
 5 vols., 8vo, pp. (2), 153; (2), 137; (2), 153; (2), 85; (2), 67.
                                                      _London._ 1833-34.

     A few copies of this valuable catalogue--the sale of which occupied
     forty-seven days, and made seven parts--were printed upon large

 HANSARD (T. C.) Treatises on Printing and Type-Founding. By T. C.
 Hansard. From the Seventh Edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica. 8vo.
                              _Edinburgh: Adam and Charles Black._ 1841.

 HANSARD. Typographia: an Historical Sketch of the Origin and Progress
 of the Art of Printing; with Practical Directions for conducting
 every Department in an Office: With a Description of Stereotype and
 Lithography. Illustrated by Engravings, Biographical Notices, and
 Portraits. By T. C. Hansard. Rl. 8vo.                   _London._ 1825.

     This is not a mere practical treatise, but a compendium of Ames,
     Herbert, Dibdin, and others, giving a complete history of the art,
     and much curious information respecting early printers, as well
     at practical information indispensable to authors and persons
     connected with literature. The perusal of this work will point
     out to authors the best method of arranging matter for press,
     correcting proofs, etc.

 HARDY (T. D.) Descriptive Catalogue of Materials relating to the
 History of Great Britain and Ireland, to the end of the reign of Henry
 VII. By Thomas Duffus Hardy. 3 vols., rl. 8vo, pp. cxxxiv, 918; civ,
 601; cxxxiv, 482.                           _London: Longman._ 1862-71.

 HARLES. Gottlieb Christoph. Harles brevior Notitia Litteratvrae Graecae
 in primis Scriptorvm Graecorvm ordini temporis accommodata In vsvm
 Stvdiosae Jvventvtis. 8vo, pp. x, 778. _Lipsiae: Weidmann._ 1812. +
 Additamenta. 1829. 8vo, 15 l.

 HARLES. Theoph. Christoph. Harles brevior Notitia Litteratvrae Romanae
 in primis Scriptorvm Latinorvm ordini temporis adcommodata In vsvm
 Scholarvm. 8vo, pp. xii, 330. _Lipsiae: Weidmann._ 1803. + Additamenta.
 1819. 8vo, pp. (2), 151.

     "All the works of Harles are valuable, and necessary to the
     Bibliographical and Critical Student."--HORNE. _See also_
     Petzholdt, p. 681, 682.

 HARLEY (Edward). Catalogus Bibliothecæ Harlianæ, In Locos communes
 distributes cum Indice Auctorum. 5 vols., 8vo.
                            _Londini: Apud Thomam Osborne._ MDCCXLIII-V.

     This valuable collection was purchased after the death of Edward
     Harley, second Earl of Oxford, by T. Osborne, the well known
     bookseller, for £30,000. The catalogue made by T. Oldys, with a
     preface by Dr. S. Johnson, was issued in parts; the first two
     volumes in 1743, and two more in 1744. The last volume is not,
     properly, a part of the work, though issued under the same name.
     The books were not sold by auction, and the prices were not
     affixed, as is usual with booksellers. For a valuable article
     on this catalogue (containing 360,000 volumes), see _Notes and

 HARPEL (O. H.) Harpel's Typograph, or Book of Specimens. Containing
 Useful Information, Suggestions, and a Collection of Examples of
 Letterpress Job Printing, arranged for the assistance of Master
 Printers, Amateurs, Apprentices, and others, by Oscar H. Harpel,
 Typographic Designer and Printer. 8vo, pp. 252.
                                             _Cincinnati: Author._ 1870.

 HARRIS (W.) A Catalogue of the Library of the Royal Institution of
 Great Britain, Including a Complete List of all the Greek Writers,
 by ... Dr. Charles Burney, methodically arranged with Alphabetical
 Index of Authors, by William Harris, Keeper of the Library. The Second
 Edition.... Rl. 8vo.                                    _London._ 1821.

     "A most valuable and judiciously compiled Catalogue."--DIBDIN.
     "This Library contains the best and most useful edition of every
     Greek and Roman classic author, with the best translations in
     English and in some other modern languages."--HORNE. First
     published in 1809.

 [HARRISSE (Henry).] Bibliotheca Americana Vetustissima A Description
 of Works relating to America published between the Years 1492 and 1551
 Imp. 8vo, pp. (8), liv, 519.       _New-York Geo. P. Philes_, MDCCCLXVI

     Four hundred copies printed in imperial 8vo, one hundred and nine
     in 4to, ten of which are on Holland paper. It was undertaken at
     the suggestion of Mr. S. L. M. Barlow, of New York, and contains
     the titles of over three hundred books. As a specimen of American
     typography, it has probably never been surpassed. In regard to
     its merits it has received at the hands of some members of the
     Geographical Society of Paris very high praise, of which an
     English version (in part) will be found in Stevens' _Bibliotheca
     Historica_, followed by some rather severe criticism on the work
     by Mr. Stevens, who, writing in the third person, quotes largely
     from an article in the _Athenæum_ of the 6th of October, 1866, of
     which Mr. Stevens is the author. The writer of this notice does
     not presume to enter into a controversy with, or a criticism upon,
     the works of either of these bibliographers, but he cannot help
     regretting that a work so elaborate, learned, and useful to the
     American bibliographer, as this _Bibliotheca Americana_ is, should
     have been the vehicle of any exhibition of personal pique. We have
     been assured on very good authority that the blunder of "Ander
     Schiffahrt's" was really due to the proof-reader, and that the
     Index, in which Schiffahrt (Ander) is made to appear once more in
     _propria persona_, was not the work of Mr. Harrisse at all. Let it
     suffice for us to remark that for the student of the earliest of
     books relating to America, this book is indispensably necessary. We
     may add that Mr. Harrisse has, in some instances, quoted works from
     White Kennett's _Bibliothecæ Americanæ Primordia_, and made the
     remark that he has found nothing in the works so quoted relating to
     America. This has arisen from the fact that he has misapprehended
     the nature of that work, which purposely introduces many books
     which had no relation to America. The following is a continuation:

 [HARRISSE.] Bibliotheca Americana Vetustissima A Description of Works
 relating to America published between the Years 1492 and 1551 Additions
 Imp. 8vo, pp. (iv), 40, 199, (1).  _Paris Librairie Tross_ M.DCCC.LXXII

     Two hundred copies printed in 8vo, and fifty copies in 4to. In the
     matter of printing and paper this volume exceeds in beauty that of
     its predecessor. Its contents cover the same ground; some titles
     contained in the former work are further elaborated, and many are
     entirely new. It will, perhaps, not be saying too much that many of
     them are only remotely related to America, but the author's careful
     researches and elaborate dissertations have combined to render the
     volume a very desirable addition to an American bibliographical

 [HARRISSE.] A Brief Disquisition Concerning the Early History of
 Printing in America. Imp. 8vo.     _New York: Privately Printed._ 1866.

     Twenty-five copies printed, of which five are on drawing paper.
     Forms part of the introduction to the _Bibliotheca Americana
     Vetustissima_. A Spanish version has been printed.

 [HARRISSE.] Fernand Colomb Sa Vie, ses Œuvres Essai critique par
 l'auteur de la Bibliotheca Americana Vetustissima. Imp. 8vo, pp. (vii),
 230, (1).                                          _Paris_ M DCCC LXXII

     Two hundred and fifty copies printed, of which twenty-five are on
     Whatman's paper.

 [HARRISSE.] Notes on Columbus. Sm. folio, pp. vii, 227. 13 Photographs.
                                    _New York: Privately Printed._ 1866.

     Ninety copies only printed for presentation, at the expense of
     Samuel L. M. Barlow, of New York. It is one of the finest specimens
     of printing by the Riverside Press, and having been privately
     printed, is as rare as it is beautiful. It is both bibliographical
     and historical, and in each department is a specimen of seal and

 [HARRISSE.] Notes pour servir à l'histoire, à la bibliographie et à la
 cartographie de la Nouvelle-France et des pays adjacents 1540-1700 Par
 l'auteur de la Bibliotheca Americana Vetustissima Cr. 8vo, pp. (6),
 xxxiii, (1), 367.                          _Paris Librairie Tross_ 1872

     This is a capital resumé of the Bibliography of Canada up to
     1700. The volume is very handsomely printed; some copies are on
     vellum paper, and others on Dutch paper. The following should have
     appeared under Desjardins: "Rapports sur les Deux Ouvrages de
     Bibliographie Américaine de M. Henri Harisse Avocat. Par M. Ernest
     Desjardins lu à la Séance de la Commission Centrale, le 18 Janvier
     1867." 8vo, pp. 20. _Paris Imprimerie de E. Martinet_ 1867.

 HARTSHORNE (C. H.) The Book Rarities in the University of Cambridge.
 Illustrated by Original Letters, and Notes, Biographical, Literary, and
 Antiquarian. By Rev. C. H. Hartshorne, M.A. 8vo, pp. xiv, (1), 559. 22
 Engravings.                                    _London: Longman._ 1829.

     Twenty-five copies printed in imperial 8vo on large vellum paper.
     The original letters in this volume form a very interesting portion
     of its contents. Those of Ciofanus are filled with abuse of Aldus
     Junior, whom he terms _la Cornacchia Esopea_, and of whose literary
     ability he speaks very slightingly. It also includes a reprint of
     _Capell's Shakesperiana_.

 [HARTSHORNE.] A Geyfte ffor the Neue Yere: or, a playne, plesaunte,
 and profytable Pathewaie to the Black Lettre Paradyse. Sq. 18mo.
                                                      _Cambridge._ 1825.

     This amusing bibliographical squib is written by "Carolus Henricus
     Hartshorne," in whose hand the memorandum of the number of copies
     printed is given on the fly-leaf. It appears from this that
     only twenty were printed, and probably in a private manner for
     presentation. The spelling and printing are equally ancient in
     style, and the whole discourse, ending with the poem, runs upon
     black letter and other antique lore.

 HARTZHEIM. Bibliotheca Coloniensis in qua Vita et Libri typo vulgati
 et manuscripti recensentur omnium Archi-Dioeceseos Coloniensis. Folio.
                                                        _Coloniæ._ 1747.

     Hartzheim's Literary History of the Bishopric of Cologne,
     Westphalia, Cleves, etc., gives a very ample and complete account
     of the ancient writers and early printed books of those countries.

 HARVARD. Catalogus Librorum Bibliothecæ Collegij Harvardini quod est
 Cantabrigiæ in Nova Anglia. 4to, pp. (2), ii, 102. _Bostoni: Typis B.
 Green._ MDCCXXIII. + Continuatio Supplimenti. 4to, pp. 10.
                                                         _Boston._ 1725.

     Probably the first catalogue of a public library printed in North
     America. A select catalogue was printed for undergraduates in 1773,
     and a complete catalogue in 1790.

 A Catalogue of the Library of Harvard University in Cambridge,
 Massachusetts.... [By B. Peirce.] 2 vols., 8vo, pp. xvii, (2), 952,
 (2); xii, 223. _Cambridge: E. W. Metcalf._ 1830-34. + First Supplement.
 [By T. W. Harris.] 8vo, pp. (4), 260. _Cambridge: Charles Folsom._
 1834. + Catalogue of the Maps and Charts. [By B. Pierce.] 8vo.
                           _Cambridge: E. W. Metcalf and Company._ 1831.

 Catalogue of the Law Library of Harvard University. [By Charles
 Sumner.] 8vo, pp. viii, 80.                          _Cambridge._ 1834.

     With historical sketch. + A Catalogue of the Law Library....
     [By William R. Woodward.] Second Edition. 8vo, pp. xii, 228.
     _Cambridge._ 1841. + Fourth Edition. 8vo, pp. (2), 354. _Cambridge:
     Metcalf & Co._ 1846.

 HARWOOD (E.) A View of the various Editions of the Greek and Roman
 Classics, with Remarks. By Edward Harwood. Third Edition. Corrected and
 Enlarged, 12mo, pp. xxiv, 276.                _London: Robinson._ 1782.

     Superseded by the later works of Dibdin, Moss, and others. _See_
     Petzholdt, p. 683.

 HASLEWOOD (J.) Account of the Life and Publications of Joseph Ritson.
 By Joseph Haslewood. 8vo. Portrait.                     _London._ 1824.

 HAVEN (S. F.) Archæology of the United States, or Sketches, Historical,
 and Bibliographical of the Progress of Information and Opinion
 respecting Vestiges of Antiquity in the United States. By Samuel F.
 Haven, ... 4to, pp. iv, 168.            _New York: G. P. Putnam._ 1856.

     A Smithsonian publication.

 HAYNES (T. W.) Baptist Cyclopædia, or, Dictionary of Baptist Biography,
 Bibliography, Antiquities, History, Chronology, Theology, Polity,
 and Literature, By Thomas Wilson Haynes. Vol. 1. 8vo, pp. 294, 29.
                                                     _Charleston._ 1848.

 HAYM (N. F.) Biblioteca Italiana o sia Notizia de' Libri rari Italiani
 Divisa in quattro Parti cioè Istoria, Poesia, Prose, Arti e Scienze;
 Già compilata da Niccola Francesco Haym.... 4to, pp. (12), 682,
 lxxxiii. _Milano: Galeazzi._ 1771-73. + Edizione corretta, ampliata, e
 di giudizj intorno alle migliori opere arricchita.... 4 vols., 8vo, pp.
 (4), 306; 268; 210; 368.                     _Milano: Silvestri._ 1803.

     First published at _Venice_ in 1728. These later editions are
     edited by Ferdinando Giandonati. _See_ Petzholdt, p. 353, 354.

 HAZLITT (W. C.) Collections and Notes 1867-1876 By W. Carew Hazlitt
 8vo, pp. xi, 498.                       _London Reeves and Turner_ 1876

     This is a continuation of the following:

 HAZLITT. Hand-Book to the Popular, Poetical, and Dramatic Literature of
 Great Britain, from the Invention of Printing to the Restoration. By
 W. Carew Hazlitt.... 8vo, pp. xii, 701.
                                  _London: John Russell Smith._ 1867-68.

     One hundred copies printed on large paper.

 HEATH (Benjamin). Catalogue of ... the Library of ... [the Rev. Dr.
 Heath].... 8vo.                                         _London._ 1810.

     The first edition or sale catalogue of this library was
     characterised by the auctioneer as "The most Perfect, Genuine,
     Learned, and Useful Library of Books ever offered to the British
     Public." After the sale a few copies were issued on large paper,
     with the prices and purchasers' names printed to each title. 8vo,
     pp. (4), 384.

 HEBENSTREIT (W.) Dictionarium Editionum tum selectarum tum optimarum
 Auctorum Classicorum, et Græcorum et Romanorum, ad optimos
 Bibliographorum libros collatum, emendavit, supplevit, notulisque
 criticis instruxit W. Hebenstreit.... 8vo, pp. xxiv, 275.
                                          _Vindobonæ: Armbruster._ 1827.

 HEBER (R.) Bibliotheca Heberiana. _See_ page xix.

     Add to the note: a few copies were printed on large and thick
     paper. Mr. Heber was elder half-brother of Bishop Heber, and
     figures as "Atticus" in Dibdin's _Bibliomania_, the first edition
     of which is in the form of an Epistle addressed to him.

 HEBER. Bibliotheca Heberiana. Catalogue des Livres de la Bibliothèque
 de feu M. Richard Heber. 8vo.                            _Paris._ 1836.

     The catalogue contains the portion of the late Mr. Heber's books
     which, remained in Paris, and is necessary to make a complete set
     of the catalogues.

 HÉRISSANT (L. A. P.) Bibliothèque physique de la France, ou liste
 de tous les ouvrages, tant imprimés que manuscrits, qui traitent de
 l'Histoire Naturelle de ce royaume.... Par Louis Antoine Prosper
 Hérissant.... 8vo, pp. 40, 496.               _Paris: Hérissant._ 1771.

     _See_ Petzholdt, p. 545.

 HERRERA (P.) Ensayo sobre la Historia de la Literatura Ecuatoriana, por
 Pablo Herrera.                                           _Quito._ 1860.

 HESSE (L. A. C.) Manuels-Roret. Bibliothéconomie, ou Nouveau Manuel
 Complet pour l'Arrangement, la Conservation, et l'Administration des
 Bibliothèques. Par L. A. Constantin. Revue, augmentée, et ornée de
 Figures. 18mo, pp. (4), 266; Roret, pp. 90. 2 Plans.     _Paris._ 1841.

 HIBBERT (G.) A Catalogue of the Library of George Hibbert, Esq.
 of Portland Place, ... by Mr. Evans.... 8vo, pp. 484. Plates and
 Facsimiles.                                  _London: W. Nicoll._ 1829.

     This collection sold for £21,560, and was one of the most important
     ever sold. The catalogue contains interesting bibliographical
     notes. Some copies were printed on large paper, and six were
     printed on large and thick paper with proof impressions of the
     plates, and also the etchings of the plates upon India paper.

 HIDALGO (D.) Boletin bibliografico Español y estranjero.... Por
 Dionisio Hidalgo. 8vo.                 _Madrid: imp. de Reneses._ 1850.

     Continued under the "direccion de Dionisio Hidalgo y Carlos
     Bailly-Bailliere." _See_ Petzholdt, p. 383, 389.

 HIDALGO. Diccionario general de Bibliografía Española, por Dionisio
 Hidalgo. Tom. 1. 8vo, pp. xxvi, (1), 529.
                             _Madrid: impr. de las Escuelas pias._ 1862.

 HIRSCH (J. C.) Bibliotheca Nvmismatica exhibens Catalogvm Avctorvm qvi
 de Re Monetaria et Nvmis tam antiqvis qvam recentioribvs scripsere,
 collecta et indice rervm instrvcta a Joh. Christ. Hirsch. Folio, pp.
 (8), 233.                       _Norimbergae, hered. Felseckeri._ 1760.

 Histoire de la Bibliophilie, Relieures, Recherches sur les
 Bibliothèques des plus célèbres Amateurs, Armorial des Bibliophiles. 10
 parts imp. folio. 50 Plates of Facsimiles.  _Paris: Techener._ 1861-64.

 Histoire Literaire de la France, par les Religieux Benedictins, (D.D.
 Rivet, Taillandier et Clemencet) de la Congregation de St. Maur. 12
 vols., 4to.                                           _Paris._ 1733-63.

     This important work contains much curious and interesting
     bibliographical biography of the earlier French ecclesiastical
     writers and Fathers of the Church.

 The Historic Literature of Ireland, an Essay on the Publications of the
 Irish Archæological Society, founded A.D. 1840, for the printing of the
 Genealogical, Ecclesiastical, Bardic, Topographical, and Historical
 Remains of Ireland. 8vo, pp. 64.                        _Dublin._ 1851.

 An Historical Account of all the books that have been written relating
 to the Antiquities, Natural History, or Topographical Description of
 any part of England. 8vo.                               _London._ 1720.

 HOFFMANN (S. F. W.) Hoffmanni Lexicon Bibliographicum, sive Index
 Editionum et Interpretationum Scriptorum Græcorum tum sacrorum tum
 profanorum. 3 vols., rl. 8vo.       _Lipsiæ: J. A. G. Weigel._ 1832-36.

     The most comprehensive and the best bibliographical catalogue of
     the Greek and Latin Classics, and the Fathers, with the various
     translations, commentaries, etc. Reprinted with additions, as below:

 HOFFMANN. S. F. W. Hoffmann's Bibliographisches Lexicon der gesammten
 Litteratur der Griechen.... Erster Theil, A-D. Rl. 8vo, pp. iv, 614;
 Zweiter Theil, E-N. pp. vi, 649. _Leipzig: Böhme._ 1838-39. Dritter
 Theil, O-Z.... pp. (2), 664.                  _Leipzig: Geuther._ 1845.

     _See_ Petzholdt, p. 690.

 HOLMES (J.) Descriptive Catalogue of Books in the Library of John
 Holmes. With Notices of Authors and Printers. 4 vols., 8vo, and two
 supplements.                                        _Norwich._ 1828-40.

     Privately printed, and valuable for the extensive bibliographical
     and biographical notes. It it seldom found complete.

 HOLTROP (J. G.) Catalogus librorum sæculo xv^{o} impressorum, quotquot
 in Bibliotheca Regia Hagana asservantur. Edidit Job. Guil. Holtrop.
 8vo, pp. (2), xxxiii, 592.               _Hagæ-Comitum: Nijhoff._ 1856.

     This excellent catalogue is divided into two portions, the first
     of which contains six hundred and fifty-one articles printed in
     Belgium, the other "extra Belgium," consists of nine hundred and
     twenty-eight articles.

 HOLTROP. Monumens typographiques des Pays-Bas, au quinzième siècle.
 Collection de facsimile d'après les originaux conservés à la
 Bibliothèque Royale de La Haye et ailleurs. Publiée par J. W. Holtrop.
 Rl. 4to.                                      _La Haye: Nijhoff._ 1857.

 [HOMER (A.)] Bibliotheca Americana. _See_ page xviii.

 HORNE (T. H.) A Catalogue of the Library of the College of St. Margaret
 and St. Bernard, commonly called Queen's College in the University of
 Cambridge, methodically arranged by Thomas Hartwell Horne. 2 vols., rl.
 8vo, pp. lxiii, (1), 512; (2), 513-1194.
                               _London: For the Society._ M.DCCC.XX.VII.

 HORNE. An Introduction to the Study of Bibliography. To which is
 prefixed a Memoir on the Public Libraries of the Antients. By Thomas
 Hartwell Horne. Illustrated with Engravings. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. xiv,
 xxv, 402; (4), 403-738, (2), clvi. 10 Plates.
                                  _London: T. Cadell & W. Davies._ 1814.

     Fifty copies printed on large paper. On page 92, _et seq._, is a
     chapter on Mexican and North American picture-writing. Prefaced is
     a memoir on the public libraries of the Ancients. The most useful
     work of the kind in the English language; a a new edition is much
     wanted. _See also_ Petzholdt, pp. 10, 50.

 HORNE. A Manual of Biblical Bibliography, comprising a Catalogue,
 methodically arranged, of the Principal Editions and Versions of the
 Holy Scriptures, together with Notices of the Principal Philologers,
 Critics and Interpreters of the Bible. By Thomas Hartwell Horne. 8vo.
                                             _London: Longman_ ... 1839.

 [HORNE.] Outlines for the Classification of a Library; submitted to the
 consideration of the Trustees of the British Museum. 4to.
                                                         _London._ 1825.

     This plan for a classified catalogue was approved by the trustees,
     and the cataloguing under the author's directions proceeded for
     many years upon this principle. One hundred and seven copies only
     printed, of which seven are on large paper, imp. 4to.

 HORNE. Reminiscences Personal and Bibliographical of Thomas Hartwell
 Horne ... with notes by his Daughter Sarah Anne Cheyne and a short
 introduction by The Rev. Joseph B. M'Caul.... 8vo, pp. xv, (1), 208.
 Portrait.                                   _London: Longman_ ... 1862.

 HOSMER (Z.) Catalogue of the ... Library of Zelotes Hosmer, Esq., of
 Cambridge, Mass., ... sold ... May 7, 1861, ... 8vo, pp. (2), iv, 114.
                                                         _Boston._ 1861.

     Some copies printed on large paper, rl. 8vo. Strong in early
     English literature, bibliography, and rare editions of the Greek
     and Latin classics.

 HOUGH (F. B.) Bibliographical List of Books and Pamphlets containing
 Eulogies, Orations, Poems, or other Papers, relating to the Death of
 General Washington, or to the Honors Paid to His Memory. By Franklin B.
 Hough. Imp. 8vo, pp. 59.             _Albany: Privately Printed._ 1865.

     Twenty-four copies only privately printed on tinted paper. It is
     included in the same author's "Washingtoniana; or Memorials of the
     Death of George Washington, ..." and, we may add, the titles are
     not correctly quoted.

 [HOWES (Thomas), _of Norwich_.] Critical Observations on Books, Ancient
 and Modern.... 1776-91. 6 vols., 8vo.

     "Neither the extraordinary learning, nor the logical application
     of it, nor the greatness of the subjects on which it is employed,
     have kept from passing away into the oblivious gulf of time
     the work called 'Critical Observations, &c.' by Tho. Howes, of
     Norwich."--_Gentleman's Magazine, Article on Foster's Remains._

 HUBER (Johann Joseph von). Handbuch für Künstler und Freunde der Kunst.
 2 vols., 8vo.                             _Augsburg und Leipzig._ 1819.

 HÜBNER (J.) Bibliotheca Genealogica, Das ist: Ein Verzeichniss aller
 Alten und Neuen Genealogischen Bücher von allen Nationen in der Welt,
 den Liebhabern der Politischen Wissenschaften zur Bequemlichkeit
 gesammlet ... von Joh. Hübnero. 8vo, pp. (14), 608.
                                                _Hamburg: Brandt._ 1729.

 HUGO (T.) The Bewick Collector. A Descriptive Catalogue of the Works of
 Thomas and John Bewick; including Cuts, in various states for Books and
 Pamphlets, Private Gentlemen, Public Companies, ... Newspapers [etc.];
 with an Appendix of Portraits, Autographs, ... etc. The whole described
 from the Originals.... By Thomas Hugo, M.A. ... 8vo, pp. xxiii, 562.
 _London: Lovell Reeve._ MDCCCLXVI. + Supplement. pp. xxxii. 353.
                                    _London: Lovell Reeve._ MDCCCLXVIII.

 HULSE (S.) Hulsiani Bibliotheca, sive Catalogus Librorum Samuelis
 Hulsii. 4 vols., 8vo.                                 _Hag. Com._ 1730.

     "This is the catalogue of a most noble library, abundantly rich in
     almost every department of human knowledge. The Greek and Roman
     classics abound in magnificent profusion, both as to early and
     curious as well as splendid and useful editions."--_Note by_ Mr.

 HUME (A.) The Learned Societies and Printing Clubs of The United
 Kingdom: being an Account of their Respective Origin, History,
 Objects, and Constitution; ... and a General Introduction and a
 Classified Index. Compiled ... by the Rev. A. Hume. 8vo, pp. xxxii,
 307. _London: Longman_.... 1847. + With a Supplement containing all
 the Recently-Established Societies and Printing Clubs, and their
 Publications to the Present Time, by A. I. Evans. Post 8vo, pp. xxxii,
 294, 72.                                _London: G. Willis._ MDCCCLIII.

     Contains lists of the books issued by the Camden, Shakespeare,
     Maitland, Bannatyne, Roxburghe, and all the other Societies.

 HUMPHREYS (H. N.) A History of the Art of Printing, from its Invention
 to its wide-spread Development in the Middle of the 16th Century.
 Preceded by a Short Account of the Origin of the Alphabet, and of the
 successive Methods of Recording Events and Multiplying Ms. Books before
 the Invention of Printing. By H. Noel Humphreys.... With One Hundred
 Illustrations.... Imp. 4to, pp. 224. 105 Plates.
                                       _London: Bernard Quaritch._ 1867.

     The first issue consisted of three hundred copies only. The
     publisher's certificate to that effect is usually inserted in the
     work. "The illustrations of this work, which, unlike facsimiles
     produced by hand, must _necessarily_ be absolute reproductions
     of their originals, exceed one hundred in number, and frequently
     consist of representations of entire pages from many of the most
     interesting books produced by the early printers. Among them
     may be mentioned an entire folio page from the first printed
     Bible, the magnificent work of Gutenberg, richly adorned with
     ornamental borderings by a contemporary German illuminator. An
     entire page from the celebrated Psalter of Schæffer, in which
     the large capitals are printed in colours, in rivalry with the
     illuminators of the time. Pages from the first books printed in
     Italy, France, Spain, Flanders, and Holland, accompany the accounts
     of the introduction of the printing press to those countries; and
     several such entire pages in facsimile illustrate the description
     of the works of William Caxton, the founder of the printing press
     in England. In addition to these and many illustrations of other
     kinds, will be found a very interesting and an abundant series of
     examples from the most richly decorated of the French 'Horæ,' and
     from the profusely illustrated German books produced in the first
     half of the sixteenth century." The copies dated 1868 are somewhat
     inferior as regards the plates.

 HUMPHREYS. Master Pieces of the Early Printers & Engravers. A Series
 of Facsimiles from Rare and Curious Books remarkable for Illustrative
 Devices, Beautiful Borders, Decorative Initials, Printers Marks,
 Elaborate Title-pages, &c. By H. Noel Humphreys, ... Imp. 4to.
                                       _London: H. Sotheran & Co._ 1870.

     First issued in parts, which are preferable for the early
     impressions of the seventy curious plates. "The great beauty of
     many of the books produced by the Early Printers, both at regards
     the remarkable and various character of their Types, and the
     exquisitely designed Initials and Borderings with which their pages
     are enriched, is scarcely known and appreciated beyond the narrow
     circle of enthusiastic bibliographers who have made the first
     works that issued from the printing press a subject of special
     study; and it is to make them more widely known that the present
     work has been projected. The greater part of the examples are now
     published for the first time, and have never appeared in any other
     bibliographical work. They comprise designs by Wohlgemuth, Durer,
     Burgemair, Cranach, and others equally celebrated."

 HUNT (F. Knight). The Fourth Estate: Contributions towards a History
 of Newspapers, and of the Liberty of the Press.... 2 vols., 12mo, pp.
 viii, 302; iv, 298.                        _London: David Bogue._ 1850.

 HUNTER (J.) English Monastic Libraries. I. A Catalogue of the Library
 of the Priory of Bretton, in Yorkshire. II. Notices of the Libraries
 belonging to other Religious Houses. By The Rev. Joseph Hunter, F.S.A.
 4to, pp. xii, 30.                _London: J. B. Nichols and Son._ 1831.

 HUTTON (J.) Catalogue of the Library of John Hutton. 8vo.
                                                         _London._ 1764.

     An exceedingly curious and rare collection. _See_ Dibdin's
     _Bibliomania_, 496-497.

 ICAZBALCETA (J. G.) Apuntes para un Catálogo de Escritores en Lenguas
 Indígenas de América. Por Joaquin García Icazbalceta. 12mo, pp. xiii,
 157.                                            _México. Se han impreso
               60 ejemplares en la imprenta particular del autor._ 1866.

     Describes some of the rarest of books printed in Mexico.

 Index to Foreign Scientific Periodicals contained in the Patent Office
 Library. Printed and published by order of the Commissioners of
 Patents. Vols. I.-IV. Imp. 8vo.                      _London._ 1867-70.

     The first number of this valuable index was published June 1, 1866,
     and has been since regularly continued fortnightly; it gives a list
     of the contents of all the articles contained in the principal
     scientific periodicals published on the Continent (translated into
     English), with an alphabetical list of the names of the authors,
     and a most complete classified Index of Subjects, which much adds
     to its value.

 Index to the Catalogue of Books in the Bates Hall of the Public Library
 of the City of Boston.... 8vo, pp. vii, (1), 902. _Boston: J. E.
 Farwell & Company._ 1865. + First Supplement. 8vo, pp. iv, (1), 718;
 Index, pp. 21. [_Ibid._] 1866.

     Also: Index to the Catalogue of a Portion of the Public Library of
     the City of Boston, arranged in the Lower Hall. Imp. 8vo. _Boston:
     Press of Geo. C. Rand & Avery._ 1859.

 [IRELAND.] Memoirs of Jeanne d'Arc surnamed La Pucelle D'Orleans; with
 the History of her Times.... 2 vols., 8vo, pp. clxii, 239; cccxix, 144.
                                        _London: Robert Triphook._ 1824.

     The second volume contains an extensive bibliography of books
     relating to Joan of Arc. Consult also J. Bartlelemy de Beauregard,
     and the _Bulletin de Bouquiniste_.

 IRVING (D.) The Lives of the Scotish Poets, with Preliminary
 Dissertations on the Literary History of Scotland, and the Early
 Scotish Drama.... By David Irving, L.L.D. Second Edition, Improved. 2
 vols., 8vo, pp. (6), 447; (6), 507.            _London: Longman._ 1810.

 JADIS (H.) Shaksperiana; A Complete Collection of the Books and
 Pamphlets which have been published relative to the Life, or
 Illustrative of the Writings of Shakspere, in the possession of H.
 Jadis. 8vo.                                             _London._ 1826.

 JARVIS (S. F.) A Catalogue of the Entire Library of the Late Rev.
 Samuel Farmar Jarvis.... Sold November ... 1851. [Prepared by Joseph
 Sabin.] 8vo, pp. (8), 219.                            _New York._ 1851.

     Arranged in classes, and describes the largest library of its kind
     which has been sold in the United States.

 JEWETT (C. C.) ... Notices of Public Libraries in the United States....
 By Charles C. Jewett.... 8vo, pp. (2), 207.    _Washington, D.C._ 1857.

 JEWETT. ... On the Construction of Catalogues of Libraries ... and
 their Publication by means of Separate, Stereotyped Titles. With
 Rules and Examples. By Charles C. Jewett.... Rl. 8vo, pp. vi, (1),
 78. _Washington._ 1852. + Second Edition. Rl. 8vo, pp. xii, 96.
                                                     _Washington._ 1853.

     A well written summary of all that has been done towards solving
     this difficult subject. Librarians and private collectors will find
     in it many valuable practical hints.

 JOCHER (Adam). Obraz bibliograficzno-historyczny literatury i nauk w
 Polsce, od wprowadzenia do niej druku po rok 1830 wlacznie ... Wydanie
 Adama Zawadzkiego. 3 vols., 8vo.         _Wilno: J. Zawadzki._ 1840-57.

     Contents: Vol. I. Literatura i filologja starozytna. Nauki razem
     wziete. Zbiory. Polygrafia. 1840. Vol. II. Teologia. Wstepne
     wiadomosci, historia, literatura, krytyka, zródla i powaga.
     Institucja. 1842. Vol. III. Praktyka, prawo koscielne, dzieje. 1857.

 JÖCHER (C. J.) Allgemeines Gelehrten Lexicon, Darinne die Gelehrten
 aller Stände ... welche vom Anfange der Welt bis auf ietztige Zeit
 gelebt, und sich der gelehrten Welt ... bekannt gemacht, ... aus den
 glaubwürdigsten Scribenten in alphabetischer Ordnung beschrieben
 werden.... Heraus gegeben von Christian Gottlieb Jöcher. 4 vols, 4to,
 pp. (4), 2250, (4); (4), 2636, (4); (2), 2338, (5); (18), 2284, (5).
 Portrait. _Leipzig: Johann Friedrich Gleditschen._ MDCCL-MDCCLI. +
 Fortsetzung und Ergänzungen ... von Johann Christoph Adelung und
 Heinrich Wilhelm Rotermund. 6 vols., 4to, pp. (16), 2496; (2), 2364;
 lxxxi, 2208; x, 2200; ix, 2200; vii, 2200.
          _Leipzig: Johann Friedrich Gleditschen._ 1784--_Bremen._ 1819.

     "Opus incredibili labore congestum et duraturum ad posteritatem
     monumentum."--ERNESTI. "Maximum vero sibi nomen peperit _Lexico
     eruditorum Theotisco_, quod primum sub auspiciis J. B. Menckenii
     ... lucem vidit."--_Saxii Onomasticon. See_ Petzholdt, p. 76.

 JOHNSON (J.) Typographia, or the Printer's Instructor; Including
 an Account of the Origin of Printing, with Biographical Notices of
 the Printers of England, from Caxton to the Close of this Sixteenth
 Century: A Series of Ancient and Modern Alphabets, and Domesday
 Characters; together with An Elucidation of every Subject connected
 with the Art. By J. Johnson, Printer. 2 vols., 16mo, pp. (14), xii,
 610, (10); (4), iv, 588. Typographia, pp. 56; Text resumed, pp.
 645-663, (16).                       _London: Longman, Hurst_.... 1829.

     This valuable work is too often regarded merely as a book for
     printers, whereas it contains more information respecting early
     printed books than is to be found in any other and more costly
     volumes. Its real compiler was Mr. Richard Thomson, Librarian
     of the London Institution, who was assisted by Dibdin, Wilkins,
     Baber, and other well known bibliographers. It was issued in three
     different sizes, the largest being known as the Roxburghe Edition
     with Portraits on India paper.

 JOLLEY (T.) Catalogue ... of the very Extensive, singularly curious and
 valuable Library of Thomas Jolley, Esq.... 7 parts 8vo.
                                 _London: S. Leigh Sotheby._ MDCCCXLIII.

 JONCKBLOET (M. W. J. A.) Étude sur le Roman de Renart par M. W. J. A.
 Jonckbloet.... 8vo, pp. (6), 405.     _Groningue: J. B. Wolters._ 1863.

 [JONES (T.)] A Catalogue of the Collection of Tracts for and against
 Popery (published in or about the reign of James II.) in the Manchester
 Library, founded by Humphrey Chetham; in which is incorporated, with
 large Additions and Bibliographical Notes, the whole of Peck's Lists
 of the Tracts in that Controversy, with his references. 2 vols., 4to,
 pp. (4), xii, 256; (4), x, 257-525.
                             _Printed for the Chetham Society._ 1859-65.

     Chetham Society's Publications, Vols. XLVIII and LXIV.

 JOSEPH (Michael à S.) Bibliographia Critica, Sacra, et Prophana. 4
 vols., folio.                                       _Matriti._ 1740-42.

     This work is valuable as containing much information not elsewhere
     found--say _Acta Bollandiana Sanctorum_, of which the analysis to
     the end of July, occupies 100 cols.; _Bibliotheca_, 120 cols.;
     _Codex_, 35 cols.; _Collectio Conciliorum et Canonum_, 44 cols.;
     _Decretales_, 60 cols.; _Liturgiæ_, 29 cols.; _Martyrologium_, 21
     cols.; _Reginaldus Polus_, 50 cols.

 Journal de l'Amateur de livres. 3 vols., 8vo. _Paris: Jannet._ 1848-50.

 Journal général de la Littérature étrangère, ou Indicateur
 bibliographique et raisonné des Livres nouveaux et tous genres.... 8vo.
              _Paris et Strasbourg: Treuttel et Würtz._ 1801. Continued.

     A valuable journal, edited by Philip Werner Loos.

 Journal de l'Imprimerie et de la Librairie en Belgique. Livres,
 brochures, compositions musicales, cartes géographiques, gravures,
 lithographies, etc. Publié, à l'aide de documents officiels, par Ch.
 Hen. 8vo.                                         _Bruxelles._ 1853-63.

 Journal général de l'Imprimerie et de la Librairie. Deuxième Série....
 8vo.                          _Paris: au Cercle de la Librairie._ 1857.

     Concerning this valuable periodical _see_ Petzholdt, p. 323.

 KAHL (L. M.) Bibliothecae Philosophicae Strvvianae emendatae
 continvatae atqve vltra dimidiam partem avctae a Lvd. Mart. Kahlio.
 Tom. I. Scriptores Philosophiae contemplativae percensens. Tom. II.
 Scriptores Philosophiae practicae percensens. 2 vols., rl. 8vo, pp.
 (12), 476; (8), 454.            _Gottingae: Vandenhoeck et Cvno._ 1740.

 KAYSER (C. G.) Index ... Librorum, qui ab anno 1750 ad 1870 in Germania
 et in terris confinibus prodierunt: Vollständiges Bücher-Lexicon.... 18
 vols., 4to.                              _Leipzig._ 1831-73. Continued.

     A very useful bibliography of all books printed in Germany and the
     neighboring countries, from 1750 to 1870, with approximate prices.
     _See_ Petzholdt, p. 291.

 KELLY (J.) The American Catalogue of Books (Original and Reprints),
 published in the United States from Jan., 1861, to Jan., 1866, with
 Date of Publication, Size, Price, and Publisher's Name. With Supplement
 containing Pamphlets, Sermons, and Addresses on the Civil War in the
 United States, 1861-1866; and Appendix, containing Names of Learned
 Societies and other Literary Associations, with a List of their
 Publications, 1861-1866. Compiled and arranged by James Kelly. 8vo, pp.
 (4), 303. _New York: John Wiley & Son._ 1866. + Vol. II. 1871. 8vo, pp.
 (4), 488.

     Intended as a continuation of Roorbach's _Bibliotheca Americana_.

 [KENNETT (White).] Bibliothecæ Americanæ Primordia. An Attempt Towards
 laying the Foundation of an American Library, In several Books, Papers,
 and Writings, Humbly given to the Society for Propagation of the Gospel
 in Foreign Parts, For the Perpetual Use and Benefit of their Members,
 their Missionaries, Friends, Correspondents, and Others concern'd in
 the Good Design of Planting and Promoting Christianity within Her
 Majesties Colonies and Plantations in the West-Indies. By a Member
 of the said Society. 4to, pp. (2), xvi, iii, 275, (224).
                                           _London: J. Churchill._ 1713.

     There are copies on large paper. "In this short catalogue will be
     found about twenty original tracts relating to Newfoundland; above
     fifty concerning Virginia; one hundred, or more, of New England:
     and so on in proportion to the colonies."--_Preface._ "This, as
     far as it goes, is the best Catalogue of Books relating to America
     extant, the titles being copied at full length with the greatest
     exactness, together with name of the printer, and the number of
     pages in each volume. It unfortunately contains only the books
     given to the society by White Kennett, Bishop of Peterborough. It
     is rich in English tracts relating to New England."--RICH. The
     collection to which it refers has disappeared--some scattered and
     neglected remains were found a few years since among the archives
     of the Society at Lambeth.

 KENT. Outline of a Course of English Reading, based on that prepared
 for the Mercantile Library Association of the City of New-York, By the
 late Chancellor Kent: With Additions by Charles King, LL.D., President
 of Columbia College, N.Y., and With Further Additions and Notes [by
 Henry A. Oakley]. 12mo, pp. viii, 120.
                                  _New-York: G. P. Putnam and Co._ 1853.

 [KERNOT (Henry).] Bibliotheca Diabolica; a Selection of the most
 valuable Books relating to the Devil. Chronologically Arranged with
 Notes, Quotations and Proverbs, and a Copious Index. Imp. 8vo.
                                                     [_New York._] 1874.

     Although the real object of this monograph was the sale of a lot of
     books, it is none the less valuable as the only monograph of its
     kind in English.

 KETTELL (S.) Specimens of American Poetry, with Critical and
 Biographical Notices. By Samuel Kettell. 3 vols., 12mo, pp. xlviii,
 353; x, 408; x, 406.        _Boston: S. G. Goodrich and Co._ MDCCCXXIX.

     This collection embraces specimens of 188 American poets, beginning
     with Cotton Mather and ending with J. G. Whittier. The third volume
     contains a Bibliographical and Chronological List of American Poets.

 KISTNER (Otto). Buddha and his Doctrines. 8vo.          _London._ 1869.

     A biographical essay, to which additions have been made by William
     Edden, in Trübner's Record, July 16, 1869.

 [KOOP (Matthias).] Historical Account of the Substances which have been
 used to describe Events, and to convey Ideas, from the earliest date to
 the Invention of Paper. Printed on the First Useful Paper manufactured
 solely from Straw. Rl. 8vo.                             _London._ 1800.

     Eighty-two pages printed on straw paper, with an appendix printed
     on paper made from wood, the first example of paper so made.

 KNIGHT (C.) The Old Printer and the Modern Press. By Charles Knight.
 Post 8vo.                                  _London: John Murray._ 1854.

 KNIGHT. William Caxton, the First English Printer. A Biography. By
 Charles Knight. 12mo.            _London: Charles Knight and Co._ 1844.

     "The Father of Printing could not have found a more suitable or a
     more enthusiastic biographer."--_Patriot._

 KREYSIG (G. C.) Bibliotheca Scriptorvm venaticorvm continens Avctores,
 qvi de venatione, sylvis, avcvpio, piscatvra et aliis eo spectantibvs
 commentati svnt. Congessit George Christoph Kreysig. Sm. 8vo, pp. (18),
 208.                                       _Altenbvrgi: Richter._ 1750.

     For other works by this author _see_ Petzholdt, pp. 797, 818.

 LACROIX (A.), _et_ BAUDRY. Bibliographie des Ingénieurs et Architectes
 des Chefs d'usines industrielles et d'exploitations agricoles et des
 Élèves des écoles polytechnique et professionnelles. 8vo. Continued.
                                                          _Paris._ 1857.

     _See_ Petzholdt, p. 729.

 [LACROIX (Paul).] Bibliographie et iconographie de tous les ouvrages de
 Restif de la Brétonne. Par P.L. Jacob [_pseudon_]. 8vo, pp. (4), xv,
 510. Portrait.                              _Paris: A. Fontaine._ 1875.

 LACROIX. Histoire de l'Imprimerie, par Paul Lacroix, Edouard Fournier
 et Ferdinand Leré. Imp. 8vo. Facsimiles.                 _Paris._ 1852.

 LA CROIX DU MAINE. Les Bibliotheques Françoises de La Croix du Maine
 et de Du Verdier, Sieur de Vauprivas; ... corrigée & augmentée ...
 des Remarques ... de M. de la Monnoye & de M.... Bouhier; ... de M.
 Falconet ... Par M. Rigoley de Juvigny ... Table Raisonnée. 6 vols.,
 4to, pp. 608, (2); (4), 444, civ, 108; (4), viii, xliii, 698, (1); (4),
 650, (1); (4), 571, (1); viii, 359, 118, (2).
                            _Paris: Michel Lambert, Imprimeur._ 1772-73.

     Best edition of this highly valuable and important work which
     is an alphabetical account of early French literature, the most
     extensive published. "Ces ouvrages sont très précieux pour
     l'histoire littéraire de la France, antérieure à la fin du seizième
     siècle."--BRUNET. There are copies on large paper.

 LAIRE (F. X.) Index Librorum ab inventa typographia ad annum 1500;
 Chronologicè dispositus cum notis historiam typographico-litterariam
 illustrantibus. Hunc disposuit Franc. Xav. Laire. 2 vols., 8vo, pp.
 (4), viii, 475; (4), 464.      _Senonis, ap. vid. et fil. Tarbé._ 1791.

     "These are scarce and dear volumes, and supply some deficiencies
     in Audiffredi. The bibliographer should omit no opportunity of
     possessing them."--DIBDIN. Also on thick paper. De Bure compiled a
     third volume. _See_ Petzholdt, p. 122.

 LAIRE. Specimen Typographiæ Romanæ XV. sæculi opera et studio Francisci
 Xaver. Laire. 8vo, pp. xv, 308.                _Romæ: Monaldini._ 1778.

   Concerning this scarce volume _see_ Petzholdt, p. 120.

 LA LANDE (Joseph J. Le François de). Bibliographie astronomique; avec
 l'histoire de l'astronomie depuis 1781 jusqu'à 1802. Par Jérôme de La
 Lande. 4to, pp. (4), viii, 916.
                  _Paris, de l'impr. de la République._ _An_ XII.--1803.

     "A perfect model of scientific Bibliography."--_Prof._ A. DE
     MORGAN. Table of authors at the end. _See_ Petzholdt, p. 538.

 LALANNE (L.) Curiosités Bibliographiques. Par Ludovic Lalanne. Sm. 8vo,
 pp. (4), 469.                                    _Paris: Paulin._ 1845.

 LAMBINET (P.) Origine de l'Imprimerie, d'après les titres authentiques,
 l'opinion de Daunou et celle de Van Praet; suivie des établissemens de
 cet art dans la Belgique et de l'Histoire de la Stéréotypie; ornée de
 calques, de portraits et d'écussons, par P. Lambinet. 2 vols., 8vo, pp.
 xxx, 435; xv, 424.                              _Paris: Nicolle._ 1810.

     Also: Recherches historiques, littéraires et critiques, sur
     l'origine de l'Imprimerie; particulièrement Sur ses premiers
     établissemens, au xvme. siècle, dans la Belgique, maintenant réunie
     à la République française; Ornées des portraits et des écussons des
     premiers Imprimeurs belges. Rl. 8vo, pp. (2), xvi, 500. _Bruxelles
     de l'impr. de Flon. An_ VII. "A work of deep research, which in a
     considerable degree illustrates the history of printing."--HORNE.

 LANGBAINE (G.) An Account of the English Dramatick Poets, or, some
 Observations and Remarks on the Lives and Writings, of all those that
 have Publish'd either Comedies, Tragedies, Tragi-Comedies, Pastorals,
 Masques, Interludes, Farces, or Operas in the English Tongue. By Gerard
 Langbaine. 8vo.                                         _Oxford._ 1691.

     "A work which, for an age that offered small facility or
     encouragement to the prosecution of researches in the field
     of early English Literature, was one of _extraordinary_
     merit."--HALLIWELL. "Of the several early Catalogues of the English
     stage, Langbaine's only is to be implicitly relied on for to

 LANJUINAIS (J. D.) Notice de l'ouvrage de M. Évêque et Sénateur
 Grégoire, intitulé: De la Littérature des Nègres. Par J. D. Lanjuinais.
 8vo, pp. 24.                                    _Paris: Maradan._ 1808.

 LASTRI (M.) Biblioteca georgica, ossia Catalogo ragionato degli
 scrittori di agricoltura, veterinaria, agrimensura, meteorologia,
 economia pubblica, caccia, pesca, etc. spettanti all' Italia, del
 proposto Marcantonio Lastri. 4to, pp. xi, 152. _Firenze: Pagani._ 1787.

 LECLERC (C.) Bibliotheca Americana Catalogue Raisonné d'une
 très-précieuse collection de livres anciens et modernes sur l'Amérique
 et les Philippines Classés par ordre alphabétique de noms d'auteurs.
 Rédigé par Ch. Leclerc. Rl. 8vo, pp. vii, 407.
                              _Paris Maisonneuve & C^{ie}_ M.D.CCC.LXVII

     Describes 1,645 works and contains a careful collation of each
     book, and in many instances analyses and important notes. It was
     followed by "Bibliotheca Historica; Catalogue raisonné d'une
     collection de livres sur l'Histoire de l'Europe et de l'Amérique."
     8vo, pp. 193.                                        _Paris._ 1868.

 LARKIN (E. _and_ S.) Catalogue of Books, for Sale by E. and S. Larkin,
 No. 47, Cornhill, Boston, consisting of the most esteemed Authors,
 and arranged under the following Heads, viz. Law, Divinity, Surgery,
 Physic, Chemistry, Anatomy, History, Biography, Voyages, Travels,
 Memoirs, Lives, Novels, Romances, Poetry, Dramatics, Miscellanies,
 Agriculture, Mathematics, Philosophy, Trade and Commerce, Classical and
 School Books. 12mo, pp. 92.     _Boston: Printed for E. and S. Larkin._

 LE LONG (J.) Bibliotheca Sacra, post J. Le Long ct C. F. Boerneri
 iteratas curas ordine disposita, emendata, suppleta, continuata ab A.
 G. Masch. 4 vols., 4to, pp. (2), cxxxii, 465, (1); xvi, 226; 352; xx,
 (2), 754, 192.                                         _Halæ._ 1778-90.

     Dr. Dibdin justly terms this work a "Standard authority on matters
     of Biblical Literature." There is scarcely an edition of the Bible
     extant in Hebrew, Greek, Latin, or Polyglots, but it is accurately
     described, and all textual, as well as typographical variations,
     pointed out; it is perhaps the most perfect Manual of Biblical
     Bibliography extant. The first edition was _Parisiis._ 1709. 2
     vols., 8vo.

 LE LONG. Bibliothèque Historique de la France, contenant le Catalogue
 des Ouvrages, imprimés & manuscrits, qui traitent ... de ce Royaume;
 ... augmentée par M. Fevret De Fontette. 5 vols., folio, pp. (2),
 xxxiv, (2), 926; (4), vi, (6), 892; (2), vii, (1), 850, cvii; (4), xvi,
 536, 285; viii, 771.
             _Paris: De l'Imprimerie de Jean-Thomas Herissant._ 1768-78.

     This is perhaps the most laborious and most able bibliographical
     work which has ever appeared. It is scarcely possible to find a
     volume or a manuscript in any way connected with French history
     which is not fully described, and it frequently gives curious
     details respecting English historians. Brunet remarks "Cet ouvrage
     et un des travaux les plus essentiels qu'ait produit la science
     bibliographique, et il doit se trouver dans tous les Bibliothèques."

 LENGLET DU FRESNOY (N.) Méthode pour étudier l'Histoire: avec un
 Catalogue des principaux Historiens, et des Remarques sur la bonté de
 leur Ouvrages, et sur le choix des meilleures Editions. Par Lenglet du
 Fresnoy. 4 vols., 4to. Maps, &c. _Paris._ 1729. + Nouvelle Edition,
 Augmentée.... _Paris: Gandouin._ 1735. Supplément. 5 vols., 4to.
                            _Paris: Rollin fils & De Bure l'aîné._ 1740.

     A most valuable and comprehensive work, and the master-key to all
     the locked-up treasures of ancient and modern history, and to the
     more secret stores of the obscure memorialists of every nation.
     _See_ Petzholdt, pp. 816, 817.

 LENGLET DU FRESNOY. Méthode pour étudier le Géographie.... Avec ...
 un Catalogue des Cartes Géographiques, de Relations, Voyages, &
 Descriptions les plus nécessaires pour la Géographie. Par Lenglet
 Dufresnoy. 5 vols., 12mo.  _Paris: Rollin fils & De Bure l'aîné._ 1736.

     _See_ Petzholdt, p. 789.

 LEON (A. de). Epitome de la Biblioteca Oriental í Occidental, Nautica í
 Geografica.... Por Antonio de Leon, Relator del Supremo í Real Consejo
 de las Indias. 4to, Engraved Title, pp. (86), 186, Appendix, 12,
 Colophon, 1 l.                           _Madrid: Iuan Gonzalez._ 1629.

     "The author of this work, probably the first which contains a
     Catalogue of Books on America, afterwards took the surname of
     Pinelo. The following enlarged edition by Barcia is so clumsily
     thrown together that it is quite a relief to refer from it to this
     neat and well-arranged little manual."--RICH.

 LEON PINELO. Epitome de la Biblioteca Oriental y Occidental, Nautica
 y Geografica: de Don Antonio de Leon Pinelo, del Consejo de S. M. en
 la casa de la Contratacion de Sevilla y Coronista mayor de las Indias,
 Añadido y enmendado nuevamente, en que se contienen los Escritores
 de las Indias Orientales y Occidentales y Reinos convecinos, China,
 Tartaria, Japon, Persia, Armenia, Etiopia y otras partes.... 3 vols.,
 folio, pp. 1172.       _Madrid: Francisco Martinez._ M.DCC.XXXVII-VIII.

     "The most complete general Bibliography of Geographical Works,
     Travels, Missionary Reports, etc. The second volume contains the
     works relating to America, and its greatest value consists in the
     notices it gives of the Spanish manuscripts on the subjects, most
     of which are still existing in Spain."--RICH. See also Harrisse's
     _Bib. Am. Vet._

 LE PRINCE (Nicolas Thomas). Essai historique sur le Bibliothèque du
 roi, aujourd'hui Bibliothèque impériale, avec des notices sur les
 dépôts qui la composent et le catalogue de ses principaux fonds.
 18mo. _Paris._ 1782. + Nouvelle édition, augmentée des Annales de la
 bibliothèque. Par Louis Paris. 18mo, pp. 466.            _Paris._ 1856.

 LEWIS (J.) Complete History of the several translations of the Holy
 Bible and New Testament into English, both in Ms. and in Print, and of
 the most remarkable editions of them since the invention of Printing.
 8vo.                                                    _London._ 1739.

 LEWIS. The Life of Mayster Wyllyam Caxton, of the Weald of Kent; the
 First Printer in England. In which is given an Account of the Rise
 and Progress of the Art of Pryntyng in England, during his Time, till
 1493. Collected by John Lewis, Minister of Mergate in Kent. 8vo, pp.
 xxii, 156, (4). Portrait and 2 Plates.
                             _London: Printed in the Year_ M.DCC.XXXVII.

     One hundred and fifty copies printed on large thick paper. Some
     copies possess an additional leaf, paged 158, containing the
     Character of Caxton by Bishop Bale and a note respecting Sir Walter
     Manny from Froissart.

 LEYPOLDT (F.) The Annual American Catalogue. [Third year.] Containing
 an Alphabetical List of Books published in the United States, and
 imported, during the year 1871. With a classified Index. 8vo.
                                  _New York: Publishers' and Stationers'
                                           Weekly Trade Circular._ 1872.

 LIBRI (G.) Catalogue of the Extraordinary Collection of Splendid
 Manuscripts chiefly upon vellum, in various Languages of Europe and the
 East, formed by Guglielmo Libri ... Sold ... 1859. Imp. 8vo, pp. (2),
 xxxix, 260. 37 Plates.                                [_London._ 1859.]

 LIBRI. Catalogue of the Choicer Portion of the Magnificent Library
 formed by M. Guglielmo Libri ... Sold ... 1859. Imp. 8vo, pp. xx, 380.
                                                         _London._ 1859.

 LIBRI. Catalogue of the Mathematical, Historical, Bibliographical and
 Miscellaneous Portion of the ... Library of M. Guglielmo Libri.... Sold
 ... 1861 ... 2 parts, imp. 8vo, pp. xxxi, (1), 799. 3 Facsimiles.

 LIBRI. Catalogue de la partie réservée et la plus précieuse de la
 Collection Libri, ... Laquelle sera mise aux enchères ... Imp. 8vo, pp.
 (4), 143.                                             [_London._ 1862.]

     It was also issued in the English language as:

 LIBRI. Catalogue of the Reserved ... portion of the Libri Collection
 ... of Ancient Manuscripts and Printed Books.... Sold ... 1862. Imp.
 8vo, pp. (4), 185.

 LIBRI. Catalogue of ... Precious Manuscripts and Objects of Art and
 Vertu, of M. Guglielmo Libri, ... Sold ... 1864. Imp. 8vo, pp. (2), 44.
 15 Plates.

 LIBRI. ... Prices and Purchasers Names to the Catalogues. Imp. 8vo, pp.
 (2), 48.                                   _Puttick and Simpson._ 1868.

 LIBRI. Monuments Inédits ou peu Connus, faisant partie du Cabinet de
 Guillaume Libri, et qui se rapportent à l'Histoire de l'Ornementation
 chez différents Peuples. Seconde Édition, augmentée de plusieurs
 Planches. Folio.                                       _Londres._ 1864.

     First issued in 1862. Of this splendid work only one hundred and
     fifty copies were printed. It contains 65 large Plates, exhibiting
     numerous specimens of richly ornamented Early Bookbindings,
     Illuminated Manuscripts, Drawings by Raffaelle, Michael Angelo,
     Da Vinci, Rubens, Guercino, splendid Works of Art in Gold, Ivory,
     &c. Early Engraved Maps, Antiquities in Gold by the Aborigines of
     America, &c., all beautifully executed facsimiles of the originals,
     in Gold, Silver, and Colors; with Descriptions in English and

 LINDE (A. van der). The Haarlem Legend of the Invention of Printing by
 Lourens Janszoon Coster, critically examined by Dr. A. van der Linde,
 translated from the Dutch by J. H. Hessels, with an Introduction and a
 Classified List of the Costerian Incunabula. Rl. 8vo.   _London._ 1871.

     A careful investigation and proof of the utter falsehood of the
     Haarlem Legend of the "Invention of Printing."

 LINDEN (Joannes Antonides van der). De Scriptis Medicis libri duo. 8vo.
                                                    _Amstelodami._ 1637.

     Prefixed is Manuductio ad Medicinam edition. An edition, printed in
     the same place, appeared 1851 and 1852.

 LINNÆUS. Caroli Linnaei Bibliotheca botanica recensens Libros plus
 mille de plantis huc usque editos, secundum Systema Auctorum Naturale
 in classes, ordines, genera & species dispositos, additis Editionis
 Loco, Tempore, Forma, Lingua, &c. cum explicatione Fundamentorum
 Botanicorum pars Ima. 8vo, pp. (16), 168, Fundam. Botan., pp. (4), 36.
                                          _Amstelodami: Schouten._ 1736.

     For other editions _see_ Petzholdt, pp. 553, 554. Power quotes an
     edition 1851--an error for 1751.

 The Literary World. A Gazette for Authors, Readers, and Publishers.
 [Edited by Chas. F. Hoffman, Evart A. and Geo. L. Duyckinck.] 13 vols.,
 4to.                                               _New York._ 1847-53.

 [LIVERMORE (George).] Remarks on Public Libraries. From the "North
 American Review," for July, 1850. For Private Distribution only. 8vo,
 pp. 40.              _Cambridge: Printed by Bolles and Houghton._ 1850.

 LLEWELLYN (_Dr._ Thos.) Historical Account of the British or Welsh
 Versions and Editions of the Bible, with an Appendix containing the
 Dedications affixed to the first Editions. 8vo.         _London._ 1768.

     Sold at Dr. Gossett's sale for £1 9s.

 LOFTIE (W. I.) A Century of Bibles: or, the Authorized Version from
 1611 to 1711; to which is added William Kilburne's Tract on Dangerous
 Errors in the late Printed Bibles, 1659; with Lists of Bibles in the
 British Museum, Bodleian, Stuttgart and other Libraries. By Rev. W. I.
 Loftie. Post 8vo, pp. (8), 249, (2).   _London: B. M. Pickering._ 1872.

     Also on large paper.

 LONDON. The London Catalogue of Books in all Languages, Arts and
 Sciences, that have been printed in Great Britain from the year
 MDCC. Properly classed under the general Branches of Literature, and
 Alphabetically disposed under each head, with their Sizes, and Prices.
 Carefully Compiled and Corrected, with innumerable Additions. Rl. 8vo,
 pp. (4), 144.                                _London: W. Harris._ 1773.

     Printed with the title, "A General Catalogue," 1779. + _London:
     W. Bent._ 1791. 8vo, pp. 160. For the titles of other editions,
     besides the following, _see_ Petzholdt, p. 346.

 The London Catalogue of Books, with their Sizes, Prices, and
 Publishers. Containing the Books published in London and those altered
 in size or price since the year 1800 to 1827. 8vo, pp (4), 309.
 _London: Longman_ ... 1827. + A Supplement ... to June 1829, ... 8vo,
 pp. 47. _London._ 1829. + 1814 to 1846. _London._ 1846. + 1831 to 1855.
 8vo, pp. vi, 583.                    _London: Thomas Hodgson._ MDCCCLV.

 A Catalogue of the Library of the London Institution: Systematically
 Classed. Preceded by an Historical and Bibliographical Account of the
 Establishment.... 4 vols., rl. 8vo, pp. lxviii, 669, (1), Plan; xxxiii,
 658, xviii; (2), xcvi, 667, (1); xxiv, 569, (1).
                                               _Not published._ 1835-52.

     This very excellent catalogue was the joint labors of Messrs.
     Upcott, Brayley, and Thompson, to whom great credit is due for the
     able manner in which they have performed so long and tedious a task.

 Catalogue of the Extensive Library of the Athenæum Club, London, with
 the Supplement. 2 vols., rl. 8vo.                    _London._ 1845-51.

     Privately printed for the members only.

 LORENZ (Otto). Catalogue Général de la Librairie Française pendant 25
 ans (1840-1865) Rédigé par Otto Lorenz, Libraire ... 4 vols., 8vo, pp.
 (8), 628; (4), 636; (4), 623; (8), 671.
                                     _Paris Chez O. Lorenz_ ... 1867-71.

 LOW (S.) The English Catalogue of Books ... 1835, to ... 1863.
 Comprising the contents of the "London" and "British" Catalogues, and
 the principal works published in ... America and Continental Europe....
 Compiled by Sampson Low. 8vo, pp. vi, (2), 910. _London: Sampson Low,
 Son, and Marston._ 1864. + Vol. II. 1863 to ... 1872. 8vo, pp. (4),
 452. [_Ibid._] 1873.

 LOW. Index to the British Catalogue of Books ... 1837 to 1857
 inclusive. Compiled by Sampson Low. 8vo.
                               _London: Sampson Low, Son, and Co._ 1858.

 LOW. An Index to Current Literature; comprising a Reference to the
 Author and Subject of every Book in the English Language, and the
 Articles in Literature, Science, and Art, in several Publications.
 1859, 1860, 1861. By Sampson Low. 8vo, pp. lxxxvi, 170. _London._ 1862.

     A most valuable index to serial literature, discontinued from want
     of public appreciation and support.

 LOWNDES (W. T.) The Bibliographer's Manual of English Literature,
 containing an account of Rare, Curious, and Useful Books, published
 in or Relating to Great Britain and Ireland, from the Invention of
 Printing; with Bibliographical and Critical Notices, Collations of the
 Rarer Articles, and the Prices at which they have been sold in this
 Present Century. By William Thomas Lowndes. 4 vols., 8vo, pp. xii,
 2002.                          _London: William Pickering._ MDCCCXXXIV.

     First published as a serial; Part 1. is dated 1828. Invaluable to
     the collector or librarian. The type of this is larger than that of
     the following edition:

 LOWNDES. [Same Title.] New Edition, Revised, Corrected and Enlarged, By
 Henry G. Bohn. 6 vols., 8vo, pp. 2746. _London: Henry G. Bohn._ 1857-69.

     Issued in eleven parts, each of which contains some preliminary,
     explanatory, or exculpatory notice by Mr. Bohn. It is much to
     be regretted that the earlier part of the work does not include
     the same ratio of additions as the later, and book-collectors,
     in general, would have been pleased to pay a higher price for
     a handsomer book. Mr. Bohn's name as editor did not appear on
     the first title to Vol. 1. Power remarks "A good guide to Mr.
     Bohn's various reprints and 'Libraries,' and the appendix is a
     carefully-compiled list of the publications of the Book-printing
     Clubs, the private presses, such as Strawberry Hill, Lee Priory,
     &c., and the rare reprints of Collier, Halliwell, Maidment,
     Turnbull, and others. _The Bibliographer's Manual_ is a work which,
     for want of a better, no English book-lover can do without. The
     first edition has the advantage of Mr. Bohn's, being printed in
     more legible type." Later issues bear the name of _Bell & Daldy_ as
     publishers. In 1869, two hundred and fifty copies were printed on
     large paper, in 6 vols., cr. 8vo. The statement that one hundred
     copies were printed on large paper, which appears on that number
     of copies which were sent to America, is, to say the least, an
     abbreviation of the truth. Mr. Bohn's eleven prefatory notices,
     which to some extent explain the nature and extent of his labors,
     have been omitted in the large paper copies, both editions being
     in other respects exactly the same. There is no substitute for
     _The Bibliographer's Manual_; undertaken originally to supply an
     obvious desideratum felt by all readers and book-buyers, it forms
     at once a key to the riches of English literature for the student,
     and a guide in the formation of a library for the collector. In
     its present enlarged form it comprises notices of upwards of one
     hundred thousand distinct books published in Great Britain and
     Ireland, but it is susceptible of much improvement.

 LOWNDES. The British Librarian, or Book Collector's Guide to the
 formation of a Library, in all Branches of Literature, ... With Prices,
 Critical Notes, References, and an Index of Authors and Subjects....
 By William T. Lowndes. 8vo, 1320 columns.
                                    _London: Whittaker and Co._ 1839-42.

     Eleven parts; comprising "Religion and its History," being all
     that were published. It is a valuable Bibliography of Theological
     Literature; its completion was prevented by the death of the author.

 LOWNDES. Shakespeare and his Commentators, from Lowndes'
 Bibliographer's Manual. 8vo. Portrait.                  _London._ 1831.

     Fifty-two copies printed--not for sale. This was reproduced with
     additions as below:

 LOWNDES. A Bibliographical Account of the Works of Shakespeare,
 including every known Edition, Translation, and Commentary. By
 Henry G. Bohn. Printed off separately from his enlarged edition of
 the Bibliographer's Manual, with some Additions. Sm. 4to, pp. (4),
 2253-2368.                                              _London._ 1868.

     The additions contain lists of the early quartos in the library of
     the Marquis of Bute, also that of Mr. James Lenox of New York. _See
     also_ Sabin's _American Bibliopolist_, June, 1870.

 [LUCOMBE (Philip).] A Concise History of the Origin and Progress of
 the Art of Printing; ... Compiled from those who have wrote on this
 Curious Art. 8vo, pp. (12), 494, 12. Portrait.
                                _London: W. Adlard and J. Browne._ 1770.

 LUDEWIG (H. E.) The Literature of American Local History; a
 Bibliographical Essay. By Hermann E. Ludewig. 8vo, pp. xx, 180.
                        _New York: Printed for the Author._ M.DCCC.XLVI.

     Privately printed, and scarce. A Supplement was subsequently
     printed in the _Literary World_, of which twenty-six copies only
     were separately printed--that being the number of persons who had
     the politeness to acknowledge the gift of the "Essay."

 LUDEWIG. The Literature of American Aboriginal Languages. By Hermann E.
 Ludewig. With Additions and Corrections, By Professor Wm. W. Turner.
 Edited by Nicolas Trübner. 8vo, pp. viii, (1), ix-xxiv, 258.
                                     _London: Trübner & Co._ MDCCCLVIII.

 M'CCULLOCH (J. R.) The Literature of Political Economy: A Classified
 Catalogue of select publications in the different departments of that
 science, with Historical, Critical, and Biographical [_sic_] Notices.
 By J. R. M'cCulloch, Esq., ... 8vo, pp. xiii, (I), 407.
                                            _London: Longman._ MDCCCXLV.

     With two indexes, one of authors and the other of works.

 MACHADO (D. B.) Bibliotheca Lusitana Historica, Critica, e Cronologica.
 Na qual se comprehende a Noticia dos Authores Portuguezes, e das Obras,
 que compuzeraõ desde o tempo da promulgacaõ da Ley da Graça até o tempo
 prezente. Offerecida à Augusta Magestade de D. Joaõ v. Nosso Senhor por
 Diogo Barbosa Machado. 4 vols., folio, pp. (80), 767, Portrait; (2),
 927; (2), 799; (6), 725.            _Lisboa, Off. de Fonseca._ 1741-59.

     The extreme rarity of this great work, the highest authority upon
     Portuguese bibliography, arises from the circumstance that a large
     proportion of the first three volumes perished by fire at Lisbon in
     1755. _See_ Petzholdt, p. 381.

 MACKELDEY (F.) Compendium of Modern Civil Law, from the Twelfth German
 Edition. With a Bibliographical List of Books on the Civil Law. Vol. I.
 8vo.                                                  _New York._ 1845.

     No more of the translation published. For the title of the original
     _see_ Petzholdt, p. 650.

 MACRAY (W. D.) Annals of the Bodleian Library, Oxford, A.D. 1598-A.D.
 1867. With a Preliminary Notice of the earlier Library founded in the
 Fourteenth Century. By the Rev. William Dunn Macray, A.M. ... 8vo, pp.
 v, (I, 1), 369, (1).                        _Rivingtons, London._ 1868.

     This is the fullest account of this splendid collection, which
     contains 350,000 printed books and 25,000 manuscripts.

 MACRAY. A Manual of British Historians to A.D. 1600. Containing a
 Chronological Account of the early Chroniclers and Monkish Writers,
 their Printed Works and unpublished MSS., with the Period of each
 history, and when the writer flourished. By the Rev. William Dunn
 Macray, A.M. ... 8vo.                     _W. Pickering, London._ 1845.

 MADDEN (J. P. A.) Lettres d'un bibliographe. 3 vols., 8vo. Facsimiles.
                                                  _Versailles._ 1868-74.

     Vol. III., pp. 41-101 contains "Études sur Gutenberg et sur

 MAISONNEUVE ET CIE. Catalogue de Livres anciens et modernes divisé en
 six parties. Rl. 8vo.                _Paris: Maisonneuve et Cie._ 1862.

     The various catalogues put forth by this house are usually replete
     with bibliographical information. _See_ Petzholdt, p. 101.

 MAITLAND (S. R.) List of some of the Early Printed Books in the
 Archiepiscopal Library at Lambeth. By the Rev. S. R. Maitland. 8vo, pp.
 xxii, (1), 464.                      _Privately Printed, London._ 1843.

     Very scarce; a few copies only having been printed for presents.
     The compiler was the keeper of the manuscripts and libraries of
     the Archbishop of Canterbury, and thus had unusual facilities for
     giving accurate descriptions of, and extracts from, the various

 MAITTAIRE (M.) Annales typographici ab artis inventae origine ad
 annum MD. Operâ Mich. Maittaire. 4to, pp. (12), 388. Portraits.
 _Hagae-Comitum, Vaillant._ 1719. + Ab anno M.D. ad annum M.D.XXXVI.
 continuati. Tom. II. Pars I.-II. pp. (20), 395, Portrait; (2), 395-860.
 _Hagae-Comitum, Vaillant et Provost._ 1722. + Ab anno M.D.XXXVI. ad
 annum M.D.LVII. continuati: cum Appendice. Tom. III. Pars I.-II.
 pp. (10), 412; (2), 413-925. [_Ibid._] 1725. + Annales typographici
 ab artis inventae origine ad annum M.DCLXIV. Editio nova auctior &
 emendatior. Tom. I. Pars I.-II. pp. (2), xvi, 415; (2), 415-791.
 _Amstelodami, Humbert._ 1733. + Annalium typographicorum Tomus Quintus
 et ultimus; Indicem in Tomos Quatuor praeeuntes complectens. Pars
 I.-II. pp. viii, 536; (2), 573. _Londini, Darres & Du Bosc._ 1741. +
 Annalium typographicorum Supplementum adornavit M. Denis. 2 vols., 4to.
                                                         _Viennæ._ 1789.

     "Maittaire's valuable annals are indispensable in every
     bibliographical library."--HORNE'S _Bibliography_.

 MAJOR (J. R.) Bibliography of the First Letter of Columbus, describing
 his Discovery of the New World. By J. R. Major. 8vo.    _London._ 1872.

     Seventy-five copies only printed.

 M[AJOR] (J[ohn]). Rational Madness: a Song, for the Lovers of Curious
 and Rare Books: adapted to the Popular Tune of "Liberty Hall," by J. M.
 4to.                                                  _London._ [n. d.]

     Fifty copies only privately printed.

 MALCOLM (J. P.) Lives of Topographers and Antiquarians, who have
 written concerning the Antiquities of England, with a complete List of
 their Works. Rl. 4to. 26 Portraits.                     _London._ 1815.

     Includes a complete collation of their works, etc.

 MALCOM (Howard). Theological Index. References to the Principal Works
 in every Department of Religious Literature, Embracing nearly 70,000
 Citations, alphabetically arranged under two thousand heads. Rl. 8vo,
 pp. 487, (1).                        _Boston: Gould and Lincoln._ 1868.

     In a second edition some of the numerous blunders in this work were
     corrected. See _North American Review_, July, 1868.

 MANGET (J. J.) Jo. Jacobi Mangeti Bibliotheca chemica curiosa, seu
 rerum ad alchemiam pertinentium Thesaurus instructissimus: ... 2 vols.,
 folio, pp. (18), 938, Portrait; (2), 904.       _Genevæ, Chouet._ 1702.

     For other works by this learned writer _see_ Petzholdt, pp. 574,
     591, 600.

 MANNE (E. de). Nouveau Dictionnaire des Ouvrages Anonymes et
 Pseudonymes la plupart contemporains avec les noms des auteurs ou
 éditeurs accompagné de notes historiques et critiques Par E. de Manne.
 Nouvelle édition revue, corrigée & très-augmentée, pouvant servir
 de supplement à tous les Manuels de Bibliographie jusqu'à ce jour.
 8vo, pp. vii, 407. _Lyon: Scheuring._ 1862. + Troisième edition,
 très-augmentée. 8vo, pp. vii, 607.             _Lyon: Scheuring._ 1868.

     Supplementary to Barbier. _See_ Quérard (J. M.), _and_ Petzholdt,
     p. 106.

 MARSDEN (W.) Bibliotheca Marsdeniana, Philologica et Orientalis. A
 Catalogue of Books and Manuscripts collected with a view to the general
 comparison of Languages, and to the Study of Oriental Literature. By
 William Marsden. 4to, pp. 309.          _London: Printed by Cox._ 1827.

     Not printed for sale. This collection is now placed in the library
     of King's College, London. It is a most useful work of its kind;
     an alphabetical catalogue of authors is followed by a classed
     catalogue of the books in the various languages. _See_ Petzholdt,
     p. 685.

 MARSDEN. A Catalogue of Dictionaries, Vocabularies, Grammars, and
 Alphabets in Two Parts. Part I. Alphabetical Catalogue of Authors. Part
 II. Chronological Catalogue of Works in each Class of Language. By
 William Marsden. 4to, pp. (6), 156.                     _London._ 1796.

 MARTIN (J.) A Bibliographical Catalogue of Books Privately Printed,
 including those of the Bannatyne, Maitland and Roxburghe Clubs, and of
 The Private Presses at Darlington, Auchinleck, Lee-Priory, Newcastle,
 Middle Hill, and Strawberry Hill. By John Martin, F.L.S. 2 vols., 8vo,
 pp. xiv, 314; (4), 317-563. _London: J. and A. Arch_; ... M.DCCC.XXXIV.

     Fifty copies printed on large paper. The accounts of the various
     clubs and private presses are not included in the second edition.

 MARTIN. Bibliographical Catalogue of Privately Printed Books. By John
 Martin, F.S.A., Librarian, Woburn Abbey. Second Edition. 8vo, pp. xxv,
 593.                       [_London: Woodfall and Kinder._] M.DCCC.LIV.

     Two hundred and fifty copies printed, of which fifty are on large
     paper. The collector should secure both editions. _See_ Petzholdt,
     p. 13.

 MARVIN (J. G.) Legal Bibliography, or a Thesaurus of American, English,
 Irish, and Scotch Law Books. Together with some Continental Treatises.
 Interspersed with Critical Observations upon their various Editions and
 Authority. To which is prefixed a Copious List of Abbreviations. By
 John Marvin, Counsellor at Law.... 8vo, pp. vii, 800.
                               _Philadelphia: T. & T. W. Johnson._ 1847.

     Prefixed is a copious list of abbreviations, and a good index of

 MASCH (A. G.) Bibliotheca Sacra. _See_ Le Long (J.), p. xc.

 MASKELL (W.) Selected Centuries of Books from the Library of a Priest
 in the Diocese of Salisbury. By Rev. W. Maskell. 8vo.
                                           _London: W. Pickering._ 1843.

     A catalogue raisonné of three hundred rare books, of which very few
     copies were printed.

 MASON (S.) Bibliotheca Hibernicana; or Descriptive Catalogue of Sir
 Robert Peel's Select Irish Library. By Shaw Mason. 8vo. Map and
 Facsimiles.                                             _London._ 1823.

     Fifty copies only printed.

 Masonic Books. _See_ [Gassett (H.)], _and_ Petzholdt's _Bib. Bibliog._,
 p. 471, _et seq._

 MASSACHUSETTS. Catalogue of the Library of the Massachusetts Historical
 Society. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. vii, 732; vii, 651.
                          _Boston: Printed for the Society._ M.DCCC.LIX.

     A valuable work of reference for books and pamphlets printed in and
     relating to America. A few copies were printed on large paper in

 MATON (W. G.), _and_ RACKETT (T.) An Historical Account of
 Testaceological Writers. By William George Maton, and Thomas
 Rackett.... 4to.                                        _London._ 1804.

     From the "Transactions of the Linnean Society," VII. 119-244.
     Translated into French by M. Boulard. 8vo. _Paris: Garnery._ 1811.
     _See_ Petzholdt, p. 560.

 MAUNSELL (A.) The first Part of the Catalogue of English printed
 Bookes: Which concerneth such matters of Diuinitie, as haue bin either
 written in our owne Tongue, or translated out of anie other language:
 And haue bin published, to the glory of God, and edification of the
 Church of Christ in England. Gathered into Alphabet, and such Method as
 it is, by Andrew Maunsell, Bookeseller. Folio, pp. (8), 123. _London:
 Printed by Windet._ 1595. + The Seconde parte ... pp. (6), 27.
                                     _London: Printed by Roberts._ 1595.

     "This is not only very rare, but one of the most valuable
     bibliographical books we have remaining."--DR. BLISS. _See also_
     Petzholdt, p. 342.

 MAXWELL (_Sir_ Stirling). An Essay towards a Collection of Books
 relating to Proverbs, Emblems, Apophthegms, Epitaphs, and Ana, being a
 Catalogue of those at Keir. 8vo.                        _London._ 1860.

     Privately printed, and very rare.

 MÉCÈNE ET PHOTIUS. Le Bibliothécaire. Archives d'Histoire littéraire,
 de Biographie, de Bibliologie et de Bibliographie, rédigées par Mécène
 et Photius, ... 8vo, pp. 64. _Paris, au Bureau du Bibliothécaire._ 1844.

     No. 1. Juillet, 1844--no more published.

 MEERMAN (Gerhard). Origines Typographicæ. 2 vols., 4to, pp. xi, (1),
 260; viii, 312. 2 Portraits, 10 Tables.
                                    _Hagæ Comitum, N. Van Daalen._ 1765.

     Also on large and fine paper.

 MEIKLE (W.) The Canadian Newspaper Directory; or, Advertiser's Guide:
 containing a complete List of all the Newspapers in Canada, the
 circulation of each, and all information in reference thereto. By W.
 Meikle. 8vo, pp. 60.                                   _Toronto._ 1858.

 MELBOURNE. Catalogue of the Melbourne Public Library for 1861. Rl. 8vo,
 pp. lxiv, 582; (2), 27, xxxv. Plate.                [_Victoria._ 1861.]

 [MELZI (Gaetano de' Conti).] Bibliografia dei Romanzi e Poemi
 cavallereschi Italiani Seconda Edizione corretta ed accresciuta. 8vo,
 pp. viii, 380.                                    _Milano: Tosi._ 1838.

     _See_ Petzholdt, p. 720.

 M[ELZI]. Dizionario di Opere anonime e pseudonime di Scrittori Italiani
 o come che sia aventi relazione all' Italia di G. M. 3 vols., 8vo, pp.
 (4), 482; (4), 483; xvi, 701.                _Milano: Pirola._ 1848-59.

 MENDEZ (F.) Typographia Española ò Historia de la Introduccion,
 Propagacion y Progresos del Arte de la Imprenta en España. A la que
 antecede una Noticia general sobre la Imprenta de la Europa, y de la
 China: adornado todo con Notas instructivas y curiosas. Tom. I. Su
 Autor Francisco Mendez. Sm. 4to, pp. (2), xviii, 427.
                            _Madrid, impr. de la Vidua de Ibarra._ 1796.

     "An indispensable work to the student of Spanish bibliography.
     Contains a short history of printing in Europe and China, and 59
     plates of ancient writing." The death of the author prevented its

 MERCKLIN (G. A.) Lindenius renovatus, sive, Johannis Antonidae van der
 Linden de Scriptis Medicis Libri duo: ... Noviter praeter haec additâ
 plurimorum Authorum, ... Vitae Curriculorum succinctâ Descriptione:
 Adscitâ undique ab ... Anno M.DC.LXII. usque ad praesentem continuati,
 dimidio penè amplificati, perplurimùm interpolati, & ab extantioribus
 mendis purgati à Georg. Abrah. Mercklino. 4to, pp. (22), 1158; (6),
 160.                                       _Norimbergae: Endter._ 1686.

     Part II. has a separate title-page, pagination and register. _See_
     Petzholdt, p. 573.

 MERRYWEATHER (F. S.) Bibliomania in The Middle Ages. Or Sketches of
 Bookworms, Collectors, Bible Students, Scribes, and Illuminators,
 from the Anglo Saxon and Norman Periods, to the Introduction of
 Printing into England; with Anecdotes, illustrating the History of the
 Monastic Libraries of Great Britain, in the Olden Time. By F. Somner
 Merryweather. Sm. 8vo, pp. iv, 218. _London: Merryweather._ M.DCCC.XLIX.

     "Treats of every subject connected with the Bibliography of the
     Middle Ages in Great Britain."--_Literary Gazette._

 MEUSEL (J. G.) _See_ Struvio (B. G.)

 MIDDLETON (Conyers). Dissertation concerning the Origin of Printing
 in England, shewing that it was first introduced and practised by
 our countryman, William Caxton, at Westminster, and not by a foreign
 printer at Oxford. Sm. 4to, pp. 29.                  _Cambridge._ 1735.

     An interesting treatise, with an account of the several productions
     of Caxton.

 [MILLER (John).] Fly Leaves; or, Scraps and Sketches, Literary,
 Bibliographical and Miscellaneous, consisting of Notes on Antiquarian
 and Historical Subjects, Collections towards neglected Biography, ...
 Choice Specimens of Ancient Poetry, chiefly from unpublished MSS....
 With numerous Bibliographical Notices, etc. 2 vols., 12mo, pp. x, 189;
 xii, 180.                               _London: John Miller._ 1845-55.

     First and Second Series--all published.

 MONTFAUCON (Dom Ber. de). Bibliotheca Bibliothecarum Manuscriptorum
 nova. 2 vols., folio.                          _Paris: Briasson._ 1739.

     A list of all the manuscripts which the author saw or heard of in
     forty years researches among European libraries.

 MONTFAUCON. Bibliotheca Coisliniana olim Segueriana, seu omnium
 manuscriptorum Græcorum quæ in eà continentur accurata descriptio.
 Folio.                                        _Parisiis: Guérin._ 1715.

 MONTFAUCON. Diarium Italicum sive ... bibliothecarum ... notitiae ...
 itinerario Italico collectæ. 4to.                     _Parisiis._ 1702.

     This was highly esteemed, and translated into English. Ticoroni
     criticised it in "Osservazioni"--_Roma._ 1709. 4to--and Riccobaldi
     defended it in an "Apologia," _Venezia_. 1710. 4to.

 MOREAU (Célestin). Bibliographie des Mazarinades publiée pour la
 Société de l'Histoire de France par C. Moreau. 3 vols., 8vo, pp. (6),
 lxiv, 426; (6), 398; (6), 464.       _Paris: Renouard et Cie._ 1850-51.

     Concerning this curious work _see_ Petzholdt, p. 227.

 MORENI (D.) Bibliografia storico-ragionata della Toscana o sia Catalogo
 degli Scrittori che hanno illustrata la Storia delle Città, Luoghi, e
 Persone della medesima raccolto dal Sacerdote Domenico Moreni. 2 vols.,
 4to, pp. xii, 531; xii, 551.                _Firenze: Ciardetti._ 1805.

 MORES (E. R.) A Dissertation upon English Typographical Founders and
 Founderies, with Appendix. By Edward Rowe Mores. Rl. 8vo.
                                                         _London._ 1778.

     "Of this curious and valuable work only one hundred copies
     were printed; of the Appendix, by Nichols, pp. 8, only
     eighty."--LOWNDES' _Manual_.

 MORGAN (H. J.) Bibliotheca Canadensis: or A Manual of Canadian
 Literature. By Henry J. Morgan, ... Imp. 8vo, pp. xiv, 411.
                             _Ottawa: Printed by G. E. Desbarats._ 1867.

     Very scarce; most of the copies having been destroyed by fire.
     It is to be regretted that when the author undertook this work
     he had not made himself better acquainted with the duties of a
     bibliographer--to say that it is carelessly done, is but mild
     criticism. The critical notices are numerous, voluminous, and often

 MORRILL (F. K.) The Amateurs' Guide for 1872. A Complete Book of
 Reference, relative to the Amateur Editors, Authors, Printers and
 Publishers of America. Written and Compiled by Fred. K. Morrill. 32mo,
 pp. 100.                                               _Chicago._ 1872.

 MORTILLARO (V.) Studio bibliografico di Vicenzo Mortillaro. Seconde
 Edizione. 8vo, pp. 120.                         _Palermo: Solli._ 1832.

     Concerning this _see_ Petzholdt, p. 51.

 MOSS (J. W.) A Manual of Classical Bibliography: comprising a copious
 detail of the various Editions of the Greek and Latin Classics, and
 of the Critical and Philological Works published in illustration of
 them, with an Account of the principal Translations, into English,
 French, Italian, Spanish, German, etc. By Joseph William Moss. Second
 Edition, Completed to the end of 1836, by the addition of a Supplement,
 containing a Bibliographical Index of several thousand Editions which
 have appeared either here or abroad since the original publication
 of this work in 1825; ... 2 vols., 8vo, pp. vii, 544; (2), 731;
 Supplement, (74).                                 _London: Bohn._ 1837.

 MOULE (T.) Bibliotheca Heraldica Magnae Britanniae. An Analytical
 Catalogue of Books on Genealogy, Heraldry, Nobility, Knighthood,
 & Ceremonies: with a List of Provincial Visitations, Pedigrees,
 Collections of Arms, and other Manuscripts; And a Supplement,
 enumerating the principal Foreign Genealogical Works. By Thomas Moule.
 Rl. 8vo, pp. xxiii, 668. Plate. _London: Printed for the Author._ 1822.

     Also on large paper. "An accurate and valuable work."--LOWNDES.

 MOXON (Joseph). Mechanick Exercise, or the Doctrine of Handy-Works. 2
 vols., 4to. Portraits and Plates.                    _London._ 1677-83.

     The second volume relates to the art of printing, letter-cutting,
     the compositor's and pressman's trade, and is very scarce.

 MULLER (Frederik). Catalogue of Books relating to America including
 a large number of rare works printed before 1700 amongst which a
 nearly complete collection of the Dutch publications on New-Netherland
 from 1612 to 1820. On Sale ... by Fr. Muller.... 12mo, pp. 104.
                                                    [_Amsterdam._ 1850.]

     Also on large paper in 4to.

 MULLER. Catalogus van Boeken, Plaatwerken en Kaarten, over de
 Nederlandsche Bezittingen ... in Azie, Afrika en Amerika, ...
 verkrijgbaar bij Frederik Muller te Amsterdam. Rl. 8vo, pp. (2),
 103. [_Amsterdam._] 1854. + Tweede Catalogus. 4to, pp. (2), 28.
                                                    [_Amsterdam._] 1858.

 MULLER. Catalogue of Books, Maps, Plates on America, and of a
 Remarkable Collection of Early Voyages, offered for sale by Frederik
 Muller, at Amsterdam.... With Bibliographical and Historical Notes and
 presenting an Essay towards a Dutch-American Bibliography.... 8vo, pp.
 viii, 288. 3 Facsimiles. _Amsterdam: Frederik Muller._ 1872. + Part II.
 1875. 8vo, pp. (2), 289-420. Part III. 8vo, pp. (2), 173.

     "This is much more than a catalogue, it it a tolerably complete
     Bibliography of Dutch Books relating to America, contains
     translations of the titles, with critical and other notes
     concerning the books, and is a most desirable addition to a
     bibliographical collection."--SABIN'S _American Bibliopolist_. For
     a list of many of Mr. Muller's catalogues _see_ Petzholdt, pp. 16,
     275, 379, 490, 492, 808, 854, 855, 864.

 MULLINS (J. D.) Free Libraries and News Rooms, their Formation and
 Management. 12mo.                     _London: H. Sotheran & Co._ 1870.

     Full of valuable hints and important facts to assist the promoters
     (and others) of free public libraries. Mr. Mullins compiled the
     catalogue of the Birmingham Free Libraries, published in 1869.

 MUÑOZ (T.) Diccionario bibliográfico-histórico de los Antiguos Reinos,
 Provincias, Ciudades, Villas, Iglesias y Santuarios de España, por
 Tomas Muños y Romero. Obra premiada por la Biblioteca nacional en el
 concurso público de enero de 1858, é impresa á expensas del Gobierno.
 Rl. 8vo, pp. vii, 329.            _Madrid: impr. de Rivadeneyra._ 1858.

 MUNSELL (J.) Bibliotheca Munselliana. A Catalogue of the Books and
 Pamphlets issued from the Press of Joel Munsell, from the year 1828 to
 1870. 8vo, pp. 191.                  _Albany: Privately Printed._ 1872.

     The only work of its kind issued in the United States. The notes
     are characteristic, amusing, and sometimes humorous.

 MUNSELL. Catalogue of American and Foreign Books in Bibliography and
 other Departments of Literature. Offered ... by J. Munsell, Albany.
 Consisting of Rare Works relating to Printing, Voyages and Travels, &c.
 8vo, pp. 74.                                _Albany: J. Munsell._ 1857.

     Also on large paper.

 MUNSELL. Catalogue of a Bibliographical Library, offered for sale
 complete at the prices affixed. Collected by Joel Munsell, Albany. 8vo,
 pp. 36.                                   _Albany: Joel Munsell._ 1856.

 MUNSELL. A Chronology of Paper and Paper Making. By Joel Munsell. 8vo,
 pp. vii, 110. _Albany: Joel Munsell._ 1857. + Third Edition. 8vo.
 [_Ibid._] 1864. + Fourth Edition. 8vo, pp. 226. [_Ibid._] 1870.

     Two hundred copies printed. Contains specimens of Japanese paper,
     and paper made from straw. In this interesting work no less than
     110 substances are named from which paper can be made, including
     Espartero, or Spanish grass, and cane from the southern states.

 MUNSELL. The Typographical Miscellany. By Joel Munsell. 8vo, pp. (6),
 268.                                        _Albany: J. Munsell._ 1850.

     Also: Catalogue of Books on Printing and the Kindred Arts;
     embracing also Works on Copyright, Liberty of the Press, Literary
     Property, Bibliography, etc. 8vo, pp. 47. _Albany: Joel Munsell._

 MURHARD (F. W. A.) Litteratur der mathematischen Wissenschaften. Von
 Fr. Wilh. Aug. Murhard. 5 vols., 8vo, pp. (2), xxii, 256; (2), xviii,
 436; xvi, 360; (8), 343; (4), vi, 243.
                             _Leipzig: Breitkopf und Härtel._ 1797-1805.

     Also entitled, _Bibliotheca Mathematica_. A very similar work to
     that of Ersch, but rather fuller in the mathematical part.

 NAMUR (P.) Bibliographie paléographico-diplomatico-bibliologique
 générale ou Répertoire systématique indiquant 1° tous les ouvrages
 relatifs à la paléographie; à la diplomatique; à l'histoire
 de l'imprimerie et de la librairie; à la bibliographie; aux
 bio-bibliographies et à l'histoire des bibliothèques; 2° la notice des
 recueils périodiques, littéraires et critiques des différents pays.
 Suivi d'un Répertoire alphabétique général. Par P. Namur. 2 vols., 8vo,
 pp. xxvii, 227; vi, 306.                      _Liége: Collardin._ 1838.

     Gives the titles of 10,236 separate works relating to Paléography
     or writing, Diplomatics or Manuscripts, the History of Printing
     and the Book Trade, Bibliography, Libraries, Periodicals, &c.
     No work (up to its date) contains so full a list of this class
     of books. The titles are, however, frequently inaccurate, the
     descriptions few and meagre. Each volume has a good, systematic,
     and alphabetical index.

 NAMUR. Bibliographie des ouvrages publiés sous le nom d'Ana;
 accompagnée de notes critiques, historiques et littéraires; par P.
 Namur. 8vo, pp. xvi, 64.                             _Bruxelles._ 1839.

 NAMUR. Manuel du Bibliothécaire, accompagné de notes critiques,
 historiques, et littéraires. Par P. Namur. 8vo, pp. iv, 368.
                                             _Bruxelles: Tircher._ 1834.

     _See_ Petzholdt, pp. 13, 51, 54, 368, 455. Also: Histoire des
     Bibliothèques publiques de Bruxelles.... 8vo. _Bruxelles._
     1840.--Histoire de la Bibliothèque publique de Louvain....
     8vo. _Bruxelles._ 1841.--Histoire de la Bibliothèque publique
     de Liège.... 8vo. _Bruxelles._ 1842.--Projet d'un nouveau
     bibliographie del connaissances humaines.... 8vo. _Bruxelles._ 1839.

 NATTALI AND BOND. Catalogue of Ancient and Modern Books in all
 Languages, and in every Class of Literature. 12mo, pp. 320.
                                                         _London._ 1861.

     Includes many interesting bibliographical notices. All the
     catalogues put forth by this eminently respectable firm are
     characterized by great fairness in their description of the books
     for sale.

 NAVARRETE (M. F. de). Biblioteca Marítima Española, Obra póstuma del
 Don Martin Fernandez de Navarrete. Impresa de Real Orden. 2 vols., 8vo,
 pp. xxxvii, 671; (4), 784. _Madrid: impr. de la Viuda de Calero._ 1851.

     Concerning this _see_ Petzholdt, p. 749.

 NEW BEDFORD. Catalogue of the Free Public Library, New Bedford, Mass.
 8vo, pp. vii, 354, (1). _New Bedford: B. Lindsey, Printer._ 1858. +
 Supplement. 8vo, pp. (4), 313, (1).                _New Bedford._ 1869.

     Edited by J. B. Congden, and one of the most thorough works of its

 NEW YORK. Catalogue of Printed Books in the Library of the New-York
 Historical Society. 8vo, pp. viii, 653.
                          _New York: Printed for the Society._ MDCCCLIX.

 NEW YORK. Catalogue of the New-York State Library. Books, Maps,
 Manuscripts, Medals, &c. First Supplement. 5 vols., rl. 8vo.
                              _Albany: Charles Van Benthuysen._ 1855-61.

     Edited by Henry A. Homes, M.A.

 Catalogue of the Books on Bibliography, Typography, and Engravings,
 in the New York State Library. 8vo, pp. 143.
                        _Albany: Charles Van Benthuysen, Printer._ 1858.

 Catalogue of the New York State Library, 1872. Subject Index of the
 General Library. 8vo, pp. xvii, (1), 651.               _Albany._ 1872.

     An admirably digested work by Dr. H. A. Homes, the librarian.

 NICHOLS (J.) Bibliotheca Topographica Britannica, illustrating the
 Antiquities, Topographical, Biographical, and Miscellaneous of England,
 with the Supplement. 10 vols., 4to. Portraits, Plates, Maps, &c.
                                                      _London._ 1780-97.

     The value, importance, and great rarity of a complete copy of
     this work is well known. As it was twenty years in course of
     publication, very few complete sets were ever made up, but it is
     especially rare to find the two supplemental volumes. Sir M. Sykes'
     copy sold for £84.

 NICHOLS. Literary Anecdotes of the Eighteenth Century, comprising
 Biographical Memoirs of William Bowyer, Printer, and many of his
 learned friends; an Incidental View of the Progress and Advancement of
 Literature in this Kingdom during the Last Century; and Biographical
 Anecdotes of a Considerable Number of Eminent Writers, and Ingenious
 Artists, with a very Copious Index. By John Nichols.... 9 vols., 8vo.
                              _London: Printed for the Author._ 1812-15.

 NICHOLS. Illustrations of the Literary History of the Eighteenth
 Century, Consisting of Authentic Memoirs and Original Letters of
 Eminent Persons, and intended as a Sequel to the Literary Anecdotes.
 By John Nichols.... 8 vols., 8vo.
                              _London: Printed for the Author._ 1817-58.

     "It is impossible in a small space to give anything like an
     adequate idea of the vast amount of curious information which
     these volumes contain. The hundreds of literary celebrities who
     are brought forward not merely by passing anecdotes but by highly
     valuable memoirs and sketches, and the extensive bibliographical
     and literary matter which they contain, render this one of the most
     permanently interesting sets of books ever published." Vols. vii.
     and viii. are additions by the author's son, J. B. Nichols.

 NICHOLSON (J. B.) A Manual of the Art of Bookbinding: ... designed for
 the Practical Workman, the Amateur, and the Book-Collector. By James B.
 Nicholson. 12mo, pp. 318.      _Philadelphia: Henry Carey Baird._ 1856.

 NICOL (G. & W.) A Catalogue of the Library of the Late John, Duke of
 Roxburghe, arranged by G. & W. Nicol, etc., which will be sold by
 auction, by Robert H. Evans. 8vo.
                              _London: Printed by W. Bulmer & Co._ 1812.

     No. 6,292 is the celebrated Valdarfer Boccaccio of 1471, the only
     known copy, which was purchased by the Marquis of Blandford for
     £2,260, the highest price ever paid for a single volume. Dibdin
     gives (_more suo_) a long account of the contest for this volume in
     his _Bibliographical Decameron_, III. 62-65. The Roxburghe Club was
     one of the results of this famous sale.

 NICOLSON (W.) The English, Scotch, and Irish Historical Libraries,
 giving a short view and character of most of our historians, either
 in print or in manuscript, with an account of our Records, Law-books,
 Coins, &c., To which is added a letter to the Rev. White Kennett in
 defence of the English Historical Library, &c. A New Edition corrected.
 By William Nicolson. 4to.                               _London._ 1796.

     The first edition of the English portion is _London_, 1696. 8vo,
     pp. 238, (34). The second edition, _London_, M.DCC.XIV. Folio, pp.
     xviii, 272. The third edition, _London_, 1736. Folio, pp. xviii,
     272. The letter to Kennett was first printed in 1702. The first
     edition of the Scottish portion is _London: Childe_. 1702. 8vo,
     pp. 2, 4, xl, 376. The Irish portion was first printed _Dublin:
     Taylor_. 1724. 8vo, pp. xxxix, 256.

 NODIER (C.) Bibliographie entomologique, ou Catalogue raisonné des
 ouvrages relatifs à l'entomologie et aux insectes, avec des notes
 critiques et l'exposition des méthodes; par Charles Nodier. 12 mo, pp.
 viii, 64.                              _Paris: Moutardier. An_ IX-1801.

 NODIER. Bibliothèque sacrée Grecque et Latine, comprenant le Tableau
 chronologique, biographiques des auteurs inspirés ecclésiastiques,
 depuis Moise jusqu'à St. Thomas d'Aquin. Par Charles Nodier. 8vo.
 _Paris._ 1826. + Seconde édition. 8vo, pp. (4), 436. _Bruxelles._ 1828.

 NODIER. Description raisonnée d'une jolie collection de livres. Par
 Charles Nodier. Précédée d'une Introduction par G. Duplessis; de la vie
 de Ch. Nodier par Francis Wey et d'une notice bibliographique sur ses
 ouvrages. 8vo, pp. (4), vii, 36, 492, 28, 24.  _Paris: Techener._ 1844.

     For other works by this eminent bibliographer _see_ Catalogue of
     the Astor Library, _also_ Petzholdt's _Bibliotheca Bibliographica_.

 NOPITSCH (C. C.) Literatur der Sprichwörter. Ein Handbuch für
 Literarhistoriker, Bibliographen und Bibliothekare. Verfasset von
 Christian Conrad Nopitsch. 8vo, pp. (4), viii, 284. _Nürnberg._ 1822. +
 Zweite Ausgabe. 8vo, pp. viii, 284.            _Nürnberg: Ebner._ 1833.

     To collectors of works, containing early or local proverbs, a study
     as entertaining, as useful to the etymologist, this manual will be
     found indispensable, as there are many works, particularly among
     those early printed, which contain proverbs among other matter,
     though not clearly stated in the title; it is, in fact, a very
     extensive chronological list of proverbial works, and a collection
     of proverbs in all languages. _See_ Petzholdt, p. 697.

 NORTON (C. B.) Norton's Literary Letter, ... 4to. 5 Nos.
                              _Charles B. Norton ... New York._ 1859-60.

     Includes the Bibliography of Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

 Notices relating to the Bannatyne Club, with Critiques on its
 Publications. 4to.                                   _Edinburgh._ 1836.

     Fifty copies privately printed.

 Nouveau Manuel de Bibliographie Universelle. [Par F. Denis, P. Pinçon,
 et De Martonne.]                                         _Paris._ 1857.

 NOUVION (Victor de). Extraits des auteurs et voyageurs qui ont écrit
 sur la Guyane, suivis du catalogue bibliographique de la Guyane. 8vo,
 pp. xcii, 616. _Paris: Béthune et Plon._ 1844.

     The catalogue occupies pp. 579-616. "Publications de la Société
     d'Études pour la colonisation de la Guyane française," No. 4.

 NUTT (D.) A Catalogue of Theological Books in Foreign Languages, ...
 On Sale by David Nutt. With Appendix. 8vo, pp. viii, 600.
                                                    _London._ MDCCCLVII.

     The notes to this catalogue are replete with bibliographical

 NUTT. A Catalogue of Foreign Theology ... By D. Nutt ... 8vo, pp. vii,
 (1), 372, Appendix, 55.                                 _London._ 1837.

 NYERUP (R.) Spicilegium bibliographicum. Describitur in tribus
 speciminibus semicenturia monumentorum typographicorum rarissimorum,
 quæ Cl. M. Maittairio ignota fuere. 18mo.               _Hauniæ._ 1783.

 NYERUP_ (R.) _OG KRAFT (J. E.) Almindeligt Literaturlexicon for
 Danmark, Norge, og Island eller Fortegnelse over danske, norske og
 islandske saavel af dode som nu levende Forfattere med Anförelse af
 deres vigtigste Levnets-Omstaendigheder og Liste over deres Skrifter
 ved R. Nyerup og J. E. Kraft. 2 vols., 4to, pp. (2), viii, 692 columns;
 (2), 367 columns.                        _Kjöbenhavn: Gyldendal._ 1820.

     A universal literary lexicon of Denmark, Norway, and Iceland,
     giving an account of authors and their works, with dates and
     particulars of editions.

 Observations on several Authors and Books necessary for the Formation
 of a Select and Small Library. 8vo.                   [_London._] 1813.

     See _Pamphleteer_, II. 279-296.

 O'CALLAGHAN (E. B.) A List of Editions of the Holy Scriptures and Parts
 thereof, Printed in America previous to 1860, with Introduction and
 Bibliographical Notes, by E. B. O'Callaghan. Rl. 8vo, pp. liv, 415.
 Facsimiles.                          _Albany: Munsell & Rowland._ 1861.

     A carefully executed work. Only one hundred and fifty copies

 OETTINGER (E. M.) Bibliographie biographique universelle. Dictionnaire
 des ouvrages relatifs á l'Histoire de la Vie publique et privée des
 Personnages célèbres de tous les temps et de toutes les nations, depuis
 le commencement du monde jusqu'à nos jours; ... Enrichi du Répertoire
 des Bio-Bibliographies générales, nationales et spéciales. Par Edouard
 Marie Oettinger. 4 vols., imp. 8vo, pp. (8), 788. _Leipzig._ 1850. + 2
 vols., imp. 8vo, pp. (4), iv, 1264 columns; pp. (4), 1265-2192 columns.
                                             _Bruxelles: Stienon._ 1854.

     This laborious work indicates under the head of each remarkable
     person, all the biographies that have been written concerning them.

 [OLDYS (William).] The British Librarian: Exhibiting a Compendious
 Review or Abstract Of our most Scarce, Useful, and Valuable Books in
 all Sciences, as well in Manuscript as in Print: With many Characters,
 Historical and Critical, of the Authors, their Antagonists, etc. In
 a Manner never before attempted, And Useful to all Readers. With a
 complete Index ... 8vo, pp. (6), vii, (1), 402.
                         _London: Printed for T. Osborne._ M.DCC.XXXIII.

     "_The British Librarian_ is a work of no common occurrence or mean
     value. It is rigidly correct."--DIBDIN. First published in six
     numbers, January to June, 1737. Some copies have separate titles to
     the six parts.

 OLDYS. Copious and Exact Catalogue of Pamphlets in the Harleian
 Library. 4to. 39 Nos.                                     [n. p. n. d.]

     This contains an account of 548 of the rarest and most curious
     tracts, with a most excellent analysis of their contents.

 O'REILLY (E.) Chronological Account of nearly four hundred Irish
 Writers, commencing with the earliest account of Irish History, and
 carried down to 1750, with a descriptive Catalogue of such of their
 Works as are still extant. By Edward O'Reilly. 4to.     _Dublin._ 1820.

     Included in "Transactions of the Iberno-Celtic Society."

 The Origin of Printing. In two Essays; I. The Substance of Dr.
 Middleton's Dissertation on the Origin of Printing in England. II.
 Mr. Meerman's Account of the Invention of the Art at Harleim, and its
 Progress to Mentz. With Occasional Remarks; and an Appendix. The Second
 Edition: with some Improvements. [By William Bowyer.] 8vo, pp. xvi,
 300.                          _London: W. Bowyer and J. Nichols._ 1776.

 ORME (W.) Bibliotheca Biblica; a Select List of Books on Sacred
 Literature, with Notices Biographical, Critical and Bibliographical. By
 William Orme. 8vo, pp. xi, 491.                      _Edinburgh._ 1824.

     A useful book of reference in the more important departments of
     Biblical Literature, such as Polyglots, editions of the Hebrew
     and Greek Scriptures, Concordances, Lexicons, and Introductions
     to the Bible; works relating to its Geography, Chronology, and
     Antiquities; its Translations and Commentaries, Hermeneutics,
     Philology, &c.

 OTTLEY (W. Y.) An Inquiry concerning the Invention of Printing; in
 which the Systems of Meerman, Heinecken, Santander, and Koning are
 Reviewed; including also Notices of the early use of Wood-Engraving in
 Europe, the Block Books, etc. By the late William Young Ottley, Esq....
 With an Introduction by J. Ph. Berjeau. Illustrated.... 4to, pp. xlii,
 377. 37 Plates.                      _London: Joseph Lilly._ MDCCCLXII.

     One of the most important books ever produced on the vexed question
     of the Invention of Printing; the author has the courage to assert
     the claims of Holland to that honor.

 OTTO (F.) The History of Russian Literature, with a Lexicon of Russian
 Authors, by Dr. Frederick Otto.... Translated from the German, under
 the Superintendence of the Author, by the Late George Cox, M.A. ...
 8vo, pp. xxiv, 408.                _Oxford: D. A. Talboys._ MDCCCXXXIX.

 OXFORD. Catalogue of the Library of the Oxford and Cambridge University
 Club. 8vo. 1840.

     Privately printed. A valuable collection of books; the contents of
     the collected works of each author are given.

 OXFORD. Catalogue of the Works in Medicine, and Natural History
 contained in the Radcliffe Library, Oxford. 8vo.        _Oxford._ 1835.

     The building in which these books are located is probably the
     finest edifice in the world devoted to such a purpose. _See also_
     Bodleian Library, p. xxii.

 PALMER (J.) General History of Printing, particularly its Introduction,
 Rise and Progress here in England. 4to.                 _London._ 1732.

 PANZER (G. W.) Annales Typographici ab artis inventæ origine ad annvm
 MD post Maittairii Denisii aliorvmqve doctissimorvm virorvm cvras in
 ordinem redacti emendati et avcti Opera Georgii Wolfgangi Panzer. 11
 vols., 4to, pp. (16), 560; (4), 562; (4), 570; (4), 500; (4), 566; (4),
 506; (4), 572; (4), 564; (4), 555; (4), 544; (8), 640.
                                           _Norimbergæ: Zeh._ 1793-1803.

     For a continuation see _Bibliophile Belge_, Vol. V. The labors
     of Orlandi, Maittaire, and Denis, are eclipsed by this very
     elaborate and valuable production, which comprehends a complete
     and systematic account of all books printed from the origin of the
     typographical art to the year 1536. It is rare. "An indispensable
     work for bibliographers."--POWER..

 PARR (S.) Bibliotheca Parriana: A Catalogue of the Library of ... Dr.
 Samuel Parr.... [Edited by H. G. Bohn.] 8vo.            _London._ 1827.

     "Remarkable as a 'catalogue raisonné,' with Dr. Parr's own
     critical and often caustic remarks; some pages having been
     cancelled it is therefore rare."--POWER. "There is much curious
     and debateable matter scattered through this work; the whole is
     interesting to the scholar, and should obtain a place in every good
     library."--_Gentleman's Magazine_, November, 1827.

 PAULY (A.) Bibliographie des sciences médicales;
 Par Alphonse Pauly 8vo, pp. xix, (1), 1758 cols., pp. (72).
                                                   _Paris: Tross._ 1874.

 PEIGNOT (G.) Dictionnaire raisonné de Bibliologie, contenant: 1'o.
 L'Explication des principaux termes relatifs à la Bibliographie, à
 l'Art typographique, à la Diplomatique, aux Langes, aux Archives, aux
 Manuscrits, aux Médailles, aux Antiquités, etc.; 2'o. des Notices
 historiques, détaillées sur les principales Bibliothèques anciennes
 et modernes; sur les différentes Sectes philosophiques; sur les plus
 célèbres Imprimeurs, avec une indication des meilleures éditions
 sorties de leurs presses, et sur les Bibliographes, avec la liste
 de leur ouvrages; 3'o. Enfin, l'exposition des différens Systèmes
 bibliographiques, etc.... Par G. Peignot. + Supplément.... 3 vols.,
 8vo, pp. xxiv, 472; (4), 456; x, 373.
                                  _Paris: Renouard. An_ X-XII. [1802-4.]

     Peignot's first work; the supplement is often wanting. An
     exceedingly useful work. Notices of printers, authors, editions,
     bibliographical terms, &c. _See_ Petzholdt, p. 8.

 PEIGNOT. Dictionnaire critique, littéraire et bibliographique des
 principaux livres condamnés au feu, supprimés ou censurés, précédé d'un
 discours sur ces sortes d'ouvrages. Par G. Peignot. 2 vols., 8vo, pp.
 xvi, xl, 343; (4), 295.                        _Paris: Renouard._ 1806.

     "The completest work in this branch of bibliography; an accurate
     description of various suppressed, condemned, or censured books,
     Indices Expurgatorii, and a list of more than thirty writers who
     have treated on this subject."--HORNE.

 PEIGNOT. Essai de Curiosités bibliographiques.... Par Gabriel Peignot.
 8vo, pp. viii, lxx, 178.            _Paris: Renouard. An_ XIII. [1805.]

     Three hundred copies printed on vellum paper. An account of books
     which have realized more than 1,000 francs at public sales.

 P[EIGNOT]. Manuel bibliographique, ou Essai sur les Bibliothèques
 anciennes et modernes, et sur la connaissance des livres, des formats,
 des éditions; sur la manière de composer une Bibliothèque choisie,
 classée méthodiquement, et sur les principaux ouvrages à consulter dans
 chaque partie de l'enseignement des écoles centrales; le tout suivi de
 plusieurs notices bibliographiques, instructives et curieuses, par G. P
 ... 8vo, pp. xiv, 364.
                 _Paris: Villiers, Desessarts et Desray. An_ IX. [1801.]

     Three hundred and six copies printed, of which six are on vellum
     paper. _See_ Petzholdt, p. 87.

 PEIGNOT. Manuel du Bibliophile, ou Traité du choix des livres.... Par
 Gabriel Peignot. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. lx, 413; (4), 492.
                                                  _Dijon: Lagier._ 1823.

     Ten copies on fine, and three on rose-colored paper. First printed
     in 1817. _See_ Petzholdt, p. 91.

 PEIGNOT. Répertoire bibliographique universel, contenant la Notice
 raisonnée des Bibliographies spéciales publiées jusqu'à ce jour, et
 d'un grand nombre d'auteurs ouvrages de bibliographie, ... Par Gabriel
 Peignot. 8vo, pp. xx, 514.                     _Paris: Renouard._ 1812.

     Four copies on large vellum, and two on Holland paper. This
     elaborate work gives an account of special bibliographies up to
     date. _See also_ Petzholdt, p. 10.

 PEIGNOT. Répertoire de Bibliographies spéciales, curieuses et
 instructives, contenant la Notice raisonnée 1^{o} des ouvrages imprimés
 à petit nombre d'exemplaires; 2^{o} des livres dont on a tiré des
 exemplaires sur papier de couleur; 3^{o} des livres dont le texte est
 gravé; et 4^{o} des livres qui ont paru sous le nom d'Ana.... Par
 Gabriel Peignot. 8vo, pp. xvi, 286.  _Paris: Renouard et Allais._ 1810.

     Ten copies on vellum paper.

 PEIGNOT. Variétés, notices et raretés bibliographiques, recueil faisant
 suite aux Curiosités bibliographiques. Par G. Peignot. 8vo, pp. xii,
 136.                                           _Paris: Renouard._ 1822.

     The other works of this eminent bibliographer will be found
     described in Petzholdt; _see_ his Index.

 PERCHERON (A.) Bibliographie entomologique, comprenant l'indication par
 ordre alphabétique de noms d'auteurs 1^{o} des ouvrages entomologiques
 publié en France et à l'étranger, depuis les temps les plus réculés
 jusques et y compris l'année 1834; 2^{o} des monographies et mémoires
 contenus dans les recueils, journaux et collections académiques
 françaises et étrangères; Accompagnée de notices sur les ouvrages
 périodiques, les dictionnaires et les mémoires des sociétés savantes;
 Suivie d'une table méthodique et chronologique des matières; par A.
 Percheron. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. xii, 326; (2), 376.
                                               _Paris: Baillière._ 1837.

 [PERKINS (Frederick B.)] The Best Reading. Hints on the Selection of
 Books; on the Formation of Libraries, Public and Private; on Courses of
 Reading, etc. With a Classified Bibliography ... 12mo, pp. 255.
                                  _New York: G. P. Putnam & Sons._ 1872.

     Mr. Perkins disclaims several portions of this work, which were
     altered by the publisher. A third or fourth edition, brought down
     to December, 1874, was issued in 1875. A new and greatly enlarged
     edition is on the point of publication.

 PERKINS (H.) Catalogue of the very Valuable and Important Library
 formed by the late Henry Perkins, Esq. Comprising many Splendid
 Illuminated Manuscripts, Ancient Bibles, Examples of Printing on
 Vellum, Choice Specimens of Early Typography, the Four First Folio
 Editions of Shakespeare, &c. Imp. 8vo. 10 Facsimiles.   _London._ 1873.

     Includes two sets of the Mazarine Bible, and other books of the
     highest rarity.

 PERU. Bibliotheca Peruviana. A Catalogue of Books, Tracts, &
 Manuscripts, chiefly relating to North and South America, the property
 of a gentleman long resident in Mexico and Peru, comprising Works
 printed at Lima, scarce Spanish Books, Indian dialects, Voyages and
 Travels, ... _Sold ... By Messrs. Puttick & Simpson, ... London, ...
 March_ 27, 1873. 8vo.

 PETTIGREW (T. J.) Bibliotheca Sussexiana. A Descriptive Catalogue,
 accompanied by Historical and Biographical Notices, of the Manuscripts
 and Printed Books contained in The Library of His Royal Highness the
 Duke of Sussex, K.G., D.C.L. &c. &c. &c. &c. in Kensington Palace. By
 Thomas Joseph Pettigrew. 2 vols., imp. 8vo, in 3, pp. (4), 26, (2),
 ccxciv; (24), 516; (4), vi, lv, 588. 20 Plates.
                                        _London: Longman & Co._ 1827-39.

     The most extraordinary, curious, and extensive biblical collection
     ever formed. The fifty copies of this valuable catalogue printed
     upon large paper in 4to, were intended for presents only. It will
     be found very useful in the collation of early rare editions. Vol.
     I., Part I., contains Manuscripts; Part II., printed editions of
     the Holy Scriptures, viz.: Polyglots of the Old and New Testaments
     and of detached portions thereof; Hebrew Bibles, Hebrew and
     Hebrew-Samaritan Pentateuchs, and portions of the Old Testament
     in Hebrew; Greek Bibles, Greek Pentateuch, and portions of the
     Old Testament in Greek and Latin; Bibles, and parts of the Old
     Testament in Latin. Vol. II., Theology, printed books. It is the
     best account of the early editions of the Holy Scriptures extant.

 PETZHOLDT (J.) Bibliotheca Bibliographica. Kritisches Verzeichniss
 der das Gesammtgebiet der Bibliographie betreffenden Litteratur des
 In- und Auslandes In systematischer Ordnung bearbeitet von D^{r.}
 Julius Petzholdt. Mit alphabetischem Namen- und Sachregister. Imp.
 8vo, pp. xii, 939.       _Leipzig: Verlag von Wilhelm Engelmann._ 1866.

     "An exhaustive catalogue of books about books."--POWER. Our own
     opinion of this extraordinary work is recorded in our preface.

 PETZHOLDT. Catalogus "Indicis Librorum prohibitorum et expurgandorum."
 Specimen quod maxime Viris praenobilissimis et perillustribus
 Praefectis Bibliothecarum Berolinensis, Bruxellensis, Dresdensis,
 Florentinae, Gottingensis, Lipsiensis, Londinensis, Lovaniensis,
 Madritensis, Mediolanensis, Monacensis, Norimbergensis, Oxoniensis,
 Parisinae, Petropolitanae, Pragensis, Vaticano-Romanae, Venetianae et
 Vindobonensis, eo consilio, ut catalogum ex opibus suis corrigant,
 suppleant atque augeant, rite pie offert Auctor J. Petzholdt. 8vo, pp.
 34.                            _Dresdae: Typ. Blochmanni et fil._ 1859.

     For other works by this eminent bibliographer, _see_ the Index to
     his _Bibliotheca Bibliographica_.

 The Philobiblion. A Monthly Catalogue and Literary Journal....
 Containing Critical Notices of, and Extracts from, Rare, Curious, and
 Valuable Old Books. 2 vols., 4to, pp. 288; (4), 290, all published.
                               _New York: Geo. P. Philes & Co._ 1862-63.

     Printed on very thin paper; now scarce. The critical notices were
     mostly written by the publisher.

 [PINTO DE SOUSA (José Carlos).] Bibliotheca Historica de Portugal
 e seus Dominios Ultramarinos: Na qual se contém varias Historias
 daquelle, e destes MS. e impressas em prosa, e em verso, só, e juntas
 com as de outros Estados, escritas por Authores Portuguezes, e
 Estrangeiros; ... Nova Ediçaõ, correcta, e amplamente augmentada....
 Sm. 4to, pp. (26), xiii, 408, 100.
                         _Lisboa, na Typographia do Arco do Cego._ 1801.

 [POLLEN (J.)] Universal Catalogue of Books on Art, comprehending
 Painting, Sculpture, Architecture, Decoration, Coins, Antiquities, &c.
 2 vols., 4to.                                        _London._ 1868-70.

     Edited by John Pollen. "These 'First Proof Sheets' form an
     elaborate Index, not only to Books, but to articles on Art in
     Magazines, Reviews," &c.--POWER. The work is very carelessly
     executed and is very far from complete; it forms material, however,
     for some able man to work up in better shape.

 POOLE (W. F.) An Index to Periodical Literature. By Wm. Fred. Poole,
 A.M. 8vo, pp. x, (2), 533.         _New York: Charles B. Norton._ 1853.

     This useful work is the index to twelve British and sixty-three
     American Reviews and Magazines. It is now very scarce. The author
     is preparing a supplement under the auspices of the Library

 POWER (J.) A Handy-Book About Books, for Book-Lovers, Book-Buyers, and
 Book-Sellers. Attempted by John Power. 8vo, pp. xiv, (2), 217, (1). 8
 Plates.                                    _London: John Wilson._ 1870.

     Contains a large amount of information on bibliography and
     typography, together with a chronological table, a bookseller's
     directory, a collection of useful receipts, a dictionary of
     terms, and other useful information of a miscellaneous character,
     interesting to book-collectors. The bibliographical portion is
     referred to in our preface.

 The Present State of the Republick of Letters. [Edited by Andrew Reid.]
 18 vols., 8vo.                                       _London._ 1728-36.

     Gives a general view of the state of learning throughout Europe,
     and contains accounts of the most valuable books then published,
     with abstracts, memoirs of authors, and other miscellaneous matter
     relative to literature.

 PRITZEL (G. A.) Thesaurus literaturae botanicae omnium gentium inde a
 rerum botanicarum initiis ad nostra usque tempora, quindecim millia
 operum recensens. Curavit G. A. Pritzel. 4to, pp. (2), viii, 547.
                                             _Lipsiae: Brockhaus._ 1851.

     "Fifteen thousand works are noticed."--POWER. _See also_ Petzholdt,
     p. 556.

 [PSAUME (Etienne).] Dictionnaire bibliographique, ou Nouveau Manuel du
 Libraire et de l'Amateur de Livres.... Précédé d'un Essai élémentaire
 sur la Bibliographie; par M. P*****. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. viii, 264,
 9-264, ii; (4), 507.                           _Paris: Ponthieu._ 1824.

     _See_ Petzholdt, p. 93.

 The Publishers' Circular, and General Record of British and Foreign
 Literature: containing a complete Alphabetical List of all new Works
 published in Great Britain, and every Work of Interest published
 abroad. Rl. 8vo.                                        _London._ 1837.

     Continued in bi-monthly numbers; a very useful aid to

 [PUTNAM (George Palmer).] The American Book-Circular, with Notes and
 Statistics. 8vo, pp. 64.              _New York: Wiley & Putnam._ 1843.

 PUTNAM. The Book-Buyers' Manual; a Catalogue of Foreign and American
 Books in every department of Literature, with a classified Index.
 Published by Geo. P. Putnam and Co. 8vo, pp. 236, viii, 48.
                                                       _New York._ 1852.

     "A very useful manual, not pretending to great bibliographical
     accuracy, but sufficiently so for the purpose for which it is

 QUARITCH (B.) Bibliotheca Xylographica, Typographica et Palæographica.
 Catalogue of Block Books, and of Early Productions of the Printing
 Press in All Countries, and a Supplement of Manuscripts. For Sale by
 Bernard Quaritch. 8vo.                                  _London._ 1873.

     The most extraordinary and valuable collection ever offered for
     sale by any bookseller. The catalogue, which abounds in interesting
     and valuable bibliographical notes, contains upwards of 170 pages,
     and a table of contents chronologically arranged.

 QUARITCH. A General Catalogue of Books, Arranged in Classes, ... for
 sale by Bernard Quaritch.... 8vo, pp. viii, 1130.       _London._ 1868.

 QUARITCH. A General Catalogue of Books offered ... by Bernard Quaritch.
 8vo, pp. x, 1889.                                       _London._ 1874.

     This is doubtless the largest catalogue ever put forth by a
     bookseller. The bibliographical notes appended to the rare or most
     important books are distinguished by much learning and critical
     research, and are tolerably free from the trade bias which usually
     accompanies a bookseller's catalogue.

 [QUÉRARD (J. M.)] De la bibliographie générale aux dix-neuvième siècle
 et plus particulièrement du Manuel du libraire ... lettre à ...
 Brunet.... 8vo, pp. 24.                _Paris: l'éditeur. Avril_, 1863.

 QUÉRARD. La France littéraire, ou Dictionnaire bibliographique des
 savants, historiens et gens de lettres de la France, ainsi que des
 littérateurs étrangers qui ont écrit en français, plus particulièrement
 pendant les XVIII^e et XIX^e siècles. Ouvrage dans lequel on a inséré,
 afin d'en former une Bibliographie nationale complète, l'indication
 1'o des réimpressions des ouvrages français de tous les âges; 2'o des
 diverses traductions en notre langue de tous les auteurs étrangers,
 anciens et modernes; 3^o celle des réimpressions faites en France
 des ouvrages originaux de ces mêmes auteurs étrangers, pendant cette
 époque. Par J. M. Quérard. 10 vols., 8vo, pp. xxix, 582; 756; 562;
 646; 668; 647; 574; 606; 597; 575. _Paris: Didot frères._ 1827-39. +
 La Littérature Française contemporaine. Continuation.... 6 vols., 8vo.
                                        _Paris: Daguin frères._ 1842-57.

     Quérard quarreled with his publisher, and, after p. 282 of Vol.
     II. of the _Littérature française contemporaine_, the compilation
     was made by Louandre, Bourquelot, and Maury. Quérard published a
     Tome XI. of _La France littéraire_, with the title: "Les écrivains
     pseudonymes et autres mystificateurs de la littérature française
     pendant les quatre derniers siècles, restitués à leurs véritables
     noms"--8vo, pp. viii, 708. _Paris: l'éditeur._ 1854-57--and
     a volume entitled: "La France littéraire ... Tome Douzième.
     Dix-neuvième siècle. Tome deuxième." 8vo, pp. (4), 751. _Paris;
     l'éditeur._ M DCCC LIX-LXIV.

 QUÉRARD. Les Supercheries Littéraires Dévoilées. Galerie des
 écrivains français de toute l'Europe, qui se sont déguises sous des
 anagrammes, des astéronymes, des cryptonymes, des initialismes, des
 noms littéraires, des pseudonymes facétieux ou bizarres, etc. Par J.
 M. Quérard. Seconde édition, considérablement augmentée, publiée par
 M. Gustave Brunet et Pierre Jannet; suivie (1) du Dictionnaire des
 Ouvrages anonymes, par Ant. Alex. Barbier, troisième édition, revue
 et augmentée par M. Oliv. Barbier; (2) d'une Table Générale des Noms
 Réels des écrivains anonymes et pseudonymes, &c., &c. 3 vols., 8vo, pp.
 viii, (4), 1278; (4), 1324, (1), (4), 1290, (1).
                                        _Paris: Paul Daffis._ 1869-1870.

     "A most valuable work, now in course of publication, and comprising
     the best and latest information. The first edition was published in
     5 vols. by the Editor, _Paris_, 1847-53."--POWER.

 REID (J.) Bibliotheca Scoto-Celtica; or, an Account of all the Books
 which have been printed in the Gaelic Language. With Bibliographical
 and Biographical Notices By John Reid. 8vo, pp. lxxii, 178.
                                             _Glasgow: Reid & Co._ 1832.

 REINWALD (C.) Catalogue annuel de la librairie française pour 1858-69,
 publié par Ch. Reinwald. 8vo.          _Paris: C. Reinwald._ [1859-70.]

     Bossange published a catalogue for 1870-71 in one volume, and
     Reinwald has lately announced that he should resume the publication
     of his _Catalogue annuel_.

 RENOUARD (A. A.) Annales de l'Imprimerie des Alde, ou Histoire des
 Trois Manuce et de leurs éditions. Par Ant. Aug. Renouard. Troisième
 édition. 8vo, pp. (4), xvi, 576, lxviii. 2 Portraits, 10 Facsimiles.
                             _Paris: Chez Jules Renouard._ M,DCCC,XXXIV.

     "Renouard in his descriptions of the productions of the Aldine
     press is without a rival."--BELOE'S _Anecdotes of Literature_, Vol.
     III., p. x. "Le savant historien des Aldes a fait de son propre
     catalogue une bibliographie très précieuse."--C. NODIER. The true
     model of a bibliographical work; the production of a scholar as
     well informed as he is communicative on the subject. Three hundred
     and fifty copies printed in 8vo, thirty-two in 4to. First issued in
     1803. _See_ Petzhold, p. 167.

 RENOUARD. Annales de l'Imprimerie des Estienne, ou Histoire de la
 Famille des Estienne et de ses éditions. Par Ant. Aug. Renouard.
 Deuxième édition. 8vo, pp. xx, 585.
                      _Paris: Chez Jules Renouard et Cie._ M,DCCC,XLIII.

     Also on large paper in 4to. Contains many new details of much
     interest upon a great family of printers who have a right to the
     affectionate remembrance of all who cherish literature. This
     edition has at the end a _Note sur Laurent Coster_. See the
     _Bulletin des Bibliophile Belge_, Tome IX., for some additions by

 [RENOUARD.] Catalogue de la Bibliothèque d'un Amateur, avec notes
 bibliographiques, critiques et littéraires. 4 vols., 8vo, pp. (4),
 xx, 360; (4), 354; (4), 348; (4), 407. Portrait. _Paris: Chez Antoine
 Augustin Renouard._ M,DCCC,XIX. + _Bruxelles._ 1823. 2 vols., 8vo.

     Also on large paper. An elaborate, interesting, and highly
     important catalogue. It is a model for any bibliographer; the
     descriptions are copious and interesting, and display great
     knowledge of books. It is a catalogue of the author's own books,
     and contains much valuable information on the various editions of
     the classics as well as of modern literature.

 RENOUVIER (J.) Des Gravures en Bois dans les Livres d'Anthoine Verard,
 Maître Librairie, Imprimeur, Enlumineur & Tailleur sur bois de Paris.
 1485-1510. Par J. Renouvier. 8vo, pp. 50, (4).
                                      _Paris: Chez Auguste Aubry._ 1859.

     Two hundred copies only printed.

 Repertorium Bibliographicum. _See_ [Clarke (W.)]

 Reports from the Select Committee on Public Libraries; together with
 the Proceedings of the Committee, Minutes of Evidence, Appendixes, and
 Indexes. Ordered, by the House of Commons, to be printed, 23 July 1849,
 and 1 August 1850. 3 vols., folio.                      _London._ 1850.

     Relates chiefly to the British Museum.

 REUMONT (A. von). Bibliografia dei lavori pubblicati in Germania sulla
 storia d'Italia. 8vo, pp. ix, (1), 467, (1).   _Berlino: Decker._ 1863.

     _See_ Petzholdt, pp. 849, 850.

 REUSS (J. D.) Alphabetical Register of all the Authors actually in
 Great-Britain, Ireland and in the United Provinces of North-America,
 with a Catalogue of their Publications. From the Year 1770 to the Year
 1790. By Jeremias David Reuss. 8vo, pp. xiv, 248; (2), xi, 249-459.
 _Berlin and Stettin: Nicolai._ 1791. + Supplement ... from ... 1790
 to ... 1803. 8vo, pp. (2), x, 589; (4), 543.
                                    _Berlin and Stettin: Nicolai._ 1804.

 REUSS. Repertorium Commentationum a Societatibus litterariis editarum
 secundum disciplinarum ordinem digessit J. D. Reuss. 16 vols., 4to.
                                          _Göttingæ: Dietrich._ 1801-21.

     A complete and admirably digested catalogue of all the papers
     contained in the various scientific and literary journals,
     academical transactions, etc., both British and foreign. _See_
     Petzholdt, p. 87.

 RHEES (W. J.) Manual of Public Libraries, Institutions, and Societies,
 in the United States, and British Provinces of North America. By
 William J. Rhees.... 8vo, pp. xxviii, 687.
                            _Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott & Co._ 1859.

 RHODES (W. B.) Bibliotheca Dramatica. A Catalogue of the Entire,
 Curious, and Extensive Dramatic Library of William Barnes Rhodes, Esq.,
 etc. 8vo, pp. (4), 114.                                 _London._ 1825.

     Some copies on fine paper.

 RIBADENEIRA (P.) Bibliotheca Scriptorvm Societatis Jesv. Opvs inchoatvm
 a Petro Ribadeneira, anno salutis 1602. Continvatvm a Philippo
 Alegambe, vsque ad annum 1642. Recognitum, & productum ad annum
 Jubilaei M.DC.LXXV. a Nathanaele Sotvello. Folio, pp. xxxvi, 984.
                      _Romae, ex Typographia de Lazzaris Varesii._ 1670.

     "Ouvrage infiniment précieux pour la bibliographie et l'histoire
     des écrivains de la C^{ie} de Jésus. Les PP. de Backer en font un
     grand éloge."--LECLERC. It was continued by Caballero at _Rome_,

 RICH (O.) A Catalogue of Books, Relating principally to America,
 Arranged under the Years in which they were Printed. 8vo, pp. 129,
 Advertisement, 1 l.                            _London: O. Rich._ 1832.

     The books described were printed between the years 1500 and 1600.
     Sometimes followed by two pieces without a title-page--Books
     relating to America. 1493-1700. pp. 16. Books relating to America.
     1493-1700. Supplement, pp. 8--which were also issued in 4to, pp. 4,
     and 2.

 RICH. Bibliotheca Americana Nova; or, A Catalogue of Books in Various
 Languages, Relating to America, Printed since the Year 1700. Compiled
 principally from the Works themselves. By O. Rich.... [Vol. I.
 1701-1800.] 8vo, pp. (4), 424. Supplement.... Part I. Additions and
 Corrections.... 1841. pp. (2), 425-517.             _London: O. Rich._
                                  _New York: Harper and Brothers._ 1835.

     The verso of the title reads "250 copies printed in all: For sale
     in England, 100. To send to America 150." On the publication of
     Vol. II. in 1846, new title-pages were issued for the work in 2
     vols. as below:

 RICH. Bibliotheca Americana Nova. A Catalogue of Books Relating to
 America, in various Languages, including Voyages to the Pacific and
 round the World, and Collections of Voyages and Travels Printed since
 the Year 1700. Compiled principally from the Works themselves, by O.
 Rich.... Vol. I. 1701-1800; Vol. II. 1801-1844. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. (4),
 517; 4, 412.                               _London: Rich & Sons._ 1846.

     The half title in Vol. I. was omitted in the second issue, and a
     dedication follows the title-page.

 RICH. Supplement to the Bibliotheca Americana Nova. Part I. Additions
 and Corrections. 1701-1800. 8vo, pp. (2), 425-517.
                                                _London: O. Rich._ 1841.

     This should be bound up with Vol. I. In the copies of Vol. I. which
     were issued in 1846, this supplement is included sometimes with and
     sometimes without a separate title-page. A few copies of Vol. II.
     were printed on one side only on thick paper. Mr. Rich was well
     known in the bibliographical world for his collection of rare books
     relating to Spain and America, and his _Bibliotheca Americana_ is
     a work of great labor and research, and of real service to the
     student of history. See _Athenæum_, 1850, p. 102, and Petzholdt,
     pp. 801-802.

 RICHARDERIE (G. B. de la). _See_ Boucher de la Richarderie.

 RIMBAULT (E. F.) Bibliotheca Madrigaliana. A Bibliographical Account
 of the Musical and Poetical Works published in England during the
 Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries, under the Titles of Madrigals,
 Ballets, Ayres, Canzonets, &c., &c. By Edward F. Rimbault.... 8vo, pp.
 xvi, 88.                      _London: John Russell Smith._ MDCCCXLVII.

     Six copies printed on thick paper in royal 8vo. Records a class of
     books left undescribed by Ames, Herbert, and Dibdin, and furnishes
     a most valuable catalogue of lyrical poetry of the age to which it

 RINGWALT (J. L.) American Encyclopædia of Printing. Edited by J. Luther
 Ringwalt. Imp. 8vo, pp. 511.  _Philadelphia: Menamin & Ringwalt._ 1871.

     A description of this important work will be found in the _American
     Bibliopolist_, for December, 1871, p. 516.

 [RITSON (Joseph).] Bibliographia Poetica: A Catalogue of Engleish
 Poets, of the Twelfth, Thirteenth, Fourteenth, Fifteenth and Sixteenth
 Centurys, with a Short Account of their Works. Post 8vo, pp. (4), ii,
 407.                                _London: G. and W. Nicol._ MDCCCII.

     For additions and alterations to this volume, see Sir E. Brydges'
     _Censura Literaria_, V. and VI., and Fry's _Bibliographical
     Memoranda_, pp. 7-11.

 [RIVERS (David).] Literary Memoirs of Living Authors of Great Britain,
 arranged according to An Alphabetical Catalogue of their Names; and
 including A List of their Works, With Occasional Opinions upon their
 Literary Character. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. (4), 385; (2), 404.
                                             _London: R. Faulder._ 1798.

 ROCCHA. Angeli Roccha Bibliotheca Apostolica Vaticana a Sixto V., in
 splendidiorem commodioremque locum translata et commentario illustrata.
 4to. Folded Plate of the Library.     _Romæ, ex Typog. Vaticana._ 1591.

     Printed at the Vatican press under the direction of Aldus and
     Dom. Basa. It contains a curious account of the library of Aldus,
     and many complimentary tributes both to Aldus the elder and Paul
     Manuce. The contents altogether are highly curious and interesting.
     It was unknown to Renouard. _See_ Petzholdt, p. 499.

 [RODD (Horace).] Catalogue of an Extensive Collection of Fine & Rare
 Prints, illustrative of the Works of William Shakspeare, including
 all the Rare Portraits of the Bard, and Scenic Prints in Choice Proof
 State. Also a capital collection of Shakspeariana, being the work of
 many of the Commentators and other Writers, on his Plays.... Collected
 by John Tyrrel, Esq. 8vo, pp. (4), 33. _London: Rodd and Maddox._ 1850.

     Four copies printed on thick paper.

 ROORBACH (O. A.) Bibliotheca Americana. Catalogue of American
 Publications, including reprints, ... from 1820 to 1852, inclusive....
 By O. A. Roorbach. 8vo, pp. xi, 652. _New York: Orville A Roorbach._
 1852. + Supplement ... 1852, to ... 1855. 8vo, pp. vii, 220. [_Ibid._]
 1855. + Addenda ... 1855, to ... 1858. 8vo, pp. 257.    [_Ibid._] 1858.

     The edition of 1852 includes the contents of the edition of 1849,
     which we omit, and the supplement published in 1850.

 ROSCOE (W.) Catalogue of the ... Library, Prints, Drawings, and
 Pictures of William Roscoe, Esq.... Sold ... 1816. 3 vols., 8vo, pp.
 (4), 208; (4), 170; (8), 156.                        _Liverpool._ 1816.

     These catalogues were drawn up by Mr. Roscoe himself, and contain
     some valuable bibliographical information, and his notes on various
     works of art.

 ROSSI (J.B. De-). De Hebraicæ Typographiæ origine ac primitiis seu
 antiquis ac rarissimis Hebraicorum Librorum editionibus seculi XV
 Disquisitio historico-critica Johannis Bernardi De-Rossi. 4to, pp. (8),
 100.                                _Parmæ ex Regio typographeo._ 1776.

     Bernardo De-Rossi, professor of Parma, occupied all his life in the
     collection of Manuscripts and rare editions of the Hebrew text;
     before his death he had upwards of 1680 Hebrew Manuscripts.

 ROTHELIN (Charles d'Orleans de), _l'Abbé_. Observations et Détails sur
 la Collection des Grands & des Petits Voyages. 4to, pp. 44.
                                                     [n. p.] M.DCC.XLII.

     This is reprinted in Lenglet du Fresnoy's "Méthode pour étudier la
     géographie." Vol. I. 1768.

 ROWELL. Geo. P. Rowell & Co.'s American Newspaper Directory, containing
 Accurate Lists of all the Newspapers and Periodicals published in the
 United States and Territories, and the Dominion of Canada and British
 Colonies of North America: together with a Description of the Towns and
 Cities in which they are published. Rl. 8vo, pp. 680.
                                  _New York: Geo. P. Rowell & Co._ 1872.

 Roxburghe Revels, and other Relative Papers; including Answers to the
 Attack on the Memory of the late Joseph Haslewood, Esq. F.S.A. With
 Specimens of his Literary Productions. 4to, pp. ix, 144.
            _Edinburgh: Printed for Private Circulation._ M.DCCC.XXXVII.

     Only a few copies printed. Very rare. The Defence of Mr. Haslewood
     was written by Dr. Dibdin.

 Library of the Royal Geographical Society, to December, 1870. 8vo, pp.
 (4), 478.                                  _London: John Murray._ 1871.

 RUSSELL (Addison P.) Library Notes. 12mo, pp. (2), 401.
                                      _New York: Hurd & Houghton._ 1875.

 [RYE (W. B.)] List of the Books of Reference in the Reading-room of
 the British Museum. 8vo.                                _London._ 1849.

 SABIN (J.) A Dictionary of Books Relating to America. From its
 Discovery to the Present Time. By Joseph Sabin.
                                      _New York: Joseph Sabin._ 1867-76.

     48 parts or 8 vols., 8vo, all yet published. One hundred copies
     printed on large paper. It it the most thorough work of the kind
     ever attempted, and indispensable to the collector of an American
     library. Mr. Frederick Muller says, "I am proud to be a bookseller,
     seeing a bookseller has made such a book." "When this valuable work
     will be completed it is impossible to calculate; up to Part xiv.
     it only reaches as far as 'Casas.'"--POWER. It will probably be
     completed in 1880.

 SABIN. A Bibliographical Catalogue of the Waltonian Library, belonging
 to the Estate of Robert W. Coleman. 8vo, pp. (2), 149. _New York._ 1866.

     Seventy-five copies only, privately printed. The greatest part of
     this library was collected by the late Rev. Dr. Bethune.

 [SABIN.] Bibliotheca Dramatica. Catalogue of the Theatrical and
 Miscellaneous Library of the Late William E. Burton ... Sold ... 1860.
 8vo, pp. viii, 463. Portrait.                         _New York._ 1860.

     One hundred copies on large paper, imp. 8vo.

 [SABIN.] Catalogue of the ... Books, ... of the Late Mr. E. B. Corwin.
 8vo, pp. vii, 263.                                    _New York._ 1856.

     One hundred copies printed on large paper.

 [SABIN.] Catalogue of an Extensive and Select Collection of Choice
 Books, etc. May 26 [1857]. 8vo.                     [_New York._ 1857.]

     Descriptive of the library of George R. Hazewell. The collection
     was at that time withdrawn from sale, but was afterwards catalogued
     with additions from other sources as the "Catalogue of a Valuable
     Private Library, Comprising an Extensive and Select Collection of
     Choice Books, Sold May 16, 1859." _New York._ [1859.] 8vo, pp. 6,
     324, (2).

 SABIN. Catalogue of the Library of Edwin Forrest. Compiled by Joseph
 Sabin. 8vo, pp. iv, 188. Portrait.                _Philadelphia._ 1863.

     One hundred and seventy-five copies privately printed. Mr. Forrest
     bequeathed his library to the Dramatic Institution which he
     established and endowed.

 SABIN. Catalogue of the Books ... belonging to the Estate of the late
 John Allan. Prepared by Joseph Sabin. 8vo, pp. vi, (2), 343.
                                                       _New York._ 1864.

     One hundred copies printed on large paper, in which is a steel
     portrait of John Allan. In the large paper copies the name of the
     compiler of the catalogue was omitted, because in a note on the
     last page of the small paper copies he was so impertinent as to
     reflect on the style of that portion of the catalogue which he did
     not write.

 SABIN. Catalogue of the Library of Andrew Wight, of Philadelphia....
 Prepared by Joseph Sabin. 8vo, pp. 315. [_Sold_]      _New York._ 1864.

     One hundred copies printed on large paper. The majority of the
     books were in fact the property of Mr. Edward Vernon. Very rich in
     books printed by Benjamin Franklin.

 [SABIN.] Catalogue of The Library belonging to Thomas Addis Emmet M.D.
 8vo, pp. (6), 371.                  _New York: Bradstreet Press._ 1868.

     As a specimen of ornamental printing this is perhaps the finest
     specimen put forth in America. Four copies were printed on
     Whatman's drawing paper.

 [SABIN.] Catalogue of Mr. John A. Rice's Library ... Sold ... [by
 Joseph Sabin] Rl. 8vo, pp. xvi, 566. _New York: J. Sabin & Sons._ 1870.

     Twenty-five copies printed on English laid paper for presents only,
     and one hundred copies on thick paper. This collection of books was
     one of the finest that had ever been offered for sale in the United
     States. The total amount realized was over $42,000.

 SABIN. Catalogue of the Library of E. G. Squier. Edited by Joseph
 Sabin.... Sold ... 1876 ... 8vo, pp. (4), 277, (8).
                          _New York: Charles C. Shelley, Printer._ 1876.

     Rich in books relative to Central America, Peru, etc.

 [SABIN.] Catalogue of the Library belonging to Thomas W. Field.... Sold
 ... 8vo, pp. viii, 376.                               _New York._ 1875.

     The notes to the books are mostly abridged from Mr. Field's
     _Essay_; about ten thousand typographical errors contained in the
     _Essay_ are corrected in this catalogue.

 SABIN. Catalogue of the Books Manuscripts and Engravings belonging to
 William Menzies of New York. Prepared by Joseph Sabin. 8vo, pp. xviii,
 471, (1).                                             _New York._ 1875.

     This collection was sold by the compiler, November, 1876, and
     realized nearly $50,000, being $9,000 more than it cost. It was the
     finest library ever sold in the United States.

 SABIN. A List of the Printed Editions of the Works of Fray Bartolomé
 de las Casas Bishop of Chiapa. Extracted from a Dictionary of Books
 relating to America. By Joseph Sabin. 8vo, pp. 17.
                                      _New York: J. Sabin & Sons._ 1870.

 SABIN. A List of the Editions of the Works of Louis Hennepin and
 Antonio de Herrera. Extracted from a Dictionary of Books relating to
 America. By Joseph Sabin. 8vo, pp. 16.
                                      _New York: J. Sabin & Sons._ 1876.

 [SABIN.] Shakspeariana Burtonensis: being a Catalogue of the Extensive
 Collection of Shakspeariana of the late William E. Burton, Esq., of New
 York.... Rl. 8vo, pp. 72.        _New York: Joseph Sabin and Co._ 1860.

     One hundred copies only printed. Also included in the _Bibliotheca
     Dramatica_, described _supra_.

 SABIN. Catalogue of the Library of George W. Ordway, Chicago, Ill.
 Prepared By J. Sabin. 8vo, pp. 3-96.
                                    _New York: Privately Printed._ 1869.

     This catalogue of Mr. Ordway's collection is a specimen of
     amplification. I was instructed to fill 100 pages with a
     description of a few books, and almost did it.

 [SABIN.] Catalogue of the Library of Mr. Richard W. Roche. 8vo, pp.
 251.                                _New York: Bradstreet Press._ 1867.

     Twenty-five copies printed on thick paper. Edited by Joseph Sabin.
     The following catalogues include in the notes to the books much
     information as to their rarity, value or importance: Bibliotheca
     Americana et Selectissima. Catalogue of an Extraordinary Collection
     of Books relating to America, etc. 8vo, pp. 151. _New York._
     [1857.]--Bibliotheca Splendidissima. Catalogue [of the Library of
     A. E. Douglas]. 8vo, pp. v, 171. _New York._ 1856; and others too
     numerous to mention.

 SABIN_ (J.) _& SONS. The American Bibliopolist. A Literary Register and
 Monthly Catalogue of Old and New Books, and Repository of Notes and
 Queries. Vol. I. 8vo.                      _New York._ 1869. Continued.

 SABINE (_Capt._) Catalogue of Captain Sabine's Collection of Books
 relating to Shakespeare. Sold 1820. 8vo.       _London: Sotheby._ 1820.

 ST. LOUIS. Classified Catalogue of the St. Louis Mercantile Library ...
 [By John N. Dyer.] Imp. 8vo, pp. xiii, 762.          _St. Louis._ 1874.

     One of the best libraries of its class.

 Sale Catalogues. A List of the Original Catalogues of the Principal
 Libraries which have been sold by auction by Mr. Samuel Baker, from
 1774; Messrs. S. Baker and G. Leigh, from 1775 to 1777; Mr. George
 Leigh, 1778; Messrs. Leigh and Sotheby, from 1780 to 1800; Messrs.
 Leigh, Sotheby, and Son, from 1800 to 1803; Messrs. Leigh and L.
 Sotheby, from 1804 to 1816; and Mr. Sotheby, from 1816 to 1828. The
 whole forming a series of one hundred and fifty-six volumes in quarto,
 with Prices and Purchaser's Names. 8vo.                 _London._ 1828.

     This little privately printed pamphlet contains a chronological
     and alphabetical list of over eight hundred book sales of the
     libraries of well-known literary men and book collectors, &c., for
     eighty-four years. The valuable catalogues mentioned in this list
     are deposited in the British Museum, together with the continuation
     of the series up to 1860. Mr. Power adds a description of several
     other sale catalogues of libraries, the most important of which we
     have described under the names of their owners. _See_ Power, pp.
     192, 193.

 SALVA (V.) A Catalogue of Spanish and Portuguese Books, with occasional
 Literary and Bibliographical Remarks. By Vincent Salva. 2 vols., 8vo,
 pp. xxx, 226; xxix, 225.                             _London._ 1826-29.

     _See_ Petzholdt, p. 380, for other catalogues.

 SANTANDER (Ch. Ant. de la Serna). Dictionnaire bibliographique choisi
 du quinzième siècle, ou description par ordre alphabétique des éditions
 les plus rares et les plus recherchées du quinzième siècle, précédé
 d'un essai historique sur l'origine de l'imprimerie, ainsi que sur
 l'histoire de son établissement dans les villes, bourgs, monastères et
 autres endroits de l'Europe; avec la notice des imprimeurs qui y ont
 exercé cet art jusqu'à l'an 1500. Par de la Serna Santander. 3 vols.,
 8vo, pp. (6), x, 480; (4), iv, 478; (4), 520. 2 Tables.
                         _Bruxelles: Impr. Tarte. An_ XIII. [1805]-1807.

     "A most elaborate work, to which all bibliographers are indebted
     for a fund of interesting and important information. It also
     contains his masterly sketch of the History of Printing."--T. H.
     HORNE. In Vol. III. are many curious water-marks. _See_ Petzholdt,
     p. 124.

 SANTANDER. Catalogue des Livres de la Bibliothèque de M. C. de la Serna
 Santander, ... avec des Notes bibliographiques et littéraires.... 5
 vols., 8vo, pp. vi, xxxv, (1), 309; (2), 354; (2), 305; (2), 266; 130,
 (1). Plates.                                         _Bruxelles._ 1803.

     A very valuable catalogue, both on account of the richness of
     the collection (particularly in Spanish literature), and also on
     account of its great accuracy and of the bibliographical importance
     of the appended notes. The fifth volume, which includes some
     curious treatises on water-marks, signatures, etc., is very scarce.

 SANTANDER. Historical Essay on the Origin of Printing, By M. de la
 Serna Santander; translated by Thomas Hodgson. 8vo.  _Newcastle._ 1819.

     Fifty-six copies only printed, of which six copies were printed in
     imperial 8vo.

 SAVAGE (J.) The Librarian; being an Account of scarce, valuable,
 and useful English Books, Manuscript Libraries, Public Records, &c.
 &c. By James Savage. 3 vols., 8vo, pp. iv, 288; iv, 288; iv, 286. 2
 Facsimiles.                                _London: W. Savage._ 1808-9.

     A very valuable account, with collations, lists and descriptions of
     plates, etc., of important and valuable English books.

 SAVAGE (W.) A Dictionary of the Art of Printing. By William Savage....
 8vo, pp. viii, 815, (1).                    _London: Longman_ ... 1841.

 SAVAGE. Practical Hints on Decorative Printing, with Illustrations
 Engraved on Wood and Printed in Colours at the Type Press. By William
 Savage. 4to, pp. (12), vi, (2), 118, 18. Plates.        _London._ 1822.

     Also on large paper, imp. 4to, with some of the plates heightened
     in gold. There it nothing necessary to be known in the noble art of
     typography that is not contained in this book. Interesting articles
     on electrotyping, printing machines, and other subjects equally
     important, render this one of the most useful books on these
     subjects that has issued from the press.

 SAXE (C.) Christophori SaxI Onomasticon literarivm, sive Nomenclator
 historico-criticvs præstantissimorvm omnis ætatis, popvli, artivmq.
 formvlæ Scriptorvm. item Monvmentorvm maxime illvstrivm, ab orbe
 condito vsque ad sæcvli, quod vivimus tempora.... 8 vols., 8vo, pp.
 xlii, 598; (2), 660; (2), x, 660; (2), 659; (2), 655; (2), 744; xviii,
 448, Portrait; viii, 464.
                      _Trajecti ad Rhenvm: à Paddenburgh_ ... 1775-1803.

     "An historico-critico chronological nomenclature of the most
     illustrious authors and monuments from the beginning of the world
     to the present time; with an account of the sources whence the
     author has derived his information. A very useful and laborious
     work, quite indispensable to the classical scholar."--CLARKE'S
     _Bibl. Misc._ _See also_ Petzholdt, p. 80.

 SCHEIBLE (J.) A Catalogue of Literary Curiosities, Treatises on
 Love and Women; on Polygamy, Divorce, the Pleasures and Troubles of
 Matrimony, Secret Memoirs, Comical and Scandalous Histories, Court
 Secrets, Celebrated Trials; Suppressed and Clandestinely Printed Books,
 Pamphlets, and Rare Illustrated Facetiæ.... 2 parts, 8vo.
                                                      _Stuttgart._ 1872.

     "This extraordinary catalogue contains a list of nearly ten
     thousand works, in various languages, on the above curious topics."

 [SCHOOLCRAFT (Henry R.)] A Bibliographical Catalogue of Books,
 Translations of the Scriptures, and other publications in the Indian
 Tongues of the United States; with brief critical notices. 8vo, pp. 27,
 (1).                         _Washington: C. Alexander, Printer._ 1849.

     Contains a catalogue raisonné of the Indian works in the Indian
     Bureau of the Department of the Interior. Reprinted with a few
     additions, pp. 523-551 of Vol. IV. of Schoolcraft's work on the
     Indian Tribes of the United States.

 SCHULTENS (Johan Jacob). Catalogus Bibliothecæ Schultensianæ. 8vo.
                                              _Lugduni Batavorum._ 1780.

     "This noble library, vast in its numbers, and profound in the
     learning of its contents, is a monument worthy of the memory of
     its author's name, as to biblical, theological, grammatical, and
     critical literature, in the Greek and Roman, as well as the Hebrew
     and other languages. It consists of 11,965 articles, among which
     are sundry scarce and curious editions, and a great abundance of
     history, philology, and bibliography."

 SCOTT (W.) Catalogue of the Library at Abbotsford. 4to, pp. vi, (2),
 464.                                       _Edinburgh._ M.DCCC.XXXVIII.

     Major Scott's contribution to the Bannatyne Club. One hundred
     copies only printed; very scarce. This very valuable catalogue was
     compiled by the late J. G. Cochrane, of the London Library, St.
     James' Square. It contains very numerous references to the works of
     Sir Walter Scott, where he refers to, or quotes, the various books
     in the library. "The nature and extent of the collection throw
     light in a remarkable manner on the history of its founder. The
     reader has before him a faithful inventory of the materials with
     which the national poet and novelist had stored his mind before he
     began his public career, and of the zeal with which he watched the
     progress of literary enterprise down to the close of his life."

 SEGUIER (J. F.) Bibliotheca Botanica, sive Catalogus Auctorum et
 Librorum omnium qui de Re Botanica, de Medicamentis ex Vegetabilibus
 paratis, de Re Rustica, & de Horticultura tractant, a Joanne Francisco
 Seguierio Nemausense digestus. Accessit Bibliotheca Botanica Jo. Ant.
 Bumaldi, seu potius Ovidii Montalbani Bononiensis. 4to, pp. 16, 450,
 66.    _Hagæ Comitum: Neaulme._ 1740. + _Lugduni Batavorum._ 1760. 4to.

     Additions to the edition of 1760 were made by Laur. Theod.
     Gronovius. _See_ Petzholdt, p. 552.

 SEIZ (J. C.) Annus Sæcularis Tertius inventæ Artis Typographicæ à
 Laurentio Kostero ... sive Brevis Historica Enarratio de Inventione
 Nobilissimæ Artis Typographicæ.... Auctore Joanne Christiano Seiz....
 8vo, pp. (24), 262. 6 Plates and Portrait. _Harlemi: Enschede._ [1742.]

     A rare and curious book. _See_ Petzholdt, p. 450.

 SEIZINGER (Johann Georg). Theorie und Praxis der
 Bibliothekwissenschaft. Grundlinien der Archivwissenschaft. Rl. 8vo.
                                                        _Dresden._ 1863.

     Much valuable information in a small compass will be found in this
     work; it has also a good index.

 Serapeum. Zeitschrift für Bibliothekwissenschaft, Handschriftenkunde
 und ältere Litteratur. Im Vereine mit Bibliothekaren und
 Litteraturfreunden herausgegeben von Robert Naumann. 8vo.
                      _Leipzig: T. O. Weigel._ 1840. Continued annually.

 SHAKSPEARE. Catalogue of Mr. Capell's Shakspeariana, presented by him
 to Trinity College, Cambridge, and printed from an exact copy of his
 own MS. 8vo.                                            _London._ 1779.

     A very limited number were privately printed for the author's

 SHEA (J. G.) A Bibliographical Account of Catholic Bibles, Testaments,
 and other portions of Scripture, translated from the Latin Vulgate, and
 printed in the United States. By John Gilmary Shea. Fcap 8vo, pp. 48.
                                       _New York: Cramoisy Press._ 1859.

 SHURTLEFF (N. B.) A Decimal System, for the Arrangement and
 Administration of Libraries. By N. B. Shurtleff. 4to, pp. 80.
                                  _Boston: Privately Printed._ MDCCCLVI.

     Ingenious, but not very practicable.

 SILLIG (P. H.) Die Shakespeare-Literatur bis Mitte 1854.
 Zusammengestellt und herausgegeben von P. H. Sillig. Ein
 bibliographischer Versuch, eingeführt von H. Ulrici. 8vo, pp. ix, 99.
                                                   _Leipzig: Dyk._ 1854.

 SILVA (I. F. da). Diccionario Bibliographico Portuguez Estudos de
 Innocencio Francisco da Silva applicaveis a Portugal e ao Brasil. 9
 vols., 8vo, pp. lviii, (2), 403; 478; 447, 28; 472; 487; 474, 29-70;
 463, 71-110, (1); xxxi, 428, 113-136; xvi, 452.
                  _Lisboa na Imprensa Nacional_ M DCCC LVIII-M DCCC LXX.

     A learned, painstaking, and elaborate performance. Like all
     Portuguese and Spanish books of its class, it is arranged under
     the baptismal names of the authors. Vols. VIII. and IX. are a
     supplement, A-G.

 SIMEON (J.) Books and Libraries. A Lecture ... Ryde, October 28, 1859.
 By Sir John Simeon, Bart., MA. Post 8vo, pp. 75.
                                 _London: John W. Parker and Son._ 1860.

     A small collection of curious and interesting information relative
     to the origin and progress of printing, books, and libraries.

 SIMS (R.) Hand Book to the Library of the British Museum, Containing
 a Brief History of its Formation, and of the various Collections of
 which it is composed; Descriptions of the Catalogues in present use;
 Classed Lists of the Manuscripts, &c., and a variety of Information
 indispensable for Literary Men, with some Account of the Principal
 Public Libraries in London. 8vo, pp. xii, 418.
                                 _London: John Russell Smith._ MDCCCLIV.

     With Plan of London and Ground Plan of the Libraries in the British

 [SINGER (S. W.)] Some Account of the Book Printed at Oxford in
 MCCCCLXVIII, under the title of "Exposicio Sancti Jeronimi in Simbolo
 Apostolorum;" in which is examined its claim to be considered the First
 Book printed in England. 8vo, pp. ii, 44. 3 Facsimiles. _London._ 1812.

     Fifty copies only privately printed.

 SKEGG (E.) Catalogue of the singularly Curious, very Interesting and
 Valuable Library of Edward Skegg, Esq. 8vo. Portrait.   _London._ 1842.

     Twenty-five copies printed upon fine paper for presents. This
     choice collection, consisting of 2057 articles, was particularly
     rich in the works of the old English poets, etc.

 [SMITH (J. R.)] A Bibliographical Catalogue of English Writers on
 Angling and Ichthyology. Post 8vo, pp. 47.
                               _London: John Russell Smith._ M,DCCC,LVI.

     Also found at the end of R. Blakey's "Historical Sketches of the
     Angling Literature of all Nations."

 SMITH. A Bibliographical List of all the Works which have been
 published towards illustrating the Provincial Dialects of England. By
 John Russell Smith. Post 8vo, pp. 24.      _London: J. R. Smith._ 1839.

     Very serviceable to such as prosecute the study of provincial
     dialects, or are collecting works on that curious subject.

 SMITH. Bibliotheca Cantiana: A Bibliographical Account of what has been
 published on the History, Topography, Antiquities, Customs, and Family
 Genealogy, of the County of Kent. By John Russell Smith. 8vo, pp. xiv,
 360. 2 Facsimiles.                         _London: J. R. Smith._ 1837.

     Fifty copies printed on large paper. _See_ Petzholdt, p. 846.

 SMITH. Bibliotheca Americana. A Catalogue of a Valuable Collection of
 Books and Pamphlets relating to the History and Geography of North and
 South America and the West Indies. 8vo, pp. 196.
                                  _London: J. Russell Smith._ MDCCCLIII.

     A sale catalogue with prices affixed. _See_ Petzholdt, p. 806.

 SMITH. Bibliotheca Americana. A Catalogue of ... Books, Pamphlets,
 Manuscripts, Maps, Engravings, and ... Portraits, illustrating the
 History and Geography of ... America, and the West Indies, ... for
 sale.... By John Russell Smith. 8vo, pp. (8), 308.  _London._ MDCCCLXV.

 SMITH. Bibliotheca Americana. A Catalogue of ... Books, illustrating
 the History and Geography of ... America and the West Indies. Collected
 by John Russell Smith. On Sale ... by Alfred Russell Smith. 8vo, pp.
 vii, 234.                                          _London._ MDCCCLXXI.

 SMITH. Bibliotheca Americana, a Catalogue of ... Books ... illustrating
 the History and Geography of ... America and the West Indies. 8vo.
                                                         _London._ 1874.

     Mr. Smith has published many other catalogues; some with
     bibliographical notes.

 SMITH (J.) A Descriptive Catalogue of Friends' Books or Books written
 by Members of the Society of Friends commonly called Quakers, From
 their first Rise to the Present Time, interspersed with Critical
 Remarks and Occasional Biographical Notices, and including all writings
 by Authors before Joining, and by those after having left the Society,
 whether adverse or not, as far as known. By Joseph Smith. 2 vols., 8vo,
 pp. v, (2), 1027; (4), 984.               _London: Joseph Smith._ 1863.

     Also printed on large paper. The best work on the subject. The
     collector of early American imprints will here find the titles of
     many books which are comparatively unknown.

 SMITH. Bibliotheca Anti-Quakeriana; or A Catalogue of Books adverse
 to the Society of Friends, Alphabetically Annexed; with Biographical
 Notices of the Authors, together with the Answers which have been given
 to some of them by Friends and Others. By Joseph Smith ... 8vo, pp.
 (6), 474.                                 _London: Joseph Smith._ 1873.

 SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION. Catalogue of Publications of Societies, and of
 other Periodical Works in the Library of the Smithsonian Institution,
 January 1, 1858. Foreign Works. 8vo, pp. (4), 259. _Washington._ 1859.
 [Miscel. Col., Vol. V.] + January 1, 1866. Deposited in the Library of
 Congress. 8vo, pp. iv, (1), 591.
                            _Washington._ 1866. [Miscel. Col., Vol. IX.]

 SOBOLEWSKI (S.) Catalogue de la Collection précieuse de livres
 anciennes et modernes formant la bibliothèque de feu M. Serge
 Sobolewski (de Moscow). 8vo.                           _Leipzig._ 1873.

     Includes a fine collection of Americana, a rare series of De Bry,
     etc. It was dispersed by auction at Leipzig, July, 1873.

 SOTHEBY (S. L.) Principia Typographica. The Block-Books, or Xylographic
 Delineations of Scripture History, issued in Holland, Flanders, and
 Germany, during the Fifteenth Century, Exemplified and Considered in
 Connection with the Origin of Printing. To which is added An Attempt
 to Elucidate the character of the Paper-Marks of the Period. A work
 contemplated by the late Samuel Sotheby, and carried out by his Son
 Samuel Leigh Sotheby. 3 vols., 8vo, pp. (4), xvi, 200; (2), 216; (2),
 190, (27). 121 Plates.  _London: Printed for the Author._ M,DCCC,LVIII.

     Two hundred and fifty copies printed. The two leaves, subsequently
     printed, giving an account of the sale of the edition at auction,
     at the upset price of £9 per set, should be added, "a result," says
     Mr. Sotheby "unparalleled in the annals of literature." One of
     the most important works ever produced upon the history of early
     printing, on which it throws great additional light. It contains
     an extended examination of the various editions of the block books
     (or books printed from wooden blocks), the earliest productions
     of the art, issued in Holland, Flanders, and Germany, such as the
     Apocalypsis S. Johannis, Biblia Pauperum, Ars Moriendi, Cantica
     Canticorum, Liber Regum, Temptationes Dæmonum, Ars Memorandi,
     Endkrist, Quindecim Signa, De Generatione Christi, Miribilia Romæ,
     etc. It is not, however, confined to a history of block books, for
     it gives minute accounts, accompanied by exact facsimiles, of some
     of the most interesting and rare works printed with movable type in
     the infancy of the art, such as the Donatuses, Doctrinale, Catonis
     Disticha, Horarium, Facetiæ, Morales, Speculum Humanæ Salvationis,
     Bartolomæus van de Proprietaten der Dinghen, Exhortatio contra
     Turcos, Literæ Indulgentiarum, etc.

 SOTHEBY. Memoranda relating to the Block-Books preserved in the
 Bibliothèque Impériale, Paris, made October MDCCCLVIII., by Samuel
 Leigh Sotheby. Folio.       _London: Printed for the Author._ MDCCCLIX.

     Privately printed, and scarce. Uniform with the _Principia_, to
     which it forms an indispensable supplement.

 SOTHEBY. The Typography of the Fifteenth Century; being Specimens of
 the Productions of the Early Continental Printers, Exemplified in a
 Collection of Facsimiles from one hundred Works, together with their
 Water-Marks. Arranged and Edited from the Bibliographical Collections
 of the Late Samuel Sotheby by his Son, S. Leigh Sotheby. Folio, pp. 65,
 vii.                                       _London: Thomas Rodd._ 1845.

     One hundred copies only printed; very scarce. Uniform in size with
     the _Principia Typographica_. It contains 100 facsimile plates of
     the productions of the early printers, with the initials colored
     and illuminated in gold, in imitation of the originals, besides
     nearly 100 cuts on wood of paper-marks, etc. It will be found
     a very useful work with which to identify the books which have
     neither name of printer or place of printing.

 SPARKS (J.) Catalogue of the Library of Jared Sparks; with a List of
 the Historical Manuscripts collected by him, and now deposited in the
 Library of Harvard University. [Edited by C. A. Cutter.] 8vo, pp. iv,
 (1), 4, 230, (1).                   _Cambridge: Riverside Press._ 1871.

 SPENCE (J.) Anecdotes, Observations, and Characters, of Books and Men.
 Collected from the Conversation of Mr. Pope, and other Eminent Persons
 of his Time. By the Rev. Joseph Spence. Now first published from the
 Original Papers, with Notes, and a Life of the Author. By Samuel
 Weller Singer. Cr. 8vo, pp. xxxix, (1), 501. Portrait. _London: W. H.
 Carpenter._ MD.CCC.XX. + Second Edition. Post 8vo, pp. xxxii, 396.
 Portrait.                           _London: John Russell Smith._ 1858.

     The edition of 1858 was also printed on large paper. "One of the
     most entertaining volumes of literary anecdote imaginable."--T. F.

 SPENCE. [The Same.] Arranged with Notes, by the late Edmund Malone.
 8vo.                                                    _London._ 1820.

 SPILSBURY (W. H.) Lincoln's Inn its Ancient and Modern Buildings with
 an Account of the Library. By William Holden Spilsbury, Librarian....
 Fcap 8vo, pp. xvi, 324. Plate.       _London: William Pickering._ 1850.

     Also: Catalogue of the Printed Books in the Library of Lincoln's
     Inn.... _Printed for the Society._ 1859. Rl. 8vo.

 SQUIER (E. G.) Monograph of Authors who have Written on the Languages
 of Central America, and Collected Vocabularies or Composed Works in the
 Native Dialects of that Country. By E. G. Squier.... 4to, pp. 70.
                         _New York: G. B. Richardson & Co._ M.D.CCC.LXI.

     Some copies have the imprint, _London: Trübner & Co._ M.D.CCC.LXI.
     One hundred copies only printed.

 STACE (M.) The British Historical Intelligencer, containing a Catalogue
 of English, Scotch, Irish, and Welsh Historians, and an Account of
 Authors quoted by Rapin, Tindal, Carte, Bisset, and Adolphus, in their
 Histories of England. By Machell Stace. 8vo.       _Westminster._ 1829.

     Contains also notice of books suppressed, or which have led to

 STACY (G. G.) Catalogue of the Maine State Library: containing a List
 of all the Books in the Library up to December 31, 1862. By George G.
 Stacy, Librarian. 8vo, pp. 304.
                           _Augusta: Stevens & Layward, Printers._ 1862.

 STANLEY (_Col._) Bibliotheca Stanleiana. A Splendid Selection of ...
 Books, from the ... Library of Colonel Stanley.... 8vo, pp. (6), 71.
                                                         _London._ 1813.

     Also on large paper. A most rare and valuable collection,
     particularly rich in Italian and Spanish poetry, novels and
     romances, early voyages and travels, chronicles, natural and
     general history, etc.; with numerous valuable interesting
     bibliographical notes by the late Mr. R. H. Evans.

 STARK (A.) Printing; its Antecedents, Origin, History and Results. By
 Adam Stark. 12mo.                                       _London._ 1855.

 STEEVENS (G.) Bibliotheca Steevensiana. A Catalogue of the Curious and
 Valuable Library of George Steevens, Esq.... 8vo, pp. vi, 125.
                                   _London: Printed by J. Barker._ 1800.

     Twelve copies printed on royal octavo and six on imperial octavo
     paper. Rich in Shakespeariana, Early Poetry, and the Drama.

 STEINSCHNEIDER (M.) Catalogus librorum Hebræorum in Bibliotheca
 Bodleiana jussu curatorum digessit et notis instruxit M.
 Steinschneider. 4to, pp. (4), Introductio, cxxxii columns, Text, 3104
 columns.                          _Berolini typ. Friedländer._ 1852-60.

     This catalogue describes what is supposed to be the finest
     collection of Hebrew literature in existence. _See_ Petzholdt, p.

 STEVENS (H.) American Books with tails to 'em. A private pocket list
 of ... American periodicals, transactions, memoirs, [etc.] By Henry
 Stevens.... Sq. 16mo, 18 l.                             _London._ 1873.

 STEVENS. American Bibliographer. Parts I. and II. [All published.] Rl.
 8vo, pp. vii, 96. 3 Plates.                           _Chiswick._ 1854.

     One hundred copies only printed for subscribers; very scarce.
     _See_ Report ... of the Smithsonian Institution for 1849, for a
     prospectus of a similar work.

 STEVENS. Historical Nuggets Bibliotheca Americana or a Descriptive
 Account of my Collection of Rare Books relating to America. Henry
 Stevens GMB FSA. 2 vols., fcap 8vo, pp. xii, 436; (2), 437-805.
             _London: Printed by Whittingham and Wilkins_ ... MDCCCLXII.

     "Printed in the best style of the Chiswick Press, regardless of
     time, it comprises 2934 titles given in full, with the collation
     and price of each work. It was intended as far as it went to be
     a manual for collectors of this expensive class of books. But it
     did not go very far, containing as it does, not a selection, but
     only such books as the author happened to possess at that time.
     It was intended to supply the deficiencies by additional volumes,
     but these have never appeared, and probably never will in this
     form."--_Author._ A few copies were issued in 1858 with a different
     title. _See_ Petzholdt, p. 812.

 [STEVENS.] Bibliotheca Americana. A Catalogue of Books relating to the
 History and Literature of America.... Sold by Puttick and Simpson. 8vo,
 pp. vi, 273.                               _London. March_, M.DCCC.LXI.

     Also on large paper, rl. 8vo. This catalogue contains 2415 lots,
     with collations, etc., and will be useful to the collector. It is,
     in fact, an abridgment of Stevens' _Historical Nuggets_, although
     the latter was not published till 1862. It is one of the most
     carefully prepared auction catalogues ever issued.

 STEVENS. Bibliotheca Historica; or, a Catalogue of ... Books and
 Manuscripts relating chiefly to the History and Literature of North and
 South America; among which is included the larger proportion of the
 extraordinary Library of the late Henry Stevens, Sr., of Barnet, Vt.
 Edited, with Introduction and Notes, by Henry Stevens.... 8vo, pp. xv,
 (1), 234, (1).                                          _Boston._ 1870.

     Beautifully printed and profusely annotated. One of the few
     bibliographical works which combines amusement with profit and

 STEVENS. Catalogue of My English Library collected and described
 by Henry Stevens.... Fcap 8vo, pp. xi, 107.
                          _London: Printed by C. Whittingham. Nov. 1853.
                                              For Private Distribution._

     Contains the titles of the best editions of the principal standard
     authors sufficient to form a library of about 6000 volumes. The
     contents of the several volumes of the chief polygraphic works are
     given; also the dates of birth and death of most of the deceased

 STEVENS. The Humboldt Library. A Catalogue of the Library of Alexander
 von Humboldt. With a Bibliographical and Biographical Memoir by Henry
 Stevens.... 8vo, pp. xii, 791. Portrait.
                                       _London: Henry Stevens_ ... 1863.

     All the copies we have seen of this are marked proof, and the
     introduction is unfinished. Also on large paper, rl. 8vo.

 STEVENS. Schedule of two thousand American Historical Nuggets
 Taken from the Stevens Diggins in September 1870 and set down in
 Chronological Order of Printing from 1490 to 1800. Described and
 Recommended as a Supplement to any Printed Bibliotheca Americana.
 By Henry Stevens, G.M.B., F.S.A., etc. 4to, pp. (4), 20.
                                             _Privately Printed London:
                 Stevens's Bibliographical Nuggetory, ... Oct. 1, 1870._

     Also on large paper.

 [STEVENSON (T.)] Catalogue of Scottish Writers. Post 8vo, pp. xxiv,
 168.                               _Edinburgh: Thomas Stevenson._ 1833.

 STEWART (C.) A Descriptive Catalogue of the Oriental Library of ...
 Tippoo Sultan of Mysore. To which are prefixed, Memoirs of Hyder Aly
 Khan, and his Son Tippoo Sultan. By Charles Stewart. 4to. _Cambridge._
 1802. + [_Ibid._] 1809. 4to, pp. (4), viii, 94,(2), 364.

     "The pleasure we have experienced in perusing these sheets, has
     been considerably heightened by our confidence in the accuracy of
     the contents (Major Stewart giving notes and references from the
     most authentic materials), and from the modest, unassuming manner
     in which the whole is written. The work Major Stewart proposed to
     write was one of great curiosity to all classes of readers, and a
     desideratum of real consequence to Oriental scholars."--_British

 STEWART (C. J.) Catalogue of the Library collected by Miss Richardson
 Currer, at Eshton Hall, Craven, Yorkshire, By C. J. Stewart,
 Bookseller. Rl. 8vo, pp. xii, 501. 4 Plates.
                   _London: Printed for Private Circulation only._ 1833.

     This catalogue, now rare, contains much more than that by
     Triphook. See _Notes and Queries_, Second Series, XII. 77. Mr.
     Stewart's catalogues of his own stock are replete with valuable
     bibliographical and critical notices. It is no exaggeration to say
     that in the departments of literature to which Mr. Stewart has
     given special attention he is the best living authority.

 [STRATICO (Simeone).] Bibliografia di Marina nelle varie lingue dell'
 Europa o sia Raccolta dei titoli dei libri nelle suddete lingue i
 quali trattano di quest' arte. 4to, pp. x, 212.
                                  _Milano, dall' J. R. stamperia._ 1823.

 STRATTON (W. C.) Catalogue of the California State Library, Prepared
 by W. C. Stratton, State Librarian. 8vo, pp. 460, 205.
             _Sacramento: Printed by O. M. Clayes, State Printer._ 1866.

 STRUVE (B. G.) Bibliotheca Historiae Litterariae selecta olim titvlo
 Introdvctionis in Notitiam Rei litterariae et Vsvm Bibliothecarvm
 insignita cvivs primas lineas dvxit Bvrc. Gotthelf. Strvvivs. Post
 variorvm emendationes et additamenta opvs ita formavit vt fere novvm
 dici qveat Johannes Fridericvs Jvgler. 3 vols., 8vo, pp. (24), 768; 5
 (8), 769-1640; (6), 1641-2362.                  _Jenae: Cvno._ 1754-63.

 STRUVE. Burcardi Gotth. Struvii Introductio in Notitiam rei Litterariae
 et usum Bibliothecarum auctoris ipsius metis Observationibus; Coleri,
 Lilienthalii, Koecheri, aliorumque ... Notis ... Aucta ... et ...
 cura Io. Christiani Fischeri.... 8vo, pp. 988, (66).
            _Francofurti et Lipsiae: Henr. Ludovicum Broenner._ MDCCLIV.

 STRUVE. Bibliotheca Historica. Instructa a b. Burcardo Gotthelf Struvio
 aucta a b. Christi. Gottlieb Budero nunc vero a Joanne Georgio Meuselio
 ita digesta, amplificata et emendata, ut paene novum Opus videri
 possit. 11 vols., 8vo. _Lipsiae: Weidmanni hered. et Reich._ 1782-1804.

     This uncommonly careful reproduction of a work which appeared last
     at Jena in 1740 has unfortunately remained unfinished, and ends
     with the French History. _See_ Petzholdt, p. 774, and [Harrisse]
     _Bib. Am. Vet._ XXII.

 SWAINSON (W.) ... Taxidermy, Bibliography, and Biography. 16mo, pp.
 (8), 392.                                   _London: Longman_.... 1840.

     _See_ Lardner's _Cabinet Cyclopædia_, CXIX., _Natural History, and
     Bibliography of Zoology_.

 SYKES (M. M.) Catalogue of the Splendid, Curious, and Extensive Library
 of the late Sir Mark Masterman Sykes, Bart. 3 parts, 8vo, pp. v, 93;
 (2), 83; (2), 68. Portrait.                             _London._ 1824.

     The "Lorenzo" of Dibdin's _Bibliomania_. A truly valuable and
     magnificent collection of the rarest English and foreign books.

 TANNEHILL (W.) Sketches of the History of Literature. 8vo.
                                                      _Nashville._ 1827.

 TASSY (G. de). Histoire de la Littérature Hindoui et Hindoustani par
 Garcin de Tassy. Tome I. Biographie et Bibliographie. Rl. 8vo, pp. xvi,
 630.                                 _Paris: Printed under the auspices
                        of the Oriental Translation Committee_ ... 1839.

 TAYLOR (I.) History of the Transmission of Ancient Books to Modern
 Times; or, a Concise Account of the Means by which the Genuineness
 and Authenticity of Ancient Historical Works are ascertained: with an
 Estimate of the Comparative Value of the Evidence usually adduced in
 Support of the Claims of the Jewish and Christian Scriptures. By Isaac
 Taylor. 8vo, pp. vi, 266. _London: J. B. Holdsworth._ 1827. + _London:
 Jackson and Walford._ 1859. 8vo, pp. x, 413.

 TERNAUX (H.) Bibliothèque Américaine ou Catalogue des Ouvrages relatifs
 a l'Amérique qui ont paru depuis sa découverte jusqu'à l'an 1700.
 Par H. Ternaux. 8vo, pp. (4), viii, 191.
                                _Paris: Arthus-Bertrand._ M.DCCC.XXXVII.

     Also on large paper in 4to. "This catalogue contains 1153 articles:
     the few notes added by Mr. Ternaux, cause a regret that he has been
     so sparing of them."--RICH.

 TERNAUX. Bibliothèque Asiatique et Africaine ou Catalogue des Ouvrages
 relatifs à l'Asie et à l'Afrique qui ont paru depuis la découverte de
 l'imprimerie jusqu'en 1700; par H. Ternaux-Compans. 8vo, pp. vi, 347.
                                _Paris: Chez Arthus Bertrand._ MDCCCXLI.

 [TERNAUX.] Catalogue des livres et manuscrits de la bibliothèque de feu
 M. Rœtzel, dont la vente se fera le jeudi 3 novembre 1836 et les 25
 jours suivants. 8vo, pp. vii, 254.            _Paris: Silvestre._ 1836.

     "Catalogue précieux, contenant un grand nombre d'ouvrages relatifs
     à l'Amérique (histoire, langues, voyages). Il contient aussi plus
     de 500 Nos. de poètes et historiens espagnols. Cette bibliothèque
     était celle de M. Ternaux-Compans."--LECLERC.

 TERNAUX. Notice sur les Imprimeries qui existent ou ont existé hors
 de l'Europe. Par H. Ternaux-Compans. 8vo, pp. 48. _Paris: Arthus
 Bertrand._ [n. d.] + [_Ibid._] 1843. 8vo, pp. (4), 146. + Supplement.
 _Paris._ 1849. 8vo, pp. (2), 20. + Nouvelles Additions. _Paris._ 1849.
 8vo, pp. (2), 19.

 THIMM (F.) Shakspeariana from 1564 to 1864. An Account of the
 Shakspearian Literature of England, Germany, France ... during Three
 Centuries, with Bibliographical Introductions. By Franz Thimm. Second
 Edition Containing the Literature from 1864 to 1871. 8vo, pp. (6), 118.
                                            _London: Franz Thimm._ 1872.

     Very valuable as a list of foreign Shakespeariana.

 THOMAS (I.) The History of Printing in America. With a Biography of
 Printers, and an Account of Newspapers. To which is prefixed a Concise
 View of the Discovery and Progress of the Art in other parts of the
 World.... By Isaiah Thomas, Printer, Worcester, Massachusetts. 2 vols.,
 8vo, pp. 487; 576.
                _Worcester: From the Press of Isaiah Thomas, Jun._ 1810.

     This valuable work, written and published in advance of the time,
     met with no favor, and was quickly forgotten. It was reprinted with
     the following title:

 THOMAS. The History of Printing in America: ... By Isaiah Thomas,
 LL.D. ... Second Edition. With the Author's Corrections and Additions,
 and a Catalogue of American Publications previous to the Revolution of
 1776.... 2 vols., 8vo, pp. lxxxvii, 423, Portrait; 666, Index, (50).
                           _Albany, N. Y.: Joel Munsell, Printer._ 1874.

     In this edition some of the matter in the first it omitted.
     The list of ante-revolutionary publications is far from being
     complete, and it is much to be regretted that many of the titles
     are not given correctly; one specimen is conspicuous: on page 405,
     article Bass, an error in the Massachusetts Catalogue is pointed
     out, but the title is turned round. There is nothing in the title
     about Benjamin Colman, and the collation is pp. (2), iii, 40;
     the printer's name is not given. Errors like these swarm in the
     list, a circumstance to be regretted, as a little additional labor
     would have made that right which is now wrong. It is the more
     inexcusable, as a reference to Sabin's _Dictionary_ would have
     furnished many titles entirely omitted or incorrectly described.

 [THOMAS (Ralph).] Handbook of Fictitious Names; being a Guide to
 Authors, chiefly in the Lighter Literature of the XIXth Century, who
 have written under Assumed Names; and to Literary Forgers, Imposters,
 Plagiarists, and Imitators. By Olphar Hamst.... 8vo, pp. xiv, (2), 235,
 (1).                                _London: John Russell Smith._ 1868.

 [THOMAS.] Life of Joseph-Marie Quérard, a Martyr to Bibliography, with
 Notice of his Works by Olphar Hamst. 12mo.              _London._ 1867.

     Two hundred and fifty copies printed.

 [THOMAS.] Swimming: a Bibliographical List of Works on Swimming....
 8vo.                                                    _London._ 1868.

     Only twenty-five copies printed. "Extracted from the second issue
     of 'A Few Words on Swimming.'"

 THOMS (W. J.) Early English Prose Romances, with Bibliographical and
 Historical Introductions. Edited by William J. Thoms, F.S.A. Second
 Edition, Enlarged. 3 vols., post 8vo, pp. xxiv, 304; 361; 414.
                                       _London: Nattali and Bond._ 1858.

     Also on large paper.

 THOMSON (R.) Book of Life; a Bibliographical Melody, presented by the
 author to the Members of the Roxburghe Club, as a Specimen of Printing.
 By Richard Thomson. 8vo. 1820.

     Only fifty copies were privately printed on paper, and two on

 THORIN (E.) Répertoire bibliographique des ouvrages de Législation, de
 Droit et de Jurisprudence en matière civile, ... publiés spécialement
 en France depuis 1789 jusqu'à la fin de novembre 1863. Nouvelle
 édition, corrigée et considérablement augmentée, par Ernest Thorin,
 et précédée d'une notice sur l'enseignement et les études dans les
 Facultés de droit, et d'une analyse chronologique des lois, statuts,
 décrets, etc., relatifs à cet enseignement, de 1791 à 1862; par A. De
 Fontaine de Resbecq. 8vo, pp. 276.               _Paris: Durand._ 1864.

     A new edition, considerably enlarged, with an analytic table of
     contents, by Ernst Thorin.

 THORPE (T.) Bibliotheca Anglo-Poetica et Dramatica, or a Descriptive
 Catalogue of Rare and Early English and Scottish Poetry, etc., on Sale
 by Thomas Thorpe. 8vo, pp. (2), 109.               _London._ MDCCCXLIV.

     The various and numerous catalogues of this celebrated bookseller
     exhibit great research and extensive bibliographical knowledge.

 TICKNOR (G.) History of Spanish Literature. By George Ticknor.... 3
 vols., 8vo, pp. xxi, 568; xiv, 552; xiv, 549.
                               _New York: Harper & Brothers._ MDCCCXLIX.

     Frequently reprinted with alterations and additions.

 TICKNOR. Historia de la Literature Española, traducida al Castellano,
 con adiciones y notas criticas por Don Pascual de Gayangos y Don
 Enrique de Vedia. 4 vols., 8vo, pp. iv, 580; 568; 566, (1); 504.
                                                      _Madrid._ 1851-57.

     Superior to the English original, the valuable notes and additions
     of the learned editors having almost doubled the matter of the work.

 TICKNOR. Geschichte der schönen Literatur in Spanien von Georg Ticknor.
 Deutsch mit Zusätzen herausgegeben von Nikolaus Heinrich Julius. 2
 vols., 8vo, pp. xxx, 690; xii, 867.         _Leipzig: Brockhaus._ 1852.

 TIELE (P. A.) Mémoire Bibliographique sur les Journaux des Navigateurs
 Néerlandais réimprimés dans les Collections de De Bry et de Hulsius,
 et dans les Collections Hollandaises du XVII'e Siècle, et sur les
 Anciennes Éditions Hollandaises des Journaux de Navigateurs Étrangers;
 la plupart en la possession de Frederick Muller à Amsterdam. Redigé par
 P. A. Tiele.... 8vo, pp. xii, 372. Facsimile.
                                    _Amsterdam: Frederick Muller._ 1867.

     Fifty copies printed on large paper in rl. 8vo. A meritorious
     performance, and exhaustive on the subject. _See_ also Petzholdt,
     pp. 61, 854.

 TIMPERLEY (C. H.) A Dictionary of Printers and Printing, with
 the Progress of Literature, Ancient and Modern; Bibliographical
 Illustrations, etc., etc. By C. H. Timperley. Imp. 8vo, pp. 996.
                                       _London: H. Johnson._ MDCCCXXXIX.

     Contains an immense mass of useful and entertaining information
     upon literature, compiled from every accessible source.

 TIMPERLEY. Encyclopædia of Literary and Typographical Anecdote; being a
 chronological digest of the most interesting Facts illustrative of the
 History of Literature and Printing ... with Biographical Sketches of
 Eminent Booksellers, Printers, Type-founders, Engravers, Bookbinders,
 and Paper Makers, of all Ages and Countries.... with Bibliographical
 ... Accounts of their Principal Productions ... Including curious
 particulars of the First Introduction of Printing ... and of the
 Books then Printed. Notices of Early Bibles ... A History of all the
 Newspapers ... [and] an Account of the Origin and Progress of Language,
 Writing and Writing Materials, the Invention of Paper, ... &c. Compiled
 ... by C. H. Timperley. Second Edition.... Imp. 8vo, pp. vi, 996, 12,
 116. 11 Plates.                     _London: Henry G. Bohn._ MDCCCXLII.

     A comprehensive, instructive, and entertaining _omnium gatherum_ of
     whatever could be collected from known and authentic sources.

 [TIMPERLEY.] Songs of the Press and other Poems relative to the
 Art of Printers and Printing; also of Authors, Books, Booksellers,
 Bookbinders, Editors, Critics, Newspapers, etc. Original and Selected.
 With Notes, Biographical and Literary. 12mo, pp. 208.
                                      _London: Fisher, Son, & Co._ 1845.

 TOBLER (Titus). Bibliographia Geographica Palaestinae. Zunächst
 kritische Uebersicht gedruckter und ungedruckter Beschreibungen der
 Reisen ins Heilige Land. 8vo, pp. iv, (2), 265.
                                  _Leipzig: Verlag von S. Hirzel._ 1867.

 TODERINI (Giambattista). Della Litteratura Turchesca. 3 vols., 8vo.
                                                        _Venezia._ 1787.

     Contents: Vol. I. The Studies of the Turks; II. Turkish Libraries
     and Academies; III. Turkish Typography. "Full of curious

 TODERINI. De la Littérature des Turcs. Par M^{r}. l'Abbé Toderini.
 Traduit de l'Italien en François, Par M^{r}. l'Abbé de Cournand ... &
 Professeur Royal. 3 vols., 8vo, pp. (2), xvi, 251; (2), 270; (2), 268.
 2 Plates.                                  _Paris: Chez Poincot._ 1789.

 TONELLI (F.) Biblioteca Bibliografica Antica et Moderna; d'ogni classe,
 e d'ogni Nazione. Raccolta da Francisca Tonelli ... 2 vols., 4to, pp.
 (6), 167; (8), 162.                                  _Guastalia._ 1782.

 TOWNLEY (_Dr._ James). Illustrations of Biblical Literature, &c.
 3 vols., 8vo, pp. xiv, 530; (2), 526; 550, (1). Plates.
                                             _London: Longman_.... 1821.

     "As a bibliographical and biographical work it it most

 TRICOTEL (E.) Variétés Bibliographiques. Par Edouard Tricotel. 12mo,
 pp. (8), 382, (1).                       _Paris: Chez Jules Gay._ 1863.

 [TRIPHOOK (R.)] Catalogue of the Library at Eshton Hall, in the County
 of York. 8vo, pp. xi, 308.             _London: Robert Triphook._ 1820.

     Forty copies only privately printed.

 TRŒMEL (P.) Bibliothèque Américaine Catalogue Raisonné d'une Collection
 de Livres précieux sur l'Amérique parus depuis sa découverte jusqu'à
 l'an 1700 en vente chez F. A. Brockhaus à Leipzig. Rédigé par Paul
 Trömel. 8vo, pp. xi, 133.             _Leipzig: F. A. Brockhaus._ 1861.

     One of the best works of its kind. The titles are carefully copied,
     and the notes on the books are characterized by much erudition.
     _See_ Petzholdt, p. 809.

 TROSS (Edwin). Bibliotheca Mexicana. Catalogue d'une collection de
 livres rares (principalement sur l'histoire et la linguistique) réunie
 au Mexique par M. * * * attaché a la cour de l'empereur Maximilien
 dont la vente se fera Le Mardi 3 Novembre 1868 ... 8vo, pp. (vi), 47.
                                         _Paris: librairie Tross._ 1868.

     Also numerous "Catalogues de Livres Anciens qui se trouvent à la
     Librairie Tross, a Paris."

 TRÜBNER (Nicolas). Trübner's Bibliothecal Guide to American Literature,
 being a Classified List of Books in all Departments of Literature and
 Science, published in the United States of America during the last
 Forty Years. With an Introduction, Notes, Three Appendices, and an
 Index. Sm. 8vo, pp. xxxii, 108.           _London: Trübner & Co._ 1855.

 TRÜBNER. Trübner's Bibliographical Guide to American Literature. A
 Classed List of Books published in the United States of America during
 the last Forty Years. With Bibliographical Introduction, Notes, and
 Alphabetical Index. Compiled and Edited by Nicolas Trübner. 8vo, pp. x,
 cxlix, 554.                             _London: Trübner and Co._ 1859.

     The bibliographical introduction to this useful work was prepared
     by Dr. Herman E. Ludewig, "Contributions towards a History of
     American Literature," by Benjamin Moran, and the section on the
     "Public Libraries of the United States," by Edward Edwards. _See_
     Petzholdt, p. 418.

 TRYON (G. W.) List of American Writers on recent Conchology; with the
 Titles of their Memoirs and Dates of Publication. By George W. Tryon,
 Jun. 8vo, pp. 68.                  _New York: [Westermann & Co.]_ 1861.

 The United States Literary Advertiser and Publishers' Circular; a
 Monthly Register of Literature, By J. and H. G. Langley. 4to.
                                                    _New York._ 1841-42.

 UPCOTT (W.) A Bibliographical Account of the principal Works relating
 to English Topography. By William Upcott, ... 5 vols., 8vo, pp. (4),
 vii, (2), ix-lxii, (1), 320; (2), 321-642*; (2), 581-930; 931-1246;
 1247-1576. 2 Plates.
           _London: Printed by Richard and Arthur Taylor._ M DCCC XVIII.

     Only two hundred copies printed, fifty of which are on large paper.
     An indispensable adjunct to the library of any public institution
     or local collector. Contains an accurate record of local historical
     works, arranged under the various counties which they illustrate,
     with collations of the various editions, lists of the maps, plates,
     pages, etc., which perfect copies ought to contain.

 [UPCOTT _and_ SHOBEL.] A Biographical Dictionary of the Living Authors
 of Great Britain and Ireland; ... [with] Anecdotes of their Lives, and
 a Chronological Register of their Publications.... 8vo, pp. viii, 449.
                                          _London: Henry Colburn._ 1816.

     Contains an account of more than 5000 authors, and includes much
     interesting literary anecdote, etc.

 URICOECHEA (E.) Mapoteca Colombiana. Coleccion de los titulos de todos
 los Mapas, Planos, Vistas, etc. relatives á la América Española,
 Brasil é Islas adyacentes. Arreglada cronologicamente i precedida de
 una Introduccion sobre la Historia cartográfica de América por E.
 Uricoechea. 8vo, pp. xvi, 215.          _Lóndres: Trübner y Cia._ 1860.

 VANDERHAEGHEN (F.) Bibliographic Gantoise. Recherches sur la vie et les
 travaux des Imprimeurs de Gand (1483-1850). Par Ferd. Vanderhaeghen....
 XV'e-XIX'e siècles. 7 vols., 8vo.    _Gand: E. Vanderhaeghen._ 1858-62.

     Two hundred and fifty copies printed; the work was to be finished
     in five volumes. _See_ Petzholdt, p. 371.

 [VAN PRAET (Joseph Basile Bernard).] Catalogue des livres imprimés sur
 vélin, avec date, depuis 1457 jusqu'en 1472. 2 parts, folio, pp. 544.
                                          _Paris: De Bure frères._ 1813.

     Highly praised by Brunet.

 [VAN PRAET.] Catalogue des livres imprimés sur vélin de la Bibliothèque
 du Roi. 5 vols., 8vo, pp. xi, iv, 348; (4), ii, 120; vi, 84; viii,
 332; (4), iii, 380; Supplément, pp. (6), 223.
                                       _Paris: De Bure frères._ 1822-28.

     Three hundred copies printed.

 [VAN PRAET.] Essai d'un catalogue des livres imprimés sur vélin. 8vo,
 pp. 21.                                _Paris: imp. de Crapelet._ 1805.

     This describes only five editions, all dated, of the fifteenth
     century. It was included in his catalogue of 1813.

 [VAN PRAET.] Catalogue des livres imprimés sur vélin, qui se trouvent
 dans les bibliothèques tant publiques que particulières, pour servir de
 suite au Catalogue des livres imprimés sur vélin de la Bibliothèque du
 Roi. 3 vols., 8vo, pp. xvi, 291; viii, 264; vii, 314; Supplément, pp.
 v, 202.                               _Paris: De Bure frères._ 1822-28.

     Two hundred copies printed. There are copies on large vellum paper.
     Concerning this work _see_ Brunet, _also_ Petzholdt, p. 115.

 [VAN PRAET.] Recherches sur Louis de Bruges, Seigneur de la Gruthuyse;
 suivies de la Notice des Manuscrits qui lui ont appartenu, et dont la
 plus grande partie se conserve à la Bibliothèque du Roi. Rl. 8vo. 5
 Engravings.                              _Paris: De Bure frères._ 1831.

 [VAN PRAET.] Notice sur Colard Mansion, Libraire et Imprimeur de la
 Ville de Bruges en Flandre dans le XV'e siècle. Rl. 8vo. 5 Facsimiles
 of Type.                                 _Paris: De Bure frères._ 1829.

     Colard Mansion was the "Caxton" of Flanders; the above is a
     more than usually interesting work, it having been the favorite
     employment of the author's life; the first sketch of it was
     published in the _Esprit des journaux_, _Février_, 1780.

 VENTOUILLAC (L. T.) The French Librarian or Literary Guide; pointing
 out the Best Works of the Principal Writers of France in every Branch
 of Literature, with Criticisms, Personal Anecdotes, and Bibliographical
 Notices; preceded by a Sketch of the Progress of French Literature.
 8vo.                                                    _London._ 1829.

 VINCENT (B.) A new Classified Catalogue of the Library of the Royal
 Institution of Great Britain, with Indexes of Authors and Subjects, and
 A List of Historical Pamphlets chronologically arranged. By Benjamin
 Vincent, Librarian. 8vo, pp. xvii, 929.                 _London._ 1857.

     Useful to book collectors, and indispensable to public librarians.

 VINET (E.) Bibliographie Méthodique et Raisonnée des Beaux-Arts,
 Esthétique et Histoire de l'Art, Archéologie, Architecture, Sculpture,
 Peinture, Gravure, Arts Industriels, etc. etc. accompagnée de Tables
 Alphabétique et Analytiques, par Ernest Vinet, Bibliothécaire de
 l'École Nationale des Beaux-Arts. 4 vols., 8vo.          _Paris._ 1874.

     Also on large paper, rl. 8vo.

 VOGT (J.) Johannis Vogt Catalogus Historico-Criticus Librorum Rariorum,
 jam Curis Quartis Recognitus et Copiosa Accessione ex Symbolis et
 Collatione Bibliophilorum per Germaniam Doctissimorum adauctus. 8vo,
 pp. (32), 736.     _Hamburgi, Sumtibus Christiani Heroldi._ M DCC LIII.

 WALCH. Jo. Georgii Walchii Bibliotheca Theologica selecta litterariis
 adnotationibvs instrvcta. 4 vols., 8vo, pp. (16), xlviii, 992; viii,
 1258; (2), xiv, 944; (2), xiv, 1240.        _Jenae: Croecker._ 1757-65.

     A most elaborate theological bibliography. "All who are conversant
     with sacred literature, have borne willing testimony to the
     correctness and research of Walch, whose work will always remain a
     production admirable for the extensive reading and accuracy which
     it evinces."--HORNE'S _Introduction_.

 [WALKER (Edward).] The Art of Bookbinding, its Rise and Progress;
 including a Descriptive Account of the New York Book-Bindery. 12mo, pp.
 viii, 64.                           _New York: E. Walker & Sons._ 1850.

     "An account of the art as practised in America."--POWER. To which
     note we add--it is intended to advertise Mr. E. Walker's own

 WALPOLE (H.) A Catalogue of the Royal and Noble Authors of England,
 with Lists of their Works. By Horace Walpole. 2 vols., sm. 8vo.
                                                _Strawberry Hill._ 1758.

     A very interesting and desirable work. Reprinted in 1759, and
     reissued in 1806 with the following title:

 WALPOLE. A Catalogue of the Royal and Noble Authors of England,
 Scotland and Ireland; with Lists of their Works; by the Late Horatio
 Walpole ... Enlarged and Continued ... By Thomas Park, F.S.A. 5 vols.,
 8vo. 150 Portraits.                         _London: John Scott._ 1806.

     Also on large paper in 4to, with proof impressions of the plates.

 WALPOLE. Catalogue of the Books, Poems, and small detached Pieces
 printed at the press at Strawberry Hill belonging to Horace Walpole,
 late Earl of Orford. 4to. 1810.

     This very complete catalogue was compiled by the late George Baker,
     Esq., at whose expense the entire impression, limited to twenty
     copies, all for presents, was printed. Another edition was printed
     in 1814, 8vo.

 WALTHER (J.) Lexicon Diplomaticum. Folio.             _Göttingæ._ 1745.

     Contains 125 plates of abbreviations, marking the century to which
     each abbreviation belongs, from the eighth to the end of the
     sixteenth century. Chassant notices the work in his preface as "le
     plus remarquable en ce genre."

 [WARDEN (D. B.)] Bibliotheca Americo-Septentrionalis: being a Choice
 Collection of Books in Various Languages, Relating to the History,
 Climate, Geography, Produce, Population, Agriculture, Commerce, Arts,
 Sciences, etc. of North America, from its first discovery to its
 present existing Government; among which are many valuable Articles and
 rare, together with all the important official Documents published from
 time to time by the Authority of Congress. 8vo, pp. 147.
                                       [_Paris: Impr. de Nouzou._] 1820.

     The books were purchased by Mr. Samuel E. Eliot who gave them to
     Harvard College.

 [WARDEN.] Bibliotheca Americana, being a Choice Collection of Books
 relating to North and South America and the West Indies, including
 Voyages to the Southern Hemisphere, Maps, Engravings and Medals. 8vo,
 pp. (10), 124.              _Paris: Printed by Fain and Thienot._ 1840.

     This catalogue was first printed at _Paris_ in 1831; it describes
     1118 works, and was bought for the New York State Library at Albany.

 WARE (J.) The Whole Works of Sir James Ware concerning Ireland, Revised
 and Improved. Translated from the Latin into English, with Additions.
 By Walter Harris. 2 vols., folio. Portrait and Plates.  _Dublin._ 1764.

     Vol. II. of this very valuable work contains the "History of the
     Writers of Ireland," in two Parts; viz.: I. Such writers who were
     born in that kingdom; II. Such who, though foreigners, enjoyed
     preferments or offices there, or had their education in it, with an
     account of all the works they published.

 WARTON (T.) The History of English Poetry, from the Close of the
 Eleventh to the Commencement of the Eighteenth Century.... By Thomas
 Warton, B.D. A New Edition Carefully Revised, with numerous additional
 Notes by the late Mr. Ritson, the late Dr. Ashby, Mr. Douce, Mr. Park,
 and other Eminent Antiquaries, and by the Editor. 4 vols., 8vo, pp.
 (6), 123, cclxix, 203; (8), 520; (8), 470; (8), 482. _London: Thomas
 Tegg._ 1824. + [Edited] by Richard Price. 3 vols., 8vo. [_Ibid._] 1840.
 + Edited by W. Carew Hazlitt.... 4 vols., 8vo, pp. xvi, 334; (4), 384;
 (4), 344; (4), 479.                  _London: Reeves and Turner._ 1871.

 WATT (R.) Bibliotheca Britannica; or a General Index to British and
 Foreign Literature. By Robert Watt, M.D. ... 4 vols., 4to.
                     _Edinburgh: Archibald Constable and Company._ 1824.

     Vols. I. and II. Authors; III. and IV. Subjects. A work of the
     greatest utility, and an invaluable list of authors and their
     works. In the first part of the work, the authors are arranged in
     alphabetical order, and under each is given a chronological list
     of his works, their various editions, sizes, and prices. In the
     second part, the same materials are digested under the names of the
     various subjects to which they refer, and under each the titles of
     works are again arranged chronologically. The first part is a full
     and comprehensive catalogue of authors and their works; the second
     is an equally complete and extensive encyclopædia of all manner of
     subjects on which books have been written. "Let me not forget to
     notice that wonderful work of Dr. Watt--both father and son fell
     victims to their zeal in its completion. Such a concentration of
     labour was hardly ever beheld; and it should never fail to be the
     library companion of all collectors."--DIBDIN.

 WATTS (H.) A Dictionary of Chemistry and the Allied Branches of other
 Sciences.... By Henry Watts, B.A., F.C.S. ... 5 vols., 8vo.
                                          _London: Longman_ ... 1863-68.

     Particularly valuable for its bibliographical references.

 WEIGEL (T. O.) Bibliographische Mittheilungen über die deutschen
 Ausgaben von De Bry's Sammlung der Reisen nach dem abend- und
 morgenländischen Indien; von T. O. Weigel. Aus dem "Serapeum" besonders
 abgedruckt. 8vo, pp. 40.                 _Leipzig: T. 0. Weigel._ 1845.

 WEIGEL. Collectio Weigeliana: die Anfänge der Druckerkunst in Bild und
 Schrift: an deren frühesten Erzeugnissen in der Weigelschen Sammlung
 erläutert von T. O. Weigel und Dr. Ad. Zestermann. 2 vols., folio. 145
 Facsimiles.                              _Leipzig: T. O. Weigel._ 1866.

     Three hundred and twenty-five copies of this most important
     publication were printed. A necessary companion to Sotheby's
     _Principia Typographica_, but executed with infinitely more
     critical sagacity and learning. Every distinguished collector of
     books and prints and every public library must have this book as
     the standard work of information and reference on the subject of
     the History of Printing before the art of printing with movable
     types was invented.

 WEST (J.) Catalogue of the ... Library of James West, Esq.... Digested
 by Samuel Paterson. 8vo.                              [_London._ 1773.]

     There is another edition, not by Paterson, which was suppressed.
     Especially rich in the rarest books of early English literature.
     One of the most curious and valuable collections which has ever
     been dispersed.

 WESTWOOD (T.) A New Bibliotheca Piscatoria; or General Catalogue of
 Angling and Fishing Literature. With Bibliographical Notes and Data. By
 T. Westwood. 18mo, pp. 78.                _London: Field Office._ 1861.

 WESTWOOD. The Chronicle of the "Compleat Angler" of Izaak Walton and
 Charles Cotton. Being a Bibliographical Record of its Various Phases
 and Mutations. By Thomas Westwood. 4to, pp. xv, 64.
                                     _London: H. Sotheran and Co._ 1864.

     A very charming production, in which a healthy sentiment is
     judiciously expressed.

 WHEATLEY (H. B.) Of Anagrams. 12mo.                   _Hereford._ 1862.

     Pages 158-168 give a copious catalogue of books relating to

 WHITMORE (W. H.) A Handbook of American Genealogy, being a Catalogue of
 Family Histories and Publications containing Genealogical Information,
 Chronologically Arranged. By William H. Whitmore. Sm. 4to, pp. 272.
                                             _Albany: J. Munsell._ 1862.

     One hundred copies only printed. Of this valuable work two other
     editions with additions and corrections have appeared, the last is
     _Albany_, 1875.

 WILLETT (R.) ... A Catalogue of the ... Library of ... Ralph Willett,
 Esq., [of] Merly.... 8vo, pp. (2), 103.                 _London._ 1813.

     Some copies on thick paper.

 WILLIAMS (T.) A Catalogue of the ... Library of the Rev. Theodore
 Williams: containing ... Books printed on Vellum, ... Classics.... 8vo,
 pp. (2), iv, (4), 197, (1).                           [_London._] 1827.

     Also on large paper, and twelve copies on large yellow paper. The
     sale amounted to £10,216.

 [WILSON (John).] The Bibliographical and Retrospective Miscellany,
 containing Notices of ... Rare, Curious, and Useful Books, in all
 Languages; Original Matter illustrative of the History and Antiquities
 of Great Britain and Ireland; Abstracts from valuable Manuscripts; ...
 and Notices of Book Sales. Sm. 8vo, pp. iv, 160.
                                _London: Printed for John Wilson._ 1830.

 [WILSON.] ... Catalogue of all the Books, Pamphlets, &c., relating to
 Shakspeare. To which are subjoined, an Account of the Early Quarto
 Editions of the Great Dramatist's Plays and Poems, The Prices at which
 many Copies have been sold in Public Sales; together with a List of the
 leading and esteemed Editions of Shakspeare's Collected Works. 12mo,
 pp. xli, 69.                               _London: John Wilson._ 1827.

     Also on large paper. Includes a very curious account of Ireland's
     Shakespearian forgeries, etc., contributed by Ireland himself.

 WILSON (L.) Catalogue of Bibles, Testaments, Psalms, and other Books of
 the Holy Scriptures in English in the Collection of Lea Wilson. 4to.
                                                         _London._ 1845.

     Of this valuable catalogue very few copies were printed, all for
     presents. Archdeacon Cotton, who refers to this work in almost
     every page of his list of the various editions of the Holy
     Scriptures, says, "I have much pleasure in testifying to the great
     accuracy and minuteness of the collations and descriptions in
     this most valuable catalogue. Those of the earlier and more rare
     editions are given with a fullness and distinctness which leaves
     nothing to desire. I could not insert all those particulars into
     a slight work like the present list; but confidently refer those
     persons who desire more detailed notice of any remarkable edition
     to this curious and valuable catalogue of Mr. Wilson."

 WINSOR (J.) A Bibliography of the original Quartos and Folios of
 Shakespeare, with particular Reference to copies in America. Justin
 Winsor, Superintendent of the Boston Public Library. 4to, pp. 109. 68
 Heliotype Facsimiles.      _Boston: James R. Osgood and Company._ 1875.

     Only two hundred and fifty copies printed.

 WITTE (H.) Diarium biographicum, in quo Scriptores Seculi post natum
 Christum XVII. præcipui ... Libri itidem eorum, In Ebraica, ...
 aliisqve lingvis consignati ... Idiomate ... ab Henningo Witte.... 4to.
                                    _Gedani: Martin Hallervordii._ 1688.

 WOLF (J. C.) Monumenta Typographica, qvæ Artis hujus præstantissimæ
 originem, laudem et abusum posteris produnt, instavrata studio et
 labore Jo. Christiani Wolfii. 2 parts, 8vo, pp. (16), 96, 1104; (2),
 1323.                                         _Hamburgi: Herold._ 1740.

     A very curious collection of the scarcest tracts on the Origin,
     etc., of Printing. _See_ Petzholdt, p. 450.

 WOOD (Anthony à). Athenæ Oxonienses. An Exact History of all the
 Writers and Bishops who have had their Education in the University
 of Oxford. To which are added the Fasti, or Annals of the said
 University.... A New Edition, with Additions, and a Continuation by
 Philip Bliss.... 4 vols., rl. 4to, pp. 16, (4), clxxvii, 788, (2);
 (4), 520; (4), 1290, (2); vi, (2), 502, (1).
                              _London: F. C. and J. Rivington._ 1813-20.

     The first edition was _London_, 1691-2. 2 vols., folio.

 WORNUM (R. N.) An Account of the Library of the Division of Art at
 Marlborough House; with a Catalogue of the Principal Works classified
 (and Index). 8vo.                                       _London._ 1855.

 WORRALL (J.) Bibliotheca Topographica Anglicana: or, A new and
 compleat Catalogue of All the Books extant relating to the Antiquity,
 Description, and Natural History of England, the Counties thereof, &c.
 to the present Year 1736, Alphabetically digested in an easy Method;
 giving an Account of their various Editions, Dates, and Prices, and
 wherein they differ. Compil'd by John Worrall. 12mo, pp. 64.
                                          _London for J. Worrall._ 1736.

 WRANGHAM (F.) The English Portion of the Library of the Venerable
 Francis Wrangham, M.A. ... Archdeacon of Cleveland. 8vo, pp. 645.
                                                         _Malton._ 1826.

     Seventy copies only printed. This catalogue contains most valuable
     notes by Archdeacon Wrangham, on the least known and rarest books.

 WRIGHT (A.) Court-Hand Restored, or, the Student's Assistant in reading
 Old Deeds, Charters, Records, etc.... with an Appendix ... [of] Ancient
 Names of Places in Great Britain and Ireland, ... Ancient Surnames,
 etc. Fourth Edition. 4to. _London._ 1846. + Eighth Edition. 4to, pp.
 62. 23 Plates.              _London: John Camden Hotten._ M.DCCC.LXVII.

 WRIGHT (R.) Catalogue of the Library of Richard Wright. 8vo.      1787.

     Twelve copies printed on large paper. A very rich collection
     of poetry, plays, and early English literature. _See_ Dibdin's
     _Bibliomania_, pp. 533-535.

 WYNNE (J.) Private Libraries of New York. By James Wynne, M.D. 8vo, pp.
 viii, 472.                              _New York: E. French._ MDCCCLX.

     Also on large paper. Among the principal libraries mentioned in
     this work, are those of John Allan, George Bancroft, Thomas P.
     Barton, J. Carson Brevoort, Rev. Dr. Chapin, Almon W. Griswold,
     William Menzies, William Curtis Noyes, Dr. Purple, George T.
     Strong, R. L. Stuart, and Richard Grant White; many of which are
     now dispersed.

 ZACCARIA (Francesco Antonio). Bibliotheca Ritualis. Concinnatum opus
 ac duos in tomos tributum, quorum alter de libris ipsis ritualibus,
 alter de illorum explanatoribus agit. 2 vols. in 3, 4to.
                       _Romæ, ... ex typographio O Puccinelli._ 1776-81.

     Contents: Vol. I. De libris ad sacros utriusque ecclesiæ orientalis
     et occidentalis ritus pertinentibus; Vol. II., Part I. De librorum
     ritualium explanatoribus; Vol. II., Part II. Supplementa continens,
     praemisso Joannis Maldonati inedito de caeremoniis tractatu. Cui
     praeter adnotationes adcedit gemina editoris dissertatio. The last
     part of this important work is very rare.

 ZAUNER (J. T.) Judas Thaddäus Zauner's biographische Nachrichten von
 den Salzburgischen Rechtslehren von der Stiftung der Universität
 an bis auf gegenwärtige Zeiten. 8vo, pp. (16), 144. _Salzburg:
 Waisenhausbuchhandlung._ 1789. + Nachtrag ... Nebst einem Entwurfe
 einer akademischen Bibliothek von Salzburg. 8vo, pp. (18), 64.
                                                _Salzburg: Duyle._ 1797.

 ZENKER (J. T.) Bibliotheca Orientalis. Manuel de Bibliographie
 Orientale.... Par J. Th. Zenker. 2 vols., rl. 8vo, pp. xlvii, 264; xv,
 616.                                     _Leipzig: Engelmann._ 1846-61.

     Concerning this valuable work _see_ Petzholdt, p. 421.

 ZUCHOLD (E. A.) Bibliotheca theologica. Verzeichniss der auf dem
 Gebiete der evangelischen Theologie nebst den für dieselbe wichtigen
 während der Jahre 1830-1862 in Deutschland erschienenen Schriften.
 Von Ernst Amandus Zuchold. 8vo, pp. 960.
                           _Göttingen: Bandenhoeck & Ruprecht._ 1862-63.

     _See_ Petzholdt, p. 492.

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