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Title: Allen & Morton's West London Directory for 1867
Author: Morton, Allen &
Language: English
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Copyright Status: Not copyrighted in the United States. If you live elsewhere check the laws of your country before downloading this ebook. See comments about copyright issues at end of book.

*** Start of this Doctrine Publishing Corporation Digital Book "Allen & Morton's West London Directory for 1867" ***

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Transcribed from the 1867 Allen and Morton’s edition by David Price,
email ccx074@pglaf.org.  Many thanks to the Royal Borough of Kensington
and Chelsea Libraries for allowing their copy to be used for this

                             ALLEN & MORTON’S



                                FOR 1867.

                                * * * * *

                 OFFICE, 29, HEREFORD ROAD, BAYSWATER, W.

                                * * * * *



When this work was commenced, there were ominous signs that the low price
Directories published for this district had not answered the expectations
of their proprietors, nor given satisfaction to the public.  These and
other reasons were indicative of there being a good opening in this
important and rising locality for a first-class Directory for 1867.  The
compilers made a calculation of the probable cost of 5,000 copies, which
caused them to come to the conclusion that to publish a book worthy of
the name of a Directory, and creditable to themselves, at the charge of
_One Shilling_, would involve a loss of £150.

Now, as they had no desire to injure themselves or their creditors, they
resolved to charge 2s. 6d. for each copy; and, with many thanks to the
several thousand persons who have subscribed to their work and to
advertizing firms—

THE WEST LONDON DIRECTORY is a great success.

Be it observed, this work is not a reprint of this or any of last years’
Directories.  The inhabitants of the various townships within a radius of
several miles can bear testimony that we have faithfully canvassed them
for the requisite information.  It also contains two-thirds more streets,
crescents, terraces, places, &c., &c., than any work that has been
published for this district, besides an excellent map drawn and printed
by themselves specially for this work.

They would not even insinuate that it is free from error; but they have
used every means in their power to make it as correct as possible, and
they believe that eventually it will be found to be well worthy of public

They much regret that they are a little beyond the time they promised to
bring it out, but in order to give it a correct and alphabetical
arrangement, the matter required re-writing several times over; this, and
other difficulties which they did not foresee, must be their apology.
All future editions will not involve more than one-half the labour, and
they trust and believe that no complaints will be made against them in
this respect any more.


Title Page                                                          ix
Preface                                                            xii
Contents                                                     xv & xvii
List of Advertisers                                          xix & xxi
Index to Trades                                            xxi & xxiii
Index to Streets                        xxii, xxiii, xxv, xxvii, xxix,
                                                     xxx, xxxv, xxxvii
Street, Court, and Commercial                                 1 to 306
Matter, from
Parish of Kensington                                         309 & 311
Officers of the Board of Works                                     313
for the Fulham District
Parish of Paddington                                        315 to 317
Metropolitan Police Courts                                         319
Court of Bankruptcy                                                319
Postal Regulations                                  323, 325, 327, 329
British and Foreign Ambassadors                                    329
Stamp and other Duties                                             331
The Navy List                                          333, 335, & 337
Cab Fares                                                    343 & 345
South Kensington Museum                                            347
Royal Horticultural Society                                        349
Census                                                             352
West London Hospital                                         353 & 355
Royal College of Physicians                                        375
Children’s Hospital                                          359 & 361
Her Majesty’s Officers of State                                    351
Clubs of London, and their                                   363 & 365
Her Majesty’s Household                                            366
Her Majesty’s Privy Council                                         37


Bowler and Norton, 37, Norfolk terrace, Bayswater                  358
                         ASSURANCE COMPANIES.
Metropolitan Life                                                  332
The Royal Insurance Company                                       xxiv
Wagner C. 12, Archer street, Kensington park                    xxviii
Provincial, Hammersmith                                            xii
                         BLIND MANUFACTURERS.
Norton Brothers, 37, Norfolk terrace, Bayswater                    338
Williams G. A. 21, Queen’s road, Bayswater                         308
                             BRUSH MAKER.
Mullett—72, Queen’s road, Bayswater                                322
Barker W. 13, Queen’s road, Bayswater                              328
Booty W. 137 & 138, High street, Notting hill                       82
Mortlock Brothers, 7, Hereford road, Bayswater                     314
                           CARRIAGE MAKER.
Beaumont J. 7, Kensington park road, Kensington                    342
                          CARVER AND GILDER.
Bird W. M. 41, Queen’s road, Bayswater                           xxxii
Hull C. 152, High street, Notting hill                           xviii
Cooke and Co., 33, Norfolk terrace, Bayswater                       xi
Cooper A. Abingdon terrace, Kensington                             356
Cooper W. 26, Oxford st.                                           324
Dunkerley J. 68, Westbourne park road, Bayswater                   326
Long H. 48, High street, Notting hill
Newby J. R. 47, Broadway, Hammersmith
                       CHINA AND GLASS DEALER.
Wright H. 5, Katherine terrace, Notting hill                        80
                            COAL COMPANY.
Scott J. The Lilleshall, Westbourne park road,
                       COOKS AND CONFECTIONERS.
Gregory and Marshall, 182, Queen’s road,
                            CORN CHANDLER.
Collins G. 37, High street, Kensington                             326
                            DAIRY FARMERS.
Tunks and Tisdall, Holland park Farm, Kensington
Atkins R. 4, Albert terrace, Bayswater                     316 and 328
Cooper A. 10, Abingdon terrace, Kensington
Davis—1, Shrewsbury road, Westbourne park                          336
Lee Messrs. 21, Westbourne grove, Bayswater;               xvi and 320
Branch Establishments, 2 Cambridge terrace,
Notting hill, and 36, Elgin road, Notting hill
Tyndall J. 1_a_, Pembridge gardens, Notting hill
Bond and Crooks 16, Garway road, Bayswater                         310
Scott J.                                                xxxvi & xxxvii
                        FURNITURE DEPARTMENTS.
Pope E. B. Bridge road,
Tubb W. Queen’s road,                                              312
Fricker S. W. 77 High
street, Notting hill
Grice J. 22, Pickering
terrace, Bayswater
Howgate and Co., 88,
Westbourne grove, Bayswater
Leaver and Co., 14, Richmond
road, Bayswater
Page J. Westbourne terrace,                                       xxii
Smith H. 12, Railway                                                84
terrace, Notting hill
Smith T. 17 Cambridge                                              318
street, Paddington
Dicks and Co., 296, High                                           xiv
                          HOSIER AND GLOVER.
Silverston A. 76 Westbourne                                        307
grove, Bayswater
Slack J. and R. 336, Strand
                          LACE MANUFACTURER.
Hill H. 19, Hereford road,
Johnson                                                           xxvi
                         LICENSED VICTUALLER.
Keeley—King and Queen,                                             321
                            LINEN DRAPERS.
Butler A. 113 and 115,
Westbourne grove, Bayswater
Moore, Shepherd’s bush                                             xii
Hann, Clayton, & Co., 1, 2,
3, & 4, Paddington green
Miss Canty, 31, Hereford                                           321
road, Bayswater
                         MOURNING WAREHOUSE.
Jay and Co., Regent st.
Rowland—Covent Garden
                         PROFESSOR OF MUSIC.
Hagemeyer, H. Handel House,                                        330
Westbourne villas
Florence Company, 9,
Cheapside, London, E.C.
Wright and Mann, 143,
Holborn Bars
Elflick 22, Leinster                                          xx & 332
terrace, Bayswater
Melliship and Harris 37,
Westbourne grove, Bayswater
Punt A. 187, Oxford Street
Saunders J. 22, High street,
Souter E. 53, Archer street,
Kensington park
Winter H. 5, Lower
Phillimore place, Kensington
Byford G. 7, Newcastle                                             321
place, Paddington
                             TRUSS MAKER.
Bailey & Son 418, Oxford
                           UMBRELLA MAKER.
James W. 34 Praed street,
                      WATCHMAKERS AND JEWELLERS.
Bird, G. K. 47, Westbourne                                       xxxix
grove, Bayswater
Pain R. 89, Westbourne                                         xxxviii
grove, Bayswater
Smart 8, Harrow road,
Snowball G. 18, Spring
street, Paddington
Winter J. 224, King street                                      xxviii
West, Hammersmith
                      WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANT.
Polocco F. 17, Norfolk                                             310
terrace, Bayswater


Accountants and Actuarys                                 248
Actuarys (see Accountants, &c.)                          248
Appraisers (see Auctioneers, &c.)                        248
Architects and Surveyors                                 248
Artificial Florists                                      248
Artists                                                  248
Artists in Stained Glass                                 249
Auctioneers, Appraisers, House and Estate Agents         249
Baker, Confectioners, & Pastrycooks                      249
Banks                                                    251
Barristers                                               251
Basket Makers                                            252
Bazaars                                                  252
Beer Retailers                                           252
Berlin Wool Repository                                   252
Bird Cage Maker                                          252
Bird Fanciers and Stuffers                               253
Blind Makers                                             263
Boat Makers                                              253
Bookbinders                                              253
Booksellers and Stationers                               253
Boot and Shoe Makers                                     254
Brass Finisher                                           257
Brewers                                                  257
Bricklayers                                              257
Brick Makers and Merchants                               257
Brokers (see Furniture Dealers)                          276
Builders                                                 257
Butchers                                                 259
Cab Proprietors                                          260
Candle Maker                                             261
Carmen and Contractors                                   261
Carpenters and Joiners                                   261
Carriers                                                 262
Carvers and Gilders                                      262
Chair Caners                                             262
Cheesemongers Buttermen & Poulterers                     262
Chemist and Druggists                                    263
Chimney Sweeps                                           264
China Mender                                             265
Clog Maker                                               265
Clubs                                                    265
Coach Maker                                              265
Coach Painters                                           265
Coachsmith                                               265
Coal Merchants and Companies                             265
Corset and Stay Makers                                   268
Cowkeepers and Dairymen                                  268
Cutlers                                                  269
Dealer in Works of Art                                   269
Decorators and Paperhangers                              269
Dentists                                                 270
Drapers                                                  270
Draughtsmen                                              272
Doctor of Philosophy                                     272
Dyers and Cleaners                                       272
Embroiderer                                              272
Engineers                                                272
Engravers                                                272
Fancy Repositorys                                        272
Farriers and Blacksmiths                                 273
Financial Agents                                         273
Fire Wood Cutters                                        273
Fishmongers and Poulterers                               273
Florists, Nurserymen, and Seedsmen                       273
Flower Box Maker                                         274
French Polishers                                         274
Fruiterers and Greengrocers                              274
Furnishing Warehouses                                    276
Furniture Cleaner                                        276
Furniture Dealers and Warehouses                         276
Furniture Store Warehouses                               276
Furriers                                                 276
Gardeners                                                276
Gas Engineer                                             276
Gasfitters, Bellhangers, & Locksmiths                    276
Gas Light Company                                        277
General Shops                                            277
Ginger Beer Manufacturer                                 277
Glovers (see Hosiers, &c.)                               277
Gold Beater                                              277
Grainers and Writers                                     277
Grocers and Tea Dealers                                  277
Gun Maker                                                280
Gun Smith                                                280
Hair Dressers and Perfumers                              280
Ham and Beef Dealers                                     280
Harness Makers and Saddlers                              281
Hatters                                                  281
Herbalists                                               281
Horse Dealers                                            281
Horse Infirmaries                                        281
Hosiers, Haberdashers, and Glovers                       281
Hotels                                                   282
House and Estate Agents (see Auctioneers, &c.)           282
India Rubber Merchants                                   282
Iron and Brass Founders                                  282
Ironmongers, Stove, & Range Makers                       282
Ivory Carver                                             283
Job & Fly Masters, and Livery Stable Keepers             283
Lace Dealers and Manufacturers                           283
Ladder Makers                                            284
Ladies Outfitters and Baby Linen Warehouses              284
Lamp Depots                                              284
Lath Renders                                             284
Laundries and Laundresses                                284
Lead Merchants                                           284
Leather Pipe Manufacturer                                284
Leather Sellers                                          284
Licensed Victuallers                                     285
Lighterman                                               288
Lithographers                                            288
Looking Glass Manufacturers                              288
Machinists                                               288
Maltster                                                 288
Marine Store Dealers                                     288
Market Gardener                                          289
Marque Maker                                             289
Mattress Maker                                           289
Medical Galvanist                                        289
Metal Dealers                                            289
Midwives                                                 289
Milliners and Dress Makers                               289
Musical Composer                                         290
Musical Instrument Makers                                290
Music Sellers                                            290
News Agents                                              290
Oil Cake Mills                                           291
Oil, Colour, & Italian Warehouseman                      291
Omnibus Proprietors                                      291
Opticians                                                291
Outfitters                                               291
Paper Manufacturer                                       292
Paraffin Depot                                           292
Patent Railway Signal Works                              292
Pawnbrokers                                              292
Perambulator Maker                                       292
Photographers                                            292
Pianoforte Makers, &c.                                   292
Picture Frame Makers                                     292
Pie Houses                                               292
Plasterers                                               292
Plumbers, Painters, and Glaziers                         292
Pork Butchers                                            293
Portmanteau and Trunk Makers                             294
Printers                                                 294
Professors and Teachers                                  294
Salt Merchants                                           294
Saw Maker                                                294
Schools, Academies, and Colleges                         294
Statuaries and Stone Masons                              297
Steam Joinery Works                                      297
Stone Merchants                                          297
Surgeons, Physicians, & Accoucheurs                      297
Surveyors (see Architects, &c.)                          248
Tailors and Clothiers                                    300
Timber Merchants                                         301
Tin Plate Workers                                        301
Tobacconists and Cigar Merchants                         301
Tool Makers                                              302
Toy Warehouses and Bazaars                               302
Trimming Warehouse                                       302
Tripe Dressers                                           302
Dress Maker                                              303
Turnery Warehouse                                        303
Umbrella Makers                                          303
Undertakers                                              303
Van Proprietors                                          303
Varnish Manufacturers                                    303
Veterinary Surgeons                                      303
Wardrobe Dealers                                         303
Watchmakers, Jewellers & Silversmiths                    304
Whip Makers                                              304
Wine, Spirit, and Beer Merchants                         304
Wheelwrights                                             305
Wire Workers                                             305
Zinc Workers                                             305


Abingdon terrace, Kensington                                    1
Abingdon villas, Kensington                                     1
Abingdon villas west, Kensington                                1
Addison crescent, Kensington                                    1
Addison gardens north, Kensington                               1
Addison gardens south, Kensington                               1
Addison road, Kensington                                        1
Addison road north, Notting hill                                2
Addison terrace, Kensington                                     2
Addison terrace, Notting hill                                   2
Adelaide road, Shepherd’s bush                                  3
Adelaide terrace, Shepherd’s bush                               3
Adelaide vls., Shepherd’s bush                                  3
Agnes cottages, Hammersmith                                    45
Albert place, Kensington                                        3
Albert road, Kilburn                                            3
Albert street, Paddington                                       3
Albert terrace, Bayswater                                       3
Albert terrace, Notting hill                                    3
Albion cottages, Hammersmith                                    4
Albion cottages, Kilburn                                       40
Albion gardens, Hammersmith                                     3
Albion gardens, Hammersmith                                     4
Albion gardens west, Hammersmith                                4
Albion mews east, Paddington                                    4
Albion mews west, Paddington                                    4
Albion place, Hammersmith                                      16
Albion place, Paddington                                        4
Albion road, Hammersmith                                        4
Albion road east, Hammersmith                                   4
Albion street, Hyde park                                        5
Albion terrace, Hammersmith                                     4
Albion terrace, Kensington                                      5
Albion villas, Hammersmith                                      4
Albridge road villas, Westbourne park                           5
Alexander mews, Westbourne park                                 6
Alexander street, Westbourne park                               5
Alexandra terrace, Hammersmith                                 11
Alexander terrace, Westbourne park                              6
Alexander road, Kilburn                                         6
Alexander terrace, Kilburn                                      6
Alexandra villas, Shepherd’s bush                             118
Alfred cottages, Hammersmith                                   81
Alfred road, Paddington                                         6
Alfred row, Shepherd’s bush                                     6
Alfred row, Shepherd’s bush green                             109
Allason terrace, Kensington                                     6
Allen street, Kensington                                        6
Alma terrace, Kensington                                        6
Alpha cottages, Hammersmith                                    76
Alpha mews, Kilburn                                             6
Alpha place, Hammersmith                                      105
Alpha place, Kilburn                                            6
Alpha place north, Kilburn                                      7
Alpha place west, Kilburn                                       6
Alpha terrace, Kilburn                                         22
Amberley road, Maida hill                                       7
Amberley wharf, Maida hill                                      7
Andover place, Kilburn park                                     7
Andover road, Hammersmith                                       7
Anglesea terrace, Hammersmith                                   7
Anglesea villas, Hammersmith                                    7
Apsley villas, Hammersmith                                     76
Anstey villas, Hammersmith                                    100
Arbutus place, Hammersmith                                     16
Archer street, Kensington park                                  7
Argyll road, Kensington                                         8
Argyll terrace, Kensington                                      8
Arthur mews, Paddington                                         8
Arundel gardens, Kensington park                                8
Arundel villas, Notting hill                                   66
Ashchurch terrace, Hammersmith                                  8
Ashchurch villas, Hammersmith                                  77
Ashdown villas, Hammersmith                                    77
Ashley terrace, Hammersmith                                   108
Ashley villas, Hammersmith                                    108
Askew road, Shepherd’s bush                                     8
Aston villas, Hammersmith                                     108
Aubrey road, Notting hill                                       9
Aubrey villas, Notting hill                                     9
Avenue road, Hammersmith                                        9
Avenue terrace, Hammersmith                                    77
Avenue villas, Hammersmith                                    107
Bark place, Bayswater                                           9
Barton place, Notting hill                                     22
Bassein villas, Hammersmith                                    77
Bath cottages, Notting hill                                     9
Bath place, Kensington                                          9
Bath terrace, Notting hill                                    109
Bath terrace, Notting hill                                      9
Bathurst mews, Paddington                                       9
Bathurst street, Paddington                                     9
Bayswater hill, Bayswater                                       9
Bayswater terrace, Bayswater                                    9
Beaufoy terrace, Maida vale                                     9
Beaumont place, Shepherd’s bush green                         109
Beavor lane, Hammersmith                                       10
Beavor villas, Hammersmith                                     10
Beavor villas, Hammersmith                                    105
Bedford gardens, Kensington                                    10
Bedford terrace, Kensington                                    10
Berkeley gardens, Kensington                                   10
Berkeley mews west, Paddington                                 10
Berkeley place, Paddington                                     10
Beresford terrace, Notting hill                                10
Bishops mews, Paddington                                       11
Bishops road, Bayswater                                        11
Black Lion lane, Hammersmith                                   11
Black Lion terrace, Hammersmith                                11
Blechynden street, Notting hill                                11
Blenheim crescent, Notting hill                                11
Blenheim terrace, Notting hill                                 12
Blenheim villas, Hammersmith                                   77
Blomfield crescent, Paddington                                 12
Blomfield mews, Paddington                                     12
Blomfield place, Shepherd’s bush                              118
Blomfield place, Paddington                                    12
Blomfield road, Maida hill                                     12
Blomfield road, Shepherd’s bush                                12
Blomfield street, Paddington                                   12
Blomfield terrace, Paddington                                  12
Blomfield villas, Shepherd’s bush                              12
Botts mews, Bayswater                                         120
Bouverie street, Paddington                                    13
Royal terrace, Notting hill                                    13
Bradmore, Hammersmith                                          13
Bradmore Park terrace, Hammersmith                              4
Bradmore Park vls., Hammersmith                                 4
Bramley road, Notting hill                                     13
Bramley road villas, Notting hill                              13
Briar cottages, Hammersmith                                   120
Briar villas, Hammersmith                                     120
Bridge Avenue, Hammersmith                                     13
Bridge crescent, Kilburn                                       13
Bridge place, Paddington                                       13
Bridge road, Hammersmith                                       13
Bridge street, Kilburn                                         14
Bridge terrace, Paddington                                     14
Bridge terrace, Woodfield road, Paddington                     14
Brindley street, Paddington                                    14
Bristol gardens, Paddington                                    15
Bristol mews, Paddington                                       15
Bristol place, Paddington                                      15
Broadway, Hammersmith                                          15
Brook green, Hammersmith                                       15
Brook green lane, Hammersmith                                  16
Brook green terrace, Hammersmith                               51
Brook mews north, Paddington                                   16
Brook mews west, Paddington                                    16
Brook street, Paddington                                       16
Brondesbury road, Kilburn                                      16
Brondesbury terrace, Kilburn                                   16
Brondesbury villas, Kilburn                                    16
Brunswick cottages, Hammersmith                                16
Brunswick gardens, Kensington                                  17
Brunswick mews, Bayswater                                      17
Brunswick place, Hammersmith                                   51
Brunswick place, Shepherd’s bush                              118
Brunswick terrace, Kensington                                  17
Brunswick villas, Hammersmith                                  17
Brunswick villas, Hammersmith                                  76
Buckingham cottages, Hammersmith                               77
Buckingham terrace, Notting hill                               17
Buckingham terrace, Kensington park                            17
Buckingham vls., Notting hill                                  17
Bullingham place, Kensington                                   17
Burlington gardens, Westbourne park                            17
Burlington mews, Westbourne park                               17
Burlington road, Westbourne park                               17
Burry terrace, Paddington                                      18
Burwood place, Paddington                                      18
Burwood mews, Paddington                                       18
Cambridge gardens, Kilburn                                     18
Cambridge mews, Paddington                                     18
Cambridge mews east, Kilburn                                   18
Cambridge place, Paddington                                    18
Cambridge place, Kensington                                    18
Cambridge road, Kilburn                                        18
Cambridge road, Hammersmith                                    18
Cambridge road, Kilburn                                        19
Cambridge road west, Kilburn                                   19
Cambridge square, Paddington                                   19
Cambridge street, Paddington                                   19
Cambridge terrace, Hammersmith                                 78
Cambridge terrace, Kilburn                                     19
Cambridge terrace, Kilburn                                     20
Cambridge terrace, Paddington                                  20
Cambridge terrace, Kensington                                  20
Cambridge terrace, Notting hill                                20
Cambridge villas, Hammersmith                                  78
Campbell street, Paddington                                    20
Campden grove, Kensington                                      21
Campden hill, Kensington                                      132
Campden hill road, Kensington                                  21
Campden, hill terrace, Kensington                              21
Campden hill west, Kensington                                  21
Campden house road, Kensington                                 21
Campden street, Kensington                                     21
Canning place, Kensington                                      21
Canterbury place, Maida vale                                   21
Canterbury road, Kilburn                                       21
Canterbury road, Notting hill                                  22
Canterbury terrace, Kilburn                                    22
Canterbury terrace, Maida vale                                 22
Canterbury terrace, Notting hill                               22
Canterbury villas, Maida vale                                  22
Carlington villas, Notting hill                                22
Carlisle terrace, Kensington                                   22
Carlisle terrace, Shepherd’s bush                               9
Carlisle villas, Shepherd’s bush                                9
Carlton place, Kilburn                                         23
Carlton road, Kilburn                                          23
Carlton terrace, Kilburn                                       23
Carlton terrace, Paddington                                    23
Carlton terrace, Notting hill                                  23
Carlton villas, Maida vale                                     23
Caroline place, Bayswater                                      23
Caroline place, Hammersmith                                    45
Caroline terrace, Hammersmith                                  15
Carton place, Westbourne park                                  24
Cary villas, Hammersmith                                       24
Castle terrace, Kensington park                                24
Castle terrace, Notting hill                                   24
Catherine cottages, Kensington                                 24
Catherine terrace, Kensington                                  24
Cathnor villas, Hammersmith                                    78
Caves terrace, Hammersmith                                     24
Celbridge mews, Westbourne park                                24
Celbridge place, Westbourne park                               24
Chapel road, Notting hill                                      24
Chapel street, Hammersmith                                     24
Chapel terrace, Bayswater                                      25
Charles mews, Paddington                                       25
Charles place, Kensington                                      25
Charles street, Kensington                                     25
Charles street, Paddington                                     25
Charles street west, Paddington                                25
Charlotte terrace, Hammersmith                                 15
Chelmsford terrace, Paddington                                 25
Chepstow place, Bayswater                                      25
Chepstow terrace, Bayswater                                    25
Chepstow villas, Bayswater                                     26
Chepstow villas west, Bayswater                                26
Chester place, Hyde park                                       26
Chichester mews, Paddington                                    26
Chichester place, Paddington                                   26
Chichester road, Paddington                                    26
Chichester road villas, Kilburn                                26
Chichester street, Paddington                                  26
Chichester terrace, Kilburn                                    27
Chichester villas, Notting hill                                27
Chichester villas, Paddington                                  26
Chippenham terrace, Paddington                                 27
Chippenham terrace, Paddington                                124
Church lane, Kensington                                        27
Church place, Paddington                                       27
Church road, Hammersmith                                      132
Church street, Paddington                                      27
Church street, Kensington                                      27
Cirencester street, Paddington                                 27
Clarence place, Kilburn                                        39
Clarendon gardens, Maida hill                                  28
Clarendon place, Hyde park square                              28
Clarendon place, Maida vale                                    28
Clarendon place, Notting hill                                  28
Clarendon road, Notting hill                                   28
Clarendon road, Kensington                                     29
Clarendon road north, Notting hill                             29
Clarendon street, Paddington                                   29
Clarendon terrace, Maida hill                                  30
Clarendon terrace, Kensington                                  30
Clarendon villas, Hammersmith                                  15
Cleveland cottages, Hammersmith                                 4
Cleveland gardens, Bayswater                                   30
Cleveland square, Bayswater                                    30
Cleveland terrace, Paddington                                  30
Cleveland terrace gardens, Kensington                          30
Clifton cottages, Hammersmith                                  13
Clifton road, Maida vale                                       30
Clifton street, Notting hill                                   31
Clifton terrace, Maida vale                                    31
Clifton terrace, Notting hill                                  31
Clifton villas, Maida hill                                     31
Coburgh place, Bayswater road                                  31
Codrington terrace, Notting hill                               31
Codrington villas, Notting hill                                31
Colville gardens, Bayswater                                    31
Colville road, Bayswater                                       31
Colville square, Notting hill                                  31
Colville terrace east, Bayswater                               31
Colville terrace west, Bayswater                               32
Commerce place, Notting hill                                   32
Conduit mews, Paddington                                       32
Conduit place, Paddington                                      32
Conduit street, Paddington                                     32
Conduit street west, Paddington                                32
Connaught place, Hyde park                                     32
Connaught place west, Hyde park                                32
Connaught square, Hyde park                                    32
Connaught terrace, Paddington                             41 & 42
Convent gardens, Kensington park                               33
Convent terrace, Kensington park                               33
Corinthian villas, Notting hill                               109
Cornwall place, Hammersmith                                    45
Cornwall road, Hammersmith                                     33
Cornwall road, Westbourne park                                 33
Cornwall terrace, Paddington                                   33
Cottage road, Paddington                                       33
Courtland place, Kensington                                    34
Courtland terrace, Kensington                                  34
Craven hill, Bayswater                                         34
Courtland villas, Kensington                                   34
Craven hill gardens, Bayswater                                 34
Craven place, Bayswater                                        34
Craven place, Kensington road                                 132
Craven terrace, Bayswater                                      34
Crawford villas, Hammersmith                                    5
Crecy cottages, Hammersmith                                     4
Cressy villas, Hammersmith                                     76
Crompton street, Paddington                                    34
Cromwell terrace, Paddington                                   34
Crosman villas, Hammersmith                                    76
Crowmer cottages, Hammersmith                                  38
Cumberland place, Westbourne park                              33
Cumberland place, Shepherd’s bush                             119
Cumberland place, Hammersmith                                  81
Cumberland terrace, Westbourne park                            34
Curles cottages, Hammersmith                                   78
Cuthbert street, Paddington                                    35
Cuthbert street, Maida hill                                    35
Darnley road, Notting hill                                     35
Dartmore street, Notting hill                                  35
Dawson place, Bayswater                                        35
Delamere crescent, Paddington                                  35
Delamere street, Paddington                                    35
Delamere terrace, Paddington                                   35
Denbigh mews, Kensington park                                  36
Denbigh road, Bayswater                                        36
Denbigh terrace, Bayswater                                     36
Denbigh villas, Bayswater                                      36
Denmark cottages, Hammersmith                                  11
Denmark road, Kilburn                                          36
Denmark terrace, Hammersmith                                   11
Desborough place, Paddington                                   36
Desborough terrace, Paddington                                 37
Devon terrace, Hammersmith                                     46
Devonport mews, Hyde park                                      37
Devonport road, Hammersmith                                    37
Devonport street, Hyde park                                    37
Devonshire cottages, Hammersmith                               76
Devonshire place, Paddington                                   37
Devonshire street, Hammersmith                                 37
Devonshire terrace, Bayswater                                  37
Devonshire terrace, Notting hill                               37
Devonshire terrace, Kensington                                 37
Dorcas terrace, Hammersmith                                    51
Douro place, Kensington                                        38
Douglas place, Bayswater                                       38
Douglas terrace, Bayswater                                     38
Down place, Hammersmith                                        38
Dudley prove, Paddington                                       38
Dudley place, Paddington                                       38
Durham place, Notting hill                                     89
Durham terrace, Westbourne park                                38
Durham villas, Kensington                                      38
Eagle terrace, Hammersmith                                    120
Earl street, Kensington                                        38
Earls court terrace, Kensington                                39
Earls terrace, Kensington                                      39
Eastbourne mews, Paddington                                    39
Eastbourne terrace, Paddington                                 39
Ebenezer place, Hammersmith                                    81
Edgware place, Paddington                                      40
Edgware place, Kilburn                                         39
Edgware road, Paddington                                  40 & 41
Edith cottages, Hammersmith                                    81
Edith villas, Hammersmith                                      42
Edmund terrace, Notting hill                                   42
Edwardes mews, Kensington                                      43
Edwardes place, Kensington                                     43
Edwardes square, Kensington                                    43
Edwardes terrace, Kensington                                   43
Effingham villas, Notting hill                                 74
Elbury villas, Notting hill                                    43
Eldon road, Kensington                                         43
Elgin crescent, Notting hill                                   43
Elgin mews, Notting hill                                       44
Elgin mews north, Maida vale                                   44
Elgin road, Notting hill                                       44
Elgin road, Maida vale                                         44
Elgin terrace, Maida vale                                      44
Elgin terrace, Notting hill                                    44
Elgin villas, Notting hill                                     44
Elizabeth place, Hammersmith                                   81
Elizabeth terrace, Notting hill                                44
Ellerslie villas, Hammersmith                                 108
Elm grove, Hammersmith                                         45
Elms lane, Bayswater                                           45
Elvaston place, South Kensington                              133
Essex villas, Kensington                                       45
Fieldings cottages, Hammersmith                                46
Flora villas, Hammersmith                                       3
Formosa terrace, Maida hill                                    45
Foxley road, Kensington                                        45
Frederick mews, Paddington                                     45
Fulham place, Paddington                                       45
Fulham road, Hammersmith                                       45
Frances street, Paddington                                     46
French cotts., Hammersmith                                      4
Gale’s cottages, Hammersmith                                    4
Gane place, Hammersmith                                        78
Garway road, Bayswater                                         46
George place, Hammersmith                                      50
George street, Hammersmith                                     46
George street (St. Peter’s square) Hammersmith                 46
Gibbs place, Hammersmith                                       81
Gibson place, Maida vale                                       46
Gloucester crescent, Paddington                                46
Gloucester gardens, Bayswater                                  47
Gloucester mews east, Paddington                               47
Gloucester mews west, Paddington                               47
Gloucester place, Paddington                                   47
Gloucester road, South Kensington                             133
Gloucester terrace, Hyde park                                  47
Gloucester terrace, Kensington                                 48
Gloucester terrace, Notting hill                               29
Gloucester terrace, South Kensington                          133
Godolphin road, Hammersmith                                    48
Gold Hawk terrace, Hammersmith                                 77
Gold Hawk villas, Hammersmith                                  77
Gommes place, Hammersmith                                       4
Gordon place, Kensington                                       48
Gordon terrace, Kensington                                     48
Grange Bank villas, Hammersmith                                77
Grays place, Kilburn                                           39
Great Western crescent, Westbourne park                        48
Great Western terrace, Westbourne park                         48
Green street, Paddington green                                 49
Grove (The), Hammersmith                                       49
Grove (The), Notting hill                                      49
Grove cottages, Hammersmith                                    81
Grove place, Hammersmith                                       50
Grove terrace, Hammersmith road                               133
Grove terrace, Hammersmith road                                49
Grove villas, Hammersmith road                                 49
Hains vale terrace, Hammersmith                                49
Hall place, Paddington                                         49
Hamilton terrace, Bayswater                                    50
Hammersmith gate, Hammersmith                                  51
Hammersmith road west                                          50
Hammersmith road                                               51
Hammersmith terrace, Hammersmith                               51
Hampden street, Paddington                                     51
Hanover terrace villas, Noting hill                            52
Hanover villas, Hammersmith                                    15
Harrow road, Paddington                                        52
Hasborough street, Paddington                                  52
Havelock terrace, Bayswater                                    52
Havelock villas, Hammersmith                                   99
Heath place, Shepherd’s bush                                  118
Hedley villas, Hammersmith                                    108
Hereford road, Bayswater                                       52
Hermytage street, Paddington green                             53
Hethpool street, Maida hill                                    53
High street, Kensington                                   53 & 54
High street, Notting hill                                      54
Holland park, Notting hill                                     55
Holland park road, Kensington                                  55
Holland park terrace, Notting hill                             55
Holland place, Kensington                                      55
Holland road, Kensington                                       55
Holland road, Shepherd’s bush                                  55
Holland street, Kensington                                     55
Holland terrace, Kensington                                    56
Holland villas road, Kensington                                56
Home terrace, Hammersmith                                      53
Hope terrace, Notting hill                                     56
Horbury crescent, Notting hill                                 56
Horbury gardens, Notting hill                                  66
Horbury terrace, Notting hill                                  56
Hornton street, Kensington                                     56
Hornton villas, Kensington                                     56
Howard place, Kensington park                                  56
Howell street, Maida hill                                      57
Howley place, Paddington                                       57
Hyde park gardens                                              57
Hyde park gate, Kensington gore                                57
Hyde park gate south, Kensington gore                          57
Hyde park square                                               57
Hyde park street, Hyde park                                    58
Hyde park terrace, Bayswater road                              58
Hyde park terrace, Kensington gore                             58
Inkerman terrace, Kensington                                   58
Inverness gardens Bayswater                                    58
Inverness place, Bayswater                                     58
Inverness road, Bayswater                                      58
Inverness terrace, Bayswater                                   58
Inverness terrace, Kensington gardens                          58
Inverness villas, Hammersmith                                  49
Irongate wharf, Paddington                                     59
Irongate wharf road, Paddington                                59
Ivy cottages, Hammersmith                                      76
James cottages, Hammersmith                                    76
James place, Paddington                                        47
James street, Kensington                                       57
James street, Paddington                                       59
James street west, Bayswater                                   59
Johnson street, Notting hill                                   59
Jonson’s place, Paddington                                     59
Junction mews, Paddington                                      60
Katharine terrace, Notting hill                                60
Keith terrace, Shepherd’s bush                                118
Kempshall terrace, Kilburn                                     60
Kensington crescent, Kensington                                60
Kensington gardens square, Bayswater                           60
Kensington gardens terrace, Hyde park                          60
Kensington gate, Kensington                                    61
Kensington gore lower, Kensington                              61
Kensington gore upper, Kensington                              61
Kensington palace, Kensington                                  61
Kensington palace gardens, Bayswater                           61
Kensington palace green, Kensington                            61
Kensington park gardens, Notting hill                          61
Kensington park gardens east, Notting hill                     61
Kensington park road, Notting hill                             62
Kensington park road north, Notting hill                       62
Kensington park terrace, Notting hill                          62
Kensington park terrace north, Notting hill                    62
Kensington park villas, Notting hill                           62
Kensington place, Kensington                                   62
Kensington square, Kensington                                  62
Kilburn park road, Kilburn                                     62
Kilburn Priory, Kilburn                                        62
Kilburn square, Kilburn                                        63
Kildare gardens, Westbourne park                               63
Kildare terrace, Westbourne park                               63
King William place, Hammersmith                                50
King street east, Hammersmith                             63 & 64
King street west, Hammersmith                             64 & 65
King street, Kensington                                        65
Kingsley villas, Kensington                                   112
Ladbroke crescent, Notting hill                                66
Ladbroke gardens, Notting hill                                 66
Ladbroke grove, Notting hill                                   66
Ladbroke place east, Notting hill                              66
Ladbroke place west, Notting hill                              66
Ladbroke road, Notting hill                                    66
Ladbroke square, Notting hill                                  66
Ladbroke terrace, Notting hill                                 67
Ladbroke terrace mews, Notting hill                            67
Ladbroke villas, Notting hill                                  67
Lakenham villas, Hammersmith                                   77
Lanark place, Maida hill                                       67
Lanark villas, Maida vale                                      67
Lancaster gate, Hyde park                                      67
Lancaster place, Notting hill                                  68
Lancaster road, Notting hill                                   68
Lancaster road east, Westbourne park                           68
Lancaster road west, Notting hill                              68
Lancaster street, Hyde park                                    68
Lancaster terrace, Notting hill                                68
Lancaster terrace, Hammersmith                                108
Lansdowne crescent, Notting hill                               69
Lansdowne road, Notting hill                                   68
Lansdowne terrace, Kensington                                  69
Lansdowne terrace, Notting hill                                69
Lansdowne terrace Upper, Notting hill                          70
Lansdowne villas, Hammersmith                                  13
Laurel cottages, Hammersmith                                   11
Lavender place, Bayswater                                      70
Lawn place, Shepherd’s bush green                             109
Leamington road villas, Westbourne park                        70
Ledbury road, Bayswater                                        70
Leinster gardens, Bayswater                                    71
Leinster square, Bayswater                                     71
Leinster street, Bayswater                                     71
Leinster terrace, Hyde park                                    71
Leonard place, Kensington                                      72
Lily terrace, Hammersmith                                      77
Lime cotts., Shepherd’s bush                                   72
Lime grove, Shepherd’s bush                                    72
Linden grove, Notting hill                                     72
Little Sussex place, Hyde park                                 72
London street, Paddington                                      72
Lonsdale place, Notting hill                                   72
Lonsdale road, Bayswater                                       72
Loudoun villas, Hammersmith                                    72
Lower Mall, Hammersmith                                       123
Lower Phillimore place, Kensington                             73
Lower Porchester street, Paddington                            73
Lower terrace, Notting hill                                    73
Lower vale place, Hammersmith                                  51
Lyon place, Maida hill                                         73
Lyon terrace, Maida hill                                       73
Madeley villas, Kensington                                     73
Maida hill, Paddington                                         73
Maida hill west, Paddington                                    73
Maida hill west                                               133
Maida vale, Paddington                                         73
Mall (The), Notting hill                                       74
Mall cottages, Notting hill                                    74
Mall road, Hammersmith                                         74
Mall terrace, Notting hill                                     74
Mall villas, Notting hill                                      74
Malvern road, Kilburn                                          74
Manchester buildings, Notting hill                             74
Malvern terrace, Kilburn                                       74
Manchester terrace, Notting hill                              110
Manor place, Paddington                                        74
Manor terrace, Kilburn                                         74
Margaret terrace, Paddington                                   74
Market street, Paddington                                      74
Marlborough place, Paddington                                  75
Marlborough terrace, Paddington                                75
Marlborough terrace, Kensington                                75
Marlborough terrace, Notting hill                              29
Marlborough villas, Hammersmith                                76
Marshall row, Hammersmith                                       4
Maryland road, Paddington                                      75
Masboro road, Hammersmith                                      75
Maryland road, Hammersmith                                     75
Melon place, Kensington                                        75
Melville terrace, Hammersmith                                  81
Middle Mall, Hammersmith                                      123
Monmouth road, Bayswater                                       75
Monmouth road north, Bayswater                                 75
Montague place, Hammersmith                                    50
Montpellier villas, Paddington                                 26
Moscow road, Bayswater                                         75
Mulberry cotts., Hammersmith                                   76
Mulberry place, Notting hill                                   74
Munden terrace, Hammersmith                                    51
Myhills terrace, Hammersmith                                    4
Myrtle place, Hammersmith                                      81
Napier road, Kensington                                        76
New road, Hammersmith                                76, 77, & 78
New road, Notting hill                                         78
Newcastle place, Paddington                                    42
Newland place, Kensington                                      87
Newland street, Kensington                                     87
Newland terrace, Kensington                                    78
Newton road, Bayswater                                         79
Newton terrace, Bayswater                                      79
Newton terrace, Kilburn                                        22
Norfolk crescent, Hyde park                                    79
Norfolk road, Bayswater                                        79
Norfolk road villas, Bayswater                                 79
Norfolk square, Hyde park                                      79
Norfolk terrace, Bayswater                                     79
Norfolk villas, Paddington                                     26
Norland place, Notting hill                                    80
Norland road, Notting hill                                     80
Norland square, Notting hill                                   80
Norland terrace, Notting hill                                  81
North end, Hammersmith                                         81
Northumberland place, Bayswater                                82
Norwood place, Kensington                                      82
Notting hill grove, Notting hill                               82
Notting hill square, Notting hill                              82
Notting hill terrace, Notting hill                             82
Oaklands grove, Shepherd’s bush                                82
Oakland villa, Shepherd’s bush                                 82
Oaklands terrace, Shepherd’s bush                              82
Oaklands villas, Shepherd’s bush                               82
Oakley terrace, Hammersmith                                     5
Oliver terrace, Paddington                                     82
Orchard street, Kensington                                     82
Orme square, Bayswater                                         83
Orsett mews, Bayswater                                         83
Orsett place, Bayswater                                        83
Orsett terrace, Bayswater                                      83
Oxford cottages, Hammersmith                                   77
Oxford mews, Hyde park                                         83
Oxford place, Shepherd’s bush green                           109
Oxford place, Hammersmith                                      76
Oxford road, Hammersmith                                       83
Oxford road, Kilburn                                           83
Oxford square, Hyde park                                       83
Oxford terrace, Hyde park                                      84
Oxford terrace, Notting hill                                   84
Paddington green, Paddington                                   84
Paddock villas, Kilburn                                        39
Palace gardens terrace, Kensington                             84
Palace gardens villas, Kensington                              85
Park cottages, Hammersmith                                     85
Park lane, Kensington gore                                     85
Park place, Kilburn                                            85
Park place, Kensington                                         85
Park place gardens, Paddington                                 85
Park place villas, Paddington                                  85
Park terrace, Notting hill                                    110
Park terrace, Notting hill                                     85
Park villas, Hammersmith                                       85
Park place, Notting hill                                       85
Peel road, Kilburn                                             86
Peel street, Notting hill                                      86
Pelham terrace, Notting hill                                   86
Pembridge crescent, Notting hill                               86
Pembridge gardens, Notting hill                                86
Pembridge mews, Bayswater                                      86
Pembridge place, Bayswater                                     86
Pembridge square, Notting hill                                 86
Pembridge villas, Bayswater                                    86
Pembroke cottages north, Kensington                            87
Pembroke cottages south, Kensington                            87
Pembroke gardens, Kensington                                   87
Pembroke mews, Kilburn                                         87
Pembroke place, Kensington                                     87
Pembroke road, Kensington                                      87
Pembroke road, Kilburn                                         87
Pembroke square, Kensington                                    88
Pembroke terrace, Kensington                                   88
Pembroke villas, Kilburn                                       88
Percy road, Kilburn                                            88
Percy road, Shepherd’s bush                                    88
Percy villas, Kensington                                      132
Pereira place, Shepherd’s bush green                          109
Petersham terrace, South Kensington                            88
Philip terrace, Paddington                                     88
Phillimore gardens, Kensington                                 88
Phillimore terrace, Kensington                                 89
Phoenix place, Hammersmith                                     16
Pickering place, Bayswater                                     89
Pickering terrace, Bayswater                                   89
Pine Apple place, Maida vale                                   89
Pitt street, Kensington                                        89
Plough lane, Notting hill                                      89
Polygon mews, Hyde park                                        90
Pomona place, Hammersmith                                      50
Porchester place, Paddington                                   90
Porchester square, Westbourne park                             80
Porchester terrace, Bayswater                                  90
Porteus road, Paddington                                       90
Portland place, Hammersmith                                    90
Portland place, Hammersmith                                    81
Portland place, Notting hill                                  103
Portland road, Notting hill                                    91
Portobello road, Notting hill                                  91
Portobello terrace, Notting hill                               91
Portobello terrace, Kensington park                            91
Portsdown mews, Kilburn                                        92
Portsdown place, Kilburn                                       92
Portsdown road, Maida hill                                     92
Portsdown road north, Maida vale                               92
Portsdown terrace, Kilburn                                     92
Portsea place, Hyde park                                       92
Powis terrace, Kensington park                                 93
Praed street, Paddington                                       93
Priam place, Hammersmith                                        5
Prince of Wales terrace, Kensington                            93
Prince’s cottages, Hammersmith                                105
Prince’s gardens, South Kensington                             93
Princes gate, South Kensington                                 94
Princes mews, Bayswater                                        94
Princes road, Notting hill                                     94
Princes road north, Notting hill                               95
Princes square, Bayswater                                      95
Princes terrace, Bayswater                                     95
Princes terrace, Hammersmith                                   77
Princes terrace, Notting hill                                  95
Priory road, Kilburn                                           63
Prospect place, Hammersmith                                    15
Prospect place, Hammersmith                                    77
Prospect place, Kilburn                                        39
Queen’s street, Hammersmith                                    95
Queen’s gardens, Bayswater                                     96
Queen’s gate, South Kensington                                 96
Queen’s gate gardens, South Kensington                         97
Queen’s gate place, South Kensington                           97
Queen’s gate terrace, South Kensington                         97
Queen’s place, Notting hill                                    97
Queen’s road, Bayswater                                        97
Queen’s road, Notting hill                                     98
Queen’s road, Hammersmith                                      99
Queensberry place, South Kensington                            99
Queensborough terrace, Bayswater                               99
Radnor place, Hyde park                                        99
Radnor terrace, Kensington road                               122
Railway terrace, Notting hill                                  99
Randolph gardens, Kilburn                                      99
Randolph mews, Maida hill                                      99
Randolph road, Maida hill                                      99
Ranelagh road, Paddington                                      99
Ransom place, Hammersmith                                      77
Raven villas, Hammersmith                                      77
Ravens place, Hammersmith                                      76
Ravens row, Hammersmith                                        76
Ravenscourt park, Hammersmith                                 100
Ravenscourt square, Hammersmith                               100
Ravenscourt terrace, Hammersmith                              100
Richmond road, Shepherd’s bush                                100
Richmond road, Bayswater                                      100
Richmond terrace, Bayswater                                   100
Richmond terrace, Shepherd’s bush                             101
Richmond villas, Bayswater                                    101
Rose cottages, Hammersmith                                     76
Rosedale terrace, Notting hill                                101
Rosedale villas, Notting hill                                 101
Rosina villas, Hammersmith                                     77
Royal crescent, Notting hill                                  101
Royal Oak terrace, Bayswater                                  101
Russell road, Notting hill                                    101
Rydal cotts., Hammersmith                                      76
St. Agnes villas, Bayswater                                   101
St. Agnes villas, Bayswater                                   101
St. Agnes villas, Shepherd’s bush                             118
St. Alban’s road, Kensington                                  101
St. Ann’s road, Notting hill                                  101
St. Ann’s road north, Notting hill                            102
St. Ann’s villas, Notting hill                                102
St. George’s road, Notting hill                               102
St. George’s terrace, Bayswater                               102
St. George’s terrace, South Kensington                        102
St. George’s terrace, Kilburn                                 102
St. Germain’s terrace, Paddington                             102
St. James square, Notting hill                                103
St. James’s street, Notting hill                              103
St. James’s terrace, Notting hill                             103
St. James’s terrace, Paddington                               103
St. John’s gardens, Notting hill                              103
St. John’s mews, Bayswater                                    103
St. John’s place, Notting hill                                103
St. Katharine’s villas, Hammersmith                            77
St. Leonard’s gardens, Maida hill                             103
St. Leonard’s place, Paddington                               104
St. Luke’s road villas, Westbourne park                       104
St. Mark’s crescent, Kensington park                          104
St. Mark’s gardens, Kensington park                           104
St. Mark’s road, Notting hill                                 104
St. Mark’s terrace, Kensington park                           104
St. Mary Abbott’s terrace, Kensington road                    104
St. Mary’s terrace, Hammersmith                                15
St. Mary’s road, Westbourne park                              105
St. Mary’s square, Paddington                                 105
St. Mary’s terrace, Paddington                                105
St. Peter’s road, Hammersmith                                 105
St. Peter’s square, Hammersmith                               105
St. Peter’s terrace, Notting hill                             106
St. Petersburgh place, Bayswater                              106
St. Philip’s terrace, Kensington                              106
St. Stephen’s crescent, Westbourne park                       106
St. Stephen’s road, Hammersmith                               106
St. Stephen’s road, Westbourne park                           106
St. Stephen’s square, Westbourne park                         106
St. Stephen’s terrace, Shepherd’s bush                        118
St. Stephen’s villas, Shepherd’s bush                         119
Sale street, Paddington                                       107
Salem road, Bayswater                                         107
Salusbury terrace, Kilburn                                    107
Scarsdale place, Kensington                                   107
Scarsdale terrace, Kensington                                 107
Scarsdale villas, Kensington                                  107
Scott’s Avenue, Hammersmith                                   107
Senior street, Paddington                                     107
Serampore terrace, Hammersmith                                 51
Shaftesbury road, Hammersmith                                 108
Shaftesbury terrace, Hammersmith                              108
Shaftesbury terrace, Kensington                               108
Shaftesbury villas, Kensington road                           180
Sheffield gardens, Notting hill                               108
Sheffield terrace, Shepherd’s bush                            108
Sheffield terrace, Kensington                                 108
Shelden street, Paddington                                    108
Shepherd’s bush green                                         109
Shrewsbury road, Westbourne park                              109
Shrewsbury terrace, Westbourne park                           108
Shrewsbury villas, Westbourne park                            109
Silchester road, Notting hill                                 109
Silchester road villas, Notting hill                          110
Silchester terrace, Notting hill                              110
Silver street, Notting hill                                   110
Snowden villas, Kilburn                                       110
Somers mews, Hyde park                                        110
Somers place, Hype park                                       110
Somerset terrace, Kilburn                                     110
Somerset terrace, Kensington                                  110
South bank, Notting hill                                      110
South end, Kensington sq.                                     110
South street, Hammersmith                                     110
South villas, Kensington                                      110
South wharf, Paddington                                       110
South wharf road, Paddington                                  111
Southwick crescent, Hyde park                                 111
Southwick mews, Paddington                                    111
Southwick place, Hyde park                                    111
Southwick street, Hyde park                                   111
Sovereign mews, Paddington                                    111
Spring cottages, Hammersmith                                  111
Spring street, Paddington                                     111
Stalham street, Paddington                                    111
Stamford brook, Hammersmith                                   112
Stamford brook cottages                                       112
Stamford road, Kensington                                     112
Stamford villas, Kensington                                   112
Stanhope place, Hyde park                                     112
Stanhope street, Hyde park                                    112
Stanhope terrace, Bayswater road                              112
Stanhope villas, Hammersmith                                   77
Stanley crescent, Notting hill                                112
Stanley gardens, Notting hill                                 112
Stanley gardens mews Notting hill                             112
Stanley terrace, Notting hill                                 112
Star street, Paddington                                       113
Stowe road, Hammersmith                                       133
Stranraer place, Maida vale                                   113
Stratheden villas, Hammersmith                                 78
Stratheden terrace, Hammersmith                                78
Sunderland place, Westbourne park                             113
Sunderland terrace, Westbourne                                113
Sussex gardens, Paddington                                    113
Sussex place, Hammersmith                                     114
Sussex place, Hyde park                                       114
Sussex place, Hyde park                                       114
Sussex square, Hyde park                                      114
Sussex terrace, Kensington                                    114
Sutherland crescent, Maida vale                               114
Sutherland gardens, Maida vale                                114
Sutherland place, Bayswater                                   114
Talbot road, Westbourne park                                  115
Talbot road villas, Westbourne park                           115
Talbot square, Hyde park                                      115
Talbot terrace, Westbourne park                               115
Talbot villas, Westbourne park                                115
Talbot villas, Hammersmith                                     77
Tavistock terrace, Westbourne park                            115
Tavistock terrace, Notting hill                               115
Tewkesbury villas, Shepherd’s bush                            118
The Terrace, Kilburn                                          116
The Terrace, Bayswater                                        116
The Terrace, Kensington                                       116
Theresa villas, Hammersmith                                   105
Tichbourne street, Paddington                                 116
Tor villas, Kensington                                        132
Torrington mews, Paddington                                   116
Union terrace, Notting hill                                   116
Upper Berkeley street west, Hyde park                         116
Upper Brook green terrace, Hammersmith                         51
Upper Brook mews, Paddington                                  117
Upper Holland street, Kensington                              117
Upper Horton villas, Kensington                               117
Upper Hyde park street, Hyde park                             117
Upper Mall, Hammersmith                                       123
Upper Phillimore gardens, Kensington                          117
Upper Porchester street, Hyde park                            117
Upper Portsdown gardens, Maida vale                           117
Upper Seymour street west, Hyde park                          117
Upper Southwick street, Paddington                            117
Upper Westbourne terrace, Paddington                           11
Upton villas, Kilburn                                         119
Uxbridge road, Shepherd’s bush                                119
Uxbridge road, Bayswater road                                 119
Uxbridge street, Notting hill                                 119
Uxbridge street upper, Notting hill                           119
Uxbridge street lower, Notting hill                           119
Vale place, Hammersmith                                        67
Vassal terrace, Kensington                                    119
Vernon mews, Kensington park                                  119
Vernon terrace, Notting hill                                  119
Vicarage gardens, Kensington                                  119
Vicarage place, Kensington                                     27
Vicarage place, Kensington                                    119
Victoria cots., Hammersmith                                    81
Victoria grove, Bayswater                                     119
Victoria grove terrace, Bayswater                             119
Victoria grove villas, Bayswater                              119
Victoria grove, Kensington                                    120
Victoria place, Bayswater                                     120
Victoria road, Kensington                                     120
Victoria road, Hammersmith                                    120
Victoria street, Paddington                                   120
Victoria terrace, Notting hill                                 66
Victoria gardens, do                                          121
Walmer crescent, do                                           121
Walmer place, do                                              121
Walmer road, do                                               121
Walmer terrace, do                                            121
Walmer villas, do                                             121
Warrington crescent, Maida hill                               121
Warrington gardens, do                                        121
Warrington terrace, do                                        121
Warwick crescent, Paddington                                  121
Warwick crescent, Kensington                                  121
Warwick gardens, Kensington                                   122
Warwick gardens east, Kensington                              122
Warwick mews, Maida hill                                      122
Warwick place, Maida hill                                     122
Warwick road, Paddington                                      122
Warwick road, Kensington road                                 122
Warwick road north, Maida hill                                122
Warwick terrace, Notting hill                                 123
Waterside, Hammersmith                                        123
Waterloo place, Shepherd’s bush                               109
Waterloo street, Hammersmith                                  123
Waverley road, Paddington                                     123
Waverley terrace, Paddington                                  123
Wellington terrace, Paddington                                123
Wellington terrace, Bayswater                                 124
Wellington terrace, Notting hill                              124
Wellington terrace, Hammersmith                               124
Wellington villas, Hammersmith                                 76
Westbourne crescent, Hyde park                                124
Westbourne green, Paddington                                  124
Westbourne grove, Bayswater                                   124
Westbourne grove terrace, Bayswater                           125
Westbourne park, Paddington                                   125
Westbourne park crescent, Paddington                          125
Westbourne park place, Bayswater                              125
Westbourne park road, Bayswater                               125
Westbourne park terrace, Paddington                           125
Westbourne park terrace, Bayswater                            125
Westbourne park villas, Westbourne park                       125
Westbourne place, Paddington                                  128
Westbourne place, Westbourne green                            124
Westbourne square, Paddington                                 128
Westbourne street, Hyde park                                  128
Westbourne street mews, Hyde park                             128
Westbourne terrace, Hyde park                                 129
Westbourne terrace north, Paddington                          129
Westbourne terrace road, Paddington                           129
Westbourne terrace villas, Paddington                         130
Westbourne villas, Paddington                                 130
Westbury road, Paddington                                     130
Westmoreland place, Bayswater                                 130
Westmoreland road, Bayswater                                  130
Wharf road, Shepherd’s bush                                   130
White Lion passage, Paddington                                131
Wilby terrace, Notting hill                                    60
William street, Hammersmith                                   131
Wilton terrace, Kensington                                    131
Wilton villas, Shepherd’s bush                                118
Windsor terrace, Maida hill                                   131
Windsor terrace, Paddington                                   124
Wiple place, Kensington                                        27
Wood lane, Shepherd’s bush                                    131
Wood place, Shepherd’s pl                                     110
Woodfield road, Paddington                                    131
Woodfield terrace, Paddington                                 124
Woodfield road west, Paddington                               131
Woodfield villas, Paddington                                  131
Woodstock road, Shepherd’s bush                               131
Wrights lane, Kensington                                      131
York place, Shepherd’s bush                                   109
York villas, Kensington                                       132
Young street, Kensington                                      132

FOR 1867.

Abingdon terrace, _Newland street_, _Kensington_.

1 Miller Samuel, _Abingdon tavern_

2 Penn Alter

3 Ayling R.

4 Dudgeon John Herbert

5 Bristow Ed. Robt.

6 Johnson Thos. Croshaw

7 Barrow Cornelius

8 Orr Henry, _Foxley house_

9 Hewett Samuel, grocer

11 Chichester George

12 Homes Mrs

13 Lupton Mrs

14 Carr C. Richard

15 Sims Richard Procter

16 Lord Miss

17 Downes Mrs

  Cooper Albert, dentist

Abingdon villas, _Wright’s lane_, _Kensington_.

1 Warner W. M.

2 Cramer William

3 Dines Henry

4 Cooper Charles

5 Stephens Miss

6 Whiteford Sidney

7 Nokes, James W.

8 Nash Michael

9 Warren, Joshua

11 Frederick, John S.

12 Page Thomas S.

13 Field Mrs

15 Errington Edward

16 Magill Mrs

17 Richardson Mrs

18 Dry F. W.

19 Baugh Joseph

21 Ashby Misses

22 Pope Walter Simeon

23 Spencer Edmund

24 Maclean Alexander

25 Hicks John

26 Smith Edward

27 Bertolacci William Robt.

28 Edwards Miss

30 Perglas Baron

31 Swale Miss B.

32 Horton John

33 Hart Mrs S. V. W.

34 Cresswell Mrs

35 Philips Misses

36 Waterhouse William

37 Matthews Miss

38 Strettel Mr

39 Wightman Mrs

40 Cobb Edward

41 Strickland Mrs

42 Stone Miss

43 Noble M. sculpture

44 Von Wegnern O. professor of German

Abingdon villas west, _Wright’s lane_, _Kensington_.

1 Irish Miss A.

2 Gape Mrs

3 Harris Mrs

4 Clark Edward Charles

5 Foote J.

7 Featherstone G.

9 Dry Alfred

10 Jackson William

11 Walker Mrs J.

12 Laurie Mrs Col.

14 Morrison Mrs

15 Hatchard John

16 Waites Thomas

17 Money Mrs

18 Tringham William

19 Down George, M.D.

20 Burtenshaw David Farra

Addison crescent, _Addison road_, _Kensington_.

1 Hyslop Walter

2 Elliston Miss, Wilson Miss

3 Bullock Rev. W. T.

4 Sinclair Thomas

5 Woodhouse George

  _Pillar letter box_

6 Lebour A.

7 Woodyer J. M.

8 Porthouse Mrs

9 Collis Mrs

10 Johnson G. H.

11 Grosvenor Dr. W. surgeon

12 Richards J.

13 Buller A. Plumer

Addison gardens north, _Addison road_, _Kensington_.

1 Humphreys Miss

2 Russel Thomas

3 Gordon Mrs

4 Welsh Fredk. surveyor

5 Birdseye George

6 Butterfield Mrs

7 Renshaw Miss

8 Strother W. M.

9 Penkivil Mrs

10 Currie Miss

11 McDonnell A. H.

12 Dicken Miss

13 Dunn A. Hunter

30 Wake Capt. J. D.

31 Kelly W. J.

32 Privett Mrs

33 Robertson Mrs

36 Bentley E.

37 Dalrymple H.

38 Kuhr William

39 Bird W. L.

40 Wilson John

41 Loveridge Frederick

42 Presgrave Mrs

Addison gardens south, _Kensington_.

1 Helmore Frederick W.

2 Robson Charles

3 Tanner Alfred H.

4 Wright H. Montague

5 Stewart Mrs

6 Gillott Mrs

7 Doetry John

8 Prentice Mrs

9 Griffiths Mrs

28 Roberts J. W.

29 Eaton H. S.

30 Whiting Mrs

31 Clark Alfred

32 Richardson James

33 Fearon Mrs

Addison road, _Notting hill road_, _Kensington_.

1 Fox General Charles R.

1 Fox Mrs Charles

2 Harvey Miss, _Derwent lodge_

3 Adamson A. _Albyn lodge_

  Adamson W. _Albyn lodge_

4 Durham W. _Wilton lodge_

5 Ryan Sir E. _Garden lodge_

6 Binnie F. _Fairfield lodge_

7 Hogg J. _Addison lodge_

8 Ribbons J. L.

9 Duesbury Henry

10 Ellis John, architect

11 Colnett William

12 Braiggoatte Peter

13 Laking William Francis

14 De Lisle William Alfred

15 Halse Richard

17 Keary Mrs

18 Green J. _Burlington villa_

19 Augerand William

20 Furtado Mrs

21 Gregory G. F.

22 Sidebottom Miss

23 Richard W. _The Elms_

25 McHenry J. _Oak lodge_

26 Hessey Rev. F. D.C.L.

  _St. Barnabas’ church_

  Samuelson A. _Kingston lodge_

  Travers —, _Winter lodge_

  Avant J. _Vassall lodge_

27 Silver James

28 Turner Miss

29 Casey Thomas

30 Smyth John V.

31 Hughes Robert B.

  Thompson Miss, _Cato villa_

33 Pearpoint Robert H.

34 Fuller Mrs, and Miss

  Staples H. _Holland lodge_

36 Ince Miss

37 Valpy Mrs P.

38 Whittiker Miss

39 Bagshaw Miss

40 Halse W. H. medical galv.

41 Priest Benjamin

42 Scott Mrs

43 Goldsmith Malcolm

44 Clark Mrs

45 Wylde James

46 Holden Rev. H. A.

47 Paul James

48 Lound Mr

49 Billingsley William

50 Halladay M. M.

51 Hopkins John B.

52 Marioni Morelli

53 Hoe Elizabeth

54 Engel Carl

55 Hazlitt William C.

56 Debenham Henry

57 Cornwall Miss

58 Northwood J. H.

59 Reed C. _Raymond villa_

60 Oliphant William

61 Hayter Harrison

62 Share Mrs

63 More John McLeod

64 Oaks W. F. _Rutland lodge_

65 Dolman W. F. _Thornbrake_

66 Howden A. _Sussex lodge_

67 Delcomyn Mr

68 Instone Edward

69 McLaren John W.

70 Baron W. J.

71 Mansell Joseph

72 Wilson Dr. R. N.

73 Adams J. W. _Montague house_

74 Miers J. W. _Warwick house_

75 Woodruffe Miss

76 Wynter Dr. Andrew

77 Forbes C.

78 Reeve Misses, schl. _Clifton house_

79 Addams Richard

80 Cocks L. S. _Allendale house_

82 England T. H.

83 Locke James

84 Miers John

85 Jackson William

86 Grant A. _Rosseau house_

87 Todd Miss

88 Unna F. _Vernon lodge_

89 Brown Mrs, _Silkwood lge._

90 Kynaston H. _Osborne villas_

91 Kenneth R. _Osborne villas_

92 Warrenne Miss, _Osborne house_

93 Horley Misses

Addison road north, _Norland terrace_, _Notting hill_.

1 Newell H. _Norland arms_

2 Childerstone Christopher

3 Oxley Richard

4 Tomlin Frederick

5 Parry Robert

6 Shipway Robt. W.

7 Tull William

8 Whitworth Miss

9 Jones Thomas

10 Wakes Mrs

11 Thrupp Henry Joseph

12 Lemon Oliver, surgeon

13 Coatsworth Joseph

14 Senior Miss

15 Tarver T. W.

16 Tomlinson —

17 Minehin Rev. J. C.

18 Norton Miss

19 Baker Frederick

21 Arundale John

22 Burge W. F.

  _St. James’s church_

  Sismey G. D. _Gothic villa_

23 Wilson Mrs, _Shamrock villa_

24 Williams John

25 Bourne Miss

26 Bitter Gustavus

27 Mason Mrs

28 Bredow Ernest

29 Wemyss Colonel

30 Danby Thomas

31 Brydges Mrs

32 Neale Robert

33 Walkinshaw Miss

34 Butler James

35 Taylor Mrs

36 Chew Mrs

37 Jeffreys Mrs

38 Stephenson —

39 Mann William

40 Kirkman Edward

41 Ilderton H. Decimus

42 Robins Misses, ladies’ sch.

43 Murray Mrs, dyer

43_a_ Jackson Charles, farrier

44 James R. chemist

45 Barley R. grocer

46 Watling A. milliner

47 Carter C. W. bookseller

48 Berry R. fruiterer

49 Mackinney F. W. watch maker

50 Borders Miss, Berlin wool

51 Spark H. china warehs.

52 Buckthorp H. F. draper

53 Allnutt B. cheesemonger

Addison terrace, _Kensington_.

1 Saunders Henry

2 Plincke Miss

3 Chapman Mrs

4 Wells John

5 Nott Dr.

6 Rusbridger Joseph

7 Hyslop Miss Rosina

8 Thomas Thomas

9 Chipp John

10 Halladay Thomas

11 Jeakins Miss

12 Broadbridge J. surveyor

13 Mills Thomas

14 Lea Mrs, W. A.

  Blizard Mrs

15 Page Mrs, Thomas

16 Cook Robert

17 Browne Miss A.

Addison terrace, _Notting hill_.

1 Warwick Benjamin

2 Chadwick Mrs

3 Dempsy L. professor of music

  Dempsy Miss

4 Foster Chas. Burton

6 Shew F. James

7 Fitzwater C. builder

8 Chilman Edward

9 Bannister A. J. M.D.

10 Ibbott William


1 Havelock Mrs

2 Eassie William

Adelaide road, _Uxbridge road_, _Shepherd’s bush_.

1 Gordon J. _Oakland dairy_

2 Dines —, boot maker


2 Forbes John

3 Armbruster Charles

4 Marshall Edward

5 Wilson Mrs

6 Tattersall C. J. auctioneer


1 Phipps —

2 Waite W. T.

Albert place, _Victoria road_, _Kensington_.

1 Bannister Hugh

2 Garrique Mrs

3 Buckley R. Wilson

4 Leech Edmond

6 Taylor Mrs

7 Dancer Mrs

8 Morton Mrs

8_a_ Jerdan Mrs, _Alfred cottage_

9 Bate Miss

10 Sterky Charles

11 Methold Major E.

12 Dennis Major-gen. J. L.

  Dennis Mrs

13 Hyde Major-gen. G. H.

14 Holl Henry

Albert road, _Canterbury road_, _Kilburn_.

1 Kellond W. P.

13 Randall Henry

15 Turner William

17 Randall William

19 Bridger Geo. French polisher

21 Bynon William

22 Miller Henry Charles

25 Saimsion Mrs

27 Wright George

29 Gold James

33 Ferguson C. paper hanger

35 Godson G. carpenter

37 Greening William

39 Bradford James

41 Callahan Edmund

43 Harrison C. piano hammr coverer

45 Anderson —

47 Kennedy Mrs

49 Cooley William

51 Perren John

53 Plowman James R.

55 Rowledge John

57 Mulby Alfred

59 Diment George

61 Monk Charles

63 Williamson Robert

65 Stockbridge John

67 Shilcock John

69 Jones Mrs

20 Pounsett William

22 Cheney John

24 Moggridge John

28 Parry Samuel

30 Smith Thomas

32 Reay George

34 Terry George

36 Houldry Henry

40 Morgan Wm. greengrocer

42 Burcham George, grocer

44 Came Edward

46 Cook Richard

48 Benians F. D. plumber

50 Mayhew J. photographer

52 Dobson Charles

54 Stanley William

56 Williams T. boot maker

58 Palmer John

60 Bryant Benjamin

62 Fitzjohn John

64 Hawkins William

66 Setchfield Miss dress maker

70 Saunders Mrs

Albert street, _Paddington green_, _Paddington_.

1 Davison Mrs

2 Weekley Samuel

3 Smith Mrs

5 Brown J. Hermanners

6 Ray —

7 Buckingham Mrs

8 Buck Mrs

9 Ward Mrs

10 Horne Frank

11 Francis Edward

12 Vincent John

13 Wilson Robert

14 Curtis —

15 Harvey William

16 Baggott James

17 Dainton Phillip F.

18 Harding Frederick

19 Parsons Mrs

20 Lott Christopher

21 Porter Mrs

22 Collins Thomas

Albert terrace, _Bishop’s road_, _Bayswater_.

1 Gadsden W. H. boot maker

2 Webster H. optician

3 Blackett J. & Co. upholsterer

4 Atkins R. decorator

5 + 6 Sellers & Cowley, grocers and spirit merchants

7 Frank & Atkinson, drapers

8 Powell J. portmanteau maker

9 McKoen G. boot maker

11 Barnes Henry, draper

12 Stuart —, baker

13 Rudkin H. china dealer

14 Jones & Co. boot makers

15 Bastard, furniture dealer

16 Thomas J. plumber

17 Plumb J. & R. fishmongers

18 Baldwin, bookseller

18 Souter E. & C. greengrocers

20 Woodward J. corn dealer

21 Barwell T. wine merchant

Albert terrace, _Notting hill gate_, _Notting Hill_.

1 Buckland Miss

2 Ford R. fancy repository

3 O’Connor J. haberdasher

6 Inglish G. builder

7 Johnson T. bootmaker

8 Furniss G. watch maker

9 Nowell W. tailor

10 Gardener William

11 Redfearn J. D. piano maker

12 Rainger George, gilder

13 Goulden George, tailor

14 Dawson & Co. dyers

15 Touray Mrs, lace manufacturer

16 Corry H. carpenter

17 Davis J. E. gas fitter

18 Ive Anthony, ironmonger

19 Cunningham A. painter

20 Newman John, watch maker

21 Beardon Mrs

22 Dutton C. boot maker

Albion Gardens, _Albion Road_, _Hammersmith_.


1 Richardson F. J. carpenter

2 Bloomfield George

3 Forster John

4 Dod Miss, milliner, &c.

6 Johnson Joseph, plumber

7 Cloud James

8 Barwell Mrs

9 Featherstonhaugh R. T.

10 Graham Miss

11 Winser Charles, artist

12 Hickman Charles

13 Begg William

14 Cane Mrs

15 Roberts Samuel

Albion gardens south, _Albion road_, _Hammersmith_.

1 Harvey Henry

2 Smith William


1 Howse Charles

2 Gowing J. C.

3 Krohn Hy. watchmaker

4 Bryan —

5 Alexander E.

6 Cloud, George

Albion gardens west, _Albion road_, _Hammersmith_.

1 Davey Mrs

3 Chapman Wm. plumber

4 Miller Thomas

  Impey Thomas, _Vine cottage_

  Muskett Thos., _Rock cottage_

Albion mews east, _Albion street_, _Hyde park_.

  Henderson J. builder

  Lee H. coffee house

  Garrard W. marine store dealer

  Summers M. boot maker

Albion mews west.

  Hollis R. job master

  Reddin E. horse dealer

Albion place, _Hyde Park square_, _Paddington_.

1 + 2 Bright & Woodward, furnishing ironmongers

3 Higgins Thos. fishmonger

4 [Unreadable] John H. spirit merchant

5 Charlton Egbert

6 Hollis J. and E. butchers

7 Geddes Mrs, baker

8 Hewitt and Young, tea dealer

9 Hogg —, chemist to the Queen

10 Bacon’s hotel

Albion road, _Hammersmith_.—_West side_.

3 Nattress Timothy

4 Biggs John

  Riding R. _Stanbrook cottage_

  Bambury T. S. _Box villa_

  Scott Mrs, _Ravenscroft park_

  Wort —, _Woodland cottage_

  Berry John

  Lidgard C. _Thatched house_


1 Snook Robert, dairyman

2 Atkinson Thomas

3 Hodges C. painter

4 Phillips Edward

5 Banks Mrs

6 Forester & Hayward, frtrs


1 Young C. bootmaker

2 Brett Mrs, stationer

3 Holcombe C. general shop

  Walker Mrs, _Gotha cottage_

  Wadson John, carpenter

  Hubbard John grocer


1 Squire William

2 Sheargold Mr

3 Robinson Miss

4 Chamberlain Mrs

5 Burbage Alfred

6 Ludeman Aug. W. H.

7 Digby George

8 Prince John

9 Garlick George

11 Garlick W.

12 Hedges J.

13 Roberts David

14 Lee William

  Carter Wm. _Prince of Wales_

  Francis F. wardrobe dealer

  Goddard —, cowkeeper

  Taylor John, grocer


2 Price W. bricklayer

6 Bell —, plasterer

8 Matthews Mrs, butcher

  Pither J. builder

  Sturgess E. _Albion_


  _Ebenezer Wesleyan chapel_

1 Miles Mrs

2 Hull Robert

3 Wilkinson William G.

4 Miles Mrs

5 Gibbs Mrs

6 Stone Edward

7 Butterfield John

  Holmes A. plumber

  Knight George, oilman

  Clayton —, _Jasmine cottage_

  Winkley —, _Nelson cottage_


1 Hillman George

2 Lester Adolphus

3 Anderson Mrs

4 Robert August


1 Winkley Miss

2 Strouts Thomas


1 Jerome Miss

2 Hunt John Alexander

  Puckler Compts., _Hyde cottage_

  Vertue A. L. _Southam cottage_

  Pepper Miss, _Myrtle cottage_

  Donalds Mrs, _Alma cottage_


1 Venables Thomas

2 Fowler Miss

  Holman Mrs, _Balmoral cottage_


1 Mechi Miss

2 Crow Mrs

  Bird Robert Hardy, _Columbia cottage_

  Escudier F. S. _Ada cottage_

  Wills Fred. _Elthorne villa_


1 Stirling T. chimney sweep

2 Johnson Mrs

3 Baker James


1 Champelovier Jas. chndlr.

4 Jennings John, tailor

6 Furnell Henry, fishmonger

7 Stokes Joseph

8 Palmer Samuel

  Richardson Wm. chndlr.

  Dracott Richd. boot maker

  Denman Alfred, fishmonger

  Gordon Edmd. umbrella maker

  Page J. T. decorator


1 Hodges W. greengrocer

2 Meads T. hairdresser

Albion road east, _Hammersmith New road_.


1 Knight Frank

2 Gentles William

3 Powell John, builder

4 Ponsonby T. T.


1 Branwhite Thos. Richd.

5 Barton William

6 Campell James


1 Haylock Wm. builder

2 Altwater Charles


1 Midwinter William

2 Phillips Simon Francis

  Perry John Henry, _Looe villa_

  Money James, _Holly villa_

  Dungate Mrs, _Providence villa_

  Butland Jas. _Harmire lodge_

  Breach Wm. _Osborne villa_

  Chalmers John, _Truro villa_

  Crow Chs. _Ashburton cottage_

  Chambers Edwd. _Rosedale villa_


1 Miller Mrs

2 Dobson Mrs

4 Pitts Thomas

5 Scott Walter

6 Gardiner William

7 Kent Mrs

8 Boulden Samuel

9 Richards Mrs, chandler

  Edwards Mrs, _Beulah lodge_


1 Hallam George

2 Key William

3 Johnson Mrs, ladies’ school

4 Burr Mrs, milliner, dr. m.

5 Lyttle W.

6 Hutchinson William

7 Schneider Carl

8 Bury George

Albion street, _Hyde park_.

1 Haynes Robert

2 Broughton Theophilus

3 Bulkely Miss

4 Grant Miss

5 Davenport E. G.

6 Joy H. G.

7 Singer Miss

9 Parrot Miss

10 Carter William

11 Page William

12 Lillywhite George

12 Leeper Wm. lodging house

14 Shepherd Mrs, lodging house

15 Budgin Miss A.

17 Cook Mrs

18 Hull Mrs, lodging house

19 Delacombe Lieut.-Gen.

20 Bastard Chas. lodging house

21 Tilley Mrs, lodging house

22 French Rev. Mark D. M.A.

23 Mullet A. F. auct. est. agt.

24 +25 Jackson T. W. bookseller, _post and money order office_

26 Wilson Geo. auct. est. agt.

27 Searcy John

28 Rigg Miss

29 Giles John

30 Holmes Mrs

31 Brooks Mrs

32 Scott Mrs

33 Bird Geo. & son, builders

34 Stratton Stephen, tailor

35 Joy Thos. _Albion_

36 Fryer Mrs

37 Robinson Henry

38 Herring Miss

39 Henderson J. lodging house

40 Adams Mrs

42 Baker W. T.

44 Tyler Miss H.

45 Andrews Mrs

46 Rawlinson Miss

47 Sykes Colonel, M.P.

Albion terrace, _Newland street_, _Kensington_.

1 Morgan Mark

2 Morgan James

3 Cutts Robt. boot maker

4 Fallace James, boot maker

5 Welber Richard

6 Morgan James

7 Sharp Alfred

8 Hodges T. baker

Aldridge road villas, _Westbourne park road_.

1 Ellerton Mrs

2 Harston E. F. B.

3 Ellerton J. solicitor

4 Badcock Philip

5 Paull Mrs

6 Fennely Richard

8 Watts Wm. Henry

9 Davidson Rev. N.

10 Johnson Charles

11 Lloyd Mrs

12 Hardinge W. J.

13 Toner John

14 Jeffreys John

15 Jocelyn Hon. John

16 Brand William

17 Drummond Lt.-Col. A. A.

18 Levesage Mrs

19 Stopford Mrs

20 Willoughby Mrs

21 Moore E., builder

22 Abrahams Elias

23 Straton Miss

24 Goff Capt. Charles

25 Yelland Edwin

26 Jacobs Lewis

27 Brook Mrs

28 Walker Francis

29 Woodger George

30 Diaper Mrs

31 Bunyard —

32 Samuda Miss

33 Hanmor Miss

34 Morris William

35 Samuda D.

36 Bernard Hy. Fitzgerald

37 Layard Captn. Henry

38 Williams Mrs A. K.

39 Dalziel John

40 Woolfe J. B.

41 Pascall Edward

42 Messiter Mrs

43 Absolom John

44 Greig Henry

46 Pain Mrs

47 Wilmoth Augustus

48 Pretty Mrs Rowlison

  Moule Joseph, _York villa_

  Ridsdale Edwd. _Lancaster villa_

Alexander street, _Westbourne park_.

1 Milford G. H.

2 Haines F. L.

3 Sampson Miss

4 Buckoke Jos. P. C.

5 Watson Mrs

6 Hadlow Mrs, milliner

7 Kimpton Mrs

8 Fagg Thomas

9 Murray E. J.

10 Round Oliver Stephen

11 Frost Sara. pr. guitar

12 Macanally Thomas

13 Titterton William

14 Macbean George

15 Drake William

17 Darbey Henry, tailor

20 Vaughan Mrs

21 Lazarus A.

22 Spyer Lawrence

23 Hutchins W. fruiterer

  Wright John, decorator

24 Bradbury Hy. dairyman

25 Thompson J. _Durham castle_

26 Botton W. butcher

27 Thurlow Thos. ironmonger

28 Bell Samuel, bookseller

29 Tapping Chas. fruiterer

30 Brookson Chas. baker

31 Botton & Hale, poulterers

32 Sharman S. grocer, _post and money order office_

Alexander terrace, _Westbourne park_.

1 Royston Chas. M.D. physician, _vaccine station_

2 Smith John

3 Crosbie Wm. A.

4 Wickham John Eyre

5 Hempson George

Alexander mews, _Westbourne park_.

  Meadows Jas. carpenter

  Preece J. A. livery stables

  Mathews G. A. builder

Alexandra road, _Canterbury road_, _Kilburn_.

1 Howse F. surgeon, _post & money order office_, _saving bank_

3 Florence Samuel

5 Northern E. H. tailor

6 Baxter James

9 Green T. H.

11 Franklin Richard

Alexandra terrace, _Canterbury road_, _Kilburn_.

2 Bunn R. eating house

4 Newton & Darlow hosiers

8 Cattermole George

10 Williams John

12 Cole T. Kenrick, surgeon

14 Peters John

18 Maddeford Mrs

20 Mille Robert

22 Barry Richard

24 Rounthwaite George

26 Marphew Smith

28 Page W. house decorator

30 Jerrold Mrs

32 Russell James

Alfred road, _Westbourne green_, _Harrow road_.

2 Williams Fred.

3 Evans William

4 Phillips T.

5 Skinner G.

7 Davy George, tailor

  _Primitive Methodist chapel_

9 Moffat Joseph

10 Dauncey George

11 Murrell Mrs

12 Wood William

13 Archbold Edmund

14 Elliott James

15 Humberstone John

16 Smith Thomas

17 Lewis Thomas

18 Lintern Joseph

19 Walton Samuel F.

20 Gray Nicholas

21 Thomas William

  Thomas Mrs, midwife

22 Underwood Mrs

23 Williams David, painter

24 Gordon John, collector

25 Reid John

26 Nell Ephraim, builder

27 Hornbuckle Isaac

28 Davis Zachariah

29 Parnell —

30 Gray William

31 Oldaker Mrs, ladies school

32 Rudd John

33 Almond —

34 Lomas Charles

35 Howell John, coal merchant

36 Cave William

37 Hibbetts H.

38 Nichols Mrs

39 Hawkins James

39_a_ Tyler Frederick

40 Daniels Mrs

41 Wilson Thomas

41_a_ Keeley —

42 Griffiths Thomas

43 Thompson Mrs

44 Cousins Mrs

45 Lester Jeremiah

46 Shepherd William

47 Cox Charles

48 Watson J. H.

50 Watson J. H.

52 Sandall John

53 Mathews William

54 Taylor Jas. carpenter

55 Alding James

56 Fowler John

57 Smith Charles, grocer

57_a_ Franklin George, tailor

58 Rawlings —

60 Penny J. greengrocer

64 Clark—_Royal Saxon_

Alfred row, _Shepherd’s bush_.

1 Francis Jessey

2 Paul G. coffee house

3 Peters —, broker

4 Munton B. F. ironmonger

Allason terrace, _Church street_, _Kensington_.

1+2 Barnes C. R. grocer, _post and money order office_

3 Jones W. chemist

4 Knight —stationer

5 Colston —, paper hanger

7 Curson Mrs, milliner

8 Oliver Madam & Co. stay makers

Allen street, _Bath place_, _Kensington road_.

  Herrington & Wells, brewers

Alma terrace, _Allen street_, _Kensington_.

1 Boys Edward

2 Batten George

3 Hamilton Ernest

4 Champion Mrs. Henry

5 Crane John

6 Rose Edward

7 Somerville John

8 Mansfield George

9 Mansell Mrs

10 Livock John

  _Presbyterian Church_

Alpha mews, _Canterbury road_, _Kilburn_.

6 Harris Thomas, cab proprietor

8 May J. coal merchant

Alpha place, _Canterbury road_, _Kilburn_.

1 Ballinger William

2 Hall Mrs, laundress

3 Eyles Mrs

4 Wood Mrs

5 Hughes J. bell hanger

6 Higgs Thomas

7 Tombes Joseph

8 Sedgley W. grocer

8_a_ Baggs J. boot maker

9 Ashton —, pork butcher

10 Pine Charles, news agent

11 Lawrence W. marine store

12 Felton Geo. greengrocer

13 Tebboth W. zinc worker

14 Gomme Jesse, dairyman

Alpha place west, _Canterbury road_, _Kilburn_.

1 Hall Mrs

2 Marshall Eli

3 Ranson Richard

4 Phipps John

5 Inggall Henry

6 Woodcock G. gardener

7 Powell James

8 Bailey William

9 Kirby Samuel

10 Peters John

11 Evans Daniel

Alpha place north, _Canterbury road_, _Kilburn_.

1 Miller G. wheelwright

2 Cook Henry

3 Davey D.

  Purvey P.

4 Knight Douglas, engineer

5 West F. R.

6 Dickinson James

7 Blanchard William

9 Clark Charles

10 Turner Mrs

11 Heryett Edward

12 Clark George

13 Slater Mrs

14 West John Thomas

15 Martin Mrs

16 Goodman George

17 Stiles William

18 Tinkler John

19 Kemp Henry

20 Langley Robert

21 Knight George

22 Ashton James

23 Hill John

24 Mott Mrs

26 Curl J.

27 Fordham John

Amberley road, _Warwick road_, _Maida hill_.

1 Holmes Jesse

2 Taylor John

3 Stratton John

4 Mallard George

5 Black Daniel

6 Moss Frederick

7 Eccleston F.

8 Ramshaw Luke

9 Humphreys Edward

10 Miles John

11 Stratton Mrs

12 Wallis Henry

13 Benn Mrs, dressmaker

14 Watts John

15 Hill Henry

  Pither D. bootmaker

16 Buddell Thomas

17 Witney William

18 Hopping Robert

19 Garrett Charles

20 Clode Mrs

21 Marshman J. tobacconist

22 Bragg Miss, coffee house

23 Davis Pamela

24 Harris James, grocer

25 Mead William

26 Anderson George, _Lord Amberley_

29 Miller John, oil & colourman

30 Gore I. corn and hay dealer

31 Greenhill Mrs, corset maker

32 Bobbitt Henry

Amberley wharf, _Amberley road_.

1 Boyer & Peach, contractors

  Hill G. wheelwright

2 Woolley C. contractor

3 Martin William, farrier

4 Watson J. & G. hay dealers

5 Vigers —, timber merchant

6 Hayden Wm. contractor

  Boddy Robt. John, timber merchants, _Bridge house_

  Vigers E. & Co., timber merchant

Andover place, _Kilburn park road_.

1 Young Mrs

2 Bishop William

3 Debney Charles

4 Twort Fred.

  Collins Thomas

5 Saunders Mrs

6 Gibbons S. animal doctor

7 Butler T. gardener

8 Aubbray Mrs

9 Hiscock Charles

10 Wells Mrs, dining rooms

11 Curtis Wm. tobacconist

12 Coombes M. saddler

13 Bennett A. marine store dealer

14 Bull G. bootmaker

15 Saull Jas. broker

16 Haigh W. gasfitter

17 Downer Jesse, chandler

  Johnson J. bootmaker

18 Roberts Mrs, upholstress

19 Evans Thomas

20 Franklin G. brass finisher

  Atkins Wm. hairdresser

Andover road, _Album road_, _Hammersmith_.

1 Johnson —

3 Taylor Mrs

4 Mothersole Mrs

5 Thorp Thomas

6 Wesley James Thomas

7 Armitage Charles N.

8 Slatter Charles

10 Parish Charles

11 Henderson Wm. Henry

12 Winter Frederick

13 Watson Henry

14 Alder George Ralph

15 Dawson George

16 Page William

17 Bates William

18 Hibbott Mrs, beer retailer

19 Dyke Edward

20 Clements Henry

21 Cox —

22 Christie Mrs

23 Parnell Thomas

24 Esden James Henry

Anglesea terrace, _Hammersmith New road_.

1 Pateman Mrs

2 Dodwell Mrs

  Tailby W. _The Anglesea_

3 Holford Henry, grocer

Anglesea villas, _Wellington road_, _Hammersmith New road_.

  Lucas Mrs, _The cottage_

1 Lothian Mrs

2 Stevenson Mrs

3 Trittaw Robert

4 Pons Charles

5 Hewett —

6 Mazoyer —

7 Horne Miss

8 Grant Miss

9 Rutland James William

10 Brunt —

11 Collins John

12 Raynham William

13 Desbats Madame

14 Shenton W. K.

15 Wills William

16 Heldman Joseph

17 Holden, James

18 Hebert Mrs

19 Kirk Miss

20 Fisk W. G.

Archer street, _Kensington park_.

1 Ives John, butcher

2 Mash Wm. fruiterer

3 Oxbarrow Robert, fishmonger

4 Ming, boot maker

6 Brooks Henry P. oilman

7 Ibbetson F. grocer

8 Harris A. corn dealer

9 & 10 Sewell F. pawnbroker

11 Ward Wm. butcher

12 Wagner Chas. baker

13 Ryder John fruiterer

14 Armfield H. dyer

15 Mason Jas. ironmonger

16 Ball E. _Earl of Lonsdale_

17 Loveband F. chemist

18 Nation W. draper

19 Hamock Mrs, fancy stationer

20 Lusher Mrs. tailor

21 Bailey T. auctioneer

  _Victoria hall_

22 Painter & Jory, decorators

23 Hooke Robert, butcher

24 Browning J. W. boot maker

25 Morris J. & Co. wine merchant

26 Smith T. upholsterer

27 Lavington H. draper

28 Head R. W. trimming warehouse

  Rose George Hen. grocer

29 Doley Richd. greengrocer

30 Hughes D. cow keeper

31 Lydall Francis, dyer

32 Bradshaw C. linen draper

33 Rowles J. toy warehouse

34 Mathews C. W. fishmonger

35 Schilling N. stationer

36 Fidler George, grocer

37 Edmunds W. cheesemonger

38 Pavely J. D. watchmaker

39 White Henry, baker

40 Fisher George H. oilman

41 Appleyard G. dairyman

42 Nodes James, undertaker

43 Permain J. tobacconist

44 Mascall J. corn dealer

45 Masters J. cheesemonger

46 Ryan Stephen, draper

47 Howson James, grocer

48 Gunston Robert, butcher

50 Mathias & Ely, drapers

51 Goss Wm. fruiterer

52 Tilborn John, draper

54 Ponting T. hosier

55 Cox Wm. perfumer

56 James Mrs, brush maker

67 Lee J.

Argyll Road, _Camden hill_, _Kensington_.

3 Hayes John

4 Garnett Mrs

5 Donald John

6 Boyd Rev. J. W.

  Boyd Mrs

7 Harrison Walter

9 Hare Miss

10 Larkin William

14 Cosier Henry

15 Odie Mrs

16 Templeton A.

17 Donkin Mrs

18 Fisher Mrs

19 Burn James F.

20 Wilson Charles M.

21 Gunnell Capt. E. H.

22 Attwood Mrs

23 Sanderson Miss

24 Beatty Capt. W. B.

25 Stokes Charles

26 Fuller George

27 Hayter Goodenough W.

28 Morgan Mrs

29 Bramwell Mrs

30 Smith Joseph Henry

31 New Thomas F.

32 Hardisty E. B.

33 Carlile Miss

34 Webster James M.D.

35 Dangerfield A.

36 Gray B.

37 Merrington R. W.

38 Starkey Joseph

39 Voelcker Dr.

40 Streatfield Mrs

42 Moon Mrs

43 Burton W. F. artist

44 Streatfield F. S.

45 Buchanan Mrs

46 Herapath Spencer

47 Curzon Hon. George

48 Parsons Charles

49 Parrot Capt. O. G.

50 Cooper W. G.

51 James Beeby

52 Jaques John

53 Casson Henry

54 Newton Mrs

56 Read Samuel

Argyll terrace, _Foxley road_, _Kensington_.

1 Woolf Mrs

2 Tutton S.

3 Lamborn Mrs.

4 Exton Miss

5 Dumbrell Charles

6 Jamieson Miss

7 Richardson Alexander

8 Eckstein Mrs

Arthur mews, _London street_, _Paddington_.

  Hall J. veterinary surgeon

  Pickman J. job master

  Rowe J. and Co. gas engineers

Arundel gardens, _Kensington park road_.

1 Evans George

2 Cox Edward B.

3 Dobson John T.

4 Elliott Mrs

5 Fry T. H.

6 Fitzpatrick John

7 Wellby Daniel

8 Thornicroft Thomas

9 Christie James Robert

10 Wright Mrs

11 Fitzhugh William

12 Haig Henry Alexander

13 Strathn James

14 Orman Miss

15 Barber Charles

16 Matthews William

17 Harriott Mrs

18 Hilditch Sir Edward

19 Montalba Anthony

20 Colwell John

21 Llewellyn Miss

22 Bathurst Rev. W. A.

23 Feetham T. O.

24 Stawes John

25 Judge Mrs

26 Howard Mrs

27 Merino P. N.

28 Murray Lady

29 Fraser Hugh

30 Chope William

31 Ffennell William Joshua

32 Hutton Mrs

33 Methold Henry

34 Flint John

35 Pabia J. P.

36 Champion Wm. Hen. S.

38 Favarger Réné H.

39 Bridgman J. H.

41 Levy Henry

42 Whab Mrs, ladies school

43 Price Mrs

45 Mouat Dr.

46 Truman Mathew

48 Wilson William Duncan

Ashchurch terrace, _Ashchurch road_, _Hammersmith_.

5 Lidstone T.

6 Ewbank —

7 Marr Miss

9 Colette —

Askew road, _Uxbridge road_, _Shepherd’s bush_.

  Plunkett Mrs, _Askew lodge_

1 Craig James

2 Parker Stephen

4 Walker George

5 Webb Thomas Walter

6 Macdonald Mrs

7 Smith Berkeley

11 Stevens Thomas

12 Groocock Mrs

13 Robinson Mrs

15 Horne Charles

16 Finch Mrs

17 Felix —


1 Mouillee Lewis


1 Matthews Alfred

2 Phelps Turner le Sueur

3 Darby Joseph Harvey

4 Stone Henri Roger

Aubrey road, _Notting hill square_.

  Taylor P. Alf. _Aubrey house_

  Siemen Charles William _Aubrey lodge_


3 Brown Mrs John

4 Cross Miss

5 Yates Edmund

6 Walker Misses

7 Hares Henry Robert

Avenue road, _Hammersmith New road_.

1 Greenlaw Miss

2 Kleczewski Monsieur

3 Barker Arthur

5 Rodell Miss

6 Porter D. G.

7 O’Connor Patrick Henry

8 Pitts Mrs

9 Ashford Henry

11 Spratt Frederick

12 Barry John Richard

23 Ledley George

24 Scott Thomas

25 Flowers G. F. mus. dr.

26 Longstaff Mrs

27 Allen Miss

28 Archer Mrs

29 Vettyes John

30 Horner John Jasper, consulting engineer

31 Jamieson Mrs

Bark place, _Orme square_, _Bayswater_.

1 Christian William

2 Hull John Henry

3 Green John

4 Golden Geo. Frederick

5 Devoll Mrs

6 Swannell Robt.

7 & 8 Gunning T. academy

9 Oliver John

10 Jackson Jarvis

11 Hooper William

12 King Mrs

13 Frost Robt. academy

14 Perfect Miss

15 Butcher Mrs

16 Hilton Mrs

17 Woodroffe Miss

18 Turner John

19 Bidgood William

24 Amplett Geo. C.

25 Mumford William R.

26 Goddard John

27 Loader Miss

28 Holt Mrs

29 Neale William

30 Tanner E.

31 Asmaid Mrs

32 Pool John

33 Amplett Thomas

34 Douglas Mrs, _Uxbridge gr._

35 Jones Mrs

36 Inwood Thomas Edward

37 Parrien William

38 Tutton Mrs

39 Furquhar Miss

40 Hewett Alfred

41 Michall John Alex.

42 Marchmont Mrs

43 Garrod W. _Uxbridge villa_

44 Davis Wm. _Park villa_

Bath cottages, _Walmer road_, _Notting hill_.

1 German Henry

2 Fitzgerald James

3 Blomfield James

4 King Wm.

Bath place, _Kensington_.

1 Travers Dr

2 Sandilands Miss

3 Whatmore Thomas

4 Brend W. surgeon

5 Herrington Edward

7 Haffenden Dr.

Bath terrace, _Silchester road_, _Notting hill_.

2 Macdonald Mrs

3 Bentley C. painter

Bathurst mews, _Sussex square_, _Hyde park_.

1 & 2 Longman T. gas fitter

11 Wood R. livery stables

18 Garrett Jas. job master

61 Elkington Wm. dairyman

63 Munn Wm. corn dealer

  Langridge Wm. carpenter

Bathurst street, _Sussex square_, _Hyde park_.

1 Calder & Co. book-sellers

2 Goldsworthy J. F. baker

3 Morris Mrs, butcher

4 Barnell E. S. _Archery tavern_

5 Mumford G. chemist

9 Clarke Wm. ironmonger

10 Courtney Thomas

11 Frost C. B. greengrocer

12 Bailey Henry, grocer

13 Maielli F. confectioner

Bayswater hill, _Bayswater road_, _Bayswater_.

2 Bark Mrs

4 Maire P. F.

5 Maire Charles

6 Mayor William

7 Crispigny Misses de

8 Hall Chas. _St. Petersburgh house_

9 Davidson Dr.

Bayswater terrace, _Bayswater road_, _Bayswater_.

1 Rosser Miss

2 Pearce James

3 Bull Mrs

4 Mather George

5 Roberts Samuel

7 White F. M.

8 James Thomas Henry

9 Buck Mrs

10 Crouch Newton

11 Manbridge Mrs

12 Ratcliff Thomas

14 Layton Mrs Temple

16 Delo Mrs

17 Bullen Mrs

Beaufoy terrace, _Maida Vale_.

1 Howe Joseph

2 Anderson Mrs

3 Hunt Mrs

4 Hammond Robert, _Harewood house_

  Stevens Mrs, _Howard lodge_

5 Peters Mrs

6 Loftus W. R.

7 Whiting T.

8 Marshall Thomas

9 Gooch Henry, _Pine villa_

10 Beck Henry, _Beaufoy villa_

11 Holland William

12 Green Richard

13 Marks Alfred

  Browning Mrs, _Beaufoy house_

14 Styles William

15 Marsh Frederick

16 Rogers C.

17 Read John William

18 Watkins Miss

19 Sloan Mrs

20 Clark —, _Bolton lodge_

21 Michels Frederick

22 Weir Archibald

23 Taskers Mrs

24 Henry William

25 Batey Mrs

26 Dutton Captain Charles

27 Woodward Mrs

28 Gifford Mrs

29 Lidderdale Charles S.

30 Shepard Mrs

  Shepard Miss

Beavor lane, _Hammersmith_.

1 Hooper Mrs

2 Honnor Wm. boot maker

3 Burnett James

4 Evans Thomas

5 Wilson James builder

6 Pierotti Charles

7 Smith Mrs

8 Adler Joseph

9 Page Richard, painter

10 Neighbour Wm. builder

11 Mitchell William

13 Cannon Thomas

14 Tubey James

15 Sabine G. tobacconist


1 Moncer Thomas

2 Gornsuch Wm.

Bedford gardens, _Church street_, _Kensington_.

1 Smith James

2 Corfield Colonel

4 Pringle Mrs

5 Davies Mrs

6 Kellaway Miss

7 Cook Miss

8 Guillet J. C. jun.

9 Greenway Charles

10 Oliver John

11 Timson W. T. accountant

13 Furrell E. W.

14 Colston Mrs

16 Barber Miss

18 Brewer F. E.

19 Cundall & Fleming, photographers

20 Whitear Thomas

22 Pearce Francis, R.N.

23 Roope John Crosse

24 Turner Thomas Neve

25 Londgon J.

26 Lock Alfred West

27 Burnet M. B.

28 Clemens Mrs

29 Irons Mrs

  Mason Miss

30 Pidd Richard

31 West Miss

32 Strachan William

33 Everall Mrs

34 Giessman Mrs

36 Bishop William

37 Price William

38 Fincham Mrs

39 Taylor Miss

40 Eaton Charles

41 King Mrs

42 Lindup George, dentist

43 Burchell Stephen

44 Holman W. P.

45 Stock Henry

46 Bottway Mrs

47 McCullum Andrew

48 Griesbach J. Henry

49 Offord Joseph

50 Gowers Samuel

51 Dougal Jas. Dalziel

52 Radford F.

53 Rosie Mrs

54 Phillips Richard

55 Jones Frederick

56 Hay Eugene

57 Shimmell Thomas

58 Atkins James B.

59 Steele Robert

60 Bostock John, artist

61 Ballard Mrs

62 Randall Mrs

64 Mundell Miss

65 Coleman John

66 Codd Miss

67 Murray Andrew

68 Dale Capt.

69 Price Mrs, W.

70 Skipper Peter T.

72 Atwell Joseph

74 Yates George

76 Boyd Alexander

Bedford terrace, _Silver street_, _Kensington_.

1 Watts W. leather seller

2 Millett H. cowkeeper

3 Hagram —, dealer in works of art

4 Wakeham J. printer

5 Philips W. _Co-operative society_

6 Mines L. bootmaker

7 Stocker Miss, fancy repos

8 Taylor Edw. J. oilman

9 Steabben John, tea dealer

10 Blake Charles, chemist

Berkeley gardens, _Camden hill_, _Kensington_.

1 Joyce Thomas, surgeon

2 Macgowan Mrs

3 Allen Charles

4 Toussaint John

5 Porter Col. John

6 Litchfield Major-Gen.

7 Macleod Capt. D.

  Maclean Major-Gen.

8 Harvey Francis

9 Liddeard Miss

10 Shalders George, artist

Berkeley mews west, _Hyde park_.

1 Chanter J. coach maker

13 Leaver Geo. job master

Berkeley place, _Hyde park_.

1 Anderson Edwin, chemist

2 Wooten Mrs

4 Bartley Mr

5 Middleton —, paperhanger

  London & County Bank (branch)

  Bentham C. A. manager

Beresford terrace, _Ladbroke grove road_.

2 Clark John, _Clifton house_

4 Gilchrist Mrs

5 Titswell Mrs

6 Clark Stephen

7 Layworth George

8 Barwell F. B.

9 Drew, George

Bishops mews, _Westbourne place_, _Paddington_.

  Vercoe —, boot maker

  Watts J. livery stables

  Woodger, J. & Son, veterinary surgeons

Bishops road, _Continuation of Westbourne grove_, _Bayswater_.

1 Gadsden & Co. boot makers

2_a_ Goodman & Baker, auctioneers & estate agents

3 Hawkins T. florist

  Messrs. Lambert & Co. financial agents

4 Wall Dr. A. B. surgeon

5 Leicester Miss

6 Spear James

7 Ray Dr. C. surgeon

Black Lion lane, _St. Peter’s square_, _Hammersmith_.

1 Pattison Matthew, tailor

2 Childs James

3 Awdry T. bricklayer

4 Canham R.

5 White John

6 Gurney George, baker

7 Hoare W. _Carpenters arms_

8 Bailey Henry

9 Webb Mrs

10 Richardson Mrs

11 Percy Charles

12 Cooper J. gardener

13 Drew Henry

14 Wakeham J. bootmaker

15 Lowe W. cab proprietor

16 Perriman George

17 Newell —, bootmaker

18 Nicholls Mrs

19 Crooks James

20 Collard William

21 Williams William

22 Collis J. greengrocer

24 Deam Thos. wine merchant

25 White J. greengrocer


1 Wilson Mrs

2 Elliott Edward

3 Fitzwater John

4 Sloper Mrs

6 Gibson Joseph

8 Saunders Mrs

9 Hamlyn John

10 Chapman Mrs

11 Wands Mrs

12 Nicholls William A.


1 Williams —

2 Watts William

3 Camlin Mrs

4 Hills George


1 Smith George

2 Cousins William

3 Balme Francis

4 Yeates James G.

5 Phillips Mrs

6 Ewart Mrs


1 Avery William

2 Russ Charles

3 Clark Mrs, dressmaker

  Campion Rich. corn dealer

  Quilter William, _West end cottage_

  _Pillar letter box_

  Joslin J. _Black Lion tavern_

  Day W. _Pembroke cottage_

  Jameson J. _Belton cottage_

  Perry Phineas, whitesmith

  Wilkins T. _Anglo cottage_

  Fitzwater Mrs K. builder

  Skelton R. _Woodbine cottage_

  Skelton James, baker


1 Haslan William

2 Pollington Miss

3 Adams Alexander

4 Greetham W. florist

  St. Peter’s Church


1 Griffiths John, school

3 Young Mrs

4 Buckingham Mrs

  Godbolt George, grocer


1 Tubb Charles

2 Baxall Richard

3 Clay John

4 Penson Mrs

5 Crow George John

6 Matthews Wm. Richard

7 Wakeman C. general shop

8 Deykin L. J.

9 Brownjohn John

10 Coleman John

11 Goddard John

12 Wakeman Jas. carpenter


1 Palmer Joseph

2 Welling Albert

4 Betts John

5 Bryon Frederick Harden

6 Holt George

Black Lion terrace, _Edgware road_, _Kilburn_.

  Smith Miss, hosier

  Sanderson Chas. _Stanmore lodge_

  Clifford Chas. E. _Kilburn lodge_

  Bannister E. _Palmerston hotel_

  Townsend J. _Royston lodge_

  Wicks John, builder, _Royston hall_

Blechynden street, _Bramley road_, _Silchester road_.

1 Canay Frederick

2 Beavis John

3 Larkman Henry

4 Hughes Thomas

5 Knight Charles

6 Gallway F. W. bootmaker

7 Shampeer Mrs

8 King John

9 Smith James grocer

Blenheim crescent, _Sussex road_, _Notting hill_.

  Chambers C. _Blenheim house_

1 Barnard George Edward

2 Watts Mrs

3 Baynes G. W.

4 Orr W. Somerville

5 Oetzmann Thomas

6 Sowton Mrs

7 Smith Frederick

8 Geddes James

9 Bailey John Wm. artist

10 Hely Captain

11 Yeates John

12 Kennedy J. R.

13 Jarvis T. H.

15 Butler R. school

16 Grubb Miss & Collins Mrs

17 Russell George

18 Lewis Mrs

19 Bowman Mrs

20 Billing Arthur, architect

23 Bamfield Mrs

21 Loosely George

25 McNulty Mrs

26 Stone George

27 Wright Miss

28 Ashby Captain

30 Thomas E.

31 Hepburn Francis, C. K.

32 Dod Isaac

33 Hickman Richard John, _Sulhamstead villa_

35 Rimer Mrs.

36 Pace Mrs

37 Evans Arthur

38 Wheeler Mrs

39 Hall —

40 Stokes William

41 May Thomas Bassett

Blenheim terrace, _Sussex road_, _Notting hill_.

  Chambers Jas. engineer, _Blenheim house_

1 Gyles Rev. George

2 Hammerton William

3 Hobdall Mrs

4 Smith Gilbert

5 Fuller John Isaac

6 Fisher Benjamin James

7 Scott Mrs

8 Wiber Mrs

9 Hall Miss

10 Macarthy Mrs

11 Hamadale —

12 Thompson Mrs

13 Martin Mrs

14 Dawbin Mrs

15 De Winton General

16 Baker Phillip

18 Love John

Blomfield crescent, _Westbourne terrace north_, _Hyde park_.

1 Hastie Mrs

2 Tennant Misses

  Tennant C. H.

3 Scott Rev. C. G.

4 Fairman Mrs

5 Bodman Benjamin

6 Maguire T. H. artist

7 Grafton John

Blomfield mews, _Westbourne terrace road_.

  Lawrence J. livery stables

  Morgan —, chimney sweep

  Read G. marine stores dealer

Blomfield place, _Blomfield street_, _Harrow road_.

  Lawrence J. livery stables

  Hindle T. plumber

  Duncan J. boot maker

  Lancum —, carpenter

  Williams & Co. boot makers

  Theed —, house decorator

  Perham T. marine store dealer

  Little David, carpenter

Blomfield road, _Maida hill_.

  Wickens Henry, _Maida hill villa_

1 Hawley Frederick

2 May William

  Lowe G. nurseryman

3 Thompson James Francis

4 Fildesley Edwin

5 Ward C. J.

6 Henkell Henry

7 Hume Henry

8 Calton George

9 Poore Chas. Jas. M.

10 Rice Mrs

11 Walker D. F.

12 Salanger Morris

13 James William, _Bosville_

14 Francis Charles S. _Randolph house_

15 Phillips Charles, _Florentine villa_

16 Reithmuller C. J. _Antrim villa_

17 Bell John

18 Daviniere Wm. Thomas

19 Ridley Frederick Henry

20 Buchanan James

21 Moccatta Miss

22 Bell Matthew

21 Walford Miss

25 Hills J. H.

27 Villebois F.

28 Shellshear Joseph

29 Case Henry

30 Phillimore Mrs

31 Humby Captain

32 Sweet Miss

34 Rea E. H.

35 Bull Mrs

36 Roberts E.

37 Hall James

38 Scantlebury J. V.

39 Huxley Edward

40 Tilbury George Edward

41 Lockwood Mrs

42 Giles Francis

43 Beach George William

45 Boose Christian

46 Casey John Archibald

Blomfield road, _Uxbridge road_, _Shepherd’s bush_.


2 Brooks Miss

3 Edwards Edward

4 Colbourne J. S.


1 Colling Daniel

2 Badbury Thomas

3 Hickmote Mrs

4 Heck James Julias

Blomfield street, _Upper Westbourne terrace_.

1 Diosy M. _Talbot house_

2 Willis Richard, _Blomfield house_

3 Tatham Miss

  Tatham John

4 Stuart Mrs

  Stuart Miss

5 Bowes Capt. R.N.

6 Collins James

7 Cunningham Mrs

8 Forsyth Miss

9 Henriques Miss

10 Farquharson Alexander

11 Peters George Phillip

12 Magnus Samuel

13 Freeman Captain

14 Megan Charles

15 Paget W.

16 Bashforth Thomas

17 Daniels Mrs

18 Veal Samuel

19 Willis Mrs

20 Sharp Benjamin

22 Hansman Henry

23 Hope Miss

24 Robinson Miss

26 Hindle T. plumber

26 Houlton Mrs

27 Carwardine Mrs

28 Rumball Miss

30 White Mrs

32 Butler Mrs James

34 Buer John Knill

36 Ruder Mrs

38 Belenfante Mrs

40 Lawrence John

42 Woods Mrs

Blomfield terrace, _Harrow road_.

1 Hall Mortimer

2 Trevor Charles Cecil

3 Burch Miss

4 Dalton Roland Neal

5 Lockwood —

8 Jefferson Mrs

9 Bramston William

10 Butcher Webster Gilman

11 Campbell Miss

12 Treeby T. W. G.

13 Beard Edward

15 Allen Joshua Bird

16 Golding Charles

17 Fennell Edwin, surgeon

18 Halhed Mrs

19 Wardlaw David B.

20 Ingram Mrs

21 Gibson Lieut.-Col. G. W.

22 Stedman John

23 Coward J. H.

24 Woolley Charles

25 Vincent James

26 Headley Mrs L.

27 Hanson E. P. C.

  Hanson Misses

28 Stuart Robert

29 Henderson Mrs

30 Francklin Mrs

31 Greenwood John

Bouverie street, _Praed street_, _Paddington_.

1 Brian Miss, greengrocer

2 Jarvis Miss, milliner

3 Cook George

4 Jones R. H.

6 Hintoy W. M. bootmaker

7 Carr John

8 Gregory John

9 Lowman Mrs, haberdasher

10 Gibbon Morgan

11 Martin J. S.

13 Bedford B. bootmaker

14 Whittaker J. plumber

15 Golding J. bootmaker

16 Hawkins A.

17 Quick Francis, baker

18 Smith John

19 Hudson Mrs

20 Stevens, builder

Boyne terrace, _Notting hill terrace_.

4 Morgan Edw. S. _Western Gas Light Company_

6 Laurie D. C. Homeopath

7 Archer William

8 Jones Mrs

9 Green Mrs, _Boyne house_

10 Lloyd Arthur George

Bradmore, _The grove_, _Hammersmith_.


1 Gillard E. H.

2 Jackson John Henry

  Tussand Jos. Randolph, _Babbington villa_

  Woolley J. J. _Leamore villa_

  Haxell A. _Knowsley House_

  Maclean John, _Pallingswick lodge_

  _St. John’s Church_

  Cowan Rev. J. G.

  _Godolphin School_

  Twells Rev. H. head master

  Crossman Rev. C. D. second master


  Griffin Samuel, _Royal Oak_

1 Hutton Thomas

2 Mole John

3 Wilson James

4 Poole R. G.

5 Beale Robert

6 Aubury William

  Richards Richard, grocer

  Weston T. Baker

  Nicoll Alex. beer retailer

  Hooper Wm. florist


2 Mason John

3 Lidgard Mrs

4 Millwood Mrs

Bramley road, _Silchester road_, _Notting hill_.

1 Harris Wm. baker

2 Kerriage Wm. greengrocer

3 Allan William Rev.

4 Compton Thomas

5 Lewis J. paper hanger

6 Homeyard Abraham

7 Davis Thomas, builder

9 Gore George

  _Pillar letter box_.

Bramley road villas, _Silchester road_, _Notting hill_.

1 Griffith John

2 Bleake Arthur

3 Temple John

4 Clent Thomas

5 Cassman Henry

6 Mulley Roberts

8 Fisher Robert

9 King Mrs

Bridge Avenue, _King street west_, _Hammersmith_.

1 Vennimore Hen. Beeston

3 Fall John

4 Sharp Joseph

5 Hill George

6 Burns George

7 White F.

8 Hallett James

9 Hastling Rev. Henry

10 Rixom W. pianoforte tuner

11 Williams George

12 Darvell Edward Stone

14 Lewis Robert

16 Avery Edwin

17 Dixon Mrs

18 Foster Mrs


1 Taylor Mrs

2 Howard William

3 Hill Frederick

  Harris Mrs, _Thames Villa_

  Woodhead Miss, school, _Carlton house_

  Lovely W. _Avenue House_

Bridge crescent, _Edgware road_, _Kilburn_.

  Bailey Jas. jun. _Brondesbury estate office_

1 Brown Ben. builder

2 Bartlett Wm. bootmaker

3 Sparkes Mrs, tobacconist

4 Smith John, tailor

5 Baldwin R. cowkeeper

6 Mudie P. fishmonger

7 Palmer G. cheesemonger

8 Cash G. shoemaker

9 Sowdon Robert, tailor

Bridge place, _Harrow road_, _Paddington_.

36 Stephens George

37 Barsby Wm.

37_a_ Williams P. bootmaker

38 Webb F. beer retailer

39 Perry G. bootmaker

  Perry Mrs, milliner

40 Studds Wm. contractor

41 Bennett Henry

42 Lusby A. R. Grainer

  Burns Fredk. _Ivy house laundry_

Bridge road, _Broadway_, _Hammersmith_.

  Smith W. store maker

6 Scott George tailor

8 Farlow Mrs, toy warehouse

10 Squire A. boot maker

12 Cook John, _Builders Arms_

14 Coat J. mason

16 Watson & Sons, solicitors

18 May Mrs, dressmaker

21 Southcott C. tobacconist

22 Mansell Wm. builder

24 Pitts J. F. professor of music

26 Freestone Mrs

28 Coleman Mrs

30 Keene Dr.

32 Beckerson Robert

34 Archer Charles

36 Hughes Benjamin

38 Butterfield H. S.

42 Payne C. M.

44 Martin Mrs

46 Baggalley —, carpenter

48 Martin Clement

50 Redkison Mrs

52 Allden S. cab proprietor

54 Gomme Mrs

56 Millwood George

58 Streat Mrs

60 Rust Wm. carpenter

62 Sender James Thomas

64 Perry Charles

66 Pryor John J.

70 Ryde Daniel, greengrocer

72 Barber James

76 Long Mrs

78 Dodson Charles

80 Bone Thomas

82 Mullinger Mrs

84 Frost Robert

86 Hilbert —

88 Kimm Miss

90 Thorn D. plumber

92 Errington H. gilder

94 Lilburn J. greengrocer


1 Nichols Thomas, farrier

3 Warner E. hairdresser

5 Warner Mrs, wardrobe dealer

7 Carter J. bootmaker

9 Eustace G. coach builder

11 Miles H. G. boot maker

11_a_ Hunt H. tailor

13 Mitchell H. watch maker

15 Chalker F. stone mason

17 Cooper George

19 Pope E. B. van proprietor

21 Wescombe S. house agent

25 Froud T. B. house agent

27 Hanaford Charles

29 De Nicholas W. A.

31 Searle P. G.

33 Welchman Miss

37 Baldwin James

39 Millwood Mrs

41 May H.

43 Bennett C. H. M.D. surgeon

45 Bratt J. _Duke of Sussex_

47 Burley George

49 Dignum Charles

51 Meager Henry

53 Soward Frederick

55 Ainsworth Walter

57 Findley Miss, dressmaker

59 Marshall Mrs

65 Mascall Wm. baker

67 Mansell Captain

69 Blackmore Miss

73 Perry J.

75 Peirce A. E. engineer

77 Parker H. P.

81 Stearles J.

83 Payne Robt. Christopher

85 Collis H. W. R.

87 Wiseman Mrs

89 Harwood Mrs

91 Woodbridge Mrs

93 Hunt A. surgeon

  Ecles George, _The Ship_

  Lawrence W. H. _City Arms_

Bridge street, _Bridge crescent_, _Kilburn_.

1 Mitchell George

2 Ward Matthew

3 Knight Fred. Wm.

4 Millard J. cheesemonger

5 Winckles R.

6 Mitchell Henry Wm.

7 Mitchell Thomas

8 Little J.

9 James Mrs

10 Marks Thomas

11 Wells George

12 Summerfield Edward

14 Wright Samuel

15 Allen John

16 Marshall G. gardener

17 Bailey J. A. painter

18 Walker Henry

19 Quirk John

20 Gosling Frederick

22 Alfred J. florist

23 Sisley George

24 Hickman Benjamin

25 Vere Thomas

26 Comber Samuel

27 Mitchell H. W. _Engine house_

28 Taylor Wm.

29 Bishop S. coal merchant

30 Burdett William

31 Dennis Charles

32 Green Thomas, laundry

Bridge terrace, _Harrow road_, _Paddington_.

1 Inns E. carpenter

2 Woolley H. & C. contractors

3 Allbright W.

4 Pridham E. jeweller

5 Rawlings J. carpenter

6 Grant J. cheesemonger

7 Prior Charles, fruiterer

8 Cushen C. J. grocer

8_a_ Cushen C. J. wine merchant

9 Hunter J. baker

10 Martin W. T. butcher

11 Pidduck and Swann, chemists

11_a_ Miles Jas. jun. horse dealer

12 Ellis W. dairy, _Warwick yd_

13 Bucknell A. R. stationer

14 Coates Mrs, butter dealer

15 Hawkins Mrs, fancy repository

  Schmidt W. tailor

16 Heworth W. _Warwick hotel_

18 Cutler E.

Bridge terrace, _Woodfield road_, _Harrow road_.

1 Beckerson Henry

2 Harper Wm.

3 Deane James

4 Harrison Wm. baker

5 Hunter John

6 Powell H.

7 Marsh T. general shop

Brindley street, _Harrow road_, _Paddington_.

1 Spinks W. S. tobacconist

2 Dyer Thos. general shop

3 Willis A. hair dresser

4 McNamara T. carpenter

5 Mockridge Edward

6 Fletcher George

7 Cullum James

8 Weston Mrs.

9 Rapson Mrs

10 Andrews Thomas

11 Linden J.

12 Wren Richard

13 Morris Benjamin

14 _Wesleyan Free Church_

15 Williams Samuel

16 Wood David

17 Smith John

18 McLeod George

19 Wells Mrs

20 Hughes Mrs

21 Seeney John

22 Jaycocks William

23 Allen Charles

24 Wright Mrs

25 Smith John

26 Lyng Thos. carpenter

27 Bate William

28 Mitchell James

29 Viney Mrs

30 Rawlins Mrs

31 Williams Mrs

32 Miller Mrs

38 Watts Henry

34 Miller Robt.

35 Davis —

36 Minker Mrs

37 Vizard Wm.

38 Anstey E. boot maker

39 King George

40 Roe Wm.

41 Overton Mrs

42 Clark James

44 Wreford Wm.

45 Chappell Richard

46 Harvey Mrs

47 Payne Thomas

48 Hall Mrs

49 Marshfield Frederick

50 Hawtree Henry

51 Rendell Wm.

52 Roscoe Robert

53 Brown J.

54 Chandler Wm.

55 Cole Frederick

56 Draper Mrs, laundress

57 Terry Thomas

58 Wills Mrs

59 Gilbert John

60 Hills G. marine store dealer

62 Fayers Martin, general shop

63 Toogood Eli, oil & colourman

65 Mitchell Walter

Bristol gardens, _Warwick road_, _Paddington_.

1 Isaac Lewis

2 Butterson Miss

3 Archard Adolph

4 Gordon George H.

5 Joseph Barnet

7 Marshall C.

8 Hares Henry

9 Covan Mrs

11 Hockley Major

13 George Mrs

14 Young William

15 Gibson William

16 Palmer Miss

Bristol mews, _Warwick road west_, _Paddington_.

3 Smith —

20 Covington E. J. farrier

Bristol place, _Warwick road_, _Paddington_.

1 Chard James. butcher

2 Churchman George, dairy

3 Trickey N. baker

4 Lakeman John, fruiterer

5 Spencer H. W. plumber

6 Clarke Wm. T. butcher

7 Newth A. fancy repos.

8 Peek Mrs C. stationer

9 Grove Wm. fruiterer

10 Dingley C. grocer

11 Vick U. C. Italian warehouse

12 Shrives Miss haberdasher

13 Brooks R. H. eating house

14 Brown R. _Royal George hotel_

15 Knight John, boot maker

Broadway, _Hammersmith_.

2 & 4 Morison & Son, bakers

5 Warren Wm. _Clarendon_

6 Argent Wm. boot maker

7 Dare & Co. boot makers

8 Kippen C. mattress maker

9 Austen S. grocer, _post and money order office_

10 Harris R. str. bonnet maker

11 Cutler & Son, butchers

12 _Fulham Board of Works_

13 Gayleard E. tobacconist

  Thomas R. hairdresser

14 Haynes G. cheesemonger

15 Mussared W. boot maker

16 Phelis Erley, fruiterer

17 Churchman A. stationer

18 Day Francis, saddler

19 Hunt J. & Co. drapers

20 Weston T. coffee house

24 Wilkes D. _The George_

25 Mundy M. & A. glass was

26 _Royal Sussex Hotel_

27 Mewby R. J. chemist

28 De Bolla —, confectioner

26 Wilson Miss, milliner

30 Bland R. undertaker

31 Teale Thomas fishmonger

32 & 34 Stacey S. corn dealer

35 Blackmore W. draper

36 Smith W. C. chemist

37 Crowe E. F. draper

39 Butlin W. baker

40 Ayers W. & T. _The Swan_

Brook Green, _Hammersmith_.


1 Cross Joseph, butcher

2 Donovan J. stationer

3 Nicholls Mrs, general shop

  Condon M. _Prospect cottage_

  Shepperd Mrs, _Sackville house_

  Bryant Henry, grocer

  Hayward H. beer retailer

  St. Mary’s College

  Roy Mrs, _Montague house_

  Wells Wm. market gardener


1 Beloe Mrs

2 Londen William

3 Miller Mrs

4 D’Alton Oliver

5 Forsyth Alexander

6 Blake Mrs

  Phillips Miss, laundress

  Horton —, _Oakland villa_

  Tomalin G. _James cottage_

  Crookes J. _Masboro’ house_


  Tholkien H.

  Nunes William Henry

  _Pillar letter box_

  Evans Mrs, _Vine cottage_

  _Reformatory for Catholic boys_, _Blythe house_

  Greenhead Mrs, _Beech cottage_

  Bird Edward

  Trowbridge Mrs, beer retailer

  Hurst J. J. timber merchant


1 Martin T. solicitor, _Court lodge_

2 Shinn Miss

3 Barnabe Mrs

4 Flannngan Mrs

  _Holy Trinity church_ (_Roman catholic_)

  _Holy Trinity schools and almshouses_


1 Jackson Miss

2 Levinson J.

3 Green Mrs

5 Bare Ms

6 Kenny Mrs

8 Jones H.

9 Gordon William

10 Oliphant Mrs

11 Dadge Wm. Harper

12 O’Keefe Rev. Daniel


1 Pennington Miss

2 Steedman Mrs

3 Bastow John

4 James Mrs

  Tomlinson W. J. _Brunswick cottage_

  Hall John

  Hedger Wm. _The Grange_

  Wells W. H. _Frankley house_

  Dickson Miss, _Swanton house_

  Osbaldeston Mrs _Grove house_

  Kirby D. _Cornwall house_

  Louis E. _Norval house_

  Hunt Mrs, _The Laurels_

  Farlow I. _Marsh villas_

  Brian J. _Queen’s head_

  Darling A. _Elm cottage_

  Jonas Mrs, _The lodge_

  Treherne H. _Latymer house_

  Bird Wm. _Bute house_

  _Refuge of the Good Shepherd_, _Eagle house_

  Bradley T. _Jolly gardeners_

  Parson Miss, _Brook house_


  Rust Miss

  Higgins Mrs

  Bird J. solicitor _Phœnix lodge_

  _Police station_ Beckerson R. sup

  Gale —, bootmaker

  Quinn Mrs, _Albion lodge_

  Jones T. _West cottage_

  Lloyd E. _Home cottage_

  Bird John and E. builders

Brook green lane, _Broadway_, _Hammersmith_.

  _Independent chapel_

  Eastland S. J. _Lawrie arms_

  Alderson G. cowkeeper

  Henbest G. gasfitter

  Ducklin G. nurseryman

  Birch E. _Elizabeth cottage_


1 Cunningham Henry

2 Allen C. R. house agent

3 Hussey H.

4 Solomon Mrs F. A.

5 Francis Miss

6 Haynes Edward

7 Daniels Joseph


1 Andrew Wm. Henry

2 Cotterell James

3 _St. Mary’s home_

  Wilson Miss

4 Donavon John

5 Henbrey Wm.

6 Stratton Joseph


1 Ayres J. J. boot maker

2 Cook Mrs, general shop

7 Danby Mrs

8 Wescombe C. F. decorator

12 Westbrook E. _The Eagle_

15 Saunders G. dyer

  Beck —, bootmaker

17 Cross Mrs, _Hope laundry_

Brook mews north, _Brook street_, _Hyde park gardens_.

17 Burton W. livery stables

25 Marchant W. couch maker

26 Short —, furniture store warehouse

29 Hill R. bootmaker

30 Bennett —, general shop

  Prothero T. bootmaker

31 Cripps R. beer retailer

32 Cope A. C. vet. surgeon

  Childerhouse W. & Co. builders

Brook mews west, _Brook street_, _Hyde park gardens_.

2 Perry T. boot maker

  Gibson —, livery stables

9 Miller —, carpenter

Brook street, _Gloucester place_, _Hyde park gardens_.

1 Strapps J. bookseller

2_a_ McKillop & Meakers, bakers

2 Wakeling Mrs

3 Cooper Mrs

4 Hand John tailor

4_a_ Short F. W. tobacconist

5 Etherington S. dairy

7_a_ Sawyer —, harness maker

7 Allen W. baker

8 Grice John, grocer

9 Rice J. _Devonshire arms_

Brondesbury road, _Kilburn_.

1 Mead William

2 Nosotti Chas. _Tinryland house_

3 Muller F.

4 Howdon D. A.

5 Frost Chas. _Grange house_

6 Robinson Samuel

7 Dow James Ramsay

8 Sevenoaks Captain Henry, _Adelaide house_

9 Smith Mrs S. _Hertford he._

10 Lascaridi —

11 Macmillan John

12 Heron J. Ripen, _Allonby house_

13 Fovaux Miss

15 Phillips Thomas Brooks, _Summerville house_

Brondesbury terrace, _Kilburn_.

2 Milne Charles

3 Parkes T. W. solicitor

4 Fry Robert

5 Wingfield Mrs

6 Wormald Richard

10 Bleaden Mrs

11 Walbrook M. brush maker

12 Bond Jas. Robt. corn dealer

13 Keene Alec. _Victoria tavern_

Brondesbury villas, _Kilburn_.

1 Ferguson Daniel

2 Musgrove Henry

3 Mactier Frederick

4 Hodgkinson William

5 Wilson Alfred John

6 Smith Mrs

7 Burnell John Thompson

8 Lavie Mrs

9 Dobson T. W.

10 Southey George

11 Harrow Henry

12 Rimmer Mark Cubbon

13 Barry Mrs

14 Wells Josiah

15 Wright Edward

16 Shepley Edward

18 Evill D. A.

20 Thomas Mrs John Wm.

21 Pillet J.

22 Ince Thomas Henry

23 Doutty John

24 Ward E.

25 Roberts George

20 Montague Montague

27 Chamberlain A.

28 Jenkyn O.

29 Wells Miss

Brunswick cottages, _Angel road_.

1 Sibson Edward

2 Searle Mrs

  Webb Miss, dress maker

3 Robertson Mrs

4 Bartlett Mrs

5 Ayshford Mrs

7 Jones Mrs

8 Seager William, tailor

9 Curtis William

10 Steggall C. H. boot maker

11 Hartwell Denby

12 Piper Mrs

13 Parsons George James

  Pope E. B. van proprietor

Brunswick gardens, _Camden hill_, _Kensington_.

1 Carruthers Mrs

2 Cotton General

3 Baker Mrs

4 Emerson John

5 Brown Mrs

6 Picketing Mrs

7 Robinson Capt. G.

8 Rae William P.

9 Brockman Col.

10 Borkheim S. L.

11 Chambers Charles

12 Wilson Robert

13 Watts Colonel M.

14 Mouncey George W.

15 Grant John

16 De Pothomir Henry

17 Stevens Thomas

18 Philips Charles

19 Geddes Miss

20 Martindale Capt. R.E.

22 Edmonds T. R.

23 Royle William

24 James Mrs

25 White Mrs

26 Daniells N.

28 Walker C.

29 Barber John

30 Westgarth W.

31 Bennett Rev. Geo.

32 Winfield Misses

33 Cambell Dr. W.

34 Wildman Mrs

35 Cleather Gordon E.

36 Gibbs William

37 Price John B.

38 Borras Robert

Brunswick mews, _Norfolk terrace_, _Bayswater_.

  Hughes R. omnibus prop.

  _London Genl. Omnibus Co._

  Boon & Wright, farriers

Brunswick terrace, _Brunswick gardens_, _Kensington_.

1 Culpeper W. surgeon

2 Morris Mrs

4 Clapham John

5 Emmett General A.

6 Garnett Mrs

7 Ayres Mrs

Buckingham terrace, _Ladbroke road_, _Notting hill_.

1 Grosvenor G. Fox, M.D. surgeon

3 Eglese Capt. R.A.

4 Bateman H.

5 Adey Mrs.

  _Pillar Letter Box_.

Buckingham terrace, _Lonsdale road_, _Kensington park_.

1 Rendell E. baker

2 Wyatt Richard grocer

3 Pimm Wm. bootmaker

4 Burns —

5 Woodhatch Ambrose

6 Keyte Charles

7 Kerridge Mrs, dressmaker

8 Martin Mrs

9 Puck Henry Charles

10 Valcher Benjamin

12 Callahan John

13 Lee Mrs

14 Hiscock —

15 Thorp Thomas W.

16 Wilkins John, printer

17 Perkins C.

18 Carver J.

19 Bridgeman John

10 Birkett Francis

11 Lee Samuel, builder

12 Little J. plumber

Buckingham villas, _Ladbroke road_, _Notting hill_.

1 Freeman Charles

2 Cockerton Andrew

3 Wheeler Mrs

Bullingham place, _Church street_, _Kensington_.

  Stone Misses, ladies’ school, _Bullingham house_

  _Girls’ industrial school_, _Gordon house_

Burlington gardens, _Ledbury road_, _Westbourne park_.

1 Thomas Mrs

2 Cutler J. barrister at law

3 Perdilla A.

4 Smith Mrs

Burlington mews, _Shrewsbury road_, _Westbourne park_.

  Chappius J. & Son, van proprietor

10 Howard J. chimney sweep

12 Oldridge Wm. farrier

Burlington road, _St. Stephen’s square_, _Westbourne park_.

1 Chilcott Richard

2 Pritt G. Ashby

3 Burrowes Mrs

4 Tenniel J. B.

  Tenniel W.

5 Bowron Dr.

6 Cole W. R.

7 Alleyn Henry J.

8 Lancaster Locke

9 Newton Rev. W. A.

10 Gilmar Madame

11 Pitt Major-General D.

12 Hunting Richard

13 Nurse Mrs

14 Wood Sir Francis

15 Turner Rev. G. H.

10 Westcott Mrs

17 Chapman Mrs

18 Wason William

19 Onslow Mrs

20 Cole & Browning, dress maker

21 Richardson John A.

22 Lees John

23 Edlin Rev. Vernon, B.A. _Burlington house_

24 Odriscoll Mrs

25 Day Mrs

26 Ratcliffe G. _Burlington hotel_

27 Wells Francis Bishop

28 Mayston Joshua

29 Rea William Grey

30 Jackson J. J.

31 Johnston Misses

32 Dudley Edward

33 Dobson Thomas Joseph

34 Armstrong Mrs

35 Bristow Colonel G. W. G.

37 Derrick Major D.

38 Baird Dr.

39 Francis William

40 Hensley Capt. C. R.N.

41 Answorth Wm.

42 Levy Mrs

44 Minty W. H.

45 Delaporte J. P.

46 Woodhouse J.

47 Hease Madame

48 Freeth Mrs

49 Broad Mrs

50 Skidmore Mrs

52 Hart G.

54 Batchelor J.

56 Dwight Mrs

60 Armstrong Miss Eleanor

62 Mathews A. T.

Burry terrace, _Westbourne square_.

1 Bould Wm.

2 Ladd Wm.

3 Crothall Miss

4 Denger John

5 Gaze C.

Burwood place, _Edgware road_.

1 Edgley & Aylett, auctioneers

3 Riches Mrs

4 Hodgson Mrs

6 Lloyd W. H.

7 Thompson John

8 Kearce Mrs J. P.

9 Nelson N. A.

10 Fraser William Landal, _Norfolk Arms_

12 Wilcox J. B.

Burwood mews, _Edgware road_.

1 Payne & Son, horse infirmary

7 Elliott, printer

8 Frooms, coach builder

11 Fillpot, builder

12 Wilkins E. carman

Cambridge gardens, _Kilburn_.

1_a_ Wilkinson —, school

2_a_ Beggi Dr. F. O.

5 Crews Charles

6 Macauley Dr.

7 Barnard Wm.

8 Plowman Henry

10 King John M.D. surgeon

13 Spencer Major

14 Goddard Lieut.-Colonel

15 Shout R. H.

17 Gurney John

18 Hodson Richard

19 Needham S. _Kilburn Grammar School_

Cambridge mews, _Sale street_, _Praed street_, _Paddington_.

  Naptin H. bootmaker

  Kent H. G. beer retailer

  London T. carpenter

  Cooper C. farrier

  Norwood J. carman

  Wood D. chimney sweep

Cambridge mews east, _Cambridge road_, _Kilburn_.

  Wilson —, chimney sweep

Cambridge place, _Norfolk square_, _Paddington_.

1 Evans Mrs, bookseller

2 Summers J. fruiterer

3 Welch Fred. builder

4 James J. oil and colourman

5 Putt J. dairyman

6 Bond James. butcher

8 Atkinson E. china warehouse

Tappin & Jones, gasfitters

9 Jones Mrs, coffee house

11 Casey Benj. boot maker

12 Gilbert Wm. beer retailer

13 Miller Wm. coach maker

15 Siletor James

16 Wakelin Mrs, dressmaker

17 Sharp Richard ironmonger

18 Peters John

19 Ball Thomas

21 Ashton Miss

22 Newsham William

23 Steel J. carpenter

24 Smith Mrs

25 Gunn John

25 Cross C. _Bank of England_

  _St. Mary’s hospital_

  Wilkinson J. G. secretary

26 Damry Henry S. house decorator

27 West William

28 Rowland W. H. plumber

29 Harris M. L. dairyman

30 Burley Mrs, wardrobe dealer

31 Stockwell W. H. undertaker

32 Wheeler W. & Son, tailors

33 Wild J. & Hurley, Honiton lace manufacturers

34 Lattey Dr. P. P. surgeon

35 Wheeler Miss

Cambridge place, _Victoria road_, _Kensington_.

2 Cunningham, A. R.

3 Daly Christopher

4 Germain Louis

5 Bate Mrs

6 Dyson J. A. _Gothic lodge_

8 Bonneau Mrs

9 Wilkinson Mrs

10 Cook Thomas

Cambridge road, _Edgware road_, _Kilburn_.

1_a_ George Wm. F. auctioneer

1 Muggeridge John, greengrocer

2 Latham John

3 Bromley Charles

4 List James

5 Mitchel Mrs

6 Oldham Joseph

7 Kitchen John

8 Newbury Wm. Henry

9 Burke Wm.

  Rattray Dr. J. C. surgeon

10 Souter W.

  _St. James Church_

11 Ford Thomas Hartley

13 Lowe Mrs

15 Campbell Mrs

17 Tyrrell Rev.

18 Barry Wm.

19 Collard Mrs

21 Harrison Alfred

22 Macaulay Dr. James

23 Fryer Mrs

24 Winston Misses

25 Miller Mrs

26 Booth Robert

27 Reeve Charles

28 Davis Nathaniel

29 Palmer Wm.

30 Evill Edward

31 Hodgson Arthur

32 Smith T.

33 Haines Edward Walter

35 Mercier Rev. L. P.

36 Bruff Wm.

37 Berkeley Mrs.

38 Hibbit Henry, solicitor

39 Hough Wm.

41 Brown Mrs

42 Dunn Mrs, ladies school

43 Provis Mrs

44 Russell John

45 Nightingale J.

46 Roper A. F.

47 Mitchell Wm.

48 Brook Major

50 Lincoln Edward

51 Hodgson Chas. engineer

52 Tarr Mrs

53 Kimpton Henry T.

54 Medworth Joseph

56 Gildersleeve T. B. surgeon

Cambridge road, _Hammersmith_.

  Bassett J. gardener, _Cambridge cottage_

1 Smith James

2 Pratt Robert

4 Sampson —, engineer

5 Mash John W.

6 Chapell Mrs

7 Getliffe Mrs

8 Hardinge J. musical com.

9 Newbon John

10 Goode William Ed.

11 Macdonald Mrs

12 Craft William

13 Cooper Mrs

18 Scott George

19 Hadburgh Mrs

20 Pearse T. E.

21 Bote Mrs

22 Newcombe George F.

23 Macbeth Rev. R.

24 Douglas Mrs

25 Miller Mrs

26 Pond B. C.

27 Roper Mrs

28 Hard Mrs

  Bird A. _Cambridge Arms_


1 Hobbs J.

2 Bradshaw Mrs

3 Robinson Mrs

5_a_ Perrett William

6 Weeks Henry

7 Bridger J. _Clarence cottage_

8 Welsh Mrs


1 Bagnall W. H.

2 Beetson J. S.

4 Nicholson Miss

5 Whiting Mrs

6 Dee George

13 Spurgeon J.

14 Habert J.

16 Erle George

17 Walker Henry

18 Painsey William

Cambridge road, _Kilburn_.

  _Pillar letter box_

1 Carrington Dr. C. surgeon, _Glenlyon house_

2 Richards Miss, coffee house

3 Wilson S. corn dealer

4 Dron Andrew, dairyman

5 Rangecroft R. butcher

6 Grover Henry, gas fitter

7 Bond Charles, bazaar

9 Gibbs John, boot maker

10 Manley Mrs, outfitter &c.

11 Sweetman W. paper hanger

12 Mudge H. H. tea dealer

13 James John, fruiterer

  Stoker Miss, tchr. music

14 Dormer Henry, cheesemonger and poulterer

  Ashley J. _Duke Cambridge_

15 Williams G. oil & col.

Cambridge road west, _Carlton road_, _Kilburn_.

2 Salton Mrs, milliner

3 Hodgskin & Grady, confectioners

5 _Crown farm dairy_

8 Minton E. B. _Shakespeare_

12 Tunks B.

Cambridge square, _Norfolk crescent_, _Hyde park_.

1 Powell Francis F., M.P.

2 Gaselee Serjeant

3 Wilson Wm.

4 Froom C. P:

5 Stewart Mrs

6 Ewart Wm. M.P.

7 Ridley Rev. N. J.

8 Shaw Benjamin

9 Locock C. B.

10 Mounsey J. T.

11 Murray William

12 Bigge Mrs

13 Shaw Mrs, senior

14 Smith Major-Gen. W.

15 Follett B. S. Q.C.

17 Venables J. H.

18 Reid Alexander

19 Fisher Wm

20 Elliott Sir William K.C.B.

21 Gardener Mrs

22 Wallace George

23 Walker J. O.

24 Holford Henry Price

25 Bayley Wm. Henry

26 Wood Charles

27 Armytage Sir George

28 Pole Wm.

29 Kent T. W.

30 Kasch F. C.

31 Elliot Henry, Elliot Miss

  _Pillar letter box_

32 Sanby Rev. George

33 Armitage Dr. T. R.

34 Finney Stephen

Cambridge street, _Connaught terrace_, _Edgware road_.

1 Tweddale John Ruskin

2 Francis Mrs.

3 Newton Miss

4 Draper W. T. _The Rent Day_

5 Beer Mrs

6 Gordon Mrs

7 Potter Mrs

8 Griffiths Miss

9 Grogan Edmund

10 Whittaker Mrs, lodging house

11 Earl Mrs, lodging house

12 Dell John, lodging house

13 Cliburn James

14 Brown J. B. jun. surgeon

15 Minasi Mrs

16 Dickinson Wm. chemist

17 Smith T. Italian warehouse

18 Feaver Miss

19 Fitzgerald Mrs

20 Evans Mrs

21 Pigot Misses

22 Oakes Mrs

23 White Mrs, lodging house

24 Briggs Mrs

25 Baker William

26 Lillywhite C. lodging house

28 Morris Mrs, lodging house

29 King W. lodging house

30 Harper Philip surgeon

31 Good Mrs. Elizabeth

32 Heritage Miss lodging house

33 Hughes, Miss lodging house

35 De Bliss Baron, _Berkeley house_

38 Wilkins Solomon

39 Harding Mrs

40 Carew John

41 Tweeddale W. A.

42 Waldo Joseph Peter

43 Hill Mrs

45 Gunn, D. lodging house

46 Ponsford John

47 Klosz A. baker

48 Grice J. Italian warehouse

49 Cumming D.

50 Wright James

51 Reeves John

52 Linstead George

53 Abbott John

54 Owen David

55 Richardson R.

56 Limebeer John, butcher

57 Halsey T. baker

58 Floricine —

59 Kennebrook William

60 Jameson Wm.

Cambridge terrace, _Cambridge road_, _Kilburn_.

1 Gifkins J. greengrocer

2 Morse G. baker

3 Longley George, grocer

Cambridge terrace, _Cambridge road west_, _Carlton road_, _Kilburn_.

1 Williams Edward

Cambridge terrace, _Gd. Junction road_, _Paddington_.

1 Bushby & Co. tea dealer

2 Lake Price

3 Mills James

4 Matts James

5 Ellaway John

6 Baylis Edward

7 Vickers William

8 Lucas James

9 Mallam Charles

10 Jones Alfred

11 Shaw Capt. J. C.

12 Lowe Miss

13 Clapp Miss

14 Brooks John

15 Moore Mrs, C.

16 Sayers Mrs M.

17 Prescott Rev. G. F.

18 Kirby Thomas C., M.D.

19 Sydenham Mrs M.

20 New Mrs

22 Crockett Mrs

23 Ruedi Mrs

24 Bussell Joseph

25 Ouvry Mrs

26 Ward Miss

27 Parsons Thomas

28 Hailey Mrs

29 Davis Robert

30 Frere J. H.

31 O’Bryan J.

32 Page Cubitt

33 Coles W. H.

34 Chapman William

35 Smith Mrs R.

36 Holt G. A. H.

37 Futcher Mrs

38 Hammond Mrs

39 Radcliffe J. A.

40 Reaves William

41 Forder Charles

42 Newman Edward

43 Skinner Mrs

44 Nant Mrs

45 Ham-Picciotto Moses

46 Weir Mrs

47 Sams W. R.

48 Cato Josiah

49 and 50 Woolterton R.

51 Carr Mrs Major

52 Armstrong Thomas

53 Lock Benjamin

54 Rooke G. W.

55 Murphy Mrs

56 Wilson George

57 Duffatt Mrs

58 Kelly Mrs

59 Collins Miss

60 Vicary James P.

61 Hawkins Miss

62 Bird Mrs

63 Rogers Mrs

64 Fillimore William

65 Norton J.

66 Bayley Francis

67 Young Miss

68 Bell Mrs

69 Rives Mrs

70 Sloper L.

71 Bale James

72 Plumptre Rev. R. B.

73 Belsey W.

74 Lincoln James

75 Corrie Adam

76 Reid Isaiah, _the Choir school_

77 Riggs Mrs

78 Fellowes H. D.

79 Somerville James

80 Spencer Mrs

81 Oddy Mrs

82 Major D. B.

83 Stephens Henry

Cambridge terrace, _Holland road_, _Kensington_.

1 Hodgkinson Edmund

2 Norval Rev. W.

3 Peacock John

4 Pekon Mrs

5 Robins Christopher

6 Evett George

8 Walford William

9 Fenning Mrs.

10 Daudey Mrs

11 Kerr Mrs

12 Lovesy Conway W.

13 Couchman Mrs

14 Simpson Miss

16 Theill Mrs

17 Begg James

Cambridge terrace, _Ladbroke road_, _Notting hill_.

1 Clarke Christopher

2 Stodart James

4 Lee Barnard, dentist

5 Reeves F. W.

7 Oldman Mrs

8 Ricketts Frederick

9 Levy J.

10 Zuehorst C. F.

11 Brenack Thomas

12 Harrison E. M.

13 Hornby Mrs & Miss, ladies school

14 Ringwood Mrs

15 Scoffern Dr.

16 Bebb H. C. L. solicitor

17 Whitmore Enoch

18 Jones Edward

19 West Edwin

20 Cooke Mrs, dress maker

21 Calvert Thomas

22 Roe Freeman

23 Brown Mrs

24 Brewster Mrs

25 Swaine Charles

26 Ottley Lt. Col. G. O. B.

27 Millard John

28 Saville Mrs

29 Allom Arthur Thomas

30 Bramwell Frank

31 Shutt Mrs

  _Cornwall road Chapel_, Spurgeon Rev. J. minister

Campbell street, _Cuthbert street_, _Hall place_, _Paddington_.

1 Stammer Henry

2 Deacon Eli, greengrocer

3 Mills W.

4 Pluck Miss

5 Bell Frank

6 Bolter John

7 Hardcastle E. upholsterer

8 Adams Thomas

9 Burt James

10 Murton Charles

11 Ash Miss

12 Darton William Richard

13 Cox Mrs

14 Wisdom Spencer

16 Jones John, grocer

17 Kenna William

18 Dyer Mrs

19 Moore John

20 Ashby George

21 Drysdale John

22 Crouch Mrs

23 Findlay Mrs

24 Eckett Charles

25 Burtlett G. tin plate worker

26 Doe William

27 Martin Henry William

28 Rundle F.

29 Webber George

30 Milton Mrs

31 Mitchell James

35 Martin George

37 Watcham Thomas

39 Gebbie Duncan S. grainer

Campden grove, _Campden hill_, _Kensington_.

1 Kent C. barrister at law

2 Wheelright Mrs

9 Codd Mrs. Capt.

10 Calcott Miss

11 Stephens Wm. V.

12 Todd J.

13 Clinton Mrs

14 Money Mrs

16 Rogers Miss

17 Soulby Mrs

18 Dawson Wm.

19 Ellis Samuel

20 Howell Miss

21 Malin Joseph

22 Senton E. J.

23 Pettit Mrs. Wm.

24 Fitzgerald Foster G.

25 Kite Mrs

Campden Hill, _Kensington_.

_Omitted_—_See List_.

Campden hill road, _Lower Phillimore place_, _Kensington_.

1 Hampton Robert

2 Macfarlane John

4 Tweedie W. publisher

6 Chambers Mrs

7 Evans Mrs

8 Digby Mrs

9 Burge John

10 Green William

11 Nolan Capt.

12 Finlayson W. F.

13 Henderson C.

14 Fox John

15 Whitfield Edmund surgeon

17 Hedgeman Robert

18 Webb Henry

19 Pitcher Miss

21 Clough Mrs

22 Banting Wm. jun.

23 Kensit Henry

Campden hill terrace, _Kensington_.

2 Gordon Rev. C. R. M.A.

3 Lewis Mrs

4 Cheshire John W.

5 Rogers Samuel

6 Stephens Mrs

Campden hill west, Kensington.

1 Harris Wm. carpenter

2 Mullins Mrs

3 Berry Mrs, Honiton lace manufacturer

4 Denman H. _Windsor Castle_

5 Hartley J. tailor

6 Crisp C. tobacconist

Campden house road, _Campden hill_, _Kensington_.

2 Coomber Mrs

3 Gosbert Mrs

4 Brightman Mrs

5 Conquer Miss

6 Hughes Mrs

7 Mugford Wm. Henry

Campden street, _Kensington_.

1 Callow J. dyer

2 Perry G. store dealer

3 Gifford S. leather seller

  Grape G. _Campden arms_

45 Birch Miss, ladies’ school

Canning place, _Victoria road_, _Kilburn_.

1 Kelsutt Miss

2 Davenport Miss

3 Marshall George

4 Cheviors James

8 Allison Wm.

9 Stuart Mrs

10 Somers Mrs

11 Ley Mrs

12 Lawrence Richard

13 Burrows W. surgeon dentist

Canterbury place, _Canterbury road_, _Maida vale_.

1 Trippas G. livery stables

2 Laws E. cab proprietor

4 Bolton John

5 Macrow James

6 Randall Henry

7 Hunt Henry, gunsmith

8 Kinsella Mrs E. general shop

9 Sparrow Miss laundress

10 Templeton George

11 Hicks Mrs laundress

12 Morley Mrs, laundress

Canterbury road, _Kilburn_.

  Clay cross coal depot, Wilcox J. B. agent

  Ince hall coal depot, Lee & Jerdein

  Butterley coal depot, T. S. & C. Parry, agents

  Bradshaw H. coal depot

  Kirkless Hall coal depot

  Latham John, jeweller

  Barnes Mrs, fishmonger

  Saxby & Farmer, patent railway signal works

  Richard W. steam joinery works

  _Kilburn park Nat. Schools_

1 Milford W. ironmonger

2 Allen Mrs

  Penny John

3 Chelmick G. E. tailor

4 Canning Mrs, coffee house

5 Erricker S. grocer

6 George W. F. baker

7 George James, cowkeeper

8 Jaquest E. tobacconist

9 Hallifax John, painter

10 Reed Richard Henry

11 Bray John

12 Lester L. gardener

13 Clatworthy J. grocer

15 Sweet W. ironmonger

16 Spence R. tobacconist


17 Tritton Robert H. G.

18 Prince Edwin

21 Wilkey John

22 Ferguson Henry, builder

23 Thrower —, boot maker

25 Benning G. grocer &c.

26_a_ Yeates J. china warehouse

27_a_ Gardiner Mrs

28_a_ Holmes J. watch maker

29_a_ Carter Amos

30_a_ Thrower W. boot maker

31_a_ Morris George

32_a_ Pope Mrs

33_a_ Kine Thomas

34_a_ Linden Daniel, painter

35_a_ Risbridger William

37_a_ Riches Mrs

38 Hunt Samuel

39 Leggett Edward

40 Saich Matthew

41 Smithers Thomas

42 Flatman W. general shop

43 Frost J. M. dairyman

44 Hart H. _Canterbury Arms_

45 Pavey Joseph, baker

46 Easter R. tobacconist

47 Hillary Henry, builder

48 Morris Gideon, green gr.

  _Canterbury Road Chapel_, Hall Rev. T. minister

  Fosdick G. _Sir Robert Peel_

26 Pluck T.

27 Wyatt William Thomas

28 Duchense William

29 White William

30 Reed Mrs, J. laundress

31 Simmons Charles, dyer

32 Terry M. herbalist

33 Nottle John

34 Applegate —

35 Cowley Thomas

36 Hannaford W. butcher

37 Stiles William, boot maker

  Coney J. _Maltern Tavern_


1 Cole Mrs

2 Pockney Richard

3 Foresters Invest. Co. Lim.

4 Morris William

5 Griffin Henry

6 Merriman Charles

8 Headington Henry W.

9 Brazier Thomas

10 Norris Mrs

11 Beck John

12 Tritton —

13 Elvey William

14 Hunt Alfred Henry

15 Walker Mrs

16 Spencer John

17 Hanton Walter

18 Busby Joseph

19 Ransom George, tailor

20 Midson Frederick

21 Ashby Thomas

22 Bragg Mrs, coffee house

24 Leveridge Charles

25 Lewis Albert

26 Newton Benjamin

27 Batchelor William

28 Poole W.

29 Cooper John

30 Dunkerton Frederick

31 Belcher Mrs

32 Shone William, grocer


1 Morrison R. _Sir Isaac Newton_

2 Loaring A. corn dealer

3 Burrows James, baker

                                * * * * *

33 Millin Daniel

34 Bellamy William

35 James Evan

36 Filby Richard

37 Allum Charles, tailor

38 Martin John, grocer

39 Charlton E. coffee house

40 Gobby Alexander

41 Llewellyn H. hair dresser

42 Snell Lawrence, boot maker

Canterbury road, _Walmer road_, _Lancaster road_, _Notting hill_.

1 Davies Griffith, general shop

3 Millin Fredk. tobacconist

5 Hefford G. furniture dealer

6 Cholmeley J. R. hosier

7 Northeast and Harvey, eating house

8 Peppiatt Phillip, grocer

9 and 10 Miller W. beer sel.

12 Hodgkins P. general shop


1 Fialer Mrs, grocer

3 Bennett G. greengrocer

Canterbury terrace, _Canterbury road_, _Kilburn_.

1 Pull William, plumber

2 Hollway W. mason

3 Upton Frederick

4 Clarke William

5 Oldham William

6 Ellis Charles

7 Galton Mrs

8 Warrener John

10 Phillips Alfred

11 Waller Charles

12 Saxby James

13 Rels William

14 Cutting Joseph

15 Carist John

16 Eastwood William

  Saxby John, _Albert house_

Canterbury terrace, _Canterbury road_, _Stranraer place_, _Maida vale_.

1 Vere —

2 Ebbs Edward

3 Colyer Mrs

3 Voysey J. H. hair dresser

4 Johnston William

5 Wells John

6 Stephens William

7 Franks George

9 Dillon Captain J. H.

10 Gregory John

11 Harley H. E. writer &c.

12 Moore L. dental surgeon

13 Wotton Joseph

13 Coe S. watch maker

14 Towler Sydney

15 Butt William

15 Glenisson H. paper manufacturer

16 Lovelock J. boot maker

Canterbury terrace, _Walmer road_, _Lancaster road_, _Notting hill_.

1 Eyers Robert, boot maker

2 Rogers —, greengrocer

3 Puddefoot M. wardrobe dealer

6 Bishop Thomas, baker

7 Tyler Thomas, dairyman

8 Eede Mrs, wardrobe dealer

9 Nash Henry, general shop

10 Snow R. tobacconist

11 Cooper R. beer retailer

Canterbury villas, _Maida vale_.

1 Freeman Mrs

2 Huntley Mrs

3 Edwards George

4 Gaury J. C.

5 Richardson T.

6 Lancaster W. C.

7 Elliott Mrs

8 Jonas John

9 Lapworth Alfred C.

10 Nation Richard

11 Augley —

12 Smith George

13 Jonas David

14 Ash George Claudius

15 Peacock Paul A.

16 Rouse Mrs

17 Smith Mrs, Edward

18 Fairlow Captain

19 Siles Charles

Carlington villas, _Bramley road_.

1 Webb John

2 Archer Thomas


1 Payne Mrs, laundress

2 Atwell J.

  Philips Wm. grocer, _York house_

Carlisle terrace, _Foxley road_, _Kensington_.

1 Dawe Miss

2 Leleu Francis

3 Stevenson Geo. plumber

5 Richenbeth Oscar

7 Thelwall Mrs

8 Bilton Charles

10 Simkins A. L.

12 Evans J. W.

13 Atkinson J. B. _Stratford house_

14 Lucas Miss, _Ord house_

15 Lambert Mrs

16 Lambert John P.

17 Wheel Mrs

18 Fagan Mrs

19 Ball John Charles

20 Yule J.

21 Simmonds George

22 Brocksoop Mrs

23 Cobbett Mrs

24 Robinson Thos. Edward

26 Lee Lady

Carlton place, _Carlton road_, _Kilburn_.

2 Watson —, chimney sweep

2 Easton —, smith

3 King William, boot maker

  Powell —, coach painter

5 Hubbard —, greengrocer

6 Bacon B. cowkeeper

10 Stiles —, boot maker

11_a_ Adkins W. confectioner

Carlton road, _Kilburn_.

1 Thomas Mrs

2 Dale Shallett

3 Churchill Mrs

4 Champant J.

5 Southwood Mrs

6 Elverson James H.

7 Ridley Thomas D.

8 May Miss

8 Pitchoter Mrs

10 Coney C.

11 Morrish William J.

12 Miller Frederick

13 Strugnell Frederick W.

15 Hogg Mrs, _Stafford house_

16 Schroeder Henry

17 Davies Thomas Richard

18 Bacon Mr

19 Payne Samuel H. Y.

20 Andrews Thomas

21 Denham Charles John

22 Brettingham Richard F.

23 Chambers D. N.

24 Smith George

26 Pember Arthur

27 Moore Miss

28 Moore Hon. Mrs

29 Heuland Mrs

  Holt T.

30 Oliver David, _Carlton tv._

33 Bonfield Thomas

35 Smith Mr

39 South Thomas

41 Walsh W. H. P.

43 Marchant Thomas

45 Ryan Mrs

47 Roberts Edward

49 Hemming Joseph

51 Bowdon Edward

53 Twine William Henry

55 Wale Mrs

59 Mills William Henry

Carlton terrace, _Carlton road_, _Kilburn_.

  _St John’s Church_

1 Eyre George

2 Bailey Benjamin

3 Bygrave John

4 Hurditch Mrs

5 Davis John

6 Wells Benjamin

7 Taylor Joshua

8 Cumings A. C. architect and surveyor

9 Davson Dr. surgeon, _medical officer of health_, _ward_ 2 _Paddington_

Carlton terrace, _Westbourne green_, _Harrow road_.

1 Diamond Mrs, general shop

2 Eastcott H. greengrocer

3 Clayton P. tobacconist

4 Marsh J. N.

5 Barrett Thomas

6 Blake Francis

7 Daw H.

8 Juttin Mrs

9 Morgan Robert

11 Morris George Thomas

12 Prentice John

13 Amor E. G.

15 Chaplin Mrs

16 Rayner Mrs

17 Rudkin D. builder

18 Hockey J.

19 Fripp Mrs

20 Hughes Samuel

  _Police station_, Macrell G. H., Beckerson H., inspectors

23 Pike George Henry

24 Butland John

25 Dudman Wm.

26 Paine John

27 Shaw Robert Brown

Carlton terrace, _Johnson street_, _Notting hill_.

7 Colmer John, baker

Carlton villas, _Maida vale_, _Edgware road_.

1 Josephs Joseph

2 Widdrington Rev. S. H.

3 Roper Freeman Clarke S.

4 Upward William

5 Forbes W. N.

6 Taylor Henry

7 McCutcheon J.

8 Hall Miss

9 Hutfell George

10 Mendes Augustus

11 Ellis Charles

12 Phippen T.

13 Thomas Mrs, _Carlton house_

14 Williams General

15 Harrison Mrs

16 Lowndes Thomas

17 Godin Miss S.

18 Lapworth H. J.

19 Welch Miss

20 Fielder Henry

21 Thurburn Robert

22 Foster Dodthan

23 Ellis William Robert

24 Cleveland Dr. surgeon

25 Pike Luke

26 Hunter Archibald

27 Beranger Captain D.

28 Mostyn Rev. Thornton

29 Richardson William

30 Hanbury Mrs

31 Cole James

32 Tewart Robert

33 Jeffery Mrs

35 Carter William

36 Mayeur E. C. A.

37 Hartin —

Caroline place, _Moscow road_, _Bayswater_.

1 Arnold William

2 Fitch James, beer retailer

3 Thompson J. S. boot maker

4 Davis Mrs

5 Shirley Alfred

6 Andrews William

7 Mirfield Mrs

8 Bland William

9 Brewer Alfred

10 Guest William

11 Mayhew H.

12 Grace Mrs

13 Grace Mrs, laundress

14 Daniels J.

15 Keary Thomas

16 Rymell J. waiter

17 Cavill James

18 Brunton John

19 Edmonds Mrs

20 Eborn Mrs

21 Blincoe Thomas

22 Anderson Charles

23 Godden William

24 Hughes Miss

25 Field Mrs

26 Green George

27 Hewitt John

28 Ingram John

29 Bellinger George

30 Cartwright George

31 Shorey Thomas Henry

32 Paget George

33 Norman Henry

34 Plenderleath J.

35 Soper George

36 Butler Elisha

37 Hills William, grocer

38 Wood Charles

39 Christian Mrs

40 Scroll Edward, carpenter

41 Rees William

42 Neal Mrs

43 New J. J. boot maker

44 Cato John

45 Howard Mrs

46 Brown James

  Mortis James, boot maker

Carton place, _St. Stephen’s crescent_, _Westbourne park_.

1 Forbes David E.

2 Tatum Henry

3 Cooper Mrs

4 Master Mrs

5 Barnett Joseph

6 Bates Mrs

7 Heal Miss

  Brooks, Rev. H. St. Stephen’s Parsonage

Cary villas, _Angel road_, _King street west_, _Hammersmith_.

1 Asguith David

2 Colson E.

3 Humphreys John

4 Lines Mrs

5 Windsor Mrs

6 Scarbrow S. rate collector

7 Milward Richard

8 Eyles Mrs

9 Cheltman Charles Smith

10 Parnacott Charles

12 Griffith Mrs

12 Garwood William Rd.

13 Braid James

14 Oatridge William

Castle terrace, _Somerset road_, _Portobello road_, _Notting hill_.

  Johnson Hugh, _Warwick Arms_

2 Bovington Thos. butcher

3 Younger D. ironmonger

5 Virgo —, oil & colourman

6 Coomber W. greengrocer

7 Bow Alfred, grocer

7_a_ Spencer —, boot maker

Castle terrace, _Lower terrace_, _Notting hill_.

1 Chapman J. silk mercer

2 Scarlett George, butcher

3 Holland F. tea dealer

Catherine cottages, _Holland park road_, _Kensington_.

  Collins B. _Catherine cottage_

3 Birrell A. upholsterer

4 Jerrad W. wheelwright

5 Ward R. builder

6 Copeland W. messenger

Catharine terrace, _Holland park road_, _Kensington_.

1 Bayes William bricklayer

2 Knap E.

3 Elms William, writer

4 Bennett W. bricklayer

Caves terrace, _New road_, _Hammersmith_.

1_a_ Willmott C.

1 Watson Charles W.

2 Williams —

3 Stevenson Henry

4 Smith Miss

5 Green Walter

6 Fenner Ebenezer

7 Mayo Miss

8 Hancock Thomas

9 Sewell John

11 Horne Mrs

12 Turner William

13 George John

14 Davison Thomas

15 Grey Ann

16 Habgood Mrs

17 Garnett Mrs

18 Wright Geo.

19 Fellows John G.

20 Adams Mrs

22 Green James

23 Kenzie Mrs

24 Stevens William

25 Harris Mrs

26 Turner George

27 Czernys William

28 Shipp Henry

29 Buckland C.

30 Wilson A.

31 Page Charles

32 Fustin John

34 Manning Frederick

36 Lambert A.

38 Saul Thomas

40 Girdwood Thomas Comrie

Celbridge mews, _Celbridge place_, _Westbourne park_.

  Bowers C. livery stables

  Woodger J. farrier

  Matthews C. sweep

Celbridge place, _Westbourne park_.

1 Lane Mrs, stationer

2 Odell Robert, dairyman

3 Smith William, chemist

4 Ward G. draper

5 Spink W. butcher

6 Machin G. oil & colour

7 Talbot T. fruiterer

8 Richardson T. fishmonger

9 Downes F. D. chemist

10 Apsey & Son, house decorators

11 Ivall James, dairyman

  Saunders G. F. _Westbourne lodge_

Chapel road, _Blenheim terrace_, _Ladbroke road_, _Notting hill_.

1 Steer Mrs

2 Mulready Mrs.

3 Nicholls W.

Chapel street, _Waterloo street_, _Hammersmith_.

2 Humphreys J. boot maker

3 Bennett F

4 Dungett Mrs

5 Simpson J. painter

7 Gilman Mrs, midwife

9 Stone Mrs

10 Livings George

11 Francis Charles

12 Hare Charles

13 Giller J. C.

16 Willing Mrs

17 Stroud Edward G.

18 Ward Mrs

19 Hume Mrs

20 Horbury Robert

21 Pancat G.

22 Powell B. cordwainer

23 Brozier James, sweep

Chapel terrace, _Denbigh road_, _Westbourne gardens_.

1 McCann Mrs Patrick

2 Harrison Mrs

3 Palmer W. _Denbigh lodge_

  _Wesleyan Methodist Chapel_

Charles mews, _Charles street_, _Westbourne terrace_.

1 Langridge W. builder

2 Eades H. coffee house

3 Richards C. job master

4 Buddry J. tailor

4 White C. general shop

4 Cuss J. chimney sweep

4 Worters C. plumber

5 + 6 + 7 Griffiths G. coach builder

5 Rutter J.

8 Watson G. cabinet maker

8½ Chappuis —, coal merchant

10 Norris J. cabinet maker

11 + 12 Richard H. livery stables

13 + 14 Todd —, coach builder

Charles place, _Charles street_, _Kensington square_.

1 Kelsey E. lath-render

2 Crispin C.

4 Brooker H. cooper

7 Permain —, tailor

8 Vassie J. boot maker

Charles street, _Kensington square_.

1 Watkins Mrs, E. G.  _Builders Arms_

2 Furguson Henry

3 Edwards William

4 Jordan G. gardener

5 James Mrs, dressmaker

6 Onslow J.

7 Wheslake Richard

8 Whitehorn W. tailor

9 Wood —

11 Figes George

13 Baston John

14 Holland Thomas

15 Williams Mrs

16 Manchester —

17 Letten E. boot maker

Charles street, _Westbourne terrace_, _Hyde park_.

1 Hornidge T. K. surgeon

2 Gardener Charles

3 Varley J.

4 Barrett Mrs

5 Harvey James

7 Jesse Mrs

8 Wilcox J. B. _Railway Tavern_

9 Drew William, baker

10 Johns Mrs, embroiderer

11 Beattie Andrew, dyer

12 Hickman W. C. dairyman

13 Sewell F. plumber

14 Morris J. W. watch maker

15 Eardley J. surgeon

16 Gillion Mrs

17 Budd Thomas

18 Day Robert

19 Magnay Miss

20 Morgan S.

Charles street west, _Gloucester terrace_, _Hyde park_.

1 Hubbard R. dairyman

2 Verity W. & B. gas fitters

3 Skidmore J. chemist

4 Reading William

5 Morris C. brush maker

6 Kinnimont John, plumber

7 Bryon J. T. _Cleveland Arms_

8 Webber T. butcher

9 Mitchell James Baker

Chelmsford terrace, _Westbourne square_.

1 Bunn Mrs, stationer

2 Wallis George, grocer

3 Dudley Samuel, dairyman

4 Carr Mrs C. dress maker

5 Livesey Miss, dressmaker

Chepstow place, _Westbourne grove_.

1 Dickinson T. builder

  Pullen B. Chepstow dairy

1 Stonham E. builder

2_a_ Webb —, tailor

4 Myles Mrs

  Fox Miss H. P. professor of singing

5 Millington James, artist

6 Murdoch Mrs

7 Dunford C. W.

8 Lester Charles S. M.D.

10 Longmore Mrs

11 Barlow E.

13 Rowe Miss

14 Shepherd George

15 Foster Edward

16 Trinder William

17 Wreford William

18 McLean Thomas

19 Ledger Miss

20 Johnson Mrs

21 Goodwin Mrs

23 Celli Baroness

24 Beale —

25 Sharp F. W.

26 Pettit Charles

27 Burrell Thomas

28 Clothier Robert, artist

29 Williams Mrs

31 White William

33 Ogilvie Captain W. F.

34 Stapleton Major G.

35 Turner R. H.

36 Maidlow John

37 Julian Mordaunt

38 Hall W. J.

39 Howard G. S. _Chepstow T._

40 Woodward Mrs

41 Stone Henry

42 Dutton G.

43 Wills Misses, ladies school

44 Laidman H. L.

45 Timewell W. H. solicitor

46 Whitehouse W. M. M.

47 Brackenbury Mrs W.

49 Johnson Mrs

51 Green Miss

53 Idle Miss

55 Matthew Mrs

57 Fisher Thomas Samuel

59 Talbot Mrs

61 De Faire Edward

63 Buzzard M. C.

66 Cunningham Mrs

67 Balli Constantine George

69 McKenzie Samuel

Chepstow terrace, _Westbourne grove_, _Bayswater_.

1 Poclett J. J. B. professor of French, _Bellevue house_

2 Hunt G.

3 Wilson Miss

4 Newbold W.

5 Valetta John

Chepstow villas, _Bayswater_.

1 Apcen Thomas

2 Wingfield P. J.

3 Booth Bros. professor of music

4 Barker W.

6 Hargreaves W.

7 Oakley Octavius

8 Heywood J. B.

9 & 10 King J. _Pembridge Col._

11 Foquett Col. H.

Chepstow villas west, _Bayswater_.

1 Raper H

2 Griffiths Walter

3 Johnstone M.

4 Abram Mrs

5 Reddie Mrs

6 Vinen E. H. M.D. surgeon

7 Thompson J. C.

9 Wright Miss

10 Hopkins Mrs

11 Cullingford W.

12 Ducane Captain R. E.

13 Pulley J.

14 Vigne Felix

15 Moir G. G.

16 Flowers James

18 Pretious T. M.

20 Ward Mrs, _Stamshall house_

21 Clark R.

22 Egg Charles

23 Carr D. R.

25 Bishop W.

27 Barber J. A.

27_a_ Johnson G. baker

Chester place, _Hyde park gardens_.

1 Johnson J. J.

2 Trower Henry

3 Scott John

4 Rigg Jonathan

5 Torrance John

7 Henderson William

8 Jacobson G.

9 Crokat Mrs

10 Maitland John, chemist

Chichester mews, _Chichester place_, _Harrow road_.

  Grove R. farrier

  Curl C. fire wood cutter

  Redman R. carpenter

  Wingrove S. cowkeeper

  Cook G. builder

Chichester place, _Harrow road_, _Paddington_.

1 Doughty H. watch maker

2 Bandfield C. boot maker

2_a_ Hughes F. repository

2_a_ Batten E. plumber

2_a_ Martin Miss, dress maker

3 Hughes Mrs, fruiterer

5 Townsend S. boot maker

6 Nursey G. _Maze hotel_

  _Paddington Loan Company_.  Sainsbury —, secretary

7_a_ Wilks and Bettinson livery stables

7 Love George

8 Holloway Thomas

9 Worters Walter

10 Ewings Alfred

11 Read George

  _Jewish Synagogue_

  _Presbyterian church_

Chichester road, _Upper Westbourne terrace_, _Harrow road_.

1_a_ Berry —

1 Lawday W. lodging house

2 Jessop John


4 Balfour Mrs

5 Read Mrs


1 Meffan Mrs

2 March Henry Arthur


3 Bench B.

Chichester road villas, _Cambridge road_, _Kilburn_.

1 _The Brondesbury_

3 Saunders William

4 Steward F. clothier

6 Hughes John

7 Books John, boot maker

8 Atens Richard

9 Cope W. grocer

10 Clements Mrs

11 Payne W. dairyman

12 Faithful James R.

13 Parkes William

14 Stanley William

15 Brimmicombe Miss

16 Parkes William T.

17 Penny D.

18 Brimgood William

20 Crawford George

22 Jiddings Henry

23 Stanwell W.

24 Hanton J.

25 Parsons Henry

26 Philiston Henry

27 Favour Samuel

28 Hodgson Miss

29 Beardwell Mrs

30 Tait H. G.

32 Matthews W.

33 Fuller Henry

34 Wood John

36 Flower Edward C.

37 Cave Samuel

38 Hanniford Mrs

39 Crawford Miss

40 Lloyd Edward

41 Buttrick William

42 Holmes John

43 Shrimpton Mrs

44 Aldous Henry

45 Hare Mrs

47 Chase —

48 Malley Mrs

49 Bedding James

50 Thomas Griffith

51 Conolly Thomas

52 Jaedington John A.

54 Holt Grange Owen

56 Blochlar A.

58 Townsend —

60 Vicars Miss

Chichester street, _Upper Westbourne terrace_, _Harrow road_.

  Ashmore C. T. _Chichester house_

3 Williams Miss

7 Partington Charles

13 Heron Thomas

15 Chesman George, butcher

17 Thwaites J. tea warehouse

19 Peaston W. butcher

21 Holloway G. fruiterer

23 Scott G. baker, _Post Office_

2 Rowson H. chemist

4 Orton Richard, builder

6 Cuthbertson Mrs, stationer

8 Terries John, tailor

10 Wingrove S. dairyman

12 Pride J. D. gas fitter

14 Fry J. coffee house

Chichester terrace, _Chichester road_, _Canterbury road_, _Kilburn_.

1 May T. fruiterer

2 Hoare H. W. hosier

3 Barrett William, butcher

4 Edon Richard, fruiterer

5 Fisher J. A. colourman

6 Morris Edwin, grocer

7 Austin J. undertaker

8 Barker G. pork butcher

9 Angell J. fishmonger

10 Fenn C. cheesemonger

11 Proctor H. tea warehouse

12 Balls A. W. carpenter

13 White William, printer

Chichester villas, _Elgin crescent_, _Kensington park_, _Notting hill_.

1 Brothers —

2 James Miss

Chippenham terrace, _Harrow road_, _Westbourne green_.

1 Beatley J. C. ironmonger

2 Woodall E. tobacconist

3 Dunstan P. grocer

4 Dowsett A. draper

5 Turner Richard, chemist

7 Jones John

Church lane, _Kensington_.

1 Jackson J. boot maker

2 Scott R. carpenter

  Blunden J. _Old George_

3 Flemming G. boot maker

4 Goodacre G. umbrella maker

  _Kensington Dispensary_

Church place, _Paddington green_.

  _Paddington Savings Bank_.

  Fuller F. J. _school house_

1 Ware T. coach builder

2 Tindall C.

5 Brailsfords H. horse keeper

8 Hart Mrs, general shop

12 Ison H. tobacconist

16 Herridge W. corn dealer

  Pincon B. C. dairyman

  _Paddington Ragged School_

Church street, _Edgware road_, _Paddington_.

1 Kentish T. umbrella maker

1_a_ Gibbons & Sons, leather sellers

  Sutton Miss, ladies’ sch. _Tarlington hall_

2 Parrish E. boot manufacturer

3 Templer J. fruiterer

4 Humfress Mrs, repository

5 + 6 + 7 Hatswell G. corn fac.

  _Paddington & Bayswater Building_ S. Ray D. sec.

8 Waland T. R. boot maker

  Waland Mrs, hosier

  _Era Investment Com. Lim._ Waland T. Rose, sec.

9 Street —, _Hall Arms_

10 Godley G. fruiterer

8 Phillips G. school master

12 Sadler Mrs

13 Entwistle George John

14 Wilding John

7_b_ Marshall C. butcher

5 Barratt Brothers, tailors

7_a_ Maggs U. bookseller

7 Urquhart W. varnish merchant

8_a_ Brunsdon H. herbalist

8_b_ Harvey E. coffee house

9 Sewell S. tobacconist

  Wallington J. dyer

9½ Targett J. coal merchant

10_b_ Sewell S. perambulator maker

10_a_ Edwards William

10_c_ Hawksley R. house agent

10 Hann Mrs

11 Walker J. watch maker

12 Johnson J. omnibus pro.

13 Dean G. H. tobacconist

14 Bartrum W. coffee house

Church street, _Kensington_.—_East side_.

1 Oliver R. T. ironmonger

2 Grimsdall J. T. carver

3 Theobald T. tailor

4 Theobald T. confectioner

5 Tisdall S. dyer

6 Harris M. confectioner

7 Wood George, grocer

8 Hunt W. H. builder

9 Wintle Miss, stay maker

10 Taylor M. _Prince of Wales_

11 Stimpson G. butcher

12 Albert W. oil & colour

13 Ross Mrs, milliner

  Whale & Co. _Civet Cat_

_West side_.

1 Gaitskell Rev. J. M.A.

2 Wilder & son, drapers

3 Henderson T.

4 Boyle W. Augustus

5 Palmer Mrs, laundress

6 Boura Aima, French dyer

7 Paine T. _The Inkermann_

8 White H. fishmonger

8½ Rodd M. greengrocer

9 Griffiths Mrs, stationery

10 James Broths, cheesemonger

11 McDonald A. _Catherine Wheel_

12 Hulbert E. grocer

13 Emanuel & Co. metal dir.

14 Lawrence D. tobacconist

15 Leete T. watch maker

16 Brown Mrs, wardrobe dealer

17 Feasey T. china dealer

  Elcoct R. tin worker

18 Blanchard J. glass cutter

19 Edwards C. musical instrument maker

20 Wime Mrs, confectioner

21 Andrews W. fruiterer


1 Watts Mrs

2 Basset E. engraver

3 Lambert J. carpenter

4 Bassett T. boot maker

5 Applegate Mrs

6 Galley J. photographer

7 Hamilton J. news agent

8 Tayler W. builder

9 Neal John

10 Swindley J. baker


1 Simmonds T. greengrocer

2 Clinch R. butterman

3 Wilkinson C. E. broker


1 Herring G. _Maitland house_

3 Snare T. A. _Vicarage house_

  Coates T. Capt. Coates F. _York House_

6 Dispensary, _Newton house_.  Williams E. A. C. P.

Cirencester street, _Harrow road_, _Westbourne green_.

1 Bolt George, tailor

2 Blenheim Mrs, general shop

2_a_ Gibbs Thomas

3 Milverton Joseph

4 Rogers R. hair dresser

5 Davey Alexander

6 Francis J. pork butcher

7 Penny Thomas

9 Upward Mrs

10 Headon S. _The Spotted Dog_

11 Brazier Henry

12 Hinton Thomas, boot maker

14 Rea Mrs, general shop

15 Alway James

16 Willey W. baker

18 Watson G. greengrocer

20 Sanger Samuel

21 Wells —

22 Came William

23 Barnes Henry

24 Ward Joseph

25 Tridgell John James

26 Horn Mrs

27 Gray Mrs

29 Meloney Thomas

30 Beck Mrs

31 McMillan Edward

  Morgan J. french polisher

32 Havill —

33 Willis Mrs

34 Elliott Richard

35 _Alliance Investment Comp. Lim._ Elliot Samuel sec.

36 Ogbourne William

37 Charter Bennett

38 Whates Richard

40 Branscombe Ed. house decorator

41 James Mrs

42 Boots William

45 Pile J.

46 Harrison Frederick

47 Palmer George

48 Goby —

49 Keeley Henry Charles

50 Walker John

51 Clark John

52 Ray Thomas

55 Skinner Charles

56 Russell John

57 Price W. locksmith

59 Westaway Samuel

60 Western Henry

61 Roberts John

62 Jones Charles

63 Martin Mrs

64 Gardener S.

65 Phillips Joseph

66 Devall John

67 Hughes John

68 Gilder William

69 Povey Thomas

71 Lear William

72 Whiting Mrs

73 Emmerson Mrs, piano teacher

75 Trinnick John

77 Morris John

78 Wilkins R. dairy

79 Dachtler John

80 Sumner J. tin worker

  Davies G. H. tobacconist

81 Cotton Charles

82 Mecklenburgh J. leather seller

83 Perry Thomas W.

84 Hook H. _Princess of Wales_

85 Pickett William

87 Swindley Mrs

89 Bayford William

91 Coifield Mrs

93 Dickson —

97 Bucknall D.

99 Young Mrs

101 Cook James

105 Readless R. dairyman

107 Clark Thomas, gas fitter

109 Spencer H. greengrocer

111 Mayhew Austin, chemist

113 Knoth Charles, baker

Clarendon gardens, _Randolph road_, _Maida hill_.

  _Vernon house_

3 Solly William

4 Melhado Clare

5 Ford Mrs, Thomas

6 Colt Frederick H.

7 Legg C. S.

  Parker J. C

9 Collison John

10 Guedalla Mrs

11 Elton Mrs

12 Cohen David

13 Walton James

14 Barrow Thomas F. M.A.

15 Hopkins F. G. S.

16 Tapling Mrs

17 Henderson Rev. H. G.

18 Grant John

19 Hetche Charles

20 Lindo Mrs

21 Rhodes Abraham

  Rhodes Abraham jun.

22 Spencer Dr. Robert

23 Snow Mrs

24 Mackell John

25 Peile Miss

26 Kelly Henry

27 Henshall Mrs

28 Samuel Mrs

29 Jessel E.

30 Jacob William Higgins

31 Taylor John

32 Bonas Henry

33 Lloyd Richard

34 Snow Miss

Clarendon place, _Hyde Park square_.

1 Loder Giles

2 Channell Sir W. F.

3 Taylor Sir Henry G. A. K.C.B.

4 Conolly Mrs

5 Boothley Mrs and Miss

6 Forster John

Clarendon place, _Maida vale_.

1 Videon G. F. florist

2 McArthur Peter, florist

3 Bones J. _Clarendon house_

4 Harvey Dr. John

6 Cole Miss, _Hinton villa_

7 Tucker Elias, _Haddo house_

8 Watt Mrs, E. florist, _Clarendon villa_

9 Fozard Mrs, florist

10 Goodson Alfred, florist

11 Titcomb Thomas, florist

12 Mason J. _Clarendon villa_

13 Murray A. G. _Denmark villa_

14 Jonas E. _Clarendon lodge_

15 Brandon H. G. _Ivy lodge_

Clarendon place, _Clarendon road_, _Notting hill_.

1 Garland John

2 Long Charles, painter

3 Newberry W. fishmonger

4 Curtis E. pork butcher

5 Day M. A. dress maker

6 Tuggy Henry, boot maker

7 Bawcomb W. greengrocer

8 Tant John, dairyman

9 Hutchinson J. J. book binder

  _Clarendon hall_

10 Ives G. H. tailor

12 Dibben H. carver & gilder

Clarendon road, _Notting hill_.

1 Ainsworth A.

2_a_ Fisher S. livery stable

2 Howitt Felix

3 Smith Miss, draper

4 San H. fruiterer

5 Sarjeant James

6 Swift G. butcher

7 Higginson Charles

8 Amsdon J. boot maker

9 Nicholls Mrs, milliner

10 Crane H. cowkeeper

11 Morgan W. auctioneer

12 Thompson Stephen

15 Halse G.

16 Butler G.

17 Dickson Mrs

18 Tregoning Miss

20 Cary M. R.N.

22 Gazzana G. J.

23 Lawrence Mrs

  Budges Miss, _Clifton house_ school

24 Walker Mrs

25 Hickson S.

26 Macfarlane Mrs

27 Williamson Rev. P. W.

28 Mercer J. _Hanover villa_

29 Wright Comd. T. R.N.

30 Dalziel W. J.

31 Gibson Mrs

32 Blythe Mrs

33 Waine Miss

35 Davis G. H. L.L.D.

37 Stoker W. Coats, solicitor

38 Aston J. solicitor

39 Harman Major J. T.

40 Hands Rev. Bishop

42 Roy R. _Priory lodge_

44 Kingsland John

45 Wellington Miss

46 Sprenger Mrs

47 Goodwin Edmund

49 Robertson Mrs

50 Potter C. H.

51 Beet T.

52 Normand G.

53 Deighton Mrs

54 Butler J. _Pembroke villa_

55 Stickland Walter

56 Berkeley Mrs

57 Wellington James

58 Sharp Samuel

59 Barnham C. W.

61 Robinson C. H.

62 Rae J. J.

63 Townend Frederick

66 MacClare S.

67 Cox Mrs

68 Johnson Miss

69 Krause Dr. W. L. _Collegiate school_

70 Lindsey J. C.

71 Atwood W. A. surgeon

72 Clifton W.

74 Alder Miss

75 Chandler Mrs

76 Hays C.

78 Kingdon W. Y. chemist

79 Salim Mrs

81 Coghlan John Joseph M.D.

83 Atkinson K.

  Maskell H. _Clarendon Hotel_

Clarendon road, _Victoria road_, _Kensington_.

1 Martineau Robert B.

2 Moore David _York villa_

4 Kingdom T. K.

3 Wilkie Mrs

5 Richards Oliver

6 Docker Edward S.

7 Bidder G. P.

8 Weigall Alfred, artist

9 Barnard Mrs

10 Cheyne Dr. George

11 Rose John

12 Heyman —

13 Corey Alexander

14 Haviside Thomas T.

16 Crafer Frederick

17 Harrison Thomas

18 Cunningham Col. F.

19 Marshall Miss

20 Cunningham Gen. A.

22 Clanronald, the chief of

24 Gordon Mrs

Clarendon road north, _Notting hill_.


1 Kendall C. surgeon

2 Boddington W. C.

3 Payne H. linen draper


1 Hobbs S. T.

2 Hughes W.

3 Gibbs H.

4 Morrell Jacob

5 Parfitt M.

6 Verstracten John

7 Haines W.

8 & 9 Diack A. M.A. _Boys sch._

10 Oxley W.

  Croker J. baker, _Marlboro house_


4 Wakeham J. tailor

5 Kimpson W. stationer

6 Field T. C. chemist

7 Boalu W. grocer

8 Smith J. _Talbot Arms_

9 Burge W. S. baker

10 Pearcey H. dairyman

11 Rutland J. pork butcher

13 Waters C. greengrocer

14 Caswell J. W. butcher

15 Far A. tobacconist


1 Crosse H. chemist

2 Gurney W. H. boot maker

3 Voate T. baker

4 Croydon J. W. linen dr.

5 Dearing E. grocer

6 Johnson & Pratt, lin. dr.

7 Smith W. fishmonger

8 Phillips J. cheesemonger

9 Humfress Mrs, berlin wool warehouse

10 Pressland J. watchmaker

Clarendon street, _Harrow road_, _Westbourne grove_.

1 Bowe & Eccleston, house decorators

3 Newton William

5 Tuck Richard

6 Ponting E. grocer

7 Gingell William

8 Ascott William

9 Lemble Richard

10 Pine William

11 Edwards Charles

12 Spiers Josiah

13 Hockridge Richard H.

14 Bradmore Mrs

15 White Miss

16 Reynelds E.

17 Feucster William

19 Marsh R. boot maker

21 Howell F. James

22 Hurry James

24 Holmes William

25 Moore Mrs

26 Danoy Mrs

27 Cox Charles

28 Parker E. builder

29 Lee Frederick

30 Davey Richard

31 Jones David

32 Page Charles

33 Green Mrs

34 Congdon Edward

35 Jones Evan

36 Kirby William

37 Silk George

38 Meggett Henry

39 Snelling John

40 Rush James

41 Feasey Benjamin

42 Crook John

43 Dennison Isaac

44 Allen James

45 Stuart George

46 Wilkinson John

47 James Henry Chanter

48 Alleguen William

49 Redstall Peter

50 Smith Freeman

51 Martin R. J.

  _St. Mary’s Church and Schools_, (_R. C._)

56 Austin Richard

58 Austin Daniel

60 Ryder Elijah

62 Turnbull Edmond

64 Northern Samuel

66 Baker Mrs

68 Evans Walter

Clarendon terrace, _Portsdown road_, _Maida hill_.

1 Owen John

2 Plane James

3 Sales John

4 Ansell Thomas, florist

5 Willett Frederick

6 Pearson Stephen

7 Lawrence William

8 Ballard John

9 Hutchings Daniel

10 Carter —

11 Mitchell Alexander

12 Claridge Mrs W. school

13 Aldous P. plumber

14 Wells Mrs

15 Tice Mrs, dress maker

16 Young Edward, dairy man

Clarendon terrace, _Stanford road_, _Kensington_.

1 Young Lady

2 Heyworth Captain

3 Mosse G. A. _Clarendon house_

4 Gilbert W. _Stanford house_

5 Compton H. _Seaforth house_

7 Henderson George

8 Lass Samuel

9 Temple E. W. J.

10 Butler Francis

Cleveland gardens, _Bayswater_.

1 Pontifex E. A

2 Toller William

3 Rosseter J. M.

4 Skipper Charles

5 Horn Richard

6 Chapman Misses

7 Hackney Mrs

8 Barratt Dr. J.

9 Reid Captain A.

10 Maples Frederick

11 Richards G.

12 Grant G.

13 Dean Samuel

14 Tatham C. M.

15 Borgie —

16 King Edward

17 Mellville James C.

18 Pritt George

19 Nicholson Richard

20 Lumbrosa G.

21 Sayer John

22 Katinkiss D. M.

23 Carr Malcolm

25 Martin Major William

26 Hyam Fred. B.

27 Block J. H.

28 Tahoudin C.

Cleveland square, _Bayswater_.

1 and 2 Hudson Mrs, E.

3 Weir Kenniston

4 Dunkin John

5 Nathan Jonah

6 Hargreaves Henry

7 Anderson Joseph

8 Jessel G. Q.C.

9 Harford C. R. Jun.

10 Wood C.

11 Tottie William

13 Pearson F. B. Capt.

14 De La Peor Mrs

15 Paulton A. W.

16 De la Fosse Francis J.

17 Graham William

19 Buckley Robert

20 How Robert

22 Greatorex Jeremiah

25 Coffin Mrs

27 Dart J. H.

29 Harwood H. Harwood

30 Berger H.

31 Taylor Mrs, & Lynch —

32 Mansel C. G.

33 Livingston W. P.

34 Laurie Mrs

35 Bond E.

36 Baker Col. W.

38 Moses Ashur

39 Kennedy Sydney

40 Lawson Edwin

41 Sibluth E. V.

42 Power Sir W. Tyrone

43 Morris Robert

44 Swindell James

45 Moon Robert

46 Mayne Colbourne

47 Latham Mrs

48 Brook John

49 Forman Henry

50 Everest Rev. Robert

51 Knight J. Watson

52 Dimsdale J. C.

53 Montague Samuel

54 Kennard Howard J.

55 McKenzie Kenneth

56 Petrocochine A. Pandia

57 Pringle Sir John

58 Eck Francis V.

59 Comyn Fitzwilliam

60 Roney Sir Susack

61 Owen W. B. surgeon

62 Stevenson Nathaniel

Cleveland terrace, _Westbourne terrace_, _Hyde park_.

1 Hodgson J.

2 Cohen H. L.

3 Hall Marshall

4 Levy Charles

5 Foster Lieut. Gen.

6 Hall Rev. J. E.

7 Lewis Mrs

8 Waddel Mrs

10 Houseman H. sol.

Cleveland terrace gardens, _Stratford road_, _Kensington_.

1 Staples Wm. Fred. Browne

2 d’Ormieux Von Streng Baron

4 Gabrielli Jos.

5 Gee George

6 Hartley John

7 Dodd Mrs

10 Johnson Mrs

Clifton road, _Maida vale_, _Edgware road_.

1_a_ Hatswell G. corn dealer

2_a_ + 3_a_ Adams & Broughton, cheesemongers

4_a_ Ward J. M. fruiterer

5_a_ Legg & Parker, linen drapers

1 Reed John, _Eagle tavern_

2 Watt Thomas, baker

3 Hall A. F. grocer

4 Peake F. W. butcher

5 DeKnock E. bookseller

6 Bairsdow Miss, milliner

7 Cobb Martin, fruiterer

8 Tilling Mrs, dairy

9 Stuart F. grocer

10 Northcote G. cheesemonger

11 McLean John, chemist

Clifton street, _Portland road_, _Notting hill_.

  Williams Samuel, _Duke of Sussex_

  Williams J. & Son, brick makers

Clifton terrace, _Clifton road_, _Maida vale_.

1 Bate H. F. M.D. surgeon _Vaccine Station_

3 Jennings Harrison

4 Lerew W. F. surgeon

5 Bull Mrs

6 Smith Henry

7 Viall Mrs

8 Bird George, builder

Clifton terrace, _Notting hill square_.

2 Green Alfred

4 Crooks Alfred

Clifton villas, _Warwick road_, _Maida hill_.

1 Simonds Miss

2 Allman Thomas

3 Barrett Thomas

4 Nunn J. H.

5 Macdonald —

6 Hyde Mrs

7 Liveing Captain W.

8 Hartshorne Mrs

9 Brittain James

10 Lane Christopher

11 Howes Captain

12 Thompson Edmund

13 Dockriell Edward

14 Walter William

15 Clarke Miss

16 Higgin Mrs

17 Frost Mrs

18 Hunt Mrs

19 Langley Albert Gordon

20 Beck George

21 Laird Mrs

22 Boardman Mrs

23 Treherne H. R.

24 Reynolds Mrs

25 Mence Martin

26 Mander Mrs

27 Higgins William

Coburgh place, _Bayswater road_.

1 Down & Co. ironmongers

2 Uridge J. cigar importer

3 Harris G. T. baker

4 Oliver C. S. surveyor

6 Simpson Charles

7 Neaton George

8 Maielli F. confectioner

10 Pegg W.

Codrington villas, _Ladbroke road_, _Notting hill_.

1 Walters Jacob

2 Shipton Miss

  Martin Miss

3 Jones Dr. Hermann, surgeon

Codrington terrace, _Ladbroke road_, _Notting hill_.

6 Seovill Col.

7 Howard Mrs

Colville gardens, _Colville road_, _Westbourne gardens_, _Bayswater_.

1 Walker T. R.

2 Marchmont Rev. H.

3 Cowan P.

5 Hawes Col. Alexander

6 Tatham Montague John

7 Cox L. P.

8 Moccatta John

9 Steers Thomas

10 Smithers Arthur Edward

11 Charriere Miss

  Fisher Miss, ladies school

12 Dixon Mrs

13 Cohen Samuel A.

31 Schoales Adam

33 Boscawen Col. A. H.

35 Ratcliffe S. W.

39 Birnstingle L.

41 Robertson Charles

43 Anderson Robert

45 Rawlinson Thomas

49 Druce —

51 Chapman Mrs W. Herbert

  Chapman C.

  _All Saint’s Church_

Colville road, _Westbourne gardens_, _Bayswater_.

1 LaCroix F. surgeon

2 West Mrs

3 Clements T. dentist

3 Elmore R. professor of painting in oil and water colour

5 Myers Edward

6 Pottridge Robert A.

7 Nicholson Mrs M.

8 Moss Samuel M.

8_a_ Galton Wm. Chs. builder

8_a_ Rebton T. tailor

9 Copland J. C. surgeon

11 Parkhouse William

12 Millson Samuel

13 Walter Mrs

14 Merryweather P. C. surgeon

15 Peppercorn W. S. piano maker

16 Bell J.

17 Rowe Mrs

21 Adams Mrs

23 Grantlett Dr. H. J.

24 Evans Rev. Thomas

26 McCreight William

27 Dunlop Mrs

28 Barnet Mrs

29 Weaver Miss

30 Langworthy J. H.

32 Bokenham Miss

34 Benjamin S. _Colville house_

Colville square, _Colville road_, _Notting hill_.

2 Heppel Mrs

4 Joseph Nathan

5 Hyam D.

6 Griffiths E. W.

7 Kuypers Charles

8 Chevalier R. Magnus

9 Smith William Henry

10 Littlehale Mrs

11 Every William

12 Henderson Mrs

13 McHardy

14 Phillips Dr. H. C. M.D. surgeon

  Kemp Alfred

15 Best Charles

16 Stapley Rev. Frederick

18 Harvey Thomas S.

19 De Castro Joseph

20 Holman Joseph

21 Houghton Edmund T.

23 Carter William

24 Cole R.

25 King Rev. Dr. L.L.D.

26 Small D. W.

Colville terrace east, _Colville road_, _Westbourne grove_.

1 Gill Howard

3 Nicholson Mrs

4 Westmorland F. G.

5 Chard Samuel

6 Pearse D. W.

8 Carter Thomas

9 Owen —

10 Huguenin —

11 Trevor Mrs

13 Woodruffe John

14 Andain Mrs

15 Franklin Mrs Elizabeth

Colville terrace west, _Colville road_, _Westbourne grove_.

1 _Convent of our Lady of Zion_

2 Brows Robert

3 Pearce John

4 Mivart Miss, ladies school

6 West John

8 McKenna William

9 Stuart Izett

  Young Dr. A. K.

10 Fitzsimmons Mrs

11 Humble George

12 Richards William

13 Stewart Rayham W.

14 Watson Mrs

17 Walters Mrs

18 Pieczonka Albert

Commerce place, _Portobello road_, _Notting hill_.

6 Lewis Archibald, boot maker

7 Heath G. rag merchant

8 Doughton —, boot maker

9 Grittins W. boot maker

10 Barnes R. dairyman

11 Clark Mrs, general shop

12 Cannon S. newsagent

13 West E. tailor

14 Chandler J. grocer

16 Wood C. decorator

17 Stow W. boot maker

Conduit mews, _Spring street_, _Paddington_.

2 Lee —, chimney sweep

3 Vincent J. marine stores

3_a_ Harvey W. boot maker

4 Rickards C. job master

5 Scantlebury J. V. builder

  Baker —, tailor

  Franklin J. boot maker

  Passmore A. harness maker

6 Jones W. coach maker

7 Porter W. carpenter

10 Preece J. job master

11 Grantham C. fly master

Conduit place, _London street_, _Paddington_.

  Capon J. greengrocer

17 Miller Mrs, coffee house

18 _Paddington home for girls_, Miss Kidson, matron

  Temple & Forster, builders

Conduit street, _Westbourne terrace_, _Hyde park_.

7 Warne A. upholsterer

10 Byrne J. fruiterer

11 Saul W. ironmonger

12 Usher G. T. house decorator

13 Dawkins F. confectioner

14 Drew J. E. boot maker

16 Cole D. draper

16 Hall S. hosier

17 Matthews S. H. & Son, butchers

18 Clark M. R. cheesemonger

19 Williams F. bookseller

20 Chew J. B. grocer

21 Joyce T. fruiterer

23 Tween J. A. butcher

Conduit street west, _Gloucester place_, _Hyde park_.

5 Todd R. coach builder

6 Chilton J. dairyman

7 Tindley J. H. grocer

8 Barnby Mrs, stay maker

  Pickard & Green, dyers

9 Hall W. fishmonger

10 Frigg J. Fielder, corn dealer

11 Childerhouse W. & Co. house decorators

12 Godfrey C. fruiterer

13 Miles C. surgeon

14 Durant George

15 Mather Miss

16 Tippett John, builder

Connaught place, _Hyde park_.

1 Hope A. J. Beresford, and Lady Mildred, _Arklow house_

3 Butler Charles

4 Richards E. C.

5 Coote Sir C. H.

6 Ellerton John Lodge

7 Morris Miss

8 Kelly Sir Fitzroy

9 Bouwens Rev. Theodore, and Lady Julia

10 Fitz-Wygram Lady

  Fitz-Wygram Sir R. Bt.

11 Wentworth F. Vernon

  Augusta Lady

12 Molling Godfrey

13 Trotter Capt.

  Trotter Hon. Mrs

14 Windham Mrs, J. S.

  Smith John

Connaught place west, _Hyde park_.

1 Caldecott Mrs

2 Wigram Edward

3 Parbaney George

4 Cardale W. W.

5 Ralli P. P.

6 Haywood J. P.

7 Lushington Miss

8 Chowne Dr.

9 Horsley Mrs

10 Grotten Madame

Connaught square, _Hyde park_.

1 Allason Mrs

  Allason T. G. D.

2 Todd Mrs

3 Robinson William F.

4 Cowan Alfred

6 McGhie Miss

7 Le Messurier A. S.

8 Johnson Mrs

10 Faithful —

11 Glasse Mrs, Mordaunt

12 Gillisby Mrs

13 Emes Miss E.

16 Grant F. J. surgeon

19 Hill Rev. Rowley

20 Easton Dr. J. physician

21 Bagshawe Dr.

22 Lawrence Dr. R. M.

22_a_ Adolphus Mrs. J. L.

23 Steward Samuel

24 Toley William Henry

25 Bannerman Mrs

26 Bailie Miss

27 Pearse Miss

28 Appleyard R. Prescott

  Horsford Sir A.

29 King Capt. W. R.N.

30 Grinling Mrs

31 Thomas Miss

32 Jervis Dr. Thomas

33 Boodle Mrs

34 Walmesley —

35 Fane C.

36 Wilson Mrs

37 Bernard Phillip

18 Bartlett Edw. g.

19 Smith John M.

21 Dagley James, solicitor

22 Allen Thomas

23 Hicks Algernon

24 Falconer Leslie J.

26 Fonblanque William

Convent gardens, _Kensington park road north_, _Notting hill_.

1 Rowland K.

2 Annett Miss

3 Wood Stephen

4 French Mrs

5 Todd John

6 Dawe Alexander

7 Mitchener James

8 Shurlock Moses

9 Adamson John

10 Darling H. T.

11 Lloyd John

12 Jackson Charles

13 Knight Mrs

14 Waymouth J. H.

15 Phillips Mrs

16 Green W. tailor

17 Collins William A

18 Constable H.

19 Elstonear Edward

20 Shepherd James

21 Tomms Charles

22 Sampson Isaac

23 Weddon William F.

24 Hull Mrs

25 Cox Mrs

26 St. Ody Mrs

27 Edwards J.

28 Cull George

Convent terrace, _Kensington park road north_, _Notting hill_.

1 Linsdell J. coffee house

2 Sanger Miss, milliner

3 Smith G. boot maker

4 Reynolds Nash, butcher

5 Ford W. H. chemist

Cornwall road, _King street east_, _Hammersmith_.

  Smerton Miss, _Cornwall lodge_

1 Smythe Mrs, _Cornwell cottage_

2 Sauer Mrs, _Gallia cottage_

3 Goymer Miss, school, _Poplar cottage_

4 Hider Mrs

5 Clark Mrs, _Myrtle cottage_

6 Hall J. G.

7 Meyer Thomas

8 Spain Mrs

9 Virtue Rev. Monsignor

10 Wilson Mrs

  Chamberlain Geo. _Staines cottage_

  Atkinson W. Green

12 Foord Miss

13 Austin George

14 Stewart C. Lennox, _Lennox lodge_

15 Gosling William

16 Deer J. R.

17 Webber J. H. architect

18 Wells George

19 Pearce Frederick John

20 Loomes William

  _Alms houses_, Dr. Isles


1 Carter C. F.

2 Howard Henry

  Prebost Mrs, _Hartley cottage_

Cornwall road, _Westbourne park road_, _Westbourne park_.

1 Grice & Bell, grocers

3 Jessup George, dyer

5 Cooper Charles, butcher

7 Harris George

9 Burrell Thomas Alfred

11 Foale N. C. builder

13 Rabbeth G. varnish manufacturer

15 Robinson Mrs

17 Tate R. accountant

19 Holmes Thomas

21 De Foley A.

23 Longman Thomas

27 Barney Stephen

29 Smith Mrs

31 Stimson R.

33 New Charles

35 Answorth David

39 Dunn Rev. A. Hunter

41 Beck Mrs C. ladies school

43 Langton Mrs

45 Millard Francis

47 O’Connell Charles Daniel

49 Higgins Alfred

51 Rees J. J. profs. dancing

53 Welsh T. I. surgeon

55 Beale Mrs

57 Goldsmid Mrs

59 Home Mrs

61 Gould Edmund

65 Jones William

67 Conrath A. J. confectioner

69 Compton & Son, _Princess Alexandra_

71 Marsh George, dairyman

73 Gibson J. H. cheesemonger

75 Everett Joseph, tailor

77 Johns W. Harris, hosier

79 Joyce Thomas, fruiterer

81 Salman Thomas, chemist

  _Post & Money Order Office Saving’s Bank_

2 Pitt Mrs

4 Clarence —

8 Ramsay William David

10 Heard Henry

12 Poole R. S.

14 Vandergood Charles

16 Walkinshaw James

20 Holmes William

22 Stanley William

24 Scott Wentworth L. _Cornwall villa_

26 West Mrs, _Leamington house_

28 Nowell Dr. A. H. surgeon

30 Young Mrs

32 Billiter W.

34 Potter Mrs

38 De Courcy John

40 Tothill R. F.

42 Kiallmark G. F. _The Bounds_

44 Bantock Dr. G. G. M.D. surgeon

46 Francis Francis

48 Jones D.

50 Jones Prof. T. Rymer F.R.S. _Truro house_

52 Evers Arthur

Cornwall terrace, _Chichester place_, _Harrow road_.

2 Knight George

3 Swann Charles

4 Reynolds Walter

5 Redman Robert

6 Stapleton Myles

Cottage road, _Harrow road_, _Westbourne park_.

1 Scott John

2 Hockley William

3 Cook William

4 Hallmarke William

5 Browning Miss

6 Brown Capt. John

7 Tyler George

8 Harvey Joseph

9 Pickwick George

11 Evans Robert

12 Blake Joseph

13 Sykes Thomas

14 Read Thomas

15 Woods Mrs

17 Goddon Mrs

Courtland place, _Kensington_.

1 Wood Arthur

2 Leckie Captain J. H.

3 Rivolta Joseph

5 Grant Col.

6 Ricketts Miss

7 Massey Robert

8 Mason Robert

9 Macquarrie Mrs

10 Froom Henry

Courtland terrace, _Kensington_.

1 Tolloch D. _Courtland house_

  _Pillar Letter Box_

2 Allen Rev. Robert James

3 Curtis Philip

6 Baikley Alex. artist

7 Pilleau Miss

8 Simms George

9 Dunbar George

Courtland villas, _Kensington_.

1 Beerbhon J. E.

2 Barclay Dr.

Craven hill, _Bayswater_.

1 Rush J. R.

3 Potter Dr. J. B. physician

5 Sadler Mrs

7 Sechiari P. G.

9 Deny William

13 Pearce John Swaine

15 Aldous Mrs, William

17 Makins Charles

19 Dummett Jeremiah

21 Donaldson Mrs

23 Peel Miss

Craven hill gardens, _Leinster terrace_, _Bayswater road_.

1 Jones T.

2 Stagg George

3 Seale Samuel

4 Jessel Henry

5 Dolman —

6 Burrows Charles

7 Cockburn H. P.

8 Lindley Nathaniel

9 Cobb T. P.

10 Boyle Mrs

11 Curgenven J. B. surgeon

12 Shepheard E. W.

13 Head Alfred

14 Good John P.

15 De la Motte Mrs

16 Benson Robert

30 Richardson J.

31 Tagart Francis F.R.G.S.

32 Walford Richard

33 Erskine William

34 Hargraves William

35 Weber Frederick Charles

36 Moffatt Mrs

37 Smyth Capt. J. W.

38 Turnbull George

39 Jones Mrs R. P.

40 Jones Henry Cadman

41 Langley Col. George C.

Craven place, _Craven hill_, _Bayswater_.

1 Moore & Company, chemists

2 Ridge Misses, booksellers

3 Reynolds and Poole, carvers & gilders

4 Pritchard R. T. tailor

5 Matthews S. H. butcher

6 Frewin E. H. cheesemonger

8 Reid John, baker

Craven terrace, _Craven hill_, _Bayswater_.

1 Austin H. D. estate office

2 Lewis W. house estate agent

3 Woodhead F. T. saddler

4 Phillipson M. builder

5 Findlay J. H. grocer

  _District Schools_, _Christ Church Independent Chapel_

9 Hill W. H. watch maker

10 Short J. furniture dealer

11 Donnelly Mrs, repository

12 Stone Thomas, butcher

13 Langdon Miss, repository

14 Grumbridge Mrs, dress maker

15 Lamberth W. fruiterer

16 Thompson L. baker

17 Wise John, boot maker

18 Betty John, draper

19 Hanson F. stationery

20 Bowden W. upholsterer

21 Whur Robert, tailor

22 Jones John W. ironmonger

23 Taylor Henry, dairyman

24 Fisher T. _The Mitre_

Craven place, _Kensington_.

(_See Kensington road_.)

Crompton street, _Maida hill_, _Edgware road_, _Paddington_.

2 Buckingham J. boot maker

3 Tidy Thomas, builder

4 Knight Henry

5 Tilling Mrs

6 Ives Thomas

7 Cobley Joseph

8 Watts Isaac

9 Harroway William H.

10 Granville William

11 Elliott James

12 Gower William

13 Mattock Richard

14 Thomas William

15 Ashford Edward

16 Weight John

17 Hill Walter

18 Holmes Albert

19 Jefferson James

20 Weight John

21 Baker Mrs

22 Spink Robert J.

Cromwell terrace, _Harrow road_.

1 Graves Dr. F. G. M.D. surgeon

2 Hervey Robert K.

4 Pope Mrs E.

5 Hearn Mrs

6 Manwell George

7 Monypenny R. P. D.

9 Bishop George

10 Hewett George

Cumberland terrace, _Westbourne grove north_, _Westbourne park_.

1 Beecham T. stationer

2 Davidson William

3 Macdowell Mrs, dress maker

4 Harvey Mrs

6 Parrett Mrs

7 Kennedy Mrs

8 Vale Mrs

9 Smith Mrs

10 Barwis Mrs

11 Trinder Frederick

12 Williams Mrs

13 Manin le Comptess de Hamel

14 Harris George

16 Frost John

16 Lichtwitz Lewis

17 Streuli Henry

18 Barvis Charles

19 Turner Mrs

20 Broomhall William

21 Giles Michael S.

22 Brown Mrs, dress maker

Cumberland place, _Westbourne grove north_, _Westbourne park_.

1 Elford Edward, grocer

2 Nichols Mrs

3 Dadds William

4 Gray W. G. tailor

5 Wright James

6 Ridous William

7 Burr Wilson George

8 Bucknell David

9 Greenwood Joseph

10 Watts Richard

11 Mitchell —

12 Wise Alfred

13 Hattersley Johnslee

14 Smith Joseph

15 Nixon Charles

16 Bush Mrs

17 Lamb Mrs

18 Hyam John

19 Powell Mrs

20 Stuart James

Cuthbert street, _Church street_, _Paddington_.

1 Lendon R. cheesemonger

2 Gibbs. J. boot maker

4 Cox Henry

5 Franklin G. boot maker

5 Monk Mrs, dress maker

7 Clark Mrs

8 Gilbert Joseph

9 Arnell Richard

10 White William

11 Firmage Miss

12 Thomas William

13 Kelly Thomas

14 Fitzgerald Thomas

15 Howship John, plumber

16 Iliffe Richard

17 and 18 Newbold Joseph

19 Russell Mrs

20 Emery Joseph

21 Lacey Charles

22 Beesley Mrs

25 Larkin Robert

26 Booth George

27 Price W. J. dairy

27 Dunham B. boot maker

28 Thornton John

29 Gaze W. general shop

Cuthbert street, _Maida hill_.

  Morris E. boot maker

  Drake J. wardrobe dealer

  Clack —hair dresser

1 Sambert T. grocer

2 Poole Mrs

Darnley road, _Royal crescent_, _Notting hill_.

1 Wood Mrs

3 Glover William

4 Holmes James

6 Bean Mrs

8 Smyth Henry

9 Jacott William

Dartmore street, _Farm street_, _Notting hill_.

1 Sweet Thomas, slater

Dawson place, _Pembridge villas_, _Bayswater_.


1 Edwards Mrs

3 Greenbank Mrs

5 Thomas Capt. R.N.

7 Badger Rev. P. G. F.R.G.S.

13 Butcher Geo.

15 Neish William

19 Hardy J. _Howard villa_

23 Tulloch Mrs

25 Wilkins Mrs

27 Tolloch Gen. A. C.B.

29 Grant George


4 Holmes Charles

6 Graham W. Col. L.

8 Fox James

10 Hay Alexander

12 Eade William

14 Shuttleworth Capt. H.

16 Derring Edward

22 Robertson Miss, _Dawson villa_

24 Nicoll Erskine, Art. A.R.A.

26 Bonner Henry

28 Coe Miss, _Royston lodge_

30 Massey Mrs, _Carr villa_

32 Skelding W. surgeon, _Hilston house_

Delamere crescent, _Upper Westbourne terrace_.

2 James S. W.

3 Potter Miss

4 Ripley J. Pemberton

5 Alleard H. J.

8 Patterson William

9 Boyle Henry

10 Young E. Parker, surgeon

11 Godfrey Samuel

12 Grant John

13 Luickett Mrs

16 Joseph Isaac

17 Palmer Misses

18 Moore Mrs

19 Holloway Henry

21 Oborne Charles

22 Rees Mrs

23 Burley Mrs

25 Jackson Mrs

26 Samuel Rev. Isaac

27 Ewin William

28 Bennett Charles

29 Wilson Frederick

31 Fryer Mrs

Delamere street, _Upper Westbourne terrace_.

1 Hayter John

3 Moffatt Miss

5 Hawkins Mrs

6 Daniell Mrs W. F.

8 Stokes Mrs

9 Hamlin C. G.

10 Thompson John

11 Bauer S. surgeon

16 Filmes James

Delamere terrace, _Upper Westbourne terrace_.

2 Pattison William

3 Stuart James Calder

5 Barlow Thomas G.

6 Fishbourne Capt. E. R.N.

7 Barrett Miss

8 Montague Robert N.

9 Barnes John Samuel

11 Horsford Sir Robert

12 Barnes Lewis

13 Brodie Walter

14 Young R. solicitor

15 Pristongee Bomanjee

16 Denham Admiral

17 Sykes W. S.

18 Biggs H. C.

21 Greenslade W. T.

22 Pratt Edmund

24 Gregor Max

26 Vallings Mrs

27 Scott Mrs

28 Elearn Rev. W. H.

29 Beal S. G.

30 West Rev. S.

32 Cross Mrs

34 Bullock Benjamin

35 Johnson Mrs

Denbigh mews, _Portobello road_, _Kensington park_.

1 Williams E. rag merchant

3 Joliff —, chimney sweep

9 and 10 Turner F. van proprietor

Denbigh road, _Chepstow villas_, _Bayswater_.

1 Wyatt G.

2 Roberts William

3 Miller Miss

4 Lomax & Flaxman, house agent

5 Reeves John, florist

6 Reeves James

7 Gill James

8 Boughton G. H.

9 Sayer Mrs, _Sharon house_

10 Edger Mrs, _Clifford lodge_

11 Patrick Mrs Paul Chas. _Radcliffe house_

12 Hartley Chas. Ed.

Denbigh terrace, west, _Denbigh road_, _Bayswater_.

1 Clarke Miss F.

2 Warmington John

3 Harris Thomas

4 Armand Gustave

5 Couzens James, florist

6 Isaac J. builder

7 Reeves John

8 Bryant Henry

9 Finch Mrs

10 Moss N. boot maker

11 Greatorex Mrs

  Edgecombe —, tailor

12 Rose E. _Parish Clerk_

  Bradshaw Mrs, _Denbigh villa_

13 Pringle W. A.

14 Hitch Mrs

15 Davis J. C. gas fitter

17 Wills S. J.

18 Willstead F.

19 Harrison G. carpenter

20 Jackson J.

21 Smith Mrs

22 Elderstrath John

23 Redworth A. G.

24 Ross G.

25 Syrinks C. builder

26 Dyer E. tailor

Denbigh villas, _Denbigh road_, _Bayswater_.

1 Sandon Mrs

2 Domett Mrs

4 Simpkins James

Denmark road, _Canterbury terrace_, _Canterbury road_, _Kilburn_.

1 Stevens Mrs, greengrocer

3 Davison J.

5 Beardmore T.

7 Bick W.

9 Church W. tailor

11 Mercer W.

13 Woodhead Mrs

15 Wood S. J.

17 Davies John

19 Harris H.

21 Smith W.

23 Austin Mrs

25 Tribe Miss

27 Wheeler H.

29 Hall R.

31 Cope G.

33 Parlett John

35 Balringer Thomas

37 Hewitt John

39 Adams C.

41 Innocent T. grocer

45 Jordan W. fruiterer

47 Smith J. plumber

49 Watts John

51 Simmonds Mrs dress maker

53 Wells Mrs

59 McRae Mrs

61 Hardy John

63 Mandy W.

87 Newconoly J. boot maker

89 Anderson J. H.

2 Vennicombe S. grocer

3 Templeton Mrs

6 Tomlin G.

8 Bick J.

10 Pain Stephen

12 Noble Edgar

14 Finch T. F.

16 Legg J. W.

18 Carter Mrs

20 Winter

22 Kilbey M. K.

24 Tait A.

34 Hall J. dairy

36 Staines F. W. boot maker

38 Stroud J. tobacconist

40 Newton N. _The Neville’s Cross_

42 Scott C. baker

46 Wilkins G. plumber

48 Priest G.

50 Riches T.

52 Evans Edwin

54 Gates R. boot maker

56 Bell G.

58 Barrett E.

60 Rosworth W.

62 Lane T.

64 Cutting M.

66 Bellamy C.

68 Gates W.

70 Atkins E.

72 Pearce N.

74 Rutter R.

76 Lane John

82 Goodair S. photographer

  Robins R. butcher

84 Wartnaby R.

86 Palmer H.

Desborough place, _Harrow road_.

1 Ferguson J. _Desborough Arms_

2 Stevens H. porkman

3 Wills W. draper

4 Stevens W. greengrocer

5 Slade & Gardiner, butcher

6 Hare and Co. printers

7 Merrett C. and Co. hatter

8 Pritchard D. dining rooms

9 Cook J. tobacconist

10 Black A. F. baker

11 Melhurst A. J. pawn broker

12 Humphreys J. G. ironmonger

13 Williams J. J. chemist

14 Hamlin H. appraiser

15 Cooper T. watch maker

16 Brown T. boot maker

17 Barnard A. L. draper

18 Woolard H. W. grocer

19 Wilkinson T. tobacconist

20 King J. H. undertaker

21 Ekss W. coffee house

22 Wilson J. tobacconist

23 Canavie W. tailor

24 Richardson S. _Devonshire castle_

Desborough terrace, _Harrow road_.

1 Dawkins H.

2 Tanner G. tailor

3 Austin E.

4 Woodhall E.

5 Thorpe John

6 Paice E.

7 Gilbert Mrs

8 Scott C. William

9 Lacey T.

10 Dally William

11 Glidden J.

12 Campbell Mrs, dress maker

13 Ley Fred. William

14 Moore Mrs

15 Baker E.

16 Webber Mrs

17 Moore John

18 Fox Mrs, dress maker

21 Lambell Mrs

22 Ward John

23 Goldsmith J. D.

24 Hughes William

25 Underhill John

26 Jenkins John

27 Morgan William

28 Britton John

29 Pine William

30 Clark Richard

31 Ball M. J.

32 Yeates Charles

Devonshire street, _Dorcas terrace_, _Hammersmith road_.

1 Humble G. T.

2 Grayeton T. builder

3 Webb Miss, dress maker

4 Forester A. draper

5 Stidston John

6 Hunt H.

7 Caslake Mrs

8 Davey Charles

9 Boutal John

10 Squires R.

  _Hammersmith Police Court_

11 Urquhart D.

12 Geore Mrs

13 Chapman J.

14 Usher Mrs

15 Bester John

16 Collings Walter

17 Cooper G.

  Cannings Mrs

18 Jennings A. _Devon villa_

Devonport mews, _Oxford terrace_, _Hyde park_.

18 Read J. carpenter

19 Jones R. livery stables

Devonport road, _New road_, _Hammersmith_.

1 Lomb Mrs, ladies school, _Belmont house_

2 Smith James

3 Brettall W.

4 Peach G. J.

5 Chaplin Mrs

6 Playter Mrs

8 Foote —

Devonport street, _Oxford terrace_, _Hyde park_.

1 Daniell J. Legeyte

2 Hoares E.

4 Middleton F. M.

6 Cripps G. W.

7 Mocatta Alias

9 Forbes —

14 Layton J. N.

Devonshire place, _Edgware road_, _Paddington_.

1 Newman Mrs

2 Bowler J. B

3 Huntingdon H.

4 Cottrell Mrs, E.

5 Finch George

6 Linford C. G.

7 Snow John

8 Carr Miss

9 Schlund Madame

10 Barter W. engraver

11 Brett Noah

12 Wilson H. boot maker

13 Cook H.

14 Jones A. builder

15 Haynes Mr.

16 Gill Mrs

17 Fogg R. gold beater

18 Starr J.

19 Powell Thomas

20 Lardner W. T. painter

21 Hewitt C. house decorator

22 Baxter J. H.

23 Malard H.

  Snudden Miss, dress maker

  Gadsden Miss, ladies school

Devonshire terrace, _Craven hill_, _Bayswater_.

2 Ederidge Mrs, and Miss

3 Graham J.

4 Steward E. H.

5 Crewe Col. R.

6 Lee D. J.

7 Beachcroft Lieut. Col.

8 Hornby J.

9 Guedallá Hyam

10 Barron Richard

11 Smith H. H

12 Bulmer Rippon

13 Wilkins F. C.

14 Vivian C. Mrs

15 Brunel Isinbard

16 Maclean Mrs

17 Calverley C. S.

18 Gilbert George

19 Martin G. B.

22 Wright Miss

  Dickenson W. _Devonshire Club_

23 Ferguson J.

24 Framagee —

25 Waddilove Cyrus

26 Cookson Mrs

Devonshire terrace, _Notting hill_.

1 Boddington W. C. stationer

2 Noel J. A. hosier

3 Simmons M. E. lady outfitter

4 Elborn S. ham and beef sh.

5 Smith J. C. silversmith

6 Kingdon W. Y. chemist

7 O’Brien T. fancy drapery

8 Stoddart T. hosier

9 Benham J. W. stationer

10 Greives baker

11 Grant A. upholsterer

12 Cutcliffe R. silversmith

13 Dowsing S. plumber

14 Bugler A. coal merchant

15 Boissonnade Misses, court dress makers

17 Harris J. registry office

18 Graham Mrs, E.

19 Mitchell Mrs

20 Davis G.

21 Powter W.

22 Gibbs John

23 Gosling T. W.

24 Bickmore W.

Devonshire terrace, _Wright’s lane_, _Kensington_.

1 Cornell S. clerk to the board of guardians

2 Irving W.

3 Nibloe James

4 Ciden E.

5 Dover —, surgeon

6 Barwell Mrs

7 Farmer F.

9 Cummings Mrs

10 Codd Mrs

11 Dove T. L.

13 Mackintosh John

14 Hopkins Mrs

16 House A. wine merchant

Douro place, _Victoria road_, _Kensington_.

1 Ward C.

2 Bunyan Mrs

3 Dean Mrs

4 Hills Capt.

6 Brooker C.

7 Graham Miss

8 Cook —

10 O’Farrell —

12 Wilkinson Miss

13 Ward Misses

14 Stroughton Mrs

15 Bell —, studio

  Whaite W. C.

Douglas place, _Queen’s road_, _Bayswater_.

1 Mills Mrs

2 Brunoe Mrs

2 Bell Edward

3 Powell Joseph

14 Carden Thomas

15 Hearn David

16 Halket W.

17 Collison C.

18 Childerhouse Robert

19 Whiteley William

20 Else F. C. wine merchant

22 Bromhall B. draper

23 Melliship and Harris, stationers

24 Fisher Thomas S.

25 Everson Edward

27 Beech W. french polisher

27_b_ Bruand Miss, grocer

  Pearce William, livery stables

Douglas terrace, _Queen’s road_, _Bayswater_.

1 Benn C. & Co. cowkeepers

2 Cullimore H. coffee house

3 Phillips J. painter

4 Morant H. decorator

5 Calver S. tailor

6 Alty Edward

Down place, _King street west_, _Hammersmith_.

1 Kinton T. Gellett

2 Kennedy J.

3 Wing Charles

4 Sainsbury W. cab pro.

Dudley grove, _Harrow road_, _Paddington_.

  _Paddington vestry_

26 Potter J. chemist

27 Becket P. auctioneer

28 Turner W. corn dealer

30 Perkins C. J. house decorator

  _Paddington Police Station_

32 Arthur Prince, surgeon M.D.

33 Atkinson W. Y. builder

  Wards J. E. _Dudley Arms_

48 Cuthbert J. tobacconist

49 Weitzel F. baker

50 Skinner J. beer retailer

51 Butler J. grocer

52 Challis G. M. beer retailer

53 Davies M. coffee rooms

54 Ingram J. greengrocer

55 Blizard R. pawnbroker

56 Landsberger W. eating ho.

57 Price R. cheesemonger

58 Sawtell F. butcher

Dudley place, _Porteus road_, _Harrow road_, _Paddington_.

1 Igglesden R.

2 Forbes Arthur

3 Mason Robert

4 Newby P.

5 Smither F. D.

6 Wessell C.

7 Hawkins William

8 Read Henry

9 Prosser T.

10 Smart Mrs

Durham terrace, _Westbourne park_.

1 Durban John

3 Sinclair Mrs

4 Chapman Mrs

5 Wolfe Mrs

6 Bailey W. P.

7 Cook G.

9 Holt R. H.

11 Hammond Mrs

13 Oakes Capt.

14 Fisher W. S.

15 Chew T. _Durham house_

16 Maclean Mrs

17 Hardy Rev. J. P.

19 Lacey Mrs

20 Cooper Mrs

21 Eyre J. G.

23 Mortimer W.

24 Perugini E. C.

25 Cater J.

Durham villas, _Phillimore gardens_, _Kensington_.

2 Thompson Miss, _Ellerslie lodge_

4 Daniell Miss

6 Crawley Mrs

8 Herbert W.

14 Parry Capt.

16 Thwaites W.

17 Sturgess D.

18 Shepherd E.

Earl street, _Kensington_.


1 Cannon G. butcher

2 Panton G. greengrocer

3 Scouell G. oilman

4 Winter W. ironmonger

6 Woodcock —, dairy

  Maynard H. _Princess Vict._


1 Cambelle J. beer retailer

2 Collins W. greengrocer

3 Redman J. boot maker

4 Glover J. baker


1 Barnes G. W. butcher

2 Taylor R. cheesemonger

3 Penteevst C. F. watch maker

4 Foot R. grocer

5 Truman J. fishmonger

6 Coakes M. corn merchant

  _St. Barnabas Parochial Sc._

1 Robertson J. oilman

2 Holmes E. milliner

3 Smith W. coffee house

8 Craft R. undertaker

9 Blakemore F. G. baker

10 Harman S. grocer

11 Salisbury A. stationer

  Dimmick J. carpenter

12 Rushton J. boot maker

13 Smith E. A. draper

14 Jordan J. grocer

15 Watson J. ironmonger

Earls court terrace, _Pembroke square_, _Kensington_.

1 Brown Mrs

3 Elton H. builder

4 O’Shaughnessy Mrs

5 Moss Mrs

6 Taylor Mrs, milliner

7 Askey Mrs

8 Butler Mrs

9 Colman J.

10 Collins Thomas

11 Pitt S.

13 Tunks William

14 Bradford Richard

15 Tippett F.

Earls terrace, _Kensington_.

1 Hunt Edward

5 Edgar A.

6 Hardwicke Robert

7 Mackinlay Mrs

8 Philips Mrs

9 Ballard Miss

10 Molyneaux Miss

11 Wallich Dr.

13 Moore Mrs

16 Blackwell Rev. W. W.

20 and 21 Enticknap Miss

23 Swaby Mrs

24 Clerk Capt. W. J.

Eastbourne mews, _Charles street_, _Westbourne terrace_.

1 Scantlebury W. estate office

2 and 3 Sewell Mrs, builder

4 and 5 Jones W. livery stables

6 South G. vet. surgeon

7 Perryman W. carpenter

8 Allen D. tailor

  Munns J. boot maker

9 Watson R. tailor

9_a_ Gibbons C. boot maker

Eastbourne terrace, _Bishop’s road_, _Paddington_.

1 Vickress G. _Pr. Wales hl._

2_a_ Gough Mrs

2 Ordish Mrs, Mary

3 Whitbread Mrs

4 Willey Mrs

5 Abud Rd. surgeon

6 Blake Miss

7 Job Martin A.

7_a_ Taylor Mrs

8 Harlow G.

9 Kelly George

10 Young, Maples, Teesdale and Young, solicitors to _Great Western

12 Matthews Miss

14 Gate John

16 Day Robert

16 Bentley Mrs

17 Harrison Newton

18 Plomer J. F.

  Harper Mrs

19 Elcock Robert

20 Rogers Mrs

21 Steventon Rev. E. H.

22 Vidler T. C. surgeon

23 Haste Joseph

24 Mothersill Mrs

26 Thomson David

28 Clarke Benjamin

29 Archer William

30 Castle Henry

31 Greayer William

32 Copp George

33 Impey John

35 Wyatt Capt. R.A.

36 Woolmer W. A.

37 Starbrook Mrs

38 Jeudwine George

39 Grantham Joseph

40 McLean Mrs

41 Adkins Mrs

42 Pilgrim Samuel

43 Sartin Samuel

44 Bedford George Sale

45 Banting Mrs

46 Gane Mrs

47 Walhouse Miss

48 Townsend Mrs

49 Woolcott Alfred

50 Pope William

51 Roberts Mrs

52 Chandler B. physician

53 Tween Arthur John

Edgware road, _Kilburn_.

  Russell W. B. solicitor, _St. Mildred’s cottage_


1 Webster Mrs

2 Mann James

3 French A. plumber

4 Whaley & Morton, surgeon

  Whaley J. C.

5 France H. undertaker

6 Smith William


2 Phillips John

1 Mudie Peter

  Withers T. surgeon, _Kilburn villa_

  Winchester W. _Anglesey villa_

  Vere W. carpenter, _Sidney cottage_

  Vere W. grocer, _Holton house_

  Stone Alfred, boot maker

  Sage J. cheesemonger

  Fenn C. _Cromer cottage_

  Peeke Roger, _St. Margarets_

  Baker H. _Bransburry villa_

  Frew Capt. A. T. _Rifle cottage_

  Edwards P. florist

  Pitcher C. _Leith house_

  Freeman W. E. _Alfred cottage_

  Dalphin Mrs

  Moss W. carpenter, _Ross cottage_

  Woods H. beer retailer

  Lambert John, eating house

  Muncey C. cowkeeper, _Clarence house_

  King H. beer retailer

  Jackson J. cooper


1 Davis Miss, milliner

2 Allen James, fruiterer

3 Edwards T. boot maker

4 Crook James, builder

5 Fish W. _Lawn cottage_

6 Cracknell R. tailor

7 Lambert W. saddler

8 Downer W. hosier

9 Bounford I. builder

  Crook C. W. livery stables

  Wicks John, builder

  Brown J. D. baker

  Kelly C. J. statuary

  Clark F. J. _Oak lodge_

  Peters John, _The Grange_


1 and 2 Turner Henry, shoe maker

3 Barnes Isaac

4 Newcombe William

5 Dayes Miss

6 Puplett Mrs

7 Page J. boot maker

8 + 9 Williams C. Italian warehouse, _Post & Money Order Office_


2 Blower W. carpenter

3 Miles R. fishmonger

4 Mason Mrs, laundress

5 Radwell Miss, confection

6 Pickett T. beer retailer

  Constance A. _Black Lion_

  _Edgware road_, _station of North London Railway_, Morrison George,
  _Station Master_


1 Fishenden John, florist

2 Hastings Thomas

3 Heap J. C.

  Leonard W. timber merchant, _Hawthorn cottage_

  Michell & Phillips, _Kilburn Brewery_


  Buckland Mrs, _Elm tree house_

  Webb H. J. _Elm tree cottage_

  Snowdon J. _Paradise house_

  Crickmore W. builder, _Lambeth cottage_

  Elliot E. _Stanmore cottage_


1 Sparks Jonathan

2 Vassie John

3 Preston Thomas

4 Sharp W. stationer

5 Miller James, grocer

  Skey F. C. _Springfield cottage_


1 Webb T. E.

3 Grieve William Ryal

4 Hawkes Robert James

6 Courtenay William J.

  Baker Joshua, _Elm lodge_

  Palmer J. S. _Kilburn house_

  Axford J. B. _Upham villa_

  _Kilburn National Schools_

  Lines M. D. veterinary surgeon

  Robertson J. _Cock Tavern_

Edgware place, _Tarlington place_, _Edgware road_.

1 Smart Henry

2 Kinddom J. shoe maker

3 Sacker Henry

4 Smith John

5 Classey Mrs

6 Millward Henry

7 Haskey J. builder

8 Page William

9 Allsop John

10 Hallett John

11 Curtis William

12 Hedges William

Edgware road, _Paddington_.—_East side_.

1 McKenzie J. T. _Surrey house_

1_a_ Burton Mrs and Miss

2_a_ Marsden A. surgeon

3 Harrison T. auctioneer

5 Davison J. _New Inn_

6 Goodwin C. jeweller

6_b_ Grunebaum J. tobacconist, _Telegraph Office_

  Gallo —, photo gallery

7 Lewin Bros. hosiers

8 Kissel J. boot maker

8_a_ Eagle H. G. confectioner

9 Finney Seal & Co., coal merchants

10 Halsey D. N. repository

11 Chick R. watch maker

12_a_ Mockridge R. poulterer

12 and 13 Elliott W. C. draper

14 Swire R. druggist

16 Phillips H. J. tailor

16 Smith R. draper

17 Veret John, hosier

18 Neal John, watch maker

19 Zachariah Bros. watch maker

20 Neal J. watch maker

21 Marshall W. W. boot maker

22 Gilbert Eli, ivory carver

23 Davison D. dairyman

24 Parkinson W. dentist

25 Braham W. hosier

26 Rowley John, optician

27 Garton D. S. tobacconist

28_a_ Biggs W. upholsterer

28 Miller S. _The Hop Pole_

29_a_ Brown C. baby linen warehouse

29 Neal D. H. boot maker

30 Booty J. ladies outfitter

31 Crotch James, chemist

  Knight & Co. phots.

32 _West end Funeral Comp._

33 Clarge R. china mender

34 and 36 Hammond R. J. stationer

36 O’Dowd C. milliner

37 Harman J. hatter

38 Bird George, builder

39 Rudderforth Mrs, corset maker

40 Barrett T. J. jeweller

40_a_ Rigby and Gillies, hosiers

41 Chapple G. watch maker

42 Bowra J. dyer

43 Brooks W. fruiterer

44 Wright W. corn merchant

45 Wilcox F. A. draper

46 Carr and Son, tailors

46_a_ Kyezor L. watch maker

47 and 48_a_ Keucke W. boot maker

48 Cook John, confectioner

49 Hodgkinson C. draper

50 Duncan J. hosier

51 Alexander G. draper

52 Blades C. M. chemist

53 Durley John, draper

54 Hoskins B. T. stay maker

55_a_ Tyrrell R. draper

  Saltmarsh G. T. _King’s Head_

55 and 56 Osborn J. art. florist

57 Dowden E. grocer

58 Donagan Mrs, hair dress.

59 Bennett and Morris, fancy repository

60 Jeffreys J. milliner

61 Walker G. & Co. wine and spirit merchant

62_a_ Cook J. confectioner

62 and 63 Garrould E. & R. drapers

64 Cook H. T. book seller

63 and 64 Hunwick, Beech and Sharp, mercers

65 Moore D. boot maker

66 Hagger A. ladies outfitter

67 Hilder J. haberdasher

68 Bycroft John, draper

69 Field George, chemist, _Post Office_

  Cummings J. surgeon

70 Goddard J. & W. hosiers

71 Nixon and Cook, woollen drapers

72 and 73 Bird M. draper

74 Webber T. butcher

75 Carter F. boot maker

76 Stedalls and Co. mantle makers

77 Thompson C. milliner

78 Ford H. habit and jacket maker

79 Knowlman W. cheesemonger

80 and 81 Pope and Son, furnishing ironmongers

82 Fernie J. baker

83 Clarkson W. tobacconist

84 Griffiths T. _The Crown_

84_a_ Moss H. stay maker

83 Houghton J. bonnet warehouse

84 and 85 Steel A. boot maker

86 Foster W. ironmonger

86_a_ Barrett A. brush maker

87 Pearson J. milliner

88 Priest G. draper

89 Stroud J. hosier & glover

90 Barr G. milliner

91 Rous H. tailor

92 Abraham A. jeweller

93 Chapman C. H. milliner

94 Stanford R. _Star & Garter_

95 Walker A. confectioner

90 Marshall W. J. silversmith

97 Howels H. milliner

98 Arnell R. S. silversmith

99 Howels H. milliner

100 Burtenshaw and Finch, baby linen warehouse

101 Sumner J. B. stationer

102 Davies T. draper

103 Mills J. pawnbroker

104 Gilbert T. W. oilman

105 Brown J. fey. repository

106 _London General Omnibus Company Office_

107 De Bolla B. confectioner

108 Prall T. _King’s Arms_

109 Strugnell F. W. grocer

110 & 111 Simmons J. hatter

112 Hollingsworth J. tobacconist

109 + 110 + 111 Johnstone and Co. drapers and carpet warehouse

112 to 117 Grove E. clothier

118 Phillips F. J. _Coach and Horses_

119 Webb C. M. cheesemonger

120 Simmons J. clothier

121 Godfree R. pastry cook

122 Simmons J. tailor

123 Kemp G. watchmaker

124 Horne J. grocer

125 Smith D. fishmonger

126 Doran G. china dealer

127 Roberts W. tailor

128 Weston W. baker

129 and 130 Barker C. hatter

131 Lilley T. boot maker

132 Wall T. S. corn merchant

133 Wilshin H. oilman

134 Hancock H. _Green Man_

135 Hall N. grocer, _Post Office_

136 Aldred W. H. butcher

137 Allen Job, greengrocer

138 Hearn W. boot maker

139 + 140 + 141 Beale J. H. draper

142 Burningham C. W. cheesemonger

143 Pocock Bros. boot makers

144 Redfearn T. jeweller

145 Collier R. J. hosier

146 Toms H. & R. tripe dealers

  Toms H. & R. hosier

147 Angwin & Co. grocers

148 Green J. tobacconist

149 Priddle B. boot maker

150 Pegler Bros. drapers

151 and 152 Butler J. W. ironmongers

153 Cranwell and Garod, builders

154 Lemon M. A. brush maker

155 Simpson W. oilman

157 Davis F. fruiterer

158 Banbury A. T. boot maker

160 Brodley T. G. and Co. tea dealers

161 Robinson T. brush maker

162 Haigh G. saddler

163 Evans J. G. draper

164 Martindale J. corn merchant

165 Priest G. draper

166 and 167 Beck and Co. upholsterers

168 Hannuel J. ham bf. sp.

169 Miller J. upholsterer

170 Smith A. mantle warehouse

171 Cowper F. cheesemonger

172 Edwards Mrs, stay maker

173 Hutton H. carpenter

174 Gilbey J. draper

175 Millward J. R. dairyman

176 Baker R. upholsterer

177 Lewin W. boot maker

178 Lucas and Hickman, wine merchants

179 Whelpdale W. upholster

180 Copeland Mrs

181 Mansell W. J. upholster

182 Smith and Co., dyers

183 Crabb E. and F. hair dr.

184 Robinson W. china whs.

185 Jackson R. gun maker

186 Skinner F. hosier

187 Correderay T. grocer

188 Richardson S. _Portman Arms_

189 Phillips J. H. draper

190 Powle B. stationer

191 Carter R. B. confectioner

192 Hayter G. fruiterer

193 Elmes T. grocer

194 Hiscock H. cheesemonger

165 Suffling J. blind maker

166 Sexton & Sons, grocers

197 Austin H. piano maker

198 Green C. carpenter

199 Dolling J. stationer

200 Windle J. linen draper

201 Hattersley T. cabinet maker

202 Morton J. Italian warehouse

203 Windle W. chemist

204 Mold B. T. boot maker

205 Bell Reuben

206 Blower W. carpenter

207 Williams J. builder

208 Pegler H. plumber

209 Bail W. dairyman

_West side_.

1 + 2 + 3 Bryant H. portmanteau maker

4 Glenie G. R. stationer

4_a_ Woollgate Mrs, livery stables

5 Grigson G. _Marble Arch Hotel_

6_a_ Morgan J. tailor

6 Leake R. trunk maker

7 Grinslade R. _Mitre Inn_

8 Selby Mrs

9 Grant T. W. M.D. surgeon

10 Stanley Mrs, ladies outfit

11 Kendall William

12 Mueller J. H. watch maker

13 Clavel Madame, fancy repository

14 Gaisford Miss M.

15 Elton E. furniture cleaner

16 Bloomfield E. decorator

17 Kerr John, seedsman

18 Hetherington J. livery stables

19 Scott J. W. dentist

20 Hall W. boot maker

21 Gunter Miss

22 Barton Miss A.

23 Taplin James

21 Smith W. corn merchant

25 Allshorn F. chemist

26 Whitelock E. H.

27 Paul I. and Sons, cabinet makers

28 Rogers & Davis, dentists

29 Davy and Co. engineers

30 Hollis T.

31 Westwood Mrs, milliner

32 Bulleid M. dentist

33 Wace M. and H. ironmonger

34 Walker Rev. Charles

35 West G. W. dentist

36 Aldrovandi I. confectioner

37 Bowman R. carver gilder

38 Abrahams S. solicitor

39 Rayner W. surgeon

  Wilkin H. C. surgeon

40 Chappel G. W. solicitor

40 Mitchell Miss

41 Gloer E. photographer

  Glover J. dyer

43 Stoddart C. surgeon

45 Taylor J. toy warehouse

46 Wooley H.

47 Glazier J. and Son, undertakers

48 Alderton T. H. solicitor

49 Goodbody W. J. tobacconist

50 Sharp T. sculptor

51 Keable Mrs, outfitter

52 Bacon J. pianoforte maker

53 Goddard Dr. surgeon

54 Cleary P. fishmonger

55 Jones E. A.

56 Bryan and Rawson, outfitters

57 Allen Dr. L. accoucher

58 Foxwell A. W. and Co. wine merchants

59 Barnard W. stationer

60 Bowman W. picture frame maker

61 + 62 Clay Cross Coal Company Offices

63 Edgley and Aylett, surveyors

64 Radcliffe J. tailor

65 Clarke S. H. seedsman

66 Wearer J. photographer

67 Halsey S. dentist

68 Rodwell H. B. solicitor

69 East and Co. wine merchant

70 Watson Miss, milliner

71 Sutherland Mrs E. dress maker

72 Wyndham Hon. Mrs

73 Michaels H. furrier

74 Wilkins P. architect

75 Gray J. tailor

76 Roper W. fancy repos.

77 Highfield and Sons, chronometer makers

78 Tattersall C. T. agent

79 Bicknell Messrs, solicitors

80 _Provincial Bank_

81 Stevenson W. L. chemist

82 Marchant J. fishmonger

83 Johnson and Beal, furniture warehouse

84 Julian Mrs E. stationer

85 Eastman W. T. dyers

86 Hobbs and Co. butchers

87 Bushby and Co. tea dealers

88 Bateau A. dyer

89 Crosby W. paper hanger

90 Morgan E. coach builder

92 + 93 Hutchinson R. M. furnishing warehouse

94 Metropolitan boot depot

95 Holland and Co. fancy repository

96 Meredeth T. corn merchant

97 Dunning J. R. grocer

98 + 98 Smith Mrs R. silversmith

100 Kennard E. draper

101 Hodd R. ironmonger

102 Kirkly C. baker

103 Veal J. colourman

105 Moist T. P. coffee house

106 Sylvester A. tobacconist

107 Watts J. chemist

108 Holland W. and Co. India rubber warehouse

  Grey and Berry, solicitors

  Strickland G. hatter

109 Pash J. A. boot maker

110 + 111 Haynes and Son, ironmonger

112 + 113 + 114 Ewin J. furnishing warehouses

111 Russels G. J. _Red Lion_

112 Crossby J. clothier

113 Long W. hair dresser

114 Chellingworth J. whip maker

115 Wade F. wire worker

116 Woodford H. E. tripe dr.

117 Ainsworth J. tobacconist

118 Rawson J. A. draper

119 Toller Mrs J. news agent

120 Holloway S. tool dealer

121 Chatterton Percy, surgeon

122 Buck G. H. tool maker

123 Harris L. plumber

124 Coles G. eating house

125 Meacock Jas. _White Lion_

126 _Metropolitan Music Hall_

127 Mekleburgh G. T. tob.

127 Weston W. pork butcher


1 Cowderoy J. butcher

2 Beckett H. M. grocer

4 Bowron J. cheesemonger

5 Kirby W. C. coffee house

6 Thomas J. J. wire worker

7 Byford Geo. tailor

8 Newstead —, pawnbroker


13 Jackson W. pork-butcher

14 Amherst W. J. pawn br.

15 Hickley T. P. chemist

16 Nurton G. stationer

17 Stacy W. jeweller

18 Unite J. marquee maker

126 Allen J. greengrocer

127 Collins J. coffee rooms

128 Way F. H. gilder & decorator

129 Stephens E. berlin wool

130 Robinson W. tailor

111 Marshall E. fishmonger

132 Beaton W. J. chemist

133 Calf E. & L. stationer

134 Waters E. confectioner

  Krerouse J. horse dealer

135 Lenharth P. baker

136 Levy L. lamp warehouse

137 Webb M. woollen draper

138 Urquhart W. oilman

139 Berry A. F. _Wheatsheaf Inn_

Edith villas, _North end_, _Hammersmith road_.

1 Blachford John

2 Montgomery Mrs

3 Byers Rev. S. B.

4 Sewell Charles

5 Darley James J.

6 Capper Mrs

7 Walker Edward

8 Nanson Henry

9 Sherwin Robert

10 Lukin Robert Henry

11 Byham W. R.

12 Hooper J. H.

13 Reynolds William

14 Pidwell Mrs

15 Geary Mrs

16_a_ Crooks Mrs

  Strong Mrs

16 Hooke B. C.

17 Priest Henry

18 Colomb Phillip H.

19 James J. Henry

20 Lewis Thomas

21 Mugford Capt. J. G. R.N.

22 Tournade Louis

23 Wilson Mrs

24 Harvey G.

25 Giles Capt. J. R.N.

26 Smith Mrs

Edmund terrace, _Somerset road_, _Portobello road_, _Notting hill_.

  Guttridge Mrs, _The Elgin Arms_

1 Harper Robert

2 Morgan Andrew

3 Thomas Charles

4 Blanch Mrs, ladies sch.

5 Ellyatt Frank

6 Vincent William

7 Marygold George

8 Thompson Benjamin

9 Chambers Major

10 Stroud James

11 Leverton William

12 Small James

13 Locke Mrs

14 Stacy William

15 Strotman F.

16 Harding George

17 Mynn Walter

18 Andrew John

19 Adkins Joseph

20 Waring W. J.

22 Wade John

23 Hayes Alfred

24 Tautz Edward

25 Redman Richard

26 Hills Henry

27 Day J. T.

28 Dawson Mrs

29 Grover Samuel

30 Trafford Henry

31 Cordery Mrs

32 Early Benj.

33 Early and Small machinists

34 Roberts Mrs

  Roberts Miss, dress maker

  Long G. cheesemonger

  _Manning Dr. convent_

39 Sparrow G. C.

40 Beasley Mrs dress maker

41 Fitness Edward

42 Brewer Miss

43 Stone William

44 Edwards A. M.

45 Goodrich R. K. builder

46 Stevens J. R. jun.

47 Gilbart W. H.

48 Fletcher Henry

49 White John

50 Kestell George

51 Loosley G. T. plumber

52 Bastard Edwin

53 Tomes Henry

54 Sheldon T. M.D. surgeon

Edwardes mews, _Edwardes square_, _Kensington_.

10 Beedle —, builder

Edwardes place, _Kensington_.

1 Kew Frederick

2 Cross Miss

3 Maclean Miss

4 Atkinson Mrs

5 Lawson Miss

Edwardes square, _Kensington_.

2 Street H. P.

4 Tozer Thomas

6 Morris Miss

8 Loibb Emil

9 Smith Mrs

11 Parsons W. J.

12 Mitten R. M.

13 Bullock W. J.

11 Jennings R. B.

15 Curson Miss

16 Willis William J.

17 Browne Mrs

18 Taylor Miss

19 Cocks Rev. Horrocks

20 Wilson Mrs

21 Bishop Mrs

23 Tattershall Miss

25 Low —

26 Rand Miss

27 Wall Rev. George

28 Singleton Mrs

29 Treeve E.

30 Callis Mrs

31 Shaw Miss

32 Crawley J. G.

33 Abrahams C.

34 Cardin Mrs

35 Birch T.

36 Cane J. C.

38 Head Benjamin

39 Reece George

41 Leive Capt.

42 Gibbons Mrs

44 Bailey John

45 Corbaux Miss

46 Elton Edward

47 Cotarri Frederick

48 Barlow Frederick

Edwardes terrace, _Kensington_.

1 Warren —, _Post Office_

2 Potter J. brush maker

3 Stanham C. R.

4 Corder John, chemist

5 Martinson —, florist

6 Fazan D. butcher

Elbury villas, _Sussex road_, _Notting hill_.

1 Stevenson John

2 Wotherspoon —

3 Blunderfield Thomas

4 Drew Mrs

5 Ruffin Miss

6 De Chaulnes Turpin, professor of french

7 Hunter George

8 Seville —

9 Liddell Mrs

10 Boutchcr W. architect

Eldon road, _Victoria road_, _Kensington_.

  _Christ church_

1 Sidley Miss

2 Gordon F. W. R.

3 Stine —

4 Smith Charles

5 Look Mrs

7 Peeke Mrs

8 Welton Joseph

9 Kemp W. P.

11 Gordon Misses

  Allwright Miss

12 Moss G. T.

13 Cooke Edward

14 Wing Arthur

  Williams H. _Malvern villa_

18 Bartlett Mrs

19 Rogers Mrs

20 Little Joseph

21 Korthright Miss

23 Plater E.

24 Bennett Mrs

25 Williams Mrs

26 Stibbing John

27 Lake Thomas

28 Thomas Mrs

29 Harris Mrs

Elgin crescent, _Clarendon road_, _Notting hill_.

  Michell E. R. _Arundel villa_

  Vanderzee H. N. _Clifton lodge_

1 Gillan W. Campbell

2 Nicholson W. Morris

3 Stoefs de Savoisy Gustave

5 Bolby William

6 Mason Miss

7 Bourn Mrs

8 Charles Arthur

9 Beddow Benjamin

10 Sills George

11 Buchanan Mrs

12 Fisher J. H.

13 Rutlidge C.

14 Guglielmo Signor

15 French Jacob

16 Cheetham C. H.

17 Wilson Miss

18 Ruck L.

20 Roach J.

21 Stewart R.

22 Stewart J.

23 Wilson R.

24 Maclear Rev. G. F.

25 Bruce Mrs

26 Perry Joseph

27 Evill Thomas L.

28 Emberson Mrs

30 Read Miss

31 Rule Benjamin R.

32 Stork Charles

33 Spurgeon Rev. J. A.

34 Gray Archibald

36 Fowler S. chemist

37 Crofts James

38 Tolhurst George

39 Miles Lewis P.

  Davidson J. _Queensberry lodge_

40 Kohn J. _Dunedin lodge_

41 Peachey J. K

42 Greenaway F. E.

43 Rutter Mrs

44 Kilgour Patrick

45 Laudour Charles

46 Sandlend Robert

47 Pitman William

48 Kendall Rev. E. K.

49 Brown Henry

50 Hutter J. J.

51 Oakley Henry

52 Nicoll Miss

53 Delevoye —

54 Mosson Charles

56 Hanson J. Oliver

57 Duncan J. _Randolph ldg._

57 Leathes Mrs H. S.

58 Barlee Miss

59 Blunt Mrs

60 Hope A. C.

61 Stevenson Mrs

62 Heath W. B.

63 Allen H. R. professor of sing

64 Mason John

65 Fenn Patrick

66 Ford Joseph

67 Yell Mrs

68 Jones Edwin

70 Morgan E. H.

71 D’Arcy Mrs

72 Strang Mrs

73 Willmer A.

74 Lipscombe Miss

75 Berkeley G.

76 Back Miss

77 Nicoll Mrs

78 Grenfell Mrs Capt.

79 Gallsworthy C.

80 Price Charles

81 Boyd Miss

Elgin mews north, _Elgin road_, _Maida vale_.

  Haylock H. B. & Co. livery stables

Elgin mews, _Elgin terrace_, _Notting hill_.

1 Goodrick R. K. builders

  Jones C. livery stables, _Elgin cottage_

15 Gowing H. contractor

13 Andrews H. carpenter

Elgin road, _Ladbroke road_, _Notting hill_.

2 Eliott Henry Charles

3 Toogood Robert

5 Platt Miss Lizzie

6 Crowley Richard

24 Dalziell Dr. J. E. M.D. physician

25 Muggeridge Samuel

26 Housin Armini

27 Bolding John L.

28 Macdonald Mrs

30 Murray Mrs E. D.

31 Pollock Mrs R.

32 Kemp Thomas B.

33 Scott William B.

34 Wesby Mrs

35 Baynes John Ash

36 Simmons Joseph

37 Brown Mrs, _Portora house_

38 Williams General

40 Gahagan Miss

41 Vincent John W.

42 Manning Mrs, ladies sch.

43 Dowsett Mrs

Elgin road, _Maida vale_.

1 Wilkin Henry, _The Lord Elgin_

3 Thomas Richard, builder

  Kett Mrs 1_a_ Italian warehouse

9 Hart Miss, berlin wool

17 Hammond —, wool repository

19 Carr W. P. chemist, _Post and Money Order Office_

2 Hicks George, corn dealer

4 Marks J. fruiterer

6 Goddard E. dairyman

12 Sanderson A. Italian whs.

Elgin terrace, _Elgin road_, _Maida vale_.

5 Sason James

6 Haynes Samuel

7 Sims George

8 Finch George

9 Boden Mrs, dressmaker

10 Mitchell John

11 Bentifield Charles

12 French John

13 Rance Henry

14 Moist James

15 Gardener William

16 Whibley George

17 Swinbourn C.

18 Day George

19 Brown A. gardener

20 Searle Thomas

21 Pilgrim Robert

23 Walker William

24 Wells Thomas, grainer

25 Harris Frederick

26 Ayres William

27 De Knock S. G. milliner

28 Bolch John, tailor

29 Reed Mrs

30 Southgate J. house decorator

31 Saxton Joseph

32 Kellond & Son, builders

33 Trinick James

34 Marshall Mrs

Elgin terrace, _Ladbroke grove_, _Kensington park_.

1 Adams Charles

2 Hart Mrs, ladies school

3 Gibbons James Thomas

4 Robinson Edward

5 Ferguson J.

Elgin villas, _Ladbroke grove_, _Kensington Park_, _Notting hill_.

1 May James

2 Bird Miss

Elizabeth terrace, _Clarendon road north_, _Notting hill_.

1 Higgs William, butcher

2 Pouter T. cheesemonger

8 Hope J. P. grocer, _Post & Money Order Office_, _Savings Bank_

4 Hooper W. auctioneer & estate agent

5 Lavington Henry, draper

6 Weeb William, bootmaker

7 Weston William, baker

  Middleditch Dr. H. surgeon, _Lancaster lodge_

Elm grove, _King street east_, _Hammersmith_.

1 Lewis Henry

2 Trickett William M.

3 Harris M. A.

4 Rodi Maurice

6 Jennings Mrs

7 Darge H. W.

8 Christie Mrs

9 Metcalf Mrs

10 Smith W. R.

11 Leversage John George

12 Stayt Thomas

13 Towne E. E. solicitor

14 Chekett J. accountant

15 Doggett Frederick

17 Martin Edmund

18 Leigh Hunt Henry


1 Doggett Frederick

2 Richard George

15_a_ Walton Mrs

16_a_ Jones William

17_a_ Hempson Charles

18_a_ Alais Alfred C.

19 Chamberlain Thomas

20 Blake Henry Walter

21 Saunders Mrs

22 Supple Mrs

23 Austin Thomas

24 Tarbot Alexander

25 Cherrill Roderick E.

26 Everett E. _Alma cottage_

27 Cicognani J. A.

29 Smith Sydney George, _Merton villa_

30 Mansfield John Smith

31 English Robert

32 Simpson Richard

Elms lane, _Bayswater road_.

1 Snell John, marine stores

  Neall Richard, bootmaker

4 Davis John, chimney sweep

  Mizen Robert, _Stanhope house_

1 Neale Richard, bootmaker

2 Howard Henry, dairyman

3 Beaumont Thomas

4 Salmon Henry

5 Purl Mrs

Essex villas, _Phillimore gardens_, _Kensington_.

1 Spooner Mrs

2 Freeth Colonel

4 Nalet Mrs

6 Fervalger C. J.

7 Oliver Thomas

8 Hall S. C. _Bannow lodge_

9 Dillon R. H.

10 Bockham Miss A. A.

11 Forbes Miss

12 Leyland J. E. F.S.S.F.J.A.

13 Newton Mr

15 Purdon W.

16 Hyde Edward

17 Rock Rev. D.

18 Yates William

19 Paggett George

20 Colnett William

21 Tweedale Captain A.

Formosa terrace, _Warwick road_, _Maida hill_.

1 Wood Samuel

2 Robertson J.

3 Stallard James

4 Bicker Caarten J. M.

5 Loewenthal L.

6 Levine E.

7 Gibbons Capt. Frederick

Foxley road, _Kensington_.

1 Baker Alfred

2 Elliott William

3 Collett Charles K.

4 Crawford E.

5 Saunders Mrs

6 Lean Charles

7 Keith Donald

8 Ring Mrs

  Orr Henry, _Foxley house_


1 Woolf A.

2 Downing Mrs

3 Waterman Alfred

4 Exton Miss

5 Dumbrell Charles

6 Jamieson Miss

8 Eckstein Mrs E.

Frederick mews, _Portsea place_, _Connaught square_.

  Smith Walter, corn dealer

Fulham place, _St. Marys terrace_, _Maida hill west_.

1 Hananer J. Heinreich

2 Harris Rev. Joseph, M.A.

3 Rowan Mrs

4 Taunton Mrs

5 Tomkins S. W.

6 Hughes Mrs

8 Cooper Joseph G.

9 Mepham Joel

10 Lancia Mrs

11 Potter Henry

12 Gaseltine Miss

13 Foote Rev. J. A.

14 Bell Mrs

15 Hooper J. P.

16 White T. H. upholsterer

17 Walker Joseph

18 Varley H.

19 Shaw Mrs

20 Woodin Miss

21 Abdoollah Seyd

22 Clifford Mrs

23 Ravenscroft Miss P.

24 Berry William T.

25 Attfield J. B.

26 Callard William

28 Carbery Richard

29 Forster William

2_a_ Pittkin Edmund

1_a_ Hubbard S. wine merchant

Fulham road, _Queen street Broadway_, _Hammersmith_.


1 Howard T. grocer

2 Howard T. baker

3 Wright F. butcher

4 Hitchcock W. greengrocer

9 Friberg J. house decorator

15 Smith R. grocer

16 Martin T. tailor

18 Connor John, general shop

  Cox E. _Duke of Cornwall_


1 Guttridge Henry, baker

2 Connor W. shoe maker

  _Catholic Convent_


1 Collett Edwin, grocer

2 Harrison W. tailor

3 Bullen James plumber

5 Elliott G. general shop

6 Ayres J. boot maker

7 Payne Edwin, beer retailer

  Harvey G. _The Rifle_

  Winslow Dr. _Lunatic Asylum_

  _Hammersmith & Fulham & Union Workhouse_

  Winslow Dr. F. _Sussex house_

  _Pillar Letter Box_


1 Ford Frederick

2 Hardy N.

  Bullen H. carpenter, _Western cottage_

  Herridge F. nurseryman

  Bernard J. _Bayons cottage_

  Fitch Mrs, _Bath cottage_

  Kemp C. _The Brittania_

  Cook John, boot maker

  Chalk W. furniture dealer

Frances street, _Praed street_, _Paddington_.

  _All Saints National Sch._

1 Warren Mr.

2 Hancock John

3 Hewlett Mrs

4 Denyer William

5 Johnson Henry, tailor

6 Elsey Thomas

Garway road, _Westbourne grove_, _Bayswater_.

1 Stone Henry

2_a_ Taylor J. house decorator

2 Thomas Miss

3 Holloway Mrs

4 Hughes Mrs

5 Cogan Alfred

6 Graham Mrs

7 Prouse Mrs

8 Keeping Miss

9 Davison Dr. J. Marchant

10 Fischel Moritz M.

11 Sears Mrs

12 Foster Mrs

13 Connor Mrs H.

14 Spratt W. surg. mach.

14_a_ Mason J. fruiterer

15 Hensman John

16 Bond and Crooks, dyers and cleaners

17 Norman Miss

  Shares Mrs

19 Hunford Charles

21 Russell Mrs, J.

  Brewster James, dealer in horses

George street, _Waterloo street_, _King street_, _west_, _Hammersmith_.

1 Mitchell H. _British Queen_

10_a_ Webb J. H. dairy

15 Brazier J. chimney sweep

17 Hockley J. harness maker

25 Hill G. boot maker

26 Poulton T. ginger beer manufacturer

28 Chipp R. general shop

29 Hemmings —, chair bot.

32 Benn Thos. baker

33 Jones John, boot maker

34 Parker G. H. tobacconist

34_a_ Goodall F. printer

George street, _St. Peter’s square_, _Hammersmith_.

1 Hyatt John

2 Newman Mrs

3 Bowman Joseph H. W. _Lion cottage_

4 Good Mrs

5 Keysell Mrs

6 Manning Mrs

Gibson place, _Warwick road_, _Maida hill_.

1 Willis Alfred, bootmaker

2 Pawsey W. butcher

3 Dicks Mrs, fruiterer

  Hill John, _Prince Alfred_

4 Levy Saml. haberdasher

5 Willis Samuel, grocer

  Colton Miss, dress maker

6 Williams William, daily

7 Akier Thomas, tailor

9 Strange E. stationer, _Post Office_

10 Partenheimer F. baker

11 Woods T. ironmonger

Gloucester crescent, _Hyde park_.

1 Percy John, M.D.

2 Davidson John, M.D.

3 Rhodes Rev. G. L.L.D.

4 Rose J. F. surgeon

5 Burton Edward F.

6 Cole Charles Nicholas

7 Yool William A.

8 Lees Henry

9 Walton Capt. F.

10 Woods Edward

11 Sutherland Thomas

12 Yates F. W.

13 Howarth Richard

14 Davidson G. F.

15 Domville Henry

16 Watson Miss

17 Aguelar Emanuel

19 Bristow Capt. S. S.

20 Mendel Frederick

21 Hartwood John

22 Rayn James

23 Morrison G. W.

24 Lucet Madame Louisa

26 Neal Miss

28 Randall Miss

32 Gossling Mrs

34 Reay George

36 Paine W. Stephen

38 Preston Henry J.

40 Cox William

42 Minton C. B. _Gloucester Arms_

44 Felgate William

46 Burchell William

48 Bellford W. R.

50 Heywood B.

52 Hunt Miss

54 Palmer W. H.

56 Jerningham Mrs

58 Reid G. J. D.

62 Tooth Alfred

64 Philpott R. P.

66 Gallaway Mrs J. A.

70 Carew Miss

72 Threlkeld Dacre

74 Clark Mrs

76 Stewart Duncan M. D.

78 Peppercorn Charles

80 Barclay Mrs

82 Seymour H. W.

  Seymour Miss R.

84 Hensley C. Isaac

86 Jackson Augustus

88 Harrison W. G.

90 Greenhill Charles H.

94 Bullock Edward

96 Edwards T. E. surgeon, M.D.

100 Jones Charles

102 Duncomb W. P. A.

Gloucester gardens, _Bishop’s road_, _Bayswater_.

  _Holy Trinity Church_, Miles Rev. J. B. D page

1 Welch Mrs Joseph

2 Mortimer Mrs H

3 Luard Lieut. General

4 Lattey Arthur P.

5 Hill George

6 Davis Lewis

7 Andrews Mrs

8 Gen. Sir J. F. Burgoyne Bt. G.C.B.D.C.L.

9 Lightfoot Mrs

  Lightfoot F. J.

10 Fanning Mrs

11 Willis Richard

12 Kingston John

13 Simonson N.

14 Hawkins J. A. T.

15 Lachlan R. H.

16 Isenberg Lewis

17 Holdsworth R.

18 Field William

19 _The National Bank_, Basil Rowand Ronald, manger

20 Reay John

22 Taylor Joseph

23 Innes Mrs

24 Wilkinson Mrs S.

25 Redmayne Giles

26 Ridley Anthony

  Kitson Miss

27 Bycroft Rev. James

28 Levéau A.

29 Spankie Mrs

30 White Charles

31 Lewin Malcolm

32 Lawrence Alfred

33 Gardiner R.

34 Benjamin Fred.

35 Tapson Alfred J. M.D.

30 Frampton T. M.D.

37 Burton Decimus, F.R.S.

38 Cassavetti Mrs

Gloucester mews east, _Gloucester terrace_.

  Fowlser —, livery stables

Gloucester mews west, _Charles street_, _Gloucester terrace_.


  Gurney W. greengrocer

  Brown B. marine stores

  Hill Charles, boot maker

  Stancombe G. tailor

  Owen John, veterinary, surgeon

  Burgess W. R. livery stables

  Igglesdon and Myers, builders

  Orchin G. beer retailer

  Paul T. marine stores

  Stevenson W. builder

  Pool John, boot maker

  Davis T. boot maker

  Stocker G. chimney sweep

Gloucester place, _Hyde park gardens_.

2 Torrens Col. R.

3 Briggs J. H.

4 Lloyd Misses

5 Boulton Thomas

6 Swabey Rev. Henry

7 Weston G. A.

8 Lawson Mrs

9 Brown Edward

10 Hawkes Mrs

11 West C. H.

12 Sevester Lady

  Hall Miss

13 Murray Archibald

14 Dundas R. M.D.

15 Evans Robert

16 O’Brien Capt. D.

18 Walker Mrs

  _St. James’ Church_

19 Rogers George

20 Herbert Capt. M.

21 Fox George

22 Kensington Arthur

23 Bell J. T.

24 De Symons S. L.

25 Oakley C. surveyor

26 Woodehouse E. S.

27 Alleyne Mrs

28 Eastwood Mrs

29 Forlonge Mrs

31 Hogg Col.

33 Raikes H. C.

34 Sutherland Misses

35 McCleverty William

37 Forythe Wm. A.

38 Hewett A. T.

39 How Charles

41 Lambe P. J. G.

42 Venner Capt. F. J. S.

43 Blandy A. M.D.

44 Coffin C. surgeon, M.D.

45 Partington Edward

47 Harris Nathanael

49 Pratt William

51 Yool Mrs, A.

  Yool G. V.

55 Smith G. J. P.

57 Beetson Mrs

59 Verelst Mrs

63 Baker William

65 Leake Mrs

67 Haviland F. G.

69 Stackpool G. M.D.

71 Crofton F. L.

75 Harrison Mrs E.

77 Stephen Fitz James

Gloucester terrace, _Hyde park_.

2 Holroyd Henry

3 Blair Miss

4 Munro Mrs

5 Sandford Sir Francis, B.

6 Pole W. E.

7 Jephson J. H. M.D.

8 Gwilt Miss

9 Smith Mrs General

10 Hawley Miss

11 Beaumont Miss E. B.

12 Lindo William

13 Hardy Richard

16 Pavy Phillip

18 Clark H.

19 Du Vernet Col. J. Smith

22 Andrews Mrs M.

23 Bradley Mrs Annie

24 Druce Henry

25 Wolley Thomas

26 Lamb William

27 Brown Miss

28 Wallace Mrs

29 Long Charles

30 Topham Charles

31 Wood John

32 Ferrari A. professor of singing

33 Low James

34 Bovell Mrs

35 Harris Capt. H. F.R.G.S.

36 Downing General David

38 Fraser Mrs

40 Vaughan James

41 Cowell J. W.

42 Ray E. E.

43 Butler S. P.

44 Roberts O.

45 Pollock C. M. J.

47 Beaumont A.

48 Morgan William

49 Thomson Alfred

50 De Pass Elias

51 Clowes Wm. F.R.G.S.

52 Morris C. W.

54 Jerdein John

55 Jacobs Lewis

56 Rennie J. K.

57 Cooper Mrs Chester

58 Squire Miss

59 Catling J. H.

61 Barber C. Chapman

63 Jennings W. G.

64 Hall Mrs

65 Rougemont Irving

66 Warren Benjamin

67 Ellers George

68 Palmer W. P.

69 Hacon W. M.

70 Barkworth Mrs

71 Courtney William

72 Hyrant N. M.D.

73 Leverson George B.

74 Johnston Gen. C. C.

75 Furlonger C. J.

76 Thompson T.

77 Yates John

78 Macauley Charles

79 Leith J. Farley

80 Gardner W. H. surgeon

81 Daniell A. B.

82 Saunders Arthur W.

83 Greatorex Wafford

84 Ball Sir William Bart.

85 Macdonald Alex. C.

86 Cole E. J.

87 Spence Robert M. L.

88 Cohen Arthur

89 Lay H. N.

90 Day Mrs

91 Bonham Carter H.

93 Baillie N. B. E.

94 Rothery H. C. F.L.S.

96 Breeks J. W.

97 Stuart W. G.

98 Roche C. Mills

99 Gore Augustus

100 Froom William

101 King John

103 Walker Capt. W. H. F.R.S.

104 Hope Hugh

105 Battine Mrs General

106 Gaselee Mrs

107 Rodwell H.

108 Johnstone D. B.

109 Riversdale Grenfell

110 Garden Mrs

111 Jenkinson H. T. J.

112 Maskelyne Nevill

113 Shyers Jones

114 Grant Robert

115 Harrison Miss

  _Hyde park Educational Institution_

116 Ogilvie Adam

117 Reid Miss

119 Fuller Thomas

120 Samuels Mrs

121 Morrison John

122 Burne R. H.

128 Morgan George

Gloucester terrace, _Campden hill_.

1 Harrison George

2 Edwards A. N.

3 Ritchie Mrs

4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 _coming down for Railway_

10 Anderson Walter

11 Thomas Edwin

12 Kieley Mrs

13 Powell Mrs A.

14 Harman S.

15 Stevens Mrs

16 Kingston Samuel C.

17 McLeod H. D.

18 King John B.

19 Lawrence David

21 Moneypenny Mrs

23 Wigan Alfred, _Little Camden house_

Gloucester Terrace, _South Kensington_.

_See Kensington road_.

Godolphin road, _New road_, _Hammersmith_.

1 Heager Arthur

2 Ratliffe B. E.

3 Heigher Mrs

4 Houle Charles

5 Macknight Alexander

6 Simmons —

7 Brockwell William

8 Porter Mrs

9 Finney Major

10 Nodin Miss

11 Curle Charles

12 Lynch Mrs

13 Merriman Dr. S. W. J.

14 Forbes Mrs M.

15 Cope William

16 Jolliffe John, surgeon

17 Ward Thomas

18 Ware Edwin

19 Neumann T. professor of music

21 Salmon Mrs

22 Careington John

24 Curlewis H.

Gordon place, _Campden hill_.

1 Ebden R. P.

2 Davidson Mrs

3 Denning Mrs

4 Mackellar Mrs

5 Ward William

6 Jones William

7 Grow Capt.

8 Bentley Mrs

9 Kenneth Robert

Gordon terrace, _Campden hill_.

1 Barnett Mrs

2 Bradford Mrs

3 Harvey A. S.

4 Maxsted Walter

5 Dewall Col.

7 O’Sulivan Mrs

Great western crescent, _Great Western terrace_, _Westbourne park_.

  _Westbourne park station_

  Lichtwitz L. zinc worker

  _Gt. western cottage_

1 While R. _Clarence house_

2 Hayes Captain

3 Jenner Thomas

4 Newmarch Mrs

5 Farr George

6 Spagnoletti Hylton

7 Bean Mrs

8 Blake Frederick

9 Pinker William

12 Oldham Charles

16 Stevens —

18 Thorn Mrs

24 Domett John

26 Bromfield J.

28 Clark John

30 Jackson Mrs

34 Colwell John

Great western terrace, _Great western road_, _Westbourne park_.

1 Harvie David

2 Dudden Mrs

3 Heal William

4 Rickett James, carpenter

5 Cheadle R. rate collector

  Alderton T. H. solicitor

6 Alliston John

7 Rickett William

8 Hancock Walter

9 Coe James

10 Stoneham Phillip

11 Sanders Francis

12 Weeks Samuel

13 Humphreys John

14 Towe Miss

15 Ayling William

16 Swatland John

17 Hall G. H. & Co. stone merchants

18 Leney C.

19 Williams T.

20 Marwood Richard

21 Fraser John Simpson

22 Rudman Richard Charles

23 Tiley Mrs

24 Asplin John

25 Beavan John, professor of music

26 Marchant Joseph

27 Morris Edwin Charles

28 Charles —

29 Heath Charles

30 Lewellyn Frederick

31 Robinson Richard

32 White John

33 Bambridge George R.

34 Nation Mrs, and Miss

35 Vandervell H.

36 Brown George H. E.

37 Creed Miss

38 Amet Thomas

39 Egg John

40 Nichols —

  _Pillar Letter Box_

  Balcombe F. _The Metropolitan_

  _Westbourne National Sch._

Green street, _Paddington green_.

2 Vaughan T. carman

8 Painter J. carman

9 Hart Ambrose, baker

17 Stephens R. ladder maker

18 Juson J. beer retailer, _The Greyhound_

The Grove, _King street west_, _Hammersmith_.

  Jones T. Alley, solicitor, _Grove cottage_

  Dobson Charles, _Grove villa_

  Froy W. _Grove lodge_

  _Hammersmith term. Metropolitan & Gt. Western Railways_


1 Tolhausen Alexander

2 Glyde Mrs

3 Lyons Mrs

4 Pope Charles

5 Southwall Frederick

6 James Joseph

7 Bowling and Halford, surgeons


1 Roberts A. J. vestry clerk

2 Fitzroy —

3 Salter Mrs

4 Dover Richard

5 Venables John, school

6 Marshall W. H. solicitor

7 Denney Mrs

8 Alderson F. H. surgeon

9 Readen John A.

10 Hicks George

11 Farlar William


3 Barnes Joseph

4 Reynolds James

5 Argall Mrs

6 Harbottle John

7 Williams James

8 Peto Capt. J. P. _Woolmer villa_

9 Lucbrock Miss

11 Lempray T. _Warrior lodge_

12 Baylis Mrs

13 Duncan Mrs, _Woolmer lodge_

14 Butt Clement

15 Cheetham William

16 Langton Robert

17 Quiddington N. A.

  Besch Mrs S.

18 Watts Henry

19 Williams H. W.

20 Cooper Mrs

21 Hone Miss, ladies school

22 Colyer W. P.

23 Hands Joseph, surgeon

24 Chester Thomas Brett

25 Chambers Rev. John C.

26 Lloyd Eyre

27 Dee Louis

28 Roe George T. _Latham villa_

29 Billings David

30 Charnock Dr. F.S.A., F.R.G.S.

31 Starkey Misses

32 Chard S. _Sussex lodge_


1 Profazey Joseph

2 Boyd Charles


1 Carter James

2 Rogers Miss

3 Barclay Miss

4 Stafford William

5 Desroches Madame, french school

6 Hudson Frederick A. photographer

7 Moore Frederick

8 King Mrs

9 Haigh Mrs.

10 Heath George

11 Griffiths Mrs

12 Munroe Mrs

13 Robertshaw Mrs

14 Maynard Henry

15 Mere Mrs

16 Godwin Mrs, ladies school

17 Forster Thomas

18 Ling Richard

19 Reysell Mrs

21 Gleizal Regis


2 Morley Charles

The Grove, _Notting hill_.

1 Ross Mrs

2 Springer John

3 Gsweng Mrs

  _St. George’s Church_ Bennett Rev. G. rector

  _Grand Junction Water Works_

Hainsvale terrace, _New road_, _Hammersmith_.

1 Willwood J. shoemaker

2 Taylor Isaac

3 Cutbush Mrs

4 Ruel Philip Alfred

5 Tricker Henry

6 Jennings Henry

7 Austin E.

8 Reynolds Mrs

9 Bullen John

10 Bullen —

12 Haase William

13 Beazley Edward

Hall place, _Church street_, _Paddington_.

2_b_ Petty Thomas, tailor

6 Kersey Oliver, bricklayer

9 Brown W. marine stores

10 Jefferys R. grocer

11 Harrington F. carpenter

50 Quilter Mrs, tobacconist

50 Barter W. decorator

52 Coggan H. grainer

66 Green C. builder

68 Wood C. general shop

74 Carrington J. W. chemist

76 Mudge J. watchmaker

78 Ware G. oil & colourman

80 Webster Henry D. grocer

82 Moyes Miss, dressmaker

84 Burthorn T. undertaker

100 Camfield Charles, plumber

106 Wakeford T. general shop

108 Hickman J. _The Collingwood_

110 Abraham S. tobacconist

112 Parker Mrs, tailor

129 Bourne Henry, grocer

127 Petrolini Mad. dressmaker

126 Griffiths Geo. upholsterer

123 White John, dairy

16 Stevenson John, baker

15 Damarell Thos. fruiterer

14 Chapman Thomas

  Blunden, bootmaker

11 Bates W. bricklayer

6 Watts Geo. greengrocer

5 _Hall park Female Bible Mission Rooms_.

3 Bagley Mrs, laundress

2 Barnard Thomas, tailor

1 Titterton Mrs, plumassier

15 Thurgate Jas. engraver

17 Hefford Mrs, machinist

19 Dedman Chas. J. grocer

22 Franklin J. wardrobe dealer

24 King R.

27 Lock S. J. dressmaker

27 Lock J. umbrella maker

Hamilton terrace, _Queen’s road_, _Bayswater_.

1 Boffin William

2 Luckin W. G.

3 Harbourn W. H.

4 Maeers J. decorator

5 Robson Mrs

6 Blunden Thos. _The Lord Dudley Stewart_

7 Smith Edward

8 Pitteway Wm. Stephen

9 Moulton Joseph

10 Birch Thomas John

11 Gundry Mrs

12 Myers Robert

13 Joyce Charles

14 Orton John

15 Reynolds Abraham

17 Sharp James

18 Barnard William

Hammersmith road west, _Hammersmith_, _W._


  Cockerell Mrs, _Willoughby house_

  Cuttill R. J. _Montague lodge_


2 Gaskell Mrs

3 Clare George

4 Marriott Captain, H. W

5 Osmond Miss

6 Wain Mrs

  Chreese Mrs, _Hamlet house_


1 Braithwaite Thos. builder

1_a_ Hallen Miss

2 Lock Mrs

3 Roberts J. H. leather pipe manufacture

4 Balfour A. D.

5 Barker C. & Son, pianoforte makers

6 Shorland Wm. Henry

7 Taunton W. B. boot maker

8 Walker Mrs

9 Perrin John, cab proprietor

10 Naylor Miss

11 Banfield Edn. cabinet maker

12 Uncles H. bricklayer

12 Wells Miss, dress maker

  Devey Mrs, _Cary house_


1 Lording William Henry

2 Churton H.

3 Southward Mrs

4 Goodman G. W. _Laurel lodges_

5 Sanderson Geo. wine mer.

6 Gwyn G. F. _Westcroft house_

  Taylor and Evans, corset makers & ladies’ outfitters, _Chilton house_

  Sellick Francis J. baker

3 Taylor Edward, fishmonger

4 Willingham J. florist

6 Dosson Mrs, boot maker

7 Taylor J. ironmonger


1 Loadman and Lawrence, surgeons

2 Harman Miss

3 Lowe Mrs

4 Young Mrs

5 Young C. S. grocer, _Post & Money order Office Post Office Savings


  Atkinson T. livery stables

  Perfect Miss, _Thomas cottage_

  Watson Mrs, stay maker _West cottage_


1 Whitehead Mrs

  Townsend Miss, _Claremont house_


1 James Robert

2 Green Rev. Samuel


1 Denham Mrs

2 Bremner John

3 Wragg Mrs, _Preparatory sc._

4 Pitt William Joseph


1 Dewsnap & Son, surgeons

2 Moore Charles

3 Jennings Daniel

4 Milbourne Thomas

5 Armstrong Thomas

8 Morris James

9 Davis Dichard

10 Crewdson Mrs

11 Branbury Mrs

12 Platt Miss, ladies school, _Brunswick house_

  Gauge Henry, fruiterer

  Corcoran Jas. _Grove house_


1 Price John, corn dealer

2 Sheppard Wm. boot maker

3 Wheeler T. J. butcher

4 Mara Wm. H. china dealer


1 White Cap. John Lewis

2 Dutton James, surgeon

3 Baber S. grocer

4 Scott William, stationer

5 Christopher H. hairdresser

  Carew B. H. chemist


1 Sayers Denton, draper


3_a_ Evans Edward, poulterer

1 Bain Wm. A. oil & colourman

2 Spurgin Fred. W. surgeon

3 Garlick George, stationer

4 Gibson Wm. T. fishmonger

5 Thomas Daniel, butcher

6 Butler Daniel, hairdresser

7 Chandler J. coffee house

8 Revill E. H. _White Hart_

9 Windsor Thos. tobacconist

10 Edwards Thos. fruiterer

  Holland Mrs, _Pemona villa_


2 Willoughby Christopher

3 Austin Mrs

4 East James

5 Williams Ed. Chas. artist

  Pullen Jas. _St. Peter’s cottage_


1 Ivis Thomas George

2 Unthank Mrs


2 Spaull Barnard E. surgeon

3 Bassett S.

4 Finnie Richard Boyd

4_b_ Nice Mrs

5 Spaull Barnard, surgeon

6 Dalton Miss

7 Ullmer Mrs

8 Sanderson James

9 York Mrs

10 Beavis Mrs

12 Darvell Rev. J. Sdy. vale h.

14 Thompson John

15 Parsons Mrs

17 Robertson Mrs

18 Creser Alfred

19 Chamberlain John Alfred

20 Stanham George, builder

21 Hance James Richard

22 Cole Miss

23 Porter Wm. coffee house

24 Baber G. W. grocer

  Maynard H. _Hand & Flower_


1 Wilson J. T. builder

2 Houghton Henry, bazaar

3 Harman John, fruiterer

4 McLoughlin Mrs, tobacconist

5 Marlow T. L. stationer

6 Baker & Son, tailors

7 Read George, beer retailer


1 Bampton Lewis, butcher

2 Harling Mrs, dairy

3 Chandler Wm. eating house

4 Trim James, tobacconist


4 Morath T. watchmaker

4 Allison Thos. boot maker

4 Allison Miss, dress maker

3 Baker & Chance, carvers and gilders

2 Chapman John, boot maker

1 Maynard Henry, baker

1 Williams Arthur, ironmonger

1 Russell Wm. fancy repository

1 Lloyd W. H. grocer _Post & Money Order Office_, _Post Office Savings


1 Holmes Miss, fancy repository

  Emerson Robert, chemist

2 Parker C. J. fruiterer

3 Parker C. J. corn dealer

5 Wray & Co. grocers

6 & 7 Northcott Jas. draper

8 Lines R. S. decorator

9 Boughton J. butcher

10 Bond J. G. auctioneer

11 Bond G. S. builder

12 Bushby Henry G. grocer

13 & 14 Barker Fred. & Son, booksellers, &c.

15 Kelly James, baker

16 Brodribb J. B. chemist

Hammersmith road, _Hammersmith_, _W._


  Lee J. & C. _Vineyard nursery_

  Jessmei C. boot maker

  Hartley E. _Bell & Anchor_

  Etherington Chas. solicitor, _Denham lodge_

  Benham J. _Brunswick house_

  Fitzball Ewd. _White cottage_

  Scoles Mrs, _Crofton lodge_

  Wray James, _Wilton house_

  Henderson Mrs, _Wilton val._


1 Bailey Stephen

2 Barnes E. C. surgeon

3 Hamilton John, draper

4 Woollams John

6 Williams Mrs

7 Ralph Mrs, Rosina

8 Law E. J.


2 Woolley Mrs

3 Ferguson Mrs

4 Hamlin Miss


1 Haupt G. baker

2 Young M. & H. grocers

3 Weaver Edward

4 Cornes C. builder

5 Keene Mrs

6 Barclay Mrs


1 Parrell Wltr. beer retailer

2 Caperton W. B. oil & colourman

3 Cockerell Maurice, builder

4 Seagrave T. zinc worker

  Rawlinson Miss, _the Cedars_

  Clayton Wm. _Edith house_

  _St. Mary’s Industrial Sch._

  _St. Mary’s District Church_


1 Hunt E.

3 Bray Misses, ladies school

4 Henney Miss

  Lowe John, gasfitter

Hammersmith terrace, _Hammersmith road west_.

  Phillips Mrs, grocer

  _Pillar Letter Box_

1 Hill Mrs

2 Fewster Thomas

3 Longbottom Abram

6 Mountain Mrs

7 Storey John Armstrong

8 Field Charles

9 Gay Valentine Henry

12 Green Charles

13 Little Miss

14 Clementson Miss

15 Saunders George

16 Lisle B.

  Banks E. coach painter

  Brassey & Ogilvie, contractors

  Day T. coal depot

Hampden street, _Harrow road_, _Westbourne grove_.

1 Annis Edward, cowkeeper

2 Huish Joseph, carpenter

3 Lewis Isaac, painter

4 Matthews George, builder

5 Digweed Charles

6 Webster Henry

7 Selby J. B.

8 Skinner William

9 Garwood Mrs

10 Cole William Henry

11 Smith Mrs

12 Ellystone George

13 Parsons Mrs, dress maker

14 Clack John

15 Fitzgerald Garrett

16 Terry C.

17 Head A.

18 Chilton Charles Henry

19 Beale Mrs

20 Southwood Thos. Joseph

21 Newton John

22 Chappell Mrs

23 Lawrence John

24 Andrews —

25 Crump George

26 Andrews —

27 Herridge, John

28 Davis Samuel

29 Hunter Thomas

30 Bird Thomas

31 Whitmore John

32 Croxford Mrs

33 Lethbudge William

34 Watts George

35 Hunt —

36 Webster William

37 Gardener George

38 Roden John

39 Press —

40 Hickson Charles

41 Godwin John

42 Smith George

43 Evans John, furniture dealer

44 Smith Mrs

45 Yeomanson Samuel

46 Jones Thomas

47 Jones George

48 Darbey Edwin

49 Butler Joseph

50 Hayward Albert

51 Veazey John

52 Darwin Miss, grocer

53 Mould Henry

54 Preston Philip C.

55 Moreman Thos. hair dresser

56 Jenner John

57 Bell Geo. _Great Western Tavern_

58 Pearman John

59 Compton R. van proprietor

60 Ironsides —

61 Ballard Mrs

62 Herbert James

63 Tucker George Frederick

64 Weller Jabez

65 Mitchell William Henry

66 Cox T. upholsterer

67 Tutty Phillip

68 Pearman Thomas

69 Knight Mrs

70 Cross John, tailor

71 Mitchell William Henry

72 Hunt Phillip

73 Rassell Alfred, builder

74 Watts Mrs

76 Hicks Henry

78 Cottell Mrs

80 Edwards Mrs

Hanover terrace villas, _Ladbroke grove_, _Notting hill_.

1 Webb Charles Locock

2 Baker Henry William

3 Scalied Madame

4 Seaward Misses

5 Tylee Colonel Alfred

6 White Robert

7 Simpson Miss

8 Hodgkinson F. O.

9 Stockdale George

10 Cleaton J. D. C.

11 Forster John

12 Carruthers Mrs

13 Heywood J. S. C.

16 Randell John

18 Rayment Miss

19 Adams Henry

Harrow road, _Paddington_.

1 Aërated Bread Company

2 Brickett F. boot warehouse

3 Hinds Geo. watch maker

4 Davison Geo. confectioner

5 Blackwell C. butcher

6 Binyon Chas. tea dealer

7 Calner Mrs, furniture warehouse

8 Smart B. K. jeweller silversmith & bullion dealer

9 Adams Samuel, eel pie he

10 Charlton Jas. watch maker

11 Bush James, butcher

12 Billers C. butterman

13 Frayling John, wheelwright

14 Godfrey H. milliner

  Adams E. dress maker

15 Baker John, corn dealer

17 Ascott John, dining rooms

18 Gay Charles, baker

19 Lilley Thos. boot maker

20 Tucker T. greengrocer

22 Gough Wm. pork butcher

23 Gadsby Wm. ironmonger

24 Higganson B. greengrocer

26 Wilshire Wm. _the Horse and Sacks_

27 Aldred Wm. butcher

28 Lilley Thomas, boot maker

29 Treadaway Geo. tailor

60 Smith W. J. _the King & Queen Tavern_

61 Kent C. builder

62 Hunt Charles, painter

63 Lloyd W. H. plumber

64 Davies John

  _Catholic Apostolic Church_

65 Bunce William

66 Ratcliffe Miss, tobacconist

67 Shipley Ruben, milkman

68 Flowers W. _The Iron Gate_

70 Walker Charles

71 James William, builder

73 Spencer A. J. carver & gr.

74 Wallis T. plumber

75 Brown Joseph, grocer

76 Henton S. & Son, saddlers

77 Walton Hassel & Port, oilmen

78 Gosling G. boot maker

79 Coston Henry, baker

80 Hembery G. tailor

81 Westerman Rt. hair dresser

82 Hammond R. _the Running Horse_

  Richards Bros. umbrella makers

83 Grove Henry coffee room

84 Slight & Parr, pawnbrokers

85 Norden Rd. dining rooms

86 Bill John, hosier

87 Shora William, surgeon

88 Flowers Geo. fishmonger

89 Pither Mrs, stationer

90 Summer Wm. bedding warehouse

91 Ingram Joseph coffee rooms

Hasborough street, _Westbourne terrace north_.

1 Gilder John

2 Bridges Walter

3 Beard Richard

4 Pinniger Robert

5 Wilson James

6 Hitchens Richard

8 Collinson Frederick

9 Haisman Frederick

10 Wade Richard

11 Dormer Henry

12 Clements Edgar

13 Hutchings John

Havelock terrace, _Westbourne grove_, _Bayswater_.

1 Noonan Denis

2 Pierotti Madame, milliner

3 Lord Mrs

5 Barlee E. H.

Hereford road, _Westbourne grove_.

1 Smith Anthony J. tailor

2 Markwick Alfred

3 Sawtell Francis J. butcher

4 Williams Alfred

5 End Richard, greengrocer

7 Mortlock & Co. cabinet makers

8 Collett Trusson

9 Harris Henry, builder

11 Hall Chas. Test, wine merchant

12 Lawrence Jane

13 Bullen Thomas, chemist

14 Norman Miss

15 Fox & Co. shoe warehouse

  _Free Register for servants_

16 Cockburn Francis Shaw

  Norman Bertha

17 Brown John

18 Newnan H. livery stables

19 Hill Mrs, Honiton lace cleaner

20 Cullen Thos. professor of music

21 Parsons Mrs

23 Howe Samuel

24 Donnet James, baker

25 Hughes Mrs

26 Boon H. cow-keeper

27 Hope Mrs, Shepherd Miss

28 Simpson John, fruiterer


30 Hay Emd. oil & Italian warehouse

31 Canty Miss, crt. milliner

32 Jones John, gasfitter

33 Aylesbury Dairy Company

  Dacunha H. professor dancing

34 Horwood John, upholster

35 Hawkins Mrs, berlin & fancy repository

36 Knights George, tailor

37 Roberts J. T. stationer

39 Mayer John Geo. furrier

40 Mills James

41 Morley Emd. estate agent

42 Morton Robert, M.D.

44 Lott Miss

45 Haines Richard

46 Brown Mrs

47 Hooper T. _Princes Royal_

48 Baker Mrs

49 Pyper Mrs

50 Chapman Mrs

51 Ewbank Cooper

52 Mann Miss

54 Cook Edward

55 Dunlop John

56 Alhance Alexander

57 Monk Richard, builder

58 Strange Charles Frederick

59 Egley Wm. Maw, artist

60 Jenkins R. collector of taxes

61 Dalamore Henry

62 Elphinstone Dr. Seaton

63 Myers David

64 Grosjean Henry

65 Clark Charles

66 Morgan Mrs

67 Moore George

68 Allen Mrs

69 Edwards, Mrs

70 Spiers Mrs

71 Lawson Mrs

72 Noad Henry Minchin

73 Thompson Mrs

74 Pigram Edward

75 Heinke Madam

76 Adams Charles

77 Watson George

78 Pemberton Thomas

80 Hunt Mrs

82 Thompson Miss

83 Hanse Mrs

84 Howe Miss

85 Oxenburg Miss

86 Calloway Miss

87 Oxenburg Miss

88 Calloway Miss

89 Brown Mrs

90 Barker Miss

91 Maguess Mrs

92 Carey William James

93 Elwood Mrs

94 Bow Miss

95 Leader John

96 Forster Miss

97 Stone Mrs

98 Cadenhead Mrs

99 Wetherill Charles

100 Kemble Mrs

101 Smith Edward

102 Grant John

103 Pitt George

104 Wright James, archt.

105 Harker Mrs

106 Ruddell Mrs

107 Chadwick Adam

109 Dunn J. T. H. M.D.

Hermytage street, _Paddington green_.

8 Cuthbert, boot maker

19 Boxall J. carpenter

23 Bentham J. grainer

  _Paddington_ 36 _Middlesex Rifle Volunteer Corps_

  Bax. Adjutant Capt. A. G.

  _Fire engine station_

  Percival R. Palmer Geo.

  Hill H. Devine W. kprs.

Hethpool street, _Hall park_, _Maida hill_.

1 Harvey John, butcher

3 Turner John, tailor

5 Lawrence Thomas

7_a_ Starr John

9 Lewis Frederick

11 Moore William

7 Naldrett Mrs

9_a_ Davey George

11_a_ Best George

13 Waring Frederick

15 Arane George

17 Arnold William

25 Lee Charles

27 Edwards —

29 Matthews Francis

31 Roberts & Purvis, dress makers

33 Osmond George

35 Newman William

37 Rogers Alfred

39 Payne Alfred

41 Belcher J. boot maker

43 Rogers Mrs

45 Spivey John

47 Thornton Mrs

49 Enders J. grocer

44 Rowley Joseph

42 Lythall James

40 Rivers William

38 Weston James

36 McGarrett Mrs

34 Mingay Mrs

32 Franklin J. W.

30 Miller —

28 Moore William, joiner

24 Shelton Thomas, dairy

24 Truso Mrs

22 Burn John

18 Watts William

16 Bayent Charles

14 Proctor Mrs

12 Shave George

10 Edwards Mrs

8 Johnson Wm. undertaker

6 Evans Thomas

2 Butterick John

High street, _Kensington_.


1 Larner and Glanville plumbers & decorators

2 Dobson Mrs M. _The Goat_

3 George Mrs, _Three Tuns_

4 Day John, upholsterer

5 Corker Nathaniel, watch maker

9 Plaw Mrs, _Marquis of Granby_

6 Wilkins Geo. baker

8 Hall John, fishmonger

10 Evans John, fruiterer

11 Keeley G. H. _King & Queen_

12 Earle C. saddler

13 Wade & Son stationers

14 Morley B. pianoforte warehouse

15 Minnitt & Harris, tea dealers

15 Hunt Mrs, stay maker

17 Frantzmann H. baker

18 Ray George, greengrocer

19 Stunt Thos. fancy jeweller

20 Crann Ed. hair dresser

21 Budgen J. family grocer

22 Bird Aug. chemist &c.

23 Freem Edward, baker

24 Bird Wm. & A. builders

25 Donaldson Walter, hatter

26 Whitchurch F. grocer

  _Post and Money Order Office_

28 Toms Joseph, watch maker

29 Turpin Richard cutler

30 Judson William

31 Parkin & Co. grocers & wine merchants

32 London & County Bank—H. Gerard Jones man. also Mr Mather

33_a_ Dallas C. china & glass warehouse &c.

33 Chapman Wm. Alexander pawnbroker and jeweller

34 Chambers B. hm. & bf. h.

35 Cocks Jas. pork butcher

36 Woodward S. fruiterer

37 Webb Jubal cheesemonger

38 Clarke G. pork butcher

39 Seaman and Co. drapers

40 Theobald Wm. bootmaker

41 Herbert Wm. H. confectioner

42 Mansfield C. _Britannia Brewery Tap_

43 Richmond Joseph grocer

44 Allen John hosier etc.

45 Bailey C. cheesemonger

46 Sheppard George baker

47 and 48 Wickham J. draper

49 Lawrence Henry chemist

51 Suton John P. baker

52 Fowkes Henry C. butcher

53 Jones T. _the Wheatsheaf_

54 Pash Daniel J. bootmaker

55 Winstone Edwin F. _Duke of Sussex_

56 Green G. bread and biscuit baker

57 Hoadley Alex. coach bldr.

58 Stevens Henry bootmaker


Mann John + Slater Alfred, Palace gate

1 Paton H. _King’s Arms H._

2 Guy Wm. turnery ware.

3 De Coffen Mdlle. milliner

  Gibbons J. H. photographer

4 Ford Thomas E. tobacconist

5 Pearks Thos. corn chndlr.

6 & 7 Wells John jeweller and pawnbroker

8 Grossmith Charles _the Cumberland Arms_

  Pearce J. coach builder

  Spratt Frederick farrier

9 and 10 Slater Alf. butcher

11 Potter F.

12 and 13 Haines and Co. wine and spirit merchants

14 J. Howle _the Lodge_

16 Acton Eros, tea dealers

17 Beastall Samp. Clay draper

18 Tyne Mrs, glass and china warehouse

19 Colbourne James carpet warehouse

20 Curtis Cuthbert, draper

22 Saunders J. stationer

23 Clube Misses E. and C.

24 Harland, Chas. cheesemonger

25 Johnson Thos. Italian warehouse

26 and 27 Ball Edw. bootmaker

28 Jones Mrs, H. confectioner

28½ Ford John _tepid sw. baths_

28½ _Wesleyan Chapel_

                            _Clarence place_.

  Champion Thos. grainer

  Beacock Thos. surveyor

29 30 31 32 Colbourne James, linen draper

33 Purvis Henry baker

34 English John butcher

35 Preestnall Edward hatter

36 Todd T. and J. cheesemongers

37 Collins G. corn flour merchants

38 Wright Francis chemist

39 Minns and Alexander linen drapers

40 Tyne John tobacconist

— Whale Andrew _Civet Cat_

  _Kensington Church_.

2 Jones David, butcher

1 Hilder Joseph, plumber

  Turner Geo. _The Crown_

1 Knight W. dairy

2 Marchant Miss H. fancy repository

3 Worthington T. bookbinder

4 Levy Simon, tobacconist

5 Morgan J. dining rooms

6 Mullins W. hair dresser

7 Ford W. J. farrier

8 Richards W. and R. _Albion Brewery_

9 Hussey Thos. plumber

  _National Schools_

  _Vestry Hall_

High street, _Notting hill_.

1 Gilbert H. wt. end timber yard

— Scott Geo. bird cage maker

2 Biffa B. confectioner

3 Harrison John fishmonger

4_a_ Wadden W. tobacconist

4 Palmer J. greengrocer

5 Jolly Henry umbrella maker

6 Whitley W. dyer etc.

  _Stormont house. Work mns. aso._

7 Braiser Mrs, eating house

8 Marioni and Orlandini confectioners

10 Traies H. tinman and brazier

12 Reyland Peter _Feathers Tavern_

13 Barker Thos. bootmaker

14 Hentsch F. brush maker

15 Short J. butcher

17 Brine Chas. ironmonger

19 Harris Wm. fruiterer

21 Toms W. A. milliner

23 24 and 25 Payne Thomas milliner and draper

  _Telegraph Office_.

25 Furzecott S. hair dresses

27 Ward E. P. upholsterer

28 Goodman John draper

29 Williams W. C. furniture dealer

30 Burge and Sun hatters

31 Brewer and Son corn cl. m.

32 Norris G. A. chnmtr. maker

33 Rutterford C. upholsterer

34 Sharp G. Y. chemist

35 Finch Thomas candle maker

36 Klein C. baker

37 Ward R. P. plumber etc.

38 Harper Jane fancy repository

39 Balding Susan _The Swan_

40 Stroud and Co. tailors

41 Barnett hat manufacture

42 Stroud and Co. hosiers

43 Morrell Frank baker

44 Golding B. china and glass warehouse

45 Wrangham H. M. _Hoop T._

46 Spalding R. stationer

47 Allen J. baker

48 Long H. pharmaceutical chemist

49 Churchill C. beer retailer

50 Belton J. R. boatmaker

51 Wetherall Ann, toy repository

52 Moxon and Co. draper

54 King Wm. and H. oilmen

56 Skinner Samuel tailor

58 Lines F. G. G. draper

60 Austin and Co. haberdasher

62 Allnut J. cheesemonger

64 Aldridge W. greengrocer

  _Post Office_

65 Fuelling Bros. corn flour merchants

69 Mash T. _Royal Oak_

71 Gunston Robt. pork butcher

73 Itter Alfred J. baker

75 Conway Thos. shirt maker

77 Fricker T. R. tea dealer

79 Mash W. greengrocer

81 Rawley S. S. oilman etc.

82 Abrahams Elias bootmaker

83 Bailey Fredk. tobacconist

84 Fenn G. tailor

85 Office of the London General Omnibus Company

86 Jackman Geo. family grocer

87 Northeast and Harvey’s eating house

88 Burchett H. bootmaker

89 Laws W. and H. butchers

90 Hicks W. H. _Devon Arms_

91 Bowland Sam. tobacconist

92 Harvey and Sons grocers

93 Harvey H. poulterer etc.

94 Durrant Julia silversmith

95 Tiller Amelia stay maker

96 Moggeridge hair dresser

97 Carter H. A. tobacconist

98 Moggeridge Rt. hair dresser

99 Harris Geo. bootmaker

100 Wharton Mrs, bootmaker

101 Butler and Co. cheesemongers

102 Standish A. china glass warehouse

103 Russell W. carver and gilder

104 Aston G. W. greengrocer

105 and 107 Minter J. draper

106 Moore Bros. tea merchants

108 Williams T. C. _Coach and Horses Tavern_

109 Horwell T. E. colourman

111 Strather and Son house and estate agents

113 Davis Eliza poulterer etc.

114 Palmer M. greengrocer

115 Skelton W. baker

116 Turner Geo. brush maker

118 Parker J. furnishing ironmonger

120 Gastling Geo. ironmonger

121 Darvill, harness maker

122 Wharton Eliza boot maker

123 Blind and Co., upholsters

124 Stockley Geo. butcher

124_a_ Swallow Geo. tobacconist

125 Wing & King, f. stationers

126 Cutbush, Job & p. mster.

127 Kempster C. Berlin wool and general haberdashery

128 Sim J. bread and biscuit baker

129 Durrant R. cabinet maker

130 Lidwell E. dis. chemist

131 Watts Geo. R. blder. etc.

132 Sherwell D. hosier etc.

133 Miller J. E. butcher

134 Kingham H. confectioner

135 Williams C. C. pawnbroker

136 Hammond C. M. jeweller

137 & 138 Booty William, upholsterer and undertaker

141 and 143 Pearson R. H. and Jon. ironmongers

142 Mathew Thos.

144 Stephens J. wine merchant

145 Head W. B. house decorator

146 Cutbush, livery stables

147 Underwood Miss fancy repository

148 Savage Ben. combe maker

150 Page and Mace, grocers

152 Hull C. cheesemongers

154 Wheals Charles, tailor

156 Osborne Ed. dyer etc.

Holland park, _Notting hill_, _Uxbridge road_.

1 Ionides Alexand C.

1_a_ Browne John Henry

2 Hayne John B.

3 Carr Mrs, B.

4 Askew Rev. J.

5 Wells Jonah Smith

6 Burton W. F.

7 Newby Mrs

8 Routledge George F.

9 Fairbairn W. A.

10 Gordon Alexander

15 Radford Messrs. estate agents

28 Jervis Mrs

29 Grubbe John

30 McEwan James

31 Watson Thomas Clemens

32 Banbury Frederick

33 Bunning Mrs

34 Makins William Thomas

34 Chynoweth John

36 Melbourne George

78 Stone George Graham

80 Radford William

Holland park road, _Kensington road_.

1 Ballard C. bootmaker

1_a_ Herbert Henry, grocer

2 Beman W. coffee house

3 Tugivell Thomas

4 Cust William

5 Breech John

6 King Thomas

  Tunks and Tisdal dairy

  Holland Park Farm

  Princeps Valentine

  Holland Farm School

  Reddin, E. dealer in horses


1 Bayes, W.

2 Knapp E.

3 Elms, William, writer etc.

4 Bennett, William


2 Collins B. _Catherine cottage_

3 Birrel A. upholsterer

4 Jerrod William

5 Ward R. builder

6 Copeland William

Holland park terrace, _Notting hill_.

1 Weston Mrs

2 Johnson H.

3 Hyde Capt.

4 Kitchen Mrs

Holland place.  _Kensington road_.

  Roberts W. H. _Holland Arms_

1 Durrant T. W. house decorator

2 Pichard W. grocer

3 Andrews W. G. baker

4 Mitchell F. carver and gilder

5 Gales R. N. greengrocer

6 Bailey W.

7 Westhall Miss

8 Nettleford Misses

9 Bishop Mrs

Holland road, _Kensington_.

138 Graham G. F.

139 Down Dr. George

  M. Myers

140 Le Bluff Madame

142 Spencer Mrs

143 Best Mrs

144 Bruce W. D.

145 Combe J.

147 Hopkins W.

148 Glen W. C.

158 Reade G. Darby

164 Piggett F.

Holland road, _Shepherd’s Bush_.

1 Buckingham wine merchant

— _Office of London District Telegraph Company_

2 Green F. Broadlands dairy

3 Lucas Mrs, fancy repository

4 Maunder, T. tailor

5 Turner E. cheesemonger

5 Emanerson G. druggist

7 Page J. coach maker

8 Corbett H. paperhanger &c.


1 Potter J.

2 Rapkin G.

Holland street, _Church street_, _Kensington_.

9 Boulton William

10 Hall Daniel

11 McDonald Mrs

12 Hartley Robert

13 _The Dor for Crippled Boys_

14 Hamilton Charles

  Dibdin, F. W. _Arundel house_

  Bush Miss _Claremont house_

15 Sheppard Miss

  Boulton Josh _Hartley villa_

15_a_ Ingelow William

16 Buckmaster Rev. R. N.

17 Atkinson W. H.

18_a_ Hubble George, dairyman

18 Smith J. tailor

19_a_ Lawrence W. plumber

19 Dankin R. boot maker

20 Hayward C. coal merchant

Holland terrace, _Kensington_.

2 Watson Chas. G. surgeon

3 Hughes Mrs

4 Taylor Mrs

5 Connell Ogle

7 Simmons Miss

8 Powell Miss

9 Bancks Miss

10 Nichols Edwin

11 Bates Mrs

12 Harris John

13 Hudson Capt. R.N.

14 White Mrs

16 Edwards Mrs

  Messenger G. E. _Crown and Sceptre_

Holland villas road, _Addison road_, _Kensington_.

  _Pillar Letter Box_

1 Fry Alexander

2 Millington Mrs

3 Ward Mrs R.

4 Bayley John Rand

5 Molyneux Gisborn

6 Hall James

7 Budd Capt. F.

8 Ionidies Constantine A.

9 Keighley, Thomas Dodd

10 Le Fere, Madame

11 Rouillon Abbe _Maria villa_

12 Lemmon T. _Stansted lodge_

13 Lenox T. G. _Stamford lodge_

14 Dowling Edward Samuel

15 De Leon Dr.

16 Cama D. D. _Parsee villa_

17 Lascelles Francis Henkey

18 Graham Miss Louisa

19 Welsby Mrs

20 Hill Mrs

21 Grierson J.

22 Mackeson W. W.

23 Skollick Jonathan

24 Curtis Mrs

25 Pease George _The Cedars_

26 Morgan Daniel

27 Renault, Edward

28 Westall Dr. Edward

29 Carrinton George William

30 Cox C. W.

31 Plomer Mrs

32 Mundy Miss, _Southgate house_

33 Barton George, M.D.

34 Batt Henry _Castlebar house_

35 Macgregor Alexander

37 Bell Major Evans

Hope terrace, _Uxbridge road_, _Notting hill_.

1 Simpson Mrs, _the Duke of Clarence_

2 Dogett Mrs

3 Burgess William, baker

4 Jewson Alfred, carver & gilder

5 Miller George, furniture dealer

6 Millar Richard, butcher

7 Dare Richard W. corn dealer

8 Humphey Mrs, furniture dealer

9 Matthews G. H. fishmonger

Horbury Crescent.  _Kensington park road_, _Notting hill_.

2 Russell Mrs R. H.

3 Markey Mrs

4 Taylor Frederick J., artist

5 Tullet Mrs

6 Jones Jacob

7 Redfern James

8 Steggall Dr.

9 Wyatt Mrs

10 Paddon Mrs

11 Barinett Mrs

13 Dewis Edward

14 Skardon Mrs General

16 Sconce Mrs

18 Oliver Castain G. C. R.N.

20 Showers Mrs

22 Maunder, Rev. George

26 Cockburn William

28 Brown Mrs H.

Horbury terrace, _Kensington park road_, _Notting hill_.

1 Spencer Geo. surgeon M.D.

2 Hobbs James

3 Coats Wm. dis. surveyor

4 Waller John

5 Brand Miss

6 Frost Miss

7 Triggs Mrs E. A.

8 Higgs D. E.

9 Savage William Henry

10 Watson Thomas

11 Norris Miss and Taylor Miss, preparatory school

12 Lynch Mrs J. R.

Hornton street, _Campden hill_, _Kensington_.

1_a_ Swindley & Co. Estate Agents, _Kensington Estate Office_

1 Clarke Wm. pianoforte maker

2 Perry Henry T.

3 Manning Mrs

4 Jones Miss C. milliner

5 Baxter John

6 Sanley Miss

7 Thompson Charles

8 Marsh Mrs.

9 Potter George A.

10 Neele Mrs

11 Charetti Capt. John

12 Colbeck Thomas

13 Clements William

14 Smith T. F.

15 Horning Mrs

16 Edwards Miss

18 Worley Mrs.

19 Starling John, physician

20 Guarraroni Dr.

21 Toms James

22 Wilson Mrs

23 Clarke J. J.

25 Byrne Matthew

26 Alexander William

28 Taylor Walter, tailor

30 Hopkins B. R. fancy repository

31 Beedell J. M. plumber

  The Fire Station

  Kennell John, _Hornton cottage_

  Bird Wm. Hornton villa

Hornton villas, _Campden hill_, _Kensington_.

1 Watson William

2 Hutchinson H. P.

3 Graham —


5 Aston Theo. _Hornton lodge_

6 Mann Robert

Howard place, _Kensington park road_, _N. Notting hill_.

  Marchmont Rev. H. _Incumbent_, _Christ Church_

1 Campion E. & F. milliners

2 Parkin R. confectioner

3 Holland T. boot maker

4 Stanton R. grocer

5 Levermore W. G. brush warehouse

6 Jones J. baker

7 Mulford W. F. grocer

8 Harrington C. J. dairyman

9 Brown Samuel stationer

10 Pound Mrs milliner

11 Vere Henry carpenter

12 Boone John greengrocer

13_a_ Cantrell John decorator

13 Graham M. S. French dyer

  Felthouse P. _The Grasshopper_

Howell street, _Hall park_, _Maida hill_.

1 Lusty Mrs

2 Gibson Mrs

3 May J.

4 Kearley Miss, preparatory school

5 Culler Charles, boot maker

6 Sidell Thomas

7 Woodman Arthur

8 Smith John

9 Bentley Mrs, laundress

13 Bennett William

14 Wedlake William

15 Wade William

16 Williams Thomas

17 Hopcraft William

18 Elen Charles

19 Hady Thomas

20 Smith John

21 Osborne George

Howley place, _Maida hill_, _West Harrow road_.

1 Stigant Miss

2 Spencer & Co.

3 Wigram G. V.

4 Brocklesby W. C.

5 Flux William

6 Watts Isaac

7 Boddy Mrs

8 Oxenford Edward

9 Busby Mrs & Miss

10 Hassells Rev. C. S.

11 Chauncey Charles W.

12 Sayer Miss

13 Gold Miss

14 Searle Major George

15 Morley John George

16 Howell Charles

17 Tremenheere J. H.

18 Freeman Mrs.

19 Girdwood Gilbert F. M.D.

  Girdwood Thomas Finlay

20 Rowe Mrs G. C. ladies school

  Rowe G. C.

21 Helder William

23 Burton H. M.

25 Morton Charles

27 Plowman Charles

29 Devonold Miss

31 Helder Stuart

35 Delapierre O. F.S.A.

37 Stephens Samuel G.

Hyde park gardens.

2 Chaplin Mrs

3 Martins Sir William

4 Rose Sir George F.R.S.

5 Underwood Mrs

6 Dawes Henry

7 Kindersley Vice Chancellor Sir Richard

8 Coltman Wm. Batchelor

9 Dugdale John

10 Lucas Thomas

11 Bishop Lady

  Long Walter, M.P.

12 Dent Thomas

14 Coghlan Henry Thomas

15 Sandemann George

16 Gibbs William

18 Drummond Mrs

19 Lucas Mrs

20 Loyd Lewis

21 Woods Henry, M.P.

22 Scarmanga Demetrius Peter

23 Arbuthnot Geo. F.R.G.S.

25 Arbuthnot Archibald F.

26 Morris James

27 Woods Miss

28 Morrison Miss

29 Vassall Lady

30 Nelson Charles C.

31 Black Alexander

32 Trench Capt. William

33 Holland Rev. Edward

34 Mills Arthur

35 Macleay George

36 Montifiore Nathaniel

37 Campbell Mrs

Hyde park gate south, _Kensington gore_.

1 Powell Mrs

2 Vichan Madame

3 Suffield Dowager Lady

4 Symonds E. R. barrister

6 Ellicombe Richard R.

7 Elliott, G. L.

8 West Mrs

9 Cooke E. W. R.A., F.R.S. etc. _The Ferns_

10 King John

11 Mylne Mrs

12 Harper Colonel George

14 Rivaz Charles

15 Dale, Edward Samuel

10 Archdale G.

17 Redgrave Samuel

18 Redgrave Richard R.A.

19 Cope Charles West R.A.

20 Miller Colonel James

21 Thew Mrs

22 Neil John

23 Cattley H. Griffin

  Cattley William Esdaile

24 Coltman Francis

25 Scrope George P.

Hyde park gate, _Kensington gore_.

1 Newcomen Captain

  Vaughan John

2 Isaac Samuel

3 Feversham Lord and Lady

4 De Stern Baron

5 Edwards Thomas Dyer

6 Mitchell William

7 Keeling Miss

8 Wilson Lady Belford

9 Laing Seton

10 Merras Giacinto

11 Barlow James Pratt

13 Watney James junior

14 Burnand A. C.

15 Hawkins Major Rhode

16 Nicholl Mrs

18 Lawrence Robert, _The Campden Arms_

21 Paxton W.

22 Gambier, Sir E. and Lady

Hyde park square.

1 Baker Mrs

2 Davidson C. T.

3 Brooking John Savery

4 Baker Sir George Bart.

5 Wyatt Sir Matthew

6 Whitehead Lady

7 Hussey Mrs

8 Knight Thomas

9 Geech Mrs

11 Lees James

13 Mackeson Edward

14 Rennie William

15 Cowie Thomas Stock

16 Shaw Thomas

20 Levy Moss

21 Maudsley Mrs

22 Hunt Robert Crew

24 Henderson Mrs

25 Hill Charles

26 Austin Capt. Frederick

27 Galloway R. Hodgson

28 Shepherd Rev. Robert

29 Pinto Abraham

30 Scott Sir Sibbald

31 Stafford Robert

32 Gordon John

33 Trower George Stanhurst

34 De Bruyn Miss

35 Moses Jacob Henry

36 Longman Wm. F.R.G.S.

39 Smith Gen. Sir F. J. M. K.H., F.R.S.

40 Carter Samuel

42 Holland Edwin

43 Twining Samuel H.

44 Easton Mrs

45 Stopford Robert H.

46 Pearson Henry Robert

Hyde park street, _Hyde park square_.

1 Smith Wm. H. F.R.G.S.

2 Mumm Mrs

3 Lock Capt. Robert

4 Scott John

5 Saltmarsh Mrs

6 McGregor Sir Charles

7 Grant Capt. John

8 Bird Miss

9 and 10 Rendel Mrs

11 Coles James

12 Miller Edward

13 Benson Miss

14 Lakin Henry

15 Bull John Pannet

16 Willink Wm. Wilkinson

17 Nicholls Lady

Hyde park terrace, _Bayswater Road_.

1 Craigie Mrs

2 Vincent George

3 Allan James B. physician

4 Wood Lieut.-Col. Wm.

5 Bruxner Michael Fredk.

6 Copeland Samuel

7 Reid Miss

8 Brown Thomas F.R.G.S.

9 Gilliat Hatfield

10 Holland James

11 Hornby William

12 Young Chas. B. F.R.C.S.

13 Nicol James Dyer

14 Romilly Sir John, Bart., Master of the Rolls

15 Ackers George Holland

16 Dalgety Fredk. Gorham

17 Robinson William Robert

18 Smith Sebastian

19 Hayter Sir William

20 Smith William

Hyde park terrace, _Kensington gore_.

1 Roberts Mrs

2 Edge Mrs. Webbe

3 Harness Rev. W.

4 Dobie Alexander

5 Mortimer Foster

6 Shaw, Mrs. William

Inkerman terrace, _Foxley road_, _Church street_, _Kensington_, _W._

1 Goulding Henry

2 Hall Miss

4 Michell Wm. Markwick

5 Coulston Miss E.

  Fisher Mrs, H.

6 Fairland Mrs

7 Nicholson John S.

8 Morgan George

9 Denman Miss

10 Tudor Captain, R.E.

11 Hurditch Thomas

12 Cowell Mrs

Inverness gardens, _Campden hill_, _Kensington_.

1 Rougier Henry

2 Simpson Rev. R. J.

3 Bryant Mrs

4 Gray Benjamin G.

5 Collins Mrs

6 Smith Major Webber

7 Wortham Major-Gen.

8 Crocker Mrs

Inverness place, _Queen’s road_.

1 Foley Miss

2 Pons Mrs

3 Parkinson Mrs

4 Andrews G. T.

Inverness road, _Bishop’s road_, _Bayswater_.

1 Nash S. W.

2 Safe James William

4 Drysdale Miss

4 Ridge Major Rt. Stewart

6 Cunningham Mrs

7 Biden Mrs

8 Fothergill Lieut.-col. Ths.

9 Curgenven George James

10 Woodward Mrs

11 Hadfield William

13 Cordon Ralph

14 Davidson John

15 Corballis Mrs

15 Scamp William E.C.

17 Triton Mrs

18 Towers Wm. Crawford estate agent

19 Burr & Sons, cabinet maker

20 Leuty J. Austin, cabinet maker

21 Wigmore Wm. surgeon

22 Bailey W. Trist, house agent

22_a_ Scantlebury W. builder

23 Cohen Mrs

24 Mason Mrs

25 Smyth Mrs

26 Anderson Hugh

27 Dawson William

28 Jockson Robert Ward

29 Sharp Mrs

30 Johnson James Lee

31 Sherrer Major-gen. Sir G. N.

33 Cumming George

34 Ramsay Mrs

35 Emlyn William Olliff

36 Brown Rev. Robert Henry

37 Burrage Miss

Inverness terrace, _Bishop’s road_.

1 Butler W. D. linen draper

2 Brunker Wm. stationer

3 Hawkins T. brush maker

4 Hewitt & Son, butchers

Inverness terrace, _Kensington Gardens_.

1 Clowes Mrs

3 Boyd Mrs

5 Maskelyne E. S.

7 Graham Miss

8 Strata Miss

11 Mackenzie Mrs

13 Shuttleworth Mrs

15 Lewis Mrs

17 Stewart A.

21 Pilkington Mrs

25 Hannay J.

27 Wood Thomas T.

29 Chapman Charles

31 St. Clair Mrs, Gen.

33 D’Aeth Geo. W. H.

35 Sharp T.

37 Belleville W. J.

39 Cowan A.

41 Gardner P.

43 Leggatt Clement D.

45 McKerrell R.

47 Boggs H.

49 Smith J. H.

57 Bridge J.

59 Johnstone Mrs

61 East H. V.

63 German Captain James

65 Addison W. E.

67 Tubini T.

69 Toulmin Calvert

71 Thompson D.

73 Pocock —

77 Gilmer John

79 Atkin William

81 Floyer Rev. Charles, M.A.

83 White A. B.

85 Meigh Charles

87 Grainger Mrs, J.

89 Yates J.

91 Landon J.

93 Luke William

95 Richardson Mark

97 Ouseley Col. J. Walker

99 Reeves Sims

101 Webb Mrs

103 Speed Geo. fly master

2 Ali Khan Mohammed

6 Rumsey Lacy

8 Argollo Captain James

12 Phillips Henry Millar

14 Mavor Mrs

16 Hollis Mrs

18 Vanderspar J. M.

20 Hakewill John Henry

22 Daniells Lieut.-Col. J. T.

24 Lobb Arthur F.

26 Belfour John Osbourne

28 Earle Henry Edward

30 Whitehead John

32 Padday Jonathan

34 Jull George Montague

36 Paton William James

38 Power Mrs

40 Beaumont Col. Richard

42 Ferrey Benjamin

44 Parsons Mrs

46 Innis Thomas

48 Forbes Mrs

50 Kennedy Mrs

56 Stephenson John

58 Avierino Michael

60 Brandon Thomas

62 Wynne Llewelyn

64 Elias Ney

66 Turner Joseph Askew

68 Abdy Sir Thos. Neville Bt.

70 Case Robert

72 Montague Lord Robt. M.P. for Huntingdonshire

74 Robinson Charles

76 Kirby John Roberts

78 Webster Thomas

80 Young Sir C. Lawrence

82 Woodall Mrs

84 Walker Lieut.-col. W. L.

86 Burges George

88 Smith Alfred

90 Liddiard William

92 Adams George E.

94 Burn Gen. Henry Pelham

96 Hunt William

Irongate wharf, _Praed street_, _Paddington_.

1 Dickinson J. & Co. paper makers

1 Darby W. M. slate merchant

2 Tildesley Saml. brick maker

2 Tildesley & Son, stone merchants

2 Tildesley Bros. & Co. ironmongers

3 Rutty John, saw mills

4 _London General Omnibus Company_

5 Morgan Thos. Alf. contractor

6 Davy John timber merchant

Irongate wharf road, _Praed street_, _Paddington_.

5 Brooks Geo. coffee rooms

8 Newton Geo blacksmith

7 Pither Stephen, cab proprietor

9 Nash Wm. stove maker

10 Lucas Thos. wheelwright

James street, _Kensington square_, _Kensington_.

  Yardley D. tailor

  Franklin Jas. beer seller

  Fisher William, carpenter

2 Lucas James, carpenter

3 Snell Geo. boot maker


7 Perkins Wm. _Coach and Horses_

James street, _Eastbourne terrace_, _Bishop’s road_, _Paddington_.

1 Monro Mrs

3 Jeys Montague

7 Rice Mrs

9 Webb James

13 Thomas Miss

15 Kimberley J. _Queen’s Hotel_

17 Sparks —, tailor

17 Corfe Thos. upholsterer

17 Andre & Co. importers of foreign merchandise

19 Eaffe Madlle

2 Taylor Mrs

4 Bennett Wm. Emanuel

6 Pierce William

8 Lister Mrs

10 Jacobs Joseph, fruiterer

12 Phillips Mrs, milliner

6_a_ Blenkarne David, solicitor

James street west, _Porchester terrace_, _Bayswater_.

1_a_ Richards Henry, fly master

1 Bell Alexander, fruiterer

2 Whale Edward, dairyman

2 Wake Hy. classical tutor

3 Keeble H. _Porchester Arms_

Johnson street, _High street_, _Notting hill_.

1 Davis Rd. wardrobe dealer

1 Smith H. painter & glazier

3 Skarott Mrs, marine stores

5 Traies Samuel, tinman

9 Pearce J. coach builder

11 Burd E. stationer

  _Baptist Chapel_

13 Ivey George Smith

15 Ellis Edward

17 Pribble John

19 Davies George mason

21 Parrett Joseph

23 Wilson Mrs

25 Colmer John

27 Albutt Solomon, tailor

2 Peake Wm. ironmonger

4 Hume Wm. hair cutter

6 Tapscott Thomas, coal & potatoe dealer

8 Talbot Mrs

10 Lucas Daniel, grocer

12 Seymour James, fruiterer

14 Grant Thos. fishmonger

16 Hubbard R. dairyman

18 Maydon W. marine stores

20 Longford E. baby linen warehouse

22 Smith G. W. painter

24 Moore John, _Johnson Arms_

26 Wheeler Arthur, grocer

26_a_ Lutey Wm. boot maker

Jonson’s place, _Harrow road_, _Paddington_.

1 Steeden Samuel, fruiterer

2 Snell Edmund, boot maker

3 Simon H. Bagram, grocer

4 Nottidge Ed. Wm. draper

5 Turner Jas. & Co. cheesemonger

6 Hawkins Wm. butcher

7 Thompson Ed. Wm. baker

8 Nash & Spratt, grocers

9 Brown J. Son. cheesemonger

10 Ladd Stephen J. stationer _Post Office_

11 Best James, chemist

12 Chapple & Plummer, colourmen

13 Quinton I. _The Ben Jonson_

14 Coombs John butcher

15 Bullen Henry, cheesemonger

16 Honywill John, grocer

17 Pecover J. Berry, ironmonger

18 Harrison Wm. oilman

19 Wallauer Fred. baker

19_a_ Proud John G. dinner

20 Dodd Mrs, china dealer

21 Millard Wm. boot maker

22 Cross Wm. fancy repository

24 Juniper Harry

25 Dyer Mrs

Junction mews, _Paddington_.

1 Smith John Bear, livery stables

2 Goddard Nathan, cattle dr.

6 Brown Richard, cab proprietor

  _Boatmen’s Chapel & Sunday School_

Katherine terrace, _Clarendon road north_, _Kensington park_.

1 Fisher George H. oilman

2 Whitlock Geo. coffee house

3 Adams Thos. greengrocer

4 Russell J. corn dealer

6 Wright J. Mrs, wholesale glass & china warehouse

Kempshall terrace, _Kilburn_, _Edgware road_.

1 Coulton Mat. corn dealer

2 Moore Fred. Alf. herbalist

3 Byrne Mrs, J

4 Wigmore James

5 Potter J. F. cab proprietor

6 Ward Joseph

Kensington crescent, _Kensington road_, _Kensington_.

1 Cole George, artist

2 Harrison O.B.C. barrister

3 Johnstone Miss

4 Banks Miss

5 Tucker Mrs

6 Roberts Henry, tailor

7 Cullerne George Bayne

8 Debear Thomas

9 Tensennan Dr.

10 Scatcherd Mrs

11 Harvey Miss H.

12 Cooper Henry Samuel

13 Baker Mrs

14 Rice Mrs

15 Bruce William, M.D.

16 Fenoulhet Miss

17 Budden Mrs

18 Nicholls Charles Kerry

19 Winterbottom E. H. W.

20 Hilliary George

21 Booth Captain John

22 Teevan Michael

23 Hornby Daniel Stephen

24 Grew Samuel

Kensington garden square, _Queen’s road_, _Bayswater_.

1 Sharland Robert

2 Graham Charles William

3 Gardner Mrs

4 Saunders Miss

5 Snagg Thomas William

6 Lee Warner Miss

7 Gilmore —

8 Erskim Charles

9 Hobbs Joseph

10 Leadbitter Thomas

11 Battiscombe Arthur

12 Lewis Thomas H. archt.

14 Medley Arthur

15 Willoughby Major-gen. Michell C.B.

16 Farrance Mrs

17 Malcolmson John

18 Stevenson Mrs

19 Pott Edward

20 Bethune Miss, _Victoria College for Ladies_

21 Tipson Mrs

22 Croggan Thomas John

23 Staveley Thomas George

24 Lys Lieut.-Colonel Geo. Mowbray C.B.

25 Johnstone Mrs

26 Leishman John

27 Denman James Lemoine

28 Fry Rev. Henry, D.D.

29 Winsor William Henry

30 Sweetland Ewd. Maddox

31 Hayne Charles

32 Goodson James M. B.

33 Smallfield Misses

34 Croswell Mrs

35 Pryde Mrs

36 Montefiore Joseph Barrow

37 Wood Edmund

38 Smith William

40 Davis David

41 Bruce Sam. Noble, surgeon

44 Willmore Mrs

46 Faulkner Rt. photographer

  McMullin & Elliott, solicitors

47 Bunbury C.

48 Wells George, surgeon dentist

50 Morley Edmund

51 Crawford Thomas

52 Edwards John

52_a_ Pearce Wm. riding school

53 Tromp Benjamin H.

54 Myers Mrs

55 Henry David Joseph

56 Thompson Whitbread

57 Collyer Colonel George

58 Fowler Robert

59 Potter William

60 Barber Joseph

61 Wood Lieut.-col. H. W.

62 Pearce William, riding school

63 Harries Mrs

64 Schloss Mrs

65 Leech John

66 Smith Mrs

68 St. John General Robert

69 Arkwright Mrs

70 Pole Sir Peter Van Notten

71 Arnold John

72 Fisher Richard

73 McClelland James

74 Russell Henry

76 Rawstone Edward Chas.

77 Young Sir Henry

78 Whichcord John, F.S.A.

79 Riding Mrs

80 Good Misses

81 Skilbeck William

82 Waddilove Edward

83 St. Aubin Miss

84 Monckton John Braddick

85 Vagliano Vallagi

86 Shipster Henry

87 Mitchell Mrs

88 Sharp Thomas Clark

89 Marsden Henry

90 Shewhan Alexander

91 Heintzmann Mrs

92 Bicknell Mrs

Kensington garden terrace, _Sussex square_, _Hyde park_.

1 Bacon James, Q.C.

2 Fletcher William

3 Thurburn Charles

4 Kerr Crawford Davidson

5 Marshall Sir Charles

5 Laing Samuel

7 Mitchelson G. F. M.D.

8 Hyde Major Henry

9 Morice John Charles

11 Gaunlett George Henry

12 Lewis Admiral Wm. R.N.

13 Wallace Richard

14 Burslem Henry

15 McFarquhar J. Lawrence

Kensington gate, _Hyde park gate_, _Kensington gore_.

1 Westmacott Richard

4 Briant William Henry

5 Betts Mrs

7 Kennedy Chas. Malcombe

8 Reeves Miss

9 Sands Captain Hastings

10 Magan Mrs, W. H

11 Strickland John Joseph

12 Malcolm Lady

13 Harbord Hon. William

14 Cleather William

15 Debnam Major Robert J.

  Stuart Mrs

  Tucker John

16 Thompson Mrs

17 Bayley Colonel John

18 Foy William Henry

19 Kingston P. N. M.D.

  Peter Nugent, M.D.

20 Mansall Wm. Walker

21 Hakes Mrs

22 Edwards H. Sutherland

23 Hawker Lady

24 Pickering R. H.

25 Bland Mrs

26 Halswell Edmund S.

27 Allen Pettitt, solicitor

28 Grant Alexander

29 Latter Lawrence

Kensington gore, _Lower Kensington_.

1 Disney B. W. Dean of Armagh

2 Rogers Wm.

3 Wray Mrs

4 Walcott Thomas

5 Wood Mrs

6 De la Chapelle Viscountess

7 Wyatt John

8 Galsworthy Fred. Thos.

9 Normanby Dowager Marchioness, _Hamilton lodge_

11 Walls John

Kensington gore, _Upper Kensington_, _W._

Eden Hon. Miss Emily _Eden lodge_

1 Adamson Mrs, _Mercer lodge_

2 Franklin Lady, _Gore lodge_

3 Bayley Sir John Bart. _Stanhope lodge_

4 Birch Dr. Scholes Butler _Gore lodge_

6 Wade Mrs

  _Royal Horticultural Society’s Gardens_

Kensington palace, _Kensington gardens_.

  Inverness Duchess of

  Sayers Captain Frederick

  Barrington Lady C.

  Roberts Mrs

  Cooper Charles

  Grey Lady Georgina

  Barlow Rev. John

  Wemyss Lady J.

  Disbrowe Miss

Kensington palace gardens, _Bayswater road_, _W._

1 Griffin Frederick

2 Powell William

  Needham Mrs

3 Milward Clement G. C.

4 Cousens Richard Thomas

6 Green B. Ellerley

6 Earle Joseph

7 Marshman John, F.R.G.S.

8 Gurney Russell, Q.C.

8_b_ Fraser James William

9 Huth Charles Frederick

10 Benzon Ernest Leopold

11 Murrieta Christobel de

12 Collie Alexander

13 Peto Sir S. Morton Bt. M.P.

14 Antrobus Edmund Edw.

15 Moore George

15_a_ Carthew Peter

16 Sperling John

17 De Bergue Charles

18 Reuter Julius

19 Grissell Thomas

20 Luch Mrs

21 Larnack Donald

22 Ingram Mrs

23 Moses Isaac

24 Hastings Lord

25 Green Benjamin Buck

26 Heywood James

Kensington palace gardens.

1 Marsh Richard

2 Huth Ferdinand Marshall

3 Clark C.

Kensington park gardens, _Kensington park road_, _Notting hill_.

2 Emmett George Nelson

3 Mitchell Richard

4 Pittar Arthur

5 Dugdale Henry

6 Letchworth Henry Finch

7 Gore Lieut.-gen. Sir Chas.

8 Moul James

9 Johnstone Miss

10 Hood Henry Shuback

11 Dunn William

12 Hindmarsh Mrs

13 Curtis Frank Allen

14 Havelock Lady

15 Bryan E. Laughton, M.D.

16 Pittar Parke

17 Remnant Fred. William

18 Clarke William

19 Waddilove Alfred

20 Lawrence General Geo. St. Patrick

21 Von Ronn Herman S.

23 Jewesbury Henry Wm.

24 Besch Frederick

25 Cook William Hopson

26 Felton William John

27 Allen Mrs

28 Keeling Ed. Trowbridge

29 Sandoz Mrs

30 Jameson Col. Thomas

31 Noble William

32 Adams Robert

33 Pyemont John

34 Roberts William

35 Allendar George

36 Rood Mrs

38 & 39 Burne Rev. Charles

40 Gingell Mrs, W. R.

41 Dunbar Mrs

42 Collins Eugene

43 Wyatt James Mat. Geo.

44 Ferrie Peter

45 Empsom Henry

46 Scott James S. architect

47 Marsh E.

Kensington park gardens east, _Kensington park road_, _Notting hill_.

1 Poole William

2 Carter Miss

4 Fox Misses

Kensington park road, _High street_, _Notting hill_.

1 Sharpe J. pianoforte warehouse

1 White George, photographer

1_a_ Cooper & Co. coal merchants

2 Beavis Charles tailor

3 Bishop David

5 Wilson James William

6 Hodges Mrs

8 Angel George

9 Hayes Mrs

10 Harvey Mrs

Kensington park road north, _Kensington park_, _Notting hill_.

6 Sergeant John decorator

7 Beaumont John carriage manufacturer

8 Greig Mrs, stay maker

9 Carter Mrs, china & glass warehouse

10 Tresham Mrs, C. milliner

11 Bushill J. wine merchant

Kensington park terrace, _Kensington park road_, _Notting hill_.

1 Ormsby Arthur Sydney

2 Palmer Charles

2 Goodwin General

3 Boully Peter

4 Turner Mrs

5 Cox Captain James

6 Goodday Horatio M.D.

8 Maugham Mrs

9 Pocock T. sol. _Park house_

10 Smith Dr. Fly Henry sur.

11 Praeger Ferdinand

13 Kay Thomas James

14 Folkard Henry surgeon

15 Cooke Colbert

16 Bartlett William Penny

17 Harriage Mrs

18 Houghton Mrs

19 Tucker Mrs

20 Foreman Robert Stanard

Kensington park terrace north, _Kensington park road_, _Notting hill_.

Hickman W. _Garston house_

1 Brooke Alfred

2 Hutton Mrs

3 Hall Mrs

4 Curtis Rev. William M.A.

5 Cross William

6 Corke Robert

7 Dickenson Mrs

8 Moore Mrs

9 Bell Edwin Henry

10 Hatch James Pelling

11 Harris William

12 Sanders Mrs

13 Barber William

14 Spindler Mrs

15 Taylor George

16 Meredith Mrs

17 Thomas Edward Reid

18 Church Walter

19 Holloway Mrs

20 Tomkinson Mrs

21 _Probationary Home_, Meredith Mrs

22 Graham Mrs

23 Tilson Mrs

24 Walker Mrs

25 Walker Miss

26 Gruaz Henry Cuff

27 Wrighton William D.D.

28 McClary Alfred Aldred

29 Jager Julias H. L.

30 Colquhoun James

31 Arnett Miss

Kensington park villas, _Kensington park road_, _Notting hill_.

6 Sutcliffe Mrs

7 Hawkins John Robson

8 Hicks George Edgar

9 Malkin Lady

10 Wilson Mrs

11 Burke Richard Milo

12 Hall Mrs, _Kensington park va._

13 Fold W. _Hartstowe villa_

Kensington place, _Silver street_, _Notting hill_.

1 Sanders D. _Duke of York_

33 Mopsey Robert

34 Mitchell James

47 Pollett Edward

Kensington square, _High street_, _Kensington_.

1 Hurren Mrs, L. _Greyhound_

2 Wheatley W. teacher of astronomy

3 Middleton C. pr. of dancing

4 Merriman Mrs James

5 Cumming Miss

7 Daymond Miss, school

8 Brereton William

9 & 10 Dixon Henry Hall

11_a_ Ivey J. W. coachsmith

11 Birch Edward

12 Winte John Pusey

12_a_ Crampton Thos. Russell

14 Newman Misses, school for ladies

16 Evans Mrs A.

17 Clark H. Booth, solicitor

18 Norgate Frederick

19 Dixon Henry James

20 Whitehorne James

21 Thompson Reginald W.

23 Doughty Hon. Lady

24 _Convent of the Assumption_

25_a_ Holliday Mrs

25 _Kensington Proprietary Grammar school_, _office_, Ackland Rev. C. T.

26 Miller Edward

27 Mayor Rev. Joseph B.

28 & 29 Frost Rev. George

30 Cresswell Mrs Baker

31 Parkinson Miss, seminary

32 Payne Fred. Wyndham

33 Skeffington William

34 Richardson C. J. architect

35 Bell Miss

36 Davis William

37 Roberts Arthur, surgeon

38 Sykes John

39 Nash F. _Kensington Collegiate school_

40 Newton Francis

41 Jones Edward Burn

42 Litt Miss, Ellis Chas. W.

43 Allum Edwin

44 Rogers Mrs

45 Merriman J. Jones

  Merriman & Roberts, surgeons

Kilburn park road, _Edgware road_, _Kilburn_.

1 Crofts R. cowkeeper

3 Smith J. coffee house

5 Robinson G. general shop

7 Mitchell W. J. watchmaker

  Johns H. jun. builder

9 Green T. jun. brush maker

11 Franklin & Atkins, brass wkrs.

13 _Kilburn dispensary_

15 Wallis Robert, carpenter

17 Pretty Daniel

21 Carter Mrs

23 Holloway Thomas

25 Wilkinson Philip

29 Hewett Edward

2 Brown G. baker

4 Toovey R. H.

6 Kempshall Mrs.

8 Solomon Frederick

10 Smith Henry

Kilburn priory, _Edgware road_, _Kilburn_, _W._

1 Wall Thomas S. W.

2 Franks Mrs

3 Wilkinson Mrs.

4 Goodchap G. auctioneer

5 Sheriff J. _Priory lodge_

6 Coke Charles

7 Hawdon John Crozier

8 Finlayson Mrs, & Misses, ladies’ school

  Finlayson J. F. _Priory house_

  Rilot Chas. _Morton house_

  Topham G. Stafford house

9 Sweet George, _South lodge_

10 Mortimer L. E. _Colwood lodge_

11 Maurey Mad, _Adela villa_

13 Coomes Michael

14 Holdsworth Henry

15 Robinson Miss

16 Redhouse Mrs

17 Cafe T. Smith

19 Rennolls William Henry

Priory road, _Kilburn_.

1 Wills Miss

2 Rice T. F.

3 Kennett Edward

4 Chittenden Charles

5 Stevens Arthur J.

6 Deverell Miss

7 Duncan Mrs

8 Mogford John

8 Amner George

10 Robinson —

11 Patrick Mrs

12 Blethyn John

13 Arrowsmith A.

14 Fisher R. G.

15 Nicholls George A.

16 Tatham L. M.

17 Dunlop —

18 Powell F. W.

19 Pereda V.

20 Newby Mrs

21 Lucas Henry W

22 Ogbourne Mrs

23 Daly C.

24 Claridge Charles

25 Nicholas John

26 Beans Edward

27 Curtis Charles

28 Nisbit Harry Curtis

29 Abbott Edwin

30 Dymond Miss & Bowman Miss _Clyde villa_

31 Tyghe Captain

32 Woodfield Mat. _Eve lodge_

33 Michall Walter A.

35 Macbean Miss

36 Annesley Wm. Campbell

37 Burdon Thomas

39 Firmin Henry

40 Warberton Mrs, _Shottesbrook villa_

42 Wadd Mrs

43 Hyde James B.

44 Kilpatrick Rev. R. C.

45 Kilgour William

46 Messenger G. A.

47 Ince Henry William

48 Ellaby E. R.

  _St. Mary’s church_

51 Mosley Geo. surgeon

53 King James

55 Sharp George

57 Catton Mrs

Kilburn square, _Edgware road_, _Kilburn_.

1 Lacey H. photographer

2 Bailey Jonas

3 Langley John William

4 Wood Charles

5 Harpham Mrs

6 Richards —

7 Cuttance J. F. J. M.C.P. coll. school

11 Stanton J. H. R.

15 Wilkey Mrs.

16 White James

17 Hayward William

18 Smallman Mrs

19 Wenden George

20 Pritchard Edward J.

21 Harris Mrs

22 Davey Mrs

23 Lockwood Robert

24 Laidlaw Miss

25 Anderson Robert

26 Muncey Alfred, surveyor

  _St. Paul’s Episcopal chapel_

Kildare gardens, _Kildare terrace_, _Talbot road_, _Westbourne park_.

1 Hannan Benjamin

2 Ward Lieut.-Col. John

3 Roth Mrs

4 Payne Joseph

5 Thurtle Mrs

6 Green Mrs, Henry

7 Page Charles V.

8 Geddes Dr. David

9 Heath Mrs.

10 Gardner John

11 Forbes Mrs.

12 Hewlett Richard

13 Alford Miss

14 Farrant George

15 Gray Miss

16 Hewetson William

17 Clayton Sands

18 Rowlands Christopher

19 Staveley Mrs General

20 Lushington Miss

21 Frosty James

22 Pittmann James

23 Lumley Major

Kildare terrace, _Talbot road_, _Westbourne park_.

1 Doreck Miss

2 Ryan Desmond

3 Clifford Francis William

4 Yard Rev. Geo. B. M.A.

5 King Miss preparatory school

6 Fraser Mrs.

7 Lyall Mrs

8 Jones Mrs

9 Wright Mrs

10 James George Charles

11 Lawrence Thomas

12 Elsey Mrs

13 Norman James Ormond

14 Browne Mrs R.

15 Beale Mrs

16 Watts James

17 Walsh Mrs.

18 Walker John

19 Gordon Thomas Birch

20 Silverside Miss

21 Barker Ernest

23 Baisler Mrs

24 _Annuitants’ home_, Wells Miss

25 Clark Charles

26 Bullock John

27 Harris Miss

28 Powell Frederick Platten

29 Goodlifle Alfred

30 Eccleston Mrs

31 Stone Richard

32 Neil Mrs S.

33 Meadow James

34 Lindsey Hugh Hamilton

35 Andrews Mrs

36 Creser Capt. Thomas R.N.

37 Patton Mrs John

38 Harvey Mrs

39 Houseman Mrs

40 Harrison Mrs

King street east, _Hammersmith_.

1 Field Geo. _Red Cow_

2 Newbone Mrs A. _Elms house_

3 Stoughton Rev. J. _Fair lawn house_

4 Tasker Miss, _Kendal villa_

5 Edwards Thomas

6 Rumbell Joseph W.

7 _The London Laundry Co. limited_, _Corunna house_

8 Elderfield Thos

9 Brown John, surgeon

10 Briggs Edward

11 Jago Mrs, _Tregago House_

12 Smith Samuel J.

  _The Nazareth hospital_

13 Marshall Mrs, fancy repository

14 Croker E. W.

15 Buttle Miss, baby linen warehouse

16 Coleman Stephen

17 Ashby Wm. _Prince of Ws._

18 Slaney Henry

19 Brook Wm. cheesemonger

20 Cooke George

21 Bland Stephen, cutler

22 Wood Mrs

23 White J. B. tailor

24 Calls L.

25 Hockley Geo. tobacconist

26 Fenton Frederick

27 Moody Thos. news agent

28 Newman David

30 Wright Harry

31 Weldon Ralph, _White Hrs._

32 Keysell Henry

33 Parker C. J. fruiterer

34 Vann Henry

35 Smith Mrs, baker

36 Salter Stephen

37 Cooper George

39 Sims Miss, stay maker

40 Osbaldiston John

41 Shorter Thos. E. grocer

42 Button Charles

43 Grigsby R. _Rose & Crown_

44 Barrett Dr. surgeon

45 Mariner Clifford, boot maker

46 Chamberlain Mrs

47 Clark Wm. fishmonger

49 Thurnham Geo. dealer

50 Yeldham S. A.

51 Powell Alfred, cooper

52 Brown and Andrews, surgeon

53 Beale Ann, china dealer

54 Stevens H. G. _Loraine house_

55 and 57 Thurlow H. _Three Jolly Gardeners_

59 Taylor Thos. furniture dealer

60 Mackintosh Geo. florist

61 Leigh Percival _Oak cottage_

62 Smith T. Mosdell _Stanley v._

63 Flanagan C. _Oak house_

64 Earle Geo. _Elm tree lodge_

65 Lake James, _Oak cottage_

66 Chapman Horatio

  _West London Hospital_

67 Smith J. A. builder

68 Penton Charles, carrier

69 Brooks Wm. fruiterer

  _The Latimer school_

70 Goddard Richard

72 Perkins Thos. saw maker

73 Ayres Wm. and Thomas, furniture warehouse

74 Waterman James

75 Whitman Ed. grocer

76 White H. T.

79 Plant Ann, _Wheatsheaf_

81 _London Omnibus Co._

85 Linnett Wm. baker

87 Earle Wm. beer retailer

89 91 and 93 Ayres Wm. & T. silversmiths

95 Woolmore Thos. confectioner

97 Lambe H. watch maker

99 Gomme L. W. surveyor

103 and 105 Jordan T. ironmonger

King street west, _Hammersmith_.

1 Jennings Wm. hat maker

2 Chandler John

3 Fasset Edward, boot maker

4 Thompson John

6 Swinson James, tailor

7 Jones Geo. tobacconist

8 Pickman Wm. fruiterer

9 Green A. ironmonger

10 Walton Hassell and Port oilmen

11 Smith Wm. tinman

13 Prince and Co. grocers

14 Marshall William

15 Brown C. cheesemonger

16 Read Benjamin

17 +19 Durran T. wine merchant

20 Clarke William, dyer

21 Cook Wm. boot maker

22 Ayres Wm. and Thomas

23 Angel Horace, hair dresser

25 Smith G. H. draper

26 Hatch John, music seller

29 _Aerated bread company_

30 Nicklen William

31 _Metropolitan & Provincial bank_, C. H. Lewis, mngr.

32 Alborough James, tailor

33 Bendel J. T. fruiterer

34 Collins J. E. _Lord Raglan_

35 Beavan and Co. grocers

37 Niblet F. jeweller

37½ Brown G. turnery warehouse

38 Raishley J. P. _the Chaise and Horses_

39 Foes T. W. cheesemonger

40 Davis Wm. boot maker

41 Woolmer and Co. grocers

42 Ward James, tobacconist

43 Stephens H. baker

44 Beckett Mark

45 Garrett S. boot maker

46 Jeffery Fred. cheesemonger

47 Sherwood F. clothier

48 Austin and Son

49 Holton B. butcher

50 Pacey Joseph, tailor

51 Wall George, tobacconist

52 Worthington sawing mls.

53 Hannuells, ham shop

54 + 56 Thresher and Son, furniture warehouse

55 Jackson N. watch maker

57 Annis Miss, ladies boot maker

59 Horwood G. T. pork butcher

60 Thresher and Son

61 Bills Wm. boot maker

63 Wheeler J. confectioner

64 Dewsnap Mark, M.D.

65 Meacork G. butcher

67 Pyne W. draper

68 White John

69 Spill S. confectioner

70 Knightly Thos. E. district surveyor

72 Green James H. auctioneer

73 Towsey J. W. fancy repository

74 Warren Josiah

75 Gurney J. boot maker

76 Williams Charles

78 Braithwaite, currier

79 Windebank J. baker

80 Miller R. F. coach builder

81 Rose R. _the Angel tavern_

  Small Page John H. _Bradmore lodge_

  Palk R. H. _Brunswick lge._

82 Butler R. coffee house

83 Wiggins J. cheesemonger

84 + 86 Hunt Byron, ironmonger

85 Minnitt Wm. grocer

88 Stammers M. furniture warehouse

89 Lankaster George, draper

90 Bland Henry, undertaker

91 Keen A. C. jeweller

93 Saul and Co. dyers

94 Nodes John, undertaker

95 and 97 Watts H. R. pawn

96 Bantoft stationer

98 Richards Chas. butcher

99 Taylor Richard, grocer

100 Phillips Susannah, _White Bear_

101 Rossiter H. draper

102 Stidson J. V. tobacconist

103 Gould Abraham, fruiter

104 Hill J. W. china warehouse

105 Lyme Geo. tailor

106 Cole Wm. corn merchant

107 Parker J. surgeon

108 Chandler Thos. beer retailer

109 Parker —, confectioner

110 Sawyer Mrs, butcher

111 Page E. T. stationer

112 East Miss, laundry

113 and 115 Filby Wm. draper

114 Bird Alfred, builder

116 Smee Waller, grocer

117 Clements Chas. tailor

118 Cochrane Chas. baker

119 Newham John, stay maker

120 Selden J. ironmonger

121 Caroline Madame, _Burlington house_

122 Blade Robert, _Plough and Harrow_

123 Lewis and Co. outfitters

124 Ayres Wm. and Thomas furniture warehouse

125 Welch James, greengrocer

126 Herring H. builder

127 Coope J. dyer

128 Stinton H. K. milliner

129 Luff E. R. ham house

130 Stops Wm. farrier

131 Martin James, boot maker

132 Bird Fred. India rubber merchant

133 Bird, farrier

134 Clayton J.

135 Meen H. beer retailer

136 Fords —, academy

137 Sharp Wm. saddler

139 Miller R. F. coach build

140 Foyle John

141 Littleboy I. beer retailer

142 + 144 Wareing John, china warehouse

145 Ayres Wm. and Thomas silversmiths

146 Fog W. N. lead merchant

147 + 149 Walker and Barrett, drapers

150 Denver Ed. pork butcher

151 Miller R. F. coach builder

152 Vine James, upholsterer

153 Pass J. S. auctioneer

154 Brown Isabel, _Salutation_

155 Blennerhassett & Co. chemist

156 Phillips G. draper

157 Seldous, stone warehouse

158 Osmond Saml. butcher

159 Wray James, grocer

160 Wooley John hair dresser

161 Orchard S. music seller

162, 164, & 166 Bing George linen draper

167 Hall C. fishmonger

168 Stinton H. corn merchant

169 Schweigent F. tobacconist

171 Kingston John, draper

173 Neighbour Wm. seedman

175 Wilmot C. ladies outfitter

177 Davies O. oilman

178 Yeoman Fred. metal dealer

179 Parry W. P. chemist

180 Longley Ed. upholsterer

181 Elyles Silas, undertaker

183 Elyles E. hatter

184 Balfern W. and J., dyers

185 Thomas G. boot maker

186 Trenaman, picture frame and looking glass maker

187 Brown J. carrier

188 Longley Ed.

189 Francis J. metal warehouse

191 Jarvis J. tailor

192 Davey R. H. grocer

194 Crooks J. machinist

195 Ayres Wm. and T. tailor

196 Bulled James, cooper

197 Rainbow E. furniture warehouse

198 Prince G. watch maker

199 Cook C. farrier

  Dentry —, maltster

200 Langdon Geo. hat maker

201 Welch C. fruiterer

202 Frog W. stationer

203 Johnson H. tobacconist

204 Otridge Miss, milliner

205 Smith Jas. carpenter

206 Vine Jas. Jun. china and glass warehouse

207 Seale J.

209 Smith J. J. baker

210 Puddy G. boot maker

211 Keen Jas. fruiterer

212 Farrant C. chemist

213 White Mrs, basket maker

214 Maishman F. boot maker

215 Smith Mrs

216 Jennings E. cheesemonger

217 Moody Mrs

218 Barge H. R. tailor

219 Frowd E. pork butcher

220 Windsor R. B. confectioner

222 Greig, fancy repository

223 Wadsworth J. M. butcher

224 Winter J. watch maker

225 Jenkins Mrs, _Hampshire Hog_

226 Oliver H. grainer

228 + 230 Jarvis Geo. draper

232 Barter H. fruiterer

234 Cooper A. stationer

236 Jackson W. undertaker

  _Baptist Church & School_

240 Ranford W. builder

242 White J. C. grainer

244 and 246 Dowel, builder

248 Hamilton W. bookseller

250 Bunce Bros. drapers

252 Wilson and Son, grocers

254 Pewtress, fancy repository

256 Holmes, chemist

258 Ritter C. confectioner


  Jackson T. toy warehouse

  Saunders J. west end dairy

  Atkins J. livery stables

  Steel D. C. _Buhl house_


1 Moden Mrs, milliner

2 Crow G. D. tobacconist

3 Pieroth C. toy warehouse

  Prince W. _Ravenscourt Arms_

  Keyes C. plumber

King street, _High street_, _Kensington_.

1 Wright Chas. fishmonger

2 Baxter Benj. boot maker

3 Simpson Joseph, house painter

1 Taylor Mrs, wardrobe dealer

2 Groom Miss, dress maker

4 Robins W. bricklayer

5 Wigmore W. bricklayer

6 Johnson P. and M. carriers

7 Hooke R. boot maker

8 Green T.

9 Doust Wm. Jas. tailor

12 Hurley Mrs, marine stores

13 Stockman Mrs, general shop

14 Lunn F. W. dairyman

15 Hardy Thos. beer retailer

16 Wood Geo. marine stores

17 Wright Chas. greengrocer

18 Cable Richard, boot maker

19 Francis Geo. chimney sweep

21 Dove John, hair dresser

21 Sabine Mrs, marine stores

Ladbroke crescent, _Ladbroke grove_, _Notting hill_.

1_a_ Toulson R. K. auctioneer

1 Hooper Frederick

2 Roberts Mrs

3 Sothern Capt.

4 Rangecroft Miss

6 Derenzy Major

7 Powell Mrs

8 Goldschmidt Louis

9 Faires John

10 Lumley John

11 Moses Mrs

12 Morley J.

13 Nash Miss M.

14 Yates Miss

15 Allender George Mander

16 Phipps Mrs

17 Dearberg J. F. D.

18 Edmonds Henry

19 Holdsworth Philip

20 Michell James

21 Mylins Capt. Fred. James

22 Waters Capt. T. J.

23 Smith George

24 Miller, Sir Thomas

Ladbroke gardens, _Ladbroke grove_, _Notting hill_.

1 Perston Andrew

2 Crawford Ninian

3 Parker S. T.

6 Halkett Colonel

8 Sloane John

9 Beriro H.

10 Punch James

11 Torr John

12 Fielding Augustine

13 Brown John junior

14 Michelly Mauritz

15 Twentyman William H., J.P., F.R.S.

16 Hunter Lieut.-Col. W.

17 Bell H.

18 + 19 Lendrum Rev. Alexan. _St. Margaret’s College_

20 Serena Leon

21 Lewis Miss, _Addison college for ladies_

22 Hubbard Dr. surgeon

34 Stokes Miss, ladies school

35 _The London Surgical Home_

Ladbroke Grove, _Notting hill terrace_, _Notting hill_.

1 Gray John, nurseryman

1 and 2 Forster G. brush maker

3 Quelch Miss fancy repository

4 Thurston J. W. baker

5 Millard J. grocer

6 Fisher S. livery stables

  Hooke R. boot maker

7 Reynolds T. stationer

  _Post and Money Order Office and Savings Bank_

8 Robinson Richard fruiter

10 Cosway E. C. chemist

Ladbroke place east, _Ladbroke grove_, _Notting hill_, _W._

1 Clarke J. O. _Kensington park school_

2 Heath H.

3 Crewe George

4 Donovan Miss, ladies’ school, _Oxford cottage_

5 Goodger Mrs.

6 Holman Captain

7 Millis Francis

8 Millard Joseph

9 Plunkett Michael

10 Green James

Ladbroke place west, _Ladbroke grove_, _Notting hill_.

1 Legrew Miss

2 Prescott Mrs

3 Evans Miss

  Phillips Mrs

4 Smith John Godwin

5 Watkin Miss

6 Gregson Misses _Elgin college for ladies_

7 Dickson William

8 Lewis, Rev. William G.

Ladbroke road, _Ladbroke terrace_, _Notting hill_.

1 Vale George, undertaker

2 Cockburn, T. upholsterer

3 Rush J. W. butcher

4 Edgson J. fruiterer


1 Whiteman Mrs

2 Crouch, Dr.

3 Biggs James

4 Woollett Miss

5 Williams George, dentist

6 Mounsey E. S.

7 Linton John

8 Otway H. C.

9 Mayers W. S.


1 Butt George

2 Curchin Mrs

3 Earrishaw George

4 Barton Henry

5 Burgoyne J. R. auctioneer

8 Evans George

9 Cooke William

10 Thompson Mrs

11 North Mrs

12 Hobson Mrs

13 Spencer Mrs

14 Lukyn Miss

15 Warrington Mrs


1 Freeman Charles

2 Cockerton Andrew

3 Wheeler Mrs

  _The Fire Engine Station_.

  Best J. tailor

  Keeling W. boot maker

  Brumbridge G. B dairyman

  Johnson Raymond G.


  _Police Station_

  Drew George, timber merchant

  Cole Wm. _Ladbroke Arms_


1 Herbert Alfred

2 Fraser George

3 Taylor Alfred

4 Scovell Mrs

5 Latham John

6 Cox Mrs

  Roberts _Victor house_

  Reeves John, _Acacia villa_, _Ladbroke Nursery_

  Montague J. _Aspen villa_

  Shaw Mrs _Wantage house_

  De St. Croix Walpole

  _Horbury house_


2 Robinson Capt. Luke

3 Steel James

4 Whitehouse W. H.

5 Leonard Mrs

  _The Horbury Chapel and Schools_.

Ladbroke square, _Ladbroke grove_, _Notting hill_.

1 Bartlett Wm. surgeon, F.R.S. _Ladbroke lodge_

2 Huggins Mrs. Edward

3 Liggans Henry

4 Blumberg, George Fredk.

5 Rudd Henry

6 Bathurst Thomas H. D.

7 Cracknell Stephen

8 Hanrott Philip A.

9 Ker Lady Selina

  Anketell Matthew & Mrs

10 Kirkman Joseph

11 Priestly Robert

12 D’Estere Robert

13 Firman Philip

14 Maclure Andrew

15 Joske Paul

16 Willis Frederick

17 Firman Philip Smith

18 Dennett Charles F.

19 Pinches Edward Ewin

20 Rendall Mrs

21 Melladew Thomas

22 Hall Michael

23 Wright Edward

24 Hoppe Henry solicitor

25 MacRae Ivie Hare

26 MacLean Misses

27 O’Brian Wm. serjeant at law

28 Ashley W. H. M.D.

29 Tomkins B.

  Tomkins A. S.

30 Oliver James

31 Boileau General J. T.

32 Child Robert John

33 Berkeley C.

34 Fowler Charles

35 Beddoc James

36 Bullock James

37 Innes T. W.

38 Mander Hen. Waterland

39 Otley R. B.

40 Burnes Mrs

41 White General G. W.

43 Gibbs Charles

44 Penfold Miss

45 Gilbert John

40 Lewis Miss

47 Frost Charles M. surgeon

Ladbroke terrace, _Notting hill terrace_, _Notting hill_.

1 Hedger Mrs

2 Battam John

4 Patrick William

5 Cooke Nathaniel F.R.G.S.

6 Farrance Mrs

7 Ullathorne G. _Bloomfield lodge_

8 Green Robt. _Milton lodge_

11 Bourne Alfred, _Resington lodge_

12 Johnstone J. B. _Hall bank_

13 Benson J. W. _Burlington house_

14 Barthropp Miss

15 Bennett John Thomas

10 Woollan Benj. M. acct.

Ladbroke terrace mews, _Ladbroke terrace_, _Notting hill_.

  Hancock J. livery stables

  Jory —, carpenter

  Mallison W. T. fishmonger

  Fox T. chimney sweep

Ladbroke villas, _Ladbroke grove_, _Notting hill_.

  Fortune T. _Monmouth house_

  Hyde J. G. _Blandford house_

1 Feversham Mrs M.

2 Lascelles Mrs

3 Bartley Mrs W. A.

4 Bones Christopher

5 Weld Wm. W. surgeon

6 Smith Robert

7 Craik Alexander Scott solicitor

8 Ames Mrs

9 Dobinson George James

10 Evans George A. F.

11 Winslow Miss

12 Walker George

14 English Charles

15 Davenport Lady

16 Spencer T. B.

17 Macgregor Mrs

19 Coghlan Charles

20 Law Robert

21 Campbell John

22 Moore Mrs

Lanark place, _Clifton road_, _Maida hill_.

1_a_ Rashleigh Chas, stationer

2 Read Robt. marine stores

3 Gibson Geo. beer retailer

  Setford Charles greengrocer

  Petit Charles oilman

  Barber C. hatter

  Coleman C. general shop

  Povey F. boot maker

  Bayes P. horse dealer

  Prutton J. chimney sweep

  Pessell W. coffee house

Lanark villas, _Clifton road_, _Maida vale_.

1 Churchhill Richard

2 Calf William

3 Taylor Thomas

4 Darlington Henry

5 Benrimo Miss Julia

6 Gordon Mrs

7 Simmonds George

8 Sinclair Mrs

9 Ward Mrs

10 Rigg Joseph

11 Fogg Mrs

12 Woodard Joseph

13 Fryer Christopher

14 Tutton Mrs

15 Burfield Mrs

16 Holmes John

18 Guthrie James

19 Williams Mrs

20 Healey Thomas

21 Armer Charles

22 Bill Henry

23 Donagan Richard

25 Cole Miss

26 Morgan Mrs

27 Wallace Mrs

28 Ellard Mrs

29 Clarke Mrs

30 Kirby Edmund

31 Lawrence Henry

32 Watson Charles

Lancaster gate, _Upper Hyde park gardens_, _Hyde park_.

1 Savory and Moore, chemists

2 Cunliffe John

3 Tonge George

4 Pye William

5 White Henry

6 Bullock Archibald

7 Blomfield Rev. Frederick

8 Angus Robert

10 Harrison Frederick

11 Nelson Henry

13 Robertson Henry

14 Remington Reginald F.

15 Fraser Charles

17 Campbell Mrs

18 Goolden Joseph

19 Stevenson Leader Case

20 Bravo Joseph

21 Elliott William Henry

22 Hunt Joan

23 Pugh Joseph

24 Gibson Sir James Bowen K.C.B.

25 Wentworth W. C.

26 Rayner James

27 Russell Francis W. M.P.

28 Henderson George

30 Grant Sir Hope

32 McPherson William

45 Rendal Stewart

46 Cumberbatch Arthur

47 Chitty Thomas

48 Petrocachino Demetrius

49 Parker K. S.

50 Ewart Col. David

51 Fleming Thomas Willis

52 Rougemont Dennis Alon

53 Maule Hon. Mrs

54 Rangel Keffim

55 Murdoch William

56 Marshall James

57 Currie, John Malcolm

59 Raphael John

61 Davison John

63 Hogg William

64 Bingham John

66 Rollo Lord

67 O’Connor William S.

68 Boord Joseph

69 Bright Sir Charles T.

70 Alexander Thomas

71 Cardwell Thomas

72 Stephenson Sir Roland

73 Sanders Richard

74 Walkinshaw William

75 Westbury Lord

76 Courtauld Samuel

77 Henderson Charles P.

78 Brown John Wyld

79 Powell Walter

80 Searight James

81 Casnoff Henry

82 & 83 Fleming John

84 McKenna Joseph N.

86 Busk Joseph

92 Stewart Charles Paton

93 Ralli E.

96 Barrett Alex.

97 Liezordi J. L.

98 Moses Edward

99 Parbury Frederick

100 Lloyd John Horatio

101 Bonhote John S.

102 Stewart Charles Edw.

  Stewart Mary Beattie

  _Christ Church_

104 Wheen —

105 Baumbach —

Lancaster road, _Portobello road_.

1 Mends Captain G. _Gerston villa_

2 Polford George C. _Montague villa_

4 Tupp John _Cromwell lodge_

5 Wheeler Edward

7 Browne G. _Clifton lodge_

8 Farenden Mrs

9 Crockford Mrs

10_a_ Ryan Martin _Tavistock lodge_

  Scott C. auctioneer _Tavistock villa_

  Bennett Edward builder, _Tavistock villas_

10 York Frederick photographer, _Alfred villa_

11 Woodin Mrs

12 D’Albere Madame

13 Richards J. G. solicitor

14 Bennett John builder

15 James John

16_a_ Bristow Robert A.

  Greenfield H. _Alpha house_

  Owers Oscar F. auctioneer, _Alpha house_

16 Sage Jeremiah

17 Holt John

18 Telfer Joseph

19 Bertolacci North

20 Valentine William

21 Ives John

  Brookman Alfred _Howard villa_

13 Owers Oscar Fitzallen _Tintern villa_

12 Jones M. _Darowen villa_

10 Warner William Robert, _Orchard villa_

9 Austin Anthony

3 Whitchurch James _Lancaster house_

4 Emmens Thomas Henry

7 Francis Thomas Henry

8 Phillips John Richardson, _Adolph villa_

1 Passey Henry _Lancaster villa_

Lancaster Terrace.

1_a_ Edward Morton

1 Miller Joseph builder

2 Tester John school _Sutton house_

3 Read Miss ladies school

4 Salter Edward

5 Dunn Joseph

6 Baker Miss

Lancaster road west, _Portobello road_.

Martin Joseph _The Lancaster_

1 Dickinson Abel baker

2 Evans Mrs coffee house

3 Johnson William draper

4 Sharpe Frederick grocer


1 Murray Henry grocer

2 Marchant H. pawnbroker

  _St. Andrew’s Church_

  Bartle J. & Co. iron and brass founders

Lancaster road east, _St. Luke’s road_, _Cornwall road_, _Westbourne

7 Rawlinson Mrs

2 Foale William builder

4 Mauss Theodore _Lancaster house_

6 Davies Thomas

8 Johnson Mrs

  Ashley E. _The Apollo_

Lancaster street, _Gloucester terrace_, _Hyde park_.

2 Leon Mrs

3 Finney William

4 Eardley Lady

  Magee James

6 Wood Mrs

7 Thompson William

8 Cunningham Mrs

Lansdowne road, _Notting hill_, _between Grove terrace and Boyne

1 Ward Edw. Matthew R.A. _Kent villa_

3 Janion Miss _Harold home_

5 Lethem M. _Clyde villa_

7 Barker Miss

9 Hodgkinson Sampson

11 Combe Mrs

13 Chamberlain John

15 Hicks Miss

17 Barber William

19 Ravenscroft W. H.

21 Evans G. H. E.

23 Allardice David

25 Allnutt Mrs

27 Green Reuben

29 Gilby Mrs

31 Robertson Capt. D. R.N.

33 Todd Charles J.

35 Butler Edward

37 Jaquier Mrs _Moreton villas_

39 Starkey F. S. _Moreton villas_

41 Cargill Francis Alfred

43 Woodman Henry

45 Taylor Robert

49 Longstaff Miss

51 Westendarp Charles

53 Loyes John

55 Whitford Edward

57 Stewart George

59 Crockett Edwin A. B.

61 Brown Mrs

63 King Edward H.

67 Bennett Mrs

69 Latham Francis Law

71 Maclaren George

73 Welch William James

75 Wilkinson Rev. Thomas

79 Berridge Thomas

83 Logan Thomas

85 Gush Frederick

87 Darbourn Mrs

89 Brown George

91 Bullock F. R.

93 Mitchell C. D.

95 Green Mrs

97 Bell Robert

99 Baker John

101 Vigevena Mrs, W.

103 Emanuel Mrs

105 Doris Edmund

107 Duval —

109 Hutchinson Mrs

111 Mainwaring Capt. Edw.

113 Reading William

115 Beech William

117 Robertson Misses

119 Krause Dr. _West London College_

121 Coles Mrs

123 Nasmith Miss

  Bartholomew Wm. _Lansdowne house_

2 Bodman L. R.

4 Hall Mrs

6 Mayo Mrs

8 Duncan Mrs

10 Daviniere Lieut.-Col.

12 Battam John

14 Petrie Capt. M. F.R.G.S. _Hanover lodge_

16 Tabor Henry Samuel

18 Markland Miss

22 Daniel Thomas

24 Robson George

26 Francatelli Francis A.

28 White Frederick T.

30 Shorland Miss

32 Walker John

34 Bonham Capt. Charles

36 Buckland E. C. F.R.G.S.

38 Rudd Richard

42 Wright Arthur James

44 Sinclair Mrs, W. _Argyll villa_

46 Sang Wm. _Tuscany villa_

48 Dowson Mrs

50 Lobley James L. F.G.S. _Clifton villa_

52 Taylor Mrs _Norfolk villa_

54 Robertson Capt. William _Osborne villa_

56 Gollan John George _Venetia villa_

58 Ludlam Mrs

60 Willates Wm. J. _Myrtle villa_

62 Davis Wm. _Ross villa_

64 Geddes Mrs

66 Bowker Thomas

70 Shackel Miss

72 Smith H. C.

74 Du Faur Mrs

76 Dancer Miss

78 Lapworth James

80 Johnston James

82 Reid Herbert Lloyd

84 Mackay Ms

86 Chope Thomas

  Chope Miss

88 Cummings Mrs

90 Barnard Mrs William

92 Hull C. H.

94 Lee Mrs Thomas

96 Knowles Richard

98 Sola Mrs

100 Stock Edward Wood

102 Thornbury William

104 Campbell Archibald M.D.

  Nash Edward surgeon, _Royston lodge_

Lansdowne crescent, _Ladbroke grove_, _Notting hill_.

  _St. John’s Church_.

1 Gell, Rev. J. P. M.A. _St. John’s lodge_

2 Ellis Robert

3 Banbury Mrs

4 Barnett Edward

5 Armstrong John Edward

6 Hodges Miss Caroline

7 Field Miss

9 Page Mrs

10 Keed J. William

11 Daniel H. M.

12 Cooke George Frederick

13 Rangel F. A.

14 Rigby William

15 Finlayson John

16 Greenaway Edward

17 Walcott Stephen

18 Simpson John _Lansdowne lodge_

19 Saltwell William Henry

21 Hawkesley James Wilson

22 Durham Capt. R. B.

23 Young John

24 Godfrey J. R. Rice

25 Swift William B.

20 Hilton Mrs, C. A.

27 Dowling Thomas

28 Mather Thomas

29 West Miss

31 Gould Charles

32 Wansey Henry

33 Joyce Charles

34 Weech R. W. H.

35 Judd Major William

37 Gwilliam George

38 Wyllie Lieut.-Gen. Sir William C.B.

39 Acland William

40 Leighton Mrs, Blair

  Tippets Thos. _Shelburne lodge_

  Oldry Robert _Canonteign house_

Lansdowne terrace, _Earl street_, _Kensington road_, _Kensington_.

1 Protheroe John E. surgeon M.D.

2 Allaway Mrs

3 Boyd Miss

4 Warrene Miss

5 Payne Mrs

6 Warnington Charles

7 Farebrother Miss

8 France Mrs

9 Knight William

10 Rowe —

  Rowe Mrs ladies school

Lansdowne terrace, _Ladbroke grove_, _Notting hill_.

1 Baskett, Thos. _Kensington park house_

2 Edgell Rev. Wyatt

3 Ward Miss Julia

4 Woodhouse James P.

5 Turner Frederick

6 Owen James A.

7 Wilson Anthony

8 Eykyn Thomas

9 Vigne John

10 Mollison A. F. F.R.G.S.

11 Jacombe Thomas

12 Souby Mrs

13 Cherrell Sydney

  _St. John’s Church_

Lansdowne terrace, _Upper Ladbroke grove_, _Notting hill_.

1 Mello John Arnold

2 Wheatherbey James

3 Green Henry

4 Bosswood Miss

5 Renton John Frederick

6 Brand Mrs

7 Binnie A.

Lavender place, _Bayswater road_.

  Burn Peter Gardiner _Lavender cottages_

  Hubbarde Thomas _The cottage_

  Nixon Arthur _Lavender house_

9 Gaynor F. T. carpenter

11 Spud Geo. _livery stables_

Leamington road villas, _Cornwall road_, _Westbourne park_.

1 Jackson Arthur

2 Peat Mrs

3 Gibson Miss

4 Myers Sydney

5 Hanson James

6 Hamilton Mrs

7 Clark —

9 Herold Frank

10 Rawstone Col.

11 Rothery Miss

12 Blades Rowland Hill

13 Desborough Samuel

14 Cole Mrs

15 Postlethwaite James

16 Hopps William George

17 Robinson James

18 Greenbank Richard

  Robinson James

19 Prichard Mrs

20 Madden Frederick

22 Hutchinson John

23 Larkins Lambert

24 Slade William

25 Hyam Ellis

26 Keeping Mrs

27 Scott Charles

28 Farow Alfred

29 Lewis Augustus

30 Lewis John

31 Cox Walter

32 Philip George

33 Moul Victor

34 Sutton John

36 Gordon Mrs

37 Whitehead Mrs

39 Measor Edward

40 Lampin Thomas

41 Downie Mrs

42 Jenkins Mrs

43 Hubbard Charles

44 Seban Leon

45 Fife Mrs

46 Tilche Ely

47 Buchheim C. Adolphus

48 Stuart Rev. Charles

49 Cousitt Augustus

50 Hall Richard

62 Forest Rev. Robert

Ledbury road, _Pembridge villa_, _Bayswater_.

1 Dale G. Cornelius M.D. F.R.G.S., L.S.A.

3 Woods David

4 Parker —

7 Hill Robert

9 Fennah Thomas

11 Campfield Henry

13 Reed Mrs

15 Butler Mrs W.

17 Pinkham Miss J.

19 Curryer William

21 Stevens J.

23 Mann Henry

25 Robson Miss

27 Mucklow Mrs

31 Burkenyoung Miss

33 Hutchings David

35 Henshall Josiah

39 Taylor Horatio chemist _Post Office_

41 Burrough J. cheesemonger

43 Snook John builder

45 Cripps William

47 Steines J. B. _Pembridge Castle_

49 Caplin S. fruiterer

51 Browett Edward butcher

53 Lumby Bralley Saddler

55 Harvey Isaac stationer

57 White James boot maker

59 Jones John fruiterer

61 Hughes B. glass china warehouse

63 Nunn Charles tobacconist

65 Hammond G. butcher

67 Pyett Mrs fishmonger

69 Telfer Robert baker

71 Rose Joseph grocer

73 Olney Frederick butcher

75 Garwood C. fruiterer

77 Clemens Mrs, baby linen warehouse

79 Fowler George

81 Payne Henry fruiterer

83 Wicks B. dairyman

85 Alcock Frederick oilman

87 Myers Mrs

89 Johnson William

91 Eade Charles

93 Ulrich Miss ladies’ school

95 Ingleson Edwin

99 Pearce C. W. surgeon

101 Belinfante David

103 Carter James architect

105 Cook William

107 Davies Thomas

109 Rogers Mrs

111 Weldon Mrs

113 Law & Smith dress makers

115 Turner Edward

119 Browning Mrs fancy repository

121 Lamberth I. ironmonger

123 Spanbridge Thomas

127 Bartlett Charles _Cornwall Hotel_

129 Heal Samuel

131 Heal Richard

135 Williams A. B. C. artist

137 Dean John

139 Ross Mrs

141 Stephen Mrs J. B.

143 Kinsey William

145 Ellard Mrs

147 Bray Mrs

149 Cass John

151 King Charles John

153 Turpin Thomas

155 Hemming John

159 Turner Mrs

161 Smith H.

2 Pitman Edward L.C.P.

4 Tailor Mrs

6 Dunford C. W.

8 Webb Mrs

10 Loader Mrs

12 MacTavish Peter

16 Tarleton Mrs

18 Currie —

20 Lukie Miss _Norbiton house_

22 Bontem Col. John

24 Hughes Richard Deacon

26 White Stephen

28 Griffiths Mrs

30 Shannon Frederick

32 Balding Joseph D. tea & wine merchant

34 Saunders Edwin builder

36 Taylor A. glass warehouse

38 Liddiard G. dairyman

40 Smith W. J. _Ledbury Arms_

42 Chambers E. S. grocer

44 Rowley J. & H. pawnbrokers

46 Cook G. carver and gilder

48 Dodd David dairyman

50 Loader Thomas boot maker

52 Day Roland L. saddler

54 Bacon J. corn merchant

56 Crump Henry grocer

68 Leabon G. _Walmer Castle_

90 Sennett H. O. cheesemonger

62 Addison Joseph draper

62 Lowe T. dining rooms

66 Putt T. smth. & gas fitter

68 Gow David baker

70 Addison Joseph

72 Newton Henry

74 Cowie James

76 Chapman L.

78 Wood Joseph

80 Long George

82 Force Edward

84 Sibley Mrs E. R.

86 Parkinson Mrs

88 Downard —

90 Lovell Mrs

92 Carbery Mrs

94 Carrick Mrs

98 Scarsbrook Thomas

100 Shires John

102 Howarth James

104 Bullivant Thomas

106 Keeby William

108 Beasly Benjamin

110 Belingfante B.

112 and 114 Davies Mrs

Leinster gardens, _Cleveland square_, _Bayswater_.

1 Dimond Charles John

2 Barnet George

3 Williams Joshua

4 Garnier Lady C.

5 Anderson H. L.

6 Boodle H. M

8 Jones William Samuel

9 Simpson Gen. David

10 Hessey Rev. Dr. J. A. D.C.L.

11 Ziffo Luke George

13 Smith John Owen

14 Isaacson John sol.

15 Roe William Hamilton

16 Stephens William

17 Hitchcock H. W.

18 Sevastopulo M. A.

19 Baxter Richard

20 Taylor John

21 Hegan John

22 White Arnold

23 Chance George

24 Mackay T. M.

25 Goldsmid Yates

26 Haggard Henry

29 Stuart Major G. F.

30 Pixley Stewart

31 Wood Rev. Richard, B.D.

32 Dunbar Alexander

33 Lefroy T. E. P.

Leinster square, _Hereford road_, _Westbourne grove_, _Bayswater_.

1 Markwick A. physician F.R.C.S.

2 Miller Mrs

3 Hughes Richard Robert

4 Kennedy Benjamin F.L.S.

5 Morrison James

6 Wheeler William

8 Pestongee Setna

9 Beamish William

10 Whitcombe Mrs

11 Coles John

12 Bolt Mrs

13 Reed Miss

14 Kidd Misses, ladies school

15 Harrison John

16 Jenkins Miss ladies school

17 Sheward George

18 Hudson John

19 Wilkins Robert Francis

21 Demorney Alfred

22 Rola Vincent

23 Carpenter Mrs R. C.

25 Hayward Mrs

26 Henniker Aldborough

27 Phillips Richard, surgeon

28 Davies Elias

29 Dick William Grame

30 Schloss Solomon

31 Miller Serjeant Robert

32 Stileman Richard

33 Tinker Capt. Edward G.

34 Kidson William

35 Oxenham Hugh

36 Brougham James R.

37 St. Barbe John

38 Wilkins George D.

39 Riley Charles

41 Hindley Mrs

42 Prentice Samuel

44 Salomons Mrs

45 Joachim Henry

46 Escudier Stephen

47 Davidson Mrs

48 Levy Lawrence

48 Levy Misses

50 Huntley Capt. R. B.

52 Hawker Francis Alfred

53 Metcalfe Robert

54 Godefor Solomon H.

55 Williamson Henry

56 Wedd Mrs

57 Smith Robert surgeon

58 Miller Mrs

59 Rudd Henry

61 Meymott John Clarke

62 Lindo Miss

63 Desborough Lawrence

64 Wright Mrs

Leinster street, _Cleveland square_, _Bayswater_.

2 Woolmer W. J. grocer

3 Hambridge H. glove maker

4 Goodman T. butcher

5 Stobie Wm. fruiterer

6 Lethbridge W. H. builder

7 New John tailor

8 Clarke J. W. hair cutter

9 Hull W. pianoforte maker

10 Smith W. dairyman

11 Seamer J. boot maker

12 Reeves J. coal dealer

13 Sawyer Richard George

14 Wells J. saddler

15 Adams Mrs

  Monty T. job master

20 State Mrs, tobacconist

20_a_ Simpson John tailor

Leinster terrace, _Lancaster gate_, _Hyde park_.

2 Franklin Ellis A.

3 Gordon Mrs

4 Marter Rev. Richard

5 Richards Mrs

6 Clarke William Henry

7 Prescott Sir Adam H. L.C.B.

9 Hyam Lawrence

10 Ellery Mrs

11 Gordon William

12 Eastwick Captain W. J. F.R.G.S.

13 Shand Hugh Morton

15 Stutfield Wm. F.R.G.S.

16 Ward Thomas Poole

17 Mavrogordate Antonio

18 Sinclair Mrs, _Scotch Stores_

19_a_ Lawson R. ironmonger

19 Raynard Wm. grocer

20 Turner Wm. butcher

21 Stevens S. & Son fruitrs.

22 Elphick Edward, bookseller stationer, _Post Office_

23 Andrews Fred. chemist

24 Martin Miss ladies’ linen warehouse

25 Foxley Frederick builder

29 Nash Swan ironmonger

30 Herbert W. upholsterer

31 Walker J. B. draper

32 Manning C. fruiterer

33 Fowler W. dairyman

34 Lowry F. cheesemonger

Leonard place, _Kensington road_, _Kensington_.

1 Jacobs Henry

2 Johnson Mrs

3 Davis John E.

4 Parker James

6 Constable John

7 De Castro Percival

8 Barlow Mrs Pratt

9 Williams H. L. M.D.

10 De Castro Henry

11 Plumb Robert

12 Deacon Admiral Edward

14 Lee Mrs _Rockbere house_

15 Pollett T. photographer

16 Pearson James

Lime grove, _Uxbridge road_, _Shepherd’s bush_.


1 Hearn Robert John

2 Smallman Mrs

1 Wills H. _Bryanston villa_

2 Ogilvie Alex, surgeon

3 Smith William

4 Billinge George Thomas

Linden grove, _High street_, _Notting hill_.

Marriott Misses _Hermitage house_

4 Gray J. E.

5 Callaghan Mrs

6 Adams William

7 Matthew Frank

8 Creswick Thomas R.A.

Little Sussex place, _Hyde park square_.

Dixson H. _Victoria Hotel_

1 Turner T. G. fishmonger

2 Steele Alfred grocer

3 Green Thomas butcher

3_a_ Gahagan H. boot maker

4 Jolly J. butterman &c.

5 Jennings G. dairyman

6 Hill Samuel fruiterer

7 Rhind Mrs stationer _Post Office_

8 Donaldson Thomas baker

London street, _Norfolk square_, _Paddington_.

4 Bacon Miss

5 Owers Thomas painter

7 Martin Alfred tailor

8 Heddon John _Weston Counties Hotel_

9 Steverson James baker

10 Lapworth C. hosier &c.

11 Diepenheam M. _London Coffee House_

12 Cawdwell George chemist

13 Holt G. fancy repository

14 Hughes Pryce grocer

15 Hickman W. C. dairyman

16 Hales Mrs butcher

17 Parkes John smith &c.

18 Partridge J. F. fruiterer

19 Hostellet V. L. hair dresser

20 Watkins J. watch maker

21 Cheese B. _Sussex Hotel_

22 Stephens H. music and pianoforte warehouse

  Renninson J. job master

23 Hudson G. H. _Bath and Cheltenham Hotel_

24 _Norfolk Square Hotel Co. limited_, Lyon H.

25 Frossell William

26 Winter Silas stationer

27 Brawn Wm. hair dresser

Lonsdale place, _Albert terrace_, _Notting hill_.

1 Manchester H. bootmaker

2 Rodwell John baker

3 Mills George _The Sun in Splendour_

4 Kelly Mrs, grocer

5 Page Wm. blind maker

6 Ryan Martin fruiterer

Lonsdale road, _Ledbury road_, _Bayswater_.

1 Smith F. dining rooms

3 Warren D. hair dresser

5 Ball Charles

7 Cull Mrs

9 Burrell Joseph

11 Bourke J. marine store dealer

13 Sergeant James

15 Plews John

17 Pope Mrs

21 Sutton Samuel plumber

23 Coleman George

25 Bishop Richard

29 Garraway Charles

33 Dredge Charles

35 Wooddy Henry

37 Burridge Abrom

39 Crabb Frederick

41 Poole Mrs

43 Frost Matthew boot maker

45 Clarke Henry fruiterer

47 Hawkins R. butcher

49 Beaumont James grocer

51 Hudson John cheeseman

53 Newbold F. stationer

  Davey J. _Havelock cottage_

2 Hiscock William

4 Ring Richard

6 Dearling Mrs

8 Reading Stephen

10 Le Grys John

12 Porter James

14 Edwards W.

16 Brown George

18 Bailey Mrs

20 Newton John

22 Butler Charles

24 Clews William

26 Brine Thomas

28 Edney M. A. laundress

30 Hancock Wm. laundry

32 Thorpe Thomas

34 Thornton John

36 Meade George gardener

38 Rogers James

40 Sharrott William

42 Burgess J. fruiterer

44 Britton James wood turner

46 Storey Thomas grocer

48 Masterman Albert _Bolton Abbey_

50 Hills Charles baker

Loudon villas, _Davenport road_, _New road_, _Hammersmith_.

1 Caudory Charles

3 Harding H.

6 Purcell Albert

10 Garden Felix

13 Standridge William

17 Burlent Rev. William

18 Gilmour Mrs

19 May E.

24 Stalkartt Mrs

25 Woodroffe Joseph

27 Scott Rienard

33 Anderson Miss

34 Langridge Charles James

35 Moon Mrs

Lower Phillimore place, _Kensington road_, _Kensington_.

1 Wade T. & Son stationers

2 Orchard John optician

6 Johns J. F. ironmonger

7 Elkin C. J. builder

8 Potbury & Pater tailors

9 Winter H. S. stationer

10 Sheppeard J. brush maker

11 Carter John

12 Swindley John

13 Hagger Miss

14 Miller John Spittall

15 Samson Augustus

16 Ellis Alfred

17 Good John S., dentist

18 Bentham Mrs

19 Martin Frederick M.D.

20 Godfrey Mrs

21 Loyed Thomas wine and spirit merchant

22 Chesterton Arthur auctioneer and estate agent

23 Edwards John

24 Tatton Walter solicitor

25 Lines John

26 Hodgkinson Henry

27 Morgan Miss

28 Dixon James Wild

29 Crawford Charles

30 Smith Towers surgeon

31 Turner James W. surgeon

Lower Porchester street, _Cambridge square_, _Hyde park_.

1 Hall R. _Hope Tavern_

2 Dunning J. corn dealer

3 Parry T. dairyman

4 Bygrave Wm. tailor

5 Davies W. H. grocer

6 Edgar George stationer

7 Fairy T. cheesemonger

8 Adams Isaac butcher

9 Cox Mrs, fruiterer

10 Dickson W. G. builder decorator

11 Perry W. B. boot maker

12 Fuller Mrs, Italian warehouse

13 Vickers William tailor

Lower terrace, _Notting hill_.

1 Claydon T. _Castle Tavern_

  Sergeant J. watch maker

  Gentry & Gilbert fruiters

2 Norrish George chemist

3 Weatherly A. tobacconist

4 Payne Henry draper

5 Harbrige Mrs, china dealer

  Jones James blind maker

6 Burgess Miss fancy repository

7 Beeston Ellen milliner

8 Kent Edmund brush maker

Lyon place, _Maida hill_.

1 Glass Mrs

2 Price Mrs, dress maker

3 Price Thomas David

4 Cross D. & Son builders

Lyon terrace, _Maida hill_.

1 Ring Miss ladies school

3 David Thomas

4 Wright A. W. dentist

5 Coutts George

6 Cranfield Walter

7 Stevens T. house agent

8 Ward William architect

9 Butt Edward

10 Donne J. M. surgeon

11 Bowring George dyer

12 Berry William

13 Haviland E. S. surgeon

Madeley villas, _Victoria road_, _Kensington_.

1 Wilson Mrs

3 Taylor Alfred

4 Thomas Edward

Maida hill, _Edgware road_.

1 Fisher Mrs, _Cumberland house_

2 Stafford William

3 Haynes Edward

5 Moore Francis

6 Jefferson Alfred Richard

7 Hale Mrs

8 Morrish Mrs

9 White William

10 Butler Mrs

11 Cooper George, plumber

12 Pettit Charles

13 Moore Mrs.

15 Reynolds Mrs

16 Jackson Robert sculptor

17 Wright Thomas

  Chapel Mrs

18 Bampton William tailor

19 Taylor Mrs

20 Fennell Frank dentist

21 Beecher Mrs

Maida hill west, _Maida hill_, _Edgware road_.

1 Hollis Joseph

2 Thorpe John

5 Harris Mrs

6 Benjamin Mrs

7 Solomon Elijah

7_a_ Foulkes W. _Stanley house_

8 Congreve Benjamin

9 Whiting C. F.

11 Burney Miss

12 Lawton Robert Young

13 Hyde John

14 Devonald Miss professor of music

15 Higgins Thomas

17 Curnock Alfred

18 Lange Christian

19 Bailey Mrs

21 Aubrey Frederick

22 Hardinge Henry H.

23 Wood Henry, _Ivy villa_

24 Havens W. R.

25 Nichols R. P.

26 Rogers —

27 Johnson Frederick

28 Elliston Adolph

29 Cater Thomas Duff

30 Jarvis Richard

31 Kingdon Rev. Charles F.

32 Andoe William

Maida vale, _Edgware road_.

218 Jefferson Robert

218 Haworth J. K. chemist

219 Wilson H. C. auctioneer

220 Thrupp George Herbert

222 Oliver Mrs

223 Clarke Miss

224 Moore Francis Edward

225 Doran George

226 Siggers E. builder

227 Mitchell Mathew

228 Mace James

229 Birch Thomas _Vine lodge_

230 Luxton Robert W. archt.

230_a_ Gilbert James

230_b_ Baldy Mrs

231 Woodcock Miss, ladies’ school

234 Lounds Miss

235 Elliott J. W. professor of music

236 Gilbert Alfred, _The Woodlands_

237 Craven —, _Albany villa_

238 Fuller F. J. solicitor

239 Colebrooke Thomas

240 Meacock James

241 Cracknell Thomas

242 Fosbroke Lucia professor of music

243 Smith Mrs

244 Oliver David, 1 _Clifton villas_

245 Haughton S. 2 _Clifton villas_

246 Herban Charles 3 _Clifton villas_

246 Cundale W. V.

247 Webb Frederick Ernest surgeon

Mall, _High street_, _Notting hill_.

1 Gove Mrs dairy

2 Pollet Cornelius boot maker

3 Talbot J. W. coffee house

2_a_ Balls Thomas builder

4 Furrow A. H. vet. forge

10 Wilkins H. gardener

11 Cosens H. painter etc.

12 Price H. & J. trunk maker

13 Ballantyne John

14 Callcott W. H. professor of music

  Godfrey Pole _Grove lodge_

  Hoare Capt. _Elm lodge_


1 Offord Robert

  _Palace gardens chapel_

2 Offord Rev. J. E.

3 Ellis C. plumber

16 Portch Miss

17 Cambridge Mrs, corset maker


2 Tozer Mrs dressmaker

3 Brownridge W. J. cutter of veg. flowers for garnishing

3 Brownridge Mrs E. A. confec. and toy warehouse


1 Parkinson A. C. tailor

2 Ward Mrs dress maker

3 Mortimore Mrs dress maker


1 Castle W. H. _Mall Tavern_

2 Temple Joseph

3 Huggett Thomas

4 Browne Miss

5 Holbeck Louis


1 Holloway Mr. S.

2 Powell John

Mall road, _Bridge Avenue_, _King street_, _W. Hammersmith_.

1 Cunningham Edward

2 Gordon G. W.

3 Collins James

4 Buttery Mrs

  Clarke F. A. _Clifton house_

Malvern road, _Canterbury road_, _Kilburn_.

  Baker Joshua _Gothic villa_

  Reid Mrs Durham lodge

  Cullum William _Malvern house_

1 Douglas A. R.

2 Walters Charles

4 Robertson John

7 Keane Raymond

8 Powis Charles

Malvern terrace, _Malvern road_, _Canterbury road_, _Kilburn_.

1 Penny James

2 Clare Rev. Hamilton J.

3 Bray John

6 Read C.

8 Franklin James

10 Biggs James

11 Dormer John

12 Lunn James

13 Parkin Douglas

17 Hooper William

Manchester terrace, _Edgware road_, _Kilburn_.

1 Baker James F. builder

2 Sidey George ironmonger

3 Tebbutt Frank chemist

4 Bellgrove A. cook & conf.

5 Holdsworth James butcher

6 Hunt Isaac grocer

7 Salter Mrs bookseller

8 Kendrick William draper

9 Flower Clare carver & gilder

  Osborne John _Red Lion_

9_a_ Roper Wm. draper &c.

  Davison J. _The Old Bell Tavern_

Manor place, _Harrow road_, _Paddington_.

1 Goodwin Mrs

2 Hill John

3 Kent William

  Bell J. _Manor house_

  Great Western Laundry

Manor terrace, _Edgware road_, _Kilburn_.

1 Weitzel J. H. baker

2 _London & South Western Bank_ (_Limited_), _Kilburn Branch_ Williams W.
H. manager

3 Thompson W. grocer

4 Proctor Henry W. wine merchant

5 Slade & Gardiner butchers

6 Thompson Edward Wm. pawnbroker

7 Cato & Co. linen drapers

8 Mash G. W. fruiterer

9 &10 Crocombe J. F. oilman & tea dealer

11 Lowry W. cheesemonger

Margaret terrace, _Harrow road_, _Paddington_.

1_a_ Shorter T. E. tobacconist

1 Hart —, _Omnibus & Horses_

2 Weare Peter, stay maker

3 Wheatherley A. J. confec.

4 Wood Thomas tailor

5 Woods Edmund china dealer

6 Wood George C. draper

7 Majewski A. lamp depot

8 Neal James dining rooms

9 Medlock W. dyer

  Partridge clog maker

Market street, _Edgware road_, _Paddington_.

2 Lee T. S. gas fitter

3 Good Robert

  Milton Daniel

5 Townsend H. carver gilder

6 _St. Mary’s kitchen_

7 Stevens Henry

8 Graco F. french polisher

9 Oates George

10 Haselton F. chimney sweep

13 Moody Edwin boot maker

14 Broad & Woodger veterinary surgeons

15 Morris O. E. slate works

62 Butler R. coach smith

63 Bancroft Jacob dairyman

67 Hudson William carman

68 Hitchman D. carpenter

69 Norris Whitcomb

  Norris Charles smith

70 Haisman Charles W.

71 Haly Joseph smith

72 Thompson F. plumber

73½ Pratt W. A. carman

75 Broad & Woodger veterinary surgeons

77 _Dudley Stuart Refuge_

Marlborough place, _Harrow road_, _Westbourne grove_.

1 McNamara T. builder

3 Falkner George

4 Shepard Nathaniel

6 Webb George

8 Powell John

8 Curry Samuel

  Hepple J. _Benwell house_

Marlborough terrace, _Harrow road_, _Paddington_.

1 Gosslett William

  Norway Samuel surgeon

2 Lyle W. Vacy surgeon

3 Macmillan John

4 Oakley Misses

5 Lethbridge W. H.

Marlborough terrace, _Victoria road_, _Kensington_.

1 Knollys Rev. Erskine

3 Atkinson Joseph

4 Turner Mrs T. Blois

5 Edmonds John

6 Christie Miss

Maryland road, _Harrow road_, _Westbourne grove_.

2 Wilding —, upholsterer

4 Townsend T. fruiterer

6 Burton E. coffee house

Masboro road, _Brook green_, _Hammersmith_.

1 Hills Edward Lewis

2 Thompson Mrs

3 Reid Mrs

4 Mans James

5 Smart Henry

6 Rymer Charles

7 Keen Henry

8 Corke John

10 Lavington Capt. T. R.N.

12 Walton William

Mayland road, _New road_, _Hammersmith_.

Kemp Miss _Hindon villa_

Melon place, _Church street_, _Kensington_.

1 Simmonds F. fruiterer

2 Clinch R. cheesemonger

3 Wilkinson C. furniture dealer

Monmouth road, _Westbourne grove_, _Bayswater_.

1_a_ Everest Heinrich

1 Rhodes Arthur J.

3 Baker Arthur J.

5 Pocock James

7 Butler W. D.

9 Mallan G. surgeon dentist

11 Mayors Mr.

13 Norcutt Thomas solicitor

15 Holdsworth Henry J. H.

17 Ashcroft James

19 Kingsbury Thomas

19_a_ Hamerton Mrs

2 Graham Miss

4 Mitchell William

6 Cruse William Henry

8 Freeman Henry

10 Barrow Mrs

12 Pridmore Frederick John

14 Hunter Mrs

16 Rudhall Mrs

18 Vinter J. A. artist

20 Holt Thomas _Monmouth hall_

Monmouth road north, _Westbourne grove_, _Bayswater_.

Hedges Miss

2 Stocking George F.

4 Barker John

5 Stibbs Edward

6 Whettton W. _Albion villas_

7 Rolt Mrs D. B. _Beaumont villa_

9 Russell William

Moscow road, _Queen’s road_, _Bayswater_.

1 Clarke S. W. watch maker

  Pilton Richard dyer

  Boncey Richard butcher

2 Yeardye Mrs tobacconist

3 Wilson T. fruiterer

4 Tyler H. marine store dealer

5 Packham W. coffee house

5_a_ Keslake G. fishmonger

6 Clay William cutler

7 Jarvis Frederick fruiterer

9 De Boo Philip watch mar.

9 Wilde William builder

10 Preater Henry china dealer

11 Gill James

12 Roberts Mrs

13 Lister William

14 Mills Michael

15 Green Christopher

16 Bott Henry carpenter & undertaker

17 Wood George boot maker

18 Fewster Francis

19 Sewell Charles

20 Rees John painter

21 Lissenden H. corn merchant

22 Walker James

23 Robinson Josiah

24 Wright Mrs

25 Bull Archibald

26 Cheese H. C.

27 Horne Mrs

28 Brewer & Wood builders

29 Newell James

30 Kelly Miss

31 Thrupp Walter

31_a_ Weedon Mrs

32 Smith Lady _St. Petersburg cottage_

33 Palmer William

34 Pearce William

36 Wilson W. A. plumber

37 Thompson John Samuel

38 Sinclair George

39 Roberts Charles builder

41 + 42 + 43 _West London Youths’ Institute_, Barker Charles, secretary

45 Boetefeur Alexander

61 Checkley C. E. _Moscow Arms_

63 Green George dairyman

64 Wright James dairyman

65 Hawes Robert boot maker

66 Breeze J. A. upholsterer

67 Dixon Henry J. baker

68 Gasking Samuel grocer

69 Titheradge E. tobacconist

70 Musgrove James butcher

71 Rogers John _King’s Head_

72 Hodges Mrs

73 Skeet Nicholas draper

76 Row James ironmonger

77 Kewer Henry grocer

78 Hayman Edwin oilman

79 Goodacre W. H. umbrella maker

80 Howard William plumber

81 Goodless John

82 James Mrs

83 Herbert J. furniture dealer

84 Kewer John marine store dealer

Napier road, _Addison road_, _Kensington_.

1 Warren Mrs, baker

2 Smithies Henry, fruiterer

3 Porter George

4 William W. H. chemist

5 Stewart E. grocer

6 Harcomb Ed. eating house

  Messenger G. _The Crown and Sceptre_

7 Crisp Wm. carpenter

8 Booker George

9 Steggalls Mrs

10 Miller Captain

11 Stanley Mrs dress maker

12 Meredith Mrs

13 Chipp Miss

New road, _Hammersmith_.


  Young C. S. grocer, _Post & Money Order Office Savings Bank_

1 Edwards John, upholster

2 Ballinger Geo. boot maker

  Dryden J. _Granville lodge_


1 Humby Mrs

2 Beard William Ilot

  Clark Miss, _Lancaster lodge_

  Scoles A. C. _Ravenna villa_


4 Docker Samuel

5 Love Mrs

6 Robinson Miss, dress maker

7 Atkins Aaron

8 Johnson Newton

9 Bacchus James

10 Davies Wm. cowkeeper

11 Dunn Mrs

12 Silver Mrs

13 Nichols Peter, basket maker

  Richard Fred. W. _The Raven_

  Hughes Geo. greengrocer

  Lewis Chas. general shop

  Newson John, Wilton lodge


1 Howard Mrs A.

2 Baker Henry

3 Kench John Walker

4 Hill Mrs

5 Latchford William Henry

  Holt —, _Ravenscourt lodge_

  Herbert F. G. _Longthorpe lodge_


2 Hill Henry B.

  Leack Rev. William J. J. _Inner lodge_

  Rosier J. N. _Guildford lodge_

  Landon Wm., _Inver villa_

  Burchett Wm., _Amherst lodge_

  Wigg Leonard, _Cornwall cottage_

  Gray Captain George, _Waterloo lodge_

  Burry Geo., _Weymouth lodge_

  Ordish Thos., _Oxford lodge_

  Langley Mark, _Stafford house_

  Woodman Wm. grocer

  Glover Wm. boot maker

  Dean C. & M. A. ironmongers


1 Sutherland William

2 Pinchbeck Mrs

3 Pegler Charles

4 Wallis Mrs


1 Burge & Son, surgeons, _Registrar of Births and Deaths for St. Peter’s

2 Heaver William

  Heaver Miss


1 Fairburn Benj. dentist

2 Greaves Edmund Burton

3 Walden James, florist

4 Vincent Henry, teacher of the flute

5 Sloman Benjamin

6 Robertson James


1 Burton Clark

2 Mantle William

  Wynne Chas. _Studley house_

  Stevenson Mrs, _Woodstock bower_

  Miles Mrs, _Grove lodge_

  Brydon Thomas, _Sanders cottage_

  Blake Rev. H. J. C. M.A. _Percy lodge_

  Burford A. H. Seaton lodge

  Vincent Isaac, _Park lodge_


3 Peters George

5 Cooper H. W.

  Walker Thomas Henry, _Ravensbrook villa_

  Crisp James, _Queen’s cottage_

8 Nelson Geo. sculptor


1 Eaton George

2 Bentham Isaac

3 White V.

  Dorer R. _The cottage_

  Rampius Antonio, _Hope collage_


1 + 2 Madeley Edward


3 Phillips Charles, _Post and Money Order Office and Savings Bank_

2 Stanfield James, baker

1 Tyrrell James, butcher

  Hittinger John Samuel, _The Seven Stars_

  Booth Wm. B. _Spring villa_


1 Thorp Thomas

2 March Charles

3 Jolliffe William

4 Burchett Benjamin

5 Woodforde Captain C. A.

6 Crow Theodore George

7 Ludlam Joseph Thomas

  Kipling Alf. _Hornton villa_


1 Friend R. R.

2 Elbrough Thomas

  Spurgin Frederick, surgeon

  Smith S. _Wellington villa_

  Clark Chas. _Rosetta villa_

  Sackwell R. _Alfred villa_

  Laxton Chas. _Middleton cottage_

  Elborough Miss _Clifton villa_

  Holmes W. J. O. _Rhode villa_

  Boyle J. W. _Cressy house_


1 Toogood William

2 Blogg James

  Jenner Jas., _Warwick villa_

  Wyman J. _Alfred villa_


1 Norwood Mrs

2 Spyers James

3 Richardson William, M.D. surgeon

Messrs. Gwyn & Richardson, surgeons

4 Tringham John Andrew

  Redding W. _Claremont villa_

  Howard John, _Carlton villa_

  James Edward, _Nelson villa_

  Reeves Mrs, _Albert villa_


1 Cousens William

2 Forty James


1 Romoli Luigi

2 Greenhalgh Charles

3 Farr Thomas

4 Burge William

  Reding Henry Charles, _Worcester lodge_

  Bullock Thomas _Wheatsheaf_


2 Gray Thomas

3 Von Metz Augustus

4 to 7 Spencer Alexander John

8 Giant Mrs

9 Allen J. E.

11 Stephenson G. T.

12 Flack Mrs

13 Smith Miss

14 Hamilton Mrs

15 Munday John

16 Ditchman Wm. solicitor

17 Ash William

18 Laughlin Frederick

19 Judd Charles

20 Canham George

21 Spratt Mrs

22 Venue Mrs, ladies school


2 Cook John

3 Main Mrs

4 Gardner Mrs

6 Davey Wm. Turner

7 Wilbraham Mrs

  Percy James, _Hotspur lodge_

  Swetman Mrs, _Richmond cottage_

  Thevenard Adolphe, _Heartsease villa_

  Knowles Walter George, _Grove house_

  _Pillar Letter Box_

  Haines Henry, _Grove villa_

  Latimer Rev. E. _Sydney villa_


2 Wood Benjamin


Hammond William, _The British Prince_

1 Wiselthier S. _Cosmopolitan Institute_

2 Chalonel Paul

3 Bowen Richard

4 Nopp Miss


3 Keen David W.

4 Vaughan John

5 Hughes Mrs

6 Neave Arthur Montague

7 Vaughan Mrs

8 Phillips Robert

11 Kirby James

  Davis Thos. _Railway Tavern_


1 _London General Omnibus Company’s yard_

2 Holmden Richard

3 Underwood William

  Whitmell C. T. _Gold-Hawk house_


Bray Mrs, F. _Gothic cottage_


1 Woolcott Miss

2 Malschinger Carl


1 Hughes Edward Henry

2 Hamilton John Edmund

  Smith J. builder, _Pine cottage_

  Swaisland Jas. _Laurel cottage_

  Hammond Wm. _Oxford villa_


1 Holt Miss Mary

2 Ricketts General Richard


1 Walker Mrs

2 Willis Brown

  Rogers William Gibbs, _Stanhope cottage_

  Bridger W. fruiterer

  Crux Arthur, _The Queen of England_


1 Wyatt John

  Wyatt Mrs, ladies school

2 Butler James


1 Lankester Mrs

2 Cook C.


1 Spooner William

2 Motill Joseph

3 Pilbean William

3 Weds Mrs

  Allen John William, _Ashchurch villa_

  Hindley Mrs, _Wolverton lodge_


1 Coward Mrs, A.

2 Remington Richard

3 Sharp John

4 Jones Thomas

4 Deller William

6 Hogg James

  Chapman Mrs, W. H.

  Harrison Wm. _Bloome grove villa_

  Bethray Joseph, laundry, _Spring cottage_


1 Drake Mrs

2 Foyle John

3 Latham John

4 Barranger Benj. Osborne

5 Burr Francis Henry

  Ruck John, _Marwick cottage_

  Sangster A. _The Hawthorns_


2 Dore —

3 Kidd William

4 Spratt —

5 Shum Mrs

6 Webster George

7 Newton Miss

  Henderson J. Lawrence, _Grange bank_


1 Waterman James, dairy.

2 Pye Wm. beer retailer


1 Culf William, baker

2 Lyle J. Italian warehouse

3 Edward T. D. R. chemist

4 Cumbers Mrs fancy repos.

5 Hayhow W. china & glass warehouse

6 Burley David fruiterers

  Keys John James, builder


1 Clarke Samuel

2 Harding William

  Shepheard George, _Southampton villas_

  Mence Miss, _Devonshire villa_

  Day John, _The cottage_

  Mills Henry, _Tudor lodge_

  Roberts J. _Devonshire villa_

  Battcock Mrs, _Dover villa_

  Farnan S. _York cottage_

  La Croix W. G. _Kent cottage_


1 Bray C. builder

2 Webster Thomas, builder


3 Gane Edward

4 Taylor J. _Elgin House_

  Faulkner J. _Cathnor villa_

  Thresher Thos, _Cathnor villa_

  Bauer W. _Mayland villa_

  Sheath W. _Mayland lodge_


  Keene Alfred T. _Suakeley Hotel_

1 Thomas William

2 Capes Henry

3 Hesketh John, F.R.H.S.

4 Norris Henry

5 Broad Mrs

6 Beale T. M. surgeon

7 Turner Miss preparatory school

8 Wait Mrs

9 Way James

10 Cox Rev. Stephen

11 Burge F. J. jun. surgeon M.D. _Stowe lodge_

12 Lane Charles

13 Parsons Richard Hussey, china and glass dealer

14 Ibbetson F. grocer

15 Lilwall George, cigar boutique

16 Harker & Baker, ladies’ outfitters


1 Willmott Mrs

2 Brodie Mrs

  Laurence Mrs

3 Kendall Mrs

4 Potter James

5 Willmott F.

6 Penny Frederick stationer & perfumer

7 Whitta T. linen draper

8 Harris Mrs confectioner

9 Croft W. B. house & estate agent

10 Pritchard Mrs fancy repository

11 Cooper & Co. coal office

12 Hutchings John

13 Somerfield Henry

14 Frances C. house decorator

15 Beale T. M. surgeon M.D.

16 Salmon Mrs, baker

17 Dell Henry, grocer

17_a_ Watson A. dairy

18 Hayes Mrs

19 Lambly Miss Mary

20 Finch J.

21 Harris Frederick

22 Clutsom Sidney

23 Heard Mrs, _The Gold Hawk Tavern_

23_a_ Keen Thomas, tailor

25 Clifford G. D. grocer

25 Pellatt Joseph, boot maker

26 Lewis John, upholsterer

27 Underdown John, china & glass dealer

28 Ritchings E. fruiterer

29 Stevens Mrs, fancy repository

30 Dyer Mrs, hosier

31 Henn John, butcher

  _Shepherd’s Bush Station_, _Metropolitan Railway_.


1 Ridge George

2 Wagstaff Mrs, dyer and cleaner

3 Warington T. N. boot maker

4_a_ Piggott John, carpenter

4 Spencer Samuel, tobacconist & stationer

5 May James, butcher

6 Setchell William, baker

7 Cross Mrs, Italian warehouse

8 Knight W. fruiterer

9 Moger F. fishmonger

10 Charman W. ironmonger

11 Scott T. beer retailer


1 Green S. J. artist

2 Nelson —

3 Lamb Mrs

4 Williams G. L.

  Ruel U. W. _The Cottage_


1 Codd William Wastell

2 Cooke Daniel

3 Clift George

4 Hallett T. dentist

  Perrior J. sculptor

  Pearson Isaac, fruiterer

  Hunt Arthur, _White Horse Brewery_

  Cheese Henry John, _The White Horse_

New road, _Notting hill square_, _Notting hill_.

  Lehman Charles, _Hill side_

  Kelk Mrs, _Ness cottage_

  Blumberg V. _the Villa_

Newland place, _Kensington road_, _Kensington_.

1 Eede Charles, butcher

2 Holland Edmund, grocer

3 Butt John, fruiterer

4 Binns Henry, liner drapers

5 Holland Thomas, builder

6 Glover J. cook and confectioner

7 Fisher W. _The Star and Garter_

Newland street, _Kensington road_, _Kensington_.

1 Thompson F. trunk maker

  Read George, _Britannia Brewery Tap_

2 Bristow E. jun. carpenter

3 Twyford J. & Co. boot makers

4 Spencer W. carpenter

6 Hooke S. boot maker

7 Macmillan W. builder

10 Woodcock W. cowkeeper

12 Haynes W. builder

  Kearley livery & bait stables

  Goodchild G. general shop

  Haynes T. oil & colourman

  White M. grocer

  Rhodes —, bricklayer

  Wimpey Charles, _Kensington Arms_

14 Townsend C. dress maker

16 Murch J. tailor

24 Ansell William, tailor

27 Richardson Mrs, upholstress

  Bateman Mrs news agent

Newland terrace, _Kensington road_, _Kensington_.

1 Laughton R., grocer, _Post Office_

2 Trotman J. hair dresser

3 Hodgkinson and Jones, chemists

4 Hughes W. house decorator

  Bailey H. photographer

5 Hogg Miss, baker and confectioner

6 Brooks Thomas, oilman

7 Snooks Joseph J. fishmonger & poulterer

8 Baylis G. china dealer & printer

9 Huddle Mrs E. grocers

10 Chambers Bidwell, ham & beef dealer

11 Thomas T. news agent

12 Westerton S. J. bookseller

13 Tunks & Tisdall, dairy farmers

Newton road, _Westbourne grove_, _Bayswater_.

3 Riley James

4 Tylee Thomas Pilkington

6 Salamony Ant. H.

7 Bishop Mrs

8 Aspray Charles, M.D.

9 Dunning James

10 Samuel Mrs A.

11 Tenniel Adolphus

12 Carter C. G.

13 Pescon Mrs

14 Clerk Miss, ladies’ school

  Pugh Joshua Reynolds, _Newton lodge_

17_a_ Lucking Bros. nurserymen

18 Young Mrs

19 Petch Mrs

20 Aveling Frederick

21 Scott John

22 Gits Alexander

23 Mercati Camilla

24 Hancock Mrs

25 Boyce William

26 Gosling Henry

27 Aveling Henry, _Registrar of births and deaths for St. Mary’s dist.

28 Goodwin Mrs

29 McClellan John

30 May Mrs, ladies’ school

Newton terrace, _Westbourne grove_, _Bayswater_.

5 Thomas Mrs

6 Collins John

7 De Fivas Mrs

8 Ryffel John Enil

9 Heaven Mrs

10 Morris Richard

12 Day Thomas

13 Cook Mrs

Norfolk crescent, _Cambridge square_, _Hyde park_.

1 Walford Mrs

2 Anderson John M.

3 Peake Frederick

5 Brooking T. H. F.R.G.S.

6 Blackden Mrs

7 Fane William Dashwood

8 Paine George

9 Illingworth Rd. S. F.R.G.S.

10 Douglas Robert

11 Yeates Wilson

12 Jones H. D.

13 Budd Thomas W. solicitor

14 Flowers Matthew

15 Holmes H. W.

16 Hall T. Henry

17 Dutton Mrs

18 Trevor Charles

20 Prior Sir Jas. F.R.A.S. F.S.A.

21 Keyser Alfred, surgeon

22 Hitchcock Mrs

23 Tayler James G.

25 Lever Mrs

25_a_ Webber Chas. S. F.R.C.S.

26 Behrend Henry, physician

27 Smith George, F.S.A.

28 Styam Mrs

29 Pearson Mrs

30 Matson Major-Gen E. R.E.

31 MacLeod Lady

Norfolk road, _Westbourne grove north_.

1 James Wm. _The Swan_

2 Connor Mrs M. A. grocer

3 Wyman William

4 Hitchcock John E. builder

5 August Joseph, dairyman

6 Walledge Thos. fruiterer

7 Knowles Wm. stationer


1 Shuter Mrs

3 Bennett Mrs

4 Collett G. L. _Norfolk house_

Norfolk square, _Sussex gardens_, _Hyde park_.

1 Bird Peter Hinch, F.R.C.S., F.L.S. surgeon

3 Baldock George

5 Merrivale John

7 Pepys Hon. George

9 Smith Mrs

11 Bradford W. J.

13 Laporte George H. artist

15 Davey Horace

17 Ewart Col. Chas. Brisbane

19 Hart Lady

21 Parr Mrs

23 De Pass Michael

25 Emsley J. A.

27 Sanders Arthur

29 Hume Lieut.-col. Henry

31 Smyth R. Watson

33 Thomas Charles Smith

35 Coote John

37 Lambert Charles Joseph

39 Yallop Thomas

43 Morgan P. F.

46 Hodgson Rev. Rice J. B.A.

47 Symonds John Addington

49 Bere Montague

51 Miller George

53 _Civil Service Coll. for India_

2 4 6 _Norfolk Square Hotel Co._ Lyon Henry, manager

8 Thompson James

10 Tucker Mrs

12 Passmore Mrs

14 Dryden Charles Bevill

16 Burcham Samuel

18 Henderson Mrs

20 Bird Mrs

22 Johnson Charles John

24 Headlam Edward

26 Page Henry

28 Ellis Francis

30 Graham J. A.

34 Halsey H. W. R. W.

36 Alexander Mrs

38 Wilson John

40 Lushington Franklin, barrister

42 Wilkinson Richard S.

44 Egerton Colonel

46 Warry George Deeds

48 Eyre Mrs

50 Chaplin Mrs

52 Sandeman Hugh Fraser

54 Arkell Mrs

Norfolk terrace, _Westbourne grove_, _Bayswater_.

3 Cantlon Matthew

5 Roberts John Prettyman Slingsby

7 Dearle William

9 Legrew Miss

  Fickling J. livery stable keeper, _Norfolk yard_

11 Hartley Mrs

13 Gilmour Geo. _Bayswater college_

15 Stanway Thos. gas filter

17 Polacco Francis, wine & spirit merchant

19 Jackson S. _the Alma_

21 Doe Mrs, _Norfolk coffee h._

23 Matthews Chas. F. butcher

25 Challen Mrs, baby linen warehouse

27 Haynes John, milliner

29 Ross W. H. music seller

31 Burnett William, milliner

33 Cooke & Co. analytical and dispensing chemists

35 Hewitt J. H. grocer

37 Norton Bros. builders, &c.

37 Bowler and Norton, auctioneers & estate agents

39 Cole John, stationer

41 Perrow Miss, berlin wool and fancy repository

43 Handy J. tailor

45 Stroud Samuel, tobacconist

47 Nodes John, undertaker

49 Lloyd and Dash, drapers

51 Legg Mrs

53 Woodward James

55 Smart James

57 Read Thomas

59 Thompson Mrs

61 Call Mrs M.

63 Cotton James

65 Lashbrook John

71 Baker G. C. & Co. wine merchants

75 Hughes & Griffiths, drapers

77 Gunn and Co. drapers

79 Snow Wm. cabinet maker

81 Rouselle Madame, French milliner

83 Englander Mrs, berlin wool and fancy repository

85 Ife Benjamin Wm. ladies outfit & baby linen warehouse

87 Cocks Mrs

2 France Mrs

4 Dickens Mrs

6 & 8 Bonaparte H. I. H. Prince L. Lucien

10 Truman Miss

12 Duckett —

14 Rennick Francis

16 Butler Mrs

20 Nunn Joshua

22 Lawson Edward, teacher of dancing

26 Fawcett Mrs

28 Boyd Robert M.D.

30 Roche J.

32 Harding Edward

36 Haigh Edward

40 Ryan Burke, M.D. surgeon

42 Meyer James

44 Pilkington John

46 Hobson Mrs

48 Chiosso Mrs, gymnasium

52 Parker Charles

54 Sandeman Mrs

56 Rudge Edmund F.

58 Legg Mrs

60 Bishop Mrs

62 Way Mrs

64 Blennerhassett Edwd. M.D. surgeon

66 Sobers Joseph, hair dresser

68 Eddells Mrs

  Longman G. M. and Co. house agents

70 Smith James photographer

71 Edwards William

74 How James

76 Barratt Thomas

78 Aubert Frederick Charles

80 Inman and Son, auctioneers and house agents

82 Canham William

84 Shuttleworth Miss, ladies school

92 Morgan Mrs

94 Saphin Peter, watch maker

98 Cowdray John

100 Small Cornelius

102 James Mrs, _Bayswater agency for servants_

104 Abraham Frederick

106 Rutherford Mrs

108 Fisher E.

110 Edwards Frederick

112 White Miss

114 Harriss Sidney

116 Plews Thos. G. coal and spirit merchant

118 Tolfree Robert

122 Frost Matthew

Norland place, _Norland square_, _Notting hill_.

2 Burney Miss

3 Edwards Edmund

4 Snowsbell William

5 Wells Robert

7 Hemmings W. Benjamin surgeon

9 Harvey J. W. H.

10 Corbett George

11 Langford George

12 Richardson Geo. chemist

13 Fenton Misses

14 Morley Capt. F. Brockman

15 Allen Mrs

16 Peirce R. K. surgeon

Norland road, _Notting hill_.

1 Collins Joseph, oilman

2 Bunce Mrs, dining rooms

3 Cutts John, fruiterer

4 Fortnam John, saddler

5 Hutchinson Rt. ironmonger

6 Barnard Chas. J. draper

7 Leonard James, pork butcher

8 Brown Henry, butcher

9 Horder Samuel, grocer

10 Stephens Henry C. baker

11 Verey Thos. _Stewart Arms_

12 Lapsed Mrs

13 Langley Paul

14 Stenit Mrs

15 Podmore Mrs S. umbrella maker

16 Headley Thomas

17 Gough John, grocer

18 Trump Thomas dairyman

19 Taylor Mrs

20 Kelly Mrs

21 Barker James

22 Norbrook Phillip

23 Dodd William

24 Hine Thomas, gardener

25 Davis John, boot maker

26 Baker Wm. _Queen’s Arms_

27 Lawrence Benj. marine stores dealer

28 Bryne Chas. undertaker

29 Best Wm. draper & milliner

30 Jenkinson Wm. tailor

31 Knight Mrs M. A. grocer

32 Dobbs William, baker

33 Down Henry, butcher

34 Williams Robt. fruiterers

35 Fowler Geo. furniture dealer

36 Carr William, boot maker

37 Schofield William grocer

38 Thompson F. pawnbroker

39 Hellewell Henry, stationer & news agent

40 Lomas Jas. M. glass and china dealer

41 Taylor John, boot maker

42 Jenner John, painter & glr.

43 Stathers John, chemist

43 Stathers Geo. N. draper

44 Turner E. W. K. hair dresser

46 Marks Benoni cheesemonger

47 Down Thomas, butcher

48 Hunt George, tailor

49 Pooley Thos. fruiterer

50 Rushton Wm. _Royal Hotel_

Norland square, _Notting hill_.

  Dick Miss

3 Schulze Ferdinand

4 Lowe W. E. R.

5 Codrington Thomas

6 Berry Mrs

7 Bland Mrs

8 Rogers Mrs

10 Vaudrey Henry

11 Mascall Misses E. & M. professors of singing

12 Newman Mrs, ladies’ sch.

13 Patrick Charles

14 Wilson Thomas M.

16 Pinhey Mrs

17 Watson Edward Temple

19 Hoffmann Heinrich

21 Bedder Joseph

22 Holdick Rev. T. P. M.A.

23 Trummer Otto

24 Graham Joseph

25 Barratt Mrs

20 Thorn William

27 Chorlvy —

28 Thorne Frederick

29 Clarke George

30 Doveton Col.

32 Saddler Robert Robson

34 Blakeman Thomas

36 & 37 Dunkett Mrs

38 Langdon Augustus, L.L.B.

39 Gardiner John

40 Truman Mrs

41 Jacobs William

42 Ball James E.

43 Thompson Isaac

44 Corser Robert

45 Taylor Henry Ramsay

48 Macnab Francis

49 Brewer Misses, ladies’ sch.

50 Todd Mrs

51 Reeves Miss

52 Schroder L. B.

53 Carpenter Joseph Edward

  _The Notting hill & Bayswater Proprietary School Company_, _Limited_

  _Pillar Letter Box_

Norland terrace, _Norland square_, _Notting hill_.

1 Bendes Peter

2 Hemsley Mrs

3 Chandler Mrs

4 Barnes George Henry

5 Jones Miss

6 Cockburn John

7 Hawkins Miss

8 Valpy W. H. M.D.

9 Robinson James

10 Wheatley Thomas

11 Anderson Alexander

12 Henshaw W. mus. doc.

13 Priest Miss

North end, _Hammersmith road_, _Hammersmith_.



1 Jarmain E. fishmonger

2 Crocker William, butcher

3 McLaren J. news agent

4 Bryant W. hair dresser


1 Castle J. bricklayer

2 Field John

3 Wigg Robert

4 Thomson J. draper

5 Churchman G. gas fitter

6 Emms Mrs

7 Mitchell G. carpenter


1 Scoles Henry, butcher

2 Moore, Mrs, earthenware dealer

3 Wood W. provision dealer

4 Butterfield George, _The Cumberland Arms_

5 Petzing J. baker

6 Hodge John, draper

7 Bock H. baker

8 Donovan D. beer retailer

  Poulton A. builder, &c.

  Humphrey T. basket maker, _Willow lodge_

  _Ebenezer Wesleyan Chapel_

  Meryon C. L. F.R.C.P.L., _Normanton cottage_

  Bauer Hugh, _St. Alban’s cottage_

  Sutherland Alexander, M.D., _Otto house_

  Londonderry Marquis of _The Grange_

  Down J. _Mornington house_

  Burton E. Mornington ldg.


1 May Capt. Walter W.

2 Collingwood John C.

3 Paul William

4 Thompson Joseph

  Mole William, _The Three Kings_

  Pollard Mrs, _King’s cot_

  Thrupp Alfred, _North end house_

  _St. Margaret’s College_—Lendrum Rev. Alex.


  Marsh John, dairy

  Gadsden J. greengrocer

  Butler W., greengrocer

  Petzing J. coal merchant, _Western cottage_

  Almond John


1 Measor C. S. _Melville house_

3 Bryant Miss, ladies’ sch.

4 McCrae —, draper

5 Rogers Thomas

  Wild Mrs, _North end villa_

  Shepherd H. _Grove villa_

  Burnet W. S. draper, _Grove villa_


1 Young E. beer retailer

2 Scott Henry

3 Perin John

4 Toovey William

5 Stevenson James

6 Freeman J.

7 Atkinson George

8 Philippe Miss

9 Sanderson D. general shop

  Gillow Miss, _Crabstock cottage_

  Goldsmid William, _North end grove_

  Johnson John, _Park house_


1 Hynam William

2 Higgs William

3 Wright William Nicol

4 Lowe C. A.

5 Jones Horatio


1 Elwell Mrs

2 White George

4 Powis George


1 Rought Thomas

2 Dresser Dr. Christopher, F.L.S.

3 Goodchild George

4 Perry Joseph John

5 Lee Leoni

6 Colyer Mrs, _Myrtle villa_

7 Adams, Charles

8 Smith J. F. brick manufacturer

  Bainbrigg W. _Grove lodge_

  _Methodist Chapel & Schools_


1 Smith Ann, general shop

  Cockerell L. undertaker

5 Wright Miss, milliner


1 Smith W. greengrocer

2 Liddell George, tailor

3 Smith Sahah, confectioner

4 Tuggy George, boot maker

Northumberland place, _Westbourne grove north_.

1 Ross Mrs

2 Palmer George

3 Williamson T. H.

  Inglis R. W.

4 Eaton Mrs

5 Browne William

6 O’Connor Thomas

7 Collie George

8 Croxford Arthur James

9 Prowse William

10 King Henry

11 Stirling John E. M.

12 Tomkinson Mrs

13 Salmon Thomas

14 Tepper William

15 Hughes Francis

16 Lucas John William

17 Warrington William

18 Appleton Mrs

19 Buckland Martin

20 Wilcox Mrs

21 Hobbs Charles

22 Minet Mrs

23 Ficklin Thomas

24 Fuller Mrs

25 Roberts John

26 Craig William

27 Peters Frederick

28 Youens Mrs

29 Bartlett Mrs

30 Bicker-Caarten P. F.R.C.S.

31 Newman William

32 Rees David

33 Priest Richard

34 Helman boot maker

35 Helman Stephen

36 Fowler Mrs

37 Moore Mrs M. A.

38 Keevil Mrs

39 Morgan William Alfred

40 Pett Mrs

41 Sellin Joseph Richard

42 Howson William E.

43 Cole Samuel Joseph

44 Crispe Clement

45 Bevan Mrs

47 Colliett Miss

48 Baldwin Charles

48 Spencer Henry Argyle

50 Pillar John

51 Kempsell Kenard

52 Bentham Alfred

53 Wincott Mrs

54 Putt William

56 Tomlin John

Norwood place, _Church street_, _Kensington_.

1 Hunt William

2 Bate Bartholomew

Notting hill grove, _Notting hill square_, _Notting hill_.

1 Ross Mrs

2 Springer John, builder

3 Gowing Mrs

  _St. George’s Church_

Notting hill square, _Notting hill_.

1 Matthews Edward

2 Sparrow Miss _Holland College for ladies_

3 Buxton Joseph

3 Roe Mrs

6 Jordon John

7 Bard Louis Thomas

8 Fletcher Charles W.

9 Turnbull Mrs

10 Cumming Richard

11 Goodwin George

12 Hersand Mrs

13 Clarke Richards

14 Colyar Augustine, F.S.A.

15 Jennings E. J.

16 Reynolds Mrs

17 Clementson Frederick F.

18 Boothby John

19 Gilbert George

20 Gardner Mrs

21 Henchy Mrs

22 Beaver Mrs

23 Carroll John

25 Weld Erasmus

26 McTier Mrs

27 Boosey Thomas

28 Hepple Edmund

42 Randall Mrs

43 Percival John Thomas

44 Hensman Miss

45 Godfree William Spencer

46 Stenhausen H.

47 Battam Frederick

48 Riley Charles

49 Harman Samuel

50 Heath Thomas

51 Clarke —

52 Harvey W. D. _Argyle College for Gentlemen_

53 Jackson Robert, M.D. surgeon

Notting hill terrace, _Notting hill_.

  Reeves John, nurseryman

1 Hine William

2 Clarke Col. William

3 Robarts Nathaniel

4 Lockwood Robinson, auctioneer & house agent

5 Stephen Charles

6 Wing Miss

8 Jones William Edwards

10 Vyvyan Mrs

11 Ryder Mrs

12 Hodgins Mrs

13 Light Rev. John, M.A.

14 Draffan Mrs

15 Bescoby Mrs

16 Lahney Francis

17 Pickworth Thomas

18 Aldons J.

19 Cosway E. C. chemist

20 Adam Bros. _The Mitre_

21 Harrison Mrs

22 Adams George

23 Gordon Mrs

24 Rowlands Mrs

25 Helfrich Rudolph

27 Walker Miss

28 Keirle Robert

29 Russell Stephen

32 Mathews Henry

Oaklands grove, _Uxbridge road_, _Shepherd’s bush_.


1 Bennett Alfred

2 Woods Mrs


2 Thompson Charles


1 Cordery Elias

Oliver terrace, _Harrow road_.

1 Dell J. H. corn chandler

2 Thomson W. tea grocer

3 Miller Miss milliner

4 Gannaway W. boot maker

4 Robinson H. furniture dealer

Orchard street, _Holland street_, _Kensington_.

1 Hoath Charles

2 White William

3 Spreadbrow J. cigar man

4 Balls William

5 Glanville C. plumber etc.

6 Young Miss

7 Budge Thomas

8 Annis W.

9 Walters Stephen

10 Fry Mrs

11 Baxter John

12 Stevens Joseph

13 Smith Mrs

14 Cotter D.

15 Lally James

16 Stubbing William

17 Barron J.

18 Eglinton T.

Orme square, _Bayswater hill_, _Bayswater_.

3 Gurney Russell

4 Wetherby Charles

6 Buckley Thomas

7 Oldacre Mrs

8 Jarvis John

9 Clary Mrs

11 Larner Adolphe

12 Elliott Jas. photographer

13 Hardy Thomas

Orset mews, _Porchester square_, _Bayswater_.

1 Groom John

2 Watson W. boot maker

2 Pittet, Henry

Orset place, _Westbourne terrace_, _Hyde park_.

1 Barron Capt. Charles

2 Jackson Edward Philip

3 Bannatyne Miss

4 Stanley John

5 Deacon Charles

6 Scott Col. John David

7 Da Costa Mrs

8 Henning Alexander

Orsett terrace, _Gloucester gardens_, _Hyde park_.

1 Winstanley Newnham

2 Hoare Charles R.

3 Smith Richard C.

4 Braddon William G.

5 Gordon Mrs

6 Douglas Mrs

7 Foster Thomas Campbell

8 Close Mrs

9 Ducannon Mrs

10 Bayley Major John

11 Austwick Horwood

12 Housemen Mrs

13 Matthew Mrs

14 Raphael Miss

15 Westcott Mrs

16 Puzey Robert

17 Secreton Henry

18 Duff William

19 Blackburn Herbert

20 Burnell Edward Henry

21 Charles Mrs

22 Pidcock Mrs

23 Edwards Edward

24 Gilly Mrs

25 Walton Miss

26 Bailey Vincent

27 Gardener Douglas

28 Strahan Mrs

29 Murray Charles Fred.

Oxford mews, _Cambridge square_, _Hyde park_.

1 Cole William tailor

2 Huntley Chas. boot maker

3 Millard J. rag merchant

  Cooke Frederick _Carpenter’s Arms_

Oxford road, _Bradmore_, _The Grove_, _Hammersmith_.

1 Cutts Rev. E. M.A.

2 Twentyman Rev. John

Oxford road, _Manor terrace_, _Edgware road_, _Kilburn_.

1 Scott Mrs

  Hunter J. dentist

  Sidey G. ironmongery warehouse

  Pippett George, _Minerva villa_

  Roberts Mrs, _Minerva villa_

5 Dawes Miss

7 West William

9 Kerr Mrs

11 Murphy T.

13 Erskine Thomas

15 Southpart Mme. Aistitons

17 Webb George Richard

19 Hart Miss, _Landour villa_

21 Vickress Henry

23 Desaxe John

  Desaxe L. surgeon dentist

25 Harris Capt. George

27 Crisfield William

29 Phibbs Lieut.-Col. J. R.

31 Candler Eugene

33 Price Douglas W.

35 Gush Frederick

37 Redknap Miss

39 Clement W. C.

41 Manlove William

43 Nathan John

45 Blake Henry

47 Albert E. P. surgeon dentist, _Lewison villa_

49 Clayton John

51 McDougall Capt. G. F.

53 Guermonprez J. Henry

2 Johnson Mrs

4 Bucklee Mrs J. B. ladies’ school, _Dagmar house_

  Mullar Dr. _Marlboro’ villa_

6 Thomas Mrs

8 Bromley W. C.

10 Johnson Miss

12 Ellis Mrs

14 Veal James

20 Anlapy Capt. _Oxford villa_

22 Schallen —, professor of music

24 Kendall W. _Ayre villa_

26 Cohen Dr. William

30 Bruce Mrs _Southampton villa_

32 French Miss

34 Veal Thomas

36 Sommers Mrs

38 Fisher Charles

40 Maitland Mrs

44 Rhind Mrs

40 Lee Mrs _Rutland villa_

48 Tomkins Mark J. _Richmond villa_

50 Pollett John

Oxford square, _Southwick crescent_, _Hyde park_.

1 Kennedy Mrs

2 Gee Mrs

3 Maclean Lieut.-Gen. Malet Mrs

4 Tyler Mrs

5 Grant Lady Isabella

6 Hill Sir Hugh

7 Jackson Henry M.

9 Barker Edgar

10 Strachan J. M.

11 Atkins Thomas

12 Boucher Emanuel

13 Prescott Joseph F.

14 Smith Mrs

15 Gillett Mrs Mary

16 Westlake John

16_a_ West Hon. Capt. E. W. S.

17 Brown William

18 Wyatt Penfold Hugh

19 Gear Mrs

21 Winter Major

22 Walker James

23 Sandeman Thomas

24 MacInnes Miles

25 Smith Thomas C.

26 Colville Benjamin

37 Mylne J. Robert

28 Whitmore Miss

29 Tylee Edward

30 Fardell Thomas George

Oxford terrace, _Edgware road_, _Hyde park_.

Hobbs John

2 Minshall George

3 Amato Raphael

4 Sheen Miss Mary Ann

5 Loridan Mrs

6 Petch John

7 Chauett Arthur

8 Rickett Mrs

9 Higlington Mrs

10 Richardson Henry

11 Corbett Miss

12 Dolby Miss Sophia

13 Bellringer Miss

14 Walther David

15 Barson James

16 Goff Mrs

17 Ware Mrs

18 Bailey Frederick

19 Collinson Alfred M.D.

20 Langmore and White surgeons

21 Gould Joseph

22 Payne Mrs

23 Blandford Thomas

24 Tinstle Thomas

25 Rice Joseph

26 Ludd Frederick William

27 Collins Miss

28 Foreman Miss

29 Phillips Edward

30 Swinborn Mrs

31 Wills John

32 Baude Mrs

33 Dyce Rev. Alexander

34 Maude Colonel

35 Creed Mrs

36 Finn Mrs

37 Skipsey Mrs

38 Wren Robert

39 Gibbon Dr. Septimus

40 Sole William Charles

41 Templar Mrs

42 Badeley Miss

43 Saltwell Misses

44 Rutherford Mrs

45 Swabey Frederick

46 Basterfield John

47 Johnson William

48 Romer Mrs

49 Campbell William

50 Ellis Samuel

51 Kaiser Frederick

52 Eames Mrs

53 Gruneison Mrs

54 Mackennel George

55 Grant Lady

56 Robinson Mrs

57 Copps Thomas

59 Pyle John

61 George William

62 Langton Mrs

63 Davies Mrs Colonel

64 Covey Mrs

65 Dawson Miss

66 Pole Major-General

67 Franz Dr. Augustus

68 Rolt Thomas

69 Pilgrim Col. John

70 Andre Mrs

71 Walker Edward

73 Hessing John George

74 and 76 Vile Thomas

76 Eardley Wilmot Chester

77 Austin Miss

78 Middleton Charles John

79 Schwale H.

80 Alderton Mrs

81 Jull Edward

82 Frampton De Keue

83 Rushforth Joseph

85 Hurreys Mrs

86 Day James

88 Cumberland Mrs

89 Crompton Charles

90 Scott Patrick

91 Wrightson Miss

92 Grant Miss

93 Stocker John Palmer

Oxford terrace, _Portobello road_, _Notting hill_.

1 Sprinks Wm. plumber

  Dore John zinc worker

2 Clarke George grocer

3 Stedman Alfred butterman

4 Gedge John cabinet maker


2 Phillips Misses dress maker

4 Barker Edmund tailor

7 Ritson T. gardener

8 Page C. and S. milliners

10 Stockman John boot maker

Paddington green, _Harrow road_, _Paddington_.

1, 2, 3, 4, Hann, Clayton, & Co. linen drapers & upholsterers

6 and 7 Brooks, Phillips and Co. lead merchants

8 Decks Thomas horse dealer

9 Hammond G. T. surgeon

10 Biggs J.

11 Metcalfe R. hydropathist

12 Sydenham Miss ladies’ school

13 Pollaky J. P. _Private Inquiry office_

14 Alderton William

15 Eggbrecht Miss

16 Haylmore William

17 Holder John _Imperial Gas Company’s Office_

18 Pilgrim Robert

  Cumberland David, surveyor of taxes

19 Brown George solicitor

20 Durham Henry

21 Taylor Dorothy, dress m.

22 _Greville house Reading rooms_, Stubbins James librarian

23 Davis Rev. Henry C.

24 Morgan Joseph R. surgeon

25 Wade Henry

26 Barnes William

27 Dunn Henry

28 Ransdale George

29 Murton William _West London Collegiate School_

30 Bonython & Letts, auctioneers & house agents

31 Pitman Richard

Palace gardens terrace, _Campden hill_, _Kensington_.

1 Yoeng Capt. William O.

2 Vance James

3 Metcalfe Stephen

4 Boodle Henry T.

5 Robe Gen. F. H. C.B.

6 Willis Henry Britten

7 Margey Gen. Henry

8 Maxwell James

9 Badnall William

10 Morgan Capt. Henry

11 Barker John

12 Du Bouley Rev. W. T.

13 Robinson John

14 Aytoun Miss

15 Middleton George

16 Roberts George

17 Skipper Henry

18 Smalley Edward

19 Palmer Colonel

20 Bennett John

21 Norman William

22 Bailey Mrs

23 Eade Miss

24 Beaton John

25 Batts Mrs

26 Call Mrs

27 Wickery Francis

28 Abethell Richard

29 Righy Colonel Henry

30 Hendricks Frederick

Palace garden villas, _Campden hill_, _Kensington_.

1 McCheyne Robert

2 Soady John William

3 Davidson Mrs Col.

4 Hoare Robert Henry

5 Coleman George

6 Appleby Mrs

7 Pascoe Francis P.

8 Houghton Nelson

9 Meyersburg Philip

10 Henderson George solicitor

11 Hotchkin Spencer

12 and 13 Mayer Henry

14 Halse John

15 Mahler John

15 Mahler Philip

16 Turner Absalom

17 Cox John

18 Williamson Mrs R.

19 Morrison Robert

20 Good Henry

21 Powell Maurice

22 Gandell George

23 Bailey Walter

24 Dine Louis

25 Prince Thomas

26 Mitford John

27 Oliphant John Stewart

28 Bell Mrs

29 Short —

30 Sase Mrs

31 Woolley Dr. J. L.L.D.

32 Blackett Rev. H. R. M.A.

Park cottages, _Ravenscourt road_, _New road_, _Hammersmith_.

1_a_ Vitler George

1 Cotton Miss

2 Gibson George Henry

3 Macdonald Robert

4 Porter Henry

5 Tilly Richard

6 Pieters Mrs

7 Edwards T.

8 Seward W.

9 Parker Mrs

10 Webber E. H. solicitor

11 Barker Charles

12 Powley Robert

Park lane, _Kensington gore_.

10 Thompson R. cowkeeper &c.

  Duffield J. W. builder

Park place, _Carlton road_, _Kilburn_.

2 Swindell Edward

3 Furness R. T. tobacconist etc.

4 Holt Thomas dairyman

Park place, _Newland street_, _Kensington_.

2 Harrison Mrs laundress

2 Shorter Newman

3 Wade T.

4 Ketley Mrs

5 Seymour J. builder

  Burrell Miss, dress maker

6 Stevens Thomas

7 Sopp Thomas

8 Flinn William

9 Dale Mrs

Park place gardens, _Paddington green_.

1 Hall John

2 Campbell Mrs

3 Batty Mrs

Park place villas, _Maida hill_, _west_.

1 Bailey John

2 Ward Mrs

3 Winfield David

4 Maddock Sir T. Herbert

5 Boyce Mrs

6 Skeat William

7 Nurse Cedric

8 Aylett Mrs

9 Merry William

10 Miller James

11 Wyatt Mrs

12 Piarttr Alfred

13 and 14 Benson Mrs

15 Bendon George

17 Coates Edmund

18 Woodger Edwin

19 Oram John White

25 Powell Capt. William

26 Morley Dr. Henry

27 Leake William

28 Darby Charles Henry

29 Lart Edmund

30 Potts Major John

31 Shepherd Mrs

32 Varley Henry

33 Biggs Mrs

34 Morrison Mrs

35 Mason John Richard

36 Aldridge William

Park terrace, _Sussex road_, _Notting hill_.

1 Divers Mrs

2 Browne Hablot Knight

3 Hicks Mrs

5 McCrea Joseph, surgeon

6 Simpson Mrs

Park villas, _Ravenscourt park_, _Hammersmith_.

1 Lomax Henry professor of music

2 Lloyd Mrs

3 Byles —

4 Barney Walter

5 Wyman Mrs

6 Evans John

7 Wishart David

8 Gadsden John

9 Amos Thomas Adolphus

10 Dore Mrs

  Hatch John _Jessamine cottage_

  Bryer George French

11 Kyd Mrs

12 Finnis Mrs

13 Bedford Stanley

14 Murray Capt. P. O.

15 Ensor James

16 Griffith William Henry

17 Brownsmith Thomas G.

18 Hicks Samuel

19 Yelf Frederick

20 Smith David

21 Hurst Joseph

22 Burrows Mrs

Peel place, _Silver street_, _Notting hill_.

1 and 2 Harris G. boot maker

3 Button Richard Green

4 Kutlke Henry, _Macaulay Arms_

5 Jarvis Miss

  Arnold F. carpenter

6 Lucas J. greengrocer

7 Sherwood James, clothier

8 Hodges T. baker

9 Hunt I. _Churchill Arms_

10 Moody James, fruiterer

11 Andrews Joseph butcher

12 Hendey W. G. tailor

13 Madden Mrs

14 Stockman H. gasfitter

15 Gilbert H. builder

Peel road, _Canterbury road_, _Kilburn_.

Fosdick G. _Sir Robert Peel_

2 Smith Charles Samuel

6 Marshall William

8 Payne Mrs

10 Hall Thomas

12 Topley Austin

Peel street, _Silver street_, _Notting hill_.

1 Upfold George sweep

2 Arnold F. carpenter

3 Miles Frederick painter

10 Grimsdall M. carpenter

18 Hanney H. boot maker

26 Redman J. _Marlbro’ Arms_

46 Lucas William

53 Hobbs Mrs

55 Horskins Thomas baker

67 Wymen G. _The George Brewery_

82 Attwood Miss dress maker

33 Salmon —, boot maker

Pelham terrace, _Portobello road_, _Notting hill_.

1 Backholer T. boot maker

2 Rawson William grocer

3 Hutchins William

  _Freemason’s Tavern_

4 McGill Edward tailor

5 Cooke F. French polisher

6 Davies George cooper

7 Brooks William painter

9 Pinks W. boot maker

11 Jones J. boot maker

35 Fairweather W. tailor

  Fisher P. livery stables

  _St. Peter’s schools_

Pembridge Crescent, _Pembridge villas_, _Notting hill_.

2 Dermer William

4 Lawless Barry

5 Fox John

6 Eagle William

8 Smith John

9 Blumburg, V. L. A.

10 Plumb John

12 Corfield Arthur King

13 Davy W. A. M.R.C.P., & Stubbs Mrs, _Cambridge House_

14 Manfred Miss ladies’ school

15 White Sir Michael, K.C.B.

16 Dennis Mrs

17 Brown William

18 Allen Richard William

19 Bake Henry

20 Aston Joseph Ketch F.S.A.

21 Sparrows Thomas

22 Agelasto John

23 Johnson Charles

25 Tucker Robert

26 Oelrichs E. F.

27 Spread John William

28 Abbott John & Miss

29 Cartwright George

Pembridge gardens, _High street_, _Notting hill_.

1 Rudder William

2 Joyce Thomas, surgeon

3 Davis Frank

4 Brockell William

6 Jones Mason

8 Collins Mrs

9 Seguin Mrs

10 Wood James T.

11 Laver Henry

12 Mason John Charles

13 Washbourne Henry

14 Gilbert William

15 Ross Capt. W

16 Joy William Bruce

17 McGregor Major R. G.

19 Reynolds James

20 Russell Mrs, James

21 Geralopulo Constantine

22 Ulcog Clement

23 Gordon Patrick

24 Gordon B.

25 Clarkson F. S.

26 Cavafy John

27 Blumberg Mrs Treleaven

28 Kuhling Louis

29 Marshall James

30 Macdonald Alexander

31 Berry —

32 Russell Alexander

35 Lucas Philip

Pembridge mews, _Pembridge villas_, _Bayswater_.

4 Lane W. job master

Pembridge place, _Pembridge villas_, _Bayswater_.

1 Tulloch James S. surgeon

2 Dove —

3 Rawlings Thomas

4 Batt Mrs

5 Hay Mrs

6 Power David E.

7 Richardson Col. R. E. T.

8 Dale G. T. surgeon

9 Lark Timothy

10 Fletcher Mrs

11 & 12 Davidson Charles

13 Coomb John

13_a_ Burley John, nursery

14 Ray Tom

15 Ledgard George

16 Vigne Augustus

17 Tucker Mrs

Pembridge square, _Pembridge villas_, _Notting hill_.

1 Hayes Robert

3 Roberts Major Henry

4 Hill Joseph

5 Fermoy Lord

6 Brown William

7 Barry George Robert

8 Homere John George

9 Doran Joseph Alexander

10 Armstrong Walter

16 Brett Charles

17 Gladstone Dr. John Hall

18 Murieta Mariano de

19 Ames George A.

20 Hart James

21 Branson James William

22 Rawdon Mrs

23 Hill James

24 Maceman David, painter

25 Zarafi Michael

26 Clark Mrs, Matthew

27 Meath Dowager, Countess of

28 Wilder Mrs

29 Bonner Andrew

30 Wooldridge Henry G.

31 Darling George

Pembridge villas, _Westbourne grove_, _Bayswater_.

2 Ionides Efrates

3 Reafield Henry

4 Allchin William H. surgeon

5 Clarke Joseph architect

6 Sharp Benjamin

7 Frith W. Powell R.A.

8 Fowler Charles

9 Dow Jonathan D.

  Dow H. B. M.D.

10 Roake William

11 Cullingford Henry

12 Gardiner Mrs

13 Pigeon Jonathan

15 Forbes John

16 Wessel Henry

17 Smyth Mrs

18 Russell B. M.

19 Sutton Mrs, C.

21 Ashton Richard James

22 Fuller Thomas

23 Coburn James

24 Finn Thomas

25 Simpson Mrs Handyside

26 McKerlie Peter

27 Smith Miss

28 Thomas Frederick W.

29 Bolton Mrs

30 O’Neal William

31 Burns Miss

32 Rowlands Mrs

33 Thompson Mrs

34 Saintsbury Mrs

35 Wilson Captain J. H.

37 Dixey E. H.

38 Wormald Miss

39 Spriggs William

40 Wakefield Edward

42 D’Albites Edward

45 Robinson Miss

50 Treadaway Mrs

51 Derbyshire John

52 Gowring Miss

53 Wares Alexander

54 Sims Miss

55 Hayward Mrs

56 Rudge George

58 Cooper James

60 Graham Simon

62 Loveland John

64 Sexton Richard

66 Jackson Thomas

Pembroke cottages north, _Pembroke square_, _Kensington_.

1 Brown George

2 Rea Willam

3 Madgwick Mrs T.

4 Borckenstein Henry

Pembroke cottages south, _Pembroke square_, _Kensington_.

1 Landon Mrs & Miss

2 Lyons Mrs

3 Herz Adolphus Joseph

4 Lloyd Horatio

5 Hawthorne C. S. _Westmoreland villa_

6 George Thomas

7 Ede Charles

Pembroke gardens, _Pembroke road_, _Kensington_.

1 Gibbon Frederick

2 Rawstone Capt. J. R.N.

4 Maclean John

6 Rood Henry Hargrave

7 Grant Gregor

8 Green James

9 Adams Mrs

10 Vickers Miss, preparatory school for gentlemen

11 Smith H. A.

12 Jackson Mason

13 Aston James Jones

14 Grosvenor Mrs

15 Morrison W. M.

Pembroke mews, _Pembroke road_, _Kilburn_.

Ede, veterinary surgeon

Pembroke place, _Earl street_, _Kensington_.

  Waite Thomas, fire wood dealer, _Pembroke yard_

  Jackson Robert, hairdresser, _Pembroke house_

Pembroke road, _Earl street_, _Kensington_.

1 Sheppard Charles

3 Thudichum J. L. W. M.D.

5 Parker George, cutler

7 Batten John

9 Hubbard George W.

11 Wells George

13 Claxton Rev. J. Dixon

15 Hockley Thomas Allen

17 Adnam Joseph

19 Hotchkin W. T.

21 Wetton Mrs

23 Batchelor Mrs

25 Lawson Charles Lucas

27 Tilleard Thomas

29 Erck —

31 Feltoe Francis F.

33 Muschamp John Bell

35 Cathcart Misses

37 Bruzard John

2 Kingcombe Thomas

4 Martin George

6 Speed Mrs

8 Collnett Frederick

10 Mann Richard

14 Lock Mrs S. K.

16 Read George Norton

18 Davy William

20 Herbert Martin

22 Williams Miss _Ladies’ College_, _Claremont house_

24 Engel Emile

26 Johnson The Misses

28 Mitchell George

30 Cowells Henry

32 Vickress Mrs

34 Marzials Francis Thomas

36 Blair Edward

38 Judd Misses

40 Treleaven Charles

42 Grant Mrs, C.

44 Fredericks —

46 McKenzie Phillip

48 Linsey G. _The Willows_

50 Cook John, hair dresser

52 Craven Jon grocer

54 Lacy Mrs, E. stationer &c.

56 Lush Robert saddler

58 Mayne James tailor

60 Catton Joseph chemist

62 Smith G. fruiterer &c.

64 Dick Mrs S. general draper

66 Douglas Charles

68 Collins Tom George

70 Brewin D. W. tailor

72 Badger John

74 Brownhead George

70 Reed Joseph

78 Blackwell Thomas, _Kensington Vestry Depot_

80 Weaver James

82 Rapp William

Pembroke road, _Kilburn park road_, _Kilburn_.

1 Lemon Richard

3 Knapman John

5 Aram George John

7 Budgett Robert

9 Wakeham Robert

11 Allen Richard

13 Ritchin John

15 Snelling Joseph Douglas

17 Giles George

19 Russell Joseph

  Ashley C. _The Duke of Cambridge_

21 Goatcher Philip _Inspector of Nuisances_

  Goatcher Miss, ladies’ school

23 Gibbs Mrs

25 Locke Henry

27 Payne O. carpenter

29 Penfold Edwin

31 Lucas Mrs

33 Bramley John

35 Green Robert

37 Barry Thomas

41 Collins Thomas

43 Fozard William

47 Maidlow E.

2 Andrews John

4 Dormain John Thomas

6 Entwistle William H.

8 Cole J. W. portrait painter

10 Warren Mrs, ladies school

12 Davey William

14 Lucas Thomas

16 Austin James

18 Lamplough Mrs, M. A. dress maker

20 Dove M.

22 Lambeth W. book & music binder

21 Miller George

26 Richards William

Pembroke square, _Earl street_, _Kensington_.

1 Duncombe Frederick

2 Ingram Rev. D. C.

3 Scott Mrs

4 Ruffell Mrs, ladies’ school

5 Robinson Thomas

6 Fletcher Mrs

7 Jount Mrs

8 Wilson Miss

8 Wroot John

10 Stapleton William

11 Foster Richard

12 Woods Charles

13 Black Alexander

14 Peterson Mrs

15 Madeley Mrs

16 Sibley William

17 Fisher Robert

18 Dyer William

19 Frost —

20 Termouth Miss

21 Boler H.

22 Collins Mrs

23 Hawthorne Mrs Colonel

24 Morphy Mrs

25 Lansdaw John

26 Force Miss

27 Davenport Mr G. E.

28 Keeton Mrs

29 Byrne John

30 Daly Mrs

31 Robinson Mrs Jane

32 Hunt Miss

34_a_ Rundell J. B.

33 Elwin Jeken

34 Savills Misses

35 Courtice John

36 Courtice Frederick

37 Chandler Mrs

38 Green Miss

39 Fairman Capt. A. F. R.N.

40 Wear Capt. John G.

41 Hall Robert

42 Humphreys Mrs

43 Mortlock Henry

44 Lindsell William B.

45 Thornton Mrs

46 Tod Miss

47 Edmonds Henry

48 Revell George

49 Tate William

50 Howell W. _Pembroke Arms_, _Pembroke lodge_

  Davies F. fruiterer, &c.

  Davies Francis watch maker

Pembroke terrace, _Earl street_, _Kensington_.

  Bristow Edward, undertaker, _Pembroke villa_

1_a_ Lovelock M. A. grocer &c.

1 Armitt John

2 Cooke Mrs

3 Wood Miss

4 Embleton Henry

5 Cooper Thomas

6 Bellworthy Mrs

Pembroke villas, _Pembroke road_, _Kilburn_.

1 Wildon Richard

2 Fowler George

Percy road, _Pembroke road_, _Kilburn_.

1 Brown George

3 Stone Mrs

5 Beech John

10 Axten Richard

12 Hodgson Charles, builder

Percy road, _Uxbridge road_, _Shepherd’s bush_.

1 Best N. grocer

2 Cox George

Petersham terrace, _Gloucester road_, _South Kensington_.

1 Ward John F.

2 Humloke Hon. G. F.

3 Sidney Hon. Miss

4 Cook George H.

5 Ullathorne Alexander

6 Allen Alderman W. F.

7 Waugh Major-Gen. Sir A. S.

8 Winnington Capt. H. J.

9 Woolrych Sergt.-at-Law

11 Read Thomas L. surgeon

Philip terrace, _Westbourne terrace_, _north_, _Harrow road_.

  Hearn R. gasfitter

1 Cooper J. R. locksmith

  Ceurvost L. boot maker

3 Jones Thomas

7 Pallis Charles

9 Armfield W. umbrella maker

11 Piper J.

2 Kay Mrs

4 Earwaker George

6 Russ Thomas

8 Kingston Mrs

10 Goodchild George

12 Catrick Thomas

  Kessler Philip, teacher of the pianoforte

Phillimore gardens, _Campden hill_, _Kensington_.

1 Watson Robert

2 Thistlewood George H.

3 Barrow Francis

5 De Murrieta Jose

7 Cullingford William H.

9 Spottiswoode Maj.-Gen. A. C.

11 James Francis

13 Corpe Samuel

15 Banting Thomas

17 Burnett Jonathan

19 Saunders J. O. Brien

21 Archer James R.S.A.

23 Taylor Hugh Lewis

25 Moxon Charles

27 Smith James

29 Boulton Mrs _Madingley lodge_

31 Dillon John _Netley lodge_

33 Cator Miss Bertie

35 Webb William

37 Bunyon Charles

39 Maitland John Fuller

43 Nicholson William N.

44 Manning Mrs

45 Forbes James Staats

46 Englebach Edward L.

47 Clode Charles Matthew

48 Hall Admiral W. H. C.B.

4 Morgan Mrs

6 Guthrie Thomas Anstey

8 Rougemout Misses

10 Walker Thomas Andrew

14 Hawksley Thomas

16 Hill Miss N. A.

18 Bethune Walter Angus

20 Annott Charles Barnet

24 Forbes Stevenson

26 Pym Mrs

28 Grogan William

30 Barclay Charles

32 Rae James

34 Elliott C. _Anglesey house_

36 Paulet Lady

Phillimore terrace, _Allen street_, _Kensington_.

1 Webber Henry A.

2 Shaw Miss

3 Wrighton W. T.

4 Courbould Aster artist

5 Wearn H

6 Nicholson Mrs

8 Pain Thomas

9 Hudson Stephen

10 Lancaster Alfred

12 Wells William

Pickering place, _Bishop’s road_, _Bayswater_.

1 & 2 Shirley J. G. chemists

3 Kilroy Thomas

4 Rolfe Henry

5 Curtis William

6 Hoy Joseph

7 Farrow Abel

8 Evans Arthur

9 Hudson Mrs Frances

10 Hutton George

11 Hay David

12 Hinckley Mrs

13 Churchhouse Edward

14 Spurr George

15 Alexander Nelson

17 Roake Mrs

20 Wale John

21 Moormon James

22 Sparrow Thomas

23 Gibbins William

24 Chandler William

25 Winn F. waiter

26 Hopkins Joseph

27 Pursey James

28 Hawkins Stephen

29 Baker Mrs

30 Appleton W. P.

31 Coleman Robert

32 Green Charles H. builder

33 Stock Thomas

35 Hooks James

36 Nichols W. G. plumber

38 Scott Machin tailor

39 Gasquin William

40 Robinson H. G. carpenter

41 Harvey Miss dress maker

42 Place William

43 Norris George carpenter

44 Vincent W. boot maker

45 Ward Mrs

46 Smith T. carpenter

47 Lamzea Richard tailor

48 Jennings Mrs

Pickering terrace, _Bishop’s road_, _Bayswater_.

1 Price Harry _Royal Oak_

2 Chapman W. coffeehouse

3 Oppenheim A. S. tobacco & cigar merchant

4 Bedford A. O. & Co. corn merchants

5 Radbron R. fruiterer

6 Stevens John cheesemonger

7 James W. gasfitter &c.

  Coleman J. & Co. auctioneer

8 Chaplin Jarvis fishmonger

9 Bowring French dyer

10 Lucking Brothers nurserymen & florists

11 Aldwinckle George watch maker jeweller &c.

12 Cole Samuel undertaker

13 & 14 Williams Ellis J. linen draper

15 Curtis William tailor

16 Leuty J. A. undertaker

17 Greenhill Thomas furniture dealer

18 Newman Charles & John drapers

19 Brown W. cheesemonger

20 Butler F. ironmonger

21 Ratcliffe Edward butcher

22 Grice John, tea dealer &c.

Pine apple place, _Maida vale_.

1 Henderson Arthur & Co. seedsmen & nurserymen

2 Redmayne Leonard

3 Soloman A. H.

4 Eden John

5 Cripps John

6 Bunting Alexander

7 Garrett James

8 McKeone Henry

9 Briggs Thomas Sutton

10 Robinson Mrs

11 Tavener Jaime

12 Waldo Edward

Pitt street, _Campden hill_, _Kensington_.

2 Somerton J. fruiterer

3 Lintott T. C. baker

Plough lane, _Notting hill_.


1 Marter J. ironmonger

2 Marter William

3 Bourne John

4 Darvill Francis

5 Miller James

6 Rogers George

7 Wilmot J. C.

9 Challis William Henry

10 Baker Mrs

11 Mongar John Thomas

12 Whiten Samuel

13 Blacklock George

14 Cumming William

15_a_ Cleaver Albert

7_a_ Stolard Mrs

13 Middle Mrs

15 Gough John

16 Grimson Thomas

17 Deer A. J. plumber &c.

18 Newman James

19 Hurren Reuben builder


1 Shoesmith —, cowkeeper, _Marlow cottage_

  Walton S. _Wickham house_

Polygon mews, _Burwood place_, _Edgware road_.

1 Downey George, saddler

8 & 9 Lowman, carman & coal merchant

14 Howe D. E. carpenter

  Lowe E. general dealer

16 Felstead W. coach builder

19 Warrington James & W. jun. artists in stained gl.

Polygon mews, _Southwick street_, _Hyde park_.

8 Lanchbury J. boot maker

11 Brailsford D. job master

16 Wilson George job master

Porchester place, _Cambridge street_, _Edgware road_.

1 Smith Thomas

2 Purgess W.

3 Hector Mrs

4 Campbell Mrs

5 Charie Mrs

6 Jeffries Mrs

7 Wilson Mrs

9 Beard Lewis

10 Singer Mrs

11 Baker Mrs

12 Hills Mrs

13 Tate Charles Thomas

14 Doble Robert

15 Gould Mrs

Porchester square, _Celbridge place_, _Westbourne park_.

1 Sergeaunt Mrs

2 Marson Frederick

3 Debenham William

4 Richards Charles

5 Holdship James M.

6 Simond Frederick

7 Morrison James

8 Rose Henry

9 Brown Harry

10 Battersbey Mrs

11 Staunton Thomas

12 Henderson William

13 Somerville Stafford

14 Douglas James Alexander

15 Stooks Miss

16 Dalton Edward

17 Harris Capt., William C.

18 Macewen Alexander

19 Stephen Lady Leslie

20 Battiscombe Rev. William

21 Hyam Arthur

22 Kingston John

23 Robertson James Nisbet

24 Jerdein John

25 Whitting Robert

26 Davidson Madwick

27 Herringham Mrs

28 Hooper Capt. Edward

29 Graham Walter

  Hermingham Mrs

30 Thomson R.

31 Corfield George

32 Wood Thomas

33 Willis Richard

34 Potter Mrs

35 Dean Mrs

36 Wickham Francis

37 Furness Thomas

38 Knox William

39 Temple Herbert Henry

40 Gregory Mrs

41 Kirby Frederick William

42 Tulk Alfred

43 Boyd General Hugh

44 Simpson Mrs

46 Barker Montague

Porchester terrace, _Uxbridge road_, _Bayswater_.

1 Pearce John _Wotton villa_

1_a_ Evans Mrs

2 Pound Daniel

3 Spofforth Markham

5 Dobigan Major J.

7 Kirby John

8 Gordon Mrs

10 Alexander James

12 Richardson Thomas M.

14 Liddard Miss

16 Ponsford James F.

16 Scott David

17 Husband Thomas

18 Harrison Dr.

19 Hale John

20 Wainman Mrs

22 Smythe Maj.-Gen. J.

24 Robinson Mrs

26 Decondra Mrs

27 Baker Capt. John

28 Lister Dr.

29 Fountaine Mrs

30 Thomas William

32 Alexander Mrs

33 Pearce William

34 Sweet Henry

35 Rothschild L. M.

36 Joubert F. F. photographer

37 Kennard Robert William

38 Silvy C. photographer

38_a_ Malas Basil

39 Salomons Moses

40 Hay Col. David

41 Hayes John

42 Trotter Mrs _Pembroke house_

43 Vallance Henry

44 Rankine Robert

45 Beattie Alexander, M.D.

46 Innes John

47 Cassavette Mrs

  _Pillar Letter Box_

48 Gilchrist John

49 Floutow M.

50 Mason Mrs Dunbar

51 Vanderhyle Philip M. P.

52 Cohen Nathaniel

53 Hargreaves Mrs

54 Gibb Thomas

55 Allcroft John D.

56 Holland Stephen

57 Moses Elias

58 Finch Cuthbert M.D.

59 Greenfield W. B. F.R.G.S.

60 Walker John, F.R.G.S.

61 Parsons Capt. Frederick

62 Aspinwall James L.

63 Scantlebury William

64 Harrington Mrs

65 Holland William James

66 Kays Thomas M.D.

67 Barfield Samuel

68 Warren Capt. Daniel R.N.

69 Leman William

70 Mundy William Hald

72 Grabham Miss

76 Baker Thomas E.

78 Ramsay Col. John B.

80 Moullin James surgeon

82 Sargent Thomas

84 Lee Mrs

86 Walker Henry


1 Bragg John

2 Stokes George

Porteus road, _Harrow road_, _Paddington_.

1 Struthers Mrs

2 Short Arthur S.

3 Ponsford Mrs

4 Bodell John

5 Crockett Miss

6 Venables Charles

7 Hanabuss Mrs

9 Hill William

10 Roberts Miss

11 Pickman James

12 Nichols Henry G.

13 Tatham Henry

14 Ewens Captain

15 Hopkins Miss

16 Austin John

17 Burns Rev. Jabez D.D.

18 Wilson Horace

19 Beale John S. surgeon

20 Nelson Misses

21 Melton Robert, plumber

22 Penney Henry

23 Mayhew John

24 Gutch George, architect & district surveyor, _Porteus house_

Portland place, _Vale place_, _Hammersmith road_.

1_a_ Foden T. timber merchant

1 Cooper Mrs

2 Cooch Mrs

  Cooch R. W. Brookes

3 Dyer Joseph

4 Bell Mrs, _Portland house_

5 Salter W. _Devon lodge_

7 Gale Robert

9 Cook William Brown

  Skinner Taylor, _Western lodge_

Portland road, _Lower terrace_, _Notting hill_.

1 Wood Charles

3 Shone William

6 Hobbs H. carpenter

9 Campbells Mrs

  Shiell Robert

11 Marshall Alexander

12 Ladd G. B. grainer

13 Messer Mrs

14 Woodward —, coal merchant

15 Kerakosse H.

16 Cowland John builder

17 Hope Mrs

18 Hind Phillip

19 Evans Capt.

20 Jackson Thomas

22 Baker Mrs

23 Wilkinson W. professor of music

24 Brewer Henry

26 Heywood Thomas

27 Purday Charles

28 Evans George

29 Sanders Henry

30 King R. _Argyle house_

31 Healey Thomas

32 Pilbeam Alexander

33 Blowers Edgar

34 White William

35 Knight Samuel

36 Meriman J. L.

38 Pain Mrs

40 Robinson J. W.

41 Ling Bareham

42 Martyn Edward

43 Smith Joseph _Notting hill & Shepherd’s Bush Dispensary_

44 Ashwell David

45 Benians William grocer

46 Gollop Capt. John

47 Smith F. greengrocer

49 Coghill Anthony

50 Layland William

51 Mould William

52 Hawkins William

53 Miall Thomas

54 Streatfield C.

55 Watson Mrs

56 Tabois Alfred

57 Rivers Mrs

58 Paxton Miss

59 Robertson John

60 Hall George

61 Bowland John

62 Large Henry

63 Attwood Mrs

64 Dupont Dominick

65 Percy William

67 Howarth George

68 While Charles Harcourt

69 Roberts John

70 Clarke James

71 Stone Henry

72 Angus George French

73 Loveridge Edward

74 Shury George

75 Moorsom Mrs

76 Sullivan John

80 Colley B. builder

81 Gonton Mrs

82 Gregory Francis

94 Dodd Miss

96 Salter E. dairyman

98 Pate G. tobacconist

100 Colley W. butcher

102 Farr H. P. grocer

104 Lyon Henry surveyor & valuer

  Lyon Walter furniture dealer & french polisher

106 Cowderoy W. clock maker

119 Hillier J. _Portland Arms_

121 Davey Matthew

123 Watkins Henry

125 Lloyd David ironmonger

127 Bert John tailor

129 Ensoll T. G. draper

131 Gillard John, tailor

133 Turpin John confectioner

135 Pardoe William grocer

136 Baker F. dairyman

137 Rymill T. greengrocer

138 Austin & Simfield drapers

139 Nunn J. baker

140 Holmes W. cabinet maker

141 Fouler and Foskett pawnbrokers

142 Black J. green grocer

144 Cullum Alfred stationer

146 Wells Richard grocer

148 Nuth F. S.

150 Gibbons James oilman

152 Corduroy —, boot maker

168 Thompson W. coal merchant

179 Redwell John

182 Downing Joseph

183 Cosgrove M. marine stores

181 Flight John shoe maker

183 Fryer J. coffee house

185 Walker J. tobacconist

187 Brine W. gas fitter

189 Wedekind W. cabinet maker

237 Betts E.

239 Westlake W. tobacconist

241 Birchall George plumber

243 Woodman Henry

  _Kensington park brewery_

Portobello road, _Kensington park_, _Notting hill_.

1 Patch William, baker

3 Ings T. fishmonger

4 Abbott J. & W. cheesemongers

5 Whait Isaac oilman

35 Charlton H. _Portobello tavern_

36 Curtis W. cowkeeper

38 Barehan D. corn merchant

Portobello terrace, _High street_, _Notting hill_.

1_a_ Palmer George butcher

2_a_ Lucas J. greengrocer

1 Stephenson T. coffee house

2 Maberley Hon. Mrs, _Hale Farm Dairy_

3 Bovington Richard _The Hope Tap_

  Richardson, Sanders & Co. _Hope Brewery_

4 Gill G. _The Prince Albert_

5 Whur Benjamin florist

Portobello terrace, _Portobello road_, _Kensington park_.

1_a_ Davey Alfred builder

1 Lewis Alfred stationer

2 Smith John coffee house

3 Westlake Thomas grocer

4 Robinson Henry

5 Wheatley W. fruiterer

6 Whitlock Edward draper

7 Doggett T., cabinet maker

10 Stevens S. china warehouse

11 Draper J. fruiterer

12 Jones Mrs confectioner

13 Green John dairyman

14 Hughes John broker

15 Perkins W. beer retailer

18 Savil James tobacconist

19 Mortimer Misses

20 Allen A. hair dresser

21 Alder Joseph grocer

22 Catt A. leather seller

23 Wager Thomas wardrobe dealer

Portsdown mews, _Portsdown place_, _Edgware road_, _Kilburn_.

  Lee J. bellhanger

  Lamb C. chimney sweep

  Picard —, bird stuffer

  Odell M. marine store dealer

Portsdown place, _Edgware road_, _Kilburn_.

  _Kilburn Fire Escape Station_

1 Lee J. gasfitter

2 Brand Richard

3 Kilby Mrs

4 Ward C. painter &c.

5 Bingham Alfred James

Portsdown road, _Blomfield road_, _Maida hill_.

1 Moxon James Edward

3 Wheeler Daniel

5 Watts Thomas

7 Lord Thomas

9 Key Henry Charles

11 Blackwood James

13 O’Brian George

15 Henry George

17 Atwitel Judah

19 Le Petit A.

21 Simmonds Joseph

23 Albrech E. professor of languages

25 Carter Charles

27 Sterling Miss, preparatory school for gentlemen

29 Rrixey George

33 Harris George

35 Webster John Frederick

37 Winter Mrs

39 Haworth J. K.

41 Lazarus Abraham L.

43 Alet Mrs

  Playle John

45 Wright Mrs

49 Eskell Abraham

55 Benoniel Joshua

57 Bursey Frederick

61_a_ Fleming Mrs

63 Walker Sidney

65 Cohenda —

67 Bellew C. M.

69 Morris Leopald

71 Hamilton Mrs

  Cox Stephen jun. horse dealer

  Pitt Edward, _Warrington Tavern and Hotel_

2 Wright B.

6 Tilley Mrs

6 Taylor Capt. W. N.

8 Gayford Chesterfield

10 Tenniel John

12 Hodges Henry

14 Braisher Edwaod John

16 Riddell —

18 Harris Mrs

20 Nathan Mrs

22 Walter Morris

24 Jarrett Mrs

26 Frust H. J.

28 Gerrard Mrs

30 Fellows Capt. William

32 Renshaw Mrs

34 Moseley Adicks

38 Heymans Edward

40 Scott John Francis

42 Forbes George

44 Cohen Levy

48 Grantham Richard

50 Walker Henry

52 Browning Charles surgeon

54 Ball Miss

58 Hutton Mrs, ladies school

60 Hinchliff Edwin Stanley

62 Lindo Joseph

66 Allcard Miss

70 Dixon Miss

72 Hatch Solomon

74 Mander Charles John

78 Aloof Mrs

80 Ogilby Mrs

82 Cunningham James E.

86 Pesteere Thomas Arthur

88 Myers Daniel

90 Debenham Mrs

94 Etlenger Arnold

96 Moss Emanuel

100 Rutter John

Portsdown road north, _Stranraer place_, _Maida vale_.

1_a_ Griffiths Thomas

2_a_ Froom Alfred

1 Moore Charles Woodward

2 Gobey Benjamin

3 Mier Morris

4 Dalston Henry Maxwell

5 Seton Miles Charles

6 Moon James

7 Wilson Augustus

8 Cayford Ebenezer

9 Abecasis —

Portsdown terrace, _Edgware road_, _Kilburn_.

1 Jobbins H. baker &c.

2 & 3 Hall Henry draper & silk mercer

4 Burkenyoung P. Y. bookseller, _Post and Money Order office_, _Savings

5 Unett Misses E. and E. milliners

6 Brightmore W. chemist

7 Bellgrove George grocer

8 Adams and Broughton cheesemonger

9 Lane John fruiterer

10 James W. A. boot maker

11 Adams and Broughton fishmonger

12 Worboy John butcher

Portsea place, _Connaught terrace_, _Hyde park_.

1 Cousens George

2 Mortimer Mrs

3 Cowell Robert

4 Abbott William

6 Thomas William

7 Weatherhead Joseph

8 Nicholls Benjamin

9 Simpson Robert

10 Royal William

12 Shelton William

13 Voules H. E.

14 Hutton Henry

15 Parker Mrs

16 Cook Mrs

17 Culpin Mrs

18 Marshall William

19 Coxhead James

20 Gurling John

21 Howes John R.

22 Miller Robert

23 Bowler Mrs

Powis terrace, _Portobello road_, _Kensington park_.

1 Holt A. B. grocer _Post office_

2 Strickland S. economic funeral company

3 Hyde Joseph J. hosier

4 Small George, plumber

5 Clark Frederick, gilder

6 Edges Mrs

7 Vickering F. paper florist

8 Campebell J. wine merchant

10 Banks J. & Co. upholsterers

11 Turner Samuel, hair dresser

12 Thompson Ferd. stationer

13 Moody J. dyer & cleaner

14 Goodrich John Cooper

16 Ames John S. draper


2 Leftley William coffee & chop house

3 Bone John, draper

5 Brown G. zinc worker

6 Cole —, butcher

Praed street, _Edgware road_, _Paddington_.

  _Pillar Letter Box_

4 Lock Frederick _Grand Junction Arms_

5 Norwood W. J. greengrocer

6 Sykes John stationer

7 Clark F. & Son tailors

8 Starling Mrs, marine stores

9 Morris T. marine stores

10 Matthews F. whip maker

16 Booth Richard corn dealer

17 Plenderleath R. appraiser

18 Turner James hair dresser

19 Beckett T. cowkeeper

20 Sargent G. stay maker

22 Watson James hosier

24 Carter C. H. gas fitter

29 Goodwin G. coffee rooms

30 Death W. carver & gilder

31 Maxted Edward plumber

32 Philpot Henry chemist

33 Clark Mrs baker

34 James W. umbrella maker

35 Walker B. fishmonger

37 Hamer W. musical instrument maker

38 Morgan Mrs, wardrobe dealer

39 Wright F. S. tobacconist

40 Swain Mrs beer retailer

42 Wale Mrs baker

44 Daw A. china warehouse

45 Walford J. dining rooms

46 Andrews T. greengrocer

48 Page —, ladies’ outfitter

49 Casseltine Mrs chimney sweep

50 Sewell Mrs milliner

51 Hecht W. watch maker

52 Taylor W. tobacconist

53 Bunce Henry, British coffee house

54 Watkins S. _Burton house_

55 Mercer George carpenter

56 Messenger Charles oilman

57 Stow E. coffee house

58 Clarke Henry boot maker

59 Peters James greengrocer

60 Towers A. pork butcher

61 Turner E. hair dresser

62 Neate Stephen _The Load of Hay_

  _The Great Western Hotel_

71_a_ Colville H. J. truss & surgical bandage maker

72 Nixon John builder

74 Eades Mrs dining rooms

75 & 76 Restal G. H. trunk maker

77 Seagrave Isaac zinc worker

80 Cole T. toy warehouse

83 & 84 Halley Richard furniture dealer

85 Sargent G. stay maker

86 Deer G. glass shade maker

89 Jeffries Judge G. tea dealer

90 Clifford Mrs

91 Lloyd W. hat manufacturer

93 Shepherd W. boot maker

94 Howard G. J. _The Fountain Abbey_

95 Caldecott Henry draper

96 Lowry W. cheesemonger

97 Lacy A. tobacconist

98 Jennings Mrs milliner

100 Pegg John stationer

102 Williams James tailor

104 Read Henry watch maker

105 Gristwood W. toy warehouse

107 Garrett & Co. beer retailer

108 Tunstall J. beer retailer

109 Jones G. boot maker

110 Hannuel A. dining rooms

111 Wood G. coffee rooms

112 Spendlove John grocer

114 Yates E. looking glass maker

116 Axten H. undertaker

118 Chick Charles

119 Jarvis H. & F. ironmonger

122 Clayton Thomas baker

123 Sadman J. grocer

124 Sewell W. wheelwright

125 Haskey Mrs bonnet maker

127 Howell G. J. coffee rooms & tobacconist

128 Wyett B. coal merchant

130 Dadd T. leather seller

131 Kennedy J. coffee rooms

132 Turner J. R. beer retailer

134 Reeve Mrs confectioner

135 James & Co. haberdashers

137 Turner J. boot warehouse

138 Cuff J. furniture dealer

139 Turner H. china warehouse

140 Toler W. J. news agent

141 Rudin Thomas, draper

142 Hill J. _Sanitary depot_

144 Beament Edwin baker

  _Baptist Chapel_

145 Morgan W. trunk maker

146 Parker W. corn dealer

147 Morgan E. boot maker

  Harris Harry, clothier

148 Nurton George, printer

149 Tomkins George saddler

150 Gee Philip baker

151 Bond T. S. coffee rooms

152 Williamson W. cutler

154 Basing G. beer retailer

Prince of Wales’ terrace, _Kensington palace_, _Kensington_.

1 Exmouth Viscount

  Pellew E. F.

3 Eden Mrs T.

4 Benjamin Isaac

5 Senior Mrs

6 Corbould Edward

7 Ashurst William H.

8 Lennox Lord W. Pitt

9 Hoskins Miss

10 Ellison Cuthbert

11 Aberneathy James

12 Stewart Major Robert

17 Cole Henry

18 Lye John Gaunt

Prince’s gardens, _Exhibition road, Hyde park_, _south_, _Kensington

1 Lancaster Benjamin

2 Booth James

3 Byles Sir J. B

4 Giffard G. M. Q.C.

5 Hawarden Viscount

6 Fitzroy Lord C. L.

7 Wildes Mrs

8 Baldock Mrs

9 Ponsonby Hon. Ashley George J. M.P.

10 Blackburn Hon. Sir C.

  Blackburn P

  Blackburn Miss

11 Keating Sir H. S.

12 Erle Sir William

13 Bethune Lady L.

14 Kennedy Colonel

15 Manning Charles

16 Chambers John D. & Hon. Mrs

17 Childers H. C. E. M.P.

18 Elias Hyman

19 Dynevor Lord

20 Cooper Sir D. Bart.

21 Blane David A.

  Blane Capt. G. R.N.

22 Potter Edmund, M.P.

23 Lysley W. J. M.P.

24 Hodgson J. Stewart

25 Sichel Michael

26 Cunard Sir S. Bart.

27 Macather Sir Edward

28 Smith T. Eustace

29 Baillie Col.

30 Griffiths Henry

31 Riddell Sir Waller B. Bart.

32 Donaldon Sir Stewart Alexander, Bart.

33 Brown Mrs

  Brown James D. H.

34 Worsley Sir Wm. Bart.

35 Norman Rev. C. F.

36 Craufurd Lieut.-General J. R.

37 Boyd P.

38 Green Frederick

39 Waring William

40 Bruce Hon. Mrs

41 Jamieson George

42 Armagh Archbishop of

  Beresford Mrs

43 Webster Charles Fox

  Calder Sir H. Bart.

44 Wardlaw J. & Lady H.

  Waldegrave Lady Ida

45 Ricardo Percy

46 Bolton Lord

47 Inchiquin Lord

48 Vernon, H. F., M.P.

Prince’s gate, _Kensington road_, _S.W._

1 Boyle Hon. & Rev. Rich.

2 Langton W. H. G.

3 Harris John

4 Falkland Viscount C. H.

5 Portman Lord

6 Cookes Capt. George

7 Duncan Alexander

8 Graham Mrs

9 Ely Marchioness of

10 Sandbach Wm. R.

11 Alford Lady Marian

  _Kingston House_

  Listowel Earl of

13 Morgan J. S.

14 Schenley E. W. H.

15 Ray E. B.

16 Eaton Henry Wm.

18 Hibbert W. T.

  Hibbert Robert Henry

19 Southwell Miss & Trafford Miss T.

20 Aldridge John

21 Ware Charles Nathaniel

22 Malcolm James

23 Baring Hon. Miss

24 Hubbard J. G. M.P. & Hon. Mrs

25 Bevan Robert C. Lee

26 Seeley C. M.P.

27 Smith John

28 Grosvenor Earl M.P.

29 Blackburn Joshua

30 Huth Henry

31 Ramsay Hon. Mrs

32 Hammersley Hugh

33 Somers Earl

34 Cremorne Dowager Lady

35 Newton Charles

36 McIlwrith Robert

37 Saurin Admiral & Lady Mary

38 Boyle C. A. R.N.

39 Fielding Col. Hon. Percy

40 Bowden Henry

41 De Saumrez Lord

42 Pickering A. P. & W. P.

43 Manners Lady

44 Hay Robert

45 Davies Rev. W. K.

47 Coffin Walter

48 De Arrovave Antonio

  _Pillar Letter Box_

60 Longley Major

61 Selby P.

62 Ogilvie Thomas

63 Fairman Mrs

  _National Art Training Schools_

  _Royal Horticultural Society’s Gardens_

  _National Portrait Exhibition and Museum of Naval Architecture_

Prince’s mews, _Hereford road_, _Bayswater_.

3 Gale R. J. job master

11 Page Robert job master

12 & 13 Chapman William Henry, horse dealer

Princes road, _Notting hill_.


1 Stevenson Edmund, _Prince of Wales_

2 Warren William, baker

3 Coleman E. plumber

5 Harris William, stationer

6 Boyce Thomas, boot maker

6 Saw George, dairyman

7 Cooper, William, draper

8 Dickson John, cutler

9 Forty Thomas, butterman

10 Stevens J. greengrocer

11 Howland F. C. plumber

12 Keeble W. marine stores

13 West B. beer retailer

14 Beale Daniel grocer

15 Tye Edmund fruiterer

16 Yeo William, gas fitter

17 Tombs C. tobacconist

18 Wild Mrs, corn dealer

19 Slaughter Alfred, butcher

20 Squirrel C. greengrocer

21 Blood Abraham tailor

22 Carr George, boot maker

23 Druce G. greengrocer

24 Poole R. tobacconist

25 Baker Robert chemist

26 Brown W. eating house

27 Ashelford Thomas grocer

28 Ashelford T. cheesemonger

29 Watts Edward baker

30 Blackmore J. ironmonger

31 Barfoot H. toy warehouse

32 Gill William, boot maker

33 Yetton J. chimney sweep

34 Benford T. china dealer

35 Gibbins W. H. grocer

36 Cole George, butcher

37 Marsh F. fruiterer

38 Strong J. beer retailer

39 Pressland Henry, draper

40 Lague John, fishmonger

41 Anderson & Johnson, dyers

42 Clement Mrs, boot maker

43 Roser Frederick, butcher

44 Fox J. cheesemonger

45 Brown C. general dealer

46 Bye James, oilman

47 Marsh Henry builder

48 Lingley Jeremiah, grocer

49 Clift John, dairyman

60 Wade & Co. chemists


  Walker James, florist & seedman

1 Ackland T. corn dealer

2_a_ Scarlett G. fruiterer

2 Mills Miss

3_a_ Grant Mrs, Ann, grocer

3 Thole E.

4 Neison Mrs

5 Fell James

6 Dalton Mrs

7 Hughes Mrs

8 Mcgregor John

9 Richmond Mrs

10 Killik George

11 Huden Henry

12 Linsell Mrs

13 Took William

14 Garde John Edward

15 Blackwell E. grocer

19 Newcombe G. plasterer

20 Fenn George, clothier

21 Scarvell George, grocer

25 Dagnall W. _The Crown_

26 Fox Thomas, greengrocer

27 Gellett W. shoemaker

28 Thrusher George, hatter

29 Bull William, clothier

30 Arnsby, G. dairyman

31 Zahringer V. clock maker

  Corkhill Robert oilman

32 Corkhill S. & M. drapers

33 Howkins W. corn dealer

35 Lancaster T. greengrocer

36 Williams J. butterman

37 Rust William baker

38 Warren R. confectioner

39 Jones Robert shoe maker

40 Hall Omar cheesemonger

41 Jeynes William surgeon

42 Evans Edward grocer

43 Shears Richard draper

Prince’s road, _North_, _Notting hill_.

6 Wyatt Joseph grocer

7 Checkley S. pork butcher

8 Cawthorn C. greengrocer

9 Culham J. hair dresser

10 Potlenger C. butcher

11 Winfield Arthur corn dealer

Princes square, _Kensington gardens square_, _Bayswater_.

2 Staunton Edward

3 Hewit Richard

4 Franklinski Alexander

6 Hamilton John H.

7 Budd Mrs

8 Longman G. M.

10 Ecksteien Miss

11 Wood Capt. John A.

12 Sprange A. D. M.A. professor of mathematics

13 Venning Mrs

14 Pulling A. S. L.

16 Mackay James McGregor

16 Froom Mrs E. A.

17 Lodder Capt. W. P. J.

18 Drabble Mrs

19 Pheysey Mrs

20 Shee Richard Henry

21 Schiller Mrs

22 Sommerton W. H.

23 Goodday Miss

24 Handcock Miss

25 Pratt Samuel Luke

26 Humphrey Joseph

27 Fendall Mrs M. A.

28 Moule John Watkins

29 Shrelfall Mrs

30 Wright William

31 Hill Thomas

32 Murphy J. P.

33 Morse Hon. H. F.

34 Phillips Octavius

35 Harvey —, surgeon M.D.

36 Anson Edward Hamilton

37 Tileet S.

38 Mason L. J. M.

39 Mackenzie Mrs

43 Robins Mrs

44 Pullin Samuel John

45 Robinson Frederick

46 Bloscam Alfred Bradley

48 Miller Mrs

49 Steatfield John

50 Turner Edward

51 Raphael Alfred

52 Archer Mrs

54 Twiner Albert

55 Curling Robert

56 Woodgate Mrs

57 Stiliman F.

58 Holland Henry Charles

59 Cawan J. E.

60 Eyre G. L. P.

61 Capel Arthur Rissdon

62 Holland Colln James

63 Parsons Mrs

64 Stone Coutts

65 Padday Reginald

66 Kiallmark H. W. surgeon

67 Galloway Miss

68 Compton William

69 Such Joseph

70 Raphael Mrs

71 Ewen G. W.

72 Murray George Baker

73 Wright W. _Princes Hotel_

75 De Brion —

  _Pillar Letter Box_

76 Hewetson Mrs

Princes terrace, _Hereford road_, _Bayswater_.

1 Messey Dr

2 Heating Thomas

3 Barrett Miss

4 Keys Mrs

5 Perce William Frederick

Princes terrace, _Princes road_, _Notting hill_.

1 Brown Henry

2 Thatcher Steven

3 Armitage Mrs

4 Knight A. E. dress maker

5 Kingston R. upholsterer

6 Monkeridge J. fishmonger

Queen street, _Broadway_, _Hammersmith_.

1 Cameron Dugald Edward _Thatched cottage_

3 Cloud George, corn dealer

5 Peirce Horace

7 Faulkner Miss

9 Howes Capt. George

11 Adams Misses, ladies’ school

13 Smith William

15 Dunn Edward Thomas

17 Morgan John, cowkeeper

19_a_ Simpson W. _Bradmore house_

21_b_ Gatliff W. H. _Bradmore house_

23 Barker Robert, upholster

25 Lewcock Alexander

27 Nicholls Mrs

29 Adams W. greengrocer

31 Haig J. _Cranforth lodge_

33 Catchpool George, _The Six Bells_

35 Fowkes Henry, butcher

37 Pierson William, draper

39 Cockerell Alfred, grocer

41 Beall Felix John, baker

43 Randell John

45 Bowden John

47 Brangrove Mrs

49 _St. Vincent’s home_

51 Parke S. _Temple lodge_

53 Real James _Roseneath_

55 Adams Richard

57 Stapleton Mrs, preparatory school

59 Heywood Wm. F. grocer

61 Shepherd Henry

63 Newman H. T. beer retailer

67 Olive James, bellhanger

75 Hayward W. bootmaker

81 Bedford H. carriage builder

83 Woodhouse E. grocer

87 Basford George, grocer

91 Hathway W. dairy

99 & 101 Hore S. S. furniture broker

105 Folkerd T. leather seller

117 Brown J. boot maker

119 Howe Richard, butcher

121 Van Christopher, grocer

133 Lawrence Mrs

  Allcock & Cooper, lime & cement merchants, _King’s Arms wharf_

2 Squibb W. news agent

4 Davies G. beer retailer

6 Chaundy Mrs, baker

8 Dove H. hair dresser

10 Abbott H. confectioner

12 Mitchell H. watch maker

14 Carter Joseph

16 Coles Henry

18 Callaway Miss, preparatory school

20 Currie Robert, boot maker

22 Haines W. _Anchor brew._

  _Female Charity Schools & National Schools_

  _St Paul’s Church_

24 Chapman W. boot maker

  Atkinson W. undertaker

28 Williams Mrs

30 Rubergall John

34 Cave J. Arnold

36 Rice Samuel

38 Reeves Alfred William

40 Hidden Isaac

42 Upton Charles

44 Cockerell Thomas John

46 Crooke Mrs

48 Price Mrs

50 Fluke S. shoe maker

62 Cockett H. carpenter

68 Anstead W. fruiterer

72 Nethercleft E. bricklayer

74 Piercy M. bird stuffer

78 Bailey Mrs, stone mason

80 Gilbert E. D. _The Cannon_

88 Steng Charles, baker

94 Worboys M. fruiterer

102 Thorn Mrs, sweetmeat dealer

116 ROBERTS —, coal & coke merchant, _Queen Street Wharf_

Queen’s gardens, _Cleveland square_, _Hyde Park_.

1 Dickinson W., chemist

  _Devonshire Club_—Dickinson W. proprietor

2 William Mrs

3 Gaitskill Alfred

4 Yeames Mrs

5 Robertson Alexander

6 Overend William Q.C.

7 Boden George

8 Ruck Mrs

9 Cutler Rev. Richard M.A.

10 Flavell Thomas William

11 Beal Henry Ridley

12 Lambert Richard

13 Babington Mrs

14 Ashmore Rev. Paul

15 Leslie William

16 Boddam Lieut.-Col. W. T

17 Troubridge Lady

18 Wilkes James

19 Annesley George

20 Mallaby Mrs

21 Matthey Edward

22 Firebrace Mrs

23 Thornton W. Thomas

24 Shepherd James

25 Grane William James

26 Gordon Mrs

27 Ware Mrs

28 Meek Mrs

30 Bouthman Mrs

31 Cottam George

32 Vine Charles

33 Jones William C.

34 Stirling Edward

35 Robertson Andrew

36 Prothero Thomas

37 Shickle Miss

38 Harrison Charles W.

39 Mayne Ottway

40 Prehn Alexander

41 Lysley Warine B. M.

42 Powell Mrs Stratford

43 Bruce Allan Cameron

44 Fleury Jules, _Consul-General for France_

45 Archdekin Miss

40 Blair Capt. Thomas

47 Adams General Geo. C.B.

48 Trevor Rev. G. A.

49 Henry Mrs

50 Robertson James R.

51 Wedd George

52 Llndo Nathaniel

53 Shand Misses

54 Delpratt Joseph

55 Bradshaw Mrs

56 Muntz Eugene G.

57 Lowther Robert

58 Carrick Mrs

59 Phillips Barnet Samuel

60 Burder Mrs

61 Platt Lady

63 Brown David

64 Aspinall John J. B. Q.C. barrister, Recorder of Liverpool

65 Lindsay Mrs

67 Hannay James Lennox

68 Fox H. H.

Queen’s gate, _Prince Albert road_, _South Kensington_.

2 White James, M.P.

3 Thwaites Daniel

4 Baird Mrs

6 Stuart Hon. Sir John, Bart. F.R.G.S. Vice-Chancellor

6 Kilvington Mrs

  Inglis T. C.

7 Cooper S. T.

8 Troubridge Colonel Sir T.

  Vincent, Bart. C.B.

9 Pedder Major Henry N.

10 Cunliffe Roger F.R.G.S.

11 Fowler Alfred

12 Gough R. D.

13 Shaw Stewart J. A

14 Boucicault G. D.

15 Garland E. W.

16 Ramsay Thomas W.

17 Somes Mrs

18 Schuster S. L

19 Nation W. H. C

20 Martin E. M.

21 Price Mrs

22 Stern David

23 Fairbairn Thomas

24 Arthur Col. Sir Fred L.

  Bart. & Lady Elizabeth

25 Duncombe George F.

26 Fleming John

48 Leask William

50 Speyer Robert

53 Robertson A. D.

54 Cassels William R.

55 Sanderman Alfred

56 Courage H.

Queen’s gate gardens, _Kensington gore_, _South Kensington_.

1 Nixon —

2 Whitbread Samuel, M.P. & Lady Isabella

3 Broadwood Walter S.

4 Duff Mount Stewart Elphinstone Grant, M.P., F.R.G.S.

5 Thring Henry

8 Caird James

9 Clutterbuck Mrs

10 Daunt William Hughes

14 Halliday Frederick

17 Siltyer Mrs

19 Littledale Mrs

20 Sullivan Lady & Sir Edward

21 Stapleton Martin B.

22 Ramsay Robert W.

23 Norwood Charles M. M.P.

24 Fort Richard, M.P.

25 Musgrave C.

27 Berry Henry

28 Charrington Edward

Queen’s gate place, _Queen’s gate_, _South Kensington_.

1 Burchell William

2 Wray Major John

3 Trumlett George

4 Dobree Bonamy

15 Maddy Edwin, D.C.L.

Queen’s gate terrace, _Gore road_, _South Kensington_.

2 Little Col. Archibald C.B.

3 Pauncefote Bernard

4 Ward Hon. Mrs Dudley

5 Derriman Capt.

6 Thomas Griffith

7 Craven Lawrence

8 Stapleton Hon. John

9 Coventry Mrs

10 Butler Thomas

11 Lloyd Mrs

12 Molyneux Capt. W. H. R.N.

13 Wood Capt. George

14 Tower Thomas

15 Pringle Col. J. H.

16 Bethell Slingsby

17 Vivian Lord

19 McMaster James

20 Massinberd C. L.

21 Gabrielli Antonio

22 Barron Luke Nethervile

23 Morant —

24 Lord Mrs Arthur Owen

25 Nichol George G.

26 Ashbrook Dowager Viscountess

27 Stackpoole Geo. William & Lady Rossman

28 Forbes Charles

29 Millett Charles

30 Abinger Dowager Lady

31 Langley Henry

32 Pearse Mrs

33 Craven William George & Lady Mary

34 Mills Richard

35 Partridge Frederick John

36 Ricketts Fred. St. Vincent

37 39 & 41 _South Kensington Hotel Co._ (_limited_)—Stevens R. Robt.

40 Shoobridge W. Stephen

42 Bonner George F.R.G.S.

43 Buller Sir Arthur W. M.P.

44 Bolton Richard George

46 Hesketh Lady Emily

48 Dickinson Charles A.

50 Baillie Col. Duncan

52 Hill Henry

54 Du Cane Charles, M.P.

58 Harrison James Fortesque

Queen’s place, _Queen’s road_, _Notting hill_.

3 Neil C. chimney sweep

6 Bulfin W. coach painter

8 Tilley J. coach painter

10 Butler Alfred, smith

Queen’s road, _Bayswater_.

1 Powell H. house & estate agent

3 England C. carpenter

5 Tomlin E. butcher

7 Boulton J. eating house

9 Smith Warren, gasfitter

11 Maunder Bros. stationers & _Post Office_

13 Green Mrs, confectioner

  Barker W. builder, &c.

15 Law W. corn merchant

19 Coles C. G. house agent

21 WILLIAMS G. A. blind manufacturer

23 Forrest A. boot maker

  Fletcher G. tobacconist

25 Mead G. plumber, &c.

27 Rhodes Mrs, pianoforte maker

31 Bell Mrs

33 Kendrick A. trunk maker

35 Holmes —, sculptor

  Haynes Miss, milliner

37 Long C. ornamental glass manufacturer

39 Fulcher J. N. cabinet maker

41 Bird W. M. carver & gilder

43 Willows —, general dealer

  Clapham M. L. tailor

45 Rolph Joseph, fruiterer

47 Jefferson H. Berlin wool repository

49 Cook D. A. furniture dealer

51 Bowles G. builder

53 Bocke A. grocer

57 Oatley & Co. boot makers picture

59 Cummings —, frame maker

61 Wilson James

65 Oliver J. & E. builders

69 Eperon Alfred, _Queen’s Head_

75 Sutch Mrs, boot maker

77 Hicks John, butcher

93 Harris George, _Duke of Edinburgh_

95 Diamond W. G. tobacconist

97 Russell E. saddler

99 Fassey Wm. coffee rooms

101 Terry G. fruiterer

103 Parker W. corn merchant

105 & 107 Jeffcoat A. oil & Italian warehouse

111 Dobbins G. ironmonger

113 Richardson T. B. builder

115 Hull Mrs

117 Weston E. builder

119 Parslow T. butcher

121 Pearman T. florist

123 Mackie T. M. estate agent

  _Institution for Needlewomen_—Bird Mrs, matron

127 Vines S. W. trunk maker

  _Bayswater Chapel_

129 Gustan John

131 Delfosse Miss

133 Curtis E. carpenter

135 Skinner Henry

137 Collins Mrs

139 Taylor —, surgeon, M.D.

141 Riggall Edward, M.R.C.S.

143 Martyr & Morgan, photographers

145 Freeman W. H.

147 Gilbart W. H. timber merchant

149 Flenen R. W. _Lodge house_

151 Haynes Mrs

153 _Queen’s Farm Hotel_

155 _West London College_—Davies Rev. C. M. D.D.

159 Ellis W. professor of dancing, _Belmont house_

161 King G. P. & Miss _Tankerville house_

163 Lazarus Miss

  Walters J.

165 _Westbourne Dispensary_—Lockner C. P. hon. sec.

167 Pearce J. china & glass warehouse

169 Podmore C. fruiterer

171 Fitch Mrs, A. cheesemonger

2 Pinyon W. chemist

  Jackson W. watch maker

4 Berkell R. draper

6 _The French Kid Glove Depot_

8 Whisher J. fancy repository

10 Butnett J. S. silk mercer

12 Rawcliffe Mrs, ladies’ outfitter

14 Simmons —, silversmith

16 Moss & Co. milliner

18 Barlow & Barrall, wine merchants

20 Ross Mrs, artificial florist

22 Pendall C. trunk maker

24 & 26 Alexander and Son, _Sovereign Brewery_

28 Gamgee Professor J.

30 Harris Mrs

32 Russell George W.

34 Bazalgette Louis

36 Smith Joseph

38 Chemery Miss

40 Evans J. M.D.

42 Markwell W. R. S.

44 Eyre Miss

46 _Wesleyan Female Orphan Asylum_—Simpson Miss

  _Wesleyan Chapel_

48 Farren Mrs, milliner

50 Cummings & Co. corset maker

52 Taulson R. auctioneer

54 Buer E. hosier

56 Taylor T. butcher

58 Knock G. outfitter

66 Baynes & Son, dyers

68 Musson P. grocer

70 Willmott J. P. tailor

72 Mullett Edwin, brush & furnishing warehouse

74 Goldsmith W. mantle warehouse

76 Thompson —pawnbroker

78 Clarke —, _Craven dairy_

80 Jones J. baker

82 Dykes A. boot maker

84 Bray C. ironmonger

86 Hare W. artificial florist

88 Tomlin Mrs, fancy repository

90 Fitch E. cheesemonger

92 Smith C. silk mercer

94 Pickering Mrs, fancy repository

96 Price S. china & glass warehouse

98 Morceau —, stationer

100 Hewson A. M. perfumer

102 Deleyne Madame, milliner

104 Marsh & Sons, grocers

106 Allen A. hair dresser

108 Abel S. chemist

110 Haslam Mrs, corset maker

112 Lindley Amos, _Prince Alfred Hotel_

114 _Paddington Charity School_

116 Read Mrs

118 Sidebotham T. Robert

120 Thompson Mrs & Miss

122 R. Farrow, deputy registrar

124 Phillips J. W. & Co. builders

126 Warren Mrs

128 Azzoni Francis

130 Kelly Alexander

132 Volkmuth Madame, professor of French

134 Stanton Mrs

138 Hall Mrs

140 Robson Mrs, dress maker

142 James Mrs

144 Dillon Mrs

146 Hughman Robert

148 Crowder Mrs

150 Samson Mrs

154 Norrington Miss

156 Allpress Mrs

158 Myers William

160 Stuck John, dentist

162 Stuck Frederick

164 Tinkler Mrs

166 & 168 Gingell John

170 Jeffcock Capt. Edward

172 Cooke Miss

171 Whitney E. grocer, &c.

176 Carmichael Isabella fancy repository

178 Wetton C. tailor

180 Parker H. stay maker

182 Gregory & Marshall, rooks & confectioners

184 Broadstock W. draper

186 Miles & Sons, grocers, _Post & Money Order office and Savings Bank_

188 Boully P. chemist

190 Fortiscue J. H. baker

192 Podmore W. cheesemonger

194 Walker W. butcher

196 Bullock J. fishmonger

198 Newman H. _Royal Oak livery stables_

200 Smith B. L. tobacconist

202 Burbige C. S. stationer

204 Capps Bros. wine merchant

Queen’s road, _Norland square_, _Notting hill_.

1 Clayton George, beer retailer

2 Sadgrove & Sons, chemists

3 Pharrow George, tobacconist

4 Oldham John, draper

5 Faulkes T. builder

6 Hunt George, boot maker

7 Hammond G. greengrocer

8 Welsh W. tobacconist

9 Mottram Mrs, milliner

10 Gunner George, dyer

11 Swingler J. tobacconist

12 Blackburn Mrs

13 Chiffen Thomas

14 Keyworth Joseph, tailor

15 Bond Charlos

16 Watling J. H. coal merchant

17 Curtis J. dyer

18 Woodeski Albert

19 Richards T. boot maker

20 Tidy John

21 Murts Mat hew

22 Blair George

23 Jelly Mrs

24 Feilde Matthew Henry

25 Poulsum James, laundry

26 Sweetland John

27 Pavitt John, cowkeeper

28 Bean William

30 Mathews Richard, tailor

32 Harris Thomas, baker

34 Tyliard W. greengrocer

36 Bould W. oilman

38 Hinton W. furniture dealer

40 & 42 Munton B. F. ironmonger

44 Wilson John, grocer

46 Searle W. beer retailer

47 Venn Alfred

50 Hughes W. carpenter

51 Histed Thomas

53 Welford J. baker

53 Miller Charles

54 Urquhart Alexander

  _Girls’ National School_

55 Morris Miss

56 Ryall Mrs

57 Petters John, builder

58 Holmes W. decorator

60 Tedder Mrs, dress maker

  _Norland Baptist Chapel_

Queen’s road, _Queen street_, _Hammersmith_.


1 Groser William George

3 Lloyd Henry

1 Kemp W. _The Chancellor_

2 Tranter James, fruiterer

  Harvey T. builder

3 Lorey Thomas, dairy

4 Flory H. grocer

Queensberry place, _Cromwell road_, _South Kensington_.

1 Lampston Henry

9 Shadwell Lawrence

Queensborough terrace, _Kensington gardens_, _Bayswater_.

1 Holtway Mrs

2 Milroy Andrew, jun.

3 Marston Thomas Irvin

4 Buckston George G.

5 Thurburn Capt. Henry

6 Patterson John

7 Mallet Charles

8 Farrington Lady

9 Garden Miss

11 Trower Charles Francis

12 Ware C. T.

14 Battye George Wynyard

15 Waugh George

16 Cooper George Edward

17 Smith William

18 Dettmar Mortimer

19 Messiter Maj.-Gen. E.

20 Paley Mrs

31 Hall Thomas James

22 Empedocles Peter

23 Crokat Charles Frederick

25 Rankin William

28 Watson John H.

29 Thurburn Charles A.

30 Baker Thomas

31 Read Mrs

32 Bevan Alfred H.

33 Smith Miss

34 Chitty Joseph William

35 Whittingham Gen. F.

37 Webster Charles C.

39 Wright George Thomas

41 Payter George

36 Sharpe Joseph

38 Bennett William S. professor of music

40 Shilling George

Radnor place, _Gloucester square_, _Hyde park_.

1 Graham Mrs

3 Taylor Mrs

5 Rowley Hon. Mrs

7 Borrowman Mrs

9 Dean Thomas

11 Thornton Charles

13 Drury Mrs

15 Freeman Joseph

17 Eraser William

18 Rogers Sir Frederick Bart.

2 Maggiorini Mrs

4 Mather John Lawrence

8 Houndle Edward

  Houndle Henry

  Houndle Edward Garrick

10 Massot Madame Melanie, professor of dancing

12 Whish Capt.

14 Leech Miss

Railway terrace, _Ladbroke grove road_, _Notting hill_.

  Caysh Robert, _Kensington Park Hotel_

1 Hibbard T. dairyman

2 Chitteden W. milliner

3 Everton E. china dealer

4 Dyer E. ham & beef dealer

5 Thomson F. pawnbroker

  _Notting Hill station Metropolitan Railway_

Randolph gardens, _Carlton road_, _Kilburn_.

1 Stamp William C.

2 Dempsey Mrs

3 Lorimer Peter

4 Bateman Arthur

5 D’Arbois Capt. F. Charles _Wimpole house_

6 Rumford Robert

7 Wilkinson J. _Spencer house_

9 Campbell —

10 Simpson William

Randolph mews, _Maida hill_.

3 Pace R. job master

13 Gault H. cab proprietor

13_b_ Hill George, sweep

15 Adamthwaite W. carman

23 Bateman B. livery sables

Randolph road, _Blomfield road_, _Maida hill_.

1 Masson Herbert

2 Price Henry Wilson

3 Logie Balfour

  Collins H. H. _Frankfort house_

6 Weatherby John Philip

7 Leney Edward

8 Aria Alexandar

  Newbery Mrs, _Northaw villa_

  Brodie G. _Percy house_

9 Broad James Charles

10 Llewellyn Thomas Rice

11 Ellis Samuel

12 List William

13 Harms Henry

14 Keyzor A. _Eagle house_

15 Searle William Francis

16 Morris Henry

17 Bowden Mrs

18 Ward Newman

19 Murton W.

20 Asher Asher

Ranelagh road, _Westbourne square_, _Paddington_.

1 Bail Mrs, dairy

2 Sargent Duncan

4 Weymouth William

5 Wood Mrs

  Barrett Willm. stationer

7 Brown Henry, baker

8 Baldock W. watch maker

9 Wyatt Charles

10 Daws James

11 Spratt Andrew William

12 Messenge & Mayer, oilmen

13 Howard Wm. cooper

  Mayhew W. hair dresser

13 Doughton C. boot maker

  Tunks B. finance agent, _Ranelagh house_

Ravenscourt park, _Hammersmith road west_, _Hammersmith_.

  Worrell W. _The Hermitage_

  Spain L. _Ravenscourt house_

  Ford J. J. _Park side_

  Robinson P. _The Elysée_

1 Simmons J. _Queen’s villas_

2 White E. _Queen’s villas_

Ravenscourt square, _New road_, _Hammersmith_.

1 Mettam Robert W.

  Goter W. _Glycine cottage_

3 Parry G. _Whitford villa_

  Windrum Mrs, _Oakhurst_

  Johnson R. _Oakhurst_

  Smith Sidney _Loretto lodge_

  Williams H. _Medina lodge_

  Morton Mrs, _Belle vue house_


1 Colston Daniel Edward

2 Horncastle John

  Ainsworth W. F. F.S.A., F.R.G.S. _Ravenscourt villa_

Ravenscourt terrace, _Ravenscourt park_, _Hammersmith road west_,

1 Mayne William

2 Shuckhard T. Leonard

3 Button Miss

4 Upton John George

5 Harvey Mrs

6 Crowe Rev. William

Richmond road, _Uxbridge road_, _Shepherd’s bush_.

1 Unite James

2 Emery James

3 Allam Charles

4 Croxon William

5 Roads Edward

9 Ryder William

10 Neol M.

11 Mack Thomas

12 Webb Frederick

13 Balatine William

14 Baily Capt. C. B. R.N.

15 Morris George

16 Barnes Mrs

17 Blakeway William

18 Costor James

19 Elder William

20 Thomas Mrs

21 Smith William

22 Radford John

23 Hilton Richard

24 Lewis Francis

25 Smith Mrs

26 Quick James

Richmond road, _Westbourne grove_, _Bayswater_.

1 Plimley F. fruiterer

3 Briggs W. & R. dyers and cleaners

5 Scissons W. upholsterer

7 Haynes Mrs

9 Jefferies Mrs

11 Deeks William

13 Sowman John

15 Stevenson Mrs

17 Sorrell William

19 Horfield Charles

21 Taplin Matthew

23 Norton Mrs

27 Wilson Mrs

29 Wright Mrs, carver & gilder

31 Nisbet Archibald

33 Reynell John

35 Randall Frederick

37 Smith Benjamin

39 Morgan T. surgeon, M.D.

43 Brett E. W. physician

45 Bibby Miss ladies’ school

47 Darney Lewis

49 Parsons Robert Phillip

51 Fraser Hugh

53 Marks Myer

55 French W. fruiterer

57 Wood Thomas, oilman

59 Whittall C. cheesemonger

61 Le Man J. sweep

63 Bromley Edward

65 Osterfield George D.

67 Gross John

69 Payne Henry

71 Stephens W. builder

  Postill C. boot maker

  Pain & Co. _Metropolitan Coal Company_

75 Lunch H. hair dresser

2 Stevens J. carpenter, &c.

4 Hill Elvis Forde, stationer

6 Parker W. J. fishmonger

8 Tyrrell George, butcher

10 Anderson J. P. baker

12 Barrett James, chemist

14 Leaver W. & Co. grocers & wine merchants

16 Wheightman D. fruiterer

18 Nelson George, plumber

20 Barham R. dairyman

22 Tenant Mrs

24 Statham Mrs

26 Fröembling Dr. Otto

28 Henry Mrs

30 Mauris de Valagrmey C.

32 Fenton William, surgeon

34 Tozer Mrs, dress maker

36 Bridges W. plumber, &c.

38 Edmonston Mrs

40 Wilde Mrs

  Ochterlony Mrs

44 Homes Henry

46 Sills Mrs

48 Smartly Madame Clotilde

52 Anderson G. school

54 McNeal Mrs

56 Bint Miss, dress maker

58 Hart N. practical optician

60 Davidson Thomas

62 Lauder Frank

64 Beaverstock Mrs

66 Karop Julius

68 Perkes H. professor of music. &c.

70 Fletcher John, upholsterer

72 Stapleton G. butcher

74 Willis W. J. dairyman

76 Robins Samuel, baker

78 Woodger George, grocer

10 Gomm T. _Artesian Arms_

82 Saunders Mrs

84 Braithwaite Miss

86 Edmonds Leonard

88 Montague James

90 Baker George

94 Salter Mrs

96 Staple John

98 Shaw Richard W.

100 Spencer Mrs

102 Hart B. job master

  Hart G. J. house agent, &c.

104 Dixon J. plumber

106 Druce Edward T. butcher

108 Dickinson W. coffee house

Richmond terrace, _Richmond road_, _Bayswater_.

1 Sutburry James

2 Langridge Misses

3 Matthews John Thomas

4 Savage Mrs

5 Blandford Henry

6 Fletcher William

8 Linden Mrs

9 Greenland James A.

10 Kennedy Miss

11 Nichols Mrs

12 Pearce Thomas

13 Mitchel E.

14 Large Mrs

15 Ward William

16 Yeates Miss

17 Tuffley Paul

18 Lester Miss

19 King Miss

Richmond terrace, _Uxbridge road_, _Shepherd’s bush_.

3 Moody John, grocer

4 Kingsmill W. boot maker

5 Unite J. brush warehouse

6 Warren C. furniture dealer

7 Brooke John, saddler

8 Pearson Robert. stationer

9 Crowe Edward, tailor

10 Allwright C. cheesemonger

13 Moore T. hosier & outfitter

14 Moore T. draper, _Richmond house_

Richmond villas, _Westbourne grove north_, _Bayswater_.

1 Clement John Tyler

3 Dover Mrs

4 Thrush Richard

5 Crick Mrs

6 Sherren E. R. builder

Rosedale terrace, _Ladbroke grove_, _Notting hill_.

1 Bodman George

2 Ivey Henry

3 Oury Madame

5 Banton Henry

Rosedale villas, _Ladbroke grove_, _Notting hill_.

1 Drew W. J. builder

2 Drew George

Royal crescent, _Union terrace_, _Notting hill_.

1 Bean Miss

2 Hunt Mrs

3 Batchlor Mrs

4 Hunter E. J.

5 Bedford Edwin

6 Frazer James

7 Stevens William

9 Burrows William B.

10 James Thomas

11 Horrax Mrs

12 Medley Mrs

13 Proctor Joseph

14 Wiffin Henry William

15 Holford John

16 Marchmont Mrs

17 Woolbert Henry Robert

18 Elder James

19 Roberts John

20 Inman James

21 Doran John, L.L.D.

22 Manbey George, surgeon

23 Donaldson Mrs

24 Halsey Henry

25 Starkey Mrs

26 Reed Rev. Edward

27 Roberts William Henry

28 Lee John Wall

29 Easey Mrs

30 Shilcock John, architect

31 Long Mrs

32 Bly Miss

33 & 34 Bothomby T. H.

35 Walker Mrs

37 Coleman Edward

38 Johnson De Fleury J. V.

39 Holl Gen. Charlton

40 McCauly Major.-Gen. A.

41 Palmer Jarvis

42 Allen Peter

43 Stevenson —

44 Appleton Mrs

Royal Oak terrace, _Bishop’s road_, _Bayswater_.

  Price Harry, _Royal Oak_

1 Edeath H. & W. hosiers

2 Bainbridge C. confectioner

3 Hume James, baker

4 Lambert J. H. bookseller

  Partington J. undertaker

Russell road, _Russell road_, _Kensington_.

1 Phelps Charles Frederick

2 Wyght James P.

3 Haliday Mrs

4 Butterworth Robert

5 Armitage W. H.

6 Langton Walter

7 Courage —

16 Tracey Mrs

17 Fletcher W. G.

18 Shannon Mrs

19 Chambers Charles

20 Acatos P.

21 Patrick G. surgeon

22 Thayer Mrs, S.

23 Langton John

24 Bainbridge Henry

25 Braggiotti Michael

  _Kensington Railway station_

St. Agnes villas, _Bayswater road_.

1 Cantlake James

2 Evans William surgeon

3 Hewitt Edwin

4 Cook Miss

6 Garling Henry B.

7 Arney Hector William

8 Barron Frederick

St. Alban’s road, _Victoria road_, _Kensington_.

  Barlow T. O. _Auburn lodge_

  Phillips D. _St. Alban’s villa_

3 Gilbertson Edward

4 Brownlow George John

5 Hawke John

6 Hampshire W

7 Evans William F.

8 Guturrez Henry

9 Mutrie Miss

10 Chester George

11 Price Mrs

12 Spencer John, dairy

13 King T. grocer

14 Bromhead H. baker

15 Jones George, boot maker

16 Dixson G. chimney sweep

  Ansdell R. _Lytham house_

1 Elmore A. R.A. artist

St. Ann’s road, _Darnley road_, _Notting hill_.

1 Leathley Charles

2 Spencer John

3 Leach Robert

4 Dyer William James

5 Baugher William

6 Knaggs Miss

7 Revell Henry

8 Thomson William

10 Bail Sydney, gas inspector

11 Snow George

12 Norris Thomas

13 Durnell William

14_a_ Greatrix Mrs

14 Smith Richard

15 Bennett Henry

16 Mason George

17 Turner Edmund

18 Pengilly John

19 Jay Mrs

20 Stock Mrs

21 Smith Joseph Henry

22 Ford Mrs

23 Mickelfield Charles

24 Mollendinia W. H.

25 Chalfont William

26 Spence Mrs

27 Whitlock Henry

28 Pillin Mrs

29 Allen Mrs

St. Ann’s road north, _Darnley road_, _Notting hill_.

1 Chinton William, grocer

2 Maidmont H. greengrocer

3 Maybank J. tobacconist

4 Darley John, baker

5 Hubbard W. marine stores

6 Wareham George, grocer

7 Aldred W. beer retailer

8 Fiander George, butcher

9 Short Charles, hosier

10 Horwood E. hair dresser

11 Shapcott C. beer retailer

12 Sumner Mrs

13 Lewis Joshua, oilman

15 Fennings A. surgeon

16 Trickett E. shoe maker

  Sanders A. _St. Ann’s Tavern_


1_a_ Jones J. grocer

1 Charlton H. greengrocer

3 Baker William

4 Powell Mrs

5 Weatherall W. beer retailer

5_a_ Heiz F. clock maker

St. Ann’s villas, _Darnley road_, _Notting hill_.

1 Smith John

2 Lane Albert

3 Yarborough Richard

4 Harvey John William

5 Smiths Mrs

6 Smith Theodore, school

7 Reed Arthur

8 Street Henry

9 Jamieson Robert W.

10 Carrington G. P.

11 Williams Samuel

12 Davis Rev. Thomas

14 Pepys Misses

15 Staveley George

17 Bullen George

18 Maynard Charles A.

19 Goodall Philip

20 Baker Mrs

21 Sheavila J.

22 Murfall Frederick

23 Edwards Mrs

24 Cox Charles Henry

  St. George’s road.

St. George’s road, _St. Mark’s road_, _Lancaster road_, _Notting hill_.

1 Emery Joseph

3 Gearing William, smith

4 Wrightson William

5 Sheer Robert

6 Newman Mrs

7 Williams Mrs

8 Leak Mrs

9 Blackman Frederick

10 Stagdell William

11 Foster Mrs

12 Bliss Richard

13 Campion Samuel

14 Glover James

15 Moneypenny Samuel

16 Macann Frederick

17 Dell William

18 Hughes Edwin

19 Pond William

21 Sharland William

22 Edwards William

25 English Charles

27 Devereux T. french polisher

29 Evans Lewis

30 Gait James, grocer

31 Wright Mrs

32 Clark Henry bootmaker

33 Scarff John

35 Whitton Mrs

37 Dixon —, plumber

St. George’s terrace, _Bayswater road_.

1_a_ Owens Thomas, auctioneer & house agent

2 Morris Francis

3 Sachs T. R. jeweller

4 Smith Richard

5 Parratt Edward

7 Stanton Thomas

  _St. George’s Burial Ground_

  Lane J. ground keeper

8 & 9 Rope J. W. confectioner

10 Young Mrs

11 Liddiard Andrew

12 Price Thomas

13 Perrins Mrs

14 Berry Mrs

St. George’s terrace, _Gloucester road_, _South Kensington_.

1 Thomas W. H. ironmonger

2 Bax Thomas

3 Brazier J. H. M.A. barrister

4 Webster Thomas, surgeon

5 Waters Miss

6 Stanesby Samuel, artist

7 Paul Mrs

8 Emmett William H.

9 Hillam Richard

11 Hartley Mrs

12 Peach W.

13 Boulton Mrs

14 Berwick James

15 Parratt Daniel

16 Carrington Mrs

17 Daly Mrs

18 Sprye Richard

19 Morris Miss

St. George’s terrace, _Priory road_, _Kilburn_.

1 Coutts C. baker

2 Atwell R. dairyman

3 Maisey T. poulterer, &c.

4 Pratt P. upholsterer

5 Waller stationer, _Post & Money Order Office_

6 Beaton John, chemist

7 Barnes R. C. greengrocer

8 Mortimer J. butcher

9 Bates J. & Co. drapers

10 Bate T. grocer

11 Bate T. oilman

12 Wall W. B. _Priory tavern_

13 Williams John, plumber

14 Pickett T. ironmonger

15 Stewart J. ladies’ outfitter

16 Marshall W. china dealer

17 Hillary Mrs, dyer

18 Frost G. tobacconist

19 Hammer Mrs. fancy repository

20 Ivens W. hair dresser

21 Moore Henry coffee house

22 Ridley William

23 Tweedy R. spirit merchant

  _Kilburn Railway Station_, _London & North-Western Railway_

St. Germains’ terrace, _Harrow road_, _Paddington_.

1 Thatcher Charles

2 Miller William

3 Lucking Edward

4 & 5 Reed Edwin

6 East Charles

7 Macgrey James

8 Jones Mrs

9 Jacobson Nathan

10 Potter T. J. schoolmaster

11 Morris John

12 Deverill Miss

13 Bessent Mrs

14 Davis Mrs

15 Bilham James

16 Ashdown Edward

17 Moore Thomas

18 Thompson William

  _Holy Trinity National schools_

St. James’s square, _Addison road north_, _Notting hill_.

1 Tythridge William

2 Stephenson George F.

3 Dollimore William

4 Manley Mrs

5 Soures Mrs

6 Hinchliff George

7 England William

1 Morton Thomas

9 Waine William

10 Gibbs Mrs

11 Coke Mathew

12 Freeman Richard S.

13 Nettleship Miss

14 Stroner George

15 Marks Edwin

16 Grive John

17 Ireland John

18 Routledge Herbert H.

19 Arrey George

20 Henderson John

21 Smith James

22 Maddox Mrs

23 Pitt Mrs

25 Powell Capt. W. W.

26 De Mornay Henry

27 Leake William Aubrey

28 Darbey —

29 Lart Edmund

30 Potts Major John

31 Shephard Mrs

32 Varley Henry

33 Biggs Mrs

34 Morrison Mrs

35 Mason J. Richard

36 Aldridge William

36 Derry Mrs

37 Littlewood John

38 Bridge Capt. Robert R.N.

39 Collier Edward

40 Winchester Capt. G.

41 Smith Admiral W. S.

42 Wallace Mrs

43 Merrin William

44 Everett Henry

45 Harrison Duncan

46 Allen Samuel

47 Spiers Samuel

48 Bramell H. Henry

  _St. James’s Church_

St. James’s street, _High street_, _Notting hill_.

3_a_ Champ Mrs, dress maker

8_a_ Jenkins W. general turnery

9_a_ Essex T. builder

10_a_ Rowley H. boot maker

St. James’s terrace, _Clarendon road north_, _Notting hill_.

1 Brooks William, auctioneer

4 Scagell John

6 Platts Joseph fancy toy bazaar

7 Parsons Miss A.

8 Simpkins T. John

9 Rowley George Henry

10 Streater John

11 Holman John, pianoforte maker

12 Halliday John, boot maker

14 Griffith Henry

15 Maw Frederick Harvey

15 Scott Joseph

17 Smith Mrs

  Weight B. fruiterer

18 Squirrell J. boot maker

19 Baxter John, ironmonger

20 Whitney J. tobacconist

21 Habbijam J. confectioner

22 Lowen T. J. cheesemonger

23 Brown Thomas, draper

24 Napp C. R. beef & ham warehouse

25 Capps John, furniture warehouse

26 Bill Lewis, hosier

27 Hawes William watchmaker

29 Glover H. lead merchant

St. James’s terrace, _Harrow road_, _Paddington_.

1 Wilkinson Mrs

2 Wilkin Marmaduke

3 Gardner John

5 Dale William Wilkinson

6 Nixon Brindsley Decorsey

7 Watson Barclay F.

8 Willis —

9 Watson Joseph

10 Boyes John Frederick

St. James’s terrace, _St. James’s square_, _Notting hill_.

2 Clark Nicholas

3 Steel Mrs

4 Bowcher George D.

5 & 6 Hales Mrs

St. John’s gardens, _St. John’s road_, _Notting hill_.

1 Scott Major William

2 Slater Miss

3 Connell John, parl. solicitor

St. John’s mews, _Ledbury road_, _Bayswater_.

  Loader H. coach painter

St. John’s place, _Portland road_, _Notting hill_.

1 Coombs P. furniture dealer

2 Lefevre H. commercial school

3 Wright Robert

4 Clayton William

5 Huff John

6 Squires John, grainer

7 Sanders Samuel

8 Williams Samuel

9 Sully Henry, greengrocer

10 Foster John, zinc worker

11 Kinman J. paper hanger

  _The Notting Dale Workmen’s Club house_

1 Cox W. coffee rooms

2 Gurling Edward

3 Cook John, painter

1 Ryan Mrs

2 Carpenter Mrs

  _St. James’s National schools_—Halditch Rev. T. P.

  _The Free Tabernacle_—Varley Henry, minister

  _The Tabernacle school_


  Swift Thomas, vet. forge

1 Jaquest Edward

3 Coomber A. beer retailer

4 Townsend Richard

5 Culpitt George

St. Leonard’s gardens, _Maida hill_.

2 Prescott Rev. G. P.

3 Edmonds Mrs

4 Schwartz Rev. Dr. C.

St. Leonard’s place, _Bishop’s road_, _Paddington_.

1 Lightfoot Alfred

2 Howarth Mrs

St. Leonard’s terrace, _Blomfield road_, _Maida hill_.

1 Blight C. _St. Leonard’s villas_

2 Buchanan R. M.A. _St. Leonard’s villas_

1 Philpot Henry

2 Bushnan Mrs

4 Carrow Rev. Henry

6 Osborne Mrs

7 Pitt William

8 Oldfield Col. Charles

10 Pidgeon Henry Charles

11 Mayers Thomas

13 Tourrier John

14 Pert Thomas

15 Gemmill Mrs

16 Gripper J. E.

17 Trinder Mrs

18 Bench James

19 Cust Mrs

  _Institution for Nurses_

St. Luke’s road villas, _Cornwall road_, _Westbourne park_.

1 Russell David

2 Newton Mrs

3 Williams F. G. A.

4 Hewett Mrs

6 White Henry

7 Muncay Thomas

8 Bayly E. H.

9 Batty Charles

10 Whitehall Charles

11 Despontes Francis

12 Drummond Mrs

13 Goldsmid Alfred

14 Muncy Luke

15 Moon Henry M.

16 Ryan Frederick C.

17 Lister Mrs, _Cornwall house_

18 Tyndall Charles M.

19 Campbell Mrs

20 Velsto M.

21 West Mrs

22 Bryne John

23 Smythies John K.

24 Bensuan Mrs

25 Macaulay David

26 Thompson James

27 Haplin Capt. E. R.N.

28 Abrahams J.

29 Cummins Nicholas

30 Drynan John Russell

31 Brewer E. Cobham, LL.D.

32 Bently Mrs

33 Foskett G.

34 Howard Richard

35 Hill General John

36 Parsons Henry

37 O’Neil John

38 Wicks John

39 Woolf Henry

41 Palister Mrs

43 Payne Mrs

45 Wrottesley Hon. Capt. G.

47 Rich Thomas

  _St. Luke’s Church_

St. Mark’s crescent, _Cornwall road_, _Kensington park_.

1 Mason Charles

2 Lewis Arthur P. solicitor

3 Austin Harry

4 Mills John

5 Turner Thomas

6 Parkman James

7 Hincliffe James

8 Champo John

9 Scott Robert

10 Amos Mrs

11 Lowe Charles

12 Dulley Henry

13 Baker Henry

14 Gardner Mrs

15 Payne Mrs

16 Ford George

17 Thompson Charles, builder

18 Dunster Mrs

19 Woolcott John

20 Harding John, surgeon

21 Hopkins Mrs

22 Toole John L.

23 Dabbs Miss

24 Powell Benjamin

25 Earl Joseph

27 Roberson John

28 Rich Miss

29 Waite Mrs, pianoforte teacher

30 James Thomas

31 Wesson Mrs

32 Williams Henry W.

33 Evans John

34 Burgett Charles

35 Burgoyne James

36 Cockson Michael

37 Williams Mrs

38 Blunt Thomas

39 Tress Francis

40 Wickman William

41 Horton Arthur

42 Smale Joseph

43 Roberts Miss

44 Brake G. fruiterer

45 Parker George, tailor

46 Maillard D. dairyman

St. Mark’s gardens, _Cornwall road_, _Kensington park_.

  _St. Mark’s Church_

3 Varley Miss

4 Easley Mrs

5 Nash E.

St. Mark’s road, _Lancaster road_, _Kensington park_, _Notting hill_.

1 Randall William

2 Morris G.

3 Wilson William

4 Davis George

5 Randall Samuel

6 Cobb Walter

7 Hyde Thomas

8 Wayte Henry

9 Dengel A. baker & corn dealer

10 Western William Arthur

11 Winn John

12 Cime Joshua, butcher

13 Turner W. butterman

St. Mark’s terrace, _St. Mark’s road_, _Kensington park_.

1 Davis Miss, wardrobe dealer

2 Rowland R. haberdasher

3 Smerdon T. boot maker

4 Lee Thomas, oilman

5 Allen William, draper

6 Andrews D. tobacconist

7 Newman V. dairyman

8 Griggs R. fishmonger

9 Petty Thomas, confectioner

10 Beerling E. china dealer

11 Manuel William, grocer

St. Mary Abbott’s terrace, _Kensington road_.

1 Hull G. M.D. surgeon

2 Russell Mrs

3 Garnett Frederick B.

4 Ollive Mrs

6 Richards B. professor of music

7 Lye J. G.

8 Rigge John

9 Clapham Dixon Henry

11 Kesterton Miss

12 Rhodes Mrs

13 Whitchurch Thomas

14 Whitfield George C.

15 Thompson Francis

16 Christian John A.

  Christian John Robert

17 Miles Joseph

18 Rule Charles

19 Trenow James

20 Downing Henry

St. Mary’s road, _St. Luke’s road_, _Cornwall road_, _Westbourne park_.

1 Fraser Mrs, _Kathleen villa_

2 McClure —, _Amy villa_

3 McMaster Pryce

5 Addison Mrs

7 Woodham George

9 Ashfold William

11 Wells Edwin

St. Mary square, _Paddington green_.

1 Hutchings H. house painter

2 Speller Mrs

3 Barrable John, actuary

4 Wool Hugh

5 Duga Mrs

6 Hogg Wm., parish clerk & sexton

7 Butcher —

9 Nodes John

10 Dover Francis

11 Nicholls Mrs Jane

12 Taplin T. & Co. auctioneers

13 Clarke Edward, solicitor, Commissioner in Chancery & Common Law

14 Knight J. stove & range maker

15 McDonald John, tailor

16 Savage G. D. builder

17 Shepherd Mrs

18 Blanchard Miss, milliner

St. Mary’s terrace, _Paddington green_.

1 Buckley Rev. J. W. M.A.

3 Dallimore Mrs

5 Blizard Richard

9 Goodeve Mrs

11 Purvis Mrs

13 Costello T. B.

15 Soady Brooking

17 Atkinson Miss

  Vahderpant —, dentist

19 Westmacott J. G. M.D. surgeon

23 Flood James

25 Glover Mrs

27 Leishman William

29 James Richard

31 Hecktor Henry

33 White John

2 Beach Phillip

4 Guillod Thomas W. artist

6 Mercer Albert

8 Smith Henry M.D. surgeon

10 Lloyd Mrs Jane

12 Barrrow Miss _Claremont house_

14 Hickley Thomas

18 Stevenson Gideon

20 Erswell Mrs

22 Curtis Mrs

24 Chambers Mrs, _The Cot._

28 O’Carroll Mrs, _Park Cottage_

30 Jessop Henry, dairyman

32 Humphreys William

34 Thatcher Charles

36 Stretton Charles

38 Wardroper Arthur

40 Piesse Mrs

42 Kroenig C. J. S.

44 Williams John

46 Watts Charles

48 Ecles Hugh

50 Mitchell Edward

52 Bliss Mrs

54 Hard Miss

56 Thornton Miss

58 Middleton John

60 Burke Alfred, builder

64 Frewin Mrs

66 Mare Henry Matthew

St. Peter’s road, _Beavor lane_, _Hammersmith road west_, _Hammersmith_.

  Seaton C. _Beavor lodge_

1 Armstrong J. _The Hope_

2 Tilbury W. fruiterer

3 Beach, Mrs grocer

4 Pike J. furniture dealer

  Hack W. _Beavor house_

  Jackson W. builder


1 Moore Francis William

2 Ward Mrs

3 Palethorpe John

4 Hockley Henry, printer


1 Ely George

2 Crathern Mrs

  Godbolt G. builder

  Godbold G. grocer

  _St. Peter’s Infant School_

  _National School for Girls_

  Simmonds Wm. grocer

  Cooke George, boot maker


1 Ford J. M. _Cambridge house_

2 Williams Edward

3 Dry Mrs

4 Green John

5 Tomlinson Walter

6 Smith Mrs

8 Smith William

8 Rogers Edward Charles

9 Lescombe Mrs

10 Hamilton John

11 Pegden Mrs


2 Parker Edwin


1 Moncur Thomas

2 Gorsuch William

  Sabine G. L. tobacconist

St. Peter’s square, _Pomona place_, _Hammersmith road west_,

1 Sayers Reubin

2 Laking Henry

3 Izant Henry

4 Richards Rev. J. E.

5 Harvey W. M.

6 Naery Miss, _St. Mary’s villa_

7 Lake Miss

8 King Rev. Sir James W. Bart. M.A.

9 Smith Henry

10 Moeller Miss

12 Pate Robert

14 Whitfeld Mrs

15 Smith Dudley

16 Robins W. L. T.

17 Buttar Charles

18 Farrell James

19 Blackmore Miss

21 Jones Lloyd

22 Cookesley Rev. W. G.

23 Elsworth John

24 Cabdy Phillip

25 Eastwood W.

26 Willis Miss

27 Carr George C.

29 Phillips William

30 Price Miss

1 Riley Henry T. barrister

32 Atkinson Mrs

33 Pearse Capt. S. E.

34 Mundy Mrs

36 Martin William

37 Newton George

38 Barratt Misses, ladies school

39 Clifford Major _Albion house_

40 Herbert Mrs

41 Backwell F. A.

  Griffin William, gardener

  Hand F. J. _Tinwell lodge_

  Perry Richard

  Hebden F. _Radcliffe lodge_

  Spicer Miss, _Chatsworth house_

  Baker J. H. _St. Peter’s lodge_

St. Peter’s terrace, _Kensington park road north_, _Notting hill_.

1 Westrup J. B. chemist

2 Cobham Misses

3 Allban Mrs

4 Jerrad Henry

5 Mackie Samuel

7 Robbins Rev. J. _St. Peter’s parsonage_

8 De Winton Mme. Wragg _French and German College_

  _St. Peter’s Church_

9 Lilly Hubert W. surgeon

10 Hellings James

12 Sharpe Wm. stationer

17 Nash S. house decorator

18 Whur Robert, tailor

19 Greenwood & Co. clock maker

20 Belcher Miss, Berlin wool repository

21 Olive Miss, milliner

22 Nuttycombe F. boot maker

St. Petersburgh place, _Bayswater road_.

1 Baynes W. H. dairyman

3 Walker Frederick

5 Lucas Miss

7 Wallace Thomas F.

9 Meyer Miss

13 Porteous Charles

15 McCormick Arthur

19 Taylor Mrs

21 Tryer Col. H. T.

  _St. Matthew’s Church_

23 Smalley Rev. C. M.A.

25 Edmonds Henry

27 Lynn William

2 Ward Mrs

4 Carel Mrs

6 & 8 Brooker Miss

10 Beal Mrs

12 Beal Charles

14 Bradley Mrs

16 Castle Mrs

18 Ormsby William Howe

20 Cox Miss

22 Kerr Mrs

24 Mackenzie Capt. W.

26 Creasy John

28 Stephens W. H.

30 Graham Joseph

32 Alecock William

34 Cox Miss

36 Longden Mrs

38 Burnell Robert

40 Wilmot Miss

50 Mignienne Louis

St. Philip’s terrace, _Pembroke road_, _Kensington_.

1 Weston Miss

3 Dodridge Mrs

4 Slater Misses

5 Hinds M.

6 Blunderfield Henry

7 Chapman John

8 Oliver —

9 Carlyle Rev. Gavin

10 Atwood Henry

  _St. Philip’s Church_—Revs. J. Dickson, W. H. L. Gilbert, J. B. Dalton,

St. Stephen’s crescent, _Westbourne park_.

1 Trotman Mrs

2 Wilson Robert

3 Underwood Lipstone

4 Clemons Gen. Clement

5 Hudson E. N.

6 Toller Edward W.

7 Giles Robert H. artist

8 Arlott James

9 Willans J. G.

13 Browning George T. M.D.

St. Stephen’s road, _New road_, _Hammersmith_.

1 Stokes —

3 Matthew Mrs

7 Scott Joseph

9 Eaton Rev. Walter

11 Clark Misses

13 Robson John

15 Brookman Edward

17 Peachey Francis, solicitor

19 Tomlinson Edwin

21 Phillips Mrs John

23 Davies George

26 Beach Robert George

4 Denby George

8 Williams Charles

10 Morland Colonel

12 Haly Colonel George T.

14 Lemon Henry

16 Whiffin Alfred

18 Lawrence Mrs

20 Conway Henr

22 Pepperell Rev. W.

24 Hodgkinson Mrs

26 Allen Christopher

St. Stephen’s road, _Westbourne park_.

3 Perrott Edwin

6 Hayden Hirah

7 Chandless Thomas

8 Hepworth Mrs

9 Pratt Mrs

11 Tritton Mrs

13 Averline Mrs

15 Harmar William P.

17 Duncombe G. F.

21 Gubbins William Girth

22 Langdown Mrs

23 Rawlinson T.

25 Biss W. H.

27 Stevens Miss

31 Clarke Frederick

2 Kingdon Miss

4 Creagh General

6 Cochrane George E.

12 Armstrong Mrs, _College_

14 Flavell Henry

16 Mocatta Elias

18 Caldwell Lieut.-Col.

20 Josephs Walter

22 Montresor Thomas

24 Crosby John

26 Cowburn George

28 Spence Robert

St. Stephen’s square, _Westbourne park_.

1 Fitzhugh Miss

3 Woodward Jonathan

5 Thompson Joseph

9 Burchett Henry

11 Stearns J.

13 Wilkinson J. Lyte. M.D.

15 Kitchin Thomas M.

17 Beven William

19 Carne John Henry

23 Goodwyn Major-Gen. A. G.

27 Marriette Alphonso

2 Courjon Achiell Farge

4 Bensusan Manuel

6 Raphael Mrs

8 Pugh Mrs

10 Laroche Mrs

12 Novelli Augustus Henry

14 Conliffe Robert

18 Coxwell Col. J. A. S.

20 McDonald Ewen M.D.

22 Byrne John William

24 Blake Mrs

26 Miller J. F.

Sale street, _Praed street_, _Paddington_.

2 Ellis John

3 George J. bricklayer

4 Thornton Mrs

5 Heath John

6 Jenner J. turncock

7 & 8 Lee A. builder

9 Smith J. _Royal Standard_

10 Laroach Mrs, corset maker

11 Edwards Mrs, tobacconist

12 Storey John, tailor

18 Ashby Mark, boot maker

14 Howard James, dairy

15 Lee W. wood turner

16 Somers W. corn dealer

17 Marriott H. J. tailor

18 Day Rowland, saddler

19 Creswold J. tailor

20 Hyslop J. carpenter

21 Puddefoot Mrs

22 Lane Richard

23 Hart John, dairy

24 Bull Henry

25 Lockyear Thomas

26 Crouch H. T. _The Royal Exchange_

27_a_ Gerard S. fishmonger

27 Frost T. toy warehouse

  Coveney William

28 Neasmith J. hair dresser

Salem road, _Moscow road_, _Bayswater_.

3 Hedgington R.

4 _Mission Hall_

5 Moody C. farrier

  _The Bayswater Dining hall_

Salusbury terrace, _Edgware road_, _Kilburn_.

  Goubert and Jennings, _Brondesbury nursery_

1 Reeve E. phar. chemist

2 Hancock W. coffee rooms

3 Tolley M. ironmonger, &c.

4 Kemp William, butcher

5 Taylor G. C. _Rifle Volunteer_

6 Wilson J. F. baker

7 Beach Miss, fancy repository

8 Houghton J. watch maker

9 Gain Augustus, tea dealer

10 Wilkinson J. P. china warehouse

11 Hobbs W. J. stationer

12 Hawkins W. draper

13 Strathearn D. hair dresser

14 & 15 Stone A. furniture dealer and pawnbroker

16 Child R. tailor & hatter

17 Meredith Mrs, ladies’ outfitter

18 Beeby Mrs

19 Leath John + Leath Richard + Leath Miss, ladies’ school, _Bletsoe

20 Galloway John

21 Jones Edward

Scarsdale place, _Wright’s lane_, _Kensington_.

1 Hughes Edward

Scarsdale terrace, _Wright’s lane_, _Kensington_.

1 Trayler Mrs

2 Hellier Edward

4 Hobart Henry

5 White Miss

6 James James

7 Nichols S. L.

8 Mason James

9 Millward John

10 Thorne Mrs, dress maker

11 Moss Mrs

12 Blackwell W. H. _Kensington Vestry Clerk_

13 Hanrahan Michael

14 Moore George

15 Snelling R. preparatory school

16 Taylor James

17 Brothers F. _Parish clerk of St. Mary Abbotts_

18 Wells James

19 Wortley George

20 McCraw Thomas

Scarsdale villas, _Foxley road_, _Kensington_.

1 Nokes George

3 Burgett Frederick A.

4 Birchall Henry

5 Shee Mrs

6 Plomer George Daniel

8 Tucker Rev. Henry W.

9 Cockburn Frederick

10 Mould George Stirling

11 Waterhouse William

12 Ivey William D.

13 Smith James B.

14 Beaumont Mrs

15 Money Walter

16 Cox Mrs

17 Sayer Robert

18 Smith Maj.-Gen. Matthew

19 Guthrie Mrs

20 Armitage E. J.

21 Mackenzie Miss

22 Boulger B. A.

23 Merrifield Charles W.

24 Cobham Francis Elgin

25 Pope Thomas

20 Page Charles Reynolds

27 Childe Henry W. G.

29 Mills William Primrose

30 Hillingford Robert

31 Sampson Mrs

32 Chesterton Charles

Scott’s avenue, _King street west_, _Hammersmith_.


1 Thompson Charles

2 Crowe E. F.

3 Rhodes Joseph

Senior street, _Westbourne terrace north_, _Harrow road_.

1 Pain W. fruiterer

2 Hunt Charles

3 Pedrick George

4 Hoople John

6 Brandfied C. boot maker

7 Slater Charles

8 Garrould John

9 Taylor John

10 Preston C.

11 Cowley Daniel

12 Phillips Thomas

13 Clark James

14 Franklin J. W.

15 Rawlins Robert

16 Hodgson Thomas

17 Weymouth —

18 Gregory Charles

19 Nice George

20 Loewood Samuel

21 Young John

22 Essam William

23 Hammond John

24 Pearce Thomas

25 Lancaster William

26 Collard Thomas

27 Neale John

28 Watts William

29 Woodward E. dairy

  Dyer Mrs

30 Bicknell William

31 Sant Henry

32 Hales James

33 Morris J. greengrocer

34 Walker J. grocer

35 Broomfield J. boot maker

  Davies John tea dealer

36 Hammond A.

37 Cross George

38 Robinson John

39 Hills Mrs

Shaftesbury road, _King street west_, _Hammersmith_.


1 Beaven Samuel, builder

2 Bartholomew Mrs, ladies’ school

3 Row Miss

4 Jackson Mrs

5 White Miss

6 Smith James

  Row Miss, _Shaftesbury lodge_

  Bean A. C. architect & surveyor, _Angelo house_


1 Taylor George

2 Simmonds Richard

4 Jackson H. B.


1 Bates Robert

2 Hurst John Jacob

  Aynsworth Mrs, _Buckingham house_

  Bewley E. Eugene, L.C.P. _Rutland house school_

  Mason G. _Westbourne house_


2 Jackson Mrs

3 Smith Mrs

4 Walker Charles Alfred

5 Hopkins Mrs

6 Wilson Arthur Charles


1 Paine Henry

2 Bartlett William, dentist


1 Wagner W. E.

2 Ansell Edward

  Fairbairn Mrs, _Dresden house_

  Sewell Joseph, _Esk house_


1 Silvester Charles

2 Gusippi John

3 Allen William

4 Lang Mrs

6 Wheeler James

8 James Mrs, ladies’ school

9 Clarke John H.

  Mason T. _Zetland villa_

  Bland Mrs, ladies’ school, _Percy villa_

  Offord R. _Shaftesbury villa_

  Callendar W. O. _Belmont villa_

  Bateman H. A. _Endersley villa_

  Bullen O. G. _Pelham villa_

  Bailhache P. _Montague villa_

  Wilson Mrs, _Craven cottage_

  Blackmore C. _Fern cottage_

  Hill John, _Alma cottage_

  Bruman Miss, _Shaftesbury cottage_

Shaftesbury terrace, _Foxley road_, _Kensington_.

1 Harvey Mrs

2 Gilbert John

3 Haslip Capt. Samuel

4 Weeks T. H.

5 Christafer Mrs

6 Kilroy Alexander

7 Carter Mrs Admiral

8 Wilkinson Richard T.

9 Carter William Barton

10 Bland George

11 Bedford John

12 Lock George

13 Shurr Mrs

14 Kraus Mrs

15 Moffatt Miss, ladies’ school

16 Davis Thomas

17 MacLuckie Robert

  _Kensington Presbyterian church_

Shaftesbury villas, _Allen street_, _Kensington road_.

1 Kemp Mrs

2 Murray William

4 Mundy Walter

5 Simpson Mrs

Sheffield gardens, _Silver street_, _High street_, _Notting hill_.

1 Reynell John

2 Gale Edward J. Morant

3 Vawdrey J. C. surgeon

5 Edenborough Mrs

6 King Arthur

8 Monat Mrs

9 Haggard Mrs

10 Shaw John

11 Grosjean F. surgeon

12 Fletcher Miss

13 Bowman Mrs

14 Hamber Frederick M.

15 Newton Alfred

11 Guthrie Capt. Robert R.N.

17 Perry George

18 Shiels John C.

Sheffield terrace, _Askew road_, _Uxbridge road_, _Shepherd’s bush_.

1 Filpott William

2 George Richard

4 Helmore Mrs

5 Judd Alfred

Sheffield terrace, _Campden hill_, _Kensington_.

1_a_ Richardson Edward

2_a_ Foster Thomas M.

3_a_ Bremner H. _Fenn house_

1 Micklind John

2 Sadler Robert

5 Davenport George

6 Dent Douglas

7 Hargrave George

8 Moore Henry

9 Woodgate Sidney

10 Ashford A. B.

11 Horsley Mrs

12 Evans Miss

13 Taylor Rev. M. J.

14 Roberts Mrs

15 Luker William

16 Radford James

19 De Boos Edward

20 Jetter Rev. J. A.

21 Rusbridger Joseph, jun.

22 Cotton Mrs

23 Cowton M.

24 Cotton Thomas F.

Shelden street, _Westbourne place_, _Paddington_.

1 Clark G. poulterer

2 Heagerty Michael, tailor

4 Findglass C. cabinet maker

5 Hamilton J. harness maker

6 Stevenson W. builder

7 Chard H. dairyman

8 Cracknell T. builder

9 Wagstaff John H., chemist

10 Foster Mrs, milliner

11 Lucas Marshall, gasfitter

13 Taylor G. gasfitter

14 Jones Miss, draper

15 Moore Henry, tailor

16 Brooking W., fancy repository

17 January Mrs, dress maker

18 Duncombe G. fruiterer

19 Painter J. dairyman

20 Atwood J. C. tobacconist

Shepherd’s bush green.


1 Jessup F. _The Shepherd in the Bush_

2 Paul G. eating house

3 Peters Mrs, tobacconist

4 Munton B. F. ironmonger

1 Savill, G. gardener

2 Parr J. painter

3 Winter Miss, corset maker

4 Gilbert C. gas fitter

5 Perl Robert J. dyer

6 Lee & Jerdein, coal office

  Telling C. _The Mail Coach_


1 Francis, corn merchant

2 Hamilton J. greengrocer

3 Wakeford J. china dealer


2 Dickenson William

3 Newling John

4 Aldridge T. builder

9 Linsell W. J. professor of music

12 Westwood C. dairyman

14 Rowden William

15 Watson W. hair dresser

16 Nash G. boot maker

20 Cunningham T., wheelwrt.

21 Granger J. junior tobacconist

22 Granger J. senior greengrocer


1 Perry R. boot maker

2 Jefferys W. saddler

3 Fuel W. vet. surgeon

4 Hudson James

6 Croker J. tailor


  Paul Z. _Wellington Arms_

  Cooke J. veterinary forge

  Goffe C. boot maker

  Mitchell R. carver & gilder

  Kirkham F. plumber

  Needham J. tobacconist

  Kirby G. zinc worker


1 Harry Miss, _Gothic villa_

2 Clarke Mrs, E. D. _Derby villa_

3 Daniel R. _Verandah house_

4 Parker Miss, dress maker

5 May Osborn

7 Underwood J.

8 Humphreys Miss

9 Rider P.


1 Saunders G. greengrocer

2 Hopgood F. _The Beaumont Arms_

3 Shelton W. general shop

4 Slaughter G. boot maker

5 Porter T. tobacconist

  Quinton C. _Gawthorne cottage_

  Falks J. _Warwick lodge_

  Pellett A. _Grove cottage_


1 Marriot Robert

2 Laxton Frederick

3 Watier Miss

4 Wesson Henry

5 Bradley James

6 Belford J. E.

7 Sizmur James

8 Darkin Miss

9 Milburn C.

10 Knorhner J. S.

  Smith J. _The Orange_

Shrewsbury road, _St. Stephen’s square_, _Westbourne park_.

1 Davies Maurice, professor of music

  Davies John, surgeon dentist

3 Mote Charles Sidney

7 Hulme Thomas

9 & 11 Manning William

13 Hosking E. S. tailor

17 Graves J. P. & Graves J. H. auctioneers

19 Hull William, draper

21 Newport J. C. corn merchant

23 Wehln G. watch maker

2 McDermott John M.D.

4 De Rivaz Victor C.

6 Page Henry Robert

8 Gorton Mrs

10 Coster Lawrence, chemist

12 Bail F. dairyman

14 Yeoman John, fruiterer

15 Sparkes G. boot maker

18 Smith William, tailor

Shrewsbury terrace, _Talbot road_, _Westbourne park_.

  _Pillar Letter Box_

1 Coyne Joseph Stirling

3 Nicholson Mrs

4 Alexander William

5 Newby Thomas C.

6 Grover Stephen

7 Theobald James

Shrewsbury villas, _Talbot road_, _Westbourne park_.

1 Narroway John J.

2 Kipling Miss

3 Bradford Edward T.

4 Villiers Mrs

5 Corke Miss

6 Haschke Henry

7 McCormick J. V. surgeon M.D.

8 Hill Charles

9 Martin Mrs

10 Keene John Joseph

11 Melliship Mrs

12 Tomlinson William B.

Silchester road, _Lancaster road_, _Notting hill_.


2 Murray & Co. grown.

3 Savage C. H. greengrocer

4 Hughes G. furniture dealer

5 Barnes J. haberdasher

6 Powell Henry, oilman

  Gray Mrs, _Dunbarton lodge_

  Eyre W. _Glanvill lodge_

  Brookman J. _Dorset villa_

14 Foot Thomas

15 Roberts Charles John

16 Glover Samuel

17 Bareham W. builder

19 Kersey Thomas, builder

20 Wright James, laundry

21 Yates Charles, builder

  Skin R. _Notting Barn Tav._


1 Bailey John T. builder

2 Barber William


1 Hart Percival

2 Macdonald Mrs

3 Bentley Charles

4 Allum Joseph

  _The Royal Victoria Laundry_—Pepper T. manager

  Edwards G. _Silchester nursery_


1 Weaire T. greengrocer

3 Hatton W. R. oilman

5 Taylor H. dairyman

7 Jones Mrs tobacconist

9 Bigwood E. marine stores

11 Shattock Robert butcher

15 Alanson Mrs draper

17 Brett William surgeon

21 Stokes R. greengrocer

  Gale J. _Latymer Arms_



1 Merer John

2 Banks William

3 Freeman Mrs, _Bloomfield villa_

4 Quilley Henry

6 French Frederick

7 Edmunds E. _Cleveland villa_

8 White Richard

9 Hughes Wraith

10 Mansfield Charles

11 Hemmings William

12 Cammeo Joseph


1 Smith T. tobacconist

2 Ely Wm. pork butcher

3 Lewis Mrs, grocer

4 Newman Thomas, draper

5 Taylor J. fancy repository

6 Ruffle W. dairyman

  _Silchester hall_

  Roberts Owen, _Park villa_

  Davey T. S. M.D. surgeon

1 Brown Stephen R.

4 Jowers James, laundry

5 Buswell John, laundry

6 Nurton George

7 Roberts Mrs, laundress

9 Curtis George

10 Rogers John, laundry

11 Dunn John, boot maker

  Lloyd H. _Black Bull Tavern_

Silchester terrace, _Silchester road_, _Notting hill_.

3 Bushnell William

7 Harkes John Watson

9 Hart William

2 Woods Joseph, laundry

4 Sheppard William

6 Couch John

Silver street, _High street_, _Notting hill_.

1 Barclay A. tripe dresser

2 Pitman Mrs, stationer

3 Oddy E. tailor

4 Eve C. photographer

6 Turner W. zinc worker

8 Millin Stephen, builder

9 & 10 Burden R. farrier &c.

11 Bateman G. appraiser

12 White W. tobacconist

13 Torr Edwin, watch maker

14_a_ Mayston T. corn dealer

14 Wager Thomas, builder

15_a_ Nicholson R. draper

15 Pardoe Samuel, gasfitter

15 & 16 Sanson George, broker

17 Gyayet J. cabinet maker

18 Wrapson G. van proprietor

19 Bawdon Walter, gasfitter

21 Bartlett J. carpenter

22 Churchin Miss, cowkeeper

22½ Cooke Mrs, general dealer

25 Lane John, baker

26 Lane Miss, wardrobe dealer

28 Mace T. boot maker

29 Smith Henry, printer

30 Wilkinson T. tobacconist

31 Howeth & Co. surgeons

32 Morrell Edwin, hair dresser

Snowden villas, _Carlton road_, _Kilburn_.

  _Pillar Letter Box_

1 Little R.

2 Mannington Jules

3 Stagg James

4 Kennett Mrs

Somers mews, _Southwick street_, _Hyde park_.

  White James, job master

  Fisher Mrs, _The Mitre_

Somers place, _Gloucester square_, _Hyde park_.

1 Henderson Captain R. B.

2 Haynes Mrs

3 Surtees A. W.

4 Annett Thomas A.

5 Pfachler Emil Henry

6 Ferrier John

8 Wood Mrs

9 Wilson Gen. George

10 Kelly J. Birch

11 Lister William

14 Humphery William H.

15 Arbon James

16 Cruikshank Lady Ann

Somerset terrace, _Carlton road_, _Kilburn_.

  Dearmer Thomas, artist

  Dearmer Mrs, _Kilburn ladies’ college_, _Somerset house_

Somerset terrace, _Kensington road_, _Kensington_.

1 Fairbrother Miss lace work

  _Telegraph Office_

  Laurence S. & B. horse dealers

2 Bennett Henry, baker

  Forrest Robert, jeweller

3 Godfrey & Roberts, tailors

4 Wright J. watch maker &c.

South bank, _Uxbridge road_, _Notting hill_.

  Worsfold W. _Rose Bank villa_

  Osbourne J. _Ivy Bank villa_

1 Pasqualis A.

2 Hellings James

3 Pearson R. H.

  Ogilvie, A. _Mound house_

  Satchell T. _South Bank lodge_

  Masaroon W. _Elm villa_

  Morgan Mrs, _South Bank villa_

  Ullathorne W. _Braceley cottage_

South end, _James street_, _Kensington square_.

1 Woolhouse G. C. dairy

  _Working Men’s Benefit Society_

16 Stredder J. cab proprietor

  Margrie John grocer, &c.

8 Foxall William, grocer

11 Thurston W. beer retailer

12 Emanuel & Co., rag merchants

13 Field H. plumber, &c.

South street, _Waterloo street_, _King street west_, _Hammersmith_.

  Bird A. _Spring cottage_

1 Woodhouse Henry, grocer

15 Carter —, yeast brewer

_St. Peter’s_ (_Branch_) _Infant School_

18 Levens T. corn merchant

South wharf, _Paddington basin_.

1 Blashfield J. R. cement merchant

  Payne W., glass dealer

2 Turner Henry, china dealer

  Rutty J. timber merchant

3 Peto, Betts, Kelk & Co. contractors

4 Furguson H. & J. slate merchants

5 Mead W. hay salesman

6 Richardson C. brick merchant

7 Mellor Colsell & Co. carriers

8 Moore John, salt merchant

9 Pickford & Co. carriers

  Vigers E. saw mills

10 Nicholls G. contractor

11 & 12 Finney, Seal & Co. coal merchants

13 Fruman, Mowlem & Co. stone merchants

14 Tatham & Co. lime merchants

14_a_ Chaplin & Horne, rail carriers

14 Greaves, Kirkshaw & Co. lime merchants

  _Metropolitan Firewood Works_—C. Forster, manager

15_a_ Simmill T., tile warehouse

  Knight Mrs, dress maker

  Tildesley & Son, stone merchants

16 Roche & Son, slate merchants

  _Grand Junction Canal Company Coal Wharf_—Norman John, wharfinger

17 _Great Western coal depot_—Hyde John, manager

17 _Ruabon Coal Company_—Allen Thomas, secretary

  _Lilleshall Coal Company_—Scott John, agent

  Radford D. coal merchant

  Powell —, coal merchant

South wharf road, _Paddington basin_.

1 Moses & Son, tailors

  Pryor A. engraver & printer

2 Logan John, greengrocer

3 Isaac John, boot maker

4 Bilmar T. hair dresser

7 Hull J. saddler

8 White W. D. grocer

12 Bush J. beer retailer

14 Down John, boot maker

15 Stubbing G. coffee house

19 Lyng T. painter

24 Dyer G. engineer

27 Denman J. harness maker

28 Beecher E. T. grocer

29 Cross C. _Bank of England_

30 Loving H. _Mint Hotel_

Southwick crescent, _Oxford square_, _Hyde park_.

1 Hicks Col. Beach, _Southwick house_

2 Bayly Mrs

3 Rennie Mrs

4 Barnard Mrs

5 Cohen Henry

6 Coleridge John Duke, Q.C.

7 Swinfen Mrs

8 Bright Mrs

9 Jervois Lt.-Col. W. F. D.

10 Grant Mrs

11 Colnett Mrs

12 Mackenzie Mrs

13 Watts Capt. Robert

14 Peech William

15 Cox George

16 Lowndes Mrs

17 Crewe Lady

Southwick mews, _Cambridge place_, _Paddington_.

1 Taylor M. corn merchant

Southwick place, _Hyde park square_.

1 Gayford Chesterfield

2 Cotton Henry

3 Dyke Capt. Peché H. R.N.

4 Stone Mrs, Lowndes

5 Skirrow Walker jun.

6 Langdon Frank

7 Anderson Mrs

8 Blaine D. R. F.R.G.S.

9 Preston Miss

10 Ballard T. M.D. surgeon

11 Fischel F. S.

Southwick street, _Oxford square_, _Hyde park_.

2 Bertioli Miss

3 Smith Mrs

4 Curlewis H. C. _Southwick hotel_

5 Foster James Loxham

7 Pickett Isaac

8 Haywood Mrs

9 Gregory C. H. C.E.

10 Bacon Robert, _Hyde park square hotel_

  Hooper & Shoveller, auctioneers

Sovereign mews, _Cambridge street_, _Edgware road_.

  Nurse George, horse dealer

1 Godden Edward, builder

6 Reynolds F. chimney sweep

11 Parker Wm. W. builder

16 Osmon T. locksmith

Spring street, _Sussex gardens_, _Hyde park_.

1 Holmes & Fox, chemists

2 Woodward T. fishmonger

3 Browning G. H. confectioner

4 Jephson Charles, grocer

5 Groves A. butcher

6 Miller Miss, china dealer

7 Bennett H. lace dealer

8 King Henry, bookseller

9 Burden F. house decorator

10 Mather & Co. toy warehouse

11 Stibbs & Colborne, corset

  Sargent H. brush maker

12 Walker Caleb, grocer

13 Regan Miss, Milliner

14 Dawes John fruiterer

  Lacy & Browning, dentists

15 Ryan James, saddler

  Atkinson M. dress maker

16 Ellerm Mrs, hair dresser

17 Noyos & Son, ironmongers

18 Snowball G. watch maker

25 Taft Mrs, lace cleaner

29 Brown Robert, cowkeeper

30 Mason Mrs tobacconist

31 Brown James

32 Thompson Joseph, tailor

33 White Mrs lace maker

34 Wheeler J. plumber

35 Kirk William, _Registrar of Births and Deaths for St. John’s
district_, _Paddington_

36 Carter Mrs, lace manufacturer

37 Harris W. painter

38 Cannon Mrs, milliner

39 Frankel A. portrait painter

40 Bailey J. sculptor

Stalham street, _Westbourne terrace north_, _Harrow road_.

1 Barkes John

2 Phillips —

3 Mathews William

4 Epron Alfred

5 Magdalinsky C.

6 Lawrence William

7 & 8 Dawe George

9 Bullen Miss, dress maker

10 Silk George

11 Woodrowe William

12 Wilks John

13 Richardson Edward

14 Harris Edward

15 Martin Thomas

Stamford brook, _New road_, _Hammersmith_.

  Hamilton John

  Marvin —, _Stamford brook lodge_

  Blackmore Mrs

  Clissold Wm. _Stamford brook villa_


1 Evans Alfred George

2 Hurst Mrs

3 Baker Josiah

4 Brown Henry

  Grant Mrs, _Grotto cottage_

6 Davies C. house decorator

  Collins W. cowkeeper

Stamford road, _Eldon road_, _Victoria road_, _Kensington_.

19 Davies Miss

20 Henderson Mrs

Stamford villas, _Stamford road_, _Victoria road_, _Kensington_.

1 Noel John

2 Bould Joseph

3 Gefiowski E. E. sculptor, _Warsaw villa_

4 Burk Miss

6 Fergusson Mrs

7 Blake George


1 Bridges William

2 George E.

3 Chichester George

4 Hawkins David

Stanhope place, _Connaught square park_.

1 Packe Edmund

2 White Mrs

3 Crealock Mrs

4 Sotheby Mrs

5 Windham Miss

6 Winfield Mrs

7 Malton C. M.D. surgeon

8 Williamson James

9_a_ Poulden George

10 Hill Miss

11 Newdegate Albert Lewis

12 Johnson Charles Fred.

13 East Lady Clayton

Stanhope street, _Westbourne street_, _Hyde park gardens_.

1 Macleod Sir John

2 Lapworth James

3 Fisher Mrs

4 Patton James

5 Henderson William

6 Murray John

7 Elliot Lady

8 Peacock Robert W.

9 Christie J. H.

10 Crake Mrs & Miss

Stanhope terrace, _Bayswater road_.

1 Brockhurst Henry

2 Le Messurier Major-Gen. A. P.

3 Scott Michael

4 Hill Thomas T. surgeon

5 Butterfield Walter

6 Holm John Herman

7 Walker Miss

8 Sleigh W. Campbell, barrister

9 MacDonald J. C.

10 Hodgson Maj.-Gen. J. S.

11_a_ Daily & Co. dyers

11 Ayers Mrs tobacconist

12 Horncastle J. chemist

13 Henbrey Miss, dairy

14_a_ Langridge W. builder

14 Summers Bros. _Crown hotel_

Stanley crescent, _Kensington park gardens_, _Notting hill_.

1 Mort William

2 Blake Charles Henry

3 Leman Benidictus

4 Dovey William Thomas

5 Hall Capt. William T.

6 Anderson T. H. W.

7 Vacher Thomas B.

8 Mead Frederick

2 Milliken William

10 Johnson G. W. barrister

11 Winter William E.

12 Lindars Miss

13 Knight William

14 Bowes Misses, ladies’ school

15 Hodge William

16 Thurburn F. A. V. T.

17 Gray John

19 Ouvery Col. Henry, C.B.

20 Stevenson John

21 Cowie Mrs

22 Cowan Henry

23 Cartwright Thomas B.

Stanley gardens, _Kensington park road north_, _Notting hill_.

1 Judge Spencer

3 Russell Mrs, school

4 Vickers John

5 Coats Misses

6 Hector Alexander, F.R.G.S.

8 Schneider William F.

9 Ramsden Miss

10 Hendy Charles William

11 Stratford Hugh Stratford

12 Emnorfopoulo S. G.

13 Hughes Henry P.

14 Pritchard Henry

15 Bompas G. Cox, F.R.G.S.

16 Keill G. Middleton

17 Domett S. W. surgeon

18 Adams James Scovell

19 Innes Mrs

20 Blake C. H.

21 Lowther Miss

22 Cooper Miss

23 Taylor Bunbury

24 Hutchinson George

25 Roberts John

26 & 27 Jolly Miss, ladies’ boarding school

28 Boycott H. Thos. M.D.

29 Bell Charles

Stanley gardens mews, _St. Peter’s terrace_, _Kensington park road
north_, _Notting hill_.

  Gill Wm. livery stables

Stanley terrace, _Ladbroke grove_, _Notting hill_.

  _Pillar Letter Box_

1 Coxe Phillip

2 Prater Charles

3 Mead Isaac

4 Wagget John, M.D., F.R.C.S.

5 Walrond Mrs

6 Law Major S.

7 Spiers Felix William

8 McPherson Duncan

9 Tyerman Charles R.

10 Adams Mrs

11 Pigott G. W. R. M.D.

12 Wildman Mrs

13 Dewar Mrs

14 Erck Mrs

15 Green Miss

16 Stodard Misses

16 _The London Surgical Home_—F. Pym, secretary

Star street, _Edgware road_, _Paddington_.

1 Lambell John

2 Arrand Mrs, coffee house

3 Adams G. lively stables

4 Goodson S. dairyman

  Wicks J. blind maker

5 Hudson W. fruiterer

6 Smith W. H. carpenter

10 Gorway Henry

13 Lane G. hair dresser

14 Savill & Son, tailors

15 Chapman John, grocer

17 Savage C. greengrocer

18 Porter W. beadle of the parish

19 Swatton H. T. accountant

20 Arnold T. cabinet maker

22 Gorway Mrs, dress maker

28 Vincent W. tailor

34 Morris Mrs, upholsteress

35 Shave Mrs

36 Negus W. verger of All Saints

37 Harris T. plumber

38 Hitchcock W. oilman

39 Spring Miss, cowkeeper

40 Sampson Peter, grocer

41_a_ Gibbons M. tailor

43 Dawe A. gasfitter

49 Knight Mrs, upholsteress

50 Bush Francis, grocer

57 Randall G. tailor

61 Stevens Stephen

65 Tomsett J. R. bricklayer

68 Thomas Mrs, dress maker

69 Brackington W. plasterer

78 Lambrook G. boot maker

91 Rosier Thomas, baker

92 Anderson Mrs

96 Elford William

101 Robins C. rag merchant

102 Church J. boot maker

103 Morton John, printer

104 Smith W. _Paddington dairy_

106 & 107 Matts R. & J. iron merchants

108 Bush James, butcher

109 Clack H. hair dresser

Stranraer place, _Maida vale_.

1 Johnston John W. solicitor

3 Elisha Charles

5 Scriven Miss

7 Rutter Mrs

9 McKanna A.

11 Caley Miss

2 Wilson R. C.

4 Greham Mrs

6 Brooks Mrs

8 Durlacher Montague

10 Harrison Mrs

Sunderland place, _Alexander street_, _Westbourne park_.

1 Norton William Harris

2 Dowson Mrs

3 Murray Mrs

  Sands William Samuel, _Sunderland villa_

Sunderland terrace, _Westbourne park_.

1 Stather William

2 Hunter Mrs

3 Penlington Thomas

4 Cater George

5 Franklin Mrs

6 Spyer Stephen

7 Randolph C. F. barrister

8 Phillips Mrs

9 Jenkins Mrs

10 Holt Mrs

11 Page Misses

12 Roche Henry Phillip

13 Preston Thomas S

14 Simon Julius

15 Lockhart D. E.

16 Moseley Alexander

17 Reid Capt. Andrew G.

18 Haselfoot Fred. K. H.

19 Langworthy James W.

20 Atkinson G. serjeant at law

21 & 22 Macnier Miss ladies school

23 Picard Mrs

24 Twiss J.

25 Henderson Mrs

26 Woolf Samuel B.

Sussex gardens, _Oxford terrace_, _Edgware road_, _Paddington_.

1 Goolden Dr. R. H. physician

2 Faulkner Mrs

3 Graham John Anthony

4 Boyd Mrs

5 Lee Austin

6 Musgrave Rev. M. G.

7 Vyse Howard

8 Watson Col. J. W.

9 Turner G. surgeon. M.R.C.S.

10 Samson Louis

11 Parkin G. L

12 Langmore Dr. J. C.

13 Kursheedt Mrs

  _St. James’s Church_

14 Browning Henry B.

15 Hamill Mrs E.

16 Kater Mrs

17 Shaw Sir John, Bart.

18 Wolcott Mrs

19 Hamilton Gen. Charles

20 Skider Charles

21 Dickenson James

22 Scott Mrs

23 Birt Jacob

24 Berhard Alexander

25 Shairp Waller

26 Tatham M. Smith

27 Chenyax Mrs

28 Macnicoll Nicholl

29 Crofton Major-Gen. John

30 Robinson Miss

31 Musgrave Henry

32 Smith Mrs

33 Brooking George Thomas

34 Kinsey William, solicitor

35 While Robert F.

36 Bonholt Thomas

37 Holland Rev. Francis

38 Raggett C. & E.

39 Sanders Samuel

43 Tomlin Sackett

41 Hadow G. J.

42 Lloyd Horace

43 Field O. surgeon

44 Cole Loyal

45 Harboyne Mrs

46 St. Garner Col. Richard

47 Russell Mrs

48 Lawrence N. T.

49 Chin Mrs

50 Pott Robert

53 Wickens James

55 Lisle Charles

57 Boyd Rev. A. M.A.

59 Hakim Adolphe

Sussex place, _Bridge road_, _Broadway_, _Hammersmith_.

1 Rolf E. W.

2 Hillman Mrs

3 Elnor James

5 Clark Mrs & Miss prep. school

6 Reece John

  Phillipart Sir John, _College house_

  Stow J. _Laurel lodge_


1 Gilbert John

2 Humphreys James

Sussex place, _Gloucester square_, _Hyde park_.

2 Buchanan Mrs

3 Morgan John, surgeon

4 Parkes Charles Henry

5 Shee Sir William, Knt.

6 Deacon Edmund

7 Macgregor Gen. J. A. P.

  Macgregor Alexander

8 Burnand Francis, F.S.A., F.G.S.

9 Ashbury James

Sussex place, _Victoria road_, _Kensington_.

1 Holland C. fruiterer

2 Exon Miss

3 Cunningham E. boot maker

  Pasons John, tailor

4 Murrey Robert

  Murrell Miss, dress maker

5 Murray Thomas

6 Allan George

7 Benwell Joseph Austin

8 Glasson Miss

9 Appell John William

10 Recoe Mrs

11 Bonar William

12 Cresswell O. E.

13 Cameron Mrs

14 Kelson Capt. M. R.A.

15 Bird Rev. Samuel

17 Reid Mrs

18 Walters Miss

19 Dove James

20 Stewart Mrs

21 Park Mrs

22 Butcher Mrs

23 Lyon Miss

24 Bentley Mrs

25 Henderson Thomas

26 Downer H. C.

27 Annesley Mrs

28 Lucette Alfred

30 Hunter William

31 Purcell Lindsey

32 Dudley Robert C. artist

34 Fawssett William

Sussex square, _Hyde park_.

1 Ramsay Gen. James

2 Hibbert Samuel

3 Clutton John

4 Nicholson William

5 Doveton Lady V.

7 Walker Miss

8 Holroyd G. F.

9 Crake W. H.

10 Gibbs G. L. M.

11 Paton George

12 Blacker John

13 Goring Lady

14 Green William

15 Maunsell Capt. J. E.

16 Mellor Hon. Sir J. Justice

17 Daniel Edward James

18 Davy G. T.

19 Shibel Samuel

20 Campbell James

21 Murphy Patrick Edward

22_a_ Hill Mrs

23_a_ Bryant Walter John, M.D., F.R.C.S.E., F.R.G.S.

24 Hodgson Miss

25 Ewart John

26 Thomson John Robert

28 Dawson John

29 Stubbs Charles Edward

30 Friend John Banks

Sussex terrace, _Sussex square_, _Hyde park_.

1_a_ Eicke W. C. house agent

1 Gray Misses

3 Mansfield Mrs

4 Cheswright Henry

5 Burnell Mrs

6 Porter Frederick

8 Hulbert Mrs

9 Brise Mrs

10 Field T.

11 Shaw Miss

12 Canning Lady

Sutherland crescent, _Sutherland gardens_, _Maida vale_.

1 Weedon Mrs

2 Joseph Henry

3 Lumley Edward

Sutherland gardens, _Maida vale_.

  Pitt E. _Warrington hotel_

1 Carpenter A. B.

5 Turnley Joseph

7 Keating Miss & Green Miss, ladies school

9 Kelley George

11 Wyatt James

13 Samuels Charles

2 Sichel Edward Ferdinand

6 Reeve Miss

Sutherland place, _Westbourne grove north_, _Richmond road_, _Bayswater_.

1 Manning Rev. Dr. W. L.

  _St. Charles school_

2 Turner R. R.

3 Enderson Mrs

4 Loader Mrs

5 Gaywood Mrs

6 Lawrence George W.

7 Du Bois Edward, barrister

8 Sutton Charles

9 Rosier Madame, teacher of music

13 Smith Mrs

11 Ranson Mrs

12 Blake Alexander

13 Hendy Henry

14 Lilliott Henry P.

15 Heath Miss

16 McPherson John

17_a_ Heath Mrs

18_a_ Griffin Vaughan

19_a_ Louis Thomas

17 Webb William

18 Bench Alfred

20 Cannon Mrs

21 Southgate Gilbert L.

22 King Thomas William

24 Chenoweth Mrs

25 Hutton Misses

26 Barre Anthony

27 Collinetti James

28 Fosbrooke Miss

29 Nicholls Mark

30 Blackburne Mrs

31 Shield William

32 Silvester Mrs

34 Molyneux Charles

36 Demnoge Daniel

36 Talbert Peter

37 Mullany Alfred F.

38 Aderson Captain J. H.

  Suche Miss

39 Leader Misses

40 Mullins Mrs

Talbot road, _Westbourne park road_, _Westbourne park_.

  _St. Stephen’s Parsonage_—Brooks Rev. Harvey

2_a_ Lee William

3_a_ Waring E. J. M.D. F.L.S.

1 Ward John, tailor

2 Barrett F. boot maker

  Hyde W. saw mills

Talbot road villas, _Westbourne park_.

1 Jeffery Mrs

2 Wirgman Mrs

3 Greening Mrs

4 Mylins Charles Augustus

5 Lake Mrs

6 Perrin E. E.

Talbot square, _Sussex gardens_, _Hyde park_.

1 Gwyn Robert

3 George A. K.

5 Meyrick W. solicitor

7 Prendergast H. barrister

9 Mackintosh Alexander

11 Tolley Misses

13 Lumley Mrs

15 Block Samuel Wilson

17 Bainbridge T. Y. C.

19 Clissold Rev. Henry, M.A.

21 Finden G. Corfield, artist

23 Plumer Mrs

25 Griffiths Mrs

2 Hobday Col. T.

4 Finlay Mrs

6 Ommanney Rear-Adm. E.

8 Bradford Misses

10 Sykes Miss

12 Kay Mrs

14 Crooke Douglas Parry

16 Sandeman Theophilus

18 Brodrick William

20 Burrell Miss

22 Lock Mrs

26 Tatham H. E.

Talbot terrace, _Talbot road_, _Westbourne park_.

2 Stewart Alexander

3 Lewin Mrs

4 Stevenhagen Miss, ladies’ school

5 Grant Mrs

6 Emanuel Lewis

7 Obeothur C. professor of music

8 Cruttenden Capt. C. L.

9 Corfield Mrs

11 Lee R. Newton, surgeon

12 Bellis Mrs

13 Poulton William

14 Sanders Miss

15 Bagg William, artist

17 Melliss George

18 Yeates Misses

20 Wilkinson Thomas

21 Leslie Lady

24 Cox Rev. J. E. M.A., F.S.A.

25 Hardy George

26 Woodley Miss

27 Stoddard Miss

28 Cummings Mrs

29 Macmullen R. H. B.

30 Pollock Mrs

31 Penna Frederick

32 Sowerby James

33 Cockburn William

34 Palmer Richard

36 Skrimshire G. M.D. surgeon

38 Stobart John

38 Campbell Rev. W.

39 O’Donnell Mrs

40 Cox Mrs

41 Mends Capt. W. Robert

42 Lamacraft John

43 Webster Col. J.

44 Higham G. L.

45 Cronine A. C.

46 Laye Col. Joseph

47 Baker W. B.

48 Dapling Miss

49 Newstetel William

50 Fisher Mrs

51 Castle Mrs

52 Worth James

53 Vale Charles, grocer

54 Barnes W. fruiterer

55 Henkel A. boot maker

56 Wyatt Francis, chemist

57 Smith & Son, butchers

58 Taylor Mrs, dairy

59 Giles William, fruiterer

Talbot villas, _Talbot road_, _Westbourne park_.

1 Townsend Edward

2 Cumming Henry

3 Greaves Mrs

4 Watts Mrs

5 Sully James

6 Woodger Joseph

Tavistock terrace, _Great Western Terrace_, _Westbourne park_.

  Vigers E. _Tavistock lodge_

1 Miller Benjamin, surgeon

2 Ward Edwin

3 Leslie Robert

4 Biller George, solicitor

5 Fotheringham Robert

6 Moody Mrs Gen.

7 Peachey James Pearse

8 Knowles Rev. R. J. M.A.

9 Crickett Henry

10 Mutlow James

12 Smith Mrs

13 Kirby Thomas Frederick

14 Roberts William

15 Treavenan Mrs

16 Toleman Augustus

17 Elton Miss

18 Charles —, senior

19 Lucas Miss

20 Hayward Miss

Tavistock terrace, _Portobello road_, _Notting hill_.

1 Trist R. W. _Volunteer Arms_

2 Wilson Henry, tailor

5 Davis William

6 Adams William

7 Pool James, tobacconist

8 Tanner F. T. marine store

9 Abbott Gunthorpe, plum.

10 Gasson John, fruiterer

11 Hoy Sidney, coffee house

12 Lakin Miss A. stay ware

13 Kitchen James, oilman

14 Prime James, baker

15 Hammond J. leatherseller

16 Hedley James, boot maker

17 Turner J. bootmaker

18 Robins R. ale & stout strs.

19 Johnson Charles, dairyman

21 Back James, toy warehouse

22 Keyte William

23 Mason W. J. engineer, &c.

24 Mason James

25 Creed John, grocer, &c.

  Boyle —, _Golden Cross hotel_

  _Franciscan Convent_ (Catholic)

  _St. Joseph’s Home_ (Catholic)

The terrace, _Edgware road_, _Kilburn_.

  Williams E. builder, _South lodge_

1 Wallis W.

2 Brooke Charles Langley

3 Beadell Mrs

4 Ritherdon Robert

5 Clift Mrs

6 Beachcroft Edward

7 Few Mrs

8 Bull Edward Samuel

9 Hiorns Mrs

10 Reed P. C. barrister at law

12 Derfaur Henry

13 Martin William Watkin

14 Child Joseph

  White Arthur, M.D. surgeon, _North lodge_

The Terrace, _Kensington gardens square_, _Bayswater_.

1 Brophy William

2 Bulkley G.

3 Stratton John W.

4 Nicolopulo B.

5 Baylis Thomas Henry

6 Fesser A. H.

7 Humphreys Miss

8 Shearman Samuel T.

9 Colville Edward D.

10 Elliott Major

The Terrace, _Kensington road_, _Kensington_.

1 Jolland Miss, dyer & cleaner

1_a_ Derry C. baby linen warehouse

2 Rackham E. boot maker

3 Derry C. linen draper

1 Lutyens Miss

2 Derry Charles

3 Louis J. surgeon dentist

3½ Crane Miss

4 Banting William

5 Plumer Hall

6 Leech Mrs

7 Digby K. H.

8 Green Charles

9 Hyders Mrs, registry office for servants

10 De Bolla & Co. confectioner

11 Story C. _Adam & Eve_

12 Clayton James, butcher

  Otway J. livery stables

13 Marsh & Bristow, undertakers

Tichbourne street, _Connaught terrace_, _Edgware road_, _Paddington_.

1 Hawkins John

2 & 3_b_ Elliot John, steam printer

3 Taylor George

4 Hubbard J. dairyman

5 Mason William

7 Souter William

7 Saggs Joshua

8 Coper R. upholsterer

9 Coulthard Mrs, milliner

10 Crisp & Co. builders

11 Percival James

12 Ritchie Mrs

13 Smith Joseph Edward

14 Mingay John, builder

15 Judd Albert

16 Blackburn Richard

17 Wilding T. solicitor

18 Hart H. _Mason’s Arms_

19 Blandford Mrs grocer

20 Slaymaker Thomas

21 Threlfaw Mrs, dress maker

22 Holt George

23 Piper Edward

24 Sharp W. builder

25 Howard Henry

26 _St. John’s Orphanage & Infant Day Nursery_

27 Davis Thomas

28 Weir J. brewery agent

29 Robertson Alfred

30 Kennett John B.

31 Goss James

32 Blake George

33 House James

34 _Young Men’s Christian Association_, _north-west branch_—Herditch C.
R. secretary

  _Stafford rooms_

35 Whale E. John

36 Tidy C. builder

Torrington mews, _Burwood place_, _Edgware road_, _Paddington_.

6 Mitchem J. carpenter, &c.

14 Maggs R. coach painter

16 Woodroffe E. builder

17 Dunworth R. upholsterer

21 Blay W. wheelwright

24 Stephens W. coach maker

Union terrace, _Royal crescent_, _Notting hill_.

1 Richardson W. wine mer.

2 Horner W. auctioneer &c.

3 Love Thomas, plumber, painter & gasfitter

4 Presslee John, bookseller

5 Jones Alfred, boot maker

6 Constable W. draper

7 Cooper J. grocer, & _Post & Money Order Office & Savings’ Bank_

8 McDougall W. chemist

9 Clark J. fruiterer

10 Ginger E. butcher

11 Fisher G. H. oilman

12 Soundy G. F. grocer

13_a_ Farmar F. tobacconist

13 Clatworthy W. baker

Upper Berkeley street west, _Connaught square_, _Hyde park_.

1 Pledger Mrs

3 Fountain J. C. fruiterer

5 Kite C. boot maker

6 Eastlake C. L. artist

7 Jones J. B. shirt tailor

8 Goodwin T. wine merchant

9 Launspach L. cabinet maker

10 Frith C. T. boot maker

11 Butt G. coal merchant

12 Davison William

13 Gurney Miss, artificial florist

14 Linnartz J. carver & gilder

15 Cooper G. cheesemonger

16 Sapio A. ham & tongue dealer

17 Freeman Philip, dyer

18 Laking Misses, china dealers

19 Burch W. builder

20 Trebilcock Miss, milliner

21 Tunks J. Russell

22 Woodley John, saddler

23 White Charles, fruiterer

24 Bascomb William tailor

25 Groves Lewis, butcher

26 Ivatts George, tailor

27 Bonnet P. hair dresser

28 Witt John, fruiterer

29 Mardlin Mrs, dress maker

30 Collyear Miss, stay maker

  Phillips Mrs, dress maker

31 Clark T. upholsterer

31_a_ Searcy J. wine merchant

32 Wilkins S. cowkeeper

33 Eames Mrs, berlin repository

34 Hughes J. _Duke of Kendal_

35 Purfurst W. boot maker

37 Johnson N. watch maker

39 & 41 Gilbert Richard

43 Henderson John builder

45 Gurney James Henry

47 Coates W. builder

49 & 51 Searcy J. confectioner & wine merchant

51 Read Misses, milliners

53 Mivart J. & A. estate agents

Upper Brook mews, _Conduit street west_, _Paddington_.

1 Todd —, coach builder

20 Fowlser J. livery stables

22 Taylor George, smith

24 & 25 Giles C. boot maker

27 Hay Mrs, marine stores

28 Lee John, sweep

29 Widgery W. tailor

30 Fowlser J. job master

Upper Holland street, _Campden hill_, _Kensington_.

1 Railmay —

2 Blanchet Alfred

3 Inglish Mrs

4 Wheeler John

6 _St. Mary Abbot’s Catholic Chapel_—Foley Rev. J.

Upper Hornton villas, _Campden hill_, _Kensington_.

1 Watson W.

2 Hutchinson W. P.

3 Graham B.

5 Aston T. _Hornton lodge_

6 Mann Robert

Upper Hyde park street, _Southwick crescent Hyde park_.

1 Hoare Samuel

2 Adair Hugh E. M.P.

3 Ward Francis Ridout

4 Alexander Henry Robert

5 White Col. Robert

6 Barker Edgar

7 Smith Mrs, Bright

9 Wilkin William

Upper Phillimore gardens, _Campden hill_, _Kensington_.

1 Sladen D. B. _Phillimore lodge_

2 Brabant W. H.

3 Brooks Thomas, artist

4 Duffield Mrs

5 Kendell John

6 Gray Benjamin

7 Macleod Norman

8 Napier David

9 Wells Henry T. artist

10 Fox Col. Augustus Lane

11 Burnett J. R. F.

12 Burbery Samuel H.

13 Dillon Frank

14 Ronald B. L.

15 Shaen William, M.A.

16 Cornimell Richard

17 Steven William

18 Sconce Archibald

19 Weston James

20 Farquhar Thomas Henry

21 Whitehead Smith Taylor

22 Wright Henry

23 Cosier Robert Arnold

24 Delmar Algernon

25 Casella Alexander

26 Satchell John

Upper Phillimore place, _Kensington road_, _Kensington_.

1 Vincent Mrs

3 Macwilliam T. G.

4 Davis J. Gordon, builder

5 Hall Miss

6 Key Mrs

7 Hennersey Miss

8 Dudfield T. O. M.D. physician

9 Catmur Edward

10 Houston John

11 Prentis Mrs

12 Freeman Robert

13 Lind Henry

14 Perry Miss

15 Henderson Mrs

16 Chippendale John, surgeon

17 Durant Mrs

18 Anderson Francis

19 Leeson Mrs

20 Stanham Gordon, architect & surveyor

21 Chadwick Mrs

22 Whitelock W. E.

23 Pearson D. R. surgeon

24 Warren Henry, artist

25 Mayne Joseph, surveyor of taxes

26 Elliott Mrs

27 Oxenham George N.

28 Hains D. photo painter

29 Ramsay Andrew C.

30 Bourne M. M.D. physician

31 Edwards Mrs

32 Wyndham Henry

  Holland Lady, _Holland house_

Upper Porchester street, _Cambridge square_, _Hyde park_.

1 Lee Thomas

2 Davis Charles

3 Dunworth R. upholsterer

4 Callard Daniel, baker

5 Bennett Miss

6 Deffell Mrs

7 Finmore Mrs

9 Canley Mrs

10 Bolitho John

11 Jordan Charles, grocer

12 Jones W. dairyman

13 Bolton George

14 Hulbert William

15 Greenland James

Upper Portsdown gardens, _Portsdown road north_, _Maida vale_.

1 Cook Robert Thomas

2 Bree Joseph

Upper Seymour street west, _Connaught square_, _Hyde park_.

1 Reynolds Joseph

2 Clark Francis

3 King John

4 Bailey Miss

5 Davy Mrs

6 Bird James, surgeon

7 Patching Mrs

8 Wigelsworth Mrs

9 D’Orsey Rev. A. B.D.

10 Dudley Mrs

13 Withers James

14 Backhouse Mrs

15 Torties Miss

16 Gillett Charles

17 Bastard Mrs

18 Chilton Miss

21 Goodwin Miss

22 Anderson William

23 Cumming Mrs

24 March Mrs

25 Staples J. H. P. M.D. surgeon

Upper Southwick street, _Oxford terrace_, _Edgware road_, _Paddington_.

1 James Miss

2 Mead Mrs

3 Cranstone E. _Marquis of Clanricarde_

4 Gurr Alfred, cowkeeper

5 Dood John W. bookseller, _Post & Money Order Office Savings’ Bank_

6 Franklin Join B. butcher

7 Gaye Robert E. surgeon

8 Stebbings C. fruiterer

9 Hayward G. cheesemonger

10 Hunter Robert, baker

11 Wood Mrs, chimney sweep

12 Thompson W. builder

13 Matthews Mrs

14 Hassall Mrs

15 Spiller Miss

16 Palmer T. M.D. surgeon

17 Dean Robert

18 Reid Miss

19 Neale Miss

20 Smith William, F.S.A.

21 Murray James A.

24 Hadow Miss

25 Ellis Mrs

26 White Rev. Alfred, M.A.

27 Austin Mrs

28 Pringle Mrs

29 Easton Robert

30 Searcy Charles

Upper Westbourne terrace, _Harrow road_, _Paddington_.

1 Christy

2 Rogers B. M.D. surgeon

3 Wyndham Mrs

4 Macqueen John F. Q.C.

5 Bash Mrs

6 Greatorex Reuben C.

7 Timon Mrs

8 Butler Samuel

9 Grinling Henry

10 Hall Mrs

11 Mosely Benjamin

12 Woolley Mrs

13 Whitehouse Joseph

14 Herne Humphrey H. B.

15 Cope Francis

16 Salaman Joseph S.

17 Smith George Horace

19 Wheatstone Col. John B.

20 Wright Henry

21 Samuel Mrs

23 Ade George

25 Scott William

Uxbridge road, _Shepherd’s bush_.

  Palmer Henry, _Belgrave cottage_

  Mogg William, _Rutland cottage_

  _Shepherd’s Bush station_, _Metropolitan Railway_

  Tunstall Edmund, _Langton cottage_

  James Henry, _Lavender house_

  Richardson Charles, _Warwick house_

  Mucklow William, _The White Horse_



1 Jenkins J. general shop

2 Weekley Messrs. cowkeepers

3 Perton W. plumber

4 While T. P. draper

5 Fielder E. stationer and _Post and Money Order Office_

  _St. Stephen’s Church_

  Collett Rev. W. L. _The Parsonage_

  Kirby Henry, _Rose cottage_


1 Vaughan John

2 Charlton Thomas

  Moore Hobart. _Aldine cottage_

  Hunt James, _Old Oak villa_

  Sheriff Joseph, _Sion villa_

  Smith Stanley, _Milton villa_

  Brown Edward, _Uxbridge lodge_

  Chapman Joseph, _Conningham house_

  Hartly Mrs, _Eton villa_

  May Thos. _Belgrave villa_

  Brickwood Mrs, _Blenheim villa_

  Tiver John, _Marlborough villa_

  Russell Mrs & Tilley, J. H. _Montrose house_

  McQueen William H. _Euston villa_

  Biggar W. _Keith villa_


2 Slattery Thomas

3 Rilot C.

4 Nixon W. T.

5 Sparks George

6 Brown Samuel

7 Collier Walter

8 See James

9 Tenison E. R. M.D. surgeon

  Gunn G. T. _The Princess Victoria_

  Bradley W. greengrocer


  Unite John


1 Axton George, builder

2 Holford —

3 Bugby William

4 Russell George

5 Jeyes Miss

6 Oliver Mrs

7 Bellhouse Mrs

8 St. Graham Rev. Charles

9 March Mrs

10 Smith Miss, ladies’ school

11 Axton John

12 Axton Mrs

  Jenkins W. _Askew Arms_


1 McQueen Frederick

3 Summers Misses, ladies’ school

4 Spark Francis

5 Norman Alfred

6 Score George

7 Ramson George

9 Burke Mrs

10 Edwards Miss

  Hopgood F. nurseryman


  Bennett Allred, _Oakland villa_

1 Strachan James, grocer

2 Gunnee Jonathan, carpenter

3 Jones Thomas, tailor

  Dennington William, _The Queen Adelaide_

  Sim D. Vale nursery

  Perton Mrs, _Arnold villa_

  Boreham Mrs


1 Miller G.

2 Joseph Charles

  Bell T. beer retailer


1 Foster William

2 Bax Daniel

3 Dunstable Mrs

4 Bax Miss

5 Hamilton Mrs

6 Meldrum John


1 Farnell John

2 Dear Richard

3 Mathews H.

4 Weaver William


1 Furdato John

2 Cook R. W.

  Boarder J. builder, _Ivy cottage_

  Burlton Col. W. C.B., J.P., _Oaklands_

  _Oaklands Chapel_


1 Watt R. baker

2 Carter H. butcher

3 Hall H. grocer & carrier

  Hopgood F. & Co. nurserymen

  Piper Capt., _Cumberland house_

  Minett J. C. _Cumberland villa_


1 Sandison William

2 Winkfield John


5 Atlee R. wheelwright

  Cooper William, _Woodbine villa_

  Willis Francis, _Western villa_

Uxbridge street, _High street_, _Notting hill_.

1 Eustace H.

2 Singer F. clock maker

4 Hardie J. hair dresser

  Smith Benjamin, _Duke of Sussex_


8 Shoppee F. greengrocer

9 Mines J. boot maker


2 Summers W. boot maker

3 Walker T. butterman

5 Washer W. tailor

8 Webb Mrs

10 Hancock W. dairy

11 Wright Thomas, boot maker

14 Rowe W. tobacconist

16 Hickman Mrs. wardrobe dealer

17 Golden H. french polisher

18 Lee G. boot maker

29 Brown B. _Allason Arms_

30 Newdick H. grocer

40 Pelvin F. gardener

32 Lawrence W. french polisher

43 Tapscott T. baker

Upton villas, _Edgware road_, _Kilburn_.

  Goubert & Jennings, florists

1 Ross Thomas

2 Garwood Rev. John, M.A.

3 Harbour James

  Harbour Mrs, ladies’ school

4 Rowe Richard

Vassall terrace, _Campden grove_, _Kensington_.

5 Crowditt Miss

6 Jopling Joseph, architect

7 Mardon Thomas

8 Smith Mrs

Vernon mews, _Vernon terrace_, _Portobello road_, _Kensington park_.

  _Ragged School_

  Chambers J. engineer

  Byworth W. iron founder

  Franklin John, wheelwright

Vernon terrace, _Portobello road_, _Kensington park_, _Notting hill_.

1 Heath J. dining rooms

2 Moore James

3 Cass W. hair dresser

4 Venables J. watch maker

5 Nathan S. broker

6 Moss W. boot maker

7 Rowden W. builder

11 Hobbs E. toy warehouse

12 Pugsley E. boot maker

13 Edser P. furniture dealer

14 Morgan Alexander, grocer

15 White S. E. funeral furnr.

16 Anderson R. carpenter

17 Bailey Mrs, wardrobe dealer

18 Larkins D. greengrocer

19 Heritage T. grocer

20 Sanders J. dining rooms

21 James J. photographer

22 Griffin E. confectioner

23 Jacobs R. fishmonger

24 Maisey T. bird dealer

26 Lovegrove J. furniture dealer

27 Hammond E. baker

28 Williams S. marine stores

29 Flatman G. _Portobello Star_

31 Ratley T. ironmonger

Vicarage gardens, _Campden hill_, _Kensington_.

1 Hall Robert W.

2 Sinclair J. H. M.D. surgeon

3 North Ford, barrister

4 Tabberer Benjamin

5 Boyd James

6 Peters James

7 Combs William A.

8 Hawkins John W.

  _St. Paul’s Church_

9 Hooper George

10 Hall Charles

11 Powell —

12 Newman Misses

13 Wright D. W.

14 Warwick Edward

15 Holland John

16 Hastings Henry

Vicarage place, _Church street_, _Kensington_.

  Sinclair Ven. Arch John M.A., _The Vicarage_

4 _Catholic Orphanage_—Tenliere Madlle. superior

  _The Carmelite Church_

5 _Monastery of the Carmelite Fathers_

  Coates T. _York house_

6 _The Kensington Dispensary_—Bartlett J. H. resident medical dispenser

Victoria grove, _Wellington terrace_, _Bayswater road_.

1 Binks Samuel, builder

2 Rowbottam James

3 Priddle Richard

4 Farrow John

5 O’Brien John

6 Parkhouse —

7 Gaynor F. T. builder


1 Le Gros Alphonso

2 Burley John


1 Newman Mrs

2 Williams Mrs

3 Butler Mrs

4, 5, 6 & 7 _Annuitants’ Ladies’ Home_—Miss Sheppard, secretary

8 Hixson W. J.

9 Clark Thomas

10 _St. Matthew’s Home for Female Orphans_—Franklin Miss, matron

11 Brodribb Uriah

12 Tarling H. J.

13 & 15 _Annuitants’ Ladies’ Home_

14 Pitt Miss

16 _Young Women’s Christian Association & Home_—Brown Miss,

Victoria grove, _Victoria road_, _Kensington_.

1 Greig John, baker

2 Saw John, grocer

3 Turner R. fruiterer

4 Faircloth P. tobacconist

5 Mead J. stationer

6 Caldesi L. photographer

7 Miller Robert

8 Feress Mrs

9 Horstead J. gas fitter

10 Ollier Edmund

11 Bursey Frederick, dentist

12 Reynolds L. dress maker

13 Bonham F. C., house agent

15 Cole Thomas, stationer

16 Smith Mrs

17 Edwards Mrs

18 Hooper Henry

19 Finch Miss, ladies’ school

20 Smith R. S.

21 Mead John

22 Lee J.

23 Rae James

24 Clark Mrs

25 Sage Madame, dress maker

26 Golding Mrs

Victoria place, _Richmond road_, _Westbourne Grove_, _Bayswater_.

1_a_ Parsons S. boot maker

2_a_ Meadow H. carpenter

4 Neale E. gardener

5 Davis T. boot maker

20 Harvey J. boot maker

22 Hellier A. painter

  Vout S. french polisher

23 Sheffield Geo. general shop

24 Nicol T. gasfitter

29 Cole John, carpenter


2 Grant Henry, marine stores

3 Graham J. sweep

5 Martin Henry, smith

7 Ryall W. stone mason

8 Taylor J.

9 Phillips —, invalid chair proprietor

Victoria road, _Kensington road_, _Kensington_.

1 Smith William

2 Cresswell C. surveyor

3 Swindon Miss

  Saunders Frederick

4 Forbes Col. Francis

5 Boughey Mrs

6 Cooper Thomas

7 O Neil Henry, artist

8 Bridell Mrs

9 Cowell William

10 Richards Mrs

11 Greig John Bartlett

12 Sprules John

13 D’Almaine Henry

14 Brassington John

16 Keeley Mrs

17 Taylor John

18 Ruddy Mrs

19 Romer Mrs

20 Gloyne Charles

21 Watson James

22 Williams Joseph L.

23 Lane Dr. Morgan

24 Yates Rev. E.

25 Kent Henry B.

26 Spilhman George

27 Morland Mrs

28 Oaks W. _Enfield house_

  _Christ Church_

30 Clement Charles

31 Colister John

32 Fenn Robert L.

33 Kamneski G.

35 Purdey John

36 Blaythwayt Rev. Charles

37 Arnold Edwin

38 Pixley Capt.

  Huxham J. B. C. _Victoria cottage_

  Marshall T. F. _Walton villa_

51 Bayley C. J. C.B.

52 Watson Mrs

53 Kinear Boyd, barrister

Victoria road, _Starch green_, _New road_, _Hammersmith_.

  Bott James, _The Eagle_

  Harvey W. painter, _Eagle cottage_


1 Bone S. builder

2 Mansfield Henry

3 Jackson James

4 Perrin Edward

  Cooper J. florist

  Jewell George, _The Sun_

  Durrant Mrs, laundry, _Laburnum house_

  Juniper W. _The Traveller’s Rest_

  _Bassein Park Wesleyan chapel_

  Durrant J. beer retailer, _Laburnum cottage_


1 Tasker George

2 Wright Sydney Rainford, blind maker

3 Teague Frederick

  Chaffourrier A. _Briar lodge_


1 Lindeman Sidney A.

2 Leaver Joseph

3 Wright Henry Wass

4 Haes Frank

5 Murray John

6 Brown Mrs

7 Latham George

8 Caplin George

Victoria street, _Paddington green_.

1 Cole Daniel

2 Ware Mrs

3 Miller John

4 Rose Mrs

5 Brown —

6 Pyne Miss

7 Willingale Henry

8 Toy William

9 Newbold —

10 Merritt James

11 Lewis John

12 Jenkins E.

13 Dean Henry

14 Damper Henry

15 Wybird Mrs

16 Selway William

17 Selway Ruben

18 Sims John

19 Francis William

20 Batchelor John

21 Hicks James Henry

22 Taylor J. carpenter

23 Ware Mrs

24 Weston Albert, collector of taxes

25 Martin William

Victoria gardens, _Ladbroke grove_, _Notting hill_.

1 Adams Thomas

2 Virtue Edward

3 Finch, James

4 Taylor Herbert

5 Pillin L. B. dentist

6 Bushman John

7 Bailey T. R.

9 Chress Mrs

10 Price W. H.

11 Stevenson John

13 Dyke S.

14 Portlock John

15 Paul Edward

16 Bennett John

17 Wilson Frederick

18 Jones Mrs

Walmer crescent, _Walmer road_, _Notting hill_.

  _St. Andrew’s Church_

1 Pester James

2 Winser J. tobacconist

3 Spence D. corn dealer

4 Morgan H. paraffin depot

5 Copinger Miss, milliner

6 Gaudie R. stay maker

7 Gallowoy A. furniture dealer

8 Turner J. tailor

9 Peters T. greengrocer

10 Mann Henry, grocer

11 Dolle T. milliner

12 Tooley G.

13 Bailey Miss, dress maker

14 While E. lath lender


1 Cole Miss, dress maker

2 Barnes W. J.

Walmer place, _Walmer road_, _Notting hill_.

1 Livermore E. tripe dresser

2 Warren T. hair dresser

3 Perkins H. ironmonger

4 Page G. pie shop

  Grimes J. tobacconist

5 Hunter Mrs, grocer

6 Rigby T. dairyman

7 Freeman R. butcher

Walmer road, _Lancaster road_, _Notting hill_.

  _Notting Dale Chapel & Schools_

  Moore W. veteriny forge

  D’Almaine T. & Co. pianoforte manufacturers

  Varney J. _Walmer cottage_

Walmer terrace, _Walmer road_, _Notting hill_.

1 Rudd R. grocer

2 Abraham J. fishmonger

3 & 4 Millard C. corn dealer & rag merchant

5 Parsons G. dyer & cleaner

17 Seaton S. pork butcher

18 Barber & Barnett, hair dressers

19 Keeling W. boot maker

20 White J. dairyman

21 Prime Charles, butcher

22 Raywood H. greengrocer

23 Oley William, grocer

24 Tomalin Joseph, draper

25 Tomalin J. oilman

  Martin J. _The Lancaster_

1 Oldfield G. coffee rooms

2 Townsend E. tobacconist

3 Ferrer S. greengrocer

4 Hubbard H. boot maker

5 Atkins W. harness maker

6 Jones J. wardrobe dealer

7 Heath J. _The Bee Hive_

8 Child William, grocer

9 Poggio O. fancy stationer

Warrington crescent, _Warwick road_, _Maida hill_.

1 Wright W. builder

3 Joseph Louis

6 Wade John

7 Kinneth James

9 White Edward

17 Salamons Maurice

19 Dacosta Mrs

2 Smith J. W.

4 Rutter Henry

Warrington gardens, _Warwick road_, _Maida hill_.

1 Angell Thomas J.

2 Bicker-Caarten Alfred

3 Zerffi G. G., Dr. of Philos

4 Williams Henry

5 Thompson George

6 Donald Alexander

Warrington terrace, _Warwick road_, _Maida hill_.

2 Veitch Rev. W. D.

3 Sisson R. S. M.D. surgeon

4 Newton Frederick

5 Phillips Mrs

7 MacArthur R. Waugh

8 Taylor Henry

9 Fairlough Miss

10 Collette C. H. solicitor

11 Wilhelms Krozniski

12 Gardener Dundas

13 Roundell Mrs

15 Samuel Michael

16 Benjamin Jacob

Warwick crescent, _Harrow road_, _Paddington_.

  Brankstone M. _Beauchamp lodge_

1 Freeman Charles Edward

4 Young William M.

5 Rogers Mrs

6 Hurst William

7 Spender Edwin

8 Boyer George Phelps

9 Foster Mrs

10 Carvell Mrs

11 Cowen Mrs

13 Meyers Michael

14 Francis Frederick J.

16 Croke C. J.

17 Duffett Henry

18 Van Praagh Morris

19 Browning Robert

20 Chatelain Chev. Ernest de

Warwick crescent, _Warwick square_, _Kensington road_, _Kensington_.

1 Turpin James

3 Turner F.

4 Faulkner Frederick

7 Dickenson Mrs

9 Corbould Alfred

10 Perry Mrs

11 Bertin H. V. M.D. physician

12 Lee Charles

13 Lee John

14 Jenkins Mrs

15 Penson J. professor of French

16 Sparks Ernest A.

17 Babington Benjamin

18 Havill Frederick, artist

19 Bonney A. F. B. surgeon

20 Huddle Mrs

21 Fox Mrs

22 Webb Francis

23 McDougal A.

24 Hirst Charles E.

25 Guthrie Charles Thomas

26 Butler Mrs

27 Taylor John

Warwick gardens, _Warwick square_, _Kensington_.

1 Birkinyoung John A.

2 Wallich George

3 Hunt Miss

4 Wintle R. P. surgeon

5 Crowe Capt.

6 Peile Mrs

7 Bridgnell Joseph

8 Hemsley William

9 Crowther W. G. L.

10 Harrison Miss

11 Lamb Thomas C.

12 Burden Mrs

13 Devonport Miss

14 Purkess James

15 Cullen James

16 Shirreff Charles C.

17 Hedger Frederick

18 Saffery Miss

19 Bowerbank Mrs

20 Pads William

21 Simpson William Henry

22 Gould John

23 Dicker Robert

24 Pearce Miss

25 Turner Capt. S. D.

26 Shuttleworth John B.

27 Banton William

28 Eland G. F. solicitor

29 Simms John

30 Preston John H.

31 Wise Miss

32 Milnes A.

34 Wynne Walter William

35 Jennings Mrs

36 Williams George

37 Kidd Mrs

38 Kingsmill Mrs

39 Keith Thomas William

40 Blackwell Mrs

41 Boylan Henry D.

42 Walker Mrs

46 Patrick Miss

Warwick gardens, east, _Warwick square_, _Kensington_.

1 Longhurst John, _Warwick lodge_

2 Noble J. _Florence villa_

3 Jalland William E. _Clarendon house_

4 King Miss, _Clare lodge_

5 Gilbert Rev. W. M.A., _Chichester lodge_

6 Ledger E. _Vernon house_

  _Wesleyan Chapel_—Rev. G. Maunder & D. C. Ingram, ministers

Warwick mews, _Warwick place_, _Warwick road_, _Maida hill_.

4 Southey W. boot maker

7 Lawrence J. job master

Warwick place, _Warwick road_, _Maida hill_.

1 Field W. fruiterer

2 Kershaw Benjamin grocer

3 Martin John, builder

4 Welford & Son, dairyman

5 Mandy Mrs, _Warwick Castle_

7 O’Connell Peter, tailor

8 Cox Mrs

  Scantlery I. V. builder

Warwick road, _Harrow road_, _Paddington_.

1 Smith G. A. _Warwick house_

3 Gooch Sir Daniel, Bart. M.P. _Fulthorpe house_

5 Alexander Mrs, _Tunstall house_

7 Dickinson Mrs

9 Argles F. R.

11 Hands Joshua

13 Alberga Mrs

15 Dasent J. B. F.R.G.S.

17 Morison Capt. Bentham G.

19 West William

21 Trevett John

23 Mitchison Mrs

25 Lewis Rev. E. P.

27 Cologan John B.

29 Ellis Mrs

31 Roget John Lewis

  _St. Saviour’s Church_

4 Gresham William

8 Stamford Col. Henry

10 Clarke J. A.

12 Robinson Admiral

14 Tenniel Mrs

16 Anderson Mrs

18 Ward Mrs, _Warwick lodge_

20 Hall Charles

22 Feaver Thomas

24 Williamson John W.

26 Mocatta Misses

28 Carden Mrs

30 Thornhill Walter

32 Boyd Ezekiel D.

34 Birkenruth Nathan

36 Pearson Miss

38 Stanley Charles

40 Williams H. Bacon

42 Place Miss

Warwick road, _Kensington road_.

1 Spicer J. _The Warwick Arms_

2 Baldwin E. grocer

4 Parsons G. beer retailer

6 Harris W. beer retailer

15 Cavanagh M. locksmith

16 Morath M. clock maker

  Erard S. & P. pianoforte manufacturers

  Handley W. builder


  Murrell G. plumber

1 Pain R. coal agent

2 Jull H. corn dealer

3 France Henry, ironmonger

4 Wickington J. grocer

5 Hannaford G. _Radnor Arms_

  _Clay Cross Coal Depot_—Wilcox John B. agent

  Lee & Jerdein, coal merchants

  _Wombwell Main Coal Company_, Wiley Samuel, agent

  Phillips W. & Thomas, coal merchants

  _Pineton and Wellington Coal Company_—Finney, Seal & Co. agents

  _Kirkles Hall Coal Depot_—Bradshaw H. agent

  Kay J. W. coal merchant, Prince of Wales’ wharf

  Weston & Westall, salt merchants

  Pegg N. and Co., coal merchants

  Nowell B. & Robson J. stone merchants, Albion wharf

  Powell —, coal merchant, York wharf

  _New Birchwood Coal Deport_—Cooper H. T.

  Milwood, Williams & Co., Lime merchants, Pembroke wharf

  Brewer J. contractor

Warwick road north, _Clifton garden_, _Warwick road_, _Maida hill_.

  Thompson Miss, _Warrington lodge_

  Hill John, _Prince Alfred Tavern_

Warwick terrace, _Portobello road_, _Kensington park_, _Notting hill_.

2 Dunford J. fruiterer

3 Robertson W. bootmaker

4 Yeates Misses, ladies’ outfitters

5 Dunford J. corn chandler

Water side, _Hammersmith Bridge_, _Bridge road_, _Hammersmith_.

  _Chancellor’s Wharf_

  Aldcock & Cooper’s lime & cement wharf

  Roberts —, coal wharf

  Banyon H. lighterman

  Chandler J. boat builder

  Lawrence W. H. _The City Arms_


  Glasson George, _Bridge house_

  Reddie James, _Bridge house_

2 Cox Mrs, _Digby house_

  Folkard John, _Priory cottage_

  Black Miss, _Aston house_

  Wyatt Robert, _Ivy cottage_

  Salter King, _Kent house_

  Turner D. beer retailer

  Biffen & Son, boat builders

  Murphy W. _The Red Lion_


  Bowling H. P. _East lodge_

  Connell Rev. J. M.A.

  French Mrs, _Blenheim house_

  Clark F. _Marlboro’ house_

  _Lead mills_—Clark F. A.

  Powell Samuel, _Thames villa_

  Parfitt John, _West lodge_

  _Friends’ Meting House_

  Walker —, bellhanger

  Healey Mrs, general shop

  Purdy W. beer retailer

  Millwood & Williams, Creek lime wharf

  Fletcher T. beer retailer

  Groves Mrs, wardrobe shop

  Edmunds A. _Sussex house_

  Gamble S. R. _The Doves_

  Sawyer T. boat builder

  Day T. coal merchant, _Sunderland cottage_

  Welch W. greengrocer


  Cowan A. baker

1 Peacock Miss

2 Rew Robert

  Hill Henry, _The Retreat_

  Anderdon Miss

  Croft Mrs, _Hyde lodge_

  Gale Mrs, _Mall house_

  Ardeerseer Cursetzee, _Holly house_

  Buzzard J. E.

  Turner John, _Linden house_

  Leslie Miss

  Pinchin & Johnson, Albert oilcake mills—Middleton William, manager

  West Middlesex Water Work—Hack William B. engineer, Hack T.

Waterloo street, _King street west_, _Hammersmith_.

  Ayres W. & T. pawnbrokers

  Patman J. hair dresser

  Clark J. fishmonger

  Ringrove H. beer retailer

  Lloyd Miss, _Wick house_

5 Cox Octavius, painter

  Hanson Miss

8 Lowe Charles Benjamin

9 Wilson J. general shop

10 Rutter W. _The Hope & Anchor_

11 Bray Thomas

12 Stannard Charles

  Goddard Mrs, preparatory school

13 Fossett Thomas

14 Church J. turncock station, West Middlesex Water Works

14_a_ Eyles G. L. builder

17 Sadler W. C. carpenter

21 Luckett G. undertaker

24 Chalk F. greengrocer

25 Garrard G. cowkeeper

26 Harmes E. tailor

  _Primitive Methodist Chapel_

Waverley road, _Harrow road_, _Paddington_.

1 Ebbetts John

3 Powell William

7 Creber Henry

11 Robinson Thomas W.

14 Philpot Charles James

15 Daniels John

17 Brooks Mrs

19 Bentley Mrs

23 Antram William

27 Hooks Henry

29 Rendall William

31 Pearcy Thomas

  Pearcy Miss, _ladies’ school_

  Pearcy Miss M. dress maker

33 Dorrell John, boot maker

35 Simmons John

37 Macartney David

39 Grin John

41 Couldell George

43 Rice Henry, baker

45 Young James, grocer

47 Wellington William

49 Coleman James

51 Jones Mrs

63 Mantel R. C.

67 Consins John

69 Bird Thomas

2 Keirle Henry, dairy

10 Trevis George

14 Elliott John

16 Stubbs Joseph

18 Sutton Thomas

20 Penfold William

22 Little Charles

24 Davy William

40 Davidson J. painter

44 Hill William

46 _Trinity Mission Rooms_

Waverley terrace, _Waverley road_, _Harrow road_, _Paddington_.

2 Deuchor Robert

4 Flood Thomas

6 Gordge Francis

8 Paul M. G. painter

Wellington terrace, _Paddington green_.

1 Sadler Mrs, fancy repository

2 Bell Richard, tea dealer

3 Rex F. A. draper & milliner

4 Walker W. bookseller

5 Brooks C. cheesemonger

6 Thompson J. baker

7 McCrerie W. wood turner

8 Humphrey W. J. oilman

Wellington terrace, _Opposite Kensington palace gardens_, _Bayswater

1 Taylor L. _The Champion_

3 James T. tobacconist

4 Squire T. H. upholsterer

6 Rogers E. umbrella maker

Wellington terrace, _Portobello road_, _Notting hill_.

1_a_ Davies J. boot maker

1 Rendell J. H. butcher

2 Applin G. butterman

3 Smith J. fruiterer

4 Lane M. ironmonger

5 Birkett J. C. draper

6 Steane T. jeweller

7 Rogers W. stationer

  Butcher & Son, coal merchant

8 Lloyd D. surgeon

9 Allsop C. confectioner

10 Deacon H. draper, &c.

11 Standish A. china dealer

12 Braine W. stationer

13 Rowe S. tobacconist

14 Manning W. gasfitter

15 Young J. _The Duke of Wellington_

Wellington terrace, _Wellington road_, _New road_, _Hammersmith_.

1 Fletcher Mrs

3 Fullford Mrs

3 Bailey Mrs

4 Perry Wm. W.

6 Benwell Mrs

7 Marshall Capt. Robert

8 Fenwick Mrs

9 Palmer Mrs

10 Johnson Miss

11 Alum Joseph

12 Patterson Robert

13 Miller Mrs

14 Burge Frank

15 Rainger Henry

16 Kent Henry

17 Turner John

Westbourne crescent, _Westbourne terrace_, _Hyde park_.

2 Goldsmid Alfred

3 Howard Alfred

4 Murray Mrs

6 Prescott Charles A.

6 Lingen R. R. Wheeler

7 Taprell Mrs

  Stephens John

8 Skinner R. M.

9 Horne William

10 Cary Mrs

11 Smith John Lucie

12 Leahy Arthur

13 Benson Mrs

Westbourne green, _Harrow road_, _Paddington_.

  _Lock Hospital for Females_—Abraham G. F. F. sec.

  _Lock Chapel_—Forrest Rev. R. W. chaplain

  _Paddington Workhouse_—Cormack Donald, master; Cormack Sarah, matron


1 Smith James

2 Bowden Richard

3 Bow Charles

4 Harris Joseph

  _Pillar Letter Box_

6 Randall Charles H.

7 Sampson George

8 Downey Mrs

9 Eldridge Mrs, _Ravenscourt lodge_

11 Walsh James W. _Belle Vue villa_

  Redhead R. _Argyle villa_

  Abraham H. _Mountfield house_


1 Ferraro James M. grocer

2 Coombes A. J. painter, &c.

3 Jones Mrs greengrocer &c.

4 Geary W. hair dresser

5 Salter W. dairyman

6 Easton Mrs, butcher

7 Perry R. boot maker

8 Dobbs George, baker

9 Lewis John, tailor

  Handover W. grocer

  Handover & Sons, plumbers and builders

  Ferguson Ralph, _Windsor Castle_


1 Bryan Michael, _Prince of Wales’ Tavern_

2 Lambourne Thomas

3 Porter Jonathan

4 George Mrs, seminary for ladies

5 Chessman John

6 Bennett J. B. collector of taxes

  Woodroffe & Son, the Westbourne nursery


21 Morley T. C. painter, &c.

22 Townsend G. boot maker

Westbourne grove, _Bayswater_.


1 Vickress & Sons, _Redan_

3 Buck & Sears, drapers

5 Keed G. F. ironmonger

7 Candler R. W. carver & guilder

9 Horne G. fancy repository

11 Abrahams A. boot maker

13 Porter N. fancy stationer

15 Dobbs H. fancy draper

17 Sale E. hosier & glover

19 Wilkelins R. tailor

21 & 23 Rogers William, ladies’ outfitter

21 LEE MESSRS. surgeon dentists.  Branch establishments, 2 Cambridge
terrace, Notting hill station; 36 Elgin road

25 Hams & Record, hatters

27 Hayward G. jeweller

29 Huskisson T. S. batter

31 Whiteley W. draper

33 Else F. E. wine merchant

35 Broomhall M. B. draper

37 MELLISHIP & HARRIS, fancy stationers

39 Fisher & Parrock, silk mercers

41 Whiteley W. draper

43 Shales C. berlin repository

45 Sargood & Son, photographers

  Twinberrow & Son, chemists

17 BIRD G. K. watch maker & jeweller

49 Laughton F. mantle whs.

51 Kelly C. pianoforte warehouse

58 Cox Edwd. outfitter, &c.

  _Golden Tassel_

55 Creasey J. B. laceman &c.

57 Garrard J. B. laceman &c

59 Paull Mrs, milliner

61 Thyer & Sons, brush manufactures

63 Dennis A. & M. artificial florists

65 Burgess C. _Shakespeare_

67 Price J. fishmonger

69 King Charles, butcher

71 Lipscombe O. hair dresser

73 Melliship H. V. tea dealer

75 Rogers W. and Son, boot makers

77 Miller A. & C. milliners

79 Ramsay J. W. hosier, &c.

81 Swinborn J. D. umbrella manufacturer

  Wakeley —, tailor

83 Pomeroy J. gas fitter

85 Hare W. confectioner

87 Jones W. H. boot maker

89 Pain Ralph, watch maker

  Forster T. tobacconist

91 Cummings S. cheesemonger

93 Berti A. confectioner

95 Ferguson & Lewis, drapers

95_a_ Brown E. umbrella maker

97 Waters G. E. stationer

99 Benson J. W. watch maker and jeweller

101 Stanway Mme, mourning milliner

103 Pocock & Son, pianoforte makers

105 Cooke J. H. D.M. _Benham villa_

107 Acocks A. auctioneer &c.

109 Franklin G. H. dentist

111 Barwell Mrs

  Rigg —, M.D. surgeon

113 + 115 BUTLER ALFRED draper and outfitter

117 Johns W. H. laceman, &c.

119 Thyer & Sons, toy warehouse

  Genlain A. F. artist, &c.


2 Shirley J. G. chemist

4 Miller E. jeweller

6 Brown A. hosier

8 Kyesor L. watchmaker

10 Rowe Thomas, tailor

14 Marshall F. grocer

16 Marshall F. oil & colourman

18 Trowell T. tea dealer

20 Langcake Mrs milliner

22 Alexandre L. hairdresser

24 Cruikshank A. watchmaker

26 Melson S. watchmaker, &c.

  _Westbourne Hall_

  Taylor’s furniture repository (branch office)

  Burgoyne R. auctioneer

28 LEE HENRY, watchmaker

30 Batterby R. S. bootmaker

32 Brennen Miss, fancy repository

34 Adkins J. draper

36 Thrower W. boot maker

36 _Metropolitan Steam Dyeing Company_

38 Wortham J. dyer. &c.

40 Cribb C. J. stationer

42 Hill J. watch maker, &c.

44 Sanders A. R. decorator

46 Stone J. gasfitter

48 Rabbits W. boot maker

50 Stafford C. G. ham &c. dealer

  Hopper & Solomon, lace & fancy repository

52 Lacy B. W. phar. chemist

54 _Clay Cross Coal Company’s Office_

56 Stiles J. E. baker

58 Weatherill M. draper

60 Jones Mrs

62 Barry Dr. homœo surgeon

64 Hopkins F. hosiery &c. warehouse

66 Norris R. steam bakery

68 Watson & Co. looking glass manufacturers

70 Buckle F. upholsterer, &c.

72 Foulkes J. mourning whs.

74 _London & and County Bank_—Martin G. F. man.

76 SILVERSTON A. glover and hosier, _Bayswater house_

76 Sims & Co. photographers

78 Pallant S. ladies’ outfitter

80 Barrett & Rudman, court hair dressers

82 Vickerman W. J. hosier &c.

84 Brown H. W. cheesemonger

86 Draper J. W. ironmonger

88 Elam T. turnery warehouse

90 Elam T. brush and mat warehouse

  Fisher T. photographer

  Harris Mrs, registry office for servants

92 Ellis J. fancy repository

94 Hellier C. watch maker

96 Holmes & Fox, chemist

98 Howgate & Co. tea dealers & wine merchants

100 Neave M. L. milliner

  Lewis & Smith Messrs. solicitors

102 Evans Ellis, draper

104 Lewin H. R. china & glass warehouse

106 Cookson H. V.

108 Griffiths E. H. house agent

  Ferber Mme., dress maker

110 Dillon Mrs milliner

112 Norton A. M.D. surgeon

Westbourne grove north, _Richmond road_, _Westbourne grove_, _Bayswater_.

2 Withey Joseph

3 Carew John

4 Passmore Mrs

5 Judkins Henry

6 Bedwell William

7 Glenon F. classical tutor

8 Passmore J. plumber

9 Dowrit Henry

10 Hawke Henry E.

11 & 12 Legrys John

13 Corbishley Mrs

14 Boyton Williams

15 Reynolds F.

16 Vitty C. boot maker

17 Lashmar C. undertaker

18 Tufley Paul

19 Dalzell J. E. M.D. surgeon

20 White S. toy warehouse

7_a_ & 8_a_ Wainwright Joseph

9_a_ Groves H.

10_a_ Coxon Mrs

11_a_ Phillips John

12_a_ Gasquet J. M.D. surgeon

Westbourne grove terrace, _Westbourne grove_, _Bayswater_.

1 Adams Joseph, artist

2 Lindsey Miss

3 Wackrill Mrs

4 Russell Mrs

5 Ventham Mrs

6 Simmonds Mrs

7 Lane Mrs

8 Bradley Miss

9 Hewett Henry

10 Date Miss

11 Ritchie Mrs

12 Martin Mrs

14 Lee William

15 Beard John, house agent

16 Marshall J. H. dentist

Westbourne park, _Paddington_.

1 Bowring Samuel

1_a_ Lamb Capt. R. B.

2 Squirhill Mrs

3 Gaskoin G. surgeon

5 Wilkinson C. D.

6 Fursdon George

7 Langmore Mrs

8 Hunter Robert H.

9 Richardson William

10 Strange Frederick

11 Jackson Miss

12 Dumbreck David

13 Tabir S. J.

14 Farrance James

15 Webster Edward

16 Branson Mrs

17 Yolland Col. R.E., F.R.S., F.R.A.S.

18 Gibb George

19 Jourdan Miss

20 Tibbits Miss

21 Still Robert

22 Erskine Col. G.

22_a_ Pritchard Mrs

23 Davis Mrs

24 Armstrong Mrs

25 Tagart Charles F.

26 White Col. Robert

27 & 28 Sale Col. T. H.

29 Adams Mrs

30 Gordon Mrs

31 Grant Col. T.

32 Speck Rev. E. J. M.A.

33 Evars Gustaf

35 Schweitzer E.

36 Dalton H.

37 Bolton Thomas, solicitor

38 Van Heythaysen Major G. E.

39 Harrison George B.

40 Rotton Mrs

41 Simpson Benjamin W.

42 McPhearson George G.

43 Pirrie Dr. William

44 Waller Mrs

45 Dickens Mrs

46 Aldred H. A. M.D. surgeon

46_a_ Simonsen Mrs

Westbourne park crescent, _Harrow road_, _Paddington_.

3 Allen Thomas

5 Wallis William

7 Talls Mrs

9 Thompson Walter

11 Bonner Miss

13 Simpkins Mark

15 Elbrecht Mrs

17 Barriff Mrs

19 Levin P.

19_a_ Lee Henry

23 Wallis Frederick

25 Laurie Thomas John

27 Lamb Mrs

29 _London City Mission House_

2 Hallam William

4 Dalby James

6 Bare Thomas

8 Brown Mrs

10 Harris Rev. Raphael

12 Hunt Charles

14 Warren William

16 Keen James

18 Little William

20 Bolton Mrs

22 Baker Mrs

21 Wheeler Edmund

Westbourne park place, _Westbourne park_, _Bayswater_.

  Chipperfield R. _The Lord Hill_

1 Horsley David, baker

2 Miller Mrs

3 Duguid W. surveyor, &c.

4 Stenning Charles

5 Nichols R. C.

6 McMillan Rev. Archibald

7 Hatch Mrs

8 Burrows Robert, surgeon

Westbourne park road, _Bayswater_, _West_.

1 Rogers Mrs

3 Swarbrick Wm.

5 Shepherd Mrs

7 Garrett Miss

2 Chapple Mrs

11 Jones Lewis

13 Braid Charles

15 Coleman Miss

17 Hedley O. D.

19 Wintle Thomas

21 Burnett Miss

23 Menzies Dr. Duncan

25 Smith Miss

27 Ware Capt. N.

29 Griffith Mrs

31 Vanderzee George

33 Willans John

35 Hillman John

37 Farra Joseph

39 Roome —

41 Lyne Richard

42 Chalmers Rev. Wm. M.A.

45 & 47 Michael Mrs

49 Day Mrs

51 Brewer Thomas G.

59 Storie Mrs

61 Lyons William

63 Nivens Mrs.

65 Austin Hubert

67 Boubly Mrs

  _St. Stephen’s Church_

69 Dunkerly J. chemist. &c.

71 Faircloth W. haberdasher

  Duncombe W. D. livery stables

73 Harris T. ironmonger

75 Sanderson J. fruiterer

77 Cridlan J. butcher

79 Higgins W. cowkeeper

81 Gross John, dyer

  Cains J. boot maker

83 Jackson G. stationer

85 Cook J. furniture dealer

87 Hutcheson D. dining room

89 Mayston C. _Railway tavern_

  _St. Stephen’s schools_ —

  Crofts H. schoolmaster; Potter Miss, schoolmistress

107 Rigden F. C. grocer

109_a_ Downey J. saddler

109 Pratt J. corn dealer

125 & 127 Sealby R. greengrocer & cheesemonger

129 Craig M. grocer

131 Woods J. dining rooms

133 Presswell R. boot maker

135 Caldecourt J. baker

137 Ansell G. _British Oak_


2 Todd William

4 Pearce George

6 Henshall Miss

8 Rogers Miss

12 Howland William

14 Samler Major Frederick

16 Wilkins Henry

18 Laurie Frederick

20 Waller E. A. _Fortfield lodge_

22 Harris Barrett H.

24 Green Rev. G. T.

28 Humphreys Mrs

30 Midgley John

32 Balderston Alex.

34 Fallow Thomas R.

36 Escott Thomas

38 Ragon Prof. Adolph

40 Hannen Mrs

42 Brewer Mrs

44 Frearson Mrs

46 Banbury Mrs

48 Phelp William

50 Campbell Mrs

52 Giles C. E.

54 Morton Francis A.

56 Lanchester Mrs

58 Mayor Edgar James

60 Lydall John

62 Cruttwell Mrs

64 Arnold Miss

66 Sant Mrs

68 Lloyd Miss

70 Maitland Mrs

72 Astbray Mrs

74 Jennings Mrs

76 Green Mrs

78 Bailie Mrs

80 Johnstone Misses

82 Honiss James

84 Hall William

86 Milton Mrs

88 Robinson Miss

99 Timbrell Mrs

92 Lock George B.

94 Neck John

96 Wright Mrs

98 Stalard Frank

100 Beattie William

102 Russell John

104 Beesley James, builder

106 Woodard Thomas

108 Dennison Mrs

110 Vaughan Mrs

112 Vine Miss E. ladies’ school

  _Ruabon Coal Depot_

  Finney, Seal & Co. coal depot

  Nowell & Robson, stone merchants

  THE LILLESHALL COMPANY, Coal & Ironmasters—SCOTT JOHN, agent

  Randall & Saunders, stone

  Plews T. G. coal depot

  Kay H. coal & coke depot

  Radbron R. coal depot

  Radford D. coal depot

  Pictor & Son, stone merchants

  Parry T. S. & C. coal depot

  _Clay Cross Co. Coal Office_—Wilcox J. B. agent

Westbourne park terrace, _Harrow road_, _Paddington_.

  _Presbyterian Chapel_

  _Holy Trinity National Schools_—Day Mr. school master; Pitt M. A.
  school mistress

10 Kidd Dr. Charles

11 Mushet Miss

12 Warden Mrs

14 Staunton Mark

15 Spier Mrs

17 Greenhill William

18 Ridgeley Mrs

19 Gratton H.

21 Leeson Mrs

22 Puddick J. E.

23 Watts A. J. M.D. surgeon

24 Fortescue Mrs

25 Cunningham Mrs

26 Brunswick Mrs

27 Poor Mrs

29 Porter Richard

30 Brown John

31 Capps Joseph

Westbourne park terrace, _Porchester square north_, _Bayswater_.

1 Cock F. M.D., L.R.C.P.L. physician

2 Græme Mrs

Westbourne park villas, _Westbourne park_.


1 Allen Thomas

3 Welchman Thomas Guy

5 Randall John Williams

7 Mawbey Henry

9 Thompson J.

11 Clutsom Frederick

13 Nicholson Robert T.

15 Marston Frank

17 Peake William

19 Sharpe J. W.

21 Jones Capt. Gore

23 Truelock Mrs

25 Ronaldson Edward

27 Jones Samuel S.

29 Clarke Edward

31 Griesbach Charles F. W.

33 Asser Solomon

35 Banks Charles

37 Houghton Charles

39 McCrie Alexander

41 Charlton William

43 Row S.

45 Erlain George

47 Burford Misses, ladies’ school

49 Turner W. S.

51 Lacy Henry

53 Collins Edward

55 Ridgway George

57 Asser Miss

63 Riviere Henro

65 Craig Mrs, Pestalozzian school

67 Chamberlain Joseph

69 Farren William

71 Rich Mrs

73 Southen Benjamin

75 Squire T. dairyman

79 Acason Joseph

81 White Thomas Henry

83 Watson William

85 Cookman Frederick

87 Illingworth George

89 Dyer Henry

91 Pocock George

93 Aylott —, blind maker

95 Barnes W. fruiterer

97 Rigden F. C. Italian warehouse

99 Conrath A. J. baker

101 Thorpe W. J. _Westbourne Tavern_

  Beesley J. builder

  Mitchell H. wheelwright


2 Gilbank Mrs

4 Webb Ernest Frederick

6 Wood Mrs

8 Christie J. T.

10 King Robert

12 Brutton Mrs

14 Hayward Mrs

16 Jessop Stephen

18 Armstrong Richard

20 Hills John

22 Cockburn Charles

24 Forrest James

26 Scott John

28 Hart William

30 & 32 _Westbourne park College_—Winch Miss & Fry Louis, principals

34 Castleman Robert W.

36 Carver Rev. W. J.

38 Dawson Miss

40 Green Henry

42 Robertson James

44 Browning Henry

46 Lloyd R. G. D.

48 Lloyd Mrs

  Jones Miss

50 Bennett John

52 Withers Alfred

54 Parke H. B.

56 Colman Mrs

58 Couplend Mrs

60 Vingoe J.

62 Vallence Hugh, M.D. physician

64 Gilbert John

66 Jones Samuel

68 Terry lace

70 Browne Mrs

72 Stevenson Mrs

74 Mossman David

76 Woodger J. vet surgeon M.R.C.V.S.

80 Vincent Mrs

84 Winter Thomas Henry

86 Bailes William

88 Weller Charles

Westbourne place, _Bishop’s road_, _Paddington_.

1 Wellsted J. boot maker

2 Whibley T. E. stationer &c

4 Bond C. court hair dresser

5 Hewett A. fancy repository

6 Webber & Co. hat manufacturers

7 Gould & Son homœopathic chemists

8 Pullen R. fruiterer

  Mansell & Wilday, architects, and at 9 Alma terrace, Kensington

9 Rayner G. G. chemist

10 Collingwood E. V. & Son, butcher

11 Robertson R. cheesemonger

12 & 13 Burr R. & Son, upholsterers, &c.

14 Stevens G. W. brush maker

  _Pillar Letter Box_

17 King R. grocer & Italian warehouse

18 Key T. W. stationer, &c.

19 Garner W. hotel & coffee house

20 Robertson Charles, baker

21_a_ Terry I. & Son, watch maker

22 Harper R. surgeon

23 Page J. grocer & wine merchant

Westbourne square, _Upper Westbourne terrace_, _Harrow road_,

1 Honey Henry

2 Labilliere C. E.

3 Rowsell Rev. T. M.A.

4 Dodge G. P.

5 Clark Alfred

6 Parkinson Mrs

7 Humphrey H. N.

9 Bailey Rev. John

10 Robertson Mrs

11 Gibson John, C.E.

22 MacKenzie Miss

13 Hogan Charles, M.A.

14 Manson Mrs

15 Ravenshaw Mrs

16 Oppenheim Dr. Samuel

17 Barber Alfred

18 Fullerten R. F. barrister

19 Henderson Charles

21 Key Thomas H.

22 Martelli C. H. A.

23 Smith Mrs

24 Ridpath J. L.

25 Potter William

26 Bury Edward

27 Clark William A.

28 Bagley W. barrister

29 Wigg Carr

Westbourne street, _Hyde park gardens_, _Hyde park_.

1 Macann Major-Gen. G.

2 Whitter Mrs

3 Dashwood Capt. C. J.

4 Moseley Miss

  Onslows F. P. & Miss

6 James William

7 Benyon Miss

9 Gilliatt John S.

10 Everest Col. Sir G. K.C.B., F.R.S., F.R.G.S., F.R.A.

11 Fawcett Walter Thomas

12 Perry John George

13 Walker John

14 Beachcroft Mrs

15 Miles Edward

16 Madden H. R. M.D., surgeon

17 Martineau Mrs

18 Davis Miss

19 East Miss

20 Pigeon Alfred Staines

21 Batten Mrs

22 Turner Miss

Westbourne street mews, _Westbourne street_, _Hyde park_.

1 Clarke R. corn merchant

11 Greatorex R. C. architect

  Burton W. job master

16 Stubbs J. C. builder

Westbourne terrace, _Sussex gardens_, _Hyde park_.


1 Gardner Henry

2 Davis Mrs

3 Buchanan Walter

5 Lucas H. J.

7 Whiteside William

9 Montefiore Horatio J.

11 Lucas Mrs

13 Ebden C. H.

15 Drummond Henry

17 Sheridan Henry B.

19 Wolfe Mrs

21 Cahn I.

23 Crompton Lady

25 Kilcoursie Viscount

27 Ashmore James

29 Lazard Edward

31 Street Mrs

35 Barrow John

37 Vance Mrs

39 Gooch Charles Cubitt

41 Giminghan Mrs

43 Wardell Mrs

45 Harrison T. E.

47 Hansard Henry

49 Wolsey O’Brien B.

51 Gubbins Mrs

53 Coclough Mrs

55 Evans Mrs

57 Hood William C.

59 Unthank John

61 Martineau Rev. A. M.A.

63 Lodwick General Peter

65 Tottie Charles, Consul-General for Norway and Sweden

67 Lindsay Miss

69 Bowring E. A. C.B.

71 Henriques Joseph G.

73 Paspatti Michael F.

77 Lewis William Burrows

79 Weston Edward

81 Ralli P. E.

83 Dumergue Frederick

85 Wood George

87 Best Mrs

89 Shadwell Alfred Hudson

91 Wagstaff William

93 Isaac Saul

95 Argenti Ambrose

97 Husey Ralph Allen

99 Anderson Lady

101 Denney Thomas A.

103 Enthoven Henry John

105 Smith John B. M.P.

107 Mews John

109 Hyam Samuel

111 Curtis John

113 Sturges Thomas

115 Boyd Archibald

117 Nixon John

119 Graham Mrs

121 Treeby John W. M.P.

123 Dixon James

125 Rodocanachi Pierre

127 Millman Misses

129 Franghiadi Stephen

131 Raphael E. L.

133 Scott William Rauken

135 De Pass David

137 Barclay Sir D. W. Bt.

139 Robinson George

151 Weston S. chemist

152 Wylde Henry, mus. doc.

153 Chowne John Alfred

154 Baldock Mrs

155 Barnett William

156 Bell Gen. George, C.B.

157 Wright Mrs

158 Good Henry

160 Fisher Mrs

161 Bickley —

162 Johnston Miss

163 Schneider Misses

164 Bicknell Samuel

165 Harrison H. B.


6 Appleyard R. H.

8 Lawton Miss

10 Flemmich John F.

12 Fletcher John D.

14 Greenwood Major Julius

  Greenwood George

  Greenwood Thomas

16 Deane J. P. Q.C., D.C.L.

18 Willoughby Lady

20 Gardiner John

22 Wythes George Edward

24 Kennedy Mrs

26 Gouldburn Rev. Dr. E. M.

28 Herschell Mrs

30 Miller Horatio

34 Beauchamp Countess

36 Noel The Hon. & Rev. B. W. M.A.

38 Blyth Alfred

40 Buckle Henry

42 Bell J. C. C. F.R.G.S.

44 Phillips Mrs

46 Tudor Henry, F.R.G.S.

48 Robinson Mrs

50 Noble John

52 Maynard Joseph

54 Baily John, Q.C.

56 Mavrogordato E. A.

58 Menzies Graham

60 Hodgson Joseph, F.R.S.

62 Capel James

64 Lusk Alderman A. M.P.

66 Rodocanachi E. M

68 De Gendre Comte Pierre

70 Tyser L. Dormant

72 Petrocochino E.

74 Schilizzi John

76 Knight Andrew H.

78 Blanshard Henry

80 Spedding Mrs

  Spedding Miss

  Spedding James

82 Magarey Miss

  Strickland Misses

86 Benjamin David

88 Vaughan George

90 Fearon C. A.

92 Harrison William

94 Lawrence Alderman W. M.P.

96 Ralli Alex. Pandia

98 Fessor John N.

100 Levy Laurence

102 Ralli Alexander Antonio

104 Penson George

106 Campbell John

106_a_ Bell Thomas John

108 Thurburn Hugh

110 Henry Joseph

112 Kell Capt. W. G., F.G.S.

114 Moul William

116 Hyam Montague Moses

118 Haldane Alexander

120 Evans J. Llewellyn

122 Reid L. R. F.R.G.S.

124 Gibson Thomas F. F.G.S.

128 Hanson Alfred

130 Maclean John George

132 Macleay James Robert

134 King Mrs

136 Deeks George, auctioneer &c.

140 Page Mrs, _Trinity lodge_

142 Robinson R. R.

144 McIntosh Mrs

146 Pigeon Mrs

148 Leupold Madame

Westbourne terrace north, _Harrow road_, _Paddington_.


1 Mosley F. G. _Oliver Arms_

3 Sutton N. A. grocer

5 Colmer —

7 Rawnsley Thomas

9 Burdett Joseph

11 Hall Miss, milliner, &c.

13 Scarff John

15 Newman Mrs

17 Thurst John

19 Hill Frederick Stanley

21 Teague James

23 Silver John

25 Neale C. M.D. surgeon

27 Reddells Miss, hosier

29 Lee W. G. tobacconist

31 Reddells G. H. stationer

33 Phillips R. wardrobe dealer

35 Lloyd J. F. upholsterer, &c.

37 Kistner P. F. baker

39 Holmes James, butcher

41 Revan H. corn & coal merchant

43 Studd Alfred, accountant

  Studd Mrs, draper

45 Clarke W. H. grocer


4 Parsons Mrs

6 Holly Richard

8 Pritchard Henry

10 Hunt Mrs

12 Holmes Mrs

14 Townsend Henry Alfred

16 Phillips Benjamin Lyon

18 Benjamin Michel

20 Dahoo —

22 Benson George

24 Barker Benjamin

26 Lockyer, Bench & Co. builders

28 Millard J. boot maker

30 Ley G. cheesemonger

32 Britz G. upholsterer, &c.

34 Moon John, fruiterer

36 Pecover J. upholsterer &c.

38 Norman J. _Manor house tavern_

40 Lloyd Alfred grocer

42 Farebrother G. dairyman

44 Peaston R. fruiterer

46 Heritage J. cheesemonger

46_a_ Creasy William, tailor

Westbourne terrace road, _Harrow road_, _Paddington_.

1 Spyer John

2 Des Portes Jules A.

3 Irvine Mrs, Col.

4 Gray John

5 Ritchie Miss

6 Scott Joseph

7 Pyman Samuel Brice

8 Dodd John

9 Goodman Mrs

10 Richards Capt. G. H. R.N.

11 Chamberlain Miss

12 Foot Mrs

13 Nicholson H. _Bridge house hotel_

14 Everest Henry, surgeon

15 Stanbridge Mrs

16 Tyndale Mrs

17 Docker Edward

21 Smith William

22 Burch Joseph

23 Smith Samuel

25 Stone Mrs

26 Gilmour Mrs

Westbourne terrace villas, _Upper Westbourne terrace_, _Harrow road_,

2 Gardner Harry, surgeon

Westbourne villas, _Harrow road_, _Paddington_.

1 Smith F. _Stafford hotel_

2 Hagemeyer Herr. professor of music, _Handel house_

3 Batchelor William

  Smith, Knight & Co. Limited City & Hammersmith Junction Contractors’

4 Hopkins Mrs

5 Hollier Charles

6 Weston Joseph Samuel

7 Hoddinott John

8 Welchman John

9 Baxter Mrs

10 Gunwick Adolph

12 Foreman John

13 Raynard Francis

14 Barnow George

15 Coslett W. _Letton villa_

16 Rogers Israel

17 Whiteman Mrs

Westbury road, _Harrow road_, _Paddington_.

1 Davis Mrs

3 Wheeler Edward Martin

5 Delay Misses, ladies’ school

7 Baldwin Mrs

9 Teham Mrs

11 Rowe John

13 Sheen Mrs

15 Butcher Miss

19 Evans —

2 Sharpe Miss

4 Reed E. J.

6 Goodman James

8 Hunt Misses, ladies’ school

10 Wood Charles

12 Asser Edward Antonio

14 Morewood J. J.

16 Gurden Thomas

18 Tofts Benjamin

20 Lindo Elias

22 Plant Benjamin

24 Lewis Mrs

Westbourne terrace, _Westbourne park crescent_, _Harrow road_,

1 Walker Robert

3 Yeld W. W.

5 Nicholson John George

7 Ramsay Mrs

9 Richards James

4 Ambler Edward

6 Gadsdon John

8 Goldsmith Mrs

10 Mimes John

Western terrace, _Lonsdale road_, _Ledbury road_, _Notting hill_.

1 Sadaburg Mrs

2 Pearce Mrs, laundress

3 Sidwell Joseph

4 Warne John, gasfitter

5 Cresswood Joseph

6 Cannon Samuel

7 Parker William

8 Webb James

9 Ricketts Miss

10 Thorn G. boot maker

11 Payne James

12 Fell John

13 Cook Thomas

14 Burge Mrs

15 Banting Thomas

16 Regan William

17 Gibbs Thomas

18 Pace Thomas

19 Cox William

21 Davis C. basket maker

22 Wyer William butcher

23 Down S. grocer

Westmoreland place, _Westbourne grove north_, _Bayswater_.

1 Smale William Henry

3 Gasquet Mrs

5 Turner Mrs

7 Webber William

9 Broad John

13 Read Mrs

15 Wolley Mrs

17 Wurkman —

19 Powell Edward

23 Lynn Mrs

25 Harley Mrs

27 Lane Capt. John

31 Fairbanks Miss

33 Batson Robert

35 Lohman Mrs

37 Hamlin Mrs

39 Blackie Mrs

41 Spear Arthur

  _St. Mary of the Angels_, _Roman Catholic Church_

  _St. Mary of the Angels Roman Catholic School_

2 Conyers Miss

  Daukes Miss

4 Roberts Mrs

6 Slight Mrs

8 Carlin Miss

10 Warner William

12 Maule Mrs

14 Fordham Thomas

16 Belingfante Philip

18 Kerr Mrs

20 Ridlinton William

22 Jarvis Roger

26 White Warren J.

Westmoreland road, _Talbot terrace_, _Talbot road_, _Bayswater_.

1 Cole Mrs

3 Fleck Mrs

5 Vink Mrs

5½ Taylor Silias

7 McCartney Edward

9 Hillam Charles W.

11 Pearce Mrs

13 Mummery Mrs

15 Taylor —

17 Shakspeare Rev. Charles

21 Ward William Henry

  Cother William

2 Barton Mrs

6 Lessingham Henry

8 Simmons Richard

10 Mahon Capt.

12 Clarke Miss

14 Eiffe Thomas

16 Ellington Mrs

20 Williams Mrs

22 Blackmore Capt. J. R.N.

Wharf road, _Shepherd’s Bush_.

  _Cannock Chase Coal Company_—Keene J. T. agent

  _Wigan & Elsecar Collieries_—Taylor and Hayward, consignees

  _Clay Cross Coal Depot_

  Lee & Jerdein, coal depot

  _Joint Stock Coal Company_—New F. A. manager

  _Eastwood Coal Depot_—Kendall Josh. consign

  _Butterley Coal Wharf_—Parry T. S. & C. agents

White Lion passage, _Edgware road_, _Paddington_.

  Jones Robert, cocoa & chocolate manufacturer, White Lion steam mills

  Sawyer J. sweep

William street, _Hammersmith road_, _Hammersmith_.

1 Holme W. paper hanger

  _St. Mary’s Schools_


1 Shannon Mrs

2 Wright William

3 Young J. A.

4 Alpress Mrs

5 Foot Charles Edward

6 Cutting Miles Samuel

7 Perry John

  Salter John, nurseryman

Willow vale, _Uxbridge road_, _Shepherd’s bush_.

  Miller C. _Home lodge_

  Miller Mrs, _Vine cottage_

  Schafer J. _Laurel cottage_

1 Pitman J. _The Retreat_

2 Curtis Charles, _The Hut_

  Parritt George, _Henbury lodge_

  Bennett Edward, _Linden cottage_

  Norris J. C.

  Ritchie John, _Willow cottage_

  Mathews Francis, _Willow lodge_

  Murrell Charles, _Fairlawn cottage_

  Lilley Mrs, _Lilley cottage_

  Williams William, _Macaulay villa_

  Stratfold R. _Byron cottage_

  Onion Thomas, _Preston cottage_

Wilton terrace, _Campden hill_, _Kensington_.

1 Valentine John S.

2 & 3 Williams James

4 Lewis C. H.

  Lewis H. N.

5 Large James

Windsor terrace, _Edgware road_, _Maida hill_.

1 Grigg W. E. surgeon

2 Vobbmeyer Frederick W

3 Browne Mrs

4 Lamb J. S. M.D. physician

5 Skeet Mrs

6 Saunders Frank

Wood lane, _Shepherd’s bush green_.

  Ellis T. _Hawthorn cottage_

  Dove Mrs, _Tewkesbury cottage_

  Bridge George, _Wood house_

  Blackmore M. _Wood cottage_

  Buxton H. _Beaumont lodge_

8 Stanford Charles

9 Thompson F.

  Pascell Mrs, _Desboro cottage_

11 Seaton Charles

12 Sawyer Miss

13 Woods Henry

  Covey Mrs, _Lorn cottage_

10 Rose T.

  Drew James, _Eynham house_

  Smith C. wheelwright

Woodfield place, _Harrow coach_, _Paddington_.

1 Porter William

3 Austen John

7 Blake George

9 Willison James

15 White Charles William

17 Bennett James

19 Slaughter John

21 Welch Thomas

25 Gaisford Henry

29 Groves John

31 Tauty Henry

33 Burley Frederick

35 Salmon J. _Builder’s Arms_

6 Lee Joseph

8 Davis Alfred

12 Groves M. laundry

16 Kenney Ephraim

22 Kidd Robert Paul

21 Gates Daniel

34 May Thomas Joseph

36 Severn William

42 Edwards John, dairyman

Woodfield road, _Westbourne green_, _Harrow road_.

1 Curnock Horsendon

  Curnock John

2 Spencer Joseph

3 Hill Joseph

  Rice John, _Woodfield lodge west_

  Dixey —, _Woodfield house_

  _Atlas works_

  Clayton & Co. engineers &c.

  Woods William, Woodfield nursery

Woodfield road west, _Westbourne green_, _Harrow road_, _Paddington_.

3 Oak James, grocer

4 Slade R. greengrocer &c.

9 Ampleford R. grocer

13 Couden J. T. boot maker

17 Tipler G. _Pelican Tavern_

1 Cannon F. _Prince Albert Tavern_

2 Wyeth Charles, builder

1 Blanchard Stephen

4 Rayner Joseph

5 Corby Miss

6 Clark Mrs

  Bellcomb Mrs, _Woodfield house_


2 Ward Frederick George

3 Howcroft Mrs

Woodstock road, _Shepherd’s bush_.

5 Henderson Mrs

6 Gutteridge William

7 Davis Miss

8 Tuczek Nicholas

9 Southin Mrs

10 Quick John

11 Walton Thomas

12 Lenshan John

13 Albert L.

14 Hansomby Mrs

15 Fairbridge J. upholsterer

16 Lusignan Mrs

17 Smith William

18 Cubitt William

19 Morrish Robert

20 Rushworth Mrs

Wright’s lane, _Kensington road_, _Kensington_.

  Sothern E. A. _The Cedars_

  Blackborne A. _Woolsthorpe house_

  Bartlett S. boot maker

  Corzon Hon. E. C., _Scarsdale house_

York villas, _Campden hill_, _Kensington_.

1 Lane Rich James

2 Henry Capt. C.

3 Lester Rev. Frederick

4 Cunningham H.

5 Wilkin Mr.

6 Griffith W. D.

7 Smith George, _Augusta villa_

Young street, _High street_, _Kensington_.

1_a_ Barber G. & Barnett H. hair dressers

1 Phillips C. cheesemonger

2 Taylor H. watch maker

  Permain H. tailor

3 Wright W. ironmonger

4 Watts E. boot maker

5 Heward Robert

6 Gorham Mrs

7 _Post Office Sorting Office_

8 Spaul W. greengrocer

8_a_ Holliday J. dairyman

9 Howlett Rev. John

10 Dickinson Miss

11 Clint Alfred

15 Collins W. & Son, tailors

15_a_ Hankins R. wardrobe dealer

16 Doughty J. stationer

17 Self J. gasfitter

17_a_ Riley John, saddler

18 Doncaster J. blind maker

20 Camp J. boot maker

21 Cole Wm. coach maker

22 Collins J. pork butcher

23 Rogers A. coffee rooms

_Received too late for Classification_.

Campden hill, _Kensington_.

  South Sir James, _Kensington Observatory_

  Hill J. _Downshire villa_

  Parrate Mrs, _Belmont villa_

  Johnson W. _Stanhope villa_

  Grantham Miss, _Fairfield lodge_

  Rankley A. artist, _Clifton villa_

  Wigan A. _Little Campden house_

  Stanhope Mrs, 2 _Little Campden house_

  Desbarr Mrs, _Wyndham villa_

  Philpott Mrs, _Florence villa_

  Hutchinson H. O. _Chalfont lodge_

  Campbell J. F. of Islay, _Niddry lodge_

  Campbell Mrs, _Niddry house_

  _Pillar Letter Box_

  Rutland Duke of, _Bute house_

  Airlie & Lintrathern Earl of, _Airlie lodge_

  Argyll Duke of, P.C., _Argyll lodge_

  Lewis Arthur J. _Moray lodge_

  Shaw W. A. _Wycombe lodge_


1 Philip John, R.A. artist

  Hold W. _South lodge_

  Theed W. _Campden lodge_

  Smith G. _Augusta villa_


1 Hunt Alfred William

2 Douglas William

  Holborn W. _Fern lodge_


1 Fraser Edward

2 Ponsford Mrs

3 Clay A. B.

4 Leslie L. J. _Rothsay villa_

5 Field J. L. _Percy villa_

6 Hodge W. B. & 5 Whitehall

  Rowbotham T. _Percy lodge_

  Faed T. _Sussex villa_

  Bagster W. _Dorset villa_

  Little J. _Wilton villa_

Church road, _Albion road_, _Hammersmith_.

1 Hallsey William Fred.

2 Stidolph Mrs

3 Read William

4 Burgess Robert Henry

5 Eden Edward

6 Gibbs Miss L.

7 Cole Fred. W.

8 Whitney Miss, dress maker

9 Bromley William

10 Hadden William

11 Gore H. _The Princess Alexandria_

12 Morgan James

13 Binns John Philip, butcher

Craven place, _Kensington road_, _Kensington_.

1_a_ Spring J. & J. tobacconists

  Blackman Messrs. horse dealers

1 D’Allesandri A. confectioner

  Todd Maria, beer retailer

1 Moir Mrs, Kensington bazaar

2 Taylor E. auctioneer &c.

3 Comfort John, auctioneer, valuer and estate agent

4 Moss Mrs, juvenile outfitter

5 Fuller J. fruiterer

6 Howard W. brush warehouse

7 Dunstan W. C. tobacconist

8 Hoppet T. Italian warehouse

9 Cole W. carriage manufacturer

  _Pillar Letter Box_

  Wood W. M.D. physician, _Kensington house_

Elvaston place, Gloucester road, South Kensington.

1 King Edward

2_a_ Aston Rev. J. A.

3 Wilmot Sir J. E. Bart.

4 Crawford John

5 Williams John

6 Pole Mrs

7 Craid William

1 Eyston Robert

10 Mongomery Sir P. K.C.B.

11 Murdoch James Gordon

12_a_ Aiton John

13 Isherwood Capt.

14 Wilkinson Alfred

15 Knight Edward Lewis

16 Oehme William D. H.

17 Rich Col.

18 Dyson —

19 Goldingham John

20 Sorrell D.

31 Lawson Miss S.

32 Still Mrs

34 Sebright Octavia

40 Thomson George

41 Brown Col. James

42 Taylor George

Gloucester road, _Kensington gate_, _South Kensington_.

1 Grice R. grocer, _Post office and Savings bank_

2 Nutkins Mrs

3 Ardley W. cheesemonger

4 Dyson W. B. chemist

5 Hatch W. draper

6 Hopkins W. _The Harrington_

7 Thompson R. baker

8 Green W. fruiterer

9 Ives S. fishmonger

10 Dancocks S. dairyman

11 Bolton J. corn & coal m.

5 Noble R. E. builder

6 Smith P. oilman

7 Dance J. confectioner

9 Swift E. C. butcher

10 Edwards W. toy warehouse

10_a_ Saunders F. builder

Gloucester terrace, _Kensington gate_, _South Kensington_.

1 Pole C. W.

2 Higgins James

3 Marvel Alfred

4 Barrett William

5 Blades F. chemist

7 Lock B. ladies’ boot maker

8 Sturgess Arthur

10 Harvey Miss J. milliner

11 Horsnell F. hairdresser

13 Laking A. & C. china dealer

14 Game W. watch maker

15 Rumsney G. dairyman

16 Field H. ironmonger

17 Hankin T. _Gloucester Arms_

Grove terrace, _North end_, _Hammersmith road_.

1 André F.

2 Palmer Joseph W.

3 Preston G. R.

4 Kent Mrs

5 Tedstall Richard

6 Askew James

7 Darke Samuel

8 Behrendts Julius

9 Clarke Mrs

10 Read Joseph

Maida hill west, _Maida hill_, _Edgware road_.

16 Vanderfrant Henry C. dentist

Stowe road, _New road_, _Hammersmith_.

1 Beazley T. _Bazin villa_

2 Edger Mrs, _Bute villa_

3 Tompson Mrs

4 Goss W. _Theale villa_

5 Ballesteros J. _Ballesteros villa_

  Hidden W. J. _Moreton house_

Uxbridge road, _Opposite Kensington gardens_, _Bayswater road_.

  Greaves James, florist

  Burren T. builder

  Dumbleton G. ladder maker

  Harris Mrs, flower box maker

  Green W. H. tobacconist

  Dixon M. A. _The Swan_



Abbott E. 29 Priory road, Kilburn

Abbot J. 53 Cambridge street, Connaught terrace, Edgware road

Abbott J. & Miss, 28 Pembridge crescent, Notting hill

Abbott W. 4 Portsea place, Hyde park

Abdoolah Seyd, 21 Fulham place, Maida hill west

Abdy Sir T. N. Bart., 8 Inverness terrace, Kensington gardens

Abecasis —, 9 Portsdown road north, Maida vale

Aberneathy R. 11 Prince of Wales terrace, Kensington

Abethell R. 28 Palace gardens terrace, Kensington

Abinger Dowager Lady, 30 Queen’s gate terrace, South Kensington

Abram Mrs, 4 Chepstow villas west, Bayswater

Abraham —, Mountfield house, Westbourne green

Abrahams C. 33 Edwardes square, Kensington

Abrahams E. 22 Aldridge road villas, Westbourne park

Abrahams J. 28 St. Luke’s road villas, Westbourne park

Absolom J. 33 Aldridge road villas, Westbourne park

Acason J. 79 Westbourne park villas, Westbourne park

Acatos P. 20 Russell road, Kensington

Ackers G. H. 15 Hyde park terrace, Bayswater

Ackland Rev. R. T. 25 Kensington square, High street, Kensington

Acland W. 39 Lansdowne crescent, Notting hill

Adair H. E. M.P. 2 Upper Hyde park street, Hyde park

Adams A. 3 Swiss cottages, Black Lion lane, St. Peter’s square,

Adams C. 39 Denmark road, Kilburn

Adams C. 1 Elgin terrace, Kensington park

Adams C. 76 Hereford road, Bayswater

Adams C. 7 Myrtle place, North end, Hammersmith

Adams G. 22 Notting hill terrace, Notting hill

Adams Gen. G. C.B. 47 Queen’s gardens, Hyde park

Adams G. E. 72 Inverness terrace, Bayswater

Adams H. 19 Hanover terrace villas, Notting hill

Adams J. 1 Westbourne grove terrace, Bayswater

Adams J. S. 18 Stanley gardens, Kensington park

Adams J. W. Montague house, 73 Addison road, Notting hill, Kensington

Adams Mrs, 40 Albion street, Hyde park

Adams Mrs, 20 Cave’s terrace, New road, Hammersmith

Adams Mrs, 21 Colville road, Bayswater

Adams Mrs, 9 Pembroke gardens, Kensington.

Adams Mrs, 10 Stanley terrace, Notting hill

Adams Mrs, 22 Westbourne park

Adams R. 55 Queen street, Hammersmith

Adams T. 1 Victoria gardens, Notting hill

Adams T. C. 8 Campbell street, Hall place, Paddington

Adams W. 6 Linden grove, Notting hill

Adams W. 6 Tavistock terrace, Notting hill

Adams —, 32 Kensington park gardens, Notting hill

Adams —, 15 Leinster street, Bayswater

Adamson A. Albyn lodge, 3 Addison road, Notting hill road, Kensington

Adamson J. 9 Convent gardens, Kensington park road north, Notting hill

Adamson Mrs, Mercer lodge, Kensington gore

Adamson W. 3 Addison road, Notting hill road, Kensington

Addams R. 79, Addison road, Kensington

Addison J. 70 Ledbury road, Bayswater

Addison Mrs, 5 St. Mary’s road, Kensington park

Addison W. E. 65 Inverness terrace, Kensington gardens

Ade G. 23 Up. Westbourne terrace, Paddington

Aderson Capt. J. H. 38 Sutherland place, Bayswater

Adey Mrs, 5 Buckingham terrace, Ladbroke grove road, Notting hill

Adkins J. 19 Edmund terrace, Kensington park

Adnam J. 17 Pembroke road, Kensington

Adolphus Mrs, 22 Connaught square, Hyde park

Agelasto J. 22 Pembridge crescent, Notting hill

Aguelar E. 17 Gloucester crescent, Hyde park

Ainsworth A. 1 Clarendon road, Notting hill

Ainsworth W. 55 Bridge road, Broadway, Hammersmith

Ainsworth W. F. F.S.A., F.R.G.S., Ravenscourt villa, Hammersmith

Airlie & Lintrathen, Earl of, Airlie lodge, Campden hill, Kensington

Aiton J. 12 Elvaston place, south Kensington

Alton J. 12_a_ Elvaston place, South Kensington

Alais A. 18 Elm grove Hammersmith

Alberga Mrs, 13 Warwick road, Paddington

Albert L. 13 Woodstock road, Shepherd’s bush

Alder J. H. Beavor Lane, Hammersmith

Alder Miss, 74 Clarendon road, Notting hill

Alderton Mrs, 8 Oxford terrace, Hyde park

Alderson W. 14 Paddington green

Alding J. 55 Alfred road, Harrow road

Aldous H. 44 Chichester road villas, Kilburn

Aldous J. 18 Notting hill terrace, Notting hill

Aldous Mrs, 15 Craven hill, Bayswater

Aldred H. A. M.D. 46 Westbourne park

Aldridge J. 20 Prince’s gate, Kensington road

Aldridge W. 36 Park place villas, Maida hill west

Aldridge W. 36 St. James’s square, Notting hill

Alet Mrs, 43 Portsdown road, Maida hill

Alexander E. 5 Cleveland cottage, Hammersmith

Alexander H. R. 4 Upper Hyde park street, Hyde park

Alexander J. 10 Porchester terrace, Bayswater

Alexander Mrs, 36 Norfolk square, Hyde park

Alexander Mrs, 32 Porchester terrace, Bayswater

Alexander Mrs, 5 Tunstall house, 5 Warwick road, Paddington

Alexander N. 15 Pickering place, Bayswater

Alexander T. 70 Lancaster gate, Hyde park

Alexander W. 26 Hornton street, Kensington

Alexander W. 4 Shrewsbury terrace, Westbourne park

Alford Lady M. 11 Prince’s gate, Kensington S. W.

Alford Miss, 13 Kildare gardens, Westbourne park

Ali Khan Mohammed, 2 Inverness terrace, Kensington gardens

Allam C. 3 Richmond road, Shepherd’s bush

Allam G. 6 Sussex place, Kensington

Allan Rev. W. 3 Bramley road, Notting hill

Allason Mrs, 1 Connaught square, Hyde park

Allason T. G. D. 1 Connaught square, Hyde park

Allaway Mrs, 2 Lansdowne terrace, Kensington

Allban —, 3 St. Peter’s terrace, Kensington park

Allbright W. 3 Bridge terrace, Paddington

Allcard Miss, 66 Portsdown road, Maida hill

Allcock W. 32 St. Petersburg place, Bayswater

Allcroft J. D. 55 Porchester terrace, Bayswater

Alleguen W. 48 Clarendon street, Paddington

Allen Alderman W. P. 6 Petersham terrace, South Kensington

Allen C. 3 Berkeley gardens, Kensington

Allen C. 23 Brindley street, Paddington

Allen C. 26 St. Stephen’s road, Hammersmith

Allen J. E. 9 Gold Hawk terrace, Hammersmith

Allen J. W. Ashchurch villa, Hammersmith

Allen J. B. 15 Blomfield terrace, Harrow road

Allen J. Bridge street, Kilburn

Allen J. 44 Clarendon street, Paddington

Allen Miss, 27 Avenue road, Hammersmith

Allen Mrs, 15 Norland place, Notting hill

Allen Mrs, 29 St. Ann’s road, Notting hill

Allen Mrs, 2 Canterbury road, Kilburn

Allen Mrs, 68 Hereford road, Bayswater

Allen Mrs, 27 Kensington park gardens, Notting hill

Allen P. 42 Royal crescent, Notting hill

Allen R. 11 Pembroke road, Kilburn

Allen Rev. J. 2 Courtland terrace, Kensington

Allen R. W. 18 Pembridge crescent, Notting hill

Allen S. 46 St. James’ square, Notting hill

Allen S. 3 Westbourne park crescent, Paddington

Allen T. 1 Westbourne park villas, Westbourne park

Allen T. 42 Connaught square, Hyde park

Allen W. 3 Lancaster terrace, Hammersmith

Allendar G. 15 Kensington park gardens, Notting hill

Allender G. M. 15 Ladbroke crescent, Notting hill

Allerdice D. 23 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Alleyne Mrs, 27 Gloucester place, Hyde park gardens

Alleyn H. J. 7 Burlington road, Westbourne park

Alliard H. J. 5 Delamere crescent, Upper Westbourne terrace, Paddington

Allison W. 8 Canning place, Kensington

Alliston J. 6 Great Western terrace, Westbourne park

Allman T. 2, Clifton villas, Maida hill

Allnutt Mrs, 25 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Allom A. T. 29 Cambridge terrace, Notting hill

Allpress Mrs, 156 Queen’s road, Bayswater

Allpress Mrs, 4 Gordon cottages, Hammersmith

Allsop J. 9 Edgware place, Paddington

Allum E. 43 Kensington square, Kensington

Allwater C. 2 Oakley terrace, Hammersmith

Almond —, 33 Alfred road, Harrow road

Almond J. North end, Hammersmith

Aloof Mrs, 78 Portsdown road, Maida hill

Alty E. 8 Douglas terrace, Bayswater

Alum J. 11 Wellington terrace, Hammersmith

Alway J. 15 Cirencester street, Harrow road

Amato R. 3 Oxford terrace, Hyde park

Ambler —, 4 Westbury terrace, Harrow road

Ambruster C. 3 Adelaide terrace, Shepherd’s bush

Ames G. A. 19 Pembridge square, Notting hill

Ames Mrs, 8 Ladbroke villas, Notting hill

Amet T. 38 Great Western terrace, Westbourne park

Amner G. 9 Priory road, Kilburn

Amor E. G. 13 Carlton terrace, Harrow road

Amos Mrs, 10 St. Mark’s crescent, Kensington park

Amos T. A. 9 Park villas, Hammersmith

Amplett G. C. 4 Bark place, Bayswater

Amplett T. H. Bark place, Bayswater

Anderson A. 11 Norland terrace, Notting hill

Anderson C. 22 Caroline place, Bayswater

Anderson F. 18 Upper Phillimore place, Kensington

Anderson H. 26 Inverness road, Bayswater

Anderson H. L. 5 Leinster gardens, Bayswater

Anderson J. 7 Cleveland square, Bayswater

Anderson J. H. 89 Denmark road, Kilburn

Anderson J. M. 2 Norfolk crescent, Hyde park

Anderson Lady, 99 Westbourne terrace

Anderson Miss, 33 Loudoun villas, Hammersmith

Anderson Mrs, 7 Southwick place, Hyde park square

Anderson Mrs, 92 Star street, Paddington

Anderson, Mrs, 16 Warwick road, Paddington

Anderson Mrs, 3 Wellington cottages, Hammersmith

Anderson Mrs, 2 Beaufoy terrace, Maida vale

Anderson R. 43 Colville gardens, Bayswater

Anderson R. 25 Kilburn square, Kilburn

Anderson T. H. W. 6 Stanley crescent, Kensington park

Anderson, W. 22 Upper Seymour street west, Hyde park

Anderson W. 10 Gloucester terrace, Campden hill

Anderson —, 45 Albert road, Kilburn

Andoe W. 32 Maida hill west

Andre F. 1 Grove terrace, Hammersmith

Andre Mrs, 70 Oxford terrace, Hyde park

Andrews G. T. 4 Inverness place, Bayswater

Andrews J. 2 Pembroke road, Kilburn

Andrews J. 18 Edmund terrace, Kensington park

Andrews Mrs, 45 Albion street, Hyde park

Andrews Mrs, 7 Gloucester gardens, Bayswater

Andrews Mrs, 22 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Andrews Mrs, 35 Kildare terrace, Westbourne park

Andrews T. 10 Brinley street, Paddington

Andrews T. 20 Carlton road, Kilburn

Andrews W. H. 1 Arbutus place, Hammersmith

Andrews W. 6 Caroline place, Bayswater

Andrews —, 24 Hampden street, Harrow road

Andrews —, 26 Hampden street, Harrow road

Angell G. 8 Kensington park road, Notting hill

Angell T. J. 1 Warrington gardens, Maida hill

Angus G. F. 72 Portland road, Notting hill

Angus R. 8 Lancaster gate, Hyde park

Anlapy Capt. 20 Oxford road, Kilburn

Annesley G. 19 Queen’s gardens, Hyde park

Annesley Mrs, 27 Sussex place, Kensington

Annesley W. C. 3 Priory road, Kilburn

Annett Miss, 2 Convent gardens, Kensington park

Annett T. A. 4 Somers place, Hyde park

Anniss W. 8 Orchard street, Kensington

Annott C. B. 20 Phillimore gardens, Kensington

Ansdell R. Lytham house, St. Alban’s road, Kensington

Ansell E. 2 Hedley villas, Shaftesbury road, Hammersmith

Anson E. H. 36 Prince’s road north, Notting hill

Answorth D. 35 Cornwall road, Westbourne park

Answorth W. 41 Burlington road, Westbourne park

Antrobus E. 14 Kensington palace gardens

Apcen T. 1 Chepstow villas, Bayswater

Appell J. W. 9 Sussex place, Kensington

Appleby Mrs, 6 Palace gardens villas, Kensington

Applegate Mrs, 5 Wiple place, Kensington

Applegate —, 34 Canterbury road, Kilburn

Appleton Mrs, 18 Northumberland place, Westbourne grove north, Bayswater

Appleton Mrs, 44 Royal crescent, Notting hill

Appleton W. P. 30 Pickering place, Bayswater

Appleyard R. H. 6 Westbourne terrace, Paddington

Appleyard R. P. 28 Connaught square, Hyde park

Arane G. 15 Hethpool street, Maida hill

Arame G. J. 5 Pembroke road, Kilburn

Arbon J. 15 Somers place, Hyde park

Arbuthnot A. F. 25 Hyde park gardens

Arbuthnot G. F.G.G.S. 23 Hyde park gardens

Archard A. 3 Bristol gardens, Paddington

Archdale G. 16 Hyde park gate, Kensington gore

Archdekin Miss, 45 Queen’s gardens, Hyde park

Archer C. 34 Bridge road, Hammersmith

Archer J. R.S.A. 21 Phillimore gardens, Kensington

Archer Mrs, 28 Avenue road, Hammersmith

Archer Mrs, 52 Princes road north, Notting hill

Archer T. 2 Parlington villas, Bramley road, Notting hill

Archer W. 7 Boyne terrace, Notting hill terrace

Archer W. 29 Eastbourne terrace, Paddington

Archibold E. 13 Alfred road, Harrow road

Argall Mrs, 5 Woolmer cottages, Hammersmith

Argenti A. 95 Westbourne terrace

Argles F. R. 9 Warwick road, Paddington

Argollo Capt. J. 8 Inverness terrace, Kensington gardens

Argyll Duke of, P.C., Argyll lodge, Campden hill, Kensington

Aria A. 8 Randolph road, Maida hill

Arkell Mrs, 54 Norfolk square, Hyde park

Arkwright Mrs, 69 Kensington gardens square, Bayswater

Arlott J. 8 St. Stephen’s crescent, Westbourne park

Armagh Bishop of, 42 Prince’s gardens, Kensington road

Armand G. 4 Denbigh terrace, Bayswater

Armer C. 21 Lanark villas, Maida vale

Armitage C. N. 7 Andover road, Hammersmith

Armitage Dr. T. R. 33 Cambridge square, Hyde park

Armitage Mrs, 3 Prince’s terrace, Notting hill

Armitage W. H. 5 Russell road, Kensington

Armitage E. J. 20 Scarsdale villas, Kensington

Armitt J. 1 Pembroke terrace, Kensington

Armstrong J. E. 5 Lansdowne crescent, Notting hill

Armstrong Miss E. 60 Burlington road, Westbourne park

Armstrong Mrs, 34 Burlington road, Westbourne park

Armstrong Mrs, 12 St. Stephen’s road, Westbourne park

Armstrong Mrs, 24 Westbourne park

Armstrong T. 52 Cambridge terrace, Paddington

Armstrong T. 3 Theresa terrace, Hammersmith

Armstrong W. 10 Pembridge square, Notting hill

Armstrong —, 18 Westbourne park villas, Westbourne park

Armytage Sir G. 27 Cambridge square, Hyde park

Arnell R. 9 Cuthbert street, Paddington

Arnett Miss, 31 Kensington park terrace north, Notting hill

Arney H. W. 7 St. Agnes villas, Bayswater road

Arnold E. 37 Victoria road, Kensington

Arnold J. 71 Kensington gardens square, Bayswater

Arnold Miss, 64 Westbourne park road, Paddington

Arnold W. 1 Caroline place, Bayswater

Arnold W. 17 Hethpool street, Maida hill, Paddington

Arrey G. 19 St. James’ square, Notting hill

Arrowsmith —, 13 Priory road, Kilburn

Arthur Col. Sir F. L. Bt. & Lady E. 4 Queen’s gate, South Kensington

Arundale J. 21 Addison road north, Notting hill

Ascott W. 8 Clarendon street, Harrow road

Asguith D. 1 Cary villas, Hammersmith

Ash G. C. 14 Canterbury villas, Maida hill

Ash Miss, 11 Campbell street, Paddington

Ash W. 17 Gold Hawk terrace, Hammersmith

Ashbrook Dowager Viscountess, 26 Queen’s gate terrace, South Kensington

Ashbury J. 9 Sussex place, Hyde park

Ashby Capt. 28 Blenheim crescent, Notting hill

Ashby G. 20 Campbell street, Paddington

Ashby Misses, 21 Abingdon villas, Kensington

Ashby T. 21 Alpha place, Kilburn

Ashcroft J. 17 Monmouth road, Bayswater

Ashdown E. 16 St. Germain’s terrace, Paddington

Asher A. 20 Randolph road, Maida hill

Ashfield A. B. 10 Sheffield terrace, Kensington

Ashford E. 15 Compton street, Maida hill

Ashford H. 9 Avenue road, Hammersmith

Ashford W. 9 St. Mary’s road, Westbourne park

Ashley W. H. M.D. 28 Ladbroke square, Notting hill

Ashmore J. 57 Westbourne terrace

Ashmore Rev. P. 14 Queen’s gardens, Hyde park

Ashton J. 22 Alpha place, Kilburn

Ashton Miss, 21 Cambridge place, Paddington

Ashton R. J. 21 Pembridge villas, Bayswater

Ashwell D. 44 Portland road, Notting hill

Askew J. 6 Grove terrace, Hammersmith

Askew Rev. J. 4 Holland park, Notting hill

Askey Mrs, 7 Earl’s court, Kensington

Asmaid Mrs, 81 Park place, Bayswater

Aspinwall J. L. 62 Porchester terrace, Bayswater

Asplin J. 21 Great Westbourne terrace, Westbourne park

Aspray C. M.D. 8 Newton road, Bayswater

Asser Miss, 57 Westbourne park villas, Westbourne park

Asser S. 33 Westbourne park villas, Westbourne park

Astbray Mrs, 72 Westbourne park road, Paddington

Aston J. J. 13 Pembroke gardens, Kensington

Aston J. K. F.S.A. 20 Pembridge crescent, Notting hill

Aston Rev. J. A. 2_a_ Elvaston place, South Kensington

Aston T. 5 Up. Hornton villas, Kensington

Atens R. 8 Chichester road villas, Kilburn

Atken Mrs, 4 Clarence terrace, Hammersmith

Atkin W. 79 Inverness terrace, Kensington gardens

Atkins A. 7 Oxford place, Hammersmith

Atkins E. 10 Denmark road, Kilburn

Atkins J. B. 58 Bedford gardens, Kensington

Atkinson G. 7 Grove cottages, Hammersmith

Atkinson G. 20 Sunderland terrace, Westbourne park

Atkinson J. 3 Marlborough place, Kensington

Atkinson J. B. 13 Carlisle terrace, Kensington

Atkinson Miss, 17 St. Mary’s terrace, Paddington green

Atkinson Mrs, 4 Edwardes place, Kensington

Atkinson Mrs, 32 St. Peter’s square, Hammersmith

Atkinson R. 83 Clarendon road, Notting hill

Atkinson T. 2 Albion cottages, Hammersmith

Atkinson W. G. Cornwall road, Hammersmith

Atkinson W. H. 17 Holland street, Kensington

Attfield B. 25 Fulham place, Maida hill west

Attwood H. 10 St. Phillip’s terrace, Kensington

Attwood Mrs, 63 Portland road, Notting hill

Atwell J. 2 Rose villas, Bramley road

Atwell Joseph, 72 Bedford gardens, Kensington

Atwitel J. 17 Portsdown road, Maida hill

Atwood Mrs, 22 Argyll road, Kensington

Aubert F. C. 78 Norfolk terrace, Bayswater

Aubray Mrs, 8 Andover place, Kilburn

Aubrey F. 21 Maida hill west

Aubry W. 6 Royal Oak terrace, Hammersmith

Andain Mrs, 14 Colville terrace east, Bayswater

Augerane W. 19 Addison road, Kensington

Augley —, H. Canterbury villas, Maida vale

Austin A. 9 Lancaster road, Notting hill

Austin & Sons, 48 King street west, Hammersmith

Austin Capt. F. 26 Hyde park square

Austin D. 58 Clarendon street, Harrow road

Austin E. 3 Desborough terrace, Harrow road

Austin E. 7 Hainsvale terrace, Hammersmith

Austin G. 13 Cornwall road, Hammersmith

Austin H. 3 St. Mark’s crescent, Kensington park

Austin H. 65 Westbourne park road, Paddington

Austin J. 16 Pembroke road, Kilburn

Austin J. 16 Porteus road, Paddington

Austin J. 3 Woodfield place, Paddington

Austin Miss, 77 Oxford terrace, Hyde park

Austin Mrs, 23 Denmark road, Kilburn

Austin Mrs, 3 Pomona terrace, Hammersmith

Austin Mrs, 27 Up. Southwick street, Paddington

Austin R. 56 Clarendon street, Harrow road

Austin T. 23 Elm grove, Hammersmith

Austwick H. 11 Orsett terrace, Hyde park

Avant J. Vassal lodge, Kensington

Averline Mrs, 13 St. Stephen’s road, Westbourne park

Avery E. 16 Bridge avenue, Hammersmith

Avery W. 1 Denmark cottages, Hammersmith

Avierino M. 58 Inverness terrace, Kensington gardens

Axford J. B. Upham villa, Kilburn

Axten R. 10 Percy road, Kilburn

Axton J. 11 Wilton villas, Shepherd’s bush

Axton Mrs, 12 Wilton villas, Shepherd’s bush

Ayling R. 3 Abingdon terrace, Kensington

Ayling W. 15 Great Western terrace, Westbourne park

Aylett Mrs, 8 Park place villas, Maida hill West

Aynsworth Mrs, Buckingham house, Shaftesbury road, Hammersmith

Ayres Mrs, 7 Brunswick terrace, Kensington

Ayres W. 26 Elgin terrace, Maida vale

Ayres W. & T. 22 King street west, Hammersmith

Ayshford Mrs, 5 Brunswick cottages, Hammersmith

Aytoun Miss, 14 Palace gardens terrace, Kensington

Azzoni F. 128 Queen’s road, Bayswater


Babington B. 17 Warwick crescent, Kensington

Babington Mrs, 13 Queen’s gardens, Hyde park

Bacchus J. 9 Oxford place, Hammersmith

Back Miss, 76 Elgin crescent, Kensington park

Backhouse Mrs, 14 Up. Seymour street west, Paddington

Backwell F. A. 41 St. Peter’s square, Hammersmith

Bacon J. Q.C. 1 Kensington gardens terrace, Hyde park

Bacon Miss, 4 London street, Paddington

Bacon Mrs, 18 Carlton road, Kilburn

Badcock P. 4 Aldridge road villas, Western park

Badeley Mrs, 42 Oxford terrace, Paddington

Badger J. 72 Pembroke road, Kensington

Badger Rev. P. G. F.R.G.S. 7 Dawson place, Bayswater

Badnall W. 9 Palace gardens terrace, Kensington

Bagg W. 15 Talbot terrace, Westbourne park

Baggott J. 16 Albert street, Paddington

Bagley W. 28 Westbourne square, Paddington

Bagnall W. H. 1 College terrace, Hammersmith

Bagshaw Dr. 21 Connaught square, Hyde park

Bagshaw Miss, 37 Addison road, Kensington

Bagster W. Dorset villa, Kensington

Baikley A. 6 Courtland terrace, Kensington

Bailes W. 86 Westbourne park villas

Bailey B. 2 Carlton terrace, Kilburn

Bailey F. 18 Oxford terrace, Hyde park

Bailey H. 8 Black Lion lane, Hammersmith

Bailey J. 2 Kilburn square, Kilburn

Bailey J. 1 Park place villas, Maida hill west

Bailey J. W. 9 Blenheim crescent, Notting hill

Bailey Miss, 4 Up. Seymour street west, Paddington

Bailey Mrs, 19 Maida hill west, Paddington

Bailey Mrs, 22 Palace gardens terrace, Bayswater

Bailey Mrs, 3 Wellington terrace, Hammersmith

Bailey Rev. J. 9 Westbourne square, Paddington

Bailey S. 1 Up. Brook green terrace, Hammersmith road

Bailey T. R. 7 Victoria gardens, Notting hill

Bailey V. 26 Orsett terrace, Hyde park

Bailey W. 8 Alpha place west, Kilburn

Bailey W. P. 6 Durham terrace, Westbourne park

Bailey W. 6 Holland place, Kensington

Bailey W. 23 Palace gardens villas, Kensington

Bailhache P. Montague villa, Hammersmith

Bailie Miss, 26 Connaught square, Hyde park

Bailie Mrs, 78 Westbourne park road

Baillie Col., 29 Prince’s gate, South Kensington

Baillie Col. D. 50 Queen’s gate terrace, South Kensington

Baillie N. B. E. 93 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Daily Capt. C. B. R.N. 14 Richmond road, Shepherd’s bush

Baily J. Q.C. 54 Westbourne terrace

Bainbridge H. 24 Russell road, Kensington

Bainbridge T. Y. C. 17 Talbot square, Hyde park

Bainbrigg W. Grove lodge, Hammersmith

Baird Mrs, 4 Queen’s gate, South Kensington

Baird W. M.D. 38 Burlington road, Westbourne park

Baisler Mrs, 23 Kildare terrace, Westbourne park

Bake H. 19 Pembridge crescent, Notting hill

Baker A. 1 Foxley road, Kensington

Baker A. J. 3 Monmouth road, Bayswater

Baker Capt. J. 27 Porchester terrace, Bayswater

Baker Col. W. 36 Cleveland square, Bayswater

Baker E. 15 Desborough terrace, Harrow road

Baker F. 19 Addison road north, Notting hill

Baker G. 98 Richmond road, Bayswater

Baker H. Burnsbury villa, Kilburn

Baker H. 13 St. Mark’s crescent, Notting hill

Baker H. W. 2 Hanover terrace villas, Notting hill

Baker J. 3 Gale’s cottages, Hammersmith

Baker J. Elm lodge, Kilburn

Baker J. 99 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Baker J. Gothic villa, Kilburn

Baker J. 3 Stamford brook cottages, Hammersmith

Baker J. H. St. Peter’s lodge, Hammersmith

Baker Miss, 6 Lancaster terrace, Notting hill

Baker Mrs, 3 Brunswick gardens, Kensington

Baker Mrs, 48 Hereford road, Bayswater

Baker Mrs, 1 Hyde park square

Baker Mrs, 13 Kensington crescent, Kensington

Baker Mrs, 29 Pickering place, Bayswater

Baker Mrs, 10 Durham place, Kensington

Baker Mrs, 11 Porchester place, Hyde park

Baker Mrs, 22 Portland road, Notting hill

Baker Mrs, 20 St. Ann’s villas, Notting hill

Baker Mrs, 22 Westbourne park crescent, Paddington

Baker P. 16 Blenheim terrace, Notting hill

Baker Sir G. Bart, 4 Hyde park square

Baker T. 30 Queensborough terrace, Bayswater

Baker T. E. 76 Porchester terrace, Bayswater

Baker W. 25 Cambridge street, Paddington

Baker W. 63 Gloucester place, Hyde park

Baker W. 3 St. Ann’s road north, Notting hill

Baker W. B. 47 Talbot terrace, Westbourne park

Baker W. T. 42 Albion street, Hyde park

Balatine W. 13 Richmond road, Shepherd’s bush

Balderston A. 32 Westbourne park road

Baldock G. 3 Norfolk square, Hyde park

Baldock Mrs, 8 Prince’s gardens, Kensington

Baldock Mrs, 154 Westbourne terrace

Baldwin C. 48 Northumberland place, Bayswater

Baldwin J. 37 Bridge road, Hammersmith

Baldwin Mrs, 7 Westbury road, Paddington

Baldy Mrs, 280_a_ Maida vale

Bale J. 71 Cambridge terrace, Paddington

Balfour A. 4 Grove terrace, Hammersmith road west

Balfour Mrs, 4 Norfolk villas, Paddington

Ball J. C. 19 Carlisle terrace, Kensington

Ball J. E. 42 Norland square, Notting hill

Ball M. J. 31 Desborough terrace, Paddington

Ball Miss, 54 Portsdown road, Maida hill

Ball Mrs, 35 Blomfield road, Maida hill

Ball Sir W. Bart. 84 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Ball T. 19 Cambridge place, Paddington

Ballantyne J. 13 The Mall, Notting hill

Ballard J. 8 Clarendon terrace, Maida vale

Ballard Miss, 9 Earl’s terrace, Kensington

Ballard Mrs, 61 Bedford gardens, Kensington

Ballard T. M.D. 10 Southwick place, Hyde park

Ballesteros J. 5 Stowe road, Hammersmith

Balli C. G. 67 Chepstow place, Bayswater

Ballinger W. 1 Alpha place, Kilburn

Balls W. 4 Orchard street, Kensington

Balme F. 3 Alexander terrace, Hammersmith

Bambridge G. R. 23 Great Western terrace, Westbourne park

Bambury T. S. Box villa, Hammersmith

Bamfield Mrs, 23 Blenheim crescent, Notting hill

Banbury C. 47 Kensington gardens square, Bayswater

Banbury F. 32 Holland park, Notting hill

Banbury Mrs, 3 Lansdown crescent, Notting hill

Banbury Mrs, 46 Westbourne park road

Bancks Miss, 9 Holland terrace, Kensington

Banks C. 35 Westbourne park villas

Banks Miss, 4 Kensington crescent, Kensington

Banks Mrs, 5 Albion cottages, Hammersmith

Banks W. 2 Silchester road villas, Notting hill

Bannatyne Miss, 3 Orsett place, Hyde park

Bannerman Mrs, 25 Connaught square, Hyde park

Bannister A. J. M.D. 9 Addison terrace, Notting hill

Bannister H. 1 Albert place, Kensington

Banting Mrs, 45 Eastbourne terrace, Paddington

Banting T. 15 Phillimore gardens, Kensington

Banting W. 4 The Terrace, Kensington

Banting W. jun. 22 Campden hill road, Kensington

Banton H. 5 Rosedale terrace, Notting hill

Banton W. 27 Warwick gardens, Kensington

Barber A. 17 Westbourne square, Paddington

Barber C. 15 Arundel gardens, Kensington park

Barber C. C. 61 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Barber J. 29 Brunswick gardens, Kensington

Barber J. 60 Kensington gardens square, Bayswater

Burlier J. 72 Bridge road, Hammersmith

Barber J. A. 27 Chepstow villas west, Bayswater

Barber Miss, 58 Elgin crescent, Kensington park

Barber Miss, 16 Bedford gardens, Kensington

Barber W. 2 Corinthian villas, Notting hill

Barber W. 17 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Barber W. 13 Kensington park terrace north, Kensington park

Barclay C. 30 Phillimore gardens, Kensington

Barclay Sir D. W. Bart. 137 Western terrace

Barclay Miss, 3 Verulum terrace, Hammersmith

Barclay Mrs, 80 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Barclay Mrs, 6 Brook green terrace, Hammersmith road

Bard L. T. 7 Notting hill square

Bare Mrs, 5 Clarendon villas, Hammersmith

Bare T. 6 Westbourne park crescent, Paddington

Barfield S. 67 Porchester terrace, Bayswater

Baring Hon. Mrs, 23 Princes gate, Kensington

Barinett Mrs, 11 Horbury crescent, Notting hill

Bark Mrs, 2 Bayswater hill, Bayswater

Barker A. 3 Avenue road, Hammersmith

Barker B. 24 Westbourne terrace north, Paddington

Barker E. 6 Up. Hyde park street, Hyde park

Barker C. 11 Park cottages, Hammersmith

Barker E. 9 Oxford square, Hyde park

Barker E. 21 Kildare terrace, Westbourne park

Barker J. 4 Monmouth road north, Bayswater

Barker J. 21 Norland road, Notting hill

Barker J. 11 Palace gardens terrace, Kensington

Barker M. 45 Porchester square, Westbourne park

Barker Miss, 90 Hereford road, Bayswater

Barker Miss, 7 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Barker W. 4 Chepstow villas, Bayswater

Barker J. 1 Stalham street, Paddington

Barkworth Mrs, 70 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Barlee E. H. 5 Havelock terrace, Bayswater

Barlow E. 11 Chepstow place, Bayswater

Barlow F. 48 Edwardes square, Kensington

Barlow J. P. 11 Hyde park gate, Kensington

Barlow Mrs P. 8 Leonard place, Kensington

Barlow Rev. J. Kensington palace, Kensington

Barlow T. G. 5 Delamere terrace, Paddington

Barlow T. O. Auburn lodge, South Kensington

Barnaby Mrs, 13 Caroline terrace, Hammersmith

Barnard G. E. 1 Blenheim crescent, Notting hill

Barnard Mrs, 9 Clarendon road, Kensington

Barnard Mrs, 96 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Barnard W. 18 Hamilton terrace, Bayswater

Barnard Mrs, 4 Southwick crescent, Hyde park

Barnard W. 7 Cambridge gardens, Kilburn

Barne L. 12 Delamere terrace, Paddington

Barnes G. H. 4 Norland terrace, Notting hill

Barnes J. 3 Great Western terrace, Westbourne park

Barnes J. S. 9 Delamere terrace, Paddington

Barnes Mrs, 16 Richmond road, Shepherd’s bush

Barnes T. 3 Sidney terrace, Kilburn

Barnes W. 26 Paddington green

Barnet G. 2 Leinster gardens, Bayswater

Barnet Mrs, 28 Colville road, Bayswater

Barnett E. 4 Lansdowne crescent, Notting hill

Barnett J. 5 Carton place, Westbourne park

Barnett Miss, 1 Gordon terrace, Kensington

Barnett, W. 155 Westbourne terrace

Barney S. 27 Cornwall road, Westbourne park

Barney W. 4 Park villas, Hammersmith

Barnham C. W. 59 Clarendon road, Notting hill

Barnow G. 14 Westbourne villas, Paddington

Baron W. J. 70 Addison road, Kensington

Barrable J. 3 St. Mary’s, square, Paddington

Barranger B. O. 4 Spring cottages, Hammersmith

Barratt A. 96 Lancaster gate, Hyde park

Barratt Dr. J. 8 Cleveland gardens, Bayswater

Barratt Mrs, 25 Norland square, Notting hill

Barratt T. 76 Norfolk terrace, Bayswater

Barre A. 26 Sutherland place, Bayswater

Barrett Miss, 7 Delamere terrace, Paddington

Barrett Miss, 3 Prince’s terrace, Bayswater

Barrett Mrs, 4 Charles street, Paddington

Barrett, T. 5 Carlton terrace, Harrow road

Barrett W. 4 Gloucester terrace, South Kensington

Barrett T. 3 Clifton villas, Maida hill

Barriffe Mrs, 17 Westbourne park crescent, Paddington

Barrington Lady C. Kensington palace, Kensington

Barron Capt. C. 1 Orsett place, Hyde park

Barron F. 8 St. Agnes villas, Bayswater road

Barron L. N. 22 Queen’s gate terrace, South Kensington

Barron R. 10 Devonshire terrace, Bayswater

Burrow C. Abingdon terrace, Kensington

Barrow, F. 3 Phillimore gardens, Kensington

Barrow J. 35 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Barrow Miss, 12 St. Mary’s terrace, Paddington

Barrow Mrs, 10 Monmouth road, Bayswater

Barrow T. F. M.A. 14 Clarendon gardens, Maida hill

Barry Dr, 62 Westbourne grove, Bayswater

Barry G. R. G. T. Pembridge square, Notting hill

Barry J. R. 12 Avenue road, Hammersmith

Barry Mrs, 13 Brondesbury villas, Kilburn

Barry R. 22 Alexander terrace, Kilburn

Barry T. 37 Pembroke road, Kilburn

Barry W. 18 Cambridge road, Kilburn

Barsby W. 27 Bridge place, Harrow road

Barslem H. 14 Kensington gardens terrace, Hyde park

Barson J. 15 Oxford terrace, Paddington

Bartholomew W. Lansdowne house, Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Barthropp Miss 14 Ladbroke terrace, Notting hill

Bartlett Mrs, 29 Northumberland place, Bayswater

Bartlett Mrs, 4 Brunswick cottages, Hammersmith

Bartlett Mrs, 18 Eldon road, Kensington

Bartlett W. F.R.S., 1 Ladbroke square, Notting hill

Bartlett W. P. 16 Kensington park terrace, Kensington park

Bartley Mrs, 3 Ladbroke villas, Notting hill

Bartley Mrs, 4 Berkley place, Hyde park

Barton G. M.D. 33 Holland villas road, Kensington

Barton H. 4 Victoria terrace, Notting hill

Barton Miss, 22 Connaught terrace, Paddington

Barton Mrs, 2 Westmoreland road, Bayswater

Barton W. 5 Bradmore park terrace, Hammersmith

Barwell F. B. 8 Beresford terrace, Kensington park

Barwell Mrs, 111 Westbourne grove, Bayswater

Barwell Mrs, 6 Devonshire terrace, Kensington

Barwell Mrs, 8 Flora villas, Hammersmith

Barwis Mrs, 10 Cumberland terrace, Bayswater

Barvis C. 18 Cumberland terrace, Bayswater

Bash Mrs, 5 Up. Westbourne terrace, Paddington

Bashforth T. 16 Blomfield street, Paddington

Baskett T. 1 Lansdowne terrace, Notting hill

Bassett T. 2 Vale place, Hammersmith road

Bastard E. 52 Edmund terrace, Kensington park

Bastard Mrs, 5 Up. Westbourne terrace, Paddington

Basterfield J. 46 Oxford terrace, Paddington

Baston J. 13 Charles street, Kensington square

Baston R. 33 Westmoreland place, Bayswater

Bastow J. 3 Brunswick villas, Hammersmith

Batchelor J. 54 Burlington road, Westbourne park

Batchelor J. 20 Victoria street, Paddington

Bachelor Mrs, 23 Pembroke road, Kensington

Batchelor Mrs, 3 Royal crescent, Notting hill

Batchelor W. 3 Westbourne villas, Paddington

Bate B. 2 Norwood place, Kensington

Bate Miss, 9 Albert place, Kensington

Bate Mrs, 5 Cambridge place, Kensington

Bateman A. 4 Randolph gardens, Kilburn

Bateman H. 4 Buckingham terrace, Notting hill

Bateman H. Endersley villa, Hammersmith

Bates Mrs, 6 Carton place, Westbourne park

Bates Mrs, 11 Holland terrace, Kensington

Bates R. 1 Ashley villas, Hammersmith

Bates W. 17 Andover road, Hammersmith

Batey Mrs, 25 Beaufoy terrace, Maida vale

Bathurst Rev. W. A. 22 Arundel gardens, Kensington park

Bathurst T. H. D. 6 Ladbroke square, Notting hill

Batt H. 34 Holland villas road, Kensington

Battam F. 47 Notting hill square

Battam J. 12 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Battam J. 2 Ladbroke terrace, Notting hill

Battcock Mrs, Dover villa, Hammersmith

Batten J. 7 Pembroke road, Kensington

Batten Mrs, 28 Westbourne square, Paddington

Battersby Mrs, 10 Porchester square, Westbourne park

Battine Mrs Gen. 105 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Battiscome A. 11 Kensington gardens square, Bayswater

Battiscombe Rev. W. 20 Porchester square, Westbourne park

Batts Mrs, 25 Palace gardens terrace, Kensington

Batts Mrs, 4 Pembridge place, Notting hill

Batty Mrs, 3 Park place gardens, Paddington

Batty C. 9 St. Luke’s road, villa, Westbourne park

Battye G. W. 14 Queensborough terrace, Bayswater

Baude Mrs, 32 Oxford terrace, Paddington

Bauer H. St. Albans cottage, Hammersmith

Bauer W. Mayland villa, Hammersmith

Baugh J. 17 Abingdon villas, Kensington

Baugher W. 5 St. Ann’s road, Notting hill

Baumbach —, 116 Lancaster gate, Hyde park

Bax T. 2 St. George’s terrace, Kensington

Bax D. St. Stephen’s terrace, Shepherd’s bush

Bax Miss, 4 St. Stephen’s terrace, Shepherd’s bush

Baxall M. 2 Spring collages, Hammersmith

Baxter J. 6 Alexandra road, Kilburn

Baxter J. 5 Horton street, Kensington

Baxter J. 11 Orchard street, Kensington

Baxter J. H. 22 Devonshire place, Paddington

Baxter Mrs, 9 Westbourne villas, Paddington

Baxter R. 19 Leinster gardens, Bayswater

Bayent C. 16 Hethpool street, Maida hill

Bayes W. 1 Catherine terrace, Holland park road

Bayley Col. J. 17 Kensington gate, South Kensington

Bayley C. J. C.B. 5 Victoria road, Kensington

Bayley E. H. 8 St. Luke’s road villas, Westbourne park

Bayley F. 66 Cambridge terrace, Paddington

Bayley J. R. 4 Holland villas road, Kensington

Bayley Major J. 10 Orsett terrace, Hyde park

Bayley Mrs, 2 Southwick crescent, Hyde park

Bayley Sir J. Bart. 3 Kensington gore, Upper Kensington

Bayley W. H. 25 Cambridge square, Hyde park

Baylis E. 6 Cambridge terrace, Paddington

Baylis Mrs, 12 Woolmer cottages, Hammersmith

Baylis T. H. 5 The Terrace, Bayswater

Baynes J. A. 35 Elgin road, Kensington park

Bazalgette L. 34 Queen’s road, Bayswater

Beach G. W. 43 Blomfield road, Maida hill

Beach Miss, 3 Blomfield terrace, Harrow road

Beach P. 2 St. Marys terrace, Paddington

Beach R. G. 25 St. Stephen’s road, Hammersmith

Beachcroft Lt.-Col. 7 Devonshire terrace, Bayswater

Beachcroft Mrs, 14 Westbourne street, Paddington

Beachcroft Mrs, 6 The Terrace, Kilburn

Beadell Mrs, 3 The Terrace, Kilburn

Beal C. 12 St. Petersburgh place, Bayswater

Beal J. 53 Queen street, Hammersmith

Beal H. R. 11 Queen’s gardens, Hyde park

Beal Mrs, 10 St. Petersburgh place, Bayswater

Beale J. S. 19 Porteus road, Harrow road

Beale Mrs, 55 Cornwall road, Westbourne park

Beale Mrs, 15 Kildare terrace, Westbourne park

Beale R. 5 Royal Oak terrace, Hammersmith

Beale S. G. 99 Delamere terrace, Paddington

Beale T. M. 6 Stratheden villas, Hammersmith

Beale —, 24 Chepstow place, Bayswater

Beamish W. 9 Leinster square, Bayswater

Bean A. C. Angelo house, Hammersmith

Bean Miss, 1 Royal crescent, Notting hill

Bean Mrs, 6 Darnley road, Notting hill

Bean Mrs, 7 Great Western crescent, Westbourne park

Bean W. 28 Queen’s road, Notting hill

Beans E. 26 Priory road, Kilburn

Beard E. 13 Blomfield terrace, Harrow road

Beard L. 9 Porchester place, Hyde park

Beard R. 3 Hasborough street, Paddington

Beard W. J. 2 Rydal cottages, Hammersmith

Beardon Mrs, 21 Albert terrace, Notting hill

Beardmore T. 5 Denmark road, Kilburn

Beardwell Mrs, 29 Chichester road villas, Kilburn

Beaton J. 24 Palace gardens terrace, Kensington

Beattie A. M.D. 45 Porchester place, Hyde park

Beattie W. 100 Westbourne park road

Beatty Capt. W. B. 24 Argyll road, Kensington

Beauchamp C. 34 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Beaumont T. 3 Elms lane, Bayswater road

Beaumont Miss, 11 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Beaumont A. 47 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Beaumont Col. R. 45 Inverness terrace, Bayswater

Beaumont Mrs, 14 Scarsdale villas, Kensington

Beaverstock Mrs, 64 Richmond road, Bayswater

Beaves Mrs, 10 Vale place, Hammersmith road

Beavor Mrs, 22 Notting hill sq

Beazley B. 108 Ledbury road, Notting hill

Beazley T. 1 Stowe road, Hammersmith

Beck H. Beaufoy villa, Maida vale

Beckerson K. 32 Bridge road, Hammersmith

Beckerson H. 1 Bridge terrace, Harrow road

Beckett M. 44 King street west, Hammersmith

Bedder J. 21 Norland square, Notting hill

Beddoe J. 35 Ladbroke square, Notting hill

Beddon B. 9 Elgin crescent, Kensington park

Bedford G. S. 44 Eastbourne terrace, Paddington

Bedford S. 13 Park villas, Hammersmith

Bedford E. 5 Royal crescent, Notting hill

Bedford J. 11 Shaftesbury terrace, Kensington

Bedwell W. 6 Westbourne grove north, Bayswater

Beeby Mrs, 18 Salusbury terrace, Kilburn

Beech J. 10 Percy road, Kilburn

Beech W. 115, Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Beecher Mrs, 21 Maida hill

Beek G. 20 Clifton villas, Maida hill

Beer Mrs, 5 Cambridge street, Paddington

Beerbhon J. E. 1 Courtfield villas, Kensington

Beetson J. S. 2 College terrace, Hammersmith

Begg J. 17 Cambridge terrace, Kensington

Begg W. 13 Flora villas, Hammersmith

Beggi Dr. F. O. 2_a_ Cambridge gardens, Kilburn

Behrend H. M.D. 26 Norfolk crescent, Hyde park

Behrendts J. 8 Grove terrace, Hammersmith

Belenfante B. 119 Ledbury road, Notting hill

Belenfante D. 101 Ledbury road, Notting hill

Belenfante Mrs, 38 Blomfield street, Paddington

Belford J. E. 6 Lawn place, Shepherd’s bush

Belfour J. O. 26 Inverness terrace, Bayswater

Belingfante P. 16 Westmoreland place, Bayswater

Bell C. 29 Stanley gardens, Kensington park

Bell Gen. G. C.B. 156 Westbourne terrace

Bell H. 9 Kensington park terrace north, Kensington park

Bell H. 17 Ladbroke gardens, Notting hill

Bell H. C. S. 16 Cambridge terrace, Notting hill

Bell J. 17 Blomfield road, Maida hill

Bell J. 16 Colville road, Bayswater

Bell J. Manor house, Manor place, Paddington

Bell J. C. C. F.R.G.S. 42 Westbourne terrace

Bell J. T. 23 Gloucester place, Hyde park

Bell M. 22 Blomfield road, Maida hill

Bell Major E. 3 Holland villas road, Kensington

Bell Mrs, 68 Cambridge terrace, Paddington

Bell Mrs, 14 Fulham place, Maida hill

Bell Mrs, 35 Kensington square, Kensington

Bell Mrs, 28 Palace gardens villas, Kensington

Bell Mrs, 4 Portland place, Hammersmith road

Bell Mrs, 31 Queen’s road, Bayswater

Bell R. 205 Edgware road, Paddington

Bell R. 97 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Bell T. J. 106_a_ Westbourne terrace

Bellamy W. 34 Alpha terrace, Kilburn

Bellcomb Mrs, Woodfield house, Paddington

Belleville W. J. 37 Inverness terrace, Bayswater

Belford W. R. 48 Gloucester crescent, Hyde park

Bellhouse Mrs, 7 Wilton villas, Shepherd’s bush

Bellis Mrs, 12 Talbot terrace, Westbourne park

Bellringer Miss, 13 Oxford terrace, Paddington

Bellworthy Mrs, 6 Pembroke terrace, Kensington

Beloe Mrs, 1 Charlotte terrace, Hammersmith

Bench A. 18 Sutherland place, Bayswater

Bench B. 3 Chichester villas, Paddington

Bench J. 18 St. Leonard’s terrace, Maida hill

Bendes P. 1 Norland terrace, Notting hill

Bendon G. 15 Park place villas, Paddington

Benham J. Brunswick house, Hammersmith road

Benjamin D. 86 Westbourne terrace

Benjamin F. 34 Gloucester gardens, Bayswater

Benjamin I. 4 Prince of Wales’ terrace, Kensington

Benjamin J. 16 Warrington terrace, Maida hill

Benjamin M. 18 Westbourne terrace north, Paddington

Benjamin Mrs, 6 Maida hill west, Paddington

Benjamin S. 34 Colville road, Bayswater

Bennet J. T. 15 Ladbroke terrace, Notting hill

Bennett A. Oakland villa, Shepherd’s bush

Bennett C. 28 Delamere crescent, Paddington

Bennett C. H. M.D. 43 Bridge road, Hammersmith

Bennett E. Linden cottage, Shepherd’s bush

Bennett H. 15 St. Ann’s road, Notting hill

Bennett H. 41 Bridge place, Harrow road

Bennett J. 20 Palace gardens terrace, Kensington

Bennett J. 16 Victoria gardens, Notting hill

Bennett J. 50, Westbourne park villas

Bennett J. 17 Woodfield place, Paddington

Bennett Miss, 5 Upper Porchester street, Hyde park

Bennett Mrs, 3 Norfolk road, villas, Bayswater

Bennett Mrs, 24 Eldon road, Kensington

Bennett Mrs, 67 Lansdowne road, Kensington park

Bennett Rev. G. 31 Brunswick gardens, Kensington

Bennett W. 4 Catherine terrace, Holland park road, Kensington

Bennett W. E. 4 James street, Paddington

Benoliel J. 55 Portsdown road, Maida hill

Benrimo Miss J. 5 Lanark villas, Maida vale

Benson E. L. 10 Kensington palace gardens, Kensington

Benson G. 22 Westbourne terrace north, Paddington

Benson J. W. 13 Ladbroke terrace, Notting hill

Benson Miss, 13 Hyde park street, Hyde park

Benson Mrs, 13 & 14 Park place villas, Paddington

Benson Mrs, 13 Westbourne crescent, Hyde park

Benson R. 16 Craven hill gardens, Bayswater

Bensuan Mrs, 24 St. Luke’s road villas, Westbourne park

Bensusan M. 4 St. Stephen’s square, Westbourne park

Bentham A. 62 Northumberland place, Bayswater

Bentham F. 2 Ivy cottages, New road, Hammersmith

Bentham Mrs, 18 Lower Phillimore place, Kensington

Bentifield C. 11 Elgin terrace, Maida vale

Bentley E. 36 Addison gardens north, Kensington

Bentley C. 3 Bath terrace, Notting hill

Bentley Mrs, 16 Eastbourne terrace, Paddington

Bentley Mrs, 8 Gordon place, Kensington

Bentley Mrs, 24 Sussex place, Kensington

Bently Mrs, 32 St. Luke’s road villas, Westbourne park

Benwell J. A. 7 Sussex place, Kensington

Benwell Mrs, 6 Wellington terrace, Hammersmith

Benyon Miss, 7 Westbourne street, Paddington

Beranger Capt. D. 37 Carlton villas, Maida hill

Bere M. 49 Norfolk square, Hyde park

Berero A. 9 Ladbroke gardens, Notting hill

Beresford Mrs, 42 Prince’s gardens, Kensington

Berger H. 30 Cleveland square, Bayswater

Berhard A. 24 Sussex gardens, Paddington

Berkeley C. 33 Ladbroke square, Notting hill

Berkeley G. 75 Elgin crescent, Kensington park

Berkeley Mrs, 37 Cambridge road, Kilburn

Berkeley Mrs, 56 Clarendon road, Notting hill

Bernard H. F. 36 Aldridge road villas, Westbourne park

Bernard J. Bayon’s cottages, Hammersmith

Bernard P. 37 Connaught square, Hyde park

Berridge T. 79 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Berry H. 27 Queen’s gate gardens, South Kensington

Berry J. Albion road, Hammersmith

Berry Mrs, 6 Norland square, Notting hill

Berry Mrs, 14 St. George’s terrace, Bayswater road

Berry W. T. 24 Fulham place, Harrow road

Berry W. 12 Lyon terrace, Maida hill

Berry —, 31 Pembridge gardens, Notting hill

Berry —, 1_a_ Chichester road, Harrow road

Bertin H. V. M.D. 11 Warwick crescent, Kensington

Bertioli Miss, 2 Southwick street, Hyde park

Bertolacci N. 19 Lancaster road, Kensington park

Bertolacci W. R. 27 Abingdon villas, Kensington

Berwick J. 14 St. George’s terrace, Kensington

Besch F. 24 Kensington park gardens, Kensington park

Besch Mrs, 14 Woolmer cottages, Hammersmith

Bescoby Mrs, 15 Notting hill terrace

Besler J. 15 Devonshire street, Hammersmith

Besley W. 73 Cambridge terrace, Paddington

Bessent Mrs, 13 St. Germains terrace, Paddington

Best C. 15 Colville square, Bayswater

Best G. 11_a_ Hethpool street, Paddington

Best Mrs, 143 Holland road, Kensington

Best Mrs, 89 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Best T. 51 Clarendon road, Kensington park

Bethell S. 16 Queen’s gate terrace, South Kensington

Bethune Lady L. 13 Prince’s gardens, South Kensington

Bethune W. A. 18 Phillimore gardens, Kensington

Betts E. 237 Portland road, Notting hill

Betts J. 4 Laurel cottages, Hammersmith

Betts Mrs, 5 Kensington gate, Kensington

Bevan A. H. 32 Queensborough terrace, Bayswater

Bevan Mrs, 45 Northumberland place, Bayswater

Bevan R. C. L. 25 Prince’s gate, South Kensington

Bewley E. C. L.C.P. Rutland house, Hammersmith

Bicker-Caarten A. 2 Warrington gardens, Maida hill

Bicker-Caarten J. M. 4 Formosa terrace, Maida hill

Bicker-Caarten P. F.R.C.S. 30 Northumberland place, Bayswater

Bickley —, 161 Westbourne terrace

Bickmore W. 24 Devonshire terrace, Notting hill

Bicknell Mrs, 92 Kensington gardens square, Bayswater

Bicknell S. 164 Westbourne terrace

Bicknell W. 30 Senior street, Paddington

Bidder G. P. 7 Clarendon road, Kensington

Biden Mrs, 7 Inverness road, Bayswater

Bidding, 49 Chichester road villas, Kilburn

Bidgood W. 19 Bark place, Bayswater

Biggar W. Keith villa, Shepherd’s bush

Bigge Mrs, 12 Cambridge square, Hyde park

Biggs H. C. 18 Delamere terrace, Paddington

Biggs J. 3 Arundel villas, Notting hill

Biggs J. 10 Malvern terrace, Kilburn

Biggs J. 10 Paddington green

Biggs Mrs, 33 Park place villas, Paddington

Biggs Mrs, 33 St. James square, Notting hill

Bilham J. 15 St. Germains terrace, Paddington

Bill H. 22 Lanark villas, Maida vale

Biller G. solicitor, 4 Tavistock terrace, Westbourne park

Billing A. 20 Blenheim crescent, Notting hill

Billinge G. T. 4 Lime grove, Shepherd’s bush

Billings D. 27 Woolmer cottages, Hammersmith

Billingsley W. 49 Addison road, Kensington

Billiter W. 32 Cornwall road, Westbourne park

Bilton C. 8 Carlisle terrace, Kensington

Bingham A. J. 5 Portsdown place, Kilburn

Bingham J. 64 Lancaster gate, Hyde park

Binnie A. 7 Upper Lansdowne terrace, Notting hill

Binnie F. 6 Addison road, Kensington

Birch B. 35 Edwardes square, Kensington

Birch E. Elizabeth cottage, Hammersmith

Birch E. 11 Kensington square, Kensington

Birch T. 229 Maida vale

Blith T. J. 10 Hamilton terrace, Bayswater

Birchall H. 4 Scarsdale terrace, Kensington

Birckinruth N. 34 Warwick road, Paddington

Bird A. Spring cottage, Hammersmith

Bird E. Hanover villa, Brook green, Hammersmith

Bird J. Phœnix lodge, Hammersmith

Bird J. 6 Upper Seymour street west, Paddington

Bird M. 15 Cambridge gardens, Kilburn

Bird Miss, 2 Elgin villas, Kensington park

Bird Miss, 8 Hyde park street, Hyde park

Bird Mrs, 62 Cambridge terrace, Paddington

Bird Mrs, 20 Norfolk square, Hyde park

Bird P. H. F.R.C.L. Norfolk square, Hyde park

Bird R. H. Columbia cottage, Hammersmith

Bird Rev. J. 15 Sussex place, Kensington

Bird W. Brook green, Hammersmith

Bird W. Hornton villa, Kensington

Bird W. L. 39 Addison gardens north, Kensington

Birdseye G. 5 Addison gardens north, Kensington

Birkett F. 10 Buckingham terrace, Kensington park

Birkinyoung J. A. 1 Warwick gardens, Kensington

Birnstingl L. 39 Colville gardens, Bayswater

Birt J. 23 Sussex gardens Paddington

Bishop D. B. Kensington park road, Kensington park

Bishop G. 9 Cromwell terrace, Harrow road

Bishop Lady, 11 Hyde park gardens

Bishop Mrs, 21 Edwardes square, Kensington

Bishop Mrs, 9 Holland place, Kensington

Bishop Mrs, 7 Newton road, Bayswater

Bishop Mrs, 60 Norfolk terrace, Bayswater

Bishop W. M. 2 Andover place, Kilburn park

Bishop W. 27 Chepstow villas street, Bayswater

Bishop W. 36 Bedford gardens, Kensington

Biss W. H. 25 St. Stephen’s road, Westbourne park

Bitter G. 26 Addison road north, Notting hill

Blachford J. 1 Edith villas, Hammersmith

Black A. 31 Hyde park gardens

Black A. 13 Pembroke square, Kensington

Black D. 5 Amberley road, Paddington

Black Miss, Aston house, Hammersmith

Blackborne A. Woolthorpe house, Paddington

Blackbourn R. 16 Tichbourne street, Paddington

Blackburn H. 19 Orsett terrace, Hyde park

Blackburn Hon. Sir C. 10 Prince’s gardens, Kensington

Blackburn J. 29 Prince’s gate, South Kensington

Blackburn Miss, 10 Prince’s gardens, Kensington

Blackburn Mrs, 12 Queen’s road, Notting hill

Blackburn P. 10 Prince’s gardens, Kensington

Blackburne Mrs, 3 Sutherland place, Bayswater

Blackden Mrs, 6 Norfolk crescent, Hyde park

Blacker J. 12 Sussex place, Hyde park

Blackett Rev. H. R. M.A., 32 Palace gardens villas, Kensington

Blackie Mrs, 39 Westmoreland place, Bayswater

Blacklock G. 23 Durham place, Kensington

Blackman, F. 9 St. George’s road, Notting hill

Blackmore C. Fern cottage, Hammersmith

Blackmore Capt. J. R.N. 22 Westmoreland road, Bayswater

Blackmore M. Wood cottage, Shepherd’s bush

Blackmore Miss, 69 Bridge road, Hammersmith

Blackmore Miss, 19 St. Peter’s square, Hammersmith

BIackmore Mrs, Stamford brook, Hammersmith

Blackwell Mrs, 46 Warwick gardens, Kensington

Blackwell Rev. W. W. 16 Earl’s terrace, Kensington

Blackwell T. 78 Pembroke road, Kensington

Blackwell W. H. 12 Scarsdale terrace, Kensington

Blackwood J. 11 Portsdown road, Maida

Blades R. H. 12 Leamington road villas, Westbourne park

Blaine D. R. F.R.G.S. 8 Southwick place, Hyde park

Blair Capt. T. 46 Queen’s gardens, Hyde park

Blair E. 36 Pembroke road, Kensington

Blair G. 22 Queen’s road, Notting hill

Blair Miss, 3 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Blake A. 12 Sutherland place, Bayswater

Blake C. H. 2 Stanley crescent, Kensington park

Blake C. H. 20 Stanley gardens, Kensington park

Blake F. 6 Carlton terrace, Paddington

Blake F. 8 Great Western crescent, Westbourne park

Blake G. 7 Stamford villas, Kensington

Blake G. 32 Tichbourne street, Paddington

Blake G. 7 Woodfield place, Paddington

Blake H. W. 20 Elm grove, Hammersmith

Blake H. 45 Oxford road, Kilburn

Blake J. 12 Cottage road, Paddington

Blake Miss, 6 Eastbourne terrace, Paddington

Blake Mrs, 6 Charlotte terrace, Hammersmith

Blake Mrs, 24 St. Stephen’s square, Westbourne park

Blake Rev. H. J. C. M.A. Percy lodge, Hammersmith

Blakeman T. 34 Norland square, Notting hill

Blakeway W. 17 Richmond road, Shepherd’s bush

Blanchard S. 3 Woodfield road west, Paddington

Blanchard W. 7 Alpha place north, Kilburn

Blanchet A. 2 Upper Holland street, Kensington

Bland G. 10 Shaftesbury terrace, Kensington

Bland Mrs, 25 Kensington gate, South Kensington

Bland Mrs, 7 Norland square, Notting hill

Blandford H. 5 Richmond terrace, Bayswater

Blandford T. 23 Oxford terrace, Paddington

Blandy A. M.D. 43 Gloucester place, Hyde park

Blane Capt. G. R.N. 21 Prince’s gate, South Kensington

Blane D. A. 21 Prince’s gate, South Kensington

Blanshard H. 18 Westbourne terrace

Blaythwayt Rev. C. 36 Victoria road, Kensington

Bleadon Mrs, 10 Brondesbury terrace, Kilburn

Bleake A. 2 Bramley road villas, Notting hill

Blenkarne D. solicitor, 6_a_ James’ street, Paddington

Blennerhassett E. M.D. 64 Norfolk terrace, Bayswater

Blethyn J. 12 Priory road, Kilburn

Bligh C. 1 St. Leonard’s villas, Maida hill

Bliss, Mrs, 52 St. Mary’s terrace, Paddington

Bliss R. 12 St. George’s road, Notting hill

Blithe Mrs, 32 Clarendon road, Notting hill

Blizard Mrs, 14 Addison terrace, Kensington

Block J. H. 27 Cleveland gardens, Bayswater

Block S. W. 15 Talbot square, Hyde park

Blocklar A. 56 Chichester road villas, Kilburn

Blogg J. 2 Creasy villas, Hammersmith

Blomfield Rev. T. 7 Lancaster gate, Hyde park

Blomfield J. 3 Bath cottages, Notting hill

Bloomfield G. 2 Flora villas, Hammersmith

Bloscam A. B. 46 Prince’s square, Bayswater

Blowers E. 33 Portland road, Notting hill

Blumberg G. F. 4 Ladbroke square, Notting hill

Blumberg Mrs, T. 23 Pembridge gardens, Notting hill

Blumberg V. The villa, Hammersmith

Blumberg V. L. A. 9 Pembridge crescent, Notting hill

Blunderfield H. 6 St. Phillip’s terrace, Kensington

Blunderfield T. 3 Elbury villas, Notting hill

Blunt Mrs, 59 Elgin crescent, Kensington park

Blunt T. 38 St. Mark’s crescent, Kensington park

Bly Miss, 32 Royal crescent, Notting hill

Blyth A. 38 Westbourne terrace

Boardman Mrs, 22 Clifton villas, Maida hill

Bobbitt H. 32 Amberley road, Paddington

Boddam Lt.-Col. 16 Queen’s gardens, Hyde park

Boddington W. C. 2 Clarendon road north, Notting hill

Boddy Mrs, 7 Howley place, Paddington

Bodell J. 4 Porteus road, Paddington

Boden G. 7 Queen’s gardens, Hyde park

Bodman B. 5 Blomfield crescent, Paddington

Bodman L. R. 2 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Boetefeur A. 45 Moscow road, Bayswater

Boffin W. 1 Hamilton terrace, Bayswater

Boggs H. 47 Inverness terrace, Bayswater

Boileau Gen. J. T. 31 Ladbroke square, Notting hill

Bokenham Miss, 32 Colville road, Bayswater

Bolby W. 5 Elgin crescent, Notting hill

Bolding J. S. 27 Elgin road, Kensington park

Boler H. 21 Pembroke square, Kensington

Bolitho J. 10 Upper Porchester street, Hyde park

Bolt Mrs, 10 Leinster square, Bayswater

Bolton G. 13 Upper Porchester street, Paddington

Bolton J. 4 Canterbury place, Maida vale

Bolton Lord, 46 Prince’s gardens, South Kensington

Bolton Mrs, 29 Pembridge villas, Bayswater

Bolton Mrs, 23 Westbourne park crescent, Paddington

Bolton R. G. 44 Queen’s gate terrace, Kensington

Bolton T. 37 Westbourne park, Paddington

Bompas G. 15 Stanley gardens, Kensington park

Bonaparte H.I.H. Prince L. Lucian, 6 & 8 Norfolk terrace, Bayswater

Bonar W. 11 Sussex place, Kensington

Bonas H. 32 Clarendon gardens, Maida hill

Bond E. 35 Clarendon square, Bayswater

Bond C. 15 Queen’s road, Notting hill

Bone T. 80 Bridge road, Hammersmith

Bones C. 4 Ladbroke villas, Notting hill

Bones J. Clarendon house, Hyde park square

Bonfield T. 33 Carlton road, Kilburn

Bonham C. H. 91 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Bonham Capt. C. 34 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Bonhole J. S. 101 Lancaster gate, Hyde park

Bonholt T. 36 Sussex gardens, Hyde park

Bonneau Mrs, 8 Pembridge place, Kensington

Bonner A. 29 Pembridge square, Notting hill

Bonner G. F.R.G.S. 42 Queen’s gate terrace, South Kensington

Bonner H. 26 Dawson place, Bayswater

Bonner Mrs, H. Westbourne park crescent, Paddington

Bonny A. F. 19 Warwick crescent, Kensington

Bontem Col. J. 22 Ledbury road, Bayswater

Boodle H. M. 6 Leinster gardens, Bayswater

Boodle H. T. 4 Palace gardens terrace, Kensington

Boodle Mrs, 33 Connaught square, Hyde park

Bookham Miss, 10 Essex villas, Kensington

Boord J. 68 Lancaster gate, Hyde park

Boose C. 45 Bloomfield road, Maida vale

Boosey T. 27 Notting hill square

Booth Capt. J. 21 Kensington crescent, Kensington

Booth J. 2 Prince’s gardens, Kensington

Booth R. 26 Cambridge road, Kilburn

Booth W. B. Spring villa, Hammersmith

Boothby J. S. Notting hill square

Boothby Mrs & Miss, 5 Clarendon place, Hyde park square

Borckenstein H. 4 Pembroke cottages north, Kensington

Boreham Mrs, Uxbridge road, Shepherd’s bush

Borgie —, 15 Cleveland gardens, Bayswater

Borkheim S. L. 10 Brunswick gardens, Kensington

Borras R. 38 Brunswick gardens, Kensington

Borrowman Mrs, 7 Radnor place, Hyde park

Boscawen Col. A. H. 33 Colville gardens, Bayswater

Bosswood Miss, 4 Upper Lansdowne terrace, Notting hill

Bostock J. 60 Bedford gardens, Kensington

Bote Mrs, 31, Cambridge road, Hammersmith

Bothamby T. H. 33 & 34 Royal crescent, Notting hill

Boubly Mrs, 67 Westbourne park road

Boucher E. 12 Oxford square, Hyde park

Boucicault G. D. 14 Queen’s gate, South Kensington

Boughey Mrs, 5 Victoria road, Kensington

Boughton G. H. 8 Denbigh road, Bayswater

Bould J. 2 Stamford villas, Kensington

Bould W. 1 Burry terrace, Paddington

Boulger B. A. 22 Scarsdale terrace, Kensington

Boully P. 3 Kensington park terrace, Kensington park

Boulton J. Hartley villa, Kensington

Boulton Mrs, 29 Phillimore gardens, Kensington

Boulton Mrs, 13 St. George’s terrace, Kensington

Boulton S. 8 Rosedale cottages, Hammersmith

Boulton T. 5 Gloucester place, Hyde park

Boulton W. 9 Holland street, Kensington

Bourn Mrs, 7 Elgin crescent, Notting hill

Bourne A. 11 Ladbroke terrace, Notting hill

Bourne J. 3 Durham place, Kensington

Bourne M. M.D. 30 Upper Phillimore place, Kensington

Bourne Miss, 25 Addison road north, Notting hill

Boutal J. 9 Devonshire street, Hammersmith

Boutcher W. 10 Elbury villas, Kensington park

Bouthman Mrs, 30 Queen’s gardens, Hyde park

Bouwers Rev. T. 9 Connaught place, Hyde park

Bovell Mrs, 34 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Bow C. 3 Woodfield terrace, Westbourne green

Bow Miss, 94 Hereford road, Bayswater

Bowcher G. D. 4 St. James’ terrace, Notting hill

Bowden E. 51 Carlton road, Kilburn

Bowden H. 40 Prince’s gate, Kensington

Bowden J. 45 Queen street, Hammersmith

Bowden R. 2 Woodfield terrace, Westbourne green

Bowen R. 3 Prince’s terrace, Hammersmith

Bowerbank Mrs, 10 Warwick gardens, Kensington

Bowker T. 66 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Bowland J. 61 Portland road, Notting hill

Bowler J. B. 2 Devonshire place, Paddington

Bowler Mrs, 23 Portsea place, Hyde park

Bowling H. P. East lodge, Hammersmith

Bowman J. H. W. 3 George street, Hammersmith

Bowman Miss 3 Priory road, Kilburn

Bowman Mrs, 19 Blenheim crescent, Notting hill

Bowman Mrs, 13 Sheffield gardens, Kensington

Bowring E. A. C.B. 69 Westbourne terrace

Bowring S. 1 Westbourne park road

Bowron Dr. 5 Burlington road, Westbourne park

Bows Capt. R.N. 5 Blomfield street, Paddington

Bryce Gen. H. 43 Porchester square, Westbourne park

Boyce Mrs, 5 Palk place villas, Paddington

Boycett H. T. M.D. 28 Stanley gardens, Notting hill

Boyd A. 76 Bedford gardens, Kensington

Boyd A. 115 Westbourne terrace

Boyd C. 2 Inverness villas, Hammersmith

Boyd C. 37 Prince’s gardens, Kensington

Boyd E. D. 32 Warwick road, Paddington

Bold J. 5 Vicarage gardens, Kensington

Boyd Miss, 81 Elgin crews, Kensington park

Boyd Miss, 3 Lansdowne terrace, Kensington

Boyd Mrs, 6 Argyll road, Kensington

Boyd Mrs, 3 Inverness terrace, Bayswater

Boyd Mrs, 4 Sussex gardens, Paddington

Boyd R. M.D. 28 Norfolk terrace, Bayswater

Boyd Rev. A. M.A. 57 Sussex gardens, Paddington

Boyd Rev. J. W. 6 Argyll road, Kensington

Boyer G. P. 8 Warwick crescent, Paddington

Boyes J. F. 10 St. James’ terrace, Paddington

Boyan H. D. 41 Warwick gardens, Kensington

Boyle H. 9 Delamere crescent, Paddington

Boyle Hon. & Rev. R. 1 Prince’s gate, Kensington

Boyle J. H. Cressy house, Hammersmith

Boyle Mrs, 10 Craven hill gardens, Bayswater

Boyle W. A. 4 Church street, Kensington

Bayswater E. 1 Alma terrace, Kensington.

Boyton W. 14 Westbourne grove north, Bayswater

Brabant W. H. 2 Upper Phillimore gardens, Kensington

Brackenbury Mrs, 47 Chepstow place, Bayswater

Bradbury T. 2 Stanlake villas, Shepherd’s bush

Braddon W. G. 4 Orsett terrace, Hyde park

Bradford E. T. 3 Shrewsbury villas, Westbourne park

Bradford J. 39 Albert road, Kilburn

Bradford Misses, 8 Talbot square, Hyde park

Bradshaw Mrs, Denbigh villa, Bayswater

Bradford Mrs, 2 Gordon terrace, Kensington

Bradford R. 14 Earl’s court terrace, Kensington

Bradford W. J. 11 Norfolk square, Hyde park

Bindley J. 5 Lawn place, Shepherd’s bush

Bradley Miss 8 Westbourne grove terrace, Bayswater

Bradley Mrs, 23 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Bradley Mrs, 14 St. Petersburgh place, Bayswater

Bradshaw Mrs, 2 Clarence terrace, Hammersmith

Bradshaw Mrs, 55 Queen’s gate, Hyde park

Bragg J. 1 Porchester gardens, Bayswater

Braggish M. 25 Russell road, Kensington

Braid C. 13 Westbourne park road

Braid J. 13 Cary villas, Hammersmith

Braiggoatte P. 12 Addison road, Kensington

Braisher E. J. 14 Portsdown road, Maida hill

Braithwaite Miss, 48 Richmond road, Bayswater

Bramell A. 48 St. James’ square, Notting hill

Brantley J. 33 Pembroke road, Kilburn

Bramstone W. 9 Blomfield terrace, Harrow road

Bramwell F. 30 Cambridge terrace, Notting hill

Bramwell Mrs, 29 Argyll road, Kensington

Brand Mrs, 5 Horbury terrace, Notting hill

Brand Mrs, 6 Upper Lansdowne terrace, Notting hill

Brand R. 2 Portsdown place, Kilburn

Brand W. 16 Aldridge road villas, Westbourne park

Brandon H. G. 15 Clarendon place, Hyde park square

Brandon T. 6_a_ Inverness terrace, Bayswater

Brangrove Mrs, 57 Queen street, Hammersmith

Brankstone M. Beauchamp lodge, Paddington

Branson Mrs, 16 Westbourne park, Paddington

Branson J. W. 21 Pembridge square, Notting hill

Branwhite T. R. 1 Bradmore park terrace, Hammersmith

Brassington J. 14 Victoria road, Kensington

Bray J. 3 Malvern terrace, Kilburn

Bravo J. 20 Lancaster gate, Hyde park

Bray Mrs, 147 Ledbury road, Notting hill

Bray Mrs, Gothic cottage, Hammersmith

Bray J. 11 Canterbury road, Kilburn

Brazier J. H. M.A. barrister, 3 St. George’s terrace, South Kensington

Brazier T. 5 Alpha terrace, Kilburn

Breach W. Osborne villa, Hammersmith

Bredow E. 28 Addison road north, Notting hill

Breech J. 5 Holland park road, Kensington

Bremner H. 3_a_ Sheffield terrace, Kensington

Bremner J. 2 Queen’s place, Hammersmith road west

Brenack T. 11 Cambridge terrace, Notting hill

Brend W. surgeon, 4 Bath place, Kensington

Brereton W. 8 Kensington square, Kensington

Brett C. 16 Pembridge square, Notting hill

Brett E. W. M.D. 43 Richmond road, Bayswater

Brett N. H. Devonshire place, Paddington

Brett W. 15 Manchester buildings, Notting hill

Brettall W. 3 Devonshire road, Hammersmith

Brettingham R. 22 Carlton road, Kilburn

Brewer E. C. LL.D. 31 St. Luke’s road villas, Westbourne park

Brewer F. E. 18 Bedford gardens, Kensington

Brewer H. 24 Portland road, Notting hill

Brewer Miss, 12 Edmund terrace, Kensington park

Brewer Mrs, 40 Westbourne park road

Brewer T. G. 51 Westbourne park road

Brewster Mrs, 24 Cambridge terrace, Notting hill

Briant W. H. 4 Kensington gate, Kensington

Brickwood Mrs, Blenheim villa, Shepherd’s bush

Bridell Mrs, 8 Victoria road, Kensington

Bridge Capt. B. R.N. 38 St. James’s square, Notting hill

Bridge G. Wood house, Shepherd’s bush

Bridge J. 57 Inverness terrace, Bayswater

Bridger J. 7 Clarence terrace, Hammersmith

Bridges W. 2 Hasboro’ street, Paddington

Bridges W. 1 Kingsley villas, Kensington

Bridgman J. H. 39 Arundel gardens, Kensington park

Bridgnell J. 7 Warwick gardens, Kensington

Briggs J. 4 Albion road, Hammersmith

Briggs J. H. 3 Gloucester place, Hyde park

Briggs E. 10 King street east, Hammersmith

Briggs Mrs, 24 Cambridge street, Paddington

Briggs T. S. 9 Pine Apple place, Maida vale

Bright Mrs, 8 Southwick crescent, Hyde park

Bright Sir C. T. 69 Lancaster gate Hyde park

Brightman Mrs, 4 Campden house road, Kensington

Brimgood W. 18 Chichester road villas, Kilburn

Brimmicombe Miss, 15 Chichester road villas, Kilburn

Brise Mrs, 9 Sussex terrace, Hyde park

Bristow Col. G. W. G. 35 Burlington road, Westbourne park

Bristow Capt. S. S. 19 Gloucester crescent, Hyde park

Bristow E. R. 5 Abingdon terrace, Kensington

Bristow R. A. 16_a_ Lancaster road, Kensington park

Brittain J. 9 Clifton villas, Maida hill

Britton J. 28 Desborough terrace, Paddington

Broad J. 9 Westmoreland place, Bayswater

Broad J. C. 9 Randolph road, Maida hill

Broad Mrs, 5 Stratheden villas Hammersmith

Broad Mrs, 49 Burlington road, Westbourne park

Broadbridge J. 12 Addison terrace, Kensington

Broadwood W. S. 3 Queen’s gate gardens, South Kensington

Brockell W. 4 Pembridge gardens, Notting hill

Brockhurst H. 1 Stanhope terrace, Bayswater road

Brocklesby W. C. 4 Maida hill

Brocman Col. 9 Brunswick gardens, Kensington

Brocksoop Mrs, 22 Carlisle terrace, Kensington

Brockwell W. 7 Godolphin road, Hammersmith

Brodie G. Percy house, Maida hill

Brodie Mrs, 2 Stratheden terrace, Hammersmith

Brodie W. 13 Delamere terrace, Paddington

Brodribb U. 11 Victoria grove terrace, Bayswater

Brodrick W. 18 Talbot square, Hyde park

Bromley C. 3 Cambridge road, Kilburn

Bromley E. 63 Richmond road, Bayswater

Bromley W. 9 Church road, Hammersmith

Bromley W. C. 8 Oxford road, Kilburn

Brook J. 48 Cleveland square, Bayswater

Brook Major, 48 Cambridge road, Kilburn

Brooke A. 1 Kensington park terrace north, Kensington park

Brooker, C. 6 Doaro place, Kensington

Brooker G. 8 Napier road, Kensington

Brooker Miss 6 & 8 St. Petersburgh place, Bayswater

Brookes C. L. 2 The Terrace, Kilburn

Brookes T. 3 Upper Phillimore gardens, Kensington

Brooking G. T. 33 Sussex gardens, Paddington

Brooking J. S. 3 Hyde park square

Brooking T. H. F.R.G.S. 5 Norfolk crescent, Hyde park

Brookman A. Howard villa, Kensington park

Brookman E. 15 St. Stephen’s road, Hammersmith

Brookman J. Dorset villa, Notting hill

Brooks J. 14 Cambridge terrace, Paddington

Brooks Miss, 2 Blomfield villas, Shepherd’s bush

Brooks Mrs, 31 Albion street, Hyde park

Brooks Mrs, 27 Aldridge road villas, Westbourne park

Brooks Mrs, 7 Stranraer place, Maida vale

Brooks Rev. W. H. St. Stephen’s parsonage, Westbourne park

Broomhall W. 20 Cumberland place, Bayswater

Brophy W. 1 The Terrace, Bayswater

Brothers F. 17 Scarsdale terrace

Brothers H. 1 Chichester villas, Kensington park

Brougham J. R. 36 Leinster square, Bayswater

Broughton T. 2 Albion street, Hyde park

Brown Capt. J. 6 Cottage road, Harrow road

Brown Col. J. 41 Elvaston place, South Kensington

Brown D. 63 Prince’s gardens, South Kensington

Brown E. 9 Gloucester place, Hyde park

Brown E. Uxbridge lodge, Shepherd’s bush

Brown G. 7 Lancaster road, Kensington park

Brown G. 89 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Brown G. 19 Paddington green

Brown G. 1 Pembroke cottages north, Kensington

Brown G. 1 Percy road, Kilburn

Brown H. 49, Elgin crescent, Kensington park

Brown H. 4 Stamford brook cottages, Hammersmith

Brown H. 9 Porchester square, Westbourne park

Brown H. 1 Prince’s terrace, Notting hill

Brown H. K. 2 Park terrace, Notting hill

Brown J. 17 Hereford road, Bayswater

Brown J. 31 Spring street, Paddington

Brown J. 30 Westbourne park crescent, Paddington

Brown J. B. 14 Cambridge street, Paddington

Brown J. D. H. 33 Prince’s gardens, South Kensington

Broun J. H. 5 Albert street, Paddington green

Brown J. H. 1_a_ Holland park, Notting hill

Brown J. jun. 13 Ladbroke gardens, Notting hill

Brown J. W. 78 Lancaster gate, Hyde park

Brown Miss 27 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Brown Mrs, 5 Briar villas, Hammersmith

Brown Mrs, 5 Brunswick gardens, Kensington

Brown Mrs, 41 Cambridge road, Kilburn

Brown Mrs, 23 Cambridge terrace, Notting hill

Brown Mrs, 1 Earl’s court terrace, Kensington

Brown Mrs, 37 Elgin crescent, Kensington park

Brown Mrs, 46 Hereford road, Bayswater

Brown Mrs, 89 Hereford road, Bayswater

Brown Mrs, 61 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Brown Mrs, 33 Prince’s gardens, South Kensington

Brown Mrs, Silkwood lodge, Kensington

Brown Mrs, 8 Westbourne park crescent, Paddington

Brown Mr, H. 28 Horbury crescent, Notting hill

Brown Mrs, J. 3 Aubrey villas, Notting hill square

Brown R. 2 Colville terrace west, Bayswater

Brown S. 6 Keith terrace, Shepherd’s bush

Brown S. R. 1 Park terrace, Notting hill

Brown T. F.R.G.S. 8 Hyde park terrace, Hyde park

Brown W. 17 Oxford square, Hyde park

Brown W. 17 Pembridge crescent, Notting hill

Brown W. 6 Pembridge square, Notting hill

Brown —, 5 Victoria street, Paddington

Browne Miss, 4 Mall terrace, Notting hill

Browne Miss A. 17 Addison terrace, Kensington

Browne Mrs, 7 Edwardes square, Kensington

Browne Mrs, 14 Kildare terrace, Westbourne park

Browne Mrs, 70 Westbourne park villas

Browne Mrs, 3 Windsor terrace, Maida hill

Browne W. 5 Northumberland place, Bayswater

Brownfield J. 26 Great Western crescent, Westbourne park

Brownhead G. 74 Pembroke road, Kensington

Browning G. T. M.D. 13 St. Stephen’s crescent, Westbourne park

Browning H. B. 14 Sussex gardens, Paddington

Browning H. 44 Westbourne park villas

Browning Miss, 5 Cottage road, Harrow road

Browning Mrs, Beaufoy terrace, Maida vale

Browning R. 19 Warwick crescent, Paddington

Brownjohn J. 9 Spring place, Hammersmith

Brownlow G. J. 4 St. Alban’s road, Kensington

Brownsmith T. G. 17 Park villas, Hammersmith

Bruce A. C. 43 Queen’s gardens, Hyde park

Bruce Hon. Mrs, 40 Prince’s gardens, Kensington

Bruce Mrs, 25 Elgin crescent, Kensington park

Bruce Mrs, 30 Oxford road, Kilburn

Bruce W. D. 144 Holland road, Kensington

Bruce W. 5 Kensington crescent, Kensington

Bruff W. 36 Cambridge road, Kilburn

Bruman Miss, Shaftesbury villa, Hammersmith

Brunswick Mrs, 26 Westbourne park terrace, Paddington

Brunt —, 10 Anglesea villas, Hammersmith

Brutton Mrs, 12 Westbourne park villas

Bruxmer M. F. 5 Hyde park terrace

Bruyard J. 37 Pembroke road, Kensington

Bryan —, 4 Cleveland cottages south, Hammersmith

Bryan E. L. 15 Kensington park gardens, Kensington park

Bryant B. 60 Albert road, Kilburn

Bryant H. 8 Denbigh terrace, Bayswater

Bryant Mrs, 3 Inverness gardens, Kensington

Bryant W. J. F.R.C.S.E., F.R.G.S. 23_a_ Sussex square, Hyde park

Bryer C. F. Park villas Hammersmith

Brydges Mrs, 3 Addison road north, Notting hill

Brydon T. Saunder’s cottage, Hammersmith

Bryne M. 25 Hornton street, Kensington

Bryne Mrs, 3 Kempshall terrace, Kilburn

Buchanan J. 20 Blomfield road, Maida hill

Buchanan Mrs, 45 Argyll road, Kensington

Buchanan Mrs, 11 Elgin crescent, Kensington park

Buchanan Mrs, 3 Sussex place, Hyde park

Buchanan R. 2 St. Leonard’s villas, Maida hill

Buchanan W. 3 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Buck Mrs, 8 Albert street, Paddington

Buck Mrs, 9 Bayswater terrace, Bayswater road

Buckheim C. A. 47 Leamington road villas, Westbourne park

Buckingham Mrs, 1 Albert street, Paddington

Buckingham Mrs, 4 St. Peter’s cottages, Hammersmith

Buckland C. 39 Cave’s terrace, Hammersmith

Buckland E. C. F.R.G.S. 36 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Buckland M. 19 Northumberland place, Bayswater

Buckland Miss, 1 Albert terrace, Notting hill

Buckland Mrs, Elm tree house, Kilburn

Buckle H. 40 Westbourne terrace

Buckle, R. 19 Cleveland square, Bayswater

Buckley R. W. 3 Albert place, Kensington

Buckley Rev. J. W. M.A. 1 St. Mary’s terrace, Paddington

Buckley T. 5 Orme square, Bayswater

Buckmaster Rev. N. N. 16 Holland street, Kensington

Bucknell D. 8 Cumberland place, Bayswater

Buckoke G. G. 4 Alexander street, Westbourne park

Buckstone G. G. 4 Queensborough terrace, Bayswater

Budd Capt. F. 7 Holland villas road, Kensington

Budd Mrs, 7 Prince’s square, Bayswater

Budd T. 17 Charles street, Paddington

Budd T. W. 13 Norfolk crescent, Hyde park

Buddell T. 16 Amberley road, Maida hill

Budden Mrs, 7 Kensington crescent, Kensington

Budge T. 7 Orchard street, Kensington

Budgeman J. 19 Buckingham terrace, Kensington park

Budgett R. 7 Pembroke road, Kilburn

Budgin Miss A. 15 Albion street, Hyde park

Buer J. K. 34 Blomfield street, Paddington

Bulkey Miss, 3 Albion street, Hyde park

Bulkley G. 2 The Terrace Bayswater

Bull A. 25 Moscow road, Bayswater

Bull E. S. 8 The Terrace, Kilburn

Bull H. 24 Sale street, Paddington

Bull J. P. 15 Hyde park street

Bull Mrs, 3 Bayswater terrace, Bayswater

Bull Mrs, 5 Clifton terrace, Maida hill

Bullen G. 17 St. Ann’s villas, Notting hill

Bullen Mrs, 17 Bayswater terrace, Bayswater

Bullen O. G. Pelham villa, Hammersmith

Buller A. P. 13 Addison crescent, Kensington

Buller Sir A. W. M.P. 4 Queen’s gate terrace, South Kensington

Bullivant T. 104 Ledbury road, Notting hill

Bullock A. 6 Lancaster gate, Hyde park

Bullock B. 34 Delamere terrace, Paddington

Bullock F. R. 91 Lansdowne road, Kensington park

Bullock E. 94 Gloucester crescent, Hyde park

Bullock J. 26 Kildare terrace, Westbourne park

Bullock J. 36 Ladbroke square, Notting hill

Bullock Rev. W. T. 3 Addison crescent, Kensington

Bullock W. J. 13 Edwarde’s square, Kensington

Bulmer R. 12 Devonshire terrace, Bayswater

Bunce W. 65 Harrow road, Paddington

Bunning Mrs, 33 Holland park, Notting hill

Bunting A. 6 Pine Apple place, Maida hill vale

Bunyan Mrs, 2 Douro, place, Kensington

Bunyard —, 31 Aldridge road villas, Westbourne park

Bunyon C. 37 Phillimore gardens, Kensington

Burbery S. H. 12 Upper Phillimore gardens, Kensington

Burch J. 22 Westbourne park terrace, Paddington

Burchell W. 46 Gloucester crescent, Hyde park

Burchell W. 1 Queen’s gate place, South Kensington

Burchett B. 4 Wellington villas, Hammersmith

Burchett H. 9 St. Stephen’s road, Westbourne park

Burchett W. Amhurst lodge, Hammersmith

Burden Mrs, 12 Warwick gardens, Kensington

Burder Mrs, 60 Queen’s gardens, Hyde park

Burdett J. 9 Westbourne terrace north, Paddington

Burdett W. 30 Bridge street, Kilburn

Burdon T. 37 Priory road, Kilburn

Burfield Mrs, 15 Lanark villas, Maida hill

Burford A. H. Seaton lodge Hammersmith

Burge and Son, 1 Marlborough villas, Hammersmith

Binge F. 14 Wellington terrace, Hammersmith

Burge F. J. jun., 11 Stratheden villas, Hammersmith

Burge J. 7 Campden hill road, Kensington

Burge W. 4 St. Katherine’s villas, Hammersmith

Burge W. F. 22 Addison road north, Notting hill

Burges G. 86 Inverness terrace, Bayswater

Burgess R. H. 4 Church road, Hammersmith

Burgess W. 2 Porchester place, Paddington

Burgett C. 34 St. Mark’s crescent, Notting hill

Burgett F. A. 3 Scarsdale villas, Kensington

Burgoyne J. 35 St. Mark’s crescent, Notting hill

Burk Miss, 4 Stamford villas, Kensington

Burke Mrs, 9 Alexander villas, Shepherd’s bush

Burke R. M. 11 Kensington park villas, Kensington park

Burke W. 9 Cambridge road, Kilburn

Burkenshaw D. F. 20 Abingdon villas west, Kensington

Burkenyoung Miss, 31 Ledbury road, Bayswater

Burleigh Mrs, 23 Delamere crescent, Paddington

Burland Rev. W. 17 Loudoun villas, Hammersmith

Burley F. 33 Woodfield place, Paddington

Burley G. 67 Bridge road, Hammersmith

Burley J. 2 Victoria grove villas, Bayswater

Burlton Col. W. C.B. J.P. Oaklands, Shepherd’s bush

Burn G. H. P. 94 Inverness terrace, Bayswater

Burn J. 22 Hethpool street, Maida hill

Burn P. G. Lavender cottages, Bayswater

Burnand A. C. 14 Hyde park gate, Kensington gore

Burnand F. F.S.A., F.G.S. 8 Sussex place, Hyde park

Burne R. H. 122 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Burne Rev. C. 38 & 39 Kensington park gardens, Kensington park

Burnel T. 15 Devonshire terrace, Bayswater

Burnell E. H. 20 Orsett terrace, Hyde park

Burnell J. T. 7 Brondesbury villas, Kilburn

Burnell Mrs, Sussex terrace, Hyde park

Burnell R. 38 St. Petersburgh place, Bayswater

Burnes Mrs, 40 Ladbroke square, Notting hill

Burnett J. 3 Beavor lane, Hammersmith

Burnett J. 17 Phillimore gardens, Kensington

Burnett J. R. F. 11 Upper Phillimore gardens, Kensington

Burnett M. B. 27 Bedford gardens, Kensington

Burnett Miss, 21 Westbourne park road

Burney Miss, 11 Maida hill west, Paddington

Burney Miss, 2 Norland place, Notting hill

Burns G. 6 Bridge avenue, Hammersmith

Burns J. F. 19 Argyll road, Kensington

Burns Miss, 31 Pembridge villas, Bayswater

Burns Rev. J. D.D. 17 Porteus road, Paddington

Burns —, 4 Buckingham terrace, Kensington park

Burr F. H. 5 Spring cottages, Hammersmith

Burr W. G. 7 Cumberland place, Bayswater

Burrage Miss 7 Inverness road, Bayswater

Burrell T. 27 Chepstow place, Bayswater

Burrell T. A. 9 Cornwall road, Westbourne park

Burrell Miss 20 Talbot square, Hyde park

Burows C. 6 Craven hill gardens, Bayswater

Burrows Mrs, 3 Burlington road, Westbourne park

Burrows Mrs, 22 Park villas, Hammersmith

Burrows W. B. 9 Royal crescent, Notting hill

Burrows R. 8 Westbourne park place, Paddington

Burry G. Weymouth lodge, Hammersmith

Bursey —, 57 Portsdown road, Maida hill

Burton C. 1 Rose cottages, Hammersmith

Burton E. Mornington lodge, Hammersmith

Burton Mrs & Miss, 1_a_ Edgware road, Paddington

Burton E. 5 Gloucester crescent, Hyde park

Burton D. F.R.S. 37 Gloucester gardens, Bayswater

Burton W. F. 6 Holland park, Notting hill

Burton H. M. 23 Howley place, Maida hill

Bury E. 26 Westbourne square, Paddington

Bury G. 8 Priam place, Hammersmith

Busby Mrs, & Miss, 9 Howley place, Paddington

Bush Miss, Claremont house, Kensington

Bush Mrs, 16 Cumberland place, Bayswater

Bushman J. 6 Victoria gardens, Notting hill

Bushman Mrs, 2 St. Leonard’s terrace, Maida Hill

Bushnell W. 3 Silchester terrace, Notting hill

Busk J. 86 Lancaster gate, Hyde park

Bussell J. 25 Cambridge terrace, Paddington

Butcher Mrs, 15 Bark place, Bayswater

Butcher W. G. 10 Blomfield terrace, Paddington

Butcher G. 13 Dawson place, Bayswater

Butcher —, 7 St. Mary’s square, Paddington

Butcher Mrs, 22 Sussex place, Kensington

Butcher Miss, 15 Westbury road, Paddington

Butland J. Harmire lodge, Hammersmith

Butland J. 24 Carlton terrace, Paddington

Butler C. 3 Connaught place, Hyde park

Butler E. 34 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Butler F. 10 Clarendon terrace, Notting hill

Butler G. 15 Clarendon road north, Notting hill

Butler J. 34 Addison road north, Notting hill

Butler J. 54 Clarendon road, Notting hill

Butler J. 2 Oxford cottages, Hammersmith

Butler Mrs, 32 Blomfield street, Paddington

Butler Mrs, 3 Earl’s court terrace, Kensington

Butler Mrs, 15 Ledbury road, Bayswater

Butler Mrs, 10 Maida hill

Butler Mrs, 16 Norfolk terrace, Bayswater

Butler Mrs, 3 Victoria grove terrace, Bayswater

Butler Mrs, 26 Warwick crescent, Kensington

Butler S. 8 Upper Westbourne terrace, Paddington

Butler S. P. 43 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Butler T. 3 Queen’s gate terrace, South Kensington

Butler W. D. 7 Monmouth road, Bayswater

Butt C. 14 Woolmer cottages, Hammersmith

Butt E. 9 Lyon terrace, Maida hill

Butt G. 1 Victoria terrace, Notting hill

Butt W. 15 Canterbury terrace, Maida vale

Buttar C. 17 St. Peter’s square, Hammersmith

Butterfield H. S. 38 Bridge road, Hammersmith

Butterfield Mrs, 6 Addison gardens north, Kensington

Butterfield W. 5 Stanhope terrace, Bayswater road

Butterick J. 2 Hethpool street, Paddington

Butterson Miss, 2 Bristol gardens, Paddington

Butterworth R. 4 Russell road, Kensington

Buttery Mrs, 4 Mall road, Hammersmith

Button Miss, 3 Ravenscourt terrace, Hammersmith

Button R. G. 3 Peel place, Kensington

Buttrick W. 41 Chichester road villas, Kilburn

Buxton H. Beaumont lodge, Shepherd’s bush

Buxton J. 3 Notting hill square

Buzzard J. E. Upper Mall, Hammersmith

Buzzard M. C. 63 Chepstow place, Bayswater

Bycroft Rev. J. 27 Gloucester gardens, Paddington

Byers Rev. S. B. 3 Edith villas, Hammersmith

Bygrave J. 3 Carlton terrace, Kilburn

Byham W. R. 11 Edith villas, Hammersmith

Byles —, Park villas, Hammersmith

Byles Sir J. B. 3 Prince’s gate, South Kensington

Bynon W. 21 Albert road, Kilburn

Byron F. H. 5 Laurel cottages, Hammersmith

Byrne J. 29 Pembroke square, Kensington

Byrne J. 22 St. Luke’s road villas, Westbourne park

Byrne J. W. 22 St. Stephen’s square, Westbourne park


Cabdy F. 29 St. Peter’s square, Hammersmith

Cadenhead Mrs, 93 Hereford road, Bayswater

Cafe T. S. 17 Kilburn Priory, Kilburn

Cahn J. 21 Westbourne terrace, Paddington

Caird J. 8 Queen’s gate gardens, South Kensington

Calcott Miss, 10 Campden grove, Kensington

Caldecott Mrs, 1 Connaught place west, Hyde park

Calder Sir H. Bart. 43 Prince’s gardens, South Kensington

Caldwell Lieut.-Col. 18 St. Stephen’s road, Westbourne park

Caley Miss, 11 Stranraer place, Maida hill

Calf W. 2 Lanark villas, Maida hill

Call Mrs M. 68 Norfolk terrace, Bayswater

Call Mrs, 26 Palace gardens terrace, Kensington

Callaghan Mrs, 5 Linden grove, Notting hill

Callahan E. 41 Albert road, Kilburn

Callahan F. 12 Buckingham terrace, Notting hill

Callard W. 26 Fulham place, Paddington

Callis Mrs, 30 Edwardes square, Kensington

Calloway Miss, 86 Hereford road, Bayswater

Calls L. 24 King street east, Hammersmith

Calverley C. S. 17 Devonshire terrace, Bayswater

Calvert T. 21 Cambridge terrace, Notting hill

Cama D. D. 16 Holland villas road, Kensington

Cambell Dr. W. 33 Brunswick gardens, Kensington

Came E. 44 Albert road, Kilburn

Camlin Mrs, 3 Delamere terrace, Paddington

Campbell A. M.D. 104 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Campbell J. 6 Bradmore park terrace, Hammersmith

Campbell J. 20 Sussex square, Hyde park

Campbell J. 106 Westbourne terrace, Paddington

Campbell Miss, 11 Blomfield terrace, Paddington

Campbell Mrs, 19 St. Luke’s road villas, Notting hill

Campbell Mrs, 50 Westbourne park road, Bayswater

Campbell Mrs & J. F. Niddry lodge, Campden hill, Kensington

Campbell Mrs, 17 Lancaster gate, Hyde park

Campbell Mrs, 37 Hyde park gardens

Campbell Mrs, 2 Park place gardens, Paddington

Campbell Mrs, 4 Porchester place, Hyde park

Campbell Rev. W. 38 Talbot terrace, Paddington

Campbell W. 49 Oxford terrace, Hyde park

Campbell —, 9 Randolph gardens, Kilburn

Candler E. 31 Oxford road, Kilburn

Cane J. C. 36 Edwardes square, Kensington

Cane Mrs, 14 Flora villas, Hammersmith

Canham G. 20 Gold Hawk terrace, Hammersmith

Canham W. 82 Norfolk terrace, Bayswater

Canning Lady, 12 Sussex terrace, Hyde park

Canning Mrs, 17 Devonshire street, Hammersmith

Cannon Mrs, 20 Sutherland place, Bayswater

Cannon T. 13 Beaver Lane, Hammersmith

Cantlake J. 1 St. Agnes’ villas, Bayswater

Cantlon M. 3 Norfolk terrace, Bayswater

Capel A. B. 61 Princes square, Bayswater

Capel J. 62 Westbourne terrace, Paddington

Caplin G. 8 Briar villas, Hammersmith

Camby Mrs, 3 Delamere terrace, Paddington

Capes H. 2 Stratheden villas, Hammersmith

Capp J. 31 Westbourne park terrace, Paddington

Capper Mrs, 6 Edith villas, Hammersmith

Carbery Mrs, 92 Ledbury road, Bayswater

Carbery R. 28 Fulham place, Paddington

Cardale W. W. 4 Connaught place west, Hyde park

Carden T. 14 Douglas place, Bayswater

Cardwell T. 71 Lancaster gate, Hyde park

Careington J. 22 Godolphin road, Hammersmith

Carew J. 40 Cambridge street, Hyde park

Carew Miss, 10 Gloucester crescent, Bayswater

Carey R. M. 20 Clarendon road, Notting hill

Carey W. J. 92 Hereford road, Bayswater

Carist J. 15 Canterbury terrace, Kilburn

Cargill F. A. 41 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Carlile Miss, 33 Argyll road, Kensington

Carlyle Rev. G. 9 St. Philip’s terrace, Kensington

Carlyle —, 9 Cleveland terrace, Paddington

Carlton G. 8 Blomfield road, Maida hill

Carne J. H. 19 St. Stephen’s square, Westbourne park

Caroline Mme., 121 King street west, Hammersmith

Carpenter A. B. 1 Sutherland gardens, Maida hill

Carpenter Mrs, 23 Leinster square, Bayswater

Carpenter J. E. 53 Norland square, Notting hill

Carr C. R. 14 Abingdon terrace, Kensington

Carr Dr. R. 23 Chepstow villas, Bayswater

Carr G. C. 27 St. Peter’s square, Hammersmith

Carr M. 23 Cleveland gardens, Bayswater

Carr J. 7 Bouverie street, Paddington

Carr Miss, 8 Devonshire place, Paddington

Carr Mrs, B. 3 Holland park, Notting hill

Carr Mrs, 51 Cambridge terrace, Paddington

Carrick Miss, 94 Ledbury road, Bayswater

Carrick Mrs, 58 Queen’s gardens, Bayswater

Carrington Mrs, 16 St. George’s terrace, South Kensington

Carroll J. 23 Notting hill square, Notting hill

Carrow Rev. H. 4 St. Leonard’s terrace, Maida hill

Carruthers, J. 12 Hanover terrace villas, Notting hill

Carruthers Mrs, 1 Brunswick gardens Kensington

Carter A. 9_a_ Canterbury road, Kilburn

Carter C. 25 Portsdown road, Maida hill

Carter C. F. 1 Lorraine terrace, Hammersmith

Carter C. G. 12 Newton road, Bayswater

Carter J. 11 Lower Phillimore place, Kensington

Carter J. 14 Queen street, Hammersmith

Carter J. 1 Verulam terrace, Hammersmith

Carter Miss, 2 Kensington park gardens, Kensington park

Cartel Mrs, 21 Kilburn park road, Kilburn

Cartel Mrs, Admiral, 7 Shaftesbury terrace, Kensington

Carter S. 40 Hyde park square

Carter T. 8 Colville terrace east, Bayswater

Carter W. 10 Albion street, Hyde park

Cartel W. 35 Carlton villas, Maida vale

Cartel W. 23 Colville square, Bayswater

Cartel W. B. 9 Shaftesbury terrace, Kensington

Cartwright G. 30 Caroline place, Bayswater

Cartwright G. 29 Pembridge crescent, Notting hill

Cartwright T. B. 23 Stanley crescent, Notting hill

Carvell Mrs, 10 Warwick crescent, Paddington

Carver J. 18 Buckingham terrace, Notting hill

Carver Rev. W. J. 36 Westbourne park villas

Cary Mrs, 10 Westbourne crescent, Paddington

Case H. 29 Blomfield road, Paddington

Case R. 70 Inverness terrace, Bayswater

Casey J. A. 46 Blomfield road, Paddington

Casey T. 29 Addison road, Kensington

Casnoff H. 81 Lancaster gate Hyde park

Casavette Mrs, 47 Porchester terrace, Bayswater

Cassavetfi Mrs, 38 Gloucester gardens, Paddington

Cass J. 149 Ledbury road, Bayswater

Cassels W. R. 54 Queen’s gate, South Kensington

Casson H. 53 Argyll road, Kensington

Castle H. 30 Eastbourne terrace, Paddington

Cater G. 4 Sunderland terrace, Bayswater

Cater J. 25 Durham terrace, Bayswater

Cater T. D. 29 Maida hill west, Paddington

Cathcart Misses, 35 Pembroke road, Kensington

Catling J. H. 59 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Cato J. 48 Cambridge terrace, Paddington

Cator Miss B. 33 Phillimore gardens, Kensington

Catrick T. 12 Philip terrace, Harrow road

Catsworth J. 13 Addison road, Kensington

Cattermole G. 8 Alexandra terrace, Kilburn

Cattley H. G. 23 Hyde park gate south, Kensington

Cattley W. E. 23 Hyde park gate south, Kensington

Catton Mrs, 57 Priory road, Kilburn

Cattori F. 45 Edwardes square, Kensington

Cauderoy C. 1 Loudoun villas, Hammersmith

Cave J. A. 34 Queen street, Hammersmith

Cave S. 37 Chichester road villas, Kilburn

Cave W. 36 Alfred road, Paddington

Cavefy J. 26 Pembridge gardens, Notting hill

Cayford E. 8 Portsdown road north, Maida hill

Celli Baroness, 23 Chepstow place, Bayswater

Cicognani J. A. 27 Elm grove, Hammersmith

Ciden E. 4 Devonshire terrace, Kensington

Chadwick A. 107 Hereford road, Bayswater

Chadwick Mrs, 2 Addison terrace, Notting hill

Chadwick Mrs, 21 Upper Phillimore place, Kensington

Challis W. H. 9 Durham place, Notting hill

Chalmers Rev. W. M.A. 43 Westbourne park road

Chalonel P. 2 Prince’s terrace, Hammersmith

Chanett A. 7 Oxford terrace, Hyde park

Chambers C. Blenheim house, Blenheim crescent, Notting hill

Chambers C. 11 Brunswick gardens, Kensington

Chambers C. 19 Russell road, Kensington

Chambers D. N. 23 Carlton road, Kilburn

Chambers E. 2 Crawford villas, Albion road east, Hammersmith

Chambers J. D. & Hon. Mrs, 16 Prince’s gardens, South Kensington

Chambers Major, 9 Edmund terrace, Kensington park

Chambers Mrs, 6 Campden hill road, Kensington

Chambers Mrs, 24 St. Mary’s terrace, Paddington

Chambers Rev. J. C. 25 Woolmer cottages, Hammersmith

Chamberlain A. 27 Brondesbury villas, Kilburn

Chamberlain G. Staine’s cottage, King street, Hammersmith

Chamberlain J. 13 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Chamberlain Miss, 11 Westbourne terrace road, Paddington

Chamberlain Mrs, 4 Albion villas, Hammersmith

Chamberlain Mrs, 46 King street east, Hammersmith

Chamberlain T. 19 Elm grove, Hammersmith

Champion Mrs, H. 4 Alma terrace, Kensington

Champion W. H. 30 Arundel gardens, Kensington park

Chance G. 23 Leinster gardens, Bayswater

Chandler J. 2 King street west, Hammersmith

Chandler Miss, 3 Norland terrace, Notting hill

Chandler Mrs, 75 Clarendon road, Notting hill

Chandler Mrs, 37 Pembroke square, Kensington

Chandler W. 24 Pickering place, Bayswater

Channell Sir W. F. 2 Clarendon place, Hyde park

Chapell Mrs, 6 Cambridge road, Hammersmith

Chapell Mrs, 10 Hampden street, Harrow road

Chapell R. 45 Brindley street, Harrow road

Chaplin Mrs, 15 Carlton terrace, Paddington

Chaplin Mrs, 5 Devonport road, Hammersmith

Chaplin Mrs, 2 Hyde park gardens

Chaplin Mrs, 50 Norfolk square, Paddington

Chapman C. 51 Colville gardens, Bayswater

Chapman C. 29 Inverness terrace, Bayswater

Chapman H. 66 King street east, Hammersmith

Chapman J. 13 Devonshire street, Hammersmith

Chapman J. 7 St. Phillip’s terrace, Kensington

Chapman J. Coningham house, Shepherd’s bush

Chapman L. 76 Ledbury road, Bayswater

Chapman Misses, 6 Cleveland gardens, Bayswater

Chapman Mrs, 3 Addison terrace, Kensington

Chapman Mrs, 17 Burlington road, Westbourne park

Chapman Mrs, 4 Durham terrace, Westbourne park

Chapman Mrs, 50 Hereford road, Bayswater

Chapman Mrs, 10 St. Peter’s terrace, Hammersmith

Chapman Mrs, W. H. 61 Colville gardens, Bayswater

Chapman Mrs, W. H. Ashchurch villa, Hammersmith

Chapman W. 34 Cambridge terrace, Paddington

Chard S. 5 Colville terrace east, Bayswater

Chard S. 32 Woolmer cottages, Hammersmith

Charetti Capt. J. 11 Hornton street, Kensington

Charie Mrs, 5 Porchester place, Hyde park

Charles A. 8 Elgin crescent, Notting hill

Charles —, 28 Great Western terrace, Westbourne park

Charles —, 18 Tavistock terrace, Westbourne park

Charles Mrs, Orsett terrace, Paddington

Charlton E. 5 Albion place, Hyde park

Charnock Dr. F.S.A., F.R.C.S., 30 Woolmer cottages, Hammersmith

Charter B. 37 Cirencester street, Harrow road

Charriere Miss, 11 Colville gardens, Bayswater

Chase —, 47 Chichester road villas, Kilburn

Cheese H. C. 26 Moscow road, Bayswater

Cheestham E. W. 16 Elgin crescent, Notting hill

Chemery Miss, 38 Queen’s road, Bayswater

Cheney J. 22 Albert road, Kilburn

Chenoweth Mrs, 24 Sutherland place, Bayswater

Cherrell S. 13 Lansdowne terrace, Notting hill

Chester G. 10 St. Alban’s road, Kensington

Chevalier R. M. 8 Colville square, Bayswater

Chew Mrs, 36 Addison road, Kensington

Chew T. 15 Durham terrace, Westbourne park

Cheyax Mrs, 27 Sussex gardens, Hyde park

Cheyne J. 22 Albert road, Kilburn

Chichester G. 11 Abingdon terrace, Kensington

Chilcott R. 1 Burlington road, Westbourne park

Child R. J. 32 Ladbroke square, Notting hill

Child J. 14 The Terrace, Kilburn

Childe H. W. C. 27 Scarsdale villas, Kensington

Childers H. C. E. M.P. 17 Prince’s gardens, South Kensington

Childerstone C. 2 Addison road north, Notting hill

Chilman E. 8 Addison terrace, Notting hill

Chilton Miss, 18 Upper Seymour street west, Hyde park

Chipp J. 9 Addison terrace, Notting hill

Chipp Miss, 13 Napier road, Kensington

Chittendon C. 4 Priory road, Kilburn

Chitty J. W. 34 Queensborough terrace, Bayswater

Chitty T. 47 Lancaster gate, Hyde park

Chope Miss, 86 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Chope T. 86 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Chope W. 30 Arundel gardens, Kensington park

Corlvy —, 27 Norland square, Notting hill

Chowne Dr. 8 Connaught place west, Hyde park

Chowne J. A. 153 Westbourne terrace, Paddington

Christian W. 1 Bark place, Bayswater

Christie J. H. 9 Stanhope street, Hyde park

Christie Miss, 6 Marlborough terrace, Kensington

Christie Mrs, 22 Andover road, Hammersmith

Christie J. R. 9 Arundel gardens, Kensington park

Christy —, 1 Upper Westbourne terrace, Paddington

Church W. 18 Kensington park terrace north, Notting hill

Churchhill Mrs, Carlton road, Kilburn

Churchill R. 1 Lanark villas, Maida hill

Churchhouse E. 13 Pickering place, Bayswater

Chynoweth J. 84 Holland park, Kensington

Clarence —, 4 Cornwall terrace, Paddington

Clare G. 5 Montague place, Hammersmith

Clare Rev. H. J. 2 Malvern terrace, Kilburn

Claridge C. 24 Kilburn Priory, Kilburn

Clapham D. H. 9 St. Mary Abbott’s terrace, Kensington

Clapham J. 4 Brunswick terrace, Kensington

Clapp Miss, 13 Cambridge terrace, Paddington

Clark A. 31 Addison gardens, Kensington

Clark A. 5 Westbourne square, Paddington

Clark B. 28 Eastbourne terrace, Paddington

Clark C. Rosetta villa, New road, Hammersmith

Clark C. 3 Kensington palace green

Clark C. 25 Kildare terrace, Bayswater

Clark C. 9 Alpha place north, Kilburn

Clark C. 65 Hereford road, Bayswater

Clark C. 1 Cambridge terrace, Notting hill

Clark E. C. 4 Abingdon villas west, Kensington

Clark F. 2 Upper Seymour street west, Hyde park

Clark F. J. Park lodge, Edgware road, Kilburn

Clark G. 12 Alpha place north, Kilburn

Clark H. 18 Gloucester terrace, Paddington

Clark J. 28 Great Western terrace, Westbourne park

Clark J. 6 Alfred road, Paddington

Clark J. Clifton house, Ladbroke grove, Notting hill

Clark J. 42 Brindley street, Paddington

Clark Miss, 1 Denbigh terrace, Notting hill

Clark Miss, 15 Clifton villas, Paddington

Clark Miss, Lancaster lodge, New road, Hammersmith

Clark Misses, 11 St. Stephen’s road, Westbourne park

Clark Mrs, M. 26 Pembridge square, Notting hill

Clark Mrs, 44 Addison road, Kensington

Clark Mrs, 29 Lanark villas, Maida hill

Clark Mrs, 70 Gloucester crescent, Bayswater

Clark Mrs, 25 Victoria grove, Kensington

Clark N. 2 St. James’ terrace, Notting hill

Clark R. 21 Chepstow villas, Bayswater

Clark S. 6 Beresford terrace, Notting hill

Clark T. 9 Victoria grove terrace, Bayswater

Clark W. 4 Canterbury terrace, Kilburn

Clark W. A. 27 Westbourne square, Paddington

Clark —, 7 Leamington road villas, Westbourne park

Clarke Col. W. 2 Notting hill terrace, Notting hill

Clarke E. 13 St. Mary’s square, Paddington

Clarke E. 29 Westbourne park villas, Paddington

Clarke F. 31 St. Stephen’s road, Westbourne park

Clarke G. 29 Norland square, Notting hill

Clarke J. 5 Pembridge villas, Bayswater

Clarke J. 70 Portland road, Notting hill

Clarke J. H. 9 Lancaster terrace, Hammersmith

Clarke J. J. 23 Hornton street, Kensington

Clarke Miss, 223 Maida vale, Paddington

Clarke Mrs, 9 Grove terrace, Hammersmith

Clarke Mrs, E. D. Derby villa, Shepherd’s bush

Clarke R. 13 Notting hill square, Notting hill

Clarke S. 1 Grange bank villas, Hammersmith

Clarke W. H. 6 Leinster terrace, Bayswater

Clarke W. 18 Kensington park gardens, Notting hill

Clarke —, 51 Notting hill square, Notting hill

Clarke —, 20 Beaufoy terrace, Maida hill

Clarkson F. S. 25 Pembridge gardens, Notting hill

Claxton Rev. J. D. 13 Pembroke road, Kensington

Clay A. B. 3 Percy villas, Campden hill

Clay J. 3 Spring place, Hammersmith

Clayton J. 134 King street west, Hammersmith

Clayton J. 49 Oxford road, Kilburn

Clayton S. 17 Kildare gardens, Bayswater

Clayton W. M.D. on diseases of the heart, Edith house, Hammersmith road

Clayton —, Jasamine cottage, Albion road, Hammersmith

Cleather W. 14 Kensington gate, South Kensington

Clemens Mrs, 28 Bedford gardens, Kensington

Clement C. 30 Victoria road, Kensington

Clement W. C. 39 Oxford road, Kilburn

Clements H. 20 Andover road, Hammersmith

Clements Mrs, 10 Chichester road villas, Kilburn

Clements W. 13 Hornton street, Kensington

Clementson F. F. 17 Notting hill square, Notting hill

Clemons Gen. C. 4 St. Stephen’s crescent

Cleno Mrs, 4 Bramley road villas, Notting hill

Clerk Capt. 24 Earl’s terrace, Kensington

Cliburn J. 13 Cambridge street, Paddington

Clifford C. Kilburn lodge, Edgware road, Kilburn

Clifford F. W. 3 Kildare terrace, Bayswater

Clifford Major, 39 St. Peter’s square, Hammersmith

Clifford Mrs, 90 Praed street, Paddington

Clifford Mrs, 22 Fulham place, Paddington

Clift G. 3 Cambridge villas, Hammersmith

Clift Mrs. 5 The Terrace, Kilburn

Clinton Mrs, 13 Campden grove, Kensington

Clissold Rev. H. M.A. 19 Talbot square, Hyde park

Clode C. M. 47 Phillimore gardens, Kensington

Clode Mrs, 20 Amberley road, Maida hill

Close Mrs, 8 Orsett terrace, Hyde park

Cloud G. 6 Cleveland cottages, Hammersmith

Cloud J. 7 Flora villas, Hammersmith

Clough Mrs, 21 Campden hill road, Kensington

Clowes W. F.R.G.S. 51 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Clowes Mrs, 1 Inverness terrace, Bayswater

Clutterbuck Mrs, 9 Queen’s gate gardens, South Kensington

Coats Misses, 5 Stanley gardens, Notting hill

Coates E. 17 Park place villas, Paddington

Cobb W. 6 St. Mark’s road, Notting hill

Cobb E. 40 Abingdon villas, Kensington

Cobb F. B. 9 Craven hill gardens, Bayswater

Cobbet Mrs, 23 Carlisle terrace, Kensington

Coben Mrs, 23 Inverness road, Bayswater

Cobham Misses. 2 St. Peter’s terrace, Notting hill

Cobham T. E. 24 Scarsdale villas, Kensington

Coburn J. 23 Pembridge villas, Bayswater

Cochrane G. E. 6 St. Stephen’s road, Westbourne park

Cockburn W. 33 Talbot terrace, Westbourne park

Cockburn J. 6 Norland terrace, Notting hill

Cockburn H. B. 7 Craven hill gardens, Bayswater

Cockburn F. S. 16 Hereford road, Bayswater

Cockburn W. 26 Horbury crescent, Notting hill

Cockburn F. 9 Scarsdale villas, Kensington

Cockerell T. J. 33 Queen street, Hammersmith

Cockerton A. 2 Buckingham villas, Notting hill

Cocks L. S. 80 Addison road, Notting hill

Cocks Mrs, 87 Norfolk terrace, Bayswater

Cocks Rev. H. 19 Edwardes square, Kensington

Coclough Mrs, 53 Westbourne terrace, Paddington

Codd Miss, 66 Bedford gardens, Kensington

Codd Mrs, 10 Devonshire terrace, Kensington

Codd W. W. 1 Cambridge villas, Hammersmith

Codrington T. 5 Norland square, Notting hill

Coe Miss, 28 Dawson place, Notting hill

Coffin Mrs, 25 Cleveland square, Bayswater

Coffin W. 47 Prince’s gate, Smith Kensington

Coghlan C. 19 Ladbroke villas, Notting hill

Coghlan H. T. 14 Hyde park gardens

Coghlan J. J. M.D. 81 Clarendon road, Notting hill

Cohen A. 88 Gloucester terrace, Bayswater

Cohen D. 12 Clarendon gardens, Paddington

Cohen Dr. W. 26 Oxford road, Kilburn

Cohen H. 5 Southwick crescent, Hyde park

Cohen H. L. 2 Cleveland terrace, Bayswater

Cohen L. 44 Portsdown road, Maida hill

Cohen N. 52 Porchester terrace, Bayswater

Cohena —, 65 Portsdown road, Maida hill

Coke C. 6 Kilburn Priory, Kilburn

Coke M. 11 St. James’ square, Notting hill

Colbourne J. S. 4 Blomfield villas, Shepherd’s bush

Cole E. J. 86 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Cole E. N. 6 Gloucester crescent, Paddington

Cole F. W. 7 Church road, Hammersmith

Cole J. 31 Carlton villas, Maida vale

Cole Miss, 22 Vale place, Hammersmith road

Cole Miss, Penton villa, Clarendon place, Hyde park

Cole Miss, 25 Lanark villas, Maida hill

Cole Mrs, 14 Leamington road villas, Westbourne park

Cole Mrs, 1 Alpha terrace, Kilburn

Cole W. R. 6 Burlington road, Westbourne park

Cole R. 24 Colville square, Bayswater

Cole S. J. 43 Northumberland place, Bayswater

Colebeck T. 12 Hornton street, Kensington

Colebrooke T. 239 Maida vale, Paddington

Coleman D. 37 Royal crescent, Notting hill

Coleman G. 5 Palace gardens villas, Kensington

Coleman H. 6 Prince of Wales’ terrace, Kensington

Coleman J. 65 Bedford gardens, Kensington

Coleman J. 9 Earl’s court terrace, Kensington

Coleman J. 10 Spring street, Paddington

Coleman R. 31 Pickering place, Bayswater

Coleman S. 15 King street east, Hammersmith

Coleridge J. D. G.C. 6 Southwick crescent, Hyde park

Coles H. 16 Queen street, Hammersmith

Coles J. 11 Hyde park street, Hyde park

Coles J. 11 Leinster gardens, Bayswater

Coles Mrs, 121 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Coles W. H. 30 Cambridge terrace, Hyde park

Collard Mrs, 19 Cambridge road, Kilburn

Collard W. 20 Black Lion lane, Hammersmith

Collette C. H. 9 Warrington terrace, Maida hill

Collette W. L. Uxbridge road, Shepherd’s bush

Collette —, 9 Ashchurch terrace, Hammersmith

Collings D. 1 Stanlake villas, Shepherd’s bush

Collings S. 6 Blomfield street, Paddington

Collins E. Catherine cottage, Kensington park road

Collins E. 42 Kensington park gardens, Notting hill

Collins E. 53 Westbourne park villas, Paddington

Collins H. H. Frankfort house, Randolph road, Maida hill

Collins J. 6 Newton terrace, Bayswater

Collins J. 3 Mall road, Hammersmith

Collins, J. 11 Anglesea villas, Hammersmith hill

Collins Miss, 59 Cambridge terrace, Paddington

Collins Miss, 27 Oxford terrace, Hyde park

Collins Mrs, 8 Pembridge gardens, Notting hill

Collins Mrs, 137 Queens road, Bayswater

Collins Mrs, 16 Blenheim crescent, Notting hill

Collins Mrs, 5 Inverness terrace, Kensington

Collins T. 10 Earl’s court terrace, Kensington

Collins T. 22 Albert street, Paddington

Collins T. 4 Andover terrace, Kilburn

Collins T. G. 68 Pembroke place, Kensington

Collins T. 41 Pembroke road, Kilburn

Collins W. 17 Convent gardens, Kensington park

Collins W. 2 Catherine cottages, Kensington

Collis H. W. R. 85 Bridge road, Hammersmith

Collis Mrs, 9 Addison crescent, Kensington

Collison C. 17 Douglas place, Bayswater

Collison J. 9 Clarendon gardens, Maida hill

Collingwood J. C. 2 Edith villas, Hammersmith

Collett T. 8 Hereford road, Bayswater

Collie A. 12 Kensington palace gardens, Bayswater

Collie G. 7 Northumberland place, Bayswater

Collier E. 39 St. James’ square, Notting hill

Colliett Miss, 47 Northumberland place, Bayswater

Collnet W. 11 Addison road, Kensington

Collnett F. 8 Pembroke road, Kensington

Collnett W. 20 Essex villas, Kensington

Collyer Col. G. 57 Kensington gardens square, Bayswater

Collyer Mrs, 6 Myrtle place, Hammersmith

Collinson A. M.A. 19 Oxford terrace, Hyde park

Colson E. 2 Carey villas, Hammersmith

Colston Mrs, 14 Bedford gardens, Kensington

Colquhoun J. 30 Kensington park terrace north, Notting hill

Colt F. H. 6 Clarendon gardens, Maida hill

Coltman W. B. 8 Hyde park gardens

Colville B. 26 Oxford square, Hyde park

Colville E. D. 9 The terrace, Bayswater

Colwell J. 20 Arundel gardens, Kensington park

Colwell J. 34 Great Western terrace, Westbourne park

Colyar A. F.S.A. 14 Notting hill square, Notting hill

Colyer Mrs, 3 Canterbury terrace, Kilburn

Combe Mrs, 11 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Comber S. 26 Bridge street, Kilburn

Combs W. A. 7 Vicarage gardens, Kensington

Compton H. Seaforth house, Clarendon terrace, Notting hill

Compton T. 4 Bramley road, Notting hill

Compton T. W. 68 Princes square, Bayswater

Comyn F. 59 Cleveland square, Bayswater

Condon M. Prospect cottage, Prospect place, Hammersmith

Coney C. 10 Carlton road, Kilburn

Congreve B. 8 Maida hill west, Paddington

Conliffe R. 14 St. Stephen’s square, Westbourne park

Connell O. 5 Holland terrace, Kensington

Conoll Mrs, 4 Clarendon place, Hyde park

Connolly T. 5 Chichester road villas, Kilburn

Connor Mrs, H. 13 Garway road, Bayswater

Conquer Miss, 5 Campden hill road, Kensington

Constable J. 6 Leonard place, Kensington

Conway H. 20 St. Stephen’s road, Westbourne park

Cooch Mrs, 2 Portland place, Hammersmith

Cooch R. B. 2 Portland place, Hammersmith

Coghill A. 47 Portland road, Notting hill

Cook C. 2 Bassein villas, Hammersmith

Cook E. 50 Hereford road, Bayswater

Cook G. 7 Durham terrace, Bayswater

Cook G. H. 4 Petersham terrace, South Kensington

Cook M. 2 Alpha place north, Kilburn

Cook H. 13 Devonshire place, Paddington

Cook J. 2 Avenue terrace, Hammersmith

Cook Miss, 7 Bedford gardens, Kensington

Cook Miss, 6 St. Agnes’ villas, Bayswater road

Cook Mrs, 17 Albion street, Hyde park

Cook Mrs, 16 Portsea place, Hyde park

Cook Mrs, 13 Newton terrace, Bayswater

Cook Mrs, 21 Westbourne park crescent, Paddington

Cook R. 16 Addison terrace, Kensington

Cook R. 49 Albert road, Kilburn

Cook R. T. 1 Upper Portsdown gardens, Maida hill

Cook T. 10 Cambridge place, Kensington

Cook W. 3 Cottage road, Paddington

Cook W. H. 25 Kensington park gardens, Notting hill

Cook W. 155 Ledbury road, Bayswater

Cook W. B. 9 Portland place, Hammersmith

Cook —, 8 Douro place, Kensington

Cooke W. 9 Victoria terrace, Notting hill

Cooke N. F.R.G.S. 5 Ladbroke terrace, Notting hill

Cooke E. 13 Eldon road, Kensington

Cooke E. W. R.A., F.R.S., 9 Hyde park gate, South Kensington gore

Cooke C. 15 Kensington park terrace, Notting hill

Cooke G. 20 King street east, Hammersmith

Cooke G. F. 12 Lansdowne crescent, Notting hill

Cooke D. 2 Cambridge villas, Hammersmith

Cooke Mrs, 2 Pembroke terrace, Kensington

Cooke Miss, 172 Queen’s road, Bayswater

Cooke J. H. 105 Westbourne grove, Bayswater

Cookes Capt. G. 6 Prince’s gate, South Kensington

Cookesley Rev. W. G., 22 St. Peter’s square, Hammersmith

Cookson Mrs, 20 Devonshire terrace, Paddington

Cooley W. 49 Albert road, Kilburn

Coomb J. 13 Pembridge place, Bayswater

Coomes M. 13 Kilburn Priory, Kilburn

Cooper C. 4 Abingdon villas, Kensington

Cooper Mrs, 13 Cambridge road, Hammersmith

Cooper G. 17 Bridge road, Hammersmith

Cooper W. G. 53 Argyll road, Kensington

Cooper J. 29 Alpha terrace, Kilburn

Cooper Mrs, 3 Carton place, Westbourne park

Cooper J. G. 8 Fulham place, Paddington

Cooper Mrs, C. 57 Gloucester terrace, Paddington

Cooper Mrs, 26 Durham terrace, Westbourne park

Cooper G. 17 Devonshire street, Hammersmith

Cooper C. Kensington palace green, Kensington

Cooper G. 37 King street east, Hammersmith

Cooper H. W. 5 Ravens place, Hammersmith

Cooper J. 5 Pembroke villas, Bayswater

Cooper T. 5 Pembroke terrace, Kensington

Cooper Mrs, 1 Portland place, Hammersmith

Cooper Sir D. Bart. 20 Prince’s gardens, South Kensington

Cooper S. T. 7 Queen’s gate, South Kensington

Cooper G. E. 16 Queensborough terrace, Bayswater

Cooper Miss, 22 Stanley gardens, Notting hill

Cooper T. 6 Victoria road, Kensington

Coote Sir C. H. 5 Connaught terrace, Hyde park

Coote J. 35 Norfolk square, Paddington

Cope C. W. R.A. 19 Hyde park gate, Kensington gore

Cope G. 30 Denmark road, Kilburn

Cope F. 15 Upper Westbourne terrace, Paddington

Copeland S. 6 Hyde park terrace, Bayswater road

Copland W. 6 Catherine cottage, Kensington

Copp G. 32 Eastbourne terrace, Paddington

Copp T. 57 Oxford terrace, Hyde park

Corballis Mrs, 15 Inverness road, Bayswater

Corbaux Miss, 45 Edwardes square, Kensington

Corbett G. 10 Norland place, Notting hill

Corbett Miss, 11 Oxford terrace, Hyde park

Corbould E. 6 Prince of Wales’ terrace, Kensington

Corcoran J. Grove house, Hammersmith road west

Cordery Mrs, 31 Edmund terrace, Kensington park

Cordery E. 1 Oakland’s terrace, Shepherd’s bush

Cordon R. 9 Inverness road, Bayswater

Corey A. 13 Clarendon road, Notting hill

Corfield G. 31 Porchester square, Bayswater

Corfield Mrs, 9 Talbot terrace, Bayswater

Corke R. 6 Kensington park terrace north, Notting hill

Corke Miss, 5 Shrewsbury villas, Westbourne park

Connell S. 1 Devonshire terrace, Kensington

Cornfield Col. 2 Bedford gardens, Kensington

Cornfield A. K. 12 Pembridge crescent, Notting hill

Cornimell R. 16 Upper Phillimore gardens, Kensington

Cornwall Miss, 57 Addison road, Kensington

Corpe S. 13 Phillimore gardens, Kensington

Corrie A. 75 Cambridge terrace, Paddington

Corser R. 44 Norland square, Notting hill

Cosier R. A. 23 Upper Phillimore gardens, Kensington

Cosier H. 14 Argyll road, Kensington

Costello T. B. 13 St. Mary’s terrace, Paddington

Cottam G. 31 Queen’s gardens, Bayswater

Cotter D. 14 Orchard street, Kensington

Cotton Gen. 2 Brunswick gardens, Kensington

Cotton J. 63 Norfolk terrace, Bayswater

Cotton Miss, 1 Park cottages, Hammersmith

Cotton Mrs, 22 Sheffield terrace, Kensington

Cotton T. F. 24 Sheffield terrace, Kensington

Cotton H. 2 Southwick place, Hyde park

Cottrell J. 2 Arbutus place, Hammersmith

Cottrell E. 4 Devonshire place, Paddington

Coulston Miss, E. 5 Inkerman terrace, Kensington

Courage H. 56 Queen’s gate, South Kensington

Courjon A. F. 2 St. Stephen’s, square, Westbourne park

Courtauld S. 76 Lancaster gate, Hyde park

Courtenay W. J. 6 Waterloo houses, Kilburn

Courtice J. 35 Pembroke square, Kensington

Courtice F. 36 Pembroke square, Ken.

Courtney T. 10 Bathurst street, Hyde park

Cousens R. T. 4 Kensington palace gardens, Bayswater

Cousens W. 1 Blenheim villas, New road, Hammersmith

Cousens G. 1 Portsea place, Hyde park

Cousins W. 2 Alexander terrace, Hammersmith

Cousitt A. 49 Leamington road villas, Westbourne park

Coutts G. 5 Lyon terrace, Maida hill

Covan Mrs, 9 Bristol gardens, Paddington

Coventry Mrs, 9 Queen’s gate terrace, South Kensington

Covey Mrs, 64 Oxford terrace, Hyde park

Cowan A. 39 Inverness terrace, Bayswater

Cowan Rev. J. G. Lansdowne villas, Hammersmith

Cowan A. 4 Connaught square, Hyde park

Cowan J. E. 59 Prince’s square, Bayswater

Cowan H. 22 Stanley crescent, Notting hill

Cowan Mrs, 11 Warwick crescent, Paddington

Coward J. H. 23 Blomfield terrace, Paddington

Coward Mrs, A. 1 Ashchurch villas, Hammersmith

Cowburn G. 26 St. Stephen’s road, Westbourne park

Cowdray J. 98 Norfolk terrace, Bayswater

Cowell J. W. 41 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Cowell Mrs, 12 Inkerman terrace, Kensington

Cowell H. 30 Pembroke road, Kensington

Cowell R. 3 Portsea place, Hyde park

Cowie Mrs, 21 Stanley crescent, Notting hill

Cowie T. S. 15 Hyde park square

Cowie J. 74 Ledbury road, Bayswater

Cowley T. 35 Canterbury road, Kilburn

Cowton M. 23 Sheffield terrace, Kensington

Cox Mrs, 67 Clarendon road, Notting hill

Cox —, 21 Andover road, Hammersmith

Cox E. B. 2 Arundel gardens, Kensington park

Cox E. W. 30 Holland villas road, Kensington

Cox W. 4 Gloucester crescent, Bayswater

Cox L. P. 7 Colville gardens, Bayswater

Cox Mrs, 6 Wilby terrace, Notting hill

Cox W. 31 Leamington road villas, Westbourne park

Cox Rev. S. 10 Stratheden villas, Hammersmith

Cox J. 17 Palace gardens villas, Kensington

Cox Mrs, 16 Scarsdale villas, Kensington

Cox G. 15 Southwick crescent, Hyde park

Cox Rev. J. E. M.A., F.S.A., 24 Talbot terrace, Westbourne park

Cox Mrs, 40 Talbot terrace, Westbourne park

Coxe P. 1 Stanley terrace, Notting hill

Coxhead J. 19 Portsea place, Hyde park

Coxwell Col. J. A. S. 18 St. Stephen’s square, Westbourne park

Coyne J. S. 1 Shrewsbury terrace, Bayswater

Cracknell S. 7 Ladbroke square, Notting hill

Cracknell T. 241 Maida vale, Paddington

Crafer F. 16 Clarendon road, Kensington

Craft F. 12 Cambridge road, Hammersmith

Craid W. 7 Elvaston place, South Kensington

Craig J. 1 Askew road, Shepherd’s bush

Craig W. 26 Northumberland place, Bayswater

Craigie Mrs, 1 Hyde park terrace, Bayswater road

Craik A. S. 7 Ladbroke villas, Notting hill

Crake Mrs & Miss, 10 Stanhope street, Hyde park

Crake W. H. 9 Sussex square, Hyde park

Cramer W. 2 Abingdon villas, Kensington

Crane J. 5 Alma terrace, Kensington

Crane Miss, 3½ The Terrace, Kensington

Cranfield W. 6 Lyon terrace, Maida hill

Cranford Lieut.-Gen. J. R. 36 Prince’s gardens, South Kensington

Craven L. 7 Queen’s gate terrace, South Kensington

Craven W. G. & Lady Mary, 33 Queen’s gate terrace, South Kensington

Crawford C. 29 Lower Phillimore place, Kensington

Crawford E. 4 Foxley road, Kensington

Crawford G. 20 Chichester road villas, Kilburn

Crawford Miss, 39 Chichester road villas, Kilburn

Crawford T. Kensington gardens square, Bayswater

Crawford N. 2 Ladbroke gardens, Notting hill

Crawford J. 4 Elvaston place, South Kensington

Crawley Mrs, 6 Durham villas, Kensington

Crawley J. G. 32 Edwardes square, Kensington

Creagh Gen. 4 St. Stephen’s road, Westbourne park

Crealock Mrs, 3 Stanhope place, Hyde park

Creed Miss, 37 Great Western terrace, Westbourne park

Creed Mrs, 35 Oxford terrace, Hyde park

Cremorne Dowager Lady, 34 Princes gate, South Kensington

Creser Capt. T. R.N. 36 Kildare terrace, Bayswater

Creser A. 18 Vale place, Hammersmith road

Cresswell Mrs, 34 Abingdon villas, Kensington

Cresswell C. 2 Victoria road, Kensington

Creswick T. R.A. 8 Linden grove, Notting hill

Crewdson Mrs, 10 Theresa terrace, Hammersmith road west

Crewe Col. R. 5 Devonshire terrace, Hyde park

Crewe G. 3 Ladbroke place east, Notting hill

Crewe Lady, 17 Southwick crescent, Hyde park

Crews C. 5 Cambridge gardens, Kilburn

Crick Mrs, 5 Richmond villas, Bayswater

Cripps G. W. 6 Devonport street, Hyde park

Cripps J. 5 Pine Apple place, Maida vale

Crisfield W. 27 Oxford road, Kilburn

Crispigny Misses de, Bayswater hill, Bayswater

Crispin C. 2 Charles place, Kensington

Crisp J. Queen’s cottage, New road, Hammersmith

Crispe C. 44 Northumberland place, Bayswater

Crockett Mrs, 32 Cambridge terrace, Paddington

Crockett E. A.B. 59 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Crockett Miss, 5 Porteus road, Paddington

Crockford Mrs, 9 Lancaster road, Notting hill

Crofton F. L. 71 Gloucester place, Hyde park

Crofton Major-Gen. J. 29 Sussex gardens, Hyde park

Croggan T. J. 22 Kensington gardens square, Bayswater

Crokat Mrs, 9 Chester place, Hyde park square

Croke C. J. 16 Warwick crescent, Paddington

Croker E. W. 14 King street east, Hammersmith

Crompton T. R. 12_a_ Kensington square, Kensington

Crompton C. 89 Oxford terrace, Hyde park

Crooke Mrs, 46 Queen street, Hammersmith

Crookes J. Masboro’ house, Brook green, Hammersmith

Crooks A. 4 Clifton terrace, Notting hill

Crooks Mrs, 16_a_ Edith villas, Hammersmith

Crosbie W. A. 3 Alexander terrace, Westbourne park

Crosby J. 24 St. Stephen’s road, Westbourne park

Cross Mrs, 32 Delamere terrace, Paddington

Cross Miss, 2 Edwardes place, Kensington

Cross Miss, 4 Aubery villas, Notting hill

Cross W. 5 Kensington park terrace north, Notting hill

Croswell Mrs, 34 Kensington gardens square, Bayswater

Crothall Miss, 3 Burry terrace, Paddington

Crouch W. 10 Bayswater terrace, Bayswater

Crouch Dr, 2 Arundel villas, Notting hill

Crow T. G. 6 Wellington villas, Hammersmith

Crow Mrs, 2 French cottages, Hammersmith

Crow C. Ashburton cottage, Hammersmith

Crow C. J. 5 Spring place, Hammersmith

Crowder Mrs, 148 Queen’s road, Bayswater

Crowe Rev. W. 6 Ravenscourt terrace, Hammersmith

Crowe E. F. 2 Scott’s Avenue, Hammersmith

Crowley R. 6 Elgin road, Notting hill

Croxford A. J. 8 Northumberland place, Bayswater

Cruse W. H. 6 Monmouth road, Bayswater

Cruikshank Lady Ann, 16 Somer’s place, Hyde park

Cruttenden Capt. C. L. 8 Talbot terrace, Westbourne park

Cullingford W. 1 Chepstow villas west, Bayswater

Cullingford H. 11 Pembridge villas, Bayswater

Cullingford W. H. 7 Phillimore gardens, Kensington

Cullum W. Malvern house, Malvern road, Kilburn

Culpin Mrs, 17 Portsea place, Hyde park

Cumberbatch A. 46 Lancaster gate, Hyde park

Cumberland Mrs, 88 Oxford terrace, Hyde park

Cunard Sir S. Bart. 26 Prince’s gardens, South Kensington

Cundall W. V. 246 Maida vale, Paddington

Cumming Mrs, 9 Devonshire terrace, Kensington

Cumming D. 49 Cambridge street, Hyde park

Cumming G. 33 Inverness road, Bayswater

Cumming Miss, 6 Kensington square, Kensington

Cumming R. 10 Notting hill square, Notting hill

Cumming Mrs, 28 Talbot terrace, Westbourne park

Cumming H. 2 Talbot villas, Westbourne park

Cumming Mrs, 23 Upper Seymour street west, Paddington

Cunliffe J. 2 Lancaster gate, Hyde park

Cunliffe R. F.R.G.S. 10 Queen’s gate, South Kensington

Cunningham Mrs, 7 Blomfield street, Paddington

Cunningham Col. F. 18 Clarendon road, Notting hill

Cunningham Gen. A. 20 Clarendon road, Notting hill

Cunningham Mrs, 65 Chepstow place, Bayswater

Cunningham H. 1 Albion place, Hammersmith

Cunningham A. N. 2 Cambridge place, Kensington

Cunningham Mrs, 6 Inverness road, Bayswater

Cunningham E. 1 Mall road, Hammersmith

Cunningham Mrs, 8 Lancaster street, Bayswater road

Cunningham J. E. 82 Portsdown road, Maida hill

Cunningham H. 4 York villas, Kensington

Curchin Mrs, 2 Victoria terrace, Notting hill

Curgenven G. J. 9 Inverness road, Bayswater

Curle C. 11 Godolphin road, Hammersmith

Curlewis H. 24 Godolphin road, Hammersmith

Curling R. 55 Princes square, Bayswater

Curnock A. 17 Maida hill west, Paddington

Curnock H. & J. A. 1 Woodfield road, Harrow road

Currie —, 18 Ledbury road, Bayswater

Currie J. M. 57 Lancaster gate, Hyde park

Currie Miss, 10 Addison gardens north, Kensington

Curry S. 8 Marlborough terrace, Harrow road

Curryer W. 19 Ledbury road, Bayswater

Curson Miss, 15 Edwardes square, Kensington

Curtis Mrs, 24 Holland villas road, Kensington

Curtis W. 9 Brunswick cottages, Hammersmith

Curtis P. 3 Courtland terrace, Kensington

Curtis —, 14 Albert street, Paddington

Curtis C. 27 Kilburn priory

Curtis Rev. W. M.A. 4 Kensington park terrace north, Notting hill

Curtis Mrs, 22 St. Mary’s terrace, Paddington

Curtis F. A. 13 Kensington park gardens, Notting hill

Curtis W. 5 Pickering place, Bayswater

Curtis G. 9 Park terrace, Kensington park

Curtis J. 111 Westbourne terrace, Paddington

Curzon Hon. G. 47 Argyll road, Kensington

Cust W. 4 Holland park road, Kensington

Cust Mrs, 19 St. Leonard’s terrace, Maida hill

Cutler E. 18 Bridge terrace, Paddington

Cutling J. 14 Canterbury terrace, Kilburn

Cuttance J. F. M.P.C. 7 Kilburn square, Kilburn

Cutts Rev. E. M.A. 1 Oxford road, Hammersmith


Dabbs Miss, 33 St. Mark’s crescent, Kensington park

Dachtler J. 79 Cirencester street, Harrow road

Da Costa Mrs, 7 Orsett place, Hyde park

Dacosta Mrs, 19 Warrington crescent, Maida hill

Dadds W. Cumberland place, Bayswater

Dadge W. M. 11 Clarendon villa, Brook green, Hammersmith

D’Aaeth G. W. H. 33 Inverness terrace, Kensington park

Dainton P. F. 17 Albert street, Paddington

D’Albere Mme. 15 Lancaster road, Notting hill

D’Albites E. 42 Pembridge villas, Bayswater

Dalby W. 10 Desborough terrace, Harrow road

Dalby J. 4 Westbourne park crescent, Paddington

Dale Capt. 68 Bedford gardens, Kensington

Dale S. 2 Carlton road, Kilburn

Dale E. S. 15 Hyde park gate south, Kensington

Dale G. C. 1 Ledbury road, Bayswater

Dale Mrs, 9 Park place, Kensington

Dale G. T. 8 Pembridge place, Bayswater

Dale W. W. 5 St. James’ terrace, Paddington

Dallimore Mrs, 3 St. Mary’s terrace, Paddington

D’Almaine H. 13 Victoria road, Kensington

Dalphin Mrs, Edgware road, Kilburn

Dalrymple H. 37 Addison gardens north, Kensington

Dalston H. M. 4 Portsdown road north, Maida vale

D’Alton O. 4 Charlotte terrace, Brook green, Hammersmith

Dalton R. N. 4 Blomfield street, Harrow road

Dalton Miss, 6, Vale place, Hammersmith road

Dalton E. 16 Porchester square, Westbourne park

Dalton Mrs, 6 Princes road, Notting hill

Dalton H. 36 Westbourne park

Daly C. 3 Cambridge place, Kensington

Daly C. 23 Priory road, Kilburn

Daly Mrs, 30 Pembroke square south, Kensington

Daly Mrs, 17 St. George’s terrace, Kensington

Dalzell J. E. 19 Westbourne grove north, Bayswater

Dalziel J. 39 Aldridge road villas, Westbourne park

Dalziel W. J. 30 Clarendon road, Notting hill

Damper H. 14 Victoria street, Paddington

Danby T. 30 Addison road north, Notting hill

Danby Mrs, 7 Arbutus place, Brook green, Hammersmith

Dancer Mrs, 7 Albert place, Kensington

Dancer Miss, 76 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Dangerfield A. 35 Argyll road, Kensington

Daniel T. 22 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Daniel H. M. 11 Lansdowne crescent, Notting hill

Daniel R. 3 Pereira place, Shepherd’s bush

Daniel E. J. 17 Sussex square, Hyde park

Daniell Mrs, W. F. 6 Delamere street, Paddington

Daniell J. L. 1 Devonport street, Hyde park

Daniell Miss, 4 Durham villas, Kensington

Daniell A. B. 81 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Daniells N. 26 Brunswick gardens, Kensington

Daniells Lieut.-Col. J. T. 22 Inverness terrace, Kensington gardens

Daniels Mrs, 40 Alfred road, Harrow road

Daniels Mrs, 17 Blomfield street, Upper Westbourne terrace, Paddington

Daniels J. 7 Albion place, Brook green lane, Hammersmith

Daniels J. 14 Caroline place, Bayswater

Danoy Mrs, 26 Clarendon street, Harrow road

Dapling Miss, 48 Talbot square, Hyde park

Darbey —, 28 St. James’ square, Notting hill

D’Arbois Capt. F. C. 5 Randolph gardens, Kilburn

Darbourn Mrs, 87 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Darby J. B. 3 Carlisle villas, Askew road, Shepherd’s bush

Darby C. H. Park place villas, Maida hill west

Darbyshire J. 51 Pembridge villas, Bayswater

D’Arcy Mrs, 7 Elgin crescent, Notting hill

Darge H. W. 7 Elm grove, Hammersmith

Darkin Miss, 8 Lawn place, Shepherd’s bush

Darke S. 7 Grove terrace, Hammersmith

Darling A. Elm cottage, Brook green, Hammersmith

Darling H. T. 10 Convent gardens, Kensington park

Darling G. 31 Pembridge square, Notting hill

Darlington H. 4 Lanark villas, Maida vale

Darney L. 47 Richmond road, Bayswater

Dart J. H. 27 Cleveland square, Bayswater

Darton W. R. 12 Campbell street, Paddington

Darvell E. S. 12 Bridge avenue, Hammersmith

Darvell Rev. J. 12 Vale place, Hammersmith road

Darvill F. 4 Durham place, Notting hill

Dashwood Capt. E. J. 3 Westbourne street, Hyde park

Dassent J. B. F.R.G.S. 15 Warwick road, Paddington

Date Miss, 10 Westbourne grove terrace, Bayswater

Daudey Mrs, 10 Cambridge terrace, Kensington

Daukes Miss, 2 Westmoreland place, Bayswater

Dauncey G. 11 Alfred road, Harrow road

Daunt W. H. 10 Queens gate gardens, South Kensington

Davenport E. G. 5 Albion street, Hyde park

Davenport Miss, 2 Canning place, Kensington

Davenport Lady. 15 Ladbroke villas, Notting hill

Davenport Mrs, G. E. 27 Pembroke square, Kensington

Davenport G. 5 Sheffield terrace, Kensington

Davey Mrs, 1 Albion gardens west, Hammersmith

Davey D. 3 Alpha place north, Kilburn

Davey A. 5 Cirencester street, Harrow road

Davey R. 30 Clarendon street, Harrow road

Davey C. 8 Devonshire street, Hammersmith

Davey —, 9_a_ Hethpool street, Maida hill

Davey Mrs, 22 Kilburn square, Kilburn

Davey W. T. 5 Avenue terrace, New road, Hammersmith

Davey H. 15 Norfolk square, Hyde park

Davey W. 12 Pembroke road, Kilburn

Davey M. 121 Portland road, Notting hill

Davey T. S. M.D. Park house, Silchester road, Notting hill

David T. 3 Lyon terrace, Maida hill

Davidson Mrs, 1 Albert street, Paddington

Davidson Rev. N. 9 Aldridge road villas, Westbourne park

Davidson Dr. 9 Bayswater hill, Bayswater

Davidson T. 14 Caves terrace, Hammersmith

Davidson J. 3 Denmark road, Kilburn

Davidson J. Queensberry lodge, Elgin crescent, Kensington park

Davidson J. M.D. 2 Gloucester crescent, Hyde park

Davidson G. F. 14 Gloucester place, Hyde park

Davidson Mrs, 2 Gordon place, Kensington

Davidson C. T. 2 Hyde park square

Davidson J. 14 Inverness road, Bayswater

Davidson J. 61 Lancaster gate, Hyde park

Davidson Mrs, 47 Leinster square, Bayswater

Davidson Mrs, 3 Palace gardens villas, Kensington

Davidson C. 11 & 12 Pembridge place, Bayswater

Davidson 26 Porchester square, Westbourne park

Davidson T. 60 Richmond road, Bayswater

Davies Mrs, 5 Bedford gardens, Kensington

Davies T. R. 17 Carlton road, Kilburn

Davies J. 17 Denmark road, Kilburn

Davies T. 6 Lancaster road east, Westbourne park

Davies T. 107 Ledbury road, Bayswater

Davies Mrs, 112 & 114 Ledbury road, Bayswater

Davies E. 28 Leinster square, Bayswater

Davies Mrs Col. 63 Oxford terrace, Hyde park

Davies Rev. W. K. 45 Princes gate, South Kensington

Davies G. 23 St. Stephen’s road, Hammersmith

Daviniere W. T. 18 Blomfield road, Maida hill

Davimere Lieut.-Col. 10 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Davis Z. 28 Alfred road, Harrow road

Davis P. 23 Amberley road, Maida hill

Davis W. 44 Bark place, Bayswater

Davis —, 35 Brindley street, Harrow road

Davis N. 28 Cambridge road, Kilburn

Davis R. 29 Cambridge terrace, Paddington

Davis J. 5 Carlton terrace, Kilburn

Davis Mrs, 4 Caroline place, Bayswater

Davis G. H. LL.D. 35 Clarendon road, Notting hill

Davis G. 20 Devonshire terrace, Notting hill

Davis L. 6 Gloucester gardens, Bayswater

Davis D. 40 Kensington gardens square, Bayswater

Davis W. 36 Kensington square, Kensington

Davis W. 62 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Davis J. E. 3 Leonard place, Kensington

Davis Rev. H. C. 23 Paddington green

Davis F. 3 Pembridge gardens, Notting hill

Davis Rev. T. 12 St. Ann’s road villas, Notting hill

Davis Mrs, 14 St. Germains terrace, Paddington

Davis G. 4 St. Mark’s road, Kensington park

Davis T. 16 Shaftesbury terrace, Kensington

Davis W. 5 Tavistock terrace, Notting hill

Davis T. 27 Tichbourne street, Edgware road

David C. 2 Upper Porchester street, Hyde park

Davis Mrs, 23 Westbourne park

Davis Mrs, 2 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Davis Mrs, 1 Westbury road, Paddington

Davis A. 8 Woodfield place, Paddington

Davis Miss, 7 Woodstock road, Shepherd’s bush

Davison Dr. J. M. 9 Garway road, Bayswater

Davison W. 12 Upper Berkeley street west, Hyde park

Davy W. A. M.R.C.P. 13 Pembridge crescent, Notting hill

Davy W. 18 Pembroke road, Kensington

Davy G. T. 18 Sussex square, Hyde park

Davy Mrs, 5 Upper Seymour street west, Hyde park

Daw H. 7 Carlton terrace, Harrow road

Dawbin —, 14 Blenheim crescent, Notting hill

Dawe Miss, 1 Carlisle terrace, Kensington

Dawe A. 6 Convent gardens, Kensington park

Dawe G. 7 & 8 Statham street, Harrow road

Dawes H. 6 Hyde park gardens

Dawes Miss, 7 Oxford road, Kilburn

Dawkins H. 1 Desborough terrace, Harrow road

Daws J. 10 Ranelagh road, Paddington

Dawson G. 15 Andover road, Hammersmith

Dawson W. 18 Campden grove, Kensington

Dawson Mrs, 27 Edmund terrace, Kensington park

Dawson 27 Inverness road, Bayswater

Dawson Miss, 65 Oxford terrace, Hyde park

Dawson J. 28 Sussex square, Hyde park

Dawson Miss, 38 Westbourne park villas

Day W. Pembroke cottage, Black Lion lane, Hammersmith

Day H. 44 Bridge road, Hammersmith

Day Mrs, 25 Burlington road, Westbourne park

Day R. 18 Charles street, Paddington

Day R. 4 Eastbourne terrace, Paddington

Day J. T. 27 Edmund terrace, Kensington park

Day G. 13 Elgin crescent, Kensington park

Day Mrs, 90 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Day J. The cottage, New road, Hammersmith

Day T. 12 Newton terrace, Bayswater

Day J. 86 Oxford terrace, Hyde park

Day Mrs, 49 Westbourne park road

Days Miss, 5 Sydney terrace, Edgware road, Kilburn

Deacon A. E. 12 Leonard place, Kensington

Deacon C. 5 Orsett place, Hyde park

Deacon E. 6 Sussex place, Hyde park

Dean S. 13 Cleveland square, Bayswater

Dean Miss, 3 Douro place, Kensington

Dean J. 137 Ledbury road, Bayswater

Dean Mrs, 35 Porchester square, Westbourne park

Dean T. 9 Radnor place, Hyde park

Dean R. 17 Upper Southwick street, Paddington

Dean H. 13 Victoria street, Paddington

Deane J. 3 Bridge terrace, Harrow road

Deane J. P. Q.C., D.D.C.L. 16 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Dear R. 2 St. Agnes villas, Shepherd’s bush

Dearberg J. F. D. 17 Ladbroke crescent, Notting hill

Dearle W. 7 Norfolk terrace, Bayswater

Dearmer T. Somerset house, Kilburn

De Arrovave A. 48 Prince’s gate, South Kensington

Debear T. 8 Kensington crescent, Kensington

Debenham H. 56 Addison road, Kensington

Debenham W. 3 Porchester square, Westbourne park

Debenham Mrs, 90 Portsdown place, Maida hill

Debney C. 3 Andover villa, Kilburn

De Bergue C. 17 Kensington palace gardens, Bayswater

De Bliss Baron, 35 Cambridge street, Edgware road

Debnam Major R. J. 15 Kensington gate, South Kensington

De Boos E. 19 Sheffield terrace, Kensington

De Brion —, 75 Princes square, Bayswater

De Bruyn Miss, 34 Hyde park square

De Castro J. 19 Colville square, Bayswater

De Castro P. 7 Leonard place, Kensington

De Castro H. 10 Leonard place, Kensington

Decondra Mrs, 26 Porchester terrace, Bayswater

De Courcy J. 38 Cornwall road, Westbourne park

Dee G. 6 College terrace, Hammersmith

Dee L. 27 Grove terrace, The Grove, Hammersmith

Deeks W. 11 Richmond road, Bayswater

Deer J. R. 16 Cornwall road, Hammersmith

Defaire E. 61 Chepstow place, Bayswater

Deffell Mrs, 6 Upper Porchester street, Hyde park

De Fivas Mrs, 7 Newton terrace, Bayswater

De Foley A. 21 Cornwall road, Westbourne park

De Gendre Comte Pierre, 68 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Deighton Mrs, 53 Clarendon road, Notting hill

De la Chapelle Viscountess, 6 Kensington gore lower, Kensington

Delacomte Lieut.-Gen. 19 Albion street, Hyde park

De La Fosse F. J. 16 Cleveland square, Bayswater

Dalamore H. 61 Hereford road, Westbourne grove

De La Motte Mrs, 15 Craven hill gardens, Bayswater

De La Peor Mrs, 14 Cleveland square, Bayswater

Delapierre C. F.S.A. 35 Howley place, Maida hill west

Delaporte J. P. 4 Burlington road, Westbourne park

Delcomyn Mrs, 67 Addison road, Kensington

De Leon Dr. 15 Holland villas road, Kensington

Delevoye —, 52 Elgin crescent, Notting hill

Delfosse Miss, 131 Queens road, Bayswater

De Lisle W. A. 14 Addison road, Kensington

Dell W. 17 St. George’s road, Notting hill

Deller W. 4 Ashchurch villas, New road, Hammersmith

Delmar A. 24 Upper Phillimore gardens, Kensington

Delo Mrs, 16 Bayswater terrace, Bayswater road

Demergue F. 83 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Demnoge D. 35 Sutherland place, Bayswater

De Mornay H. 26 St. James square, Notting hill

Demarney A. 21 Leinster square, Bayswater

Dempsey Miss, 3 Addison terrace, Notting hill

Dempsey Mrs, 2 Randolph gardens, Kilburn

De Murrieta J. 5 Phillimore gardens, Kensington

Denger J. 4 Burry terrace, Westbourne square

Denham C. J. 21 Carlton road, Kilburn

Denham Admiral, 16 Delamere terrace, Paddington

Denham Mrs, 1 Queen’s place, Hammersmith road west

Denby G. 4 St. Stephen’s road, Hammersmith

De Nicholas W. A. 29 Bridge road, Hammersmith

Deman Miss, 9 Inkerman terrace, Kensington

Denman J. L. 27 Kensington gardens square, Bayswater

Dennett C. F. 18 Ladbroke square, Notting hill

Denney Mrs, 7 Grove terrace, The Grove, Hammersmith

Denney T. A. 101 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Denning Mrs, 3 Gordon place, Kensington

Dennis Major-Gen L. 12 Albert place, Kensington

Dennis Mrs, 12 Albert place, Kensington

Dennis C. 31 Bridge street, Kilburn

Dennis Mrs, 16 Pembridge crescent, Notting hill

Dennison S. 43 Clarendon street, Harrow road

Dennison Mrs, 108 Westbourne park road

Dent T. 12 Hyde park gardens

Dent D. 6 Sheffield terrace, Kensington

Denyer W. 4 Francis street, Paddington

De Pas E. 50 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

De Pass M. 23 Norfolk square, Hyde park

De Pass 135 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

De Pothomer H. 16 Brunswick gardens, Kensington

Derenzy Major, 5 Ladbroke crescent, Notting hill

Derfaur H. 12 The Terrace, Kilburn

De Rivaz V. C. 4 Shrewsbury road, Westbourne park

Dermer W. 2 Pembridge crescent, Notting hill

Derrick Major D. 37 Burlington road, Westbourne park

Derring E. 16 Dawson place, Bayswater

Derry W. 9 Craven hill, Bayswater

Derry Mrs, 36 St. James square, Notting hill

Deny C. 2 The Terrace, Bayswater

De St. Croix W. Horbury house, Ladbroke road, Notting hill

De Saumrez Lord, 41 Princes gate, Kensington

Desaxe J. 23 Oxford road, Kilburn

Desbarr Mrs, Wyndham villa, Campden hill, Kensington

Desbats Mme. 13 Anglesea villas, Hammersmith

Desborough S. 13 Leamington road villas, Westbourne park

Desborough L. 63 Leinster square, Bayswater

Despontes F. 11 St. Luke’s road villas, Westbourne park

Des Portes J. A. 2 Westbourne terrace road, Paddington

De Stern Baron, 4 Hyde park gate, Kensington gore

De Symons S. L. 24 Gloucester place, Hyde park

Dettmar M. 18 Queensborough terrace, Bayswater

Devall J. 60 Cirencester street, Harrow road

Deverell Miss, 6, Priory road, Kilburn

Deverill Miss 12 St. Germains terrace, Paddington

Devey Mrs, Carey house, Grove place, Hammersmith road west

Devoll Mrs, 5 Bark place, Bayswater

Devonold Miss, 29 Howley place, Maida hill

Devonport Miss, 13 Brunswick gardens, Kensington

Dewall Col. 5 Gordon place, Kensington

Dewar Mrs, 13 Stanley terrace, Notting hill

De Winton Gen. 15 Blenheim terrace, Notting hill

Dewis E. 13 Horbury crescent, Notting hill

Deykin L. J. 8 Spring place, Black Lion lane, Hammersmith

Diaper Mrs, 20 Aldridge road villas, Westbourne park

Dibdin F. W. Arundel house, Hyde park square

Dick W. G. 29 Leinster square, Bayswater

Dick Miss, 2 Norland square, Notting hill

Dicken Miss, 12 Addison gardens north, Kensington

Dickens Mrs, 4 Norfolk terrace, Bayswater

Dickens Mrs, 45 Westbourne park crescent, Paddington

Dickenson J. 6 Alpha place north, Kilburn

Dickenson Mrs, 7 Kensington park terrace north, Notting hill

Dickenson W. Waterloo place, Shepherd’s bush green

Dickenson J. 21 Sussex gardens, Paddington

Dickenson Mrs, 7 Warwick crescent, Kensington

Dicker R. 23 Warwick gardens, Kensington

Dickinson, 48 Queens gate terrace, South Kensington

Dickinson Mrs, 7 Warwick road, Paddington

Dickinson Miss, 10 Young street, Kensington

Dickson Miss, Swanton house, Brook green, Hammersmith

Dickson —, 93 Cirencester street, Harrow road

Dickson Mrs, 17 Clarendon road, Notting hill

Dickson W. 7 Ladbroke place west, Notting hill

Digby G. 7 Albion villas, Albion road, Hammersmith

Digby Mrs, 8 Campden hill road, Kensington

Digby K. H. 7 The Terrace, Bayswater

Dignum C. 49 Bridge road, Hammersmith

Dillon Capt. J. H. 9 Canterbury terrace, Maida vale

Dillon R. H. 9 Essex villas, Kensington

Dillon J. 31 Phillimore gardens, Kensington

Dillon Mrs, 144 Queen’s road, Bayswater

Dillon F. 13 Upper Phillimore gardens, Kensington

Diment G. 59 Albert road, Kilburn

Dimond C. J. 1 Leinster gardens, Bayswater

Dine L. 24 Palace gardens villas, Kensington

Dines H. 3 Abingdon villas, Kensington

Dinsdale J. C. 52 Cleveland square, Bayswater

Diosy M. 1 Blomfield street, Paddington

Disbrowe Miss, Kensington palace, Kensington

Disney B. W. 1 Kensington gore lower, Kensington

Ditchman W. 16 Gold Hawk terrace, New road, Hammersmith

Divers Mrs, 1 Park terrace, Notting hill

Dixey E. H. 37 Pembridge villas, Bayswater

Dixey —, Woodfield house, Woodfield road, Harrow road

Dixon Mrs, 17 Bridge avenue, Hammersmith

Dixon Mrs, 12 Colville gardens, Bayswater

Dixon H. J. 19 Kensington square, Kensington

Dixon J. W. 28 Lower Phillimore place, Kensington

Dixon Miss, 70 Portsdown road, Maida hill

Dixon J. 133 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Dobbs Mrs, 2 Rosedale cottages, Albion road east, Hammersmith

Dobie A. 4 Hyde park terrace, Kensington gore

Dobigan Major J. 5 Porchester terrace, Bayswater

Dobinson —, 14 Priory road, Kilburn

Dobinson G. J. 9 Ladbroke villas, Notting hill

Doble R. 14 Porchester place, Paddington

Dobree B. 4 Queens gate place, South Kensington

Dobson C. 58 Albert road, Kilburn

Dobson J. 73 Arundel gardens, Kensington park

Dobson T. W. 9 Brondesbury road, Kilburn

Dobson T. J. 33 Burlington road, Westbourne park

Dobson C. Grove villa, The grove, Hammersmith

Docker E. S. 6 Clarendon road, Kensington

Docker S. 4 Oxford place, New road, Hammersmith

Docker E. 17 Westbourne terrace road, Paddington

Dockerill E. 13 Clifton villas, Maida hill

Dod J. 32 Blenheim crescent, Notting hill

Dodd W. 23 Norland road, Notting hill

Dodd Miss, 94 Portland road, Notting hill

Dodd J. 8 Westbourne terrace road, Paddington

Dodge G. P. 4 Westbourne square, Paddington

Dodridge Mrs, 3 St. Phillips terrace, Kensington

Dodson C. 18 Bridge road, Hammersmith

Dodwell Mrs, 2 Anglesea terrace, Hammersmith

Doe W. 26 Campbell street, Paddington

Doetry J. Addison gardens south, Kensington

Dogett Mrs, 2 Hope terrace, Notting hill

Doggett F. 1 Agnes cottages, Elm grove, Hammersmith

Doggett F. 15 Elm grove, Hammersmith

Dohoo —, 20 Westbourne terrace north

Dolly Miss S. 12 Oxford terrace, Hyde park

Dollimore W. 3 St. James square, Notting hill

Dolman W. F. 65 Addison road, Kensington

Dolman —, 5 Craven hill gardens, Bayswater

Domett Mrs, 2 Denbigh villas, Bayswater

Domett J. 24 Great Western crescent, Westbourne park

Domett S. W. surgeon, 17 Stanley gardens, Kensington park

Domville H. 15 Gloucester crescent, Hyde park

Donagan R. 23 Lanark villas, Maida vale

Donald J. 5 Argyll road, Kensington

Donald A. 6 Warrington gardens, Maida hill

Donalds Mrs, Alma cottage, Albion road, Hammersmith

Donaldson Mrs, 21 Craven hill, Bayswater

Donaldson Sir S. A. Bart. 32 Prince’s gardens, Kensington

Donaldson Mrs, 23 Royal crescent, Notting hill

Donkin Mrs, 17 Argyll road, Kensington

Donne J. M. surgeon, 10 Lyon terrace, Maida hill

Donovan J. 4 Arbutus place, Brook green lane, Hammersmith

Doran G. 225 Maida vale, Edgware road

Doran J. A. 9 Pembridge square, Notting hill

Doran J. LL.D. 21 Royal crescent, Notting hill

Dore—, 2 Talbot villas, New road, Hammersmith

Dore Mrs, 10 Park villas, Hammersmith

Doreck Miss, 1 Kildare terrace, Westbourne park

Dorer R. The cottage, New road, Hammersmith

Doris E. 105 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Dormain J. T. 4 Pembroke road, Kilburn

Dormer J. 11 Malvern terrace, Kilburn

D’Orsey Rev. A. B. D. 8 Upper Seymour street west, Hyde park

Dougal J. D. 51 Bedford gardens, Kensington

Doughty Hon Lady, 23 Kensington square

Douglas Mrs, 34 Bark place, Bayswater

Douglas Mrs, 24 Cambridge road, Hammersmith

Douglas A. R. 1 Malvern road, Kilburn

Douglas R. 10 Norfolk crescent, Hyde park

Douglas Mrs, 6 Orsett terrace, Hyde park

Douglas J. A. 14 Porchester square, Westbourne park

Douglas W. 2 Tor villas, Campden hill, Kensington

Doutty J. 23 Brondesbury road, Kilburn

Dove T. L. 11 Devonshire terrace, Kensington

Dove —, Pembridge place, Bayswater

Dove M. 20 Pembroke road, Kilburn

Dove J. 19 Sussex place, Kensington

Dove Mrs, Tewkesbury cottage, Wood lane, Shepherd’s bush

Dover R. 4 Grove terrace, The grove, Hammersmith

Dover Mrs, 3 Richmond villas, Bayswater

Dover F. 10 St. Mary’s square, Paddington

Doveton Col. 30 Norland square, Notting hill

Doveton Lady V. 5 Sussex square, Hyde park

Dovey W. T. 4 Stanley crescent, Kensington park

Dow J. R. 7 Brondesbury road, Kilburn

Dow J. D. 9 Pembridge villas, Bayswater

Dow H. B. M.D. 9 Pembridge villas, Bayswater

Dowling E. S. 14 Holland villas road, Kensington

Dowling T. 27 Lansdowne crescent, Notting hill

Down G. M.D. 19 Abingdon villas west, Kensington

Down Dr. G. 39 Holland road, Kensington

Downard —, 88 Ledbury road, Bayswater

Downer H. C. 26 Sussex place, Kensington

Downes Mrs, 3 Abingdon terrace, Kensington

Downey Mrs, 8 Woodfield terrace, Westbourne green

Downie Mrs, 41 Leamington road villas, Westbourne road

Downing J. 182 Portland road, Notting hill

Downing H. 20 St. Mary Abbott’s terrace, Kensington

Douritt H. 9 Westbourne gardens north, Bayswater

Dowson Mrs, 48 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Dowson Mrs, 2 Sunderland place, Westbourne park

Drabble 18 Princes square, Bayswater

Draffan Mrs, 14 Notting hill terrace

Drake W. 15 Alexander street, Westbourne park

Drake Mrs, 1 Spring cottages, New road, Hammersmith

Dresser Dr. C. F.L.S. 2 Myrtle place, North end, Hammersmith

Drew G. 9 Beresford terrace, Notting hill

Drew H. 13 Black Lion lane, Hammersmith

Drew Mrs, 4 Elbury villas, Kensington park

Drew G. 2 Rosedale villas, Notting hill

Drew J. Eyndham house, Shepherd’s bush

Druce —, 49 Colville gardens, Bayswater

Druce H. 24 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Drummond Lieut.-Col. A. A. 17 Aldridge road villas, Westbourne park

Drummond Mrs, 18 Hyde park gardens

Drummond Mrs, 12 St. Luke’s road villas, Westbourne park

Drummond H. 15 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Drury Mrs, 11 Radnor place, Hyde park

Dry F. W. 18 Abingdon villas, Kensington

Dry A. 9 Abingdon villas west, Kensington

Dryden J. Granville lodge, New road, Hammersmith

Dryden C. B. 14 Norfolk square, Hyde park

Drynan J. R. 30 St. Luke’s road villas, Westbourne park

Drysdale J. 21 Campbell street, Paddington

Drysdale Miss, 4 Inverness road, Bayswater

Dubois E. barrister, 7 Sutherland place, Bayswater

Du Bouley Rev. W. T. 12 Palace gardens terrace, Kensington

Du Cane C. M.D. 54 Queen’s gate terrace, Kensington

Ducannon Mrs, 9 Orsett terrace, Hyde park

Duchense W. 28 Alexandra villas, Kilburn

Duckett —, 12 Norfolk terrace, Bayswater

Dudden Mrs, 2 Great Westbourne terrace, Westbourne park

Dudfield T. O. M.D. physician, 8 Upper Phillimore place, Kensington

Dudgeon J. H. 4 Abingdon terrace, Kensington

Dudley E. 32 Burlington road, Westbourne park

Dudley R. C. dentist, 3 Sussex place, Kensington

Dudley Mrs, 10 Upper Seymour street west, Hyde park

Duesbury H. 9 Addison road, Kensington

Duff W. 18 Orsett terrace, Hyde park

Duff M. S. E. G. M.P., F.R.G.S., Queen’s gate gardens, Kensington

Duffat Mrs, 57 Cambridge terrace, Paddington

Du Faur Miss, 74 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Duffett H. 17 Warwick crescent, Paddington

Duffield Mrs, 4 Upper Phillimore gardens, Kensington

Duga Mrs, 5 St. Mary’s square, Paddington

Dugdale J. 9 Hyde park gardens

Dugdale H. 51 Kensington gardens, Notting hill

Duguid W. 3 Westbourne park place

Dulley H. 12 St. Mark’s crescent, Kensington park

Dumbreck D. 12 Westbourne park

Dumbrell C. 5 Argyle terrace, Kensington

Dummett J. 19 Craven hill, Bayswater

Dunbar G. 9 Courtland terrace, Kensington

Dunbar Mrs, 41 Kensington park gardens

Dunbar A. 32 Leinster gardens, Bayswater

Duncan J. Randolph lodge, Elgin crescent, Notting hill

Duncan Mrs, 13 Grove terrace, The Grove, Hammersmith

Duncan Mrs, 8 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Duncan Mrs, 7 Priory road, Kilburn

Duncan A. 7 Princes gate, Kensington

Duncane Capt. R. E. 12 Chepstow villas west, Bayswater

Duncomb W. P. A. 102 Gloucester crescent, Hyde park

Duncombe F. 1 Pembroke square, Kensington

Duncombe G. F. 25 Queen’s gate

Duncombe G. F. 17 St. Stephen’s road, Westbourne park

Dundas R. M.D. 14 Gloucester road, Hyde park

Dunford C. W. 7 Chepstow place, Westbourne park

Dunford C. W. 6 Ledbury road, Bayswater

Dungate Mrs, Providence villa, Albion road east, Hammersmith

Dungett Mrs, 4 Chapel street, Hammersmith

Dukerton F. 30 Alpha place, Kilburn

Dunkett Mrs, 36 & 37 Norland square, Notting hill

Dunking J. 4 Cleveland square, Bayswater

Dunlop Mrs, 27 Colville road, Bayswater

Dunlop J. 55 Hereford road, Westbourne grove

Dunlop —, 17 Priory road, Kilburn

Dunn A. H. 13 Addison gardens north, Kensington

Dunn Rev. A. H. 39 Cromwell road, Westbourne park

Dunn J. T. H. M.D. 109 Hereford road, Westbourne grove

Dunn J. 5 Lancaster terrace, Lancaster road, Notting hill

Dunn Mrs, 11 Oxford place, New road, Hammersmith

Dunn H. 27 Paddington green

Dunn E. T. 15 Queen street, Notting hill

Dunning J. 9 Newton road, Bayswater

Dunstable Mrs, 3 St. Stephen’s terrace, Shepherd’s bush

Dunster Mrs, 18 St. Mark’s crescent, Kensington park

Dupont D. 64 Portland road, Notting hill

Durant Mrs, 17 Upper Phillimore place, Kensington

Durban J. 1 Durham place, Westbourne park

Durham W. 4 Addison road, Kensington

Durham Capt. R. B. 22 Lansdowne crescent, Notting hill

Durham H. 20 Paddington green

Durlacher M. 8 Stranraer place, Maida vale

Durnell W. 13 St. Ann’s road, Notting hill

Dutton Capt. C. 26 Beaufoy terrace, Maida hill

Dutton G. 42 Chepstow place, Bayswater

Dutton J. surgeon. 2 Theresa place, Hammersmith road west

Dutton Mrs, 17 Norfolk crescent, Hyde park

Duval —, 107 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Du Vernet Col. J. S. 19 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Dwight Mrs, 56 Burlington road, Westbourne park

Dyce Rev. A. 33 Oxford terrace, Hyde park

Dyer Mrs, 18 Campbell street, Paddington

Dyer Mrs, 25 Jonson’s place, Paddington

Dyer W. 18 Pembroke square, Kensington

Dyer J. Portland place, Hammersmith

Dyer W. J. 4 St. Ann’s road, Notting hill

Dyer Mrs, 29 Senior street, Harrow road

Dyer H. 89 Westbourne park villas

Dyke D. 19 Andover road, Hammersmith

Dyke Capt. P. H. R.N. Southwick place, Paddington

Dyke S. 13 Victoria gardens, Notting hill

Dymond Miss, 30 Priory road, Kilburn

Dynevor Lord, 19 Prince’s gardens, Kensington

Dyson J. A. 6 Cambridge place, Kensington

Dyson —, 18 Elvaston place south, Kensington


Eade C. 91 Ledbury road, Bayswater

Eade Miss, 23 Palace gardens terrace, Kensington

Eaffe Mdlle. 19 James street, Paddington

Eagle W. 6 Pembridge crescent, Notting hill

Eame Mrs, 52 Oxford terrace, Hyde park

Eardley J. 15 Charles street, Paddington

Eardley Lady, 4 Lancaster street, Hyde park

Eardley W. C. 76 Oxford terrace, Hyde park

Earl J. 26 St. Mark’s crescent, Kensington park

Earle H. E. 28 Inverness terrace, Kensington gardens

Earle J. 6 Kensington gardens, Bayswater

Earle G. 64 King street east, Hammersmith

Early B. 32 Edmund terrace, Kensington park

Earwaker G. 4 Phillip terrace, Harrow road

Easy Mrs, 29 Royal crescent, Notting hill

Easley Mrs, 4 St. Mark’s gardens, Kensington park

Eassie W. 2 Addison villas, Notting hill

East J. 4 Pomona place, Hammersmith road west

East H. V. 61 Inverness terrace, Kensington gardens

East C. 6 St. Germains terrace, Paddington

East Lady 13 Stanhope place, Hyde park

East Miss, 19 Westbourne street, Hyde park

Eastlake C. L. 6 Upper Berkeley street west, Hyde park

Easton Mrs, 44 Hyde park square

Easton R. 29 Upper Southwick street, Paddington

Eastwick Capt. W. J. 12 Leinster terrace, Bayswater

Eastwood W. 16 Canterbury terrace, Kilburn

Eastwood Mrs, 28 Gloucester place, Hyde park

Eastwood W. 25 St. Peter’s square, Hammersmith

Eaton H. S. 29 Addison gardens south, Kensington

Eaton C. 40 Bedford gardens, Kensington

Eaton G. 1 Ivy cottages, New road, Hammersmith

Eaton Mrs, 4 Northumberland place, Bayswater

Eaton H. W. 16 Prince’s gate, Kensington

Eaton Rev. W. 9 St. Stephen’s road, Hammersmith

Ebbs E. 2 Canterbury terrace, Maida vale

Ebden R. P. 1 Gordon place, Kensington

Ebden C. H. 13 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Eccleston F. 7 Amberley road, Maida hill

Eccleston Mrs, 30 Kildare terrace, Westbourne park

Eck F. V. 68 Cleveland square, Bayswater

Eckett C. 24 Campbell street, Paddington

Eckstein Mrs, 8 Argyll terrace, Kensington

Eckstein Miss, 10 Prince’s square, Bayswater

Ecles H. 48 St. Mary’s terrace, Paddington

Eddells Mrs, 68 Norfolk terrace, Bayswater

Ede C. Pembroke cottages south, Kensington

Eden Hon. Miss E. Eden lodge, Upper Kensington gore

Eden J. 4 Pine Apple place, Maida vale

Eden Mrs T. 3 Prince of Wales’ terrace, Kensington

Eden E. 5 Church road, Hammersmith

Edenborough Mrs, 5 Sheffield gardens, Kensington

Ederidge Mrs & Miss, 2 Devonshire terrace, Bayswater

Edgar A. 5 Earl’s terrace, Kensington

Edge Mrs W. 2 Hyde park terrace, Kensington gore

Edgell Rev. W. 2 Lansdowne terrace, Notting hill

Edgar Mrs, 10 Denbigh road, Bayswater

Edger Mrs, 2 Stowe road, Hammersmith

Edington Mrs, 16 Westmoreland road, Bayswater

Edlin Rev. V. B.A. 23 Burlington road, Westbourne park

Edmonds T. R. 22 Brunswick gardens, Kensington

Edmonds Mrs, 19 Caroline place, Bayswater

Edmonds H. 18 Ladbroke crescent, Notting hill

Edmonds J. 5 Malboro terrace, Kensington

Edmonds H. 47 Pembroke square, Kensington

Edmonds L. 86 Richmond road, Bayswater

Edmonds Mrs, 3 St. Leonard’s gardens, Maida hill

Edmonds H. 25 St. Petersburgh place, Bayswater

Edmonston Mrs, 38 Richmond road, Bayswater

Edmunds E. 7 Silchester road villas, Notting hill

Edmunds A. Sussex house, Water side, Hammersmith

Edward M. 1_a_ Lancaster terrace, Notting hill

Edwards Miss, 28 Abingdon Villas, Kensington

Edwards Mrs, Beulah lodge, Albion road east, Hammersmith

Edwards J. 27 Convent gardens, Kensington park

Edwards Mrs, 1 Dawson place, Bayswater

Edwards G. 3 Canterbury villas, Maida vale

Edwards W. 3 Charles street, Kensington

Edwards W. 10_a_ Church street, Paddington

Edwards C. 11 Clarendon street, Paddington

Edwards A. M. 44 Edmund terrace, Kensington park

Edwards T. E. 96 Gloucester crescent, Hyde park

Edwards A. N. 2 Gloucester terrace, Kensington

Edwards Mrs, 69 Hereford road, Bayswater

Edwards Mrs, 15 Holland terrace, Kensington

Edwards Miss 16 Hornton street, Kensington

Edwards T. D. 5 Hyde park gate

Edwards J. 52 Kensington gardens Bayswater

Edwards H. S. 22 Kensington gate, Kensington gore

Edwards T. 5 King street east, Hammersmith

Edwards J. 23 Lower Phillimore place, Kensington

Edwards W. 72 Norfolk terrace, Bayswater

Edwards F. 110 Norfolk terrace, Bayswater

Edwards E. 3 Norland square, Notting hill

Edwards E. 23 Orsett terrace, Hyde park

Edwards T. 7 Park cottages, Hammersmith

Edwards Mrs, 23 St. Ann’s villas, Notting hill

Edwards W. 32 St. George’s road, Notting hill

Edwards Mrs, 31 Upper Phillimore place, Kensington

Edwards Miss, 10 Alexandra villas, Uxbridge road, Shepherd’s bush

Edwards Mrs, 17 Victoria grove, Kensington

Egerton Col. 44 Norfolk square, Hyde park

Egg C. 22 Chepstow villas west, Bayswater

Egg G. 39 Great Western terrace, Westbourne park

Eggbrecht Miss, 15 Paddington green

Eglese Capt. R.A. 3 Buckingham terrace, Notting hill

Egley W. M. 59 Hereford road, Bayswater

Eglington T. 18 Orchard street, Kensington

Eiffe T. 14 Westmoreland road, Bayswater

Eland G. F. 28 Warwick gardens, Kensington

Elborough Miss, Clifton villa, New road, Hammersmith

Elbrecht Mrs, 15 Westbourne park crescent, Paddington

Elborough T. 2 Apsley villas, New road, Hammersmith

Elcock R. 19 Eastbourne terrace, Paddington

Elder W. 19 Richmond road, Shepherd’s bush

Elder J. 18 Royal crescent, Notting hill

Elderfield T. 8 King street east, Hammersmith

Elderstrath J. 22 Denbigh terrace, Bayswater

Eldridge Mrs, 9 Woodfield terrace, Westbourne grove, Paddington

Elearn Rev. W. H. 28 Delamere terrace, Paddington

Elford W. 96 Star street, Paddington

Elias N. 64 Inverness terrace, Kensington gardens

Elias H. 18 Prince’s gardens, Kensington

Elisha C. 3 Stranraer place, Maida vale

Ellaby E. K. 48 Priory road, Kilburn

Ellard Mrs, 28 Lanark villas, Maida vale

Ellard Mrs, 145 Ledbury road, Bayswater

Ellaway J. 5 Cambridge terrace, Paddington

Ellers G. 17 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Ellerton Mrs, 1 Aldridge road villas, Westbourne park

Ellerton J. 3 Aldridge road villas, Westbourne park

Ellerton J. L. 6 Connaught place, Hyde park

Ellery Mrs, 10 Leinster terrace, Bayswater

Ellicombe R. R. 6 Hyde park gate south

Elliott J. 14 Alfred road, Paddington

Elliott Mrs, 4 Arundel gardens, Kensington park

Elliott E. 2 St. Peter’s terrace, Hammersmith

Elliott J. 11 Crompton street, Paddington

Elliott E. Stanmore cottage, Edgware road, Kilburn

Elliott Sir W. K.C.B. 20 Cambridge square, Hyde park

Elliott H. & Miss, 31 Cambridge square, Hyde park

Elliott Mrs, 7 Canterbury villas, Maida vale

Elliott R. 34 Cirencester street, Paddington

Elliott H. C. 2 Elgin road, Notting hill

Elliott W. 2 Foxley road, Kensington

Elliott G. L. 7 Hyde park gate south

Elliott W. H. 21 Lancaster gate, Hyde park

Elliott C. 34 Phillimore gardens, Kensington

Elliott Lady, 7 Stanhope street, Hyde park

Elliott Major, 10 The terrace, Bayswater

Elliott Mrs, 26 Upper Phillimore place, Kensington

Ellis J. 10 Addison road, Kensington

Ellis S. 19 Campden grove, Kensington

Ellis C. 11 Carlton terrace, Notting hill

Ellis W. R. 23 Carlton terrace, Notting hill

Ellis E. 15 Johnson street, Notting hill

Ellis R. 2 Lansdowne crescent, Notting hill

Ellis A. 16 Lower Phillimore place, Kensington

Ellis F. 28 Norfolk square, Hyde park

Ellis Mrs, 12 Oxford road, Kilburn

Ellis S. 50 Oxford terrace, Hyde park

Ellis S. 11 Randolph road, Maida hill

Ellis J. 2 Sale street, Paddington

Ellis Mrs, 25 Upper Southwick street, Paddington

Ellis Mrs, 29 Warwick road, Paddington

Ellis T. Hawthorn cottage, Wood lane, Shepherd’s bush

Ellison C. 10 Prince of Wales’s terrace, Kensington

Elliston Miss, 2 Addison crescent, Kensington

Elliston A. 28 Maida hill west

Ellyatt F. 5 Edmund terrace, Kensington park

Elmore R. 3 Colville road, Bayswater

Elnor J. 3 Sussex place, Hammersmith

Elphinstone Dr. S. 62 Hereford road, Bayswater

Elsey T. 6 Francis street, Paddington

Elsey Mrs, 12 Kildare terrace, Westbourne park

Elstonear E. 19 Convent gardens, Kensington park

Elsworth J. 23 St. Peter’s square, Hammersmith

Elton Mrs, 11 Clarendon gardens, Maida hill

Elton E. 46 Edwards place, Kensington

Elton Miss 17 Tavistock terrace, Westbourne park

Elverson J. H. 6 Carlton road, Kilburn

Elwell Mrs, 1 Alfred cottages, North end, Hammersmith

Elwin J. 23 Pembroke square, Ken.

EIwood Mrs, 83 Hereford road, Bayswater

Ely Marchioness of, 9 Princes gate, Kensington

Ely G. 1 Prince’s cottages, St. Peter’s road, Hammersmith

Emanuel Mrs, 193 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Emanuel L. 6 Talbot terrace, Westbourne park

Embleton H. 4 Pembroke terrace, Kensington

Emerson J. Brunswick gardens, Kensington

Emery J. 20 Cuthbert street, Paddington

Emery J. 2 Richmond road, Shepherd’s bush

Emery J. 1 St. George’s road, Notting hill

Emes Miss E. 13 Connaught square, Hyde park

Emlyn W. O. 35 Inverness road, Bayswater

Emmens T. H. 4 Lancaster road, Notting hill

Emmett G. N. 2 Kensington park gardens, Kensington park

Emmett W. H. 3 St. George’s terrace, South Kensington

Emms Mrs, 6 Portland place, North end, Hammersmith

Emnorfopoulo S. G. 12 Stanley gardens, Kensington park

Empedocles P. 23 Queensborough terrace, Bayswater

Empson H. 45 Kensington park gardens, Kensington park

Emsley J. A. 25 Norfolk square, Hyde park

Enderson Mrs, 3 Sutherland place, Bayswater

Engel C. 54 Addison road, Kensington

Engel E. 24 Pembroke road, Kensington

England T. H. 82 Addison road, Kensington

England W. 7 St. James square, Notting hill

Engleback E. L. 46 Phillimore gardens, Kensington

English R. 31 Elm grove, Hammersmith

English C. 14 Ladbroke villas, Notting hill

English C. 25 St. George’s road, Notting hill

Ensor J. 15 Park villas, Hammersmith

Enthoven H. J. 103 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Enticknap Miss, 20 & 21 Earl’s terrace, Kensington

Entwistle G. J. 13 Church street, Paddington

Entwistle W. H. 6 Pembroke road, Kilburn

Epron A. 4 Statham street, Paddington

Eraser W. 17 Radnor place, Hyde park

Erick —, 29 Pembroke road, Kensington

Erck Mrs, 14 Stanley terrace, Kensington park

Erain G. 45 Westbourne park villas, Westbourne park

Erle G. 16 Cambridge road, Hammersmith

Erle Sir W. 12 Prince’s gardens, South Kensington

Errington E. 15 Abingdon villas, Kensington

Errinshaw G. 3 Victoria terrace, Notting hill

Erskim C. 8 Kensington gardens square, Bayswater

Erskine W. 33 Craven hill gardens, Bayswater

Erskine T. 13 Oxford road, Kilburn

Erskine Col. G. 22 Westbourne park, Paddington

Erswell Mrs, 20 St. Mary’s terrace, Paddington

Escott T. 36 Westbourne park road, Bayswater

Escudier F. S. Ada cottage, Albion road, Hammersmith

Escudier S. 46 Leinster square, Bayswater

Esden J. H. 24 Andover place, Kilburn

Eskell A. 49 Portsdown road, Maida hill

Essam W. 22 Senior street, Harrow road

Etherington C. Denham lodge, Hammersmith road

Etlenger A. 94 Portsdown road, Maida hill

Eustace H. 1 Uxbridge street, Notting hill

Evans W. 3 Alfred road, Paddington

Evans D. 11 Alpha place west, Kilburn

Evans G. 1 Arundel gardens, Kensington park

Evans T. 4 Beavor lane, Hammersmith

Evans A. 37 Blenheim crescent, Notting hill

Evans R. 11 Cottage road, Paddington

Evans E. 52 Denmark road, Kilburn

Evans Mrs, 20 Cambridge street, Edgware road

Evans Mrs, Campden hill road, Kensington

Evans J. W. 12 Carlisle terrace, Kensington

Evans W. 68 Clarendon street, Paddington

Evans Rev. T. 24 Colville road, Bayswater

Evans R. 15 Gloucester place, Hyde park

Evans Miss, 3 Ladbroke place west, Notting hill

Evans G. 8 Victoria terrace, Notting hill

Evans G. A. 10 Ladbroke villas, Notting hill

Evans G. H. E. 21 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Evans J. 6 Park villas, Hammersmith

Evans A. 8 Pickering place, Bayswater

Evans Mrs, 1_a_ Porchester terrace, Bayswater

Evans Capt. 10 Portland road, Notting hill

Evans G. 28 Portland road, Notting hill

Evans J. 40 Queen’s road, Bayswater

Evans W. 2 St. Agnes’ villas, Bayswater road

Evans W. F. 7 St. Alban’s road, Kensington

Evans L. 29 St. George’s road, Notting hill

Evans J. 33 St. Mark’s crescent, Notting hill

Evans Miss, 12 Sheffield terrace, Kensington

Evans A. G. 1 Stamford Brook cottages, Hammersmith

Evans —, 19 Westbury road, Paddington

Evans Mrs, 55 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Evans J. L. 120 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Evans G. 33 Westbourne park, Paddington

Everest Rev. R. 50 Cleveland square, Bayswater

Everest H. 1_a_ Monmouth road, Bayswater

Everest Col. Sir G. K.C.B., F.R.S., F.R.G.S., F.R.A., 10 Westbourne
street, Hyde park

Everest H. 14 Westbourne terrace road, Paddington

Everett E. 26 Elm grove, Hammersmith

Everett —, 44 St. James’s square, Notting hill

Evers A. 52 Cornwall road, Westbourne park

Every W. 11 Colville square, Bayswater

Evett G. 6 Cambridge terrace, Kensington

Evill D. A. 18 Brondesbury villas, Kilburn

Evill E. 40 Cambridge road, Kilburn

Evill T. L. 27 Elgin crescent, Kensington park

Ewart Mrs, 6 Alexandra terrace, Hammersmith

Ewart Col. D. 50 Lancaster gate, Hyde park

Ewart Col. C.B. 17 Norfolk square, Hyde park

Ewart J. 25 Sussex square, Hyde park

Ewart W. M.P. 6 Cambridge square, Hyde park

Ewbank C. 5 Hereford road, Bayswater

Ewen G. W. 7 Prince’s square, Bayswater

Ewens Capt. 14 Porteus road, Paddington

Ewin W. 27 Delamere crescent, Paddington

Ewings A. 10 Chichester place, Paddington

Exon Miss, 2 Sussex place, Kensington

Exton Miss, 4 Argyll terrace, Kensington

Eykyn T. 8 Lansdowne terrace, Notting hill

Eyles Mrs, 3 Alpha place, Kilburn

Eyles Mrs, 8 Cary villas, Hammersmith

Eyre J. G. 21 Durham terrace, Westbourne park

Eyre G. 1 Carlton terrace, Kilburn

Eyre Mrs, 48 Norfolk square, Hyde park

Eyre G. P. L. 60 Prince’s square, Bayswater

Eyre Miss, 44 Queen’s road, Bayswater

Eyre W. Glanvill lodge, Silchester road, Notting hill

Eyston R. 1 Elvaston place, South Kensington


Faed T. Sussex villa, Campden hill, Kensington

Fagan Mrs, 18 Carlisle terrace, Kensington

Fagg T. 6 Alexandra street, Westbourne park

Fairbairn W. A. 9 Holland park, Notting hill

Fairbairn T. 23 Queen’s gate, South Kensington

Fairbairn Mrs, Dresden house, Hammersmith

Fairbanks Miss, 31 Westmoreland place, Bayswater

Faires G. 9 Ladbroke crescent, Notting hill

Fairhead Mrs, 42 Blomfield road, Maida hill

Fairman Mrs, 4 Blomfield crescent, Paddington

Fairman Capt. A. F. R.N. 39 Pembroke square, Kensington

Fairman Mrs, 63 Princes gate, South Kensington

Fairland Mrs, 6 Inkerman terrace, Kensington

Fairlough Miss, 9 Warrington terrace, Maida hill

Faithful J. R. 12 Chichester road villas, Kilburn

Faithful —, 10 Connaught square, Hyde park

Falconer L. J. 44 Connaught square, Hyde park

Falkland Viscount, C. H. 4 Princes gate, South Kensington

Falkner G. 3 Marlborough terrace, Paddington

Falks J. Warwick lodge, Shepherd’s bush

Fall J. 3 Bridge avenue, Hammersmith

Fane C. 35 Connaught square, Hyde park

Fane W. D. 7 Norfolk crescent, Hyde park

Fanning Mrs, D. Gloucester gardens, Bayswater

Fardell T. G. 30 Oxford square, Hyde park

Farebrother Miss, 7 Lansdowne terrace, Kensington

Farenden Mrs, 8 Lancaster road, Notting hill

Farlar W. 11 Grove terrace, The Grove, Hammersmith

Farlow J. Marsh villa, Hammersmith

Farman S. York cottage, Hammersmith

Farnell J. 1 St. Agnes villas, Shepherd’s bush

Farow A. 28 Leamington road villas, Westbourne park

Farquhar Miss, 39 Bark place, Bayswater

Farquhar T. H. 20 Upper Phillimore gardens, Kensington

Farquharson A. 10 Blomfield street, Maida hill

Farr G. 5 Great Western crescent, Westbourne park

Farr T. 3 St. Catherine’s villas, Hammersmith

Farra J. 37 Westbourne park road, Westbourne park

Farrance Mrs, 16 Kensington gardens square, Bayswater

Farrance Mrs, 6 Ladbroke terrace, Notting hill

Farrance J. 14 Westbourne park

Farrant G. 14 Kildare gardens, Westbourne park

Farrell J. 18 St. Peter’s square, Hammersmith

Fallen W. 60 Westbourne park villas, Westbourne park

Farrington Lady, 8 Queensborough terrace, Bayswater

Farrow A. 7 Pickering place, Bayswater

Farrow R. 122 Queen’s road, Bayswater

Farrow J. 4 Victoria grove, Bayswater

Farrow T. R. 34 Westbourne park road, Westbourne park

Faulkner J. Cathnor villa, Hammersmith

Faulkner Miss 7 Queen street, Hammersmith

Faulkner Mrs, 2 Sussex gardens, Paddington

Faulkner F. 4 Warwick crescent, Kensington

Favarger Rene H. 38 Arundel gardens, Kensington park

Favaux Miss, 13 Brondesbury road, Kilburn

Favour S. 27 Chichester road villas, Kilburn

Fawcett Mrs, 26 Norfolk terrace, Bayswater

Fawcett W. T. 11 Westbourne street, Hyde park

Fawssett W. 34 Sussex place, Kensington

Fearon Mrs, 33 Addison gardens south, Kensington

Fearon C. A. 90 Westbourne terrace, Paddington

Featherstone G. 7 Abingdon villas west, Kensington

Featherstonhaugh R. T. 9 Flora villas, Hammersmith

Feaver Miss, 18 Cambridge street, Paddington

Feaver T. 22 Warwick road, Paddington

Feetham T. O. 23 Arundel gardens, Kensington park

Feilde M. H. 24 Queen’s road, Notting hill

Felgate W. 44 Gloucester crescent, Hyde park

Felix —, 17 Askew road, Shepherd’s bush

Fell J. 5 Princes road, Notting hill

Fellowes H. D. 78 Cambridge terrace, Paddington

Fellows J. G. 19 Caves terrace, Hammersmith

Fellows Capt. W. 30 Portsdown road, Maida hill

Felton W. J. 26 Kensington park gardens, Kensington park

Fenn C. Cromer cottage, Kilburn

Fenn R. L. 32 Victoria road, Kensington

Fennah T. 9 Ledbury road, Bayswater

Fendall Mrs, M. A. 27 Princes square, Bayswater

Fennell E. 17 Blomfield terrace, Paddington

Fennely R. 6 Aldridge road villas, Westbourne park

Fenner E. 6 Caves terrace, Hammersmith

Fenning Mrs, 9 Cambridge terrace, Kensington

Fennings A. 15 St. Ann’s road north, Notting hill

Fenoulhet Miss, 16 Kensington crescent, Kensington

Fenton F. 26 King street east, Hammersmith

Fenton Misses, 13 Norland place, Notting hill

Fenton W. 32 Richmond road, Bayswater

Fenwick Mrs, 8 Wellington terrace, Hammersmith

Feress Mrs, 8 Victoria grove, Kensington

Ferguson D. 1 Brondesbury villas, Kilburn

Ferguson H. 2 Charles street, Kensington

Ferguson J. 23 Devonshire terrace, Bayswater

Ferguson J. 5 Elgin terrace, Kensington park

Ferguson Mrs, 3 Serampore terrace, Hammersmith road

Fergusson Mrs, 6 Stamford villas, Kensington

Ferry B. 42 Inverness terrace, Kensington gardens

Ferrie P. 44 Kensington park gardens, Kensington park

Ferrier J. 6 Somers place, Hyde park

Fervalger C. J. 6 Essex villas, Kensington

Fesser A. H. The Terrace, Bayswater

Fesser J. N. 98 Westbourne terrace, Paddington

Feucster W. 17 Clarendon street, Harrow road

Feversham Mrs, M. 1 Ladbroke villas, Notting hill

Few Mrs, 7 The Terrace, Kilburn

Fewster T. 2 Hammersmith terrace, Hammersmith

Fewster F. 18 Moscow road, Bayswater

Ffennell W. J. 31 Arundel gardens, Kensington park

Ficklin S. 23 Northumberland place, Bayswater

Field Mrs, 13 Abingdon villas, Kensington

Field Mrs, 25 Caroline place, Bayswater

Field W. 18 Gloucester gardens, Bayswater

Field Miss, 7 Lansdowne crescent, Notting hill

Field J. Portland place, North end, Hammersmith

Field O. 43 Sussex gardens, Paddington

Field T. 10 Sussex terrace, Hyde park

Field J. L. 5 Percy villas, Kensington

Fielder H. 20 Carlton villas, Maida vale

Fielding A. 12 Ladbroke gardens, Notting hill

Fielding Hon Col. 29 Princes gate, South Kensington

Fife Mrs, 45 Leamington road villas, Westbourne park

Figes G. 11 Charles street, Kensington

Filby R. 36 Alpha terrace, Kilburn

Fildesley E. 4 Blomfield road, Maida hill

Filmes J. 16 Delamere street, Paddington

Filpott W. 1 Sheffield terrace, Shepherd’s bush

Finch Mrs, 16 Askew road, Shepherd’s bush

Finch Mrs, 9 Denbigh terrace, Bayswater

Finch G. 5 Devonshire place, Paddington

Finch G. 8 Elgin terrace, Maida vale

Finch J. 28 Stratheden terrace, Hammersmith

Finch C. M. D. 58 Porchester terrace, Bayswater

Finch J. 8 Victoria gardens, Notting hill

Fincham Mrs, 31 Bedford gardens, Kensington

Finden G. C. 21 Talbot square, Hyde park

Findlay Mrs, 23 Campbell street, Paddington

Finlay Mrs, 4 Talbot square, Hyde park

Finlayson W. F. 12 Campden hill road, Kensington

Finlayson J. F. 8 Kilburn Priory

Finlayson J. 15 Lansdowne crescent, Notting hill

Finmore Mrs, 7 Upper Porchester street, Hyde park

Find Mrs, 36 Oxford terrace, Paddington

Finn T. 24 Pembridge villas, Bayswater

Finney S. 34 Cambridge square, Hyde park

Finney Major, 9 Godolphin road, Hammersmith

Finney W. 3 Lancaster street, Hyde park

Finnie R. B. 4 Vale place, Hammersmith road

Finnis Mrs, 12 Park villas, Hammersmith

Firebrace Mrs, 22 Queen’s gardens, Hyde park

Firmage Miss, 11 Cuthbert street, Paddington

Firman P. 13 Ladbroke square, Notting hill

Firman P. S. 17 Ladbroke square, Notting hill

Firmin H. 39 Priory road, Kilburn

Fischel M. M. 10 Garway road, Bayswater

Fishell F. S. 11 Southwick place, Hyde park

Fishbourne Capt. E. R.N. 6 Delamere terrace, Paddington

Fisher Mrs, 18 Argyll road, Kensington

Fisher B. J. 6 Blenheim terrace, Notting hill

Fisher R. 8 Bramley road villas, Notting hill

Fisher W. 19 Cambridge square, Hyde park

Fisher T. S. 57 Chepstow place, Bayswater

Fisher T. S. 24 Douglas place, Bayswater

Fisher W. S. 14 Durham terrace, Westbourne park

Fisher J. H. 12 Elgin crescent, Notting hill

Fisher Mrs H. 5 Inkerman terrace, Kensington

Fisher R. 72 Kensington gardens square, Bayswater

Fisher R. G. 14 Priory road, Kilburn

Fisher Mrs, 1 Maida hill

Fisher E. 108 Norfolk terrace, Bayswater

Fisher C. 38 Oxford road, Kilburn

Fisher R. 17 Pembroke square, Kensington

Fisher Mrs, 3 Stanhope street, Hyde park.

Fisher Mrs, 50 Talbot terrace, Westbourne park

Fisher Mrs, 160 Westbourne terrace, Paddington

Fiske W. G. 160 Anglesea villas, Hammersmith

Fitch Mrs, Bath cottage, Hammersmith

Fitzball E. White cottage, Hammersmith road

Fitzgerald J. 2 Bath cottages, Notting hill

Fitzgerald Mrs, 19 Cambridge street, Paddington

Fitzgerald F. G. 24 Campden grove, Kensington

Fitzgerald T. 14 Cuthbert street, Paddington

Fitzhugh W. 11 Arundel gardens, Kensington park

Fitzhugh Miss, 1 St. Stephen’s square, Westbourne park

Fitzjohn I. 62 Albert road, Kilburn

Fitzpatrick J. 6 Arundel gardens, Kensington park

Fitzroy —, 2 Grove terrace, The Grove, Hammersmith

Fitzroy Lord E. L. 6 Prince’s gardens, South Kensington

Fitzsimmons Mrs, 10 Colville terrace west, Bayswater

Fitzwater J. 3 St. Peter’s terrace, Hammersmith

Fitz-Wygram Lady, 10 Connaught place, Hyde park

Fitz-Wygram Sir R. Bart. 10 Connaught place, Hyde park

Flack Mrs, 12 Gold Hawk terrace, Hammersmith

Flanagan Mrs, 4 Caroline terrace, Hammersmith

Flavell T. W. 10 Queen’s gardens, Hyde park

Flavell H. 14 St. Stephen’s road, Westbourne park

Fleming T. W. 51 Lancaster gate, Hyde park

Fleming Mrs, 61_a_ Portsdown road, Maida hill

Fleming J. 26 Queen’s gate, South Kensington

Flemmich J. F. 10 Westbourne terrace, Paddington

Flenen R. W. 49 Queen’s road, Notting hill

Fletcher W. 2 Kensington gardens terrace, Hyde park

Fletcher C. W. 8 Notting hill sq

Fletcher Mrs, 10 Pembridge place, Bayswater

Fletcher Mrs, 6 Pembroke square, Kensington

Fletcher W. 6 Richmond terrace, Bayswater

Fletcher W. G. 17 Russell road, Kensington

Fletcher Miss, 12 Sheffield gardens, Kensington

Fletcher Mrs, 1 Wellington terrace, Hammersmith

Fletcher J. D. 12 Westbourne terrace, Paddington

Fleury J. 44 Queen’s gardens, Hyde park

Flinn W. 8 Park place, Kensington

Flint J. 34 Arundel gardens, Kensington park

Flood J. 23 St. Mary’s terrace, Paddington

Florence S. 3 Alexander road, Kilburn

Floricine —, 58 Cambridge street, Paddington

Floutow M. 49 Porchester terrace, Bayswater

Flower E. C. 36 Chichester road villas, Kilburn

Flowers J. 16 Chepstow villas west, Bayswater

Flowers M. 14 Norfolk crescent, Hyde park

Floyer Rev. C. 81 Inverness terrace, Bayswater

Foley Miss, 1 Inverness place, Bayswater

Folkard J. Priory cottage, Lower mall, Hammersmith

Follett B. S. Q.C. 15 Cambridge square, Hyde park

Fonblanque W. 45 Connaught square, Hyde park

Foord Miss, 12 Cornwall road, Hammersmith

Foot T. 14 Silchester road, Notting hill

Foot Mrs, 12 Westbourne terrace road, Paddington

Foot G. E. 5 Gordon cottages, Hammersmith

Foote J. 6 Abingdon villas west, Kensington

Foote —, 8 Devonport road, Hammersmith

Foote Rev. J. A. 13 Fulham place, Paddington

Forbes C. 77 Addison road, Kensington

Forbes J. 2 Adelaide terrace, Shepherd’s bush

Forbes N. W. 5 Carlton villas, Maida vale

Forbes D. E. 1 Carton place, Westbourne park

Forbes —, 9 Devonport street, Hyde park

Forbes A. 2 Dudley place, Paddington

Forbes Miss, 11 Essex villas, Kensington

Forbes Mrs, 48 Inverness terrace, Kensington gardens

Forbes Mrs, 11 Kildare gardens, Bayswater

Forbes J. 15 Pembridge villas, Bayswater

Forbes J. S. 45 Phillimore gardens, Kensington

Forbes S. 24 Phillimore gardens, Kensington

Forbes G. 42 Portsdown road, Maida hill

Forbes C. 28 Queen’s gate terrace, South Kensington

Forbes Col. F. 3 Victoria road, Kensington

Force E. 82 Ledbury road, Bayswater

Force Miss, 26 Pembroke square, Kensington

Ford T. K. 11 Cambridge road, Kilburn

Ford Mrs, T. 5 Clarendon gardens, Maida hill

Ford F. 1 Fieldings cottages, Hammersmith

Ford W. 13 Kensington park villas, Kensington park

Ford J. J. Park side, Hammersmith

Ford Mrs, 22 St. Ann’s road, Notting hill

Ford G. 16 St. Mark’s crescent, Notting hill

Ford J. M. 1 St. Peter’s road, Hammersmith

Forder C. 41 Cambridge terrace, Hyde park

Fordham J. 27 Alpha place north, Kilburn

Fordham T. 14 Westmoreland place, Bayswater

Foreman Miss, 28 Oxford terrace, Paddington

Foreman J. 12 Westbourne villas, Paddington

Forest Rev. L. 62 Leamington road villas, Westbourne park

Forlonge Mrs, 29 Gloucester place, Hyde park

Forman H. 49 Clarendon street, Harrow road

Forrest J. 24 Westbourne park villas, Westbourne park

Forster J. 3 Flora villas, Hammersmith

Forster J. 6 Clarendon place, Hyde park square

Forster W. 29 Fulham place, Paddington

Forster T. 17 Verulum terrace, Hammersmith

Forster J. 11 Hanover terrace villas, Notting hill

Forster Miss, 96 Hereford road, Bayswater

Forsyth Miss, 8 Blomfield street, Maida hill

Forsyth A. 5 Charlotte terrace, Hammersmith

Forsythe W. A. 37 Gloucester place, Hyde park

Fort R. M. P. 24 Queen’s gate gardens, South Kensington

Fortescue Mrs, 24 Westbourne park terrace, Paddington

Fortune T. Monmouth house, Notting hill

Forty J. 2 Blenheim villas, Hammersmith

Fosbrooke Miss, 28 Sutherland place, Bayswater

Foskett G. 33 St. Luke’s road villas, Westbourne park

Fossett T. 13 Waterloo street, Hammersmith

Foster C. B. 4 Addison terrace, Notting hill

Foster Mrs, 18 Bridge avenue, Hammersmith

Foster D. 22 Carlton villas, Maida vale

Foster E. 15 Chepstow place, Bayswater

Foster Lieut.-Gen. 5 Cleveland terrace, Hyde park

Foster Mrs, 12 Garway road, Bayswater

Foster T. C. 7 Orsett terrace, Hyde park

Foster R. 11 Pembroke square, Kensington

Foster Mrs, 11 St. George’s road, Notting hill

Foster T. M. 2_a_ Sheffield terrace, Kensington

Foster J. L. 5 Southwick place, Hyde park

Foster W. 1 St. Stephen’s terrace, Shepherd’s bush

Foster Mrs, 10 Warwick crescent, Paddington

Fothergill Lieut.-Col. S. 8 Inverness road, Bayswater

Fotheringham R. 5 Tavistock terrace, Westbourne park

Foulkes W. 7_a_ Maida hill west

Fowler Miss, 2 York villas, Hammersmith

Fowler J. 56 Alfred road, Paddington

Fowler R. 58 Kensington gardens square, Bayswater

Fowler C. 34 Ladbroke square, Notting hill

Fowler G. 70 Ledbury road, Bare

Fowler Mrs, 36 Northumberland place, Bayswater

Fowler C. 8 Pembridge villas, Bayswater

Fowler O. 2 Pembroke villas, Kilburn

Fowley A. 11 Queen’s gate, South Kensington

Fox Gen. C. R. 1 Addison road, Kensington

Fox Mrs, C. 1 Addison road, Kensington

Fox J. 14 Campden hill road, Kensington

Fox J. 8 Dawson place, Bayswater

Fox G. 21 Gloucester place, Hyde park

Fox J. 6 Pembridge crescent, Notting hill

Fox H. H. 68 Queen’s gardens, Hyde park

Fox Col. A. L. 10 Upper Phillimore gardens, Kensington

Fox Mrs, 21 Warwick crescent, Kensington

Foy W. H. 18 Kensington gate, South Kensington

Foyle J. 140 King street west, Hammersmith

Fozard W. 43 Pembroke road, Kilburn

Framagee 24 Devonshire terrace, Bayswater

Frampton DeKeue, 82 Oxford terrace, Paddington

France Mrs, 8 Lansdowne terrace, Paddington

Frame J. 2 Norfolk terrace, Bayswater

Francis E. 1 Albert street, Paddington

Francis J. 1 Alfred row, Shepherd’s bush

Francis C. S. 14 Blomfield road, Maida hill

Francis Miss, 5 Albion place, Hammersmith

Francis W. 29 Burlington road, Westbourne park

Francis Mrs, 2 Cambridge street, Paddington

Francis C. 11 Chapel street, Hammersmith

Francis T. H. 7 Lancaster road, Notting hill

Francis W. 19 Victoria street, Paddington

Francis F. G. 14 Warwick crescent, Paddington

Franghiadi S. 129 Westbourne terrace, Paddington

Franklin R. 11 Alexander road, Kilburn

Franklin Mrs, 30 Blomfield street, Paddington

Franklin Lady, 2 Kensington gore upper, Kensington

Franklin E. A. 2 Leinster terrace, Hyde park

Franklin J. 8 Malvern terrace, Kilburn

Franklin J. W. 14 Senior street, Paddington

Franklin Mrs, 5 Sunderland terrace, Bayswater

Franks G. 7 Canterbury terrace, Kilburn

Franz Dr. A. 67 Oxford terrace, Paddington

Fraser H. 29 Arundel gardens, Kensington park

Fraser Mrs, 30 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Fraser G. S. 21 Great Western terrace, Westbourne park

Fraser J. W. 8_b_ Kensington Palace gardens, Kensington

Fraser Mrs, 6 Kildare terrace, Westbourne park

Fraser G. 2 Wilby terrace, Notting hill

Fraser C. 15 Lancaster gate, Hyde park

Fraser H. 51 Richmond road, Bayswater

Fraser J. 6 Royal crescent, Notting hill

Fraser Mrs, 1 St. Mary’s road, Westbourne park

Fraser E. 1 Percy villas, Kensington

Frearson Mrs, 44 Westbourne park road, Westbourne park

Frederick J. S. 11 Abingdon villas, Kensington

Freeman Capt. 13 Blomfield street, Paddington

Freeman C. 1 Buckingham villas, Notting hill

Freeman Mrs, 1 Canterbury villas, Maida vale

Freeman W. E. Alfred cottage, Kilburn

Freeman Mrs, 18 Howley place, Paddington

Freeman C. 1 Buckingham villas, Notting hill

Freeman H. 8 Monmouth road, Bayswater

Freeman J. 6 Grove cottages, North End, Hammersmith

Freeman W. H. 145 Queen’s road, Bayswater

Freeman J. 15 Radnor place, Hyde park

Freeman R. S. 12 St. James’s square, Notting hill

Freeman Mrs, 3 Silchester road villas, Notting hill

Freeman R. 12 Upper Phillimore place, Kensington

Freeman C. E. 1 Warwick crescent, Paddington

Freeth Mrs, 48 Burlington road, Westbourne park

Freeth Col. 2 Essex villas, Kensington

French Rev. M. D. M.A. 22 Albion street, Paddington

French Mrs, 4 Convent gardens, Kensington park

French J. 15 Elgin crescent, Kensington park

French J. 12 Elgin terrace, Kilburn

French Miss, 32 Oxford road, Kilburn

French F. 6 Silchester road villas, Notting hill

French Mrs, Blenheim house, Middle Mall, Hammersmith

Frere J. H. 30 Cambridge terrace, Paddington

Frew Capt. A. T. Rifle cottage, Kilburn

Frewin Mrs, 64 St. Mary’s terrace, Paddington

Friend R. R. 1 Apsley villas, Hammersmith

Friend J. B. 30 Sussex square, Hyde park

Fripps Mrs, 19 Carlton terrace, Paddington

Frith W. P. R.A. 7 Pembridge villas, Bayswater

Fröembling Dr. O. 26 Richmond road, Bayswater

Froom P. C. 4 Cambridge square, Hyde park

Froom H. 10 Courtland place, Kensington

Froom W. 100 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Froom A. 2_a_ Portsdown road north, Maida vale

Froom Mrs E. A. 16 Princes square, Bayswater

Frossell W. 25 London street, Paddington

Frost R. 84 Bridge road, Hammersmith

Frost C. 5 Brondesbury road, Kilburn

Frost Mrs, 17 Clifton villas, Maida hill

Frost J. 15 Cumberland terrace, Westbourne park

Frost J. 21 Kildare gardens, Westbourne park

Frost C. M. 47 Ladbroke square, Notting hill

Frost Rev. G. 28 & 29 Kensington square, Kensington

Frost M. 122 Norfolk terrace, Bayswater

Frost —, 19 Pembroke square, Kensington

Froy W. Grove lodge, The Grove, Hammersmith

Frust H. J. 26 Portsdown road, Maida hill

Fry T. H. 5 Arundel gardens, Kensington park

Fry R. 4 Brondesbury terrace, Kilburn

Fry A. 1 Holland villas road, Kensington

Fry Rev. H. D.D. 28 Kensington gardens square, Bayswater

Fry Mrs, 10 Orchard street, Kensington

Fryer Mrs, 36 Albion street, Paddington

Fryer Mrs, 23 Cambridge road, Kilburn

Fryer Mrs, 31 Delamere, crescent, Paddington

Fryer C. 13 Lanark villas, Maida vale

Fryer Col. H. T. 21 St. Petersburgh place, Bayswater

Fuller Mrs & Miss, 34 Addison road, Kensington

Fuller G. 26 Argyll road, Kensington

Fuller J. T. 1 Blenheim terrace, Notting hill

Fuller F. J. 238 Maida vale

Fuller Mrs, 24 Northumberland place, Bayswater

Fuller T. 22 Pembridge villas, Bayswater

Fullerton R. T. 18 Westbourne square, Paddington

Fullimore W. 64 Cambridge terrace, Paddington

Furdato J. 1 Tewkesbury villas, Shepherd’s bush

Furlonger C. J. 75 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Furrell E. W. 13 Bedford gardens, Kensington

Fursdon G. 6 Westbourne park

Furtado Mrs, 20 Addison road, Kensington

Fustin J. 32 Caves terrace, Hammersmith

Futcher Mrs, 37 Cambridge terrace, Paddington


Gabrielli J. 4 Cleveland terrace gardens, Kensington

Gabrielli A. 21 Queen’s gate terrace, South Kensington

Gadsden —, 8 Park villas, Hammersmith

Gadsdon J. 6 Westbury terrace, Paddington

Gahagan Miss, 40 Elgin road, Notting hill

Gaisford Miss, 14 Connaught terrace, Paddington

Gaisford H. 25 Woodfield place, Paddington

Gaitskell Rev. J. M.A. 1 Church street, Kensington

Gaitskill A. 3 Queens gardens, Bayswater

Gale R. 7 Portland place, Hammersmith

Gale E. J. M. 2 Sheffield gardens, Kensington

Gale Mrs, Mall house, Water side, Hammersmith

Gallaway Mrs J. A. 66 Gloucester crescent, Paddington

Galloway R. H. 27 Hyde park square

Galloway Miss, 67 Princes square, Bayswater

Galloway J. 20 Salusbury terrace, Kilburn

Gallsworthy E. 78 Elgin crescent, Notting hill

Galsworthy E. T. 8 Kensington gore lower, Kensington

Galton Miss, 7 Canterbury terrace, Kilburn

Gamgee J. 28 Queen’s road, Bayswater

Gandell S. 22 Palace gardens villas, Kensington

Gane E. 2 Cathnor villas, Hammersmith

Gape Mrs, 2 Abingdon villas west, Kensington

Garde J. E. 14 Princes road, Notting hill

Garden F. F. 3 Loudoun villas, Hammersmith

Garden Miss, 9 Queensborough terrace, Bayswater

Garden Mrs, 100 Gloucester terrace, Paddington

Gardener W. 10 Albert terrace, Notting hill

Gardener Mrs, 21 Cambridge square, Hyde park

Gardener C. 2 Charles street, Paddington

Gardener S. 64 Cirencester street, Harrow road

Gardener W. 15 Elgin terrace, Maida vale

Gardener D. 27 Orsett terrace, Hyde park

Gardener D. 12 Warwick terrace, Maida hill

Gardiner W. 6 Rosedale cottages, Hammersmith

Gardiner Mrs, 27_a_ Canterbury road, Kilburn

Gardiner R. 33 Gloucester gardens, Paddington

Gardiner J. 39 Norland square, Notting hill

Gardiner Mrs, 12 Pembridge villas, Bayswater

Gardiner J. 20 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Gardner W. H. 80 Gloucester terrace, Paddington

Gardner P. 41 Inverness terrace, Bayswater

Gardner Mrs, 3 Kensington gardens square, Bayswater

Gardner J. 10 Kildare gardens, Westbourne park

Gardner Mrs, 4 Avenue terrace, Hammersmith

Gardner Mrs, 20 Notting hill square, Notting hill

Gardner J. 3 St. James terrace, Paddington

Gardner Mrs, 14 St. Mark’s crescent, Notting hill

Gardner H. 1 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Gardner H. 2 Westbourne terrace villas, Paddington

Garland J. 1 Clarendon place, Notting hill

Garland E. W. 15 Queen’s gate, South Kensington

Garlick G. 9 Albion villas, Hammersmith

Garlick W. 11 Albion villas, Hammersmith

Garling H. B. 6 St. Agnes villas, Bayswater road

Garman —, 1 Bath cottages, Notting hill

Garner Mrs, 39 Cirencester street, Harrow road

Garnett Mrs, 4 Argyll road, Kensington

Garnett Mrs, 6 Brunswick terrace, Kensington

Garnett Mrs, 17 Caves terrace, Hammersmith

Garnier Lady C. 4 Leinster gardens, Bayswater

Garoocock Mrs, 12 Askew road, Shepherd’s bush

Garrett C. 19 Amberley road, Maida hill

Garratt J. 7 Pine Apple place, Maida vale

Garrett F. B. 3 St. Mary Abbott’s terrace, Kensington road

Garrett Miss, 7 Westbourne park road, Bayswater

Garrique Mrs, 2 Albert place, Kensington

Garrod W. 4 Bark place, Bayswater

Garrould J. 8 Senior street, Harrow road, Paddington

Garwood W. R. 12 Cary villas, Hammersmith

Garwood Rev. J. M.A. 2 Upton villas, Kilburn

Gaselee Serj. 2 Cambridge square, Hyde park

Gaselee Mrs, 106 Gloucester terrace, Paddington

Gaseltine Miss, 12 Fulham place, Maida hill

Gaskell M. 2 Montague place, Hammersmith road west

Gaskoin G. 3 Westbourne park, Paddington

Gasquet J. 12_a_ Westbourne grove north, Bayswater

Gasquet Mrs, 3 Westmoreland place, Bayswater

Gate J. 14 Eastbourne terrace, Paddington

Gates W. 68 Denmark road, Kilburn

Gates D. 24 Woodfield place, Paddington

Gatliff W. H. 21_b_ Queen street, Hammersmith

Gauntlett Dr. H. J. 23 Colville road, Bayswater

Gauntlett G. H. 11 Kensington gardens terrace, Hyde park

Gaury J. C. 4 Canterbury villas, Maida vale

Gay V. H. 9 Hammersmith terrace, Hammersmith

Gaye R. 6 Upper Southwick street, Paddington

Gayford C. 8 Portsdown road, Maida hill

Gayford C. 1 Southwick place, Hyde park square

Gaywood Mrs, 5 Sutherland place, Bayswater

Gaze C. 5 Burry terrace, Westbourne square, Paddington

Gazzana G. J. 22 Clarendon road, Notting hill

Gear Mrs, 19 Oxford square, Hyde park

Gebbie D. 39 Campbell street, Paddington

Gee G. 5 Cleveland terrace gardens, Kensington

Gee Mrs, 2 Oxford square, Hyde park

Geech Mrs, 9 Hyde park square

Geddes —, 8 Blenheim crescent, Notting hill

Geddes Miss, 19 Brunswick gardens, Kensington

Geddes Dr. D. 8 Kildare gardens, Westbourne park

Geddes Mrs, 64 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Gell Rev. J. K. M.A. St. John’s lodge, Notting hill

Gemmill Mrs, 15 St. Leonard’s terrace, Maida hill

Genlain A. F. 119 Westbourne grove, Bayswater

Gentles W. 1 Bradmore park villas, Hammersmith

George Mrs, 13 Bristol gardens, Maida hill

George J. 13 Cave’s terrace, Hammersmith

George W. 61 Oxford terrace, Hyde park

George F. 6 Pembroke cottages south, Kensington

George P. 2 Sheffield terrace, Shepherd’s bush

George E. 2 Kingsley villas, Stamford villas, Kensington

George A. K. 3 Talbot square, Hyde park

Geralopulo C. 21 Pembridge gardens, Notting hill

Germain L. 4 Cambridge place, Kensington

German Capt. J. 63 Inverness terrace, Bayswater

Gerrard Mrs, 28 Portsdown road, Maida hill

Getliffe M. 7 Cambridge road, Hammersmith

Gibb T. 90 Lancaster gate, Hyde park

Gibb T. 54 Porchester terrace, Bayswater

Gibb G. 18 Westbourne park, Paddington

Gibbins W. 23 Pickering place, Bayswater

Gibbon M. 10 Bouverie street, Paddington

Gibbon Dr. S. 39 Oxford terrace, Hyde park

Gibbon F. 1 Pembroke gardens, Kensington

Gibbons Mrs, 42 Edwardes square, Kensington

Gibbons J. T. 3 Elgin terrace, Notting hill

Gibbons Capt. F. 7 Formosa terrace, Maida hill

Gibbs Miss, 5 Myhills terrace, Hammersmith

Gibbs W. 36 Brunswick gardens, Kensington

Gibbs T. 2_a_ Cirencester street, Harrow road

Gibbs H. 3 Marlborough terrace, Clarendon road north, Notting hill

Gibbs C. 43 Ladbroke square, Notting hill

Gibbs —, 23 Pembroke road, Kilburn

Gibbs Miss, 10 St. James square, Notting hill

Gibbs G. L. M. 10 Sussex square, Hyde park

Gibbs Miss, 6 Church road, Hammersmith

Gibson J. 6 St. Peter’s terrace, Hammersmith

Gibson Lieut.-Col G. W. 21 Blomfield terrace, Harrow road

Gibson W. 15 Bristol gardens, Maida hill

Gibson Mrs, 31 Clarendon road, Notting hill

Gibson Mrs, 2 Howell street, Maida hill

Gibson Sir G. B. K.C.B. 24 Lancaster gate, Hyde park

Gibson Miss, 3 Leamington road villas, Westbourne park

Gibson G. H. 2 Park cottages, Hammersmith

Gibson J. E. C.E. 11 Westbourne square, Paddington

Gibson T. F. F.G.S. 124 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Giessman Mrs, 34 Bedford gardens, Kensington

Giffard G. M. Q.C. 4 Prince’s gardens, South Kensington

Gifford Mrs, 28 Beaufoy terrace, Maida vale

Gilbank Mrs, 2 Westbourne park villas, Westbourne park

Gilbart W. H. 47 Edmund terrace, Notting hill

Gilbert J. 59 Brindley street, Harrow road

Gilbert W. 4 Clarendon terrace, Kensington

Gilbert Mrs, 7 Desborough terrace, Harrow road

Gilbert G. 18 Devonshire terrace, Craven hill, Bayswater

Gilbert J. 45 Ladbroke square, Notting hill

Gilbert J. 230_a_ Maida vale, Edgware road

Gilbert A. 236 Maida vale, Edgware road

Gilbert G. 19 Notting hill square, Notting hill

Gilbert W. Pembridge gardens, Notting hill

Gilbert J. 2 Shaftesbury terrace, Kensington

Gilbert J. 1 Crowmer cottages, Sussex place, Hammersmith

Gilbert Rev. W. M.A. 5 Warwick gardens east, Kensington

Gilbert J. 64 Westbourne park villas, Westbourne park

Gilbertson E. 3 St. Alban’s road, Kensington

Gilby Mrs, 29 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Gilchrist Mrs, 4 Beresford terrace, Notting hill

Gilchrist Mrs, 48 Porchester terrace, Bayswater

Gilder W. 68 Cirencester street, Harrow road

Giles J. 20 Albion street, Hyde park

Giles F. 4 Blomfield road, Maida hill

Giles G. 17 Pembroke road, Kilburn

Giles R. H. 7 St. Stephen’s crescent, Westbourne park

Giles C. E. 52 Westbourne park road, Bayswater

Gill J. 7 Denbigh road, Bayswater

Gill Mrs, 16 Devonshire place, Paddington

Gill J. 11 Moscow road, Bayswater

Gillan W. C. 1 Elgin crescent, Notting hill

Gillard E. H. 1 Lansdowne villas, Hammersmith

Giller J. C. 13 Chapel street, Hammersmith

Gillett Mrs M. 15 Oxford square, Hyde park

Gilliat H. 9 Hyde park terrace, Bayswater road

Gilliatt J. S. 9 Westbourne street, Hyde park

Gillisby Mrs, 12 Connaught square, Hyde park

Gillon Mrs, 16 Charles street, Paddington

Gillott C. Addison gardens south, Kensington

Gillow Miss, Crabstock cottage, North end, Hammersmith

Gilman Mrs, 7 Chapel street, Hammersmith

Gilmar Madame, 10 Burlington road, Westbourne park

Gilmer J. 77 Inverness terrace, Bayswater

Gilmore —, 7 Kensington gardens square, Bayswater

Gilmour Mrs, 8 Loudoun villas, Hammersmith

Gilmour Mrs, 26 Westbourne terrace road, Paddington

Gilly Mrs, 24 Orsett terrace, Hyde park

Gimingham Mrs, 41 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Gingell —, 7 Clarendon street, Harrow road, Paddington

Gingell Mrs W. R. 40 Kensington park gardens, Notting hill

Girdwood T. C. 40 Caves terrace, Hammersmith

Girdwood G. F. M.D. 19 Howley place, Paddington

Girdwood T. F. 19 Howley place, Paddington

Gits A. 22 Newton road, Bayswater

Gladstone Dr. J. H. 17 Pembridge square, Notting hill

Glass Mrs, 1 Lyon place, Maida hill

Glasse Mrs M. 11 Connaught square, Hyde park

Glasson Miss, 8 Sussex place, Kensington

Glasson G. Bridge house, Water side, Hammersmith

Glen W. C. 148 Holland road, Kensington

Glennisson H. 15 Canterbury terrace, Maida vale

Glidden J. 11 Desborough terrace, Harrow road

Glover W. 3 Darnley road, Notting hill

Glover J. 14 St. George’s road, Lancaster road, Notting hill

Glover Mrs, 25 St. Mary’s terrace, Paddington green

Glover S. 6 Shrewsbury terrace, Westbourne park

Glover S. 16 Silchester road, Notting hill

Glow Capt. 7 Gordon place, Kensington

Glyde Mrs, 2 Grove villas, Hammersmith

Gobby A. 40 Alpha terrace, Kilburn

Gobey B. 2 Portsdown road north, Maida vale

Goby —, 48 Cirencester street, Harrow road

Goddard J. 26 Bark place, Bayswater

Goddard J. 11 Spring place, Hammersmith

Goddard Lieut.-Col. 14 Cambridge gardens, Kilburn

Goddard Dr. 53 Connaught terrace, Paddington

Goddard R. 70 King street east, Hammersmith

Godden W. 23 Caroline place, Bayswater

Godefor S. H. 54 Leinster square, Bayswater

Godfree W. S. 45 Notting hill square, Notting hill

Godfrey S. 11 Delamere crescent, Paddington

Godfrey J. R. R. 24 Lansdowne crescent, Notting hill

Godfrey Mrs, 20 Low Phillimore place, Kensington

Godin Miss S. 17 Carlton villas, Maida vale

Goff Capt. C. 24 Aldridge road villas, Westbourne park

Golf Mrs, 16 Oxford terrace, Hyde park

Gold J. 29 Albert road, Kilburn

Gold Miss 13 Howley place, Paddington

Golden G. F. 4 Bark place, Bayswater

Golding C. 16 Blomfield terrace, Harrow road

Golding Mrs, 26 Victoria grove, Kensington

Goldingham J. 19 Elvaston place, South Kensington

Goldsmid Mrs, 57 Cornwall road, Westbourne park

Goldsmid Y. 25 Leinster gardens, Bayswater

Goldsmid W. North end grove, North end, Hammersmith

Goldsmid A. 18 St. Luke’s road villas, Westbourne park

Goldsmid A. 2 Westbourne crescent, Hyde park

Goldschmidt Louis, 8 Ladbroke crescent, Notting hill

Goldsmith M. 43 Addison road, Kensington

Goldsmith J. D. 23 Desborough terrace, Harrow road

Goldsmith Mrs, 8 Westbury terrace, Paddington

Gollan J. G. 56 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Gollop Capt. J. 46 Portland road, Notting hill

Gomme Mrs, 54 Bridge road, Hammersmith

Gomme L. W. 99 King street east, Hammersmith

Gooch Sir D. Bart. M.P. 3 Warwick road, Paddington

Gooch H. 9 Beaufoy terrace, Maida hill

Gooch C. C. 39 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Good Mrs, F. 31 Cambridge street, Paddington

Good J. P. 14 Craven hill gardens, Bayswater

Good Misses, 80 Kensington gardens square, Bayswater

Good H. 168 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Good H. 20 Palace gardens villas, Kensington

Gooddall P. 19 St. Ann’s villas, Notting hill

Goodday H. 6 Kensington park terrace, Notting hill

Goodday Miss, 23 Princes square, Bayswater

Goodchild G. 3 Myrtle place, North end, Hammersmith

Goodchild G. 10 Philip terrace, Harrow road

Goode W. E. 40 Cambridge road, Hammersmith

Goodeve Mrs, 9 St. Mary’s terrace, Paddington green

Goodless J. 8 Moscow road, Bayswater

Goodman G. 16 Alpha place, Kilburn

Goodman G. 4 Westcroft place, Harrow road west

Goodman Mrs, 9 Westbourne terrace road, Paddington

Goodman J. 6 Westbury road, Paddington

Goodson M. B. 32 Kensington gardens square, Bayswater

Goodwin Mrs, 21 Chepstow place, Bayswater

Goodwin E. 47 Clarendon road, Notting hill

Goodwin Gen. 2 Kensington park terrace, Notting hill

Godwin Mrs, 1 Manor place, Paddington

Goodwin Mrs, 28 Newton road, Bayswater

Goodwin G. 11 Notting hill square, Notting hill

Goodwyn Major-Gen. A. G. 23 St. Stephen’s square, Westbourne park

Goolden J. 18 Lancaster gate, Hyde park

Goolden Dr. R. H. 1 Sussex gardens, Paddington

Gordon Mrs, 3 Addison gardens north, Kensington

Gordon Gen. H. 4 Bristol gardens, Warwick road, Maida hill

Gordon W. 9 Clarendon villas, Hammersmith

Gordon Mrs, 6 Cambridge street, Edgware road

Gordon Rev. C. R. M.A. 2 Campden hill terrace, Kensington

Gordon Mrs, 24 Clarendon road, Kensington

Gordon F. W. R. 2 Eldon road, Kensington

Gordon Misses, 13 Eldon road, Kensington

Gordon A. 10 Holland park, Notting hill

Gordon J. 32 Hyde park square

Gordon T. B. 19 Kildare terrace, Westbourne park

Gordon Mrs, 6 Lanark villas, Maida vale

Gordon Mrs, 36 Leamington road villas, Westbourne park

Gordon Mrs, 3 Leinster terrace, Hyde park

Gordon W. 11 Leinster terrace, Hyde park

Gordon G. M. 2 Mall road, Hammersmith

Gordon Mrs, 23 Notting hill terrace, Notting hill

Gordon Mrs, 5 Orsett terrace, Hyde park

Gordon P. 23 Pembridge gardens, Notting hill

Gordon B. 24 Pembridge gardens, Notting hill

Gordon Mrs, 8 Porchester terrace, Bayswater

Gordon Mrs, 26 Queen’s gardens, Hyde park

Gordon Mrs, 30 Westbourne park, Paddington

Gore G. 9 Bramley road, Notting hill

Gore A. 99 Gloucester terrace, Paddington

Gore Lieut.-Gen. Sir C. 7 Kensington park gardens, Notting hill

Gorham Mrs, 6 Young street, Kensington

Goring Lady, 13 Sussex square, Hyde park

Gorsuch W. 2 Beavor villas, St. Peter’s road, Hammersmith

Gorton Mrs, 8 Shrewsbury road, Westbourne park

Gosbert Mrs, 8 Campden house road, Kensington

Gosling F. 20 Bridge street, Kilburn

Gosling W. 15 Cornwall road, Hammersmith

Gosling —, 26 Newton road, Bayswater

Goes J. 31 Tichbourne street, Edgware road, Paddington

Goss W. 4 Stowe road, Hammersmith

Gosslett W. 1 Marlborough terrace, Harrow road, Paddington

Gossling Mrs, 32 Gloucester crescent, Paddington

Goter W. Glycine cottage, Hammersmith

Gould C. 61 Cornwall road, Westbourne park

Gould C. 31 Lansdowne crescent, Notting hill

Gould J. 21 Oxford terrace, Hyde park

Gould Mrs, 15 Porchester place, Paddington

Gould J. 22 Warwick gardens, Kensington

Gouldburn Rev. Dr. E. M. 26 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Goulding H. 1 Inkerman terrace, Kensington

Gowers S. 50 Bedford gardens, Kensington

Gowing Mrs, 3 Notting hill grove, Notting hill

Gowring J. C. 2 Cleveland cottages, Hammersmith

Gowring Miss, 52 Pembridge villas, Bayswater

Grabham Miss, 72 Porchester terrace, Bayswater

Grace Mrs, 12 & 13 Caroline place, Bayswater

Græme Mrs, 2 Westbourne park terrace, Bayswater

Grafton J. 7 Blomfield crescent, Hammersmith road

Graham Miss, 10 Flora villas, Hammersmith

Graham W. 17 Cleveland square, Bayswater

Graham W. Col. L. 6 Dawson place, Bayswater

Graham J. 3 Devonshire terrace, Craven hill, Bayswater

Graham Mrs, E. 18 Devonshire terrace, Notting hill

Graham Miss, 7 Devonshire place, Kensington

Graham Mrs, 6 Garway road, Bayswater

Graham G. F. 138 Holland road, Kensington

Graham Miss L. 18 Holland villas road, Kensington

Graham —, 3 Hornton villas, Kensington

Graham C. W. 2 Kensington gardens square, Bayswater

Graham Mrs, 22 Kensington park terrace, Notting hill

Graham Miss, 2 Monmouth road, Bayswater

Graham J. A. 30 Norfolk square, Paddington

Graham J. 24 Norland square, Notting hill

Graham S. 60 Pembridge villas, Bayswater

Graham W. 29 Porchester square, Westbourne park

Graham Mrs, 1 Radnor place, Hyde park road

Graham Mrs, 8 Princes gate, Kensington road, S.W.

Graham J. 30 St. Petersburgh place, Bayswater

Graham J. A. 3 Sussex gardens, Paddington

Graham B. 3 Upper Hornton villas, Kensington

Graham Mrs, 119 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Grainger Mrs, J. 87 Inverness terrace, Bayswater

Grane W. T. 25 Queen’s gardens, Hyde park

Grant A. 86 Addison road, Kensington

Grant Miss 4 Albion street, Hyde park

Grant Miss, 8 Anglesea villas, Hammersmith

Grant J. 15 Brunswick gardens, Kensington

Grant G. 12 Cleveland gardens, Bayswater

Grant Col. 5 Courtland place, Kensington

Grant G. 29 Dawson place, Bayswater

Grant J. 12 Delamere crescent, Paddington

Grant T. W. 9 Connaught terrace, Edgware road

Grant R. 114 Gloucester terrace, Paddington

Grant J. M. 102 Hereford road, Bayswater

Grant Capt. J. 7 Hyde park street, Hyde park

Grant A. 28 Kensington gate, South Kensington

Grant Sir, H. 30 Lancaster gate, Hyde park

Grant Mrs, 8 Gold Hawk terrace, Hammersmith

Grant Lady J. 5 Oxford square, Hyde park

Grant Lady, 55 Oxford terrace, Hyde park

Grant Miss, 92 Oxford terrace, Hyde park

Grant G. 7 Pembroke gardens, Kensington

Grant Mrs, C. 42 Pembroke road, Kensington

Grant Mrs, 10 Southwick crescent, Hyde park

Grant Mrs, Grotto cottage, Stamford brook, Hammersmith

Grant Mrs, 6 Talbot terrace, Westbourne park

Grant Col. T. 31 Westbourne park, Paddington

Grantham J. 39 Eastbourne terrace, Paddington

Grantham R. 48 Portsdown road, Maida hill

Grantham Miss, Fairfield lodge, Kensington

Graves Dr. F. G. M.D., 1 Cromwell terrace, Harrow road

Gray M. 20 Alfred road, Harrow road

Gray W. 30 Alfred road, Harrow road

Gray B. 36 Argyll road, Kensington

Gray Mrs, 27 Cirencester street, Harrow road

Gray A. 34 Elgin crescent, Notting hill

Gray B. G. 4 Inverness gardens, Kensington

Gray Miss 15 Kildare gardens, Westbourne park

Gray J. C. 4 Linden grove, Notting hill

Gray Capt. G. Waterloo lodge, Hammersmith

Gray T. 2 Gold Hawk terrace, Hammersmith

Gray Mrs. Dunbarton lodge, Silchester road, Notting hill

Gray J. 17 Stanley crescent, Notting hill

Gray Misses, 1 Sussex terrace, Hyde park

Gray B. 6 Upper Phillimore gardens, Kensington

Gray J. 4 Western terrace road, Paddington

Greatorex J. 22 Cleveland square, Bayswater

Greatorex Mrs, 11 Denbigh terrace, Bayswater

Greatorex W. 83 Gloucester terrace, Paddington

Greatorex R. C. 6 Upper Westbourne terrace, Paddington

Greatrix Mrs, 14_a_ St. Ann’s road, Notting hill

Greaves J. 2 James cottages, New road, Hammersmith

Greaves Mrs, 3 Talbot villas, Westbourne park

Greayer W. 13 Eastbourne terrace, Paddington

Green J. 18 Addison road, Kensington

Green T. H. 9 Alexandra road, Kilburn

Green J. 3 Bark place, Bayswater

Green R. 12 Beaufoy terrace, Maida vale

Green Mrs, 9 Boyne terrace, Notting hill

Green Mrs, 3 Clarendon villas, Hammersmith

Green W. 10 Campden hill road, Kensington

Green G. 26 Caroline place, Bayswater

Green W. 5 Caves terrace, Hammersmith

Green J. 22 Caves terrace, Hammersmith

Green Miss, 51 Chepstow place, Bayswater

Green A. 2 Clifton terrace, Notting hill

Green Mrs, 33 Clarendon street, Harrow road, Paddington

Green Rev. S. 2 Queen’s place east, Hammersmith road west

Green B. C. 5 Kensington palace gardens, Kensington

Green B. B. 25 Kensington palace gardens, Kensington

Green Mrs H. 6 Kildare gardens, Bayswater

Green I. 10 Ladbroke road east, Notting hill

Green R. 8 Ladbroke terrace, Notting hill

Green R. 27 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Green Mrs, 95 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Green H. 6 Upper Lansdowne terrace, Notting hill

Green C. 15 Moscow road, Bayswater

Green S. G. 1 Cambridge terrace, Hammersmith

Green J. 8 Pembroke gardens, Kensington

Green R. 35 Pembroke road, Kilburn

Green Miss, 38 Pembroke square, South Kensington

Green F. 38 Prince’s gardens, South Kensington

Green J. 4 St. Peter’s road, Hammersmith

Green Miss, 15 Stanley terrace, Notting hill

Green W. 14 Sussex square, Hyde park

Green C. 8 The Terrace, Kensington

Green Rev. G. J. 24 Westbourne park road, Bayswater

Green Mrs, 76 Westbourne park road, Bayswater

Green H. 40 Westbourne park villas, Westbourne park

Greenaway E. 16 Lansdowne crescent, Notting hill

Greenaway F. E. 42 Elgin crescent, Notting hill

Greenbank Mrs, 3 Dawson place, Bayswater

Greenbank R. 18 Leamington road villas, Westbourne park

Greenfield H. Alpha house, Notting hill

Greenfield W. B. F.R.G.S. 59 Porchester terrace, Bayswater

Greenhalgh C. 2 St. Catherine villas, New road, Hammersmith

Greenham Mrs, 4 Stranraer place, Maida vale

Greenhead Mrs, Beech cottage, Brook green, Hammersmith

Greenhill C. H. 90 Gloucester crescent, Paddington

Greenhill Mrs, 3 Talbot road villas, Westbourne park

Greenhill W. 17 Westbourne park terrace, Harrow road

Greening W. 37 Albert road, Kilburn

Greenland J. A. 9 Richmond terrace, Bayswater

Greenlaw Miss, 1 Avenue road, Hammersmith

Greenlade W. T 12 Delamere terrace, Paddington

Greenway C. 9 Bedford gardens, Kensington

Greenwood J. 31 Blomfield terrace, Harrow road

Greenwood J. 9 Cumberland place, Bayswater

Greenwood Major J. 14 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Greenwood G. 14 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Greenwood T. 14 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Gregor M. 24 Delamere terrace, Paddington

Gregory G. F. 21 Addison road, Kensington

Gregory J. 8 Bouverie street, Paddington

Gregory J. 10 Canterbury terrace, Maida vale

Gregory Mrs, 40 Porchester square, Westbourne park

Gregory F. 82 Portland road, Notting hill

Gregory C. 18 Senior street, Harrow road, Paddington

Gregory C. H. C.E. 9 Southwick street, Hyde park

Greig H. 44 Aldridge road villas, Westbourne park

Greig J. B. 11 Victoria road, Kensington

Grenfell Mrs, Capt. 78 Elgin crescent, Notting hill

Gresham J. P. 4 Warwick road, Paddington

Grew S. 24 Kensington crescent, Kensington

Grey A. 15 Caves terrace, Hammersmith

Grey —, 108 Connaught terrace, Paddington

Grey Lady G. Kensington palace gardens, Kensington

Grierson J. 21 Holland villas road, Kensington

Griesbach J. H. 48 Bedford gardens, Kensington

Griesbach C. F. W. 31 Westbourne park villas, Westbourne park

Grieve W. R. 3 Waterloo houses, Kilburn

Griffin H. 5 Alpha terrace, Kilburn

Griffin F. Kensington palace gardens, Bayswater road

Griffin V. 18_a_ Sutherland place, Bayswater

Griffith W. H. 16 Park villas, Hammersmith

Griffith W. D. 6 York villas, Kensington

Griffiths Mrs, 6 Addison gardens south, Kensington

Griffiths T. 42 Alfred road, Harrow road

Griffiths J. 1 Bramley road villas, Notting hill

Griffiths C. 18 Cambridge street, Paddington

Griffiths 12 Cary villas, Hammersmith

Griffiths W. 2 Chepstow villas west, Bayswater

Griffiths E. W. 6 Colville square, Notting hill

Griffiths Mrs, 11 Verulum terrace, Hammersmith

Griffiths Mrs, 28 Ledbury road, Bayswater

Griffiths T. 1_a_ Portsdown road north, Maida vale

Griffiths H. 30 Prince’s gardens, South Kensington

Griffiths H. 14 St. James’s terrace, Clarendon road, Notting hill

Griffiths Miss, 25 Talbot square, Hyde park

Griffiths Mrs, 29 Westbourne park road, Bayswater

Grigg W. E. 1 Windsor terrace, Maida hill

Gripper J. E. 16 St. Leonard’s terrace, Maida hill

Grissell T. 19 Kensington palace gardens, Kensington

Grieve 16 St. James’s square, Notting hill

Grogan E. 9 Cambridge street, Paddington

Grogan W. 28 Phillimore gardens, Kensington

Groser W. G. 1 Havelock villas, Queen’s road, Hammersmith

Grosjean H. 64 Hereford road, Bayswater

Grosjean F. 11 Sheffield gardens, Kensington

Gross J. 69 Richmond road, Bayswater

Grosvenor Mrs, 14 Pembroke gardens, Kensington

Grosvenor Earl M.P. 28 Princes gate, Kensington road, S.W.

Grosvenor G. F. M.D. 1 Buckingham terrace, Notting hill

Grotten Madame, 10 Connaught place west, Hyde park

Grover S. 29 Edmund terrace, Notting hill

Groves J. 29 Woodfield place, Paddington

Groves H. 9_a_ Westbourne grove north, Bayswater

Gruaz H. C. 26 Kensington park terrace north, Notting hill

Grubb Miss, 16 Blenheim crescent, Notting hill

Grubbe J. 29 Holland park, Notting hill

Gruneison Mrs, 53 Oxford terrace, Hyde park

Guarraroni Dr. 20 Hornton street, Kensington

Gubbins W. G. 21 St. Stephen’s road, Westbourne park

Gubbins Mrs, 51 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Guedalla Mrs, 10 Clarendon gardens, Maida hill

Guedalla H. 9 Devonshire terrace, Craven hill, Bayswater

Guermonprez J. H. 53 Oxford road

Guest W. 10 Caroline place, Bayswater

Guglielmo S. 14 Elgin crescent, Notting hill

Guillett J. C. jun. 8 Bedford gardens, Kensington

Guillod T. W. 2 St. Mary’s terrace, Paddington

Gundry Mrs, 11 Hamilton terrace, Bayswater

Gunn J. 25 Cambridge place, Paddington

Gunnell Capt. E. 21 Argyll road, Kensington

Gunter Miss, 21 Connaught terrace, Paddington

Gunwico A. 10 Westbourne villas, Paddington

Gurden T. 16 Westbury road, Paddington

Gurling J. 20 Portsea place, Hyde park

Gulling E. 2 St. John’s place, Notting hill

Gurney J. 17 Cambridge gardens, Kilburn

Gurney R. C. 8 Kensington palace gardens, Kensington

Gurney R. 3 Orme square, Bayswater

Gurney J. H. 45 Upper Berkeley street west, Hyde park

Gush F. 85 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Gush F. 35 Oxford road, Kilburn

Gusippi J. 2 Lancaster terrace, Shaftesbury road, Hammersmith

Gustan J. 129 Queen’s road, Bayswater

Gutch G. 24 Porteus road, Paddington

Guthrie J. 18 Lanark villas, Maida vale

Guthrie T. A. 6 Phillimore gardens, Kensington

Guthrie Mrs, 19 Scarsdale villas, Kensington

Guthrie Capt. R. R.N. 16 Sheffield gardens, Kensington

Guthrie G. T. 25 Warwick crescent, Kensington

Gutteridge W. 6 Woodstock road, Shepherd’s bush

Guturrez H. 8 St. Alban’s road, Kensington

Gwilliam G. 37 Lansdowne crescent, Notting hill

Gwilt Miss, 8 Gloucester crescent, Paddington

Gwyn G. F. 6 Westcroft place, Hammersmith road west

Gwyn —, 3 Crozman villas, New road, Hammersmith

Gwyn R. 1 Talbot square, Hyde park

Gyles Rev. G. 1 Blenheim terrace, Notting hill


Haase W. 12 Hainsvale terrace, Hammersmith

Hackney Mrs, 7 Cleveland gardens, Paddington

Hacon W. H. 69 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Hadfield W. 11 Inverness road, Bayswater

Haes F. 4 Briar villas, Victoria road, Hammersmith

Haffenden Dr. 7 Bath place, Kensington

Hagemeyer Herr, H. Handel house, Harrow road

Haggard H. 26 Leinster gardens, Bayswater

Haggard Mrs, 9 Sheffield gardens, Kensington

Haig J. 31 Queen street, Hammersmith

Haigh E. 36 Norfolk terrace, Bayswater

Haigh H. A. 12 Arundel gardens, Kensington park

Haines F. L. 2 Alexander street, Westbourne park

Haines E. W. 33 Cambridge road, Kilburn

Haines W. 7 Gloucester terrace, Notting hill

Haines R. 45 Hereford road, Bayswater

Haines H. Grove villa, New road, Hammersmith

Hakervell J. H. 20 Inverness terrace, Kensington gardens

Hakim A. 59 Sussex gardens, Paddington

Hale Mrs, 7 Maida hill, Edgware road

Halkett Col. 6 Ladbroke gardens, Notting hill

Hall C. St. Petersburgh house, Bayswater road

Hall —, 39 Blenheim crescent, Notting hill

Hall Miss, 9 Blenheim terrace, Notting hill

Hall J. 37 Blomfield road, Paddington

Hall Mrs, 1 Blomfield terrace, Paddington

Hall Rev. J. E. 6 Cleveland terrace, Bayswater

Hall M. 3 Cleveland terrace, Bayswater

Hall J. G. 6 Cornwall road, Hammersmith

Hall R. 29 Denmark road, Kilburn

Hall S. C. 8 Essex villas, Kensington

Hall Miss, 12 Gloucester place, Hyde park

Hall Mrs, 64 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Hall M. 22 Ladbroke square, Notting hill

Hall D. 10 Holland street, Kensington

Hall J. 6 Holland villas road, Kensington

Hall Miss, 2 Inkerman terrace, Kensington

Hall Mrs, 3 Kensington park terrace north, Notting hill

Hall J. 1 Park place gardens, Paddington green

Hall Mrs, 12 Kensington park villas, Notting hill

Hall R. 50 Leamington road villas, Westbourne park

Hall T. N. 16 Norfolk crescent, Hyde park

Hall T. 10 Peel road, Kilburn

Hall R. 41 Pembroke square, Kensington

Hall Admiral W. N. C.B. 48 Phillimore gardens, Kensington

Hall G. 60 Portland road, Notting hill

Hall Mrs, 138 Queen’s road, Bayswater

Hall T. J. 31 Queensborough terrace, Bayswater

Hull Capt. W. T. 5 Stanley crescent, Notting hill

Hall Miss, 5 Upper Phillimore place, Kensington

Hall Mrs, 10 Upper Westbourne terrace, Paddington

Hall R. W. 1 Vicarage gardens, Ken.

Hall C. 10 Vicarage gardens, Kensington

Hall C. 20 Warwick road, Paddington

Hall W. 84 Westbourne park road, Bayswater

Halladay M. M. 50 Addison road, Kensington

Halladay T. 10 Addison terrace, Ken.

Hallam —, 1 Princes place, Hammersmith

Hallam W. 2 Westbourne park crescent, Paddington

Halladay F. 14 Queen’s gate gardens, South Kensington

Hallmarke W. 4 Cottage road, Paddington

Hallsey W. F. 1 Church road, Hammersmith

Halse R. 15 Addison road, Kensington

Halse J. 14 Palace gardens villas, Kensington

Hales G. 15 Clarendon, road, Notting hill

Halsey H. W. R. W. 34 Norfolk square, Hyde park

Halsey H. 24 Royal crescent, Notting hill

Halswell E. S. 26 Kensington gate, Kensington gore

Haly Col. G. 12 St. Stephen’s road, Hammersmith

Hamadale —, 11 Blenheim terrace, Notting hill

Hamber F. M. 14 Sheffield gardens, Kensington

Hamill Mrs, E. 15 Sussex gardens, Paddington

Hamilton E. 3 Alma terrace, Kensington

Hamilton C. 14 Holland street, Kensington

Hamilton Mrs, 6 Leamington road villas, Westbourne park

Hamilton Mrs, 14 Gold Hawk terrace, Hammersmith

Hamilton J. E. 2 Stanhope villas, Hammersmith

Hamilton Mrs, 17 Portsdown road, Maida hill

Hamilton J. H. 6 Princes square, Bayswater

Hamilton J. 10 St. Peter’s road, Hammersmith

Hamilton J. Stamford brook, Hammersmith

Hamilton Gen. C. 19 Sussex gardens, Paddington

Hamlin C. G. 9 Delamere street, Paddington

Hamlin Mrs, 37 Westmoreland place, Bayswater

Hamlyn J. 9 St. Peter’s terrace, Hammersmith

Hammersley H. 32 Princes gate, Kensington road

Hammerton W. 2 Blenheim terrace, Notting hill

Hammerton Mrs, 19_a_ Monmouth road, Bayswater

Hammond R. 4 Beaufoy terrace, Paddington

Hammond Mrs, 38 Cambridge terrace, Paddington

Hammond Mrs, 11 Durham terrace, Westbourne park

Ham-Piccreto Misses, 45 Cambridge terrace, Paddington

Hampton R. 1 Campden hill road, Kensington

Hanaford C. 27 Bridge road, Hammersmith

Hancock W. J. 3 Great Western terrace, Westbourne park

Hand F. J. Trinwell lodge, St. Peter’s square, Hammersmith

Hands J. 11 Warwick road, Paddington

Hands Rev. B. 40 Clarendon road, Notting hill

Hanmor Miss, 33 Aldridge road villas, Bayswater

Hannan B., 1 Kildare gardens, Westbourne park

Hannay J. 25 Inverness terrace, Kensington gardens

Hannay J. L. 67 Queen’s gardens, Hyde park

Hannen Mrs, 40 Westbourne park road, Bayswater

Hanrahan M. 13 Scarsdale terrace, Kensington

Hanrott P. A. 8 Ladbroke square, Notting hill

Hansard H. 47 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Hanse Mrs, 83 Hereford road, Westbourne grove

Hansman H. 22 Blomfield street, Paddington

Hansomley Mrs, 14 Woodstock road, Shepherd’s bush

Hanson E. P. C. 27 Blomfield terrace, Paddington

Hanson Misses 27 Blomfield terrace, Paddington

Hanson J. 5 Leamington road villas, Westbourne park

Harpham Mrs, 5 Kilburn square, Kilburn

Haplin Capt. E. R.N. 27 St. Luke’s road villas, Westbourne park

Harbord Hon. W. 13 Kensington gate, Kensington gore

Harbour J. 3 Upton villas, Kilburn

Harboyne Mrs, 45 Sussex gardens, Paddington

Hard Miss, 54 St. Mary’s terrace, Paddington green

Hard Mrs, 28 Cambridge road, Hammersmith

Harding F. 18 Albert road, Paddington

Harding Mrs, 39 Cambridge street, Paddington

Harding G. 16 Edmund terrace, Notting hill

Harding H. 3 Loudoun villas, Hammersmith

Harding W. 2 Grange Bank villas, Hammersmith

Harding E. 32 Norfolk terrace, Bayswater

Harding J. 20 St. Mark’s crescent, Kensington park

Hardinge H. H. 22 Maida hill west, Edgware road

Hardinge W. J. 12 Aldridge road villas, Westbourne park

Hardisty E. B. 32 Argyll road, Kensington

Hardwicke R. 6 Earls terrace, Kensington

Hardy J. 19 Dawson place, Bayswater

Hardy Rev. J. P. 17 Durham terrace, Westbourne park

Hardy R. 13 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Hardy T. 13 Orme square, Bayswater

Hardy G. 25 Talbot terrace, Westbourne park

Hare Miss, 9 Argyll road, Kensington

Hares H. R. 7 Aubrey villas, Notting hill

Hares H. 8 Bristol gardens, Maida hill

Harford C. R. 9 Cleveland square, Bayswater

Hargrave G. 7 Sheffield terrace, Kensington

Hargraves H. 6 Cleveland square, Bayswater

Hargraves W. 34 Craven hill gardens, Bayswater

Hargreaves Mrs, 53 Porchester terrace, Bayswater

Harker Mrs. 105 Hereford road, Bayswater

Harley Misses 93 Addison road, Kensington

Harley Mrs, 28 Cambridge terrace, Hyde park

Harley Mrs. 25 Westmoreland place, Bayswater

Harlow G. 8 Eastbourne terrace, Paddington

Harman S. 49 Notting hill square, Notting hill

Harmar W. P. 15 St. Stephen’s road, Westbourne park

Harms, H. 13 Randolph road, Maida hill

Harper R. 1 Edmund terrace, Notting hill

Harper Col. G. 12 Hyde park gate south, Kensington gore

Harness Rev. W. 3 Hyde park terrace, Kensington gore

Harries Mrs, 63 Kensington gardens square, Bayswater

Harriott Mrs, 17 Arundel gardens, Kensington park

Harris Mrs, 3 Abingdon villa, Kensington

Harris Mrs, Thames villa, Bridge avenue, Hammersmith

Harris G. 7 Cornwall road, Westbourne park

Harris G. 14 Cumberland terrace, Bayswater

Harris T. 3 Denbigh terrace, Bayswater

Harris H. 19 Denmark road, Kilburn

Harris Mrs, 29 Eldon road, Kensington

Harris F. 25 Elgin terrace, Maida vale

Harris M. A. 3 Elm grove, Hammersmith

Harris Rev. J. M.A. 2 Fulham place, Maida hill

Harris N. 47 Gloucester place, Hyde park

Harris Capt. H. F.R.G.S. 35 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Harris J. 12 Holland terrace, Kensington

Harris W. 11 Kensington park terrace north, Notting hill

Harris Miss, 27 Kildare terrace, Westbourne park

Harris Mrs, 5 Maida hill west, Edgware road

Harris S. 114 Norfolk terrace, Bayswater

Harris Capt. G. 25 Oxford road, Kilburn

Harris Capt. W. C. 17 Porchester square, Westbourne park

Harris S. 33 Portsdown road, Maida hill

Harris Mrs, 18 Portsdown road, Maida hill

Harris J. 3 Princes gate, Kensington road

Harris Mrs, 31 Queen’s road, Bayswater

Harris J. 4 Woodfield terrace, Paddington

Harris Rev. R. 10 Westbourne park crescent, Paddington

Harris B. H. 22 Westbourne park road, Bayswater

Harrison W. 7 Argyll road, Kensington

Harrison A. 21 Cambridge road, Kilburn

Harrison E. M. 12 Cambridge terrace, Notting hill

Harrison T. 17 Clarendon road, Kensington

Harrison N. 17 Eastbourne terrace, Paddington

Harrison W. G. 88 Gloucester crescent, Hyde park

Harrison Mrs, E. 75 Gloucester place, Hyde park

Harrison Miss, 115 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Harrison G. 1 Gloucester terrace, Campden hill

Harrison F. 10 Lancaster gate, Hyde park

Harrison O. B. C. 2 Kensington crescent, Kensington

Harrison Mrs, 40 Kildare terrace, Westbourne park

Harrison J. 15 Leinster square, Bayswater

Harrison W. Blooms grove villa, New road, Hammersmith

Harrison Mrs, 21 Notting hill terrace, Notting hill

Harrison Dr. 18 Porchester terrace, Bayswater

Harrison C. W. 38 Queen’s gardens, Hyde park

Harrison J. F. 58 Queen’s gate terrace, South Kensington

Harrison D. 45 St. James square, Notting hill

Harrison Mrs, 10 Stranraer place, Maida vale

Harrison G. B. 39 Westbourne park, Paddington

Harrison Miss, 10 Warwick gardens, Kensington

Harrison T. E. 45 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Harrison H. B. 165 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Harrison W. 92 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Harrow H. 11 Brondesbury villas, Kilburn

Harry Miss, 1 Pereira place, Shepherd’s bush green

Harston E. F. B. 2 Aldridge road villas, Westbourne park

Hart Mrs, S. V. W. 33 Abingdon villas, Kensington

Hart G. 52 Burlington road, Westbourne park

Hart Miss, 19 Oxford road, Kilburn

Hart Lady, 19 Norfolk square, Hyde park

Hart J. 20 Pembridge square, Notting hill

Hart W. 9 Silchester terrace, Notting hill

Hart P. 1 Bath terrace, Notting hill

Hart W. 28 Westbourne park villas, Westbourne park

Hartley R. 12 Holland street, Kensington

Hartley Mrs, 11 St. George’s terrace, South Kensington

Hartley Mrs, 11 Norfolk terrace, Bayswater

Hartsborne Mrs, 8 Clifton villas, Maida hill

Hartwood J. 21 Gloucester crescent, Hyde park

Harvey W. 15 Albert street, Paddington

Harvey H. 1 Albion gardens, Hammersmith

Harvey Dr. J. 4 Clarendon place, Maida hill

Harvey J. 8 Cottage road, Paddington

Harvey R. K. 2 Cromwell terrace, Harrow road

Harvey Mrs, 4 Cumberland terrace, Bayswater

Harvey G. 24 Edith villas, Hammersmith

Harvey Miss, H. 11 Kensington crescent, Kensington

Harvey A. S. 3 Gordon terrace, Campden hill

Harvey J. W. H. 9 Norland place, Notting hill

Harvey W. D. 52 Notting hill square, Notting hill

Harvey F. 8 Berkeley gardens, Kensington

Harvey Mrs, 10 Kensington park road, Notting hill

Harvey Mrs, 38 Kildare terrace, Westbourne park

Harvey —, 35 Princes square, Bayswater

Harvey Mrs, 5 Ravenscourt terrace, Hammersmith

Harvey W. M. 5 St. Peter’s square, Hammersmith

Harvie D. 1 Great Western terrace, Westbourne park

Harwood H. H. 29 Cleveland square, Bayswater

Harwood Miss, 89 Bridge road, Hammersmith

Haschke H. 6 Shrewsbury villas, Westbourne park

Haselfoot T. K. H. 18 Sunderland terrace, Westbourne park

Haslan W. 1 Swiss cottages, Hammersmith

Haslip Capt. S. 3 Shaftesbury terrace, Kensington

Hassels Rev. C. S. 10 Howley place, Maida hill

Haste J. 23 Eastbourne terrace, Paddington

Hastie Mrs, 1 Blomfield crescent, Paddington

Hustling Rev. H. 9 Bridge Avenue, Hammersmith

Hastings Lord, 25 Kensington palace gardens, Bayswater road

Hastings H. 16 Vicarage gardens, Kensington

Hatch J. P. 10 Kensington park terrace north, Notting hill

Hatch S. 72 Portsdown road, Maida hill

Hatch Mrs, 10 Westbourne park place, Bayswater

Hatchard J. 15 Abingdon villas, Kensington

Haughton S. 2 Clifton villas, Maida vale

Havelock Mrs, 1 Addison villas, Notting hill

Havelock Lady, 14 Kensington park gardens, Notting hill

Havens W. R. 24 Maida hill west, Edgware road

Haviland F. G. 61 Gloucester place, Hyde park

Haviland E. S. 13 Lyon terrace, Maida hill

Hawarden Viscount, 5 Prince’s gardens, Kensington

Hawdon J. C. 7 Kilburn Priory, Kilburn

Hawes Col. A. 5 Colville gardens, Bayswater

Hawke H. E. 10 Westbourne grove north, Bayswater

Hawker Lady, 23 Kensington gate, Kensington gore

Hawkesley J. W. 21 Lansdowne crescent, Notting hill

Hawkins W. 64 Albert road, Kilburn

Hawkins A. 16 Bouverie street, Paddington

Hawkins Miss, 61 Cambridge terrace, Paddington

Hawkins W. 7 Dudley place, Paddington

Hawkins J. A. T. 14 Gloucester gardens, Bayswater

Hawkins Major R. 15 Hyde park gate, Kensington gore

Hawkins J. R. 7 Kensington park villas, Notting hill

Hawkins Miss, 7 Norland terrace, Notting hill

Hawkins Mrs, 5 Delamere street, Paddington

Hawkins J. 1 Tichbourne street, Paddington

Hawkins J. W. 8 Vicarage gardens, Kensington

Hawksley T. 14 Phillimore gardens, Kensington

Hawley F. 1 Blomfield road, Paddington

Hawley Miss, 10 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Haworth J. K. 39 Portsdown road, Maida hill

Hawthorne Mrs Col. 33 Pembroke square, Kensington

Haxall A. Knowsley house, Bradmore, Hammersmith

Hay E. 56 Bedford gardens, Kensington

Hay A. 10 Dawson place, Bayswater

Hay Mrs, 10 Pembridge place, Bayswater

Hay R. 44 Princes gate, Kensington road

Hayden H. 5 St. Stephen’s road, Westbourne park

Hayes J. 3 Argyll road, Kensington

Hayes A. 23 Edmund terrace, Notting hill

Hayes Capt. 2 Great Western crescent, Westbourne park

Hays Mrs, 9 Kensington park road, Notting hill

Hayes R. 1 Pembridge square, Notting hill

Hayes J. 41 Porchester terrace, Bayswater

Haglemore W. 16 Paddington green, Paddington

Hayne J. B. 2 Holland park, Uxbridge road

Hayne C. 31 Kensington gardens square, Bayswater

Haynes R. 1 Albion street, Hyde park

Haynes Mrs, 15 Devonshire place, Paddington

Haynes E. 3 Maida hill, Edgware road

Haynes E. 6 Albion place, Hammersmith

Haynes S. 6 Elgin terrace, Maida vale

Haynes Mrs, 18 Stratheden terrace, Hammersmith

Haynes Mrs, 7 Richmond road, Bayswater

Haynes Mrs, 2 Somer’s place, Hyde park

Hays C. 76 Clarendon road, Notting hill

Hays Col. D. 50 Porchester terrace, Bayswater

Hayter H. 51 Addison gardens, Kensington

Hayter J. 1 Delamere street, Paddington

Hayter Sir W. 19 Hyde park terrace, Bayswater road

Hayward W. 17 Kilburn square, Kilburn

Hayward Mrs, 25 Leinster square, Bayswater

Hayward Mrs, 55 Pembridge villas, Bayswater

Hayward Miss, 20 Tavistock terrace, Westbourne park

Hayward Mrs, 13 Westbourne park villas, Westbourne park

Haywood Mrs, 8 Southwick street, Hyde park

Hazlitt W. C. 55 Addison road, Kensington

Head A. 14 Craven hill gardens, Bayswater

Head B. 31 Edwardes square, Kensington

Headley Mrs, L. 26 Blomfield terrace, Paddington

Heager A. 19 Godolphin road, Hammersmith

Heal W. 3 Great Western terrace, Westbourne park

Heal S. 129 Ledbury road, Bayswater

Heal R. 131 Ledbury road, Bayswater

Healey T. 20 Lanark villas, Maida vale

Healey T. 31 Portland road, Notting hill

Heard H. 10 Cornwall road, Westbourne park

Hearn Mrs, 5 Cornwall terrace, Paddington

Hearn R. J. 1 Lime cottages, Shepherd’s bush

Hease Madame, 47 Burlington road, Westbourne park

Heath W. B. 62 Elgin crescent, Notting hill

Heath C. 29 Great Western terrace, Westbourne park

Heath H. 2 Ladbroke place west, Notting hill

Heath T. 50 Notting hill square, Notting hill

Heath Miss, 15 Sutherland place, Bayswater

Heath Mrs, 17_a_ Sutherland place, Bayswater

Heating T. 21 Princes terrace, Bayswater

Heaver Miss, 2 Marlborough villas, Hammersmith

Heaver W. 2 Marlborough villas, Hammersmith

Hebden F. Radcliffe lodge, St. Peter’s square, Hammersmith

Hector Mrs, 3 Porchester place, Edgware road

Hector A. F.R.G.S. 6 Stanley gardens, Notting hill

Hedgeman R. 17 Campden hill road, Kensington

Hedger W. The Grange, Hammersmith

Hedger Mrs, 1 Ladbroke terrace, Notting hill

Hedger F. 47 Warwick gardens, Kensington

Hedges J. 12 Albion villas, Hammersmith

Hedges Miss, 1 Monmouth road north, Bayswater

Hedley O. D. 17 Westbourne park road, Bayswater

Hegan J. 21 Leinster gardens, Bayswater

Heinke Madame 75 Hereford road, Westbourne grove

Heintzman Mrs, 91 Kensington gardens square, Bayswater

Helder W. 21 Howley place, Maida hill

Helder S. 31 Howley place, Maida hill

Heldman J. 16 Anglesea villas, Hammersmith

Helfrich R. 25 Notting hill terrace, Notting hill

Hellings J. 2 South bank, Notting hill

Hellmore F. 1 Addison gardens north, Kensington

Hely Capt. 10 Blenheim crescent, Notting hill

Hemming J. 155 Ledbury road, Bayswater

Hemmings W. B. 7 Norland place, Notting hill

Hemmings W. 11 Silchester road villas, Notting hill

Hempson G. 5 Alexander terrace, Westbourne park

Hempson C. 17_a_ Elm grove, Hammersmith

Hemsley Mrs, 2 Norland terrace, Notting hill

Henderson W. H. 11 Andover road, Hammersmith

Henderson Mrs, 29 Blomfield terrace, Paddington

Henderson C. 13 Campden hill road, Kensington

Henderson T. 4 Church street, Kensington

Henderson Mrs, 12 Colville up Notting hill

Henderson G. 28 Lancaster gate, Hyde park

Henderson C. P. 77 Lancaster gate, Hyde park

Henderson Mrs, 24 Hyde park square

Henderson Mrs, 18 Norfolk square, Hyde park

Henderson G. 10 Palace gardens villas, Kensington

Henderson W. 12 Porchester square, Westbourne park

Henderson J. 20 St. James square, Notting hill

Henderson Capt. R. B. 1 Somers place, Hyde park

Henderson Mrs, 20 Stamford road, Kensington

Henderson W. 5 Stanhope street, Hyde park gardens

Henderson Mrs, C. 25 Sunderland terrace, Westbourne park

Henderson T. 25 Sussex place, Kensington

Henderson Mrs, 15 Upper Phillimore place, Kensington

Henderson C. 19 Westbourne square, Paddington

Henderson Mrs, 5 Woodstock road, Shepherd’s bush

Hendricks F. 30 Palace gardens terrace, Kensington

Hendy N. 13 Sutherland place, Bayswater

Hendy C. W. 10 Stanley gardens, Notting hill

Henkell H. 6 Blomfield road, Paddington

Hennersey Miss, 7 Upper Phillimore place, Kensington

Henniker A. 26 Leinster square, Bayswater

Henning A. 8 Orsett place, Hyde park

Henriques Miss, G. Blomfield street, Paddington

Henriques J. G. 71 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Henry G. 15 Portsdown road, Maida hill

Henry Mrs, 49 Queen’s gardens, Hyde park

Henry Mrs, 28 Richmond road, Bayswater

Henry J. 110 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Henry Capt. C. 2 York villas, Kensington

Henshall J. 35 Ledbury road, Bayswater

Henshall Miss, Westbourne park road, Bayswater

Henshall Mrs, 27 Clarendon gardens, Maida hill

Henshaw W. 12 Norland terrace, Notting hill

Hensley Capt. C. R.N., 40 Burlington road, Westbourne park

Hensley C. J. 84 Gloucester crescent, Hyde park

Hensman J. 15 Garway road, Bayswater

Hensman Mrs, 44 Notting hill square, Notting hill

Hepburn F. C. H. 31 Blenheim crescent, Notting hill

Heppell Mrs, 2 Colville square, Notting hill

Hepple E. 28 Notting hill square, Notting hill

Hepworth Mrs, 8 St. Stephen’s road, Westbourne park

Herapath S. 46 Argyll road, Kensington

Herban C. 3 Clifton villas, Maida vale, Edgware road

Herbert Mrs, 18 Anglesea villas, Hammersmith

Herbert W. 8 Durham villas, Kensington

Herbert F. G. Longthorpe lodge, New road, Hammersmith

Herbert Mrs, 40 St. Peter’s square, Hammersmith

Herbert Capt. M. 28 Gloucester place, Hyde park

Herbert A. 1 Wilby terrace, Notting hill

Hermington Mrs, 29 Porchester square, Westbourne park

Herne H. H. B. 14 Upper Westbourne terrace, Paddington

Herold F. 9 Leamington road villas, Westbourne park

Herring Miss, 38 Albion street, Hyde park

Herringham Mrs, 27 Porchester square, Westbourne park

Herrington E. 5 Bath place, Kensington

Hersand Mrs, 12 Notting hill square, Notting hill

Herschell Mrs, 28 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Hesketh J. F.R.G.S. 3 Stratheden villas, Hammersmith

Hesketh Lady E. 46 Queen’s gate terrace, South Kensington

Hessey Rev. F. D.C.L. 26 Addison road, Kensington

Hessey Rev. Dr. J. A. D.C.L. 10 Leinster gardens, Bayswater

Hessing J. G. 73 Oxford terrace, Hyde park

Hetche C. 19 Clarendon gardens, Maida hill

Hewetson W. 16 Kildare gardens, Westbourne park

Hewetson Mrs, 76 Princes square, Bayswater

Hewett —, 5 Anglesea villas, Hammersmith

Hewett A. 40 Bark place, Bayswater

Hewett G. 10 Cromwell terrace, Paddington

Hewett A. T. 38 Gloucester place, Hyde park

Hewett E. 29 Kilburn park road, Kilburn

Hewett Mrs, 4 St. Luke’s road villas, Westbourne park

Hewett R. 3 Princes sq Bayswater

Hewlett R. 12 Kildare gardens, Westbourne park

Heyman —, 12 Clarendon road, Kensington

Heywood J. P. 6 Connaught place west, Hyde park

Heywood B. 53 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Heywood J. S. C. 15 Hanover terrace villas, Notting hill

Heywood J. 26 Kensington palace gardens, Bayswater road.

Heywood T. 26 Portland road, Notting hill

Hibbert W. T. 18 Princes gate, Kensington road

Hibbert R. H. 18 Princes crescent, Kensington road

Hibbert S. 2 Sussex square, Hyde park

Hickley T. 14 St. Mary’s terrace, Paddington green

Hickman C. 12 Flora villas, Hammersmith

Hickman R. J. 33 Blenheim crescent, Notting hill

Hickman W. Gurston house, Kensington park terrace north, Notting hill

Hicks, J. 25 Abingdon villas, Kensington

Hicks A. 43 Connaught square, Hyde park

Hick G. 10 Grove terrace, Hammersmith

Hicks Miss, 15 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Hicks G. E. 8 Kensington park villas, Notting hill

Hicks Mrs, 3 Park terrace, Notting hill

Hicks S. 18 Park villas, Hammersmith

Hicks Col. B. 1 Southwick crescent, Hyde park

Hickson S. 25 Clarendon road, Notting hill

Hidden W. J. Moreton house, Stowe road, Hammersmith

Hider Mrs, 4 Cornwall road, Hammersmith

Higgins Mrs, Phœnix place, Hammersmith

Higgins Mrs, 16 Clifton villas, Maida hill

Higgins W. 27 Clifton villas, Maida hill

Higgins A. 49 Cornwall road, Westbourne park

Higgins T. 15 Maida hill west, Edgware road

Higgins J. 2 Gloucester terrace, South Kensington

Higginson C. 7 Clarendon road, Notting hill

Higgs D. E. 8 Horbury terrace, Notting hill

Higgs W. 2 Victoria cotts., Hammersmith

Higham G. L. 44 Talbot terrace, Westbourne park

Hilbert —, 86 Bridge road, Hammersmith

Hilditch Sir E. 18 Arundel gardens, Kensington park

Hill H. 15 Amberley road, Paddington

Hill G. 5 Bridge Avenue, Hammersmith

Hill F. 3 Avenue villas, Hammersmith

Hill Mrs, 43 Cambridge street, Paddington

Hill Rev. R. 19 Connaught square, Hyde park

Hill G. 5 Gloucester gardens, Bayswater

Hill Mrs, 1 Hammersmith terrace, Hammersmith

Hill Mrs, 20 Holland villas road, Kensington

Hill C. 25 Hyde park sq.

Hill R. 7 Ledbury road, Bayswater

Hill J. 2 Manor place, Paddington

Hill Mrs, 4 Alpha cottages, Hammersmith

Hill G. 4 Denmark terrace, Hammersmith

Hill H. B. 2 Devonshire cottages, Hammersmith

Hill Sir H. 6 Oxford square, Hyde park

Hill Miss N. A. 16 Phillimore gardens, Kensington

Hill W. 9 Porteus road, Paddington

Hill T. 31 Prince’s square, Bayswater

Hill H. Queen’s gate terrace, South Kensington

Hill Gen. J. 35 St. Luke’s road villas, Westbourne park

Hill J. Alma cottage, Shaftesbury road, Hammersmith

Hill C. 8 Shrewsbury villas, Westbourne park

Hill Miss, 10 Stanhope place, Hyde park

Hill Mrs, 22 Sussex square, Hyde park

Hill H. The Retreat, Upper Mall, Hammersmith

Hill F. S. 19 Westbourne terrace north, Paddington

Hill J. 3 Woodfield road, Harrow road

Hill J. Devonshire villas, Campden hill, Kensington

Hillam R. 9 St. George’s terrace, South Kensington

Hillam C. W. 9 Westmoreland road, Bayswater

Hilliary G. 20 Kensington crescent, Kensington

Hillman G. 1 Wellington cottages, Hammersmith

Hillman Mrs, 2 Sussex place, Hammersmith

Hillman J. 35 Westbourne park road, Bayswater

Hills J. H. 25 Blomfield road, Paddington

Hills Capt. 4 Douro place, Kensington

Hills H. 26 Edmund terrace, Notting hill

Hills E. L. 1 Masboro road, Hammersmith

Hills Mrs, 12 Porchester place, Edgware road

Hills J. 20 Westbourne park villas, Westbourne park

Hilton Mrs, 16, Park place, Bayswater

Hilton Mrs, C. A. 20 Lansdowne crescent, Notting hill

Hinchliff E. S. 60 Portsdown road, Maida hill

Hinchliff G. 6 St. James square, Notting hill

Hind P. 18 Portland road, Notting hill

Hindley Mrs, 41 Leinster square, Bayswater

Hindmarsh Mrs, 12 Kensington park gardens, Notting hill

Hinds M. 5 St. Philips terrace, Kensington

Hine W. 1 Notting hill terrace, Notting hill

Hiorns Mrs, 9 The Terrace, Kilburn

Hirst C. E. 24 Warwick crescent, Kensington

Hitchcock H. W. 17 Leinster gardens, Bayswater

Hitchcock Mrs, 22 Norfolk crescent, Hyde park

Hixson W. J. 8 Victoria grove terrace, Bayswater road

Hoare Capt. Elm lodge, Mall, Notting hill

Hoare C. R. 2 Orsett terrace, Hyde park

Hoare R. H. 4 Palace gardens villas, Kensington

Hoare S. 1 Upper Southwick street, Hyde park

Hoares E. 2 Devonport street, Hyde park

Hobbs J. 1 Clarence terrace, Hammersmith

Hobbs J. 2 Horbury terrace, Notting hill

Hobbs J. 9 Kensington gardens square, Bayswater

Hobbs C. 21 Northumberland place, Westbourne grove

Hobbs J. 1 Oxford terrace, Hyde park

Hobdall Mrs, 3 Blenheim terrace, Notting hill

Hobday Col. T. 2 Sussex square, Hyde park

Hobson Mrs, 12 Victoria terrace, Notting hill

Hobson Mrs, 46 Norfolk terrace, Bayswater

Hockley Major, 11 Bristol gardens, Maida hill

Hockley W. 2 Cottage road, Paddington

Hodge W. 15 Stanley crescent, Notting hill

Hodges Mrs, 6 Kensington park road, Notting hill

Hodges Miss C. 6 Lansdowne crescent, Notting hill

Hodges H. B. 12 Portsdown road, Maida hill

Hodgkinson W. 4 Brondesbury villas, Kilburn

Hodgkinson E. 1 Cambridge terrace, Kensington

Hodgkinson F. O. 8 Hanover terrace villas, Notting hill

Hodgkinson S. 9 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Hodgkinson Mrs, 24 St. Stephen’s road, Hammersmith

Hoddinott J. 7 Westbourne villas, Paddington

Hodgins Mrs, 12 Notting hill terrace, Notting hill

Hodgson Mrs, 4 Burwood place, Paddington

Hodgson R. 18 Cambridge gardens, Kilburn

Hodgson A. 31 Cambridge road, Kilburn

Hodgson Rev. H. J. B.A. 45 Norfolk square, Hyde park

Hodgson J. S. 24 Prince’s gardens, South Kensington

Hodgson J. F.R.S. 6 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Hodgson Major-Gen. J. S. 10 Stanhope terrace, Bayswater road

Hoe E. 53 Addison road, Kensington

Hoffman H. 19 Norland square, Notting hill

Hogan C. M.A. 13 Westbourne square, Paddington

Hogg J. Addison lodge, 7 Addison road, Kensington

Hogg Col. 31 Gloucester place, Hyde park

Hogg W. 63 Lancaster gate, Hyde park

Hogg J. 6 Ashchurch villas, Hammersmith

Hogg W. 6 St. Mary’s square, Paddington green

Holbeck L. 5 Mall terrace, Notting hill

Holden Rev. H. A. 46 Abingdon villas, Kensington

Holden J. 17 Anglesea villas, Hammersmith

Holdship J. M. 5 Porchester square, Westbourne park

Holdsworth R. 19 Gloucester gardens, Bayswater

Holdsworth P. 19 Ladbroke crescent, Notting hill

Holdsworth H. 14 Kilburn Priory

Holdsworth H. J. 15 Monmouth road, Bayswater

Holford H. P. 24 Cambridge square, Paddington

Holford J. 13 Royal crescent, Notting hill

Holland W. 11 Beaufoy terrace, Maida vale

Holland Rev. E. 33 Hyde park gardens

Holland E. 42 Hyde park square

Holland J. 10 Hyde park terrace, Bayswater road

Holland W. J. 65 Porchester terrace, Bayswater

Holland S. 56 Porchester terrace, Bayswater

Holland C. J. P. 62 Princes square, Bayswater

Holland H. C. 58 Princes square, Bayswater

Holland Rev. F. 37 Sussex gardens, Paddington

Holland Lady, Holland house, Kensington

Holland J. 15 Vicarage gardens, Kensington

Holliday Mrs, 25_a_ Kensington square, Kensington

Hollier C. 5 Westbourne villas, Paddington

Hollis Mrs, 16 Inverness terrace, Kensington gardens

Holloway H. 19 Delamere crescent, Paddington

Holloway Mrs, 5 Garway road, Bayswater

Holloway Mrs, 19 Kensington park terrace north, Notting hill

Holloway T. 23 Kilburn park road, Kilburn

Holloway Mrs, S. 1 Mall villas, Notting hill

Holm J. H. 6 Stanhope terrace, Bayswater road

Holman Mrs, Balmoral cottage, Albion road, Hammersmith

Holman W. P. 44 Bedford gardens, Kensington

Holman J. 20 Colville square, Notting hill

Holman Capt. 6 Ladbroke place west, Notting hill

Holmes Mrs, 30 Albion street, Hyde park

Holmes J. 1 Amberley road, Paddington

Holmes T. 19 Cornwall road, Westbourne park

Holmes W. 20 Cornwall road, Westbourne park

Holmes J. 4 Darnley road, Notting hill

Holmes C. 4 Dawson place, Notting hill

Holmes J. 16 Lanark villas, Maida vale

Holmes W. J. O. Rhode villa, New road, Hammersmith

Holmes H. W. 15 Norfolk crescent, Hyde park

Holmes Mrs, 12 Westbourne terrace north, Paddington

Holroyd H. 2 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Holroyd G. F. 8 Sussex square, Hyde park

Holt Mrs, 28 Bark place, Bayswater

Holt G. 6 Laurel cottages, Hammersmith

Holt G. A. H. 36 Cambridge terrace, Paddington

Holt R. H. 9 Durham terrace, Westbourne park

Holt J. 17 Lancaster road, Portobello road, Notting hill

Holt T. 20 Monmouth road, Bayswater

Holt —, Ravencourt lodge, Alpha cottages, Hammersmith

Holt Miss M. Ashdown villa, Hammersmith

Holt Mrs, 10 Sunderland terrace, Westbourne park

Holt G. 22 Tichbourne street, Paddington

Holtway Mrs, 1 Queensborough terrace, Bayswater

Homere J. G. 8 Pembridge square, Notting hill

Homes Mrs, 12 Abingdon terrace, Kensington

Homes Mrs, 59 Cornwall road, Westbourne park

Honey W. 24 Beaufoy terrace, Maida vale

Honey H. 1 Westbourne square, Paddington

Honiss J. 82 Westbourne park road, Bayswater

Hood H. S. 10 Kensington park gardens, Notting hill

Hood W. C. 57 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Hooke B. C. 16 Edith villas, Hammersmith road.

Hooper Capt. E. 28 Porchester square, Westbourne park

Hooper W. 11 Bark place, Bayswater

Hooper J. H. 12 Edith villas, Hammersmith

Hooper J. P. 15 Fulham place, Maida hill

Hooper F. 1 Ladbroke crescent, Notting hill

Hooper W. 17 Malvern terrace, Kilburn

Hooper G. 9 Vicarage gardens, Kensington

Hooper H. 18 Victoria grove, Kensington

Hope Miss, 23 Blomfield street, Paddington

Hope H. 104 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Hope Mrs, 27 Hereford road, Westbourne grove

Hope Mrs, 17 Portland road, Notting hill

Hopkins J. B. 51 Addison road, Kensington

Hopkins F. G. S. 15 Clarendon gardens, Maida hill

Hopkins Mrs, 14 Devonshire terrace, Kensington

Hopkins W. 147 Holland road, Kensington

Hopkins Miss, 15 Porteus road, Paddington

Hopkins Mrs, 21 St. Mark’s crescent, Kensington park

Hopkins Mrs, 5 Ellerslie villas, Hammersmith

Hopkins Mrs, 4 Westbourne villas, Paddington

Hoppe H. 24 Ladbroke square, Notting hill

Hopps W. G. 16 Leamington road villas, Westbourne park

Hornby Mrs, 13 Cambridge terrace, Notting hill

Hornby W. 11 Hyde park terrace, Bayswater road

Hornby D. S. 23 Kensington crescent, Kensington

Horncastle J. 2 Anstey villas, Hammersmith

Horne F. 10 Albert street, Paddington

Horne Miss, 7 Anglesea villas, Hammersmith

Horne C. 15 Askew road, Shepherd’s bush

Horne W. 9 Westbourne crescent, Hyde park

Horning Mrs, 15 Hornton street, Kensington

Horrax Mrs, 11 Royal crescent, Notting hill

Horsley Mrs, 9 Connaught place west, Hyde park

Horsley Mrs, 11 Sheffield terrace, Kensington

Horsford Sir A. 28 Connaught square, Hyde park

Horsford Sir R. 11 Delamere crescent, Paddington

Horton J. 32 Abingdon villas, Kensington

Horton —, Oakland villa, Brook green, Hammersmith

Horton A. 41 St. Mark’s crescent, Kensington park

Hoskins Miss, 9 Prince of Wales’ terrace, Kensington

Hotchkin W. T. 19 Pembroke road, Kilburn

Hotchkin S. 11 Palace gardens villas, Kensington

Hough W. 39 Cambridge road, Kilburn

Houghton E. T. 21 Colville square, Notting hill

Houghton N. 8 Palace gardens villas, Kensington

Houghton C. 37 Westbourne park villas, Westbourne park

Houldry H. 36 Albert road, Kilburn

Houle C. 4 Godolphin road, Hammersmith

Houlton Mrs, 26 Blomfield street, Paddington

Houndle E. + Houndle H. + Houndle E. G., 8 Radnor place, Hyde park

House J. 38 Tichbourne street, Paddington

Houseman H. 10 Cleveland terrace, Bayswater

Houseman Mrs, 39 Kildare terrace, Westbourne park

Houseman Mrs, 12 Orsett terrace, Hyde park

Housin A. 26 Elgin road, Notting hill

Houston J. 10 Upper Phillimore place, Kensington

How R. 20 Cleveland square, Bayswater

How C. 39 Gloucester place, Hyde park

How J. 74 Norfolk terrace, Bayswater

Howard Mrs, 26 Argyll road, Kensington

Howard W. 2 Avenue villas, Hammersmith

Howard Mrs, 7 Codrington terrace, Notting hill

Howard H. 2 Loraine terrace, Hammersmith

Howard Mrs, A. 1 Alpha cottages, Hammersmith

Howard J. Carlton villa, Crozman villas, Hammersmith

Howard R. 34 St. Luke’s road villas, Westbourne park

Howard A. 3 Westbourne crescent, Hyde park

Howarth R. 13 Gloucester crescent, Hyde park

Howarth G. 67 Portland road, Notting hill

Howarth Mrs, 2 St. Leonard’s place, Paddington

Howden A. 66 Addison road, Kensington

Howdon D. A. 4 Brondesbury road, Kilburn

Howe J. 1 Beaufoy terrace, Maida vale

Howe S. 23 Hereford road, Bayswater

Howe Miss, 84 Hereford road, Bayswater

Howell Miss, 20 Campden grove, Kensington

Howell C. 16 Howley place, Maida hill

Howes Capt. 11 Clifton villas, Maida hill

Howes J. R. 21 Portsea road, Hyde park

Howes Capt. G. 9 Queen street, Hammersmith

Howland W. 12 Westbourne park road, Paddington

Howlett Rev. J. 9 Craven place, Kensington

Howse C. 1 Cleveland cottages, Hammersmith

Howson W. E. 42 Northumberland place, Westbourne grove north, Bayswater

Hubbard D. R. 22 Ladbroke gardens, Notting hill

Hubbard C. 43 Leamington road villas, Westbourne park

Hubbard G. W. 9 Pembroke road, Kensington

Hubbard J. G. M.P. 24 Prince’s gate, Kensington road

Hubbard Hon. Mrs, 24 Prince’s gate, Kensington road

Huddle Mrs, 20 Warwick crescent, Kensington

Hudson Capt. 13 Holland terrace, Kensington

Hudson J. 18 Leinster square, Bayswater

Hudson S. 9 Phillimore terrace, Kensington

Hudson E. N. 5 St. Stephen’s crescent, Westbourne park

Huggett T. 3 Mall terrace, Notting hill

Huggins Mrs, E. 2 Ladbroke square, Notting hill

Hughes R. B. 31 Addison road, Hammersmith

Hughes B. 36 Bridge road, Hammersmith

Hughes Mrs, 6 Campden house road, Kensington

Hughes W. 1 Gloucester terrace, Notting hill

Hughes Mrs, 6 Fulham place, Maida hill

Hughes Mrs, 4 Garway road, Bayswater

Hughes Mrs, 25 Hereford road, Westbourne grove

Hughes Mrs, 3 Holland terrace, Kensington

Hughes R. R. 3 Leinster square, Bayswater

Hughes Mrs, 5 Lily terrace, Hammersmith

Hughes F. 15 Northumberland place, Westbourne grove north, Bayswater

Hughes E. 18 St. George’s road, Notting hill

Hughes W. 9 Silchester road villas, Notting hill

Hughes H. P. 13 Stanley gardens, Notting hill

Hughman R. 146 Queen’s road, Bayswater

Hulbert W. 14 Upper Porchester street, Hyde park

Hull R. 2 Myhills terrace, Hammersmith

Hull J. H. 2 Bark place, Bayswater

Hull C. H. 93 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Hull G. 1 St. Mary Abbott’s terrace, Kensington road

Hulme T. 7 Shrewsbury road, Westbourne park

Humberstone —, 15 Alfred road, Harrow road

Humble G. T. 1 Devonshire street, Hammersmith

Humby Capt. 31 Blomfield road, Paddington

Hume H. 7 Blomfield road, Paddington

Hume Lt.-Col. H. 29 Norfolk square, Hyde park

Humloke Hon. G. F. 2 Petersham terrace, South Kensington

Humphrey H. N. 7 Westbourne square, Paddington

Humphery W. 14 Somers place, Hyde park

Humphreys Miss, 1 Addison crescent, Kensington

Humphreys E. 9 Amberley road, Paddington

Humphreys J. 13 Great Western terrace, Westbourne park

Humphreys Mrs, 42 Pembroke square, Kensington

Humphreys W. 32 St. Mary’s terrace, Paddington green

Humphreys Miss, 8 Pereira place, Shepherd’s bush green

Humphreys Miss, 7 The Terrace, Bayswater

Humphreys Mrs, 28 Westbourne park road, Bayswater

Hunford C. 19 Garway road, Bayswater

Hunt Mrs, 10 Westbourne terrace north, Paddington

Hunt J. A. 2 Crecy cottages, Hammersmith

Hunt Mrs, 3 Beaufoy terrace, Maida vale

Hunt Mrs, The Laurels, Brook green, Hammersmith

Hunt S. 38 Alexandra villas, Kilburn

Hunt A. H. 14 Alpha terrace, Kilburn

Hunt Mrs, 18 Clifton villas, Maida hill

Hunt H. 6 Devonshire street, Hammersmith

Hunt K. 1 Earl’s terrace, Kensington

Hunt Miss, 52 Gloucester crescent, Hyde park

Hunt E. 1 St. Mary’s place, Hammersmith

Hunt —, 35 Hampden street, Harrow road

Hunt Mrs, 80 Hereford road, Westbourne grove

Hunt J. 22 Lancaster gate, Hyde park

Hunt R. C. 22 Hyde park square

Hunt W. 96 Inverness terrace, Kensington gardens

Hunt Miss, 32 Pembroke square, Kensington

Hunt Mrs, 2 Royal crescent, Notting hill

Hunt C. 12 Westbourne park crescent, Paddington

Hunt Miss, 3 Warwick gardens, Kensington

Hunt A. W. 1 Tor villas, Campden hill, Kensington

Hunter G. 7 Elbury villas, Notting hill

Hunter T. 29 Hampden street, Harrow road

Hunter Lieut.-Col. W. 16 Ladbroke gardens, Notting hill

Hunter Mrs, 14 Monmouth road, Bayswater

Hunter J. 2 Oxford terrace, Kilburn

Hunter E. J. 4 Royal crescent, Notting hill

Hunter Mrs, 2 Sunderland terrace, Westbourne park

Hunter W. 30 Sussex place, Kensington

Hunter R. N. 8 Westbourne park, Paddington

Hunting R. 12 Burlington road, Westbourne park

Huntingdon H. 3 Devonshire place, Paddington

Huntley Mrs, 2 Canterbury villas, Maida hill

Huntley Capt. R. B. 50 Leinster square, Bayswater

Hurdich T. 11 Inkerman terrace, Kensington

Hurst J. 21 Park villas, Hammersmith

Hurst J. J. 2 Ashley villas, Hammersmith

Hurst Mrs, 2 Stamford brook cottages, Hammersmith

Hurst W. 6 Warwick crescent, Paddington

Husband T. 17 Porchester terrace, Bayswater

Husey R. A. 97 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Hussey H. 3 Albion place, Hammersmith

Hutchings D. 33 Ledbury road, Bayswater

Hutchinson W. 6 Princes place, Hammersmith

Hutchinson H. P. 2 Hornton villas, Kensington

Hutchinson J. 22 Leamington road villas, Westbourne park

Hutchinson G. 24 Stanley gardens, Notting hill

Hutchinson W. P. 2 Upper Hornton villas, Kensington

Hutchinson H. O. Chalfont lodge, Campden hill, Kensington

Huth C. F. 9 Kensington palace gardens, Bayswater road

Huth F. M. 2 Kensington palace green

Huth H. 30 Prince’s gate, Kensington road

Hutter J. J. 50 Elgin crescent, Notting hill

Hutton Mrs, 32 Arundel gardens, Kensington park

Hutton T. 1 Royal Oak terrace, Hammersmith

Hutton Mrs, 2 Kensington park terrace north, Notting hill

Hutton Mrs, 58 Portsdown road, Maida hill

Hutton H. 14 Portsea place, Hyde park

Hutton Misses, 25 Sutherland place, Bayswater

Huxham J. B. C. Victoria cottage, Victoria road, Kensington

Huxley E. 39 Blomfield road, Paddington

Hyam F. B. 26 Cleveland square, Bayswater

Hyam D. 5 Colville square, Notting hill

Hyam J. 18 Cumberland place, Bayswater

Hyam E. 25 Leamington road villas, Westbourne park

Hyam L. 9 Leinster terrace, Hyde park

Hyam A. 21 Porchester square, Westbourne park

Hyam S. 109 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Hyam M. M. 116 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Hyatt J. 1 George street, Hammersmith

Hyde Major-Gen. G. H. 13 Albert place, Kensington

Hyde Mrs, 6 Clifton villas, Maida hill

Hyde E. 16 Essex villas, Kensington

Hyde J. G. Blandford house, Ladbroke villas, Notting hill

Hyde Capt. 3 Holland park terrace, Notting hill

Hyde Major H. 8 Kensington gardens terrace, Hyde park

Hyde J. B. 43 Kilburn priory road

Hyde J. 13 Maida hill west, Edgware road

Hyde T. 7 St. Mark’s road, Notting hill

Hynam W. 1 Victoria cotts., Hammersmith

Hyrant N. M.D. 72 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Hyslop W. 1 Addison crescent, Kensington

Hyslop Miss R. 7 Addison terrace, Kensington


Ibbott W. 3 Addison terrace, Notting hill

Idle Miss 53 Chepstow place, Bayswater

Ifield W. South lodge, Campden hill, Kensington

Igglesden R. 4 Dudley place, Paddington

Ilderton H. 41 Addison road north, Notting hill

Illingworth R. S. F.R.G.S. 9 Norfolk crescent, Hyde park

Illingworth G. 87 Westbourne park villas

Impey T. Vine cottage, Albion gardens west, Hammersmith

Impey J. 33 Eastbourne terrace, Paddington

Ince Miss, 36 Addison road, Kensington

Ince T. H. 22 Brondesbury villas, Kilburn

Ince H. W. 47 Priory road, Kilburn

Inchiquin Lord, 47 Prince’s gardens, South Kensington

Inggall —, 5 Alpha place west, Kilburn

Ingelow W. 15_a_ Holland street, Kensington

Ingleson E. 95 Ledbury road, Bayswater

Inglis R. W. 3 Northumberland place, Bayswater

Inglis T. C. 6 Queen’s gate, South Kensington

Inglish Mrs, 3 Upper Holland street, Kensington

Ingram Mrs, 20 Blomfield terrace, Harrow road

Ingram J. 28 Caroline place, Bayswater

Ingram Mrs, 22 Kensington palace gardens, Kensington

Ingram Rev. D. C. 2 Pembroke square, Kensington

Inman J. 20 Royal crescent, Notting hill

Innes Mrs, 23 Gloucester gardens, Bayswater

Innes T. W. 37 Ladbroke square, Notting hill

Innes J. 46 Porchester terrace, Bayswater

Innes Mrs, 19 Stanley gardens, Kensington park

Innis T. 46 Inverness terrace, Bayswater

Instone E. 68 Addison road, Kensington

Inverness Duchess of, Kensington palace, Kensington

Inwood T. E. 36 Bark place, Bayswater

Ionides A. C. 1 Holland park, Notting hill

Ionides E. 2 Pembridge villas, Bayswater

Ionidies C. A. 8 Holland villas road, Kensington

Ireland J. 17 St. James square, Notting hill

Irish Miss A. 1 Abingdon villas, Kensington

Irons Mrs, 29 Bedford gardens, Kensington

Irving W. 2 Devonshire terrace, Notting hill

Irving Mrs, 3 Westbourne terrace road, Paddington

Isaac L. 1 Bristol gardens, Paddington

Isaac S. 2 Hyde park gate, Kensington gore

Isaac S. 93 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Isaacson J. 14 Leinster gardens, Bayswater

Isherwood Capt. 13 Elvaston place, South Kensington

Ives T. 6 Crompton street, Paddington

Ives J. 21 Lancaster road, Notting hill

Ivey G. S. 13 Johnson street, Notting hill

Ivey H. 2 Rosedale terrace, Notting hill

Ivey W. D. 12 Scarsdale villas, Kensington

Izant H. 3 St. Peter’s square, Hammersmith


Jackson W. 10 Abingdon villas, Kensington

Jackson W. 85 Addison road, Kensington

Jackson J. 10 Bath place, Bayswater

Jackson J. H. 2 Lansdowne villas, Bradmore, Hammersmith

Jackson Miss, 1 Clarendon villas, Brook green, Hammersmith

Jackson J. J. 30 Burlington road, Westbourne park

Jackson C. 12 Convent gardens, Kensington park

Jackson Mrs, 25 Delamere crescent, Paddington

Jackson J. 20 Denbigh terrace, Bayswater

Jackson A. 86 Gloucester crescent, Hyde park

Jackson Mrs, 30 Great Western crescent, Westbourne park

Jackson A. 1 Leamington road villas, Westbourne park

Jackson R. 53 Notting hill square, Notting hill

Jackson E. P. 2 Orsett place, Hyde park

Jackson H. M. 7 Oxford square, Hyde park

Jackson S. 66 Pembridge villas, Bayswater

Jackson M. 12 Pembroke gardens, Kensington

Jackson T. 20 Portland road, Notting hill

Jackson Mrs, 4 Shaftesbury terrace, Hammersmith

Jackson H. B. 4 Ashley terrace, Hammersmith

Jackson Mrs, 2 Ellerslie villas, Hammersmith

Jackson J. 3 Eagle terrace, Victoria road, Hammersmith

Jackson Miss, 11 Westbourne park, Paddington

Jacob W. H. 30 Clarendon gardens, Maida hill

Jacobs L. 26 Aldridge road villas, Westbourne park

Jacobs L. 55 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Jacobs H. 1 Leonard place, Kensington

Jacobs W. 41 Phillimore gardens, Kensington

Jacobson N. 9 St. Germain’s terrace, Paddington

Jacott W. 9 Darnley road, Notting hill

Jacques J. 52 Argyll road, Kensington

Jeadington J. A. 52 Chichester road villas, Kilburn

Jager J. H. L. 29 Kensington park terrace north

Jago Mrs, 11 King street east, Hammersmith

Jalland W. E. 3 Warwick gardens east, Kensington

James B. 51 Argyll road, Kensington

James T. H. 8 Bayswater terrace, Bayswater

James W. 13 Blomfield road, Maida hill

James Mrs, 9 Bridge street, Kilburn

James Mrs, 4 Brunswick villas, Brook green, Hammersmith

James Mrs, 24 Brunswick gardens, Kensington

James E. 35 Alpha terrace, Kilburn

James Miss, 2 Chichester villas, Notting hill

James Mrs, 41 Cirencester street, Harrow road

James H. C. 47 Clarendon street, Marrow road

James S. W. 2 Delamere crescent, Paddington

James J. H. 19 Edith villas, Hammersmith

James J. 6 Grove villas, The Grove, Hammersmith

James G. C. 10 Kildare terrace, Westbourne park

James I. 15 Lancaster road, Notting hill

James Mrs, 82 Moscow road, Bayswater

James E. Nelson villa, New road, Hammersmith

James F. 11 Phillimore gardens, Kensington

James Mrs, 142 Queen’s road, Bayswater

James T. 10 Royal crescent, Notting hill

James T. 30 St. Mark’s crescent, Kensington park

James R. 29 St. Mary’s terrace, Paddington

James J. 6 Scarsdale terrace, Kensington

James Miss, 1 Upper Southwick street, Paddington

James H. Lavender house, Uxbridge road, Shepherd’s bush

Jameson J. Belton cottage, Black Lion lane, Hammersmith

Jameson W. 60 Cambridge street, Paddington

Jameson Col. T. 30 Kensington park gardens, Notting hill

Jamieson Miss, 6 Argyll terrace, Kensington

Jamieson Mrs, 31 Avenue road, Hammersmith

Jamieson G. 41 Prince’s gardens, South Kensington

Jamieson B. W. 9 St. Ann’s villa, Notting hill

Janion Miss, 3 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Jaquest E. 1 Portland place, Notting hill

Jaquier Mrs, 37 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Jarrett Mrs, 24 Portsdown road, Maida hill

Jarvis T. H. 13 Blenheim crescent, Notting hill

Jarvis R. 30 Maida hill west, Paddington

Jarvis J. 8 Orme square, Bayswater

Jarvis Miss, 5 Peel place, Notting hill

Jarvis R. 22 Westmoreland place, Bayswater

Jay Mrs, 19 St. Ann’s road, Notting hill

Jaycocks W. 22 Brindley street, Paddington

Jeakins Miss, 11 Addison terrace, Kensington

Jeffcock Capt. E. 170 Queen’s road, Bayswater

Jefferson Mrs, 8 Blomfield terrace, Harrow road

Jefferson J. 19 Crompton street, Paddington

Jefferson A. R. 6 Maida hill, Paddington

Jefferson R. 218 Maida vale, Paddington

Jeffery Mrs, 33 Carlton villas, Maida vale

Jeffery Mrs, 1 Talbot road villas, Westbourne park

Jeffreys J. 14 Aldridge road villas, Westbourne park

Jeffries Mrs, 6 Porchester place, Paddington

Jeffries Mrs, 9 Richmond road, Bayswater

Jeffrys Mrs, 37 Addison road north, Notting hill

Jelly Mrs, 23 Queen’s road, Notting hill

Jenkins J. 26 Desborough terrace, Harrow road

Jenkins Mrs, 42 Leamington road villas, Westbourne park

Jenkins Miss. 16 Leinster square, Bayswater

Jenkins Mrs, 9 Sunderland terrace, Westbourne park

Jenkins E. 12 Victoria street, Paddington

Jenkins Mrs, 14 Warwick crescent, Kensington

Jenkinson H. T. L. 111 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Jenkyn O. 28 Brondesbury villas, Kilburn

Jenner T. 3 Great Western crescent, Westbourne park

Jenner J. Warwick villa, New road, Hammersmith

Jennings H. 3 Clifton terrace, Maida vale

Jennings R. B. 14 Edwardes square, Kensington

Jennings Mrs, 6 Elm grove, Hammersmith

Jennings W. G. 63 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Jennings H. 6 Hainsvale terrace, Hammersmith

Jennings D. 3 Theresa terrace, Hammersmith road west

Jennings E. J. 15 Notting hill square, Notting hill

Jennings Mrs, 48 Pickering place, Bayswater

Jennings Mrs, 35 Warwick gardens, Kensington

Jennings Mrs, 74 Westbourne park road, Bayswater

Jephson J. H. 7 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Jerdan Mrs, 1_a_ Albert place, Kensington

Jerdein J. 54 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Jerdein J. 24 Porchester square, Westbourne park

Jeringham Mrs, 55 Gloucester crescent, Hyde park

Jerome Miss, 1 Crecy cottages, Hammersmith

Jerrad H. 4 St. Peter’s terrace, Notting hill

Jerrod W. 4 Catherine cottages, Holland park road, Kensington

Jerrold Mrs, 30 Alexandra terrace, Kilburn

Jervis Dr. T. 32 Connaught square, Hyde park

Jervis Mrs, 28 Holland park, Notting hill

Jervois Lieut.-Col. W. L. D. 9 Southwick crescent, Hyde park

Jesse Mrs, 7 Charles street, Hyde park

Jessel E. 29 Clarendon gardens, Maida hill

Jessel G. Q.C. 8 Cleveland square, Bayswater

Jessel H. 4 Craven hill gardens, Bayswater

Jessop J. 2 Chichester road, Harrow road

Jessop S. 15 Westbourne park villas, Westbourne park

Jetter Rev. J. A. 20 Sheffield terrace, Kensington

Jeyes Miss, 5 Alexandra villas, Uxbridge

Jeynes W. 41 Prince’s road, Notting hill

Jeys M. 3 James street, Paddington

Jiddings H. 22 Chichester road villas, Kilburn

Joachim H. 45 Leinster square, Bayswater

Job M. A. 7 Eastbourne terrace, Paddington

Jochlyn Hon. J. 15 Aldridge road villas, Westbourne park

Jockson R. W. 30 Inverness road, Bayswater

Johnson T. C. 6 Abingdon terrace, Kensington

Johnson G. H. 10 Addison crescent, Kensington

Johnson Mrs, 2 Gale’s cottages, Hammersmith

Johnson C. 10 Aldridge road villas, Westbourne park

Johnson —, 1 Andover road, Hammersmith

Johnson J. J. 1 Chester place, Hyde park

Johnson Miss, 68 Clarendon road, Notting hill

Johnson Mrs, 10 Cleveland terrace gardens, Kensington

Johnson Mrs, 8 Connaught square, Bayswater

Johnson Mrs, 35 Delamere terrace, Paddington

Johnson H. 2 Holland park terrace, Notting hill

Johnson J. L. 30 Inverness road, Bayswater

Johnson R. G. Horbury villa, Notting hill

Johnson Mrs, 8 Lancaster road east, Notting hill

Johnson W. 79 Ledbury road, Bayswater

Johnson Mrs, 2 Leonard place, Kensington

Johnson J. 27 Maida hill west, Paddington

Johnson N. 8 Oxford place, Hammersmith

Johnson C. J. 22 Norfolk square, Hyde park

Johnson J. Park house, North end, Hammersmith

Johnson Mrs, 2 Oxford road, Kilburn

Johnson Miss, 10 Oxford road, Kilburn

Johnson W. 47 Oxford terrace, Hyde park

Johnson C. 23 Pembridge crescent, Notting hill

Johnson Misses, 26 Pembroke road, Kensington

Johnson R. Oakhurst, Ravenscourt square, Hammersmith

Johnson De Fleury J. V. 38 Royal crescent, Notting hill

Johnson C. F. 12 Stanhope place, Hyde park

Johnson G. W. 10 Stanley crescent, Kensington park

Johnson Miss, 10 Wellington terrace, Hammersmith

Johnston Misses, 31 Burlington road, Westbourne park

Johnston W. 4 Canterbury terrace, Kilburn

Johnston Gen. C. C. 74 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Johnston I. 80 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Johnston J. W. 1 Stranraer place, Maida vale

Johnston Miss, 162 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Johnstone M. 3 Chepstow villas west, Bayswater

Johnstone D. B. 108 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Johnstone Mrs, 59 Inverness terrace, Bayswater

Johnstone Miss, 3 Kensington crescent, Kensington

Johnstone Mrs, 25 Kensington gardens square, Bayswater

Johnstone J. B. 12 Ladbroke terrace, Notting hill

Johnstone Misses, 80 Westbourne park road, Bayswater

Joliffe J. 16 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Joliffe W. 3 Wellington villas, Hammersmith

Jonas Mrs, The lodge, Brook green, Hammersmith

Jonas J. 8 Canterbury villas, Maida vale

Jonas D. 13 Canterbury villas, Maida vale

Jones T. 9 Addison road north, Notting hill

Jones Mrs, 69 Albert road, Kilburn

Jones Mrs, 35 Bark place, Bayswater

Jones F. 55 Bedford gardens, Kensington

Jones R. H. 4 Bouverie street, Paddington

Jones Mrs, 1 Boyne terrace, Notting hill terrace

Jones H. 8 Clarendon villas, Brook green, Hammersmith

Jonas T. West cottage, Brook green, Hammersmith

Jones Mrs, 7 Brunswick cottages, Angel road, Hammersmith

Jones A. 10 Cambridge terrace, Paddington

Jones E. 18 Cambridge terrace, Notting hill

Jones C. 62 Cirencester street, Harrow road

Jones D. 31 Clarendon street, Harrow road

Jones E. 35 Clarendon street, Harrow road

Jones Dr. H. 3 Codrington villas, Notting hill

Jones W. 65 Cornwall road, Westbourne park

Jones D. 48 Cornwall road, Westbourne park

Jones T. R. F.R.S. 50 Cornwall road, Westbourne park

Jones T. 1 Craven hill gardens, Bayswater

Jones Mrs, R. P. 39 Craven hill gardens, Bayswater

Jones H. C. 40 Craven hill gardens, Bayswater

Jones E. A. 55 Edgware road, Paddington

Jones E. 61 Elgin crescent, Notting hill

Jones W. 16_a_ Elm grove, Hammersmith

Jones C. 100 Gloucester crescent, Hyde park

Jones W. 6 Gordon place, Kensington

Jones T. A. Grove cottages, The grove, Hammersmith

Jones E. B. 41 Kensington square, Kensington

Jones Mrs, 8 Kildare terrace, Westbourne park

Jones M. 12 Lancaster road, Notting hill

Jones W. S. 8 Leinster gardens, Bayswater

Jones T. 4 Ashchurch villas, Hammersmith

Jones H. D. 12 Norfolk crescent, Hyde park

Jones Miss, 5 Norland terrace, Notting hill

Jones H. 5 Victoria cottages, Hammersmith

Jones W. E. 8 Notting hill terrace, Notting hill

Jones M. 6 Pembridge gardens, Notting hill

Jones W. C. 33 Queen’s gardens, Hyde park

Jones Mrs, 8 St. Germains terrace, Paddington

Jones L. 21 St. Peter’s square, Hammersmith

Jones E. 21 Salisbury terrace, Kilburn

Jones Mrs, 18 Victoria gardens, Notting hill

Jones Mrs, 60 Westbourne grove, Bayswater

Jones L. 11 Westbourne park road, Bayswater

Jones Capt. G. 21 Westbourne park villas, Westbourne park

Jones S. S. 27 Westbourne park villas, Westbourne park

Jones Miss, 48 Westbourne park villas, Westbourne park

Jones S. 66 Westbourne park villas, Westbourne park

Jones J. 7 Chippenham terrace, Harrow road

Jopling J. 6 Vassal terrace, Kensington

Jordan J. 6 Notting hill square, Notting hill

Joseph B. 5 Bristol gardens, Paddington

Joseph I. 16 Delamere crescent, Paddington

Joseph H. 2 Sutherland crescent, Maida vale

Joseph C. 2 Heath place, Uxbridge road, Shepherd’s bush

Joseph L. 3 Warrington crescent, Maida hill

Josephs J. 1 Carlton villas, Maida vale

Josephs W. 20 St. Stephen’s road, Westbourne park

Jourdan Miss, 19 Westbourne park, Paddington

Joy H. G. 6 Albion street, Hyde park

Joy W. B. 16 Pembridge gardens, Notting hill

Joyce C. 13 Hamilton terrace, Bayswater

Joyce C. 33 Lansdowne crescent, Notting hill

Joyce T. 2 Pembridge gardens, Notting hill

Judd Major, W. 25 Lansdowne crescent, Notting hill

Judd C. 19 Gold Hawk terrace, New road, Hammersmith

Judd Misses, 38 Pembroke road, Kensington

Judd A. 5 Sheffield terrace, Shepherd’s bush

Judd A. 15 Tichbourne street, Paddington

Judge Mrs, 25 Arundel gardens, Kensington park

Judge S. 1 Stanley gardens, Kensington park

Judkins H. 5 Westbourne grove north, Bayswater

Judson W. 30 High street, Kensington

Julian M. 57 Chepstow place, Bayswater

Juniber H. 24 Jonson’s place, Paddington

Juttin Mrs, 8 Carlton terrace, Harrow road


Kaiser F. 51 Oxford terrace, Hyde park

Kamneski G. 33 Victoria road, Kensington

Karop J. 66 Richmond road, Bayswater

Kash F. C. 30 Cambridge square, Hyde park

Kater Mrs, 16 Sussex gardens, Paddington

Kalinkiss D. M. 22 Cleveland gardens, Bayswater

Kay Mrs, 2 Philip terrace, Harrow road, Paddington

Kay Mrs, 12 Talbot square, Hyde park

Kay T. 13 Kensington park terrace, Notting hill

Kays T. 66 Porchester terrace, Bayswater

Keane R. 7 Malvern road, Kilburn

Kearce Mrs, J. P. 8 Burwood place, Edgware road

Keary Mrs, 17 Addison road, Kensington

Keating Sir H. S. 11 Prince’s gardens, Kensington road

Keeby W. 106 Ledbury road, Bayswater

Keed J. W. 10 Lansdowne crescent, Notting hill

Keeley Mrs, 16 Victoria road, Kensington

Keeling Miss, 7 Hyde park gate, Kensington gore

Keeling E. T. 22 Kensington park gardens, Notting hill

Keen H. 7 Masboro road, Hammersmith

Keen D. Lily terrace, New road, Hammersmith

Keen J. 16 Westbourne park crescent, Paddington

Keene Dr, 30 Bridge road, Hammersmith

Keene J. J. 10 Shrewsbury villas, Westbourne park

Keeping Miss, 8 Garway road, Bayswater

Keeping Mrs, 26 Leamington road villas, Westbourne park

Keeton Mrs, 28 Pembroke square, Kensington

Keighley T. D. 9 Holland villas road, Kensington

Keill G. M. 16 Stanley gardens, Notting hill

Keirle R. 28 Notting hill terrace, Notting hill

Keith D. 7 Foxley road, Kensington

Keith J. W. 39 Warwick gardens, Kensington

Kelk Mrs, Ness cottage, New road, Notting hill

Keevil Mrs, 38 Northumberland place, Bayswater

Kell Capt. W. G. F.G.S. 112 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Kellaway Miss, 6 Bedford gardens, Kensington

Kelley S. 9 Sutherland gardens, Maida hill

Kellond W. P. 1 Albert road, Kilburn

Kelly W. J. 31 Addison gardens north, Kensington

Kelly Mrs, 58 Cambridge terrace, Paddington

Kelly H. 26 Clarendon gardens, Maida hill

Kelly Sir F. 8 Connaught place, Hyde park

Kelly G. 9 Eastbourne terrace, Paddington

Kelly J. B. 10 Somer’s place, Hyde park

Kelson Capt. M. R.A., 14 Sussex place, Kensington

Kemble Mrs, 100 Hereford road, Bayswater

Kemp H. 19 Alpha place north, Kilburn

Kemp W. F. 9 Eldon road, Kensington

Kemp T. B. 32 Elgin road, Notting hill

Kemp Miss, Hendon villa, Mayland road, Hammersmith

Kemp Mrs, 1 Shaftesbury villas, Kensington road

Kempsell K. 51 Northumberland place, Bayswater

Kempshall Mrs, 6 Kilburn park road, Kilburn

Kench J. W. 3 Alpha cottages, New road, Hammersmith

Kendall C. 1 Marlborough terrace, Clarendon road north, Notting hill

Kendall Rev. E. K. 48 Elgin crescent, Notting hill

Kendall Mrs, 3 Stratheden terrace, New road, Hammersmith

Kendall W. 24 Oxford road, Kilburn

Kendall J. 5 Upper Phillimore gardens, Kensington

Kennard H. J. 54 Cleveland square, Bayswater

Kennard R. W. 37 Porchester terrace, Bayswater

Kennebrook W. 59 Cambridge street, Edgware road

Kennedy J. R. 12 Blenheim crescent, Notting hill

Kennedy S. 39 Cleveland square, Bayswater

Kennedy J. 2 Down place, Hammersmith

Kennedy Mrs, 50 Inverness terrace, Kensington gardens

Kennedy C. M. 7 Kensington gate, Kensington gore

Kennedy B. F.L.S. 4 Leinster square, Bayswater

Kennedy Mrs, 1 Oxford square, Hyde park

Kennedy Col. 14 Prince’s gardens, Kensington road

Kennedy Mrs, 24 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Kenneth R. 91 Addison road, Kensington

Kennett J. B. 30 Tichbourne street, Paddington

Kenny Mrs, 6 Clarendon villas, Brook green, Hammersmith

Kensington A. 22 Gloucester place, Hyde park gardens

Kent Mrs, 7 Rosedale cottages, Hammersmith

Kent T. W. 29 Cambridge square, Hyde park

Kent C. 1 Campden grove, Kensington

Kent W. 9 Manor place, Paddington

Kent H. B. 25 Victoria road, Kensington

Kent H. 16 Wellington terrace, Hammersmith

Kenzie Mrs, 23 Cave’s terrace, Hammersmith

Ker Sady Selina, 9 Ladbroke square, Notting hill

Kerakosse H. 15 Portland road, Notting hill

Kerr Mrs, 11 Cambridge terrace, Kensington

Kerr C. D. 4 Kensington gardens terrace, Hyde park

Ken Mrs, 9 Oxford road, Kilburn

Ken Mrs, 22 St. Petersburgh place, Bayswater

Kerr Mrs, 18 Westmoreland place, Bayswater

Kestell G. 50 Edmund terrace, Notting hill

Kesterton Miss, 11 St. Mary Abbott’s terrace, Kensington road

Ketley Mrs, 4 Park place, Kensington

Kew F. 1 Edwarde’s place, Kensington

Key W. 1 Priam place, Albion road east, Hammersmith

Key H. C. 9 Portsdown road, Maida hill

Key Mrs, 6 Upper Phillimore place, Kensington

Key T. H. 21 Westbourne square, Paddington

Keys Mrs, 4 Prince’s terrace, Bayswater

Keyser A. 21 Norfolk crescent, Hyde park

Keyte C. 6 Buckingham terrace, Kensington park

Keyte W. 22 Tavistock terrace, Notting hill

Keyzor A. 14 Randolph road, Maida hill

Kiallmark G. F. 42 Cornwall road, Westbourne park

Kiallmark H. W. 66 Prince’s square, Bayswater

Kidd W. 3 Talbot villas, New road, Hammersmith

Kidd Mrs, 37 Warwick gardens, Kensington

Kidd Dr. C. 10 Westbourne park terrace, Paddington

Kidson W. 34 Leinster square, Bayswater

Kieley Mrs, 12 Gloucester terrace, Campden hill, Kensington

Kilbey M. K. 22 Denmark road, Kilburn

Kilby Mrs, 3 Portsdown place, Kilburn

Kilcoursie Vis. 25 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Kilgour P. 44 Elgin crescent, Notting hill

Kilgour W. 45 Kilburn Priory road

Killik G. 10 Prince’s road, west side, Notting hill

Kilpatrick Rev. R. C. 44 Priory road, Kilburn

Kilroy T. 3 Pickering place, Bayswater

Kilroy A. 6 Shaftesbury terrace, Kensington

Kilvington Mrs, 6 Queen’s gate, South Kensington

Kimpton H. T. 53 Cambridge road, Kilburn

Kindersley Vice-Chancellor Sir R. 7 Hyde park gardens

Kinear B. 53 Victoria road, Kensington

King Mrs, 12 Bark place, Bayswater

King Mrs, 9 Bramley road villas, Notting hill

King E. 16 Cleveland gardens, Bayswater

King J. 101 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

King J. B. 16 Gloucester terrace, Kensington

King Mrs. 8 Verulum terrace, The Grove, Hammersmith

King R. 24 Hall place, Paddington

King J. 10 Hyde park gate south, Kensington gore

King J. 53 Kilburn Priory road

King E. H. 63 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

King C. J. 151 Ledbury road, Bayswater

King H. 10 Northumberland place, Bayswater

King R. 30 Portland road, Notting hill

King G. P. 161 Queen’s road, Bayswater

King Miss, 19 Richmond terrace, Bayswater

King A. 6 Sheffield gardens, Kensington

King T. W. 22 Sutherland place, Bayswater

King J. 3 Upper Seymour street west, Hyde park

King Miss, 4 Warwick gardens east, Kensington

King R. 10 Westbourne park villas, Westbourne park

King Mrs, 134 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

King E. 1 Elvaston place, South Kensington

Kingcombe T. 2 Pembroke road, Kensington

Kingdon Rev. C. F. 31 Maida hill

Kingdon Miss, 2 St. Stephen’s road, Westbourne park

Kingsbury F. 19 Monmouth road, Bayswater

Kingsland J. 44 Clarendon road, Notting hill

Kingsmill Mrs, 38 Warwick gardens, Kensington

Kingston J. 12 Gloucester gardens, Bayswater

Kingston P. N. 19 Kensington gate, Kensington

Kingston Mrs, 8 Philip terrace, Harrow road, Paddington

Kingston J. 22 Porchester square, Westbourne park

Kinneth J. 7 Warrington crescent, Maida hill

Kinsey W. 34 Sussex gardens, Paddington

Kinton T. G. 1 Down place, Hammersmith

Kipling —, Hornton villa, New road, Hammersmith

Kipling Miss, 2 Shrewsbury villas, Westbourne park

Kirby L. 9 Alpha place west, Kilburn

Kirby D. Cornwall house, Brook green, Hammersmith

Kirby C. 18 Cambridge terrace, Paddington

Kirby W. 36 Clarendon street, Westbourne grove

Kirby J. R. 76 Inverness terrace, Kensington gardens

Kirby E. 30 Lanark villas, Maida vale

Kirby J. 11 Lily terrace, New road, Hammersmith

Kirby J. 7 Porchester terrace, Bayswater

Kirby T. F. 13 Tavistock terrace, Westbourne park

Kirby H. Rose cottage, Uxbridge road, Shepherd’s bush

Kirk Miss, 19 Anglesea villas, Hammersmith

Kirkman J. 10 Ladbroke square, Notting hill

Kitchen J. 7 Cambridge road, Kilburn

Kitchen Mrs, 4 Holland park terrace, Notting hill

Kitchen T. M. 15 St. Stephen’s square, Westbourne park

Kite Mrs, 25 Campden grove, Kensington

Kinsey W. 143 Ledbury road, Bayswater

Knaggs Miss, 6 St. Ann’s road, Notting hill

Knapman J. 3 Pembroke road, Kilburn

Knapp E. 2 Catherine terrace, Holland park road, Kensington road

Knight F. 1 Bradmore park villas, Hammersmith

Knight G. 21 Alpha place north, Kilburn

Knight F. W. 3 Bridge street, Kilburn

Knight J. W. 51 Cleveland square, Bayswater

Knight G. 2 Cornwall terrace, Harrow road, Paddington

Knight T. 8 Hyde park square

Knight W. 9 Lansdowne terrace, Kensington

Knight S. 35 Portland road, Notting hill

Knight W. 13 Stanley crescent, Notting hill

Knight A. H. 76 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Knightley T. E. 79 King street west, Hammersmith

Knollys Rev. E. 1 Marlborough terrace, Kensington

Knorhner J. S. 10 Lawn place, Shepherd’s bush green

Knowles R. 96 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Knowles W. G. Grove house, New road, Hammersmith

Knowles R. J. M.A. 8 Tavistock terrace, Westbourne park

Knox W. 38 Porchester square, Westbourne park

Kohn J. 40 Elgin crescent, Notting hill

Kraus Mrs, 14 Shaftesbury terrace, Kensington

Krause Dr. 119 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Krœnig C. J. S. 42 St. Mary’s terrace, Paddington green

Kuhling —, 28 Pembridge gardens, Notting hill

Kuhr W. 38 Addison gardens north, Kensington

Kursheedt Mrs, 13 Sussex gardens, Paddington

Kyd Mrs, 11 Park villas, Hammersmith

Kynaston H. 90 Addison road, Kensington


Labillure C. E. 2 Westbourne square, Harrow road

Lacy C. 21 Cuthbert street, Church street, Paddington

Lacy F. 9 Desborough terrace, Harrow road

Lucy Mrs, 19 Durham terrace, Westbourne park

Lacy H. 51 Westbourne park villas, Westbourne park

Lachlau R. H. 15 Gloucester gardens, Bayswater

Lackman H. Blechynden street, Notting hill

La Croix W. G. Kent cottage, Hammersmith

La Croix T. 1 Colville road, Bayswater

Ladd W. 2 Burry terrace, Westbourne square

Lahney F. 16 Notting hill square, Notting hill

Laidlaw Miss, 40 Kilburn square, Kilburn

Laidman H. L. 44 Chepstow place, Bayswater

Laing S. 2 Hyde park gate, Kensington gore

Laing S. 6 Kensington gardens terrace, Hyde park

Laird Mrs, 21 Clifton villas, Maida hill

Lake T. 27 Eldon road, Kensington

Lake J. 65 King street east, Hammersmith

Lake Miss, 7 St. Peter’s square, Hammersmith

Lake Mrs, 5 Talbot road, Westbourne park

Lakin H. 14 Hyde park street, Hyde park square

Laking W. F. 13 Addison road, Kensington

Laking H. 2 St. Peter’s square, Hammersmith

Lally C. 15 Orchard street, Kensington

Lamacraft J. 42 Talbot terrace, Westbourne park

Lamb Mrs, 17 Cumberland place, Bayswater

Lamb W. 60 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Lamb Mrs, 3 Cambridge terrace, Hammersmith

Lamb C. 11 Warwick gardens, Kensington

Lamb Capt. 1_a_ Westbourne park, Paddington

Lamb Mrs, 27 Westbourne park crescent, Paddington

Lambe P. J. G. 41 Gloucester place, Hyde park gardens

Lambell Mrs, 21 Desborough terrace, Harrow road

Lambell J. 1 Star street, Paddington

Lambert Mrs, 15 Carlisle terrace, Kensington

Lambert J. P. 16 Carlisle terrace, Kensington

Lambert T. 36 Caves terrace, Hammersmith

Lambert C. J. 37 Norfolk square, Hyde park

Lambert R. 12 Queen’s gardens, Bayswater

Lambly Miss, 19 Stratheden terrace, Hammersmith

Lamborn Mrs, 3 Argyll terrace, Kensington

Lambourn T. 2 Westbourne place, Hyde park

Lampin T. 40 Leamington road villas, Notting hill

Lampston H. 1 Queensbury terrace, Kensington

Lancaster L. 8 Burlington road, Westbourne park

Lancaster W. C. 6 Canterbury villas, Maida vale

Lancaster A. 10 Phillimore terrace, Kensington

Lancaster B. 1 Prince’s gardens Kensington road

Lancaster W. 25 Senior street, Harrow road

Lanchester Mrs, 56 Westbourne park place, Bayswater

Lancia Mrs, 10 Fulham place, Maida hill west

Landon J. 91 Inverness terrace, Bayswater

Landon W. Inver villa, New road, Hammersmith

Landour C. 45 Elgin crescent, Notting hill

Lane C. 10 Clifton villas, Maida hill

Lane T. 62 Denmark road, Kilburn

Lane J. 76 Denmark road, Kilburn

Lane C. 12 Stratheden villas, Hammersmith

Lane R. 22 Sale street, Paddington

Lane Dr. M. 23 Victoria road, Kensington

Lane Capt. J. 27 Westmoreland place, Bayswater

Lane R. J. 1 York villas, Kensington

Lang Mrs, 4 Lancaster terrace, Hammersmith

Langdon A. L.L.D. 38 Norland square, Notting hill

Langdon Mrs & Miss, 1 Pembroke cottages south, Kensington

Langdon Frank 6 Southwick place, Hyde park

Langdown Mrs, 22 St. Stephen’s road, Westbourne park

Lange C. 18 Maida hill west, Maida hill

Langford G. 11 Norland place, Notting hill

Langley R. 20 Alpha place north, Kilburn

Langley A. G. 19 Clifton villas, Maida hill

Langley Col. G. C. 41 Craven hill gardens, Bayswater

Langley W. J. 3 Kilburn square, Kilburn

Langley M. Stafford house, New road, Hammersmith

Langley P. 13 Norland road, Notting hill

Langley H. 31 Queen’s gate terrace, Kensington

Langmore —, 20 Oxford terrace, Kilburn

Langmore Dr. J. C. 12 Sussex gardens, Paddington

Langmore Mrs, 7 Westbourne park, Paddington

Langridge C. J. 34 Loudoun villas, Hammersmith

Langridge Mrs, 2 Richmond terrace, Bayswater

Langton Mrs, 43 Cornwall road, Westbourne park

Langton Mrs, 62 Oxford terrace, Hyde park

Langton W. 6 Russell road, Kensington

Langton J. 23 Russell road, Kensington

Langworthy J. H. 30 Colville road, Bayswater

Langworthy J. W. 19 Sunderland terrace, Westbourne park

Lankester Mrs, 1 Bassin villas, New road, Hammersmith

Lansdaw J. 25 Pembroke square, Kensington

Lape P. 2 Cambridge terrace, Paddington

Laporte G. H. 13 Norfolk square, Hyde park

Lapsed Mrs, 12 Norland road, Notting hill

Lapworth A. C. 9 Canterbury villas, Maida vale

Lapworth H. J. 18 Carlton terrace, Notting hill

Lapworth J. 78 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Lapworth J. 2 Stanhope street, Hyde park gardens

Large H. 62 Portland road, Notting hill

Large Mrs, 14 Richmond terrace, Bayswater

Large —, 5 Wilton terrace, Kensington

Lark T. 9 Pembridge place, Bayswater

Larkin W. 10 Argyll road, Kensington

Larkin R. 25 Cuthbert street, Paddington

Lurking L. 23 Leamington road villas, Notting hill

Lamack D. 21 Kensington palace gardens, Bayswater

Laroche Mrs, 10 St. Stephen’s square, Westbourne park

Lart E. 29 Park place villas, Maida hill

Lascardie —, 10 Brondesbury road, Kilburn

Lascelles F. H. 17 Holland villas road, Kensington

Lascelles Mrs, 2 Ladbroke villas, Notting hill

Lashbrook J. 55 Norfolk terrace, Bayswater

Lass S. 8 Clarendon terrace, Kensington

Latchford W. H. 5 Oxford place, Hammersmith

Latham Mrs, 37 Cleveland square, Bayswater

Latham J. L. 69 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Latham J. 3 Spring cottages, New road, Hammersmith

Latham G. 7 Briar cottages, Victoria road, Hammersmith

Latham J. 2 Cambridge road, Kilburn

Latham J. 5 Wilby terrace, Notting hill

Latimer Rev. E. Sydney villa, New road, Hammersmith

Latter L. 29 Kensington gardens terrace, Hyde park

Lattey Dr. P. P. 34 Cambridge place, Paddington

Lattey A. P. 4 Gloucester gardens, Bayswater

Lauder F. 60 Richmond road, Bayswater

Laughlin F. 18 Gold Hawk terrace, Hammersmith

Laurie F. 18 Westbourne park road, Paddington

Laver H. 11 Pembridge gardens, Notting hill

Lavie Mrs, 8 Brondesbury road, Kilburn

Lavington Capt. T. R.N., 10 Masboro road, Hammersmith

Low E. J. 8 Upper Brook green terrace, Hammersmith

Law R. 20 Ladbroke villas, Notting hill

Law Major, 6 Stanley terrace, Notting hill

Lawless B. 4 Pembridge crescent, Notting hill

Lawrence R. 12 Canning place, Kensington

Lawrence Mrs, 23 Clarendon road, Notting hill

Lawrence Dr. R. M. 22 Connaught square

Lawrence J. 40 Blomfield street, Paddington

Lawrence A. 32 Gloucester gardens, Bayswater

Lawrence D. 19 Gloucester terrace, Bayswater

Lawrence —, 1 St. Alban’s terrace, Hammersmith

Lawrence J. 23 Hampden street, Paddington

Lawrence J. 12 Hereford road, Bayswater

Lawrence T. 5 Hethpool street, Maida hill

Lawrence Gen. G. P. 20 Kensington park gardens, Notting hill

Lawrence T. 11 Kildare terrace, Westbourne park

Lawrence H. 31 Lanark villas, Maida vale

Lawrence Mrs, 2 Stratheden terrace, Hammersmith

Lawrence Mrs, 133 Queen street, Hammersmith

Lawrence Mrs, 18 St. Stephen’s road, Hammersmith

Lawrence W. 6 Sutherland place, Bayswater

Lawrence B. M.P. 4 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Lawrie Mrs, Col. 12 Abingdon villas west, Kensington

Lawrie D. C. 6 Boyne terrace, Notting hill

Lawrie Mrs, 34 Cleveland square, Bayswater

Lawrie T. J. 25 Westbourne park crescent, Paddington

Lawrie E. 43 Cleveland square, Bayswater

Lawson Miss, 5 Edwardes place, Kensington

Lawson Mrs, 8 Gloucester place, Hyde park gardens

Lawson Mrs, 71 Hereford road, Bayswater

Lawson C. L. 25 Pembroke road, Kensington

Lawson Miss S. 31 Elvaston place, Kensington

Lawton R. Y. 12 Maida hill west, Maida hill

Lawton Miss, 8 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Laxton C. Middleton cottage, New road, Hammersmith

Laxton F. 2 Lawn place, Shepherd’s bush green

Lay H. N. 89 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Layard Capt. H. 37 Aldridge road villas, Westbourne park

Laye C. J. J. 46 Talbot terrace, Westbourne park

Layland W. 50 Portland road, Notting hill

Layton Mrs, 14 Bayswater terrace, Bayswater

Layton —, 41 Davenport place, Paddington

Layworth G. 8 Beresford terrace, Notting hill

Lazard E. 29 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Lazarus A. 21 Alexander street, Westbourne park

Lazarus A. L. 41 Portsdown road, Maida hill

Lazarus Miss 163 Queen’s road, Bayswater

Leach Rev. W. J. J. 2 Devonshire cottages, New road, Hammersmith

Leach R. 3 St. Ann’s road, Notting hill

Leadbitter T. 10 Kensington gardens square, Bayswater

Leadbon G. 61 Ledbury road, Bayswater

Leader Misses, 39 Sutherland place, Bayswater

Leahy A. 12 Westbourne crescent, Hyde park

Leake Mrs, 65 Gloucester place, Hyde park

Leake W. 29 Park place villas, Maida hill

Lean C. 6 Foxley road, Kensington

Lear W. 71 Cirencester street, Paddington

Leask W. 48 Queen’s gate, South Kensington

Leathes Mrs H. S. 57 Elgin crescent, Notting hill

Leathley C. 1 St. Ann’s road, Notting hill

Leaver J. 2 Briar cottages, Victoria road, Hammersmith

Le Bluff Madame, 140 Holland road, Kensington

Lebour A. 6 Addison crescent, Kensington

Leckie Capt. J. H. 2 Courtland place, Kensington

Ledgard Mrs, 3 Clifton cottages, Hammersmith

Ledgard G. 15 Pembridge place, Paddington

Ledger Mrs, 19 Chepstow place, Bayswater

Ledly G. 23 Avenue road, Hammersmith

Ledstone T. 5 Ashchurch terrace, Hammersmith

Lee Mrs W. A. 14 Addison terrace, Kensington

Lee W. 14 Albion villas, Hammersmith

Lee J. 57 Archer street, Kensington park

Lee Mrs, 13 Buckingham terrace, Kensington park

Lee Lady, 26 Carlisle terrace, Kensington

Lee F. 29 Clarendon street, Paddington

Lee D. J. 6 Devonshire terrace, Bayswater

Lee C. 25 Hethpool street, Maida hill

Lee Miss, 6 Kensington gardens square, Bayswater

Lee Mrs C. 94 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Lee L. 5 Myrtle place, North end, Hammersmith

Lee Mrs, Rutland villa, Oxford road, Kilburn

Lee Mrs, 84 Porchester terrace, Bayswater

Lee J. W. 28 Royal crescent, Notting hill

Lee A. 5 Sussex gardens, Paddington

Lee W. 2_a_ Talbot road, Westbourne park

Lee R. N. 11 Talbot terrace, Westbourne park

Lee T. 1 Upper Porchester street, Hyde park

Lee J. 22 Victoria grove, Kensington

Lee C. 12 Warwick crescent, Kensington

Lee J. 13 Warwick crescent, Kensington

Lee W. 14 Westbourne grove terrace, Bayswater

Lee H. 12 Westbourne park crescent, Paddington

Lee J. 6 Woodfield place, Paddington

Leech E. 4 Albert place, Kensington

Leech J. 65 Kensington gardens square, Bayswater

Leech Miss, 14 Radnor place, Hyde park

Leech Mrs, 6 The Terrace, Kensington

Lees John, 22 Burlington road, Westbourne park

Lees H. 1 Gloucester crescent, Hyde park

Lees J. 11 Hyde park square

Leeson Mrs, 19 Upper Phillimore place, Kensington

Leeson Mrs, 21 Westbourne park terrace, Bayswater

Le Fere Mdme. 10 Holland villas road, Kensington

Lefroy J. E. P. 33 Leinster gardens, Bayswater

Legg Col. 7 Clarendon gardens, Maida hill

Legg J. W. 16 Denmark road, Kilburn

Legg Mrs, 51 Norfolk terrace, Bayswater

Leggatt C. D. 43 Inverness terrace, Kensington gardens

Legget E. 39 Canterbury road, Kilburn

Legrew Miss, 9 Norfolk terrace, Bayswater

Le Gros A. 1 Victoria grove villas, Notting hill

Lehman C. Hill side, New road, Notting hill

Leicester Miss, 5 Bishops road, Paddington

Leigh H. H. 18 Elm grove, Hammersmith

Leigh P. 61 King street east, Hammersmith

Leighton Mrs B. 40 Lansdowne crescent, Notting hill

Leighton Miss, 14 Bayswater terrace, Bayswater

Leishman J. 26 Kensington gardens square, Bayswater

Leishman W. 29 St. Mary’s terrace, Paddington

Leith J. F. 79 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Leive Capt. 41 Edwardes square, Kensington

Leleu F. 2 Carlisle terrace, Kensington

Leman W. 69 Porchester terrace, Bayswater

Leman B. 3 Stanley crescent, Notting hill

Lemble R. 9 Clarendon street, Paddington

Le Messurier A. S. 7 Connaught square, Hyde park

Le Messurler Maj.-Gen. A. P. 2 Stanhope terrace, Bayswater road

Lemmon O. 12 Addison road, Notting hill

Lemmon T. 12 Holland villas road, Kensington

Lemon R. 1 Pembroke road, Kilburn

Lemon H. 14 St. Stephen’s road, Hammersmith

Lempray T. Warwick lodge, Grove terrace, Hammersmith

Leney C. 18 Great Western terrace, Westbourne park

Leney E. 7 Randolph road, Maida hill

Lenox T. G. 13 Holland villas road, Kensington

Lenox Lord W. Pitt, 8 Prince of Wales’ terrace, Kensington

Lensham J. 12 Woodstock road, Shepherd’s bush

Letom J. 18 Alfred road, Harrow road

Leon Mrs, 2 Lancaster street, Hyde park

Leonard Mrs, 5 Wilby terrace, Notting hill

Le Petit A. 19 Portsdown road, Maida vale

Lescombe Mrs, 9 St. Peter’s road, Hammersmith

Leslie W. 15 Queen’s gardens, Bayswater

Leslie Lady, 21 Talbot terrace, Westbourne park

Leslie R. 3 Tavistock terrace, Westbourne park

Leslie L. J. 4 Percy villas, Campden hill, Kensington

Lessingham H. 6 Westmoreland road, Bayswater

Lestee A. 2 Wellington cottages, Hammersmith

Lester C. M.D. 8 Chepstow place, Bayswater

Lester J. 45 Alfred road, Harrow road

Lester Mrs, 18 Richmond terrace, Bayswater

Lester Rev. F. 3 York villas, Kensington

Letchworth H. F. 6 Kensington park gardens, Notting hill

Lethbridge W. H. 5 Malboro terrace, Paddington

Lethem M. Clyde villa, 5 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Leupold Madam, 148 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Leveau A. 28 Gloucester gardens, Bayswater

Lever Mrs, 25 Norfolk crescent, Hyde park

Leveridge C. 24 Alpha terrace, Kilburn

Levermore W. G. 5 Holland place, Notting hill

Leversage J. G. 11 Elm grove, Hammersmith

Leverson G. B. 73 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Leverton W. 11 Edmund terrace, Kensington park

Levesage Mrs, 18 Aldridge road villas, Westbourne park

Levin P. 19 Westbourne park crescent, Paddington

Levine E. 6 Fermosa terrace, Maida hill

Levinson J. 2 Clarendon villas, Brook green, Hammersmith

Levy Mrs, 42 Burlington road, Westbourne park

Levy J. 9 Cambridge terrace, Notting hill

Levy C. 4 Cleveland terrace, Hyde park

Levy H. 41 Arundel gardens, Kensington park road

Levy Misses, 20 Hyde park square

Levy L. 48 Leinster square, Bayswater

Levy Mrs, 48 Leinster square, Bayswater

Levy L. 100 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Lewcock A. 25 Queen street, Hammersmith

Lewellyn F. 30 Great Western terrace, Westbourne park

Lewin M. 31 Gloucester gardens, Hyde park

Lewin Mrs, 3 Talbot terrace, Westbourne park

Lewis T. 17 Alfred road, Harrow road

Lewis Mrs, 18 Blenheim crescent, Notting hill

Lewis D. 14 Bridge avenue, King street west, Hammersmith

Lewis W. Avenue house, King street west, Hammersmith

Lewis Mrs, 3 Campden hill terrace, Kensington

Lewis A. 25 Alpha terrace, Kilburn

Lewis Mrs, 7 Cleveland terrace, Hyde park

Lewis T. 20 Edith villas, Hammersmith

Lewis H. 1 Elm grove, Hammersmith

Lewis Miss, 46 Ladbroke square, Notting hill

Lewis A. 29 Leamington road villas, Westbourne park

Lewis J. 30 Leamington road villas, Westbourne park

Lewis F. 9 Hethpool street, Maida hill

Lewis Mrs, 16 Inverness terrace, Kensington gardens

Lewis T. H. 12 Kensington gardens square, Bayswater

Lewis Admiral W. R.N. 12 Kensington gardens terrace, Hyde park

Lewis Rev. W. W. 8 Ladbroke place west, Notting hill

Lewis F. 24 Richmond road, Shepherd’s bush

Lewis A. F. 2 St. Mark’s crescent, Kensington park

Lewis J. 11 Victoria street, Paddington

Lewis Rev. E. P. 25 Warwick road, Paddington

Lewis W. B. 77 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Lewis Mrs, 24 Westbury road, Paddington

Lewis C. H. 4 Wilton terrace, Kensington

Lewis H. N. 4 Wilton terrace, Kensington

Lewis A. J. Moray lodge, Campden hill, Kensington

Ley Mrs, 11 Canning place, Kensington

Ley F. 3 Desborough terrace, Harrow road

Leyland J. E. F.G.S., F.S.A. 12 Essex villas, Kensington

Lichwie Lewis, 16 Cumberland terrace, Bayswater

Liddard Mrs, 14 Porchester terrace, Bayswater

Liddell Mrs, 9 Elbury villas, Notting hill

Lidderdale C. S. 29 Beaufoy terrace, Maida vale

Liddiard Miss, 9 Berkeley gardens, Kensington

Liddiard Mrs, 30 Inverness terrace, Kensington gardens

Liezordie J. L. Lancaster lodge, Hyde park

Liggand H. 3 Ladbroke square, Notting hill

Light Rev. J. M.A. 13 Notting hill terrace, Notting hill

Lightfoot Mrs, 9 Gloucester gardens, Bayswater

Lightfoot F. J. 9 Gloucester gardens, Bayswater

Lightfoot A. 1 St. Leonard’s place, Paddington

Lilliott H. P. 14 Sutherland place, Bayswater

Lilly H. 9 St. Peter’s terrace, Notting hill

Lillywhite G. 14 Albion street, Hyde park

Lincoln E. 50 Cambridge road, Kilburn

Lincoln J. 74 Cambridge terrace, Paddington

Lind H. 13 Upper Phillimore place, Kensington

Lindars Miss, 12 Stanley crescent, Notting hill

Lindeman S. A. 1 Briar villas, Hammersmith

Linden J. 11 Brindley street, Paddington

Linden Mrs, 8 Richmond terrace, Bayswater

Lindley N. 6 Cravan hill gardens, Bayswater road

Lindo Mrs, 20 Clarendon gardens, Maida hill

Lindo W. 12 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Lindo Miss, 62 Leinster square, Mays

Lindo J. 62 Portsdown road, Maida hill

Lindo E. 30 Westbury road, Paddington

Lindsay Mrs, 68 Queen’s gardens, Bayswater

Lindsay Miss, 67 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Lindsell W. B. 44 Pembroke square, Kensington

Lindsey J. C. 71 Clarendon road, Notting hill

Lindsey H. H. 34 Kildare terrace, Westbourne park

Lindsey Miss, 2 Westbourne grove terrace, Bayswater

Lines Mrs, 4 Cary villas, Hammersmith

Lines J. 25 Lower Phillimore place, Kensington

Linford C. G. 6 Devonshire place, Paddington

Ling R. 18 Verulum terrace, Hammersmith

Ling B. 41 Portland road, Notting hill

Lingden R. R. W. 6 Westbourne crescent, Hyde park

Linsell Miss, 12 West end, Hammersmith

Linsey G. 48 Pembroke road, Kensington

Linstead G. 52 Cambridge square, Edgware road

Linton J. 7 Ladbroke road, Notting hill

Lipscombe Miss, 74 Elgin crescent, Notting hill

Lisle B. 16 Hammersmith terrace, Hammersmith road

List J. 4 Cambridge road, Kilburn

List W. 12 Randolph road, Maida hill

Lister Mrs, 8 James street, Paddington

Lister W. 13 Moscow road, Bayswater

Lister Dr, 28 Porchester terrace, Bayswater

Lister Mrs, Cornwall house, St. Luke’s road villas, Westbourne park

Lister W. 11 Somer’s place, Hyde park

Listowel Earl of, Kingston house, Princes gate, Kensington road, S.W.

Litchfield Major-Gen. 6 Berkeley gardens, Kensington

Litt Miss, 42 Kensington square, Kensington

Little J. 20 Eldon road, Kensington

Little Miss, 13 Hammersmith terrace, Hammersmith road

Little Col. A. C.B. 2 Queen’s gate terrace, Kensington

Little R. 1 Snowdon villas, Kilburn

Little C. 22 Waterloo street, Hammersmith

Little W. 18 Westbourne park crescent, Paddington

Little J. Wilton villa, Campden hill, Kensington

Littledale Mrs, 17 Queen’s gate gardens, Kensington

Littlehale Mrs, 10 Colville square, Notting hill

Livings G. 10 Chapel street, Hammersmith

Livings Capt. W. 7 Hilton villas, Warwick road, Maida hill

Livingstone W. P. 33 Cleveland square, Bayswater

Livock J. 10 Alma terrace, Kensington

Llewellyn Mrs, 21 Arundel gardens, Kensington park road

Llewellyn T. R. 10 Randolph road, Maida hill

Llndo N. 52 Queen’s gardens, Bayswater

Lloyd Mrs, 11 Aldridge road villas, Westbourne park

Lloyd A. G. 11 Boyne terrace, Notting hill terrace

Lloyd E. Hoare cottage, Brook green, Hammersmith

Lloyd W. H. 6 Burwood place, Edgware road

Lloyd E. 40 Chichester road villas, Kilburn

Lloyd R. 33 Clarendon gardens, Maida hill

Lloyd J. 11 Convent gardens, Notting hill

Lloyd Misses, 4 Gloucester place, Hyde park gardens

Lloyd E. 26 Grove terrace, Hammersmith

Lloyd Lewis, 20 Hyde park gardens

Lloyd J. H. 100 Lancaster gate, Hyde park

Lloyd Mrs, 2 Park villas, Hammersmith

Lloyd H. 4 Pembroke cottages south, Kensington

Lloyd Mrs, 11 Queen’s gate terrace, Kensington

Lloyd Mrs J. 10 St. Mary’s terrace, Paddington green

Lloyd H. 42 Sussex gardens, Paddington

Lloyd Miss, Wick house, Waterloo street, Hammersmith

Lloyd Miss, 68 Westbourne park road, Bayswater

Lloyd R. G. D. 46 Westbourne park villas

Lloyd Mrs, 48 Westbourne park villas

Loader Miss, 27 Bark place, Bayswater

Loader Mrs, 10 Ledbury road, Bayswater

Loader Mrs, 4 Sutherland place, Bayswater

Loadman —, 1 St. Alban’s terrace, Hammersmith road west

Lobb A. F. 24 Inverness terrace, Kensington gardens

Lobley J. L. Clifton villa, 50 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Luck B. 53 Cambridge terrace, Paddington

Lock Mrs, 2 Grove place, Hammersmith road west

Lock Capt. R. 3 Hyde park st

Lock Mrs S. K. 14 Pembroke road, Kensington

Lock Mrs, 22 Talbot square, Hyde park

Lock G. B. 92 Westbourne park road, Bayswater

Locke J. 83 Addison road, Notting hill

Locke A. 26 Bedford gardens, Kensington

Locke Mrs, 13 Edmund terrace, Kensington park

Locke H. 25 Pembroke road, Kilburn

Locke G. 12 Shaftesbury terrace, Kensington

Lockhart D. E. 15 Sunderland terrace, Westbourne park

Lockwood Mrs, 41 Blomfield road, Maida hill

Lockwood —, 5 Blomfield terrace, Kensington park

Lockwood R. 23 Kilburn square, Kilburn

Lockyear T. 25 Sale street, Paddington

Locock C. B. 9 Cambridge square, Hyde park

Lodder Capt. W. P. J. 17 Princes square, Bayswater

Loder G. 1 Clarendon place, Hyde park square

Lodwick Gen. P. 63 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Loewenthal L. 5 Formosa terrace, Maida hill

Loewood S. 20 Senior street, Harrow road

Loftus W. R. 6 Beaufoy terrace, Maida vale

Logan T. 83 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Logie B. 3 Randolph road, Maida hill

Login Lady, 25 Lancaster gate, Hyde park

Lohman Mrs, 35 Westmoreland place, Bayswater

Loible E. 8 Edwardes square, Kensington

Lomas C. 34 Alfred road, Harrow road

Lomax H. 1 Park villas, Hammersmith

Londen W. 2 Charlotte terrace, Hammersmith

Londonderry Marquis of, The Grange, North end, Hammersmith

Long Mrs, 76 Bridge road, Hammersmith

Long C. 29 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Long W. M.P. 11 Hyde park gardens

Long G. 80 Ledbury road, Bayswater

Long Mrs, 21 Royal crescent, Notting hill

Longbottom A. 3 Hammersmith terrace, Hammersmith road

Longdon Mrs, 36 St. Petersburg place, Bayswater

Longdon J. 26 Bedford gardens Kensington

Longhurst J. Warwick lodge, 1 Warwick gardens, East Kensington

Longley E. 188 Kings street west, Hammersmith

Longley Major, 60 Princes gate, Kensington road

Longman T. 23 Cornwall road, Westbourne park

Longman W. F.R.G.S. 36 Hyde park square

Longman G. M. 8 Princes square, Bayswater

Longmore Mrs, 10 Chepstow place, Westbourne grove

Longstaff —, 26 Avenue road, Hammersmith

Longstaff Miss, 49 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Look Mrs, 5 Eldon road, Kensington

Loomes W. 20 Cornwall road, Hammersmith

Loosely G. 24 Blenheim crescent, Notting hill

Lord Mrs, 3 Havelock terrace, Bayswater

Lord T. 7 Portsdown road, Maida hill

Lord Mrs, 16 Abingdon terrace, Kensington

Lord Mrs, A. O. 24 Queen’s gate terrace, Kensington

Lording W. H. 1 Westcroft place, Hammersmith road west

Loridan Mrs, 5 Oxford terrace, Hyde park

Lorimer P. 3 Randolph gardens, Kilburn

Lothbudge W. 33 Hampden street, Hammersmith road

Lothian Miss, 1 Anglesea villas, New road, Hammersmith

Lott C. 20 Albert street, Paddington green

Lott Miss, 44 Hereford road, Bayswater

Louis E. Moral house, Brook green, Hammersmith

Louis T. 19_a_ Sutherland place, Bayswater

Lound —, 48 Addison road, Kensington

Lounds Miss, 234 Maida vale, Edgware road

Love G. 7 Chichester place, Paddington

Love J. 18 Blenheim crescent, Notting hill

Lore Mrs, 5 Oxford road, New road, Hammersmith

Loveland J. 62 Pembridge villas, Bayswater

Lovell Mrs, 90 Ledbury road, Bayswater

Loveridge F. 41 Addison gardens north, Kensington

Loveridge E. 73 Portland road, Notting hill

Lovesay C. 12 Cambridge terrace, Kensington

Low —, 25 Edwardes square, Kensington

Low J. 33 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Lowe Mrs, 13 Cambridge road, Kilburn

Lowe Miss, 12 Cambridge terrace, Paddington

Lowe Mrs, 3 St. Alban’s terrace, Hammersmith road west

Lowe W. E. R. 4 Norland square, Notting hill

Lowe C. E. 4 Victoria cottages, North end, Hammersmith

Lowe C. 11 St. Mark’s crescent, Kensington park

Lowe C. B. 8 Waterloo street, Hammersmith

Lowndes T. 16 Carlton terrace, Notting hill

Lowndes Mrs, 16 Southwick crescent, Hyde park

Lowther R. 57 Queen’s gardens, Bayswater

Lowther Miss, 21 Stanley gardens, Notting hill

Loyes J. 53 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Luard Lieut.-Gen. 3 Gloucester gardens, Bayswater

Lucas Mrs, The cottage, Anglesea villas, Hammersmith

Lucas J. 8 Cambridge terrace, Paddington

Lucas Miss, 14 Carlisle terrace, Kensington

Lucas T. 10 Hyde park gardens

Lucas Mrs, 19 Hyde park gardens

Lucas H. W. 21 Kilburn Priory road

Lucas J. W. 16 Northumberland place, Bayswater

Lucas W. 46 Peel street, Notting hill

Lucas P. 35 Pembridge gardens, Notting hill

Lucas Mrs, 31 Pembroke road, Kilburn

Lucas Mrs, 5 St. Petersburgh place, Bayswater

Lucas Miss, 19 Tavistock terrace, Westbourne park

Lucas H. J. 5 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Lucas Mrs, 11 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Lucbrock Miss, 9 Grove terrace, Hammersmith

Lucet Madame Louisa, 24 Gloucester crescent, Hyde park

Lucette A. 28 Sussex place, Kensington

Luch Mrs, 20 Kensington palace gardens, Bayswater road

Ludd F. W. 26 Oxford road, Kilburn

Ludeman A. W. H. 6 Albion villas, Hammersmith

Ludlam J. F. 7 Wellington villas, New road, Hammersmith

Ludlam Mrs, 58 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Luickett Mrs, 13 Delamere crescent, Upper Westbourne terrace

Luke W. 93 Inverness terrace, Kensington gardens

Luker W. 15 Sheffield terrace, Kensington

Lukie Miss, 20 Ledbury road, Bayswater

Lukim R. H. 10 Edith villas, North end, Hammersmith road

Lukin W. G. 2 Hamilton terrace, Bayswater

Lukin 14 Ladbroke road, Notting hill

Lumbrosa G. 29 Cleveland gardens, Bayswater

Lumby B. S. 53 Ledbury road, Bayswater

Lumley E. 3 Sutherland crescent, Maida vale

Lumley Mrs, 13 Talbot square, Hyde park

Lunn J. 12 Malvern terrace, Kilburn

Lupton Mrs, 13 Abingdon terrace, Kensington

Lushington Miss, 7 Connaught place west, Hyde park

Lushington Miss, 20 Kildare gardens, Westbourne park

Lushington F. 40 Norfolk square, Paddington

Lusignan —, 16 Woodstock road, Shepherd’s bush

Lusk Alderman A. M.P. 64 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Lusty Miss, 1 Howell street, Maida hill

Lutyens Miss, 1 The Terrace, Kensington

Lyall Mrs, 7 Kildare terrace, Westbourne park

Lydall J. 60 Westbourne park road, Bayswater

Lye J. G. 18 Prince of Wales’ terrace, Kensington

Lye J. G. 7 St. Mary Abbott’s terrace, Kensington road

Lyle W. 2 Marlborough terrace, Paddington

Lynch Mrs, 11 Godolphin road, Hammersmith

Lyne R. 41 Westbourne park road, Bayswater

Lynn W. 27 St. Petersburgh place, Bayswater

Lynn Mrs, 23 Westmoreland place, Bayswater

Lyon H. 104 Portland road, Notting hill

Lyon Miss, 23 Sussex place, Kensington

Lyon Mrs, 3 Grove villas, Hammersmith

Lyons Mrs, 2 Pembroke gardens, Kensington

Lyons W. 61 Westbourne park road, Bayswater

Lys Lieut. G. M. C.B. 24 Kensington gardens square, Bayswater

Lyslie W. B. M. 41 Queen’s gardens, Bayswater

Lyttle W. 5 Priam place, Hammersmith new road


Maberley Hon. Mrs, 2 Portobello road, Notting hill

Macanaly T. 12 Alexander street, Westbourne park

Macann F. 16 St. George’s road, Notting hill

Macann Major-Gen. G. 1 Westbourne street, Hyde park

MacArthur R. W. 7 Warrington terrace, Maida hill

Macarthy Mrs, 10 Blenheim terrace, Notting hill

Macartney D. 37 Waverley road, Paddington

Macather Sir E. 27 Prince’s gardens, Kensington road

Macaulay D. 15 St. Luke’s road villas, Westbourne park

Macauley Dr, 6 Cambridge gardens, Kilburn

Macauley C. 78 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Macauly Dr. J. 22 Cambridge road, Kilburn

Macbean G. 14 Alexander street, Westbourne park

Macbean Miss, 35 Kilburn Priory road

Macbeth Rev. R. 23 Cambridge road, Hammersmith

MacClare S. 66 Clarendon road, Notting hill

Macdonald Mrs, 6 Askew road, Shepherd’s bush

Macdonald Mrs, 2 Bath terrace, Notting hill

Macdonald Mrs, 11 Cambridge road, Hammersmith

Macdonald —, 5 Clifton villas, Maida hill

Macdonald Mrs, 28 Elgin road, Notting hill

Macdonald A. C. 85 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Macdonald R. 3 Park cottages, Hammersmith

Macdonald A. 30 Pembridge gardens Notting hill

Macdonald J. C. 9 Stanhope terrace, Bayswater road

Mace J. 228 Maida vale, Paddington

Macewen A. 18 Porchester square, Westbourne park

Macfarlane J. 2 Campden hill road, Kensington

Macfarlane Mrs, 26 Clarendon road, Notting hill

Macgowan Mrs, 2 Berkeley plus, Kensington

Macgregor A. 35 Holland villas road, Kensington

Macgregor Mrs, 17 Ladbroke villas, Notting hill

Macgregor Gen. J. A. P. 7 Sussex place, Hyde park

Macgregor A. 7 Sussex place, Hyde park

Macgrey J. 7 St. Germains terrace, Paddington

MacInnes M. 24 Oxford square, Hyde park

Mack T. 11 Richmond road, Shepherd’s bush

Mackay T. M. 24 Leinster gardens, Bayswater

Mackay Mrs, 84 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Mackay J. M. G. 15 Prince’s square, Bayswater

Mackell J. 24 Clarendon gardens, Maida hill

Mackellar Mrs, 4 Gordon place, Campden hill

Mackennel G. 54 Oxford terrace, Hyde park

Mackenzie Mrs, 11 Inverness terrace, Bayswater

Mackenzie Mrs, 12 Southwick crescent, Hyde park

Mackenzie Miss, 22 Westbourne square, Paddington

Mackenzie Mrs, 39 Princes square, Bayswater

Mackenzie Capt. W. 24 St. Petersburgh place, Bayswater

Mackenzie Miss, 21 Scarsdale villas, Kensington

Mackeson W. W. 22 Holland villas road, Kensington

Mackeson E. 13 Hyde park square

Mackie S. 5 St. Peter’s terrace, Notting hill

Mackinlay Mrs, 7 Earl’s terrace, Kensington

Mackintosh J. 13 Devonshire terrace, Kensington

Mackintosh A. 9 Talbot square, Hyde park

Macknight A. 5 Godolphin road, Hammersmith

Maclaren G. 71 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Maclean A. 24 Abingdon villas, Kensington

Maclean J. Pallingswick lodge, Bradmore, Hammersmith

Maclean Mrs, 16 Devonshire terrace, Bayswater

Maclean Mrs, 16 Durham terrace, Westbourne park

Maclean Miss 3 Edwardes place, Kensington

Maclean Misses, 26 Ladbroke square, Notting hill

Maclean Lieut.-Gen. 3 Oxford square, Hyde park

Maclean J. 4 Pembroke gardens, Kensington

Maclean J. G. 130 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Maclear Rev. G. F. 24 Elgin crescent, Notting hill

Macleay G. 35 Hyde park gardens

Macleay J. R. 132 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Macleod Capt. D. 7 Berkeley gardens, Kensington

MacLeod Lady, 31 Norfolk crescent, Hyde park

MacLeod Sir J. 1 Stanhope street, Hyde park

MacLeod N. 7 Upper Phillimore gardens, Kensington

MacLuckie R. 17 Shaftesbury terrace, Kensington

Maclure A. 14 Ladbroke square, Notting hill

Macmillan J. 11 Brondesbury road, Kilburn

Macmillan J. 3 Marlborough terrace, Paddington

Macmillan R. H. B. 29 Talbot terrace, Westbourne park

Macnab J. 48 Norland square, Notting hill

Macnicoll N. 28 Sussex gardens, Paddington

Macquarrle Mrs, 9 Courtland place, Kensington

Macrae J. H. 25 Ladbroke square, Notting hill

Macrow J. 5 Canterbury place, Maida vale

Macwilliam T. G. 3 Upper Phillimore place, Kensington

Madden F. 20 Leamington road villas, Westbourne park

Madden Mrs, 13 Peel place, Notting hill

Madden H. R. M.D. 16 Westbourne street, Hyde park

Madderford Mrs, 18 Alexander terrace, Kilburn

Maddoe Sir T. H. 4 Park place villas, Maida hill west

Maddox Mrs, 22 St. James square, Notting hill

Maddy E. D.C.L. 15 Queen’s gate place, South Kensington

Madeley Mrs, 15 Pembroke square, Kensington

Madgwick Mrs., T. 3 Pembroke cottages, North Kensington

Magan Mrs W. H. 10 Kensington gate, Kensington gore

Magarey Miss, 82 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Magdalinsky C. 5 Stalham street, Paddington

Magee —, 4 Lancaster street, Hyde park

Maggiorini Mrs, 2 Radnor place, Hyde park

Magill —, 16 Abington villas, Kensington

Magnay Mrs, 19 Charles street, Hyde park

Magness —, Mrs, 91 Hereford road, Bayswater

Magnus S. 12 Blomfield street, Paddington

Maguire T. H. 6 Blomfield crescent, Paddington

Mahew H. 11 Caroline place, Bayswater

Mahler J. 15 Palace gardens villas, Kensington

Mahler P. 15 Palace gardens villas, Kensington

Mahon Capt. 10 Westmoreland road, Bayswater

Maidlow J. 36 Chepstow place, Bayswater

Maidlow E. 47 Pembroke road, Kilburn

Main Mrs, 3 Avenue terrace, Hammersmith

Mainwaring Capt. E. 111 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Maire P. L. 4 Bayswater hill, Bayswater road, Bayswater

Maire C. 5 Bayswater hill, Bayswater

Maitland Mrs, 40 Oxford road, Kilburn

Maitland J. J. 39 Phillimore gardens, Kensington

Maitland Mrs, 70 Westbourne park road, Bayswater

Major D. B. 82 Cambridge terrace, Paddington

Major W. 6 Bayswater hill, Bayswater

Makins C. 17 Craven hill, Bayswater

Makins W. T. 34 Holland park, Notting hill

Malard H. 23 Devonshire place, Paddington

Malas B. 38_a_ Porchester square, Bayswater

Malcolm Lady, 12 Kensington gate, Kensington gore

Malcolm J. 22 Prince’s gate, Kensington road

Malcolmson J. 17 Kensington gardens square, Bayswater

Malet Mrs, 3 Oxford square, Hyde park

Malin J. 21 Campden grove Kensington

Malkin Lady 9 Kensington park villas, Notting hill

Mallaby Mrs, 20 Queen’s gardens, Hyde park

Mallam C. 9 Cambridge terrace, Paddington

Mallan G. 9 Monmouth road, Bayswater

Mallard G. 4 Amberley road, Maida hill

Malley Mrs, 48 Chichester road villas, Kilburn

Malsehinger C. 2 Raven villas, Hammersmith

Malton C. 7 Stanhope place, Hyde park

Manly G. 22 Royal crescent, Notting hill

Manbridge Mrs, 11 Bayswater terrace, Bayswater

Manchester —, 16 Charles street, Kensington

Mander H. W. 38 Ladbroke square, Notting hill

Mander C. J. 74 Portsdown road, Maida hill

Mander Mrs, 26 Clifton villas, Maida hill

Mandy W. 64 Denmark road, Kilburn

Manin le Empress de Hamel, 13 Cumberland terrace, Westbourne park

Manley Mrs, 4 St. James’s square, Notting hill

Manlove W. 41 Oxford road, Kilburn

Mann W. 39 Addison road north, Notting hill

Mann H. 58 Cirencester street, Paddington

Mann J. 2 Prospect place, Kilburn

Mann Miss, 52 Hereford road, Bayswater

Mann J. Palace gate, Kensington

Mann N. 6 Upper Hornton villas, Kensington

Mann H. 23 Ledbury road, Bayswater

Mann R. 10 Pembroke road, Kensington

Mann R. 6 Upper Hornton villas, Kensington

Manners Lady, 43 Prince’s gate, Kensington road

Manning F. 34 Caves terrace, Hammersmith

Manning Mrs, 6 George street, Hammersmith

Manning Mrs, 3 Hornton street, Kensington

Manning Mrs, 44 Phillimore gardens, Kensington

Manning C. 15 Prince’s gardens, Kensington road

Manning W. 9 & 11 Shrewsbury road, Westbourne park

Manning Rev. Dr. W. L. 1 Sutherland place, Bayswater

Mannington 1, 2 Snowden villas, Kilburn

Mans J. 4 Masboro road, Hammersmith

Mansall W. W. 20 Kensington gate, Kensington gore

Mansell C. G. 32 Cleveland square, Bayswater

Mansell Mrs, 9 Alma terrace, Kensington

Mansell J. 71 Addison road, Kensington

Mansell Capt. 67 Bridge road, Hammersmith

Mansell —, 9 Alma terrace, Kensington

Mansfield J. S. 30 Elm grove, Hammersmith

Mansfield C. 10 Silchester road villas, Notting hill

Mansfield Mrs, 3 Sussex terrace, Hyde park

Mansfield H. 2 Eagle terrace, Hammersmith

Mansfield G. 8 Alma terrace, Kensington

Manson Mrs, 14 Westbourne square, Paddington

Mantel R. G. 63 Waverley road, Paddington

Mantle W. 2 Rose cottages, Hammersmith

Mansell G. 6 Cromwell terrace, Paddington

Maples F. 10 Cleveland gardens, Bayswater

March H. A. 2 Montpelier villas, Paddington

March C. 2 Wellington villas, Hammersmith

March Mrs, 24 Upper Seymour street west, Hyde park

March Mrs, 9 Wilton villas, Shepherd’s bush

Marchant T. 43 Carlton road, Kilburn

Merchant J. 26 Great Western terrace, Westbourne park

Marchmont Mrs, 42 Bark place, Bayswater

Marchmont Rev. H. 2 Colville gardens, Bayswater

Marchmont Mrs, 16 Royal crescent, Notting hill

Mardon T. 7 Vassall terrace, Kensington

Mare Miss, 7 Ashchurch terrace, Hammersmith

Mare H. M. 66 St Marys terrace, Paddington

Margey Gen. H. 7 Palace gardens terrace, Kensington

Marioni M. 52 Addison road, Kensington

Markey Mrs, 3 Horbury crescent, Notting hill

Markland Miss, 18 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Marks A. 13 Beaufoy terrace, Maida vale

Marks M. 53 Richmond road, Bayswater

Marks E. 15 St. James’s square, Notting hill

Markwell W. R. S. 42 Queen’s road, Bayswater

Markwick A. 2 Hereford road, Bayswater

Markwick A. F.R.C.S. 1 Leinster square, Bayswater

Marphew S. 26, Alexander terrace, Kilburn

Marrell J. 4 Clarendon north, Notting hill

Marriette A. 24 St. Stephen’s square, Westbourne park

Marriot R. 1 Lawn place, Shepherd’s bush green

Marriott Misses, Hermitage house, Linden grove, Notting hill

Marsden A. 2_a_ Edgware road, Paddington

Marsden H. 39 Kensington gardens square, Bayswater

Marsh J. N. 4 Carlton terrace, Paddington

Marsh Mrs, 8 Hornton street, Kensington

Marsh R. 1 Kensington palace green

Marsh E. 47 Kensington park gardens, Notting hill

Marshal T. 8 Beaufoy terrace, Maida vale

Marshall E. 4 Adelaide terrace, Shepherd’s bush

Marshall E. 2 Alpha place west, Kilburn

Marshall Mrs, 59 Bridge road, Hammersmith

Marshall C. 7 Bristol gardens, Paddington

Marshall G. 3 Canning place, Kensington

Marshall Miss, 19 Clarendon road, Kensington

Marshall Mrs, 34 Elgin terrace, Maida vale

Marshall W. H. 6 Grove terrace, Hammersmith

Marshall Sir C. 5 Kensington gardens terrace, Hyde park

Marshall W. 14 King street west, Hammersmith

Marshall J. 56 Lancaster gate, Hyde park

Marshall W. 6 Peel road, Kilburn

Marshall J. 29 Pembridge gardens, Notting hill

Marshall A. 11 Portland road, Notting hill

Marshall T. F. Walton villa, Kensington

Marshall J. H. 16 Grove terrace, Bayswater

Marshall Capt. R. 7 Wellington terrace, Hammersmith

Marshman J. F.R.G.S. 7 Kensington palace gardens, Bayswater road

Marson F. 2 Porchester square, Westbourne park

Marston T. J. 3 Queensborough terrace, Bayswater

Marston F. 15 Westbourne park villas, Westbourne park

Martelli C. H. A. 22 Westbourne square, Paddington

Marter Rev. —, 4 Leinster terrace, Hyde park

Marter W. 2 Durham place, Notting hill

Martin Mrs, 15 Alpha place north, Kilburn

Martin Mrs, 13 Blenheim terrace, Notting hill

Martin J. S. 11 Bouverie street, Paddington

Martin Mrs, 44 Bridge road, Hammersmith

Martin C. 48 Bridge road, Hammersmith

Martin T. Court lodge, 1 Caroline terrace, Hammersmith

Martin F. 3 Brondesbury villas, Kilburn

Martin Mrs, 8 Buckingham terrace, Kensington park

Martin H. W. 27 Campbell street, Paddington

Martin G. 35 Campbell street, Paddington

Martin Mrs, 63 Cirencester street, Paddington

Martin R. J. 51 Cirencester street, Paddington

Martin M. W. 25 Cleveland gardens, Bayswater

Martin Miss, 2 Codrington villas, Notting hill

Martin G. B. 19 Devonshire terrace, Bayswater

Martin E. 16 Elm grove, Hammersmith

Martin F. M.D. 19 Lower Phillimore place, Kensington

Martin G. 4 Pembroke road, Kensington

Martin E. M. 20 Queen’s gate, South Kensington

Martin W. 36 St. Peter’s square, Hammersmith

Martin Mrs, 9 Shrewsbury villas, Westbourne park

Martin T. 15 Stalham street, Paddington

Martin W. 25 Victoria street, Paddington

Martin Mrs, 12 Westbourne grove terrace, Bayswater

Martineau R. B. 1 Clarendon road, Kensington

Martineau Mrs, 17 Westbourne street, Hyde park

Martineau Rev. A. 61 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Martindale Capt. R. E. 20 Brunswick gardens, Kensington

Martins Sir W. 3 Hyde park gardens

Martin E. 42 Portland road, Notting hill

Marvel A. 3 Gloucester terrace, South Kensington

Marvin —, Stamford brook lodge, Hammersmith

Marwood R. 20 Great Western terrace, Westbourne park

Marygold G. 7 Edmund terrace, Notting hill

Marzials F. T. 34 Pembroke road, Kensington

Masaroon W. Elm villa, Notting hill

Mash J. W. 5 Cambridge road, Hammersmith

Maskelyne N. 112 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Maskelyne E. S. 5 Inverness terrace, Bayswater

Mason Miss, 29 Bedford gardens, Kensington.

Mason Mrs, 27 Addison road north, Notting hill

Mason J. 2 Clifton cottages, Bradmore, Hammersmith

Mason J. 12 Clarendon place, Maida vale

Mason R. 8 Courtland place, Kensington

Mason N. 3 Dudley place, Paddington

Mason Miss, 6 Elgin crescent, Notting hill

Mason J. 64 Elgin crescent, Notting hill

Mason Mrs, 24 Inverness road, Bayswater

Mason J. R. 35 Park place villas, Maida hill, west

Mason J. C. 12 Pembridge gardens, Notting hill

Mason Mrs, P. 50 Porchester terrace, Bayswater

Mason L. J. M. 38 Prince’s square, Bayswater

Mason J. 8 Scarsdale terrace, Kensington

Mason G. Westbourne house, Hammersmith

Mason T. Zetland villa, Hammersmith

Mason G. 16 St. Ann’s road, Notting hill

Mason J. R. 35 St. James’s square, Notting hill

Mason C. 1 St. Mark’s crescent, Kensington park

Mason J. 24 Tavistock terrace, Notting hill

Mason W. 5 Tichbourne street, Paddington

Massey Mrs, 30 Dawson place, Bayswater

Massey R. 7 Courtland place, Kensington

Massinberd C. L. 20 Queen’s gate terrace, South Kensington

Massman D. 74 Westbourne park villas, Westbourne park

Masson H. 1 Randolph road, Maida hill

Master Mrs, 4 Carton place, Westbourne park

Mather Miss, 15 Conduit street west, Hyde park

Mather T. 28 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Mather J. L. 4 Radnor place, Hyde park

Mathew T. 112 High street, Notting hill

Mathews W. 53 Alfred road, Paddington

Mathews A. 1 Carlisle villas, Shepherd’s bush

Mathews W. R. 6 Spring place, Hammersmith

Mathews A. T. 62 Burlington road, Westbourne park

Mathews H. 32 Notting hill terrace, Notting hill

Mathews W. 3 Stalham street, Paddington

Mathews H. 3 St. Agnes villas, Shepherd’s bush

Mathews F. Willow lodge, Shepherd’s bush

Matson Major-Gen. E. R. E. 30 Norfolk crescent, Hyde park

Matthew Mrs, 55 Chepstow place, Bayswater

Matthew F. 7 Linden grove, Notting hill

Matthew Mrs, 13 Orsett terrace, Hyde park

Matthew Mrs, 3 St. Stephen’s road, Hammersmith

Matthews Miss, 37 Abingdon villas, Kensington

Matthews W. 16 Arundel gardens, Kensington park

Matthews W. 32 Chichester road villas, Kilburn

Matthews Miss, 12 Eastbourne terrace, Paddington

Matthews G. 29 Hethpool street, Maida hill

Matthews E. 1 Notting hill square, Notting hill

Matthews J. T. 3 Richmond terrace, Bayswater

Matthews Mrs, 13 Upper Southwick street, Paddington

Matthey E. 21 Queen’s gardens, Hyde park

Mattock R. 13 Crompton street, Paddington

Matts J. 4 Cambridge terrace, Paddington

Maude C. 34 Oxford terrace, Hyde park

Maudsley Mrs, 21 Hyde park square

Maugham Mrs, 8 Kensington park terrace, Notting hill

Maule Hon. Mrs, 53 Lancaster gate, Hyde park

Maule Mrs, 12 Westmoreland place, Bayswater

Maunder Rev. G. 22 Horbury crescent, Notting hill

Maunsell Capt. J. E. 15 Sussex square, Hyde park

Maurey M. 11 Kilburn Priory

Mauss T. 4 Lancaster road east, Westbourne park

Mavor Mrs, 14 Inverness terrace, Bayswater

Mavrogordate A. 17 Leinster terrace, Hyde park

Mavrogordato E. A. 56 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Maw J. H. 15 St. James terrace, Notting hill

Mawbey H. 7 Westbourne park villas, Westbourne park

Maxsted W. 4 Gordon terrace, Campden hill

Maxwell J. 8 Palace gardens terrace, Kensington

May T. B. 41 Blenheim crescent, Notting hill

May W. 2 Blomfield road, Maida hill

May Miss, 8 Carlton road, Kilburn

May J. 1 Elgin villas, Notting hill

May J. 3 Howell street, Maida hill

May Capt. W. W. 1 Edith cottages, Hammersmith

May E. 19 Loudoun villas, Hammersmith

May O. 5 Pereira place, Shepherd’s bush green

May T. Belgrave villa, Shepherd’s bush

May T. G. 34 Woodfield place, Paddington

Mayers W. S. 9 Ladbroke road, Notting hill

Mayers T. 11 St. Leonard’s terrace, Maida hill

Mayhew J. 23 Porteus road, Paddington

Maynard C. A. 18 St. Ann’s villas, Notting hill

Maynard J. 52 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Mayne C. 46 Cleveland square, Bayswater

Mayne O. 37 Queen’s gardens, Hyde park

Mayne W. 1 Ravenscourt terrace, Hammersmith

Mayo Miss, 7 Caves terrace, Hammersmith

Mayo Mrs, 6 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Mayor Rev. J. 27 Kensington square, Kensington

Major E. J. 58 Westbourne park road, Bayswater

Mayors Mrs. 11 Monmouth road, Bayswater

Mayston J. 28 Burlington road, Westbourne park

Mazoyer —, 6 Anglesea villas, Hammersmith

McCauly Major-Gen. A. 40 Royal crescent, Notting hill

McCann Mrs P. 1 Chapel terrace, Paddington

McCartney E. 7 Westmoreland road, Bayswater

McCheyne R. 1 Palace gardens villas, Kensington

McClary A. A. 28 Kensington park terrace north, Notting hill

McClellan J. 29 Newton road, Bayswater

McCleverty W. 35 Gloucester place, Hyde park

McClure —, 2 St. Mary’s road, Westbourne park

McConnick A. 15 St. Petersburgh place, Bayswater

McConnick J. V. 7 Shrewsbury villas, Westbourne park

McCraw T. 20 Scarsdale terrace, Kensington

McCrea J. 5 Park terrace, Notting hill

McCreight W. 26 Colville road, Bayswater

McCrie A. 39 Westbourne park villas, Westbourne park

McCullum A. 47 Bedford gardens, Kensington

McCutcheon —, 7 Carlton villas, Paddington

McDermott J. M. 2 Shrewsbury road, Westbourne park

McDonald Mrs. 11 Holland street, Kensington

McDonald E. 20 St. Stephen’s square, Westbourne park

McDonnell A. H. 11 Addison gardens north, Kensington.

McDougal A. 23 Warwick crescent, Kensington

McDougall Capt. G. F. 51 Oxford road, Kilburn

McEwan J. 30 Holland park, Notting hill

McFarquhar J. L. 15 Kensington gardens terrace, Hyde park

McGarrett Mrs, 36 Hethpool street, Maida hill

McGhie Miss, 6 Connaught square, Hyde park

McGregor Sir C. 6 Hyde park street, Hyde park square

McGregor Major R. G. 17 Pembridge gardens, Notting hill

McGregor J. 8 Prince’s road, Notting hill

McHardy —, 13 Coville square, Notting hill

McHenry J. 25 Addison road, Kensington

McIlwrith N. 36 Prince’s gate, Kensington road

McKenna W. 8 Colville terrace west, Bayswater

McKenna J. N. 84 Lancaster gate, Hyde park

McKenna A. 9 Stranraer place, Maida hill

Mckenzie S. 69 Chepstow place, Bayswater

McKenzie K. 55 Cleveland square, Bayswater

McKenzie J. T. 1 Edgware road, Paddington

McKenzie P. 46 Pembroke road, Kensington

McKeone H. 8 Pine Apple place, Maida vale

McKerlie P. 26 Pembridge villas, Bayswater

McKerrell R. 45 Inverness terrace, Bayswater

McLaren J. W. 69 Addison road, Kensington

McLean T. 18 Chepstow place, Bayswater

McLean Mrs, 40 Eastbourne terrace, Paddington

McLeod H. D. 17 Gloucester terrace, Campden hill

McMaster —, 3 St. Mary’s road, Westbourne park

McMaster J. 19 Queen’s gate terrace, South Kensington

McMillan E. 31 Cirencester street, Paddington

McMillan Rev. A. 6 Westbourne park place, Bayswater

McMullin —, 46 Kensington gardens square, Bayswater

McNeal Mrs, 54 Richmond road, Bayswater

McNulty Mrs, 25 Blenheim crescent, Notting hill

McPherson W. 32 Lancaster gate, Hyde park

McPherson D. 8 Stanley terrace, Notting hill

McPherson J. 16 Sutherland place, Bayswater

McPherson G. G. 42 Westbourne park, Paddington

Mcqueen J. F. Q.C. 4 Upper Westbourne terrace, Paddington

McQueen W. H. Upton villa, Shepherd’s bush

McQueen F. 1 Alexandra villas, Shepherd’s bush

McRae Mrs, 59 Denmark road, Kilburn

McTier Mrs, 26 Notting hill square, Notting hill

Meacock J. 240 Maida vale, Paddington

Mead W. 25 Amberley road, Maida hill

Mead W. 1 Brondesbury road, Kilburn

Mead F. 8 Stanley crescent, Notting hill

Mead J. 3 Stanley terrace, Notting hill

Mead Mrs, 2 Upper Southwick street, Paddington

Mead J. 21 Victoria grove, Kensington

Meadow J. 33 Kildare terrace, Westbourne park

Meagee H. 51 Bridge road, Hammersmith

Measor C. S. 1 Melville terrace, Hammersmith

Measor E. 39 Leamington road villas, Westbourne park

Meath Dowager Countess of, 27 Pembridge square, Notting hill

Mechi Miss, French cottage, Albion road, Hammersmith

Medley A. 14 Kensington gardens square, Bayswater

Medley Mrs, 12 Royal crescent, Notting hill

Medworth J. 54 Cambridge road, Kilburn

Meek Mrs, 28 Queen’s gardens, Hyde park

Meffan Mrs, 1 Montpellier villas, Paddington

Megan C. 14 Blomfield street, Paddington

Meggett H. 37 Clarendon street, Paddington

Meigh C. 85 Inverness terrace, Bayswater

Melbourne G. 36 Holland park, Notting hill

Meldrum J. 6 St. Stephen’s terrace, Shepherd’s bush

Melhado C. 4 Clarendon gardens, Maida hill

Melho J. A. 1 Lansdowne terrace, Notting hill

Melladew T. 21 Ladbroke square, Notting hill

Melliship Mrs, 11 Shrewsbury villas, Westbourne park

Mellis G. 17 Talbot terrace, Westbourne park

Mellor Justice Hon. Sir J. 16 Sussex square, Hyde park

Mellville T. C. 17 Cleveland gardens, Bayswater

Meloney T. 29 Cirencester street, Paddington

Mence M. 25 Clifton villas, Maida hill

Mence Miss, Devonshire villa, Hammersmith

Mendel F. 20 Gloucester crescent, Hyde park

Mendes A. 10 Carlton villas, Paddington

Mends Capt. G. 1 Lancaster road, Notting hill

Mends Capt. W. R. 41 Talbot terrace, Westbourne park

Menzies Dr. D. 29 Westbourne park road, Bayswater

Menzies G. 58 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Mepham Joel, 9 Fulham place, Maida hill west

Mercati C. 23 Newton road, Bayswater

Mercer J. 23 Clarendon road, Notting hill

Mercer W. 11 Denmark road, Kilburn

Mercer A. 6 St. Mary’s terrace, Paddington

Mercier Rev. L. P. 35 Cambridge road, Kilburn

Mere Mrs, 15 Verulum terrace, Hammersmith

Meredith Mrs, 16 Kensington park terrace north, Notting hill

Meredith Mrs, 12 Napier road, Kensington

Merer J. 1 Silchester road villas, Notting hill

Merriman J. L. 36 Portland road, Notting hill

Marino P. N. 27 Arundel gardens, Kensington park

Merras G. 10 Hyde park gate, Kensington

Merrifield C. W. 23 Scarsdale villas, Kensington

Merriman Dr. S. W. J. 13 Godolphin road, Hammersmith

Merriman Mrs, J. 4 Kensington square, Kensington

Merriman J. J. 45 Kensington square, Kensington

Merrin W. 43 St. James’s square, Notting hill

Merrington R. W. 37 Argyll road, Kensington

Merritt J. 10 Victoria street, Paddington

Merrivale J. 5 Norfolk square, Hyde park

Merry W. 3 Park place villas, Maida hill west

Merryweather P. C. 14 Colville road, Bayswater

Meryon C. L. F.R.C.P.L. Normanton cottage, North end, Hammersmith

Messenger J. A. 46 Kilburn Priory road, Kilburn

Messer Mrs, 13 Portland road, Notting hill

Mcssey Dr. 1 Princes terrace, Bayswater

Messiter Maj.-Gen. Ci 19 Queensborough terrace, Bayswater

Metcalf Mrs, 9 Elm grove, Hammersmith

Metcalfe R. 53 Leinster square, Bayswater

Metcalfe S. 3 Palace gardens terrace, Kensington

Methold Major E. 11 Albert place, Kensington

Methold H. 33 Arundel gardens, Kensington park

Mettam H. W. 1 Ravenscourt square, Hammersmith

Meyer J. 42 Norfolk terrace, Bayswater

Meyer Miss, 9 St. Petersburg place, Bayswater

Meyers M. 13 Warwick crescent, Paddington

Meyersburg P. 9 Palace gardens villas, Kensington

Meymott J. C. 61 Leinster square, Bayswater

Meyrick W. 5 Talbot square, Hyde park

Miall S. 53 Portland road, Notting hill

Michall J. A. 41 Bark place, Bayswater

Michall W. A. 33 Kilburn Priory road, Kilburn

Michell E. R. Arundel villa, Elgin crescent, Notting hill

Michell W. M. 4 Inkerman terrace, Kensington

Michell C. B. 15 Kensington gardens square, Bayswater

Michell J. 20 Ladbroke crescent, Notting hill

Michelly M. 14 Ladbroke gardens, Notting hill

Michell F. 21 Beaufoy terrace, Maida vale

Mickelfield C. 23 St. Ann’s road, Notting hill

Micklind J. 1 Sheffield terrace, Kensington

Middle Mrs, 13 Plough lane, Notting hill

Middleditch Dr. H. Lancaster lodge, Clarendon road north, Notting hill

Middleton F. M. 4 Devonport street, Hyde park

Middleton Col. 78 Oxford terrace, Hyde park

Middleton G. 15 Palace gardens terrace, Kensington

Middleton J. 58 St. Mary’s terrace, Paddington

Midgley J. 30 Westbourne park road, Bayswater

Midson F. 20 Alpha terrace, Canterbury road, Kilburn

Midminter W. 1 Stamford villas east, Hammersmith

Mier M. 3 Portsdown road north, Maida vale

Miers J. W. 74 Addison road, Kensington

Miers J. 84 Addison road, Kensington

Mignienne L. 50 St. Petersburgh place, Bayswater

Milbourne S. 4 Theresa terrace, Hammersmith

Miles Mrs, 1 Myhills terrace, Albion road, Hammersmith

Miles Mrs, 4 Myhills terrace, Albion road, Hammersmith

Miles J. 10 Amberley road, Maida hill

Miles C. 13 Conduit street west, Hyde park

Miles L. P. 39 Elgin crescent, Notting hill

Miles Rev. J. B.D. Parsonage, Gloucester gardens, Bayswater

Miles Mrs, Grove lodge, Hammersmith

Miles C. 15 Westbourne street, Hyde park

Milford G. H. 1 Alexander street, Westbourne park

Millard J. 27 Cambridge terrace, Notting hill

Millard J. 45 Cornwall road, Westbourne park

Millard J. 8 Ladbroke place east, Notting hill

Mille R. 23 Alexandra terrace, Kilburn

Miller H. C. 23 Albert road, Kilburn

Miller T. 4 Albion gardens west, Hammersmith

Miller Mrs, 1 Rosedale cottages, Albion road, Hammersmith

Miller Mrs, 3 Charlotte terrace, Hammersmith

Miller Mrs, 25 Cambridge road, Kilburn

Miller Mrs, 25 Cambridge road, Hammersmith

Miller J. 11 Carlton road, Kilburn

Miller Miss, 3 Denbigh road, Bayswater

Miller —, 30 Hethpool street, Maida vale

Miller Col. J. 20 Hyde park gate south, Kensington gore

Miller Col. 12 Hyde park street, Hyde park

Miller E. 26 Kensington square, Kensington

Miller Sir T. 24 Ladbroke crescent, Notting hill

Miller Mrs, 2 Leinster square, Bayswater

Miller S. R. 31 Leinster square, Bayswater

Miller Mrs, 58 Leinster square, Bayswater

Miller J. S. 14 Lower Phillimore place, Kensington

Miller Capt. 10 Napier road, Kensington

Miller G. 51 Norfolk square, Hyde park

Miller J. 10 Park place villas, Maida hill west

Miller G. 24 Pembroke road, Kilburn

Miller J. 5 Durham place, Notting hill

Miller R. 22 Portsea place, Hyde park

Miller Mrs, 48 Princes square, Bayswater

Miller J. F. 26 St. Stephen’s square, Westbourne park

Miller C. 53 Queen’s road, Notting hill

Miller W. 2 St. Germain’s terrace, Paddington

Miller B. 2 Tavistock terrace, Westbourne park

Miller G. 1 Heath place, Shepherd’s bush

Miller J. 3 Victoria street, Paddington

Miller Mrs, 2 Westbourne park place, Bayswater

Miller H. 30 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Miller C. Home lodge, Shepherd’s bush

Miller Mrs, Vine cottage, Shepherd’s bush

Miller Mrs, 13 Wellington terrace, Hammersmith

Millett C. 22 Queen’s gate terrace, South Kensington

Milliken W. 2 Stanley crescent, Notting hill

Millin D. 33 Alpha terrace, Canterbury road, Kilburn

Millington J. 5 Chepstow place, Bayswater

Millington Mrs, 2 Holland villas road, Kensington

Millis F. 7 Ladbroke place east, Notting hill

Millman Mrs, 127 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Mills T. 13 Addison terrace, Kensington

Mills J. 3 Cambridge terrace, Paddington

Mills W. 3 Campbell street, Paddington

Mills W. H. 59 Carlton road, Kilburn

Mills Mrs, 1 Douglas place, Bayswater

Mills J. 40 Hereford road, Bayswater

Mills A. 34 Hyde park gardens, Hyde park

Mills M. 14 Moscow road, Bayswater

Mills D. Tudor lodge, Hammersmith

Mills Miss, 2 Princes road, Notting hill

Mills W. P. 29 Scarsdale villas, Kensington

Mills R. 34 Queen’s gate terrace, South Kensington

Mills J. 4 St. Mark’s crescent, Kensington park

Millson S. 12 Colville road, Bayswater

Millward H. 6 Edgware place, Paddington

Millward J. 9 Scarsdale terrace, Kensington

Milne C. 2 Brondesbury terrace, Kilburn

Milnes A. 32 Warwick gardens, Kensington

Milroy A. Jun, 2 Queensborough terrace, Bayswater

Milton D. 3 Market street, Paddington

Milton Mrs, 86 Westbourne park road, Bayswater

Milton Mrs, 30 Campbell street, Paddington

Milverton J. 3 Cirencester street, Paddington

Milward Capt. G. C. 3 Kensington Palace gardens, Bayswater road

Millward R. 7 Cary villas, Hammersmith

Milwood G. 56 Bridge road, Hammersmith

Milwood Mrs, 39 Bridge road, Hammersmith

Mimes J. 10 Westbury terrace, Paddington

Minasi Mrs, 15 Cambridge street, Paddington

Minchim Rev. J. C. 17 Addison road north, Notting hill

Minet Mrs, 22 Northumberland place, Bayswater

Minett J. C. Cumberland villa, Shepherd’s bush

Mingay Mrs, 34 Hethpool street, Maida hill

Minshall G. 2 Oxford terrace, Hyde park

Minty W. H. 44 Burlington road, Westbourne park

Mirfield Mrs, 7 Caroline place, Bayswater

Mitchel Mrs, 5 Cambridge road, Kilburn

Mitchel E. 13 Richmond terrace, Bayswater

Mitchell W. 11 Beavor lane, Hammersmith

Mitchell G. 1 Bridge street, Kilburn

Mitchell H. W. 6 Bridge street, Kilburn

Mitchell T. 7 Bridge street, Kilburn

Mitchell W. 47 Cambridge road, Kilburn

Mitchell J. 31 Campbell street, Paddington

Mitchell A. 11 Clarendon terrace, Maida hill

Mitchell —, 11 Cumberland place, Westbourne park

Mitchell Mrs, 19 Devonshire terrace, Notting hill

Mitchell Miss, 40 Connaught terrace, Paddington

Mitchell J. 10 Elgin terrace, Maida vale

Mitchell W. H. 65 Hampden street, Paddington

Mitchell W. H. 71 Hampden street, Paddington

Mitchell W. 6 Hyde park gate, Kensington gore

Mitchell Mrs, 87 Kensington gardens square, Bayswater

Mitchell R. 3 Kensington park gardens, Notting hill

Mitchell J. 34 Kensington place, Notting hill

Mitchell C. D. 93 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Mitchell M. 227 Maida vale, Paddington

Mitchell W. 4 Monmouth road, Bayswater

Mitchell G. 28 Pembroke road, Kensington

Mitchell E. 50 St. Mary’s terrace, Paddington

Mitchelson G. F. M.D. 7 Kensington gardens terrace, Hyde park

Mitchener J. 7 Convent gardens, Notting hill

Mitchinson Mrs, 23 Warwick road, Paddington

Mitford J. 26 Palace gardens villas, Kensington

Mitten R. M. 21 Edwardes square, Kensington

Mocatta A. 7 Davenport street, Hyde park

Mocatta E. 16 St. Stephen’s road, Westbourne park

Mocatta Miss, 26 Warwick road, Paddington

Moccatta Miss, 21 Blomfield road, Maida hill

Moccatta J. 8 Colville gardens, Bayswater

Moeller Miss, 10 St. Peter’s square, Hammersmith

Moffat J. 9 Alfred road, Paddington

Moffatt Mrs, 36 Craven hill gardens, Bayswater

Moffatt Miss, 3 Delamere street, Paddington

Mogford J. 1 Kilburn Priory road, Kilburn

Mogg W. Rutland cottage, Shepherd’s bush

Moggridge J. 24 Albert road, Kilburn

Moir G. G. 15 Chepstow villas west, Bayswater

Moist J. 74 Elgin terrace, Maida vale

Mole J. 2 Royal Oak terrace, Bradmore, Hammersmith

Mollendinia W. H. 24 St. Ann’s road, Notting hill

Molling G. 12 Connaught place, Hyde park

Mollison A. F. F.R.G.S. 10 Lansdowne terrace, Notting hill

Molyneaux Miss, 10 Earl’s terrace, Kensington

Molyneux G. 6 Holland villas road, Kensington

Molyneux Capt. W. H. R.N. 12 Queen’s gate terrace, Kensington

Molyneux C. 34 Sutherland place, Bayswater

Moncur T. 1 Beavor villas, Hammersmith

Monckton J. B. 84 Kensington gardens square, Bayswater

Money Mrs, 17 Abingdon villas, Kensington

Money J. Holly villa, Albion road east, Hammersmith

Money Mrs, 14 Campden grove, Kensington

Money W. 15 Scarsdale villas, Kensington

Moneypenny Mrs, 21 Gloucester terrace, Kensington

Moneypenny S. 15 St. George’s road, Notting hill

Mongar J. T. 11 Durham place, Notting hill

Monk C. 61 Albert road, Kilburn

Monro Mrs, 1 James street, Paddington

Montague M. 26 Brondesbury villas, Kilburn

Montague S. 53 Cleveland square, Bayswater

Montague R. N. 8 Delamere terrace, Paddington

Montague Lord H. 72 Inverness terrace, Bayswater

Montague J. Aspen villa, Ladbroke road, Notting hill

Montague J. 13 Richmond road, Bayswater

Montalba A. 19 Arundel gardens, Kensington park

Montefiore J. B. 36 Kensington gardens square, Bayswater

Montefiore H. J. 9 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Montgomery Mrs, 2 Edith villas, Hammersmith

Montifiore N. 36 Hyde park gardens

Montresor T. 22 St. Stephen’s road, Westbourne park

Monnypenny R. P. D. 7 Cromwell terrace, Paddington

Moody Mrs, 217 King street west, Hammersmith

Moody Mrs, Gen. 6 Tavistock terrace, Westbourne park

Moon Mrs, 42 Argyll road, Kensington

Moon R. 45 Cleveland square, Bayswater

Moon Mrs, 35 Loudoun villas, Hammersmith

Moon J. 6 Portsdown road north, Maida vale

Moon H. M. 15 St. Luke’s road villas, Westbourne park

Moore Mrs, C. 15 Cambridge terrace, Paddington

Moore J. 19 Campbell street, Paddington

Moore Miss 27 Carlton road, Kilburn

Moore Hon. Mrs, 28 Carlton road, Kilburn

Moore D. 2 Clarendon road, Kensington

Moore Mrs, 25 Clarendon street, Paddington

Moore Mrs, 18 Delamere crescent, Paddington

Moore Mrs, 14 Desborough terrace, Paddington

Moore J. 17 Desborough terrace, Paddington

Moore Mrs, 13 Earl’s terrace, Kensington

Moore J. 7 Verulam terrace, The Grove, Hammersmith

Moore C. 2 Theresa terrace, Hammersmith

Moore W. 11 Hethpool street, Maida hill

Moore G. 67 Hereford road, Bayswater

Moore G. 15 Kensington palace gardens, Bayswater

Moore Mrs, 8 Kensington park terrace north, Notting hill

Moore Mrs, M. A. 37 Northumberland place, Bayswater

Moore Mrs, 22 Ladbroke villas, Notting hill

Moore Mrs, 13 Maida hill, Paddington

Moore T. E. 224 Maida vale, Paddington

Moore J. 5 Maida hill, Paddington

Moore C. W. 1 Portsdown road north, Maida vale

Moore J. W. 1 Alpha place, Hammersmith

Moore G. 14 Scarsdale terrace, Kensington

Moore H. 8 Sheffield terrace, Kensington

Moore T. 17 St. Germain’s terrace, Paddington

Moore H. Aldine cottage, Shepherd’s bush

Moore J. 2 Vernon terrace, Notting hill

Moormon J. 21 Pickering place, Bayswater

Moorsom Mrs, 75 Portland road, Notting hill

Mopsey N. 33 Kensington road, Notting hill

Morant —, 23 Queen’s gate terrace, South Kensington

More J. M. 63 Addison road, Kensington

Morewood J. G. 14 Westbury road, Paddington

Morgan M. 1 Albion terrace, Kensington

Morgan J. 2 Albion terrace, Kensington

Morgan Mrs, 21 Argyll road, Kensington

Morgan S. 20 Charles street, Hyde park

Morgan N. 9 Carlton terrace, Paddington

Morgan W. 27 Desborough terrace, Paddington

Morgan A. 2 Edmund terrace, Notting hill

Morgan E. H. 70 Elgin crescent, Notting hill

Morgan W. 48 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Morgan G. 123 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Morgan Mrs, 66 Hereford road, Bayswater

Morgan D. 26 Holland villas road, Kensington

Morgan G. 8 Inkerman terrace, Kensington

Morgan W. A. 39 Northumberland place, Bayswater

Morgan Mrs, 26 Lanark villas, Maida vale

Morgan Miss, 27 Lower Phillimore place, Kensington

Morgan P. J. 43 Norfolk square, Hyde park

Morgan Mrs, 92 Norfolk terrace, Bayswater

Morgan J. R. 24 Paddington green, Paddington

Morgan Capt. H. 10 Palace gardens terrace, Kensington

Morgan Mrs, 4 Phillimore gardens, Kensington

Morgan J. S. 13 Princes gate, Kensington road

Morgan Mrs, South Bank villa, Notting hill

Morgan T. M.D. 39 Richmond road, Bayswater

Morgan J. 3 Sussex place, Hyde park

Morice J. C. 9 Kensington gardens terrace, Hyde park

Morland Col. 19 St. Stephen’s road, Hammersmith

Morland Mrs, 27 Victoria road, Kensington

Morley J. G. 15 Hawley place, Paddington

Morley E. 50 Kensington gardens square, Bayswater

Morley J. 12 Ladbroke crescent, Notting hill

Morley Capt. J. B. 14 Norland place, Notting hill

Morley Dr. H. 26 Park place villas, Maida hill west

Morphy Mrs, 24 Pembroke square, Kensington

Morris W. 34 Aldridge road villas, Westbourne park

Morris Mrs, 2 Brunswick terrace, Kensington

Morris G. 13_a_ Canterbury road, Kilburn

Morris W. 4 Alpha terrace, Canterbury road, Kilburn

Morris J. 77 Cirencester street, Paddington

Morris R. 43 Cleveland square, Bayswater

Morris Miss, 7 Connaught place, Hyde park

Morris Miss, 6 Edwardes square, Kensington

Morris C. W. 52 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Morris E. C. 27 Great Western terrace, Westbourne park

Morris J. 8 Theresa terrace, Hammersmith

Morris J. 26 Hyde park gardens

Morris R. 10 Newton terrace, Bayswater

Morris L. 69 Portsdown road, Maida hill

Morris Miss, 55 Queen’s road, Notting hill

Morris H. 16 Randolph road, Maida hill

Morris G. 15 Richmond road, Shepherd’s bush

Morris J. 2 St. George’s terrace, Bayswater

Morris Miss, 19 St. George’s terrace, South Kensington

Morris J. 11 St. Germain’s terrace, Paddington

Morris G. 2 St. Mark’s road, Notting hill

Morrish W. J. 11 Carlton road, Kilburn

Morrish Mrs, 8 Maida hill, Paddington

Morrison Mrs, 14 Abingdon villas west, Kensington

Morrison G. W. 23 Gloucester crescent, Hyde park

Morrison J. 121 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Morrison Miss, 28 Hyde park gardens

Morrison J. 5 Leinster square, Bayswater

Morrison R. 19 Palace gardens villa, Kensington

Morrison Mrs, 34 Park place villas, Maida hill west

Morrison W. M. 15 Pembroke gardens, Kensington

Morrison J. 7 Porchester square, Westbourne park

Morrison Mrs, 34 St. James’s square, Notting hill

Morrison Capt. B. G. 17 Warwick road, Paddington

Morse Hon. H. G. 33 Princes square, Bayswater

Mort W. 1 Stanley crescent, Notting hill

Mortimer W. 23 Durham terrace, Westbourne park

Mortimer Mrs, H. 2 Gloucester gardens, Bayswater

Mortimer J. 5 Hyde park terrace, Kensington gore

Mortimer L. E. 10 Priory road, Kilburn

Mortimer Misses, 19 Portobello terrace, Kensington park

Mortimer Misses, 2 Portsea place, Hyde park

Mortlock H. 43 Pembroke square, Kensington

Morton Mrs, 8 Albert place, Kensington

Morton R. M.D. 42 Hereford road, Bayswater

Morton C. 25 Howley place, Paddington

Morton Mrs, Belle Vue house, Hammersmith

Morton J. 1 St. James’s square, Notting hill

Morton J. A. 54 Westbourne park road, Bayswater

Morley G. 51 Kilburn priory Kilburn

Moseley A. 34 Portsdown road, Maida hill

Moseley A. 16 Sunderland terrace, Westbourne park

Moseley Miss, 4 Westbourne street, Hyde park

Mosely B. 11 Upper Westbourne terrace, Paddington

Moses A. 38 Cleveland square, Bayswater

Moses J. H. 35 Hyde park square

Moses J. 23 Kensington palace gardens, Bayswater road

Moses Mrs, 11 Ladbroke crescent, Notting hill

Moses E. 98 Lancaster gate, Hyde park

Moses E. 57 Porchester terrace, Bayswater

Moss F. 6 Amberley road, Maida hill

Moss S. M. 8 Colville road, Bayswater

Moss Mrs, 5 Earl’s court terrace, Kensington

Moss G. J. 12 Eldon road, Kensington

Moss E. 96 Portsdown road, Maida hill

Moss Mrs, 11 Scarsdale terrace, Kensington

Mosse G. A. 3 Clarendon terrace, Kensington

Mosson C. 54 Elgin crescent, Notting hill

Mostyn Rev. T. 28 Carlton villas, Paddington

Mote C. S. 3 Shrewsbury road, Westbourne park

Mother G. 4 Bayswater terrace, Bayswater

Mothersill Mrs, 24 Eastbourne terrace, Paddington

Mothersole Mrs, 4 Andover road, Hammersmith

Motill J. 2 Rossina villas, Hammersmith

Mott Mrs, 24 Alpha street, Kilburn

Mouat Dr. 45 Arundel gardens, Kensington park

Mouat Mrs, 8 Sheffield gardens, Kensington

Mouilee L. 1 Carlisle terrace, Shepherd’s bush

Moul J. 1 Kensington park gardens, Notting hill

Moul V. 33 Leamington road villas, Westbourne park

Moul W. 114 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Mould H. 53 Hampden street, Paddington

Mould W. 51 Portland road, Notting hill

Mould G. S. 10 Scarsdale villas, Kensington

Moule J. York villa, Westbourne park

Moule J. W. 22 Princes square, Bayswater

Moullin J. 80 Porchester terrace, Bayswater

Moulton J. 9 Hamilton, terrace, Bayswater

Mouney J. W. 14 Brunswick gardens, Kensington

Mounsey J. T. 10 Cambridge square, Hyde park

Mounsey C. S. 6 Arundel villas, Ladbroke road, Notting hill

Mountain Mrs, 5 Hammersmith terrace, Hammersmith

Moxon C. 25 Phillimore gardens, Kensington

Moxon J. E. 1 Portsdown road, Maida hill

Mucklow Mrs, 27 Ledbury road, Bayswater

Mudie P. 1 York cottages, Edgware road, Kilburn

Mugford W. H. 7 Campden house road, Kensington

Mugford J. G. Capt. 21 Edith villas, Hammersmith

Muggridge S. 25 Elgin road, Notting hill

Moulby A. 57 Albert, Canterbury road, Kilburn

Mullany A. F. 37 Sutherland place, Bayswater

Mullar Dr. Marlborough villa, Oxford road, Kilburn

Miller F. 3 Brondesbury road, Kilburn

Mulley R. 6 Bramley road villas, Notting hill

Mullinger Mrs, 32 Bridge road, Hammersmith

Mullins Mrs, 2 Campden hill west, Kensington

Mullins Mrs, 40 Sutherland place, Bayswater

Mullwood Mrs, 4 Clifton cottages, Bradmore, Hammersmith

Mulready Mrs, 2 Chapel road, Notting hill

Munford W. 25 Bark place, Bayswater

Mumm Mrs, 2 Hyde park street, Hyde park

Mummery Mrs, 13 Westmoreland road, Bayswater

Muncay T. 7 St. Luke’s road villas, Westbourne park

Muncey A. 26 Kilburn square, Kilburn

Muncy L. 14 St. Luke’s road, Westbourne park

Munday J. 15 Gold Hawk terrace, Hammersmith

Mundell Miss, 64 Bedford gardens, Kensington

Mundy W. H. 70 Porchester terrace, Bayswater

Mundy Mrs, 34 St. Peter’s square, Hammersmith

Mundy W. 4 Shaftesbury villas, Kensington road

Munro Mrs, 4 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Munroe Mrs, 12 Verulam terrace, The Grove, Hammersmith

Muntz E. G. 56 Queen’s gardens, Hyde park

Murdock Mrs, 6 Chepstow place, Bayswater

Murdock W. 55 Lancaster gate, Hyde park

Murdock J. G. 11 Elvaston place, South Kensington

Murfall J. 22 St. Ann’s villas, Notting hill

Muriata M. 18 Pembridge square, Notting hill

Murphy Mrs, 55 Cambridge terrace, Paddington

Murphy T. 11 Oxford road, Kilburn

Murphy J. P. 32 Princes square, Bayswater

Murphy P. E. 21 Sussex square, Hyde park

Murray 9 E. J. Alexander street, Westbourne park

Murray Lady 28 Arundel gardens, Kensington park

Murray A. 67 Bedford gardens, Kensington

Murray W. 11 Cambridge square, Hyde park

Murray A. G. 13 Clarendon place, Maida vale

Murray Mrs, E. D. 30 Elgin road, Notting hill

Murray A. 13 Gloucester place, Hyde park

Murray C. J. 29 Orsett terrace, Hyde park

Murray Capt. P. O. 14 Park villas, Hammersmith

Murray G. B. 72 Princes square, Bayswater

Murray W. 2 Shaftesbury villas, Kensington road

Murray J. 6 Stanhope street, Hyde park

Murray Mrs, 3 Sunderland place, Westbourne park

Murray T. 5 Sussex place, Kensington

Murray J. A. 21 Upper Southwick street, Paddington

Murray J. 5 Briar cottages, Hammersmith

Murray Mrs, 4 Westbourne crescent, Hyde park

Murrell Mrs, 11 Alfred road, Paddington

Murrell C. Fairlawn cottage, Shepherd’s bush

Murrey R. 4 Sussex place, Kensington

Murrieta C. 11 Kensington Palace gardens, Bayswater road

Murton C. 10 Campbell street, Paddington

Murton W. 19 Randolph road, Maida hill

Murts M. 21 Queen’s road, Notting hill

Muschamp J. H. 38 Pembroke road, Kensington

Mushet Miss, 11 Westbourne park terrace, Bayswater

Musgrave C. 25 Queen’s gate gardens, South Kensington

Musgrave Rev. M. G. 6 Sussex gardens, Paddington

Musgrave H. 31 Sussex gardens, Paddington

Musgrove A. 22 Brondesbury villas, Kilburn

Muskett T. 1 Rock cottage, Hammersmith

Mutlow J. 10 Tavistock terrace, Westbourne park

Mutrie Miss, 9 St. Alban’s road, Kensington

Myers E. 5 Colville road, Bayswater

Myers D. 63 Hereford road, Bayswater

Myers Mrs, 54 Kensington gardens square, Bayswater

Myers S. 4 Leamington road villas, Westbourne park

Myers Mrs, 87 Ledbury road, Bayswater

Myers D. 88 Portsdown road, Maida hill

Myers W. 158 Queen’s road, Bayswater

Myers M. 139 Holland road, Kensington

Myles Mrs, 4 Chepstow place, Bayswater

Mylins Capt. T. J. 21 Ladbroke crescent, Notting hill

Mylins C. A. 4 Talbot road villas, Westbourne park

Mylne Mrs, 11 Hyde park pate, Kensington gore south

Mylne J. R. 37 Oxford square, Hyde park

Mynn W. 17 Edmund terrace, Notting hill


Naery Miss, 6 St. Peter’s square, Hammersmith

Napier D. 8 Upper Phillimore gardens, Kensington

Naroway J. J. 1 Shrewsbury villas, Westbourne park

Nash M. 8 Abingdon villas, Kensington

Nash S. W. 1 Inverness road, Bayswater

Nash, Miss 13 Ladbroke crescent, Notting hill

Nasmith Miss, 123 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Nathan J. 5 Cleveland square, Pons

Nathan J. 43 Oxford road, Kilburn

Nathan Mrs, 20 Portsdown road, Maida hill

Nation R. 10 Canterbury villas, Maida vale

Nation Mrs & Miss, 34 Great Western terrace, Westbourne park

Nation W. H. C. 19 Queen’s gate, Kensington

Nattress T. 3 Albion road, Hammersmith

Naylor Miss, 10 Grove place, Hammersmith

Neal Mrs, 42 Caroline place, Bayswater

Neal J. 9 Wiple place, Kensington

Neal Miss, 26 Gloucester crescent, Hyde park

Neale R. 32 Addison road north, Notting hill

Neale W. 23 Bark place, Bayswater

Neale J. 27 Senior street, Harrow road

Neaton G. 7 Coburgh place, Bayswater road

Neave A. M. 6 Lily terrace, Hammersmith

Neck J. 94 Westbourne park road, Bayswater

Needham Mrs, 3 Kensington palace gardens, Bayswater road

Neele Mrs, 10 Hornton street, Kensington

Negus W. 36 Star street, Paddington

Neil J. 22 Hyde park gate south, Kensington gore

Neil Mrs S. 32 Kildare terrace, Westbourne park

Neish W. 15 Dawson place, Bayswater

Neison Mrs, 4 Princes road, Notting hill

Nelson C. C. 30 Hyde park gardens, Hyde park

Nelson H. 11 Lancaster gate, Hyde park

Nelson —, 2 Cambridge terrace, Hammersmith

Nelson N. A. Burwood place, Paddington

Nelson Misses, 20 Porteus road, Paddington

Nettleford Misses, 8 Holland place, Kensington road

Nettleship Miss, 13 St. James’s square, Notting hill

New T. F. 31 Argyll road, Kensington

New Mrs, 20 Cambridge terrace, Paddington

New C. 33 Cornwall road, Westbourne park

Newberry W. H. 8 Cambridge road, Kilburn

Newbery Mrs, Northshaw villa, Randolph road, Maida hill

Newbold W. 4 Chepstow terrace, Bayswater

Newbold —, 9 Victoria street, Paddington green

Newbon J. 9 Cambridge road, Hammersmith

Newbon Miss, 9 Cambridge road, Hammersmith

Newby P. 4 Dudley place, Paddington

Newby Mrs, 7 Holland park, Notting hill

Newcombe F. 22 Cambridge road, Hammersmith

Newcomen Capt. V. J. 1 Hyde park gate, Kensington gore

Newdegate A. L. 11 Stanhope place, Hyde park

Newling J. 3 Waterloo place, Shepherd’s bush green

Newman E. 42 Cambridge terrace, Paddington

Newman Mrs, 1 Devonshire place, Paddington

Newman W. 31 Northumberland place, Westbourne grove north

Newman J. 18 Durham place, Notting hill

Newman Mrs, 6 St. George’s road, Notting hill

Newman Mrs, 1 Victoria grove terrace, Bayswater

Newman Mrs, 15 Westbourne terrace north, Paddington

Newmarch Mrs, 4 Great Western crescent, Westbourne park

Newsham W. 22 Cambridge place, Paddington

Newstetel W. 49 Talbot terrace, Westbourne park

Newton Mrs, 54 Argyll road, Kensington

Newton F. 40 Kensington square, Kensington

Newton H. 72 Ledbury road, Bayswater

Newton C. 35 Princes gate, South Kensington

Newton Mrs, 2 St. Luke’s road villas, Westbourne park

Newton G. 37 St. Peter’s square, Hammersmith

Newton A. 15 Sheffield gardens, Notting hill

Newton Rev. W. A. 9 Burlington road, Westbourne park

Newton Miss, 3 Cambridge street, Edgware road

Newton B. 26 Alpha terrace, Kilburn

Newton W. 3 Clarendon street, Westbourne green

Newton —, 13 Essex villas, Kensington

Newton F. 4 Warrington terrace, Maida hill

Niblo J. 3 Devonshire terrace, Kensington

Nice G. 19 Senior street, Harrow road

Nichol G. G. 25 Queen’s gate terrace, South Kensington

Nicholas J. 25 Priory road, Kilburn

Nicholl Mrs, 16 Hyde park gate, Kensington gore

Nicholls W. A. 12 St. Peter’s terrace, Hammersmith

Nicholls Mrs, 18 Black Lion lane, Hammersmith

Nichols W. 3 Chapel road, Notting hill

Nicholls Lady, 17 Hyde park street, Hyde park

Nicholls G. A. 15 Priory road, Kilburn

Nicholls B. 8 Portsea place, Hyde park

Nicholls Mrs, 27 Queen street, Hammersmith

Nicholls M. 29 Sutherland place, Bayswater

Nichols Mrs, 38 Alfred road, Harrow road

Nichols Mrs, 2 Cumberland place, Westbourne park

Nichols E. 10 Holland terrace, Kensington

Nichols R. P. 25 Maida hill west, Edgware road

Nichols H. G. 12 Porteus road, Paddington

Nichols Mrs, 11 Richmond terrace, Bayswater

Nichols S. L. 7 Scarsdale terrace, Kensington

Nichols R. C. 5 Westbourne park place, Bayswater

Nicholson Miss, 4 College terrace, Hammersmith

Nicholson W. M. 2 Elgin crescent, Notting hill

Nicholson R. 19 Cleveland gardens, Bayswater

Nicholson Mrs, M. 7 Colville road, Notting hill

Nicholson Mrs, 3 Colville terrace east, Westbourne grove

Nicholson J. S. 7 Inkerman terrace, Kensington

Nicholson W. N. 43 Phillimore gardens, Kensington

Nicholson Mrs, 6 Phillimore terrace, Kensington

Nicholson Mrs, 3 Shrewsbury terrace, Westbourne park

Nicholson W. 4 Sussex square, Hyde park

Nicholson R. T. 13 Westbourne park villas, Westbourne park

Nicholson J. G. 5 Westbury terrace, Paddington

Nicoll E. A.B.A. 24 Dawson place, Bayswater

Nicoll Miss, 52 Elgin crescent, Notting hill

Nicoll Mrs, 77 Elgin crescent, Notting hill

Nicolopulo, B. 4 The Terrace, Bayswater

Nightingale J. 45 Cambridge road, Kilburn

Nisbet A. 31 Richmond road, Bayswater

Nisbit H. C. 28 Priory road, Kilburn

Nivens Mrs, 63 Westbourne park road, Bayswater

Nixon C. 15 Cumberland place, Westbourne park

Nixon A. Lavender house, Lavender place, Bayswater road

Nixon —, 1 Queens gate gardens, South Kensington

Nixon W. T. 4 Keith terrace, Shepherd’s bush

Nixon J. 117 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Noble W. 31 Kensington park gardens, Notting hill

Noble J. 50 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Nodes J. 9 St. Mary’s square, Paddington green

Nodin Miss, 10 Godolphin road, Hammersmith

Noel M. 10 Richmond road, Shepherd’s bush

Noel J. 1 Stamford villas, Kensington

Noel Hon. & Rev. B. W. M.A. 36 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Nokes J. 7 Abingdon villas, Kensington

Nolan Capt. 11 Campden hill road, Kensington

Nopp Miss, 4 Princes terrace, Hammersmith

Norcutt T. 13 Monmouth road, Bayswater

Norgate F. 18 Kensington square, Kensington

Norman H. 33 Caroline place, Bayswater

Norman Miss, 17 Garway road, Bayswater

Norman Miss, 14 Hereford road, Westbourne grove

Norman J. O. 13 Kildare terrace, Westbourne park

Norman W. 21 Palace gardens terrace, Kensington

Norman Rev. C. F. 35 Prince’s gardens, South Kensington

Norman A. 5 Alexandra villas, Shepherd’s bush

Normanby Dowager Marchioness, 9 Kensington gore lower, Kensington

Normand G. 62 Clarendon road, Notting hill

Norrington Miss, 154 Queen’s road, Bayswater

Norris W. 69 Market street, Paddington

Norris H. 4 Stratheden villas, Hammersmith

Norris T. 12 St. Ann’s road, Notting hill

Norris J. C. Willow vale, Shepherd, bush

North Mrs, 11 Victoria terrace, Notting hill

North F. 3 Vicarage gardens, Kensington

Northcote Mrs, 41 Hyde park square

Northern S. 64 Clarendon street, Westbourne green

Northwood J. H. 58 Addison road, Kensington

Norton Miss, 18 Addison road north, Notting hill

Norton J. 65 Cambridge terrace, Paddington

Norton Mrs, 23 Richmond road, Bayswater

Norton W. H. 1 Sunderland place, Westbourne park

Norton A. 112 Westbourne grove, Bayswater

Norval Rev. W. 2 Cambridge terrace, Kensington

Norwood Mrs, 1 Crozman villas, Hammersmith

Norwood C. M. M.P. 23 Queen’s gate gardens, South Kensington

Nosotti C. 2 Brondesbury road, Kilburn

Nott Dr. 5 Addison terrace, Kensington

Nott Mrs, 44 Cambridge terrace, Paddington

Novelli A. H. 12 St. Stephen’s square, Westbourne park

Nunes W. H. Hanover villas, Brook green, Hammersmith

Nunn J. H. 4 Clifton villas, Maida hill

Nunn J. 20 Norfolk terrace, Bayswater

Nurse Mrs, 13 Burlington road, Westbourne park

Nurse C. 7 Park place villas, Maida hill west

Nurton G. 6 Park terrace, Notting hill

Nuth F. S. 148 Portland road, Notting hill

Nutkins Mrs, 2 Gloucester road, South Kensington


Oakes, Mrs, 22 Cambridge street, Paddington

Oakes Capt. 13 Durham terrace, Westbourne park

Oakley O. 7 Chepstow villas, Bayswater

Oakley H. 51 Elgin crescent, Notting hill

Oakley C. 25 Gloucester place, Hyde park

Oakley Misses, 4 Marlborough terrace, Paddington

Oaks W. F. 64 Addison road, Kensington

Oaks W. 28 Victoria road, Kensington

Oates G. 9 Market street, Paddington

Oborne C. 21 Delamere crescent, Paddington

O’Brian W. 27 Ladbroke square, Notting hill

O’Brian G. 13 Portsdown road, Maida hill

O’Brien Capt. D. 16 Gloucester place, Hyde park

O’Brien J. 5 Victoria pine, Bayswater

O’Bryan J. 31 Cambridge terrace, Paddington

O’Carroll Mrs, 2 St. Mary’s terrace, Paddington

Ochterlony Mrs, 40 Richmond road, Bayswater

O’Connell C. D. 47 Cornwall road, Westbourne park

O’Connor P. H. 7 Avenue road, Hammersmith

O’Connor W. S. 67 Lancaster gate, Hyde park

O’Connor T. 6 Northumberland place, Bayswater

Oddy Mrs, 81 Cambridge terrace, Paddington

Odie Mrs, 15 Argyll road, Kensington

O’Donnell Mrs, 39 Talbot terrace, Westbourne park

Odriscoll Mrs, 24 Burlington road, Westbourne park

Oehme W. D. H. 16 Elvaston place, South Kensington

Oelrichs E. F. 26 Pembridge crescent, Notting hill

Oetzman T. 5 Blenheim crescent, Notting hill

O’Farrell —, 10 Douro place, Kensington

Offord J. 49 Bedford gardens, Kensington

Offord R. 1 Effingham villas, The Mall, Notting hill

Offord Rev. J. P. 2 Effingham villas, The Mall, Notting hill

Offord R. (Shaftesbury villa) Shaftesbury road, Hammersmith

Ogbourne W. 36 Cirencester street, Harrow road

Ogbourne Mrs, 22 Priory road, Kilburn

Ogilby Mrs, 80 Portsdown road, Maida hill

Ogilvie Capt. W. F. 33 Chepstow place, Bayswater

Ogilvie A. 116 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Ogilvie A. 2 Lime grove, Shepherd’s bush

Ogilvie T. 62 Princes gate, South Kensington

Ogilvie A. Mound house, South bank, Notting hill

O’Keefe Rev. D. 12 Clarendon villas, Brook Green, Hammersmith

Oldacre Mrs, 7 Orme square, Bayswater

Oldfield Col. C. 8 St. Leonard’s terrace, Maida hill

Oldham J. 6 Cambridge road, Kilburn

Oldham W. 5 Canterbury terrace, Kilburn

Oldham C. 12 Great Western crescent, Westbourne park

Oldman Mrs, 7 Cambridge terrace, Notting hill

Oliphant W. 60 Addison road, Kensington

Oliphant Mrs, 10 Clarendon villas, Brook green, Hammersmith

Oliphant J. S. 27 Palace gardens villas, Kensington

Oliver E. 9 Bark place, Bayswater

Oliver J. 10 Bedford gardens, Kensington

Oliver T. 1 Essex villas, Kensington

Oliver J. 30 Ladbroke square, Notting hill

Oliver Capt. G. C. R.N. 18 Horbury crescent, Notting hill

Oliver Mrs, 222 Maida vale, Edgware road

Oliver D. 244 Maida vale, Edgware road

Oliver —, 8 St. Phillip’s terrace, Kensington

Oliver Mrs, 6 Wilton villas, Uxbridge road, Shepherd’s bush

Ollier E. 10 Victoria grove, Kensington

Ollive Mrs, 4 St. Mary Abbot’s terrace, Kensington

Ommaney Rear-Adml. E. 6 Talbot square, Hyde park

O’Neal W. 30 Pembridge villas, Bayswater

O’Neil J. 37 St. Luke’s road villas, Westbourne park

O’Neil H. 7 Victoria road, Kensington

Onion E. Preston cottage, Willow vale, Shepherd’s Bush

Onslow Mrs, 19, Burlington road, Westbourne park

Onslow J. 6 Charles street, Kensington

Onslows F. P. and Miss, 4 Westbourne street, Hyde park

Oppenheim Dr. S. 16 Westbourne square, Paddington

Oram W. 19 Park place villas, Maida hill

Ordish Mrs, M. 2 Eastbourne terrace, Paddington

Ordish T. Oxford lodge, New road, Hammersmith

Orman Miss, 14 Arundel gardens, Kensington park

Ormsby A. S. 1 Kensington park terrace, Notting hill

Orr H. 8 Abingdon terrace, Kensington

Orr W. S. 4 Blenheim crescent, Notting hill

Orton J. 14 Hamilton terrace, Bayswater

Osbaldeston Mrs, Grove house, Brook green, Hammersmith

Osbaldiston J. 40 King street east, Hammersmith

Osborne Mrs, 6 St. Leonard’s terrace, Maida hill

Osbourne J. Ivy bank villa, South bank, Notting hill

O’Shaughnessy Mrs, 4 Earl’s court terrace, Kensington

Osmond Miss, 5 Montague place, Hammersmith road west

Osterfield G. D. 65 Richmond road, Bayswater

Otley R. B. 39 Ladbroke square, Notting hill

Ottley Lt.-Col. G. O. B. 26 Cambridge terrace, Notting hill

Otway H. C. 8 Ladbroke road, Notting hill

Oury Madame 3 Rosedale terrace, Notting hill

Ouseley Col. J. W. 97 Inverness terrace, Kensington gardens

Ouvery Col. H. C.B. 19 Stanley crescent, Kensington park

Ouvry Mrs, 25 Cambridge terrace, Paddington

Overend W. Q.C. 6 Queen’s gardens, Bayswater

Owen D. 54 Cambridge street, Paddington

Owen W. B. 61 Cleveland square, Bayswater

Owen —, 9 Colville terrace east, Bayswater

Owen J. A. 6 Lansdowne terrace, Notting hill

Oxenburg Miss, 85 Hereford road, Bayswater

Oxenburg Miss, 87 Hereford road, Bayswater

Oxenford E. 8 Howley place, Harrow road

Oxenham H. 35 Leinster square, Bayswater

Oxenham G. N. 27 Upper Phillimore road, Kensington

Oxley R. 3 Addison road north, Notting hill

Oxley W. 10 Clarendon road north, Notting hill


Pabia J. P. 35 Arundel gardens, Kensington park road

Pace Mrs, 36 Blenheim crescent, Notting hill

Packe E. 1 Stanhope place, Hyde park

Padday J. 32 Inverness terrace, Kensington gardens

Padday R. 65 Princes square, Bayswater

Paddon Mrs, 10 Hornbury crescent, Notting hill

Pads W. 20 Warwick gardens, Kensington

Page T. S. 12 Abingdon villas, Kensington

Page Mrs, T. 15 Addison tear, Kensington

Page W. 11 Albion street, Hyde park

Page W. 16 Andover road, Hammersmith

Page C. 31 Caves terr., Hammersmith

Page C. 32 Clarendon street, Harrow road

Page W. 8 Edgware place, Edgware road, Paddington

Page C. V. 7 Kildare gardens, Westbourne park

Page Mrs, 9 Lansdowne crescent, Notting hill

Page H. 26 Norfolk square, Hyde park

Page C. R. 26 Scarsdale villas, Kensington

Page H. R. 6 Shrewsbury road, Westbourne park

Page Misses, 11 Sunderland terrace, Westbourne park

Page Mrs, 140 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Paget W. 51 Blomfield street, Upper Westbourne terrace

Paggett G. 19 Essex villas, Kensington

Pain Mrs, 46 Aldridge road villas, Westbourne park

Pain S. 10 Denmark road, Kilburn

Pain T. 8 Phillimore terrace, Kensington

Pain Mrs, 38 Portland road, Notting hill

Paine J. 26 Carlton terrace, Harrow road

Paine W. S. 36 Gloucester crescent, Hyde park

Paine G. 8 Norfolk crescent, Hyde park

Paine H. 1 Aston vile, Shaftesbury road, Hammersmith

Palethorpe J. 3 Alpha plate, St. Peter’s road, Hammersmith

Paley Mrs, 20 Queensborough terrace, Bayswater

Pallis G. 7 Philip terrace, Harrow road, Paddington

Palister Mrs, 41 St. Luke’s road villas, Westbourne park

Palmer J. 58 Albert road, Kilburn

Palmer S. 8 Gomme’s place, Albion road, Hammersmith

Palmer J. 1 Laurel cottages, Black Lion lane, Hammersmith

Palmer Miss, 16 Bristol gardens, Warwick road, Paddington

Palmer G. 47 Cirencester street, Harrow road, Paddington

Palmer Misses, 17 Delamere crescent, Upper Westbourne terrace

Palmer W. H. 54 Gloucester crescent, Hyde park

Palmer W. P. 68 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Palmer W. 33 Moscow road, Bayswater

Palmer G. 2 Northumberland place, Bayswater

Palmer Col. 19 Palace gardens terrace, Kensington

Palmer R. 34 Talbot terrace, Westbourne park

Palmer T. M.D. 16 Upper Southwick street, Paddington

Palmer H. Belgrave cottage, Shepherd’s bush

Palmer Mrs, 9 Wellington terrace, Hammersmith

Parbaney G. 3 Connaught place west, Hyde park

Parbury F. 99 Lancaster gate, Hyde park

Parfitt J. West lodge, Middle mall, Hammersmith

Parish Chas. 10 Andover road, Hammersmith

Park Mrs, 21 Sussex place, Kensington

Parke H. B. 54 Westbourne park villas, Westbourne park

Parker S. 2 Askew road, Shepherd’s Bush

Parker H. P. 77 Bridge road, Hammersmith

Parker K. S. 49 Lancaster gate, Hyde park

Parker —, 4 Ledbury road, Bayswater

Parker J. 4 Leonard place, Kensington

Parker C. 52 Norfolk terrace, Bayswater

Parker Mrs, 9 Park cottages, Hammersmith

Parker E. 2 Theresa villas, St. Peter’s road, Hammersmith

Parker Mrs, 16 Portsea place, Hyde park

Parkes W. 13 Chichester road villas, Kilburn

Parkes W. T. 16 Chichester road villas, Kilburn

Parkes C. H. 4 Sussex place, Hyde park

Parkhouse —, 5 Victoria grove, Bayswater road

Parkin D. 13 Malvern terrace, Kilburn

Parkin G. L. 11 Sussex gardens, Paddington

Parkinson Mrs, 3 Inverness place, Bayswater

Parkinson Mrs, 86 Ledbury road, Bayswater

Parkinson Mrs, 6 Westbourne square, Paddington

Parkman J. 6 St. Mark’s crescent, Kensington park

Parlett J. 35 Denmark road, Kilburn

Parnacott C. 10 Cary villas, Hammersmith

Parnell —, 29 Alfred road, Harrow road, Paddington

Parnell Thos. 23 Andover road, Hammersmith

Parr Mrs, 21 Norfolk square, Hyde park

Parrase Mrs, Belmont villa, Campden hill, Kensington

Parratt E. 5 St. George’s terrace, South Kensington

Parratt D. 15 St. George’s terrace, South Kensington

Parrett Mrs, 6 Cumberland terrace, Bayswater

Parrien W. 37 Bark place, Bayswater

Paritt G. Henbury lodge, Willow vale, Shepherd’s bush

Parrot Mrs, 9 Albion street, Hyde park

Parrot Capt. O. G. 49 Argyll road, Kensington

Parry R. 5 Addison road north, Notting hill

Parry S. 28 Albert road, Kilburn

Parry Capt. 14 Durham villas, Kensington

Parry G. 3 Ravenscourt square, Hammersmith

Parsons Mrs, 19 Albert street, Paddington

Parsons C. 48 Argyll road, Kensington

Parsons Miss, Brook house, Brook green, Hammersmith

Parsons —, 13 Brunswick cottages, Angel road, Hammersmith

Parsons T. 27 Cambridge terrace, Paddington

Parsons Hy. 25 Chichester road villas, Kilburn

Parsons W. J. 11 Edwardes square, Kensington

Parsons Mrs, 15 Vale place, Hammersmith road

Parsons Mrs, 44 Inverness terrace, Kensington gardens

Parsons Capt. F. 61 Porchester terrace, Bayswater

Parsons R. P. 49 Richmond road, Bayswater

Parsons Miss, 7 St. James terrace, Notting hill

Parsons H. 36 St. Luke’s road, villas, Westbourne park

Parsons Mrs, 4 Westbourne terrace north, Paddington

Partington C. 7 Chichester street, Harrow road

Partridge F. J. 35 Queen’s gate terrace, Kensington

Pascall E. 41 Aldridge villas, Westbourne park

Pascell Mrs, Desboro cottage, Wood lane, Shepherd’s bush

Pascoe F. P. 7 Palace gardens villas, Kensington

Paspatti M. F. 73 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Pasqualis A. 1 South Bank, Notting hill

Passey H. Lancaster villa, Notting hill

Passmore Mrs, 12 Norfolk square, Hyde park

Passmore Mrs, 4 Westbourne grove north, Bayswater

Patching Mrs, 7 Upper Seymour street west, Hyde park

Pate R. 12 St. Peter’s square, Hammersmith

Pateman Mrs, 1 Anglesea terrace, Hammersmith

Paton W. J. 36 Inverness terrace, Kensington gardens

Paton G. 11 Sussex square, Hyde park

Patrick Mrs, 11 Priory road, Kilburn

Patrick W. 4 Ladbroke terrace, Notting hill

Patrick C. 13 Norland square, Notting hill

Patrick G. 21 Russell road, Kensington

Patrick Miss, 46 Warwick gardens, Kensington

Patterson W. 8 Delamere crescent, Upper Westbourne terrace

Patterson J. 6 Queensborough terrace, Bayswater

Patterson R. 12 Wellington terrace, Hammersmith

Pattison W. 2 Delamere terrace, Upper Westbourne terrace

Patton Mrs, J. 37 Kildare terrace, Westbourne park

Patton J. 4 Stanhope street, Hyde park

Paul J. 47 Addison road, Kensington

Paul W. 3 Edith cottages, North end, Hammersmith

Paul Mrs, 7 St. George’s terrace, South Kensington

Paul E. 15 Victoria gardens, Notting hill

Paulet H. 36 Phillimore gardens, Kensington

Paull Mrs, 5 Aldridge road villas, Westbourne park

Paulton A. W. 15 Cleveland square, Bayswater

Pauncefote B. 3 Queen’s gate terrace, Kensington

Pary P. 15 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Payne M. 42 Bridge road, Hammersmith

Payne R. C. 83 Bridge road, Hammersmith

Payne Thos. 47 Brindley street, Paddington

Payne A. 39 Hethpool street, Maida hill

Payne J. 4 Kildare gardens, Westbourne park

Payne Mrs, 5 Lansdowne terrace, Kensington

Payne Mrs, 22 Oxford terrace, Hyde park

Payne Miss, 8 Peel road, Kilburn

Payne Mrs, 43 St. Luke’s road villas, Westbourne park

Payne Mrs, 15 St. Mark’s crescent, Kensington park

Paxton W. 21 Hyde park gate, Kensington gore

Paxton Miss, 58 Portland road, Notting hill

Payter G. 41 Queensborough terrace, Bayswater

Peach G. J. 4 Devonport road, Hammersmith

Peach W. 12 St. George’s terrace, South Kensington

Peachey J. K. 41 Elgin crescent, Notting hill

Peachey F. 17 St. Stephen’s road, Hammersmith

Peachey J. P. 7 Tavistock terrace, Westbourne park

Peacock J. 3 Cambridge terrace, Kensington

Peacock R. W. 8 Stanhope street, Hyde park

Peacock Miss, 1 Upper Mall, Hammersmith

Peake T. 3 Norfolk crescent, Hyde park

Peake W. 17 Westbourne park villas, Westbourne park

Pearce J. 2 Bayswater terrace, Bayswater

Pearce F. R.N. 22 Bedford gardens, Kensington

Pearce F. J. 19 Cornwall road, Hammersmith

Pearce C. W. 99 Ledbury road, Bayswater

Pearce W. 34 Moscow road, Bayswater

Pearce J. 1 Porchester terrace, Bayswater

Pearce W. 33 Porchester terrace, Bayswater

Pearce T. 24 Senior street, Harrow road

Pearce T. 12 Richmond terrace, Bayswater

Pearce Miss, 24 Warwick gardens, Kensington

Pearce G. 4 Westbourne park road, Bayswater

Pearce Mrs, 11 Westmoreland road, Bayswater

Pearpoint R. H. 33 Addison road, Kensington

Pearse Mrs, 32 Queen’s gate terrace, Kensington

Pearse Capt. S. F. 33 St. Peter’s square, Hammersmith

Pearson Capt. F. B. 13 Cleveland square, Bayswater

Pearson H. R. 46 Hyde park square

Pearson J. 16 Leonard place, Kensington

Pearson Mrs, 29 Norfolk crescent, Hyde park

Pearson R. H. 3 South bank, Notting hill

Pearson D. R. 23 Upper Phillimore place, Kensington

Pearson Miss, 36 Warwick road, Paddington

Pease G. 25 Holland villas road, Kensington

Peat Mrs, 2 Leamington road villas, Westbourne park

Peddor Major H. 9 Queen’s gate, Kensington

Pedrick G. 3 Senior street, Harrow road

Peech W. 14 Southwick crescent, Hyde park

Pegler C. 3 Brunswick villas, New road, Hammersmith

Peile Miss, 25 Clarendon gardens, Maida hill

Peile Mrs, 6 Warwick gardens, Kensington

Peirce J. 16 Norland place, Notting hill

Peirce H. 5 Queen street, Hammersmith

Pekon Mrs, 3 Cambridge terrace, Kensington

Pellett A. Grove cottages, Shepherd’s bush green

Pellew E. F. 1 Prince of Wales terrace, Kensington

Pemberton T. 78 Hereford road, Westbourne grove

Penfold Miss, 44 Ladbroke square, Notting hill

Penfold E. 29 Pembroke road, Kilburn

Pengilly J. 18 St. Ann’s road, Notting hill

Penkivil Mrs, 9 Addison gardens north, Kensington

Penlington T. 3 Sunderland terrace, Westbourne park

Penn A. 2 Abingdon terrace, Kensington

Penna F. 31 Talbot terrace, Westbourne park

Penney H. 22 Porteus road, Paddington

Pennington Miss, 1 Brunswick villas, Brook green, Hammersmith

Penny D. 17 Chichester road villas, Kilburn

Penny T. 7 Cirencester street, Paddington

Penny J. 1 Malvern terrace, Kilburn

Penson Mrs, 4 Spring place, Hammersmith

Penson J. 15 Warwick crescent, Kensington

Penson G. 104 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Pepper Miss, Myrtle cottage, Albion road, Hammersmith

Pepperell Rev. W. 22 St. Stephen’s road, Hammersmith

Pepys Hon. G. 7 Norfolk square, Hyde park

Pepys Misses, 14 St. Ann’s villas, Notting hill

Perce W. F. 5 Prince’s terrace, Bayswater

Percival J. T. 43 Notting hill square, Notting hill

Percival J. 11 Tichbourne street, Paddington

Percy C. 11 Black Lion lane, Hammersmith

Percy J. M.D. 1 Gloucester crescent, Hyde park

Percy J. Hotspur lodge, New road, Hammersmith

Percy W. 65 Portland road, Notting hill

Perdilla A. 3 Burlington gardens, Westbourne park

Pereda V. 19 Priory road, Kilburn

Perfect Miss, 14 Bark place, Bayswater

Perglas Baron, 30 Abingdon villas, Kensington

Perin J. 3 Grove cottages, North end, Hammersmith

Perkes H. 68 Richmond road, Bayswater

Perkins C. 17 Buckingham terrace, Westbourne grove

Perren J. 51 Albert road, Kilburn

Perrett W. 5_a_ Clarence terrace, Hammersmith

Perriman G. 16 Black Lion lane, Hammersmith

Perrin E. E. 6 Talbot road villas, Westbourne park

Perrin E. 4 Eagle terrace, Victoria road, Hammersmith

Perrins Mrs, 13 St. George’s terrace, Bayswater road

Perrot E. 3 St. Stephen’s road, Westbourne park

Perry J. H. Looe villa, Albion road east, Hammersmith

Perry C. 64 Bridge road, Hammersmith

Perry J. 73 Bridge road, Hammersmith

Perry J. 26 Elgin crescent, Notting hill

Perry H. T. 2 Hornton street, Kensington

Perry J. J. 4 Myrtle place, North End, Hammersmith

Perry R. St. Peter’s square, Hammersmith

Perry G. 17 Sheffield gardens, Kensington

Perry Miss, 14 Upper Phillimore place, Kensington

Perry Mrs, 10 Warwick crescent, Kensington

Perry W. W. 4 Wellington terrace, Hammersmith

Perry J. G. 12 Westbourne street, Hyde park

Perry J. 7 Gordon cottages, Hammersmith

Perston A. 1 Ladbroke gardens, Notting hill

Pert T. 14 St. Leonard’s terrace, Maida hill

Perton Mrs, Arnold villa, Shepherd’s bush

Pescon Mrs. 13 Newton road, Bayswater

Pesteere T. A. 86 Portsdown road, Maida hill

Pestongee S. 8 Leinster square, Bayswater

Petch Mrs, 19 Newton road, Bayswater

Petch J. 6 Oxford terrace, Hyde park

Peter N. M.D. 19 Kensington gate, Kensington gore

Peters J. 10 Alpha place west, Kilburn

Peters Mrs, 5 Beaufoy terrace, Maida vale

Peters G. P. 11 Blomfield street, Upper Westbourne terrace

Peters J. 18 Cambridge place, Paddington

Peters G. 3 Raven’s place, New road, Hammersmith

Peters F. 27 Northumberland place, Bayswater

Peters J. 6 Vicarage gardens, Kensington

Peterson Mrs, 14 Pembroke square, Kensington

Peto Sir S. Morton, Bt. M.P. 13 Kensington place gardens, Bayswater road

Petrie Capt. M. F.R.G.S. 14 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Petrocachino D. 48 Lancaster gate, Hyde park

Petrocochine A. P. 56 Cleveland square, Bayswater

Petrocochino E. 72 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Pett Mrs, 40 Northumberland place, Bayswater

Pettitt Mrs, W. 23 Campden grove, Kensington

Pettitt C. 26 Chepstow place, Westbourne grove

Pettit C. 12 Maida hill, Edgware road

Pfachler C. H. 5 Somers place, Hyde park

Phelp W. 48 Westbourne park road, Bayswater

Phelps T. C. S. 2 Carlisle villas, Askew road, Shepherd’s bush

Phelps C. F. 1 Russell road, Kensington

Pheysey Mrs. 19 Princes square, Bayswater

Phibbs Lieut.-Col. J. R. 29 Oxford road, Kilburn

Philip G. 32 Leamington road villas, Westbourne park

Philip J. R.A. 1 South villas, Campden hill, Kensington

Philips Misses, 35 Abingdon villas, Kensington

Philips C. 18 Brunswick gardens, Kensington

Philips Mrs, 8 Earl’s terrace, Kensington

Philiston H. 26 Chichester road villas, Kilburn

Phillimore Mrs, 30 Blomfield road, Maida hill

Phillipart Sir J. College house, Sussex place, Hammersmith

Phillips E. 4 Albion cottages, Hammersmith

Phillips S. F. 2 Crawford villas, Hammersmith

Phillips T. 4 Alfred road, Harrow road, Paddington

Phillips R. 54 Bedford gardens, Kensington

Phillips Mrs, 5 Alexander terrace, Hammersmith

Phillips C. 15 Blomfield road, Maida hill

Phillips T. B. 15 Brondesbury road, Kilburn

Phillips J. 65 Cirencester road, Paddington

Phillips H. C. M.D. 14 Colville square, Bayswater

Phillips Dr. H. R. M.D. 14 Colville square, Bayswater

Phillips J. 2 York crescent, Kilburn

Phillips H. M. 12 Inverness terrace, Kensington gardens

Phillips Mrs, 3 Ladbroke place west, Notting hill

Phillips J. R. 8 Lancaster road, Notting hill

Phillips R. 27 Leinster square, Bayswater

Phillips —, 8 Lily terrace, New road, Hammersmith

Phillips Miss, 8 Grove cottages, North end, Hammersmith

Phillips E. 29 Oxford terrace, Hyde park

Phillips O. 34 Princes square, Bayswater

Phillips B. S. 59 Queen’s gardens, Bayswater

Phillips W. 29 St. Peter’s square, Hammersmith

Phillips Mrs 21 St. Stephen’s road, Hammersmith

Phillips —, 2 Stalham street, Harrow road

Phillips Mrs, 8 Sunderland terrace, Westbourne park

Phillips D. St. Alban’s villa, St. Alban’s road, Kensington

Phillips Mrs, 5 Warrington terrace, Maida hill

Phillips J. 11_a_ Westbourne grove north, Bayswater

Phillips Mr. 44 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Phillips B. L. 18 Westbourne terrace north, Paddington

Philpot H. 1 St. Leonard’s terrace, Maida hill

Philpott R. P. 64 Gloucester crescent, Hyde park

Philpott Mrs, Florence villa, Kensington

Phippen T. 12 Carlton villas, Maida vale

Phipps —, 1 Adelaide villas, Shepherd’s bush

Phipps J. 4 Alpha place west, Kilburn

Phipps Mrs, 16 Ladbroke crescent, Notting hill

Piarttr A. 12 Park place villas, Maida hill west

Picard Mrs, 23 Sunderland terrace, Westbourne park

Pickering Mrs. 6 Brunswick gardens, Kensington

Pickering R. H. 24 Kensington gate, Kensington gore

Pickering A. P. C. M.P. 42 Princes gate Kensington road

Pickett W. 83 Cirencester street, Paddington

Pickett J. 7 Southwick street, Hyde park

Pickman J. 11 Porteus road, Paddington

Pickworth T. 17 Notting hill terrace, Notting hill

Pidcock Mrs, 22 Orsett terrace, Hyde park

Pidd R. 30 Bedford gardens, Kensington

Pidgeon H. C. 10 St. Leonard’s terrace, Maida hill

Pierce W. 6 James street, Paddington

Pierrotti C. 6 Beavor lane, Hammersmith

Piesse Mrs, 40 Marys terrace, Paddington green

Pieters Mrs, 6 Park cottages, Hammersmith

Pigeon J. 13 Pembridge villas, Bayswater

Pigeon A. S. 20 Westbourne street, Hyde park

Pigeon Mrs, 146 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Piggett F. 164 Holland road, Kensington

Pigott G. W. R. M.D. 11 Stanley terrace, Notting hill

Pigram F. 74 Hereford road, Westbourne grove

Pike G. H. 23 Carlton terrace, Harrow road

Pilbeam A. 32 Portland road, Notting hill

Pilbean W. 3 Rosina villas, New road, Hammersmith

Pile J. 45 Cirencester street, Paddington

Pilgrim S. 42 Eastbourne terrace, Paddington

Pilgrim R. 21 Elgin terrace, Maida vale

Pilgrim Col. J. 69 Oxford terrace, Hyde park

Pilgrim R. 18 Paddington green, Paddington

Pillar J. 50 Northumberland place, Bayswater

Pillett J. 21 Brondesbury villas, Kilburn

Pillin Mrs, 28 St. Ann’s road, Notting hill

Pillin L. B. 5 Victoria gardens, Notting hill

Pilkington Mrs, 21 Inverness terrace, Kensington gardens

Pilkington J. 44 Norfolk terrace, Bayswater

Pinchbeck Mrs, 2 Brunswick villas, Hammersmith

Pinches E. E. 19 Ladbroke square, Notting hill

Pine W. 19 Clarendon street, Westbourne green

Pinhey Mrs, 16 Norland square, Notting hill

Pinker —, 9 Great Western crescent, Westbourne park

Pinkham Miss J. 17 Ledbury road, Bayswater

Pinniger R. 4 Hasborough street, Westbourne terrace north, Paddington

Pinto A. 29 Hyde park sq.

Piper Mrs, 12 Brunswick cottages, Angel road, Hammersmith

Piper J. 11 Phillip terrace, Harrow road

Piper E. 23 Tichbourne street, Paddington

Piper Capt. Cumberland house, Shepherd’s bush

Pippett O. Minerva villa, Oxford road, Kilburn

Pitcher Miss, 19 Campden hill road, Kensington

Pitman W. 47 Elgin crescent, Notting hill

Pitman E. L.C.P. 2 Ledbury road, Bayswater

Pitman R. 31 Paddington green, Paddington

Pitman J. 22 Kildare gardens, Westbourne park

Pittman Mrs, 2 Cornwall road, Westbourne park

Pitt Major-Gen. D. 11 Burlington road, Westbourne park

Pitt S. 11 Earl’s court terrace, Kensington

Pitt W. J. 4 Queen’s place, Hammersmith road west

Pitt G. 103 Hereford road, Westbourne grove

Pitt Mrs, 23 St. James’s square, Notting hill

Pitt W. 7 St. Leonard’s terrace, Maida hill

Pitt Miss, 14 Victoria grove terrace, Bayswater road

Pittar A. 4 Kensington park gardens, Notting hill

Pittar Parke, 16 Kensington park gardens, Notting hill

Pitteway W. S. 8 Hamilton terrace, Bayswater

Pittkin E. 2_a_ Fulham place, Maida hill

Pitto T. 4 Rosedale cottages, Albion road east, Hammersmith

Pitts Mrs, 8 Avenue road, Hammersmith

Pixley S. 30 Leinster gardens, Bayswater

Place W. 42 Pickering place, Bayswater

Place Miss, 42 Warwick road, Paddington

Plant B. 22 Westbury road, Paddington

Plater E. 23 Eldon road, Kensington

Platt Miss L. 5 Elgin road, Notting hill

Platt Lady, 61 Queen’s gardens, Bayswater

Playle J. 43 Portsdown road, Maida hill

Pledger Mrs, 1 Upper Berkeley street west, Paddington

Plincke Miss, 2 Addison terrace, Kensington

Plowman J. 53 Albert road, Kilburn

Plowman H. 8 Cambridge gardens, Kilburn

Plowman C. 27 Howley place, Maida hill

Plomer G. D. 6 Scarsdale villas, Kensington

Pluck Miss, 4 Campbell street, Paddington

Pluck T. 26 Canterbury road, Kilburn

Plumb R. 11 Leonard place, Kensington

Plumb J. 10 Pembridge crescent, Notting hill

Plumer Mrs, 23 Talbot square, Hyde park

Plumer H. 5 The Terrace, Kensington

Plunkett Mrs, Askew lodge, Askew road, Shepherd’s bush

Plunkett M. 9 Ladbroke place east, Notting hill

Pocock —, 73 Inverness terrace, Kensington gardens

Pocock J. 5 Monmouth road, Bayswater

Pocock G. 91 Westbourne park villas, Westbourne park

Pole W. 28 Cambridge square, Hyde park

Pole W. E. 6 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Pole Sir P. V. N. 70 Kensington gardens square, Bayswater

Pole Major.-Gen. 66 Oxford terrace, Hyde park

Pole Mrs, 6 Elvaston place, South Kensington

Pole C. W. 1 Gloucester terrace, South Kensington

Polford G. C. 2 Lancaster road, Notting hill

Pollard Mrs, King’s cottage, North end, Hammersmith

Pollett E. 47 Kensington place, Kensington

Pollett J. 50 Oxford road, Kilburn

Pollington Miss, 2 Swiss cottages, Black Lion lane, Hammersmith

Pollock Mrs, B. 31 Elgin road, Notting hill

Pollock C. M. J. 45 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Pollock Mrs, 30 Talbot terrace, Westbourne park

Pond W. 19 St. George’s road, Notting hill

Ponds C. 4 Anglesea villas, Hammersmith

Ponds Mrs, 2 Inverness place, Bayswater

Ponsford J. F. 15 Porchester terrace, Bayswater

Ponsford Mrs, 3 Porteus road, Paddington

Ponsford Mrs, 2 Percy villas, Campden hill, Kensington

Ponsonby S. S. 4 Bradmore park villas, Hammersmith

Ponsonby Hon. A. G. J. M.P. 9 Prince’s gardens, Kensington road

Pool J. 32 Bark place, Bayswater

Poole R. G. 4 Royal Oak terrace, Bradmore, Hammersmith

Poole W. 1 Kensington park gardens east, Notting hill

Poor Mrs, 27 Westbourne park terrace, Paddington

Poore J. M. 9 Blomfield road, Maida hill

Pope W. S. 22 Abingdon villas, Kensington

Pope Mrs, 32_a_ Canterbury road, Kilburn

Pope W. 50 Eastbourne terrace, Paddington

Pope C. 4 Grove villas, The Grove, Hammersmith

Pope T. 25 Scarsdale villas, Kensington

Portch Miss, 3 Effingham villas, Kensington

Porteous C. 13 St. Petersburgh place, Bayswater

Porter Mrs, 21 Albert street, Paddington

Porter D. G. 6 Avenue road, Hammersmith

Porter Col. J. 5 Berkeley gardens, Kensington

Porter Mrs, 8 Godolphin road, Hammersmith

Porter G. 3 Napier road, Kensington

Porter H. 4 Park cottages, Hammersmith

Porter F. 6 Sussex terrace, Hyde park

Porter J. 3 Westbourne place, Westbourne green

Porter R. 29 Westbourne park terrace, Paddington

Porter W. 1 Woodfield place, Paddington

Porthouse Mrs, 6 Addison crescent, Kensington

Portlock J. 14 Victoria gardens, Notting hill

Portman Lord, 5 Prince’s gate, Kensington, S.W.

Postlethwaits J. 15 Leamington road villas, Westbourne park

Pott E. 19 Kensington gardens square, Bayswater

Pott R. 50 Sussex gardens, Paddington

Potter Mrs, 7 Cambridge street, Edgware road

Potter C. H. 50 Clarendon road, Notting hill

Potter Dr. J. B. 3 Craven hill, Bayswater

Potter Miss, 3 Delamere crescent, Upper Westbourne terrace

Potter H. 11 Fulham place, Maida hill

Potter G. A. 9 Hornton street, Kensington

Potter W. 59 Kensington gardens square, Bayswater

Potter J. 4 Stratheden terrace, New road, Hammersmith

Potter Mrs, 34 Porchester square, Westbourne park

Potter E. M.P. 22 Prince’s gardens, Kensington road

Potter W. 25 Westbourne square, Paddington

Pottridge R. A. 6 Colville road, Bayswater

Potts Major J. 30 Park place villas, Maida hill west

Potts Major J. 30 St. James square, Notting hill

Poulden G. 9_a_ Stanhope place, Hyde park

Poulton W. 13 Talbot terrace, Westbourne park

Pound D. 2 Porchester terrace, Bayswater

Pounsett W. 20 Albert road, Kilburn

Powell J. 7 Alpha place west, Kilburn

Powell H. 6 Bridge terrace, Harrow road

Powell F. F. M.P. 1 Cambridge square, Hyde park

Powell T. 19 Devonshire place, Paddington

Powell Mrs, A. 13 Gloucester terrace, Kensington

Powell Miss, 8 Holland terrace, Kensington

Powell Mrs, 1 Hyde park gate south, Kensington gore

Powell F. W. 18 Priory road, Kilburn

Powell F. P. 28 Kildare terrace, Westbourne park

Powell Mrs, 7 Ladbroke crescent, Notting hill

Powell J. 2 Mall villas, Kensington

Powell J. 8 Marlborough place, Westbourne green

Powell M. 21 Palace gardens terrace, Kensington

Powell Capt. W. 25 Park place villas, Maida hill west

Powell Mrs, S. 42 Queen’s gardens, Bayswater

Powell Mrs, 4 St. Ann’s road north, Notting hill

Powell Capt. W. W. 25 St. James’s square, Notting hill

Powell B. 24 St. Mark’s crescent, Kensington park

Powell —, 11 Vicarage gardens, Kensington

Powell T. Thames villa, Middle Mall, Hammersmith

Powell E. 19 Westmoreland place, Bayswater

Power Sir W. T. 42 Cleveland square, Bayswater

Power Mrs, 38 Inverness terrace, Kensington gardens

Power D. E. 6 Pembridge place, Bayswater

Powis C. 8 Malvern road, Kilburn

Powis G. 4 Alfred cottages, North end, Hammersmith

Powley R. 12 Park cottages, Hammersmith

Powter W. 21 Devonshire terrace, Notting hill

Prater C. 2 Stanley terrace, Notting hill

Pratt E. 22 Delamere terrace, Upper Westbourne terrace

Pratt W. 49 Gloucester place, Hyde park gardens

Pratt S. L. 25 Prince’s square, Bayswater

Pratt Mrs, 9 St. Stephen’s road, Westbourne park

Prehn A. 40 Queen’s gardens, Bayswater

Pendergast H. 7 Talbot square, Hyde park

Prentice Mrs, 8 Addison gardens south, Kensington

Prentice J. 12 Carlton terrace, Harrow road

Prentis Mrs, 11 Upper Phillimore place, Kensington

Prescott J. F. 13 Oxford square, Hyde park

Prescott Rev. G. F. 2 St. Leonard’s gardens, Maida hill

Prescott C. A. 5 Westbourne crescent, Hyde park

Prescott Rev. G. F. 17 Cambridge terrace, Paddington

Presgrave Mrs. 42 Addison gardens north, Kensington

Preston C. 10 Senior street, Harrow road

Preston Miss, 9 Southwick place, Hyde park

Preston T. S. 13 Sunderland terrace, Westbourne park

Preston J. H. 30 Warwick gardens, Kensington

Preston G. R. 3 Grove terrace, North end, Hammersmith road

Preston T. 3 Stanmore terrace, Kilburn

Preston H. J. 38 Gloucester crescent, Hyde park

Pretty Mrs, 48 Aldridge road villas, Westbourne park

Price Mrs, 43 Arundel gardens, Kensington park road

Price Mrs, W. 69 Bedford gardens, Kensington

Price J. 37 Brunswick gardens, Kensington

Price G. 80 Elgin crescent, Notting hill

Price T. D. 3 Lyon place, Maida hill

Price D. W. 33 Oxford road, Kilburn

Price Mrs, 48 Queen street, Hammersmith

Price Mrs, 21 Queen’s gate, Kensington

Price Miss, 30 St. Peter’s square, Hammersmith

Price H. W. 2 Randolph road, Maida hill

Price —, 11 St. Albans road, Kensington

Price T. 12 St. George’s terrace, Bayswater road

Price W. H. 10 Victoria gardens, Notting hill

Prichard Mrs, 19 Leamington road villas, Westbourne park

Pridmore F. J. 12 Monmouth road, Bayswater

Priest B. 41 Addison road, Kensington

Priest G. 48 Denmark road, Kilburn

Priest Miss, 13 Norland terrace, Notting hill

Priest R. 33 Northumberland place, Bayswater

Priestley R. 11 Ladbroke square, Notting hill

Prince J. 8 Albion villas, Hammersmith

Prince T. 25 Palace gardens villas, Kensington

Pringle Mrs, 4 Bedford gardens, Kensington

Pringle W. A. 13 Denbigh terrace, Bayswater

Pringle Sir J. 57 Cleveland square, Bayswater

Pringle Col. J. H. 15 Queen’s gate terrace, Kensington

Pringle Mrs, 28 Upper Southwick street, Paddington

Prior Sir J. F.R.S. F.S.A. 20 Norfolk crescent, Hyde park

Pritchard E. J. 20 Kilburn square, Kilburn

Pritchard H. 14 Stanley gardens, Notting hill

Pritchard Mrs, 22_a_ Westbourne park, Paddington

Pritchard H. 8 Westbourne terrace north, Paddington

Pritt G. 2 Burlington road, Westbourne park

Pritt G. 18 Cleveland gardens, Bayswater

Privett —, 32 Addison gardens north, Kensington

Proctor J. 13 Royal crescent, Notting hill

Profazey J. 1 Inverness villas, The Grove, Hammersmith

Prosser T. 9 Dudley place, Paddington

Protheroe J. P. 1 Lansdowne terrace, Kensington

Prothero —, 36 Queen’s gardens, Bayswater

Prouse Mrs, 7 Garway road, Bayswater

Prowse W. 9 Northumberland place, Bayswater

Pryde Mrs, 35 Kensington gardens square, Bayswater

Pryor J. 66 Bridge road, Hammersmith

Puck H. 9 Buckingham terrace, Westbourne grove

Puckler Compts, Hyde cottage, Albion road, Hammersmith

Puddefoot Mrs, 21 Sale street, Paddington

Puddick J. E. 22 Westbourne park terrace, Paddington

Pugh J. 33 Lancaster gate, Hyde park

Pugh Mrs, 8 St. Stephen’s square, Westbourne park

Pulley J. 13 Chepstow villas west, Bayswater

Pullin S. J. 44 Princes square, Bayswater

Pulling A. S. L. 14 Princes square, Bayswater

Punch J. 10 Ladbroke gardens, Notting hill

Purcell A. 6 Loudoun villas, Hammersmith

Purcell L. 31 Sussex place, Kensington

Purday C. 27 Portland road, Notting hill

Purdey J. 35 Victoria road, Kensington

Purkess J. 14 Warwick gardens, Kensington

Pursey J. 27 Pickering place, Bayswater

Purvey P. 3 Alpha place north, Kilburn

Putt Mrs, 54 Northumberland place, Bayswater

Pusey R. 16 Orsett terrace, Hyde park

Pye W. 4 Lancaster gate, Hyde park

Pyemont J. 33 Kensington park gardens, Notting hill

Pyle J. 59 Oxford terrace, Hyde park

Pym —, 26 Phillimore gardens, Kensington

Pyman S. B. 7 Westbourne terrace road, Paddington

Pyne Miss, 4 Victoria street, Paddington green

Pyper Mrs, 49 Hereford road, Westbourne grove


Quick J. 19 Bridge street, Kilburn

Quiddington N. A. 17 Woolmer cottages, The Grove, Hammersmith

Quilter W. Denmark cottages, Hammersmith

Quinn Mrs, Albion lodge, Brook green, Hammersmith


Radcliffe J. A. 39 Cambridge terrace, Paddington

Radford F. 52 Bedford gardens, Kensington

Radford W. 80 Holland park, Notting hill

Radford J. 16 Sheffield terrace, Kensington

Rae W. F. 8 Brunswick gardens, Kensington

Rae J. J. 62 Clarendon road, Notting hill

Rae J. 32 Phillimore gardens, Kensington

Rae J. 23 Victoria grove, Kensington

Raggett C. & E. 38 Sussex gardens, Paddington

Ragon A. 38 Westbourne park road, Bayswater

Raikes W. C. 33 Gloucester place, Hyde park gardens

Railmay —, 1 Upper Holland street, Kensington

Ralli P. P. 5 Connaught place west, Hyde park

Ralli E. 93 Lancaster gate, Hyde park

Ralli P. E. 81 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Ralli A. P. 96 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Ralli A. A. 102 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Ralph Mrs, R. 7 Upper Brook green terrace, Hammersmith

Rament Miss, 18 Hanover terrace villas, Notting hill

Rampius A. Hope cottage, Ivy cottages, Hammersmith

Ramsay W. D. 8 Cornwall road, Westbourne park

Ramsay Mrs, 34 Inverness road, Bayswater

Ramsay Col. J. B. 78 Porchester terrace, Bayswater

Ramsay Mrs, 7 Westbury terrace, Paddington

Ramsay T. 16 Queen’s gate, South Kensington

Ramsay Hon. Mrs, 31 Prince’s gate, South Kensington

Ramsay Gen. J. 1 Sussex square, Hyde park

Ramsay A. C. 29 Upper Phillimore place, Kensington

Ramsay R. W. 22 Queen’s gate gardens, South Kensington

Ramsden Miss, 9 Stanley gardens, Notting hill

Ramson G. 7 Alexandra villas, Uxbridge road, Shepherd’s bush

Rance H. 13 Elgin terrace, Maida vale

Rand Miss, 26 Edwardes square, Kensington

Randale G. 28 Paddington green, Paddington

Randall H. 13 Albert road, Kilburn

Randall W. 17 Albert terrace, Kilburn

Randall Mrs, 62 Bedford gardens, Kensington

Randall Miss, 28 Gloucester crescent, Hyde park

Randall Mrs, 42 Notting hill square, Notting hill

Randall J. W. 5 Westbourne park villas, Westbourne park

Randall F. 35 Richmond road, Bayswater

Randall W. 1 St. Mark’s road, Notting hill

Randall S. 5 St. Mark’s road, Notting hill

Randall C. H. 6 Woodfield terrace, Paddington

Randell J. 16 Hanover terrace villas, Notting hill

Randell J. 43 Queen street, Hammersmith

Randolph C. F. 7 Sunderland terrace, Westbourne park

Rangecroft Miss, 4 Ladbroke crescent, Notting hill

Rangel K. 54 Lancaster gate, Hyde park

Rangel F. A. 13 Lansdowne crescent, Notting hill

Rankin W. 25 Queensborough terrace, Bayswater

Rankine R. 44 Porchester terrace, Bayswater

Ranson Mrs, 11 Northumberland place, Bayswater

Raper H. 1 Chepstow villas, Bayswater

Raphael J. 59 Lancaster gate, Hyde park

Raphael Miss, 14 Orsett terrace, Hyde park.

Raphael E. L. 131 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Raphael Mrs, 70 Princes square, Bayswater

Raphael A. 51 Princes square, Bayswater

Rapp W. 82 Pembroke road, Kensington

Ratcliff T. 12 Bayswater terrace, Bayswater

Ratcliffe S. W. 35 Colville gardens, Bayswater

Ratcliffe B. E. 2 Godolphin road, Hammersmith

Ravencroft Miss P. 23 Fulham place, Maida hill west

Ravencroft W. H. 19 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Ravensham Mrs, 15 Westbourne square, Paddington

Rawdon Mrs, 22 Pembridge square, Notting hill

Rawlings T. 3 Pembridge place, Bayswater

Rawlins R. 15 Senior street, Paddington

Rawlinson Miss, 46 Albion street, Hyde park

Rawlinson T. 45 Cleveland gardens, Bayswater

Rawlinson Mrs, 7 Lancaster road east, Westbourne park

Rawlinson Miss, The Cedars, Munden terrace, Hammersmith

Rawlinson T. 23 St. Stephen’s road, Westbourne terrace

Rawnsley T. 7 Westbourne terrace north, Paddington

Rawstone Col. 10 Leamington road villas, Westbourne park

Rawstone Capt. J. R.N. 2 Pembroke gardens, Kensington

Ray —, 6 Albert street, Paddington green

Ray E. E. 42 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Ray T. 14 Pembridge place, Bayswater

Ray E. B. 15 Princes gate, South Kensington

Rayn J. 22 Gloucester crescent, Hyde park

Raynard F. 13 Westbourne villas, Paddington

Rayner Mrs, 16 Carlton terrace, Harrow road

Rayner J. 26 Lancaster gate, Hyde park

Rea E. H. 34 Blomfield road, Maida hill

Rea W. 2 Pembroke cottages north, Kensington

Rea W. G. 29 Burlington road, Westbourne park

Read S. 55 Argyll road, Kensington

Read J. W. 17 Beaufoy terrace, Maida vale

Read Mrs, 5 Norfolk villas, Upper Westbourne terrace

Read T. 14 Cottage road, Westbourne park

Read H. 8 Dudley place, Paddington

Read Miss, 30 Elgin crescent, Notting hill

Read C. 6 Malvern terrace, Kilburn

Read T. 57 Norfolk terrace, Bayswater

Read G. N. 16 Pembroke road, Kensington

Read T. L. 11 Petersham terrace, South Kensington

Road Mrs, 13 Westmoreland place, Bayswater

Read Mrs, 31 Queensborough terrace, Bayswater

Read W. 3 Church road, Hammersmith

Read J. 10 Grove terrace, Hammersmith road

Reade G. D. 158 Holland road, Kensington

Readen J. A. 9 Grove terrace, Hammersmith

Reading W. 4 Charles street west, Hyde park

Reading W. 113 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Reaves W. 40 Cambridge terrace, Hyde park

Reay G. 32 Albert road, Kilburn

Reay G. 34 Gloucester crescent, Hyde park

Reay J. 20 Gloucester gardens, Bayswater

Recoe Mrs, 10 Sussex place, Kensington

Reddie Mrs, 5 Chepstow villas west, Bayswater

Redding W. Claremont villa, Crozman villas, Hammersmith

Redgrave S. 17 Hyde park gate south, Kensington gore

Redgrave R. R.A. 18 Hyde park gate south, Kensington gore

Readhead R. Argyll villa, Westbourne green, Paddington

Redhouse Mrs, 16 Kilburn priory

Reding H. C. Worcester lodge, St. Katherine villa, Hammersmith

Redkinson Mrs, 50 Bridge road, Hammersmith

Redknap Miss, 37 Oxford road, Kilburn

Redman R. 25 Edmund terrace, Notting hill

Redmayne G. 25 Gloucester gardens, Bayswater

Redmayne L. 2 Pine Apple place, Maida vale

Redstall P. 49 Clarendon street, Harrow road

Redwell J. 179 Portland road, Notting hill

Redworth A. G. 23 Denbigh terrace, Bayswater

Reece G. 39 Edwardes square, Kensington

Reece J. 6 Sussex place, Broadway, Hammersmith

Reed C. 59 Addison road, Kensington

Reed R. H. 10 Canterbury road, Kilburn

Reed Mrs, 29 Elgin terrace, Notting hill

Reed Mrs, 14 Ledbury road, Bayswater

Reed Miss, 13 Leinster square, Bayswater

Reed J. 76 Pembroke road, Kensington

Reed E. J. 4 Westbury road, Paddington

Reed P. C. 10 The Terrace, Kilburn

Reed Rev. E. 26 Royal crescent, Notting hill

Reed A. 7 St. Ann’s villas, Notting hill

Rees Mrs, 22 Delamere crescent, Upper Westbourne terrace

Rees D. 32 Northumberland place, Westbourne grove north

Reeve C. 27 Cambridge road, Kilburn

Reeve Miss, 6 Sutherland gardens, Maida vale

Reeves J. 51 Cambridge street, Edgware road

Reeves F. W. 5 Cambridge terrace, Notting hill

Reeves J. 7 Denbigh terrace, Bayswater

Reeves Miss, 53 Norland square, Notting hill

Reeves S. 99 Inverness terrace, Kensington gardens

Reeves Miss, 81 Kensington gate, Kensington gore

Reeves A. W. 38 Queen street, Hammersmith

Regan W. 16 Western terrace, Notting hill

Reid Mrs, 17 Sussex place, Kensington

Reid J. 25 Alfred road, Harrow road

Reid A. 18 Cambridge square, Hyde park

Reid Capt. A. 9 Cleveland gardens, Bayswater

Reid G. J. D. 58 Gloucester crescent, Hyde park

Reid Miss, 117 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Reid H. L. 82 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Reid Mrs, Durham lodge, Malvern road, Kilburn

Reid Mrs, 3 Masboro road, Hammersmith

Reid Miss, 7 Hyde park terrace, Bayswater road

Reid S. R. F.R.G.S. 122 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Reid Capt. A. G. 17 Sunderland terrace, Westbourne park

Reid Miss 18 Upper Seymour street, Paddington west

Reithmuller C. H. 16 Blomfield road, Maida hill

Rels W. 13 Canterbury terrace, Kilburn

Remnant F. W. 17 Kensington park gardens, Notting hill

Remington R. F. 14 Lancaster gate, Hyde park

Renault E. 27 Holland villas road, Kensington

Rendall Mrs, 20 Ladbroke square, Notting hill

Rennie J. K. 56 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Rennie W. 14 Hyde park square, Hyde park

Rennie Mrs, 3 Southwick crescent, Hyde park

Rennolls W. H. 19 Kilburn priory

Renshaw Miss, 7 Addison gardens north, Kensington

Renshaw Mrs, 32 Portsdown road, Maida hill

Renton J. F. 5 Lansdowne terrace, Notting hill

Revell G. 48 Pembroke square, Kensington

Revell H. 7 St. Ann’s road, Notting hill

Rew R. 1 Upper Mall, Hammersmith

Reynelds E. 16 Clarendon street, Harrow road

Reynell J. 1 Sheffield gardens, Notting hill

Reynell J. 33 Richmond road, Bayswater

Reynolds Mrs, 24 Clifton villas, Maida hill

Reynolds W. 13 Edith villas, Hammersmith

Reynolds Mrs, 15 Maida hill, Edgware road

Reynolds Mrs, 16 Notting hill square, Notting hill

Reynolds J. 19 Pembridge gardens, Notting hill

Reynolds J. 4 Woolmer cottages, Hammersmith

Reynolds Mrs, 8 Hainswale terrace, Hammersmith

Reynolds A. 15 Hamilton terrace, Bayswater

Reynolds J. 1 Upper Seymour street west, Hyde park

Reysell Mrs, 19 Verulam terrace, Hammersmith

Rhind Mrs, 7 Little Sussex place, Hyde park

Rhind Mrs, 44 Oxford road, Kilburn

Rhodes A. 21 Clarendon gardens, Maida vale

Rhodes A. jun. 21 Clarendon gardens, Maida vale

Rhodes Rev. G. L.L.D., 3 Gloucester crescent, Hyde park

Rhodes A. J. 1 Monmouth road, Bayswater

Rhodes Mrs, 12 St. Mary Abbott’s terrace, Kensington road

Rhodes J. 3 Scott’s avenue, Hammersmith

Ribbons J. L. 8 Addison road, Kensington

Ricardo P. 45 Prince’s gardens, South Kensington

Rice Mrs, 10 Blomfield road, Maida hill

Rice J. 25 Oxford terrace, Hyde park

Rice Mrs, 7 James street, Paddington

Rice Mrs, 14 Kensington crescent, Kensington

Rice T. F. 2 Priory road, Kilburn

Rice J. Woodfield lodge, Woodfield road, Harrow road

Rice S. 36 Queen street, Hammersmith

Rich Mrs, 71 Westbourne park villas, Westbourne park

Rich T. 47 St. Luke’s road villas, Westbourne park

Rich Miss, 28 St. Mark’s crescent, Kensington park

Rich Col. 17 Elvaston place, South Kensington

Richard W. 23 Addison road, Kensington

Richard G. 2 Agnes cottages, Hammersmith

Richardson Mrs, 17 Abingdon villas, Kensington

Richardson J. 32 Addison gardens south, Kensington

Richardson A. 7 Argyll terrace, Kensington

Richardson Mrs, 10 Black Lion lane, Hammersmith

Richardson R. 55 Cambridge street, Edgware road

Richardson T. 5 Canterbury villas, Maida vale

Richardson W. 29 Carlton villas, Maida vale

Richardson J. 30 Craven hill gardens, Bayswater road

Richardson W. M.D. 5 Crozman villas, Hammersmith

Richardson H. 10 Oxford terrace, Hyde park

Richardson Col. R. E. T., 7 Pembridge place, Bayswater

Richardson M. 95 Inverness terrace, Kensington gardens

Richardson C. J. 34 Kensington square, Kensington

Richardson T. M. 12 Porchester terrace, Bayswater

Richardson W. 9 Westbourne park, Paddington

Richardson C. Warwick house, Uxbridge road, Shepherd’s bush

Richards J. 12 Addison crescent, Kensington

Richards O. 5 Clarendon road, Kensington

Richards W. 12 Colville terrace west, Westbourne grove

Richards J. G. 13 Lancaster road, Portobello road, Notting hill

Richards Mrs, 5 Leinster terrace, Hyde park

Richards W. 26 Pembroke road, Kilburn

Richards —, 6 Kilburn square, Kilburn

Richards C. 4 Porchester square, Westbourne park

Richards J. 9 Westbury terrace, Paddington

Richard Rev. J. 4 St. Peter’s square, Hammersmith

Richards Mrs, 10 Victoria road, Kensington

Richenbeth O. 5 Carlisle terrace, Kensington

Riches Mrs, 3 Barwood road, Edgware road

Riches Mrs, 37_a_ Canterbury road, Kilburn

Richmond Mrs, 9 Prince’s road, Notting hill

Richards G. 11 Cleveland gardens, Bayswater

Richards E. C. 4 Connaught place, Hyde park

Rickett Mrs, 8 Oxford terrace, Hyde park

Ricketts F. 8 Cambridge terrace, Notting hill

Ricketts Miss, 6 Courtland place, Kensington

Ricketts Gen. R. 2 Ashdown villas, Hammersmith

Ricketts Miss, 9 Western terrace, Notting hill

Ricketts F. St. Vincent, 36 Queen’s gate terrace, South Kensington

Riddell Sir W. B. Bart. 31 Prince’s gardens, South Kensington

Riddell —, 16 Portsdown road, Maida hill

Rider P. 9 Pereira place, Shepherd’s bush green

Ridge G. 1 Gane place, Hammersmith

Ridge Major R. S. 5 Inverness road, Bayswater

Ridgeley Mrs, 18 Westbourne park terrace, Paddington

Ridgway G. 55 Westbourne place villas, Westbourne park

Riding R. Stanbrook cottage, Albion road, Hammersmith

Riding Mrs, 79 Kensington gardens square, Bayswater

Ridley F. H. 19 Blomfield road, Maida vale

Ridley Rev. N. J. 7 Cambridge square, Hyde park

Ridley T. D. 7 Carlton road, Kilburn

Rieley A. 26 Gloucester gardens, Bayswater

Ridlington W. 20 Westmoreland place, Bayswater

Ridous W. 6 Cumberland place, Westbourne park

Ridpath J. L. 24 Westbourne square, Paddington

Ribley W. 14 Lansdowne crescent, Notting hill

Rigg Miss 28 Albion street, Hyde park

Rigg J. 4 Chester place, Hyde park gardens

Rigg J. 10 Lanark villas, Maida vale

Riggall E. M.R.C.S. 14 Queen’s road, Bayswater

Rigge J. 8 St. Mary Abbott’s terrace, Kensington road

Riggs Mrs, 77 Cambridge terrace, Hyde park

Rigby Col. H. 29 Palace gardens terrace, Kensington

Riley C. 39 Leinster square, Bayswater

Riley J. 3 Newton road, Bayswater

Riley C. J. 48 Notting hill square, Notting hill

Riley H. F. 31 Peter’s square, Hammersmith

Rilot C. 3 Keith terrace, Uxbridge road, Shepherd’s bush

Rimer Mrs, 35 Blenheim crescent, Notting hill

Ringwood Mrs, 14 Cambridge terrace, Notting hill

Risdale E. Lancaster villa, Aldridge road villas, Westbourne park

Ritchie Mrs, 11 Westbourne grove terrace, Bayswater

Ritchie Miss, 5 Westbourne terrace road, Paddington

Ritchie Mrs, 3 Gloucester terrace, Campden hill, Kensington

Ritchie J. Willow cottage, Willow vale, Shepherd’s bush

Ritchie Mrs, 12 Tichbourne street, Paddington

Ritchin J. 13 Pembroke road, Kilburn

Ritherdon R. 4 The Terrace, Kilburn

Rivaz C. 14 Hyde park gate south, Kensington gore

Rivers Mrs, 57 Portland road, Notting hill

Riversdale G. 109 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Rives Mrs, 69 Cambridge terrace, Hyde park

Riviere H. 63 Westbourne park villas, Westbourne park

Roads E. 5 Richmond road, Shepherd’s bush

Roake W. 10 Pembridge villas, Bayswater

Robarts N. 3 Notting hill terrace, Notting hill

Robbins Rev. J. 7 St. Peter’s terrace, Notting hill

Robe Gen. F. H. C.B. 5 Palace gardens terrace, Kensington

Roberson J. 27 St. Mark’s crescent, Kensington park

Roberts J. Devonshire villa, New road, Hammersmith

Roberts S. 15 Flora villas, Hammersmith

Roberts D. 13 Albion villas, Hammersmith

Roberts A. 4 Wellington cottages, Hammersmith

Roberts S. 5 Bayswater terrace, Bayswater

Roberts E. 36 Blomfield road, Maida hill

Roberts G. 25 Brondesbury villas, Kilburn

Roberts W. 2 Denbigh road, Bayswater

Roberts Mrs, 51 Eastbourne terrace, Paddington

Roberts Mrs, 34 Edmund terrace, Notting hill

Roberts G. 44 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Roberts Mrs, 2 Ladbroke crescent, Notting hill

Roberts Mrs, 12 Moscow road, Bayswater

Roberts J. P. S. 5 Norfolk terrace, Bayswater

Roberts Mrs, Minerva villa, Oxford road, Kilburn

Roberts J. 25 Northumberland place, Westbourne grove north

Roberts G. 16 Palace gardens terrace, Kensington

Roberts Major H. 3 Pembridge square, Notting hill

Roberts A. J. 1 Grove terrace, Hammersmith

Roberts Mrs, 1 Hyde park terrace, Kensington gore

Roberts W. 34 Kensington park gardens, Notting hill

Roberts Miss, 10 Porteus road, Paddington

Roberts J. 60 Portland road, Notting hill

Roberts Mrs, 4 Westmoreland place, Bayswater

Roberts Mrs, 14 Sheffield terrace, Kensington

Roberts O. Park villa, Park terrace, Notting hill

Roberts J. 25 Stanley gardens, Notting hill

Roberts W. 14 Tavistock terrace, Westbourne park

Roberts J. 19 Royal crescent, Notting hill

Roberts W. H. 27 Royal crescent, Notting hill

Roberts Miss, 43 St. Mark’s crescent, Kensington park

Robertshaw Mrs, 13 Verulum terrace, Hammersmith

Robertson Mrs, 33 Addison gardens, Kensington

Robertson Mrs, 49 Clarendon road, Notting hill

Robertson C. 41 Colville gardens, Bayswater

Robertson H. 13 Lancaster gate, Hyde park

Robertson Capt. D. R.N. 31 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Robertson Misses, 117 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Robertson Capt. W. 54 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Robertson J. 4 Malvern road, Kilburn

Robertson Mrs, 17 Vale place, Hammersmith

Robertson J. N. 23 Porchester square, Westbourne park

Robertson J. 59 Portland road, Notting hill

Robertson J. 42 Westbourne park villas, Westbourne park

Robertson Mrs, 10 Westbourne square, Paddington

Robertson J. R. 50 Queen’s gardens, Hyde park

Robertson A. 5 Queen’s gardens, Hyde park

Robertson A. 35 Queen’s gardens, Hyde park

Robertson A. 29 Tichbourne street, Paddington

Robertson A. D. 53 Queen’s gate, South Kensington

Robins C. 5 Cambridge terrace, Kensington

Robins Mrs, 43 Prince’s square, Bayswater

Robins W. L. T. 16 St. Peter’s square, Hammersmith

Robinson W. R. 17 Hyde park terrace, Bayswater road

Robinson C. 74 Inverness terrace, Kensington gardens

Robinson Miss, 15 Kilburn priory

Robinson Mrs, 10 Pine Apple place, Maida vale

Robinson Mrs, 24 Porchester terrace, Bayswater

Robinson J. W. 40 Portland road, Notting hill

Robinson Miss, 88 Westbourne park road, Bay.

Robinson G. 139 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Robinson Mrs, 48 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Robinson R. R. 142 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Robinson F. 45 Prince’s square, Bayswater

Robinson Miss, 30 Sussex gardens, Paddington

Robinson P. The Elysee, Ravenscourt park, Hammersmith

Robinson Admiral, 12 Warwick road, Paddington

Robinson Miss, 3 Albion villas, Hammersmith

Robinson H. 37 Albion street, Hyde park

Robinson Mrs, 13 Askew road, Shepherd’s bush

Robinson Miss, 24 Blomfield street, Upper Westbourne park

Robinson S. 6 Brondesbury road, Kilburn

Robinson Capt. G. 7 Brunswick gardens, Kensington

Robinson Mrs, 3 Clarence terrace, Hammersmith

Robinson C. H. 61 Clarendon road, Notting hill

Robinson W. F. 3 Connaught square, Hyde park

Robinson Mrs, 15 Cornwall road, Westbourne park

Robinson E. 4 Elgin terrace, Kensington park

Robinson J. 17 Leamington road villas, Westbourne park

Robinson J. 18 Leamington road villas, Westbourne park

Robinson J. 23 Moscow road, Bayswater

Robinson J. 9 Norland terrace, Notting hill

Robinson Mrs, 56 Oxford terrace, Hyde park

Robinson J. 13 Palace gardens terrace, Kensington

Robinson Miss, 45 Pembridge villas, Bayswater

Robinson T. 5 Pembroke square, Kensington

Robinson Mrs, J. 31 Pembroke square, Kensington

Robinson R. 21 Great Western terrace, Westbourne park

Robson C. 2 Addison gardens south, Kensington

Robson G. 14 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Robson Miss, 25 Ledbury road, Bayswater

Robson Mrs, 5 Hamilton terrace, Bayswater

Robson J. 13 St. Stephen’s road, Hammersmith

Roche C. M. 98 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Roche J. 30 Norfolk terrace, Bayswater

Roche H. P. 11 Sunderland terrace, Westbourne park

Rock Rev. D. 17 Essex villas, Kensington

Rodell Miss, 5 Avenue road, Hammersmith

Rodi M. 4 Elm grove, Hammersmith

Rodocanachi P. 125 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Rodocanachi E. M. 66 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Rodwell H. B. 68 Connaught terrace, Edgware road

Rodwell H. 107 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Roe F. 22 Cambridge terrace, Notting hill

Roe W. H. 16 Leinster gardens, Bayswater

Roe Mrs, 5 Notting hill square, Notting hill

Rogers C. 16 Beaufoy terrace, Maida vale

Rogers Mrs, 63 Cambridge terrace, Hyde park

Rogers Miss, 19 Campden grove, Kensington

Rogers S. 5 Campden hill terrace, Kensington

Rogers Mrs, 20 Eastbourne terrace, Paddington

Rogers Mrs, 19 Eldon road, Ken.

Rogers G. 19 Gloucester place, Hyde park

Rogers Mrs, 109 Ledbury road, Bayswater

Rogers —, 26 Maida hill west, Edgware road

Rogers W. G. Stanhope cottage, Buckingham cottages, Hammersmith

Rogers Mrs, 8 Norland square, Notting hill

Rogers T. 5 Melville terrace, Hammersmith

Rogers Miss, 2 Verulum terrace, Hammersmith

Rogers W. 2 Kensington gore lower, Kensington

Rogers Mrs, 44 Kensington square

Rogers Mrs, G. 6 Durham place, Plough lane, Notting hill

Rogers Mrs, 1 Westbourne park road, Bayswater

Rogers Miss, 8 Westbourne park road, Bayswater

Rogers J. 16 Westbourne villas, Paddington

Rogers E. C. 8 St. Peter’s road, Hammersmith

Rogers B. M.D. 2 Upper Westbourne terrace, Paddington

Rogers Sir F. Bart., 18 Radnor place, Hyde park

Roget J. L. 31 Warwick road, Paddington

Rola V. 22 Leinster square, Bayswater

Rolf E. W. 1 Sussex place, Hammersmith

Rollo Lord, 66 Lancaster gate, Hyde park

Rolt T. 68 Oxford terrace, Hyde park

Romer Mrs, 48 Oxford terrace, Hyde park

Romer Mrs, 19 Victoria road, Kensington

Romilly Sir J. Bart. Master of the Rolls, 14 Hyde park terrace, Bayswater

Ronald B. L. 15 Upper Phillimore gardens, Kensington

Ronaldson E. 25 Westbourne park villas

Roney Sir S. 60 Cleveland square, Bayswater

Rood Mrs, 36 Kensington park gardens, Notting hill

Rood H. H. 6 Pembroke gardens, Kensington

Rooke G. W. 54 Cambridge terrace, Hyde park

Roome —, 39 Westbourne park road, Bayswater

Roope J. C. 25 Bedford gardens Kensington

Roper A. F. 46 Cambridge road, Kilburn

Roper Mrs, 27 Cambridge road, Hammersmith

Rose E. 6 Alma terrace, Kensington

Rose J. 11 Clarendon road, Kensington

Rose E. 12 Denbigh terrace, Bayswater

Rose J. F. 4 Gloucester crescent, Hyde park

Rose Sir G. F.R.S. 4 Hyde Park gardens, Hyde park

Rose H. 8 Porchester square, Westbourne park

Rose T. 16 Wood lane, Shepherd’s bush green

Rosie Mrs, 53 Bedford gardens, Kensington

Rosier Miss, 1 Bayswater terrace, Bayswater

Rosier J. N. Guildford lodge, Devonshire cottages, Hammersmith

Ross G. 24 Denbigh terrace, Bayswater

Ross Mrs, 139 Ledbury road, Bayswater

Ross Mrs, 1 Northumberland place, Westbourne grove north

Ross Mrs, 1 Notting hill grove Notting hill

Ross Capt. W. 15 Pembridge gardens, Notting hill

Ross Mrs, 1 The Grove, Notting hill

Ross T. 1 Upton villas, Kilburn

Rosworth W. 60 Denmark road, Kilburn

Rothery H. C. F.L.S. 94 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Rothery Miss, 11 Leamington road villas, Westbourne park

Rothschild L. M. 35 Porchester terrace, Bayswater

Rotton Mrs, 40 Westbourne park

Rougemont J. 65 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Rougemont Miss 8 Phillimore gds., Kensington

Rougemont D. A. 52 Lancaster gate, Hyde park

Rougier H. 1 Inverness gds, Kensington

Rouillon A. 11 Holland villas road, Kensington

Round O. S. 11 Alexander street, Westbourne park

Roundthwaite —, 24 Alexandra terrace, Kilburn

Rouse Mrs, 16 Canterbury villas, Maida vale

Routledge G. F. 8 Holland park, Notting hill

Routledge H. H. 18 St. James square, Notting hill

Rowe S. 43 Westbourne park villas, Westbourne park

Row Miss, 3 Shaftesbury terrace, Hammersmith

Row Miss, Shaftesbury lodge, Shaftesbury road, Hammersmith

Rowan Mrs, 3 Fulham place, Maida hill west

Rowbotham T. Percy Lodge, Kensington

Rowbottom J. 2 Victoria grove, Bayswater road

Rowe Miss, 13 Chepstow place, Westbourne grove

Rowe Mrs, 17 Colville road, Bayswater

Rowe —, 10 Lansdowne terrace, Kensington

Rowe G. C. 20 Howley place, Harrow road

Rowe J. 11 Westbourne road, Paddington

Rowe R. 4 Upton villas, Kilburn

Rowland E. 1 Convent gardens, Notting hill

Rowlands Mrs, 24 Notting hill terrace, Notting hill

Rowlands Mrs, 32 Pembridge villas, Bayswater

Rowlands C. 18 Kildare gardens, Westbourne park

Rowlege J. 55 Albert road, Kilburn

Rowley Hon. Mrs, 5 Radnor place, Hyde park

Rowley G. H. 9 St. James terrace, Notting hill

Rowsell Rev. T. M.A. 3 Westbourne square, Paddington

Roy Mrs, Montague house, Prospect place, Hammersmith

Roy R. 42 Clarendon road, Notting hill

Royal W. 10 Portsea place, Hyde park

Rubergall J. 30 Queen street, Hammersmith

Ruck L. 18 Elgin crescent, Notting hill

Ruck Mrs, 8 Queen’s gardens, Hyde park

Rudd J. 32 Alfred road, Harrow road

Rudd H. 5 Ladbroke square, Notting hill

Rudd R. 38 Lansdowne road, Notting hill

Ruddell Mrs, 106 Hereford road, Westbourne grove

Rudder W. 1 Pembridge gardens, Notting hill

Ruddy Mrs, 18 Victoria road, Kensington

Ruder Mrs, 36 Blomfield street, Upper Westbourne terrace

Rudge E. F. 56 Norfolk terrace, Bayswater

Rudge G. 56 Pembridge villas, Bayswater

Rudhall Mrs, 18 Monmouth road, Bayswater

Rudman R. C. 22 Great Western terrace, Westbourne park

Ruel U. W. the Cottage, Cambridge terrace, Hammersmith

Ruel P. A. 4 Hainsvale terrace, Hammersmith

Rule B. B. 31 Elgin crescent, Notting hill

Rule C. 18 St. Mary Abbott’s terrace, Kensington road

Rumball, Miss, 28 Blomfield street, Upper Westbourne terrace

Rumbell J. W. 6 King street east, Hammersmith

Rumford R. 6 Randolph gardens, Kilburn

Rummier M. C. 12 Brondesbury villas, Kilburn

Rumsey L. 6 Inverness terrace, Kensington gardens

Rundle F. 28 Campbell street, Paddington

Rusbridger J. 6 Addison terrace, Kensington

Rusbridger J. 21 Sheffield terrace, Kensington

Rush J. R. 1 Craven hill, Bayswater

Rushforth J. 83 Oxford terrace, Hyde park

Rushworth Mrs, 20 Woodstock road, Shepherd’s bush

Russ C. 2 Denmark cottages, Hammersmith

Russ T. 6 Philip terrace, Harrow road

Russel T. 2 Addison gardens north, Kensington

Russel G. W. 32 Queen’s road, Bayswater

Russell J. 32 Alexandra ten, Kilburn

Russell G. 17 Blenheim terrace, Notting hill

Russell J. 44 Cambridge road, Kilburn

Russell W. B. St. Mildred’s cottage, Kilburn

Russell Mrs, J. 21 Garway road, Bayswater

Russell F. W. M.P. 27 Lancaster gate, Hyde

Russell W. 9 Monmouth road north, Bayswater

Russell Mrs, J. 20 Pembridge gardens, Notting hill

Russell A. 32 Pembridge gardens, Notting hill

Russell B. M. 18 Pembridge villas, Bayswater

Russell R. 2 Horbury crescent, Notting hill

Russell H. 74 Kensington gardens square, Bayswater

Russell J. 102 Westbourne park road, Bayswater

Russell Mrs, 4 Westbourne grove terrace, Bayswater

Russell Mrs, 47 Sussex gardens, Paddington

Russell G. 4 Wilton villas, Uxbridge road, Shepherd’s bush

Russell Mrs, Montrose house, Brunswick place, Shepherd’s bush

Russell D. 1 St. Luke’s road villas, Westbourne park

Russell Mrs, 2 St. Mary Abbot’s terrace, Kensington road

Rust Miss, Phœnix place, Hammersmith

Rutland J. W. 9 Anglesea villas, New road, Hammersmith

Rutland Duke of, Bute house, Kensington

Rutter R. 74 Denmark road, Kilburn

Rutter Mrs, 43 Elgin crescent, Notting hill

Rutter J. 10 Portsdown road, Maida hill

Rutter Mrs, 7 Stranraer place, Maida vale

Rutterford Mrs, 106 Norfolk terrace, Bayswater

Rutterford Mrs, 44 Oxford terrace, Hyde park

Ryall Mrs, 56 Queen road, Notting hill

Ryan D. 2 Kildare terrace, Westbourne park

Ryan B. M.D. 40 Norfolk terrace, Bayswater

Ryan F. C. 16 St. Luke’s road villas, Westbourne park

Ryder Mrs, 11 Notting hill terrace, Notting hill

Ryder W. 9 Richmond road, Shepherd’s bush

Ryffel J. E. 8 Newton terrace, Bayswater

Rymer C. 6 Masboro road, Hammersmith


Sacker H. 3 Edgware place, Edgware road

Sadaburg Mrs, 1 Western terrace, Notting hill

Saddler R. 32 Norland square, Notting hill

Sadler Mrs, 5 Craven hill, Bayswater

Sadler R. 2 Sheffield terrace, Kensington

Safe J. W. 2 Inverness road, Bayswater

Saffery Miss, 18 Warwick gardens, Kensington

Saggs J. 7 Tichbourne street, Paddington

Saich M. 40 Canterbury road, Kilburn

Saimscon Mrs, 25 Albert road, Kilburn

Saintsbury Mrs, 34 Pembridge villas, Bayswater

Salaman J. S. 16 Upper Westbourne terrace, Paddington

Salamons M. 17 Warrington crescent, Maida hill

Salanger Morris, 12 Blomfield road, Maida hill

Sale Col. T. H. 27 & 28 Westbourne park, Paddington

Sales J. 3 Clarendon terrace, Maida hill

Salim Mrs, 79 Clarendon road, Notting hill

Salmon Mrs, 21 Godolphin road, Hammersmith

Salmon J. 13 Northumberland place, Westbourne Grove

Salomons M. 39 Porchester terrace, Bayswater

Salter Mrs, 3 Grove terrace, Hammersmith

Salter W. 5 Portland place, Hammersmith road

Salter Mrs, 94 Richmond road, Bayswater

Salter K. Kent house, Water-side, Hammersmith

Saltmarsh Mrs, 4 Hyde park street, Hyde park

Saltwell Mrs, 43 Oxford terrace, Hyde park

Samler Major J. 14 Westbourne park road, Bayswater

Sampson —, 3 Alexander street, Westbourne park

Sampson J. 22 Convent gardens, Notting hill

Sampson Mrs, 31 Scarsdale villas, Kensington

Sampson G. 7 Woodfield terrace, Paddington

Sams W. R. 47 Cambridge terrace, Paddington

Samson Mrs, 150 Queens road, Bayswater

Samson L. 10 Sussex gardens, Paddington

Samuda Miss, 32 Aldridge road villas, Westbourne park

Samuda D. 35 Aldridge road villas, Westbourne park

Samuel Mrs, 28 Clarendon gardens, Maida hill

Samuel Rev. J. 26 Delamere crescent, Upper Westbourne terrace

Samuel Mrs, 21 Upper Westbourne terrace, Paddington

Samuel M. 15 Warrington terrace, Maida hill

Samuels Mrs, 120 Gloucester crescent, Hyde park

Samuels C. 13 Sutherland gardens, Maida vale

Samuelson A. Kingston lodge, Addison road, Kensington

Sandall J. 52 Alfred road, Westbourne green

Sandbach W. R. 10 Princes gate, Kensington road

Sandeman J. 23 Oxford square, Hyde park

Sandeman T. 16 Talbot square, Hyde park

Sandeman G. 15 Hyde park gardens

Sunderland Miss, 2 Bath place, Kensington

Sanderman Alfd. 55 Queens gate, Kensington

Sanders F. 11 Gt. Western terrace, Westbourne park

Sanders Mrs, 12 Kensington park terrace north, Notting hill

Sanders D. 1 Kensington place, Notting hill

Sanders H. 29 Portland road, Notting hill

Sanders S. 7 St. John’s place, Notting hill

Sanders S. 39 Sussex gardens, Paddington

Sanders Miss, 14 Talbot terrace, Westbourne park

Sanderson Miss, 23 Argyll road, Kensington

Sanderson Chas. Stanmere lodge, Kilburn

Sandison W. 1 St. Stephen’s villas, Shepherd’s bush

Sandon Mrs, 1 Denbigh villas, Bayswater

Sandoz Mrs, 29 Kensington park gardens, Notting hill

Sands Capt. H. 9 Kensington gate, Kensington gore

Sands W. S. Sunderland villa, Westbourne park

Sanger Saml. 20 Cirencester street, Harrow road

Sanley Miss, 6 Hornton street, Kensington

Sant H. 31 Senior street, Paddington

Sant Mrs, 66 Westbourne park road, Bayswater

Sargent T. 82 Porchester terrace, Bayswater

Sargent D. 2 Ranelagh road, Paddington

Serjeant J. 5 Clarendon road, Notting hill

Sartin S. 43 Eastbourne terrace, Paddington

Sase Mrs, 30 Palace gardens villas, Kensington

Satchell T. South bank lodge, Notting hill

Sutchell I. 26 Upper Phillimore gardens, Kensington

Saul I. 38 Caves terrace, Hammersmith

Saunders —, 38 Addison road north, Notting hill

Sanders Mrs, 70 Albert road, Kilburn

Saunders Mrs, 5 Andover place, Kilburn park road

Saunders Mrs, 8 St. Peter’s terrace, St. Peter’s square, Hammersmith

Saunders —, Westbourne lodge, Westbourne park

Saunders Wm. 3 Chichester road villas, Kilburn

Saunders Mrs, 21 Elm grove, Hammersmith

Saunders Mrs, 5 Foxley road, Kensington

Saunders A. W. 82 Gloucester terrace, Hyde park

Saunders G. 15 Hammersmith terrace, Hammersmith

Saunders Miss, 4 Kensington gardens square, Bayswater

Saunders T. 3 Victoria road, Kensington

Saunders F. 6 Windsor terrace, Maida hill

Saurin Adml. 37 Princes gate, Kensington road

Savage W. H. 9 Horbury terrace, Notting hill

Savage Mrs, 4 Richmond terrace, Bayswater

Saville Mrs, 28 Cambridge terrace, Notting hill

Saville —, 8 Elbury villas, Notting hill

Sawyer Miss, 12 Wood lane, Shepherd’s bush green

Saxby J. 12 Canterbury terrace, Kilburn

Saxby J. Albert House, Canterbury terrace, Kilburn

Saxton I. 31 Elgin terrace, Maida vale

Sayer J. 21 Cleveland gardens, Bayswater

Sayer Mrs, 9 Denbigh terrace, Bayswater

Sayer Miss, 12 Howley place, Maida hill

Sayers Mrs, M. 16 Cambridge terrace, Paddington

Sayers Capt. F. Kensington pal., Kensington gardens

Sayers R. 1 St. Peter’s square, Hammersmith

Seagell J. 4 St. James terrace, Notting hill

Scamp W. E.C. 15 Inverness road, Bayswater

Scantlebury I. V. 38 Blomfield road, Maida hill

Scantlebury W. 63 Porchester terrace, Bayswater

Scarff J. 33 St. George’s road, Notting hill

Scarff J. 13 Westbourne terrace north, Paddington

Scarmanga D. P. 22 Hyde park gardens

Scatcherd Mrs, 10 Kensington crescent, Kensington

Schafer J. Laurel cottage, William street, Hammersmith

Schenley E. W. H. 44 Princes gate, Kensington road

Schiller Mrs, 21 Princes square, Bayswater

Schilizzi J. 74 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Schloss Mrs, 64 Kensington gardens square, Bayswater

Schneider Misses, 163 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Schneider C. 7 Priam place, Hammersmith

Schneider W. F. 8 Stanley gardens, Notting hill

Schoales A. 31 Colville gardens, Bayswater

Schroder L. B. 52 Norland square, Notting hill

Schuster S. L. 18 Queen’s gate, Kensington

Schwale H. 79 Oxford terrace, Hyde park, Maida hill

Schwartz Rev. C. 4 St. Leonard’s gardens, Maida hill

Schweitzer E. 35 Westbourne park, Paddington

Scoffern Dr. 15 Cambridge terrace, Notting hill

Scoles Mrs, Crofton lodge, Hammersmith road

Sconce Mrs, 16 Horbury crescent, Notting hill

Sconce A. 18 Upper Phillimore gardens, Kensington

Score G. 6 Alexandra villas, Shepherd’s bush

Scott Mrs, 42 Addison road, Kensington

Scott W. 5 Rosedale cottages, Albion road, Hammersmith

Scott Mrs, 32 Albion street, Hyde park

Scott T. 24 Avenue road, Hammersmith

Scott Mrs, 7 Blenheim terrace, Notting hill

Scott Rev. C. G. 3 Blomfield crescent, Hyde park

Scott G. 13 Cambridge road, Hammersmith

Scott J. 3 Chester place, Hyde park gardens

Scott W. L. 22 Cornwall road, Westbourne park

Scott Mrs, 27 Delamere terrace, Upper Westbourne terrace

Scott C. W. 8 Desborough terrace, Harrow road

Scott W. B. 33 Elgin road, Notting hill

Scott W. 2 Grove cottages, Hammersmith

Scott Col. J. D. 5 Orsett street, Hyde park

Scott Mrs, 1 Oxford road, Kilburn

Scott P. 90 Oxford terrace, Hyde park

Scott I. 1 Cottage, Westbourne park

Scott Sir S. 30 Hyde park square

Scott J. 4 Hyde park place, Hyde park

Scott J. 46 Kensington park gardens, Notting hill

Scott D. 16 Porchester terrace, Bayswater

Scott J. F. 40 Portsdown road, Maida hill

Scott I. 16 St. James terrace, Notting hill

Scott Major W. 1 St. John’s gardens, Notting hill

Scott R. 9 St. Mark’s crescent, Kensington park

Scott J. 7 St. Stephen’s road, Hammersmith

Scott M. 3 Stanhope terrace, Bayswater road

Scott Mrs, 22 Sussex gardens, Paddington

Scott W. 25 Upper Westbourne terrace, Paddington

Scott J. 26 Westbourne park villas, Westbourne park

Scott W. R. 133 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Scott J. 6 Westbourne terrace road, Paddington

Scovill Col. 6 Codrington terrace, Notting hill

Scriven Miss, 15 Stranraer place, Maida vale

Scrope G. P. 25 Hyde park gate south, Kensington

Seale J. 207 King street west, Hammersmith

Sealied Madame, 3 Hanover terrace villas, Notting hill

Searcy J. 27 Albion street, Hyde park

Searcy C. 30 Upper Southwick street, Paddington

Searle J. G. 31 Bridge road, Hammersmith

Senile Miss, 2 Brunswick cottages, Hammersmith

Searle T. 20 Elgin terrace, Maida vale

Searle W. F. 15 Randolph road, Maida hill

Sears Mrs, 11 Garway road, Bayswater

Seaton C. Beavor lodge, Hammersmith

Seaton C. 11 Wood lane, Shepherd’s bush green

Seaward Misses, 4 Hanover terrace villas, Notting hill

Sebright O. 34 Elvaston place, South Kensington

Secreton H. 17 Orsett terrace, Hyde park

See I. 8 Keith terrace, Shepherd’s bush

Seely C. M.P. 26 Princes gate, Kensington road

Seeney I. 21 Brindley street, Harrow road

Selby Mrs, 8 Connaught terrace, Edgware road

Selby J. B. 7 Hampden street, Harrow road

Selby P. 61 Princes gate, Kensington road

Sellin J. R. 11 Northumberland place, Westbourne grove

Selway W. 16 Victoria street, Paddington green

Selway R. 17 Victoria street, Paddington green

Senior Miss, 14 Addison road north, Notting hill

Senior Mrs, 5 Prince of Wales’ terrace, Kensington

Sergeaunt Mrs, 1 Porchester square, Westbourne park

Seton M. C. 5 Portsdown road north, Maida vale

Sevenoaks Capt. H. Adelaide house, 8 Brondesbury road, Kilburn

Severn W. 36 Woodfield place, Paddington

Sevester Lady, 12 Gloucester place, Hyde park

Sewell J. Esh house, Hammersmith

Sexton R. 64 Pembridge villas, Bayswater

Seymour H. W. 82 Gloucester crescent, Hyde park

Seymour Miss R. 82 Gloucester crescent, Hyde park

Shadwell L. 9 Queensberry road, South Kensington

Shadwell A. H. 89 Westbourne terrace, Hyde park

Shaen W. M.A. 15 Upper Phillimore gardens, Kensington

Shairp W. 25 Sussex gardens, Paddington

Shakespeare Rev. C. 17 Westmoreland road, Bayswater

Shampeer Mrs, 7 Blechynden street, Notting hill

Shand Misses, 53 Queen’s gardens, Hyde park

Shannon Mrs, 18 Russell road, Kensington

Shannon Mrs, 1 Gordon cottages, Hammersmith

Share Mrs, 62 Addison road, Kensington

Shares Mrs, 17 Garway road, Bayswater

Sharland R. 1 Kensington gardens square, Bayswater

Sharland W. 21 St. George’s road, Notting hill

Sharp B. 20 Blomfield street, Upper Westbourne terrace

Sharp J. 4 Bridge avenue, Hammersmith

Sharp F. W. 25 Chepstow place, Westbourne grove

Sharp S. 58 Clarendon road, Notting hill

Sharp J. 17 Hamilton terrace, Bayswater

Sharp Mrs, 29 Inverness road, Bayswater

Sharp T. 35 Inverness terrace, Kensington gardens

Sharp T. C. 88 Kensington gardens square, Bayswater

Sharp B. 6 Pembridge villas, Bayswater

Sharpe J. 36 Queensborough terrace, Bayswater

Sharpe J. W. 19 Westbourne park villas, Westbourne park

Sharpe Miss. 2 Westbury road, Paddington

Shave J. 12 Hethpool street, Maida hill

Shave Mrs, 31 Star street, Paddington

Shaw B. 5 Cambridge square, Hyde park

Shaw Mrs, 13 Cambridge square, Hyde park

Shaw Capt. J. C. 11 Cambridge terrace, Paddington

Shaw R. B. 27 Carlton terrace, Harrow road

Shaw Miss, 31 Edwardes place, Kensington

Shaw Mrs, 19 Fulham place, Maida hill

Shaw T. 16 Hyde park square

Shaw Mrs W. 6 Hyde park terrace, Kensington

Shaw Miss, 2 Phillimore terrace, Kensington

Shaw S. J. A. 13 Queen’s gate, Kensington

Shaw R. W. 98 Richmond road, Bayswater

Shaw J. 10 Sheffield gardens, Notting hill

Shaw Sir J. 17 Sussex gardens, Paddington

Shaw Miss, 11 Sussex terrace, Hyde park

Shaw W. A. Wycombe lodge, Campden hill, Kensington

Sheargold Mrs, 2 Albion villas, Hammersmith

Shearman S. T. 8 The Terrace, Bayswater

Sheavila J. 21 St. Ann’s villas, Notting hill

Shee R. H. 20 Prince’s square, Bayswater

Shee Mrs, 5 Scarsdale villas, Kensington

Shee Sir W. 5 Sussex place, Hyde park

Sheen Mrs, M. A. 4 Oxford terrace, Hyde park

Sheen Mrs, 13 Westbury road, Paddington

Sheer R. 5 St. George road, Notting hill

Sheldon T. M.D. 54 Edmund terrace, Notting hill

Shellshear J. 28 Blomfield road, Maida hill

Shelton R. Woodbine cottage, St. Peter’s square, Hammersmith

Shelton W. 12 Portsea place, Hyde park

Shenton W. K. 14 Anglesea villas, Hammersmith

Shepard Mrs, 3 Beaufoy terrace, Maida vale

Shepard Miss, 3 Beaufoy terrace, Maida vale

Shephard Mrs, 31 St. James square, Notting hill

Shepherd E. W. 12 Craven hill gardens, Bayswater

Shepherd W. 46 Alfred road, Westbourne green, Harrow road

Shepherd G. 14 Chepstow place, Westbourne Grove

Shepherd J. 20 Convent gardens, Notting hill

Shepherd —, 18 Durham villas, Kensington