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Title: A Complete Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms - or, Synonyms and Words of Opposite Meaning
Author: Fallows, Samuel
Language: English
As this book started as an ASCII text book there are no pictures available.

*** Start of this LibraryBlog Digital Book "A Complete Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms - or, Synonyms and Words of Opposite Meaning" ***








Wishing to have an extensive list of Synonyms and Antonyms for another
project, I settled on Fallows’ amazing publication. However, I could
not find an OCR text which was clear of the many OCR-scan errors. I
did my own OCR, which joined many of the line-end hyphenated words
automatically, but which still resulted in a very large number of
nearly identical (to other OCR scans) errors. This is probably not
the fault of the OCR software, but rather of the quality of the 19th
Century source type and ink, which tended to be far from crisp. The
software was not entirely perfect though and it would often invert
n and u, or render either of those letters as ii, and render i as l
(lower case L). R and K were regularly mixed, so ROCK could be rendered
as KOCR – if it managed to get the circular letters correct. Just one
example of variation is to be found in the rendering of the coded
abbreviation for SYNONYM, ‘SYN.’ It might be rendered with a period,
comma, both or none; and some of these variations were recorded:  \
BTH \ 2vN. \ 8_vs. \ BYN, \ KYN. \ PYN. \ RYN. \ SIN, \ Srn. \ STIC.
\ STK. \ STN. \ STN., \ STW. \ SVN_ \ SXN. \ SY.V. \ SY:. \ SYH. \
SYK. \ SYN, \ Syn, \ SYN. \ SYN. \ SYN._ \ SYS,. \ SYS. \ SYW. \ SYX\.
and \ YX\. ! I know! Grrr!

Anyhow, with lots of rekeying, lots of rules to fix as many as
aberrations as possible, and employing a personal digital dictionary
of over 600,000 words, I checked many of the fragments and verified
that the OCR scanner had done very well, in fact. Those fragments which
eventually could not be distinguished by eye or logic were left ‘as
is’ and bracketed thus: {[unreadable]?}. When replaced into the text
in their correct sequence, some of those could be deduced from their
context, but I will leave that for the next editor (possibly you, dear
reader.) The dictionary is not perfect or complete, and it did not
distinguish n-Grams which are clearly adequate language. Having
corrected many broken words, I re-sorted them back into original order,
added ‘KEY:’ to the principal, and pasted the lot to the Word Processor
(below) for study, uploading and further corrections.

I did, in fact, Google several scores of unrecognised but
right-looking words and found many were accurate though out of common
use in today’s English. Victorian English vocab was quite extensive.
Did Fallows do a dictionary of word meanings (I wish)?
•	Serendip Clip, Nowra, NSW, Australia, February 2016.


[Some unrecognised fragments or words are bracketed thus: {[huh]?}.
More work required.]

KEY: Aback.
SYN: Backwards, rearwards, aft, abaft, astern, behind, back.
ANT: Onwards, forwards, ahead, before, afront, beyond, afore.
KEY: Abandon.
SYN: Leave, forsake, desert, renounce, cease, relinquish,
discontinue, castoff, resign, retire, quit, forego, forswear,
depart_from, vacate, surrender, abjure, repudiate.
ANT: Pursue, prosecute, undertake, seek, court, cherish, favor,
protect, claim, maintain, defend, advocate, retain, support, uphold,
occupy, haunt, hold, assert, vindicate, keep.
KEY: Abandoned.
SYN: Profligate, wicked, vicious, unprincipled, reprobate,
incorrigible, sinful, graceless, demoralized, dissolute, depraved,
bad, licentious, corrupt.
ANT: Virtuous, conscientious, correct, upright, worthy, righteous,
self-controlled, high-principled, steady, good.
KEY: Abase.
SYN: Degrade, disgrace, bring_low, reduce, humble, demean, stoop,
humiliate, depress, lower, sink, dishonor.
ANT: Promote, exalt, honor, raise, elevate, dignify, aggrandize.
KEY: Abasement.
SYN: Degradation, depression, disgrace, humiliation, abjection,
dishonor, shame.
ANT: Promotion, elevation, honor, exaltation, dignity,
KEY: Abash.
SYN: Confound, confuse, discompose, bewilder, daunt, cow, humble,
disconcert, dishearten, motility, shame, humiliate.
ANT: Countenance, cheer, uphold, encourage, rally, inspirit, animate,
incite, embolden, abet, buoy.
KEY: Abate.
SYN: Terminate, remove, suppress, lower, reduce, mitigate, diminish,
moderate, lessen, subside, decrease.
ANT: Prolong, continue, revive, develop, increase, aggravate,
magnify, brew, ferment, rage, extend, enlarge, amplify, raise,
KEY: Abbreviate.
SYN: Shorten, reduce, abridge, contract, curtail, epitomize,
condense, prune, compress.
ANT: Lengthen, prolong, extend, enlarge, produce, elongate, amplify,
expand, dilate.
KEY: Abbreviation.
SYN: Abridgment, reduction, contraction, curtailment, abstract,
summary, epitome, condensation, compression.
ANT: Elongation, prolongation, extension, production, amplification,
enlargement, expansion, dilation, expatiation, explication,
KEY: Abderite.
SYN: Cynic, sardonic, derisive, sarcastic, jocular, flippant,
nonchalant, sportive, sprightful, buoyant.
ANT: Lachrymose, plaintive, maundering, querimonious, plaintive,
dolesome, lackadaisical, grumbling, croaking, lugubrious.
KEY: Abdicate.
SYN: Abandon, relinquish, resign, surrender, vacate.
ANT: Retain, maintain, claim, occupy, assert, grasp, seize, usurp.
KEY: Abdomen.
SYN: Belly, paunch.
KEY: Abduction.
SYN: Abstraction, subtraction, deprivation, ablution, rape, seizure,
ANT: Addition, adduction, replacement, restitution, restoration,
surrender, reinstatement.
KEY: Aberrant.
SYN: Erratic, devious, divergent, incontinuous, desultory,
disconnected, wandering, idiotic, inconsistent, inconsecutive,
abnormal, exceptional.
ANT: Continuous, rectilineal, true, consistent, uniform, consecutive,
normal, natural, faithful, regular.
KEY: Aberration.
SYN: Wandering, divergence, deviation, desultoriness, rambling,
disconnectedness, hallucination, inconsecutiveness, idiocy,
insanity, exception, abnormity.
ANT: Uniformity, consecutiveness, continuity, connectedness,
principle, law, order, type, norm, project, line, tenor, progression,
rectilinearity, regularity.
KEY: Abet.
SYN: Aid, support, promote, countenance, uphold, assist, instigate,
encourage, incite, advocate, sanction, subsidize, embolden.
ANT: Thwart, contradict, obstruct, oppose, baffle, confound,
discourage, disapprove, disconcert, counteract, deter, dissuade,
frustrate, impede, denounce, expose.
KEY: Abettor.
SYN: Supporter, advocate, instigator, promoter, assistant, companion,
accomplice, ally, encourager, associate, adviser, confederate,
'participes_criminis', coadjutor, accessary, helper.
ANT: Opponent, counteracter, foe, adversary, detector, baffler,
antagonist, disconcerter, dissuader, rival.
KEY: Abeyance.
SYN: Suspension, reservation, dormancy, expectation, intermission.
ANT: Revival, renewal, operation, resuscitation, action, enjoyment,
possession, exercise, force.
KEY: Abhor.
SYN: Hate, abominate, detest, loathe, despise, dislike, eschew,
ANT: Love, admire, enjoy, approve, affect, covet, relish, crave,
KEY: Abide.
SYN: Dwell, stay, inhabit, continue, rest, tarry, lodge, reside, live,
wait, sojourn, remain, expect, endure, tolerate, anticipate,
confront, await, bear, face, watch.
ANT: Deport, migrate, move, journey, proceed, resist, mislike,
forefend, avoid, shun, reject, abandon, forfeit.
KEY: Ability.
SYN: Power, cleverness, faculty, skill, capacity, talent, expertness,
aptitude, dexterity, efficiency, competency, qualification.
ANT: Weakness, incapacity, imbecility, inability, unreadiness,
KEY: Abject.
SYN: Degraded, outcast, miserable, vile, pitiable, worthless,
despicable, groveling, fawning, squalid, base-minded, slavish,
beggarly, servile, cringing, low, wretched, sordid.
ANT: Honorable, dignified, eminent, exalted, esteemed, worthy,
venerable, noble, princely, illustrious, independent,
self-assertive, self-reliant, vain, arrogant, insolent, haughty.
KEY: Abjure.
SYN: Renounce, deny, apostatize, discard, recant, disclaim, disavow,
repudiate, revoke, retract, disown.
ANT: Profess, assert, demand, vindicate, claim, cherish, advocate,
retain, acknowledge, appropriate, hug.
KEY: Able.
SYN: Strong, powerful, clever, skillful, talented, capable, fitted,
efficient, effective, learned, gifted, masterly, telling, nervous,
ANT: Weak, inefficient, unskillful, silly, stupid, incapable,
ineffective, unqualified.
KEY: Ablution.
SYN: Washing, purification, cleansing, abstersion, defecation.
ANT: Pollution, soilure, defilement, dirt, contamination, taint,
KEY: Abnegation.
SYN: Denial, disallowance, renunciation, abjuration, stint,
ANT: Assertion, vindication, claim, indulgence, concession, license.
KEY: Abnormal.
SYN: Irregular, erratic, peculiar, unusual, exceptional, monstrous,
aberrant, devious, divergent, eccentric, strange.
ANT: Typical, normal, regular, ordinary, usual, natural, customary,
KEY: Aboard.
SYN: Afloat.
ANT: Ashore.
KEY: Abode.
SYN: Home, stay, placate, residence, domicile, habitation, lodging,
berth, quarters, {with_the_idea_of_permanence}.
ANT: Halt, perch, tent, bivouac, caravansary,
KEY: {[&boliNli]?}.
SYN: Destroy, eradicate, invalidate, make_void, obliterate,
extirpate, abrogate, annul, subvert, cancel, revoke, quash, nullify,
overthrow, annihilate, supersede, suppress, expunge.
ANT: Support, sustain, cherish, promote, continue, confirm, restore,
repair, revive, reinstate, enact, institute, re-enact.
KEY: Abominable.
SYN: Abhorrent, foul, accursed, detestable, hateful, horrible,
loathsome, odious, offensive, execrable, nauseous, impure.
ANT: Delectable, desirable, admirable, enjoyable, lovable, charming,
delightful, grateful, pure.
KEY: Abominate.
SYN: Abhor, loathe, detest, execrate, hate.
ANT: Desire, like, long_for, love.
KEY: Abomination.
SYN: Loathing, detestation, hatred, abhorrence, plague, nuisance,
evil, annoyance, infliction, curse.
ANT: Love, affection, desire, enjoyment, longing, acquisition,
gratification, blessing, treat, delight, benefit.
KEY: Aboriginal.
SYN: Primordial, primeval, pristine, autochthonic, immemorial,
indigenous, native, original.
ANT: Subsequent, adventitious, imported, exotic, immigrant, recent,
upstart, modern, late, novel, fresh.
KEY: Abortion.
SYN: Failure, miscarriage, misadventure, downfall, mishap,
misproduction, defect, frustration, blunder, mess.
ANT: Success, consummation, completion, achievement, realization,
perfection, exploit, feat, development.
KEY: Abound.
SYN: Stream, swell, flow, increase, overflow, superabound, luxuriate,
teem, swarm, flourish, prevail, be_plentiful, wanton, revel,
ANT: Fall, waste, dry, lack, wane, evaporate, drain, die, decay,
vanish, lessen, decrease.
KEY: About.
SYN: Almost, {with_respect_to}, near, nearly, touching, concerning,
surrounding, relative_to, relating_to, {in_relation_to},
approximately, touching, roughly, generally.
ANT: Afar, {away_or_afar_from}, precisely, exactly.
KEY: Above-named.
SYN: Above-mentioned, above-described, above-cited, named_above,
aforesaid, mentioned_above.
ANT: Named_below, described_below.
KEY: Above.
SYN: Over, beyond, exceeding.
ANT: Below, within, beneath.
KEY: Abreast.
SYN: Beside, alongside.
ANT: Ahead, astern.
KEY: Abridge.
SYN: Abbreviate, diminish, shorten, lessen, curtail, restrict,
{[con]?}, tract, condense, epitomize, compress.
ANT: Amplify, expand, spread_out.
KEY: Abridgment.
SYN: Abstract, abbreviation, contraction, summary, synopsis, epitome,
compendium, analysis, outline, digest.
ANT: Amplification, expatiation, expansion, disquisition, dilution,
comment, annotation, exposition, paraphrase.
KEY: Abroach.
SYN: Aflow, afloat, abroad, revealed.
ANT: Close, fast, tight, secret, reserved.
KEY: Abroad.
SYN: Far, away, apart, dispersed, aloof, adrift, about, distracted,
ANT: Near, close, housed, collected, fast.
KEY: Abrogate.
SYN: Abolish, cancel, set_aside, annul, repeal, expunge, rescind.
ANT: Enact, re-enact, confirm, enforce, continue, revive.
KEY: Abrogation.
SYN: Abolition, repeal, discontinuance, disestablishment.
ANT: Institution, establishment, enactment, confirmation,
continuance, sanction.
KEY: Abrupt.
SYN: Sudden, steep, precipitous, craggy, coarse, curt, blunt, violent,
harsh, unceremonious, rugged, rough.
ANT: Undulating, easy, gliding, polished, smooth, blending,
KEY: Abscond.
SYN: Decamp, bolt, depart, disappear, steal_away, run_off, hide,
withdraw, retreat.
ANT: Show, emerge, appear.
KEY: Absence.
SYN: Want, departure, Inattention, nonexistence, failure, separation,
lack, nonappearance, distraction.
ANT: Presence, supply, {[apppnniice]?}, existence, manifestation,
evidence, attention, immanence, inherency, consideration.
KEY: Absent \a.\.
SYN: Not_present, gone_away, elsewhere, inattentive, thoughtless,
listless, preoccupied.
ANT: Present, in_this_place, here, attentive.
KEY: Absent.
SYN: Keep_away, depart, withdraw.
ANT: Be_present, stay, remain, [See ABSCOND].
KEY: Absolute.
SYN: Perfect, complete, unconditional, irrelative, irrespective,
supreme, despotic, autocratic, certain, authoritative, unqualified,
unequivocal, irresponsible, arbitrary.
ANT: Imperfect, incomplete, conditional, conditioned, contingent,
relative, dependent, constitutional, dubious, accountable,
KEY: Absolve.
SYN: Acquit, release, exonerate, liberate, exempt, discharge,
exculpate, pardon, forgive, free, clear.
ANT: Charge, accuse, compel, bind, obligate, convict, condemn,
inculpate, impeach, oblige.
KEY: Absonant.
SYN: Dissonant, discordant, contrariant, repugnant, inconsonant,
inharmonious, incompatible, inappropriate, impertinent.
ANT: Consonant, agreeable, consistent, harmonious, compatible,
appropriate, pertinent, congruous, suitable, proper.
KEY: Absorb.
SYN: Swallow, drown, consume, imbibe, engross, drink_in, suck_up,
engulf, monopolize, exhaust.
ANT: Eject, emit, exude, disgorge, dissipate, distract, distil,
KEY: Abstain.
SYN: Refrain, forbear, refuse, demur, avoid, cease, stop, keep_back,
desist, discontinue, withhold, scruple.
ANT: Indulge, exceed, reveal, wanton.
KEY: Abstemious.
SYN: Abstinent, moderate, self-denying, sober, temperate, sparing,
ANT: Sensual, self-indulgent, gluttonous, greedy, intemperate.
KEY: Absterge.
SYN: Wipe, cleanse, purify, sponge, scour, scrub.
ANT: Foul, bespatter, contaminate, bedaub, soil, pollute, begrime.
KEY: Abstersive.
SYN: Scouring, purifying, detergent, {[r^tUartio]?}.
ANT: Contaminative, offensive, corruptive.
KEY: Abstinent.
SYN: Temperate, abstemious, continent, sober, self-denying, austere.
ANT: Self-indulgent, sensual, intemperate, epicurean, dissipated,
incontinent, debauched.
KEY: Abstract \v.\.
SYN: Separate, detach, part, eliminate, draw_away, remove, take_away,
appropriate, purloin, steal, thieve, draw_from.
ANT: Add, unite, conjoin, adduce, impose, restore, surrender, return,
Abstract \n.\, [See ABRIDGMENT].
KEY: Abstraction.
SYN: Separation, {[poiloining]?}, removal, appropriation,
generalization, classification, reverie, absorption, inattention,
ANT: Addition, conjunction, union, adduction, importation,
restoration, restitution, individualization, enumeration, analysis,
specification, observation, attention, Abstracted, [See
KEY: Abstruse.
SYN: Hidden, recondite, difficult, profound, deep, curious, obscure,
mystical, occult, hard, dark.
ANT: Patent, popular, superficial, simple, obvious, trite,
intelligible, lucid, plain, easy, manifest, clear.
KEY: Absurd.
SYN: Irrational, ridiculous, monstrous, senseless, asinine, stupid,
chimerical, unreasonable, preposterous, silly, nonsensical,
ANT: Sensible, rational, reasonable, consistent, sound, substantial,
logical, wise, sagacious, reflective, philosophical.
KEY: Abundance.
SYN: Plenty, largeness, copiousness, sufficiency, plentitude,
exuberance, ampleness, profusion, luxuriance, wealth.
ANT: Rarity, scarcity, paucity, deficiency, scantiness, dearth,
failure, poverty.
KEY: Abundant.
SYN: Plentiful, copious, plenteous, large, ample, overflowing,
teeming, full, lavish, luxuriant, bountiful, abounding, profuse,
liberal, rich.
ANT: Rare, scarce, scant, deficient, short, insufficient, niggardly,
sparing, dry, drained, exhausted, impoverished.
KEY: Abuse \v.\.
SYN: Injure, damage, spoil, maltreat, treat-all, ill-use, ill-treat,
retile, scandalize, disparage, reproach, upbraid, asperse, malign,
slander, vituperate, prostitute, defame, pervert, misuse, misemploy,
ANT: Tend, protect, conserve, consider, regard, shield, cherish,
praise, extol, laud, vindicate, panegyrize, respect.
KEY: Abuse \n.\.
SYN: Mistreatment, invective, ill-treatment, opprobrium, scurrility,
vituperation, ribaldry, obloquy, reproach, insolence, misusage,
ANT: Good-usage, good-treatment, kindness, praise, deference,
KEY: Abusive.
SYN: Insulting, insolent, offensive, opprobrious, reproachful,
vituperative, rude, denunciatory, scurrilous.
ANT: Respectful, kind, panegyrical, laudatory, attentive.
KEY: Abut.
SYN: Extend, project, impinge, approximate.
ANT: Recurve, retreat, diverge, return, recede.
KEY: Abyss.
SYN: Gulf, profound, gorge, deep, pit, chasm, depth.
ANT: Surface, cavity, depression, indentation.
KEY: Academical.
SYN: Collegiate, classical, learned.
ANT: Illiterate, uncollegiate.
KEY: Academy.
SYN: School, seminary, college, university, educational,
establishment, institute.
KEY: Accede.
SYN: Assent, consent, acquiesce, comply_with, accept, concur,
approve, coincide.
ANT: Dissent, decline, withdraw, refuse, protest, demur.
KEY: Accelerate.
SYN: Hasten, urge, expedite, quicken, speed, urge_on, press_forward,
hurry, promote, dispatch, facilitate.
ANT: Delay, obstruct, impede, clog, retard, hinder, shackle, drag.
KEY: Accent.
SYN: Stress, rhythm, pulsation, beat, emphasis.
ANT: Smoothness, inaccentuation, monotony, equableness, babble,
KEY: Accept.
SYN: Welcome, hail, admit, recognize, avow, acknowledge, take,
accede_to, receive, assent_to.
ANT: Refuse, decline, reject, disown, disavow, ignore, repudiate.
KEY: Acceptable.
SYN: Grateful, pleasant, welcome, agreeable, pleasure, seasonable,
ANT: Ungrateful, unwelcome, disagreeable, unpleasant.
KEY: Acceptation.
SYN: Meaning, significant, signification.
KEY: Access.
SYN: Approach, admit, course_entrance, avenue, admittance, mod_way,
passage, road.
ANT: Exit, egress, departure, exclusion, repulse, [See {[/]?}].
KEY: Accessible.
SYN: Affable, approachable, easy, conversible.
ANT: Distant, cold, difficult, unapproachable.
KEY: Accession.
SYN: Arrival, addition, increase, influx, augmentation,
reinforcement, enlargement, extension.
ANT: Departure, abandonment, resignation, retirement, diminution,
decrease, efflux, ebb, drain, subsidence.
KEY: Accessory_or_Accessary \a.\.
SYN: Assistant, additive, additional, auxiliary, supplementary,
ANT: Essential, inherent, immanent, incorporate, superfluous,
irrelevant, malapropos, obstructive, cumbersome.
KEY: Accessory \n.\.
SYN: Accomplice, associate, abettor, ally, colleague, confederate,
ANT: Foe, antagonist, adversary, rival.
KEY: Accident.
SYN: Chance, fortuity, disaster, incident, adventure, casualty,
hazard, contingency, calamity, misadventure, mishap.
ANT: Law, purpose, appointment, ordainment, provision, preparation.
KEY: Acclamation.
SYN: Applause, homage, gratulation, salutation, joy, commendation,
plaudit, hosannas, cheer, shouting, exultation, triumph, approval.
ANT: Obloquy, censure, execration, contumely, outcry, sibilation,
KEY: Acclivity.
SYN: Ascent, rise, incline.
ANT: Declivity, descent.
KEY: Accommodate.
SYN: Convenience, oblige, adapt, supply, reconcile, suit, fit, adjust,
furnish, serve, harmonize.
ANT: Inconvenience, disoblige, disturb, misfit, incommode, deprive,
KEY: Accommodating.
SYN: Kind, unselfish, obliging, polite, yielding, conciliatory.
ANT: Disobliging, selfish, churlish, rude, imperious, dictatorial,
exacting, inconsiderate, unaccommodating.
KEY: Accompany.
SYN: Follow, consort, attend, join, coexist, escort, convoy.
ANT: Desert, abandon, leave, avoid, eschew, quit, discard.
KEY: Accomplish.
SYN: Execute, perfect, perform, fulfil, [See DO], carry_out, attain,
realize, consummate, achieve, finish, complete.
ANT: Fail_of, frustrate, defeat, disconcert, destroy, baffle, mar,
KEY: Accomplice.
SYN: Abettor, confederate, accessory, ally, associate, partner,
colleague, coadjutor, assistant, 'particips_criminit'.
ANT: Rival, foe, adversary, antagonist.
KEY: Accord.
SYN: Agree, consent, harmonize, tally, answer, comport, consist,
conform, grant, concede, surrender, allow.
ANT: Disagree, differ, misfit, miscomport, misconform, withhold,
deny, refuse.
KEY: Accordingly.
SYN: Agreeably, suitably, conformably, hence, consequently.
KEY: Accordant.
SYN: Compatible, consonant, harmonious, consistent, consenting,
KEY: Accost.
SYN: Address, salute, invoke, hail, greet, stop, apostrophize,
speak_to, call_to.
ANT: Shun, avoid, elude, pass, ignore.
KEY: Account \n.\.
SYN: Narration, report, rehearsal, story, statement, narrative,
recital, relation, description, motive, value, importance, advantage,
ground, reason, profit.
ANT: Silence, suppression, project, misannouncement, of_no_account,
attempt, without_value, deed, project.
KEY: Account \v.\.
SYN: Deem, esteem, consider, regard, hold, judge, rate, estimate,
value, reckon, explain, solve.
ANT: Disesteem, misestimate, mystify, understate, undervalue,
perplex, darken.
KEY: Accountable.
SYN: Responsible, liable, amenable, punishable, answerable,
accredited, delegated, {[eubordj]?}.
ANT: Autocratic, Independent, irresponsible, absolute, supreme,
KEY: Accoutre.
SYN: Adorn, fit_out, equip, furnish, dress, {furnish_with_arms}.
KEY: Accredit.
SYN: Believe, trust, entrust, delegate, depute, commission,
ANT: Disbelieve, distrust, suspect, recall, supersede, discard,
KEY: Accredited.
SYN: Authorized, commissioned, acknowledged, confidential, trusted.
ANT: Unauthorized, unacknowledged, distrusted.
KEY: Accumulate.
SYN: Collect, gamer, grow, mass, heap, store, bring_together, hoard,
gather, agglomerate, husband, augment, amass, increase.
ANT: Dissipate, disperse, diminish, scatter, expend, waste.
KEY: Accumulation.
SYN: Heap, collection, store, mass, aggregation, hoard, pile.
ANT: Segregation, separation, unit, individual.
KEY: Accuracy.
SYN: Exactness, correctness, strictness, precision, exactitude,
nicety, fidelity.
ANT: Inexactness, looseness, slovenliness, incorrectness.
KEY: Accurate.
SYN: Careful, exact, faithful, precise, correct, close, truthful,
strict, just, actual, nice.
ANT: Careless, inexact, faulty, incorrect, inaccurate, loose,
KEY: Accusation.
SYN: Charge, indictment, imputation, impeachment, arraignment.
ANT: Acquittal, absolution, vindication, discharge.
KEY: Accuse.
SYN: Charge, incriminate, impeach, arraign, tax, taunt, censure, cite,
summon, criminate.
ANT: Defend, vindicate, discharge, acquit, absolve, condone, pardon,
exonerate, release.
KEY: Accustom.
SYN: Habituate, familiarize, form, inure, train, reconcile.
ANT: Disaccustom, dishabituate, estrange, wean, alienate.
KEY: Ace.
SYN: Unit, atom, point, title, jot, item.
ANT: Numbers, quantity, bulk, gum, mass, collection, aggregate,
KEY: Acerbity.
SYN: Harshness, acridity, tartness, acidity, bitterness, acrimony,
crabbedness, moroseness, sourness, roughness.
ANT: Sweetness, mildness, softness, mellowness, gentleness,
KEY: Ache_\n.\.
SYN: Pain, suffering, smart, anguish, pang.
ANT: [See PAIN].
KEY: Achieve.
SYN: Accomplish, [See DO], gain, perform, execute, effect, fulfil,
finish, attain, win.
ANT: [See DO].
KEY: Achievement.
SYN: Exploit, feat, attainment, accomplishment, performance.
KEY: Articular.
SYN: Spinous, sagittate, prickly, thorny, sharp-pointed, hastate,
ANT: Obtuse, blunt, abrupt.
KEY: Acid.
SYN: Sharp, acidulous, acetous, vinegarish.
ANT: Mellow, luscious, mealy, rich.
KEY: Acknowledge.
SYN: Avow, admit, recognize, own, accept, profess, endorse, grant,
concede, concern.
ANT: Disavow, disclaim, disown, repudiate, ignore, deny.
KEY: Acknowledged.
SYN: Agreed, settled, understood, decided, customary.
ANT: Not_agreed, undecided, unsettled, not_customary.
KEY: Acme.
SYN: Summit, zenith, climax, apex, pitch, culmination, meridian.
ANT: Base, floor, ground, foundation, nadir, depth, depression, foot,
KEY: Acquaint.
SYN: Advertise, inform, impart, make_known, divulge, teach, notify,
apprise, advise, tell.
ANT: Misinform, deceive, delude, mislead, misguide, hoodwink.
KEY: Acquaintance.
SYN: Knowledge, intimacy, familiarity, experience, companionship.
ANT: Ignorance, unfamiliarity, inexperience,
KEY: Acquiesce.
SYN: Assent, concur, repose, agree, yield, be_resigned, comply.
ANT: Dissent, demur, object.
KEY: Acquire.
SYN: Gain, earn, procure, obtain, get, realize, win, reap.
ANT: Lose, forfeit, surrender, miss, forego.
KEY: Acquirement.
SYN: Knowledge, at, entertainment, accomplishment, learning,
erudition, acquisition.
ANT: Intuition, inspiration, genius.
KEY: Acquit.
SYN: Discharge, exonerate, absolve, exculpate, release, dismiss,
liberate, pardon,.
ANT: Charge, accuse, impeach, constrain, implicate, bind, compel,
condemn, oblige, sentence.
KEY: Acquittance.
SYN: Release, receipt, discharge.
ANT: Bond, claim, charge, obligation.
KEY: Acrid.
SYN: Harsh, sour.
ANT: Mellow, sweet, luscious.
KEY: Acrimonious.
SYN: Sharp, biting, stinging, pungent, acrid, ill-natured,
ANT: Smooth, sweet, pleasant, goodnatured, bland.
KEY: Acrimony.
SYN: Sharpness, bitterness, sourness, causticity, acerbity, asperity,
tartness, ill-feeling, hostility, animosity.
ANT: Smoothness, courtesy, mildness, blandness, pleasantness,
friendship, amiability.
KEY: Across.
SYN: Athwart, against, transversely,
{Transverseness_to_a_line_of_movement_becomes}, opposition.
ANT: Lengthwise, along, concurrently, parallel, Act_\v.\, [See DO].
KEY: Act_\n.\.
SYN: Deed, performance, action, movement, proceeding, exercise,
operation, play.
ANT: Inaction, rest, repose, cessation, suspension, quiet,
immobility, inertia, quiescence, Action, [See ACT].
KEY: Active.
SYN: Nimble, agile, lively, sprightly, brisk, quick, expert,
dexterous, supple, wide-awake, prompt, busy, industrial, diligent.
ANT: Slow, inactive, Indolent, sluggish, heavy.
KEY: Activity.
SYN: Agility, quickness, energy, briskness, vivacity, promptness,
alertness, celerity, rapidity.
ANT: Inactivity, awkwardness, Indolence, slowness, sloth, clumsiness,
heaviness, sluggishness, lassitude.
KEY: Actor.
SYN: Doer, worker, agent, performer, principal, player, tragedian,
ANT: {[Aoxmr]?}.
KEY: Actual.
SYN: Developed, positive, unquestionable, demonstrable, certain,
real, authentic.
ANT: Potential, undeveloped, hypothetical, supposition, possible,
virtual, theoretical, fabulous, fictitious, unreal.
KEY: Actually.
SYN: Verity, truly, decidedly, assuredly, positively.
ANT: Potentially, hypothetically, theoretically.
KEY: Actuate.
SYN: Urge, instigate, stir, induce, influence, incline, dispose,
incite, impel, prompt, drive.
ANT: Deter, discourage, retard, inhibit, hinder, prevent, impede,
KEY: Acuity.
SYN: Pointedness, acylation, acumination.
ANT: Bluntness, hebetude, obtuseness.
KEY: Aculeated.
SYN: Armed, spinous, acuminated, punctuous.
ANT: Unarmed, blunt, obtuse, stingless, pointless.
KEY: acumen.
SYN: Point, penetrativeness, sharpness, discernment, talent,
ANT: Bluntness, obtuseness, stupidity, dulness, indiscernment,
KEY: Acute.
SYN: Pointed, penetrating, sagacious, perspicacious, keen, astute,
piercing, sharp, shrewd, keen-sighted, severe, distressing.
ANT: Dull, blunt, obtuse, stupid, undiscerning, heavy, chronic,
KEY: Acutely.
SYN: Sharply, deeply, painfully, poignantly, intensely.
ANT: Bluntly, obtusely, stupidly, stolidly, pleasantly.
KEY: Adage.
SYN: Maxim, saying, motto, saw, apothegm, aphorism, byword, proverb,
ANT: Discourse, disquisition, yarn, harangue.
KEY: Adapt.
SYN: Fit, accommodate, suit, adjust, conform, admeasure, harmonize,
ANT: Misfit, misconform, misapply.
KEY: Adaptation.
SYN: Accommodation, adjustment, admeasurement, conformity,
ANT: Inconformity, incongruity, incompatibility, disharmony, misfit,
malformation, mismeasurement.
KEY: Add.
SYN: Adduce, adjoin, increase, extend, enlarge, sum_up, cast_up,
subjoin, amplify, annex.
ANT: Deduct, subtract, dissever, abstract.
KEY: Addendum.
SYN: Acquisition, improvement, supplement, complement, desideratum,
concomitant, annexation, appendage.
ANT: Surplusage, detriment, deterioration, detraction, drawback.
KEY: Addicted.
SYN: Given, accustomed, prone, inclined, disposed, habituated.
ANT: Unaddicted, disinclined, unaccustomed, indisposed, averse,
KEY: additament.
SYN: Adjunct, annexation, supplement, addition, acquisition,
increase, augmentation, accession.
ANT: Deduction, detraction, drawback, decrement, deterioration.
KEY: Addition.
SYN: Accession, enlargement, increase, extension, accretion,
KEY: Address \n.\.
SYN: Tact, manners.
ANT: Awkwardness, unmannerliness.
KEY: Address \v.\.
SYN: Accost, greet, salute, approach, apostrophize, appeal, hail,
{[woo]?}, court.
ANT: Elude, avoid, shun, ignore, pass.
KEY: Adduce.
SYN: Allege, apply, cite, advance, offer, introduce, produce, add,
import, name, mention, quote.
ANT: Retract, except, withdraw, {[de]?}, duct, deduce, suppress.
KEY: Adept.
SYN: Expert, adroit, handy, master, performer, professor, artist.
ANT: Awkward, clumsy, inexpert, tyro, novice, lubber, blunderer.
KEY: Adequate.
SYN: Equal, sufficient, fit, satisfactory, full, competent, capable,
ANT: Unequal, insufficient, incompetent, inadequate.
KEY: Adhere.
SYN: Stick, cohere, cleave, hold, attach, unite, fix, join, cling.
ANT: Disunite, part, separate, divide, secede, sunder, sever.
KEY: Adherence.
SYN: Adhesion, attachment, devotion, fidelity, cleaving_to,
constancy, endearment.
ANT: Separation, disunion, unfaithfulness, desertion, treachery.
KEY: Adherent.
SYN: Follower, supporter.
ANT: Denial, protestation, negation, contradiction, rejection.
SYN: Receive, pase, permit, accept, grant, concede, allow,
acknowledge, confess, own, avow, suffer.
ANT: Exclude, debar, disallow, reject, deny, discharge, dismiss,
eject, extrude, repudiate, disavow, disown.
KEY: Admittance.
SYN: Introduction, entrance, pass, permit, passport, privilege,
acceptance, welcome, reception.
ANT: Exclusion, denial, ejection, prohibition, bar, hindrance,
rejection, repudiation.
KEY: Admonish.
SYN: Remind, forewarn, advise, warn, dissuade, caution, counsel,
reprove, censure, rebuke.
ANT: Encourage, instigate, abet, incite, urge, applaud, countenance.
KEY: Admonition.
SYN: Warning, advice, counsel, caution, reproof.
ANT: Applauding, encouraging, inciting, urging, countenancing.
KEY: Ado.
SYN: Hubbub, commotion, fuse, excitement.
ANT: Calm, composure, quiet, orderliness, staidness, tranquillity.
KEY: Adopt.
SYN: Assume, select, affiliate, take, elect, arrogate, choose,
endorse, avow, appropriate.
ANT: Reject, decline, repudiate, disavow, discard, renounce, abandon,
disown, disclaim.
KEY: Adore.
SYN: Admire, hallow, glorify, praise, venerate, reverence, worship,
ANT: Abhor, despise, disesteem, abominate, execrate, blaspheme.
KEY: Adorn.
SYN: Beautify, bedeck, ornament, decorate, embellish, deck, garnish,
gild, enrich.
ANT: Mar, spoil, deform, deface, disfigure, impoverish, denude,
despoil, strip, bare, disembellish.
KEY: drift.
SYN: Loose, afloat, agog, abroad, abroach, distracted, disordered.
ANT: 'fait victorious', tight, right, lashed, moored, secure,
collected, composed.
KEY: Adroit.
SYN: Handy, skillful, dexterous, expert, proficient, clever.
ANT: Awkward, clumsy, unskillful, inexpert, lubberly.
KEY: addition.
SYN: Adventitious, superfluous, redundant, alien, artificial,
spurious, smuggled.
ANT: Essential, necessary, veritable, regular, ingenerate, ingrained,
congenital, fundamental, genuine, inherent, proper.
KEY: Adulation.
SYN: Flattery, compliment, sycophancy, courtship, incense, praise,
blandishment, fawning, cringing.
ANT: Detraction, obloquy, defamation, calumny, traducement, sarcasm,
ridicule, satire, bespatterment.
KEY: Adult.
SYN: Man, woman.
ANT: Youth, stripling, boy, child, infant.
KEY: Adulterate.
SYN: Debase, corrupt, deteriorate, vitiate, contaminate.
ANT: Make_pure, genuine, undeteriorate.
KEY: Adulterated.
SYN: Impure, ingenuine, spurious, concocted, mixed, falsified,
deteriorated, garbled, vitiated.
ANT: Pure, genuine, original, unmixed, unadulterated, undeteriorated,
KEY: Adumbration.
SYN: Shadow, foreshadowing, presage, prognostic, delineation,
premonition, hint, sketch, prototype, suggestion.
ANT: Body, substance, fulfillment, realization, substantiation,
KEY: Advance \v.\.
SYN: Propel, elevate, promote, further, lend, propagate, progress,
increase, prosper, rise.
ANT: Retard, hinder, withhold, withdraw, recall, depress, degrade,
suppress, oppose, retreat, decrease.
KEY: Advancement, [See ADVANCE].
KEY: Advantage.
SYN: Gain, success, superiority, help, assistance, benefit, good,
avail, interest, utility, service, profit, acquisition.
ANT: Loss, disappointment, defeat, frustration, inferiority,
obstacle, obstruction, difficulty, dilemma, disadvantage, drawback.
KEY: Advent.
SYN: Approach, arrival, accession, coming.
ANT: Departure, exit, exodus, retirement, relinquishment, quittance.
KEY: Adventitious.
SYN: Extrinsic, redundant, superfluous, adscititious_irregular,
casual, imported.
ANT: Regular, proper, pertinent, essential, appropriate, necessary,
KEY: Adventure.
SYN: Incident, crisis, chance, hazard, occurrence, event, enterprise,
casualty, undertaking, experiment, venture, trial, romance.
ANT: Matter-of-fact, matter-of-course.
KEY: Adventurous.
SYN: Bold, brave, daring, enterprising, courageous, gallant,
fearless, venturesome, rash, chivalrous, hazardous.
ANT: Timid, unenterprising, inadventurous, cowardly, nervous,
hesitating, cautious.
KEY: Adversary.
SYN: Antagonist, foe, enemy, rival, assailant.
ANT: Accessory, abettor, alder, friend, helper, assistant, ally,
KEY: Adverse.
SYN: Opposed_to, unlucky, hard, hostile, antagonistic, unpropitious,
opposite, conflicting, contrary, unfavorable.
ANT: Favorable, friendly, amicable, propitious, fortunate, lucky.
KEY: Adversity.
SYN: Ill-luck, misfortune, misery, calamity, disaster, distress,
unsuccess, failure, ruin, trouble, affliction, sorrow.
ANT: Good-luck, prosperity, happiness, success, advancement.
KEY: Advert_to.
SYN: Refer_to, allude_to, notice, remark, glance_at, regard,
touch_upon, hint_at.
ANT: Ignore, pass, drop, omit, overlook.
KEY: Advertent.
SYN: Attentive, regardful, mindful, watchful, thoughtful, observant,
ANT: Inattentive, inadvertent, casual, thoughtless, heedless,
inobservant, inconsiderate.
KEY: Advertise.
SYN: Publish, inform, advise, circulate, announce, notify, proclaim,
ANT: Suppress, hush, conceal, ignore, hoodwink, misguide, mislead,
KEY: Advice, [See {[ADVisi]?}].
KEY: Advise.
SYN: Admonish, warn, deliberate, counsel, persuade, urge, prompt,
instigate, incite, instruct, acquaint, inform.
ANT: Dissuade, [See DETER], expostulate, {[rwnoastraVe]?}, prohibit,
{[UiiiibiV]?}, restrain.
KEY: Advisable.
SYN: Politic, judicious, expedient, desirable, wise, prudent,
beneficial, profitable.
ANT: inadvisable, impolitic, Injudicious, inexpedient, undesirable,
KEY: Advocate \n.\.
SYN: Pleader, counsellor, upholder, propagator, promoter, supporter,
countenancer, defender, maintainer.
ANT: Opponent, adversary, discountenancer, accuser, impugner,
KEY: Advocate \r.\, Noun.
KEY: Afar.
SYN: Abroad, away, aloof.
ANT: Near, at_home, close.
KEY: affable.
SYN: Courteous, accessible, condescending, conversible, gracious,
sociable, gentle, complaisant, urbane, polite, easy, approachable.
ANT: Exclusive, discourteous, distant, inaccessible, unapproachable,
inconversible, haughty, contemptuous, supercilious.
KEY: Affair.
SYN: Matter, business, concern, subject, topic, transaction.
ANT: Detail, item, point, feature, circumstance.
KEY: Affect.
SYN: Like, desire, favor, seek, assume, move, influence, concern,
interest, feign, pretend.
ANT: Dislike, eschew, shun, repel, repudiate.
KEY: Affectation.
SYN: Pretence, artifice, hypocrisy, assumption, simulation,
mannerism, euphuism, airs.
ANT: Genuineness, naturalness, un_affectedness, simplicity,
KEY: affectibility.
SYN: Sensibility, sensitiveness, susceptibility, impressibility,
excitability, irritability, nervousness.
ANT: Insensibility, insensateness, hebetude, unimpressibleness,
KEY: Affection.
SYN: Influence, condition, state, inclination, bent, mood, humor,
feeling, love, desire, propensity.
ANT: Insensibility, indifference, repugnance, disaffection,
KEY: Affiance.
SYN: Homage, trust, confidence, reliance, betrothal, fealty, faith,
ANT: Unfealty, disloyalty, treason, suspicion, Infidelity,
KEY: Affiliate.
SYN: Annex, graft, incorporate, unite, adopt, inoculate.
ANT: Dismember, disannex, disaffiliate, sever, transplant, separate,
disjoin, disunite.
KEY: Affiliation, [See AFFILIATE].
KEY: Affinity.
SYN: Relationship, relation, kindred, conformity, connection,
alliance, similarity, analogy, homogeneity, harmony,
correlativeness, sympathy, interdependence, interconnection,
ANT: Dissimilarity, discordance, disconnection, independence,
antagonism, antipathy, repugnance, interrepulsiveness.
KEY: Affirm.
SYN: Assert, swear, testify, tell, aver, propound, asseverate, depose,
state, declare, endorse, maintain.
ANT: Deny, dispute, doubt, demur, negative, contradict, gainsay,
oppugn, impugn, oppose.
KEY: Affix.
SYN: Attach, annex, subjoin, adjoin, connect, fasten, unite, append.
ANT: Detach, disunite, separate, remove, disengage, unfasten.
KEY: Affliction.
SYN: Trouble, trial, grief, pain, disease, misery, hardship, sorrow.
ANT: Consolation, relief, alleviation, assuagement, more_(or,
positively:), boon, blessing, gratification, pleasure.
KEY: Affluence.
SYN: Abundance, plenty, wealth, riches, opulence.
ANT: Want, scarcity, penury, indigence, poverty, impecuniosity,
straitness, lack.
KEY: Afflux.
SYN: Accession, importation, augmentation, increase, addition,
ANT: Decrease, detriment, detraction, diminution, exhaustion,
failure, ebb.
KEY: Afford.
SYN: Produce, supply, give, yield, grant, confer, bestow, impart,
administer, extend.
ANT: Withhold, deny, withdraw, retain, stint, grudge.
KEY: Affranchise.
SYN: Free, liberate, enfranchise, manumit, qualify, open.
ANT: Enthral, enslave, subjugate, disfranchise, disqualify, close.
KEY: Affray.
SYN: Broil, tumult, brawl, melee, fracas, disturbance, uproar,
quarrel, strife, wrangle, altercation.
ANT: Order, tranquillity, pacification, dispersion, quelling.
KEY: Affright.
SYN: Startle, astonish, terrify, alarm, dismay, cow, frighten, scare.
ANT: Encourage, embolden, reassure.
KEY: Affront.
SYN: Outrage, provocation, insult, ill-treatment, abuse, wrong,
offence, Indignity.
ANT: Homage, salutation, courtesy, apology, amends, compliment.
KEY: Afire.
SYN: Ablaze, alight, burning, ignited.
ANT: Out, extinguished, quenched.
KEY: Afloat.
SYN: Adrift, abroad, at_sea, abroach, loose, distracted, dazed.
ANT: Ashore, snug, tight, close, fast, collected, concentrated.
KEY: Afoot.
SYN: Working, launched, afloat, agoing, inaugurated, started,
instituted, established.
ANT: Uncommenced, Incomplete, projected, proposed, contemplated,
KEY: Afore.
SYN: Precedent, antecedent, foregoing, ahead, afront, before, beyond,
ANT: Behind, following, subsequently, after, astern, aback,
KEY: Aforesaid.
SYN: Above-mentioned, stated, forenamed, foregoing, preceding,
ANT: Following, subjoined, aftercited, forthcoming.
KEY: Afraid.
SYN: Fearful, apprehensive, timid, timorous, cowardly, fainthearted,
cautious, careful, frightened, alarmed, terrified, suspicious,
distrustful, anxious.
ANT: Fearless, inapprehensive, unsolicitous, easy, indifferent,
secure, confident, bold, hopeful, eager, reckless, audacious,
KEY: Afresh.
SYN: Anew, again, frequently, repeatedly, intermittently.
ANT: Continuously, uniformly, uninterruptedly, unintermittently,
KEY: Aft, {[AsAS-r]?}.
KEY: After.
SYN: Behind, following, succeeding.
ANT: Afore, before, Introducing, preceding.
KEY: {[A^aiii]?}.
SYN: Anew, afresh, repeatedly, frequently.
ANT: Continuously, uniformly, uninterruptedly, unintermittently,
KEY: Against.
SYN: Over, opposite, abutting, opposing, resisting, despite, across,
athwart, counter.
ANT: With, for, accompanying, aiding, suiting, promoting.
KEY: Agape.
SYN: Astare, agog, astonished, curious, inquisitive, entertained,
amused, eager.
ANT: Incurious, listless, lukewarm, absent.
KEY: Age.
SYN: Period, generation, era, epoch, date, century, antiquity,
senility, eldership, seniority.
ANT: Youth, infancy, boyhood, childhood, moment, instant.
KEY: Aged.
SYN: Old, ancient, antiquated, elderly, senile, patriarchal,
primeval, time-honored, olden.
ANT: Juvenile, youthful, young, upstart, recent, fresh.
KEY: Agency, [See AGENT].
KEY: Agent.
SYN: Doer, performer, actor, force, means, instrument, influence,
cause, promoter, operator.
ANT: Counteragent, counteractor, counteraction, opponent,
KEY: Agglomerate.
SYN: Accumulate, conglomerate, lump, agglutinate, entangle, heap,
confuse, amalgamate.
ANT: Scatter, dissipate, sift, separate, disentangle, disject,
divide, disunite, part, unravel, detach, difference.
KEY: Aggrandize.
SYN: Promote, dignify, exalt, ennoble, enrich, advance, augment,
make_great, magnify, elevate, signalize.
ANT: Depress, degrade, enfeeble, Impoverish, debase, humiliate,
lower, abase, disgrace, dishonor.
KEY: Aggravate.
SYN: Exasperate, provoke, wound, heighten, intensify, irritate,
make_worse, increase, enhance_embitter, magnify.
ANT: Soothe, conciliate, assuage, diminish, palliate, neutralize,
soften, lessen, alleviate, attenuate, mitigate.
KEY: Aggregate, Aggregation.
SYN: Sum, result, total, mass, whole, totality, collection, amount,
collation, combination.
ANT: Dissipation, dispersion, separation, division, segregation,
disunion, individual, unit, element, ingredient, item.
KEY: Aggression.
SYN: Invasion, attack, offence, onslaught, encroachment, assault,
provocation, incursion.
ANT: Resistance, retaliation, repulsion, withdrawal, retreat,
evacuation, accession, acceptance, qualification.
KEY: Aggrieve.
SYN: Wound, trouble, annoy, hurt, vex, disappoint, molest, maltreat,
grieve, afflict, injure, wrong.
ANT: Soothe, conciliate, assuage, console, satisfy, compensate.
KEY: Aghast.
SYN: Affrighted, astonished, astare, dumbfounded, bewildered,
ANT: Cool, fearless, unaffected, unmoved, indifferent, unexcited,
KEY: Agile.
SYN: Nimble, active, fleet, brisk, alert, {[fetitly]?}, lithe, prompt,
ready, quick, supple, nimble, swift, sprightly.
ANT: Slow, heavy, awkward, inert, clumsy, bulky, ponderous,
KEY: Agitate.
SYN: Disturb, trouble, excite, ruffle, stir, fluster, oscillate,
instigate, convulse, shake.
ANT: Calm, compose, allay, pacify, smooth,
{{It_is_sometimes_used_of_argumentative_consideration}, as,
SYN: Start, moot, ventilate, propound.
ANT: Solve, settle, determine.
KEY: Ago.
SYN: Past, gone, since.
ANT: Coming, future, hence, hereafter.
KEY: Agog.
SYN: Abroad, abroach, astir, adrift, agoing.
ANT: Asleep, indifferent, {[incnriou8]?}, somnolent, heedless,
collected, cool.
KEY: Agony.
SYN: Pain, torture, torment, distress, woe, throe, suffering, pang,
ANT: Assuagement, comfort, peace, ease, relief, gratification,
enjoyment, rapture, ecstasy, composure.
KEY: Agree.
SYN: Suit, tally, accord, fit, harmonize, combine, assent, concur,
acquiesce, admit, consent, conform, consort, comport, coincide.
ANT: Differ, disagree, revolt, protest, decline, refuse, dissent,
KEY: Agreeable.
SYN: Obliging, pleasant, accommodating, grateful, acceptable,
welcome, suitable, consistent, consonant, amiable, gratifying,
pleasing, good-natured, complaisant.
ANT: Disobliging, unpleasant, unaccommodating, disagreeable,
obnoxious, ungrateful, unwelcome, unacceptable, offensive.
KEY: Agreeably.
SYN: Suitably, conformably, consistently, accordingly, pleasantly,
acceptably, gratefully.
ANT: Unsuitably, inconsistently, impertinently, inappropriately,
inharmoniously, unbefittingly, unpleasantly.
KEY: Agreement.
SYN: Contract, compact, bond, concord, concurrence, conformity,
harmony, unison, consonance, bargain, covenant, obligation,
undertaking, treaty.
ANT: {(As_without_legal_force_or_bond)}, Understanding, promise,
KEY: Agriculture.
SYN: Cultivation, husbandry, farming, tillage.
ANT: Sterility, unproductiveness, waste, fallowness, inculture.
KEY: Aground.
SYN: Strained, ashore.
ANT: Afloat, off.
KEY: Ahead.
SYN: Forward, afore, afront, onwards.
ANT: abaft, astern, behind, aback, aft.
KEY: Aid.
SYN: Help, assist, succour, support, befriend, co-operate,
contribute favor, foster, protect, abet, encourage, instigate,
ANT: Oppose, resist, counteract, discourage, thwart, withstand,
confront, deter, baffle.
KEY: Ailment.
SYN: Complaint, sickness, illness, disease.
ANT: Recovery, convalescence, sanity, health, robustness, vigor,
KEY: Aim_\n.\.
SYN: Tendency, intent, aspiration, bent, drift, object, scope, goal,
purpose, mark, end, design, intention.
ANT: Shunning, disregarding, disaffecting, overlooking, avoiding.
KEY: Aim_\v.\.
SYN: Seek, level, propose, design, affect, intend, mean, purpose.
ANT: Shun, disregard, disaffect, ignore, overlook, avoid.
KEY: Airy.
SYN: Light, ethereal, spiritual, joyous, sprightly, lively, animated,
frolicsome, fairy-like.
ANT: Dull, inert, stony, ponderous, plow, heavy, cheerless, sullen,
dolesome, lugubrious, leaden, wooden.
KEY: Akin.
SYN: Related, agnate, cognate, homogeneous, similar, consanguineous,
congenial, allied, sympathetic.
ANT: Unrelated, unconnected, foreign, alien, heterogeneous,
uncongenial, hostile, unallied, antagonistic, unsympathetic,
KEY: Alacrity.
SYN: Quickness, readiness, briskness, activity, cheerfulness,
compliance, willingness, promptitude.
ANT: Slowness, reluctance, repugnance.
KEY: Alarm \n.\.
SYN: Apprehension, fright, fear, timidity, consternation, tocsin,
war-cry, war-note, reveille, dread, {[af]?}, fright, disquietude,
ANT: Confidence, security, quiet.
KEY: Alarm \v.\.
SYN: Warn, wake, terrify, intimidate, frighten.
ANT: Compose, embolden, reassure, rally.
KEY: Alarming.
SYN: Terrible, fearful, frightful, portentous, ominous, threatening.
ANT: Soothing, assuring, encouraging, inviting, propitious, hopeful,
alluring, enticing, attractive.
KEY: Alert.
SYN: Active, brisk, nimble, prepared, prompt, vigilant, ready,
wakeful, watchful, on_the_watch, lively.
ANT: Slow, sleepy, lazy, absent, unready, oblivious, sluggish,
inactive, unwatchful, dilatory, drowsy.
KEY: Alien.
SYN: Foreign, strange, undomesticated, inappropriate, irrelevant,
ANT: Pertinent, essential, proper, appropriate, relevant, germane,
{[afcin]?}, apropos, naturalized.
KEY: Alienate.
SYN: Estrange, abalienate, transfer, wean, disaffect, convey.
ANT: Conciliate, retain, endear, entail, bind, secure.
KEY: Alienation.
SYN: Insanity, aberration, hallucination, derangement, imbecility.
ANT: Sanity, soundness, sobriety, rationality.
KEY: Alight.
SYN: Perch, drop, descend, dismount.
ANT: Mount, ascend, spring, soar, start.
KEY: Alike.
SYN: Resembling, similar, together, twin-fellow, analogous,
identical, equal, equivalent, same, homogeneous, akin, equally.
ANT: Unlike, heterogeneous, apart, dissimilar, variously,
differently, unequally.
KEY: Ailment.
SYN: Food, sustentation, nutriment, pabulum, victuals, provision,
meat, sustenance, nourishment.
ANT: Poison, bane, venom, starvation, exhaustion.
KEY: Alive.
SYN: Quick, living, breathing, warm, lively, vivacious, alert,
existing, existent, safe, subsisting, active, brisk, animated.
ANT: Dead, departed, cold, lifeless, defunct, inanimate, dispirited,
KEY: All.
SYN: Whole, complete, entire, total, every, integral, perfect, full.
ANT: {[(preceding)]?}, Some, part.
KEY: Allay.
SYN: soothe, alleviate, repress, mitigate, quiet, moderate, appease,
compose, soften, pacify, mollify, assuage, tranquilize, palliate,
ANT: Excite, rouse, aggravate, stir, kindle, fan, impassion, provoke,
KEY: Allege.
SYN: Declare, affirm, assert, asseverate, depose, plead, cite, quote,
assign, advance, maintain, say.
ANT: Contradict, gainsay, refute, deny, disprove, neutralize, quash,
KEY: Allegiance.
SYN: Subjection, obedience, loyalty, fealty, homage.
ANT: Disloyalty, rebellion, resistance, disaffection,
malcontentment, treason.
KEY: Allegory.
SYN: Parable, metaphor, fable, illustration, image.
ANT: History, fact, narrative.
KEY: Alleviate.
SYN: Lighten, lessen, assuage, mitigate, soothe, moderate, relieve,
remit, diminish.
ANT: Aggravate, enhance, increase, embitter, augment.
KEY: Alliance.
SYN: Compact, treaty, cooperation, union, connection, partnership,
league, combination, coalition, confederation, friendship, relation,
ANT: Disunion, enmity, divorce, discord, disruption, antagonism,
separation, estrangement, hostility.
KEY: Allot.
SYN: Assign, grant, award, give, apportion, deal, dispense, parcel,
distribute, divide, mete_out, portion_out.
ANT: Refuse, withhold, retain, appropriate, resume, misapportion,
KEY: Allotment.
SYN: Piece, assignment, parcel, award, apportionment.
ANT: Misappropriation, seizure, encroachment.
KEY: Allow.
SYN: Concede, apportion, allot, assign, afford, tolerate, authorize,
grant, remit, recognize, acknowledge, avow, confess, admit, permit,
suffer, sanction, yield.
ANT: Withhold, withdraw, resume, refuse, deny, disallow, repudiate,
protest, Withstand, resist, disapprove, reject.
KEY: Allowance, [See ALLOW].
KEY: Alloy.
SYN: Admixture, deterioration, adulteration, drawback, diminution,
decrement, impairment, debasement, depreciation, disparagement.
ANT: Purity, genuineness, enhance, {[muiit]?}, integrity.
KEY: Alloyed.
SYN: Mixed, deteriorated, impaired, diminished, adulterated.
ANT: Pure, absolute, perfect, complete, genuine, unmixed, unimpaired,
undeteriorated, undiminished, unadulterated, enhanced.
KEY: Allude.
SYN: Point, indicate, suggest, hint, signify, insinuate, refer, imply,
ANT: Specify, demonstrate, declare, mention, state.
KEY: Allure.
SYN: Entice, seduce, attract, tempt, decoy, inveigle, wheedle, lure,
ANT: Alarm, deter, terrify, scare, warn.
KEY: Allurement, [See ALLURE].
KEY: Allusion.
SYN: Reference, insinuation.
ANT: Specification, demonstration, mention.
KEY: Ally.
SYN: Friend, companion, supporter, aider, abetter, accomplice,
assistant, confederate, helper, associate, accessory, colleague,
ANT: Foe, enemy, opponent, adversary, baffler, counteractor,
KEY: Aloof.
SYN: Apart, away, separately.
ANT: Close, near, together.
KEY: Aloud.
SYN: Audibly, loudly, clamorously, sonorously, vociferously,
ANT: Softly, silently, inaudibly, suppressedly.
KEY: Alter.
SYN: Substitute, change, vary, modify, exchange, diversify, remodel.
ANT: Retain, perpetuate, conserve, stereotype, arrest, solidify,
KEY: Alterable.
SYN: Variable, mutable, changeable, movable, revocable.
ANT: Invariable, immutable, fixed, unchangeable, permanent,
perpetual, unalterable, immovable.
KEY: Alteration.
SYN: Variation, difference, diversification, shifting, modification,
change, permutation, mutation, mutability.
ANT: Retention, perpetuation, conservation, changelessness,
identity, stabilisation, {[nxity]?}, permanence.
KEY: Altercation.
SYN: Dispute, wrangle, contentious, quarrel, dissension, commotion,
variance, disturbance, affray, controversy, brawl.
ANT: Unanimity, concord, compromise, agreement, reconciliation,
consonance, conversation, harmony.
KEY: Alternative.
SYN: Choice, resource, opinion.
ANT: Compulsion, quandary, necessity, fix.
KEY: Altiloquence.
SYN: Bombast, inflatedness, turgidity, euphuism, magniloquence.
ANT: Plain-spokenness, vernacular, mother_tongue.
KEY: Altitude.
SYN: Height, tallness, verticality, ascent, loftiness, eminence,
ANT: Lowness, depression, descent, declination, depth.
KEY: Altogether.
SYN: Collectively, combined, in_one, totally, entirely, wholly,
fully, completely, utterly, thoroughly.
ANT: Separately, individually, partially.
KEY: Amalgamate.
SYN: Fuse, commix, mix, compound, unite, consolidate, incorporate.
ANT: Separate, disintegrate, decompose, disunite, dissipate, detach,
disperse, analyze.
KEY: Amalgamation, [See AMALGAMATE].
KEY: amass.
SYN: Collect, accumulate, aggregate, heap, gather, store_up, hoard,
ANT: Divide, dissipate, waste, scatter, disperse, parcel, portion,
KEY: Amazement.
SYN: astonishment, awe, wonder, bewilderment, surprise,
stupefication, marvel.
ANT: Expectation, preparation, anticipation, familiarity, calmness,
composure, coolness, self-possession.
KEY: Amazing.
SYN: Astounding, astonishing, bewildering, marvellous, prodigious,
miraculous, vast, portentous, ominous, striking, wonderful,
surprising, astounding, extraordinary.
ANT: Common, ordinary, familiar, trivial, commonplace, customary,
frequent, usual.
KEY: Ambagious.
SYN: Tortuous, indirect, anfractuous, circumlocutory, circuitous,
periphrastic, ambiguous, unintelligible, pointless, disjointed.
ANT: Simple, straightforward, plain, direct, obvious, intelligible,
lucid, condensed, pointed, terse, pungent, telling.
KEY: Ambiguous.
SYN: Equivocal, vague, doubtful, enigmatical, uncertain, obscure,
unintelligible, perplexing, indistinct, dubious.
ANT: Univocal, obvious, plain, clear, unambiguous, indisputable,
necessary, unmistakable, unequivocal, lucid.
KEY: Ambition.
SYN: Aspiration, emulation, appetition.
ANT: Indifference, inappetency, contentment, moderation.
KEY: Ameliorate.
SYN: Improve, raise, better, advantage, promote, advance, amend,
rectify, meliorate.
ANT: Debase, depress, deteriorate, injure, impair, vitiate, spoil,
KEY: Amenable.
SYN: Liable, dependent, responsible, answerable, accountable,
subject, pliant, impressible, ductile, docile.
ANT: Independent, autocratic, unamenable, irresponsible, refractory,
KEY: Amend.
SYN: Improve, mend, repair, correct, rectify, better, ameliorate,
ANT: Deteriorate, degenerate, neglect, aggravate, tarnish, blemish,
spoil, corrupt, vitiate, impair, mar.
KEY: Amends.
SYN: compensation, satisfaction, acknowledgment, atonement,
expiation, recompense, indemnity, remuneration, apology, reparation,
ANT: Insult, fault, offense, injury.
KEY: Amenity.
SYN: Pleasantness, mildness, blandness, graciousness, gentility,
compliableness, courtesy, obligingness.
ANT: Unpleasantness, moroseness, harshness, austerity, roughness,
ungraciousness, bearishness, rigor, asperity, angularity,
KEY: Amerce.
SYN: Find, bind, mulct, condemn.
ANT: Remit, acquit, absolve, indemnify, release.
KEY: Amiable.
SYN: Lovable, good, kind, benevolent, charitable, delectable,
engaging, fascinating, agreeable, lovely, pleading, charming,
ANT: Churlish, disagreeable, hateful, abominable, ill-natured,
ill-conditioned, unamiable.
KEY: Amicable.
SYN: Friendly, propitious, favorable, kind, cordial, neighborly,
ANT: Unfriendly, unpropitious, unfavorable, unkind, cold, distant,
antagonistic, hostile, adverse.
KEY: Amidst.
SYN: Between, among, betwixt.
ANT: Outside, without, beyond.
KEY: Amiss.
SYN: Wrong, untrue, wide, bad, false, defective, short, inappropriate,
inopportune, injudicious, untimely, abortive.
ANT: Right, true, good, complete, effective, successful,
satisfactory, consummate, expedient, appropriate, opportune.
KEY: amity.
SYN: Friendliness, peace, sociableness, good_will.
ANT: Coolness, distance, indifference, hostility, opposition,
acrimony, antagonism, asperity, hatred, dislike, repugnance,
KEY: {[AiiiiK-Mly]?}.
SYN: Pardon, acquittal, remission, condonation, oblivion,
dispensation, absolution.
ANT: Penalty, retaliation, punishment, retribution, requital,
visitation, infliction, exaction, trial, account.
KEY: Among, [See_AMIDST], Amorphous.
SYN: Shapeless, unarranged, unformed, incompact, inchoate,
incomplete, unordered, floating, unmoulded, natant, discurrent.
ANT: systematized, arranged, compact, finished, shapely,
crystallized, de-, stereotyped, moulded.
KEY: Amount \r.\.
SYN: Reach, rise, come, attain, extend.
ANT: Fall, recede, relapse, decline, fail.
KEY: Amount \n.\.
SYN: Total, aggregate, sum, whole, quantity, totality, equality.
ANT: Failure, decrease, deficiency, portion, instalment, deficit,
KEY: Ample.
SYN: Large, bountiful, liberal, copious, spacious, roomy, diffusive,
full, complete, sufficient, plentiful, abundant,.
ANT: Narrow, niggardly, insufficient, stingy, scant, mean, stint,
KEY: Amplification, [See AMPLIFY].
KEY: Amplify.
SYN: Enrich, enlarge, increase, augment, multiply, dilate, develop,
swell, expatiate, expand, discuss, unfold, extend.
ANT: Retrench, amputate, curtail, condense, abbreviate, epitomize,
gath, er, collect, sum.
KEY: Amplitude, [See AMPLE].
KEY: Amputate.
SYN: Prune, lop, curtail, clip, remove.
ANT: Extend, enlarge, augment, elongate, amplify, t_rain, trail,
develop, pra_duce.
KEY: Analogy.
SYN: Relation, resemblance, proportion, similarity, similitude,
coincidence, affinity, comparison, parity.
ANT: Disproportion, dissimilarity, disharmony, irrelativeness,
heterogeneousness, incongruity, inaffinity.
KEY: Analysis.
SYN: Dissection, separation, anatomy, segregation, decomposition,
resolution, partition.
ANT: Composition, synthesis, aggregation, combination, coalition,
amalgamation, coherence.
KEY: Anarchy.
SYN: Disorder, tumult, rebellion, riot, misgovernment,
ANT: Order, subjection, government, organization, control, law.
KEY: Anatomy.
SYN: Dissection, division, segregation, analysis, resolution,
ANT: Synthesis, collocation, organization, union, construction,
structure, form, body.
KEY: Ancient.
SYN: Old, antiquated, oldfashioned, antique, obsolete, old-time,
aged, primeval, primordial, immemorial, time-honored.
ANT: New, young, modern, juvenile, upstart, fresh, parvenu.
KEY: Ancillary.
SYN: Assistant, subservient, promotive, auxiliary, accessory,
conducive, available, useful, applicable.
ANT: insubservient, redundant, inappropriate, irrelevant, alien,
inoperative, unconducive, adverse, counteractive, obstructive,
impertinent, preventive.
KEY: Anew.
SYN: afresh, again, repeatedly.
ANT: Of_old, continuously, uninterruptedly.
KEY: anfractuosity.
SYN: Tortuousness, ambiguousness, angularity, ambiguity,
circumlocution, disjointedness.
ANT: Straightforwardness, directness.
KEY: Angelic.
SYN: Pure, ethereal, spiritual, lovely, heavenly, seraphic,
rapturous, divine.
ANT: Foul, hideous, demoniacal, diabolical, hellish, fiendish.
KEY: Anger \n.\.
SYN: Ire, incentment, vexation, grudge, pique, exasperation,
indignation, enmity, displeasure, irritation, passion, spleen, gall,
resentment, rage, animosity, fury, choler, wrath.
ANT: Peace, peacefulness, peaceableness, appeasement, forgiveness,
goodwill, patience, forbearance, reconciliation, conciliatoriness,
KEY: Anger \v.\.
SYN: Enrage, vex, kindle, fret, ruffle, chafe, infuriate, exasperate,
provoke, irritate, incense, wound, inflame, imbitter.
ANT: To_appease, compose, forbear, allay, soothe, calm, conciliate,
KEY: Angry.
SYN: Wrathful, irate, resentful, ireful, incensed, furious,
irascible, choleric, moody, nettled, touchy, sullen, piqued, excited,
provoked, raging, chafed, hasty, hot, exasperated, indignant,
ANT: Peaceful, forgiving, forbearing, calm, good-tempered,
KEY: Anguish.
SYN: Pain, pang, wound, sorrow, distress, grief, discomfort, torture,
excruciation, agony, torment.
ANT: Ease, pleasure, enjoyment, ecstasy, rapture, relief, solace,
comfort, assuagement.
KEY: Animadversion.
SYN: Rebuke, disapproval, censure, blame.
ANT: Praise, approval, encouragement, eulogy.
KEY: Animate.
SYN: Enliven, Inspirit, instigate, quicken, exhilarate, embolden,
rouse, revivify, cheer, gladden, stir, prompt, incite, stimulate.
ANT: Dishearten, deter, cow, stifle, depress, damp, deaden,
KEY: Animated.
SYN: Boused, excited, inspirited, exhilarated, enlivened, vivacious,
stirred, lively, brisk, enlivening, inspiring, spirited.
ANT: Sluggish, indolent, indifferent, dull, languid, flat, tame.
KEY: Animation.
SYN: Life, vivacity, liveliness, airlines, cheerfulness, briskness,
alacrity, buoyancy, spirit, exhilaration, sprightliness,
promptitude, alertness, activity.
ANT: Expiration, spiritlessness, dulness, dolefulness, deadness,
stolidity, inertness.
KEY: Animosity.
SYN: Hatred, antipathy, dissention, aversion, acrimony, feud, strife,
rancor, antagonism, bitterness, acerbity, hostility, enmity, malice,
anger, malevolence, ill-will, malignity, feeling_against.
ANT: Congeniality, companionship, friendship, sympathy,
fellow-feeling, unanimity, harmony, concord, regard, alliance,
KEY: Annals.
SYN: Chronicles, memorials, records, registers, history, archives.
ANT: Tradition, legend, romance, lays.
KEY: Annex.
SYN: Add, attach, fasten, affix, subjoin, append, connect, unite.
ANT: Withdraw, detach, disconnect, separate, disengage, disunite,
KEY: Annihilate.
SYN: Abolish, destroy, bring_to_nought, uproot, eradicate, nullify,
exterminate, end, extinguish, demolish, obliterate, efface.
ANT: Keep, conserve, preserve, foster, tend, protest, cherish,
develope, stabilitate, augment, cultivate, perpetuate.
KEY: Annotation.
SYN: Explanation, criticism, remark, note, commentary, elucidation,
observation, comment.
ANT: Statement, assertion, proposition, narrative, text.
KEY: Announce.
SYN: Declare, propound, give_notice, enunciate, advertise, publish,
report, notify, make_known, give_out, reveal, herald, proclaim,
intimate, promulgate.
ANT: Conceal, suppress, hush, {[rtiflf]?}, withhold, shroud, bury,
KEY: Annoy.
SYN: Tease, vex, irritate, disturb, affront, molest, pain, disquiet,
incommode, tantalize, bother, weary, inconvenience, plague,
discommode, harass, chafe, trouble.
ANT: Soothe, conciliate, appease, regard, quiet, accommodate, study,
tend, foster, cherish, smooth, gratify.
KEY: Annoyance.
SYN: Trouble, discomfort, vexation, worry, nuisance, bother,
uneasiness, plague, bore.
ANT: Joy, gladness, gratification, delight, ease, pleasure.
KEY: Annul.
SYN: Cancel, obliterate, make_void, quash, nullify, revoke, rescind,
destroy, set_aside, abrogate, extinguish, abolish, repeal.
ANT: Foster, protect, conserve, confirm, maintain, enact, re-enact,
institute, establish.
KEY: Anomalous.
SYN: Irregular, abnormal, exceptional, unusual, eccentric.
ANT: Regular, normal, usual, ordinary, common, wonted,
KEY: Anomaly.
SYN: Irregularity, abnormity, exception, informality, peculiarity,
ANT: Conformity, regularity, illustration, conformance,
exemplification, specimen.
KEY: Anon.
SYN: Soon, shortly, presently.
ANT: Hereafter.
KEY: Anonymous.
SYN: Nameless, unattested, authorless, unidentified,
ANT: Authenticated, attested, identified, authorized, verified,
KEY: Answer.
SYN: Reply, response, counter-argument, confutation, acceptance,
{(as_of_a_challenge)}, tally, counterpart, solution, vindication,
apology, exculpation, defense, rejoinder, repartee, retort.
ANT: Challenge, question, defiance, summons, interrogation, query.
KEY: Answerable.
SYN: Liable, amenable, accountable, responsible, correspondent,
ANT: Independent, unanswerable, irresponsible, different,
unsuitable, disagreeing, dissimilar.
KEY: Antagonism.
SYN: Hostility, opposition, animosity, enmity.
ANT: Amity, alliance, association.
KEY: Antagonist.
SYN: Adversary, opponent, rival, competitor, foe, enemy.
ANT: Aider, abettor, accomplice, accessory, ally.
KEY: Antagonistic.
SYN: Adverse, opposing, inimical, hostile, repugnant, contrary.
ANT: Favoring, aiding, harmonious, friendly, agreeable_to.
KEY: Antecedence.
SYN: Anteriority, priority, precursorship, premonition,
Introduction, preparation, pre-existence.
ANT: Posteriority, subsequence, succession, sequel, supervention,
KEY: Antecedent, [See ANTERIOR].
KEY: Anterior.
SYN: Prior, foregoing, antecedent, previous, precursive, precedent,
earlier, Introductory, preliminary, former.
ANT: Posterior, later, subsequent, consequent, succeeding.
KEY: Anticipate.
SYN: Forestall, prejudge, expect, foretaste, apprehend, prevent,
prearrange, prepare, prejudge, meet, obviate, intercept, forecast.
ANT: Remember, recollect, remedy, recall, undo, cure, misapprehend.
KEY: Anticipation.
SYN: Prevention, expectation, forestallment, awaiting,
preoccupation, preconception, foresight, forethought, foretaste,
prelibation, preclusion, pregustation, antepast, forecast,
ANT: Surprise, unpreparedness, Un-expectedness, inexpectation,
actual_enjoyment, non-expectation, realization, consummation.
KEY: Antipathy.
SYN: Repugnance, dislike, hatred, detestation, contrariety, aversion,
distaste, uncongeniality, antagonism, hostility, opposition,
ANT: Sympathy, kindliness, congeniality, fellow-feeling, affinity,
KEY: Antiquated.
SYN: By-gone, quaint, old-fashioned, obsolete.
ANT: Fashionable, modish, stylish, modern.
KEY: Antique.
SYN: Archaic, ancient, ancestral.
ANT: Modern, recent, new-fangled.
KEY: Antithesis.
SYN: Contrast, opposition, contradiction, antagonism.
ANT: Identity, sameness, convertibility, coincidence, coalescence.
KEY: Anxiety.
SYN: Care, trouble, eagerness, disquiet, apprehension, carefulness,
diffidence, solicitude, misgiving.
ANT: Carelessness, ease, confidence, contentment, acquiescence,
contentedness, apathy, light-heartedness, nonchalance.
KEY: Anxious.
SYN: Solicitous, careful, uneasy, concerned, restless, watchful,
disturbed, unquiet.
ANT: Without_care, careless, inert, ease, unconcerned, calm,
KEY: Apace.
SYN: Rapidly, fast, astride, eagerly, ahead, expeditiously,
ANT: Slowly, imperceptibly, leisurely, creepingly, crawlingly,
sluggishly, tardily.
KEY: Apart.
SYN: Aloof, away, separately, secret, asunder, privately, aside,
secretly, separate.
ANT: Close, together, united, along_with, hand_ill_hand.
KEY: Apartment.
SYN: Room, chamber, hall, lodging, berth.
ANT: Resident, dweller, lodger, occupant, inmate, tenant,
KEY: Apathy.
SYN: Indifference, insensibility, {unfeelingness_in_company},
insusceptibility, unconcern, sluggishness, hebetude.
ANT: Anxiety, care, eagerness, interestedness, sensibility,
susceptibility, sensitiveness, irritability, curiosity.
KEY: Apathetic.
SYN: Unfeeling, stoical, cold, frigid, indifferent, impassive,
insensible, insensitive.
ANT: Anxious, careful, sympathetic, sensitive, susceptible.
KEY: Ape_\v.\.
SYN: Mimic, imitate, simulate, personate, represent.
ANT: Not_to_imitate, vary, modify, change.
KEY: Aperture.
SYN: Opening, gap, chasm, fissure, cleft.
ANT: Closure, blocking_up, seclusion, imperviousness, blank_wall,
KEY: Apex, [See ACME].
KEY: Aphorism.
SYN: Adage, apothegm, maxim, saying, precept, rule, proverb.
ANT: Lecture, exhortation, dissertation, disquisition.
KEY: Apiece.
SYN: Distributively, individually, separately, severally,
ANT: Collectively, together, accumulatively, indiscriminately,
confusedly, synthetically.
KEY: Apocalypse.
SYN: Revelation, manifestation, unveiling, exhibition, divestment,
exposure, disclosure.
ANT: Concealment, suppression, obscuration, veiling, shrouding,
eclipse, envelopment.
KEY: Apocryphal.
SYN: Obscure, doubtful, unauthorized, unauthentic, spurious,
legendary, uncertain, unauthenticated, unverified.
ANT: Palpable, accepted, authorized, authentic, genuine, current,
undisputed, verified, attested.
KEY: Apologue.
SYN: Fable, fiction, parable.
ANT: Precept, history, narrative.
KEY: Apology.
SYN: Defense, justification, plea, exculpation, excuse, vindication,
acknowledgment, confession.
ANT: Charge, imputation, impeachment, offense, incrimination, injury,
accusation, wrong, insult.
KEY: Apostate, [See FEATURE].
KEY: Apothegm.
SYN: Proverb, adage, dictum, maxim, saw, saying.
ANT: {(As_not_so_condensed)}, Exhortation, sermon, discourse,
KEY: Appal.
SYN: Affright, alarm, terrify, scare, daunt, cow, shock, frighten,
discouraged, dishearten, horrify, dismay, astound.
ANT: Encourage, rally, assure, embolden, reassure.
KEY: Apparel.
SYN: Clothes, robes, vesture, vestments, raiment, garniture,
habiliments, habit, dress, clothing, caparison, trappings, housings.
ANT: Nudity, disinvestiture, deshabille, tatters, rags.
KEY: Apparent.
SYN: Obvious, plain, conspicuous, manifest, appearing, unmistakable,
clear, probable, seeming, presumable, likely, patent, ostensible,
visible, evident, indubitable, notorious, certain.
ANT: Uncertain, dubious, inapparent, minute, unobservable,
improbable, insupposable, hidden, real.
KEY: Appeal.
SYN: Accost, address, apostrophize, invite, cite, invoke, urge, refer,
call_upon, entreat, request, resort.
ANT: Deprecate, repudiate, protest, disavow, disclaim, defy, abjure.
KEY: Appearance.
SYN: Advent, coming, arrival, presence, apparition, aspect,
Manifestatlon, probability, likeness, exhibition, mien, manner,
semblance, air, show, look, pretense, likelihood, presumption.
ANT: Departure, disappearance, unlikelihood, non-appearance,
concealment, evanition.
KEY: Appease.
SYN: Pacify, [See {[BSPURRO]?}], mitigate, conciliate, propitiate,
moderate, satisfy, stay, allay, quiet, soften, calm, compose, soothe,
hush, cool, tranquilize.
ANT: Excite, provoke, aggravate, exasperate, inflame, embitter,
incense, intensify, stimulate, kindle.
KEY: Appellation.
SYN: Name, patronymic, cognomen, style, description, designation,
title, denomination, term.
ANT: Namelessness, non-description, anonymousness.
KEY: Append.
SYN: Affix, supplement, subjoin, attach.
ANT: Separate, disengage, disconnect, detach.
KEY: Appendage, Appendix \n.\.
SYN: Addition, annexation, adjunct, supplement.
ANT: Subtraction, separation, amalgamation, disconnection,
detachment, disjunction, division, incorporation.
KEY: Appended.
SYN: Added, joined, affixed, subjoined, attached, appended,
additional, concomitant.
ANT: Detracted, disconnected, separated, disjoined, divided.
KEY: Appertaining, [See CONCERNING].
KEY: Appetite.
SYN: Passion, desire, propensity, proclivity, inclination,
propension, appetency, want, craving, disposition, tendency,
ANT: Repugnance, aversion, antipathy, loathing, indifference,
KEY: Applaud.
SYN: Laud, praise, extol, approve, eulogize, commend, cry_up, magnify,
encourage, cheer.
ANT: Disapprove, denounce, decry, censure, execrate.
KEY: Applause.
SYN: Praise, plaudit, laudation, encomium, commendation, approbation,
acclamation, approval, eulogy, acclaim.
ANT: Obloquy, condemnation, denunciation, dissatisfaction, contempt,
censure, blame, vituperation, sibilation.
KEY: Appliance.
SYN: Contrivance, mechanism, arrangement, means, agency.
ANT: Spontaneity, growth, production, evolution, development.
KEY: Applicable.
SYN: Available, ancilla, ry, convenient, useful, pertinent,
conducive, appropriate.
ANT: Useless, unavailable, inconducive, inapplicable, irrelevant.
KEY: Application, [See DILIGENCE].
KEY: Apply.
SYN: Adduce, use, employ, allot, dedicate, devote, exercise,
apportion, direct, engage.
ANT: Disuse, divorce, discard, supersede, alienate, remove, misapply,
misdirect, divert, misappropriate, misemploy.
KEY: Appoint.
SYN: Fix, determine, instal, allot, order, prescribe, institute,
employ, apportion, apply, designate, assign, intrust, invest, ordain,
ANT: Reverse, cancel, recall, withdraw, reserve, withhold, retain,
undo, suspend, disarrange, disappoint.
KEY: Apportion.
SYN: Assign, deal, allot, grant, share, divide, dispense, administer,
distribute, appoint.
ANT: Reserve, retain, refuse, withhold, assume, resume, cancel,
divert, suspend, reapportion, reappoint.
KEY: Apportionment, [See APPORTION].
KEY: Apposite.
SYN: Suitable, appropriate, befitting, fitting, timely, congruous,
consistent, pertinent, seasonable, relevant, fit, meet, adapted,
ANT: Untimely, irrelevant, impertinent, unfitting, mistimed,
misplaced, misspoken, inappropriate, misjudged.
KEY: Appraise.
SYN: Value, survey, estimate, price.
ANT: Undervalue, discard, condemn, brand, misappreciate,
KEY: Appreciate.
SYN: Esteem, recognize, acknowledge, respect, value, prize, regard,
reckon, estimate.
ANT: Undervalue, misconceive, misjudge, ignore, misappreciate.
KEY: Apprehend.
SYN: Comprehend, understand, take, expect, seize, conceive, arrest,
fancy, dread, imagine, presume, anticipate, fear, conjecture.
ANT: Ignore, miss, lose, misconjecture, misconceive, misapprehend,
KEY: Apprehension, [See APPREHEND].
KEY: Apprise, or, Apprize.
SYN: Tell, inform, disclose, publish, advise, advertise, communicate,
enlighten, {[i\]?}, quaint.
ANT: Hoodwink, mystify, deceive, mislead.
KEY: Approach.
SYN: Access, avenue, entrance, adit, vestibule, arrival,
approximation, advent, Bearing, admission, appropinquation,
admittance, mode, path, way, advance, similarity.
ANT: Exit, egress, debouchure, outlet, departure, recession,
distance, diversity, disparity.
KEY: Approbation.
SYN: Approval, satisfaction, praise, encouragement, confirmation,
assent, consent, permission, commendation, concurrence, acceptance.
ANT: Disapproval, censure, blame, dissatisfaction, discouragement,
repudiation, protest, denial, refusal, disclaimer, disavowal,
disparity, dissimilarity.
KEY: Approval, [See APPROBATION].
KEY: Approve.
SYN: Like, comment, sanction, praise, support, second, promote,
encourage, authorize.
ANT: Disapprove, dislike, censure, blame, disown, disavow.
KEY: Appropriate, [See FIT].
KEY: Approximate.
SYN: Approach, resemble, border, abut, near, trench.
ANT: Separate, differ, vary, recede, diverge, deviate.
KEY: Appurtenant.
SYN: Belonging, connected, appropriate, appended, homogeneous,
attached, co-ordinate, concomitant.
ANT: Unconnected, disconnected, Inappropriate, detached, isolated,
incongruous, unallied, unrelated, independent, heterogeneous.
KEY: Apt.
SYN: Fit, apposite, clever, meet, liable, becoming, appropriate,
ready, fitting, suitable, pertinent, qualified, prompt, adapted,
ANT: Unfitted, ill-timed, awkward, unlikely, inapt.
KEY: Aptitude.
SYN: Fitness, liability, susceptibility, suitableness, readiness,
quickness, cleverness, proneness, tendency.
ANT: Unfitness, unsuitableness, insusceptibility, slowness,
stupidity, unreadiness, awkwardness.
KEY: Arbiter.
SYN: Arbitrator, judge, umpire, moderator, director, referee,
ANT: Appellant, claimant, disputant, litigant.
KEY: Arbitrary.
SYN: Tyrannical, harsh, dictatorial, imperious, bearing, overbearing,
selfish, absolute, irresponsible, tyrannous, domineering,
ANT: Mild, modest, lenient, considerate, obliging, limited,
equitable, constitutional.
KEY: Arbitrate.
SYN: Settle, adjust, compose, decide, determine, accommodate,
ANT: Dispute, claim, appeal, misdetermine, litigate, contend,
KEY: Archaic, [See ANCIENT].
KEY: Architect.
SYN: Constructor, contriver, designer, builder, surveyor, agent.
ANT: {Workman_carrying_out_plans}, destroyer, extinguisher.
KEY: Ardent.
SYN: Longing, passionate, aspiring, {[-warm]?}, eager, fervent,
excited, fiery, glowing, zealous, fervid, fierce, keen, vehement, hot,
affectionate, impassioned, burning, heated.
ANT: Cool, cold, indifferent, dispassioned, apathetic, passionless,
{[un]?}, impassioned, phlegmatic, platonic.
KEY: Ardor, [See ARDENT].
KEY: {[ArdlloiiM]?}.
SYN: Difficult, hard, lofty, onerous, laborious, steep, precipitous,
{[f_v_\r\]?}, Easy, practicable, unlaborious, light, trivial.
KEY: Argue.
SYN: Discuss, debate, prove, question, evidence, establish, imply,
sift, dispute, persuade, controvert, contend, demonstrate, reason.
ANT: Dictate, assert, propound, command.
KEY: Argument.
SYN: Reasoning, controversy, evidence, discussion, topic, dispute.
ANT: Assertion, assumption, {without_proof_or_evidence}.
KEY: Arid.
SYN: Dry, parched, sterile, unproductive.
ANT: Moist, dewy, watered, fertile, luxuriant, exuberant, verdant,
blooming, productive.
KEY: Aright.
SYN: Right, well, rightly, correctly, truly, properly, uprightly,
unexceptionably, justly, suitably, appropriately.
ANT: Wrongly, awry, incorrectly, improperly, defectively,
KEY: Arm_\v.\.
SYN: Equip, gird, accoutre, array.
ANT: Disarm, ungird, divest, disarray.
KEY: Army.
SYN: Troops, soldiery, legion, soldiers, military, phalanx, host,
ANT: Fewness, a_small_number, Individual, paucity, single_person.
KEY: Aromatic, [See FRAGRANCE].
KEY: Around.
SYN: About, environing, encircling.
ANT: Within, amid, among.
KEY: Arouse.
SYN: Stir, excite, disturb, animate, wake_up, stimulate, alarm,
provoke, cheer.
ANT: Allay, assuage, mitigate, pacify, compose, moderate, still,
KEY: Arraign.
SYN: Summon, accuse, censure, indict, charge, impeach.
ANT: Acquit, condone, discharge, release.
KEY: Arrange.
SYN: Order, put_In_order, group, array, place, adjust, range, locate,
dispose, assort, deal, sort, parcel, classify.
ANT: Derange, disarrange, confuse, disturb, disperse, jumble,
disorder, Arrangement, [See ORDER].
KEY: Arrant.
SYN: Notorious, consummate, atrocious, vile, flagrant, veritable,
unqualified, utter, infamous, {[cinphonic]?}.
ANT: Suspicious, slight, mitigated, likely.
KEY: Array \v.\.
SYN: Vest, deck, equip, decorate, rank, adorn, dress, accoutre,
invest, attire, place, arrange, draw_up, marshal, set_in_order,
ANT: Disarray, disarrange, confuse, jumble, divest, denude, strip.
KEY: Array \n.\, Arrangement, order, disposition, sight, exhibition,
show, parade.
ANT: Disarray, disorder, confusion, confusedness, jumble.
KEY: Arrest \r.\.
SYN: Seize, take, stop, capture, withhold, restrain, hold, detain,
ANT: Release, dismiss, liberate, free, discharge, expedite.
KEY: Arrival, [See ARRIVE].
KEY: Arrive.
SYN: Reach, attain, come_to, enter, get, [See {[>]?}], land.
ANT: Embark, depart, start.
KEY: Arrogance.
SYN: Haughtiness, contemptuousness, overbearingness, hauteur,
browbeating, loftiness, self-conceit, stateliness, vainglory,
insolence, self-importance, assumption, discourtesy.
ANT: bashfulness, servility, considerateness, deference, courtesy,
modesty, shyness, diffidence, politeness.
KEY: Arrogate.
SYN: Claim, assume, vindicate, assert, demand.
ANT: Forego, waive, resign, surrender, abandon, disclaim.
KEY: Art.
SYN: Science, literature, aptitude, readiness, adroitness, skill,
dexterity, cunning, deceit, duplicity, tactics, profession, artifice,
management, trade, business, calling.
ANT: Inaptitude, maladroitness, candor, openness, frankness,
KEY: Artful.
SYN: Cunning, designing, maneuvering, sharp, knowing, subtle, sly,
crafty, wily, shrewd.
ANT: Simple, undesigning, artless, open, innocent, unsophisticated.
KEY: Artifice.
SYN: manoeuvre, cheat, wile, contrivance, craft, trick, fraud,
machination, punning, imposture, stratagem.
ANT: Fairness, candor, simplicity, openness.
KEY: Artificial.
SYN: Invented, fabricated, fictitious, constructed, manufactured,
pretended, simulated, false, assumed, concocted, contrived,
deceptive, artful, affected, unnatural, constrained.
ANT: Natural, inartificial, genuine, spontaneous, transparent,
artless, unaffected, [See ARTFUL].
KEY: Artless, [See ARTFUL].
KEY: Ascend.
SYN: Rise, mount, soar, surmount, go_up, climb, tower, scale.
ANT: Fall, descend, {[sinl]?}.
KEY: Ascendancy.
SYN: Superiority, advantage, mastery, control, influence, supremacy,
sway, domination, authority.
KEY: Ascertain.
SYN: Prove, verify, find_out, discover, confirm, detect, determine,
learn, discern.
ANT: Guess, conjecture, surmise, suppose, presume.
KEY: Ascribe.
SYN: Assign, attribute, impute, refer, render, allege, charge.
ANT: Deny, refuse, exclude, dissociate, disconnect, dissever.
KEY: Askant.
SYN: {[Awij]?}, renew, asquint, obliquely, aslant.
ANT: Straightforwards, forwards, rectilinearly, ahead, straight.
KEY: Aspect.
SYN: Front, face, phase, side, appearance, presentation, exhibition,
exposure, feature, view, air, mien, deportment, countenance, bearing,
complexion, sight.
ANT: Back, obverse, rear.
KEY: Asperity.
SYN: Acerbity, harshness, acrimony, bitterness, sharpness, tartness,
sourness, roughness, moroseness, severity, crabbedness.
ANT: Mildness, softness, sweetness, gentleness, pleasantness,
KEY: Asperse.
SYN: Slander, calumniate, bespatter, befoul, defy, attack, defame,
vilify, traduce, scandalize, malign, detract_from, blacken, tarnish,
befoul, backbite.
ANT: Clear, defend, eulogize, vindicate, shelter, shield, praise,
laud, extol, uphold.
KEY: Aspiration.
SYN: Longing, desire, aim, wish, craving, ambition, endeavor, hope,
appetition, effort, eagerness.
ANT: Apathy, indifference, aimlessness, lulness, inertia,
callousness, carelessness, aversion, avoidance, rejection,
KEY: Assail, [See ASSAULT].
KEY: Assault.
SYN: Onset, attack, aggression, onslaught.
ANT: Defense, resistance, repulsion, retaliation, undermining,
sapping, stratagem.
KEY: Assay.
SYN: Test, endeavor, prove, try.
ANT: Survey, conjecture, guess, scan.
KEY: Assemble.
SYN: Gather, collect, congregate, amass, muster, call_together,
convoke, convene.
ANT: Scatter, disperse, go_away, dismiss.
KEY: Assembly.
SYN: Meeting, concourse, assemblage, multitude, group, synod,
conclave, conference, convocation, unison, company, congregation,
collection, crowd, gathering, convention, aggregate.
ANT: Dispersion, dissipation, disunion, disruption.
KEY: Assent \n.\.
SYN: Coincidence, agreement, concert, acknowledgment, consent,
acquiescence, approval, concurrence, approbation, compliance.
ANT: Dissent, disagreement, difference, disavowal, repudiation,
declension, disclaimer, protest.
KEY: Assent \r.\, [See CONCEDE].
KEY: Assert.
SYN: Asseverate, declare, pronounce, depose, maintain, statement,
avow, avouch, affirm, allege, protest, claim.
ANT: Deny, contradict, contravene, waive, abandon.
KEY: Assets.
SYN: goods, proceeds, possessions, effects, property.
ANT: Debts, liabilities.
KEY: Asseverate, [See ASSERT].
KEY: Assiduity.
SYN: Attention, perseverance, pains, patience, exertion, labor,
application, effort, politeness, constancy, sedulousness,
ANT: Indolence, remissness, inattention, desultoriness,
KEY: Assiduous, [See ASSIDUITY].
KEY: Assign.
SYN: Attribute, apportion, allege, refer, specify, consign, intrust,
commit, point_out, allot_to, adduce, advance, appoint, convey.
ANT: Withhold, withdraw, resume, retain, refuse, disconnect,
KEY: Assimilate.
SYN: Compare, liken, match, engross, identify, incorporate, absorb,
ANT: Separate, segregate, part, contrast, reject.
KEY: Assist.
SYN: Help, succor, aid, support, relieve, befriend, second,
co-operate_with, back, benefit, further.
ANT: Hinder, resist, oppose, antagonize, counteract, clog, prevent.
KEY: Assistance.
SYN: Help, aid, countenance, support, abettance, protection,
maintenance, coadjutorship.
ANT: Resistance, obstruction, opposition, counteraction, antagonism,
drawback, clog, preventive.
KEY: Assistant.
SYN: Helper, aider, attendant, coadjutor, auxiliary, ally, associate,
contributor, partner, confederate.
ANT: Hinderer, opposer, rival, foe, antagonist.
KEY: Associate.
SYN: Companion, friend, ally, coadjutor, consort, helpmate, comrade,
ANT: Rival, alien, foe, antagonist.
KEY: Association.
SYN: Union, connection, conjunction, contortment, companionship,
alliance, familiarity, community, membership, society, company,
denomination, partnership, fellowship, fraternity, friendship.
ANT: Disunion, disconnection, estrangement, separation, severance,
independence, avoidance, disruption, dismemberment, solitude,
KEY: Assorted.
SYN: Separated, chosen, selected, clarified.
ANT: Mingled, mixed, confused, unclassified, jumbled, heaped_up.
KEY: Assortment.
SYN: Collection, disposition, distribution, class, quantity,
selection, stock, miscellany, lot, variety.
ANT: [See {lliMmogamexn}?], disarrangement, displacement,
SYN: Mitigate, soothe, console, soften, moderate, pacify, lenify,
allay, ease, alleviate, abate, diminish, lessen, compose, appease,
calm, tranquillize.
ANT: Exasperate, excite, increase, stimulate, incite, provoke,
inflame, embitter, aggravate.
KEY: Assuagement, [See ASSUAGE].
KEY: Assume.
SYN: Take, appropriate, arrogate, wear, exhibit, postulate, suppose,
presume, usurp, claim, pretend, feign, affect.
ANT: Waive, allow, doff, render, surrender, concede, grant,
demonstrate, abandon, argue, prove.
KEY: Assumption.
SYN: Arrogance, boldness, impudence, self-confidence, selfreliance,
effrontery, presumption, conviction, certainty, self-assertion.
ANT: Distrust, timidity, bashfulness, misgiving, self-distrust,
consternation, dismay, alarm.
KEY: Assure.
SYN: Advise, advertise, promise, inform, {[i]?}, rally, console,
encourage, countenance, aid, support, convince, uphold, certify.
ANT: Misinform, misadvise, mislead, deceive, discomfit, disconceit,
deter, discourage, warn, dissuade, unsettle, intimidate.
KEY: Assurance.
SYN: Arrogance, impudence, boldness, self-confidence, selfreliance,
promise, assertion, presumption, effrontery, self-assertion.
ANT: Distrust, timidity, bashfulness, [See {[mis^ivin^']?}],
self-distrust, consternation.
KEY: Astonish.
SYN: Startle, surprise, confound, amaze, astound, fill_with_wonder,
stupefy, alarm, terrify, electrify, scare, dumbfounder.
ANT: Rally, encourage, assure, embolden.
KEY: Astonished.
SYN: Amazed, astounded, overwhelmed, dumbfounded, thunderstruck.
ANT: Calm, tranquil, assured, bold, undisturbed.
KEY: Astonishing.
SYN: Amazing, wondrous, surprising, wonderful, striking, marvelous.
ANT: Foreseen, unamazed, common, {astonished_at_nothing}, ordinary,
natural, usual, everyday, trite.
KEY: Astonishment.
SYN: Wonder, surprise, marvel, amazement, admiration, awe,
bewilderment, stupefaction, fascination.
ANT: Expectance, expectation, anticipation, foreseeing,
absence_of_wonder, awe, etc.
KEY: Astray.
SYN: Loose, abroad, missing, about, at_large, wrong, erring,
ANT: Right, close, at_home, safe.
KEY: Astute.
SYN: Crafty, shrewd, knowing, sharp, discriminating, sagacious,
penetrating, acute, discerning, keen.
ANT: Dull, unobserving, undiscriminating, stolid, asinine, anserine,
KEY: Asunder.
SYN: Separate, apart, disunited, divided, in_twain.
ANT: In_one, close, united, together.
KEY: Athletic.
SYN: Strong, vigorous, powerful, stalwart, brawny, muscular,
ablebodied, lusty, sinewy, robust.
ANT: Weak, puny, effeminate, nerveless, strengthless, unbraced.
KEY: Atom.
SYN: Molecule, particle, mote, speck, scrap, bit.
ANT: Mass, whole, aggregate, lump.
KEY: Atonement.
SYN: Reconciliation, expiation, compensation, preparation,
satisfaction, recompense.
ANT: Alienation, separation, enmity, estrangement, division, offense,
KEY: Atrocious.
SYN: Monstrous, nefarious, wicked, outrageous, villainous, enormous,
shameful, heinous, cruel, flagrant, facinorous, flagitious.
ANT: Laudable, noble, honorable, generous, humane, admirable,
KEY: Attach.
SYN: Fasten, apply, append, add, fix, subjoin, annex, unite,
conciliate, tie, connect, conjoin, attract, win, bind.
ANT: Unfasten, Ioose, disunite, untie, disconnect, detach, alienate,
estrange, repel.
KEY: Attachment, [See ATTACH].
KEY: Attack, [See {[(]?}].
SYN: Assail, assault, invade, encounter, charge, besiege, Impugn,
ANT: Defend, resist, repel, protest, {withstand_oil_one's_own_part},
or_for_another, support, aid, shield, uphold, vindicate, shelter.
KEY: Attack \n.\.
SYN: Invasion, assault, onset, aggression, onslaught.
ANT: Defense, resistance, repulse, protection, aid, vindication,
support, maintenance, shelter.
KEY: Attain.
SYN: Reach, extend, master, arrive_at, compass, earn, win, achieve,
accomplish, get, obtain, acquire, gain, secure, grasp.
ANT: Lose, fail, forfeit, miss, abandon, resign.
KEY: Attainment.
SYN: Information, acquirements, accomplishments.
ANT: Intuition, inspiration, genius.
KEY: Attemper.
SYN: Moderate, subdue, compound, commingle, adapt, adjust, harmonize,
modify, blend, attune, mix, mold, work, medicate, amalgamate,
ANT: Discompose, confuse, spoil, aggravate, mar.
KEY: Attempt.
SYN: Try, endeavor, strive, undertake, seek, essay, attack, violate,
ANT: Disregard, abandon, pretermit, dismiss, neglect, shun, drop.
KEY: Attempt \n.\, [See EFFORT].
KEY: Attend.
SYN: Listen, heed, notice, observe, wait_on, serve, mind, watch,
accompany, consort, follow, imply, involve.
ANT: Wander, disregard, leave, forsake, abandon, desert, exclude,
KEY: Attention.
SYN: Observation, notice, regard, watchfulness, heed, consideration,
circumspection, study, vigilance, care.
ANT: Disregard, inadvertence, remission, indifference, carelessness,
abstraction, distraction, absence.
KEY: Attentive, [See OBSERVANT].
KEY: Attenuate.
SYN: Educe, elongate, reduce, fine-drawn, narrow, contract, diminish,
ANT: Broaden, increase, expand, dilate, swell, enlarge, develop,
KEY: Attest.
SYN: Vouch, aver, assert, certify, witness, vouch_for, affirm,
testify, evidence, support, confirm, suggest, prove, involve,
demonstrate, establish, imply, bespeak.
ANT: Deny, controvert, contradict, contravene, disprove,
disestablish, exclude, neutralize, upset, oppugn, refute.
KEY: Attestation, [See EVIDENCE].
KEY: Attire.
SYN: Robes, garments, clothing, vestments, habiliment, habit,
raiment, clothes, garb, apparel, accoutrement, livery, uniform,
ANT: Nudity, divestment, exposure, denudation, bareness, disarray,
dishabille, tatters, rags, patches, shreds.
KEY: Attitude.
SYN: Posture, position, situation, standing, composition,
collocation, aspect, pose, lie.
ANT: Evolution, exercise, bearing, deportment, movement,
gesticulation, manoeuvre, gesture.
KEY: Attract.
SYN: Influence, induce, dispose, incline, tempt, prompt, allure,
charm, fascinate, invite, entice.
ANT: Repel, deter, indispose, disincline, estrange, alienate.
KEY: Attraction.
SYN: Inducement, influence, adduction, inclination, disposition,
charm, beauty, allurement.
ANT: Repulsion, disinclination, aversion, indisposition, deformity,
KEY: Attractive.
SYN: Winning, alluring, tempting, inviting, engaging, captivating,
fascinating, enticing, interesting, charming, pleasant, beautiful,
ANT: Unattractive, repugnant, repulsive, uninteresting,
disagreeable, unpleasant, deformed, ugly, deterrent, loathsome,
KEY: Attribute \v.\.
SYN: Refer, assign, associate, apply, ascribe, charge, impute,
ANT: Divorce, disconnect, dissociate, dissever.
KEY: Attribute \n.\.
SYN: Property, quality, characteristic, attainment, sign, mark,
indication, manifestation.
ANT: correlative, viz, Essence, nature, substance, etc, or,
spuriously, affectation, misnomer, semblance, assumption, mask,
KEY: Attrition.
SYN: Sorrow, repentance, affliction, penitence, compunction, remorse,
ANT: Impenitence, callousness, obduracy, reprobation,
KEY: Attune.
SYN: Temper, attemper, harmonize, adjust, accommodate.
ANT: Unstring, disharmonize, disarrange, discompose, dislocate,
disturb, disconcert.
KEY: Audacious.
SYN: Insolent, adventurous, venturesome, presumptuous, valiant, rash,
bold, daring, reckless, enterprising.
ANT: Timid, cowardly, cautious, inadventurous, unventuresome,
KEY: Audacity.
SYN: Boldness, rashness, temerity, recklessness, hardihood.
ANT: Caution, self-preservation, timidity, calculation, forethought,
foresight, diffidence, inadventurousness.
KEY: Audience.
SYN: Hearers, assembly, auditory, conference, parley, reception,
ANT: Soliloquy, monologue, apostrophe.
KEY: Augment, [See ENLARGE].
KEY: Augmentation.
SYN: Increase, enlargement, amplification, enrichment, supply,
enhancement, addition, acquisition, improvement.
ANT: Deduction, detraction, diminution, contraction, withdrawal,
reservation, expenditure, loss, waste, detriment, deterioration,
impoverishment, reduction, curtailment.
KEY: Augury.
SYN: Prophecy, prediction, divination, conjecture, omen,
ANT: Experience, science, observation.
KEY: August \a.\.
SYN: Majestic, dignified, stately, noble, pompous, imposing, grand,
solemn, exalted.
ANT: Mean, undignified, unimposing, common, vulgar, despicable,
paltry, unnoticeable, beggarly, commonplace.
KEY: auspicious.
SYN: Propitious, lucky, favorable, encouraging, satisfactory,
successful, hopeful, promising, happy, golden, fortunate, opportune,
ANT: Unpropitious, unfavorable, discouraging, unsatisfactory,
inauspicious, unpromising, abortive, {[hope-]?}.
KEY: Austere.
SYN: Hard, rigid, stern, severe, morose, unrelenting, unyielding,
strict, rigorous, harsh, sour, relentless.
ANT: Mild, affable, kindly, tender, feeling, bland, {[inaalgent]?},
KEY: Authentic.
SYN: Genuine, veritable, reliable, real, original, trustworthy, not
spurious, true, legitimate, certain, accepted, current, received.
ANT: Unreliable, spurious, false, apocryphal, disputed, exploded,
rejected, counterfeit, unfounded, unauthorized, baseless, fabulous,
KEY: Authenticate.
SYN: Confirm, settle, establish, verify, substantiate, identify.
ANT: Contravene, disprove, disestablish, refute, upset.
KEY: Author.
SYN: Creator, producer, inventor, originator, parent, cause,
constructor, agent, maker, composer, fabricator, committer,
perpetrator, doer.
ANT: Destroyer, annihilator, demolisher, spoiler, undoer, reverser.
KEY: Authoritative.
SYN: Decisive, sure, conclusive, authentic, powerful, firm, potent,
dictatorial, imperious, arbitrary, arrogant, imperative, dogmatic,
ANT: Weak, inconclusive, vague, indeterminate, indefinite,
vacillating, undecisive, bland, conciliatory, affable, lenient,
SYN: Ground, justification, authenticity, genuineness,
conjectureness, decisiveness, control, {[diec'on]?}, diec'on,
jurisdiction, government, regulation, power, right, rule, sway,
sufferance, supremacy, dominion.
ANT: Groundlessness, spuriousness, indecision, inconclusiveness,
inoperativeness, incompetency, weakness, usurpation, wrong.
KEY: Authorize, [See EMPOWER].
KEY: Autocracy, [See AUTOCRATIC].
KEY: Autocratic.
SYN: Independent, arbitrary, despotic, irresponsible, absolute.
ANT: Dependent, subordinate, re_sponsible, constitutional, limited.
KEY: Auxiliary.
SYN: Helpful, abetting, aiding, accessory, promotive, conducive,
assistant, ancillary, assisting, subsidiary, helping.
ANT: Unassisting, unconducive, unpromotive, redundant, superfluous,
obstructive, retardative, irrelevant, cumbersome.
KEY: Avail \v.\.
SYN: Suffice, hold, stand, endure, answer, tell, profit, help,
benefit, advantage, service, use, utility.
ANT: Fail, fall, disappoint, betray.
KEY: Avail.
SYN: Profit, help, benefit, advantage, use, utility, service.
ANT: Disadvantage, hindrance, helplessness.
SYN: Useful, appropriable, convertible, attainable, handy, conducive,
applicable, procurable, advantage, helpful, profitable, suitable,
ANT: Useless, inappropriate, inapplicable, unprocurable,
inconducive, irrelevant, Inoperative, unavailable.
KEY: Avarice.
SYN: Greed, cupidity, rapacity, penuriousness, niggardliness,
miserliness, stinginess, covetousness, acquisitiveness, griping,
ANT: Large-heartedness, unselfishness, liberality, bountifulness,
profuseness, squander, prodigality, extravagance, waste.
KEY: Avaricious, [See LIBERAL].
KEY: Avenge.
SYN: Vindicate, right, visit, retaliate.
ANT: Waive, don, forego, condone, remit, forgive, overlook.
KEY: Avenue.
SYN: Approach, adit, access, entrance.
ANT: Exit, egress.
KEY: {[ver]?}.
SYN: Assert, asseverate, affirm, depose, avouch, protest, oblige,
ANT: Deny, contradict, contravene, disavow, disclaim, repudiate,
gainsay, oppugn.
KEY: Average.
SYN: Mean, medium, middle, mediocre.
ANT: Extreme, excess, defect, perfectness, perfection.
KEY: Averse.
SYN: Hostile, disinclined, indisposed, repugnant, backward,
unwilling, reluctant, loath.
ANT: Ready, disposed, eager, prone, inclined, desirous.
KEY: Aversion.
SYN: Hatred, dislike, distaste, repugnance, uncongeniality,
abhorrence, antipathy.
ANT: Love, desire, affection, liking, congeniality, sympathy, ardor,
eagerness, avidity.
KEY: Avidity.
SYN: Cupidity, avarice, desire, greed, longing, rapacity, eagerness.
ANT: Coldness, indifference, apathy, insensibility, antipathy,
nausea, aversion, repugnance, loathing, lot, employment, vocation,
occupation, business, pursuit, line.
ANT: Holiday, leisure, idleness, self-abandonment, misemployment.
KEY: Avoid.
SYN: Quit, shun, abandon, desert, forsake, relinquish, fly, eschew,
elude, dodge, escape, shirk.
ANT: Seek, court, approach, accost, address, affect.
KEY: Avouch.
SYN: Aver, protest, declare, propound, asseverate, profess.
ANT: Deny, contradict, oppose, oppugn, contravene, controvert,
KEY: Avow, [See AVOUCH].
KEY: Awaken, [See BOUSE].
KEY: Award.
SYN: Assign, apportion, attribute, accord, grant, distribute, divide,
allot, give, determine, decree, order, adjudge.
ANT: Refuse, withhold, withdraw, retain, misappropriate,
KEY: Aware.
SYN: Conscious, sensible, informed, certified, assured, known,
apprised, cognizant.
ANT: Unconscious, insensible, ignorant, unaware, uninformed.
KEY: Away.
SYN: Far, afar, separate, detached, loose, abroad.
ANT: Close, near.
KEY: Awe.
SYN: Fear, dread, veneration, reverence.
ANT: Fearlessness, contempt, disrespect, familiarity, irreverence.
KEY: Awful.
SYN: Fearful, direful, appalling, terrible, alarming, dreadful,
horrible, solemn, portentous, horrific.
ANT: Inocuous, informidable, unimposing, unastonishing, commonplace,
unnoticeable, unalarming, alluring.
KEY: Awhile.
SYN: Briefly, little.
ANT: Ever, always, forever, ever, more.
KEY: Awkward.
SYN: Ungainly, clownish, clumsy, maladroit, unhandy, uncouth, rough,
boorish, bungling, gawky.
ANT: Neat, clever, dexterous, skilful, adroit, handy.
KEY: Awry.
SYN: Crooked, aslant, askew, atwist, bent, carved, distorted, twisted,
ANT: Right, straight, true, direct.
KEY: Axiom.
SYN: {Self-evident_truth}, aphorism, truism, apophthegm, maxim.
ANT: Nonsense, absurdity, soliloquy, absurdness.
KEY: Azure_\a.\.
SYN: Blue, cerulean, sky blue, bluish, blue-colored.
ANT: Orange, ochreous, orange-colored, orange-flame.
KEY: [See BABBLE]. \v.\.
SYN: Prate, prattle, dribble, chatter, gabble, twaddle, blab, cackle.
ANT: Enunciate, vociferate, hush, suppress.
KEY: Babbler.
SYN: Blab, chatterbox, gossip, tattler, telltale.
ANT: Confident, confessor.
KEY: Babbling.
SYN: Prating, blabbing, talkativeness, tattling, cackling, gossip,
loquacity, garrulity.
ANT: Reticence, reserve, secretiveness, closeness, refrain,
incommunicativeness, taciturnity.
KEY: Babel.
SYN: Hubbub, confusion, clamor, jargon, din, discord, clang.
ANT: Elocution, articulation, monotony, distinctness,
consecutiveness, intonation, enunciation, unisonousness.
KEY: Backbiter.
SYN: Detractor, traducer, calumniator, slanderer, cynic, maligner,
ANT: Vindicator, upholder, palliator, advocate, mitigator, defender,
KEY: Backslider.
SYN: Renegade, abjurer, recreant, apostate.
ANT: Professor, confessor, adherent, zealot, bigot.
KEY: Backsliding, [See BACKSLIDER].
KEY: Backwardness.
SYN: Reluctance, slowness, shyness, hesitation, unwillingness,
ANT: Forwardness, readiness, willingness, promptitude, alacrity.
KEY: Backward, [See BACKWARDNESS].
KEY: Bad, [See GOOD].
KEY: Bailie.
SYN: Frustrate, counteract, {[eBtop]?}, disconcert, elude, mock,
thwart, confound, defeat, perplex, restrain, upset, foil, mar, balk,
neutralize, dodge, counterfoil.
ANT: Point, aid, abet, enforce, promote, assist, advance, encourage.
KEY: Bait.
SYN: Morsel, snare, decoy, enticement, allurement, inducement.
ANT: Warning, scarecrow, dissuasive, deterrent, prohibition,
intimidation, threat.
KEY: Balance.
SYN: Weigh, poise, pit, et, counterpoise, counteract, neutralize,
equalize, estimate, redress, adjust.
ANT: Upset, tilt, cant, subvert, mispoise, overbalance.
KEY: Balderdash.
SYN: Gasconade, flummery, rhodomontade, bombast, fustian, froth.
ANT: Sense, wisdom, logic, reason, sobriety, truthfulness.
KEY: Balk.
SYN: Estop, bar, thwart, frustrate, foil, stop, prevent, hinder,
neutralize, nullify, mar, counteract, disappoint, defeat, baffle.
ANT: Aid, abet, promote, advance, encourage, instigate.
KEY: Balmy, [See AROMATIC].
KEY: Bandy.
SYN: Interchange, exchange, reciprocate, cross, pass.
ANT: Quash, silence, drop, burke, close, stifle, extinguish.
KEY: Baneful, [See PERNICIOUS].
KEY: Banish.
SYN: Expel, abandon, dispel, eject, extrude, exclude, relegate,
expatriate, repudiate, disclaim.
ANT: Cherish, foster, protect, consider, encourage, locate, retain,
entertain, domiciliate, domesticate, harbor.
KEY: Banishment.
SYN: Outlawry, ostracism, expatriation, expulsion, persecution.
ANT: Remaining, cherishing, fostering, retaining.
KEY: Banquet.
SYN: Feast, festivity, treat, entertainment, festival, carousal,
carouse, regalement, cheer.
ANT: Fast, abstinence, starvation.
KEY: Banter.
SYN: Badinage, chaff, mockery, derision, ridicule, irony, jeering,
ANT: Discussion, discourse, argument.
KEY: Barbarous.
SYN: Rude, strange, uncivilized, brutal, cruel, ferocious, inhuman,
merciless, outlandish, savage, uncouth, atrocious, flagitious,
unfettered, nefarious, gross.
ANT: Polite, civilized, refined, humane, urbane.
KEY: Barely, [See HARDLY].
KEY: Bargain.
SYN: Transaction, negotiation, business, profit, speculation,
higgling, gain, hawking, chaffer, haggling.
ANT: Loss, misprofit.
KEY: Barren, [See STERILE].
KEY: Base \adj.\.
SYN: Vile, dishonorable, low, sordid, ignoble, worthiest, mean,
infamous, shameful, grovelling, disingenuous, disesteemed, cheap,
corrupt, deep.
ANT: Lofty, exalted, refined, noble, esteemed, honored, valued, pure,
correct, shrill.
KEY: Baseless, [See GROUNDLESS].
KEY: Bashful.
SYN: Modest, diffident, shy, retiring, reserved.
ANT: Bold, impudent, forward, unreserved, pert, conceited,
ostentatious, egotistic.
KEY: Bask.
SYN: Luxuriate, repose, lounge, dally.
ANT: Stir, work, toil, slave, drudge, labor.
KEY: Baste.
SYN: Buffet, cudgel, pound, beat.
ANT: Soothe, tickle, caress, stroke.
KEY: Battle.
SYN: Fight, conflict, contest, combat, engagement, encounter,
ANT: Peace, truce, pacification, arbitrament, council, mediation.
KEY: Bauble.
SYN: Toy, trifle, plaything, knicknack, gewgaw, gimcrack, kickshaw.
ANT: Valuable, possession, acquisition, gera, ornament, decoration,
KEY: Bawl.
SYN: Shout, vociferate, halloo, roar, bellow.
ANT: Whisper, mutter, babble, mumble.
KEY: Bays.
SYN: Laurels, trophy, success, prize, premium, achievement, victory,
ANT: Failure, defeat, disgrace, stigma, brand.
KEY: Beach.
SYN: Shore, coast, strand, seacoast, seaboard, seashore.
ANT: Sea, ocean, deep, main.
KEY: Beaming.
SYN: Shining, gleaming, bright, radiant, beautiful, transparent,
ANT: Dull, opaque, dingy, beamless, {[wan]?}, matt.
KEY: Bear.
SYN: Carry, lift, transport, convey, maintain, uphold, suffer,
undergo, support, tolerate, waft, yield, sustain, hold, harbor,
entertain, fill, enact, endure, admit, produce, generate.
ANT: Drop, refuse, decline, resign, expel, eject, resist, repel,
protest, resent, reject.
KEY: Bearing.
SYN: Behavior, deportment, manner, aspect, carriage, mien, demeanour,
port, conduct, inclination, position, appearance, direction, course.
ANT: Misbehaviour, jurisdirection, misobservation.
KEY: Beastly, [See BRUTAL].
KEY: Beat.
SYN: Strike, pound, batter, surpass, thrash, cudgel, overcome, defeat,
conquer, worst, whack, belabor, vanquish.
ANT: Defend, protect, shield, fall, shelter, surrender, stroke,
caress, pat.
KEY: Beatitude.
SYN: Blessedness, bliss, beatification.
ANT: Misery, pain, suffering, punishment.
KEY: Beautiful, [See [BEAUTY_and_HANDSOME].
KEY: Beautify.
SYN: Decorate, adorn, ornament, deck.
ANT: Deform, spoil, mar, stain, deface, disfigure, befoul, soil,
denude, bare, strip.
KEY: Beauty.
SYN: Loveliness, grace, fairness, seemliness, comeliness,
picturesqueness, exquisiteness, adornment, embellishment.
ANT: Foulness, ugliness, deformity, hideousness, bareness,
KEY: Because.
SYN: Owing, consequently, accordingly.
ANT: Irrespectively, independently, inconsequently, unconnectedly.
KEY: Beck.
SYN: Nod, sign, signal, symbol, token, indication, authority, orders,
instruction, subserviency, influence, call, command, control,
ANT: Independence, insubservience.
KEY: Become.
SYN: Befit, grace, beseem, behove.
ANT: Misbeseem, misfit, misbecome, disgrace.
KEY: Becoming.
SYN: Beseeming, neat, fit, proper, decorous, comely, seemly,
befitting, graceful, decent, suitable, improving.
ANT: Unbeseeming, unseemly, uncomely, unbecoming, unbefitting,
ungraceful, indecent, unsuitable, {[miinoproving]?}, derogatory.
KEY: Bedaub.
SYN: Bespatter, befoul, discolor, mar, disfigure, deface, besmear,
spoil, soil, stain.
ANT: Cleanse, absterge, purify, embellish, whiten, decorate,
KEY: Bedeck, [See {[DBCH&}?].
KEY: Bedizen.
SYN: Tawdry, {[betinselled]?}, gaudy, flashy, bespangled.
ANT: Adorned, robed, decorated, beautified.
KEY: Befall.
SYN: Happen, occur, betide, fall, supervene, bechance.
ANT: Miss, pass, spare, pretermit.
KEY: Befitting.
SYN: Fitting, decent, becoming, suitable, appropriate, proper,
consistent, expedient, desirable.
ANT: Obligatory, compulsory, unbefitting, indecent, unbecoming,
unsuitable, inappropriate, incompatible, inexpedient, improper.
KEY: Befool.
SYN: Deceive, cheat, mystify, bamboozle, ensnare, hoodwink, mislead.
ANT: Guide, enlighten, advise, undeceive, lead.
KEY: Before.
SYN: Precedently, anteriorly, antecedently.
ANT: After, afterwards, subsequently, posteriorly, later, behind.
KEY: Befriend.
SYN: Assist, countenance, support, advocate, promote, protect,
ANT: Oppose, di?countenanced, withstand, thwart, decry, defame,
oppress, annoy.
KEY: Beg.
SYN: Ask, request, entreat, supplicate, beseech, implore, pray,
petition, crave.
ANT: Insist, exact, extort, require, demand.
KEY: Beggar.
SYN: Mendicant, petitioner, suitor, suppliant, applicant.
ANT: Exactor, extortioner.
KEY: Beggarly, Miserable, poor, stinted, wretched, niggardly, stingy,
scant, illiberal.
ANT: Noble, princely, stately, prodigal, sumptuous, liberal, profuse,
gorgeous, magnificent.
KEY: Beggary.
SYN: Want, penury, destitution, indigence, mendicancy.
ANT: Affluence, riches, abundance, plenty.
KEY: Begin.
SYN: Initiate, commence, prepare, start, originate, arise,
ANT: Achieve, complete, terminate, conclude, consummate, finish,
close, end.
KEY: Beginner.
SYN: Tyro, novice, neophyte, learner, pupil.
ANT: Adept, expert, master, authority.
KEY: Beginning.
SYN: Commencement, start, origin, rise, initiation, preparation,
preface, prelude, inauguration, inception, threshold, opening,
source, outset, foundation.
ANT: End, close, termination, conclusion, consummation, completion.
KEY: Beguile, [See BEFOOL].
KEY: Behalf.
SYN: Side, interest, advantage, aid, bestead.
KEY: Behavior.
SYN: Conduct, bearing, demeanor, proceeding, comportment, action,
manner, deportment.
ANT: Misdemeanor, misbehavior, misconduct.
KEY: Behest.
SYN: Injunction, command, instruction, mandate, commission,
requirement, trust.
ANT: Option, liberty, non-interference, discretion.
KEY: Behind, [See BEFORE].
KEY: Behold.
SYN: Look, discern, regard, view, descry, look_upon, gaze,
contemplate, observe, see, scan, survey.
ANT: Overlook, disregard, ignore, miss, blink, wink, connive.
KEY: Beholden.
SYN: Bound, obliged, indebted, thankful, grateful.
ANT: Unindebted, unobliged, unbound, unthankful, ungrateful.
KEY: Beholder.
SYN: Spectator, observer, bystander, witness, looker-on.
KEY: Belief.
SYN: Assent, faith, trust, credence, avowal, assurance, admission,
conviction, opinion, permission, creed, reliance, concession,
ANT: Dissent, unbelief, distrust, denial, misgiving, disavowal,
rejection, disbelief.
KEY: Bellicose.
SYN: Quarrelsome, pugnacious, belligerent, irascible, contentious.
ANT: Peaceful, peaceable, unquarrelsome, pacific, unwarlike,
unexcitable, good-tempered, genial.
KEY: Belligerent.
SYN: Contending, engaging, fighting, opposed, adverse, rival,
conflicting, antagonist, assailant, hostile.
ANT: Neutral, pacific, peaceful, nonbelligerent, appeased,
KEY: Bellow, [See BAWL].
KEY: Belonging.
SYN: Related, connected, appertaining, cognate, congenial,
obligatory, accompanying.
ANT: Unrelated, unconnected, Irrelevant, impertinent, alien,
uncongenial, discretional, optional, uninvolved, unimplied,
KEY: Belong_to.
SYN: Pertain_to, {appertain to}, regard, relate_to.
ANT: Not_to_belong_to, {not_to_appertain_to}, not_to_relate_to.
KEY: Beloved.
SYN: Cared_for, cherished, loved.
ANT: Hated, loathed.
KEY: Below.
SYN: Under, beneath, adown, underneath.
ANT: Above, over, aloft.
KEY: Bend.
SYN: Curve, deviate, incline, tend, swerve, diverge, mold, persuade,
influence, bias, dispose, direct, lower, subordinate_to, lean,
deflect, bow, condescend, yield, stoop, submit.
ANT: Proceed, continue, extend, advance, stand, stiffen, break, crush,
KEY: Beneath.
SYN: Below, underneath, under, adown.
ANT: Above, over, overhead, aloft.
KEY: Benediction.
SYN: Blessing, commendation, approval, benison, gratitude,
thankfulness, thanksgiving.
ANT: Curse, malediction, disapproval, censure, obloquy, execration,
KEY: Benefaction.
SYN: Grant, gratuity, boon, donation, aims, present, gift, endowment,
bequest, favor, presentation.
ANT: Deprivation, reservation, disfavor, presumption, confiscation,
KEY: Benefactor.
SYN: Friend, supporter, contributor, upholder, well-wisher, favorer,
well-doer, patron.
ANT: Foe, opponent, disfavorer, antagonist, rival, backfriend,
KEY: Beneficial.
SYN: Profitable, salutary, advantageous, wholesome, salubrious.
ANT: Prejudicial, noxious, hurtful, unprofitable, detrimental.
KEY: Beneficent.
SYN: Bountiful, benevolent, benignant.
ANT: Hard, uncommiserating, griping, unbeneficent, illiberal,
oppressive, cruel.
KEY: Benefit.
SYN: Boon, behoof, service, utility, avail, use, good, advantage,
profit, favor, blessing.
ANT: Evil, loss, disadvantage, detriment, damage, calamity,
bereavement, injury, privation.
KEY: Benevolence.
SYN: Kindness, goodwill, charity, philanthropy, kindliness,
kind-heartedness, benignity, beneficence, liberality.
ANT: Unkindness, harshness, barbarity, niggardliness, maleficence,
malignity, illiberality, ill-will, churlishness.
KEY: Benevolent, [See BENEFICIENT].
KEY: Benignant, [See BENEFICIENT].
KEY: Benison, [See BENEDICTION].
KEY: Bent.
SYN: Inclination, angle, direction, bias, determination, disposition,
intention, prepossession, propensity, predilection, turn, leaning.
ANT: Indisposition, aversion.
KEY: Bequeath.
SYN: Give, grant, leave_by_will, devise, will, bestow, impart, demise,
leave_\n.\, Legacy, inheritance.
ANT: Withhold, alienate_\n.\, Disinheritance, transference,
abalienation, dispossession.
KEY: Bereave.
SYN: Rob, deprive, divest, dispossess, impoverish, reduce, spoil,
ANT: Replenish, compensate, reinstate, satisfy, enrich, benefit.
KEY: Bereavement.
SYN: Destitution, affliction, deprivation, loss.
ANT: Gift, blessing, donation, benefaction, compensation, reparation,
restoration, reinstatement, substitution, restitution, consolation.
KEY: Bereft.
SYN: Robbed, deprived, destitute, denied, spoiled.
ANT: Endowed, enriched, compensated, consoled, possessed.
KEY: Beseech.
SYN: Entreat, pray, solicit, ask, implore, crave, request, supplicate,
petition, beg.
ANT: Insist, demand, exact, intimidate, command, coerce.
KEY: Beseem.
SYN: Befit, suit, belong, appertain.
ANT: Unbeseem, disgrace.
KEY: Beseeming.
SYN: Befitting, belonging, suitable, appertaining, consistent,
compatible, requisite, decent, graceful.
ANT: Unbefitting, unseemly, unsuitable, improper, indecent,
KEY: Bound.
SYN: Hem, surround, environ, encircle, besiege, beleaguer,
ANT: Liberate, abandon.
KEY: Beside.
SYN: Close, near, alongside, additionally, over_and_above, together,
ANT: Separate, apart, inclusively.
KEY: Besiege.
SYN: Beset, beleaguer, sit, invest.
ANT: Abandon, {(Phrase}, {Raise_the_siege)}, Besmear, [See BEDAUB].
KEY: Besotted.
SYN: Intoxicated, steeped, stupefied, drunk, drenched, doltish,
gross, prejudiced.
ANT: Sober, temperate, clear, unbiased, unprejudiced, enlightened,
KEY: Bespatter.
SYN: Besprinkle, befoul, bedaub, revile, vilify, asperse.
ANT: Absterge, sponge, cleanse, purify, vindicate, defend, clear.
KEY: Bespeak.
SYN: Betoken, foreorder, forestall, provide, prearrange, indicate,
ANT: Belie, resign, countermand.
KEY: Bestead \r.\.
SYN: Convenience, serve, uphold, assist, accommodate, benefit.
ANT: Thwart, damage, incommode, oppose, injure.
KEY: Bestead \n.\.
SYN: Interest, behalf, advantage, benefit, part, side.
ANT: Injury, disadvantage, opposition, detriment, damage, Bestir,
{Commonly_used_reflexively_for}, {to_stir_one's_self}, [See STIR].
KEY: Bestir \n.\, [See STIR].
KEY: Bestow.
SYN: Confer, give, present, award, accord, grant.
ANT: Withhold, withdraw, reserve, alienate, transfer, appropriate,
usurp, seize.
KEY: Better, {[t>]?}.
SYN: Meliorate, improve, amend, emend, ameliorate, rectify, reform.
ANT: Make_worse.
KEY: Betide.
SYN: Befall, occur, happen.
KEY: Betimes.
SYN: Early, beforehand, preparedly, readily.
ANT: Behindhand, slowly, sluggishly, belatedly.
KEY: Betoken.
SYN: Teach, indicate, proclaim, presage, augur, portend, foreshow,
signify, forebode, evidence, declare, manifest, involve, imply.
ANT: Misindicate, mislead, misdeclare, misteach, belie, mask, hide.
KEY: Betray.
SYN: Deceive, delude, dupe, circumvent, ensnare, dishonor, manifest,
indicate, reveal.
ANT: Protect, preserve, guard, conserve, foster, cherish, fence,
conceal, cover, suppress.
KEY: Between, Betwixt, [See AMIDST].
KEY: Bevy_\n.\.
SYN: Assembly, parterre, galaxy, constellation, nock.
ANT: Gang, crew, herd, mob.
KEY: Bewail.
SYN: Lament, deplore, rue, bemoan, sorrow, grieve, mourn_for.
ANT: Exult, hail, rejoice, welcome, greet.
KEY: Beware.
SYN: Care, refrain, consider, heed, look, fear, avoid.
ANT: Ignore, overlook, neglect, incur, brave, dare.
KEY: Bewilder.
SYN: Daze, dazzle, confound, mystify, puzzle, embarrass, astonish,
perplex, confuse, mislead.
ANT: Guide, inform, lead, instruct, enlighten, edify.
KEY: Bewildered, [See CONFUSED].
KEY: Bewitch.
SYN: Enchant, fascinate, charm, captivate, entrance.
ANT: Exorcise, disillusionize, disenchant.
KEY: Beyond.
SYN: Over, further, past, more.
ANT: Here, close, near, hither, less, short.
KEY: Bias, [See BENT].
KEY: Bicker.
SYN: Wrangle, quarrel, jar, dispute, contend.
ANT: Chat, gossip, converse, agree.
KEY: Bickering.
SYN: Wrangling, disputing, contention, strife, altercation, dispute.
ANT: Conversing, chatting, agreeing.
KEY: Bid.
SYN: Tell, request, instruct, direct, order, proffer, charge, command,
propose, offer.
ANT: Forbid, deter, prohibit, restrain.
KEY: Bide.
SYN: Wait, remain, tarry, stay, await, expect, anticipate, continue,
bear, abide, endure.
ANT: Quit, depart, migrate, move, resist, resent, repel, abjure,
protest, rebel.
KEY: Big.
SYN: Large, great, wide, huge, bulky, proud, arrogant, pompous, fat,
massive, gross.
ANT: Little, small, narrow, minute, slight, lean, affable, easy,
KEY: Bigoted.
SYN: Prejudiced, intolerant, narrow-minded, blindly_devoted,
onesided, confined.
ANT: Unprejudiced, open-minded, large-minded, broad, comprehensive,
KEY: Bigotry.
SYN: Prejudice, Pharisaism, obstinacy, credulity, fanaticism,
intolerance, superstition.
ANT: Liberality, charity, enlightenment, toleration, eclecticism,
KEY: Bill.
SYN: Account, reckoning, score, charges, jaw, mandible, beak.
KEY: Bind.
SYN: Fetter, engage, tie, fasten, secure, lace, twine, oblige, compel,
restrict, restrain, secure.
ANT: Untie, loose, unfasten, acquit, free, liberate.
KEY: Binding.
SYN: Restrictive, obligatory, restraining, stringent, styptic,
costive, astringent.
ANT: Loosening, opening, enlarging, distending.
KEY: Birth.
SYN: Parentage, extraction, nativity, family, race, origin, source,
rise, lineage, nobility.
ANT: Death, extinction, plebeianism.
KEY: Bit.
SYN: Morsel, piece, fragment, part.
ANT: Mass, whole.
KEY: Biting.
SYN: Pungent, censorious, piercing, gnawing, sarcastic, sardonic,
ANT: Pleasant, genial, soothing, complacent, flattering.
KEY: Bitter.
SYN: Harsh, sour, sharp, tart, acrimonious, sarcastic, severe, sad,
afflictive, intense, stinging, pungent, acrid, cutting.
ANT: Sweet, mellow, pleasant, affable, kindly, genial, light,
mitigated, trivial.
KEY: Bitterness, [See ANTIPATHY].
KEY: Blacken.
SYN: Bespatter, befoul, bedaub, defame, decry, calumniate, dishonor,
asperse, traduce, vilify, slander, malign.
ANT: Vindicate, clear, eulogize.
KEY: Blackguard.
SYN: Scoundrel, rascal, rapscallion, blackleg, villain.
ANT: Gentleman.
KEY: Blame.
SYN: Censure, chide, rebuke, reproach, vituperate, dispraise,
disapprove, condemn, reprehend, reprobate, reprove.
ANT: Acquit, exculpate, exonerate, encourage, praise, approve.
KEY: Blamable, [See BLAMELESS].
KEY: Blameless.
SYN: Pure, innocent, irresponsible.
ANT: Criminated, implicated, answerable, blameworthy, faulty, guilty,
KEY: Blanch.
SYN: Bleach, whiten.
ANT: Darken, color, obfuscate.
KEY: Bland.
SYN: Soft, mild, gentle, complaisant, courteous, affable, gracious,
tender, benign.
ANT: Harsh, abrupt, rough.
KEY: Blandiloquence.
SYN: Glossiness, blarney, humbug, flattery, speciousness, adulation.
ANT: Bluntness, roughness, abruptness.
KEY: Blandishment.
SYN: Coaxing, flattery, wheedling, fawning, cajolery.
ANT: Roughness, bluntness, unmannerliness.
KEY: Blank.
SYN: Bleak, bare, utter, unmitigated, broad.
ANT: Modified, qualified, mitigated.
KEY: Blasphemy.
SYN: Swearing, profaneness, impiety.
ANT: Reverence, veneration, godliness.
KEY: Blast \v.\.
SYN: Blight, shrivel, destroy, wither.
ANT: Restore, expand, swell.
KEY: Blast \n.\.
SYN: Breeze, efflation, explosion, blight, burst, blaze, frustration,
destruction, squall, gale, tempest, hurricane, affiliation.
ANT: Zephyr, gentle_breeze, neutralization.
KEY: Blatant.
SYN: Noisy, bellowing, vociferous, clamorous, braying.
ANT: Quiet, low-toned, gentle.
KEY: Blaze, [See BLAST].
KEY: Blazon.
SYN: Notify, signalize, publicate, adventure, circulate, propagate,
ANT: Cover, conceal, hide, suppress, hush, palliate, shroud, bury.
KEY: Bleach.
SYN: Whiten, blanch.
ANT: Darken, blacken, soil, [See BLANCH].
KEY: Bleak.
SYN: Blank, bare, open, cold, exposed, stormy, nipping.
ANT: Warm, sheltered, verdant, luxuriant, zephyrous, balmy,
KEY: Blemish.
SYN: Spot, blur, blot, flaw, speck, fault, imperfection, stain, daub,
tarnish, defacement, discoloration, disfigurement, disgrace,
dishonor, defect.
ANT: Purity, unsulliedness, honor, intactness.
KEY: Blench.
SYN: Start, shy, shudder, recoil, shrink.
ANT: Encounter, dare, venture, face, stand.
KEY: Blend.
SYN: Mix, harmonize, unite, combine, fuse, merge, amalgamate, mingle,
commingle, coalesce.
ANT: Run, separate, divide, dissociate, confound.
KEY: Bless.
SYN: Felicitate, endow, enrich, gladden, rejoice, cheer, thank.
ANT: Deprive, sadden, impoverish, ignore, curse, anathematize.
KEY: Blessedness, [See JOY].
KEY: Blessing.
SYN: Felicitation, benediction, endowment, donation, gift, gratitude,
thankfulness, thanks, benefit.
ANT: Impoverishment, deprivation, bereavement, malediction,
thanklessness, obliviousness, catastrophe, disaster, calamity,
detriment, curse, damn.
KEY: Blight, [See BLAST].
KEY: Blind.
SYN: Sightless, unseeing, eyeless, depraved, undiscerning, ignorant,
prejudiced, uninformed, unconscious, unaware.
ANT: Farsighted, penetrating, sensitive, keen, discriminating,
clearsighted, pure-minded, aware, conscious.
KEY: Blink.
SYN: Wink, ignore, connive, overlook.
ANT: Notice, visit, note, mark.
KEY: Bliss.
SYN: Blessedness, joy, ecstasy, rapture.
ANT: Condemnation, accursedness, suffering, misery, woe.
KEY: Blithe.
SYN: Light, merry, joyous, happy, bright, elastic, gladsome, bonny,
vivacious, lively, cheerful, blithesome, gay.
ANT: Heavy, dull, dejected, sullen.
KEY: Block.
SYN: Stop, arrest, fill, obstruct.
ANT: Free, liberate, open, pave.
KEY: Blockhead.
SYN: Dolt, dunderhead, jolterhead, dunce, ninny, numskull, dullard,
simpleton, booby, loggerhead, ignoramus.
ANT: Sage, adept, luminary, schoolman, philosopher, savant.
KEY: Bloodshed.
SYN: Slaughter, massacre, carnage, butchery.
KEY: Bloodthirsty.
SYN: Gory, bloody, murderous, inhuman, cruel, ruthless, savage.
ANT: Humane, kind, merciful.
KEY: Bloom.
SYN: Blossom, bud, flower, sprout, germinate, beauty, freshness,
ANT: Decay, decadence, coarseness, blight, blast, harshness,
roughness, toughness, superannuation, cadaverousness, ghastliness.
KEY: Blooming.
SYN: Flourishing, fair, flowering, blossoming, young, beautiful.
ANT: Fading, waning, blighted, old, blasted, paralyzed,
superannuated, unsightly, deformed.
KEY: Blot_\v.\.
SYN: Obscure, tarnish, spoil, sully, spot, discolor, pollute,
obliterate, erase, blur, stain, blotch, smear, smutch.
ANT: Elucidate, clear, absterge, perpetuate, cleanse, manifest,
KEY: Blot_out.
SYN: Erase, efface, cancel, expunge, wipe_out, obliterate, destroy.
ANT: Restore, replace.
KEY: Blotch, [See BLOT].
KEY: Blow.
SYN: Puff, blast, breath, stroke, infliction, wound, disappointment,
affliction, knock, shock, calamity, misfortune.
ANT: Assuagement, consolation, relief, comfort, blessing, sparing.
KEY: Bluff.
SYN: Bare, open, bold, abrupt, frank, plain-spoken, blunt, surly,
rude, blustering, swaggering, brusque, hectoring, coarse,
discourteous, rough, bullying.
ANT: Undulating, inclined, inabrupt, courteous, polished, reserved.
KEY: Blunder.
SYN: Error, mistake, misunderstanding, fault, oversight, inaccuracy,
delusion, slip.
ANT: Accuracy, truthfulness, exactness, correctness, faultlessness,
ratification, atonement, foresight, prevention, hit, success,
achievement, correction.
KEY: Blunt \a.\.
SYN: Dull, obtuse, pointless, edgeless, insensitive, bluff, coarse,
impolite, plain-mannered, uncivil, rude.
ANT: Sharp, keen, pointed, acute, aculeated, sensitive, polished,
bland, eloquent, courteous, reserved.
KEY: Blunt, {[i']?}.
SYN: To_subdue, repress, tranquilize, discourage, ossify, numb,
ANT: Quicken, sharpen, instigate, suscitate, stimulate, animate,
excite, vitalize.
KEY: Blur, {[See ~]?}.
KEY: {[Jtluxli]?}.
SYN: Bloom, color, carnation, complexion, aspect, shame, confusion,
guiltiness, self-reproach.
ANT: Innocence, purity, guiltlessness, unconsciousness, boldness,
KEY: Bluster.
SYN: Storm, rage, puff, insult, blow, swagger, fume, brag.
ANT: [See BRAG].
KEY: Blustering, [See BLUFF].
KEY: See_BOI_{[SJ\r\]?}.
SYN: Vaunt, brag, swagger, swell, bluster, vapor, triumph, glory.
ANT: [See BRAG].
KEY: Boasting, [See OSTENTATION].
KEY: Bode.
SYN: Foretell, betoken, foreshadow, presage, predict, prophesy,
promise, forebode, herald, announce, prognosticate, portend, augur.
ANT: Relate, record, narrate, remember.
KEY: Bodily.
SYN: Collectively, wholly, summarily, unitedly, compactedly,
together, corporeal, fleshy, material, physical.
ANT: Piecemeal, partially, ghostly, fragmentarily, gradually,
KEY: Body.
SYN: Substance, mass, whole, substantiality, collectiveness,
assemblage, collection, matter, association, organization.
ANT: Spirit, soul, individual.
KEY: Boggle.
SYN: Halt, hesitate, dubitate, falter, blunder, blotch, botch, spoil,
ANT: Encounter, face, advance, refine, clear, work, perfect, complete,
KEY: Boll.
SYN: bubble, effervesce, rage, explode, fume.
ANT: Calm, subside, recover, cool.
KEY: Boisterous.
SYN: Loud, violent, unrestrained, tempestuous, stormy, uncontrolled,
ANT: Peaceful, calm, serene, selfpossessed.
KEY: Bold.
SYN: Courageous, fearless, adventurous, brave, self-confident,
forward, intrepid, dauntless, valiant, daring, [See {[aiv-laric
in-}?], lion-hearted, doughty.
ANT: Timid, fearful, inadventurous, shy, bashful, retiring.
KEY: Bolster.
SYN: Support, prop, help, {[id]?}, sustain, subsidize, patch, tinker,
ANT: Depress, dispirit, relax.
KEY: Bombast.
SYN: Rhodomontade, braggadocio, gasconade, bluster, inflatedness,
pomposity, exaggerativeness, fustian.
ANT: Truthfulness, moderation, refrain, veracity, modesty,
temperateness, humility.
KEY: Bombastic, [See OSTENTATION].
KEY: Bond.
SYN: Tie, fastening, chain, association, manacle, fetter, compact,
obligation, security.
ANT: Freedom, option, discretion, honor, parole.
KEY: Bondage.
SYN: Servitude, confinement, imprisonment, incarceration,
subjection, serfdom, thraldom, captivity, slavery.
ANT: Freedom, liberty, independence, manumission, liberation.
KEY: Bondsman.
SYN: Slave, serf, prisoner, captive, vassal.
ANT: Freeman, yeoman, gentleman, lord, master.
KEY: Bonny.
SYN: Fair, pretty, pleasant, lively, cheerful, shapely, buxom.
ANT: Dull, unseemly, ill-favored, deformed.
KEY: Bonus.
SYN: Premium, douceur, boon, benefit.
ANT: Fine, penalty, mulct, amercement, discount.
KEY: Booby.
SYN: Idiot, dunce, numskull.
ANT: Wiseacre, solon, oracle.
KEY: booklist.
SYN: Studious, erudite, pedantic, learned.
ANT: Unbookish, unstudious, inerudite, unlearned, ignorant,
KEY: Boorish, [See CLOWNISH].
KEY: Bootless.
SYN: Useless, profitless, unavailing, abortive.
ANT: Useful, profitable, availing, effective, effectual.
KEY: Booty.
SYN: Plunder, blackmail, loot, spoils, prey, pillage.
ANT: Restitution, fine, confiscation, forfeiture, amercement,
KEY: Border.
SYN: Limit, boundary, brink, rim, verge, brim, edge, edging, band,
hem, enclosure, confine.
ANT: Land, tract, interior, substance, space, centre.
KEY: Border_on.
SYN: {Be_contiguous_to}, {be_adjacent_to}, {conterminous_with},
adjoin, adjacent to.
ANT: Remote_from, away_from.
KEY: Bore.
SYN: Perforate, pierce, weary, penetrate.
ANT: Please, gratify, delight.
KEY: Bottom.
SYN: Breast, hollow, valley, deep, bed, centre, heart, mind, soul,
ANT: Surface, exterior, manner, deportment, demeanor.
KEY: Botch.
SYN: Patch, cobble, blunder, clump, disconcert, spoil, jumble, mess,
bungle, mar, blacksmith.
ANT: Fine-draw, trim, harmonize, mend, beautify, embroider,
manipulate, handle, manage.
KEY: Both.
SYN: Twain.
ANT: Neither.
KEY: Bother.
SYN: Fuse, worry, pester, excitement, stir, plague, vex, annoy, tease,
confusion, vexation, flurry, trouble.
ANT: Calm, composure, orderliness, peace, quiet.
KEY: Bottom.
SYN: Deep, profound, floor, groundwork, depth, ground, foot.
ANT: Top, summit, apex, crown, brow, surface.
KEY: Bound \n.\.
SYN: Limit, boundary, inclosure, confine, border.
KEY: BOUND_\v.\.
SYN: Confine, limit, circumscribe, terminate, restrict, restrain.
ANT: Enlarge, open, extend, spread_out.
KEY: Bound \r.\.
SYN: To_leap, jump, frisk, spring, skip.
ANT: Hobble, limp, crawl, creep, shamble.
KEY: Boundary, [See BOUND].
KEY: Boundless.
SYN: Unbounded, immeasurable, infinite, unlimited, illimitable,
ANT: Narrow, restricted, limited, confined, circumscribed.
KEY: Bountiful, [See LIBERAL].
KEY: Bounty.
SYN: Liberality, bounteousness, benevolence, munificence, donation,
gift, generosity, charity, benignity.
ANT: Illiberality, closeness, hardy, {[ess]?}, churlishness,
stinginess, niggardliness.
KEY: Bower.
SYN: Shady_recess, arbor, retreat, alcove.
ANT: Open_place.
KEY: Brae.
SYN: Boast, vaunt, swagger, bully.
ANT: Cringe, whine, whimper.
KEY: Braggart, {[Biuo]?}.
KEY: Braid.
SYN: Bind, tie, weave, plait.
ANT: Unbind, dishevel.
KEY: Branch.
SYN: Member, bifurcation, bough, limb, offspring, shoot, spray, sprig,
twig, ramification, offshoot, relative, scion.
ANT: Trunk, stock, stem, race, family, house.
KEY: Brand \v.\.
SYN: denounce, stigmatize, disgrace, mark.
ANT: Distinguish, honor, decorate.
KEY: Brand, {[mlj]?}.
SYN: Disgrace, stigma, infamy, mark.
ANT: Decoration, badge, distinction, honor.
KEY: Brandish.
SYN: Flourish, fence, agitate, wield, whisk, shake, wave.
ANT: Stay, arrest, suspend.
KEY: Bravado.
SYN: Boasting, bragging, vaunting, bluster.
KEY: Brave, [See GALLANT].
KEY: Brawl.
SYN: Wrangle, broil, scold, roar, shout, vociferate.
ANT: Whisper, softness, mellowness, melodiousness, intonation.
KEY: Brawny.
SYN: Muscular, powerful, strong, athletic, sinewy, herculean, robust,
ANT: Lean, weak, fragile, delicate, effeminate, feeble.
KEY: Bray.
SYN: Pound, bruise, beat, pulverize.
ANT: Compact, compound, amalgamate, conglomerate.
KEY: Breach.
SYN: Rupture, divulsion, gap, quarrel, violation, nonperformance.
ANT: Integrity, conservation, healing, reconciliation,
inviolateness, fulfillment.
KEY: Break.
SYN: Fracture, rupture, shatter, shiver, destroy, tame, curb,
demolish, tear_asunder, rend, burst, sever, smash, split, subdue,
violate, infringe.
ANT: Heal, piece, conjoin, protect, conserve, encourage, rally,
observe, obey.
KEY: Breast, [See BOSOM].
KEY: Breath.
SYN: [See {[K % {[>-pi rit ion}?], inspiration, expiration,
inhalation, exhalation, Met, Life.
ANT: To_latter, Cessation, passing, departure, perishing, dying,
KEY: Breathe, [See BREATH].
KEY: Breathless.
SYN: Exhausted, eager, absorbed, fascinated, attentive, bewildered,
ANT: Cool, calm, collected, unexcited, fresh, indifferent,
inattentive, unastonished.
KEY: Dreed_\v.\.
SYN: Generate, procreate, engender, propagate, produce, beget, hatch,
nourish, train, instruct, evolve, cause.
ANT: Destroy, eradicate, extinguish, extirpate, stifle.
KEY: Dreed \n.\, [See LINEAGE].
KEY: Breeding.
SYN: Nurture, education, training, discipline, instruction, manners,
air, demeanor, decorum.
ANT: ill-manners, ill-training, illbehavior, ignorance.
KEY: Brevity.
SYN: Shortness, closeness, conciseness, succinctness, terseness,
compendiousness, pointedness, abbreviation, abridgment.
ANT: Length, protraction, elongation, extension, prolixity,
diffusiveness, [See IDENTITY], tediousness.
KEY: Drew.
SYN: Concoct, compound, mix, hatch, prepare, season, threaten, impend,
increase, collect, form, gather, grow.
ANT: Pass, disperse, break, spoil, miscompound, mar.
KEY: Bridle.
SYN: Curb, restrain, govern, control, master, moderate, compress.
ANT: Loosen, liberate, relax, vent, discharge.
KEY: Brief, [See SHORT].
KEY: Bright.
SYN: Shining, brilliant, burnished, luminous, lucid, sparkling,
limpid, clever, happy, witty, joyous, cheerful, radiant.
ANT: Opaque, dull, dead, muddy, stupid, slow, sullen, dejected,
cheerless, joyless, imbecile.
KEY: Brilliant.
SYN: Flashing, radiant, shining, lustrous, glorious, luminous,
effulgent, beaming, sparkling.
KEY: Bring.
SYN: Fetch, procure, convey, carry, bear, adduce, import, produce,
cause, induce.
ANT: Export, remove, abstract, subtract, prevent, exclude, debar,
KEY: {[Mrink]?}.
SYN: Quick, lively, vivacious, active, alert, nimble, sprightly,
spirited, animated, prompt, effervescent.
ANT: Slow, heavy, dull, inactive, [See in-^k)lent], sluggish,
unenergetic, stagnant.
KEY: Bristling.
SYN: Full, stocked, multitudinous, crowded, swarming, multifarious.
ANT: Bare, nude, scant, devoid, vacant.
KEY: Brittle, [See FRAGILE].
KEY: Broach.
SYN: Moot, start, launch, originate, suggest, exhibit, propound.
ANT: Reserve, secrete, seal, repress, cork, bottle.
KEY: Broad.
SYN: Wide, extensive, expansive, ample, liberal, comprehensive,
unreserved, indelicate, coarse, generic.
ANT: Narrow, restricted, confined, limited, bigoted, prejudiced,
illiberal, narrow-minded, reserved, veiled, enigmatical, shrouded,
shaded, refined, delicate, sketchy, specific, pointed.
KEY: Broadcast.
SYN: Scattered_abroad, dispersed, profusely, unsparingly,
indiscriminately, injudiciously, extensively.
ANT: Collectedly, concentratively, sparingly, reservedly, locally,
partially, discreetly, charily.
KEY: Droll \n.\, [See {[AFFRAT]?}].
KEY: [See {[Drook % {[i'}?].
SYN: Bear, tolerate, suffer, endure, undergo, submit_to, permit.
ANT: Resist, resent, reject.
KEY: Brotherhood.
SYN: Fraternity, association, fellowship, society, sodality.
KEY: Brotherly.
SYN: Fraternal, kind, affectionate, tender.
ANT: Unkind, hard, harsh, unfraternal.
KEY: Browbeat.
SYN: Intimidate, bully, overbear, cow, overawe, boycott, bulldoze.
ANT: Encourage, rally, countenance, support.
KEY: Bruise \v.\, [See BREAK].
KEY: Brunt.
SYN: Impulse, attack, aggression, onslaught, onset, assault, shock.
ANT: Resistance, endurance, repulsion.
KEY: Brutal.
SYN: Savage, inhuman, rude, unfeeling, merciless, ruthless, brutish,
barbarous, sensual, beastly, ignorant, stolid, dense, cruel, violent,
vindictive, bloodthirsty, intemperate.
ANT: Humane, civilized, generous, intelligent, polished, chivalrous,
conscientious, self-controlled.
KEY: Brutish, [See BRUTAL].
KEY: Bubble.
SYN: Trifle, toy, fancy, conceit, vision, dream, froth, trash.
ANT: Acquisition, prize, treasury_reality, substance, verity, jewel,
good, advantage.
KEY: Bud_\r.\.
SYN: Sprout, blossom, bloom, germinate.
KEY: Buffoon.
SYN: Wag, clown, jester.
ANT: Wit, genius, philosopher, pedant, visionary, dissembler, prig,
enthusiast, hypocrite.
KEY: Bugbear.
SYN: Hobgoblin, goblin, gorgon, ghoul, spirit, spook, specter, ogre,
KEY: Build, [See CONSTRUCT].
KEY: Building.
SYN: Edifice, architecture, construction, erection, fabric,
ANT: Ruin, dilapidation, dismantlement, demolition.
KEY: Builder, [See BUILDING].
KEY: Bulk.
SYN: Mass, whole, entirety, integrity, majority, size, magnitude,
extension, body, volume, bigness, largeness, massiveness, dimension.
ANT: Tenuity, minority, dismemberment, disintegration, diminution,
portion, contraction, section, atom, particle.
KEY: Bulk, [See SIZE].
KEY: Bulky.
SYN: Huge, unwieldy, heavy, large, ample, ponderous, burly, cumbrous,
gigantic, brawny, massive.
ANT: Small, light, slight, airy, thin, delicate, nimble, attenuated,
slender, sylphlike, puny, tiny.
KEY: Bully.
SYN: swashbuckler, swaggerer, braggadocio.
KEY: Bullying, [See BLUSTERING].
KEY: Bulwark.
SYN: Rampart, fortress, fortification, palladium, citadel,
intrenchment, stronghold, parapet, bastion.
ANT: Storming, siege, investment, bombardment, cannonade, boarding.
KEY: Bungler.
SYN: Botcher, clown, lubber, fumbler, novice.
ANT: Adept, adroit, master, artist, workman, proficient, professor.
KEY: Buoy.
SYN: Float, support, sustain, elevate, elate, assure, animate, cheer,
ANT: Sink, drown, depress, swamp, overcome, deject, crush, fail,
KEY: Buoyant.
SYN: Sprightly, spirited, vivacious, lively, light, floating,
hopeful, cheerful, elastic, [See JOY].
ANT: Heavy, depressed, cheerless, joyless, dejected, moody,
KEY: Burdon_\v.\, [See LOAD].
KEY: Burden \n.\.
SYN: Load, weight, Incubus, obstruction, oppression, grief,
difficulty, affliction.
ANT: Ease, lightness, airiness, expedition, facility, acceleration,
abjugation, liberation, lightheartedness, alleviation, assuagement,
mitigation, consolation, disburdenment.
KEY: Burial.
SYN: Interment, sepulture, inhumation, entombment.
ANT: Exhumation, disinterment.
KEY: Burke.
SYN: Stifle, shelve, strangle, smother.
ANT: Enucleate, propound, promulge, publicate, promote, foster,
reanimate, eliminate, ventilate, bruit, suscitate.
KEY: Burlesque.
SYN: Parody, travesty, satire, caricature, grotesque, droll,
farcical, comic, ludicrous.
ANT: Classic, pure, severe, tragic, historic, grave, truthful.
KEY: Burly, [See BULKY].
KEY: Burn.
SYN: Ignite, kindle, brand, consume, cauterize, rage, glow, smoulder,
blaze, flash, cremate, incinerate.
ANT: Extinguish, stifle, cool, wane, subside, glimmer, lower, pale.
KEY: Burning, [See ARDENT].
KEY: Burnish.
SYN: Brighten, glaze, polish, gloze, gloss.
ANT: Scratch, dull, abrade, bedim, cloud, frost, matt.
KEY: Burst \v.\.
SYN: Extravasate, displode, explode, discharge, shiver, shatter,
disrupt, rend, break, split.
ANT: Cohere, hold, stand.
KEY: Bury.
SYN: Inter, inhume, conceal, repress, suppress, obliterate, cancel,
entomb, compose, hush.
ANT: Disinter, exhume, bruit, excavate, expose, resuscitate,
publicate, aggravate.
KEY: Business.
SYN: Occupation, profession, vocation, transaction, trade, calling,
office, employment, interest, duty, affair, matter, concern.
ANT: Stagnation, leisure, inactivity.
KEY: Bustle.
SYN: Business, activity, stir, commotion, energy, excitement, haste,
hurry, eagerness, flurry.
ANT: Idleness, vacation, inactivity, Indolence, Indifference,
unconcernedness, coolness, calm, stagnation, quiet, desertion.
KEY: Busy.
SYN: Industrious, diligent, assiduous, engaged, occupied.
ANT: Idle, slothful, lazy, indolent, unoccupied.
KEY: But.
SYN: Save, except, barring, yet, beside, excluding, still, excepting,
ANT: With, including, inclusive, nevertheless, however,
KEY: Butchery, {[See ~]?}.
KEY: Buxom.
SYN: Bonny, blithe, shapely.
ANT: Lean, slender, ill-shaped.
KEY: Buy.
SYN: Purchase, bribe, subsidize, suborn.
ANT: Sell, vend, hawk, retail.
KEY: Buyer, [See BUY].
KEY: Cabal.
SYN: Confederacy, conspiracy, combination, coterie, gang, faction,
plot, {political_intrigue}, junto, league.
ANT: Parliament, legislation, council, government, empire, synod.
KEY: Cabalistic.
SYN: Mystic, symbolical, fanciful, occult.
ANT: Patent, practical, instructive, lucid, simple.
KEY: Cabbage.
SYN: Rob, steal, filch, crib, pocket, shirk, pillage, abstract,
KEY: Cachinnation.
SYN: Grin, chuckle, giggle, snigger, titter, cackle.
ANT: Longfacedness, whine, whimper.
KEY: Cadaverous.
SYN: Pale, exsanguineous, bloodless, hueless, pallid, ghastly, ashy.
ANT: Rosy, incarnadine, sanguine, chubby, brawny.
KEY: Caducity.
SYN: Decline, infirmity, decrepitude, senility, decadence,
transience, delicacy.
ANT: Vigor, youth, freshness, vitality, renovation, permanence.
KEY: Cage.
SYN: Imprison, immure, confine, incarcerate, cabin, crib.
ANT: Liberate, free, dismiss, unbar.
KEY: Caitiff.
SYN: Rascal, miscreant, rogue, churl, villain, ruffian.
ANT: Worthy, gentleman, patriot, philanthropist.
KEY: Cajole.
SYN: Tempt, lure, coat, flatter, wheedle, delude, cheat, inveigle,
ANT: Chide, rate, scold, warn.
KEY: Calamity.
SYN: Disaster, misfortune, mishap, catastrophe, misadventure,
trouble, visitation, affliction, reverse, blight.
ANT: godsend, blessing, boon.
KEY: Calamitous.
SYN: Disastrous, illfated, fatal, unlucky, hapless, unfortunate,
inauspicious, troublous, illstarred, ill-omened.
ANT: Felicitous, fortunate, auspicious, favorable, propitious,
KEY: Calculate.
SYN: Estimate, consider, weigh, number, count, apportion, proportion,
investigate, reckon, rate, compute.
ANT: Guess, conjecture, hit, chance, risk, stake, miscalculate.
KEY: Calculated.
SYN: Fitted, congenial, adapted, conducive.
ANT: Unfitted, unadapted, uncongenial, unconducive, adverse,
unqualified, unsuited, miscalculated, ill-adapted.
KEY: Calculating.
SYN: Wary, cautious, circumspect, sagacious, careful, farsighted,
ANT: Shortsighted, dull, obtuse, improvident, incautious, rash,
KEY: Calculation.
SYN: Estimation, consideration, balance, apportionment,
investigation, reckoning, computation, anticipation, forethought,
regard, circumspection, watchfulness, vigilance, caution, care.
ANT: Inconsiderateness, inconsideration, incaution, indiscretion,
miscalculation, misconception, exclusion, exception, omission,
carelessness, {[sepdsition]?}.
KEY: Calibre.
SYN: Gauge, diameter, ability, capacity, force, strength, power.
ANT: correlative, {as_character}, mind, etc.
KEY: callback, [See RECALL].
KEY: Call_out, [See PROCLAIM].
KEY: Call_together, [See CONVENE].
KEY: Called.
SYN: Named, designated, denominated, Determined.
ANT: Unnamed, undesignated, misnamed, misdesignated.
KEY: Calling, [See BUSINESS].
KEY: Callous, [See FAVORABLE].
KEY: Calm.
SYN: Smooth, pacify, compose, allay, still, soothe, appease, assuage,
quiet, tranquilize.
ANT: Stir, excite, agitate, disconcert, ruffle, lash, heat,
KEY: Calumniate, [See SLANDER].
KEY: Calumniator, [See BACKBITER].
KEY: Calumnious.
SYN: Slanderous, defamatory, scurrilous, abusive.
KEY: Calumny.
SYN: Slander, defamation, detraction, libel, traducement, backbiting,
opprobrium, aspersion.
ANT: Vindication, clearance, eulogy, panegyric.
KEY: Camp.
SYN: Encamp, bivouac.
KEY: Cancel.
SYN: Efface, blot_out, annul, expunge, nullify, quash, rescind,
repeal, revoke, abrogate, obliterate, discharge, erase, abolish,
ANT: Enforce, enact, re-enact, confirm, perpetuate, contract.
KEY: Candid.
SYN: Fair, honest, open, sincere, frank, artless, impartial, plain,
straightforward, aboveboard, transparent, unreserved, ingenious.
ANT: unfair, close, mysterious, reserve, shuffling, disingenuous,
insincere, Jesuitical.
KEY: Candidate.
SYN: Aspirant, petitioner, canvasser, applicant, claimant,
ANT: Waiver, decliner, abandoner, resigner, abjurer, noncompetitor.
KEY: Canon.
SYN: Rule, measure, regulation, test, law.
ANT: Misguidance, antinomy, Irregularity, misrule.
KEY: Canvass \r.\.
SYN: Question, Investigate, challenge, test, dispute, solicit, sift,
examine, discuss, apply_for, request.
ANT: Pretermit, allow, ignore, disregard, admit, pass, misexamine,
KEY: Capable, [See ABLE].
KEY: Capability.
SYN: Cleverness, aptitude, talent, capacity, power, facility,
ANT: Dulness, inaptitude, awkwardness, difficulty.
KEY: Capacious.
SYN: Spacious, comprehensive, voluminous, ample, accommodative,
extensive, wide.
ANT: Narrow, restricted, limited, confined, shallow, contracted,
KEY: Capacity.
SYN: Space, size, volume, tonnage, calibre, ability, faculty,
compatability, cleverness, talents, magnitude, parts, competency,
compressiveness, accommodation.
ANT: Narrowness, restriction, Incapacity, coarctation,
KEY: Capital.
SYN: Chief, excellent, important, cardinal, principal, consummate,
ANT: Inferior, unimportant, subordinate, minor, defective, mean.
KEY: Capitulate.
SYN: Stipulate, yield, surrender, submit.
ANT: Resist, struggle, contend.
KEY: Caprice, [See DRY].
KEY: Capricious.
SYN: Wayward, uncertain, fanciful, freakish, fitful, fickle,
changeful, whimsical, humorsome, inconstant, crotchety.
ANT: Firm, unchanging, inflexible, decided, unswerving, constant.
KEY: Captious.
SYN: Carping, caviling, censorious, hypercritical, cross,
fault-finding, critical, cynical, petulant, irritable, splenetic,
touchy, peevish, fretful.
ANT: Appreciative, commendatory, encouraging, complimentary,
approving, laudatory, flattering.
KEY: Captivate, [See BEWITCH].
KEY: Captivated.
SYN: Taken, charmed, smitten, fascinated, enslaved, captured,
ANT: Free, unaffected, uninfluenced, unscathed, insensible,
KEY: Captivating.
SYN: Charming, bewitching, fascinating, alluring, seductive,
ANT: Hideous, loathsome, repulsive, uncaptivating, uninteresting.
KEY: Captivity, [See {[THRALDOM]?}], Capture \v.\, [See SEIZE].
KEY: Capture \n.\, [See PRIZE].
KEY: Care.
SYN: Attention, pains, anxiety, concern, trouble, circumspection,
regard, solicitude, caution, prevention, custody, preservation,
thrift, heed, foresight, wariness, economy, prudence.
ANT: Inattention, neglect, disregard, carelessness, indifference,
temerity, remissness, improvidence, unguardedness, incaution.
KEY: Career.
SYN: Course, success, walk, line, progress, history,
{way_of_ill_passage}, race.
ANT: Misproceeding, misdeportment, unsuccess, miscarriage.
KEY: Careful, [See COMMON].
KEY: Careless, [See COMMON].
KEY: Caress \v.\, [See FONDLE].
KEY: Caress \n.\.
SYN: Endearment, blandishment, wheedling, fondling, stroking.
ANT: Vexation, irritation, annoyance, teasing, persecution,
KEY: Cargo.
SYN: Freight, burden, load, consignment, merchandise, lading, goods.
ANT: Conveyance, bearer, carrier.
KEY: Caricature.
SYN: Mimicry, parody, travesty, burlesque, extravagance,
exaggeration, hyperbole, monstrosity, farce.
ANT: Portraiture, representation, resemblance, justice, fidelity,
KEY: Carnage.
SYN: Massacre, slaughter, bloodshed, butchery.
ANT: Ransom, deliverance, quarter.
KEY: Carnal.
SYN: Fleshly, sensual, selfindulgent, licentious, animal, coarse,
base, worldly, impure, libidinous, secular.
ANT: Spiritual, ethereal, pure, selfcontrolled, temperate, exalted,
KEY: Carnival.
SYN: Revel, rout, festivity, masquerade.
ANT: Fast, mortification, lent, retirement.
KEY: Carol.
SYN: Sing, warble, chirp, trill, whistle, chirrup, chant, {[hum]?}.
ANT: Whine, croak, cry, dirge, lament.
KEY: Carouse.
SYN: Festivity, feast, banquet, revel, debauch.
ANT: Fast, starvation, maceration, abstinence.
KEY: Carousal.
SYN: Wassail, revel, banquet, orgies.
KEY: Carp.
SYN: Cavil, censure, challenge, overhaul, canvass, hypercriticise,
object, catch.
ANT: Allow, concede, admit, compliment, encourage, approve, applaud,
endorse, acquiesce, assent.
KEY: Carpet, {(Metaphorical)}.
SYN: Table, board, consideration, consultation.
ANT: Shelf, rejection, disposal, oblution.
KEY: Carriage.
SYN: Transportation, conveyance, bearing, manner, conduct, demeanor,
walk, gait, mien, behavior, deportment, vehicle.
ANT: Misconveyance, miscarriage, misconduct, misconsignment.
KEY: Carry, [See BEAK].
KEY: Carry_on, [See TRANSACT].
KEY: Carry_through, [See COMPLETE].
KEY: Case.
SYN: Occurrence, circumstance, contingency, event, plight,
predicament, fact, subject, condition, instance.
ANT: Hypothesis, supposition, fancy, theory, conjecture.
KEY: Cash.
SYN: Money, specie, coin, currency, capital.
KEY: Cast, {[f]?}.
SYN: Hurl, send_down, throw, fling, pitch, impel, project, construct,
mold, frame.
ANT: Raise, elevate, recover, erect, accept, approve, retain, carry,
ignore, miscalculate, misprovide, break, dissipate, dismember,
KEY: Cast \n.\.
SYN: Mould, stamp, kind, figure, form, aspect, mien, air, style,
manner, character.
ANT: Malformation, deformity, abnormity.
KEY: castaway, [See REJECT].
KEY: Cast_down, [See MELANCHOLY].
KEY: Cast_out, [See EJECT].
KEY: Caste.
SYN: Order, class, rank, lineage, race, blood, dignity, respect.
ANT: Degradation, taboo, disrepute, abasement, reproach.
KEY: Castigate.
SYN: Whip, flagellate, cane.
ANT: Reward, encourage, decorate, caress.
KEY: Casual.
SYN: Accidental, occasional, incidental, contingent, unforeseen,
ANT: Regular, ordinary, systematic, periodic, certain, fixed, [See
KEY: Casualty.
SYN: Accident, contingency, chance, fortuity, {[hap]?}, misfortune,
occurrence, mischance, [See ACCIDENT].
ANT: Appointment, assignment, provision, ordinance, enactment.
KEY: Casuistry.
SYN: Sophistry, Jesuitry, fallacy, refinement, quibble,
ANT: Reason, conscience, commonsense.
KEY: Catalogue \n.\, [See BAWL].
KEY: Catastrophe.
SYN: Revolution, disaster, calamity, misfortune, misadventure,
reverse, blow, visitation.
ANT: Blessing, victory, triumph, felicitation, achievement, ovation,
success, godsend.
KEY: Catch.
SYN: Take, seize, grip, clutch, capture, secure, ensnare, snatch, hit,
arrest, comprehend, overtake, apprehend.
ANT: Lose, miss, misapprehend, escape.
KEY: Catching, [See PESTIFEROUS].
KEY: catechism.
SYN: Erotetics, socratics, interrogation, creed, system, compendium.
ANT: Reading, excogitation, elaboration.
KEY: Catechumen.
SYN: Tyro, learner, pupil, novice, scholar.
ANT: Master, doctor, professor, teacher, savant.
KEY: Categorical.
SYN: Plain, positive, declaratory, peremptory, affirmative, absolute,
demonstrative, distinct.
ANT: Obscure, uncertain, ambiguous, dubious, contingent,
hypothetical, hazy, oracular, enigmatical, mystical.
KEY: Category.
SYN: State, kind, predicament, condition, nature, order, mode, sort,
ANT: Essence, truth, being.
KEY: Causality.
SYN: Eventuality, operativeness, potentiality, effectuality,
productiveness, conduciveness.
ANT: Preventiveness, retardativeness, obstructiveness,
counteractivity, unproductiveness, ineffectiveness,
inoperativeness, barrenness.
KEY: Causation, [See CAUSALITY].
KEY: Cause \r.\, [See PRODUCE].
KEY: Cause \n.\.
SYN: Source, origin, producer, agent, creator, purpose, inducement,
reason, account, principle, motive, object, suit, action.
ANT: Effect, result, accomplishment, end, production, issue,
KEY: Caustic.
SYN: Burning, mordant, pungent, irritating, biting, pointed,
sarcastic, trenchant, severe.
ANT: Pointless, mild, soothing, conciliating, vapid, flat, tame.
KEY: Caution.
KEY: Cautious, [See CIRCUMSPECT].
KEY: Cavalier \a.\, [See ARROGANT].
KEY: Cavil, [See CARP].
KEY: Cavity, [See OPENING].
KEY: Caviller, [See CAVIL].
KEY: Cease.
SYN: Intermit, stop, desist, abstain, discontinue, quit, refrain, end,
pause, leave_off.
ANT: Ceaseless, never-ending, everlasting, constant, incessant, [See
KEY: Ceaseless, [See CEASE].
KEY: Celebrate, [See HONOR].
KEY: Celebrated.
SYN: Famed, renowned, illustrious, eminent, glorious, famous, noted,
distinguished, notable, exalted.
ANT: Unrenowned, obscure, undistinguished, unknown, disgraced, mean.
KEY: Celebration.
SYN: Commemoration, solemnization, observance.
ANT: Oblivion, inobservance, obsolescence, desuetude.
KEY: Celebrity.
SYN: Fame, honor, glory, star, reputation, distinction, renown,
notability, eminence, notoriety.
ANT: Obscurity, meanness, ingloriousness, ignominy, disgrace,
contempt, cipher, nobody.
KEY: Celerity.
SYN: Rapidity, speed, haste, velocity, swiftness, quickness,
fleetness, despatch.
ANT: Slowness, inertness, slaggishness, tardiness,
KEY: Celestial.
SYN: Heavenly, ethereal, atmospheric, supernal, angelic, radiant,
eternal, immortal, seraphic, divine, godlike, elysian.
ANT: Earthly, terrestrial, terrene, sublunary, human, mortal,
hellish, infernal.
KEY: Cement.
SYN: Bind, bond, unite, perpetuate, consolidate.
ANT: Detach, dissolve, dissociate, disintegrate, divorce.
KEY: Censorious, [See CAPTIOUS].
KEY: Censure \r.\, [See BLAME].
KEY: Censure.
SYN: Blame, stricture, reproach, reprobate, inculpate, reprove,
condemn, reprehend, chide, berate, scold, upbraid, disapproval,
remonstrance, rebuke, reprimand, dispiaise.
ANT: Praise, eulogy, approbation, encouragement, commendation.
KEY: Central.
SYN: Mediate, accessible, convenient,.
ANT: Remote, inaccessible, inconvenient.
KEY: Centralize.
SYN: Concentrate, fix, localize, collect.
ANT: Disperse, disseminate, distribute, apportion, divide,
KEY: Ceremonial.
SYN: Official, ministerial, functional, pompous, imposing, sumptuous,
ANT: Ordinary, private, unimposing, unostentatious, undramatic.
KEY: Ceremonious.
SYN: Punctilious, formal, prim, precise.
ANT: Brusque, blunt, supercilious, bluff, unceremonious.
KEY: Ceremony.
SYN: Display, pageant, solemnity, rite, formality.
KEY: Certain.
SYN: true, fixed, regular, established, incontrovertible, undoubtful,
indubitable, infallible, unmistakable, sure, unfailing, real, actual,
undeniable, positive, convinced, assured.
ANT: Uncertain, dubious, exceptional, irregular, casual, occasional,
questionable, doubtful, vacillating, undecided, uncertain.
KEY: Certainly.
SYN: Surely, positively, unquestionably.
ANT: Possibly, probably, perhaps, contingently, doubtfully,
KEY: Certainty.
SYN: Assurance, demonstrableness, positiveness, unquestionableness,
confidence, conviction.
ANT: Dubiousness, precariousness, casualty, vicissitude,
uncertainty, irregularity, hesitation, doubt, misgiving, conjecture,
KEY: Certify.
SYN: Acknowledge, aver, attest, vouch, avow, avouch, testify, protest,
declare, demonstrate, prove, evidence, inform, assure.
ANT: Disprove, disavow, misinform, misadvise.
KEY: Cessation.
SYN: Stopping, halt, discontinuance, quiescence, suspension,
intermission, lull, respite, stop, rest, abeyance, pause.
ANT: Continuance, uninterruptedness, unintermission, incessancy.
KEY: Cession.
SYN: Concession, yielding, surrender, abandonment, relinquishment,
ANT: Retention, claimance, maintenance, appropriation, usurpation,
{[vindbmtkm]?}, assumption.
KEY: Chafe.
SYN: Gall, rub, vex, irritate, chagrin, tease, harass, disappoint,
grieve, annoy, worry, calcitrate, re_sent, resist, fret, fidget,
ANT: Soothe, smooth, coax, calm, humor, console, submit, endure,
succumb, crouch, truckle.
SYN: Banter, badinage, nonsense, frivolity, trash, chaffer.
ANT: Emphasis, seriousness, sense, substance, reason, argument,
marrow, pith, gist.
KEY: Chaffer.
SYN: Haggle, bargain, higgle, stickle, boggle.
ANT: Close, conclude, agree, negotiate.
KEY: Chagrin \v.\, [See CHAFF].
KEY: Challenge \v.\.
SYN: Defy, summon, dare, question, investigate, brave, canvass.
ANT: Pass, allow, grant, concede.
KEY: Champion \n.\.
SYN: Hero, warrior, combatant, vindicator, challenger, defender,
ANT: Renegade, deserter, poltroon, miscreant, traitor, coward,
adversary, opponent.
KEY: Chance \v.\, [See HAZARD].
KEY: Chance \n.\.
SYN: Accident, fortuity, hazard, haphazard, fortune, random,
casualty, befoulment, luck.
ANT: Law, rule, sequence, consequence, causation, effectuation,
intention, purpose, design, certainty.
KEY: Change \v.\.
SYN: Vary, alter, modify, diversify, qualify, transmute, substitute,
fluctuate, shift, veer, exchange.
ANT: Conserve, retain, stabilitate, fix, clinch, stand, endure, last,
KEY: Change \n.\, [See VARIATION].
KEY: Changeable, Changeful, [See CAPRICIOUS_and_CHANGELESS].
KEY: Changeless.
SYN: Regular, settled, steady, firm, stationary, consistent,
resolute, reliable, undeviating, uniform, immutable, immovable.
ANT: Irregular, unsettled, unsteady, wavering, fluctuating,
capricious, irresolute, vacillating, variable, mutable, plastic.
KEY: Chaplet.
SYN: Garland, wreath, coronal.
KEY: Character.
SYN: Symbol, letter, nature, type, disposition, genius, temperament,
cast, estimation, repute, office, reputation, part, capacity, class,
order, sort, stamp, kind, quality, species, sign, tone, mark, figure,
ANT: Vagueness, anonymousness, nondescription, disrepute.
KEY: Characteristic.
SYN: Distinction, peculiarity, diagnosis, idiosyncrasy, speciality,
individuality, personality, singularity.
ANT: Nondescription, abstractedness, generality, miscellany.
KEY: Characterize.
SYN: Mark, distinguish, describe, particularize, style, designate,
individualize, specify, identify.
ANT: Hint, insinuate, sketch, suggest, adumbrate.
KEY: Charge.
SYN: Direct, enjoin, advise, admonish, arraign, inculpate, entrust,
commit, load, accuse, impeach, attack, assault, impute, carry.
ANT: Clear, free, discharge, acquit, liberate.
KEY: Chargeable.
SYN: Attributable, ascribable, imputable.
ANT: Not_attributable, not_ascribable, not_imputable.
KEY: Charity, [See BENEVOLENCE].
KEY: Charitable.
SYN: Kind, benign, benevolent, beneficent, liberal, considerate,
forgiving, compassionate, placable, inexacting, inextreme.
ANT: Uncharitable, unkind, harsh, selfish, churlish, illiberal,
censorious, unforgiving, uncompassionate, implacable, extreme,
exacting, retaliative, revengeful.
KEY: Charlatan, [See QUACK], Charm \v.\.
SYN: Bewitch, enchant, fascinate, lay, soothe, mesmerize, delight,
enrapture, transport, entice, allure, entrance, captivate, subdue.
ANT: Disenchant, disillusionize, excite, rouse, disturb, annoy,
Irritate, alarm, terrify, repel, disgust.
KEY: Charm \n.\.
SYN: Spell, incantation, enchantment, fascination, attraction,
ANT: Disenchantment, repulsion, fear.
KEY: Chary.
SYN: Careful, cautions, calculating, frugal, shy, wary, sparing, slow,
saving, reluctant.
ANT: Liberal, lavish, profuse, eager.
KEY: Chase \v.\.
SYN: Pursue, hunt, follow, drive, prosecute.
ANT: Abandon, relinquish, discard, dismiss, avoid, elude, evade.
KEY: Chaste.
SYN: Pure, modest, uncontaminated, spotless, immaculate, undented,
virtuous, incorrupt, simple, unaffected, nice.
ANT: Impure, corrupt, meretricious, gaudy, flashy, overdecorated.
KEY: Chasten.
SYN: Purify, discipline, chastise, correct, castigate, improve,
spiritualize, afflict, refine.
ANT: Indulge, sensualize, brutalize, degrade, corrupt, pamper,
carnalize, spoil, demoralize.
KEY: Chat, [See BABBLE].
KEY: Chattels.
SYN: Effects, goods, wares, movables, furniture.
ANT: Freehold.
KEY: Chatter.
SYN: Rattle, jabber, cackle, prattle, twaddle.
ANT: Reason, sense, argument, reticence, philosophy, conversation.
KEY: Cheap.
SYN: Common, inexpensive, uncostly, mean, vile, worthless,
ANT: Rare, costly, worthy, expensive, honorable, noble, high.
KEY: Cheat \v.\.
SYN: Overreach, fleece, silence, trick, gull, cozen, juggle, defraud,
swindle, dupe, beguile, deceive, deprive, hoodwink, prevaricate,
dissemble, shuffle, inveigle.
ANT: Enlighten, guide, remunerate, compensate, undeceive, disabuse.
KEY: Cheat \n.\.
SYN: Deception, fraud, imposition, trick, artifice, illusion,
imposture, swindle, finesse, deceit, lie, fiction.
ANT: Troth, reality, verity, fact, certainty, genuineness,
verification, honesty, authenticity.
KEY: Check \n.\.
SYN: Repulse, hindrance, set_back, rebuff.
ANT: Encouragement, freedom, liberty.
KEY: Check \v.\.
SYN: Curb, restrain, stop, stay, repress, hinder, impede, inhibit,
cohibit, bridle, control, obstruct.
ANT: Loose, liberate, instigate, accelerate, license, indulge, allow,
KEY: Cheer \v.\, [See ENCOURAGE].
KEY: Cheer \n.\.
SYN: Hope, happiness, comfort, hospitality, plenty, conviviality.
ANT: Dejection, sullenness, gloom, starvation, niggardliness, dearth,
inhospitableness, churlishness, unsociableness.
KEY: Cheerful.
SYN: Lively, gay, bright, happy, bonny, merry, joyful, pleasant,
buoyant, {[stmnY]?}, enlivening, In_good_spirits, sprightly, blithe,
ANT: Lifeless, dull, gloomy, unhappy, dejected, depressed, sullen,
joyless, melancholy, depressing, dispiriting.
KEY: Cheerfulness, [See CELESTIAL].
KEY: Cheerless, [See CHEERFUL].
KEY: Cherish.
SYN: Foster, nurse, promote, nourish, nurture, comfort, protect,
entertain, value, encourage.
ANT: Stifle, abandon, discard, discourage, check.
KEY: Chew.
SYN: Masticate, munch, eat.
ANT: Gorge, bolt_whole.
KEY: Chicanery.
SYN: Artifice, subtlety, sophistry, subterfuge, prevarication, shift,
trickery, dodge, quibble, mystification, pettifogging,
ANT: Openness, candor, fairness, cogency, demonstrativeness,
KEY: Chide.
SYN: Rate, scold, trounce, reprove, reprimand, rebuke, blame,
admonish, objurgate.
ANT: Applaud, flatter, compliment.
KEY: Chief \adj.\, chef, {the_head)}, [See CAPITAL].
KEY: Chief \n.\, [See CHIEFTAIN].
KEY: Chiefly, [See MAINLY].
KEY: Chieftain.
SYN: Captain, general, chief, commander, head_man, leader.
ANT: Follower, attendant, retainer, subaltern, vassal, satellite,
minion, adherent.
KEY: Childish.
SYN: Weak, silly, puerile, infantine, imbecile, foolish, trifling,
paltry, trivial.
ANT: Strong, resolute, manly, wise, judicious, sagacious, chivalrous,
profound, politic.
KEY: Chimerical, [See VISIONARY].
KEY: Chivalrous.
SYN: Courageous, generous, knightly, gallant, heroic, adventurous,
valiant, spirited, handsome, high-minded.
ANT: Unhandsome, dirty, sneaking, pettifogging, scrubby, dastardly,
{[-9oreant]?}, ungenerous, ungentlemanly.
KEY: Choice \n.\.
SYN: Option, adoption, selection, election, preference, alternative.
ANT: Compulsion, necessity, rejection, refusal, unimportance,
indifference, refuse.
KEY: Choice \a.\.
SYN: Select, exquisite, precious, dainty, cherished, valuable,
{[ex]?}, excellent, rare.
ANT: Common, ordinary, Inferior, cheap, valueless, despicable,
KEY: Choke.
SYN: Throttle, strangle, gag, smother, burke, suffocate, stifle.
ANT: Eliminate, educe, promote, demonstrate, discuss, disseminate,
moot, bruit, ventilate.
KEY: Choler, [See ANGER].
KEY: Choleric.
SYN: Hasty, testy, impetuous, irascible.
ANT: Cool, phlegmatic, serene, placid, dispassionate, stoical.
KEY: Choose.
SYN: Select, elect, prefer, appropriate, adopt, cull, pick_out.
ANT: Leave, dismiss, reject, refuse, disclaim, repudiate, ignore,
KEY: Chronicle \v.\.
SYN: Record, register.
KEY: Chronicle \n.\, [See ANNALS].
KEY: Chuckle.
SYN: Grin, crow, cackle.
ANT: Cry, wail, grumble, whimper, whine.
KEY: Churchyard.
SYN: Buryingground, burial_place, cemetery, God's_acre, necropolis,
KEY: Churlish.
SYN: Illiberal, niggardly, inhospitable, unsociable, unneighborly.
ANT: Liberal, bountiful, hospitable_neighborly, sociable.
KEY: Cipher.
SYN: Nonentity, dot, nothing, trifle, button, (fig.)_straw, pin, rush,
ANT: Somebody, bigwig, something, notability, celebrity, triton,
colossus, star.
KEY: Circuit.
SYN: Tour, circumference.
ANT: Line, straightness, directness.
KEY: Circuitous.
SYN: Indirect, tortuous, devious, serpentine, round_about, sinuous,
ANT: Linear, direct, straight.
KEY: Circular.
SYN: Round, spherical.
ANT: Lineal, direct.
KEY: Circulate.
SYN: Disseminate, disuse, propagate, publish, notify, spread,
ANT: Suppress, avert, hush, cease, stagnate.
KEY: Circumference.
SYN: Periphery, enclosure, circuit, outline, boundary.
ANT: Diameter, crossing, bisection, transection, transversion.
KEY: Circumlocution.
SYN: Periphrasis, verbosity, inconciseness, insuccinctness,
ambiguousness, anfractuosity.
ANT: Terseness, point, conciseness, succinctness, condensation,
directness, plainness, simplicity, coherence.
KEY: Circumscribe.
SYN: Define, designate, delineate, limit, enclose, confine, restrict,
ANT: Expand, dilate, dissipate, disenclose, distend.
KEY: Circumscribed.
SYN: Limited, narrow, restricted.
ANT: Limitless, ample, unconfined.
KEY: Circumspect.
SYN: Cautious, wary, careful, heedful, attentive, prudent, watchful,
scrupulous, vigilant.
ANT: Heedless, incautious, careless, reckless, invigilant,
KEY: Circumstance.
SYN: Detail, feature, point, event, occurrence, incident, situation,
position, fact, topic, condition, particular, specialty.
ANT: Deed, case, transaction.
KEY: Circumstantial.
SYN: Inferential, constructive, minute, detailed, elaborate,
ANT: Jocular, positive, inaccurate, loose, general.
KEY: Circumvent.
SYN: Ensnare, entrap, outwit, diplomatize.
ANT: Force, subjugate, reduce, compel, circumvention, [See
KEY: Citadel.
SYN: Fortress, castle, stronghold, acropolis.
KEY: Cite.
SYN: Summon, call, quote, adduce, mention, name, select, refer_to.
ANT: Discard, dismiss, canvass, dispute, reject, contradict,
disprove, discredit, challenge.
KEY: Citizen.
SYN: Townsman, inhabitant, burgess, subject, denizen.
ANT: Alien, foreigner, visitor, exile.
KEY: Civic.
SYN: Municipal, corporate, urbane, oppidan.
ANT: Suburban, provincial, rural, cosmopolitan.
KEY: Civil.
SYN: Well-mannered, political, courteous, well-bred, complaisant,
affable, urbane, polite, obliging, accommodating, respectful.
ANT: Disobliging, unaccommodating, disrespectful, boorish, clownish,
churlish, uncivil.
KEY: Civilization.
SYN: Amelioration, culture, cultivation, humanization, refinement.
ANT: Demoralization, savagery, uncivilization, barbarism, rudeness,
KEY: Claim \v.\.
SYN: Demand, ask, require, insist, pretense, right, privilege, title,
request, maintain.
ANT: Forego, waive, disclaim, abjure, disavow, abandon, concede,
surrender, repudiate.
KEY: Claim \n.\.
SYN: Assertion, vindication, pretension, title, right, privilege,
arrogation, demand.
ANT: Waiving, abjuration, disclaimer, surrender.
KEY: Claimant.
SYN: Assertor, vindicator, appellant, litigant.
ANT: Relinquisher, resigner, conceder, waiver, renouncer, abjurer.
KEY: Clamor.
SYN: Contention, contentiousness, squabble, tumult, hubbub, noise,
uproar, outcry, obloquy.
ANT: Silence, acquiescence, reticence.
KEY: Clamorous, [See NOISY].
KEY: Clandestine.
SYN: Furtive, secret, {[ely]?}, stealthy, surreptitious, hidden,
disguised, concealed, private, underhand.
KEY: Clasp.
SYN: Grasp, connect, unite, bracket, concatenate, embrace.
ANT: Relax, sever, unclasp, disconnect, detach, exclude.
KEY: Class, [See ORDER].
KEY: Classical.
SYN: Pure, refined, elegant, polished, chaste, augustan.
ANT: Corrupt, debased, inelegant, harsh, barbarous, unclassical,
KEY: Classification, taxonomic.
SYN: Order, species, nature, character, cast, stamp, group, kind,
section, sect, category, assortment, designation, description,
ANT: Individuality, speciality, isolation, alienation, division,
distinction, singularity, exclusion, heterogenity.
KEY: Classify.
SYN: Arrange, systematize, adjust, rank, class, tabulate, dispose,
collocate, assort.
ANT: Derange, confound, disorder, disorganize, intermix.
KEY: Clause.
SYN: Portion, paragraph, stipulation, provision, article, condition,
chapter, section, passage.
ANT: Document, instrument, muniment.
KEY: Clean \t.\.
SYN: Purify, clarify.
ANT: Pollute, befoul, bespatter, defile.
KEY: Clean \adj.\.
SYN: Pure, neat, cleanly, clear, purified, cleansed, untarnished,
spotless, unclogged, upright.
ANT: Impure, untidy, dirty, entangled, hampered, unclean.
KEY: Clean_\v.\.
SYN: Clarify, disencumber, disentangle, disembarrass, vindicate,
liberate, set_free, release, exonerate, exculpate, justify, retrieve,
acquit, absolve, whitewash, extricate, eliminate.
ANT: Befoul, contaminate, pollute, clog, encumber, embarrass,
involve, implicate.
KEY: Clear \adj.\.
SYN: Open, pure, bright, transparent, free, disencumbered,
disentangled, disengaged, absolved, acquitted, serene, unclouded,
evident, apparent, distinct, manifest, conspicuous, unobstructed,
plain, obvious, intelligible, lucid.
ANT: Thick, muddy, foul, opaque, encumbered, entangled, condemned,
convicted, turbid, dubious, indistinct, unintelligible.
KEY: Clearly.
SYN: Plainly, obviously, distinctly, evidently, palpably, lucidly,
explicitly, perspicuously.
ANT: Opaquely, indistinctly, Imperfectly, confusedly.
KEY: Cleave.
SYN: Sunder, split, divide, adhere, rend, di?sever, stick.
ANT: Conserve, unite, splice, bond, cement, agglutinate, consolidate,
separate, depart, desert, apostatize, secede.
KEY: Clemency, [See MERCY].
KEY: Clergyman.
SYN: Pastor, divine, parson, preacher, presbyter, minister, elder,
deacon, bishop, dominie, rector, prelate, priest, monk, friar, vicar,
ANT: Layman, laic, congregation, laity, flock.
KEY: Clever.
SYN: Able, ready, talented, quick, ingenious, dexterous, adroit,
expert, gifted, quick-witted, skillful, well-contrived.
ANT: Weak, dull, stupid, slow, illcontrived, doltish, uninventive,
awkward, clumsy, bungling, botched.
KEY: Climate.
SYN: Air, atmosphere, temperature, weather, clime, sky, region,
sphere, latitude.
ANT: Earth, globe, world, sphere.
KEY: Climax.
SYN: Summit, height, consummation, acme, point, head, mered, ian,
culmination, zenith.
ANT: Base, floor, bathos, anticlimax, depth, gulf, nadir.
KEY: Climb.
SYN: Ascend, mount, clamber, swarm, surmount, scale, escalade, soar,
creep_up, rise.
ANT: Descend, drop, fall, slip, tumble, swoop.
KEY: Cling.
SYN: Fasten, hold, adhere, embrace, stick, cleave, hang, twine, hug.
ANT: Drop, recede, secede, apostatize, abandon, relax, forego, swerve,
KEY: Clip.
SYN: Curtail, prune, contract, abridge.
ANT: Elongate, cherish, grow, nourish.
KEY: Cloak.
SYN: Conceal, disguise, mask, veil, hide, cover, palliate, screen,
mitigate, extenuate.
ANT: Exhibit, propound, promulge, portray, aggravate, expose,
demonstrate, reveal.
KEY: Close_\adj.\.
SYN: Narrow, limited, restricted, condensed, packed, secret,
compressed, solid, firm, compact, reserved, niggardly, shut, fast,
ANT: Wide, open, ample, spacious, airy, unconfined, dispersed,
rarefied, subtle, vaporous, patent, public, advertised, open-handed,
liberal, frank.
KEY: Close \v.\.
SYN: Shut, conclude, stop, complete.
ANT: Open, initiate, conduct, protract.
KEY: Clothe, {[f]?}.
SYN: Invest, robe, drape, dress, array, attire, cover.
ANT: Denude, strip, divest.
KEY: Clothes, [See HABILIMENTS].
KEY: Cloudy, [See MUGGY_and_OBSCURE].
KEY: Clownish.
SYN: Bustic, boorish, bucolic, Boeotian, awkward, clumsy, cloddish,
untutored, rude.
ANT: Polite, civil, urbane, affable, graceful, polished, refined,
courtly, high-bred, intelligent, educated.
KEY: Clumsy.
SYN: Awkward, inexpert, uncouth, maladroit, botching, bungling,
unskillful, unwieldly, unhandy, ill-shaped.
ANT: Neat, workmanlike, artistic, handy, skillful, clever, expert,
adroit, dexterous.
KEY: Cluster.
SYN: Bunch, group, gathering, muster, throng.
ANT: Scattering, sprinkling, {[dietorsion]?}.
KEY: Clutch \r.\.
SYN: Grasp, grab, seize, catch, grip, grapple_with, snatch, pounce.
ANT: Liberate, release, emancipate.
KEY: Coagulate.
SYN: Mix, blend, fuse, coalesce, amalgamate, condense.
ANT: Rarefy, expand, dissipate, subtilize, discombine.
KEY: Coadjutor.
SYN: Assistant, ally, cooperator, accessory, accomplice.
ANT: Opponent, counteractor, antagonist, baffler, adversary.
KEY: Coalesce.
SYN: Harmonize, blend, mix, combine, join, unite, amalgamate, cohere.
ANT: Disagree, discomport, Coalition.
SYN: Combination, consentaneity, compromise, consociation, union,
alliance, league, compact, amalgamation, composition, confederacy.
ANT: Dissociation, disruption, disagreement, dissentience.
KEY: Coarse.
SYN: Common, ordinary, indelicate, vulgar, gross, unrefined,
immodest, rough, rude, unpolished.
ANT: Fine, refined_gentle, polished, delicate, choice.
KEY: Coax.
SYN: Wheedle, fawn, flatter, call, ole, persuade, overcome, seduce,
allure, circumvent.
ANT: Intimidate, coerce, impel, instigate, drive.
KEY: Cobble.
SYN: Patch, botch, bungle, clout.
ANT: Repair, manipulate, finedraw.
KEY: Cobweb.
SYN: Trifle, cipher, moonshine, prejudice, bugbear, phantasy,
ANT: Substance, verity, axiom, law, reality, perpetuity, institution,
KEY: Cockney.
SYN: Londoner, citizen, swell.
ANT: Clodhopper, bumpkin, lout.
KEY: Coddle.
SYN: Spoil, humor, pamper, nurse, caress.
KEY: Codger.
SYN: Gaffer, churl, curmudgeon.
ANT: Swell, fop, spendthrift, scapegrace, puppy.
KEY: Codify.
SYN: Summarize, digest, incorporate, embody, condense.
ANT: Expunge, abrogate, annul, disembody, disincorporate, rescind.
KEY: Coerce.
SYN: Restrain, inhibit, impel, compel, drive, counteract, check,
constrain, force, confine, intimidate.
ANT: Permit, persuade, urge, instigate, encourage, liberate, induce,
seduce, tempt.
KEY: coetaneous.
SYN: Coeval, contemporary, synchronous.
ANT: Incoincident, incontemporaneous, anachronistic, asynchronous.
KEY: Coeval, [See COETANEOUS].
KEY: Coexist.
SYN: Concur, comport, accompany, coalesce, coincide.
ANT: Disconcur, discomport.
KEY: Coexistent.
SYN: Concurrent, coetaneous, contemporary, coincident, compatible,
correspondent, correlative.
ANT: Discurrent, incontemporaneous, incompatible, adverse,
repugnant, antagonistic.
KEY: coextension.
SYN: Commensurateness, equality, parallelism, conterminousness.
ANT: Incommensurateness, inadequacy, inconterminousness, disparity,
divergency, inequality.
KEY: Coextensive, [See COEXTENSION].
KEY: Cogent.
SYN: Forcible, powerful, potent, strong, persuasive, influential.
ANT: Weak, ineffectual, powerless, feeble.
KEY: Cogitate.
SYN: Think, ruminate, reflect, meditate, brood, speculate,
contemplate, ponder, muse.
ANT: Idle, maunder, dream.
KEY: Cogitation, [See COGITATE].
KEY: Cognizance.
SYN: Notice, observation, recognition, knowledge, experience.
ANT: Inadvertence, neglect, ignorance, inexperience, oversight,
KEY: Cognizant.
SYN: Aware, informed.
ANT: Unaware, ignorant, uninformed.
KEY: Cohere.
SYN: Stick, adhere, conform, unite, coalesce.
ANT: Sever, separate, disunite, disintegrate.
KEY: Coherent.
SYN: Consecutive, consistent, complete, sensible, compact, logical,
ANT: Inconsecutive, rambling, disunited, inconsistent, discursive,
loose, silly, illogical, aberrant.
KEY: {[colilbit]?}.
SYN: Prevent, hinder, curb, restrain, inhibit.
ANT: Indulge, permit, incite, instigate, encourage, urge.
KEY: Coin.
SYN: Fabricate, counterfeit, invent.
ANT: Misform, misconstrue.
KEY: Coincide, [See AGREE].
KEY: Coincidence.
SYN: Chance, fortuity, casualty, concurrence, correspondence,
contemporaneousness, commensurateness, harmony, agreement, consent.
ANT: Design, purpose, adaptation, synchronism, anachronism,
disharmony, incommensurateness, discordance, variation, difference.
KEY: Cold, [See FRIGID].
KEY: Collate.
SYN: Adduce, collect, compare, gather, induct, extract, cite.
ANT: Verify, identify, recognize, authenticate.
KEY: Collateral.
SYN: Indirect, related, connected, parallel.
ANT: Direct, linear, essential, integral.
KEY: Colleague.
SYN: Helper, companion, associate, ally, confederate, coadjutor,
partner, assistant, adjutant, assessor.
ANT: co-opponent, corival, counteragent, co-antagonist, competitor,
KEY: Collect.
SYN: Collate, gather, glean, sum, infer, learn, congregate, assemble,
convoke, convene, muster, amass, garner, accumulate.
ANT: Classify, arrange, distribute, dispose, dispense, divide, sort,
KEY: Collected.
SYN: Calm, composed, cool, attentive, self-possessed, firm, placid,
serene, unmoved.
ANT: Excited, distracted, wandering, dazed, scared, bewildered.
KEY: Collection.
SYN: Assembly, assemblage, store, gathering, collation.
ANT: Dispersion, distribution, dispensation, division, arrangement,
disposal, classification.
KEY: Collision.
SYN: Encounter, conflict, crash, opposition, impact, concussion,
ANT: Interswerving, interdivergence, shave.
KEY: Collocate.
SYN: Place, locate, arrange, classify, tabulate, allocate.
ANT: Move, dislocate, distribute, dispense, disturb, disperse,
confound, confuse, displace, misplace.
KEY: Collocation, [See COLLOCATE].
KEY: Colloquy.
SYN: Conference, consultation, conversation, council,
ANT: Clamor, outcry, tumult, babel.
KEY: Colluctation.
SYN: Wrestling, contention, competition.
ANT: Coadjutorship, assistance, support, backing.
KEY: Collusion.
SYN: Connivance, accompliceship, confederacy.
ANT: Baffling, frustration, counteraction, defeat, discomfiture,
discernment, betrayal, exposure, informership, traitorship.
KEY: Color.
SYN: Hue, tint, complexion, pretense, speciousness, tinge, garbling,
falsification, distortion, perversion, varnish.
ANT: Achromatism, paleness, nakedness, openness, genuineness,
transparency, truthfulness.
KEY: Colorable.
SYN: Specious, ostensible, deceptive, dressed, tinged, warped.
ANT: Genuine, candid, open, naked, transparent.
KEY: Colossal, [See GIGANTIC].
KEY: Combat \v.\, [See RESIST].
KEY: Combat \n.\.
SYN: Encounter, conflict, contention, struggle, contest, engagement,
arms, battle.
ANT: Surrender, submission, mediation, reconciliation, truce,
KEY: Combination.
SYN: Union, association, consortment, concert, confederacy, alliance,
league, coalition, cabal, synthesis, co-operation.
ANT: Division, disunion, disruption, dissolution, dispersion,
analysis, opposition, resistance, non-location, removal,.
KEY: Comely.
SYN: Seemly, graceful, elegant, shapely, suitable, fitting, handsome,
decent, becoming.
ANT: Unseemly, ungraceful, inelegant, unshapely.
KEY: Comfortable.
SYN: Snug, satisfied, pleasant, agreeable, cozy, commodious,
convenient, consoled.
ANT: Uncomfortable, dissatisfied, troubled, miserable, wretched,
cheerless, unhappy, disagreeable, forlorn.
KEY: Comfortless, [See COMFORTABLE].
KEY: Comic, [See LUDICROUS].
KEY: Comity.
SYN: Urbanity, pleasantness, affability, blandness.
ANT: Rudeness, {[d'-tantness]?}, roughness, churlishness.
KEY: Command \r.\.
SYN: Order, direct, instruct, charge, bid, enjoin.
ANT: Supplicate, entreat, persuade, beg, petition, suggest,
KEY: Command \n.\, [See MANDATE].
KEY: Commanding, [See AUTHORITATIVE].
KEY: Commemorate.
SYN: Perpetuate, celebrate, solemnize, keep.
ANT: Ignore, drop, abolish, forget, obliviate.
KEY: Commence.
SYN: Begin, start, open, initiate, inaugurate, enter_upon, set_about,
ANT: Finish, terminate, conclude, consummate, complete.
KEY: Commend.
SYN: Praise, laud, extol, approve, recommend, encourage, applaud,
ANT: Blame, censure, disapprove, discourage, denounce, condemn,
KEY: Commendation, [See APPROBATION].
KEY: Commensurate.
SYN: Equal, adequate, sufficient, coextensive, conterminous.
ANT: Unequal, short, scant, inadequate, insufficient,
KEY: Comment \v.\.
SYN: Note, observe, interpret, illustrate, expound, dilate, explain,
expatiate, criticise.
ANT: Confound, confuse, obscure, mystify, misinterpret, misapprehend,
misconceive, misrepresent.
KEY: Comment \n.\, [See OBSERVATION].
KEY: Commentator.
SYN: Interpreter, explainer, note-maker, scholiast, expositor,
glossary, elucidator.
ANT: Mystifier, misinterpreter, puzzler, enigmatist, Oedipus.
KEY: Commerce.
SYN: Trade, traffic, merchandize, barter, exchange, business,
communication, dealing, intercourse.
ANT: Stagnation, exclusion, inactivity, interdict, embargo,
KEY: Commiserate.
SYN: Despise, contemn, pity, compassionate, condole, sympathize.
ANT: Admire, envy, disregard, maltreat, molest, ignore, condemn.
KEY: Commiseration, [See PITY].
KEY: Commit.
SYN: Perpetrate, execute, confide, [See DO], relegate, intrust,
assign, allocate, consign.
ANT: Miscommit, misconsign, misintrust, omit.
KEY: Commodious.
SYN: Ample, easy, convenient, spacious, suitable, comfortable.
ANT: Inconvenient, incommodious, narrow, ill-contrived,
incommensurate, discommodious.
KEY: Commodity.
SYN: Staple, ware, article, stock.
ANT: Drug, offal, refuse, garbage.
KEY: Common.
SYN: Ordinary, familiar, habitual, everyday, frequent, coarse,
vulgar, low, mean, universal.
ANT: Unusual, exceptional, scarce, rare, uncommon, refined, partial,
infrequent, sporadic, egregious, excellent.
KEY: Commotion.
SYN: Agitation, disturbance, tumult, excitement, turmoil,
ANT: Quiescence, calm, subsidence, pacification, tranquillity,
mitigation, appeasement, soothing, allaying, moderating.
KEY: Communicate.
SYN: Adjoin, join, touch, reveal, disclose, divulge, promulgate,
publish, attach, co-operate, unite, impart, tell, announce, declare.
ANT: Separate, disjoin, recede, stop, suppress, conceal, secrete,
withhold, reserve.
KEY: Communication, [See INTERCOURSE].
KEY: Communion.
SYN: Participation, share, converse, agreement, partnership,
comportionment, fellowship, association, intercourse.
ANT: Exclusion, deprivation, nonparticipation, disqualification,
disconnection, alienation, disruption.
KEY: Community.
SYN: Aggregation, association, commonwealth, co-ordination, society,
sympathy, order, class, brotherhood, fraternity, polity, unity,
nationality, similarity, homogeneity.
ANT: Segregation, secession, independence, dissociation,
disconnection, rivalry, hostility, animosity, estrangement,
dissimilarity, contrariance, heterogeneity.
KEY: Commute.
SYN: Alter, mitigate, substitute, exchange, compensate, barter,
equalize, balance, modify.
ANT: Misappropriation, misconvert, misappropriate, disallow,
stabilitate, perpetuate, stereotype.
KEY: Compact \n.\, [See AGREEMENT].
KEY: Compact_\adj.\.
SYN: Dense, close, hard, solid, firm, pithy, concise, condensed,
contracted, compendious, convenient, concentrated, consolidated,
ANT: Ductile, brittle, friable, diffuse, unshapely, straggling,
sparse, broadcast, dispread.
KEY: Companion.
SYN: Associate, mate, comrade, colleague, ally, partner, accomplice,
ANT: Rival, toe, antagonist, adversary.
KEY: Companionable.
SYN: Pleasant, affable, sociable, convertible, friendly, easy,
agreeable, gregarious.
ANT: Disagreeable, churlish, unsociable, distant, reserved, ungenial,
cold, inaccessible, unneighborly, solitary.
KEY: Companionship.
SYN: Converse, acquaintance, familiarity, intimacy, friendliness,
ANT: Ignorance, distance, avoidance, estrangement, alienation,
unfamiliarity, soitude, isolation.
KEY: Company.
SYN: Aggregation, association, union, sodality, order, fraternity,
guild, corporation, society, community, assemblage, assembly, crew,
posse, gang, troop, audience, congregation, concourse.
ANT: Rivalry, opposition, disqualification, antagonism,
counteragency, competition, counterassociation.
KEY: Compare.
SYN: Assimilate, collate, parallel.
ANT: Contrast, oppose, dissociate, disconnect, pit, distinguish.
KEY: Comparable.
SYN: Resembling, approximate, similar.
ANT: Dissimilar, unlike, remote, inferior.
KEY: Comparative.
SYN: Relatively, proportionately.
ANT: Absolutely, actually, positively, superlatively.
KEY: Comparison, [See LIKENESS].
KEY: Compartment.
SYN: Division, partition, allotment, sphere, space.
ANT: correlative, viz, {anything_of_which_it_is_a_compartment}.
KEY: Compass \n.\.
SYN: Area, enclosure, circuit, circumference, horizon.
ANT: Common, space, tract, expanse, boundlessness, limitlessness,
KEY: Compass \v.\.
SYN: Encompass, surround, enclose, environ, circumscribe, embrace,
achieve, effect, effectuate, consummate, complete, circumvent.
ANT: Expand, disband, unfold, amplify, display, dismiss, liberate,
discard, fail, bungle, botch, misconceive, mismanage, misconstrue.
KEY: Compassion.
SYN: Pity, sympathy, condolence, tenderness, fellow-feeling,
commiseration, pardon.
ANT: Hardheartedness, unforgiveness, cruelty, antipathy,
denunciation, condemnation, vindictiveness, retaliation.
KEY: Compassionate, [See KIND].
KEY: Compatible.
SYN: Consistent, consentaneous, harmonious, coexistent,
correspondent, congruous, accordant, agreeable, congenial,
ANT: Incompatible, impossible, insupposable, inconsistent,
discordant, hostile, adverse, antagonistic, incongruous,
destructive, inter-repugnant, contradictory.
KEY: Compeer.
SYN: Equal, co-ordinate, peer, fellow, mate, compatriot, comrade.
ANT: Inferior, superior, solitary.
KEY: Compel.
SYN: Force, oblige, drive, constrain, necessitate, make, coerce,
ANT: Persuade, convince, coax, allure, egg, induce, tempt, seduce,
acquit, cozen, liberate, release.
KEY: Compendious.
SYN: Condensed, concentrated, brief, short, succinct, concise,
abridged, commodious, convenient, useful, handy, comprehensive,
ANT: Diffuse, vague, prolix, shapeless, cumbrous, undigested.
KEY: Compendium, [See ABRIDGEMENT].
KEY: Compensate.
SYN: Atone, satisfy, remunerate, indemnity, reimburse, pay, requite,
reward, recompense, make_amends_for.
ANT: Defraud, deprive, cheat, dissatisfy, injure, damage.
KEY: Compensation.
SYN: Remuneration, equivalent, wages, pay, allowance, restoration,
restitution, satisfaction, atonement, expiation, indemnification,
amercement, damages.
ANT: Deprivation, injury, nonpayment, gratuity, donation,
fraudulence, damage.
KEY: Compete.
SYN: Contend, rival, cope, emulate.
ANT: Participate, share.
KEY: Competence.
SYN: Power, adequacy, sufficiency, wealth, ability.
ANT: Incompetence, weakness, inability, insufficiency, want, poverty,
impecuniosity, indigence.
KEY: Competent, [See ADEQUATE].
KEY: Competition.
SYN: Rivalry, emulation, race, two_of_a_trade.
ANT: Association, colleagueship, alliance, jointstock,
copartnership, confederation.
KEY: Competitor.
SYN: Rival, emulator, opponent, adversary, antagonist.
ANT: Participator, partner, auxiliary, colleague.
KEY: Compilation.
SYN: Collation, composition, patchwork.
ANT: Effusion, creation.
KEY: Complacent.
SYN: Pleased, satisfied, content, pleasant, affable, kind, mannerly,
acquiescent, amiable.
ANT: Dissatisfied, irritated, churlish, unmannerly, morose, austere,
KEY: Complain, [See GROWL].
KEY: Complaint.
SYN: Murmur, discontent, repining, grievance, annoyance,
remonstrance, expostulation, lamentation, sickness, disease.
ANT: Congratulation, rejoicing, approbation, complacency, boon,
benefit, applause, jubilee, health, sanity.
KEY: Complaisant, [See POLITE].
KEY: Complement.
SYN: Completion, fulfilment, totality, supply, counterpart,
ANT: Deficiency, deficit, insufficiency, abatement, detraction,
defalcation, diminution, drawback.
KEY: Complete \v.\, [See ACCOMPLISH].
KEY: Complete \adj.\.
SYN: Full, perfect, finished, adequate, entire, consummate, total,
exhaustive, thorough, accomplished.
ANT: Incomplete, partial, imperfect, unfinished, inadequate.
KEY: Completely.
SYN: Fully, totally, altogether, wholly, perfectly, entirely,
ANT: Partially, incompletely, Imperfectly.
KEY: Completion, [See_TINGE].
KEY: Complex.
SYN: Intricate, multifarious, compound, complicated, multifold,
involved, deep, many-sided, abstruse, close, tangled, obscure.
ANT: Obvious, plain, simple, direct, inobscure, superficial, vague,
loose, unraveled.
KEY: Complexion.
SYN: Face, aspect, color, look, feature, appearance, character, hue,
interpretation, indication.
ANT: Unindicativeness, concealment, reticence, inexpression, heart,
KEY: Complexity \n.\, [See COMPLEX].
KEY: Compliance.
SYN: Yielding, submission, obedience, acquiescence, consent,
ductility, docility.
ANT: Resistance, repulsion, disobedience, refusal, noncompliance.
KEY: Compliant, [See SUBMISSIVE].
KEY: Complicated.
SYN: Confused, intricate, involved, perplexed, entangled.
ANT: Clear, simple, uninvolved, lucid, unraveled.
KEY: Compliment \v.\, [See PRAISE].
KEY: Compliment \n.\.
SYN: Homage, courtesy, flattery, praise.
ANT: Insult, discourtesy, contempt.
KEY: Complimentary.
SYN: Commendatory, laudatory, panegyrical, eulogistic, encomiastic,
ANT: Disparaging, condemnatory, damnatory, denunciatory,
reproachful, abusive, objurgatory, vituperative, defamatory.
KEY: Comply, [See YIELD].
KEY: Component.
SYN: Ingredient, element, constituent, factor, content, rudiment.
ANT: Aggregate, sum, entirety, adventitious, compound,
nonconstituent, foreign, heterogeneous.
KEY: Comport.
SYN: Demean, conduct, carry, behove, tally, consist, harmonize, match,
agree, suit, coincide.
ANT: {[isdt'iiieau]?}, misconduct, forget, {[mary]?}, differ,
disagree, contrast, militate.
KEY: Compose.
SYN: Construct, compile, soothe, allay, calm, put_together,
constitute, draw_up, frame, form, pacify, mitigate, settle, adjust,
ANT: Analyze, awaken, stir, dissect, criticise, irritate, excite.
KEY: Composed, [See COLLECTED_and_PLACID].
KEY: Composition.
SYN: Compound, conformation, structure, mixture, combination,
compromise, adjustment, settlement, commutation.
ANT: Analysis, segregation, examination, criticism, discussion,
disturbance, aggravation, perpetuation.
KEY: Composure.
SYN: Tranquility, sereneness, self-possession, sedateness, calm,
ANT: Perturbation, restlessness, mobility, disturbance.
KEY: Compound \v.\.
SYN: Concert, mix, amalgamate, fuse.
ANT: Resolve, analyze.
KEY: Compound \n.\.
SYN: Mixture, combination, amalgamation, junction, unification,
ANT: Decomposition, analysis, dissection, resolution.
KEY: Comprehend.
SYN: Comprise, embody, grasp, understand, conceive, apprehend,
enclose, include, involve, embrace.
ANT: Exclude, except, misunderstand.
KEY: Comprehension.
SYN: Understanding, conception, capacity, perception, apprehension.
ANT: Misunderstanding, misconception.
KEY: Comprehensive.
SYN: Wide, ample, general, extensive, large, broad, all, embracing,
generic, significant, capacious, inclusive, compendious, pregnant.
ANT: Narrow, restricted, shallow, exclusive, adversative, exceptive.
KEY: Compress.
SYN: Condense, compact, crowd, squeeze, contract, abridge, epitomize,
ANT: Expand, dilate, diffuse, colliquate, Compression, [See
KEY: Comprise \v.\.
SYN: Embrace, include, involve, contain, comprehend, imply.
ANT: Exclude, except, discard, bar, omit, reject.
KEY: Comprobation.
SYN: Induction, co-evidence, co-testimony.
ANT: disproof, counterevidence, refutation, rejoinder,
KEY: Compromise \v.\.
SYN: Arbitrate, adjust, compose, settle, endanger, implicate,
ANT: Aggravate, excite, foster, perpetuate, exempt, enfranchise,
disengage, extricate, exonerate.
KEY: Compulsion \n.\.
SYN: For, ce, restraint, control, coercion.
ANT: Persuasion, coaxing, alluring, Inducing.
KEY: Compunction.
SYN: Contrition, penitence, misgiving, remorse, regret, sorrow.
ANT: Satisfaction, self-complacency, assurance.
KEY: Compute.
SYN: Calculate, reckon, count, number, appraise, value, estimate,
cast_up, rate.
ANT: Conjecture, guess, surmise.
KEY: Comrade, [See COMPLEX].
KEY: Concatenation.
SYN: Linking, connection, stringing, continuity.
ANT: Discatenation, unlinking, unchanging, severance, intermission,
KEY: Concave.
SYN: Hollow, scooped, pitted, excavated, retreating, alveolar.
ANT: Convex, tumular, protuberant, relievant, embossed, intumescent.
KEY: Conceal.
SYN: Hide, secrete, disguise, keep_secret, dissemble, screen,
ANT: Reveal, manifest, exhibit, {[avpw]?}, confess, expose,
promulgate, publish, divulge.
KEY: Concede.
SYN: Surrender, grant, allow, yield, admit, resign.
ANT: Refuse, withhold, deny, contradict, contest, claim, contend.
KEY: Conceit.
SYN: Idea, notion, thought, affectation, vanity, abstraction,
imagination, conception, whim, vagary, egotism.
ANT: Substance, reality, verity, concretion, body, fact, naturalness,
simplicity, unaffectedness, humility.
KEY: Conceited.
SYN: Egotistical, self-conceited, vain.
ANT: Self-deprecating, simple, unassuming, unaffected.
KEY: Conceive.
SYN: Imagine, apprehend, believe, suppose, design, think,
ANT: Produce, express, propound, declare, execute, misconceive.
KEY: Conception, [See CONCEIVE].
KEY: Concentrate.
SYN: assemble, converge, muster, congregate, convene, draw,
conglomerate, condense, localize, centralize.
ANT: Disperse, scatter, dismiss, decentralize.
KEY: Concentration, [See CONCENTRATE].
KEY: Concern.
SYN: Interest, regard, anxiety, matter, affair, institution,
solicitude, moment, regret, sympathy, sorrow.
ANT: Indifference, disregard, carelessness, congratulation,
KEY: Concerning.
SYN: About, of, relating, regarding, touching, {in_relation_to},
respecting, {with_respect_to}, with_regard_to, {with_reference_to},
ANT: Omitting, disregarding.
KEY: Concert \v.\, [See CONTRIVE].
KEY: Concert \n.\.
SYN: Onion, combination, concord, harmony, agreement, association,
ANT: Dissociation, counteraction, opposition.
KEY: Concession, [See CONCEPT].
KEY: Conciliate.
SYN: Win, gain, enlist, pacify, make_friendly, reconcile,
ANT: Lose, estrange, excommunicate, eject, alienate, irritate,
KEY: Concise.
SYN: Condensed, terse, pregnant, expressive, pointed, neat,
compendious, succinct, summary, brief, short.
ANT: Diffuse, prolix, verbose, circumlocutory, rambling, discursive.
KEY: Conclave.
SYN: Council, assembly, bureau, synod, cabinet, caucus.
ANT: Crowd, multitude, assemblage, population, throng, populace, mob,
KEY: Conclude.
SYN: Close, terminate, complete, end, decide, finish, infer, deduce,
determine, argue.
ANT: Begin, initiate, start, open, prolong, protract, perpetuate,
doubt, dispute.
KEY: Conclusion, [See CONCLUDE_and_TERMINATION].
KEY: Conclusive.
SYN: Definitive, indisputable, final, positive, decisive.
ANT: Uncertain, dubious, questionable, hypothetical, supposititious,
problematical, theoretical, vague, indeterminate, inconclusive.
KEY: Concoct.
SYN: Compound, prepare, mix, hatch, brew.
ANT: Spoil, upset, disconcoct, disconcert, mar, misprepare.
KEY: Concoction.
SYN: Brew, mixture, compound.
ANT: Crudity, rawness, ingredient.
KEY: Concomitant.
SYN: Accompanying, attending, attendant, synchronous.
ANT: Precedent, subsequent, diverse, unconnected, independent,
KEY: Concord.
SYN: Harmony, accordance, agreement, peace, union, unity, unanimity,
ANT: Discord, disagreement, variance, animosity.
KEY: Concordance, [See CONCORD].
KEY: Concourse.
SYN: Assembly, assemblage, crowd, throng, convergence, mob.
ANT: Cabinet, conclave, cabal, dispersion, desertion, solitude.
KEY: Concrete.
SYN: Firm, compact, consolidated, indurated, embodied,
ANT: Loose, sloppy, luteous, shifting, boggy, swampy, yielding,
unresisting, abstract, generalize.
KEY: Concur.
SYN: Approve, acquiesce, assent, coincide, meet, converge,
concentrate, agree.
ANT: Diverge, radiate, disagree, dissent, part, differ.
KEY: Concussion, [See COLLISION_and_COMMOTION].
KEY: Condemn.
SYN: Blame, convict, reprove, cast, censure, denounce, doom,
ANT: Absolve, acquit, exonerate, pardon, justify, approve.
KEY: Condense, [See {[?]?}].
KEY: Condescend.
SYN: Stoop, descend, deign, vouchsafe.
ANT: Disdain, scorn, spurn.
KEY: Condescension \n.\, [See CONDESCEND].
KEY: SYN:, Affability, graciousness, favor, stooping.
ANT: Haughtiness, arrogance, pride, superciliousness, disdain,
KEY: Condign.
SYN: Deserved, merited, meet, just, adequate.
ANT: Undeserved, unmerited, scant, excessive.
KEY: Condiment.
SYN: Sauce, pickle, preserve, seasoning.
ANT: Gall, wormwood, ashes, aloe.
KEY: Condition.
SYN: State, case, mood, term, mode, qualification, requisite,
stipulation, predicament, proviso, situation, circumstances,
ANT: Relation, dependence, situation, circumstance, concession,
fulfillment, adaptation.
KEY: Conditionally.
SYN: Provisionally, relatively, provided, hypothetical,
ANT: Absolutely, unconditionally, categorically, positively.
KEY: Condole.
SYN: Sympathize, console, commiserate.
ANT: Congratulate, exhilarate, disregard, rally, discompassionate,
KEY: Condolence, [See CONDOLE].
KEY: Condonation.
SYN: Indulgence, excuse, amnesty, pardon, forgiveness.
ANT: Expiation, satisfaction, atonement.
KEY: Conduce.
SYN: Concur, contribute, avail, aid, tend, coincide, converge, assist,
help, make_for, conspire, lead, subserve.
ANT: Indispose, counteract, defeat, neutralize.
KEY: Conducive, [See CONDUCE].
SYN: Contributive, promotive, subsidiary, causative, effective,
ANT: Preventive, counteractive, contrariant, repugnant,
KEY: Conduct_\v.\.
SYN: Lead, bring, carry, transfer, direct, guide, control, manage,
ANT: Mislead, miscarry, mismanage, misconduct, misadminister.
KEY: Conduct \n.\, [See BEHAVIOR].
KEY: Confabulation, [See COLLOQUY].
KEY: Confection \n.\, [See CONCOCTION], [See CONDIMENT_and_COMPOUND],
KEY: SYN:, Sweetmeat, sugarplum, cake, condiment.
KEY: Confederacy, Confederation.
SYN: Alliance, treaty, league, union, association.
ANT: Disruption, secession, disunion.
KEY: Confederate.
SYN: Leagued, allied, united, combined.
ANT: Disunited, dissolved.
KEY: Confederate \n.\, [See COMPANION].
KEY: Confer.
SYN: Compare, collate, discuss, deliberate, converse, consult, give,
ANT: Dissociate, contrast, hazard, conjecture, withhold, withdraw.
KEY: Conference.
SYN: Discussion, discourse, consultation, parley, contravention,
convocation, meeting.
ANT: Monologue, silence, [See CONVENTION].
KEY: Confess.
SYN: Avow, aver, own, reveal, disclose, acknowledge.
ANT: {[Disaver]?}, disavow, suppress, silentiate, deny.
KEY: Confession.
SYN: Creed, catechism, articles, doctrines, tenets, profession,
declaration, subscription.
ANT: Heresy, apostacy, protest, condemnation, refutation, index,
renunciation, abjuration.
KEY: Confidant.
SYN: Confessor, adviser, confederate.
ANT: Traitor, betrayer, rival.
KEY: Confide.
SYN: Trust, lean, hope, believe, depend, rely.
ANT: Doubt, distrust, disbelieve.
KEY: Confidence.
SYN: Trust, faith, belief, self-reliance, assurance, dependence,
ANT: Distrust, mistrust, doubt, misgiving.
KEY: Confident.
SYN: Positive, assured, sure, certain, impudent, bold, sanguine.
KEY: Confidential.
SYN: Private, secret, trustworthy, intimate.
ANT: Public, open, patent, official, treacherous, insidious.
KEY: Configuration.
SYN: Shape, outline, delineation, form, figure, conformation,
ANT: Shapelessness, amorphousness, formlessness, undelineation,
contortion, distortion, deformity.
KEY: Confine.
SYN: Immure, limit, bound, imprison, circumscribe, restrict, enclose,
narrow, incarcerate, bind.
ANT: Dilate, expand, extend, widen, unfasten, liberate, loosen,
KEY: Confined, [See CIRCUMSCRIBE].
KEY: Confirm.
SYN: Strengthen, stabilitate, establish, substantiate, settle, prove,
fix, perpetuate, sanction, corroborate, ratify.
ANT: Weaken, shake, upset, cancel, abrogate, repeal, annul, confute,
KEY: Confirmation, [See CONFIRM].
KEY: Confiscate.
SYN: Seize, escheat, dis, possess, sequestrate, distrain.
ANT: Restore, release, refund.
KEY: Conflagration.
SYN: Ignition, fire, combustion, arson, incendiarism.
ANT: Extinction, smoulder, quenching.
KEY: Conflict.
SYN: Encounter, engagement, contest, battle, fight, combat.
ANT: Reconciliation, pacification, amity, arbitration.
KEY: Conflicting.
SYN: Adverse, opposed, opposing, dashing, discordant, irreconcilable,
ANT: Harmonizing, consistent, consentaneous, congruous.
KEY: Confluence.
SYN: Conflux, meeting, concourse, convergence, concurrence.
ANT: Reflux, refluence, dispersion, overflow, diffluence.
KEY: Conform.
SYN: Agree, consent, harmonize, adapt, fit, tally, suit, obey, comply,
unite, yield.
ANT: Disagree, dissent, vary, dissociate, secede, misfit,
dissimilate, misadapt.
KEY: Conformation, {[n]?}, [See CONFORM_and_CONFIGURATION].
KEY: Conformity, [See CONFORMATION].
KEY: Confound.
SYN: Confuse, disorder, trouble, disarrange, intermix, abash,
astound, mystify, obscure, stupefy, disconcert, mix, blend,
intermingle, perplex, discompose.
ANT: Arrange, classify, order, allocate, distribute, dispense,
unravel, enucleate, eliminate, elucidate, rally, enlighten.
KEY: Confraternity, [See COMPANY].
KEY: Confront.
SYN: Oppose, face, encounter, resist, intimidate, menace.
ANT: Rally, encourage, abet, countenance.
KEY: Confuse, [See CONFOUND].
KEY: Confusion, [See ORDER].
KEY: Confused.
SYN: Abashed, embarrassed, perplexed, disconcerted, disorganized,
promiscuous, chaotic, complex, involved, disarranged, disordered.
ANT: Unabashed, unembarrassed, systematic, unconfused, organized,
KEY: Confute, [See REFUTE].
KEY: Congeal.
SYN: Freeze, benumb, congelate.
ANT: Thaw, relax, melt, chafe, dissolve.
KEY: Congenial.
SYN: Natural, concordant, consonant, grateful, sympathetic, kindred,
{[Ai]?}, {[Unnfrnnral]?}, {[abbiant]?}, abbiant, dissonant,
disagreeable, ungrate_ful, antagonistic, alien, dissimilar,
KEY: Congenital.
SYN: Coeval, coetaneous, natural, inherent, innate, immanent,
ingrained, incarnate, connate, ingenerate.
ANT: Unnatural, uncongenial, acquired, habitual, extraneous,
artificial, ascititious, adventitious, assumed.
KEY: Congestion.
SYN: Congeries, accumulation, glomeration, redundancy, plethora.
ANT: Dissipation, diffusion, clearance, evacuation, colliquation.
KEY: Conglomerate, [See AGGLOMERATE].
KEY: Conglutinate, [See AGGLUTINATE].
KEY: Congratulate.
SYN: Felicitate.
KEY: Congregate, [See AGGREGATE].
KEY: Congregation, [See AGGREGATION].
KEY: Congress.
SYN: Parliament, council, conclave, assembly, synod, legislature,
ANT: Cabal, conclave, mob.
KEY: Congruous.
SYN: Agreeing, harmonious, coherent, homogeneous, consonant,
ANT: Discordant, dissonant, incongruous, heterogeneous.
KEY: Conjecture \v.\.
SYN: guest, divination, hypothesis, theory, notion, surmise,
ANT: Computation, calculation, inference, reckoning, proof,
KEY: Conjecture \n.\, [See SUPPOSE].
KEY: Conjoin, [See CONCATENATE].
KEY: Conjuncture.
SYN: Crisis, turning-point, contingency, occasion, opportunity,
exigency, emergency.
ANT: Arrangement, provision, ordainment, preparation, course.
KEY: Conjure.
SYN: Implore, importune, crave, entreat, beseech, supplicate.
ANT: Deprecate, protest, remonstrate, expostulate.
KEY: Connect, [See UNITE].
KEY: Connection.
SYN: Junction, {[con]?}, junction, union, association, concatenation,
relation, affinity, relevance, intercourse, communication, Unarm_an,
relationship, kindred.
ANT: Disconnection, disjunction, dissociation, independence,
irrelevance, disunion.
KEY: Connive.
SYN: Wink, pretermit, pass, overlook.
ANT: Notice, visit, censure, investigate.
KEY: Connubial.
SYN: Conjugal, matrimonial, nuptial.
ANT: Single, celibate, illicit, adulterous.
KEY: Conquer.
SYN: Subdue, vanquish, surmount, overcome, overpower, overthrow,
defeat, crush, master, subjugate, prevail_over.
ANT: Fail, fall, retreat, succumb, fly, submit, surrender, lose,
forfeit, sacrifice, resign, cede.
KEY: Conquest, [See CONQUER].
SYN: Victory, triumph, overthrow, discomfiture, subjugation.
ANT: Failure, defeat, retreat, surrender, forfeiture, submission,
KEY: Consanguinity.
SYN: Kindred, blood, lineage.
ANT: Disconnection, dissociation.
KEY: Conscience.
SYN: Sense, intuition, integrity, principle.
ANT: [See PERTURB_and_STOICAL], license.
KEY: Conscientious.
SYN: Scrupulous, exact, equitable, strict, upright, highprincipled.
ANT: Unscrupulous, lax, unprincipled, reprobate, unconscientious.
KEY: Conscious.
SYN: Aware, cognizant, sensible.
ANT: Unaware, unconscious, insensible.
KEY: Consciousness.
SYN: Sense, sensation, intelligence, perception.
ANT: Insensibility, unconsciousness.
KEY: Conscription.
SYN: Impressment, drafting.
ANT: Enlistment, volunteering.
KEY: Consecrate.
SYN: Dedicate, devote, enshrine, hallow, sanctify.
ANT: Desecrate, secularize, profane.
KEY: Consecration, [See CONSECRATE_and_DEVOTION].
KEY: Consecutive.
SYN: Orderly, arranged, coherent, continuous.
ANT: Disordered, undigested, incoherent, rambling, inconsequent,
inconsecutive, discursive.
KEY: Consent.
SYN: Submit, agree, acquiesce.
ANT: resist, disagree, dissent, deline, refuse.
KEY: Consentaneous.
SYN: Agreeing, correspondent, consonant, congruous, [See
KEY: Consequence.
SYN: Effect, issue, result, inference, coherence, deduction,
conclusion, outcome, importance, note, moment, dignity.
ANT: Cause, causation, antecedence, premise, origin, datum,
postulate, axiom, unimportance, insignificance, inconsequence,
inconsecutiveness, irrelevance, meanness, paltriness.
KEY: Consequent.
SYN: Inferred, deduced, resultant, accruing, attendant.
ANT: Assumed, conjectured, antecedent, conducive, productive,
KEY: Consequential.
SYN: Coherent, connected, nected, cogent, logical, pompous,
ANT: Incoherent, disconnected, in, valid, illogical, inconsequential,
affable, conversible, accessible, easy, humble-minded.
KEY: Consequently.
SYN: Accordingly, therefore, [See ACCORDING].
ANT: Irrelevantly, inconsequently.
KEY: Conservation.
SYN: Preservation, keeping, protection, guardianship, maintenance,
stabilisation, perpetuation.
ANT: Neglect, exposure, abrogation, destruction, abolition.
KEY: Conservative.
SYN: Undestroyed, unsuppressed, stationary, unrepealed.
ANT: Changed, newfangled, radical, progressive, modifiable,
alterable, transitional.
KEY: Consider.
SYN: Attend, revolve, meditate, think, reflect, investigate, regard,
observe, judge, opine, infer, deduce, weigh, cogitate, deliberate,
ponder, deem.
ANT: Disregard, ignore, pretermit, despise, guess, conjecture,
KEY: Considerable.
SYN: Important, large, extensive.
ANT: Unimportant, trifling, inconsiderable.
KEY: Considerate.
SYN: Thoughtful, attentive, forbearing, unselfish, judicious,
serious, prudent, circumspect, reflective, careful, cautious.
ANT: Thoughtless, inconsiderate, inattentive, rude, overbearing,
selfish, injudicious, rash, careless.
KEY: Consideration.
SYN: Importance, suspect, consequence, motive, inducement,
compensation, subsidy, remuneration.
ANT: Meanness, insignificance, unimportance.
KEY: Considering.
SYN: Because, regarding.
ANT: Irrespectively, independently.
KEY: Consign, [See ASSIGN].
KEY: Consignment.
SYN: Custody, commission, delegation.
ANT: Miscommitment, misconsignment.
KEY: Consist, [See CONSTITUTE].
KEY: Consistence, [See CONSISTENCY].
KEY: Consistency.
SYN: Consistence, congruity, composition, substance, material,
amalgamation, compound, mass, density, solidity, closeness,
compactness, coherence, uniformity, harmony, analogy, proportion.
ANT: Volatility, vaporousness, subtility, tenuity, sublimation,
incoherence, inconsistency, incongruity, disproportion, contrariety,
KEY: Consistent.
SYN: Congruous, accordant, consonant, agreeing, compatible,
ANT: Incongruous, {at_variance_with}, {not_agreeing_with},
incompatible, inharmonious.
KEY: Consociation, [See ASSOCIATION_and_COMPANY].
KEY: Console.
SYN: Relieve, soothe, solace, encourage, comfort, assuage.
ANT: Congratulate, felicitate, aggravate, oppress, disturb, trouble,
annoy, irritate, irreconcile, dissatisfy.
KEY: Consolidate.
SYN: Condense, incorporate, conglutinate, cement, solder, bond, weld,
thicken, strengthen, fuse.
ANT: Weaken, dissipate, disunite, dismember, disintegrate,
colliquate, dissolve, melt, vaporize, sublimate, attenuate,
triturate, pulverize.
KEY: Consort \r.\.
SYN: Associate, herd, company, fraternize.
ANT: Avoid, abandon, excommunicate, blackball, banish, exclude.
KEY: Conspicuous.
SYN: Visible, easily_seen, prominent, distinguished, manifest,
eminent, famous, noted, salient, observable, noticeable, magnified.
ANT: Invisible, Inconspicuous, in, observable, noticeable,
KEY: Conspiracy.
SYN: Intrigue, cabal, plot, treason, treachery, machination,
ANT: Legislation, parliament, congress, synod, Comp,
KEY: Conspire.
SYN: Concur, conduce, {[con]?}, tribute, agree, unite, hang,
pull_together, co-operate, league, baud.
ANT: Oppose, counteract, withstand, run_counter_to.
KEY: Constant.
SYN: Uniform, regular, invariable, perpetual, continuous, firm,
fixed, steady, immutable, faithful, true, trustworthy.
ANT: Irregular, exceptional, variable, casual, accidental,
incidental, broken, interrupted, inconstant, fickle, untrustworthy,
faithless, treacherous, false.
KEY: Consternation.
SYN: Amazement, bewilderment, astonishment, astounding, horror,
terror, dismay.
ANT: Encouragement, boldness, fearlessness, assurance, anticipation,
welcome, expectation, greeting, congratulation.
KEY: Constituent.
SYN: Voter, returner, sender, deputer, appointer, patron, ingredient,
element, component.
ANT: Representative, nominee, committee, constitution, system,
KEY: Constitute.
SYN: Form, make, compose, appoint, depute, organize, institute.
ANT: Dissolve, destroy, discompose, decompose, disorganize, abrogate,
annul, unmake.
KEY: Constitution.
SYN: Temperament, frame, temper, character, habit, nature,
government, polity, state, consistence, composition, substance,
organization, structure, regulation, law.
ANT: Accident, habituation, modification, Interference, anarchy,
despotism, tyranny, rebellion, revolution, dissipation,
disorganization, demolition, destruction.
KEY: Constitutional.
SYN: Fundamental, legal, lawful, legitimate, natural.
ANT: Unconstitutional, illegal, Illegitimate, unnatural, unchanged.
KEY: Constrain, [See COERCE].
KEY: Construct.
SYN: Compose, build, fabricate, form, erect, invent, frame.
ANT: Derange, destroy, demolish, overthrow.
KEY: Construction.
SYN: Composition, fabrication, explanation, rendering, erection,
fabric, edifice, reading, understanding, interpretation, view.
ANT: Dislocation, dismemberment, demolition, displacement,
misplacement, misconstruction, misunderstanding, misconception,
KEY: Construe.
SYN: Parse, resolve, analyze, interpret, understand, render.
ANT: Nullify, neutralize, mystify, distort, falsify, misconstrue,
misinterpret, misconceive, mistranslate.
KEY: Consult.
SYN: Interrogate, canvass, question, deliberate, confer, advise_with,
regard, consider, ask_advice_of, care_for, promote.
ANT: Resolve, explain, expound, direct, instruct, dictate,
counteract, contravene.
KEY: Consume.
SYN: Use, appropriate, burn, oat_up, devour, spend, squander,
assimilate, occupy, absorb, employ, utilize, waste, destroy, spoil,
ravage, expend, pine, wither, decay.
ANT: Reject, supersede, disuse, discard.
KEY: Consummate \v.\.
SYN: Complete, perfect, execute, finish, accomplish, conclude, seal,
ANT: Neglect, drop, interrupt, nullify, undo, baffle, frustrate, mar,
defeat, spoil.
KEY: Consummate \a.\.
SYN: Perfect, egregious, excellent, complete, finished.
ANT: Imperfect, rude, common, mediocre, faulty, defective, ordinary.
KEY: Consummation, [See CONSUMMATE_and_COMPLETION].
KEY: Consumption.
SYN: Decline, decay, expenditure, waste, decrement, lessening,
ANT: Growth, development, enlargement, augmentation.
KEY: Contact.
SYN: Touch, contiguity, continuity, apposition, adjunction.
ANT: Proximity, adjacence, interruption, disconnection, separation,
distance, isolation, noncontact.
KEY: Contagious.
SYN: Catching, epidemic, infectious, pestilential, communicated,
transferred, transmitted, infections.
ANT: Sporadic, endemic, preventive, antipathetic.
KEY: Contain.
SYN: Hold, include, comprise, embrace, comprehend, inclose.
ANT: Drop, exclude, extrude, emit, discharge, afford, yield, produce.
KEY: Contaminate.
SYN: Defile, taint, corrupt, sully, befoul, {[soi']?}.
ANT: Purify, cleanse, lave, clarify, sanctify, chasten.
KEY: Contemn.
SYN: Despise, disdain, deride, vilify, slight, disregard, scorn.
ANT: Respect, revere, venerate, regard.
KEY: Contemplate.
SYN: Meditate, behold, observe, ponder, study, purpose, design,
intend, project.
ANT: Ignore, overlook, waive, abandon.
KEY: Contemporary, [See COETANEOUS].
KEY: Contempt, [See CONTEMN].
KEY: Contemptible.
SYN: despicable, mean, vile, pitiful, disreputable, paltry, trifling,
ANT: Important, grave, weighty, honorable, respectable, venerable.
KEY: Contemptuous, [See SUPERCILIOUS].
KEY: Contend.
SYN: Strive, compete, cope, dispute, vie, contest, struggle, grapple,
argue, maintain, disagree, wrangle.
ANT: Resign, concede, allow, relinquish, forego, surrender, waive.
KEY: Content.
SYN: Full, satisfied, pleased, gratified, contented, willing,
ANT: Unsatisfied, dissatisfied, unwilling, reluctant, discontented.
KEY: Contented, [See CONTENT].
KEY: Contention, [See STRIFE].
KEY: Contentious, [See CONTEND].
SYN: Litigious, perverse, wayward, splenetic, cantankerous,
ANT: Pacific, obliging, considerate, obsequious, accommodating,
KEY: Conterminous.
SYN: Commensurate, adjoining, contiguous, abutting.
ANT: Unequal, inconformable, adjacent, proximate, remote,
KEY: Contest \v.\, [See CONTEND].
KEY: Contest \n.\, [See CONTENTION].
KEY: context.
SYN: Tenor, treatment, texture, composition, matter.
ANT: Text, quotation, citation, passage, extract.
KEY: Contexture, [See TEXTURE].
KEY: Continence.
SYN: Abstinence, selfcontrol, refrain \n.\, Chastity, sobriety,
ANT: Licentiousness, self-indulgence, incontinence, dissoluteness,
KEY: Contingency, [See ACCIDENT].
KEY: Contingent \a.\.
SYN: Dependent, incidental, resultant, co-emcient, hypothetical,
uncertain, conditional.
ANT: Positive, absolute, independent, unmodified, unaffected,
uncontrolled, irrespective.
KEY: Contingent \n.\.
SYN: Contribution, subsidy, supply, succor, reinforcement,
auxiliaries, donation, subscription.
ANT: Army, sum, host, campaign, fund, capital.
KEY: Continually.
SYN: Constantly, persistently, always, ever, perpetually,
unceasingly, repeatedly, frequently, continuously.
ANT: Casually, occasionally, contingently, sometimes, rarely,
fitfully, intermittently.
KEY: Continuation.
SYN: Sequence, continuance, continuity, duration, succession,
connection, extension, prolongation, perpetuation, concatenation.
ANT: Interruption, cessation, discontinuance, break, gap.
KEY: Continue.
SYN: Last, persist, endure, remain, abide, stay, persevere, proceed.
ANT: Cease, fail, stop, pause, break, discontinue.
KEY: Continuity, [See CONTINUATION].
KEY: Contortion.
SYN: Twisting, writhing, wresting, distortion, deformity,
ANT: Symmetry, uniformity, shapeliness, configuration, contour.
KEY: Contraband.
SYN: Illicit, interdicted, smuggled.
ANT: Licit, uninterstated, free.
KEY: Contract \v.\.
SYN: Abridge, abbreviate, narrow, lessen, reduce, compress, decrease,
retrench, curtail, form, agree.
ANT: Expand, amplify, dilate, elongate, reverse, cancel, abandon.
KEY: t_Contract \n.\.
SYN: Covenant, agreement, compact, bond, pact, stipulation, bargain.
ANT: Promise, assurance, parole.
KEY: Contradict.
SYN: Oppose, dissent, negative, controvert, deny, disprove, confute,
refute, gainsay, contravene.
ANT: State, propound, maintain, argue, confirm, affirm, endorse.
KEY: Contradiction.
SYN: Repugnance, contrariety, inconsistency, incompatibility.
ANT: Harmony, coincidence, concurrence, {[almation]?}, proof,
KEY: Contraposition.
SYN: Oppositeness, confrontment, facing.
ANT: Side, flank, collateralness.
KEY: Contrarious, [See CONTENTIOUS].
KEY: Contrary.
SYN: Opposed, opposite, repugnant, antagonistic, adverse,
incompatible, inconsistent.
ANT: Agreeing, consentaneous, compatible, kindred, coincident,
KEY: Contrast.
SYN: Opposition, contrariety, dissimilarity.
ANT: Harmony, similarity, comparison, similitude.
KEY: Contribute.
SYN: Conduce, add, subscribe, give, co-operate, assist, tend, supply.
ANT: Refuse, withhold, misconduct, misapply, contravene.
KEY: Contribution.
SYN: Donation, oblation, offering, gift, subscription, subsidy, aid,
ANT: Withholding, retention, disallowance, misappropriation,
misapplication, contravention.
KEY: Contrition, [See ATTRITION].
KEY: Contrivance, [See CONTRIVE_and_DEVICE].
KEY: Contrive.
SYN: Plan, design, arrange, fabricate, adapt, manage, scheme, devise,
concert, adjust.
ANT: Hit, hazard, run, chance, venture, bungle, overvault, overdo.
KEY: Contriving, [See CONTRIVE].
KEY: Control \v.\.
SYN: {[Chec-]?}, curb, moderate, repress, guide, regulate, restrain,
coerce, manage, administer, govern.
ANT: Neglect, abandon, license, berate, free, mismanage, misconduct.
KEY: Control \n.\, [See Verb_and_COMPULSION].
KEY: Controversy.
SYN: Dispute, disagreement, quarrel, strife, altercation, contention,
disputation, wrangle, bickering, question.
ANT: Agreement, unanimity, coincidence.
KEY: controvertible.
SYN: Questionable, dubious.
ANT: Unquestionable, incontrovertible.
KEY: Contumacy.
SYN: Rebelliousness, stubbornness, restiveness, waywardness,
self-will, untractableness.
ANT: Submissiveness, docility, tractableness, servility, cringing,
fawning, flattery.
KEY: Contumely.
SYN: Contemptuousness, scornfulness, arrogance, disrespect,
ANT: Respect, regard, obligingness, accommodation, considerateness,
flattery, adulation, obsequiousness, fawning.
KEY: Contusion.
SYN: Bruise, knock, blow.
ANT: Soothing, smoothing, stroking, caress, pat.
KEY: Convene.
SYN: Assemble, collect, gather, meet, congregate, call_together,
summon, muster, levy, convoke.
ANT: Disperse, dismiss, disband.
KEY: Convenient.
SYN: Handy, apt, adapted, fitted, suitable, helpful, commodious,
useful, timely, seasonable, opportune.
ANT: Inconvenient, awkward, obstructive, useless, superfluous,
unseasonable, untimely, inopportune.
KEY: Convention.
SYN: Assemblage, meeting, gathering, conference, cabinet,
convocation, congress, session, synod, treaty, compact.
ANT: Recess, non-convention, dissolution, prorogation, promise,
understanding, word, parole.
KEY: Conventional.
SYN: Customary, usual, ordinary, stipulated, prevalent, social.
ANT: Unusual, unsocial, legal, compulsory, {[stututable]?},
immutable, natural, invariable.
KEY: Conventual.
SYN: {[Cosnobitual]?}, regular, monastic.
ANT: Social, secular, laic.
KEY: Converge.
SYN: Tend, bear, incline, lead, coincide, conduce, contribute, meet,
concentrate, coradiate.
ANT: Diverge, deviate, radiate, mix, foul, {[entergle]?}.
KEY: Conversant.
SYN: Familiar, ae, quainted, proficient, experienced, versed,
ANT: Unfamiliar, unacquainted, ignorant, unversed, unlearned,
strange, inconversant.
KEY: Conversation.
SYN: Converse, dialogue, talk, conference, colloquy, confabulation,
ANT: Speech, oration, harangue, babel, jabber, babble, prattle,
dribble, mutter, soliloquy, apostrophe, monologue, interpellation,
interruption, silence, taciturnity.
KEY: Converse \v.\.
SYN: Talk, discourse, speak, chat.
ANT: Keep_silent.
KEY: Converse \a.\.
SYN: Opposite, reverse, contrary, opposed, contradictory, counter,
relative, correlative.
ANT: Identical, same, one, inseparable, indistinguishable, connate,
uniform, direct, primary, uninverted.
KEY: Conversion.
SYN: Change, alteration, transmutation, transformation,
ANT: Persistence, permanence, conservation, retention, identity.
KEY: Convert \v.\.
SYN: Change, alter, transmute, transform, apply, appropriate, turn.
ANT: Conserve, perpetuate, stabilitate, [See {Q1409 stereotype}?],
clinch, alienate, divert, misappropriate, misapply.
KEY: Convertible.
SYN: Identical, commensurate, conterminous, equivalent,
ANT: Variant, incommensurate, unequivalent, contrary, contradictory,
KEY: Convey.
SYN: Take, carry, transfer, relegate, bear, transmit, consign,
transport, remove.
ANT: Bring, adduce, fetch, drop, house, stow, deposit.
KEY: Conveyance, [See CONVEY].
KEY: Convict.
SYN: Sentence, condemn.
ANT: Acquit, discharge.
KEY: Conviction.
SYN: Assurance, persuasion, belief.
ANT: Doubt, [See {rf* giving}?], disbelief, [See {XXX}?].
KEY: Convince.
SYN: Persuade, enlighten, inoculate, indoctrinate.
ANT: Misguide, mislead, misadvise, mystify, puzzle, perplex,
mispersuade, unsettle.
KEY: Convivial.
SYN: Hospitable, social, festive, gay, festal, jovial, jolly.
ANT: Inhospitable, unsociable, unneighborly, churlish, abstemious,
austere, ascetic.
KEY: Convocate, [See CONVENE].
KEY: Convocation, [See CONVENTION].
KEY: Convoke, [See CONVENE].
KEY: Convolution.
SYN: Coil, involution, implication, spiral, twist, contortion.
ANT: Unravelling, explication, evolution, enucleation.
KEY: Convoy.
SYN: Escort, guard, protection, conduct.
ANT: Loss, betrayal, capture, interception.
KEY: Convulse.
SYN: Agitate, shake, perturb, disturb.
ANT: Soothe, collocate, compose, assuage.
KEY: Cool_\v.\.
SYN: Ventilate, refrigerate, allay, damp, temper, moderate.
ANT: Warm, heat, chafe, irritate, excite, inflame.
KEY: Cool_\a.\.
SYN: Cold, frigid, unimpassioned, calm, indifferent, self-possessed,
deliberate, dispassioned, collected, apathetic, composed.
ANT: Warm, hot, ardent, eager.
KEY: Coolness.
SYN: Coldness, indifference, self-possession, distance, calmness.
ANT: Heat, ardor, eagerness, passion, excitement, warmth,
KEY: Coop, [See CONFINE].
KEY: Co-operate.
SYN: Assist, abet, contribute, concur, work_together, help,
ANT: Thwart, oppose, counteract, rival.
KEY: Co-operation, [See CO-OPERATE_and_UNION].
KEY: Co-ordinate.
SYN: Consociate, coincident, equal, coequal, equivalent, tantamount,
equipollent, interequivalent.
ANT: Extraneous, diverse, alien, unequal, unequivalent, incoordinate,
KEY: Copartner, [See PARTNER].
KEY: Cope.
SYN: Contend, vie, struggle, compete, strive.
ANT: Negotiate, arbitrate, compromise, surrender.
KEY: Copious, [See ABUNDANT].
KEY: Copy_\n.\.
SYN: Imitation, portraiture, facsimile, counterfeit, duplicate,
image, likeness, transcript.
ANT: Original, prototype, model, example, pattern.
KEY: Cordial.
SYN: Warm, earnest, sincere, reviving, invigorating, affectionate,
ANT: Cold, distant, formal, ceremonious.
KEY: Core.
SYN: Heart, kernel, nucleus, centre.
ANT: Face, exterior, aspect, appearance, complexion, ostensibility,
KEY: Corner.
SYN: Cavity, hole, nook, recess, retreat.
ANT: Coin, abutment, prominence, salience, angle, protrusion, elbow,
protection, convexity.
KEY: Cornice.
SYN: Beading, moulding, projection.
ANT: Entablature, fluting, corrugation, cavity, groove.
KEY: Corollary.
SYN: Inference, deduction, additament, superaddition.
ANT: Problem, proposition.
KEY: Corporal.
SYN: Bodily, fleshly, physical, material, corporeal.
ANT: Mental, moral, spiritual.
KEY: Corps.
SYN: Body, regiment, band, squadron, troop, company.
ANT: Aggregate, army, host, force, mass, organization.
KEY: Corpse.
SYN: Carcass, remains, dust, clay.
ANT: Soul, person, individual.
KEY: Corpulent.
SYN: Stout, burly, fat, portly, gross, lusty, plethoric, fleshy.
ANT: Lean, thin, attenuated, slight, emaciated.
KEY: Corpuscle.
SYN: Atom, particle, monad, jot, molecule.
ANT: mass, body, aggregate, organization, matter.
KEY: Corpuscular, [See CORPUSCLE].
KEY: corradiate, [See CONVERGE].
KEY: Correct \adj.\.
SYN: true, exact, faultless, accurate, proper, decorous, right.
ANT: false, untrue, incorrect, faulty, wrong.
KEY: Correct \v.\.
SYN: Chasten, punish, rectify, amend, reform, emend, redress,
set_right, improve.
ANT: Spare, falsify, corrupt.
KEY: correction.
SYN: amendment, discipline, emendation, chastisement, punishment.
ANT: Deterioration, debasement, retrogradation, reward, recompense.
KEY: Corrective.
SYN: Regulative, alterative, preventative, restorative.
ANT: Confirmative, conducive, provocative, stimulative,
KEY: Correlation.
SYN: correspondence, interrelation, interdependence, mutuality,
ANT: Contradiction, independence, [See LEARNED_and_RATIONAL].
KEY: Correlative, [See CORRUGATION].
KEY: Correspond.
SYN: Match, tally, fit, answer, agree, suit, harmonize.
ANT: Vary, differ, disagree, jar, clash.
KEY: Correspondence.
SYN: Fitness, agreement, adaptation, congruity, answerableness,
match, congeniality, communication, letter, writing, despatches.
ANT: Conversation, colloquy, confabulation, reservation, withdrawal,
withholding, nonintercourse, difference, repugnance.
KEY: Correspondent \a.\, [See SUITABLE].
KEY: Corrigible.
SYN: Amenable, docile, tractable.
ANT: Intractable, stubborn, incorrigible.
KEY: Corroborate.
SYN: Strengthen, confirm, fortify, support.
ANT: Weaken, invalidate, shake, confute, rebut, enfeeble.
KEY: corporation.
SYN: Confirmation, fortification, strengthening.
ANT: Counterevidence, contradiction, invalidation, shaking,
KEY: Corrode.
SYN: Eat, rust, gnaw, canker, wear, crumble.
ANT: Repair, renew, furbish, consolidate.
KEY: Corrosion, [See CORRODE_and_RUST].
KEY: Corrosive, [See CORRODE].
KEY: Corrugate.
SYN: Furrow, groove, rumple, crumple, wrinkle, ruffle, crease.
ANT: Plane, flatten, roll.
KEY: Corrugation, [See CORRUGATE].
KEY: Corrupt \v.\.
SYN: Spoil, deteriorate, impair, putrefy, vitiate, demoralize,
debase, defile, contaminate, pollute, deprave.
ANT: Mend, repair, purify, cleanse, correct, ameliorate, better.
KEY: Corrupt \a.\.
SYN: Defiled, polluted, vitiated, decayed, depraved, putrid, rotten,
infected, tainted, profligate, contaminated.
ANT: Pure, uncorrupt, undented.
KEY: Corruption.
SYN: Decomposition, decay, putrescence, adulteration, dev, pravity,
rottenness, defilement, deterioration, perversion, debasement,
taint, contamination, putrefaction.
ANT: Vitality, organization, purity, purification, amelioration.
KEY: Coruscate.
SYN: Blaze, flame, flash, scintillate, glisten.
ANT: Pale, smoulder, darken, loom, lower, glimmer, gleam, glare, beam,
KEY: Coruscation, [See CORUSCATE].
KEY: comical.
SYN: Universal, general.
ANT: Local, topical, national, persomal.
KEY: Cost, {[u]?}.
SYN: Require, consume, absorb.
ANT: Bring, produce, yield, afford, fetch, return.
KEY: Cost_\n.\.
SYN: Expenditure, outlay, disbursement, payment, compensation, price,
worth, expense, charge, outgoings.
ANT: Receipt, income, emolument, return, profit, perquisite,
KEY: Costly.
SYN: Valuable, expensive, high-priced, rich, precious, sumptuous.
ANT: Valueless, cheap, low-priced, mean, worthless, beggarly,
KEY: Costume.
SYN: Uniform, livery, robes.
ANT: Disguise, transformation, incognito.
KEY: Cosy.
SYN: Snug, comfortable, chatty.
ANT: Bare, comfortless, cross.
KEY: contemporary, [See COETANEOUS].
KEY: Council.
SYN: Cabinet, bureau, chamber, consultation, conclave, parliament,
congress, synod, company, assembly, meeting, conference, convention,
ANT: League, conspiracy, cabal, intrigue, mob, multitude, crowd.
KEY: Counsel \n.\.
SYN: Advice, instruction, monition, admonition, warning,
ANT: Misguidance, misinstruction, betrayal.
KEY: Counsel_\v.\.
SYN: Advise, instruct, warn, guide, admonish.
ANT: Misguide, misinstruct, betray, counselor, [See COUNSEL].
KEY: Count.
SYN: Compute, reckon, enumerate, estimate, number, sum, calculate.
ANT: Hazard, conjecture, guess, lump, confound.
KEY: Countenance \v.\.
SYN: Help, aid, abet, favor, sanction, patronize, support, encourage.
ANT: Oppose, confront, discourage, discountenance, browbeat.
KEY: Countenance \n.\.
SYN: Aid, abet, encourage, support.
ANT: Discountenance.
KEY: Counter.
SYN: Opposed, contrary, against.
ANT: According, coincident.
KEY: Counteract.
SYN: Counterinfluence, counterfoil, foil, baffle, neutralize, oppose,
rival, thwart, hinder.
ANT: Aid, help, abet, promote, conserve, co-operate, subserve.
KEY: {[Countereyidence]?}.
SYN: Contradiction, confliction.
ANT: Corroboration, confirmation.
KEY: Counterfeit \v.\.
SYN: Simulate, misrepresent, impersonate.
ANT: Expose, unmask, detect.
KEY: Counterfeit \n.\.
SYN: Cheat, trick, juggle, fraud, artifice, fabrication, pretense,
ruse, sham.
ANT: Exposure, detection, unmasking, unveiling, reality, verity,
fact, truth.
KEY: Counterfeit \a.\, [See_FALSE].
KEY: Counterfoil, [See BAFFLE].
KEY: Countermand, [See COMMAND].
KEY: Counterpart.
SYN: Match, fellow, tally, brother, twin, copy.
ANT: Correlative, complement, supplement, opponent, counteragent,
reverse, obverse, opposite, antithesis, contrast, contradiction.
KEY: Counterpoise \v.\.
SYN: Balance, equalize.
ANT: Over-balance, aggravate.
KEY: Counterpoise \n.\.
SYN: Makeweight, equilibrium.
ANT: Preponderance.
KEY: Counterpressure.
SYN: Resistance, stubbornness, renitency.
ANT: Yielding, giving, resilience.
KEY: Countervail.
SYN: Counteract, of, pose, withstand.
ANT: Aggravate, intensify, subserve.
KEY: Countless \a.\.
SYN: Innumerable, numberless, unnumbered.
ANT: Few, scant, sparse.
KEY: Countryman.
SYN: Rustic, clown, boor, compatriot, swain, yeoman, bus, bandman,
farmer, agriculturist, laborer, peasant, fellow-countryman,
fellow-subject, fellowcitizen, subject, citizen, inhabitant,
ANT: Oppidan, townsman, cockney, foreigner, alien, stranger, Couple
\v.\, Bracket, link, conjoin, unite, splice, buckle, button, clasp,
pair, yoke, connect, tie, brace.
ANT: Loose, part, isolate, separate, detach, divorce, uncouple,
unclasp, untie.
KEY: Courage.
SYN: Bravery, boldness, valor, pluck, fortitude, resolution,
gallantry, fearlessness, intrepidity.
ANT: Timidity, cowardice, pusillanimity, poltroonery,
KEY: Course.
SYN: Order, sequence, continuity, direction, progress, line, way,
mode, race, career, road, route, series, passage, succession, round,
manner, plan, conduct, method.
ANT: Disorder, discussion, solution, interruption, deviation,
hindrance, error, conjecture, hazard, speculation, caprice.
KEY: Court \v.\.
SYN: {[Woo]?}, seek, affect, flatter, pursue.
ANT: Repel, abjure, disaffect, insult, avoid, {[hun]?}, repudiate.
KEY: Courteous, [See POLITE].
KEY: Courtesy.
SYN: Politeness, urbanity, civility, affability, graciousness.
ANT: Churlishness, rudeness, arrogance, ungraciousness, incivility.
KEY: Courtly.
SYN: Dignified, polished, refined, aristocratic, high-bred,
ANT: Undignified, rough, unpolished, coarse, unrefined, plebeian,
awkward, boorish, rustic, unmannerly.
KEY: Covenant \n.\.
SYN: Agreement, bond, stipulation, compact, contract, league,
ANT: Promise, intimation, assurance, parole, understanding.
KEY: Cover \v.\.
SYN: Hide, conceal, cloak, screen, secrete, protect, meet, secure,
overspread, clothe, shield, shelter, cover.
ANT: Expose, reveal, betray, exhibit, produce, mis-suffice.
KEY: Covert \a.\, [See COVER_and_SECRET].
KEY: Coverture.
SYN: Marriage, matrimony, wedlock.
ANT: Celibacy, virginity.
KEY: Covet.
SYN: Long_for, wish_for, yearn_for, hanker, desire.
ANT: Despise, dislike, undervalue, mislike.
KEY: Covetous.
SYN: Acquisitive, avaricious, greedy, grasping, rapacious.
ANT: Unselfish, liberal, self-sacrificing, profuse, bountiful,
KEY: Covetousness, [See COVETOUS_and_AVARICE].
KEY: Cow_\v.\.
SYN: Frighten, abash, intimidate, oppress, brow-bent.
ANT: Countenance, rally, encourage, inspirit.
KEY: Coward.
SYN: Craven, dastard, recreant, poltroon, renegade.
ANT: Champion, hero, daredevil, desperado.
KEY: Cowardly, [See TIMID].
KEY: Cower.
SYN: Shrink, stoop, crouch.
ANT: Rise, stand, dare, face, confront.
KEY: Coxcomb.
SYN: Fop, dandy, puppy, prig, pedant.
ANT: Genius, savant, authority, celebrity, philosopher, sage.
KEY: Coxcombical.
SYN: Vain, affected, conceited, dandified, pedantic, priggish.
ANT: Unaffected, unconceited, sensible.
KEY: Coy.
SYN: Shy, reserved, bashful, shrinking, retreating, modest.
ANT: Bold, forward, rompish, hoydenish.
KEY: Cozen.
SYN: Circumvent, wheedle, swindle, gull, cheat, dupe, overreach, coax,
seduce, deceive.
ANT: Enlighten, undeceive, disabuse.
KEY: Crabbed.
SYN: Sour, morose, crossgrained, petulant, churlish, irritable,
ANT: Pleasant, open, easy, genial, conversable, warm, cordial, heart.
KEY: Crack \t.\.
SYN: Split, break, splinter, chip, snap.
ANT: Mend, repair, unite, piece, splice.
KEY: Cracked.
SYN: Crazy, flighty, queer, deranged, creaky, touched, cranky,
ANT: Sound, sensible, clear-headed, shrewd, strong-minded, sane.
KEY: Craft.
SYN: Art, artifice, cunning, guile, stratagem, manoeuvre, wiliness,
trickery, duplicity, chicanery, intrigue, underhandedness, dodge.
ANT: Openness, fairness, candor, honesty, frankness, sincerity,
artlessness, ingenuousness, straightforwardness.
KEY: Crafty, [See CRAFTY].
KEY: Cram.
SYN: Stuff, choke, squeeze, ram, pack, gorge.
ANT: Disgorge, vent, discharge, unload, unpack, eviscerate, empty,
KEY: Cramp, {[t']?}.
SYN: Bind, narrow, restrict, confine, clog, hamper, fetter, cripple.
ANT: Free, liberate, loose, relieve, extricate, enlarge, widen,
expand, ease, unfetter.
KEY: Cranky.
SYN: Crotchety, queer, [See CRACKED].
KEY: Crapulence.
SYN: Surfeit, headache, dissipation, debauchery, excess, muddiness.
ANT: Temperance, sobriety, clearness, freshness.
KEY: Crash \n.\.
SYN: Jar, clang, clash, resonance.
ANT: Murmur, whisper, babble, rumbling, reverberation, din.
KEY: Crassitude.
SYN: Density, thickness, corpulence, obesity, burliness, brawniness,
animalism, pinguitude, lumpishness, besottedness.
ANT: Tenuity, spareness, slightness, agility, activity, spirituality,
KEY: Crave.
SYN: Intreat, implore, beg, ask, beseech, supplicate, cry.
ANT: Demand, insist, require, seize.
KEY: Craven, [See COWARD].
KEY: Crazy.
SYN: Idiotic, broken-down, mad, crazed, crack-brained, lunatic,
demented, daft, insane, aberrant.
ANT: Sound, robust, vigorous, unimpaired.
KEY: Cream.
SYN: Marrow, pith, gist, acme.
ANT: Refuse, offal, dregs, dross, garbage.
KEY: Crease, [See CORRUGATE].
KEY: Create.
SYN: Form, produce, make, compose, constitute, beget, engender,
generate, fashion, originate, educe, invent, imagine, cause.
ANT: Annihilate, destroy, demolish.
KEY: Creature.
SYN: Being, animal, thing, body, brute.
ANT: Chimera, ghost, bugbear.
KEY: Credence.
SYN: Belief, faith, trust, credit, confidence.
ANT: Disbelief, distrust, denial.
KEY: Credential, or_Credentials.
SYN: Missive, diploma, title, testament, seal, warrant, letter,
vouchers, certificates, testimonials.
ANT: Self-license, Belt-constitution, self-appointment, autocracy.
KEY: Credible.
SYN: Probable, likely, trustworthy.
ANT: Improbable, incredible, unlikely, untrustworthy.
KEY: Credit \n.\.
SYN: Belief, trustworthiness, reputation, security, honor, praise,
merit, confidence, faith.
ANT: Disbelief, distrust, untrustworthiness, shame, insecurity,
disgrace, censure.
KEY: Creditor.
SYN: Claimant, lender, mortgagee.
ANT: Debtor, borrower, mortgagor.
KEY: Credulity.
SYN: Gullibility, simplicity, acceptativeness, openmouthedness.
ANT: Incredulity, scepticism, suspiciousness, shrewdness.
KEY: Creed.
SYN: Belief, catechism, articles, confession, subscription.
ANT: Protest, abjuration, recantation, retractation, disbelief,
KEY: Crest.
SYN: Top, summit, apex, bead, crown.
ANT: Base, foot, bottom, sole.
KEY: Crestfallen.
SYN: Castdown, humiliated, abashed.
ANT: Inspirited, elated, confident.
KEY: Crew.
SYN: Complement, company, gang, herd, set, miscellany, horde, swarm,
ANT: Supercargo, bevy, galaxy, constellation, picking, cream, elite.
KEY: Crime.
SYN: Offense, misdeed, wrong, misdemeanor, felony, enormity.
ANT: Good_deed, well-doing, duty, obligation, exploit, achievement.
KEY: Criminal.
SYN: Illegal, felonious, vicious, culpable, wrong, iniquitous,
sinful, immoral, guilty, nefarious, flagitious.
ANT: Lawful, virtuous, right, jury_innocent, moral, meritorious,
creditable, honorable, praiseworthy, laudable.
KEY: Criminality, [See CRIMINAL_and_GUILT].
KEY: Criminate.
SYN: Charge, implicate, accuse, impeach, arraign.
ANT: Acquit, extricate, absolve.
KEY: Crimp \v.\, [See CORRUGATE].
KEY: Crimp \a.\.
SYN: Brittle, friable, crisp.
ANT: Tough, stubborn, viscous, pasty, lentous.
KEY: crimple, [See CRUMPLE].
KEY: Cringe.
SYN: Crouch, bend, bow, fawn, grabble, grub.
ANT: Face, confront, defy, dare.
KEY: Crinkle, [See CRIMPLE].
KEY: Cripple.
SYN: Weaken, impair, curtail, cramp, disable.
ANT: Strengthen, renovate, augment, liberate, free, ease, enlarge,
KEY: Criterion.
SYN: Test, touchstone, proof, standard, measure.
ANT: Eye, glance, intention, conjecture, scan.
KEY: Critic.
SYN: Judge, censor, arbiter, savant.
ANT: Author, writer, performer, artist.
KEY: Critical.
SYN: Nice, delicate, exact, fastidious, discriminating, censorious,
accurate, dubious, precarious, ticklish, crucial, important,
momentous, hazardous.
ANT: Inexact, popular, loose, easy, undiscriminating, safe,
determined, decided, settled, retrieved, redressed.
KEY: Criticise.
SYN: Examine, scan, perpend, analyze, discuss, anatomize,
ANT: Slur, survey, overlook, skim.
KEY: Criticism.
SYN: Stricture, censure, animadversion.
ANT: Approval, praise, [See APPROBATION].
KEY: Croak.
SYN: Complain, murmur, grumble.
ANT: Crow, whistle, sing, chirp, chuckle, cackle, rejoice.
KEY: Crone.
SYN: Hag, witch, beldame.
ANT: Lass, damsel, maiden, belle.
KEY: Crony.
SYN: Ally, chum, mate.
ANT: Foe, rival, backfriend.
KEY: Crooked.
SYN: Bent, incurved, angular, deformed, bowed, disfigured, turned,
curved, awry, anfractuous, tortuous, underhanded.
ANT: Straight, linear, direct, honest, straightforward.
KEY: Crop_\v.\.
SYN: {[Mew]?}, reap, reduce, shave, shorten, curtail.
ANT: Elongate, grow, foster, raise, trail, train.
KEY: Crop_\n.\.
SYN: Reaping, harvest, ingathering.
ANT: Produce, yield, abundance, growth, fruit.
KEY: Cross.
SYN: Ill-tempered, fretful, illhumored, crusty, peevish, pettish,
snarling, snappish, spleeny, splenetic, petulant, fractious.
ANT: Amiable, good-tempered, goodhumored, blithesome, genial.
KEY: Cross-grained.
SYN: Perverse, wayward, peevish, morose, cantankerous,
ANT: Genial, pleasant, agreeable, jolly, obliging, accommodating.
KEY: Crotchety, [See CAPRICIOUS].
KEY: Crouch, [See CRINGE_and_COWER].
KEY: Crow_\v.\, {{To_make_a_noise_like_a_cock},
SYN: Exult, rejoice, cackle, chuckle, boast.
ANT: Whine, howl, grumble, croak, cry, whimper.
KEY: Crowd.
SYN: Throng, mob, swarm, pack, herd.
ANT: Cream, elite, bevy, galaxy, constellation, cabinet.
KEY: Crown \n.\.
SYN: Top, crest, summit, head, brow, apex.
ANT: Basement, base, bottom, floor, pavement, pedestal, foundation,
foot, sole.
KEY: Crown.
SYN: Complete, consummate, seal, conclude.
ANT: Mar, spoil, frustrate.
KEY: Crucial.
SYN: Searching, probing, severe, discriminating, sharp, critical,
ANT: Superficial, indifferent, mild, uncritical, lenient, lax.
KEY: Crude.
SYN: Raw, undigested, unconsidered, half-studied, harsh, unshaped,
unchastened, unfinished, unrefined, ill-prepared.
ANT: Well-prepared, well-digested, well-considered, well-studied,
ripe, well-adapted, well-proportioned, well-expressed, classical,
finished, refined, artistic, elaborate, highlywrought.
KEY: Cruel.
SYN: Savage, barbarous, pittiless, inexorable, unrelenting, ruthless,
truculent, hard-hearted, harsh, unmerciful, brutal, inhuman,
maleficent, malignant.
ANT: Humane, forbearing, generous, merciful, forgiving, benevolent,
KEY: Crumble.
SYN: Disintegrate, pulverize, triturate.
ANT: Consolidate, conglutinate, bond, amalgamate.
KEY: Crumple, [See CRINKLE_and_CORRUGATE].
KEY: {[Crusli\v\]?}.
SYN: Pulverize, triturate, pound, bray, crumble, overpower,
ANT: Consolidate, compact, cake, solidify, compress, amalgamate,
upraise, stabilitate, aggrandize.
KEY: Crusty, [See CALM].
KEY: Cudgel \v.\.
SYN: Pound, bruise, buffet, batter.
ANT: Stroke, pat, clap, tickle.
KEY: Cuff_\v.\.
SYN: Slap, box, smack, punch, pummel, hustle, buffet.
ANT: Cudgel, flagellate, thrash, cane, strap, lash, whip.
KEY: Cull.
SYN: Bunch, gather, pick, collect.
ANT: Scatter, drop, throw, disseminate.
KEY: Culmination.
SYN: Consummation, zenith, acme, meridian, apex, success,
ANT: Fall, descent, decline, failure, downfall, degradation, defeat,
KEY: Culpability, [See CULPABLE_and_GUILT].
KEY: Culpable.
SYN: Blamable, blameworthy, censurable, guilty.
ANT: Blameless, innocent, excusable, laudable, praisworthy.
KEY: Culprit.
SYN: Offender, criminal, delinquent, malefactor.
ANT: Example, pattern, model, hero, saint.
KEY: Cultivate.
SYN: Promote, foster, study, improve, fertilize, till, advance,
refine, improve, civilize, nourish, cherish.
ANT: Neglect, desert, abandon, stifle, prevent, discourage, abolish,
blight, blast, paralyze, eradicate, extirpate, uproot.
KEY: Cumber.
SYN: Clog, impede, oppress, load, incommode, obstruct.
ANT: Liberate, expedite, alleviate, extricate, lighten, relieve,
support, free, rid.
KEY: Cunning, [See CRAFT].
KEY: Cupidity \n.\.
SYN: Avarice, acquisitiveness, covetousness, stinginess.
ANT: Prodigality, extravagance, liberality.
KEY: Curb_\v.\.
SYN: Restrain, cohibit, hold, repress, check, moderate.
ANT: Indulge, liberate, release, emancipate, loose, urge, free,
incite, instigate, impel.
KEY: Curdle.
SYN: Coagulate, condense, thicken.
ANT: Colliquify, diffuse, circulate.
KEY: Cure_\n.\.
SYN: Remedy, alleviation, restorative, heal-all, amelioration,
reinstatement, restoration, renovation, convalescence.
ANT: Aggravation, confirmation, complaint, disease, ailment,
inoculation, contagion, corruption.
KEY: Cure_\v.\, [See HEAL].
KEY: Curiosity.
SYN: Inquisitiveness, interest, wonder, marvel, interrogativeness,
rarity, phenomenon, celebrity, oddity, lion.
ANT: Indifference, heedlessness, disregard, abstraction, absence,
weed, drug, dirt, cipher, bagatelle, song.
KEY: Curious.
SYN: Inquiring, inquisitive, scrutinizing, prying, meddling,
singular, searching, interrogative, peeping, peering, rare, unique,
odd, recondite.
ANT: Indifferent, uninquiring, incurious, uninterested, trite,
common, superficial.
KEY: Curmudgeon.
SYN: Miscreant, wretch, rascal, churl, {ill-conditioned_fellow}.
ANT: Trump, good_fellow, brick.
KEY: Currency.
SYN: Circulation, vogue, publicity, prevalence.
ANT: Suppression, repression, recall, stagnation, rejection,
disbelief, withdrawal.
KEY: Current.
SYN: Running, prevalent, ordinary, present, popular, general,
floating, exoteric, vulgar.
ANT: Rejected, obsolete, exploded, confined, private, secret,
KEY: Curse \n.\.
SYN: Malediction, execration, imprecation, denunciation, anathema,
bane, blight.
ANT: Blessing, benediction, joy, crown, glory.
KEY: Curse \v.\.
SYN: Execrate.
ANT: Bless.
KEY: Cursory.
SYN: Rapid, hasty, desultory, careless, superficial, slight,
ANT: Searching, minute, elaborate, profound.
KEY: Curtail, [See ABBREVIATE].
KEY: Curve \v.\.
SYN: Incurve, bend, inflex, falcate, arcuate.
ANT: Straighten, unbend, rectilineate.
KEY: Curve \n.\.
SYN: Incurvation, flexion, deflexion.
ANT: Rigidity, inelasticity, inflexibility, rectilinearity.
KEY: Custody.
SYN: Keeping, guardianship, conservation, care.
ANT: Neglect, betrayal, exposure, abandoning, [See {[U]?}],
desertion, liberation, jeopardy, discharge.
KEY: Custom.
SYN: Manner, habit, use, usage, fashion, practice, prescription.
ANT: Law, regulation, dictate, command, rule, disuse, nonobservance,
KEY: Cut, [See {[11]?}].
SYN: Sever, slice, sunder, cleave, shear, carve, chop, gash, avoid,
ANT: Unite, splice, accost, approach, court, address, salute.
KEY: Cutting.
SYN: Sharp, biting, mordant, trenchant, piercing, bitter, sarcastic,
provoking, stinging, sardonic, exasperating, satirical, severe,
disappointing, cruel.
ANT: Mild, conciliatory, complimentary, soothing, flattering,
indulgent, consoling, gratifying.
KEY: Cynical.
SYN: Sarcastic, snarling, snappish, sneering, cross-grained, currish,
ANT: Genial, lenient, complaisant, urbane.
SYN: Meddle, mix, trifle, skim.
ANT: Study, elaborate, investigate, delve, dig, fathom, gauge.
KEY: Daft.
SYN: Silly, innocent, idiotic, lunatic, light-headed, cracked.
ANT: Sane, sound, sensible, practical, rational, shrewd, deft,
mealy-mouthed, delicious, toothsome, delicate, fastidious.
KEY: Dainty.
SYN: Choice, rare, refined, tasty, exquisite, luxurious, epicurean.
ANT: Common, coarse, unrelishing, nasty, dirty, omnivorous, greedy,
KEY: Dally.
SYN: Trifle, play, wanton, sport, fondle, delay, procrastinate,
ANT: Toil, labor, work, study, fag, stir, bustle, hasten.
KEY: Damage.
SYN: Injury, hurt, loss, mischief, detriment, impairment.
ANT: Compensation, recovery, reinstatement, advantage, benefit,
reparation, blessing, Damnable, [See EXECRABLE].
KEY: Damp.
SYN: {[Coo)]?}, blunt, dishearten, quench, slack, moderate, humid,
wet, moist, discourage, discountenance, repress.
ANT: Urge, inflame, incite, fan, excite.
KEY: Danger.
SYN: Peril, hazard, risk, jeopardy, insecurity, venture.
ANT: Security, custody, defense, safety, premunition, precaution.
KEY: Dapper.
SYN: Spruce, neat, natty, smart.
ANT: Slovenly, awkward, unwieldy, untidy.
KEY: Dare.
SYN: Venture, face, brave, hazard, risk, defy, challenge.
ANT: Shrink, shun, dread, cower.
KEY: Daring.
SYN: Adventurous, dashing, bold, courageous, venturesome, dauntless,
foolhardy, fearless, brave, intrepid, valorous.
ANT: Cautious, timid, inadventurous.
KEY: Dark.
SYN: Black, dusky, sable, swarthy, opaque, obscure, enigmatical,
recondite, abstruse, unintelligible, blind, ignorant, besotted,
benighted, dim, shadowy, inexplicable, secret, mysterious, hidden,
murky, nebulous, cheerless, dismal, dim, gloomy, sombre, joyless,
mournful, sorrowful.
ANT: White, fair, light, radiant, bright, lucid, crystalline,
transparent, brilliant, plain, intelligible, enlightened, glaring,
dazzling, illumined, festive, luminous.
KEY: Darling.
SYN: Pet, love, sweet, pretty, dear, favorite, delight.
ANT: Antipathy, abomination, horror.
KEY: Dash.
SYN: Burl, cast, throw, subvert, detrude, drive, rush, send, fly,
speed, dart, scatter, strike, course.
ANT: Raise, reinstate, erect, creep, crawl, lag, hobble.
KEY: Dashing.
SYN: Adventurous, showy, brave.
ANT: Shrinking, dowdy, timid.
KEY: Dastard, [See COWARD].
KEY: Data.
SYN: Facts, grounds, basis, axioms, postulates.
ANT: Conjecture, assumption, problem, proposition, inference,
KEY: Date, [See TIME].
KEY: Daub, [See BEDAUB].
KEY: Daunt.
SYN: Terrify, scare, frighten, cow, dishearten, appall, intimidate,
ANT: Countenance, encourage, rally, inspirit.
KEY: Dauntless.
SYN: Valiant, gallant, fearless, lion-hearted, intrepid.
ANT: Cautious, cowardly, timid.
KEY: Dawdle.
SYN: Lag, dally, idle.
ANT: Haste, speed, dash, rush, work, fag.
KEY: [See DAWN].
SYN: Gleam, begin, appear, rise, open, break.
ANT: Wane, set, sink, close, depart.
KEY: Dazzle.
SYN: Daze, bewilder, confuse.
ANT: Enlighten, illumine.
KEY: Dead.
SYN: Defunct, deceased, departed, gone, inanimate, lifeless,
insensible, heavy, unconscious, dull, spiritless, cheerless,
deserted, torpid, still.
ANT: Vital, living, animate, vivacious, susceptible, alive, joyous,
stirring, thronged, bustling.
KEY: Deaden.
SYN: Benumb, paralyze, blunt, damp, subdue.
ANT: Sharpen, quicken, enliven.
KEY: Deadly.
SYN: Mortal, fatal, malignant, baleful, pernicious, noxious,
venomous, destructive, baneful, implacable.
ANT: Vital, life-giving, healthful, wholesome, nutritious.
KEY: deadness.
SYN: Torpor, flatness, faintness, heaviness.
ANT: Quickness, vitality, life, vivacity.
KEY: Deaf.
SYN: Surd, hard_of_hearing, disinclined, averse, inexorable,
insensible, rumbling, inaudible, heedless, dead.
ANT: Acute, listening, disposed, interested, attentive, willing,
susceptible, sensible, alive.
KEY: Deal.
SYN: Bargain, chaffer, trade, dispense, market, communicate,
negotiate, traffic.
ANT: Hold, close, stop, fail.
KEY: Dealing.
SYN: Intercourse, communication, trade, traffic, negotiation,
commerce, practice.
ANT: Lack, failure, closing, bankruptcy, stagnation, withdrawal,
KEY: Dear.
SYN: High-priced, costly, expensive, beloved, precious, loved.
ANT: Cheap, inexpensive, misliked, vile.
KEY: Dearth, [See ABUNDANCE].
KEY: Death.
SYN: Departure, demise, decease, dissolution, mortality, fall,
failure, termination, cessation, expiration, release, exit.
ANT: Birth, rise, life, growth, vigor, animation, spirit, activity,
operation, action, commencement, vitality, auspices, inauguration.
KEY: Deathless.
SYN: Undying, immortal, unfading, everlasting.
ANT: Mortal, ephemeral, fragile, fugitive, momentary, transient,
KEY: Debar.
SYN: Exclude, stop, thwart, obstruct, hinder, prevent, deter, deprive,
disqualify, deny, prohibit, preclude.
ANT: Inclose, embrace, admit, permit, aid, allow, indulge, qualify,
KEY: Debase.
SYN: Degrade, lower, depress, deprave, deteriorate, corrupt, alloy,
impair, disgrace, humble.
ANT: Raise, enhance, exalt, honor, promote, ameliorate, purify,
KEY: Debased, [See DEBASE].
KEY: Debate.
SYN: Contend, dispute, argue, moot, controvert, contest, wrangle,
discuss, deliberate, question, ventilate.
ANT: Yield, concede, surrender, admit, allow.
KEY: Debatable.
SYN: Dubious, doubtful, inestimable, uncertain, problematical,
floating, unsettled, disputable.
ANT: Certain, sure, unquestionable, Indisputable, self-evident,
KEY: Debauch, Debauchery \n.\.
SYN: Riot, revel, excess, orgies, gluttony.
ANT: Meal, moderation, frugality, asceticism, abstinence, fast,
KEY: Debauch \v.\.
SYN: Seduce, corrupt, ravish, violate, pollute, defile, vitiate.
ANT: Purify, enlighten, ameliorate, elevate, make_better.
KEY: Debility.
SYN: Weakness, feebleness, frailty, infirmity, incapacity,
imbecility, enervation, lassitude, languor.
ANT: Strength, vigor, robustness, energy, tone, nerve, muscularity.
KEY: Debt.
SYN: Debit, liability, default, obligation, claim, score,
ANT: Liquidation, assets, credit, trust, grace, favor, obligation,
accommodation, gift, gratuity.
KEY: Debtor, [See CREDITOR].
KEY: Decadence, [See DECAY].
KEY: Decamp.
SYN: Start, fly, bolt, abscond.
ANT: Appear, answer, show.
KEY: Decay \v.\.
SYN: Decline, wane, sink, dwindle, rot, wither, perish, waste, ebb,
ANT: Rise, grow, increase, flourish, luxuriate, vegetate, expand,
KEY: Decay \n.\.
SYN: Declension, waning, sinking, wasting, decrease, corruption,
decadence, putrefaction, rottenness, dry_rot, consumption, decline.
ANT: Rise, growth, birth, increase, fertility, exuberance,
luxuriance, prosperity.
KEY: Decayed.
SYN: Rotten, corrupt, unsound, decomposed, declined, faded, sunk,
unprosperous, impoverished, wasted_away.
ANT: Sound, wholesome, healthful, fresh, prosperous, flourishing,
KEY: Decease, [See DEATH].
KEY: Deceit.
SYN: Cheat, imposition, trick, fraud, deception, double_dealing,
delusion, circumvention, guile, bewilderment, treachery, sham,
insidiousness, indirection, duplicity, cunning, artifice.
ANT: Enlightenment, instruction, guidance, reality, verily,
Fair-dealing, honesty, openness.
KEY: Deceitful.
SYN: Deceptive, delusive, fraudulent, fallacious.
ANT: Open, fair, honest, truthful, veracious.
KEY: Deceive.
SYN: Trick, cheat, beguile, delude, gull, dupe, take_in, over_reach,
mislead, betray, ensnare, entrap, circumvent.
ANT: Enlighten, advise, illumine, guide, disabuse, undeceive,
KEY: Decency.
SYN: Modesty, propriety, [See DECORUM].
KEY: Deceiver, [See DECEIVE].
KEY: Decent, [See ABASH].
KEY: Deception, [See DECEIT].
KEY: Deride.
SYN: Determine, fix, settle, adjudicate, terminate, resolve.
ANT: Waver, raise, moot, drop, doubt, waive, suspend, misjudge,
KEY: Decided.
SYN: Determined, ruled, resolute, firm, unwavering.
ANT: Undecided, unsettled, irresolute, vacillating.
KEY: Deciduous, [See EPHEMERAL].
KEY: Decipher.
SYN: Bead, spell, interpret, solve, unravel, explain, unfold.
ANT: Cipher, symbolize, empuzzle, mystify, enigmatize.
KEY: Decision.
SYN: Determination, conclusion, sentence, judgment, resolution,
ANT: Irresoluteness, vagueness, indecision, uncertainty,
KEY: Decisive, [See CONCLUSIVE].
KEY: Deck, [See ADORN].
KEY: Declaim.
SYN: Harangue, recite, apostrophize, speak, debate, inveigh.
ANT: Bead, study, compose, elaborate.
KEY: Declamation.
SYN: Oratory, elocution, harangue, effusion, debate.
ANT: Stammering, titubancy, hesitation, tardiloquence.
KEY: Declamatory.
SYN: Loud, noisy, incoherent, discursive, loose, inconsecutive,
grandiloquent, rhetorical, high-sounding.
ANT: Close, connected, logical, studied, exact, quiet, consecutive.
KEY: Declaration.
SYN: Avowal, exhibition, manifestation, statement, ordinance,
assertion, affirmation, profession.
ANT: Denial, concealment, suppression, Declare, [See ANNOUNCE].
KEY: Declension.
SYN: Decay, decadence, degeneration, deterioration, fall.
ANT: Bise, improvement, advancement, culmination.
KEY: Decline, #N/A, [See {[CEPT]?}].
KEY: Declivity.
SYN: Descent, fall, slope, incline, devexity.
ANT: Ascent, rise, verticality.
KEY: Decoction.
SYN: Concoction, dish, compound, plate, platter, mess, extract.
ANT: Crudity, infusion, rawness, greenness, maceration.
KEY: Decompose.
SYN: Analyze, segregate, individualize, resolve, dissolve.
ANT: Compound, concoct, mix, organize, compose.
KEY: Decomposition, [See DECOMPOSE].
KEY: Decorate, [See ADORN], Decorum.
SYN: Seemliness, propriety, dignity, order, decency, good_manners,
good_behavior, modesty.
ANT: Unseemliness, impropriety, disturbance, disorder.
KEY: Decoy.
SYN: Allure, entice, ensnare, entrap, seduce, mislead, inveigle, lure,
ANT: Guide, instruct, warn, conduct, disabuse, extricate.
KEY: Decrease \v.\.
SYN: Diminish, lessen, subside, abate, lower, decline, retrench,
curtail, reduce, wane.
ANT: Increase, grow, amplify, expand, augment, extend, enlarge.
KEY: Decree.
SYN: Decision, determination, mandate, law, edict, manifesto, rule,
verdict, order, judgment, ordinance, proclamation.
ANT: Cue, hint, suggestion, intimation, request.
KEY: Decrement, [See AUGMENTATION].
KEY: Decrepit.
SYN: Infirm, weak, crippled, superannuated, effete, broken-down,
enfeebled, tottering, aged.
ANT: Strong, robust, agile, youthful, active.
KEY: Decrepitude, [See DECREPIT].
KEY: Decry.
SYN: Depreciate, traduce, vituperate, disparage, defame, vilify,
derogate, detract, censure, abase, denounce.
ANT: Extol, laud, praise, eulogize, panegyrize.
KEY: Dedicate.
SYN: Devote, consecrate, offer, set, apportion, assign, apply,
separate, hallow, set_apart.
ANT: Alienate, misapply, desecrate, misappropriate, misconvert,
KEY: Deduce.
SYN: Draw, Infer, conclude, gather.
ANT: State, premise, hazard, conjecture, guess, induce, anticipate,
foresee, predict, induct.
KEY: Deductible, [See DEDUCE].
KEY: Deduct.
SYN: Subtract, bate, remove.
ANT: Add, annex, subjoin.
KEY: Deduction.
SYN: Conclusion, inference, abatement.
KEY: Deed.
SYN: Act, action, commission, achievement, perpetration, instrument,
document, muniment, exploit, feat.
ANT: Omission, failure, abortion, false-witness, innocence,
cancelling, disproof, invalidation, retractation, impossibility,
nonperformance, recall, reversion, undoing.
KEY: Deem.
SYN: Judge, estimate, consider, believe, think, suppose, conceive.
ANT: Misjudge, misestimate, mis-consider.
KEY: Deep.
SYN: Profound, subterranean, submerged, designing, abstruse,
recondite, learned, low, sagacious, penetrating, thick, obscure,
mysterious, occult, Intense, heartfelt.
ANT: Shallow, superficial, artless, undesigning, familiar,
KEY: Deeply, [See DEEP].
KEY: Deface.
SYN: Mar, spoil, injure, disfigure, deform, damage, mutilate,
ANT: Decorate, adorn, embellish.
KEY: Defalcation.
SYN: Failure, nonpayment, arrears, deficit.
ANT: Payment, acquittal, balance, satisfaction, assets.
KEY: Defame, [See DECRY].
KEY: Detainer, [See DEFAME].
KEY: Default.
SYN: Lapse, forfeit, omission, defect, delinquency, absence, want,
ANT: Maintenance, appearance, plea, satisfaction, forthcoming,
supply, presence.
KEY: Defaulter.
SYN: Debtor, insolvent, bankrupt.
ANT: Defrayer, liquidator.
KEY: Defeat \n.\.
SYN: Frustration, overthrow, discomfiture.
ANT: Victory, triumph, success.
KEY: Defeat \v.\.
SYN: Conquer, overcome, worst, beat, baffle, rout, overthrow,
vanquish, frustrate, foil.
ANT: Secure, promote, insure, speed, advance, establish, aid.
KEY: Defect.
SYN: Shortcoming, omission, fault, imperfection, flaw, blemish,
ANT: Supply, sufficiency, emendation, compensation, virtue, ornament,
KEY: Defection.
SYN: Failure, dereliction, abandonment, relinquishment, desertion.
ANT: Substitution, supply, superabundance, adherence.
KEY: Defective.
SYN: Faulty, imperfect, insufficient, deficient, wanting, short.
ANT: Correct, complete, sufficient, full, ample, abundant,
KEY: Defense.
SYN: Resistance, protection, vindication, plea, justification,
excuse, rampart, bulwark, apology, shelter, guard.
ANT: Abandonment, surrender, betrayal, exposure.
KEY: Defenseless.
SYN: Unsheltered, exposed, unguarded, unprotected, unarmed.
ANT: Sheltered, guarded, fortified, defended, protected, armed.
KEY: Defendant.
SYN: Accused, prisoner.
ANT: Prosecutor, accuser, plaintiff.
KEY: Defensible.
SYN: Vindicable, justifiable, tenable.
ANT: Unjustifiable, untenable, unwarrantable, indefensible.
KEY: Defer.
SYN: Delay, postpone, waive, adjourn, prorogue, put_off, retard,
procrastinate, protract, hinder, prolong.
ANT: Expedite, hasten, quicken, press, urge, hurry, overdrive,
KEY: Deference.
SYN: Respect, consideration, condescension, contention, regard,
honor, veneration, submission, reverence, obedience, homage,
ANT: Disrespect, contumely, contumacy, disregard, slight, impudence,
disobedience, non-allegiance, defiance, attention.
KEY: Defiance, [See DEFERENCE].
KEY: Deficiency.
SYN: Want, imperfection, lack, shortcoming.
ANT: Fullness, abundance.
KEY: Deficient, [See DEFECTIVE].
KEY: Define.
SYN: Mark_out, limit, designate, specify, eliminate, elucidate,
explain, fix, settle, determine, bound.
ANT: Confound, confuse, obscure, mystify, misstate, misconceive,
misconstrue, misdefine.
KEY: Definite.
SYN: Clear, specified, determined, definitive, restricted, specific,
certain, ascertained, precise, exact, fixed, limited, bounded,
ANT: Vague, unspecified, undetermined, indefinite, obscure, confused,
KEY: Definition.
SYN: Determination, limitation, specification, restriction.
ANT: Confusion, vagueness, acceptation, description, explanation,
misconception, misstatement.
KEY: Deflect.
SYN: Turn, deviate, diverge, swerve, divert, recurve.
ANT: Continue, proceed, straighten, unbend, prolong, produce.
KEY: Deflection.
SYN: Deviation, divergence, alienation, swerving, incurvation,
curvity, falcation.
ANT: Straightness, directness, rectilinearity, inflexibility,
prolongation, prosecution, undeviatingness.
KEY: deform, [See ADORN].
KEY: Deformity.
SYN: Ugliness, disfigurement, hideousness, abnormity, monstrosity.
ANT: Grace, beauty, decoration, ornament.
KEY: Defraud, [See CHEAT].
KEY: Defray.
SYN: Meet, liquidate, pay, settle, bear, discharge, quit.
ANT: Dishonor, repudiate, dissatisfy, misappropriate, embezzle.
KEY: Defrayment.
SYN: Payment, quittance, liquidation, compensation, discharge.
ANT: Nonpayment, failure, insolvency, appropriation,
misappropriation, embezzlement, repudiation.
KEY: Defy.
SYN: Scorn, challenge, provoke, despite, brave, [See DARE].
KEY: Degenerate.
SYN: deteriorate, grow_worse, retrograde.
ANT: Recover, improve, {[Jiend]?}, advance.
SYN: Swallowing, gorging, gluttony, absorption.
ANT: disgorgement, vomit.
KEY: Degradation, [See DEBASE].
KEY: Degrade, [See DEBASE].
KEY: Degree.
SYN: Grade, rank, stage, step, extent, measure, mark, rate, position,
quality, class, station, range, quantity, amount, limit, order.
ANT: Space, mass, magnitude, size, numbers.
KEY: Doliortatlon, [See DISSUADE].
KEY: Dejected.
SYN: Dispirited, gloomy, melancholy, desponding, depressed, downcast,
ANT: Elated, inspirited, blithe, gay, cheerful.
KEY: Dejection, [See DEJECTED].
KEY: Delay \v.\, [See DEFER].
KEY: Delectable.
SYN: Pleasant, amiable, agreeable, enjoyable.
ANT: Unpleasant, unamiable, disagreeably, unenjoyable,.
KEY: Delegate.
SYN: Appoint, depute, commission.
ANT: Recall, supersede, relegate, discommission.
KEY: Deleterious.
SYN: Destructive, noxious, injurious, poisonous, pernicious.
ANT: Wholesome, nutritious, esculent, conservative, beneficial.
KEY: Deliberate \v.\.
SYN: Consider, meditate, consult, weigh, reflect, ponder, debate,
ANT: Shelve, burke, discard, hazard, chance, risk.
KEY: Deliberate \a.\.
SYN: Grave, purposed, intentional, designed, determined, resolute,
earnest, unbiased, unprejudiced.
ANT: Playful, jocose, facetious, irresolute, unresolved,
undetermined, dubious, compulsory, suggested, dictated, instigated,
biased, prejudiced.
KEY: Deliberation, [See DELIBERATE_and_COOL].
KEY: Deliberately, [See DELIBERATE].
KEY: Delicacy.
SYN: Nicety, dainty, mor, sel, refinement, tact, softness, luxury,
modesty, scruple, sensitiveness, fragility.
ANT: Coarseness, rudeness, rawness, muchness, indelicacy, commons,
necessaries, fare, physic, vigor, robustness.
KEY: Delicate, [See DELICACY_and_COARSE].
KEY: Delicious.
SYN: Exquisite, luxurious, delightful, dainty, choice.
ANT: Coarse, common, unsavory, unpalatable, nauseous, loathsome.
KEY: Delight.
SYN: Enjoyment, pleasure, happiness, transport, ecstasy, joy,
gratification, gladness, rapture, bliss.
ANT: Pain, suffering, sorrow, trouble, misery, displeasure,
dissatisfaction, disappointment, discomfort, dejection, depression,
distress, melancholy, discontent.
KEY: Delightful, [See DELIGHT].
KEY: Delineate.
SYN: Describe, figure, sketch, portray, depict, draw, represent,
ANT: Misrepresent, caricature, exaggerate, misportray.
KEY: Delinquency.
SYN: Crime, offense, guilt, culpability, criminality.
ANT: Innocence, blamelessness.
KEY: Delinquent.
SYN: Criminal, culprit, offender.
ANT: Worthy, paragon, pattern.
KEY: Delitescence.
SYN: Concealment, hiding, skulking, shirking.
ANT: Appearance, publicity, forwardness, self-presentation,
KEY: Deliver.
SYN: Liberate, free, save, utter, set free, surrender, yield,
transmit, concede, give_up, rescue, pronounce, hand, give, entrust,
ANT: Confine, capture, suppress, retain, betray, withdraw, assume,
appropriate, misdeliver.
KEY: Delude, [See DECEIVE].
KEY: Deluge.
SYN: Inundation, rush, flood, redundance.
ANT: Mist, moisture, dearth, drought, aridity, subsidence,
KEY: Delusion, [See DECEIT].
KEY: Delve.
SYN: Dig, penetrate, dive, investigate, search.
ANT: Scratch, rake, slur, dabble, dally, skim.
KEY: Demand.
SYN: Claim, require, ask_for, call_for, insist.
ANT: Disclaim, waive, forego, petition, request, supplicate.
KEY: Demarcation.
SYN: Definition, {[connguration]?}, outline, sketch, delineation,
bounding, inclosure, plan, limitation.
ANT: indefiniteness, openness, space, waste, plain, void.
KEY: Demerit, [See MERIT_and_FAULT].
KEY: Demesne, [See DOMAIN].
KEY: Demise, {[t]?}, [See BEQUEATH].
KEY: Demise \n.\, [See DEATH].
KEY: Democratic.
SYN: Popular, leveling, radical, subversive, unlicensed, unarculca,
destructive, republican.
ANT: Regal, imperial, aristocratic, oligarchical, constitutional,
conservative, tyrannical, despotic, autocratic.
KEY: Demolish, [See DESTROY].
KEY: Demoniacal.
SYN: Fiendish, hell, Ish, diabolical.
ANT: Angelical, seraphic, heavenly.
KEY: Demonstrate.
SYN: Prove, show, exhibit, manifest, evince, illustrate, ANT: \r.\,
Disprove, conceal, misdemonstrate-strafe, misexemplify.
KEY: Demoralize, [See DISHEARTEN].
KEY: Demulcent.
SYN: Soothing, softening, allaying, lenitive.
ANT: Irritating, chafing, blistering.
KEY: Demur.
SYN: Dubitate, hesitate, halt, pause, doubt, scruple, object.
ANT: Approve, acquiesce, agree, assent, consent.
KEY: Demure.
SYN: Sedate, staid, grave, modest, downcast, sober, dispassionate,
prudish, discreet.
ANT: Lively, vivacious, facetious, wanton, wild, noisy, boisterous,
rompish, hoydenish, indiscreet.
KEY: Denial, [See DENT].
KEY: Denizen.
SYN: Citizen, subject, inhabitant, sojourner, dweller, freedman.
ANT: Foreigner, alien, stranger, exile, traveler.
KEY: Denominate.
SYN: Name, call, designate, specify, denote, style, title.
ANT: Misname, miscall, describe, delineate, suggest.
KEY: Denomination.
SYN: Name, designation, description, kind, class, order,
ANT: Non-description, misnomer.
KEY: Denote, [See {[BOBDUt]?}].
KEY: Denounce.
SYN: Reprobate, decry, proscribe, brand, stigmatize, vituperate,
ANT: Applaud, eulogize, vindicate, panegyrize, uphold.
KEY: Dense.
SYN: Slow, thick, stupid, stolid, solid, stout, compact, consolidated,
condensed, close, thickset.
ANT: Quick, clever, intelligent, rare, rarefied, uncompacted,
KEY: Dent.
SYN: Indentation, notch, cavity.
ANT: Tumor, protuberance, button, knob, tooth.
KEY: Denticulated.
SYN: Notched, crenellated, indented.
ANT: Toothed, serrated.
KEY: Denticulation, [See DENTICULATED].
KEY: Denude.
SYN: Strip, divest, bare, spoil.
ANT: Invest, drape, decorate, enrich, ornament.
KEY: Denunciation, [See DENOUNCE].
KEY: Deny.
SYN: Refuse, reject, withhold, negative, contradict, gainsay,
disclaim, disavow, disown, oppose.
ANT: Grant, accept, concede, admit, affirm, confirm, afford, yield,
KEY: Depart.
SYN: Leave, quit, [See CONTROL_and_GOVERN], decamp, start, sally,
retire, withdraw, abandon, remove, vanish.
ANT: Stay, cling, remain, come, arrive, alight, {Used_also_for_die}.
KEY: Departed, [See DEPART_and_DEFUNCT].
KEY: Department.
SYN: Section, division, portion, function, office, branch, province,
ANT: Institution, establishment, art, science, literature, service,
state, whole, organization, community, society, body.
KEY: Dependence, [See DEPENDENT_and_RELIANCE].
KEY: Dependent.
SYN: Hanging, resting, contingent, trusting, relying, subject,
ANT: Independent, irrelative, irrespective, absolute, free.
KEY: Depict.
SYN: Portray, color, paint, draw, delineate.
ANT: Misrepresent, exaggerate, deform, caricature.
KEY: Deplorable.
SYN: Lamentable, miserable, pitiable, sad, calamitous, disastrous.
ANT: Welcome, glad, acceptable, felicitous, beneficial, joyous.
KEY: Deplore.
SYN: Regret, lament, moorn, bewail, bemoan.
ANT: Welcome, hail.
KEY: Depopulate.
SYN: Waste, dispeople, desert, {[coandon]?}, unpeople.
ANT: Occupy, tenant, colonize, inhabit, settle, replenish, stock,
KEY: Deportation.
SYN: Arrival, importation, placement, reconsignment.
ANT: Exportation, emigration, displacement.
KEY: Deportment.
SYN: Behavior, carriage, movement, demeanor, character, conduct.
ANT: Misbehavior, misdeportment.
KEY: Depose, [See ENTHRONE].
KEY: Deprave, [See DEBASE].
KEY: Deprecate.
SYN: Disavow, disclaim, expostulate, intercede.
ANT: Beg, supplicate, ask, entreat, request, imprecate, invoke.
KEY: Depreciate, [See_DISPARAGE].
KEY: Depredation.
SYN: Havoc, robbery, spoliation, plunder, trespass, invasion,
ANT: Pilfering, perquisite, abstraction, pocketing, restitution,
KEY: Depredator, [See_DEPREDATION].
KEY: Depress, [See ELEVATE].
KEY: Depression.
SYN: Lowering, degradation, debasement, dejection, discouragement,
hollow, valley, dip.
ANT: Raising, elevation, exaltation, promotion, preferment,
amelioration, encouragement, rallying, rising, eminence, mound,
KEY: Deprive.
SYN: Strip, bereave, despoil, rob, divest, dispossess, abridge,
depose, prevent, hinder.
ANT: Invest, endow, compensate, enrich, supply, present, reinstate,
KEY: Depute.
SYN: Appoint, commission, charge, entrust, delegate, authorize,
accredit, constitute.
ANT: Recall, discard, dismiss, discommission, supersede.
KEY: Deputy.
SYN: Vicegerent, lieutenant, representative, agent, commissioner,
legate, envoy, delegate, proxy, substitute.
ANT: Principal, master, chief, governor, sovereign, ruler, head.
KEY: Derange, [See_ARRANGE].
KEY: Derangement, [See_ABERRATION].
KEY: Dereliction.
SYN: Abandonment, failure, shortcoming, desertion, relinquishment,
ANT: Performance, observance, adherence, attention.
KEY: Deride, [See DERISION].
KEY: Derision.
SYN: Scorn, contempt, mockery, irony, sarcasm, contumely,
ANT: Respect, regard, admiration, reverence.
KEY: Derisive.
SYN: Scornful, contemptuous, disrespectful.
ANT: Respectful, deferential, reverential.
KEY: Derivation.
SYN: Origin, source, descent, beginning, cause, etymology, root,
spring, analysis.
ANT: Result, issue, formation, application, use.
KEY: Derive.
SYN: Deduce, trace, follow, track, draw, resolve.
ANT: Misdeduce, misattribute, mistrace.
KEY: Derogate.
SYN: Detract, disparage, depreciate, decry, deteriorate.
ANT: Esteem, value, laud, enhance, extol, exaggerate, overestimate,
KEY: Derogation, [See DEROGATE].
KEY: Descant.
SYN: Dissert, discuss, expatiate, enlarge, talk, dwell, amplify.
ANT: Condense, abridge, abbreviate, curtail, confine, clip,
KEY: Descend, [See ASCEND].
KEY: Descendant.
SYN: Offspring, progeny, stock, scion, seed, branch, issue, house,
family, lineage.
ANT: Author, founder, parent, ancestor, progenitor, stock, root,
source, origin.
KEY: Descent, [See DESCEND].
KEY: Describe.
SYN: Draw, delineate, portray, explain, illustrate, define, picture,
depict, represent, relate, narrate, recount.
ANT: Confound, confuse, mystify, misrepresent, caricature, distort.
KEY: Description, [See DENOMINATION].
KEY: Descry.
SYN: Discern, recognize, discover, distinguish, espy, detect,
observe, mark, perceive.
ANT: Miss, overlook, misobserve.
KEY: Desecrate.
SYN: Profane, secularize, misuse, abuse, prostitute, pollute.
ANT: Use, employ, devote, dedicate, consecrate, solemnize, sanctify,
purify, reconcile.
KEY: Desert \n.\.
SYN: Wild, waste, wilderness, solitude, void.
ANT: Inclosure, field, pasture, garden, oasis.
KEY: Desert, [See ABANDON].
KEY: Deserter.
SYN: Renegade, run, away, recanter, abjurer, apostate, traitor,
ANT: Adherent, supporter, ally, befriender, disciple, bigot, slave.
KEY: Deserve.
SYN: Merit, earn, justify, win.
ANT: Forfeit, misdeserve, lose.
KEY: Desiderate.
SYN: Desire, want, need, require.
ANT: Disregard, forget, supersede, discard.
KEY: Desideratum.
SYN: Requisite, complement, essential, want.
ANT: Surplusage, superfluity, in, cumbrance, drawback.
KEY: Design, [See {[>]?}].
SYN: Contemplate, pur, pose, intend, plan, prepare, project.
ANT: Hit, risk, guess, conjecture, chance, fluke, misconceive,
KEY: Design \n.\.
SYN: Contemplation, pur_pose, intention, plan, {preparation_draft},
delineation, sketch, drawing, artifice, cunning, artfulness, guile,
contrivance, intent, project, scheme.
ANT: Execution, performance, result, issue, construction, structure,
candor, fairness, openness, artlessness, sincerity, simplicity,
change, incident.
KEY: Designate, [See {[BOBDUt]?}].
KEY: Designation, [See DESIGNATE].
KEY: Designed, [See DESIGN].
SYN: Intended, prepared, purposed, adapted, calculated, planned,
contrived, intentional.
ANT: Fortuitous, casual, accidental, miscalculated, miscontrived,
KEY: Designing, [See DESIGN_and_ARTFUL].
KEY: Desinence.
SYN: Termination, conclusion, cessation, discontinuance, cadence,
period, finality.
ANT: Origination, initiation, inauguration, continuance,
progression, commencement, inception.
KEY: Desirable.
SYN: Expedient, advisable, valuable, acceptable, proper, judicious,
beneficial, profitable, good, enviable, delightful.
ANT: Undesirable, unadvisable, inexpedient, objectionable, improper,
injudicious, unprofitable, evil.
KEY: Desire \n.\.
SYN: Longing, affection, propension, craving, concupiscence,
ANT: Loathing, hate, repugnance, disgust, aversion, abomination,
KEY: Desire, [See COVET].
KEY: Desist.
SYN: Cease, stop, discontinue, drop, abstain, forbear, leave_off.
ANT: Continue, proceed, persist, persevere.
KEY: Desolate \a.\.
SYN: Bereaved, forlorn, forsaken, comfortless, deserted, uninhabited,
desert, wild, waste, bare, bleak, lonely.
ANT: Cheered, cheerful, consoled, attended, cultivated, sheltered,
fertile, luxuriant, animated, lively, gay, frequented.
KEY: Desolate \v.\.
SYN: Waste, spoil, sack, plunder, pillage, ravage, devastate,
ANT: People, colonize, plant, develop, fertilize, cultivate, enrich,
KEY: Desolation, [See DESOLATE].
KEY: Despair \n.\.
SYN: Hopelessness, despondency, desperation.
ANT: Hopefulness, elation, anticipation, hilarity, confidence,
sanguineness, expectation.
KEY: Despair \v.\.
SYN: Despond, faint.
ANT: Hope, trust, confide, rely, presume, rally.
KEY: Desperate.
SYN: Wild, daring, audacious, determined, reckless, abandoned, rash,
furious, frantic, despairing, regardless, mad, desponding, hapless,
inextricable, irremediable.
ANT: Cool, calm, cautious, timid, shy, irresolute, remediable,
hopeful, promising, propitious.
KEY: Despicable, [See CONTEMPTIBLE].
KEY: Despite, prep.
SYN: Notwithstanding, opposing, resisting.
ANT: concurrently, consentaneously, {[ai]?}, ling, abetting.
KEY: Despite \n.\, [See DESPITE], prep, [See and_SPITE].
KEY: Despoil.
SYN: Strip, denude, ravage, devastate, rob, havoc, spoliate.
ANT: Decorate, adorn, embellish, enrich, reinstate, rehabilitate.
KEY: Respond, [See DESPAIR].
KEY: Despot.
SYN: Tyrant, autocrat.
ANT: Slave, subject.
KEY: Despotic.
SYN: Autocratic, domineering, arbitrary, arrogant, imperious,
self-willed, irresponsible, absolute, cruel, tyrannical.
ANT: Limited, constitutional, humane, merciful.
KEY: Destine.
SYN: Purpose, intend, design, doom, ordain, devote.
ANT: alienate?, divorce, misapply, divert.
KEY: Destination.
SYN: Purpose, intention, design, consignment, object, end, fate, doom,
arrival, application, use, scope, appointment, point, location, goal,
ANT: Operation, tendency, exercise, action, movement, design,
initiation, project, effort.
KEY: Destiny.
SYN: Fate, decree, lot, fortune, predestination, necessity, doom,
ANT: Will, volition, choice, deliberation, freedom, freewill.
KEY: Destitute, [See DEPRIVE_and_NEEDY].
KEY: Destroy.
SYN: Demolish, annihilate, subvert, ruin, overthrow, undo, waste,
ANT: restore, reinstate, repair, fabricate, make, construct, create.
KEY: Destructive.
SYN: detrimental, hurtful, noxious, injurious, deleterious, baleful,
baneful, ruinous, subversive.
ANT: Wholesome, conservative, preservative, beneficial, reparatory,
subsidiary, restorative.
KEY: Desuetude.
SYN: Disuse, obsoleteness, non-observance.
ANT: Use, vogue, custom, practice, observance, exercise, operation,
permanence, perpetuation.
KEY: Desultory.
SYN: Rambling, discursive, loose, unmethodical, superficial,
unsettled, erratic, inexact, spasmodic, fitful, freakish, aberrant,
unsystematic, cursory, roving, hasty, slight.
ANT: Settled, consecutive, earnest, serious, persevering, continuous,
methodical, exact, diligent, untiring, recurrent, periodical,
KEY: Detach, [See ATTACH].
KEY: Detail \v.\.
SYN: Particularize, enumerate, recount, individualize, sift, analyze,
ANT: Generalize, condense, conglomerate, gather, sketch,
suggest_abstract, classify, amalgamate.
KEY: Detail \n.\.
SYN: Element, component, particular, specialty, point.
ANT: Account, statement, recital, totality, representation.
KEY: Detain.
SYN: Stay, keep, arrest, check, withhold, delay, restrain, embargo,
ANT: Liberate, expedite, accelerate, dismiss, loose, disembargo.
KEY: Detect.
SYN: Discover, descry, unmask, expose.
ANT: Miss, lose, misobserve, ignore, connive.
KEY: Detention.
SYN: Retention, retaining, hindrance.
ANT: Relinquishment, abandonment, letting_go.
KEY: Deter.
SYN: Warn, stop, dissuade, disincline, indispose, dispirit, hinder,
prevent, discourage, dishearten, terrify, scare.
ANT: Encourage, incite, provoke, move, allure, prompt, tempt, seduce,
KEY: Deterge, [See ABSTERGE].
KEY: Deteriorate, [See AMELIORATE].
KEY: Determinate, [See DEFINITE].
KEY: Determination, [See DEFINITION_and_DECISION].
KEY: Determine, [See DEFINE_and_DECIDE].
KEY: detortion, [See DETERGE].
KEY: Detest, [See ABOMINATE].
KEY: Detestable, [See DETEST_and_ABOMINABLE].
KEY: Dethrone.
SYN: Uncrown, depose.
ANT: Anoint, enthrone, crown.
KEY: Dethronement, [See DETHRONE].
KEY: Detonate.
SYN: Explode, pop.
ANT: Smoulder, hang, puff.
KEY: detortion.
SYN: Wresting, violation, twisting, distortion, perversion,
decurvity, devexity, recurvation.
ANT: Direction, aim, rectilinearity, rectification.
KEY: Detract.
SYN: Lessen, deteriorate, depreciate, disparage, defame, decry,
derogate, calumniate, scandalize, vilify, diminish.
ANT: Augment, enhance, raise, increase.
KEY: Detraction.
SYN: Diminution, deterioration, depreciation, slander, backbiting,
ANT: Augmentation, improvement, enhancement, eulogy, compliment,
KEY: Detractor.
SYN: Slanderer, cynic, backbiter.
ANT: Flatterer, sycophant, eulogist.
KEY: Detriment.
SYN: Loss, harm, hurt, injury, deterioration, impairment,
disadvantage, prejudice, damage, inconvenience.
ANT: Enhancement, improvement, remedy, reinstatement, repair,
KEY: Detrimental.
SYN: Injurious, hurtful, pernicious.
ANT: Beneficial, profitable, augmentative.
KEY: Detrude, [See DASH].
KEY: Detruncation.
SYN: Lopping, disramification, pollarding, dismemberment,
discorporation, amputation, stripping.
ANT: Training, trailing, grafting, inoculation, luxuriance.
KEY: Develop.
SYN: Educe, enucleate, eliminate, enunciate, lay_open, disclose,
unravel, unfold, clear, amplify, expand, enlarge.
ANT: Envelope, wrap, obscure, mystify, conceal, narrow, restrict,
contract, condense, compress, involve.
KEY: Development.
SYN: Outgrowth, fruit, crop, harvest, product, bud.
ANT: Cause, origin, source, principal.
KEY: devexity, [See DETORTION].
KEY: Deviate.
SYN: Digress, wander, swerve, deflect, err, sway, depart, divaricate,
ANT: Continue, advance.
KEY: Device.
SYN: Artifice, expedient, design, plan, stratagem, project, symbol,
emblem, show, invention, contrivance, cognizance.
ANT: Fair-dealing, openness, miscontrivance, abortion, fortune, luck,
hazard, hit, incognito.
KEY: Devil.
SYN: Satan, lucifer, fiend, archfiend, foul_fiend, demon.
ANT: Archangel, angel, seraph, cherub.
KEY: devilish, [See ANGELIC].
KEY: Devious.
SYN: Tortuous, circuitous, untracked, trackless, pathless, ambagious,
roundabout, distorted.
ANT: Direct, plain, trodden, frequented, straightforward.
KEY: Devise.
SYN: Contrive, plan, maneuvre, concert, manage.
ANT: Miscontrive, mismanage.
KEY: Devoid.
SYN: Void, wanting, destitute, unendowed, unprovided.
ANT: Furnished, supplied, replete, provided, gifted.
KEY: Devolve_upon.
SYN: Impose, place, charge, commission, depute, accrue, attach,
befall, fall.
ANT: Deprive, withhold, recall, cancel, alienate, miss, pretermit,
pass, lapse, skip.
KEY: Devote, [See DEDICATE].
KEY: Devoted.
SYN: Attached, fond, absorbed, consecrated, ardent, loving,
dedicated, given, abandoned.
ANT: Alienated, estranged, averse.
KEY: Devotion.
SYN: Piety, devoutness, religiousness, dedication, self-abandonment,
consecration, ardor, self-surrender, self-sacrifice, love,
ANT: Impiety, profanity, selfishness, aversion, alienation,
antipathy, indifference, apathy.
KEY: Devour.
SYN: Eat, consume, swallow, gorge, gobble, bolt, absorb.
ANT: Disgorge, vomit.
KEY: Devout.
SYN: religious, pious, godly, saintly, holy, prayerful.
ANT: Irreligious, impious, profane, unholy.
KEY: Devoutless.
KEY: Dexterity, [See ABILITY].
KEY: Dexterous, [See AWKWARD].
KEY: Diabolical, [See DEVILISH].
KEY: Diadem.
SYN: Crown, coronet, coronal, chaplet, wreath, fillet, tiara,
ANT: Liberty-cap, foolscap, daisy-chain.
KEY: Diagnostic.
SYN: Symptom, indication, feature, sign, cue.
ANT: Development, crisis, formation, consummation, head, deception,
illusion, misindication.
KEY: Dialect.
SYN: Provincialism, accent, idiom, tongue, language, speech,
KEY: Dialectic.
SYN: Rhetorical, logical, argumentative.
ANT: Conversational, colloquial, commonplace.
KEY: Dialogue.
SYN: Tete-a-tete, conversation, discourse, colloquy, confabulation.
ANT: Monologue, oration, soliloquy, apostrophe.
KEY: Dictate.
SYN: Prompt, suggest, enjoin, order, direct, {[pre--crit)e]?},
pre--crit)e, decree, instruct, propose, command.
ANT: Follow, repeat, obey, echo, answer.
KEY: Dictation.
SYN: Imperative, imperious, domineering, arbitrary.
ANT: Condescending, affable, indulgent, modest, unassuming,
suppliant, supplicatory, precatory, persuasive, insinuating.
KEY: Dictatorial, [See DICTATE_and_ARBITRARY].
KEY: Diction.
SYN: Style, expression, rhetoric, phraseology, language, grammar.
ANT: Solecism, provincialism, mispronunciation.
KEY: Dictionary.
SYN: Lexicon, wordbook, vocabulary, glossary.
KEY: Didactic.
SYN: Instructive, directive, moral.
ANT: Unsound, misinstructive, erroneous, pernicious, misleading.
KEY: Die.
SYN: Expire, depart, perish, decline, decease, disappear, wither,
languish, wane, sink, fade, decay, cease.
ANT: Begin, originate, rise, live, {[develoftel]?}, develoftel_grow,
strengthen, flourish, luxuriate, vegetate.
KEY: Diet.
SYN: Food, victuals, nourishment, viands, nutriment, sustenance,
fare, cheer, regimen.
ANT: Starvation, fasting, abstinence, gluttony, omnivorousness.
KEY: Differ.
SYN: Vary, dissent, be_unlike, disagree, dispute, contend.
ANT: Agree, assent, [See ASSENT].
KEY: Difference.
SYN: Separation, destruction, dissimilarity, unlikeness,
disagreement, dissonance, discord, contrariety, dissent,
distinction, dissimilitude, estrangement, variety.
ANT: Community, consociation, condonation, similarity, likeness,
agreement, sympathy, consonance, harmony, consentaneousness,
reconciliation, uniformity, identity.
KEY: Differentiate.
SYN: Particularize, individualize, distinguish, identify, verify,
specify, segregate, disseminate, fuse, lump, mass.
ANT: Generalize, classify, confound, amalgamate, confuse.
KEY: Differentiation \n.\, [See DIFFERENTIATE].
KEY: Difficult.
SYN: Hard, intricate, Involved, perplexing, enigmatical, obscure,
trying, arduous, troublesome, up_hill, unmanageable, unamenable,
reserved, opposed.
ANT: Easy, plain, straight, pimple, lucid, categorical, tractable,
amenable, unreserved, favorable.
KEY: Difficulty, [See DIFFICULT].
KEY: Diffident, [See MODEST].
KEY: Diffuse.
SYN: Discursive, prolix, verbose, diluted, copious.
ANT: Laconic, epigrammatic, terse, condensed.
KEY: Dig, [See DELVE].
KEY: Digest \v.\.
SYN: Sort, arrange, dispose, order, classify, study, ponder, consider,
prepare, assimilate, incorporate, convert, methodise, tabulate.
ANT: Displace, confound, complicate, derange, disorder, discompose,
eject, refuse, reject, disturb.
KEY: Dignified.
SYN: Exalted, stately, noble, grand, august, lofty, pompous, honored,
KEY: Dignify.
SYN: Aggrandize, elevate, invest, adorn, exalt, advance, promote,
ANT: Degrade, disinvest, humiliate, disgrace.
KEY: Digress, [See DEVIATE].
KEY: laceratlon, [See LACERATION].
KEY: Dilapidation.
SYN: Ruin, decay, disintegration, downfall, crumbling, demolition,
ANT: Solidity, reparation, integrity, soundness, construction,
fabric, structure.
KEY: Dilate.
SYN: Stretch, widen, expand, swell, distend, enlarge, descant,
ANT: Narrow, contract, restrict, constrict, particularize, dissect,
anatomize, concentrate, epitomize, condense.
KEY: Dilatory.
SYN: Tardy, procrastinating, slow, loitering, behindhand, lagging,
ANT: Quick, prompt, beforehand, vigilant, eager, alert, hasty,
precipitate, rash, ardent.
KEY: Dilemma.
SYN: Fix, hobble, quandary, doubt, difficulty, scrape.
ANT: Extrication, rebutment, freedom, advantage, superiority, escape,
solution, retort.
KEY: Diligence.
SYN: Care, assiduity, attention, application, heed, industry.
ANT: Indifference, carelessness, neglect, inattention, heedlessness,
desultoriness, inertness, idleness.
KEY: Dim, [See JUST_and_HONEST].
KEY: Dimension.
SYN: Measurement, size, configuration, delineation, mass, bulk,
ANT: Mismeasurement, segment.
KEY: intimidate.
SYN: Halve, bisect.
ANT: Unite, integrate.
KEY: Diminish.
SYN: Lessen, reduce, contract, curtail, dwarf, decrease, subside,
shorten, abate, retrench.
ANT: Increase, enlarge, expand, extend, amplify, magnify.
KEY: Diminutive, [See DIMINISH_and_SMALL].
KEY: Dimness, [See DIM_and_OBSCURE].
KEY: Din.
SYN: Racket, clamor, rattle, resononce, clangor, reverberation.
ANT: Crash, report, burst, explosion, pop, bang.
KEY: Dingy.
SYN: Dull, dusky, rusty, bedimmed, soiled, tarnished, dimly, dim,
colorless, obscure, dead, soon, {[=-tj]?}.
ANT: Bright, burnished, flossy, highcolored, radiant, luminous,
gleaming, lustrous.
KEY: Dint.
SYN: Agency, instrumentality, force, power, emcacy.
ANT: Weakness, inoperativeness, inefficacy, uselessness,
helplessness, opposition, counterforce.
KEY: Dip, [See IMMERSE].
KEY: Dip_\n.\.
SYN: Declination, depression, devexity, slope.
ANT: Elevation, ascent, acclivity, gradient.
KEY: Diplomacy.
SYN: Embassy, ministry, ambassadorship, representation, tact,
contrivance, management, negotiation, outwitting, circumvention.
ANT: Cancel, recall, conge, miscontrivance, mismanagement,
maladministration, overvaulting, selfentanglement, selfdefeat,
KEY: Diplomatic.
SYN: Judicious, knowing, wise, prudent, well-contrived, clever,
astute, politic, discreet, well-planned, well-conceived, sagacious,
ANT: Injudicious, bungling, stultifying, ill-managed, undiplomatic.
KEY: Dire, [See DREADFUL].
KEY: Direct, [See INSTRUCT].
KEY: Direct, [See STRAIGHT].
KEY: Direction.
SYN: Course, tendency, inclination, line, control, command, bearing,
superscription, order, address.
ANT: Misdirection, deviation, mis-control, misinstruction,
KEY: Directly.
SYN: Straightly, straightway, immediately, undeviatingly, at_once,
promptly, quickly, instantly.
ANT: Indirectly, by-and-by, interveniently.
KEY: Director.
SYN: Ruler, controller, manager, master, leader, guide.
ANT: Body, company, institution, concern, subordinate, follower.
KEY: Dirge.
SYN: Requiem, lament, threnody, elegy, wake, coronach.
ANT: Anthem, 'The Deum', Jubilate.
KEY: Dirt.
SYN: Foulness, dung, filth, uncleanness, meanness, sordidness.
ANT: Cleanness, purity, ablution, integrity.
KEY: Dirty, [See DIET_and_NASTY].
KEY: Disability.
SYN: Disqualification, impotency, unfitness, incapacity, forfeiture,
ANT: Qualification, recommendation, fitness, deserving, merit.
KEY: Disabled, [See DISABILITY].
KEY: Disabuse.
SYN: Undeceive, inform, correct, enlighten, rectify.
ANT: Deceive, mislead, prejudice, prepossess, hoodwink, inveigle,
stultify, bamboozle.
KEY: Disadvantage, [See ADVANTAGE].
KEY: Disaffection, [See AFFECTION].
KEY: Disagreeable, [See AGREEABLE], Disagreement, [See QUARREL].
KEY: Disallow, [See ALLOW].
KEY: Disannul, [See ANNUL].
KEY: Disappear, [See VANISH].
KEY: Disappoint.
SYN: Betray, deceive, frustrate, baffle, delude, vex, mortify, defeat,
ANT: Realize, justify, verify, fulfil, encourage, satisfy, gratify.
KEY: Disapprobation, [See APPROBATION].
KEY: Disarm, [See ARM].
KEY: Disarrange, [See ABRIDGMENT].
KEY: Disarray, [See ARRAY].
KEY: Disaster, [See CALAMITY], Disavow, [See ACKNOWLEDGE], Disband,
KEY: Disbelief, [See _BECOMING].
KEY: Disburden, [See BURDEN].
KEY: Disburse, [See EXPEND].
KEY: Discern.
SYN: Descry, observe, recognize, see, distinguish, discover, behold,
penetrate, discriminate, differentiate, separate, perceive.
ANT: Overlook, confound, misdiscern.
KEY: Discernible.
SYN: Visible, conspicuous, manifest, palpable, apparent, plain,
perceptible, evident.
ANT: Invisible, inconspicuous, obscure, indiscernible, impalpable,
microscopic, minute.
KEY: Discernment.
SYN: Discrimination, farsightedness, clearsightedness, penetration,
observation, sagacity, judgment.
ANT: Heedlessness, blindness, inobservance, shortsightedness,
dullness, density, hebetude.
KEY: Discharge.
SYN: Liberate, empty, dismiss, acquit, release, free, execute,
perform, send_away.
ANT: Confine, charge, detain.
KEY: Disciple.
SYN: Follower, student, believer, votary.
ANT: Master, teacher, leader, professor.
KEY: Disciplinarian.
SYN: Martinet, tight_hand.
ANT: Sloven, kingdog.
KEY: Discipline.
SYN: Order, strictness, training, government, instruction, drilling,
control, coercion, punishment, organization.
ANT: Disorder, confusion, rebellion, mutiny, encouragement, reward,
KEY: Disclaim, [See CLAIM].
KEY: Disclose.
SYN: Discover, reveal, confess, detect, divulge, make_known,
ANT: Cover, conceal, lock, suppress.
KEY: Discolor.
SYN: Daub, stain, taint, dis, figure.
ANT: Paint, color, embellish, tin's_decorate, illuminate.
KEY: Discomfit, [See DISCONCERT].
KEY: Discomfort.
SYN: Disquiet, vexation, annoyance, trouble, unpleasantness,
ANT: Comfort, ease, pleasantness, agreeableness, Discommendation,
KEY: Discompose, [See STRANGE].
KEY: [See {[D]?}], scot, [See {[vei'1]?}].
SYN: {[Aoau]?}, Aoau, confuse, confound, upset, baffle, derange,
discompose, thwart, disturb, defeat, fret, interrupt, vex, ruffle,
disorder, unsettle, frustrate, discomfit, [See {[i\ST]?}], Encourage,
rally, countenance, aid, concert, concoct, arrange, order, prepare,
scheme, contrive, hatch, design.
KEY: Disconcerted, [See DISCONCERT].
KEY: disconformity, [See CONFORMITY].
KEY: discongruity, [See CONGRUOUS].
KEY: Disconnect, Disconnected, Disconnection, [See CONNECTION].
KEY: Disconsolate.
SYN: Sad, forlorn, melancholy, inconsolable, brokenhearted,
sorrowful, unhappy, desolate, woful.
ANT: Joyous, cheerful, merry, happy, gay, jovial, gladsome, blithe.
KEY: Discontent, [See CONTENT].
KEY: Discontented, [See CONTENTED].
ANT: {[~-r~tiiiuaiice]?}, [See CONTINUANCE].
KEY: Discontinuity, [See CONTINUATION].
KEY: Discord, [See CONCORD].
KEY: Discordance, [See ACCORD].
KEY: Discountenance, [See COUNTENANCE].
KEY: Disenthrone, [See ENTHRONE].
KEY: Discourage, [See ENCOURAGE].
KEY: Discouragement, [See ENCOURAGE].
KEY: Discourse, [See CONVERSATION].
KEY: Discourtesy, [See COURTESY].
KEY: Discover.
SYN: Find, invent, descry, disclose, unearth, ferret_out, ascertain,
discern, make_known, detect, betray, indicate, manifest.
ANT: Conceal, suppress, repress, miss, lose, overlook, mask, cover,
KEY: Discredit, [See CREDIT].
KEY: Discreditable, [See DISREPUTABLE].
KEY: Discreet.
SYN: Discerning, wise, prudent, circumspect, cautious, wary,
regulative, sensible, judicious.
ANT: Undiscerning, blind, foolish, imprudent, indiscreet,
unrestrained, reckless, injudicious, silly.
KEY: Discrepancy.
SYN: Dissonance, disharmony, discord, contrariety, disagreement,
difference, variation.
ANT: Consonance, harmony, accordance, agreement, correspondence.
KEY: Discretion, [See DISCREET].
KEY: Discretional.
SYN: Optional.
ANT: Compulsory, obligatory.
KEY: Discrimination.
SYN: Penetration, sagacity, acuteness, nicety, shrewdness, judgment,
discernment, insight, distinction.
ANT: Dullness, confusedness, indiscriminateness, shortsightedness,
hebetude, indiscernment.
KEY: Discursive, [See CONSECUTIVE].
KEY: Discuss.
SYN: Debate, argue, sift_canvass, examine.
ANT: Mystify, confound, obscure.
KEY: Disdain \n.\.
SYN: Contempt, {[sooru]?}, haughtiness, disregard,
ANT: Respect, reverence, admiration, respectfulness,
considerateness, humility.
KEY: Disdain \r.\, [See SCORN].
KEY: Disdainful, [See DISDAIN].
KEY: Disease.
SYN: Complaint, disorder, illness, indisposition, distemper, ailment,
malady, sickness.
ANT: Health, convalescence, sanity, salubrity.
KEY: Disembody, [See EMBODY].
KEY: disenable, [See ENABLE].
KEY: Disenchant, [See ENCHANT].
KEY: Disencumber, [See ENCUMBER].
KEY: Disengage, [See ENGAGE], Disentangle, [See ENTANGLE].
KEY: Disentitled, [See ENTITLE].
KEY: Disesteem, [See ESTEEM].
KEY: Disfavor, [See FAVOR].
KEY: Disfigure, [See ADORN].
KEY: Disfranchise, [See ENFRANCHISE].
KEY: Disgorge, [See GORGE].
KEY: Disgrace \v.\, {[tr]?}, [See DISHONOR].
KEY: Disgrace \n.\, [See HONOR].
KEY: Disguise, [See GUISE].
KEY: Disguised, [See GUISE].
KEY: Disgust.
SYN: Nausea, loathing, abomination, aversion, dislike, repugnance,
abhorrence, distaste.
ANT: Desire, liking, partiality, predilection, relish, fondness,
longing, avidity.
KEY: Dishearten, [See ENCOURAGE].
KEY: Dishevel.
SYN: Disorder, entangle, disarrange.
ANT: Tire, dress, plait, bind, weave, braid.
KEY: Dishonest, [See FALLIBLE].
KEY: Dishonor \n.\, [See HONOR], Dishonorable, [See HONORABLE],
incline, [See INCLINE].
KEY: Disinfect, [See INFECT].
KEY: Disingenuous, [See INGENUOUS].
KEY: disinherit, [See INHERIT_and_DISOWN], [See DISINTEGRATE], [See
KEY: Disinter, [See INTER].
KEY: Disinterested, [See INTERESTED_and_SELFISH].
KEY: Disenthral, [See ENTHRAL].
KEY: Disjoin, [See JOIN].
KEY: Dislike, [See LEARNED].
KEY: Dislocate, [See LOCATE].
KEY: Dislodge, [See LODGE].
KEY: Disloyal, [See LOYAL].
KEY: Dismal, {Latin}, 'dies_malus', [See EVIL_DAY].
KEY: SYN:, Dreary, ominous, foreboding, lonesome, cheerless, gloomy,
sad, depressed, lugubrious, funereal, sorrowful, melancholy, tragic,
ANT: Gay, propitious, promising, cheerful, lively, elated, joyous,
laughable, ridiculous, comic.
KEY: Dismantle.
SYN: Disrobe, divest, denude, despoil, disarm, strip.
ANT: Kobe, invest, drape, adorn, arrange, equip, endue.
KEY: Dismay \v.\.
SYN: Affright, astonish, terrify, dishearten, daunt, scare, frighten,
ANT: Encourage, rally, inspirit, assure, allure.
KEY: Dismay \n.\, [See TERROR].
KEY: Dismember.
SYN: Disintegrate, disincorporate, detruncate.
ANT: Integrate, incorporate, organize, engraft, reorganize.
KEY: Dismiss.
SYN: Banish, discard, abandon, cashier, send_off, divest, discharge.
ANT: Retain, detain, keep, maintain.
KEY: Dismount.
SYN: Alight, descend.
ANT: Mount, start.
KEY: Disobey, [See OBEY].
KEY: Disoblige, [See OBLIGE].
KEY: Disorder, [See ORDER].
KEY: Disorderly, [See ORDERLY].
KEY: Disorganize, [See ORGANIZE], Disown, [See OWN].
KEY: Disparage.
SYN: Depreciate, decry, undervalue, derogate, lower, detract,
ANT: Extol, laud, panegyrize, overestimate, exaggerate.
KEY: Disparate.
SYN: Unequal, different, ill-assorted, ill-matched.
ANT: Equal, co-ordinate, {[well-ai]?}, sorted, well-matched.
KEY: dispassion, [See PASSION].
KEY: Dispatch.
SYN: Expedite, send, accelerate, hasten, execute, conclude,
ANT: Retard, detain, obstruct, impede.
KEY: Dispel.
SYN: Disperse, scatter, dissipate, drive_away, dismiss.
ANT: Collect, recall, summon, convene, congregate, conglomerate,
mass, accumulate.
KEY: Dispensation.
SYN: Economy, dealing, revelation, distribution, arrangement,
visitation, exemption, immunity, privilege, abandonment, dismissal,
disuse, indulgence.
ANT: Reservation, injunction, prohibition, enforcement, retention,
KEY: Dispeople, [See PEOPLE].
KEY: Disperse.
SYN: Dispel, scatter, disseminate, separate, break_up, spread_abroad,
deal_out, distribute, dissipate.
ANT: Collect, summon, recall, gather, concentrate, meet.
KEY: Dispirit, [See ENCOURAGE].
KEY: Displace, [See PLACE].
KEY: Displant, [See PLANT].
KEY: Display.
SYN: Show, exhibit, unfold, evidence, evince, flaunt, vault, expose,
ostentation, spread_out, parade.
ANT: Hide, conceal, dissemble, simulate, suppress, wrap, cloke.
KEY: Displease, [See PLEASE].
KEY: Displeasure, [See INTERPRETATION].
KEY: Disport, [See SPORT].
KEY: Dispose, [See ABRIDGMENT], [See INCLINE].
KEY: Disposition, [See DISPOSE], [See ARRANGE_and_CHARACTER].
KEY: Dispossess, [See POSSESS].
KEY: Dispraise, [See PRAISE].
KEY: Dispread, [See SPREAD].
KEY: Disprize, [See PRIZE].
KEY: Disproof, [See PROOF].
KEY: Disprove, [See PROVE].
KEY: Disproportion, [See PROPORTION].
KEY: Disputant.
SYN: Litigant, competitor, claimant.
ANT: Partner, auxiliary, advocate.
KEY: Disputatious.
SYN: Litigious, argumentative, cantankerous, quarrelsome,
ANT: Conciliatory, unquarrelsome, inquerulous.
KEY: Dispute.
SYN: Argue, question, canvass, contest, contend, challenge, debate,
controvert, controversy, difference, gainsay, impugn, quarrel,
ANT: Waive, concede, allow, forego.
KEY: Disqualify, [See QUALIFY].
KEY: Disquiet, [See QUIET].
KEY: Disquietude.
SYN: Anxiety, solicitude, uneasiness, embarrassment, apprehension,
agitation, disturbance, commotion, dissatisfaction.
ANT: Peace, pacification, assurance, calmness, confidence,
contentment, acquiescence.
KEY: Disquisition.
SYN: Essay, treatise, discussion, dissertation.
ANT: Effusion, tirade, diatribe, rhodomontade, blarney.
KEY: Disregard, [See REGARD].
KEY: Disrelish, [See RELISH].
KEY: Disreputable, [See REPUTABLE].
KEY: Disrespect, [See RESPECT].
KEY: Disrobe, [See DISMANTLE].
KEY: Disruption.
SYN: Disintegration, discord, dissension, a_breaking_up, separation,
alienation, hostility.
ANT: Union, amalgamation, reconciliation.
KEY: Dissatisfaction, [See SATISFACTION].
KEY: Dissect.
SYN: Take_to_pieces, anatomize, scrutinize, investigate.
ANT: Grasp, comprehend, slur, skim, unite, integrate, organize,
compound, collocate, conjoin, confound.
KEY: Dissemble.
SYN: Disguise, conceal, repress, smother, restrain, cloke.
ANT: Exhibit, manifest, protrude, vaunt, pretend, simulate, feign,
assume, expose, profess, proclaim.
KEY: Dissembler.
SYN: Feigner, hypocrite, disguiser, suppressor, concealer.
ANT: Exhibitor, vaunter, pretender, simulator.
KEY: Disseminate.
SYN: Spread, propagate, preach, proclaim, publish, promulgate,
scatter, circulate.
ANT: Repress, suppress, stifle, discountenance, extirpate,
KEY: Dissent, [See ASSENT_and_CONSENT].
KEY: Dissertation, [See DEPREDATION].
KEY: Disservice, [See SERVICE].
KEY: Dissever, [See SEVER].
KEY: [See {[IM**ldeuce]?}], ~_\a.\], [See HIKE].
KEY: Dissilience.
SYN: Avoidance, repulsion, aversion, dislike, interrepugnance,
ANT: Approach, attraction, appetency, desire, affection, sympathy,
KEY: Dissimilar, [See SIMILAR].
KEY: Dissimilitude, [See SIMILITUDE].
KEY: Dissipate, [See SQUANDER].
KEY: Dissociate, [See ASSOCIATION_and_SEVER].
KEY: Dissolute.
SYN: Abandoned, profligate, loose, licentious, wanton, vicious.
ANT: Upright, conscientious, strict, self-controlled, correct.
KEY: Dissoluteness, [See DISSOLUTE].
KEY: Dissolution, [See DECOMPOSITION].
KEY: Dissolve, [See MELT_and_CONSOLIDATE].
KEY: Dissonance, [See CONSONANCE].
KEY: Dissuade, [See PERSUADE].
KEY: Distance.
SYN: Interval, removal, separation, interspace, remoteness, absence,
space, length.
ANT: Proximity, nearness, adjacency, contiguity, neighborhood,
propinquity, contact, presence.
KEY: Distant.
SYN: Far, remote, aloof, apart, asunder, separate, indistinct,
ANT: Close, near, adjacent, contiguous.
KEY: Distaste, [See TASTE].
KEY: Distasteful, [See TASTE].
KEY: Distemper.
SYN: Disorder, disease, ailment.
ANT: Health, sanity, vigor, convalescence.
KEY: Distend, [See DILATE].
KEY: Distil.
SYN: Drop, emanate, drip, percolate.
ANT: Absorb, condense, retain, suck, hold.
KEY: Distinct.
SYN: Separate, independent, unconnected, detached, disjoined, unlike,
definite, obvious, different, dissimilar, clear, conspicuous, plain,
ANT: United, consolidated, conjoined, one, obscure, dim, confused,
KEY: Distinction.
SYN: Difference, separation, dignity, eminence.
ANT: Unity, identity, debasement, insignificance, degradation.
KEY: Distinctness.
SYN: Clearness, plainness, conspicuousness, perspicuity.
ANT: Confusion, indistinctness, laziness.
KEY: Distinguish.
SYN: Discern, descry, perceive, characterize, make_famous, know,
discriminate, see, discover, separate, divide, dissimilate,
ANT: Miss, overlook, confound, confuse.
KEY: Distinguished.
SYN: Illustrious, noted, celebrated, conspicuous, eminent, marked,
ANT: Obscure, inconspicuous, hidden, not_famous.
KEY: Distinguishable, [See DISTINGUISH].
KEY: Distortion, [See DETORTION_and_PERVERSION].
KEY: Distract.
SYN: Divide, dissipate, dissever, disconcert, discompose, perplex,
bewilder, convulse, madden, disturb.
ANT: Unite, fix, concentrate, collect, compose.
KEY: Distraction.
SYN: Inattention, madness, absence.
ANT: Attention, composure.
KEY: Distress \v.\.
SYN: Harass, embarrass, trouble, grieve, annoy, vex, mortify, pain,
disturb, afflict, worry.
ANT: Soothe, compose, please, gratify, gladden, console, elate,
KEY: Distress \n.\, [See AFFLICTION_and_TROUBLE].
KEY: Distribute, [See DISPENSE].
KEY: District, [See CIRCUIT_and_REGION].
KEY: Distrust, [See ENCIRCLE].
KEY: Disturb.
SYN: Derange, discompose, disorder, discommode, plague, confuse,
rouse, agitate, annoy, trouble, interrupt, incommode, worry, vex,
molest, disquiet.
ANT: Order, collocate, arrange, pacify, soothe, quiet, compose,
KEY: Disunion, [See UNION].
KEY: Disuse, [See USE_and_DESUETUDE].
KEY: Divarication.
SYN: Deviation, divergence, digression, diversion.
ANT: Continuity, rectilinearity, directness, prolongation.
KEY: Diversion.
SYN: Detour, divergence, deviation, recreation, amusement, pastime,
sport, enjoyment.
ANT: Continuity, directness, procedure, business, task, work, study,
labor, avocation.
KEY: Diversify.
SYN: Vary, alter, change_modify, variegate.
ANT: Conserve, prosecute, stabilitate, settle, fix, stereotype,
crystallize, arrest.
KEY: Diversity.
SYN: Difference, dissimilarity, variation, multiformity,
heterogeneousness, dissonance.
ANT: Similarity, identity, unifomity, homogeneousness,
co-ordination, coincidence, consonance.
KEY: Divert.
SYN: Alter, change, deflect, alienate, delight, please, gratify,
entertain, amuse.
ANT: Continue, prosecute, prolong, produce, restrict, confine, pain,
KEY: Divest.
SYN: Disruanate, denude, strip, disrobe, unclothe, disencumber,
ANT: Clothe, robe, invest, shroud, envelop, encumber, indue.
KEY: Divide.
SYN: Separate, dissect, bisect, portio, part, divorce, segregate,
sever, sunder, deal_out, disunite, keep_apart, part_among, allot,
distribute, multiply.
ANT: Unite, collocate, classify, convene, congregate, conglomerate,
conglutinate, commingle, join, consociate, co-ordinate.
KEY: Divination.
SYN: Prediction, sorcery, magic, witchcraft, augury, omens.
ANT: Instruction, information, investigation, study, learning.
KEY: Division, [See DIVIDE], [See SEPARATE].
KEY: Divorce \v.\.
SYN: Separate, disconnect, dissever, divert, alienate.
ANT: Conjoin, unite, connect, apply, reconcile, reunite.
KEY: Divorce \n.\, Verb.
KEY: Divulge, [See CONCEAL].
KEY: [See DO].
SYN: Work, act, accomplish, execute, achieve, transact, finish, enact,
perform, produce, complete.
ANT: Undo, mar, neglect, omit.
KEY: Docile.
SYN: Compliant, amenable, easily_managed, yielding, gentle, quiet,
pliant, tractable, teachable, tame.
ANT: Intractable, stubborn, obstinate, self-willed, dogged.
KEY: Dock.
SYN: Curtail, lop, abbreviate, prune.
ANT: Grow, elongate, nourish, [See {p*Ot long}?], train, coax.
KEY: Docked, [See POCK].
KEY: Doctrinal.
SYN: Didactic, catechetical, theological.
ANT: Practical, operative.
KEY: Doctrine.
SYN: Tenet, article, belief, creed, dogma, teaching, precept,
ANT: Practice, operation, duty, conduct, action.
KEY: Dodge, {[i)]?}, [See BAFFLE].
KEY: Dodge \n.\, [See ARTIFICE].
KEY: Doer.
SYN: Agent, actor, performer, originator, perpetrator, maker.
ANT: Undoer, preventer, hinderer, baffler, neutralizes_marrer.
KEY: Dogged.
SYN: Obstinate, morose, sullen, impracticable, prejudiced.
ANT: Docile, genial, agreeable, conciliatory, easy, indulgent,
liberal, complaisant.
KEY: Dogma, [See DOCTRINE].
KEY: Dogmatic.
SYN: Doctrinal, theological, imperious, dictatorial, authoritative,
arrogant, magisterial, self-opinionated, positive.
ANT: Practical, active, moderate, mode, diffident, vacillating.
KEY: Doleful.
SYN: Dolorous, rueful, melancholy, piteous, somber, sorrowful,
woebegone, dismal.
ANT: Merry, joyful, gay, blithe, beaming.
KEY: Dolt.
SYN: Numskull, ignoramus, dullard, ass.
ANT: Savant, genius, philosopher, scholar, luminary.
KEY: Dollish.
SYN: Stolid, jolterheaded, thick-skulled.
ANT: Quick, sharp, acute, longheaded.
KEY: Domain.
SYN: Estate, lordship, territory, inclosure.
ANT: Waste, wilderness, wild.
KEY: Domestic.
SYN: Domiciliary, private.
ANT: Foreign, public.
KEY: Domestication.
SYN: Settlement, colonization, localization, taming.
ANT: Dissettlement, displacement, dislodgment, ejection,
deportation, exile, dispeoplement.
KEY: Domicile.
SYN: Residence, abode, settlement, home.
ANT: Estrangement, migration, homelessness, houselessness,
wilderness, wild, world.
KEY: Domiciliary, [See DOMICILE].
KEY: Dominance.
SYN: Lordship, mastery, superiority, preponderance, prevalence.
ANT: Inferiority, subjection, serve, tude, weakness, inprevalence,
KEY: Dominant, [See DOMINANCE].
KEY: Domination, [See DOMINANCE].
KEY: Domineer.
SYN: Lord, tyrannize, assume, usurp.
ANT: Submit, succumb, defer, yield, bow, patronize.
KEY: Domineering, [See ARROGANT].
KEY: Dominion.
SYN: Power, authority, rule, tyranny, despotism, government, control,
empire, sway, realm, territory, jurisdiction.
ANT: Weakness, submission, subjugation, Inferiority, servitude.
KEY: Doll.
SYN: Assume, wear.
ANT: Doff, cast.
KEY: Donation, [See PRESAGE].
KEY: [See GIFT], Doom.
SYN: Judgment, fate, sentence, verdict, condemnation, lot, destiny.
ANT: Liberation, respite, escape, pardon, acquittal, approval.
KEY: Dormant.
SYN: Sleeping, slumbering, latent, undeveloped, quiescent, inert.
ANT: Vigilant, wakeful, active, operative, developed, energetic.
KEY: Dotage.
SYN: Imbecility, senility, fatuity, dementedness.
ANT: Intelligence, acuteness, judgment, penetration, vigor.
KEY: Doubt \n.\.
SYN: Dubiousness, dubitation, scruple, hesitation, suspense,
distrust, suspicion, perplexity, uncertainty, ambiguity, difficulty,
ANT: Certainty, clearness, precision, determination, decision,
conviction, satisfaction.
KEY: Doubt \v.\.
SYN: Dubitate, hesitate, vacillate, waver, demur.
ANT: Decide, determine, resolve, assent.
KEY: Doubtful, [See DOUBT_and_EQUIVOCAL].
KEY: Doubtless.
SYN: Certainly, clearly, precisely, indisputably.
ANT: Perhaps, probably, possibly.
KEY: Doughty.
SYN: Redoubted, redoubtable.
ANT: Craven, puny.
KEY: Dowdy.
SYN: Dull, shabby, common, plain, homely, dingy, scrubby.
ANT: Stylish, dressy, gay, modish, gorgeous, dandified, tawdry.
KEY: Downfall, [See FALL].
KEY: Downright, [See_PROFITABLE].
KEY: Downwards.
SYN: Below, beneath, adown.
ANT: Upwards, aloft.
KEY: trail \n.\.
SYN: Copy, transfer, transcript, sketch, abstract, order, check.
ANT: Original, deed, cash.
KEY: Draft \v.\.
SYN: Draw, drain, exhaust.
ANT: Supply, replenish, import.
KEY: Drag.
SYN: Draw, pull, haul, bring.
ANT: Carry, convey, push, propel, raise, heave.
KEY: Drain \v.\.
SYN: Draw, strain, drip, percolate, drop, exhaust, empty, dry.
ANT: Replenish, fill, supply, pour, moisten, drown, inundate, drench,
KEY: Draught.
SYN: Drink, traction, breeze, check.
ANT: Drought, burden, non-ventilation, deposit.
KEY: Draw.
SYN: Drag, pull, attract, induce, haul, entice, inhale, sketch,
delineate, describe.
ANT: Push, carry, propel, throw, repel, drive, compel, impel, thrust.
KEY: Drawback, [See DETRIMENT].
KEY: Drawl \v.\.
SYN: Drag, lag, drone.
ANT: Gabble, rattle, prattle.
KEY: Dread \n.\.
SYN: Fear, shuddering, terror, horror, alarm, intimidation,
ANT: Courage, confidence, welcome, assurance.
KEY: Dreadful.
SYN: Fearful, shocking, monstrous, dire, terrible, frightful,
terrific, horrible, alarming, awful.
ANT: Encouraging, inspiriting, assuring, promising, hopeful.
KEY: Dream \n.\.
SYN: Trance, vision, fancy, reverie, hallucination, romance.
ANT: Fact, reality, substance, verify, realization.
KEY: Dreamy.
SYN: Fanciful, visionary, speculative, abstracted, absent, foggy.
ANT: Collected, earnest, attentive, awake, active, energetic,
KEY: Dreary, [See DISMAL].
KEY: Dregs.
SYN: Refuse, sediment, offal, lees, offscouring, dross, trash.
ANT: Cream, flower, pink, pickings, sample.
KEY: Drench.
SYN: Wash, inundate, soak, saturate, steep, shower, drown.
ANT: Drain, strain, sponge, mop, dry, exsiccate.
KEY: Drenched, [See DRENCH].
KEY: Dress.
SYN: Garniture, preparation, arrangement, clothing, habiliments,
accoutrements, vestments, uniform, raiment, apparel, attire, clothes,
array, garments, livery, costume, garb, investiture.
ANT: Nudity, disorder, disarrangement, undress, deshabille.
KEY: Driblet.
SYN: Drop, dole, instalment, scrap, morsel, bit, particle.
ANT: Total, whole, aggregate, mass.
KEY: Drift.
SYN: Tendency, direction, motion, tenor, meaning, purport, object,
intention, purpose, scope, aim, result, issue, {[inierence]?},
conclusion, end, course.
ANT: Aimlessness, pointlessness, vagueness, unmeaningness,
indefiniteness, confusedness, aberrancy.
KEY: Drill.
SYN: Teach, exercise, instruct, train, ordinate, discipline.
ANT: Confuse, disarrange, disorder, misinstruct, miseducate,
KEY: Drink.
SYN: Imbibe, swallow, quaff, absorb, drain, draught.
ANT: Disgorge, replenish, pour, exude, water, moisten.
KEY: Drip.
SYN: Drop, ooze, percolate.
ANT: Imbibe, swallow, absorb, suck, dry, retain, hold.
KEY: Drive, [See DRAW].
KEY: Drivel.
SYN: Fatuity, nonsense, trifling, snivel, babble.
ANT: Soundness, coherence, substance, solidity.
KEY: Driveller.
SYN: Idiot, babbler, dotard.
ANT: Speaker, debater, logician, orator.
KEY: Droll.
SYN: Whimsical, comical, odd, queer, amusing, laughable, funny, comic,
fantastic, farcical.
ANT: Sad, lamentable, tragic, lugubrious, funereal.
KEY: Drollery.
SYN: Fun, whimsicality, comicality, trickery, buffoonery,
facetiousness, pleasantry.
ANT: Gravity, dismally, ruefulness, priggishness, starch,
KEY: Drone, [See BRAWL].
KEY: Droop.
SYN: Sink, flag, decline, pine, languish, drop, bend, incurve, fade.
ANT: Revive, flourish, luxuriate, prosper, rally, raise.
KEY: Drop.
SYN: Ooze, emanate, distil, percolate, fall, decline, descend, faint,
ANT: Evaporate, rally, rise, soar, ascend, recover.
KEY: Dross, [See CREAM].
KEY: Drought.
SYN: Dryness, aridity, parching, thirst.
ANT: Moisture, refreshment, dew, deluge, slaking, quenching,
watering, irrigation, Drown.
SYN: Sink, immerse, swamp, overwhelm, engulf, deluge, inundate,
ANT: Dry, drain, expose, air, ventilate.
KEY: Drowsy.
SYN: Heavy, drooping, sleepy, dozy, comatose, torpid, stupid,
ANT: Light, vigilant, alert, awake.
KEY: Drudge \v.\.
SYN: Slave, labor, plod.
ANT: Bask, luxuriate, hit_off, play, dally.
KEY: Drug, [See CIPHER].
KEY: Dry_\v.\.
SYN: Drain, parch.
ANT: Drench, moisten, wet.
KEY: Dry.
SYN: Arid, parched, moistureless, juiceless, barren, tame, sarcastic,
vapid, lifeless, dull, tedious, uninteresting, monotonous.
ANT: Moist, fresh, juicy, lively, entertaining.
KEY: Dubious, [See EQUIVOCAL].
KEY: Ductile.
SYN: Malleable, extensible, tractile, extensile, tractable, docile,
ANT: Inelastic, inflexible, tough, obdurate, resolute, firm,
KEY: Dudgeon.
SYN: Indignation, spleen, resentment, umbrage.
ANT: Complacency, contentment, serenity, satisfaction.
KEY: Dr.
SYN: Owing, attributable, just, fair, proper, suitable, becoming, tit,
owed, appropriate, obligatory.
ANT: Irrelative, unattributable, independent, undue, unfair,
improper, extravagant, deficient.
KEY: Dulcet.
SYN: Sweet, soothing, melodious, soft, warbling, euphonious.
ANT: Harsh, grating, discordant, noisy, clamorous, dissonant,
rancorous, cacophonous.
KEY: Dulcify, Dulcorate, {[See_?]?}.
KEY: Dull.
SYN: Stupid, stolid, doltish, insensible, callous, heavy, gloomy,
dismal, cloudy, turbid, opaque, dowdy, sluggish, sad, tiresome,
commonplace, dead.
ANT: Sharp, clever, lively, animated, sensible, cheerful,
exhilarating, brightness, transparent, brilliant, burnished.
KEY: dullard, [See BLOCKHEAD].
KEY: Dumb.
SYN: Inarticulate, mute, silent, still.
ANT: Clatter, tumult, uproar.
KEY: Dumbfounded, [See ASTONISH].
KEY: Dunce_\n.\, [See BLOCKHEAD].
KEY: Dupe, [See CHEAT].
KEY: Duplicity, [See ARTFUL].
KEY: Durable.
SYN: Lasting, permanent, stable, persistent, abiding, constant,
ANT: Evanescent, transient, impermanent, unstable.
KEY: Durance.
SYN: Confinement, incarceration, imprisonment.
ANT: Liberty, largeness.
KEY: Duration.
SYN: Period, continuance, term, space, protraction, prolongation.
ANT: Momentariness, instantaneousness, infinity, eternity.
KEY: Dutiful.
SYN: Obedient, submissive, respectful, docile, deferential, duteous.
ANT: Disobedient, intractable, rebellious, undutiful.
KEY: Duty.
SYN: Obligation, part, business, responsibility, allegiance,
function, once, province, calling, trust, commission, service.
ANT: Freedom, exemption, immunity, license, dispensation, desertion,
KEY: Dwarf.
SYN: Lower, stunt, depress.
ANT: Heighten, elevate, raise.
KEY: Dwarf \n.\.
SYN: Pigmy, {[imp]?}, abortion, puck.
ANT: Giant, monster, Hercules.
KEY: Dwell.
SYN: Stop, stay, rest, inhabit, sojourn, lodge, linger, tarry, live,
reside, abide.
ANT: Move, travel, hasten, speed, migrate, wander, depart, flit,
KEY: Dweller, [See DWELL_and_DENIZEN].
KEY: Dwelling, [See ABODE].
KEY: Dwindle.
SYN: Pine, waste, diminish, decrease, fall_off, decline, melt.
ANT: Expand, enlarge, increase, grow, flourish, augment, develop.
SYN: Soon, betimes, forward, shortly, quickly, ere_long, anon,
matutinal, beforehand.
ANT: Late, tardily, backward, vespertinal, belated.
KEY: Earn.
SYN: Merit, acquire, achieve, obtain, win, gain, deserve, realize.
ANT: Forfeit, forego, waste, lose, spend, squander.
KEY: Earnest.
SYN: Eager, serious, intent, determined, strenuous, solemn, grave,
warm, fervent, intense, ardent.
ANT: Indifferent, idle, playful, desultory, irresolute, unearnest,
sportive, jesting, flippant.
KEY: Ease.
SYN: Enjoyment, comfort, rest, repose, tranquility, refreshment,
relief, quiet, contentment, satisfaction, {[favx'lity]?},
ANT: Trouble, annoyance, vexation, disquiet, difficulty,
KEY: Easy.
SYN: Quiet, comfortable, manageable, indulgent, facile, lenient,
unconstrained, gentle, not_difficult, unconcerned, self-possessed.
ANT: Uneasy, disturbed, uncomfortable, difficult, unmanageable, hard,
exacting, anxious, awkward, embarrassed.
KEY: Ebb.
SYN: Retire, recede, decrease, sick, decline, decay, wane.
ANT: Flow, increase, abound, swell.
KEY: Ebriety.
SYN: Soberness, freshness, temperance.
ANT: Inebriety, intoxication, crapulence.
KEY: Ebullition.
SYN: Boiling, effervescence, outburst, paroxysm, eruption.
ANT: Refrigeration, cooling, subsidence, composure.
KEY: Eccentric.
SYN: Peculiar, singular, idiosyncratic, flighty, aberrant, anomalous,
wayward, strange, irregular, abnormal, odd, whimsical, erratic.
ANT: Regular, ordinary, customary, normal, common, usual,
unnoticeable, unremarkable.
KEY: Echo.
SYN: Reverberation, resonance, repetition, imitation, answer.
ANT: Sound, voice, original, question, proposition, statement,
KEY: Eclectic.
SYN: Exceptive, selective, broad.
ANT: Narrow, prejudiced, petty, partial, intolerant, biased, warped,
KEY: Eclipse \n.\.
SYN: Failure, obscuration, overshadowing, shading, diminution,
outshining, outdoing, outrivalling.
ANT: Illumination, effulgence, reappearance, brightness, lustre,
renown, re-illumination, re-effulgence, foil.
KEY: Eclipse \v.\.
SYN: Obscure, outdo, outshine, overshadow, outvie, outrival, darken,
shade, overcast, dim, cloud.
ANT: Recommend, brighten, illustrate, enhance, heighten.
KEY: Economy.
SYN: Administration, dispensation, management, rule, arrangement,
distribution, husbanding.
ANT: Maladministration, waste, misrule, mismanagement, disorder,
KEY: Economize.
SYN: Husband, develop, utilize.
ANT: Waste, misuse, sacrifice.
KEY: Ecstasy.
SYN: Rapture, inspiration, fervor, frenzy, transport, emotion, joy,
delight, enthusiasm, happiness.
ANT: Indifference, coolness, dulness, weariness, tedium, bore,
fidget, misery.
KEY: Ecumenical.
SYN: Universal, catholic.
ANT: Partial, national, private, local, domestic.
KEY: Edible.
SYN: Esculent, wholesome, culinary, eatable.
ANT: Noxious, poisonous, uneatable, deleterious.
KEY: Edifice.
SYN: Structure, building, tenement, fabric.
ANT: Ruin, heap, demolition, dismantlement.
KEY: Edify.
SYN: Enlighten, instruct, improve.
ANT: Misguide, mislead, misinform.
KEY: Educate.
SYN: Instruct, nurture, discipline, train, teach, develop, ground,
school, initiate.
ANT: Miseducate, misinstruct, misnurture.
KEY: Educe.
SYN: Draw, eliminate, produce, elicit.
ANT: Adduce, apply, insert, deposit, bestow.
KEY: Efface.
SYN: Erase, obliterate, eradicate, destroy, blot_out, cancel,
ANT: restore, revive, delineate, Imprint, portray.
KEY: {[EttV'-t\v\]?}.
SYN: Produce, cause, complete, achieve, accomplish, fulfil, realize,
execute, consummate.
ANT: Prevent, obviate, frustrate, mar.
KEY: Effect \n.\.
SYN: Result, consequence, issue, pi, Goods, chattels, property,
movables, commodities.
ANT: Origin, cause.
KEY: Effective.
SYN: Powerful, conducive, operative, cogent, telling, able, potent,
talented, efficacious, efficient, serviceable, effectual.
ANT: Weak, ineffective, inconducive, inoperative, futile, nugatory.
KEY: Effectuate.
SYN: Produce, ensure, secure, stabilitate, compass, complete,
ANT: Prevent, hinder, nullify, defeat, nip, blight, strangle, stifle,
KEY: Effeminate.
SYN: Feminine, delicate, womanly, womanish, timorous, feeble,
mild_mannered, soft, unmanly, weak, enervated, emasculated.
ANT: Manly, robust, vigorous, virile, hardy.
KEY: Effervesce.
SYN: Boil, bubble, foam, mantle, froth, ferment, sparkle, explode,
ANT: Subside, bear, brook, digest, acquiesce, refrain, flatten.
KEY: Effete.
SYN: Worn, exhausted, barren, decrepit.
ANT: Productive, vigorous, fertile, prolific, exuberant.
KEY: Efficacy.
SYN: Efficiency, competency, virtue, agency, capability, usefulness,
energy, productiveness, effectiveness.
ANT: Inefficiency, inutility, ineffectiveness.
KEY: Efficiency, [See EFFICACY].
KEY: Efficient, [See EFFECTIVE].
KEY: Effigy.
SYN: Statue, figure, representation, image.
ANT: Caricature, misrepresentation, distortion, daub.
KEY: Efflorescence.
SYN: Budding, luxuriance, outburst, crystallization, granulation.
ANT: Nudity, bareness, denudation, deflorescence, absorption,
KEY: Effluence.
SYN: Outpouring, emission, discharge, abundance, overflow.
ANT: Refluence, infusion, absorbtion, retention, exhaustion.
KEY: Effluvium.
SYN: Exhalation, emanation, malaria, miasma, stink.
ANT: Ventilation, scent, disinfectant, zephyr, balm.
KEY: Effort.
SYN: Trial, attempt, endeavor, exertion.
ANT: Failure, misadventure, unsuccess, frustration, futility,
inactivity, ease, facility, spontaneity.
KEY: Effrontery.
SYN: Barefacedness, impudence, brass.
ANT: Modesty, timidity, bashfulness, coyness.
KEY: Effulgence.
SYN: Splendor, lustre, brilliancy, luminosity.
ANT: Darkness, obscuration, tenebrosity.
KEY: Effuse.
SYN: Copious, effluent, abundant.
ANT: Try, scanty, sparing, {[jejune]?}.
KEY: Effusion.
SYN: Pouring, discharge, emission, effluence, oration, speech,
ANT: infusion, refluence, absorption, essay, document, instrument,
KEY: Egotism.
SYN: Conceit, vanity, selfassertion, self-conceit, self-praise,
self-exaltation, conceitedness.
ANT: considerateness, deference, self-abnegation.
KEY: Egregious.
SYN: Remarkable, peculiar, excellent, consummate.
ANT: Ordinary, commonplace, every, day, mediocre.
KEY: Egress.
SYN: Exit, departure, sally, outlet.
ANT: Adit, inlet, approach, avenue, entrance.
SYN: Whichever.
ANT: {Neither_{ne_being_the_negative_prefix}}.
KEY: Ejaculate, [See EJACULATION].
KEY: Ejaculation.
SYN: Exclamation, utterance, cry.
ANT: Obmutescence, silence, speechlessness, dumbfoundedness,
oration, speech, drawl.
KEY: Eject.
SYN: Cast, throw, discharge, dislodge, emit, thrust_out, oust,
cast_out, expel, extrude, evert.
ANT: Accept, receive, retain, house, store, lodge, accommodate, admit,
welcome, introduce, inject.
KEY: Ejection, [See EJECT].
KEY: Eke.
SYN: Help, increase, augment, raise.
ANT: Stop, diminish, stint, withhold, drain, exhaust.
KEY: Elaborate.
SYN: Execute, forge, prepare, concoct, mature.
ANT: Misconceive, mismanage, misconstrue, hit, conjecture, guess,
extemporize, chance.
KEY: Elapse.
SYN: Pass, slip, lapse, glide_away, intervene.
ANT: Wait, abide, hold, continue, halt, endure.
KEY: Elastic.
SYN: Ductile, extensile, alterable, resilient, modifiable, flexible,
buoyant, springy.
ANT: Tough, unchangeable, rigid, inflexible, inelastic, crystallized,
dull, inert.
KEY: Elated.
SYN: Cheered, joyed, inspirited, overjoyed, proud, inflated.
ANT: Depressed, dispirited, disappointed, abashed, confounded,
humiliated, disconcerted, dejected.
KEY: Elder.
SYN: Senior, father.
ANT: Junior, son.
KEY: Elect \a.\.
SYN: Elite, choice, accepted, chosen.
ANT: Rejected, reprobate.
KEY: Elected, [See ELECTION].
KEY: Election.
SYN: Choice, acceptance, selection, preference.
ANT: Postponement, rejection, reprobation.
KEY: Electrify.
SYN: Astonish, astound, appall, thrill, amaze, dumbfounder.
ANT: Soothe, compose, cairn, mesmerize.
KEY: Elegance.
SYN: Beauty, grace, refinement, symmetry, gracefulness, taste.
ANT: Deformity, awkwardness, inelegance, disproportion,
ungracefulness, coarseness, rudeness.
KEY: Elegant.
SYN: Graceful, lovely, well_formed, well_made, symmetrical,
accomplished, polished, refined, handsome.
ANT: Inelegant, deformed, unsymmetrical, ill-proportioned,
ungraceful, coarse, rude.
KEY: Elegy.
SYN: Dirge, threnody, lament, jeremiad.
ANT: {[Pseannent]?}, jubilee.
KEY: Element.
SYN: Component, part, atom.
ANT: Whole, total, mass, aggregate.
KEY: Elementary.
SYN: Physical, material, natural, elementary, primary, rudimental,
simple, inchoate, compo, constituent, ultimate.
ANT: Immaterial, incorporeal, inpalpable, compound, collective,
aggregate, developed, organized.
KEY: Elevate.
SYN: Raise, dignify, ennoble.
ANT: Lower, degrade, depress, humble, demean, debase.
KEY: Elevation.
SYN: Height, rise, raising, altitude, loftiness, tallness,
improvement, amelioration, refinement, superiority, eminence.
ANT: Depth, fall, decline, depression, shortness, stuntedness,
deterioration, debasement, degradation, inferiority.
KEY: Elicit.
SYN: Draw, evoke, educe, eliminate, enucleate, express, extract, worm,
ANT: Insert, implant, introduce, inoculate, insinuate, infuse,
instil, incorporate, suggest, extort.
KEY: Eligible.
SYN: Capable, suitable, worthy, desirable, preferable, choice,
ANT: Undesirable, worthless, unprofitable, ordinary, indifferent,
KEY: Eliminate.
SYN: Cast_out, exclude, eject, reject, elucidate, explain, enucleate,
ANT: Mystify, obscure, involve, smuggle, foi?t, import, confound.
KEY: Elision.
SYN: Omission, ejection, excerption, abridgment, ellipse.
ANT: Insertion, introduction, implantation, augmentation,
elongation, inoculation.
KEY: Elliptical.
SYN: Suggestive, latent, pregnant, significant, allusive,
ANT: Categorical, full, expository, explanatory, declaratory,
KEY: Elocution.
SYN: Oratory, declamation, eloquence.
ANT: Reading, lection, balbutiation.
KEY: Elongation.
SYN: Production, extension.
ANT: Apocope, curtailment.
KEY: Eloquence, [See ELOCUTION].
KEY: Elucidate.
SYN: Explain, clear, [See {[11]?}], lustrate, make_plain, expound.
ANT: Mystify, obscure, confuse.
KEY: Elude.
SYN: Escape, avoid, baffle, shun, eschew, evade, parry, fence, mock,
ANT: Encounter, meet, confront, court, dare, defy.
KEY: {[Usory]?}.
SYN: Slippery, intangible, indetainable, fugitive, shadowy,
ANT: Persistent, stable, solid.
KEY: Emaciation.
SYN: Leanness, attenuation, wasting.
ANT: Fatness, obesity, corpulence.
KEY: Emanate.
SYN: Originate, flow, spring, rise, proceed, issue.
ANT: Terminate, culminate, end, evene, issue, arrive, eventuate.
KEY: Emanation, [See EMANATE].
KEY: Emancipate.
SYN: Liberate, enfranchise, rescue.
ANT: Enthrall, subjugate, enslave, bind, disqualify.
KEY: Embalm.
SYN: Conserve, preserve, treasure, store, enshrine, consecrate.
ANT: Expose, desecrate, abandon, vulgarize.
KEY: Embargo.
SYN: Restraint, detention, prohibition, stoppage.
ANT: Permit, permission, discharge, liberation, dismissal, conge.
KEY: Embark.
SYN: Launch, euler, start.
ANT: Arrive, anchor, land.
KEY: Embarrass.
SYN: Entangle, misconcert, trouble, perplex, contuse, hamper, clog,
distress, puzzle, encumber.
ANT: Extricate, liberate, expedite, facilitate, accelerate, assist,
KEY: Embellish, [See ADORN].
KEY: Embezzle.
SYN: Appropriate, confuse, falsify, peculate, misappropriate.
ANT: Square, balance, clear.
KEY: Embitter.
SYN: Aggravate, molest.
ANT: Alleviate, soothe, sweeten.
KEY: Emblazon, [See BLAZON].
KEY: Emblem.
SYN: Device, cognizance, sign, token, symbol, representation, type,
badge, mark.
ANT: Disguise, decoy, incognito, domino, blind, ruse.
KEY: Embody.
SYN: Express, methodize, systematize, codify, incorporate, aggregate,
integrate, compact, introduce, enlist, combine.
ANT: Eliminate, segregate, analyze, dissipate, disintegrate,
dismember, colliquats, disband, disembody.
KEY: Embolden, [See ENCOURAGE].
KEY: Embosomed.
SYN: Concealed, enfolded, wrapt, enveloped, surrounded, begirt,
ANT: Exposed, unfolded, open, unencircled.
KEY: Embrace.
SYN: Clasp, comprehend, include, hug, comprise, contain, close,
embody, incorporate.
ANT: Exclude, reject, except.
KEY: Embroider.
SYN: Emboss, enrich, emblazon, embellish.
ANT: Botch, patch, cobble, darn.
KEY: Embroil.
SYN: Implicate, commingle, {entangle_(in_quarrel)}, disturb,
distract, trouble.
ANT: Extricate, separate, remove, arrange, compose, pacify.
KEY: Embryo.
SYN: Germ, nucleus, rudiment, origin.
ANT: Development, shape, completion, maturity.
KEY: Emendation.
SYN: Correction, amendment, rectification, reformation.
ANT: Error, defect, incorrectness, fault, corruption.
KEY: Emerge.
SYN: Escape, issue, evene, appear.
ANT: Enter, incur, retreat, recede, abscond.
KEY: Emergency.
SYN: Crisis, conjunction, {[ture]?}, pitch, embarrassment, strait,
necessity, exigency, casualty, difficulty.
ANT: rescue, deliverance, solution, subsidence, provision,
anticipation, arrangement.
KEY: Emersion, [See IMMERSION].
KEY: Emigration.
SYN: Exodus, colonization, flit.
ANT: Abode, sojourn, settlement, stay, domiciliation, immigration.
KEY: Eminence, [See HEIGHT].
KEY: Eminent, [See HIGH].
KEY: Eminently, [See HIGHLY].
KEY: Emission, [See DISCHARGE].
KEY: Emollient.
SYN: Softening, laxative, balsamic.
ANT: Astringent, irritant, galling.
KEY: Emolument, [See PROFIT].
KEY: Emotion.
SYN: Passion, feeling, excitement, agitation, perturbation,
trepidation, tremor.
ANT: Indifference, insensibility, impassiveness, imperturbability,
KEY: Emphatic.
SYN: Earnest, forcible, strong, energetic, impressive, positive,
important, special, egregious, consummate.
ANT: Mild, unemphatic, cool, unimpassioned, unimportant, ordinary,
unnoticeable, commonplace.
KEY: Empierce, [See PIERCE].
KEY: Empire.
SYN: Dominion, sovereignty, rule, sway, kingdom, realm.
ANT: Independence, insurrection, anarchy.
KEY: Empirical.
SYN: Experimental, tentative, {[quackif-h]?}.
ANT: Scientific, regular, inductive, uniform, constant.
KEY: Employ.
SYN: reapply, economize, occupy, engage, engross.
ANT: Discard, dismiss, misuse, misemploy.
KEY: Empower.
SYN: Enable, commission, encourage, qualify, delegate, warrant,
sanction, direct, authorize.
ANT: Hinder, prevent, discourage, disable, disqualify.
KEY: Empty.
SYN: Vacant, void, clear, unencumbered, unobstructed, unoccupied,
waste, uninhabited, unfrequented, devoid, vacuous, destitute,
unulled, unfurnished, untenanted, evacuated, deficient, weak, Billy,
idle, senseless.
ANT: Full, occupied, encumbered, obstructed, cultivated, colonized,
inhabited, informed, well-instructed, experienced, sensible,
significant, forcible, important, substantial.
KEY: Emulate.
SYN: Rival, vie, compete, aspire.
ANT: Disaffect, shun, forego, abandon, despise, contemn, waive.
KEY: Enable.
SYN: Empower, strengthen, qualify.
ANT: Disqualify, hinder, disable.
KEY: Enact, [See ACT_and_ABROGATE].
KEY: Enamor.
SYN: Captivate, fascinate, enslave, charm, endear, bewitch, enchain.
ANT: Repel, disgust, estrange, disenchant, horrify.
KEY: Encamp.
SYN: Settle, pitch, quarter, bivouac.
ANT: March, decamp, retire, retreat.
KEY: Enchain.
SYN: Bind, fetter, manacle, enslave.
ANT: Loose, liberate, extricate, disenthrall, manumit.
KEY: Enchant, [See ENAMOR].
KEY: Encircle.
SYN: Surround, environ, inti, hem, circumscribe, compass, embrace,
gird, engird, hem_in, beset, encompass.
ANT: Disenclose, disencircle, disencompass.
KEY: Enclose.
SYN: Shut, encircle, environ, include, circumscribe, envelop, wrap,
ANT: Open, disclose, exclude, bare, disencircle, expose, develop,
disafforest, disenclose.
KEY: Enclosure.
SYN: Fence, ring, limit, boundary, park, close, circle, field,
ANT: Space, common, waste, wild, desert, wilderness, void.
KEY: Encomium.
SYN: Panegyric, laudation, praise, compliment, commendation, eulogy.
ANT: Vituperation, vilification, obloquy, taunt, invective.
KEY: Encompass, [See ENCIRCLE].
KEY: Encounter.
SYN: Meet, confront, face, withstand, attack, assault, combat,
ANT: Elude, avoid, escape, miss, boo.
KEY: [See {En]?} % outage]?}].
SYN: Embolden, rally, enhearten, cheer, incite, stimulate, foster,
cherish, promote, urge, impel, advance, countenance, forward,
reassure, animate, inspirit, prompt, abet.
ANT: Deter, discourage, dissuade, dispirit.
KEY: Encroach.
SYN: Invade, trespass, intrude, transgress, infringe.
ANT: Respect, recognize, observe.
KEY: Encrust.
SYN: Coat, line, plaster, face.
ANT: Expose, abrade, scrape.
KEY: Encrustation.
SYN: Plaster, coating, lining, integument.
ANT: Abrasion, exfoliation, peeling.
KEY: Encumber.
SYN: Oppress, obstruct, clog, impede.
ANT: Disencumber, free, disburden.
KEY: End, [See_TINGE].
KEY: Endanger.
SYN: Imperil, expose, per_il, jeopardize, hazard, risk.
ANT: Cover, defend, protect, shield, screen.
KEY: Endear.
SYN: Attach, conciliate, gain.
ANT: Estrange, alienate, embitter.
KEY: Endearment, [See BLANDISHMENT].
KEY: Endeavor, [See ATTEMPT].
KEY: Endless.
SYN: Interminable, illimitable, {[uueiiUi]?}, ug, unceasing,
boundless, deathless, imperishable, everlasting, perpetual, eternal,
ANT: Terminable, limited, temporary, brief, transient, periodic,
ephemeral, fugitive, finite.
KEY: Endow.
SYN: Present, enrich, furnish, qualify, adorn, invest, supply, clothe,
ANT: Denude, spoliate, strip, disendow, deprive, divest.
KEY: Endowment.
SYN: Gift, provision, benefit, benefaction, talent, capacity,
attainment, qualification.
ANT: Impoverishment, spoliation, disendowment, incapacity, poverty,
KEY: Endue, [See CLOTHE_and_ENDOW].
KEY: Endure, [See LAST_and_TOLERATE].
KEY: Enemy, [See FRIEND].
KEY: Energy, [See ACTIVITY].
KEY: Enervate.
SYN: Weaken, enfeeble, unnerve, deteriorate, debilitate, relax,
unstring, unhinge.
ANT: Strengthen, brace, invigorate, harden, nerve.
KEY: Enfeeble, [See ENERVATE].
KEY: Enfold.
SYN: Wrap, envelop, enclose, embrace, comprise.
ANT: Unwrap, develop, disclose.
KEY: Enforce.
SYN: Urge, compel, require, exact, exert, strain.
ANT: Relax, waive, forego, remit, abandon.
KEY: Enfranchise.
SYN: Liberate, qualify, [See FRANCHISE].
ANT: Disfranchise, disqualify.
KEY: Engage.
SYN: Promise, undertake, vouch, employ, occupy, hire, gain, attract,
enlist, stipulate, pledge, agree, buy, adopt, involve.
ANT: Decline, refuse, withdraw, dismiss, discard, extricate,
KEY: Engaged.
SYN: Occupied, employed, selected, intent, chosen, affianced,
ANT: Free, unemployed, disengaged, unaffianced.
KEY: Engagement, {(For_military_sense}, [See BATTLE].
SYN: Promise, pledge, agreement.
ANT: {Release_from_engagement}, release, liberation.
KEY: Engaging.
SYN: Attractive, interesting, winning.
ANT: Unattractive, uninteresting, repultiive.
KEY: Engender.
SYN: Generate, produce, create, breed, propagate.
ANT: Stifle, destroy, extinguish, neutralize, blight, prevent.
KEY: Engird, [See GIRD].
KEY: Engorge, [See GORGE].
KEY: Engrave.
SYN: Print, imprint, sculpture, stereotype.
ANT: Obliterate, erase, levigate.
KEY: Engross, [See ABSORB].
KEY: Engulf, [See ABSORB].
KEY: Enhance, [See DEPRECIATE].
KEY: Enigmatical.
SYN: Puzzling, perplexing, obscure, mystic.
ANT: Lucid, explanatory, plain, selfevident.
KEY: Enjoin.
SYN: Impress, {[com]?}, mand, commission, direct, order, ordain,
admonish, appoint, oblige, prescribe.
ANT: Recall, dispense, remit, absolve, release, exonerate, dissuade.
KEY: Enjoy.
SYN: Like, relish, possess.
ANT: Dislike, disrelish, suffer, loathe, [See {[XXX]?}], forfeit,
lose, tolerate, endure.
KEY: Enkindle, [See KINDLE].
KEY: Enlarge.
SYN: Amplify, expand, augment, broaden, swell, stretch_out, extend,
stretch, dilate, increase.
ANT: Narrow, lessen, contract, restrict, diminish, curtail, reduce.
KEY: Enlighten.
SYN: Illumine, edify, instruct, illuminate, inform, teach.
ANT: Mislead, darken, confound, obscure, mystify, perplex.
KEY: Enlightened, [See ENLIGHTEN_and_WISE].
KEY: Enlist.
SYN: Enter, register, enroll, incorporate, embody.
ANT: Withdraw, erase, expunge, dismiss, disband, disembody.
KEY: Enliven.
SYN: Wake, cheer, vivify, quicken, invigorate, exhilarate, rouse,
inspirit, {[amuie]?}, excite, animate.
ANT: Oppress, depress, stupefy, weary, tire, paralyze, deaden.
KEY: Enmity.
SYN: Discord, hate, hostility, malevolence, maliciousness, aversion,
malignity, ill-feeling, animosity, opposition, bitterness, acrimony,
ANT: Friendship, love, affection, esteem, friendliness, cordiality.
KEY: Ennoble.
SYN: Exalt, dignify, elevate, ameliorate, aggrandize.
ANT: Debase, degrade, deprave, deteriorate, depress.
KEY: Enormity.
SYN: Atrocity, perpetration, abomination, sin.
ANT: Innocence, guiltlessness, clean_hands, clear_conscience.
KEY: Enormous.
SYN: Huge, immense, gigantic, colossal, elephantine, vast, gross,
monstrous, prodigious.
ANT: Diminutive, insignificant, trivial, venial, average, ordinary,
KEY: Enough.
SYN: Sufficient, ample, plenty, abundance.
ANT: Bare, scant, insufficient, inadequate, short.
KEY: Enrage.
SYN: Provoke, incite, madden, incense, excite, aggravate, irritate,
inflame, embitter, infuriate, exasperate.
ANT: Soothe, conciliate, pacify, tame, mollify, allay, quiet.
KEY: Enrapture.
SYN: Beatify, entrance, enchant, fascinate, bewitch, captivate,
transport, charm, attract, ravish.
ANT: Disgust, nauseate, torture, horrify, torment.
KEY: Enrich.
SYN: Aggrandize, endow, store, augment, fertilize, decorate,
ANT: Impoverish, reduce, rob, beggar, fleece, denude, disfigure.
KEY: Enrobe.
SYN: Drape, invest.
ANT: Disrobe, divest.
KEY: Enroll, [See ENLIST].
KEY: Enrollment, [See ENROLL].
KEY: Ensconce, [See HIDE].
KEY: Enshrine.
SYN: Consecrate, treasure, embalm, cherish.
ANT: Expose, desecrate, forget.
KEY: Enslave.
SYN: Captivate, charm, subjugate, enthrall.
ANT: repel, disgust, alienate, estrange, liberate, manumit,
KEY: Ensue.
SYN: Follow, accrue, supervise, befall.
ANT: Precede, threaten, premonish, forewarn.
KEY: Ensure.
SYN: Fix, determine, secure, {[eeal]?}.
ANT: Imperil, hazard, jeopardize, forfeit.
KEY: Entail.
SYN: Bequeath, leave, devolve, demise, involve, necessitate, induce.
ANT: Alienate, supersede, nullify, prevent, obviate.
KEY: Entangle.
SYN: Knot, mat, entrap, ensnare, ravel, implicate, involve, perplex,
embarrass, inveigle, compromise.
ANT: Disentangle, unravel, extricate.
KEY: Enter.
SYN: Invade, penetrate.
ANT: Issue, depart, leave, quit, vacate.
KEY: Enterprise, [See ADVENTURE].
KEY: Enterprising.
SYN: Active, bold, daring, adventurous, speculative, dashing,
ANT: Inactive, timid, inadventurous, cautious.
KEY: Entertain.
SYN: Harbor, maintain, conceive, foster, receive, recreate, amuse.
ANT: Eject, exclude, deny, debar, annoy, weary, bore, tire.
KEY: Enthrall, [See ENSLAVE].
KEY: Enthrone.
SYN: Crown, install.
ANT: Depose, dethrone, debase, degrade.
KEY: Enthusiasm.
SYN: Excitement, frenzy, sensation, inspiration, transport, rapture,
warmth, fervor, fervency, zeal, ardor, vehemence, passion, devotion.
ANT: Coldness, callousness, indifference, disaffection, repugnance,
alienation, contempt.
KEY: Enthusiastic, [See ENTHUSIASM].
KEY: Entice.
SYN: Allure, seduce, lure, tempt, attract, decoy.
ANT: Deter, warn, hinder, repel.
KEY: Enticing, [See ENTICE].
KEY: Entire.
SYN: Whole, complete, unimpaired, total, perfect, all, full, solid,
integral, undiminished.
ANT: Partial, broken, impaired, incomplete.
KEY: Entirely, [See ENTIRE].
KEY: Entitle.
SYN: Qualify, empower, tit, enable, name, style, denominate,
designate, characterize.
ANT: Disqualify, disentitle, disable, not_designate,
KEY: Entity.
SYN: Existence, being.
ANT: Nonentity, chimera.
KEY: Entomb.
SYN: Bury, inter, inhume.
ANT: Disinter, exhume.
KEY: Entrammel.
SYN: Entangle, impede, obstruct, hamper, decoy, entrap.
ANT: Disentangle, liberate, extricate, expedite, disentrammel,
KEY: Entrance \n.\.
SYN: Introduction, opening, entry, inlet, porch, admission,
penetration, avenue, portal, ingress, adit.
ANT: Exit, egress, departure, debouchure.
KEY: Entrance \r.\, [See ENRAPTURE].
KEY: Entrap, [See ENTRAMMEL].
KEY: Entreat \v.\, {[tr]?}.
SYN: Implore, obsecrate, beg, beseech, importune, crave, solicit,
supplicate, pray, ask, urge, petition.
ANT: Command, insist, bid, enjoin.
KEY: Entry.
SYN: Entrance, initiation, beginning, record, note, minute, register,
ANT: Conclusion, quittance, disposal, blank, omission, falsification,
misentry, misrecord.
KEY: Entwine.
SYN: Lace, convolve, interlace, weave.
ANT: Disentwine, dissever.
KEY: Enumerate.
SYN: Specify, name, number, recount, detail, reckon, compute,
calculate, call_over.
ANT: Confound, Miscount, misreckon.
KEY: Enunciate.
SYN: State, propound, pronounce, syllable.
ANT: Mutter, babble, balbutiate, stammer.
KEY: Envelop, [See DEVELOP].
SYN: Wrap, enfold, encase, environ, inwrap, enclose, cover.
ANT: Unwrap, develop, reveal, expose, unfold, extract.
KEY: Envelope \n.\, [See ENVENOM], [See POISON].
KEY: Environ.
SYN: Surround, hem, in-close, encircle, enfold.
ANT: Disinclose, disenfold.
KEY: Envy.
SYN: Grudging, jealousy, suspicion.
KEY: Ephemeral.
SYN: Transient, evanescent, fleeting, fugacious, fugitive,
ANT: Abiding, persistent, permanent, perpetual, eternal, perennial,
KEY: Epigrammatic.
SYN: Pointed, terse, graphic, concise, laconic.
ANT: Diffuse, circumlocutory, pointless.
KEY: Equable.
SYN: Uniform, regular, proportionate, even, smooth, easy.
ANT: Irregular, desultory, vari_able, fitful, disjointed, uneasy.
KEY: Equal.
SYN: Uniform, commensurate, co-ordinate, adequate, alike, equivalent,
even, equable, sufficient, impartial, co-extensive, smooth.
ANT: [See INEQUAL], incommensurate, inco-ordinate, inadequate,
disparate, variable.
KEY: Equality, [See EQUAL].
KEY: Equanimity.
SYN: Calmness, composure, tranquillity, collectedness,
ANT: Restlessness, disquiet, perturbation, impatience.
KEY: Equip.
SYN: Accoutre, garnish, invest, prepare, furnish, arrange.
ANT: Divest, dismantle, denude, despoil, derange.
KEY: Equipage.
SYN: Accoutrements, trappings, furniture, habiliments, apparatus,
carriage, attendance, retinue.
ANT: Dismantlement, unstateliness.
KEY: Equipment, [See EQUIP].
KEY: Equipoise, [See BALANCE].
KEY: Equipollent, [See EQUIVALENT].
KEY: Equiponderant, [See EQUIPOISE].
KEY: Equitable.
SYN: Fair, just, proportionate, impartial, upright, proper,
reasonable, even-handed, honest.
ANT: Unfair, unjust, disproportionate, partial.
KEY: Equity, [See EQUITABLE].
KEY: Equivalence, [See EQUIVALENT].
KEY: Equivalent.
SYN: Equiponderant, equipollent.
ANT: Unequal, unequivalent.
KEY: Equivocal.
SYN: Dubious, ambiguous, doubtful, double-sided.
ANT: Univocal, plain, direct, clear.
KEY: Eradicate.
SYN: Extirpate, abolish, extinguish, exterminate, excise, uproot,
destroy, root_out.
ANT: Implant, import, instil, foster, propagate, cherish, encourage.
KEY: Eradication, [See ERADICATE].
KEY: Erase.
SYN: Obliterate, efface, expunge, blot, cancel.
ANT: Mark, write, delineate.
KEY: Erasure, [See ERASE].
KEY: Erect.
SYN: Elevate, raise, establish, plant, uplift, construct, build,
found, institute, set_up.
ANT: Lower, supplant, subvert, der_press, remove, destroy, demolish.
KEY: Erection, [See ERECT].
KEY: Erode, [See COURAGE].
KEY: Err.
SYN: Deviate, wander, mistake, blunder, misjudge, stumble, stray,
go_astray, misapprehend.
ANT: Succeed, prosper, correct, rectify.
KEY: Errand.
SYN: Message, commission, mission, delegation, charge.
ANT: Misdelivery, misannouncement.
KEY: Erratic.
SYN: Desultory, aberrant, abnormal, flighty, changeful, capricious.
ANT: Regular, normal, methodical, calculable, unalterable, steady,
KEY: Erring.
SYN: Misguided, misled, sinful, wandering.
ANT: Virtuous, good, upright.
KEY: Error.
SYN: Fault, mistake, blunder, falsity, deception, fallacy, untruth,
ANT: Correction, correctness, truth, accuracy, soundness,
KEY: Erudition.
SYN: Learning, lore, letters, scholarship.
ANT: Illiterateness, duncedom, sciolism.
KEY: Eruption.
SYN: Outburst, explosion, discharge, eruptation, exumation.
ANT: Absorption, engulfing, engrossment, swallowing, irruption,
inburst, devourment.
KEY: Escape.
SYN: Elude, decamp, abscond, fly, flee, evade, avoid.
ANT: Incur, confront, encounter, meet, suffer.
KEY: Escheat, [See CHEAT].
KEY: Eschew, [See AVOID].
KEY: Escort, [See CONVOY].
KEY: Esculent, [See EDIBLE].
KEY: Esoteric.
SYN: Private, special, exacter, advanced.
ANT: Public, popular, rudimentary, exoteric.
KEY: Especial, [See SPECIAL].
KEY: Espousal, [See MARRIAGE].
KEY: Espy, [See_SPY].
KEY: Essay \v.\, [See ASSAY].
KEY: Essay \n.\, [See ESSAY_and_DISQUISITION].
KEY: Essence.
SYN: Being, life, entity, nature, substance.
ANT: Accident, property, additament, garb, clothing, surroundings.
KEY: Essential.
SYN: Innate, inherent, requisite, necessary, vital, immanent,
indispensable, leading, accidental, qualitative, quantitative,
promotive, regulative, induced, imported, adventitious, ascititious,
redundant, superfluous.
KEY: Establish.
SYN: Plant, fir, settle, found, demonstrate, organize, confirm,
institute, prove, substantiate.
ANT: Suppliant, unsettle, break-up, disestablish, misstate, confute,
refute_upset, subvert, presume, suppose, guess, conjecture, surmise.
KEY: Established, [See ESTABLISH].
KEY: Estate.
SYN: Lands, fortune, property, possessions, demesne, order, rank,
condition, freehold, domain.
ANT: State, community, country, waste, chattels, goods, effects.
KEY: Esteem.
SYN: Price, value, consider, deem, judge, believe, estimate, think,
regard, affect, appreciate, revere, honor, respect, admire, venerate,
prize, love, like.
ANT: Disregard, disconsider, disaffect, dislike, undervalue,
underrate, decry, depreciate.
KEY: Estimable.
SYN: Amiable, delectable, worthy, good, meritorious, deserving,
lovable, praiseworthy.
ANT: Unamiable, {[iiidelec]?}, iiidelec_table, unworthy, bad.
KEY: Estimate, [See ESTEEM].
KEY: estimator, [See ESTEEM].
KEY: Estrange, [See ALIENATE].
KEY: Esurient, [See STARVED].
KEY: Eternal.
SYN: Infinite, endless, everlasting, deathless, imperishable,
never-dying, ceaseless, everliving, perpetual, undying, unceasing.
ANT: Ephemeral, transient, temporal, fleeting, evanescent,
KEY: Etiquette.
SYN: Manners, breeding, fashion, conventionality.
ANT: boorishness, rudeness, misobservance, singularity,
KEY: Eulogy, [See PRAISE].
KEY: Euphonious.
SYN: Musical, mellifluous, silvery, sweet-toned.
ANT: Harsh, dissonant, discordant.
KEY: Euphuism.
SYN: Affectation, pedantry, purism, highflying, finicality,
ANT: Simplicity, rusticity, bluntness, naturalness, mother_tongue,
KEY: euphuistic, [See EUPHUISM].
KEY: Evacuate.
SYN: Void, abandon, desert.
ANT: Occupy, seize, fill, hold.
KEY: Evade, [See ELUDE].
KEY: Evanescent, [See EPHEMERAL].
KEY: Evaporate.
SYN: Melt, colliquute, liquefy, vaporize, disappear, dissolve,
exhale, distil.
ANT: Consolidate, compact, solidify, Indurate, crystallize.
KEY: Evaporation, [See EVAPORATE].
KEY: Evasion.
SYN: Prevarication, shuffle, fencing, sheet, subterfuge, quibble,
ANT: Answer, counterargument, grappling.
KEY: Even.
SYN: Level, smooth, uniform, equable, plain, flush, well-balanced,
ANT: Inclined, abrupt, rugged, variable, uneven.
KEY: Event.
SYN: Occurrence, circumstance, episode, adventure, issue, accident,
result, fact, incident.
ANT: Cause, antecedent, operation, inducement, contribution,
convergence, predisposition, tendency.
KEY: Eventful.
SYN: Remarkable, memorable, signal, important, marked, noted,
critical, stirring, notable.
ANT: Ordinary, unmarked, unimportant, eventless, uninteresting,
characterless, trivial.
KEY: Ever.
SYN: Always, continually, forever, eternally, constantly,
ANT: Never.
KEY: Everlasting.
SYN: Infinite, endless, [See ETERNAL].
KEY: Eversion.
SYN: Evolution, Explication.
ANT: Inversion, Involution, implication.
KEY: Every.
SYN: [See AIL].
ANT: None.
KEY: Evict.
SYN: Dispossess, eject.
ANT: Reinstate, admit, settle, locate, lodge.
KEY: Eviction, [See EVICT].
KEY: Evidence.
SYN: Manifestation, attraction, averment, testimony, deposition,
declaration, appearance, sign, token, proof, indication,
exemplification, illustration.
ANT: Surmise, conjecture, counterevidence, disproof, refutation,
concealment, suppression, misindication, fallacy.
KEY: Evident.
SYN: Plum, visible, conspicuous, manifest, indisputable, obvious,
clear, palpable, incontrovertible.
ANT: Doubtful, obscure, questionable, uncertain, dubious.
KEY: Evil.
SYN: [See {[111]?}], noxious, deleterious, wrong, bad, mischievous,
hurtful, sinful, unhappy, adverse, unpropitious, wicked, corrupt,
harmful, unfair, notorious, miserable, sorrowful.
ANT: Wholesome, beneficial, right, virtuous, holy, pure, happy,
fortunate, felicitous, joyous, welcome, grateful, good.
KEY: Evince.
SYN: Exhibit, evidence, show, prove, manifest, demonstrate.
ANT: Suppress, disprove, negative, conceal.
KEY: Eviscerate.
SYN: Disembowel, draw.
ANT: Stuff, cram, pad.
KEY: Evoke.
SYN: Excite, educe, provoke, elicit, produce, eliminate, extract,
summon, call_out.
ANT: Allay, stifle, stop, silence, prevent, seal.
KEY: Evolution, [See ALTITUDE].
KEY: Exacerbate, [See EXASPERATE].
KEY: Exact, [See ACCURATE].
KEY: Exactly.
SYN: Precisely, accurately, correspondently.
ANT: Loosely, inadequately, incorrectly, differently, otherwise.
KEY: Exaggerate.
SYN: Amplify, enlarge, heighten, magnify, overstate, overdraw,
strain, overpaint, overestimate.
ANT: Disparage, attenuate, palliate, understate, underestimate,
lenity, mitigate, soften, qualify, modify.
KEY: Exalt, [See ELEVATE].
KEY: Exalted, [See EXALT].
KEY: Examine.
SYN: Weigh, ponder, investigate, perpend, test, scrutinize,
criticize, prove, study, discuss, inquire, search, {[ovvjrua-il]?},
explore, inspect.
ANT: Discard, conjecture, gnew, slur, misconsider, misinvestigate.
KEY: Examination, [See INQUIRY].
KEY: Example.
SYN: Sample, specimen, pattern, model, copy, illustration, in, stance,
issue, development.
ANT: Stock_material, substantial, law, rule, character, principle,
system, quality, case.
KEY: Exanimate, [See INANIMATE].
KEY: Exasperate, [See {[AOOBAV^TX]?}].
KEY: Excavate.
SYN: Dig, hollow, trench, discover, deserter.
ANT: Bury, fill_level, conceal, inter, inhume.
KEY: Exceed, [See SURPASS].
KEY: Exceeding, [See EXCEED].
KEY: Exceedingly, [See EXCEED], [See SURPASS].
KEY: Excellence, [See EXCEL].
KEY: Except, prep.
SYN: Excepting, saving, without, unless, exclusive_of.
KEY: Except \v.\.
SYN: Exclude, save, bar, {[*egre!]?}, ate, negative.
ANT: Count, include, reckon, state, classify, propound, affirm,
KEY: Exception.
SYN: Qualification, separation, exclusion.
ANT: Statement, rule, class, proposition.
KEY: Exceptionable.
SYN: Objectionable, undesirable.
ANT: Unobjectionable, desirable, unexceptionable, exemplary.
KEY: Exceptional.
SYN: Rare, peculiar, uncommon, irregular, unusual, abnormal.
ANT: Common, regular, normal, usual, ordinary.
KEY: Exceptions, [See CONTENTIOUS].
KEY: Excess.
SYN: Advance, increase, abundance, redundancy, superfluity,
extravagance, surplus, debauchery, intemperance.
ANT: Deficiency, failure, shortcoming, insufficiency, temperance,
KEY: Excessive.
SYN: Enormous, undue, exorbitant, overmuch, superabundant,
superfluous, unreasonable, immoderate, inordinate, extravagant.
ANT: Insufficient, scant, inadequate.
KEY: Exchange, [See CHANGE].
KEY: Excision, [See ERADICATION].
KEY: Excitability.
SYN: Sensibility, sensitiveness, irascibility, irritability.
ANT: Immobility, imperturbability,
KEY: Excitation, [See ROUSE].
KEY: Excite.
KEY: Exclaim, [See EJACULATE].
KEY: Exclude, [See ADMIT].
KEY: Excogitation \n.\, {A_complete_cogitation}, {[{(q}]?}.
SYN: Elaboration, deduction.
ANT: Guess, surmise.
KEY: Excommunicate.
SYN: Exclude, banish, bar, eject, blackball.
ANT: Admit, readmit, inaugurate, enroll.
KEY: Excrescence.
SYN: Superfluity, redundancy, imposthume, tumor.
ANT: Eradication, extirpation, excision, levigation, exsection.
KEY: Excruciate.
SYN: Agonize, torture, torment, rack.
ANT: Soothe, please, tranquilize.
KEY: Excruciating, [See EXCRUCIATE].
KEY: Exculpate.
SYN: Defend, vindicate, exonerate, acquit, release.
ANT: Charge, inculpate, Implicate.
KEY: Excursion.
SYN: Trip, ramble, tour, journey, jaunt.
KEY: Excursive, [See DISCURSIVE].
KEY: Excusable.
SYN: Justifiable, venal, pardonable.
ANT: Inexcusable, unpardonable.
KEY: Excuse.
SYN: Exculpate, absolve, pardon, forgive, overlook, condone, i_emit,
indulge, justify, vindicate, defend, acquit, mitigate, extenuate,
release, exempt, exonerate.
ANT: Charge, inculpate, condemn, sentence, exact, strain, accuse.
KEY: Execrable.
SYN: Detestable, loathsome, accursed, cursed, villainous, diabolical,
hateful, abominable, {[danjiable]?}.
ANT: Desirable, eligible, respectable, laudable.
KEY: Execrate, [See ABOMINATE].
KEY: Execration.
SYN: Curse, imprecation, denunciation, anathema, detestation,
KEY: Execute, [See CONSUMMATE].
KEY: Exemplary.
SYN: Laudable, praiseworthy, conspicuous, honorable, wary,
meritorious, worthy, excellent.
ANT: Detestable, objectionable, exceptionable.
KEY: Exemplify.
SYN: Illustrate, manifest, embody, exhibit, represent.
ANT: Betray, falsify, misrepresent, belie.
KEY: Exempt.
SYN: Free, irresponsible, unamenable, clear, liberated, privileged,
ANT: Subject, responsible, liable, amenable.
KEY: Exemption.
SYN: Freedom, immunity, dispensation, privilege, license.
ANT: Liability, amenableness, subjection, responsibility.
KEY: Exercise \v.\.
SYN: Practise, train, cultivate, develop.
ANT: Rest, ease, disuse, respite, relax, recreate.
KEY: Exercise.
SYN: Exertion, use, practice, application, training, employment,
ANT: Rest, ease, relaxation, recreation.
KEY: Exertion.
SYN: Effort, labor, toil.
ANT: Relaxation, recreation, rest.
KEY: Exhalation.
SYN: Mist, damp, effluvium.
ANT: Absorption, exsiccation, inhalation.
KEY: Exhale.
SYN: Emit, give_out, breathe_out, evaporate.
ANT: Inhale, breathe_in, Inspire, contain.
KEY: Exhaust.
SYN: Empty, spend, consume, debilitate, waste, void, drain, weaken,
ANT: Fill, replenish, augment, invigorate, refresh.
KEY: Exhaustion, [See EXHAUST].
KEY: Exhibit.
SYN: Show, manifest, evidence, evince, betray, demonstrate,
ANT: Suppress, conceal, secrete, mask, hide.
KEY: Exhibition.
SYN: Representation, sight, [See PAGEANT].
KEY: Exhilarate.
SYN: Gladden, rejoice, inspirit, elate.
ANT: Depress, dispirit, unnerve, unhinge.
KEY: Exhort.
SYN: Urge, advise, counsel, enjoin, incite, animate.
ANT: Deprecate, dissuade, warn, remonstrate.
KEY: Exhume, [See INTER].
KEY: Exigency.
SYN: Urgency, pressure, emergency, conjuncture, crisis.
ANT: Provision, preparation, supply, rule, course.
KEY: Exile \v.\.
SYN: Banish, relegate.
ANT: Welcome, reinstate, domesticate, domiciliate.
KEY: Exile \n.\, [See BANISHMENT].
KEY: Existence.
SYN: Being, entity, creature.
ANT: Nonentity, non-existence, chimera.
KEY: Exit, [See APPROACH_and_BORES].
KEY: Exonerate, [See EXCULPATE].
KEY: Exorbitant, [See EXCESSIVE].
KEY: Exoteric, [See ESOTERIC].
KEY: Exotic, [See FOREIGN].
KEY: Expand.
SYN: Swell, dilate, spread, extend, open, diffuse, develop, unfold,
enlarge, amplify.
ANT: Contract, curtail, attenuate, restrict, condense.
KEY: Expanse.
SYN: Vast, void, space, breadth.
ANT: Limit, enclosure, confine, bound.
KEY: Expatiate.
SYN: Amplify, enlarge, dilate.
ANT: Contract, condense, epitomize, summarize.
KEY: Expatriate, [See BANISH].
KEY: Expect.
SYN: Anticipate, await, forecast, forebode, wait_for, rely_on,
look_for, foresee.
ANT: Welcome, hail, recognize, greet, realize.
KEY: Expectation.
SYN: Expectancy, trust, confluence, [See HOPE].
KEY: Expediency.
SYN: Utility, advantage, interest.
ANT: Inexpediency, disadvantage, inutility, detriment.
KEY: Expedient, [See EXPEDIENCY].
KEY: Expedite, [See ACCELERATE].
KEY: Expedition.
SYN: Haste, speed, despatch.
ANT: Delay, tardiness, procrastination.
KEY: Expel, [See EJECT].
KEY: Expend.
SYN: Spend, disburse, lay_out, waste, consume, use.
ANT: Save, husband, economize.
KEY: Expense.
SYN: Price, cost, charge, payment, expenditure, outlay.
ANT: Income, profit, receipt.
KEY: Expensive.
SYN: Costly, valuable, rich, high-priced, dear, extravagant.
ANT: Cheap, worthless, poor, economical.
KEY: Experience \v.\.
SYN: Try, feel, undergo, encounter, endure.
ANT: Evade, escape, miss, lose.
KEY: Experience \n.\.
SYN: Experiment, trial, test, proof, habit, knowledge.
KEY: Experienced.
SYN: Skilled, practiced, familiar, accustomed, conversant.
ANT: Inexperienced, strange, unpracticed.
KEY: Experiment.
SYN: Trial, illustration, test, exemplification.
ANT: Conjecture, assumption, hypothesis.
KEY: Expert, [See CLEVER].
KEY: Expiate, [See ATONEMENT].
KEY: Expire, [See DIE_and_TERMINATE].
KEY: Explain.
SYN: Expound, teach, illustrate, clear_up, interpret, elucidate,
ANT: Mystify, obscure, darken, bewilder, misinterpret.
KEY: Explanation.
SYN: Exposition, explication, interpretation, sense, description.
ANT: Mystification, obscuration, confusion, misinterpretation.
KEY: Explanatory, [See EXPLAIN].
KEY: Explication, [See EXPLANATION].
KEY: explicit_SYN:, Plain, detailed, inobscure, declaratory,
categorical, stated, distinctly_stated, express, definite,
ANT: Implicit, implied, hinted, suggestive, obscure.
KEY: Explode, [See BURST].
KEY: Exploit, [See ACHIEVEMENT].
KEY: Explore, [See EXAMINE].
KEY: Explosion, [See EXPLODE].
KEY: Exponent.
SYN: Interpreter, propounder, advocate, representative.
ANT: System, opinion, creed, principle.
KEY: Export.
SYN: Ship_produce.
ANT: Import, consume, expose, [See CONCEAL].
KEY: Exposed.
SYN: Unprotected, unguarded, laagered, defenseless.
ANT: Guarded, defended, protected.
KEY: Exposition, [See EXPONENT_and_EXPLANATION].
KEY: Expositor, [See EXPONENT].
KEY: Expository, [See EXPLANATORY].
KEY: Expostulate.
SYN: Object, remonstrate.
ANT: Coincide, abet.
KEY: Expound, [See EXPLAIN].
KEY: Express \v.\.
KEY: Express \a.\.
SYN: Specific, pointed, direct.
ANT: General, vague, leisurely.
KEY: Expression.
SYN: Countenance, look, indication, {[phrae % term]?}.
ANT: Face, features, lineament, falsification, misstatement,
solecism, enigma, suppression, Expulsion, [See EXPEL].
KEY: Expunge.
SYN: Efface, obliterate, erase, cancel, blot_out.
ANT: Write, delineate, mark, trace.
KEY: Expurgation, [See ABSTERGE].
KEY: Exquisite.
SYN: Choice, rare, refined, delicate, perfect, matchless, intense,
consummate, delicious.
ANT: Common, coarse, ordinary.
KEY: Exquisitely, [See EXQUISITE].
KEY: Exsufflation.
SYN: Ebullition, eruption, eructation.
ANT: Absorption, inhalation, disgorgement, deglutition.
KEY: Exsuscitate, SusciTATE.
KEY: Extant.
SYN: Existent, surviving, current, forthcoming, present.
ANT: Defunct, lost, obsolete, past.
KEY: Extempore.
SYN: Offhand, unpremeditated.
ANT: Studied, prepared, premeditated.
KEY: Extend.
SYN: Prolong, stretch, expand, enlarge, increase, augment, reach,
spread, amplify, avail, apply.
ANT: Curtail, contract, restrict, narrow, limit, recur, return, miss,
KEY: Extensile, [See EXTEND_and_DUCTILE].
KEY: Extension, [See EXTEND_and_SPACE].
KEY: Extensive, [See RECORD].
KEY: Extent.
SYN: Degree, distance, quantity, space, size.
ANT: Diminution, restriction, limitation.
KEY: Extenuate.
SYN: Mitigate, qualify, palliate.
ANT: Aggravate, heighten, enhance.
KEY: Exterior.
SYN: Outside, surface, face, aspect, phase.
ANT: Interior, heart, core.
KEY: Exterior \a.\.
SYN: Outer, outward, external, on_the_outside, foreign.
ANT: Inner, inward, internal, domestic.
KEY: Exterminate, [See EXTERMINATION].
KEY: Extermination.
SYN: Eradication, extirpation, abolition, destruction.
ANT: Settlement, replenishment, augmentation, colonization,
population, propagation, increase.
KEY: External.
SYN: Outer, exterior, apparent, manifest, superficial, visible,
ANT: Inner, internal, inapparent, hidden, inmost, intestine.
KEY: Extinction.
SYN: Destruction, stifling, suffocation, death, cessation,
annihilation, obsolescence.
ANT: Origination, inception, planting, birth, fife, course,
operation, action, exercise, prosperity, continuance, survival.
KEY: Extinguish.
SYN: Abolish, destroy, extirpate, eradicate, kill, quench,
annihilate, put_out.
ANT: Implant, replenish, cherish, promote, invigorate, propagate,
establish, confirm, secure.
KEY: Extirpate, [See ERADICATE].
KEY: Extol, [See PRAISE].
KEY: Extort.
SYN: Wring, despoil, fleece, exact, express, squeeze_out, wrench,
wrest, extract.
ANT: Coax, wheedle, cajole, cheat.
KEY: Extortionate.
SYN: Hard, closefisted, severe, rigorous, exorbitant, preposterous,
monstrous, exacting.
ANT: Liberal, indulgent, bountiful, reasonable, fair, moderate.
KEY: Extract.
SYN: Draw, educe, elicit, cite, excerpt, select, take_out, gather,
quote, collect, extol.
ANT: Replace, insert, restore, impose, incorporate, reinsert.
KEY: Extraneous.
SYN: Extrinsic, external, foreign, outside, alien, unconnected,
unrelated, ascititious, adventitious.
ANT: Intrinsic, internal, vital, connected, essential.
KEY: Extraordinary.
SYN: Unwonted, uncommon, peculiar, unusual, unprecedented, wonderful,
marvelous, prodigious, monstrous, remarkable, strange,
ANT: Wonted, common, usual, ordinary, frequent, unremarkable,
KEY: Extravagance.
SYN: Waste, wastefulness, prodigality, profusion.
ANT: Carefulness, [See ECONOMY].
KEY: Extravagant.
SYN: Wild, monstrous, preposterous, absurd, prodigal, wasteful,
reckless, excessive, lavish, profuse, abnormal.
ANT: Sound, sober, consistent, rational, fair, economical, frugal,
careful, regular, usual.
KEY: Extreme.
SYN: Terminal, final, remote, utmost, farthest, {[ln*t]?},
extravagant, immoderate, most_violent, distant, ultimate.
ANT: Initial, primal, moderate, judicious.
KEY: Extremity.
SYN: End, termination, close, conclusion.
ANT: Beginning, commencement, opening, origin, body, centre, bulk.
KEY: Extricate, [See INVOLVE].
KEY: Intrinsic, [See EXTRANEOUS].
KEY: Extrude.
SYN: Thrust_out, eject, expel.
ANT: Intrude, insert, introduce.
KEY: Exuberant, [See ABUNDANT].
KEY: Exudation.
SYN: Ooze, drip, percolation.
ANT: Absorption, aridity, parching.
KEY: Exude, [See AFFIRM_and_CURSE].
KEY: Exult, [See EXULTANT].
KEY: Exultant.
SYN: Rejoicing, elated, jubilant, joyous, triumphant.
ANT: Mournful, depressed, dispirited.
KEY: Exultation.
SYN: Transport, delight, triumph, joy, ecstasy.
ANT: Mourning, depression.
SYN: Apologue, fiction, parable, allegory, romance, invention,
fabrication, untruth, novel, falsehood.
ANT: History, narrative, fact.
KEY: Fabric.
SYN: Work, construction, edifice, tissue, structure, web, texture.
ANT: Destruction, dismantlement, demolition, fragment, wreck,
tatters, ruin, rags, shreds.
KEY: Fabricate.
SYN: Construct, make, form, forge, invent, falsify, manufacture,
produce, frame, devise, coin, misrepresent.
ANT: Demolish, tear, spoil, lacerate, dismember, destroy, narrate,
copy, represent, portray, repeat.
KEY: Fabulous.
SYN: Fictitious, incredible, feigned, imaginary, pretended, false,
ANT: Actual, real, historic, authentic, reasonable, fair, true.
KEY: Face, [See ASPECT].
KEY: Facetious.
SYN: Witty, funny, humorous, jocular, waggish, playful, droll,
ANT: Heavy, matter-of-fact, dull, grave, serious, lugubrious, sombre,
KEY: Facile.
SYN: Docile, tractable, manageable, indulgent, weak, irresolute,
easy, affable, flexible, characterless, pliable.
ANT: Sturdy, obstinate, determined, resolute, pig-headed, crusty,
inflexible, self-willed, independent, self-reliant.
KEY: Facilitate, [See FACILE_and_EXPEDITE].
KEY: Facility.
SYN: Ease, address, readiness, quickness, adroitness, dexterity,
ANT: Labor, effort, awkwardness, difficulty.
KEY: Facinorous, [See ATROCIOUS].
KEY: Fact.
SYN: Truth, deed, occurrence, certainty, circumstance, event,
ANT: Fiction, supposition, falsehood, unreality, lie, delusion,
chimera, invention, romance.
KEY: Faction, [See CABAL].
KEY: Factious.
SYN: Oppositions, exceptions, litigious, crusty, malcontent,
ANT: Agreeable, genial, complaisant, amenable, loyal,
public-spirited, harmonious, co-operative, auxiliary, sympathetic.
KEY: Factitious.
SYN: Artificial, affected, euphuistic, conventional, cramped,
finical, ascititious, spurious.
ANT: Natural, unaffected, genial, truthful, genuine, pure.
KEY: Faculty, [See CAPABILITY].
KEY: Facundity, [See ELOQUENCE].
KEY: Fade.
SYN: Fall, fail, decline, sink, droop, dwindle, vanish, change, pale,
bleach, set, etiolate.
ANT: rise, increase, grow, bloom, flourish, abide, stand, last,
KEY: Fading, Faded \v.\, [See FADE].
KEY: Fag.
SYN: Work, toil, slave, drudge.
ANT: Bask, idle, lounge, dawdle, strike.
KEY: Fail.
SYN: Fall, miss, miscarry, fall_short, trip, lose.
ANT: Succeed, exceed, surpass, excel, achieve, abound, yield.
KEY: Pain_\adj.\, and_\adv.\, [See GLAD_and_GLADLY].
KEY: Faint.
SYN: Weak, languid, fatigued, unenergetic, timid, irresolute, feeble,
exhausted, half-hearted, obscure, dim, pale, faded, inconspicuous.
ANT: Strong, vigorous, energetic, fresh, daring, resolute, prominent,
marked, conspicuous, glaring.
KEY: Fair.
SYN: Open, clear, spotless, unspotted, untarnished, reasonable,
unblemished, serene, beautiful, just, honorable, equitable,
ANT: Lowering, dull, foul, disfigured, ugly, unfair, dishonorable,
KEY: Fairly, [See FAIR].
KEY: Fairness, [See FAIR].
KEY: Faith, [See _BECOMING].
KEY: Faithful.
SYN: true, firm, attached, loyal, accurate, close, consistent,
correspondent, exact, equivalent, staunch, incorruptible.
ANT: false, fickle, capricious, wavering, inaccurate, untrue,
faithless, inexact.
KEY: Falcation, Falciform, [See CURVE].
KEY: Fall.
SYN: Drop, descend, droop, decline, gravitate, sink, lapse.
ANT: rise, ascend, soar, mount, recover, climb.
KEY: Fallacy.
SYN: Sophistry, error, blunder, misconception, bugbear, fiction,
delusion, chimera.
ANT: Truth, verity, fact, logic, argument, soundness, proof,
postulate, axiom.
KEY: Fallible.
SYN: Erring, uncertain, ignorant, weak.
ANT: Infallible, certain, omniscient, unerring.
KEY: Fallow.
SYN: Quiescent, idle, uncultivated, unproductive, untilled.
ANT: Cultivated, worked, tilled, sown, productive, operative,
prolific, fruitful.
KEY: false.
SYN: Untrue, erroneous, fallacious, sophistical, spurious, deceptive,
fabrication, counterfeit, mendacious, sham, mock, bogus, unfaithful,
fib, falsity, fiction, dishonorable, faithless.
ANT: true, correct, sound, conclusive, authentic, real, genuine,
candid, honorable, faithful.
KEY: Falsehood.
SYN: Untruth, error, fallacy, sophistry, deception, forgery, lie,
ANT: Truth, correctness, verity, fact, authenticity, genuineness,
honesty, honor, reality.
KEY: Falsify.
SYN: Mistake, misinterpret, misrepresent, belie, betray, garble,
ANT: Verify, correct, rectify, certify, beck, justify, exhibit,
publicate, expose, declare.
KEY: faulter.
SYN: Halt, hesitate, hobble, slip, dubitate, stammer, demur, waver,
flinch, vacillate.
ANT: Proceed, run, speed, flow, discourse, determine, persevere,
resolve, career.
KEY: Fame.
SYN: report, rumor, bruit, news, tidings, renown, glory, honor,
laurels, celebrity, reputation, credit.
ANT: Silence, suppression, hush, disgrace, dishonor, disrepute.
KEY: Familiar.
SYN: Household, common, free, frank, affable, everyday,
well-acquainted, accustomed, conversant, intimate.
ANT: Uncommon, rare, strange, extraordinary, unaccustomed,
unacquainted, new, inconversant, unfamiliar.
KEY: Family, [See_FAMILIAR].
KEY: Famous.
SYN: Renowned, glorious, celebrated, illustrious, far-famed.
ANT: Unknown, obscure, unsung, inglorious.
KEY: Fail, [See ALLAY].
KEY: Fanatic.
SYN: Enthusiast, bigot, visionary, zealot.
ANT: Skeptic, unbeliever, cynic.
KEY: Fanatical, [See FANATICISM].
KEY: Fanaticism.
SYN: Frenzy, enthusiasm, superstition, bigotry.
ANT: Indifference, latitudinarianism, disbelief, profanity,
disregard, skepticism, coldness, cynicism.
KEY: Fanciful.
SYN: Grotesque, chimerical, unreal, imaginary, quaint, eccentric,
freakish, humorsome, erroneous, capricious, whimsical, erratic,
absurd, fitful.
ANT: Natural, literal, regular, real, sober, ordinary, truthful,
accurate, correct, orderly, calculable.
KEY: Fancy.
SYN: Thought, belief, idea, supposition, imagination, caprice,
notion, conceit, vagary, inclination, whim, humor, predilection,
ANT: Object, subject, fact, reality, order, law, truth, system,
verity, aversion, horror, Fantastic, [See FANCIFUL].
KEY: Fantasy, [See FANCY].
KEY: Far, [See DISTANT].
KEY: Farcical.
SYN: Ludicrous, comic, funny, nonsensical, droll, pantomimic.
ANT: Grave, serious, solemn, dismal, tragical, funereal, ghastly.
KEY: Fare_\v.\.
SYN: [See DO], live, feed, subsist, speed.
ANT: Toil, fast, fail, droop, sink, drop, faint, halt, falter.
KEY: Fare_\n.\.
SYN: Provision, passage, money.
ANT: Starvation, famine, abstinence, pauperism, mendicity.
KEY: Fascinate, [See BEWITCH].
KEY: Fascination, [See FASCINATE].
KEY: Fashion.
SYN: Form, shape, guise, style, appearance, character, figure, mould,
mode, custom, practice, usage, manner, way, ceremony.
ANT: Person, work, dress, speech, formlessness, shapelessness,
derangement, eccentricity, strangeness, outlandishness.
KEY: Fast.
SYN: Firm, secure, fixed, constant, steadfast, stable, unyielding,
Unswerving, rapid, accelerated, wild, reckless, dissipated, pay.
ANT: Loose, insecure, slow, tardy, steady, sober, virtuous.
KEY: Fasten.
SYN: Secure, hold, compact, tie, bind, join, unite, affix, annex,
grapple, attach, fix.
ANT: Undo, loose, sever, relax, detach, remove, unfasten.
KEY: Fastidious.
SYN: Critical, overnice, overrefined, censorious, punctillious,
particular, squeamish, dainty.
ANT: Easy, indulgent, uncritical, coarse, omnivorous.
KEY: Fat.
SYN: Corpulent, fleshy, brawny, pursy, rich, luxuriant, portly, stout,
fertile, unctuous, obese, oleaginous.
ANT: Lean, slender, attenuated, emaciated, barren, poor, scant,
narrowless, exsanguineous, anatomical.
KEY: Fatal.
SYN: Calamitous, deadly, destructive, mortal, lethal.
ANT: Beneficial, wholesome, nutritious, vitalizing, salubrious,
restorative, slight, superficial, harmless.
KEY: Fate.
SYN: Necessity, destiny, lot, end, fortune, doom.
ANT: Will, choice, decision, freedom, independence.
KEY: Fathom.
SYN: Gauge, pierce, measure, sound, probe.
ANT: Survey, glance, scan, overlook, miss, graze, skim.
KEY: Fathomless.
SYN: Bottomless, profound, abysmal.
ANT: Superficial, shallow, skin-deep.
KEY: fatigue \n.\.
SYN: Weariness, languor, enervation, exhaustion, lassitude.
ANT: Freshness, vigor, activity, indefatigability.
KEY: Fatigue \v.\.
SYN: Harass, weary, tire, jade.
ANT: Inspirit, refresh, animate, enliven.
KEY: Fatuity.
SYN: Folly, imbecility, idiotcy, infatuation.
ANT: Wisdom, sense, soundness, discernment, sobriety.
KEY: Fatuous, [See FATUITY].
KEY: Fault.
SYN: Defect, error, imperfection, flaw, misdeed, failure, omission,
want, drawback.
ANT: Sufficiency, correctness, completeness, perfection.
KEY: Faultless.
SYN: Complete, perfect, correct, accurate, stainless, blameless.
ANT: Incomplete, imperfect, incorrect, inaccurate, defective,
corrupt, erroneous, faulty.
KEY: Faulty, [See FAULT].
KEY: Favor.
SYN: Permission, grace, concession, predilection, gift, civility,
benefit, kindness, good_will, regard, condescension, preference,
boon, countenance, patronage.
ANT: Refusal, denial, prohibition, disfavor, withdrawal, withholding,
frown, disapproval, injury, discountenance.
KEY: Favorable.
SYN: Permissive, indulgent, propitious, concessive, partial, fond,
liberal, advantageous, auspicious, friendly.
ANT: {[Rei'actant]?}, unpropitious, unfavorable, impartial.
KEY: Favoritism.
SYN: Partiality, invidiousness.
ANT: Odium, prejudice, antipathy.
KEY: Fawn_upon.
SYN: Flatter, wheedle, cajole, cringe, palaver, slaver.
ANT: Insult, deride, satirize, censure, rebuke, reprimand, defy,
KEY: Fealty, [See FIDELITY].
KEY: Fear.
SYN: Apprehension, solicitude_alarm, fright, dread, terror,
trepidation, dismay, consternation, misgiving, horror, timidity,
ANT: Assurance, confidence, courage, fearlessness, trust, boldness.
KEY: Fearful.
SYN: Timid, hesitating, terrible, awful, apprehensive, frightful,
shocking, terrific, afraid, horrible, dreadful.
ANT: Bold, venturesome, confident, audacious, consolatory,
inspiriting, assuring, alluring, attractive, hopeful, inviting.
KEY: Fearless, [See COURAGEOUS].
KEY: Feasible.
SYN: Possible, manageable, contrivable, permissible, practicable.
ANT: Impossible, unallowable.
KEY: Featly, [See FEAT].
SYN: Neatly, cleverly, dexterously, adroitly.
ANT: Clumsily, hardly, bunglingly.
KEY: Feature.
SYN: Component, element, characteristic, indication, portion, mark,
lineament, sign.
ANT: Whole, system, countenance, case, arrangement,
falsification, excrescence, blind, mask, disguise.
KEY: Federation, [See CONFEDERACY].
KEY: Feeble.
SYN: Wretched, weak, poor, frail, debilitated, dull, forceless, puny,
nerveless, enfeebled, enervated, faint, infirm, incomplete, vain,
fruitless, scanty, pitiable.
ANT: Strong, robust, active, effective, successful, abundant.
KEY: Feeling.
SYN: Touch, sensation, contact, pathos, tenderness, impression,
consciousness, sensibility, emotion, sentiment, passion,
ANT: Insensibility, callousness, Imperturbability, inexcitable_ty,
coldness, insensateness.
KEY: Feign, [See PRETEND].
KEY: Feint, [See FEIGN].
KEY: Felicitate, [See CONGRATULATE].
KEY: Felicitous.
SYN: Happy, timely, successful, opportune, joyous.
ANT: Unfortunate, unhappy, untimely, unsuccessful, disastrous,
inopportune, sad.
KEY: Felicity, [See FELICITOUS].
KEY: Fell.
SYN: Cruel, barbarous, inhuman, savage, bloody, direful, merciless,
pitiless, ruthless, remorseless, relentless, fierce, truculent.
ANT: Generous, chivalrous, humane, lenient, propitious.
KEY: Fell.
SYN: Cut, level, prostrate, demolish, subvert, waste, bare.
ANT: Plant, erect, support, propagate, stock, upraise, rear.
KEY: Fellow.
SYN: Companion, adherent, equal, compeer, comrade, colleague, member,
match, tally, correlative, partner, friend, associate.
ANT: Foe, opponent, stranger, mismatch, opposite, antagonist.
KEY: Fellowship.
SYN: Association, membership, company, partnership, sociality,
brotherhood, familiarity, intimacy, society, acquaintance.
ANT: Severance, disconnection, dismemberment, Felonious, [See
KEY: Feminine.
SYN: Delicate, womanly, tender, modest, soft.
ANT: Robust, manly, indelicate, rude, rough, unfeminine.
KEY: Fence.
SYN: Circumscribe, enclose, protect, elude, parry, stave.
ANT: Open, disenclose, catch, receive, suffer.
KEY: Ferine, [See SAVAGE].
KEY: Ferment.
SYN: Seethe, concoct, brew, warm, chafe, effervesce, rankle, fester.
ANT: Damp, cool, dissipate, subside, disperse, evaporate, heal.
KEY: Ferocity, [See FIERCENESS].
KEY: Fertile.
SYN: Rich, luxuriant, teeming, productive, exuberant, causative,
conducive, pregnant, fraught, prolific, fecund, fruitful, ingenious,
ANT: Poor, sterile, barren, unproductive, ineffective, inconducive,
fruitless, inoperative, uninventive, unimaginative.
KEY: Fervor, [See ARDOR].
KEY: Fester, [See FERMENT].
KEY: Festive.
SYN: Convivial, jovial, gay, merry.
ANT: Solitary, deserted, ascetic, gloomy.
KEY: Festivity, [See FESTIVE].
KEY: Fetch, [See BRING].
KEY: Fetid.
SYN: Stinking, corrupt, foul.
ANT: Inodorous, fresh, perfumed, scented, balmy.
KEY: Fetter.
SYN: Manacle, hinder, restrain, clog, impede, shackle.
ANT: Free, liberate, expedite, accelerate.
KEY: Feud.
SYN: Fray, affray, broil, contention, enmity, antipathy, animosity,
quarrel, strife, bitterness, dissension, hostility.
ANT: Friendliness, sympathy, congeniality, clanship, pacification,
reconciliation, sociality, neighborliness.
KEY: Fever.
SYN: Heat, ardor, fervor, broil, flush, ferment, passion.
ANT: Coolness, composure, frigidity, iciness, indifference.
KEY: Few.
SYN: Scant, rare, lacking.
ANT: Many, abundant, numerous.
KEY: Fibre.
SYN: Strength, sinews, thews, toughness.
ANT: Laxity, debility, flabbiness.
KEY: Fickle.
SYN: Fanciful, fitful, capricious, irresolute, changeable,
vacillating, mutable, unreliable, veering, shifting, variable,
restless, inconstant, unstable.
ANT: Sober, orderly, reliable, well-regulated, calculable,
trustworthy, steady, uniform.
KEY: Fiction.
SYN: Invention, fabrication, creation, figment, fable, falsehood,
romance, myth.
ANT: Fact, truth, verity, reality.
KEY: Fictitious.
SYN: Unreal, suppositious, spurious, imaginary.
ANT: Real, true, historical, genuine, authentic, veritable.
KEY: Fidelity.
SYN: Fealty, attachment, truthfulness, allegiance, accuracy,
closeness, exactness, faithfulness, integrity, loyalty, honesty.
ANT: Treachery, disloyalty, disaffection, untruthfulness,
inaccuracy, inexactness, infidelity.
KEY: Field.
SYN: Ground, scope, province, arena, scene, opportunity, room.
ANT: Circumscription, constraint, exclusion, debarment,
KEY: Fiendish, [See ANGELIC].
KEY: Fierce.
SYN: Wild, savage, violent, raging, fiery, furious, impetuous,
ANT: Mild, tame, docile, harmless, calm, gentle.
KEY: Fierceness, [See FIERCE].
KEY: Fiery.
SYN: Hot, vehement, ardent, fervent, fierce, passionate, irascible,
choleric, excited, enkindled, glowing, fervid, impassioned,
irritable, hotbrained.
ANT: Cold, icy, indifferent, phlegmatic, passionless, unimpassioned,
mild, quenched, extinguished, tame.
KEY: Fight.
SYN: Battle, contention, struggle, conflict, combat, contest, action,
engagement, encounter.
ANT: Pacification, reconciliation.
KEY: Figurative.
SYN: Metaphorical, poetical, tropical, rhetorical, symbolical,
typical, emblematical.
ANT: Literal, prosaic, unpoetical, unmetaphorical.
KEY: Figure.
SYN: Aspect, shape, emblem, type, image, condition, appearance, form,
symbol, metaphor, likeness, delineation, illustration.
ANT: Misrepresentation, deformity, disfigurement.
KEY: Filch, [See CABBAGE].
KEY: File.
SYN: Rasp, polish, smooth, finish, perfect, improve, refine.
ANT: Roughen, jag, denticulate, acuminate, barb, cusp, notch.
KEY: Filiation, [See AFFILIATION].
KEY: Fill.
SYN: Replenish, content, supply, satisfy, gorge, glut, occupy,
appoint, stuff, store, rise, swell, grow, expand, increase.
ANT: Exhaust, deprive, drain, dissatisfy, stint, vacate, misappoint,
subside, shrink, ebb, evaporate, diminish.
KEY: Filter.
SYN: Strain, percolate, refine, distil, ooze, exude, leak, depurate,
defecate, clarify.
ANT: Befoul, muddle, disturb, thicken.
KEY: Filthy.
SYN: Dirty, nasty, dingy, impure, unclean, squalid, foul.
ANT: Pure, sweet, clean.
KEY: Filtration, [See FILTER].
KEY: Fimbriated.
SYN: Fringed, tasselled, filamentous.
ANT: Bound, hemmed, unfringed, {[sel-]?}.
KEY: final.
SYN: Terminal, last, latest, conclusive, definite, developed,
ultimate, decisive.
ANT: Initiative, open, unconcluded, progressive, continuous, current,
incipient, inaugural, inchoate, rudimental, nascent.
KEY: Finality, [See FINAL].
KEY: Find.
SYN: Meet, confront, ascertain, experience, perceive, discover,
furnish, invent.
ANT: Miss, elude, overlook, lose, withhold, withdraw, misconstrue.
KEY: Fine.
SYN: Thin, minute, slender, delicate, pure, smooth, filmy, gauzy,
keen, artistic, choice, finished, high, Grand, noble, sensitive,
refined, generous, honorable, excellent, superior, pretty, beautiful,
showy, elegant, ostentatious, presumptuous, nice, casuistical,
ANT: Coarse, large, rough, blunt, rude, unfinished, mean, petty,
illiberal, unimposing, paltry, modest, unaffected, affable,
categorical, plain-spoken, unanalytical, unreflective,
KEY: Finery.
SYN: Overornament, tawdriness, tinsel, gewgaw, trinkets, trash,
dressiness, bedizenment.
ANT: Ornament, dress, decoration, adornment, chastity, simplicity,
KEY: Finical.
SYN: Affected, over_nice, dandyish, dallying, foppish, spruce,
factitious, euphuistic.
ANT: Unaffected, effective, practical, energetic, real, genuine,
natural, outspoken, blunt, coarse, rude.
KEY: Finish.
SYN: Complete, perfect, accomplish, conclude, achieve, end, shape,
ANT: Begin, commence, start, undertake, fail, miscontrive, mismanage,
botch, mar.
KEY: Finished.
SYN: Artistic, perfect, refined, high.
ANT: Inartistic, incomplete, rude, poor, coarse, unfinished.
KEY: Finite.
SYN: Limited, bounded, terminable, restricted.
ANT: Unlimited, unbounded, infinite.
KEY: Fire, [See FIERY].
KEY: Firm.
SYN: Fast, secure, strong, steadfast, solid, stable, established,
rooted, immovable, robust, unshaken, sturdy, resolute, determined,
fixed, decided, attached.
ANT: Loose, insecure, weak, illrooted, tottering, vacillating,
irresolute, ductile, exorable, indulgent, disaffected, wavering,
KEY: First.
SYN: Leading, primary, pristine, original, foremost, primitive,
principal, primeval, highest, chief, earliest, {[onmost]?}.
ANT: Subsequent, secondary, subordinate, subservient, lowest,
unimportant, last, hindmost.
KEY: Fit.
SYN: Decent, befitting, meet, apt, fitting, adapted, seemly,
appropriate, becoming, decorous, qualified, congruous, peculiar,
particular, suitable, prepared, adequate, calculated, contrived,
expedient, proper, ripe.
ANT: Awkward, ungainly, misfitting, ill-suited, unseemly,
inappropriate, unsuitable, unprepared, Inadequate, miscalculated,
miscontrived, inexpedient, improper, unfit.
KEY: Fitful.
SYN: Capricious, fickle, unstable, restless, inconstant, mutable,
impulsive, desultory, fanciful, unequal, irregular.
ANT: Regular, equable, systematic, orderly, calculable.
KEY: Fitness, [See FIT].
KEY: Fitting, [See FIT].
KEY: Fix.
SYN: Place, settle, fasten, link, locate, attach, consolidate, tie,
plant, root, establish, secure, determine, decide.
ANT: Displace, unsettle, disarrange, remove, uproot, transfer,
transplant, disestablish, weaken, shake, reverse, disturb, change,
KEY: Flaccid.
SYN: Flabby, limber, lax, tabid.
ANT: Firm, muscular, braced, plump, chubby, brawny.
KEY: Flag.
SYN: Droop, pine, weary, tire, give_in, faint, succumb, languish,
ANT: Hold, freshen, flourish, persevere, battle, struggle, persist,
recruit, recover.
KEY: Flagitious.
SYN: Facinorous, atrocious, enormous, monstrous, disgraceful,
nefarious, scandalous, flagrant, heinous, aggravated.
ANT: Noble, creditable, honorable, meritorious, distinguished,
pardonable, justifiable, excusable, extenuated.
KEY: Flagrant, [See FLAGITIOUS].
KEY: Flaring.
SYN: Flaming, glaring, conspicuous, gaudy, bright, over-colored,
flaunting, flashy, showy, tawdry, ostentatious.
ANT: Toned, subdued, harmonized, dull, dim, dowdy, dingy, neutral,
KEY: Flashy, [See FLARING].
KEY: Flat.
SYN: Dull, tame, insipid, vapid, spiritless, level, horizontal,
absolute, even, downright, mawkish, tasteless, lifeless.
ANT: Exciting, animated, interesting, thrilling, sensational.
KEY: Flatter, [See FAWN].
KEY: Flatterer, [See FLATTER].
KEY: Flaunt \r.\.
SYN: Boast, vaunt, flout, flutter, flounce, display, flourish, parade,
ANT: Suppress, conceal, retire, re-cede, skulk, hide, shrivel,
collapse, furl.
KEY: Flavor.
SYN: Taste, savor, smack, odor, relish, zest.
ANT: Insipidity, tastelessness, inodorousness, inawkishness,
KEY: Flaw, {[See ~]?}.
KEY: Flee, [See ESCAPE].
KEY: Fleece.
SYN: Strip, despoil, shear.
ANT: Invest, endow, endue.
KEY: Fleet, [See SWIFT].
KEY: Fleeting, [See FLEET].
KEY: Fleshy, [See FAT].
KEY: Flexible.
SYN: Pliant, lithe, supple, elastic, easy, indulgent, ductile,
flexile, yielding, pliable.
ANT: Tough, rigid, inelastic, inflexible, hard, inexorable.
KEY: Flexion, [See FLEXIBLE].
KEY: Flexure, [See FLEXION].
KEY: Flicker.
SYN: Flutter, quiver, bicker, falter, waver, glimmer, shimmer,
ANT: Stream, blaze, gleam, shine, beam.
KEY: Flight.
SYN: Volitation, departure, escape, evasion, disappearance, flying,
stampede, soaring, begin, fleeing, exodus.
ANT: Recurrence, return, reappearance, perching, alighting, repose.
KEY: Flighty, [See ECCENTRIC].
KEY: Flimsy.
SYN: Gauzy, poor, thin, transparent, trifling, trivial, puerile,
inane, slight, superficial, weak, shallow.
ANT: Solid, sound, irrefragable, substantial, cogent.
KEY: Flinch.
SYN: Blench, swerve, wince, recoil.
ANT: Dare, face, bear, meet, endure.
KEY: Fling.
SYN: Cast, throw, emit, toss, hurl, ejaculate.
ANT: Snatch, grasp, hold, keep, retain, arrest.
KEY: Flippant.
SYN: Pert, forward, superficial, thoughtless, saucy, malapert.
ANT: Flattering, servile, obsequious, accurate, considerate,
deferential, complimentary, respectful.
KEY: Flit, [See FLUTTER].
KEY: Flitting, [See FLUTTER].
KEY: Float.
SYN: Swim, spread, prevail.
ANT: Sink, drown, die, founder, vanish.
KEY: Flock \v.\.
SYN: Herd, congregate, {[tli]?}, one, assemble, crowd.
ANT: Disperse, scatter, separate, segregate.
KEY: Flock \n.\, [See FLOCK], [See v], #N/A.
KEY: Flood.
SYN: Deluge, inundation, abundance.
ANT: Drought, drain, ebb, scarcity, subsidence.
KEY: Florid.
SYN: Rubicund, flowery, sanguine, ornate, overwrought, meretricious.
ANT: Pallid, exsanguineous, bare, unadorned, nude, sober, chaste.
KEY: Flounce, [See FLAUNT].
KEY: Flounder.
SYN: Roll, blunder, bungle, boggle, wallow, tumble.
ANT: Emerge, flow, course, career, speed, rise, flourish, skim.
KEY: Flourish.
SYN: Prosper, thrive, speed, triumph, brandish, wave.
ANT: Fail, fade, decline, miscarry, founder, arrest, sheath, ground.
KEY: Flout, [See FLAUNT].
KEY: Flow.
SYN: Stream, issue, progress, glide, course, career, run.
ANT: Halt, stick, stickle, stop, hesitate, fail, stint, beat, recoil,
regurgitate, ebb.
KEY: Flower.
SYN: Perfection, blossom, bloom, acme, pride, ornament, gem, cream.
ANT: Disappointment, deformity, blot, abortion, scum, dregs, blight.
KEY: Flowing.
SYN: Copious, abundant, fluent, exuberant, easy, eloquent.
ANT: Dribbling, dry, strained, meagre, labored, unready, difficult.
KEY: Fluctuate.
SYN: Waver, oscillate, hesitate, vacillate, vary, veer.
ANT: Persist, abide, stay, stick, adhere.
KEY: Fluent, [See FLOWING].
KEY: Flummery.
SYN: Nonsense, trash, emptiness, froth.
ANT: Sense, nourishment, satisfaction, solidity, reason.
KEY: Flurry \v.\.
SYN: Agitate, excite, worry, ruffle, fluster.
ANT: Soothe, compose, quiet, calm, mesmerize.
KEY: Flurry_\n.\, Verb.
KEY: Fluster, [See FLURRY].
KEY: Fluted, [See CORRUGATE].
KEY: Flutter.
SYN: Vibrate, quiver, palpitate, flicker, flit.
ANT: Perch, roost, nestle, settle, subside, collapse, rest, lull,
pause, {[re]?}, pose, sink.
KEY: Flux.
SYN: Flow, motion, progression, change, substitution, transmutation.
ANT: Stagnation, stillness, invariableness, identity, immutability,
crystallization, arrestation.
KEY: Fly, [See FLEE].
KEY: Focus.
SYN: Centre, standpoint, rendezvous, convergence, nucleus.
ANT: Circle, dispersion, dissipation, divergence, Foe, [See FRIEND].
KEY: Foggy.
SYN: Confused, dazed, absent, stupid, hazy, obscure, misty.
ANT: Clear, alive, alert, awake, luminous, lucid, bright, shrewd,
KEY: Foible.
SYN: Peccadillo, failing, fault, weakness, infirmity.
ANT: Crime, atrocity, enormity, sin.
KEY: Foil_\v.\, [See BAFFLE].
KEY: Foil_\n.\.
SYN: Set-off, background, contrast, enhancement, setting,
ANT: Eclipse, outshining, extinction, overshadowing.
KEY: Foist.
SYN: Falsify, counterfeit, palm, pass.
ANT: Expose, detect, verify, authenticate.
KEY: Fold.
SYN: Double, enfold, embrace, envelop, inclose, wrap.
ANT: Unfold, disengage, expose.
KEY: Follow.
SYN: Pursue, chase, accompany, obey, Imitate, succeed, result, ensue,
attend, shadow, observe, copy.
ANT: Avoid, elude, quit, disobey, precede, cause, produce, abandon,
KEY: Follower.
SYN: Partisan, adherent, disciple, henchman, retainer, pursuer,
ANT: Leader, teacher, antagonist, opponent, rival.
KEY: Folly.
SYN: Madness, nonsense, misconduct, imprudence, silliness,
foolishness, weakness, absurdity, imbecility.
ANT: Sense, wisdom, sanity, judgment, prudence, sobriety.
KEY: Foment.
SYN: Excite, cherish, fan, propagate, encourage.
ANT: Allay, extinguish, discourage, extirpate, quench.
KEY: Fond.
SYN: Loving, attached, affectionate, foolish, silly, weak, doting,
empty, enamored, devoted.
ANT: Unloving, averse, unaffectionate, strong-minded, austere,
rational, well-grounded, sensible, undemonstrative.
KEY: Fondle.
SYN: Dandle, pet, caress.
ANT: Tease, worry, annoy, chafe, irritate, ruffle.
KEY: Fondness, [See FOND].
KEY: Foolish.
SYN: Senseless, idiotic, crazed, shallow, weak, silly, injudicious,
irrational, absurd, contemptible, objectionable, witless, brainless,
imbecile, preposterous, ridiculous, nonsensical, simple.
ANT: Sensible, sane, deep, clearsighted, sound, sagacious,
strongminded, wise, prudent, judicious, calculating, advisable,
KEY: Footing.
SYN: Standing, status, condition, foundation, foothold.
ANT: Dislodgment, ousting.
KEY: Foppish.
SYN: Finical, coxcombical, dandified, dressy.
ANT: Modest, unassuming, unaffected, dowdy, slovenly, clownish.
KEY: Foray.
SYN: Raid, sally, inroad, {[dragonade]?}, escapade.
ANT: Flight, retreat, recall, decampment, stampede.
KEY: Forbear.
SYN: Abstain, refrain, withhold, forego, avoid.
ANT: Seek, indulge, Forbid, [See BID].
KEY: Forbidding.
SYN: Repulsive, deterrent, prohibitory, offensive.
ANT: Attractive, encouraging, alluring, seductive, permissive.
KEY: Force.
SYN: Power, strength, agency, instrumentality, compulsion, cogency,
vigor, might, dint, vehemence, pressure, host, army, coercion,
validity, violence.
ANT: Feebleness, weakness, counteraction, neutralization,
inefficiency, inconclusiveness, debility, pointlessness.
KEY: Forego.
SYN: Waive, drop, abandon, abjure, renounce, give_up, relinquish,
yield, surrender, resign.
ANT: Claim, assume, vindicate, seize, grasp, retain.
KEY: Foreign.
SYN: Strange, exotic, outlandish, alien, irrelevant, extraneous.
ANT: Domestic, native, congenial, pertinent, germane.
KEY: Forerunner.
SYN: Predecessor, precursor, harbinger, herald, omen, Avant-courier.
ANT: Successor, follower.
KEY: Foresee.
SYN: Predict, anticipate, foretell, forecast, foreknow, forebode,
ANT: Reflect, remember, recollect, recurl.
KEY: Forestall, [See ANTICIPATION].
KEY: Forestallment, [See {[FOKBBTAXX]?}].
KEY: Foretell.
SYN: Predict, preindicate, prognosticate, forebode, prophesy,
presage, augur, foreshow, betoken, portend, forewarn.
ANT: Recite, narrate, detail.
KEY: Forewarn, [See WARN].
KEY: Forfeit.
SYN: Fine, penalty, mulct, amercement, damages, loss.
ANT: Premium, bribe, douceur, remuneration, compensation, reward,
KEY: Forefend.
SYN: Stave, obviate, prevent.
ANT: Rectify, mend, cure, redress, remedy.
KEY: Forge.
SYN: Work, frame, produce, elaborate, fabricate, counterfeit, feign,
falsify, form, shape, make_falsely.
ANT: Shatter, batter, shiver, blast, fuse, detect, expose, verify,
misconstrue, misfabricate, misshape.
KEY: Forgery.
SYN: Falsification, counterfeit.
ANT: Signature, verification, attestation.
KEY: Forget.
SYN: Lose, pretermit, {[un]?}, learn, obliviate, overlook.
ANT: Acquire, learn, remember, recollect, mind, retain, treasure.
KEY: Forgive, [See PARDON].
KEY: Forgotten.
SYN: Unremembered, bygone, slighted, overlooked, obsolete,
disregarded, neglected.
ANT: Remembered, present, treasured, guarded, regarded, cherished.
KEY: Forlorn.
SYN: Abandoned, deserted, forsaken, solitary, destitute, desolate,
hapless, luckless, helpless, disconsolate, lone, woe-begone,
lonesome, wretched.
ANT: Supported, attended, cherished, protected, befriended, cheered.
KEY: Form.
SYN: Shape, mould, fashion, constitute, arrange, frame, construct,
contrive, conceive, make, produce, create, devise.
ANT: Deform, dislocate, distort, dissipate, derange, dismember,
disintegrate, analyze, disorganize.
KEY: Formal.
SYN: Regular, complete, shapely, sufficient, correct, stately,
dignified, ceremonious, pompous, stiff, precise, explicit, exact,
affected, methodical.
ANT: Irregular, incomplete, informal, inadequate, incorrect, easy,
unassuming, unceremonious.
KEY: Formalism.
SYN: Rigidity, ceremoniousness, pomposity, externalism, parade,
ANT: Simplicity, unostentatiousness, unaffectedness,
KEY: Formality.
SYN: Ceremony, parade, affectation, stateliness, punctiliousness,
KEY: Formation.
SYN: Shape, structure, construction.
ANT: Deformity, malformation, dislocation, distortion.
KEY: Former.
SYN: Preceding, antecedent, previous, prior, earlier, ancient,
bygone, anterior, first-mentioned, foregoing.
ANT: Succeeding, subsequent, posterior, latter, modern, coming,
KEY: Formidable.
SYN: Awful, terrible, alarming, terrifying, discouraging, serious,
appalling, fearful, dreadful, horrible, shocking.
ANT: Despicable, weak, contemptible, light, trivial.
KEY: Formless, [See FORM].
KEY: Forsake, [See ABANDON].
KEY: Forswear, [See ABJURE].
KEY: Forthwith.
SYN: Immediately, instantly, directly, instantaneously.
ANT: By-and-by, hereafter, soon, presently.
KEY: Fortify.
SYN: Strengthen, confirm, corroborate, garrison, brace, intrench.
ANT: Weaken, invalidate, dismantle.
KEY: Fortitude.
SYN: Courage, endurance, braveness, calmness, resignation, hardihood,
composure, resolution, stoicism, firmness.
ANT: Timidity, flinching, impatience, irritation, faintness,
delicacy, effeminacy, womanishness, childishness.
KEY: Fortuitous.
SYN: Accidental, undesigned.
ANT: Designed, purposed.
KEY: Fortunate.
SYN: Lucky, propitious, happy, felicitous, prosperous, auspicious,
providential, successful.
ANT: Unlucky, unfortunate, unhappy, infelicitous.
KEY: Fortune, [See CHANCE].
KEY: Forward.
SYN: Advanced, ready, eager, anxious, obtrusive, self-assertive,
impertinent, progressive, onward, confident, bold, presumptuous.
ANT: Tardy, backward, reluctant, indifferent, slow, retiring,
KEY: Foster, [See CHERISH].
KEY: Foul, [See CORRUPT].
KEY: Found.
SYN: Establish, institute, fix, set, build, set_up, base, endow, rest,
ground, plant, root.
ANT: Disestablish, subvert, supplant, uproot.
KEY: Foundation.
SYN: Institution, establishment, footing, base, basis, origin,
ground, groundwork, rudiments, substratum, {underlying_principle}.
ANT: Disestablishment, superstructure.
KEY: Founder \n.\.
SYN: Author, instituter, {establishes_originator}, planter.
ANT: Subverter, destroyer.
KEY: Founder \v.\, [See FOUND_and_SINK].
KEY: Fractious.
SYN: Snappish, peevish, cross, pettish, fretful, touchy, petulant,
ANT: Good-humored, blithesome, genial, agreeable, complaisant.
KEY: Fragile.
SYN: Delicate, frail, brittle, weak, slight, frangible.
ANT: Tough, hardy, stout, strong.
KEY: Fragment.
SYN: Piece, bit, chip, morsel, driblet, scrap, remnant.
ANT: Bulk, body, mass, whole.
KEY: Fragrant.
SYN: Odorous, scented, perfumed, balmy, sweet-smelling, aromatic,
sweet-scented, odoriferous, spicy.
ANT: Inodorous, scentless, fetid.
KEY: Frail.
SYN: [See FRAGILE], Irresolute, erring, mutable.
ANT: Resolute, virtuous, lasting.
KEY: Frame, [See FORM].
KEY: Franchise.
SYN: Freedom, immunity, exemption, right.
ANT: Obligation, disability, jurisdiction, liability,
KEY: Frangible, [See FRAGILE].
KEY: Frank.
SYN: Ingenuous, candid, open, unreserved, artless, free, familiar,
honest, easy, sincere, outspoken, plain.
ANT: Disingenuous, close, reserved.
KEY: Frantic.
SYN: Mad, raving, furious, distracted, wild, frenzied, maniacal.
ANT: Sane, sober, calm, collected, cool, unruffled, composed.
KEY: Fraternity, [See BROTHERHOOD].
KEY: Fraternize.
SYN: Sympathize, consort, co-operate, associate_with.
ANT: Renounce, abjure, forswear.
KEY: Fraud, [See CHEAT].
KEY: Fraught.
SYN: {[Loadal]?}, full, pregnant, teeming, abounding, charged.
ANT: Devoid, divested, exempt, empty, wanting, poor, scant.
KEY: Freakish.
SYN: Sportful, frisky, whimsical, fanciful, capricious, erratic.
ANT: Steady, sober, demure, unwhimsical, unfanciful, reliable,
consistent, uniform, equable.
KEY: Free.
SYN: Detached, playing, operating, open, unoccupied, unobstructed,
unimpeded, permitted, unhindered, exempt, gratuitous, unconditional,
at_liberty, clear, liberal, untrammelled, uncounted, careless, loose,
easy, munificent, unreserved, frank, bountiful, generous, bounteous.
ANT: Subservient, bound, shackled, restricted, clogged, occupied,
obstructed, impeded, compulsory, unlawful, biased, subject, liable,
amenable, conditional, qualified, niggardly, stingy.
KEY: Freight, [See CARGO].
KEY: Frenzy.
SYN: Fanaticism, madness, raving, fury, fire.
ANT: Calm, composure, collectedness, coolness, sanity, sobriety,
KEY: Frequent.
SYN: Many, repeated, numerous, recurrent, general, continual, usual,
ANT: Few, solitary, rare, scanty, casual.
KEY: Fresh.
SYN: New, young, vigorous, cool, recent, renewed, unimpaired,
untarnished, unfaded, blooming, ruddy, novel, untried, modern,
ANT: Old, stale, jaded, weary, former, stagnant, ordinary, original,
impaired, tarnished, faded, decayed, pallid, sickly, putrid, mouldy,
musty, fusty.
KEY: Fret, [See CHAFE].
KEY: Fretful.
SYN: Irritable, fractious, peevish, impatient, petulant, waspish.
ANT: Patient, forbearing, contented, meek, resigned, unmurmuring.
KEY: Friable, [See FRAGILE].
KEY: Fribble, [See TRIFLE].
KEY: Friction.
SYN: Rubbing, grating, attrition, abrasion, contact.
ANT: Lubrication, detachment, isolation, noncontact.
KEY: Friend.
SYN: Associate, companion, acquaintance, familiar, ally, chum,
messmate, coadjutor, confidant, adherent.
ANT: Opponent, foe, adversary, antagonist, enemy.
KEY: Friendless, [See FRIEND_and_FORLORN].
KEY: Friendly.
SYN: Well-inclined, welldisposed, amicable, kindly, social,
neighborly, sociable, affectionate, favorable, cordial.
ANT: ill-inclined, ill-disposed, hostile, inimical, adverse,
KEY: Friendship, [See FRIEND].
KEY: Fright, [See ALARM].
KEY: Frightful.
SYN: Terrible, horrible, alarming, ugly, hideous, monstrous,
dreadful, direful, awful, shocking, horrid, terrific.
ANT: Pleasing, attractive, beautiful, fair, encouraging, lovely.
KEY: Frigid.
SYN: Cold, inanimate, lifeless, passionless, distant, forbidding.
ANT: Warm, ardent, impassioned.
KEY: Fringed, [See FIMBRIATED].
KEY: Frippery.
SYN: Trumpery, finery, tawdriness.
ANT: Apparel, costume, uniform, dress, decoration, ornament.
KEY: Frisk.
SYN: Sport, leap, jump, play, dance, wanton.
ANT: Lie, ruminate, rest, repose, roost, mope, sulk.
KEY: Frisky.
SYN: Sportive, playful, wanton.
ANT: Demure, sedate, meditative, pensive.
KEY: Fritter.
SYN: Dribble, waste, idle, dissipate.
ANT: Economise, husband, cultivate.
KEY: Frivolous.
SYN: Trifling, silly, trivial, petty, worthless.
ANT: Serious, earnest, important, grave.
KEY: Frolic.
SYN: Play, game, sport, festivity, entertainment, gambol, gayety,
lark, spree, merrymaking, prank.
ANT: Study, undertaking, purpose, engagement, occupation.
KEY: Frolicsome.
SYN: Playful, gamesome, sportive, wanton, festive.
ANT: Serious, grave, studious, laborious, earnest.
KEY: Front, [See FACE].
KEY: Froward.
SYN: Contrary, perverse, untoward, wayward, refractory, fractious,
ANT: Favorable, docile, amenable, ductile, agreeable, obedient,
Frown, [See FAVOR].
KEY: Frugal.
SYN: Sparing, economical, parsimonious, abstinent, abstemious,
temperate, saving, thrifty, provident.
ANT: Profuse, luxurious, extravagant, prodigal, self-indulgent,
KEY: Fruit.
SYN: Production, outcome, outgrowth, result, consequence, produce,
ANT: Seed, origin, cause, growth, operation.
KEY: Fruitful.
SYN: Productive, prolific, pregnant, fraught, causative, effectual,
useful, successful, fertile, abundant, plenteous, fecund, plentiful.
ANT: Unproductive, sterile, barren, fruitless, ineffectual, useless,
KEY: Fruition.
SYN: Reaping, attainment, enjoyment, use, possession.
ANT: Disappointment, loss, nonattainment.
KEY: Fruitless, [See FRIENDLY].
KEY: Frustrate, [See BAFFLE].
KEY: Fugacious.
SYN: Ephemeral, fugitive.
KEY: Frustration, [See FRUSTRATE_and_DISAPPOINTMENT], fleeting,
ANT: Persistent, perennial, perpetual, permanent.
KEY: Fugitive, [See FUGACIOUS].
KEY: Fulfil.
SYN: Fill, complete, discharge, verify, accomplish, achieve, execute,
ANT: Neglect, ignore, disappoint, falsify.
KEY: Fulminate.
SYN: Thunder, clamor, roar, vociferate, denounce.
ANT: Laud, panegyrize, eulogize.
KEY: Fulsome.
SYN: Excessive, gross, loathsome, nauseous, sickening, fawning,
ANT: Chaste, sober, nice, delicate.
KEY: Fumble, [See BUNGLE].
KEY: Fumbler, [See BUNGLER].
KEY: Fume.
SYN: Vapor, chafe, frown.
ANT: Acquiesce, smile.
KEY: Function.
SYN: Office, part, character, capacity, business, administration,
discharge, operation, exercise, power, duty, employment.
ANT: Usurpation, maladministration, misconduct, misdemeanor.
KEY: Functionary.
SYN: Official, officer, servant, personage.
KEY: Fund.
SYN: Stock, capital, investment.
ANT: Expenditure, outlay, disbursement.
KEY: Fundamental.
SYN: Primary, important, indispensable, essential.
ANT: Secondary, unimportant, adventitious, ascititious,
KEY: Funereal.
SYN: Lugubrious, dismal, woeful, sombre, mournful, plaintive,
deathlike, solemn.
ANT: Joyous, festive, ridiculous, funny, stirring, lively, farcical.
KEY: Funny.
SYN: Sportive, droll, comical, laughable, humorous, jocose,
ridiculous, ludicrous, diverting.
ANT: Dull, tedious, mournful, lugubrious, dismal, grave, serious, sad,
KEY: Furbish.
SYN: Brighten, polish, burnish.
ANT: Dull, cloud, tarnish.
KEY: Furious, {[See_Vm:]?}.
KEY: Furnish.
SYN: Supply, provide, equip, afford, yield, bestow, purvey, give.
ANT: Withhold, withdraw, dismantle.
KEY: Further, [See ADVANCE].
KEY: Furtive.
SYN: Stealthy, clandestine, secretive, secret, sly.
ANT: Open, public, undisguised, unreserved, unconcealed.
KEY: Fury, [See FURIOUS].
KEY: Fuse.
SYN: Liquefy, melt, smelt, amalgamate, commingle, consolidate.
ANT: Disunite, disincorporate, diffuse, disamalgamate, Fusion, [See
KEY: Fuss.
SYN: Stir, excitement, tumult, worry, ado, bustle, flurry, fidget.
ANT: Quiet, peace, sedateness, tranquillity, composure, calm.
KEY: Fustian, [See BOMBAST].
KEY: Fusty, [See FRESH].
KEY: Futile.
SYN: Weak, ineffective, useless, nugatory, unavailing, vain,
ANT: Powerful, effective, cogent, useful, solid, substantial.
KEY: Future.
SYN: Forthcoming, coming, advenient.
ANT: Gone, bygone, past.
KEY: [See GABBLE]. \n.\.
SYN: Prate, jabber, jargon, stuff, babble, rattle, twaddle, gibber,
chatter, gibberish.
ANT: Conversation, speech, eloquence, reticence, taciturnity,
mincing, mouthiness, euphuism, grandiloquence.
KEY: gabble \v.\, [See GABBLE], ~_\n.\].
KEY: Gaffer, [See CODGER].
KEY: Gag.
SYN: Silence, stifle, burke, muzzle, hush.
ANT: Evoke, provoke, inspire, animate.
KEY: Gage.
SYN: Engage, bind, pledge, secure, pawn, deposit.
ANT: Intimate, promise, acquit, release, redeem.
KEY: Gaiety, [See GAY].
KEY: Gain_\v.\.
SYN: Acquire, get, win, procure, obtain, profit, benefit, earn,
attain, realize, achieve, reap, reach.
ANT: Lose, forfeit, suffer.
KEY: Gain_\n.\, [See GAIN].
KEY: Gainful.
SYN: Profitable, beneficial, advantageous, winning.
ANT: Unprofitable, detrimental, injurious, disadvantageous,
gainless, losing.
KEY: Gainless, [See GAINFUL].
KEY: Gainsay, [See AFFIRM], galaxy., #N/A, [See _BEVY].
KEY: Gallant.
SYN: Brave, chivalrous, intrepid, courteous, heroic, fearless,
courageous, valiant, bold, splendid, showy, gay.
ANT: Cowardly, churlish, discourteous.
KEY: Gambol \v.\.
SYN: Frolic, sport, frisk, play, caper, jump.
ANT: Tire, weary, droop, flog.
KEY: Gambol \n.\, [See GAMBOL], {[u]?}, [See {[)]?}].
KEY: Game.
SYN: Sport, recreation, pastime, amusement, frolic, diversion, play.
ANT: Study, toil, labor, business, duty, weariness, flagging.
KEY: Gamesome, [See GAME_and_{[MKB]?}], {[KYj]?}.
KEY: Gang, [See CREW].
KEY: Garb.
SYN: Dress, uniform, clothing, costume, vestments, apparel.
ANT: Undress, tatters, rags, shreds, nudity.
KEY: Garble.
SYN: Misrepresent, misquote, mutilate, cook, dress, color, falsify,
pervert, distort.
ANT: Quote, cite, extract, recite.
KEY: Garbled, [See GABBLE].
KEY: Garnish.
SYN: Deck, furnish, adorn, dress, furbish, beautify, embellish,
decorate, ornament.
ANT: Denude, strip, dismantle.
KEY: Garniture, [See GARNISH].
KEY: Garrulity.
SYN: Verbosity, loquacity, talkativeness, chatter.
ANT: Reticence, taciturnity, laconism.
KEY: Garrulous, [See GARRULITY].
KEY: Gather, [See COLLECT].
KEY: Gaud.
SYN: Trinket, trumpery, finery, gewgaw, bauble, kickshaw, gimcrack,
ANT: Decoration, ornament, gem, jewel, valuable.
KEY: Gaudy.
SYN: Tawdry, fine, meretricious, bespangled, glittering, showy, gay,
ANT: Rich, simple, handsome, chaste.
KEY: Gauge.
SYN: Measure, fathom, probe.
ANT: Survey, conjecture, view, {[ecan]?}, guess, observe,
KEY: Gaunt.
SYN: Grim, savage, lean, lank, hungry, thin, spare, attenuated,
ANT: Docile, tractable, tame, sleek, well-fed.
KEY: Gawky.
SYN: Awkward, ungainly, uncouth, clumsy, clownish.
ANT: Neat, handy, graceful, handsome.
KEY: Gay.
SYN: Merry, blithe, lively, jolly, sportive, sprightly, smart,
festive, gladsome, pleasuresome, cheerful.
ANT: Heavy, melancholy, grave, sad, sombre, dull, dowdy.
KEY: Gaze.
SYN: Stare, contemplate, scan, behold, regard, view, glower, gloat.
ANT: Wink, ignore, overlook, ogler_disregard, glance.
KEY: Gelatinous.
SYN: Viscous, albuminous, mucilaginous, gummy, [See
{[glairy-tfltiaous %  ]?}], semifluid, lentous.
ANT: Limpid, sparkling, crystalline.
KEY: Gelid.
SYN: Frigid, cold, icy.
ANT: Warm, genial.
KEY: Generality.
SYN: Mass, bulk, body, majority.
ANT: Section, minority, exception, Individuality.
KEY: Generalization, [See ABSTRACTION].
KEY: Generate.
SYN: Engender, produce, propagate, originate, beget, breed.
ANT: Stifle, extinguish, terminate.
KEY: Generation.
SYN: Age, period, era, epoch, lifetime, offspring, stock, race,
origination, breed, progeny, formation.
ANT: Perpetuity, eternity, immortality.
KEY: Generic.
SYN: General, common, collective.
ANT: Particular, personal, specific.
KEY: Generous.
SYN: Noble, chivalrous, liberal, disinterested, bountiful,
magnanimous, open-hearted, munificent, honorable.
ANT: Mean, ignoble, illiberal, selfish, churlish.
KEY: Genial.
SYN: Warm, cordial, balmy, cheering, merry, festive, joyous, nearly,
revivifying, restorative.
ANT: Cold, cutting, harsh, deleterious, noxious, deadly, blighting,
destructive, ungenial, lethal.
KEY: Genius.
SYN: Talent, cleverness, inventiveness, creativeness, intellect,
skill, giftedness, ideality, endowment, nature, gift, character,
ANT: Stolidity, stupidity, inanity, imbecility.
KEY: Genteel.
SYN: Polite, well-bred, refined, courteous, fashionable, elegant,
aristocratic, polished, graceful.
ANT: Rude, boorish, ill-bred, clownish, unfashionable, unpolished,
inelegant, plebeian.
KEY: Gentility, [See GENTEEL].
KEY: Gentle.
SYN: Courteous, polite, highbred, mild, bland, tame, docile, amiable,
meek, soft, placid, tender.
ANT: Rough, rude, coarse, fierce, savage.
KEY: Genuine.
SYN: Authentic, true, real, pure, unalloyed, natural, unaffected,
sincere, unadulterated, veritable, sound.
ANT: Spurious, fictitious, adulterated, apocryphal.
KEY: Germ.
SYN: Seed, nucleus, embryo, origin, bud.
ANT: Fruit, development, result.
KEY: Germane.
SYN: Allied, kindred, related, homogeneous, appropriate, akin,
pertinent, relative.
ANT: Unconnected, foreign, alien, irrelevant.
KEY: Germinate.
SYN: Sprout, shoot, bud, vegetate.
ANT: Rot, decay.
KEY: Gesticulate, [See ATTITUDE].
KEY: Gesture, [See ATTITUDE].
KEY: Get.
SYN: Gain, procure, acquire, earn, obtain, attain, secure, achieve.
ANT: Lose, forfeit, surrender, forgo.
KEY: Gewgaw, [See GAUD].
KEY: Ghastly.
SYN: Deathlike, {[-wan]?}, grim, cadaverous, spectral, pallid,
hideous, shocking.
ANT: Blooming, fresh, comely, seemly, buxom, ruddy.
KEY: Ghost.
SYN: Spectre, apparition, spirit, vision, shade, phantom.
ANT: Body, animal, organism.
KEY: Gibe.
SYN: Sneer, scoff, ridicule, jeer, mock, deride, rail_at, taunt.
ANT: Salute, compliment.
KEY: Giddy.
SYN: Whirling, vertiginous, thoughtless, inconstant, unsteady, lofty,
beetling, dizzy, hare-brained, flighty.
ANT: Stationary, slow, ponderous, thoughtful, earnest, steady, low,
unelevated, wary, circumspect.
KEY: Gift.
SYN: Donation, present, grant, boon, gratuity, benefaction,
endowment, talent, faculty, alms, douceur.
ANT: Reservation, refusal, wages, purchase, earnings, compensation,
remuneration, inanity, stupidity, forfeit, penalty, fine, surrender.
KEY: Gigantic.
SYN: Colossal, huge, enormous, herculean, giant, cyclopean, vast.
ANT: Puny, dwarfish, feeble.
KEY: Giggle \n.\.
SYN: Cachinnation, grin, titter.
ANT: Sob, whimper, whine, blubber.
KEY: Giggle \v.\, [See GIGGLE], ~_\n.\].
KEY: Gild, [See ADORN].
KEY: Gird.
SYN: Surround, encircle, hem, environ, belt, enclose, engirdle,
encompass, girdle, begird.
ANT: Disclose, open, expand, disencircle, disentangle, ungird.
KEY: Girdle, [See GIRD].
KEY: Girth, [See GIRD].
KEY: Gist.
SYN: Essence, pith, marrow, substance, kernel, force, main_point.
ANT: Surplusage, redundancy, additament, environment, accessories,
garb, clothing.
KEY: Give.
SYN: Bestow, grant, confer, impart, yield, produce, surrender,
concede, present, afford, communicate, furnish.
ANT: Withhold, withdraw, refuse, retain, grasp, fail, restrain, deny.
KEY: Glabrous.
SYN: Smooth, polished, bald, shiny, sleek, glacial, glassy.
ANT: Rough, hairy, bristly, hank, wrinkled, shaggy, hirsute.
KEY: Glad.
SYN: Happy, joyous, pleased, gratified, blithesome, gleeful,
gladsome, delighted, cheerful, elated, joyful.
ANT: Unhappy, sorrowful, disastrous, sorry, disappointed, dismal.
KEY: Gladden.
SYN: rejoice, cheer, gratify, exhilarate.
ANT: Grieve, dispirit, disappoint, depress, afflict, trouble, wound.
KEY: Glance, [See GAZE].
KEY: Glare.
SYN: Beam, shine, gleam, ray, radiate, glow.
ANT: Shimmer, scintillate, glitter, smoulder, glimmer, glisten,
glister, sparkle, flash, flicker.
KEY: Glassy.
SYN: Vitreous, smooth, polished, glacial, glabrous, brittle,
transparent, crystalline, pellucid, limpid, glossy, silken.
ANT: Rough, uneven, rugged, pliant, tough, opaque, luteous, muddy,
turbid, scabrous.
KEY: Glaze.
SYN: Vitrefy, gloss, polish, burnish, furbish.
ANT: Roughen, corrugate, rumple, crumple, Gleam, [See GLARE].
KEY: Glee, [See GLAD].
KEY: Glib.
SYN: Slippery, voluble, smooth, fluent, ready, talkative, flippant.
ANT: Rough, abrupt, hesitating, stammering, Glimmer, [See GLARE].
KEY: Glimpse.
SYN: Sight, inkling, glance, glimmering, survey.
ANT: Observation, scrutiny, investigation, inspection, analysis,
examination, exposure.
KEY: Glisten, [See GLARE].
KEY: Glister, [See GLARE].
KEY: Glitter, [See GLARE].
KEY: Gloat.
SYN: Revel, glut, feast.
ANT: Avoid, shun, loathe, abominate.
KEY: glomeration, [See CONGLOMERATION].
KEY: Gloom.
SYN: Gloaming, twilight, obscurity, shadow, obscuration, dullness,
cloudiness, cloud, dejection, sadness.
ANT: Light, radiance, clearness, brightness, daylight.
KEY: Glorify.
SYN: Exalt, honor, elevate, laud, praise, signalize, magnify,
aggrandize, adore, panegyrize, extol.
ANT: Depress, debase, abuse, censure, degrade, decry, abase, defame.
KEY: Glorious, [See CELEBRATED].
KEY: Glory.
SYN: Brightness, radiance, effulgence, honor, fame, celebrity, pomp,
luster, magnificence, splendor, renown.
ANT: Obscurity, ignominy, cloud, dishonor, degradation.
KEY: Gloss \n.\.
SYN: Polish, luster, misinterpretation, distortion, perversion,
twist, plea, pretense, speciousness.
ANT: Nebulousness, haze, literalness, truth, representation,
interpretation, reality, verity, Glow, [See GLARE].
KEY: Glowing.
SYN: Shining, intense, hot, ardent, fiery, fervent, fervid.
ANT: Dull, languid, cool.
KEY: Gloze, [See GLOSS].
KEY: Glut_\v.\.
SYN: Gorge, fill, stuff, cram, satiate, cloy, surfeit.
ANT: Disgorge, empty, void.
KEY: Glut_\n.\.
SYN: Surplus, redundancy, superfluity, overstock.
ANT: Scarcity, drainage, exhaustion, dearth, failure, scantiness.
KEY: Glutinous, [See GELATINOUS].
KEY: Gluttony.
SYN: Greed, gormandizement, voracity, deglutition.
ANT: Abstinence, frugality, abstemiousness, temperance,
SYN: Move, depart, pass, travel, vanish, reach, extend, proceed, stir,
set_out, budge.
ANT: Stand, stay, come, remain, persist, abide, rest, endure, lack,
KEY: Godless, [See EXCEPTIONAL_and_RARE].
KEY: Godliness, [See DIRTY].
KEY: Good_\adj.\.
SYN: Right, complete, {[ vietnous]?}, sound, pious, benevolent,
propitious, serviceable, suitable, efficient, sufficient, competent,
valid, real, actual, considerable, honorable, reputable, righteous,
proper, true, upright, just, excellent.
ANT: Wrong, imperfect, unsound, vicious, profane, niggardly,
unpropitious, unserviceable, unsuitable, inefficient, inadequate,
incompetent, invalid, unctious, supposititious, inconsiderable,
mean, disgraceful, disreputable, bad, evil.
KEY: Good_\n.\.
SYN: Boon, benefit, advantage, gain, blessing, mercy, virtue,
prosperity, weal, profit, interest, welfare.
ANT: Hurt, injury, loss, detriment, evil, disadvantage, ill, calamity,
infliction, curse.
KEY: Good-humored.
SYN: Good-natured, good-tempered, amiable, cheerful.
ANT: Ill-humored, ill-natured, cross, unamiable.
KEY: Goodly.
SYN: Pleasant, desirable, excellent, fair, {[coMc'y]?}, considerable,
graceful, fine.
ANT: Unpleasant, undesirable, uncomely, inconsiderable.
KEY: Goods, [See CHATTELS].
KEY: Gorge, [See GLUT_and_SWALLOW].
KEY: Gorgeous.
SYN: Magnificent, splendid, costly, rich, superb, grand, strong.
ANT: Poor, naked, bare, cheap, dingy, threadbare.
KEY: Govern.
SYN: Rule, direct, control, moderate, guide, sway, supervise, manage,
command, conduct.
ANT: Misrule, misdirect, miscontrol.
KEY: Governor, [See GOVERN], Grab, [See SNATCH].
KEY: Grabble, [See GROVEL].
KEY: Grace.
SYN: Favor, beauty, condescension, kindness, elegance, charm,
excellence, pardon, mercy.
ANT: Disfavor, deformity, unkindness, pride, inelegance, awkwardness,
KEY: Graceful, [See GRACE], [See GOODLY_and_GRACELESS].
KEY: Graceless.
SYN: Ungraceful, vicious, scampish, reprobate, abandoned, worthless.
ANT: Graceful, virtuous, conscientious, upright, worthy.
KEY: Gracious.
SYN: Affable, courteous, benignant, kind, civil, condescending,
merciful, friendly, tender, gentle, beneficent.
ANT: Haughty, discourteous, illdisposed, ungracious, churlish.
KEY: Gradation.
SYN: Stage, tier, degree, rank, standing, graduation, ordination,
arrangement, precedency.
ANT: Equality, uniformity, fraternity, abruptness, saltation.
KEY: Grade, [See GRADATION].
KEY: Gradual.
SYN: Slow, continuous, unintermittent, gradational, regular,
step_by_step, progressive.
ANT: Sudden, momentary, instantaneous, periodic, recurrent,
intermittent, discontinuous, broken, disconnected.
KEY: Graduate, [See CLASSIFY].
KEY: Grand.
SYN: Large, dignified, imposing, important, eventful, magnificent,
grandly, majestic, august, exalted, stately, splendid, lofty,
elevated, pompous, gorgeous, sublime, superb.
ANT: Little, undignified, unimposing, secondary, interior,
unimportant, petty, paltry, beggarly, mean, common, insignificant.
KEY: Grandeur.
SYN: Dignity, magnificence, display, pomp, ostentation.
ANT: Meanness, paltriness.
KEY: Grandiloquence.
SYN: Verbosity, pomposity, mouthiness, grandiosity, antiloquence,
stiltedness, euphuism, turgidity, fustian, bombast.
ANT: Simplicity, plain-spokenness, naivete, unaffectedness,
KEY: Grandiose, [See GRAND].
SYN: [See_Grandiloquence].
KEY: Grant.
SYN: Give, allot, bestow, confer, transfer, admit, allow, concede,
convey, impart, yield, cede.
ANT: Withhold, withdraw, reserve, resume, deny.
KEY: Graphic.
SYN: Picturesque, illustrative, descriptive, pictorial, forcible,
vivid, feeling, described, picturesquely.
ANT: Unpicturesque, unillustrative, undescriptive.
KEY: Grapple, [See CONTEND].
KEY: Grasp.
SYN: Seize, hold, clasp, retain, comprehend, catch, grip, clutch,
ANT: Loose, lose, abandon, relinquish, surrender, release, miss,
KEY: Grasping, [See AVARICIOUS].
KEY: Orate.
SYN: Bub, scrape, jar, scratch.
ANT: Glide, slip, lubricate.
KEY: Crateful.
SYN: Pleasant, acceptable, agreeable, thankful, obliged, welcome.
ANT: Unpleasant, unacceptable, disagreeable, ungrateful,
KEY: Gratification.
SYN: Pleasure, enjoyment, satisfaction, indulgence, delight, reward.
ANT: Pain, dislike, disappointment, abstinence, abnegation, stinting,
inurement, discipline.
KEY: Gratify.
SYN: Please, satisfy, indulge, humor.
ANT: Displease, dissatisfy, disappoint, stint, discipline, inure,
harden, deprive, deny.
KEY: Gratitude.
SYN: Thankfulness, gratefulness.
ANT: Unthankfulness, ingratitude, thanklessness, oblivion,
resentment, indignation.
KEY: Gratuitous.
SYN: Free, uncompensated, voluntary, unwarranted, groundless, wanton,
unnecessary, unsought.
ANT: Compulsory, involuntary, obligatory, necessitated, warranted,
KEY: Gratuity, [See GRATUITOUS_and_BONUS].
KEY: Gratulation, [See CONGRATULATION].
KEY: Grave.
SYN: Sad, serious, momentous, weighty, pressing, sedate, demure,
thoughtful, sober, sombre, solemn, important, aggravated, heavy,
ANT: Joyous, merry, facetious, unimportant, ridiculous, trivial,
light, frivolous, futile.
KEY: Gravity, [See WEIGHTY_and_SOLEMNITY].
KEY: Gravely, [See GRAVE].
KEY: Graze.
SYN: Shave, scrape, skim, abrade, shear.
ANT: Strike, impinge, collide, encounter.
KEY: Great.
SYN: Big, wide, huge, numerous, protracted, excellent, large, immense,
bulky, majestic, gigantic, vast, grand, sublime, august, eminent,
magnanimous, noble, powerful, exalted, noticeable.
ANT: Little, narrow, puny, scanty, few, short, mean, ignoble, weak,
KEY: Greediness.
SYN: Voracity, rapacity, eagerness, [See AVIDITY].
KEY: Greed.
SYN: Gluttonous, voracious, hungry, desirous, avaricious.
ANT: Abstemious, abstinent, indifferent, contented.
KEY: Greet, [See ADDRESS].
KEY: Gregarious.
SYN: Social, sociable, consociative.
ANT: Unsocial, unsociable, solitary.
KEY: Grief.
SYN: Trouble, tribulation, woe, mourning, regret, affliction, sorrow,
ANT: Joy, exultation, delight, elation, hilarity.
KEY: Grievance.
SYN: Burden, injury, complaint, trouble, oppression, hardship,
ANT: Congratulation, boon, rejoicing, benefit, alleviation,
disburdenment, riddance, privilege.
KEY: Grieve.
SYN: Trouble, burden, annoy, distress, bewail, wound, pain, sorrow,
hurt, afflict, mourn, lament, complain, deplore.
ANT: Ease, console, soothe, please, rejoice, exult, gratify,
KEY: Grievous.
SYN: Sad, heavy, afflictive, lamentable, deplorable, sorrowful,
painful, burdensome, calamitous, baleful, hurtful, disastrous,
ANT: Joyous, delightful, pleasant, glad, consolatory, grateful,
welcome, acceptable, trifling, light, trivial.
KEY: Grievously, [See GRIEVOUS].
KEY: Grim.
SYN: Fierce, ferocious, terrible, hideous, ugly, ghastly, sullen,
ANT: Mild, docile, attractive, placid, benign.
KEY: Grind.
SYN: Crush, pulverize, [See OPPRESS].
KEY: Gripe.
SYN: Grasp, seize, clutch, gnaw, pain, squeeze, screw, pinch,
ANT: Abandon, relax, soothe, ease, relieve.
KEY: Grisly, [See GHASTLY].
KEY: Groan.
SYN: Moan, whine, growl, grumble.
ANT: Giggle, cackle, chuckle, titter, laugh.
KEY: Grope.
SYN: Feel, search, grabble, fumble.
ANT: Grasp, seize, hold, expose.
KEY: Gross.
SYN: Entire, vulgar, vicious, impure, coarse, bloated, sensual,
animal, bulk, indelicate, outrageous, unseemly, shameful.
ANT: Partial, net, pure, refined.
KEY: Grotesque.
SYN: Whimsical, quaint, old, burlesque, archaic, caricatured,
ANT: Classic, chaste, fina, fashionable, graceful, severe.
KEY: Ground \v.\, [See FOUND].
KEY: Ground \n.\.
SYN: Basis, foundation, premise, reason, cause, account, plea.
ANT: Superstructure, statement, argument, inference, deduction.
KEY: Grounded.
SYN: Rooted, established, initiated, inaugurated, prepared,
indoctrinated, trained.
ANT: Ungrounded, untangled, unprepared, uninitiated, baseless,
unfounded, unauthorized, groundless.
KEY: Groundless.
SYN: Vain, supposititious, unfounded, baseless, fanciful, gratuitous,
chimerical, false.
ANT: Well-founded, substantial, authoritative, actual, authentic.
KEY: Group.
SYN: Cluster, bunch, knot, assemblage, collocation, class,
collection, clump, order, assembly.
ANT: Isolation, individual, crowd, confusion, medley.
KEY: Grovel.
SYN: Crawl, cringe, wallow, creep, grub, fawn, grabble.
ANT: Soar, aspire, mount, rise.
KEY: Grow.
SYN: Increase, advance, extend, expand, enlarge, gain_ground, accrue,
become, develop, amplify.
ANT: Dimmish, recede, contract, fail, stop, die, wane.
KEY: Growl.
SYN: Snarl, grumble, complain, remonstrate, murmur, grunt.
ANT: Chuckle, cackle, grin, purr, acquiesce, Growth, [See
KEY: Grudge, {[t>]?}.
SYN: Spare, retain, covet, envy, withhold.
ANT: Spend, impart, welcome, satisfy, gratify.
KEY: Grudge \n.\.
SYN: Spite, grievance, aversion, rancor, hatred, pique,
dissatisfaction, discontent, refusal.
ANT: Welcome, satisfaction, approval, contentment, complacency,
bestowal, benefaction.
KEY: Gruff.
SYN: Rough, surly, bearish, harsh, rude, blunt.
ANT: Smooth, mild, affable, courteous.
KEY: Grumble, [See GROWL].
KEY: Grumpy, [See GRUMBLE_and_SURLY].
KEY: Grunt, [See GROWL].
KEY: Guarantee \v.\.
SYN: Insure, answer_for, pledge, [See WARRANT].
KEY: Guard, [See PROTECT].
KEY: Guarded, [See CALCULATING].
KEY: Guardian.
SYN: Keeper, protector, conservator, custodian, preserver, warder.
ANT: Traitor, betrayer, pupil, ward.
KEY: Guess.
SYN: Conjecture, surmise, divine, suppose, suspect, fancy, imagine.
ANT: Examine, prove, investigate, establish, demonstrate, elaborate,
KEY: Guest.
SYN: Visitor.
ANT: Entertainer, host.
KEY: Guidance.
SYN: Direction, control, [See MANAGEMENT].
KEY: Guide.
SYN: Lead, direct, conduct, pilot, regulate, superintend, influence,
train, manage.
ANT: Mislead, misconduct, misdirect, mismanage, misregulate,
misguide, miseducate, betray, deceive.
KEY: Guile.
SYN: Craft, treachery, deceit, cunning, insidiousness, artifice,
fraud, hypocrisy, trickery.
ANT: Honesty, simplicity, frankness, generosity, candor, sincerity.
KEY: Guileless, [See GUILE_and_CRAFT].
KEY: Guilt.
SYN: Criminality, sin, offence, culpability, [See GUILE_and_CRIME].
KEY: Guiltless, [See GUILE_and_INNOCENT].
KEY: Guise.
SYN: Aspect, garb, semblance, plea, demeanor, dress, appearance,
fashion, mien, manner.
ANT: Character, person, individual, sentiment, disposition, opinion,
life, mind, soul, self.
KEY: Gulf, [See ABYSS].
KEY: Gull, [See CHEAT].
KEY: Gulp, [See SWALLOW].
KEY: Gumption.
SYN: Shrewdness, cleverness, [See ACUTENESS].
KEY: Gush.
SYN: Burst, stream, flow, gush, spout, rush, pour_out, flow_out.
ANT: Drip, drop, dribble, trickle, strain, drain, ooze, filter, [See
KEY: Gust \n.\.
SYN: Squall, blast, puff, fit, outburst, gale, breeze.
ANT: Calm, tranquillity, subsidence, restraint, composure, zephyr.
KEY: Out_\t.\.
SYN: Disembowel, eviscerate.
KEY: Ins.
SYN: Entrails, viscera, bowels, intestines.
KEY: Guzzle, [See GORGE].
SYN: Dress, vestments, robes, uniform, apparel, garb, clothing,
ANT: Deshabille, undress.
KEY: Habilitate, [See HABILIMENTS_and_CLOTHES].
KEY: habitation.
SYN: Qualification, entitlement, empowerment.
ANT: Disqualification, depression, debasement, dishabitation.
KEY: Habit.
SYN: Habituation, custom, familiarity, association, inurement, usage,
practice, way, manner.
ANT: dishabituation, inexperience, inconversance, desuetude, [See
KEY: Habitation, [See ABODE].
KEY: Habitual.
SYN: Regular, ordinary, perpetual, customary, usual, familiar,
accustomed, wonted.
ANT: Irregular, extraordinary, occasional, unusual, exceptional,
KEY: Habituate, [See HABIT_and_ACCUSTOM].
KEY: Haggard.
SYN: Wild, wasted, worn, attenuated, wrinkled, ghastly, holloweyed,
lean, gaunt.
ANT: Sleek, smug, chubby, plump.
KEY: Haggle.
SYN: Higgle, chaffer, bargain, stickle.
ANT: Yield, deduct, abate, reduce, discount.
KEY: Hail.
SYN: Accost, address, salute, call, welcome, greet.
ANT: Ignore, pass, cut, avoid.
KEY: Hale, [See BEHALF].
KEY: Halcyon.
SYN: Calm, serene, balmy, unruffled.
ANT: Stormy, troublous, tempestuous, blustering, boisterous.
KEY: hall.
SYN: Moiety, bisection, dimidiation.
ANT: Integrity, entirety, totality, whole.
KEY: Hallow.
SYN: Consecrate, venerate, reverence, enshrine, sanctify, dedicate.
ANT: Desecrate, profane, blaspheme, abominate, execrate.
KEY: Halt.
SYN: Stop, rest, limp, falter, hammer, stammer, demur, dubitate,
pause, hold, stand_still, hesitate.
ANT: Advance, decide, determine, speed, flow, career.
KEY: Hamper.
KEY: Hand.
SYN: Laborer, workman, operative, artisan, agency, influence, index.
ANT: Employer.
KEY: Handle.
SYN: Feel, treat, use, manage, manipulate, touch, wield, discuss.
ANT: Drop, mismanage, bungle.
KEY: Handmaid.
SYN: Servant, auxiliary, supporter.
ANT: Antagonist, opponent.
KEY: Handsome.
SYN: Comely, good-looking, generous, liberal, beautiful, ample,
pretty, graceful, lovely, elegant.
ANT: Uncomely, ill-looking, ungenerous, illiberal, unhandsome.
KEY: Handy.
SYN: Near, convenient, useful, helpful, manageable, dexterous, ready,
ANT: Remote, Inconvenient, awkward, useless, cumbrous, unwieldy,
KEY: Hang.
SYN: Rest, lean, depend, suspend, poise.
ANT: Stand.
KEY: hanker.
SYN: Long, yearn, crave, hunger.
ANT: Dislike, shun, loathe, abominate, detest, abhor, avoid, {[Hap]?},
[See LUCK].
KEY: Hapless, [See LUCKLESS].
KEY: Haply, [See PERHAPS].
KEY: Happen, [See LUCK_and_BEFALL].
KEY: Happiness.
SYN: Enjoyment, wellbeing, [See BLISS].
KEY: Happy.
SYN: Lucky, fortunate, felicitous, successful, delighted, joyous,
merry, blithesome, prosperous, glad, blissful.
ANT: Unlucky, unfortunate, infelicitous, unsuccessful, sorrowful,
sorry, disapointed, dull, lugubrious, desponding, unhappy.
KEY: Harangue.
SYN: Speech, oration, declamation, effusion, rant.
ANT: Stammer, stutter, mutter, mumble, drawl, insinuation,
suggestion, reasoning, blandiloquence.
KEY: Harass.
SYN: Weary, annoy, fatigue, jade, tease, irritate, chafe, molest,
worry, vex, harrow, pester, tora, ent, tire, perplex, distress.
ANT: Refresh, comfort, solace, relieve, soothe, animate, inspirit.
KEY: Harbinger.
SYN: Announcer, herald, precursor, forerunner.
ANT: Reporter, narrator, relator, historian, follower, attendant.
KEY: Harbor \n.\.
SYN: Haven, rest, refuge, shelter, anchorage, home, asylum, port.
ANT: Labor, toil, peril, exposure, voyage, roving, roaming, wandering,
pilgrimage, tossing.
KEY: Harbor \v.\.
SYN: Cherish, accommodate, entertain, encourage, indulge, shelter,
foster, lodge.
ANT: Eject, expel, discard, discourage, stifle, exclude, banish,
KEY: Hard.
SYN: Firm, dense, solid, compact, unyielding, impenetrable, arduous,
difficult, grievous, distressing, rigorous, oppressive, exacting,
unfeeling, stubborn, harsh, forced, constrained, inexplicable,
flinty, severe, {[cmel]?}, obdurate, hardened, callous.
ANT: Soft, fluid, liquid, elastic, brittle, penetrable, easy, mild,
lenient, tender, ductile, uninvolved, simple, intelligible,
KEY: Harden.
SYN: Inure, train, habituate, confirm, indurate, consolidate,
ANT: Disinure, relax, enervate, debilitate, dishabituate, soften,
melt, mollify, colliquate, vaporize.
KEY: Hardened, [See FAVORABLE].
KEY: Hardihood.
SYN: Resolution, intrepidity, pluck, [See AUDACITY].
KEY: Hardly.
SYN: Barely, just, scarcely, narrowly, merely.
ANT: Fully, amply, easily, largely, abundantly.
KEY: Hardship.
SYN: Trouble, burden, annoyance, grievance, calamity, infliction,
endurance, affliction.
ANT: Pleasure, amusement, alleviation, recreation, gratification,
relief, assuagement, facilitation, boon, treat.
KEY: Hardy.
SYN: Inured, robust, strong, resolute, stout-hearted, vigorous,
intrepid, brave, manly, valiant.
ANT: Weak, uninured, delicate, irresolute, enervated, debilitated,
tender, fragile.
KEY: Harm.
SYN: Hurt, mischief, injury, detriment, damage, evil, wrong,
misfortune, ill, mishap.
ANT: benefit, boon, amelioration, improvement, reparation,
compensation, healing, remedy.
KEY: Harmless.
SYN: Innocuous, innoxious, inoffensive, innocent, gentle.
ANT: Nocuous, noxious, hurtful, savage, cruel, deadly, violent,
mischievous, destructive, pernicious.
KEY: Harmonious.
SYN: Congruous, accordant, proportioned, uniform, melodious, musical,
dulcet, tuneful, consistent, peaceful, agreeable, amicable, friendly,
ANT: Incongruous, discordant, disproportioned, unshapely, harsh,
unmelodious, sharp, grating, unfriendly, riotous, unpeaceful,
KEY: Harmonize, [See ACCORD].
KEY: Harmony, [See AGREEMENT_and_CONCORD].
KEY: Harness \n.\, [See ACCOUTREMENTS].
KEY: Harp_\v.\, {(Metaphor)}.
SYN: Strum, hammer, drum, peg.
ANT: Touch, handle, treat, manage, illustrate, Harrow, [See HARASS].
KEY: Harsh.
SYN: Rough, grating, severe, sharp, rugged, acrimonious, abusive,
soul-jarring, rancorous, rigorous, discordant, gruff.
ANT: Smooth, melodious, lenient, suave, bland, gentle, genial,
KEY: Harshly, [See HARSH].
KEY: Haste.
SYN: Speed, celerity, expedition, hurry, despatch, excitement,
heedlessness, swiftness.
ANT: Slowness, tardiness, delay, coolness, reflection, moderation,
KEY: Hasten.
SYN: Accelerate, urge, expedite, speed, press, hurry, haste, quicken.
ANT: Retard, impede, obstruct, demur, hesitate, halt.
KEY: Hasty.
SYN: Speedy, rapid, superficial, hurried, irascible, impetuous,
reckless, headlong, crude, incomplete, undeveloped, immature, swift,
precipitate, fiery, passionate, slight, quick, excitable, rash,
ANT: Slow, leisurely, careful, close, reflective, developed, matured,
complete, elaborate, thoughtful, deliberate.
KEY: Hatch.
SYN: Prepare, concoct, devise, scheme, brew, plot, contrive,
ANT: Disconcert, upset, expose, dissipate, counteract, baffle, mar,
spoil, frustrate, neutralize.
KEY: Hate, [See ABHOR].
KEY: Hateful.
SYN: Abominable, detestable, vile, odious, heinous, execrable,
loathsome, repulsive.
ANT: Lovable, lovely, desirable, delightful, attractive, enticing,
enjoyable, tempting, pleasant.
KEY: Haughty, [See AFFABLE], Hant, [See DRAG], Haunt, [See ABANDON].
KEY: Have.
SYN: Own, possess, feel, entertain, accept, bear, enjoy, keep.
ANT: Want, need, lose, forego, discard, reject, miss, desiderate,
covet, desire.
KEY: Haven, [See HARBOR].
KEY: Havoc.
SYN: Desolation, ruin, waste, wreck, ravage, demolition, destruction,
ANT: Conservation, enhancement, enrichment, augmentation,
development, productiveness, luxuriance, prosperity.
KEY: Hawk.
SYN: Sell, peddle, retail.
ANT: Reserve, store, suppress, withhold, house, bond.
KEY: Hawker \n.\, [See HAWK].
KEY: Hazard.
SYN: Peril, risk, jeopardy, danger, chance, imperil, dare.
ANT: Safety, security, protection, warrant, certainty, calculation,
KEY: Hazy.
SYN: Foggy, nebulous, misty, filmy, gauzy, cloudy, murky, caliginous.
ANT: Diaphanous, clear, crystalline, transparent.
KEY: Head.
SYN: Top, crown, chief, leader, ruler, mind, source, section,
division, topic, gathering, culmination, crisis, leadership, guide,
commander, acme, summit.
ANT: Tail, bottom, foot, follower, servant, retainer, subordinate,
subordination, inferiority, body, bulk, subject, continuation.
KEY: Heading, [See TITLE].
KEY: Headlong, [See HASTY].
KEY: Headstrong, [See OBSTINATE].
KEY: Heal.
SYN: Cure, repair, restore, remedy, assuage, cicatrize, reconcile.
ANT: Harm, hurt, wound, pierce, ulcerate.
KEY: Healthy.
SYN: Vigorous, sound, robust, strong, hale, salubrious, wholesome,
hearty, healthful.
ANT: Unhealthy, unsound, weak, delicate, fragile, noxious,
pernicious, insalubrious.
KEY: Health, [See BEHALF].
KEY: Hearsay.
SYN: Report, rumor, gossip.
ANT: {Personal_knowledge}.
KEY: Heart.
SYN: Core, nucleus, kernel, interior, center, character, disposition,
courage, hardihood, nature, life, feeling, benevolence.
ANT: Exterior, hand, action, aspect, manifestation, conduct, deed,
KEY: Heartbroken.
SYN: Disconsolate, broken-hearted, woe-begone, inconsolable.
ANT: Cheerful, hopeful, trusting.
KEY: Heartiness, [See HEARTY].
KEY: Hearty.
SYN: Healthy, robust, cordial, sound, warm, honest, earnest, genuine,
well, sincere, heartfelt, hale.
ANT: Unhealthy, delicate, infirm, cold, insincere.
KEY: Heartily.
SYN: Cordially, zealously, sincerely, earnestly.
ANT: Halfheartedly, insincerely.
KEY: Heat.
SYN: Warmth, ardor, passion, excitement, fever, ebullition,
ANT: Coolness, indifference, subsidence, calmness, composure,
KEY: Heathenish.
SYN: Unconverted, unchristian, pagan, uncivilized, unbelieving.
ANT: Christian, believing, polished, refined, civilized.
KEY: Heave.
SYN: Lift, raise, uplift, upraise, sublevate, hoist.
ANT: Dash, sink, lower, detrude, precipitate.
KEY: Heavenly, [See CELESTIAL].
KEY: [See {[OELIO]?}], Heaviness, [See HEAVY].
KEY: Heavy.
SYN: Weighty, ponderous, inert, slow, stupid, dull, impenetrable,
stolid, cumbrous, grievous, afflictive, oppressive, burdensome,
sluggish, laborious, depressed, [See {[180 HUT]?}].
ANT: Light, trifling, trivial, agile, active, quick, brisk, joyous,
alleviative, condolatory, inspiriting, animating, buoyant.
KEY: Hector \v.\.
SYN: Bully, swagger, annoy, bluster, boast, vaunt, harass, threaten,
tease, worry.
ANT: Cower, shrink, hide, skulk, abscond.
KEY: Hector \n.\, [See HECTOR].
KEY: Heed_\v.\.
SYN: Mind, regard, notice, attend_to, observe.
ANT: Disregard, slight, ignore.
KEY: Heed_\n.\, [See HEED], [See {[t>]?}].
KEY: Heedful.
SYN: Mindful, careful, considerate, cautious, wary, circumspect.
ANT: Unmindful, careless, heedless, reckless, unheedful.
KEY: Heedless, [See HEEDFUL].
KEY: Height.
SYN: Altitude, elevation, tallness, summit, exaltation, culmination,
top, apex, climax, acme, crisis.
ANT: Depth, lowness, depression, littleness, base, abasement.
KEY: Heighten.
SYN: Exalt, increase, enhance, intensify, color, vivify, aggravate,
raise, exaggerate, lift_up, amplify.
ANT: Lower, depress, diminish, deteriorate, abase, temper, tone,
extenuate, modify, quality.
KEY: Heinous.
SYN: Hateful, fragrant, Jo_testable, flagitious, atrocious, odious,
abominable, execrable, enormous.
ANT: Excellent, laudable, meritorious, praiseworthy, distinguished,
justifiable, excusable, palliable.
KEY: Hellish, [See ANGELIC].
KEY: Help_\v.\.
SYN: Aid, succor, remedy, prevent, avoid, assist, promote, cooperate,
relieve, second.
ANT: Oppose, obstruct, aggravate, incur.
KEY: Help_\n.\, [See HELP].
KEY: Helpless, [See FORLORN], Hem_\r.\, [See BORDER].
KEY: Herald \n.\, [See HARBINGER].
KEY: Herculean, [See GIGANTIC].
KEY: Herd_\r.\, [See CONGREGATE].
KEY: Hereditary.
SYN: Inherited, ancestral, lineal.
ANT: Conferred, acquired, won.
KEY: {[HerenF]?}.
SYN: Schism, unorthodoxy.
ANT: Orthodoxy, catholicity.
KEY: Heritage.
SYN: Inheritance, entailment, legacy, {[Uoquvst]?}.
ANT: Acquisition, merit, wages, compensation.
KEY: Hermetically.
SYN: Air-tight, closely.
ANT: Loosely, misfittingly.
KEY: Hero, [See CHAMPION].
KEY: Heroic.
SYN: Brave, undaunted, chivalrous, daring, romantic, gallant,
fearless, courageous, intrepid, dauntless.
ANT: Dastardly, cowardly, cravenly, poltroonish.
KEY: Hesitate.
SYN: Dubitate, waver, demur, scruple, falter, stammer, pause, doubt.
ANT: Decide, determine, run, flow, career.
KEY: Heterodox.
SYN: Unsound, hereto_ical.
ANT: Sound, orthodox.
KEY: Heterogeneous.
SYN: Strange, dissimilar, alien, discordant.
ANT: Accordant, congruous, homogeneous, {[sLuilar]?}.
KEY: Hew.
SYN: Cut, hack, chop, fall.
ANT: Mould, model, form, carve, engrave, sculpture, levigate, turn.
KEY: Hibernal.
SYN: Wintry, arctic, brumal, glacial.
ANT: Summerly, zephyrous, balmy, halcyonic.
KEY: Hide.
SYN: Conceal, secrete, mask, dissemble, store, protect, disguise,
ensconce, screen, cover, burrow.
ANT: Expose, discover, exhibit, manifest, betray, strip.
KEY: Hideous.
SYN: Frightful, unshapely, monstrous, horrid, horrible, ugly, grisly,
grim, ghastly.
ANT: Graceful, beautiful, captivating, attractive.
KEY: Hie.
SYN: Fly, haste, speed.
ANT: Falter, stop, stay, lag, stick.
KEY: Higgle, [See HAGGLE].
KEY: High.
SYN: Elevated, lofty, tall, eminent, excellent, noble, haughty,
violent, proud, exalted.
ANT: Depressed, low, stunted, ignoble, mean, base, affable.
KEY: Highly.
SYN: Greatly, exceedingly, extremely, very_much.
ANT: Hardly, barely, scarcely.
KEY: Hilarity, [See DESPAIR].
KEY: Hinder.
SYN: Prevent, interrupt, obstruct, retard, debar, embarrass, impede,
thwart, block, stop.
ANT: Accelerate, expedite, enable, promote, facilitate, hinderance,
KEY: Hinge.
SYN: Move, turn, hang, depend, work, rotate, circulate.
ANT: Halt, crepitate, jar, grate.
KEY: Hint_\n.\, [See CUE].
KEY: Hint_\v.\, [See SUGGEST].
KEY: Hire.
SYN: Engage, commission, employ, rent.
ANT: Buy, purchase.
KEY: Hit.
SYN: Strike, succeed, chance, reach, hazard, mistake, touch.
ANT: Fail, mischance, err, miss.
KEY: Hitch.
SYN: Stick, stickle, oar, jam, catch, hang.
ANT: Run, glide, elide, rotate, flow.
KEY: Hoard.
SYN: Treasure, accumulate, husband, store_up, amass, heap_up,
ANT: Waste, squander, dissipate.
KEY: Hoarse.
SYN: Harsh, grating, husky, raucous, rough, gruff.
ANT: Mellifluous, mellow, rich, sweet, melodious.
KEY: Hoary.
SYN: White, gray, silvery, frosty.
ANT: Dark, raven, jet.
KEY: Hoax.
SYN: Befool, gammon, bamboozle, dupe, trick, trepan.
ANT: Guide, enlighten, undeceive, inform, direct, correct, regulate.
KEY: Hobby.
SYN: Limp, falter.
ANT: Bun, course, speed, leap.
KEY: Hobble.
SYN: Pursuit, whim, amusement, specialty, idiosyncrasy.
ANT: Nuisance, horror, aversion, bugbear, scarecrow, incubus.
KEY: Hoyden.
SYN: Romp, tomboy.
ANT: Prude.
KEY: Hold.
SYN: Keep, grasp, retain, support, restrain, defend, maintain, occupy,
possess, sustain, regard, consider, cohere, continue, have.
ANT: Drop, abandon, surrender, fail, release, desert, forego, vacate,
concede, break, cease.
KEY: Hollow \adj.\, (Metaphor)_SYN:, Empty, concave, foolish, weak,
faithless, insincere, artificial, unsubstantial, void, flimsy,
transparent, senseless, vacant, unsound, false.
ANT: Full, solid, well-stored, strong, firm, sincere, true, genuine,
substantial, sound.
KEY: Holy.
SYN: Sacred, reverend, pure, consecrated, religious, saintly, [See
{[pioUB]?}], devout, divine, hallowed, devout.
ANT: Profane, evil, impure, unholy.
KEY: Homage.
SYN: Fealty, allegiance, submission, worship, deference, al, fiance,
respect, veneration.
ANT: Treason, rebellion, disaffection, insubordination, defiance.
KEY: Home, [See ABODE].
KEY: Homely.
SYN: Plain, course, uncomely.
ANT: Handsome, beautiful, refined, courtly.
KEY: Homogeneous, [See HETEROGENEOUS].
KEY: Honest.
SYN: Honorable, upright, virtuous, proper, right, sincere,
ANT: Dishonest, dishonorable, vicious, improper, wrong, insincere.
KEY: Honesty.
SYN: Integrity, probity, uprightness, straightforwardness, fairness,
sincerity, honor, rectitude, virtue, justice, veracity.
ANT: Dishonest, chicanery, trickery, insincerity, deception, fraud,
unfairness, guile.
KEY: Honor.
SYN: Respect, reverence, nobility, dignity, eminence, reputation,
fame, high-mindedness, spirit, selfrespect, renown, grandeur,
ANT: Disrespect, contempt, irreverence, slight, obscurity,
degradation, disgrace, abasement, demoralization, cowardice,
dishonor, infamy.
KEY: Honorable.
SYN: High-minded, upright, [See FALLIBLE].
KEY: Honorary.
SYN: Gratuitous, unofficial, unremunerative, nominal, titular.
ANT: Official, remunerative, professional, jurisdictional.
KEY: Hoot.
SYN: Hiss, execrate, denounce, sibilate, decry.
ANT: Cheer, honor, acclaim, eulogize, salute, welcome.
KEY: Hope.
SYN: Anticipation, prospect, vision, longing, confidence, desire,
expectation, trust.
ANT: Despair, despondency, distrust, disbelief, abandonment,
KEY: Horrible.
SYN: Abominable, detestable, dreadful, fearful, hideous, ghastly,
terrific, hateful, direful, horrid, awful, frightful.
ANT: Lovely, desirable, enjoyable, attractive, beautiful, fair,
pleasant, amiable.
KEY: Horrid, [See HORRIBLE].
KEY: Horror.
SYN: Fear, dread, shrinking, loathing, detestation, awe, dismay,
fright, terror, excessive_fear.
ANT: Love, attraction, allurement, enticement.
KEY: Horse.
SYN: Steed, charger, courser, {[Rozinante]?}, nag, barb.
KEY: Hospitable.
SYN: Sociable, neighborly, charitable.
ANT: Unsociable, exclusive, retired, unneighborly, churlish,
KEY: Host.
SYN: Multitude, number, assemblage, army.
ANT: Handful, sprinkling, knot, group, corps, section.
KEY: Hostage.
SYN: Sponsor, bail, surety.
ANT: Dictator, conqueror.
KEY: Hostility, [See ANIMOSITY].
KEY: Hot.
SYN: Fiery, burning, fervent, glowing, pungent, violent, [See
KEY: Hound.
SYN: Pursue, hunt, prosecute.
ANT: Liberate, discard, abandon, spare, House, [See ABODE], Hubbub,
KEY: Huddle.
SYN: Mix, confuse, derange, heap.
ANT: Assort, arrange, adjust, classify.
KEY: Huge.
SYN: Enormous, monstrous, colossal, vast, bulky, large, great,
prodigious, immense, stupendous, gigantic.
ANT: Petty, undersized, pigmy, puny.
KEY: Human.
SYN: Ethnical, cosmical, anthropological, rational, civilized.
ANT: Inhuman, beastly, irrational.
KEY: Humane.
SYN: Benign, kind, tender, merciful, benevolent, compassionate.
ANT: Unkind, cruel, unmerciful, inhuman.
KEY: Humanity.
SYN: Man, mankind, kindness, tenderness, compassion, sensibility,
philanthropy, benevolence.
ANT: Unkindness, cruelty, inhumanity, bestiality, irrationality,
KEY: Humanize.
SYN: Civilize, ameliorate, enlighten, Christianise, refine.
ANT: Barbarize, degrade, debase, depress, brutalize.
KEY: Humble.
SYN: Low, lowly, obscure, meek, modest, unassuming, unpretending,
ANT: High, lofty, eminent, proud, boastful, arrogant, assuming,
KEY: Humid.
SYN: Moist, wet, vaporous, spongy, damp.
ANT: Dry, arid, parched, moistureless.
KEY: Humiliate, [See HUMBLE_and_ELEVATE].
KEY: Humiliation, [See ABASEMENT].
KEY: Humility, [See HUMBLE].
KEY: Humor.
SYN: Disposition, temper, mood, caprice, jocoseness, pleasantry,
frame, drollery, fun.
ANT: Nature, personality, mind, will, purpose, seriousness.
KEY: Humorous.
SYN: Facetious, comical, witty, funny.
ANT: Grave, serious, sober, matter-of-fact, Humorsome, [See
FANCIFUL], Hunt., #N/A, [See _HOUND], Hurl, [See DARE].
KEY: Hurt_\v.\.
SYN: Wound, bruise, harm, injure, damage, pain, grieve.
ANT: Heal, soothe, console, repair, reinstate, compensate, benefit.
KEY: Hurt_\n.\.
SYN: Harm, injury, damage, wound, detriment, mischief.
ANT: Benefit, pleasure.
KEY: Hurtful.
SYN: Mischievous, injurious, pernicious, baleful, deleterious,
baneful, noxious, detrimental, prejudicial, [See PERNICIOUS].
KEY: Husband, [See ECONOMIZE].
KEY: Hush, [See SILENCE].
KEY: Husky, [See HOARSE].
KEY: Hustle, [See JOSTLE].
KEY: Hybrid.
SYN: Mixed, impure, mongrel, mule.
ANT: Pure, unmixed, thoroughbred.
KEY: Hypocrisy, [See HYPOCRITE].
KEY: Hypocrite.
SYN: Feigner, pretender, dissembler, imposter, cheat,
ANT: Saint, believer, Christian, simpleton, dupe, bigot, fanatic,
KEY: Hypocritical.
SYN: Pharisaical, sanctimonious, smug, smooth, mealy, unctuous,
ANT: Plain-spoken, candid, truthful, sincere, genuine, transparent.
KEY: [See IDEA].
SYN: Image, notion, conception, belief, doctrine, supposition,
understanding, fiction, fancy, thought, opinion, impression,
ANT: Object, form, subject, thing, reality.
KEY: Ideal.
SYN: Mental, notional, conceptional, intellectual, creative,
spiritual, poetical, supposititious, fictitious, unreal, imaginary,
chimerical, fanciful, imaginative.
ANT: Physical, visible, material, tangible, historical, real, actual,
palpable, substantial.
KEY: ideality.
SYN: Fancy, creativeness, genius.
ANT: Imitation, uninventiveness, unimaginativeness, copyism.
KEY: Identity.
SYN: Unite, integrate, recognize, verify, incorporate.
ANT: Divide, disunite, confound, confuse, overlook, mistake.
KEY: Identical.
SYN: Same, selfsame, particular.
ANT: Different, separate, contrary.
KEY: Identity.
SYN: Oneness, unity, sameness, personality, individuality,
ANT: Difference, distinctness, separateness, plurality,
KEY: Idiocy.
SYN: Imbecility, aberration, insanity, fatuity.
ANT: Sanity, sagacity, intelligence, sense, judgment.
KEY: Idiom.
SYN: Specialty, peculiarity, characteristic, phrase, turn.
ANT: Solecism, barbarism.
KEY: idiosyncracy.
SYN: Peculiarity, constitution, temperament, specialty,
characteristic, individuality, [See {[SI^KUlarity]?}],
ANT: Community, universality, generality.
KEY: Idiot.
SYN: Imbecile, fool.
ANT: Luminary, sage, authority.
KEY: Idle.
SYN: Void, unoccupied, waste, vain, empty, unemployed, useless,
inactive, lazy, indolent.
ANT: Tilled, occupied, populated, filled, employed, assiduous,
KEY: Idolize.
SYN: Worship, adore, venerate.
ANT: Loathe, execrate, abominate.
KEY: Ignite, [See KINDLE].
KEY: Ignoble.
SYN: Moun, base, dishonorable, humble, plebian, lowly.
ANT: Honorable, noble, eminent, exalted, lordly, grand, notable,
KEY: Ignominious.
SYN: Shameful, scandalous, dishonorable, infamous.
ANT: Honorable, reputable, creditable.
KEY: Ignominy.
SYN: Disgrace, reprobation, shame, reproach, contempt, dishonor,
infamy, obloquy.
ANT: Credit, reputation, honor, distinction, glory, lustre, renown.
KEY: Ignoramus.
SYN: Dunce, dullard.
ANT: Savant, luminary.
KEY: Ignorance, [See KNOWLEDGE].
KEY: Ignorant.
SYN: Untaught, uneducated, uninformed, unlearned, illiterate,
ANT: Wise, learned, cultured, cultivated, well-informed.
KEY: Ignore.
SYN: Disown, repudiate, overlook.
ANT: Own, notice, mark, visit, recognize.
KEY: [See {[111\n\]?}].
SYN: Evil, misfortune, [See HARM_and_MISCHIEF].
KEY: [See {[111\a\]?}].
SYN: Bad, sick, unwell, indisposed, poorly, out_of_sorts, diseased.
ANT: Well, healthy, strong, vigorous, [See GOOD].
KEY: Ill-bred.
SYN: Impolite, uncivil, illmannered, rude.
ANT: Polite, well-behaved, civil, courteous, refined.
KEY: Illegal, [See LEGAL].
KEY: Illegible, [See LEGIBLE].
KEY: Illegitimate, [See LEGAL].
KEY: Illiberal, [See LIBERAL].
KEY: Illicit, [See LICIT].
KEY: Illiterate, [See LITERARY].
KEY: Illogical, [See LOGICAL].
KEY: Ill-treat.
SYN: Maltreat, abuse, illuse, misuse.
ANT: Treat_well, [See ABUSE].
KEY: Illuminate.
SYN: {[Lignceu]?}, enlighten, emblazon, irradiate.
ANT: Darken, obscure, bedim.
KEY: Illusion.
SYN: Dream, mockery, deception, delusion, hallucination, phantasm,
vision, myth, false_show, error, fallacy.
ANT: Fora, reality, body, substance.
KEY: Illusive.
SYN: Deceptive, vision_try, unreal, disappointing, fugitive,
erroneous, false, imaginary, chimerical, delusive, illusory.
ANT: Substantial, satisfactory, real, true, permanent, solid.
KEY: Illustrate.
SYN: Elucidate, interpret, exemplify, demonstrate, represent,
explain, embody, paint, image, make_clear.
ANT: Obscure, misinterpret, mystify, confuse, misrepresent, darken.
KEY: Illustrative, [See ILLUSTRATE].
KEY: Illustrious.
SYN: Renowned, glorious, brilliant, deathless, eminent,
distinguished, celebrated, conspicuous, noble, famous.
ANT: Ignominious, disgraceful, disreputable, inglorious, infamous.
KEY: Ill-will.
SYN: Antipathy, hatred, malevolence, dislike, aversion, [See
KEY: Image.
SYN: Statue, likeness, representation, effigy, copy, metaphor, idea,
conception, fiction, shadow, picture, vision.
ANT: Person, original, substance, subject, object, reality, truth,
KEY: Imagery.
SYN: Poetry, fancy, illustration, metaphor, similitude, ANT: \r.\,
Prose, statement, fact.
KEY: Imaginary \adj.\, [See IMAGE_and_ILLUSIVE].
KEY: Imaginative.
SYN: Creative, conceptive, ideal, poetical, romantic, inventive,
ANT: Unimaginative, unpoetical, unromantic, prosaic, matter-of-fact,
literal, uninventive.
KEY: Imagine.
SYN: Conceive, suppose, Surmise, understand, fancy, fabricate, deem,
presume, think, apprehend.
ANT: Represent, exhibit, demonstrate, prove, substantiate, verify,
KEY: Imbecile.
SYN: Foolish, idiotic, fatuous.
ANT: Shrewd, sagacious, clever.
KEY: Imbecility.
SYN: Feebleness, senility, weakness, dotage.
ANT: Strength, energy, vigor, virility, power.
KEY: Imbibe.
SYN: Acquire, learn, assimilate, absorb, drink, swallow, take_in,
ANT: Discard, reject, renounce, disavow, abjure, repudiate.
KEY: imbolden.
SYN: Enhearten, embolden.
KEY: inspirit, [See ENCOURAGE].
KEY: Imbrue.
SYN: Wet, moisten, soak, drench.
ANT: Wring, dry, wipe, drain.
KEY: Imbue.
SYN: Tinge, dye, stain, impregnate, inoculate, ingrain, affect,
ANT: Disimbue, disinoculate, disabuse, cleanse, clear, purge,
KEY: Imitate.
SYN: Represent, copy, resemble, follow, portray, depict, repeat,
pattern_after, mock, ape, counterfeit, mimic.
ANT: Misrepresent, caricature, alter, vary, dissimilate,
differentiate, modify, remodel, distort.
KEY: Imitation, [See IMITATE].
KEY: Imitative.
SYN: Mimicking, caricaturing, copying, unoriginal, servile, apish.
ANT: Original, creative, inventive.
KEY: Immaculate.
SYN: Pure, sinless, spotless, stainless, virgin, unpolluted,
undefiled, unsullied, unblemished, unspotted.
ANT: Impure, corrupt, sinful, contaminated, denied, tainted,
polluted, spotted.
KEY: Immanent.
SYN: Inherent, innate, subjective, indwelling, internal, intrinsic,
congenital, ingrained, natural, implicit.
ANT: Emanent, transitive, projective, developed, {[exsilient]?},
phenomenal, explicit, accidental, ascititious.
KEY: Immunity.
SYN: Cruelty, atrocity, savagery, ferocity, truculence.
ANT: Mildness, gentleness, tenderness, docility, mansuetude.
KEY: Immaterial.
SYN: Spiritual, incorporeal, unimportant, insignificant, trivial,
trifling, unessential.
ANT: Material, physical, corporeal, essential, Important.
KEY: Immature.
SYN: Unripe, green, crude, imperfect, unfinished, undeveloped.
ANT: Ripe, complete, finished, mature, developed.
KEY: Immeasurable.
SYN: Vast, boundless, illimitable, immense, unfathomable, infinite.
ANT: Finite, bounded, limited, circumscribed, shallow, restricted.
KEY: Immediate.
SYN: Proximate, contiguous, present, direct, instant, next.
ANT: Distant, remote, future, mediate.
KEY: Immediately.
SYN: Without_delay, instantly, forthwith, directly, presently,
ANT: With_delay, after_a_while.
KEY: Immemorial.
SYN: Primitive, ancient, archaic, primordial, timehonored, remote.
ANT: Recent, modern, late, upstart, fresh.
KEY: Immense, [See IMMEASURABLE_and_{[ENOKMODS]?}].
KEY: Immerse.
SYN: Dip, plunge, sink, soak, steep, macerate, duck, submerge, drown,
inundate, douse, overwhelm.
ANT: Dry, drain, parch, ventilate, air.
KEY: Immersion, [See IMMERSE].
KEY: immethodical, [See METHODICAL].
KEY: Immigration.
SYN: Migration, colonization, settlement.
ANT: Emigration, exodus.
KEY: Imminent.
SYN: Impending, hovering, threatening.
ANT: Warded, staved, escaped.
KEY: Immiscibility, [See MISCIBLE].
KEY: Immission.
SYN: Introduction, injection, insertion.
ANT: Ejection, emission, discharge.
KEY: Immitigable, [See MITIGATE].
KEY: Immobility, [See MOBILE], Immoderate, [See MODERATE].
KEY: Immodest.
SYN: Indecent, shameful, impudent, indecorous.
ANT: Modest, decorous, becoming, proper, [See ABASH].
KEY: Immolate.
SYN: Sacrifice, victimize.
ANT: Spoil, humor, indulge, feed, pamper, Immoral, [See MORAL],
Immortal, [See MORTAL], Immovable, [See MOVABLE].
KEY: Immundicity, [See {[MUNDICITY]?}].
KEY: Immunity.
SYN: Exemption, dispensation, freedom, privilege.
ANT: Liability, obligation, jurisdiction, impost, burden,
KEY: Immure, [See INCARCERATE], Immutable, [See MUTABLE].
KEY: {[Imp]?}.
SYN: Brat, scamp, devil, demon.
ANT: Cherub, angel.
KEY: Impact.
SYN: Contact, application, impression, collision.
ANT: Isolation, separation, interval, removal, avoidance,
non-contact, shave.
KEY: Impair.
SYN: Deteriorate, injure, reduce, damage, enfeeble, vitiate,
diminish, lessen.
ANT: Enhance, improve, augment, repair.
KEY: Impalpable, [See PALPABLE].
KEY: Imparity, [See PARITY].
KEY: Impart, [See GIVE].
KEY: Impartial, [See PARTIAL].
KEY: Impassable, [See PASSABLE].
KEY: Impassible.
SYN: Immaterial, immortal.
ANT: Passible, mortal.
KEY: Impassioned.
SYN: Excited, fervid, passionate, glowing, vehement, impetuous,
ANT: Unimpassioned, cool, impassive.
KEY: Impassive, [See IMPASSIONED].
KEY: Impatient, [See PATIENT], Impawn, [See PAWN].
KEY: Impeach.
SYN: Accuse, arraign, indict, criminate.
ANT: Acquit, absolve, abet, vindicate.
KEY: Impeccability, [See PECCABILITY].
KEY: Impede, [See ACCELERATE].
KEY: Impediment.
SYN: Hindrance, obstacle, obstruction, stumbling_block.
ANT: Aid, aidance, help, assistance, succor, support, furtherance,
KEY: Impel, [See URGE].
KEY: Impend.
SYN: Hover, threaten.
ANT: Pass, spare.
KEY: Impenetrable, [See PENETRABLE].
KEY: Impenitent, [See PENITENT].
KEY: Imperative.
SYN: Urgent, irresistible, dictatorial, inexorable, peremptorily,
compulsory, obligatory.
ANT: Indulgent, lenient, mild, entreative, supplicatory, optional,
KEY: Imperceptible, [See PERCEPTIBLE].
KEY: Impercipient, [See PERCIPIENT].
KEY: Imperfect, [See PERFECT].
KEY: Imperfection.
SYN: Deficiency, fault, failing, blemish, vice, [See {[DRIMP]?}].
KEY: Imperforate, [See PERFORATE].
KEY: Imperial.
SYN: Majestic, royal, magnificent, supreme, superb.
ANT: Ignoble, servile, slavish, mean, paltry, beggarly.
KEY: Imperil, [See ENDANGER].
KEY: Imperious.
SYN: Arrogant, exacting, dictatorial, authoritative, domineering,
haughty, lordly.
ANT: Yielding, submissive, compliant, docile, ductile, lenient,
gentle, mild.
KEY: Imperishable, [See PERISHABLE].
KEY: Impermanence, [See PERMANENCE].
KEY: Impermeable, [See PERMEABLE].
KEY: Impersonal, [See PERSONAL].
KEY: Impersonate.
SYN: Act, enact, represent.
ANT: Detect, unmask, expose.
KEY: Impertinent, [See PERTINENT].
KEY: Imperturbable, [See PERTURB_and_STOICAL].
KEY: Impervious, [See PERVIOUS].
KEY: Impetrate.
SYN: Entreat, implore, obsecrate, pray, imprecate.
ANT: Demand, command, claim, insist, deprecate, deport, dissuade,
expostulate, remonstrate.
KEY: Impetuous, [See HASTY].
KEY: Impiety, [See PIETY].
KEY: Impious.
SYN: Profane, irreverent, godless, wicked, blasphemous.
ANT: Reverent, pious, godly, devout, reverential.
KEY: Impignorate, [See PAWN].
KEY: Impinge, [See IMPACT].
KEY: Implacable, [See PLACABLE].
KEY: Implant, [See PLANT].
KEY: Implement.
SYN: Instrument, utensil, tool, appliance.
ANT: Labor, work, science, art, manufacture, agriculture.
KEY: Impletion.
SYN: Filling, satisfaction, supply.
ANT: Failure, exhaustion, deprivation, disappointment.
KEY: Implicate.
SYN: Connect, associate, charge, criminate, involve, entangle,
infold, compromise.
ANT: Disconnect, dissociate, acquit, extricate.
KEY: Implication, [See IMPLICATE].
KEY: Implicit.
SYN: Implied, involved, indicated.
ANT: Expressed, explicit, developed.
KEY: Implied, [See IMPLICIT].
KEY: Implore, [See ENTREAT].
KEY: Imply.
SYN: Involve, mean, indicate, suggest, hint, import, denote, include.
ANT: Express, declare, state, pronounce.
KEY: Impolite, [See POLITE].
KEY: Impolitic, [See POLITIC].
KEY: Imponderable, [See PONDERABLE].
KEY: Imponderous, [See PONDEROUS].
KEY: Imporous, [See POROUS].
KEY: Import.
SYN: Introduce, bring.
ANT: Export, banish.
KEY: Import.
SYN: Purport, meaning, drift, tenor, significance.
ANT: Statement, proceeding.
KEY: Importance.
SYN: weight, moment, consequence, significance, signification, avail,
ANT: Unimportance, insignificance, nothingness, immateriality.
KEY: Important.
SYN: Significant, expressive, relevant, main, leading, considerable,
great, dignified, influential, weighty, momentous, material, grave,
ANT: Insignificant, trivial, inexpressive, irrelevant,
inconsiderable, petty, mean, uninfluential, secondary, unimportant,
KEY: Importation, [See IMPORT].
KEY: Importunate.
SYN: Over-urgent, over-entreative, pressing.
ANT: Modest, diffident.
KEY: Importune.
SYN: Pester, solicit, ask_urgently, press.
ANT: surrender, abandon, sacrifice.
KEY: Impose.
SYN: Lay, inflict, fix, set, place, enjoin.
ANT: Remove, disburden.
KEY: Impose_on.
SYN: Delude, deceive, dupe, circumvent, [See CHEAT].
KEY: Imposing.
SYN: Striking, effective, dignified, grand, impressive, majestic,
august, commanding.
ANT: Ineffective, undignified, petty.
KEY: Imposition, [See CHEAT], ~_\n.\].
KEY: Impossible, [See POSSIBLE].
KEY: Impost.
SYN: Imposition, tax, burden, custom, toll, tribute, excise, duty.
ANT: Exemption, immunity, proceeds, revenue.
KEY: Impostor.
SYN: Cheat, deceiver, distemper, charlatan, knave.
ANT: Detector, undeceiver, guide, enlightener.
KEY: Imposture, [See IMPOSTOR_and_CHEAT].
KEY: Impotence.
SYN: Incapacity, weakness, disqualification, disability.
ANT: Capacity, vigor, ability, qualification.
KEY: Impotent.
SYN: Weak, powerless, useless, feeble, helpless, nerveless,
ANT: Strong, vigorous, powerful, virile.
KEY: Impound, [See POUND].
KEY: Impoverish, [See ENRICH].
KEY: Impracticable, [See PRACTICABLE].
KEY: Imprecate, [See IMPETRATE].
KEY: Impregnable, [See PREGNABLE].
KEY: Impregnate.
SYN: Fill, insert, imbue, mix, combine, saturate, steep, vivify,
fecundate, teach.
ANT: Remove, evolve, extricate, render_simple, separate, destroy,
extinguish, quench, be_studious, learn.
KEY: Impress \n.\.
SYN: Imprint, print, device, motto, impression, stamp, [See
KEY: Impress \v.\.
SYN: Stamp, print, imprint, inculcate, fix_deeply.
ANT: Learn, be_impressed, be_studious, be_mindful.
KEY: Impressive.
SYN: Forcible, solemn, affecting, imposing, important.
ANT: Weak, unimpressive, feeble, tame, jejune, dry, vapid,
unimportant, insignificant.
KEY: Imprison.
SYN: Immure, incarcerate, shut_up, confine.
ANT: Free, liberate, open, set_free.
KEY: Imprisonment.
SYN: Restraint, incarceration, durance, confinement.
ANT: Freedom, liberation.
KEY: Improper, [See PROPER].
KEY: Improve.
SYN: Better, amend, ameliorate, emend, correct, mend, rectify, reform,
KEY: Improvement.
SYN: Advancement, amendment, progress, increase, correction,
ANT: Degeneracy, degeneration, deterioration, debasement,
retrogradation, retrogression.
KEY: Improvident.
SYN: Imprudent, i_wasteful, prodigal, reckless, careless,
thoughtless, shiftless.
ANT: Prudent, careful, saving, economical, provident, [See COMMON].
KEY: Impudent.
SYN: Impertinent, insolent, saucy, shameless, brazen-faced, rude,
bold, immodest.
ANT: Servile, obsequious, sycophantic, bashful, retiring, diffident,
deferential, modest.
KEY: Impudence.
SYN: Impertinence, insolence, assurance, effrontery, rudeness,
sauciness, shamelessness, audacity, hardihood.
ANT: Obsequiousness, subserviency, abasement, sycophancy,
flunkeyism, humility, [See MODESTY].
KEY: Impugn.
SYN: Gainsay, controvert, oppose, deny, attack, blame.
ANT: Declare, state, allege, propose, defend, repel, approve,
KEY: Impulse.
SYN: Incentive, push, incitement, force, influence, instigation,
feeling, sudden_thought, motive.
ANT: Rebuff, repulse, premeditation, deliberation, [See INCENTIVE].
KEY: Impulsive.
SYN: Rash, hasty, wayward, impressible, [See RASH].
KEY: Impure.
SYN: Foul, unchaste, dirty, [See BLEMISH].
KEY: Impute.
SYN: Ascribe, refer, charge.
ANT: Withdraw, retract.
KEY: Inability, [See ABILITY].
KEY: Inaccessible, [See ACCESSIBLE].
KEY: Inaccurate, [See ACCURATE].
KEY: Inaction, [See ACTION].
KEY: Inactive.
SYN: Idle, lazy, inert, indolent, sluggish, slothful.
KEY: Inactivity, [See ACTIVITY].
KEY: Inadequate, [See ADEQUATE].
KEY: Inadmissible, [See ADMISSIBLE].
KEY: Inadvertence.
SYN: Inadvertency, oversight, negligence, inattention, carelessness,
ANT: Correction, attention.
KEY: Inadvertent.
SYN: Inobservant, careless, heedless.
ANT: Careful, observant, accurate.
KEY: Inalienable.
SYN: Alien, entailed, intransferable.
ANT: Unentailed, transferable.
KEY: Inane.
SYN: Empty, pointless, vapid, feeble, characterless.
ANT: Significant, pointed, powerful, sensible, forcible.
KEY: Inanimate, [See ANIMATE].
KEY: Inanition.
SYN: Emptiness, exhaustion, starvation.
ANT: Fullness, plethora, repletion.
KEY: Inanity.
SYN: Emptiness, vacuity, pointlessness, unmeaningness, [See
ANT: Meaning, significance, signification.
KEY: Inappetency, [See APPETITE].
KEY: Inapplicable, [See APPLICABLE].
KEY: Inapposite, [See APPOSITE].
KEY: Inappreciable.
SYN: Infinitesimal, minute, imperceptible.
ANT: Perceptible, ponderable, appreciable, calculable.
KEY: Inappropriate, [See PROPER].
KEY: Inapt, [See APT].
KEY: Inarticulate.
SYN: Dumb, mute, confused, inorganic.
ANT: Articulated, enunciated, organic, compound.
KEY: Inartificial, [See ARTIFICIAL].
KEY: Inattention, [See ATTENTION].
KEY: Inaudible.
SYN: Low, inarticulate, suppressed, muttering, mumbling, stifled,
ANT: Audible, outspoken, sonorous, articulate, clear, ringing, loud.
KEY: Inaugurate.
SYN: Initiate, commence, install.
ANT: Deprive, divert, conclude, terminate.
KEY: Inauguration, [See INAUGURATE_and_TERMINATION].
KEY: Inauspicious, [See AUSPICIOUS].
KEY: Inborn, [See CONGENITAL].
KEY: Inbred, [See CONGENITAL].
KEY: Incalculable, [See CALCULATE].
KEY: Incandescence.
SYN: Incalescence, glow, white_heat.
ANT: Iciness, congelation, refrigeration, crystallization.
KEY: Incantation.
SYN: Recitation, spell, charm, invocation.
ANT: Exorcism, evocation.
KEY: Incapable.
SYN: Unqualified, unable, incapable, unfitted, weak, incompetent,
feeble, disqualified, insufficient.
ANT: Qualified, able, fitted, strong, clever.
KEY: Incapacious, [See CAPACIOUS].
KEY: Incapacity, [See CAPACITY].
KEY: Incarcerate.
SYN: Immure, imprison.
ANT: Liberate, release.
KEY: Incarceration, [See IMPLOSION].
KEY: Incarnadine.
SYN: Redden, rubricate, crimson.
ANT: Whiten, pale, etiolate.
KEY: Incarnation.
SYN: Embodiment, impersonation.
ANT: Disembodiment, spiritualization, abstraction.
KEY: Incase.
SYN: Inclose, enshrine, impanel, board, batten.
ANT: Unpack, extract, expose, disclose.
KEY: Incautious, [See CAUTIOUS].
KEY: Incendiarism.
SYN: Arson, conflagration.
ANT: Extinction, quenching, annihilation.
KEY: Incendiary, [See INCENDIARISM].
KEY: Incense.
SYN: Inflame, irritate, provoke, sting, nettle, exasperate, chafe,
ANT: Allay, soothe, pacify, appease, mollify, conciliate.
KEY: Inception, [See BEGINNING].
KEY: Incentive.
SYN: Inducement, excitation, rousing, motive, stimulus, spur.
ANT: Discouragement, warning, dissuasive, prohibition, deterrent.
KEY: Inceptor, [See INCEPTION].
KEY: Incertitude, [See CERTAIN].
KEY: Incessant.
SYN: Continual, uninterrupted, unintermittent, perpetual,
ANT: Periodic, occasional, interrupted, intermittent.
KEY: inclination, [See BEGINNING_and_INCEPTION].
KEY: Incidence.
SYN: Impingement, impact, stroke.
ANT: Reflection, resilience, rebound.
KEY: Incident, [See INCIDENCE_and_EVENT].
KEY: Incidental.
SYN: Casual, occasional, appertinent, concomitant, concurrent,
accidental, fortuitous.
ANT: Systematic, regular, independent, disconnected, irrelative,
essential, immanent, inherent, uniform, invariable.
KEY: Incipience, [See INCEPTION].
KEY: Incipient, [See INCEPTION_and_BEGINNING].
KEY: Incircumspect, [See CIRCUMSPECT].
KEY: Incite, [See URGE].
KEY: Incivility.
SYN: Discourtesy, illbreeding, ill-manners, uncourteousness.
ANT: Civility, urbanity, goodness, politeness.
KEY: Inclement.
SYN: Harsh, tyrannical, cruel, unmerciful, severe, stormy, rough,
ANT: Mild, benign, clement, genial, merciful.
KEY: Incline \r.\.
SYN: Slope, bear, lean, point, tend, dispose, induce, dip, bias,
prompt, slant, be_disposed.
ANT: Trend, diverge, ascend, deter, rise, indispose, disincline.
KEY: Inclination.
SYN: Leaning, elope, tendency, disposition, proneness, aptness,
predilection, bias, bent, attachment, affection, liking, wish.
ANT: Inaptitude, inaptness, dislike, disinclination, [See BENT].
KEY: Inclose, [See CONFINE_and_COVER].
KEY: Include, [See CONTAIN_and_EMBRACE].
KEY: Inclusive.
SYN: Comprehensive, embracing, additive, implied.
ANT: Exclusive, excepted, renunciative, adversative.
KEY: Incognizable, [See COGNIZANCE].
KEY: Incoherence.
SYN: Disunion, disruption, inconsecutiveness, solution,
ANT: Coherence, continuity, closeness.
KEY: Incoherent.
SYN: Unconnected, incongruous, inconsequential, loose.
ANT: Coherent, connected, [See COHERENT].
KEY: Incombustible.
SYN: Uninflammable, aphlogistic.
ANT: Inflammable, combustible.
KEY: Income.
SYN: Proceeds, pay, allowance.
ANT: Disbursement, expenditure.
KEY: Incommensurable, [See COMMENSURATE].
KEY: Incommode, [See ACCOMMODATE].
KEY: Incommunicable.
SYN: Intransferable, inalienable.
ANT: Transferable, alienable, communicable.
KEY: Incomparable.
SYN: Matchless, unique, consummate, transcendent.
ANT: Common, ordinary, average.
KEY: Incompassionate.
SYN: Hardhearted, unmerciful.
ANT: Clement, benignant, compassionate, merciful.
KEY: Incompatible, [See COMPATIBLE].
KEY: Incompetence, [See COMPETENCE].
KEY: Incompetent, [See ADEQUATE].
KEY: Incomplete, [See COMPLETE].
KEY: Incomprehensible.
SYN: Mysterious, unfathomable, enigmatical.
ANT: Comprehensible, cognizable, plain.
KEY: Incomprehension, [See COMPREHENSION].
KEY: Incompressible, [See COMPRESS].
KEY: Inconceivable, [See CONCEIVE].
KEY: Inconcinnity.
SYN: Inelegance, stiffness, barbarism, slang, euphuism, cacophony.
ANT: Concinnity, elegance, ease, purity, grace, gracefulness,
KEY: Inconclusive, [See CONCLUSIVE].
KEY: Incongruous, [See CONGRUOUS].
KEY: Inconsiderable, [See CONSIDERABLE].
KEY: Inconsiderate, [See CONSIDERATE].
KEY: Inconsistent, [See CONSISTENT].
KEY: Inconsolable.
SYN: Cheerless, joyless, spiritless, melancholy, gloomy,
disconsolate, comfortless, forlorn, heartsick, in_dispair.
ANT: Cheerful, hopeful, consolable.
KEY: Inconsonant, [See CONSONANT].
KEY: Inconstant.
SYN: Fickle, mutable, variable, fitful, unstable, unsteadfast,
changeable, [See CAPRICIOUS].
KEY: Incontestable.
SYN: Indisputable, unquestionable, unassailable, impregnable.
ANT: Dubious, questionable, problematical, supposititious,
arbitrary, assumptive, hypothetical.
KEY: Incontiguous, [See ADJACENT_and_CONTERMINOUS].
KEY: Incontinent, [See CONTINENCE].
KEY: Incontinently, [See INCONTINENT].
KEY: Incontrovertible, [See CONTROVERTIBLE].
KEY: Inconvenience \v.\.
SYN: Incommode, discommode, disturb, molest.
ANT: Suit, aid, benefit, subserve, assist, help.
KEY: Inconvenient, [See CONVENIENT].
KEY: Inconversible, [See AFFABLE].
KEY: Inconvertible, [See CONVERTIBLE].
KEY: Incorporal, [See CORPORAL].
KEY: Incorporate, [See INTEGRATE].
KEY: Incorrect, [See CORRECT].
KEY: Incorrigible, [See CORRIGIBLE].
KEY: Incorruptible, [See CORRUPT].
KEY: Interruption, [See CORRUPTION].
KEY: Incrassate, [See THICKEN].
KEY: Increase_\v.\.
SYN: Advance, heighten, dilutenhance, aggregate, pile_up, raise,
magnify, spread, [See DECREASE].
KEY: Increase \n.\.
SYN: acception, growth, extension, [See AUGMENTATION].
KEY: Incredible.
SYN: {Surpassing_belief}, fabulous, marvelous, [See CREDIBLE].
KEY: Incredulity, [See CREDULITY].
KEY: Increment, [See AUGMENTATION].
KEY: Incrust.
SYN: Coat, overlay, plaster.
ANT: Scrape, abrade, levigate, exfoliate.
KEY: Inculcate.
SYN: Impress, urge, enforce, Infuse, instil, implant, press, teach.
ANT: Insinuate, suggest, disavow, abjure, denounce.
KEY: Inculpate.
SYN: Charge, criminate, [See IMPLICATE].
KEY: Incumbent.
SYN: Pressing, binding, coercive, indispensable, urgent, devolvent,
ANT: Optional, discretional.
KEY: Incur.
SYN: Meet, run.
ANT: Avoid, {[Bhun]?}, elude, escape.
KEY: Incurable.
SYN: Irremediable, irredeemable.
ANT: Tractable, removable, remediable.
KEY: Incuriosity, [See CURIOSITY].
KEY: Incursion.
SYN: Invasion, encroachment, inroad, irruption, foray, raid,
dragonnade, sally.
ANT: Encampment, settlement, abode, retreat.
KEY: Incurvation, [See ACCUMULATION].
KEY: Indagation, [See EXAMINE].
KEY: Indebted.
SYN: Obliged, beholden.
ANT: Disobliged, unbeholden.
KEY: Indecent.
SYN: Indelicate, immodest, improper, [See BECOMING_and_INDELICATE].
KEY: Indecision, [See DECISION].
KEY: Indecisive, [See DECISION].
KEY: Indecorum.
SYN: Impropriety, coarseness, incorrectness, [See ANT], Propriety,
decorum, correctness.
KEY: Indeed.
SYN: Truly, verily, certainly, really, in_truth, in_fact.
ANT: Erroneous, untrue, void_of_truth, false, fallacious.
KEY: Indefatigable.
SYN: Unwearied, incessant, persistent, indomitable.
ANT: Indolent, indifferent, idle.
KEY: Indefeasible.
SYN: Irreversible, unalterable, immutable.
ANT: Reversible, alterable, mutable.
KEY: Indefensible, [See DEFENSIBLE].
KEY: Indefinite, [See DEFINITE].
KEY: Indelible.
SYN: Indestructible, indefeasible, ineffaceable, persistent,
ANT: Mutable, evanescent, transient, effaceable.
KEY: Indelicate.
SYN: Coarse, broad, indecent.
ANT: Nice, refined, modest, delicate.
KEY: Indemnify.
SYN: Compensate, se_cure, satisfy, reimburse.
ANT: Fine, mulct, amerce.
KEY: Independent, [See DEPENDENT].
KEY: Indescribable.
SYN: Unaccountable, inexpressible, ineffable, unutterable.
ANT: Familiar, ordinary.
KEY: Indestructible.
SYN: Imperishable, indiscerptible.
ANT: Perishable, destructible, dissoluble.
KEY: Indeterminate, [See DETERMINATE].
KEY: Indicate.
SYN: Show, evidence, betray, evince, manifest, declare, specify,
denote, point_out, betoken, designate, mark.
ANT: Conceal, contradict, negative, misindicate, misdirect, falsify.
KEY: Indication.
SYN: Sign, token, manifestation, evidence, demonstration, note,
symptom, proof, mark, prognostic.
ANT: Silence, undemonstrativeness, surmise, misdirection,
misindication, misguidance.
KEY: Indict, [See CHARGE].
KEY: Indifference.
SYN: Triviality, unimportance, insignificance, coolness,
carelessness, apathy, insensibility, composure.
ANT: Importance, significance, weight, gravity, eagerness, interest,
affection, ardor.
KEY: Indifferent.
SYN: Lukewarm, careless, unconcerned, [See APATHETIC].
KEY: Indigent.
SYN: Poor, straitened, needy, impecunious.
ANT: Wealthy, rich, monied.
KEY: Indigestible.
SYN: Crude, raw, heavy.
ANT: Digestible, nutritive, light.
KEY: Indignation.
SYN: Resentment, anger, denunciation, displeasure, exasperation, ire,
wrath, protestation.
ANT: Gratification, admiration, applause, approval, complacency.
KEY: Indignity.
SYN: Insult, rudeness, contemptuousness, opprobrium, disgrace,
slight, reproach, ignominy, disrespect, outrage, affront.
ANT: Deference, compliment, homage, respect.
KEY: Indulgence, [See DILIGENCE].
KEY: Indirect, [See STRAIGHT_and_INSTRUCT].
KEY: Indiscernible, [See DISCERNIBLE].
KEY: indiscerptible, [See INDESTRUCTIBLE].
KEY: indiscoverable.
SYN: Untraceable, incognizable.
ANT: Cognizable, traceable, discoverable.
KEY: Indiscreet, [See DISCREET].
KEY: Indiscretion.
SYN: Misconduct, misbehavior, misdoing, misdeed, dereliction,
delinquency, lapse, trip, slip, flaw, blot, omission, trespass,
{[/auxpa]?}, peccadillo.
ANT: Guilt, crime, innocence, good_behavior, guiltlessness,
incorruption, impeccability.
KEY: Indiscriminate.
SYN: Mixed, confused, medley, promiscuous, ill-assorted,
undiscerning, undistinguishing, undiscriminating.
ANT: Careful, sorted, select, discerning.
KEY: Indiscrimination.
SYN: Indistinctness, indistinction, uncertainty, doubt, confusion,
ANT: Discrimination, distinctness, distinct, differentiation.
KEY: Indispensable.
SYN: Necessary, essential, requisite, needful, expedient.
ANT: Unnecessary, unessential, inexpedient, dispensable.
KEY: Indisposed.
SYN: Disinclined, unwilling, reluctant, sick, ailing.
ANT: Inclined, prompt, ready, willing, eager, desirous, sound,
KEY: Indisputable.
SYN: Unquestionable, indubitable, infallible, sure, certain, [See
KEY: Indissoluble.
SYN: Inviolable, inseparable, indiscerptible, indestructible.
ANT: Separable, terminable, discerptible, dissoluble.
KEY: Indistinct.
SYN: Indiscriminate, ambiguous, imperfect, uncertain., #N/A, [See
KEY: Indistinguishable.
SYN: Indiscernible, inappreciable, minute, confused.
ANT: Distinguishable, conspicuous.
KEY: Indite.
SYN: Prompt, suggest, dictate, word, compose.
ANT: Write, transcribe, {pen_(as_un_amanuensis)}.
KEY: Individual.
SYN: Personal, specific, peculiar, indivisible, identical, singular,
idiosyncratic, special, single, separate, particular.
ANT: General, common, collective, plural.
KEY: Invisible.
SYN: Minute, atomic, ultimate.
ANT: Divisible, discerptible, separable.
KEY: indocility_\n.\.
SYN: Inefficiency, incompetence, inaptitude, ineptitude, imbecility,
incapacity, obstinacy, doggedness, stubbornness,.
ANT: Efficiency, competency, aptitude, power, pliancy, teachableness,
KEY: Indoctrinate, [See INSTRUCT].
KEY: Indolence, [See ACTIVITY].
KEY: Indolent, [See ACTIVE].
KEY: Indomitable.
SYN: Invincible, untamable, irrepressible, indefatigable.
ANT: Effortless, feeble, languid.
KEY: Indorse.
SYN: Sanction, approve, subscribe, accept.
ANT: Protest, repudiate, cancel, abjure, renounce.
KEY: Indubitable, [See DOUBT_and_INCONTESTABLE].
KEY: Indubious.
SYN: Unambiguous, plain, apparent, clear, [See EQUIVOCAL].
KEY: Induce \v.\, Produce, cause, prompt, persuade, instigate, impel,
actuate, urge, influence, move, prevail_on.
ANT: Slave, prevent, disincline, dissuade.
KEY: Induction.
SYN: Collection, collation, gathering,
ANT: Statement, generalization, proposition, class, principle, law,
deduction, inference, argumentation, discourse.
KEY: Indue, [See DIVEST].
KEY: Indulge.
SYN: Spoil, pamper, humor, gratify, cherish, bask, revel, grovel,
foster, favor, allow.
ANT: Thwart, deny, contradict, disappoint, discard, abjure,
counteract, renounce, mortify, discipline.
KEY: Indulgent.
SYN: Compliant, forbearing, tender, tolerant.
ANT: Harsh, severe, rough, [See SUBMISSIVE].
KEY: Indurate, [See HARDEN].
KEY: Industrious.
SYN: Diligent, laborious, busy, assiduous, active, hardworking.
ANT: Lazy, shiftless, idle.
KEY: Industry.
SYN: Activity, toil, assiduity, diligence, perseverance.
ANT: Inactivity, ease, indiligence, indolence.
KEY: Inebriety, [See EBRIETY].
KEY: Ineffable.
SYN: Inexpressible, inconceivable, insurpassable, indeclarable,
indescribable, exquisite, perfect.
ANT: Common, trivial, superficial, vulgar, conversational,
colloquial, obvious, commonplace.
KEY: Ineffectual.
SYN: Fruitless, useless, vain, idle, unavailing, abortive,
inoperative, ineffective.
ANT: Effective, effectual, successful, [See EFFECTIVE].
KEY: Inelastic, [See ELASTIC].
KEY: Inelegant, [See ELEGANCE].
KEY: Ineligible, [See ELIGIBLE].
KEY: Inept, {[See_A]?}., [See {[FT_)]?}].
KEY: Inequality.
SYN: Disparity, disproportion, unevenness, inadequacy,
dissimilarity, imparity.
ANT: Equality, parity, coextension, adequacy, similarity, level,
balance, identity.
KEY: Inequitable, [See EQUITABLE].
KEY: Inert.
SYN: Indolent, slothful, lazy, sluggish, heavy, inactive, passive,
ANT: Active, energetic, alert, brisk.
KEY: Inertness, [See INFECT].
KEY: Inestimable.
SYN: Priceless, precious, invaluable, [See ESTIMABLY].
KEY: Inevitable.
SYN: Unavoidable, infallible, certain, irresistible, fixed.
ANT: Avoidable, uncertain, indeterminate.
KEY: Inexact, [See ACCURATE].
KEY: Inexcitable, [See EXCITABILITY].
KEY: Inexcusable.
SYN: Unmitigated, unpardonable, indefensible, unjustifiable.
ANT: Mitigable, {[paliable]?}, justifiable, vindicable, defensible,
KEY: Inexhaustible.
SYN: Incessant, unwearied, Indefatigable, perennial, illimitable.
ANT: Limited, scant, poor.
KEY: Inexistence, [See EXISTENCE].
KEY: Inexorable.
SYN: Merciless, unrelenting, implacable, unalterable.
ANT: Lenient, exorable, indulgent, benignant, clement.
KEY: Inexpedient.
SYN: Undesirable, inadvisable, disadvantageous.
ANT: Advisable, profitable, expedient.
KEY: Inexpensive, [See EXPENSIVE].
KEY: Inexperience.
SYN: Ignorance, inconversance, unfamiliarity, strangeness.
ANT: Experience, familiarity.
KEY: Inexpert, [See EXPERT].
KEY: Inexpiable.
SYN: Unatonable, unpardonable.
ANT: Expiable, redeemable, pardonable, atonable.
KEY: Inexplicable.
SYN: Mysterious, enigmatical.
ANT: Obvious, plain, easy.
KEY: Inexpressible, [See INDESCRIBABLE].
KEY: Inexpressive.
SYN: Characterless, blank.
ANT: Expressive, telling, speaking.
KEY: Inextensive, [See RECORD].
KEY: Inextension, [See EXTEND_and_SPACE].
KEY: Inextinguishable, [See EXTINGUISH].
KEY: Inextricable.
SYN: Overwhelming, irredeemable, fatal.
ANT: Remediable, redeemable.
KEY: Infallible, [See FALLIBLE].
KEY: Infamous.
SYN: Disgraceful, vile, shameful, dishonorable, scandalous, [See
KEY: Infamy.
SYN: Despair, degradation, disgrace, ignominy, obloquy,
extreme_vileness, dishonor.
ANT: Honor, reputation, celebrity, glory, renown.
KEY: Infantile.
SYN: Puerile, childish, imbecile.
ANT: Manly, mature, vigorous, robust.
KEY: Infatuation.
SYN: Fatuity, hallucination, madness, self-deception.
ANT: Clear-sightedness, sagacity, wisdom, sanity, soundness.
KEY: {[Jnn-H*lfole]?}, [See FEASIBLE].
KEY: Infect.
SYN: Taint, corrupt, contaminate, pollute, defile, [See
KEY: Infection.
SYN: Taint, poison, contamination, corruption, contagion.
ANT: Purification, disinfection, antidote.
KEY: Infectious, [See CONTAGIOUS].
KEY: infelicity.
SYN: Unhappiness, misery.
ANT: Felicity, happiness, blessedness, joyousness.
KEY: filler.
SYN: Gather, collect, conclude, derive, deduce, argue.
ANT: State, enunciate, propound, anticipate, prognosticate,
conjecture, assume, guess.
KEY: Inference.
SYN: Deduction, corollary, conclusion, consequence.
ANT: Statement, proposition, enunciation.
KEY: Inferiority.
SYN: Subordination, minority, poverty, mediocrity, subjection,
servitude, depression.
ANT: Superiority, majority, excellence, eminence, independence,
mastery, exaltation, elevation.
KEY: Infernal, [See ANGELIC].
KEY: Infertility.
SYN: Barrenness, poverty, sterility, unproductiveness, waste.
ANT: Richness, exuberance, fruitfulness, productiveness.
KEY: Infest.
SYN: Trouble, harass, tease, annoy, pester, molest, plague, disturb.
ANT: Comfort, gratify, regale, refresh.
KEY: Infidel.
SYN: Skeptic, unbeliever, heretic, freethinker.
ANT: Believer, Christian, devotee.
KEY: Infidelity.
SYN: Unbelief, disbelief, skepticism.
ANT: Belief, faith, religiousness, [See FIDELITY].
KEY: Infiltrate.
SYN: Instil, inoculate, permeate, saturate, soak.
ANT: Strain, draw_off, defiltrate.
KEY: Infinite, [See IMMEASURABLE].
KEY: Infinitesimal.
SYN: Inappreciable, inconspicuous, minute, microscopic,
indiscernible, atomic.
ANT: Enormous, immeasurable, vast.
KEY: Infirm.
SYN: Weak, decrepit, lame, {[inforcible]?}, unsound, failing,
irresolute, feeble, enfeebled.
ANT: Firm, strong, sure, cogent, forcible, sound.
KEY: Infirmity.
SYN: Weakness, decrepitude, unsoundness, [See INFIRM].
ANT: Strength, vigor, healthfulness, soundness.
KEY: Infix, [See FIX].
KEY: Inflame.
SYN: Fire, kindle, excite, rouse, fan, incense, madden, infuriate,
exasperate, Irritate, Imbitter, auger, enrage.
ANT: Quench, extinguish, allay, cool, pacify, quiet.
KEY: Inflate.
SYN: Distend, expand.
ANT: Exhaust, empty, squeeze, flatten, compress.
KEY: In_tin_led.
SYN: Pompous, turgid, bombastic.
ANT: Plain, unaffected, simple.
KEY: Inflection.
SYN: Bend, curvature, inflexion, flexion.
ANT: Straightness, rectilinearity, directness.
KEY: inflexible, [See FLEXIBLE].
KEY: Inflexion, [See INFLECTION].
KEY: Inflict.
SYN: Impose, put, lay_on.
ANT: Remove, alleviate, suspend, spare.
KEY: Infliction.
SYN: Grievance, trouble, nuisance.
ANT: Gratification, pleasure, accommodation, sparing, remission,
KEY: Influence \n.\.
SYN: Effect, control, causation, affection, impulse, power, credit,
character, sway, weight, ascendancy, prestige, authority.
ANT: Inefficiency, ineffectiveness, imperativeness, nullity,
neutrality, inemancy.
KEY: Influence \v.\.
SYN: Move, affect, sway, persuade, direct, bias, [See
KEY: Influential.
SYN: Potent, powerful, {[etficucion]?}, forcible, persuasive,
controlling, guiding, considerable.
ANT: Weak, ineffective, inoperative, unpersuasive, inconsiderable.
KEY: [See {[I_n_II_u_\]?}], [See ACCESSION].
KEY: Infold, [See ENFOLD].
KEY: Inform.
SYN: Enlighten, instruct, edify, educate, acquaint, apprise,
communicate, notify, tell, impart.
ANT: Misjudge, misinstruct, mislead, deceive, hoodwink, mystify,
KEY: Informal, [See FORMAL].
KEY: Information.
SYN: Instruction, advice, counsel, notice, notification, knowledge.
ANT: Concealment, biding, occultation, mystification, ignorance.
KEY: Infraction.
SYN: Violation, infringement, breaking, disturbance, breach,
ANT: Observance, maintenance, conservation, respect, integrity.
KEY: Infrangible, [See FRANGIBLE].
KEY: Infrequency.
SYN: Rarity, fewness, paucity, dearth, scantiness.
ANT: Multitude, abundance, frequency, recurrence.
KEY: Infrigidation, [See INCANDESCENCE].
KEY: Infringe.
SYN: Break, violate, transgress, contravene.
ANT: Observe, conserve, preserve, {keep_within_bounds}.
KEY: Infuriate, [See INFLAME].
KEY: Infuse.
SYN: Steep, soak, water, instil, infiltrate, insinuate, breathe_into,
introduce, inspire, impart.
ANT: Strain, dry, drain, unteach, retract, divert.
KEY: Ingenious.
SYN: Skillful, adept, clever, inventive, ready, frank, sincere.
ANT: Unskillful, slow, uninventive, unready.
KEY: Ingenuous.
SYN: Noble, candid, generous, frank, sincere, straightforward,
honorable, open, artless, honest.
ANT: Mean, reserved, sly, disingenuous, insincere.
KEY: Inglorious.
SYN: Shameful, disgraceful, unrenowned.
ANT: Illustrious, glorious, renowned.
KEY: Ingraft, [See GRAFT].
KEY: Ingratiate.
SYN: Recommend, insinuate.
ANT: Discommend, alienate, estrange.
KEY: Ingratitude, [See GRATITUDE].
KEY: Ingredient.
SYN: Element, ingredient, component, constituent.
ANT: Non-ingredient, refuse, residuum, counteragent, incongruity.
KEY: Ingress, [See EGRESS].
KEY: Ungulp, [See GULP].
KEY: Ingurgitate, [See SWALLOW].
KEY: Inhabile, [{See *ni and AWK}?].
KEY: Inhabit.
SYN: Tenant, colonize, settle, dwell_in, reside_in, live_in, occupy.
ANT: Abandon, forsake, migrate.
KEY: Inhabitant.
SYN: Occupant, tenant, resident, native, inmate.
ANT: Stranger, traveler, foreigner, visitor, intruder.
KEY: Inhale.
SYN: Inspire, snuff, absorb.
ANT: Exhale.
KEY: Inharmonious, [See HARMONIOUS].
KEY: Inherent.
SYN: Innate, congenital, imminent, ingrained, inborn, intrinsic,
natural, inbred.
ANT: Foreign, ascititious, temporary, separable, extraneous.
KEY: Inherit.
SYN: Occupy, possess, enjoy.
ANT: Acquire, earn, gain, squander, alienate, dissipate, bequeath,
leave, demise, devise.
KEY: Inheritance.
SYN: bequest, legacy, heritage, hereditament, patrimony, possession.
ANT: Purchase, donation, acquisition, dissipation, alienation,
forfeiture, lapse, escheatment.
KEY: Inheritor.
SYN: Heir, successor, devisee, legatee.
ANT: Devisor, testator.
KEY: Inhesion.
SYN: Introsusception, innateness, inherence, indwelling,
ingrainedness, immanence.
ANT: Emanence, emission, ejection, extrusion, extraction.
KEY: Inhibit.
SYN: Prevent, hinder, prohibit, restrain, debar.
ANT: {[TJrge:]?}, incite, permit, encourage, impel.
KEY: Inhospitable, [See HOSPITABLE], Inhuman, [See HUMAN], Inhume,
[See INTER].
KEY: Inimical, [See false_and_GROUNDLESS].
KEY: Inimitable.
SYN: Transcendent, matchless, incomparable.
ANT: Ordinary, mediocre.
KEY: Iniquity.
SYN: Injustice, wrong, sir, evil-doing, wickedness, crime,
ANT: Justice, integrity, virtue, holiness.
KEY: Initiate, [See INAUGURATE].
KEY: Initiative.
SYN: Start, leadership, commencement, example.
ANT: Wake, rear, prosecution, termination.
KEY: Inject, [See EJECT].
KEY: injustice, [See JUDICIOUS].
KEY: Injunction.
SYN: Mandate, order, command, exhortation, precept.
ANT: Disobedience, Insubordination, noncompliance, nonobservance.
KEY: Injure.
SYN: Damage, wound, hurt, wrong, impair, maltreat, cripple, mar,
spoil, sully, harm.
ANT: {[Benellt]?}, profit, repair, advance, advantage.
KEY: Injurious.
SYN: Hurtful, deleterious, prejudicial, noxious, detrimental,
baleful, pernicious, wrongful, mischievous, damaging, baneful.
ANT: Helpful, beneficial, advantageous, [See PERNICIOUS].
KEY: Injustice, [See JUSTICE_and_INIQUITY].
KEY: Inlet.
SYN: Opening, ingress, commencement, entrance.
ANT: Outlet, egress, debouchure.
KEY: innate, [See INHABITANT].
KEY: Inn.
SYN: Hotel, tavern, public_house.
KEY: Innate, [See CONGENITAL].
KEY: Inner, Inmost.
SYN: Interior, vital, secret, close.
ANT: Exterior, outer, outermost, open.
KEY: Innocence.
SYN: Innocuousness, Inoffensiveness, guilelessness, guiltlessness,
simplicity, purity, sinlessness.
ANT: Hurtfulness, offensiveness, guile, guilt, contamination,
corruption, impurity, sinfulness.
KEY: Innocent.
SYN: Sinless, harmless, innoxious, lawful, [See BLAMELESS].
KEY: Innocuous.
SYN: Inoffensive, harmless, wholesome.
ANT: Obnoxious, hurtful, deleterious, insidious.
KEY: Innovation.
SYN: Alteration, reversal, novelty, newfangledness.
ANT: Conservation, maintenance, archaism, old-fashion,
KEY: Innoxious.
SYN: Wholesome, harmless, [See NOISOME].
KEY: Innumerable, [See NUMBERLESS].
KEY: Innutritions.
SYN: Indigestible, harmful, ungenial, uncongenial.
ANT: Digestible, healthful, congenial.
KEY: Inobservance, [See OBSERVANCE].
KEY: Inoculate.
SYN: Impregnate, indoctrinate, tinge, insert, imbue, instil, ingrain,
ANT: Disabuse, unteach, prune, divest.
KEY: Inodorous.
SYN: Inodorate, scentless, without_smell, wanting_smell.
ANT: Odorous, odoriferous, strong_scented, redolent, {[nidorous]?},
KEY: Inoffensive, [See OFFENSIVE].
KEY: Inofficious, [See OFFICIOUS].
KEY: Inoperative, [See OPERATIVE].
KEY: Inopportune, [See OPPORTUNE].
KEY: Inordinate.
SYN: Extravagant, disproportionate, unregulated, exorbitant,
excessive, Immoderate, irregular.
ANT: Regular, just, moderate.
KEY: Inorganic.
SYN: Inanimate, azoic, mineral.
ANT: Organic, organized.
KEY: Inosculate.
SYN: Blend, unite, intertwine, solidify, anastomose, intersect,
ANT: Separate, diverge, bifurcate, disunite, divorce.
KEY: Inquietude, [See QUIET].
KEY: Inquiry.
SYN: Interrogation, question, asking, investigation, search,
examination, research, scrutiny, exploration.
ANT: Conjecture, guess, intuition, hypothesis, assumption,
KEY: Inquisitive.
SYN: Prying, peeping, meddling, curious, [See CURIOUS].
KEY: Inquisitorial.
SYN: Minute, arbitrary, overcurious, scrutinizing.
ANT: Superficial, perfunctory, uninquisitive, incurious,
Inobservant, unscrutinizing.
KEY: Inroad.
SYN: Invasion, raid, incursion, dragonnade, irruption, trespass,
ANT: Occupation, settlement, evacuation, retreat, sally, outbreak,
excursion, egress.
KEY: Insalubrity, [See SALUBRITY], Insane, [See MAP].
KEY: Insanity.
SYN: {Mental_aberration}, mental_unsoundness, [See LUNACY].
KEY: Insatiable.
SYN: Voracious, unappeasable, omnivorous, ravenous,
ANT: Moderate, delicate, fastidious, dainty, squeamish.
KEY: Inscribe.
SYN: Letter, write, label, designate, delineate, mark, imprint,
engrave, dedicate, address.
ANT: Erase, efface, cancel, obliterate, expunge.
KEY: Inscroll.
SYN: Enlist, register, enroll, pattern, flourish, record, calendar.
ANT: Erase, disenroll, cashier, expunge, obliterate, efface, deface.
KEY: Inscrutable.
SYN: Unintelligible, untraceable, mysterious, unfathomable,
profound, insolvable, impenetrable, hidden.
ANT: Obvious, self-evident, familiar, intelligible, explainable.
KEY: Insecure, [See SECURE].
KEY: Insensate.
SYN: Brute, insensitive, insensible, unfeeling, stolid,
insusceptible, unimpressible.
ANT: Sensitive, feeling, quick, sagacious, discriminating, observing,
susceptible, acute, impressible.
KEY: Insensibility, [See SENSIBILITY].
KEY: Insensible, [See SENSIBLE].
KEY: Inseparable, [See SEPARABLE].
KEY: Insert, [See INTRODUCE].
KEY: Inside.
SYN: Within, internally.
ANT: Without, outside, extraneously, externally.
KEY: Insidious.
SYN: Wily, treacherous, designing, dangerous, deceitful, {[ely]?},
crafty, artful.
ANT: Straightforward, sincere, undesigning, innocuous.
KEY: Insignificant, [See SIGNIFICANT].
KEY: Insincere, [See HARD].
KEY: Insinuate.
SYN: Introduce, insert, worm, ingratiate, intimate, suggest, infuse,
ANT: Withdraw, retract, alienate, extract.
KEY: Insipid.
SYN: Tasteless, vapid, uninteresting, characterless, flavorless,
flat, insulse, lifeless, prosy, stupid.
ANT: Tasty, sapid, relishing, racy, interesting, engaging.
KEY: Insist.
SYN: Stand, demand, maintain, contend, persist, persevere, urge.
ANT: Abandon, waive, concede, surrender, yield, forego.
KEY: Insnare.
SYN: Intrap, cajole, decoy, allure, catch, inveigle, net, enmesh,
entoil, entangle, entrap.
ANT: Enlighten, warn, deter, dissuade, rescue, liberate, release,
KEY: Insobriety, [See SOBRIETY].
KEY: Insolence.
SYN: Arrogance, assumption, impudence.
ANT: Deference, consideration, politeness, modesty, bashfulness.
KEY: Insolent.
SYN: Haughty, overbear, ing, contemptuous, abusive, saucy,
impertinent, opprobrious, offensive, pert, outrageous, scurrilous,
rude, [See ABUSIVE_and_PERT].
KEY: Insoluble, [See SOLUBLE].
KEY: Insolvable, [See INSCRUTABLE].
KEY: Insolvent.
SYN: Bankrupt, ruined, penniless, beggared.
ANT: Flush, flourishing, monied, thriving.
KEY: Inspect.
SYN: Scrutinize, examine, investigate, search, overhaul, look_into,
ANT: Overlook, connive, dismiss, glance, misobserve, misinvestigate,
KEY: Inspector, [See INSPECT].
KEY: Inspiration.
SYN: Poesy, frenzy, impulse, revelation, intuition, afflatus.
ANT: Study, elaboration, learning, acquirement, observation,
KEY: Inspire.
SYN: Animate, inspirit, inflame, imbue, impel, encourage, inhale,
enliven, cheer, breathe_in, infuse, exhilarate.
ANT: Depress, dispirit, discourage, deter.
KEY: Inspissation.
SYN: Thickening, turbidity, incrassation, densification.
ANT: Helming, straining, percolation, precipitation, clarification,
KEY: Instability.
SYN: Mutability, wavering, fickleness, inconstancy.
ANT: Stability, firmness, constancy.
KEY: Install.
SYN: Establish, institute, induct, invest, inaugurate,
ANT: Deprive, disinstall, strip, degrade, disinvest, eject.
KEY: Instalment.
SYN: firstfruits, part-payment, driblet.
ANT: Payment, reimbursement, acquittal, liquidation, cancelment.
KEY: Instance.
SYN: Entreaty, request, prompting, persuasion, example, solicitation,
case, illustration, exemplification, occurrence, point, precedence.
ANT: Dissuasion, deprecation, warning, rule, statement, principle,
KEY: Instant.
SYN: Moment, second, minute, twinkling, trice, flash.
ANT: Period, duration, cycle, time, permanence, perpetuity,
KEY: Instantaneous.
SYN: Immediate, instant, momentary, [See IMMEDIATE].
KEY: Instantly.
SYN: Immediately, forthwith, straightway, directly, presently,
at_once, without_delay.
ANT: At_a_future_time, with_delay, in_the_future, [See DIRECTLY].
KEY: Instigate, [See URGE].
KEY: Instil.
SYN: Pour, infuse, introduce, import, implant, insinuate, inculcate.
ANT: Drain, strain, extract, eradicate, eliminate, remove,
KEY: Instinct.
SYN: Prompting, impulse, intuition, inclination.
ANT: Reason, reasoning, abstraction, deliberation, experience,
experiment, elaboration, judgment.
KEY: Instinctive.
SYN: Natural, voluntary, spontaneous, intuitive, impulsive.
ANT: Cultivated, forced, reasoning, rationalistic.
KEY: Institute.
SYN: Found, establish, invest, erect, instal, appoint, induct, ordain,
originate, begin, form, organize.
ANT: Disestablish, subvert, disinvest, degrade, deprive.
KEY: Instruct.
SYN: Enlighten, educate, inform, indoctrinate, acquaint, teach,
edify, train, discipline, direct, initiate, command.
ANT: Misinform, miseducate, misinstruct, misguide, mislead,
misacquaint, deceive, neglect, barbarize, brutalize.
KEY: Instruction.
SYN: Teaching, education, information, counsel, advice, direction,
order, command.
ANT: Misteaching, misinformation, misguidance, misdirection,
misinstruction, obedience, pupilage.
KEY: Instructor, [See_lNSTRUCTOR].
KEY: Instrument.
SYN: Implement, utensil, tool, document, deed, record, medium,
muniment, means, channel, machine, agent.
ANT: Misapplication, counteraction, counteragent, neutralizer,
opponent, bar, obstruction, preventive, stop.
KEY: Instrumentality.
SYN: Agency, intervention, medium, use, employment, means.
ANT: Nonintervention, spontaneity, efficacy, virtue, property,
quality, force, counteragency, neutralization.
KEY: insuavity, [See SUAVITY].
KEY: Insubordinate.
SYN: Resistant, recalcitrant, rebellious, undutiful, refractory.
ANT: Submissive, dutiful, docile, obedient, subject.
KEY: Insubstantial, [See SUBSTANTIAL], insubstantiality, [See
KEY: Insufferable.
SYN: Intolerable, impermissible, unallowable, unendurable,
ANT: Tolerable, allowable, endurable, supportable.
KEY: Insufficient, [See SUFFICIENT].
KEY: Insult \v.\.
SYN: Affront, outrage, dishonor, provoke, mock, ridicule.
ANT: Respect, salute, honor, praise, flatter, compliment, gratify.
KEY: Insult \n.\.
SYN: Affront, abuse, [See INDIGNITY].
KEY: Insuperable, [See SUPERABLE].
KEY: Insupportable.
SYN: Unbearable, intolerable, insufferable, unendurable.
ANT: Endurable, comfortable, to_be_borne.
KEY: insuppressible, [See SUPPRESSIBLE].
KEY: Insure.
SYN: Provide, stabilitate, guarantee, secure, warrant.
ANT: Imperil, jeopardize, shake, stake.
KEY: Insurgent \n.\.
SYN: Malcontent, rebel, traitor, mutineer, rioter.
ANT: Patriot, adherent, supporter, constabulary, executive, ruler,
KEY: Insurgent \a.\.
SYN: Rebellious, unruly.
ANT: Loyal, patriotic, obedient.
KEY: Insurmountable, [See INSUPERABLE].
KEY: Insurrection.
SYN: Rebellion, riot, rising, anarchy, tumult, mutiny, sedition,
emeute, pronouncement, revolt.
ANT: Law, peace, order, obedience, government, submission,
subjection, servitude, bondage, subsidence, pacification,
KEY: Insusceptible, [See SUSCEPTIBLE].
KEY: Intact.
SYN: Pure, undented, uncontaminated, uncorrupted, Raise, uninjured,
unhurt, scatiness, inviolate, sacred.
ANT: Foul, defiled, contaminated, corrupt, hurt, touched, affected,
KEY: Intangible, [See TANGIBLE].
KEY: Integrate.
SYN: Sum, complete, solidity, consolidate, incorporate, unite,
combine, mix, blend.
ANT: Disintegrate, discompound, analyze, dismember, amputate,
disunite, detach, remove.
KEY: Integration, [See INTEGRATE].
KEY: Integrity.
SYN: Uprightness, honor, honesty, probity, truthfulness, candor,
single-mindedness, {[con]?}, conscientiousness, entireness,
rectitude, completeness, parity.
ANT: Unfairness, sleight, underhandedness, meanness, chicanery,
duplicity, fraud, roguery, rascality.
KEY: Integument.
SYN: Covering, protection, envelope, crust.
ANT: Nudity, bareness, callowness, abrasion, exposure.
KEY: Intellect.
SYN: Understanding, mind, reason, instinct, consciousness, sense,
brains, ability, talent, genius.
ANT: Matter, mechanism, organization, force, growth, propension,
KEY: Intellectual.
SYN: Mental, metaphysical, psychological, inventive, learned,
ANT: Unintellectual, unmetaphysical, unlearned.
KEY: Intelligence.
SYN: Understanding, apprehension, comprehension, conception,
announcement, report, rumor, tidings, news, information, publication,
{intellectual_capacity}, mind, knowledge, advice, notice,
instruction, intellect.
ANT: Misunderstanding, misinformation, misconception, stupidity,
dullness, suppression, ignorance, darkness, concealment, silence,
nonpublication, misguidance, misintelligence, misreport,
KEY: Intelligible, [See INSCRUTABLE].
KEY: Intemperate \a.\, [See TEMPERATE].
KEY: Intend, [See PURPOSE].
KEY: Intensity.
SYN: Tension, force, concentration, strain, attention, eagerness,
ardor, energy.
ANT: Laxity, debility, relaxation, languor, indifference, coolness,
hebetude, diminution.
KEY: fulfill \n.\.
SYN: Design, purpose, intention, drift, meaning, purport, aim, view.
ANT: Chance, lot, fate, accident.
KEY: Intent \adj.\.
SYN: Eager, fixed, Urgent.
ANT: Indifferent, diverted, distracted.
KEY: Intention, [See PURPOSE].
KEY: Intentional.
SYN: Purposed, designed, deliberate, intended, done_on_purpose,
contemplated, premeditated, studied.
ANT: Undesigned, casual, unintentional, accidental, fortuitous.
KEY: Inter.
SYN: Bury, inhume, entomb.
ANT: Exhume, disinter.
KEY: Intercede.
SYN: Mediate, interpose, interfere, advocate, plead.
ANT: Abandon, incriminate, charge, inculpate, accuse.
KEY: Intercept.
SYN: Arrest, stop, catch, seize, neutralize.
ANT: Send, despatch, forward, depute, commission, delegate,
interchange, exchange, neglectful, unmindful,.
KEY: Intercession, [See INTERCEDE].
KEY: Interchange \n.\.
SYN: Barter, reciprocation, reciprocity, intercommunication,
correspondence, intercourse, mutuality.
KEY: Intercommunication, [See INTERCHANGE].
KEY: Intercourse.
SYN: Correspondence, dealing, intercommunication, intimacy,
connection, commerce.
ANT: Reticence, suspension, cessation, disconnection, interception,
KEY: Intercurrence.
SYN: Intervention, intrusion, intervenience, interception.
ANT: Nonintervention, non-interception, unobstructedness.
KEY: Interdict.
SYN: Prohibit, restrain, estop, disallow, debar, proscribe, forbid.
ANT: Concede, indulge, grant, airflow.
KEY: Interest \n.\.
SYN: Concern, {business_advantage}, profit, attention,
curiosity_behalf, cause, share.
ANT: Unconcern, disconnection, repudiation, disadvantage, loss,
inattention, incuriosity, indifference.
KEY: Interfere, [See INTERPOSE].
KEY: Interior.
SYN: Inside, {[innei]?}, toward, internal, inland.
ANT: Exterior, outside.
KEY: Interjacent, [See INTERMEDIATE].
KEY: Interject, [See INJECT].
KEY: Interlace.
SYN: Cross, reticulate, intertwine, interweave, intersect.
ANT: Radiate, diverge, unravel, disconnect.
KEY: Interlocution.
SYN: Interruption, interpellation.
ANT: Speech, oration, flow, uninterruptedness.
KEY: Interloper.
SYN: Intruder, supernumerary.
ANT: Member, constituent.
KEY: Intermeddle, [See INTERPOSE].
KEY: Intermediate.
SYN: Intervening, included, interposed, comprised, middle, moderate,
ANT: Circumjacent, surrounding, enclosing, embracing, outside,
extreme, excluded, exclusive.
KEY: Interment, [See INTER].
KEY: interminable.
SYN: Unending, endless, everlasting, perpetual, infinite, boundless,
illimitable, limitless.
ANT: Terminable, brief, moderate, curt, short, momentary.
KEY: Intermingle, [See MINGLE].
KEY: Intermission.
SYN: Cessation, interruption, discontinuance, suspension,
recurrence, pause, rest, stop, interval.
ANT: Continuity, continuance, permanence, perpetuity, constancy,
KEY: Intermit.
SYN: Suspend, relax, discontinue, break.
ANT: Continue, prosecute, urge, dispatch.
KEY: Intermix, [See MINGLE].
KEY: intermutation_\n.\.
SYN: intervariation, questionable, fitful, [See
ATTRACTIVE_and_DULL], interchange, mutuality.
ANT: Unity, uniformity, interresistance, interdependence.
KEY: Internal.
SYN: Inner, interior, Inside.
ANT: Outer, exterior, outside.
KEY: International.
SYN: Interpolitical, interdiplomatic.
ANT: Independent, non-interventive, intestine, domestic.
KEY: Internecine.
SYN: Exterminating, deadly, irreconcilable, inextinguishable.
ANT: Desultory, incursive, maraud, ing, buccaneering, freebooting,
filibustering, skirmishing, guerilla.
KEY: Interpellation.
SYN: Interlocution, suspension, interference.
ANT: Promotion, prosecution, flow, conduct, uninterruptedness.
SYN: interregression, interdigitation, dovetail, inoculation.
ANT: Interseparation, {[interreourren?]?}, interreourren?_e,
KEY: Interpolate.
SYN: Interlard, interweave, import, garble, gloss, intersperse,
furbish, introduce.
ANT: Expunge, elide, erase, verify, authenticate, expurgate.
KEY: Interpose.
SYN: Introduce, insert, intervene, interfere, meddle, intercede,
arbitrate, mediate.
ANT: Withdraw, retract, retire, recede, remove, extract.
KEY: Interpret.
SYN: Translate, render, construe, explain, expound, expone,
represent, declare, understand, elucidate, decipher, solve.
ANT: Misinterpret, misunderstand, mistake, misconceive, falsify,
distort, misdeclare, misrepresent.
KEY: Interpretation.
SYN: Version, explanation, rendering, exposition, definition, sense,
ANT: Misinterpretation, misrendering, problem, difficulty, text.
KEY: Interpreter, [See INTERPRET].
KEY: Interrogate, [See QUESTION].
KEY: Interrupt.
SYN: Break, disconnect, discontinue, intersect, disturb, stop,
ANT: Continue, prosecute, expedite.
KEY: Intersect, [See INTERLACE].
KEY: Intersperse.
SYN: Interlard, powder, scatter.
ANT: Expunge.
KEY: Interstice.
SYN: Chink, interval, interspace, cleft, cranny, fissure, gap, crack.
ANT: Seam, suture, stop-gap.
KEY: Intertwine, [See INTERLACE].
KEY: Interval.
SYN: Interim, meantime, period, gap, intermission, Interspace,
cessation, space_between, season.
ANT: Continuity, simultaneousness, uninterruptedness.
KEY: Intervention.
SYN: Intrusion, insinuation, interference, intercession, mediation,
agency, interposition.
ANT: Continuance, nonintervention, uninterruptedness,
KEY: Interview.
SYN: Colloquy, confabulation, consultation, conference, meeting.
ANT: Isolation, independence, exclusion, avoidance.
KEY: Interweave, [See INTERLACE].
KEY: Intestate.
SYN: Unwilled, undevised, unbequeathed.
ANT: Willed, bequeathed, devised.
KEY: Intestine.
SYN: Interior, domestic, civil.
ANT: External, foreign, international.
KEY: Inthrall.
SYN: Confine, cage, imprison, incarcerate, intomb, enslave.
ANT: Liberate, release, disengage, free, unfetter.
KEY: Intimate, {[t]?}.
SYN: Impart, communicate, announce, declare, tell, suggest, hint,
insinuate, mention_briefly.
ANT: Reserve, repress, withhold, conceal.
KEY: Intimate \adj.\.
SYN: Close, familiar, exact, nice, near, friendly, conversant.
ANT: Distant, unfamiliar, superficial.
KEY: Intimidate.
SYN: Frighten, alarm, threaten, deter, dishearten, scare, appall,
browbeat, cow.
ANT: Encourage, inspirit, animate, reassure.
KEY: Intolerable, [See INSUFFERABLE].
KEY: Intolerant, [See TOLERANT].
KEY: Intomb.
SYN: Inter, bury, inhume, incarcerate, imprison, immure.
ANT: Exhume, disinter, disentomb, liberate, release.
KEY: Intonation.
SYN: Melody, accentuation, resonance, ring.
ANT: Jar, jabber, gabble, babel, gibber, rattle.
KEY: Intoxication.
SYN: Venom, poison, obfuscation, bewilderment, delirium,
hallucination, ravishment, ecstasy, inebriation, drunkenness,
ANT: Antidote, clarification, sobriety, sanity, ebriety, melancholy,
KEY: Intractable, [See TRACTABLE].
KEY: Intransient, [See TRANSIENT].
KEY: Intrenchment.
SYN: Ditch, dyke, moat, circumvallation, encroachment, infringement,
ANT: Wall, rampart, mound, mole, embankment, glacis, bastion,
forbearance, deference, respect.
KEY: Intrepid.
SYN: Fearless, brave, unterrified, courageous, valorous, heroic,
chivalrous, doughty, [See DAUNTLESS].
KEY: Intricacy.
SYN: Complexity, complication, entanglement, perplexity, confusion.
ANT: Directness, obviousness, method, disposition, array, system.
KEY: Intricate.
SYN: Complicated, involved, mazy, labyrinthine, entangled, tortuous.
ANT: Simple, uninvolved, plain, direct, obvious.
KEY: Intrigue.
SYN: Cabal, plot, conspiracy, machination, artifice, design,
manoeuvres, cunning, duplicity, trickery, chicanery, love_affair,
amour, ruse.
ANT: Insurrection, rebellion, congress, assembly, force, violence,
assault, openness, candor, sincerity, honesty, probity,
KEY: Intrinsic.
SYN: Native, inherent, innate, genuine, immanent, natural, true, real,
ANT: Extrinsic, acquired, adventitious, borrowed, pretended,
ascititious, external, added, assumed.
KEY: Introduce.
SYN: Present, usher_in, conduct_in, make_known, bring_in, preface,
ANT: Come_after, succeed, follow, end, conclude.
KEY: Introduction.
SYN: Induction, importation, leading, taking, presentation,
insertion, commencement, preliminary, preface, initiative, portico,
vestibule, entrance, gate, preamble, prelude.
ANT: Eduction, extraction, exportation, elimination, ejection,
encircleation, estrangement, conclusion, completion, end, egress.
KEY: Introductory.
SYN: Prefatory, initiatory, commendatory, precursory, preliminary,
ANT: Completive, final, conclusive, alienative, supplemental,
terminal, valedictory.
KEY: Introvert.
SYN: Involve, invert, replicate.
ANT: Explicate, evolve, encircleate, eliminate.
KEY: Intrude, [See INTERFERE].
KEY: Intrusion, [See INTRUDE].
KEY: I_ii_t_rust.
SYN: Put_in_trust, consign, commit, [See CONFIDE].
KEY: Intuition.
SYN: Instinct, apprehension, recognition, insight.
ANT: Information, learning, instruction, elaboration, acquirement,
induction, experience.
KEY: Intuitive, [See INSTINCTIVE].
KEY: Intumescence.
SYN: Swelling, protuberance, turgescence.
ANT: Subsidence, evenness, attenuation, concavity.
KEY: I_lit_\viue.
SYN: Twist, wreath, plait, interlace, braid, bind.
ANT: Untwist, disengage, untie, unlace, unravel, unbind.
KEY: Inundate.
SYN: Overflow, submerge, deluge, flood, overwhelm.
ANT: Drain, reclaim, dry, desiccate, parch.
KEY: {[Inurbanltr]?}.
SYN: boorishness, coarseness, rudeness.
ANT: Urbanity, politeness, refinement.
KEY: Inure, [See ACCUSTOM].
KEY: Inutility.
SYN: Uselessness, inefficacy, futility.
ANT: Utility, usefulness, efficiency, efficacy.
KEY: Invade.
SYN: Attack, assault, encroach, occupy, assail, violate,
encroach_upon, intrude_upon, infringe_upon, trench_upon.
ANT: Vacate, abandon, evacuate, relinquish.
KEY: Invalid.
SYN: infirm, sick, weakly, frail, feeble.
ANT: Strong, vigorous, healthy, well.
KEY: Invalidate.
SYN: Annul, overthrow, [See ANNUL].
KEY: Invaluable.
SYN: Inestimable, precious, priceless, [See VALUABLE].
KEY: Invasion.
SYN: Irruption, encroachment, [See INCURSION].
KEY: Invective.
SYN: Obloquy, denunciation, castigation, vituperation, reprobation,
abuse, railing, sarcasm, satire, diatribe, reproach.
ANT: Commendation, encomium, eulogy, panegyric, laudation.
KEY: Inveigh.
SYN: Denounce, reprobate, attack, vituperate, abuse.
ANT: Exculpate, advocate, defend, laud, eulogize, panegyrize.
KEY: Inveigle.
SYN: Cajole, wheedle, [See DECOY].
KEY: Invent.
SYN: Discover, contrive, concoct, imagine, elaborate, conceive,
design, devise, fabricate, originate, find_out, frame, forge, feign.
ANT: Imitate, copy, execute, reproduce.
KEY: Inventive, [See INGENIOUS].
KEY: Inventor.
SYN: Creator, contriver, originator, author.
ANT: Destroyer.
KEY: Inventory.
SYN: Schedule, register, list, catalogue, [See BAWL], ~_\n.\].
KEY: Invert.
SYN: Upset, reverse, overturn, subvert, [See OVERTHROW].
KEY: Inversion.
SYN: Reversal, deflection, alteration, permutation, violation,
ANT: Verticality, erectness, stability, permanence, persistence,
conservation, sequence, fixity, state, order.
KEY: Invest, [See DIVEST].
KEY: Investigate, [See EXAMINE].
KEY: Investigation.
SYN: Examination, search, scrutiny, research, study, inquiry,
exploration, ventilation.
ANT: Discovery, solution, clue, indication, thread.
KEY: Investiture.
SYN: Investment.
ANT: Divestiture, divestment.
KEY: Investment, [See INVESTITURE].
KEY: Inveterate.
SYN: Confirmed, incarnate, ingrained, deep-rooted, chronic,
ANT: Incipient, undeveloped, unformed.
KEY: Invidious.
SYN: Unfair, gratuitous, partial, inconsiderate, hateful, envious,
ANT: Fair, impartial, due, just, considerate.
KEY: Invigorate, [See ENERVATE].
KEY: Invincible.
SYN: Impregnable, immovable, inexpugnable, unsubduable,
irresistible, indomitable, unconquerable, insuperable,
ANT: Weak, spiritless, powerless, puny, effortless.
KEY: Inviolable.
SYN: Impregnable, invincible, strict, immovable, unimpeachable,
ANT: Alterable, weak, frail.
KEY: Inviolate.
SYN: Guarded, treasured, close, virgin, intact, uninjured, sacred,
ANT: Betrayed, surrendered, divulged, entered_into, profaned.
KEY: Invisible, [See SELFISH].
KEY: Invite.
SYN: Ask, summon, call, challenge, attract, allure, tempt, incite,
request, solicit.
ANT: Forbid, exclude, discard, deprecate, repel.
KEY: Inviting.
SYN: Attracting, calling, summoning, alluring, tempting.
ANT: Forbidding, repelling, rejecting.
KEY: Invoke.
SYN: Summon, call, imprecate, conjure, invite, challenge, invocate,
implore, beseech, appeal_to.
ANT: Deprecate, ignore, warn, inhibit, elude, defy, deter.
KEY: Involuntary, [See AMPLE_and_BROAD].
KEY: Involution.
SYN: Complication, entanglement, implication, mingling.
ANT: Evolution, evolvement, separation, extrication, disconnection.
KEY: Involve.
SYN: Implicate, confound, mingle, envelop, compromise, include,
complicate, entangle.
ANT: Separate, extricate, disconnect.
KEY: Involved.
SYN: Implicated, concerned, complicated, confused, compromised.
ANT: Unconnected, unconcerned, simple, lucid, uncompromised.
KEY: Invulnerable, [See VULNERABLE].
KEY: Inward.
SYN: Internal, interior, inner.
ANT: External, exterior, outward.
KEY: Iota.
SYN: Jot, particle, tittle, trace, atom.
ANT: Whole, mass.
KEY: Irascible, [See HASTY_and_ANGRY].
KEY: Irate, [See HASTY_and_ANGRY].
KEY: Ire, [See WRATH].
KEY: Iridescent.
SYN: Prismatic, opaline, polychromatous, nacreous.
ANT: Achromatic, blanched, neutral, dingy, colorless, etiolated,
KEY: Irk.
SYN: Weary, tire, tease, bore, oppress, jade.
ANT: Interest, rivet, animate, refresh, inspirit, irksome, [See
KEY: Irony.
SYN: Satire, banter, quiz, rally, taunt, sarcasm, raillery, ridicule.
ANT: Compliment, seriousness.
KEY: Ironical, [See IRONY].
KEY: Irradiate, [See ILLUMINATE].
KEY: Irrational, [See RATIONAL].
KEY: Irreclaimable, [See RECLAIMABLE].
KEY: Irreconcilable, [See RECONCILABLE].
KEY: Irrecoverable.
SYN: Past, hopeless, lost, irredeemable.
ANT: Hopeful, saved, redeemable.
KEY: Irredeemable, [See REDEEMABLE].
KEY: Irreducible.
SYN: Uncongenial, uncommensurable, discordant, unchangeable,
ANT: Congenial, commensurable, reducible, concordant, in_order.
KEY: Irrefragable, [See REFRAGABLE].
KEY: Irrefutable, [See REFRAGABLE].
KEY: Irregular, [See REGULAR].
KEY: Irrelevant, [See RELEVANT].
KEY: irreligion, [See RELIGION].
KEY: Irreligions.
SYN: Undevout, ungodly, godless, profane, impious.
ANT: Religious, godly, reverent, reverential, pious, devout.
KEY: Irremediable, [See REMEDIABLE].
KEY: Irremissible.
SYN: Unjustifiable, indefensible, inexpiable, unpardonable.
ANT: Justifiable, defensible, remissible, pardonable.
KEY: Irremovable.
SYN: Immovable, fixed, rooted, firm, steadfast, riveted,
ANT: Inconstant, unsteady, unstable, unsettled, unfixed, unfastened.
KEY: Irreparable, [See REPARABLE].
KEY: Irreprehensible, [See REPREHENSIBLE].
KEY: Irrepressible.
SYN: Unrepressible, ungovernable, uncontrollable, insuppressible,
free, unconfined, excitable.
ANT: Repressible, governable, controllable, calm, bound_down.
KEY: Irreproachable, [See BLAMELESS].
KEY: Irreprovable.
SYN: Irreproachable, irreprehensible, unexceptionable,
unobjectionable, unimpeachable.
ANT: Culpable, peccable, reprehensible, uncommendable, blameworthy,
KEY: Irresistible, [See RESISTIBLE].
KEY: Irresolute, [See RESOLUTE].
KEY: Irrespective, [See RESPECTIVE].
KEY: Irresponsible.
SYN: Unbound, unencumbered, unaccountable, {not_answerable},
excusable, lawless, arbitrary, despotic.
ANT: Responsible, obligatory, binding, imperative, chargeable_on,
under_obligation, lawful, legal, legitimate.
KEY: Irretrievable, [See RETRIEVABLE].
KEY: Irreverence, [See REVERENCE].
KEY: Irreversible, [See REVERSIBLE].
KEY: Irrevocable, [See REVERSIBLE].
KEY: Irrigate.
SYN: Water, wet, inundate, submerge.
ANT: Dry, drain, parch.
KEY: Irrigation, [See IRRIGATE].
KEY: Irritable, [See HASTY].
KEY: Irritant, [See TENTATIVE].
KEY: Irritate.
SYN: Tease, provoke, annoy, exasperate, worry, incense.
ANT: Soothe, caress, pacify, tame, mollify.
KEY: Irritation, [See IRRITATE].
KEY: Irruption.
SYN: Incursion, invasion, inundation, inburst.
ANT: Eruption, excursion, sally, retreat, outburst.
KEY: Isolate.
SYN: Insulate, dissociate, separate.
ANT: Unite, associate.
KEY: Isolation.
SYN: Segregation, detachment, disconnection, insularity,
ANT: Organization, co-membership, community, connection,
concatenation, continuity.
KEY: Issue.
SYN: Effect, outcome, manifestation, end, result, progeny, posterity,
conclusion, consequence, upshot, children, offspring.
ANT: Cause, operation, working, principle, law, system, action,
influence, origination, commencement, paternity, ancestry.
KEY: Iteration.
SYN: Repetition, reiteration, harping, recurrence, succession.
ANT: Single_statement.
KEY: Itinerant.
SYN: Wandering, travelling, locomotive, roving, roaming, journeying,
ANT: Stationary, domestic, fixed, settled, allocated, local.
SYN: Prate, mumble, [See GABBLE].
KEY: Jade.
SYN: Fatigue, tire, weary, oppress, wear, harass, exhaust, worry.
ANT: Refresh, recruit, bait, invigorate, inspirit.
KEY: Jangle \n.\.
SYN: Jargon, babel, [See {[contemion  ]?}], wrangle, bickering,
squabble, quarrel.
ANT: Argument, debate, discourse.
KEY: Jangle \v.\.
SYN: Bicker, wrangle, squabble, quarrel, dispute, nag, jar.
ANT: Agree, {[hunuouize]?}, accord, concur.
KEY: Jauty, or_Jaunty.
SYN: Flighty, airy, fantastic, showy, flaunting.
ANT: Staid, sober, sedate, demure, dignified.
KEY: Jar.
SYN: Interfere, clash, quarrel, [See TANGLE].
KEY: Jargon.
SYN: Gibberish, jangle, slang, cant, lingo, patois, confused_talk.
ANT: Speech, conversation, literature, discourse, oration,
KEY: Jaundiced.
SYN: Biased, prejudiced, warped, prepossessed.
ANT: Unbiased, unprejudiced, unjaundiced.
KEY: Jealous.
SYN: Envious, self-anxious, covetous, invidious, suspicious.
ANT: Unenvious, liberal, genial, self-denying, indifferent,
KEY: Jealousy.
SYN: Suspicion, envy, rivalry, solicitude.
ANT: Certainty, magnanimity, friendliness, generousness,
KEY: Jeer.
SYN: Sneer, taunt, scoff, deride, scout, flout, mock, rally, banter.
ANT: Flatter, annulate, fawn, cringe, compliment, eulogize.
KEY: Jejune.
SYN: Bare, scant, poor, thin, weak, barren, sterile, poverty-struck,
ANT: Rich, exuberant, racy, abundant, interesting, overwrought,
KEY: Jeopardy.
SYN: Danger, peril, hazard, risk.
ANT: Safety, security, provision, insurance.
KEY: Jest.
SYN: Joke, raillery, fun, sport, quip, witticism.
ANT: Earnest, seriousness, gravity.
KEY: Jilt.
SYN: Flirt, coquette.
KEY: Jingle.
SYN: Rhyme, chime, tinkle, tingle.
ANT: Euphony, consonance, melody, harmony.
KEY: Jocose.
SYN: Humorous, funny, jocular, waggish, jolly, merry, facetious.
ANT: Melancholy, serious, earnest, grave, lugubrious, lackadaisical.
KEY: Jocular, [See JOCOSE].
KEY: Jocund.
SYN: Merry, joyous, jovial, gay, gleeful, blithesome, careless,
mirthful, hilarious, sprightly, sportive, joyful, lively, vivacious.
ANT: Melancholy, dull, grave, mournful, sorrowful, darksome,
cheerless, woful, rueful, doleful, careworn.
KEY: Join, [See {[J]?}].
SYN: Unite, adhere, adjoin, add, couple, connect, associate, annex,
append, combine, link, accompany, confederate.
ANT: Separate, disjoin, subtract, disconnect.
KEY: Joint.
SYN: Articulation, junction, flexure, elbow, knee.
ANT: Solution, disconnection, disjunction, uniformity, continuity.
KEY: Joke, [See JEST].
KEY: Jollification.
SYN: Revelry, festivity, conviviality, fun, carnival, merrymaking.
ANT: Weariness, tediousness, soberness, tedium, monotony.
KEY: Jolly.
SYN: Gay, joyful, gladsome, mirthful, genial, jovial, jubilant,
robust, lively, plump, merry.
ANT: Sad, mournful, joyless, cheerless, unmirthful, lugubrious,
morose, gloomy, lean.
KEY: Jollity, [See JOVIALITY].
KEY: Jostle.
SYN: Hustle, push, thrust, jog, jolt, incommode.
ANT: Clear, lead, extricate, convoy, escort, precede, pilot, attend.
KEY: Jot.
SYN: Tittle, cipher, trifle, rush, fig, particle, atom, thought, idea,
bit, scrap, morsel, fraction, iota, whit.
ANT: Deal, power, world, mass, light, load, ocean.
KEY: Journey.
SYN: Travel, excursion, tour, voyage, trip.
KEY: Jovial.
SYN: Jolly, genial, convivial.
ANT: Ungenial, melancholy, unconvivial, saturnine, lugubrious,
KEY: Joviality.
SYN: Merriment, jollity, mirth, hilarity.
ANT: Sadness, seriousness, soberness.
KEY: Joy.
SYN: Gladness, pleasure, delight, happiness, exultation, transport,
felicity, ecstasy, rapture, bites, gaiety, mirth, merriment,
festivity, hilarity.
ANT: Sorrow, pain, trouble, misery, melancholy, grief, affliction,
tears, depression, despondency, despair.
KEY: Joyful.
SYN: Happy, joyous, gladsome, blissful, [See JOCUND].
KEY: Jubilant.
SYN: Joyous, triumphant, festive, congratulatory, exultant.
ANT: Doleful, mournful, sorrowful, wailing, penitent, penitential,
lugubrious, remorseful.
KEY: Jubilee.
SYN: Holiday, feast, rejoicing, merriment, festivity, revel, paean,
carnival, high-day.
ANT: Fast, humiliation, mourning, penitence, lent.
KEY: Judge.
SYN: Justice, magistrate, arbitrator, umpire, referee, critic,
connoisseur, authority, arbiter.
ANT: Criminal, ignoramus, novice, tyro.
KEY: Judgment.
SYN: Decision, determination, adjudication, sagacity, penetration,
judiciousness, sense, intellect, belief, estimation, opinion,
verdict, sentence, discernment, discrimination, intelligence,
prudence, award, condemnation.
ANT: Argument, consideration, inquiry, speculation, proposition,
investigation, pleading, insagacity, injudiciousness, evidence,
KEY: Judicial.
SYN: Juridical, forensic.
KEY: Judicious.
SYN: Wise, sagacious, expedient, sensible, prudent, discreet,
well-judged, well-advised, polite, discerning, thoughtful.
ANT: Foolish, unwise, silly, imprudent, indiscreet, ill-judged,
ill-advised, impolitic, inexpedient, rash, blind, injurious.
KEY: Juggle.
SYN: Conjure, cheat, bamboozle, shuffle, trick, beguile, circumvent,
swindle, overreach, mystify, mislead.
ANT: Expose, correct, enlighten, guide, lead, undeceive,
disillusionize, detect.
KEY: Jugglery.
SYN: Trickery, imposture, cheating, [See DECEIT].
KEY: Jumble, [See ABRIDGMENT].
KEY: Jump.
SYN: Leap, bound, spring, skip, bounce.
ANT: Walk.
KEY: Junction.
SYN: Joining, connection, union, combination, coalition, attachment,
fastening, annexation, alliance, confederacy.
ANT: Separation, disconnection, disunion, division, segregation,
dispersion, loosening, unfastening, uniformity, continuity.
KEY: Juncture, [See CONJUNCTURE].
KEY: Jungle.
SYN: Thicket, brake, involution, ravelling, entanglement, labyrinth,
ANT: Open_place, order, arrangement, array, system.
KEY: Junior.
SYN: Younger.
ANT: Senior, elder.
KEY: Jurisdiction.
SYN: Administration, cognizance, government, control, sway, power,
legalization, magistracy, liability.
ANT: Freedom, independence, Immunity, exemption.
KEY: Just.
SYN: Exact, fitting, true, fair, proportioned, harmonious, honest,
reasonable, sound, honorable, normal, impartial, equitable, upright,
regular, orderly, lawful, right, righteous, proper.
ANT: Inexact, misfitted, disproportioned, illproportioned, untrue,
inharmonious, unfair, unreasonable, unsound, dishonorable, partial,
unequitable, unjust, irregular, abnormal, disorderly.
KEY: justice.
SYN: {[Efluity]?}, impartiality, fairness, right, reasonableness,
propriety, uprightness, desert, integrity.
ANT: Injustice, wrong, partiality, unfairness, unreasonableness,
unlawfulness, inadequateness.
KEY: Justification.
SYN: Vindication, apology, defence, advocacy, maintenance, plea,
exoneration, exculpation.
ANT: Condemnation, censure, conviction, protest, abandonment,
inculpation, recrimination, implication, aggravation.
KEY: Justify.
SYN: Clear, vindicate, exonerate, defend, absolve, excuse.
ANT: Condemn, censure, convict, criminate.
KEY: [See {[JuMtiieKH]?}].
SYN: Exactness, correctness, propriety, [See ACCURACY].
KEY: Hustle, [See JOSTLE].
KEY: Juvenile.
SYN: Youthful, young, infantine, boyish, girlish, early, immature,
adolescent, pubescent, childish, puerile,.
ANT: Mature, later, manly, womanly, elderly, aged, senile, anile,
superannuated, adult.
KEY: Juxtaposition.
SYN: Proximity, contiguity, contact, [See CONTACT].
KEY: [See KEEN].
SYN: Eager, vehement, sharp, piercing, penetrating, acute, cutting,
biting, severe, sarcastic, satirical, ardent, prompt, shrewd.
ANT: Indifferent, languid, blunt, dull, blind.
KEY: Keep.
SYN: Hold, restrain, retain, detain, guard, preserve, suppress,
repress, conceal, tend, support, maintain, conduct, continue, obey,
haunt, observe, frequent, celebrate, protect, adhere_to, practise,
binder, sustain.
ANT: Release, acquit, liberate, send, dismiss, {[betrnj^]?}, neglect,
divulge, discard, abandon, intermit, disobey, disregard, transgress,
forsake, desert, {[oblivate]?}.
KEY: Keeper, [See KEEP].
KEY: Keeping.
SYN: Care, guardianship, maintenance, custody, [See CARE].
KEY: Keepsake.
SYN: Souvenir, remembrancer, {a_gift_of_affection}.
KEY: Ken.
SYN: View, survey, knowledge, cognizance.
ANT: Oversight, ignorance, incognizance, inobservance, inexperience,
KEY: Kernel, [See CORK].
KEY: Key.
SYN: Clew, guide, explanation, solution, [See EXPLANATION].
KEY: Kick.
SYN: {[Oaloitrate]?}, rebel, resist, spurn.
ANT: Caress, soothe, flatter, obey, yield.
KEY: Kill.
SYN: Slay, murder, assassinate, destroy, slaughter, butcher,
immolate, massacre, deaden, put_to_death, despatch.
ANT: Resuscitate, revivify, vivify, reanimate.
KEY: Kin.
SYN: Race, kindred, offspring, kind, family, sort, ilk, genus, kidney,
class, relationship, consanguinity, kinsfolk, blood.
ANT: Foreignership, strangership, disconnection, inaffinity,
KEY: Kind \n.\.
SYN: Style, character, {[]?}].
SYN: Hiss, drop, mislay, forfeit.
ANT: Keep, retain, find, recover, locate, earn, guard, treasure,
economize, utilize, preserve, abandon, discard, reject.
KEY: Loss.
SYN: Mislaying, dropping, forfeiture, missing, privation, waste,
detriment, damage.
ANT: Preservation, recovery, earning, satisfaction, restoration,
economy, augmentation, advantage, gain.
KEY: Lot.
SYN: Chance, fortune, fate, hazard, ballot, doom.
ANT: Law, provision, arrangement, disposal, design, purpose, plan,
portion, allotment.
KEY: Loth.
SYN: Reluctant, unwilling.
ANT: Ready, willing, lief.
KEY: Loud.
SYN: Sounding, sonorous, resonant, noisy, audible, vociferous,
clamorous, obstreperous.
ANT: Soft, gentle, subdued, whispering, rustling, murmuring,
babbling, pattering, tinkling, dulcet, inaudible, quiet.
KEY: Lounge, [See LOLL_and_LOITER].
KEY: Lout.
SYN: Clown, looby, clodhopper, clod.
ANT: Dandy, fop, cockney, prig.
KEY: Love.
SYN: Affection, attachment, passion, devotion, benevolence, charity,
ANT: Hatred, dislike, disaffection, alienation, estrangement,
bitterness, coldness, Indifference, repugnance, infidelity,
desertion, unkindness, malice, uncharitableness.
KEY: Lover.
SYN: Suitor, wooer, sweetheart, swain, beau.
ANT: Husband, wife, mate.
KEY: Lovely.
SYN: Amiable, lovable, enchanting, beautiful, pleasing, delightful,
ANT: Unamiable, unlovable, hateful, hideous, plain, homely,
unattractive, unlovely.
KEY: Low.
SYN: Abated, sunk, depressed, stunted, declining, deep, subsided,
inaudible, cheap, gentle, dejected, degraded, mean, abject, base,
unworthy, lowly, feeble, moderate, frugal, reprieved, subdued,
reduced, poor, {[kwnUe]?}.
ANT: Elevated, lofty, tall, amending, rising, high, exorbitant,
violent, loud, excited, elated, eminent, considerable, influential,
high-minded, honorable, proud, strong, aggravated, intensified,
raised, wealthy, rich.
KEY: Lower \v.\.
SYN: Depress, decrease, reduce, bate, abate, drop, humiliate, sink,
debase, humble, diminish.
ANT: Hoist, raise, heighten, exalt, increase, aggrandize, elevate.
KEY: Lower \a.\.
SYN: Inferior.
ANT: Higher, superior.
KEY: Lowering.
SYN: Dark, threatening, gloomy, murky, lurid, overcast.
KEY: Lowly.
SYN: Mean, low, common, humble, meek.
ANT: Lofty, elevated, eminent, {[li>nlly]?}, proud.
KEY: Lowness, [See LOW].
KEY: Loyal.
SYN: Submissive, obedient, faithful, allegiant, true, constant.
ANT: Insubmissive, insurgent, mal, content, rebellious, disobedient,
unfaithful, unallegiant, untrue, inconstant, disaffected.
KEY: Loyalty.
SYN: Fidelity, fealty, allegiance, faithfulness.
ANT: Disloyalty, unfaithfulness, treason.
KEY: Lubricate.
SYN: Oil, ease, grease, levigate, gloze, glaze.
ANT: Rust, clog, indent, roughen, corrugate.
KEY: Lucent, [See LIMPID_and_LUCID].
KEY: Lucid.
SYN: Shining, bright, resplendent, Incident, luminous, clear,
trans_parent, crystalline, pellucid, distinct, intelligible,
rational, perspicuous, orderly, limpid, lucent, easily_under, stood.
ANT: Dark, unlustrous, opaque, turbid, muddy, obscure,
unintelligible, confused, unsolved, insane, mystified.
KEY: Luck, [See CHANCE].
KEY: luckiest, [See CHANCE_and_LUCKY].
KEY: Lucky.
SYN: Fortunate, auspicious, prosperous, successful, favorable.
ANT: Unlucky, unfortunate, inauspicious, unprosperous, adverse,
illfated, disastrous, luckless.
KEY: Lucrative, [See PROFITABLE].
KEY: Lucre.
SYN: Gain, profit, greed, mmm, mon, wealth, money.
ANT: Loss, poverty, failure, privation, [See TOM], refuse.
KEY: Lucubration.
SYN: Study, meditation, work, cogitation.
ANT: Idleness, vacuity, incogitancy, torpor.
KEY: Luculent, [See LUCID].
KEY: Ludicrous.
SYN: Ridiculous, farcical, laughable, comic, droll, funny, comical.
ANT: Serious, momentous, grave, {[ead]?}, sorrowful, mournful,
tragic, lugubrious, melancholy, sombre, doleful.
KEY: Lugubrious, [See LUDICROUS].
KEY: Lull \v.\.
SYN: Calm, quiet, hush, still, tranquilize, [See ASSUAGE].
KEY: Lull_\n.\.
SYN: Quiet, assuagement, cessation, quiescence, subsidence.
ANT: Tumult, excitement, storm, tempest.
KEY: Lumber \n.\.
SYN: Trash, rubbish, refuse.
ANT: Valuables, commodities, stock.
KEY: Lumber \v.\.
SYN: Choke, crowd, obstruct, encumber.
ANT: Clear, disencumber, utilize, economize.
KEY: Luminary.
SYN: Sage, savant, celebrity, light, genius.
ANT: Fool, ignoramus, dunce, lout, blockhead.
KEY: Luminous, [See LUCID].
KEY: Lump.
SYN: Mass, hunk, hunch, slice.
KEY: Lumpish.
SYN: Heavy, cloddish, sluggish, clumsy.
ANT: Light, airy, agile, sylph-like, nimble, active.
KEY: Lunacy.
SYN: Madness, Insanity, derangement, craziness, mania, aberration,
ANT: Sanity, reason, intellect, intelligence, rationality, lucidity.
KEY: Lunatic.
SYN: Madman, maniac, monomaniac.
ANT: Solon, philosopher, luminary, genius.
KEY: Lure_\n.\.
SYN: Allurement, [See ATTRACTION].
KEY: Litre \v.\, [See DECOY].
KEY: Lurid.
SYN: Murky, lowering, {[wan]?}, dismal, gloomy.
ANT: Bright, luminous.
KEY: Lurk.
SYN: Hide, lie, skulk, abscond, lie_hid, lie_in_wait.
ANT: Rise, spring, show, emerge, flash.
KEY: Luscious.
SYN: Sweet, delicious, sugary, honied, delightful, toothsome,
ANT: Sour, sharp, tart, bitter.
KEY: Lustration.
SYN: Purification, expurgation, expiation.
ANT: Desecration, defilement, contamination.
KEY: Lustre.
SYN: Brightness, splendor, brilliancy, effulgence, glory, renown,
KEY: Lusty.
SYN: Robust, vigorous, strong, stout, able-bodied, burly, brawny,
muscular, healthy, corpulent.
ANT: Infirm, weak, disabled, ailing, effete, listless.
KEY: Lu_lose, [See LIMPID].
KEY: Luxuriant, [See EXUBERANT].
KEY: Luxuriate, [See BASK].
KEY: Luxurious.
SYN: Voluptuous, selfindulgent, pleasurable, sensual, pampered.
ANT: Hard, painful, self-denying, ascetic, hardy.
KEY: Luxury.
SYN: Effeminacy, epicurism, voluptuousness, wantonness,
selfindulgence, softness, animalism, delicacy, dainty, profuseness.
ANT: Hardness, asceticism, stoicism, self-denial, hardship.
KEY: Lying.
SYN: Mendacious, false, untrue, untruthful.
ANT: true, veracious.
SYN: Attenuate, rot, waste, wither, steep, madefy.
ANT: Fatten, replenish, pamper, repair, swell.
KEY: Maceration, [See MACERATE].
KEY: Machination.
SYN: Contrivance, plot, intrigue, conspiracy, stratagem,
artful_scheme, design.
ANT: Detection, counteraction, overthrow, baffling_defeat, exposure,
defiance, challenge, conflict, competition.
KEY: Maculated.
SYN: Spotted, speckled, mottled, dotted.
ANT: Unspotted, spotless, speckless, immaculate.
KEY: Mad.
SYN: Insane, demented, furious, lunatic, infuriated, crazy, maniacal,
frantic, rabid, wild, distracted.
ANT: Sane, sound, sensible, quiet, composed, unexcited, sober.
KEY: [See {[ITIaddeu]?}].
SYN: Infuriate, enrage, exasperate, inflame.
ANT: Calm, pacify, assuage, mesmerize, lay.
KEY: madefaction.
SYN: Wetting, maceration, {[moUteniug]?}, moisture, humectation.
ANT: Exsiccation, drying, arefaction.
KEY: Madman, [See LUNATIC].
KEY: madness.
SYN: Insanity, frenzy, rage, fury.
ANT: Sanity, calmness, soberness, [See LUNACY].
KEY: magic.
SYN: Enchantment, sorcery.
KEY: magisterial.
SYN: Dictatorial, consequential, authoritative, imposing.
ANT: Submissive, docile, undignified, unimposing, unassuming, modest,
magistrate, [See JUDGE].
KEY: magnanimous.
SYN: Noble, highminded, exalted, high-souled, great-souled, lofty,
ANT: Mean, little-souled, [See NOBLE].
KEY: Magnanimity.
SYN: High_mindedness, generosity, forbearance, softness, clemency.
ANT: Meanness, pettiness, paltriness, spitefulness, spleen.
KEY: magnificent.
SYN: Grand, magnanimous, noble, splendid, superb, august, imposing,
gorgeous, stately, majestic, dignified, sublime, pompous.
ANT: Petty, mean, little, paltry, flat, beggarly, small_minded,
ordinary, tawdry, uninposing, tame.
KEY: magnify.
SYN: Enlarge, amplify, increase, augment, exaggerate, laud, extol.
ANT: Diminish, contract, curtail, palliate, extenuate, decry.
KEY: magniloquent.
SYN: High-flown, altiloquent, bombastic, tumid, turgid, boastful.
ANT: Simple, unaffected, vernacular, plain-spoken, magnitude, [See
KEY: maid.
SYN: Maiden, girl, damsel, lass, virgin.
ANT: Matron, married_woman.
KEY: maim.
SYN: Disable, cripple, mar, mutilate, mangle, disfigure, lame.
ANT: Restore, reinvigorate, mend, strengthen.
KEY: plain.
SYN: Bulk, majority, body, principal, trunk, chief, leading,
most_important, first.
ANT: Portion, section, minority, branch, limb, tributary, member,
subordinate, inferior.
KEY: mainly.
SYN: Principally, largely, chiefly, primarily.
ANT: Somewhat, partially, slightly, subordinately.
KEY: maintain, [See SUPPORT].
KEY: maintenance.
SYN: Livelihood, defence, subsistence, means_of_support.
KEY: majestic, [See MAGNIFICENT].
KEY: majesty.
SYN: Dignity, grandeur, augustness.
KEY: stateliness, [See GRANDEUR].
KEY: majority.
SYN: Superiority, eldership, priority, bulk, preponderance,
ANT: Inferiority, juniority, minority.
KEY: make.
SYN: Create, produce, fashion, frame, fabricate, construct, effect,
[See DO], perform, execute, find, gain, compel, establish, constitute,
reach, mould, shape, form, bring_about.
ANT: Annihilate, unmake, undo, dismember, disintegrate, destroy,
defeat, miss, lose, mar, disestablish.
KEY: maker.
SYN: Creator, manufacturer.
ANT: Destroyer.
KEY: maladministration.
SYN: Misrule, misgovernment, malversation.
ANT: Rule, government, administration.
KEY: malady.
SYN: Disorder, distemper, sickness, ailment, disease, complaint,
ANT: Health, sanity, soundness, heartiness, vigor, bloom.
KEY: malcontent, [See INSURGENT].
KEY: malediction, [See BENEDICTION].
KEY: malefactor, [See CULPRIT].
KEY: Maleficent, {[Bnrsnorarr]?}.
KEY: malevolent, [See BENEFICIENT].
KEY: malformation, [See DEFORMITY].
KEY: Malice, [See GRAVE_and_FOOLISH].
KEY: malign, [See TRADUCE].
KEY: malignant, [See BENEFICIENT].
KEY: malignity, [See GRAVE_and_FOOLISH].
KEY: Malleable, [See DUCTILE].
KEY: maltreat, [See INJURE].
KEY: malversation.
SYN: Malpractice, corruption.
ANT: Integrity, uncorruptness, upright.
KEY: Manacle.
SYN: Shackle, hand-cuff, fetter, chain.
ANT: Unbind, unfetter, unchain.
KEY: Manage.
SYN: Handle, manipulate, control, conduct, administer, mould,
regulate, contrive, train, husband, direct, wield.
ANT: Mismanage, misconduct, upset, derange, misuse.
KEY: manageable.
SYN: Easy, feasible, possible, docile, tractable, practicable.
ANT: Difficult, impracticable, Impossible, unmanageable,
intractable, refractory, untameable.
KEY: management.
SYN: Treatment, conduct, administration, government, address, skill,
superintendence, skillful_treatment.
ANT: Maltreatment, misconduct, maladministration, misgovernment,
KEY: manager.
SYN: Director, superintendent, overseer, supervisor.
ANT: Workman, follower, workingman.
KEY: mandate.
SYN: Command, edict, order, bidding, injunction, behest, rule,
ANT: Suggestion, petition, request, entreaty, manful, [See MANLY].
KEY: Mangle, [See MAIM_and_LACERATE].
KEY: Manhood.
SYN: Humanity, virility, maturity, manfulness, manliness.
ANT: Divinity, womanhood, childhood, childishness, mania, [See
LUNACY], maniac, [See LUNATIC].
KEY: manifest \a.\.
SYN: Visible, obvious, distinct, conspicuous, indubitable, clear,
evident, plain, patent, apparent, open.
ANT: Invisible, dubious, inconspicuous, indistinct, manifest \v.\,
KEY: manifold.
SYN: Numerous, multiplied, multigenous, multifarious, varied,
various, multitudinous, sundry, divers, {[i]?}, [See {[T]?}], Few,
scant, rare, scarce, uniform, limited, manipulate, [See
KEY: mankind.
SYN: Humanity, society, man, men.
ANT: Divinity, Deity, God, Heaven, nature, earth, world, creation,
KEY: manlike.
SYN: [See MANLY], {a_corruption_of_Manlike}.
KEY: manly.
SYN: Bold, courageous, generous, open, chivalrous, frank, firm, noble,
stately, fine, mature, masculine, brave, fearless, hardy, vigorous,
manlike, manful, dignified.
ANT: Womanish, childish, timid, unmanly, dastardly, weak, puny,
ungrown, boyish.
KEY: Manner.
SYN: Mode, method, style, form, fashion, carriage, behavior,
deportment, habit, sort, kind.
ANT: Work, project, design, performance, life, action, proceeding,
appearance, being.
KEY: Mannerism.
SYN: Self-repetition, affectation, euphuism, self-consciousness.
ANT: Naturalness, unaffectedness, character, peculiarity,
idiosyncrasy, genuineness, specialty.
KEY: mannerly.
SYN: Polite, well-behaved, well-bred, courteous, civil.
ANT: Unmannerly, rude, coarse, rough.
KEY: manners.
SYN: Deportment, behavior, carriage, courtesy, politeness,
intercourse, demeanor.
ANT: Misdemeanor, misbehavior, unmannerliness.
KEY: manoeuvre.
SYN: Operation, tactics, contrivance, movement.
ANT: Counteraction, defeat, bafflement, detection, countermovement,
neutralization, check.
KEY: mansuetude.
SYN: Docility, mildness, gentleness, tameness.
ANT: Ferocity, wildness, fierceness, savageness, untamableness.
KEY: manufacture.
SYN: Make, production, fabrication, composition, construction,
manipulation, molding.
ANT: Use, employment, consumption, wear, manumit, [See ENSLAVE].
KEY: manumission.
SYN: Liberation, release, emancipation, enfranchisement, discharge,
ANT: Restraint, coercion, slavery, cohibition, repression.
KEY: Manure \v.\.
SYN: Fertilize, enrich.
KEY: many.
SYN: Numerous, abundant, frequent, manifold, divers, sundry,
ANT: Few, scarce, rare, infrequent.
KEY: {[M:ir]?}.
SYN: Spoil, hurt, damage, injure, defeat, impair, maim, deform.
ANT: Make, restore, mend, improve, reinstate, promote, enhance,
KEY: marauder.
SYN: Plunderer, invader, rover, free-booter, moss-trooper,
filibuster, pillager, guerilla, bushwhacker.
ANT: Ranger, guard, sentry, keeper, outpost, marcher.
KEY: Margin.
SYN: Edge, lip, boundary, latitude, room, loophole, brink, extremity.
ANT: Figure, space, centre, limitation, restriction, stringency.
KEY: [See {[71_a_ri_uc]?}].
SYN: Oceanic, sea, neptunan, maritime, naval, salt-water, nautical.
ANT: Terrestrial, terrene, laud, fresh-water.
KEY: Marital.
SYN: Matrimonial, conjugal, connubial, nuptial, hymeneal.
ANT: Single, celibate, unwedded, non-connubial.
KEY: Maritime, [See MARINE].
KEY: Mark_\n.\.
SYN: Trace, token, sign, symptom, impression, vestige, indication,
ANT: Erasure, obliteration, effacement, unindicativeness,
KEY: Mark_\v.\.
SYN: Stamp, label, sign, indicate, decorate, brand, stigmatize,
signalize, note, observe, regard, heed, specify, specialize.
ANT: Ignore, overlook, omit, mislabel, mismark, misindicate,
misobserve, misspecify.
KEY: Marked.
SYN: Notable, remarkable, noticeable, conspicuous.
KEY: Marriage.
SYN: Nuptials, matrimony, espousals, wedding, wedlock.
ANT: Celibacy, virginity.
KEY: Marrow.
SYN: Pith, gist, substance, essence, life, cream, kernel.
ANT: Surplusage, redundancy, excrescence, superfluity, clothing,
dressing, amplification, volume, mass, body.
KEY: Marsh.
SYN: Swamp, fen, quagmire, bog, slough, morass.
ANT: Solid_ground.
KEY: Marshal, [See ORDER_and_ARRANGE].
KEY: Martial.
SYN: Military, brave, warlike.
ANT: Unmartial, unmilitary, peace, full.
KEY: Martyrdom.
SYN: Confession.
ANT: Renegation, abjuration.
KEY: Marvel.
SYN: Wonder, prodigy, admiration, portent, miracle, astonishment,
amazement, phenomenon.
ANT: Incuriosity, unconcern, joke, trifle, farce, bagatelle,
moonshine, cipher, drug, imposture, juggle.
KEY: Marvellous, [See SUCCUMB].
KEY: Masculine.
SYN: Male, manly, manful, hardy, courageous, virile.
ANT: Female, feminine, womanish, womanly, effeminate.
KEY: {[MaMil]?}.
SYN: Mix, knead, compound, amalgamate.
ANT: Discompound, sift, winnow, disamalgamate.
KEY: Mask_\n.\.
SYN: Pretext, screen, pretence, ruse, cover, hypocrisy.
ANT: Truth, nakedness, detection, exposure, unmasking, verity,
openness, candor.
KEY: Mask_\v.\.
SYN: Hide, screen, blink, cloke, disguise.
ANT: Expose, unmask, detect.
KEY: Mass.
SYN: Lump, body, bulk, concretion, magnitude, majority, heap.
ANT: Fragment, bit, portion, morsel, section, minority.
KEY: {[Ma*sucre]?}, {[See ~]?}.
KEY: Massive.
SYN: Solid, huge, colossal, weighty, mighty, vast.
ANT: Slight, petty, stunted, frail, slender, airy.
KEY: Master \n.\.
SYN: Lord, ruler, governor, owner, possessor, proprietor, teacher,
professor, adept, chief.
ANT: Servant, slave, subject, property, learner, pupil, tyro.
KEY: Master.
SYN: Conquer, overcome, subdue, overpower.
ANT: Yield, fail, surrender, succumb.
KEY: Masterly.
SYN: Finished, artistic, consummate, skillful, clear, dexterous,
ANT: Clumsy, rude, bungling, unskilled, botchy, maladroit.
KEY: Mastery.
SYN: Authority, leadership, headship, proficiency, success,
superiority, victory, advantage.
ANT: Subservience, tutelage, submission, guidance, obedience,
inexpertness, ignorance, failure, defeat, surrender.
KEY: {[!Ha*tlcate]?}.
SYN: Manducate, chew.
ANT: Bolt, gobble.
KEY: Match \n.\.
SYN: Equal, mate, companion, contest, competition, tally, equality,
ANT: Superior, inferior, mismatch, oddity, disparity, inequality.
KEY: Match \v.\, Equal, compare, oppose, pit, adapt, sort, suit, mate.
ANT: Fail, exceed, preponderate, surpass, mismatch, dissociate,
separate, {[tuisflt]?}, misadapt, missort.
KEY: [See {Malt-Ill* 1 **}?].
SYN: Consummate, incomparable, peerless, surpassing, inimitable.
ANT: Common, ordinary, everyday, commonplace.
KEY: Mate, [See MATCH].
KEY: material \n.\.
SYN: Substance, stuff.
ANT: Work, production, design.
KEY: Material \a.\, [See ESSENTIAL].
KEY: Matrimony, [See WEDLOCK].
KEY: matron.
SYN: Mother, woman, dowager, dame.
ANT: Girl, lass, damsel, spinster, miss, virgin, maid, maiden.
KEY: Matter.
SYN: Substance, stuff, subject.
KEY: Dody, importance, {(or},
{prefixing_the_definite_article)_the_visible}, tangible,
substantial, corporal, physical, ponderable.
ANT: Immateriality, spirituality, mind, intellect, spirit,
the_invisible, unseen, spiritual, moral, mental, intellectual.
KEY: Mature, [See RIPE].
KEY: Matutinal.
SYN: Early, morning, waking, dawning.
ANT: Vespertinal, late, slumbering, evening, waning.
KEY: Maudlin.
SYN: Intoxicated, temulent, sentimental, mawkish, mellow.
ANT: Sensible, unromantic, unsentimental, dry, sober.
KEY: Mawkish.
SYN: Sickly, sentimental, maudlin, insipid, loathsome, nauseous,
ANT: Savory, sensible, sound, fine, pungent, palatable.
KEY: Maxim.
SYN: Adage, rule, axiom, apothegm, proverb, precept, saying.
ANT: Absurdity, sophism, quibble, paradox, enigma.
KEY: Maximum.
SYN: Ultimatum, climax, zenith, apex, completion, utmost,
consummation, culmination, acme.
ANT: Initiative, commencement, indication, incompletion, abortion,
decrease, wane, minimum, morsel, fragment.
KEY: Maybe.
SYN: Perhaps, possibly, mayhap, perchance.
KEY: Meagre.
SYN: Thin, lean, lank, scanty, barren, dry, tame.
ANT: Stout, fat, brawny, abundant, fertile, copious.
KEY: Mean_\a.\.
SYN: Common, low, base, spiritless, dishonorable, contemptible,
despicable, beggarly, sordid, vulgar, niggardly, vile.
ANT: High, exalted, eminent, spirited, honorable, lordly, princely,
munificent, liberal, generous.
KEY: Mean_\a.\.
SYN: Middle, intermediate, average.
ANT: Extreme, excessive, exorbitant.
KEY: Mean_\n.\.
SYN: Medium, moderation, balance, average.
ANT: Extreme, excess, preponderance, disproportion, deficiency,
shortcoming, inadequacy.
KEY: Mean_\v.\.
SYN: Intend, purpose, design, signify, denote, indicate, hint,
ANT: Say, state, enunciate, [See DO], execute, perform.
KEY: Meaning.
SYN: Signification, import, significance, purport, sense, aim, [See
KEY: Meanness.
SYN: Penuriousness, littleness, selfishness, baseness, smallness,
illiberality, ungenerousness, sordidness.
ANT: Nobleness, unselfishness, liberality, generousness,
KEY: Means.
SYN: Resources, instrument, media.
ANT: End, purpose, object.
KEY: Measure \n.\, [See DIMENSION].
KEY: Measure \r.\.
SYN: Mete, estimate, gauge, value, appraise.
ANT: Misfit, misconform, mismeasure, misdeal, misapportion.
KEY: Measureless, [See INFINITE].
KEY: Mechanic.
SYN: Artisan, craftsman, workman, artificer.
KEY: Mechanical.
SYN: Habitual, automatic, unreflective, spontaneous, effortless,
ANT: Labored, self-conscious, feeling, forced, spirited,
appreciative, lifelike, lively, animated, impassioned.
KEY: Meddle, [See INTERPOSE].
KEY: Meddlesome.
SYN: {[OtHcious]?}, obtrusive, intrusive, interfering.
ANT: {[Unomcious]?}, unobtrusive, unmeddlesome.
KEY: Mutilate.
SYN: Intercede, interpose, [See INTERPOSE].
KEY: Mediation.
SYN: Interference, interposition, reconciliation, atonement,
arbitration, adjustment.
ANT: Neutrality, non-interference, indifference.
KEY: Medicament, [See REMEDY].
KEY: Medicate.
SYN: Treat, compound, amalgamate, adulterate, sophisticate, drug.
ANT: Clarify, analyze, purify, defecate, stupify, disadulterate.
KEY: Medicine.
SYN: Remedy, physic, antidote, therapeutics, salve, cure,
ANT: Aggravation, poison, virus, bane.
KEY: Mediocrity.
SYN: Mean, commonplace, medium, average, sufficiency.
ANT: Excellence, superiority, rarity, brilliance, distinction.
KEY: Meditate.
SYN: Think, cogitate, purpose, ruminate, contemplate, plan, revolve,
ANT: Execute, enact, complete, consummate.
KEY: Medium, [See MEAN], ~_\n.\].
KEY: Medley.
SYN: Jumble, tumult, confusion, mixture, hodge-podge, litter,
diversity, miscellany.
ANT: Assortment, arrangement, disposition, classification,
interdistinction, grouping, collocation.
KEY: Meed.
SYN: Guerdon, premium, prize, reward.
ANT: Penalty, punishment, brand, stigma, amercement.
KEY: Meek.
SYN: Mild, gentle, submissive, modest, yielding, unassuming.
ANT: Bold, arrogant, self-asserting, irritable, proud,
KEY: Meet.
SYN: Encounter, confront, engage, as, [See {[-v-inhK-]?}], unite,
coalesce, converge.
ANT: Miss, pass, escape, elude, decline, avoid, disperse, diverge,
separate, vary, disagree.
KEY: Melancholy \a.\.
SYN: Gloomy, sad, dejected, disconsolate, dismal, moody,
hypochondriacal, cast_down.
ANT: Lively, sprightly, gladsome, gleesome, blithesome, happy,
cheerful, gamesome, mirthful, merry.
KEY: Melancholy \n.\, [See MELANCHOLY].
KEY: Meliorate, [See AMELIORATE].
KEY: Mellifluous.
SYN: dulcet, euphonious, silvery, flowing, smooth.
ANT: Harsh, hoarse, abrupt, rancorous, rough, discordant, broken.
KEY: Mellow.
SYN: Ripe, rich, full-flavored, jovial, mature, soft.
ANT: Unripe, harsh, sour, acid, acrid, crabbed, sober, dry.
KEY: Melodious, [See MUSICAL].
KEY: Melody.
SYN: Music, song, tune, air, minstrelsy.
ANT: Discord, dissonance.
KEY: Melt.
SYN: Dissolve, liquify, colliquate, run, flow, fuse.
ANT: Consolidate, crystallize, indurate.
KEY: Member.
SYN: Limb, part, portion, constituent, component.
ANT: Body, whole, entirety, constitution, organization, community,
KEY: Memoir.
SYN: {Biographical_sketch}, {personal_narrative},
{familiar_biography}, narrative, chronicle, record, register,
journal, life.
KEY: Memorable.
SYN: Great, striking, remarkable, conspicuous, prominent, noticeable,
illustrious, extraordinary, famous, distinguished.
ANT: Petty, trifling, ordinary, insignificant, unnoticeable, trivial,
mediocre, slight.
KEY: Memorial.
SYN: Monument, record, memento, celebration, remembrance, relic,
ANT: Obliviation, silentiation, obliteration, effacement, erasure.
KEY: Memory.
SYN: Remembrance, reminiscence, perpetuation, recollection,
retention, retrospect, fame.
ANT: forgetfulness, oblivion.
KEY: Menace \n.\.
SYN: Threat, denunciation, threatening.
ANT: good_will, blessing.
KEY: Mend.
SYN: Repair, restore, correct, promote, improve, rectify, reform,
amend, ameliorate, better.
ANT: Damage, impair, pervert, retard, deteriorate, falsify, spoil,
KEY: Mendacity.
SYN: Falsehood, lying, untruthfulness, deception, prevarication,
ANT: Veracity, truthfulness, frankness, candor, Ingenuousness.
KEY: {[flleiidlcity]?}.
SYN: Mendicancy, beggary.
ANT: Industry, labor.
KEY: Menial.
SYN: Domestic, attendant, dependent, servile, drudge.
ANT: Paramount, sovereign, supreme, lordly, independent,
uncontrolled, autocratic.
KEY: mensuration.
SYN: Geometry, surveying, geodesy, [See MEASURE].
KEY: {[IQental]?}.
SYN: Intellectual, subjective, metaphysical, psychical,
ANT: Corporal, objective, physical, bodily.
KEY: Mention \n.\.
SYN: Declaration, notice, announcement, observation, remark, hint,
ANT: Silence, suppression, forgetfulness, omission.
KEY: Mephitic.
SYN: Malarious, miasmatic.
ANT: Balmy, genial, salubrious.
KEY: Mercantile.
SYN: Commercial, Interchangeable, wholesale, retail, marketable.
ANT: Stagnant, unmarketable, unmercantile.
KEY: Mercenary.
SYN: Sordid, venal, selfish, avaricious, griping.
ANT: Liberal, generous, disinterested, profuse, prodigal.
KEY: Merchandise.
SYN: Goods, commodities, wares, stock.
KEY: Merchant.
SYN: Trader, dealer, importer, tradesman, trafficker.
ANT: Shopman, salesman, hawker, huckster, pedler, chandler,
KEY: Merciful.
SYN: Compassionate, kindhearted, clement, gracious, kind.
ANT: Pitiless, unrelenting, remorseless, inexorable, [See KIND].
KEY: Mercy.
SYN: Compassion, clemency, forgiveness, forbearance, grace, benefit,
gift, pity, leniency, tenderness.
ANT: Exaction, harshness, cruelty, vengeance, unpityingness,
KEY: Mere.
SYN: Pure, unmixed, absolute, uninfluenced, unadulterated,
unaffected, simple.
ANT: Mixed, compound, impure, biased.
KEY: Meretricious.
SYN: Tricksy, unchaste, gaudy, impure, tawdry, flashy.
ANT: Solid, good, chaste, simple, pure.
KEY: Merge, [See SINK].
KEY: Meridian.
SYN: Zenith, summit, culmination, height, apex, acme, pinnacle.
ANT: Nadir, depth, depression, profundity, base.
KEY: Merit.
SYN: Goodness, worth, worthiness, desert, excellence.
ANT: Badness, demerit, unworthiness, worthlessness, weakness,
imperfection, error, defect, fault, failing.
KEY: Mesh.
SYN: Intricacy, entanglement, involution, snare.
ANT: Extrication, escape, deliverance.
KEY: Message.
SYN: Communication, intimation, missive, notice.
ANT: Non-communication, interception.
KEY: Messenger.
SYN: Courier, carrier, emissary, harbinger, herald, forerunner.
KEY: Metaphor.
SYN: Similitude, image.
ANT: Letter, literalness.
KEY: Metaphorical.
SYN: Figurative, symbolical, allegorical, typical.
ANT: Literal.
KEY: Metaphysical.
SYN: Mental, intellectual, abstract, Ideal, conceptional, subjective,
relational, notional, abstruse, psychical.
ANT: Physical, physiological, palpable, external, substantial,
practical, corporal, material, objective.
KEY: Mete.
SYN: Measure, apportion, distribute.
ANT: Misdeal, misapportion.
KEY: Meteoric.
SYN: Momentary, flashing, displosive, phosphorescent, pyrotechnic,
coruscant, volcanic.
ANT: Permanent, beaming, burning, steady, persistent, enduring.
KEY: Method.
SYN: Order, system, rule, way, manner, mode, course, process,
regularity, arrangement.
ANT: Disorder, conjecture, quackery, empiricism, experimentation,
assumption, guess-work.
KEY: Methodical.
SYN: Methodic, orderly, systematical, systematic, regular.
ANT: Disorderly, unmethodical, {[untematical]?}, irregular, [See
KEY: methodize.
SYN: Shape, arrange, order, marshal, enucleate, eliminate, organize.
ANT: Confuse, jumble, disorder, disorganize.
KEY: Mettle.
SYN: Ardor, spirit, life, fire, animation.
ANT: Hebetude, insensibility, callousness, placidity, stoicism,
cowardice, submissiveness, slavishness.
KEY: mettlesome.
SYN: Spirited, fiery, ardent, lively, gay, brisk, [See
KEY: {[Mew]?}.
SYN: Imprison, shut_up, coop, incase, [See CONFINE].
KEY: Miasmatic.
SYN: Effluvious, malarious, foetid, polluted, noxious, mephitic.
ANT: Balmy, pure, untainted, salubrious.
KEY: Middle, [See MEAN].
KEY: Middling.
SYN: Ordinary, average, pretty_well, not_bad, well_enough, [See
KEY: Midst.
SYN: Middle, centre, thick, throng, heart.
ANT: Outskirt, confine, edge, limit, extreme, purlieu, margin.
KEY: Mien.
SYN: Look, aspect, air, manner, appearance, carriage, bearing,
ANT: Character, disposition, temperament, {[i]?}, constitution,
nature, being, personality.
KEY: {[Mi:rlit]?}, Mi:rlit.
SYN: Strength, force, power, ability.
ANT: Weakness, infirmity, feebleness.
KEY: {[Mijjlity]?}, [See MIGHT].
KEY: Migratory.
SYN: Nomadic, wandering, roving, vagrant.
ANT: Settled, fixed, permanent.
KEY: Mild.
SYN: Moderate, lenient, calm, gentle, genial, tempered, soft, meek,
tender, placid.
ANT: Violent, wild, fierce, savage, strong, severe, merciless, harsh,
KEY: Military.
SYN: Soldierly, soldierlike, [See MARTIAL].
KEY: Militate \v.\, int, [See MILITARY].
SYN: Contend, conflict, jar, clash, disagree.
ANT: Harmonize, agree, suit, coincide.
KEY: Milky.
SYN: White, {[emulcont]?}, chalky.
ANT: Inky, irritant, luteous.
KEY: Mimic.
SYN: Copy, ape, imitate, ridicule, mock, follow.
ANT: Praise, lead, [See IMITATE].
KEY: Minatory.
SYN: Menacing, threatening.
ANT: Warning.
KEY: Mince.
SYN: Attenuate, comminute, palliate, extenuate.
ANT: Exaggerate, amplify, magnify.
KEY: Mincing.
SYN: Slow, affected, pedantic, syllabical, euphuistic.
ANT: Rapid, voluble, unaffected, natural, bluff.
KEY: Mind.
SYN: Soul, spirit, intellect, understanding, opinion, sentiment,
judgment, belief, choice, inclination, desire, will, liking, purpose,
spirit, impetus, memory, remembrance, recollection.
ANT: Body, limbs, organization, action, proceeding, conduct, object,
indifference, coolness, aversion, forgetfulness, obviousness.
KEY: Mindful.
SYN: Regardful, attentive, thoughtful, careful, recollective.
ANT: Regardless, inattentive, mindless, oblivious.
KEY: Mingle.
SYN: Mix, compound, blend, confound, confuse, intermingle, associate,
ANT: Separate, segregate, sift, sort, analyze, discompound,
eliminate, classify, unravel, avoid, Minimum, [See MAXIMUM].
KEY: Million.
SYN: Favorite, darling, pet.
ANT: Antipathy, horror, aversion, bugbear.
KEY: Minister \n.\.
SYN: Servant, officer, delegate, official, ambassador, subordinate,
ecclesiastic, clergyman, priest, parson, divine, preacher, pastor,
shepherd, reverend, curate, vicar.
ANT: Monarch, government, master, superior, principal, head, layman,
told, flock, congregation.
KEY: Minister \v.\.
SYN: Attend, subserve, wait, supply.
ANT: Lead, rule, command, exact.
KEY: Ministry.
SYN: Cabinet, council, administration,
{office_of_a_minister_or_clergyman}, {ecclesiastical_function},
KEY: Minor.
SYN: Less, inferior, junior, younger, unimportant.
ANT: Major, greater, superior, elder, senior, main, important.
KEY: Minstrel.
SYN: Singer, musician, bard.
KEY: Minute.
SYN: Diminutive, microscopic, tiny, exact, searching, specific,
ANT: Monstrous, enormous, huge, inexact, superficial, general, broad,
KEY: Miraculous.
SYN: Supernatural, hyperphysical.
ANT: Ordinary, natural.
KEY: Misacceptation.
SYN: Misunderstanding, misinterpretation, misuse.
ANT: Acceptation, meaning.
KEY: Misadventure.
SYN: Failure, mishap, misfortune.
ANT: Success, achievement.
KEY: Misanthropy.
SYN: Egotism, incivism, man-hating, cynicism, woman-hating.
ANT: Philanthropy, humanity, humanitarianism,
KEY: Misapply, [See APPLY].
KEY: Misapprehend, [See APPREHEND].
KEY: Misappropriate.
SYN: Misassign, purloin, misdistribute, abuse, misuse.
ANT: Assign, distribute, employ, use.
KEY: Misarrange, [See ABRIDGMENT].
KEY: Misbecome, [See BECOME], Misbehaviour., #N/A, [See _BEHAVIOR].
KEY: Misbelief, [See _BECOMING].
KEY: Miscalculate, [See CALCULATE].
KEY: Miscall.
SYN: Misname, misindicate.
ANT: Name, call, indicate, denote, specify, denominate.
KEY: Miscellany.
SYN: Mixture, Intermixture, jumble, medley, variety, diversity.
ANT: System, collection, classification, assortment, group,
KEY: Mischance.
SYN: Misfortune, misadventure, mishap, [See
KEY: Mischief.
SYN: Damage, hurt, detriment, disservice, annoyance, injury,
ill-turn, damage, barm.
ANT: Compensation, good-turn, benefit, favor, gratification.
KEY: Mischievous.
SYN: Detrimental, injurious, spiteful, wanton.
ANT: Beneficial, advantageous, reparatory, conservative, careful,
KEY: Miscible.
SYN: Compoundable, amalgamate.
ANT: Uncompoundable, immiscible.
KEY: Miscompute, [See COMPUTE].
KEY: Misconceive, [See CONCEIVE].
KEY: Misconduct, [See CONDUCT].
KEY: Misconjecture.
SYN: Miscalculation, missupposition.
ANT: Hit, discovery, ascertain.
KEY: Misconstrue, [See CONSTRUE].
KEY: Miscount, [See COUNT].
KEY: Miscreant.
KEY: Misdeed, [See DEED_and_CRIME].
KEY: Misdemeanor.
SYN: Transgression, trespass, fault, misdeed, [See CRIME_and_FAULT].
KEY: Misdirect, [See STRAIGHT].
KEY: Misdoing, [See MISDEED].
KEY: Misemploy, [See EMPLOY].
KEY: Miser.
SYN: Niggard, churl, skinflint, curmudgeon, screw, scrimp, hunks.
ANT: Prodigal, spendthrift, rake.
KEY: Miserable.
SYN: Abject, forlorn, pitiable, wretched, worthless, despicable,
ANT: Respectable, worthy, happy, contented, comfortable.
KEY: Miserly, [See LIBERAL].
KEY: Misery.
SYN: Wretchedness, heartache, woe, broken_heart, bleeding_heart,
{great_unhappiness}, [See CALAMITY_and_MISFORTUNE].
KEY: Misestimate, [See ESTIMATE_and_VALUE].
KEY: Misgiving, [See DOUBT_and_DISTRUST].
KEY: Misgovern, [See GOVERN].
KEY: Misguide, [See GUIDE].
KEY: mishap_\n.\, [See HAZARD_and_MISADVENTURE].
KEY: Misinform, [See INFORM].
KEY: Misinstruct, [See INSTRUCT].
KEY: Misintelligence, [See INTELLIGENCE].
KEY: Misinterpret, [See INTERPRET].
KEY: Misjoin, [See JOIN_and_MATCH].
KEY: Mislay, [See LAY_and_LOSE].
KEY: Mislead, [See LEAD].
KEY: Mislike, [See LEARNED].
KEY: Mismanage, [See MANAGE], Mismatch, [See MATCH], Misname, [See
NAME], Misnomer, [See NAME].
KEY: Mispersuade, [See PERSUADE].
KEY: Misplace, [See PLACE].
KEY: Mispronounce, [See PRONOUNCE].
KEY: Misproportioned.
SYN: Ungainly, {[minfuriut'tl]?}, ill-shaped.
ANT: Well-proportioned, elegant, harmonious, shapely.
KEY: Misquote, [See QUOTE].
KEY: Misreckon, [See RECKON].
KEY: Misreport, [See REPORT].
KEY: Misrepresent, [See REPRESENT].
KEY: {[Mtwrule]?}, [See RULE].
KEY: Miss, [See LOSE_and_MEET].
KEY: Misshapen, [See FIGURE_and_MODEL].
KEY: Missile.
SYN: Projectile.
ANT: Artillery, band-arms, sidearm, Mission.
SYN: Commission, trust, office, delegation, ministry, embassy,
legation, deputation, errand, message.
ANT: Assumption, usurpation, self-appointment.
KEY: [See {[Miivr  ]?}].
SYN: Communication, despatch, message, [See MISSION].
ANT: [See MESSAGE], {[T|j*l>fiil]?}, [See SPEND].
KEY: Misstate, [See STATE].
KEY: Misstatement.
SYN: Misrepresentation, wrong_statement, falsification.
ANT: Correct_statement, true_statement.
KEY: #N/A.
SYN: Fog, obscurity, bewilderment, perplexity, haze.
ANT: Brightness, clearness, lucidity.
KEY: Mistake, [See ERROR].
KEY: Misteach, [See TEACH].
KEY: Mistranslate.
SYN: Misconstrue, misrender, [See CONSTRUE].
KEY: Mistrust \v.\, [See ENCIRCLE].
KEY: Misunderstanding, [See UNDERSTANDING].
KEY: Misuse \v.\, [See USE].
KEY: Misuse \n.\.
SYN: Abuse, perversion, prostitution, [See ABUSE].
KEY: Mitigate, [See AGGRAVATE].
KEY: Mix, [See MINGLE].
KEY: Moan, [See {[=XXX]?}].
KEY: Mob.
SYN: Disorderly_crowd, tumultuous_rabble, rude_multitude, [See
KEY: Mobile.
SYN: Movable, sensitive, fickle, inconstant, variable, ductile.
ANT: Immovable, inexorable, unfeeling, unvarying.
KEY: Mock.
SYN: Jeer, ridicule, flout, mimic, insult, ape, deride, deceive,
ANT: Salute, welcome, respect, admire, compliment, Mode, [See
KEY: Model.
SYN: Standard, pattern, example, type, mould, design, copy.
ANT: Imitation, copy, production, execution, work.
KEY: Moderate.
SYN: Control, soften, allay, regulate, repress, govern, temper.
ANT: Disturb, disorganize, excite, misconduct.
KEY: Moderate \a.\.
SYN: Limited, temperate, calm, dispassionate, sober, abstinent,
sparing, steady, ordinary.
ANT: Extravagant, intemperate, rigorous, excessive, violent,
KEY: Moderation.
SYN: Temperance, sobriety, frugality, calmness, sedateness, mildness,
coolness, deliberateness.
ANT: Immoderation, intemperance, hastiness, rashness,
KEY: Moderator.
SYN: chairman, regulator, conductor, manager, president.
ANT: Disturber, agitator.
KEY: Modern.
SYN: Present, existent, new, new-fangled, new-fashioned, recent,
late, novel, later.
ANT: Past, bygone, former, olden, ancient, old-fashioned, antiquated,
KEY: Modest, [See CHASTE_and_MEEK].
KEY: Modesty.
SYN: Sobriety, diffidence, bashfulness, humility, pure-mindedness.
ANT: Vanity, conceit, self-sufficiency, self-admiration, foppery,
coxcombry, wantonness, shamelessness, effrontery.
KEY: Modification.
SYN: Alteration, revision, variation, qualification, species.
ANT: Retention, stereotype, stabilisation.
KEY: Modish.
SYN: Fashionable, stylish, modern.
ANT: Unfashionable, quaint, unstylish, gawky, dowdy.
KEY: Modulation.
SYN: Harmonization, harmonies.
ANT: Intonation, recital, monotone.
KEY: Moil.
SYN: Daub, stain, dirt, muck, soil.
ANT: Cleanse, clean, absterge, purify.
KEY: {[ItEolst]?}.
SYN: Damp, humid, dank, wet.
ANT: Arid, dry.
KEY: moisture.
SYN: Dampness, humidity.
ANT: Drynes.
KEY: molecule.
SYN: Atom, monad.
ANT: Body, bulk, organism, compound, structure.
KEY: Molest.
SYN: Trouble, disturb, tease, annoy, irritate, vex, plague, worry,
ANT: Soothe, caress, pacify, assuage, pet, mollify.
KEY: Mollify, [See MOLEST].
KEY: Moment.
SYN: Instant, second, importance, twinkling, trice, weight, force,
gravity, consequence, avail.
ANT: Age, period, century, generation, triviality, insignificance,
worthlessness, unimportance, inefficacy.
KEY: Momentary.
SYN: Instantaneous, fleeting, transitory, [See INSTANT].
KEY: Momentous.
SYN: Significant, important, material, weighty, [See IMPORTANT].
KEY: Monad, [See MOLECULE].
KEY: Monarch.
SYN: King, sovereign, despot, tyrant, czar.
ANT: Peer, subject.
KEY: Monarchical.
SYN: Kingly, royal, despotic.
ANT: Republican, democratic, oligarchical, autocratic.
KEY: Monastic.
SYN: Conventual, cenobitical, regular, monkish.
ANT: Unconventual, social, secular.
KEY: Monition, [See ADMONISH].
KEY: Monitor.
SYN: Adviser, instructor, mentor, warner.
ANT: Misadviser, misinstructor, deceiver, misdirector, back-friend,
KEY: Monitory.
SYN: Advisory, hortatory.
ANT: Deceptive, seductive.
KEY: Monkish, [See MONASTIC].
KEY: Monopoly.
SYN: Privilege, engrossment, appropriation, exclusiveness,
preoccupancy, impropriation.
ANT: Participation, partnership, community, competition,
KEY: Monotheism.
SYN: Deism.
ANT: Polytheism.
KEY: Monotonous.
SYN: Uniform, unvaried, dull, humdrum, undiversified, tedious.
ANT: Varying, changing.
KEY: Monotony.
SYN: Sameness, unvaryingness, tedium.
ANT: Variation, relief, diversion.
KEY: Monster.
SYN: Prodigy, portent, marvel, deformity, abnormity, fright,
colossus, monstrosity, leviathan, fiend, brute.
ANT: Beauty, Venus, Adonis, Narcissus, gem, pet, jewel, angel, augury,
KEY: Monstrous.
SYN: Prodigious, portentous, marvellous, deformed, abnormal, hideous,
preposterous, intolerable.
ANT: Ordinary, familiar, unnoticeable, fair, comely, shapely,
regular, natural, reasonable, just.
KEY: Monument, [See MEMORIAL].
KEY: Mood.
SYN: State, temper, humor, feeling, vein, disposition.
ANT: Mind, character, disposition, nature.
KEY: Moody.
SYN: Sullen, humorsome, gloomy, morose.
ANT: Blithe, genial, sociable, merry.
KEY: Moot.
SYN: Agitate, discuss, ventilate, argue.
ANT: Suppress, stifle, burke, hush, shelve.
KEY: Moral.
SYN: Mental, ideal, intellectual, spiritual, ethical, probable,
inferential, presumptive, analogous, virtuous, well-conducted.
ANT: Physical, material, practical, demonstrative, mathematical,
immoral, vicious.
KEY: Morals.
SYN: Manners, conduct, behavior, morality, habits, [See
KEY: Morass, [See MARSH].
KEY: Morbid.
SYN: Diseased, unsound, unhealthy, sickly.
ANT: Wholesome, healthy, sound.
KEY: Mordent.
SYN: Biting, keen, pun, gent.
ANT: Mellow, mild, soothing.
KEY: Moreover.
SYN: Besides, also, likewise, furthermore, [See LIKEWISE].
KEY: Morose.
SYN: Sullen, austere, moody, crabbed, surly, crusty.
ANT: Genial, indulgent, kindly.
KEY: Morsel, [See BIT].
KEY: Mortal.
SYN: Human, ephemeral, sublunary, short-lived, deadly, fatal,
perishable, destructive.
ANT: Divine, Immortal, celestial, life-giving, venial, salutiferous,
superficial, Mortality, [See DEATH].
KEY: Mortify.
SYN: Deaden, subdue, master, vex, disappoint, annoy, rot, fester,
humble, abash, chagrin, displace, putrefy.
ANT: Feed, pamper, indulge, plea?e, gratify, delight, satisfy, heal,
KEY: Mostly.
SYN: Mainly, chiefly, in_great_measure, for_the_most_part,
{for_the_greatest_part}, [See MAINLY].
KEY: Motherly.
SYN: Maternal, affectionate, tender, kind, [See KIND].
KEY: Motion, [See MOVEMENT].
KEY: Motionless, [See STILL].
KEY: Motive.
SYN: Inducement, purpose, design, prompting, stimulus, reason,
impulse, incitement.
ANT: Execution, action, effort, deed, attempt, project, preventive,
deterrent, dissuasive.
KEY: Motley.
SYN: Parti-colored, variegated, mixed, medley, heterogeneous,
ANT: Uniform, homogeneous, alike, monochromatic, mottled, [See
KEY: Mold.
SYN: Fashion, shape, manipulate, for, {[n]?}, cast, configure.
ANT: Distort, strain, pervert, mis_shape.
KEY: Moldy.
SYN: Green, rusty, fusty, musty, over-ripe.
ANT: Fresh, wholesome, pure, sweet, receipt.
KEY: Mount, [See ASCEND].
KEY: {[]Tffotirn]?}, [See GRIEVE_and_BEWAIL].
KEY: Mournful.
SYN: Sad, melancholy, tearful, doleful, depressing, wailing,
ANT: Joyous, mirthful, exhilarating.
KEY: Movable, [See STATIONARY].
KEY: Move.
SYN: Change, [See CONTROL_and_GOVERN], progress, stir, affect,
agitate, actuate, impel, propose, advance, propel, instigate,
ANT: Stand, stop, lie, rest, stay, allay, deter, prevent, arrest,
KEY: Movement.
SYN: Motion, move, change_of_place.
ANT: Stop, rest, pause, stillness, quietness.
KEY: Much.
SYN: Abundant, plenteous, greatly, abundantly, fur, considerable,
ANT: Little, scant, slightly, shortly, short, near.
KEY: Mucilaginous.
SYN: Gelatinous, albuminous, creamy, glairy, viscous, lentous.
ANT: Limpid, crystalline, bubbling, frothing, foaming, effervescent,
sparkling, spirituous.
KEY: Muddle.
SYN: Fail, waste, fritter_away, confuse, derange, misarrange.
ANT: Clarify, manage, economize, classify, arrange.
KEY: Muddy.
SYN: Luteous, swampy, turbid, clayey.
ANT: Dry, arid, rocky, arenaceous, sandy, limpid, pellucid,
KEY: Muffle.
SYN: Shroud, enfold, disguise, conceal, envelop.
ANT: {[Unmuole]?}, unfold, exhibit, reveal.
KEY: Muggy.
SYN: Foggy, misty, dank, damp, murky, dim, vaporous, cloudy.
ANT: Clear, bright, vaporless.
KEY: Mulct \n.\.
SYN: Amercement, damages, forfeiture, penalty.
ANT: Guerdon, douceur, bonus, reward, premium.
KEY: Mulish.
SYN: Stubborn, obstinate, headstrong, cross-grained, intractable,
KEY: Multifarious.
SYN: Various, varied, multigenerous, multitudinous, multifold,
manifold, multiform.
ANT: Single, uniform, unvaried, unvarying, few.
KEY: Multifold, [See MULTIFARIOUS].
KEY: Multiform, [See MULTIFARIOUS].
KEY: Multiplication.
SYN: Multiplicity, plurality, multitudinousness, multifariousness,
multitude, repetition, reiter_ation, reproduction, augmentation,
swarming, teeming.
ANT: Singularity, unity, scantiness, rarity, diminution, extinction.
KEY: Multisonous.
SYN: Many-voiced, tuneful.
ANT: Unisonous, droning, monotonous.
KEY: Multitude.
SYN: Crowd, swarm, accumulation, throng, concourse, number, host, mob,
ANT: Paucity, scantiness, sprinkling.
KEY: Multitudinous, [See MULTIFARIOUS].
KEY: Mummery.
SYN: Antics, masquerade, vagary, buffoonery.
ANT: Pageant, procession, exhibition.
KEY: Mundane.
SYN: Worldly, secular, temporal, earthly.
ANT: Unworldly, spiritual, heavenly, ethereal, supramundane.
KEY: munificent.
SYN: Liberal, princely, bounteous, generous.
ANT: Niggardly, beggarly.
KEY: Murky, [See MUGGY].
KEY: {[Murtmir]?}.
SYN: Undertone, whisper, mutter, grumble, complaint, repining.
ANT: Clamor, vociferation, bawling, outcry, defiance, execration,
salutation, acclamation.
KEY: Murmur \v.\, [See GROWL].
KEY: Muscular.
SYN: Powerful, brawny, robust, sinewy, strong, stalwart, athletic,
lusty, sturdy.
ANT: Debile, flabby, feeble, lanky.
KEY: Muse.
SYN: Reflect, ponder, cogitate, dream, think, meditate.
ANT: Stir, act, move.
KEY: Musical.
SYN: Melodious, harmonious, dulcet, concordant, rythmical, tuneful,
ANT: Unmelodious, inharmonious, harsh, discordant.
KEY: Muster \v.\.
SYN: Marshal, collect, assemble, rally, enroll, gather.
ANT: Dismiss, disperse, relegate, remit, disband.
KEY: Musty.
SYN: Fusty, rank, mouldy, frowzy, stale, sour, fetid, mildewed.
ANT: Fragrant, fresh, balmy, aromatic, odorous.
KEY: Mutable.
SYN: Changeable, changeful, mobile, transient, ephemeral, inconstant,
unsteadfast, fickle, fitful, undecided, restless.
ANT: Unchanging, permanent, immutable, persistent, changeless,
Mutation, [See VARIATION].
KEY: Mute.
SYN: Silent, speechless, dumb, taciturn, voiceless, still,
ANT: Chattering, talkative, garrulous, loquacious, vocal, tuneful,
KEY: Mutilate, [See MAIM].
KEY: Mutinous.
SYN: Turbulent, seditious, insurgent, riotous, tumultuous, unruly,
refractory, insurrectionary.
ANT: Obedient, loyal, submissive.
KEY: Mutter.
SYN: Murmur, mumble.
ANT: Enunciate, exclaim, pronounce, vociferate.
KEY: Mutual.
SYN: Reciprocal, common, interchangeable, alternate.
ANT: One-sided, unreciprocated, unmutual.
KEY: Muzzle.
SYN: Silence, burke, restrain, gag, stop.
ANT: release, liberate, open, unmuzzle, free.
KEY: Mysterious.
SYN: Dim, obscure, unrevealed, unexplained, unaccountable, reserved,
veiled, hidden, secret, incomprehensible, mystic, inexplicable.
ANT: Clear, plain, obvious, explained, understood, easy, explainable,
simple, frank, communicative.
KEY: Mystery.
SYN: Enigma, puzzle, obscurity, secrecy, veil, shroud, arcanum.
ANT: Publication, solution, commonplace, truism, matter-of-fact.
KEY: Mystic.
SYN: Mysterious, cabalistic, magical.
ANT: Plain, matter-of-fact, everyday, familiar, commonplace, obvious,
KEY: Mystify.
SYN: Confuse, bamboozle, hoodwink, puzzle, confound, mislead,
ANT: Illumine, enlighten, inform, guide.
KEY: Myth.
SYN: Fable, legend, parable, supposition, fiction, allegory,
fabulous_story, fabrication.
ANT: Fact, history, narrative.
KEY: Mythological.
SYN: Fabulous, mythical, [See H].
KEY: [See NAB], colloquial.
SYN: Catch, clutch, grasp, seize, lay_hold_on, lay_hands_on, [See
KEY: Nabob.
SYN: Millionaire, Croesus, mau_of_wealth, man_of_fortune,
very_rich_man, {man_of_great_distinction}.
ANT: Man_not_wealthy, {man_not_distinguished}.
KEY: Nacreous, [See IRIDESCENT].
KEY: Naked.
SYN: Nude, bare, unclothed, denuded, undraped, defenceless,
destitute, unqualified, uncolored, unvarnished, mere, simple.
ANT: Dressed, robed, draped, muffled, protected, qualified, veiled,
shrouded, colored, varnished.
KEY: Name_\n.\.
SYN: Designation, cognomination, appellation, title, fame,
reputation, authority, appointment, stead, representation.
ANT: Namelessness, anonymousness, misnomer, pseudonym, obscurity,
ingloriousness, disrepute, individuality, person.
KEY: Name \v.\.
SYN: Spectry, designate, call, Indicate.
ANT: Misname, miscall, misdesignate, misindicate, hint, suggest,
shadow, adumbrate.
KEY: Narrate.
SYN: recite, tell, report, detail, relate, rehearse, recount.
ANT: Suppress, conceal, blink, misreport, misrepresent, misrelate,
KEY: Narrow.
SYN: Straight, straightened, slender, thin, spare, contracted,
limited, cramped, pinched, scant, close, scrutinizing, near, bigoted,
niggardly, tight.
ANT: Wide, broad, ample, thick, expanded, easy, liberal.
KEY: Nascent.
SYN: Youthful, rising, green, incipient, embryo, rudimental,
ANT: Mature, aged, confirmed, developed, grown.
KEY: Nasty.
SYN: Fool, offensive, odious, disagreeable, indelicate, impure,
gross, unclean, obscene.
ANT: Nice, pleasant, sweet, savory, agreeable, pure.
KEY: Nation.
SYN: Race, people, realm, community, commonwealth, state, [See
KEY: Native.
SYN: Indigenous, home, exported, artless, natural, proper, suitable,
congenital, inbred, vernacular.
ANT: Foreign, Imported, exotic, alien, artificial, acquired, assumed,
KEY: Natural.
SYN: Intrinsic, eventual, regular, normal, cosmical, true, probable,
consistent, spontaneous, unless, original.
ANT: {[Acitition]?}, adventitious, abnormal, monstrous, unnatural,
fictitious, improbable, unsupposable, forced, artful, affected.
KEY: Nature.
SYN: Essence, creation, constitution, structure, disposition, truth,
regularity, kind, sort, character, species, affection, naturalness.
ANT: Thing, object, subject, man, being, creature, monstrosity,
unnaturalness, art, fiction, romance, invention.
KEY: Naught.
SYN: Nothing.
ANT: Aught, anything, everything.
KEY: Naughty.
SYN: Worthless, vile, corrupt, bad, froward, refractory, wicked,
ANT: Worthy, good, precious, pure, docile, tractable, well-behaved.
KEY: Nausea.
SYN: Loathing, disgust, abomination, qualm, sea-sickness.
ANT: Taste, relish, enjoyment.
KEY: Nauseous.
SYN: Loathsome, sickening, disgusting, [See ABOMINABLE].
KEY: Nautical, [See MARINE].
KEY: Near.
SYN: Nigh, close, adjacent, neighboring,
ANT: Far, distant, remote.
KEY: Nearly.
SYN: Almost, closely, approximately.
ANT: Quite, entirely, distantly, remotely.
KEY: Neat, [See TIDY].
KEY: Necessary.
SYN: Certain, inevitable, indispensable, requisite, essential,
compulsory, needful, expedient.
ANT: Contingent, casual, optional, discretional, unnecessary,
unessential, free.
KEY: Necessitate, [See COMPEL].
KEY: Necessity.
SYN: Indispensableness, inevitableness, need, indigence,
requirement, want, fate, destiny.
ANT: dispensableness, uncertainty, superfluity, uselessness,
competence, affluence, casualty, contingency, freedom, choice.
KEY: Needful, [See AMBIGUOUS].
KEY: Needless.
SYN: Unnecessary, useless, superfluous, gratuitous.
ANT: Needful, useful, helpful, obligatory.
KEY: Nefarious, [See ATROCIOUS].
KEY: Negation, [See ASSERT].
KEY: Negative.
SYN: Denying, privative, disclaiming, indirect.
ANT: Assertive, attributive, positive, direct.
KEY: Neglect \v.\.
SYN: Slight, overlook, omit, disregard, disesteem, despite, contemn.
ANT: Consider, respect, notice, observe, regard, esteem, tend, attend,
foster, study.
KEY: Neglect \n.\.
SYN: Negligence, disregard, omission, failure, default, slight,
carelessness, remissness.
ANT: Attention, consideration, respect, notice, regard, esteem.
KEY: Negotiate.
SYN: Transact, effect, pass, perform.
ANT: Mismanage, misconduct, quash, stop.
KEY: Neighborly, [See REBUKE_and_MORTIFY].
KEY: Nerve.
SYN: Strength, firmness, resolution.
ANT: Nerveless, forceless, feeble, weak, enfeebled, impotent,
palsied, [See COURAGE].
KEY: Nervous, [See VIGOROUS_and_TIMID].
KEY: Nettle.
SYN: Sting, fret, provoke, [See INCENSE].
KEY: Neutral.
SYN: Uninterfering, impartial, indifferent, negative, unavowed.
ANT: Partial, interested, interfering, active, positive, declared,
KEY: Neutrality.
SYN: Non-interference, indifference.
ANT: Interference, activity.
KEY: Neutralize.
SYN: Counteract, compensate, counterbalance, counterpoise,
ANT: Aggravate, enhance, Intensify.
KEY: New.
SYN: Novel, recent, fresh, modern.
ANT: Old, ancient, antique, antiquated, obsolete.
KEY: News.
SYN: Intelligence, Information, tidings, [See INTELLIGENCE].
KEY: New-fangled.
SYN: Upstart, newlight, innovating, strange, odd, fantastic, novel.
ANT: Venerable, time-honored, established, ancient, old,
KEY: Nibble.
SYN: Carp, cavil, peck, object, demur.
ANT: Accept, eulogize, command, endorse, allow.
KEY: Nice.
SYN: Fastidious, scrupulous, accurate, neat, discerning, dainty,
pleasant, agreeable, exact, fine, finished, particular.
ANT: Coarse, unscrupulous, inaccurate, rude, rough, undiscriminating,
nasty, nauseous, disagreeable.
KEY: Sleety.
SYN: Fastidiousness, scrupulousness, accuracy.
ANT: Coarseness, inaccuracy, rudeness, roughness.
KEY: Niggard, [See MISER].
KEY: Niggardly, [See LIBERAL].
KEY: Nimble.
SYN: Agile, quick, lively, sprightly, [See SLOW].
KEY: Nobility.
SYN: Distinction, dignity, rank, peerage, lordship, loftiness,
generosity, rank, aristocracy.
ANT: Obscurity, meanness, commonalty, serfdom, paltriness,
contemptibleness, plebeianism.
KEY: Noble.
SYN: Grand, aristocratic, generous, illustrious, exalted, worthy,
magnanimous, dignified, excellent, lofty-minded, honorable, fine.
ANT: Mean, plebeian, ignoble, paltry.
KEY: Nobody, [See CIPHER].
KEY: Nocturnal.
SYN: Nightly, dark, gloomy, tenebrose.
ANT: Diurnal, light, brilliant, solar.
KEY: Nodosity.
SYN: Protuberance, protuberousness, knottiness, tuberosity,
ANT: Planeness, evenness, smoothness, polish, levigation.
KEY: Noise.
SYN: Sound, clamor, rattle, din, uproar, tumult.
ANT: Note, voice, music, melody, silence, still_n_ess, voicelessness,
KEY: Noiseless, [See NOISY].
KEY: Noisome.
SYN: Hurtful, harmful, nocuous, pestilential.
ANT: Wholesome, salutary, salubrious, beneficial.
KEY: Noisy.
SYN: Loud, clamorous, stunning.
ANT: Still, soft, inaudible, whispering, soothing, musical,
melodious, harmonious, tuneful, subdued, gentle, noiseless.
KEY: Nomad.
SYN: Pastoral, vagrant, Arab, Scythian, roving, migratory.
ANT: Fixed, unwandering, agricultural, unroving, urban.
KEY: Nominal.
SYN: Trifling, suppositious, ostensible, professed, pretended,
ANT: Real, deep, serious, important, grave, substantial, actual,
intrinsic, veritable, essential.
KEY: Nominate.
SYN: Name, specify, appoint, individualize, define, invest, present,
ANT: Suggest, indicate, conjecture, describe, recal, deprive, cancel,
withdraw, divert.
KEY: Nonsense.
SYN: Absurdity, trash, folly, pretense, jest, balderdash.
ANT: Sense, wisdom, truth, fact, gravity, philosophy, science,
KEY: Nonsensical, [See FOOLISH].
KEY: Normal.
SYN: Regular, typical, usual, recognized, natural, ordinary.
ANT: Abnormal, irregular, unnatural, exceptional, monstrous.
KEY: Notable, [See REMARKABLE].
KEY: Note \n.\, [See PARASITE].
KEY: Note_\v.\, [See NOTICE].
KEY: Notice \n.\.
SYN: Observation, cognizance, heed, advice, news, consideration,
visitation, mark, note.
ANT: Oversight, disregard, misinformation, mistidings, neglect,
slight, connivance, ignorance, incognizance, heedlessness, amnesty,
KEY: Notice \v.\.
SYN: Mark, note, observe, attend_to, mention, heed, regard,
give_heed_to, [See REGARD].
KEY: Noticeable, [See REMARKABLE].
KEY: Notification.
SYN: Notice, declaration, publication, [See NOTICE].
KEY: Notify.
SYN: Intimate, declare, announce, give_notice_to, acquaint,
communicate, apprise, inform, warn.
ANT: Suppress, withhold, conceal, misreport.
KEY: Notion.
SYN: Apprehension, idea, conception, judgment, opinion, belief,
expectation, sentiment.
ANT: Misapprehension, falsification, misbelief, misjudgment,
frustration, misconception.
KEY: Notoriety.
SYN: Publicity, vogue, repute, celebrity, knowledge_certainty.
ANT: Privacy, secrecy, concealment, obscurity, mystery, suspicion,
rumor, whisper.
KEY: Notorious.
SYN: Known, undisputed, recognized, allowed.
ANT: Suspected, reported, reputed.
KEY: Nourish.
SYN: Nurture, fed, foster, cherish, nurse, tend, support, promote.
ANT: Starve_blight, destroy, kill, wither.
KEY: Nourishment, [See ALIENATE].
KEY: Novel, [See NEW-FANGLED].
KEY: Novice, [See TYRO].
KEY: Noxious, [See NOISOME].
KEY: Nucleus.
SYN: Core, central_part, center, kernel, [See CORE].
KEY: Nudity.
SYN: Nakedness, bareness, exposure.
ANT: Clothing, drapery, investment, dress.
KEY: Nugatory.
SYN: Trifling, vain, inoperative, ineffectual, null, void.
ANT: Grave, serious, important, potent, efficacious, momentous,
successful, satisfactory.
KEY: Nuisance.
SYN: Offence, annoyance, plague, pest, trouble.
ANT: Gratification, blessing, pleasure, delight, benefit.
KEY: Null, [See VOID].
KEY: Nullify.
SYN: Abrogate, neutralize, cancel, abolish, extinguish, annul, quash,
ANT: Confirm, perpetuate, reenact, stabilitate, establish, cherish.
KEY: Number, [See COUNT].
KEY: Numberless.
SYN: Countless, innumerable, infinite,.
ANT: Few, scarce, rare.
KEY: Numbness.
SYN: Hebetude, callousness, insensibility.
ANT: acuteness, sensibility, liveliness, sensitiveness.
KEY: Numerous, [See MANY].
KEY: Nuptial.
SYN: Connubial, hymeneal, bridal.
KEY: Nuptials.
SYN: Wedding, marriage, espousal, [See MARRIAGE].
KEY: Nurse, [See NOURISH].
KEY: Nursery.
SYN: [See {[{d-plot}?], seminary, plantation, school.
ANT: World, life, education, profession.
KEY: Nurture, [See NOURISH].
KEY: Nutriment.
SYN: Aliment, food, sustenance, nourishment, replenishment,
sustentation, {[pibalum]?}.
ANT: Starvation, languishment, decay, inanition, exhaustion, poison,
KEY: Nutrition.
SYN: Alimentation, sustentation, feeding,.
ANT: Exhaustion, starvation, inanition.
KEY: [See OAF], [See BOOBY].
KEY: Obdurate.
SYN: Hardened, obstinate, stubborn, impenitent, reprobate, callous,
unfeeling, insensible, unyielding.
ANT: Softened, flexible, tender, teachable, yielding, penitent,
docile, amenable.
KEY: Obedience.
SYN: Submission, compliance, subservience.
ANT: Resistance, rebellion, violation, transgression, antagonism,
KEY: Obedient, [See SUBMISSIVE].
KEY: Obesity.
SYN: Fatness, fleshiness, corpulence, plumpness, corpulency,
ANT: Leanness, thinness.
KEY: Obey.
SYN: Submit, comply, yield.
ANT: Resist, disobey, refuse, [See OBEDIENCE].
KEY: Object \n.\.
SYN: Appearance, sight, design, end, aim, motive, intent, view, goal.
ANT: Idea, notion, conception, fancy, subject, proposal, purpose,
KEY: Object_to_\v.\.
SYN: Oppose, contravene, obstruct, defer_to, except_to, gainsay,
ANT: Approve, approve_of.
KEY: Objective.
SYN: Extrinsic, concrete, external.
ANT: Intrinsic, abstract, notional, subjective.
KEY: Objurgate, [See SCOLD].
KEY: Oblation.
SYN: Offering, presentment, gift.
ANT: Spoliation, sacrilege, withholding, resumption, refusal,
KEY: Obligation.
SYN: Duty, necessity, compulsion, contract, bond, covenant, belief.
ANT: Promise, word, choice, freedom, assurance, declaration,
intention, exemption.
KEY: Oblige.
SYN: Compel, coerce, necessitate, force, benefit, favor, accommodate,
gratify, bind, constrain.
ANT: Release, acquit, induce, persuade, {[annon]?}, disoblige.
KEY: Obliging.
SYN: Kind, considerate, compliant, complaisant, accommodating.
ANT: Discourteous, rude, crossgrained, perverse, unaccomadating,
KEY: Oblique.
SYN: Divergent, diagonal, lateral, angular.
ANT: straight, rectilineal, forward.
KEY: Obliterate \v.\, [See EFFACE].
KEY: Oblivion \n.\.
SYN: Forgetfulness, disremembrance.
ANT: Remembrance, recollection, memory, reminiscence, commemoration,
KEY: Obloquy.
SYN: Censure, blame, defamation, contumely, reproach.
ANT: Praise, panegyric, acclamation, encomium.
KEY: Obnoxious.
SYN: Odious, detrimental, pernicious, amenable, liable, blameworthy,
offensive, answerable.
ANT: Pleasant, grateful, whole_some, salutary, beneficial,
unamenable, independent, exempt.
KEY: Obscene.
SYN: Impure, immodest, indecent, lewd, four, indelicate, filthy,
disgusting, foul-mouthed.
ANT: Pure, modest, decent.
KEY: Obscure \a.\.
SYN: Dark, dim, lowering, indistinct, enigmatical, uncertain,
doubtful, unascertained, humble, unintelligible, mean.
ANT: Bright, luminous, distinct, lucid, plain, plain_spoken,
intelligible, unambiguous, ascertained, eminent, prominent.
KEY: Obscure \v.\.
SYN: Conceal, darken.
ANT: Reveal, make_known, discover.
KEY: Obsequious.
SYN: Submissive, servile, deferential, cringing, sycophantic,
ANT: Insubmissive, independent, arrogant, self_assertive, impudent.
KEY: Observance.
SYN: Attention, fulfilment, respect, celebration, performance,
ceremony, custom, form, rule, practice.
ANT: Inobservance, inattention, breach, disrespect, disregard,
desuetude, disuse, non-performance, informality, ceremoniousness,
KEY: Observant.
SYN: Regardful, attentive, mindful, obedient, watchful, heedful,.
ANT: Disregardful, neglectful, unmindful, disobedient, heedless.
KEY: Observation.
SYN: Contemplation, study, remark, attention, notice, comment.
ANT: Disregard, oversight, inadvertence, inattention, silence,
KEY: Observe.
SYN: Remark, mark, watch, note, behold, perceive_keep, heed, respect,
KEY: Obsolete.
SYN: Antiquated, past, effete, disused, archaic, old-fashioned.
ANT: Fashionable, modern, current, customary, operative, extant.
KEY: Obstacle.
SYN: Impediment, obstruction, hindrance, objection, bar, difficulty,
check, obstruction.
ANT: Course, proceeding, career, advancement.
KEY: Obstinate.
SYN: Headstrong, stubborn, refractory, self-willed, pertinacious,
obdurate, perverse, intractable.
ANT: Amenable, complaisant, yielding, docile, ductile, characterless,
irresolute, wavering.
KEY: Obstinacy, [See OBSTINATE].
KEY: Obstreperous.
SYN: Noisy, uproarious, clamorous, rattling.
ANT: Subdued, quiet, noiseless, inobstreperous.
KEY: Obstruct.
SYN: Bar, block, choke, hinder, impede, interrupt, retard, clog.
ANT: Open, clear, pave, facilitate, expedite, further, advance,
promote, accelerate, aid.
KEY: Obstruction.
SYN: Hinderance, obstacle, impediment, [See OBSTACLE].
KEY: Obtain, [See ACQUIRE].
KEY: Obtestation.
SYN: Entreaty, supplication, adjuration.
ANT: Abjuration, deprecation, defiance.
KEY: Obtrude.
SYN: Force, thrust, interfere, intrude.
ANT: Suggest, insinuate, retire, withdraw.
KEY: Obtuse.
SYN: Dull, stupid, unintelligent, stolid, doltish.
ANT: Acute, clever, intelligent, quick, sharp.
KEY: Obumbrate.
SYN: Shade, overshadow, darken.
ANT: Lighten, illumine, elucidate.
KEY: Obverse, [See {[_]?}].
SYN: Opposite, facing.
ANT: Hinder, reverse.
KEY: Obvious.
SYN: Plain, self-evident, manifest, explicit, apparent, open,
ANT: Remote, obscure, farfetched, involved, latent.
KEY: Occasion \n.\.
SYN: Conjuncture, opportunity, occurrence, cause, need, event,
reason, necessity, opening, ground.
ANT: Untimeliness, unseasonableness, frustration.
KEY: Occasion \v.\.
SYN: Cause, make, create, [See PRODUCE_and_CREATE].
KEY: Occasionally.
SYN: Sometimes, casually, rarely.
ANT: Always, regularly, constantly, frequently.
KEY: Occult.
SYN: Latent, hidden, unrevealed, mysterious, secret, dark, unknown.
ANT: Developed, plain, patent_clear, familiar, exposed, open.
KEY: Occupancy.
SYN: Possession, enjoyment, tenure.
ANT: Ejection, eviction, dispossession.
KEY: Occupant.
SYN: Owner, resident, proprietor, tenant, occupier.
ANT: Foreigner, stranger, visitor, intruder, usurper.
KEY: Occupation.
SYN: Employment, avocation, possession, usurpation, encroachment,
tenure, calling, pursuit, trade, business, holding.
ANT: Idleness, vacancy, leisure, abandonment, vacation,
KEY: Occupier, [See OCCUPANT].
KEY: Occupy.
SYN: Hold, possess, employ, fill, busy, [See HOLD].
KEY: Occur.
SYN: Befall, happen, betide, supervene, take_place, appear, arise.
ANT: Pass, threaten, impend.
KEY: Occurrence.
SYN: Event, affair, incident, transaction, adventure, [See EVENT].
KEY: Ocular.
SYN: Visible, demonstrable, palpable.
ANT: Inferential, auricular, hearsay, circumstantial, deductive,
KEY: Odd.
SYN: Alone, sole, unmatched, remaining, over, fragmentary, uneven,
singular, peculiar, queer, quaint, fantastical, uncommon,
ANT: Aggregate, consociate, matched, balanced, squared, integrant,
even, common, usual, regular, normal.
KEY: Odious.
SYN: Hateful, offensive, detestable, abominable.
ANT: Delectable, grateful, acceptable, pleasant.
KEY: Oil_in_ill.
SYN: Hatred, offensiveness, dislike, invidiousness, jealousy,
unpopularity, grudge.
ANT: Love, tastefulness, accept, ableness, popularity, ungrudging,
news, welcome.
KEY: Odor.
SYN: Smell, scent, fragrance, perfume, redolence, effluvium, fume,
trail, nidor.
ANT: inodorousness, absence_of_smell, want_of_smell.
KEY: Odorous, [See FRAGRANT].
KEY: Offal, [See CREAM].
KEY: Offence, Offense.
SYN: Attack, sin, crime, umbrage, transgression, crime, misdeed,
injury, wrong, affront, outrage, insult, trespass, indignity,
ANT: defence, innocence, guiltlessness.
KEY: Offend.
SYN: Displease, affront, outrage, irritate, shock, annoy, pain, wound,
nettle, vex, err, fall.
ANT: Conciliate, gratify, please.
KEY: Offender, [See CULPRIT].
KEY: Offensive.
SYN: Aggressive, obnoxious, distasteful, displeasing, foul, fetid,
ANT: Defensive, grateful, pleasant, savory.
KEY: Offer.
SYN: Propose, exhibit, proffer, present, tender, extend, adduce,
ANT: Withhold, withdraw, retract, retain, alienate, divest.
KEY: Offering, [See OFFER_and_OBLATION].
KEY: Off-hand.
SYN: Impromptu, unpremeditated, extempore, unstudied,.
ANT: premeditated, studied, thought_out, elaborate.
KEY: Office.
SYN: Service, duty, appointment, function, employment, station,
ANT: Leisure, vacancy, resignation, sinecure.
KEY: Officer.
SYN: Official, functionary, conductor, director, administrator,
manager, dignitary, official.
ANT: Member, servant, private, sinecurist.
KEY: Official \n.\, [See OFFICER].
KEY: Official \n.\.
SYN: Administrative, authoritative, negotiative, functional,
ANT: Private, unofficial, unprofessional.
KEY: Officiate.
SYN: Act, serve, perform.
ANT: Retire, witness.
KEY: Officious.
SYN: Meddling, interfering, pushing, forward, intrusive,
ANT: Backward, negligent, remiss, unofficious, retiring, modest,
KEY: Often.
SYN: Frequently, repeatedly.
ANT: Infrequently, seldom.
KEY: Ogre.
SYN: Spectre, goblin, hobgoblin, , bugbear, [See SPECTRE].
KEY: Old.
SYN: Aged, pristine, long-standing, ancient, preceding, antiquated,
obsolete, senile_antique.
ANT: Youthful, young, recent, fresh, modern, subsequent,
newfashioned, current.
KEY: Oleaginous.
SYN: Oily, unctuous, pulchritudinous.
ANT: Harsh, dry, sour, acid, moistureless.
KEY: Omen.
SYN: Augury, sign, presage, portent, forboding, prognostic, [See
KEY: Ominous.
SYN: Portentous, suggestive, threatening, foreboding, premonitory,
ANT: Auspicious, propitious, encouraging.
KEY: Omission.
SYN: Oversight, exclusion.
ANT: Attention, insertion, notice.
KEY: Omit.
SYN: Neglect, fail, miss, leave_out, pass_by, overlook, [See
KEY: Omnipotent.
SYN: all-powerful, Almighty, irresistible,.
ANT: powers, inefficient.
KEY: Omniscient.
SYN: All-knowing, all-wise, infallible.
ANT: Short_sight, ignorant, fallible.
KEY: One.
SYN: Single, undivided, individual.
ANT: Many.
KEY: Oneness, [See UNITY].
KEY: Onerous.
SYN: Burdensome, toilsome, heavy, responsible, oppressive, laborious,
oppose, difficult.
ANT: Light, easy, trivial, inoppressive.
KEY: Only_\a.\.
SYN: Single, sole, alone, solitary.
ANT: Many, together, mixed.
KEY: Only, adv.
SYN: Solely, singly, merely, simply, barely.
ANT: Among, amongst, together, collectively.
KEY: Onset, [See ATTACK].
KEY: Onslaught, [See ATTACK].
KEY: Onward.
SYN: Forward, ahead, in_advance.
ANT: Backward, astorm, aback.
KEY: Ooze.
SYN: Distill, drop, drip, percolate, perspire, sweat, drain, leak,
ANT: [See POULTICE], rush, flow, stream, disgorge.
KEY: Open_\r.\.
SYN: Unclose, lay_open, lay_Dare_expose, explain, disclose, initiate,
begin, commence.
ANT: Close, shut_up, conceal, inclose, mystify, misinterpret,
conclude, cover.
KEY: Open_\a.\.
SYN: Accessible, free, available, unshut, unfolded, public, free,
unrestricted, unreserved, unaffected, genuine, barefaced,
undisguised, above-board, liberal, unclosed, candid, frank,
ingenuous, unsettled, undetermined.
ANT: Inaccessible, closed, barred, unavailable, shut, close,
secretive, reserved, settled, determined.
KEY: Opening.
SYN: Aperture, gap, opportunity, space, commencement, initiation,
start, inauguration, hole, fissure, chink, beginning.
ANT: Occlusion, obstruction, stopgap, unreasonableness, contretemps,
inopportuneness, enclosure, termination, close, end, conclusion.
KEY: Operate.
SYN: Act, work, produce, effect, produce_an_effect, have_effect.
ANT: Cease, rest, fail, misoperate.
KEY: Operation.
SYN: Agency, action, exercise, production, influence, performance.
ANT: Cessation, inaction, rest, inoperativeness, inefficacy,
inefficiency, misoperation.
KEY: Operative.
SYN: Active, efficacious, serviceable, binding.
ANT: Inefficacious, inoperative.
KEY: Operose.
SYN: Onerous, laborious, burdensome, tedious, wearisome, toilsome.
ANT: Light, unburdensome, stimulating, refreshing.
KEY: Opine.
SYN: Think, believe, conjecture, suppose, judge, surmise.
ANT: Know, ascertain, verify.
KEY: Opinion.
SYN: Conviction, view, judgment, notion, idea, impression,
estimation, theory.
KEY: Opinionative.
SYN: Dictatorial, dogmatical, self-conceited, oracular.
ANT: Modest, diffident, inquiring, vacillating, cautious,
KEY: Opponent, [See ADVERSARY].
KEY: Opportune.
SYN: Timely, seasonable, appropriate, felicitous, suitable, fit,
meet, auspicious.
ANT: Inopportune, untimely, unseasonable, infelicitous.
KEY: Opportunity.
SYN: Occasion, turn, opening, convenience.
ANT: Inopportuneness, unseasonableness, lapse, omission,
KEY: Oppose.
SYN: Withstand, resist, mutch, obstruct, confront, oppugn, bar,
hinder, contravene, check, thwart.
ANT: Aid, abet, back, support, advance, expedite.
KEY: Opposition.
SYN: Resistance, hostility, obstacle, obstruction, [See ANIMOSITY].
KEY: Opposite.
SYN: Facing, adverse, repugnant, inconsistent, irreconcilable,
contrary, antagonistic, counter, contradictory.
ANT: Agreeing, coincident, consentaneous.
KEY: Oppress.
SYN: Burden, grind, weigh_down, persecute, aggrieve, maltreat, abuse,
overbear, constrain.
ANT: Encourage, support, patronize, assist, befriend.
KEY: Oppression.
SYN: Cruelty, tyranny, severity, injustice, hardship.
ANT: Kindness, mercy, clemency, leniency, justice, [See TYRANNY].
KEY: Oppressive.
SYN: Heavy, overpowering, unjust, {[gaLLug]?}, extortionate,
ANT: light, just, compassionate, [See {[CBTJKL]?}].
KEY: Opprobrious.
SYN: Insulting, infamous, [See ABUSIVE].
KEY: Opprobrium.
SYN: Reproach, scandal, disgrace, obloquy, ignominy, odium, [See
SYN: Discretion, choice, preference, deliberation, wish, election.
ANT: Obligation, necessity, burden, compulsion.
KEY: Opulence.
SYN: Wealth, affluence, riches, fortune.
ANT: Poverty, indigence, impecuniosity.
KEY: Opulent.
SYN: Rich, well_to_do, moneyed, affluent, [See RICH].
KEY: Oracular, [See OPINIONATIVE].
KEY: Oral.
SYN: Unwritten, traditional, vocal, spoken, verbal.
ANT: Written, documentary.
KEY: Oration, [See COGITATE].
KEY: Oratory.
SYN: Eloquence, rhetoric, elocution, declamation.
ANT: Hesitation, tardiloquence, {imperfection_of_speech}.
KEY: Orb.
SYN: Sphere, circle, ball, globe.
KEY: Orbit.
SYN: Revolution, path, circuit, sphere.
ANT: Eccentricity, deviation, perturbation.
KEY: Ordain.
SYN: Set, appoint, decree, institute, prescribe, arrange, direct,
regulate, dictate, establish.
ANT: Subvert, revoke, cancel, annul, disestablish, countermand.
KEY: Ordeal.
SYN: Test, trial, probation, experiment.
ANT: Argument, plea, discussion, Investigation, evidence.
KEY: Order \n.\.
SYN: Arrangement, condition, sequence, direction, rank, grade, class,
decree, succession, series, method, injunction, precept, command.
KEY: Order, {[t]?}.
SYN: Arrange, dispose, regulate, adjust, direct, command, classify,
ordain, enjoin, prescribe, appoint, manage, [See ABRIDGMENT].
ANT: Disarrangement, confusion, unsettlement, inversion, execution,
KEY: Orderly.
SYN: Regular, equable, peaceable, methodical, quiet.
ANT: Irregular, disorderly, riotous.
KEY: Ordinance.
SYN: Statute, Institute, decree, law, edict, regulation, rule.
ANT: Custom, usage, prescription.
KEY: Ordinary.
SYN: Settled, wonted, conventional, plain, inferior, commonplace,
humdrum, matter_of_fact.
ANT: Extraordinary, unusual, uncommon, superior, [See FUTILE].
KEY: Organic.
SYN: Fundamental, constitutional, radical.
ANT: Nonessential, circumstantial, contingent, provisional.
KEY: Organization.
SYN: Structure, form, construction.
ANT: Disorganization.
KEY: Organize.
SYN: Shape, adjust, constitute, frame, dispose, arrange, construct.
ANT: Distort, break_up, annul, disorganize, dismember, disband.
KEY: Orifice.
SYN: Aperture, perforation, mouth, opening, hole, bung, bunghole.
ANT: Obstruction, stopper, plug, imperforation.
KEY: Origin.
SYN: Source, commencement, spring, cause, derivation, rise,
ANT: Termination, conclusion, extinction.
KEY: Original.
SYN: Primary, initiatory, primordial, peculiar, pristine, ancient,
former, first.
ANT: Subsequent, terminal, modern, later, derivative.
KEY: Originate.
SYN: Commence, spring, rise, start, initiate, invent, create,
cause_to_be_made, proceed, emanate.
ANT: Prosecute, conduct, apply.
KEY: Ornament \n.\.
SYN: Decoration, embellishment.
ANT: Disgrace, brand, disfigurement.
KEY: Ornament, [See ADORN].
KEY: Ornate.
SYN: Decorated, embellished, rich, high-wrought, ornamented.
ANT: Plain, chaste, nude, naked, bare, bald.
KEY: Orthodox.
SYN: Correct, sound, true.
ANT: Heretical, unorthodox.
KEY: Ostensible.
SYN: Avowed, pretended, declared, professed, manifest, visible,
nominal, apparent, outward.
ANT: Real, genuine, concealed, unpretended, actual, veritable.
KEY: Ostentation.
SYN: Show, parade, display, flourish, pomp, vaunting, boasting.
ANT: Reserve, retirement, modesty, concealment, unobtrusiveness,
quiet, diffidence.
KEY: Ostentations.
SYN: Showy, vain, boastful, vainglorious.
ANT: Modest, quiet, retired.
KEY: Ostracism.
SYN: Banishment, expulsion, blackball.
ANT: Admittance, enlistment, out_voting.
KEY: Oust.
SYN: Eject, dispossess, deprive, evict, eject, dislodge, remove.
ANT: Install, reinstate, readmit, restore.
KEY: Outbreak.
SYN: Outburst, tumult, commotion, insurrection, rebellion,
ANT: Subsidence, pacification, quelling, quiet, order, cooling.
KEY: Outcast.
SYN: Castaway, reprobate, vagrant, vagabond, exile, [See VAGABOND].
KEY: Outcry.
SYN: Clamor, tumult, denunciation, hullabaloo, yell, noise, scream.
ANT: Acclamation, plaudit, quiet, silence.
KEY: Outdo.
SYN: Outstrip, transcend, eclipse, [See SURPASS_and_TRANSCEND].
KEY: Outer.
SYN: Outward, outside, external, exterior.
ANT: Inward, inside, internal, interior, [See OUTWARD].
KEY: Outlandish.
SYN: Strange, queer, grotesque, foreign, rustic, barbarous, rude.
ANT: Fashionable, modish, native.
KEY: Outlaw.
SYN: Brigand, bandit, robber, highwayman, freebooter, [See ROBBER].
KEY: Outlet.
SYN: Egress, exit, vent.
ANT: Ingress, entrance.
KEY: Outline.
SYN: Delineation, sketch, contour, draft, plan.
ANT: Form, substance, figure, object, subject, field, ground, bulk,
KEY: Outlive.
SYN: Outlast, survive.
ANT: Die, perish.
KEY: Outlook.
SYN: Prospect, view, eight, [See PROSPECT].
KEY: Outrage.
SYN: Outbreak, offence, wantonness, mischief, abuse, ebullition,
violence, indignity, affront, insult.
ANT: Moderation, self-control, selfrestraint, subsidence, coolness,
KEY: Outrageous.
SYN: Excessive, unwarrantable, unjustifiable, wanton, flagrant,
nefarious, atrocious, violent.
ANT: Moderate, justifiable, reasonable.
KEY: Outset.
SYN: Opening, start, commencement, exordium, beginning, inauguration,
ANT: Close, termination, conclusion, peroration.
KEY: Outshine.
SYN: Surpass, eclipse, overshadow.
ANT: Foil, relieve, back.
KEY: Outskirts.
SYN: Border, outpost, purlieu, environs, precincts.
ANT: Interior, centre, bulk, body, mass, heart.
KEY: Outspoken.
SYN: Plain, frank, unreserved, candid.
ANT: Mysterious, enigmatical, reserved, taciturn, secretive,
KEY: Outspread.
SYN: Expanded, unfolded, wrapped, patent, dispread, open,
ANT: Folded, contracted, closed, furled, collapsed.
KEY: Outstanding.
SYN: Unappropriated, uncollected, ungathered.
ANT: Appropriated, collected, gathered.
KEY: Outstep.
SYN: Exceed, transgress, outstrip, outwalk.
ANT: Observe, regard, accompany, attend.
KEY: Outstretched, [See OUTSPREAD].
KEY: Outstrip.
SYN: Surpass, beat, distance, eclipse.
ANT: Follow, succeed.
KEY: Outvie, [See LIE_and_EXCUSE].
KEY: Outward.
SYN: External, apparent, visible, sensible, superficial, ostensible,
forthcoming, extrinsic, extraneous.
ANT: Internal, intrinsic, withdrawn, inapparent, inward.
KEY: Outweigh.
SYN: Outbalance, overbalance, [See PREPONDERATE].
KEY: Outwit.
SYN: Outgeneral, circumvent, [See CIRCUMVENT].
KEY: [See On_I_work].
SYN: Screen, abattis, propugnation, fortification, escarpment.
ANT: Stand, position, ground, centre.
KEY: Ovation, [See TRIUMPH], Overawe, [See BROWBEAT].
KEY: Overbalance, [See BALANCE].
KEY: Overbearing.
SYN: Bullying, domineering, [See ARROGANCE].
KEY: Overcast.
SYN: Cloudy, nubilous, lowering, murky.
ANT: Cloudless, clear, luminous, azure.
KEY: Overcharge.
SYN: Overload, surfeit, [See CHARGE_and_EXAGGERATE].
KEY: Overcome.
SYN: Vanquish, {get_the_better_of}, surmount, [See_CONQUER]_KEY:,
Overestimate, [See DISPARAGE].
KEY: Overflow.
SYN: Redundancy, exuberance, superabundance, deluge, inundation.
ANT: Deficiency, exhaustion, subsidence.
KEY: Overflowing, [See ABUNDANT].
KEY: Overjoyed.
SYN: Transported, delighted, enraptured.
ANT: Saddened, depressed, disgusted.
KEY: Overlook.
SYN: Condone, connive, disregard, oversee, supervise, inspect,
survey, review, excuse, pardon, forgive, neglect.
ANT: Visit, scrutinize, investigate, mark.
KEY: Overplus.
SYN: Surplus, surplusage, residue, excess, [See REMAINDER].
KEY: Overpower, [See MASTER].
KEY: Overreach, [See CIRCUMVENT].
KEY: Overruling.
SYN: Governing, controlling, superior, predominant.
ANT: Governed, controlled, inferior, [See SUPERIOR].
KEY: Overrun.
SYN: Lay-waste, devastate, [See RAVAGE].
KEY: Oversee.
SYN: Superintend, supervise, [See OVERLOOK].
KEY: Oversight.
SYN: Error, omission, mistake, neglect, slip, inadvertence,
inspection, superintendence.
ANT: Scrutiny, correction, emendation, attention, mark, notice.
KEY: Overt.
SYN: Deliberate, public, open, avowed, manifest.
ANT: Covert, secret, implied, clandestine, furtive.
KEY: Overthrow.
SYN: Destroy, subvert, upset, overturn, ruin, demolish, defeat, rout,
overcome, discomfit, invert, overset, reverse.
ANT: Restore, reinstate, construct, regenerate, redintegrate, revive,
KEY: Overture.
SYN: Prelude, advance, proposal, offer, invitation, lead,
ANT: Inaction, undemonstrativeness, quiescence.
KEY: Overturn, [See OVERTHROW].
KEY: Overvalue.
SYN: Overestimate, overprize, overrate.
ANT: Underestimate, underprize, underrate.
KEY: Overweening.
SYN: Vain, conceited, haughty, egotistical, [See AFFABLE and VAIN].
KEY: [See FABLE_and_VAIN], Overwhelm.
SYN: Crush, quell, extinguish, drown, subdue, swamp.
ANT: Raise, reinvigorate, reinstate, re-establish, rescue,
KEY: Owe.
SYN: Borrow, hypothecate, attribute.
ANT: Requite, repay, liquidate, defray.
KEY: Owing.
SYN: Due, imputable, ascribable, attributable.
ANT: Casually, perchance, by_chance, by_accident.
KEY: Own.
SYN: Possess, hold, have, acknowledge, avow, admit, confess.
ANT: Alienate, forfeit, lose, disclaim, disavow, disinherit, disown,
abjure, abandon.
KEY: Owner.
SYN: Proprietor, possessor.
KEY: [See {[PARl'LAlt]?}].
SYN: Esculent, nutritious, comestible, alimental.
ANT: Uneatable, innutritions.
KEY: Pace.
SYN: Step, stride, tread, gait.
ANT: Standing_still.
KEY: Pacific.
SYN: Conciliatory, mild, appeasing, calm, tranquil, peaceful.
ANT: Unconciliatory, harsh, quarrelsome, exasperating, irritating,
turbulent, noisy, tumultuous, warlike.
KEY: Pacification.
SYN: Conciliation, reconciliation, reconcilement, arrangement,
compromise, adjustment.
ANT: Warfare, fighting, hostilities, war, arms, the_sword.
KEY: Pacify.
SYN: Appease, conciliate, calm, still, soothe, quiet, tranquillize.
ANT: Exasperate, agitate, excite, irritate, rouse, provoke.
KEY: Pack_\n.\.
SYN: Burden, bundle, package, lot, parcel, load, [See BURDEN].
KEY: Pack_\v.\.
SYN: Stow, compact, compress, cook.
ANT: Unpack, unsettle, jumble, displace, misarrange, dissipate,
KEY: Pact.
SYN: Agreement, bargain, covenant, league, bond, alliance,
ANT: Understanding, promise, parole, honour.
KEY: Paean.
SYN: Jubilation, 'Te_Deum', alleluia.
ANT: Dirge, miserere, threnody, jeremiade.
KEY: Pagan_\n.\.
SYN: Heathen, idolater, Gentile.
ANT: Believer, Christian.
KEY: Pagan \a.\.
SYN: Heathenish, idolatrous.
ANT: Christian.
KEY: Paganism.
SYN: Heathenism, polytheism, pantheism, ditheism, tritheism, dualism,
ANT: Christianity, Christendom.
KEY: Pageant.
SYN: Pomp, procession, exhibition, display, spectacle, show,
ANT: Dream, illusion, phantasmagoria, mockery.
KEY: Pageantry.
SYN: Parade, pomp, show, splendor, magnificence, [See POMP].
KEY: Pain_\n.\.
SYN: Penalty, suffering, distress, uneasiness, grief, (labour,
effort, in_the, pains)_anguish, torture, agony.
ANT: Reward, remuneration, ease, gratification, joy, pleasure,
felicity, relief, alleviation, enjoyment, delight.
KEY: Pain_\v.\.
SYN: Hurt, grieve, afflict, torment, rack, agonize, trouble, torture,
aggrieve, annoy, distress.
ANT: Gratify, please, delight, rejoice, charm, relieve, ease,
KEY: Painful.
SYN: Afflicting, distressful, grieving, grievous, excruciating, [See
KEY: Painfully, [See PAINFUL].
KEY: Painstaking \a.\.
SYN: Careful, attentive, diligent, laborious, [See
KEY: Paint \v.\.
SYN: Color, tinge, tint, portray, represent, delineate, depict,
sketch, describe.
ANT: Daub, caricature, misportray, misrepresent, misdelineate,
KEY: Pair.
SYN: Two, couple, span, brace.
ANT: One, several.
KEY: Palatable.
SYN: Tasteful, savory, appetizing, delicious, toothsome, [See
KEY: Pale.
SYN: Pallid, {[wan]?}, faint, dim, undefined, etiolated, sallow,
ANT: Ruddy, high-colored, conspicuous, deep.
KEY: Pall.
SYN: Blunt, dispirit, satiate, cloy.
ANT: Quicken, sharpen, inspirit, whet.
KEY: Palliate.
SYN: Cloak, cover, conceal, extenuate, mitigate, soften, soothe,
ANT: Expose, denounce, exaggerate, aggravate, magnify.
KEY: Pallid, [See PALE].
KEY: Palm.
SYN: Trophy, prize, crown, laurels, bays.
ANT: Brand, stigma, shame, blot.
KEY: Palmy.
SYN: Prosperous, glorious, distinguished, victorious, flourishing.
ANT: Depressed, inglorious, undistinguished, unflourishing.
KEY: Palpable.
SYN: Material, corporal, tangible, obvious, gross, perceptible,
evident, distinct.
ANT: Immaterial, incorporal, invisible, ethereal, impalpable,
indistinct, dubious, imperceptible.
KEY: Palpitate.
SYN: Throb, flutter, beat, pulsate, pant.
ANT: Pause, stop, cease.
KEY: Palter.
SYN: Shuffle, prevaricate, trifle, shift, dodge, haggle.
ANT: Act, determine, decide.
KEY: Paltry.
SYN: Mean, shabby, shuffling, trifling, prevaricating, shifty,
contemptible, pitiable, vi_e, worthless, beggarly, trashy.
ANT: Noble, honorable, candid, conscientious, determined,
straightforward, estimable, admirable, worthy, magnificent.
KEY: Pamper.
SYN: Feed, glut, spoil, indulge, cocker.
ANT: Harden, starve, inure, stint, discipline.
KEY: Panegyric.
SYN: Eulogy, encomium, praise, eulogium, laudation.
ANT: Stricture, sa_ire, sarcasm, lampoon, invective, philippic,
KEY: Pang.
SYN: Paroxysm, throe, agony, convulsion, smart, anguish, pain,
ANT: Pleasure, enjoyment, gratification, delight, delectation,
fascination, refreshment.
KEY: Pant.
SYN: Palpitate, throb, gasp, puff, long, yearn, [See
KEY: Parable.
SYN: Apologue, similitude, fable, allegory.
ANT: History, fact, narrative.
KEY: Parade.
SYN: Vaunt, flaunt, display.
ANT: Suppress, veil, conceal.
KEY: Parade \n.\.
SYN: Vaunting, flaunting, display, pomp, ostentation, show, pageant,
procession, spectacle.
ANT: Suppression, concealment, modesty, humility, simplicity,
undemonstrativeness, plainness, retirement, unceremoniousness.
KEY: Paradise.
SYN: Heaven, bliss, ecstasy, Eden, Elysium.
ANT: Purgatory, hell, misery, torture.
KEY: Paradox.
SYN: Contradiction, enigma, mystery, absurdity, ambiguity.
ANT: Precept, proposition, axiom, truism, postulate.
KEY: Paradoxical.
SYN: Contradictory, absurd, enigmatical, mysterious.
ANT: Self-evident, axiomatic, lucid, obvious.
KEY: Parallel.
SYN: Correspondent, congruous, correlative, analogous, concurrent,
ANT: Different, opposed, incongruous, irrelative, unanalogous,
divergent, contrariant.
KEY: Paralyze.
SYN: Deaden, benumb, prostrate, enervate, debilitate, enfeeble.
ANT: Give_life, strengthen, nerve, lift_up, restore.
KEY: Paramount.
SYN: Superior, preeminent, chief, principal, supreme.
ANT: Subordinate, minor, inferior, secondary.
KEY: Parasite.
SYN: Sycophant, flatterer, toady, courtier, toad-eater, timeserver.
ANT: Detractor, calumniator, traducer.
KEY: Parcel.
SYN: Package, bundle.
KEY: Pardon.
SYN: Forgive, condone, absolve, acquit, remit, excuse, overlook.
ANT: Condemn, punish, visit.
KEY: Pardonable.
SYN: Venial, excusable.
ANT: Inexcusable, unpardonable.
KEY: Pare.
SYN: Peel, cut_off, shave_off, skin, clip, diminish, [See DIMINISH].
KEY: Parentage.
SYN: Descent, extraction, lineage, birth, stock, pedigree, [See
KEY: Parity.
SYN: Analogy, correspondence, equality, resemblance, [See ANALOGY].
KEY: Parody.
SYN: Travesty, burlesque, [See BURLESQUE].
KEY: Parsimonious.
SYN: Sparing, close, penurious, frugal, niggardly, illiberal,
ANT: Liberal, unsparing, profuse, extravagant, Parson, [See
KEY: Part_\n.\.
SYN: Portion, piece, fragment, fraction, division, member,
constituent, element, ingredient, share, lot, concern, interest,
participation, side, party, interest, faction, behalf, duty.
ANT: Whole, completeness, entirety, integrity, totality, mass_bulk,
body, compound, transaction, affair.
KEY: Part_\v.\, [See SEPARATE].
KEY: Partake.
SYN: Share, participate, accept, derive.
ANT: Forfeit, relinquish, forego, cede, yield, afford.
KEY: Partial.
SYN: Restricted, local, peculiar, specific, favoring, inequitable,
unfair, biased, particular.
ANT: Unrestricted, total, universal, general, impartial, equitable,
just, fair, unbiased.
KEY: Partiality.
SYN: Preponderance, fondness, relish, love.
ANT: Indifference, impartiality, apathy.
KEY: Partially, [See {[PABTLT]?}].
KEY: Participate.
SYN: Share, join_in, have_a_share, [See PARTAKE].
KEY: Particle.
SYN: Bit, grain, jot, mite, tittle, atom, [See ATOM].
KEY: Particular \a.\.
SYN: Local, specific, subordinate, detailed, partial, special,
fastidious, minute, scrupulous, careful, accurate, exact,
circumstantial, precise, delicate, nice.
ANT: Universal, general, unspecial, comprehensive, unscrupulous,
uncareful, inaccurate, inexact, rough, coarse, indiscriminate,
KEY: Particular \n.\.
SYN: Detail, point, feature.
ANT: Whole, subject, case.
KEY: Particularly.
SYN: Specially, chiefly, in_particular, especially, distinctly, [See
KEY: Parting.
SYN: Separation, detachment, division, disruption.
ANT: Union, attachment, cleaving_together.
KEY: Partisan.
SYN: Adherent, follower, party_man, henchman, clansman, supporter,
disciple, [See ADHERENT].
KEY: Partition.
SYN: Barrier, division, enclosure, compartment, interspace,
separation, distribution, allotment, screen.
ANT: Non-partition, non-distinction, nonseparation, inclusion,
comprehension, combination, amalgamation, incorporation, coalition,
union, concatenation, generalization, collection.
KEY: Partly.
SYN: In_part, somewhat, In_some_degree, to_some_extent,
in_a_measure, not_wholly, partially.
ANT: Altogether, in_whole, entirely, {to_the_full_extent},
KEY: Partner.
SYN: Associate, sharer, participator, colleague, coadjutor,
confederate, accomplice, partaker, companion, spouse.
ANT: Rival, alien, competitor, opponent, counter-age_at.
KEY: Partnership.
SYN: Union, connection, company, firm, joint_interest, co-operation,
society, house, [See CONNECTION].
KEY: Pacts.
SYN: [See CONTROL_and_GOVERN], move, proceed, go_by, slip_away,
glide, shapelessness, [See ELAPSE].
KEY: Passable.
SYN: Traversable, navigable, penetrable, admissible, tolerable,
ANT: Impassable, impervious, impenetrable, inadmissible, excellent.
KEY: Passage.
SYN: Journey, thoroughfare, road, course, avenue, route, channel,
clause, phrase, sentence, paragraph.
ANT: Chapter, book, [See COURSE].
KEY: Passible.
SYN: Susceptible, sensible, sensitive, impressible.
ANT: Insusceptible, insensitive, impassible.
KEY: Passion.
SYN: Emotion, desire, ardor, vehemence, lust, auger, animation,
excitement, warmth, feeling.
ANT: Coolness, indifference, apathy, coldness, frigidity, iciness.
KEY: Passionate, [See {[ANOBY]?}_and_HASTY].
KEY: Passive.
SYN: Inactive, inert, quiescent, unresisting, unquestioning,
negative, enduring, patient.
ANT: Active, alert, resistant, positive, unsubmissive, malcontent,
vehement, impatient.
KEY: Puss_over.
SYN: Omit, overlook, [See OVERLOOK].
KEY: Past.
SYN: Spent, gone_by, elapsed, departed, late.
ANT: Present, unspent.
KEY: Pastime.
SYN: Recreation, entertainment, amusement, diversion, play, sport.
ANT: Business, study, labor, task, occupation, work.
KEY: Patch.
SYN: Botch, bungle, cobble, clout, piece.
ANT: Fine-draw, embroider.
KEY: Patent.
SYN: obvious, evident, indisputable, plain, [See INT], Dubious,
ambiguous, questionable.
KEY: Paternal.
SYN: Fatherly, careful, tender, hereditary.
ANT: Unfatherly, careless, rough, harsh, [See HEREDITARY].
KEY: Path.
SYN: Footpath, pathway, road, track, course, route, method.
KEY: Pathetic.
SYN: Affecting, moving, emotional, tender, melting, tender.
ANT: Ludicrous, unimpassioned, farcical, unaffecting.
KEY: Patience.
SYN: Endurance, resignation, submission, perseverance.
ANT: Resistance, unsubmissiveness, repining, rebellion,
inconsistency, impatience.
KEY: Pathless.
SYN: Trackless, Untrodden.
ANT: Trodden, frequented.
KEY: Patient.
SYN: Resigned, unrepining, enduring.
ANT: Impatient, [See PASSIVE].
KEY: Patrician.
SYN: Noble, senator, aristocratic.
ANT: Plebeian, churl.
KEY: Patrimony.
SYN: Inheritance, heritage.
KEY: Patronize_\v.\.
SYN: Countenance, befriend, favor, support, help.
ANT: Oppress, depress, oppose, withstand, disfavor, discountenance.
KEY: Pattern.
SYN: Model, sample, archetype, exemplar, specimen, shape, precedent,
mould, design, plan.
ANT: Monstrosity, caricature, perversion, misrepresentation.
KEY: Paucity.
SYN: Rarity, scantity, fewness, deficiency, lack, [See DEFICIENCY].
ANT: Frequency, quantity, number, abundance.
KEY: Pauperism, [See BEGGARY_and_MENDICITY].
KEY: Pause \n.\.
SYN: Stop, cessation, suspension, halt, intermission, rest.
ANT: Continuance, advancement, perseverance.
KEY: Pause_\v.\.
SYN: Cease, suspend, intermit, forbear, stay, wait, hesitate, demur,
stop, desist.
ANT: Continue, proceed, advance, persist, persevere.
KEY: Pave.
SYN: Prepare, facilitate, smooth, expedite, adapt, fit, mature,
arrange, dispose, qualify.
ANT: Obstruct, indispose, disqualify.
KEY: Pawn.
SYN: Pledge, impignorate.
ANT: Ransom, redeem.
KEY: Pay_\n.\.
SYN: Wages, salary, stipend, recompense, payment, [See
KEY: Pay_\r.\.
SYN: Compensate, remunerate, satisfy, discharge, expend, disburse,
requite, liquidate.
ANT: Deprive, defraud, exact, dissatisfy, hoard, retain, invest,
KEY: Payment, [See PAY], ~_\n.\].
KEY: Peace.
SYN: Quiet, tranquillity, calm, repose, pacification, order,
calmness, reconciliation, harmony, concord.
ANT: Noise, disturbance, tumult, agitation, hostility, disorder,
embroilment, war, discord, variance, strife.
KEY: Peaceable.
SYN: unwarlike, inoffensive, quiet, peaceful, innocuous, mild,
unquarrelsome, serene, placid.
ANT: Pugnacious, warlike, litigious, quarrelsome, savage, fierce,
hostile, violent, bellicose, restless.
KEY: Peasant.
SYN: Countryman, hind, clown, laborer, villager, swain, rustic.
ANT: Citizen, cockney, townsman.
KEY: Peccability.
SYN: Frailty, sinfulness.
ANT: Impeccability, perfection.
KEY: Peccable.
SYN: Frail, sinful.
ANT: Impeccable, perfect, incorrupt.
KEY: Peccant.
SYN: Morbid, corrupt, criminal, offensive, objectionable, vicious,
erring, guilty, transgressing.
ANT: Pure, incorrupt, wholesome.
KEY: Peculator.
SYN: Defaulter, delinquent, thief, embezzler, [See
KEY: Peculiar.
SYN: Private, personal, characteristic, exceptional, exclusive,
special, specific, particular, unusual, singular, uncommon, strange.
ANT: Public, common, general, universal, unspecial, ordinary.
KEY: Peculiarity.
SYN: Speciality, individuality, distinctiveness, idiosyncrasy.
ANT: Generality, universality, community, uniformity, homology,
homogeneity, conaturality.
KEY: Pedantic.
SYN: Pedagogical, priggish.
ANT: Unaffected, slipshod.
KEY: Pedigree.
SYN: Descent, parentage, genealogy, lineage, [See
KEY: Pedler.
SYN: Huckster, hawker, shopman, trader.
KEY: Peer_\n.\.
SYN: Mate, equal, compeer.
ANT: {One_unequal_in_rank}, {state_or_condition}.
KEY: Peer_\v.\.
SYN: Peep, pry, look_narrowly.
KEY: Peerless.
SYN: Matchless, paramount, unique, unequaled.
ANT: Mediocre, commonplace, ordinary.
KEY: Peevish.
SYN: Fretful, querulous, petulant, testy, captious, waspish,
splenetic, ill-natured, irascible.
ANT: Genial, complaisant, insensate, inquerulous, easy, good-natured,
KEY: Pelf.
SYN: Lucre, mammon.
ANT: Reward, compensation, wage.
KEY: Pellucid.
SYN: Translucent, limpid, crystalline, vitreous.
ANT: Opaque, semiopaque, luteous, turbid.
KEY: Penal.
SYN: Retributive, coercive, visitatorial, castigatory, inflictive,
corrective, punitive.
ANT: Remunerative, reparatory, decorative, honorary.
KEY: Penalty.
SYN: Pain, punishment, forfeiture, price, fare, retribution,
ANT: Guerdon, wages, reward, premium, prize, douceur, sop, bribe,
honorarium, compensation, remuneration.
KEY: Pendent.
SYN: Pendulous, hanging, suspended, drooping, projecting.
ANT: Supporting, sustaining, supported.
KEY: Penetrate.
SYN: Pierce, enter, enter_into, reach, permeate, make_one's_way,
disclose, fathom, [See PIERCE].
KEY: Penetrable.
SYN: Pervious, permeable.
ANT: Impervious, impermeable.
KEY: Penetration.
SYN: Discernment, observation, sagacity, acuteness, discrimination,
insight, sharpness.
ANT: Indiscernment, dulness, indiscrimination, stolidity, hebetude,
shortsightedness, shallowness, obtuseness.
KEY: Penitence.
SYN: Repentance, contrition, sorrow, remorse.
ANT: Congratulation, self-approval, obduracy, hardheartedness.
KEY: Penitent, [See PENITENTIAL].
KEY: Penitential.
SYN: Wailing, mournful, dirgeful, sorrowful, contrite, penitent.
ANT: Impenitent, hard-hearted, obdurate.
KEY: Pensive.
SYN: Meditative, ruminating, thoughtful, musing, reflective,
impressed, melancholy, sober, dejected.
ANT: Vacant, joyous, unreflecting, careless, thoughtless,
unmeditative, incogitant, unreflective.
KEY: Penurious.
SYN: Niggardly, parsimonious, avaricious, griping, miserly,
closefisted, sordid, stingy.
ANT: Liberal, open-handed, bountiful.
KEY: Penury.
SYN: Wart, privation, poverty, indigence, impecuniosity, destitution,
ANT: Competence, wealth, affluence, pecuniosity.
KEY: People.
SYN: Nation, community, populace, mob, crowd, vulgar, herd, mass,
persons, inhabitants, commonalty, fellow-creatures, tribe, race.
ANT: Aristocracy, nobility, government, ruler, oligarchy.
KEY: Perceivable.
SYN: Cognizable, appreciable, perceptible, sensible,
ANT: Incognizable, inappreciable, imperceptible, insensible,
KEY: Perceive.
SYN: Discern, distinguish, descry, observe, feel, touch, see,
recognize, understand, know.
ANT: Miss, misobserve, overlook, misunderstand, misconceive,
KEY: Perceptible, [See PERCEIVABLE].
KEY: Perception.
SYN: Cognizance, apprehension, sight, understanding, discernment.
ANT: Incognizance, ignorance, imperception, misapprehension,
KEY: Perceptive.
SYN: Cognitive, apprehensive, sensitive, percipient.
ANT: Reflective, reminiscent, insensible, impercipient, inobservant,
inapprehensive, insensitive.
KEY: Percipient, [See PERCEPTIVE].
KEY: Percolate.
SYN: Strain, niter, exude, ooze.
ANT: Absorb, retain, [See OOZE].
KEY: Percussion.
SYN: Collision, shock, encounter, crash.
ANT: Graze, touch, recoil, rebound, repercussion, reverberation.
KEY: Perdition.
SYN: Destruction, ruin, loss, demolition.
ANT: Restoration, recovery, renovation, rescue, salvation.
KEY: Peregrination.
SYN: Wandering, travel, perambulation, perennation.
ANT: Domiciliation, residence.
KEY: Peremptory.
SYN: Decisive, express, absolute, authoritative, arbitrary,
dogmatical, imperious, despotic, positive.
ANT: Suggestive, entreative, mild, postulatory, hortatory.
KEY: Perennial.
SYN: Perpetual, unceasing, unfailing, ceaseless, incessant, constant,
permanent, unintermittent, continual, undying.
ANT: Periodical, occasional, intermittent, failing, deficient,
KEY: Perfect.
SYN: Consummate, complete, full, indeficient, immaculate, absolute,
faultless, impeccable, infallible, unblemished, blameless,
unexceptionable, mature, ripe.
ANT: Incomplete, meagre, faulty, scant, short, deficient, defective,
imperfect, peccable, fallible, blemished, marred, spoilt.
KEY: Perfection.
SYN: Perfectness, completion, consummation, wholeness, excellency.
ANT: Imperfection, incompletion, imperfectness.
KEY: Perfectly.
SYN: Fully, wholly, entirely, completely, totally, exactly,
ANT: Imperfectly, incompletely, partially, inaccurately.
KEY: Perfidious.
SYN: false, treacherous, faithless, traitorous, deceptive, disloyal,
ANT: true, staunch, faithful.
KEY: Perforate.
SYN: Bored, pierced, drilled.
ANT: Unpierced, imperforate.
KEY: Perform.
SYN: Accomplish, [See DO], act, transact, achieve, execute, discharge,
fulfil, effect, complete, consummate, enact.
ANT: Miss, mar, misperform, misexecute, botch, misenact, misconduct,
KEY: Performance.
SYN: Accomplishment, act, execution, deed, exploit, work,
achievement, enterprise, operation, [See ACHIEVEMENT_and_DEED].
KEY: Perfume.
SYN: Odor, scent, fragrance, redolence, aroma, smell, incense.
ANT: Fetor, stench, stink.
KEY: Perfunctory.
SYN: Uninterested, routine, mechanical, careless, slovenly.
ANT: Interested, zealous, spirited, animated, ardent, assiduous,
KEY: Perhaps.
SYN: Possibly, peradventure, perchance, may_be.
ANT: Certainly, inevitably.
KEY: Peril.
SYN: Danger, risk, hazard, jeopardy, insecurity, uncertainty,
unsafety, venture.
ANT: Security, safety, certainty.
KEY: Perilous.
SYN: Hazardous, dangerous.
ANT: Safe, secure, certain.
KEY: Period.
SYN: Time, date, epoch, era, age, duration, continuance, limit, bound,
end, conclusion, determination.
ANT: Eternity, datelessness, immemoriality, infinity, perpetuity,
illimitability, endlessness, indefiniteness, indeterminateness.
KEY: Periodical.
SYN: Stated, recurrent, regular, systematic, calculable.
ANT: Indeterminate, eccentric, irregular, incalculable, spasmodic,
KEY: Perish.
SYN: Decay, waste_away, be_ruined, be_destroyed, die, expire,
fade_away, [See DECAY].
KEY: Perishable.
SYN: Frail, evanescent, fragile, destructible, fleeting, transient,
ephemeral, impermanent.
ANT: Enduring, lasting, indestructible, imperishable, persistent,
perpetual, permanent, Permanent, [See PERISHABLE].
KEY: Permeable.
SYN: Penetrable, pervadible, percolable.
ANT: Impenetrable, impermeable.
KEY: Permeate, [See PERMEABLE].
KEY: Permissable.
SYN: Allowable, sufferable, lawful.
ANT: Unallowable, insufferable, unlawful.
KEY: Permission.
SYN: Leave, license, dispensation, allowance, liberty, consent,
sufferance, compliance, endurance.
ANT: Prohibition, refusal, denial, prevention, hinderance,
KEY: Permit, [See ALLOW].
KEY: Permutation.
SYN: Interchange, transference, transposition.
ANT: stabilisation, retention, fixity, sequence, order, series,
KEY: Pernicious.
SYN: Hurtful, harmful, noxious, deleterious, detrimental,
destructive, deadly, injurious, baneful.
ANT: Beneficial, wholesome, innocuous, undetrimental, innocent,
KEY: Perpendicular.
SYN: Vertical, upright, standing_upright.
ANT: Horizontal.
KEY: Perpetrate.
SYN: Commit.
ANT: Achieve, perfect.
KEY: Perpetual.
SYN: Constant, unceasing, endless, eternal, everlasting, unfailing,
perennial, continual, enduring, incessant, uninterrupted.
ANT: Inconstant, periodic, recurrent, temporary, transient, falling,
exhaustible, occasional, momentary, casual.
KEY: Perpetuate, [See ATTRACTIVE_and_DULL].
SYN: Continue, stabilitate, eternize.
ANT: Discontinue, abolish, eradicate, cancel, disestablish, break.
KEY: Perpetuity.
SYN: Constancy, permanence, perennity, persistence, continuity,
ANT: Impermanence, transience, evanescence, discontinuance,
casualty, momentariness.
KEY: Perplex.
SYN: Embarrass, puzzle, entangle, involve, encumber, complicate,
confuse, bewilder, mystify, harass, entangle.
ANT: Clear, enlighten, explicate, disentangle, simplify, elucidate,
KEY: Perplexity.
SYN: Embarrassment, difficulty, uncertainty.
ANT: Certainty, certitude, sureness, [See DILEMMA].
KEY: Persecute.
SYN: Harass, molest, annoy, worry, vex.
ANT: Encourage, inspirit, abet, support.
KEY: Perserverance.
SYN: Persistence, steadfastness, constancy, indefatigableness,
resolution, tenacity.
ANT: Inconstancy, unsteadfastness, fitfulness, caprice,
irresoluteness, vacillation, wavering, indecision, variableness,
levity, volatility.
KEY: Persevere.
SYN: Persist, insist, continue, keep_on, be_steadfast, hold_out,
KEY: Persist, [See PERSEVERE].
KEY: Person.
SYN: Individual, special, peculiar, idiosyncratic.
ANT: Generic, common.
KEY: Persons.
SYN: Men_folks, people, beings, living_souls, individuals.
ANT: Single_persons.
KEY: Perspicacity.
SYN: Acuteness, discernment, sagacity, penetration.
ANT: Hebetude, dullness, stolidity, inobservance.
KEY: Perspicuous, [See LUCID_and_PLAIN].
KEY: Perspicuity.
SYN: Clearness, lucidity, transparency, intelligibility.
ANT: Obscurity, turbidity, unintelligibility, mystification,
KEY: Persuade.
SYN: Induce, influence, incline, convince, dispose, urge, allure,
ANT: Deter, disincline, indispose, mispersuade, misinduce, coerce,
KEY: Persuasion.
SYN: Conviction, inducement, creed, belief, opinion, [See
KEY: Pert_\a.\.
SYN: Flippant, saucy, impudent, forward.
ANT: Modest, retiring, bashful, demure, staid.
KEY: Pertain_to.
SYN: Belong_to, relate_to, appertain_to, regard, concern.
ANT: Be_foreign_to.
KEY: Pertinacious.
SYN: Obstinate, persistent, wilful, dogged, persevering, determined,
ANT: Flexible, inconstant, irresolute, volatile.
KEY: Pertinacity.
SYN: Obstinacy, tenaciousness, adherence, resoluteness.
ANT: Irresoluteness, irresolution, indecision, hesitancy,
vacillation, changeableness.
KEY: Pertinent.
SYN: Related, connected, appertaining, appropriate, fit, apposite,
just, proper, congruous, applicable.
ANT: Unrelated, unconnected, alien, inappropriate, impertinent,
incongruous, discordant, repugnant, Perturb, [See AGITATE].
KEY: Pervade.
SYN: Permeate, fill, saturate, color, tinge, fill, diffuse.
ANT: Touch, affect.
KEY: Perverse.
SYN: Froward, untoward, stubborn, fractious, wayward, unmanageable,
intractable, crochety.
ANT: Docile, ductile, amenable, governable, complacent,
accommodating, pleasant, obliging.
KEY: Perversion.
SYN: Abuse, misrepresentation, distortion, corruption,
misinterpretation, caricature, sophistry.
ANT: Use, conservation, representation, right, truth, portraiture,
manifestation, explanation, interpretation, reason, correction,
authentication, verification.
KEY: Pervert.
SYN: Twist, distort, corrupt, falsify, misrepresent, [See
KEY: Pervious.
SYN: Penetrable, traversable, explorable.
ANT: Impenetrable, impervious, impregnable, inexplorable.
KEY: Pest.
SYN: Plague, nuisance, curse, annoyance, blight, bone, scourge.
ANT: Benefit, blessing, acquisition.
KEY: Pester.
SYN: Plague, worry, vex, harass, disquiet, annoy, tease, torment,
chafe, harry, badger, incommode, gall.
ANT: Treat, regale, amuse, refresh, gratify, soothe.
KEY: Pestiferous.
SYN: Insalubrious, pestilential, deleterious, mephitic, virulent,
mortiferous, infectious, contagious, catching, lethal, morbific.
ANT: {[(ifiiiiil]?}, salubrious, balmy, salutiferous, sanitary,
innocuous, remedial, wholesome, nutritive, pure, sanative,
KEY: Pestilential.
SYN: Noxious, ruinous, deadly, deleterious, mischievous, [See
KEY: Pet_\n.\.
SYN: Darling, fondling, favorite, cosset, jewel, minion, idol.
ANT: Horror, bugbear, aversion, scarecrow.
KEY: Pet_\v.\, [See FONDLE].
KEY: Petition.
SYN: Supplication, entreaty, craving, application, appeal,
salutation, prayer, request, instance.
ANT: Deprecation, expostulation, protect, command, injunction, claim,
demand, requirement, exaction, dictation.
KEY: Petrify.
SYN: Astound, electrify, dismay, horrify, appal, stun, stupefy,
ANT: Reassure, tranquillize.
KEY: Pettish.
SYN: Petulant, testy, peevish, waspish, querulous.
ANT: Easy, jovial, good-humored, genial.
KEY: Petty.
SYN: Small, mean, paltry, ignoble, trifling, narrow, trivial,
ANT: Large, large-hearted, noble, generous, chivalrous, magnificent,
liberal, broad.
KEY: Petulant, [See_APPAL].
KEY: Phantasm.
SYN: Chimera, phantasma, phantom, specter, illusion, delusion,
unreality, phantasy, bugbear, vision, dream, hallucination, shadow.
ANT: Reality, truth, fact, substance, verity, Phantom, [See
KEY: Pharisaical.
SYN: Sanctimonious, formal, ceremonious, precision.
ANT: Sincere, guileless, genuine, godly, unpharasaical.
KEY: Philanthropic.
SYN: Humane, large-hearted, public-spirited, charitable, kind.
ANT: Selfish, cynical, egotistical, morose, misanthropic.
KEY: Philanthropy.
SYN: Humanity, love_of_mankind, {good_will_to_all_men}, general,
ANT: Misanthropy, hatred_of_men.
KEY: Philosopher.
SYN: Doctor, savant, teacher, master, schoolman.
ANT: Ignoramus, sciolist, freshman, tyro, greenhorn, fool, booby,
KEY: Philosophical.
SYN: Wise, sound, conclusive, scientific, accurate, enlightened,
rational, calm, unprejudiced.
ANT: Unsound, crude, vague, loose, inaccurate, popular, unscientific,
sciolistic, unphilosophical.
KEY: Phlegmatic.
SYN: Sluggish, cold, apathetical, dull, frigid, cold-blooded,
ANT: Quick, lively, warm-blooded, susceptible.
KEY: Phrensy.
SYN: Madness, insanity, delirium, mania, raving, hallucination,
afflatus, inspiration.
ANT: Sanity, sobriety, rationality, lucidity.
KEY: Physical.
SYN: Natural, material, visible, tangible, substantial, corporeal.
ANT: Mental, moral, intellectual, spiritual, immaterial, invisible,
intangible, unsubstantial, supernatural, hyperphysical.
KEY: Pick.
SYN: Choose, cull, select, gather, pluck, eliminate, enucleate,
extract, glean.
ANT: Reject, discard, repudiate, relegate, bunch, grasp, clutch.
KEY: Pictorial.
SYN: Illustrated, picturesque, artistic, imaginative, graphic.
ANT: Plain, unembellished, unadorned.
KEY: Picture \n.\.
SYN: Likeness, resemblance, drawing, painting, representation, image,
ANT: Original.
KEY: Picture \v.\.
SYN: Delineate, draw, paint, represent, [See REPRESENT].
KEY: Picturesque.
SYN: Comely, seemly, graceful, scenic, artistic, pictorial, graphic.
ANT: Unseemly, uncouth, rude, unpicturesque, beautiless, flat, tame,
monotonous, dead.
KEY: Pierce.
SYN: Perforate, bore, drill, penetrate, excite, affect, rouse, touch,
move, enter, stab, transfix.
ANT: Deaden, quiet, blunt, scott, allay, lull, compose.
KEY: Piercing.
SYN: Penetrating, perforating, sharp, keen, acute, thrilling, [See
KEY: Piety.
SYN: Religion, devotion, godliness, holiness, grace, reverence,
ANT: Irreligion, impiety, ungodliness, sinfulness, profanity,
hypocrisy, formalism, sanctimoniousness, phariseeism.
KEY: Pile.
SYN: Heap, accumulate, gather, store, stuck, amass, collect.
ANT: Demolish, dissipate, squander, scatter, separate, disperse,
deal, distribute.
KEY: Pilfer.
SYN: Abstract, peculate, filch, purloin, smuggle, cabbage, steal,
ANT: Pillage, ransack, plunder, rifle, spoil.
KEY: Pillage, [See PILFER].
KEY: Pillar.
SYN: Column, shaft, post, support.
KEY: Pilot \v.\.
SYN: Steer, guide, direct, conduct, lead, convoy, escort, [See
KEY: Pimple.
SYN: Pustule, blotch, eruption.
KEY: Pinch, [See EMERGENCY].
KEY: Pine_\v.\.
SYN: Squeeze, grip, press, compress, nip, distress, [See GRIPE].
KEY: Pine \v.\.
SYN: Waste_away, droop, fade, wither, decline, decay, sink, [See
KEY: Pious.
SYN: Devout, saintly, holy, religious, godly, [See DEVOUT].
KEY: Piquant.
SYN: Pungent, sharp, lively, racy, severe, biting, cutting, smart,
stimulating, keen, stinging, tart.
ANT: Tame, dull, flat, characterless, insipid.
KEY: Pique.
SYN: Grudge, offence, umbrage, spite, {resentment_(slight)},
wounded_pride, [See GRUDGE].
KEY: Pirate.
SYN: Corsair, searobber, buccaneer, freebooter, sea_rover.
KEY: Pit.
SYN: Hollow, gulf, trench, excavation, [See ABYSS].
KEY: Pitch.
SYN: Throw, fling, cast, hurl, [See FUNG].
KEY: Piteous.
SYN: Sad, miserable, deplorable, lamentable, distressing, doleful,
pitiable, mournful, woful, affecting, sorrowful.
ANT: Joyous, enviable, comfortable, pleasant, desirable, delectable.
KEY: Pith.
SYN: Kernel, marrow, gist, substance, essence, cream, root.
ANT: Surplusage, surroundings, dressing, verbiage.
KEY: Pithy.
SYN: Terse, laconic, pregnant, expressive, nervous.
ANT: Weak, characterless, diluted, pointless, flat, vapid.
KEY: Pitiable, [See PITEOUS].
KEY: Pitiful, [See PITILESS].
KEY: Pitiless.
SYN: Merciless, unsparing, inexorable, cruel.
ANT: Pitiful, tender, merciful, compassionate, lenient, indulgent,
[See {[^]?}].
KEY: Pittance.
SYN: Dole, driblet, drop, drain, scantling.
ANT: Exuberance, abundance, profusion, lavishment.
KEY: Pity.
SYN: Mercy, compassion, tenderness, commiseration, ruth, sympathy,
ANT: Cruelty, hardheartedness, relentlessness, pitilessness,
KEY: Placard.
SYN: Handbill, poster, bin, broadside.
KEY: Place.
SYN: Locate, assign, fix, establish, settle, attribute, situate.
ANT: Disturb, remove, unsettle, disarrange, disestablish, misplace,
misattribute, misassign, uproot, transplant, extirpate, eradicate,
KEY: Placid.
SYN: Calm, quiet, serene, composed, gentle, unruffled, still,
halcyonic, unexcited, imperturbable, passionless.
ANT: Rough, troubled, unquiet, discomposed, agitated, ruffled,
disturbed, irritated, stormy, excited, Impassioned.
KEY: Plain.
SYN: Level, even, flat, smooth, open, clear, unencumbered,
unobstructed, uninterrupted, manifest, evident, obvious,
unmistakable, simple, easy, natural, unaffected, homely,
unsophisticated, open, unvarnished, unembellished, unreserved,
ANT: Uneven, undulating, rugged, rough, abrupt, broken, confused,
encumbered, obstructed, interrupted, questionable, uncertain,
dubious, ambiguous, enigmatical, hard, abstruse, affected, fair,
beautiful, sophisticated, artful, varnished, embellished.
KEY: Plaintive.
SYN: Mournful, sorrowful, sad, doleful, melancholy, wailing,
touching, moaning.
ANT: Joyous, exultant, glad, jubilant, cheerful, cheering,
KEY: Plan_\n.\, Design, drawing, sketch, draft, scheme, groundplot,
project, contrivance, stratagem, device, [See DESIGN], Plan_\v.\,
Contrive, devise, sketch_out, design, hatch, [See_CONTRIVE].
KEY: Plant.
SYN: Set, insert, settle, establish, introduce, stock, fix, place.
ANT: Remove, extract, eradicate, extirpate, disestablish, transport,
denude, transplant, displace.
KEY: Plaster.
SYN: Palliate, patch, ramp, tinker, cobble, bolster.
ANT: Expose, repair, restore, renovate, redintegrate.
KEY: Plastic.
SYN: Ductile, pliant, yielding, malleable, tractile, flexible.
ANT: Stubborn, unyielding, inert, unmalleable, inflexible,
KEY: Platitude.
SYN: Commonplace, generality, truism, triviality.
ANT: Sophism, laconism, enigma, dictum, oracle.
KEY: Platonic.
SYN: Cold, intellectual, unsensual, mental, philosophical.
ANT: Ardent, animal, sensual, passionate, sexual.
KEY: Plaudit, [See APPLAUSE].
KEY: Plausible.
SYN: Specious, superficial, passable, unctuous, fair-spoken,
pretentious, ostensible, right, apparently, colorable, feasible.
ANT: Genuine, sterling, transparent, unmistakable, profound.
KEY: Play_\n.\.
SYN: Sport, pastime, amusement, diversion, recreation, gambol,
frolic, opportunity, scope, room, [See PASTIME_and_SPORT].
KEY: Playful.
SYN: Lively, sportive, jocund, frolicsome, gay, vivacious, sprightly,
KEY: Plea.
SYN: Excuse, vindication, justification, ground, defence, apology,
ANT: Charge, accusation, impeachment, action.
KEY: Pleasant.
SYN: Grateful, agreeable, acceptable, pleasurable, desirable,
gratifying, cheerful, enlivening, sportive, delicious, delectable,
jocular, satisfactory, exquisite, merry.
ANT: Unpleasant, ungrateful, disagreeable, obnoxious, unacceptable,
offensive, unlively, lugubrious, dull, ill-humored.
KEY: Please.
SYN: Delight, content, gladden, fascinate, [See GRATIFY].
KEY: Pleasing, [See AGREEABLE].
KEY: Pleasure.
SYN: Enjoyment, gratification, sensuality, self-indulgence,
voluptuousness, choice, preference, vill, inclination, purpose,
determination, favor, satisfaction, indulgent.
ANT: Pain, suffering, affliction, trouble, asceticism, self-denial,
abstinence, disinclination, aversion, indisposition, denial,
KEY: Plebeian.
SYN: Low, vulgar, lowborn, lowbred, coarse, ignoble.
ANT: Patrician, noble, aristocratic, refined, highborn, high-bred.
KEY: Pledge \n.\.
SYN: Security, guarantee, warrant, hostage, surety, pawn, earnest.
ANT: Word, promise, assurance, parole.
KEY: Pledge \v.\.
SYN: Pawn, hypothecate.
ANT: Redeem.
KEY: Plenary.
SYN: Full, abundant, complete, entire, unreserved, unstinted,
ANT: Partial, incomplete, restricted, reserved, contingent,
KEY: Plenitude.
SYN: Fulness, copiousness, repletion, abundance, amplitude,
exuberance, largeness, liberality, height, maximum, richness,
ANT: Scantiness, Insufficiency, restriction, partiality, stint,
narrowness, poverty, incompleteness, reserve, minimum.
KEY: Plentiful, [See ABUNDANT].
KEY: Plenty.
SYN: Enough, sufficiency, full_supply, profusion, copiousness, [See
KEY: Pleonastic.
SYN: Redundant, superfluous, surplus, inconcise.
ANT: Requisite, necessary, essential, terse, concise, succinct.
KEY: Pliable.
SYN: Flexible, supple, limber, like, ductile, yielding, manageable,
facile, lithe, pliant.
ANT: Stiff, stubborn, brittle, unbending, unyielding, unmanageable,
KEY: Pliant, [See PLIABLE].
KEY: Plight \n.\.
SYN: Situation, condition, predicament, difficulty, dilemma, [See
KEY: Plight \v.\.
SYN: Vow, pledge.
KEY: Plodding.
SYN: Painstaking, industrious, persevering, laborious, studious.
ANT: Indiligent, unindustrious, distracted, inattentive, impatient,
unpersevering, flighty, fitful.
KEY: Plot_\n.\.
SYN: Scheme, plan, stratagem, combination, conspiracy, machination,
KEY: Plot \v.\.
SYN: Devise, concoct, conspire, contrive, frame, batch, [See
CONSPIRE_and_DEVISE], Pluck., #N/A, [See _COURAGE].
KEY: Pluck_up.
SYN: Eradicate, root_out, exterminate, [See ERADICATE].
KEY: Plump.
SYN: Well-conditioned, wellrounded, chubby, strapping, bouncing,
fleshy, brawny, full, fat, round, massive, portly.
ANT: Ill-conditioned, lean, emaciated, scraggy, weazen, macilent,
lank, rawboned, shrivelled, flaccid, tabid.
KEY: Plunder, [See PILLAGE].
KEY: Plunge.
SYN: Dip, dive, douse, duck, submerge, immerse, precipitate, sink,
overwhelm, thrust_under, pitch_headlong.
ANT: Emerge, issue, soar, raise, extricate, rescue.
KEY: Plurality.
SYN: Multitude, multitudinousness, number, numerousness, profusion,
host, legion, collection.
ANT: Unity, singularity, oneness, solitude, individuality,
singleness, isolation.
KEY: Ply.
SYN: Work, urge, practice, exercise, apply_steadily, [See URGE].
KEY: Poet.
SYN: Bard, singer, rhymer, rhymster, {author_of_poems}.
KEY: Poetical.
SYN: Metrical, rythmic, versified, lyric, rhyming, imaginative,
creative, romantic, fictitious, dreamy, flighty.
ANT: Unmetrical, unrythmical, prosaic, unpoetical, unversified,
unimaginative, commonplace, historical, mathematical, logical,
matter-of-fact, veracious, sober.
KEY: Poignant.
SYN: Stinging, sharp, keen, penetrating, severe, biting, intense,
piercing, [See KEEN].
KEY: Point \v.\.
SYN: Aim, level, direct, show, indicate, [See INDICATE].
KEY: Point \n.\.
SYN: Apex, top, summit, sharp_end, aim, purpose, subject_matter,
object, [See ACME].
KEY: Pointed.
SYN: Peaked, keen, sharp, marked, severe, telling, [See KEEN].
KEY: Pointless \a.\.
SYN: Vague, vapid, aimless, inexpressive, feeble.
ANT: Close, sharp, telling, pregnant, significant, expressive,
forcible, epigrammatic.
KEY: Poise, [See BALANCE].
KEY: Poison.
SYN: Vitiate, taint, infect, envenom, pollute.
ANT: Purify, disinfect, depurate.
KEY: Poisonous.
SYN: Venomous, infect_ant, vicious, corruptive, vitiative, noxious,
baneful, malignant, morbific, peccant, virulent, pestiferous,
mephitic, deleterious.
ANT: Wholesome, genial, beneficial, sanative, invigorative,
healthful, innoxious, restorative, remedial, hygeian.
KEY: Policy.
SYN: Plan, device, system, prudence, management, cunning, [See
KEY: Polish.
SYN: Burnish, furbish, levigate, brighten, refine, make_glossy.
ANT: Abrade, scratch.
KEY: Polite.
SYN: Elegant, refined, wellbred, courteous, obliging, complaisant,
civil, courtly, polished, genteel, accomplished.
ANT: Awkward, rude, uncouth, illbred, discourteous, boorish,
clownish, disobliging.
KEY: Politeness.
SYN: Courtesy, refinement, good_breeding, courteousness, urbanity,
civility, gentility, [See COURTESY].
KEY: Politic.
SYN: Prudent, wise, sagacious, provident, diplomatic, judicious,
cunning, wary, well_devised, discreet.
ANT: Imprudent, unwise, improvident, undiplomatic, impolitic.
KEY: Pollute.
SYN: Befoul, taint, poison, corrupt, tarnish, stain, contaminate,
soil, vitiate, deprave.
ANT: Purify, clarify, disinfect, filter.
KEY: Poltroon.
SYN: Scoundrel, coward, hound, skulk, dastard.
ANT: Hero, philanthropist, gentleman, benefactor, model, example.
KEY: Pommel.
SYN: Beat, thump, baste, thrash, strike, cudgel.
ANT: Smooth, caress, pat, stroke.
KEY: Pomp.
SYN: Ostentation, magnificence, parade, ceremony, show, display,
gorgeousness, grandeur, splendor, pageantry, publicity.
ANT: Quiet, retirement, simplicity, unceremoniousness, unadornment,
privacy, plainness.
KEY: Pompous.
SYN: Magnificent, gorgeous, splendid, showy, sumptuous, ostentatious,
stately, lofty, grand, bombastic, turgid, stiff, Inflated,
pretentious, coxcombical, assuming.
ANT: Unpretending, unobtrusive, modest, unassuming, plain-mannered,
KEY: Ponder.
SYN: Think_over, meditate_on, weigh, consider, cogitate, deliberate,
ruminate, reflect, amuse, study, resolve, [See CONSIDER].
KEY: Ponderable.
SYN: Appreciable, determinable, palpable.
ANT: Inappreciable, indeterminable, impalpable, imponderable.
KEY: Ponderous, Weighty, bulky, massive, burdensome, heavy, onerous.
ANT: Light, trifling, airy, volatile, subtle.
KEY: Poor.
SYN: Indigent, moneyless, impecunious, penniless, weak, meagre,
insufficient, deficient, faulty, unsatisfactory, inconsiderable,
thin, scanty, bald.
ANT: Rich, wealthy, copious, affluent, abundant, liberal, large,
ample, moneyed, sufficient, satisfactory, considerable.
KEY: Popular.
SYN: Common, current, vulgar, public, general, received, favorite,
beloved, prevailing, approved, widespread, liked.
ANT: Exclusive, restricted, scientific, esoteric, unpopular, odious,
KEY: Populous.
SYN: Crowded, dense, swarming, thronged.
ANT: Deserted, thin, scanty, unfrequented, unoccupied, uninhabited.
KEY: Porch.
SYN: Portico, vestibule, [See ENTRANCE].
KEY: Porous.
SYN: Foraminous, pervious, permeable, percolable.
ANT: Impervious, impermeable, impercolable.
KEY: Port.
SYN: Haven, harbor, mien, bearing, demeanor, carriage, deportment,
air, [See DEPORTMENT_and_MIEN].
KEY: Portable.
SYN: Movable, {[haLdy]?}, manageable, light.
ANT: Ponderous, immovable, awkward, unmanageable, unhandy.
KEY: Portal.
SYN: Gate, entrance, gateway, [See ENTRANCE].
KEY: Portend.
SYN: Indicate, threaten, prognosticate, forbode, augur, presage,
herald, foreshow, betoken.
ANT: Contradict, negative, preclude, forefend, nullify, contravene,
KEY: Portentous.
SYN: Indicative, suggestive, threatening, prophetic, predictive,
ominous, premonitory.
ANT: Auspicious, hopeful, cheering, assuring, animating, encouraging,
KEY: Portion, [See PART].
KEY: Portly.
SYN: Dignified, burly, imposing, stately, corpulent, stout, plump.
ANT: Undignified, unimposing, mean.
KEY: Portray.
SYN: Draw, delineate, represent, depict, describe, sketch, paint.
ANT: Misrepresent, caricature, misportray.
KEY: Pose.
SYN: Puzzle, perplex, bewilder, dumbfounder, mystify, embarrass,
daze, confound.
ANT: Enlighten, unmystify, indoctrinate, initiate.
KEY: Position, [See SITUATION].
KEY: Positive.
SYN: real, actual, substantial, absolute, independent, unconditional,
unequivocal, explicit, fixed, settled, definitive, indisputable,
decisive, express, enacted, assured, confident, direct, dogmatic,
overbearing, dogmatical.
ANT: Negative, insubstantial, unreal, fictitious, imaginary,
relative, contingent, dependent, conditional, implied, dubious,
questionable, moral, uncertain, doubtful, indirect, occasional,
KEY: Possess.
SYN: Occupy, enjoy, have, hold, entertain, own.
ANT: Abandon, renounce, abjure, surrender, lose, forfeit, resign.
KEY: Possession.
SYN: Holding, ownership, tenure, occupation.
ANT: Abandoning, renouncing, resigning, surrendering.
KEY: Possible.
SYN: Practicable, feasible, likely, potential.
ANT: Impracticable, impossible.
KEY: Possibly.
SYN: Perhaps, perchance, haply, maybe, [See PERHAPS].
KEY: port, [See SITUATION].
KEY: Posterior.
SYN: Later, subsequent.
ANT: Earlier, precedent, antecedent, prior.
KEY: Posterity.
SYN: Futurity.
ANT: Ancestry.
KEY: Postpone.
SYN: Defer, delay, prorogue, procrastinate.
ANT: Expedite, despatch, accelerate.
KEY: Postulate.
SYN: Assume, presuppose.
ANT: Prove, elaborate, exemplify, argue.
KEY: Posture, [See SITUATION].
KEY: Potent.
SYN: Powerful, efficacious, effective, active, strong, energetic.
ANT: Weak, impotent, inefficient, ineffective, inactive, fruitless,
KEY: Potential.
SYN: Possible, implicit, undeveloped, germinative, immanent,
ANT: Actual, explicit, developed, objective, real, express.
KEY: Pound.
SYN: Imprison, cage, coop.
ANT: Discharge, liberate, release.
KEY: Pound.
SYN: Beat, bruise, pulverize, triturate.
ANT: Soothe, stroke, amalgamate, compound.
KEY: Poverty.
SYN: Want, need, indigence, destitution, [See WANT].
KEY: Power.
SYN: Faculty, capacity, capability, potentiality, ability, strength,
force, might, energy, susceptibility, influence, dominion, sway,
command, government, agency, authority, rule, jurisdiction,
ANT: Incapacity, incapability, impotence, inability, weakness,
imbecility, inertness, insusceptibility, subjection, power_lessness,
obedience, subservience, ineffectiveness.
KEY: Powerful.
SYN: Strong, potent, puissant, masterful, mighty, [See STRONG].
KEY: Practicable.
SYN: Possible, feasible, usable.
ANT: Impossible, impracticable, unusable.
KEY: Practical.
SYN: Useful, serviceable, skilled, trained, [See CUSTOM].
KEY: Practically.
SYN: Really, actually, substantially, in_fact, in_effect, [See
KEY: Practice \n.\.
SYN: Usage, habit, exercise, experience, exercitation, action,
custom, manner, performance.
ANT: Disuse, dishabituation, Inexperience, theory, speculation,
KEY: Practise \v.\.
SYN: Perform, exercise, deal_in, carry_on, [See PERFORM].
KEY: Practised.
SYN: Trained, experienced, proficient, accomplished,
KEY: Pragmatical.
SYN: Over-busy, fussy, consequential, officious, meddlesome.
ANT: Reserved, uninterfering, distant, unconcerned, inobtrusive,
unmeddlesome, inofficious.
KEY: Praise \r.\.
SYN: Eulogize, laud, commend, honor, glorify, compliment, celebrate,
puff, extol, applaud, panegyrize.
ANT: Blame, censure, discommend, reprove.
KEY: Praiseworthy.
SYN: commendable, laudable, meritorious, honorable, worthy.
ANT: Blameable, censureable, reprehensible.
KEY: Prank.
SYN: Caper, antic, capricious, action, frolic, trick, gambol,
escapade, freak, [See FROLIC].
KEY: Prate.
SYN: Babble, prattle, chat, chatter, tattle, gossip, [See BABBLE].
KEY: Pray.
SYN: Beg, beseech, entreat, implore, solicit, supplicate, adjure,
invoke, crave, [See BESEECH].
KEY: Prayer.
SYN: Petition, supplication, entreaty, orison, benediction, suit,
request, [See BENEDICTION].
KEY: Preamble.
SYN: Preface, introduction, exordium, opening, introductory, part.
ANT: Close, termination, peroration, finale, conclusion.
KEY: Precarious.
SYN: Hazardous, peril, ous, uncertain, riskful, unassured, insecure,
dubious, doubtful.
ANT: Assured, certain, systematic, safe, immutable.
KEY: Precaution.
SYN: Forethought, provision, premunition, anticipation,
prearrangement, care, providence.
ANT: Carelessness, thoughtlessness, improvidence.
KEY: Precede.
SYN: Lead, introduce, herald, go_before, usher, head.
ANT: Succeed, follow.
KEY: Precedence.
SYN: Superiority, lead, priority, preference, antecedence, supremacy,
ANT: Inferiority, sequence, subordination, posteriority.
KEY: Precedent.
SYN: Anterior, prior, earlier.
ANT: Subsequent, posterior, Inter.
KEY: Precedent \n.\.
SYN: Instance, example, authority, warrant, antecedent, pattern.
ANT: Prohibition, diswarrant, disallowance.
KEY: Preceding.
SYN: Precedent, former, foregoing, prior, previous, antecedent,
anterior, [See ANTERIOR].
KEY: Precept.
SYN: Rule, maxim, injunction, commandment, doctrine, direction, law,
mandate, principle, instruction, command, order.
ANT: Suggestion, prompting, instigation, impulse.
KEY: Preceptor.
SYN: Master, teacher, pedagogue, tutor, instructor, schoolmaster.
ANT: Pupil, learner, scholar, student.
KEY: Precinct, Precincts.
SYN: Purlieus, environs, limit, bounds, boundary, confine, district.
ANT: Heart, centre, nucleus.
KEY: Precious.
SYN: Dear, valuable, costly, cherished, treasured, beloved,
estimable, of_great_value.
ANT: Cheap, valueless, worthless, unvalued, disesteemed,
unappreciated, vile.
KEY: Precipice.
SYN: Cliff, crag, steep_descent, headlong, steep, [See ABYSS].
KEY: Precipitate, [See RASH].
KEY: Precipitous.
SYN: Steep, headlong, abrupt, sheer, perpendicular, beetling, rash,
ANT: Shallow, graduated, inclined, undulating.
KEY: Precise.
SYN: Definite, exact, nice, pointed, accurate, correct, particular,
formal, explicit, scrupulous, terse, punctilious, ceremonious,
ANT: Indefinite, vague, inexact, rough, inaccurate, loose,
circumlocutory, ambagious, tortuous, informal, unceremonious.
KEY: Precision.
SYN: Exactness, nicety, preciseness, accuracy, [See ACCURACY].
KEY: Preclude.
SYN: Prevent, obviate, bar, debar, impede, hinder.
ANT: Admit, promote, further, advance.
KEY: Precocious.
SYN: Premature, predeveloped, overforward.
ANT: Tardy, backward, slow-growing, crude.
KEY: Precognition.
SYN: Foresight, foreknowledge.
ANT: Reflection, recollection.
KEY: Preconception.
SYN: Forethought, anticipation, fore-understanding.
ANT: Copy, portraiture, observation, vision, representation,
KEY: Preconcerted.
SYN: Prearranged, concocted, prepared, premeditated.
ANT: Extemporized, unprepared, unconcocted, unpremeditated.
KEY: Precursor.
SYN: Forerunner, harbinger, herald, pioneer, advance-guard, cause.
ANT: Follower, consequent, result, effect, event.
KEY: Precursory.
SYN: Prevenient, antecedent, introductory, prefatory, initiatory,
prior, premonitory, prognosticative.
ANT: Subsequent, consequent, posterior, entailed, supervenient,
KEY: Predaceous.
SYN: Ravenous, rapacious, carnivorous.
ANT: Innocuous, herbivorous, graminivorous.
KEY: Predatory.
SYN: Pillaging, plundering, marauding, rapacious, greedy, ravenous.
ANT: Guarding, keeping, watching, protecting, [See RAPACIOUS].
KEY: Predecessor.
SYN: Ancestor, forerunner, elder.
ANT: Posterity, junior, successor.
KEY: Predestination.
SYN: Foreordainment, foredoom, necessity, fate, election,
preordination, predetermination.
ANT: Freewill, freedom, volition, choice, spontaneity.
KEY: Predicament.
SYN: Difficulty, try, ing_position, state, condition, dilemma,
situation, [See DILEMMA].
KEY: Predicate \v.\.
SYN: Assert, aver, affirm, declare, [See ASSERT].
KEY: Predict.
SYN: Prophesy, foretell, forecast, prognosticate, forebode,
foreshadow, [See FORETELL].
KEY: Prediction.
SYN: Prophecy, prognostication, vaticination, foreannouncement,
premonstration, foretelling, forebodement, presage, augury,
ANT: Narration, relation, history, account, report.
KEY: Predilection.
SYN: Prepossession, preference, leaning, liking, fondness, bias,
inclination, predisposition, tendency, prejudice, partiality.
ANT: Prejudice, aversion, indisposition, antipathy, disinclination,
KEY: Predisposition, [See PREDILECTION].
KEY: Predominance.
SYN: Prevalence, superiority, ascendancy, rule.
ANT: Inferiority, subjection, minority, paucity.
KEY: Predominant.
SYN: Prevailing, ascendant, prevalent, superior, overruling, [See
KEY: Pre-eminent.
SYN: Paramount, predominant, egregious, consummate, prevailing.
ANT: Subordinate, inferior, minor, secondary.
KEY: Preface.
SYN: Introduction, proem, prelude, prologue, preamble, premiss.
ANT: Peroration, sequel, appendix, epilogue, postscript.
KEY: Prefatory.
SYN: Introductory, preclusive, initiative, preliminary, antecedent,
prevenient, proemial.
ANT: Subsequent, concluding, terminal, perorational.
KEY: Prefer.
SYN: Choose, elect, select, fancy, promote, advance, further.
ANT: Reject, postpone, defer, withhold, degrade, depress.
KEY: Preferment.
SYN: Dignity, promotion, benefice, advancement, exaltation.
ANT: Degradation, deprivation, suspension.
KEY: Prefiguration.
SYN: Type, adumbration.
ANT: Antitype, fulfillment.
KEY: Prefix.
SYN: Preface.
ANT: Append, subjoin, suffix, supplement, add.
KEY: Pregnant.
SYN: Procreant, generative, prolific, teeming, significant, fraught,
fruitful, replete, with_child, enceinte.
ANT: Sterile, unproductive, barren, void, meaningless.
KEY: Pregnable.
SYN: Weak, exposed, expugnable, defenceless.
ANT: Impregnable, inexpugnable.
KEY: Prejudice.
SYN: Prepossession, prejudgment, predisposition, bias, unfairness,
injury, harm, impairment, detriment, partiality, disadvantage,
ANT: Judgment, fairness, impartiality, advantage.
KEY: prejudicial.
SYN: Harmful, hurtful, injurious, disadvantageous, [See HARMLESS].
KEY: Preliminary.
SYN: Previous, proemial, precursive, prelusory, antecedent,
ANT: Subsequent, consequent, following.
KEY: Prelude.
SYN: Introduction, preparation, preface, proem, {[preli*ion]?},
overture, [See PREFACE].
ANT: Sequel, conclusion.
KEY: Premature.
SYN: Hasty, crude, unauthenticated, untimely, precocious,
precipitate, too_early, rash, unseasonable.
ANT: Ripe, timely, seasonable, opportune.
KEY: Premeditate.
SYN: Plan, propose, plot, prearrange, prepare, precompose,
ANT: Extemporize, hazard.
KEY: Premeditation.
SYN: Forethought, deliberation.
ANT: {Without_forethought}, {without_deliberation}.
KEY: Premise.
SYN: Announce, forestate, preface.
ANT: Add, append, infer, gather, supplement, subjoin.
KEY: Premises.
SYN: Antecedent, ground.
ANT: Consequent, inference, deduction, conclusion.
KEY: Premium.
SYN: Reward, guerdon, encouragement, douceur, enhancement, bribe,
recompense, bonus, prize, bounty.
ANT: Penalty, fine, amercement, mulct, forfeit, depreciation.
KEY: Preordain.
SYN: Foreordain, predetermine, foredoom, predestine.
KEY: Preparation.
SYN: Provision, making_ready.
ANT: {Without_preparation}, without, provision.
KEY: Preparatory, [See PRELIMINARY].
KEY: Prepare.
SYN: Fit, adapt, qualify, ad, just, provide, arrange, order, lay, plan,
equip, furnish, make_ready.
ANT: Misfit, misadapt, misprovide, derange, disarrange, demolish,
subvert, disconcert.
KEY: Preponderant.
SYN: Outweighing, overcoming, superior, [See SUPERIOR].
KEY: Preponderate.
SYN: Predominate, prevail, overbalance, outweigh, outbalance.
ANT: Fail, sink, succumb.
KEY: Prepossessing.
SYN: attractive, alluring, charming, winning, taking, engaging.
ANT: Repulsive, unattractive, sinister.
KEY: Preposterous.
SYN: Monstrous, exorbitant, unreasonable, absurd, irrational,
foolish, ridiculous.
ANT: Just, due, fair, reasonable, moderate, right, judicious, orderly,
KEY: Prerogative.
SYN: Eight, privilege, immunity.
ANT: Disqualification, disfranchisement.
KEY: Presage \n.\.
SYN: Omen, indication, prognostic, premonition.
ANT: fulfilment, event, occurrence, realization.
KEY: Presage \r.\.
SYN: Predict, foresee, foretell, prognosticate, betoken, portend,
threaten, augur, [See PORTEND].
KEY: Prescribe.
SYN: Enjoin, order, impose, recommend, indicate, decree, dictate.
ANT: Inhibition, prohibit, discountenance, discommend.
KEY: Prescription.
SYN: Direction, order, recipe, usage, custom, [See CUSTOM].
KEY: Presence.
SYN: Nearness, influence, intercourse, closeness.
ANT: Remoteness, absence, separation, distance.
KEY: Present \a.\.
SYN: At_hand, existing, not_absent, nigh, instant, immediate,
current, [See ABSENT].
KEY: Present \n.\.
SYN: Donation, gift, offering, grant, benefaction, [See
KEY: Present \r.\.
SYN: Give, offer, bestow, introduce, exhibit, confer_upon, [See
KEY: Presentation.
SYN: Introduction, exhibition, offer, delivery, gift, donation,
bestowal, grant, endowment.
ANT: Withdrawal, removal, concealment, suppression, retention,
withholding, refusal, nonpresentation.
KEY: Presentiment.
SYN: Foreboding, foretaste, forethought, prescience, forecast,
ANT: Surprise, inexpectancy, miscalculation.
KEY: Presently.
SYN: Shortly, soon, immediately, directly, [See DIRECTLY].
KEY: Preservation.
SYN: Safety, security, conservation, integrity, protection, nurture,
guardianship, care.
ANT: Abandonment, exposure, peril, insecurity, [See IMPAIRMENT],
infringement, injury, damage.
KEY: Preserve.
SYN: Defend, guard, save, keep_safe, uphold, protect, maintain,
rescue, spare, [See PROTECT].
KEY: Preside.
SYN: Manage, superintend, direct, control, govern, [See MANAGE].
KEY: President.
SYN: Chairman, moderator, principal, superintendent.
ANT: Member, subordinate, constituent, corporation, society, ward,
KEY: Press \v.\.
SYN: Urge, crowd, compel, force, squeeze, crush, compress, express,
constrain, hurry, instigate, inculcate, impress, throng, encroach,
lean, weigh, harass.
ANT: Relax, inhibit, persuade, entice, allure, solicit, touch, skim,
graze, free, liberate, ease, avoid, relieve.
KEY: Pressing.
SYN: Urgent_compulsory, importunate.
ANT: Unimportant, slight, trivial, light.
KEY: Pressure \n.\.
SYN: Exigency, urgency, constraining, hurry, influence, [See
KEY: Presume.
SYN: Suppose, anticipate, apprehend, venture, take_for_granted,
conjecture, believe, deem.
ANT: Infer, deduce, prove, argue, retire, withdraw, hesitate,
KEY: Presumption.
SYN: Anticipation, supposition, hypothesis, probability, assumption,
understanding, condition, concession, forwardness, arrogance,
audacity, boldness.
ANT: Proof, deduction, inference, demonstration, verification, fact,
certainty, modesty, diffidence, backwardness, bashfulness,
KEY: Presumptive.
SYN: Probable, antecedent.
ANT: Demonstrative, established.
KEY: Presumptuous.
SYN: Presuming, bold, overconfident, forward, rashly_confident,
arrogant, bold, rash, irreverent, wilful, foolhardy, [See RASH].
KEY: Presuppose.
SYN: Presume, assume, postulate, surmise.
ANT: Prove, establish, infer, deduce, argue, demonstrate.
KEY: Pretence.
SYN: Excuse, pretext, fabrication, simulation, cloak, mask, color,
show, garb, plea, assumption, make_believe, outside_show,
ANT: Verity, reality, truth, simplicity, candor, guilelessness,
openness, veritableness, actuality, fact.
KEY: Pretend.
SYN: Feign, similate, offer, allege, exhibit, propound, affect,
ANT: Verify, unmask, detect, test, substantiate, refute.
KEY: Pretention.
SYN: Claim, show, pretence, demand, profession, alleged_right, [See
KEY: Pretext, [See PRETENCE].
KEY: Pretty \a.\.
SYN: Handsome, attractive, neat, trim, tasteful, pleasing, beautiful,
fine, comely, [See ATTRACTIVE_and_HANDSOME].
KEY: Pretty, adv.
SYN: Moderately, tolerably.
KEY: Prevail.
SYN: Predominate, overcome, obtain, succeed, be_in_force, induce,
persuade, [See CONQUER].
KEY: Prevailing.
SYN: Controlling, ruling, influential, operative, predominant,
prevalent, rife, ascendant, most_general, most_common.
ANT: Mitigated, diminishing, subordinate, powerless.
KEY: Prevalence.
SYN: Custom, power, influence, operation, extension, predominance,
superiority, influence, efficacy, preponderance.
ANT: Disuse, desuetude, obsoleteness, decay, evanescence,
disappearance, mitigation, subordination, collapse, abandonment,
abolition, diminution, subsidence, subjection.
KEY: Prevaricate.
SYN: Shuffle, quibble, equivocate, palter, sophisticate, evade.
ANT: Affirm, asseverate, maintain, reiterate.
KEY: Prevenient.
SYN: Preliminary, prefatory, antecedent, initiatory, introductory.
ANT: Subsequent, consequent, following, attending.
KEY: Prevent.
SYN: Hinder, obstruct, bar, neutralize, nullify, thwart, intercept,
anticipate, forefend, frustrate, obviate, checkmate.
ANT: Promote, aid, facilitate, expedite, encourage, advance,
accelerate, induce, cause, produce.
KEY: Prevention.
SYN: Obstruction, stoppage, interruption, hinderance.
ANT: Help, aid, succor, acceleration.
KEY: Previous.
SYN: Antecedent, prior, preceding, anterior, foregoing, former,
ANT: Subsequent, posterior, succeeding, following, later.
KEY: Prey.
SYN: Spoil, booty, plunder, rapine, pillage, victim, seizure, loot.
ANT: Earnings, hues, rights.
KEY: Price.
SYN: Cost, figure, charge, expense, compensation, value,
appraisement, worth.
ANT: Donation, discount, allowance, remittance, abatement.
KEY: Priceless.
SYN: Inestimable, invaluable, precious.
ANT: Cheap, valueless.
KEY: Pride.
SYN: Loftiness, haughtiness, lordliness, self-exaltation, arrogance,
conceit, vainglory.
ANT: Lowliness, meekness, modesty, self-distrust.
KEY: Priggish.
SYN: Coxcombical, dandified, foppish, affected, prim, conceited.
ANT: Plain, sensible, unaffected, simple-minded, simple-mannered.
KEY: Prim.
SYN: Formal, precise, demure, starched, stiff, self-conscious,
unbending, priggish.
ANT: Unformal, easy, genial, unaffected, natural, free, naive.
KEY: Primary.
SYN: First, original, earliest, elementary, chief, principal,
important, leading, primitive, pristine.
ANT: Secondary, subordinate, posterior, unimportant, inferior,
subsequent, later, [See PRINCIPAL].
KEY: Prime \n.\.
SYN: Zenith, culmination, perfection, dawn, spring, cream, flower.
ANT: Decadence, wane, evening, refuse, winter, decay.
KEY: Prime \a.\.
SYN: Excellent, superexcellent, first-rate, perfect, consummate.
ANT: Inferior, impaired, waning, deteriorated, ordinary, second-rate,
KEY: Primeval.
SYN: Archaic, primordial, indigenous, autochthonic, aboriginal,
ANT: Subsequent, recent, modern, imported, adventitious.
KEY: Primitive.
SYN: Old-fashioned, primeval, quaint, simple, unsophisticated,
archaic, pristine.
ANT: Modern, new-fangled, sophisticated, modish.
KEY: Primordial, [See PRIMEVAL].
KEY: Princely.
SYN: Imperial, munificent, magnificent, superb, august, regal, royal,
ANT: Beggarly, mean, niggardly, poverty-struck.
KEY: Principal.
SYN: Highest, first, main, leading, chief, primary, foremost,
pre-eminent, prominent.
ANT: Inferior, subordinate, secondary, supplemental, subject,
auxiliary, minor.
KEY: Principle.
SYN: Source, origin, motive, cause, energy, substance, element, power,
faculty, truth, tenet, law, doctrine, axiom, maxim, postulate, rule.
ANT: Exhibition, manifestation, application, development, issue,
exercise, operation, formation, action.
KEY: Prior.
SYN: Preceding, previous, former, antecedent, precedent, earlier,
anterior, foregoing, [See POSTERIOR].
KEY: Prismatic.
SYN: Iridescent, opalescent, polychromatous.
ANT: Achromatic, colorless.
KEY: Pristine, [See PRIMEVAL_and_PRIMITIVE].
KEY: Privacy.
SYN: Retirement, secrecy, solitude, seclusion, retreat, concealment.
ANT: Publicity, currency, notoriety, exposure.
KEY: Private.
SYN: Special, peculiar, individual, secret, not_public, retired,
ANT: General, public, open, unconcealed.
KEY: Privation.
SYN: Deprivation, destitution, absence, negation, loss, bereavement,
hardship, want.
ANT: Accession, supply, restoration, benefaction, restitution,
presence, compensation, recovery, privilege.
KEY: Privilege.
SYN: Prerogative, im-munity, franchise, right, liberty, advantage,
claim, exemption.
ANT: Disfranchisement, disqualification, exclusion, prohibition,
KEY: Privy.
SYN: Secret, clandestine, cognizant, acquainted_with.
ANT: Open, unsealed, {not_acquainted_with}, not_cognizant_of, [See
KEY: Prize \n.\.
SYN: Booty, spoil, plunder, prey, forage, trophy, laurels, guerdon,
premium, honors, ovation, palm.
ANT: Loss, forfeiture, fine, penalty, amercement, sacrifice,
disappointment, failure, brand, stigma, infamy, mulct.
KEY: Prize \v.\, [See ADVENTURE_and_BUSINESS].
KEY: Probability.
SYN: Likelihood, presumption, verisimilitude, chance, appearance.
ANT: Unliklihood, improbability, impossibility, inconceivableness.
KEY: Probable.
SYN: Likely, presumable, credible, reasonable.
ANT: Unlikely, unreasonable, incredible.
KEY: Probation.
SYN: Essay, examination, test, trial, experiment, proof, criterion,
touchstone, ordeal, verification.
ANT: License, [See DIMINISH_and_SMALL], nonprobation.
KEY: Probe.
SYN: Prove, test, scrutinize, verify, investigate, examine, search,
silt, explore.
ANT: Skim, misinvestigate, blink, misexamine, slur, miss, gloss.
KEY: Probity.
SYN: Soundness, virtue, integrity, honesty, uprightness, rectitude,
principle, conscientiousness.
ANT: Dishonesty, disintegrity, unsoundness, vice,
unconscientiousness, roguery, rascality.
KEY: Problematical.
SYN: Dubious, questionable, uncertain, doubtful.
ANT: Evident, obvious, self-evident, certain, demonstrable.
KEY: Procedure.
SYN: Proceeding, act, progress, {course_of_conduct}, process, [See
KEY: Proceed.
SYN: Move, pass, advance, progress, continue, issue, emanate, flow,
ANT: Recede, deviate, retreat, stand, stop, stay, desist, discontinue,
KEY: Proceeding.
SYN: Step, measure, transaction, performance, procedure, conduct,
behavior, action, process.
ANT: Abandonment, desistence, deviation, discontinuance, inaction.
KEY: Proceed.
SYN: Receipts, produce, returns, avail, profits, income, [See
KEY: Procession.
SYN: Train, march, caravan, file, cortege, cavalcade, retinue.
ANT: Rabble, herd, rush, disorder, mob, confusion, rout.
KEY: Proclaim.
SYN: Announce, publish, promulgate, declare, enunciate, advertise,
call_out, report, utter.
ANT: Repress, conceal, silentiate, obliviate, secrete.
KEY: Proclamation.
SYN: Announcement, edict, decree, notice, ordinance, [See DECREE].
KEY: Proclivity.
SYN: Tendency, propensity, bias, gravitation, disposition,
inclination, proneness.
ANT: Aversion, disinclination, indisposition.
KEY: Procrastinate, [See DEFER].
KEY: Procrastination.
SYN: Dilatoriness, delay.
ANT: Timeliness, punctuality, promptitude, alacrity.
KEY: Procure.
SYN: Acquire, provide, gain, get, contrive, effect, reap, win, earn,
ANT: Miss, lose, forfeit, misprovide, miscontrive.
KEY: Prodigal.
SYN: Lavish, profuse, extravagant, reckless, wasteful, squandering,
ANT: Frugal, saving, hoarding, economical, niggardly, miserly, close,
KEY: productions.
SYN: Marvellous, portentous, wonderful, astounding, enormous,
monstrous, amazing, surprising, remarkable, extraordinary, huge,
ANT: Ordinary, commonplace, everyday, usual, familiar, moderate.
KEY: Prodigy.
SYN: Wonder, marvel, portent, monster, miracle, [See MONSTER].
KEY: Produce.
SYN: Exhibit, bear, furbish, afford, cause, create, originate, yield,
extend, prolong, lengthen.
ANT: Withdraw, retain, stifle, withhold, neutralize, destroy,
annihilate, curtail, shorten, contract, reduce.
KEY: Produce \n.\.
SYN: Product, yield, fruit, profit, effect, consequence, result,
amount, [See RESULT].
KEY: Product.
SYN: Fruit, result, issue, consequence, effect, emanation, work.
ANT: Cause, principle, power, motive, energy, operation, action,
tendency, law.
KEY: Production.
SYN: Origination, evolution, formation, genesis, product, [See
KEY: Productive.
SYN: Fruitful, prolific, fertile, efficient, causative.
ANT: Unfruitful, barren, sterile, unproductive, inefficient, effete.
KEY: Proemial, [See PREFATORY].
KEY: Profane \a.\.
SYN: Unconsecrated, secular, temporal, unsanctified, unholy,
irreligious, irreverent, ungodly, wicked, godless, impious,
ANT: Holy, consecrated, sacred, spiritual, sanctified, reverent,
religious, godly, pious, devout.
KEY: Profane \r.\.
SYN: Defile, pollute, desecrate, abuse, [See
KEY: Profess.
SYN: Declare, avow, acknowledge, own, confess, pretend, proclaim,
ANT: Conceal, suppress, disown, disavow, repudiate, renounce,
KEY: Profession.
SYN: Avowal, declaration, business, occupation, trade, calling,
vocation, [See DECLARATION].
KEY: Proffer.
SYN: Offer, propose, tender, volunteer.
ANT: Withhold, detain.
KEY: Proficiency.
SYN: Success, advancement, progress, improvement, forwardness,
ANT: Failure, backwardness, unsuccess, tardiness, relapse.
KEY: Proficient \n.\.
SYN: Adept, master, expert.
ANT: Tyro, novice, ignoramus, dunce.
KEY: Proficient \a.\.
SYN: Expert, clever, practised, skilled, trained, versed, advanced,
conversant, skilful, competent, well_qualified.
ANT: backward, ignorant, unskilled, inconversant, ill-versed,
awkward, clumsy.
KEY: Profit.
SYN: Gain, emolument, advantage, avail, acquisition, benefit_service,
use, improvement.
ANT: Loss, detriment, damage, disadvantage, waste.
KEY: Profitable.
SYN: Gainful, advantageous, desirable, beneficial, useful,
productive, remunerative, lucrative.
ANT: Unprofitable, disadvantageous, undesirable, detrimental,
unbeneficial, unprofitable, useless, vain, fruitless, unproductive,
KEY: Profitless, [See PROFITABLE].
KEY: Profligacy.
SYN: Shamelessness, dissoluteness, depravity, reprobation.
ANT: Virtue, probity, integrity, principle, conscientiousness.
KEY: Profligate.
SYN: Abandoned, depraved, dissolute, degenerate, corrupt, vicious,
shameless, [See ABANDONED].
KEY: Profound.
SYN: Deep, fathomless, abysmal, penetrating, intimate, solemn,
abstruse, recondite, philosophical, strong, vivid, intense,
ANT: Shallow, superficial, commonplace.
KEY: Profuse.
SYN: Copious, lavish, prodigal, bountiful, exuberant, excessive.
ANT: Scanty, sparing, chary, parsimonious, niggardly, churlish,
KEY: Profusion.
SYN: Copiousness, prodigality, abundance, exuberance, extravagance,
multitude, mass, heap, load, flood, wealth.
ANT: Scarcity, economy, poverty, parsimony, drain, dole, driblet,
KEY: Progeny.
SYN: Offspring, young, issue, scion, offshoot, descendants,
posterity, race.
ANT: Stock, parentage, ancestry.
KEY: Prognostic.
SYN: Sign, indication, symptom, premonition, harbinger, token,
presage, signal.
ANT: Result, reminder, memorial, record, register, misindication,
KEY: Prognosticate.
SYN: Foretell, presage, predict, forebode, foretoken, augur, portend,
indicate, betoken.
ANT: Record, register, recal, remember, note, rehearse.
KEY: Programme.
SYN: Advertisement, notice, plan, catalogue.
ANT: Review, rehearsal, repetition, resume, analysis, precis.
KEY: Progress \n.\.
SYN: Advancement, advance, movement, proceeding, Way, journey,
proficiency, speed, growth.
ANT: Delay, stoppage, retreat, stay, retrogression, failure,
KEY: Progress \v.\, [See ADVANCE].
KEY: Progression.
SYN: Series, gradation, rate.
ANT: Inversion, diminution.
KEY: Prohibit.
SYN: Forbid, interdict, debar, hinder, check, prevent, disallow,
ANT: Permit, grant, allow, sanction.
KEY: Prohibition.
SYN: Interdiction, inhibition, interdict, embargo, disallowance.
ANT: Allowance, permission.
KEY: Project \v.\.
SYN: Throw, cast, hurl, propel, shoot, discharge, propound, intend,
forecast, jut, extend, reach, bulge, stand_out.
ANT: Recal, withdraw, draw, retract, pull, attract, rebound, recoil,
adduce, revert, rebate.
KEY: Project \n.\.
SYN: Plan, purpose, design, scheme, contrivance, device.
ANT: Hazard, chance, venture.
KEY: Projectile.
SYN: Missile.
ANT: Weapon, sidearms, handarms.
KEY: Projection.
SYN: Protuberance, prominence, convexity, propulsion, emission.
ANT: Recess, cavity, concavity, return, indentation, hollow,
attraction, recoil, rebound, ricochet, reaction.
KEY: Prolific, [See PRODUCTION].
KEY: Prolix.
SYN: Diffuse, lengthy, tedious, circumlocutory, prosaic, verbose,
minute, toilsome, wordy.
ANT: Condensed, terse, epigrammatic, curt, brief, laconic.
KEY: Prolong.
SYN: Lengthen, extend, protract, continue, delay, retard.
ANT: Curtail, shorten, contract, discontinue.
KEY: Prominent.
SYN: Jutting, protuberant, relieved, embossed, extended, manifest,
conspicuous, eminent, distinguished, main, important, leading,
characteristic, distinctive.
ANT: Receding, concave, rebated, indented, hollowed, engraved,
intailed, withdrawn, inconspicuous, minor, secondary, unimportant,
indistinctive, undistinguishable, subordinate.
KEY: Promiscuous.
SYN: Mingled, [See {[cooFRO]?}], undistinguished, unselected,
unarranged, undistributed, unassorted, common, unreserved, casual,
disorderly, unordered.
ANT: Sorted, select, orderly, arranged, distributed, reserved,
as_sorted, exclusive, nice.
KEY: Promise \r.\, {DEF:, {To_engage_by_word_of_mouth},
SYN: Engage, assure.
ANT: Covenant, pledge, stipulate.
KEY: Promise \n.\.
SYN: Engagement, assurance, word, pledge, [See ASSURANCE].
KEY: Promontory.
SYN: Headland, jutland, cape.
ANT: Bay, cove, recess.
KEY: Promote.
SYN: Aid, further, advance, excite, exalt, raise, elevate, prefer.
ANT: Discourage, repress, hinder, check, allay, depress, degrade,
KEY: Promotion.
SYN: Furtherance, advancement, encouragement, preferment,
ANT: Hinderance, obstruction, impediment, retardation.
KEY: Prompt.
SYN: Ready, alert, responsive, active, quick, brisk, apt,
ANT: Unready, sluggish, irresponsive, inactive.
KEY: Promptitude.
SYN: Readiness, promptness, quickness, alertness, alacrity,
ANT: Unreadiness, sluggishness, inaction, inertness, tardiness,
KEY: Promulgate.
SYN: Divulge, announce, publish, spread, propound, disseminate,
proclaim, advertise.
ANT: Repress, conceal, suppress, stifle, hush, burke,
KEY: Prone.
SYN: Disposed, inclined, bent, tending, apt, recumbent, prostrate,
ANT: Indisposed, disinclined, unapt, averse, upright.
KEY: Pronounce.
SYN: Articulate, utter, declare, propound, deliver, assert, affirm,
enunciate, express.
ANT: Mispronounce, mispropound, misaffirm, suppress, stifle, silence,
choke, swallow, gabble, mumble.
KEY: Proof.
SYN: Test, trial, examination, criterion, essay, establishment,
probation, demonstration, evidence, testimony, scrutiny.
ANT: Disproof, failure, invalidity, shortcoming, fallacy,
undemonstrativeness, reprobation.
KEY: Prop_\n.\.
SYN: Support, stay, buttress, shore, strut, pin.
ANT: Superstructure, superincumbency, top-weight, gravitation,
extirpation, subverter, destroyer.
KEY: Prop_\v.\.
SYN: Sustain, support, stay, maintain, [See SUPPORT].
KEY: Propagate.
SYN: Breed, generate, produce, originate, spread, extend, expand,
disseminate, diffuse, increase, multiply, promulgate, propound,
ANT: Extinguish, strangle, stifle, neutralize, reduce, contract,
suppress, diminish, fail, dwindle, die, contradict.
KEY: Propel.
SYN: Hurl, project, drive, urge.
ANT: Retard, detain, withhold.
KEY: Propensity.
SYN: Bent, predilection, proclivity, [See PROCLIVITY].
KEY: Proper.
SYN: Peculiar, appertinent, personal, own, constitutional, special,
befitting, adapted, suited, suitable, appropriate, just, fair,
equitable, right, decent, becoming, fit.
ANT: Common, inappertinent, alien, universal, nonspecial,
unbefitting, unadapted, unsuited, unsuitable, inappropriate, wrong,
indecent, unbecoming, improper.
KEY: Property.
SYN: Quality, attribute, peculiarity, nature, characteristic,
possessions, goods, wealth, estate, gear, resources, ownership, [See
ATTRIBUTE]. \n.\, [See and_ESTATE].
KEY: Prophesy, [See FORETELL].
KEY: Prophetic.
SYN: Predictive, ominous, portentous, premonitory, fatidical,
oracular, sibylline.
ANT: Historic, narrative, chronicled, recorded, recitative,
KEY: Propinquity.
SYN: Nearness, proximity, contiguity, adjacence.
ANT: Distance, remoteness, longitude, separation.
KEY: Propitiate.
SYN: Conciliate, secure, appease, win, reconcile, pacify.
ANT: Exasperate, alienate, offend, estrange.
KEY: Propitious.
SYN: Timely, favorable, auspicious, beneficial, friendly,
welldisposed, gracious, benign, fortunate.
ANT: Untimely, untoward, unseasonable, unfavorable, inauspicious,
unfriendly, hostile, antagonistic, adverse, ill-disposed,
KEY: Proportion.
SYN: Adaptation, relation, rate, distribution, adjustment, symmetry,
interrelationship, uniformity, correlation.
ANT: Misproportion, misadjustment, incongruity, disparity,
disharmony, disorder, irrelation, disproportion.
KEY: Proposal.
SYN: Offer, overture, tender, suggestion, design, proposition,
ANT: Withholding, withdrawal, retention, reticence, dissuasive,
warning, prohibition.
KEY: Propose.
SYN: Offer, tender, proffer, bring_forward, purpose, intend, mean,
propound, move, design, [See {[OKFKB]?}].
KEY: Proposition.
SYN: Statement, affirmation, declaration, sentence.
ANT: Misstatement, interjection, babel, jargon, sound, riddle,
KEY: Propound.
SYN: Propose, promulgate, express, declare, maintain, advocate,
propagate, broach.
ANT: Repress, suppress, contradict, withdraw, repudiate, renounce,
abjure, recal, retract.
KEY: Propriety.
SYN: Fitness, appropriateness, justness, correctness, expediency,
decorum, [See EXPEDIENCY_and_DECORUM].
KEY: Prorogation, [See PROROGUE].
KEY: Prorogue.
SYN: Adjourn, postpone, defer.
ANT: Convene, continue, prolong, expedite, despatch.
KEY: Prosaic.
SYN: Pull, matter-of-fact, tedious, prolix.
ANT: Poetic, animated, interesting, lively, fervid, eloquent,
KEY: Proscribe.
SYN: Denounce, condemn, reject, interdict, ostracize, disallow,
prohibit, forbid.
ANT: Permit, sanction, encourage, enjoin.
KEY: Prosecute.
SYN: Follow, pursue, investigate, conduct, summon, arraign,
persevere, carry_on, persist, sue.
ANT: Drop, discontinue, abandon, misconduct, misinvestigate,
missoperate, exonerate, acquit.
KEY: Proselyte.
SYN: Convert, catechumen, neophyte.
ANT: Misbeliever, infidel, habitue, pillar, prop, buttress.
KEY: Prospect.
SYN: View, vision, field, landscape, hope, anticipation,
ANT: Viewlessness, dimness, obscurity, darkness, cloud, veiling,
occultation, hopelessness, improbability.
KEY: Prospectus.
SYN: Programme, plan, catalogue, announcement, bill, scheme,
ANT: Subject, transaction, proceeding, &c.
KEY: Prosperity.
SYN: Success, weal, welfare, good_fortune, well-being, good_luck.
ANT: Unsuccess, woe, adversity, failure, reverse.
KEY: Prosperous.
SYN: Successful, fortunate, thriving, well_off, well_to_do, happy,
lucky, [See FORTUNATE].
KEY: Prostrate.
SYN: Fallen, flat, procumbent, lifeless, ruined, overpowered,
oppressed, prone.
ANT: Risen, vertical, erect, upright, reinvigorated, revived,
KEY: Prostration.
SYN: Overthrown, demolition, destruction, depression, exhaustion.,
KEY: Protect.
SYN: Defend, fortify, guard, shield, preserve, cover, secure, save,
ANT: Betray, endanger, imperil, abandon, expose.
KEY: Protection.
SYN: Shelter, defence, security, safety, refuge, guard, [See
KEY: Protest.
SYN: Expostulate, remonstrate, denounce, repudiate, deprecate,
affirm, aver, assure.
ANT: Acquiesce, coincide, sanction, subscribe, endorse, agree.
KEY: Protract.
SYN: Prolong, produce, elongate, defer, extend, lengthen, continue,
ANT: Shorten, abbreviate, curtail, contract, reduce.
KEY: Protrude.
SYN: Extend, project, abut, jut, demonstrate, expose, bulge,
ANT: Recede, retract, adduce, repress, suppress, conceal.
KEY: Protrusion.
SYN: Projection, protuberance, convexity, tongue.
ANT: recess, cavity, hollow, concavity, mouth.
KEY: Protuberance.
SYN: Lump, swelling, excrescence, convexity.
ANT: Cavity, smoothness, planeness, concavity, indentation, hollow.
KEY: Proud.
SYN: Arrogant, haughty, imperious, supercilious, presumptuous,
boastful, vain_glorious, vain, ostentatious, elated, self-satisfied,
lofty, imposing, magnificent, self-conscious.
ANT: Deferential, humble, affable, unpresuming, meek, lowly, ashamed,
unimposing, mean.
KEY: Prove.
SYN: {[Trv]?}, assay, test, establish, demonstrate, ascertain, argue,
show, confirm, examine, substantiate, make_trial_of, verify,
ANT: Pass, pretermit, misdemonstrate, misindicate, refute, disprove,
contradict, disestablish, neutralize.
KEY: Proverb.
SYN: Maxim, apothegm, adage, saw, dictum, by_word.
ANT: Essay, dissertation, disquisition, oration, diatribe, yarn.
KEY: Proverbial.
SYN: Notorious, current, acknowledged, unquestioned.
ANT: Dubious, unfounded, suspicious, suspected, questionable.
KEY: Provide.
SYN: Prepare, arrange, procure, afford, supply, contribute, yield,
cater, furnish, get, agree, produce, collect, stipulate.
ANT: Misprovide, neglect, overlook, withhold, retain, appropriate,
refuse, den, [See {[*1]?}], alienate, divert, misemploy, mismanage.
KEY: Provided.
SYN: Granted, supposing.
ANT: Barring, saving, excluded.
KEY: Providence.
SYN: Forethought, timely_care, forecast, divine_government,
ANT: Improvidence, recklessness, carelessness.
KEY: Provident.
SYN: Forecasting, foreseeing, cautious, considerate.
ANT: Improvident, reckless, careless, inconsiderate.
KEY: Province.
SYN: Tract, region, department, section, sphere, domain, territory.
ANT: Metropolis, centre, capital.
KEY: Provincial.
SYN: Appendant, annexed, outlying, rural, countrified, rustic,
ANT: Central, metropolitan, modish, fashionable, courtly.
KEY: Provision, Provisions.
SYN: Preparation, arrangement, produce, supply, anticipation, food,
supplies, victuals, edibles, eatables.
ANT: Neglect, misprovision, forgetfulness, thoughtlessness,
oversight, destitution, want, dearth, starvation, dole, pittance.
KEY: Provisional.
SYN: Conditional, contingent, hypothetical, temporary.
ANT: Unconditional, absolute, permanent, perpetual.
KEY: Provocation.
SYN: Incitement, stimulus, stimulant, provocative, affront,
indignity, insult, [See INDIGNITY].
KEY: Provoke.
SYN: Educe, summon, rouse, irritate, excite, challenge, vex, impel,
offend, exasperate, anger, tantalize.
ANT: Allay, relegate, pacify, soothe, conciliate.
KEY: Prowess.
SYN: Bravery, valor, gallantry, might, courage, intrepidity,
fearlessness, heroism.
ANT: Cowardice, weakness, poltroonery, dastardliness.
KEY: Prowl.
SYN: Rove, roam, wander, prey.
ANT: Fly, swoop, chase, scour.
KEY: Proximity.
SYN: Neighborhood, vicinity, [See PROPINQUITY].
KEY: Proxy.
SYN: Agency, substitution, representation, agent, substitute,
representative, deputy, commissioner, lieutenant, delegate.
ANT: Principalship, personality, principal, person, authority,
KEY: Prudent.
SYN: Wise, wary, cautious, circumspect, discreet, careful,
ANT: Foolish, unwary, incautious, uncircumspect, indiscreet, rash,
imprudent, silly, reckless, audacious.
KEY: Prudish.
SYN: Coy, over_modest, affectedly_modest, over_nice, squeamish,
reserved, demure, [See DEMURE].
KEY: Prurient.
SYN: Craving, itching, hankering, longing, lustful.
ANT: Disliking, loathing, pure.
KEY: Prune.
SYN: Trim, lop, drees, amputate.
ANT: Pamper, train.
KEY: Pry.
SYN: Peer, peep, scrutinize, inquire.
ANT: Connive, overlook, disregard, pretermit.
KEY: Prying.
SYN: Peering, inquisitive, scrutinizing, curious.
ANT: Incurious, [See CURIOUS].
KEY: Public.
SYN: Open, notorious, common, social, national, exoteric, general,
ANT: Close, secret, private, domestic, secluded, solitary, personal,
KEY: Publication.
SYN: Promulgation, notification, proclamation, divulgation.
ANT: Suppression, reservation, concealment.
KEY: Publicity.
SYN: Notoriety, currency, [See NOTORIETY].
KEY: Publish, [See ANNOUNCE].
KEY: Puerile.
SYN: Childish, boyish, infantile, youthful, nonsensical, futile,
nugatory, weak, silly, trifling.
ANT: Manly, vigorous, effective, powerful, cogent, weighty.
KEY: Puerility.
SYN: Childishness, boyishness, juvenility, youthfulness.
ANT: Maturity, ripeness, manliness.
KEY: Puff.
SYN: Flatter, advertise, hawk, ventilate.
ANT: Squash, disparage, lash, chastise, blast.
KEY: Pugnacious.
SYN: Quarrelsome, bellicose, contentious.
ANT: Peaceable, conciliatory, suavity.
KEY: Pull.
SYN: Draw, drag, adduce, extract, tug, haul, pluck.
ANT: Push, eject, extrude, propel.
KEY: Pummel, [See POMMEL].
KEY: Pump.
SYN: Cross-examine, interrogate, cross-quest_iou.
ANT: Prime, indoctrinate, instruct, cram.
KEY: Punch.
SYN: Perforate, poke, pierce, puncture, terebrate, bore.
ANT: Stop, plug, seal, bung.
KEY: Punctilious.
SYN: Ceremonious, nice, scrupulous, exact, particular,
excessively_nice, over_scrupulous, precise.
ANT: Unceremonious, unscrupulous.
KEY: Punctual.
SYN: Exact, prompt, early, timely.
ANT: safe, tardy, behindhand, be, lated, dilatory, unpunctual.
KEY: Puncture \v.\, [See PUNCH].
KEY: Pungent.
SYN: Pricking, piercing, acrid, mordant, biting, stinging,
stimulating, keen, trenchant, caustic, piquant, sarcastic.
ANT: Soothing, mellow, luscious, unctuous.
KEY: Punish.
SYN: Chastise, castigate, chasten, correct, whip, scourge.
ANT: Reward, recompense, remunerate, indemnify.
KEY: Puny.
SYN: Petty, undeveloped, undersized, feeble, pigmy, dwarfish, small,
inferior, tiny.
ANT: Great, developed, fine, robust, vigorous, oversized, colossal,
KEY: Pupil.
SYN: Scholar, learner, student, tyro, novice, ward.
ANT: Teacher, master, proficient, adept, guardian.
KEY: Pupilage.
SYN: Minority, discipleship, wardship, tutelage, dependence,
ANT: Majority, mastership, guardianship, discretion, independence.
KEY: [Fr._poupee,_a_doll;_Lat._pupa.].
SYN: Doll, image, lay-figure, tool.
ANT: Personality, power.
KEY: Puppy.
SYN: Fop, coxcomb, prig.
ANT: Boor, clown, lout.
KEY: Purblind.
SYN: Blinkard, owleyed, short-sighted.
ANT: Eagle-eyed, hawk-eyed, lynxeyed.
KEY: Argus-eyed, farsighted, Purchase, [See BUY].
KEY: Pure.
SYN: Clear, unmixed, simple, genuine, sheer, mere, absolute,
unadulterated, uncorrupted, unsullied, unblemished, chaste, real,
clean, spotless, immaculate, undefiled, unspotted, guileless,
innocent, guiltless.
ANT: Foul, turbid, impure, adulterated, corrupt, sullied, stained,
tarnished, defiled, mixed, guilty.
KEY: Purgation.
SYN: Clearing, cleansing, purification, lustration, clarification,
defecation, determine.
ANT: Imputation, contraction, defilement, befoulment.
KEY: Purgative \a.\.
SYN: Evacuant, cathartic, abstergent.
ANT: Binding, [See ABSTERSIVE].
KEY: Purge.
SYN: Cleanse, clear, clarify, purify, [See CLEAR].
KEY: Purify, [See PURGE].
KEY: Puritanical.
SYN: Prudish, ascetic, demure.
ANT: Genial, dissolute, voluptuous, rakish.
KEY: Purity.
SYN: Cleanness, clearness, immaculateness, guiltlessness, innocence,
KEY: Purlieu.
SYN: Environ, precinct, suburb.
ANT: Centre, heart.
KEY: Purloin.
SYN: Steal, filch, thieve, seize, plunder.
ANT: Reinstate, restore, To_sin.
KEY: Purport.
SYN: Tendency, meaning, import, bearing, signification, drift, tenor,
current, intent, spirit.
ANT: Statement, assertion, declaration, proposition, announcement.
KEY: Purpose \v.\.
SYN: Intend, determine, design, resolve, mean, propose.
ANT: Chance, risk, hazard, revoke, Miscalculate, venture, stake.
KEY: Purpose \n.\.
SYN: Intention, design, mind, meaning, view, object, aim, end, scope,
point, resolve.
ANT: Chance, fortune, fate, accident, hazard, lot, casualty, lottery,
KEY: Pursue.
SYN: Chase, follow, track, hunt, continue, prosecute, [See
KEY: Pursy.
SYN: Short-winded, thickwinded, short-breathed.
ANT: Lithe, agile, long-winded.
KEY: Purulent.
SYN: Feculent, festering, corrupt.
ANT: Secretional, healthy.
KEY: Purvey.
SYN: Provide, cater, provide_food, [See PROVIDE].
KEY: Push.
SYN: Press, drive, impel, shove, press_against, propel, butt, thrust,
urge, expedite, accelerate, reduce.
ANT: Pull, draw, drag, adduce.
KEY: Pusillanimity.
SYN: {[DactardlineM]?}, cowardice, meanspiritedness,
faintheartedness, timidity, poltroonery.
ANT: Magnanimity, fortitude, courage, bravery, venturesomeness,
daring, heroism.
KEY: Pusillanimous.
SYN: Cowardly, timorous, faintheartedness, meanspirited, [See
KEY: Putt.
SYN: Place, lay, set, propose.
ANT: Remove, raise, displace, transfer, withdraw.
KEY: Putative.
SYN: Reckoned, supposed, deemed, reputed, reported.
ANT: Real, authenticated, veritable, established.
KEY: Putrefy.
SYN: Rot, corrupt, decompose, decay.
ANT: Preserve, embalm, freshen, Vitilize, purify, depurate,
KEY: Putrid.
SYN: Stinking, corrupt, offensive, decayed, decomposed, rotten, foul,
mean, base, worthless.
ANT: Wholesome, sound, inoffensive, pure, redolent, fresh, healthful,
sweet, honorable, worthy.
KEY: Puzzle \v.\.
SYN: Pose, perplex, embarrass, bewilder, confound, mystify, confuse.
ANT: Enlighten, instruct, illumine.
KEY: Puzzle \n.\.
SYN: Embarrassment, be_wilderment, enigma, confusion, conundrum,
intricacy, labyrinth.
ANT: Disentanglement, solution, explanation, extrication, clue.
SYN: Empiric, mountebank, charlatan, imposter, pretender, humbug.
ANT: Dupe, gull, victim.
KEY: Quaff.
SYN: Drink, swallow, imbibe.
ANT: Disgorge, spew, vomit.
KEY: Quagmire, [See MARSH].
KEY: Quail.
SYN: Sink, shrink, cower, succumb, crouch, flinch, blench, tremble.
ANT: Stand, defy, withstand, face, endure.
KEY: Quaint.
SYN: Curious, recondite, abstruse, elegant, nice, affected,
whimsical, odd, antique, archaic, fanciful, singular, old-fashioned.
ANT: Commonplace, ordinary, usual, coarse, common, modern, modish,
fashionable, dowdy.
KEY: Quake.
SYN: Tremble, shake, shudder, vibrate, quiver, quaver.
ANT: Stand, rest, root.
KEY: Qualification.
SYN: Capacity, fitness, condition, capability, accomplishment,
requirement, limitation, modification.
ANT: Incapacity, unfitness, absoluteness, disqualification,
nonqualification, unrestrictedness.
KEY: Qualified.
SYN: Fitted, adapted, competent, suitable, [See SUITABLE].
KEY: Qualify.
SYN: Fit, prepare, adapt, capacitate, limit, restrict, enable,
ANT: Unfit, misprepare, misqualify, disqualify, incapacitate, free,
KEY: Quality.
SYN: Condition, character, property, attribute, peculiarity,
disposition, temper, sort, kind, description, capacity, power,
virtue, nature, tendency.
ANT: Anomalousness, heterogeneousness, nondescript, incapacity,
weakness, instistinctiveness, ineffectiveness, disqualification,
negation, disability.
KEY: Qualm.
SYN: Misgiving, remorse, scruple, penitence.
ANT: Comfort, ease, self-satisfaction, self-approval.
KEY: Quandary.
SYN: Hobble, difficulty, doubt, puzzle, uncertainty, perplexity,
bewilderment, dubitation, baiting, dilemma, embarrassment.
ANT: Clearsightedness, resolution, plainness, clearness,
obviousness, facility, disencumbrance, disentanglement,
KEY: Quantity.
SYN: Measure, amount, bulk, size, sum, portion, aggregate, muchness,
part, share, division.
ANT: Margin, deficiency, deduction, want, inadequacy, scantiness,
insufficiency, loss, deterioration, diminution, waste, wear,
KEY: Quarrel \n.\.
SYN: Brawl, altercation, affray, squabble, feud, tumult, dispute,
wrangle, variance, disagreement, misunderstanding, hostility,
quarreling, embroilment, bickering, broil.
ANT: Confabulation, conversation, chat, pleasantry, conciliation,
agreement, harmony, understanding, friendliness, peace, amity,
KEY: Quarrel \v.\.
SYN: Wrangle, squabble, dispute, spur, jangle, fall_out, bicker,
brawl, [See BRAWL].
KEY: Quarreling, [See QUARREL].
KEY: Quarrelsome.
SYN: Choleric, irascible, petulant, litigious, pugnacious, brawling,
fiery, hot-tempered, contentious, irritable.
ANT: Peaceable, amenable, genial, unquarrelsome, inoffensive, mild,
meek, conciliatory, bland, suave.
KEY: Quarter.
SYN: Region, district, locality, territory, mercy, forbearance,
ANT: Extermination, mercilessness, unsparingness, pitilessness,
ruthless, ness.
KEY: Quash.
SYN: Crush, extinguish, overthrow, annihilate, annul, nullify,
suppress, cancel, vacate.
ANT: Sap, undermine, disorganize, decompose.
KEY: Quaver \v.\, [See PLEASURE].
KEY: Queer.
SYN: Odd, whimsical, quaint, cross, strange, crochety, singular,
ANT: Ordinary, common, usual, familiar, customary.
KEY: Quell.
SYN: Extinguish, destroy, crush, reduce, allay, stifle, quiet, pacify,
quench, repress, suppress, calm, put_out, subdue, quench, overpower.
ANT: Foster, excite, fan, aggravate, stir, irritate, disturb, raise,
KEY: Quench, [See QUELL].
KEY: Querlmonlous.
SYN: Malcontent, dissatisfied, opposititious, litigious.
ANT: Contented, satisfied, complacent, amenable, conformable.
KEY: Querulous.
SYN: Quarrelsome, complaining, fretful, repining, discontented,
dissatisfied, chiding, murmuring, whining, peevish, fastidious,
ANT: Easy, uncomplaining, satisfied, contented, submissive, genial,
complacent, cheerful, good-tempered.
KEY: Query.
SYN: Question, interrogation, inquiry.
ANT: Answer.
KEY: Question \v.\.
SYN: Ask, inquire, interrogate, doubt, investigate, dubitate,
controvert, dispute.
ANT: Dictate, state, assert, pronounce, enunciate, concede, endorse,
affirm, grant, allow.
KEY: Question \n.\.
SYN: Inquiry, interrogation, doubt, scrutiny, investigation, topic.
ANT: Reply, response, solution, answer, explanation, admission,
KEY: Questionable.
SYN: Doubtful, dubious, problematical, disputable, debatable,
uncertain, suspicious.
ANT: Certain, evident, self-evident, obvious, indisputable.
KEY: Quibble \v.\.
SYN: Shuffle, evade, trifle, cavil, equivocate, prevaricate.
ANT: Reason, argue, enunciate, investigate, discuss.
KEY: Quick.
SYN: Fast, rapid, speedy, expeditious, swift, hasty, prompt, ready,
clever, sharp, shrewd, adroit, keen, fleet, active, brisk, nimble,
lively, agile, alert, sprightly, transient, intelligent, irascible.
ANT: Slow, tardy, sluggish, inert, inactive, dull, insensitive.
KEY: Quicken.
SYN: Accelerate, animate, revive, reinvigorate, resuscitate, vivify,
stimulate, hurry, hasten, urge, excite, promote, expedite.
ANT: Retard, delay, encumber, clog, drag, detain, discourage, allay.
KEY: Quickness.
SYN: Liveliness, velocity, speed, swiftness, celerity, fleetness,
ANT: Slowness, tardiness, dilatoriness.
KEY: Quiescence.
SYN: Repose, rest, quiet, quietude, dormancy, tranquillity, silence,
stillness, {[AcTrvrrr]?}.
KEY: Quiet \n.\.
SYN: Rest, repose, stillness, calm, appeasement, pacification,
silence, peace.
ANT: Unrest, motion, noise, agitation, excitement, disturbance,
turmoil, tumult.
KEY: Quiet \v.\.
SYN: Allay, appease, still, pacify, hush, lull, tranquillize, soothe,
ANT: Rouse, excite, disturb, agitate, stir, urge, goad.
KEY: Quit.
SYN: Leave, resign, abandon, relinquish, discharge, release,
surrender, give_up, depart_from, forsake.
ANT: Seek, occupy, invade, bind, enforce, haunt, enter.
KEY: Quite.
SYN: Perfectly, entirely, completely, wholly, truly, altogether,
ANT: Partially, imperfectly, barely, insufficiently, hardly.
KEY: Quittance.
SYN: Discharge, absolution, remission, release.
ANT: Distraint, exaction, bond, debt, obligation.
KEY: Quiver.
SYN: Shake, shiver, vibrate, tremble, quake, [See PLEASURE].
KEY: Quote.
SYN: Cite, name, adduce, plead, allege, note, repeat.
ANT: Disprove, refute, retort, oppose, contradict, traverse,
misquote, misadduce, rebut.
KEY: Rabble.
SYN: Crowd, mob, scum, dregs, riff-raff, vulgar_herd,
disorderly_crowd, canaille.
ANT: Elite, aristocracy, galaxy, upper_ten, [See (U.S.)].
KEY: Rabid.
SYN: Furious, raging, mad, infuriated, maniacal, frantic, raving.
ANT: Rational, sane, reasonable, sober.
KEY: Race.
SYN: Course, pursuit, career, family, [See LINEAGE].
KEY: Racy.
SYN: Fine-flavored, fresh, rich, pungent, piquant, spirited, smart,
lively, vivacious, spicy.
ANT: Flavorless, dull, stupid.
KEY: Rack, [See TORTURE].
KEY: Radiance.
SYN: Brightness, splendor, lustre, brilliancy, brilliance,
effulgence, glare.
ANT: Dullness, opaque.
KEY: Radiant.
SYN: Beaming, lustrous, brilliant, glittering, splendid, shining,
sparkling, luminous, glorious, beauteous.
ANT: Dull, lustreless, nonluminous.
KEY: Radiate.
SYN: Shine, sparkle, gleam, emanate, coruscate, shimmer, [See SHINE].
KEY: Radical.
SYN: Original, fundamental, thoroughgoing, unsparing, extreme,
entire, innate, natural, essential, immanent, ingrained, underived,
ANT: Derived, ascititious, adventitious, superficial, extraneous,
partial, moderate, conservative, acquired.
KEY: Rage_\n.\.
SYN: Fury, rabidity, choler, indignation, frenzy, auger, ire, dudgeon,
mania, passion, madness, ferocity.
ANT: Reason, moderation, gentleness, temperateness, calmness,
quiescence, mitigation, assuagement, tranquillity, mildness,
KEY: Rage_\v.\.
SYN: Rave, storm, fume, be_furious, be_violent.
ANT: Be_calm, be_composed, be_peaceful.
KEY: Raging.
SYN: Vehement, violent, impetuous, infuriate, furious.
KEY: Rail_\r.\.
SYN: Censure, scold, bluster, scoff, chide, objurgate, [See CENSURE].
KEY: Raillery, [See BANTER].
KEY: Raiment.
SYN: Clothing, vestments, garb, apparel, dress, attire, vesture,
ANT: Rags, nudity, nakedness.
KEY: Raise.
SYN: Lift, heave, elevate, exalt, advance, promote, heighten, enhance,
awaken, rouse, excite, call_forth, cultivate, rear, produce, collect,
summon, erect, originate, propagate.
ANT: Lay, cast, depress, degrade, retard, dishonor, lower, depreciate,
lull, compose, quiet, calm, blight, destroy, disperse, disband,
stifle, hush, silence, neutralize, confute.
KEY: Rake.
SYN: Libertine, roue, debauchee, [See {[XXX]?}].
KEY: Rakish.
SYN: Licentious, dissolute, wanton, lewd, loose, [See BOUNDLESS].
KEY: Rally \vt.\_and_\vi.\.
SYN: {[Eecal]?}, reunite, inspirit, assemble, congregate, animate,
recover, reassure.
ANT: Demoralize, disperse, disband.
KEY: Rally \v.\.
SYN: Banter, satirize, chaff, taunt, mock, deride, ridicule, joke,
ANT: Compliment, flatter, panegyrize, eulogize.
KEY: Ramble \v.\.
SYN: Rove, roam, wander, range, stroll, saunter, stray.
ANT: Course, speed, hasten, drive, run.
KEY: Ramble \n.\.
SYN: Jaunt, tour, wandering, strolling, excursion.
KEY: Ramification.
SYN: Branching, branch, offshoot, division, divergence, subdivision.
ANT: Line, trunk, stem, bole, course, thread, sequence, continuity,
prosecution, rectilinearity, indivergence, indivision,
KEY: Rampant.
SYN: Unbridled, uncontrolled, wanton, headstrong, luxuriant, furious,
rank, violent, licentious, vehement.
ANT: Demure, self-restrained, restrained, self-controlled,
disciplined, curbed.
KEY: Rampart.
SYN: Bulwark, fortification, security, wall, defence, embankment,
mound, mole, outwork, breastwork.
ANT: Nonfortification, defencelessness, exposure, insecurity,
KEY: Rancid.
SYN: Sour, tainted, rank, olid, reasty, frowzy, fetid, musty.
ANT: Sweet, pure, untainted, fresh, fragrant.
KEY: Rancor.
SYN: Ill-blood, spite, grudge, animosity, hatred, malice, malignity,
enmity, antipathy, vindictiveness, malevolence.
ANT: Good-feeling, friendliness, kindliness, forgiveness, geniality,
sympathy, congeniality, unvindictiveness.
KEY: Random.
SYN: Haphazard, stray, chance, wild, aimless, purposeless,
unpremeditated, casual, vague, accidental.
ANT: Steady, aimed, intended, regular, controlled, purposed,
intentional, deliberate, designed, normal, systematic.
KEY: Range \v.\.
SYN: Rank, dispose, class, place, order, collocate, file, concatenate,
ramble, stroll, rove.
ANT: Disturb, disconnect, disorder, derange, intermit, disconnect,
remain, be_stationary.
KEY: Range \n.\, [See ORDER_and_RANK].
KEY: Rank_\n.\.
SYN: Row, line, tier, order, degree, grade, dignity.
ANT: Disconnection, disorder, incontinuity, solution, intermission,
hiatus, plebeianism, meanness, commonalty.
KEY: Rank_\a.\.
SYN: Luxuriant, exuberant, extreme, excessive, rampant.
KEY: Rankle.
SYN: Fester, smoulder, burn, irritate, gall, disquiet.
ANT: Heal, cool, close, calm, quiet, compose.
KEY: Ransack.
SYN: Rummage, rifle, explore, pillage, ravage, overhaul.
ANT: skim, survey, reconnoitre.
KEY: Ransom.
SYN: Redeem, release, indemnify, emancipate, free, liberate,
unfetter, redeem.
ANT: Prosecute, indict, fine, mulct, forfeit, damnify.
KEY: Rant.
SYN: Bombast, rhodomontade, flummery, declamation, raving, boasting.
ANT: Reason, argument, eloquence, logic, rhetoric.
KEY: Rapacious.
SYN: Greedy, ravenous, voracious, predaceous, avaricious, grasping,
ANT: Bountiful, liberal, contented, frugal.
KEY: Rapid.
SYN: Quick, swift, speedy, accelerated, flying.
ANT: Slow, tardy, retarded, cumbrous, lazy.
KEY: Rapidity.
SYN: Quickness, swiftness, speed, velocity, celerity, dispatch.
ANT: Slowness, tardiness, cumbrousness, delay.
KEY: Rapture.
SYN: ecstasy, transport, bliss, ravishment, delight.
ANT: Agony, torture, pain, tedium, ennui, irksomeness.
KEY: Hare.
SYN: Scarce, choice, infrequent, excellent, few, exceptional, sparse,
unusual, singular, uncommon, incomparable, extraordinary, unique,
dispersed, valuable, precious, thin, volatile.
ANT: Common, frequent, abundant, numerous, mean, ordinary, usual,
regular, crowded, dense, vulgar, worthless, cheap, valueless.
KEY: Rarefy.
SYN: Expand, lighten, attenuate, sublimate.
ANT: Solidify, condense, thicken.
KEY: Rascal.
SYN: Rogue, scoundrel, vagabond, scamp, villain, knave.
ANT: Gentleman.
KEY: Rash.
SYN: Headstrong, audacious, hasty, precipitate, reckless, foolhardy,
careless, adventurous, thoughtless, indiscreet, venturesome,
overventuresome, incautious, unwary, heedless.
ANT: Wary, cautious, calculating, discreet, unventuresome,
dubitating, hesitating, reluctant, timid.
KEY: Rashness.
SYN: Hastiness, precipitancy, recklessness, venturesomeness,
temerity, precipitation, indiscretion.
ANT: Slowness, carefulness, cautiousness, discretion.
KEY: Rate_\n.\.
SYN: Tax, impost, assessment, duty, standard, allowance, ratio, quota,
worth, price, value, [See PRICE].
KEY: Rate_\v.\.
SYN: Compute, calculate, estimate, value, scold, abuse, appraise,
KEY: Rather_than.
SYN: Sooner_than, in_preference_to.
KEY: Ratify.
SYN: Sanction, seal, confirm, endorse, secure, approve, validity,
establish, substantiate, settle.
ANT: Negative, reject, repudiate, disaffirm, invalidate, abrogate,
annul, nullify,.
KEY: Ratification.
SYN: Confirmation, Substantiation, establishment, corroboration.
ANT: Negation, disaffirmation, abrogation, nullifying.
KEY: Rational.
SYN: Sane, sound, intelligent, reasoning, reasonable, judicious,
sober, sensible, probable, equitable, moderate, fair.
ANT: Insane, unsound, weak, silly, unintelligent, absurd,
injudicious, fanciful, extravagant, preposterous, unreasoning,
unreasonable, irrational, exorbitant.
KEY: Ravage \n.\.
SYN: Devastation, desolation, waste, pillage, plunder, sack, ruin,
ANT: Sparing, conserving, preserving.
KEY: Ravage \v.\.
SYN: Spoil, devastate, despoil, destroy, desolate, ransack, waste,
ruin, overrun, plunder.
ANT: Spare, conserve, preserve, indemnify.
KEY: Rave.
SYN: Wander, drivel, rant.
ANT: Converse, reason, discourse.
KEY: Ravel.
SYN: Separate, undo, untwist, unwind, disentangle.
ANT: Entangle, complicate, conglomerate, contuse.
KEY: Ravenous.
SYN: Voracious, hungry, gluttonous, rapacious, omnivorous.
ANT: Listless, inappetent, fastidious, dainty, nice.
KEY: Raving.
SYN: Delirious, furious, violent, mad, distracted, frantic.
ANT: Calm, collected, reasonable, sensible.
KEY: Ravish.
SYN: Entrance, transport, enchant, enrapture, charm, violate,
outrage, deflour, debauch, [See DEBAUCH].
KEY: Raw.
SYN: Uncooked, unprepared, unfinished, unripe, crude, unseasoned,
inexperienced, fresh, green, unpractised, untried, bare, bald,
exposed, galled, chill, bleak, piercing.
ANT: Cooked, dressed, prepared, finished, ripe, mature, mellow,
seasoned, experienced, expert, adept, habituated, familiar,
practised, trained, tried, covered, healed, balmy, genial.
KEY: Raze.
SYN: Demolish, level, prostrate, overthrow, dismantle, subvert,
reduce, ruin, destroy, debase.
ANT: Raise, erect, build, rear, repair, restore.
KEY: Reach.
SYN: Extend, thrust, stretch, obtain, arrive_at, attain, gain, grasp,
penetrate, strain, aim.
ANT: Fail, stop, cease, revert, rebate, miss, drop.
KEY: React.
SYN: Recoil, result, counteract, rebound.
ANT: Act, influence, strike, impress.
KEY: Read.
SYN: Peruse, interpret, decipher, unravel, discover, recognize,
ANT: Misread, misinterpret, overlook, misobserve.
KEY: Readiness.
SYN: Promptness, preparedness, aptness, alacrity, knack, willingness,
KEY: Ready.
SYN: Prompt, alert, expeditions, speedy, unhesitating, dexterous,
apt, skilful, handy, expert, facile, easy, opportune, fitted,
prepared, disposed, willing, free, cheerful, compliant, responsive,
ANT: Unready, tardy, slow, hesitating, reluctant, dubitating,
awkward, unhandy, clumsy, remote, inaccessible, unavailable,
inopportune, ununited, unfitted, unprepared, indisposed, unwilling,
constrained, grudging, unaccommodating, incompliant, irresponsive.
KEY: Real.
SYN: Actual, veritable, existent, authentic, legitimate, true,
genuine, developed.
ANT: Fictitious, imaginary, unreal, nonexistent, untrue, false,
artificial, spurious, counterfeit, factitious, adulterated, assumed,
pretended, potential, possible.
KEY: Reality.
SYN: Verity, substance, truth, existence, genuineness,
ANT: Fiction, falsehood, untruth, hypothesis, supposition, image,
fancy, shadow, figment, fabrication, insubstantiality, emptiness,
hollowness, chimera, unreality.
KEY: Realize.
SYN: Substantiate, effectuate, accomplish, exhibit, produce, acquire,
gain, reap, make, verify, conceive.
ANT: Lose, miss, invalidate, dissipate, misrepresent, falsify,
neutralize, misconceive.
KEY: Really.
SYN: Veritably, truly, indeed, unquestionably.
ANT: Questionably, possibly, perhaps, falsely, untruly,
KEY: Realm.
SYN: Kingdom, province, state, empire, dominion, country, [See
KEY: Reap.
SYN: Gather, obtain, receive, get, acquire, realize, derive, gain.
ANT: Scatter, squander, dissipate, waste, lose.
KEY: Rear_\n.\.
SYN: Back, end, tail.
ANT: Van, front, face.
KEY: Rear_\v.\.
SYN: Raise, elevate, breed, discipline, erect, train, educate,
instruct, foster, establish, construct, lift.
ANT: Stifle, extinguish, kill, depress, subvert, demolish, destroy.
KEY: Reason \n.\.
SYN: Ground, account, cause, explanation, motive, proof, apology,
understanding, reasoning, rationality, right, propriety, justice,
order, object, sake, purpose.
ANT: Pretext, pretence, misinterpretation, falsification,
misconception, disproof, unreasonableness, absurdity, fallacy,
irrationality, wrong, unreason, impropriety, unfairness, folly,
aimlessness, unaccountableness.
KEY: Reason \v.\.
SYN: Debate, discuss, argue, infer, deduce, conclude, [See ARGUE].
KEY: Reasonable, [See RATIONAL].
KEY: Reassure.
SYN: Rally, restore, encourage, inspirit, animate, countenance.
ANT: Discourage, cow, brow-bent, intimidate, discountenance.
KEY: Rebel \n.\.
SYN: Revolter, insurgent, traitor.
ANT: Supporter, adherent.
KEY: Rebel \v.\, [See REVOLT].
KEY: Rebound \n.\.
SYN: Reaction, ricochet, reverberation, recoil, resilience.
ANT: Impression, impact, collision, percussion.
KEY: Rebound \v.\.
SYN: Recoil, spring_back, reverberate, [See REVERBERATE].
KEY: Rebuff \v.\.
SYN: Rebuke, repel, repulse, check, snub, oppose, [See REPEL].
KEY: Rebuff \n.\.
SYN: Rebuke, discouragement, repulsion, check.
ANT: Welcome, acceptance, encouragement.
KEY: Rebuke.
SYN: Reprove, chide, rebuff, reprimand, censure.
ANT: Approve, encourage, eulogize, applaud, incite.
KEY: Rebut.
SYN: Meet, retort, annul, confute.
ANT: Accept, sanction, recognize, confirm.
KEY: Recal.
SYN: Restore, reassemble, revoke, supersede, recollect, callback,
remember, cancel.
ANT: Relegate, dismiss, dispense, delegate, appoint, commission,
KEY: Recant.
SYN: Retract, unsay, recal, revoke, abjure, renounce.
ANT: Propound, profess, assert, declare, enunciate, vindicate,
maintain, hold, retain.
KEY: Recapitulate.
SYN: Summarize, rehearse, enumerate, recite, repeat.
ANT: State, deliver, propound.
KEY: Recede.
SYN: Retire, withdraw, retreat, retrograde, return, ebb.
ANT: Approach, advance, flow, proceed.
KEY: Receipt \n.\.
SYN: Acknowledgment, reception, voucher.
KEY: Receive.
SYN: Take, accept, admit, hold, entertain, assent_to.
ANT: Give, impart, afford, reject, discharge, emit.
KEY: Received.
SYN: Accepted, current, ordinary, common.
ANT: Rejected, exceptional, unusual, uncommon.
KEY: Recent.
SYN: Late, new, fresh, novel, modern, new-fangled.
ANT: Ancient, antiquated, primitive, archaic.
KEY: Receptacle.
SYN: Repository, lodgment, recipient, magazine, store, case, berth.
ANT: Carrier, carriage, conveyance, discharger, consigner.
KEY: Reception.
SYN: Admission, admittance, acceptance, acceptation, entertainment.
ANT: Denial, protest, repudiation, rejection, nonacceptance,
dismissal, discardment, renunciation, abjuration.
KEY: Recess.
SYN: Cavity, nook, withdrawal, retirement, retreat, seclusion,
privacy, vacation, holiday.
ANT: Promontory, protrusion, projection, publicity, worktime.
KEY: Reciprocal.
SYN: Alternate, interchanged, mutual, Interchangeable, reflexive.
ANT: One-sided, unreciprocated, unreturned.
KEY: Reciprocation.
SYN: Interchange, exchange, reciprocity.
ANT: Non-interchange.
KEY: Recital.
SYN: Recitation, repetition, rehearsal, relation, description,
account, statement, narrative, [See ACCOUNT].
KEY: Recite.
SYN: Narrate, recapitulate, say_by_heart, repeat, rehearse, quote,
speak, tell, recount, enumerate.
ANT: Misquote, misdeliver, misrecount, misrenumerate, misrepresent.
KEY: Reckless.
SYN: Careless, heedless, incautious, foolhardy, thoughtless, rash,
overventuresome, regardless, inconsiderate, improvident.
ANT: careful, heedful, cautious, timid, chary, thoughtful,
calculating, provident, considerate, wary, circumspect.
KEY: Reckon.
SYN: Compute, calculate, count, regard, estimate, value, account,
consider, argue, infer, judge.
ANT: Miscompute, miscalculate, misestimate, misreckon.
KEY: Reckoning.
SYN: Computation, account, score, bill, charges.
KEY: Reclaim.
SYN: Reform, recal, recover, regain, rescue, restore, amend, convert,
ANT: Vitiate, corrupt, sterilize, worsen.
KEY: Reclaimable.
SYN: Recoverable, amendable, corrigible, convertible, improvable,
cultivable, redeemable.
ANT: Irrecoverable, incorrigible, unimprovable, reprobate,
desperate, hopeless, irredeemable.
KEY: Recline.
SYN: Lean, slope, rest, lie, repose.
ANT: Erect, raise, rise, stand.
KEY: Recluse.
SYN: Shut, sequestered, retired, apart, solitary, conventual,
regular, dissocial.
ANT: Public, exposed, frequented, social, secular, unsequestered,
convivial, companionable.
KEY: Recognition.
SYN: Recollection, remembrance, memory, confession, avowal,
acknowledgment, [See MEMORY].
KEY: Recognize.
SYN: Identify, acknowledge, concede, know_again, avow, own, allow.
ANT: Ignore, overlook, misobserve, repudiate, disavow, disown,
disallow, Recoil, [See REBOUND].
KEY: Recollect.
SYN: Recover, recal, remember, bethink, bring_to_mind, call_up,
ANT: Forget, lose.
KEY: Recommend.
SYN: Commend, confide, praise, applaud, approve, advise.
ANT: Discommend, disapprove, warn, dissuade.
KEY: Recompense.
SYN: Requite, remunerate, reward, indemnify, satisfy, repay,
reimburse, compensate.
ANT: Damnify, injure, misrequite, dissatisfy.
KEY: Recompense \n.\.
SYN: Reward, indemnification, satisfaction, remuneration, amends,
KEY: Reconcilable.
SYN: Congruous, harmonious, compatible, consistent, forgiving.
ANT: Incongruous, antagonistic, inconsistent, incompatible,
irreconcilable, inexcusable, unforgiving.
KEY: Reconcile.
SYN: Unite, conciliate, propitiate, pacify, harmonize, adjust, adapt,
suit, reunite.
ANT: Separate, sever, dissever, estrange, disharmonize, derange,
KEY: Recondite.
SYN: Deep, hidden, abstruse, profound, concealed, remote.
ANT: Superficial, obvious, self-evident, patent, familiar, trite.
KEY: Record \r.\.
SYN: Register, enter, note, chronicle.
ANT: Obliviate, silentiate, suppress.
KEY: Record \n.\.
SYN: Registry, entry, enrolment, list, index, catalogue, register,
schedule, roll, scroll, enumeration, inventory, muniment, instrument,
archive, memorandum, remembrance.
ANT: Obliteration, oblivion, nonregistration, desuetude,
obsolescence, immemoriality, disremembrance.
KEY: Record.
SYN: Archives, annals, chronicles, proceedings, [See ANNALS].
KEY: Recount.
SYN: Rehearse, recite, narrate, detail, enumerate, specify.
ANT: Falsify, misrecite, misnarrate, misenumerate, misrehearse.
KEY: Recourse.
SYN: Reference, aid, application, betaking, refuge.
ANT: Avoidance, independence, omission, abstinence, dispensation,
KEY: Recover.
SYN: Regain, repossess, resume, retrieve, recruit, heal, cure, revive,
restore, reanimate, save.
ANT: Lose, forfeit, miss, sacrifice, deteriorate, impair, decay,
decline, relapse.
KEY: Recovery.
SYN: Repossession, regaining, reinstatement, vindication,
renovation, restitution, re-establishment, retrieval, rectification,
replacement, reanimation, resuscitation, revival, redemption.
ANT: Loss, forfeiture, privation, deprival, sacrifice, abandonment,
relapse, retrogression, decay, declension, incurableness, ruin.
KEY: Recreant.
SYN: Apostate, traitorous, dastardly, craven, false, cowardly,
unfaithful, renegade, base, recusant.
ANT: Staunch, true, faithful, chivalrous, knightly, gallant, loyal,
KEY: Recreation.
SYN: Refreshment, cheer, reanimation, amusement, diversion, revival,
holiday, sport, pastime, relaxation.
ANT: Weariness, toil, lassitude, labor, fatigue, employment,
assiduity, work.
KEY: Recriminate.
SYN: Retort, {return_an_accusation}, [See RETORT].
KEY: Recrimination.
SYN: Retort, counter-imputation, countercharge, counteraccusation.
ANT: Acquiescence, acceptance, confession, silence, assent, avowal.
KEY: Recruit.
SYN: Repair, refresh, renew, restore, recover, recreate, invigorate,
revive, reinforce.
ANT: Waste, lose, impair, relapse, decay, decline, [See RECOVER].
KEY: Rectify.
SYN: Straighten, correct, a_need, better, adjust, emend, reform,
redress, regulate, rearrange, remodel.
ANT: Pervert, corrupt, derange, disorder, distort.
KEY: Rectilinear.
SYN: Straight, undeviating, right-lined, point-blank.
ANT: Curvilinear, deflexed, winding, tortuous, curved, serpentine.
KEY: Rectitude.
SYN: Straightforwardness, uprightness, conscientiousness, integrity,
right, uprightness, incorruptness.
ANT: Obliquity, perverseness, crookedness, tortuousness, wrong,
underhandedness, iniquity, immorality, impropriety, depravity,
KEY: Recumbent.
SYN: Lying, leaning, trailing, reclining, prostrate, reposing,
ANT: Vertical, erect, uninclined, standing.
KEY: Recur.
SYN: Return, come_back, be_repeated, run_in_the_mind, revert, resort,
have_recourse, [See RETURN].
KEY: Recurrent.
SYN: Returning, periodic, frequent, repeated, reiterated,
ANT: Momentary, continuous, unbroken, unintermitted, solitary,
transitory, evanescent.
KEY: Recusant, [See RECREANT], which, however,
{has_a_more_unfavourable}, [See SENSE].
KEY: Redeem.
SYN: Repurchase, regain, retrieve, make_amends_for, recompense,
ransom, liberate, rescue, recover, satisfy, fulfil, discharge.
ANT: Pledge, lose, forfeit, abandon, betray, surrender, sacrifice.
KEY: Redeemable.
SYN: Retrievable, recoverable, reservable.
ANT: Irretrievable, irrecoverable, irredeemable.
KEY: Redemption.
SYN: Repurchase, retrieval, ransom, rescue, recovery, satisfaction,
fulfilment, discharge, expiation, compensation, atonement,
salvation, indemnification.
ANT: Forfeiture, abandonment, loss, deprivation, sacrifice, betrayal,
KEY: Redolence.
SYN: Perfume, savor, scent, odor.
ANT: Fetor, stink, ill-savor.
KEY: Redolent, [See FRAGRANT].
KEY: Redouble.
SYN: Augment, multiply, intensify, reiterate.
ANT: Diminish, slacken, weaken, reduce, abate.
KEY: Redound_(followed by the prepositin 'to')_SYN:, Add, result,
issue, tend, accrue, contribute, lead, incline, conduce.
ANT: Fail, miss, swerve, nullify, defeat, disappoint, frustrate,
KEY: Redress.
SYN: Right, order, revise, amend, rectify, remedy, repair.
ANT: Aggravate, impair, wrong, worsen, intensify, establish, confirm,
reiterate, sanction, deepen, perpetuate.
KEY: Reduce.
SYN: Lessen, diminish, curtail, attenuate, impoverish, narrow,
contract, weaken, impair, subdue, subjugate, bring, refer, subject,
classify, convert.
ANT: Enlarge, magnify, increase, augment, produce, extend, amplify,
broaden, expand, renovate, invigorate, restore, repair, liberate,
free, except, dissociate, transform.
KEY: Reduction.
SYN: Diminution, contraction, decrease, abatement, [See ABRIDGMENT].
KEY: Redundant.
SYN: Superfluous, excessive, unnecessary, overflowing, luxuriant.
ANT: Requisite, defective, necessary.
KEY: Re-echo.
SYN: Resound, reverberate, repeat, [See REVERBERATE].
KEY: Reel.
SYN: Totter, stagger, falter.
ANT: Stand_firm, stand_steady.
KEY: Re-establish.
SYN: Reinstate, restore, refix, renew, confirm_again, [See
KEY: Refer.
SYN: Attribute, associate, assign, advert, connect, relate, point,
belong, allude, apply, appeal.
ANT: Disconnect, dissociate, misapply, misappertain, alienate,
misbeseem, disresemble.
KEY: Referable.
SYN: Ascribable, attributable, owing, imputable.
ANT: Not_referable, not_attributable.
KEY: Referee.
SYN: Umpire, arbitrator.
ANT: Litigant, opponent, adversary.
KEY: Reference.
SYN: Relation, regard, intimation, allusion, [See RELATION].
KEY: Refined.
SYN: Courtly, polished, accomplished, genteel, [See POLITE].
KEY: Refinement.
SYN: Clarification, purification, filtration, sublimation, polish,
elegance, cultivation, civilization, subtilty, finesse, sophistry.
ANT: Turbidity, grossness, foulness, coarseness, impurity,
unrefinement, rudeness, inelegance, boorishness, broadness,
bluntness, unsophisticatedness.
KEY: Refit.
SYN: Repair, rearrange, readjust, reprovide, reinstate, reorganize.
ANT: Relegate, disuse, discard, disorganize, dismantle.
KEY: Reflect.
SYN: Return, image, mirror, exhibit, consider, think, cogitate,
meditate, contemplate, ponder, muse, ruminate, heed, advert,
ANT: Divert, dissipate, idle, dream, wander, rove, stargaze,
woolgather, connive, disregard, overlook.
KEY: Reflection.
SYN: Reflecting, meditation, thought, cogitation, [See THOUGHT].
KEY: Refix.
SYN: Return, ebb, redound.
ANT: Flow, flux, stream.
KEY: Reform.
SYN: Amend, ameliorate, correct, rectify, better, reclaim,
regenerate, remodel, reconstitute, reorganize, improve.
ANT: Corrupt, vitiate, worsen, deteriorate, perpetuate, stabilitate,
confirm, impair, deform, stereotype.
KEY: Reformation.
SYN: Amendment, reform, improvement, correction, [See CORRECTION].
KEY: Refraction.
SYN: Disradiation, obliquity.
ANT: Incidence, rectilinearity, nonrefraction.
KEY: Refractory.
SYN: Perverse, contumacious, stubborn, unruly, obstinate,
unmanageable, mutinous, rebellious, recalcitrant.
ANT: Obedient, docile, amenable, manageable.
KEY: Refragable.
SYN: Refutable, weak, questionable, deniable, fallacious.
ANT: Irrefragable, sound, indisputable, unquestionable, undeniable.
KEY: Refrain.
SYN: Forbear, hold, abstain, keep, restrain, withhold, desist_from.
ANT: Indulge, venture, continue, persist.
KEY: Refresh.
SYN: Cool, refrigerate, in, vigorate, revive, reanimate, renovate,
recreate, renew, restore, cheer, freshen, brace.
ANT: Heat, oppress, weary, burden, afflict, annoy, tire, fatigue,
exhaust, debilitate, enervate, relax.
KEY: Refreshment.
SYN: Relief, invigoration, regalement, entertainment, food,
nourishment, [See RELIEF].
KEY: Refuge.
SYN: Protection, shelter, harbor, asylum, retreat, covert,
hospitality, sanctuary, hiding-place.
ANT: exposure, inhospitableness, peril, pitfall, snare, Scylla,
KEY: Refund.
SYN: Repay, return, restore, pay_back, reimburse.
ANT: Appropriate, withhold, divert, misapply, embezzle, alienate,
misappropriate, expend, misspend.
KEY: Refuse \v.\.
SYN: Deny, withhold, reject, decline, repudiate.
ANT: Grant, afford, yield, concede, acquiesce.
KEY: Refuse \n.\.
SYN: Offal, scum, dregs, sediment, recrement, sweepings, trash,
offscourings, debris, remains, dross.
ANT: Cream, pickings, firstfruits, flower, prime.
KEY: Refute.
SYN: Negative, disprove, neutralize, controvert, repel, confute.
ANT: Prove, confirm, establish.
KEY: Refutable, [See REFRAGABLE].
KEY: Regain.
SYN: Recover, react, reprocure, reobtain, retrieve, repossess.
ANT: Miss, lose, forfeit.
KEY: Regal \a.\.
SYN: Kingly, royal, splendid, imperial, magnificent, princely.
ANT: Beggarly, miserly, mean, shabby.
KEY: Regale.
SYN: Feast, entertain, gratify, delight, refresh.
ANT: Starve, stint, tantalize.
KEY: Regard \v.\.
SYN: Behold, view, contemplate, esteem, consider, deem, affect,
respect, reverence, revere, value, conceive, heed, notice, mind.
ANT: Miss, overlook, disregard, despise, dislike, contemn, hate,
loathe, misconsider, misconceive, misestimate, misjudge.
KEY: Regarding.
SYN: Touching, concerning, respecting, {with_respect_to}, about,
{in_relation_to}, in_reference_to.
ANT: Barring, disregarding, omitting.
KEY: Regardless \a.\.
SYN: Heedless, inconsiderate, careless, unmindful, inattentive,
unobservant, disregarding, indifferent, despising.
ANT: Careful, considerate, regardful, attentive, prudent, cautious,
circumspect, scrupulous, mindful.
KEY: Regards.
SYN: Compliments, respects, commendations.
KEY: Regenerate.
SYN: Reproduce, renovate, resuscitate, revive, revivify, restore,
ANT: Waste, corrupt, vitiate, deteriorate, degenerate.
KEY: Region.
SYN: Country, clime, territory, district, tract_of_land, portion,
KEY: Register, [See BAWL].
KEY: Regression.
SYN: Retreat, return, retrogradation, retrogression, retirement.
ANT: Advancement, progression, aggression, procession.
KEY: Regret \v.\.
SYN: Grieve, lament, repent, miss, desiderate, deplore.
ANT: Welcome, hail, approve, abandon, abjure, forget, disregard.
KEY: Regret \n.\.
SYN: Sorrow, grief, concern, remorse, lamentation, repentance, [See
KEY: Regular.
SYN: Customary, normal, ordinary, orderly, stated, recurrent,
periodical, systematic, methodic, established, recognized, formal,
symmetrical, certain.
ANT: Unusual, exceptional, abnormal, capricious, rare, irregular,
disordered, fitful, unsymmetrical, variable, eccentric, erratic,
KEY: Regulate.
SYN: Methodize, organize, rale, govern, [See ARRANGE_and_ORGANIZE].
KEY: Regulation.
SYN: Rule, law, adjustment, disposal, method, government, order,
control, arrangement.
ANT: Misrule, disorder, anarchy, misgovernment, maladministration,
disarrangement, nonregulation, caprice, license, insubjection,
KEY: Rehabilitate.
SYN: Reinstate, reempower, recapacitate, requalify.
ANT: Denude, divest, disempower, Incapacitate, disqualify, strip,
KEY: Rehearsal \n.\.
SYN: Repetition, recital, narrative, [See ACCOUNT], ~_\it.\.
KEY: Rehearse.
SYN: Repeat, recite, narrate, recount, relate, tell, recapitulate,
recount, detail.
ANT: Misrepent, misrecite, misrecount, misrelate, misrepresent,
KEY: Reign.
SYN: Rule, govern, prevail, command.
ANT: Obey, submit.
KEY: Reimburse.
SYN: Refund, repay, indemnify, satisfy.
ANT: Embezzle, appropriate, misapply, alienate, damnify, defraud.
KEY: Rein.
SYN: Curb, bridle, restrain, moderate, control, govern, check, hold.
ANT: Indulge, loose, vent, discharge, humor.
KEY: Reinforce, [See RECRUIT].
KEY: Reinstate.
SYN: Rehabilitate, restore, reinstil, replace, reinvest.
ANT: Degrade, remove, relegate, dethrone, banish, deprive, divest.
KEY: Reinvest, [See REINSTATE].
KEY: Reiterate.
SYN: Repeat, re-express, re-enunciate, renew, reproduce.
ANT: Cancel, withdraw, reverse, retract.
KEY: Reject.
SYN: Repel, renounce, throw_by, castaway, repudiate, decline,
discard, refuse, exclude.
ANT: Hail, welcome, accept, appropriate, choose, select, admit.
KEY: Rejoice.
SYN: Delight, glory, exult, joy, triumph, gladden, delight, revel,
be_glad, cheer, please, enliven, gratify.
ANT: Mourn, grieve, lament, weep, sorrow, repent, trouble, afflict,
oppress, weary, depress, disappoint, burden, darken, distress, pain,
sadden, vex, annoy.
KEY: Rejoinder.
SYN: Retort, replication, reply, answer, rebutter, parry.
ANT: Sally, banter, rallying, sarcasm, attack, hit.
KEY: Rekindle.
SYN: Reignite, resuscitate, reinspire, fan, refocillate, reinforce.
ANT: Stifle, extinguish, smother, suppress, damp, quench.
KEY: Relapse \v.\.
SYN: Retrogress, recede, deteriorate.
ANT: Recover, amend, progress, advance, improve.
KEY: Relapse \n.\.
SYN: Falling_back, retrogression,
ANT: Recovery, return, improvement.
KEY: Relate.
SYN: Tell, recite, narrate, recount, rehearse, report, detail,
ANT: Misrecite, misrecount, misrepresent, misreport, falsify,
pervert, distort, misrelate.
KEY: Related.
SYN: Kindred, cognate, akin, allied, connected.
ANT: Unrelated, unconnected, not_allied.
KEY: Relation.
SYN: reference, aspect, connection, narration, proportion, bearing,
affinity, homogeneity, association, relevancy, pertinency, fitness,
harmony, ratio, relative, agreement, kinsman, kindred, appurtenancy.
ANT: Irrelation, disconnection, dissociation, irrelevancy,
impertinency, disproportion, Disproportion, unfitness,
unsuitableness, heterogeneity, disharmony, disagreement, alien.
KEY: Relative.
SYN: Referring_to, not_absolute.
ANT: Absolute.
KEY: Relatives.
SYN: Relations, kinsfolk, kindred, kinsmen, [See KIN].
KEY: Relax.
SYN: Slacken, loosen, remit, abate, mitigate, release, unbend, relent,
divert, recreate, rest, enervate, Unstring.
ANT: Tighten, increase, intensify, stretch, bend, brace, invigorate,
redouble, grow, heighten, strengthen.
KEY: Relaxation, [See RELAX].
KEY: Relay.
SYN: Reinforcement, recruitment, refreshment, supply, relief.
ANT: Exhaustion, consumption.
KEY: Release \v.\.
SYN: Free, loose, liberate, discharge, quit, acquit, exempt,
extricate, disengage, indemnify.
ANT: Bind, constrain, confine, shackle, fetter, yoke.
KEY: Release_\n.\.
SYN: Liberation, discharge, freedom, [See BONDAGE].
KEY: Relegate.
SYN: Remove, transfer, banish, transport, exile, deport, despatch.
ANT: Recal, locate, reinstate.
KEY: Relent.
SYN: Yield, relax, soften.
ANT: Persist, harden.
KEY: [See {[Eelentle**]?}].
SYN: Cruel, inexorable, unyielding, remorseless, unmerciful,
ANT: Yielding, humane, feeling, clement, merciful, compassionate.
KEY: Relevancy, [See RELEVANT].
KEY: Relevant.
SYN: Appropriate, pertinent, apt, applicable, bearing.
ANT: Inappropriate, impertinent, irrelevant.
KEY: Reliance.
SYN: Confidence, trust, dependence, assurance.
ANT: Distrust, misgiving, suspicion, diffidence.
KEY: Relief.
SYN: Succor, support, release, extrication, alleviation, mitigation,
aid, holp, assistance, remedy, redress, exemption, deliverance,
refreshment, comfort.
ANT: Oppression, aggravation, intensification, burdensomeness,
trouble, exhaustion, weariness, discomfort.
KEY: Relieve.
SYN: Help, succor, [See _ALLEVIATE].
KEY: Religion.
SYN: Faith, creed, theology, belief, profession, piety, sanctity,
godliness, holiness.
ANT: Unbelief, irreligion, godlessness, atheism, impiety, sacrilege,
scoffing, blasphemy, scepticism, profanity, hypocrisy,
sanctimoniousness, Pharisaism, formalism, reprobation.
KEY: Religious.
SYN: Pious, godly, devout, devotional, divine, holy, sacred.
ANT: Impious, ungodly, undevout, sacrilegious, blasphemous,
sceptical, profane.
KEY: Relinquish.
SYN: Resign, leave, quit, forsake, abandon, desert, renounce, give_up,
lay_aside, cede, forego, repudiate, surrender, discontinue.
ANT: frieze, retain, assume, enforce, vindicate, assert, maintain,
prosecute, defend, continue.
KEY: Relish \v.\.
SYN: Like, approve, enjoy, appreciate.
ANT: Repudiate, nauseate, reject, abominate, loathe.
KEY: Relish_\n.\.
SYN: Zest, recommendation, enhancement, flavor, savor, gusto, taste,
appetite, piquancy, sapidity.
ANT: Drawback, disfavor, disrecommendation, nauseousness, disrelish,
insipidity, unsavoriness.
KEY: Relucent_\a.\.
SYN: Bright, shining, gleaming, glittering, flashing, lum_nous,
radiant, crystalline, pellucid, effulgent.
ANT: Dull, opaque, rayless, leaden, dark.
KEY: Reluctance.
SYN: Aversion, repugnance, unwillingness, dislike, regret,
ANT: Desire, readiness, willingness, promptitude, alacrity, welcome,
forwardness, eagerness.
KEY: Reluctant.
SYN: Averse, unwilling, disinclined, loth, backward.
ANT: Willing, inclined, eager, forward.
KEY: Rely, [See ENCIRCLE].
KEY: Remain.
SYN: Stay, continue, wait, stop, tarry, halt, sojourn, rest, dwell,
abide, last, endure, accrue, survive.
ANT: Fly, vanish, remove, depart, speed, hasten, press, flit,
disappear, pass.
KEY: Remainder.
SYN: Rest, residue, remnant, balance, surplus, leavings, relics,
ANT: Expenditure, loss, outgoings, issue, waste.
KEY: Remark.
SYN: Observe, note, heed, comment, assert, say, notice.
ANT: Misobserve, disregard, overlook, miss.
KEY: Remarkable.
SYN: Observable, noticeable, extraordinary, unusual, rare, striking,
noteworthy, notable, distinguished, famous, peculiar, prominent,
ANT: Unremarkable, unnoticeable, ordinary, mean, commonplace,
everyday, undistinguished.
KEY: Remediable.
SYN: Curable, rectifiable, removable.
ANT: Incurable, irremediable, remediless, desperate, hopeless,
KEY: Remedial.
SYN: Sanatory, sanative, alterative, ameliorative, mitigating,
corrective, curative, healing, restorative, salubrious.
ANT: Noxious, hurtful, exaggerative, confirmative, morbific,
deleterious, inducive, provocative.
KEY: Remedy.
SYN: Cure, restorative, counteraction, reparation, redress, relief,
help, specific.
ANT: Evil, disease, hurt, infection, plague, ill, impairment,
deterioration, aggravation, provocation.
KEY: Remember.
SYN: Recollect, recall, retain, bear_in_mind, mind.
ANT: Forget, obliviate, disregard, overlook.
KEY: Remembrance.
SYN: Recollection, memory, memorial, token, souvenir, memento,
ANT: Forgetfulness, oblivion.
KEY: Reminiscence.
SYN: Remnant, relic, trace, savor, leavings.
ANT: Prognostic, indication, suggestion, warning, announcement,
KEY: Remiss.
SYN: Slack, careless, negligent, i_attentive, wanting, flow,
slothful, idle, lax, dilatory, tardy, remissful.
ANT: Energetic, careful, attentive, active, assiduous, alert,
painstaking, diligent, strict.
KEY: Remissful, [See REMISS].
KEY: Remit.
SYN: Relax, pardon, absolve, forego, discontinue, surrender, forgive,
ANT: Increase, intensity, enforce, exact.
KEY: Remittent.
SYN: Periodic, recurrent.
ANT: Chronic, continuous, constant.
KEY: Remnant, [See REMAINDER].
KEY: Remonstrate.
SYN: Expostulate, rebel, protest, recalcitrate, object, admonish.
ANT: Acquiesce, submit, coincide,.
KEY: Remorse.
SYN: Compunction, anguish, self-condemnation, penitence,
ANT: Complacency, self-approval, self-congratulation.
KEY: Remorseless.
SYN: Cruel, truculent, inexorable, ruthless, pitiless, unrelenting,
merciless, implacable.
ANT: Mild, humane, gentle, feeling, compunctious, lenient,
remorseful, self-condemning, regretful, compassionate.
KEY: Remote.
SYN: Distant, indirect, unconnected, unrelated, foreign, alien,
heterogeneous, separate, contingent.
ANT: Near, close, direct, connected, related, homogeneous, immediate,
proximate, essential, present, pressing, urgent, actual.
KEY: Remove.
SYN: Displace, separate, abstract, transport, carry, transfer, eject,
oust, dislodge, suppress, migrate, depart.
ANT: Restore, conserve, stabilitate, perpetuate, establish,
reinstate, reinstall, instal, fix, fasten, stay, remain, dwell, abide,
KEY: Remunerate.
SYN: Reward, recompense, satisfy, compensate, repay, requite,
ANT: Defraud, misrequite, misrepay, dissatisfy, damnify.
KEY: Remuneration.
SYN: Payment, compensation, recompense, reward, [See SATISFACTION].
KEY: Rend.
SYN: Tear, lacerate, divide, separate, split, disintegrate, disunite,
rive, tear_asunder.
ANT: Repair, place, patch, conserve, unite, perpetuate, continuate.
KEY: Render.
SYN: Give, present, return, restore, give_up_apportion, assign,
surrender, pay, requite, deliver.
ANT: Keep, retain, withhold, appropriate, alienate, misapportion,
misappropriate, misrequite.
KEY: Renegade.
SYN: Apostate, traitor, deserter, heretic, betrayer, backslider,
vagabond, turncoat, recreant.
ANT: Supporter, adherent, defender, bigot, zealot, dogmatist,
KEY: Renew.
SYN: Recreate, restore, refresh, renovate, rejuvenate, furbish,
recommence, repeat, reiterate, reissue, regenerate, reform,
ANT: Impair, wear, deteriorate, vitiate, exhaust, discontinue,
corrupt, weaken, defile, deprave.
KEY: Renitent.
SYN: Resistent, elastic, resilient, reluctant, stubborn, tough,
ANT: Yielding, lentous, flexible, docile, pliant.
KEY: Renounce.
SYN: Reject, abjure, disclaim, disown, forego, disavow, deny, quit,
resign, abandon, recant, relinquish, repudiate.
ANT: Acknowledge, recognize, claim, maintain, assert, propound, own,
vindicate, avow, profess, hold, retain, defend.
KEY: Renovate, [See RENEW].
KEY: Renown.
SYN: Fame, distinction, note, notability, eminence, celebrity, glory,
reputation, lustre, honor.
ANT: Disgrace, meanness, ignobleness, degradation, taint, stain,
brand, discredit, dishonor, disrepute.
KEY: Renowned.
SYN: Famous, celebrated, wonderful, illustrious, [See FAMOUS].
KEY: Rent.
SYN: Laceration, rupture, fissure, divulsion, schism, solution.
ANT: Suture, junction, union, continuity, integrity, reparation,
redintegration, reunion, consolidation.
KEY: Renunciation.
SYN: Rejection, repudiation, abjuration, abnegation, abandonment,
cession, surrender, [See CESSION].
KEY: Reorganize.
SYN: Rearrange, reconstitute, reassemble.
ANT: Dissolve, disband, dissipate, disperse, derange, dismember,
KEY: Repair.
SYN: Restore, recover, mend, retrieve, relit.
ANT: Impair, waste, wear, deteriorate, injure.
KEY: Reparable.
SYN: Recoverable, curable, retrievable.
ANT: Irreparable, incurable, irretrievable.
KEY: Reparation.
SYN: Restoration, repair, restitution, compensation, satisfaction,
amends, indemnification, atonement.
ANT: Injury, Impairment, deterioration, waste, wear, defective,
KEY: Repay.
SYN: Remunerate, reimburse, recompense, reward, retaliate, requite,
{[r]?}, fund.
ANT: Defraud, misappropriate, embezzle, waste, alienate, extort,
confiscate, exact.
KEY: Repeal, reappellare, turn_back.)_SYN:, Abolish, revoke, rescind,
cancel, annul, recal, abrogate, reverse, discontinue, rescind,
ANT: Continue, establish, pass, institute, sanction, enact,
perpetuate, confirm.
KEY: Repeal \n.\.
SYN: Abrogation, rescission, revocation, annulment.
ANT: Continuance, establishment, perpetuation.
KEY: Repeat.
SYN: Reiterate, iterate, renew, cite, quote, relate, rehearse,
recapitulate, reproduce.
ANT: Discontinues, drop, discard, abandon, ignore, suppress,
misrepeat, misquote, misrecite, misrepresent, misinterpret,
KEY: Repeatedly.
SYN: Frequently_again_and_again, often.
ANT: Seldom, rarely.
KEY: Repel.
SYN: Repulse, reject, refuse, deter, resist, check.
ANT: Promote, propel, welcome, advance, accept, encourage, further.
KEY: Repent.
SYN: Grieve, regret, sorrow, rue, repine, deplore, lament.
ANT: Rejoice, persist.
KEY: Repentance.
SYN: Penitence, contrition, compunction, regret, remorse, borrow,
self-reproach, selfcondemnation.
ANT: Impenitence, obduracy, recusancy, hardness, reparation,
KEY: Repercussion.
SYN: Recoil, reverberation, ricochet, rebound.
ANT: Impact, stroke, shock, collision, contact.
KEY: Repetition.
SYN: Iteration, reiteration, dwelling_upon, diffuseness, verbosity,
relation, [See RELATION].
KEY: Repine.
SYN: Murmur, grumble, complain.
ANT: Acquiesce, submit, smile, rejoice.
KEY: Replace.
SYN: Restore, supply, substitute, reinstate, rearrange,
ANT: Move, abstract, withdraw, remove, damage, deprive.
KEY: Replenish.
SYN: Fill, refill, resupply, stock, satisfy, furnish, enrich.
ANT: Waste, empty, exhaust, reduce, drain, impoverish.
KEY: Replete, [See EMPTY].
KEY: Repletion.
SYN: Fulness, abundance, amplitude, superabundance, overfulness.
ANT: Exhaustion, emptiness, want, inanition.
KEY: Reply \v.\.
SYN: Replicate, answer, respond, rejoin.
ANT: Ignore, drop, pretermit, pass, disregard.
KEY: Reply \n.\.
SYN: Answer, rejoinder, response, replication.
ANT: Pass_by, ignoring.
KEY: Report \v.\.
SYN: Announce, relate, tell, circulate, notify, narrate, recite,
describe, detail, communicate, declare.
ANT: Silence, hush, suppress, misreport, misrepresent, miarelate,
KEY: Report \n.\.
SYN: tidings, announce, ment, relation, narration, recital,
description, communication, declaration, news, rumor, fame, repute,
noise, reverberation.
ANT: Silence, suppression, misannouncement, fabrication,
KEY: Repose \v.\.
SYN: Lie, recline, couch_rest, settle, abide, stay, acquiesce, lodge,
lace, deposit.
ANT: Rise, stand, {[vo]?}, wander, flit, flutter, remove, transfer.
KEY: Repose \n.\.
SYN: lest, quiet, stillness, reclination, tranquillity, calmness,
peaceful, {[ess]?}, {[ea_]?}, [See {[_]?}], {[eace]?}, quiescence.
ANT: Movement, disquiet, unrest, agitation, restlessness,
disturbance, commotion, tumult, distraction, uneasiness.
KEY: Reprehend.
SYN: Blame_chide, reprove, censure, reprimand.
ANT: praise, laud, eulogize, sanction, approve.
KEY: Reprehensible.
SYN: Blamable, blame, culpable, censurable, reproachable, reprovable,
ANT: Laudable, praiseworthy, irreproachach, it, irreprovable,
unexceptionable, innocent, unobjectionable.
KEY: Represent.
SYN: Portray, delineate, reproduce_exhibit, personate, state,
indicate, embody, enact, illustrate, denote, play, dramatize,
ANT: Misportray, misdelineate, distort, falsify, caricature,
KEY: Representative.
SYN: Likeness, personation, semblance, exhibition, [See LIKENESS].
KEY: Representative_\n.\.
SYN: Agent, commissioner, proxy, deputy, substitute, embodiment,
personation, delegate, vicar, vicegerent, principal, sovereign,
ANT: Autocrat, dictator.
KEY: Representative \a.\.
SYN: Figurative, symbolical, delegated_to_others, [See
KEY: Repress.
SYN: Crush, quell, subdue, check, restrain, curb, overpower, mitigate,
damp, calm, control.
ANT: Raise, rouse, excite, agitate, aggravate, foment, intensify,
foster, encourage, stimulate, incite, fan.
KEY: Reprieve \n.\.
SYN: Respite, acquittal, suspension, delay, interval, pardon,
amnesty, intermission.
ANT: Condemnation, conviction, reprisal, retribution.
KEY: Reprimand, [See REPREHEND].
KEY: Reprisal.
SYN: Retaliation, retribution, self-compensation,
ANT: Condonation, grace, remission, reprieve.
KEY: Reproach \v.\.
SYN: Blame, censure, taunt, rebuke, upbraid, reprobate, reprove.
ANT: Laud, praise, approve, commend.
KEY: Reproach \n.\, [See APPROBATION].
KEY: Reprobate \v.\.
SYN: Condemn, denounce.
ANT: Sanction, commend, approve.
KEY: Reprobate \a.\.
SYN: Abandoned, castaway, irredeemable, lost.
ANT: Hopeful, redeemable, salvable, recoverable.
KEY: Reprobate \n.\.
SYN: Castaway, villain, ruffian, miscreant, scapegrace, scalawag.
ANT: Example, pattern, mirror, model, paragon.
KEY: Reproduce.
SYN: Generate, propagate, imitate, exhibit, represent, copy.
ANT: Stifle, extinguish, exterminate, misrepresent, misportray.
KEY: Reproduction \n.\, [See REPRODUCE].
KEY: Reprovable.
SYN: Censurable, reprehensible, [See CULPABLE].
KEY: Reprove, [See RAPID].
KEY: Repudiate.
SYN: Disavow, disown, discard, castoff, abjure, renounce, disclaim,
ANT: Avow, own, vindicate, assert, retain, vaunt, claim, profess,
recognize, acknowledge, accept.
KEY: Repugnant.
SYN: Hostile, antagonistic, averse, reluctant, unwilling,
irreconcilable, incompatible, inimical, adverse, contradictory,
loath, heterogeneous.
ANT: Friendly, coincident, harmonious, compatible, willing,
consistent, homogeneous, congruous.
KEY: Repulsive.
SYN: Forbidding, deterrent, ungenial, odious, ugly, unattractive,
disagreeable, revolting.
ANT: Charming, agreeable, attract, ive, winning, captivating,
fascinating, alluring, seductive, pleasant.
KEY: Reputable.
SYN: Respectable, creditable, honorable, estimable.
ANT: Unrespectable, discreditable, dishonorable, disgraceful,
KEY: Request, {[t>]?}.
SYN: Ask, desire, beg, entreat, beseech, petition, supplicate,
solicit, demand.
ANT: Command, order, insist, direct, dictate, enjoin, require, demand,
KEY: Request \n.\, [See PETITION].
KEY: Require.
SYN: Demand, claim, exact, insist_upon, [See REQUEST], [See ANT.].
KEY: Requital, [See SATISFACTION].
KEY: Requite.
SYN: Repay, reward, compensate, recompense, remunerate, satisfy,
retaliate, punish, avenge, revenge.
ANT: Misrequite, defraud, condone, absolve, pardon.
KEY: Rescind.
SYN: Revoke, repeal, annul, cancel, recal, reverse, abrogate.
ANT: Perpetuate, enforce, maintain, re-enact.
KEY: Rescue \v.\.
SYN: Retake, recover, recapture, liberate, extricate, save, deliver,
ANT: endanger, imperil, betray, surrender, abandon, expose.
KEY: Rescue \n.\, [See SALVATION].
KEY: Research.
SYN: Investigation, inquiry, scrutiny, examination, exploration,
learning, lore, discovery, elaboration, elimination.
ANT: Ignorance, superficiality, sciolism, misinvestigation,
shallowness, oversight, inobservance.
KEY: Resemblance.
SYN: Likeness, similarity, similitude, semblance, representation,
portrait, reflection, image.
ANT: Unlikeness, dissimilarity, disresemblance, difference,
KEY: Resent.
SYN: Repel, resist, rebel, recalcitrate, take_ill.
ANT: Acquiesce, submit, condone, pardon, overlook.
KEY: Resentful.
SYN: Choleric, malicious, vindictive, intolerant, insubmissive.
ANT: Meek, mild, placable, tolerant, forgiving, submissive.
KEY: Resentment.
SYN: Anger, ire, indignation, animosity.
ANT: Calmness, acquiescence, toleration, mildness, endurance,
KEY: Reserve.
SYN: Reservation, retention, limitation, withholding, appropriation,
coyness, shyness, backwardness, secretiveness, taciturnity, modesty,
restraint, constraint.
ANT: Abandonment, nonreservation, surrender, absoluteness, openness,
frankness, forwardness, pertness, unrestraint, undisguise,
transparency, shamelessness_indiscretion.
KEY: Reserved.
SYN: Backwardness, cold, silent, cautious, unsociable, sly, bashful,
[See FRIGID_and_SLY].
KEY: Reside, [See ABIDE].
KEY: Residence.
SYN: stay, sojourn, occupation, abode, pernoctation, dwelling,
ANT: Migration, travel, locomotion, absenteeism, nonresidence,
KEY: Resident \a.\.
SYN: Abiding, dwelling, residing, inhabiting.
ANT: Migrating, moving.
KEY: Resident \n.\.
SYN: Occupant, dweller, tenant, sojourner, inhabitant.
ANT: Stranger, foreigner, visitor.
KEY: Residue, [See REMAINDER].
KEY: Resign.
SYN: Surrender, abandon, return, withdraw, abdicate, submit, leave,
relinquish, forego, renounce.
ANT: Retain, claim, appropriate, vindicate, grasp.
KEY: Resignation.
SYN: Surrender, relinquishment, forsaking, abandonment, abdication,
renunciation, submission, acquiescence, patience, endurance.
ANT: Retention, claim, appropriation, vindication, grasp, resistance,
rebellion, murmur, dissatisfaction, discontent, contumacy,
contention, protestation, remonstrance.
KEY: Resist.
SYN: Withstand, oppose, hinder, check, thwart, rebuff, stem, combat.
ANT: Encourage, promote, aid, advance, help, succor, acquiesce,
submit, suffer, allow, tolerate, permit.
KEY: Resistance.
SYN: Opposition, hindrance, [See CHECK].
KEY: Resistible.
SYN: Weak, refutable, nugatory, trifling, childish, worthless.
ANT: Overpowering, irresistible, irrefragable, resistless,
overwhelming, conclusive.
KEY: Resolute.
SYN: Determined, decided, steadfast, fixed, steady, constant,
persevering, stout, pertinacious, energetic, dogged, stout-hearted,
inflexible, undaunted, undeviating, unflinching.
ANT: unenergetic, fitful, vacillating, irresolute, dubious,
shillyshally, capricious, variable, ductile, undetermined,
undecided, weak.
KEY: Resolution.
SYN: Separation, decomposition, analysis, unravelling,
disentanglement, disintegration, conversion, firmness, &c, [See
ANT: Aggregation, composition, union, amalgamation, integrity,
totality, incorporation, synthesis, collocation, conservation,
entanglement, confusion, conglomeration.
KEY: Resolve, [See DECIDE].
KEY: Resonant.
SYN: Resounding, sonorous, musical, metallic, vibratory, acoustic,
shrill, loud, sharp, vocal, ringing.
ANT: Mute, silent, dead, dumb, muffled, wooden, voiceless, stifled,
KEY: Resort \v.\.
SYN: Repair, fly, retire, retreat.
ANT: Shun, ignore, avoid, discard.
KEY: Resort \n.\.
SYN: Assembly, betaking, repairing, haunt, frequentation, employment,
ANT: Shunning, avoidance, forsaking, abandonment, desertion.
KEY: Resound.
SYN: Ring, reverberate, echo, re-echo, respond.
ANT: Whisper, murmur, breathe, mutter, {[hum]?}.
KEY: Resource, Resources.
SYN: Material, means, productions, supplies, expedients, contrivance,
wealth, riches, device.
ANT: Destitution, barrenness, inanition, exhaustion, lack, drain,
nonplus, poverty, sterility.
KEY: Respect \v.\.
SYN: Notice, regard, honor, prefer, venerate, esteem.
ANT: Overlook, disregard, dishonor, despise, contemn.
KEY: Respect \n.\.
SYN: Reference, i_elation, regard, honor, deference.
ANT: Irrelativeness, disregard, contempt, dishonor, insult,
contumely, disrespect.
KEY: Respectable \a.\.
SYN: Worthy, good, considerable, laudable.
ANT: Unworthy, bad, unrespectable, mean, inconsiderable.
KEY: Respective.
SYN: relative, appertaining.
ANT: Absolute, irrespective.
KEY: Respite, [See REPRIEVE].
KEY: Resplendent.
SYN: Brilliant, gorgeous, luminous, glittering, flashing, burnished.
ANT: Dead, dull, lustreless, sombre.
KEY: Respond.
SYN: Answer, reply, rejoin, correspond, tally, accord, meet, suit.
ANT: Propound, disagree, disaccord, jar, differ.
KEY: Response, [See ANSWER].
KEY: Responsible, [See ACCOUNTABLE].
KEY: Responsive.
SYN: Answering, correspondent, echoing, sympathetic, obedient.
ANT: Alien, unsympathetic, strange, irresponsive.
KEY: Rest \n.\.
SYN: Quiet, repose, cessation, tranquillity, peace, security, pause,
interval, intermission.
ANT: Tumult, commotion, agitation, disquiet, unrest, insecurity,
continuity, uninterruptedness, progression, restlessness.
KEY: Restitution.
SYN: Restoration, return, indemnification, reparation, compensation,
ANT: Fraud, deprivation, wrong, robbery, abstraction, injury.
KEY: Restive.
SYN: Stubborn, obstinate, uneasy, balky, recalcitrant.
ANT: Docile, manageable, tractable.
KEY: Restless.
SYN: Unquiet, uneasy, disturbed, sleepless, agitated, roving,
incessant, tossing.
ANT: Calm, quiet, reposing, still, motionless.
KEY: Restoration.
SYN: Recovery, replacement, renewal, renovation, redintegration,
re-establishment, return, revival, restitution, reparation,
compensation, amends.
ANT: Loss, lapse, forfeiture, displacement, deterioration,
impairment, deprivation, abandonment, departure, injury, waste,
abstraction, seizure, wrong.
KEY: Restorative.
SYN: Compensatory, remedial, reparatory, invigorating.
ANT: Exhaustive, debilitating, wasting, consumptive.
KEY: Restore.
SYN: Return, replace, refund, repay, reinstate, re-establish, renew,
repair, recover, heal, cure, refresh.
ANT: Abstract, remove, displace, appropriate, alienate, deprive,
impair, wound, injure, dilapidate, shatter.
KEY: Restrain.
SYN: Check, repress, hinder, limit, confine, restrict, withhold, curb,
coerce, prohibit, narrow, circumscribe, reduce.
ANT: Promote, advance, urge, incite, aid, liberate, indulge, loose,
vent, amplify, enlarge, expand, extend.
KEY: Restraint, [See CHECK], ~_\n.\].
KEY: Restrict, [See RESTRAIN].
KEY: Result \v.\.
SYN: Terminate, end, ensue, eventuate.
ANT: Originate, arise, precede, spring, commence, start, begin.
KEY: Result \n.\.
SYN: Termination, end, issue, effect, consequence, product, fruit,
outcome, upshot, development, conclusion, remainder.
ANT: Beginning, commencement, initiative, cause, rise, spring,
origin, operation, causation, tendency, production, antecedent,
premonition, prognostic, indication.
KEY: Resume.
SYN: Recommence, renew, return, begin_again.
ANT: Drop, discontinue, intermit, interrupt.
KEY: Resumption, [See RESUME].
KEY: Resurrection.
SYN: Rising, renovation, resuscitation, regeneration.
ANT: Death, burial, interment, {[ex]?}, tinction.
KEY: Resuscitate.
SYN: Revive, re-excite, reanimate, reinvigorate, revivify.
ANT: Extinguish, lay, prostrate, quench.
KEY: Retain.
SYN: Keep, hold, restrain.
ANT: Abandon, forfeit, surrender.
KEY: Retaliate.
SYN: Avenge, retort, repay, requite.
ANT: Pardon, condone, forgive.
KEY: Retaliation.
SYN: Revenge, repayment, retribution, requital, reprisals,
ANT: Pardon, condonation, forgiveness, r_mission.
KEY: Retard.
SYN: Clog, hinder, obstruct, impede, defer.
ANT: Accelerate, expedite, promote.
KEY: Retentive.
SYN: Preservative, close, tenacious, mindful.
ANT: Loose, leaky, oblivious.
KEY: Reticence.
SYN: Reserve, silentness, refrain, repressiveness.
ANT: Unreserve, abandon, garrulity, freedom.
KEY: Reticent.
SYN: Silent, taciturn, voiceless, still, re-.
KEY: Retinue.
SYN: Retainers, attendant, suite, pomp, followers, tail, satellites,
escort, cortege.
ANT: Nonattendance, unstateliness, solitariness.
KEY: Retire.
SYN: Withdraw, retreat, depart, secede, shrink, repair.
ANT: Approach, advance.
KEY: Retirement.
SYN: Solitude, privacy, departure, seclusion, recess, concavity,
ANT: Publicity, approach, advance, prominence, protrusion,
KEY: Retort \n.\.
SYN: Rejoinder, replicable, repartee, reciprocation, retaliation,
reply, answer.
ANT: Concession, confession, acquiescence, acceptance.
KEY: Retort \v.\, [See RESERVED_and_TACITURN].
KEY: Retract.
SYN: Withdraw, recal, revoke, unsay, disavow, recant, abjure,
ANT: Reiterate, repeat.
KEY: Retreat \v.\, [See REPLY_and_RETALIATE].
KEY: Retreat \n.\.
SYN: Retirement, departure, withdrawal, seclusion, solitude, privacy,
asylum, shelter, refuge, recess, [See RETIRE].
KEY: Retrench.
SYN: Reduce, abbreviate, diminish, limit, contract, curtail, lessen,
ANT: Enlarge, increase, extend, expand, multiply, amplify, augment.
KEY: Retrenchment \n.\.
SYN: curtailment, diminution, reduction.
ANT: Enlargement, expansion, extension.
KEY: Retribution.
SYN: Penalty, repayment, reward, compensation, punishment,
ANT: Condonation, remission, pardon, reprieve, non-retribution,
KEY: Retrievable.
SYN: Recoverable, redeemable, hopeful, salvable, reformable,
ANT: Hopeless, desperate, irredeemable, irrecoverable, reprobate,
lost, irreformable, unamendable.
KEY: Retrieve.
SYN: Recover, regain, rescue, repair, restore.
ANT: Lose, forfeit, abandon, betray, surrender, impair, deteriorate.
KEY: Retrogression.
SYN: Retreat, retirement, decline, relapse.
ANT: Advance, progress, improvement, amelioration.
KEY: Retrospect.
SYN: Review, survey, recollection, reminiscence, reconsideration.
ANT: Prognostication, anticipation, speculation, forecasting,
prophecy, prospect.
KEY: Return.
SYN: Recur, revert, reappear, come_back, repay, requite, recompense,
retaliate, render, restore, yield, produce, give_back, repay.
ANT: Depart, remove, vanish, disappear, retain, appropriate,
misappropriate, alienate, withhold.
KEY: Reveal.
SYN: Unveil, disclose, show, communicate, divulge, discover, expose,
unearth, make_known.
ANT: Hide, obscure, conceal, suppress, cover, cloak.
KEY: Revel.
SYN: Carouse, feast, banquet, luxuriate, wallow.
ANT: Fast, abstain, nauseate.
KEY: Revelation.
SYN: Discovery, disclosure, {divine_communication}, apocalypse.
ANT: Concealing, veiling, shrouding, keeping_back.
KEY: Revelry.
SYN: Carousal, noisy, festivity, feast, orgies, wassail.
ANT: Fast, abstinence.
KEY: Revenge \n.\.
SYN: Retaliation, vengeance, retribution, requital.
ANT: Condonation, pardon, compassion, remission.
KEY: Revenge \v.\, [See RETIREMENT].
KEY: Revengeful.
SYN: Vindictive, unforgiving, uncompassionate, spiteful, resentful.
ANT: Unvindictive, forgiving, compassionate, unresentful, generous,
KEY: Revenue.
SYN: Income, produce, return, proceeds, fruits, wealth, enrichment.
ANT: Outgoings, expenditure, waste, deductions, exhaustion, expense,
KEY: Reverberate.
SYN: Echo, recoil, reflect, revert, resound.
ANT: Strike, impinge, beat.
KEY: Reverberation, [See {[AVKNOE]?}_and_RETALIATE].
KEY: Reverence.
SYN: Honor, awe, veneration, adoration, deference, devotion, respect,
worship, homage.
ANT: Dishonor, contempt, slight, irreverent, contumely, contumacy.
KEY: Reverie.
SYN: Dream, daydream, trance, vision, phantasy, ideality,
woolgathering, wandering, musing.
ANT: Study, attention, diligence, application.
KEY: Reverse \r.\.
SYN: Invert, derange, upset, overturn, subvert, annul,
ANT: Order, arrange, place, collocate, range.
KEY: Reverse \n.\.
SYN: Inversion, derangement, counterchange, counterposition,
opposition, contrariety, contradiction, alteration, change,
mutation, rear, back, evolution, counterexhibition.
ANT: Version, arrangement, sequence, order, collocation, position,
perpetuation, continuance, stability, identity, uniformity,
regularity, obverse, front.
KEY: Reversible.
SYN: Changeable, exchangeable, counterchangeable, alterable,
mutable, revocable, discretional.
ANT: Perpetual, unalterable, unchangeable, irreversible, absolute,
KEY: Revert.
SYN: Return, refer, accrue, reaccrue, recur.
ANT: Depart, escheat, ignore, drop, dismiss, discard.
KEY: Review \v.\.
SYN: Reconsider, revise, examine, survey, inspect.
ANT: Discard, dismiss, overlook, skim, disregard, misexamine.
KEY: Review \n.\.
SYN: Resurvey, retrospect, reconsideration, revisal, re-examination,
critique, criticism.
KEY: Revile.
SYN: Reproach, asperse, upbraid, malign, slander, calumniate, vilify,
abuse, blaspheme.
ANT: Flatter, compliment, eulogize, panegyrize, laud, extol.
KEY: Revise.
SYN: Alter, amend, re-examine, [See ECHO].
KEY: Revive.
SYN: Reanimate, revivify, resucitate, refresh, reassure, recover,
awake, live.
ANT: Extinguish, kill, depress, exhaust, discourage, droop, fade,
wither, decline, die.
KEY: Revivify, [See REVIEW].
KEY: Revocable, [See REVIVE].
KEY: Revoke.
SYN: Recal, withdraw, cancel, annul, rescind, repeal, declare_void.
ANT: Sanction, enact, perpetuate, enforce, reiterate, renew.
KEY: Revolt \v.\, int.
SYN: Rebel, struggle, kick, resist, rise, recalcitrate.
ANT: Acquiesce, obey, submit.
KEY: Revolt \n.\.
SYN: Insurrection, sedition, rebellion, mutiny.
ANT: Submission, acquiescence, loyalty.
KEY: Revolting.
SYN: Shocking, repulsive, disgusting, offensive, horrible, hideous,
ANT: Attractive, genial, pleasing, charming, captivating.
KEY: Revolution.
SYN: Rotation, periodicity, return, change, alteration, revulsion,
revolt, reconstitution, emeute.
ANT: Fixity, permanence, stability, conservation, allegiance,
stabilisation, perpetuation, suppression.
KEY: Revolve.
SYN: Contemplate, turn, consider, weigh, ponder, examine, wheel,
rotate, circulate.
ANT: Discard, disregard, dismiss, misconsider.
KEY: Revulsion \n.\.
SYN: Revolution, abhorrence, estrangement, antagonism.
ANT: Coincidence, harmony, acquiescence, sympathy, reconcilement,
familiarity, reciprocity.
KEY: Reward \v.\.
SYN: Compensate, honor, decorate, remunerate, pay, recompense.
ANT: Punish, misrequite.
KEY: Rhetorical.
SYN: Declamatory, persuasive, oratorical, lively, animated,
ANT: logical, calm, cool, deliberate.
KEY: Rich.
SYN: Wealthy, opulent, affluent, abundant, generous, productive,
copious, fertile, fruitful, valuable, costly, high-flavored,
luscious, oleaginous, vivid, deep, bright, superb, gorgeous.
ANT: Poor, impoverished, impecunious, needy, indigent, reduced,
exhausted, unproductive, scanty, niggardly, barren, sterile,
unfruitful, valueless, tasteless, watery, pale, beggarly, nude, bald,
KEY: Riches.
SYN: Wealth, opulence, affluence, wealthiness, richness, plenty,
abundance, treasure, possessions.
ANT: Poverty, pauperism, impecuniosity, neediness, indigence,
destitution, necessity, lack, privation, beggary, insolvency.
KEY: Riddance.
SYN: Quittance, dispensation, liberation, escape.
ANT: Entanglement, burden, nuisance, annoyance.
KEY: Riddle.
SYN: Puzzle, enigma, ambiguity, problem, paradox.
ANT: Solution, explanation, statement, proposition, axiom.
KEY: Ridicule \n.\.
SYN: Derision, banter, raillery, burlesque, caricature, mockery,
irony, satire, sarcasm, jeer, sneer, cachinnation, disrespect.
ANT: Veneration, respect, deference, salutation, honor, homage.
KEY: Ridicule \v.\.
SYN: Lampoon, deride, mock_at, laugh_at, jeer, [See
KEY: Ridiculous.
SYN: Laughable, ludicrous, droll, contemptible, preposterous, absurd,
grotesque, trifling, trivial.
ANT: Serious, grave, important, weighty, considerable, venerable,
imposing, majestic.
KEY: Rifle \n.\, [See_JEER].
KEY: Right \n.\.
SYN: Rectitude, correctness, straightness, integrity, justice, truth,
propriety, fitness, suitableness, claim, power, privilege.
ANT: Wrong, incorrectness, perverseness, crookedness, disintegrity,
injustice, falsehood, impropriety, unfitness, usurpation,
encroachment, force, violence.
KEY: Right \a.\.
SYN: Straight, upright, direct, lawful, correct, exact, just, fair,
fit, proper, suitable, equitable.
ANT: Crooked, indirect, wrong, unlawful, inexact, unjust, unfair,
unfit, improper, unsuitable.
KEY: Righteous.
SYN: Upright, just, godly, virtuous, uncorrupt, rightful, equitable,
truthful, conscientious.
ANT: Unrighteous, perverse, evil, unjust, ungodly, vicious, corrupt,
wrongful, false, unconscientious, unprincipled, unjustifiable,
abandoned, profligate, dishonorable, unfair.
KEY: Righteousness \n.\, [See RANSACK], [{See VrewJ}?].
KEY: Rigid.
SYN: Stiff, unpliant, unflexible, stubborn, tough, stark, staunch,
unswerving, exact, unbending, undeviating, austere.
ANT: Pliant, docile, flexible, variable, mild, lenient, inexact,
yielding, inconstant, inconsistent.
KEY: Rigor \n.\, [See {[*]?}].
KEY: Rill.
SYN: Streamlet, brook, brooklet, creek, rivulet.
ANT: River, large_stream.
KEY: Kind.
SYN: Skin, peel, bark, husk.
ANT: Kernel, meat, wood, pulp, fruit.
KEY: Riot.
SYN: Noise, uproar, tumult, fray, outbreak, mutiny, row, revel,
disturbance, turbulence.
ANT: Peace, pacification, sobriety, quiescence, orderliness.
KEY: Ripe.
SYN: Perfect, developed, full, matured, seasoned, ready, prepared,
mellow, mature, advanced, consummate.
ANT: Raw, crude, Immature, imperfect, undeveloped, blighted,
unseasoned, sour, unready, unfit, unprepared, unmellowed, green,
KEY: Rise_\v.\.
SYN: Ascend, mount, float, soar, grow, arise, tower, slope, appear,
emerge, spring, originate, extend, expand, swell, increase, excel,
prosper, climb.
ANT: Descend, decline, sink, drop, diminish, fall, subside, crouch,
nestle, dip, set, wane, vanish, disappear, terminate, end, debouch,
contract, decrease, fail.
KEY: Else_\n.\.
SYN: Spring, fountain_head, source, [See RIGID_and_ASPERITY].
KEY: Risible.
SYN: Laughable, ludicrous, [See RIDICULOUS].
KEY: Risk_\n.\.
SYN: Hazard, danger, peril, exposure, jeopardy.
ANT: Safety, security, insurance, protection, prophylactic.
KEY: Risk_\v.\.
SYN: Hazard, peril, jeopard, venture, stake, [See HAZARD].
KEY: Rite.
SYN: Form, custom, ceremony, observance, usage, celebration.
ANT: Inobservance, disuse, obsoleteness, nonobservance,
noncelebration, desuetude.
KEY: Rival \n.\.
SYN: Antagonist, competitor, cosuitor.
ANT: Adherent, supporter, comrade, coadjutor, neutral.
KEY: Rival, {[t>]?}.
SYN: Emulate, challenge, equal, contend, strive, compete.
ANT: Succumb, surrender, yield, promote, reverence, retire, defer.
KEY: Road.
SYN: Public_way, highway, route, thoroughfare, course, pathway,
KEY: Roam.
SYN: Wander, rove, range, stroll, ramble, stray, saunter.
ANT: Hurry, speed, fly, hasten, press.
KEY: Roar.
SYN: Howl, vociferate, peal, yell, boom, resound, [See BAWL].
KEY: Rob.
SYN: Plunder, deprive, denude, strip, pillage, defraud, cheat,
ANT: Compensate, endow, enrich, invest, indemnify.
KEY: Robber.
SYN: Thief, depredator, plunderer, freebooter, brigand, pirate,
highwayman, footpad.
ANT: Guard, escort, protector.
KEY: Robbery.
SYN: Theft, larceny, pillage, plundering, depredation, spoliation.
ANT: Guarding, protecting, indemnifying, compensating, enriching.
KEY: Robe.
SYN: Invest, clothe, deck, drape, array.
ANT: Divest, disrobe, unclothe, denude, strip.
KEY: Robust.
SYN: Strong, lusty, brawny, able-bodied, sturdy, sinewy, muscular,
hale, hearty, vigorous, sound, iron.
ANT: Weak, frail, puny, fragile, weakly, delicate, sickly.
KEY: Rogue.
SYN: Vagabond, scamp, rascal, villain, cheat, swindler, sharper.
ANT: True-penny, gentleman.
KEY: Roguery.
SYN: Trickery, cheating, chicanery, swindling, vagabondism, mischief,
fraud, knavery.
ANT: Honesty, integrity, honor, uprightness, conscientiousness.
KEY: Roll_\v.\.
SYN: Revolve, wheel, rotate, {turn_over_and_over}, rock,
KEY: Roll_\n.\, [See BAWL], ~_\n.\].
KEY: Rollicking.
SYN: Roystering, frolicsome, hoydenish, blustering.
ANT: Staid, sedate, demure.
KEY: Romance.
SYN: Fable, fiction, novel, marvel, rhapsody, rodomontade, gasconade,
ANT: History, narrative, truth, fact.
KEY: Romantic.
SYN: Fabulous, rhapsodical, wild, extravagant, fanciful, fictitious,
ANT: Historical, literal, truthful, unromantic, unvarnished,
KEY: Room.
SYN: Space, ground, compass, extent, locality, opportunity,
capability, {[(xicasion]?}, margin, capacity, admission.
ANT: Restriction, limitation, confinement, incapability, exclusion,
KEY: Roomy, [See RECORD].
KEY: Root.
SYN: Radix, radicle, stem, origin, source, spring, rise, commencement,
ANT: Branch, ramification, outcome, product, issue, progeny.
KEY: Rooted.
SYN: Fixed, established, grounded, based, inveterate, domiciled,
naturalized, installed.
ANT: Unestablished, insecure, uncertain, wavering, unsettled,
oscillating, dubious, precarious, superficial, specious, propped,
bolstered, shored.
KEY: Rot.
SYN: Putrefaction, corruption, putrescence, mouldiness, mildew,
ANT: Integrity, wholesomeness, soundness, vigor, preservation,
purity, healthiness, sweetness.
KEY: Rotation.
SYN: Turn, series, order, succession, revolution, course, reversion,
ANT: Simultaneity, perpetuity, constancy, non-intermittence,
KEY: Rotten, [See SPACIOUS].
KEY: Rotundity.
SYN: Roundness, convexity, circularity, sphericity, globosity,
prominence, protuberance, intumescence.
ANT: Concavity, flatness, angularity.
KEY: Rough.
SYN: Uneven, harsh, bristly, scabrous, rugged, knotty, unpolished,
boisterous, tempestuous, stormy, coarse, craggy, gruff, crude,
severe, shaggy, disordered, unrefined, uncourteous, rude, unshaped,
churlish, blunt.
ANT: Even, smooth, level, polished, glabrous, glossy, glassy, silky,
sleek, velvety, calm, tranquil, refined, courteous, courtly, shapely,
shaped, finished, oily, specious.
KEY: Round.
SYN: Circular, globular, spherical, entire, complete, rotund, smooth,
ANT: Flat, angular, concave.
KEY: Roundabout, [See_PUTRID].
KEY: Rouse.
SYN: Wake, excite, agitate, startle, surprise.
ANT: Compose, allay, calm, soothe, quiet, repress, Rout, [See
KEY: Route.
SYN: Way, course, passage, march, path, track, direction.
KEY: Routine.
SYN: Round, course, succession, order, rule, custom, system, sequence,
gradation, rotation, stereotype, prescription, tenor, uniformity,
method, settlement, regulation.
ANT: Casualty, chance, lottery, fortune, impulse, interest,
individuality, merit, spontaneity, alterableness, margin, deviation,
KEY: Rove, [See DEFEAT].
KEY: Row_\n.\.
SYN: Series, order, rank, sequence, continuation, continuity, file,
string, concatenation, thread.
ANT: Dissociation, disconnection, rupture, intermission, hiatus,
solution, failure, gap, discontinuance, dissolution, inconsequence,
derangement, deviation, flexion, deflexion, irregularity, sinuosity,
KEY: Row_\n.\, [See ROAM].
KEY: Royal, [See RIOT].
KEY: Rubbish.
SYN: debris, waste_matter, fragments, litter, dross, refuse,
lion_sense, trash.
KEY: Rubicund.
SYN: Ruddy, flushed, red, sanguine, blushing.
ANT: Pale, [See CREAM_and_NONSENSE], pallid, exsanguineous.
KEY: Ruddy, [See {wan}?].
KEY: Rude.
SYN: Impertinent, rough, {[unereu]?}, shapeless, unfashioned,
artless, unpolished, uncouth, inelegant, rustic, coarse, vulgar,
clownish, raw, unskilful, untaught, illiterate, ignorant, uncivil,
saucy, impolite, impudent, insolent, surly, {[currifb]?}, churlish,
brutal, uncivilized, barbarous, savage, violent, tumultuous,
turbulent, Impetuous, boisterous, harsh, inclement, severe,
Insulting, grotesque, barbaric, archaic.
ANT: Modest, bashful, civil, courteous, ceremonious, deferential,
smooth, even, artistic, polished, fashioned, courtly, elegant,
high-wrought, polite, accommodating, considerate, refined, gentle,
peaceful, culm, genial, balmy, halcyonic, serene, placid, modern,
modish, fashionable.
KEY: Rudiment.
SYN: Principle, begin, ning, germ, seed, embryo, element, nucleus,
initiation, commencement.
ANT: Perfection, completion, development, expansion, organization,
fruit, maturity, consummation, product, issue.
KEY: Rudimental, [See RUBICUND], Rue, [See ELEMENTARY].
KEY: Ruffle.
SYN: Wrinkle, roughen, dis, compose, disturb, agitate, disorder,
derange, disarrange, confute, excite.
ANT: Smooth, allay, equalize, compose, quiet, arrange, [See REPENT],
KEY: Ruffian.
SYN: Villain, cutthroat, brutal_fellow, bully.
KEY: Rugged.
SYN: Uneven, bristly, shaggy, rough, wrinkled, rude, harsh, hard,
crabbed, severe, austere, surly, turbulent, inclement, bluff, blunt,
untutored, churlish, unpolished, difficult.
ANT: Even, smooth, polished, glabrous, silky, glassy, refined, fine,
finished, soft, mild, courtly, courteous, [See {[caitubtroka  %]?}].
KEY: Ruin.
SYN: Fall, destruction, defeat, overthrow, lapse, collapse,
desolation, downfall, perdition, subversion, decay, decadence,
prostration, dilapidation, disorganization.
ANT: Rise, success, prosperity, salvation, rescue, recovery,
stabilisation, conservation, regeneration, revivification,
reparation, renascence, organization, construction.
KEY: {[RiiinotiM]?}, [See PERNICIOUS].
KEY: Rule_\n.\.
SYN: Regulation, law, precept, principle, maxim, practice, guide,
canon, order, method, direction, authority, control, mastery,
government, decision, determination, habit.
ANT: Irregularity, nonconformity, exception, deviation,
KEY: Rule_\v.\.
SYN: Govern, manage, control, direct, command, dominate, [See
KEY: Ruling.
SYN: Governing, reigning, controlling, masterful, predominant,
regulating, prevalent.
ANT: Obeying, yielding, subservient.
KEY: Ruminate.
SYN: Muse, meditate, ponder, think, reflect, cogitate, brood.
ANT: Unbend, relax, idle, gape, woolgather.
KEY: Rumor.
SYN: Report, repute, hearsay, publication, bruit.
ANT: Authentication, verification, proof, evidence, notoriety.
KEY: Rumple.
SYN: Ruffle, wrinkle, crease, crumple, pucker, corrugate, derange,
ANT: Smooth, flatten, arrange.
KEY: Run.
SYN: Course, [See CONTROL_and_GOVERN], speed, hasten, hurry, fly,
rush, escape, retreat, pass, proceed, flow, ooze, leak, melt, fuse,
confuse, blend, extend, reach, work, operate, traverse, tend,
ANT: Walk, saunter, lounge, drag, stay, stop, halt, hobble, resist,
hold, stanch, stand, fail, drop, expire, disincline, hesitate.
KEY: Rupture.
SYN: Breaking, bursting, tearing, laceration, partition, disruption,
breach, dissolution, fracture, break, severance, disseverance,
discerption, disorganization, separation, dilaceration,
ANT: Union, uniting, healing, fusion, amalgamation, coalition,
suture, junction, reunion.
KEY: Rural.
SYN: Countrified, rustic, agricultural, bucolic, verdant, sylvan,
grassy, arcadian, pastoral.
ANT: Urban, oppidan, civic.
KEY: Rush.
SYN: Speed, course, dash, sweep, hurry, stream, roll, charge, drive,
fly, burst.
ANT: March, saunter, lag, retreat, bait, hesitate.
KEY: Rust_\n.\.
SYN: Corrosion, crust, dross, indolence, inactivity, decay, canker,
ANT: Polish, attrition, use, action, operation, activity, exercise,
KEY: Rustic \n.\.
SYN: Clown, boor, clod, go, leuc, booby.
ANT: Beau, savant, dandy, man_of, the_wond.
KEY: Rustic \a.\.
SYN: Rural, agricultural, bucolic, nomadic, sylvan, verdant,
pastoral, rude, awkward, unpolished, clownish, clumsy, rough, coarse,
plain, unsophisticated, simple, artless, primitive.
ANT: Urban, oppidan, civic, fashionable, modish, elegant,
sophisticated, refined, courtly, polished.
KEY: Rusticity.
SYN: Rudeness, clownishness, boorishness, coarseness, simplicity,
ANT: Courtliness, refinement, polish, gentility, urbanity.
KEY: Rustle.
SYN: Quiver, whisper, susurration, murmur, sighing.
ANT: Hubbub, blast, din, racket, crashing.
KEY: Ruthless.
SYN: Unpitying, unrelenting, truculent, unsparing.
ANT: Tender, regretful, lenient, compassionate, forbearing,
KEY: Rutilant.
SYN: Igneous, flammiferous, flaming, blazing, coruscant, meteoric,
flashing, scintillant.
ANT: Glowing, incandescent, gleaming.
KEY: [See {[s-wu % {[j]?} %]?}].
SYN: Dark, black, sombre, ebon.
ANT: Bright, light, white, ivory.
KEY: Sacerdotal.
SYN: Priestly, hierarchical, clerical.
ANT: Laic, congregational.
KEY: Sack.
SYN: Plunder, pillage, ravage, waste, spoil.
ANT: Spare, indemnify, protect, preserve.
KEY: Sacred.
SYN: Holy, divine, hallowed, consecrated, religious, inviolable.
ANT: Unholy, common, profane, unconsecrated.
KEY: Sacrifice \v.\.
SYN: Offer, immolate, destroy, surrender, forego.
ANT: Reserve, retain, appropriate, withhold.
KEY: Sacrifice \n.\.
SYN: Offering, oblation, immolation, surrender, destruction,
atonement, propitiation, appeasement, expiation.
ANT: Reservation, appropriation, retention, salvation, rescue,
offence, transgression.
KEY: Sad.
SYN: Heavy, grave, dull, sorrowful, woe-begone, calamitous, dismal,
doleful, mournful, gloomy, dejected, depressed, cheerless, serious,
downcast, grievous, melancholy, saturnine.
ANT: Light, light-hearted, cheerful, joyful, joyous, gay, glad,
exhilarating, exhilarated, happy, blithe.
KEY: Saddle.
SYN: Impose, burden, load, shackle, clog, charge, encumber.
ANT: Rid, relieve, exonerate, disburden, liberate, disencumber.
KEY: Safe.
SYN: Secure, unendangered, secured, sure, protected, impregnable,
trustworthy, certain.
ANT: Insecure, imperilled, dangerous, Hazardous, exposed.
KEY: Safeguard.
SYN: Security, protection, [See SABLE].
KEY: Sagacious.
SYN: Intelligent, discriminating, acute, wise, prudent, foreseeing,
shrewd, penetrating, sapient.
ANT: Dull, obtuse, unintelligent, stolid, undiscerning.
KEY: Sage.
SYN: Philosopher, savant, literate.
ANT: Fool, Imbecile, Colt, blockhead.
KEY: Sailor.
SYN: Seaman, mariner, navigator, seafarer, tar.
ANT: Landsman.
KEY: Saintly.
SYN: Pure, holy, spiritual, heavenly-minded, pious, godly.
ANT: Impious_impure, unholy, unspiritual, ungodly, carnal, foul,
worldly, earthly-minded, sinful.
KEY: Sake.
SYN: Account, behalf, purpose, end, regard, reason, cause, [See
KEY: Salient.
SYN: Projecting, springing, jutting, abutting, prominent,
conspicuous, important, noteworthy.
ANT: Retreating, retiring, returning, rebated, unimportant, minor,
inconsiderable, subordinate.
KEY: Sally.
SYN: Burst, start, issue.
ANT: Retire, retreat, withdraw.
KEY: Salubrious, [See BEHALF].
KEY: Salubrity.
SYN: Healthiness, healthfulness, wholesomeness, salutarines.
ANT: Unwholesomeness, unhealthily, insalubrity.
KEY: Salutary, [See HEALTHY].
KEY: Salutation, [See WHOLESOME].
KEY: Salute.
SYN: Hall, compliment, accost, welcome, greet.
ANT: Ignore, insult, pass, disregard, dishonor, scorn, affront.
KEY: Salvation.
SYN: Preservation, saving, redemption, rescue, deliverance.
ANT: Destruction, perdition, damnation.
KEY: Salve.
SYN: Heal, cure, mollify, redress, remedy, mend, relieve.
ANT: Wound, hurt, irritate, injure, aggravate, scarify.
KEY: Same.
SYN: Identical, selfsame, similar, corresponding.
ANT: Other, different.
KEY: Sameness, [See WELCOME].
KEY: Sample.
SYN: Specimen, pattern, illustration, case, exemplification,
ANT: Exception, deviation, abnormity, monstrosity, variety,
nondescript, hybrid, nonsuch.
KEY: Sanative, [See IDENTITY].
KEY: Sanatory.
SYN: Curative, sanative, remedial, therapeutic, hygienic, sanitary.
ANT: Morbific, pestilential, noxious, unwholesome, pernicious.
KEY: Sanctification.
SYN: Justification, absolution, consecration, holiness.
KEY: Sanctify.
SYN: Consecrate, hallow, celebrate, purify, justify, sanction,
ANT: Desecrate, profane, misobserve, pollute, disannul.
KEY: Sanction \n.\.
SYN: Rectification, authorization, authority, countenance, support,
seal, allowance.
ANT: Nullification, disallowance, discountenance, prohibition.
KEY: Sanction \v.\.
SYN: Authorize, countenance, confirm, ratify, [See
KEY: Sanctity.
SYN: Holiness, sacredness, godliness, piety, solemnity.
ANT: Unholiness, profaneness, ungodliness, impiety, secularly.
KEY: Sanctuary.
SYN: Shrine, {[adytumasy % asyurn]?}, asyurn, refuge, security,
protection, inviolability.
ANT: Pitfall, trap, snare, betrayal, violation, extradition.
KEY: Sanguinary.
SYN: Bloody, truculent, bloodthirsty, murderous.
ANT: Lenient, moderate, chivalrous, generous, sparing, forbearing.
KEY: Sanguine.
SYN: Warm, ardent, lively, animated, hopeful, confident, trustful.
ANT: Cold, frigid, desponding, distrustful, croaking, misgiving,
suspicious, cautious, unventuresome, timid, anxious, diffident,
KEY: Sanitary, [See APPROVE].
KEY: Sanity.
SYN: Rationality, soundness, reasonableness, lucidity, wisdom.
ANT: Insanity, madness, lunacy, derangement, alienation, dementation,
hallucination, folly.
KEY: Sapid.
SYN: Tasty, relishing, savory, piquant, palatable, toothsome,
ANT: Dry, flavorless, distasteful, nauseous.
KEY: Sapidity.
SYN: Sapidness, savoriness, taste, {[eavor]?}.
ANT: Savorless, tasteless, insipid, vapid.
KEY: Sapient.
SYN: Sage, sagacious, knowing, wise, discerning.
ANT: foolish, undiscerning, blind, stolid.
KEY: Sarcasm.
SYN: Gibe, chaff, irony, jeer, satire, ridicule, taunt, sardonicism.
ANT: Eulogy, compliment, panegyric, eulogium.
KEY: Sarcastic.
SYN: Satirical, ironical, taunting, severe, [See SANATORY].
KEY: Satanic.
SYN: Fiendish, devilish, infernal.
ANT: Angelic, seraphic, heavenly.
KEY: Sate.
SYN: Satiate, glut, surfeit.
ANT: Stint, starve.
KEY: Satellite.
SYN: Attendant, follower, subordinate, shadow, associate, hanger-on,
ANT: Leader, principal.
KEY: Satiate.
SYN: Gorge, cloy, satisfy_fully, [See SATIRICAL].
KEY: Satire.
SYN: Invective, sarcasm, burlesque, lampoon, pasquinade, irony,
ANT: Eulogy, panegyric, laudation.
KEY: Satirical.
SYN: Cutting, poignant_sarcastic, bitter, ironical, invective.
ANT: Complimentary, flattering, laudatory, panegyric, eulogistic.
KEY: Satisfaction.
SYN: Contentment, content, complacency, pleasure, recompense,
compensation, amends, remuneration, indemnification, atonement.
ANT: Discontent, grievance, dissatisfaction, pain, vexation,
annoyance, injury, wrong, fraud, robbery, obligation, demand, claim,
damnification, transgression, offence.
KEY: Satisfy.
SYN: Satiate, content, sate, please, fill, gratify, suffice,
recompense, compensate, remunerate, indemnify, assure, convince,
meet, fulfil.
ANT: Stint, starve, deprive, dissatisfy, tantalize, half-satisfy,
annoy, displease, defraud, deprive, injure, cheat, shake, disown,
repudiate, stagger, pore, embarrass, puzzle.
KEY: Saturate.
SYN: Soak, impregnate, infuse, steep, sate.
ANT: Wring, drain, exsiccate, dry, divert, empty, deprive,
KEY: Saturnine.
SYN: Dull, heavy, grave, phlegmatic, gloomy, leaden, sombre.
ANT: Jovial, gay, light-hearted, joyous, bright, merry.
KEY: Saucy.
SYN: Pert, forward, flippant, impudent, insolent, disrespectful.
ANT: Deferential, civil, respectful, fair-spoken, glozing,
mealy-mouthed, obsequious, servile, snivelling, slavish.
KEY: Saunter.
SYN: Roam, loiter, linger, stroll, wander, lag, dawdle, lounge,
ANT: Speed, course, press, hasten, drive, push, scramble.
KEY: Savage.
SYN: Ferocious, ferine, wild, uncultivated, untamed, untaught,
uncivilized, unpolished, rude, brutish, brutal, heathenish,
barbarous, cruel, fierce, inhuman, truculent, pitiless, merciless,
murderous, violent, malevolent.
ANT: Mild, docile, domesticated, tame, tractable, meek, timid,
shrinking, cultivated, tamed, taught, civilized, educated, refined,
Christianized, polished, humane, generous, chivalrous, merciful,
clement, forbearing, courtly, subdued, self-controlled.
KEY: Save.
SYN: Preserve, rescue, secure, reserve, spare, hinder, obviate,
prevent, snatch, catch, economize, husband.
ANT: Lose, betray, abandon, destroy, surrender, {[iiupo-r]?},
facilitate, promote, induce, occasion, cause, miss, expose, imperil,
endanger, risk, waste, lavish, [See SCATTER].
KEY: Savior.
SYN: Redeemer, [See FRUGAL], Mediator, Messiah, The_Anointed,
KEY: Savory, [See JESUS_CHRIST].
KEY: Say.
SYN: Utter, tell, speak, pronounce, declare, assert, allege, affirm,
repeat, rehearse, recite, judge.
ANT: Suppress, secrete, silentiate, repress, misdeclare, misrecite,
misdeliver, missay, misjudge, mispronounce.
KEY: Saying.
SYN: Assertion, maxim, saw, dictum, declaration, speech, byword,
proverb, aphorism, apothegm.
ANT: Dissertation, disquisition, essay, ratiocination, rigmarole,
yarn, circumlocution.
KEY: Scale.
SYN: Layer, lamina, flake.
KEY: Scandal.
SYN: Offence, reproach, disgrace, defamation, libel, shame, infamy,
detraction, slander, calumny, opprobrium.
ANT: Eulogy, fame, honor, respect, credit.
KEY: Scandalize.
SYN: Disgrace, disgust, shock, offend, defame, reproach.
ANT: Honor, [See RAPID].
KEY: Scant.
SYN: Short, insufficient, mean, niggardly, stingy, narrow, limited,
chary, sparing.
ANT: Full, ample, liberal, generous, bountiful, unmeasured.
KEY: Scanty, [See REPROACH].
KEY: Scantling, [See SCANT].
KEY: Scar_\n.\.
SYN: Cicatrix, blemish, disfigurement, mark, seam, spot, reproach.
ANT: Obliteration, effacement.
KEY: Scarce.
SYN: Rare, infrequent, unabundant, unique, uncommon, unusual,
singular, precious, choice, few, wanting, sparse.
ANT: Common, frequent, abundant, valueless, thick, plentiful.
KEY: Scarcity.
SYN: Deficiency, lack, infrequency, want, dearth, rarity.
ANT: Plenty, abundance, frequency.
KEY: Scare.
SYN: Terrify, affright, intimidate, frighten, deter, dismay, daunt.
ANT: Reassure, encourage, entice, allure.
KEY: Scarify.
SYN: Cut, scratch, incise, Irritate, torment.
ANT: Heal, salve, soothe, mollify, assuage.
KEY: Scatheless.
SYN: Unhurt, unscathed, uninjured, undamaged, whole, sound.
ANT: Wounded, injured, damaged.
KEY: Scatter.
SYN: Strew, sprinkle, disperse, spread, broadcast, dissipate,
disseminate, propagate, squander.
ANT: Collect, accumulate, heap, gather, save, husband.
KEY: Scene.
SYN: Spectacle, show, exhibition, [See SAMPLE].
KEY: Scent.
SYN: Odor, perfume, {[tmeU]?}, [See {[PAOEAKT]?}].
KEY: Sceptic.
SYN: Doubter, infidel, un_believer, deist.
ANT: Believer.
KEY: Scepticism.
SYN: Doubt, unbelief, infidelity, incredulity.
ANT: Faith, belief, credulity.
KEY: Scheme.
SYN: Plan, project, design, contrivance, purpose, draft, proposal,
device, plot, theory, intrigue, machination.
ANT: Miscontrivance, bungle, misarrangement, blunder.
KEY: Schism.
SYN: Division, separation, disruption, secession, diversity,
sectarianism, breach, dissent, discord.
ANT: Unity, integrity, catholicity, communion.
KEY: Scholar.
SYN: Pupil, learner, disciple, student, schoolman, scientist, savant,
gownsman, linguist.
ANT: Master, teacher, preceptor, professor, ignoramus, dunce.
KEY: Scholarship.
SYN: Lore, learning, erudition, attainments, culture, [See
KEY: Science.
SYN: Knowledge, Information, skill, experience, expertness,
comprehension, understanding, investigation, truth.
ANT: Ignorance, inexperience, Unfamiliarity, incomprehension, error,
fallacy, empiricism, smattering, sciolism.
KEY: Scientific.
SYN: Philosophical, {according_to_general_principles}, or_laws.
ANT: Unscientific.
KEY: Sciolism.
SYN: Shallowness, superficialness, smattering,
ANT: Depth, profundity, profoundness.
KEY: Scion.
SYN: Slip, offshoot, cadet, branch, child.
ANT: Stem, stock, parent, root.
KEY: Scoff.
SYN: Sneer, mock, jibe, jeer, contemn, scout, deride, ridicule.
ANT: Compliment, salute, respect, honor.
KEY: Scold.
SYN: Chide, rail, reprimand, reprove, brawl, rebuke, abuse.
ANT: Praise, encourage, compliment, laud, flatter.
KEY: Scope.
SYN: Aim, object, mark, end, design, purpose, intention, drift, room,
occasion, opportunity, liberty.
ANT: Avoidance, nonintention, pretermission, inadvertence, accident,
aimlessness, deviation.
KEY: Scorn \v.\.
SYN: Contemn, despise, slight, disdain, disregard, sibilate,
vilipend, spurn, scout.
ANT: Honor, regard, esteem, venerate, respect, applaud, salute.
KEY: Scorn \n.\.
SYN: Mockery, disdain, contempt, sneer, slight, opprobrium, [See
KEY: Scoundrel.
SYN: Villain, vagabond, knave, swindler, miscreant, reprobate.
ANT: Man_of_honor, gentleman.
KEY: Scour.
SYN: Purge, cleanse, rinse, scrub.
ANT: Soil, begrime, besmear, foul, pollute, {[aefile]?}, dirt.
KEY: Scourge.
SYN: Punishment, bane, curse, undoing, visitation.
ANT: Blessing, redemption, saving, reward, benefaction.
KEY: Scourings.
SYN: Offal, dregs, lees, offscourings, refuse, dross, scum.
ANT: Cream, elite, pickings, bloom, flower.
KEY: Scout \v.\, [See SCORN].
KEY: Scowl.
SYN: Frown, discountenance, browbeat, lower, glower.
ANT: Smile, encourage, countenance.
KEY: Scraggy.
SYN: Jagged, lean, bony, uneven, gaunt, skinny, raw, angular.
ANT: Plump, fat, round, rounded.
KEY: Scramble \v.\.
SYN: Struggle, hurry, bustle.
ANT: Lag, dawdle, loiter, saunter.
KEY: Scramble \n.\.
SYN: Hurry, bustle, struggle, confusion, turmoil, ferment, commotion,
bear-garden, babel, vortex.
ANT: Order, orderliness, arrangement, leisureliness, method,
KEY: Scrap.
SYN: Scantling, piece, morsel, fragment, atom, bit, portion.
ANT: Whole, integrity, mass, lump.
KEY: Scrape \v.\.
SYN: Grate, abrade, confricate, rasp, scratch, mark, groove.
ANT: Lubricate, polish, levigate, dig, indent, wound.
KEY: Scratch \v.\, [See SCORN].
KEY: Scream.
SYN: Screech, shriek, yell.
KEY: Screen \v.\.
SYN: Shelter, protect, defend, hide, palliate, mitigate, curtain,
cloak, defend, harbor, fence, ward, shade.
ANT: Open, expose, surrender, betray, aggravate, exaggerate,
KEY: Scriptural.
SYN: Biblical, orthodox, revealed, inspired.
ANT: Profane, unrevealed, unorthodox, unbiblical, unscriptural.
KEY: Scruple \n.\.
SYN: Misgiving, doubt, hesitation, qualm, reluctance, question.
ANT: recklessness, unscrupulousness, confidence, assurance,
self-satisfaction, self-approval, self-complacency.
KEY: Scruple \v.\, [See SCRAPE].
KEY: Scrupulous.
SYN: Conscientious, dubious, diffident, punctilious, exact, cautious,
nice, precise, reluctant.
ANT: reckless, unscrupulous, unhesitating, confident,
self-satisfied, self-complacent, eager.
KEY: Scrutinize.
SYN: Examine, probe, search_into, sift, [See EXAMINE].
KEY: Scrutiny.
SYN: Search, investigation, sifting, inspection.
ANT: Oversight, misobservation, disregard, connivance.
KEY: Sculpture.
SYN: Statuary, carving, plastic_work, carved_art.
KEY: Scurrilous.
SYN: Opprobrious, foul-mouthed, obscene, offensive, reproachful,
KEY: Scurrility.
SYN: Buffoonery, derision, {[ecomng]?}, mockery, jeering, abuse.
ANT: Deference, eulogium, flattery, compliment.
KEY: Sea.
SYN: Ocean, deep, main.
ANT: Shore, land.
KEY: Seal.
SYN: Close, fasten, confirm, sanction, ratify.
ANT: Unseal, unclose, open, annul, cancel, abrogate, disratify,
disaffirm, contravene.
KEY: Search \v.\.
SYN: Inspect, explore, scrutinize, seek, investigate, inquire.
ANT: Pretermit, disregard, abandon, misinvestigate.
KEY: Search \n.\.
SYN: Exploration, pursuit, quest, inquiry, [See ABUSIVE].
KEY: Season.
SYN: Period, time, conjuncture, while, occasion, opportunity,
suitableness, timeliness.
ANT: Untimeliness, unsuitableness, contretemps, unseasonableness.
KEY: Seasonable.
SYN: Convenient, fit, grateful, welcome, timely, suitable,
periodical, normal, opportune.
ANT: Ungrateful, unwelcome, untimely, unsuitable, unexpected,
abnormal, inopportune, unseasonable.
KEY: Secede.
SYN: Withdraw, retire, recede, separate, dissent, segregate.
ANT: Adhere, accord, concur, conform, unite, amalgamate.
KEY: Secession.
SYN: Separation, withdrawal.
ANT: Union, adherence.
KEY: Secluded.
SYN: Retired, retreating, hidden, withdrawn, secret, private,
sequestered, shaded.
ANT: Public, exposed, frequented, open.
KEY: Seclusion.
SYN: Retirement, privacy, retreat, solitude, secrecy, [See
KEY: Secondary.
SYN: Subordinate, inferior, minor, unimportant, resultant, induced.
ANT: Primary, leading, Important, prominent.
KEY: Secrecy, [See SOLITUDE].
KEY: Secret.
SYN: Hidden, concealed, secluded, retired, unseen, unknown, private,
obscure, recondite, latent, covert, clandestine, privy, unrevealed,
mysterious, underdosed.
ANT: Open, public, unconcealed, known, notorious, unreserved,
KEY: Secrete.
SYN: Hide, conceal.
ANT: Expose, publish, manifest, exhibit, disclose.
KEY: Sectarian.
SYN: Party, schismatical, narrow, bigoted, exclusive, denominational,
divisional, intolerant.
ANT: Broad, catholic, comprehensive, tolerant, latitudinarian,
indifferent, universal.
KEY: Secular.
SYN: Worldly, profane, civil, unmonastic, temporal, laic.
ANT: Regular, religious, monastic, spiritual, clerical.
KEY: Secure \a.\.
SYN: Safe, easy, fixed, sheltered, fast, sure, certain, confident,
unanxious, careless, protected, ensured.
ANT: Anxious, distrustful, suspicious, careful, unsafe, insecure,
precarious, hazardous.
KEY: Secure \v.\.
SYN: Fasten, guard, protect, assure, ensure, close, enclose, detain,
ANT: Loosen, betray, surrender, expose, imperil, endanger, open,
liberate, free.
KEY: Security.
SYN: Pledge, guarantee, warranty, protection, safeguard, pawn,
deposit, bond, defence, guard, shelter, safety, certainty, ease,
assurance, carelessness, confidence.
ANT: Parole, word, understanding, honor, defencelessness, exposure,
danger, peril, insecurity, uncertainty, care, anxiety,
KEY: Sedate.
SYN: Sober, demure, serious, calm, thoughtful, grave, settled,
composed, unimpassioned, serene, passive, quiet.
ANT: Flighty, frolicsome, indiscreet, unsedate, ruffled, agitated,
KEY: Sedative.
SYN: Allaying, tranquillizing, composing, soothing, demulcent,
palliative, assuasive, lenient, anodyne, hypnotic.
ANT: Disturbing, exciting, irritant.
KEY: Sedentary.
SYN: Close, assiduous, studious.
ANT: Active, free, erratic, locomotive.
KEY: Sediment.
SYN: Settlement, lees, dregs, grounds, refuse, dross, residuum,
ANT: Elutriation, lixiviation, clarification, colature,
edulcoration, nitration.
KEY: Sedition.
SYN: Secession, insurrection, rising, outbreak, treason, tumult,
riot, rebellion, revolt, mutiny, insubordination.
ANT: Union, allegiance, fealty, pacification, appeasement, quiet,
orderliness, subordination, obedience.
KEY: Seditious.
SYN: Insurgent, rebellious, tumultuous, turbulent, factious,
ANT: Loyal, quiet, peaceable.
KEY: Seduce.
SYN: Tempt, entice, allure, overpersuade, mislead, inveigle, decoy,
corrupt, deprave, lead_astray, attract.
ANT: Force, compel, overpower.
KEY: Seducing.
SYN: Alluring, enticing, seductive, attractive.
ANT: Repellent, repulsive, abhorrent, forbidding.
KEY: Sedulous.
SYN: Assiduous, diligent, industrious, laborious, painstaking,
persevering, close, unremitting, indefatigable, constant.
ANT: Indiligent, idle, unpersevering, inattentive, distracted,
wandering, inconstant.
KEY: See.
SYN: Perceive, behold, descry, discern, look, view, conceive,
distinguish, understand, comprehend, attend, beware, visit,
ANT: Miss, overlook, disregard, misconceive, misunderstand, ignore.
KEY: Seed.
SYN: Spring, origin, cause, germ, embryo, root.
ANT: Issue, result, birth, product, development, offspring, fruit.
KEY: Seek.
SYN: Search, inquire, pursue, solicit, endeavor, attempt, strive,
investigate, trace, prosecute, follow, court, affect.
ANT: Ignore, disregard, avoid, shun, elude, pretermit, discard,
abandon, relinquish, drop.
KEY: Seem.
SYN: Look, appear.
ANT: Belie, misrepresent, differ.
KEY: Seemly.
SYN: Becoming, fit, suitable, proper, appropriate, convenient,
decent, congruous, meet, decorous.
ANT: Unbecoming, unfit, unsuitable, improper, inappropriate,
inconvenient, indecent, incongruous, unmeet, indecorous.
KEY: Segment.
SYN: Section, part, portion, limb, member.
ANT: Whole, totality, integrity, compound.
KEY: Segregate.
SYN: Separate, select, part, secede, localize, exclude.
ANT: Unite, confound, fuse, amalgamate, mix, collect, gather,
KEY: Seize.
SYN: Catch, grasp, clutch, snatch, apprehend, arrest, hold, grip,
grapple, hook, take, capture.
ANT: Loose, dismiss, liberate, abandon, drop, unhand, unhook,
KEY: Seldom.
SYN: Rarely, infrequently, occasionally, inconstantly, hardly_ever.
ANT: Commonly, frequently, uniformly, systematically, habitually,
regularly, often, invariably.
KEY: Select \v.\.
SYN: Cull, pick_choose, segregate, elect, prefer.
ANT: Lump, confound, sweep.
KEY: Select \a.\.
SYN: Choice, picked, fine, prime, chosen, selected, excellent.
ANT: Haphazard, common, average, unselect, coarse, ordinary.
KEY: Selection.
SYN: Choice, option, election, excerption, gathering, preoption,
segregation, adoption, preference.
ANT: Rejection, repudiation, refusal, exclusion, postponement.
KEY: Self-conceit.
SYN: Self-esteem, egotism, [See SECLUSION].
KEY: Self-willed.
SYN: Wilful, headstrong, stubborn, [See OBSTINATE].
KEY: Selfish.
SYN: Egotistical, self-minded, self-indulgent, self-worshipful,
worldly, illiberal, ungenerous, narrowminded, mercenary, greedy.
ANT: Disinterested, generous, unselfish, handsome, liberal,
high-minded, self-denying, magnanimous, patriotic, public-spirited,
considerate, accommodating.
KEY: Sell.
SYN: Vend, retail, hawk, dispose_of.
ANT: Give, bestow, present.
KEY: Semblance.
SYN: Seeming, appearance, form, show, likeness, mien, aspect, bearing,
ANT: Unlikeness, disparity, difference, contrariety, dissimilitude.
KEY: Seminary.
SYN: Nursery, garden, seed-plot, academy, college, school,
ANT: Waste, wilderness.
KEY: Send.
SYN: Despatch, transmit, impel, cast, bestow, grant.
ANT: Detain, withhold, arrest, withdraw, deny, recal.
KEY: Send_back.
SYN: Relegate, remand, transfer.
KEY: Senile.
SYN: Aged, imbecile, doting.
ANT: Juvenile, vigorous, virile, manly.
KEY: Seniority.
SYN: Eldership, priority, superiority.
ANT: Juniority, inferiority, posteriority, subordination.
KEY: Sensation.
SYN: Affection, apprehension, sentiment, feeling, perception,
surprise, impression.
ANT: Apathy, insensibility, nonperception, unsurprise.
KEY: Sense.
SYN: Perception, sensation, feeling, apprehension, recognition,
understanding, discernment, appreciation, sentiment, view, opinion,
judgment, reason, consciousness, notion, meaning, import,
signification, purport, significance, soundness, sagacity, wisdom.
ANT: Non-perception, insensibility, misapprehension,
misunderstanding, stolidity, nonappreciation, misconception,
unsoundness, folly, nonsense, misinterpretation.
KEY: Senseless.
SYN: Nonsensical, unmeaning, stupid, brainless, unconscious, foolish,
silly, objectless, absurd.
ANT: Sensible, significant, wise, practical.
KEY: Sensibility.
SYN: Susceptibility, delicacy, feeling, refinement, impressibleness,
ANT: Insensibility, insusceptibility, coarseness,
KEY: Sensible.
SYN: Tangible, palpable, perceptible, visible, appreciable,
judicious, sound, conscious, aware.
ANT: Intangible, impalpable, imperceptible, invisible,
inappreciable, insensible, unconscious, unaware.
KEY: Sensitive.
SYN: Sentient, perceptive, impressible, easily_affected.
ANT: Unimpressible, {not_easily_affected}.
KEY: Sensual.
SYN: Carnal, fleshly, animal, voluptuous, lewd.
ANT: Spiritual, intellectual, selfdenying, abstinent, abstemious,
continent, ethereal, ascetic.
KEY: {[SritNiious]?}.
SYN: Material, esthetic, embodied, representative, symbolical.
ANT: Abstract, conceptional, imageless, contemplative, intellectual,
unembodied, unsymbolical, immaterial, pictureless, formless.
KEY: Sentence.
SYN: Judgment, decree, decision, doom, phrase, passage, [See
KEY: Sententious.
SYN: Pithy, pregnant, thoughtful, axiomatic, antithetical, pointed,
nervous, didactic.
ANT: Dull, dry, inane, vapid, point, less, jejune, trashy, bald,
watery, prosy.
KEY: Sentient.
SYN: Feeling, percipient, conscious, intelligent, cognizant.
ANT: Insentient, insensate, mindless, unconscious, unintelligent,
nonpercipient, incognizant.
KEY: Sentiment.
SYN: Thought, feeling, notion, opinion, maxim, susceptibility,
emotion, apprehension, impression, conviction.
ANT: Vacuity, ignorance, nonsense, crudity, bugbear, conjecture,
assumption, impression, hypothesis, preconception, prejudice.
KEY: Sentimental.
SYN: Didactic, moral, instructive, romantic.
ANT: Undidactic, unsentimental, matter-of-fact, unpoetical,
KEY: Sentinel.
SYN: Watch, guardian, guard, keeper, warden, sentry, watchman, patrol,
vedette, {[i]?}.
ANT: Traitor, decoy.
KEY: Separable.
SYN: Dissoluble, removable, movable, distinguishable, accidental,
ANT: Indissoluble, irremovable, permanent, immovable,
indistinguishable, essential, inseparable, indivisible.
KEY: Separate, {[u]?}.
SYN: Part, never, disjoin, disunite, divorce, tear, rend, remove,
disintegrate, detach, disconnect, divide, dissipate, scatter,
segregate, diverge.
ANT: Unite, fasten, tie, conjoin, wed, link, amalgamate, consolidate,
integrate, incorporate, connect, fuse, confound, mass, herd,
congregate, convene, gather, collect, meet, converge.
KEY: Separate \a.\.
SYN: Disunited, disjoined, disconnected, unconnected, detached,
severed, different.
ANT: Connected, conjoined, united, alike.
KEY: Separation.
SYN: Disunion, disjunction, disconnection, disengagement,
dissociation, [See JUDGMENT].
KEY: Sepulchral.
SYN: Hollow, deathlike, ghastly, infernal, gloomy.
ANT: Genial, healthful, cheerful, vital, lively, sunny.
KEY: Sepulture.
SYN: Burial, interment, humation.
ANT: Exhumation, disinterment.
KEY: Sequacious.
SYN: Pliant, ductile, obsequious, traditional, servile, unoriginal,
ANT: Independent, refractory, selfwilled, self-opinionated,
original, originative, imaginative.
KEY: Sequel.
SYN: Event, result, consequence, conclusion, [See EVENT].
KEY: Sequence.
SYN: Following, order, succession, series, consequence, progression,
continuity, posteriority.
ANT: Precedence, anteriority, priority, disorder, disconnection,
inconsequence, irregularity, solution, intermission.
KEY: Sequestered.
SYN: Retired, withdrawn, private, hidden, unfrequented, secluded.
ANT: Public, exposed, frequented, unsecluded, unsequestered.
KEY: Seraphic.
SYN: Angelic, heavenly, blissful, pure, rapturous, holy, ethereal.
ANT: Fiendish, hellish, devilish, demoniacal, infernal.
KEY: Serene.
SYN: Clear, calm, unruffled, undisturbed, halcyonic.
ANT: Turbid, stormy, agitated, tempestuous, ruffled.
KEY: Serf.
SYN: Slave, servant, villain, laborer.
ANT: Lord, baron, squire, proprietor, noble, landowner, liege,
KEY: Series.
SYN: Order, course, sequence, succession, train, rotation, [See
KEY: Serious.
SYN: Grave, thoughtful, careful, earnest, solemn, important,
ANT: Volatile, gay, thoughtless, careless, joking, jocose,
insignificant, unimportant, trifling, trivial, light.
KEY: Serpentine.
SYN: Winding, meandering, tortuous, anfractuous, undulating, sinuous,
anguilliform, vermicular, coiled.
ANT: Straight, unbending, unwinding, rectilinear.
KEY: Servant.
SYN: Retainer, domestic, attendant, minister, maid, abigail,
ANT: Lord, master, mistress, employer.
KEY: Serve.
SYN: Obey, minister, subserve, help, work_for, forward, attend,
suffice_for, assist, benefit, answer, promote, tend, accommodate.
ANT: Command, disobey, thwart, oppose, resist, counteract,
contradict, neutralize, baffle, retard, obstruct.
KEY: Service.
SYN: Labor, employment, advantage, use, utility, benefit, [See
KEY: Serviceable.
SYN: Useful, benetidal, advantageous, profitable, sound,
ANT: Useless, profitless, ill-conditioned, unserviceable, unsound.
KEY: Servile.
SYN: Obsequious, cringing, sequacious, menial, sneaking, low,
ANT: Independent, fractions, refractory, recalcitrant, dogged,
stubborn, defiant, rebellious.
KEY: Servility.
SYN: Slavery, bondage, slavishness, baseness, meanness, fawning,
sycophancy, [See ADVANTAGE].
KEY: Servitude.
SYN: Service, subordination, obedience, ministry, submission.
ANT: Mastery, lordship, command, dictation, sway, rule, government.
KEY: Set_\vt.\.
SYN: Seat, place, locate, situate, settle, fix, build, rest,
establish, ground, perpetuate, stabilitate, confirm, strengthen,
determine, appoint, assign, cast, risk, wager, surround, bedeck,
garnish, stud.
ANT: Remove, disestablish, lift, raise, transfer, uproot, eradicate,
unfix, disperse, discard, unsettle, demolish, destroy, weaken,
loosen, detach, misarrange, misdetermine, denude, divest.
KEY: Set_\vi.\.
SYN: Sink, settle, subside, decline, compose, consolidate, harden.
ANT: Rise, ascend, soar, mount, stir, agitate, loosen, run, soften,
melt, mollify, fuse, flow.
KEY: Set, {[o]?}.
SYN: Fixed, established, firm, determined, regular, formal, be.
KEY: Settle.
SYN: Fix, establish, regulate, arrange, compose, adjust, determine,
decide, adjudicate, quiet, allay, still, Milk, fall, subside, lower,
calm, acquiesce, abate, agree.
ANT: Remove, disestablish, misregulate, derange, discompose,
aggravate, disorder, disturb, confuse, misdetermine, misarrange,
misplace, unsettle, rise, ascend, move, disagree, increase,
KEY: Settlement.
SYN: Subsidence, dregs, residuum, precipitation, colonization,
location, colony.
ANT: Excitement, perturbation, turbidity, fluctuation.
KEY: Sever.
SYN: Separate, divide, disjoin, distinguish, part, discommunicate,
sunder, disengage, detach, break, except, disconnect.
ANT: Unite, conjoin, confound, confuse, amalgamate, associate,
include, connect.
KEY: Several.
SYN: Separate, distinct, diverse, sundry, divers, various,
ANT: One, same, identical, indistinguishable, inseparable, united,
total, integral.
KEY: Severe.
SYN: Serious, austere, stern, grave, strict, harsh, rigid, rigorous,
sharp, afflictive, distressing, violent, extreme, exact, critical,
censorious, caustic, sarcastic, cutting, keen, bitter, cruel.
ANT: Gay, smiling, cheerful, relaxed, jocose, jocund, joyous, mild,
genial, indulgent, light, trivial, tri-fling, inconsiderable,
inexact, loose, uncritical, lenient, inextreme, moderate, kind,
considerate, feeling, tender, gentle.
KEY: Shabby.
SYN: Ragged, threadbare, contemptible, beggarly, paltry, [See FIRM].
KEY: Shackle \n.\.
SYN: Fetter, gype, chain, obstruction, embarrassment.
ANT: Aid, assistance, subsidiary, help.
KEY: Shackle \v.\.
SYN: Fetter, bind, chain, hamper, harness, impede, [See
KEY: Shade \n.\.
SYN: Shadow, adumbration, umbrage, darkness, [See FETTER], obscurity,
seclusion, protection, shelter, screen, oscuro, minuteness, touch,
ANT: Illumination, light, daylight, sunshine, brightness, radiance,
glare, chiaro, amount, largeness, considerableness, quantity,
publicity, defencelessness, exposure.
KEY: Shade \v.\.
SYN: Shelter, screen, obscure, darken, cloud, [See {[gombreuc-^]?}].
ANT: Illuminate, brighten, make_light.
KEY: Shadow.
SYN: Umbration, reflection, image, sham, unsubstantiality,
immaterial, phantom, attendant.
ANT: Body, substance, materiality, form, principal.
KEY: Shadowy.
SYN: Dim, cloudy, obscure, dark, murky, gloomy, mysterious, [See
KEY: Shake.
SYN: Agitate, weaken, oscillate, totter, convulse, loosen, tremble,
jar, quiver, shiver.
ANT: Secure, fix, fasten, strengthen, stabilitate, confirm, stand.
KEY: Shallow.
SYN: Shoal, slight, flimsy, trifling, simple, superficial,
ANT: Deep, profound.
KEY: Sham.
SYN: Phantom, ghost, delusion, illusion, mockery, shadow, pretence,
counterfeit, unreality.
ANT: Substance, reality, verity, substantiality, truth.
KEY: Shame \n.\.
SYN: Abashment, humiliation, modesty, shamefacedness, decency,
decorum, reproach, dishonor, ignominy, contempt, degradation,
discredit, dispraise.
ANT: Shamelessness, Barefacedness, immodesty, impudence, indecency,
indecorum, impropriety, honor, glory, exaltation, renown, credit.
KEY: Shame \r.\.
SYN: Abash, humiliate, fill_with_shame, disgrace, [See OBSCURE].
KEY: Shameful.
SYN: Disgraceful, degrading, scandalous, outrageous, dishonorable,
indecent, unbecoming, [See ABASH].
KEY: Shameless.
SYN: Vicious, sinful, immodest, indelicate, unblushing, brazen,
audacious, bold-faced, impudent, cool, [See BECOMING].
KEY: Shape \v.\.
SYN: Form, mould, figure, adapt, delineate, adjust, contrive, create,
execute, make.
ANT: Pervert, distort, misadapt, misdelineate, derange, discompose,
misconstrue, misproduce, caricature.
KEY: Shape \n.\.
SYN: Figure, form, outline, mould, fashion, pattern, cast, model,
KEY: Shapeless.
SYN: Amorphous, unformed, formless, chaotic, shadowy, undefined,
monstrous, misshaped, ugly, unsymmetrical, rude, uncouth, grotesque.
ANT: Comely, shaped, formed, shapely, compact, trim, neat,
well-defined, handsome, symmetrical.
KEY: Shapely, [See FIGURE_and_MODEL].
KEY: Share \n.\.
SYN: Portion, apportionment, lot, division, participation, allowance,
quota, contingent, allotment.
ANT: Whole, mass, aggregate, entirety.
KEY: Share \v.\.
SYN: Divide, distribute, portion_out, [See DIVIDE].
KEY: Sharp.
SYN: Thin, fine, keen, shrewd, discerning, clever, sarcastic, acute,
pointed, aculeated, penetrating, pungent, acid, shrill, piercing,
afflictive, distressing, harsh, severe, cutting, eager, active,
ardent, sore, hard, animated, spirited.
ANT: Thick, blunt, dull, obtuse, knobbed, rounded, bluff, mellow,
bass, hollow, deep, light, trifling, trivial, mild, gentle, soft,
tender, lenient, sluggish, inactive, indifferent, careless,
spiritless, tame.
KEY: Shatter.
SYN: Split, dissipate, disrupt, derange, break_in_pieces, rend,
demolish, shiver, dismember, disintegrate.
ANT: Construct, organize, collocate, fabricate, compose, rear,
KEY: Shed.
SYN: Emit, diffuse, cast, drop, scatter, spill, pour, throw_off.
ANT: Absorb, collect, assume, retain.
KEY: Sheer.
SYN: Pure, mere, unmixed, unqualified, unmitigated, absolute, simple,
ANT: Mixed, qualified, adulterated, modified, partial.
KEY: Shelter \v.\.
SYN: Shield, conceal, cover, protect, screen.
ANT: Expose, surrender, betray, imperil, endanger.
KEY: Shelter \n.\.
SYN: Refuge, cover, harbor, asylum, retreat, shield, security,
sanctuary, [See DIVIDE].
KEY: Shelve.
SYN: Dismiss, discard, swamp, stifle, shift.
ANT: Start, prosecute, pursue, revive, agitate.
KEY: Shield, [See {[gombreuc-^]?}].
KEY: Shift \v.\.
SYN: Change, alter, transfer, shelve, displace, remove.
ANT: Fix, fasten, locate, insert, pitch, plant, place.
KEY: {[Shil't\n\]?}.
SYN: Contrivance, expedient, substitute, pretext, motive, change,
evasion, device, artifice, resource, transference.
ANT: Miscontrivance, fixity, steadiness, retention, location,
KEY: Shiftless.
SYN: Thriftless, improvident, imprudent, wasteful, prodigal.
ANT: Provident, prudent, careful, [See SHELTER].
KEY: Shine.
SYN: Beam, brighten, gleam, give, light, glow, sparkle, glitter,
{[re' ate]?}, glisten, excel.
ANT: Fade, wane, loom, glimmer, gleam, fail.
KEY: Shiver \v.\ \t.\, [See PRODIGAL].
KEY: Shiver \v.\ \i.\.
SYN: Quake, tremble, vibrate, quiver, shudder.
ANT: Hang, stand, stiffen, steady, rigidity.
KEY: Shock.
SYN: Surprise, disgust, offend, dismay, astound, appall, horrify,
ANT: Gratify, please, delight, amuse, entify.
KEY: Shocking.
SYN: Sad, horrible, disgraceful, hateful, revolting, abominable,
loathsome, foul.
ANT: Pleasing, honorable, charming, delightful, creditable,
exemplary, attractive, alluring, enticing.
KEY: Shore.
SYN: Coast, bench, strand.
ANT: Ocean, sea, main, deep.
KEY: Short.
SYN: Brief, limited, scanty, inadequate, insufficient, lacking,
deficient, defective, imperfect, incomplete, soon, near, narrow,
weak, incomprehensive, inextensive, less, abrupt, blunt, concise,
ANT: Lon, [See {[(]?}], protracted, extended, unlimited, plentiful,
ample, abundant, adequate, sufficient, exuberant, liberal, large,
copious, complete, distant, deferred, wide, strong, comprehensive,
extensive, exceeding, bland, courteous, unabrupt, expanded, diffuse.
KEY: Shorten.
SYN: Curtail, lessen, abridge, [See {[?]?}].
KEY: Shout \n.\.
SYN: Exclamation, uproar, clamor, vociferation.
ANT: Sibilation, hissing, reticence, silence, hush.
KEY: Shout \v.\.
SYN: Cry_out, exclaim, vociferate, {[yeH]?}, halloo, hollo, holla.
ANT: Be_silent, speak_low, {speak_in_a_natural_tone}.
KEY: Show_\v.\.
SYN: Exhibit, present, demonstrate, unfold, reveal, teach, inform,
conduct, manifest, evince, evidence, prove, explain.
ANT: Conceal, suppress, hide, withhold, obscure, mystify, wrap,
misdemonstrate, misdeclare, contradict, refute, deny, disprove,
misinterpret, falsify, misexplain.
KEY: Show, {[re]?}.
SYN: Appearance, exhibition, demonstration, parade, pomp, semblance,
likeness, pretext, profession, pretence, illusion.
ANT: Nonappearance, disappearance, concealment, suppression, secret,
disguise, dissimilarity, unlikeness, genuineness, reality,
sincerity, substance.
KEY: Showy.
SYN: {[Oajv]?}, Oajv_gaudy, high-colored, gorgeous, flashy, tinsel.
ANT: Inconspicuous, unnoticeable, quiet, subdued.
KEY: Shred.
SYN: Strip, fragment, ras, tatter, oddment, scrap, paring, chip.
ANT: Fold, mass, piece, entirety, integrity, whole.
KEY: Shrew.
SYN: Vixen, scold, virago, termagant.
ANT: Angel, dove.
KEY: Shrewd.
SYN: Sagacious, penetrating, astute, discriminating, intelligent,
discerning, acute.
ANT: Stolid, undiscerning, unsagacious, stupid, dull.
KEY: Shrill.
SYN: Sharp, piercing, acute, high_pitched.
ANT: Low, deep, base, hollow, murmuring, rumbling.
KEY: Shrink.
SYN: Contract, shrivel, withdraw, retire, recoil, revolt.
ANT: Stretch, expand, dilate, venture, dare.
KEY: Shrivel.
SYN: Contract, dry_up, wither, wrinkle, corrugate, decrease.
ANT: expand, flatten, develop, unfold, spread, dilate.
KEY: Shroud.
SYN: Cover, {[hfHe]?}, veil, obscure, darken, palliate, envelop,
ANT: Expose, reveal, {[nnvefl]?}, elucidate, discover, uncover.
KEY: Shuffle.
SYN: Confuse, interchange, shift, intershift, intermix, derange,
agitate, evade, prevaricate, equivocate, quibble, cavil,
sophisticate, mystify, palter, dissemble.
ANT: Deal, distribute, order, arrange, compose, confess, propound,
declare, explain, elucidate, reveal.
KEY: Shun.
SYN: Avoid, escape, discard, eschew, keep_clear_of, elude.
ANT: Court, seek, affect.
KEY: Shut.
SYN: Close, contract, confine, preclude, bar, fasten.
ANT: Open, expand, unclose, unbar, unfasten.
KEY: Shy.
SYN: Timid, reserved, modest, bashful, Suspicion, shrinking, chary.
ANT: Bold, brazen-faced, impudent, audacious, reckless.
KEY: Sibilation.
SYN: Hissing, outcry, disfavor.
ANT: Acclamation, cheers, popularity.
KEY: Sick.
SYN: Diseased, ill, disordered, distempered, indisposed, weak,
riling, feeble, morbid, nauseated, disgusted, corrupt, impaired,
ANT: Whole, well, healthy, sound, robust, strong, well-conditioned,
KEY: Sickly.
SYN: Weak, diseased, disordered, ailing, feeble, pining, droop, ing,
morbid, unhealthy, vitiated, delicate, tainted, valetudinary.
ANT: Strong, healthy, vigorous, flourishing, salubrious, sound,
KEY: Sickness.
SYN: Indisposition, illness, disease.
ANT: Health, soundness.
KEY: Side.
SYN: Margin, edge, verge, border, laterality, face, aspect, plane,
party, interest, cause, policy, behalf.
ANT: Centre, body, core, interior, essence, neutrality,
disconnection, severance, secession, opposition.
KEY: Sidereal.
SYN: Astral, heavenly, starry, celestial.
ANT: terrestrial, terrene, earthly.
KEY: Sift.
SYN: Screen, analyze, scrutinize, robe, examine_critically,
investigate, winnow, sort.
ANT: Confound, fuse, confuse, amalgamate, conglomerate, compound.
KEY: Sight.
SYN: Seeing, perception, view, vision, visibility, spectacle, show,
inspection, examination, representation, appearance.
ANT: Nonperception, invisibility, blindness, obscuration,
disappearance, oversight, nonappearance, undiscernment.
KEY: Sign.
SYN: Token, indication, proof, memorial, expression, symbol, emblem,
prefiguration, badge, type, premonition, symptom, prognostic, mark,
wonder, presage, signal.
ANT: Misindication, misrepresentation, misleader.
KEY: Signal.
SYN: Eminent, conspicuous, remarkable, extraordinary, notable,
memorable, illustrious, important, saline, distinguished.
ANT: Ordinary, common, unnoticeable, mediocre, unmemorable,
KEY: Signalize.
SYN: Distinguish, exalt, glorify, dignify, immortalize, celerate.
ANT: Disgrace, dishonor, discredit.
KEY: Significant.
SYN: Expressive, momentous, suggestive, indicative, forcible,
weighty, symbolical, telling, speaking.
ANT: Inexpressive, meaningless, expressionless, unindicative, mute.
KEY: Signify.
SYN: Portend, purport, prognosticate, mean, represent, indicate,
communicate, denote, betoken, declare, utter, forebode, presage.
ANT: Conceal, suppress, misindicate, misdenote, nullify, refute,
neutralize, preclude.
KEY: Silence \n.\.
SYN: Taciturnity, stillness, calm, peace, hush, muteness, secrecy,
ANT: Garrulity, loquacity, talkativeness, chatter, noise, brawl,
clamor, clatter, din, Babel, tumult, agitation, restlessness, storm,
unrest, roar, bruit, reverberation, resonance, commotion, cackling,
proclamation, publicity, fame, rumor, remembrance, repute,
KEY: Silence \v.\.
SYN: Still, stifle, hush, allay, quiet, calm, [See ABRIDGE].
KEY: Silent.
SYN: Still, taciturn, speechless, dormant, quiet, noiseless.
ANT: Noisy, loquacious, garrulous.
KEY: Silly, Germ, selig.
SYN: Simple, foolish, weak, shallow, witless, unwise, indiscreet,
imprudent, absurd.
ANT: Sagacious, intelligent, astute, wise, deep, discreet, prudent,
sound, rational.
KEY: Similar.
SYN: Correspondent, resembling, alike, common, homogeneous,
concordant, harmonious, congruous.
ANT: Different, unlike, dissimilar, alien, heterogeneous, discordant,
KEY: Similitude.
SYN: Likeness, resemblance, comparison, similarity, [See LIKENESS].
KEY: Simple.
SYN: Single, incomplex, uncompounded, unblended, isolated, pure,
unmixed, mere, absolute, plain, unadorned, unartificial, artless,
sincere, undesigning, single-minded, unaffected, sickly, weak,
unsophisticated, humble, homely, lowly, elementary, ultimate, primal,
ANT: Double, complex, compounded, blended, mixed, fused, multiform,
multigenerous, various, compound, articulated, subdivided,
organized, connected, modified, complicated, elaborate, artificial,
artful, designing, insincere, double-minded, affected,
self-conscious, sagacious, sophisticated, great, eminent,
illustrious, complete, developed, perfect.
KEY: Simplicity.
SYN: artlessness, sincerity, plainness, frankness.
ANT: Artfulness, insincerity, guile, deceit.
KEY: Simplify.
SYN: Facilitate, disencumber, elucidate.
ANT: Embarrass, complicate, encumber, obscure.
KEY: Simulate.
SYN: Feign, counterfeit, pretend, impersonate, assume.
ANT: Disresemble, discard, misrepresent, mis-exhibit, misbeseem.
KEY: Simultaneous.
SYN: Synchronous, concomitant, concurrent.
ANT: Inconcurrent, separate, apart, Intermittent, periodic.
KEY: Sin.
SYN: Transgression, iniquity, unrighteousness, ungodliness,
wickedness, evil, impurity, crime, wrongdoing, ungodliness.
ANT: Sinlessness, obedience, holiness, righteousness, purity,
godliness, goodness.
KEY: Sincere.
SYN: Pure, unmixed, genuine, unadulterated, hearty, honest,
unaffected, unvarnished, candid, cordial, frank, unfeigned, true.
ANT: Impure, adulterated, dishonest, insincere, hypocritical,
feigned, pretended, false.
KEY: Sinful, [See EXCEPTIONAL_and_RARE].
KEY: Single.
SYN: One, unique, only, individual, sole, solitary, separate,
uncombined, unmarried, uncompounded.
ANT: Plural, many, collective, united, numerous, frequent, married.
KEY: Singular.
SYN: Single, individual, unique, eminent, extraordinary, conspicuous,
consummate, unusual, uncommon, odd, whimsical, quaint, peculiar,
unexampled, unprecedented, solitary, sole, eccentric, fantastic,
exceptional, particular, remarkable, curious, queer.
ANT: Common, frequent, numerous, ordinary, usual, unnoticeable,
everyday, customary, general, regular.
KEY: Sinister.
SYN: Unlucky, inauspicious, ill-omened, portentous, disastrous,
unfavorable, wrong, unfair, underhanded, evil, foul, dishonest,
dishonorable, forbidding, repulsive, lowering.
ANT: Lucky, fortunate, propitious, auspicious, favorable, right,
fair, open, honest, honorable, attractive, winning, engaging,
assuring, frank.
KEY: Sink.
SYN: Fall, descend, drop, subside, penetrate, soak, droop, decline,
weary, flag, decay, decrease, diminish, abate, lower, immerse,
submerge, depress, degrade, drown, reduce, attenuate, suppress.
ANT: Rise, ascend, soar, swell, Increase, flourish, revive, float,
heighten, promote, exalt, enhance, rescue, foster, encourage,
perpetuate, promulgate, divulge.
KEY: {[Slimoua]?}.
SYN: Coiled, convolute, undulating, curved, serpentine, winding,
tortuous, anfractuous, waving, flexuous.
ANT: Uncoiled, rectilinear, uninflected.
KEY: Situation.
SYN: Locality, position, top, {[litmjihy]?}, site, seat, post, place,
condition, residence, aspect, footing, office, birth, plight,
predicament, standing.
ANT: Non-situation, non-location, absence, nonassignment,
unfixedness, displacement, dislodgment.
KEY: Size.
SYN: Greatness, magnitude, largeness, extent, dimension, bulk,
extent, bigness.
ANT: Smallness, littleness, tenuity, minuteness.
KEY: Sketch \n.\.
SYN: Outline, draught, skeleton, delineation, [See WICKED].
KEY: Sketch \v.\.
SYN: Outline, draw, depict, portray, paint, delineate, [See OUTLINE].
KEY: Skilful.
SYN: Expert, clever, dexterous, apt, well-versed, adroit, [See
KEY: Skill.
SYN: Expertness, aptitude, #N/A.
KEY: Skim.
SYN: Brush, glide, graze, touch.
ANT: Enter, penetrate.
KEY: Skirt.
SYN: border, trim, confine, bound, surround, encircle.
ANT: Penetrate, enter, interpenetrate.
KEY: Skulk.
SYN: Hide, sneak, cower, lurk, abscond, slink.
ANT: Appear, issue, parade, show.
KEY: Slack.
SYN: Loose, weak, remiss, backward, indiligent, slow, remiss, tardy,
ANT: Tight, tense, strong, active, prompt, diligent, alert, quick,
KEY: Slacken.
SYN: Loosen, abate, withhold, remit, languish, flag, moderate.
ANT: Tighten, increase, freshen.
KEY: Slander.
SYN: Asperse, defame, calumniate, vilify, abuse, scandalize, traduce,
belittle, blacken.
ANT: Praise, laud, honor, vindicate, defend, panegyrize, eulogize,
shield, commend.
KEY: Slaughter \n.\, {[See ~]?}.
KEY: Slave.
SYN: Bondman, thrall, vassal, drudge, [See CARNAGE].
KEY: Slavery \n.\, [See BONDAGE].
KEY: Slavish.
SYN: Servile, drudging, {[merual]?}, mean, base, abject.
ANT: Independent, free, voluntary.
KEY: Slay, [See BONDAGE].
KEY: Slick.
SYN: Glossy, velvety, satin, silken, shiny, smooth.
ANT: Bough, hairy, hirsute, bristly.
KEY: Sleep \v.\.
SYN: Slumber, doze, drowse, snooze, repose.
ANT: Be_awake.
KEY: Sleepy.
SYN: Slumberous, somnolent, drowsy, sluggish, lazy.
ANT: Wakeful, vigilant, alert, awake, active.
KEY: Slender.
SYN: Thin, narrow, slight, slim, small, trivial, spare, inadequate,
fragile, feeble, flimsy, meagre, inconsiderable, superficial.
ANT: Stout, thick, broad, robust, massive, considerable, ample, deep.
KEY: {[Sliiiht\a\]?}, [See {[811in]?}].
KEY: Slight \v.\.
SYN: Disregard, disdain, acorn, overlook, disparage.
ANT: Regard, respect, notice, observe.
KEY: Slight \n.\.
SYN: Neglect, contempt, scorn, disregard.
ANT: Respect, regard, honor, [See SLENDER], [See {[811in]?}].
KEY: Slimy.
SYN: Sticky, viscous, viscid, glutinous, [See SLENDER].
KEY: Slink, [{See \iscu>}?].
KEY: Slippery.
SYN: Smooth, glassy, lubricated, insecure, perilous, unsafe,
unstable, shifty, elusive, shuffling, unprincipled, deceptive,
evasive, untrustworthy, uncertain.
ANT: Rough, firm, unslippery, secure, safe, stable, solid,
KEY: Slough.
SYN: Mire, difficulty, despond.
ANT: Footing, standpoint.
KEY: Slovenly.
SYN: Loose, negligent, disorderly, untidy, unclean, sluttish,
ANT: Trim, neat, careful, orderly, tidy, precise.
KEY: Slow.
SYN: Sluggish, inactive, Inert, lazy, unready, tardy, late, gradual,
tedious, dull, dilatory, lingering, slack.
ANT: Active, quick, fast, rapid, alert, ready, prompt, early, sudden,
KEY: Sluggard.
SYN: Idler, drone, lazybones, laggard, [See SLUNK].
KEY: Sluggish.
SYN: Slow, inert, indolent, phlegmatic, slothful, Iazy.
ANT: Active, quick, nervous, laborious.
KEY: Sly.
SYN: Cunning, subtle, crafty, artful, wily, underhanded, astute,
ANT: Open, frank, artless, undesigning.
KEY: Small.
SYN: Little, diminutive, slight, minute, feeble, trivial,
insignificant, paltry, narrow, mean, weak, slender, fine, inferior.
ANT: Great, large, big, considerable, bulky, extensive, ample,
spacious, stout, strong, important, broad, liberal.
KEY: Smart.
SYN: Keen, pungent, piercing, quick, vigorous, sharp, severe, active,
clever, brilliant, vivacious, witty, ready, spruce, brisk, fresh,
dressy, showy.
ANT: Dull, heavy, aching, slow, inactive, stupid, sluggish, unready,
slow-minded, unwitty, dowdy, shabby, clownish.
KEY: Smear.
SYN: Daub, plaster, spatter, tarnish, besmear, coat, begrime, varnish,
ANT: Abrade, levigate, polish, scour, scrape.
KEY: Smell, [See {[PAOEAKT]?}].
KEY: Smite.
SYN: Strike, beat, buffet, chastise, blast, afflict, kill, slay,
punish, surprise, captivate.
ANT: Soothe, smooth, caress, relieve, console, repel, alienate.
KEY: Smoke \n.\.
SYN: Fumigation, fumes, vapor, insubstantiality, nothingness,
moonshine, triviality, trifle.
ANT: Substance, reality, realization, moment, importance.
KEY: Smoke \v.\.
SYN: {[Eeek]?}, fume, steam.
KEY: Smooth \a.\.
SYN: Even, plain, level, flat, polished, glossy, sleek, soft,
unruffled, unobstructed, bland, oily, suave.
ANT: Uneven, rough, rugged, abrupt, precipitous, unpolished, harsh,
KEY: Smooth \r.\.
SYN: Flatten, level, ease, soften, calm, allay, mitigate, [See
KEY: Smolder.
SYN: Reek, simmer, seethe, ferment, work.
ANT: Burst, blaze.
KEY: Smother.
SYN: Suffocate, stifle, repress, gag, conceal, suppress, choke,
strangle, allay, swallow.
ANT: Fan, ventilate, foster, cherish, nurture, publish, promulgate,
divulge, spread, excite, vent.
KEY: Snare \n.\.
SYN: Net, trap, gin, noose, device, springe.
KEY: Snarling.
SYN: Cross, crabbed, peevish, cynical, snappish, [See CALM].
KEY: Snatch.
SYN: Twitch, pluck, pull, catch, grasp, gripe, clutch.
ANT: Unclutch, restore, unhand, release.
KEY: Sneak.
SYN: Slink, skulk, steal_away, lurk, cringe, crouch, truckle, [See
KEY: Sneer.
SYN: Scoff, gibe, jeer, taunt, disparagement, contempt, scorn,
superciliousness, disdain.
ANT: Compliment, eulogy, commendation, deference.
KEY: Snub.
SYN: Mortify, check, rebuke, reprimand, [See CRINGE_and_SKULK].
KEY: Snug.
SYN: Close, housed, compressed, compact, comfortable, sheltered.
ANT: Exposed, loose, disordered, incompact, uncomfortable, bare,
KEY: Soak.
SYN: Wet, steep, drench, macerate, moisten, submerge.
ANT: Dry, air, wring, exsiccate, aridify, bleach.
KEY: Soar.
SYN: Rise, mount, tower, aspire, ascend, uprise.
ANT: Drop, sink, descend, alight.
KEY: Sober.
SYN: Temperate, unintoxicated, cool, dispassionate, reasonable, culm,
self-possessed, sound, unexcited, serious, grave, sedate, steady,
abstemious, moderate.
ANT: Intemperate, drunk, intoxicated, heated, excited, impassioned,
{[{[unr<*aonnWp]?}, {[unr<*aonnWp_agitated, furious, passionate,
extravagant, extreme, exorbitant, immoderate, flighty, erratic,
KEY: Sobriety.
SYN: Soberness, temperance, abstemiousness.
ANT: Intemperance.
KEY: Sociable.
SYN: Companionable, genial, social, convertible, friendly,
accessible, gregarious.
ANT: Unsociable, uncompanionable, unconversable, ungenial,
in_friendly, Inaccessible, re_iring, morose, solitary,
KEY: Social.
SYN: Collective, political, gregarious, [See REBUKE_and_MORTIFY].
ANT: Individual, solitary, personal.
KEY: Society.
SYN: community, {[pobiy]?}, association, collection, companionship,
fellowship, connection, participation, company, sociality,
communion, intercourse, sodality.
ANT: Individuality, personality, segregation, separation,
solitariness, missociality, privacy, dissociation, disconnection.
KEY: Soft.
SYN: Yielding, pressible, impressible, smooth, delicate, fine, sleek,
glossy, mild, gentle, balmy, kind, feeling, flexible, effeminate,
luxurious, unmanly, tender, irresolute, undecided.
ANT: Hard, tough, stubborn, unyielding, rigid, unimpressible, rough,
coarse, harsh, abrupt, ungentle, rigorous, cutting, severe, unkind,
unfeeling, sharp, inflexible, stern, austere, ascetic, self-denying,
resolute, determined.
KEY: Soften.
SYN: Mollify, palliate, compose, mitigate, assuage, dulcify, lenity,
yield, macerate, humanize, abate, moderate.
ANT: Harden, indurate, aggravate, excite, infuriate, consolidate.
KEY: Soil.
SYN: Stain, tarnish, begrime, befoul, contaminate.
ANT: Purify, bleach, cleanse, absterge.
KEY: Sojourn.
SYN: Rest, [See SOCIABLE], reside, tarry, lodge, halt, stay, quarter.
ANT: Migrate, move, Wonder, depart, travel, journey.
KEY: Solace.
SYN: Consolation, comfort, alleviation, relief, sympathy.
ANT: Affliction, war, bitterment,.
KEY: Vole.
SYN: Single, solitary, only, individual, exclusive, by_one's_self,
Alone, one, singular.
ANT: Plural, numerous, combined, collective.
KEY: Solemn.
SYN: Sacred, formal, devotional, reverential, ritual, ceremonial,
impressive, religious, grave, serious.
ANT: Profane, undevotional, secular, light, gay, trivial,
unceremonial, informal, unsolemn.
KEY: Solemnity.
SYN: Celebration, rite, office, ceremony, function, pomp, parade,
seriousness, pomposity, gravity, sacredness, awe, sanctity,
impressiveness, imposingness.
ANT: Noncelebration, secularity, simplicity, triviality, gaiety,
profanity, desecration, unimpressiveness, meanness, tawdriness,
vulgarity, unimposingness.
KEY: Solicit.
SYN: Entreat, beg, urge, pray, ask, crave, implore, importune.
ANT: Demand, require, exact, claim.
KEY: Solicitous.
SYN: Desirous, anxious, apprehensive, uneasy, careful, concerned,
[See {rb' '<}?].
KEY: Solicitude.
SYN: Anxiety, concern, trouble, carefulness, uneasiness, care.
ANT: Indifference, unconcern, carelessness, ease.
KEY: Solid.
SYN: Hard, firm, compact, resistant, dense, substantial, weighty,
strong, valid, just, sound, impenetrable, stable, cubic.
ANT: Soft, hollow, yielding, frail, brittle, flimsy, elastic,
resilient, malleable, impressible, fluid, liquid, frivolous, light,
trifling, weak, invalid, unsound, fallacious, weakly.
KEY: Solitary.
SYN: Sole, single, only, lone, lonely, private, remote, retired,
sequestered, desolate, uninhabited, desert, [See ANXIOUS].
KEY: Solitude.
SYN: Loneliness, remoteness, seclusion, retirement, isolation,
wildness, desertion, barrenness, wilderness, privacy.
ANT: Publicity, populousness, society, frequentedness, intercourse,
resort, meeting, reunion, throng, crowd.
KEY: Soluble.
SYN: Separable, discerptible, divisible, dissoluble.
ANT: Indivisible, inseparable, indiscerptible, insoluble,
KEY: Solution.
SYN: Separation, discerption, disruption, breach, discontinuance,
disconnection, disentanglement, elucidation, explanation, key,
answer, resolution, disintegration.
ANT: Union, combination, amalgamation, continuity, connection,
{[con]?}, junction, entanglement, complication, confusion,
mystification, obscurity, integration.
KEY: Solve.
SYN: Explain, resolve, unfold, work_out, clear_up, [See EXPLAIN].
KEY: Sombre.
SYN: Dull, grave, gloomy, dark, murky, cloudy, funereal, sable,
mournful, dusky, pensive, melancholy.
ANT: Bright, gay, sunny, joyous.
KEY: Somnolent.
SYN: Sleepy, drowsy, dozy, dreamy.
ANT: Wakeful, vigilant, alert.
KEY: Song.
SYN: Poem, lay, ballad, strain, ditty, carol, anthem, epic, lyric.
KEY: Sonorous.
SYN: Resonant, {[louc'audible]?}, louc'audible_audible, ringing,
clear, trumpetlike, high-sounding.
ANT: Mute, muffled, dumb, soft_weak, inaudible, confused, powerless.
KEY: Soon.
SYN: Shortly, quickly, promptly, before_long, early.
ANT: Late, slowly, tardily.
KEY: Soothe.
SYN: Soften, assuage, allay, compose, mollify, tranquillize, pacify,
lull, mitigate, flatter, appease, relieve.
ANT: Rouse, excite, irritate, ruffle, exasperate, exacerbate,
agitate, infuriate, aggravate, annoy, dissatisfy.
KEY: Sophism.
SYN: Fallacy, quibble, paralogism.
ANT: Truth, argument, reason, logic, syllogism.
KEY: Sophisticate.
SYN: Artificialize, demoralize, debase, corrupt, vitiate, spoil,
ANT: Naturalize, simplify, purify, train, Improve, correct, refine,
KEY: Sophistry, [See EXPLAIN].
KEY: Soporific.
SYN: Somniferous, narcotic, anodyne, opiate.
ANT: Antisoporific, antinarcotic.
KEY: Sorcery.
SYN: Magic, enchantment, witchcraft, divination, glamour,
ANT: Disenchantment, exorcism, exsufflation, dispossessing.
KEY: Sordid.
SYN: Dirty, filthy, foul, gross, vile, base, mean, avaricious,
covetous, selfish, venal, niggardly, beggarly, closefisted,
hidebound, greedy.
ANT: Pure, liberal, generous, unselfish, honorable, uncovetous,
openhanded, high-minded, profuse, lavish, prodigal, extravagant,
KEY: Sore_\a.\.
SYN: Painful, irritated, susceptible, excoriated, raw, scarified,
ulcerous, grievous, afflictive, heavy, burdensome.
ANT: Painless, sound, whole, healthful, healed, unbroken,
unscarified, light, trivial, unburdensome, pleasant, untroublesome,
KEY: Sore_\n.\.
SYN: Pustule, abscess, ulcer.
KEY: Sorrow.
SYN: Affliction, grief, sadness, trouble, regret, distress,
mental_pain, ruth, mourning.
ANT: Joy, gladness, rejoicing.
KEY: Sorry.
SYN: Grieved, pained, hurt, afflicted, woe-begone, doleful,
downhearted, mortified, vexed, dejected, poor, mean, vile, shabby,
ANT: Glad, rejoiced, delighted, pleased, gratified, fine, choice,
KEY: Sort.
SYN: Kind, species, nature, class, order, character, rank, manner,
quality, condition, description, designation, genus.
ANT: non-description, solitariness, uniqueness, nonclassification,
KEY: Soul.
SYN: Spirit, vital_principle, life, reason, intellect, vitality,
fire, leader, inspirer, energy, courage, fervor, affection, feeling,
being, person, {[innu]?}.
ANT: Soullessness, irrationality, unintellectuality, deadness,
unfeelingness, spiritlessness, coldness, mind-issues, nonentity,
KEY: Sound \n.\.
SYN: Resonance, audibility, noise, report.
ANT: Silence, stillness, muteness, voicelessness, abmutescence.
KEY: Sound \a.\.
SYN: Entire, unbroken, whole, perfect, unhurt, well-grounded,
uninjured, unimpaired, healthy, firm, strong, vigorous, weighty,
solid, irrefragable, irrefutable, thorough, valid, wholesome,
correct, substantial.
ANT: Partial, broken, injured, Impaired, unhealthy, unsound, weak,
frail, fragile, light, trivial, unfounded, hollow, fallacious,
imperfect, unwholesome, incorrect, unsubstantial, invalid,.
KEY: Sound, {[t\t\]?}.
SYN: Probe, gauge, investigate.
ANT: Overlook, disregard, misexamine, misinvestigate.
KEY: Sour.
SYN: Tart, rancid, coagulated, turned, harsh, crabbed, austere,
morose, pungent, crusty, acid, churlish, bitter, acetous,
acrimonious, peevish.
ANT: Sweet, wholesome, untainted, mellow, genial, kindly.
KEY: Source.
SYN: Rise, origin, spring, fount, fountain, cause, commencement,
ANT: Mouth, debouchure, termination, end, exit, issue, result,
KEY: Sovereign.
SYN: Paramount, supreme, primary, chief, certain, efficacious,
principal, predominant, superior, imperial, regal.
ANT: Inferior, ministerial, subservient, subordinate, subject,
secondary, weak, uncertain, inefficient, inefficacious.
KEY: Sow_\v.\.
SYN: Scatter, disseminate, plant, strew, [See SOPHISM].
KEY: Space.
SYN: Extension, room, interval, boundlessness, immeasurableness,
illimitableness, distance, measure, quantity, intervenience,
ANT: Limitation, inextension, restriction, coarctation, confinement,
proximity, scantiness, contiguity, uninterruptedness, continuity.
KEY: Spacious.
SYN: Ample, extensive, broad, vast, capacious, large, wide, roomy,
ANT: Narrow, restricted, limited, cramped, confined, inextensive.
KEY: Spare \r.\.
SYN: Save, afford, grant, reserve, do_without, husband, economize,
{[retniJi]?}, s_o-o, grudge, discard, omit, forbear, withhold,
refrain, abstain.
ANT: Spend, squander, waste, lavish, scatter, expend, pour, indulge,
KEY: Spare \a.\.
SYN: Scanty, unplentiful, inabundant, meagre, economical, frugal,
stinted, restricted, parsimonious, niggardly, chary, superfluous,
disposable, available, lean, thin, ill-conditioned.
ANT: Ample, plentiful, abundant, profuse, liberal, unrestricted,
generous, bountiful, unsparing, unstinted, unbounded, available,
KEY: Sparing, [See SCATTER].
KEY: Sparkle.
SYN: Scintillate, flash, glisten, glitter, gleam, shine, bubble,
radiate, coruscate, effervesce.
ANT: Smoulder, wane, stagnate, expire.
KEY: Sparse.
SYN: Scattered, sprinkled, few, scanty, thin, meagre, innumerous.
ANT: Dense, multitudinous, numerous, frequented, thick, crowded,
KEY: Spatter.
SYN: Besprinkle, besmear.
KEY: Speak.
SYN: Converse, discourse, talk, utter, pronounce, say, express,
accost, address, tell, [See FRUGAL].
KEY: Special.
SYN: Particular, specific, peculiar, appropriate, proper,
distinctive, extraordinary, especial, exceptional.
ANT: General, universal, common, generic.
KEY: Species, [See ACCOST_and_CONVERSE].
KEY: Specify.
SYN: Particularize, individualize, indicate, designate, detail,
determine, state, enumerate, mention.
ANT: Generalize, classify, amalgamate, confound.
KEY: Specimen.
SYN: Sample, mode, pattern, model, illustration, instance, type,
ANT: Anomaly, exception, nondescript, monster, freak,
KEY: Specious.
SYN: Plausible, showy, ostensible, colorable, fair-spoken.
ANT: Inadmissible, self-contradictory, absurd, unreasonable.
KEY: Speck \a.\.
SYN: Blemish, mite, bit, spot, particle, [See SORT].
KEY: Spectacle.
SYN: Sight, exhibition, display, parade, demonstration, picture,
scene, representation, gazingstock, show, pageant, flourish.
ANT: Nondemonstration, noncelebration.
KEY: Spectator.
SYN: Observer, witness, beholder, gazer, looker-on, bystander, [See
KEY: Spectral.
SYN: Ghostly, ghastly, cadaverous, shadowy, visionary, illusionary.
ANT: Bodily, substantial, corporal, fleshly, palpable.
KEY: Spectre.
SYN: Apparition, ghost, shade, shadow, spirit, larva.
ANT: Body, substance, flesh, personality.
KEY: Speculate.
SYN: Consider, meditate, theorize, cogitate, [See COGITATE].
KEY: Speculation.
SYN: Contemplation, consideration, weighing, thought, theory, scheme,
hypothesis, view, conjecture.
ANT: Realization, proof, fact, verification, certainty.
KEY: Speech.
SYN: Address, oration, harangue, discourse, [See COGITATE].
KEY: Speed.
SYN: Despatch, expedite, accelerate, urge, hasten, hurry, press.
ANT: Retard, delay, postpone, obstruct, drag, loiter, dawdle, linger,
lag, stay.
KEY: Speedy.
SYN: Early, quick, rapid, fast, accelerated, prompt, nimble, swift,
ANT: Late, slow, dragging, loitering, lingering, tardy, sluggish.
KEY: Spend.
SYN: Bestow, waste, exhaust, squander, expend, lay_out, consume,
disburse, lavish.
ANT: Retain, save, hoard, accumulate, husband, economize.
KEY: Sphere.
SYN: Globe, ball, region, realm, circuit, orb, department, vocation,
rank, standing, order, [See HARANGUE].
KEY: Spirit.
SYN: Air, breath, life, soul, vital_force, essential_quality,
essence, immateriality, intelligence, disembodiment, spectre,
apparition, ghost, energy, ardor, enthusiasm, activity, earnestness,
courage, zeal, disposition, temper, principle, motive, distillation.
ANT: Substance, body, corporeity, materiality, flesh, organization,
frame, embodiment, spiritlessness, listlessness, soullessness,
lifelessness, torpor, deadness, timidity, dejection, slowness,
KEY: Spirited.
SYN: Animated, lively, vivacious, ardent, buoyant, sprightly,
ANT: Dull, dispirited, depressed, cowardly.
KEY: Spiritual.
SYN: Divine, religions, holy, ghostly, ethical, immaterial,
incorporeal, intellectual.
ANT: Carnal, fleshly, unspiritual, gross, material, sensuous.
KEY: Spite.
SYN: Malice, malevolence, grudge, pique, hatred, Ill-will,
vindictiveness, rancor, spleen.
ANT: good_will, benevolence, kindliness.
KEY: Spiteful.
SYN: Malicious, malevolent, malignant, malign, ill-natured,
ANT: Kind, benevolent, good-natured.
KEY: Spleen.
SYN: Anger, [See VOCATION], annoyance, rancor, hypochondria,
melancholy, irascibility, gall, vexation, ill-humor.
ANT: Kindliness, benevolence, gratification, mirth, cheerfulness,
geniality, high-spirits, gratulation, pacification.
KEY: Splendid.
SYN: Brilliant, showy, magnificent, sumptuous, gorgeous, glorious,
pompous, imposing, illustrious, superb, famous, heroic, grand,
ANT: Dull, obscure, tame, somber, poor, beggardly, unimposing,
ordinary, ineffective, inglorious.
KEY: Split.
SYN: Divide, separate, rive, cleave, crack, splinter, burst, rend,
sunder, disagree, secede, disunite.
ANT: Cohere, unite, amalgamate, coalesce, conform, agree, splice,
consolidate, integrate.
KEY: Spoil.
SYN: Plunder, strip, rob, devastate, pillage, denude, corrupt,
vitiate, mar, deteriorate.
ANT: Invest, enrich, endow, replenish, renovate, improve, better,
ameliorate, rectify, preserve.
KEY: Spontaneous.
SYN: Voluntary, self-generated, self-originated, self-evolved,
willing, unbidden, gratuitous.
ANT: Involuntary, imposed, compulsionary, unwilling, necessitated,
KEY: Sport.
SYN: Play, frolic, wantonness, joke, diversion, merriment, gaiety,
fun, amusement, recreation, game, pastime.
ANT: Work, seriousness, business, earnestness.
KEY: Spot_\n.\.
SYN: Stain, blot, blemish, locality, site, place, {[See ~]?}.
KEY: Spotless, [See BLEMISH].
KEY: Spread.
SYN: Extend, stretch, expand, open, unfurl, divulge, propagate,
publish, disperse, diffuse, overlay, distribute, scatter, circulate,
disseminate, ramify.
ANT: Contract, furl, gather, fold, close, shut, secrete, suppress,
confine, restrict, repress, hush, conceal, recal, collect, stagnate,
concentrate, localize.
KEY: Sprightly.
SYN: Blithe, lively, gay, vivacious, alert, agile, brisk, animated.
ANT: Sombre, dull, lifeless, sluggish, inanimate, heavy.
KEY: Spring \n.\.
SYN: Origin, source, fountain, beginning, rise, [See PURE].
KEY: Spring \v.\.
SYN: Leap, bound, jump, start, emerge, issue, proceed, originate,
rise, emanate, germinate, burst, flow.
ANT: Settle, alight, land, drop, arrive, issue, eventuate, end,
terminate, debouch, disembogue.
KEY: Sprite.
SYN: Spirit, specter, ghost, shade, fairy, elf, [See OPINION].
KEY: Sprout \n.\.
SYN: Bud, germ, shoot, twig, stem, scion, [See GHOST].
KEY: Sprout \v.\.
SYN: Shoot, germinate, spring, vegetate, bud.
ANT: Blight, wither, decay.
KEY: Spruce.
SYN: Neat, finical, trim, smug, tidy, smart, foppish, dandified,
ANT: Slovenly, untidy, untrim, disorderly.
KEY: Spur.
SYN: Incite, goad, Instigate, impel, urge, stimulate.
ANT: Rein, inhibit, hold, discourage, deter, dissuade, restrain,
temper, moderate.
KEY: Spurious.
SYN: Counterfeit, false, not_genuine, unauthentic, forged,
adulterate, ungenuine, bastard, supposititious, groundless,
ANT: true, genuine, veritable, unadulterated, legitimate, authentic.
KEY: Spurn, [See REJECT].
KEY: Spy_\v.\.
SYN: #N/A, espy, discern, discover, explore, view, inspect.
ANT: Miss, overlook, misexplore, misobserve.
KEY: Spy_\n.\.
SYN: Emissary, detective, scout.
ANT: Sentinel, watchman, warder, patrol.
KEY: Squalid.
SYN: Foul, dirty, untended, filthy, nasty, unclean, mucky,
ANT: Wholesome, cleanly, tended, trim, tidy.
KEY: Squander.
SYN: Waste, dissipate, spend_wastefully.
ANT: Save, conserve, be_frugal.
KEY: Stab.
SYN: Pierce, transfix, thrust.
KEY: Stable.
SYN: firm, established, secure, steady, constant, unwavering,
durable, stanch, permanent, firmly_fixed, solid, steadfast, steady,
lasting, perpetual.
ANT: Infirm, tottering, weak, insecure, precarious, inconstant,
wavering, frail, transient, ephemeral, evanescent, unstable.
KEY: Stagnant.
SYN: Motionless, currentless, tideless, unflowing, uncirculating,
still, dull, torpid, lifeless, quiescent.
ANT: Brisk, flowing, circulating, rapid, lively, agitated, seething,
effervescent, restless.
KEY: Staid.
SYN: Grave, demure, steady, sober, sedate.
ANT: Unsteady, flighty, indiscreet, wanton, unsedate, erratic,
eccentric, agitated, discomposed, ruffled.
KEY: Stain \n.\.
SYN: Color, dye, tinge, discoloration, blemish, blot, stigma, slur,
shame, taint, {[See ~]?}.
KEY: Stain \v.\.
SYN: Dye, color, tinge, slur, shame, paint, blot, soil, sully,
discolor, tarnish, taint, disgrace, dishonor, befoul, blemish,
ANT: Purify, wash, cleanse, absolve, ornament, decorate, emblazon,
signalize, honor.
KEY: Stale.
SYN: Vapid, tasteless, threadbare, commonplace, hackneyed.
ANT: Fresh, [See BLEMISH].
KEY: Stalk.
SYN: Stride, promenade, parade, pace, march.
ANT: Sneak, crawl, grovel, creep.
KEY: Stalwart.
SYN: Powerful, able-bodied, strong, robust, resolute, brave.
ANT: Weak, timorous, irresolute.
KEY: Stammer.
SYN: Stutter, hesitate, falter.
ANT: Speak_clearly, {speak_unhesitatingly}.
KEY: Stamp \n.\.
SYN: Genus, kind, description, make, mark, impression, imprint, print,
brand, cast, mould, character, type.
ANT: Heterogeneity, non-description, formlessness.
KEY: Stanch.
SYN: Firm, steady, constant, faithful, unswerving, reliable, sincere,
trusty, zealous, fast, sound, steadfast.
ANT: Untrustworthy, vacillating, unsound, unsteady, unreliable,
treacherous, precarious.
KEY: Stand.
SYN: Rest, remain, stop, be, exist, {keep_one's_ground}, insist,
depend, await, consist, hold, continue, endure, pause, halt.
ANT: Progress, move, proceed, advance, fall, fail, yield, succumb,
drop, lie, vanish, fade, run, depart.
KEY: Standard.
SYN: Measure, gauge, criterion, test, rule, exemplar, banner, flag,
type, model, scale, plummet, trutination.
ANT: Mismeasurement, misrule, misadjustment, miscomparison,
inconformity, misfit, incommensurateness, non-criterion.
KEY: Standing \n.\.
SYN: Status, position, ground, duration, continuance, footing,
standpoint, foundation.
ANT: Baselessness, evanescence, insecurity, precariousness.
KEY: Standing \a.\.
SYN: Established, lasting, be.
KEY: Start.
SYN: Set_out, initiate, begin, set_on_foot, rouse.
ANT: Carry_on, end, complete.
KEY: Startle, [See FIRM].
KEY: Starved.
SYN: Lean, thin, meagre, attenuated, famished, hungry, emaciated,
ill-fed, ill-conditioned.
ANT: Fat, plump, well-conditioned, well-fed.
KEY: State \n.\.
SYN: Position, condition, situation, circumstances, plight,
predicament, case, province, [See AFFRIGHT].
KEY: State \v.\.
SYN: Say, declare, propound, aver, set_forth, narrate, specify,
particularize, avow, recite.
ANT: Suppress, repress, suppose, imply, deny, contradict, retract.
KEY: Stately.
SYN: Dignified, imposing, lofty, elevated, lordly, proud, majestic,
pompous, magnificent, grand.
ANT: Undignified, unimposing, unstately, commonplace, mean.
KEY: Station.
SYN: Standing, post, position, office, occupation, business, place,
situation, state, rank, location.
ANT: dislodgment, displacement, non-position, ejectment,
non-location, removal, departure, locomotion.
KEY: Stationary.
SYN: Fixed, Immovable, motionless, unalterable, quiescent.
ANT: Movable, unfixed, migratory, removable, changeable, alterable.
KEY: Statute.
SYN: Enactment, law, act, decree, ordinance, legislation, edict.
ANT: Custom, conventionality, prescription, use, precedent, usage.
KEY: Stave \v.\.
SYN: Parry, fend, forefend.
ANT: Attract, court, draw, invoke, provoke.
KEY: Stay_\n.\.
SYN: Abode, continuance, sojourn, support, prop, [See CONDITION].
KEY: Stay_\v.\.
SYN: Hold, stop, restrain, withhold, arrest, hinder, delay, obstruct,
support, rest, repose, remain, continue, dwell, await, halt, abide,
wait, tarry, confide, trust, lean.
ANT: Loose, liberate, send, expedite, speed, free, accelerate, hasten,
oppress, depress, burden, fail, fall, proceed, move, depart,
overthrow, mistrust.
KEY: Steadfast.
SYN: Firm, rooted, grounded, fixed, established, resolved, constant,
steady, unswerving, stanch, resolute.
ANT: Infirm, weak, vacillating, capricious, uncertain, irresolute,
wavering, dubious, half-hearted, halfminded.
KEY: Steady.
SYN: Firm, fixed, constant, uniform, consistent, equable, regular,
undeviating, well-regulated.
ANT: Infirm, variable, unsteady, inconstant, changeable, wavering,
KEY: Steal.
SYN: Filch, pilfer, purloin, swindle, take_by_theft, peculate,
embezzle, smuggle.
ANT: Rob, plunder, ravage, maraud, Back, pillage.
KEY: Steep \v.\.
SYN: Dip, soak, immerse, macerate, submerge, drench, imbue.
ANT: Air, dry, ventilate, fan, sun, aridity, exsiccate.
KEY: Steep \a.\.
SYN: Abrupt, precipitous, elevated, inaccessible, hilly, craggy.
ANT: Easy, level, undulating, accessible, gradual.
KEY: Stem_\v.\.
SYN: Oppose, breast, withstand, obstruct, confront, [See
KEY: Step_\n.\.
SYN: Advance, pace, space, grade, remove, degree, gradation,
progression, track, trice, walk, gait, proceeding, action, measure.
ANT: Retreat, recession, baiting, station, standing, nongraduation,
non-progression, standstill, stop, tracklessness, untraceableness,
non_impression, desinence, desistance, Inaction.
KEY: Sterile.
SYN: Barren, unfruitful, unproductive, desert, infertile.
ANT: Fruitful, fertile, productive, luxuriant, exuberant,
KEY: Sterling.
SYN: Sound, substantial, unalloyed, pure, unadulterated, standard,
genuine, essential, solid.
ANT: Fictitious, ungenuine, ascititious, specious, pretentious,
ostensible, plausible.
KEY: Stern.
SYN: Severe, austere, rigid, harsh, strict, rigorous, unrelenting,
unyielding, forbidding.
ANT: Lenient, genial, kindly, easy, flexible, encouraging.
KEY: Stick \v.\.
SYN: Hold, adhere, cleave, [See ANNALS], [See ANNALS].
KEY: Stiff.
SYN: Unbending, inflexible, rigid, unyielding, unpliant, stroux,
stubborn, obstinate, pertinacious, constrained, affected, starched,
formal, ceremonious, difficult.
ANT: Pliant, flexible, flaccid, yielding, easy, unaffected, genial,
affable, unceremonious.
KEY: Stifle.
SYN: Choke, suffocate, {[sniotfapr]?}, throttle, quench, repress,
suppress, extinguish, burke.
ANT: Ventilate, discuss, promulgate, propound.
KEY: Stigma.
SYN: Brand, mark, infamy, disgrace, blot, stain.
ANT: Decoration, feather, laurels, credit, renown.
KEY: Stigmatize.
SYN: Brand, denounce, reprobate, censure.
ANT: Panegyrize, land, eulogize.
KEY: Still.
SYN: Quiet, calm, [See {[uK_|]?}], hushed, silent, pacific, serene,
{[m< >:it>nless]?}, stagnant, peaceful, quiescent, tranquil,
ANT: Unquiet, disturbed, agitated, moved, noisy, resonant, turbulent,
moving, transitional.
KEY: Stimulate, [See {[uoiM-U]?}].
KEY: {[SCiiisr]?}, SCiiisr_y.
SYN: Close, avaricious, mean, niggardly, closefisted, parsimonious,
sparing, sordid, penurious.
ANT: Liberal, generous, large, handsome, lavish, bountiful,
KEY: Stink \n.\.
SYN: Stench, fetor, bad_smell.
ANT: Sweet_odor, fragrance.
KEY: Stint.
SYN: Stop, limit, restrict, bound, dole.
ANT: Lavish, pour, heap, squander.
KEY: Stipend, [See SPUR_and_UBOE].
KEY: Stipendiary.
SYN: Paid, remunerated, compensated, hired.
ANT: Unpaid, unremunerated, voluntary, gratuitous, honorary.
KEY: Stipulate.
SYN: Bargain, agree, contract, covenant, engage, condition, provide.
ANT: Retract, decline, refuse, withdraw, revoke, disagree, deprecate,
protest, recant.
KEY: Stir.
SYN: Agitate, incite, Instigate, prompt, awaken, stimulate, animate,
arouse, budge, excite, provoke, raise, ruffle.
ANT: Soothe, compose, quiet, allay, pacify, still, repress, deaden,
KEY: Stock \n.\.
SYN: Store, hoard, supply, fund, accumulation, [See WAGES].
KEY: Stoical.
SYN: Philosophical, Indifferent, apathetic, phlegmatic, patient,
inexcitable, imperturbable.
ANT: Sanguine, excitable, sensitive, impatient.
KEY: Stolid.
SYN: Stupid, dull, heavy, senseless, mindless, doltish, foolish,
obtuse, unintelligent.
ANT: Acute, sensitive, sagacious, quick, clever, bright.
KEY: Stoop.
SYN: bend, condescend, yield, [See ACCUMULATION].
KEY: Stop_\v.\.
SYN: Close, obstruct, plug, cork, bar, seal, arrest, suspend, end,
rest, halt, hinder, suppress, delay, cease, terminate.
ANT: Open, expedite, clear, broach, unseal, promote, advance, farther,
continue, proceed, speed, hasten.
KEY: Stop_\n.\.
SYN: Pause, cessation, intermission, rest, quietus, [See BEND].
KEY: Store \n.\.
SYN: Treasure, treasury, garner, provision, supply, fund,
accumulation, hoard, abundance, shop, place_of_business, ammunition,
ANT: Emptiness, lack, misprovision, failure, exhaustion, want,
expenditure, {[disjxjsal]?}, consumption.
KEY: Store \v.\, [See REST].
KEY: Storehouse.
SYN: Warehouse, repository, treasury, depot, magazine.
KEY: Stormy, [See SAVE].
KEY: Stout.
SYN: Strong, lusty, vigorous, robust, sturdy, brawny, corpulent,
resolute, brave, valiant, redoubtable.
ANT: Weak, debile, frail, attenuated, thin, slender, lean, irresolute,
feeble, cowardly, timid.
KEY: Straight.
SYN: Direct, rectilinear, undeviating, unswerving, right, nearest.
ANT: Indirect, winding, incurved, tortuous, sinuous, serpentine,
circuitous, waving, crooked.
KEY: Strain.
SYN: Stretch, tighten, force, exert, filter, filtrate, percolate,
depurate, purify, clarify, defecate, lixiviate.
ANT: Loosen, relax, remit, slacken, thicken, incrassate, inspissate,
KEY: Strait \a.\.
SYN: Close, strict, narrow, [See BOISTEROUS].
KEY: Strait \n.\, [See NARROW].
KEY: Strange.
SYN: Foreign, alien, exotic, unfamiliar, unusual, odd, irregular,
abnormal, exceptional, surprising, wonderful, marvellous,
astonishing, uncommon, peculiar.
ANT: Home, domestic, familiar, usual, ordinary, common, regular,
customary, commonplace, unsurprising, universal, general.
KEY: Stranger.
SYN: Foreigner, alien.
ANT: Countryman, acquaintance, friend.
KEY: Stratagem.
SYN: Artifice, tactics, trick, contrivance, generalship, manoeuvre,
device, machination, plot, plan, deceit, imposition.
ANT: Blunder, defeat, mismanoeuvre, miscontrivance, mismanagement.
KEY: Stray.
SYN: Wander, deviate, digress, ramble, go_astray, err, depart, rove.
ANT: Adhere, abide, stick.
KEY: Stream.
SYN: Current, course, flow, exit, drift, tide, tendency.
ANT: Stagnation, desistance, arrestation, station, standstill,
stillness, halting, cessation, stopping, interruption.
SYN: Force, vigor, power, security, validity, vehemence, intensity,
hardness, soundness, nerve, fibre, sinew.
ANT: Weakness, imbecility, feebleness, insolidity, insecurity,
invalidity, frailty, delicacy, softness, flimsiness, hollowness.
KEY: Strengthen.
SYN: Confirm, establish, fix, corroborate, secure, invigorate,
fortify, {[incri-Hso]?}.
ANT: Weaken, disestablish, shake, loosen, sap, undermine, debilitate,
KEY: Strenuous.
SYN: Strong, resilute, determined, earnest, vigorous, ardent, bold,
energetic, vehement.
ANT: Weak, irresolute, undetermined, unearnest, debile, feeble,
KEY: Stress.
SYN: Force, strain, weight, importance, pressure, urgency, emphasis.
ANT: Alleviation, stillness, lightness, unimportance, casualty,
touch, triviality.
KEY: Stretch.
SYN: Extend, expand, elongate, draw_out, spread, strain, tighten,
ANT: Contract, fold, curtail, shrink, shorten.
KEY: Strict.
SYN: Close, exact, accurate, rigorous, severe, stringent, nice,
ANT: Loose, inexact, inaccurate, lenient, mild, indulgent, lax.
KEY: Stricture.
SYN: Censure, criticism, animadversion, reprobation, dispraise,
blame, reprehension.
ANT: Praise, commendation, eulogy, compliment.
KEY: Strife.
SYN: Struggle, contention, contest, animosity, quarrel, wrangle,
disagreement, discord, bickering, emulation.
ANT: good_will, peace, amity, friendliness.
KEY: Strike.
SYN: Smite, impel, give_a_blow_to, stamp, impress, penetrate, insert,
drive, lower, startle, surprise, collide, touch.
ANT: Smooth, soothe, caress, pat, stroke, efface, levigate, withdraw,
raise, hoist, calm, graze, escape, avoid, pass.
KEY: Striking.
SYN: Impressive, affecting, admirable, wonderful, surprising., #N/A,
KEY: Strip.
SYN: Divest, denude, bare, pull_off, despoil, dismantle, disencumber,
flay, fleece, rob.
ANT: Invest, endow, clothe, enrich, compensate.
KEY: Strive.
SYN: Labor, endeavor, aim, contest, toil, try, struggle, contend,
ANT: Relax, surrender, succumb, submit, yield, withdraw.
KEY: Stroll \r.\.
SYN: Ramble, wander, rove, roam, [See _WONDERFUL].
KEY: Strong.
SYN: Powerful, vigorous, solid, secure, fortified, forcible,
impetuous, hale, hearty, brawny, sinewy, sound, robust, cogent,
influential, zealous, potent, pungent_muscular, hardy, stanch,
ANT: Powerless, weak, frail, insecure, defenceless, feeble, mild,
calm, gentle, delicate, sickly, inefficacious, unsatisfactory,
unconvincing, unimpressive, vapid, impotent, unavailing, lukewarm,
debile, flaccid, nerveless, tender, moderate, indifferent.
KEY: Structure.
SYN: Construction, erection, building, constitution, constituency,
organization, make, edifice, composition, texture.
ANT: Destruction, subversion, demolition, disorganization, analysis,
decomposition, resolution.
KEY: Struggle \v.\, [See RAMBLE].
KEY: Struggle \n.\.
SYN: Contest, violent_effort, labor, pains, agony, [See STRIFE].
KEY: Strut, [See STRIFE].
KEY: Stubborn.
SYN: Tough, unbending, unyielding, hard, obstinate, intractable,
obdurate, stiff, harsh, inflexible, headstrong, refractory, heady,
contumacious, pig-headed.
ANT: Docile, tractable, manageable, pliant, pliable, malleable,
KEY: Studied.
SYN: Premeditated, thought_out, elaborate, learned, thoughtful.
ANT: Unpremeditated, extempore, careless.
KEY: Studious.
SYN: Literary, diligent, desirous, attentive, careful, thoughtful,
assiduous, reflective.
ANT: co-literary, illiterate, idle, Indulgent, careless, regardless,
indifferent, inattentive, negligent, thoughtless.
KEY: Study \n.\.
SYN: Application, learning, meditation, diligence, consideration,
thought, contemplation, care, endeavor, research, intention,
ANT: Indulgence, idleness, illiterateness, thoughtlessness, ease,
indifference, carelessness, unstudiousness, negligence.
KEY: Study \v.\.
SYN: Examine, con_over, consider, [See CONSIDER].
KEY: Stuff \n.\.
SYN: Matter, substance, trash, nonsense, [See CONSIDER].
KEY: Stun.
SYN: Confound, bewilder, dumbfounder, astonish, stupefy, overwhelm,
overpower, electrify.
ANT: Encourage, animate, inspirit, reassure.
KEY: Stupendous.
SYN: Amazing, overwhelming, marvellous, wondrous, vast, astounding.
ANT: Ordinary, Unimposing.
KEY: Stupid.
SYN: Dull, senseless, stolid, doltish, besotted, insensate, obtuse,
prosy, addlepated, dull_witted.
ANT: Quick, sharp, bright, sensible, sagacious, penetrating, clever.
KEY: Sturdy.
SYN: Well-set, thickset, strong, stout, stubborn, firm, resolute,
forcible, hardy, robust.
ANT: Lank, weak, ill-set, lean, fragile, weakly.
KEY: Style.
SYN: Phraseology, diction, fashion, mode, name, title, [See
KEY: {[Sujvity]?}.
SYN: Mildness, softness, pleasantness, gentleness, affability,
courtesy, conciliatoriness, complaisance, sweetness, urbanity.
ANT: Roughness, harshness, rudeness, haughtiness, superciliousness,
pride, hauteur, moroseness, austerity.
KEY: Subdue.
SYN: Conquer, reduce, overpower, break, tame, quell, vanquish, subdue,
master, subjugate.
ANT: Aggrandize, exalt, fortify, strengthen, empower, liberate,
KEY: Subject \a.\.
SYN: Subordinate, subservient, exposed, liable, prone, disposed,
obnoxious, amenable.
ANT: Superior, independent, exempt, indisposed, unliable,
KEY: Subject \n.\.
SYN: Question, matter, material, theme, topic.
KEY: Subjective.
SYN: Mental, internal, intellectual.
ANT: External, objective.
KEY: Subjugate, [See DICTION].
KEY: Sublimate.
SYN: Vaporize, refine, heighten, elevate.
ANT: Solidify, crystallize, indurate, coarsen, worsen, degrade,
deprave, lower.
KEY: Sublime.
SYN: Raised, exalted, lofty, elevated, eminent, grand, stately, high,
noble, majestic, glorious, magnificent.
ANT: Low, depressed, unexalted, inconspicuous, unimposing, ordinary,
mean, ignoble, inglorious, base, ridiculous.
KEY: Submerge.
SYN: Drown, plunge, overwhelm, deluge, inundate, fink, steep,
ANT: Raise, extricate, educe.
KEY: Submission.
SYN: Yielding, surrender, inferiority, dependence, meekness,
resignation, patience, acquiescence.
ANT: Resistance, insurrender, insubordination, independence,
antagonism, self-assertion, impatience.
KEY: Submissive.
SYN: Obedient, compliant, yielding, obsequious, humble, docile,
modest, passive, acquiescent, subservient.
ANT: Disobedient, incompliant, unyielding, unobsequious,
recalcitrant, refractory, prov, {[d]?}, resistent, renitent,
malcontent, recusant.
KEY: Submit.
SYN: Yield, resign, surrender, comply, refer, propose, suggest,
present, acquiesce, succumb.
ANT: Recalcitrate, oppose, resist, object, withdraw, resume, rescue,
recover, vindicate, retain, reserve, hold, keep, contend.
KEY: Subordinate, [See SUBDUE].
KEY: Subscribe.
SYN: Affirm, maintain, support, endorse, assent.
ANT: Deny, disavow, repudiate, protest.
KEY: Subsequent.
SYN: Posterior, later, succeeding, following, after.
ANT: Prior, former, earlier, precedent_anterior.
KEY: Subservient, [See SUBDUE].
KEY: Subsidence.
SYN: Settlement, sinking, retreat, refluence, ebb, decrease.
ANT: Rising, affluence, flow, inundation, agitation, swelling,
intumescence, increase.
KEY: Subsidiary.
SYN: Assistant, ancillary, helpful, adjuvant, conducive, favourable,
promotive, adminicular, corroborative, tending.
ANT: Opponent, obstructive, preventative, inconducive, unfavorable,
retardative, subversive, counteractive.
KEY: {[ Subist]?}.
SYN: be, live, feed, continue, exist.
ANT: Fail, starve, decay, die.
KEY: Substance.
SYN: Matter, material, body, pith, gist, import, essential, meaning,
KEY: Substantial.
SYN: Existing, real, solid, true, corporeal, material, strong, stout,
massive, bulky, tangible.
ANT: Imaginary, unreal, insubstantial, fictitious, supposititious,
incorporeal, chimerical, visionary, immaterial, weak, frail, airy,
disembodied, spiritual, ghostly.
KEY: Substitute.
SYN: Exchange, commute, represent, replace, supply, depute.
ANT: Retain, fix, continue, perpetuate, stabilitate, establish.
KEY: Subterfuge.
SYN: Shift, evasion, artifice, excuse, pretext, dodge,
underhandedness, sophistry.
ANT: Assertion, promulgation, challenge, exhibition, manifestation,
open_handedness, frankness, daylight, vindication.
KEY: Subtile.
SYN: Fine, thin, rare, refined, volatile, delicate, nice, acute.
ANT: Coarse, thick, gross, crass, dense.
KEY: Subtle.
SYN: Sly, artful, cunning, insinuating, wily, astute, nice,
discriminating, crafty, fine, shrewd, sophistical, Jesuitical.
ANT: Open, frank, honest, artless, undiscriminating, rough, blunt,
undiscerning, unsophisticated, simple.
KEY: Subtract.
SYN: Withdraw, remove, deduct, take.
ANT: Add, import, adduce, give, bring.
KEY: Suburbs.
SYN: Precincts, purlieus, outskirts, confines, environs.
ANT: Centre, heart, citadel, acropolis.
KEY: Subvert.
SYN: Overturn, overthrow, destroy.
ANT: Stabilitate, perpetuate, [See PITH], serve.
KEY: {[Siu-'-ed]?}.
SYN: Follow, supervene, prosper, flourish, ensue, thrive.
ANT: Proceed, anticipate, fall.
KEY: Success.
SYN: Achievement, luck, consummation, prosperity, victory,
ANT: Failure, defeat, disaster, ruin.
KEY: Successful.
SYN: Lucky, fortunate, happy, auspicious, prosperous, [See
KEY: Succession.
SYN: Following, supervention, consecution, sequence, order, series,
rotation, continuity, supply, suite.
ANT: Precedence, anticipation, prevention, antecedence,
irregularity, disorder, non-sequence, solution, failure,
intermission, break, gap, inconsecutiveness.
KEY: Succinct.
SYN: Brief, close, concise, short, summary, terse, compendious,
ANT: Prolix, diffuse, discursive, circuitous, circumlocutory.
KEY: Succor.
SYN: Aid, support, console, alleviate, befriend, comfort, help,
assist, relieve.
ANT: Distress, oppress, maltreat, injure, thwart, burden, persecute,
KEY: Succumb.
SYN: Surrender, comply, submit, acquiesce, yield, sink, resign.
ANT: Resist, rise, contend, battle, fight, surmount.
KEY: Suck_In.
SYN: Absorb, imbibe.
ANT: Throw_out, eject.
KEY: Sudden.
SYN: Unanticipated, hasty, rash, quick, unexpected, abrupt.
ANT: Gradual, expected, transitional, slow, premonished,
KEY: Suffer.
SYN: Bear, endure, {[eunain]?}, undergo, let, permit, allow, admit,
tolerate, experience, support.
ANT: Resist, repel, expel, reject, disallow, repudiate, forbid,
KEY: Sufferance.
SYN: Toleration, permission, allowance, endurance, moderation,
self-control, long_suffering, patience.
ANT: Prohibition, resistance, nonendurance, impatience,
KEY: Suffering, [See LUCKY].
KEY: Suffice.
SYN: Satisfy, content, be_enough, [See AFFLICTION].
KEY: Sufficiency, [See SATISFY].
KEY: Sufficient.
SYN: Adequate, equal, competent, satisfactory, tit, qualified,
adapted, suited, enough, ample.
ANT: Inadequate, unequal, incompetent, unqualified, unadapted,
insufficient, unsuited, meagre, bare, scanty, short, deficient,
Suffix, {[?i]?}, [See ABUNDANCE_and_COMPETENCE], [See M], Affix,
ANT: Prefix.
KEY: Suffocate, [See S].
KEY: Suffrage.
SYN: [See SMOTHER], {[o]?}, voice, support.
KEY: Suggest.
SYN: Hint, insinuate, propose, allude_to, recommend, intimate.
ANT: Declare, propound, enunciate, insist, demand, dictate.
KEY: Suit_\v.\.
SYN: Fit, adapt, match, adjust, harmonize, apportion, befit, beseem,
tally, correspond, answer, comport, please, serve, agree, become,
ANT: Misfit, misadapt, mismatch, misapportion, unbeseem, vary,
differ, disagree, miscomport.
KEY: Suit_\n.\.
SYN: Solicitation, petition, request, action_at_law, wooing,
courtship, process, series, [See PETITION].
KEY: Suitable \a.\.
SYN: Proper, fitting, becoming, seemly, befitting, adequate,
eligible, agreeable, appropriate, decent, convenient, accordant,
competent, correspondent, harmonious, uniform, homogeneous.
ANT: Improper, unfitting, unbecoming, indecent, inconvenient,
inaccordant, various, heterogeneous, unsuitable, incompetent.
KEY: Sulky.
SYN: Sullen, gloomy, splenetic, churlish, ill-tempered, fretful,
ANT: Genial, kindly.
KEY: Sullen.
SYN: Gloomy, heavy, dismal, foreboding, sulky, moody, lowering,
ANT: Bright, light, cheerful, favorable, genial, kindly, glad,
gladsome, blithe.
KEY: Sully.
SYN: Soil, efface, dirty, taint, tarnish, spot, stain, spoil,
disgrace, dishonor.
ANT: Purify, cleanse, ennoble, dignify, signalize, glorify, honor.
KEY: Sultry.
SYN: Close, oppressive, depressing.
ANT: Open, fresh, invigorating, bracing, elastic, exhilarating,
KEY: Sum_\n.\.
SYN: Aggregate, total, example, problem, whole, amount, quantity,
collection, substance, gist, tenor, height, completion, drift,
ANT: Part, portion, item, imperfection, incompleteness,
miscalculation, misinterpretation.
KEY: Summary \a.\.
SYN: Compendious, short, succinct, brief, offhand, decisive, quick,
sharp, unceremonious, informal, rapid, concise.
ANT: Tedious, circuitous, roundabout, protracted, formal,
ceremonious, punctilious, slow.
KEY: Summary \n.\.
SYN: Analysis, tabulation, abridgment, resume, compendium, digest,
epitome, abstract.
ANT: Dilatation, expansion, dilution.
KEY: Summit.
SYN: Top, height, apex, culmination, zenith.
ANT: Bottom, depth, base, foot, nadir.
KEY: Summon.
SYN: Call, cite, challenge, convene, convoke, invite, bid.
ANT: Discharge, remit, relegate, send, disband, prorogue, dissolve,
discard, dismiss.
KEY: Sumptuous.
SYN: Costly, gorgeous, superb, splendid, expensive, magnificent,
prodigal, princely, lavish, munificent.
ANT: Poor, mean, inexpensive, sordid, niggardly, economical,
illiberal, beggarly, frugal, parsimonious, saving.
KEY: Superable.
SYN: Feasible, possible, manageable, surmountable.
ANT: Insuperable, indomitable, invincible, unmanageable, impossible,
KEY: Superannuated.
SYN: Effete, timeworn, decrepit, passe'.
ANT: Vigorous, energetic, active, efficient.
KEY: Superb.
SYN: Grand, magnificent, elegant, princely, splendid, showy, proud,
august, stately, gorgeous.
ANT: Mean, common, commonplace, unimposing, shabby.
KEY: Supercilious.
SYN: Haughty, contemptuous, disdainful, arrogant, i_solent.
ANT: Affable, courteous, respectful, modest, bashful.
KEY: Supererogation.
SYN: Superfluity, excess, superabundance, supervacaneousness,
ANT: Necessity, unprofitableness, duty, shortcoming, deficiency.
KEY: Superficial.
SYN: Light, slight, imperfect, showy, external, flimsy, surface,
shallow, smattering, skin-deep.
ANT: Deep, profound, abstruse, recondite, accurate, exact,
KEY: Superfluous, [See PETITION].
KEY: Superfluity.
SYN: Redundance, needlessness, supererogation, pleonasm, excess.
ANT: Necessity, necessary, requirement, shortcoming, deficiency.
KEY: Superhuman.
SYN: Supernatural, miraculous, divine, hyperphysical,
ANT: Natural, human, physical, unmiraculous.
KEY: Superintend, [See REDUNDANT].
KEY: Superintendence, [See SUPERVISE].
KEY: Superintendent.
SYN: Inspector, overseer, controller, director, manager, visitor,
head, principal, supervisor.
ANT: Subject, subordinate, servant, employee.
KEY: Superior.
SYN: Higher, upper, better, preferable, surpassing, loftier,
excellent, remarkable, eminent, conspicuous.
ANT: Inferior, lower, worse, subordinate, ordinary, common,
unremarkable, average, mean, mediocre.
KEY: Superiority, [See OVERSIGHT].
KEY: Superlative.
SYN: Supreme, transcendent, greatest, highest, extreme, surpassing,
consummate, extraordinary.
ANT: Common, ordinary, unremarkable.
KEY: Supernal.
SYN: Celestial, heavenly.
ANT: Terrestrial, earthly, infernal, lower, sublunary.
KEY: Supernatural, [See INFERIORITY].
KEY: Supersede.
SYN: Remove, displace, obviate, oust, recal, neutralize, overrule,
suspend, supplant.
ANT: Confirm, perpetuate, continue, introduce, supply.
KEY: Superstition.
SYN: Bigotry, fanaticism.
ANT: Infidelity, skepticism, disbelief, rationalism, religion,
devotion, worship, reason.
KEY: Supervene.
SYN: Happen, accrue, succeed, occur.
ANT: Pass, depart, disappear, vanish.
KEY: Supervise.
SYN: Superintend, control, manage, direct, visit, inspect, overlook.
ANT: Mismanage, miscontrol, misregulate, misdirect.
KEY: Supine.
SYN: Lazy, indolent, indifferent, listless, inactive, negligent,
inattentive, careless, sluggish, otiose, torpid.
ANT: Active, energetic, laborious, diligent, indefatigable.
KEY: Supple.
SYN: Pliant, bending, yielding, flexible, elastic, servile, fawning,
cringing, adulatory, sycophantic, lithe, limber, compliant.
ANT: Firm, unbending, unyielding, stiff, stubborn, inflexible,
inelastic, independent, self-assertive, supercilious.
KEY: Supplement \n.\.
SYN: Addition, appendix, [See SUPERHUMAN].
KEY: Supplicate.
SYN: Pray, beg, entreat, beseech, implore, solicit, crave, importune.
ANT: Order, command, insist, dictate, demand.
KEY: Supply.
SYN: Furnish, afford, provide, accoutre, give, minister, yield,
ANT: Expend, use, consume, waste, exhaust, absorb, demand, withhold,
withdraw, retain.
KEY: Support \r.\.
SYN: Bear, uphold, sustain, underlie, befriend, assist, second,
promote, further, suffer, defend, foster, nurture, nourish, cherish,
endorse, maintain, continue, countenance, patronize, subsidize, help,
back, stay, favor, prop.
ANT: Drop, betray, surrender, abandon, discontinue, oppose,
discourage, weaken, exhaust, thwart, discountenance, disfavor,
subvert, suppress.
KEY: Support \n.\.
SYN: Prop, stay, foundation, buttress, help, aid, assistance,
influence, maintenance, living, patronage, subsistence, livelihood,
food, [See ADDENDUM].
KEY: Supporter, [See ADHERENT].
KEY: Suppose.
SYN: Assume, presume, believe, divine, deem, fancy, think, regard,
conceive, imagine, imply, presuppose, conjecture, guess, conclude,
judge, consider.
ANT: Prove, demonstrate, substantiate, realize, disbelieve, negative,
KEY: Supposition.
SYN: Conjecture, surmise, assumption, hypothesis, speculation,
theory, guess, presumption, [See ADHERENT].
KEY: Supposititious.
SYN: Fictitious, ascititious, adventitious, spurious, counterfeit,
fancied, imaginary, sham, false.
ANT: true, genuine, authentic, veritable, actual, real.
KEY: Suppress.
SYN: Overpower, extinguish, repress, stifle, check, subdue, quell,
era_h, destroy, restrain, conceal, hu_n, stop, smother.
ANT: Raise, support, fan, excite, strengthen, incite, instigate,
increase, aggravate, vent, publish, promulgate, spread, disseminate,
KEY: Suppressible.
SYN: Extinguishable, restrainable.
ANT: Inextinguishable, irrestrainable, irrepressible, indomitable.
KEY: Supremacy.
SYN: Sovereignty, nonsubjection, lordship, autocracy.
ANT: Inferiority, subordination, subjection.
KEY: Supreme.
SYN: Greatest, highest, first, predominant, paramount, principal,
sovereign, [See SPECULATION].
KEY: Sure.
SYN: Certain, secure, safe, assured, unmistakable, stable, firm,
knowing, believing, confident, trusting, unquestioning, positive,
unfailing, strong, permanent, abiding, enduring, infallible,
indisputable, fast.
ANT: Uncertain, ignorant, dubious, doubtful, hesitating, distrustful,
questioning, vacillating, weak, untrustworthy, precarious, insecure,
impermanent, transient, evanescent, fallible, disputable, loose.
KEY: Surety.
SYN: Certainty, safety, security, guaranty, pledge, {[boudsumu]?},
bail, hostage, [See PARAMOUNT].
KEY: Surfeit.
SYN: Superabundance, excess, glut, nimiety, plethora.
ANT: Scantiness, stint, defect, starvation, inanition,
KEY: Surly.
SYN: Snarling, splenetic, rough, crabbed, gloomy, uncivil, [See
KEY: Surmise \v.\.
SYN: Suspect, imagine, conjecture, guess, fancy, presume, suppose,
[See SULKY_and_SULLEN], Surmount, [See SUPPOSE_and_SUSPECT].
KEY: Surpass.
SYN: Eclipse, outvie, excel, outstrip, exceed, outdo, outstep,
surmount, transcend.
ANT: Fail, foil, equal.
KEY: Surplus.
SYN: Redundancy, remainder, rest, overplus, residue, excess,
ANT: Deficiency, deficit, shortcoming.
KEY: Surprise.
SYN: Startle, astonish, alarm, amaze, confuse.
ANT: Prepare, premonish, forewarn.
KEY: Surprising, [See SUCCUMB].
KEY: Surrender.
SYN: Yield, submit, cede, relinquish, abandon, resign.
ANT: Withhold, vindicate, retain, resist, contend, strive.
KEY: Surreptitious.
SYN: Stealthy, furtive, unauthorized, fraudulent, underhanded,
ANT: Open, openhanded, frank, honest, ingenuous.
KEY: Surround, [See ENCIRCLE].
KEY: Survey.
SYN: Scan, view, inspect, reconnoitre, overlook, scrutinize, examine,
superintend, review, contemplate.
ANT: Ignore, miss, disregard, misobserve, misview, overlook.
KEY: Susceptible.
SYN: Capable, impressible, tender, sensitive.
ANT: Incapable, unimpressible, insensitive, insusceptible,
KEY: Suscitate.
SYN: Rouse, excite, vitalize, fan, inflame.
ANT: Soothe, calm, allay, repress, deaden, mesmerize, extinguish,
compose, repress, lay.
KEY: Suspect.
SYN: Imagine, {[eurmi]?}, guess, conjecture, augur, doubt, mistrust,
ANT: Disbelieve, discredit, trust, confide, credit, accredit.
KEY: Suspend.
SYN: Attach, hang, rest, interrupt, delay, intermit, stop,
ANT: Detach, drop, remove, continue, expedite, protract, prolong.
KEY: Suspense.
SYN: Protraction, uncertainty, doubt, solicitude, cessation, pause,
waiting, intermission, discontinuance, abeyance, stoppage,
indetermination, indecision.
ANT: Determination, settlement, execution, continuance,
uninterruption, revival, determination, decision, finality.
KEY: Suspicion.
SYN: Distrust, misgiving, mistrust, jealousy, [See ENCIRCLE].
KEY: Sustain, [See SUPPORT].
KEY: Sustenance.
SYN: Support, food, aliment, living, subsistance, livelihood,
alimony, provision, nourishment, nutriment, nurture, sustentation,
nutrition, pabulum, maintenance.
ANT: Starvation, Inanition, nonsubsistance, innutrition,
KEY: Sustentatlon, [See SUPPORT].
KEY: {[Kwaln]?}.
SYN: Peasant, rustic, hind, countryman, lover, [See SUSTENANCE].
KEY: Swallow.
SYN: Absorb, gorge, engross, devour, appropriate, exhaust, consume,
imbibe, engulf, brook.
ANT: Vomit, disgorge, eructate, discharge, economize, save, eschew,
KEY: Swamp, [See MARSH].
KEY: Swarm.
SYN: Multitude, crowd, throng, cluster, host, mass, press, posse,
bevy, flock, troop, drove, herd, horde, crew, gang, shoal, army, host,
regiment, myriad, inundation.
ANT: Paucity, sprinkling, scantling, rarity.
KEY: Sway_\n.\.
SYN: Wield, influence, rule, authority, government, superiority,
bias, dominion, control, preponderance, domination, supremacy,
mastery, ascendency, weight, force, power.
ANT: Weakness, Inferiority, subordination, irresistance, obedience,
subservience, subjection.
KEY: Sway_\v.\.
SYN: Influence, govern, rule, bias, wave, swing, {[wiel<]?}, [See
KEY: Swear.
SYN: Depose, affirm, testify, declare, blaspheme, curse, [See
KEY: Sweat.
SYN: Perspiration, exudation, sweating, excretion, [See
KEY: Sweep \v.\.
SYN: Remove, clean, brush, carry_off, destroy, [See EXUDATION].
KEY: Sweep \n.\.
SYN: Compass, range, stroke, [See CLEAN_and_DESTROY].
KEY: Sweet \a.\.
SYN: Saccharine, luscious, fragrant, dulcet, melodious, harmonious,
musical, beautiful, lovely, wholesome, pleasing, pure, mild, winning,
agreeable, fresh, gentle, amiable.
ANT: Sour, bitter, unsweet, fetid, offensive, nauseous, olid,
stinking, nasty, inharmonious, discordant, unlovely, repulsive,
unwholesome, putrid, tainted, ungentle, unamiable.
KEY: Swell.
SYN: Dilate, extend, enlarges, heighten, heave, enhance, rise, expand,
increase, augment, protuberate, aggravate, amplify, distend.
ANT: Contract, curtail, shrivel, diminish, lessen, retrench, reduce,
collapse, fold, narrow, condense, concentrate.
KEY: Swerve.
SYN: Deviate, diverge, stray, wander, divaricate, bend, incline,
ANT: Continue, disincline.
KEY: Swift.
SYN: Rapid, speedy, headlong, quick, accelerated, nimble,
expeditious, fleet, fast, ready, quick, eager, alert, prompt.
ANT: Slow, tardy, lingering, lazy, loitering, unexpeditious,
inactive, sluggish, unready.
KEY: Swindle, [See CHEAT].
KEY: Swindler.
SYN: Rogue, impostor, sharper, knave, cheat, [See CHEAT], ~_\n.\].
KEY: Swing.
SYN: Oscillate, dangle, wave, vibrate.
ANT: Be_stationary.
KEY: Sycophant.
SYN: Parasite, flatterer, toady, lick-spittle, hanger-on, flatterer,
[See CHEAT].
KEY: Symbol, [See PARASITE].
KEY: Symmetrical.
SYN: Regular, shapely, well_proportioned, [See HARMONIOUS].
KEY: Symmetry.
SYN: Harmony, proportion, conformity, interrelation,
intercoincidence, shapeliness, agreement, form.
ANT: Disharmony, disproportion, Inconformity, shapelessness,
disagreement, interdisparity, interrepugnance, inconcinnity.
KEY: Sympathy.
SYN: Fellow-feeling, congeniality, commiseration, compassion, pity,
concert, tenderness, agreement, condolence.
ANT: Antipathy, antagonism, incongeniality, pitilessness,
mercilessness, compassionlessness, unkindness, harshness,
KEY: Symptom.
SYN: Concurrent, concomitant, premonition, indication, mark, note,
sign, token.
ANT: Misindication, {[fiyiiod]?}.
KEY: SYN:, Conference, convention, conclave,
KEY: Synonymous.
SYN: Equivalent, tantamount, alike_in_meaning, identical,
ANT: {Opposed_in_meaning}, not_identical.
KEY: Synonym.
SYN: Equivalent, equivalent_term.
ANT: Antonym, counter_term, opposite_term.
KEY: Synopsis.
SYN: Abstract, epitome, summary, abridgment, [See ABRIDGMENT].
KEY: System.
SYN: Method, scheme, order, regularity, classification, arrangement,
rule, plan.
ANT: Disorder, derangement, confusion, fortuity, chance, medley,
haphazard, incongruity, non-arrangement, nonclassification.
KEY: Systematize.
SYN: Methodize, {reduce_to_a_system}, arrange, regulate, order, [See
SYN: Tent, pavilion, habitation, temple, meeting_house, church.
KEY: Tabid.
SYN: Wasting, consumptive, phthisical, morbid, declining, vitiated,
lean, shrivelled.
ANT: Hearty, robust, sound, vigorous, stout.
KEY: Tacit.
SYN: Silent, implied, understood, implicit, unexpressed.
ANT: Open, avowed, expressed, formal, declared.
KEY: Taciturn.
SYN: Silent, reserved, inconversible, uncommunicative, close, mute,
pauciloquous, reticent.
ANT: Open, unreserved, conversible, communicative, fluent, chatty,
talkative, garrulous, chattering, loquacious, multiloquous, prating,
prattling, twaddling, verbose, gabbling, cackling.
KEY: Taciturnity, [See SILENCE].
KEY: Tact.
SYN: Nicety, perception, address, adroitness, expertness, faculty,
knack, dexterity, sensitiveness, skill, taste, discrimination,
judgment, critique.
ANT: Coarseness, insensitiveness, awkwardness, indiscrimination,
KEY: Tactics.
SYN: Manoeuvre, policy, strategy, diplomacy, management,
ANT: Blunder, impolicy.
KEY: Taint.
SYN: Imbue, impregnate, infect, defile, corrupt, stain, sully,
tarnish, contaminate, vitiate, poison, pollute, blot, disgrace,
ANT: Disinfect, purify, cleanse, efface, signalize, credit.
KEY: Take.
SYN: Seize, grasp, catch, capture, siege, use, obtain, [See SILENCE],
{[uploy]?}, follow, assume, procure, captivate, engage, interest,
charm, choose, select, admit, accept, receive, conduct, transfer.
ANT: Drop, reject, abandon, surrender, lose, miss, repel.
KEY: Tale.
SYN: Story, narrative, incident, fiction, fable, romance, legend,
recital, anecdote, relation, [See {[piu-ue  ]?}].
KEY: Talent.
SYN: Genius, ability, aptitude, cleverness, gift, endowment, faculty,
parts, capacity.
ANT: Inability, stupidity, imbecility, incompetence.
KEY: Talkative, [See ROMANCE].
KEY: Tall.
SYN: High, lofty, towering, elevated.
ANT: Low.
KEY: Tally.
SYN: Match, suit, accord, correspond, fit, harmonize, agree, coincide,
ANT: {[Piffw]?}, disagree, disaccord, miscompose.
KEY: Tame.
SYN: Domesticated, reclaimed, tamed, subjugated, broken, gentle,
mild, docile, meek, spiritless, tedious, dull, flat.
ANT: Undomesticated, unreclaimed, untamed, unbroken, savage, wild,
fierce, spirited, animated, ferine, interesting, exciting, stirring,
KEY: Tamper.
SYN: Meddle, intermeddle, dabble, intrigue, deal_secretly, [See
KEY: Tangible.
SYN: Palpable, tactile, substantial, real, substantive, perceptible,
corporeal, material, comprehensible.
ANT: Impalpable, intangible, spiritual, incorporeal, immaterial,
KEY: Tangle.
SYN: Intertwist, interlock, snarl, complicate, insnare, mat.
ANT: Unravel, disentangle, untwine.
KEY: Tantalize.
SYN: Disappoint, frustrate, torment, vex, provoke, irritate, tease.
ANT: Gratify, satisfy.
KEY: Tantamount.
SYN: Equal, equivalent, equipollent, synonymous.
ANT: Unequal, unequivalent.
KEY: Tardy.
SYN: Slow, sluggish, dilatory, behindhand, backward, reluctant,
loitering, late.
ANT: Quick, rapid, alert, active, prompt, willing, eager, early.
KEY: Tarnish.
SYN: Bedim, bedarken, dull, stain, [See INTERPOSE].
KEY: Tarry.
SYN: Rest, abide, halt, {[awnit]?}, flag, lag, continue, remain,
sojourn, delay, stop, stay, loiter, linger.
ANT: Press, push, speed, haste, proceed.
KEY: Tart.
SYN: Sharp, acid, sour, acidulous, keen, pungent, {[acerbous]?},
severe, acrimonious, biting, bitter, harsh, rude, irascible.
ANT: Mellow, sweet, luscious, mild, genial, suave, kindly, unctuous,
oily, smooth, bland, blandiloquent, courteous, deferential, polite,
KEY: Tartness.
SYN: Sourness, sharpness, harshness, bitterness, asperity, acrimony,
ANT: Sweetness, gentleness, kindness.
KEY: Task.
SYN: Work, function, labor, job, operation, business, undertaking,
drudgery, toil, lesson.
ANT: Relaxation, leisure, amusement, hobby.
KEY: Taste.
SYN: Gustation, savor, flavor, sapidity, relish, perception,
judgment, discernment, nicety, critique, sensibility, choice, zest,
predilection, delicacy, elegancy, refinement.
ANT: Non-gustation, ill-savor, insipidity, disrelish,
non-preception, indiscrimination, indiscernment, indelicacy,
coarseness, inelegancy.
KEY: Tasteful.
SYN: Sapid, relishing, savory, agreeable, tasty, toothsome,
palatable, elegant, refined.
ANT: Insipid, unrelishing, unsavory, unpalatable, nauseous,
inelegant, tasteless, unrefined, vapid.
KEY: Tasteless, [See TAINT].
KEY: Tattle.
SYN: Babble, gabble, chatter, gossip, twaddle, [See BABBLE].
KEY: Taunt.
SYN: Reproach, upbraid, rebuke, censure, jeer, scoff, deride, gibe,
sneer, mock, revile, twit.
ANT: Compliment, congratulate.
KEY: Tautology.
SYN: Verbosity, redundancy, needless, repetition, pleonasm,
ANT: Conciseness, brevity, laconism, compression.
KEY: Tavern.
SYN: Public_house, hotel, inn.
KEY: Tawdry.
SYN: Showy, flashy, tinsel, gaudy, meretricious.
ANT: Chaste, rich, elegant, handsome, sumptuous.
KEY: Tax.
SYN: Duty, rate, impost, assessment, toll, tribute, [See BABBLE].
KEY: Teach.
SYN: Impart, tell, direct, instruct, inform, counsel, admonish,
educate, inculcate, enlighten, advise, indoctrinate, train.
ANT: Withhold, misteach, misdirect, misinstruct, misinform, misguide,
KEY: Teacher.
SYN: Instructor, schoolmaster, preceptor, tutor, professor,
pedagogue, educationist, educator, schoolmistress.
ANT: Pupil, scholar, disciple, learner.
KEY: Teaching.
SYN: Training, education, instruction.
ANT: Learning, absorbing, receiving, knowledge,.
KEY: Tear.
SYN: Rend, lacerate, shatter, sever, sunder.
ANT: Mend, unite.
KEY: Tease.
SYN: Vex, harass, annoy, disturb, irritate, plague, torment,
tantalize, provoke, worry, badger.
ANT: Soothe, gratify, please, delight, fascinate, enrapture.
KEY: Tedious.
SYN: Wearisome, tiresome, monotonous, dilatory, dreary, sluggish,
irksome, dull, flat, prolix.
ANT: Interesting, exciting, stirring, charming, fascinating,
delightful, amusing.
KEY: Teeming.
SYN: Present, prolific, fraught, fruitful, productive, overflowing,
abundant, swarming, multitudinous, numerous.
ANT: Barren, scanty, wanting, rare, sparse, few.
KEY: Tell.
SYN: Mention, number, enumerate, count, recount, utter, recite, state,
narrate, disclose, publish, betray, divulge, promulgate, acquaint,
teach, inform, explain, communicate, report, rehearse, discern,
judge, discriminate, ascertain, decide, describe.
ANT: Repress, suppress, misrecount, misnarrate, miscommunicate,
misdeclare, misrecite, misjudge, misdescribe.
KEY: Telling.
SYN: Effective, powerful, pointed.
ANT: Weak, ineffective, pointless.
KEY: Temerity.
SYN: Rashness, audacity, precipitancy, overventuresomeness,
ANT: Timidity, caution, circumspection, wariness, calculation.
KEY: Temper \n.\.
SYN: Temperament, disposition, constitution, frame, mood, spirit,
irritability, heat, humor, passion.
KEY: Temper \v.\.
SYN: Modify, accommodate, qualify, soften, assuage, soothe, adapt,
restrain, [See_IMPOST].
KEY: Temperament.
SYN: Organization, idiosyncrasy, disposition, constitution, [See
SOFTEN], ~_\n.\].
KEY: Temperate.
SYN: Moderate, abstemious, reasonable, sober, calm, cool, sedate,
mild, genial.
ANT: Immoderate, self-indulgent, intemperate, torrid, frigid,
KEY: Tempest.
SYN: Blast, storm, gale, hurricane, tornado, squall, excitement,
commotion, tumult, [See BLAST].
KEY: Tempestuous.
SYN: Stormy, boisterous, violent, squally, turbulent.
ANT: Calm, peaceful, quiet, serene, composed.
KEY: Temporal.
SYN: Secular, worldly, civil, political, transient, fleeting, laical,
terrestrial, sublunary, mundane.
ANT: Religious, spiritual, ecclesiastical, eternal, sacerdotal.
KEY: Temporary.
SYN: Present, immediate, partial, limited, transient, impermanent.
ANT: Perpetual, lasting, confirmed, complete, {[nnal]?}, perfect,
permanent, entire.
KEY: Temporize.
SYN: Play, fence, trim, manoeuvre, procrastinate.
ANT: Act, decide, determine, conclude.
KEY: Tempt.
SYN: Entice, allure, try, seduce, attract, solicit, decoy.
ANT: Dissuade, deter, warn.
KEY: Tenable.
SYN: Maintainable, defensible, justifiable, sound, reasonable,
ANT: Untenable, indefensible, unjustifiable, weak, hollow,
fallacious, unreasonable, inconsistent, irrational, absurd.
KEY: Tenacious.
SYN: Retentive, adhesive, obstinate, pertinacious, stubborn, jealous,
ANT: Irretentive, inadhesive, pliant, tenacious, yielding, liberal,
prodigal, bountiful.
KEY: Tenacity.
SYN: Retentiveness, cohesiveness, stubbornness, fixity, pertinacity,
[See BLAST].
KEY: Tenant.
SYN: Occupant, lessee, occupier, resident, dweller.
ANT: Owner, landlord, lessor.
KEY: Tend.
SYN: Nurture, guard, watch, manage, serve, keep, aid, incline, verge,
lean, aim, contribute, conduce, attend, [See PERTINACITY].
ANT: Betray, desert, abandon.
KEY: Tendency.
SYN: Vergency, proneness, bias, gravitation, drift, scope, I_aim,
disposition, predisposition, proclivity, leaning, inclination,
attraction, conductiveness, course.
ANT: Disinclination, aversion, repulsion, contravention, deviation,
divergency, tangency, divarication, opposition, renitency,
reluctance, prevention, neutralization, termination.
KEY: Tender \v.\.
SYN: Offer, proffer, propose, bid, produce, present.
ANT: Withhold, withdraw, retain, appropriate.
KEY: Tender.
SYN: delicate, frail, impressible, susceptible, yielding, soft,
effeminate, weak, feeble, compassionate, affectionate, careful,
jealous, gentle, mild, meek, pitiful, merciful, pathetic.
ANT: Strong, sturdy, hardy, robust, tough, iron, pitiless, unmerciful,
cruel, hard-hearted, careless, liberal, lavish, unchary, ungentle,
rough, rude, coarse, unsentimental, unmoving, unfeeling,
unimpressive, unimpassioned, unimpressed.
KEY: Tenderness.
SYN: Delicacy, softness, kindness, sensibility, pity, benevolence,
humanity, clemency, benefit.
KEY: Iicence, benignity, #N/A.
KEY: Tenet.
SYN: Dogma, article, principle, creed, doctrine, opinion, belief,
ANT: Disbelief, renunciation, protest, abjuration.
KEY: Tenor.
SYN: Drift, purport, Intent, course, character, sense, stamp, meaning,
effect, aim, scope, direction.
ANT: unmeaningness, purposelessness, irrelevance, discursiveness,
Incoherence, variance, divergence.
KEY: Tension.
SYN: Stretch, strain, intentness, tightness, stiffness, force, tone,
ANT: Looseness, relaxation, laxity, atony, slackness.
KEY: Tentative.
SYN: Experimental, empirical, speculative.
ANT: Uniform, certain, sure, {[Mry]?}, unfailing.
KEY: Term_\n.\.
SYN: Limit, boundary, condition, time, season, period, expression,
designation, word, name, article, proviso, stipulation, [See
KEY: Term_\v.\.
SYN: Denominate, name, call, style, characterize, designate, entitle,
[See {[BOBDUt]?}].
KEY: Terminal.
SYN: Final, ultimate, marginal.
ANT: Central, primal, preconclusive.
KEY: Terminate.
SYN: Limit, end, put_an_end_to, close, finish, complete, stop,
conclude, [See BOUND]. \v.\, [See BOUND].
KEY: Termination.
SYN: Ending, conclusion, fulfilment, achievement, completion,
accomplishment, consummation, limit, extent, bound, end, finality,
effect, consequence, result, issue, exit.
ANT: Beginning, inception, initiation, inchoation, start, origin,
rise, source, commencement, cause, operation, process, course,
KEY: Terms.
SYN: Provisions, conditions, stipulations.
KEY: Terrestrial.
SYN: Earthly, sublunary, worldly, mundane, terrene.
ANT: Celestial, infernal, aquatic, aqueous.
KEY: Terrible.
SYN: Awful, fearful, dreadful, formidable, terrific, frightful,
tremendous, horrible, shocking.
ANT: In_formidable, unastounding, unstartling, unastonishing.
KEY: Terrific, [See and_ACCOMPLISH].
KEY: Terrify.
SYN: Frighten, scare, horrify, shock, appal, [See_TERRIBLE].
KEY: Territory.
SYN: Province, region, domain, country.
KEY: Terror.
SYN: Fear, dread, alarm, flight, consternation, horror, dismay.
ANT: Confidence, fearlessness, boldness, reassurance.
KEY: Terse.
SYN: Neat, smooth, pithy, expressive, forcible, energetic, compact,
concise, succinct.
ANT: Coarse, rough, rude, unpolished, inconcise, unsuccinct, prolix,
KEY: Test.
SYN: Cupel, trial, examination, proof, criterion, standard,
experiment, touchstone, experience, ordeal.
ANT: misindication, misjudgment, misproof.
KEY: typify.
SYN: depose, swear, declare, witness, protest, affirm, verify, attest,
confirm, certify, asseverate.
ANT: Misdeclare, misaffirm, misdepose, mistestify, falsify.
KEY: Testimonial.
SYN: Credential, recommendation, monument.
KEY: Testimony.
SYN: Witness, evidence, attestion, affirmation, corroboration,
confirmation, proof.
ANT: Refutation, contradiction, disproof, confutation,
contravention, invalidation.
KEY: Testy.
SYN: Irritable, peevish, fretful, touchy, cross, fractious, captious,
petulant, [See_APPAL].
KEY: Thankful.
SYN: Grateful, Indebted, beholden, obliged.
ANT: Ungrateful, thankless, unthankful.
KEY: Thankfulness.
SYN: Gratitude, gratefulness.
ANT: Thanklessness, ingratitude.
KEY: Thankless.
SYN: Ungracious, unprofitable, unthankful, profitless,
ANT: Profitable, reciprocated.
KEY: Thaw.
SYN: Dissolve, melt, liquefy.
ANT: Freeze, congeal, harden.
KEY: Theatrical.
SYN: Dramatic, {[ecenic]?}, melodramatic, showy, ceremonious,
gesticulatory, pompous, meretricious, tinsel.
ANT: Chaste, genuine, simple, unaffected, quiet, subdued, mannerless,
KEY: Theft.
SYN: Robbery, thieving, stealing, pilfering, filching, larceny,
depredation, [See PEEVISH].
KEY: Theme.
SYN: Topic, thesis, disquisition, subject, discourse, essay, [See
KEY: Theory.
SYN: Speculation, assumption, doctrine, scheme, system, supposition,
hypothesis, plea.
ANT: Fact, [{See VrewJ}?], ruth.
KEY: Theoretical.
SYN: Speculative, hypothetical, presumptive.
ANT: Practical, positive, definite.
KEY: Therefore.
SYN: Accordingly, consequently, hence, for_this_reason, [See
KEY: Thick.
SYN: Dense, condensed, inspissated, close, compact, turbid, luteous,
coagulated, muddy, dull, misty, vaporous, crowded, numerous, solid,
bulky, deep, confused, inarticulate.
ANT: Rare, fine, thin, sparse, strained, pure, percolated, limpid,
crystalline, scanty, incompact, slight, shallow, laminated, clear,
articulate, distinct.
KEY: Thicken.
SYN: Condense, inspissate, incrassate, compact, solidify, befoul,
obscure, bemire, becloud, increase, coagulate, amalgamate, commingle,
intermix, crowd, multiply, enlarge, expand, extend, broaden, deepen,
obstruct, confuse.
ANT: Rarify, dissipate, refine, attenuate, clear, purify, strain,
percolate, clarify, defecate, depurate, brighten, lighten, open,
filtrate, diminish, separate, reduce, narrow, contract, liberate,
free, extricate, unravel, disentangle, loosen.
KEY: Thicket.
SYN: Copse, grove, wood, jungle, forest.
ANT: Open_place, cleared_place, prairie.
KEY: Thin.
SYN: Slim, slender, flimsy, attenuated, diluted, watery, meager,
unsubstantial, lean, [See CONSEQUENTLY].
KEY: Think.
SYN: Ponder, meditate, consider, reflect, contemplate, conceive,
imagine, apprehend, fancy, hold, {[r^]?}, gard, believe, deem, opine,
purpose, judge, reckon, [See THICK].
KEY: Thorough.
SYN: Entire, complete, thoroughgoing, powerful, drastic, perfect,
KEY: Thought.
SYN: Reflection, reasoning, cogitation, supposition, view, sentiment,
meditation, conception, idea, opinion, judgment, conceit, fancy,
design, purpose, intention, cogitation, deliberation, care,
ANT: Vacuity, incogitation, thoughtlessness, dream, hallucination,
aberration, misconception, incogitancy, carelessness, improvidence,
KEY: Thoughtful.
SYN: Careful, provident, contemplative, considerate, anxious,
pensive, cogitative, reflective, regardful, mindful, heedful,
ANT: Careless, improvident, {[un]?}, thinking, thoughtless,
incontemplative, mindless, inconsiderate, regard_less, heedless,
rash, trifling, wanton, Idle, dreamy.
KEY: Thoughtless, [See COMMON].
KEY: Thorny.
SYN: Spiny, prickly, harassing, troublesome.
KEY: Thraldom.
SYN: Servitude, vassalage, slavery, bondage, confinement, serfdom.
ANT: Liberty, freedom, unrestraint, liberation, independence.
KEY: Thread.
SYN: Line, course, tenor, continuity.
ANT: Deviation, divergence, aberration, solution, intermission,
KEY: Threadbare.
SYN: Hackneyed, commonplace, trite, stale, worn_out, [See
KEY: Threat.
SYN: Menace, browbeating, denunciation, intimidation.
ANT: Encouragement, allurement, enticement, promise.
KEY: Threatening.
SYN: Menacing, intimidating, minatory, comminatory, minacious,
foreboding, unpromising, imminent, impending.
ANT: Encouraging, promising, reassuring, enticing, passed, overpast,
KEY: Thrift.
SYN: Frugality, economy, saving, gain, profit.
ANT: Prodigality, waste, loss, expenditure.
KEY: Thrifty.
SYN: Prudent, careful, economical_saving, frugal, flourishing,
provident, sparing.
ANT: Thriftless, unthrifty, wasteful, prodigal, [See SCATTER].
KEY: Thrilling.
SYN: Arousing, stirring, exciting, affecting, pleasing.
ANT: Calming, composing, allaying, offending, paining.
KEY: Thrive.
SYN: Prosper, increase, flourish, grow, succeed, fatten, luxuriate.
ANT: Decay, lade, wane, wither, decline, waste, languish, diminish,
droop, pine.
KEY: Throw.
SYN: Fling, cast, hurl, toss, project, propel.
ANT: retain, recal, revoke, hold, restrain, draw, haul.
KEY: Thrust.
SYN: Push, drive, force, Dress, shove, impel, urge.
ANT: Draw, retract, snatch, extract.
KEY: Thwart.
SYN: Oppose, cross, frustrate, oppugn, defeat, [See ABODE_and_PROP].
KEY: Tickle.
SYN: Titillate, please, gratify, amuse.
ANT: Irritate, hurt, annoy, vex.
KEY: Tide.
SYN: Flow, course, current, rush, inundation, influx, stream,
movement, flood.
ANT: Stagnation, arrestation, stoppage, cessation, motionlessness,
KEY: Tidings.
SYN: News, announcement, information, rumor, report, intelligence,
ANT: Suppression, nonannouncement, misreport, misinformation.
KEY: Tidy.
SYN: Neat, orderly, spruce, clean, cleanly, tight.
ANT: Disorderly, untidy, slovenly.
KEY: Tie_\n.\.
SYN: Band, ligature, ligament, fastening, knot, bond.
KEY: Tie_\v.\.
SYN: Bind, restrict, restrain, fasten, confine, unite, secure, oblige,
join, [See BIND].
KEY: Tight.
SYN: Firm, compact, fast, close, tidy, neat, smart, natty, tense,
ANT: Loose, incompact, open, flowing, loose-fitting, large, untidy,
lax, relaxed.
KEY: Till.
SYN: Plow, prepare, cultivate, dress, tend.
ANT: Neglect, waste, abandon, fallow.
KEY: Time.
SYN: Period, duration, season, interval, date, opportunity, age, era,
occasion, term, space, span, spell.
ANT: Neverness, eternity, non-duration, indetermination,
KEY: Timely.
SYN: Early, seasonable, opportune, prompt, judicious.
ANT: Late, unseasonable, inopportune, injudicious, ill-timed,
KEY: Timeserving.
SYN: Temporizing, versatile, servile, trimming.
ANT: Independent, high-spirited, on-time-serving.
KEY: Timid.
SYN: Fearful, pusillanimous, shy, diffident, coy, timorous, afraid,
cowerly, fainthearted, inadventurous.
ANT: Bold, confident, venturesome, courageous, overventuresome,
{[ruab]?}, audacious.
KEY: Cincture \n.\.
SYN: olor, slight_taste, [See BIND], ~_\n.\].
KEY: Tincture \r.\.
SYN: Tinge, color, dye, stain, shade, impregnate, [See TINGE].
KEY: Tinge \n.\.
SYN: Tincture, color, tint, dye, stain, shade, flavor.
KEY: Tinge \v.\, Color, dye, stain, imbue, impregnate, affect.
ANT: Disimbue, disinfect, disindoctrinate.
KEY: Tinsel.
SYN: Tawdriness, spangle, frippery, glitter.
ANT: Costliness, richness, chasteness, gorgeousness, sumptuousness,
magnificence, splendor.
KEY: Tint.
SYN: Color, hue, tinge, dye, complexion.
ANT: Achromatism, decoloration, paleness, pallor, bleaching,
etiolation, colorlessness, sallowness, wanness, cadaverousness,
KEY: Tiny.
SYN: Puny, wee, small, little, diminutive, Lilliputian, microscopic.
ANT: Huge, bulky, gigantic, cyclopean, sizable, considerable.
KEY: Tip.
SYN: Point, extremity, end, top, cap, [See_TINGE].
KEY: Tipsy.
SYN: Drunk, Intoxicated, fuddled, inebriated, muzzy.
ANT: Sober, temperate.
KEY: Tire.
SYN: Exhaust, weary, fatigue, dispirit, jade, harass, bore.
ANT: Enliven, animate, refresh, amuse, excite.
KEY: Tired.
SYN: Wearied, fatigued, worn-out, jaded.
ANT: Rested, refreshed, unwearied.
KEY: Tireless.
SYN: Unwearied, untiring, indefatigable, [See TERMINATION].
KEY: Tiresome.
SYN: Fatiguing, wearisome, exhausting, irksome, tedious, [See
KEY: Title.
SYN: Inscription, heading, denomination, style, designation,
appellation, distinction, address, epithet, name.
ANT: Non-designation, indistinction, nondescript, namelessness,
KEY: Tittle.
SYN: Jot, particle, iota, whit, scintilla, spark, grain, atom, [See
KEY: Together.
SYN: Unitedly, conjointly, contemporaneously, concertedly,
simultaneously, coincidently, concomitantly, concurrently.
ANT: Separately, disconnectedly, independently, variously,
incoincidently, inconcurrently.
KEY: Toll_\n.\.
SYN: Labor, pain, fatigue, drudgery, work, exertion, task, travail.
ANT: Ease, relaxation, rest, recreation, amusement, pleasure.
KEY: Toll_\v.\.
SYN: Labor, work, drudge, strive, [See ATOM_and_IOTA].
KEY: Toilsome.
SYN: Wearisome, tiresome, laborious, fatiguing, hard, difficult,
painful, [See DRUDGE].
KEY: Token.
SYN: Evidence, exhibition, demonstration, sample, illustration,
memorial, symbol, indication, badge, index, symptom, diagnosis,
ANT: Misindication, misrepresentation, falsification,
KEY: Tolerable.
SYN: Endurable, bearable, supportable, sufferable, allowable,
permissible, sufficient, passable.
ANT: Unendurable, unbearable, insupportable, insufferable,
unallowable, impermissible, insufficient, intolerable.
KEY: Tolerant.
SYN: Forbearing, indulgent, large-minded.
ANT: Intolerant, bigoted, extreme.
KEY: Tolerate.
SYN: Suffer, allow, permit, admit, bear, endure.
ANT: repel, disallow, prohibit, repudiate, reject, resist.
KEY: Toll.
SYN: Impost, tax, rate, duty, assessment, contribution, tribute,
demand, exaction, [See DIFFICULT_and_TIRESOME].
KEY: Tomb.
SYN: Grave, vault, catacomb, sepulcher, crypt, house_of_death,
narrow_house, long_home.
KEY: Tone.
SYN: Pitch, loudness, mood, intonation, sound, temper, tenor,
character, drift, effect.
ANT: Atony, laxity, tunelessness.
KEY: Tongue.
SYN: Discourse, speech, language, dialect, idiom, [See IMPOST].
KEY: Tool.
SYN: Utensil, implement, machine, instrument, dupe, cat's-paw,
hireling, [See LANGUAGE].
KEY: Top.
SYN: Apex, head, culmination, extreme, summit.
ANT: Foot, bottom, root, base_tail.
KEY: Topic.
SYN: Question, theme, subject, subject-matter, [See
KEY: [See DEPREDATION], Torment.
SYN: Tease, worry, persecute, rack, plague, tantalize, pain, distress,
afflict, torture, harass, importune.
ANT: Soothe, gratify, please, entertain, delight, amuse.
KEY: Torpid.
SYN: Numb, lifeless, senseless, dull, sluggish, inactive,
hibernating, insensible, inert.
ANT: Lively, animated, gay, brisk, nimble, active, restless,
energetic, vivacious, sensitive, alive.
KEY: Torrid.
SYN: Hot, burning, arid, heated, parching, scorching, sultry.
ANT: Temperate, fresh, cool, breezy, gelid, frigid, arctic, brumal,
KEY: Tortuous.
SYN: Devious, circuitous, anfractuous, ambiguous, complicated,
sinuous, deceitful, crooked, twisting, indirect, sinister, indexed.
ANT: Right, straight, direct, rectilinear, straightforward,
KEY: Torture.
SYN: Agony, anguish, racking, torment.
ANT: Ecstasy, rapture, bliss.
SYN: Pitch, cast, hurl, shake, roll, rock, buffet, [See TOMS].
KEY: Total \a.\.
SYN: Whole, entire, complete, undivided, gross, [See CAST].
KEY: Total \n.\.
SYN: Aggregate, whole, entirety, sum, completion.
ANT: Part, item, portion, contribution.
KEY: Totally.
SYN: Entirely, wholly, fully, quite, altogether.
ANT: Partially, incompletely.
KEY: Totter.
SYN: Stagger, reel, shake, tremble, rock, falter, [See WHOLE].
KEY: Tottering.
SYN: Nodding, faltering, shaky, vacillating, reeling, ruinous.
ANT: Firm, unfaltering, steady, solid, immovable.
KEY: Touch \v.\.
SYN: Handle, reach, feel, arrive_at, affect, impress, move, [See
KEY: Touching.
SYN: Affecting, tender, moving, pathetic, [See MOVE_and_AFFECT].
SYN: Testy, peevish, Irritable, [See_APPAL].
KEY: Tough.
SYN: Resistent, stubborn, lentous, fibrous, difficult, refractory,
hard, unmanageable, tenacious, firm, strong.
ANT: Yielding, tender, soft, brittle, fragile, frangible, friable.
KEY: Tour.
SYN: Trip, excursion, jaunt, ramble, turn, outing.
KEY: Tow.
SYN: Drag, draw, pull, haul, [See PEEVISH].
KEY: Toy_\v.\, Play, fondle, caress, sport, frolic, dally, trifle,
[See PULL].
KEY: Toy_\n.\.
SYN: Bauble, trifle, bagatelle, gewgaw, plaything.
ANT: Implement, utensil, weapon.
KEY: Trace.
SYN: Explore, track, follow, derive, deduce, thread, investigate,
delineate, pursue.
ANT: Miss, lose, misinvestigate, misdelineate.
KEY: Track \v.\, [See DALLY].
KEY: Track \n.\.
SYN: Mark, footprint, trace, course, trail, way, vestige, [See
KEY: Trackless.
SYN: Untrodden, unfrequented, pathless, wild.
ANT: Frequented, trodden, wellmarked.
KEY: Tract.
SYN: District, quarter, region, piece, patch.
KEY: Tractable.
SYN: Docile, manageable, amenable.
ANT: Unmanageable, unamenable, refractory, intractable.
KEY: Trade \n.\.
SYN: Traffic, commerce, dealing, exchange, {buying_and_selling},
employment, occupation, [See VESTIGE].
KEY: Traditional.
SYN: Transmitted, oral, unwritten.
ANT: Written, documentary.
KEY: Traduce.
SYN: Malign, asperse, calumniate, vilify, defame, slander, decry.
ANT: Praise, commend, eulogize.
KEY: Traffic.
SYN: Commerce, exchange, intercourse, [See
KEY: Tragedy.
SYN: Disaster, calamity, affliction, adversity, catastrophe, grief.
ANT: Joy, delight, boon, prosperity, comedy.
KEY: Tragic.
SYN: Mournful, fatal, calamitous, sorrowful, shocking, [See TRADE].
KEY: Train \v.\.
SYN: Lead, rear, accustom, habituate, inure, drill, exercise, prose,
discipline, Instruct, bend, [See CALAMITOUS].
ANT: Force, break, trail, disaccustom, dishabituate, miseducate,
KEY: Train \n.\.
SYN: Suite, procession, retinue, cortege, course, series, [See {*k>
KEY: Trait.
SYN: Feature, characteristic, touch, stroke, line, [See RETINUE].
KEY: Traitor.
SYN: Rebel, renegade, betrayer, turncoat, [See FEATURE].
KEY: Traitorous.
SYN: Treacherous, false, faithless, perfidious, treasonable,
disloyal, [See RENEGADE].
KEY: Trammel.
SYN: Restraint, shackles, fetters, impediment, clog, hindrance.
ANT: Liberation, freedom, extrication, unconfinement, unrestraint,
KEY: Tranquil.
SYN: Quiet, peaceful, calm, still, undisturbed, unruffled, composed,
unanxious, smooth.
ANT: Unquiet, agitated, disturbed, anxious, excited, restless,
KEY: Tranquillize.
SYN: Calm, quiet, appease, pacify, allay, assuage, soothe, [See
KEY: Transact.
SYN: Conduct, perform, treat, complete, carry_on, manage, negotiate.
ANT: Mistransact, misconduct, mismanage, misnegotiate.
KEY: Transaction.
SYN: Business, affair, negotiation, occurrence, performance,
proceeding, action.
ANT: Nonperformance, desistance, mistransaction, mismanagement,
suspension, postponement, adjournment, non-transaction.
KEY: Transcend.
SYN: Surmount, surpass, out-top, outstrip, excel, exceed, eclipse,
ANT: Fail, fall, foil.
KEY: Transcendent.
SYN: Consummate, egregious, superior, unexampled, insurpassable,
unattainable, surpassing, supreme, matchless, unrivalled, peerless,
incomparable, supereminent.
ANT: Ordinary, attainable, average, common, unsurprising.
KEY: Transcribe.
SYN: Copy, transfer.
KEY: Transfer.
SYN: Convey, transport, remove, sell, assign, remand, make_over,
transplant, give, alienate, translate, transmit, forward, exchange.
ANT: retain, withhold, fix, appropriate, keep.
KEY: Transfigure, [See SOOTHE].
KEY: Transform.
SYN: Transfigure, metamorphose, change, transmute.
ANT: Stabilitate, arrest, perpetuate, conserve.
KEY: Transgress.
SYN: Break, violate, pass, disobey, contravene, sin, offend, infringe,
ANT: Observe, keep, obey, fulfil, respect.
KEY: Transgression.
SYN: Offence, fault, sin, crime, [See TRANSFORM].
KEY: Transgressor.
SYN: Offender, wrongdoer, sinner, culprit, [See OFFENCE], [See CURT].
KEY: Transient.
SYN: Fleeting, fugitive, transitory, temporary, passing, evanescent,
ephemeral, momentary, brief.
ANT: Abiding, permanent, perpetual, persistent, lasting, enduring.
KEY: Translate.
SYN: Construe, render, interpret, transfer, transform, [See
KEY: [See {[~]?}], Transmit, [See ENRAPTURE].
KEY: Transmute, [See SOOTHE].
KEY: Transparent.
SYN: Pellucid, crystalline, translucent, limpid, diaphanous, obvious,
clear, indisputable, self-evident.
ANT: Thick, turbid, opaque, intransparent, mysterious, dubious,
KEY: Transpire.
SYN: Escape, appear, exude.
ANT: Lurk, latitat, lie.
KEY: Transport \v.\.
SYN: Bear, carry, convey, banish, enrapture, delight, ravish, [See
KEY: Transport \n.\.
SYN: Ecstasy, rapture, enravishment, bliss.
ANT: Agony, paroxysm, mortification, distress, annoyant,
KEY: Transpose.
SYN: Change, transmute, interchange, reverse, shift, transfer,
ANT: Stereotype, stabilitate, fix, retain.
KEY: Transverse.
SYN: Athwart, crosswise, across, rectangular.
ANT: Parallel, rectilinear.
KEY: Trap.
SYN: Snare, ambush, stratagem, noose, pitfall.
ANT: Warning, beacon, signal-post, lighthouse, premonition.
KEY: Trapping, Trappings.
SYN: Gear, adornments, decorations, ornaments, apparatus,
paraphernalia, tackle, harness, housings.
ANT: Divestment, dismantlement, stripping.
KEY: Trash.
SYN: Nonsense, refuse, vileness, superfluity, offal, worthlessness,
dross, trifles, stuff, waste_matter, seaweed, sawdust, twaddle.
ANT: Sense, soundness, usefulness, wisdom, treasure.
KEY: Travail.
SYN: Labor, toil, heaviness, affliction.
ANT: Ease, rest, lightness, joy.
KEY: Travel.
SYN: Journey, wandering, migration, rustication, pilgrimage,
excursion, tramp, expedition, trip, ramble, voyage, tour,
ANT: Best, settlement, domestication.
KEY: Traveler.
SYN: Tourist, passenger, voyager, itinerant, wayfarer.
KEY: Traverse.
SYN: Cross, thwart, obstruct, survey, explore.
ANT: Pass, omit, sanction, permit, overlook, disregard, elude, avoid,
KEY: Travesty.
SYN: Burlesque, parody, disguise, caricature, misrepresentation,
ANT: Representation, reproduction, portraiture, copy, exhibition,
KEY: Treacherous, [See TRANSFER].
KEY: Treachery.
SYN: Insidiousness, faithlessness, perjury, betrayal, fractiousness,
ANT: Openness, fidelity, honor, chivalry, generosity, Treason, [See
KEY: Treasure \n.\.
SYN: Jewel, store, valuable, cash, bullion, accumulation, abundance,
stock, wealth, riches, hoard, gem, paragon, model.
ANT: Trash, offal, refuse, scum, dregs, dirt.
KEY: Treasure \r.\.
SYN: Hoard, accumulate, save, value, enshrine, idolize.
ANT: Scatter, squander, dissipate, disregard, disesteem, prostitute,
waste, betray.
KEY: Treat.
SYN: Handle, manage, use, bargain, discuss, entertain, discourse,
write, speak, negotiate.
ANT: Drop, waive, abandon, decline, suppress, mismanage, misuse,
mistreat, maltreat, misconduct, misconsider, misarrange, trifle.
KEY: Treatise.
SYN: Tract, essay, paper, pamphlet, disquisition, brochure,
dissertation, tractate, monograph, article.
ANT: Jottings, notes, adversaria, memoranda, effusion, ephemera.
KEY: Treaty.
SYN: Contract, agreement, league, covenant, alliance, negotiation,
ANT: Neutrality, noninterference, non-alliance, nonagreement,
KEY: Treble.
SYN: Sharp, acute, highest.
ANT: Base, low, deepest.
KEY: Tremble.
SYN: Shake, quake, quiver, totter, shiver, shudder, vibrate, jar.
ANT: Stand, steady, settle, still, calm.
KEY: Tremendous.
SYN: Terrible, dreadful, awful, fearful, appalling.
ANT: Unimposing, unappalling, inconsiderable.
KEY: Tremulous.
SYN: Vibratory, shivering, shaking, trembling, jarring, quivering.
ANT: Equable, motionless, smooth, invibratory, vibrationless.
KEY: Trench \n.\.
SYN: Moat, ditch, drain, fosse.
KEY: Trench \v.\.
SYN: Trespass, infringe, encroach, [See TREACHERY].
KEY: Trenchant.
SYN: Sharp, cutting, severe, sarcastic, unsparing, incisive, [See
KEY: Trend.
SYN: Deviate, diverge, tend, bend, curve, incline, bear.
ANT: Continue, proceed, advance.
KEY: Trepidation.
SYN: Terror, trembling, excitement, alarm, fright, peturbation,
tremor, hurry, emotion, disturbance, agitation, panic,
ANT: Immobility, firmness, bold, ness, steadfastness, courage,
{[  conndence]?}, self-command.
KEY: Trespass \r.\, [See SHARP].
KEY: Trespass \n.\.
SYN: Infringement, violation, transgression, encroachment, damage,
KEY: Trial.
SYN: Test, gauge, experiment, temptation, trouble, affliction, grief,
burden, suffering, attempt, endeavor, proof, essay, criterion,
ordeal, tribulation, verification.
ANT: Non-trial, non-probation, mismeasurement, miscalculation,
misestimate, trifle, triviality, alleviation, relief, disburdenment,
refreshment, non-attempt, pretermission, oversight, disregard,
KEY: Tribulation.
SYN: Trouble, distress, woe, sorrow, persecution, suffering,
affliction, anguish.
ANT: Joy, rejoicing, gladness, rest, deliverance.
KEY: Tribunal.
SYN: Judgment_seat, court_of_justice, bench, bar, court.
KEY: Tributary.
SYN: Subject, subordinate, inferior, dependent, accessory,
ANT: Independent, unsubdued, unconquered, unreduced.
KEY: Tribute.
SYN: Tax, impost, subsidy, duty, charge, customs, offering,
contribution, acknowledgment.
KEY: Trice.
SYN: Twinkling, flash, instant.
KEY: Trick.
SYN: Artifice, contrivance, machination, guile, stratagem, wile,
fraud, cheat, juggle, antic, vagary, finesse, sleight, deception,
imposition, delusion, legerdemain.
ANT: Blunder, exposure, bungling, mishap, botch, fumbling,
inexpertness, maladroitness, genuineness, openhandedness,
KEY: Trickery.
SYN: Deception, fraud, artifice, chicanery, knavery, [See ARTIFICE].
KEY: Trickle.
SYN: Drip, drop, dribble, ooze, percolate, distil.
ANT: Flow, rush, stream, pour, gush, burst.
KEY: Trifle \n.\.
SYN: Bauble, bagatelle, toy, straw, nothing, triviality, levity, joke,
cipher, bubble, gewgaw, kickshaw, rush.
ANT: Treasure, portent, phenomenon, crisis, conjuncture, importance,
urgency, weight, necessity, seriousness.
KEY: Trifle.
SYN: Toy, play, dally, wanton, quibble, fribble.
ANT: Treat, cope, tackle, grapple, deal.
KEY: Trifling.
SYN: Trivial, slight, petty, frivolous, unimportant, inconsiderable,
worthless, [See ARTIFICE].
KEY: Trim.
SYN: Prepare, order, deck, adjust, clip, embellish, arrange.
ANT: Disorder, derange, dismantle, denude, divest, disarrange.
KEY: Trip.
SYN: Bound, skip, taunt, fail, stumble, mistake, offend, err, fall.
ANT: Stand, succeed, speed, prosper.
KEY: Trite.
SYN: Worn, hackneyed, stale, threadbare, commonplace, obvious,
familiar, trivial.
ANT: Original, novel, startling, inventive.
KEY: Triumph.
SYN: Victory, success, ovation, achievement, conquest, exultation,
ANT: Defeat, discomfiture, failure, unsuccess, abortion, baffling,
KEY: Triumphant.
SYN: Victorious, successful, rejoicing, exultant, elated, boastful.
ANT: Unvictorious, baffled, humiliated, unsuccessful, discomfited,
beaten, worsted.
KEY: Trivial.
SYN: Trifling, trite, common, unimportant, useless, nugatory, paltry,
ANT: Important, weighty, critical, original, novel.
KEY: Troop.
SYN: Crowd, assemblage, multitude, herd, collection, band, company,
gang, horde, throng.
ANT: Paucity, selection, bevy, elite.
KEY: Trophy.
SYN: War-spoil, acquisition, laurels, palm, bays, wreath, prize,
medal, feather.
ANT: Brand, stigma, tarnish, stain, blot.
KEY: Trouble \v.\.
SYN: Disturb, vex, agitate, confuse, perplex, distress, annoy, harass,
tease, molest, grieve, mortify, oppress.
ANT: Compose, calm, allay, appease, please, soothe, delight, gratify,
recreate, entertain, relieve, refresh.
KEY: Trouble \n.\.
SYN: Affliction, disturbance, annoyance, perplexity, molestation,
vexation, inconvenience, calamity, distress, uneasiness,
tribulation, disaster, torment, misfortune, adversity, anxiety,
embarrassment, sorrow, misery, grief, depression, difficulty, labor,
toil, effort.
ANT: Alleviation, composure, pleasure, appeasement, delight,
assuagement, happiness, gratification, boon, blessing, exultation,
joy, gladness, ease, facility, luck, recreation, amusement,
carelessness, indifference, indolence, inertia, indulgence.
KEY: Troublesome.
SYN: Tiresome, irksome, difficult, tedious, arduous, laborious,
grievous, importunate, vexatious.
ANT: Easy, pleasant, amusing, facile, light, unlaborious,
KEY: Troublous.
SYN: Afflictive, agitated, tumultuous, trying.
ANT: Soothing, healing, calming, comforting.
KEY: Truant.
SYN: Vagabond, loitering, idling, shirking, vagrant, loose, apostate,
ANT: Sedulous, domestic, Industrious, diligent, loyal, adherent,
faithful, attached.
KEY: Truck \v.\.
SYN: Barter, deal, traffic, exchange, [See TRIVIAL].
KEY: Truckle.
SYN: Cringe, stoop, crouch, bend_the_knee, yield, submit_servilely,
[See DEAL].
KEY: Truculent.
SYN: Fierce, savage, ruthless, destructive, barbarous, cruel,
ANT: Mild, inoffensive, gentle.
KEY: true_\a.\.
SYN: Veritable, veracious, explicit, precis, accurate, faithful,
actual, loyal, genuine, pure, real.
ANT: Fictitious, unreliable, unhistorical, untrustworthy,
inveracious, false, inaccurate, unfaithful, faithless, fickle,
treacherous, erroneous, spurious, perfidious, counterfeit,
KEY: Truism.
SYN: Commonplace, platitude.
ANT: Discovery, originality, paradox.
KEY: Truly.
SYN: Really, actually, verily, sincerely, truthfully, surely,
in_truth, [See ACTUALLY].
KEY: Trumpery.
SYN: Trash, tinsel, nonsense, tawdriness, trifles, rubbish.
ANT: Treasure, valuables, sense, wisdom, truth.
KEY: Trunk.
SYN: Stem, stock, body, shaft.
KEY: Tract.
SYN: Confide, rely, credit, believe, charge, deposit, entrust, repose,
ANT: Distrust, suspect, discredit, doubt, disbelieve, resume,
withdraw, despair.
KEY: Trust \n.\.
SYN: Faith, confidence, reliance, belief, hope, expectation, credit,
duty, commission, charge, [See ACTUALLY].
KEY: Trusty.
SYN: Faithful, honest, firm, reliable, strong, [See CONFIDENCE].
KEY: Trustworthy.
SYN: Faithful, trusty, honest, strong, firm, reliable, [See
KEY: Truth.
SYN: Veracity, verity, fact, fidelity, faithfulness, exactness,
accuracy, precision, [See FAITHFUL].
KEY: Truthful.
SYN: Sincere, veracious, correct, accurate, [See VERACIOUS].
KEY: Truthless, [See VERACIOUS].
KEY: Try.
SYN: Attempt, endeavor, strive, aim, examine, test, sound, gauge,
probe, fathom.
ANT: Ignore, pretermit, reject, abandon, discard, misexamine,
KEY: Tuft.
SYN: Bunch, cluster, knot, plume.
KEY: Tug_\v.\.
SYN: Pull, drag, haul, draw, [See PEEVISH].
KEY: Tuition.
SYN: Teaching, training, discipline, schooling, [See PULL].
KEY: Tumble.
SYN: Fall, topple, precipitate, derange, rumple, [See DISCIPLINE].
KEY: Tumid.
SYN: Swollen, distended, protuberant, inflated, turgid, bombastic,
pompous, high-flown, stilted, grandiloquent.
ANT: Smooth, flat, level, plane, equable, uninflated, subdued.
KEY: Tumult.
SYN: Uproar, ferment, disturbance, turbulence, mutiny,
insubordination, excitement, outbreak, fray, bustle, distraction,
turmoil, disorder, confusion, noise, bluster, brawl, riot.
ANT: Peace, pacification, subsidence, quiet, tranquillity, order,
KEY: Tumultuous.
SYN: Disorderly, disturbed, confused, turbulent, agitate, seditious,
lawless, riotous, unruly, #N/A, #N/A.
KEY: Tune.
SYN: Strain, melody, air.
KEY: {[Tuueiul]?}.
SYN: Musical, melodious, harmonious, [See MUSICAL].
KEY: Turbid.
SYN: Foul, thick, muddy, impure, unsettled, disordered, roiled.
ANT: Clear, limpid, crystalline.
KEY: Turbulence, [See FLEXIBLE_and_OBSTINATE].
KEY: Turbulent, [See TUMULT].
KEY: Turgid, [See TUMULTUOUS].
KEY: Turn.
SYN: Round, shape, mold, adapt, spin, reverse, deflect, alter,
transform, convert, metamorphose, revolve, rotate, hinge, depend,
deviate, incline, diverge, decline, change.
ANT: Misshape, misadapt, perpetuate, stabilitate, stereotype,
{[nx]?}, arrest, continue, proceed.
KEY: Turn_\n.\.
SYN: Revolution, rotation, recurrence, change, alteration,
vicissitude, winding, bend, deflection, curve, alternation,
opportunity, occasion, time, deed, office, act, treatment, purpose,
requirement, convenience, talent, gift, tendency, character,
exigence, crisis, form, cast, shape, manner, mold, fashion, cut.
ANT: Stability, fixity, immobility, stationariness,
unchangeableness, uniformity, rectilinearity, indeflection,
continuity, untimeliness, incognizance, oversight, independence,
nonrequirement, malformation, shapelessness.
KEY: Turncoat.
SYN: Trimmer, deserter, renegade, [See FEATURE].
KEY: Turpitude.
SYN: Baseness, vileness, depravity, badness, wickedness,
ANT: Goodness, nobility, commendableness, excellence.
KEY: Tutelage.
SYN: Protection, guardianship, minority, training, pupilage.
ANT: Majority, non-tutelage, independence, discretion.
KEY: Tutor.
SYN: Guardian, governor, instructor, teacher, preceptor, professor,
master, savant.
ANT: Ward, pupil, scholar, student, disciple, learner, tyro.
KEY: Twaddle.
SYN: Balderdash, tattle, nonsense, rigmarole, [See RENEGADE].
KEY: Twig.
SYN: Sprig, spray, shoot, branch.
KEY: Twine.
SYN: Twist, wind, embrace, entwine, wreath, bind, unite, braid, bend,
ANT: Untwist, unwind, separate, disunite, detach, unwreath, unravel,
disentwine, continue, straighten.
KEY: Twirl.
SYN: Revolve, whirl, turn_round, [See LASH].
KEY: Twist.
SYN: Contort, convolve, complicate, pervert, distort, wrest, wreath,
wind, encircle, form, weave, insinuate, unite, interpenetrate.
ANT: Straighten, untwist, rectify, verify, represent, reflect,
render, preserve, express, substantiate, unwreath, unwind, detach,
disengage, separate, disunite, disentangle, disincorporation,
KEY: Twit.
SYN: Taunt, gibe, reproach, upbraid, jeer, scoff, [See REVOLVE].
KEY: Type.
SYN: Mark, stamp, emblem, kind, character, sign, symbol, pattern,
archetype, form, model, idea, image, likeness, expression, cast, mold,
ANT: Non-description, non-classification, inexpression,
misrepresentation, misindication, falsification, abnormity,
deviation, caricature, monstrosity.
KEY: Typify.
SYN: Prefigure, adumbrate, predelineate, prerepresent, foreshow,
predemonstrate, foreshadow.
ANT: Verify, fulfill, realize.
KEY: Tyrannical.
SYN: Arbitrary, despotic, cruel, severe, high-handed, [See JEER].
KEY: Tyranny.
SYN: Despotism, inclemency, persecution, autocracy.
ANT: Freedom, independence, humanity, clemency, constitutionalism.
KEY: Tyrant.
SYN: Despot, persecutor, oppressor, [See ARBITRARY].
KEY: Tyro.
SYN: Beginner, novice, neophyte.
ANT: Professor, adept, expert, master, 'Un', reference, may, be, made,
be, the, words, themselves).}, as, for.
KEY: Unbelief, [See _BECOMING], for_Unfair_See~.
SYN: Omnipresence, all-pervasiveness, boundlessness.
ANT: Nullibiety, localization, limitation.
KEY: Ugly.
SYN: Loathsome, hideous, hateful, frightful, uncouth, ill-favored,
unsightly, ill-looking, plain, homely, deformed, monstrous,
ANT: Attractive, fair, seemly, shapely, beautiful, handsome.
KEY: Ulterior.
SYN: Further, remote, more_distant, remoter, succeeding, beyond.
ANT: Immediate, present, prior, hither.
KEY: Ultimate.
SYN: Last, final, extreme, conclusive, remotest, farthest.
ANT: Prior, intermediate, proximate, preliminary.
KEY: Umbrage.
SYN: Offence, dissatisfaction, resentment, jealousy, displeasure.
ANT: Complacency, satisfaction, gratification.
KEY: Umpire.
SYN: Judge, referee, arbiter, arbitrator.
ANT: Litigant, disputant.
KEY: Unaccountable.
SYN: Strange, inexplicable, [See STRANGE].
KEY: Unadvised.
SYN: Indiscreet, imprudent, thoughtless, inconsiderate, rash, [See
KEY: Unaffected.
SYN: unchanged, unshaken, simple, sincere, natural, real, [See
KEY: Unalterable, [See CERTAINTY].
KEY: Unanimity.
SYN: Accord, concord, unity, agreement, consent, consensus.
ANT: Variance, discord, disagreement, dissent, dissentience.
KEY: Unanimous.
SYN: Of_one_mind, agreeing, like-minded.
ANT: Discordant, disagreeing.
KEY: Unanswerable.
SYN: Unquestionable, indisputable, undeniable, incontrovertible,
KEY: Unavoidable.
SYN: Necessary, certain, [See CONTROVERTIBLE_and_INDISPUTABLE],
Unbecoming., #N/A, [See INEVITABLE].
KEY: Unbelief, [See _BECOMING].
KEY: Unbeliever, [See BELIEF].
KEY: Unbind.
SYN: Set_free, [See INFIDEL].
KEY: Unblemished.
SYN: Pure, spotless, unspotted, unsullied, [See BIRD].
KEY: Unbounded.
SYN: Boundless, excessive, unsparing, unstinted, interminable,
KEY: Unbridled.
SYN: Wanton, licentious, dissolute, loose, lax, [See BOUNDLESS].
KEY: Unceasing.
SYN: Endless, continual, continuous, perpetual, incessant,
everlasting, eternal, [See LICENTIOUS].
KEY: Uncertain.
SYN: Doubtful, dubious, questionable, fitful, equivocal, ambiguous,
indistinct, variable, fluctuating, [See CERTAIN].
KEY: Uncertainty, [See CERTAIN].
KEY: Unchangeable, [See CERTAINTY].
KEY: Uncivil.
SYN: Rude, discourteous, disrespectful, disobliging, [See
KEY: Unclean.
SYN: Dirty, foul, filthy, sullied, [See CIVIL], ~_\a.\].
KEY: Uncommon.
SYN: Rare, strange, scarce, singular, choice, unique, unusual, [See
KEY: Unconcerned.
SYN: Careless, Indifferent, apathetic, [See COMMON].
KEY: Uncouth.
SYN: Odd, unseemly, {[awk]?}, ward, boorish, clumsy, clownish,
ungraceful, strange, underbred, ungainly.
ANT: Quaint, neat, polite, trim, modish, fashionable, graceful,
courtly, well-mannered, refined, polished, well-bred.
KEY: Uncover.
SYN: Reveal, strip, expose, lay_bare, divest, unveil, reveal, [See
KEY: Unction.
SYN: Life, spirit, force, animation, fervor, power.
ANT: Flatness, lameness, weakness, Inanimateness, coldness,
perfunctoriness, lifelessness, dilutedness, vapidity.
KEY: Unctuous.
SYN: Oily, smooth, fawning, flattering, fulsome, sycophantic,
ANT: Abrupt, unmannerly, uncomplimentary, sarcastic, cynical, blunt.
KEY: Undecided.
SYN: Wavering, hesitating, irresolute, undetermined, [See COVER].
KEY: Undeniable.
SYN: Incontestable, Indisputable, unquestionable, incontrovertible,
KEY: Under.
SYN: Below, underneath, beneath, subordinate, lower, inferior, [See
KEY: Underestimate.
SYN: Underrate, undervalue, disparage.
ANT: Overrate, overvalue, exaggerate.
KEY: Undergo.
SYN: Bear, rafter, endure, sustain, experience, [See
KEY: Underhand.
SYN: Clandestine, furtive, dishonest, unfair, fraudulent,
ANT: Openhanded, straightforward, fair, honest, undisguised.
KEY: Underling.
SYN: Menial, subordinate.
ANT: Master, superior.
KEY: Undermine.
SYN: Sap, subvert, counteract, baffle, thwart.
ANT: Prop, support, countenance, promote, aid, corroborate.
KEY: Underrate, [See BEAU_and_EXPERIENCE].
KEY: Understand.
SYN: Apprehend, comprehend, know, perceive, discern, conceive, learn,
recognize, Interpret, imply.
ANT: Misapprehend, miscomprehend, ignore, misinterpret, declare,
state, enunciate, express.
KEY: Understanding.
SYN: Knowledge, discernment, interpretation, construction,
agreement, intellect, intelligence, mind, sense, conception, reason,
ANT: Ignorance, misapprehension, misunderstanding,
misinterpretation, misconstruction, mindlessness, irrationality.
KEY: Undertake.
SYN: Engage, attempt, enter_upon, agree, set_about, embark,
stipulate, project, commence, promise.
ANT: Decline, abandon, drop, discontinue, desist.
KEY: Undertaking.
SYN: Enterprise, adventure, attempt, effort, project, business, [See
KEY: Undervalue, [See ADVENTURE_and_BUSINESS].
KEY: Undisturbed.
SYN: Quiet, still, tranquil, placid, peaceful, [See DISCOVER].
KEY: Undo.
SYN: Annul, frustrate, untie, unfasten, destroy, [See ANNUL].
KEY: Undulation.
SYN: Wave, vibration, {[wwlling]?}, oscillation, bill.
ANT: Standing, arrestation, rest, flattening, table-land, plain.
KEY: Uneasy.
SYN: Restless, disturbed, {[un]?}, quiet, stiff, awkward, [See
KEY: Uneducated.
SYN: Ignorant, uncultivated, [See EAST].
KEY: Unequal.
SYN: Uneven, not_alike, irregular, insufficient, inadequate,
illmatched, [See EQUAL].
KEY: Unequalled.
SYN: Matchless, unique, unparalleled, novel, new, unheard_of, [See
KEY: Unerring.
SYN: Infallible, sure, [See FALLIBLE].
KEY: Unexpected.
SYN: Unforeseen, unlocked_for, sudden.
ANT: Expected, provided_for, foreseen.
KEY: Unfair.
SYN: Wrongful, dishonest, unjust, disingenuous, trickish, [See_~.
KEY: [See FALLIBLE], In_faithful.
SYN: Disloyal, Inconstant, treacherous, [See CONFIDENCE].
KEY: Unfavorable, [See FAITHFUL].
KEY: Unfeeling.
SYN: Insensible, cruel, hard-hearted, callous, [See FAVORABLE].
KEY: Unfeigned.
SYN: Clear, undisguised, veracious, sincere, [See HARD].
KEY: Unfit, {[o]?}.
SYN: Improper, unsuitable, inconsistent, untimely, incompetent, [See
KEY: Unfit \v.\.
SYN: Disable, incapacitate, disqualify, render_unfit, [See QUALIFY].
KEY: Unfitness.
SYN: inaptness, inaptitude, incapacity, incompetency,
disqualification, [See QUALIFY].
KEY: Unfold.
SYN: Unravel, disclose, unbosom, divulge, display, spread_out,
expand, reveal, develop, explain, declare, [See QUALIFICATION].
KEY: Unforgiving.
SYN: Implacable, vindictive, relentless, [See EXPAND_and_REVEAL].
KEY: Unfortunate.
SYN: Calamitous, Illfated, unlucky, wretched, unhappy, miserable,
[See BUSS].
KEY: Unfounded.
SYN: false, groundless, baseless, vain, idle, [See HAPPY].
KEY: Unfrequented.
SYN: Unvisited, uninhabited, lone, solitary, deserted.
ANT: Frequented.
KEY: Unfriendly.
SYN: Inhospitable, ungenial, unkind, disobliging, [See
KEY: Unfruitful, [See FRIENDLY].
KEY: Ungainly.
SYN: Clumsy, awkward, lumbering, uncouth, [See FRUITFUL].
KEY: Ungovernable.
SYN: Unruly, unmanageable, refractory, disobedient, lawless, [See
KEY: Ungraceful.
SYN: Awkward, Inelegant, [See LAWLESS_and_REFRACTORY].
KEY: Ungrateful.
SYN: Thankless, unthankful, [See UNGAINLY].
KEY: Unhandy.
SYN: Awkward, clumsy, uncouth, [See AWKWARD].
KEY: unhappiness.
SYN: Misery, wretchedness, distress, woe, [See AWKWARD].
KEY: Unhappy.
SYN: Miserable, wretched, distressed, afflicted, painful, disastrous,
drear, dismal, [See BUSS].
KEY: Unhealthy, [See BEHALF].
KEY: Uniform.
SYN: Unvarying, invariable, conformable, homogeneous, consistent,
equal, even, alike, unvaried, regular, symmetrical, equable.
ANT: Varying, variable, inconformable, incongruous, diverse,
heterogeneous, inconsistent, irregular, unsymmetrical, multifarious,
multigenous, polymorphic, bizarre, eccentric, erratic.
KEY: Uninteresting.
SYN: Dull, tedious, tiresome, unattractive, [See
KEY: Uninterrupted.
SYN: Continuous, perpetual, unceasing, incessant, endless, [See
KEY: Union.
SYN: Junction, coalition, combination, agreement, harmony,
conjunction, concert, league, connection, alliance, confederacy,
concord, confederation, consolidation.
ANT: Disjunction, separation, severance, divorce, disagreement,
discord, disharmony, secession, disruption, multiplication,
diversification, division.
KEY: Unique.
SYN: Sole, matchless, singular, rare, choice, uncommon, [See CLEAN].
KEY: Unison.
SYN: harmony, agreement, concord, union.
ANT: Discord, disharmony, disagreement, disunion, variance.
KEY: Unit.
SYN: Ace, item, part, individual.
ANT: Total, aggregate, collection, sum, mass.
KEY: Unite.
SYN: Join, combine, link, attach, amalgamate, associate, coalesce,
embody, merge, be_mixed, conjoin, connect, couple, add, incorporate,
with, cohere, concatenate, integrate, converge.
ANT: Disjoin, sever, dissociate, separate, disamalgamate, resolve,
disconnect, disintegrate, disunite, disrupt, divide, multiply, part,
sunder, diverge.
KEY: Unity.
SYN: Oneness, singleness, individuality, concord, conjunction,
agreement, uniformity, indivisibility.
ANT: Plurality, multitude, complexity, multiplicity, discord,
disjunction, separation, severance, variety, heterogeneity,
diversity, incongruity, divisibility.
KEY: Universal.
SYN: All, embracing, total, unlimited, boundless, comprehensive,
entire, general, whole, exhaustive, complete.
ANT: Partial, local, limited, incomplete, exclusive, exhaustive,
KEY: Unjust, [See COMMON].
KEY: Unknown.
SYN: Mysterious, hidden, obscure, unrecognized, [See
KEY: Unlawful, [See OBSCURE].
KEY: Unlearned, [See EAST].
KEY: Unlike, [See LEARNED].
KEY: Unlimited, [See_PURE].
KEY: Unlucky, [See BOUNDLESS].
KEY: Unmistakable.
SYN: Unambiguous, plain, evident, manifest, clear, unequivocal, [See
KEY: Unnecessary.
SYN: Uncalled_for, useless, needless, [See AMBIGUOUS].
KEY: Unpardonable.
SYN: Inexcusable, unjustifiable, [See NECESSARY].
KEY: Unpleasant, [See PARDONABLE].
KEY: Unprecedented.
SYN: Unrivalled, unexampled, unequalled, rare, [See PLEASANT].
KEY: Unprincipled, [See EXCEPTIONAL_and_RARE].
KEY: Unprofitable.
SYN: Useless, bootless, futile, fruitless, [See WICKED].
KEY: Unqualified.
SYN: Absolute, unconditioned, outright, [See_PROFITABLE].
KEY: Unquestionable.
SYN: Irrefragable, incontrovertible, indubitable, undeniable,
indisputable, [See ABSOLUTE].
KEY: Unreasonable.
SYN: Foolish, silly, absurd, preposterous, immoderate, exorbitant,
KEY: Unrelenting.
SYN: Inexorable, unyielding, pitiless, stem, cruel, bard, [See
KEY: Unrighteous.
SYN: Wrongful, unjust, unfair, unequitable, [See HARD].
KEY: Unrivalled.
SYN: Unequalled, unique, unexampled, Incomparable, matchless, [See
KEY: Unroll.
SYN: Unfold, open, discover, [See INCOMPARABLE].
KEY: Unruffled, [See DISCOVER].
KEY: Unruly.
SYN: Ungovernable, unmanageable, refractory, [See TRANQUIL].
KEY: Unsafe, [See REFRACTORY].
KEY: Unseasonable, [See SAFE].
KEY: Unseemly.
SYN: Unbecoming, indecorous, unsuitable, unfit, unbefitting, [See
KEY: Unselfish, [See SEEMLY].
KEY: Unseen.
SYN: Invisible, unnoticed, unperceived, [See SELFISH].
KEY: Unsettle.
SYN: Disturb, derange, displace, ruffle, [See VISIBLE].
KEY: Unskillful, [See SETTLE].
KEY: Unsophisticated, SIMPLE_==_KEY:, Unsound, SOUND_==_KEY:,
Unspeakable., [See CLUMSY].
KEY: Unsteady.
SYN: Wavering, unstable, variable, fickle, restless, fitful, [See
KEY: Unsuccessful.
SYN: Futile, vain, ineffectual, fruitless, unfortunate, [See
KEY: Untrodden.
SYN: Trackless, pathless.
ANT: Trodden, frequented.
KEY: Untruth.
SYN: Lie, falsehood, fib, fiction, fabrication, deception.
ANT: Truth, fact, verity.
KEY: Unusual.
SYN: Rare, unwonted, singular, uncommon, remarkable, strange,
extraordinary, [See FUTILE].
KEY: Unwearied.
SYN: Indefatigable, persevering, tireless, [See USUAL].
KEY: Unwilling.
SYN: Averse, backward, disinclined, loth, reluctant, [See
KEY: Unyielding.
SYN: Inflexible, unbending, stanch, stiff, determined, obstinate,
KEY: Upbraid.
SYN: reprove, taunt, reproach, chide.
ANT: Commend, praise, eulogize, laud, compliment, applaud.
KEY: Uphold.
SYN: Support, sustain, elevate, raise, countenance, advocate,
sanction, encourage, defend, maintain, vindicate, stand_by.
ANT: Subvert, drop, discard, betray, discountenance, oppose,
discourage, attack, repudiate, abandon, abjure, renounce.
KEY: Upright.
SYN: Vertical, erect, perpendicular, honest, honorable, pure,
principled, conscientious, just, fair, equitable.
ANT: Inverted, Inclined, dishonest, dishonorable, corrupt,
unprincipled, unconscientious.
KEY: Uproot.
SYN: Eradicate, extirpate, weed, deracinate, exterminate, destroy.
ANT: Implant, sow, foster, nurture, cultivate.
KEY: Upset.
SYN: Overturn, overthrow, capsize, overbalance, subvert,
ANT: Establish, plant, stabilitate, corroborate, confirm.
KEY: Upshot.
SYN: Result, conclusion, outcome.
KEY: Denouement, issue, finale, [See RESULT].
KEY: Upstart.
SYN: Plebeian, mushroom.
ANT: Personage, {[pptrician]?}.
KEY: Urbane.
SYN: Affable, courteous, refined, polite.
ANT: Boorish, discourteous, fined, coarse.
KEY: Urbanity.
SYN: Politeness, ment, courtesy, polished_manners, suavity,
good_breeding, civility, [See RESULT].
KEY: Urge.
SYN: Press, push, drive, impel, propel, force, importune, solicit,
animate, incite, instigate, stimulate, {[halten]?}, expedite,
accelerate, despatch.
ANT: Repress, bold, retain, inhibit, coerce, restrain, cohibit,
hinder, retard, discourage, damp, obstruct.
KEY: Urgent.
SYN: Pressing, imperative, immediate, importunate, forcible,
strenuous, serious, grave, momentous, indeferrible.
ANT: Unimportant, insignificant, trifling, trivial, deferrable.
KEY: Linage.
SYN: Custom, use, fashion, prescription, treatment, [See FASHION].
KEY: Use_\n.\.
SYN: Advantage, custom, habit, practice, service, utility, usage,
KEY: Use_\v.\.
SYN: Employ, exercise, treat, practice, accustom, habituate, inure.
ANT: Discard, suspend, ignore, avoid, disaccustom, dishabituate,
KEY: Useful.
SYN: Advantageous, profitable, helpful, serviceable, beneficial,
available, adapted, suited, conducive.
ANT: Disadvantageous, unprofitable, obstructive, retardative,
preventative, antagonistic, hostile, cumbersome, burdensome,
unbeneficial, unavailable, inconducive, useless, fruitless,
KEY: Useless, [See CUSTOM].
KEY: Usher.
SYN: Herald, introduce, precede, announce.
ANT: Follow, attend, succeed.
KEY: Usual.
SYN: Common, customary, ordinary, normal, regular, habitual, wonted,
accustomed, general.
ANT: Uncommon, rare, exceptional, uncustomary, extraordinary,
abnormal, irregular, unusual.
KEY: Usurp.
SYN: Seize, arrogate, appropriate, assume.
ANT: Receive, inherit, accept.
KEY: Utility.
SYN: Usefulness, benefit, profit, advantage, advantageousness,
service, [See ADVANTAGE].
KEY: Utilize.
SYN: Localize, economize, husband.
ANT: Dissipate, waste, squander, sacrifice, lose.
KEY: Utmost.
SYN: Farthest, remotest, [See ADVANTAGE], Unroot, greatest.
ANT: Nearest, smallest.
KEY: Utter \v.\.
SYN: Circulate, issue, promulgate, express, articulate, pronounce,
ANT: Recal, suppress, repress, hush, stifle, check, swallow.
KEY: Utter \a.\.
SYN: Extreme, perfect, complete, unqualified, absolute, thorough,
consummate, entire, sheer, pure.
ANT: Imperfect, incomplete, impure.
KEY: Utterly.
SYN: Totally, completely, wholly, quite, altogether, entirely, [See
SYN: Empty, emptiness, space, vacuity, leisure, void.
ANT: Fullness, business, occupation.
KEY: Vacant.
SYN: Empty, leisure, unemployed, unencumbered, unoccupied, void,
unfilled, mindless, exhausted.
ANT: Full, replenished, business, employed, engaged, occupied,
filled, thoughtful.
KEY: Vacate.
SYN: Resign, surrender, annul, invalidate, abrogate, neutralize.
ANT: Hold, retain, fill, occupy, substantiate.
KEY: Vacation.
SYN: Holiday, recreation.
ANT: Term, business.
KEY: Vacillate.
SYN: Fluctuate, dubitate, waver, be_unsteady.
ANT: Determine, abide, adhere.
KEY: Vacuity.
SYN: Emptiness, inanity, nihility, space, void.
ANT: Fullness, substance, matter, occupation, quantity, bulk.
KEY: Vagabond.
SYN: Wanderer, vagrant, rogue, tramp.
ANT: Worker, laborer.
KEY: Vagary.
SYN: Whim, fancy, crotchet, freak, caprice.
ANT: Purpose, determination, judgment, conviction, seriousness.
KEY: Vagrant.
SYN: Vagabond, strolling, itinerant, wandering, sauntering, roaming,
ANT: Domestic, established, local, resident.
KEY: Vague.
SYN: General, lax, indefinite, undetermined, popular, intangible,
equivocal, unsettled, uncertain, ill-defined, pointless.
ANT: Strict, definite, determined, limited, scientific, pointed,
KEY: Vain.
SYN: Empty, worthless, fruitless, unsatisfying, unavailing, idle,
ineffectual, egotistic, showy, unreal, conceited, arrogant.
ANT: Solid, substantial, sound, worthy, efficient, effectual, cogent,
potent, unconceited, modest, real.
KEY: Valediction.
SYN: Leave-taking, farewell, adieu.
ANT: Salutation, hail, welcome, reception, recognition.
KEY: Valiant.
SYN: Intrepid, heroic, courageous, brave, redoubtable, stout-hearted,
valorous, gallant.
ANT: Timid, puny, cowardly, craven.
KEY: Valid.
SYN: Strong, powerful, cogent, weighty, sound, substantial,
available, efficient, sufficient, operative, conclusive.
ANT: Weak, invalid, powerless, unsound, unsubstantial, unavailable,
inefficient, insufficient, inoperative, obsolete, effete,
superseded, inconclusive.
KEY: Valor, [See COURAGE].
KEY: Valuable.
SYN: Precious, costly, estimable.
ANT: Cheap, vile, worthless, valueless.
KEY: Value \v.\.
SYN: Appreciate, compute, rate, estimate, esteem, treasure, appraise,
ANT: Miscompute, misestimate, disesteem, disregard, vilipend,
underrate, undervalue, underestimate, despise, contemn, cheapen,
KEY: Value \n.\, [See COURAGE].
KEY: Vanish.
SYN: Disappear, dissolve, melt, fade_away.
ANT: Appear, approach, loom.
KEY: Vanity.
SYN: Emptiness, unsubstantiality, unreality, falsity, conceit,
self-sufficiency, ostentation, pride, worthlessness, triviality.
ANT: Substance, solidity, substantiality, reality, truth, modesty,
selfdistrust, simplicity, unostentatiousness, humility.
KEY: Vanquish.
SYN: Conquer, surmount, subdue, discomfit, confute, overcome, defeat,
ANT: Succumb, yield, faint, fail.
KEY: Vapid.
SYN: Flat, dull, spiritless, {[irtiilw]?}, tasteless, flavorless,
insipid, {[tarn*]?}.
ANT: Spirited, animated, pungent, trenchant, pithy.
KEY: Vapor.
SYN: Steam, fog, mist, fume, gas, exhalation, [See WORTH].
KEY: Variable.
SYN: Changeable, mutable, fickle, capricious, wavering, unsteady,
inconstant, shifting.
ANT: Unchanging, unchangeable, immutable, constant, firm, true, fast,
stanch, unwavering, steady, unalterable, invariable.
KEY: Variance.
SYN: Difference, disagreement, discord, estrangement, antagonism,
strife, hostility, discrepancy.
ANT: Unity, reconciliation, harmony, agreement, pacification, peace,
accommodation, consent.
KEY: Variation.
SYN: Deviation, alteration, mutation, diversity, departure, change,
abnormity, exception, discrepancy.
ANT: Continuance, fixity, indivergency, exemplification, law, rule,
uniformity, harmony, agreement.
KEY: Variegated.
SYN: Diversified, diverse_colored, parti-colored, mottled, [See
KEY: Variety.
SYN: Difference, diversity, medley, miscellany, multiplicity,
multiformity, abnormity.
ANT: Uniformity, species, type, specimen.
KEY: Various.
SYN: Different, diverse, multiform, multitudinous, several, sundry,
uncertain, manifold, diversified.
ANT: One, same, identical, uniform, few, similar.
KEY: Varnish.
SYN: Glaze, gloss, disguise, palliate, embellish, sophisticate,
ANT: Simplify, divest, disembellish, disencumber.
KEY: Vary.
SYN: Alter, dissimilate, change, modify, variegate, diversify,
differ, deviate, disagree.
ANT: Perpetuate, stabilitate, assimilate, stereotype, harmonize,
KEY: Vast.
SYN: Waste, wild, desolate, extensive, spacious, wide_spread,
gigantic, wide, boundless, measureless, enormous, mighty, huge,
immense, colossal, prodigious, far-reaching.
ANT: Narrow, close, confined, frequented, populated, cultivated,
tended, tilled, limited, bounded, circumscribed, moderate.
KEY: Vaticination.
SYN: Prophecy, divination, augury, prediction.
ANT: Retrospection, realization, rehearsal, verification,
fulfillment, accomplishment.
KEY: Vaunt.
SYN: Boast, brag, puff, hawk, trumpet, cackle, advertise,
{make_a_display_of}, flourish, cry, parade.
ANT: Repress, suppress, conceal, disparage, decry, detract.
KEY: Vere.
SYN: Shift, tergiversate, trim, temporize.
ANT: Stand, stick, persist, remain, adhere.
KEY: Vegetate.
SYN: Grow, sprout, germinate, idle, bask, pullulate, hibernate.
ANT: Fade, pine, wither, decay, rot, stir, bustle, work, energize,
KEY: Vehement.
SYN: Violent, impetuous, ardent, burning, fervent, raging, furious,
passionate, fervid, urgent, forcible, eager.
ANT: Mild, feeble, inanimate, subdued, controlled, unimpassioned,
passionless, cold, stoical, gentle, weak, mitigated.
KEY: Veil.
SYN: Intercept, hide, screen, disguise, palliate, mask, cover,
ANT: Expose, unveil, strip, denude, exaggerate.
KEY: Velocity.
SYN: Quickness, swiftness, speed, celerity, rapidity, fleetness.
ANT: Slowness, sluggishness, tardiness, {[ientor]?}, languor,
cumbrousness, inactivity.
KEY: Venal.
SYN: Sordid, mercenary, prostitute, selfish, selfish, held_for_pay,
ANT: Disinterested, unmercenary, incorrupt, [See MACULATED].
KEY: Venerate, [See {[Vnd % {[Btrr}?].
KEY: Venerable.
SYN: Sage, wise, grave, [See ADOBE].
KEY: Veneration.
SYN: Reverence, adoration, worship.
ANT: Contempt, disesteem, loathing, vilification.
KEY: Vengeance.
SYN: Retribution, retaliation, revenge.
ANT: Forgiveness, pardon, {[condoation]?}, amnesty, grace, remission,
absolution, oblivion, indulgence, reprieve.
KEY: Venial.
SYN: Pardonable, excusable, remissible, justifiable.
ANT: Unpardonable, inexcusable, irremissible, mortal.
KEY: Venom.
SYN: Poison, virus, malice, malignity, spite.
ANT: Antidote, [See GRAVE_and_FOOLISH].
KEY: Venomous.
SYN: Poisonous, malignant, virulent, slanderous.
ANT: Wholesome, salubrious, genial, flattering, kindly.
KEY: Vent.
SYN: Outlet, opening, discharge, passage, utterance, [See OPENING].
KEY: Venture \n.\.
SYN: Speculation, risk, chance, hazard, stake, undertaking, luck,
experiment, throw.
ANT: Nonspeculation, caution, reservation, calculation, certainty,
law, method.
KEY: Venture \v.\, [See HAZARD].
KEY: Venturesome.
SYN: Risky, intrepid, foolhardy, [See HAZARD].
KEY: Venturous.
SYN: Daring, rash, intrepid, audacious.
ANT: Unventuresome, cautious, timid, unenterprising.
KEY: Veracious.
SYN: true, credible, reliable, honest, truth-loving, truthful,
ANT: false, mendacious, inveracious, deceitful, unhistorical,
romantic, imaginative.
KEY: Veracity.
SYN: Truth, truthfulness, credibility, exactness, accuracy, [See
KEY: Verbal.
SYN: Oral, spoken, parole, vocal, unwritten, unrecorded.
ANT: Written, documentary, epistolary, recorded.
KEY: Verbose.
SYN: Windy, prolix, prosy, tedious.
ANT: Curt, laconic, succinct, terse, concise.
KEY: Verdict.
SYN: Finding, judgment, answer, opinion, decision, sentence.
ANT: Nondeclaration, indecision, indetermination.
KEY: Verge \n.\.
SYN: Border, brim, edge, rim, limit, margin, brink, eve.
ANT: Heart, depth, center, midst.
KEY: Verge \v.\.
SYN: Tend, bend, slope, incline, approach, approximate, trend, bear.
ANT: Decline, deviate, revert, depart, recede, return, back,
KEY: Verify.
SYN: Establish, confirm, fulfill, authenticate, substantiate,
identify, realize, test, warrant, demonstrate.
ANT: Disestablish, subvert, fail, falsify, mistake, misrepresent,
misstate, disappoint, misdemonstrate.
KEY: Verisimilitude.
SYN: Probability, consistency, likelihood.
ANT: Improbability, inconsistency, unlikelihood.
KEY: Veritable.
SYN: true, actual, real, authentic, original.
ANT: false, fictitious, unreal, unauthentic, spurious,
supposititious, feigned, sham, untrue.
KEY: Verity.
SYN: Truth, reality, actuality, in_existence.
ANT: Falsity, unreality, supposition, hypothesis, conjecture,
chimera, dream, delusion, fancy, phantasy.
KEY: Vernal.
SYN: Spring, youthful, genial, balmy, nascent.
ANT: Wintry, aged, brumal, hibernal, harsh, ungenial, cutting,
autumnal, decadent, declining.
KEY: Versatile.
SYN: Changeable, unsteady, unfixed, capricious, varied, many-sided,
multigenous, manifold, variable, mobile, plastic, ready.
ANT: Immovable, immutable, fixed, unvaried, unvarying, one-sided,
uniform, invariable, stolid, immobile, unready.
KEY: Versed.
SYN: Skilled, practiced, conversant, acquainted, initiated,
indoctrinated, clever, familiar, {thoroughly_acquainted},
ANT: Unskilled, ill-versed, unpracticed, inconversant, unfamiliar,
uninitiated, ignorant, awkward, strange, unversed, untaught.
KEY: Version.
SYN: Rendering, statement, account, [See FALSEHOOD].
KEY: Vertical.
SYN: Perpendicular, upright.
ANT: Inclined, sloped, scarped.
KEY: Vest.
SYN: Kobe, clothe, furnish, endow.
ANT: Divest, strip, unrobe, denude, deprive.
KEY: Vestige.
SYN: Trace, mark, indication, sign, token, remnant, record, trail,
ANT: Misindication, obliteration, effacement, non-indication,
indemonstrableness, deletion.
KEY: Veteran.
SYN: Habitue, expert, adept, proficient.
ANT: Tyro, recruit, novice, lubber.
KEY: Vex.
SYN: Tease, irritate, provoke, plague, torment, tantalize, bother,
worry, pester, trouble, disquiet, afflict, harass, annoy.
ANT: Soothe, appease, gratify, quiet, please.
KEY: Vexation.
SYN: Chagrin, uneasiness, mortification.
ANT: Pleasure, enjoyment, [See INTERPRETATION].
KEY: Vibrate.
SYN: Oscillate, swing, undulate, shake, quiver, wave.
ANT: Be_at_rest, [See PLEASURE].
KEY: Vicarious.
SYN: Substitutive, deputed, delegated, representative,
ANT: Personal, self-performed.
KEY: Vice.
SYN: Corruption, fault, defect, evil, crime, immorality, sin,
ANT: Purity, faultlessness, perfection, virtue, immaculateness,
goodness, soundness.
KEY: Vicinity.
SYN: Juxtaposition, neighborhood, nearness, proximity.
ANT: Distance, remoteness, separation, removal.
KEY: Vicious.
SYN: Corrupt, faulty, defective, bad, morbid, peccant, debased,
profligate, unruly, impure, depraved.
ANT: Pure, sound, perfect, virtuous, healthy.
KEY: Vicissitude.
SYN: Change, alternation, interchange, revolution, mutation,
ANT: Perpetuity, stability, changelessness, immutability, fixity.
KEY: Victim.
SYN: Sufferer, prey, sacrifice, martyr, dupe, grill.
ANT: Sacrificer, seducer.
KEY: Victorious, [See QUAKE].
KEY: Victory.
SYN: Conquest, triumph, ovation, success.
ANT: Failure, defeat, frustration, disappointment, abortion,
miscarriage, nonsuccess.
KEY: Victuals.
SYN: Food, fare, provisions, bread, viands, meat, repast.
KEY: Vie.
SYN: Strive, contend, contest, {[wpe]?}, compete, emulate, rival.
ANT: Yield, succumb, retire, surrender.
KEY: View.
SYN: Behold, examine, Inspect, explore, survey, consider,
contemplate, reconnoitre, observe, regard, estimate, judge.
ANT: Ignore, overlook, disregard, misconsider, misinspect,
misobserve, misestimate, misjudge.
KEY: View.
SYN: Sight, vision, survey, examination, inspection, judgment,
estimate, scene, representation, apprehension, sentiment,
conception, opinion, object, aim, intention, purpose, design, end,
light, aspect.
ANT: Blindness, occultation, obscuration, darkness, misexamination,
deception, error, delusion, misjudgment, misrepresentation,
misconception, airlessness, nonintention.
KEY: Vigilance.
SYN: Watchfulness, observance, wakefulness, sleeplessness,
carefulness, activity, circumspection.
ANT: Drowsiness, inattention, carelessness, indulgence, somnolence,
inobservance, inactivity, indifference, connivance, unwatchfulness.
KEY: {[Vigilant]?}, [See TRIUMPHANT].
KEY: Vigorous.
SYN: Strong, lusty, powerful, energetic, efficacious, nervous,
robust, virile, manly, active, resolute.
ANT: Weak, feeble, powerless, Inactive, nerveless, enervated, debile,
debilitated, effete, emasculated, inactive, irresolute, indolent.
KEY: Vile.
SYN: Cheap, worthier, valueless, low, base, mean, despicable, hateful,
bad, impure, vicious, abandoned, abject, sinful, sordid, ignoble,
wicked, villainous, degraded, wretched.
ANT: costly, rare, precious, valuable, high, exulted, noble,
honorable, lofty, venerable.
KEY: Vilify.
SYN: Debase, degrade, spoil, deteriorate, mar, defame, traduce,
asperse, stigmatize, slander, upbraid, abuse, decry, cheapen.
ANT: Purify, refine, exalt, raise, improve, enhance, eulogize, praise,
laud, panegyrize, commend.
KEY: Villain.
SYN: Scoundrel, ruffian, wretch, [See WATCHFUL].
KEY: Villainous.
SYN: Base, knavish, depraved, infamous, [See RASCAL].
KEY: Vindicate.
SYN: Assert, maintain, uphold, clear, support, defend, claim,
substantiate, justify, establish.
ANT: Waive, abandon, surrender, forego, disprove, disestablish,
neutralize, nullify, destroy, subvert, annul, vitiate.
KEY: Vindictive.
SYN: Revengeful, spiteful, unforgiving, unrelenting, Implacable,
rancorous, unmerciful.
ANT: Forgiving, generous, forbearing, merciful, unvindictive.
KEY: Violate.
SYN: Ravish, injure, abuse, disturb, hurt, rape, outrage, debauch,
break, infringe, profane, transgress, disobey.
ANT: Respect, foster, observe, regard, preserve, cherish, protect,
KEY: Violence.
SYN: Vehemence, impetuosity, force, rape, outrage, rage, profanation,
injustice, fury, infringement, fierceness, oppression.
ANT: Lenity, mildness, self-restraint, feebleness, gentleness,
respect, forbearance, self-control, observance, obedience,
preservation, conservation, protection.
KEY: Violent.
SYN: Vehement, raving, furious, forcible, outrageous, raging,
passionate, {[See_Vm:]?}.
KEY: Virago.
SYN: Termagant, vixen, scold, shrew, Jezebel.
KEY: Virgin \n.\.
SYN: Maid, maiden, damsel, girl.
ANT: Matron, married_woman, strumpet, whore, prostitute, bawd.
KEY: Virgin \a.\.
SYN: Maidenly, undefiled, unpolluted, untouched, fresh.
ANT: Unmaidenly, defiled, polluted, ravished, used, cultivated.
KEY: Virile.
SYN: Manly, masculine, robust, nervous, vigorous.
ANT: Feeble, debile, puerile, effeminate, emasculate.
KEY: Virtual.
SYN: Potential, implied, constructive, practical, substantial,
indirect, essential, implicit.
ANT: Stated, expressed, categorical, direct, sensible, material,
definite, developed, explicit.
KEY: Virtue.
SYN: Power, capacity, strength, force, efficacy, excellence, value,
morality, goodness, uprightness, purity, chastity, salubrity.
ANT: Weakness, incapacity, inability, inefficacy, badness,
corruption, vice, immorality, impurity, unchastity, virulence,
KEY: Virtuous.
SYN: Upright, moral, chaste, modest, pure, [See FRANTIC].
KEY: Virulence.
SYN: Venom, poison, acrimony, malignity, malignancy, bitterness,
ANT: Mildness, salubriousness, assuagement, abatement, virtue,
KEY: Viscid.
SYN: Glutinous, ropy, gelatinous, sticky, cohesive.
ANT: Watery, limpid, tenacious, incohesive.
KEY: Visible.
SYN: Perceptible, apparent, clear, plain, obvious, conspicuous,
observable, discernible, palpable, manifest, distinguishable,
ANT: Imperceptible, nonapparent, inconspicuous, impalpable,
microscopic, invisible, inobservable, concealed, eclipsed,
withdrawn, indiscernible, indistinguishable.
KEY: Vision, [See {[PTJBE]?}_and_UPRIGHT].
KEY: Visionary.
SYN: Fanciful, dreamy, chimerical, baseless, shadowy, imaginary,
unreal, fabulous, romantic.
ANT: Actual, real, truthful, sound, substantial, palpable,
unromantic, sober, veritable.
KEY: Vital.
SYN: Living, animate, life-supporting, life-containing, essential,
necessary, important, indispensable, inseparable, paramount,
ANT: Mortal, lethal, cadaverous, lifeless, inanimate, unessential,
unimportant, secondary, separable, immaterial.
KEY: Vitiate.
SYN: Impair, corrupt, spoil, injure, invalidate, deteriorate, taint.
ANT: Corroborate, confirm, substantiate, justify, vindicate,
KEY: Vivacious.
SYN: Alive, lively, animated, sprightly, sportive, active, brisk, gay,
ANT: Dead, lifeless, inanimate, dull, stolid, moody, heavy, wooden,
leaden, torpid, sluggish, spiritless.
KEY: Vivid.
SYN: Bright, brilliant, luminous, resplendent, lustrous, radiant,
graphic, clear, lively, animated, stirring, striking, glowing, sunny,
bright, scintillant, [{See VrewJ}?], Pull, opaque, nonluminous,
obscure, rayless, lurid, somber, nonreflecting, dim, dusky, cloudy,
nebulous, pale, {[wan]?}, caliginous.
KEY: Vixen.
SYN: Scold, shrew, [See {[VMT]?}].
KEY: Vocation.
SYN: Profession, office, calling, function, mission, avocation,
trade, business, capacity, employment, occupation.
ANT: Inconversance, Incapacity, leisure, nonemployment.
KEY: Vogue.
SYN: Way, custom, fashion, repute, use, usage, practice.
ANT: Desuetude, disuse, disesteem, unfashionableness, disrepute,
KEY: Voice.
SYN: Tone, utterance, language, articulation, words, expression,
signification, opinion, vote, suffrage, say, control.
ANT: Aphony, muteness, obmutescence, voicelessness, silence,
inarticulation, inexpression, dumbness, inauthoritativeness.
KEY: Void.
SYN: Wanting, empty, vacant, useless, nugatory, destitute, bereft,
unoccupied, unfilled, unsubstantial, lacking, invalid, null.
ANT: Possessed, endued, furnished, full, occupied, solid,
substantial, rich, valid, operative, good, efficacious.
KEY: Volatile.
SYN: Vaporizable, sublimable, distillable, airy, spirituous,
evaporating, gay, Iively, {[ flipity]?}, capricious, irresolute.
ANT: Fixed, solid, persistent, dull, somber, demure, steady,
determined, resolute, involatile.
KEY: Volition.
SYN: Will, choice, preference, determination, purpose, deliberation,
ANT: Force, fate, necessity, mechanism, compulsion, predestination,
KEY: Voluble.
SYN: Boiling, running, coursing, fluent, rapid, loquacious, glib,
fluent, talkative.
ANT: Stagnant, creeping, tardy, slow, sluggish, lazy, torpid,
hesitating, tardiloquent, stammering, stuttering.
KEY: Volume.
SYN: Size, body, bulk, dimensions, book, work, tome, capacity,
magnitude, compass, quantity.
ANT: diminutiveness, tenuity, minuteness, smallness.
KEY: Voluntary.
SYN: Deliberate, {[spaaimneous]?}, free, intentional, optional,
discretional, unconstrained, willing.
ANT: compulsory, coercive, necessitated, involuntary.
KEY: Volunteer.
SYN: Offer, proffer, tend, originate.
ANT: Withhold, refuse, suppress.
KEY: Voluptuous.
SYN: Sensual, luxurious, Self-indulgent, licentious,
ANT: Unsensual, abstinent, self-denying, ascetic, sober.
KEY: Voracious.
SYN: Hungry, absorbent, ravenous, rapacious, insatiate, omnivorous,
ANT: Epicurean, squeamish, fastidious, delicate, dainty, nice.
KEY: Vouch.
SYN: Attest, undertake, promise, assure, warrant, vow.
ANT: Demur, repudiate, decline, abnegate, abjure, renounce, protest.
KEY: Vouchsafe.
SYN: Grant, accede, concede, deign, condescend.
ANT: Refuse, withhold, deny.
KEY: Vow, [{See VIRAooj}?].
KEY: Vulgar.
SYN: Popular, general, loose, ordinary, public, vernacular, plebeian,
uncultivated, unrefined, low, mean, coarse, underbred.
ANT: Strict, scientific, philosophical, restricted, technical,
accurate, patrician, select, choice, cultivated, refined, polite,
high-bred, stylish, aristocratic.
KEY: Vulnerable.
SYN: Assailable, weak, exposed, tender, delicate.
ANT: Unassailable, impregnable, invulnerable.
SYN: Float, transport, bear.
ANT: Sink, depress, bear_down.
KEY: Wag.
SYN: Joker, jester, droll_fellow, humorist.
ANT: Sober_fellow, serious_fellow.
KEY: Wage_\v.\.
SYN: Carry_on, make, {undertake_(as_war)}, bet, stake, pledge.
KEY: Wages.
SYN: Remuneration, hire, compensation, stipend, salary, allowance.
ANT: Gratuity, douceur, premium, bonus, grace.
KEY: Walt.
SYN: Stay, tarry, rest, stop, bide, expect.
ANT: Speed, hasten, press.
KEY: Waive.
SYN: Forego, abandon, {[re]?}, mit, cancel, drop, relinquish,
ANT: Press, urge, enforce, assert, claim, vindicate.
KEY: Wake.
SYN: Rouse, suscitate, excite, reanimate, revive, awake, watch, revel,
evoke, summon, provoke, call.
ANT: Soothe, allay, appease, lay, hush, lullaby, mesmerize,
tranquilize, quiet.
KEY: Wakeful.
SYN: Watchful, sleepless, [See TRIUMPHANT].
KEY: Walk.
SYN: Step, stride, march, stalk, plod, tread, tramp, trudge.
ANT: Halt, stop, stand_still, ride.
KEY: {[Wan]?}.
SYN: Pale, livid, lurid, dusky, bloodless, haggard.
ANT: Fresh-colored, lively, bright, incarnadine, sanguine, chubby.
KEY: Wider.
SYN: Ramble, range, stroll, rove, expatiate, roam, deviate, stray,
depart, err, swerve, straggle, saunter, navigate, circumnavigate,
ANT: Rest, stop, perch, bivouac, halt, lie, anchor, alight, settle,
moor, pause, repose.
KEY: Wandering.
SYN: Roving, vagrant, rambling, strolling, discursive, [See
KEY: Wane.
SYN: Fade, pale, decrease, diminish, decline, fail, sink, ebb,
deteriorate, recede, pine, droop, attenuate, contract.
ANT: Brighten, increase, improve, mend, advance, rally, develop,
recover, expand.
KEY: Want.
SYN: Deficiency, lack, failure, insufficiency, scantiness, shortness,
omission, neglect, nonproduction, absence.
ANT: Supply, sufficiency, provision, abundance, production,
allowance, supplement, adequacy.
KEY: Wanton.
SYN: Wandering, roving, sportive, playful, frolicsome, loose,
unbridled, uncurbed, reckless, unrestrained, irregular, licentious,
dissolute, inconsiderate, heedless, gratuitous.
ANT: Stationary, unrovlng, unsportive, unplayful, unfrolicsome,
joyless, thoughtful, demure, sedate, discreet, staid,
self-controlled, well-regulated, formal, austere, purposed,
deliberate, cold-blooded, determined.
KEY: Ward.
SYN: Watch, avert, defend, parry, guard, fend, repel.
ANT: Betray, surrender, admit.
KEY: Warfare.
SYN: War, hostilities, antagonism, campaign, engagement,
ANT: Peace, truce, pacification, accommodation, reconciliation,
armistice, neutrality, friendliness.
KEY: Warlike.
SYN: Military, martial, soldierly, hostile, bellicose, soldierlike,
ANT: Peaceful, civil, unwarlike, pacific, unmilitary.
KEY: Warm.
SYN: Blood-warm, thermal, genial, irascible, hot, ardent,
affectionate, fervid, fervent, fiery, glowing, enthusiastic, zealous,
eager, excited, Interested, animated.
ANT: Frigid, cold, tepid, starved, indifferent, cool, unexcited,
KEY: Warmth.
SYN: Ardor, glow, fervor, zeal, heat, excitement, intensity,
earnestness, cordiality, animation, eagerness, vehemence, geniality,
sincerity, passion, irascibility, emotion, life.
ANT: Frigidity, frost, congelation, iciness, coldness, calmness,
coolness, indifference, torpidity, insensitiveness, apathy,
slowness, ungeniality, insincerity, passionlessness, hypocrisy,
good-temper, death.
KEY: Warn.
SYN: Premonish, monish, admonish, notify, dissuade, deter, alarm.
ANT: Encourage, incite, instigate, induce.
KEY: Warning.
SYN: Caution, premonition, notice, admonition, [See NOTICE].
KEY: Warp.
SYN: Turn, twist, shrink, give, contort, bias, unhinge, distort,
prejudice, corrupt, narrow, pervert.
ANT: Stand, hold, direct, guide, control, correct, regulate, train,
conduct, rectify, expand.
KEY: Warrant.
SYN: Secure, undertake, authorize, empower, engage, support, justify,
ANT: Imperil, endanger, repudiate, nullify, invalidate.
KEY: Wary.
SYN: Suspicious, cautious, watchful, guarded, circumspect, prudent,
ANT: Unwary, unsuspecting, incautious, invigilant, unwatchful,
unguarded, uncircumspect, heedless.
KEY: Wash.
SYN: Lave, cleanse, bathe, rinse, absterge.
ANT: Soil, foul, contaminate.
KEY: Washy.
SYN: Weak, vapid, diluted, spiritless, pointless.
ANT: Vigorous, nervous, forcible, pregnant, trenchant, pungent.
KEY: Waste.
SYN: Ruin, destroy, devastate, impair, consume, squander, dissipate,
throw_away, diminish, impair, lavish, desolate, pine, decay,
attenuate, dwindle, shrivel, wither, wane.
ANT: Restore, repair, conserve, preserve, perpetuate, protect,
husband, economize, utilize, hoard, treasure, accumulate, enrich,
flourish, luxuriate, multiply, augment, develop.
KEY: Wasteful, [See NOTICE].
KEY: Watch.
SYN: Wait, wake, contemplate, observe, note, tend, guard.
ANT: Disregard, overlook, misobserve.
KEY: Watchful.
SYN: Vigilant, expectant, wakeful, heedful, careful, observant,
attentive, circumspect, wary, cautious.
ANT: Unwatchful, invigilant, unwakeful, slumbrous, drowsy, heedless,
careless, inobservant, inattentive, uncircumspect, unwary,
incautious, distracted.
KEY: Waver.
SYN: Hesitate, dubitate, halt, fluctuate, vacillate, alternate,
scruple, be_undetermined, totter.
ANT: Determine, decide, rest, repose, settle.
KEY: Way.
SYN: Form, fashion, practice, habit, method, [See STEADY].
KEY: Wayward.
SYN: Willful, froward, perverse, refractory, disobedient, obstinate,
ANT: Docile, manageable, amenable.
KEY: Weak.
SYN: Feeble, infirm, enfeebled, powerless, debile, fragile,
incompact, inadhesive, pliant, frail, oft, tender, milk_and_water,
flabby, flimsy, wishy_washy, destructible, watery, diluted, imbecile,
inefficient, spiritless, foolish, injudicious, unsound, undecided,
unconfirmed, irrepressible, wavering, ductile, easy, malleable,
unconvincing, inconclusive, vapid, pointless.
ANT: Strong, vigorous, robust, muscular, nervous, powerful, tough,
stout, lusty, sturdy, compact, adhesive, resistant, fibrous, hard,
indistructible, potent, intoxicating, efficient, spirited, animated,
wise, sound, judicious, cogent, valid, decided, determined,
unwavering, stubborn, unyielding, inexorable, conclusive,
irresistible, forcible, telling.
KEY: Weaken.
SYN: Debilitate, enfeeble, enervate, dilute, impair, paralyze,
attenuate, sap.
ANT: Strengthen, invigorate, empower, corroborate, confirm.
KEY: Weakness.
SYN: Debility, feebleness, enervation, dilution, impairment, languor,
imbecility, infirmity, decrepitude, frailty, faintness,
inconclusiveness, worthlessness, want.
ANT: Strength, power, nerve, spirit, renovation, vigor, lustiness,
tone, cogency, activity, conclusiveness, efficiency, value,
KEY: Weal.
SYN: Welfare, prosperity, happiness, advantage, [See
KEY: Wealth.
SYN: Influence, riches, mammon, lucre, plenty, affluence, abundance,
ANT: Indigence, poverty, scarcity, impecuniosity.
SYN: Disaccustom, dishabituate, detach, alienate, withdraw,
ANT: Accustom, habituate, inure, reconcile, attach, associate,
conciliate, enlist, draw, attract.
KEY: Weapon.
SYN: Instrument, implement, utensil, arm.
ANT: Shift, makeshift, contrivance.
KEY: Wear.
SYN: Carry, bear, exhibit, sport, consume, dou, waste, impair, rub,
channel, groove, excavate, hollow, diminish.
ANT: Doff, abandon, repair, renovate, renew, increase, swell,
KEY: Wearisome.
SYN: Tedious, tiresome, fatiguing, toilsome, laborious, annoying,
[See WEAN].
KEY: Weary \a.\.
SYN: Fatigued, tired, exhausted, worn, jaded, debilitated, pent,
toil-worn, faint.
ANT: Fresh, rigorous, recruited, renovated, hearty.
KEY: Weary \r.\.
SYN: Tire, fatigue, fag, jade, harass, exhaust, [See
KEY: Weave.
SYN: Interlace, {[brukl]?}, intertwine, intermix, plait, complicate,
ANT: Unravel, untwist, disunite, disentangle, extricate, simplify,
enucleate, dissect.
KEY: Weazen.
SYN: Wizened, withered, dried_up.
ANT: Fresh, plump, fair, rounded_out, full.
KEY: Wed.
SYN: Link, marry, espouse.
ANT: Separate, divorce.
KEY: Wedding.
SYN: Espousals, marriage, nuptials, [See MARRIAGE].
KEY: Wedlock.
SYN: Marriage, matrimony, espousals, nuptials, coverture, match.
ANT: Celibacy, singleness, misogamy, divorce.
KEY: Weep.
SYN: Cry, sob, bewail, lament, [See MARRIAGE], bemoan, deplore.
ANT: Laugh, [See {[=XXX]?}].
KEY: weight.
SYN: Gravity, ponderosity, heaviness, pressure, burden, importance,
power, influence, efficacy, consequence, moment, impressiveness.
ANT: Lightness, levity, portableness, alleviation, unimportance,
insignificance, weakness, inefficacy, unimpressiveness, triviality,
KEY: Welcome \n.\.
SYN: Reception, salutation.
ANT: Repudiation, repulsion.
KEY: Welcome \a.\.
SYN: Grateful, acceptable, pleasant, agreeable, gratifying,
ANT: Unwelcome, ungrateful, unacceptable, distasteful, unpleasant,
KEY: Welfare.
SYN: Well-being, weal, success, good_fortune, prosperity, happiness,
luck, thrift.
ANT: Adversity, reverse, unsuccess, unprosperousness, unhappiness,
illluck, harm, hurt.
KEY: Well, adv.
SYN: Rightly, thoroughly, properly.
ANT: Wrongly, imperfectly, improperly.
KEY: Well_\a.\.
SYN: Hale, healthy, hearty, sound, [See BEHALF].
KEY: Well-bred.
SYN: Well-behaved, well-mannered, courteous, polite, [See CLOWNISH].
KEY: Wet.
SYN: Moist, damp, humid, [See CLOWNISH].
KEY: Wheedle.
SYN: Coax, cajole, decoy, flatter, entice, inveigle.
ANT: Deter, chide, scare, undeceive, disabuse.
KEY: Whereas.
SYN: Since, seeing, forasmuch_as, inasmuch_as, when_in_fact.
KEY: Whet.
SYN: Sharpen, incite, stimulate, excite, provoke.
ANT: Blunt, pall, deaden, satiate, nauseate, Whim, [See DRY].
KEY: Whimsical.
SYN: Freakish, capricious, fanciful, fantastic, quaint, crotchety,
droll, farcical.
ANT: Staid, serious, sober, orderly, demure, sedate.
KEY: Whip.
SYN: Scourge, flagellate, [See VAGARY].
KEY: Whirl.
SYN: Twirl, spin_round, gyrate, [See LASH].
KEY: White.
SYN: Colorless, pure, snowy, unblemished, unspotted, stainless,
innocent, clear.
ANT: Black, impure, [See BLAMELESS].
KEY: Whole.
SYN: Total, entire, all, well, complete, sound, healthy, perfect,
unimpaired, undiminished, integral, undivided, gross.
ANT: Partial, imperfect, incomplete, unsound, sick, impaired,
diminished, fractional, divided, sectional.
KEY: Wholesome.
SYN: Healthful, salubrious, salutary, salutiferous, beneficial,
nutritious, healing.
ANT: Unhealthy, unhealthful, insalubrious, insanitary, prejudicial,
unwholesome, deleterious, detrimental, morbific.
KEY: Wholly.
SYN: Entirely, completely, totally, altogether, quite, utterly,
fully, [See {[]?}].
KEY: Whore.
SYN: Harlot, prostitute, courtesan, cyprian, drab, nightwalker,
street-walker, wench, strumpet, {woman_of_ill_fame}, Magdalen, bawd,
punk, demirep, {woman_of_the_town}, huzzy, of_the_demi_monde, fille
de joie'.
ANT: Virgin, pure_woman.
KEY: Wicked.
SYN: Evil, bad, godless, sinful, immoral, iniquitous, criminal,
unjust, unrighteous, irreligious, profane, ungodly, vicious,
atrocious, black, dark, foul, unhallowed, nefarious, naughty,
heinous, flagitious, abandoned, corrupt.
ANT: Good, virtuous, just, godly, moral, religious, upright, honest,
pure, honorable, incorrupt, sinless, spotless, immaculate,
KEY: Wickedness.
SYN: Vice, evil, inturpitude, immorality, offence, vileness,
villainy, badness, corruption, [See ALTOGETHER_and_COMPLETELY].
KEY: Wide.
SYN: Broad, ample, expanded, large, extensive, spacious, distant,
remote, [See VICE].
KEY: Wield.
SYN: Manage, handle, employ, sway, brandish.
ANT: Mismanage, misemploy, discard, resign, depose, surrender,
deposit, abdicate.
KEY: Wife.
SYN: Consort, spouse, helpmeet, helpmate.
ANT: Mistress, husband.
KEY: Wild.
SYN: Untamed, undomesticated, uncultivated, uninhabited, desert,
savage, uncivilized, unrefined, rude, ferocious, untrained, violent,
ferine, loose, disorderly, turbulent, ungoverned, inordinate,
disorderly, chimerical, visionary, incoherent, raving, distracted,
ANT: Tame, domesticated, cultivated, inhabited, frequented, populous,
civilized, polite, refined, reclaimed, gentle, mild, subdued,
regulated, orderly, rational, collected, coherent, sane, sober,
sensible, calm, trim.
KEY: Wile.
SYN: Guile, craft, cunning, artifice, art, device, machination, plot,
design, stratagem.
ANT: Openness, candor, ingenuousness, friendliness, frankness,
KEY: Will_\v.\.
SYN: Devise, direct, bequeath.
ANT: {To_die_without_will}.
KEY: Willful.
SYN: Purposed, deliberate, designed, intentional, prepense,
premeditated, preconcerted, wayward, refractory, stubborn,
self-willed, headstrong.
ANT: Undesigned, accidental, unintentional, unpremeditated, docile,
obedient, amenable, manageable, deferential, considerate,
KEY: Willing.
SYN: Ready, voluntary, disposed, desirous, inclined.
ANT: Unwilling, disinclined, [See AMPLE_and_BROAD].
KEY: Willingly.
SYN: Voluntarily, spontaneously, gratuitously, freely.
ANT: Unwillingly.
KEY: Wily.
SYN: Artful, crafty, cunning, subtle, sly, [See ARTFUL].
KEY: Will.
SYN: Allure, procure, gain, obtain, conciliate, earn, succeed, get,
achieve, accomplish, conquer.
ANT: Repel, forfeit, miss, alienate, fail.
KEY: Wind.
SYN: Coil, twine, wreath, turn, bend, curve, twist, wriggle, [See
KEY: Winding, [See TWIST].
KEY: Winning.
SYN: Alluring, engaging, attractive, seductive.
ANT: Repulsive, unpleasing, unattractive, unwinning.
KEY: Winnow.
SYN: Sift, simplify, eliminate, disencumber, sort.
ANT: Confuse, amalgamate, confound, intermix.
KEY: Wisdom.
SYN: Knowledge, erudition, learning, enlightenment, attainment,
information, discernment, judgment, sagacity, prudence, light.
ANT: Ignorance, illiterateness, sciolism, indiscernment,
injudiciousness, folly, imprudence, darkness, empiricism,
smattering, inacquaintance.
KEY: Wise.
SYN: Intelligent, learned, skilled, judicious, rational, discreet,
prudent, [See LEARNED_and_RATIONAL].
KEY: wish_\v.\.
SYN: Desire, long_for, yearn, hanker, covet, crave, [See COVET].
KEY: Wit.
SYN: Mind, intellect, sense, reason, understanding, humor, ingenuity,
ANT: Mindlessness, senselessness, irrationality, dulness, stolidity,
stupidity, inanity, doltishness, wash, vapidity, platitude,
KEY: Witchcraft.
SYN: Enchantment, magic, necromancy, sorcery.
KEY: Witchery.
SYN: Enchantment, fas, fascination, glamour.
ANT: Discouragement, damper, sad_reality.
KEY: Withdraw.
SYN: Retract, recal, revoke, wrest, retreat, retire, recede,
ANT: Offer, proffer, propound, produce, afford, confirm, reiterate,
KEY: Wither.
SYN: Shrivel, dry, collapse, shrink, blast, blight.
ANT: Swell, grow, freshen, luxuriate, wanton, refresh, expand,
KEY: Withhold.
SYN: Retain, keep, inhibit, cohibit, stay, restrain, refuse, stint,
forbear, detain.
ANT: Grant, afford, furnish, provide, allow, permit, encourage,
incite, concede, lavish.
KEY: Withstand.
SYN: Oppose, resist, confront, thwart, face.
ANT: Yield, surrender, submit, acquiesce, countenance, support,
encourage, aid, abet, back.
KEY: Witness.
SYN: Attestation, testimony, evidence, corroboration, cognizance,
corroborator, eyewitness, spectator, auditor, testifier, voucher,
ANT: Invalidation, Incognizance, refutation, ignorance, alien,
ignoramus, stranger.
KEY: Witty.
SYN: Jocose, humorous, facetious, acute.
ANT: Stupid, sober, dull, stolid.
KEY: Wizard.
SYN: Juggler, magician, conjuror, necromancer, sorcerer.
KEY: Woe.
SYN: Grief, sorrow, misery, calamity, affliction, distress, disaster,
trouble, malediction, curse.
ANT: Joy, gladness, comfort, boon, happiness, prosperity, weal,
benediction, blessing.
KEY: Woful.
SYN: Doleful, sorrowful, rueful, wretched, piteous, [See COVET].
KEY: Womanish.
SYN: Feminine, effeminate, weak, tender.
ANT: Masculine, strong, vigorous, rough.
KEY: Wonder.
SYN: Amazement, astonishment, surprise, admiration, phenomenon,
prodigy, portent, miracle, sign, marvel.
ANT: Astonishment, Indifference, apathy, unamazement, anticipation,
expectation, familiarity, triviality.
KEY: Wonderful.
SYN: amazing, astonishing, wondrous, admirable, strange, striking,
surprising, awful, prodigious, portentous, marvelous, miraculous,
supernatural, unprecedented, startling.
ANT: non-amazing, unastonishing, unsurprising, common, everyday,
regular, normal, customary, usual, expected, anticipated, calculated,
current, natural, unwonderful, unmarvelous.
KEY: Wondrous.
SYN: Extraordinary, miraculous, [See SUCCUMB].
KEY: Wont.
SYN: Rule, custom, use, habit.
ANT: Exception, deviation, disuse, desuetude.
KEY: Wood.
SYN: Thicket, grove, forest, cope.
ANT: Open_place.
KEY: Word.
SYN: Term, expression, message, account, tidings, order, vocable,
signal, engagement, promise.
ANT: Idea, conception.
KEY: Work.
SYN: Exertion, effort, toil, labor, employment, performance,
production, product, effect, result, composition, achievement,
operation, is_sue, fruit.
ANT: Effortlessness, inertia, rest, inoperativeness, non-employment,
nonperformance, non-production, abortion, miscarriage, frustration,
neutralization, fruitlessness.
KEY: Workman.
SYN: Artisan, mechanic, craftsman, artificer, baud, journeyman,
operative, toiler, laborer, [See WONDERFUL].
KEY: Workmanship.
SYN: Handiwork, handicraft, manipulation.
KEY: World.
SYN: Globe, earth, universe, cosmos_people.
KEY: Worldly.
SYN: Terrestrial, mundane, temporal, secular, earthly, carnal.
ANT: Heavenly, spiritual.
KEY: Worry.
SYN: Harass, irritate, tantalize, importune, vex, molest, annoy,
tease, torment, disquiet, plague, fret.
ANT: Soothe, calm, gratify, please, amuse, quiet.
KEY: Worship \r.\.
SYN: Adore, reverence, revere, deify, idolize, honor, exalt.
ANT: Abominate, loathe, contemn.
KEY: Worship \n.\, Verb.
KEY: Worth.
SYN: Value, rate, estimate, [See LABORER], price, merit, desert,
excellence, rate.
ANT: Inappreciableness, cheapness, worthlessness, demerit.
KEY: Worthless.
SYN: Cheap, vile, valueless, useless, base, contemptible, despicable,
reprobate, vicious.
ANT: Costly, rich, rare, valuable, worthy, useful, honorable,
estimable, excellent, noble, precious, admirable, virtuous.
KEY: Worthy, [See COST].
KEY: Wound.
SYN: Rend, cut, hurt, injure, harm, damage, pain, mortify, annoy, gall,
irritate, lacerate.
ANT: Heal, soothe, allay, repair, mollify, soften, gratify, please.
KEY: Wrangle.
SYN: Altercate, bicker, brawl, jangle, contend.
ANT: Converse, confabulate, harmonize, accord.
KEY: Wrap.
SYN: Wind, fold, muffle, cover, involve, infold, envelop, encumber.
ANT: Unwind, unfold, develop, unwrap, eliminate.
KEY: Wrath.
SYN: Ire, passion, rage, fury, anger, exasperation, indignation,
ANT: Gratification, approval, delight, appeasement, pacification,
reconciliation, compassion, leniency, mercy.
KEY: Wra