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Title: Catalogue of Practical and Scientific Books
Author: Henry Carey Baird & Co.
Language: English
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                     Founded by Mathew Carey, 1785.



                      Practical & Scientific Books

                              PUBLISHED BY
                        HENRY CAREY BAIRD & CO.,

           Industrial Publishers, Booksellers, and Importers,

                        _No. 810 Walnut Street_,

☛ _Any of the Books comprised in this catalogue will be sent by mail,
free of postage, at the publication price._

☛ _Our new Descriptive Catalogue of Practical and Scientific Books—96
pages, 8vo.—sent free to any one who will furnish his address._


  =Andres.=—A Practical Treatise on the Fabrication of Volatile and Fat
    Varnishes, Lacquers, Siccatives, and Sealing Waxes. Translated by W.
    T. Brannt. With 11 Illustrations. 12mo.       $2 50

  =Amateur Mechanics’ Workshop.=—A Treatise containing Plain and Concise
    Directions for the Manipulation of Wood and Metals, including
    Casting, Forging, Brazing, Soldering, and Carpentry. 3d edition.
    Illustrated. 8vo.       $3 00

  =Arlot.=—A Complete Guide for Coach-Painters. By M. Arlot. 12mo.
          $1 25

  =Armengaud, Amoroux, and Johnson.=—The Practical Draughtsman’s Book of
    Industrial Design, and Machinist’s and Engineer’s Drawing Companion.
    Illustrated by fifty folio steel plates and fifty wood-cuts. 4to.
    Half mor.       $10 00

  =Armstrong.=—The Construction and Management of Steam-Boilers. 8th
    edition. Illust.       75

  =Arrowsmith.=—Paper-Hanger’s Companion. By James Arrowsmith. 12mo.
          $1 25

  =Ashton.=—The Theory and Practice of the Art of Designing Fancy Cotton
    and Woollen Cloths from Sample. Giving full instructions for
    reducing drafts, as well as the methods of spooling and making out
    harness for cross drafts and finding any required reed; with
    calculations, and tables of yarn. By Frederick T. Ashton, Designer.
    With 52 illustrations. 4to.       $10 00

  =Auerbach.=—Anthracen: Its Constitution, Properties, Manufacture, and
    Derivatives, including Artificial Alizarin, Anthrapurpurin, etc.,
    with their applications in Dyeing and Printing. Translated and
    edited by Wm. Crookes. 8vo.       $5 00

  =Baird.=—American Cotton Spinner, and Manager’s and Carder’s Guide. By
    R. H. Baird. 12mo.       $1 50

  =Baird.=—Standard Wages Computing Tables. By T. Spangler Baird. Oblong
    folio       $5 00

  =Baker.=—Long-Span Railway Bridges. By B. Baker. 12mo.       $1 50

  =Baker.=—The Mathematical Theory of the Steam-Engine, with Rules and
    Examples for the use of Practical Men. 12mo.       75

  =Barlow.=—The History and Principles of Weaving by Hand and Power.
    Illustrated. 8vo.       $10 00

  =Barr.=—A Practical Treatise on High Pressure Steam Boilers.
    Illustrated. 8vo.       $3 00

  =Barr.=—Practical Treatise on the Combustion of Coal. Illustrated.
    8vo.       $2 50

  =Bauerman.=—Treatise on the Metallurgy of Iron. Illustrated. 12mo.
          $2 00

  =Bayles.=—House Drainage and Water Service in Cities, Villages, and
    Rural Neighborhoods. By James C. Bayles. Illustrated with wood-cuts
    and folding plates. 8vo.       $3 00

  =Beans.=—Treatise on Railroad Curves and the Location of Railroads. By
    E. W. Beans       $1 50

  =Beckett.=—Treatise on Clocks, Watches, and Bells. By Sir Edmund
    Beckett, Bart. Illust. 12mo.       $2 25

  =Bell.=—Carpentry Made Easy; or, the Science and Art of Framing.
    Illust. by 44 plates. 8vo.       $5 00

  =Bemrose.=—Fret-Cutting and Perforated Carving: fifty three
    illustrations. Quarto       $3 00

  =Bemrose.=—Manual of Wood-Carving. By Wm. Bemrose, Jr. With 128
    illustrations. 4to.       $3 00

  =Bemrose.=—Manual of Buhl-work and Marquetry: ninety colored designs.
    Quarto       $3 00

  =Bird.=—The American Practical Dyer’s Companion. 170 Samples. 8vo.
          $10 00

  =Blenkarn.=—Practical Specifications of Works executed in
    Architecture, Civil and Mechanical Engineering, and in Road Making
    and Sewering. By John Blenkarn. 15 folding plates. 8vo.       $9 00

  =Billings.=—Tobacco; its History, Variety, Culture, Manufacture, etc.
    Illustrated. 8vo.       $3 00

  =Blinn.=—A Practical Workshop Companion for Tin, Sheet-Iron, and
    Copperplate Workers. By Leroy J. Blinn. 100 illustrations. 12mo.
          $2 50

  =Booth.=—Marble Worker’s Manual. By M. L. Booth. 12mo.       $1 50

  =Booth and Morfit.=—Encyclopedia of Chemistry, Practical and
    Theoretical. Illust. 8vo.       $5 00

  =Bramwell.=—The Wool Carder’s Vade-Mecum. 3d edition, revised and
    enlarged. Illust. 12mo.       $2 50

  =Brannt—Wahl.=—The Techno-Chemical Receipt Book. Containing several
    thousand Receipts, comprising the latest and most useful discoveries
    in Chemical Technology and Industry. Edited from the German of Drs.
    E. Winckler, Heintze, and Mierzinski, with additions by W. T. Brannt
    and Dr. W. H. Wahl. (In preparation.)

  =Brown.=—Five Hundred and Seven Mechanical Movements. By Henry T.
    Brown. 12mo.       $1 00

  =Buckmaster.=—Elements of Mechanical Physics. By J. C. Buckmaster.
    Illust. 12mo.       $1 50

  =Bullock.=—The American Cottage Builder. By John Bullock. 75
    engravings. 8vo.       $3 50

  =Bullock.=—The Rudiments of Architecture and Building. By J. Bullock.
    250 engs. 8vo.       $3 50

  =Burgh.=—Practical Rules for the Proportions of Modern Engines and
    Boilers for Land and Marine Purposes. By N. P. Burgh. 12mo.
          $1 50

  =Burns.=—The American Woolen Manufacturer. By Geo. C. Burns.
    Illustrated with numerous diagrams and twelve samples of cloth. 8vo.
          $6 50

  =Byles.=—Sophisms of Free Trade. By Sir John Barnard Byles. 12mo.
          $1 25

  =Byrn.=—The Complete Practical Brewer. By M. La Fayette Byrn, M.D.
    Illustrations. 12mo.       $1 25

  =Byrn.=—The Complete Practical Distiller. By M. La Fayette Byrn, M.D.
    Illustrated. 12mo.       $1 50

  =Byrne.=—Handbook for the Artisan, Mechanic, and Engineer. By Oliver
    Byrne. 185 wood engravings. 8vo.       $5 00

  =Byrne.=—Pocket Book for Railroad and Civil Engineers. By Oliver
    Byrne. 18mo. Tucks.       $1 75

  =Byrne.=—The Practical Metal-Worker’s Assistant. 609 engravings. 8vo.
          $7 00

  =Byrne.=—The Practical Model Calculator. By Oliver Byrne. 8vo.
          $4 50

  =Cabinet-Maker’s Album of Furniture.= 48 plates. Oblong       $3 50

  =Callingham.=—Sign Writing and Glass Embossing. By Jas. Callingham.
    Illustrated. 12mo.       $1 50

  =Campin.=—A Practical Treatise on Mechanical Engineering. By Francis
    Campin. 29 plates, 100 wood engravings. 8vo.       $5 00

  =Carey.=—A Memoir of Henry C. Carey. By Dr. Wm. Elder. With a
    portrait. 8vo. Cloth       75

  =Carey.=—=The Works of Henry C. Carey=:

      Harmony of Interests. 8vo. Cloth.       $1 50

      Manual of Social Science. Condensed from Carey’s “Principles of
        Social Science.” By Kate McKean. 12mo.       $2 25

      Miscellaneous Works. With a Portrait 2 vols. 8vo.       $6 00

      Past, Present, and Future. 8vo.       $2 50

      Principles of Social Science. 3 vols. 8vo. Cloth.       $10 00

      The Slave-Trade, Domestic and Foreign: Why it Exists, and How it
        may be Extinguished. (1853.) 8vo. Cloth.       $2 00

      The Unity of Law: as exhibited in the Relations of Physical,
        Social, Mental, and Moral Science. 8vo.       $3 50

  =Clark.=—Tramways, their Construction and Working. Fully illustrated.
    2 vols. 8vo.       $12 50

  =Cooper.=—A Treatise on the Use of Belting for the Transmission of
    Power. Illus. 8vo.       $3 50

  =Colburn.=—The Locomotive Engine. 12mo.       $1 00

  =Collens.=—The Eden of Labor, or the Christian Utopia. 12mo., paper,
    $1; cloth       $1 25

  =Cooley.=—A Complete Practical Treatise on Perfumery. By Arnold J.
    Cooley. 12mo. cl.       $1 50

  =Craik.=—The Practical American Millwright and Miller. By David Craik,
    Millwright. Numerous wood engravings, and folding plates. 8vo.
          $5 00

  =Cristiani.=—A Technical Treatise on the Manufacture of Soap and
    Candles, with a glance at the industry of Fats and Oils. Illust.
    8vo.       $7 50

  =Cristiani.=—Perfumery and Kindred Arts. By R. S. Cristiani. 8vo.
          $5 00

  =Cupper.=—The Universal Stair Builder, illustrated by 29 plates. 4to.
          $2 50

  =Davidson.=—A Practical Manual of House-Painting, Graining, Marbling,
    and Sign Writing. With 9 colored illustrations of Woods and Marbles,
    and many wood engravings. 12mo.       $3 00

  =Davies.=—A Treatise on Metalliferous Minerals and Mining. With 148
    illustrations. 12mo.       $5 00

  =Davies.=—A Treatise on Slate and Slate Quarrying, Scientific,
    Practical, and Commercial. Illustrated. 12mo.       $2 50

  =Davis.=—A Practical Treatise on the Manufacture of Bricks, Tiles,
    Terra-Cotta, etc. By Charles T. Davis. Illustrated by 228
    engravings. 500 pages. 8vo. (In press.)       $5 00

  =Davis.=—The Manufacture of Leather, being a Description of all of the
    Processes for the Tanning, Currying, and Finishing of Leather. By
    Charles T. Davis. Illustrated by about 300 engravings, 800 pages.
    8vo. (In preparation.)

  =Dawidowsky.=—A Practical Treatise on the Fabrication of Glue,
    Gelatine, Cements, Pastes, Mucilages, etc. 12mo. (In preparation.)

  =De Graff.=—The Geometrical Stair-Builder’s Guide. By Simon De Graff.
    22 steel plates. 4to.       $2 50

  =De Koninck=—=Dietz=.—A Practical Manual of Chemical Analysis and
    Assaying. By L. L. De Koninck and E. Dietz. Edited by Robt. Mallet.
    American Edition, with Notes and an Appendix on Iron Ores, by A. A.
    Fesquet       $2 50

  =Duncan.=—Practical Surveyor’s Guide. By Andrew Duncan. 12mo.
          $1 25

  =Duplais.=—A Treatise on the Manufacture and Distillation of Alcoholic
    Liquors. By M. McKennie. Illustrated. 743 pp. 8vo.       $10 00

  =Dyer and Color-Maker’s Companion.=       $1 25

  =Dussauce.=—A General Treatise on the Manufacture of Vinegar. By Prof.
    H. Dussauce. 8vo.       $5 00

  =Dussauce.=—Practical Treatise on the Fabrication of Matches, Gun
    Cotton, and Fulminating Powders. By Prof. H. Dussauce. 12mo.
          $3 00

  =Easton.=—A Practical Treatise on Street or Horse-Power Railways. By
    Al. Easton. 23 plates.       $3 00

  =Edwards.=—A Catechism of the Marine Steam Engine. For the Use of
    Engineers, Firemen, and Mechanics. 3d ed., rev’d & enlarged. 12mo.
          $2 00

  =Edwards.=—Modern American Locomotive Engines. Their Design,
    Construction, and Management. By Emory Edwards. Illustrated. 12mo.
          $2 00

  =Edwards.=—Modern American Marine Engines, Boilers and Screw
    Propellers. Their Design and Construction. Illustrated by 30 large
    and elaborate plates. 4to.       $5 00

  =Edwards.=—The Practical Steam-Engineer’s Guide in the Design,
    Construction, and Management of American Stationary, Portable, and
    Steam Fire Engines, Steam Pumps, Boilers, Injectors, Governors,
    Indicators, Pistons and Rings, Safety Valves and Steam Gauges, etc.
    119 Illus. 12mo.       $2 50

  =Elder.=—Memoir of Henry C. Carey. By Dr. Wm. Elder. With a portrait.
    8vo. Cloth       75

  =Elder.=—Questions of the Day. Economic and Social. By Dr. Wm. Elder.
    1 vol. 8vo.       $3 00

  =Elder.=—Conversations on the Principal Subjects of Political Economy.
    8vo.       $2 50

  =Erni.=—Mineralogy Simplified. New and enlarged edition. (In

  =Fairbairn.=—The Principles of Mechanism and Machinery of
    Transmission. By Sir William Fairbairn, Bart. 150 wood-cuts. 12mo.
          $2 50

  =Fitch.=—Bessemer Steel, Ores, and Methods. 8vo.       $3 00

  =Fleming.=—Narrow-Gauge Railways in America. Illustrated. 8vo.
          $1 50

  =Forsyth.=—Book of Designs for Headstones, Mural and other Monuments.
    By James Forsyth. 78 designs. 4to.       $5 00

  =Frankel=—=Hutter.=—A Practical Treatise on the Manufacture of Starch,
    Glucose, Starch-Sugar, and Dextrine. 58 Engravings. 8vo.       $3 50

  =Frazier.=—Modern Processes in the Manufacture of Iron and Steel. (In

  =Gee.=—The Practical Gold Worker, or the Goldsmith’s and Jeweller’s
    Instructor. 12mo.       $1 75

  =Gee.=—The Silversmith’s Handbook, containing full Instructions for
    the Alloying and Working of Silver. 12mo.       $1 75

  =Gothic Album for Cabinet-Makers.= 23 large plates. Oblong       $2 00

  =Gregory.=—Mathematics for Practical Men. By Olinthus Gregory. Plates.
    8vo.       $3 00

  =Grier.=—Rural Hydraulics. Illustrated. 8vo.       75

  =Grimshaw.=—Modern Milling, with 28 illustrations. 8vo.       $1 00

  =Grimshaw on Saws, History, Development, and Action.=—354
    Illustrations. 8vo.       $4 00

  =Griswold.=—Railroad Engineer’s Pocket Companion for the Field. By W.
    Griswold. 12mo. Tucks       $1 75

  =Gruner.=—Studies of Blast Furnace Phenomena. By M. L. Gruner. Trans.,
    with an Appendix, by L. D. B. Gordon. 1 vol. 8vo.       $2 50

  =Guettier.=—Metallic Alloys. By A. A. Fesquet. 12mo.       $3 00

  =Haserick.=—The Secrets of the Art of Dyeing Wool, Cotton, and Linen,
    including Bleaching and Coloring Wool and Cotton Hosiery and Random
    Yarns. Illustrated by 323 Dyed Patterns of the Yarns or Fabrics.
    8vo.       $25 00

  =Hats and Felting. By a Practical Hatter.= 8vo.       $1 25

  =Henry.=—The Early and Later History of Petroleum. By J. T. Henry,
    Illus. 8vo.       $4 50

  =Hoffer.=—A Practical Treatise on Caoutchouc and Gutta Percha. 12mo.
          $2 50

  =Hughes.=—American Miller and Millwright’s Assistant. By Wm. C.
    Hughes. Illus. 12mo.       $1 50

  =Hofmann.=—A Practical Treatise on the Manufacture of Paper in all its
    Branches. By Carl Hofmann. Illustrated by numerous wood engravings
    and folding plates. 398 pp. 4to.       $25 00

  =Hulme.=—Worked Examination Questions in Plane Geometrical Drawing.
    Illustrated by 200 Examples. Small 4to.       $3 75

  =Hurst.=—A Handbook for Architectural Surveyors and others engaged in
    Building. By J. F. Hurst, 2d edition, pocket-book form.       $2 00

  =Jervis.=—Railway Property. 12mo.       $2 00

  =Keene.=—A Handbook of Practical Gauging.       $1 25

  =Kelley.=—Speeches, Addresses, and Letters on Industrial and Financial
    Questions. By Wm. D. Kelley, M.C. 544 pages 8vo.       $3 00

  =Kemlo.=—Watch Repairer’s Handbook. Illustrated. 12mo.       $1 25

  =Kellogg.=—A New Monetary System. By Edward Kellogg. Seventh Edition.
    Edited by Mary Kellogg Putnam. 12mo., paper cover       $1 00

      Bound in cloth       $1 50

  =Kentish.=—Treatise on a Box of Instruments and the Slide Rule. By T.
    Kentish. 12mo.       $1 25

  =Kerl.=—The Assayer’s Manual. An abridged Treatise on the Docimastic
    examination of Ores and Furnace and other Artificial Products.
    Edited by Dr. W. H. Wahl. 65 engravings. 8vo.       $3 00

  =Kingzett.=—The History, Products, and Processes of the Alkali Trade.
    23 Illus. 8vo.       $2 50

  =Kinsley’s Self-Instructor on Lumber Surveying.=—By C. Kinsley. 1 vol.
    12mo.       $2 00

  =Kirk.=—The Founding of Metals. By Edward Kirk. Illustrated 8vo.
          $2 50

  =Kittredge.=—The Compendium of Architectural Sheet-Metal Work. By A.
    O. Kittredge. Profusely Illustrated. 565 pages. 8vo.       $5 00

  =Landrin.=—A Treatise on Steel. By A. A. Fesquet. 12mo.       $3 00

  =Larden.=—A School Course on Heat. By W. Larden, M.A. 321 pages. 12mo.
          $2 00

  =Lardner.=—A Rudimentary Treatise on the Steam-Engine, for the use of
    Beginners, by Dr. Lardner. Thirteenth Edition, Illustrated. 12mo.

  =Larkin.=—The Practical Brass and Iron Founder’s Guide. By James
    Larkin. 12mo.       $2 25

  =Leroux.=—A Practical Treatise on the Manufacture of Worsteds and
    Carded Yarns. By A. A. Fesquet. 12 plates. 8vo.       $5 00

  =Leffel.=—The Construction of Mill Dams. Illustrated by 58 engravings.
    8vo.       $2 50

  =Leslie.=—Complete Cookery. 60th Ed. 12mo.       $1 50

  =Lieber.=—Assayer’s Guide. By Oscar M. Lieber. Illustrated. 12mo.
          $1 25

  =Love.=—The Art of Dyeing, Cleaning, Scouring, and Finishing, on the
    most approved English and French Methods. By Thos. Love. 8vo.
          $5 00

  =Lukin.=—Amongst Machines. Illus. 12mo.       $1 75

  =Lukin.=—The Boy Engineers. Illust. 12mo.       $1 75

  =Lukin.=—The Young Mechanic. Illustrated. 12mo.       $1 75

  =Main and Brown.=—The Marine Steam-Engine. By T. J. Main and T. Brown.
    Illus. 8vo.       $5 00

  =Main and Brown.=—Questions on Subjects connected with the Marine
    Steam-Engine       $1 50

  =Main and Brown.=—The Indicator and Dynamometer. Illustrated. 8vo.
          $1 50

  =Martin.=—Screw-Cutting Tables, for the Use of Mechanical Engineers.
    By W. A. Martin       50

  =Michell.=—Mine Drainage. Being a complete and practical treatise on
    Direct-Acting Underground Steam Pumping Machinery. Illust. 8vo.
          $6 00

  =Molesworth.=—Pocket-Book of Useful Formulæ and Memoranda for Civil
    and Mechanical Engineers. Pocket-book form       $1 00

  =Moore.=—The Universal Assistant. A Handbook of 1,000,000 Industrial
    Facts, Processes, Rules, Receipts, etc. With 500 Engravings. 12mo.
          $2 50

  =Morris.=—Easy Rules for the Measurement of Earthworks by means of the
    Prismoidal Formula. By Elwood Morris, C.E. 8vo.       $1 50

  =Morton.=—The System of Calculating Diameter, Circumference, Area, and
    Squaring the Circle. 12mo.       $1 00

  =Napier.=—A System of Chemistry applied to Dyeing. By James Napier.
    8vo.       $5 00

  =Napier.=—Manual of Electro-Metallurgy. 8vo.       $1 50

  =Neville.=—Hydraulic Tables, Co-Efficients, and Formulæ for Finding
    the Discharge of Water from Orifices, Notches, Weirs, Pipes, and
    Rivers. Illustrated. 8vo.       $3 50

  =Newbery.=—Gleanings from Ornamental Art of every Style. By R.
    Newbery. 100 pl. 4to.       $12 50

  =Nicholson.=—A Manual of the Art of Bookbinding. By Jas. B. Nicholson.
    Illustrated. 12mo.       $2 25

  =Nicholls.=—The Theoretical and Practical Boiler-Maker and Engineer’s
    Reference Book. By Samuel Nicholls. Illustrated. 12mo.       $2 50

  =Nicolls.=—The Railway Builder. A Handbook for Estimating the Probable
    Cost of American Railway Construction and Equipment. By Wm. J.
    Nicolls, C. E. Pocket-book form       $2 00

  =Normandy.=—The Commercial Handbook of Chemical Analysis. A new and
    enlarged edition. By H. M. Noad, Ph. D. 12mo.       $5 00

  =Norris.=—A Hand-Book for Locomotive Engineers and Machinists. By
    Sept. Norris. 12mo.       $1 50

  =North.=—The Practical Assayer, with Illustrations. 12mo.       $2 50

  =Nystrom.=—A New Treatise on Elements of Mechanics. Accompanied with
    an Appendix on Duodenal Arithmetic and Metrology. By John W.
    Nystrom, C. E. Illustrated. 8vo.       $2 00

  =Nystrom.=—On Technological Education and the Construction of Ships
    and Screw Propellers. By John W. Nystrom. 12mo.       $1 50

  =O’Neill.=—A Dictionary of Dyeing and Calico Printing. By Charles
    O’Neill. 8vo.       $5 00

  =Orton.=—Underground Treasures: How and Where to Find them. By J.
    Orton, A.M. A new edition with additions. (1881.) Illus. 12mo.
          $1 50

  =Osborn.=—The Metallurgy of Iron and Steel. By Prof. H. S. Osborn. 230
    wood engravings, 6 large plates. 8vo.       $25 00

  =Overman.=—The Moulder’s and Founder’s Pocket Guide. New and enlarged
    edition. By A. A. Fesquet. 12mo.       $2 00

  =Overman.=—The Manufacture of Steel. A new and enlarged edition. By A.
    A. Fesquet       $1 50

  =Painter, Gilder, and Varnisher’s Companion.= 12mo. 16th edition
          $1 50

  =Pallett.=—The Miller’s, Millwright’s, and Engineers’ Guide. By Henry
    Pallett. Illus. 12mo.       $3 00

  =Pearse.=—A Concise History of the Iron Manufacture of the American
    Colonies up to the Revolution, and of Pennsylvania until the present
    time. Illustrated. 12mo.       $2 00

  =Percy.=—The Manufacture of Russian Sheet-Iron. By John Percy. Paper

  =Perkins.=—Gas and Ventilation. 12mo.       $1 25

  =Perkins and Stowe.=—A New Guide to the Sheet-Iron and Boiler Plate
    Roller. Oblong       $2.50

  =Powell-Chance-Harris.=—The Principles of Glass Making. A Treatise on
    Crown, Sheet, and Plate Glass. Illustrated 12mo.       $1 50

  =Proteaux.=—Practical Guide for the Manufacture of Paper and Boards.
    8vo.       $10 00

  =Proctor.=—A Pocket-Book of Useful Tables and Formulæ for Marine
    Engineers. By Frank Proctor. Pocket-book form       $1 50

  =Regnault.=—Elements, of Chemistry. Edited by James C. Booth and W. L.
    Faber. 700 wood engravings. 2 vols. 8vo.       $7 50

  =Riddell.=—Lessons on Hand Railing for Learners. By Robert Riddell. 33
    plates. Quarto.       $5 00

  =Riddell.=—Mechanic’s Geometry. 50 plates       $5 00

  =Riddell.=—The Artisan. 40 plates. Quarto       $5 00

  =Riffault, Vergnaud, and Toussaint.=—A Practical Treatise on the
    Manufacture of Colors for Painting. 80 engravings. 8vo.       $7 50

  =Roper’s Hand-Book of Land and Marine Engines.=       $3 50

  =Roper’s Hand Book of the Locomotive.=       $2 50

  =Roper’s Hand-Book of Modern Steam Fire-Engines.=       $3 50

  =Roper’s Catechism of High-Pressure Non-Condensing Steam-Engines.=
          $2 00

  =Roper’s Use and Abuse of the Steam-Boiler.=       $2 00

  =Roper’s Engineer’s Handy-Book.=       $3 50

  =Roper’s Questions and Answers for Engineers.=       $3 00

  =Rose.=—The Complete Practical Machinist: embracing Lathe-work,
    Vise-work, Drills and Drilling, Taps and Dies, etc. By Joshua Rose.
    196 engrav. Eighth edition, revised and enlarged by the addition of
    much new matter. 12mo.       $2 50

  =Rose.=—Mechanical Draughting Self-Taught 330 illustrations. 8vo.
          $4 00

  =Rose.=—The Slide-Valve Practically Explained. Illustrated. 12mo.
          $1 00

  =Shaw.=—Civil Architecture. By Edward Shaw. 102 plates. 4to.
          $10 00

  =Shunk.=—A Practical Treatise on Railway Curves and Location, for
    Young Engineers. Tucks.       $2 00

  =Slater.=—The Manual of Colors and Dye-wares. By J. W. Slater. 12mo.
          $3 75

  =Sloan.=—American Houses. By Samuel Sloan. 26 colored plates. 8vo.
          $1 50

  =Sloan.=—Homestead Architecture. By Saml. Sloan, Architect. 200
    engravings. 8vo.       $3 50

  =Smeaton.=—Builder’s Pocket Companion. By A. C. Smeaton. 12mo.
          $1 50

  =Smith.=—The Dyer’s Instructor. 800 receipts. By David Smith. 12mo.
          $3 00

  =Smith.=—Parks and Pleasure-Grounds. 12mo.       $2 00

  =Smith.=—A Manual of Political Economy. By E. Peshine Smith. 12mo.
          $1 25

  =Smyth.=—Treatise on Coal and Coal Mining. By W. W. Smyth, M.A.
    Numerous illust.       $1 75

  =Snively.=—A Treatise on the Manufacture of Perfumes and kindred
    Toilet Articles. By John H. Snively. 8vo.       $3 00

  =Snively.=—The Elements of Systematic Qualitative Chemical Analysis.
    16mo.       $2 00

  =Snively.=—Tables for Systematic Qualitative Chemical Analysis. 8vo.
          $1 00

  =Stewart.=—Speeches on the American System. By Hon. Andrew Stewart, of
    Pa. 8vo.       $3 00

  =Stokes.=—Cabinet-Maker’s and Upholsterer’s Companion. By J. Stokes.
    Enlarged ed. 12mo.       $1 25

  =Strength and other Properties of Metals for Cannon.= 25 plates. 4to.
          $10 00

  =Sullivan.=—Protection to Native Industry. By Sir Edward Sullivan,
    Baronet. 8vo.       $1 50

  =Syme.=—Outlines of an Industrial Science. By David Syme. 12mo.
          $2 00

  =Tables= showing the Weight of Round, Square, and Flat Bar Iron,
    Steel, &c., by Measurement.       63

  =Taylor.=—Statistics of Coal. By R. C. Taylor. 5 maps. 8vo.
          $10 00

  =Templeton.=—The Practical Examinator on Steam and the Steam-Engine.
    12mo.       $1 25

  =Thomas.=—The Modern Practice of Photography. By R. W. Thomas. 8vo.

  =Thausing.=—The Theory and Practice of the Preparation of Malt and the
    Fabrication of Beer. Translated from the German, by W. T. Brannt.
    Thoroughly and elaborately edited by A. Schwarz and Dr. A. H. Bauer.
    140 Illus. 8vo., 815pp.       $10 00

  =Thompson.=—Social Science and National Economy. By Rob’t E. Thompson,
    M.A. 12mo.       $1 50

  =Turner’s (The) Companion.= 12mo.       $1 25

  =Turning=: Specimens of Fancy Turning executed on the Hand or Foot
    Lathe. By an Amateur. 30 illustrations. 4to.       $3 00

  =Urbin=—=Brull.=—A Practical Guide for Puddling Iron and Steel. Trans,
    by A. A. Fesquet. 8vo.       $1 00

  =Vaile.=—Galvanized-Iron Cornice Worker’s Manual. By Charles A. Vaile.
    Illustrated. 4to.       $5 00

  =Ville.=—On Artificial Manures; their Chemical Selection and
    Scientific Application to Agriculture. With 31 engravings. 8vo.
          $6 00

  =Ville.=—The School of Chemical Manures; or, Elementary Ideas on the
    Use of Fertilizing Agents. By A. A. Fesquet. 12mo.       $1 25

  =Vogdes.=—The Architect’s and Builder’s Pocket Companion and Price
    Book. By F. W. Vogdes. Cloth, $1 50; tucks       $2 00

  =Wahl.=—Galvano plastic Manipulations. A Practical Guide for the Gold
    and Silver Electroplater, and the Galvano plastic Operator. By Wm.
    H. Wahl, Ph.D. Illustrated by 189 engravings, 656 pages. 8vo.
          $7 50

  =Ware.=—The Sugar Beet. Illustrated. 8vo.       $4 00

  =Ware.=—A Study of Various Sources of Sugar. 8vo.       50

  =Warn.=—The Sheet-Metal Worker’s Instructor and Boiler Maker. By
    Reuben H. Warn. 32 plates, 37 wood-cuts. 8vo.       $3 00

  =Warner.=—New Theorems, Tables, and Diagrams, for the Computation of
    Earth-work. By John Warner, A.M. 14 plates. 8vo.       $4 00

  =Watson.=—The Modern Practice of American Machinists and Engineers. By
    Egbert P. Watson. 86 wood-cuts. 12mo.       $2 50

  =Watson.=—A Manual of the Hand-Lathe. By Egbert P. Watson. 78
    engravings. 12mo.       $1 50

  =Watson.=—The Theory and Practice of the Art of Weaving by Hand and
    Power. By John Watson. Plates. 8vo.       $7 50

  =Weatherly.=—Treatise on the Art of Boiling Sugar, Crystallizing,
    Lozenge-Making, Comfits, Gum Goods, &c. 12mo.       $1 50

  =Wedding.=—Elements of the Metallurgy of Iron. Illustrated by 250
    engravings. 8vo. (In preparation.)       $6 00

  =Weinhold.=—Introduction to Experimental Physics, Theoretical and
    Practical. Translated and Edited by Benjamin Loewy, F.R.A.S.
    Illustrated by 3 colored plates and 404 wood-cuts. 8vo.       $6 00

  =Wightwick.=—Hints to Young Architects. Numerous wood-cuts. 8vo.
          $2 00

  =Will.=—Tables for Qualitative Chemical Analysis. Translated by Prof.
    Chas. F. Himes. 3d revised edition. 8vo.       $1 50

  =Williams.=—On Heat and Steam. By Chas. Wye Williams. Illustrated.
    8vo.       $3 50

  =Wilson.=—Cotton Carder’s Companion. 12mo.       $1 50

  =Wilson.=—First Principles of Political Economy. 12mo.       $1 50

  =Wilson.=—A Treatise on Steam-Boilers; their Strength, Construction,
    and Economical Working. By Robert Wilson. 12mo., cloth, illustrated
          $2 50

  =Wöhler.=—Hand-Book of Mineral Analysis. Edited by Prof. H. B. Nason.
    12mo.       $3 00

  =Worssam.=—On Mechanical Saws. By S. W. Worssam, Jr. 18 large plates.
    8vo.       $2 50


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