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Title: Short-Title Catalog of Publications and Importations of Scientific and Engineering Books - (August 1910)
Author: Company, D. Van Nostrand
Language: English
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                        D. VAN NOSTRAND COMPANY

                    23 MURRAY AND 27 WARREN STREETS

                                New York


                          SHORT-TITLE CATALOG


                     Publications and Importations


                       SCIENTIFIC AND ENGINEERING

                             [Illustration: colophon]


This list includes the technical publications of the following English


     for whom D. Van Nostrand Company are the sole American agents.


                                                            August, 1910

                          SHORT-TITLE CATALOG

                                 OF THE

                     Publications and Importations


                        D. VAN NOSTRAND COMPANY

                 23 MURRAY AND 27 WARREN STREETS, N. Y.

           _Price marked with an asterisk (*) are NET.
           All bindings are in cloth unless otherwise noted._

 A B C Code. (See Clausen-Thue.)

 Abbott, A. V. The Electrical Transmission of Energy.    8vo,  *$5 00

 Adam, P. Practical Bookbinding. Trans. by T. E. Maw.   12mo,   *2 50

 Adams, J. W. Sewers and Drains for Populous Districts.  8vo,    2 50

 Addyman, F. T. Practical X-Ray Work.                    8vo,   *4 00

 A1 Code. (See Clausen-Thue.)

 Aikman, C. M. Manures and the Principles of Manuring.   8vo,    2 50

 Alexander, J. H. Elementary Electrical Engineering.    12mo,    2 00

 —— Model Balloons and Flying Machines.                 12mo,

 —— Universal Dictionary of Weights and Measures.        8vo,    3 50

 Allen, H. Modern Power Gas Producer
   Practice and Applications.                           12mo,   *2 50

 —— Gas and Oil Engines.                                 8vo,   *4 50

 Anderson, F. A. Boiler Feed Water.                      8vo,   *2 50

 Anderson, Capt. G. L. Handbook for the Use of
   Electricians.                                         8vo,    3 00

 Anderson, J. W. Prospector’s Handbook.                 12mo,    1 50

 Andés, L. Vegetable Fats and Oils.                      8vo,   *4 00

 —— Animal Fats and Oils. Trans. by C. Salter.           8vo,   *4 00

 —— Drying Oils, Boiled Oil, and Solid and Liquid
   Driers.                                               8vo,   *5 00

 —— Iron Corrosion, Anti-fouling and Anti-corrosive
   Paints. Trans. by C. Salter.                          8vo,   *4 00

 —— Oil Colors, and Printers’ Ink. Trans. by A. Morris
   and H. Robson.                                        8vo,   *2 50

 —— Treatment of Paper for Special Purposes.
   Trans. by C. Salter.                                 12mo,   *2 50

 Annual Reports on the Progress of Chemistry.
  Vol. I. (1904).                                        8vo,   *2 00
  Vol. II. (1905).                                       8vo,   *2 00
  Vol. III. (1906).                                      8vo,   *2 00
  Vol. IV. (1907).                                       8vo,   *2 00
  Vol. V. (1908).                                        8vo,   *2 00
  Vol. VI. (1909).                                       8vo,   *2 00

 Arnold, E.  Armature Windings of Direct-Current Dynamos.
   Trans. by F. B. DeGress.                              8vo,   *2 00

 Ashe, S. W., and Keiley, J. D.  Electric Railways.
   Theoretically and Practically Treated. Vol. I.
   Rolling Stock.                                       12mo,   *2 50

 Ashe, S. W.  Electric Railways. Vol. II. Engineering
   Preliminaries and Direct Current Sub-Stations.       12mo,   *2 50

 —— Electricity: Experimentally and Practically
   Applied.                                             12mo,   *2 00

 Atkinson, A. A. Electrical and Magnetic Calculations.   8vo,   *1 50

 Atkinson, P. The Elements of Electric Lighting.        12mo,    1 50

 —— The Elements of Dynamic Electricity and Magnetism.  12mo,    2 00

 —— Power Transmitted by Electricity.                   12mo,    2 00

 Auchincloss, W. S. Link and Valve Motions Simplified.   8vo,   *1 50

 Ayrton, H. The Electric Arc.                            8vo,   *5 00

 Bacon, F. W. Treatise on the Richards Steam-Engine
   Indicator.                                           12mo,    1 00

 Bailes, G. M. Modern Mining Practice.
   Five Volumes.                                   8vo, each,    3 50

 Bailey, R. D. The Brewers’ Analyst.                     8vo,   *5 00

 Baker, A. L. Quaternions.             8vo (_In Preparation._)

 Baker, M. N. Potable Water. (Science Series.).         16mo,    0 50

 Baker, T. T. Telegraphic Transmission of Photographs.  12mo,   *1 25

 Bale, G. R. Modern Iron Foundry Practice. Two Volumes. 12mo.
  Vol. I. Foundry Equipment, Materials Used.                    *2 50
  Vol. II. Machine Moulding and Moulding Machines.              *1 50

 Bale, M. P. Pumps and Pumping.                         12mo,    1 50

 Ball, R. S. Popular Guide to the Heavens.               8vo,   *4 50

 —— Natural Sources of Power. (Westminster Series.).     8vo,   *2 00

 Ball, W. V. Law Affecting Engineers.                    8vo,   *3 50

 Barba, J. Use of Steel for Constructive Purposes.      12mo,    1 00

 Barker, A. H. Graphic Methods of Engine Design.        12mo,   *1 50

 Barker, A. Textiles and Their Manufacture.
   (Westminster Series.).                                8vo,    2 00

 Barnard, F. A. P. Report on Machinery and Processes
   of the Industrial Arts and Apparatus of the Exact
   Sciences at the Paris Universal Exposition, 1867.     8vo,    5 00

 Barnard, J. H. The Naval Militiaman’s Guide.   16mo, leather    1 25

 Barrus, G. H. Boiler Tests.                             8vo,   *3 00

 ——  Engine Tests.                                       8vo,   *4 00

  The above two purchased together.                             *6 00

 Barwise, S. The Purification of Sewage.                 2mo,    3 50

 Baterden, J. R. Timber. (Westminster Series.).          8vo,   *2 00

 Beadle, C. Chapters on Papermaking.
   Five Volumes.                                  12mo, each,   *2 00

 Beaumont, R. Color in Woven Design.                     8vo,    7 50

 ——  Finishing of Textile Fabrics.                       8vo,   *4 00

 Beaumont, W. W. The Steam-Engine Indicator.             8vo,    2 50

 Bedell, F., and Pierce, C. A. Direct and Alternating
   Current Testing.                                      8vo,   *2 00

 Beech, F. Dyeing of Cotton Fabrics.                     8vo,   *3 00

 —— Dyeing of Woolen Fabrics.                            8vo,   *3 50

 Beckwith, A. Pottery.                            8vo, paper,    0 60

 Begtrup, J. The Slide Valve.                            8vo,   *2 00

 Bennett, H. G. The Manufacture of Leather.              8vo,   *4 50

 Bernthsen, A. A Text-book of Organic Chemistry.
   Trans. by G. M’Gowan.                                12mo,   *2 50

 Berry, W. J. Differential Equations of the
   First Species.                     12mo (_In Preparation._)

 Bersch, J. Manufacture of Mineral and Lake Pigments.
   Trans. by A. C. Wright.                               8vo,   *5 00

 Bertin, L. E. Marine Boilers. Trans.
   by L. S. Robertson.                                   8vo,    5 00

 Beveridge, J. Papermaker’s Pocket Book.                12mo,   *4 00

 Binns, C. F. Ceramic Technology.                        8vo,   *5 00

 —— Manual of Practical Potting.                         8vo,   *7 50

 —— The Potter’s Craft.                                 12mo,   *2 00

 Birchmore, W. H. How to Use a Gas Analysis.            12mo,   *1 25

 Blaine, R. G. The Calculus and Its Applications.       12mo,   *1 50

 Blake, W. H. Brewers’ Vade Mecum.                       8vo,   *4 00

 Blake, W. P. Report upon the Precious Metals.           8vo,    2 00

 Bligh, W. G. The Practical Design of Irrigation Works.  8vo,   *6 00

 Blyth, A. W. Foods: Their Composition and Analysis.     8vo,    7 50

 —— Poisons: Their Effects and Detection.                8vo,    7 50

 Böckmann, F. Celluloid.                                12mo,   *2 50

 Bodmer, G. R. Hydraulic Motors and Turbines.           12mo,    5 00

 Boileau, J. T. Traverse Tables.                         8vo,    5 00

 Bonney, G. E. The Electro-platers’ Handbook.           12mo,    1 20

 Booth, W. H. Water Softening and Treatment.             8vo,   *2 50

 —— Superheaters and Superheating and Their Control.     8vo,   *1 50

 Bottcher, A. Cranes: Their Construction, Mechanical
   Equipment and Working. Trans. by A. Tolhausen.        4to,  *10 00

 Bottler, M. Modern Bleaching Agents.
   Trans. by C. Salter.                                 12mo,   *2 50

 Bottone, S. R. Magnetos for Automobilists.             12mo,   *1 00

 Bourry, E. Treatise on Ceramic Industries.
   Trans. by W. P. Rix.                    8vo, (_In Press._)

 Bow, R. H. A Treatise on Bracing.                       8vo,    1 50

 Bowie, A. J., Jr. A Practical Treatise on
   Hydraulic Mining.                                     8vo,    5 00

 Bowker, W. R. Dynamo, Motor and Switchboard Circuits.   8vo,   *2 50

 Bowles, O. Tables of Common Rocks. (Science Series.).  16mo,    0 50

 Bowser, E. A. Elementary Treatise on
   Analytic Geometry.                                   12mo,   1  75

 —— Elementary Treatise on the Differential and
   Integral Calculus.                                   12mo,    2 25

 —— Elementary Treatise on Analytic Mechanics.          12mo,    3 00

 —— Elementary Treatise on Hydro-mechanics.             12mo,    2 50

 —— A Treatise on Roofs and Bridges.                    12mo,   *2 25

 Boycott, G. W. M. Compressed Air Work and Diving.       8vo,   *4 00

 Bragg, E. M. Marine Engine Design.       12mo (_In Press._)

 Brassey’s Naval Annual for 1910.                        8vo,   *6 00

 Brewer, R. W. A. The Motor Car.                        12mo,   *2 00

 Bright, C. The Life Story of Sir Charles
   Tilson Bright.                                        8vo,   *4 50

 British Standard Sections.                              8×15   *1 00
   Complete list of this series (45 parts) sent
   on application.

 Brown, H. Irrigation.                                   8vo,   *5 00

 Brown, Wm. N. The Art of Enamelling on Metal.          12mo,   *1 00

 —— Handbook on Japanning and Enamelling.               12mo,   *1 50

 —— House Decorating and Painting.                      12mo,   *1 50

 —— History of Decorative Art.                          12mo,   *1 25

 —— Dipping, Burnishing, Lacquering and Bronzing
   Brass Ware.                                          12mo,   *1 00

 —— Workshop Wrinkles.                                   8vo,   *1 00

 Bruce, E. M. Pure Food Tests.                          12mo,   *1 25

 Bruhns, Dr. New Manual of Logarithms.     8vo, half morocco,    2 50

 Brunner, R. Manufacture of Lubricants, Shoe Polishes
   and Leather Dressings. Trans. by C. Salter.           8vo,   *3 00

 Bulman, H. F., and Redmayne, R. S. A. Colliery
   Working and Management.                               8vo,    6 00

 Burgh, N. P. Modern Marine Engineering.   4to, half morocco,   10 00

 Burt, W. A. Key to the Solar Compass.         16mo, leather,    2 50

 Burton, F. G. Engineering Estimates and Cost Accounts. 12mo,   *1 50

 Buskett, E. W. Fire Assaying.                          12mo,   *1 25

 Cain, W. Brief Course in the Calculus.                 12mo,   *1 75

 —— Theory of Steel-concrete Arches and of
   Vaulted Structures. (Science Series.).               16mo,    0 50

 Campin, F. The Construction of Iron Roofs.              8vo,    2 00

 Carpenter, R. C., and Diederichs, H. Internal
   Combustion Engines.                                   8vo,   *5 00

 Carter, E. T. Motive Power and Gearing for
   Electrical Machinery.                                 8vo,   *5 00

 Carter, H. A. Ramie (Rhea), China Grass.               12mo,   *2 00

 Carter, H. R. Modern Flax, Hemp, and Jute Spinning.     8vo,   *3 00

 Cathcart, W. L. Machine Design. Part I. Fastenings.     8vo,   *3 00

 Cathcart, W. L., and Chaffee, J. I.
   Course of Graphic Statics.               8vo (_In Press._)

 Caven, R. M., and Lander, G. D.
   Systematic Inorganic Chemistry.                      12mo,   *2 00

 Chambers’ Mathematical Tables.                          8vo,    1 75

 Charnock, G. F. Workshop Practice.
   (Westminster Series.).                   8vo (_In Press._)

 Charpentier, P. Timber.                                 8vo,   *6 00

 Chatley, H. Principles and Designs of Aeroplanes.
   (Science Series.).                                   16mo,    0 50

 —— How to Use Water Power.                             12mo,   *1 00

 Child, C. T. The How and Why of Electricity.           12mo,    1 00

 Christie, W. W. Boiler-waters, Scale,
   Corrosion, Foaming.                                   8vo,   *3 00

 —— Chimney Design and Theory.                           8vo,   *3 00

 —— Furnace Draft. (Science Series.).                   16mo,    0 50

 Church’s Laboratory Guide. Rewritten by Edward Kinch.   8vo,   *2 50

 Clapperton, G. Practical Papermaking.                   8vo,    2 50

 Clark, C. H. Marine Gas Engines.               (_In Press._)

 Clark, D. K. Rules, Tables and Data for
   Mechanical Engineers.                                 8vo,    5 00

 —— Fuel: Its Combustion and Economy.                   12mo,    1 50

 —— The Mechanical Engineer’s Pocketbook.               16mo,    2 00

 —— Tramways: Their Construction and Working.            8vo,    7 50

 Clark. J. M. New System of Laying Out
   Railway Turnouts.                                   12 mo,    1 00

 Clausen-Thue, W. A B C Telegraphic Code.
   Fourth Edition.                                      12mo,   *5 00

 Fifth Edition.                                          8vo,   *7 00

 —— The A1 Telegraphic Code.                             8vo,   *7 50

 Cleemann, T. M. The Railroad Engineer’s Practice.      12mo,   *1 50

 Clevenger, S. R. Treatise on the Method of
   Government Surveying.                        16mo, morocco    2 50

 Clouth, F. Rubber, Gutta-Percha, and Balata.            8vo,   *5 00

 Coffin, J. H. C. Navigation and Nautical Astronomy.    12mo,   *3 50

 Cole, R. S. Treatise on Photographic Optics.           12mo,    2 50

 Coles-Finch, W. Water, Its Origin and Use.              8vo,   *5 00

 Collins, J. E. Useful Alloys and Memoranda for
   Goldsmiths, Jewelers.                                16mo,    0 50

 Constantine, E. Marine Engineers, Their
   Qualifications and Duties.                            8vo,   *2 00

 Cooper, W. R. Primary Batteries.                        8vo,   *4 00

 —— “The Electrician” Primers.                           8vo,   *5 00

 Copperthwaite, W. C. Tunnel Shields.                    4to,   *9 00

 Corey, H. T. Water Supply Engineering.     8vo (_In Press._)

 Cornwall, H. B. Manual of Blow-pipe Analysis.           8vo,   *2 50

 Cowell, W. B. Pure Air, Ozone, and Water.              12mo,   *2 00

 Crocker, F. B. Electric Lighting. Two Volumes.          8vo.
  Vol. I. The Generating Plant.                                  3 00
  Vol. II. Distributing Systems and Lamps.                       3 00

 Crocker, F. B., and Arendt, M. Electric Motors.         8vo,   *2 50

 Crocker, F. B., and Wheeler, S. S. The Management of
   Electrical Machinery.                                12mo,   *1 00

 Cross, C. F., Bevan, E. J., and Sindall, R. W.
   Wood Pulp and Its Applications.
   (Westminster Series.).                   8vo (_In Press._)

 Crosskey, L. R. Elementary Perspective.                 8vo,    1 00

 Crosskey, L. R., and Thaw, J. Advanced Perspective.     8vo,    1 50

 Davenport, C. The Book. (Westminster Series.).          8vo,   *2 00

 Davies, E. H. Machinery for Metalliferous Mines.        8vo,    8 00

 Davies, D. C. Metalliferous Minerals and Mining.        8vo,    5 00

 Davies, F. H. Electric Power and Traction.              8vo,   *2 00

 Dawson, P. Electric Traction on Railways.               8vo,   *9 00

 Day, C. The Indicator and Its Diagrams.                12mo,   *2 00

 Deerr, N. Sugar and the Sugar Cane.                     8vo,   *3 00

 Deite, C. Manual of Soapmaking. Trans. by S. T. King.   4to,   *5 00

 De la Coux, H. The Industrial Uses of Water.
   Trans. by A. Morris.                                  8vo,   *4 50

 Del Mar, W. A. Electric Power Conductors.               8vo,   *2 00

 Denny, G. A. Deep-level Mines of the Rand.              4to,  *10 00

 —— Diamond Drilling for Gold.                                  *5 00

 Derr, W. L. Block Signal Operation.             Oblong 12mo,   *1 50

 Desaint, A. Three Hundred Shades and How to Mix Them.   8vo,  *10 00

 Dibdin, W. J. Public Lighting by Gas and Electricity.   8vo,   *8 00

 —— Purification of Sewage and Water.                    8vo,    6 50

 Dieterich, K. Analysis of Resins, Balsams,
   and Gum Resins.                                       8vo,   *3 00

 Dinger, Lieut. H. C. Care and Operation of
   Naval Machinery.                                     12mo,   *2 00

 Dixon, D. B. Machinist’s and Steam Engineer’s
   Practical Calculator.                       16mo, morocco,    1 25

 Doble, W. A. Power Plant Construction
   on the Pacific Coast                         (_In Press._)

 Dodd, G. Dictionary of Manufactures, Mining,
   Machinery, and the Industrial Arts.                  12mo,    1 50

 Dorr, B. F. The Surveyor’s Guide and
   Pocket Table-book.                          16mo, morocco,    2 00

 Down, P. B. Handy Copper Wire Table.                   16mo,   *1 00

 Draper, C. H. Elementary Text-book of
   Light, Heat and Sound.                               12mo,    1 00

 —— Heat and the Principles of Thermo-dynamics.         12mo,    1 50

 Duckwall, E. W. Canning and Preserving of
   Food Products.                                        8vo,   *5 00

 Dumesny, P., and Noyer, J. Wood Products,
   Distillates, and Extracts.                            8vo,   *4 50

 Duncan, W. G., and Penman, D. The Electrical
   Equipment of Collieries.                              8vo,   *4 00

 Duthie, A. L. Decorative Glass Processes.
   (Westminster Series.).                                8vo,   *2 00

 Dyson, S. S. Practical Testing of Raw Materials.        8vo,   *5 00

 Eccles, R. G., and Duckwall, E. W. Food Preservatives.  8vo,    1 00
  Paper.                                                         0 50

 Eddy, H. T. Researches in Graphical Statics.            8vo,    1 50

 —— Maximum Stresses under Concentrated Loads.           8vo,    1 50

 Edgcumbe, K. Industrial Electrical Measuring
   Instruments.                                          8vo,   *2 50

 Eissler, M. The Metallurgy of Gold.                     8vo,    7 50

 —— The Hydrometallurgy of Copper.                       8vo,   *4 50

 —— The Metallurgy of Silver.                            8vo,    4 00

 —— The Metallurgy of Argentiferous Lead.                8vo,    5 00

 —— Cyanide Process for the Extraction of Gold.          8vo,    3 00

 —— A Handbook on Modern Explosives.                     8vo,    5 00

 Ekin, T. C. Water Pipe and Sewage
   Discharge Diagrams.                                 folio,   *3 00

 Eliot, C. W., and Storer, F. H. Compendious Manual
   of Qualitative Chemical Analysis.                    12mo,   *1 25

 Elliot, Major G. H. European Light-house Systems.       8vo,    5 00

 Ennis, Wm. D. Linseed Oil and Other Seed Oils.          8vo,   *4 00

 —— Applied Thermodynamics.                 8vo (_In Press._)

 Erfurt, J. Dyeing of Paper Pulp. Trans. by
   J. Hubner.                                            8vo,   *7 50

 Erskine-Murray, J. A Handbook of Wireless Telegraphy.   8vo,   *3 50

 Evans, C. A. Macadamized Roads.                (_In Press._)

 Ewing, A. J. Magnetic Induction in Iron.                8vo,   *4 00

 Fairie, J. Notes on Lead Ores.                         12mo,   *1 00

 —— Notes on Pottery Clays.                             12mo,   *1 50

 Fairweather, W. C. Foreign and Colonial Patent Laws.    8vo,   *3 00

 Fanning, J. T. Hydraulic and Water-supply Engineering.  8vo,   *5 00

 Fauth, P. The Moon in Modern Astronomy.
   Trans. by J. McCabe.                                  8vo,   *2 00

 Fay, I. W. The Coal-tar Colors.            8vo (_In Press._)

 Fernbach, R. L. Glue and Gelatine.                      8vo,   *3 00

 Fischer, E. The Preparation of Organic Compounds.
   Trans. by R. V. Stanford.                            12mo,   *1 25

 Fish, J. C. L. Lettering of Working Drawings.    Oblong 8vo,    1 00

 Fisher, H. K. C., and Darby, W. C.
   Submarine Cable Testing.                              8vo,   *3 50

 Fiske, Lieut. B. A. Electricity in
   Theory and Practice.                                  8vo,    2 50

 Fleischmann, W. The Book of the Dairy.
   Trans. by C. M. Aikman.                               8vo,    4 00

 Fleming, J. A. The Alternate-current Transformer.
   Two Volumes.                                          8vo.
  Vol. I. The Induction of Electric Currents.                   *5 00
  Vol. II. The Utilization of Induced Currents.                 *5 00

 —— Centenary of the Electrical Current.                 8vo,   *0 50

 —— Electric Lamps and Electric Lighting.                8vo,   *3 00

 —— Electrical Laboratory Notes and Forms.               4to,   *5 00

 —— A Handbook for the Electrical Laboratory and
   Testing Room. Two Volumes.                      8vo, each,   *5 00

 Fluery, H. The Calculus Without Limits or
   Infinitesimals. Trans. by C. O. Mailloux.    (_In Press._)

 Foley, N. British and American Customary and
   Metric Measures.                                    folio,   *3 00

 Foster, H. A. Electrical Engineers’
   Pocket-book.        (_Sixth Edition._) 12mo, leather,         5 00

 Foster, Gen. J. G. Submarine Blasting in
   Boston (Mass.) Harbor.                                4to,    3 50

 Fowle, F. F. Overhead Transmission Line Crossings.     12mo,   *1 50

 —— The Solution of Alternating
   Current Problems.                        8vo (_In Press._)

 Fox, W., and Thomas, C. W. Practical
   Course in Mechanical Drawing.                        12mo,    1 25

 Francis, J. B. Lowell Hydraulic Experiments.            4to,   15 00

 Fuller, G. W. Investigations into the Purification
   of the Ohio River.                                    4to,  *10 00

 Furnell, J. Paints, Colors, Oils, and Varnishes.        8vo,   *1 00

 Gant, L. W. Elements of Electric Traction.              8vo,   *2 50

 Garcke, E., and Fells, J. M. Factory Accounts.          8vo,    3 00

 Garforth, W. E. Rules for Recovering Coal Mines
   after Explosions and Fires.                 12mo, leather,    1 50

 Geerligs, H. C. P. Cane Sugar and Its Manufacture.      8vo,   *5 00

 Geikie, J. Structural and Field Geology.                8vo,   *4 00

 Gerber, N. Analysis of Milk, Condensed Milk, and
   Infants’ Milk-Food.                                   8vo,    1 25

 Gerhard, W. P. Sanitation, Watersupply and
   Sewage Disposal of Country Houses.                   12mo,   *2 00

 Gerhardi, C. W. H. Electricity Meters.                  8vo,   *4 00

 Geschwind, L. Manufacture of Alum and Sulphates.
   Trans. by C. Salter.                                  8vo,   *5 00

 Gibbs, W. E. Lighting by Acetylene.                    12mo,   *1 50

 —— Physics of Solids and Fluids.
   (Carnegie Technical School’s Text-books.).                   *1 50

 Gibson, A. H. Hydraulics and Its Application.           8vo,   *5 00

 —— Water Hammer in Hydraulic Pipe Lines.               12mo,   *2 00

 Gillmore, Gen. Q. A. Limes, Hydraulic Cements
   and Mortars.                                          8vo,    4 00

 —— Roads, Streets, and Pavements.                      12mo,    2 00

 Golding, H. A. The Theta-Phi Diagram.                  12mo,   *1 25

 Goldschmidt, R. Alternating Current Commutator Motor.   8vo,   *3 00

 Goodchild, W. Precious Stones. (Westminster Series.).   8vo,   *2 00

 Goodeve, T. M. Textbook on the Steam-engine.           12mo,    2 00

 Gore, G. Electrolytic Separation of Metals.             8vo,   *3 50

 Gould, E. S. Arithmetic of the Steam-engine.           12mo,    1 00

 —— Practical Hydrostatics and Hydrostatic Formulas.
   (Science Series.).                                   16mo,    0 50

 Grant, J. Brewing and Distilling.
   (Westminster Series.).                   8vo (_In Press._)

 Gray, J. Electrical Influence Machines.                12mo,    2 00

 Greenwood, E. Classified Guide to Technical
   and Commercial Books.                                 8vo,   *3 00

 Gregorius, R. Mineral Waxes. Trans. by C. Salter.      12mo,   *3 00

 Griffiths, A. B. A Treatise on Manures.                12mo,    3 00

 —— Dental Metallurgy.                                   8vo,   *3 50

 Gross, E. Hops.                                         8vo,   *4 50

 Grossman, J. Ammonia and Its Compounds.                12mo,   *1 25

 Groth, L. A. Welding and Cutting Metals by Gases
   or Electricity.                                       8vo,   *3 00

 Grover, F. Modern Gas and Oil Engines.                  8vo,   *2 00

 Gruner, A. Power-loom Weaving.                          8vo,   *3 00

 Güldner, Hugo. Internal Combustion Engines.
   Trans. by H. Diederichs.                              4to,  *10 00

 Gunther, C. O. Integration.                            12mo,   *1 25

 Gurden, R. L. Traverse Tables.          folio, half morocco,    7 50

 Guy, A. E. Experiments on the Flexure of Beams.         8vo,   *1 25

 Haeder, H. Handbook on the Steam-engine. Trans.
   by H. H. P. Powles.                                  12mo,    3 00

 Hainbach, R. Pottery Decoration. Trans. by C. Slater.  12mo,   *3 00

 Hale, W. J. Calculations of General Chemistry.         12mo,   *1 00

 Hall, C. H. Chemistry of Paints and Paint Vehicles.    12mo,   *2 00

 Hall, R. H. Governors and Governing Mechanism.         12mo,   *2 00

 Hall, W. S. Elements of the Differential and
   Integral Calculus.                                    8vo,   *2 25

 —— Descriptive Geometry.       8vo volume and a 4to atlas,     *3 50

 Haller, G. F., and Cunningham, E. T.
   The Tesla Coil.                              (_In Press._)

 Halsey, F. A. Slide Valve Gears.                       12mo,    1 50

 —— The Use of the Slide Rule. (Science Series.).       16mo,    0 50

 —— Worm and Spiral Gearing. (Science Series.).         16mo,    0 50

 Hamilton, W. G. Useful Information for Railway Men.    16mo,    1 00

 Hammer, W. J. Radium and Other Radio-active
   Substances.                                           8vo,   *1 00

 Hancock, H. Textbook of Mechanics and Hydrostatics.     8vo,    1 50

 Hardy, E. Elementary Principles of Graphic Statics.    12mo,   *1 50

 Harper, W. B. Utilization of Wood Waste by
   Distillation.                                         4to,   *3 00

 Harrison, W. B. The Mechanics’ Tool-book.              12mo,    1 50

 Hart, J. W. External Plumbing Work.                     8vo,   *3 00

 —— Hints to Plumbers on Joint Wiping.                   8vo,   *3 00

 —— Principles of Hot Water Supply.                      8vo,   *3 00

 —— Sanitary Plumbing and Drainage.                      8vo,   *3 00

 Haskins, C. H. The Galvanometer and Its Uses.          16mo,    1 50

 Hatt, J. A. H. The Colorist.                    square 12mo,   *1 50

 Hausbrand, E. Drying by Means of Air and Steam.
   Trans. by A. C. Wright.                              12mo,   *2 00

 —— Evaporating, Condensing and Cooling Apparatus.
   Trans. by A. C. Wright.                               8vo,   *5 00

 Hausner, A. Manufacture of Preserved Foods and
   Sweetmeats. Trans. by A. Morris and H. Robson.        8vo,   *3 00

 Hawke, W. H. Premier Cipher Telegraphic Code.           4to,   *5 00

 —— 100,000 Words Supplement to the Premier Code.        4to,   *5 00

 Hawkesworth, J. Graphical Handbook for Reinforced
   Concrete Design.                                      4to,   *2 50

 Hay, A. Alternating Currents.                           8vo,   *2 50

 —— Principles of Alternate-current Working.            12mo,    2 00

 —— Electrical Distributing Networks and
   Distributing Lines.                                   8vo,   *3 50

 —— Continuous Current Engineering.                      8vo,   *2 50

 Heap, Major D. P. Electrical Appliances.                8vo,    2 00

 Heaviside, O. Electromagnetic Theory.
   Two Volumes.                                    8vo, each,   *5 00

 Heck, R. C. H. Steam-Engine and Other Steam Motors.
   Two Volumes.
  Vol. I. Thermodynamics and the Mechanics.              8vo,   *3 50
  Vol. II. Form, Construction, and Working.              8vo,   *5 00

 —— Abridged edition of above volumes
   (Elementary).                      8vo (_In Preparation._)

 —— Notes on Elementary Kinematics.              8vo, boards,   *1 00

 —— Graphics of Machine Forces.                  8vo, boards,   *1 00

 Hedges, K. Modern Lightning Conductors.                 8vo,    3 00

 Heermann, P. Dyers’ Materials. Trans. by A. C. Wrig    12mo,   *2 50

 Hellot, Macquer and D’Apligny. Art of
   Dyeing Wool, Silk and Cotton.                         8vo,   *2 00

 Henrici, O. Skeleton Structures.                        8vo,    1 50

 Hermann, F. Painting on Glass and Porcelain.            8vo,   *3 50

 Herrmann, G. The Graphical Statics of Mechanism.
   Trans. by A. P. Smith.                               12mo,    2 00

 Herzfeld, J. Testing of Yarns and Textile Fabrics.      8vo,   *3 50

 Hildebrandt, A. Airships, Past and Present.             8vo,   *3 50

 Hill, J. W. The Purification of Public
   Water Supplies. New Edition.                 (_In Press._)

 —— Interpretation of Water Analysis.           (_In Press._)

 Hiroi, I. Statically-Indeterminate Stresses.           12mo,   *2 00

 Hirshfeld, C. F. Engineering Thermodynamics.
   (Science Series.).                                   16mo,    0 50

 Hobart, H. M. Heavy Electrical Engineering.             8vo,   *4 50

 —— Electricity.                                         8vo,   *2 00

 —— Electric Trains.                            (_In Press._)

 Hobbs, W. R. P. The Arithmetic of Electrical
   Measurements.                                        12mo,    0 50

 Hoff, J. N. Paint and Varnish Facts and Formulas.      12mo,   *3 00

 Hoff, Com. W. B. The Avoidance of
   Collisions at Sea.                         16mo,  morocco,    0 75

 Hole, W. The Distribution of Gas.                       8vo,   *7 50

 Holley, A. L. Railway Practice.                       folio,   12 00

 Holmes, A. B. The Electric Light
   Popularly Explained.                          12mo, paper,    0 50

 Hopkins, N. M. Experimental Electrochemistry.           8vo,   *3 00

 —— Model Engines and Small Boats.                      12mo,    1 25

 Horner, J. Engineers’ Turning.                          8vo,   *3 50

 —— Metal Turning.                                      12mo,    1 50

 —— Toothed Gearing.                                    12mo,    2 25

 Houghton, C. E. The Elements of Mechanics of
   Materials.                                           12mo,   *2 00

 Houllevique, L. The Evolution of the Sciences.          8vo,   *2 00

 Howe, G. Mathematics for the
   Practical Man.                          12mo (_In Press._)

 Howorth, J. Repairing and Riveting
   Glass, China and Earthenware.                  8vo, paper,   *0 50

 Hubbard, E. The Utilization of Wood-waste.              8vo,   *2 50

 Humber, W. Calculation of Strains in Girders.          12mo,    2 50

 Humphreys, A. C. The Business Features of
   Engineering Practice.                                 8vo,   *1 25

 Hurst, G. H. Handbook of the Theory of Color.           8vo,   *2 50

 —— Dictionary of Chemicals and Raw Products.            8vo,   *3 00

 —— Lubricating Oils, Fats and Greases.                  8vo,   *3 00

 —— Soaps.                                               8vo,   *5 00

 —— Textile Soaps and Oils.                              8vo,   *2 50

 Hutchinson R. W., Jr. Long Distance Electric
   Power Transmission.                                  12mo,   *3 00

 Hutchinson, R. W., Jr., and Ihlseng, M. C.
   Electricity in Mining.                 12mo, (_In Press._)

 Hutchinson, W. B. Patents and How to Make
   Money Out of Them.                                   12mo,    1 25

 Hutton, W. S. Steam-boiler Construction.                8vo,    6 00

 —— Practical Engineer’s Handbook.                       8vo,    7 00

 —— The Works’ Manager’s Handbook.                       8vo,    6 00

 Ingle, H. Manual of Agricultural Chemistry.             8vo,   *3 00

 Innes, C, H. Problems in Machine Design.               12mo,   *2 00

 Innes, C. H. Air Compressors and Blowing Engines.      12mo,   *2 00

 —— Centrifugal Pumps.                                  12mo,   *2 00

 —— The Fan.                                            12mo,   *2 00

 Isherwood, B. F. Engineering Precedents for
   Steam Machinery.                                      8vo,    2 50

 Jamieson, A. Text Book on Steam and Steam Engines.      8vo,    3 00

 —— Elementary Manual on Steam and the Steam Engine.    12mo,    1 50

 Jannettaz, E. Guide to the Determination of Rocks.
   Trans. by G. W. Plympton.                            12mo,    1 50

 Jehl, F. Manufacture of Carbons.                        8vo,   *4 00

 Jennings, A. S. Commercial Paints and Painting.
   (Westminster Series.).                   8vo (_In Press._)

 Jennison, F. H. The Manufacture of Lake Pigments.       8vo,   *3 00

 Jepson, G. Cams and the Principles of their
   Construction.                                         8vo,   *1 50

 —— Mechanical Drawing.               8vo (_In Preparation._)

 Jockin, W. Arithmetic of the
   Gold and Silversmith.                                12mo,   *1 00

 Johnson, G. L. Photographic Optics and
   Color Photography.                                    8vo,   *3 00

 Johnson, W. H. The Cultivation and Preparation
   of Para Rubber.                                       8vo,   *3 00

 Johnson, W. McA. The Metallurgy
   of Nickel.                             (_In Preparation._)

 Johnston, J. F. W., and Cameron,
   C. Elements of Agricultural Chemistry and Geology.   12mo,    2 60

 Joly, J. Radioactivity and Geology.                    12mo,   *3 00

 Jones, H. C. Electrical Nature of Matter
   and Radioactivity.                                   12mo,    2 00

 Jones, M. W. Testing Raw Materials Used in Paint.      12mo,   *2 00

 Jones, L., and Scard, F. I. Manufacture
   of Cane Sugar.                                        8vo,   *5 00

 Joynson, F. H. Designing and Construction of
   Machine Gearing.                                      8vo,    2 00

 Jüptner, H. F. V. Siderology: The Science of Iron.      8vo,   *5 00

 Kansas City Bridge.                                     4to,    6 00

 Kapp, G. Electric Transmission of Energy.              12mo,    3 50

 —— Dynamos, Motors, Alternators and Rotary
   Converters. Trans. by H. H. Simmons.                  8vo,    4 00

 Keim, A. W. Prevention of Dampness in Buildings.        8vo,   *2 00

 Keller, S. S. Mathematics for
   Engineering Students.                  12mo, half leather.
  Algebra and Trigonometry, with a Chapter on Vectors.          *1 75
  Special Algebra Edition.                                      *1 00
  Plane and Solid Geometry.                                     *1 25
  Analytical Geometry and Calculus.                             *2 00

 Kelsey, W. R. Continuous-current Dynamos and Motors.    8vo,   *2 50

 Kemble, W. T., and Underhill, C. R. The
   Periodic Law and the Hydrogen Spectrum.        8vo, paper,   *0 50

 Kemp, J. F. Handbook of Rocks.                          8vo,   *1 50

 Kendall, E. Twelve Figure Cipher Code.                  4to,  *15 00

 Kennedy, R. Modern Engines and Power Generators.
   Six Volumes.                                          4to,   15 00
  Single Volumes.                                       each,    3 00

 —— Electrical Installations. Five Volumes.              4to,   15 00
  Single Volumes.                                       each,    3 50

 —— Flying Machines.  Practice and Design.              12mo,   *2 00

 Kennelly, A. E. Electro-dynamic Machinery.              8vo,    1 50

 Kershaw, J. B. C. Fuel, Water and Gas Analysis.         8vo,   *2 50

 —— Electrometallurgy. (Westminster Series.).            8vo,   *2 00

 Kershaw, J. B. C. The Electric Furnace in Iron and
   Steel Production.                                    12mo,   *1 50

 Kingdon, J. A. Applied Magnetism.                       8vo,   *3 00

 Kinzbrunner, C. Alternate Current Windings.             8vo,   *1 50

 —— Continuous Current Armatures.                        8vo,   *1 50

 —— Testing of Alternating Current Machines.             8vo,   *2 00

 Kirkaldy, W. G. David Kirkaldy’s System of
   Mechanical Testing.                                   4to,   10 00

 Kirkbride, J. Engraving for Illustration.               8vo,   *1 50

 Kirkwood, J. P. Filtration of River Waters.             4to,    7 50

 Klein, J. F. Design of a High-speed Steam-engine.       8vo,   *5 00

 Kleinhans, F. B. Boiler Construction.                   8vo,    3 00

 Knight, Lieut.-Com. A. M. Modern Seamanship.            8vo,   *6 00
  Half morocco.                                                 *7 50

 Knox, W. F. Logarithm Tables.            (_In Preparation._)

 Knott, C. G., and Mackay, J. S.
   Practical Mathematics.                                8vo,    2 00

 Koester, F. Steam-Electric Power Plants.                4to,   *5 00

 —— Hydroelectric Developments and Engineering.          4to,   *5 00

 Koller, T. The Utilization of Waste Products.           8vo,   *3 50

 —— Cosmetics.                                           8vo,   *2 50

 Krauch, C. Testing of Chemical Reagents. Trans.
   by J. A. Williamson and L. W. Dupre.                  8vo,   *3 00

 Lambert, T. Lead and its Compounds.                     8vo,   *3 50

 —— Bone Products and Manures.                           8vo,   *3 00

 Lamborn, L. L. Cottonseed Products.                     8vo,   *3 00

 —— Modern Soaps, Candles, and Glycerin.                 8vo,   *7 50

 Lamprecht, R. Recovery Work After Pit Fires.
   Trans. by C. Salter.                                  8vo,   *4 00

 Lanchester, F. W. Aerial Flight. Two Volumes.           8vo.
  Vol. I. Aerodynamics.                                         *6 00
  Vol. II. Aerodonetics.                                        *6 00

 Larner, E. T. Principles of Alternating Currents.      12mo,   *1 25

 Larrabee, C. S. Cipher and Secret Letter and
   Telegraphic Code.                                    16mo,    0 60

 Lassar-Cohn, Dr. Modern Scientific Chemistry.
   Trans. by M. M. Pattison Muir.                       12mo,   *2 00

 Latta, M. N. Handbook of American
   Gas-Engineering Practice.                             8vo,   *4 50

 —— American Producer Gas Practice.                      4to,   *6 00

 Leask, A. R. Breakdowns at Sea.                        12mo,    2 00

 —— Triple and Quadruple Expansion Engines.             12mo,    2 00

 —— Refrigerating Machinery.                            12mo,    2 00

 Lecky, S. T. S. “Wrinkles” in Practical Navigation.     8vo,   *8 00

 Leeds, C. C. Mechanical Drawing for
   Trade Schools.                                 oblong 4to,
  High School Edition.                                          *1 25
  Machinery Trades Edition.                                     *2 00

 Lefévre, L. Architectural Pottery.
   Trans. by H. K. Bird and W. M. Binns.                 4to,   *7 50

 Lehner, S. Ink Manufacture. Trans. by A. Morris
   and H. Robson.                                        8vo,   *2 50

 Lemstrom, S. Electricity in Agriculture and
   Horticulture.                                         8vo,   *1 50

 Lewes, V. B. Liquid and Gaseous Fuels.
   (Westminster Series.).                                8vo,   *2 00

 Lieber, B. F. Lieber’s Standard Telegraphic Code.       8vo,  *10 00

 —— Code. German Edition.                                8vo,  *10 00

 —— —— Spanish Edition.                                  8vo,  *10 00

 Lieber, B. F. Code. French Edition.                     8vo,  *10 00

 —— Terminal Index.                                      8vo,   *2 50

 —— Lieber’s Appendix.                                 folio,  *15 00

 —— —— Handy Tables.                                     4to,   *2 50

 —— Bankers and Stockbrokers’ Code and Merchants
   and Shippers’ Blank Tables.                           8vo,  *15 00

 —— 100,000,000 Combination Code.                        8vo,  *15 00

 —— Engineering Code.                                    8vo,  *10 00

 Livermore, V. P., and Williams, J. How to Become
   a Competent Motorman.                                12mo,   *1 00

 Livingstone, R. Design and Construction of
   Commutators.                                          8vo,   *2 25

 Lobben, P. Machinists’ and Draftsmen’s Handbook.        8vo,    2 50

 Locke, A. G. and C. G. Manufacture of Sulphuric Acid.   8vo,   10 00

 Lockwood, T. D. Electricity, Magnetism, and
   Electro-telegraphy.                                   8vo,    2 50

 —— Electrical Measurement and the Galvanometer.        12mo,    1 50

 Lodge, O. J. Elementary Mechanics.                     12mo,    1 50

 —— Signalling Across Space without Wires.               8vo,   *2 00

 Lord, R. T. Decorative and Fancy Fabrics.               8vo,   *3 50

 Loring, A. E. A Handbook of the Electromagnetic
   Telegraph.                                           16mo,    0 50

 Lowenstein, L. C., and Crissey, C. P.
   Centrifugal Pumps.                           (_In Press._)

 Lucke, C. E. Gas Engine Design.                         8vo,   *3 00

 —— Power Plants: their Design, Efficiency,
   and Power Costs. 2 vols.              (_In Preparation._)

 —— Power Plant Papers. Form I. The Steam
   Power Plant.                                        paper,   *1 50

 Lunge, G. Coal-tar and Ammonia. Two Volumes.            8vo,  *15 00

 —— Manufacture of Sulphuric Acid and Alkali.
   Three Volumes.                                        8vo,
  Vol. I. Sulphuric Acid. In two parts.                        *15 00
  Vol. II. Salt Cake, Hydrochloric Acid and Leblanc Soda.
    In two parts.                                              *15 00
  Vol. III. Ammonia Soda.                                      *15 00

 —— Technical Chemists’ Handbook.              12mo, leather,   *3 50

 —— Technical Methods of Chemical Analysis. Trans.
   by C. A. Keane. in collaboration with the
   corps of specialists.
  Vol. I. In two parts.                                  8vo,  *15 00
  Vols. II and III.                       (_In Preparation._)

 Lupton, A., Parr, G. D. A., and Perkin, H. Electricity
   as Applied to Mining.                                 8vo,   *4 50

 Luquer, L. M. Minerals in Rock Sections.                8vo,   *1 50

 Macewen, H. A. Food Inspection.                         8vo,   *2 50

 Mackie, J. How to Make a Woolen Mill Pay.               8vo,   *2 00

 Mackrow, C. Naval Architect’s and Shipbuilder’s
   Pocket-book.                                16mo, leather,    5 00

 Maguire, Capt. E. The Attack and Defense of
   Coast Fortifications.                                 8vo,    2 50

 Maguire, Wm. R. Domestic Sanitary Drainage
   and Plumbing.                                         8vo,    4 00

 Marks, E. C. R. Construction of Cranes and
   Lifting Machinery.                                   12mo,   *1 50

 —— Construction and Working of Pumps.                  12mo,   *1 50

 —— Manufacture of Iron and Steel Tubes.                12mo,   *2 00

 —— Mechanical Engineering Materials.                   12mo,   *1 00

 Marks, G. C. Hydraulic Power Engineering.               8vo,    3 50

 —— Inventions, Patents and Designs.                    12mo,   *1 00

 Markham, E. R. The American Steel Worker.              12mo,    2 50

 Marlow, T. G. Drying Machinery and Practice.            8vo,

 Marsh, C. F. Concise Treatise on Reinforced Concrete.   8vo,   *2 50

 Marsh, C. F., and Dunn, W. Reinforced Concrete.         4to,   *5 00

 —— Manual of Reinforced Concrete and Concrete
   Block Construction.                         16mo, morocco,   *2 50

 Massie, W. W., and Underhill, C. R. Wireless
   Telegraphy and Telephony.                            12mo,   *1 00

 Matheson, D. Australian Saw-Miller’s Log and Timber
   Ready Reckoner.                             12mo, leather,    1 50

 Mathot, R. E. Internal Combustion Engines.              8vo,

 Maurice, W. Electric Blasting Apparatus
   and Explosives.                                       8vo,   *3 50

 —— Shot Firer’s Guide.                                  8vo,   *1 50

 Maxwell, W. H., and Brown, J. T. Encyclopedia
   of Municipal and Sanitary Engineering.                4to,  *10 00

 Mayer, A. M. Lecture Notes on Physics.                  8vo,    2 00

 McCullough, R. S. Mechanical Theory of Heat.            8vo,    3 50

 McIntosh, J. G. Technology of Sugar.                    8vo,   *4 50

 —— Industrial Alcohol.                                  8vo,   *3 00

 —— Manufacture of Varnishes and
   Kindred Industries. Three Volumes. 8vo.
  Vol. I. Oil Crushing, Refining and Boiling.                   *3 50
  Vol. II. Varnish Materials and Oil Varnish Making.            *4 00
  Vol. III.                               (_In Preparation._)

 McMechen, F. L. Tests for Ores, Minerals and Metals.   12mo,   *1 00

 McNeill, B. McNeill’s Code.                             8vo,   *6 00

 McPherson, J. A. Water-works Distribution.              8vo,    2 50

 Melick, C. W. Dairy Laboratory Guide.                  12mo,   *1 25

 Merck, E. Chemical Reagents.  Their Purity
   and Tests.                                            8vo,   *1 50

 Merritt, Wm. H. Field Testing for
   Gold and Silver.                            16mo, leather,    1 50

 Meyer, J. G. A., and Pecker, C. G. Mechanical
   Drawing and Machine Design.                           4to,    5 00

 Michell, S. Mine Drainage.                              8vo,   10 00

 Mierzinski, S. Waterproofing of Fabrics.
   Trans. by A. Morris and H. Robson.                    8vo,   *2 50

 Miller, E. H. Quantitative Analysis for
   Mining Engineers.                                     8vo,   *1 50

 Milroy, M. E. W. Home Lace-making.                     12mo,   *1 00

 Minifie, W. Mechanical Drawing.                         8vo,   *4 00

 Modern Meteorology.                                    12mo,    1 50

 Monckton, C. C. F. Radiotelegraphy.
   (Westminster Series.).                                8vo,   *2 00

 Monteverde, R. D. Vest Pocket Glossary of
   English-Spanish, Spanish-English
     Technical Terms.                          64mo, leather,   *1 00

 Moore, E. C. S. New Tables for the Complete
   Solution of Ganguillet and Kutter’s Formula.          8vo,   *5 00

 Moreing, C. A., and Neal, T. New General and Mining
   Telegraph Code.                                       8vo,   *5 00

 Morgan, A. P. Wireless Telegraph Apparatus
   for Amateurs.                                        12mo,   *1 50

 Moses, A. J. The Characters of Crystals.                8vo,   *2 00

 Moses, A. J., and Parsons, C. L.
   Elements of Mineralogy.                               8vo,   *2 50

 Moss, S. A. Elements of Gas Engine Design.
   (Science Series.).                                   16mo,    0 50

 —— The Lay-out of Corliss Valve Gears.
   (Science Series.).                                   16mo,    0 50

 Mullin, J. P. Modern Moulding and Pattern-making.      12mo,    2 50

 Munby, A. E. Chemistry and Physics of Building
   Materials. (Westminster Series.).                     8vo,   *2 00

 Murphy, J. G. Practical Mining.                        16mo,    1 00

 Murray, J. A. Soils and Manures.
   (Westminster Series.).                                8vo,   *2 00

 Naquet, A. Legal Chemistry.                            12mo,    2 00

 Nasmith, J. The Student’s Cotton Spinning.              8vo,    3 00

 Nerz, F. Searchlights. Trans. by C. Rodgers.            8vo,   *3 00

 Neuberger, H., and Noalhat, H. Technology of
   Petroleum. Trans. by J. G. McIntosh.                  8vo,  *10 00

 Newall, J. W. Drawing, Sizing and Cutting
   Bevel-gears.                                          8vo,    1 50

 Newlands, J. Carpenters and Joiners’
   Assistant.                            folio, half morocco,   15 00

 Nicol, G. Ship Construction and Calculations.           8vo,   *4 50

 Nipher, F. E. Theory of Magnetic Measurements.         12mo,    1 00

 Nisbet, H. Grammar of Textile Design.                   8vo,   *3 00

 Noll, A. How to Wire Buildings.                        12mo,    1 50

 Nugent, E. Treatise on Optics.                         12mo,    1 50

 O’Connor, H. The Gas Engineer’s Pocketbook.   12mo, leather,    3 50

 —— Petrol Air-Gas.                                     12mo,   *0 75

 Olsson, A. Motor Control, in Turret Turning
   and Gun Elevating. (U. S. Navy Electrical
   Series, No. 1.).                              12mo, paper,   *0 50

 Olsen, J. C. Text-book of Quantitative
   Chemical Analysis.                                    8vo,   *4 00

 Oudin, M. A. Standard Polyphase Apparatus
   and Systems.                                          8vo,   *3 00

 Palaz, A. Industrial Photometry. Trans. by
   G. W. Patterson, Jr.                                  8vo,   *4 00

 Pamely, C. Colliery Manager’s Handbook.                 8vo,  *10 00

 Parr, G. D. A. Electrical Engineering Measuring
   Instruments.                                          8vo,   *3 50

 Parry, E. J. Chemistry of Essential Oils and
   Artificial Perfumes.                                  8vo,   *5 00

 Parry, E. J., and Coste, J. H. Chemistry of Pigments.   8vo,   *4 50

 Parry, L. A. Risk and Dangers of Various Occupations.   8vo,   *3 00

 Parshall, H. F., and Hobart, H. M. Armature Windings.   4to,   *7 50

 —— Electric Railway Engineering.                        4to,  *10 00

 Parshall, H. F., and Parry, E. Electrical
   Equipment of Tramways.                       (_In Press._)

 Parsons, S. J. Malleable Cast Iron.                     8vo,   *2 50

 Passmore, A. C. Technical Terms Used in Architecture.   8vo,   *3 50

 Patterson, D. The Color Printing of Carpet Yarns.       8vo,   *3 50

 —— Color Matching on Textiles.                          8vo,   *3 00

 —— The Science of Color Mixing.                         8vo,   *3 00

 Patton, H. B. Lecture Notes on Crystallography.         8vo,   *1 25

 Paulding, C. P. Condensation of Steam in Covered
   and Bare Pipes.                                       8vo,   *2 00

 —— Transmission of Heat through Cold-storage
   Insulation.                                          12mo,   *1 00

 Peirce, B. System of Analytic Mechanics.                4to,   10 00

 Pendred, V. The Railway Locomotive.
   (Westminster Series.).                                8vo,   *2 00

 Perkin, F. M. Practical Methods of Inorganic
   Chemistry.                                           12mo,   *1 00

 Perrigo, O. E. Change Gear Devices.                     8vo,    1 00

 Perrine, F. A. C. Conductors for Electrical
   Distribution.                                         8vo,   *3 50

 Petit, G. White Lead and Zinc White Paints.             8vo,   *1 50

 Petit, R. How to Build an Aeroplane. Trans. by T. O’B.
   Hubbard, and J. H. Ledeboer.                          8vo,   *1 50

 Perry, J. Applied Mechanics.                            8vo,   *2 50

 Phillips, J. Engineering Chemistry.                     8vo,   *4 50

 —— Gold Assaying.                                       8vo,   *2 50

 Phin, J. Seven Follies of Science.                     12mo,   *1 25

 —— Household Pests, and How to
   Get Rid of Them.                   8vo (_In Preparation._)

 Pickworth, C. N. The Indicator Handbook.
   Two Volumes.                                   12mo, each,    1 50

 —— Logarithms for Beginners.                   12mo, boards,    0 50

 —— The Slide Rule.                                     12mo,    1 00

 Plane Table, The.                                       8vo,    2 00

 Plattner’s Manual of Blow-pipe Analysis.
   Eighth Edition, revised. Trans. by H. B. Cornwall.    8vo,   *4 00

 Plympton, G. W. The Aneroid Barometer.
   (Science Series.).                                   16mo,    0 50

 Pocket Logarithms to Four Places. (Science Series.).   16mo,    0 50

 Pope, F. L. Modern Practice of the Electric Telegraph.  8vo,    1 50

 Popplewell, W. C. Elementary Treatise on Heat and
   Heat Engines.                                        12mo,   *3 00

 —— Prevention of Smoke.                                 8vo,   *3 50

 —— Strength of Materials.                               8vo,   *1 75

 Potter, T. Concrete.                                    8vo,   *3 00

 Practical Compounding of Oils, Tallow and Grease.       8vo,   *3 50

 Practical Iron Founding.                               12mo,    1 50

 Pray, T., Jr. Twenty Years with the Indicator.          8vo,    2 50

 —— Steam Tables and Engine Constant.                    8vo,    2 00

 —— Calorimeter Tables.                                  8vo,    1 00

 Preece, W. H. Electric Lamps.                  (_In Press._)

 Prelini, C. Earth and Rock Excavation.                  8vo,   *3 00

 —— Graphical Determination of Earth Slopes.             8vo,   *2 00

 —— Tunneling.                                           8vo,    3 00

 —— Dredging. A Practical Treatise.             (_In Press._)

 Prescott, A. B. Organic Analysis.                       8vo,    5 00

 Prescott, A. B., and Johnson, O. C. Qualitative
   Chemical Analysis.                                    8vo,   *3 50

 Prescott, A. B., and Sullivan, E. C. First Book
   in Qualitative Chemistry.                            12mo,   *1 50

 Pritchard, O. G. The Manufacture of
   Electric-light Carbons.                        8vo, paper,   *0 60

 Prost, E. Chemical Analysis of Fuels, Ores, Metals.
   Trans. by J. C. Smith.                                8vo,   *4 50

 Pullen, W. W. F. Application of Graphic Methods
   to the Design of Structures.                         12mo,   *2 50

 —— Injectors: Theory, Construction and Working.        12mo,   *1 50

 Pulsifer, W. H. Notes for a History of Lead.            8vo,    4 00

 Putsch, A. Gas and Coal-dust Firing.                    8vo,   *3 00

 Pynchon, T. R. Introduction to Chemical Physics.        8vo,    3 00

 Rafter, G. W. Treatment of Septic Sewage.
   (Science Series.).                                   16mo,    0 50

 Rafter, G. W., and Baker, M. N. Sewage Disposal
   in the United States.                                 4to,   *6 00

 Raikes, H. P. Sewage Disposal Works.                    8vo,   *4 00

 Railway Shop Up-to-Date.                                4to,    2 00

 Ramp, H. M. Foundry Practice.                  (_In Press._)

 Randall, P. M. Quartz Operator’s Handbook.             12mo,    2 00

 Randau, P. Enamels and Enamelling.                      8vo,   *4 00

 Rankine, W. J. M. Applied Mechanics.                    8vo,    5 00

 —— Civil Engineering.                                   8vo,    6 50

 —— Machinery and Millwork.                              8vo,    5 00

 Rankine, W. J. M. The Steam-engine and Other
   Prime Movers.                                         8vo,    5 00

 —— Useful Rules and Tables.                             8vo,    4 00

 Rankine, W. J. M., and Bamber, E. F.
   A Mechanical Text-book.                               8vo,    3 50

 Raphael, F. C. Localization of Faults in Electric
   Light and Power Mains.                                8vo,   *3 00

 Rathbone, R. L. B. Simple Jewellery.                    8vo,   *2 00

 Rateau, A. Flow of Steam through Nozzles and Orifices.
   Trans. by H. B. Brydon.                               8vo,   *1 50

 Rausenberger, F. The Theory of the Recoil of Guns.      8vo,   *4 50

 Rautenstrauch, W. Notes on the Elements of
   Machine Design.                               8vo, boards,   *1 50

 Rautenstrauch, W., and Williams,
   J. T. Machine Drafting and Empirical Design.
  Part I. Machine Drafting.                              8vo,   *1 25
  Part II. Empirical Design.     (_In Preparation._)

 Raymond, E. B. Alternating Current Engineering.        12mo,   *2 50

 Rayner, H. Silk Throwing and Waste Silk Spinning.       8vo,   *2 50

 Recipes for the Color, Paint, Varnish, Oil, Soap and
   Drysaltery Trades.                                    8vo,   *3 50

 Recipes for Flint Glass Making.                        12mo,   *4 50

 Reed’s Engineers’ Handbook.                             8vo,   *5 00

 —— Key to the Nineteenth Edition of Reed’s
   Engineers’ Handbook.                                  8vo,   *3 00

 —— Useful Hints to Sea-going Engineers.                12mo,    1 50

 —— Marine Boilers.                                     12mo,    2 00

 Reinhardt, C. W. Lettering for Draftsmen,
   Engineers, and Students.               oblong 4to, boards,    1 00

 —— The Technic of Mechanical Drafting.   oblong 4to, boards,   *1 00

 Reiser, F. Hardening and Tempering of Steel. Trans. by
   A. Morris and H. Robson.                             12mo,   *2 50

 Reiser, N. Faults in the Manufacture of Woolen Goods.
   Trans. by A. Morris and H. Robson.                    8vo,   *2 50

 —— Spinning and Weaving Calculations.                   8vo,   *5 00

 Renwick, W. G. Marble and Marble Working.               8vo,    5 00

 Rhead, G. F. Simple Structural Woodwork.               12mo,   *1 00

 Rice, J. M., and Johnson, W. W. A New Method of
   Obtaining the Differential of Functions.             12mo,    0 50

 Richardson, J. The Modern Steam Engine.                 8vo,   *3 50

 Richardson, S. S. Magnetism and Electricity.           12mo,   *2 00

 Rideal, S. Glue and Glue Testing.                       8vo,   *4 00

 Rings, F. Concrete in Theory and Practice.             12mo,   *2 50

 Ripper, W. Course of Instruction in
   Machine Drawing.                                    folio,   *6 00

 Roberts, J., Jr. Laboratory Work in Electrical
   Engineering.                                          8vo,   *2 00

 Robertson, L. S. Water-tube Boilers.                    8vo,    3 00

 Robinson, J. B. Architectural Composition.              8vo,   *2 50

 Robinson, S. W. Practical Treatise on the Teeth
   of Wheels. (Science Series.).                        16mo,    0 50

 Roebling, J. A. Long and Short Span Railway Bridges.  folio,   25 00

 Rogers, A. A Laboratory Guide of Industrial
   Chemistry.                                           12mo,   *1 50

 Rogers, A., and Aubert, A. B. Industrial
   Chemistry.                                   (_In Press._)

 Rollins, W. Notes on X-Light.                           8vo,   *7 50

 Rose, J. The Pattern-makers’ Assistant.                 8vo,    2 50

 —— Key to Engines and Engine-running.                  12mo,    2 50

 Rose, T. K. The Precious Metals.
   (Westminster Series.).                                8vo,   *2 00

 Rosenhain, W. Glass Manufacture.
   (Westminster Series.).                                8vo,   *2 00

 Rossiter, J. T. Steam Engines.
   (Westminster Series.).                   8vo (_In Press._)

 —— Pumps and Pumping Machinery.
   (Westminster Series.).                   8vo (_In Press._)

 Roth. Physical Chemistry.                               8vo,   *2 00

 Rouillion, L. The Economics of Manual Training.         8vo,    2 00

 Rowan, F. J. Practical Physics of the Modern
   Steam-boiler.                                         8vo,    7 50

 Roxburgh, W. General Foundry Practice.                  8vo,   *3 50

 Ruhmer, E. Wireless Telephony. Trans. by
   J. Erskine-Murray.                                    8vo,   *3 50

 Russell, A. Theory of Electric Cables and Networks.     8vo,   *3 00

 Sabine, R. History and Progress of the
   Electric Telegraph.                                  12mo,    1 25

 Saeltzer, A. Treatise on Acoustics.                    12mo,    1 00

 Salomons, D. Electric Light Installations.             12mo.
  Vol. I. The Management of Accumulators.                        2 50
  Vol. II. Apparatus.                                            2 25
  Vol. III. Applications.                                        1 50

 Sanford, P. G. Nitro-explosives.                        8vo,   *4 00

 Saunders, C. H. Handbook of Practical Mechanics.       16mo,    1 00
      leather,                                                   1 25

 Saunnier, C. Watchmaker’s Handbook.                    12mo,    3 00

 Sayers, H. M. Brakes for Tram Cars.                     8vo,   *1 25

 Scheele, C. W. Chemical Essays.                         8vo,   *2 00

 Schellen, H. Magneto-electric and
   Dynamo-electric Machines.                             8vo,    5 00

 Scherer, R. Casein. Trans. by C. Salter.                8vo,   *3 00

 Schmall, C. N. First Course in Analytic Geometry,
   Plane and Solid.                       12mo, half leather,   *1 75

 Schmall, C. N., and Shack, S. M. Elements
   of Plane Geometry.                                   12mo,   *1 25

 Schmeer, L. Flow of Water.                              8vo,   *3 00

 Schumann, F. A Manual of Heating and
   Ventilation.                                12mo, leather,    1 50

 Schwarz, E. H. L. Causal Geology.                       8vo,   *2 50

 Schweizer, V., Distillation of Resins.                  8vo,   *3 50

 Scott, W. W. Qualitative Analysis.
   A Laboratory Manual.                     8vo (_In Press._)

 Scribner, J. M. Engineers’ and
   Mechanics’ Companion.                       16mo, leather,    1 50

 Searle, G. M. “Sumners’ Method." Condensed
   and Improved. (Science Series.).                     16mo,    0 50

 Seaton, A. E. Manual of Marine Engineering.             8vo,    6 00

 Seaton, A. E., and Rounthwaite, H. M. Pocket-book
   of Marine Engineering.                      16mo, leather,    3 00

 Seeligmann, T., Torrilhon, G. L., and Falconnet,
   H. India Rubber and Gutta Percha.
     Trans. by J. G. McIntosh.                           8vo,   *5 00

 Seidell, A. Solubilities of Inorganic and
   Organic Substances.                                   8vo,   *3 00

 Sellew, W. H. Steel Rails.                 4to (_In Press._)

 Senter, G. Outlines of Physical Chemistry.             12mo,   *1 50

 Sever, G. F. Electric Engineering Experiments   8vo, boards,   *1 00

 Sever, G. F., and Townsend, F. Laboratory and
   Factory Tests in Electrical Engineering.              8vo,   *2 50

 Sewall, C. H. Wireless Telegraphy.                      8vo,   *2 00

 —— Lessons in Telegraphy.                              12mo,   *1 00

 Sewell, T. Elements of Electrical Engineering.          8vo,   *3 00

 —— The Construction of Dynamos.                         8vo,   *3 00

 Sexton, A. H. Fuel and Refractory Materials.           12mo,   *2 50

 Sexton, A. H. Chemistry of the Materials of
   Engineering.                                        12 mo,   *2 50

 —— Alloys (Non-Ferrous).                                8vo,   *3 00

 —— The Metallurgy of Iron and Steel.                    8vo,   *6 50

 Seymour, A. Practical Lithography.                      8vo,   *2 50

 —— Modern Printing Inks.                                8vo,   *2 00

 Shaw, P. E. Course of Practical Magnetism and
   Electricity.                                          8vo,   *1 00

 Shaw, S. History of the Staffordshire Potteries.        8vo,   *3 00

 —— Chemistry of Compounds Used in Porcelain
   Manufacture.                                          8vo,   *5 00

 Sheldon, S., and Hausmann, E. Direct Current Machines.  8vo,   *2 50

 Sheldon, S., Mason, H., and Hausmann, E.
   Alternating-current Machines.                         8vo,   *2 50

 Sherer, R. Casein. Trans. by C. Salter.                 8vo,   *3 00

 Sherriff, F. F. Oil Merchants’ Manual.                 12mo,   *3 50

 Shields, J. E. Notes on Engineering Construction.      12mo,    1 50

 Shock, W. H. Steam Boilers.               4to, half morocco,   15 00

 Shreve, S. H. Strength of Bridges and Roofs.            8vo,    3 50

 Shunk, W. F. The Field Engineer.              12mo, morocco,    2 50

 Simmons, W. H., and Appleton, H. A. Handbook of
   Soap Manufacture.                                     8vo,   *3 00

 Simms, F. W. The Principles and Practice of Leveling.   8vo,    2 50

 —— Practical Tunneling.                                 8vo,    7 50

 Simpson, G. The Naval Constructor.            12mo, morocco,   *5 00

 Sinclair, A. Development of the Locomotive
   Engine.                                 8vo, half leather,    5 00

 Sindall, R. W. Manufacture of Paper.
   (Westminster Series.).                                8vo,   *2 00

 Sloane, T. O’C. Elementary Electrical Calculations.    12mo,   *2 00

 Smith, C. F. Practical Alternating Currents
   and Testing.                                          8vo,   *2 50

 —— Practical Testing of Dynamos and Motors.             8vo,   *2 00

 Smith, F. E. Handbook of General Instruction
   for Mechanics.                                       12mo,    1 50

 Smith, I. W. The Theory of Deflections and of
   Latitudes and Departures.                   16mo, morocco,    3 00

 Smith, J. C. Manufacture of Paint.                      8vo,   *3 00

 Smith, W. Chemistry of Hat Manufacturing.              12mo,   *3 00

 Snell, A. T. Electric Motive Power.                     8vo,   *4 00

 Snow, W. G. Pocketbook of Steam
   Heating and Ventilation.                     (_In Press._)

 Snow, W. G., and Nolan, T. Ventilation of Buildings.
   (Science Series.).                                   16mo,    0 50

 Soddy, F. Radioactivity.                                8vo,   *3 00

 Solomon, M. Electric Lamps. (Westminster Series.).      8vo,   *2 00

 Sothern, J. W. The Marine Steam Turbine.                8vo,   *5 00

 Soxhlet, D. H. Dyeing and Staining Marble. Trans.
   by A. Morris and H. Robson.                           8vo,   *2 50

 Spang, H. W. A Practical Treatise on
   Lightning Protection.                                12mo,    1 00

 Speyers, C. L. Text-book of Physical Chemistry.         8vo,   *2 25

 Stahl, A. W., and Woods, A. T. Elementary Mechanism.   12mo,   *2 00

 Staley, C., and Pierson, G. S. The Separate System
   of Sewerage.                                          8vo,   *3 00

 Standage, H. C. Leatherworkers’ Manual.                 8vo,   *3 50

 —— Sealing Waxes, Wafers, and Other Adhesives.          8vo,   *2 00

 —— Agglutinants of all Kinds for all Purposes.         12mo,   *3 50

 Stansbie, J. H. Iron and Steel. (Westminster Series.).  8vo,   *2 00

 Stevens, H. P. Paper Mill Chemist.                     16mo,   *2 50

 Stewart, A. Modern Polyphase Machinery.                12mo,   *2 00

 Stewart, G. Modern Steam Traps.                        12mo,   *1 25

 Stiles, A. Tables for Field Engineers.                 12mo,    1 00

 Stillman, P. Steam-engine Indicator.                   12mo,    1 00

 Stodola, A. Steam Turbines. Trans. by
   L. C. Loewenstein.                                    8vo,   *5 00

 Stone, H. The Timbers of Commerce.                      8vo,    3 50

 Stone, Gen. R. New Roads and Road Laws.                12mo,    1 00

 Stopes, M. Ancient Plants.                              8vo,   *2 00

 Sudborough, J. J., and James, T. C.
   Practical Organic Chemistry.                         12mo,   *2 00

 Suffling, E. R. Treatise on the Art of
   Glass Painting.                                       8vo,   *3 50

 Swan, K. Patents, Designs and Trade Marks.
   (Westminster Series.).                                8vo,   *2 00

 Sweet, S. H. Special Report on Coal.                    8vo,    3 00

 Swoope, C. W. Practical Lessons in Electricity.        12mo,   *2 00

 Tailfer, L. Bleaching Linen and Cotton Yarn
   and Fabrics.                                          8vo,   *5 00

 Templeton, W. Practical Mechanic’s Workshop
   Companion.                                  12mo, morocco,    2 00

 Terry, H. L. India Rubber and its Manufacture.
   (Westminster Series.).                                8vo,   *2 00

 Thom, C., and Jones, W. H. Telegraphic
   Connections.                                  oblong 12mo,    1 50

 Thomas, C. W. Paper-makers’ Handbook.          (_In Press._)

 Thompson, A. B. Oil Fields of Russia.                   4to,   *7 50

 —— Petroleum Mining and Oil Field Development.          8vo,   *5 00

 Thompson, E. P. How to Make Inventions.                 8vo,    0 50

 Thompson, W. P. Handbook of Patent Law of
   All Countries.                                       16mo,    1 50

 Thornley, T. Cotton Combing Machines.                   8vo,   *3 00

 —— Cotton Spinning. 8vo.
  First Year.                                                   *1 50
  Second Year.                                                  *2 50
  Third Year.                                                   *2 50

 Thurso, J. W. Modern Turbine Practice.                  8vo,   *4 00

 Tinney, W. H. Gold-mining Machinery.                    8vo,   *5 00

 Titherley, A. W. Laboratory Course of
   Organic Chemistry.                                    8vo,   *2 00

 Toch, M. Chemistry and Technology of Mixed Paints.      8vo,   *3 00

 Todd, J., and Whall, W. B. Practical Seamanship.        8vo,   *7 50

 Tonge, J. Coal. (Westminster Series.).                  8vo,   *2 00

 Townsend, J. Ionization of Gases by Collision.          8vo,   *1 75

 Transactions of the American Institute of
   Chemical Engineers.                                   8vo.
  Vol. I. 1908.                                                 *6 00
  Vol. II. 1909.                                                *6 00

 Traverse Tables. (Science Series.).                    16mo,    1 50
      morocco,    1 00

 Trinks, W., and Housum, C. Shaft Governors.
   (Science Series.).                                   16mo,    0 50

 Tucker, J. H. A Manual of Sugar Analysis.               8vo,    3 50

 Tumlirz, O. Potential. Trans. by D. Robertson.         12mo,    1 25

 Tunner, P. A. Treatise on Roll-turning. Trans.
   by J. B. Pearse.   8vo, text and folio atlas,                10 00

 Turbayne, A. A. Alphabets and Numerals.                 4to,    2 00

 Turrill, S. M. Elementary Course in Perspective.       12mo,   *1 25

 Underhill, C. R. Solenoids, Electromagnets
   and Electromagnetic Windings.                        12mo,   *2 00

 Urquhart, J. W. Electric Light Fitting.                12mo,    2 00

 —— Electro-plating.                                    12mo,    2 00

 —— Electrotyping.                                      12mo,    2 00

 —— Electric Ship Lighting.                             12mo,    3 00

 Universal Telegraph Cipher Code.                       12mo,    1 00

 Vacher, F. Food Inspector’s Handbook.                  12mo,   *2 50

 Van Nostrand’s Chemical Annual. Second issue 1909.     12mo,   *2 50

 —— Year Book of Mechanical Engineering Data.
   First issue 1910.                            (_In Press._)

 Van Wagenen, T. F. Manual of Hydraulic Mining.         16mo,    1 00

 Vega, Baron Von. Logarithmic Tables.      8vo, half morocco,    2 50

 Villon, A. M. Practical Treatise on the Leather Industry.
   Trans. by F. T. Addyman.                              8vo,  *10 00

 Vincent, C. Ammonia and its Compounds.
   Trans. by M. J. Salter.                               8vo,   *2 00

 Volk, C. Haulage and Winding Appliances.                8vo,   *4 00

 Von Georgievics, G. Chemical Technology of
   Textile Fibres. Trans. by C. Salter.                  8vo,   *4 50

 —— Chemistry of Dyestuffs. Trans. by C. Salter.         8vo,   *4 50

 Wabner, R. Ventilation in Mines. Trans. by C. Salter.   8vo,   *4 50

 Wade, E. J. Secondary Batteries.                        8vo,   *4 00

 Wadsworth, C. Primary Battery Ignition.   12mo (_In Press._)

 Wagner, E. Preserving Fruits, Vegetables, and Meat.    12mo,   *2 50

 Walker, F. Aerial Navigation.                           8vo,    3 00

 —— Electric Lighting for Marine Engineers.              8vo,    2 00

 Walker, S. F. Steam Boilers, Engines and Turbines.      8vo,    3 00

 —— Refrigeration, Heating and Ventilation
   on Shipboard.                           12mo (_In Press._)

 —— Electricity in Mining.                               8vo,   *3 50

 —— Steam Boilers, Engines and Turbines.                 8vo,   *3 00

 Walker, W. H. Screw Propulsion.                         8vo,    0 75

 Wallis-Tayler, A. J. Bearings and Lubrication.          8vo,   *1 50

 —— Modern Cycles.                                       8vo,    4 00

 —— Motor Cars.                                          8vo,    1 80

 —— Motor Vehicles for Business Purposes.                8vo,    3 50

 —— Pocket Book of Refrigeration and Ice Making.        12mo,    1 50

 —— Refrigerating and Ice-making Machinery.              8vo,    3 00

 —— Refrigeration and Cold Storage.                      8vo,   *4 50

 —— Sugar Machinery.                                    12mo,   *2 00

 Wanklyn, J. A. Treatise on the Examination of Milk.    12mo,    1 00

 —— Water Analysis.                                     12mo,    2 00

 Wansbrough, W. D. The A B C of the Differential
   Calculus.                                            12mo,   *1 50

 —— Slide Valves.                                       12mo,   *2 00

 Ward, J. H. Steam for the Million.                      8vo,    1 00

 Waring, G. E., Jr. Sewerage and Land Drainage.                 *6 00

 —— Modern Methods of Sewage Disposal.                  12mo,    2 00

 —— How to Drain a House.                               12mo,    1 25

 Warren, F. D. Handbook on Reinforced Concrete.         12mo,   *2 50

 Watkins, A. Photography.
   (Westminster Series.).                   8vo (_In Press._)

 Watson, E. P. Small Engines and Boilers.               12mo,    1 25

 Watt, A. Electro-plating and Electro-refining
   of Metals.                                            8vo,   *4 50

 Watt, A. Electro-metallurgy.                           12mo,    1 00

 —— The Art of Soap-making.                              8vo,    3 00

 —— Leather Manufacture.                                 8vo,   *4 00

 Weale, J. Dictionary of Terms Used in Architecture.    12mo,    2 50

 Weather and Weather Instruments.                       12mo,    1 00
        paper,    0 50

 Webb, H. L. Guide to the Testing of Insulated
   Wires and Cables.                                    12mo,    1 00

 Webber, W. H. Y. Town Gas. (Westminster Series.).       8vo,   *2 00

 Weekes, R. W. The Design of Alternate Current
   Transformers.                                        12mo,    1 00

 Weisbach, J. A Manual of Theoretical Mechanics.         8vo,   *6 00
        sheep,   *7 50

 Weisbach, J., and Herrmann, G. Mechanics of
   Air Machinery.                                        8vo,   *3 75

 Weston, E. B. Loss of Head Due to Friction of
   Water in Pipes.                                      12mo,   *1 50

 Weymouth, F. M. Drum Armatures and Commutators.         8vo,   *3 00

 Wheeler, J. B. Art of War.                             12mo,    1 75

 —— Field Fortifications.                               12mo,    1 75

 Whipple, S. An Elementary and Practical Treatise
   on Bridge Building.                                   8vo,    3 00

 Whithard, P. Illuminating and Missal Painting.         12mo,    1 50

 Wilkinson, H. D. Submarine Cable Laying and
   Repairing.                                            8vo,   *6 00

 Williams, A. D., Jr., and Hutchinson, R. W.
   The Steam Turbine.                           (_In Press._)

 Williamson, R. S. On the Use of the Barometer.          4to,   15 00

 —— Practical Tables in Meteorology and Hypsometery.     4to,    2 50

 Willson, F. N. Theoretical and Practical Graphics.      4to,   *4 00

 Wimperis, H. E. Internal Combustion Engine.             8vo,   *3 00

 Winchell, N. H., and A. N. Elements of
   Optical Mineralogy.                                   8vo,   *3 50

 Winkler, C., and Lunge, G. Handbook of Technical
   Gas-Analysis.                                         8vo,    4 00

 Woodbury, D. V. Elements of Stability in the
   Well-proportioned Arch.                 8vo, half morocco,    4 00

 Worden, E. C. The Nitrocellulose Industry.
   Two Volumes.                             8vo (_In Press._)

 Wright, A. C. Analysis of Oils and
   Allied Substances.                                    8vo,   *3 50

 —— Simple Method for Testing Painters’ Materials.       8vo,   *2 50

 Wright, H. E. Handy Book for Brewers.                   8vo,   *5 00

 Wright, F. W. Design of a Condensing Plant.            12mo,   *1 50

 Wright, T. W. Elements of Mechanics.                    8vo,   *2 50

 Wright, T. W., and Hayford, J. F. Adjustment
   of Observations.                                      8vo,   *3 00

 Young, J. E. Electrical Testing for Telegraph
   Engineers.                                            8vo,   *4 00

 Zeidler, J., and Lustgarten, J. Electric Arc Lamps.     8vo,   *2 00

 Zeuner, A. Technical Thermodynamics. Trans. by
   J. F. Klein. Two Volumes.                             8vo,   *8 00

 Zimmer, G. F. Mechanical Handling of Material.          4to,  *10 00

 Zipser, J. Textile Raw Materials. Trans. by
   C. Salter.                                            8vo,   *5 00

 Zur Nedden, F. Engineering Workshop Machines and
   Processes. Trans. by J. A. Davenport.                 8vo,   *2 00


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