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Title: Saunder's Books on Pathology, Physiology Histology, Embryology and Bacteriology
Author: Company, W.B. Saunders
Language: English
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Copyright Status: Not copyrighted in the United States. If you live elsewhere check the laws of your country before downloading this ebook. See comments about copyright issues at end of book.

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   [Catalog taken from the end of A Text-book of Diseases of Women by
             Charles Penrose, W.B. Saunders Company, 1908]

                            SAUNDERS’ BOOKS

                              ---- on----

     Pathology, Physiology Histology, Embryology and Bacteriology

                        W. B. SAUNDERS COMPANY

                 925 WALNUT STREET        PHILADELPHIA



The excellent judgment displayed in the publications of the house at the
very beginning of its career, and the success of the modern business
methods employed by it, at once attracted the attention of leading men
in the profession, and many of the most prominent writers of America
offered their books for publication. Thus, there were produced in rapid
succession a number of works that immediately placed the house in the
front rank of Medical Publishers. One need only cite such instances as
Keen’s five-volume work on Surgery, Kelly and Noble’s Gynecology and
Abdominal Surgery, Fowler’s Surgery, Ashton’s Gynecology, Moynihan’s
works on Abdominal Operations and on Gallstones, Sahli, Kinnicutt, and
Potter’s Diagnostic Methods, Stengel’s Pathology, Hirst’s Obstetrics,
Anders’ Practice, DaCosta’s Surgery, and the International Text-Book of
Surgery, edited by Warren and Gould. These books have made for
themselves a place among the best works on their several subjects.

=A Complete Catalogue of our Publications will be Sent upon Request=

American Text-Book of Pathology

=American Text-Book of Pathology.= Edited by LUDVIG HEKTOEN, M. D.,
Professor of Pathology, Rush Medical College, in affiliation with the
University of Chicago; and DAVID RIESMAN, M. D., Professor of Clinical
Medicine, Philadelphia Polyclinic. Handsome imperial octavo, 1245 pages,
443 illustrations, 66 in colors. Cloth, $7.50 net; Sheep or Half
Morocco, $9.00 net.


The present work is the most representative treatise on the subject that
has appeared in English. It furnishes practitioners and students with a
comprehensive text-book on the essential principles and facts in General
Pathology and Pathologic Anatomy, with especial emphasis on the
relations of the latter to practical medicine. The illustrations are
nearly all original, and those in color are printed directly in the
text. In fact, the pictorial feature of the work forms a complete atlas
of pathologic anatomy and histology.

Quarterly Medical Journal, Sheffield, England

     “As to the illustrations, we can only say that whilst all of them
     are good, most of them are really beautiful, and for them alone the
     book is worth having. Both colored and plain, they are distributed
     so profusely as to add very largely to the interest of the reader
     and to help the student.

McConnell’s Pathology

=A Manual of Pathology.= By GUTHRIE MCCONNELL, M. D., Pathologist to the
Skin and Cancer Hospital, St. Louis. 12mo of 523 pages, with 170
illustrations. Flexible leather, $2.50 net.


Dr. McConnell has discussed his subject with a clearness and precision
of style that render the work of great assistance to both student and
practitioner. The illustrations, many of them original, have been
introduced for their practical value.

Wells’ Chemical Pathology

=Chemical Pathology.= Being a Discussion of General Pathology from the
Standpoint of the Chemical Processes Involved. By H. GIDEON WELLS,
PH.D., M.D., Assistant Professor of Pathology in the University of
Chicago. Octavo of 549 pages. Cloth, $3.25 net; Half Morocco, $4.75 net.


     Dr. Wells here presents the latest work systematically considering
     the subject of general pathology from the standpoint of the
     chemical processes involved. It is written for the physician, for
     those engaged in research in pathology and physiologic chemistry,
     and for the medical student. In the introductory chapter are
     discussed the chemistry and physics of the animal cell, giving the
     essential facts of ionization, diffusion, osmotic pressure, etc.,
     and the relation of these facts to cellular activities. Special
     chapters are devoted to _Diabetes_ and to _Uric-acid Metabolism and

=Wm. H. Welch, M.D.=,
_Professor of Pathology, Johns Hopkins University_.

     “The work fills a real need in the English literature of a very
     important subject, and I shall be glad to recommend it to my

McFarland’s Pathology

=A Text-Book of Pathology.= By JOSEPH MCFARLAND, M.D., Professor of
Pathology and Bacteriology in the Medico-Chirurgical College of
Philadelphia. Octavo of 818 pages, with 350 illustrations, many in
colors. Cloth, $5.00 net; Half Morocco, $6.50 net.


     Unlike most works on pathology, this work treats the subject, not
     from the professor’s point of view, but from that of the student.
     The text is admirably elucidated by numerous excellent
     illustrations, many of them having been especially drawn.

American Medicine

     “We feel confident in saying no other recent treatise, not
     encyclopedic in character on any subject, contains so much direct
     and correlated information on the branch with which it deals.”

Dürck and Hektoen’s General Pathologic Histology

=Atlas and Epitome of General Pathologic Histology.= By PR. DR. H. DÜRCK,
of Munich. Edited, with additions, by LUDVIG HEKTOEN, M. D., Professor
of Pathology in Rush Medical College, Chicago. 172 colored figures on 77
lithographic plates, 36 text-cuts, many in colors, and 353 pages. Cloth,
$5.00 net. _In Saunders’ Hand-Atlas Series._


     This new Atlas will be found even more valuable than the two
     preceding volumes on Special Pathologic Histology, to which, in a
     manner, it is a companion work. The text gives the generally
     accepted views in regard to the significance of pathologic
     processes, explained in clear and easily understood language. The
     lithographs in some cases required as many as twenty-six colors to
     reproduce the original painting. Dr. Hektoen has made many
     additions of great value.

=W. T. Councilman, M. D.=,
_Professor of Pathologic Anatomy, Harvard University_.

     “I have seen no plates which impress me as so truly representing
     histologic appearances as do these. The book is a valuable one.”

Howell’s Physiology

=A Text-Book of Physiology.= By WILLIAM H. HOWELL, PH.D., M. D., Professor
of Physiology in the Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md. Octavo of
915 pages, 275 illustrations. Cloth, $4.00 net.


     Dr. Howell has had many years of experience as a teacher of
     physiology in several of the leading medical schools, and is
     therefore exceedingly well fitted to write a text-book on this
     subject. Main emphasis has been laid upon those facts and views
     which will be directly helpful in the practical branches of
     medicine. At the same time, however, sufficient consideration has
     been given to the experimental side of the science. The entire
     literature of physiology has been thoroughly digested by Dr.
     Howell, and the important views and conclusions introduced into his
     work. Illustrations have been most freely used.

The Lancet, London

     “This is one of the best recent text-books on physiology, and we
     warmly commend it to the attention of students who desire to obtain
     by reading a general, all-round, yet concise survey of the scope,
     facts, theories, and speculations that make up its subject matter.”

Stengel’s Text-Book of Pathology

Recently Issued--The New (5th) Edition

=A Text-Book of Pathology.= By ALFRED STENGEL, M. D., Professor of
Clinical Medicine in the University of Pennsylvania. Octavo volume of
979 pages, with 400 text-illustrations, many in colors, and 7 full-page
colored plates. Cloth, $5.00 net; Sheep or Half Morocco, $6.50 net.


     In this work the practical application of pathologic facts to
     clinical medicine is considered more fully than is customary in
     works on pathology. While the subject of pathology is treated in
     the broadest way consistent with the size of the book, an effort
     has been made to present the subject from the point of view of the
     clinician. In the second part of the work the pathology of
     individual organs and tissues is treated systematically and quite
     fully under subheadings that clearly indicate the subject-matter to
     be found on each page. In this edition the section dealing with
     General Pathology has been most extensively revised, several of the
     important chapters having been practically rewritten. A very useful
     addition is an Appendix treating of the technic of pathologic
     methods, giving briefly the most important methods at present in
     use for the study of pathology, including, however, only those
     methods capable of giving satisfactory results. The book will be
     found to maintain fully its popularity.


=William H. Welch, M. D.=,
_Professor of Pathology, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md_.

     “I consider the work abreast of modern pathology, and useful to
     both students and practitioners. It presents in a concise and
     well-considered form the essential facts of general and special
     pathologic anatomy, with more than usual emphasis upon pathologic

=Ludvig Hektoen, M. D.=,
_Professor of Pathology, Rush Medical College, Chicago_.

     “I regard it as the most serviceable text-book for students on this
     subject yet written by an American author.”

The Lancet, London

     “This volume is intended to present the subject of pathology in as
     practical a form as possible, and more especially from the point of
     view of the ‘clinical pathologist.’ These subjects have been
     faithfully carried out, and a valuable text-book is the result. We
     can most favorably recommend it to our readers as a thoroughly
     practical work on clinical pathology.”

                               THE BEST

                    American Illustrated Dictionary

                  Recently Issued--New (4th) Edition

                                THE NEW

=The American Illustrated Medical Dictionary.= A new and complete
dictionary of the terms used in Medicine, Surgery, Dentistry, Pharmacy,
Chemistry, and kindred branches; with over 100 new and elaborate tables
and many handsome illustrations. By W. A. NEWMAN DORLAND, M. D., Editor
of “The American Pocket Medical Dictionary.” Large octavo, nearly 850
pages, bound in full flexible leather. Price, $4.50 net; with thumb
index, $5.00 net.

Gives a Maximum Amount of Matter in a Minimum Space, and at the Lowest
Possible Cost


     The immediate success of this work is due to the special features
     that distinguish it from other books of its kind. It gives a
     maximum of matter in a minimum space and at the lowest possible
     cost. Though it is practically unabridged, yet by the use of thin
     bible paper and flexible morocco binding it is only 1¾ inches
     thick. The result is a truly luxurious specimen of book-making. In
     this new edition the book has been thoroughly revised, and upward
     of two thousand new terms that have appeared in recent medical
     literature have been added, thus bringing the book absolutely up to
     date. The book contains hundreds of terms not to be found in any
     other dictionary, over 100 original tables, and many handsome
     illustrations, a number in colors.


=Howard A. Kelly, M. D.=,
_Professor of Gynecology, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore_.

     “Dr. Dorland’s dictionary is admirable. It is so well gotten up and
     of such convenient size. No errors have been found in my use of

=J. Collins Warren, M.D., LL.D., F.R.C.S. (Hon.)=,
_Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School_.

     “I regard it as a valuable aid to my medical literary work. It is
     very complete and of convenient size to handle comfortably. I use
     it in preference to any other.”

Heisler’s Text-Book _of_ Embryology

Recently Issued--The New (3d) Edition

=A Text-Book of Embryology.= By JOHN C. HEISLER, M.D., Professor of
Anatomy in the Medico-Chirurgical College, Philadelphia. Octavo volume
of 435 pages, with 212 illustrations, 32 of them in colors. Cloth, $3.00


     The fact of embryology having acquired in recent years such great
     interest in connection with the teaching and with the proper
     comprehension of human anatomy, it is of first importance to the
     student of medicine that a concise and yet sufficiently full
     text-book upon the subject be available. This new edition
     represents all the latest advances recently made in the science of
     embryology. Many portions have been entirely rewritten, and a great
     deal of new and important matter added. A number of new
     illustrations have also been introduced and these will prove very
     valuable. The previous editions of this work filled a gap most
     admirably, and this new edition will undoubtedly maintain the
     reputation already won. Heisler’s Embryology has become a standard


=G. Carl Huber, M. D.=,
_Professor of Histology and Embryology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor_.

     “I find the second edition of ‘A Text-Book of Embryology’ by Dr.
     Heisler an improvement on the first. The figures added increase
     greatly the value of the work. I am again recommending it to our

=William Wathen, M. D.=,
_Professor of Obstetrics, Abdominal Surgery, and Gynecology, and Dean,
      Kentucky School of Medicine, Louisville, Ky._

     “It is systematic, scientific, full of simplicity, and just such a
     work as a medical student will be able to comprehend.”

Birmingham Medical Review, England

     “We can most confidently recommend Dr. Heisler’s book to the
     student of biology or medicine for his careful study, if his aim be
     to acquire a sound and practical acquaintance with the subject of

Mallory _and_ Wright’s Pathologic Technique

Just Issued--Fourth Edition, Revised and Enlarged

=Pathologic Technique.= A Practical Manual for Workers in Pathologic
Histology, including Directions for the Performance of Autopsies and for
Clinical Diagnosis by Laboratory Methods. By FRANK B. MALLORY, M. D.,
Associate Professor of Pathology, Harvard University; and JAMES H.
WRIGHT, M. D., Director of the Clinico-Pathologic Laboratories,
Massachusetts General Hospital. Octavo of 500 pages, with 155
illustrations. Cloth, $3.00 net.


     In revising the book for the new edition the authors have kept in
     view the needs of the laboratory worker, whether student,
     practitioner, or pathologist, for a practical manual of histologic
     and bacteriologic methods in the study of pathologic material. Many
     parts have been rewritten, many new methods have been added, and
     the number of illustrations has been considerably increased. Among
     the many changes and additions may be mentioned the amplification
     of the description of the Parasite of Actinomycosis and the
     insertion of descriptions of the Bacillus of Bubonic Plague, of the
     Parasite of Mycetoma, and Wright’s methods for the cultivation of
     Anaërobic Bacteria. There have also been added new staining methods
     for elastic tissue by Weigert, for bone by Schmorl, and for
     connective tissue by Mallory. The new edition of this valuable work
     keeps pace with the great advances made in pathology, and will
     continue to be a most useful laboratory and post-mortem guide, full
     of practical information.


=Wm. H. Welch, M. D.=,
_Professor of Pathology, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore_.

     “I have been looking forward to the publication of this book, and I
     am glad to say that I find it a most useful laboratory and
     post-mortem guide, full of practical information and well up to

Boston Medical and Surgical Journal

     “This manual, since its first appearance, has been recognized as
     the standard guide in pathological technique, and has become
     well-nigh indispensable to the laboratory worker.”

Journal of the American Medical Association

     “One of the most complete works on the subject, and one which
     should be in the library of every physician who hopes to keep pace
     with the great advances made in pathology.”

Böhm, Davidoff, _and_ Huber’s Histology

=A Text-Book of Human Histology.= Including Microscopic Technic. By DR. A.
A. BÖHM and DR. M. VON DAVIDOFF, of Munich, and G. GARL HUBER, M. D.,
Professor of Histology and Embryology in the University of Michigan, Ann
Arbor. Handsome octavo of 528 pages, with 361 beautiful original
illustrations. Flexible cloth, $3.50 net.


     The work of Drs. Böhm and Davidoff is well known in the German
     edition, and has been considered one of the most practically useful
     books on the subject of Human Histology. This second edition has
     been in great part rewritten and very much enlarged by Dr. Huber,
     who has also added over one hundred original illustrations. Dr.
     Huber’s extensive additions have rendered the work the most
     complete students’ text-book on Histology in existence.

Boston Medical and Surgical Journal

     “Is unquestionably a text-book of the first rank, having been
     carefully written by thorough masters of the subject, and in
     certain directions it is much superior to any other histological

Drew’_s_ Invertebrate Zoölogy

=A Laboratory Manual of Invertebrate Zoölogy.= By GILMAN A. DREW, PH.D.,
Professor of Biology at the University of Maine. With the aid of Members
of the Zoölogical Staff of Instructors of the Marine Biological
Laboratory, Woods Holl, Mass. 12mo of 200 pages. Cloth, $1.25 net.


     The subject is presented in a logical way, and the type method of
     study has been followed, as this method has been the prevailing one
     for many years.

Prof. Allison A. Smyth, Jr., Virginia Polytechnic Institute

     “I think it is the best laboratory manual of zoölogy I have yet
     seen. The large number of forms dealt with makes the work
     applicable to almost any locality.”

McFarland’s Pathogenic Bacteria

The New (5th) Edition, Revised

=A Text-Book Upon the Pathogenic Bacteria.= By JOSEPH MCFARLAND, M. D.,
Professor of Pathology and Bacteriology in the Medico-Chirurgical
College of Philadelphia, Pathologist to the Medico-Chirurgical Hospital,
Philadelphia, etc. Octavo volume of 647 pages, finely illustrated.
Cloth, $3.50 net.


     This book gives a concise account of the technical procedures
     necessary in the study of bacteriology, a brief description of the
     life-history of the important pathogenic bacteria, and sufficient
     description of the pathologic lesions accompanying the
     micro-organismal invasions to give an idea of the origin of
     symptoms and the causes of death. The illustrations are mainly
     reproductions of the best the world affords, and are beautifully
     executed. In this edition the entire work has been practically
     rewritten, old matter eliminated, and much new matter inserted.

=H. B. Anderson, M. D.=,
_Professor of Pathology and Bacteriology, Trinity Medical College, Toronto_.

     “The book is a satisfactory one, and I shall take pleasure in
     recommending it to the students of Trinity College.”

The Lancet, London

     “It is excellently adapted for the medical students and
     practitioners for whom it is avowedly written.... The descriptions
     given are accurate and readable.”

Hill’s Histology and Organography

=A Manual of Histology and Organography.= By CHARLES HILL, M.D., Professor
of Histology and Embryology, Northwestern University, Chicago. 12mo of
463 pages, 313 illustrations. Flexible leather, $2.00 net.


     Dr. Hill’s fifteen years’ experience as a teacher of histology has
     enabled him to present a work characterized by clearness and
     brevity of style and a completeness of discussion rarely met in a
     book of its pretensions. Particular consideration is given the
     mouth and teeth; and illustrations are most freely used.

Eyre’s Bacteriologic Technique

=The Elements of Bacteriologic Technique.= A Laboratory Guide for the
Medical, Dental, and Technical Student. By J. W. H. EYRE, M. D., F. R.
S. Edin., Bacteriologist to Guy’s Hospital, London, and Lecturer on
Bacteriology at the Medical and Dental Schools, etc. Octavo volume of
375 pages, with 170 illustrations. Cloth, $2.50 net.


     This book presents, concisely yet clearly, the various methods at
     present in use for the study of bacteria, and elucidates such
     points in their life-histories as are debatable or still
     undetermined. It includes only those methods that are capable of
     giving satisfactory results even in the hands of beginners. The
     illustrations are numerous and practical. The work is designed with
     the needs of the technical student generally constantly in view.

The Lancet, London

     “Stamped throughout with evidence that the writer is a practical
     teacher, and the directions are more clearly given ... than in any
     previous work.”

Warren’s Pathology and Therapeutics

=Surgical Pathology and Therapeutics.= By JOHN COLLINS WARREN, M. D., LL.
D., F. R. C. S. (Hon.), Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School.
Octavo, 873 pages, 136 relief and lithographic illustrations, 33 in
colors. With an Appendix on Scientific Aids to Surgical Diagnosis and a
series of articles on Regional Bacteriology. Cloth, $5.00 net; Sheep or
Half Morocco, $6.50 net.


     In the second edition of this book all the important changes have
     been embodied in a new Appendix. In addition to an enumeration of
     the scientific aids to surgical diagnosis there is presented a
     series of sections on regional bacteriology, in which are given a
     description of the flora of the affected part, and the general
     principles of treating the affections they produce.

=Roswell Park, M. D.=,
_In the Harvard Graduate Magazine_.

     “I think it is the most creditable book on surgical pathology, and
     the most beautiful medical illustration of the bookmakers’ art that
     has ever been issued from the American press.”

Dürck _and_ Hektoen’s Special Pathologic Histology

=Atlas and Epitome of Special Pathologic Histology.= By DR. H. DÜRCK, of
Munich. Edited, with additions, by LUDVIG HEKTOEN, M. D., Professor of
Pathology, Rush Medical College, Chicago. In two parts. Part
I.--Circulatory, Respiratory, and Gastro-intestinal Tracts. 120 colored
figures on 62 plates, and 158 pages of text. Part II.--Liver, Urinary
and Sexual Organs, Nervous System, Skin, Muscles, and Bones. 123 colored
figures on 60 plates, and 192 pages of text. Per part: Cloth, $3.00 net.
_In Saunders’ Hand-Atlas Series._

     The great value of these plates is that they represent in the exact
     colors the effect of the stains, which is of such great importance
     for the differentiation of tissue. The text portion of the book is
     admirable, and, while brief, it is entirely satisfactory in that
     the leading facts are stated, and so stated that the reader feels
     he has grasped the subject extensively.

=William H. Welch, M. D.=,
_Professor of Pathology, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore_.

     “I consider Dürck’s ‘Atlas of Special Pathologic Histology,’ edited
     by Hektoen, a very useful book for students and others. The plates
     are admirable.”

Sobotta _and_ Huber’s Human Histology

=Atlas and Epitome of Human Histology.= By PRIVATDOCENT DR. J. SOBOTTA, of
Würzburg. Edited, with additions, by G. CARL HUBER, M. D., Professor of
Histology and Embryology in the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. With
214 colored figures on 80 plates, 68 text-illustrations, and 248 pages
of text. Cloth, $4.50 net. _In Saunders’ Hand-Atlas Series._


     The work combines an abundance of well-chosen and most accurate
     illustrations, with a concise text, and in such a manner as to make
     it both atlas and text-book. The great majority of the
     illustrations were made from sections prepared from human tissues,
     and always from fresh and in every respect normal specimens. The
     colored lithographic plates have been produced with the aid of over
     thirty colors.

Boston Medical and Surgical Journal

     “In color and proportion they are characterized by gratifying
     accuracy and lithographic beauty.”

American Text-Book of Physiology

=American Text-Book of Physiology.= In two volumes. Edited by WILLIAM H.
HOWELL, PH.D., M. D., Professor of Physiology in the Johns Hopkins
University, Baltimore, Md. Two royal octavo volumes of about 600 pages
each, fully illustrated. Per volume: Cloth, $3.00 net; Sheep or Half
Morocco, $4.25 net.


     Even in the short time that has elapsed since the first edition of
     this work there has been much progress in Physiology, and in this
     edition the book has been thoroughly revised to keep pace with this
     progress. The chapter upon the Central Nervous System has been
     entirely rewritten. A section on Physical Chemistry forms a
     valuable addition, since these views are taking a large part in
     current discussion in physiologic and medical literature.

The Medical News

     “The work will stand as a work of reference on physiology. To him
     who desires to know the status of modern physiology, who expects to
     obtain suggestions as to further physiologic inquiry, we know of
     none in English which so eminently meets such a demand.”

Stewart’s Physiology

=A Manual of Physiology, with Practical Exercises.= For Students and
Practitioners. By G. N. STEWART, M. A., M. D., D. Sc., Professor of
Physiology in the University of Chicago, Chicago. Octavo volume of 911
pages, with 395 text-illustrations and colored plates.

Cloth, $4.00 net.


     This work is written in a plain and attractive style that renders
     it particularly suited to the needs of students. The systematic
     portion is so treated that it can be used independently of the
     practical exercises. In the present edition a considerable amount
     of new matter has been added, especially to the chapters on Blood,
     Digestion, and the Central Nervous System.

Philadelphia Medical Journal

     “Those familiar with the attainments of Prof. Stewart as an
     original investigator, as a teacher and a writer, need no assurance
     that in this volume he has presented in a terse, concise, accurate
     manner the essential and best established facts of physiology in a
     most attractive manner.”

Levy _and_ Klemperer’s Clinical Bacteriology

=The Elements of Clinical Bacteriology.= By DRS. ERNST LEVY and FELIX
KLEMPERER, of the University of Strasburg. Translated and edited by
AUGUSTUS A. ESHNER, M. D., Professor of Clinical Medicine, Philadelphia
Polyclinic. Octavo volume of 440 pages, fully illustrated. Cloth, $2.50

=S. Solis-Cohen, M. D.=,
_Professor of Clinical Medicine, Jefferson Medical College_, Philadelphia.

     “I consider it an excellent book. I have recommended it in speaking
     to my students.”

Lehmann, Neumann, _and_ Weaver’s Bacteriology

=Atlas and Epitome of Bacteriology=: INCLUDING A TEXT-BOOK OF SPECIAL
NEUMANN, of Würzburg. _From the Second Revised and Enlarged German
Edition._ Edited, with additions, by G. H. WEAVER, M. D., Assistant
Professor of Pathology and Bacteriology, Rush Medical College, Chicago.
In two parts. Part I.--632 colored figures on 69 lithographic plates.
Part II.--511 pages of text, illustrated. Per part: Cloth, $2.50 net.
_In Saunders’ Hand-Atlas Series._

Lewis’ Anatomy and Physiology for Nurses

=Anatomy and Physiology for Nurses.= By LEROY LEWIS, M. D., Surgeon to and
Lecturer on Anatomy and Physiology for Nurses at the Lewis Hospital, Bay
City, Michigan. 12mo of 347 pages, with 146 illustrations. Cloth, $1.75


Nurses Journal of the Pacific Coast

     “It is not in any sense rudimentary, but comprehensive in its
     treatment of the subjects in hand.”

Senn’s Tumors             Second Revised Edition

D., LL. D., Professor of Surgery, Rush Medical College, Chicago.
Handsome octavo, 718 pages, with 478 engravings, including 12 full-page
colored plates. Cloth, $5.00 net; Sheep or Half Morocco, $6.50 net.

     “The most exhaustive of any recent book in English on this subject.
     It is well illustrated, and will doubtless remain as the principal
     monograph on the subject in our language for some years.”--_Journal
     of the American Medical Association._

Stoney’s Bacteriology and Technic.

Recently Issued
New (2d) Edition

Superintendent, Carney Hospital, Mass. Revised by FREDERIC R. GRIFFITH,
M. D., Surgeon, N. Y. 12mo of 278 pages, illustrated. $1.50 net.

     “These subjects are treated most accurately and up to date, without
     the superfluous reading which is so often employed.... Nurses will
     find this book of the greatest value.”--_The Trained Nurse and
     Hospital Review._

Clarkson’s Histology

A TEXT-BOOK OF HISTOLOGY. Descriptive and Practical. For the Use of
Students. By ARTHUR CLARKSON, M. B., C. M. Edin., formerly Demonstrator
of Physiology in the Owen’s College, Manchester, England. Octavo, 554
pages, with 174 colored original illustrations. Cloth, $4.00 net.

     “The volume in the hands of students will greatly aid in the
     comprehension of a subject which in most instances is found rather
     difficult.... The work must be considered a valuable addition to
     the list of available text-books, and is to be highly
     recommended.”--_New York Medical Journal._

Gorham’s Bacteriology

Agricultural, and Industrial Students. By FREDERIC P. GORHAM, A. M.,
Associate Professor of Biology in Brown University, Providence, R. I.,
etc. 12mo of 192 pages, with 97 illustrations. Cloth, $1.25 net.

     “One of the best students’ laboratory guides to the study of
     bacteriology on the market.... The technic is thoroughly modern and
     amply sufficient for all practical purposes.”--_American Journal of
     the Medical Sciences._

Raymond’s Physiology.

Recently Issued
New (3d) Edition

Physiology and Hygiene, Long Island College Hospital. New York. Octavo
of 685 pages, with 444 illustrations. Cloth, $3.50 net.

     “The book is well gotten up and well printed, and may be regarded
     as a trustworthy guide for the student and a useful work of
     reference for the general practitioner. The illustrations are
     numerous and are well executed.”--_The Lancet_, London.

Ball’s Bacteriology       Recently Issued--Fifth Edition, Revised

ESSENTIALS OF BACTERIOLOGY: being a concise and systematic introduction
to the Study of Micro-organisms. By M. V. BALL, M. D., Late
Bacteriologist to St. Agnes’ Hospital, Philadelphia. 12mo of 236 pages,
with 96 illustrations, some in colors, and 5 plates. Cloth, $1.00 net.
_In Saunders’ Question-Compend Series._

     “The technic with regard to media, staining, mounting, and the like
     is culled from the latest authoritative works.”--_The Medical
     Times_, New York.

Budgett’s Physiology

Recently Issued
New (2d) Edition

ESSENTIALS OF PHYSIOLOGY. Prepared especially for Students of Medicine,
and arranged with questions following each chapter. By SIDNEY P.
BUDGETT, M. D., Professor of Physiology, Medical Department of
Washington University, St. Louis. 16mo volume of 233 pages, finely
illustrated with many full-page half-tones. Cloth, $1.00 net. _In
Saunders’ Question-Compend Series._

     “He has an excellent conception of his subject.... It is one of the
     most satisfactory books of this class”--_University of Pennsylvania
     Medical Bulletin._

Leroy’s Histology

Recently Issued
New (3d) Edition

and Pathology, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee. 12mo, 263
pages, with 92 original illustrations. Cloth, $1.00 net. _In Saunders’
Question-Compend Series._

     “The work in its present form stands as a model of what a student’s
     aid should be; and we unhesitatingly say that the practitioner as
     well would find a glance through the book of lasting
     benefit.”--_The Medical World_, Philadelphia.

Bastin’s Botany

Octavo, 536 pages, with 87 plates. Cloth, $2.00 net.

Barton and Wells’ Medical Thesaurus

Assistant Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics, and WALTER A.
WELLS, M. D., Demonstrator of Laryngology, Georgetown University,
Washington, D. C. 12 mo, 534 pages. Flexible leather, $2.50 net; thumb
indexed, $3.00 net.

American Pocket Dictionary

Fifth Revised Edition
Recently Issued

D., Assistant Obstetrician to the Hospital of the University of
Pennsylvania. Containing the pronunciation and definition of the
principal words used in medicine and kindred sciences, with 64 extensive
tables. Handsomely bound in flexible leather, with gold edges, $1.00
net; with patent thumb index, $1.25 net.

     “I can recommend it to our students without reserve.”--J. H.
     HOLLAND, M. D., _of the Jefferson Medical College_, Philadelphia.

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