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´╗┐Title: Proclamation of the Twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
Author: Various
Language: English
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_To all the Kings of the World;
To the President of the United States of America;
To the Governors of the several States;
Rulers and People of all Nations_:


THAT the kingdom of God has come: as has been predicted by ancient
prophets, and prayed for in all ages; even that kingdom which shall
fill the whole earth, and shall stand for ever.

The great Eloheem Jehovah has been pleased once more to speak from the
heavens; and also to commune with man upon the earth, by means of open
visions, and by the ministration of HOLY MESSENGERS.

By this means the great and eternal High Priesthood, after the Order of
his Son, even the Apostleship, has been restored; or, returned to the

This High Priesthood, or Apostleship, holds the keys of the kingdom of
God, and power to bind on earth that which shall be bound in heaven;
and to loose on earth that which shall be loosed in heaven. And,
in fine, to do, and to administer in all things pertaining to the
ordinances, organization, government and direction of the kingdom of

Being established in these last days for the restoration of all things
spoken by the prophets since the world began; and in order to prepare
the way for the coming of the Son of Man.

And we now bear witness that his coming is near at hand; and not many
years hence, the nations and their kings shall see him coming in the
clouds of heaven with power and great glory.

In order to meet this great event there must needs be a preparation.

Therefore we send unto you with authority from on high, and command
you all to repent and humble yourselves as little children, before the
majesty of the Holy One; and come unto Jesus with a broken heart and a
contrite spirit, and be baptized in his name, for the remission of sins
(that is, be buried in the water in the likeness of his burial and rise
again to newness of life, in the likeness of his resurrection), and you
shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, through the laying on of the
hands of the Apostles and elders, of this great and last dispensation
of mercy to man.

This Spirit shall bear witness to you, of the truth of our testimony;
and shall enlighten your minds, and be in you as the spirit of prophecy
and revelation. It shall bring things past to your understanding and
remembrance; and shall show you things to come.

It shall also impart unto you many great and glorious gifts; such as
the gift of healing the sick, and of being healed, by the laying on of
hands in the name of Jesus; and of expelling Demons; and even of seeing
visions, and conversing with Angels and spirits from the unseen world.

By the light of this Spirit, received through the ministration of the
ordinances--by the power and authority of the Holy Apostleship and
Priesthood, you will be enabled to understand, and to be the children
of light; and thus be prepared to escape all the things that are coming
on the earth, and so stand before the Son of Man.

We testify that the foregoing doctrine is the doctrine or gospel
of Jesus Christ, in its fulness; and that it is the only true,
everlasting, and unchangeable gospel; and the only plan revealed on
earth whereby man can be saved.

We also bear testimony that the "_Indians_" (so called) of North and
South America are a remnant of the tribes of Israel; as is now made
manifest by the discovery and revelation of their ancient oracles and

And that they are about to be gathered, civilized, and made _one
nation_ in this glorious land.

They will also come to the knowledge of their forefathers, and of the
fulness of the gospel; and they will embrace it, and become a righteous
branch of the house of Israel.

And we further testify that the Lord has appointed a holy city and
temple to be built on this continent for the endowment and ordinances
pertaining to the priesthood; and for the Gentiles, and the remnant
of Israel to resort unto, in order to worship the Lord; and to be
taught in his ways and walk in his paths: in short, to finish their
preparations for the coming of the Lord.

And we further testify, that the Jews among all nations are hereby
commanded, in the name of the Messiah, to prepare, to return to
Jerusalem in Palestine; and to rebuild that city and temple unto the

And also to organize and establish their own political government,
under their own rulers, judges, and governors in that country.

For be it known unto them that _we_ now hold the keys of the priesthood
and kingdom which is soon to be restored unto them.

Therefore let them also repent and prepare to obey the ordinances of

And now, O ye kings, rulers, and people of the Gentiles: hear ye the
word of the Lord; for this commandment is for you. You are not only
required to repent and obey the gospel in its fulness, and thus become
members or citizens of the kingdom of God, but you are also hereby
commanded, in the name of Jesus Christ, to put your silver and your
gold, your ships and steam-vessels, your railroad trains and your
horses, chariots, camels, mules, and litters, into active use, for the
fulfilment of these purposes. For be it known unto you, that the only
salvation which remains for the Gentiles, is for them to be identified
in the same covenant, and to worship at the same altar with Israel. In
short, they must come to the same standard. For, there shall be one
Lord, and his name one, and He shall be king over all the earth.

The Latter-day Saints, since their first organization in the year
1830, have been a poor, persecuted, abused, and afflicted people. They
have sacrificed their time and property freely, for the sake of laying
the foundation of the kingdom of God, and enlarging its dominion, by
the ministry of the gospel. They have suffered privation, hunger,
imprisonment, and the loss of houses, lands, home, and political
rights, for their testimony.

And this is not all; but their first founder, Mr. Joseph Smith, whom
God raised up as a Prophet and Apostle, mighty in word and in deed, and
his brother Hiram, who was also a prophet, together with many others,
have suffered a cruel martyrdom in the cause of truth; and have sealed
their testimony with their blood. And still the work has, as it were,
but just begun.

A great, a glorious, and a mighty work is yet to be achieved, in
spreading the truth and kingdom among the Gentiles--in restoring,
organizing, instructing and establishing the Jews--in gathering,
instructing, relieving, civilizing, educating and administering
salvation to the remnant of Israel on this continent; in building
Jerusalem in Palestine; and the cities, stakes, temples, and
sanctuaries of Zion in America; and in gathering the Gentiles into the
same covenant and organization--instructing them in all things for
their sanctification and preparation; that the whole Church of the
Saints, both Gentile, Jew and Israel, may be prepared as a bride, for
the coming of the Lord.

And now, O ye kings, rulers, presidents, governors, judges,
legislators, nobles, lords, and rich men of the earth; will you leave
us, to struggle alone, and to toil unaided in so great a work? Or will
you share in the labors, toils, sacrifices, honors and blessings of the

Have you not the same interest in it that we have? Is it not sent forth
to renovate the world--to enlighten the nations--to cover the earth
with light, knowledge, truth, union, peace and love? And thus usher in
the great millennium, or sabbath of rest, so long expected and sought
for by all good men? We bear testimony that it is. And the fulfilment
of oar words will establish their truth, to millions yet unborn: while
there are those now living upon the earth who will live to see the

Come, then, to the help of the Lord; and let us have your aid and
protection--and your willing and hearty co-operation, in this, the
greatest of all revolutions.

Again, we say, by the word of the Lord to the people, as well as to the
rulers: your aid and assistance is required in this great work, and you
are hereby invited, in the name of Jesus, to take an active part in it
from this day forward.

Open your churches, doors, and hearts for the truth. Hear the Apostles
and elders of the church of the Saints, when they come into your cities
and neighborhoods. Read and search the scriptures carefully and see
whether these things are so--read the publications of the Saints, and
help to publish them to others. Seek for the witness of the Spirit, and
come and obey the glorious fulness of the gospel: and help us build the
cities and sanctuaries of our God.

The sons and daughters of Zion will soon be required to devote a
portion of their time in instructing the children of the forest. For
they must be educated, and instructed in all the arts of civil life, as
well as in the gospel. They must be clothed, fed, and instructed in the
principles and practice of virtue, modesty, temperance, cleanliness,
industry, mechanical arts, manners, customs, dress, music, and all
other things which are calculated in their nature to refine, purify,
exalt and glorify them, as the sons and daughters of the royal house
of Israel, and of Joseph; who are making ready for the coming of the

Know assuredly, that whether you come to the help of the Saints in this
great work, or whether you make light of this message, and withhold
your aid and co-operation, it is all the same as to the success and
final triumph of the work. For it is the work of the great God; for
which his WORD and OATH has been pledged, from before the foundation of
the world. And the same promise and oath has been renewed unto man from
the beginning, down through each succeeding dispensation: AND CONFIRMED
he is bound to fulfil it; and to overcome every obstacle.

The loss will therefore be on their own part, and not on the part of
God, or of his Saints, should the people neglect their duty in the
great work of modern restoration.

There is also another consideration of vast importance to all the
rulers and people of the world, in regard to this matter. It is this:
As this work progresses in its onward course, and becomes more and more
an object of political and religious interest and excitement, no king,
ruler, or subject, no community or individual, will stand _neutral_.
All will at length be influenced by one spirit or the other; and will
take sides either for or against the kingdom of God, and the fulfilment
of the prophets, in the great restoration and return of his long
dispersed covenant people.

Some will act the part of the venerable Jethro, the father-in-law
of Moses; or the noble Cyrus; and will aid and bless the people of
God; or like Ruth, the Moabitess, will forsake their people and their
kindred and country, and will say to the Saints, or to Israel: "_This
people shall be my people, and their God my God_." While others will
walk in the footsteps of a Pharaoh, or a Balak, and will harden
their hearts, and fight against God, and seek to destroy his people.
These will commune with priests and prophets who love the wages of
unrighteousness; and who, like Balaam, will seek to curse, or to find
enchantments against Israel.

You cannot therefore stand as idle and disinterested spectators of the
scenes and events which are calculated in their very nature to reduce
all nations and creeds to _one_ political and religious _standard_, and
thus put an end to Babel forms and names, and to strife and war. You
will, therefore, either be led by the good Spirit to cast in your lot,
and to take a lively interest with the Saints of the Most High, and
the covenant people of the Lord, or on the other hand, you will become
their inveterate enemy, and oppose them by every means in your power.

To such an extreme will this great division finally extend, that
the nations of the old world will combine to oppose these things by
military force. They will send a great army to Palestine, against the
Jews; and they will besiege their city, and will reduce the inhabitants
of Jerusalem to the greatest extreme of distress and misery.

Then will commence a struggle in which the fate of nations and empires
will be suspended on a single battle.

In this battle the governors and people of Judah distinguish themselves
for their bravery and warlike achievements. The weak among them will
be like David, and the strong among them will be like God: or like the
angel of the Lord.

In that day the Lord will pour upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem the
spirit of grace and supplication, and they shall look upon the Messiah
whom they have pierced.

For lo! he will descend from heaven, as the defender of the Jews: and
to complete their victory. His feet will stand in that day upon the
Mount of Olives, which shall cleave in sunder at his presence, and
remove one half to the north, and the other to the south; thus forming
a great valley where the mountain now stands.

The earth will quake around him, while storm and tempest, hail and
plague, are mingled with the clash of arms, the roar of artillery, the
shouts of victory, and the groans of the wounded and dying.

In that day all who are in the siege, both against Judea and against
Jerusalem, shall be cut in pieces; though all the people of the earth
should be gathered together against it.

This signal victory on the part of the Jews, so unlooked for by the
nations, and attended with the personal advent of Messiah, and the
accompanying events, will change the whole order of things in Europe
and Asia, in regard to political and religious organization, and

The Jews as a nation become holy from that day forward; and their city
and sanctuary becomes holy. There also the Messiah establishes his
throne, and seat of government.

Jerusalem then becomes the seat of empire, and the great centre and
capital of the old world.

All the families of the land shall then go up to Jerusalem once a
year, to worship the King, the Lord of Hosts, and to keep the feast of

Those who refuse to go up, shall have no rain, but shall be smitten
with dearth and famine. And if the family of Egypt go not up (as it
never rains there) they shall be smitten with the plague. And thus all
things shall be fulfilled according to the words of the holy prophets
of old, and the word of the Lord which is now revealed, to confirm and
fulfil them.

In short the kings, rulers, priests and people of Europe, and of the
old world, shall know this once that there is a God in Israel, who, as
in days of old, can utter his voice, and it shall be obeyed.

The courts of Rome, London, Paris, Constantinople, Petersburgh, and all
others, will then have to yield the point, and do homage, and all pay
tribute to one Great Centre, and to one mighty Sovereign, or, THRONES

Priests, bishops, and clergy, whether Catholic, Protestant, or
Mahomedan, will then have to yield their pretended claims to the
priesthood, together with titles, honors, creeds and names; and
reverence and obey the true and royal priesthood of the order of
Melchisedech, and of Aaron; restored to the rightful heirs, the
nobility of Israel; or, the dearth and famine will consume them, and
the plague sweep them quickly down to the pit, as in the case of Korah,
Dathan and Abiram, who pretended to the priesthood, and rebelled
against God's chosen priests and prophets, in the days of Moses.

While these great events are rolling on the wheels of time, and being
fulfilled in the old world, the Western Continent will present a scene
of grandeur, greatness, and glory, far surpassing the scene just

The Lord will make her that halted a remnant; and gather her that was
driven out and afflicted; and make her who was cast afar off, a strong
nation; and will reign over _them_ in Mount Zion from that time forth
and for ever.

Or, in other words, He will assemble the Natives, the remnants of
Joseph in America; and make of them a great, and strong, and powerful
nation: and he will civilize and enlighten them, and will establish a
holy city, and temple, and seat of government among them, which shall
be called Zion.

And there shall be his tabernacle, his sanctuary, his throne, and seat
of government for the whole continent of North and South America for

In short, it will be to the western hemisphere what Jerusalem will be
to the eastern.

And there the Messiah will visit them in person; and the old Saints,
who will then have been raised from the dead, will be with him. And he
will establish his kingdom and laws over all the land.

To this city, and to its several branches or stakes, shall the Gentiles
seek, as to a standard of light and knowledge. Yea, the nations, and
their kings and nobles, shall say, Come, and let us go up to the
Mount Zion, and to the temple of the Lord; where his holy priesthood
stand to minister continually before the Lord; and where we may be
instructed more fully, and receive the ordinances of remission, and of
sanctification, and redemption; and thus be adopted into the family of
Israel, and identified in the same covenants of promise.

The despised and degraded son of the forest, who has wandered in
dejection and sorrow, and suffered reproach, shall then drop his
disguise, and stand forth in manly dignity, and exclaim to the Gentiles
who have envied and sold him: "_I am Joseph: does my father yet live_?"
Or, in other words: I am a descendant of that Joseph who was sold
into Egypt. You have hated _me_, and sold _me_, and thought _I_ was
dead. But lo! I live, and am heir to the inheritance, titles, honors,
priesthood, sceptre, crown, throne, and eternal life and dignity of my
fathers, who live for evermore.

He shall then be ordained, washed, anointed with holy oil, and arrayed
in fine linen, even in the glorious and beautiful garments and royal
robes of the high priesthood, which is after the order of the Son of
God; and shall enter into the congregation of the Lord, even into the
Holy of Holies, there to be crowned with authority and power which
shall never end.

The Spirit of the Lord shall then descend upon him, like the dew upon
the mountains of Hermon, and like refreshing showers of rain upon the
flowers of Paradise.

His heart shall expand with knowledge, wide as eternity; and his mind
shall comprehend the vast creations of his God, and His eternal purpose
of redemption, glory, and exaltation, which was devised in heaven
before the worlds were organized; but made manifest in these last days,
for the fulness of the Gentiles, and for the exaltation of Israel.

He shall also behold his Redeemer, and be filled with his presence,
while the cloud of his glory shall be seen in his temple.

The city of Zion, with its sanctuary and priesthood, and the glorious
fulness of the gospel, will constitute a _standard_ which will put
an end to jarring creeds and political wranglings, by uniting the
republics, states, provinces, territories, nations, tribes, kindred,
tongues, people, and sects of North and South America in one great and
common bond of brotherhood.

While truth and knowledge shall make them free, and love cement their
union. The Lord also shall be their king and their lawgiver; while wars
shall cease, and peace prevail for a thousand years.

Thus shall American rulers, statesmen, citizens, and savages know,
"_this once_," that there is a God in Israel, who can utter his voice,
and it shall be fulfilled.

Americans! This mighty and strange work has been commenced in your
midst, and must roll on in fulfilment.

You are now invited, and earnestly intreated, to investigate it
thoroughly, and to aid and participate in its accomplishment.

You ask. What can be done?

We answer: Protect the Saints; give them their rights; extend the
broad banner of the Constitution and laws over their homes, cities,
fire-sides, wives, and children; that they may CEASE to be BUTCHERED,
MARTYRED, ROBBED, PLUNDERED, AND DRIVEN, and may peaceably proceed in
the work assigned them by their God.

Execute the Law upon the offenders, and thus rid your garments of

Pass acts, also, to indemnify them in the millions they have lost, by
your cruel and criminal neglect.

Contribute liberally of your substance for their aid, and for the
fulfilment of their mission.

Let the Government of the United States also continue to gather
together, and to colonize the tribes and remnants of Israel (the
Indians), and also to feed, clothe, succor, and protect them, and
endeavor to civilize and unite; and also to bring them to the knowledge
of their Israelitish origin, and of the fulness of the gospel which was
revealed to, and written by, their forefathers on this land; the record
of which has now come to light.

It is these records, together with the other scriptures, and the
priesthood and authority now conferred upon the Saints, that will
effect their final conversion and salvation; while the creeds of man,
and the powerless forms and dogmas of sectarianism will still remain
powerless and inefficient.

The Lord has spoken, and who can disannul it? He has uttered his voice,
and who can gainsay it? He has stretched out his arm, and who can turn
it back?

Why will not the government and people tof these States become
acquainted with these Records? They are published among them for this

They would then begin to know and understand what was to be done with
these remnants, and what part they have to act in the great restitution
of Israel, and of the kingdom of God. They would also know the object
of the labors, and the final destiny of the Latter-day Saints as a
Church and people. And this very subject has been a source of wonder
and conjecture, and sometimes even of anxiety among the people, ever
since the first organization of the Saints in the year 1830.

And more than all this, they would know the destiny of this Republic,
and of all other Governments, States, or Republics in America--and
the purpose of God in relation to this continent, from the earliest
ages of antiquity, till the present, and from this time forth till the
heavens and the earth shall pass away, and be created anew. All these
subjects are made plain in these ancient Records, and are rolling on in

If the rulers and people will now inform themselves on these momentous
subjects, and fulfil the duties we have just pointed out to them, they
will then be entitled to a continuation of the great national blessings
and favors they have heretofore enjoyed; yea, and to more abundant
favors from _His_ bountiful hand, who first raised them to national
greatness. They will in that case be prospered and enlarged, and spread
their dominion wide and more wide over this vast country, till not only
Texas and Oregon, but the whole vast dominion from sea to sea, will
be joined with them, and come under their protection as one great,
powerful and peaceful empire of Liberty and Union. Millions of people
would also come from all nations, their silver and their gold with
them, and would take protection under our banner, till in less than
half a century from the present time we would have upwards of a hundred
millions of population, all united and free, while civilisation, arts,
cultivation and improvement would extend to the most wild regions of
our continent, making our "wilderness like Eden and our deserts like
the garden of the Lord." Or, if they will go still further, and obey
the fulness of the gospel, they would then be entitled, not only to
temporal blessings, but to the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and thus be
prepared to receive their king, Messiah, and to dwell for ever under
his peaceful government in this happy country.

But, so long as they remain indifferent and ignorant on these subjects,
and so long as they continue to breathe out slanders, lies, hatred
and murder against the Saints and against the remnants of Israel, and
to speak evil of and oppose the things which they understand not, so
long the blood of the Saints and of the martyrs of Jesus must continue
to flow, and the souls to cry from under the altar for vengeance on
a guilty land, till the great Messiah shall execute judgment for the
Saints, and give them the dominion.

It is in vain to suppose that the sword, the musket, the thunder of
cannon, or the grating and rattle of chains, bolts and bars, will take
away the faith, hope or knowledge of a Latter-day Saint. They _know_
some _facts_--and these will continue to be _known facts_ when death
and war in their most horrid forms are raging around them. They cannot
shut their eyes upon these facts to please either governors, rulers, or
the raging multitude.

We would now make a solemn appeal to our rulers and other
fellow-citizens, whether it is treason to _know_? or even to publish
what we _know_? If it is, then strike the murderous blow, but listen to
what we say.

We say, then, in life or in death, in bonds or free, that the great God
has spoken in this age.--_And we know it_.

He has given us the Holy Priesthood and Apostleship, and the keys of
the kingdom of God, to bring about the restoration of all things as
promised by the holy prophets of old.--_And we know it_.

He has revealed the origin and the Records of the aboriginal tribes of
America, and their future destiny.--_And we know it_.

He has revealed the fulness of the gospel, with its gifts, blessings,
and ordinances.--_And we know it_.

He has commanded _us_ to bear witness of it, first to the Gentiles, and
then to the remnants of Israel and the Jews.--_And we know it_.

He has commanded us to gather together his Saints on this Continent,
and build up holy cities and sanctuaries.--_And we know it_.

He has said, that the Gentiles should come into the same gospel and
covenant; and be numbered with the house of Israel; and be a blessed
people upon this good land for ever, if they would repent and embrace
it.--_And we know it_.

He has also said that, if they do not repent, and come to the knowledge
of the truth, and cease to fight against Zion, and also put away all
murder, lying, pride, priestcraft, whoredom, and secret abomination,
they shall soon perish from the earth, and be cast down to hell.--_And
we know it_.

He has said, that the time is at hand for the Jews to be gathered to
Jerusalem.--_And we know it_.

He has said, that the Ten Tribes of Israel should also be revealed in
the North country, together with their oracles and records, preparatory
to their return, and to their union with Judah, no more to be
separated.--_And we know it_.

He has said, that when these preparations were made, both in this
country and in Jerusalem, and the gospel in all its fulness preached
to all nations for a witness and testimony, He will come, and all the
Saints with him, to reign on the earth one thousand years.--_And we
know it_.

He has said that he will not come in his glory and destroy the wicked,
till these warnings were given and these preparations were made for his
reception.--_And we know it_.

Now, fellow-citizens, if this knowledge, or the publishing of it, is
_treason_ or _crime_, we refuse not to die.

But be ye sure of this, that whether we live or die, the words of the
testimony of this proclamation which we now send unto you, shall all be

Heaven and earth shall pass away, but not one jot or tittle of his
revealed word shall fail to be fulfilled.

Therefore, again we say to all people. Repent, and be baptized in the
name of Jesus Christ, for remission of sins; and you shall receive the
Holy Spirit, and shall know the truth, and be numbered with the house
of Israel.

And we once more invite all the kings, presidents, governors, rulers,
judges, and people of the earth, to aid us, the Latter-day Saints; and
also, the Jews, and all the remnants of Israel, by your influence and
protection, and by your silver and gold, that we may build the cities
of Zion and Jerusalem, and the temples and sanctuaries of our God; and
may accomplish the great restoration of all things, and bring in the
latter-day glory.

That knowledge, truth, light, love, peace, union, honor, glory, and
power, may fill the earth with eternal life and joy.

That death, bondage, oppression, wars, mourning, sorrow, and pain, may
be done away for ever, and all tears be wiped from every eye.

In fulfilment of the work assigned them, let the Saints throughout the
world, and all others who feel an interest in the work of God, forward
their gifts, tithes, and offerings, for the building of the temple of
the Lord, which is now in progress in the city of Nauvoo, in the State
of Illinois.

Let them also come on with their gold and silver, and goods, and
workmen, to establish manufactories and business of all kinds, for the
building up of the city; and for the employment and support of the
poor, and thus strengthen the hands of those who have borne the burden
and heat of the day, and who have made great sacrifices in laying the
foundation of the kingdom of God, and moving on the work thus far.

We also make a solemn and an earnest request of all Editors of
newspapers, both in this country and other countries, to publish this
proclamation. It certainly contains news, such as is not met with at
all times, and in every place, and cannot fail to interest the reading
public, especially those who have prayed every day of their lives for
the _Lord's kingdom to come; and for his will to be done on the earth,
as it is done in heaven_.

President Wilford Woodruff, who superintends the publishing department
of the Latter-day Saints, in Liverpool, England, is also requested to
give this proclamation a wide circulation throughout England, Scotland,
Ireland, and the Isle of Man.

Elder Jones, our minister to Wales, is hereby instructed to publish
the same in the Welsh language, and circulate it widely through that

It should also be translated into German, by some of our German elders,
and published both in this country, and on the continent of Europe.
Also in Spanish and in French.

Our Norwegian elders in the branch at Norway, Illinois, should also
translate and publish it in their language, both in this country and in
Norway, in Europe.

Elder Adison Pratt, our missionary to the Sandwich Islands, should also
translate and publish it there.

We also rely on our friends, the Jews, throughout the world, to give it
a wide circulation in all their tongues and languages.

And last, but not least, we would invite the Editor of the Cherokee
Advocate, and others of the remnant of Joseph, to publish the same as
extensively as possible in the Indian tongues.

We also will endeavor on our part, to publish at our office, No. 7
Spruce street, New York, one hundred thousand copies of this work, to
circulate in this country, _gratis_. And will do our best endeavors
to send them to all presidents, governors, legislators, judges,
postmasters, rulers, and people, not forgetting the clergy.

All persons who wish to aid us in so doing, will please forward us
contributions for that purpose, directed to our office, No. 7, Spruce
street. New York.

All who wish a number of copies for distribution, will obtain them at
the above-named office, at 50 cents per hundred.

The world are also informed, that further information can be had by
applying to the following general publishing offices of the Latter-day
Saints:--Mr. John Taylor, "_Times and Seasons_" office, Nauvoo, in
the State of Illinois; Messrs. Pratt and Brannan, "_Prophet_" office.
No. 7, Spruce street, New York; Mr. Wilford Woodruff, "_Millennial
Star_" office, No. 36, Chapel street, Liverpool, England. Also, of our
travelling elders, and in our religious meetings throughout the world.

_New York, April_ 6, 1845.

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