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´╗┐Title: Nursery Lessons, in Words of One Syllable
Author: Anonymous
Language: English
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Words of One Syllable.



[Illustration: "See! here is a fine nag."]

See! here is a fine nag. And that is a good boy who rides on
it too; for he reads his book so well, and is so neat and clean,
that his kind aunt gave him this nice horse; and I am sure James
takes good care of her gift.

[Illustration: "'How sad that poor old man looks!'"]

"How sad that poor old man looks!" said Mary to John: "his clothes
are all in rags. I wish we had something to give him." "So do
I," said John; "but my sixpence went to buy a top. Let us ask
for a piece of bread for him."

[Illustration: "Round goes the mill,"]

Round goes the mill, which is of so much use to us; for it grinds
the corn to flour. And who can tell what is done with it then?
It is made into bread; but we must save some to make cakes and
pies for good girls and boys.

[Illustration: "Ann's papa had a large dog,"]

Ann's papa had a large dog, of which she was very fond, and
when Ann had a bun or cake, she would give some to Dash. One
day, Ann fell into a pond, but the good dog did not let her
sink, but sprang in and drew her safe to land.

[Illustration: "Oh, fie! to rob the poor bird of its young."]

Oh, fie! to rob the poor bird of its young. Sure Tom has not
been told how much pains the old bird takes to build her nest,
and make it soft and warm; and how far she flies, to find food
for her young ones. Pray put the nest back into the tree.

[Illustration: "How hard these men work!"]

How hard these men work! they will soon have cut down that large
tree, "Small strokes fell great oaks." And then the wood is
of so much use to us, that I do not know what we should do if
we had none. Ships are built of oak.

[Illustration: "John is a sad boy."]

John is a sad boy. He will not learn to read, though Jane takes
so much pains to teach him. See how the leaves of his nice,
gay book are all torn, and how he pouts his lips. We hope, as
he grows up, he will see his faults, and try to mend.

[Illustration: "How hard the wind blows!"]

How hard the wind blows! and how the little boats rock to and
fro! It must be sad for those poor men who have to earn their
bread on the sea. I hope they will bring home a good net full
of fish, that they may buy food and warm clothes for their poor
wives and little ones.

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