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Title: List of Post Offices in Canada 1873
Author: Canada, Postmaster General of
Language: English
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people and places.

                         POST OFFICES IN CANADA,
                                WITH THE
                        NAMES OF THE POSTMASTERS
                           THE 1st JULY, 1873.

               Printed by Order of the Postmaster General.


           PRINTED BY I. B. TAYLOR, 29, 31 & 33 RIDEAU STREET.



   1. Memorandum for Postmasters                                         5

   2. Principal Officers of the Post Office Department and Inspectors    6

   3. List of Post Offices in Canada with the names of the Postmasters   7

   4. List of Post Offices closed, and not subsequently re-opened,
      between 1st July, 1872, and the 1st July, 1873                   157

   5. List of changes in the names of Post Offices, between the 1st
      July, 1872, and the 1st July, 1873, inclusive                    158

   6. Post Office transactions for the months of August and
      September, 1873                                               159-60

   7. Post Offices in the Province of Ontario, arranged according
      to Electoral Districts and Townships                             163

   8. Post Offices in the Province of Quebec, arranged according
      to Electoral Districts                                           193

   9. Post Offices and Way Offices in the Province of Nova Scotia,
      arranged according to Electoral Districts                        203

  10. Post Offices and Way Offices in the Province of New Brunswick,
      arranged according to Electoral Districts                        209

  11. Post Offices in the Province of Manitoba, arranged according
      to Electoral Districts                                           213

  12. Post Offices in the Province of British Columbia, arranged
      according to Electoral Districts                                 214

  13. Post Offices in the Province of Prince Edward Island, arranged
      according to Electoral Districts                                 215

  14. Postal Divisions under the charge of the several Inspectors      217

  15. List of Postmasters in Canada, with the names of the Post
      Offices                                                          219

  16. Tables of Rates of Postage in Canada, and also between Canada
      and the United Kingdom, British Colonies, and Foreign Countries  250


                                                  POST OFFICE DEPARTMENT,
                                                          1st July, 1873.

Should any Postmaster discover an error in the description of his Office,
as set forth in this List, he will please notify the same to this
Department without delay.

       *       *       *       *       *

A List of Rates of Postage for Foreign Countries, &c., is appended to
this List.


  HON. JOHN O’CONNOR,       _Postmaster General_.

  WILLIAM HENRY GRIFFIN,    _Deputy Postmaster General_.


  WILLIAM WHITE,            _Secretary_.

  PETER LESUEUR,            _Superintendent, Money Order Branch_.

  J. CUNNINGHAM STEWART,    _Superintendent, Savings’ Bank Branch_.

  JOHN ASHWORTH,            _Cashier_.

  WILLIAM HENRY SMITHSON,   _Assistant Accountant_.



  JOHN DEWE, _Chief Inspector_                          _Ottawa_.

  ARTHUR WOODGATE  in charge of  Nova Scotia Division   _Halifax_.

  JOHN MCMILLAN         ”        New Brunswick  ”       _St. John_.

  W. G. SHEPPARD        ”        Quebec         ”       _Quebec_.

  E. F. KING            ”        Montreal       ”       _Montreal_.

  ROBT. W. BARKER       ”        Kingston       ”       _Kingston_.

  M. SWEETNAM           ”        Toronto        ”       _Toronto_.

  G. E. GRIFFIN         ”        London         ”       _London_.


On THE 1st JULY, 1873.

_The Offices printed in Italics are authorized to Grant and Pay Money

_The Offices marked * are Savings’ Bank Offices._

_The letters “W. O.” following the name of a Post Office, signify “Way

_The capital letters on the right of the County column indicate the
several Provinces of the Dominion._

                     |              |                  |
  Abbott’s Corners   |St. Armand    |Missisquoi       Q|Charles Hope
  Abbotsford         |              |Rouville         Q|O. Crossfield
  Aberarder          |Plympton      |Lambton          O|D. McBean
  Abercorn           |Sutton        |Brome            Q|Benjamin Seaton
  Aberfoyle          |Puslinch      |Wellington,      O|S. Falconbridge
                     |              |  S. R.           |
  Abingdon           |Caistor       |Monck            O|Thomas Pearson
  Acacia             |Middleton     |Norfolk, N. R.   O|R. P. Scidmore
  Acadia Mines       |              |Colchester     N S|Robert Forman
  _Acton_            |Esquesing     |Halton           O|J. Matthews
  * _Acton Vale_     |Acton         |Bagot            Q|A. Quintin dit
                     |              |                  |  Dubois
  Adamsville         |Farnham East  |Brome            Q|George Adams
  Adare              |McGillivray   |Middlesex, N. R. O|Mrs. Agnes Lavett
  Adderley           |Inverness     |Megantic         Q|F. Taylor
  Addington Forks,   |              |Antigonishe    N S|Norman Macdonald
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Addison            |Elizabethtown |Brockville       O|Coleman Lewis
  _Adelaide_         |Adelaide      |Middlesex, N. R. O|John S. Hoare
  Admaston           |Admaston      |Renfrew, S. R.   O|Miss Jane
                     |              |                  |  Patterson
  Adolphustown       |Adolphustown  |Lennox           O|J. J. Watson
  _Advocate Harbor_  |              |Cumberland     N S|Nathan B. Morris
  Agincourt          |Scarboro’     |York, E. R.      O|John Milne
  _Ailsa Craig_      |East Williams |Middlesex, N. R. O|Shackleton Hay
  Aird               |Clarenceville |Missisquoi       Q|H. A. Hawley
  Airlie             |Mulmur        |Simcoe, S. R.    O|Richard Bradley
  Albany             |No. 27        |Prince       P E I|James Donelly
  Albert Bridge,     |              |Cape Breton    N S|Thomas Bourke
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Albert Mines, W. O.|              |Albert         N B|John L. Harris
  Alberton           |Ancaster      |Wentworth, S. R. O|Job Franklin
  Alberton           |No. 4         |Prince       P E I|R. M. Costin
  * _Albion_         |Albion        |Cardwell         O|George Evans
  Albury             |Ameliasburg   |Prince Edward    O|James H. Peck
  _Aldboro’_         |Aldboro’      |Elgin, W. R.     O|Samuel Kirkpatrick
  Aldershot          |Flamboro’, E. |Wentworth, N. R. O|Alexander Brown
  Alderville         |Alnwick       |Northumberland,  O|James Curtis
                     |              |  W. R.           |
  Alexander’s Point, |              |Gloucester     N B|F. Alexander
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  * _Alexandria_     |Lochiel       |Glengarry        O|Duncan A.
                     |              |                  |  Macdonald
  Alfred             |Alfred        |Prescott         O|John B. Lawlor
  Algonquin          |Augusta       |Granville, S. R. O|W. L. McKenzie
  Allanburg          |Thorold       |Welland          O|John Rennie
  Allan Park         |Bentinck      |Grey, S. R.      O|Chas. F. Goodeve
  Allan’s Corners    |Durham        |Chateauguay      Q|Thomas Bryson
  Allan’s Mills      |Burgess N.    |Lanark, S. R.    O|William Allan
  _Allendale_        |Innisfil      |Simcoe, S. R.    O|Andrew Miscampbell
  _Allenford_        |Amabel        |Bruce, N. R.     O|William Sharp
  Allensville        |Stephenson    |Muskoka          O|Allen McNicol
  Allisonville       |Hallowell     |Prince Edward    O|Benjamin Titus
  Alliston           |Tecumseth     |Simcoe, S. R.    O|George Fletcher
  Alloa              |Chinguacousy  |Peel             O|Mahlon Silverthorn
  Allumette Island   |Allumette     |Pontiac          Q|John Lynch
                     |  Island      |                  |
  Alma               |Peel          |Wellington,      O|W. J. McElroy
                     |              |  C. R.           |
  Alma, late Salmon  |              |Albert         N B|George Kiersted
    River, W. O.     |              |                  |
  Alma, W. O.        |              |Pictou         N S|Janet Archibald
  Almira             |Markham       |York, E. R.      O|John Bowman
  * _Almonte_        |Ramsay        |Lanark, N. R.    O|James H. Wylie,
                     |              |                  |  jun.
  Alport             |Muskoka       |Muskoka          O|W. H. Taylor
  Alton              |Caledon       |Cardwell         O|Mrs. Agnes Meek
  Altona             |Pickering     |Ontario, S. R.   O|Joseph Monkhouse
  Alvanley           |Derby         |Grey, N. R.      O|Christopher
                     |              |                  |  Tupling
  Alvinston          |Brooke        |Lambton          O|J. W. Branan
  Amberley           |Ashfield      |Huron, N. R.     O|James Wilkie
  Ambleside          |Carrick       |Bruce, S. R.     O|Wm. Zinger
  Ameliasburg        |Ameliasburg   |Prince Edward    O|Owen Roblin
  _Amherst_          |              |Cumberland     N S|Mrs. A. Chipman
  * _Amherstburgh_   |Malden        |Essex            O|Ernest G. Park
  Amherst Hill, W. O.|              |Cumberland     N S|Daniel Pugsley
  Amherst Point,     |              |Cumberland     N S|Jonathan Pipes
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Amiens             |Lobo          |Middlesex, N. R. O|John McArthur
  Ancaster           |Ancaster      |Wentworth, S. R. O|Anna M. McKay
  Ancienne Lorette   |Ancienne      |Quebec           Q|Louis Robitaille
                     |  Lorette     |                  |
  Ancienne Lorette   |Ancienne      |Quebec           Q|George Dufresne
    (sub)            |  Lorette     |                  |
  Anderson           |Blanchard     |Perth, S. R.     O|Humphrey White
  Anderson, W. O.    |              |Westmoreland   N B|Archibald Simpson
  Anderson’s Corners |Hinchinbrooke |Huntingdon       Q|James Anderson
  _Andover_          |              |Victoria       N B|Wm. B. Beveridge
  Ange Gardien       |Ange Gardien  |Montmorency      Q|Joseph Goulet
  Angeline           |Ange Gardien  |Rouville         Q|Onésime Boisvert
  Angers             |Buckingham    |Ottawa           Q|L. Moncion
  * _Angus_          |Essa          |Simcoe, S. R.    O|J. R. Brown
  Annagance          |              |King’s         N B|Stanford Palmer
  _Annapolis_        |              |Annapolis      N S|Thos. A. Gavaza
  _Antigonishe_      |              |Antigonishe    N S|H. P. Hill
  Antigonishe        |              |Antigonishe    N S|John Chisholm
    Harbour, W. O.   |              |                  |
  Antler Creek       |              |Cariboo        B C|
  Antrim             |Fitzroy       |Carleton         O|John Wilson
  Antrim, W. O.      |              |Halifax        N S|Samuel Kerr
  _Apohaqui_         |              |King’s         N B|Thomas E. Smith
  Appin              |Ekfrid        |Middlesex, W. R. O|Angus McKenzie
  Appleby            |Nelson        |Halton           O|James W. Cotter
  Apple Grove        |Stanstead     |Stanstead        Q|John G. Christie
  Apple River, W. O. |              |Cumberland     N S|W. R. Elderkin
  _Appleton_         |Ramsay        |Lanark, N. R.    O|Albert Teskey
  Apsley             |Anstruther    |Peterborough,    O|Thomas Castlands
                     |              |  E. R.           |
  Apto               |Flos          |Simcoe, N. R.    O|C. McLaughlin
  Archibald          |              |Restigouche    N B|R. Archibald
    Settlement, W. O.|              |                  |
  Arden              |Kennebec      |Addington        O|Wm. B. Mills
  Ardoch             |Clarendon     |Addington        O|Bramwell Watkins
  Ardtrea            |Orillia       |Simcoe, N. R.    O|William Blair,
                     |              |                  |  sen.
  Argyle             |Eldon         |Victoria, N. R.  O|John McKay
  Argyle, W. O.      |              |Yarmouth       N S|Mrs. S. Ryder
  _Arichat_          |              |Richmond       N S|W. G. Ballam
  Arisaig, W. O.     |              |Antigonishe    N S|Wm. Gillis
  Arkell             |Pushlinch     |Wellington,      O|Wm. Watson
                     |              |  S. R.           |
  * _Arkona_         |Warwick       |Lambton          O|Miss Louisa
                     |              |                  |  Schooley
  _Arkwright_        |Arran         |Bruce, N. R.     O|
  Arlington          |Adjala        |Cardwell         O|Thomas Kidd
  Armadale           |Scarboro’     |York, E. R.      O|
  Armagh             |St. Cajetan   |Bellechasse      Q|C. Roy
  Armand             |Armand        |Témiscouata      Q|Paschal Lebel
  Armow              |Kincardine    |Bruce, S. R.     O|Alexander Gardner
  Armstrong’s Brook, |              |Restigouche    N B|John C. Bent
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Armstrong’s Corner,|              |Queen’s        N B|George Mills
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Arnott             |Holland       |Grey, N. R.      O|Wm. G. Murray
  * _Arnprior_       |McNabb        |Renfrew, S. R.   O|Ezra A. Bates
  Aroostook, W. O.   |              |Victoria       N B|Albert D. Olmstead
  Aros               |Bexley        |Victoria, N. R.  O|Charles McInnes
  Arthabaska Station |Arthabaska    |Arthabaska       Q|Louis Foisy
  * _Arthur_         |Arthur        |Wellington,      O|Mrs. Janet Small
                     |              |  N. R.           |
  Arthurette, W. O.  |              |Victoria       N B|
  Arundel            |Arundel       |Argenteuil       Q|William Thomson
  _Arva_             |London        |Middlesex, E. R. O|W. B. Bernard
  Ascot Corner       |Ascot         |Sherbrooke       Q|Fred G. Stacey
  Ashburn            |Whitby        |Ontario, S. R.   O|Edward Oliver
  Ashburnham         |Otonabee      |Peterborough,    O|Robt. D. Rodgers
                     |              |  E. R.           |
  Ashcroft           |              |Yale           B C|H. P. Cornwall
  Ashdown            |Humphrey      |Muskoka          O|James Ashdown
  Ashgrove           |Esquesing     |Halton           O|Robert Smyth
  Ashley             |Derby         |Grey, N. R.      O|George Follis
  Ashton             |Goulburn      |Carleton         O|John Sumner
  Ashworth           |Scott         |Ontario, N. R.   O|John Mustard
  Assametquagan      |Assametquagan |Bonaventure      Q|Charles McCarron
  Aston Station      |Aston         |Nicolet          Q|Antoine Vachon
  Atha               |Pickering     |Ontario, S. R.   O|John M. Bell
  Athelstan          |Hinchinbrooke |Huntingdon       Q|Joshua Breadner
  Athens             |Scott         |Ontario, N. R.   O|R. Bingham
  Atherley           |Mara          |Ontario, N. R.   O|Arthur Reeve
  Atherton           |Windham       |Norfolk, N. R.   O|G. C. Willson
  _Athlone_          |Adjala        |Cardwell         O|John Kidd
  Athol              |Kenyon        |Glengarry        O|M. A. Fisher
  Athol              |              |Cumberland     N S|F. A. Donkin
  Attercliffe        |Caistor       |Monck            O|James Crawther
  Aubigny            |Ripon         |Ottowa           Q|P. G. Aubry
  Aubrey             |South         |Chateauguay      Q|A. Lafleur
                     |  Georgetown  |                  |
  Auburn             |Wawanosh      |Huron, N. R.     O|Samuel Caldwell
  Audley             |Pickering     |Ontario, S. R.   O|Daniel McBrady
  Aughrim            |Brooke        |Lambton          O|J. McKeune
  Augustine Cove     |No. 28        |Prince       P E I|Eliza McKenzie
  Au Lac, W. O.      |              |Westmoreland   N B|Ira H. Patterson
  _Aultsville_       |Osnabruck     |Stormont         O|I. R. Ault
  * _Aurora_         |Whitchurch    |York, N. R.      O|Charles Doan
  Avening            |Nottawasaga   |Simcoe, N. R.    O|R. Morris
  Avignon            |Matapédia     |Bonaventure      Q|Octave Martin
  Avoca              |Grenville     |Argenteuil       Q|John McCallum
  Avon               |Dorchester    |Middlesex, E. R. O|G. C. Smith
                     |  North       |                  |
  Avonbank           |Downie        |Perth, S. R.     O|John McMillan
  Avondale, W. O.    |              |Carleton       N B|John E. McCready
  Avondale, W. O.    |              |Pictou         N S|Robert McDonald
  Avonmore           |Roxborough    |Stormont         O|E. N. Shaver
  Avonport, W. O.    |              |King’s         N S|W. A. Reid
  Avonport Station,  |              |King’s         N S|W. F. Newcomb
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Avonton            |Downie        |Perth, S. R.     O|A. Shields
  Ayer’s Flat        |Hatley        |Stanstead        Q|C. Ayer
  _Aylesford_        |              |King’s         N S|T. R. Harris
  * _Aylmer (East)_  |Hull          |Ottawa           Q|J. R. Woods
  * _Aylmer (West)_  |Malahide      |Elgin, E. R.     O|Philip Hodgkinson
  Aylwin             |Aylwin        |Ottawa           Q|J. Little
  * _Ayre_           |Dumfries      |Waterloo, S. R.  O|Robert Wylie
  Ayton              |Normanby      |Grey, S. R.      O|Robert Smith
                     |              |                  |
                     |              |                  |
  Baby’s Point       |Sombra        |Bothwell         O|Edward Keely
  Back Bay, W. O.    |              |Charlotte      N B|Joseph McGee
  Back Lands, W. O.  |              |Antigonishe    N S|William Doyle
  _Baddeck_          |              |Victoria       N S|R. Elmsly
  Baddeck Bay, W. O. |              |Victoria       N S|C. McDonald
  Baddeck Bridge,    |              |Victoria       N S|Alex. McRae
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  _Baden_            |Wilmot        |Waterloo, S. R.  O|Jacob Beck
  Bagot              |Bagot         |Renfrew, S. R.   O|Patrick Kennedy
  Bagotville         |St. Alphonse  |Chicoutimi       Q|E. Lévesque
  Baie St. Paul      |Baie St. Paul |Marquette        M|Félix Chenier
  _Baie Verte_       |              |Westmoreland   N B|John Carey
  Baie Verte Road,   |              |Westmoreland   N B|John Copp, jun.
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Bailey’s Brook,    |              |Pictou         N S|D. D. Macdonald
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  _Bailieboro’_      |South Monaghan|Peterborough,    O|John D. Perrin
                     |              |  W. R.           |
  Baillargeon        |St. Etienne de|Lévis            Q|Frs. Xavier
                     |  Lauzon      |                  |  Bilodeau
  Baillie, W. O.     |              |Charlotte      N B|W. S. Robinson
  Bairdsville, W. O. |              |Carleton       N B|Henry Baird
  Bala               |Medora        |Muskoka          O|Thomas Burgess
  Balderson          |Drummond      |Lanark, S. R.    O|John W. Cowie
  Ballantrae         |Whitchurch    |York, N. R.      O|Robert Hill
  Ballantyne’s       |Pittsburgh    |Frontenac        O|John Hysop
    Station          |              |                  |
  Ballinafad         |Erin          |Wellington,      O|John S. Applebe
                     |              |  S. R.           |
  Ballycroy          |Adjala        |Cardwell         O|Peter Small
  Ballyduff          |Manvers       |Durham, E. R.    O|J. C. Williamson
  Ballymote          |London        |Middlesex, E. R. O|T. W. Johnson
  Balmoral           |Rainham       |Haldimand        O|Geo. B. Lundy
  Balsam             |Pickering     |Ontario, S. R.   O|Ira Palmer
  _Baltimore_        |Hamilton      |Northumberland,  O|Thos. J. Milligan
                     |              |  W. R.           |
  Bamberg            |Wellesley     |Waterloo, N. R.  O|F. Walter
  Banda              |Mulmer        |Simcoe, S. R.    O|John Cleminger
  Bandon             |Hullet        |Huron, C. R.     O|James Allen
  Bannockburn        |Madoc         |Hastings, N. R.  O|William H. Wilson
  Barachois, W. O.   |              |Westmoreland   N B|Thos. Gallang
  Barachois de Malbay|Malbay        |Gaspé            Q|Thomas Tapp
  Bardsville         |Monck         |Muskoka          O|Charles Bard
  Barkerville        |              |Cariboo        B C|John Bowron
  Bark Lake          |Jones         |Renfrew, S. R.   O|
  Barnaby River,     |              |Northumberland N B|Mrs. E. J. Dalton
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Barnesville, W. O. |              |King’s         N B|Thomas Worrell
  Barnett            |Nichol        |Wellington,      O|James Elmslie
                     |              |  C. R.           |
  Barney’s River,    |              |Pictou         N S|Donald Nicolson
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Barnston           |Barnston      |Stanstead        Q|Sam’l Goodhue
  Barrett’s Cross    |No. 19        |Prince       P E I|William Glover
  * _Barrie_         |Vespra        |Simcoe, N. R.    O|Jas. Edwards
  Barrington         |Hemmingford   |Huntingdon       Q|Oliver Lyttle
  _Barrington_       |              |Shelburne      N S|R. H. Crowell
  Barrington Passage,|              |Shelburne      N S|Leonard Knowles
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Barrio’s Beach,    |Antigonishe   |Antigonishe    N S|Benj. Boudret
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Barronsfield, W. O.|              |Cumberland     N S|William Baker
  Bartibog, W. O.    |              |Northumberland N B|Robert Wall
  Bartonville        |Barton        |Wentworth, S. R. O|W. J. Gage
  Bass River, W. O.  |              |King’s         N B|Robert Brown
  Bass River, W. O.  |Londonderry   |Colchester     N S|Mrs. A. Dickey
  Basswood Ridge,    |              |Charlotte      N B|Margaret Love
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Batchewana         |Fisher        |Algoma           O|W. J. Scott, jun.
  _Bath_             |Ernestown     |Lennox           O|John Belfour
  Bath               |              |Carleton       N B|W. Commins
  _Bathurst_         |              |Gloucester     N B|Helen J. Waitt
  Bathurst Village,  |              |Gloucester     N B|John Ferguson,
    W. O.            |              |                  |  jun.
  Batiscan           |Ste. Geneviève|Champlain        Q|D. Lacourcière
  Batiscan Bridge    |St. François  |Champlain        Q|Narcisse Fugère
                     |  Xavier      |                  |
  Battersea          |Storrington   |Frontenac        O|W. J. Anglin
  Bay du Vin, W. O.  |              |Northumberland N B|Alex. Williston
  Bay du Vin Mills,  |              |Northumberland N B|James Graham
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  * _Bayfield_       |Stanley       |Huron, S. R.     O|James Gairdner
  Bayfield, W. O.    |              |Westmoreland   N B|C. Van Buskirk
  Bayfield, W. O.    |              |Antigonishe    N S|E. W. Randall
  Bay Fortune        |No. 56        |King’s       P E I|J. Needham
  Bayside, W. O.     |              |Charlotte      N B|F. W. Bradford
  Bayham             |Bayham        |Elgin, E. R.     O|George Laing
  Bay St. Lawrence,  |              |Victoria       N S|Angus McIntosh
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Bayview            |St. Vincent   |Grey, E. R.      O|Whitney Wait
  _Beachburg_        |Westmeath     |Renfrew, N. R.   O|George Surtees
  _Beachville_       |Oxford, West  |Oxford, S. R.    O|Charles Mason
  Bealton            |Townsend      |Norfolk, N. R.   O|Frank Turner
  * _Beamsville_     |Clinton       |Lincoln          O|J. B. Osborne
  Bear Brook         |Cumberland    |Russell          O|John Rogers
  Bear Island, W. O. |              |York           N B|Isaiah Parent
  Bear Point, W. O.  |              |Shelburne      N S|David Smith
  _Bear River (West  |              |Digby          N S|V. T. Hardwick
    Side)_           |              |                  |
  Beatrice           |Watt          |Muskoka          O|Richard Lance
  * _Beauharnois_    |St. Clement   |Beauharnois      Q|Crosbie McArthur
  Beaulac            |Rawdon        |Montcalm         Q|George Mason
  Beaulieu           |St. Pierre    |Montmorency      Q|Prudent Blais
                     |  d’Orléans   |                  |
  Beaumont           |Beaumont      |Bellechasse      Q|George Couture
  Beauport           |Beauport      |Quebec           Q|Margaret O’Brien
  Beaurivage         |St. Sylvester |Lotbinière       Q|Owen Loughrey
                     |  East        |                  |
  Beaver Bank, W. O. |              |Halifax        N S|Daniel Hallisey
  Beaver Brook, W. O.|              |Albert         N B|W. R. Brewster
  Beaver Cove, W. O.,|              |Cape Breton    N S|Stephen McNeill
    late Boisdale,   |              |                  |
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Beaver Harb’r,     |              |Charlotte      N B|Leonard Best
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Beaver River, W. O.|              |Digby          N S|S. P. Raymond
  Beaver River Corner|              |Digby          N S|W. S. Raymond
  * _Beaverton_      |Thora         |Ontario, N. R.   O|Donald Cameron
  _Bécancour_        |Bécancour     |Nicolet          Q|Miss M. E. Rivard
  Bécancour Station  |Ste. Julie    |Megantic         Q|Richard St. Pierre
  Becher             |Sombra        |Bothwell         O|
  Bedeque            |No. 26        |Prince       P E I|Major Wright
  _Bedford_          |Stanbridge    |Missisquoi       Q|George Clayes,
                     |              |                  |  jun.
  Bedford Basin,     |              |Halifax        N S|Wm. Steven, jun.
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Beebe Plain        |Stanstead     |Stanstead        Q|J. L. House
  Beech Hill, W. O.  |              |King’s         N S|Edmund Quigley
  Bégon              |Bégon         |Témiscouata      Q|H. Boucher
  Belfast            |Ashfield      |Huron, N. R.     O|William Phillips
  Belfast            |No. 57        |Queen’s      P E I|James Moore
  Belford            |Markham       |York, E. R.      O|Israel Burton
  Belfountain        |Caledon       |Cardwell         O|Noah Herring
  Begrave            |Morris        |Huron, N. R.     O|Simon Armstrong
  Belhaven           |North         |York, N. R.      O|Daniel Prosser
                     |  Gwillimbury |                  |
  Belle Creek        |No. 62        |Queen’s      P E I|James Cook
  Belle Alodie       |St. Valentin  |St. John’s       Q|Ambroise Messier
  Belledune, W. O.   |              |Gloucester     N B|John Chalmers
  Belledune River,   |              |Gloucester     N B|M. Killoran
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Belleisle, W. O.   |Granville     |Annapolis      N S|Valentine Troop
  Belleisle Bay,     |              |King’s         N B|Thos. Davis
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Belleisle Creek,   |              |King’s         N B|Cosmo F. McLeod
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Belle Rivière      |              |Two Mountains    Q|William McCubbin
  * _Belleville_     |Thurlow       |Hastings, W. R.  O|J. H. Meacham
  Belleville, W. O.  |              |Carleton       N B|James Martin
  _Bell Ewart_       |Innisfil      |Simcoe, S. R.    O|P. Ed. Drake
  Belliveaux Cove,   |              |Digby          N S|Urbain Belliveaux
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Belliveaux Village,|              |Westmoreland   N B|Lewis Richard
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Bellrock           |Portland      |Addington        O|Edward Walker
  _Bell’s Corners_   |Nepean        |Carleton         O|George Arnold
  Belmont            |Westminster   |Middlesex, E. R. O|W. H. Odell
  Belmore            |Turnbury      |Huron, N. R.     O|Peter Tariff
  Belœil Station     |Belœil        |Verchères        Q|William Goullette
  Belœil Village     |Belœil        |Verchères        Q|J. B. Brillon
  Belyea’s Cove,     |              |Queen’s        N B|George N. Belyea
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Benmiller          |Colborne      |Huron, C. R.     O|Jonathan Miller
  Bennie’s Corners   |Ramsay        |Lanark, N. R.    O|Robert Philip
  Bensfort           |South Monaghan|Peterborough,    O|Alexr. D. Galloway
                     |              |  W. R.           |
  Bentley            |Harwich       |Kent             O|Julius Guild
  Beaton, late       |              |Carleton       N B|John E. Murchie
    Rankin’s Mills,  |              |                  |
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Beresford          |Beresford     |Terrebonne       Q|V. Charbonneau
  Bentonville        |Cambridge     |Russell          O|John Benton
  Bergerville        |St. Colomb de |Quebec           Q|Mrs. C. Petitclerc
                     |  Sillery     |                  |
  Berkeley           |Holland       |Grey, N. R.      O|John Fleming
  * _Berlin_         |Waterloo,     |Waterloo, N. R.  O|William Jaffray
                     |  North       |                  |
  Berne              |Hay           |Huron, S. R.     O|John Grandy
  Berryton, W. O.    |              |Albert         N B|Edward Berry
  Bersimis           |Bersimis      |Saguenay         Q|W. S. Church
  Berthier           |Berthier      |Montmagny        Q|P. S. Joncas
  * _Berthier, en    |Berthier      |Berthier         Q|Miss Annie Kitson
    haut_            |              |                  |
  Bervie             |Kincardine    |Bruce, S. R.     O|Nichol McIntyre
  Berwick            |Finch         |Stormont         O|Moses A. Tobin
  _Berwick_          |              |King’s         N S|J. M. Parker
  Berwick Station,   |              |King’s         N S|S. J. Nichols
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  _Bethany_          |Manvers       |Durham, E. R.    O|W. M. Graham
  Bethel             |Ely           |Shefford         Q|G. Bartlett
  Bewdley            |Hamilton      |Northumberland,  O|John Sidey
                     |              |  W. R.           |
  Bexley             |Bexley        |Victoria, N. R.  O|George Broadway
  Bic                |Bic           |Rimouski         Q|J. R. Colclough
  Bienville          |Lauzon        |Lévis            Q|P. Morin
  Big Bank, W. O.    |              |Victoria       N S|Donald McLean
  Big Bras d’Or,     |              |Victoria       N S|J. A. Fraser
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Big Brook, W. O.   |              |Inverness      N S|Malcolm McLeod
  Big Cove, W. O.    |              |Queen’s        N B|Jas. Umphrey
  Big Harbor, W. O.  |              |Inverness      N S|D. McKay
  Big Intervale      |              |Inverness      N S|Donald Gillis
    (Grand Narrows), |              |                  |
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Big Intervale      |Margaree      |Victoria       N S|Malcolm McLeod
    (Margaree),      |              |                  |
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Big Island, W. O.  |              |Pictou         N S|Alexander McGregor
  Big Lorraine, W. O.|              |Cape Breton    N S|
  Big Marsh          |No. 42        |King’s       P E I|D. McDonald
  Big Pond, W. O.    |              |Cape Breton    N S|Hugh McLellan
  Big Port’le Bear,  |              |Shelburne      N S|Thomas Richardson
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Big Tracadie, W. O.|              |Antigonishe    N S|William Genoir
  Billings’ Bridge   |Gloucester    |Russell          O|William Smith
  Bill Town, W. O.   |              |King’s         N S|Stubbard Sweet
  Binbrook           |Binbrook      |Wentworth, S. R. O|Henry Hall
  Bingham Road       |Cayuga South  |Haldimand        O|Joseph Goehringer
  Birchton           |Eaton         |Compton          Q|George N. Hodge
  Birdton, W. O.     |              |York           N B|Robert Bird
  Birkhall           |Moore         |Lambton          O|F. McKenzie
  Birmingham         |Pittsburg’    |Frontenac        O|Mrs. E. Birmingham
  Birr               |London        |Middlesex, E. R. O|Joseph M. Young
  Bishop’s Mills     |Oxford        |Grenville, N. R. O|Asa W. Bishop
  Bismarck           |Gainsborough  |Monck            O|Christian Trumm
  Black Bank         |Mulmur        |Simcoe, S. R.    O|John Newel
  Black Brook, W. O. |              |Northumberland N B|Robert Blake
  Black Creek        |Willoughby    |Welland          O|Isaac H. Allen
  Black Heath        |Binbrook      |Wentworth, S. R. O|Alexander Simpson
  Black Land, W. O.  |              |Restigouche    N B|William Cook
  Black Point, W. O. |              |Restigouche    N B|H. Connacher
  Black Point, W. O. |              |Halifax        N S|James Hubley
  Black River, W. O. |              |Northumberland N B|Robert McNaughton
  Black River, W. O. |              |St. John       N B|Robert Stewart
  Black River, W. O. |              |Antigonishe    N S|Colin McDonald
  Black River Bridge,|              |Northumberland N B|Mrs. I. Cameron
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Black River Station|St. Giles     |Lotbinière       Q|Louis Olivier
  Black Rock, W. O.  |              |Cumberland     N S|Jas. Williger
  Blackville, W. O.  |              |Northumberland N B|W. H. Grindley
  Blair              |Waterloo      |Waterloo, S. R.  O|J. Renshaw
  _Blairton_         |Belmont       |Peterboro’,      O|Roger Bates
                     |              |  E. R.           |
  Blanchard Road,    |              |Pictou         N S|Donald Ross
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Blandford          |St. Louis de  |Arthabaska       Q|D. Bergeron
                     |  Blandford   |                  |
  Blandford, W. O.   |              |Lunenburg      N S|
  Blantyre           |Euphrasia     |Grey, E. R.      O|James C. Patterson
  Blayney Ridge,     |Prince William|York           N B|Josiah Davis
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Blessington        |Tyendinaga    |Hastings, E. R.  O|Isaac Mott
  Blissfield, W. O.  |              |Northumberland N B|John A. Arbo
  Blissville         |              |Sunbury        N B|John E. Smith
  Bloomfield         |Hallowell     |Prince Edward    O|Jonathan Striker
  Bloomfield         |No. 5         |Prince       P E I|M. Gavin
  Bloomfield, W. O.  |              |Carleton       N B|Reuben Allerton
  Bloomfield, W. O.  |              |King’s         N B|John Leavitt
  Bloomingdale       |Waterloo      |Waterloo, N. R.  O|J. G. Moyer
  Bloomington        |Whitchurch    |York, N. R.      O|Maxon Jones
  Bloomsburg         |Townsend      |Norfolk, N. R.   O|L. W. Kitchen
  Blue Mountain,     |              |Pictou         N S|Wm. McDonald
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Blue’s Mill, W. O. |              |Inverness      N S|Malcolm Blue
  _Bluevale_         |Morris        |Huron, N. R.     O|John Messer
  _Blyth_            |Morris        |Huron, N. R.     O|P. J. Rooney
  Blytheswood        |Mersea        |Essex            O|John Miller
  _Bobcaygeon_       |Verulam       |Victoria, S. R.  O|R. La T. Tupper
  Bocabec, W. O.     |              |Charlotte      N B|Wm. Erskine
  Bogart             |Hungerford    |Hastings, E. R.  O|John Longman
  Boiestown, W. O.   |              |Northumberland N B|Miles McMillen
  Boisdale Chapel,   |              |Cape Breton    N S|Michael McIntyre
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Bolingbroke        |S. Sherbrooke |Lanark, S. R.    O|John Kerry
  Bolsover           |Eldon         |Victoria, N. R.  O|Duncan McRae
  Bolton Centre      |Bolton        |Brome            Q|John Blaisdell
  Bolton Forest      |Bolton        |Brome            Q|James T. Channell
  Bomanton           |Haldimand     |Northumberland,  O|Richard Knight
                     |              |  W. R.           |
  Bonaventure River  |Hamilton      |Bonaventure      Q|Frederic Forest
  * _Bondhead_       |W. Gwillimbury|Simcoe, S. R.    O|A. H. Carter
  Bongard’s Corners  |Marysburg     |Prince Edward    O|Job. D. Bongard
  Bonshaw            |No. 30        |Queen’s      P E I|A. Robertson
  Bookton            |Windham       |Norfolk, N. R.   O|P. N. McIntosh
  Boom, W. O.        |              |Inverness      N S|Alex. McEachern
  Bord à Plouffe     |St. Martin    |Laval            Q|V. Lemay
  Bornholm           |Logan         |Perth, N. R.     O|Robert Keys
  Boscobel           |Ely           |Shefford         Q|Wm. Hackwell
  Boston             |Townsend      |Norfolk, N. R.   O|Oliver C. Rouse
  Bosworth           |Peel          |Wellington,      O|
                     |              |  C. R.           |
  Botany             |Howard        |Bothwell         O|C. McBrayne
  * _Bothwell_       |Zone          |Bothwell         O|John Taylor
  Bothwell           |No. 47        |King’s       P E I|David McVane
  Botsford Portage,  |              |Westmoreland   N B|Wm. Farrow
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Boucherville       |Boucherville  |Chambly          Q|Louis Normandin
  Boudreau Village,  |              |Westmoreland   N B|Alex. Boudreau
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Boulardaie         |              |Victoria       N S|A. Munro
  Boulter            |Carlow        |Hastings, N. R.  O|James Wilson, sen.
  Boundary Creek,    |              |Westmoreland   N B|Merritt D. Harris
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Boundary,          |              |Carleton       N B|John D. Baird
    Presqu’ile,      |              |                  |
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Bourgeois, W. O.   |              |Kent           N B|John Bourgeois
  Bourg Louis        |Bourg Louis   |Portneuf         Q|John Hewton
  Bowling Green      |Amaranth      |Wellington,      O|William B. Jelly
                     |              |  N. R.           |
  * _Bowmanville_    |Darlington    |Durham, W. R.    O|J. B. Fairbairn
  Box Grove          |Markham       |York, E. R.      O|John McCaffrey
  Boyne              |Trafalgar     |Halton           O|
  Boynton            |Stanstead     |Stanstead        Q|Hollis Libbey
  * _Bracebridge_    |Macaulay      |Muskoka          O|Robert E. Perry
  Brackley Point     |No. 33        |Queen’s      P E I|J. B. McCallum
  Brackley Point Road|No. 33        |Queen’s      P E I|W. L. Rodd
  * _Bradford_       |W. Gwillimbury|Simcoe, S. R.    O|Mrs. Anne Douglas
  Brae               |No. 9         |Prince       P E I|J. McLean
  Braemar            |E. Zorra      |Oxford, N. R.    O|Alex. Anderson
  Braeside           |McNab         |Renfrew, S. R.   O|John Gillies
  Bramley            |Innisfil      |Simcoe, S. R.    O|James Black, jun.
  * _Brampton_       |Chinguacousy  |Peel             O|K. Chisholm
  Branchton          |Dumfries,     |Waterloo, S. R.  O|Robert McLeish
                     |  North       |                  |
  Brandy Creek       |Windham       |Norfolk, N. R.   O|E. R. Crombie
  * _Brantford_      |Brantford     |Brant, S. R.     O|A. D. Clement
  Breadalbane, W. O. |              |Restigouche    N B|John McMillan
  Brechin            |Mara          |Ontario, N. R.   O|John Bernard
  Brentwood          |Sunnidale     |Simcoe, N. R.    O|L. E. Dubois
  Breslaw            |Waterloo      |Waterloo, N. R.  O|Moses Moyer
  Brewer’s Mills     |Pittsburg     |Frontenac        O|Robert Anglin
  Brewster           |Stephen       |Huron, S. R.     O|W. McDougall
  Bridgedale, W. O.  |              |Albert         N B|Millidge Steeves
  Bridgenorth        |Smith         |Peterborough,    O|Marcus S. Dean
                     |              |  W. R.           |
  Bridgeport         |Waterloo,     |Waterloo, N. R.  O|Elias Eby
                     |  North       |                  |
  Bridgeport, W. O.  |              |Cape Breton    N S|George Burchell
  _Bridgetown_       |              |Annapolis      N S|Enoch Dodge, jun.
  Bridgeville, W. O. |              |Pictou         N S|John Forbes
  * _Bridgewater_    |Elzevir       |Hastings, N. R.  O|Edwin James
  _Bridgewater_      |              |Lunenburg      N S|R. A. Newcomb
  Brigg’s Corner,    |              |Queen’s        N B|Joel F. Estabrooks
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  _Brigham_          |Farnham, East |Brome            Q|E. O. Brigham
  * _Bright_         |Blenheim      |Oxford, N. R.    O|John Cameron
  * _Brighton_       |Brighton      |Northumberland,  O|Joseph Lockwood
                     |              |  E. R.           |
  Briley’s Brook,    |Dorchester    |Antigonishe    N S|
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Brinkworth         |Rawdon        |Hastings, N. R.  O|Allen Williams
  Brinsley           |McGillivray   |Middlesex, N. R. O|George Brown
  Brinston’s Corners |Matilda       |Dundas           O|Charles Lock
  Brisbane           |Erin          |Wellington,      O|G. J. Mackelcan
                     |              |  S. R.           |
  Bristol            |Bristol       |Pontiac          Q|Wm. King
  Britannia          |Toronto       |Peel             O|Joseph Gardner
  Britannia Mills    |St. Dominique |Bagot            Q|William Twohey
  Britonville        |Morin         |Argenteuil       Q|Geo. Hamilton
  Broad Cove Chapel, |              |Inverness      N S|Alexander McLellan
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Broad Cove,        |              |Inverness      N S|Isaac McLeod
    (Intervale),     |              |                  |
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Broad Cove,        |              |Lunenburg      N S|Elkanah Teel
    (Lunenburg),     |              |                  |
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Broad Cove,        |              |Inverness      N S|Donald Macleod
    (Marsh),         |              |                  |
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Broadlands         |              |Bonaventure      Q|Melvin Adams
  Brockton           |York          |York, W. R.      O|Mrs. Ann Church
  * _Brockville_     |Elizabethtown |Brockville       O|John Crawford
  Brodhagen          |Logan         |Perth, N. R.     O|Chas. Brodhagen
  Brome              |Brome         |Brome            Q|Walter Lynch
  Bromemere          |Brome         |Brome            Q|C. H. Jones
  Brompton           |Brompton      |Richmond         Q|Henry Addison
  _Brompton Falls_   |Brompton      |Richmond         Q|J. R. McDonnell
  Bronte             |Trafalgar     |Halton           O|Chas. K. Jones
  Brookbury          |Bury          |Compton          Q|R. Rowe
  Brookfield         |              |Colchester     N S|James Graham
  Brookfield, W. O.  |              |Queen’s        N S|W. Hendry
  * _Brooklin_       |Whitby        |Ontario, S. R.   O|Robert Darlington
  Brooklyn           |No. 61        |King’s       P E I|H. Compton
  Brooklyn, W. O.    |              |Queen’s        N S|J. R. Hall
  Brooksdale         |West Zorra    |Oxford, N. R.    O|John Bagrie
  Brookvale, W. O.   |              |Queen’s        N B|Mrs. Milcha Fowlie
  Brookvale, W. O.   |              |Halifax        N S|Hugh Hannah
  Brookville, W. O.  |              |Cumberland     N S|J. A. Hatfield
  Brookville, W. O.  |              |Pictou         N S|Jas. McDonald
  _Brougham_         |Pickering     |Ontario, S. R.   O|John B. Burke
  Broughton          |Broughton     |Beauce           Q|C. H. J. Hall
  Brown’s Brook,     |              |Cumberland     N S|Hiram Brown
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Brownsburg         |Chatham       |Argenteuil       Q|Alex. McGibbon
  Brownsville        |Dereham       |Oxford, S. R.    O|Mrs. E. Sponenburg
  Brucefield         |Tuckersmith   |Huron, C. R.     O|Robert Marks
  Bruce Mines        |              |Algoma           O|John Hancock
  Brudenell          |Brudenell     |Renfrew, S. R.   O|James Costello
  Brunner            |Ellice        |Perth, N. R.     O|Henry Gropp
  Brunswick          |Manvers       |Durham, E. R.    O|S. R. Beamish
  * _Brussels_, late |Grey          |Huron, C. R.     O|John R. Grant
    Dingle           |              |                  |
  Bryanston          |London        |Middlesex, E. R. O|John Stansfield
  _Bryson_, late     |Litchfield    |Pontiac          Q|W. G. Le Roy
    Hargrave         |              |                  |
  Buckhorn           |Harwich       |Kent             O|
  * _Buckingham_     |Buckingham    |Ottawa           Q|James Wilson
  Buckland           |Buckland      |Bellechasse      Q|Eusèbe Couture
  Bucklaw, W. O.     |              |Victoria       N S|Malcolm McLeod
  Buckley’s, W. O.   |              |King’s         N S|Thos. Buckley
  Buckshot           |Clarendon     |Addington        O|Elisha Playfair
  _Buctouche_        |              |Kent           N B|B. H. Foley
  Bull Creek         |No. 46        |King’s       P E I|James McAulay
  Bulstrode          |Bulstrode     |Arthabaska       Q|George Dauth
  Bulwer             |Eaton         |Compton          Q|Robert Cairns
  _Burford_          |Burford       |Brant, S. R.     O|John Catton
  Burgessville       |Norwich, North|Oxford, S. R.    O|E. W. Burgess
  Burgoyne           |Arran         |Bruce, N. R.     O|Alfred Shell
  Burleigh           |Burleigh      |Peterborough,    O|John McDonald
                     |              |  E. R.           |
  Burlington         |No. 18        |Prince       P E I|Joseph Davison
  Burlington, W. O.  |              |King’s         N S|Charles Hall
  Burnbrae           |Seymour       |Northumberland,  O|Alex. Donald
                     |              |  E. R.           |
  Burnhamthorpe      |Toronto       |Peel             O|George Savage
  Burnley            |Haldimand     |Northumberland,  O|William Lawler
                     |              |  W. R.           |
  Burns              |Morrington    |Perth, N. R.     O|Oran Phillips
  Burnside           |Portage La    |Marquette        M|Kenneth McKenzie
                     |  Prairie     |                  |
  Burnstown          |McNab         |Renfrew, S. R.   O|Donald McRae
  Burnt Church, W. O.|              |Northumberland N B|F. H. McKnight
  Burntcoat, W. O.   |              |Hants          N S|Robt. Faulkner
  Burnt River        |Somerville    |Victoria, N. R.  O|Simon Moore
  Burrard Inlet      |              |New            B C|Maximilian Michaud
                     |              |  Westminster     |
  Burritt’s Rapids   |Oxford        |Grenville, N. R. O|Thos. A. Kidd
  Burtch             |Brantford     |Brant, S. R.     O|George Taylor
  Burton             |Manvers       |Durham, E. R.    O|James McGill
  Burton, W. O.      |              |Sunbury        N B|M. E. A. Burpee
  Bury’s Green       |Somerville    |Victoria, N. R.  O|John Fell
  Bushfield          |Morris        |Huron, N. R.     O|James Lynn
  Bute               |Somerset      |Megantic         Q|D. McKinnon
  Butternut Ridge    |              |King’s         N B|Charles Israel
                     |              |                  |  Keith
  Buttonville        |Markham       |York, E. R.      O|T. Thomson
  Buxton             |Raleigh       |Kent             O|D. C. Echlin
  Byng               |Dunn          |Monck            O|James M. Thomson
  Byng Inlet         |Wallbridge    |Muskoka          O|Pulaski Clark
  Byron              |Westminster   |Middlesex, E. R. O|Robert Sadler
                     |              |                  |
                     |              |                  |
  Cable Head         |No. 41        |King’s       P E I|John McIntyre
  Cache Creek        |              |Yale           B C|James Campbell
  _Cacouna_          |St. George    |Témiscouata      Q|J. B. Beaulieu
  Cadmus             |Cartwright    |Durham, W. R.    O|John McKinnon
  Cæsarea            |Cartwright    |Durham, W. R.    O|John Elliott
  Cain’s River, W. O.|              |Northumberland N B|Mrs. C. A. Murdoch
  Cainsville         |Brantford, E. |Brant, N. R.     O|Henry Gawler
  Caintown           |Yonge         |Leeds, S. R.     O|W. Tennant, jun.
  Cairngorm          |Metcalfe      |Middlesex, W. R. O|Francis Brown
  _Caistorville_     |Caistor       |Monck            O|Adam Spears, jun.
  Calabogie          |Bagot         |Renfrew, S. R.   O|D. Dillon
  Calder             |Delaware      |Middlesex, W. R. O|William Campbell
  Caldwell           |Caledon       |Cardwell         O|Patrick Murphy
  _Caledon_          |Caledon       |Cardwell         O|George Bell
  Caledon East       |Caledon       |Cardwell         O|James Munsie
  Caledonia          |No. 60        |Queen’s      P E I|James Walker
  _Caledonia Corner_ |              |Queen’s        N S|George Middlemas
  Caledonia Mills,   |              |Antigonishe    N S|John Boyle
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Caledonia,         |              |Guysboro’      N S|Angus McDonald
    St Mary’s, W. O. |              |                  |
  Caledonia          |              |Albert         N B|James Reid
    Settlement,      |              |                  |
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Caledonia Springs  |Caledonia     |Prescott         O|John D. Cameron
  Calton             |Bayham        |Elgin, E. R.     O|Duncan M’Laughlan
  Calumet Island     |Calumet       |Pontiac          Q|John Cahill
  _Cambray_          |Fenelon       |Victoria, N. R.  O|Thomas Douglas
  Cambria            |St. Columbin  |Argenteuil       Q|William Stuart
  Cambridge, W. O.   |              |Queen’s        N B|William H. White
  Cambridge, W. O.   |              |Halifax        N S|Handly Starrat
  Cambridge Station, |              |King’s         N S|John C. Neiley
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Camden East        |Camden East   |Addington        O|Benjamin Clark
  Cameron            |Fenelon       |Victoria, N. R.  O|James Bryson
  Camerontown        |Charlottenburg|Glengarry        O|Andrew Cameron
  Camilla            |Mono          |Cardwell         O|Hugh Currie
  Camlachie          |Plympton      |Lambton          O|Thomas Houston
  * _Campbellford_   |Seymour       |Northumberland,  O|James M. Ferris
                     |              |  E. R.           |
  Campbell’s Cross   |Chinguacousy  |Peel             O|E. T. Hagyard
  Campbell           |              |King’s         N B|D. K. Campbell
    Settlement,      |              |                  |
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Campbell           |              |York           N B|Henry McFarlane
    Settlement,      |              |                  |
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  _Campbellton_      |              |Restigouche    N B|A. W. Kendrick
  Campbellville      |Nassagiweya   |Halton           O|James H. Cooper
  Campden            |Clinton       |Lincoln          O|H. W. Moyer
  Campo Bello        |              |Charlotte      N B|Luke Byron
  Canaan, W. O.      |              |King’s         N S|Adolphus Bishop
  Canaan Road, W. O. |              |King’s         N S|Reuben R. Baker
  Canada Creek, W. O.|              |King’s         N S|C. Eaton
  Canard, W. O.      |              |King’s         N S|J. E. Lockwood
  Canard River       |Sandwich      |Essex            O|Louis Drouillard
  Canboro’           |Canboro’      |Monck            O|John Folmsbee
  Candasville        |Gainsborough  |Monck            O|John M. Culp
  _Canfield_         |Cayuga, North |Haldimand        O|Ambrose Pattison
  Cannifton          |Thurlow       |Hastings, E. R.  O|Jonas Canniff,
                     |              |                  |  jun.
  Canning            |Blenheim      |Oxford, N. R.    O|Samuel Allchin
  _Canning_          |              |King’s         N S|J. W. Borden
  * _Cannington_     |Brock         |Ontario, N. R.   O|Charles Gibbs
  Cannonville, W. O. |              |Cumberland     N S|Edward D.
                     |              |                  |  Fullarton
  Canoe Creek        |              |Cariboo        B C|Robert P. Ritchie
  Canrobert          |              |Rouville         Q|François Meunier
  _Canso_            |              |Guysboro’      N S|Charl’te
                     |              |                  |  Cunningham
  Canterbury         |Bury          |Compton          Q|Robert Clark
  Canterbury         |              |York           N B|C. E. Grosvenor
  _Canterbury        |              |York           N B|William Main
    Station_         |              |                  |
  Cantley            |Hull          |Ottawa           Q|Alex. Prudhomme
  Canton             |Hope          |Durham, E. R.    O|Samuel Stephenson
  Cap à l’Aigle (sub)|Mount Murray  |Charlevoix       Q|Joseph Lavard
  Cap Chat           |St. Norbert de|Gaspé            Q|Telesphore Roy
                     |  Cap Chat    |                  |
  Cap des Rosiers    |Cap des       |Gaspé            Q|Peter Whalan
                     |  Rosiers     |                  |
  Cape Cove          |Percé         |Gaspé            Q|William Tilly
  Cape George        |              |Antigonishe    N S|Robt. McDonald
  Cape George, (North|              |Antigonishe    N S|Donald McDonald
    side,) W. O.     |              |                  |
  Cape John, W. O.   |              |Pictou         N S|Hugh McLeod
  Capelton           |Ascott        |Sherbrooke       Q|John Lafontaine
  Cape Mabou, W. O.  |              |Inverness      N S|A. McQuarrie
  Cape Negro, W. O.  |              |Shelburne      N S|Josiah Smith
  Cape North, W. O.  |              |Victoria       N S|Arch. McDonald
  Cape Rich          |St. Vincent   |Grey, E. R.      O|Donald McLaren
  Cape Sable Island, |              |Shelburne      N S|W. Cunningham
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Cape Spear, W. O.  |              |Westmoreland   N B|John McKay
  Cape Traverse      |No. 28        |Prince       P E I|J. L. Muttart
  Cape Wolfe         |No. 7         |Prince       P E I|Matthew Howard
  Caplin             |              |Bonaventure      Q|David Kerr
  Cap Magdeleine     |              |Champlain        Q|Théodore Beaumier
  Cap Rouge          |St. Foy       |Quebec           Q|Dominique
                     |              |                  |  Thivierge
  Cap St Ignace      |St. Ignace    |Montmagny        Q|Miss H. C. Larue
  Cap Santé          |Cap Santé     |Portneuf         Q|J. Bernard
  _Caraquet_         |              |Gloucester     N B|J. G. C. Blackhall
  Carden             |Carden        |Victoria, N. R.  O|Jacob Belfrey
  Cardigan Bridge    |No. 53        |King’s       P E I|George F. Owen
  Cardigan Road      |No. 38        |King’s       P E I|P. Bambrick
  Cariboo Cove, W. O.|              |Cape Breton    N S|Malcolm Ferguson
  _Carillon_         |Chatham       |Argenteuil       Q|William Fletcher
  Carleton           |Carleton      |Bonaventure      Q|Joseph Meagher
  _Carleton_         |              |St. John       N B|James R. Reed
  Carleton           |No. 28        |Prince       P E I|D. Morrison
  * _Carleton Place_ |Beckwith      |Lanark, N. R.    O|Patrick Struthers
  Carlingford        |Fullarton     |Perth, S. R.     O|James Hamilton
  Carlisle           |Flamboro’,    |Wentworth, N. R. O|O. Livingston
                     |  East        |                  |
  Carlow             |Colborne      |Huron, C. R.     O|W. R. Clayton
  Carlow, W. O.      |              |Carleton       N B|S. Cummins
  Carlsruhe          |Carrick       |Bruce, S. R.     O|Jacob Knechtel,
                     |              |                  |  jun.
  Carlton, W. O.     |              |Yarmouth       N S|John P. Miller
  Carluke            |Ancaster      |Wentworth, S. R. O|James Calder
  Carnarvon          |Stanhope      |Peterborough,    O|Alfred Moore
                     |              |  E. R.           |
  Carnegie           |Elderslie     |Bruce, N. R.     O|Thomas Ewart
  Carp               |Huntley       |Carleton         O|W. J. Featherstone
  Carriboo Cove,     |              |Richmond       N S|John Malcolm, sen.
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Carroll’s Corners, |              |Halifax        N S|Jane Heffernan
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  _Carronbrook_      |Hibbert       |Perth, S. R.     O|G. J. Kidd
  Carrville          |Vaughan       |York, W. R.      O|G. J. Kidd
  Carsonby           |North Gower   |Carleton         O|Benjamin Eastman
  Carsonville, W. O. |              |King’s         N B|John McLeod
  Carthage           |Mornington    |Perth, N. R.     O|Samuel Patterson
  Cartwright         |Cartwright    |Durham, W. R.    O|Hugh McPhail
  Cascades           |Hull          |Ottawa           Q|Thomas M. Reid
  Case Settlement,   |              |King’s         N B|George Case
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Cashel             |Markham       |York, E. R.      O|Colin Shell
  Cashmere           |Mosa          |Middlesex, W. R. O|George Mansfield
  Casselman          |Cambridge     |Russell          O|Martin Casselman
  Castile            |Algona, South |Renfrew, N. R.   O|Edmund Bennett
  Castlebar          |Shipton       |Richmond         Q|David U. Graveline
  Castleford         |Horton        |Renfrew, S. R.   O|John Warnock
  Castlemore         |Gore of       |Peel             O|
                     |  Toronto     |                  |
  _Castleton_        |Cramahe       |Northumberland,  O|John C. Pennock
                     |              |  E. R.           |
  Catalone, W. O.    |              |Cape Breton    N S|Allan Macdonald
  Cataract           |Caledon       |Cardwell         O|Richard Church
  Cataraqui          |Kingston      |Frontenac        O|Joseph Northmore
  Cathcart           |Burford       |Brant, S. R.     O|Alex. Kennedy
  Caughnawaga        |Sault St.     |Laprairie        Q|W. D. Lorimier
                     |  Louis       |                  |
  Causapscal         |Causapscal    |Rimouski         Q|Edwin L. Strange
  Cavan              |Cavan         |Durham, E. R.    O|David Walker
  Cavendish          |No. 23        |Queen’s      P E I|A. M. McNeill
  Cavendish Road     |No. 23        |Queen’s      P E I|George W. McKay
  * _Cayuga_         |Cayuga        |Haldimand        O|G. A. Messenger
  Cazaville          |St. Anicet    |Huntingdon       Q|Oliver Quenneville
  Cedar Grove        |Markham       |York, E. R.      O|John Schnell
  Cedar Hall         |Matapédia     |Rimouski         Q|E. B. Martin
  Cedar Hill         |Pakenham      |Lanark, N. R.    O|James Connery
  Cedar Lake, W. O.  |              |Digby          N S|Ambrose Poole
  Cedars             |Soulanges     |Soulanges        Q|T. Marcoux
  Cedarville         |Proton        |Grey, E. R.      O|Thomas Rogers
  Central Blissville,|              |Sunbury        N B|Luke E. Bailey
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Central Cambridge, |              |Queen’s        N B|Amos Mott
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Central Chebogue,  |              |Yarmouth       N S|Saml. Trask
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Centralia, late    |Stephen       |Huron, S. R.     O|William Greenway
    Devon            |              |                  |
  Central Kingsclear,|              |York           N B|
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Central Norton,    |              |King’s         N B|Silas Raymond
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Central Onslow,    |              |Colchester     N S|Hugh Dickson
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Centre Augusta     |Augusta       |Grenville, S. R. O|A. B. Commins
  Centreton          |Haldimand     |Northumberland,  O|T. H. McAulay
                     |              |  W. R.           |
  Centre Village,    |              |Westmoreland   N B|Timothy Copp
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Centreville        |Camden East   |Addington        O|Cyrus Ash
  Centreville, W. O. |              |Albert         N B|Wm. Woodworth
  Centreville        |              |Carleton       N B|Ludlow B. Clark
  Centreville, W. O. |              |King’s         N S|J. M. Rosco
  Chambly Basin      |Chambly       |Chambly          Q|Wm. Vallée
  * _Chambly Canton_ |West Chambly  |Chambly          Q|John Hackett
  Chambord           |Metabechouan  |Chicoutimi       Q|Job Bilodeau
  Champlain          |Champlain     |Champlain        Q|N. Hardy
  Chance Harbor,     |              |St. John       N B|James Boyle
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Chandos            |Chandos       |Peterborough,    O|Thomas Kemp
                     |              |  E. R.           |
  Chantelle          |Chertsey      |Montcalm         Q|Delphin Morin
  Chantry            |Bastard       |Leeds, S. R.     O|Samuel Chant
  Chapman            |Hungerford    |Hastings, E. R.  O|Alexander Chapman
  Chapman, W. O.     |              |Westmoreland   N B|Bowden Chapman
  Charing Cross      |Harwich       |Kent             O|Mrs. M. Payne
  Charlemagne        |St. Chas. de  |L’Assomption     Q|Antoine Desparois
                     |  Lachenaie   |                  |dit Champagne
  Charlesbourg       |Quebec        |Quebec           Q|M. Tremblay
  Charleston         |Escott        |Leeds, S. R.     O|P. F. Green
  Charleston, W. O.  |              |Carleton       N B|John Lipsett
  Charleville        |Augusta       |Grenville, S. R. O|Rufus S. Throop
  Charlo’s Cove,     |Wilmot        |Guysboro’      N S|Henry Lindon
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Charlottetown      |              |Queen’s      P E I|A. A. McDonald
  Charrington        |Clifton       |Compton          Q|Louis Ricard
  Chatboro’          |Chatham       |Argenteuil       Q|Chas. A. Bradford
  Chateauguay        |Chateauguay   |Chateauguay      Q|N. Mallett
  Chateauguay Basin  |Chateauguay   |Chateauguay      Q|Robert Lang
  Château Richer     |Château Richer|Montmorency      Q|Mdme. L. B.
                     |              |                  |  Rousseau
  * _Chatham_        |Raleigh       |Kent             O|S. Barfoot
  _Chatham_          |              |Northumberland N B|Thos. Vondy, jun.
  Chatillon          |St. Zépherin  |Yamaska          Q|Louis Beauchemin
  _Chatsworth_       |Holland       |Grey, N. R.      O|Henry Cardwell
  Chaudière Mills    |St. Jean      |Lévis            Q|Antoine Lemieux
                     |  Chrysostôme |                  |
  Cheapside          |Walpole       |Haldimand        O|William Pugsley
  Chebogue, W. O.    |              |Yarmouth       N S|Ansell Robbins
  Cheddar            |Cardiff       |Peterborough,    O|Edward Bates
                     |              |  E. R.           |
  * _Chelsea_        |Hull          |Ottawa           Q|H. B. Prentiss
  Chelsea, W. O.     |              |Lunenburg      N S|H. Kedy
  Cheltenham         |Chinguacousy  |Peel             O|C. H. King
  Chemainus          |              |Vancouver      B C|Thomas G. Askew
  Chepstow           |Greenock      |Bruce, S. R.     O|Wm. Henesy
  Cherry Cheek       |Innisfil      |Simcoe, S. R.    O|William Maine
  Cherry Grove       |No. 45        |King’s       P E I|Joseph McAulay
  Cherry Valley      |Athol         |Prince Edward    O|Thomas Colliver
  Cherry Valley      |No. 50        |Queen’s      P E I|A. McLellan
  Cherrywood         |Pickering     |Ontario, S. R.   O|Charles Petty
  Chesley            |Elderslie     |Bruce, N. R.     O|Mark McManus
  Chesley’s Corners, |              |Lunenburg      N S|Nelson Chesley
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Chester            |Chester       |Arthabaska       Q|Thomas Booth
  _Chester_          |              |Lunenburg      N S|Chas. A. Brown
  Chester Basin,     |              |Lunenburg      N S|Jos. Eisenhaur
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Chesterfield       |Blenheim      |Oxford, N. R.    O|Wm. Brown
  Cheticamp, W. O.   |Cheticamp     |Inverness      N S|Ed. Briard
  Cheverie, W. O.    |              |Hants          N S|John Burgess
  Cheviot            |Culross       |Bruce, S. R.     O|Andrew McLean
  Chezzetcook, W. O. |              |Halifax        N S|Donald McLaren
  Chichester         |Chichester    |Pontiac          Q|Horace Landon
  _Chicoutimi_       |Chicoutimi    |Chicoutimi       Q|Jean O. Tremblay
  Chigonaise River,  |              |Colchester     N S|Thos. Lindsay
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Chilliwack         |              |New            B C|J. McCutcheon
                     |              |  Westminster     |
  Chimney Corner,    |              |Inverness      N S|Allan McKenzie
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Chipman, W. O.     |              |Queen’s        N B|Geo. G. King
  Chipman’s Brook,   |              |King’s         N S|Thomas Murphy
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Chipman’s Corners, |              |King’s         N S|Samuel Chipman
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  * _Chippawa_       |Stamford      |Welland          O|J. S. Macklem
  Chlorydormes       |Chlorydormes  |Gaspé            Q|Célestin Bélanger
  Chockfish, W. O.   |              |Kent           N B|M. McEwen
  _Christmas Island_ |              |Cape Breton    N S|M. McDougall
  Churchill          |Innisfil      |Simcoe, S. R.    O|H. Sloane
  Church Hill, W. O. |              |Albert         N B|Alex. Bayley
  Church Point, W. O.|              |Northumberland N B|W. M. Salter
  Churchstreet, W. O.|              |King’s         N S|Wm. Gilliatt
  Churchville        |Toronto       |Peel             O|James E. Pointer
  Churchville, W. O. |              |Pictou         N S|Allan Weir
  Chute au Blondeau  |East          |Prescott         O|James McAllister
                     |  Hawkesbury  |                  |
  Chute’s Cove, W. O.|              |Annapolis      N S|H. M. Foster
  Clachan            |Orford        |Bothwell         O|Duncan McColl,
                     |              |                  |  jun.
  Clandeboye         |Huntley       |Carleton         O|Robert McKinlay
  Clairvaux (sub)    |St. Placide   |Charlevoix       Q|E. Larouche
  Clapham            |Inverness     |Megantic         Q|S. Johnston
  Clare, W. O.       |              |Digby          N S|A. F. Comeau
  _Claremont_        |Pickering     |Ontario, S. R.   O|J. McM. McNab
  Claremont, W. O.   |              |Cumberland     N S|J. C. Black
  _Clarence_         |Clarence      |Russell          O|Thomas Wilson
  Clarence Creek     |Clarence      |Russell          O|S. G. A. Raiche
  Clarenceville      |Noyan         |Missisquoi       Q|Charles Stewart
  Clarendon Centre   |Clarendon     |Pontiac          Q|James Shaw
  Clarendon Front    |Clarendon     |Pontiac          Q|William Heath
    (sub)            |              |                  |
  Clarendon, W. O.   |              |Charlotte      N B|John McCutcheon
  Clareview          |Sheffield     |Addington        O|Robert T.
                     |              |                  |  McDonnell
  Clarina            |Granby        |Shefford         Q|Nazaire Giroux
  _Clarke_           |Clarke        |Durham, W. R.    O|James Lockhart
  Clarke’s Harb’r,   |              |Shelburne      N S|Beverly Smith
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  * _Clarksburg_     |Collingwood   |Grey, E. R.      O|Walter Hunter
  Claude             |Chinguacousy  |Peel             O|Peter T. McCollum
  Clavering          |Keppel        |Grey, N. R.      O|Henry Cammidge
  Clayton            |Ramsay        |Lanark, N. R.    O|O. Banning, jun.
  Clear Creek        |Houghton      |Norfolk, S. R.   O|Jonathan Bridgman
  _Clearville_       |Orford        |Bothwell         O|Henry Watson
  Clementsport       |              |Annapolis      N S|James P. Roop
  Clementsvale, W. O.|              |Annapolis      N S|Richard Sandford
  _Clifford_         |Minto         |Wellington,      O|Francis Brown
                     |              |  N. R.           |
  * _Clifton_        |Stamford      |Welland          O|W. W. Woodruff
  [1] Clifton House  |Stamford      |Welland          O|J. Shears
    (sub)            |              |                  |
  Clifton, W. O.     |              |Gloucester     N B|A. J. Seaman
  Clifton, W. O.     |              |King’s         N B|G. H. Flewelling
  Clinch’s Mills,    |              |St. John       N B|Charles F. Clinch
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Clinton            |              |Cariboo        B C|Charles E. Pope
  * _Clinton_        |Tuckersmith   |Huron, S. R.     O|Thomas Fair
  Clones, W. O.      |              |Queen’s        N B|Andrew Corbett
  Clontarf           |Sebastopol    |Renfrew, S. R.   O|J. R. McDonald
  _Clover Hill_      |Tecumseth     |Simcoe, S. R.    O|T. M. Banting
  Cloyne             |Anglesea      |Addington        O|Bibins Clark
  Clyde              |Beverley      |Wentworth, N. R. O|George Hall
  Clyde River        |              |Shelburne      N S|George Thompson
  Coal Branch, W. O. |              |Kent           N B|Charles Walker
  Coal Mines, W. O.  |              |Queen’s        N B|James Brown
  Coates’ Mills,     |              |Kent           N B|Thos. Coates
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  * _Coaticook_      |Barnston      |Stanstead        Q|Horace Cutting
  Cobden             |Ross          |Renfrew, N. R.   O|John R. McDonald
  * _Cobourg_        |Hamilton      |Northumberland,  O|William Sykes
                     |              |  W. R.           |
  Cocaigne           |              |Kent           N B|James Lucas
  Cocaigne River,    |              |Kent           N B|Sylvan S. Le Blanc
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Codrington         |Brighton      |Northumberland,  O|James B. Lay
                     |              |  W. R.           |
  Cody’s, W. O.      |              |Queen’s        N B|Charles F. Cody
  Cogmagun River,    |              |Hants          N S|Chas. Thomas
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Colbeck            |Luther        |Wellington,      O|William Colbeck
                     |              |  N. R.           |
  * _Colborne_       |Cramahe       |Northumberland,  O|C. R. Ford
                     |              |  E. R.           |
  Colchester         |Colchester    |Essex            O|Alex Hackett
  Cold Brook Station,|              |King’s         N S|Henry Porter
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Coldsprings        |Hamilton      |Northumberland,  O|D. McIntosh
                     |              |  W. R.           |
  Coldstream         |Lobo          |Middlesex, N. R. O|Jacob Marsh
  Coldstream, W. O.  |              |Carleton       N B|Saml. Dickinson
  * _Coldwater_      |Medonte       |Simcoe, N. R.    O|Saml. Drew Eplett
  Colebrook          |Camden East   |Addington        O|Charles Warner
  Cole Harbor, W. O. |              |Guysboro’      N S|George Jamieson
  Coleraine          |Toronto Gore  |Peel             O|Mrs. Mary St. John
  Cole’s Island,     |              |Queen’s        N B|David Lawson
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Colinville         |Moore         |Lambton          O|John Butler
  Collfield          |Litchfield    |Pontiac          Q|M. Hughes
  Collina, W. O.     |              |King’s         N B|James M. Gibbon
  * _Collingwood_    |Nottawasaga   |Simcoe, N. R.    O|W. B. Hamilton
  Collin’s Bay       |Kingston      |Frontenac        O|Joseph Losie
  Collin’s Inlet     |              |Algoma           O|Silas Staples
  _Colpoy’s Bay_     |Albemarle     |Bruce, N. R.     O|John Shackleton
  _Columbus_         |Whitby        |Ontario, S. R.   O|Robert Ashton
  _Comber_           |Tilbury, West |Essex            O|D. McAlister
  Combermere         |Radcliffe     |Renfrew, S. R.   O|Daniel Johnson
  Como               |Vaudreuil     |Vaudreuil        Q|John Hodgson
  Comox              |              |Vancouver      B C|Alexander Rodell
  * _Compton_        |Compton       |Compton          Q|A. W. Kendrick
  Concord            |Vaughan       |York, W. R.      O|Henry McElroy
  Concord, W. O.     |              |Pictou         N S|A. Nicholson
  Condon Settlement, |              |King’s         N S|W. McConnell
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  _Conestogo_        |Woolwich      |Waterloo, N. R.  O|Charles Hendry
  Coningsby          |Erin          |Wellington,      O|John W. Burt
                     |              |  S. R.           |
  Connaught          |Winchester    |Dundas           O|Patrick Jordan
  Connor             |Adjala        |Cardwell         O|Robert Lee
  Conquerall Bank,   |              |Lunenburg      N S|James McFarlane
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Conroy             |Downie        |Perth, S. R.     O|Edward Flynn
  _Consecon_         |Ameliasburgh  |Prince Edward    O|A. Marsh
  Constance          |Hullett       |Huron, C. R.     O|R. Thompson
  Contrecœur         |Contrecœur    |Verchères        Q|Oliver Lamoureux
  Conway             |South         |Lennox           O|G. B. Sills
                     |Fredericksburg|                  |
  Cook’s Brook, W. O.|              |Colchester     N S|Mrs. M. Mitchell
  _Cookshire_        |Eaton         |Compton          Q|Thomas B. Terrill
  * _Cookstown_      |Tecumseth     |Simcoe, S. R.    O|John Ferguson
  _Cooksville_       |Toronto       |Peel             O|John Peaker
  Cooper             |Madoc         |Hastings, N. R.  O|Thomas Allen
  Copenhagen         |Malahide      |Elgin, E. R.     O|George Winnecott
  Copetown           |Beverley      |Wentworth, N. R. O|Tomas Milne
  Copleston          |Enniskillen   |Lambton          O|J. D. Carscaden
  Corbett            |McGillivray   |Middlesex, N. R. O|John F. Macey
  Corbin             |Hemmingford   |Huntingdon       Q|Alex. Fiddes
  Corinth            |Bayham        |Elgin, E. R.     O|F. A. Best
  Cork Station, W. O.|              |York           N B|John Sullivan
  Corn Hill, W. O.   |              |King’s         N B|Ariel Keith
  * _Cornwall_       |Cornwall      |Cornwall         O|George McDonnell
  Cornwall           |No. 32        |Queen’s      P E I|John Frizzle
  Cornwallis East,   |              |King’s         N S|Clement B. Dickey
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  _Corunna_          |Moore         |Lambton          O|H. J. Miller
  Côteau du Lac      |Soulanges     |Soulanges        Q|Gédéon Deguire
  _Côteau Landing_   |St. Zotique   |Soulanges        Q|Anicet B. Prieur
  Côteau Station     |Soulanges     |Soulanges        Q|Roger Ducket
  Côteaux Rivière    |Rivière Ouelle|Kamouraska       Q|E. M. A. Boucher
    Ouelle           |              |                  |
  Côte des Neiges    |Montreal      |Hochelaga        Q|Odile Malboeuf
  Côte St. Paul      |Montreal      |Hochelaga        Q|Edmond Latour
  Cotswold           |Minto         |Wellington,      O|A. McKillop
                     |              |  N. R.           |
  Coulson            |Medonte       |Simcoe, N. R.    O|James Coulson
  Courtland          |Middleton     |Norfolk, N. R.   O|C. S. Harris
  Covehead           |No. 34        |Queen’s      P E I|D. Lawson
  Covehead Road      |No. 34        |Queen’s      P E I|Thomas McGrath
  Coventry           |Albion        |Cardwell         O|William McKee
  Coverdale, W. O.   |              |Albert         N B|David Smith
  Coverley           |Bentinck      |Grey, S. R.      O|James Grant
  Covey Hill         |Havelock      |Huntingdon       Q|Alexander Brisbin
  Cowal              |Dunwich       |Elgin, W. R.     O|Grant Silcox
  _Cowansville_      |Dunham        |Missisquoi       Q|Dr. Charles Brown
  _Cow Bay_          |              |Cape Breton    N S|Anthony Martel
  Cowichan           |              |Vancouver      B C|Samuel Harris
  Coxheath, W. O.    |              |Cape Breton    N S|P. T. Clarke
  _Craighurst_       |Medonte       |Simcoe, N. R.    O|Thomas Craig
  Craigleith         |Collingwood   |Grey, E. R.      O|A. G. Fleming
  Craigsholme        |Garafraxa     |Wellington,      O|Murdoch Craig
                     |              |  C. R.           |
  Craigs Road Station|St. Etienne de|Lévis            Q|Nazaire Fréchette
                     |  Lauzon      |                  |
  Craigvale          |Innisfil      |Simcoe, S. R.    O|Robert Black
  Cranbourne         |Cranbourne    |Dorchester       Q|John Colgan
  Cranworth          |Burgess       |Leeds, S. R.     O|Peter Jones
  Crapaud            |No. 29        |Queen’s      P E I|William Worth
  Crawford           |Bentinck      |Grey, S. R.      O|Hector McRae
  _Credit_           |Toronto       |Peel             O|Emerson Taylor
  Crediton           |Stephen       |Huron, S. R.     O|John Parsons
  Creek Bank         |Peel          |Wellington,      O|James Graham
                     |              |  C. R.           |
  * _Creemore_       |Nottawasaga   |Simcoe, N. R.    O|Alexander
                     |              |                  |  Gillespie
  Creighton          |Medonte       |Simcoe, N. R.    O|Michael Cavanagh
  Cressy             |Marysburg     |Prince Edward    O|S. W. Carson
  Crieff             |Puslinch      |Wellington,      O|Lewis Gregor
                     |              |  S. R.           |
  Crinan             |Aldboro’      |Elgin, W. R.     O|D. McIntyre
  Crofton            |Sophiasburg   |Prince Edward    O|Henry Covert
  Cromarty           |Hibbert       |Perth, S. R.     O|Joseph Reading
  Cromwell, W. O.    |              |King’s         N B|Susannah Wetmore
  Crosshill          |Wellesley     |Waterloo, N. R.  O|James McCutcheon
  Crosspoint         |Restigouche   |Bonaventure      Q|John Fraser
  _Cross Roads,      |              |Guysborough    N S|Donald Gunn
    Country Harbor_  |              |                  |
  Cross Roads, Lake  |              |Inverness      N S|Charles Fraser
    Ainslie,         |              |                  |
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Cross Roads, Middle|              |Guysborough    N S|Jesse Anderson
    Melford,         |              |                  |
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Cross Roads, Ohio, |              |Antigonishe    N S|John McPherson
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Cross Roads, Saint |              |Inverness      N S|Alexander Hill
    George’s Channel,|              |                  |
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Crow Harbor, W. O. |              |Guysborough    N S|John Ehler
  Crowland           |Crowland      |Welland          O|Luther Boardman
  Croydon            |Camden, East  |Addington        O|Ira Williams
  Cruickshank        |Keppel        |Grey, N. R.      O|James Cruickshank
  Crumlin            |Dorchester,   |Middlesex, E. R. O|Robert Dreany
                     |  North       |                  |
  Crysler            |Finch         |Stormont         O|Chas. W. Bingham
  Culloden           |Dereham       |Oxford, S. R.    O|Andrew Smart
  _Cumberland_       |Cumberland    |Russell          O|William Wilson
  Cumberland Bay,    |              |Queen’s        N B|A. Branscomb, sen.
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Cumberland Point,  |              |Queen’s        N B|William Smith
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Cumminsville       |Nelson        |Halton           O|Robert Thomson
  Cumnock            |Nichol        |Wellington,      O|John Anderson
                     |              |  C. R.           |
  Curran             |Plantagenet   |Prescott         O|Philippe Gareau
  Curryville, W. O.  |              |Albert         N B|John Beaumont
  Cushing            |Chatham       |Argenteuil       Q|James B. Cushing
                     |              |                  |
                     |              |                  |
  Dacre              |Brougham      |Renfrew, S. R.   O|John Morrow
  Daillebout         |Daillebout    |Joliette         Q|L. I. Déziel
  Dalesville         |Rear of       |Argenteuil       Q|Peter McArthur
                     |  Chatham     |                  |
  _Dalhousie_        |              |Restigouche    N B|H. A. Johnson
  Dalhousie East,    |              |King’s         N S|Melissa Sterratt
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Dalhousie Mills    |Lancaster     |Glengarry        O|William Chisholm
  Dalhousie Road,    |              |Lunenburg      N S|Robert Frayney
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Dalhousie          |              |Pictou         N S|W. Ross
    Settlement,      |              |                  |
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Dalibaire          |Dalibaire     |Rimouski         Q|O. A. Lamontagne
  Dalkeith           |Lochiel       |Glengarry        O|William Robertson
  Dalrymple          |Carden        |Victoria, N. R.  O|
  Dalston            |Vespra        |Simcoe, N. R.    O|George Lawson
  Danby              |Durham        |Drummond         Q|John R. Reece
  Danford Lake       |Alleyn        |Pontiac          Q|Henry Heney
  Danforth           |Scarboro’     |York, E. R.      O|Henry Hogarth
  * _Danville_       |Shipton       |Richmond         Q|J. W. Stockwell
  Darlington         |No. 31        |Queen’s      P E I|J. McInnis
  Darnley            |No. 18        |Prince       P E I|George Thompson
  Darrell            |Chatham       |Kent             O|Edward Hall
  Dartford           |Percy         |Northumberland,  O|William Bailey
                     |              |  E. R.           |
  Dartmoor           |Dalton        |Victoria, N. R.  O|John Gardiner
  _Dartmouth_        |              |Halifax        N S|Luther Sterns
  Dashwood           |Hay           |Huron, S. R.     O|Noah Fried
  Davenport          |York          |York, W. R.      O|Joseph Green
  Davisville         |York          |York, E. R.      O|John Davis
  Dawn Mills         |Gore of Camden|Bothwell         O|W. A. Ward
  Dawson Settlement, |              |Albert         N B|Isaac Dawson
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Daywood            |Sydenham      |Grey, N. R.      O|A. S. Cameron
  Dealtown           |Raleigh       |Kent             O|Isaac Lambert
  Debeck Station,    |              |Carleton       N B|Alex. Harron
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  De Cewsville       |Cayuga        |Haldimand        O|John Hudson
  Deep Brook, W. O.  |              |Annapolis      N S|C. Purdy
  Deerdock           |Oso           |Addington        O|John Warren
  Deerfield, W. O.   |              |Yarmouth       N S|Richard Crosby
  Deerhurst          |West          |Simcoe, S. R.    O|Samuel Walker
                     |  Gwillimbury |                  |
  Dee Side           |Matapédia     |Bonaventure      Q|John Mowat
  De Gros Marsh      |No. 55        |King’s       P E I|H. McLean
  _Delaware_         |Delaware      |Middlesex, W. R. O|C. J. Ladd
  _Delhi_            |Middleton     |Norfolk, N. R.   O|James Whitsides
  _Delta_            |Bastard       |Leeds, S. R.     O|W. H. Danaut
  Demorestville      |Sophiasburg   |Prince Edward    O|B. Smith
  Dempsey’s Corner,  |              |King’s         N S|Hector Graves
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Denbigh            |Denbigh       |Addington        O|Samuel Lane
  Denfield           |London        |Middlesex, E. R. O|B. H. Rosser
  Denison’s Mills    |Shipton       |Richmond         Q|Joseph R. Denison
  Deniston           |Hinchinbrooke |Addington        O|B. C. Freeman
  Densmore’s, W. O.  |              |Hants          N S|John Fraser
  Densmore’s Mills,  |              |Hants          N S|R. T. Densmore
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  De Ramsay          |De Ramsay     |Joliette         Q|James Read
  Derby, W. O.       |              |Northumberland N B|William Hartt
  Derryville         |Brock         |Ontario, N. R.   O|Thomas Allin
  Derry, West        |Toronto       |Peel             O|L. D. Sanderson
  Derwent            |Westminster   |Middlesex, E. R. O|William Dibb
  DeSable            |No. 29        |Queen’s      P E I|A. McCalder
  Desboro’           |Sullivan      |Grey, N. R.      O|George Smith
  Deschambault       |Deschambault  |Portneuf         Q|A. Damase Hamelin
  Desert Lake        |Loughborough  |Addington        O|John M. Snook
  Desmond            |Camden, East  |Addington        O|William Irvine
  Détour du Lac      |Madawaska     |Témiscouata      Q|Mdme. A. Cloutier
  Deux Rivières      |              |District of      O|Robert Ranson
                     |              |  Nipissing       |
  Devizes            |London        |Middlesex, E. R. O|
  Dewittville        |Godmanchester |Huntingdon       Q|John Oliver
  Dexter             |Yarmouth      |Elgin, E. R.     O|Nelson Parker
  Diamond            |Fitzroy       |Carleton         O|R. Walker, jun.
  Dickens            |Yonge         |Leeds, S. R.     O|L. N. Phelps
  _Dickinson’s       |Osnabruck     |Stormont         O|Peter Forbes
    Landing_         |              |                  |
  Dickson’s Store,   |              |Colchester     N S|G. W. Nelson
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  _Digby_            |              |Digby          N S|Mrs. C. W. Bent
  Dillonton          |Bolton        |Brome            Q|George Cairns
  Dipper Harbor,     |              |St. John       N B|D. Belmore
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Discoose, W. O.    |              |Richmond       N S|David Grouchy
  Dixie              |Toronto       |Peel             O|John Kennedy
  Dixon’s Corners    |Matilda       |Dundas           O|William Wood
  Doaktown, W. O.    |              |Northumberland N B|Hiram Freeze
  Dobbinton          |Elderslie     |Bruce, N. R.     O|James Dobbin
  Doherty’s Mills,   |              |Kent           N B|Joseph G. Cormier
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Dog Creek          |              |Cariboo        B C|William Wycott
  Dollar             |Markham       |York, E. R.      O|Agnes Heron
  Domaine de Gentilly|Gentilly      |Arthabaska       Q|T. Lafléche
  Don                |York          |York, E. R.      O|John Hogg
  Doncaster          |York          |York, E. R.      O|James Young
  Donegal            |Elma          |Perth, N. R.     O|Mary Mason
  Donegal, W. O.     |              |Kings          N B|John Lockhart
  Doon               |Waterloo,     |Waterloo, S. R.  O|Thomas Slee
                     |  South       |                  |
  Doran              |Bathurst      |Lanark, S. R.    O|William Doran
  _Dorchester_       |              |Westmoreland   N B|S. W. Tingley
  Dorchester Station |Dorchester    |Middlesex, E. R. O|J. N. Hardy
  Dorking            |Maryboro’     |Wellington,      O|Adam Deitz
                     |              |  N. R.           |
  _Douglas_          |Bromley       |Renfrew, N. R.   O|Duncan Ferguson
  Douglas, W. O.     |              |York           N B|Edward Dunphy
  Douglas Harbor,    |              |Queen’s        N B|Abner Balmain
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Douglastown        |Douglas       |Gaspé            Q|Samuel A. Veit
  Douglastown, W. O. |              |Northumberland N B|Wm. Russell, jun.
  Dover, W. O.       |              |Westmoreland   N B|William Steeves
  Dover, South       |Dover         |Kent             O|Alexis Robert
  Downeyville        |Emily         |Victoria, S. R.  O|Michael O’Neill
  Downsview          |York          |York, W. R.      O|Robert Clarke
  Doyle Settlement,  |              |Restigouche    N B|Donald Murchie
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  _Drayton_          |Peel          |Wellington,      O|W. C. Wortley
                     |              |  C. R.           |
  _Dresden_          |Gore of Camden|Bothwell         O|C. P. Watson
  Drew               |Minto         |Wellington,      O|William Cardwell
                     |              |  N. R.           |
  Drew’s Mills       |Barford       |Stanstead        Q|R. C. Baldwin
  Dromore            |Egremont      |Grey, S. R.      O|Alexander Taylor
  Drum               |Manvers       |Durham, E. R.    O|Isabella Harrison
  _Drumbo_           |Blenheim      |Oxford, N. R.    O|Joseph L. Burgess
  _Drummondville,    |Grantham      |Drummond         Q|Miss C. M. Millar
    East_            |              |                  |
  _Drummondville,    |Stamford      |Welland          O|Luke Brokenshaw
    West_            |              |                  |
  Drumquin           |Trafalgar     |Halton           O|James Mason
  Dryden             |Wallace       |Perth, N. R.     O|Richard Johnston
  Drysdale           |Stanley       |Huron, S. R.     O|Robert Drysdale
  _Duart_            |Oxford        |Bothwell         O|James Tait
  Dublin Shore, W. O.|              |Lunenburg      N S|Thomas Smith
  Duck and Pringle   |              |Yale           B C|James Duck
  Dudswell           |Dudswell      |Wolfe            Q|Zerah Evans
  Dufferin           |Oneida        |Haldimand        O|Mrs. James Cossar
  Dumbarton, R. R.   |              |Charlotte      N B|James Trenholm
    Station, W. O.   |              |                  |
  Dumblane           |Sangeen       |Bruce, N. R.     O|Donald Fraser
  Dumfries, W. O.    |              |York           N B|Wm. Whitehead
  Dunany             |Wentworth     |Argenteuil       Q|Samuel Smith
  _Dunbar_           |Williamsburg  |Dundas           O|A. C. Allison
  _Dunbarton_        |Pickering     |Ontario, S. R.   O|John Parker
  Duncan             |Euphrasia     |Grey, E. R.      O|William McRae
  Duncan, W. O.      |              |Lunenburg      N S|Daniel Duncan
  Duncrief           |Lobo          |Middlesex, N. R. O|Christopher Walker
  Dundalk            |Melancthon    |Grey, E. R.      O|James May
  * _Dundas_         |Flamborough,  |Wentworth, N. R. O|J. M. Thornton
                     |  West        |                  |
  Dundas             |No. 55        |Kings        P E I|Richard Burdett
  Dundee             |Dundee        |Huntingdon       Q|David Baker
  Dundee, W. O.      |              |Restigouche    N B|Alexander Laing
  Dundee Centre      |Dundee        |Huntingdon       Q|Rev. D. Ross
  Dundela            |Matilda       |Dundas           O|J. E. Tuttle
  Dundonald          |Cramahe       |Northumberland,  O|John Barker
                     |              |  E. R.           |
  Dunedin            |Nottawasaga   |Simcoe, N. R.    O|Thomas H. Best
  _Dungannon_        |Wawanosh      |Huron, N. R.     O|R. Clendinning
  Dungiven, W. O.    |              |Westmoreland   N B|John McVey
  _Dunham_           |Dunham        |Missisquoi       Q|Edward Baker
  Dunkeld            |Brant         |Bruce, S. R.     O|Thomas Whitehead
  Dunkeld            |              |Cariboo        B C|Allan Graham
  * _Dunnville_      |Moulton       |Monck            O|Thomas Armour
  Dunphy, W. O.      |              |Northumberland N B|George Dunphy
  Dunraven           |Calumet Island|Pontiac          Q|John Letts
  Dunrobin           |Torbolton     |Carleton         O|Hy. Younghusband
  Dunsford           |Verulam       |Victoria, S. R.  O|William Graham
  _Duntroon_         |Nottawasaga   |Simcoe, N. R.    O|James Russell
  Dunvegan           |Kenyon        |Glengarry        O|Hector McLean
  * _Durham_         |Bentinck      |Grey, S. R.      O|Arch’d McKenzie
  Durham             |              |Pictou         N S|John McCoul
  Dwyer Hill         |Goulburn      |Carleton         O|A. T. Rothwell
                     |              |                  |
                     |              |                  |
  Eagle              |Aldborough    |Elgin, W. R.     O|Colin Gillies
  Eagle’s Nest       |St. Peter’s   |Lisgar           M|John Monkman
  Eardley            |Eardley       |Ottawa           Q|W. H. McLean
  Earltown, W. O.    |              |Colchester     N S|W. J. McKay
  East Arthabaska    |St. Norbert   |Arthabaska       Q|P. N. Pacaud
  East Bay           |              |Cape Breton    N S|Hugh McGillivray
  East Bay,          |              |Cape Breton    N S|J. P. McKinnon
    Northside, W. O. |              |                  |
  East Bolton        |Bolton        |Brome            Q|Alex. Sargent
  East Broughton     |Broughton     |Beauce           Q|Louis Beaudouin
  East Chester       |St. Hélène de |Arthabaska       Q|Joseph Jutras
                     |  Chester     |                  |
  East Clifton       |Clifton       |Compton          Q|Hugh E. Cairns
  East Dunham        |Dunham        |Missisquoi       Q|Robert A. Wales
  Eastern Harbor,    |              |Inverness      N S|W. Lawrence
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  East Farnham       |Farnham, East |Brome            Q|Rodney Hutchins
  East Glassville,   |              |Carleton       N B|David Smith
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  East Hawkesbury    |Hawkesbury    |East Prescott    O|Michael Maneely
  East Hereford      |Hereford      |Compton          Q|Elijah Purington
  East Jeddore, W. O.|              |Halifax        N S|David Webber
  East Magdala       |Nelson        |Megantic         Q|William J. Smyth
  Eastman’s Springs  |Gloucester    |Russell          O|D. H. Eastman
  _Easton’s Corners_ |Wolford       |Grenville, N. R. O|H. S. Easton
  East Oro           |Oro           |Simcoe, N. R.    O|William Simpson
  East Point         |No. 47        |King’s       P E I|Alexander Beaton
  East Port Medway,  |              |Queen’s        N S|F. P. Armstrong
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  East River,        |              |Pictou         N S|Geo. Campbell
    St. Mary’s, W. O.|              |                  |
  East River,        |              |Guysborough    N S|A. W. Sutherland
    St. Mary’s, W. O.|              |                  |
  East Scotch        |              |King’s         N B|Donald McLachlan
    Settlement,      |              |                  |
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  East side of       |              |Halifax        N S|
    Chezzetcook,     |              |                  |
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  East side of       |              |Yarmouth       N S|Byron Hines
    Pubnico Harbor,  |              |                  |
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  East side of Ragged|              |Shelburne      N S|George Craig
    Island, W. O.    |              |                  |
  East side of West  |              |Pictou         N S|Daniel Shaw
    Branch East      |              |                  |
    River of Pictou, |              |                  |
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  East Templeton     |Templeton     |Ottawa           Q|Levi E. Dunning
  Eastville, W. O.   |              |Colchester     N S|James R. Ellis
  East Williamsburgh |Williamsburgh |Dundas           O|Herbert E. Snyder
  Eastwood           |Oxford, East  |Oxford, S. R.    O|John Shaw
  Eaton              |Eaton         |Compton          Q|Moses Lebourveau
  Economy            |              |Colchester     N S|W. A. Fulmer
  Eddystone          |Haldimand     |Northumberland,  O|M. Bradley
                     |              |  W. R.           |
  Eden               |Bayham        |Elgin, E. R.     O|John Nethercott
  Eden Mills         |Eramosa       |Wellington,      O|Anthony Jackson
                     |              |  S. R.           |
  Edgar              |Oro           |Simcoe, N. R.    O|John Smith
  Edgecombe          |Mornington    |Perth, N. R.     O|U. McFadden
  Edgeley            |Vaughan       |York, W. R.      O|John Barnes
  Edgett’s Landing,  |              |Albert         N B|Ward Edgett
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Edgeworth          |Tilbury, East |Kent             O|
  Edina              |Chatham       |Argenteuil       Q|Wm. Tomalty
  Edmonton           |Chinguacousy  |Peel             O|Ewen Cameron
  _Edmondston_       |              |Victoria       N B|J. T. Hodgson
  Edwardsburgh       |Edwardsburgh  |Grenville, S. R. O|William S. Aiken
  Eel Brook, W. O.   |              |Yarmouth       N S|J. B. Leblanc
  Eel Lake, W. O.    |              |Yarmouth       N S|Leon Porter
  Eel River, W. O.   |              |Restigouche    N B|Mrs. James Craig
  Effingham          |Pelham        |Monck            O|George Redpath
  _Eganville_        |Grattan       |Renfrew, S. R.   O|John Quealy
  Egerton            |Luther        |Wellington,      O|James Hunter
                     |              |  N. R.           |
  Eglington          |York          |York, E. R.      O|Joseph Hargrave
  _Egmondville_      |Tuckersmith   |Huron, C. R.     O|George E. Jackson
  Egmont Bay         |No. 15        |Prince       P E I|S. Arseneaux
  Egremont           |Egremont      |Grey, S. R.      O|Thomas Smith
  Egypte             |Milton        |Shefford         Q|J. Dépot
  Eig Mountain, W. O.|              |Antigonishe    N S|Mrs. Mary Smith
  Elba               |Mono          |Cardwell         O|Charles Smith
  Elder              |Mono          |Cardwell         O|C. Conn
  Eldorado           |Madoc         |Hastings, N. R.  O|John Blackburn
  Elfrida            |Saltfleet     |Wentworth, S. R. O|Hamilton Sweazie
  Elgin              |Crosby, South |Leeds, S. R.     O|Philemon Pennock
  Elgin              |              |Albert         N B|R. D. Robinson
  Elginburg          |Kingston      |Frontenac        O|Eli Meecham
  Elginfield         |London        |Middlesex, E. R. O|Matthew Glass
  Elimville          |Usborne       |Huron, S. R.     O|James Crocker
  Elizabethville     |Hope          |Durham, E. R.    O|Johnston Beatty
  Ellengowan         |Brant         |Bruce, S. R.     O|James Brownlee
  Ellershausen, W. O.|              |Hants          N S|J. Beckman
  Ellesmere          |Scarboro’     |York, E. R.      O|Arch. Glendinning
  Elliott            |Bathurst      |Lanark, S. R.    O|Wm. McClellan
  Elm                |Huntley       |Carleton         O|Thomas Smith
  Elmbank            |Toronto       |Peel             O|John Trueman
  Elmgrove           |Essa          |Simcoe, S. R.    O|Thomas Gordon
  Elmira             |Woolwich      |Waterloo, N. R.  O|Peter Winger
  Elmsdale           |              |Hants          N S|Alex. Dunbar
  Elmsville, W. O.   |              |Pictou         N S|D. McDonald
  Elmvale            |Flos          |Simcoe, N. R.    O|William Harvey
  Elmwood            |Brant         |Bruce, S. R.     O|John Reinhardt
  * _Elora_          |Pilkington    |Wellington,      O|W. H. La Pinotière
                     |              |  C. R.           |
  Elphin             |North         |Lanark, N. R.    O|Isaac Bloomberg
                     |  Sherbrooke  |                  |
  Elsinore           |Arran         |Bruce, N. R.     O|
  _Embro_            |Zorra, West   |Oxford, N. R.    O|D. Matheson
  Embrun             |Russell       |Russell          O|Joseph Lalonde
  Emerald            |Amherst Island|Lennox           O|John Hitchins
  Emerald, W. O.     |              |Inverness      N S|Thomas Tomkins
  Emerson            |Sutton        |Brome            Q|N. P. Emerson
  Emigrant Road,     |              |Westmoreland   N B|Charles Mulrine
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Emigrant           |              |Westmoreland   N B|B. Carrigan
    Settlement,      |              |                  |
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Emyvale            |No. 30        |Queen’s      P E I|P. McCardle
  Enfield            |Darlington    |Durham, W. R.    O|William Martyn
  Enfield            |              |Hants          N S|Henry F. Donaldson
  English Corner,    |              |Halifax        N S|James Thomson
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  English Settlement,|              |Queen’s        N B|Dougald Carmichael
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  English Town       |              |Victoria       N S|Donald Buchanan
  Enniskillen        |Darlington    |Durham, W. R.    O|D. W. McLeod
  Enniskillen        |              |Queen’s        N B|C. H. Kingston
    Station, W. O.   |              |                  |
  Ennismore          |Ennismore     |Peterboro’,      O|Francis J. Daly
                     |              |  W. R.           |
  Enterprise         |Camden, East  |Addington        O|Robert Graham
  Epping             |Euphrasia     |Grey, E. R.      O|James Stewart
  Epsom              |Reach         |Ontario, N. R.   O|Joseph C. Huckins
  Eramosa            |Eramosa       |Wellington,      O|Robert Dryden
                     |              |  S. R.           |
  Erbsville          |Waterloo      |Waterloo, N. R.  O|John L. Erb
  Erie               |Walpole       |Haldimand        O|R. McBurney
  * _Erin_           |Erin          |Wellington,      O|William Cornock
                     |              |  S. R.           |
  Erinsville         |Sheffield     |Addington        O|Patrick Walsh
  Erinville, W. O.   |              |Guysboro’      N S|Charles Kenny
  Ernestown Station  |Ernestown     |Lennox           O|James R. Hewson
  Erroll             |Plympton      |Lambton          O|George Whiting
  Escott             |Escott        |Leeds, S. R.     O|Joseph L. Dowsley
  Escuminac (sub)    |Nouvelle      |Bonaventure      Q|John Campbell
  Escuminac, W. O.   |              |Northumberland N B|James McLean
  Eskasoni, W. O.    |              |Cape Breton    N S|Henry V. Brown
  Esquesing          |Esquesing     |Halton           O|John Murray
  Esquimalt          |              |Victoria       B C|John T. Howard
  Esquimaux Point    |              |Saguenay         Q|D. B. McGie
  Etang du Nord (sub)|Magdalen      |Gaspé            Q|Damase V. Bourque
                     |  Island      |                  |
  Ethel              |Grey          |Huron, C. R.     O|James Spence
  _Etobicoke_        |York          |York, W. R.      O|F. A. Howland
  Eugenia            |Artemesia     |Grey, E. R.      O|R. McLean Purdy
  Evelyn             |Nissouri, West|Middlesex, E. R. O|John Burns
  Everett            |Tosorontio    |Simcoe, S. R.    O|W. C. Bradshaw
  Eversley           |King          |York, N. R.      O|James Tinline
  Everton            |Eramosa       |Wellington,      O|J. Tovell
                     |              |  S. R.           |
  * _Exeter_         |Stephen       |Huron, S. R.     O|William Sanders
  Essex Centre       |Colchester    |Essex            O|Thomas Rush
                     |              |                  |
                     |              |                  |
  Factory Dale, W. O.|              |King’s         N S|Robert R. Ray
  Fafard             |St. Sylvester |Lotbinière       Q|William J. Cryan
  Fairfield          |Harwich       |Kent             O|David R. Watson
  Fairfield          |No. 47        |King’s       P E I|A. Cavanagh
  Fairfield, East    |Elizabethtown |Brockville       O|Alonzo C. Johns
  Fairfield, W. O.   |              |St. John       N B|J. A. Floyd
  Fairfield Plain    |Burford       |Brant, S. R.     O|Elijah Forsyth
  Fairhaven, W. O.   |              |Charlotte      N B|Caleb Greene
  Fairview           |Gore of Downie|Perth, S. R.     O|Richard Forrest
  Fairville          |              |St. John       N B|C. F. Tilton
  Falding            |Foley         |Muskoka          O|Matthew Rankin
  Falkenburg         |Macauley      |Muskoka          O|Mathias Moore
  Falkirk            |Williams, East|Middlesex, N. R. O|Thomas Stephenson
  Falklaud           |Brantford     |Brant, S. R.     O|M. Stally
  Fallbrook          |Bathurst      |Lanark, S. R.    O|William Smith
  Fallowfield        |Nepean        |Carleton         O|
  Falmouth, W. O.    |              |Hants          N S|James Wolf
  Falmouth, Windsor  |              |Hants          N S|William Armstrong
    Bridge, W. O.    |              |                  |
  False Bay Beach,   |              |Cape Breton    N S|Angus McAuley
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Farley’s Mills,    |              |Carleton       N B|James Lawson
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Farmerston, W. O.  |              |Carleton       N B|W. E. Estey
  _Farmersville_     |Yonge         |Leeds, S. R.     O|Arza Parish
  Farmington         |Amaranth      |Wellington,      O|John Curry
                     |              |  N. R.           |
  Farmington         |No. 56        |King’s       P E I|L. Doyle
  Farnboro’          |Farnham, East |Brome            Q|Leonard Wells
  Farndon            |Farnham       |Missisquoi       Q|Seth N. Ross
  Farnham Centre     |Farnham       |Brome            Q|John Johnston
  Farquhar           |Usborne       |Huron, S. R.     O|Robert Monteith
  Farran’s Point     |Osnabruck     |Stormont         O|James Roddy
  Father Point       |St. Luce      |Rimouski         Q|Pierre D. Rouleau
  Fenaghvale         |Caledonia     |Prescott         O|Jas. Proudfoot,
                     |              |                  |  jun.
  Fenella            |Haldimand     |Northumberland,  O|John W. Mather
                     |              |  W. R.           |
  _Fenelon Falls_    |Fenelon       |Victoria, N. R.  O|Robert B. Jameson
  Fennells           |Innisfil      |Simcoe, S. R.    O|J. G. Feigehan
  Fenwick            |Pelham        |Monck            O|James W. Taylor
  Fenwick, W. O.     |              |King’s         N B|Joseph Wiley
  Fenwick, W. O.     |              |Cumberland     N S|John D. Davidson
  * _Fergus_         |Nichol        |Wellington,      O|James McQueen
                     |              |  C. R.           |
  Ferguson’s Falls   |Drummond      |Lanark, S. R.    O|Chas. Hollinger,
                     |              |                  |  jun.
  Fergusonvale       |Flos          |Simcoe, N. R.    O|John Cumming
  Fermoy             |Bedford       |Addington        O|Joseph C. Rogers
  Fernhill           |Lobo          |Middlesex, N. R. O|Jenkin Owen
  Ferris, W. O.      |              |Queen’s        N B|R. O’Donell
  Ferryville, W. O.  |              |Carleton       N B|James Hemphill
  Feversham          |Osprey        |Grey, E. R.      O|Mary Sproul
  Fifteen Point      |No. 15        |Prince       P E I|Aimé Richard
  * _Fingal_         |Southwold     |Elgin, W. R.     O|Samuel Tubby
  Fintona            |Adjala        |Cardwell         O|Robert J. Lamon
  Fisherville        |Rainham       |Haldimand        O|Jacob Lemmer
  Fitch Bay          |Stanstead     |Stanstead        Q|E. V. Maloney
  Fitzroy Harbour    |Fitzroy       |Carleton         O|W. A. Shirreff
  _Five Islands_     |              |Colchester     N S|Andrew K. Graham
  Five Mile River,   |              |Hants          N S|Joseph McLearn
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Flatlands          |              |Restigouche    N B|Archd. McKenzie
  Flat River         |No. 60        |Queen’s      P E I|R. K. McKenzie
  Fleetwood          |Manvers       |Durham, E. R.    O|James Morrow
  _Flesherton_       |Artemesia     |Grey, E. R.      O|Robert J. Sproul
  Fletcher’s Station,|              |Halifax        N S|Edward Largie
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Fleurant           |              |Bonaventure      Q|William Gray
  Flinton            |Kaladar       |Addington        O|E. J. Matthews
  Flora              |Woolwich      |Waterloo, N. R.  O|Isaac Devitt
  _Florence_         |Euphemia      |Bothwell         O|John A. Young
  _Florenceville_    |              |Carleton       N B|Stephen G. Burpee
  Florenceville,     |              |Carleton       N B|John Lovely
    East, W. O.      |              |                  |
  Foley              |Whitby        |Ontario, S. R.   O|Thomas Williamson
  Folly Lake, W. O.  |              |Colchester     N S|
  Folly Mountain,    |              |Colchester     N S|
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Fontenoy           |Melbourne     |Richmond         Q|R. Fraser
  _Fonthill_         |Pelham        |Monck            O|Danson Kinsman
  Forbes, W. O.      |              |Colchester     N S|John Forbes
  Fordwich, late     |Howick        |Huron, N. R.     O|Arthur Mitchell
    Lisadel          |              |                  |
  Fordyce            |Wawanosh      |Huron, N. R.     O|Wm. Farquharson
  _Forest_           |Plympton      |Lambton          O|R. Dier
  Forest City, W. O. |              |York           N B|George R. Gibson
  Forester’s Falls   |Ross          |Renfrew, N. R.   O|Oliver Forester
  Forest Mills       |Richmond      |Lennox           O|William Breeze
  Foreston, W. O.    |              |Carleton       N B|Daniel B. Gray
  Forestville        |Charlotteville|Norfolk, S. R.   O|C. A. White
  Forfar             |Bastard       |Leeds, S. R.     O|Richard Hales
  Forks, W. O.       |              |Queen’s        N B|J. Kierstead
  Forks, Baddeck,    |              |Victoria       N S|A. R. Watson
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Formosa            |Carrick       |Bruce, S. R.     O|F. X. Mesner
  Forristall’s, W. O.|              |Guysborough    N S|John Forristall
  Fort Coulonge      |Mansfield     |Pontiac          Q|Thomas Bryson
  Fort Augustus      |No. 36        |Queen’s      P E I|Hon. F. Kelly
  * _Fort Erie_      |Bertie        |Welland          O|George Lewis
  Fort Garry         |St. John      |Selkirk          M|A. G. B. Bannatyne
  Fort William       |              |Algoma           O|Miss C. McVicar
  Fort William       |Sheen         |Pontiac          Q|James McCool
  Foster’s, W. O.    |              |Lunenberg      N S|Henry Foster
  Foster’s Cove,     |              |Victoria       N B|Abner Turner
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Fouchie, W. O.     |              |Richmond       N S|Albert B. Hooper
  Fournier           |Plantagenet   |Prescott         O|A. S. McLennan
                     |  South       |                  |
  Foxboro’           |Thurlow       |Hastings, E. R.  O|Edward Philpot
  Fox Creek, W. O.   |              |Westmoreland   N B|Eustache Burke
  Fox Harbor, W. O.  |              |Cumberland     N S|Arch’d Robertson
  Fox River          |Fox           |Gaspé            Q|J. C. Parent
  Fox River, W. O.   |              |Cumberland     N S|J. L. Hatfield
  Framboise, W. O.   |              |Richmond       N S|Kenneth Strachan
  Frampton           |West Frampton |Dorchester       Q|M. Fitzgerald
  _Frankford_        |Sidney        |Hastings, W. R.  O|John Chapman
  Frank Hill         |Emily         |Victoria, S. R.  O|Thomas Franks
  Franklin           |Manvers       |Durham, E. R.    O|William Maguire
  _Franklin Centre_  |Franklin      |Huntingdon       Q|William Cantwell
  Franktown          |Beckwith      |Lanark, S. R.    O|E. McEwen
  Frankville         |Kitley        |Leeds, N. R.     O|Christopher
                     |              |                  |  Richards
  Fraser’s Grant,    |              |Antigonishe    N S|John Fraser
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Fraser’s Mills,    |              |Pictou         N S|Alexander Grant
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  _Fredericton_      |              |York           N B|A. S. Phair
  Fredericton        |              |Sunbury        N B|
    Junction         |              |                  |
  Fredericton Road,  |              |Westmoreland   N B|J. O. Sullivan
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Freelton           |Flamborough,  |Wentworth, N. R. O|James Hirst
                     |  West        |                  |
  Freeport           |Waterloo,     |Waterloo, S. R.  O|Elias B. Snyder
                     |  South       |                  |
  Freetown           |No. 25        |Prince       P E I|D. Auld
  Freiburg           |Waterloo,     |Waterloo, N. R.  O|Ferdinand Rombach
                     |  North       |                  |
  * _Frelighsburg_   |St. Armand    |Missisquoi       Q|W. M. Patterson
  French Lake, W. O. |              |Sunbury        N B|Arthur H. Smith
  French River, W. O.|              |Pictou         N S|Mrs. C. McDonald
  French River       |No. 21        |Queen’s      P E I|Jane McKay
  French Vale, W. O. |              |Cape Breton    N S|Belloni Gonthro
  French Village     |Kingsey       |Drummond         Q|François Pothier
  French Village     |No. 37        |Queen’s      P E I|C. McIntyre
  French Village,    |              |King’s         N B|Geo. Beattie
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Frogmore           |Toronto       |Peel             O|Henry Cartledge
  Frome              |Southwold     |Elgin, W. R.     O|William Silcox
  Frost Village      |Shefford      |Shefford         Q|John Williams
  Fulford            |Brome         |Brome            Q|Philo England
  Fullarton          |Fullarton     |Perth, S. R.     O|John Buchan
  Fulton             |Grimsby       |Lincoln          O|John Grassie
                     |              |                  |
                     |              |                  |
  Gaberouse, W. O.   |              |Cape Breton    N S|
  Gad’s Hill         |Ellice        |Perth, N. R.     O|
  _Gagetown_         |              |Queen’s        N B|Edward Simpson
  Gailey, W. O.      |              |Kent           N B|Simon Daigle
  * _Galt_           |Dumfries,     |Waterloo, S. R.  O|John Davidson
                     |  North       |                  |
  Galway             |Somerville    |Victoria, N. R.  O|Thomas Shields
  Gamebridge         |Thorah        |Ontario, N. R.   O|William Glover
  * _Gananoque_      |Leeds         |Leeds, S. R.     O|D. F. Britton
  * _Garafraxa_      |Garafraxa     |Wellington,      O|Andrew Lightbody
                     |              |  C. R.           |
  Garden Hill        |Hope          |Durham, E. R     O|James Dyre
  _Garden Island_    |Garden Island |Frontenac        O|George Cumming
  Garden of Eden,    |              |Pictou         N S|Mrs. D. McGregor
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Garden River       |Garden River  |Algoma           O|Edmund J. Penny
  Gardiner Mines,    |              |Cape Breton    N S|William Rutledge
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Gardner’s Creek,   |              |St. John       N B|John J. Wallace
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Garneau            |Garneau       |L’Islet          Q|Elie Chouinard
  Garthby            |Garthby       |Wolfe            Q|David Grenier
  _Gaspé Basin_      |Gaspé         |Gaspé            Q|J. J. Kavanagh
  Gaspereaux         |Number 61     |King’s       P E I|William Lewelleyn
  Gaspereaux, W. O.  |              |Queen’s        N B|Charles E. Langin
  Gaspereaux, W. O.  |              |King’s         N S|Sherman Caldwell
  Gaspereaux Station,|              |Queen’s        N B|Thomas Trott
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Gay’s River, W. O. |              |Halifax        N S|M. Frame
  Gay’s River Road,  |              |Halifax        N S|Robert B. Taylor
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Geary, W. O.       |              |Sunbury        N B|Asa Carr
  Gemley             |Miller        |Addington        O|James Stalker
  Geneva             |Argenteuil    |Argenteuil       Q|G. A. Hooker
  Genoa              |St. Jerusalem |Argenteuil       Q|James Gordon
  Gentilly           |Gentilly      |Nicolet          Q|L. Brunelle
  Georgetown         |              |King’s       P E I|William Wightman
  * _Georgetown_     |Esquesing     |Halton           O|Lafayette Goodenow
  _Georgeville_      |Stanstead     |Stanstead        Q|Increase Bullock
  * _Georgina_       |Georgina      |York, N. R.      O|J. R. Bourchier
  Germantown, W. O.  |              |Albert         N B|William Fillmore
  Getson’s Point,    |              |Lunenburg      N S|George McKean
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Giant’s Lake       |              |Guysborough    N S|John McNeil
  Gibralter          |Collingwood   |Grey, E. R.      O|John Glen
  Gilbert Cove, W. O.|              |Digby          N S|H. S. Mallet
  Gilbert’s Mills    |Sophiasburgh  |Prince Edward    O|John D. Gilbert
  Gilford            |Gwillimbury,  |Simcoe, S. R.    O|Thomas Maconchy
                     |  West        |                  |
  Girvan Settlement, |              |Kent           N B|Thomas D. Holmden
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Gladstone          |Dorchester    |Middlesex, E. R. O|L. McMurray
  Glammis            |Kincardine    |Bruce, N. R.     O|Richard W.
                     |              |                  |  Harrison
  Glanford           |Glanford      |Wentworth, S. R. O|John Atkinson
  Glanmire           |Tudor         |Hastings, N. R.  O|John Ray
  Glanworth          |Westminster   |Middlesex, E. R. O|John Turnbull
  Glascott           |Glenelg       |Grey, S. R.      O|Dennis Quirk
  Glasgow            |Uxbridge      |Ontario, N. R.   O|Benjamin Parker
  Glassville, W. O.  |              |Carleton       N B|Hugh Miller
  Glastonbury        |Kaladar       |Addington        O|J. A. Carscallen
  Glen, W. O.        |              |Antigonishe    N S|D. McMillan
  _Glenallan_        |Peel          |Wellington,      O|George Allan
                     |              |  C. R.           |
  Glen Alpine, W. O. |              |Antigonishe    N S|
  Glenarm            |Fenelon       |Victoria, N. R.  O|Seth Rickaby
  Glenburnie         |Kingston      |Frontenac        O|George Hunter
  Glencairn          |Tosorontio    |Simcoe, S. R.    O|M. N. Stephens
  _Glencoe_          |Ekfrid        |Middlesex, W. R. O|W. G. Lumley
  Glendower          |Bedford       |Addington        O|Richard Howes
  Glenedale, W. O.   |              |Inverness      N S|John McKinnon
  Glenelg            |St. Mary’s    |Guysborough    N S|Matthew Archibald
  Glengarry Station  |              |Pictou         N S|John Fraser
  Glen Huron         |Nottawasaga   |Simcoe, N. R.    O|H. M. Frame
  Glenloyd           |Inverness     |Megantic         Q|Joseph Rockingham
  Glen Major         |Uxbridge      |Huron, N. R.     O|Edward Major
  Glenmeyer          |Houghton      |Norfolk, S. R.   O|George E. Meyer
  Glen Morris        |Dumfries      |Brant, N. R.     O|Christopher
                     |              |                  |  Latshaw
  Glen Murray        |Inverness     |Megantic         Q|John Murray
  Glennevis          |Lancaster     |Glengarry        O|Alexander E. McRae
  Glen Road, W. O.   |              |Antigonishe    N S|C. McGillivry
  Glen Sutton        |Sutton        |Brome            Q|
  Glen Tay           |Bathurst      |Lanark, S. R.    O|James Kearns
  Glenvale           |Kingston      |Frontenac        O|Robert Gibson
  Glen Williams      |Esquesing     |Halton           O|Charles Williams
  Goble’s Corners    |Blenheim      |Oxford, N. R.    O|William L. Goble
  * _Goderich_       |Goderich      |Huron, C. R.     O|A. Dickson
  Golden Grove, W. O.|              |St. John       N B|Peter Brennan
  Goldenville        |              |Guysborough    N S|Jesse Cumminger
  Gold Fields, W. O. |              |Colchester     N S|George Corbett
  Gold River, W. O.  |              |Lunenburg      N S|Benjamin Reddy
  Goldstone          |Peel          |Wellington,      O|John Gibbons
                     |              |  C. R.           |
  Good Corner, W. O. |              |Carleton       N B|Archibald Good
  Goodwood           |Uxbridge      |Ontario, N. R.   O|Michael Chapman
  Goose Creek, W. O. |              |St. John       N B|John Prescott
  Goose River        |              |Cumberland     N S|David Patterson
  Goose River        |Number 42     |King’s       P E I|Michael McDonald
  Gordonsville, W. O.|              |Carleton       N B|Moses Crosby
  Gore, W. O.        |              |Hants          N S|Daniel Thompson
  Gore’s Landing     |Hamilton      |Northumberland,  O|Sarah Gabetis
                     |              |  W. R.           |
  Gormley            |Markham       |York, E. R.      O|James Gormley
  Gorrie             |Howick        |Huron, N. R.     O|Henry Besanson
  Goshen, W. O.      |              |Albert         N B|E. A. Robinson
  Goshen, W. O.      |              |Antigonishe    N S|Donald Sinclair
  Gosport            |Adolphustown  |Lennox           O|George Germain
  Gould              |Lingwick      |Compton          Q|Alexander Rose
  Gourock            |Guelph        |Wellington,      O|James Cunningham
                     |              |  S. R.           |
  Gowanstown         |Wallace       |Perth, N. R.     O|
  Gower Point        |Westmeath     |Renfrew, N. R.   O|Thomas M. Carswell
  Gowland Mountain,  |              |Albert         N B|William McKenzie
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  _Grafton_          |Haldimand     |Northumberland,  O|J. Gillard
                     |              |  W. R.           |
  Graham’s Road      |Number 20     |Queen’s      P E I|Eneas Brenan
  Grahamsville       |Toronto Gore  |Peel             O|Peter Lamphier
  Granboro’          |Granby        |Shefford         Q|S. W. Tracy
  * _Granby_         |Granby        |Shefford         Q|Horace Lyman
  Grand Anse, W. O.  |              |Richmond       N S|Allan McLean
  Grand Aunce, W. O. |              |Gloucester     N B|Francis LeGresley
  Grand Bay, W. O.   |              |St. John       N B|David Hamm
  Grand Bend         |Bosanquet     |Lambton          O|John Ironside
  Grande Baie        |St. Alexis    |Chicoutimi       Q|Miss D. Nugent
  Grande Grève       |Cap Rosier    |Gaspé            Q|Charles Esnouf
  Grande Ligne       |              |St. John’s       Q|R. A. Girardin
  Grand Tracadie     |Number 35     |Queen’s      P E I|Stephen McDonald
  Grandes Coudées    |Jersey        |Beauce           Q|Jean Lambert dit
                     |              |                  |  Champagne
  Grand Etang, W. O. |              |Inverness      N S|Zephirin
                     |              |                  |  Collerette
  Grande Vallée      |              |Gaspé            Q|Louis Fournier
  _Grand Falls_      |              |Victoria       N B|Patrick McMillan
  Grand Falls,       |              |Victoria       N B|W. Roach
    Portage, W. O.   |              |                  |
  Grand Harbour,     |              |Charlotte      N B|Turner Wooster
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Grandigue, W. O.   |              |Kent           N B|Fidèle Legère
  Grandigue Ferry,   |              |Richmond       N S|David Fraser
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Grand Manan        |              |Charlotte      N B|E. Daggett
  Grand Mira, North, |              |Cape Breton    N S|Donald McDougall
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Grand Mira, South, |              |Cape Breton    N S|Donald Gillies
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Grand Narrows,     |              |Cape Breton    N S|J. S. McNeil
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Grand Pabos        |Pabos         |Gaspé            Q|Thomas Soucy
  Grand River        |Grand River   |Gaspé            Q|Joseph O. Sirois
  Grand River, W. O. |              |Victoria       N B|Edwin Akerly
  Grand River, W. O. |              |Richmond       N S|Hector Murchison
  Granville          |Number 21     |Queen’s      P E I|R. Corbett
  Granville Centre,  |              |Annapolis      N S|W. B. Troop
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  _Granville Ferry_  |              |Annapolis      N S|Alfred Troop
  Grant              |Cambridge     |Russell          O|James Edmonstone
  Grantley           |Williamsburg  |Dundas           O|John C. Munro
  Granton            |Biddulph      |Middlesex, N. R. O|James Jamieson
  Gravel Hill        |Roxborough    |Stormont         O|John Crawford
  Gravelotte         |Middleton     |Norfolk, N. R.   O|Robert Quance
  Gravenhurst        |Muskoka       |Muskoka          O|
  Graystock          |Otanabee      |Peterborough,    O|Mark Graystock
                     |              |  E. R.           |
  Great Shemogue     |              |Westmoreland   N B|William Avard
  _Great Village_    |              |Colchester     N S|A. W. McLellan
  Greenbank          |Reach         |Ontario, N. R.   O|George Flint, jun.
  Greenbush          |Elizabethtown |Brockville       O|Daniel Blanchard
  Greenfield         |Kenyon        |Glengarry        O|Alex. McDougald
  Greenfield, W. O.  |              |Carleton       N B|Thomas Wakem
  Greenfield, W. O.  |              |Queen’s        N S|Nath. Freeman
  Green Hill, W. O.  |              |Pictou         N S|Mrs. Jessie
                     |              |                  |  McKenzie
  Greenock           |Greenock      |Bruce, S. R.     O|Henry Touchburn
  Green River        |St. Antonin   |Témiscouata      Q|George April
  Green River        |Pickering     |Ontario, S. R.   O|J. H. Smith
  Green River, W. O. |              |Victoria       N B|John Lynch
  Green’s Creek,     |              |Colchester     N S|Daniel Dart
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Greensville        |West          |Wentworth, N. R. O|William J. Mordan
                     |  Flamborough |                  |
  Greenville, W. O.  |              |Cumberland     N S|Allan G. Purdy
  Greenwich Hill,    |              |King’s         N B|Albert McKiel
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  _Greenwood_        |Pickering     |Ontario, S. R.   O|Frederick Meen
  _Grenville_        |Grenville     |Argenteuil       Q|Edward Pridham
  Gresham            |Bruce         |Bruce, N. R.     O|E. J. Brown
  Gretna             |N.            |Lennox           O|W. J. Mellow
                     |Fredericksburg|                  |
  Grey               |Grey          |Huron, C. R.     O|John Leckie
  Griersville        |St. Vincent   |Grey, E. R.      O|Robert Burdett
  Griffith           |Griffith      |Renfrew, S. R.   O|
  * _Grimsby_        |Grimsby       |Lincoln          O|H. E. Nelles
  Grondines          |Grondines     |Portneuf         Q|F. X. Thibodeau
  Grosvenor, W. O.   |              |Guysboro’      N S|Samuel O’Niel
  Grouse Creek       |              |Cariboo        B C|Samuel A. Rodgers
  Grovesend          |Malahide      |Elgin, E. R.     O|Wm. Bothwell
  Groves Point, W. O.|              |Victoria       N S|Murdoch McDonald
  Gueguen, W. O.     |              |Kent           N B|Magloire Gueguen
  * _Guelph_         |Guelph        |Wellington,      O|Wm. Kingsmill
                     |              |  S. R.           |
  Gulf Shore, W. O.  |              |Cumberland     N S|W. Waugh
  Gunning Cove, W. O.|              |Shelburne      N S|Mrs. Mary Doane
  Guysborough        |Middleton     |Norfolk, N. R.   O|J. W. Doyle
  _Guysborough_      |              |Guysborough    N S|E. J. Cunningham
  Guysborough        |              |Guysborough    N S|Robert McKay
    Intervale, W. O. |              |                  |
                     |              |                  |
                     |              |                  |
  Hackett’s Cove,    |              |Halifax        N S|Elias Grono
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  _Hagersville_      |Walpole       |Haldimand        O|Charles Hager
  Half Island Cove,  |              |Guysborough    N S|John Digdon
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Halfway Brook,     |              |Colchester     N S|Wm. Fisher
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Halfway River,     |              |Cumberland     N S|G. D. Fullerton
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  * _Haliburton_     |Dysart        |Peterborough,    O|Daniel McFarlane
                     |              |  E. R.           |
  _Halifax_          |              |Halifax        N S|Benj. W. Cochran
  Hallerton          |Hemmingford   |Huntingdon       Q|James Blair
  Halloway           |Thurlow       |Hastings, E. R.  O|James P. Hopkins
  Hall’s Bridge      |Harvey        |Peterborough,    O|Henry C. Hall
                     |              |  E. R.           |
  Hall’s Harbor,     |              |King’s         N S|Sidney R. Thorp
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Hamburg            |South         |Lennox           O|A. D. Fraser
                     |Fredericksburg|                  |
  * _Hamilton_       |Barton        |Hamilton         O|Frederick E.
                     |              |                  |  Ritchie
  Hamilton           |Number 18     |Prince       P E I|Charles Stewart
  Hamlet             |Burgess, N.   |Lanark, S. R.    O|Michael Stanley
  Hammond            |Elma          |Perth, N. R.     O|Jas. Hammond, jun.
  Hammond River,     |              |King’s         N B|W. W. Dodge
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Hammondvale        |              |King’s         N B|W. Fowler
  Hampstead          |North Easthope|Perth, N. R.     O|John Snyder
  Hampstead, W. O.   |              |Queen’s        N B|E. W. Slipp
  _Hampton_          |Darlington    |Durham, W. R.    O|H. Elliott
  Hampton, W. O.     |              |King’s         N B|John Flewelling
  Hamtown, W. O.     |              |York           N B|Nath. Smith
  Hanford Brook,     |              |King’s         N B|Henry Handron
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Hannon             |Barton        |Wentworth, S. R. O|Thomas Cowie
  _Hanover_          |Bentinck      |Grey, S. R.      O|Thos. S. Coppinger
  _Hantsport_        |              |Hants          N S|Wm. Davison
  Hanwell, W. O.     |              |York           N B|
  Harbor au Bouche,  |              |Antigonishe    N S|Edmd. Corbet
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Harbor Road, W. O. |              |Antigonishe    N S|Hugh McGillivray
  Harborville, W. O. |              |King’s         N S|
  Harcourt           |Horton        |Renfrew, S. R.   O|Mrs. A. R. Hutton
  Hardinge           |Barrie        |Addington        O|Thomas Tapping
  Hardwicke, W. O.   |              |Northumberland N B|Robert Noble
  Hardwood Lands,    |              |Colchester     N S|James Grant
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Harewood, W. O.    |              |Westmoreland   N B|Maurice Healy
  Harlem             |Bastard       |Leeds, S. R.     O|William Kincaid
  Harley             |Burford       |Brant, S. R.     O|John Dinby
  Harlock            |Hullett       |Huron, C. R.     O|Thomas Neilans
  Harlowe            |Barrie        |Addington        O|David W. Wait
  Harmony            |South Easthope|Perth, S. R.     O|Edmund Corbett
  Harmony, W. O.     |              |King’s         N S|Austin Spinney
  Harold             |Rawdon        |Hastings, N. R.  O|Albert McWilliams
  Harper             |Bathurst      |Lanark, S. R.    O|Joseph Warren
  Harpley            |Stephen       |Huron, S. R.     O|Thos. N. Hayter
  Harrietsville      |Dorchester    |Middlesex, E. R. O|John McMillan
  Harrigan Cove,     |              |Halifax        N S|John Fraser
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Harrington, East   |Harrington    |Argenteuil       Q|Donald B. Campbell
  Harrington, East   |Zorra, West   |Oxford, N. R.    O|Donald Reid
  Harrisburg         |Dumfries,     |Brant, N. R.     O|James Galloway
                     |  South       |                  |
  Harrison’s Corners |Cornwall      |Cornwall         O|Angus D. McGillis
  _Harriston_        |Minto         |Wellington,      O|A. Macready
                     |              |  N. R.           |
  Harrow             |Colchester    |Essex            O|Frederick Goble
  Harrowsmith        |Portland      |Addington        O|Samuel F. Stewart
  Hartford           |Townsend      |Norfolk, N. R.   O|B. W. Thomas
  Hartington         |Portland      |Addington        O|William Kennedy
  Hartland           |              |Carleton       N B|S. H. Shaw
  Hartley            |Eldon         |Victoria, N. R.  O|Archd. Campbell
  Hartman            |Gwillimbury,  |York, N. R.      O|
                     |  East        |                  |
  Hart’s Mills, W. O.|              |Sunbury        N B|T. Coleman
  Hartsville         |Number 67     |Queen’s      P E I|M. McLeod
  _Harvey_           |              |Albert         N B|J. M. Stevens
  Harvey Creek       |              |Cariboo        B C|Samuel Smith
  _Harvey Station_   |              |York           N B|
  Harvey Hill Mines  |Leeds         |Megantic         Q|J. L. Brown
  Harwich            |Harwich       |Kent             O|James Hutchinson
  Harwood            |Hamilton      |Northumberland,  O|R. Drope
                     |              |  W. R.           |
  Haseville          |Stanbridge    |Missisquoi       Q|Thomas Hase
  * _Hastings_       |Asphodel      |Peterborough,    O|Henry M. Fowlds
                     |              |  E. R.           |
  Hastings, W. O.    |              |Cumberland     N S|G. H. Chapman
  Hastings, W. O.    |              |Albert         N B|J. C. McQuaid
  _Hatley_           |Hatley        |Stanstead        Q|J. B. Le Baron
  Haultain           |Burleigh      |Peterborough,    O|Giles Stone
                     |              |  E. R.           |
  Havelock           |Belmont       |Peterborough,    O|J. W. Pearce
                     |              |  E. R.           |
  Havelock, W. O.    |              |Digby          N S|John G. Nowlan
  * _Hawkesbury_     |Hawkesbury,   |Prescott         O|James G. Higginson
                     |  West        |                  |
  Hawkestone         |Oro           |Simcoe, N. R.    O|James Houston
  _Hawkesville_      |Wellesley     |Waterloo, N. R.  O|Robert Morrison
  Hawtrey            |Norwich, South|Oxford, S. R.    O|George Southwick
  Hay                |Hay           |Huron, S. R.     O|James Murray
  Haydon             |Darlington    |Durham, W. R.    O|Wm. Broad
  Hayesland          |West Flamboro’|Wentworth        O|Michael Hayes
  Hay’s River, W. O. |              |Inverness      N S|Rod. McDougall
  Haysville          |Wilmot        |Waterloo, S. R.  O|Margaret
                     |              |                  |  Somerville
  Hazel Grove        |Number 22     |Queen’s      P E I|Richard Baghall
  Hazledean          |Goulbourn     |Carleton         O|Adam Abbott
  Headford           |Markham       |York, E. R.      O|
  Headingly          |Headingly     |Selkirk          M|John Taylor
  Head Lake          |Laxton        |Victoria, N. R.  O|W. A. Maxwell
  Head of Amherst,   |              |Cumberland     N S|Ephraim Finlay
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Head of Jordan     |              |Shelburne      N S|Thomas Holden
    River, W. O.     |              |                  |
  Head of Millstream,|              |King’s         N B|J. Little
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Head of St.        |              |Halifax        N S|Samuel Shatford
    Margaret’s Bay,  |              |                  |
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Head of St.        |              |Halifax        N S|Jessie McG. Fraser
    Margaret’s Bay   |              |                  |
   (Middle District),|              |                  |
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Head of St. Mary’s |              |Digby          N S|Wm. H. Young
    Bay, W. O.       |              |                  |
  Head St. Peter’s   |Number 41     |King’s       P E I|Edward Drain
    Bay              |              |                  |
  Head of South River|              |Antigonishe    N S|Hugh McNeil
    Lake, W. O.      |              |                  |
  Head of            |              |Colchester     N S|Wm. Dobson
    Tatamagouche Bay,|              |                  |
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Head of Tide, W. O.|              |Restigouche    N B|Thomas Barclay
  Head of Wallace    |              |Cumberland     N S|G. H. D. Forshner
    Bay, W. O.       |              |                  |
  Head of Wallace Bay|              |Cumberland     N S|George Brown
    (North Side),    |              |                  |
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Heathcote          |Euphrasia     |Grey, E. R.      O|Thomas J. Rorke
  Hebb’s Cross, W. O.|              |Lunenburg      N S|Johnson Manning
  Hebron, W. O.      |              |Albert         N B|James Smyth, sen.
  Hebron             |              |Yarmouth       N S|C. Cahan
  Heckston           |South Gower   |Grenville, N. R. O|Hugh Hughes
  Heidelburg         |Woolwich      |Waterloo, N. R.  O|John Krassler
  Helena             |Godmanchester |Huntingdon       Q|J. Holbrooke
  Hemison            |East Frampton |Dorchester       Q|Miss Lumina
                     |              |                  |  Bernard
  _Hemmingford_      |Hemmingford   |Huntingdon       Q|John Edwards
  Henry              |Longueuil     |Prescott         O|William Dickson
  Henrysburg         |Lacolle       |St. John’s       Q|William Cockerline
  _Henryville_       |St. George de |Iberville        Q|Telesphore
                     |  Henryville  |                  |  Larocque
  Hepworth           |Keppel        |Grey, N. R.      O|Thomas Briggs
  Herbert            |Potton        |Brome            Q|M. Geer
  Herdsman’s Corners |Hinchinbrooke |Huntingdon       Q|Rev. Hugh Niven
  Hereford           |Hereford      |Compton          Q|Aaron Workman
  Hereward           |Garafraxa     |Wellington,      O|George Brown
                     |              |  C. R.           |
  Heron’s Island,    |              |Restigouche    N B|George Dutch
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  * _Hespeler_       |Waterloo,     |Waterloo, S. R.  O|John Chapman
                     |  South       |                  |
  Heyworth           |Eardley       |Ottawa           Q|Robert
                     |              |                  |  Breckenridge
  Hiawatha           |Otonabee      |Peterborough,    O|Hugh Kent
                     |              |  E. R.           |
  Hibernia, W. O.    |              |Queen’s        N B|David Gardner
  Higgin’s Road      |Number 13     |Prince       P E I|William Henry
  High Bluff         |High Bluff    |Marquette        M|J. McD. Sweetman
  High Falls         |Blithfield    |Renfrew, S. R.   O|
  Highfield          |Etobicoke     |York, W. R.      O|H. Dutchburn
  Highfield, W. O.   |              |Hants          N S|William Crowell
  Highgate           |Orford        |Bothwell         O|John Beattie
  Highland Creek     |Scarborough   |York, E. R.      O|William Tredway
  Hilda              |Thurlow       |Hastings, E. R.  O|Benjamin Palmer
  Hillier            |Hillier       |Prince Edward    O|Richard Noxen
  Hillsborough       |Plympton      |Lambton          O|Thomas L. Hill
  Hillsborough,      |              |Inverness      N S|Malcolm McNeil
    C. B., W. O.     |              |                  |
  _Hillsborough_     |              |Albert         N B|R. E. Steves
  _Hillsburgh_       |Erin          |Wellington,      O|William Howe, sen.
                     |              |  S. R.           |
  Hillsdale          |Medonte       |Simcoe, N. R.    O|Mrs. E. P.
                     |              |                  |  Faragher
  Hillsdale, W. O.   |              |King’s         N B|N. P. Wanamake
  Hill’s Green       |Hay           |Huron, S. R.     O|Hugh Love, sen.
  Hillside, W. O.    |              |Albert         N B|P. Collicutt
  Hilton             |Brighton      |Northumberland,  O|A. A. Becker
                     |              |  E. R.           |
  Hinch              |Camden, East  |Addington        O|William Hinch
  Hoasic             |Williamsburg  |Dundas           O|Lewis Schwedfeger
  Hoath Head         |Sydenham      |Grey, N. R.      O|R. Hoath
  Hochelaga          |Island of     |Hochelaga        Q|F. Painchaud
                     |  Montreal    |                  |
  Hockley            |Adjala        |Cardwell         O|
  Holbrook           |Norwich, North|Oxford, S. R.    O|A. M. Whitfield
  _Holland Landing_  |Gwillimbury,  |York, N. R.      O|Miss E. B. Sloane
                     |  East        |                  |
  _Hollen_           |Maryborough   |Wellington,      O|S. Robertson
                     |              |  N. R.           |
  Holmesville        |Goderich      |Huron, N. R.     O|Edward Kelly
  Holmesville, W. O. |              |Carleton       N B|Isaac Broad
  Holstein           |Egremont      |Grey, S. R.      O|N. D. McKenzie
  Holt               |Gwillimbury,  |York, N. R.      O|John Quibell
                     |  East        |                  |
  Holyrood           |Kinloss       |Bruce, S. R.     O|A. T. Campbell
  Homer              |Grantham      |Lincoln          O|Peter A. Cavers
  Honeywood          |Mulmur        |Simcoe, S. R.    O|George Lawrence
  Hope               |              |Yale           B C|John G. Wirth
  Hopetown           |Lanark        |Lanark, N. R.    O|John White, jun.
  Hopefield          |Radcliffe     |Renfrew, S. R.   O|Joseph Daly
  Hope River         |Number 22     |Queens       P E I|Felix Murphy
  Hopewell, W. O.    |              |Albert         N B|James Wright
  Hopewell, W. O.    |              |Pictou         N S|John Gunn
  _Hopewell Cape_    |              |Albert         N B|M. B. Palmer
  Hopewell Corner,   |              |Albert         N B|John C. Calhoun
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Hopewell Hill,     |              |Albert         N B|John R. Russell
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Hornby             |Esquesing     |Halton           O|John McMillan
  Horning’s Mills    |Melancthon    |Grey, E. R.      O|William Airth
  Hornsey, W. O.     |              |Cumberland     N S|George Reeve
  Horton Landing,    |              |King’s         N S|Frederic G. Curry
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Houghton           |Houghton      |Norfolk, S. R.   O|George Bundy
  House Harbor (sub) |Magdalen      |Gaspé            Q|Edward D. Paquet
                     |  Islands     |                  |
  Howe Island        |Pittsburgh    |Frontenac        O|Thomas Thompson
  Howick             |Georgetown,   |Chateauguay      Q|Thomas Gebbie
                     |  South       |                  |
  Hubbard’s Cove     |              |Halifax        N S|J. E. Stratford
  Hudson             |Vaudreuil     |Vaudreuil        Q|David Ray
  * _Hull_           |Hull          |Ottawa           Q|H. L. Loucks
  Hullsville         |Walpole       |Haldimand        O|John Hull
  Humber             |Etobicoke     |York, W. R.      O|John Linton
  Humberstone        |Humberstone   |Welland          O|John Thompson
  Hunsdon            |Albion        |Cardwell         O|Henry Fry
  Hunter’s Mountain, |              |Victoria       N S|John McDonald
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Hunterstown        |Hunterstown   |Maskinongé       Q|Wilbert Newhall
  Huntersville       |Ramsay        |Lanark, N. R.    Q|John Hunter
  * _Huntingdon_     |Godmanchester |Huntingdon       Q|W. Marshall
  Huntingville       |Ascot         |Sherbrooke       Q|John W. Gamsby
  Huntley            |Huntley       |Carleton         O|John Hueston
  Huntsville         |Chaffey       |Muskoka          O|James F. Hanes
  Huston             |Maryboro’     |Wellington,      O|David Callaway
                     |              |  N. R.           |
  Huttonsville       |Chinguacousy  |Peel             O|George James
  Hyde Park Corner   |London        |Middlesex, E. R. O|Peter C. Thompson
                     |              |                  |
                     |              |                  |
  Ida                |Cavan         |Durham, E. R.    O|Alexander Baptie
  Ilderton           |London        |Middlesex, E. R. O|George Ord
  Indiana            |Seneca        |Haldimand        O|
  Indian Brook, W. O.|              |Victoria       N S|Donald McLennan
  Indian Cove        |              |Lévis            Q|Patrick Wallace
  Indian Harbor,     |              |Halifax        N S|
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Indian Harbor,     |              |Guysboro’      N S|David Suttis
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Indian Island,     |              |Charlotte      N B|J. B. W. Chaffey
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Indian Point, W. O.|              |Lunenburg      N S|James Moser
  Indian River       |Number 18     |Prince       P E I|J. McLellan
  Indian Road, W. O. |              |Hants          N S|
  _Indian Town_      |              |St. John       N B|William G. Brown
  * _Ingersoll_      |Oxford, North |Oxford, S. R.    O|Joseph Thirkell
  Ingoldsby          |Minden        |Peterboro’,      O|Richard Smith
                     |              |  E. R.           |
  Ingonish, W. O.    |              |Victoria       N S|J. W. Burke
  Inistioge          |Proton        |Grey, E. R.      O|Henry Armstrong
  Inkerman           |Mountain      |Dundas           O|John Rennick
  Innerkip           |East Zorra    |Oxford, N. R.    O|Mrs. Sarah Begg
  Innisfil           |Innisfil      |Simcoe, S. R.    O|Benjamin Ross
  Innisville         |Drummond      |Lanark, S. R.    O|Thomas Code
  Intervale, W. O.   |              |Westmoreland   N B|David Horseman
  Inverary           |Storrington   |Frontenac        O|D. J. Walker
  _Inverhuron_       |Bruce         |Bruce, N. R.     O|
  _Invermay_         |Arran         |Bruce, N. R.     O|Abraham Neelands
  * _Inverness_      |Inverness     |Megantic         Q|John McKinnon
  Inverness          |Number 11     |Prince       P E I|Frederick McDonald
  _Iona_             |Dunwich       |Elgin, W. R.     O|Edmund Roche
  Irish Cove, W. O.  |              |Cape Breton    N S|Michael McDonald
  Irishtown, W. O.   |              |Westmoreland   N B|John Larracey
  Iron Hill          |Brome         |Brome            Q|John D. Shufelt
  Ironside           |Hull          |Ottawa           Q|Thomas Shehan
  * _Iroquois_       |Matilda       |Dundas           O|James Grier
  Irving Settlement, |              |Albert         N B|William E. Bishop
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Irvine             |Inverness     |Megantic         Q|S. B. Thurber
  Isaac’s Harbor,    |              |Guysboro’      N S|Allan McMillan,
    W. O.            |              |                  |  junr.
  Island Brook       |Newport       |Compton          Q|W. W. Bailey
  Islay              |Fenelon       |Victoria, N. R.  O|Angus McEachern
  Isle aux Coudres   |Isle aux      |Charlevoix       Q|
    (sub)            |  Coudres     |                  |
  Isle aux Grues     |Isle aux Grues|L’Islet          Q|B. G. Lachaine dit
                     |              |                  |  Jolicœur
  Isle Dupas         |Isle Dupas    |Berthier         Q|Rev. V. Plinguet
  Isle Perrot        |Isle Perrot   |Vaudreuil        Q|Marie S. Jobin
  Isle Verte         |Isle Verte    |Témiscouata      Q|Louis A. Bertrand
  Islington          |Etobicoke     |York, W. R.      O|Thomas Musson
  Ivanhoe            |Huntingdon    |Hastings, N. R.  O|Thomas Emo
  Ivy                |Essa          |Simcoe, S. R.    O|William H. Davis
                     |              |                  |
                     |              |                  |
  Jackson, W. O.     |              |Cumberland     N S|Wm. Jackson
  Jackson            |Derby         |Grey, N. R.      O|G. R. Wright
  Jackson Road, W. O.|              |King’s         N S|Alexander Nichol
  Jacksontown, W. O. |              |Carleton       N B|F. L. Palmer
  Jacksonville, W. O.|              |Carleton       N B|James Simonson
  Janetville         |Manvers       |Durham, E. R.    O|David McGill
  Janeville, W. O.   |              |Gloucester     N B|Robert C. Caiè
  Jarratt’s Corners  |Oro           |Simcoe, N. R.    O|Charles Jarratt
  _Jarvis_           |Walpole       |Haldimand        O|Robert Sill
  Jasper             |Wolford       |Grenville, N. R. O|William S. Ralph
  Jeddore, W. O.     |              |Halifax        N S|William Blakeny
  Jemseg, W. O.      |              |Queen’s        N B|N. B. Cottle
  Jenkins, W. O.     |              |Queen’s        N B|Joel Jenkins
  Jersey, River      |St. George    |Beauce           Q|Michael Cahill
    Chaudière        |              |                  |
  Jerseyville        |Ancaster      |Wentworth, S. R. O|A. Hendershot
  Joggin Mines, W. O.|              |Cumberland     N S|B. B. Boggs
  Johnson            |Sydenham      |Grey, N. R.      O|William Johnstone
  Johnson’s Mills    |Hay           |Huron, S. R.     O|Henry Hayrock
  Johnson Mills,     |              |Westmoreland   N B|Edward Babcock
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Johnston’s River   |Number 48     |Queen’s      P E I|P. Gormley
  Johnston, W. O.    |              |Queen’s        N B|Thomas Mason
  Johnville          |Eaton         |Compton        N B|Charles Smith
  Johnville, W. O.   |              |Carleton       N B|John Boyd
  Jolicure, W. O.    |              |Westmoreland   N B|Rufus C. Wry
  * _Joliette_       |              |Joliette         Q|Eusèbe Asselin
  Jonquières         |Jonquières    |Chicoutimi       Q|Xavier Brassard
  _Jordan_           |Louth         |Lincoln          O|Clark Snure
  Jordan Bay, W. O.  |              |Shelburne      N S|John Downie
  Judique, W. O.     |              |Inverness      N S|Hugh McDonnell
  Jura               |Bosanquet     |Lambton          O|James McCordie
  Juvenile           |              |Sunbury        N B|Arthur Graham
    Settlement,      |              |                  |
    W. O.            |              |                  |
                     |              |                  |
                     |              |                  |
  Kaladar            |Kaladar       |Addington        O|C. F. Dunham
  Kamloops           |              |Yale           B C|W. B. Wilson
  _Kamouraska_       |St. Louis de  |Kamouraska       Q|Louis Chas. Bégin
                     |  Kamouraska  |                  |
  Kars               |North Gower   |Carleton         O|W. J. Wood
  Kars, W. O.        |              |King’s         N B|Wm. Worden
  Katevale           |Hatley        |Stanstead        Q|L. C. A. T. de
                     |              |                  |  Lagorgendière
  _Kazubazua_        |Aylwin        |Ottawa           Q|
  Kay Settlement,    |              |Westmoreland   N B|Alexander Hughes
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Keady              |Derby         |Grey, N. R.      O|James Gilchrist
  Keenansville       |Adjala        |Cardwell         O|G. P. Hughes
  * _Keene_          |Otonabee      |Peterborough,    O|W. J. Hall
                     |              |  E. R.           |
  Keith              |Chatham       |Kent             O|Lewis Huff
  Keithley Creek     |              |Cariboo        B C|George Keith
  Kelly’s Cross      |No. 29        |Queen’s      P E I|William Heard
  Kelso              |Elgin         |Huntingdon       Q|Peter MacFarlane
  Kelvin             |Windham       |Norfolk, N. R.   O|John Armour, jun.
  Kemble             |Keppel        |Grey, N. R.      O|P. McQuaid
  Kempt, W. O.       |              |Queen’s        N S|
  Kempt Bridge, W. O.|              |Yarmouth       N S|Elkanah Travis
  Kempt Head, W. O.  |              |Victoria       N S|K. McKenzie
  Kempt Road, W. O.  |              |Richmond       N S|Hugh Cameron
  Kempt Town, W. O.  |              |Colchester     N S|A. S. Hingley
  * _Kemptville_     |Oxford        |Grenville, N. R. O|Robert Leslie
  Kemptville, W. O.  |              |Yarmouth       N S|J. H. Hamilton
  Kendal             |Clarke        |Durham, W. R.    O|J. R. Anderson
  Kennebec Line      |Marlowe       |Beauce           Q|George Bartley
  Kenilworth         |Arthur        |Wellington,      O|Robert Hayward
                     |              |  N. R.           |
  Kenmore            |Osgoode       |Russell          O|John B. Brannen
  Kennetcook, W. O.  |              |Hants          N S|I. S. Sanford
  Kennetcook Corner, |              |Hants          N S|Mrs. L. Densmore
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Kent Bridge        |Chatham       |Kent             O|John B. Shaw
  Kent’s Island,     |              |Halifax        N S|John Nauffts
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  _Kentville_        |              |King’s         N S|G. E. Calkin
  Kepler             |Kingston      |Frontenac        O|Isaac J. Coglan
  Kerrwood           |Adelaide      |Middlesex, N. R. O|James Irving
  Kerry              |Plantagenet,  |Prescott         O|Magloire Parent
                     |  S.          |                  |
  Kertch             |Plympton      |Lambton          O|
  Keswick            |North         |York, N. R.      O|Henry Stennett
                     |  Gwillimbury |                  |
  Keswick Ridge,     |              |York           N B|Abraham McKeen
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Ketch Harbor, W. O.|              |Halifax        N S|
  Kettleby           |King          |York, N. R.      O|Jacob Walton
  Kewstoke, W. O.    |              |Inverness      N S|Alex McQuain
  Keyser             |Adelaide      |Middlesex, N. R. O|Samuel Cooper
  Kilbride           |Nelson        |Halton           O|Robert Parker
  Kildare            |Kildare       |Joliette         Q|O. Vigneault
  Kildare            |No. 3         |Prince       P E I|John Wade
  Kildonan           |Kildonan      |Selkirk          M|John Fraser
  Kilkenny           |Kilkenny      |Montcalm         Q|Damase Thouin
  Killarney          |              |Algoma           O|Chas. Lamorandière
  Killean            |Puslinch      |Wellington,      O|D. Ferguson
                     |              |  S. R.           |
  Killerby           |Yarmouth      |Elgin, E. R.     O|John Hicks
  Kilmanagh          |Caledon       |Peel             O|Thos. Sanderson
  Kilmarnock         |Wolford       |Grenville, N. R. O|George Newsome
  Kilmartin          |Metcalfe      |Middlesex, W. R. O|D. McKellar
  Kilmaurs           |Torbolton     |Carleton         O|William Munro
  Kilsyth            |Derby         |Grey, N. R.      O|Thomas Sloan
  Kimberley          |Euphrasia     |Grey, E. R.      O|Alex. Hy. McLean
  Kinburn            |Fitzroy       |Carleton         O|
  * _Kincardine_     |Kincardine    |Bruce, S. R.     O|M. McKendrick
  Kincardine, W. O.  |              |Victoria       N B|---- Taylor
  _King_             |King          |York, N. R.      O|Benjamin Lloyd
  King Creek         |King          |York, N. R.      O|
  Kinglake           |Houghton      |Norfolk, S. R.   O|Saml. Leybourne
  Kingsbridge        |Ashfield      |Huron, N. R.     O|Francis L. Eagan
  Kingsbury          |Melbourne     |Richmond         Q|George Williamson
  Kingsbury, W. O.   |              |Lunenburg      N S|Edward Mossman
  Kingsclear, W. O.  |              |York           N B|J. A. Hammond
  Kingsey            |Kingsey       |Drummond         Q|
  Kingsey Falls      |Kingsey       |Drummond         Q|Smith Leith
  Kingsford          |Tyendinaga    |Hastings, E. R.  O|
  Kingsley, W. O.    |              |York           N B|George N. Foster
  * _Kingston_       |Kingston      |Kingston         O|Robert Deacon
  _Kingston_         |              |King’s         N B|Samuel Foster
  _Kingston_         |              |Kent           N B|John Harnett
  Kingston Mills     |Kingston      |Frontenac        O|Charles Harrison
  Kingston Village,  |              |King’s         N S|John Wheelock
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  * _Kingsville_     |Gosfield      |Essex            O|Jas. H. Smart
  Kinkora            |Ellice        |Perth, N. R.     O|James Moriarty
  Kinloss            |Kinloss       |Bruce, S. R.     O|John Harrison
  Kinlough           |Kinloss       |Bruce, S. R.     O|
  Kinmount           |Somerville    |Victoria, N. R.  O|Charles Moffitt
  Kinnear’s Mills    |Leeds         |Megantic         Q|James Kinnear
  Kinross            |No. 50        |Queen’s      P E I|David Ross
  Kinsale            |Pickering     |Ontario, S. R.   O|Levi Mackey
  Kinsman’s Corner,  |              |King’s         N S|Benjamin Kinsman
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Kintail            |Ashfield      |Huron, N. R.     O|William Grant
  Kintore            |East Nissouri |Oxford, N. R.    O|William Easson
  _Kippen_           |Tuckersmith   |Huron, C. R.     O|Robert Mellis
  Kippewa            |              |Pontiac          Q|Thomas Anderson
  Kirby              |Clarke        |Durham, W. R.    O|James Jackson
  Kirkdale           |Durham        |Drummond         Q|William Burril
  * _Kirkfield_      |Eldon         |Victoria, N. R.  O|John McTaggart
  Kirkhill           |Lochiel       |Glengarry        O|William McLeod
  Kirkhill, W. O.    |              |Cumberland     N S|William Smith
  Kirk’s Ferry       |Hull          |Ottawa           Q|John Kirk
  Kirkton            |Usborne       |Huron, S. R.     O|John McCurdy
  Kirkwall           |Beverley      |Wentworth, N. R. O|W. McMillan
  _Klineburg_        |Vaughan       |York, W. R.      O|Thomas White
  Knapdale           |Mosa          |Middlesex, W. R. O|Hector McLean
  Knatchbull         |Nassagiweya   |Halton           O|William Reid
  Knowlesville, W. O.|              |Carleton       N B|R. Ricker
  * _Knowlton_       |Brome         |Brome            Q|Albert Kimball
  Knowlton Landing   |Potton        |Brome            Q|J. F. Tuck
  Knoxford, W. O.    |              |Carleton       N B|Thomas Fulton
  Knoydart, W. O.    |              |Pictou         N S|John McGilleroy
  _Komoka_           |Lobo          |Middlesex, N. R. O|Robert Hord
  Kootenay (sub)     |              |Yale           B C|James Normansell
  Kossuth            |Waterloo      |Waterloo, S. R.  O|
  _Kouchibouguac_    |              |Kent           N B|
                     |              |                  |
                     |              |                  |
  La Baie            |La Baie des   |Yamaska          Q|J. L. Belcourt
                     |  Febvres     |                  |
  Labarre            |Labarre       |Chicoutimi       Q|C. Hébert
  La Beauce          |St. Marie     |Beauce           Q|Mme. C. Bonneville
  L’Acadie           |L’Acadie      |St. John’s       Q|C. T. Charbonneau
  Lachenaie          |Lachenaie     |L’Assomption     Q|J. O. Laurier
  * _Lachine_        |Montreal      |Jacques Cartier  Q|Napoléon Duquet
  * _Lachute_        |Argenteuil    |Argenteuil       Q|George L. Meikle
  Lac Masson         |Wexford       |Terrebonne       Q|C. C. Lajeunesse
  Lac Noir           |Fournier      |L’Islet          Q|J. B. Pelletier
  _Lacolle_          |Lacolle       |St. John’s       Q|T. Van Vliet
  Lafontaine         |Tiny          |Simcoe, N. R.    O|Charles Picotte
  Laggan             |Kenyon        |Glengarry        O|Donald Cattanach
  La Guerre          |St. Anicet    |Huntingdon       Q|John McDonald
  La Have Cross      |              |Lunenburg      N S|Isaac Heckman
    Roads, W. O.     |              |                  |
  La Have River,     |              |Lunenburg      N S|Mrs. M. A. Cronan
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Lake Ainslie, W. O.|              |Inverness      N S|Angus McInnis
  Lake Ainslie (East |              |Inverness      N S|Charles McDonald
    side), W. O.     |              |                  |
  Lake Ainslie (South|              |Inverness      N S|John McKinnon
    side), W. O.     |              |                  |
  Lake Aylmer        |Stratford     |Wolfe            Q|George Champoux
  Lake Beauport      |St. Dunstan   |Quebec           Q|A. Simmons
  Lake Doré          |Wilberforce   |Renfrew, N. R.   O|John Shaw, jun.
  Lake Etchemin      |Ware          |Dorchester       Q|Joseph Bégin
  Lakefield          |Gore          |Argenteuil       Q|George Rogers
  Lakefield, W. O.   |              |King’s         N B|Charles M.
                     |              |                  |  Sherwood
  Lake George, W. O. |              |York           N B|Leveret S. Tilley
  Lake George, W. O. |              |King’s         N S|A. P. Hudgens
  Lake George, W. O. |              |Yarmouth       N S|Charles Crosby
  Lakehurst          |Harvey        |Peterborough,    O|John Tarlington
                     |              |  E. R.           |
  Lake La Hache      |              |Cariboo        B C|Patrick Gannon
  Lakelands, W. O.   |              |Cumberland     N S|James E. Brown
  Lake Law, W. O.    |              |Inverness      N S|James Fortune
  Lakelet            |Howick        |Huron, N. R.     O|Myles Young
  Lake Megantic      |Compton       |Compton          Q|J. McDonald
  Lake Opinicon      |Storrington   |Frontenac        O|Bryce T. Davidson
  Lake Road, W. O.   |              |Cumberland     N S|Gains Lewis
  Lake Settlement,   |              |Kent           N B|M. Flannigan
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Lakeside           |Nissouri, East|Oxford, N. R.    O|Robert Armstrong
  Lake Témiscamingue |              |Pontiac          Q|Charles Stuart
  Lakevale, W. O.    |              |Antigonishe    N S|A. McGillivray
  Lakeville, W. O.   |              |Carleton       N B|J. S. Carvell
  Lakeville, W. O.   |              |King’s         N S|Reuben Chase
  Lakeville Corner,  |              |Sunbury        N B|James Thompson
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Lake Weedon        |Weedon        |Wolfe            Q|François Briére
  L’Amable           |Dungannon     |Hastings, N. R.  O|John R. Tait
  L’Amaroux          |York          |York, W. R.      O|William Long
  Lambeth            |Westminster   |Middlesex, E. R. O|George Kelley
  Lambton            |St. Vital de  |Beauce           Q|Dr. Louis
                     |  Lambton     |                  |  Labrècque
  * _Lanark_         |Lanark        |Lanark, N. R.    O|Alexander Munro
  Lancaster          |Lancaster     |Glengarry        O|John Fraser
  Lang               |Otonabee      |Peterboro’,      O|Richard Short,
                     |              |  E. R.           |  sen.
  Langevin           |Langevin      |Dorchester       Q|Louis Vermette
  Langford           |Brantford     |Brant, N. R.     O|Alex. Milne
  Langley            |              |New            B C|W. W. Gibb
                     |              |  Westminster     |
  Langside           |Kinloss       |Bruce, S. R.     O|Wm. Gleeson
  Langstaff (sub)    |Markham       |York, E. R.      O|John Langstaff
  _Langton_          |Walsingham    |Norfolk, S. R.   O|James Fulton
  Lanoraie           |Lanoraie      |Berthier         Q|T. D. Latour
  Lansdown           |Lansdown      |Leeds, S. R.     O|Jos. A. Bradley
  L’Anse à Giles     |L’Islet       |L’Islet          Q|J. F. Giasson
  L’Anse au Foin     |Tremblay      |Chicoutimi       Q|P. Potvin
  Lansing            |York          |York, E. R.      O|Joseph Shepard
  Lantz, W. O.       |              |Lunenburg      N S|Harvey B. Lantz
  La Petite Rivière  |Petite Rivière|Charlevoix       Q|
    St. François     |              |                  |
    (sub)            |              |                  |
  La Pigeonnière     |La Salle      |Napierville      Q|M. Blain
  * _Laprairie_      |Laprairie     |Laprairie        Q|Julien Brosseau
  La Présentation    |La            |St. Hyacinthe    Q|Alexis Millet
                     |  Présentation|                  |
  Lapum              |Loughborough  |Frontenac        O|Calvin H. Knowlton
  L’Ardoise, W. O.   |              |Richmond       N S|Michael McNiel
  Largie             |Dunwich       |Elgin, W. R.     O|Allan McPherson
  Larochelle         |Halifax       |Megantic         Q|J. T. Hébert
  Larry’s River,     |Wilmot        |Guysboro’      N S|Jos. Fougére
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Laskay             |King          |York, N. R.      O|Henry Baldwin
  * _L’Assomption_   |St. Sulpice   |L’Assomption     Q|Louis Guilbault
  Laterrière         |Notre Dame de |Chicoutimi       Q|George McKenzie
                     |  Laterrière  |                  |
  Latona             |Glenelg       |Grey, S. R.      O|Mark Appleby
  Laugill’s, W. O.   |              |Lunenburg      N S|J. S. Laugill
  Laurel             |Amaranth      |Wellington,      O|James Hamilton
                     |              |  N. R.           |
  _Lauzon_           |Lauzon        |Lévis            Q|Charles Bourget
  Laval              |Laval         |Montmorency      Q|John Keough
  Lavaltrie          |Lavaltrie     |Berthier         Q|Joseph Charland
  Lavant             |Lavant        |Lanark, N. R.    O|Archd. Browning
  Lavender           |Mulmur        |Simcoe, S. R.    O|J. B. Mastin
  L’Avenir           |Durham        |Drummond         Q|C. Gagnon
  Lawrence Factory,  |              |Cumberland     N S|Charles Lawrence
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Lawrence Station,  |              |Charlotte      N B|H. M. Mercer
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  _Lawrencetown_     |              |Annapolis      N S|J. W. James
  Lawrencetown, W. O.|              |Halifax        N S|Samuel Hiltz
  Lawrenceville      |South Ely     |Shefford         Q|E. Lawrence
  Layton             |Brock         |Ontario, N. R.   O|John Sornberger
  _Leamington_       |Mersea        |Essex            O|Warren Kimball
  Learned Plain      |Newport       |Compton          Q|E. Learned
  Leaskdale          |Scott         |Ontario, N. R.   O|George Leask
  Leclercville       |Ste. Emélie   |Lotbinière       Q|Joseph Lord
  Ledge, W. O.       |              |Charlotte      N B|Bridget Leary
                     |              |                  |  Couley
  * _Leeds_          |Leeds         |Megantic         Q|Sarah Jiggens
  Leeds Village      |Leeds         |Megantic         Q|Hugh McCutcheon
  _Lefroy_           |Innisfil      |Simcoe, S. R.    O|David Davidson
  Leicester, W. O.   |              |Cumberland     N S|D. Lockhart
  Leinster           |Richmond      |Lennox           O|M. Jordan
  Leitch’s Creek,    |              |Cape Breton    N S|Alex. McDonald
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Leith              |Sydenham      |Grey, N. R.      O|James Ross, jun.
  Lemesurier         |Leeds         |Megantic         Q|John Wilkin
  Lemonville         |Whitchurch    |York, N. R.      O|W. L. White
  Lennox             |Innisfil      |Simcoe, S. R.    O|Isaac Lennox
  Lennox Ferry, W. O.|              |Richmond       N S|Daniel Clough
  * _Lennoxville_    |Ascot         |Sherbrooke       Q|Ephraim W. Abbott
  Leonard’s Hill     |Wickham       |Drummond         Q|M. Leonard
  L’Epiphanie        |St. Sulpice   |L’Assomption     Q|F. Le Blanc
  _Lepreaux_         |              |Charlotte      N B|William R.
                     |              |                  |  Reynolds
  Lequille, W. O.    |              |Annapolis      N S|Alfred Hoyt
  Les Eboulemens     |Eboulemens    |Charlevoix       Q|Cléophe Coté
  Les Ecureuils      |Ecureuils     |Portneuf         Q|Pierre Pagé
  Les Escoumains     |Escoumains    |Saguenay         Q|John C. Barry
  Leskard            |Clarke        |Durham, W. R.    O|John Proctor
  _Leslie_           |York          |York, E. R.      O|George Leslie,
                     |              |                  |  jun.
  Les Petites        |              |Saguenay         Q|R. Bouilliane
    Bergeronnes      |              |                  |
  L’Etete, W. O.     |              |Charlotte      N B|George Dick, sen.
  * _Lévis_          |Lauzon        |Lévis            Q|François Bertrand
  Lewis Bay, W. O.   |              |Cape Breton    N S|Donald Gillis
  Lewis Head, W. O.  |              |Shelburne      N S|Wm. Herkins
  Lewis Mountain,    |              |Westmoreland   N B|James Lounsbury
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Lewisville, W. O.  |              |Westmoreland   N B|Stephen Mills
  Lieury             |McGillivray   |Middlesex, N. R. O|Alexander Smith
  Lifford            |Manvers       |Durham, E. R.    O|Miss Jane Fowler
  Lilley’s Corners   |London        |London           O|Charles Lilley
    (sub)            |              |                  |
  Lilloet            |              |Cariboo        B C|Alfred Smith
  Limehouse          |Esquesing     |Halton           O|John Newton
  Lime Lake          |Hungerford    |Hastings, E. R.  O|James Jarmin
  Lime Rock, W. O.   |              |Pictou         N S|Mrs. Mary McDonald
  Lincoln, W. O.     |              |Sunbury        N B|Isaac S. Taylor
  Linda              |Westbury      |Compton          Q|Daniel B. Hall
  * _Lindsay_        |Ops           |Victoria, S. R.  O|Thomas Adam
  Lindsay, W. O.     |              |Carleton       N B|Alex. Lindsay
  Lineboro’          |Stanstead     |Stanstead        Q|James W. House
  _Lingan_           |              |Cape Breton    N S|Ronald McDonald
  Linton             |King          |York, N. R.      O|Joseph Lynn
  Linton’s, W. O.    |              |Sunbury        N B|Adam Johnson
  Linwood            |Wellesley     |Waterloo, N. R.  O|Robert Y. Fish
  Lisbon             |North Easthope|Perth, N. R.     O|John Zinkann
  Lisburn            |Huron         |Bruce, S. R.     O|Daniel Teskey
  Liscomb, W. O.     |              |Guysborough    N S|James Hemlow
  L’Islet            |L’Islet       |L’Islet          Q|Mrs. M. E.
                     |              |                  |  Ballantine
  * _Listowel_       |Wallace       |Perth, N. R.     O|W. H. Hacking
  Little Branch,     |              |Northumberland N B|Alex. Cameron
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Little Bras d’Or   |              |Cape Breton    N S|John H. Christie
  Little Britain     |Mariposa      |Victoria, S. R.  O|John Broad
  Little Current     |Howland       |Algoma           O|G. B. Abrey
  _Little Glace Bay_ |              |Cape Breton    N S|Daniel McDonald
  Little Harbor      |Number 46     |King’s       P E I|Andrew Mooney
  Little Harbor,     |              |Pictou         N S|James Stewart
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Little Judique,    |              |Inverness      N S|Angus Beaton
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Little Lepreaux,   |              |Charlotte      N B|W. McGowan
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Little Lorraine,   |              |Cape Breton    N S|Joseph McDonald
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Little Narrows,    |              |Inverness      N S|Hugh McAskil
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Little Rideau      |Hawkesbury,   |Prescott         O|Thomas Ross
                     |  East        |                  |
  Little Ridge, W. O.|              |Albert         N B|
  Little River       |              |Albert         N B|William Leemans
    (Coverdale),     |              |                  |
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Little River       |              |Albert         N B|Hiram Killam
    (Elgin), W. O.   |              |                  |
  Little River, W. O.|              |Sunbury        N B|M. H. Coburn
  Little River, W. O.|              |Antigonishe    N S|Levi Irish
  Little River, W. O.|              |Cumberland     N S|Lawrence Purdy
  Little River, W. O.|              |Digby          N S|P. W. Frost
  Little River (Mid. |              |Halifax        N S|W. G. Cole
    Mustquodoboit),  |              |                  |
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Little Rocher,     |              |Albert         N B|John Richardson
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Little Sands       |Number 64     |King’s       P E I|D. Munn
  Little Shemogue,   |              |Albert         N B|Thomas Oulton
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Little Shippegan,  |              |Gloucester     N B|Mary Wilson
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Little Tignish     |Number 2      |Prince       P E I|Stephen S.
                     |              |                  |  Arseneaux
  Little Tracadie,   |              |Antigonishe    N S|Joseph Symonds
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Littlewood, W. O.  |              |Shelburne      N S|James Littlewood
  Little York        |Number 34     |Queen’s      P E I|Robert Lawson
  _Liverpool_        |              |Queen’s        N S|Archd. J. Campbell
  Livingston’s Cove, |              |Antigonishe    N S|John Livingston
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  _Lloydtown_        |King          |York, N. R.      O|Anthony Eastwood
  Lobo               |Lobo          |Middlesex, N. R. O|T. S. Edwards
  Lochaber, W. O.    |              |Antigonishe    N S|Mrs. M. Sears
  Lochaber Bay       |Lochaber      |Ottawa           Q|Archibald Campbell
  Lockhartville,     |              |King’s         N S|William Glenn
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Loch Garry         |Kenyon        |Glengarry        O|James Fraser
  Lochiel            |Lochiel       |Glengarry        O|Angus Chisholm
  Lochinvar          |Lochiel       |Glengarry        O|Simon Fraser
  Loch Lomond, W. O. |              |St. John       N B|Daniel Robertson
  Loch Lomond, W. O. |              |Richmond       N S|Roderick Bethune
  Lochside, W. O.    |              |Richmond       N S|D. McDougall
  _Locke Port_       |              |Shelburne      N S|
  Locksley           |Alice         |Renfrew, N. R.   O|W. M. Walford
  Lockton            |Albion        |Cardwell         O|
  Lockville          |Mountain      |Dundas           O|Isaac Dillabough
  Loganville, W. O.  |              |Pictou         N S|Dugal Logan
  Logierait          |Moore         |Lambton          O|D. Hossie
  Lombardy, late     |South Elmsley |Leeds, N. R.     O|James O. Mara
    South Elmsley    |              |                  |
  Londesborough      |Hullett       |Huron, C. R.     O|Hugh Wallace
  * _London_         |London        |London           O|Lawrence Lawless
  Londonderry, W. O. |              |King’s         N B|James Douglas
  _Londonderry_      |              |Colchester     N S|Robert S. Crowe
  Long Creek         |Number 65     |Queen’s      P E I|H. McEwen
  Long Creek, W. O.  |              |Queen’s        N B|John Secord, jun.
  Long Island        |              |Digby          N S|J. W. Eldrige
  Long Island Locks  |Gloucester    |Russell          O|Thomas May
  Long River         |Number 20     |Queen’s      P E I|Archibald Cousins
  Long Lake          |Olden         |Addington        O|James Bender
  Long Point         |              |Hochelaga        Q|
  Long Point, W. O.  |              |King’s         N B|John Coulter
  Long Point, W. O.  |              |Inverness      N S|Duncan McDonald
  Long Point, W. O.  |              |King’s         N S|Henry Ogilvie
  Long Reach, W. O.  |              |King’s         N B|James M. Smith
  Long Settlement,   |              |Carleton       N B|James H. Sproul
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  _Longueuil_        |Longueuil     |Chambly          Q|P. Lésperance
  _Longwood_         |Ekfrid        |Middlesex, W. R. O|Thomas Gordon
  Longwood Station   |Caradoc       |Middlesex, W. R. O|Mrs. J. A. White
  Lonsdale           |Tyendinaga    |Hastings, E. R.  O|Richard Wildman
  Lord’s Cove, W. O. |              |Charlotte      N B|Thomas R. Parker
  Lorette            |St. Ambroise  |Quebec           Q|J. G. Vincent
  Loretto            |Adjala        |Cardwell         O|P. D. Kelly
  * _L’Orignal_      |Longueuil     |Prescott         O|C. Johnson
  Lorne              |Kincardine    |Bruce, S. R.     O|James Jack
  Lorraine           |Mono          |Cardwell         O|John Mills
  Lorway Mines, W. O.|              |Cape Breton    N S|James Corbett
  _Lotbinière_       |Lotbinière    |Lotbinière       Q|M. Lemay
  Lot 1              |Number 1      |Prince       P E I|P. Dalton
  ”  4               |do   4        |Prince       P E I|Dennis Carrol
  ”  6               |do   6        |Prince       P E I|W. Hardy
  ”  8               |do   8        |Prince       P E I|A. Ramsey
  ” 10               |do  10        |Prince       P E I|William Vincent
  ” 11               |do  11        |Prince       P E I|J. Henderson
  ” 12               |do  12        |Prince       P E I|William Hayes
  ” 14               |do  14        |Prince       P E I|John O’Connor
  ” 16               |do  16        |Prince       P E I|D. Campbell
  ” 30               |do  30        |Prince       P E I|Patrick Trainer
  ” 35               |do  35        |Prince       P E I|H. McLeod
  ” 45               |do  45        |Prince       P E I|Herman McDonald
  ” 56               |do  56        |Prince       P E I|William Norton
  ” 67               |do  67        |Prince       P E I|M. McDonald
  Lotus              |Manvers       |Durham, E. R.    O|David Bingham
  _Loughborough_     |Loughborough  |Addington        O|Hugh Madden
  Louisburg, W. O.   |              |Cape Breton    N S|Joseph Kennedy
  Louisville         |Chatham       |Kent             O|R. C. Struthers
  Lovat              |Greenock      |Bruce, S. R.     O|Thomas Allen
  Low                |Low           |Ottawa           Q|Caleb Brooks
  Lowbanks           |Moulton       |Monck            O|Isaac Michener
  Lower Argyle, W. O.|              |Yarmouth       N S|J. H. McLaren
  Lower Barney’s     |              |Pictou         N S|David Paterson
    River, W. O.     |              |                  |
  Lower Brighton,    |              |Carleton       N B|
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Lower Canterbury,  |              |York           N B|George Ingraham
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Lower Cape, W. O.  |              |Albert         N B|Joseph Taylor
  Lower Cove, W. O.  |              |Cumberland     N S|Amos Seaman
  Lower Coverdale,   |              |Albert         N B|James Rogers
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Lower Fort Garry   |St. Andrews,  |Lisgar           M|Donald Gunn
                     |  N.          |                  |
  Lower Freetown     |Number 25     |Prince       P E I|George Burns
  Lower French       |              |York           N B|George Risteen
    Village, W. O.   |              |                  |
  Lower Granville,   |              |Annapolis      N S|J. C. Shafner
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Lower Hayneville,  |              |York           N B|George J. Sharp
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  _Lower Horton_     |              |King’s         N S|E. McLatchy
  Lower Ireland      |Ireland       |Megantic         Q|Edward Redman
  Lower La Have,     |              |Lunenburg      N S|Joseph Oxner
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Lower L’Ardoise,   |              |Richmond       N S|James Matheson
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Lower Line,        |              |York           N B|J. H. Tupper
    Queensbury, W. O.|              |                  |
  Lower Montague     |Number 59     |King’s       P E I|Sarah McNeill
  Lower Newcastle,   |              |Northumberland N B|John Delany
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Lower Pereaux,     |              |King’s         N S|Philip Brown
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Lower Pockmouche,  |              |York           N B|P. Robicheau
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Lower Prince       |              |York           N B|John Wasson
    William, W. O.   |              |                  |
  Lower Prospect,    |              |Halifax        N S|Samuel F.
    W. O.            |              |                  |  Blackburn
  Lower Queensbury,  |              |York           N B|James W. Brown
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Lower River        |              |Richmond       N S|Jos. McCarthy
    Inhabitants,     |              |                  |
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Lower Selmah, W. O.|              |Hants          N S|William Creelman
  Lower Settlement,  |              |Victoria       N S|Finlay McRae
    Middle River,    |              |                  |
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Lower Settlement,  |              |Antigonishe    N S|Daniel Fraser
    South River,     |              |                  |
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Lower Southampton, |              |York           N B|George Grosvenor
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Lower Stewiacke    |              |Colchester     N S|F. H. Holesworth
  Lower Turtle Creek,|              |Albert         N B|G. A. Fillmore
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Lower Wakefield,   |              |Carlton        N B|Stephen Brittain
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Lower Ward, Ste.   |              |Halifax        N S|James A. Nickerson
    Marguerite’s Bay,|              |                  |
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Lower Wood Harbor, |              |Shelburne      N S|S. K. Mood
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Lower Woodstock,   |              |Carleton       N B|John Riordon
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Low Point, W. O.   |              |Inverness      N S|Angus McMaster
  Lowville           |Nelson        |Halton           O|Francis E. Morse
  * _Lucan_          |Biddulph      |Middlesex, N. R. O|William Porte
  Lucerne            |Wakefield     |Ottawa           Q|Robert Blackburn
  * _Lucknow_        |Kinloss       |Bruce, S. R.     O|M. Campbell
  Ludlow, W. O.      |              |Northumberland N B|John Nelson
  Lumley             |Usborne       |Huron, S. R.     O|William Dinnin
  Lunenburg          |Osnabruck     |Stormont         O|F. Kirkpatrick
  _Lunenburg_        |              |Lunenburg      N S|Mrs. A. M. Rudolph
  Lurgan             |Huron         |Bruce, S. R.     O|James McCrindle
  Lutes Mountain,    |              |Westmoreland   N B|Alfred M. Bunnell
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Luther             |Luther        |Wellington,      O|William Dawson
                     |              |  N. R.           |
  Luton              |Malahide      |Elgin, E. R.     O|L. R. Tyrell
  * _Lyn_            |Elizabethtown |Brockville       O|John S. Bell
  _Lynden_           |Beverley      |Wentworth, N. R. O|James E. Orr
  Lyndhurst          |Lansdowne     |Leeds, S. R.     O|John Roddick
  _Lynedock_         |Charlotteville|Norfolk, S. R.   O|George Gray
  Lynnfield, W. O.   |              |Charlotte      N B|John J. Getchell
  Lynnville          |Windham       |Norfolk, N. R.   O|Wellington Axford
  Lyons              |Dorchester,   |Elgin, E. R.     O|James Armstrong
                     |  South       |                  |
  Lyster             |Nelson        |Megantic         Q|John King
  Lyttleton, W. O.   |              |Northumberland N B|David Somers
  Lytton             |              |Yale           B C|John Boyd
                     |              |                  |
                     |              |                  |
  McAdam Junction,   |              |York           N B|James Haddock
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  McDonald’s Corner, |              |Queen’s        N B|Hiram Humphries
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  McDonald’s Corners |Dalhousie     |Lanark, N. R.    O|Wm. Lock
  McDonald’s Point,  |              |Queen’s        N B|D. N. Smith
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  McDougall          |              |Westmoreland   N B|Col. McDougall
    Settlement,      |              |                  |
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  _McGillivray_      |McGillivray   |Middlesex, N. R. O|D. Shoff
  McIntyre           |Osprey        |Grey, E. R.      O|Edward Potts
  McKay’s Point,     |              |Victoria       N S|Malcolm McLean
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  McKellar           |McKellar      |Muskoka          O|Samuel Armstrong
  McKenzie’s Corner, |              |Carleton       N B|John Y. Hoyt
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  McLaughlan Road,   |              |Kent           N B|Ira Hicks
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  McLellan’s         |              |Pictou         N S|Donald Fraser
    Mountain, W. O.  |              |                  |
  McLennan’s Brook,  |              |Pictou         N S|Alexander Fraser
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  McLeod’s Mills,    |              |Kent           N B|George McLeod
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  McPherson’s Ferry, |              |Richmond       N S|James Smith
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Maberly            |Sherbrooke,   |Lanark, S. R.    O|Richard Mayberry
                     |  South       |                  |
  _Mabou_            |              |Inverness      N S|William Grant
  Mabou Coal Mines,  |              |Inverness      N S|
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Mabou Harbor, W. O.|              |Inverness      N S|Donald McDonald
  Maccan, W. O.      |              |Cumberland     N S|Robert Roach
  Maccan Mountain,   |              |Cumberland     N S|W. B. Lodge
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Mace’s Bay         |              |Charlotte      N B|Robert V. Hanson
  Macnider           |L’Assomption  |Rimouski         Q|F. Saucier
  Mactaquack, W. O.  |              |York           N B|James Mitchell
  Macton             |Peel          |Wellington,      O|J. M. McCormick
                     |              |  C. R.           |
  Macville           |Albion        |Cardwell         O|Seth Wilson
  Maddington         |Maddington    |Arthabaska       Q|F. H. St. Germain
  Madisco, W. O.     |              |Gloucester     N B|Mrs. Des Brisay
  * _Madoc_          |Madoc         |Hastings, N. R.  O|E. D. O’Flynn
  Magaguadavic, W. O.|              |York           N B|Solomon Vail
  Magdalen Islands   |              |Gaspé            Q|John D. Tuzo
  Magnetawan         |Chapman       |Muskoka          O|James Miller
  _Magog_            |Magog         |Stanstead        Q|Calvin Abbot
  Magoon’s Point     |Stanstead     |Stanstead        Q|Aaron Magoon
  Magpie             |              |Saguenay         Q|Peter Skelton
  Magundy, W. O.     |              |York           N B|James Henry
  _Mahone Bay_       |              |Lunenburg      N S|Lewis Knaut
  Maidstone          |Sandwich      |Essex            O|Thomas Moran
  Mainadieu, W. O.   |              |Cape Breton    N S|Clara Rigby
  Maitland           |Augusta       |Grenville, S. R. O|George C. Longley
  _Maitland_         |              |Hants          N S|Adam Roy
  Maitland, W. O.    |              |Annapolis      N S|W. H. Dukeshire
  Maitland, W. O.    |              |Yarmouth       N S|Charles Steele
  Malagash, W. O.    |              |Cumberland     N S|Robert McDonald
  Malagawatch, W. O. |              |Inverness      N S|L. McDonald
  Malakoff           |Marlborough   |Carleton         O|W. J. Pierce
  Malcolm            |Brant         |Bruce, S. R.     O|Daniel Sullivan
  Malignant Cove,    |              |Antigonishe    N S|Donald McLean
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Mallorytown        |Yonge         |Leeds, S. R.     O|Frederick K. Lee
  Malmaison          |Stanbridge    |Missisquoi       Q|A. Lanthier
  Malone             |Marmora       |Hastings, N. R.  O|George Richardson
  Malton             |Toronto       |Peel             O|J. B. Allen
  Malvern            |Scarborough   |York, E. R.      O|Smith Thomson
  * _Manchester_     |Reach         |Ontario, N. R.   O|John Taylor
  Manchester, W. O.  |              |Guysborough    N S|James M. Whitman
  Mandamin           |Plympton      |Lambton          O|Albert F. Clarke
  _Manilla_          |Mariposa      |Victoria, S. R.  O|Mary Douglas
  Manitowaning       |Assiginack    |Algoma           O|Alexander McGregor
                     |              |                  |  Ironside
  Manners Sutton,    |              |York           N B|George Lister
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Mannheim           |Wilmot        |Waterloo, S. R.  O|Charles Lederman
  Manotic            |North Gower   |Carleton         O|G. L. Dickinson
  Mansfield          |Mulmur        |Simcoe, S. R.    O|William Gilbert
  _Mansonville-      |Potton        |Brome            Q|David A. Manson
    Potton_          |              |                  |
  _Maple_            |Vaughan       |York, W. R.      O|J. P. Rupert
  Maple Bay          |              |Vancouver      B C|William Beaumont
  Maple Green, W. O. |              |Restigouche    N B|James Fraser
  Maple Grove        |Ireland       |Megantic         Q|Henry Cross, jun.
  Maple Hill         |Brant         |Bruce, S. R.     O|George Inglis,
                     |              |                  |  jun.
  Maple Leaf         |Newport       |Compton          Q|William G. Planch
  Mapleton           |Yarmouth      |Elgin, E. R.     O|William Appleford
  Mapleton           |St. Peter’s   |Lisgar           M|Alex. McKenzie
  Mapleton, W. O.    |              |Albert         N B|W. A. Colpits
  Maple Valley       |Nottawasaga   |Simcoe, N. R.    O|James Dick
  Maquapit Lake,     |              |Queen’s        N B|John Stone
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Mar                |Albemarle     |Bruce, N. R.     O|Thos. H. Lee
  Marathon           |Fitzroy       |Carleton         O|
  Marble Mountain,   |              |Inverness      N S|Nicholas J. Brown
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Marble Rock        |Leeds         |Leeds, S. R.     O|George Emery
  Marbleton          |Dudswell      |Wolfe            Q|J. B. Bishop
  March              |March         |Carleton         O|W. H. Berry
  Marchmont          |Orillia, North|Simcoe, N. R.    O|Charles Powley
  Marden             |Guelph        |Wellington,      O|C. McD. Blyth
                     |              |  S. R.           |
  Margaree, W. O.    |Margaree      |Inverness      N S|Collin Gillies
  _Margaree (Forks)_ |Margaree      |Inverness      N S|Donald Campbell
  Margaretsville,    |              |Annapolis      N S|T. A. Margeson
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Margate            |No. 10        |Prince       P E I|Reuben Tuplin
  Maria              |Maria         |Bonaventure      Q|François S. Cyr
  Marie Bridge       |No. 40        |King’s       P E I|William Bowley
  Marie Joseph, W. O.|              |Guysboro’      N S|David Mitchell
  Marion Bridge,     |              |Cape Breton    N S|Hector McNeil
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Maritana           |Franklin      |Huntingdon       Q|William Edwards
  _Markdale_         |Glenelg       |Grey, S. R.      O|W. J. McFarland
  * _Markham_        |Markham       |York, E. R.      O|James J. Barker
  Markhamville, W. O.|              |King’s         N B|Alfred Markham
  Marlbank           |Hungerford    |Hastings, E. R.  O|W. G. Allan
  Marlow             |Linière       |Beauce           Q|Joseph Thompson
  Marmion            |Sullivan      |Grey, N. R.      O|John Hislop
  Marmora            |Marmora       |Hastings, N. R.  O|Benjamin Johnson
  Marnoch            |Wawanosh      |Huron, N. R.     O|P. Porterfield
  Marriott’s Cove,   |              |Lunenburg      N S|Benjamin Millet
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Marshall’s Cove,   |              |Annapolis      N S|James P. Foster
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Marshall’s Town,   |              |Digby          N S|E. J. Haines
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Marsh Hill         |Reach         |Ontario, N. R.   O|William Tomlinson
  Marsh Settlement,  |              |Pictou         N S|W. McLean
    McLellan’s       |              |                  |
    Mountain, W. O.  |              |                  |
  Marshville         |Wainfleet     |Monck            O|Edward Lee
  Marshy Hope, W. O. |              |Antigonish     N S|James McDougall
  Marston            |Walsingham    |Norfolk, S. R.   O|Archibald
                     |              |                  |  Henderson
  Marsville          |Garafraxa     |Wellington,      O|William McCormack
                     |              |  C. R.           |
  Martin’s River,    |              |Lunenburg      N S|Joseph Strum
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  _Martintown_       |Charlottenburg|Glengarry        O|Robert Blackwood
  Martinville        |Clifton       |Compton          Q|Amasa Martin
  Marydale, W. O.    |              |Antigonishe    N S|Colin Chisholm
  Mary Lake          |Stephenson    |Muskoka          O|Henry C. Ladell
  Marysville         |Tyendinaga    |Hastings, E. R.  O|Daniel Black
  Marysville, W. O.  |              |York           N B|Hazer Ponds
  Maryvale, W. O.    |              |Antigonishe    N S|James C. Rosa
  Mascouche Rapids   |Mascouche     |L’Assomption     Q|M. Delfause
  Mascouche          |Mascouche     |L’Assomption     Q|J. O. Lamarche
  Masham Mills       |Masham        |Ottawa           Q|William Bennett
  Maskinongé         |Maskinongé    |Maskinongé       Q|J. O. Bélanger
  _Massawippi_       |Hatley, West  |Stanstead        Q|Luther Abbot
  Massie             |Holland       |Grey, N. R.      O|John Small
  Mast Town, W. O.   |              |Colchester     N S|
  _Matane_           |Matane        |Rimouski         Q|L. N. Blais
  _Matapédia_        |Restigouche   |Bonaventure      Q|D. Fraser
  Matawatchan        |Matawatchan   |Renfrew, S. R.   O|John McGregor
  Matlock            |Plympton      |Lambton          O|John P. Jarmain
  Mattawa            |Mattawa       |District of      O|John Bangs
                     |              |  Nipissing       |
  Maugerville, W. O. |              |Sunbury        N B|
  Mawcock            |Granby        |Shefford         Q|L. N. Hungerford
  _Maxwell_          |Osprey        |Grey, E. R.      O|Wesley Long
  Mayfair            |Ekfrid        |Middlesex, W. R. O|John Dalton
  Mayfield           |Chinguacousy  |Peel             O|William Spiers
  Maynard            |Augusta       |Grenville, S. R. O|Charles Birks
  Maynooth           |Monteagle     |Hastings, N. R.  O|William Fitzgerald
  Mayo               |Lochaber      |Ottawa           Q|T. Bourke
  _Meadowvale_       |Toronto       |Peel             O|C. H. Gooderham
  * _Meaford_        |St. Vincent   |Grey, E. R.      O|D. L. Layton
  Meagher’s Grant,   |              |Halifax        N S|Daniel Dillman
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Mechanics’         |              |King’s         N B|Alexander Moore
    Settlement,      |              |                  |
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Medford, W. O.     |              |King’s         N S|William West
  Medina             |Nissouri, E.  |Oxford, N. R.    O|J. H. Beck
  Medonte            |Medonte       |Simcoe, N. R.    O|Robert J. Moon
  Melancthon         |Melancthon    |Grey, E. R.      O|James Brown
  * _Melbourne_      |Melbourne     |Richmond         Q|Richd. F. Woodburn
  Melbourne Ridge    |Melbourne     |Richmond         Q|William Beattie
  Melocheville       |Beauharnois   |Beauharnois      Q|George Ellis
  Melrose            |Tyendinga     |Hastings, E. R.  O|George Duncan
  Melrose            |St. Mary’s    |Guysborough    N S|James Stewart
  Melvern Square,    |              |Annapolis      N S|B. Spinney
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Melville           |Hillier       |Prince Edward    O|Caleb Johnson
  _Memramcook_       |              |Westmoreland   N B|S. C. Charters
  Menie              |Seymour       |Northumberland,  O|James Mather
                     |              |  E. R.           |
  Merigonish, W. O.  |              |Pictou         N S|Edward Finlayson
  Merivale           |Nepean        |Carleton         O|E. B. Hopper
  Merlin             |Raleigh       |Kent             O|Patrick Sullivan
  * _Merrickville_   |Wolford       |Grenville, N. R. O|Samuel Jakes
  Meritton           |Grantham      |Lincoln          O|S. Stephens
  Mermaid Farm       |No. 48        |Queen’s      P E I|J. Farquharson
  Metabechouan       |Metabechouan  |Chicoutimi       Q|Jacques Bergeron
  Metaghan, W. O.    |              |Digby          N S|George Gorman
  Metaghan River,    |              |Digby          N S|Justinian Comeau
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Méthot’s Mills     |St. Flavien   |Lotbinère        Q|Joseph Fournier
  Métis              |Métis         |Rimouski         Q|W. E. Page
  Metz               |Garafraxa     |Wellington,      O|John Mitchell
                     |              |  C. R.           |
  Meyersburg         |Seymour       |Northumberland,  O|Cornelius
                     |              |  E. R.           |  O’Sullivan
  Michael’s Bay      |Tekermagh     |Algoma           O|R. A. Lyon
  Michipicoton River |              |Algoma           O|P. W. Bell
  Middleboro’, W. O. |              |Cumberland     N S|Cyprian Ballard
  Middle Church      |St. Paul’s    |Lisgar           M|James Clouston
  Middle Clyde River,|              |Shelburne      N S|G. D. McKay
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Middle Coverdale,  |              |Albert         N B|James Ryan
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Middlefield, W. O. |              |Queen’s        N S|E. Morton
  Middle La Have     |              |Lunenburg      N S|C. R. Pernette
    Ferry, W. O.     |              |                  |
  Middle Musquodoboit|              |Halifax        N S|R. A. Kaulbeck
  Middle Ohio, W. O. |              |Shelburne      N S|James McKay
  Middle Pereaux,    |              |King’s         N S|Elijah C. West
    W. O. (late      |              |                  |
    Pereaux, W. O.)  |              |                  |
  Middle River, W. O.|              |Pictou         N S|George McLeod
  Middle River, W. O.|              |Victoria       N S|Charles L. McLeod
  Middle St. Francis,|              |Victoria       N B|Andrew Douglas
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Middle Section of  |Margaree      |Inverness      N S|J. G. Crowdis
    N. E. Margaree,  |              |                  |
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Middle Settlement--|              |Inverness      N S|Donald McDonald
    River            |              |                  |
    Inhabitants,     |              |                  |
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Middle Settlement  |              |Antigonishe    N S|James McDonnell
    of South River,  |              |                  |
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Middle Simmonds,   |              |Carleton       N B|David N. Raymond
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Middle Southampton,|              |York           N B|George W. McKay
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Middle Stewiacke,  |              |Colchester     N S|John Dickie
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  _Middleton_        |              |Annapolis      N S|Albert Beals
  Middleton          |No. 27        |Prince       P E I|William Roberts
  Middleville        |Lanark        |Lanark, N. R.    O|William Croft
  Midgic, W. O.      |              |Westmoreland   N B|Mariner Hicks
  Midhurst           |Vespra        |Simcoe, N. R.    O|George Smeath
  Midland            |Tay           |Simcoe, N. R.    O|Thomas B.
                     |              |                  |  Gladstone
  Midland, W. O.     |              |King’s         N B|W. M. Case
  _Mildmay_          |Carrick       |Bruce, S. R.     O|Malcolm Campbell
  Mile End           |              |Hochelaga        Q|Jos. Robin
                     |              |                  |  Lapointe
  _Milford_          |Marysburg     |Prince Edward    O|James Cooke
  Milford, W. O.     |              |Annapolis      N S|S. Charlton
  Milford Haven      |              |Guysborough    N S|Joseph Torey
    Bridge, W. O.    |              |                  |
  _Millbank_         |Mornington    |Perth, N. R.     O|William Rutherford
  Mill Bridge        |Tudor         |Hastings, N. R.  O|R. M. Norman
  * _Mill Brook_     |Cavan         |Durham, E. R.    O|William Vance
  Mill Brook, W. O.  |              |Pictou         N S|M. G. Ross
  Mill Cove, W. O.   |              |Lunenburg      N S|J. W. Jollymore
  Mill Cove, W. O.   |              |Queen’s        N B|Mrs. Nancy Sparks
  Mill Creek, W. O.  |              |Kent           N B|N. Beckwith
  Milledgeville,     |              |St. John       N B|John G. Tobin
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Mille Isles        |Mille Isles   |Argenteuil       Q|Solomon Pollock
  * _Mille Roches_   |Cornwall      |Cornwall         O|Peter N. Tait
  Miller’s Creek,    |              |Hants          N S|Hiram Miller
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Mille Vaches       |              |Saguenay         Q|Rev. Pierre Boily
  Millfield          |Inverness     |Megantic         Q|Thomas McKenzie
  Mill Grove         |Flamborough,  |Wentworth, N. R. O|W. H. Berney
                     |  West        |                  |
  Mill Haven         |Ernestown     |Lennox           O|Anderson Venton
  Milliken           |Markham       |York, E. R.      O|W. Gorvett
  Mill Point         |Tyendinga     |Hastings, E. R.  O|James Bowen
  Millstream, W. O.  |              |King’s         N B|J. A. Fenwick
  Millsville, W. O.  |              |Pictou         N S|John McKay
  Milltown           |              |Charlotte      N B|Patrick Curran
  Mill Village       |              |Queen’s        N S|J. N. Mack
  Millville, W. O.   |              |York           N B|Henry Blaney
  Milnesville        |Markham       |York, E. R.      O|H. H. Read
  Milton             |              |Queen’s        N S|E. Kempton
  Milton, East       |Milton        |Shefford         Q|Charles Gillespie
  * _Milton, West_   |Trafalgar     |Halton           O|W. D. Lyon
  _Milverton_        |Mornington    |Perth, N. R.     O|John Pierson
  Mimico             |Etobicoke     |York, W. R.      O|George Scott
  Miminegash         |Number 3      |Prince       P E I|Richard Costain
  Mimosa             |Erin          |Wellington,      O|Nathaniel Read
                     |              |  S. R.           |
  _Minden_           |Snowdon       |Peterboro’,      O|S. S. Peck
                     |              |  E. R.           |
  Minesing           |Vespra        |Simcoe, N. R.    O|Mrs. Mary Ronald
  Mingan             |              |Saguenay         Q|Benjamin Scott
  Minudie, W. O.     |              |Cumberland     N S|Gilbert Seaman
  Mira Gut, W. O.    |              |Cape Breton    N S|Charles Martell
  Miranda            |St. Thomas    |Missisquoi       Q|S. B. Derick
  Miscouche          |Number 17     |Prince       P E I|H. V. Desroches
  Mispec, W. O.      |              |St. John       N B|
  _Mitchell_         |Logan         |Perth, S. R.     O|William W. Hicks
  Mitchell’s Bay     |Dover East    |Kent             O|Seth Turner
  Moe’s River        |Compton       |Compton          Q|David F. Brown
  Moffat             |Nassagiweya   |Halton           O|Peter Little
  _Mohawk_           |Brantford,    |Brant, S. R.     O|Thomas Racey
                     |  West        |                  |
  Mohr’s Corners     |Fitzroy       |Carleton         O|Chas. Mohr
    (late Hubbell’s  |              |                  |
    Falls)           |              |                  |
  Moria              |Huntingdon    |Hastings, N. R.  O|Henry Ostrom
  Moisie             |              |Saguenay         Q|Thomas Darling
  Molesworth         |Wallace       |Perth, N. R.     O|Samuel Longheed
  Monck              |Luther        |Wellington,      O|William Segsworth
                     |              |  N. R.           |
  Monaghan           |Number 36     |Queen’s      P E I|James Wisner
  Monckland          |Roxborough    |Stormont         O|John Brown
  _Moncton_          |              |Westmoreland   N B|Jos. Crandall
  Moncton Road, W. O.|              |Westmoreland   N B|William G. Bateman
  Moneymore          |Hungerford    |Hastings, E. R.  O|John Harigan
  Mongenais          |Newton        |Vaudreuil        Q|J. Sicart
  Mongolia           |Markham       |York, E. R.      O|Robert Curtis
  Monkton            |Elma          |Perth, N. R.     O|Edward Greensides
  Mono Centre        |Mono          |Cardwell         O|John Wilson
  _Mono Mills_       |Albion        |Cardwell         O|John Allen
  Mono Road Station  |Chinguacousy  |Peel             O|John Judge
  Montague           |Montague      |Lanark, S. R.    O|Peter Clark
  Montague Bridge    |Number 52     |King’s       P E I|William Annear
  Montague Cross     |Number 57     |Queen’s      P E I|W. Callaghan
  Montague Gold      |              |Halifax        N S|Mrs. Vasey Barker
    Mines, W. O.     |              |                  |
  Montcalm           |Rawdon        |Montcalm         Q|E. Copping
  Monte Bello        |Petite Nation |Ottawa           Q|Charles Major,
                     |              |                  |  jun.
  Mont Elie, late    |Caxton        |St. Maurice      O|Otis Chamberlin
    St. Elie         |              |                  |
  Mont Louis         |Mont Louis    |Gaspé            Q|Joseph Lemieux
  * _Montmagny_      |St. Thomas    |Montmagny        Q|J. S. Vallée
  Montmorency Falls  |Beauport      |Quebec           Q|Joseph Cazeau
  Montmorin          |Morin         |Terrebonne       Q|Joseph Belisle
  _Montreal_         |Montreal      |Montreal         Q|E. S. Freer
  Montrose           |Stamford      |Welland          O|Archd. Thompson
  Montrose           |Number 3      |Prince       P E I|Thomas Hockin
  Mont St. Hilaire   |St. Hilaire   |Rouville         Q|Alexis Brouillette
  Monument           |              |Carleton       N B|James Kennedy
    Settlement,      |              |                  |
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  _Moore_            |Moore         |Lambton          O|John Morrison
  Moorefield         |Maryborough   |Wellington,      O|Henry Maudsley
                     |              |  N. R.           |
  Moore’s Mills,     |              |Charlotte      N B|Joseph Cormick
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Moore’s Station    |St. Armand    |Missisquoi       Q|P. C. Moore
  Moose Brook, W. O. |              |Hants          N S|Thomas M. Reid
  Moose Creek        |Roxborough    |Stormont         O|William McKillican
  Moray              |McGillivray   |Middlesex, N. R. O|H. Hagerman
  Morden, W. O.      |              |King’s         N S|Thomas Farnsworth
  Morell             |Number 39     |King’s       P E I|W. Sterns
  Morell Rear        |do   39       |King’s       P E I|James Phelan
  Morewood           |Winchester    |Dunda            O|A. McKay
  Morganston         |Cramahe       |Northumberland,  O|Wm. J. Newman
                     |              |  E. R.           |
  Morley             |St. Vincent   |Grey, E. R.      O|James Lemon
  Morningdale Mills  |Mornington    |Pert, N. R.      O|J. Nicklin
  * _Morpeth_        |Howard        |Bothwell         O|J. C. Nation
  Morrisbank         |Morris        |Huron, N. R.     O|James Orr
  * _Morrisburg_     |Williamsburg  |Dundas           O|James Holden
  _Morriston_        |Puslinch      |Wellington,      O|R. B. Morrison
                     |              |  S. R.           |
  Morristown, W. O.  |              |King’s         N S|John Palmer
  Morrisvale         |Essa          |Simcoe, S. R.    O|Archibald Thom
  Morton             |Crosby, South |Leeds, S. R.     O|James R. Leake
  Morton’s Corner,   |              |Lunenburg      N S|James Morton
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Mortonville, W. O. |              |Hants          N S|Josiah Smith
  Morven             |Ernestown     |Lennox           O|J. L. P. Gordanier
  Moscow             |Camden, East  |Addington        O|Zara Vanluven
  Mosherville, W. O. |              |Hants          N S|Joseph Mosher
  Mossley            |Dorchester, N.|Middlesex, E. R. O|Reuben Lane
  Mossman’s Grant,   |              |Lunenburg      N S|James Mossman
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Motherwell         |Fullarton     |Perth, S. R.     O|James Brown, sen.
  Moulies River,     |              |Kent           N B|Archd. McEacheren
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Morell Rear        |Number 39     |Prince       P E I|James Phelan
  Mountain Grove     |Olden         |Addington        O|E. L. Godfrey
  Mountain View      |Ameliasburg   |Prince Edward    O|W. H. Way
  Mount Albert       |Gwillimbury,  |York, N. R.      O|Mrs. E. Wilson
                     |  East        |                  |
  Mount Albion       |Saltfleet     |Wentworth, S. R. O|James R. Cook
  * _Mount Brydges_  |Caradoc       |Middlesex, W. R. O|Edward Handy
  Mount Carmel       |Notre Dame du |Kamouraska       Q|R. Lavois
                     |  Mont Carmel |                  |
  Mount Charles      |Toronto       |Peel             O|Robert McLeod
  Mount Denison,     |              |Hants          N S|Mrs. J. E. Shaw
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  _Mount Elgin_      |Dereham       |Oxford, S. R.    O|Isaac M. Elliott
  * _Mount Forest_   |Arthur        |Wellington,      O|T. G. Smith
                     |              |  N. R.           |
  Mount Hanly, W. O. |              |Annapolis      N S|Caleb Miller
  Mount Healy        |Oneida        |Haldimand        O|Wm. Russell
  Mount Horeb        |Ops           |Victoria, S. R.  O|William Reynolds
  Mount Hurst        |Albion        |Cardwell         O|John Wallace
  Mount Johnson      |St. Grégoire  |Iberville        Q|Louis A. Auger
  Mountjoy           |              |Soulanges        Q|Camille Lalonde
  Mount Loyal        |Rawdon        |Montcalm         Q|William Smiley
  Mount Oscar        |Rigaud        |Vaudreuil        Q|Léandre Lapointe
  Mount Pleasant     |Cavan         |Durham, E. R.    O|Abraham Bets
  Mount Pleasant     |Number 12     |Prince       P E I|D. Campbell
  Mount Pleasant,    |              |Cumberland     N S|Isaac Simpson
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Mount Pleasant,    |              |King’s         N B|Merritt Jones
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Mount St. Louis    |Medonte       |Simcoe, N. R.    O|J. P. Hussey
  Mount St. Patrick  |Brougham      |Renfrew, S. R.   O|Bridget Brady
  Mount Salem        |Malahide      |Elgin, E. R.     O|George Hillaker
  Mountsberg         |Flamborough,  |Wentworth, N. R. O|William Emmans
                     |  East        |                  |
  Mount Stewart      |Number 37     |Queen’s      P E I|D. Egan
  Mount Thom, W. O.  |              |Pictou         N S|George McKay
  Mount Uniacke      |              |Hants          N S|Richard McLean
  _Mount Vernon_     |Brantford,    |Brant, S. R.     O|William Perrin
                     |  West        |                  |
  Mount Whatley,     |              |Westmoreland   N B|Dixon Chapman
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Mount Wolfe        |Albion        |Cardwell         O|John Wolfe, jun.
  Mouth of Jemseg,   |              |Queen’s        N B|Elias Scribner
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Mouth of Keswick,  |              |York           N B|George Miles
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Mouth of Nerepis   |              |King’s         N B|J. M. Nase
  Muddy Creek        |Number 17     |Prince       P E I|John Dickie
  Mulgrave           |Bertie        |Welland          O|P. Learn, sen.
  Mull River, W. O.  |              |Inverness      N S|Donald McIsaac
  Mulmur             |Mulmur        |Simcoe, S. R.    O|John Murphy
  Muncey             |Caradoc       |Middlesex, W. R. O|R. E. Whiting
  Munro’s, W. O.     |              |Victoria       N S|M. Munro
  Munster            |Goulbourn     |Carleton         O|Thomas Tubman
  Murray             |Murray        |Northumberland,  O|
                     |              |  E. R.           |
  * _Murray Bay_     |Mountmurray   |Charlevoix       Q|J. A. J. Kane
  Murray Harbor, N.  |Number 63     |King’s       P E I|
  Murray Harbor, Rd. |do  57        |Queen’s      P E I|M. McPherson
  Murray Harbor, S.  |do  64        |King’s       P E I|C. T. Brehaut
  Murray River       |do  64        |King’s       P E I|Robert Saunders
  Murray’s Corner,   |              |Westmoreland   N B|Joseph Murray
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Murvale            |Portland      |Addington        O|Michael Davy
  Muskoka Falls      |Draper        |Muskoka          O|Hy. A. Clifford
  Musquash, W. O.    |              |St. John       N B|L. D. Carman
  Musquodoboit       |              |Halifax        N S|James Gardner
    Harbor, W. O.    |              |                  |
  Musselburg         |Mornington    |Perth, N. R.     O|George Shearer
  Myrehall           |Tyendinaga    |Hastings, E. R.  O|Mrs. Elizabeth
                     |              |                  |  Harris
  Myrtle             |Whitby        |Ontario, S. R.   O|Reuben Hurlburt
  Mystic             |Stanoridge    |Missisquoi       Q|
                     |              |                  |
                     |              |                  |
  Nackawick, W. O.   |              |York           N B|William H. Clark
  Nanaimo            |              |Vancouver      B C|James Harvey
  _Nairn_            |Williams, East|Middlesex, N. R. O|Archibald Bell
  _Nanticoke_        |Walpole       |Haldimand        O|C. E. Bourne
  * _Napanee_        |Richmond      |Lennox           O|Gilbert Bogart
  Napanee Mills      |Camden, East  |Addington        O|H. M. Wright
  _Napier_           |Metcalfe      |Middlesex, W. R. O|John Arthurs
  _Napierville_      |St. Cyprien   |Napierville      Q|Lucien Dubé
  Nappan, W. O.      |              |Cumberland     N S|Samuel E. Freeman
  Napperton          |Adelaide      |Middlesex, N. R. O|Thomas Jury
  Narrows            |              |Queen’s        N B|Henry Todd
  Nashwaak, W. O.    |              |York           N B|James Young
  Nashwaaksis, W. O. |              |York           N B|Peter McFarlane
  Nashwaak Village,  |              |York           N B|John L. Fletcher
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  _Nassagiweya_      |Nassagiweya   |Halton           O|Elias Easterbrook
  Natashquan         |              |Saguenay         Q|C. A. Deschamps
  Navan              |Cumberland    |Russell          O|M. O’Meara
  Necum Teuch, W. O. |              |Halifax        N S|William Smith
  Neguac, W. O.      |              |Northumberland N B|David Petrie
  Neigette           |St. Angèle    |Rimouski         Q|François X.
                     |              |                  |  Gagnier
  Nelson             |Nelson        |Halton           O|D. W. Springer
  Nenagh             |Normanby      |Grey, W. R.      O|Thomas Duignan
  Nerepis Station,   |              |King’s         N B|David McKenzie
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Netherby           |Humberstone   |Welland          O|Lewis House
  _Neustadt_         |Normanby      |Grey, S. R.      O|D. Winkler
  Nevis              |Oro           |Simcoe, N. R.    O|James Greenshields
  New Aberdeen       |Waterloo,     |Waterloo, S. R.  O|William Key
                     |  South       |                  |
  New Albany, W. O.  |              |Annapolis      N S|Albert Oaks
  New Annan, W. O.   |              |Colchester     N S|Gavin Bell
  Newark             |Norwich, North|Oxford, S. R.    O|Henry Henderson
  New Bandon, W. O.  |              |Gloucester     N B|John Kerr
  Newbliss           |Kitley        |Leeds, N. R.     O|John Edgar
  * _Newborough_     |Crosby, North |Leeds, S. R.     O|Thomas Webster
  Newboyne           |Bastard       |Leeds, S. R.     O|James Lytle
  Newbridge          |Howick        |Huron, N. R.     O|Mrs. Sarah Carson
  New Bridge, W. O.  |              |Inverness      N S|Donald M. Lord
  * _Newburgh_       |Camden, East  |Addington        O|Robert Hope
  Newburgh, W. O.    |              |Carleton       N B|Richard McKinney
  * _Newbury_        |Mosa          |Middlesex, W. R. O|Thomas Robinson
  New Caledonia,     |              |Halifax        N S|John Hattee
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  New Campbelton     |              |Victoria       N S|Chas. C. Campbell,
                     |              |                  |  jr.
  New Canaan, W. O.  |              |Queen’s        N B|Lewis Keith
  New Canada, W. O.  |              |Lunenberg      N S|Jeremiah Mader
  New Carlisle       |Cox           |Bonaventure      Q|Matthew Caldwell
  * _Newcastle_      |Clarke        |Durham, W. R.    O|Hiram Hodges
  _Newcastle_        |              |Northumberland N B|Samuel Johnston
  Newcastle Bridge,  |              |Queen’s        N B|R. P. Yeomans
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Newcastle Creek,   |              |Queen’s        N B|G. D. Bailey
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Newcombe           |Hagerman      |Muskoka          O|Arthur Millin
  Newcombe Corner,   |              |Halifax        N S|John Barron
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  New Cornwall, W. O.|              |Lunenberg      N S|S. E. Hallamore
  New Dublin         |Elizabethtown |Brockville       O|J. A. Browne
  _New Dundee_       |Wilmot        |Waterloo, S. R.  O|Jacob G. Wegenast
  New Durham         |Burford       |Brant, S. R.     O|Charles Cochran
  * _New Edinburgh_  |Gloucester    |Russell          O|J. W. Proctor
  New Gairloch, W. O.|              |Pictou         N S|John McPherson
  New Germany, W. O. |              |Lunenberg      N S|William Nichols
  New Glasgow        |No. 23        |Queen’s      P E I|Sarah Nisbet
  New Glasgow        |Lacorne       |Terrebonne       Q|James Furse
  _New Glasgow_      |              |Pictou         N S|William Fraser
  * _New Hamburg_    |Wilmot        |Waterloo, S. R.  O|Christian Ernst
  New Harbor, W. O.  |              |Guysborough    N S|Daniel Kirby
  New Haven          |No. 31        |Queen’s      P E I|H. McMillan
  New Horton, W. O.  |              |Albert         N B|M. Cannon
  Newington          |Osnabruck     |Stormont         O|Ferguson Jordine
  New Ireland        |Ireland       |Megantic         Q|Richard C. Porter
  New Ireland, W. O. |              |Albert         N B|John Carrens
  New Ireland Road,  |              |Albert         N B|M. McFadden
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  New Jerusalem,     |              |Queen’s        N B|Albert M. Short
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  New Larig, W. O.   |              |Pictou         N S|Robert G. McLeod
  New Liverpool      |St. Romuald   |Lévis            Q|Damase Roberge
  New London         |No. 21        |Queen’s      P E I|D. McIntyre
  New Lowell         |Sunnidale     |Simcoe, N. R.    O|P. Patton
  * _New Market_     |Whitchurch    |York, N. R.      O|William Roe
  New Maryland, W. O.|              |York           N B|Lewis Fisher
  New Mills          |              |Restigouche    N B|Donald McAlister
  New Minas, W. O.   |              |King’s         N S|John A. Fuller
  New Perth          |No. 52        |King’s       P E I|Roland H. Plummer
  Newport            |Brantford     |Brant, S. R.     O|Colin Milloy
  Newport            |              |Gaspé            Q|Clovis Desforges
  _Newport_          |              |Hants          N S|J. F. Cochrane
  Newport Corner,    |              |Hants          N S|James Brown
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  _Newport Landing_  |              |Hants          N S|J. W. Allison
  Newport Point      |              |Gaspé            Q|Philip Hamon
  Newport Station    |              |Hants          N S|J. L. Sweet
  New Richmond       |New Richmond  |Bonaventure      Q|Richard Brash
  New River, W. O.   |              |Charlotte      N B|J. E. Knight
  New Ross           |Matilda       |Dundas           O|Thomas Currie
  _New Ross_         |              |Lunenburg      N S|John Pratt
  New Ross Road,     |              |King’s         N S|Owen McGarry
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Newry              |Elma          |Perth, N. R.     O|R. L. Alexander
  New Sarum          |Yarmouth      |Elgin, E. R.     O|Johnson Smith
  Newton             |No. 27        |Prince       P E I|J. T. Murphy
  Newton Brook       |York          |York, W. R.      O|W. W. Cummer
  Newton Mills, W. O.|              |Colchester     N S|James Creelman
  Newton Robinson    |Tecumseth     |Simcoe, S. R.    O|James G. Chantler
  Newtown, W. O.     |              |King’s         N B|J. B. Pearce
  New Town, W. O.    |              |Guysboro’      N S|Thomas McBain
  New Tusket, W. O.  |              |Digby          N S|Charleton Sabean
  New Westminster    |              |New            B C|Valentine B. Tait
                     |              |  Westminster     |
  New Wiltshire      |No. 31        |Queen’s      P E I|G. Easter
  * _Niagara_        |Niagara       |Niagara          O|Robert Warren
  Nichol’s Corner,   |              |Annapolis      N S|D. Nichols
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Nicola Lake        |              |Yale           B C|John Clapperton
  _Nicolet_          |Nicolet       |Nicolet          Q|Miss Margaret
                     |              |                  |  Chillas
  Nicolston          |Essa          |Simcoe, S. R.    O|John Nichol
  Nictaux Falls,     |              |Annapolis      N S|Charles Berteaux
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Niel’s Harbor,     |              |Victoria       N S|John McDonald
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Niely Road         |              |King’s         N S|Thaddeus Allison
  Nile               |Colborne      |Huron, C. R.     O|Samuel Pollock
  Nilestown          |Dorchester, N.|Middlesex, E. R. O|James R. L. Waugh
  Nine Mile Creek    |No. 65        |Queen’s      P E I|Gilbert Bell
  Nine Mile River,   |              |Hants          N S|Evan Thompson
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Nipissingan        |              |District of      O|John Shaw
                     |              |  Nipissing       |
  Nissouri           |Nissouri East |Oxford, N. R.    O|Archibald McBrayne
  Nithburg           |North Easthope|Perth, N. R.     O|James Brown
  Nobleton           |King          |York, N. R.      O|William Munsie
  Noel, W. O.        |              |Hants          N S|Osmond O’Brien
  Noel Shore, W. O.  |              |Hants          N S|Samuel McLellan
  Norham             |Percy         |Northumberland,  O|Alexander Douglas
                     |              |  E. R.           |
  Norland            |Laxton        |Victoria, N. R.  O|A. A. McLauchlin
  Normandale         |Charlotteville|Norfolk, S. R.   O|John W. Sheppard
  _Normanton_        |Saugeen       |Bruce, N. R.     O|Mrs. Mary Roy
  Northampton, W. O. |              |Carleton       N B|Aaron Tompkins
  _North Augusta_    |Augusta       |Grenville, S. R. O|John Chapman
  North Bedeque      |No. 25        |Prince       P E I|H. Clark
  North Bristol      |Bristol       |Pontiac          Q|William Shirley
  North Brookfield,  |              |Queen’s        N S|George M. Fraser
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  North Bruce        |Bruce         |Bruce, N. R.     O|D. McCarrol
  _North Douro_      |Douro         |Peterborough,    O|Robert Casement
                     |              |  E. R.           |
  North East Branch  |Margaree      |Inverness      N S|John Rose
    Margaree, W. O.  |              |                  |
  North East Harbor, |              |Shelburne      N S|A. R. Greenwood
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  North Esk Boom,    |              |Northumberland N B|James Hutchinson
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Northfield         |Cornwall      |Cornwall         O|George McDonald
  Northfield, W. O.  |              |Sunbury        N B|Jonathan Welton
  Northfield, W. O.  |              |Lunenberg      N S|Heli Mackey
  North Georgetown   |Beauharnois   |Chateauguay      Q|Joseph Turcot
  North Glanford     |Glanford      |Wentworth, S. R. O|Edward Dickenson
  _North Gower_      |North Gower   |Carleton         O|Hiram Scott
  North Ham          |North Ham     |Wolfe            Q|Patrick Blais
  North Hatley       |Hatley        |Stanstead        Q|B. Le Baron
  North Joggins,     |              |Westmoreland   N B|William McHaffey
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  North Keppel       |Keppel        |Grey, N. R.      O|David Dewar
  North Lake, W. O.  |              |Westmoreland   N B|
  North Lake         |No. 47        |King’s       P E I|William Morrow
  North Lake, W. O.  |              |York           N B|William Foster
  North Lancaster    |Lancaster     |Glengarry        O|Charles Leclair
  North Mountain     |Mountain      |Dundas           O|James Cleland
  North Mountain,    |              |King’s         N S|William Bennett
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  North Nation Mills |Petite Nation |Ottawa           Q|Thomas Cole
  North Onslow       |Onslow        |Pontiac          Q|John O’Donnell
  North Pelham       |Pelham        |Monck            O|Mrs. M. A. McQueen
  North Pinnacle     |St. Armand    |Missisquoi       Q|V. Barnes
  _North Port_       |Sophiasburg   |Prince Edward    O|W. H. Morden
  North Range Corner,|              |Digby          N S|Charles McNiel
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  North Ridge        |Gosfield      |Essex            O|William E.
                     |              |                  |  Wagstaff
  North River        |No. 32        |Queen’s      P E I|John Sellars
  North River, W. O. |              |Westmoreland   N B|J. Taylor
  North River, W. O. |              |Colchester     N S|W. H. Higgins
  North River Bridge,|              |Colchester     N S|Henry Blair
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  North River Bridge,|              |Victoria       N S|John McKenzie
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  North River        |              |Westmoreland   N B|Patrick Hopkins
    Platform, W. O.  |              |                  |
  North Rustico      |No. 24        |Queen’s      P E I|George Budd
  North Salem, W. O. |              |Hants          N S|N. Nelson
  North Section of   |              |Colchester     N S|
    Earltown, W. O.  |              |                  |
  North Seneca       |Seneca        |Haldimand        O|
  North Shore, W. O. |              |Cumberland     N S|Duncan McKinnon
  North Shore, W. O. |              |Victoria       N S|Donald McDonald
  North Side of      |              |Inverness      N S|Malcolm McNiel
    Basin, River     |              |                  |
    Dennis, W. O.    |              |                  |
  North Stanbridge   |Stanbridge    |Missisquoi       Q|A. M. Stone
  North Stoke        |Stoke         |Richmond         Q|F. H. Lothrop
  North Stukely      |Stukely       |Shefford         Q|Antoine Audette
  North Sutton       |Sutton        |Brome            Q|S. Sweet
  _North Sydney_     |              |Cape Breton    N S|John Forbes
  North Tryon        |No. 28        |Prince       P E I|A. Reid
  North Wakefield    |Wakefield     |Ottawa           Q|A. Pritchard
  North West Arm,    |              |Cape Breton    N S|G. K. Ball
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  North West Bridge, |              |Northumberland N B|Edward Sinclair
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  North West Cove,   |              |Lunenburg      N S|Daniel Noonan
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  North Williamsburg |Williamsburg  |Dundas           O|William Gordon
  North Winchester   |Winchester    |Dundas           O|Joseph S. Kyle
  Norton, W. O.      |              |King’s         N B|John Hayes
  Norton Creek       |Beauharnois   |Chateauguay      Q|William Dinnigan
  Norton Dale, W. O. |              |York           N B|William Cox
  Norton Station     |              |King’s         N B|Joseph D. Baxter
  _Norval_           |Esquesing     |Halton           O|William Clay
  Norway             |York          |York, E. R.      O|James Smith
  * _Norwich_        |Norwich, North|Oxford, S. R.    O|Gilbert Moore
  * _Norwood_        |Asphodel      |Peterborough,    O|J. A. Butterfield
                     |              |  E. R.           |
  Notfield           |Kenyon        |Glengarry        O|Peter Kennedy
  Notre Dame du      |Notre Dame du |Témiscouata      Q|Miss Adée Michaud
    Portage          |  Portage     |                  |
  Nottawa            |Nottawasaga   |Simcoe, N. R.    O|Andrew Melville
  Nouvelle           |Nouvelle      |Bonaventure      Q|Archibald Kerr
  Noyan              |Sabrevois     |Missisquoi       Q|T. B. Derrick
  Nutt’s Corners     |Clarenceville |Missisquoi       Q|David Nutt
                     |              |                  |
                     |              |                  |
  Oak Bay, W. O.     |              |Charlotte      N B|Walter Gilley
  Oakfield, W. O.    |              |Halifax        N S|Mrs. Francis
                     |              |                  |  Laurie
  Oakham, W. O.      |              |Queen’s        N B|James W. Starkey
  Oak Hill           |Laxton        |Victoria, N. R.  O|Robert Staples
  Oak Hill, W. O.    |              |Charlotte      N B|William McCan
  _Oakland_          |Oakland       |Brant, S. R.     O|John Toyne
  Oak Park, W. O.    |              |Shelburne      N S|Nehemiah N. Adams
  Oak Point, W. O.   |              |King’s         N B|J. L. Flewelling
  Oak Point, W. O.   |              |Northumberland N B|Alexander Davidson
  Oak Point          |              |Marquette        M|William Clarke
  Oak Ridges         |Whitchurch    |York, N. R.      O|Edward Curtis
  * _Oakville_       |Trafalgar     |Halton           O|R. Balmer
  Oakwood            |Mariposa      |Victoria, S. R.  O|Richard P. Butler
  Oban               |Sarnia        |Lambton          O|William Carrick
  * _Odessa_         |Ernestown     |Lennox           O|P. S. Timmerman
  Offa               |Stephen       |Huron, S. R.     O|John G. Quarry
  Ogilvie, W. O.     |              |King’s         N S|Thomas Anthony
  Ohio, W. O.        |              |Antigonishe    N S|John McDonald
  Ohsweken           |Tuscarora     |Brant, S. R.     O|James Styres
  * _Oil Springs_    |Enniskillen   |Lambton          O|James Keating
  Oka                |              |Two Mountains    Q|Cyprien Chaurette
  Okanagon           |              |Yale           B C|Cornelius O’Keefe
  Okanagon Mission   |              |Yale           B C|Eli Lequin
  Old Barns, W. O.   |              |Colchester     N S|Ebenezer Archibald
  Oldham, W. O.      |              |Halifax        N S|
  Old Montrose       |Romney        |Kent             O|
  O’Leary’s Road     |Number 8      |Prince       P E I|William Smallman
  Olinda             |Gosfield      |Essex            O|John C. Fox
  Olinville, W. O.   |              |Queen’s        N B|William Tilley
  Omagh              |Trafalgar     |Halton           O|Thomas Little
  * _Omemee_         |Emily         |Victoria, S. R.  O|Robert Grandy
  Omineca            |              |Cariboo        B C|Francis Page
  Ompah              |Palmerston    |Addington        O|Henry Dunham
  150 Mile House     |              |Cariboo        B C|
  Oneida             |Oneida        |Haldimand        O|J. T. Mutchmore
  Ongley             |Brighton      |Northumberland,  O|Albert H. Smith
                     |              |  E. R.           |
  Onondaga           |Onondaga      |Brant, N. R.     O|William S.
                     |              |                  |  Buckwell
  * _Onslow_         |Onslow        |Pontiac          Q|Walton Smith
  Onslow, W. O.      |              |Colchester     N S|Samuel McKinlay
  * _Orangeville_    |Garafraxa     |Wellington,      O|Guy Leslie
                     |              |  C. R.           |
  Orchard            |Egremont      |Grey, S. R.      O|J. G. Orchard
  * _Orillia_        |Orillia       |Simcoe, N. R.    O|Wesley Bingham
  Orleans            |Gloucester,   |Russell          O|Hugh Dupuis
                     |  North       |                  |
  Ormond             |Winchester    |Dundas           O|Ira Morgan
  _Ormstown_         |Beauharnois   |Chateauguay      Q|R. N. Walsh
  _Oromocto_         |              |Sunbury        N B|Charles McPherson
  * _Orono_          |Clarke        |Durham, W. R.    O|Joseph L. Tucker
  _Orwell_           |Yarmouth      |Elgin, E. R.     O|D. Sutherland
  Orwell             |Number 57     |Queen’s      P E I|B. Loughran
  Orwell Cove        |Number 57     |Queen’s      P E I|E. Morrisey
  Osaca              |Hope          |Durham, E. R.    O|David Gordon
  * _Osceola_        |Bromley       |Renfrew, N. R.   O|Alexander McLaren
  _Osgoode_          |Osgoode       |Russell          O|Adam J. Baker
  * _Oshawa_         |Whitby        |Ontario, S. R.   O|David Smith
  Ospringe           |Erin          |Wellington,      O|William Symon
                     |              |  S. R.           |
  _Ossekeag_         |              |Kings          N B|Allan McN. Travis
  Ossian             |Enniskillen   |Lambton          O|George S.
                     |              |                  |  McPherson
  Otnabog, W. O.     |              |Queen’s        N B|Joseph B. Slipp
  * _Ottawa_         |Nepean        |Ottowa           O|G. P. Baker
  Otter Lake         |Leslie        |Pontiac          Q|John Mather
  _Otterville_       |Norwich, South|Oxford, S. R.    O|Wm. F. Kay
  Oungah             |Chatham       |Kent             O|Thomas Kinny
  Oustic             |Eramosa       |Wellington,      O|Robert Scott
                     |              |  S. R.           |
  Outram             |Brant         |Bruce, S. R.     O|David Smith
  Overton            |Camden, East  |Addington        O|S. D. Fox
  * _Owen Sound_     |Sydenham      |Grey, N. R.      O|John G. Francis
  Oxenden            |Keppel        |Grey, N. R.      O|John P. Benwell
  Oxford             |              |Cumberland     N S|Henry S. Smith
  Oxford Centre      |Oxford, East  |Oxford, S. R.    O|Nelson Schooley
  Oxford Mills       |Oxford        |Grenville, N. R. O|Charles Jones,
                     |              |                  |  jun.
  Oxford Station     |Oxford        |Grenville, N. R. O|Andrew Holmes
  _Oxley_            |Colchester    |Essex            O|Robert Ivison
  Oyster Ponds, W. O.|              |Guysborough    N S|James W. Carr
  Oznabruck Centre   |Oznabruck     |Stormont         O|Jacob J. Poaps
                     |              |                  |
                     |              |                  |
  Painsec, W. O.     |Shediac       |Westmoreland   N B|Eustache Babin
  Painswick          |Innisfil      |Simcoe, S. R.    O|John Huggard
  * _Paisley_        |Elderslie     |Bruce, N. R.     O|James Saunders
  * _Pakenham_       |Pakenham      |Lanark, N. R.    O|
  _Palermo_          |Trafalgar     |Halton           O|H. W. Switzer
  Palestine          |              |Marquette        M|George West
  Palgrave           |Albion        |Cardwell         O|
  Palmer Rapids      |Raglan        |Renfrew, S. R.   O|H. F. McLachlin
  Palmer’s Road,     |              |King’s         N S|George W. Eaton
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Palmerston, W. O.  |              |Kent           N B|Honoré Landry
  Panmure            |Fitzroy       |Carleton         O|James King
  Papineauville      |Petite Nation |Ottawa           Q|F. S. McKay
  Paquette           |Hereford Gore |Compton          Q|F. Paquette
  Paradise Lane      |              |Annapolis      N S|W. H. Troop
  Parham             |Hinchinbrooke |Addington        O|John Griffith
  Park Corner        |Number 20     |Queen’s      P E I|James Doyle
  * _Paris_          |Dumfries,     |Brant, N. R.     O|George Stanton
                     |  South       |                  |
  Paris Station      |Dumfries,     |Brant, N. R.     O|M. X. Carr
                     |  South       |                  |
  Parker             |Peel          |Wellington,      O|
                     |              |  C. R.           |
  Parker’s Cove,     |              |Annapolis      N S|Thos. Milner
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Park Head          |Amabel        |Bruce, N. S.     O|Wm. Simpson
  _Park Hill_        |West Williams |Middlesex, N. R. O|John Noble
  Parkhurst          |St. Sylvester |Lotbinière       Q|Thomas Walker
  Park’s Creek       |St. Andrews   |Lisgar           M|John Tait
  Parma              |South         |Lennox           O|David Griffith
                     |Fredericksburg|                  |
  _Parrsborough_     |              |Cumberland     N S|John W. Jinks
  Parrsborough Shore,|              |Cumberland     N S|William Grant
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  _Parry Sound_      |McDougall     |Muskoka          O|John McClelland
  _Paspébiac_        |Cox           |Bonaventure      Q|D. Bisson
  _Patterson_        |Vaughan       |York, W. R.      O|W. C. Patterson
  Patterson          |              |Sunbury        N B|Nelson White
    Settlement,      |              |                  |
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Paudash            |Cardiff       |Peterborough,    O|John Dixon
                     |              |  E. R.           |
  Pavillion          |              |Cariboo        B C|
  Peabody            |Sullivan      |Grey, N. R.      O|John Milburn
  Pearceton          |Stanbridge    |Mississquoi      Q|James Briggs
  Peel, W. O.        |              |Carleton       N B|Charles A. Harmon
  Peepabun           |Luther        |Wellington,      O|Robert Dickson
                     |              |  N. R.           |
  Pefferlaw          |Georgina      |York, N. R.      O|George Johnson
  Peggy’s Cove, W. O.|              |Halifax        N S|W. Crooks
  Pelham Union       |Pelham        |Monck            O|Joseph Johnson
  Pemberton Ridge,   |              |York           N B|Cyrus B. McKenney
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  * _Pembroke_       |Pembroke      |Renfrew, N. R.   O|Alex Moffatt
  Pendleton          |Plantagenet,  |Prescott         O|Henry Moffatt
                     |  South       |                  |
  * _Penetanguishene_|Tiny          |Simcoe, N. R.    O|J. S. Darling
  Peninsula, Gaspé   |Gaspé Bay,    |Gaspé            Q|William Miller
                     |  North       |                  |
  Pennfield, W. O.   |              |Charlotte      N B|Jesse Prescott
  Pennfield Ridge,   |              |Charlotte      N B|John. B. Young
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Penobsquis         |              |King’s         N B|George Morton
  Pentland           |Pilkington    |Wellington,      O|George Ford
                     |              |  C. R.           |
  Penville           |Tecumseth     |Simcoe, S. R.    O|Edward T. Turner
  _Percé_            |Percé         |Gaspé            Q|J. E. Tuzo
  Perch Station      |Sarnia        |Lambton          O|John Irwin
  Perkins            |Templeton     |Ottawa           Q|John Freney
  Perm               |Mulmur        |Simcoe, S. R.    O|Paul Gallagher
  Perretton          |Westmeath     |Renfrew, N. R.   O|H. W. Perrett
  Perryboro’         |Hereford      |Compton          Q|Calvin Perry
  Perry Settlement,  |              |King’s         N B|R. Elders
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Perrytown          |Hope          |Durham, E. R.    O|R. A. Corbett
  * _Perth_          |Drummond      |Lanark, S. R.    O|Thomas Cairns
  Perth, W. O.       |              |Victoria       N B|James Bishop
  Petawawa           |Petawawa      |Renfrew, N. R.   O|Solomon Devine
  * _Peterborough_   |North Monaghan|Peterborough,    O|Hy. C. Rogers
                     |              |  W. R.           |
  Petersburg         |Wilmot        |Waterloo, S. R.  O|John Ernst
  Peterson           |Minden        |Peterborough,    O|William Jarvis
                     |              |  E. R.           |
  Peter’s Road       |Number 63     |King’s       P E I|William Johnston
  Petersville, W. O. |              |Queen’s        N B|Timothy Malone
  Petersville (sub)  |London        |City of London   O|W. Loughrey
  Petersville Church,|              |Queen’s        N B|A. Hamilton
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Petherton          |Arthur        |Wellington,      O|Thomas Bunston
                     |              |  N. R.           |
  _Petitcodiac_      |              |Westmoreland   N B|W. W. Price
  Petite de Grat,    |              |Richmond       N S|George M. Jean
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Petite Passage,    |              |Digby          N S|John Smith
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Petite Rivière     |              |Lunenburg      N S|William Holden
    Bridge, W. O.    |              |                  |
  Petit Métis        |Macnider      |Rimouski         Q|John MacNider
  * _Petrolea_       |Enniskillen   |Lambton          O|Patrick Barclay
  Petworth           |Portland      |Addington        O|Alfred Knight
  Peveril            |Newton        |Vaudreuil        Q|Alexander Morrison
  Phelpston          |Flos          |Simcoe, N. R.    O|Robert H. Platt
  _Philipsburg, East_|St. Armand    |Missisquoi       Q|D. T. R. Nye
  Philipsburg, West  |Wilmot        |Waterloo, S. R.  O|Daniel Lohr
  Philipsville       |Bastard       |Leeds, S. R.     O|George Brown
  _Pickering_        |Pickering     |Ontario, S. R.   O|Eliza Whitney
  _Picton_           |Hallowell     |Prince Edward    O|Thomas Shannon
  _Pictou_           |              |Pictou         N S|Alexander McPhail
  Piedmont Valley,   |              |Pictou         N S|James McDonald
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Pierreville        |Pierreville   |Yamaska          Q|H. Pitt
  Pierreville Mills  |Pierreville   |Yamaska          Q|Henry Vassal
  Pig Brook          |Number 1      |Prince       P E I|Peter Richard
  Pigeon Hill        |St. Armand    |Missisquoi       Q|Noah Sager
  Pigeon Lake        |St. François  |Marquette        M|J. M. House
                     |  Xavier      |                  |
  _Pike River_       |Stanbridge    |Missisquoi       Q|A. L. Taylor
  Pinedale           |Brock         |Ontario, N. R.   O|John Barker
  Pine Grove         |Vaughan       |York, W. R.      O|A. L. Gooderham
  Pine Orchard       |Whitchurch    |York, N. R.      O|
  Pine River         |Huron         |Bruce, S. R.     O|D. McDermid
  _Pineo Village_    |              |King’s         N S|J. P. Pineo
  Pinkerton          |Greenock      |Bruce, S. R.     O|Samuel A. King
  Piopolis           |Marston       |Compton          Q|Chas. F. Y.
                     |              |                  |  Langlois
  Pirate Harbor      |              |Guysboro’      N S|J. Hartley
  Pisarinco, W. O.   |              |St. John       N B|Thomas Galbraith
  Pisquid            |Number 37     |Queen’s      P E I|R. McDonald
  Pisquid Road       |Number 49     |Queen’s      P E I|M. Curran
  Pittsferry         |Pittsburg     |Frontenac        O|Daniel Root
  Pittston           |Edwardsburg   |Grenville, S. R. O|William Pitt, sen.
  Plainfield         |Thurlow       |Hastings, E. R.  O|Edward N. Gould
  Plainfield, W. O.  |              |Pictou         N S|A. Sutherland
  _Plantagenet_      |Plantagenet,  |Prescott         O|Henry Smith
                     |  North       |                  |
  Plattsville        |Benheim       |Oxford, N. R.    O|John Smart
  Playfair           |Bathurst      |Lanark, S. R.    O|G. C. Mills
  Pleasant Bay, W. O.|Grand Anse    |Inverness      N S|P. R. Johnson
  Pleasant Hill      |Walsingham    |Norfolk, S. R.   O|William Morgan
  Pleasant Ridge,    |              |Charlotte      N B|Thomas Steen
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Pleasant River,    |              |Queen’s        N S|Jos. M. Freeman
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Pleasant Vale,     |              |Albert         N B|R. A. Colpitts
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Pleasant Valley,   |              |Digby          N S|Leslie M. Craig
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Plum Hollow        |Bastard       |Leeds, S. R.     O|Daniel Derbyshire
  Plymouth, W. O.    |              |Yarmouth       N S|Wilson G. Sims
  Pockmouche, W. O.  |              |Gloucester     N B|Thomas Maher
  Pockshaw, W. O.    |              |Gloucester     N B|
  Point Abino        |Bertie        |Welland          O|Ralph Disher
  Point Alexander    |Rolph         |Renfrew, N. R.   O|Foster Armstrong
  Point Bruley, W. O.|              |Colchester     N S|M. P. Hogan
  Point Clear, W. O. |              |Victoria       N S|Niel Gillis
  Pointe à Pic (sub) |Mount Murray  |Charlevoix       Q|Archibald McLean
  Pointe au Bouleau  |Saguenay      |Saguenay         Q|O. Savard
  Pointe aux Pins    |Park          |Algoma           O|W. G. Foot
  Pointe aux Trembles|              |Hochelaga        Q|Antoine Lamoureaux
  Pointe aux Trembles|Neuville      |Portneuf         Q|Narcisse Blais
  Pointe Claire      |Montreal      |Jacques Cartier  Q|L. B. Daoust
  Pointe du Chêne    |St. Ann       |Provencher       M|Alex. Chisholm
  Pointe du Chêne,   |              |Westmoreland   N B|Wm. J. M.
    W. O.            |              |                  |  Hanington
  Pointe du Lac      |Pointe du Lac |St. Maurice      Q|Louis Comeau, jun.
  Point Edward       |Sarnia        |Lambton          O|Louis Ernst
  Point Fortune      |Rigaud        |Vaudreuil        Q|E. A. St. Denis
  Point Kaye         |Monck         |Muskoka          O|Charles Kaye
  Point la Nim, W. O.|              |Restigouche    N B|Peter Stewart
  Point of Cape,     |              |Antigonishe    N S|Hugh McInnis
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Point Petre        |Athol         |Prince Edward    O|James Scott
  Point Platon       |Lotbinière    |Lotbinière       Q|Joseph Angé
  Point Prim         |Number 58     |Queen’s      P E I|M. N. Murchison
  * _Point St.       |              |Jacques Cartier  Q|Thomas Akin
    Charles_         |              |                  |
  Point St. Peter    |Malbaie       |Gaspé            Q|George Packwood
  Point Sapin, W. O. |              |Kent           N B|Nicholas Merzeroll
  Point Traverse     |Marysburg     |Prince Edward    O|Geo. A. Ostrander
  Point Wolfe, W. O. |              |Albert         N B|William McGibbon
  Pollett River,     |              |Westmoreland   N B|B. R. Colpitts
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Pomeroy Ridge,     |              |Charlotte      N B|John McEvoy
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Pomona             |Glenelg       |Grey, S. R.      O|William Purdy
  Pomquet Chapel,    |              |Antigonishe    N S|
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Pomquet Forks,     |              |Antigonishe    N S|Mrs. M. Chisholm
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Ponds, W. O.       |              |Pictou         N S|A. S. Gray
  Ponsonby           |Pilkington    |Wellington,      O|James L. Halley
                     |              |  C. R.           |
  Pont Château       |Soulanges     |Soulanges        Q|J. B. Besner
  Pont de Maskinongé |Maskinongé    |Maskinongé       Q|A. J. Lefrenière
  Pont Rouge         |St. Jeanne de |Portneuf         Q|Thos. Larivière
                     |  Neuville    |                  |
  Poodiac, W. O.     |Hammond       |King’s         N B|James Faulkner
  Poole              |Mornington    |Perth, N. R.     O|Charles Beck
  Poplar Grove, W. O.|              |Gloucester     N B|Joseph Aubé
  Poplar Hill, W. O. |              |Pictou         N S|George Morrison
  Poplar Point       |Poplar Point  |Marquette        M|David Tait
  Poquiock, W. O.    |              |York           N B|Michael Doherty
  Pork Hill          |Number 13     |Prince       P E I|John G. Hopgood
  Port Acadie, W. O. |              |Digby          N S|M. Melançon
  * _Portage du Fort_|Litchfield    |Pontiac          Q|John Amey
  Portage la Prairie |Portage la    |Marquette        M|Charles Mair
                     |  Prairie     |                  |
  Portage River,     |              |Northumberland N B|Alex. McDermitt
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Port Albert        |Ashfield      |Huron, N. R.     O|Thomas Hawkins
  Portapique, W. O.  |              |Colchester     N S|
  Portapique         |              |Colchester     N S|Daniel Giddens
    Mountain, W. O.  |              |                  |
  Port au Persil     |Mount Murray  |Charlevoix       Q|W. McLaren
  Port Bruce         |Malahide      |Elgin, E. R.     O|Thomas Thompson
  * _Port Burwell_   |Bayham        |Elgin, E. R.     O|Thomas Pilcher
  Port Caledonia,    |              |Cape Breton    N S|Miss Mary
    W. O.            |              |                  |  Boutilier
  _Port Carling_     |Medora        |Muskoka          O|B. H. Johnston
  [2] Port Clyde,    |              |Shelburne      N S|William Greenwood
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  * _Port Colborne_  |Humberstone   |Welland          O|L. G. Carter
  Port Credit        |Toronto       |Peel             O|Robert Cotton
  * _Port Dalhousie_ |Grantham      |Lincoln          O|Richard Wood
  Port Daniel        |Port Daniel   |Bonaventure      Q|Patrick Sweetman
  * _Port Dover_     |Woodhouse     |Norfolk, S. R.   O|David Abel
  Port Elgin         |              |Westmoreland   N B|Calvin T. Bent
  Port Elmsley       |North Elmsley |Lanark, S. R.    O|John Elliott
  Porter’s Hill      |Goderich      |Huron, S. R.     O|James Hendry
  Porter’s Lake,     |              |Halifax        N S|George Orman
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Port Felix, W. O.  |              |Guysboro’      N S|Stephen Boudrot
  Port George, W. O. |              |Annapolis      N S|G. B. Reid
  Port Granby        |Clarke        |Durham, W. R.    O|David March
  Port Greville,     |              |Cumberland     N S|Jane Elderkin
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  _Port Hastings_    |              |Inverness      N S|J. G. McKeen
  _Port Hawkesbury_  |              |Inverness      N S|Angus Grant
  _Port Hood_        |              |Inverness      N S|F. D. Tremaine
  Port Hood Island,  |              |Inverness      N S|Mrs. Joshua Smith
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Port Hoover        |Mariposa      |Victoria, S. R.  O|Fred. C. Shaver
  * _Port Hope_      |Hope          |Durham, E. R.    O|Robert W. Smart
  Port Jolly, W. O.  |              |Shelburne      N S|L. Robertson
  Port Lambton       |Sombra        |Bothwell         O|John H. Sewell
  Portland           |Bastard       |Leeds, S. R.     O|S. S. Scovil
  Port la Tour, W. O.|              |Shelburne      N S|Nancy H. Snow
  Port Lewis         |St. Anicet    |Huntingdon       Q|B. B. Carson
  Port Maitland      |Sherbrooke    |Monck            O|James Moss
  Port Matoon, W. O. |              |Queen’s        N S|William T. Leslie
  _Port Medway_      |              |Queen’s        N S|Freeman Cohoon
  _Port Mulgrave_    |              |Guysborough    N S|G. B. Hadley
  Port Nelson        |Nelson        |Halton           O|George H. Green
  Portneuf           |Portneuf      |Portneuf         Q|Charles Gaulin
  Port Perry         |Reach         |Ontario, N. R.   O|H. Gordon
  Port Philip, W. O.,|              |Cumberland     N S|George King
    late Great       |              |                  |
    Bridge, W. O.    |              |                  |
  Port Richmond,     |Port Richmond |Richmond       N S|John G. Murray
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  * _Port Robinson_  |Thorold       |Welland          O|James McCoppen
  * _Port Rowan_     |Walsingham    |Norfolk, S. R.   O|Miss M. McLennan
  Port Royal         |Walsingham    |Norfolk, S. R.   O|Robert Abbott
  Port Royal, W. O.  |              |Richmond       N S|J. M. Adèle
                     |              |                  |  LeBlance
  _Port Ryerse_      |Woodhouse     |Norfolk, S. R.   O|Wm. H. Ryerse
  Port Severn (sub)  |Tay           |Simcoe, N. R.    O|Alex. R. Christie
  Portsmouth         |Kingston      |Frontenac        O|George McLeod
  * _Port Stanley_   |Yarmouth      |Elgin, E. R.     O|Manuel Payne
  Portuguese Cove,   |              |Halifax        N S|T. Sullivan
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Port Union         |Pickering     |Ontario, S. R.   O|Cranswick Craven
  _Port Williams_    |              |King’s         N S|Albert Chase
  Port Williams      |              |King’s         N S|Enoch A. Forsyth
    Station          |              |                  |
  Powell             |Huntley       |Carleton         O|Denis Egan
  Powerscourt        |Hinchinbrooke |Huntingdon       Q|David W. Johnson
  Pownal             |Number 49     |Queen’s      P E I|J. I. Gray
  * _Prescott_       |Augusta       |Grenville, S. R. O|John Dowsley
  * _Preston_        |Waterloo,     |Waterloo, S. R.  O|Conrad Nispel
                     |  South       |                  |
  Preston Road, W. O.|              |Halifax        N S|J. S. Griffin
  _Priceville_       |Artemesia     |Grey, E. R.      O|D. A. Ghent
  Primrose           |Mono          |Cardwell         O|George Dodds
  * _Prince Albert_  |Reach         |Ontario, N. R.   O|H. H. McCaw
  Prince of Wales,   |              |St. John       N B|John Cairns
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Princeport, W. O.  |              |Colchester     N S|Mrs. M. Ambrose
  _Princeton_        |Blenheim      |Oxford, N. R.    O|Hezekiah C.
                     |              |                  |  Forsyth
  Princetown         |Number 18     |Prince       P E I|H. E. McKay
  Princetown Road    |Number 23     |Queen’s      P E I|Allan R. Spence
  Prince William,    |              |York           N B|T. W. Saunders
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Prospect           |Beckwith      |Lanark, S. R.    O|William Burrows
  Prospect, W. O.    |              |Halifax        N S|Mrs. M. J. Booth
  Prosser Brook,     |              |Albert         N B|David H. Beeman
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Pubnico Beach,     |              |Shelburne      N S|John McConnisky
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Pubnico Harbor,    |              |Yarmouth       N S|John Carland
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  _Pugwash_          |              |Cumberland     N S|Levi Borden
  Pugwash River,     |              |Cumberland     N S|Thomas A. Frazer
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Purdy              |Bangor        |Hastings, N. R.  O|W. Lake
  Purpleville        |Vaughan       |York, W. R.      O|
  _Puslinch_         |Puslinch      |Wellington,      O|William Leslie
                     |              |  S. R.           |
  Putnam             |Dorchester,   |Middlesex, E. R. O|Seth Barr
                     |  North       |                  |
                     |              |                  |
                     |              |                  |
  Quaco Road, W. O.  |              |St. John       N B|B. D. Kirkpatrick
  * _Quebec_         |Quebec        |Quebec           Q|P. G. Huot
  Queensborough      |Elzevir       |Hastings, N. R.  O|Daniel Thompson
  Queenston          |Niagara       |Niagara          O|James Wynn
  Queensville        |East          |York, N. R.      O|James H. Aylward
                     |  Gwillimbury |                  |
  Queensville, W. O. |              |Inverness      N S|D. J. McMasters
  Quesnelle          |              |Cariboo        B C|Alexander Barlow
  Quesnelle Forks    |              |Cariboo        B C|W. P. Barry
                     |              |                  |
                     |              |                  |
  Radstock           |Kildare       |Joliette         Q|William Job
  Ragged Head, W. O. |              |Guysboro’      N S|R. Bruce
  Ragged Island,     |              |Shelburne      N S|George Wall
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Raglan             |Whitby        |Ontario, S. R.   O|Mrs. Mary Still
  Railton            |Loughboro’    |Addington        O|John Walsh
  Rainham            |Rainham       |Haldimand        O|Isaac Honsberger
  Rainham Centre     |Rainham       |Haldimand        O|W. J. Thompson
  Rama               |Rama          |Ontario, N. R.   O|James McPherson
  Ramsay’s Corners,  |Gloucester    |Russell          O|Robert Ramsay
    late Taylorholme |              |                  |
  Ranelagh           |Windham       |Norfolk, N. R.   O|Benjamin Lake
  Rankin             |Wilberforce   |Renfrew, N. R.   O|William P. Edwards
  Rapides des        |Aberdeen      |Pontiac          Q|William Spence
    Joachims         |              |                  |
  Rathburn           |Mara          |Ontario, N. R.   O|Timothy Cuddahee
  _Ratho_            |Blandford     |Oxford, N. R.    O|Joseph Morrow
  Ratter’s Corner,   |              |King’s         N B|
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Ravenna            |Collingwood   |Grey, N. R.      O|William Reid
  Ravenscliffe       |Chaffey       |Muskoka          O|James Sharp
  Ravenshoe          |East          |York, N. R.      O|George Glover
                     |  Gwillimbury |                  |
  Ravenswood         |Bosanquet     |Lambton          O|Paul Jarvis
  Rawdon             |Rawdon        |Montcalm         Q|Michael Skelly
  Rawdon, W. O.      |              |Hants          N S|Thomas Moxon
  Raymond            |Watt          |Muskoka          O|Anthony Suffern
  Reaboro’           |Ops           |Victoria, S. R.  O|John Holbert
  Read, W. O.        |              |Westmoreland   N B|Eliphalet Read
  Read               |Tyendinaga    |Hastings, E. R.  O|John C. Hanley
  Reading            |Garafraxa     |Wellington,      O|Robert Donaldson
                     |              |  C. R.           |
  Rear of Black      |              |Richmond       N S|John Morrison
    River, W. O.     |              |                  |
  Rear Lands,        |              |Richmond       N S|William Urquhart
    Sporting         |              |                  |
    Mountain, W. O.  |              |                  |
  Red Bank, W. O.    |              |Northumberland N B|W. S. Brown
  Red Islands, W. O. |              |Richmond       N S|Alexander McKenzie
  Rednersville       |Ameliasburg   |Prince Edward    O|James Redner
  Red Rocks          |              |Algoma           O|Robert Crawford
  Red Point          |Number 46     |King’s       P E I|D. Robertson
  Reedsdale          |Inverness     |Megantic         Q|James Reed
  Relessey           |Mono          |Cardwell         O|Robert Wilson
  Renforth           |Ancaster      |Wentworth, S. R. O|Robert Mahew
  * _Renfrew_        |Horton        |Renfrew, S. R.   O|William Mackay
  Renfrew, W. O.     |              |Hants          N S|
  Renous Bridge,     |              |Northumberland N B|R. Jardine
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Renton             |Townsend      |Norfolk, N. R.   O|Mrs. Ann Renton
  Repentigny         |L’Assomption  |L’Assomption     Q|F. X. O’Brien
  Reserve Mines,     |              |Cape Breton    N S|John McDonald
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Rhodes, W. O.      |              |King’s         N S|William Rhodes
  Riceburg           |Stanbridge    |Missisquoi       Q|Simon Lambkin
  Riceville          |Plantagenet,  |Prescott         O|P. McLaurin
                     |  South       |                  |
  Richby             |Compton       |Compton          Q|William Howard
  _Richibucto_       |              |Kent           N B|Jean C. Vautour
  Richibucto Village,|              |Kent           N B|Urbain Breau
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  _Richmond Corner_  |              |Carleton       N B|Ivory Kilburn
  * _Richmond, East_ |Cleveland     |Richmond         Q|G. K. Foster
  _Richmond, West_   |Goulbourn     |Carleton         O|W. H. Butler
  * _Richmond Hill_  |Vaughan       |York, W. R.      O|Matthew Teefy
  Richmond Station   |Cleveland     |Richmond         Q|Philip Maher
  Richmond Terminus, |              |Halifax        N S|J. Foot
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Richview           |Toronto       |Peel             O|Robert M. Burgess
  Richwood           |Blenheim      |Oxford, N. R.    O|David Kyte
  _Ridgetown_        |Howard        |Bothwell         O|L. S. Hancock
  Ridgeville         |Pelham        |Monck            O|Jonas Steele
  Rigaud             |Rigaud        |Vaudreuil        Q|A. W. Charleboise
  Riley Brook, W. O. |              |Victoria       N B|
  Rimington          |Madoc         |Hastings, N. R.  O|John Rimington
  * _Rimouski_       |St. Germain de|Rimouski         Q|Paschal G. St.
                     |  Rimouski    |                  |  Pierre
  Ringwood           |Whitchurch    |York, N. R.      O|G. H. Silvester
  Ripley             |Huron         |Bruce, S. R.     O|William Carter
  River Beaudette    |              |Soulanges        Q|Stephen Leblanc
  River Bourgeoise,  |              |Richmond       N S|George H. Bissett
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  River Charlo, W. O.|              |Restigouche    N B|Alex McPherson
  _River David_      |              |Yamaska          Q|J. B. Commeault
  River Debert       |              |Colchester     N S|Philip Fulmore
  River de Chute,    |              |Carleton       N B|F. A. De Wolf
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  River Dennis, W. O.|              |Inverness      N S|A. McIntyre
  River Dennis Road, |              |Inverness      N S|John Morrison
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  River Désert       |Maniwaki      |Ottawa           Q|J. Backus
  River Gilbert      |St. François  |Beauce           Q|Geo. W. Chapman
  River Hebert, W. O.|              |Cumberland     N S|Michael Pugsley
  _River John_       |              |Pictou         N S|John D. Gauld
  River Louison,     |              |Restigouche    N B|Donald Stewart
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  _River Philip_     |              |Cumberland     N S|Mrs. Grace
                     |              |                  |  Phillips
  _Riversdale_       |Greenock      |Bruce, S. R.     O|H. B. O’Connor
  Riversdale, W. O.  |              |Colchester     N S|
  River Side, W. O.  |              |Albert         N B|Hiram Edgett
  Riverstown         |Arthur        |Wellington,      O|Alexander Allan
                     |              |  N. R.           |
  Rivière aux Vaches |Deguire       |Yamaska          Q|Edouard Coté
  Rivière Bois Clair |St. Edouard   |Lotbinière       Q|George Bernard
  Rivière des        |Montreal      |Hochelaga        Q|Louis Bélanger
    Prairies         |              |                  |
  * _Rivière du Loup |St. Patrice de|Témiscouata      Q|Charles A. Gaudry
    (en bas)_        |  la Rivière  |                  |
                     |  du Loup     |                  |
  _Rivière du Loup   |Rivière du    |Maskinongé       Q|Louis A. Baribeau
    (en haut)_       |  Loup        |                  |
  Rivière la         |              |Gaspé            Q|Edward Vachon
    Madeleine        |              |                  |
  Rivière Ouelle     |Rivière Ouelle|Kamouraska       Q|John Belleau
  Rivière Raisin     |Lancaster     |Glengarry        O|James McPherson
  Rivière Trois      |Trois Pistoles|Témiscouata      Q|Edwin Marchement
    Pistoles         |              |                  |
  Roach’s Point      |North         |York, N. R.      O|Richard Flood
                     |  Gwillimbury |                  |
  Robert’s Island,   |              |Yarmouth       N S|J. Roberts
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Roberval           |Roberval      |Chicoutimi       Q|Theodule Bolduc
  _Robinson_         |Bury          |Compton          Q|Lemeul Pope
  Roblin             |Richmond      |Lennox           O|Wm. M. Paul
  Rob-Roy            |Osprey        |Grey, E. R.      O|Wm. Holden
  Rochelle           |Stukely       |Shefford         Q|Augustin Desautels
  Rochester          |Rochester     |Essex            O|P. Demouchelle
  Rochesterville     |Nepean        |Carleton         O|Leander Booth
  Rockburn           |Hinchinbrooke |Huntingdon       Q|A. Oliver
  Rockford           |Townsend      |Norfolk, N. R.   O|W. C. Thompson
  Rock Forest        |Orford        |Sherbrooke       Q|Gerard J. Nagle
  * _Rockingham_     |Brudenell     |Renfrew, S. R.   O|J. S. J. Watson
  _Rock Island_      |Stanstead     |Stanstead        Q|A. A. Barry
  Rockland           |Clarence      |Russell          O|Wm. C. Edwards
  Rockland, W. O.    |              |Westmoreland   N B|Jonas Taylor
  Rockliffe (sub)    |Head          |Renfrew, N. R.   O|W. H. McIntyre
  Rocklin, W. O.     |              |Pictou         N S|Robert Fraser
  Rockport           |Escott        |Leeds, S. R.     O|William Cornwall
  Rockport, W. O.    |              |Westmoreland   N B|Rufus Ward
  Rockside           |Caledon       |Cardwell         O|D. Kirkwood
  Rockton            |Beverly       |Wentworth, N. R. O|B. Cornell
  Rock Village       |Gloucester    |Russell          O|Miss E. M. Evans
  Rockville, W. O.   |              |King’s         N B|J. L. Harrison
  Rockville, W. O.   |              |Yarmouth       N S|Nathan Weston
  Rockwell           |              |Cumberland     N S|Aaron Rockwell
    Settlement,      |              |                  |
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  _Rockwood_         |Eramosa       |Wellington,      O|Robert Pasmore
                     |              |  S. R.           |
  _Rogerville_       |Usborne       |Huron, S. R.     O|James Bonthron
  Rodney             |Aldboro’      |Elgin, W. R.     O|A. Mumphrey
  Roebuck            |Augusta       |Grenville, S. R. O|
  Roger’s Hill, W. O.|              |Pictou         N S|Angus McKay
  Rokeby             |Sherbrooke    |Lanark, S. R.    O|
                     |  South       |                  |
  Rollo Bay          |No. 43        |King’s       P E I|R. McDougall
  Rollo Bay Cross    |No. 44        |King’s       P E I|L. Chaisson
  Rolling Dam, W. O. |              |Charlotte      N B|
  Romans Valley,     |              |Guysboro’      N S|Patrick Rogers
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Romney             |Romney        |Kent             O|
  Ronaldsay          |Proton        |Grey, E. R.      O|Joseph McArdle
  Rona               |Number 60     |Queen’s      P E I|M. McKenzie
  _Rondeau_          |Harwich       |Kent             O|J. K. Morris
  Rondeau Harbor     |Harwich       |Kent             O|Robert Brigham
  Ronson             |Middleton     |Norfolk, N. R.   O|James Cowan
  Rosa               |Murray        |Northumberland,  O|H. Fieldhouse
                     |              |  E. R.           |
  Rosebank           |South Dumfries|Brant, N. R.     O|Almon Almas
  Rosedale           |Fenelon       |Victoria, N. R.  O|Moses McNeil
  Rosedene           |Gainsboro’    |Monck            O|Cornelius McKay
  Rosehall           |Hillier       |Prince Edward    O|Isaac G. Ferguson
  * _Rosemont_       |Mulmur        |Simcoe, S. R.    O|George Cumming
  Roseneath          |Alnwick       |Northumberland,  O|Alfred Metcalfe
                     |              |  W. R.           |
  Rosetta            |Lanark        |Lanark, N. R.    O|Robert McFarlane
  Rose Vale, W. O.   |              |Albert         N B|John Stevens
  Rose Valley        |Number 67     |Queen’s      P E I|M. Matheson
  Roseville          |Dumfries,     |Waterloo, S. R.  O|Moses Gingrich
                     |  North       |                  |
  Roseway, W. O.     |              |Shelburne      N S|Elijah Hagar
  Roslin             |Thurlow       |Hastings, E. R.  O|Barnard C.
                     |              |                  |  Carnohan
  Roslin, W. O.      |              |Cumberland     N S|David Stewart
  Ross               |Ross          |Renfrew, N. R.   O|
  Ross’ Corner, W. O.|              |King’s         N S|D. G. Ross
  Rosseau            |Humphrey      |Muskoka          O|William Ditchburn
  Rossway, W. O.     |              |Digby          N S|David Cowan
  Rothsay            |Maryboro’     |Wellington,      O|William Smith
                     |              |  N. R.           |
  Rothsay, W. O.     |              |King’s         N B|
  Rouge Hill         |Pickering     |Ontario, S. R.   O|Hugh Graham
  Rougemont          |St. Césaire   |Rouville         Q|D. Bachelder
  Round Hill, W. O.  |              |King’s         N B|William McLeod
  Round Hill, W. O.  |              |Annapolis      N S|C. E. Spurr
  Round Plains       |Townsend      |Norfolk, N. R.   O|George Gillesby
  Rowanton           |              |Pontiac          Q|David West
  Roxburgh, W. O.    |              |Albert         N B|John Kelly
  Roxham             |Lacolle       |St. John’s       Q|Thomas Wallis
  _Roxton Falls_     |Roxton        |Shefford         Q|A. O. T.
                     |              |                  |  Beauchemin
  Roxton Pond        |Roxton        |Shefford         Q|R. A. Kimpton
  Royal Road, W. O.  |              |York           N B|Charles W. Estey
  Rugby              |Oro           |Simcoe, N. R.    O|James Ball
  Ruisseau des Chênes|Upton         |Drummond         Q|C. Paradis
  Runnymede          |Matapédia     |Bonaventure      Q|Mrs. Barbara
                     |              |                  |  Wheeler
  Rupert             |Masham        |Ottawa           Q|W. D. Leslie
  Rusagornis, W. O.  |              |Sunbury        N B|Holland Smith
  Rusagornis Station,|              |Sunbury        N B|John McGill
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Russell            |Russell       |Russell          O|W. R. Petrie
  Russeltown         |              |Chateauguay      Q|Cyrille Turcotte
  Rustico            |Number 24     |Queen’s      P E I|Joseph Gallant
  Rutherford         |Dawn          |Bothwell         O|John Brown
  Ruthven            |Gosfield      |Essex            O|Hugh Ruthven
  Ryckman’s Corners  |Barton        |Wentworth, S. R. O|
  Ryegate            |Sandwich, East|Essex            O|Joseph Christie
  Rylstone           |Seymour       |Northumberland,  O|D. Allan
                     |              |  E. R.           |
  Ste. Adèle         |Abercrombie   |Terrebonne       Q|Odile Lafleur
  St. Agatha         |Wilmot        |Waterloo, S. R.  O|Anthony Kaiser
  Ste. Agathe        |Ste. Agathe   |Lotbinière       Q|L. Boulanger
  Ste. Agnès         |Ste. Agnès    |Charlevoix       Q|Rev. J. A. Bureau
  St. Agnès de Dundee|St. Agnès de  |Huntingdon       Q|Pierre Tremblay
                     |  Dundee      |                  |
  St. Aimé           |              |Richelieu        Q|S. Cartier
  St. Alban          |St. Alban     |Portneuf         Q|John D. McCormick
  St. Albert         |Warwick       |Arthabaska       Q|Prudent Lainesse
  St. Alexandre de   |St. Alexandre |Kamouraska       Q|E. Lévêque
    Kamouraska       |              |                  |
  St. Alexandre      |              |Iberville        Q|A. A. L. Brien
    d’Iberville      |              |                  |
  St. Alexis         |St. Sulpice   |Montcalm         Q|Léandre Le Bau
  St. Alphonse       |St. Alphonse  |Joliette         Q|Esdras Genereux
  St. Anaclet        |St. Anaclet   |Rimouski         Q|O. Couture
  St. André          |St. André     |Kamouraska       Q|P. C. Marquis
  St. André Avelin   |Petite Nation |Ottawa           Q|Jos. E. Lévis
  _St. Andrews_      |              |Charlotte      N B|G. F. Campbell
  _St. Andrews_      |              |Antigonishe    N S|Duncan Chisholm
  St. Andrews, W. O. |              |Colchester     N S|
  * _St. Andrews,    |Argenteuil    |Argenteuil       Q|Thomas Lamb
    East_            |              |                  |
  St. Andrews, West  |Cornwall      |Cornwall         O|Lackey Masterson
  St. Andrews        |St. Andrews   |District of      M|Andrew Mowat
                     |              |  Lisgar          |
  St. Andrew’s       |Number 38     |Kings        P E I|John Ryan
  Ste. Angèle de     |Monnoir       |Rouville         Q|Michael O. Caron
    Monnoir          |              |                  |
  Ste. Angèle de     |Ste. Angèle   |Nicolet          Q|Olivier Désilets
    Laval            |  de Laval    |                  |
  St. Anicet         |St. Anicet    |Huntingdon       Q|F. S. Bourgeault
  Ste. Anne Bout de  |Montreal      |Jacques Cartier  Q|Adelme Dugal, M.D.
    l’Isle           |              |                  |
  Ste. Anne de la    |Ste. Anne     |Champlain        Q|Joseph U. Marcotte
    Pérade           |              |                  |
  Ste. Anne des Monts|Ste. Anne des |Gaspé            Q|J. Perré
                     |  Monts       |                  |
  Ste. Anne des      |Ste. Anne     |Terrebonne       Q|D. Gaudette, M.D.
    Plains           |              |                  |
  _Ste. Anne la      |Ste. Anne     |Kamouraska       Q|Joseph Dionne
    Pocatière        |              |                  |
  St. Ann’s, W. O.   |              |Victoria       N S|M. McKenzie
  St. Ann’s          |Number 22     |Queens       P E I|Michael Murphy
  St. Ann’s          |Gainsborough  |Monck            O|Mrs. P. E. Upper
  St. Anselme        |St. Anselme   |Dorchester       Q|Pierre Fortier
  St. Anthony, W. O. |              |Kent           N B|Cyprien Dionne
  St. Antoine,       |St. Antoine de|Lotbinière       Q|Edmond Larue
    Lotbinière       |  Tilly       |                  |
  St. Antoine, River |              |Verchéres        Q|Narcisse Cartier
    Richelieu        |              |                  |
  St. Antonin        |St. Antonin   |Témiscouata      Q|
  St. Apollinaire    |St.           |Lotbinière       Q|E. Boucher
                     |  Apollinaire |                  |
  St. Armand Centre  |St. Armand    |Missisquoi       Q|Abram Titemore
  St. Armand Station |St. Armand    |Missisquoi       Q|Peter Smith
  St. Arsène         |St. Arsène    |Témiscouata      Q|Elie Martin
  _St. Athanase_     |St. Athanase  |Iberville        Q|P. Regnier
  St. Aubert         |St. Aubert    |L’Islet          Q|Alexis Blais
  St. Augustin       |St. Augustin  |Portneuf         Q|C. East
    Portneuf         |              |                  |
  St. Augustin, Two  |              |Two Mountains    Q|Louis Paquette
    Mountains        |              |                  |
  St. Barnabé, River |St. Barnabé   |St. Hyacinthe    Q|Joseph P. Gendron
    Yamaska          |              |                  |
  St. Barnabé, St.   |St. Barnabé   |St. Maurice      Q|J. B. L. Duaime
    Maurice          |              |                  |
  St. Barthélemi     |St. Barthélemi|Berthier         Q|J. Fauteux
  St. Bazile         |St. Bazile    |Portneuf         Q|G. Jobin
  St. Bazile le Grand|St. Bazile le |Chambly          Q|Eusébe Lalumier
                     |  Grand       |                  |
  Ste. Béatrix       |Ste. Béatrix  |Joliette         Q|G. Lemire dit
                     |              |                  |  Marsolait
  St. Benoit         |Two Mountains |Two Mountains    Q|Ernest Lemaire
  St. Bernard        |St. Bernard   |Dorchester       Q|Pierre Plante
  St. Bonaventure    |Upton         |Drummond         Q|O. Salois
  St. Boniface       |St. Boniface  |Selkirk          M|Joseph Dubugue
  Ste. Brigide       |Monnoir       |Iberville        Q|William Murray
  Ste. Brigitte des  |Ste. Brigitte |Nicolet          Q|Narcisse Rivet
    Saults           |  des Saults  |                  |
  St. Bruno          |Montarville   |Chambly          Q|A. P. Paré
  St. Camille        |St. Camille   |Wolfe            Q|Guillaume Crepeau
  St. Canute         |St. Canute    |Two Mountains    Q|John Makereth
  St. Casimir        |St. Casimir   |Portneuf         Q|François X Gingras
  St. Catherine’s,   |Fossambault   |Portneuf         Q|
    East             |              |                  |
  * _St. Catherine’s,|Grantham      |Lincoln          O|W. L. Copeland
    West_            |              |                  |
  St. Célestin       |St. Célestin  |Nicolet          Q|C. E. Houde
  * _St. Césaire_    |St. Césaire   |Rouville         Q|G. A. Gigault
  St. Charles        |St. Charles   |Selkirk          M|Mary Adshead
  St. Charles de     |Stanbridge    |Missisquoi       Q|Louis Chas. Gauvin
    Stanbridge       |              |                  |
  St. Charles, River |Beauchamp     |Bellechasse      Q|T. Montminy
    Boyer            |              |                  |
  St. Charles, River |St. Charles   |St. Hyacinthe    Q|J. E. LeBlanc
    Richelieu        |              |                  |
  _St. Christophe    |Arthabaska    |Arthabaska       Q|James Goodhue
    d’Arthabaska     |              |                  |
  Ste. Claire        |Ste. Claire   |Dorchester       Q|L. V. Royer
  St. Clements       |Wellesley     |Waterloo, N. R.  O|John Stroh
  St. Clet           |Soulanges     |Soulanges        Q|A. Borque
  Ste. Clothilde     |Horton        |Arthabaska       Q|C. Gélinas
  St. Columbia       |              |Two Mountains    Q|M. J. Phelan
  St. Côme           |Cathcart      |Juliette         Q|
  St. Constant       |Lapraire      |Laprairie        Q|Joseph E. Paradis
  St. Croix, W. O.   |              |Hants          N S|Daniel Mosher
  St. Croix, W. O.   |              |York           N B|Alfred H. Bruning
  _Ste. Croix_       |Ste. Croix    |Lotbinière       Q|J. Hamel
  St. Cuthbert       |              |Berthier         Q|P. Tellier
  St. Cyriac         |Kenogami      |Chicoutimi       Q|Jean Dèschene
  St. Cyrille        |St. Cyrille   |L’Islet          Q|J. B. Cloutier
  St. Damase         |St. Damase    |St. Hyacinthe    Q|P. H. Petit
  St. Damien de      |Brandon       |Berthier         Q|J. A. Ecremont
    Brandon          |              |                  |
  St. David’s        |Niagara       |Niagara          O|C. Fisher
  St. Denis de la    |St. Denis     |Kamouraska       Q|Paschal Dionne
    Bouteillerie     |              |                  |
  St. Denis, River   |St. Denis     |St. Hyacinthe    Q|Joseph E. Mignault
    Richelieu        |              |                  |
  St. Didace         |Lanaudiére    |Maskinongé       Q|Elzéar Germain
  St. Dominique      |              |Bagot            Q|Treflé Lapalme
  St. Dominique, des |Soulanges     |Soulanges        Q|L. Cown
    Cedres           |              |                  |
  Ste. Dorothee      |Ste. Dorothee |Laval            Q|Emélion Charron
  St. Edouard        |              |Napierville      Q|J. Blain
  * St. Edouard de   |Frampton      |Dorchester       Q|James Butler
    Frampton (sub)   |              |                  |
  St. Edwidge        |Clifton       |Compton          Q|F. Courtemanche
  St. Elie           |Caxton        |St. Maurice      Q|C. H. Coutu
  St. Eleanors       |Number 17     |Prince       P E I|J. T. Fraser
  Ste. Elizabeth     |              |Berthier         Q|P. L. Hudon dit
                     |              |                  |  Beaulieu
  St. Eloi           |St. Eloi      |Témiscouata      Q|Jacques Theriault
  St. Elzéar         |St. Elzéar    |Beauce           Q|Jean Bilodeau
  Ste. Emélie de     |Joliette      |Joliette         Q|Rev. M. Lussier
    l’Energie        |              |                  |
  St. Ephrem de Tring|Tring         |Beauce           Q|Olivier Bégin
  St. Ephrem d’Upton |Upton         |Bagot            Q|S. B. Warner
  St. Esprit         |              |Montcalm         Q|C. Dalpédit
                     |              |                  |  Pariseau
  St. Esprit, W. O.  |              |Richmond       N S|John Matheson
  St. Etienne de     |Beauharnois   |Beauharnois      Q|T. Vernor
    Beauharnois      |              |                  |
  St. Etienne de     |Bolton        |Brome            Q|Louis Poulin
    Bolton           |              |                  |
  St. Etienne des    |St. Etienne   |St. Maurice      Q|Uldoric Brunelle
    Grés             |  des Grés    |                  |
  St. Eugène         |Hawkesbury,   |Prescott         O|Simon Labrosse
                     |  East        |                  |
  _St. Eustache_     |              |Two Mountains    Q|Philias Gauthier
  St. Evariste de    |Forsyth       |Beauce           Q|
    Forsyth          |              |                  |
  St. Fabien         |St. Fabien    |Rimouski         Q|Vital Roy dit
                     |              |                  |  Lauzon
  Ste. Famille       |Ste. Famille  |Montmorency      Q|Joseph Prémont
  St. Felicité       |St. Denis     |Rimouski         Q|J. B. LeBel
  St. Félix de Valois|              |Joliette         Q|Max. Crepeau
  _St. Ferdinand_    |Halifax       |Megantic         Q|Louis I. Fréchette
  St. Féréol         |St. Féréol    |Montmorency      Q|
    (sub-office)     |              |                  |
  St. Fidéle         |Mount Murray  |Charlevoix       Q|Archille Bhérour
  St. Flavie         |St. Flavie    |Rimouski         Q|A. A. St. Laurent
  St. Flavien        |St. Flavien   |Lotbinière       Q|L. Bédard
  Ste. Flore         |Cap de la     |Champlain        Q|F. Vincent dit
                     |  Madelaine   |                  |  Maheux
  St. Foy            |St. Foy       |Quebec           Q|Félix Belleau
  St. François,      |St. François, |Beauce           Q|Hiliare Poulin
    Beauce           |  Beauce      |                  |
  St. François       |St. François  |Laval            Q|
    de Sales         |  de Sales    |                  |
  St. François       |St. François  |Montmorency      Q|Emilien Pepin dit
    d’Orléans        |  d’Orléans   |                  |  Lachance
  St. François du Lac|              |Yamaska          Q|O. H. Coutu
  Ste. Françoise     |Bégon         |Témiscouta       Q|Rev. A. Duval
  St. François,      |St. François  |Montmagny        Q|E. C. Boulet
    Montmagny        |              |                  |
  St. François Xavier|St. François  |Marquette        M|J. B. Thibeault
                     |  Xavier      |                  |
  St. Frédéric       |St. Frédéric  |Beauce           Q|L. G. A. Legendre
  St. Gabriel de     |Brandon       |Berthier         Q|M. O’Heir
    Brandon          |              |                  |
  Ste. Geneviève     |Montreal      |Jacques Cartier  Q|Godfroi Boileau
  _St. George_       |              |Charlotte      N B|E. R. O’Brien
  St. George, Beauce |St. George    |Beauce           Q|Hubert Catellier
  _St. George, Brant_|Dumfries,     |Brant, N. R.     O|C. Batty
                     |  South       |                  |
  St. George de      |Windsor       |Richmond         Q|Edward Millette
    Windsor          |              |                  |
  St. George’s       |              |Richmond       N S|William McKenzie
    Channel, W. O.   |              |                  |
  St. Germain de     |Grantham      |Drummond         Q|H. P. Paré
    Grantham         |              |                  |
  Ste. Gertrude      |Ste. Gertrude |Nicolet          Q|Léon Champoux
  St. Gervais        |St. Gervais   |Bellechasse      Q|Marcel Aubé
  St. Giles          |St. Giles     |Lotbinière       Q|George Coté
  St. Grégoire       |St. Grégoire  |Nicolet          Q|J. A. Poirier
  St. Guillaume      |Upton         |Drummond         Q|H. Mercier
    d’Upton          |              |                  |
  Ste. Héléne        |Ste. Héléne   |Kamouraska       Q|B. Michaud
  Ste. Héléne de     |              |Bagot            Q|Pierre Fafard
    Bagot            |              |                  |
  St. Helen’s        |Wawanosh      |Huron, N. R.     O|Robert Murray
  Ste. Hénédine      |Ste. Hénédine |Dorchester       Q|Joseph Mercier
  St. Henri          |Lauzon        |Lévis            Q|Charles A. Collet
  St. Henri Station  |St. Henri     |Lévis            Q|George Demers
  St. Hermas         |              |Two Mountains    Q|P. E. Clairoux
  St. Herménégilde   |Barford       |Stanstead        O|Calixte Duquis
  [3] St. Hilaire,   |              |Victoria       N B|Peter Michaud
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  St. Hilaire Station|St. Hilaire   |Rouville         Q|Thomas Valiquet
  St. Hilaire Village|St. Hilaire   |Rouville         Q|E. Goulet
  St. Hippolyte de   |Kilkenny      |Montcalm         Q|Rev. F. X. Laberge
    Kilkenny         |              |                  |
  St. Honoré         |Shenley       |Beauce           Q|Pierre Boucher
  St. Hubert         |              |Chambly          Q|François Rober
  _St. Hugues_       |              |Bagot            Q|Emery Lafontaine
  * _St. Hyacinthe_  |St. Hyacinthe |St. Hyacinthe    Q|E. L. R. C.
                     |              |                  |  Després
  St. Irénée         |St. Irénée    |Charlevoix       Q|Joseph Gosselin
  St. Isidore,       |St. Isidore   |Dorchester       Q|B. Morin
    Dorchester       |              |                  |
  St. Isidore,       |              |Laprairie        Q|F. T. Langevin
    Laprairie        |              |                  |
  St. Ives           |West Nissouri |Middlesex, E. R. O|Thomas Howard
  _St. Jacob’s_      |Woolwich      |Waterloo, N. R.  O|John L. Wideman
  St. James          |St. James     |Selkirk          M|James McKay
  St. Jaques         |St. Sulpice   |Montcalm         Q|J. F. Ecrement
  St. Jaques le      |              |Laprairie        Q|Joseph O. Poirier
    Mineur           |              |                  |
  St. James Park     |Westminster   |Middlesex, E. R. O|John Taylor
    (sub)            |              |                  |
  St. Janvier        |St. Janvier   |Terrebonne       Q|David Desroches
  St. Jean Baptiste  |Côte St. Louis|Hochelaga        Q|Gilbert
    de Montréal      |              |                  |  Filiatreault
  St. Jean Baptiste  |Rouville      |Rouville         Q|L. G. E. Goulet
    de Rouville      |              |                  |
  _St. Jean          |              |Chateauguay      Q|I. J. L. Derome
    Chrysostôme,     |              |                  |
    Chateauguay_     |              |                  |
  St. Jean           |Lauzon        |Lévis            Q|Louis Goslin
    Chrysostôme,     |              |                  |
    Lévis            |              |                  |
  St. Jean des       |St. Jean des  |Lotbinière       Q|P. C. Levasseur
    Chaillons        |  Chaillons   |                  |
  St. Jean de Matha  |Brandon       |Joliette         Q|F. X. Lasalle
  St. Jean d’Orléans |St. Jean      |Montmorency      Q|F. X. Turcotte
                     |  d’Orléans   |                  |
  St. Jean Port Joli |St. Jean Port |L’Islet          Q|Marie Fournier
                     |  Joli        |                  |
  * _St. Jérome_     |              |Terrebonne       Q|Edouard Marchand
  St. Joachim        |St. Joachim   |Montmorency      Q|Isaie Simard
  St. Joachim de     |Roxton        |Shefford         Q|Joseph Bachand
    Shefford         |              |                  |
  _St. John_         |              |St. John       N B|John Howe
  * _St. John’s,     |              |St. John’s       Q|W. A. Osgood
    East_            |              |                  |
  St. John’s, West   |Thorold       |Welland          O|A. B. Brown
  St. Joseph         |St. Joseph    |Beauce           Q|Miss F. A. A.
                     |              |                  |  Arcand
  St. Joseph, W. O.  |              |Westmoreland   N B|Daniel Ethier
  St. Joseph du Lac  |Two Mountains |Two Mountains    Q|John McColl
  St. Jude           |St. Jude      |St. Hyacinthe    Q|Hubert Lemay
  Ste. Julie         |Belœil        |Verchéres        Q|Joseph Collette
  Ste. Julie de      |Somerset      |Megantic         Q|Louis Roberge
    Somerset         |              |                  |
  St. Julienne       |              |Montcalm         Q|Jos. Racette
  St. Justin         |              |Maskinongé       Q|Louis St. Antoine
  Ste. Justine de    |Newton        |Vaudreuil        Q|V. J. Lalonde
    Newton           |              |                  |
  St. Lambert        |Lauzon        |Lévis            Q|M. Brochu
  St. Lambert,       |Laprairie     |Chambly          Q|Andrew Irving
    Montreal         |              |                  |
  St. Laurent        |St. Laurent   |Montmorency      Q|Jean Bte. Gosselin
    d’Orléans        |  d’Orléans   |                  |
  St. Laurent,       |Montreal      |Jacques Cartier  Q|Joseph Le Cavalier
    Montreal         |              |                  |
  [4] St. Laurent    |              |Marquette        M|Rev. J. Mulvihill
  St. Lazare         |St. Lazare    |Bellechasse      Q|Rev. E. Dufour
  St. Léon           |Dumontier     |Maskinongé       Q|F. X. A. Rivard
  St. Leonard        |Aston         |Nicolet          Q|Ludger Désilets
  St. Leonard’s,     |              |Victoria       N B|Frank Kearney
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  St. Liboire        |St. Liboire   |Bagot            Q|J. C. Bachand
  St. Liguori        |              |Montcalm         Q|Ulric B.
                     |              |                  |  Desrochers
  St. Lin            |              |L’Assomption     Q|Thomas Garault
  St. Louis de       |              |Beauharnois      Q|Léandre Vachon
    Gonzague         |              |                  |
  Ste. Louise        |Ste. Louise   |L’Islet          Q|Nazaire Caron
  St. Luc            |Longueuil     |St. John’s       Q|Samuel Hamilton
  Ste. Luce          |Lessard       |Rimouski         Q|James Miller
  St. Magloire       |Rioux         |Bellechasse      Q|Pierre Tanguay
  St. Malachie       |East Frampton |Dorchester       Q|George Duncan
  St. Malo           |Auckland      |Compton          Q|Moyse Roy
  St. Marc           |St. Marc      |Verchères        Q|
  St. Marcel         |              |Richelieu        Q|Anselme Plamondon
  St. Margaret’s Bay |              |Halifax        N S|J. S. Brine
  St. Margaret’s     |Number 43     |King’s       P E I|James McCormack
  Ste. Marguerite    |Ste.          |Dorchester       Q|F. E. Genest
                     |  Marguerite  |                  |
  Ste. Marie de      |Ste. Marie    |Rouville         Q|G. H. Gatien
    Monnoir          |              |                  |
  Ste. Marthe        |Rigaud        |Vandreuil        Q|E. H. Lalonde
  St. Martin         |Isle Jésus    |Leval            Q|Léon Sauriol
  St. Martine        |St. Martine   |Chateauguay      Q|Antoine Hébert
  _St. Martin’s_     |              |St. John       N B|Andrew S. Killen
  St. Martin’s, W. O.|              |St. John       N B|J. Berry
  St. Mary’s Bay,    |              |Digby          N S|Edward Everett
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  * _St. Mary’s_     |Blanchard     |Perth, S. R.     O|Peter M. Nichol
  St. Mary’s, W. O.  |              |Kent           N B|Oliver Le Blanc
  St. Mary’s Ferry,  |              |York           N B|C. L. Estabrook
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  St. Mary’s Road    |Number 61     |King’s       P E I|James Gormley
  St. Mathias        |East Chambly  |Rouville         Q|Paul Bertrand
  St. Mathieu        |St. Mathieu   |Rimouski         Q|T. Lévêque
  St. Maurice        |Cap de la     |Champlain        Q|G. E. Bistodeau
                     |  Magdelaine  |                  |
  St. Maurice Forges |St. Etienne   |Maurice          Q|J. B. Beauchemin
  St. Michel         |St. Michel    |Bellechasse      Q|E. S. Belleau
  St. Michel des     |Brassard      |Berthier         Q|Rev. J. A Dagnaul
    Saints           |              |                  |
  St. Modeste        |Wentworth     |Témiscouata      Q|Narcisse Miville
  St. Moïse          |Cabot         |Rimouski         Q|George Blais
  St. Monique        |St. Monique   |Nicolet          Q|Godfroi Rosseau
  St. Monique des    |St. Monique   |Two Mountains    Q|Damase Leonard
    deux Montagnes   |  des deux    |                  |
                     |  Montagnes   |                  |
  St. Narcisse       |Champlain     |Champlain        Q|D. Hamelin
  St. Nicholas       |St. Nicholas  |Lévis            Q|Morris Scott
  St. Norbert        |Berthier      |Berthier         Q|N. Roch
  St. Norbert        |St. Norbert,  |Provencher       M|Joseph Lemay
                     |  North       |                  |
  St. Octave         |Métis         |Rimouski         Q|
  St. Ola            |Limerick      |Hastings, N. R.  O|William Morton
  St. Onézime        |St. Onézime   |Kamouraska       Q|L. Oulette
  St. Ours           |St. Ours      |Richelieu        Q|L. Chapelaine
  St. Pacôme         |Rivière Ouelle|Kamouraska       Q|Alexander Hudon
  St. Paschal        |St. Paschal   |Kamouraska       Q|E. Chapleau
  St. Patrick, W. O. |              |Charlotte      N B|Richard Dyer
  St. Patrick’s      |              |Victoria       N S|John McNaughton
    Channel, W. O.   |              |                  |
  St. Patrick’s Hill |Tingwick      |Arthabaska       Q|Joseph S.
                     |              |                  |  Beaudette
  St. Paul           |              |Joliette         Q|Joseph Guilbault
    d’Industrie      |              |                  |
  St. Paul du Buton  |Montmini      |Montmagny        Q|Rev. W. Couture
  St. Paulin         |St. Paulin    |Maskinongé       Q|Olivier Lafond
  St. Paul l’Hermite |L’Assomption  |L’Assomption     Q|Joseph Marion
  St. Paul’s, W. O.  |              |Pictou         N S|William Thompson
  St. Paul’s, W. O.  |              |Kent           N B|Pacifique
                     |              |                  |  Belliveau
  * _St. Paul’s Bay_ |St. Paul’s Bay|Charlevoix       Q|Ovide A. Clement
  St. Perpetue       |St. Perpetue  |Nicolet          Q|Onésime Rousseau
  _St. Peter’s_      |              |Richmond       N S|R. G. Morrison
  St. Peter’s        |St. Peter’s   |Lisgar           M|Edward Thomas
  St. Philippe       |St. Philippe  |Laprairie        Q|Z. Mayrand
  St. Philippe       |Chatham       |Argenteuil       Q|Fernandez Naubert
    d’Argenteuil     |              |                  |
  St. Philippe de    |St. Philippe  |Kamouraska       Q|François Deschène
    Néry             |  de Néry     |                  |
  Ste. Philomêne     |              |Chateauguay      Q|Mrs. M. J. D’Amour
  St. Pie            |              |Bagot            Q|A. Gauthier dit
                     |              |                  |  Landerville
  St. Pierre Baptiste|Inverness     |Megantic         Q|P. A. Drolet
  St. Pierre         |St. Pierre    |Montmorency      Q|F. Fortin
    d’Orléans        |  d’Orléans   |                  |
  St. Pierre les     |St. Pierre les|Nicolet          Q|Thomas Phillips
    Becquets         |  Becquets    |                  |
  St. Pierre         |St. Pierre    |Montmagny        Q|Sarah D. Bacon
    Montmagny        |  Montmagny   |                  |
  St. Placide        |              |Two Mountains    Q|Zephirin Raymond
  _St. Polycarpe_    |New Longueuil |Soulanges        Q|John Taylor
  St. Prime          Ashuapmouchouan|Chicoutimi       Q|Rev. E. Auclair
  St. Prosper        |St. Prosper   |Champlain        Q|Joseph Frigon
  St. Raphael, East  |St. Raphael   |Bellechasse      Q|P. C. A. Fournier
  St. Raphael, West  |Charlottenburg|Glengarry        O|Mrs. Mary McDonell
  St. Raymond        |Bourg Louis   |Portneuf         Q|Edouard Plamondon
  St. Regis          |St. Regis     |Huntingdon       Q|Robert Tyre
  _St. Rémi_         |La Salle      |Napierville      Q|Charles Bédard
  St. Robert         |              |Richelieu        Q|Oliver Dupré
  * _St. Roch de     |St. Roch de   |Quebec City,     Q|Louis P. Huot
    Québec_          |  Québec      |  East            |
  St. Roch de        |St. Roch de   |Richelieu        Q|J. B. Paquette
    Richelieu        |  Richelieu   |                  |
  St. Roch des       |St. Roch des  |L’Islet          Q|A. Morin
    Aulnaies         |  Aulnaies    |                  |
  St. Roch l’Achigan |              |L’Assomption     Q|O. Peltier
  St. Romaine        |Winslow       |Compton          Q|E. Bélanger
  St. Rosalie        |St. Rosalie   |Bagot            O|Ant. Cabana
  Ste. Rose          |Isle Jésus    |Laval            Q|Adelard E. Leonard
  St. Sauveur        |St. Sauveur   |Terrebonne       Q|L. L. J. Loranger
  _St. Sauveur de    |Banlieue de   |Quebec           Q|J. L. Saucier
    Québec_          |  Québec      |                  |
  _St. Scholastique_ |              |Two Mountains    Q|A. Fortier
  St. Sébastien      |St. George de |Iberville        Q|Luc Lamoureux
                     |  Henryville  |                  |
  St. Sévère         |              |St. Maurice      Q|Adolphe Lamy
  St. Simon de       |              |Rimouski         Q|Antoine Bernier
    Rimouski         |              |                  |
  St. Simon de       |De Ramsey     |Bagot            Q|Alfred Brien
    Yamaska          |              |                  |
  Ste. Sophie        |Halifax       |Megantic         Q|Joseph Vigneau
  Ste. Sophie de     |Lacorne       |Terrebonne       Q|Ulric Lévêque
    Lacorne          |              |                  |
  St. Stanislas      |Batiscan      |Champlain        Q|A. Jos.
                     |              |                  |  Lacourcière
  St. Stanislas de   |              |Beauharnois      Q|Onésime Dorais
    Kostka           |              |                  |
  _St. Stephen_      |              |Charlotte      N B|James A. Grant
  St. Sulpice        |L’Assomption  |L’Assomption     Q|Jacques Royal
  St. Sylvester      |St. Sylvester |Lotbinière       Q|John Machell
  St. Sylvester, East|St. Sylvester |Lotbinière       Q|Jean Lessard
  St. Théodore       |Acton         |Bagot            Q|Paul Decelle
  St. Théodore de    |Chertsey      |Montcalm         Q|Marcel Lépine
    Chertsey         |              |                  |
  _Ste. Thérèse de   |Blainville    |Terrebonne       Q|David Morris
    Blainville_      |              |                  |
  St. Thomas, East   |Lanoraie      |Joliette         Q|Joseph Latour, dit
                     |              |                  |  Forget
  * _St. Thomas,     |Yarmouth      |Elgin, E. R.     O|F. E. Ermatinger
    West_            |              |                  |
  St. Timothée       |              |Beauharnois      Q|J. B. Scott
  St. Tite           |Batiscan      |Champlain        Q|
  St. Tite des Caps  |St. Tite      |Montmorency      Q|Rev. G. E.
    (sub-office)     |              |                  |  Savaugeau
  St. Urbain         |              |Chateauguay      Q|J. B. Matthieu
  St. Urbain         |St. Urbain    |Charlevoix       Q|Onésime Gauthier
  Ste. Ursule        |              |Maskinongé       Q|L. Lupien
  St. Valentine      |              |St. John’s       Q|J. H. Lamarche
  St. Valérien       |Milton        |Shefford         Q|P. S. Grandpré
  St. Vallier        |St. Vallier   |Bellechasse      Q|F. Bélanger
  Ste. Victoire      |              |Richelieu        Q|C. P. Clotier
  St. Victor de Tring|Tring         |Beauce           Q|François Gosselin,
                     |              |                  |  jun.
  St. Vincent de Paul|Isle Jésus    |Laval            Q|C. Germain, jun.
  St. Wenceslas      |Ashton        |Nicolet          Q|Ferdinand Thèrien
  _St. Williams_     |Walsingham    |Norfolk, S. R.   O|Harriet L. Kitchen
  St. Zenon          |Provost       |Berthier         Q|Félix M. Trudeau
  St. Zephirin       |Courval       |Yamaska          Q|Nestor Duguay
  St. Zotique        |              |Soulanges        Q|O. F. Prieur
                     |              |                  |
                     |              |                  |
  Sable              |West Williams |Middlesex, N. R. O|A. McDonald
  Sable River, W. O. |              |Shelburne      N S|
  Sabrevois          |Sabrevois     |Iberville        Q|Thomas Jones
  _Sackville_        |              |Westmoreland   N B|Jos. Dixon
  Saintfield         |Reach         |Ontario, N. R.   O|Donald McKay
  Salem              |Nichol        |Wellington,      O|John R. Wissler
                     |              |  C. R.           |
  Salem, W. O.       |              |Albert         N B|Joshua Steeves
  Salem, W. O.       |              |Cumberland     N S|E. Black
  Salford            |Dereham       |Oxford, S. R.    O|William Boon
  _Salisbury_        |              |Westmoreland   N B|
  Salmon Beach, W. O.|              |Gloucester     N B|R. Buttemer
  Salmon Creek, W. O.|              |Sunbury        N B|James Fowler
  Salmon Hole, W. O. |              |Halifax        N S|Jacob Sellis
  Salmon River, W. O.|              |St. John       N B|Edward H. Foster
  Salmon River, W. O.|              |Cape Breton    N S|J. Huntington
  Salmon River, W. O.|              |Digby          N S|E. Shehan
  Salmon River, W. O.|              |Guysboro’      N S|D. Lawlor
  Salmon River, W. O.|              |Halifax        N S|Ann Gallagher
  Salmon River (Lake |              |Guysboro’      N S|Thomas O’Neil
    Settlement),     |              |                  |
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Salmonville        |Chinguacousy  |Peel             O|Simon Plewes
  Salt Springs, W. O.|              |King’s         N B|George McEwan
  Sambro’, W. O.     |              |Halifax        N S|E. Smith
  Sanborn            |Wolfeston     |Wolfe            Q|Thomas Hurley,
                     |              |                  |  jun.
  Sand Beach, W. O.  |              |Yarmouth       N S|Wm. R. Pinkney
  Sandfield          |Lochiel       |Glengarry        O|Mrs. McRae
  Sandford           |Scott         |Ontario, N. R.   O|Edward Taylor
  Sandhill           |Chinguacousy  |Peel             O|W. C. Hughes
  Sandhurst          |S.            |Lennox           O|William Hill
                     |Fredericksburg|                  |
  Sand Point         |McNab         |Renfrew, S. R.   O|Edward Derenzy
  Sand Point, W. O.  |              |Guysboro’      N S|Alexander J. Fox
  * _Sandwich_       |Sandwich, West|Essex            O|C. St. Louis
  Sandy Beach        |South Gaspé   |Gaspé            Q|Nicholas Bailey
                     |  Bay         |                  |
  Sandy Beaches,     |              |Halifax        N S|Isaac Cleveland
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  _Sandy Cove_       |              |Digby          N S|John C. Morse
  Sandy Point, W. O. |              |Shelburne      N S|John Purney
  Sarawak            |Sarawak       |Grey, N. R.      O|John McKenzie
  Sarepta            |Hay           |Huron, S. R.     O|William Reynolds
  * _Sarnia_         |Sarnia        |Lambton          O|William Murphy
  * _Saugeen_        |Saugeen       |Bruce, N. R.     O|Thomas Lee
  Saulnierville,     |              |Digby          N S|Samuel McCormack
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Sault au Récollet  |Montreal      |Hochelaga        Q|Edward Dauphin
  Sault Ste. Marie   |              |Algoma           O|Mrs. Pim
  Savage’s Mill      |Shefford      |Shefford         Q|A. H. Savage
  Saw Mill Creek,    |              |Annapolis      N S|Richardson Harris
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Sawyerville        |Newport       |Compton          Q|W. S. Scholefield
  * _Scarboro’_      |Scarboro’     |York, E. R.      O|Donald McLean
  Scarboro’ Junction |Scarboro’     |York, E. R.      O|George Taylor, Sr.
  _Schomberg_        |King          |York, N. R.      O|J. McGinnis
  Scone              |Elderslee     |Bruce, N. R.     O|Thomas Bearman
  Scotch Settlement, |              |Westmoreland   N B|Niel McDougall
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Scotch Town, W. O. |              |Queen’s        N B|John R. Carle
  Scotch Village,    |              |Hants          N S|John T. Cochran
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Scotchfort         |Number 36     |Queen’s      P E I|A. McDonald
  _Scotland_         |Oakland       |Brant, S. R.     O|H. Lyman
  Scott’s Bay, W. O. |              |King’s         N S|A. C. Ells
  Scovill’s Mills,   |              |Kent           N B|L. M. White
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Scugog             |Scugog        |Ontario, N. R.   O|Isaac Finley
  * _Seaforth_       |Tuckersmith   |Huron, C. R.     O|Samuel Dickson
  Seaton             |York          |York, W. R.      O|Allan Orr
  Searletown         |Number 27     |Prince       P E I|Hiram Trueman
  Sebringville       |Ellice        |Perth, N. R.     O|
  Second Falls, W. O.|              |Charlotte      N B|James C. Pratt
  Section 7, W. O.   |              |Cumberland     N S|
  Seeley’s Bay       |Leeds         |Leeds, S. R.     O|William Coleman
  Seeley’s Mill’s,   |              |King’s         N B|Andrew McAfee
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Seely              |Brunel        |Muskoka          O|Obadiah Seely
  Segeun Falls       |Monteith      |Muskoka          O|D. F. Burk
  Selby              |Richmond      |Lennox           O|David Wartman
  _Selkirk_          |Walpole       |Haldimand        O|R. J. Winyar
  Selkirk Road       |Number 60     |Queen’s      P E I|John Dogherty
  Selmah, W. O.      |              |Hants          N S|Archibald Frame
  Selton             |Howard        |Bothwell         O|James Robinson
  Selwyn             |Smith         |Peterborough,    O|Richard Northey
                     |              |  W. R.           |
  * _Seneca_         |Seneca        |Haldimand        O|John Scott
  Settrington        |Settrington   |Charlevoix       Q|Rev. M. E. Roy
  _Severn Bridge_    |Morrison      |Muskoka          O|James H. Jackson
  Sevigné            |Hartwell      |Ottawa           Q|Hercule Chenier
  Shag Harbour, W. O.|              |Shelburne      N S|S. W. Nickerson
  _Shakespeare_      |South Easthope|Perth, S. R.     O|George Brown
  Shanick            |Marmora       |Hastings, N. R.  O|James Bailey
  Shanklin, W. O.    |              |St. John’s     N B|Samuel J. Shanklin
  Shanly             |Edwardsburgh  |Grenville, S. R. O|William Clark
  Shannonvale, W. O. |              |Restigouche    N B|Nathaniel Perrett
  _Shannonville_     |Tyendinaga    |Hastings, E. R.  O|Hiram Holden
  Shanty Bay         |Oro           |Simcoe, N. R.    O|Thomas Fletcher
  _Sharon_           |Gwillimbury,  |York, N. R.      O|John J. Stokes
                     |  East        |                  |
  Sharpton           |Kingston      |Frontenac        O|R. McKechnie
  Shawbridge         |Abercrombie   |Terrebonne       Q|William Shaw
  Shawenegan         |Shawenegan    |St. Maurice      Q|Joseph Desaulniers
  Shea’s River, W. O.|              |Inverness      N S|Alex. McDonald
  [5] Shedden        |Bexley        |Victoria, N. R.  O|Mrs. Nancy Leroy
  _Shediac_          |              |Westmoreland   N B|A. R. Weldon
  Shediac Bridge,    |              |Westmoreland   N B|Athanase Gallant
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Shediac Road, W. O.|              |Westmoreland   N B|James Rodgerson
  Sheenboro’         |Sheen         |Pontiac          Q|
  _Sheet Harbor_     |              |Halifax        N S|W. Hall
  Sheffield          |Beverley      |Wentworth, N. R. O|Edwin Bond
  _Sheffield_        |              |Sunbury        N B|C. J. Burpee
  Sheffield Academy, |              |Sunbury        N B|Whitehead Barker
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Sheffield Mills,   |              |King’s         N S|Watson Ells
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Shefford Mountain  |Shefford      |Shefford         Q|William Saxby
  Shelburne          |Melancthon    |Grey, E. R.      O|Edward Berwick
  _Shelburne_        |              |Shelburne      N S|R. R. Thomson
  Sheldon            |Adjala        |Cardwell         O|M. Webster
  Sheldrake          |              |Saguenay         Q|Philip Touzel
  Shepody Road, W. O.|              |King’s         N B|Jos. Wallace
  * _Sherbrooke_     |Ascot         |Sherbrooke       Q|Samuel J. Foss
  _Sherbrooke_       |St. Mary’s    |Guysborough    N S|Jas. H. McDonald
  Sheridan           |Trafalgar     |Halton           O|
  Sherkston          |Humberstone   |Welland          O|H. B. Zavitz
  Sherrington        |Sherrington   |Napierville      Q|Raymond Robert
  Sherwood Spring    |Yonge         |Leeds, S. R.     O|James Simpson
  Shetland           |Euphemia      |Bothwell         O|Richard Laird
  Shigawake          |Hope          |Bonaventure      Q|Andrew Young
  Shiktehawk, W. O.  |              |Carleton       N B|Edwin Phillips
  Shinemicas Bridge  |              |Cumberland     N S|John Moore
  Ship Harbor, W. O. |              |Halifax        N S|Charles Dean
  Shipley            |Wallace       |Perth, N. R.     O|Edward Bristow
  Shippigan          |              |Gloucester     N B|John Dorron
  Shoolbred          |Shoolbred     |Bonaventure      Q|Jean Trottier
  Short Beach, W. O. |              |Yarmouth       N S|James Bent
  Shrewsbury         |Chatham, West |Argenteuil       Q|John Chambers
                     |  Gore        |                  |
  Shrigley           |Melancthon    |Grey, E. R.      O|George Bailey
  _Shubenacadie_     |              |Colchester     N S|Andrew Kirkpatrick
  Shulie, W. O.      |              |Cumberland     N S|A. W. Grant
  Sidney Crossing    |Sidney        |Hastings, W. R.  O|N. R. Vandervoort
  Sierra             |Charlottenburg|Glengarry        O|C. J. McRae
  Sight Point, W. O. |              |Inverness      N S|D. McEachan
  Sillery Cove       |St. Columba   |Quebec           Q|Peter McNeil
  Sillsville         |Fredericksburg|Lennox           O|Samuel H. Mellow
  Siloam             |Uxbridge      |Ontario, N. R.   O|Samuel Widderfield
  Silver Hill        |Charlotteville|Norfolk, S. R.   O|Henry C. Gifford
  Silver Islet       |              |Algoma           O|John Livingstone
  Silverstream, W. O.|              |Victoria       N B|Baptiste Guimond
  * _Simcoe_         |Woodhouse     |Norfolk, N. R.   O|Henry Mulkins
  _Singhampton_      |Nottawasaga   |Simcoe, N. R.    O|James Hamilton
  Six Mile Brook,    |              |Pictou         N S|John McKay
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Six Mile Road,     |              |Cumberland     N S|Albert Angevine
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Six Portages       |Bouchette     |Ottawa           Q|John Sproule
  Skeena             |              |Cariboo        B C|Thomas Hankin
  Skinner’s Pond     |Number 1      |Prince       P E I|J. Doyle
  Skipness           |Amabel        |Bruce, N. R.     O|Wm. Hall
  Skye               |Kenyon        |Glengarry        O|J. R. McKenzie
  Sky Glen, W. O.    |              |Inverness      N S|T. H. Smith
  Sleswick           |Caledon       |Cardwell         O|
  Sligo              |Caledon       |Cardwell         O|
  Smithfield         |Brighton      |Northumberland,  O|S. D. Smith
                     |              |  E. R.           |
  Smithfield, W. O.  |              |Guysboro’      N S|John W. Archibald
  Smith’s, W. O.     |              |Westmoreland   N B|William Hannington
  Smith’s Cove, W. O.|              |Digby          N S|E. W. Potter
  Smith’s Creek,     |              |King’s         N B|Thomas H. Coates
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  * _Smith’s Falls_  |North Elmsley |Lanark, S. R.    O|James Shaw, jun.
  Smith’s Mills      |Stanstead     |Stanstead        Q|William Knight
  Smith Town, W. O.  |              |King’s         N B|David Smith
  Smithurst          |Minto         |Wellington,      O|Thomas B.
                     |              |  N. R.           |  Patterson
  * _Smithville,     |Grimsby       |Lincoln          O|Robert Thompson
    Lincoln_         |              |                  |
  Soda Creek         |              |Cariboo        B C|Robert McLesse
  Solina             |Darlington    |Durham, W. R.    O|James C. Groat
  _Sombra_           |Sombra        |Bothwell         O|P. Cattanach
  Somenos            |District of   |Vancouver      B C|Archd. R Kier
                     |  Somenos     |                  |
  Somerset           |St. Calixte de|Megantic         Q|H. Jutras
                     |  Somerset    |                  |
  Somerset, W. O.    |              |King’s         N S|C. W. Bertaux
  _Somerset_         |Number 27     |Prince       P E I|John B. Strong
  Somerville, W. O.  |              |Carleton       N B|Wm. P. Boyer
  Sonora, W. O.      |              |Guysborough    N S|James McCutcheon
  Sonya              |Mariposa      |Victoria, N. R.  O|Charles E. Black
  Sooke              |              |Vancouver      B C|Michael Muir
  Soperton           |Lansdown      |Leeds, S. R.     O|
  * _Sorel_          |Sorel         |Richelieu        Q|J. O. Duplessis
  Souris, East       |Number 45     |King’s       P E I|J. McInnis
  Souris, West       |Number 44     |King’s       P E I|Thomas Kickham
  Southampton, W. O. |              |Cumberland     N S|Michael L. Tucker
  Southampton, W. O. |              |York           N B|Asa D. Brooks
  South Bar of Sydney|              |Cape Breton    N S|James Fraser
    River, W. O.     |              |                  |
  South Barnston     |Barnston      |Stanstead        Q|Francis Cooper
  South Bay          |Marysburgh    |Prince Edward    O|W. H. Sloan
  South Bay, W. O.   |              |Victoria       N S|Thomas Donovan
  South Bay, W. O.   |Lancaster     |St. John       N B|E. J. Sheldon
  South Bolton       |Bolton        |Brome            Q|John McMannis
  South Branch, W. O.|              |Colchester     N S|C. B. Cox
  South Branch (Ken),|              |King’s         N B|Daniel Godard
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  South Cayuga       |South Cayuga  |Haldimand        O|Isaac Fry
  South Douro        |Douro         |Peterboro’,      O|Thomas Hanrahan
                     |              |  E. R.           |
  South Dummer       |Dummer        |Peterboro’,      O|William Speer
                     |              |  E. R.           |
  South Durham       |Durham        |Drummond         Q|F. Prefontaine
  South East Passage,|              |Halifax        N S|Mrs. L. Williams
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  South Ely          |Ely           |Shefford         Q|Ira Jimerson
  South Finch        |Finch         |Stormont         O|Duncan G. McMillan
  South Gloucester   |Osgoode       |Russell          O|Thomas Stanley
  South Gower        |South Gower   |Grenville, N. R. O|David McGregor
  South Granby       |Granby        |Shefford         Q|Elias Clow
  South Gut of Saint |              |Victoria       N S|John Morrison
    Ann’s, W. O.     |              |                  |
  South Ham          |Ham           |Wolfe            Q|E. S. Darche
  South La Graisse   |Lochiel       |Glengarry        O|H. R. McDonald
  South Lake         |Leeds         |Leeds, S. R.     O|W. Bermingham
  South McLellan’s   |              |Pictou         N S|Marion Webster
    Mountain, W. O.  |              |                  |
  South March        |March         |Carleton         O|Samuel Scisson
  South Middleton    |Middleton     |Norfolk, N. R.   O|Robert McKim
  South Monaghan     |South Monaghan|Peterborough,    O|Robert Waddell
                     |              |  W. R.           |
  South Mountain     |Mountain      |Dundas           O|S. H. Richardson
  South Nelson, W. O.|              |Northumberland N B|John Kain
  South Ohio, W. O.  |              |Yarmouth       N S|William Crosby
  Southport          |Number 38     |Queen’s      P E I|Henry Beer
  * _South Quebec_   |Notre Dame de |Lévis            Q|John Ritchie
                     |  la Victoire |                  |
  South Rawdon, W. O.|              |Hants          N S|George Creed
  South Rockland,    |              |Westmoreland   N B|Robert A. Chapman
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  South Roxton       |Roxton        |Shefford         Q|Wright Ball
  South Side Basin of|              |Inverness      N S|M. McAuley
    River Denis,     |              |                  |
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  South Side of      |              |Victoria       N S|R. McKenzie
    Boulardorie,     |              |                  |
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  South Side of      |              |Inverness      N S|John McEachen
    Whycocomagh Bay, |              |                  |
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  South Side of West |Margaree      |Inverness      N S|D. E. McKay
    Margaree, W. O.  |              |                  |
  [6] South Stukely  |Stukely       |Shefford         Q|Luke H. Knowlton
  South West Mabou,  |              |Inverness      N S|Allan McDonald
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  South West, Lot 16 |Number 16     |Prince       P E I|Alexander McLean
  South Wiltshire    |” 31          |Queen’s      P E I|Thomas Yeo
  South Zorra        |Zorra, East   |Oxford, N. R.    O|Thomas Cross
  Spaffordton        |Loughboro’    |Addington        O|Henry Counter
  Spanish River      |              |Algoma           O|William A. Gorrell
  * _Sparta_         |Yarmouth      |Elgin, E. R.     O|John A. Eakins
  Spa Springs, W. O. |Wilmot        |Annapolis      N S|Egbert S. Woodbury
  Speedie            |Sydenham      |Grey, N. R.      O|William Speedie
  Speedside          |Eramosa       |Wellington,      O|James Loughrin
                     |              |  S. R.           |
  Speitches Cove,    |              |Digby          N S|L. McKay
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Spence             |Spence        |Muskoka          O|F. W. Ashdown
  Spence, W. O.      |              |Westmoreland   N B|George Spence
  Spencer Cove       |St. Colomb de |Quebec           Q|Mrs. Anne Flanagan
                     |  Sillery     |                  |
  Spencer’s Island,  |              |Cumberland     N S|W. H. Bigelow
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  _Spencerville_     |Edwardsburgh  |Grenville, S. R. O|Mrs. Mary Imrie
  Spences Bridge     |              |Yale           B C|John Murray
  Speyside           |Esquesing     |Halton           O|Robert McPherson
  Sprague’s Point,   |              |King’s         N B|F. D. Genong
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Spring Arbor       |Walsingham    |Norfolk, S. R.   O|J. W. Hazen
  Springbank         |East Williams |Middlesex, N. R. O|Robert Cowie
  Spring Brook       |Rawdon        |Hastings, N. R.  O|Joshua Green
  Springfield        |Dorchester,   |Elgin, E. R.     O|W. H. Graves
                     |  South       |                  |
  _Springfield_      |              |King’s         N B|A. Fairweather
  Springfield, W. O. |              |York           N B|Jessie Clarke
  Springfield, W. O. |              |Annapolis      N S|C. Grimm
  Springfield        |Number 67     |Queen’s      P E I|Richard P. Bagnall
  _Springford_       |Norwich, South|Oxford, S. R.    O|
  Spring Hill, W. O. |              |Cumberland     N S|J. Hewitt
  Spring Hill Mines, |              |Cumberland     N S|H. S. Ross
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Springvale         |Walpole       |Haldimand        O|Joseph Anderson
  Springville        |North Monaghan|Peterboro’,      O|A. Goodfellow
                     |              |  W. R.           |
  Springville, W. O. |              |Pictou         N S|C. A. Holmes
  Spruce Lake, W. O. |              |St. John       N B|John Kelly
  Spry Bay, W. O.    |              |Halifax        N S|Henry Leslie
  Staffa             |Hibbert       |Perth, S. R.     O|James Hamilton
  Stafford           |Stafford      |Renfrew, N. R.   O|Robert Childerhose
  Stamford           |Stamford      |Welland          O|Mrs. Phebe A.
                     |              |                  |  Correl
  Stanbridge, East   |Stanbridge    |Missisquoi       Q|J. M. Jones
  Stanbridge Station |Stanbridge    |Missisquoi       Q|Benjamin Selby
  Stanbury           |Stanbridge    |Missisquoi       Q|Porter Beattie
  Standon            |Standon       |Dorchester       Q|
  _Stanfold_         |St. Eusèbe    |Arthabaska       Q|James Huston
  Stanhope           |Barnston      |Stanstead        Q|David Young
  Stanley, W. O.     |              |York           N B|William Plant
  Stanley Bridge     |Number 21     |Queen’s      P E I|Robert Brown
  Stanley’s Mills    |Chinguacousy  |Peel             O|C. Burrell
  * _Stanstead_      |Stanstead     |Stanstead        Q|B. F. Hubbard
  Stanton            |Mulmur        |Simcoe, S. R.    O|William H. Beatty
  Starkey’s, W. O.   |              |Queen’s        N B|S. M. Starkey
  Starnesboro’       |St. Antoine   |Huntingdon       Q|C. Meunier
                     |  Abbé        |                  |
  * _Stayner_        |Nottawassaga  |Simcoe, N. R.    O|James H. McKeggie
  Steam Mill Village,|              |King’s         N S|H. Patterson
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Steele             |Oro           |Simcoe, N. R.    O|John C. Steele
  Steep Creek, W. O. |              |Guysboro’      N S|John Maguire
  Steeve’s Mountain, |              |Westmoreland   N B|Amos Wilson
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Stella             |Amherst       |Lennox           O|George Wright
  Steeve’s           |              |Westmoreland   N B|W. E. Fowler
    Settlement, W. O.|              |                  |
    (late Head of    |              |                  |
    Ridge, W. O.)    |              |                  |
  _Stellarton_       |              |Pictou         N S|H. McKenzie
  Stevensville       |Bertie        |Welland          O|William T. House
  Stewartville       |McNab         |Renfrew, S. R.   O|Alexander Duff
  Stewiacke Cross    |              |Colchester     N S|
    Roads, W. O.     |              |                  |
  Still Water, W. O. |              |Guysboro’      N S|W. C. Elliot
  * _Stirling_       |Rawdon        |Hastings, N. R.  O|Mrs. Agnes Judd
  Stirton            |Peel          |Wellington,      O|Joseph Sanderson
                     |              |  C. R.           |
  Stisted            |Walsingham    |Norfolk, S. R.   O|Moses M. Harris
  Stittsville        |Goulburn      |Carleton         O|J. S. Argue
  Stockdale          |Murray        |Northumberland,  O|Peter Milligan
                     |              |  E. R.           |
  Stockwell          |St. Antoine   |Chateauguay      Q|M. Patenoude
                     |  Abbé        |                  |
  Stoco              |Hungerford    |Hastings, E. R.  O|Patrick Murphy
  Stoddart’s, W. O.  |              |Annapolis      N S|John Stoddart
  Stoke Centre       |Stoke         |Richmond         Q|Anthony Byron
  Stoketon           |Stoke         |Richmond         Q|Asa Hall
  Stonefield         |Chatham       |Argenteuil       Q|William Owens
  Stoneham           |Stoneham      |Quebec           Q|William Corrigan
  _Stony Creek_      |Saltfleet     |Wentworth, S. R. O|Alva G. Jones
  Stony Creek, W. O. |              |Albert         N B|John Scott
  Stony Point        |Tilbury, West |Essex            O|H. Desjardins
  Stormont, W. O.    |              |Guysborough    N S|Thomas F. Milward
  Stornoway          |Winslow       |Compton          Q|Colin Noble
  Stottville         |              |St. John’s       Q|William Burland
  * _Stouffville_    |Whitchurch    |York, N. R.      O|Edward Wheler
  Stowe              |Grey          |Huron, C. R.     O|Robert Ferguson
  _Strabane_         |Flamborough,  |Wentworth, N. R. O|Matthew Peebles
                     |  West        |                  |
  _Straffordville_   |Bayham        |Elgin, E. R.     O|R. W. Smuck
  * _Stratford_      |South Easthope|Perth, N. R.     O|L. T. O’Loane
  Strathallan        |East Zorra    |Oxford, N. R.    O|Miss S. J. Lappin
  Strathburn         |Mosa          |Middlesex, W. R. O|Hugh McRae
  Strathnairn        |St. Vincent   |Grey, E. R.      O|Joseph Inglis
  * _Strathroy_      |Adelaide      |Middlesex, W. R. O|H. B. Mackintosh
  * _Streetville_    |Toronto       |Peel             O|Robert Graydon
  Stromness          |Sherbrooke    |Monck            O|Albert Benson
  Stronach Mountain, |              |Annapolis      N S|George Stronach
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Stroud             |Innisfil      |Simcoe, S. R.    O|Thomas Webb
  Sturgeon           |Number 61     |King’s       P E I|R. A. Thornton
  Suffolk Road       |Number 34     |Queen’s      P E I|W. W. Duck
  Sugar Loaf, W. O.  |              |Victoria       N S|George Wilkie
  Sullivan           |Holland       |Grey, N. R.      O|William Buchanan
  Sumas              |              |New            B C|David W. Miller
                     |              |  Westminster     |
  Summerville, W. O. |              |Pictou         N S|C. McDonald
  Summer Hill, W. O. |              |Queen’s        N B|James Kerr
  Summerside         |              |Prince       P E I|H. C. Green
  Summerstown        |Charlottenburg|Glengarry        O|Andrew J. Baker
  Summerville        |Toronto       |Peel             O|Bernard Morris
  Summerville        |Number 51     |King’s       P E I|N. Edmonds
  Summerville, W. O. |              |Hants          N S|B. Sandford
  Sunbury            |Storrington   |Frontenac        O|John McBride
  Sunderland         |Brock         |Ontario, N. R.   O|John Jones
  Sunnidale          |Sunnidale     |Simcoe, N. R.    O|Alexander
                     |              |                  |  Gillespie
  Sussex Corner,     |              |King’s         N B|John A. Humphreys
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Sussex Portage,    |              |King’s         N B|William S. Teakles
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  _Sussex Vale_      |              |King’s         N B|H. McMonagle
  Sutherland’s       |Euphemia      |Bothwell         O|James W. McKeown
    Corners          |              |                  |
  Sutherland’s Mills,|              |Pictou         N S|R. Chisholm
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Sutherland’s River,|              |Pictou         N S|D. Rankin
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  _Sutton_           |Sutton        |Brome            Q|G. C. Dyer
  Swan Creek, W. O.  |              |Sunbury        N B|H. A. Eastabrook
  Sweaburg           |West Oxford   |Oxford, S. R.    O|H. Flood
  _Sweetsburg_       |Dunham        |Missisquoi       Q|Curtis S. Boright
  Switzerville       |Ernestown     |Lennox           O|Peter E. R. Miller
  Sydenham Mills     |Sydenham      |Grey, N. R.      O|Peter Quance
  Sydenham Place     |Kingsey       |Drummond         Q|Joseph Millington
  _Sydney_           |              |Cape Breton    N S|Robert Martin
  _Sydney Mines_     |              |Cape Breton    N S|Miss H. F. Rigby
  _Sylvan_           |Williams, West|Middlesex, N. R. O|John Dawson
  Sypher’s Cove,     |              |Queen’s        N B|Jacob Syphers
    W. O.            |              |                  |
                     |              |                  |
                     |              |                  |
  Tabucintac, W. O.  |              |Northumberland N B|Horatio Lee
  _Tadousac_         |Tadousac      |Saguenay         Q|Joseph Radford
  Talbotville Royal  |Southwold     |Elgin, W. R.     O|John Stacy
  _Tamworth_         |Sheffield     |Addington        O|James Aylesworth
  Tancook Islands,   |              |Lunenburg      N S|Henry Hutt
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  _Tangier_          |              |Halifax        N S|John M. Forest
  Tannery, West      |Montreal      |Hochelaga        Q|Pierre Chicoine
  Tapleytown         |Saltfleet     |Wentworth, S. R. O|S. G. Harris
  _Tara_             |Arran         |Bruce, N. R.     O|John Tobey
  Tarbert            |Luther        |Wellington,      O|M. McMurchy
                     |              |  N. R.           |
  _Tatamagouche_     |              |Colchester     N S|Robert Purves,
                     |              |                  |  jun.
  Tatamagouche       |              |Colchester     N S|John Drysdale
    Mountain, W. O.  |              |                  |
  Tatlock            |Darling       |Lanark, N. R.    O|Peter Guthrie
  Taunton            |Whitby        |Ontario, S. R.   O|Wm. Willard
  _Tavistock_        |South Easthope|Perth, S. R.     O|George Matheson
  Taylor Village,    |              |Westmoreland   N B|Charles Taylor
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Tay Mills, W. O.   |              |York           N B|
  Tay Settlement,    |              |York           N B|William Tomlinson
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Tecumseth          |Tecumseth     |Simcoe, S. R.    O|D. A. Jones
  Tedish, W. O.      |              |Westmoreland   N B|George E. Mills
  * _Teeswater_      |Culross       |Bruce, S. R.     O|Samuel Waldo
  Teeterville        |Windham       |Norfolk, N. R.   O|Darcy Hooker
  Telfer             |London        |Middlesex, E. R. O|Adam Telfer
  Temperance Vale,   |              |York           N B|Richard R. Carvell
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Temperanceville    |King          |York, N. R.      O|William Bruce
  Templeton          |Templeton     |Ottawa           O|James Hagan
  Tempo              |Westminster   |Middlesex, E. R. O|A. Remey
  Tenecape, W. O.    |              |Hants          N S|William Stephens
  Ten Mile Creek,    |              |St. John       N B|John S. Parker
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Tennant’s Cove,    |              |King’s         N B|James G. Worden
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Tennyson           |Drummond      |Lanark, S. R.    O|D. McGregor
  Terence Bay, W. O. |              |Halifax        N S|J. W. Shaumwhite
  _Terrebonne_       |Terrebonne    |Terrebonne       Q|Arthur M. McKenzie
  Tessierville       |Matane        |Rimouski         Q|Hermyle Parent
  Teston             |Vaughan       |York, W. R.      O|George Wilson
  Teviotdale         |Minto         |Wellington,      O|M. G. Miller
                     |              |  N. R.           |
  Teviotdale Station,|              |Colchester     N S|
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  _Thamesford_       |Nissouri, East|Oxford, N. R.    O|N. C. McCarty
  _Thamesville_      |Camden        |Bothwell         O|James Duncan
  Thanet             |Wollaston     |Hastings, N. R.  O|B. McKillican,
                     |              |                  |  jun.
  The Range, W. O.   |              |Queen’s        N B|Robert Snell
  Thiers             |Thetford      |Megantic         Q|Joachim Delisle
  Thistletown        |Etobicoke     |York, W. R.      O|Richard Johnston
  Thomasburg         |Hungerford    |Hastings, E. R.  O|John Robertson
  Thompsonville      |Tecumseth     |Simcoe, S. R.    O|J. T.
                     |              |                  |  Schmietendorf
  Thompson’s Mills   |              |Cumberland     N S|Joseph Jones
  Thornbrook, W. O.  |              |King’s         N B|David A. Wright
  Thornbury          |Collingwood   |Grey, E. R.      O|Thomas McKenny
  Thornby            |Thorne        |Pontiac          Q|Joseph Hill
  Thorndale          |Nissouri, West|Middlesex, E. R. O|Thomas Harrison
  Thorne Centre      |Thorne        |Pontiac          Q|C. A. Smith
  Thornetown, W. O.  |              |Queen’s        N B|Butler Thorne
  * _Thornhill_      |Vaughan       |York, W. R.      O|Josiah Purkiss
  Thornton           |Innisfil      |Simcoe, S. R.    O|John Scott
  * _Thorold_        |Thorold       |Welland          O|Jacob Keefer
  Three Brooks, W. O.|              |Victoria       N B|John Edgar
  * _Three Rivers_   |Three Rivers  |Three Rivers     Q|C. K. Ogden
  Three Sisters,     |              |Cumberland     N S|
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Thunder Bay        |              |Algoma           O|Chas. W. Blackwood
  Thurlow            |Thurlow       |Hastings, E. R.  O|
  * _Thurso_         |Lochabar      |Ottawa           Q|George Edwards
  Tidnish, W. O.     |              |Cumberland     N S|Oliver King
  Tidnish Bridge,    |              |Westmoreland   N B|William Davidson
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Tigmish            |Number 1      |Prince       P E I|R. M. Carroll
  _Tilbury East_     |Tilbury, East |Kent             O|James Smith
  * _Tilsonburg_     |Dereham       |Oxford, S. R.    O|E. D. Tillson
  Tintern            |Clinton       |Lincoln          O|
  Titusville, W. O.  |              |King’s         N B|Alexander Simpson
  _Tiverton_         |Kincardine    |Bruce, S. R.     O|N. McInnes
  Toledo             |Kitley        |Leeds, N. R.     O|Mrs. C. A. McLean
  Toney River, W. O. |              |Pictou         N S|Alexander Fraser
  Topping            |North Easthope|Perth, N. R.     O|S. Crosier
  Torbay, W. O.      |              |Guysboro’      N S|William Webber
  Torbrook, W. O.    |              |Annapolis      N S|John H. Banks
  Tormore            |Albion        |Cardwell         O|
  * _Toronto_        |York          |Toronto          O|Joseph Lesslie
  _Tottenham_        |Tecumseth     |Simcoe, S. R.    O|John Wilson
  Tower Hill, W. O.  |              |Charlotte      N B|John Irons
  Townsend Centre    |Townsend      |Norfolk, N. R.   O|Israel Slaght
  Tracadie, W. O.    |              |Gloucester     N B|John Young
  Tracadie           |              |Antigonishe    N S|H. H. Harrington
  Tracadie Cross     |Number 36     |Queen’s      P E I|Augustus Johnson
  Tracey’s Mills,    |              |Carleton       N B|Isaac Adams
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Tracey Station,    |              |Sunbury        N B|D. S. Duplisea
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Trafalgar          |Trafalgar     |Halton           O|James Applebe
  Trafalgar, W. O.   |              |Halifax        N S|John Nelson
  Traverston         |Glenelg       |Grey, S. R.      O|John Travers
  Traveller’s Rest   |Number 19     |Prince       P E I|J. Townsend
  Treadwell          |Plantagenet,  |Prescott         O|James McGauvran
                     |  North       |                  |
  Trecastle          |Wallace       |Perth, N. R.     O|James Shields
  Tremblay           |Tremblay      |Chicoutimi       Q|Marcel Coté
  Trenholm           |Kingsey       |Drummond         Q|Simon Stevens
  * _Trenton_        |Sydney        |Hastings, W. R.  O|James B. Christie
  Trois Pistoles     |Trois Pistoles|Témiscouata      Q|T. P. Pelletier
  Trois Saumons      |St. Jean Port |L’Islet          Q|G. C. Caron
                     |  Joli        |                  |
  Trout Cove, W. O.  |              |Digby          N S|
  Trout Lake         |Humphrey      |Muskoka          O|George Elliot
  Trout River        |Godmanchester |Huntington       Q|James Marshall
  Trowbridge         |Elma          |Perth, N. R.     O|G. Code
  Troy               |Beverly       |Wentworth, N. R. O|John R. Neff
  Trudell            |Tilbury, West |Essex            O|Henry Richardson
  _Truro_            |              |Colchester     N S|William McCully
  Tryon              |Number 28     |Prince       P E I|J. B. Laird
  Tuam               |Tecumseth     |Simcoe, S. R.    O|P. H. Derham
  _Tullamore_        |Chinguacousy  |Peel             O|George Dodds
  Tupperville, W. O. |              |Annapolis      N S|W. F. Willett
  Turtle Creek, W. O.|              |Albert         N B|Solomon Berry
  Turtle Lake        |Humphrey      |Muskoka          O|Alexander Ross
  Tuscarora          |Onondaga      |Brant, N. R.     O|Dennis L. Dennis
  _Tusket_           |              |Yarmouth       N S|J. M. Lent
  Tusket Forks, W. O.|              |Yarmouth       N S|Simeon Gardner
  Tusket Wedge, W. O.|              |Yarmouth       N S|M. LeBlanc
  * _Tweed_          |Hungerford    |Hastings, E. R.  O|James Reid
  Tweedside          |Saltfleet     |Wentworth, S. R. O|T. Stewart Johnson
  Tweedside, W. O.   |              |York           N B|John Rutherford
  Tyne Valley        |Number 13     |Prince       P E I|Allan McLean
  Tyneside           |Seneca        |Haldimand        O|
  Tyrconnell         |Dunwich       |Elgin, W. R.     O|Meredith Conn
  Tyrone             |Darlington    |Durham, W. R.    O|John T. Welsh
  Tyrrell            |Townsend      |Norfolk, N. R.   O|Samuel Heath
                     |              |                  |
                     |              |                  |
  Udora              |Scott         |Ontario, N. R.   O|S. Umphrey
  Uffington          |Draper        |Muskoka          O|John Doherty
  Ufford             |Watt          |Muskoka          O|H. W. Gill
  Ullswater          |Watt          |Muskoka          O|George Bunn
  Ulster             |Wawanosh      |Huron, N. R.     O|George McKay
  _Ulverton_         |Durham        |Drummond         Q|James Miller
  Umfraville         |Dungannon     |Hastings, N. R.  O|D. Kavanagh
  Underwood          |Bruce         |Bruce, N. R.     O|J. H. Coultard
  Undine, W. O.      |              |Victoria       N B|Alex. L. Watson
  _Union_            |Yarmouth      |Elgin, E. R.     O|James McKenzie
  Union Corner, W. O.|              |Carleton       N B|Charles A. Chase
  Union Hill         |London        |Middlesex, E. R. O|John Mossip
  Unionville         |Markham       |York, E. R.      O|George Eakin
  Upham, W. O.       |              |King’s         N B|N. H. Upham
  Uphill             |Dalton        |Victoria, N. R.  O|Joseph Calhoun
  Upper Bay du Vin,  |              |Northumberland N B|William Dickens
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Upper Bedford      |Stanbridge    |Missisquoi       Q|N. C. Martin
  Upper Branch, W. O.|              |Lunenburg      N S|A. Knack
  Upper Buctouche,   |              |Kent           N B|Samuel Jerway
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Upper Caledonia,   |              |Halifax        N S|J. D. Cameron
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Upper Cape, W. O.  |              |Westmoreland   N B|
  Upper Caraquet,    |              |Gloucester     N B|S. Cormier
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Upper Caverhill,   |              |York           N B|G. W. Knox
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Upper Clyde River, |              |Shelburne      N S|Jesse Bowers
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Upper Cross Roads, |              |Guysborough    N S|J. A. Jordan
    St. Mary’s, W. O.|              |                  |
  Upper Dyke Village,|              |King’s         N S|A. Beckwith
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Upper Economy,     |              |Colchester     N S|J. L. Moore
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Upper Gagetown,    |              |Queen’s        N B|Thomas Crothers
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Upper Gaspereaux,  |              |Queen’s        N B|Isaac C. Burpee
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Upper Greenwich,   |              |King’s         N B|Zebulon Connor
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Upper Hampstead,   |              |Queen’s        N B|Reuben G. Cameron
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Upper Haynesville, |              |York           N B|C. Manuel
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Upper Kennetcook,  |              |Hants          N S|Jacob Hannegar
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Upper Kent, W. O.  |              |Carleton       N B|A. Hawthorn
  Upper Keswick,     |              |York           N B|James E. Smith
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Upper Keswick      |              |York           N B|Thomas Coburn
    Ridge, W. O.     |              |                  |
  Upper LaHave, W. O.|              |Lunenburg      N S|Josiah Rudolf
  Upper Loch Lomond, |              |St. John       N B|James Robinson
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Upper Magaguadavic,|              |York           N B|Andrew Ray
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Upper Margaree,    |              |Inverness      N S|John McLennan
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Upper Maugerville, |              |Sunbury        N B|James Shields
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Upper Mills        |              |Charlotte      N B|Alice M. Morrison
  Upper Musquodoboit |              |Halifax        N S|S. L. Henry
  Upper Neguac, W. O.|              |Northumberland N B|Vital Alaine
  Upper New Horton,  |              |Albert         N B|Minor Reid
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Upper Newport,     |              |Hants          N S|John Davison
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Upper Peel, W. O.  |              |Carleton       N B|W. B. Tomkins
  Upper Pereaux,     |              |King’s         N S|J. S. Newcomb
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Upper Queensbury,  |              |York           N B|David C. Parent
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Upper Rawdon, W. O.|              |Hants          N S|William Masters
  Upper St. Bazil,   |              |Victoria       N B|H. Gagnon
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Upper St. Francis, |              |Victoria       N B|Richard Tobin
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Upper Sackville,   |              |Westmoreland   N B|Arthur G. Chase
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Upper Settlement of|              |Victoria       N S|Donald McMillan
    Baddeck River,   |              |                  |
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Upper Settlement of|              |Pictou         N S|John McKay
    Barney’s River,  |              |                  |
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Upper Settlement of|              |Victoria       N S|John McLennan
    Middle River,    |              |                  |
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Upper Settlement of|              |Inverness      N S|Michael McDonald
    River Dennis,    |              |                  |
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Upper Settlement of|              |Antigonishe    N S|C. A. Cameron
    South River,     |              |                  |
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Upper Settlement of|              |Pictou         N S|Donald Livingstone
    West River,      |              |                  |
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Upper Sheffield,   |              |Sunbury        N B|W. A. Garrison
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Upper Southampton, |              |York           N B|
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Upper Stewiacke    |              |Colchester     N S|Francis Cox
  Upper Wakefield    |Wakefield     |Ottawa           Q|Patrick Farrell
  Upper Washabuck,   |              |Victoria       N S|Angus McDonald
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Upper Wicklow,     |              |Carleton       N B|Matthew Hutchinson
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Upper Wood Harbour,|              |Shelburne      N S|W. H. Matheson
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Upper Woodstock,   |              |Carleton       N B|William H. Sisson
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Upsalquitch, W. O. |              |Restigouche    N B|George Croswell
  Uptergrove         |Mara          |Ontario, N. R.   O|Thomas Byrne
  Urbania, W. O.     |Maitland      |Hants          N S|Alexander Cameron
  Urquharts, W. O.   |              |King’s         N B|Nathaniel Urquhart
  Usher, W. O.       |              |Antigonishe    N S|Richard Carroll
  Utica              |Reach         |Ontario, N. R.   O|Jacob Dafoe
  Utopia             |Essa          |Simcoe, S. R.    O|Thomas Dawson
  Utterson           |Stephenson    |Muskoka          O|Erastus Hanes
  Uttoxeter          |Plympton      |Lambton          O|S. Shepherd
  * _Uxbridge_       |Uxbridge      |Ontario, N. R.   O|George Wheeler
                     |              |                  |
                     |              |                  |
  Vachell            |Georgina      |York, N. R.      O|Hugh Cooper
  Vaillancourt       |Dionne        |L’Islet          Q|W. F. Vaillancourt
  Valcartier         |Valcartier    |Quebec           Q|Charles S. Wolff
  Valcourt           |South Ely     |Shefford         Q|F. X. David
  Valentia           |Mariposa      |Victoria, S. R.  O|W. McCracken
  Valetta            |Tilbury, East |Kent             O|J. Richardson
  Vallentyne         |Brock         |Ontario, N. R.   O|Samuel Brethour
  Valletort          |Aylmer        |Beauce           Q|Louis Paradis,
                     |              |                  |  jun.
  * _Valleyfield_    |Beauharnois   |Beauharnois      Q|Marc C. Despocas
  Valleyfield        |Number 59     |King’s       P E I|Alexander McLeod
  Valmont            |Notre Dame de |Champlain        Q|Pierre Bédard
                     |  Mont Carmel |                  |
  Vanatter           |Garafraxa     |Wellington,      O|J. C. Reid
                     |              |  C. R.           |
  _Vanbrugh_         |Sebastopol    |Renfrew, S. R.   O|C. F. Holterman
  Vandecar           |Oxford, East  |Oxford, S. R.    O|W. J. Davis
  Vandeleur          |Artemesia     |Grey, E. R.      O|James W. Henderson
  * _Vankleek Hill_  |Hawkesbury,   |Prescott         O|Duncan McDonnell
                     |  West        |                  |
  Vanneck            |London        |Middlesex, E. R. O|John W. Robson
  Vanvlack           |Flos          |Simcoe, N. R.    O|John Vanvlack
  Van Winkle         |              |Cariboo        B C|Julius L. Lindhard
  Varennes           |Varennes      |Verchères        Q|Joseph T. L.
                     |              |                  |  Archambeault
  Varna              |Stanley       |Huron, S. R.     O|Josiah B. Secord
  Varney             |Normanby      |Grey, S. R.      O|Francis Eden
  Vasey              |Tay           |Simcoe, N. R.    O|Mark Vasey
  Vauban             |Armand        |Témiscouata      Q|Alexis Morin
  Vaudreuil          |Vaudreuil     |Vaudreuil        Q|Dieudonné Brulé
  Vaughan’s, W. O.   |              |Hants          N S|Joseph Vaughan
  Veighton           |Cumberland    |Russell          O|James Lowrie
  Vellore            |Vaughan       |York, W. R.      O|John MacDonald
  Venice             |St. George    |Missisquoi       Q|Thomas Hunter
  Vennachar          |Abinger       |Addington        O|William Hames
  Venosta            |Low           |Ottawa           O|John Macauley
  Ventnor            |Edwardsburg   |Grenville, S. R. O|John McAuley
  Ventry             |Proton        |Grey, E. R.      O|Carby Johnson
  Verchéres          |Verchéres     |Verchéres        Q|Trefflé Lussier
  Verdun             |Huron         |Bruce, S. R.     O|J. Colling
  Vereker            |Colchester    |Essex            O|Tancred Caya
  Vernal, W. O.      |              |Antigonishe    N S|
  Vernon             |Osgoode       |Russell          O|Duncan McDonald
  Vernon Mines, W. O.|              |King’s         N S|John R. Ilsley
  Vernon River       |Number 49     |Queen’s      P E I|George O’Neill
  Vernon River Bridge|Number 50     |Queen’s      P E I|George Forbes
  Vernonville        |Haldimand     |Northumberland,  O|Henry Terry
                     |              |  W. R.           |
  Verona             |Portland      |Addington        O|Alexander Grant
  Versailles         |St. Grégoire  |Iberville        Q|Isidore Marcoux
  Vesta              |Brant         |Bruce, S. R.     O|Robert Cannon
  Vicars             |Havelock      |Huntingdon       Q|James Wilson
  Victoria           |              |Victoria       B C|Henry Wootton
  Victoria, W. O.    |              |Carleton       N B|George R. Boyer
  Victoria, W. O.    |              |Cumberland     N S|J. M. Henny
  Victoria           |Number 29     |Queens       P E I|A. C. Leard
  Victoria Cross     |Number 51     |King’s       P E I|A. R. McQueen
  Victoria Corners,  |Reach         |Ontario, N. R.   O|James Phair
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Victoria Harbor,   |              |King’s         N S|John Brown
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Victoria Harbor    |Tay           |Simcoe, N. R.    O|John Kean
  Victoria Mines,    |              |Cape Breton    N S|Alexander C. Ross
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Victoria R’d       |Carden        |Victoria, N. R.  O|Michael Heaphy
    Station          |              |                  |
  Victoria Square    |Markham       |York, E. R.      O|Daniel V. Heise
  * _Vienna_         |Bayham        |Elgin, E. R.     O|Samuel Brasher
  Viger              |Viger         |Témiscouata      Q|Virginie Gagne
  Viger Mines        |Chester       |Arthabaska       Q|Guillaume Lamothe
  Vigo               |Flos          |Simcoe, N. R.    O|Dennis Gallagher
  * _Village des     |St. Roch des  |L’Islet          Q|A. Dupuis
    Aulnaies_        |  Aulnaies    |                  |
  Village Richelieu  |St. Mathias   |Rouville         Q|N. D. D. Besette
  Villanova          |Townsend      |Norfolk, N. R.   O|John McLaren
  Villette           |Hereford      |Compton          Q|Farrell McConney
  Villiers           |Otonabee      |Peterborough     O|W. Brotherston,
                     |              |                  |  sen.
  Vincennes          |St. Luc       |Champlian        Q|P. Lacourcière
  Vine               |Innisfil      |Simcoe, S. R.    O|James Goodfellow
  Vinoy              |Suffolk       |Ottawa           Q|Joseph Leduc
  Vinton             |Litchfield    |Pontiac          Q|
  Violet             |Ernestown     |Lennox           O|W. A. Rockwell
  Vigil              |Niagara       |Niagara          O|James S. Clement
  _Vittoria_         |Charlotteville|Norfolk, S. R.   O|George D. McCall
  Vivian             |Witchurch     |York, N. R.      O|Robert McCormick
  Voglers’s Cove,    |              |Lunenburg      N S|J. H. R. Fayle
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  _Vroomanton_       |Brock         |Ontario, N. R.   O|John Tesky
  Vyner              |Sarnia        |Lambton          O|John Gates
                     |              |                  |
                     |              |                  |
  Waasis Station,    |              |Sunbury        N B|George Grass
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Wabashene          |Tay           |Simcoe, N. R.    O|T. W. Buck
  Wakefield          |Wakefield     |Ottawa           Q|James McLaren
  Waldemar           |Amaranth      |Wellington,      O|David Jenkins
                     |              |  N. R.           |
  _Wales_            |Osnabruck     |Stormont         O|William Baker
  * _Walkerton_      |Brant         |Bruce, S. R.     O|Malcolm McLean
  Walkerville        |Sandwich, East|Essex            O|Henry McAfee
  Wallace            |Wallace       |Perth, N. R.     O|James Taggart
  _Wallace_          |              |Cumberland     N S|M. B. Huestis
  Wallace Bridge,    |              |Cumberland     N S|Richard J. Scott
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  * _Wallaceburg_    |Chatham       |Kent             O|Lionel H. Johnson
  Wallace Ridge,     |              |Cumberland     N S|John McNiel
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Wallace River,     |              |Cumberland     N S|David Purdy
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  _Wallacetown_      |Dunwich       |Elgin, W. R.     O|A. E. S. K.
                     |              |                  |  Barclay
  Wallbridge         |Sidney        |Hastings, W. R.  O|F. B. Prior
  Wallenstein        |Wellesley     |Waterloo, N. R.  O|Henry Powell
  Walmer             |East Zorra    |Oxford, N. R.    O|Robert Parker
  Walsh              |Charlotteville|Norfolk, S. R.   O|D. W. McCall
  Walter’s Falls     |Holland       |Gray, N. R.      O|Thomas P. Walker
  Waltham            |Waltham       |Pontiac          Q|John Landon
  Walton             |McKillop      |Huron, C. R.     O|Robert Pattison
  Walton             |              |Hants          N S|J. W. Stephens
  Wanstead           |Plympton      |Lambton          O|Maurice McVicar
  Warburton          |Lansdown      |Leeds, S. R.     O|J. H. Keating
  Warden             |Shefford      |Shefford         Q|E. D. Martin
  Ward’s Creek Road, |              |King’s         N B|A. Stapleford
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  * _Wardsville_     |Mosa          |Middlesex, W. R. O|W. D. Hammond
  Wareham            |Osprey        |Grey, E. R.      O|George Wright
  _Warkworth_        |Percy         |Northumberland,  O|Israel Humphries
                     |              |  E. R.           |
  Warminster         |Medonte       |Simcoe, N. R.    O|W. George Deacon
  Warner             |Caistor       |Monck            O|Jonas R. Melick
  Warren, W. O.      |              |Cumberland     N S|C. S. Chapman
  _Warsaw_           |Dummer        |Peterboro’,      O|Thomas Choat
                     |              |  E. R.           |
  Wartburg           |Ellice        |Perth, N. R.     O|E. Frommhagen
  Warwick, East      |St. Medard    |Arthabaska       Q|Onésime Tessier
  _Warwick, West_    |Warwick       |Lambton          O|John H. Morris
  Washademoak, W. O. |              |Queen’s        N B|Nevine McAlpine
  Washago            |              |Simcoe, N. R.    O|Abial Marshall
  Washington         |Blenheim      |Oxford, N. R.    O|William Dunn
  Waterborough, W. O.|              |Queen’s        N B|C. H. Fanjoy
  * _Waterdown_      |Flamboro’,    |Wentworth, N. R. O|James B. Thompson
                     |  East        |                  |
  * _Waterford_      |Townsend      |Norfolk, N. R.   O|David Wilson
  * _Waterloo, East_ |Shefford      |Shefford         Q|Gardner Stevens
  * _Waterloo, West_ |Waterloo,     |Waterloo, N. R.  O|C. Kumpf
                     |  North       |                  |
  Waterside, W. O.   |              |Albert         N B|George Coonan
  Waterville         |Compton       |Compton          Q|L. W. Wyman
  Waterville, W. O.  |              |Carleton       N B|J. H. Seely
  Waterville, W. O.  |              |King’s         N S|Thomas Jacques
  _Watford_          |Warwick       |Lambton          O|Murdo McLeay
  Watson’s Corners   |Dalhousie     |Lanark, N. R.    O|John Munro
  Watson Settlement, |              |Carleton       N B|John Watson
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Waubamik           |Ferguson      |Muskoka          O|Robert Reid
  Waubuno            |Moore         |Lambton          O|Thomas Moore
  Waugh’s River,     |              |Colchester     N S|J. Murphy
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Waupoos            |Marysburg     |Prince Edward    O|Morgan L. Ketchum
  Waverley           |Tay           |Simcoe, N. R.    O|John Bannister
  Waverley           |              |Halifax        N S|John Lingley
  Waweig, W. O.      |              |Charlotte      N B|Margaret Ruddick
  Way’s Mills        |Barnston      |Stanstead        Q|E. S. Southmayd
  Weaver Settlement, |              |Digby          N S|Michael Weaver
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Webber’s, W. O.    |              |Annapolis      N S|Mrs. S. A. Webber
  Webster’s Creek,   |              |Victoria       N B|M. Albert
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Weedon             |Weedon        |Wolfe            Q|Siméon Fontaine
  Welcome            |Hope          |Durham, E. R.    O|William Hill
  Weldford, W. O.    |              |Kent           N B|Charles Cummins
  * _Welland_        |Crowland      |Welland          O|Thomas Burgar
  _Welland Port_     |Gainsboro’    |Monck            O|Samuel Holmes
  * _Wellesley_      |Wellesley     |Waterloo, N. R.  O|John Zoeger
  Wellington         |Number 16     |Prince       P E I|Patrick Ayers
  _Wellington_       |Hillier       |Prince Edward    O|Donald Campbell
  Wellington, W. O.  |              |Albert         N B|William Beatty
  * _Wellington      |Nelson        |Halton           O|Walter S. Bastedo
    Square_          |              |                  |
  Wellington, W. O.  |              |Yarmouth       N S|Jacob Landers
  Wellman’s Corners  |Rawdon        |Hastings, N. R.  O|Andrew Sherman
  _Welsford_         |              |Queen’s        N B|F. Woods
  Wendover           |Plantagenet,  |Prescott         O|William Lamb
                     |  N.          |                  |
  Wentworth, W. O.   |              |Cumberland     N S|Lemuel Bigney
  West Arichat, W. O.|              |Richmond       N S|Gilbert Paon
  West Arran         |Saugeen       |Bruce, N. R.     O|
  _West Bay_         |              |Inverness      N S|James McDonald
  West Bolton        |Bolton        |Brome            Q|Martin Duboyce
  [7] Westbourne     |Portage la    |Marquette        M|Peter Garrioch
                     |  Prairie     |                  |
  West Branch, East  |              |Pictou         N S|William Dunbar
    River of Pictou, |              |                  |
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  West Branch,       |              |Kent           N B|T. Curran
    Nicholas River,  |              |                  |
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  West Branch, River |              |Pictou         N S|Mrs. J. McKay
    John, W. O.      |              |                  |
  West Branch, River |              |Colchester     N S|R. F. Black
    Philip, W. O.    |              |                  |
  West Brome         |Brome         |Brome            Q|S. L. Hungerford
  West Brook         |Kingston      |Frontenac        O|Andrew Bridge
  [8] West Brook,    |              |Cumberland     N S|Henry Jeffers
  West Broughton     |Broughton     |Beauce           Q|Cyrille Vallée
  Westbury           |Westbury      |Compton          Q|Allan Lothrop
  West Cape          |Number 7      |Prince       P E I|A. McWilliams
  West Chester, W. O.|              |Cumberland     N S|Mrs. Mary J. Purdy
  West Chester Lake, |              |Cumberland     N S|Mrs. N. Pequignot
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Western Covehead   |Number 33     |Queen’s      P E I|J. K. Beariste
  Western Road       |do 6          |Prince       P E I|J. McNaught
  Westcock, W. O.    |              |Westmoreland   N B|
  West Ditton        |Ditton        |Compton          Q|Pierre Gendreau
  West Dublin, W. O. |              |Lunenburg      N S|R. B. Currie
  West Essa          |Essa          |Simcoe, S. R.    O|David Henderson
  * _West Farnham_   |Farnham       |Missisquoi       Q|William Donahue
  Westfield          |Wawanosh, East|Huron, N. R.     O|Mrs. Helps
  Westfield, W. O.   |              |King’s         N B|N. H. Deveber
  _West Flamboro’_   |Flamboro’, W. |Wentworth, N. R. O|J. B. Irving
  West Glassville,   |              |Carleton       N B|J. R. Ronald
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  West Gore, W. O.   |              |Hants          N S|M. Wallace
  West Huntingdon    |Huntingdon    |Hastings, N. R.  O|
  West Huntley       |Huntley       |Carleton         O|Edward Horan
  West Lake          |Hallowell     |Prince Edward    O|Henry Lambert
  [9] West Lorne     |Aldborough    |Elgin, W. R.     O|Duncan McKillop
  [10] West Lynne    |St. Agathe    |Provencher       M|F. F. Bradley
  West McGillivray   |McGillivray   |Middlesex, N. R. O|Wm. Fraser
  West Magdala       |Southwold     |Elgin, W. R.     O|Donald Turner
  Westmeath          |Westmeath     |Renfrew, N. R.   O|Alexander Fraser
  West Merigonish,   |              |Pictou         N S|James McDonald
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  West Montrose      |Woolwich      |Waterloo, N. R.  O|N. F. Simons
  Westmoreland Point |              |Westmoreland   N B|Thos. E. Oulton
  West Newdy Quoddy, |              |Halifax        N S|Michael O’Leary
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  * _Weston_         |York          |York, W. R.      O|Robert Johnston
  West Osgoode       |Osgoode       |Russell          O|John C. Bower
  Westover           |Beverley      |Wentworth, N. R. O|B. McIntosh
  Westport           |North Crosby  |Leeds, S. R.     O|John H. Whelan
  _Westport_         |              |Digby          N S|Benjamin H.
                     |              |                  |  Ruggles
  West Point         |Number 8      |Prince       P E I|Angus Stewart
  West Potton        |Potton        |Brome            Q|M. L. Elkins
  West Quaco         |              |St. John       N B|Mrs. C. Nugent
  West River         |              |Pictou         N S|William Munro
  West River Station |              |Pictou         N S|W. S. Graham
  West Shefford      |Shefford      |Shefford         Q|George Tait
  West Side of       |              |Antigonish     N S|Alexander Stewart
    Lochbar, W. O.   |              |                  |
  West Side of Middle|              |Victoria       N S|Hector Campbell
    River, W. O.     |              |                  |
  Westville          |              |Pictou         N S|Duncan Balfour
  * _West Winchester_|Winchester    |Dundas           O|William Bow
  Westwood           |Asphodel      |Peterborough,    O|Cristopher
                     |              |  E. R.           |  Lancaster
  Wexford            |Scarboro’     |York, E. R.      O|J. T. McBeath
  _Weymouth_         |              |Digby          N S|Cereno D. Jones
  Weymouth Bridge    |              |Digby          N S|Jasper Journeay
  Whalen             |Biddulph      |Middlesex, N. R. O|J. H. Milson
  Wheatland          |Wickham       |Drummond         Q|Edward McCabe
  Wheatley           |Mersea        |Essex            O|George Middleton
  Wheatley River     |Number 24     |Queen’s      P E I|James Power
  Wheaton Settlement,|              |Westmoreland   N B|John M. Killam
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Whim Road          |Number 59     |King’s       P E I|John Martin
  * _Whitby_         |Whitby        |Ontario, S. R.   O|R. H. Lauder
  Whitehead, W. O.   |              |Guysborough    N S|
  Whitehurst         |Elizabethtown |Brockville       O|
  White Lake         |McNab         |Renfrew, S. R.   O|Alexander Stirling
  White Point, W. O. |              |Queen’s        N S|J. Challoner
  White Rock Mills,  |              |King’s         N S|Augustus Freeman
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  White Rose         |Whitchurch    |York, N. R.      O|Jared Lloyd
  White’s Cove, W. O.|              |Queen’s        N B|S. V. White
  _Whitevale_        |Pickering     |Ontario, S. R.   O|Donald McPhee
  Whitefield         |Mulmur        |Simcoe, S. R.    O|P. D. Henry
  Whitney, W. O.     |              |Northumberland N B|James Russell
  Whittier’s Ridge,  |              |Charlotte      N B|Merrill Whittier
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Whittington        |Amaranth      |Wellington,      O|R. Bowsfield
                     |              |  N. R.           |
  Whitton            |Whitton       |Compton          Q|Donald Beaton
  _Whycocomagh_      |              |Inverness      N S|Peter McDonald
  _Wiarton_          |Amabel        |Bruce, N. R.     O|B. B. Miller
  Wick               |Brock         |Ontario, N. R.   O|John Chambers
  Wickham, W. O.     |              |Queen’s        N B|G. N. Golding
  Wicklow            |Haldimand     |Northumberland,  O|Caleb Southon
                     |              |  W. R.           |
  Wicklow            |              |Carleton       N B|Thomas H. Estey
  Wickwire Station,  |              |Halifax        N S|Samuel Key
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Widder             |Bosanquet     |Lambton          O|Adam Duffus
  _Widder Station_   |Bosanquet     |Lambton          O|Thomas Kirkpatrick
  Wilfrid            |Brock         |Ontario, N. R.   O|John Chambers
  Wilkesport         |Sombra        |Bothwell         O|William Kinball
  Willetsholme       |Pittsburgh    |Frontenac        O|Josiah Abrams
  Williamsdale, W. O.|              |Cumberland     N S|Andrew Taylor
  Williamstown       |Charlottenburg|Glengarry        O|Albert McGillis
  Williamstown, W. O.|              |Carleton       N B|Thomas Lindsay
  Williscroft        |Elderslie     |Bruce, N. R.     O|George Williscroft
  Willowdale         |York          |York, W. R.      O|Jacob Cumner
  Willowgrove        |Oneida        |Haldimand        O|Hugh Stewart
  Willowgrove, W. O. |              |St. John       N B|William Francis
  _Wilmot_           |              |Annapolis      N S|J. A. Gibbon
  Wilmot Valley      |Number 19     |Prince       P E I|D. Dickieson
  Wilmur             |Loughborough  |Addington        O|William Northy
  Wilson’s Beach,    |              |Charlotte      N B|
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Wilton             |Ernestown     |Lennox           O|Sydney Warner
  Winchelsea         |Usborne       |Huron, S. R.     O|John Smith
  Winchester         |Winchester    |Dundas           O|C. T. Casselman
  Winchester Springs |Williamsburg  |Dundas           O|James Greer
  Windermore         |Watt          |Muskoka          O|Thomas Aitkin
  Windham Centre     |Windham       |Norfolk, N. R.   O|John Lindabury
  Windham Hill, W. O.|              |Cumberland     N S|John Bragg
  * _Windsor_        |Sandwich, East|Essex            O|Alex. H. Wagner
  Windsor, W. O.     |              |Carleton       N B|William H. Britton
  _Windsor_          |              |Hants          N S|Peter S. Burnham
  Windsor Junction,  |              |Halifax        N S|Williams Rennells
    W. O.            |              |                  |
  Windsor Mills      |Windsor       |Richmond         Q|C. E. Wurtell
  Wine Harbor, W. O. |              |Guysboro’      N S|
  Winfield           |Peel          |Wellington,      O|John Hambly
                     |              |  C. R.           |
  Winger             |Wainfleet     |Monck            O|Jacob Winger
  _Wingham_          |Turnberry     |Huron, N. R.     O|Peter Fisher
  Winona             |Saltfleet     |Wentworth, S. R. O|Joseph Carpenter
  _Winterbourne_     |Woolwich      |Waterloo, N. R.  O|P. S. Kilborne
  Winthrop           |McKillop      |Huron, C. R.     O|Alex. Murchie
  Wisbeach           |Warwick       |Lambton          O|Joanna Bowes
  Woburn             |Scarborough   |York, E. R.      O|H. M. Campbell
  Wolfe Island       |Wolfe Island  |Frontenac        O|Edward Baker
  Wolfstown          |Wolfstown     |Wolfe            Q|Norbert Roy
  _Wolfville_        |              |King’s         N S|George V. Rand
  Wolvertown         |Blenheim      |Oxford, N. R.    O|Thomas Dawson
  * _Woodbridge_     |Vaughan       |York, W. R.      O|C. H. Dunning
  Woodburn           |Binbrook      |Wentworth, S. R. O|William Ptolemy
  Woodford           |Sydenham      |Grey, N. R.      O|John Thompson
  _Woodham_          |Blanchard     |Perth, S. R.     O|Jonathan Shier
  Woodhill           |Toronto Gore  |Peel             O|Thomas Ward
  Woodlands          |Osnabruck     |Stormont         O|R. H. Stewart
  Wood Islands       |Number 62     |Queen’s      P E I|John Kennedy
  Wood Point, W. O.  |              |Westmoreland   N B|S. Outhouse
  Woodside           |Halifax       |Megantic         Q|Thomas Wood
  Woodslee           |Maidstone     |Essex            O|W. S. Lindsay
  * _Woodstock_      |Blandford     |Oxford, N. R.    O|G. Alexander
  _Woodstock_        |              |Carleton       N B|John C. Winslow
  Woodstock Road     |              |Carleton       N B|John S. Leighton
    Station, W. O.   |              |                  |
  * _Woodville_      |Eldon         |Victoria, N. R.  O|John C. Gilchrist
  Woodville, W. O.   |              |Hants          N S|Shubael Parker
  Wooler             |Murray        |Northumberland,  O|Lorenzo F. Gould
                     |              |  E. R.           |
  Wotton             |Wotton        |Wolfe            Q|Benjamin Milette
  Wreck Cove, W. O.  |              |Victoria       N S|John Morrison
  Wright             |Wright        |Ottawa           Q|Joshua Ellard
  * _Wroxeter_       |Howick        |Huron, N. R.     O|George A. Powell
  Wyandot            |Maryboro’     |Wellington,      O|
                     |              |  N. R.           |
  Wyebridge          |Tiny          |Simcoe, N. R.    O|Daniel McGregor
  * _Wyoming_        |Plympton      |Lambton          O|John Anderson
                     |              |                  |
                     |              |                  |
  Yale               |              |Yale           B C|Benj. Douglas
  Yamachiche         |Machiche      |St. Maurice      Q|Arthur Lacerte
  Yamaska            |Yamaska       |Yamaska          Q|Honoré Lafleur
  Yarker             |Camden, East  |Addington        O|J. A. Shibley
  Yarm               |Clarendon     |Pontiac          Q|Robert McJanet
  _Yarmouth_         |              |Yarmouth       N S|A. J. Hood
  Yarmouth Centre    |Yarmouth      |Elgin, E. R.     O|William Mann
  Yelverton          |Manvers       |Durham, E. R.    O|James A. Curry
  Yeovil             |Egremont      |Grey, S. R.      O|Joseph Bunston
  Yoho, W. O.        |              |York           N B|William Speedy
  * _York_           |Seneca        |Haldimand        O|Hy. A. Duggan
  York Mills         |York          |York, E. R.      O|William Hogg
  York River         |Faraday       |Hastings, N. R.  O|J. C. George
  * _Yorkville_      |York          |York, E. R.      O|James Dobson
  Young’s Cove, W. O.|              |Queen’s        N B|R. Snodgrass
  Young’s Point      |Smith         |Peterborough,    O|Patrick Young
                     |              |  W. R.           |
                     |              |                  |
                     |              |                  |
  Zealand            |Oso           |Addington        O|Joseph Davis
  Zephyr             |Scott         |Ontario, N. R.   O|Manual N. Dafoe
  Zetland            |Turnbury      |Huron, N. R.     O|L. J. Brace
  Zimmerman          |Nelson        |Halton           O|Robert Miller
  Ziska              |Monck         |Muskoka          O|W. H. Spencer
  _Zurich_           |Hay           |Huron, S. R.     O|Robert Brown

[1] Closed during Winter.

[2] Late “Lyle’s Bridge,” W. O.

[3] Late Baker’s Creek, W. O.

[4] Late Indian Mission.

[5] Late Coboconk.

[6] Late Stukely.

[7] Late White Mud River.

[8] Late Maccan, W. O.

[9] Late Dutton, Late West Clayton.

[10] Late Pembina.

LIST of Post Offices closed, and not subsequently re-opened, between the
1st of July, 1872, and the 1st of July, 1873.

                           |                         |
  Aboushagan Road, W. O.   |Westmoreland         N B |1st June, 1873.
  Arthur Gold Mines, W. O. |Halifax              N S |1st July, 1873.
  Bangor                   |Ontario, S. R.         O |1st April, 1873.
  Burleigh                 |Peterboro’, E. R.      O |1st December, 1872.
  Canning, W. O.           |Queen’s              N B |1st December, 1872.
  Coleridge                |Wellington, N. R.      O |1st April, 1873.
  Croton                   |Bothwell               O |1st April, 1873.
  Felton                   |Russell                O |1st September, 1872.
  Glenlyon                 |Bruce, S. R.           O |1st April, 1873.
  L’Anse St. Jean          |Chicoutimi             Q |1st January, 1873.
  La Tortue                |Laprairie              Q |1st September, 1872.
  Lisgar                   |Peel                   O |1st April, 1873.
  Lower Maccan, W. O.      |Cumberland           N S |1st February, 1873.
  Maccan Intervale, W. O.  |Cumberland           N S |1st March, 1873.
  Madrid                   |Renfrew, S. R.         O |1st January, 1873.
  Mortlake                 |York, E. R.            O |1st November, 1872.
  Mount Irwin              |Peterboro’, W. R.      O |1st January, 1873.
  Napan, W. O.             |Northumberland       N B |1st February, 1873.
  New Zealand, W. O.       |York                 N B |1st February, 1873.
  Otter Creek              |Bruce, S. R.           O |1st April, 1873.
  Pointe au Chêne          |Argenteuil             Q |1st February, 1873.
  Poland                   |Lanark, N. R.          O |1st January, 1873.
  Scotch Block             |Halton                 O |1st April, 1873.
  Spring Hill, W. O.       |York                 N B |1st July, 1873.
  Strangford               |York, E. R.            O |1st July, 1873.
  Tabucintac River, W. O.  |Gloucester           N B |1st November, 1872.
  Verschoyle               |Oxford, S. R.          O |1st January, 1873.
  Walpole Island           |Kent                   O |1st January, 1873.

LIST of changes in the names of Post Offices, between the 1st of July,
1872, and the 1st of July, 1873, inclusive.

                        |                     |
  Boisdale, W. O.       |Cape Breton      N S |Beaver Cove, W. O.
  Coboconk              |Victoria, N. R.    O |Shedden
  Devon                 |Huron, S. R.       O |Centralia
  Dingle                |Huron, C. R.       O |Brussels
  [11] Dutton           |Elgin, W. R.       O |West Lorne
  Great Bridge, W. O.   |Cumberland       N S |Port Philip, W. O.
  Hargrave              |Pontiac            Q |Bryson
  Head of Ridge, W. O.  |Westmoreland     N B |Steeves’ Settlement, W. O.
  Hubbel’s Falls        |Carleton           O |Mohrs Corners
  Indian Mission        |Marquette          M |St. Laurent
  Lisadel               |Huron, N. R.       O |Fordwich
  Lyles Bridge, W. O.   |Shelburne        N S |Port Clyde, W. O.
  Maccan, W. O.         |Cumberland       N S |Westbrook, W. O.
  Mascouche             |L’Assomption       Q |Mascouche Rapids
  Muddy Branch          |Argenteuil         Q |St. Philippe d’Argenteuil
  Pereaux, W. O.        |King’s           N S |Middle Pereaux, W. O.
  Pembina               |Provencher         M |West Lynne
  Rankin’s Mills, W. O. |Carleton         N B |Benton
  Salmon River, W. O.   |Albert           N B |Alma
  South Elmsley         |Leeds, N. R.       O |Lombardy
  Stukely               |Shefford           Q |South Stukely
  St. Elie              |St. Maurice        Q |Mont Elie
  White Mud River       |Marquette          M |Westbourne

[11] Opened under name of West Clayton.



                    |OR PARISH.|                     |
                    |          |                     |
  [12] Aldouane,    |          |Kent             N B |F. J. Daigle.
    W. O.           |          |                     |
  [13] Burleigh     |Burleigh  |Peterborough,      O |John McDonald.
    (re-opened)     |          |  E. R.              |
  Conn              |Arthur    |Wellington, N. R.  O |Robert W. Conn.
  Dupey’s Corner,   |          |Westmoreland     N B |F. J. Hebert.
    W. O.           |          |                     |
  Eel Creek, W. O.  |          |Cumberland       N S |John Fraser.
  Enon, W. O.       |          |Cape Breton      N S |Alex. McDonald.
  Fortie’s          |          |Lunenburg        N S |John A. Hiltz.
    Settlement,     |          |                     |
    W. O.           |          |                     |
  George’s River,   |          |Cape Breton      N S |Campbell McQuarrie.
    W. O.           |          |                     |
  Glidden           |Compton   |Compton            Q |Alfred Draper.
  Goshen, W. O.     |          |Colchester       N S |William Fraser.
  Hillside, W. O.   |          |Cape Breton      N S |Walter D. Hill.
  Kolbeck, W. O.    |          |Cumberland       N S |W. B. Henley.
  Little Ridge,     |          |Charlotte        N B |Robert Thompson.
    W. O.           |          |                     |
  Monteagle Valley  |Monteagle |Hastings, N. R.    O |Robert T. Bartlett.
  Mosers River,     |          |Halifax          N S |J. H. Dimock.
    W. O.           |          |                     |
  South Cove, W. O. |          |Victoria         N S |Alex. S. McDonald.
  South Range, W. O.|          |Digby            N S |Isaac J. White.
  Wagram            |Arthur    |Wellington, N. R.  O |James Craig.
  Hallville         |Mountain  |Dundas             O |Joseph Wallace.

[12] Opened on the 16th June last, but not reported.

[13] Re-opened on the 1st of April last, but not reported.



  Inverhuron, Co. Bruce, N. R., O.
  Kingsford, Co. Hastings, E. R., O.
  Thurlow, Co. Hastings, E. R., O.


  Etobicoke, Co. York, N. R., O., to Lambton Mills.
  Baker’s Creek, W. O., Co. Victoria, N. B., to St. Hilaire, W. O.
  Lakevale, W. O., Co. Antigonishe, N. S., to Morristown, W. O.



                    |OR PARISH.|                       |
                    |          |                       |
  Allenwood         |Flos      |Simcoe, N. R.        O |John G. Dickinson.
  Blanche           |Mulgrave  |Ottawa               Q |John A. Cameron.
  Caron Brook, W. O.|          |Victoria           N B |Théodore Pelletier.
  Eagle Lake        |Guilford  |Peterborough, E. R.  O |Charles Wensley.
  Ecum Secum, W. O. |          |Halifax            N S |David Fraser.
  Glenshee, W. O.   |          |Pictou             N S |Donald Campbell.
  [14] Grand Entry  |          |Gaspé                Q |Neil McPhael.
  Grenfell          |Vespra    |Simcoe, N. R.        O |Duncan McIntosh.
  Gribbin           |Toronto   |Peel                 O |Daniel Boyle.
                    |  Gore    |                       |
  Indian River      |Otonabee  |Peterborough, E. R.  O |John Fox.
    (re-opened)     |          |                       |
  Ingram River,     |          |Halifax            N S |Joseph G. Dimock.
    W. O.           |          |                       |
  Melissa           |Chaffey   |Muskoka              O |William H. Buker.
  Pointe à Grouette |          |Provencher           M |Miss Lacerte.
  Round Lake        |Belmont   |Peterborough, E. R.  O |Henry N. Cooper.
  Ste. Agathe       |          |Provencher           M |Pierre Cyr.
  Scanterbury       |          |Lisgar               M |James Seter.
  Shirley           |Reach     |Ontario, N. R.       O |William Martyn.
  Soldier’s Cove,   |          |Richmond           N S |Donald Gillies.
   W. O.            |          |                       |
  Stony Lake        |Dummer    |Peterborough, E. R.  O |James Robb.
  Thurlow           |Thurlow   |Hastings, E. R.      O |George Phillips.
   (re-opened)      |          |                       |

[14] Established on 1st ultimo, but not reported.



  Dryden, Co. Perth, N. R., O. to Palmerston.
  Pointe du Chêne, Co., Provencher, M. to St. Anne’s.















  Camden, East,
  Napanee Mills,
















  Desert Lake,




  Long Lake,
  Mountain Grove.















  Little Current.


  Sault Ste. Marie.


  Michael’s Bay.


  Fort William.


  Pointe aux Pins.

_The following Post Offices are in the unsurveyed portion of Algoma:_--

  Bruce Mines,
  Collin’s Inlet,
  Garden River,
  Michipicoten River,
  Red Rocks,
  Silver Islet,
  Spanish River,
  Thunder Bay.



  Dawn Mills,




  Sutherland’s Corners.


  * _Morpeth_,




  Baby’s Point,
  Port Lambton,


  * _Bothwell._





  Glen Morris,
  * _Paris_,
  Paris Station,
  _St. George_.





  * _Brantford_,
  _Mount Vernon_,


  Fairfield Plain,
  New Durham.







  * _Brockville_,
  Fairfield, East,
  * _Lyn_,
  New Dublin,



  _Colpoy’s Bay_,


  Park Head,




  North Bruce,






  * _Paisley_,




  * _Saugeen_,
  West Arran.



  Maple Hill,
  * _Walkerton_.




  * _Teeswater_.




  Pine River,


  * _Kincardine_,


  * _Lucknow_.





  * _Albion_
  _Mono Mills_,
  Mount Hurst,
  Mount Wolfe,


  Caledon, East,


  Mono Centre,



  Fitzroy Harbor,
  Mohr’s Corners.


  Dwyer Hill,
  Richmond, West,


  _North Gower_.


  West Huntley.


  South March.




  _Bell’s Corners_,





  * _Cornwall_,
  Harrison’s Corners,
  * _Mille Roches_,
  St. Andrew’s, West.



  Dixon’s Corners,
  * _Iroquois_,
  New Ross.


  North Mountain,
  South Mountain.


  East Williamsburg,
  * _Morrisburg_,
  North Williamsburg.


  North Winchester,
  * _West Winchester_,
  Winchester Springs.



  * _Mill Brook_,
  Mount Pleasant.


  Garden Hill,
  * _Port Hope_,







  * _Newcastle_,
  * _Orono_,
  Port Granby.


  * _Bowmanville_,



  * _Port Burwell_,
  * _Vienna_.




  _Aylmer_, _West_,
  Mount Salem,
  Port Bruce.


  New Sarum,
  * _Port Stanley_,
  * _St. Thomas_, _West_,
  * _Sparta_,
  Yarmouth Centre.



  West Lorne.




  * _Fingal_,
  Talbotville, Royal,
  West Magdala.





  Essex Centre,


  * _Kingsville_,
  North Ridge,




  * _Amherstburg._






  * _Windsor_.


  Canard River,
  * _Sandwich_.


  Stoney Point,



  _Garden Island._


  Howe Island.


  Collin’s Bay,
  Kingston Mills,
  West Brooke.


  Ballantyne Station,
  Brewer’s Mills,


  Lake Opinicon,


  Wolfe Island.



  St. Raphael, West,


  Loch Garry,


  Dalhousie Mills,
  North Lancaster,
  Riviére Raisin.


  * _Alexandria_,
  South La Graisse.





  Centre Augusta,
  North Augusta,
  * _Prescott_,







  * _Clarksburg_,




  Horning’s Mills,






  Cape Rich,
  * _Meaford_,





  Walter’s Falls.


  North Keppel,






  Hoath Head,
  * _Owen Sound_,
  Sydenham Mills.



  Allan Park,




  * _Durham_,





  * _Cayuga_.


  Bingham Road,
  De Cewsville,
  South Cayuga.


  Mount Healey,


  Rainham, Centre.


  North Seneca,
  * _Seneca_,
  * _York_.





  * _Georgetown_,
  Glen Williams,




  Port Nelson,
  * _Wellington Square_,


  * _Milton, West_,
  * _Oakville_,


  * _Hamilton._



  Lime Lake,




  Mill Point,













  * _Bridgewater_,


  York River.






  West Huntingdon.




  St. Ola.






  * _Madoc_,










  Spring Brook,
  * _Stirling_,
  Wellman’s Corners.











  * _Belleville_,
  Sidney Crossing,
  * _Trenton_,



  * _Goderich_,








  * _Seaforth_.



  Port Albert.


  * _Wroxeter_.






  St. Helen’s,



  * _Clinton_,
  Porter’s Hill.


  Hill’s Green,
  Johnson’s Mills,


  * _Bayfield_,


  * _Exeter_,


  * _Rodgerville_,



  Kent Bridge,
  * _Wallaceburg_.


  Mitchell’s Bay,
  Dover, South.


  Charing Cross,
  Rondeau Harbor.


  * _Chatham_,


  Old Montrose,


  _Tilbury, East_,


  * _Kingston._



  Grand Bend,
  _Widder Station_.




  * _Oil Springs_,




  * _Wyoming_.


  Perch Station,
  Point Edward,
  * _Sarnia_.


  * _Arkona_,



  McDonald’s Corners,
  Watson’s Corners.




  * _Lanark_,




  Cedar Hill,
  * _Pakenham_.


  * _Almonte_,
  Bennie’s Corners,





  Glen Tay,


  * _Carleton Place_,


  Allan Mills,


  Ferguson’s Falls,
  * _Perth_,


  Port Elmsley,
  * _Smith’s Falls_.









  South Gower.




  Bishop’s Mills,
  Burritt’s Rapids,
  * _Kemptville_,
  Oxford Mills,
  Oxford Station.


  Easton’s Corners,



  Plum Hollow,




  * _Newborough_,








  * _Gananoque_,
  Marble Rock,
  Seeley’s Bay,
  South Lake.


  Sherwood Spring.







  Ernestown Station,
  Mill Haven,
  * _Odessa_,




  Forest Mills,
  * _Napanee_,



  * _Beamsville_,


  * _Port Dalhousie_,
  * _St. Catharine’s, West_.


  * _Grimsby_,
  * _Smithville_.


  * _Jordan._


  * _London._



  Dorchester Station,


  Hyde Park Corner,
  Union Hill,


  St. Ives,


  St. James’ Park (sub),





  * _Lucan_,




  West McGillivray.


  _Ailsa Craig_,


  _Park Hill_,



  Longwood Station,
  * _Mount Brydges_,
  * _Strathroy_.








  * _Newbury_,
  * _Wardsville_.









  St. Ann’s,
  _Welland Port_.


  * _Dunnville_,


  North Pelham,


  Port Maitland,





























  Muskoka Falls,










  Trout Lake,
  Turtle Lake.




  _Parry Sound._










  * _Bracebridge_,






  _Port Carling_.


  Point Kaye,


  Segeun Falls.


  _Severn Bridge._


















  Mary Lake,




  Byng Inlet.









  * _Niagara_,
  St. David’s,


  Deux Rivières,



  South Middleton.


  Round Plains,
  Townsend Centre,
  Villa Nova,
  * _Waterford_.


  Brandy Creek,
  * _Simcoe_,
  Windham, Centre.



  Silver Hill,


  Clear Creek,
  Glen Meyer,


  Pleasant Hill,
  * _Port Rowan_,
  Port Royal,
  _St. Williams_,
  Spring Arbour,


  _Port Dover_,
  _Port Ryerse_.



  * _Brighton_,


  * _Colborne_,






  * _Campbellford_,







  * _Cobourg_,
  Gore’s Landing,



  * _Cannington_,






  * _Manchester_,
  Marsh Hill,
  _Port Perry_,
  * _Prince Albert_,
  Victoria Corners.






  * _Beaverton_,


  Glen Major,
  * _Uxbridge_.



  Green River,
  Port Union,
  Rouge Hill,


  * _Brooklin_,
  * _Oshawa_,
  * _Whitby_.


  * _Ottawa._





  * _Bright_,
  Goble’s Corners,




  South Zorra,


  Harrington, West.



  _Mount Elgin_,
  * _Tilsonburg_.


  * _Norwich_.




  Oxford Centre,


  * _Ingersoll._





  * _Alloa_,
  Campbell’s Cross,
  Mono Road Station,
  Stanley’s Mills.


  Derry, West,
  Mount Charles,
  Port Credit,
  * _Streetsville_,







  Gad’s Hill,






  Morningdale Mills,


  * _Listowel_,



  * _St. Mary’s_,













  * _Hastings_,
  * _Norwood_,


  * _Blairton_,














  _North Douro_,
  South Douro.




  South Dummer,


  * _Haliburton._














  Hall’s Bridge,


















  * _Keene_,













  * _Peterborough_,


  South Monaghan.


  Young’s Point.





  Caledonia Springs,


  Chute an Blondeau,
  East Hawkesbury,
  Little Rideau,
  St. Eugène,
  * _Vankleek Hill_.


  * _Hawkesbury._


  * _L’Orignal_.







  Mountain View,


  Cherry Valley,
  Point Petre.


  * _Picton_,
  West Lake.




  Bongard’s Corners,
  Point Traverse,
  South Bay,


  Gilbert’s Mills,







  * _Osceola_.








  Rockliffe (sub).






  * _Pembroke._




  Point Alexander.


  Forester’s Falls,




  Gower Point,


  Lake Doré,









  High Falls.


  Mount St. Patrick.


  * _Rockingham_.












  Bark Lake.




  * _Arnprior_,
  Sand Point,
  White Lake.






  Palmer Rapids.











  Clarence Creek,


  Pear Brook,


  Billings’ Bridge,
  Eastman’s Springs,
  Long Island Locks,
  * _New Edinburgh_,
  Rock Village.


  South Gloucester,
  West Osgoode.











  * _Coldwater_,
  Mount St. Louis,


  * _Collingwood_,
  * _Creemore_,
  Glen Huron,
  Maple Valley,
  * _Stayner_.




  East Oro,
  Jarrat’s Corners,
  Shanty Bay,




  New Lowell,


  Port Severn (sub),
  Victoria Harb.,


  * _Penetanguishene_,


  * _Barrie_,



  * _Angus_,
  Elm Grove,
  West Essa.


  * _Bondhead_,
  * _Bradford_,


  _Bell Ewart_,
  Cherry Creek,


  Black Bank,
  * _Rosemont_,


  _Clover Mill_,
  * _Cookstown_,
  Newton Robinson,





  South Finch.


  _Dickinson’s Landing_,
  Farran’s Point,
  Osnabruck Centre,


  Gravel Hill,
  Moose Creek.


  * _Toronto._







  Victoria Road Station.






  * _Kirkfield_,
  * _Woodville_.


  _Fenelon Falls_,






  Head Lake,
  Oak Hill.








  Bury’s Green,



  Frank Hill,
  * _Omemee_.


  Little Britain,
  Port Hoover,


  * _Lindsay_,
  Mount Horeb,





  * _Berlin_,
  * _Waterloo_.


  St. Clements,
  * _Wellesley_.


  _St. Jacob’s_,
  West Montrose,



  * _Ayr_,
  * _Galt_,


  * _Hespeler_,
  New Aberdeen,
  * _Preston_.


  _New Dundee_,
  * _New Hamburg_,
  Philipsburg, West,
  St. Agatha.



  * _Fort Erie_,
  Point Abino,


  * _Welland_.


  * _Port Colborne_,


  * _Chippawa_,
  * _Clifton_,
  Clifton House (sub),
  _Drummondville, West_,


  * _Port Robinson_,
  St. John’s, West,
  * _Thorold_.


  Black Creek.



  * _Orangeville_,


  * _Fergus_,


  Creek Bank,


  * _Elora_,



  Bowling Green,


  * _Arthur_,
  * _Mount Forest_,









  Eden Mills,


  * _Erin_,


  * _Guelph_,







  * _Waterdown_.


  * _Dundas_,
  Mill Grove,
  _West Flamboro’_.





  Ryckman’s Corners.


  Black Heath,


  North Glanford.


  Mount Albion,
  _Stony Creek_,



  Cedar Grove,
  * _Markham_,
  Langstaff (sub),
  Victoria Square.


  Highland Creek,
  * _Scarboro’_,


  York Mills,





  _Holland Landing_,
  Mount Albert,


  Roache’s Point.


  King Creek,


  * _Aurora_,
  * _New Market_,
  Oak Ridges,
  Pine Orchard,
  * _Stouffville_,
  White Rose.





  * _Richmondhill_,
  * _Thornhill_,


  Newton Brook,
  * _Weston_,



  Harrington, East,
  Mille Isles,
  * _St. Andrew’s, East_,
  St. Philippe d’Argenteuil.


  * _Actonvale_,
  Britannia Mills,
  St. Dominique,
  St. Ephrem d’Upton,
  Ste. Hélène de Bagot,
  _St. Hugues_,
  St. Liboire,
  St. Pie,
  Ste. Rosalie,
  St. Simon de Yamaska,
  St. Théodore.


  East Broughton,
  Grandes Coudées,
  Jersey, River Chaudière,
  Kennebec, Line,
  La Beauce,
  River Gilbert,
  St. Elzéar,
  St. Ephrem de Tring,
  St. Evariste de Forsyth,
  St. François,
  St. Frédéric,
  St. George,
  St. Honoré,
  St. Joseph,
  St. Victor de Tring,
  West Broughton.


  * _Beauharnois_,
  St. Etienne de Beauharnois
  St. Louis de Gonzague,
  St. Stanislas de Kostka,
  St. Timothée,
  * _Valleyfield_.


  St. Charles, River Boyer,
  St. Gervais,
  St. Lazare,
  St. Magloire,
  St. Michel,
  St. Raphael, East,
  St. Vallier.


  * _Berthier (en haut)_,
  Isle Dupas,
  St. Barthélemi,
  St. Cuthbert,
  St. Damien de Brandon,
  St. Gabriel de Brandon,
  St. Michel des Saints,
  St. Norbert,
  St. Zenon.


  Bonaventure (sub),
  Bonaventure River,
  Cross Point,
  Dee Side,
  Escuminac (sub),
  New Carlisle,
  New Richmond,
  Port Daniel,


  Bolton, Centre,
  Bolton Forest,
  East Bolton,
  East Farnham,
  Farnham, Centre,
  Glen Sutton,
  Iron Hill,
  * _Knowlton_,
  Knowlton Landing,
  North Sutton,
  St. Etienne de Bolton,
  South Bolton,
  * _Sutton_,
  West Bolton,
  West Brome,
  West Potton.


  Chambly Basin,
  * _Chambly Canton_,
  St. Bazil le Grand,
  St. Bruno,
  St. Hubert,
  St. Lambert, Montreal.


  Batiscan Bridge,
  Cap. Magdeleine,
  Ste. Anne de la Pèrede,
  Ste. Flore,
  St. Maurice,
  St. Narcisse,
  St. Prosper,
  St. Stanislas,
  St. Tite,


  Cap à l’Aigle (sub),
  Clairvaux (sub),
  Isle aux Coudres (sub),
  La Petite Rivière St. François (sub),
  Les Eboulemens,
  * _Murray Bay_,
  Point à Pic (sub),
  Port au Persil,
  Ste. Agnès,
  St. Fidèle,
  St. Irénée,
  * _St. Paul’s Bay_,
  St. Urbain.


  Allan’s Corners,
  Chateauguay Basin,
  North Georgetown,
  Norton Creek,
  _St. Jean Chrysostôme_,
  St. Martine,
  Ste. Philomène,
  St. Urbain,



  Grande Baie,
  L’Anse au Foin,
  L’Anse St. Jean,
  St. Cyriac,
  St. Prime.


  Esquimaux Point,
  Les Escoumains,
  Les Petites Bergeronnes,
  Mille Vaches,
  Pointe Au Bouleau,


  * _Compton_,
  East Clifton,
  East Hereford,
  Island Brook,
  Lake Megantic,
  Learned Plain,
  Maple Leaf,
  Moe’s River,
  St. Edwige,
  St. Malo,
  St. Romaine,
  West Ditton,


  Lake Etchemin,
  St. Anselme,
  St. Bernard,
  Ste. Claire,
  St. Edouard de Frampton
  Ste. Hénédine,
  St. Isidore,
  St. Malachie,
  Ste. Marguerite,



  _Drummondville, East_,
  French Village,
  Kingsey Falls,
  Leonard’s Hill,
  Ruisseau des Chênes,
  St. Bonaventure,
  St. Germain de Grantham,
  St. Guillaume d’Upton,
  South Durham,
  Sydenham Place,


  Arthabaska Station,
  Domaine de Gentilly,
  East Arthabaska,
  East Chester,
  St. Albert,
  St. Christophe d’Arthabaska,
  St. Clothilde,
  St. Patrick’s Hill,
  Viger Mines,
  Warwick, East.


  Barachois de Malbay,
  Cap Chat,
  Cap des Rosiers,
  Cape Cove,
  Etang du Nord (sub),
  Fox River,
  _Gaspé Basin_,
  Grande Grève,
  Grande Vallée,
  Grande Pabos,
  Grand River,
  House Harbor (sub),
  Magdalen Islands,
  Mont Louis,
  Newport Point,
  Peninsula, Gaspé,
  Point St. Peter,
  Rivière la Madeleine,
  Ste. Anne des Monts,
  Sandy Beach.


  Côte des Neiges,
  Côte St. Paul,
  Long Point,
  Mile End,
  Pointe aux Trembles,
  Rivière des Prairies,
  St. Jean Baptiste de Montréal,
  Sault au Récollet,
  Tannery West.


  Anderson’s Corners,
  Cevey Hill,
  Dundee, Centre,
  _Franklin, Centre_,
  Herdman’s Corners,
  La Guerre,
  Port Lewis,
  St. Anicet,
  St. Regis,
  Trout River,


  Mount Johnson,
  St. Alexandre,
  _St. Athanase_,
  Ste. Brigide,
  St. Sebastian,


  * _Lachine_,
  Pointe Claire,
  * _Point St. Charles_,
  Ste. Anne Bout de L’Isle,
  Ste. Geneviève,
  St. Laurent.


  De Ramsay,
  * _Joliette_,
  St. Alphonse,
  Ste. Béatrix,
  St. Côme,
  Ste. Elizabeth,
  Ste. Emélie de l’Energie,
  St. Félix de Valois,
  St. Jean de Matha,
  St. Paul d’Industrie,
  St. Thomas, East.


  Côteaux Rivière Ouelle,
  Mount Carmel,
  Rivière Ouelle,
  St. Alexandra,
  St. André,
  _Ste. Anne la Pocatière_,
  St. Denis de la Bouteillerie,
  Ste. Hélène,
  St. Onézime,
  St. Pacôme,
  St. Paschal,
  St. Philippe de Néry.


  * _Laprairie_,
  St. Constant,
  St. Isidore,
  St. Jacques le Mineur,
  St. Philippe.


  * _L’Assomption_,
  Mascouche Rapids,
  St. Lin,
  St. Paul l’Hermite,
  St. Roch l’Achigan,
  St. Sulpice.


  Bord à Plouffe,
  St. Dorothee,
  St. François de Sales,
  St. Martin,
  Ste. Rose,
  St. Vincent de Paul.


  Chaudière Mills,
  Craig’s Road Station,
  Indian Cove,
  * _Lévis_,
  New Liverpool,
  St. Henri,
  St. Henri Station,
  St. Jean Chryostôme,
  St. Lambert,
  St. Nicholas,
  * _South Quebec_.


  Isle aux Grues,
  Lac Noir,
  L’Anse à Giles,
  St. Aubert,
  St. Cyrille,
  St. Jean, Port Joli,
  Ste. Louise,
  St. Roch des Aulnaies,
  Trois Saumons,
  _Village des Aulnaies_.


  Black River Station,
  Méthot’s Mills,
  Point Platon,
  Rivière Bois Claire,
  Ste. Agathe,
  St. Antoine,
  St. Apollinaire,
  _Ste. Croix_,
  St. Flavien,
  St. Giles,
  St. Jean des Chaillons,
  St. Sylvester,
  St. Sylvester, East.


  Pont de Maskinongé,
  _River du Loup (en haut)_,
  St. Didace,
  St. Justin,
  St. Léon,
  St. Paulin,
  Ste. Ursule.


  Bécancour Station,
  East Magdala,
  Glen Murray,
  Harvey Hill Mines,
  * _Inverness_,
  Kinnear’s Mills,
  * _Leeds_,
  Leeds Village,
  Lower Ireland,
  Maple Grove,
  New Ireland,
  _St. Ferdinand_,
  Ste. Julie de Somerset,
  St. Pierre Baptiste,
  Ste. Sophie,


  Abbott’s Corners,
  East Dunham,
  * _Frelighsburg_,
  Moore’s Station,
  North Pinnacle,
  North Stanbridge,
  Nutt’s Corners,
  _Philipsburg, East_,
  Pigeon Hill,
  _Pike River_,
  St. Armand, Centre,
  St. Armand Station,
  St. Charles de Stanbridge,
  Stanbridge, East,
  Stanbridge Station,
  Upper Bedford,
  * _West Farnham_.


  Mount Loyal,
  St. Alexis,
  St. Esprit,
  St. Hippolyte de Kilkenny,
  St. Jacques,
  Ste. Julienne,
  St. Liguori,
  St. Théodore de Chertsey.


  Berthier (en bas),
  Cap St. Ignace,
  * _Montmagny_,
  St. François,
  St. Paul du Buton,
  St. Pierre.


  Ange Gardien,
  Château Richer,
  St. Famille,
  St. Féréol (_sub_)
  St. François d’Orléans,
  St. Jean d’Orléans,
  St. Joachim,
  St. Laurent d’Orléans,
  St. Pierre d’Orléans,
  St. Tite des Caps (_sub_).


  * _Montreal._


  La Pigeonnière,
  St. Edouard,
  _St. Rémi_,


  Aston Station,
  Ste. Angèle de Laval,
  Ste. Brigitte des Saults,
  St. Célestin,
  Ste. Gertrude,
  St. Grégoire,
  St. Leonard,
  Ste. Monique,
  St. Perpetue,
  St. Pierre les Becquets,
  St. Wenceslas.


  * _Aylmer, East_,
  * _Buckingham_,
  * _Chelsea_,
  East Templeton,
  * _Hull_,
  Kirk’s Ferry,
  Lochaber Bay,
  Masham Mills,
  North Nation Mills,
  North Wakefield,
  River Désert,
  St. André Avellin,
  Six Portages,
  * _Thurso_,
  Upper Wakefield,


  Allumette Island,
  Calumette Island,
  Clarendon Centre,
  Clarendon Front (sub),
  Danford Lake,
  Fort Coulonge,
  Fort William,
  Lake Témiscamingue,
  North Bristol,
  North Onslow,
  * _Onslow_,
  Otter Lake,
  * _Portage du Fort_,
  Rapides des Joachims,
  Thorne Centre,


  Bourg Louis,
  Cap Santé,
  Les Ecureuils,
  Point aux Trembles,
  Pont Rouge,
  St. Alban,
  St. Augustin,
  St. Bazile,
  St. Casimir,
  St. Catherine’s, East,
  St. Raymond.


  * _Quebec_,
  _St. Roch de Québec_,
  _St. Sauveur de Québec_.


  Ancienne Lorette,
  Ancienne Lorette (sub),
  Cap Rouge,
  Lake Beauport,
  Montmorency Falls,
  St. Foy,
  Sillery Cove,
  Spencer Cove,


  St. Aimé,
  St. Marcel,
  St. Ours,
  St. Robert,
  St. Roch de Richelieu,
  St. Victoire,
  * _Sorel_.



  _Brompton Falls_,
  Denison’s Mills,
  * _Melbourne_,
  Melbourne Ridge,
  North Stoke,
  * _Richmond, East_,
  Richmond Station,
  St. George de Windsor,
  Stoke, Centre,
  Windsor Mills.


  Lake Aylmer,
  Lake Weedon,
  North Ham,
  St. Camille,
  South Ham,


  Cedar Hall,
  Father Point,
  Petit Métis,
  * _Rimouski_,
  St. Anaclet,
  St. Fabien,
  Ste. Félicité,
  Ste. Flavie,
  Ste. Luce
  St. Mathieu,
  St. Moïse,
  St. Octave,
  St. Simon de Rimouski,


  Mont St. Hilaire,
  Ste. Angèle,
  * _Ste. Césaire_,
  St. Hilaire Station,
  St. Hilaire Village,
  St. Jean Baptiste de Rouville,
  Ste. Marie de Monnoir,
  St. Mathias,
  Village Richelieu.


  La Présentation,
  St. Barnabé, River Yamaska,
  St. Charles, River Richelieu,
  St. Damase,
  St. Denis, River Richelieu,
  * _St. Hyacinthe_,
  St. Jude.


  Belle Alodie,
  Grand Ligne,
  * _St. John’s East_,
  St. Luc,
  St. Valentin,


  Mont Elie,
  Pointe du Lac,
  St. Barnabé,
  St. Elie,
  St. Etienne des Grés,
  St. Maurice Forges,
  St. Sévère,


  Frost Village,
  * _Granby_,
  Milton, East,
  North Stukely,
  _Roxton Falls_,
  Roxton Pond,
  St. Joachim de Shefford,
  St. Valérien,
  Savage’s Mills,
  Shefford Mountain,
  South Ely,
  South Granby,
  South Roxton,
  South Stukely,
  * _Waterloo_,
  West Shefford.


  Ascot Corner,
  * _Lennoxville_,
  Rock Forest,
  * _Sherbrook_.


  _Côteau du Lac_,
  Côteau Landing,
  Côteau Station,
  Pont Château,
  River Beaudette,
  St. Clet,
  St. Dominique des Cedres,
  _St. Polycarpe_,
  St. Zotique.


  Apple Grove,
  Ayer’s Flat,
  Beebe Plain,
  * _Coaticook_,
  Drew’s Mills,
  Fitch Bay,
  Magoon’s Point,
  North Hatley,
  _Rock Island_,
  St. Herménégilde,
  Smith’s Mills,
  South Barnston,
  * _Stanstead_,
  Way’s Mills.


  Détour du Lac,
  Green River,
  Isle Verte,
  Notre Dame du Portage,
  * _River du Loup (en bas)_,
  River Trois Pistoles,
  St. Antonin,
  St. Arsène,
  St. Eloi,
  Ste. Françoise,
  Ste. Modeste,
  Trois Pistoles,


  Lac Masson,
  New Glasgow,
  Ste. Adèle,
  Ste. Anne des Plaines,
  St. Janvier,
  _St. Jérome_,
  St. Sauveur,
  St. Sophie de Lacorne,
  _Ste Therèse de Blainville_,
  * _Terrebonne_.


  * _Three Rivers._


  Belle Revière,
  St. Augustin,
  St. Benoit,
  St. Canute,
  St. Columbin,
  _St. Eustache_,
  St. Hermas,
  St. Joseph du Lac,
  St. Monique de Deux Montagnes,
  Ste. Placide,
  _Ste. Scholastique_.


  Isle Perrot,
  Mount Oscar,
  Point Fortune,
  Ste. Justine de Newton,
  Ste. Marthe,


  Belœil Station,
  Belœil Village,
  St. Antoine,
  Ste. Julie,
  St. Marc,


  La Baie,
  Pierreville Mills,
  Rivière aux Vaches,
  _River David_,
  St. François du Lac,
  St. Zephirin,



  Belleisle, W. O.,
  Chute’s Cove, W. O.,
  Clementsvale, W. O.,
  Deep Brook, W. O.,
  Granville Centre, W. O.,
  _Granville Ferry_,
  Lequille, W. O.,
  Lower Granville, W. O.,
  Maitland, W. O.,
  Margaretsville, W. O.,
  Marshall’s Cove, W. O.,
  Melvern Square, W. O.,
  Milford, W. O.,
  Saw Mill Creek, W. O.,
  Mount Hanly, W. O.,
  New Albany, W. O.,
  Nicholl’s Corner, W. O.,
  Nictaux Falls, W. O.,
  Paradise Lane, W. O.,
  Parker’s Cove, W. O.,
  Port George, W. O.,
  Round Hill, W. O.,
  Spa Springs, W. O.,
  Springfield, W. O.,
  Stoddart’s, W. O.,
  Stronach Mountain, W. O.,
  Torbrook, W. O.,
  Tupperville, W. O.,
  Webber’s, W. O.,


  Antigonishe Harbour, W. O.,
  Addington Forks, W. O.,
  Arisaig, W. O.,
  Back Lands, W. O.,
  Barrio’s Beach, W. O.,
  Bayfield, W. O.,
  Big Tracadie, W. O.,
  Black River, W. O.,
  Briley’s Brook, W. O.,
  Caledonia Mills, W. O.,
  Cape George,
  Cape George, North side, W. O.,
  Cross Roads, Ohio, W. O.,
  Big Mountain, W. O.,
  Fraser’s Grant, W. O.,
  Glen, W. O.,
  Glen Alpine, W. O.,
  Glen Road, W. O.,
  Goshen, W. O.,
  Harbor au Bouche, W. O.,
  Harbor Road, W. O.,
  Head of South River Lake, W. O.,
  Lakevale, W. O.,
  Little River, W. O.,
  Little Tracadie, W. O.,
  Livingston’s Cove, W. O.,
  Lochaber, W. O.,
  Lowe Settlement South River, W. O.,
  Malignant Cove, W. O.,
  Marshy Hope, W. O.,
  Marydale, W. O.,
  Maryvale, W. O.,
  Middle Settlement of South River, W. O.,
  Ohio, W. O.,
  Point of Cape, W. O.,
  Pomquet Chapel, W. O.,
  Pomquet Forks, W. O.,
  St. Andrews,
  Upper Settlement of South River, W. O.,
  Usher, W. O.,
  Vernal, W. O.,
  West side of Lochaber, W. O.


  Albert Bridge, W. O.,
  Beaver Cove, W. O.,
  Big Lorraine, W. O.,
  Big Pond, W, O.,
  Boisdale Chapel, W. O.,
  Bridgeport, W. O.,
  Cariboo Cove, W. O.,
  Catalone, W. O.,
  Christmas Island, W. O.,
  _Cow Bay_,
  Cox Heath, W. O.,
  East Bay, W. O.,
  East Bay, North side, W. O.,
  Eskasoni, W. O.,
  False Bay Beach, W. O.,
  Frenchvale, W. O.,
  Gabarus, W. O.,
  Gardiner Mines, W. O.,
  Grand Mira, North,
  Grand Mira, South,
  Grand Narrows, W. O.,
  Irish Cove, W. O.,
  Leitches Creek,
  Lewis Bay, W. O.,
  Little Bras d’Or,
  _Little Glace Bay_,
  Little Lorraine, W. O.,
  Lorway Mines, W. O.,
  Louisburg, W. O.,
  Mainadieu, W. O.,
  Marion Bridge, W. O.,
  Mira Gut, W. O.,
  _North Sydney_,
  North West Arm, W. O.,
  Port Caledonia, W. O.,
  Reserve Mines, W. O.,
  Salmon River, W. O.,
  South Bar of Sydney River, W. O.,
  _Sydney Mines_,
  Victoria Mines, W. O.


  Acadia Mines,
  Bass River, W. O.,
  Central Onslow, W. O.,
  Chigonaise River, W. O.,
  Cook’s Brook, W. O.,
  Dickson’s Store, W. O.,
  Earltown, W. O.,
  Eastville, W. O.,
  _Five Islands_,
  Folly Lake, W. O.,
  Folly Mountain, W. O.,
  Forbes, W. O.,
  Gold Fields, W. O.,
  _Great Village_,
  Green’s Creek, W. O.,
  Halfway Brook, W. O.,
  Hardwood Lands, W. O.,
  Head of Tatamagouche, W. O.,
  Kempt Town, W. O.,
  Lower Stewiacke,
  Mast Town, W. O.,
  Middle Stewiacke, W. O.,
  New Annan, W. O.,
  Newton Mills, W. O.,
  North River, W. O.,
  North River Bridge, W. O.,
  North Section of Earltown, W. O.,
  Old Barns, W. O.,
  Onslow, W. O.,
  Point Bruley, W. O.,
  Portapique, W. O.,
  Portapique Mountain, W. O.,
  Princeport, W. O.,
  River De Bert,
  Riversdale, W. O.,
  St. Andrew’s, W. O.,
  South Branch, W. O.,
  Stewiacke Cross Roads, W. O.,
  Tatamagouche Mountain, W. O.,
  Teviotdale Station, W. O.,
  Upper Economy, W. O.,
  Upper Stewiacke,
  Waugh’s River, W. O.,
  West Branch, River Philip, W. O.


  _Advocate Harbor_,
  Amherst Hill, W. O.,
  Amherst Point, W. O.,
  Apple River, W. O.,
  Athol, W. O.,
  Barronsfield, W. O.,
  Black Rock, W. O.,
  Brookville, W. O.,
  Brown’s Brook, W. O.,
  Cannonville, W. O.,
  Claremont, W. O.,
  Fenwick, W. O.,
  Fox Harbor, W. O.,
  Fox River, W. O.,
  Goose River,
  Greenville, W. O.,
  Gulf Shore, W. O.,
  Halfway River, W. O.,
  Hastings, W. O.,
  Head of Amherst, W. O.,
  Head of Wallace Bay, W. O.,
  Head of Wallace Bay, North Side, W. O.,
  Hornsey, W. O.,
  Joggin Mines, W. O.,
  Kirk Hill, W. O.,
  Lakelands, W. O.,
  Lake Road, W. O.,
  Lawrence Factory, W. O.,
  Leicester, W. O.,
  Little River, W. O.,
  Lower Cove, W. O.,
  Maccan, W. O.,
  Maccan Mountain, W. O.,
  Malagash, W. O.,
  Middleboro’, W. O.,
  Minudie, W. O.,
  Mount Pleasant, W. O.,
  Nappan, W. O.,
  North Shore, W. O.,
  Parrsborough Shore, W. O.,
  Port Greville, W. O.,
  Port Philip, W. O.,
  Pugwash River, W. O.,
  River Hebert, W. O.,
  _River Philip_,
  Rockwell Settlement, W. O.,
  Roslin, W. O.,
  Salem, W. O.,
  Section 7, W. O.,
  Shinemicas Bridge,
  Shulie, W. O.,
  Six Mile Road, W. O.,
  Southampton, W. O.,
  Spencer’s Island, W. O.,
  Spring Hill, W. O.,
  Springhill Mines, W. O.,
  Thompson’s Mills,
  Three Sisters, W. O.,
  Tidnish, W. O.,
  Victoria, W. O.,
  Wallace Bridge, W. O.,
  Wallace Ridge, W. O.,
  Wallace River, W. O.,
  Warren, W. O.,
  Wentworth, W. O.,
  Westbrook, W. O.,
  West Chester, W. O.,
  West Chester Lake, W. O.,
  Williamsdale, W. O.,
  Windham Hill, W. O.


  _Bear River, (West Side)_,
  Beaver River, W. O.,
  Beaver River Corner,
  Belliveaus Cove, W. O.,
  Cedar Lake, W. O.,
  Clare, W. O.,
  Gilbert Cove, W. O.,
  Havelock, W. O.,
  Head of St. Mary’s Bay, W. O.,
  Little River, W. O.,
  Long Island,
  Marshall’s Town, W. O.,
  Metaghan, W. O.,
  Metaghan River, W. O.,
  New Tusket, W. O.,
  North Range Corner, W. O.,
  Petite Passage, W. O.,
  Pleasant Valley, W. O.,
  Rossway, W. O.,
  St. Mary’s Bay, W. O.,
  Salmon River, W. O.,
  _Sandy Cove_,
  Saulnierville, W. O.,
  Smith’s Cove, W. O.,
  Speitche’s Cove, W. O.,
  Trout Cove, W. O.,
  Weaver Settlement, W. O.,
  Weymouth Bridge.


  Caledonia, St. Mary’s, W. O.,
  Charlo’s Cove, W. O.,
  Cole Harbor, W. O.,
  _Cross Roads (Country Harbor)_,
  Cross Roads, Middle Melford, W. O.,
  Crow Harbor, W. O.,
  East River, St. Mary’s, W. O.,
  Erinville, W. O.,
  Forristalls, W. O.,
  Giant’s Lake, W. O.,
  Grosvenor, W. O.,
  Guysborough Intervale, W. O.,
  Half Island Cove, W. O.,
  Indian Harbor, W. O.,
  Isaac’s Harbor, W. O.,
  Larry’s River, W. O.,
  Liscomb, W. O.,
  Manchester, W. O.,
  Marie Joseph, W. O.,
  Milford Haven Bridge, W. O.,
  New Harbor, W. O.,
  New Town, W. O.,
  Oyster Ponds, W. O.,
  Pirate Harbor,
  Port Felix, W. O.,
  _Port Mulgrave_,
  Ragged Head, W. O.,
  Roman’s Valley, W. O.,
  Salmon River, W. O.,
  Salmon River, Lake Settlement, W. O.,
  Sand Point, W. O.,
  Smithfield, W. O.,
  Sonora, W. O.,
  Steep Creek, W. O.,
  Still Water, W. O.,
  Stormont, W. O.,
  Torbay, W. O.,
  Upper Cross Roads, St. Mary’s, W. O.,
  White Head, W. O.,
  White Harbor, W. O.


  Antrim, W. O.,
  Beaver Bank, W. O.,
  Bedford Basin, W. O.,
  Black Point, W. O.,
  Brookvale, W. O.,
  Cambridge, W. O.,
  Carroll’s Corners, W. O.,
  Chezzetcook, W. O.,
  East Jeddore, W. O.,
  East Side of Chezzetcook, W. O.,
  English Corner, W. O.,
  Fletcher’s Station, W. O.,
  Gay’s River, W. O.,
  Gay’s River Road, W. O.,
  Hackett’s Cove, W. O.,
  Harrigan Cove, W. O.,
  Head of St. Margaret’s Bay, W. O.,
  Head of St. Margaret’s Bay, Middle District, W. O.,
  Hubbard’s Cove,
  Indian Harbor, W. O.,
  Jeddore, W. O.,
  Kent’s Island, W. O.,
  Ketch Harbor, W. O.,
  Lawrencetown, W. O.,
  Little River, (Middle Musquodoboit), W. O.,
  Lower Prospect, W. O.,
  Lower Ward, St. Margaret’s Bay, W. O.,
  Meagher’s Grant, W. O.,
  Middle Musquodoboit,
  Montague Gold Mines, W. O.,
  Musquodoboit Harbor, W. O.,
  Necum Tench, W. O.,
  New Caledonia, W. O.,
  Newcomb Corner, W. O.,
  Oakfield, W. O.,
  Oldham, W. O.,
  Peggy’s Cove, W. O.,
  Porter’s Lake, W. O.,
  Portuguese Cove, W. O.,
  Preston Road, W. O.,
  Prospect, W. O.,
  Richmond Terminus, W. O.,
  St. Margaret’s Bay,
  Salmon Hole, W. O.,
  Salmon River, W. O.,
  Sambro’, W. O.,
  Sandy Beaches, W. O.,
  _Sheet Harbor_,
  Ship Harbor, W. O.,
  South East Passage, W. O.,
  Spry Bay, W. O.,
  Terence Bay, W. O.,
  Trafalgar, W. O.,
  Upper Caledonia, W. O.,
  Upper Musquodoboit,
  West Newdy Quoddy,
  Wickwire Station, W. O.,
  Windsor Junction, W. O.


  Burnt Coat, W. O.,
  Cheverie, W. O.,
  Cogmagun River, W. O.,
  Densmores, W. O.,
  Densmores Mills, W. O.,
  Ellershausen, W. O.,
  Falmouth, W. O.,
  Falmouth (Windsor Bridge, W. O.,)
  Five Mile River, W. O.,
  Gore, W. O.,
  Highfield, W. O.,
  Indian Road, W. O.,
  Kennetcook, W. O.,
  Kennetcook Corner, W. O.,
  Lower Selmah, W. O.,
  Millers Creek, W. O.,
  Moose Brook, W. O.,
  Mortonville, W. O.,
  Mosherville, W. O.,
  Mount Denison, W. O.,
  Mount Uniacke,
  Newport Corner, W. O.,
  _Newport Landing_,
  Newport Station,
  Nine Mile River, W. O.,
  Noel, W. O.,
  Noel Shore, W. O.,
  North Salem, W. O.,
  Rawdon, W. O.,
  St. Croix, W. O.,
  Scotch Village, W. O.,
  Selmah, W. O.,
  South Rawdon, W. O.,
  Summerville, W. O.,
  Tenecape, W. O.,
  Three Mile Plains, W. O.,
  Upper Kennetcook, W. O.,
  Upper Newport, W. O.,
  Upper Rawdon, W. O.,
  Urbania, W. O.,
  Vaughans, W. O.,
  West Gore, W. O.,
  _Windsor, W. O._,
  Woodville, W. O.


  Big Brook, W. O.,
  Big Harbor, W. O.,
  Big Intervale, Grand Narrows, W. O.,
  Blue’s Mill, W. O.,
  Boom, W. O.,
  Broad Cove Chapel, W. O.,
  Broad Cove Intervale, W. O.,
  Broad Cove Marsh, W. O.,
  Cape Mabou, W. O.,
  Cheticamp, W. O.,
  Chimney Corner, W. O.,
  Cross Roads, Lake Ainslie, W. O.,
  Cross Roads, St. George’s Channel, W. O.,
  Eastern Harbor, W. O.,
  Emerald, W. O.,
  Glenedale, W. O.,
  Grand Etang, W. O.,
  Hay’s River, W. O.,
  Hillsborough, C. B., W. O.,
  Judique, W. O.,
  Kewstoke, W. O.,
  Lake Ainslie, W. O.,
  Lake Ainslie (East side), W. O.,
  Lake Ainslie (South side), W. O.,
  Lake Law, W. O.,
  Little Judique, W. O.,
  Little Narrows, W. O.,
  Long Point, W. O.,
  Low Point, W. O.,
  Mabou Coal Mines, W. O.,
  Mabou Harbor, W. O.,
  Malagawatch, W. O.,
  Marble Mountain, W. O.,
  Margaree, W. O.,
  _Margaree, (Forks)_,
  Middle section of North East Margaree, W. O.,
  Middle Settlement of River Inhabitants, W. O.,
  Mull River, W. O.,
  New Bridge, W. O.,
  North East Branch, Margaree, W. O.,
  North Side of Basin, River Dennis, W. O.,
  Pleasant Bay, W. O.,
  _Port Hastings_,
  _Port Hawkesbury_,
  _Port Hood_,
  Port Hood Island, W. O.,
  Queensville, W. O.,
  River Dennis, W. O.,
  Shea’s River, W. O.,
  Sight Point, W. O.,
  Sky Glen, W. O.,
  South Side of Basin, (River Dennis), W. O.,
  South side of Whycocomagh Bay, W. O.,
  South Side of West Margaree, W. O.,
  South West Mahou, W. O.,
  Upper Margaree, W. O.,
  Upper Settlement of River Dennis, W. O.,
  _West Bay_,


  Avonport, W. O.,
  Avonport Station, W. O.,
  Beech Hill, W. O.,
  Berwick Station, W. O.,
  Bill Town, W. O.,
  Buckley’s, W. O.,
  Burlington, W. O.,
  Cambridge Station, W. O.,
  Canaan, W. O.,
  Canaan Road, W. O.,
  Canada Creek, W. O.,
  Canard, W. O.,
  Centreville, W. O.,
  Chipman’s Brook, W. O.,
  Chipman’s Corners, W. O.,
  Church Street, W. O.,
  Cold Brook Station, W. O.,
  Condon Settlement, W. O.,
  Cornwallis, East, W. O.,
  Dalhousie, East, W. O.,
  Dempsey’s Corner, W. O.,
  Factory Dale, W. O.,
  Gaspereaux, W. O.,
  Hall’s Harbor, W. O.,
  Harborville, W. O.,
  Harmony, W. O.,
  Horton Landing, W. O.,
  Jackson Road, W. O.,
  Kingston Village, W. O.,
  Kinsman’s Corner, W. O.,
  Lake George, W. O.,
  Lakeville, W. O.,
  Lockhartville, W. O.,
  Long Point, W. O.,
  _Lower Horton_,
  Lower Pereaux, W. O.,
  Medford, W. O.,
  Middle Pereaux, W. O.,
  Morden, W. O.,
  Morristown, W. O.,
  Nerepis Station, W. O.,
  New Minas, W. O.,
  New Ross Road,
  Niely Road,
  North Mountain, W. O.,
  Ogilvie, W. O.,
  Palmer’s Road, W. O.,
  _Pineo Village_,
  _Port Williams_,
  Port Williams Station,
  Rhodes, W. O.,
  Ross’ Corner, W. O.,
  Scott’s Bay, W. O.,
  Sheffield Mills, W. O.,
  Somerset, W. O.,
  Steam Mills Village, W. O.,
  Upper Dyke Village, W. O.,
  Upper Pereaux, W. O.,
  Vernon Mines, W. O.,
  Victoria Harbor, W. O.,
  Waterville, W. O.,
  White Rock Mills,


  Blandford, W. O.,
  Broad Cove, W. O.,
  Chelsea, W. O.,
  Chesley’s Corners, W. O.,
  Chester Basin, W. O.,
  Conquerall Bank, W. O.,
  Dalhousie Road, W. O.,
  Dublin Shore, W. O.,
  Duncan, W. O.,
  Foster’s, W. O.,
  Getson’s Point, W. O.,
  Gold River, W. O.,
  Hebb’s Cross, W. O.,
  Indian Point, W. O.,
  Kingsbury, W. O.,
  La Have Cross Roads, W. O.,
  La Have River, W. O.,
  Laugill’s, W. O.,
  Lantz, W. O.,
  Lower La Have, W. O.,
  _Mahone Bay_,
  Marriott’s Cove, W. O.,
  Martin’s River, W. O.,
  Middle La Have Ferry, W. O.,
  Mill Cove, W. O.,
  Morton’s Corner, W. O.,
  Mossmans Grant, W. O.,
  New Canada, W. O.,
  New Cornwall, W. O.,
  New Germany, W. O.,
  _New Ross_,
  Northfield, W. O.,
  North West Cove, W. O.,
  Petite Reviére Bridge, W. O.,
  Tancook Islands, W. O.,
  Upper Branch, W. O.,
  Upper La Have, W. O.,
  Vogler’s Cove, W. O.,
  West Dublin, W. O.


  Alma., W. O.,
  Avondale, W. O.,
  Bailey’s Brook, W. O.,
  Barney’s River, W. O.,
  Big Island, W. O.,
  Blanchard’s Road, W. O.,
  Blue Mountain, W. O.,
  Bridgeville, W. O.,
  Brookville, W. O.,
  Cape John, W. O.,
  Churchville, W. O.,
  Concord, W. O.,
  Dalhousie Settlement, W. O.,
  McLellan’s Mountain, W. O.,
  Poplar Hill, W. O.,
  West Merigonishe, W. O.,
  East River, St. Mary’s, W. O.,
  East side of West Branch East River of Pictou, W. O.,
  Elmsville, W. O.,
  Fraser’s Mills, W. O.,
  French River, W. O.,
  Garden of Eden, W. O.,
  Glengarry Station,
  Green Hill, W. O.,
  Hopewell, W. O.,
  Knoydart, W. O.,
  Lime Rock, W. O.,
  Little Harbor, W. O.,
  Loganville, W. O.,
  Lower Barney’s River, W. O.,
  McLellan’s Brook, W. O.,
  Marsh Settlement,
  (McLellan’s Mountain, W. O.,)
  Merigonish, W. O.,
  Middle River, W. O.,
  Mill Brook, W. O.,
  Millsville, W. O.,
  Mount Thom,
  New Gairloch, W. O.,
  _New Glasgow_,
  New Lairg, W. O.,
  Piedmont Valley, W. O.,
  Plainfield, W. O.,
  Ponds, W. O.,
  _River John_,
  Rocklin, W. O.,
  Roger’s Hill, W. O.,
  St. Paul’s, W. O.,
  Six Mile Brook, W. O.,
  South McLellan’s Mountain, W. O.,
  Springville, W. O.,
  Sumerville, W. O.,
  Sutherland’s Mills, W. O.,
  Sutherland’s River, W. O.,
  Toney River, W. O.,
  Upper Settlement of Barney’s River, W. O.,
  Upper Settlement of West River, W. O.,
  West Branch, East River, of Pictou, W. O.,
  West Branch, River John, W. O.,
  West River,
  West River Station,


  Brookfield, W. O.,
  Brooklyn, W. O.,
  _Caledonia Corner_,
  East Port Medway, W. O.,
  Greenfield, W. O.,
  Kempt, W. O.,
  Middlefield, W. O.,
  Mill Village,
  North Brookfield, W. O.,
  Pleasant River, W. O.,
  Port Matoon, W. O.,
  _Port Medway_,
  White Point, W. O.


  Cariboo Cove, W. O.,
  Discoose, W. O.,
  Fourche, W. O.,
  Framboise, W. O.,
  Grand Anse, W. O.,
  Grandigue Ferry, W. O.,
  Grand River, W. O.,
  Kempt Road, W. O.,
  L’Ardoise, W. O.,
  Lennox Ferry, W. O.,
  Loch Lomond, W. O.,
  Lochside, W. O.,
  Lower L’Ardoise, W. O.,
  Lower River Inhabitants, W. O.,
  McPherson’s Ferry, W. O.,
  Petite de Grat, W. O.,
  Port Richmond, W. O.,
  Port Royal, W. O.,
  Rear of Black River, W. O.,
  Rear Lands’ Sporting Mountain, W. O.,
  Red Islands, W. O.,
  River Bourgeois, W. O.,
  St. Esprit, W. O.,
  St. George’s Channel, W. O.,
  _St. Peter’s_,
  West Arichat, W. O.


  Barrington Passage, W. O.,
  Bear Point, W. O.,
  Big Port le Bear, W. O.,
  Cape Negro, W. O.,
  Cape Sable Island, W. O.,
  Clarke’s Harbor, W. O.,
  Clyde River, W. O.,
  East side of Ragged Island, W. O.,
  Gunning Cove, W. O.,
  Head of Jordan River, W. O.,
  Jordan Bay, W. O.,
  Lewis Head, W. O.,
  Littlewood, W. O.,
  _Locke Port_,
  Lower Wood Harbor, W. O.,
  Middle Clyde River, W. O.,
  Middle Ohio, W. O.,
  North East Harbor, W. O.,
  Oak Park, W. O.,
  Port Clyde, W. O.,
  Port Jolly, W. O.,
  Port la Tour, W. O.,
  Pubnico Beach, W. O.,
  Ragged Island, W. O.,
  Roseway, W. O.,
  Sable River, W. O.,
  Sandy Point, W. O.,
  Shag Harbor, W. O.,
  Upper Wood Harbor, W. O.,
  Upper Clyde River, W. O.


  Baddeck Bay,
  Baddeck Bridge, W. O.,
  Bay St. Lawrence, W. O.,
  Big Bank, W. O.,
  Big Bras d’Or, W. O.,
  Big Intervale, Margaree, W. O.,
  Cape North, W. O.,
  Forks, Baddeck, W. O.,
  Bucklaw, W. O.,
  Groves Point, W. O.,
  Hunter’s Mountain, W. O.,
  Indian Brook, W. O.,
  Ingonish, W. O.,
  Kempt Head, W. O.,
  Lower Settlement, Middle River, W. O.,
  McKay’s Point, W. O.,
  Middle River, W. O.,
  Munro’s, W. O.,
  New Campbelton,
  Niel’s Harbor, W. O.,
  North River Bridge, W. O.,
  North Shore, W. O.,
  Point Clear, W. O.,
  St. Ann’s, W. O.,
  St. Patrick’s Channel, W. O.,
  South Bay, W. O.,
  South Gut of St. Ann’s, W. O.,
  South side of Boulardarie, W. O.,
  Sugar Loaf, W. O.,
  Upper Settlement of Baddeck River, W. O.,
  Upper Settlement of Middle River, W. O.,
  Upper Washabuck, W. O.,
  West Side of Middle River, W. O.,
  Wreck Cove, W. O.


  Argyle, W. O.,
  Carlton, W. O.,
  Central Chebogue, W. O.,
  Chebogue, W. O.,
  Deerfield, W. O.,
  Eel Lake, W. O.,
  East side of Pubnico Harbor, W. O.,
  Eel Brook, W. O.,
  Kemptville, W. O.,
  Kempt Bridge, W. O.,
  Lake George, W. O.,
  Maitland, W. O.,
  Plymouth, W. O.,
  Port Acadie, W. O.,
  Pubnico Harbor, W. O.,
  Robert’s Island, W. O.,
  Sand Beach, W. O.,
  Short Beach, W. O.,
  South Ohio, W. O.,
  Tusket Wedge, W. O.,
  Tusket Forks,
  Wellington, W. O.



  Albert Mines, W. O.,
  Beaver Brook, W. O.,
  Berryton, W. O.,
  Bridgedale, W. O.,
  Caledonia Settlement, W. O.,
  Centreville, W. O.,
  Church Hill, W. O.,
  Coverdale, W. O.,
  Curryville, W. O.,
  Dawson Settlement, W. O.,
  Edgett’s Landing, W. O.,
  Germantown, W. O.,
  Goshen, W. O.,
  Gowland Mountain, W. O.,
  Hastings, W. O.,
  Hebron, W. O.,
  Hopewell, W. O.,
  _Hopewell Cape_,
  Hopewell Corner, W. O.,
  Hopewell Hill, W. O.,
  Irving Settlement, W. O.,
  Little Ridge, W. O.,
  Little River (Coverdale), W. O.,
  Little River (Elgin), W. O.,
  Little Rocher, W. O.,
  Little Shemogue, W. O.,
  Lower Cape, W. O.,
  Lower Coverdale, W. O.,
  Lower Turtle Creek, W. O.,
  Mapleton, W. O.,
  Middle Coverdale, W. O.,
  New Horton, W. O.,
  New Ireland, W. O.,
  New Ireland Road, W. O.,
  Pleasant Vale, W. O.,
  Point Wolfe, W. O.,
  Prosser Brook, W. O.,
  River Side, W. O.,
  Rosevale, W. O.,
  Roxburgh, W. O.,
  Salem, W. O.,
  Stoney Creek, W. O.,
  Upper New Horton, W. O.,
  Waterside, W. O.,
  Wellington, W. O.


  Avondale, W. O.,
  Bairdsville, W. O.,
  Belleville, W. O.,
  Benton, W. O.,
  Bloomfield, W. O.,
  Boundary, Presqu’isle, W. O.,
  Carlow, W. O.,
  Centreville, W. O.,
  Charlestown, W. O.,
  Coldstream, W. O.,
  Debeck Station, W. O.,
  East Glassville, W. O.,
  Farley’s Mills, W. O.,
  Farmerston, W. O.,
  Ferryville, W. O.,
  Florenceville, East, W. O.,
  Foreston, W. O.,
  Glassville, W. O.,
  Good Corner, W. O.,
  Gordonsville, W. O.,
  Greenfield, W. O.,
  Holmsville, W. O.,
  Jacksontown, W. O.,
  Jacksonville, W. O.,
  Johnville, W. O.,
  Knowlesville, W. O.,
  Knoxford, W. O.,
  Lakeville, W. O.,
  Lindsay, W. O.,
  Long Settlement, W. O.,
  Lower Brighton, W. O.,
  Lower Wakefield, W. O.,
  Lower Woodstock, W. O.,
  McKenzie’s Corner, W. O.,
  Middle Simonds, W. O.,
  Monument Settlement, W. O.,
  Newburgh, W. O.,
  Northampton, W. O.,
  Peel, W. O.,
  _Richmond Corner_,
  River de Chute, W. O.,
  Shiktehawke, W. O.,
  Somerville, W. O.,
  Tracey’s Mills, W. O.,
  Turtle Creek, W. O.,
  Union Corner, W. O.,
  Upper Kent, W. O.,
  Upper Peel, W. O.,
  Upper Wicklow, W. O.,
  Upper Woodstock, W. O.,
  Victoria, W. O.,
  Waterville, W. O.,
  Watson Settlement, W. O.,
  West Glassville, W. O.,
  Williamstown, W. O.,
  Windsor, W. O.,
  Woodstock Road Station, W. O.


  Back Bay, W. O.,
  Baillie, W. O.,
  Basswood Ridge, W. O.,
  Bayside, W. O.,
  Beaver Harbor, W. O.,
  Bocabec, W. O.,
  Campo Bello,
  Clarendon, W. O.,
  Dumbarton, R. R. Station, W. O.,
  Fairhaven, W. O.,
  Grand Harbor, W. O.,
  Grand Manan,
  Indian Island, W. O.,
  Lawrence Station, W. O.,
  L’Edge, W. O.,
  L’Etete, W. O.,
  Little Lepreaux, W. O.,
  Lord’s Cove, W. O.,
  Lynnfield, W. O.,
  Mace’s Bay,
  Mascarene, W. O.,
  Moore’s Mills, W. O.,
  New River, W. O.,
  Oak Bay, W. O.,
  Oak Hill, W. O.,
  Pennfield, W. O.,
  Pennfield Ridge, W. O.,
  Pleasant Ridge, W. O.,
  Pomery Ridge, W. O.,
  Rolling Dam, W. O.,
  _St. Andrews_,
  _St. George_,
  St. Patrick, W. O.,
  _St. Stephen_,
  Second Falls, W. O.,
  Tower Hill, W. O.,
  Upper Mills,
  Waweig., W. O.,
  Whittier’s Ridge, W. O.,
  Wilson’s Beech, W. O.


  Alexander’s Point, W. O.,
  Bathurst Village, W. O.,
  Belledune, W. O.,
  Belledune River, W. O.,
  Clifton, W. O.,
  Grand Anse, W. O.,
  Janeville, W. O.,
  Little, Shippigan, W. O.,
  Lower Pockmouche, W. O.,
  Madisco, W. O.,
  New Bandon, W. O.,
  Pockmouche, W. O.,
  Pockshaw, W. O.,
  Poplar Grove, W. O.,
  Salmon Beach, W. O.,
  Tracadie, W. O.,
  Upper Caraquet, W. O.


  Bourgeois, W. O.,
  Chockfish, W. O.,
  Coal Branch, W. O.,
  Coate’s Mills, W. O.,
  Cocaigne River, W. O.,
  Doherty’s Mills, W. O.,
  Gailey, W. O.,
  Girvan Settlement, W. O.,
  Grandigue, W. O.,
  Gueguen, W. O.,
  Lake Settlement, W. O.,
  McLaughlan Road, W. O.,
  McLeod’s Mills, W. O.,
  Mill Creek, W. O.,
  Moulie’s River, W. O.,
  Palmerston, W. O.,
  Point Sapin, W. O.,
  Richibucto Village, W. O.,
  St. Anthony, W. O.,
  St. Mary’s, W. O.,
  St. Paul’s, W. O.,
  Scovil’s Mills, W. O.,
  Upper Buctouche, W. O.,
  Welford, W. O.,
  West Branch, Nicholas River, W. O.


  Barnesville, W. O.,
  Bass River, W. O.,
  Belleisle Bay, W. O.,
  Belleisle Creek, W. O.,
  Bloomfield, W. O.,
  Butternut Ridge,
  Campbell Settlement, W. O.,
  Carsonville, W. O.,
  Case Settlement, W. O.,
  Central Norton, W. O.,
  Clifton, W. O.,
  Collina, W. O.,
  Cornhill, W. O.,
  Cromwell, W. O.,
  Donegal, W. O.,
  East Scotch Settlement, W. O.,
  Round Hill, W. O.,
  Salt Springs, W. O.,
  Fenwick, W. O.,
  French Village, W. O.,
  Greenwich Hill, W. O.,
  Hammond River, W. O.,
  Hammond Vale,
  Hampton, W. O.,
  Hanford Brook, W. O.,
  Head of Millstream, W. O.,
  Hillsdale, W. O.,
  Kars, W. O.,
  Lakefield, W. O.,
  Londonderry, W. O.,
  Long Point, W. O.,
  Long Reach, W. O.,
  Markhamville, W. O.,
  Mechanic’s Settlement, W. O.,
  Midland, W. O.,
  Millstream, W. O.,
  Mouth of Nerepis,
  Mount Pleasant, W. O.,
  Nerepis Station,
  Newtown, W. O.,
  Norton, W. O.,
  Norton Station,
  Oak Point, W. O.,
  Perry Settlement, W. O.,
  Poodiac, W. O.,
  Ratter’s Corner, W. O.,
  Rockville, W. O.,
  Rothsay, W. O.,
  Seeley’s Mills, W. O.,
  Shepody Road, W. O.,
  Smith Creek, W. O.,
  Smith Town, W. O.,
  South Branch, W. O.,
  Sprague’s Point, W. O.,
  Sussex Corner, W. O.,
  Sussex Portage, W. O.,
  _Sussex Vale_,
  Tenant’s Cove, W. O.,
  Thorne Brooke, W. O.,
  Titusville, W. O.,
  Upham, W. O.,
  Upper Greenwich, W. O.,
  Urquhart’s, W. O.,
  Ward’s Creek Road, W. O.,
  Westfield, W. O.


  Barnaby River, W. O.,
  Bartibog, W. O.,
  Bay du Vin, W. O.,
  Bay du Vin Mills, W. O.,
  Black Brook, W. O.,
  Black River, W. O.,
  Black River Bridge, W. O.,
  Blackville, W. O.,
  Blissfield, W. O.,
  Boiestown, W. O.,
  Burnt Church, W. O.,
  Cains River, W. O.,
  Church Point, W. O.,
  Derby, W. O.,
  Doaktown, W. O.,
  Douglastown, W. O.,
  Dumphy, W. O.,
  Escuminac, W. O.,
  Hardwick, W. O.,
  Little Branch, W. O.,
  Lower Newcast, W. O.,
  Ludlow, W. O.,
  Lyttleton, W. O.,
  Neguac, W. O.,
  North Esk Boom, W. O.,
  North West Bridge, W. O.,
  Oak Point, W. O.,
  Portage River, W. O.,
  Red Bank, W. O.,
  Renou’s Bridge, W. O.,
  South Nelson, W. O.,
  Tabucintac, W. O.,
  Upper Bay du Vin, W. O.,
  Upper Negruac, W. O.,
  Whitney, W. O.


  Armstrong’s Corner, W. O.,
  Belyea’s Cove, W. O.,
  Big Cove, W. O.,
  Brigg’s Corner, W. O.,
  Brookvale, W. O.,
  Cambridge, W. O.,
  Central Cambridge, W. O.,
  Chipman, W. O.,
  Clones, W. O.,
  Coal Mines, W. O.,
  Cody’s, W. O.,
  Cole’s Island, W. O.,
  Cumberland Bay, W. O.,
  Cumberland Point, W. O.,
  Douglas Harbor, W. O.,
  English Settlement, W. O.,
  Enniskillen Station, W. O.,
  Ferris, W. O.,
  Fork’s, W. O.,
  Gaspereaux, W. O.,
  Gaspereaux Station, W. O.,
  Hampstead, W. O.,
  Hibernia, W. O.,
  Jemseg, W. O.,
  Jenkins, W. O.,
  Johnson, W. O.,
  Long Creek, W. O.,
  McDonald’s Corner, W. O.,
  McDonald’s Point, W. O.,
  Macquapit Lake, W. O.,
  Mill Cove, W. O.,
  Month of Jemseg, W. O.,
  New Canaan, W. O.,
  Newcastle Bridge, W. O.,
  Newcastle Creek, W. O.,
  New Jerusalem, W. O.,
  Oakham, W. O.,
  Olinville, W. O.,
  Otnabog, W. O.,
  Petersville, W. O.,
  Petersville Church, W. O.,
  Scotch Town, W. O.,
  Starkeys, W. O.,
  Summer Hill, W. O.,
  Sypher’s Cove, W. O.,
  The Range, W. O.,
  Thorne Town, W. O.,
  Upper Gagetown, W. O.,
  Upper Gaspereaux, W. O.,
  Upper Hampstead, W. O.,
  Washademoak, W. O.,
  Waterborough, W. O.,
  White’s Cove, W. O.,
  Wickham, W. O.,
  Young’s Cove, W. O.


  Archibald Settlement, W. O.,
  Armstrong’s Brook, W. O.,
  Black Land, W. O.,
  Black Point, W. O.,
  Breadalbane, W. O.,
  Doyle Settlement, W. O.,
  Dundee, W. O.,
  Eel River, W. O.,
  Head of Tide, W. O.,
  Heron Island, W. O.,
  Maple Green, W. O.,
  New Mills,
  Point la Nim, W. O.,
  River Charlo, W. O.,
  River Louison, W. O.,
  Shannonvale, W. O.,
  Upsalquitch, W. O.


  Black River, W. O.,
  Chance Harbor, W. O.,
  Clinch’s Mills, W. O.,
  Dipper Harbor, W. O.,
  Fairfield, W. O.,
  Gardner’s Creek, W. O.,
  Golden Grove, W. O.,
  Goose Creek, W. O.,
  Grand Bay, W. O.,
  _Indian Town_,
  Loch Lomond, W. O.,
  Milledgeville, W. O.,
  Mispec, W. O.,
  Musquash, W. O.,
  Pisarinco, W. O.,
  Prince of Wales, W. O.,
  Quaco Road, W. O.,
  _St. John’s_,
  _St. Martin’s_,
  St. Martin’s, W. O.,
  Salmon River, W. O.,
  Shanklin, W. O.,
  South Bay, W. O.,
  Spruce Lake, W. O.,
  Ten Mile Creek, W. O.,
  Upper Loch Lomond, W. O.,
  West Quaco,
  Willow Grove, W. O.


  Burton, W. O.,
  Central Blissville, W. O.,
  Frederickton Junction,
  French Lake, W. O.,
  Geary, W. O.,
  Harts Mills, W. O.,
  Juvenile Settlement, W. O.,
  Lakeville Corner, W. O.,
  Lincoln, W. O.,
  Lintons, W. O.,
  Little River, W. O.,
  Maugerville, W. O.,
  Northfield, W. O.,
  Patterson Settlement, W. O.,
  Rusagornis, W. O.,
  Rusagornis Station, W. O.,
  Salmon Creek, W. O.,
  Sheffield Academy, W. O.,
  Tracey Station, W. O.,
  Upper Maugerville, W. O.,
  Upper Sheffield, W. O.,
  Waasis Station, W. O.


  Aroostook, W. O.,
  Arthuret, W. O.,
  Baker’s Creek, W. O.,
  _Grand Falls_,
  Grand Falls Portage, W. O.,
  Grand River, W. O.,
  Green River, W. O.,
  Kincardine, W. O.,
  Middle St. Francis, W. O.,
  Perth, W. O.,
  Riley Brook, W. O.,
  St. Leonard’s, W. O.,
  Silverstream, W. O.,
  Three Brooks, W. O.,
  Undine, W. O.,
  Upper St. Basil, W. O.,
  Upper St Francis, W. O.,
  Webster’s Creek, W. O.


  Anderson, W. O.,
  Au Lac, W. O.,
  _Baie Verte_,
  Baie Verte Road, W. O.,
  Barachois, W. O.,
  Bayfield, W. O.,
  Belliveaus Village, W. O.,
  Botsford Portage, W. O.,
  Boudreau Village, W. O.,
  Boundary Creek, W. O.,
  Cape Spear, W. O.,
  Centre Village, W. O.,
  Chapman, W. O.,
  Dover, W. O.,
  Dungiven, W. O.,
  Emigrant Road, W. O.,
  Emigrant Settlement, W. O.,
  Fox Creek, W. O.,
  Fredericton Road, W. O.,
  Great Shemogue,
  Harewood, W. O.,
  Intervale, W. O.,
  Irishtown, W. O.,
  Johnson’s Mills, W. O.,
  Jolicure, W. O.,
  Kay Settlement, W. O.,
  Lewis Mountain, W. O.,
  Lewisville, W. O.,
  Lutz Mountain, W. O.,
  McDougall Settlement, W. O.,
  Midgic, W. O.,
  Moncton Road, W. O.,
  Mount Whatley, W. O.,
  Murray’s Corner, W. O.,
  North Joggins, W. O.,
  North Lake, W. O.,
  North River,
  North River Platform, W. O.,
  Point du Chêne, W. O.,
  Pollett River, W. O.,
  Port Elgin,
  Painsec, W. O.,
  Read, W. O.,
  Rockland, W. O.,
  Rockport, W. O.,
  St. Joseph, W. O.,
  Scotch Settlement, W. O.,
  Shediac Bridge, W. O.,
  Shediac Road, W. O.,
  Smith’s, W. O.,
  South Rockland, W. O.,
  Spence, W. O.,
  Steeves Mountain, W. O.,
  Steeves Settlement, W. O.,
  Taylor Village, W. O.,
  Tedish, W. O.,
  Tidnish Bridge, W. O.,
  Upper Cape, W. O.,
  Upper Sackville, W. O.,
  Westcock, W. O.,
  Westmoreland Point,
  Wheaton Settlement, W. O.,
  Wood Point, W. O.


  Bear Island, W. O.,
  Birdton, W. O.,
  Blayney Ridge, W. O.,
  Campbell Settlement, W. O.,
  _Canterbury Station_,
  Central Kingsclear, W. O.,
  Cork Station, W. O.,
  Douglas, W. O.,
  Dumfries, W. O.,
  Forest City, W. O.,
  Hamtown, W. O.,
  Hanwell, W. O.,
  _Harvey Station_,
  Keswick Ridge, W. O.,
  Kingsclear, W. O.,
  Kingsley, W. O.,
  Lake George, W. O.,
  Lower Canterbury, W. O.,
  Lower French Village, W. O.,
  Lower Haynesville, W. O.,
  Lower Line, Queensbury, W. O.,
  Lower Prince William, W. O.,
  Lower Queensbury, W. O.,
  Lower Southampton, W. O.,
  McAdam Junction, W. O.,
  Mactaquack, W. O.,
  Magaguadavic, W. O.,
  Magundy, W. O.,
  Manners Sutton, W. O.,
  Marysville, W. O.,
  Middle Southampton, W. O.,
  Millville, W. O.,
  Mouth of Keswick, W. O.,
  Nackawick, W. O.,
  Nashwaak, W. O.,
  Nashwaaksis, W. O.,
  Nashwaak Village, W. O.,
  New Maryland, W. O.,
  New Zealand, W. O.,
  North Lake, W. O.,
  Norton Dale, W. O.,
  Pemberton Ridge, W. O.,
  Poquiock, W. O.,
  Prince William, W. O.,
  Royal Road, W. O.,
  St. Croix, W. O.,
  St. Mary’s Ferry, W. O.,
  Southampton, W. O.,
  Springfield, W. O.,
  Stanley, W. O.,
  Tay Mills, W. O.,
  Tay Settlement, W. O.,
  Temperance Vale, W. O.,
  Tweedside, W. O.,
  Upper Caverhill, W. O.,
  Upper Haynesville, W. O.,
  Upper Keswick, W. O.,
  Upper Keswick Ridge, W. O.,
  Upper Magaguadavic, W. O.,
  Upper Queensbury, W. O.,
  Upper Southampton, W. O.,
  Yoho, W. O.



  Eagle’s Nest,
  Lower Fort Garry,
  Middle Church,
  Park’s Creek,
  St. Andrew’s,
  St. Peter’s.


  Baie St. Paul,
  High Bluff,
  Oak Point,
  Pigeon Lake,
  Poplar Point,
  Portage la Prairie,
  St. Laurent,
  St. François Xavier,


  Point du Chêne,
  St. Norbert,
  West Lynne.


  Fort Garry,
  St. Bonafice,
  St. Charles,
  St. James.



  Canoe Creek,
  Dog Creek,
  Gronse Creek,
  Harbor Creek,
  Keithley Creek,
  Lac La Hache,
  150 Mile House,
  Quesnelle Forks,
  Soda Creek,
  Van Winkle.


  Burrard’s Inlet,
  New Westminster,


  Maple Bay,




  Cache Creek,
  Duck and Pringle’s,
  Kootenay (sub),
  Nicola Lake,
  Spence’s Bridge,



  Augustine Cove,
  Barretts Cross,
  Cape Traverse,
  Cape Wolfe,
  Egmont Bay,
  Fifteen Point,
  Higgin’s Road,
  Indian River,
  Little Tignish,
  Lower Freetown,
  Lot No. 1,
     do   4,
     do   6,
     do   8,
     do  10,
     do  11,
     do  12,
     do  14,
     do  16,
     do  30,
  Mount Pleasant,
  Muddy Creek,
  North Bedeque,
  North Tryon,
  O’Leary’s Road,
  Pig Brook,
  Pork Hill,
  St. Eleanors,
  Skinners Pond,
  South West, Lot 16,
  Traveller’s Rest,
  Tyne Valley,
  West Cape,
  Western Road,
  West Point,
  Wilmot Valley.


  Belle Creek,
  Brackley Point,
  Brackley Point Road,
  Cavendish Road,
  Cherry Valley,
  Covehead Road,
  De Sable,
  Emy Vale,
  Flat River,
  Fort Augustus,
  French River,
  French Village,
  Graham’s Road,
  Grand Tracadie,
  Hazel Grove,
  Hope River,
  Johnston’s River,
  Kelly’s Cross,
  Little York,
  Long Creek,
  Long River,
  Lot 35,
   ”  67,
  Mermaid Farm,
  Montague Cross,
  Mount Stewart,
  Murray Harbor Road,
  New Glasgow,
  New Haven,
  New London,
  New Wiltshire,
  Nine Mile Creek,
  North River,
  North Rustico,
  Orwell Cove,
  Park Corner,
  Pisquid Road,
  Point Prim,
  Princetown Road,
  Rose Valley,
  St. Ann’s,
  Selkirk Road,
  Stanley Bridge,
  Suffolk Road,
  Tracadie Cross,
  Vernon River,
  Vernon River Bridge,
  Western Covehead,
  Wheatley River,
  Wood Islands.


  Bay Fortune,
  Big Marsh,
  Bull Creek,
  Cable Head,
  Cardigan Bridge,
  Cardigan Road,
  Cherry Grove,
  De Gros Marsh,
  East Point,
  Goose River,
  Head St. Peters Bay,
  Little Harbour,
  Little Sands,
  Lower Montague
  Lot 45,
  Lot 56,
  Marie Bridge,
  Montague Bridge,
  Morell Rear,
  Murray Harbor, North,
        do       South,
  Murray River,
  New Perth,
  North Lake,
  Peters Road,
  Red Point,
  Rollo Bay,
  Rollo Bay Cross,
  St. Andrews,
  St. Margaret’s,
  St. Mary’s Road,
  Souris East,
  Souris West,
  Victoria Cross,
  Whim Road.




The Provinces of

  British Columbia,
  Prince Edward Island.


  Carleton (Ont.,)
  Nipissing District (Ont.,)
  Ottawa City (Ont.,)
  Ottawa County (Quebec),
  Pontiac (Quebec),
  Renfrew, N. R. (Ont.,)
  Renfrew, S. R. (Ont.,)
  Russell, (Ont.)


  Cape Breton,


  St. John (city and county),
  St. John (city),


  Chicoutimi & Saguenay,
  Drummond, township of Kingsey only,
  Quebec (city),
  Richmond, townships of Cleveland and Shipton only,


  Drummond, except township of Kingsey,
  Jacques Cartier,
  Montreal (city),
  Richmond, except townships of Cleveland and Shipton,
  St. Hyacinthe,
  St. John’s,
  St. Maurice,
  Sherbrooke (town),
  Three Rivers (city),
  Two Mountains,


  Brockville (town),
  Cornwall (town),
  Grenville, S. R.,
  Hastings, N. R.,
  Hastings, E. R.,
  Hastings, W. R.,
  Kingston (city),
  Lanark, N. R.,
  Lanark, S. R.,
  Leeds, S. R.,
  Leeds & Grenville, N. R.,
  Northumberland, N. R.,
  Northumberland, W. R.,
  Peterboro’, E. R.,
  Peterboro’, W. R.,
  Prince Edward,


  Bruce, N. R.,
  Bruce, S. R.,
  Durham, E. R.,
  Durham, W. R.,
  Grey, E. R.,
  Grey, N. R.,
  Grey, S. R.,
  Ontario, N. R.,
  Ontario, S. R.,
  Simcoe, N. R.,
  Simcoe, S. R.,
  Toronto (city),
  Victoria, N. R.,
  Victoria, S. R.,
  Waterloo, N. R.,
  Waterloo, S. R.,
  Wellington, N. R.,
  Wellington, S. R.,
  Wellington, C. R.,
  York, E. R.,
  York, W. R.,
  York, N. R.


  Brant, N. R.,
  Brant, S. R.,
  Elgin, E. R.,
  Elgin, W. R.,
  Hamilton (city),
  Huron, C. R.,
  Huron, N. R.,
  Huron, S. R.,
  London (city),
  Middlesex, N. R.,
  Middlesex, E. R.,
  Middlesex, W. R.,
  Norfolk, N. R.,
  Norfolk, S. R.,
  Oxford, N. R.,
  Oxford, S. R.,
  Perth, N. R.,
  Perth, S. R.,
  Wentworth, N. R.,
  Wentworth, S. R.


  Abbott, Adam, Hazledean                                            |  O
  Abbott, Calvin, Magog                                              |  Q
  Abbott, Ephraim W., Lennoxville                                    |  Q
  Abbott, Luther, Massawippi                                         |  Q
  Abbott, Robert, Port Royal                                         |  O
  Abel, David, Port Dover                                            |  O
  Abrams, Josias, Willetsholme                                       |  O
  Abrey, G. B., Little Current                                       |  O
  Adam, Thomas, Lindsay                                              |  O
  Adams, A., Rokeby                                                  |  O
  Adams, George, Adamsville                                          |  Q
  Adams, Isaac, Tracey’s Mills, W. O.                                |N B
  Adams, Melvin, Broadlands                                          |  Q
  Adams, Nehemiah N., Oak Park, W. O.                                |N S
  Addison, Henry, Brompton                                           |  Q
  Addshead, Mary, St. Charles                                        |  M
  Aikin, Thomas, Point St. Charles                                   |  Q
  Akin, William S., Edwardsburgh                                     |  O
  Ainslie, James, Edgeworth                                          |  O
  Airth, William, Horning’s Mills                                    |  O
  Aitkin, Thomas, Windermere                                         |  O
  Akerley, Edwin, Grand River, W. O.                                 |N B
  Alain, Vital, Upper Neguac, W. O.                                  |N B
  Alexander, F., Alexander’s Point, W. O.                            |N B
  Alexander, G., Woodstock                                           |  O
  Alguire, Mrs. Lydia, Plum Hollow                                   |  O
  Allan, Alex., Riverstown                                           |  O
  Allan, D., Rylstone                                                |  O
  Allan, W. Allan’s Mills                                            |  O
  Allan, Isaac H., Black Creek                                       |  O
  Allan, John, Mono Mills                                            |  O
  Allan, W. G., Marlbank                                             |  O
  Allan, George, Glenallan                                           |  O
  Allchin, Samuel, Canning                                           |  O
  Allen, James, Bandon                                               |  O
  Allen, J. B., Malton                                               |  O
  Allen, Thomas, Cooper                                              |  O
  Allen, Thomas, Lovat                                               |  O
  Allerton, Reuben, Bloomfield, W. O.                                |N S
  Allin, P., Solina                                                  |  O
  Allin, Thos., Derryville                                           |  O
  Allison, A. C., Dunbar                                             |  O
  Allison, J. W., Newport Landing                                    |N S
  Allison, Thaddeus, Neily Road                                      |N S
  Almas, Almon, Rosebank                                             |  O
  Ambrose, Mrs. M., Princeport, W. O.                                |N S
  Amy, John, Portage du Fort                                         |  Q
  Anderson, Alex., Braemar                                           |  O
  Anderson, George, Marysville                                       |  O
  Anderson, James, Anderson’s Corners                                |  Q
  Anderson, Jesse, Cross Roads, Middle Medford, W. O.                |N S
  Anderson, John, Cumnock                                            |  O
  Anderson, John, Wyoming                                            |  O
  Anderson, Joseph, Springvale                                       |  O
  Anderson, J. R., Kendal                                            |  O
  Anderson, Thomas, Keppewee                                         |  Q
  Angevine, Albert, Six Mile Road, W. O.                             |N S
  Anglin, Robert, Brewer’s Mills                                     |  O
  Anglin, W. J., Battersea                                           |  O
  Anthony, Thomas, Ogilvie, W. O.                                    |N S
  Applebe, John S., Ballinafad                                       |  O
  Applebe, James, Trafalgar                                          |  O
  Applebee, Mark, Latona                                             |  O
  Appleford, William, Mapleton                                       |  O
  April, George, Green River                                         |  Q
  Arbo, John A., Blissfield, W. O.                                   |N B
  Arcand, Miss F. A. A., St. Joseph                                  |  Q
  Archambeault, J. T. L., Varennes                                   |  Q
  Archibald, Ebenezer, Old Barns, W. O.                              |N S
  Archibald, Janet, Alma, W. O.                                      |N S
  Archibald, J. W., Smithfield, W. O.                                |N S
  Archibald, Mathew, Glenelg                                         |N S
  Archibald, R., Archibald Settlement, W. O.                         |N B
  Argue, J. S., Stittsville                                          |  O
  Armour, John, jun., Kelvin                                         |  O
  Armour, Thomas, Dunville                                           |  O
  Armstrong, Foster, Point Alexander                                 |  O
  Armstrong, F. P., East Port Medway, W. O.                          |N S
  Armstrong, Henry, Inistioge                                        |  O
  Armstrong, James, Lyons                                            |  O
  Armstrong, Robert, Lakeside                                        |  O
  Armstrong, Samuel, McKellar                                        |  O
  Armstrong, Simon, Belgrave                                         |  O
  Armstrong, William, Falmouth, Windsor Bridge, W. O.                |N S
  Arnold, George, Bell’s Corners                                     |  O
  Arthurs, John, Napier                                              |  O
  Ash, Cyrus, Centreville                                            |  O
  Ashdown, F. W., Spence                                             |  O
  Ashdown, James, Ashdown                                            |  O
  Ashton, Robert, Columbus                                           |  O
  Askew, Thos. G., Chemainees                                        |B C
  Asselin, Eusèbe, Joliette                                          |  Q
  Atkinson, John, Glanford                                           |  O
  Aubé, Joseph, Poplar Grove, W. O.                                  |N B
  Aubé, Marcel, St. Gervais                                          |  Q
  Aubry, P. G., Aubigny                                              |  Q
  Auclair, Rev. E., St. Prime                                        |  Q
  Audette, Antoine, North Stukeley                                   |  Q
  Auger, Louis A., Mount Johnston                                    |  Q
  Ault, J. R., Aultsville                                            |  O
  Avard, William, Great Shemogue, W. O.                              |N B
  Axford, Wellington, Lynnville                                      |  O
  Ayer, C., Ayer’s Flat                                              |  Q
  Aylward, James H., Queensville                                     |  O
  Aylsworth, James, Tamworth                                         |  O
  Babcock, Edward, Johnston’s Mills, W. O.                           |N B
  Babin, Eustache, Painsec, W. O.                                    |N B
  Bachaud, J. C., St. Liboire                                        |  Q
  Bachelder, D., Rougemont                                           |  Q
  Backus, J., River Désert                                           |  Q
  Bacon, Sarah D., St. Pierre, Montmagny                             |  Q
  Bagrie, John, Brooksdale                                           |  O
  Bailey, Luke E., Central Blissville, W. O.                         |N B
  Bailey, James, Shanick                                             |  O
  Bailey, George, Shrigley                                           |  O
  Bailey, Nicholas, Sandy Beach                                      |  Q
  Bailey, Alexander, Church Hill, W. O.                              |N B
  Bailey, G. D., Newcastle Creek, W. O.                              |N B
  Bailey, W. W., Island Brook                                        |  Q
  Bailey, Wm., Dartford                                              |  O
  Baird, Henry, Bairdsville, W. O.                                   |N B
  Baird, John D., Boundary, Presqu’isle, W. O.                       |N B
  Baker, Andrew J., Summerstown                                      |  O
  Baker, Edward, Dunham                                              |  Q
  Baker, David, Dundee                                               |  Q
  Baker, William, Wales                                              |  O
  Baker, Edward, Wolfe Island                                        |  O
  Baker, G. P., Ottawa                                               |  O
  Baker, Adam G., Osgoode                                            |  O
  Baker, Reuben, Canaan Road, W. O.                                  |N S
  Baker, William, Barronsfield, W. O.                                |N S
  Baldwin, Henry, Laskay                                             |  O
  Baldwin, R. C., Drew’s Mills                                       |  O
  Balfour, Duncan, Westville                                         |N S
  Ball, James, Rugby                                                 |  O
  Ball, G. H., North West Arm, W. O.                                 |N S
  Ball, Wright, South Roxton                                         |  Q
  Ballam, W. G., Arichat                                             |N S
  Ballantyne, Mrs. E., L’Islet                                       |  Q
  Ballard, Cyprus, Middleboro’, W. O.                                |N S
  Balmain, Abner, Douglas Harbor, W. O.                              |N B
  Balmer, R., Oakville                                               |  O
  Bannatyne, A. G. B., Fort Garry                                    |  M
  Bangs, John, Mattawa,                                              |  O
  Banks, John H., Torbrook, W. O.                                    |N S
  Banning, O., jun., Clayton                                         |  O
  Bannister, John, Waverley                                          |  O
  Banting, Thomas M., Clover Hill                                    |  O
  Baptie, Alexander, Ida                                             |  O
  Barclay, A. E. S. K., Wallacetown                                  |  O
  Barclay, Thomas, Head of Tide, W. O.                               |N B
  Barclay, Patrick, Petrolea                                         |  O
  Bard, Charles, Bardsville                                          |  O
  Barfoot, S., Chatham                                               |  O
  Baribeau, Louis A., Rivière du Loup (en haut)                      |  Q
  Barker, Whitehead, Sheffield Academy, W. O.                        |N B
  Barker, Mrs. Vasey, Montague Gold Mines, W. O.                     |N S
  Barker, David, Picton                                              |  O
  Barker, John, Pinedale                                             |  O
  Barker, John, Dundonald                                            |  O
  Barker, James J., Markham                                          |  O
  Barlow, Alexander, Quesnel                                         |B C
  Barnes, John, Edgeley                                              |  O
  Barr, Seth, Putnam                                                 |  O
  Barron, John, Newcomb Corner, W. O.                                |N S
  Barry, A. A., Rock Island                                          |  Q
  Barry, John C., Les Escoumains                                     |  Q
  Barteaux, C. W., Somerset, W. O.                                   |N S
  Bartlett, U., Bethel                                               |  Q
  Bartley, George, Kennebec Line                                     |  Q
  Bastedo, Walter S., Wellington Square                              |  O
  Bateman, William G., Moneton Road, W. O.                           |N B
  Bates, Ezra A., Arnprior                                           |  O
  Bates, Rodger, Blairton                                            |  O
  Bates, Edward, Cheddar                                             |  O
  Batty, C., St. George, Brant                                       |  O
  Baxter, Joseph D., Norton Station                                  |N B
  Beals, Albert, Middleton                                           |N S
  Beamish, S. R., Brunswick                                          |  O
  Bearman, Thomas, Scone                                             |  O
  Beaton, Donald, Whitton                                            |  Q
  Beaton, Angus, Little Judique, W. O.                               |N S
  Beattie, Porter, Stanbury                                          |  Q
  Beattie, William, Melbourne Ridge                                  |  Q
  Beattie, George, French Village, W. O.                             |N B
  Beatty, Johnstone, Elizabethville                                  |  O
  Beatty, William H., Stanton                                        |  O
  Beatty, William, Wellington, W. O.                                 |N B
  Beauchemin, A. O. T., Roxton Falls                                 |  Q
  Beauchemin, Louis, Chatillon                                       |  Q
  Beaudette, Joseph S., St. Patrick’s Hill                           |  Q
  Beaudoin, M., St. Evariste de Forsyth                              |  Q
  Beaudoin, Louis, East Broughton                                    |  Q
  Beaulieu, J. B., Cacouna                                           |  Q
  Beaumont, John, Curryville, W. O.                                  |N B
  Beaumont, William, Maple Bay                                       |B C
  Beaumier, Théodore, Cap Magdeléne                                  |  Q
  Beck, Charles, Poole                                               |  O
  Beck, Jacob, Baden                                                 |  O
  Beck, J. H., Medina                                                |  O
  Becker, A. A., Hilton                                              |  O
  Beckman, J., Ellershausen, W. O.                                   |N S
  Beckwith, N., Mill Creek, W. O.                                    |N B
  Beckwith, A., Upper Dyke Village, W. O.                            |N S
  Bédard, Pierre, Valmont                                            |  Q
  Bédard, Charles, St. Rémi                                          |  Q
  Bédard, L., St. Flavien                                            |  Q
  Beeman, David H., Prosser Brook, W. O.                             |N B
  Begg, Mrs. Sarah, Innerkip                                         |  O
  Bégin, Oliver, St. Ephrem de Tring                                 |  Q
  Bégin, Joseph, Lake Etchemin                                       |  Q
  Bégin, Louis C., Kamouraska                                        |  Q
  Bélanger, I. O., Maskinongé                                        |  Q
  Bélanger, Célestin, Chlorydormes                                   |  Q
  Bélanger, E., St. Romaine                                          |  Q
  Bélanger, F., St. Vallier                                          |  Q
  Bélanger, Louis, Rivière des Praires                               |  Q
  Belcourt, J. L., La Baie                                           |  Q
  Belfour, John, Bath                                                |  O
  Belfry, Jacob, Carden                                              |  O
  Belisle, Jos., Montmorini                                          |  Q
  Bell, John M., Atha                                                |  O
  Bell, George, Caledon                                              |  O
  Bell, P. W., Michipicoton River                                    |  O
  Bell, Archibald, Nairn                                             |  O
  Bell, Gavin, New Annan, W. O.                                      |N S
  Bell, John S., Lyn                                                 |  O
  Belleau, E. S., St. Michel                                         |  Q
  Belleau, Félix, St. Foy                                            |  Q
  Belleau, John, Rivière Ouelle                                      |  Q
  Belleveau, Pacifique, St. Paul’s, W. O.                            |N B
  Belleveaux, Urbain, Belleveaux Cove                                |N S
  Belmore, D., Dipper Harbor, W. O.                                  |N B
  Belyea, G. N., Belyea’s Cove, W. O.                                |N B
  Bender, James, Long Lake                                           |  O
  Benner, Jacob, West Montrose                                       |  O
  Bennett, Isaac, Sebringville                                       |  O
  Bennett, Wm., Masham Mills                                         |  Q
  Bennett, Wm., North Mountain, W. O.                                |N S
  Bennett, Edmund, Castile                                           |  O
  Benson, Albert, Stromness                                          |  O
  Bent, Calvin, Fort Elgin                                           |N B
  Bent, James, Short Beach, W. O.                                    |N S
  Bent, John C., Armstrong’s Brook, W. O.                            |N B
  Bent, Clara W., Digby                                              |N S
  Benton, John, Bentonville                                          |  O
  Benwell, John B., Oxenden                                          |  O
  Bergeron, D., Blanford                                             |  Q
  Bergeron, Jacques, Metabechouan                                    |  Q
  Bermingham, W., South Lake                                         |  O
  Bernard, W. B., Arva                                               |  O
  Bernard, George, Rivière Bois Clair                                |  Q
  Bernard, J., Cap Santé                                             |  Q
  Bernard, L., Hemison                                               |  Q
  Bernard, John, Brechin                                             |  O
  Berney, W. H., Mill Grove                                          |  O
  Bernier, Antoine, St. Simon de Rimouski                            |  Q
  Berry, Solomon, Turtle Creek, W. O.                                |N B
  Berry, Edward, Berryton, W. O.                                     |N B
  Berry, J., St. Martin’s, W. O.                                     |N B
  Berry, W. H., March                                                |  O
  Berteaux, Charles, Nictaux Falls, W. O.                            |N S
  Bertrand, François, Lévis                                          |  Q
  Bertrand, Paul, St. Mathias                                        |  Q
  Bertrand, Louis A., Isle Verte                                     |  Q
  Berwick, Edward, Shelburne                                         |  O
  Besancon, Henry, Gorrie                                            |  O
  Besner, J. B., Pont Château                                        |  Q
  Bessette, N. D. D., Village Richelieu                              |  Q
  Best, F. A., Corinth                                               |  O
  Best, Leonard, Beaver Harbor, W. O.                                |N B
  Best, Abraham, Mount Pleasant                                      |  O
  Best, Thomas H., Dunedin                                           |  O
  Bethune, Roderick, Loch Lomond, W. O.                              |N S
  Beveridge, Wm. B., Andover                                         |N B
  Bhérour, Archille, St. Fidéle                                      |  Q
  Bigelow, W. H., Spencer Island, W. O.                              |N S
  Bigney, Lemuel, Wentworth, W. O.                                   |N S
  Bilodeau, F. X., Bailargeon                                        |  Q
  Bilodeau, Jean, St. Elzéar                                         |  Q
  Bilodeau, Job, Chambord                                            |  Q
  Bingham, Wesley, Orillia                                           |  O
  Bingham, R., Athens                                                |  O
  Bingham, C. W., Crysler                                            |  O
  Bingham, David, Lotus                                              |  O
  Bird, Robert, Birdton, W. O.                                       |N B
  Birks, Chs., Maynard                                               |  O
  Birmingham, Mrs. E., Birmingham                                    |  O
  Bishop, James, Perth, W. O.                                        |N B
  Bishop, Asa W., Bishop’s Mills                                     |  O
  Bishop, Adolphus, Canaan, W. O.                                    |N S
  Bishop, J. B., Marbleton                                           |  Q
  Bishop, Wm. E., Irving’s Settlement, W. O.                         |N B
  Bissett, George, River Bourgeois, W. O.                            |N S
  Bisson, D., Paspébiac                                              |  Q
  Bistodeau, G. E., St. Maurice                                      |  Q
  Black, E., Salem, W. O.                                            |N S
  Black, J. C., Claremont, W. O.                                     |N S
  Black, James, jun., Bramley                                        |  O
  Black, R. F., West Branch, River Philip, W. O.                     |N S
  Black, Robert, Craigvale                                           |  O
  Black, D., Marysville                                              |  O
  Black, Chas. E., Sonya                                             |  O
  Blackburn, John, Eldorado                                          |  O
  Blackburn, Robert, Lucerne                                         |  Q
  Blackburn, Samuel, Lower Prospect, W. O.                           |N S
  Blackhall, J. G. C., Caraquet                                      |N B
  Blackwood, Robert, Martintown                                      |  O
  Blackwood, Charles W., Thunder Bay                                 |  O
  Blain, J., St. Edouard                                             |  Q
  Blain, M., La Pigeonnière                                          |  Q
  Blair, Henry, North River Bridge, W. O.                            |N S
  Blair, William, Ardtrea                                            |  Q
  Blair, James, Hallerton                                            |  Q
  Blais, Alexis, St. Aubert                                          |  Q
  Blais, Patrick, North Ham                                          |  Q
  Blair, Narcisse, Point aux Trembles                                |  Q
  Blais, L. N., Matane                                               |  O
  Blais, Prudent, Beaulieu                                           |  Q
  Blais, Geo., St. Maurice                                           |  Q
  Blaisdell, John, Bolton Centre                                     |  Q
  Blake, Robert, Black Brook, W. O.                                  |N B
  Blakeny, William, Jeddore, W. O.                                   |N S
  Blanchard, Daniel, Greenbush                                       |  O
  Blaney, Henry, Millville, W. O.                                    |N B
  Bloomburg, Isaac, Elphin                                           |  O
  Blue, Malcolm, Blue’s Mills, W. O.                                 |N S
  Blyth, C. McD., Marden                                             |  O
  Boadway, George, Bexley                                            |  O
  Boardman, Luther, Crowland                                         |  O
  Bogart, Gilbert, Napanee                                           |  O
  Boggs, B. B., Joggin Mines, W. O.                                  |N S
  Boileau, Godfroi, St. Geneviève                                    |  Q
  Boily, Rev. P., Mille Vaches                                       |  Q
  Boisvert, Anèsime, Angeline                                        |  Q
  Bolduc, Theodule, Roberval                                         |  Q
  Bond, Edwin, Sheffield                                             |  O
  Bongard J. D., Bongard’s Corners                                   |  O
  Bonneville, Caroline, La Beauce                                    |  Q
  Bonthron, James, Rodgerville                                       |  O
  Boon, William, Salford                                             |  O
  Booth, Mrs. M. J., Prospect, W. O.                                 |N S
  Booth, Thomas, Chester                                             |  Q
  Booth, Leandor, Rochesterville                                     |  O
  Borden, Levi, Pugwash                                              |N S
  Borden, T. W., Canning                                             |N S
  Boright, Curtis S., Sweetsburg                                     |  Q
  Bothwell, Wm., Grovesend                                           |  O
  Boucher, H., Bégon                                                 |  Q
  Boucher, Et., St. Apollinaire                                      |  Q
  Boucher, Pierre, St. Honoré                                        |  Q
  Boucher, E. M. A., Côteaux Rivière Ouelle                          |  Q
  Boudreau, Alex., Boudreau Village, W. O.                           |N B
  Boudrot, Benj., Barrio’s Beach, W. O.                              |N S
  Boudrot, Stephen, Port Felix                                       |N S
  Bouilliane, R., Les Petites Bergeronnes                            |  Q
  Boulanger, L., St. Agathe                                          |  Q
  Boulet, E. C., St. Fronçois Montmagny                              |  Q
  Bourchier, J. R., Georgina                                         |  O
  Bourgeault, F. S., St. Anicet                                      |  Q
  Bourgeois, John, Bourgeois, W. O.                                  |N B
  Bourget, Charles, Lauzon                                           |  Q
  Bourke, T., Mayo                                                   |  Q
  Bourke, Thomas, Albert Bridge, W. O.                               |N S
  Bourne, C. E., Nanticoke                                           |  O
  Bourque, A., St. Clet                                              |  Q
  Bourque, Damase V., Etang du Nord (sub)                            |  Q
  Boutalier, Miss M., Port Caledonia, W. O.                          |N S
  Bow, William, West Winchester                                      |  O
  Bowden, William, Second Falls, W. O.                               |N B
  Bowen, James, Mill Point                                           |  O
  Bower, John C., West Osgoode                                       |  O
  Bowers, Jesse, Upper Clyde River                                   |N S
  Bowes, Joanna, Wisbeach                                            |  O
  Bowman, John, Almira                                               |  O
  Bowron, John, Barkerville                                          |B C
  Bowsfield, R., Whittington                                         |  O
  Boyd, John, Johnville, W. O.                                       |N B
  Boyd, John, Lytton                                                 |B C
  Boyer, George R., Victoria                                         |N B
  Boyer, William P., Somerville, W. O.                               |N B
  Boyle, James, Chance Harbor, W. O.                                 |N S
  Boyle, John, Caledonia Mills, W. O.                                |N S
  Brace, L. J., Zetland                                              |  O
  Bradford, F. W., Bayside, W. O.                                    |N B
  Bradford, Charles A., Chatboro’                                    |  Q
  Bradley, M., Eddystone                                             |  O
  Bradley, Joseph A., Lansdown                                       |  O
  Bradley, Richard, Airlie                                           |  O
  Bradshaw, W. C., Everett                                           |  O
  Brady, Bridget, Mount St. Patrick                                  |  O
  Bragg, John, Windham Hill, W. O.                                   |N S
  Branan, J. W., Alvinston                                           |  O
  Brannen, John B., Kenmore                                          |  O
  Branscomb, A., sen., Cumberland Bay, W. O.                         |N B
  Brash, Richard, New Richmond                                       |  Q
  Brasher, Samuel, Vienna                                            |  O
  Brassard, Xavier, Jonquières                                       |  Q
  Bray, Benjamin, Little Ridge, W. O.                                |N B
  Breau, Urbain, Richibucto Village, W. O.                           |N B
  Breadner, Joshua, Athelstan                                        |  Q
  Breckenridge, Robert, Heyworth                                     |  Q
  Breeze, Wm., Forest Mills                                          |  O
  Brennan, Peter, Golden Grove, W. O.                                |N B
  Brethour, Samuel, Valentyne                                        |  O
  Brewster, W. R., Beaver Brook, W. O.                               |N B
  Briard, Edward, Cheticamp, W. O.                                   |N S
  Bridge, Andrew, Westbrook                                          |  O
  Bridgman, Jonathan, Clear Creek                                    |  O
  Brien, A. A. L., St. Alexandre                                     |  Q
  Brien, Alfred, St. Simon de Yamaska                                |  Q
  Brière, François, Lake Weedon                                      |  Q
  Briggs, James, Pearceton                                           |  Q
  Briggs, Thos., Hepworth                                            |  O
  Brigham, E. O., Brigham                                            |  Q
  Brigham, Robert, Rondeau Harbor                                    |  O
  Brillon, J. B., Belœil Village                                     |  Q
  Brine, J. S., St. Margaret’s Bay                                   |N S
  Brisbin, Alexander, Covey Hill                                     |  Q
  Brittain, Wm. H., Windsor, W. O.                                   |N B
  Brittain, Stephen, Lower Wakefield, W. O.                          |N B
  Britton, D. F., Gananoque                                          |  O
  Bristow, Edward, Shibley                                           |  O
  Broad, John, Little Britain                                        |  O
  Broad, Isaac, Holmesville, W. O.                                   |N B
  Broad, Wm., Hayden                                                 |  O
  Brochu, M., St. Lambert                                            |  Q
  Brodhagen, Chas., Brodhagen                                        |  O
  Brokenshaw, Luke, Drummondville, West                              |  O
  Brooks, Asa D., Southampton, W. O.                                 |N B
  Brooks, Caleb, Low                                                 |  Q
  Brotherston, W., sen., Villiers                                    |  O
  Brouillette, Alexis, Mont St. Hilaire                              |  Q
  Brousseau, Julien, Lapraire                                        |  Q
  Brown, Dr. Chs., Cowansville                                       |  Q
  Brown, William S., Red Bank, W. O.                                 |N B
  Brown, George, Shakespeare                                         |  O
  Brown, A. N., St John’s, West                                      |  O
  Brown, John, Rutherford                                            |  O
  Brown, James, Newport Corner, W. O.                                |N S
  Brown, James, Coal Mines, W. O.                                    |N B
  Brown, Robert, Base River, W. O.                                   |N B
  Brown, James, sen., Motherwell                                     |  O
  Brown, John, Monkland                                              |  O
  Brown, David F., Moe’s River                                       |  Q
  Brown, James, Nithburg                                             |  O
  Brown, George, Brinsley                                            |  O
  Brown, James, Melancthon                                           |  O
  Brown, James E., Lakelands, W. O.                                  |N S
  Brown, Alexander, Aldershot                                        |  O
  Brown, James Ross, Angus                                           |  O
  Brown, Francis, Clifford                                           |  O
  Brown, Nicholas J., Marble Mountain, W. O.                         |N S
  Brown, Philip, Lower Pereau, W. O.                                 |N S
  Brown, William, Chesterfield                                       |  O
  Brown, Chas. A., Chester                                           |N S
  Brown, Francis, Cairngorm                                          |  O
  Brown, George, Hereward                                            |  O
  Brown, George, Head of Wallace Bay, (N. S.,) W. O.                 |N S
  Brown, H. V., Eskasoni, W. O.                                      |N S
  Brown, William G., Indian Town                                     |N B
  Brown, John, Victoria Harbor, W. O.                                |N S
  Brown, J. L., Harvey Hill Mines                                    |  Q
  Brown, Hiram, Brown’s Brook, W. O.                                 |N S
  Brown, James W., Lower Queensbury, W. O.                           |N B
  Brown, E. J., Gresham                                              |  O
  Brown, George, Philipsville                                        |  O
  Brown, Robert, Zurich                                              |  O
  Browne, J. A., New Dublin                                          |  O
  Browning, Archibald, Lavant                                        |  O
  Brownlee, James, Ellengowan                                        |  O
  Bruce, R., Ragged Head, W. O.                                      |N S
  Bruce, Wm., Temperanceville                                        |  O
  Brunelle, Uldoric, St. Etienne                                     |  Q
  Brunelle, L., Gentilly                                             |  Q
  Brunner, Jacob, Brunner                                            |  O
  Brunning, A. H., St. Croix, W. O.                                  |N B
  Bryson, Thomas, Allan’s Corners                                    |  Q
  Bryson, Jas., Cameron                                              |  O
  Bryson, Thomas, Fort Coulonge                                      |  Q
  Buchan, John, Fullarton                                            |  O
  Buchanan, Donald, Englishtown                                      |N S
  Buchanan, William, Sullivan                                        |  O
  Bucke, T. W., Wabashene                                            |  O
  Bucke, Richard, Harold                                             |  O
  Buckley, Thomas, Buckley’s, W. O.                                  |N S
  Buckwell, William S., Onondaga                                     |  O
  Bullock, Increase, Georgeville                                     |  Q
  Bundy, George, Houghton                                            |  O
  Bunn, George, Ullswater                                            |  O
  Bunnell, Alfred M., Lute’s Mountain, W. O.                         |N B
  Bunston, Joseph, Yeovil                                            |  O
  Bunston, Thomas, Petherton                                         |  O
  Burchell, Geo., Bridgeport, W. O.                                  |N S
  Burdett, Robert, Griersville                                       |  O
  Bureau, Rev. J. A., Ste. Agnès                                     |  Q
  Burgar, Thomas, Welland                                            |  O
  Burgess, Thomas, Bala                                              |  O
  Burgess, E. W., Burgessville                                       |  O
  Burgess, John, Cheverie, W. O.                                     |N S
  Burgess, Joseph L., Drumbo                                         |  O
  Burgess, Robert M., Richview                                       |  O
  Burk, Eustache, Fox Creek, W. O.                                   |N B
  Burk, D. F., Segeun Falls                                          |  O
  Burke, J. W., Ingonish, W. O.                                      |N S
  Burke, J. G., Brougham                                             |  O
  Burland, William, Stottville                                       |  Q
  Burnham, Peter, Windsor                                            |N S
  Burns, John, Evelyn                                                |  O
  Burpee, C. J., Sheffield                                           |N B
  Burpee, M. E. A., Burton, W. O.                                    |N B
  Burpee, Isaac C., Upper Gaspereaux, W. O.                          |N B
  Burpee, Stephen G., Florenceville                                  |N B
  Burrell, C., Stanley’s Mills                                       |  O
  Burrill, William, Kirkdale                                         |  Q
  Burrows, William, Prospect                                         |  O
  Burt, John W., Coningsby                                           |  O
  Burton, Israel, Belford                                            |  O
  Buttemer, R., Salmon Beech, W. O.                                  |N B
  Butler, James, St. Edouard de Frampton (sub)                       |  Q
  Butler, R. P., Oakwood                                             |  O
  Butler, W. H., Richmond, West                                      |  O
  Butler, John, Colinville                                           |  O
  Butterfield, J. A., Norwood                                        |  O
  Byrne, Thomas, Uptergrove                                          |  O
  Byron, Anthony, Stoke Centre                                       |  Q
  Byron, Luke, Campo Bello                                           |N B
  Cabana, Ant., St. Rosalie                                          |  Q
  Cahill, John, Calumet Island                                       |  Q
  Cahill, Michael, Jersey River, Chaudière                           |  Q
  Caiè, Robert C, Janeville, W. O.                                   |N B
  Cairns, Thomas, Perth                                              |  O
  Cairns, John, Prince of Wales, W. O.                               |N B
  Cairns, George, Dillonton                                          |  Q
  Cairns, Robert, Bulwer                                             |  Q
  Cairns, Hugh, East Clifton                                         |  Q
  Calder, James, Carluke                                             |  O
  Caldwell, Mathew, New Carlisle                                     |  Q
  Caldwell, Sherman, Gaspereaux, W. O.                               |N S
  Caldwell, Samuel, Auburn                                           |  O
  Calhoun, Joseph, Uphill                                            |  O
  Calkin, G. E., Kentville                                           |N S
  Callaway, David, Huston                                            |  O
  Cameron, Donald, Beaverton                                         |  O
  Cameron, John, Bright                                              |  O
  Cameron, John D., Caledonia Springs                                |  O
  Cameron, M. A., Otnabog, W. O.                                     |N B
  Cameron, Ewen, Edmonton                                            |  O
  Cameron, J. D., Upper Caledonia, W. O.                             |N S
  Cameron, C. A., Upper Settlement of South River, W. O.             |N S
  Cameron, Alexander, Little Branch, W. O.                           |N B
  Cameron, Alexander, Urbania, W. O.                                 |N S
  Cameron, Isabella, Black River Bridge, W. O.                       |N B
  Cameron, A. S., Daywood                                            |  O
  Cameron, Hugh, Kempt Road, W. O.                                   |N S
  Cameron, Andrew, Camerontown                                       |  O
  Cameron, Reuben G., Upper Hampstead, W. O.                         |N B
  Cammidge, Henry, Clavering                                         |  O
  Campbell, Archibald, Hartley                                       |  O
  Campbell, Archibald, Lochaber Bay                                  |  Q
  Campbell, Archibald J., Liverpool                                  |N S
  Campbell, Donald, Magaree Forks                                    |N S
  Campbell, Charles C., New Campbelton                               |N S
  Campbell, Donald B., Harrington East                               |  Q
  Campbell, Geo., East River, St. Mary’s, W. O.                      |N S
  Campbell, G. F., St. Andrews                                       |N B
  Campbell, Malcolm, Mildmay                                         |  O
  Campbell, William, Calder                                          |  O
  Campbell, A. T., Holyrood                                          |  O
  Campbell, Hector, West Side of Middle River, W. O.                 |N S
  Campbell, James, Cash Creek                                        |B C
  Campbell, John, Escuminac (sub)                                    |  Q
  Campbell, Donald, Wellington                                       |  O
  Campbell, Henry M., Woburn                                         |  O
  Campbell, D. K., Campbell, W. O.                                   |N B
  Campbell, M., Lucknow                                              |  O
  Canniff, Jonas, jun., Cannifton                                    |  O
  Cannon, Robert, Vesta                                              |  O
  Cannon, M., New Horton, W. O.                                      |N B
  Cantwell, William, Franklin Center                                 |  Q
  Cardwell, Henry, Chatsworth                                        |  O
  Cardwell, William, Drew                                            |  O
  Carey, John, Baie Verte                                            |N B
  Carland, John, Pubnico Harbor, W. O.                               |N S
  Carle, John R., Scotch Town, W. O.                                 |N B
  Carman, L. D., Musquash, W. O.                                     |N B
  Carmichael, Dougald, English Settlement, W. O.                     |N B
  Carnohan, Barnard C., Roslin                                       |  O
  Caron, G. C., Trois Saumons                                        |  Q
  Caron, Michael, St. Angèle de Monoir                               |  Q
  Caron, Nazaire, Ste. Louise                                        |  Q
  Carpenter Joseph, Winona                                           |  O
  Carr, M. X., Paris Station                                         |  O
  Carr, James W., Oyster Ponds, W. O.                                |N S
  Carr, Asa, Geary, W. O.                                            |N B
  Carrens, John, New Ireland, W. O.                                  |N B
  Carrick, William, Oban                                             |  O
  Carrigan, B., Emigrant Settlement, W. O.                           |N B
  Carroll, Richard, Usher, W. O.                                     |N S
  Carscallen, J. D., Copleston                                       |  O
  Carscallen, J. A., Glastonbury                                     |  O
  Carson, Mrs. Sarah, Newbridge                                      |  O
  Carson, S. W., Cressy                                              |  O
  Carson, B. B., Port Lewis                                          |  Q
  Carswell, Thomas M., Gower Point                                   |  O
  Carter, A. H., Bondhead                                            |  O
  Carter, L. G., Port Colborne                                       |  O
  Carter, William, Ripley                                            |  O
  Cartier, S., Ste. Aimé                                             |  Q
  Cartier, Narcise, St. Antoine, River Richelieu                     |  Q
  Cartledge, Henry, Frogmore                                         |  O
  Carvell, J. S., Lakeville, W. O.                                   |N B
  Carvell, Richard, Temperance Vale, W. O.                           |N B
  Case, George, Case Settlement, W. O.                               |N B
  Case, W. Mitchell, Midland, W. O.                                  |N B
  Casselman, C. T., Winchester                                       |  O
  Casselman, Martin, Casselman                                       |  O
  Casement, Rober, North Douro                                       |  O
  Cattanach, Donald, Laggan                                          |  O
  Cattanach, P., Sombra                                              |  O
  Cattellier, Hubert St. George, Beauce                              |  Q
  Catton, John, Burford                                              |  O
  Cavanah, Thomas, Creighton                                         |  O
  Cavers, Peter A., Homer                                            |  O
  Caya, Tancred, Vereker                                             |  O
  Cazeau, Joseph, Montmorency Falls                                  |  Q
  Chaffey, J. B. W., Indian Island, W. O.                            |N B
  Challoner, J., White Point, W. O.                                  |N S
  Chalmers, John, Belledune, W. O.                                   |N B
  Chamberlin, Otis, Mont Elie                                        |  Q
  Chambers, John, Wick                                               |  O
  Chambers, John, Wilfred                                            |  O
  Chambers, John, Shrewsbury                                         |  Q
  Champoux, Léon, St. Gertrude                                       |  Q
  Champoux, George, Lake Aylmer                                      |  Q
  Channell, James T., Bolton Forest                                  |  Q
  Chant, Samuel, Chantry                                             |  O
  Chantler, James G., Newton Robinson                                |  O
  Chapedelaine, L., St. Ours                                         |  Q
  Chapeleau, Edouard, St. Paschal                                    |  Q
  Chapman, Alexander, Chapman                                        |  O
  Chapman, Bowden, Chapman, W. O.                                    |N B
  Chapman, G. H., Hastings, W. O.                                    |N S
  Chapman, George W., River Gilbert                                  |  Q
  Chapman, John, North Augusta                                       |  O
  Chapman, John, Frankfort                                           |  O
  Chapman, John, Hespeler                                            |  O
  Chapman, Dixon, Mount Whatley, W. O.                               |N B
  Chapman, Michael, Goodwood                                         |  O
  Chapman, Robert A., South Rockland, W. O.                          |N B
  Chapman, C. S., Warren, W. O.                                      |N S
  Charbonneau, V., Beresford                                         |  Q
  Charbonneau, C. T., L’Acadie                                       |  Q
  Charland, Joseph, Lavaltrie                                        |  Q
  Charlebois, A. W., Rigaud                                          |  Q
  Charlton, S., Milford, W. O.                                       |N S
  Charron, Emilien, St. Dorothee                                     |  Q
  Charters, S. C., Memdomcook                                        |N B
  Chase, Albert, Port Williams                                       |N S
  Chase, Charles A., Union Corner, W. O.                             |N B
  Chase, Arthur G., Upper Sackville, W. O.                           |N B
  Chase, Reuben. Lakeville, W. O.                                    |N S
  Chaurette, Cyprien, Oka                                            |  Q
  Chenier, Félix, Baie St. Paul                                      |  M
  Chenier, Hercule, Sevigné                                          |  Q
  Chesley, Nelson, Chesley’s Corners, W. O.                          |N S
  Childerhose, Robert, Stafford                                      |  O
  Chillas, Miss Margaret, Nicolet                                    |  Q
  Chipman, Samuel, Chipman’s Corners, W. O.                          |N S
  Chipman, Mrs. A., Amherst                                          |N S
  Chisholm, Alexander, Point du Chêne                                |  M
  Chisholm, Angus, Lochiel                                           |  O
  Chisholm, Archibald, St. Andrews                                   |N S
  Chisholm, John, Antigonishe Harbor, W. O.                          |N S
  Chisholm, K., Brampton                                             |  O
  Chisholm, Mrs. M., Pomquet Forks, W. O.                            |N S
  Chisholm, R., Sutherland’s Mills, W. O.                            |N S
  Chisholm, Colin, Marydale, W. O.                                   |N S
  Chisholme, William, Dalhousie Mills                                |  O
  Choat, Thomas, Warsaw                                              |  O
  Chouinard, Elie, Garneau                                           |  Q
  Christie, Joseph, Ryegate                                          |  O
  Christie, Alex. R., Port Severn (sub)                              |  O
  Christie, Geo. N., Teviotdale Station, W. O.                       |N S
  Christie, John H., Little Bras d’Or                                |N S
  Christie, John G., Apple Grove                                     |  O
  Christie, James B., Trenton                                        |  O
  Church, W. S., Bersimis                                            |  Q
  Church, Mrs. Ann, Brockton                                         |  O
  Church, Richard, Cataract                                          |  O
  Clairoux, P. E., St. Hermas                                        |  Q
  Clapperton, John, Nicola Lake                                      |B C
  Clark, Robert, Canterbury                                          |  Q
  Clark, William, Shanly                                             |  O
  Clark, Benjamin, Camden, East                                      |  O
  Clark, William H., Nackawick, W. O.                                |N B
  Clark, William, Oak Park, W. O.                                    |N S
  Clark, Peter, Montague                                             |  O
  Clark, Bibins, Cloyne                                              |  O
  Clark, Jesse, Springfield, W. O.                                   |N B
  Clarke, Ludlow B., Centreville                                     |N B
  Clarke, Robert, Downsview                                          |  O
  Clarke, P. T., Coxheath, W. O.                                     |N S
  Clarke, Albert F., Mandaman                                        |  O
  Clark, Pulaski, Byng Inlet                                         |  O
  Clay, William, Norval                                              |  O
  Clays, Geo., junr., Bedford                                        |  Q
  Clayton, W. R., Carlow                                             |  O
  Cleland, James, North Mountain                                     |  O
  Clement, James S., Virgil                                          |  O
  Clement, Ovide A., St. Paul’s Bay                                  |  Q
  Clement, A. D., Brantford                                          |  O
  Cleminger, John, Banda                                             |  O
  Clendinning, R., Dungannon                                         |  O
  Cleveland, Isaac, Sandy Beaches, W. O.                             |N S
  Clifford, Henry A., Muskoka Falls                                  |  O
  Clinch, Chas. F., Clinche’s Mills, W. O.                           |N B
  Clough, Daniel, Lennox Ferry, W. O.                                |N S
  Clouston, James, Middle Church                                     |  M
  Cloutier, C. P., St. Victoire                                      |  Q
  Cloutier, J. B., St. Cyrille                                       |  Q
  Cloutier, Mdme. A., Détour du Lac                                  |  Q
  Clow, Elias, South Granby                                          |  Q
  Coates, Thos. H., Smith Creek, W. O.                               |N B
  Coates, Thos., Coates’ Mills, W. O.                                |N B
  Coburn, Thomas, Upper Keswick Ridge, W. O.                         |N B
  Coburn, M. H., Little River (Sun), W. O.                           |N B
  Cochran, B. W., Halifax                                            |N S
  Cochran, J. T., Scotch Village, W. O.                              |N S
  Cochran, J. F., Newport                                            |N S
  Cochran, Chs., New Durham                                          |  O
  Cockerline, William, Henrysburg                                    |  Q
  Code, G., Trowbridge                                               |  O
  Code, Thomas, Innisville                                           |  O
  Cody, Charles F., Cody’s, W. O.                                    |N B
  Coglan, Isaac J., Kepler                                           |  O
  Cohan, Charles, Hebron                                             |N S
  Cohoon, Freeman, Port Medway                                       |N S
  Colbeck, William, Colbeck                                          |  O
  Colclough, J. R., Bic                                              |  Q
  Cole, Thomas, North Nation Mills                                   |  Q
  Cole, W. G., Little River (Mid Musquodoboit), W. O.                |N S
  Coleman, T., Heart’s Mills, W. O.                                  |N B
  Coleman, William, Seeley’s Bay                                     |  O
  Colgan, John, Cranbourne                                           |  Q
  Colhoun, John C., Hopewell Corner, W. O.                           |N B
  Collas, John, Sheldrake                                            |  Q
  Collet, Charles A., St. Henri                                      |  Q
  Collette, Joseph, St. Julie                                        |  Q
  Collerette, Zephirin, Grand Etang, W. O.                           |N S
  Collicut, P., Hillside, W. O.                                      |N B
  Colling, J., Verdun                                                |  O
  Colliver, Thos., Cherry Valley                                     |  O
  Colpitts, R. Alder, Pleasant Vale, W. O.                           |N B
  Colpits, Robert J., Little River (cov), W. O.                      |N B
  Colpits, W. A., Mapleton, W. O.                                    |N B
  Comeau, Justien, Metaghan River, W. O.                             |N S
  Comeau, A. F., Clare, W. O.                                        |N S
  Commeault, J. B., River David                                      |  Q
  Commins, A. B., Centre Augusta                                     |  O
  Commins, William, Bath                                             |N B
  Conn, C., Elder                                                    |  O
  Conn, Meredith, Tyrconnell                                         |  O
  Connacher, H., Black Point, W. O.                                  |N B
  Connery, James, Cedar Hill                                         |  O
  Connor, Zebulon, Upper Greenwich, W. O.                            |N B
  Cook, Wm., Black Land, W. O.                                       |N B
  Cook, James, Milford                                               |  O
  Cook, James R., Mount Albion                                       |  O
  Cook, William, Carrville                                           |  O
  Coonan, George, Waterside, W. O.                                   |N B
  Cooper, Hugh, Vachell                                              |  O
  Cooper, Francis, South Barnston                                    |  Q
  Cooper, James H., Campbellville                                    |  O
  Cooper, Samuel, Keyser                                             |  O
  Cooper, Thomas, Glen Alpine, W. O.                                 |N S
  Copeland, W. L., St. Catharine’s, West                             |  O
  Copp, John, jun., Baie Verte Road, W. O.                           |N B
  Copp, Timothy, Centre Village, W. O.                               |N B
  Copping, E., Montcalm                                              |  Q
  Coppinger, Thomas, Hanover                                         |  O
  Corbett, Edmund, Harmony                                           |  O
  Corbett, James, Larway Mines, W. O.                                |N S
  Corbett, Andrew, Clones, W. O.                                     |N B
  Corbett, R. A., Perrytown                                          |  O
  Corbett, Edmund, Harbor au Bouche, W. O.                           |N S
  Corbett, George, Gold Fields, W. O.                                |N S
  Comeau, Louis, Point du Lac                                        |  Q
  Cormeck, Joseph, Moor’s Mills, W. O.                               |N B
  Cormier, Joseph G., Doherty Mills, W. O.                           |N B
  Cormier, S., Upper Caraquet, W. O.                                 |N B
  Cornell, B., Rockton                                               |  O
  Cornock, William, Erin                                             |  O
  Cornwall, William, Rockport                                        |  O
  Cornwall, H. P., Ashcroft                                          |B C
  Correll, Mrs. Phœbe A., Stamford                                   |  O
  Corrigan, William, Stoneham                                        |  Q
  Cossar, Mrs. James, Dufferin                                       |  O
  Costello, John, Brudenell                                          |  O
  Coté, George, St. Giles                                            |  Q
  Coté, Marcel, Tremblay                                             |  Q
  Coté, Cléophe, Les Eboulemons                                      |  Q
  Coté, Edward, Rivière aux Vaches                                   |  Q
  Cotter, James W., Appleby                                          |  O
  Cottle, N. B., Jemseg, W. O.                                       |N B
  Cotton, Robert, Port Credit                                        |  O
  Coulson, James, Coulson                                            |  O
  Coultard, J. H., Underwood                                         |  O
  Coulter, John, Long Point, W. O.                                   |N B
  Counter, Henry, Spaffordton                                        |  O
  Courtemanche, F., St. Edwige                                       |  Q
  Coutu, O. H., St. François du Lac                                  |  Q
  Coutu, C. H., St. Elie                                             |  Q
  Couture, O., St. Anaclet                                           |  Q
  Couture, Eusèbe, Buckland                                          |  Q
  Couture, Geo., Beaumont                                            |  Q
  Couture, Wilbrod, St. Paul du Buton                                |  Q
  Covert, Henry, Crofton                                             |  O
  Cowan, James, Ronson                                               |  O
  Cowan, David, Rossway, W. O.                                       |N S
  Cowie, John W., Balderson                                          |  O
  Cowie, Robert, Springbank                                          |  O
  Cowie, Thomas, Hannon                                              |  O
  Cown, L., St. Dominique des Cedres                                 |  Q
  Cox, John, Upper Stewiacke, W. O.                                  |N B
  Cox. C. B., South Branch, W. O.                                    |N S
  Cox, William, Norten Dale, W. O.                                   |N B
  Craig, Murdoch, Craigsholme                                        |  O
  Craig, Thomas, Craighurst                                          |  O
  Craig, Leslie M., Pleasant Valley, W. O.                           |N S
  Craig, George, East side of Ragged Island                          |N S
  Craig, Mrs. James, Eel River, W. O.                                |N B
  Crandal, Joseph, Moncton                                           |N B
  Craven, Cranswick, Port Huron                                      |  O
  Crawford, John, Brockville                                         |  O
  Crawford, John, Gravel Hill                                        |  O
  Crawther, James, Attercleffe                                       |  O
  Creed, George, South Rawdon, W. O.                                 |N S
  Creelman, James, Newton Mills, W. O.                               |N S
  Creelman, William, Lower Selmah, W. O.                             |N S
  Crepeau, Guillaume, St. Camille                                    |  Q
  Crepeau, Max., St. Félix de Valois                                 |  Q
  Crocker, James, Elimville                                          |  O
  Croft, William, Middleville                                        |  O
  Crombie, E. R., Brandy Creek                                       |  O
  Cronan, Mrs. M. A., La Have River, W. O.                           |N S
  Crooks, W., Peggy’s Cove, W. O.                                    |N S
  Crosby, Moses, Gordonsville, W. O.                                 |N B
  Crosby, Charles, Lake George, W. O.                                |N S
  Crosby, Richard, Deerfield, W. O.                                  |N S
  Crosby, William, South Ohio, W. O.                                 |N S
  Cross, Thomas, South Zorra                                         |  O
  Cross, Henry, jun., Maple Grove                                    |  Q
  Crossfield, O., Abbotsford                                         |  Q
  Crosswell, George, Upsalquitch, W. O.                              |N B
  Crothers, Thomas, Upper Gagetown, W. O.                            |N B
  Crowdis, J. G., Middle Section of N. E. Margaree, W. O.            |N S
  Crowe, R. S., Londonderry                                          |N S
  Crowell, R. H., Barrington                                         |N S
  Crowell, William, Highfield, W. O.                                 |N S
  Crozier, S., Topping                                               |  O
  Cruickshank, James, Cruickshank                                    |  O
  Cryan, William J., Fafard                                          |  Q
  Cuddahee, Timothy, Rathburn                                        |  O
  Cully, W. R., Forrest City, W. O.                                  |N B
  Cummer, W. W., Newton Brook                                        |  O
  Cumming, John, Fergusonvale                                        |  O
  Cumming, George, Rosemont                                          |  O
  Cumming, George, Garden Island                                     |  O
  Cumminger, Jesse, Goldenville                                      |N S
  Cummings, Charles, Milford                                         |N B
  Cummins, S., Carlow, W. O.                                         |N B
  Cumner, Jacob, Willowdale                                          |  O
  Cunningham, Charlotte, Canso                                       |N S
  Cunningham, E. J., Guysborough                                     |N S
  Cunningham, James, Gourock                                         |  O
  Cunningham, W., Cape Sable Island, W. O.                           |N S
  Curran, Patrick, Milltown                                          |N B
  Curran, T., West Branch Nicholas River, W. O.                      |N B
  Currie, Hugh, Camilla                                              |  O
  Currie, Thomas, New Ross                                           |  O
  Currie, R. B., West Dublin, W. O.                                  |N S
  Curry, John, Farmington                                            |  O
  Curry, Frederick G., Horton Landing, W. O.                         |N S
  Curtis, James, Alderville                                          |  O
  Curtis, Robert, Mongolia                                           |  O
  Curtis, Edward, Oak Ridges                                         |  O
  Cushing, James B., Cushing                                         |  Q
  Cutting, Horace, Coaticook                                         |  Q
  Cyr, François S., Maria                                            |  Q
  Dafoe, Jacob, Utica                                                |  O
  Dafoe, Manuel, Zephyr                                              |  O
  Dagget, E., Grand Manan                                            |N B
  Dagnault, Rev. J. A., St. Michael des Saints                       |  Q
  Daigle, Simon, Gailey, W. O.                                       |N B
  Dalpé, C., dit Pariseau, St. Esprit                                |  Q
  Dalton, John, Mayfair                                              |  O
  Dalton, Mrs. E. J., Barnaby River, W. O.                           |N B
  Daly, Joseph, Hopefield                                            |  O
  D’Amour, Marceline, Ste. Philomêne                                 |  Q
  D’Aoust, L. B., Point Claire                                       |  Q
  Darche, E. S., South Ham                                           |  Q
  Darling, J. S., Penetanguishene                                    |  O
  Darling, Thomas, Moisic                                            |  Q
  Darlington, Robert, Brooklin                                       |  O
  Dart, Daniel, Green Creek, W. O.                                   |N S
  Dauphin, Edouard, Sault au Récollet                                |  Q
  Dauth, George, Bulstrode                                           |  Q
  David, F. X., Valcourt                                             |  Q
  Davidson, Alexander, Oak Point, W. O.                              |N B
  Davidson, David, Lefroy                                            |  O
  Davidson, Bryce T., Lake Opinicon                                  |  Q
  Davidson, William, Tidnish Bridge, W. O.                           |N B
  Davidson, John, Galt                                               |  O
  Davis, Joseph, Zealand                                             |  O
  Davis, Josiah, Blayney Ridge, W. O.                                |N B
  Davis, John, Davisville                                            |  O
  Davis, Thomas, Belleisle Bay, W. O.                                |N B
  Davis, William H., Ivy                                             |  O
  Davis, William J., Vandecar                                        |  O
  Davison, William, Hantsport                                        |N S
  Davison, John D., Fenwick, W. O.                                   |N S
  Davison, John, Upper Newport, W. O.                                |N S
  Davy, Michael, Murvale                                             |  O
  Dawson, Thomas, Wolverton                                          |  O
  Dawson, Isaac, Dawson Settlement, W. O.                            |N B
  Dawson, Thomas, Utopia                                             |  O
  Dawson, William, Luther                                            |  O
  Dawson, John, Sylvan                                               |  O
  Deacon, Robert, Kingston                                           |  O
  Deacon, W. G., Warminster                                          |  O
  Dean, Charles, Ship Harbor, W. O.                                  |N S
  Dean, Marcus S., Bridgenorth                                       |  O
  Decelle, Paul, St. Théodore                                        |  O
  Deguire, Gédéon, Côteau du Lac                                     |  Q
  Delany, John, Lower Newcastle, W. O.                               |N B
  De Lagorgendière, L. C. A. T., Katevale                            |  Q
  Delfausse, M., Mascouche Rapids                                    |  Q
  Delisle, Joachim, Thiers                                           |  Q
  De Lorimer, W., Caughnawaga                                        |  Q
  Demer, George, St. Henri Station                                   |  Q
  Denaut, W. H., Delta                                               |  O
  Denison, Joseph R., Denison’s Mills                                |  O
  Dennis, Dennis L., Tuscarora                                       |  O
  Densmore, R. T., Densmore’s Mill, W. O.                            |N S
  Densmore, Mrs. L., Kennetcook Corner, W. O.                        |N S
  Dépot, J., Egypte                                                  |  Q
  Dereek, S. B., Miranda                                             |  Q
  Derenzy, Edward, Sand Point                                        |  O
  Derham, P. H., Tuam                                                |  O
  Derick, T. B., Noyan                                               |  Q
  Derome, I. J. L., St. Jean Chrysostôme, Chateauguay                |  Q
  Desaulniers, Joseph. Shawenegan                                    |  Q
  Desaultel, S., Augustin, Rochelle                                  |  Q
  Des Brisay, A. C., Mrs., Madisco                                   |N B
  Deschamps, C. A., Natashquan                                       |  Q
  Deschéne, François, St. Philippe de Néry                           |  Q
  Deschénes, Jean, St. Cyriac                                        |  Q
  Deselet, Olivier, Ste. Angèle de Laval                             |  Q
  Deséve, A., Tannery, West                                          |  Q
  Désilets, Ludger, St. Leonard                                      |  Q
  Desjardins, H., Stony Point                                        |  Q
  Desparois dit Champagne, Antoine, Charlemagne                      |  Q
  Desforges, Clovis, Newport                                         |  Q
  Despocas, Marc C., Valleyfield                                     |  Q
  Després, E. L. R. C., St. Hyacinthe                                |  Q
  Desroches, David, St. Janvier                                      |  Q
  Desroches, Ulrick B., St. Liguori                                  |  Q
  Deveber, N. H., Westfield, W. O.                                   |N B
  Devitt, Isaac, Flora                                               |  O
  Devine, Solomon, Petawawa                                          |  O
  Dewar, David, Nort Keppel                                          |  O
  Dewolf, F. A., River de Chute                                      |N B
  Déziel, L. I., Duillebout                                          |  Q
  Dibb, William, Derwent                                             |  O
  Dick, James, Maple Valley                                          |  O
  Dick, George, sen., L’Etete, W. O.                                 |N B
  Dickens, William, Upper Bay du Vin, W. O.                          |N B
  Dickenson, Edward, North Glandford                                 |  O
  Dickey, Mrs. Agnes, Bass River, W. O.                              |N S
  Dickey, John, Middle Stewiacke, W. O.                              |N S
  Dickey, Clement B., Cornwallis Last, W. O.                         |N S
  Dickinson, Samuel, Coldstream, W. O.                               |N B
  Dickinson, G. L., Manotic                                          |  O
  Dickson, Hugh, Central Onslow, W. O.                               |N S
  Dickson, John, Paudash                                             |  O
  Dickson, Samuel, Seaforth                                          |  O
  Dickson, William, Henry                                            |  O
  Dickson, A., Goderich                                              |  O
  Dickson, Robert, Peepabun                                          |  O
  Dickson, Hugh H., Pakenham                                         |  O
  Dieudonné, D. Brulé, Vaudreuil                                     |  Q
  Dier, R., Forest                                                   |  O
  Digdon, John, Half Island Cove, W. O.                              |N S
  Dillabough, Isaac, Lockville                                       |  O
  Dillon, D., Calabogie                                              |  O
  Dillon, T. H., High Falls                                          |  O
  Dillman, Daniel, Meagher’s Grant, W. O.                            |N S
  Dinby, John, Harley                                                |  O
  Dinnigan, William, Norton Creek                                    |  Q
  Dinnin, William, Lumley                                            |  O
  Dionne, Paschal, St. Denis de la Bouteillerie                      |  Q
  Dionne, Joseph, Ste. Anne la Pocatière                             |  Q
  Dionne, Cyprian, St. Anthony, W. O.                                |N B
  Disher, Ralph, Point Abino                                         |  O
  Ditchburn, William, Rosseau                                        |  O
  Ditz, Adam, Dorking                                                |  O
  Dixon, Mary C., Middleton, W. O.                                   |N B
  Dixon, Joseph, Sackville                                           |N B
  Dixon, John, Paudash                                               |  O
  Doan, Charles, Aurora                                              |  O
  Doane, Mrs. Mary, Gunning Cove, W. O.                              |N S
  Dobbin, James, Dobbinton                                           |  O
  Dobson, William, Head of Tatamagouche Bay, W. O.                   |N S
  Dobson, James, Yorkville                                           |  O
  Dodd, George, Primrose                                             |  O
  Dodds, Geo., Tullamore                                             |  O
  Dodge, Enoch, jun., Bridgetown                                     |N S
  Dodge, William W., Hammond River, W. O.                            |N B
  Doherty, John, Uffington                                           |  O
  Doherty, Michael, Poquiock, W. O.                                  |N B
  Donahue, William, West Farnham                                     |  Q
  Donald, Alexander, Burnbrae                                        |  O
  Donaldson, Robert, Reading                                         |  O
  Donaldson, Henry F., Enfield                                       |N S
  Donkin, F. A., Athol                                               |N S
  Donavan, Thomas, South Bay, W. O.                                  |N S
  Dorais, Onésime, St. Stanislas de Kostka                           |  Q
  Doran, William, Doran                                              |  O
  Dorron, John, Shippigan                                            |N B
  Douglas, A., Middle St. Francis, W. O.                             |N B
  Douglas, Thomas, Cambray                                           |  O
  Douglas, Mrs. Anne, Bradford                                       |  O
  Douglas, Alexander, Norham                                         |  O
  Douglas, Mary, Manilla                                             |  O
  Douglas, James, Londonderry, W. O.                                 |N B
  Downie, John, Jordon Bay, W. O.                                    |N S
  Dowsley, John, Prescott                                            |  O
  Dowsley, Joseph L., Escott                                         |  O
  Doyle, William, Back Lands, W. O.                                  |N S
  Doyle, J. W., Guysborough                                          |  O
  Drake, P. Edward, Bell Ewart                                       |  O
  Dreany, Robert, Crumlin                                            |  O
  Drolet, Pierre A., St. Pierre d’Orléans                            |  Q
  Drope, R., Harwood                                                 |  O
  Drouillard, Louis, Canard River                                    |  O
  Dryden, Robert, Eramosa                                            |  O
  Drysdale, John, Tatamagouche Mountain, W. O.                       |N S
  Drysdale, Robert, Drysdale                                         |  O
  Duaine, J. B. L., St. Barnabé, St. Maurice                         |  Q
  Dubé, Lucien, Napierville                                          |  Q
  Dubois, L. E., Brentwood                                           |  O
  Duboyce, Martin, West Bolton                                       |  Q
  Dubuque, Joseph, St. Boniface                                      |  M
  Duck, James, Duck and Pringle                                      |B C
  Ducket, Rodger, Côteau Station                                     |  Q
  Duff, Alex., Stewartville                                          |  O
  Duffus, Adam, Widder                                               |  O
  Dufour, Rev. E., St. Lazare                                        |  Q
  Dufresne, George, Ancienne Lorette (sub)                           |  Q
  Dugal, Adelme, M. D., St. Anne, Bout de l’Isle                     |  Q
  Duggan, Henry A., York                                             |  O
  Duguay, Nestor, St. Zephirin                                       |  Q
  Duignan, Thomas, Nenagh                                            |  O
  Dukeshire, W. H., Maitland, W. O.                                  |N S
  Dumouchelle, P., Rochester                                         |  O
  Dunbar, William, West Branch, East River of Pictou, W. O.          |N S
  Dunbar, Alexander, Elmsdale                                        |N S
  Dunham, Henry, Ompah                                               |  O
  Dunham, C. F., Kaladar                                             |  O
  Dunn, William, Washington                                          |  O
  Dunning, Levi E., East Templeton                                   |  Q
  Duncan, George, Melrose                                            |  O
  Duncan, James, Thamesville                                         |  O
  Duncan, Daniel, Duncan, W. O.                                      |N S
  Duncan, Geo., St. Malachie                                         |  Q
  Dumphy, Edward, Douglas, W. O.                                     |N B
  Dumphy, George, Dumphy, W. O.                                      |N B
  Duplessis, J. O., Sorel                                            |  Q
  Duplesea, D. S., Tracey Station                                    |N B
  Dupré, Oliver, St. Robert                                          |  Q
  Dupuis, A., Village des Aulnaies                                   |  Q
  Dupuis, Hugh, Orleans                                              |  O
  Dupuis, Calixte, St. Herménégilde                                  |  Q
  Duquet, Napoléon, Lachine                                          |  Q
  Dutch, George, Heron’s Island, W. O.                               |N B
  Dutchburn, H., Highfield                                           |  O
  Duval, Rev. A., St. Françoise                                      |  Q
  Dyer, Richard, St. Patrick, W. O.                                  |N B
  Dyer, G. C., Sutton                                                |  Q
  Dyer, James, Garden Hill                                           |  O
  Eaken, George, Unionville                                          |  O
  Eakens, John A., Sparta                                            |  O
  Easson, William, Kintore                                           |  O
  East, C., St. Augustin, Portneuf                                   |  Q
  Eastabrook, H. A., Swan Creek, W. O.                               |N B
  Eastabrooks, Joel F., Brigg’s Corner, W. O.                        |N B
  Easterbrook, Elias, Nassagiweya                                    |  O
  Eastey, Charles W., Royal Road, W. O.                              |N B
  Eastlands, Thos., Apsley                                           |  O
  Eastman, Benjamin, Carsonby                                        |  O
  Eastman, D. H., Eastman’s Springs                                  |  O
  Easton, H. S., Easton’s Corners                                    |  O
  Eastwood, Anthony, Lloydtown                                       |  O
  Eaton, C., Canada Creek, W. O.                                     |N S
  Eaton, Geo. W., Palmer’s Road, W. O.                               |N S
  Eby, Elias, Bridgeport                                             |  O
  Echlin, D. C., Buxton                                              |  O
  Ecrement, J. F., St. Jacques                                       |  Q
  Ecrement, Joseph A., St. Damien de Brandon                         |  Q
  Eden, Francis, Varney                                              |  O
  Edgar, John, Newbliss                                              |  O
  Edgar, John, Three Brooks, W. O.                                   |N B
  Edgett, Hiram, River Side, W. O.                                   |N B
  Edgett, Ward, Edgett’s Landing, W. O.                              |N B
  Edmonstone, James, Grant                                           |  O
  Edwards, George, Thurso                                            |  Q
  Edwards, James, Barrie                                             |  O
  Edwards, John, Hemmingford                                         |  Q
  Edwards, T. S., Lobo                                               |  O
  Edwards, W. P., Rankin                                             |  O
  Edwards, Wm. C., Rockland                                          |  O
  Edwards, William, Maritana                                         |  Q
  Egan, Denis, Powell                                                |  O
  Egan, Francis L., Kingsbridge                                      |  O
  Ehler, John, Crow Harbor, W. O.                                    |N S
  Eisenheur, Jos., Chester Basin, W. O.                              |N S
  Elderkin, Mrs. Jane, Port Greville, W. O.                          |N S
  Elderkin, W. R., Apple River, W. O.                                |N S
  Elders, R., Perry Settlement, W. O.                                |N B
  Eldridge, J. W., Long Island                                       |N S
  Elkins, M. L., West Potton                                         |  Q
  Ellard, Joshua, Wright                                             |  Q
  Elliott, H., Hampton                                               |  O
  Elliott, Isaac M., Mount Elgin                                     |  O
  Elliott, John, Port Elmsley                                        |  O
  Elliott, George, Trout Lake                                        |  O
  Elliott, W. C., Still Water, W. O.                                 |N S
  Elliott, John, Cæsarea                                             |  O
  Ellis, George, Melocheville                                        |  Q
  Ellis, James R., Eastville, W. O.                                  |N S
  Ells, A. C., Scott’s Bay, W. O.                                    |N S
  Ells, Watson, Sheffield Mills, W. O.                               |N S
  Elmsley, R., Baddeck                                               |N S
  Elmslie, James, Barnett                                            |  O
  Elsworth, James, Fisherville                                       |  O
  Emerson, N. P., Emerson,                                           |  Q
  Emery, George, Marble Rock                                         |  O
  Emmans, William, Mountsburgh                                       |  O
  Emo, Thomas, Ivanhoe                                               |  O
  England, Philo, Fulford                                            |  Q
  Eplett, Samuel D., Coldwater                                       |  O
  Erb, John L., Erbsville                                            |  O
  Ermatinger, F. E., St. Thomas, West                                |  O
  Ernst, Christian, New Hamburg                                      |  O
  Ernst, Louis, Point Edward                                         |  O
  Ernst, John, Petersburg                                            |  O
  Erskine, Wm., Bocabec, W. O.                                       |N B
  Esnouf, Charles, Grand Grève                                       |  Q
  Estabrook, C. L., St. Mary’s Ferry, W. O.                          |N B
  Estey, Charles W., Royal Road, W. O.                               |N B
  Estey, W. E., Farmerston, W. O.                                    |N B
  Esty, Thomas H., Wicklow, W. O.                                    |N B
  Ethier, Daniel, St. Joseph, W. O.                                  |N B
  Evans, Richard J., Sleswick                                        |  O
  Evans, Miss E. M., Rock Village                                    |  O
  Evans, George, Albion                                              |  O
  Evans, Zerah, Dudswell                                             |  Q
  Everett, Edward, St. Mary’s Bay, W. O.                             |N S
  Ewart, Thos., Carnegie                                             |  O
  Fafard, Pierre, St. Hélène de Bagot                                |  Q
  Fair, Thomas, Clinton                                              |  O
  Fairburn, J. B., Bowmanville                                       |  O
  Fairweather, A., Springfield                                       |N B
  Falconbridge, S., Aberfoyle                                        |  O
  Falconer, Daniel, Newry                                            |  O
  Fanjoy, C. H., Waterborough, W. O.                                 |N B
  Faragher, Mrs. E. P., Hillsdale                                    |  O
  Farnsworth, Thomas, Morden, W. O.                                  |N S
  Farquharson, Wm., Fordyce                                          |  O
  Farran, John R., Farran’s Point                                    |  O
  Farrell, Patrick, Indiana                                          |  O
  Farrel, Patrick, Upper Wakefield                                   |  Q
  Farrow, Wm., Botsford Portage, W. O.                               |N B
  Fauteux, J., St. Barthélemi                                        |  Q
  Faulkner, James, Poodiac, W. O.                                    |N B
  Faulkner, Robt., Burntcoat, W. O.                                  |N S
  Fayle, J. R., Vogler’s Cove, W. O.                                 |N S
  Featherstone, W. J., Carp                                          |  O
  Feigehan, J. G., Fennells                                          |  O
  Fell, John, Bury’s Green                                           |  O
  Fenwick, J. A., Millstream, W. O.                                  |N B
  Ferguson, John, jun., Bathurst Villa, W. O.                        |N B
  Ferguson, John, Cookstown                                          |  O
  Ferguson, Isaac G., Rosehall                                       |  O
  Ferguson, Malcolm, Cariboo Cove, W. O.                             |N S
  Ferguson, Duncan, Douglas                                          |  O
  Ferguson, D., Kileau                                               |  O
  Ferguson, Robert, Stowe                                            |  O
  Ferris, Jas., M. Campbellford                                      |  O
  Fiddes, Alexander, Corbin                                          |  Q
  Fieldhouse, H., Rosa                                               |  O
  Filiatreault, Gilbert, St. John Baptiste de Montréal               |  Q
  Fillmore, Wm., Germantown, W. O.                                   |N B
  Fillmore, G. A., Lower Turtle Creek, W. O.                         |N B
  Finlay, Ephraim, Head of Amherst, W. O.                            |N S
  Finlayson, Edward, Merigonish, W. O.                               |N S
  Finley, Isaac, Scugog                                              |  O
  Fish, Robert Y., Linwood                                           |  O
  Fisher, William, Halfway Brook, W. O.                              |N S
  Fisher, C., St. Davids                                             |  O
  Fisher, M. A., Athol                                               |  O
  Fisher, Lewis, New Maryland                                        |N B
  Fisher, Peter, Wingham                                             |  O
  Fitzgerald, M., Frampton                                           |  Q
  Fitzgerald, William, Maynooth                                      |  O
  Flanagan, Mrs. Anne, Spencer Cove                                  |  Q
  Flannigan, M., Lake Settlement, W. O.                              |N B
  Fleming, John, Berkeley                                            |  O
  Fleming, A. G., Craigleith                                         |  O
  Fletcher, John L., Nashwaak Village, W. O.                         |N B
  Fletcher, George, Alliston                                         |  O
  Fletcher, Thomas, Shanty Bay                                       |  O
  Fletcher, William, Carrillon                                       |  Q
  Flewelling, J. L., Oak Point, W. O.                                |N B
  Flewelling, G. H., Clifton, W. O.                                  |N B
  Flewelling, John, Hampton, W. O.                                   |N B
  Flint, George, junr., Greenbank                                    |  O
  Flood, H., Sweaburg                                                |  O
  Flood, Richard, Roach’s Point                                      |  O
  Floyd, J. A., Fairfield, W. O.                                     |N B
  Flynn, Edward, Conroy                                              |  O
  Foisy, Louis, Arthabaska Station                                   |  Q
  Foley, B. H., Buctouche                                            |N B
  Follis, George, Ashley                                             |  O
  Folmsbee, John, Canboro’                                           |  O
  Fontaine, Siméon, Weedon                                           |  Q
  Foot, W. G., Pointe aux Pins                                       |  O
  Foot, J., Richmond Terminus, W. O.                                 |N S
  Forbes, John, Bridgeville, W. O.                                   |N S
  Forbes, John, North Sydney                                         |N S
  Forbes, John, Forbes, W. O.                                        |N S
  Forbes, Peter, Dickenson Landing                                   |  O
  Ford, George, Pentland                                             |  O
  Ford, C. R., Colborne                                              |  O
  Forman, Robert, Acadia Mines                                       |N S
  Forest, Frederick, Bonaventure River                               |  Q
  Forest, John M., Tangier,                                          |N S
  Forester, Oliver, Forester’s Falls                                 |  O
  Forrest, Richard, Fairview                                         |  O
  Forrestall, John, Forrestall’s, W. O.                              |N S
  Forshner, G. H. D., Head of Wallace Bay, W. O.                     |N S
  Forsyth, Hezekiah C., Princeton                                    |  O
  Forsyth, Enoch, A., Fort William Station                           |N S
  Forsyth, Elijah, Fairfield Plain                                   |  O
  Fortier, A., Ste. Scholastique                                     |  Q
  Fortier, Pierre, St. Anselme                                       |  Q
  Fortin, F., St. Pierre d’Orléans                                   |  Q
  Fortune, James, Lake Law, W. O.                                    |N S
  Foss, Samuel J., Sherbrooke                                        |  Q
  Foster, Edward H., Salmon River, W. O.                             |N S
  Foster, H. M., Chute’s Cove, W. O.                                 |N S
  Foster, G. K., Richmond East                                       |  Q
  Foster, George N., Kingsley, W. O.                                 |N B
  Foster, William, North Lake                                        |N B
  Foster, James P., Marshall’s Cove, W. O.                           |N S
  Foster, Henry, Foster’s, W. O.                                     |N S
  Foster, Samuel, Kingston                                           |N B
  Fougère, Jos., Larry’s River, W. O.                                |N S
  Fournier, Marie, St. Jean Port Joli                                |  Q
  Fournier, Joseph, Méthot’s Mills                                   |  Q
  Fournier, Louis, Grande Vallée                                     |  Q
  Fournier, P. C. Auguste, St. Raphael East                          |  Q
  Fowlds, H. M., Hastings                                            |  O
  Fowler, James, Salmon Creek, W. O.                                 |N B
  Fowler, Miss Jane, Lifford                                         |  O
  Fowler, W. E., Steeve’s Settlement, W. O.                          |N B
  Fowler, W., Hammondvale                                            |N B
  Fowlie, Mrs. Micha, Brookvale, W. O.                               |N B
  Fox, Alex. J., Sand Point, W. O.                                   |N S
  Fox, S. D., Overton                                                |  O
  Fox, John C., Olinda                                               |  O
  Frame, H. M., Glen Huron                                           |  O
  Frame, Archibald, Selmah, W. O.                                    |N S
  Frame, M., Gay’s River, W. O.                                      |N S
  Francis, William, Willowgrove, W. O.                               |N B
  Francis, John G., Owen Sound                                       |  O
  Frayney, Robert, Dalhousie Road, W. O.                             |N S
  Franklin, Job., Alberton                                           |  O
  Franks, Thos., Frank Hill                                          |  O
  Fraser, Alex., Toney River, W. O.                                  |N S
  Fraser, Alex., Westmeath                                           |  O
  Fraser, Donald, McLellan’s Mountain, W. O.                         |N S
  Fraser, J. A., Big Bras d’Or, W. O.                                |N S
  Fraser, Robert, Rocklin, W. O.                                     |N S
  Fraser, James, South Bar of Sydney River, W. O.                    |N S
  Fraser, John, Kildonan                                             |  M
  Fraser, John, Densmores, W. O.                                     |N S
  Fraser, John, Harrington Cove, W. O.                               |N S
  Fraser, Jessie McG., Head of St. Margaret’s Bay                    |
    (Middle District), W. O.                                         |N S
  Fraser, William, West McGillivray                                  |  O
  Fraser, John, Lancaster                                            |  O
  Fraser, Daniel, Lower Settlement, South River, W. O.               |N S
  Fraser, D., Matapédia                                              |  Q
  Fraser, James, Maple Green, W. O.                                  |N B
  Fraser, Charles, Cross Roads, Lake Ainslie, W. O.                  |N S
  Fraser, William, New Glasgow                                       |N S
  Fraser, George M., North Brookfield, W. O.                         |N S
  Fraser, John, Crosspoint                                           |  Q
  Fraser, Donald, Dumblane                                           |  O
  Fraser, Alexander, McLennan’s Brook, W. O.                         |N S
  Fraser, James, Loch Garry                                          |  O
  Fraser, David, Granrdigue Ferry, W. O.                             |N S
  Fraser, A. D., Hamburg                                             |  O
  Fraser, John, Glengarry Station                                    |N S
  Fraser, R., Fontenoy                                               |  Q
  Fraser, John, Fraser’s Grant, W. O.                                |N S
  Fraser, Simon, Lochinvar                                           |  O
  Fraser, Thomas A., Pugwash River, W. O.                            |N S
  Fréchette, Louis J., St. Ferdinand                                 |  Q
  Fréchette, Nazaire, Craigs Road Station                            |  Q
  Freeman, Nath, Greenfield, W. O.                                   |N S
  Freeman, B. C., Deniston                                           |  O
  Freeman, Jos. M., Pleasant River, W. O.                            |N S
  Freeman, Samuel E., Nappan, W. O.                                  |N S
  Freeman, Augustus, White Rock Mills, W. O.                         |N S
  Freer, E. S., Montreal                                             |  Q
  Freney, John, Perkins                                              |  Q
  Freeze, Hiram, Doaktown, W. O.                                     |N B
  Freid, Noah, Dashwood                                              |  O
  Frigon, Joseph, St. Prosper                                        |  Q
  Frommhagen, E., Wartburg                                           |  O
  Frost, P. W., Little River, W. O.                                  |N S
  Fry, Isaac, South Cayuga                                           |  O
  Fry, Henry, Hursdon                                                |  O
  Fugère, Narcisse, Batiscan Bridge                                  |  Q
  Fullerton, G. D., Halfway River, W. O.                             |N S
  Fullerton, Edward D., Cannonville                                  |N S
  Fuller, J. A., New Minus, W. O.                                    |N S
  Fulmer, W. A., Economy                                             |N S
  Fulmore, Philip, River Debert, W. O.                               |N S
  Fulton, Thomas, Knoxford, W. O.                                    |N B
  Fulton, James, Langton                                             |  O
  Furse, James, New Glasgow                                          |  Q
  Gabetis, Sarah, Gore’s Landing                                     |  O
  Gage, W. J., Bartonville                                           |  O
  Gagne, Virginie, Viger                                             |  Q
  Gagnier, Frs. X., Neigette                                         |  Q
  Gagnon, H., Upper St. Bazil, W. O.                                 |N B
  Gagnon, C., L’Avenir                                               |  Q
  Gairdner, James, Bayfield                                          |  O
  Gallagher, Dennis, Vigo                                            |  Q
  Gallagher, Ann, Salmon River, W. O.                                |N S
  Gallagher, Paul, Perm                                              |  O
  Gallang, Thos., Barachois, W. O.                                   |N B
  Gallant, Athanase, Shediac Bridge, W. O.                           |N B
  Galloway, James, Harrisburg                                        |  O
  Galloway, Alex. D., Bensfort                                       |  O
  Gamsby, J. W., Huntingville                                        |  Q
  Gannan, Patrick, Lake La Hashe                                     |B C
  Gairner, Wm., Minden                                               |  O
  Garrault, Thomas, St. Lin                                          |  Q
  Gareau, Philip, Curran                                             |  O
  Gardiner, John, Dartmoor                                           |  O
  Gardner, Alex., Armow                                              |  O
  Gardner, Simeon, Tusket Forks, W. O.                               |N S
  Gardner, Joseph, Britannia                                         |  O
  Gardner, David, Hibernia, W. O.                                    |N B
  Gardner, James, Musquodeboit Harbor, W. O.                         |N S
  Garriock, Peter, Westbourne                                        |  M
  Garrison, W. A., Upper Sheffield, W. O.                            |N B
  Gates, John, Vyner                                                 |  O
  Gatien, G. H., Ste. Marie de Monnoir                               |  Q
  Gaudette, Dr. G., St. Annedes Plains                               |  Q
  Gaudry, Charles A., Rivière du Loup (en bas)                       |  Q
  Gauld, John D., River John                                         |N S
  Gaulin, Charles, Portneuf                                          |  Q
  Gauthier, dit Landerville, A., St. Pie                             |  Q
  Gauthier, Onézime, St. Urbain                                      |  Q
  Gauthier, Philias, St. Eustache                                    |  Q
  Gauvin, Louis C., St. Charles de Stanbridge                        |  Q
  Gavaza, Thomas A., Annapolis                                       |N S
  Gawler, Henry, Cainsville                                          |  O
  Gebbie, Thomas, Howick                                             |  Q
  Geer, M., Herbert                                                  |  Q
  Gélinas, C., St. Clothilde                                         |  Q
  Gendreau, Pierre, West Ditton                                      |  Q
  Gendron, Joseph P., St. Barnabé, River Yamaska                     |  Q
  Générux, Esdras, St. Alphonse                                      |  Q
  Genest, F. E., St. Marguerite                                      |  Q
  Genoir, William, Big Tracadie, W. O.                               |N S
  Genong, F. D., Sprague’s Point                                     |N B
  George, J. C., York River                                          |  O
  George, James, Huttonsville                                        |  O
  Germain, C., jun., St. Vincent de Paul                             |  Q
  Germain, Elzéar, St. Didace                                        |  Q
  Germain, George, Gosport                                           |  O
  Getchell, John J., Lynnfield, W. O.                                |N B
  Ghent, D. A., Priceville                                           |  O
  Giasson, G. F., L’Anse à Giles                                     |  Q
  Gibb, W. W., Langley                                               |B C
  Gibbon, J. A., Wilmot                                              |N S
  Gibbon, James, Collina, W. O.                                      |N B
  Gibbons, John, Goldstone                                           |  O
  Gibbs, Chas., Cannington                                           |  O
  Gibson, Robert, Glenvale                                           |  O
  Gibson, Geo. R., Forest City, W. O.                                |N B
  Giddens, Daniel, Portapique Mountain, W. O.                        |N S
  Gifford, Henry C., Silver Hill                                     |  O
  Gigault, G. A., St. Césaire                                        |  Q
  Gilbault, Joseph, St. Paul d’Industrie                             |  Q
  Gilbert, William, Mansfield                                        |  O
  Gilbert, John D., Gilbert’s Mills                                  |  O
  Gilbraith, Thos., Pisarinco, W. O.                                 |N B
  Gilchrist, James, Keady                                            |  O
  Gilchrist, John C., Woodville                                      |  O
  Gill, H. W., Ufford                                                |  O
  Gillard, J., Grafton                                               |  O
  Gillespie, Alex., Creemore                                         |  O
  Gillespie, Alexander, Sunnidale                                    |  O
  Gillespie, George, Round Plains                                    |  O
  Gillespie, George M., Glenarm                                      |  O
  Gillespie, Charles, Milton, East                                   |  Q
  Gilley, Walter, Oak Bay, W. O.                                     |N B
  Gillies, Colin, Margaree, W. O.                                    |N S
  Gillies, Donald, Grand Mira South, W. O.                           |N S
  Gillies, John, Braeside                                            |  O
  Gillies, Colin, Eagle                                              |  O
  Gilliott, Wm., Churchstreet, W. O.                                 |N S
  Gillis, Niel, Point Clear, W. O.                                   |N S
  Gillis, Wm., Arisaig, W. O.                                        |N S
  Gillis, Donald, Lewis Bay, W. O.                                   |N S
  Gillis, Donald, Big Intervale, (Grand Narrows), W. O.              |N S
  Gilman, Francis, Parker’s Creek                                    |  M
  Gingras, François X., St. Casimir                                  |  Q
  Gingrich, Moses, Roseville                                         |  O
  Girardin, R. A., Grande Ligne                                      |  O
  Giroux, Nazaire, Clarina                                           |  Q
  Gladstone, Thos. B., Midland                                       |  O
  Glass, Matthew, Elginfield                                         |  O
  Gleeson, William, Langside                                         |  O
  Glen, John, Gibralter                                              |  O
  Glendinning, Arch., Ellesmere                                      |  O
  Glendinning, David, Harvey Station                                 |N B
  Glenn, William, Lochartville, W. O.                                |N S
  Glover, George, Ravenshoe                                          |  O
  Glover, William, Gamesbridge                                       |  O
  Goble, Frederick, Harrow                                           |  O
  Goble, Wm. L., Goble’s Corners                                     |  O
  Godard, Daniel, South Branch (Kent)                                |N B
  Godfrey, E. L., Mountain Grove                                     |  O
  Goehringer, Joseph, Bingham Road                                   |  O
  Golding, G. N., Wickham, W. O.                                     |N B
  Gonthro, Belloni, French Vale, W. O.                               |N S
  Good, Archibald, Good Corner, W. O.                                |N B
  Goodenow, Lafayette, Georgetown                                    |  O
  Gooderham, A. L., Pine Grove                                       |  O
  Gooderham, C. H., Meadowvale                                       |  O
  Goodeve, Chas. F., Allan Park                                      |  O
  Goodfellow, A., Springville                                        |  O
  Goodfellow, James, Vine                                            |  O
  Goodhue, James, St. Christophe d’Arthabaska                        |  Q
  Goodhue, Saml., Barnston                                           |  Q
  Gordanier, J. L. P., Morven                                        |  O
  Gordon, David, Osaca                                               |  O
  Gordon, James, Genoa                                               |  Q
  Gordon, William, North Williamsburg                                |  O
  Gordon, Thomas, Longwood                                           |  O
  Gordon, H., Port Perry                                             |  O
  Gordon, Thomas, Elm Grove                                          |  O
  Gorman, George, Metaghan, W. O.                                    |N S
  Gormley, James, Gormley                                            |  O
  Gorvell, Wm. O., Spanish River                                     |  O
  Gorvett, W., Milliken                                              |  O
  Gosselin, François, junr., St. Victor de Tring                     |  Q
  Gosselin, Louis, St. Jean Chrysostôme, Lévis                       |  Q
  Gosselin, Jean Baptiste, St. Laurent d’Orléans                     |  Q
  Gosselin, Joseph, St. Irénée                                       |  Q
  Gould, Lorenzo T., Wooler                                          |  O
  Gould, Edward N., Plainfield                                       |  O
  Goulet, L. G. E., St. Jean Baptiste de Rouville                    |  Q
  Goulet, E., St. Hilaire Village                                    |  Q
  Goulette, William, Belœil Station                                  |  Q
  Gow, F. G., Gravenhurst                                            |  O
  Graham, W. M., Bethany                                             |  O
  Graham, Andrew K., Five Islands                                    |N S
  Graham, Robert, Enterprise                                         |  O
  Graham, W. S., West River Station                                  |N S
  Graham, Hugh, Rouge Hill                                           |  O
  Graham, James, Brookfield                                          |N S
  Graham, James, Creek Bank                                          |  O
  Graham, John, Lifford                                              |  O
  Graham, William, Dunsford                                          |  O
  Graham, Arthur, Juvenile Settlement, W. O.                         |N B
  Graham, Allen, Dunkeld                                             |B C
  Graham, James, Baydu Vin Mills                                     |N B
  Grandpré, P. S., St. Valérien                                      |  Q
  Grandy, John, Berne                                                |  O
  Grandy, Robert, Omemee                                             |  O
  Grant, Alexander, Verona                                           |  O
  Grant, Alex., Frazer’s Mills, W. O.                                |N B
  Grant, James, Coverley                                             |  O
  Grant, A. W., Shulie, W. O.                                        |N S
  Grant, James A., St. Stephen                                       |N B
  Grant, William, Parrsborough Shore, W. O.                          |N S
  Grant, William, Kintail                                            |  O
  Grant, William, Mabou                                              |N S
  Grant, John R., Brussels                                           |  O
  Grant, James, Harwood Lands, W. O.                                 |N S
  Grant, Angus, Port Hawkesbury                                      |N S
  Grass, George, Waasis Station, W. O.                               |N B
  Grassie, John, Fulton                                              |  O
  Graveline, David U., Castlebar                                     |  Q
  Graves, W. H., Springfield                                         |  O
  Graves, Hector, Dempsey’s Corner, W. O.                            |N S
  Gray, George, Lynedoch                                             |  O
  Gray, William, Fleurant (sub)                                      |  Q
  Gray, A. S., Ponds, W. O.                                          |N S
  Gray, Daniel B., Foreston, W. O.                                   |N B
  Graydon, Robert, Streetsville                                      |  O
  Graystock, Mark, Graystock                                         |  O
  Green, Joseph, Davenport                                           |  O
  Green, P. F., Charleston                                           |  O
  Green, Caleb, Fairhaven, W. O.                                     |N B
  Green, George, H. H., Port Nelson                                  |  O
  Green, Joshua, Spring Brook                                        |  O
  Greenshields, James, Nevis                                         |  O
  Greensides, Edward, Monkton                                        |  O
  Greenwood, William, Port Clyde, W. O.                              |N S
  Greenwood, A. R., North East Harbor, W. O.                         |N S
  Greer, James, Winchester Springs                                   |  O
  Greenway, William, Centralia                                       |  O
  Gregor, Lewis, Crieff                                              |  Q
  Grenier, David, Carthby                                            |  Q
  Grier, James, Iroquois                                             |  O
  Griffin, J. S., Preston Road, W. O.                                |N S
  Griffith, David, Parma                                             |  O
  Griffith, John, Parham                                             |  O
  Grimm, C., Springfield, W. O.                                      |N S
  Grindley, W. H., Blackville, W. O.                                 |N B
  Grono, Elias, Hackett’s Cove, W. O.                                |N S
  Gropp, Henry, Brunner                                              |  O
  Grosvenor, C. E., Canterbury                                       |N B
  Grosvenor, George, Lower Southampton, W. O.                        |N B
  Grouchey, David, Discoose, W. O.                                   |N B
  Grout, James C., Solina                                            |  O
  Gueguen, Magloire, Gueguen, W. O.                                  |N B
  Guilbauldt, Louis, L’Assomption                                    |  Q
  Guild, Julius, Bentley                                             |  O
  Guimond, Baptiste, Silver Strewn, W. O.                            |N B
  Gunn, Donald, Lower Fort Garry                                     |  M
  Gunn, Donald, Cross Roads, Country Harbor                          |N S
  Gunn, John, Hopwell, W. O.                                         |N S
  Guthrie, Peter, Tatlock                                            |N S
  Hackett, Alexander, Colchester                                     |  O
  Hackett, John, Chambly Canton                                      |  Q
  Hacking, W. H., Listowell                                          |  O
  Hackwell, William, Boscobel                                        |  Q
  Haddock, James, McAdam Junction, W. O.                             |N B
  Hadley, G. B., Port Mulgrave                                       |N S
  Hagan, James, Templeton                                            |  Q
  Hagar, Elijah, Roseway, W. O.                                      |N S
  Hager, Charles, Hagersville                                        |  O
  Hagerman, H., Moray                                                |  O
  Hagyard, E. T., Campbell’s Cross                                   |  O
  Haines, E. J., Marshall’s Town, W. O.                              |N S
  Hales, Richard, Forfar                                             |  O
  Hall, C. H. J., Broughton                                          |  Q
  Hail, Asa, Stoketon                                                |  Q
  Hall, Edward, Darrell                                              |  O
  Hall, Henry, Binbrook                                              |  O
  Hall, J. H., Brooklyn, W. O.                                       |N S
  Hall, W., Sheet Harbor, W. O.                                      |N S
  Hall, Henry G., Hall’s Bridge                                      |  O
  Hall, Charles, Burlington, W. O.                                   |N S
  Hall, Daniel B., Linda                                             |  Q
  Hall, George, Clyde                                                |  O
  Hall, W. J., Keene                                                 |  O
  Hall, Wm., Skipness                                                |  O
  Hallamore, S. E., New Cornwall, W. O.                              |N S
  Halley, James L., Ponsonby                                         |  O
  Hallisay, Daniel, Beaver Bank, W. O.                               |N S
  Hambly, John, Winfield                                             |  O
  Hamel, J., St. Croix                                               |  Q
  Hamelin, D., St. Narcisse                                          |  Q
  Hamelin, A. Damase, Deschambault                                   |  Q
  Hames, William, Vennachar                                          |  O
  Hamilton, James, Singhampton                                       |  O
  Hamilton, Mrs. S. J., Springford                                   |  O
  Hamilton, Samuel, St. Luc                                          |  Q
  Hamilton, W. B., Collingwood                                       |  O
  Hamilton, James, Carlingford                                       |  O
  Hamilton, James, Staffa                                            |  O
  Hamilton, George, Britonville                                      |  Q
  Hamilton, A., Petersville Church, W. O.                            |N B
  Hamilton, J. H., Kempt, W. O.                                      |N S
  Hamilton, James, Laurel                                            |  O
  Hamm, David, Grand Bay, W. O.                                      |N B
  Hammond, W. D., Wardsville                                         |  O
  Hammond, James, jun., Hammond                                      |  O
  Hammond, J. A., Kingsclear, W. O.                                  |N B
  Hamon, Philip, Newport Point                                       |  Q
  Hancock, L. S., Ridgetown                                          |  O
  Hancock, John, Bruce Mines                                         |  O
  Handron, Henry, Handford Brook, W. O.                              |N B
  Handy, Edward, Mount Brydges                                       |  O
  Hanes, Erastus, Utterson                                           |  O
  Hanes, James F., Huntsville                                        |  O
  Hanley, J. C., Reed                                                |  O
  Hanna, Hugh, Brookvale, W. O.                                      |N S
  Hannegar, Jacob, Upper Kennetcook, W. O.                           |N S
  Hannington, W. J. M., Pointe du Chêne, W. O.                       |N B
  Hannington, W., Smith’s, W. O.                                     |N B
  Hanrahan, Thos., South Douro                                       |  O
  Hanson, Robert V., Mace’s Bay                                      |N B
  Hardwicke, V. F., Bear River, (West side)                          |N S
  Hardy, J. N., Dorchester Station                                   |  O
  Hardy, N., Champlain                                               |  Q
  Hargrave, Joseph, Eglington                                        |  O
  Harigan, John, Moneymore                                           |  O
  Harmon, Charles A., Peel, W. O.                                    |N B
  Harnett, John, Kingston                                            |N B
  Harrington, H. H., Tracadie                                        |N S
  Harris, Richardson, Saw Mill Creek, W. O.                          |N S
  Harris, Mrs. Elizabeth, Myrehall                                   |  O
  Harris, C. S., Courtland                                           |  O
  Harris, S. G., Tapleyton                                           |  O
  Harris, Merritt D., Boundary Creek, W. O.                          |N B
  Harris, Samuel, Cowichan                                           |B C
  Harris, T. R., Aylesford                                           |N S
  Harris. John L., Albert Mines, W. O.                               |N B
  Harrison, J. H., Rockville, W. O.                                  |N B
  Harrison, Isabella, Drum                                           |  O
  Harrison, John, Kinloss                                            |  O
  Harrison, Richard, Glammis                                         |  O
  Harrison, Thomas, Thorndale                                        |  O
  Harrison, Charles, Kingston Mills                                  |  O
  Harron, Alexander, Debec Station, W. O.                            |N B
  Hartley, Jonathan, Pirate Harbor                                   |N S
  Hartt, William, Derby, W. O.                                       |N B
  Harvey, James, Nanaimo                                             |B C
  Harvey, William, Elmvale                                           |  O
  Hase, Thomas, Haseville                                            |  Q
  Hatfield, J. A., Brookville, W. O.                                 |N S
  Hatfield, J. L., Fox River, W. O.                                  |N S
  Hattee, John, New Caledonia, W. O.                                 |N S
  Hawkin, Thomas, Schoona                                            |B C
  Hawley, H. A., Aird                                                |  Q
  Hawthorne, A., Upper Kent, W. O.                                   |N B
  Hay, Shackleton, Ailsa Craig                                       |  O
  Hayes, John, Norton, W. O.                                         |N B
  Hayes, Michael, Hayesland                                          |  O
  Hayter, Thos. N., Harpley                                          |  O
  Hayward, Robert, Kenilworth                                        |  O
  Hazen, J. W., Spring Arbor                                         |  O
  Healey, Maurice, Harewood, W. O.                                   |N B
  Heaphy, Michael, Victoria Road Station                             |  O
  Heard, William, Kemble                                             |  O
  Heath, Samuel, Tyrrell                                             |  O
  Heath, William, Clarendon Front (sub)                              |  Q
  Hébert, Antoine, St. Martine                                       |  Q
  Hébert, C., Labarre                                                |  Q
  Hébert, J. T., Larochelle                                          |  Q
  Heckman, Isaac, La Have Cross Roads, W. O.                         |N S
  Heffernan, Jane, Carroll’s Corners, W. O.                          |N S
  Heise, Daniel V., Victoria Square                                  |  O
  Helps, Mrs., Westfield                                             |  O
  Hemlow, James, Liscombe, W. O.                                     |N S
  Hemphill, James, Ferryville, W. O.                                 |N B
  Hendershot, A., Jerseyville                                        |  O
  Henderson, David, West Essa                                        |  O
  Henderson, James W., Vandeleur                                     |  O
  Henderson, Henry, Newark                                           |  O
  Henderson, Archibald, Marston                                      |  O
  Hendry, Charles, Conestogo                                         |  O
  Hendry, James, Porter’s Hill                                       |  O
  Hendry, W., Brookfield, W. O.                                      |N S
  Henesey, Wm., Chepstow                                             |  O
  Heney, Henry, Danford Lake                                         |  Q
  Henry, S. L., Upper Musquodoboit                                   |N S
  Henry, P. D., Whitfield                                            |  O
  Henry, James, Magundy, W. O.                                       |N S
  Herkins, William, Lewis Head, W. O.                                |N S
  Heron, Agnes, Dollar                                               |  O
  Héroux, Moïse, Mekinac                                             |  Q
  Herring, Noah, Belfountain                                         |  O
  Hewitt, J., Spring Hill, W. O.                                     |N S
  Hewson, Jas. R., Earnestown Station                                |  O
  Hewton, John, Bourg Louis                                          |  Q
  Heyrock, Henry, Johnson’s Mills                                    |  O
  Hicks, W. W., Mitchell                                             |  O
  Hicks, John, Killerby                                              |  O
  Hicks, Mariner, Midgie, W. O.                                      |N B
  Hicks, Ira, McLaughlan Road, W. O.                                 |N B
  Higgins, W. H., North River, W. O.                                 |N S
  Higginson, James G., Hawkesbury                                    |  O
  Hillaker, George, Mount Salem                                      |  O
  Hill, William, Sandurst                                            |  O
  Hill, Robert, Ballantrae                                           |  O
  Hill, William, Welcome                                             |  O
  Hill, Alexander, Cross Roads, Saint George’s Channel, W. O.        |N S
  Hill, Joseph, Thornby                                              |  Q
  Hill, H. P., Antigonishe                                           |N S
  Hill, Thomas L., Hillsborough                                      |  O
  Hiltz, Samuel, Lawrencetown, W. O.                                 |N S
  Hinch, William, Hinch                                              |  O
  Hines, Byron, East side of Pubnico Harbor, W. O.                   |N S
  Hingley, A. S., Kemptown, W. O.                                    |N S
  Hirst, James, Freelton                                             |  O
  Hislop, John, Marmion                                              |  O
  Hitchin, John, Emerald                                             |  O
  Hoath, R., Hoath Head                                              |  O
  Hoare, John S., Adelaide                                           |  O
  Hodge, George N., Birchton                                         |  Q
  Hodges, Hiram, Newcastle                                           |  O
  Hodgkinson, Philip, Aylmer, West                                   |  O
  Hodgson, John, Como                                                |  Q
  Hodgson, J. T., Edmundston                                         |N B
  Hogan, M., Point Bruley, W. O.                                     |N S
  Hogarth, Henry, Danforth                                           |  O
  Hogg, William, York Mills                                          |  O
  Hogg, John, Don                                                    |  O
  Holbert, John, Reaboro’                                            |  O
  Holbrooke, J., Helena                                              |  Q
  Holden, James, Morrisburgh                                         |  O
  Holden, William, Petite Rivière Bridge, W. O.                      |N S
  Holden, Hiram, Shannonville                                        |  O
  Holden, Thomas, Head of Jordan River, W. O.                        |N S
  Holden, William, Rob-Roy                                           |  O
  Holesworth, F. H., Lower Stewiacke                                 |N S
  Hollinger, Charles J., Ferguson’s Falls                            |  O
  Holmden, Thomas D., Girvan Settlement, W. O.                       |N B
  Holmes, Andrew, Oxford Station                                     |  O
  Holmes, Samuel, Welland Port                                       |  O
  Holmes, C. A., Springville, W. O.                                  |N S
  Holmes, Richard, Blyth                                             |  O
  Holterman, C. F., Vanburgh                                         |  O
  Honsberger, Isaac, Rainham                                         |  O
  Hood, A. T., Yarmouth                                              |N S
  Hooker, D’Arcy, Teeterville                                        |  O
  Hooker, G. A., Geneva                                              |  Q
  Hooper, Albert B., Fourche, W. O.                                  |N S
  Hope, Robert, Newburgh                                             |  O
  Hope, Charles, Abbott’s Corners                                    |  Q
  Hopkins, James P., Holloway                                        |  O
  Hopkins, Patrick, North River Platform, W. O.                      |N B
  Hopper, E. B., Merivale                                            |  O
  Horan, Edward, West Huntley                                        |  O
  Hord, Robert, Komoka                                               |  O
  Horseman, David, Intervale, W. O.                                  |N B
  Hossie, D., Logierait                                              |  O
  Houde, C. E., St. Célestin                                         |  Q
  House, William T., Stevensville                                    |  O
  House, J. L., Beebe Plain                                          |  Q
  House, J. M., Pigeon Lake                                          |  M
  House, Louis, Netherby                                             |  O
  House, James W., Lineboro’                                         |  Q
  Houston, Thomas, Camlachie                                         |  O
  Houston, James, Hawkstone                                          |  O
  How, William, sen., Hillsburgh                                     |  O
  Howard, John T., Esquimalt                                         |B C
  Howard, Thomas, St. Ives                                           |  O
  Howard, William, Richby                                            |  Q
  Howe, John, St. John                                               |N B
  Howes, Richard, Glendower                                          |  O
  Howden, Richard, Millbrook                                         |  O
  Howey, William, Massey                                             |  Q
  Howland, E. A., Etobicoke                                          |  O
  Hoyt, Alfred, Lepuille, W. O.                                      |N S
  Hoyt, John Y., McKenzie’s Corner, W. O.                            |N B
  Hubbard, B. F., Stanstead                                          |  Q
  Hubley, James, Black Point, W. O.                                  |N S
  Hubley, Frederick, Indian Harbor, W. O.                            |N S
  Huckins, Joseph C., Epsom                                          |  O
  Hudgens, A. P., Lake George, W. O.                                 |N S
  Hudon, Alexander, St. Pacôme                                       |  Q
  Hudon, dit Beaulieu, St. Elizabeth                                 |  Q
  Hudson, John, Haldimand                                            |  O
  Huestis, M. B., Wallace                                            |N S
  Hueston, John, Huntley                                             |  O
  Huff, Lewis, Keith                                                 |  O
  Huggard, John, Painswick                                           |  O
  Hughes, W. C., Sandhill                                            |  O
  Hughes, G. P., Keenansville                                        |  O
  Hughes, M., Collfield                                              |  Q
  Hughes, Alexander, Kay Settlement, W. O.                           |N B
  Hughes, Hugh, Heckston                                             |  O
  Hull, John, Hullsville                                             |  O
  Humphrey, A., Rodney                                               |  O
  Humphries, Hiram, McDonald’s Corner, W. O.                         |N B
  Humphries, Israel, Warkworth                                       |  O
  Humphries, John, Sussex Corner, W. O.                              |N B
  Hungerford, L. N., Mawcook                                         |  Q
  Hungerford, S. L., West Brome                                      |  Q
  Hunter, Thomas, Venice                                             |  Q
  Hunter, Walter, Clarksburg                                         |  O
  Hunter, George, Glenburnie                                         |  O
  Hunter, James, Egerton                                             |  O
  Hunter, John, Hunterville                                          |  O
  Huntingdon, J., Salmon River, W. O.                                |N S
  Huot, P. G., Quebec                                                |  Q
  Hurlburt, Reuben, Myrtle                                           |  O
  Hurly, Thomas, jun., Sanborn                                       |  Q
  Hussey, J. B., Mount St. Louis                                     |  O
  Huston, James, Stanford                                            |  Q
  Hutchins, Rodney, East Farnham                                     |  Q
  Hutchinson, Matthew, Upper Wicklow, W. O.                          |N B
  Hutchinson, James, North Esk Boom, W. O.                           |N B
  Hutchinson, James, Harwich                                         |  O
  Hutt, Henry, Tancook Islands, W. O.                                |N S
  Hutton, Mrs. A. R., Harcourt                                       |  O
  Hysop, John, Ballantyne Station                                    |  O
  Ilsley, John R., Vernon Mines, W. O.                               |N S
  Imrie, Mrs. Mary, Spencerville                                     |  O
  Ingles, Joseph, Strathnairn                                        |  O
  Ingles, George, junr., Maple Hill                                  |  O
  Irish, Levi, Little River, W. O.                                   |N B
  Irons, John, Tower Hill, W. O.                                     |N B
  Ironside, A. McGregor, Manitowaning                                |  O
  Ironside, John, Grand Bend                                         |  O
  Irvine, William, Desmond                                           |  O
  Irving, J. B., West Flamboro’                                      |  O
  Irving, Andrew, St. Lambert, Montreal                              |  Q
  Irving, James, Kerrwood                                            |  O
  Irwin, John, Perch Station                                         |  O
  Ivison, Robert, Oxley                                              |  O
  Jack, James, Lorne                                                 |  O
  Jackson, Anthony, Eden Mills                                       |  O
  Jackson, James, Kerby                                              |  O
  Jackson, James H., Severn Bridge                                   |  O
  Jackson, Geo. E., Egmondville                                      |  O
  Jacques, Thomas, Waterville, W. O.                                 |N S
  Jaffray, Wm., Berlin                                               |  O
  Jakes, Samuel, Merrickville                                        |  O
  James, Edwin, Bridgewater                                          |  O
  James, J. W., Laurencetown                                         |N S
  Jameson, Robert B., Fenison Falls                                  |  O
  Jamieson, Geo. C., Cole Harbor, W. O.                              |N S
  Jamieson, James, Granton                                           |  O
  Jardine, R., Renous Bridge, W. O.                                  |N B
  Jardine, Ferguson, Newington                                       |  O
  Jarmain, J. P., Matlock                                            |  O
  Jarmin, James, Lime Lake                                           |  O
  Jarratt, Charles, Jarratt’s Corners                                |  O
  Jarvis, Paul, Ravenswood                                           |  O
  Jarvis, William, Peterson                                          |  O
  Jean, George M., Petit de Grat, W. O.                              |N S
  Jeffers, Henry, Westbrook, W. O.                                   |N S
  Jelly, Wm. B., Bowling Green                                       |  O
  Jenkins, Joel, Jenkins, W. O.                                      |N B
  Jenkins, David, Waldemar                                           |  O
  Jenks, John W., Parrsborough                                       |N S
  Jerway, Samuel, Upper Buctouche, W. O.                             |N B
  Jewitt, S. C., Lower Wakefield, W. O.                              |N B
  Jiggens, Sarah, Leeds                                              |  Q
  Jimerson, Ira, South Ely                                           |  Q
  Job, William, Radstock                                             |  Q
  Jobin, G., St. Bazile                                              |  Q
  Jobin, Marie S., Isle Perrot                                       |  Q
  Johns, Alonzo G., Fairfield East                                   |  O
  Johnson, David W., Powers Court                                    |  Q
  Johnson, Benjamin, Marmora                                         |  O
  Johnson, Caleb, Melville                                           |  O
  Johnson, Lionel H., Wallaceburg                                    |  O
  Johnson, Carby, Ventry                                             |  O
  Johnson, H. A., Dalhousie                                          |N B
  Johnson, T. Stewart, Tweedside                                     |  O
  Johnson, Daniel, Cumbermere                                        |  O
  Johnson, George, Pefferlaw                                         |  O
  Johnson, C., L’Original                                            |  O
  Johnson, T. W., Ballymote                                          |  O
  Johnson, Anne, Kinlough                                            |  O
  Johnston, S., Clapham                                              |  Q
  Johnston, Joseph, Pelham Union                                     |  O
  Johnston, Robert, Weston                                           |  O
  Johnston, Richard, Dryden                                          |  O
  Johnston, Richard, Thistletown                                     |  O
  Johnston, B. H., Port Carling                                      |  O
  Johnston, John, Farnham Centre                                     |  Q
  Johnston, Samuel, Newcastle                                        |N B
  Johnstone, Adam, Linton’s, W. O.                                   |N B
  Johnstone, William, Johnson                                        |  O
  Jollimore, J. W., Mill Cove, W. O.                                 |N S
  Joncas, P. S., Berthier (en bas)                                   |  Q
  Jones, Cereno D., Weymouth                                         |N S
  Jones, Maxon, Bloomington                                          |  O
  Jones, C. H., Bromemere                                            |  Q
  Jones, Joseph, Thompson’s Mills                                    |N S
  Jones, J. M., Stanbridge, East                                     |  Q
  Jones, Merritt, Mount Pleasant, W. O.                              |N B
  Jones, Charles, junr., Oxford Mills                                |  O
  Jones, Chas. K., Bronte                                            |  O
  Jones, Thomas, Sabrevois                                           |  Q
  Jones, D. A., Tecumseth                                            |  O
  Jones, John, Sunderland                                            |  O
  Jones, Alva G., Stony Creek                                        |  O
  Jones, Peter, Cranworth                                            |  O
  Jordan, J. A., Upper Cross Roads, St. Mary’s, W. O.                |N S
  Jordan, M., Leinster                                               |  O
  Jordan, Patrick, Connaught                                         |  O
  Jordine, Ferguson, Newington                                       |  O
  Journeay, Jasper, Weymouth Bridge                                  |N S
  Judd, Agnes, Stirling                                              |  O
  Judge, John, Mono Road Station                                     |  O
  Jury, Thomas, Napperton                                            |  O
  Jutras, Joseph, East Chester                                       |  Q
  Jutras, H., Somerset                                               |  Q
  Kain, John, South Nelson, W. O.                                    |N B
  Kaiser, Anthony, Ste. Agathe                                       |  Q
  Kane, J. A. J., Murray Bay                                         |  Q
  Kaulback, R. A., Middle Musquodoboit                               |N S
  Kavanagh, Michael, Creighton                                       |  O
  Kavanagh, D., Umfraville                                           |  O
  Kavanagh, J. J., Gaspé Basin                                       |  Q
  Kay, W. F., Otterville                                             |  O
  Kaye, Charles, Point Kaye                                          |  O
  Kean, John, Victoria Harbour                                       |  O
  Kearney, Frank, St. Leonard’s, W. O.                               |N B
  Kearns, James, Glen Tay                                            |  O
  Keating, James, Oil Springs                                        |  O
  Keating, J. H., Warburton                                          |  O
  Kedy, H., Chelsea, W. O.                                           |N S
  Keefer, Jacob, Thorold                                             |  O
  Keith, Ariel, Cornhill, W. O.                                      |N B
  Keith, Lewis, New Canaan, W. O.                                    |N B
  Keith, C. I., Butternut Ridge, W. O.                               |N B
  Keith, George, Keithley Creek                                      |B C
  Kelley, George, Lambeth                                            |  O
  Kelly, John, Spruce Lake, W. O.                                    |N B
  Kelly, Edward, Baby’s Point                                        |  O
  Kelly, John, Roxborough, W. O.                                     |N B
  Kelly, Edward, Holmesville                                         |  O
  Kelly, P. D., Loretto                                              |  O
  Kimball, Warren, Leamington                                        |  O
  Kemp, Thomas, Chandos                                              |  O
  Kempton, E., Milton                                                |N S
  Kincaid, William, Harlow                                           |  O
  Kendrick, A. W., Campbellton                                       |N B
  Kendrick, A. W., Compton                                           |  Q
  Kennedy, Peter, Notfield                                           |  O
  Kennedy, Alexander, Cathcart                                       |  O
  Kennedy, James, Monument Settlement, W. O.                         |N B
  Kennedy, Patrick, Bagot                                            |  Q
  Kennedy, John, Dixie                                               |  O
  Kennedy, Joseph, Louisburg, W. O.                                  |N S
  Kennedy, James, Monument Settlement, W. O.                         |N B
  Kennedy, William, Hartington                                       |  O
  Kenny, Charles, Erinville, W. O.                                   |N S
  Kent, Hugh, Hiawatha                                               |  O
  Keough, John, Laval                                                |  Q
  Kerr, David, New Bandon, W. O.                                     |N B
  Kerr, Samuel, Antrim, W. O.                                        |N S
  Kerr, Archibald, Nouvelle (sub)                                    |  Q
  Kerr, James, Summer Hill, W. O.                                    |N B
  Kerr, David, Caplin                                                |  Q
  Ketchum, Morgan L., Waupoos                                        |  O
  Key, Samuel, Wickwire Station, W. O.                               |N S
  Key, William, New Aberdeen                                         |  O
  Keys, Robert, Bornholm                                             |  O
  Kidd, John, Athlone                                                |  O
  Kidd, George J., Carronbrook                                       |  O
  Kidd, Thomas, Arlington                                            |  O
  Kidd, Thos. A., Burritt’s Rapids                                   |  O
  Kier, Archibald R., Somenos                                        |B C
  Kierstead, George, Alma                                            |N B
  Kilbank, William, Codrington                                       |  O
  Kilborne, P. S., Winterbourne                                      |  O
  Killam, J. M., Wheaton Settlement, W. O.                           |N B
  Killam, Hiram, Little River (Elgin), W. O.                         |N B
  Killen, Andrew S., St. Martin’s                                    |N B
  Killoan, M., Belledune River, W. O.                                |N B
  Kimball, Warren, Leamington                                        |  O
  Kimball, William, Wilkesport                                       |  O
  Kimball, Albert, Knowlton                                          |  Q
  Kimpton, R. A., Roxton Pond                                        |  Q
  Kincaid, William, Harlem                                           |  O
  King, Charles H., Cheltenham                                       |  O
  King, George G., Chipman, W. O.                                    |N B
  King, John, Lyster                                                 |  Q
  King, Joshua, Port Philip, W. O.                                   |N S
  King, Oliver, Tidnish, W. O.                                       |N S
  King, Samuel A., Pinkerton                                         |  O
  King, Wm., Bristol                                                 |  Q
  Kingsmill, Wm., Guelph                                             |  O
  Kingston, C. H., Enniskillen Station, W. O.                        |N B
  Kinnear, James, Kinnear’s Mills                                    |  Q
  Kinny, Thomas, Oungah                                              |  O
  Kinsman, Benjamin, Kinsman’s Corners                               |N S
  Kinsman, Danson, Fonthill                                          |  O
  Kipp, Joseph B., Otnabog, W. O.                                    |N B
  Kirby, Daniel, New Harbor, W. O.                                   |N S
  Kirk, John, Kirk’s Ferry                                           |  Q
  Kirkpatrick, Andrew, Shubenacadie                                  |N S
  Kirkpatrick, B., Quaco Road, W. O.                                 |N B
  Kirkpatrick, Samuel, Aldboro’                                      |  O
  Kirkpatrick, Thomas, Widder Station                                |  O
  Kirkpatrick, F., Lunenburg                                         |  O
  Kirkwood, D., Rockside                                             |  O
  Kitchen, Harriet L., St. Williams                                  |  O
  Kitchen, L. W., Bloomsburg                                         |  O
  Kittson, Annie, Berthier (_en haut_)                               |  Q
  Knack, A., Upper Branch, W. O.                                     |N S
  Knaut, Lewis, Mahone Bay                                           |N S
  Knechtel, Jacob, Carlsruhe                                         |  O
  Knight, Alfred, Petworth                                           |  O
  Knight, William, Smith’s Mills                                     |  Q
  Knight, J. E., New River, W. O.                                    |N B
  Knight, Richard, Bowmanton                                         |  O
  Knowles, Leonard, Barrington Passage, W. O.                        |N S
  Knowlton, Calvin H., Lapum                                         |  O
  Knowlton, Luke H., South Stukely                                   |  Q
  Knox, G. W., Upper Caverhill, W. O.                                |N B
  Korry, John, Bolingbroke                                           |  O
  Krassler, John, Heidelburgh                                        |  O
  Kumpf, C., Waterloo                                                |  O
  Kyle, Joseph S., North Winchester                                  |  O
  Kyte, David, Richwood                                              |  O
  Laberge, Rev. F. X., Ste. Hippolyte de Kilkenny                    |  Q
  Labrèque, Dr. Louis, Lambton                                       |  Q
  Labrosse, Simon, St. Eugène                                        |  Q
  Lacerte, Arthur, Yamachiche                                        |  Q
  Lachaine, dit Jolicœur, B. G., Isle aux Grues                      |  Q
  Lacourcière, A. Jos., St. Stanislas                                |  Q
  Lacourcière, P., Vincennes                                         |  Q
  Lacourcière, D., Batiscan                                          |  Q
  Ladell, Henry G., Mary Lake                                        |  O
  Ladd, C. J., Delaware                                              |  O
  Laflèche, T., Domaine de Gentilly                                  |  Q
  Lafleur, Odile, St. Adèle                                          |  Q
  Lafleur, Honoré, Yamaska                                           |  Q
  Lafleur, A., Aubrey                                                |  Q
  Lafond, Olivier, St. Paulin                                        |  Q
  Lafontaine, Emery, St. Hugues                                      |  Q
  Lafontaine, John, Capeltown                                        |  Q
  Lainesse, Prudent, St. Albert                                      |  Q
  Laing, G., Bayham                                                  |  O
  Laing, Alexander, Dundee, W. O.                                    |N B
  Laird, Richard, Shetland                                           |  O
  Lajeunesse, C. C., Lac Masson                                      |  Q
  Lake, W., Purdy                                                    |  O
  Lake, Benjamin, Ranelagh                                           |  O
  Lalonde, E. H., St. Marthe                                         |  Q
  Lalonde, R. J., Ste. Justine de Newton                             |  Q
  Lalonde, Camille, Mountjoy                                         |  Q
  Lalonde, Joseph, Embrun                                            |  O
  Lalumière, Eusèbe, St. Bazile le Grand                             |  Q
  Lamarche, J. O., Mascouche                                         |  Q
  Lamb, William, Wendover                                            |  O
  Lamb, Thomas, St. Andrews, East                                    |  Q
  Lambert dit Champagne, Jean, Grand Coudées                         |  Q
  Lambert, Henry, West Lake                                          |  O
  Lambert, Isaac, Dealtown                                           |  O
  Lambkin, Simon, Riceburg                                           |  Q
  Lamontagne, O. A., Dalibaire                                       |  Q
  Lamothe, Guillaume, Viger Mines                                    |  Q
  Lamorandière, Chas., Killarney                                     |  O
  Lamoureux, Antoine, Pointe aux Trembles                            |  Q
  Lamoureux, Luc, St. Sébastien                                      |  Q
  Lamoureux, Olivier, Contrecœur                                     |  Q
  Lamphier, Peter, Grahamsville                                      |  O
  Lamy, Adolphe, St. Sévère                                          |  Q
  Lancaster, Christopher, Westwood                                   |  O
  Lance, Richard, Beatrice                                           |  O
  Landon, John, Waltham                                              |  Q
  Landon, Horace, Chichester                                         |  Q
  Landers, Jacob, Wellington, W. O.                                  |N S
  Landry, Honoré, Palmerston, W. O.                                  |N B
  Lane, Samuel, Denbigh                                              |  O
  Lane, Reuben, Mossley                                              |  O
  Lang, Robert, Chateauguay Basin                                    |  Q
  Langlois, Charles F. Y., Piopolis                                  |  Q
  Langin, Chas. E., Gaspereaux, W. O.                                |N B
  Langevin, F. T., St. Isidore, Laprairie                            |  Q
  Langman, John, Bogart                                              |  O
  Langstaff, John, Langstaff (sub)                                   |  O
  Lantz, Harvey, Lantz, W. O.                                        |N S
  Lapalme, Tréflé, St. Dominique                                     |  Q
  La Pinotière, W. H., Elora                                         |  O
  Lapointe, C. F., Ste. Flavie                                       |  Q
  Lapointe, Léandre, Mount Oscar                                     |  Q
  Lapointe, Jos. Robin, Mile End                                     |  Q
  Lappin, Sarah Jane, Miss, Strathallan                              |  O
  Largie, Edward, Fletcher’s Station                                 |N S
  Larivière, Thomas, Pont Rouge                                      |  Q
  Larocque, Telesphore, Henryville                                   |  Q
  Larouche, E., Clairvaux (sub)                                      |  Q
  Larracey, John, Irish Town, W. O.                                  |N B
  Larue, Edmund, St. Antoine, Lotbinière                             |  Q
  Larue, Miss H. C., Cap St. Ignace                                  |  Q
  Lasalle, F. X., St. Jean de Matha                                  |  Q
  Latour, dit Forget, Joseph, St. Thomas, East                       |  Q
  Latour, Edmond, Côte St. Paul                                      |  Q
  Latshaw, Christopher, Glen Morris                                  |  O
  Laugill, J. S., Laugill’s, W. O.                                   |N S
  Laurie, Francis, Oakfield, W. O.                                   |N S
  Laurier, J. O., Lachenaie                                          |  Q
  Lanthier, A., Malmaison                                            |  Q
  Lavett, Agnes, Adare                                               |  O
  Lavoie, R., Mount Carmel                                           |  Q
  Lawler, D., Salmon River, W. O.                                    |N S
  Lawless, Lawrence, London                                          |  O
  Lawlor, Wm., Burnley                                               |  O
  Lawrence, George, Honeywood                                        |  O
  Lawrence, Erastus, Lawrenceville                                   |  Q
  Lawrence, W., Eastern Harbor, W. O.                                |N S
  Lawrence, Chas., Lawrence Factory, W. O.                           |N S
  Lawder, R. H., Whitby                                              |  O
  Lawlor, J. B., Alfred                                              |  O
  Lawson, James, Farley’s Mills, W. O.                               |N B
  Lawson, George, Dalston                                            |  O
  Lawson, David, Cole’s Island, W. O.                                |N B
  Laymen, Robert S., Fintona                                         |  O
  Layton, D. L., Meaford                                             |  O
  Leake, James R., Morton                                            |  O
  Leemans, Wm., Little River, Coverdale, W. O.                       |N B
  Learn, P., senr., Mulgrave                                         |  O
  Learned, E., Learned Plain                                         |  Q
  Leary, Bridget, Ledge, W. O.,                                      |N S
  Leask, George, Leaskdale                                           |  O
  Leavitt, John, Bloomfield, W. O.                                   |N B
  Le Baron, B., North Hatley                                         |  Q
  Le Baron, J. B., Hatley                                            |  Q
  Le Bau, Léandre, St. Alexis                                        |  Q
  Le Bel, J. B., St. Félicité                                        |  Q
  Lebel, Paschal, Armand                                             |  Q
  LeBlanc, J. B., Eel Brook                                          |N S
  LeBlanc, J. E., St. Charles, River Richelieu                       |  Q
  LeBlanc, M., Tusket Wedge, W. O.                                   |N S
  LeBlanc, F., L’Epiphanie                                           |  Q
  LeBlanc, J. M. A., Port Royal, W. O.                               |N S
  LeBlanc, Olivier, St. Mary’s, W. O.                                |N B
  LeBlanc, Sylvain, Cocaigne River, W. O.                            |N B
  LeBlanc, Stephen, River Beaudette                                  |  Q
  Lebourveau, Moses, Eaton                                           |  Q
  Lecavallier, J. J., St. Laurent, Montreal                          |  Q
  Leckie, John, Grey,                                                |  O
  Leclair, Charles, North Lancaster                                  |  O
  Lederman, Chas., Mannheim                                          |  O
  Leduc., Joseph, Vinoy                                              |  Q
  Lee, Thomas, Saugeen                                               |  O
  Lee, Horatio, Tabucintac, W. O.                                    |N B
  Lee, Frederick F., Mallorytown                                     |  O
  Lee, Edward, Marshville                                            |  O
  Lee, Robert, Connor                                                |  O
  Lee, Thomas H., Mar                                                |  O
  Lee, Frenière, A. J., Pont de Maskinongé                           |  Q
  Legendre, L. G. A., St. Frederick                                  |  Q
  Legère, Fidèle, Grandigue, W. O.                                   |N B
  Le Gresly, Francis, Grand Aunce, W. O.                             |N B
  Le Hane, Thos. S., Ennismore                                       |  O
  Leighton, John S., Woodstock Road Station, W. O.                   |N B
  Leith, Smith, Kingsey Falls                                        |  Q
  Lellis, Jacob, Salmon Hole, W. O.                                  |N S
  Lemaire, Ernest, St. Benoit                                        |  Q
  Lemay, Joseph, St. Norbert                                         |  M
  Lemay, V., Bord à Plouffe                                          |  Q
  Lemay, M., Lotbinière                                              |  Q
  Lemay, Hubert, St. Jude                                            |  Q
  Lemieux, Antoine, Chaudière Mills                                  |  Q
  Lemieux, Joseph, Mont Louis                                        |  Q
  Lemire dit Marsolait, G., Ste. Béatrix                             |  Q
  Lemmer, Jacob, Fisherville                                         |  O
  Lemon, James, Morley                                               |  O
  Lennox, Isaac, Lennox                                              |  O
  Lent, J. M., Tusket                                                |N S
  Leonard, M., Leonard’s Hill                                        |  Q
  Leonard, Adelard E., Ste. Rose                                     |  Q
  Leonard, Damase, St. Monique des deux Montagnes                    |  Q
  Lépine, Marcel, St. Théodore                                       |  Q
  Lequin, Eli, O’Kanagan Mission                                     |B C
  LeRoy, W. G., Bryson                                               |  Q
  LeRoy, Mrs. Nancy, Shedden                                         |  O
  Leslie, Henry, Spry Bay, W. O.                                     |N B
  Leslie, Guy, Orangeville                                           |  O
  Leslie, William, Puslinch                                          |  O
  Leslie, W. D., Rupert                                              |  Q
  Leslie, George, junr., Leslie                                      |  O
  Leslie, Robert, Kemptville                                         |  O
  Leslie, W. T., Port Matoon, W. O.                                  |N S
  Lespérance, P., Longueuil                                          |  Q
  Lessard, Eugéne, St. Ephrem de Tring                               |  Q
  Lessard, Jean, St. Sylvester, East                                 |  Q
  Lesslie, Joseph, Toronto                                           |  O
  Letts, John, Dunraven                                              |  Q
  Levasseur, P. C., St. Jean des Chaillons                           |  Q
  Lévêque, Ulric, Ste. Sophie de Lacorne                             |  Q
  Lévêque, Théophile, St. Mathieu                                    |  Q
  Lévêque, E., St. Alexandre                                         |  Q
  Lévesque, E., Bagotville                                           |  Q
  Lévis, Jos. E., St. André Avelin                                   |  Q
  Lewis, Coleman, Addison                                            |  Q
  Lewis, George, Fort Erie                                           |  O
  Lewis, Gains, Lake Road, W. O.                                     |N S
  Leybourne, Samuel, Kinglake                                        |  O
  Lightbody, Andrew, Garafraxa                                       |  O
  Lilley, Charles, Lillie’s Corners (sub)                            |  O
  Lindabury, John, Windham Centre                                    |  O
  Lindard, Julius L., Van Winkle                                     |B C
  Linden, H., Charlo’s Cove, W. O.                                   |N S
  Lindsay, Alex., Lindsay, W. O.                                     |N B
  Lindsay, Thomas, Williamson, W. O.                                 |N B
  Lindsay, W. S., Woodslee                                           |  O
  Lindsay, Thos., Chigonaise River, W. O.                            |N S
  Lingley, John, Waverley                                            |  O
  Linton, John, Humber                                               |  O
  Lipset, John, Charlestown, W. O.                                   |N B
  Lister, George, Manners Sutton, W. O.                              |N B
  Little, Peter, Moffatt                                             |  O
  Little, Thomas, Omagh                                              |  O
  Little, J., Head of Mill Stream, W. O.                             |N B
  Little, J., Aylwin                                                 |  Q
  Littlewood, James, Littlewood, W. O.                               |N S
  Livingston, Donald, Upper Settlement of West River, W. O.          |N S
  Livingston, John, Livingstone’s Cove, W. O.                        |N S
  Livingston, Oliver, Carlisle                                       |  O
  Livingston, John, Silver Islet                                     |  O
  Lloyd, Jared, White Rose                                           |  O
  Lloyd, Benjamin, King                                              |  O
  Lock, William, McDonald’s Corners                                  |  O
  Lock, Charles, Brinston’s Corners                                  |  O
  Lockhart, D., Leicester, W. O.                                     |N S
  Lockhart, John, Donegal, W. O.                                     |N B
  Lockhart, James, Clarke                                            |  O
  Lockhart, J. E., Canard, W. O.                                     |N S
  Lockwood, Joseph, Brighton                                         |  O
  Lodge, W. B., Maccan Mountain, W. O.                               |N S
  Logan, Dougal, Loganville, W. O.                                   |N S
  Lohr, Daniel, Phillipsburg, West                                   |  O
  Long, Wm., l’Amaroux                                               |  O
  Long, Wesley, Maxwell                                              |  O
  Longheed, Samuel, Molesworth                                       |  O
  Longley, George C., Maitland                                       |N S
  Loranger, L. L. J., St. Sauveur                                    |  Q
  Lord, Joseph, Leclercville                                         |  Q
  Lord, Donald M., Newbridge, W. O.                                  |N S
  Losie, Joseph, Collins Bay                                         |  O
  Lothrop, Allan, Westbury                                           |  Q
  Lothrop, F. H., North Stoke                                        |  Q
  Loucy, Thomas, Grand Pabos                                         |  Q
  Loughrey, Owen, Beaurivage                                         |  Q
  Loughrey, W., Petersville, West (sub)                              |  O
  Loughrin, James, Speedside                                         |  O
  Loucks, H. L., Hull                                                |  Q
  Lounsbury, James, Lewis Mountain, W. O.                            |N B
  Love, Hugh, senr., Hill’s Green                                    |  O
  Love, Margt., Basswood Ridge, W. O.                                |N B
  Lovely, John, Florenceville East                                   |N B
  Lowrie, James, Veighton                                            |  O
  Lucas, Jas., Cocaigne                                              |N B
  Lumley, W. G., Glencoe                                             |  O
  Lundy, George B., Balmoral                                         |  O
  Lupien, L., St. Ursule                                             |  Q
  Lussier, Trefflé, Verchères                                        |  Q
  Lussier, Revd. L., Ste. Emilie de l’Energie                        |  Q
  Luttis, David, Indian Harbor, W. O.                                |N S
  Lyman, H., Scotland                                                |  O
  Lyman, Horace, Granby                                              |  Q
  Lynch, John, Green River, W. O.                                    |N B
  Lynch, Walter, Brome                                               |  Q
  Lynch, John, Allumette Island                                      |  Q
  Lynn, James, Bushfield                                             |  O
  Lynn, Joseph, Linton                                               |  O
  Lyon, R. A., Michael’s Bay                                         |  O
  Lyon, W. D., Milton West                                           |  O
  Lyttle, James, Newboyne                                            |  O
  Lyttle, Oliver, Barrington                                         |  Q
  McAfee, Andrew, Seeley’s Mills, W. O.                              |N B
  McAfee, Henry, Walkerville                                         |  O
  McAlister, Donald, New Mills                                       |N B
  McAlister, D., Comber                                              |  O
  McAllister, James, Chute à Blondeau                                |  O
  McAlpine, Nevin, Washademoak, W. O.                                |N B
  McArdle, Joseph, Ronaldsay                                         |  O
  McArthur, John, Amiens                                             |  O
  McArthur, Crosbie, Beauharnois                                     |  Q
  McArthur, Peter, Dalesville                                        |  Q
  McAskill, Hugh, Little Narrows, W. O.                              |N S
  McAulay, T. H., Centreton                                          |  O
  McAulay, John, Ventnor                                             |  O
  McAulay, Angus, False Bay Beach, W. O.                             |N S
  McAulay, M., South Side Basin of River Denis, W. O.                |N S
  McBain, Thomas, New Town                                           |N S
  McBean, D., Aberarder                                              |  O
  McBeath, J. T., Wexford                                            |  O
  McBrady, Daniel, Audley                                            |  O
  McBrane, Archibald, Missouri                                       |  O
  McBrayne, C., Botany                                               |  O
  McBride, John, Sunbury                                             |  O
  McBurney, R., Erie                                                 |  O
  McCabe, Edward, Wheatland                                          |  Q
  McCaffery, John, Box Grove                                         |  O
  McCall, D. W., Walsh                                               |  O
  McCall, George D., Victoria                                        |  O
  McCallum, John, Avoca                                              |  Q
  McCann, William, Oak Hill, W. O.                                   |N B
  McCarroll, North Bruce                                             |  O
  McCarron, Charles, Assametquagan                                   |  Q
  McCarthy, Joseph, Lower River Inhabitants, W. O.                   |N S
  McCarty, N. C., Thamesford                                         |  O
  McCaul, John, Durham                                               |N S
  McCaw, H. H., Prince Albert                                        |  O
  McClellan, W., Elliott                                             |  O
  McClellan, A. W., Great Village                                    |N S
  McClelland, John, Parry Sound                                      |  O
  McColl, Duncan, jun., Clachan                                      |  O
  McColl, John, St. Joseph du Lac                                    |  O
  McCollum, Peter T., Claude                                         |  O
  McConnell, W., Condon Settlement, W. O.                            |N S
  McConney, Farrell, Villette                                        |  Q
  McConnisky, John, Pubnico Beach, W. O.                             |N S
  McCool, James, Fort William                                        |  Q
  McCoppen, James, Port Robinson                                     |  O
  McCordie, James, Jura                                              |  O
  McCormack, Samuel, Saulmerville, W. O.                             |N S
  McCormack, William, Marsville                                      |  O
  McCormick, J. D., St. Alban                                        |  Q
  McCormick, Robert, Vivian                                          |  O
  McCormick, J. M., Macton                                           |  O
  McCracken, N., Valentia                                            |  O
  McCready, John E., Avondale, W. O.                                 |N B
  McCrindle, James, Lurgan                                           |  O
  McCubbin, William, Belle Rivière                                   |N S
  McCully, William, Truro                                            |N S
  McCurdy, John, Kirkton                                             |  O
  McCutcheon, John, Clarendon Settlement                             |N B
  McCutcheon, J., Chilliwack                                         |B C
  McCutcheon, Hugh, Leeds Village                                    |  Q
  McCutcheon, James, Sonora, W. O.                                   |N S
  McCutcheon, James, Crosshill                                       |  O
  McDermid, D., Pine River                                           |  O
  McDermitt, Alexander, Portage River, W. O.                         |N B
  McDonald, Chas., Baddeck Bay, W. O.                                |N S
  McDonald, Mrs. C., French River, W. O.                             |N S
  McDonald, Murdoch, Groves Point, W. O.                             |N S
  McDonald, John, La Guerre                                          |  Q
  McDonald, J., Lake Megantic                                        |  Q
  McDonald, Alex., Leitch’s Creek, W. O.                             |N S
  McDonald, Mrs. Mary, Lime Rock, W. O.                              |N S
  McDonald, John, Hunter’s Mountain, W. O.                           |N S
  McDonald, Daniel, Little Glace Bay                                 |N S
  McDonald, Joseph, Little Lorraine, W. O.                           |N S
  McDonald, Donald, Mabou Harbor, W. O.                              |N S
  McDonald, Robert, Malagash, W. O.                                  |N S
  McDonald, L., Malagawatch, W. O.                                   |N S
  McDonald, Angus, Caledonia, St. Mary’s, W. O.                      |N S
  McDonald, James, West Bay                                          |N S
  McDonald, Peter, Whycocomah                                        |N S
  Macdonald, D. D., Bailey’s Brook, W. O.                            |N S
  McDonald, Robert, Avondale, W. O.                                  |N S
  McDonald, Duncan, Vernon                                           |  O
  McDonald, Archibald, Cape North, W. O.                             |N S
  McDonald, William, Blue Mountain, W. O.                            |N S
  McDonald, Alexander, Shea’s River, W. O.                           |N S
  McDonald, James H., Sherbrooke                                     |N S
  McDonald, A., Sable                                                |  O
  McDonald, Donald, North Shore, W. O.                               |N S
  McDonald, John, Ohio, W. O.                                        |N S
  McDonald, George, Northfield                                       |  O
  McDonald, John, Niel’s Harbor, W. O.                               |N S
  McDonald, Donald, Middle Settlement, River Inhabitants, W. O.      |N S
  McDonald, James, Piedmont Valley, W. O.                            |N S
  McDonald, Colin, Black River, W. O.                                |N S
  McDonald, Michael, Upper Settlement of River Dennis, W. O.         |N S
  McDonald, Angus, Upper Washabuck, W. O.                            |N S
  McDonald, J. R., Clontarf                                          |  O
  McDonald, John R., Cobden                                          |  O
  McDonald, Allan, Catalone, W. O.                                   |N S
  McDonald, Robert, Cape George                                      |N S
  McDonald, Donald, Cape George (North side), W. O.                  |N S
  McDonald, Chas., Lake Ainslie (East side)                          |N S
  McDonald, C., Sumerville, W. O.                                    |N S
  McDonald, James, Brookville, W. O.                                 |N S
  McDonald, Michael, Irish Cove, W. O.                               |N S
  McDonald, D., Elmsville, W. O.                                     |N S
  McDonald, James, West Merigonishe                                  |N S
  McDonnell, Allan, South West Mabou, W. O.                          |N S
  McDonnell, Duncan, Vancleek Hill                                   |  O
  McDonnell, Duncan, Long Point, W. O.                               |N S
  McDonnell, Hugh, Judique, W. O.                                    |N S
  McDonnell, Mrs. Mary, St. Raphael, West                            |  O
  McDonnell, George, Cornwall                                        |  O
  McDonnell, J. R., Brompton Falls                                   |  Q
  McDonnell, James, Middle Settlement of South River, W. O.          |N S
  McDonnell, Robert, Clearview                                       |  O
  McDougald, Alexander, Greenfield                                   |  O
  McDougall, D., Lockside, W. O.                                     |N S
  McDougall, Col., McDougall Settlement, W. O.                       |N B
  McDougal, Rod., Hay’s River, W. O.                                 |N B
  McDougall, James, Marshy Hope, W. O.                               |N S
  McDougall, W., Brewster                                            |  O
  McDougall, Niel, Scotch Settlement, W. O.                          |N B
  McDougall, M., Christmas Island, W. O.                             |N S
  McDougall, Donald, Grand Mira North, W. O.                         |N S
  McEachan, D., Sight Point, W. O.                                   |N S
  McEachern, John, South side of Wycocomah Bay, W. O.                |N S
  McEachern, Archibald, Moulie’s River, W. O.                        |N B
  McEachern, Angus, Islay                                            |  O
  McEachern, Alex., Boom, W. O.                                      |N S
  McElroy, Wm. Joseph, Alma                                          |  O
  McElroy, Henry, Concord                                            |  O
  McEvoy, John, Pomeroy Ridge, W. O.                                 |N B
  McEwan, George, Salt Springs, W. O.                                |N B
  McEwan, M., Chockfish, W. O.                                       |N B
  McEwen, E., Franktown                                              |  O
  McFadden, M., New Ireland Road, W. O.                              |N B
  McFarland, Henry, Campbell Settlement, W. O.                       |N B
  McFarland, W. J., Markdale                                         |  O
  McFarlane, Peter, Nashwaaksis, W. O.                               |N B
  McFarlane, Robert, Rosetta                                         |  O
  McFarlane, James, Conquerall Bank, W. O.                           |N S
  McFarlane, Peter, Kelso                                            |  Q
  McFarlane, Daniel, Haliburton                                      |  O
  McGarry, Owen, New Ross Road, W. O.                                |N S
  McGauvran, James, Treadwell                                        |  O
  McGee, Joseph, Back Bay, W. O.                                     |N B
  McGibbon, Alex., Brownsburg                                        |  Q
  McGibbon, William, Point Wolf, W. O.                               |N B
  McGie, D. B., Esquimaux Point                                      |  Q
  McGill, David, Janetville                                          |  O
  McGill, J., Rusagornis Station, W. O.                              |N B
  McGill, James, Burton                                              |  O
  McGillis, Angus D., Harrison Corners                               |  O
  McGillis, Albert, Williamston                                      |  O
  McGillavray, C., Glen Road, W. O.                                  |N S
  McGillivray, Archibald, Lake Vale, W. O.                           |N S
  McGillivray, Hugh, Harbor Road, W. O.                              |N S
  McGillivray, Hugh, East Bay, W. O.                                 |N S
  McGilleroy, John, Knoydart, W. O.                                  |N S
  McGinnis, Donald, Schomberg                                        |  O
  McGowen, W., Little Lepreaux, W. O.                                |N B
  McGregor, Mrs. D., Garden of Eden, W. O.                           |N S
  McGregor, Daniel, Wyebridge                                        |  O
  McGregor, David, South Gower                                       |  O
  McGregor, John, Matawatchan                                        |  O
  McGregor, D., Tennyson                                             |  O
  McGregor, Alex., Big Island, W. O.                                 |N S
  McHaffey, Wm., North Goggins, W. O.                                |N B
  McHarry, H., Orleans                                               |  O
  McHenny, J., Victoria, W. O.                                       |N S
  McInnis, Charles, Aros                                             |  O
  McInnis, N., Tiverton                                              |  O
  McInnis, Hugh, Point of Cape, W. O.                                |N S
  McInnis, Angus, Lake Ainslie, W. O.                                |N S
  McIntosh, B., Westover                                             |  O
  McIntosh, P. N., Bookton                                           |  O
  McIntosh, Angus, Bay St. Lawrence, W. O.                           |N S
  McIntosh, D., Coldsprings                                          |  O
  McIntyre, Nichol, Bervie                                           |  O
  McIntyre, A., River Dennis, W. O.                                  |N S
  McIntyre, W. H., Rockliffe (sub)                                   |  O
  McIntyre, D., Crinan                                               |  O
  McIntyre, Michael, Boisdale Chapel, W. O.                          |N S
  McIsaac, Donald, Mull River, W. O.                                 |N S
  McJanet, Robert, Yarm                                              |  Q
  McKay, George W., Middle Southampton, W. O.                        |N B
  McKay, F. S., Papineauville                                        |  O
  McKay, George, Mount Thom, W. O.                                   |N S
  McKay, A., Morewood                                                |  O
  McKay, James, St. James                                            |  M
  McKay, John, Millsville, W. O.                                     |N S
  McKay, D., Big Harbor, W. O.                                       |N S
  McKay, Robert, Guysborough Intervale, W. O.                        |N S
  McKay, Angus, Roger’s Hill, W. O.                                  |N S
  McKay, Cornelius, Rosedene                                         |  O
  McKay, John, Six Mile Brook, W. O.                                 |N S
  McKay, Anna M., Ancaster                                           |  O
  McKay, Mrs. J., West Branch, River John, W. O.                     |N S
  McKay, John, Upper Settlement of Barney’s River, W. O.             |N S
  McKay, George, Ulster                                              |  O
  McKay, L., Speitches Cove, W. O.                                   |N S
  McKay, Donald, Saintfield                                          |  O
  McKay, John, Argyle                                                |  O
  McKay, John, Cape Spear, W. O.                                     |N B
  McKay, W. J., Earltown, W. O.                                      |N S
  McKay, D. E., South Side West Margaree, W. O.                      |N S
  McKay, G. D., Middle Clyde River, W. O.                            |N S
  McKay, James, Middle Ohio, W. O.                                   |N S
  McKee, William, Coventry                                           |  O
  McKechnie, R., Sharpton                                            |  O
  McKeen, Abraham, Keswick Ridge, W. O.                              |N B
  McKeen, J. G., Port Hastings                                       |N S
  McKeen, George, Getson’s Point, W. O.                              |N S
  McKeggie, James H., Stayner                                        |  O
  McKellar, D., Kilmartin                                            |  O
  McKendrick, M., Kincardine                                         |  O
  McKenney, Cyrus B., Pemberton Ridge, W. O.                         |N B
  McKenney, Thomas, Thornbury                                        |  O
  McKenzie, George, Laterrière                                       |  Q
  McKenzie, William, Gowland Mountain, W. O.                         |N B
  McKenzie, N. D., Holstein                                          |  O
  McKenzie, Alex., Red Islands, W. O.                                |N S
  McKenzie, M., St. Ann’s, W. O.                                     |N S
  McKenzie, A. M., Terrebone                                         |  Q
  McKenzie, Angus, Appin                                             |  O
  McKenzie, James, Union                                             |  O
  McKenzie, Alex., Mapleton                                          |  M
  McKenzie, Thos., Millfield                                         |  Q
  McKenzie, David, Neripis Station, W. O.                            |N B
  McKenzie, John, North River Bridge, W. O.                          |N S
  McKenzie, Mrs. Jessie, Green Hill, W. O.                           |N S
  McKenzie, K., Kemp Head, W. O.                                     |N S
  McKenzie, Wm. L., Algonquin                                        |  O
  McKenzie, John, Sarawak                                            |  O
  McKenzie, J. R., Skye                                              |  O
  McKenzie, R., South side of Boulardorie, W. O.                     |N S
  McKenzie, Archibald, Flatlands                                     |N B
  McKenzie, H., Stellerton                                           |N S
  McKenzie, Arthur M., Terrebonne                                    |  Q
  McKenzie, William, St. George’s Channel, W. O.                     |N S
  McKenzie, F., Birkhall                                             |  O
  McKenzie, Archibald, Durham                                        |  O
  McKenzie, Kenneth, Burnside                                        |  M
  McKeown, James W., Sutherland’s Corners                            |  O
  McKeune, J., Aughrim                                               |  O
  McKie, Thomas, West Arran                                          |  O
  McKiel, Albert, Greenwich Hill, W. O.                              |N B
  McKillican, B., jun., Thanet                                       |  O
  McKillican, Wm., Moose Creek                                       |  O
  McKillop, A., Cotswold                                             |  O
  McKillop, Duncan, West Lorne                                       |  O
  McKim, Robert, South Middleton                                     |  O
  McKinlay, Robert, Clandeboye                                       |  O
  McKinly, Samuel, Onslow, W. O.                                     |N S
  McKinney, Richard, Newburgh, W. O.                                 |N B
  McKinnon, John, Glenedale, W. O.                                   |N B
  McKinnon, John, Lake Ainslie, South Side, W. O.                    |N S
  McKinnon, John, Cadmus                                             |  O
  McKinnon, John, Inverness                                          |  Q
  McKinnon, Duncan, North Shore, W. O.                               |N S
  McKinnon, Donald, Bute                                             |  Q
  McKinnon, J. P., East Bay, North Side, W. O.                       |N S
  McKnight, F. H., Burnt Church, W. O.                               |N B
  McLachlan, Donald, East Scotch Settlement, W. O.                   |N B
  McLachlin, H. F. Palmer Rapids                                     |  O
  McLaren, Wm., Port au Persil                                       |  Q
  McLaren, J. H., Lower Argyle, W. O.                                |N S
  McLaren, Alex., Osceola                                            |  O
  McLaren, John, Vilanova                                            |  O
  McLaren, James, Wakefield                                          |  Q
  McLaren, Donald, Cape Rich                                         |  O
  McLaren, Donald, Chezzetcook, W. O.                                |N S
  McLatchey, E., Lower Horton                                        |N S
  McLaughlan, Duncan, Calton                                         |  O
  McLaughlin, A. A., Norland                                         |  O
  McLaughlin, C., Apto                                               |  O
  McLauren, P., Riceville                                            |  O
  McLean, Donald, Malignant Cove, W. O.                              |N S
  McLean, Donald, Big Bank, W. O.                                    |N S
  McLean, Malcolm, McKay’s Point, W. O.                              |N S
  McLean, W. H., Eardley                                             |  Q
  McLean, Allan, Grand Anse, W. O.                                   |N S
  McLean, Alexander Henry, Kimberley                                 |  O
  McLean, Richard, Mount Uniacke                                     |N S
  McLean, Archibald, Point à Pic (sub)                               |  Q
  McLean, Hector, Dunvegan                                           |  O
  McLean, Hector, Knapdale                                           |  O
  McLean, James, Escuminac, W. O.                                    |N B
  McLean, A., Cheviot                                                |  O
  McLean, Malcolm, Walkerton                                         |  O
  McLean, Mrs. C. A., Toledo                                         |  O
  McLean, Donald, Scarboro’                                          |  O
  McLearn, Joseph, Five Mile River, W. O.                            |N S
  McLeay, Murdo, Watford                                             |  O
  McLees, Robert, Soda Creek                                         |B C
  McLeish, Robert, Branchton                                         |  O
  McLellan, Alex., Broad Cove Chapel, W. O.                          |N S
  McLellan, Samuel, Noel Shore, W. O.                                |N S
  McLellan, A. W., Great Village                                     |N S
  McLellan, Miss Margaret, Port Rowan                                |  O
  McLennan, John, Upper Settlement of Middle River, W. O.            |N S
  McLennan, Donald, Indian Brook, W. O.                              |N S
  McLennan, A. S., Fournier                                          |  O
  McLennan, John, Upper Margaree, W. O.                              |N S
  McLeod, Charles L., Middle River, W. O.                            |N S
  McLeod, Robert G., Mount Charles                                   |  O
  McLeod, Robert, New Larig, W. O.                                   |N S
  McLeod, Malcolm, Bucklaw, W. O.                                    |N S
  McLeod, William, Kirkhill                                          |  O
  McLeod, Donald, Broad Cove (Marsh), W. O.                          |N S
  McLeod, George, Middle River, W. O.                                |N S
  McLeod, John, Carsonville, W. O.                                   |N B
  McLeod, Hugh, Cape John, W. O.                                     |N S
  McLeod, George, Portsmouth                                         |  O
  McLeod, William, Round Hill, W. O.                                 |N B
  McLeod, George, McLeod’s Mills, W. O.                              |N B
  McLeod, Isaac, Broad Cove (Intervale), W. O.                       |N S
  McLeod, D. W., Enniskillen                                         |  O
  McLeod, Malcolm, Big Brook, W. O.                                  |N S
  McLeod, C. F., Belleisle Creek, W. O.                              |N B
  McLeod, Malcolm, Big Intervale (Margaree), W. O.                   |N S
  McLeod, Donald, Newbridge, W. O.                                   |N S
  McMannis, John, South Bolton                                       |  Q
  McManus, Mark, Chesley                                             |  O
  McMaster, Angus, Low Point, W. O.                                  |N S
  McMasters, D. J., Queensville, W. O.                               |N S
  McMillan, D., Glen, W. O.                                          |N S
  McMillan, John, Breadalbane, W. O.                                 |N B
  McMillan, John, Harriettsville                                     |  O
  McMillan, Patrick, Grand Falls                                     |N B
  McMillan, Duncan G., South Finch                                   |  O
  McMillan, Donald, Upper Settlement of Baddeck River, W. O.         |N S
  McMillan, Allan, jun., Isaac’s Harbor                              |N S
  McMillan, A., King Creek                                           |  O
  McMillan, William, Kirkwall                                        |  O
  McMillan, John, Avonbank                                           |  O
  McMillen, John, Hornby                                             |  O
  McMillen, Miles, Boiestown, W. O.                                  |N B
  McMonagle, H., Sussex Vale                                         |N B
  McMurchy, M., Tarbert                                              |  O
  McMurray, L., Gladstone                                            |  O
  McNab, J. McM., Claremont                                          |  O
  McNaughton, John, St. Patrick’s Channel, W. O.                     |N S
  McNaughton, R., Black River, W. O.                                 |N B
  McNeil, Hector, Marion Bridge, W. O.                               |N S
  McNeil, J. S., Grand Narrows, W. O.                                |N S
  McNeil, John, Giant’s Lake, W. O.                                  |N S
  McNeil, Malcolm, Hillsborough, C. B., W. O.                        |N S
  McNeil, Hugh, Head of South River Lake, W. O.                      |N S
  McNeil, Charles, North Range Corner, W. O.                         |N S
  McNichol, Allen, Allensville                                       |  O
  McNiel, John, Wallace Ridge, W. O.                                 |N S
  McNiel, Michael, L’Ardoise, W. O.                                  |N S
  McNiel, Peter, Sillery Cove                                        |  Q
  McNiel, Malcolm, North Side of Basin, River Dennis, W. O.          |N S
  McNiel, Moses, Rosedale                                            |  O
  McNeill, Stephen, Beaver Cove, W. O.                               |N S
  McPhail, Alex., Pictou                                             |N S
  McPhail, Hugh, Cartwright                                          |  O
  McPhee, Donald, Whitevale                                          |  O
  McPherson, James, Rama                                             |  O
  McPherson, Alexander, River Charlo, W. O.                          |N B
  McPherson, Allan, Largie                                           |  O
  McPherson, Charles, Oronocto                                       |N B
  McPherson, James, Rivière Raisin                                   |  O
  McPherson, G. S., Ossian                                           |  O
  McPherson, John, New Gairloch, W. O.                               |N S
  McPherson, John, Cross Roads, Ohio, W. O.                          |N S
  McPherson, Robert, Speyside                                        |  O
  McQuaid, J. C., Hastings, W. O.                                    |N B
  McQuain, Alexander, Kewstoke                                       |N S
  McQuarrie, A., Cape Mabou, W. O.                                   |N S
  McQueen, Mrs. M. A., North Pelham                                  |  O
  McQueen, James, Fergus                                             |  O
  McRae, Mrs., Sandfield                                             |  O
  McRae, Hugh, Strathburn                                            |  O
  McRae, Alex. E., Glennevis                                         |  O
  McRae, Donald, Burnstown                                           |  O
  McRae, Duncan, Bolsover                                            |  O
  McRae, Finlay, Lower Settlement Middle River, W. O.                |N S
  McRae, Hector, Crawford                                            |  O
  McRae, William, Duncan                                             |  O
  McRae, C. J., Sierra                                               |  O
  McRae, Alex., Baddeck Bridge, W. O.                                |N S
  McTaggart, John, Kirkfield                                         |  O
  McVey, John, Dungiven, W. O.                                       |N B
  McVicar, Miss C., Fort William                                     |  O
  McVicar, Morris, Wanstead                                          |  O
  McWilliams, Albert, Harold                                         |  O
  Macaulay, John, Venosta                                            |  Q
  Macdonald, John, Vellore                                           |  O
  Macdonald, D. A., Alexandria                                       |  O
  Macdonald, Norman, Addington Forks, W. O.                          |N S
  Macfadden, Urian, Edgecombe                                        |  O
  Machell, John, St. Sylvester                                       |  Q
  Mack, I. N., Mill’s Village                                        |N S
  Mackay, William, Renfrew                                           |  O
  Mackay, Levi, Kinsale                                              |  O
  Mackelcan, G. I., Brisbane                                         |  O
  Millett, Benjamin, Marriott’s Cove, W. O.                          |N S
  Mackclean, G. J., Brisbane                                         |  O
  Mackereth, John, St. Canute                                        |  Q
  Mackey, Heli, Northfield, W. O.                                    |N S
  Mackintosh, Henry B., Strathroy                                    |  O
  Macklem, J. S., Chippewa                                           |  O
  MacNider, John, Petit Métis                                        |  Q
  Maconchy, Thos., Gilford                                           |  O
  Macrea, George, St. Sylvester, East                                |  Q
  Macready, A., Harriston                                            |  O
  Macy, J. F., Corbett                                               |  O
  Maddon, Hugh, Loughborough                                         |  O
  Mader, Jeremiah, New Canada, W. O.                                 |N S
  Magoon, Aaron, Magoon’s Point                                      |  Q
  Maguire, John, Steep Creek, W. O.                                  |N S
  Maguire, William, Franklin                                         |  O
  Maher, Philip, Richmond Station                                    |  Q
  Mahew, Robert, Renforth                                            |  O
  Main, William, Canterbury Station                                  |N B
  Main, William, Cherry Creek                                        |  O
  Mair, Charles, Portage la Prairie                                  |  M
  Major, Charles, jun., Monte Bello                                  |  Q
  Major, Edward, Glen Major                                          |  O
  Maher, Thos., Pockmouche, W. O.                                    |N B
  Malboeuf, Odile, Côte des Neiges                                   |  Q
  Malcolm, John, Jun., Cariboo Cove, W. O.                           |N S
  Mallet, H. S., Gilbert Cove                                        |N S
  Mallet, N., Chateauguay                                            |  Q
  Malone, Timothy, Petersville, W. O.                                |N B
  Maloney, Ernest V., Fitch Bay                                      |  Q
  Mamely, Michael, East Hawkesbury                                   |  O
  Mann, William, Yarmouth Centre                                     |  O
  Manning, Johnson, Hebb’s Cross, W. O.                              |N S
  Mansfield, Geo., Cashmere                                          |  O
  Manson, David A., Mansonville-Potton                               |  Q
  Manuel, C., Upper Haynesville, W. O.                               |N B
  Marchand, Edouard, St. Jérome                                      |  Q
  Marchment, Edwin, Rivière Trois Pistoles                           |  Q
  March, David, Port Granby                                          |  O
  Marcotte, Joseph U., Ste. Anne de la Pe’rad                        |  Q
  Marcoux, Isidore, Versailles                                       |  Q
  Marcoux, T., Cedars                                                |  Q
  Margeson, T. A., Margaretsville, W. O.                             |N S
  Marion, Joseph, St. Paul l’Hermite                                 |  Q
  Markham, Alfred, Markhamville, W. O.                               |N B
  Marks, Robert, Brucefield                                          |  O
  Marquis, P. C., St. André                                          |  Q
  Marsh, Jacob, Coldstream                                           |N B
  Marsh, A., Consecon                                                |  O
  Marshall, James, Trout River                                       |  Q
  Marshall, W., Huntingdon                                           |  Q
  Marshall, Obiab, Washago                                           |  O
  Martel, Anthony, Cow Bay                                           |N S
  Martell, Charles, Mira Gut, W. O.                                  |N S
  Martin, E. B., Cedar Hall                                          |  Q
  Martin, Amasa, Martinville                                         |  Q
  Martin, Robert, Sydney                                             |N S
  Martin, James, Belleville, W. O.                                   |N B
  Martin, E. D., Warden                                              |  Q
  Martin, N. C., Upper Bedford                                       |  Q
  Martin, Octave, Avignon                                            |  Q
  Martin, Elie, St. Arsène                                           |  Q
  Martineau, J. E., St. Alphonse                                     |  Q
  Martyn, William, Enfield                                           |  O
  Mason, Mary, Donegal                                               |  O
  Mason, George, Beaulac                                             |  Q
  Mason, Charles, Beachville                                         |  O
  Mason, James, Drumquin                                             |  O
  Mason, Thomas, Johnston, W. O.                                     |N B
  Masters, Wm., Upper Rawdon, W. O.                                  |N S
  Masterson, Lackey, St. Andrew’s, West                              |  O
  Mastin, I. B., Lavender                                            |  O
  Mather, James, Menie                                               |  O
  Mather, John, Otter Lake                                           |  Q
  Mather, John W., Fenello                                           |  O
  Matheson, George, Tavistock                                        |  O
  Matheson, D., Embro                                                |  O
  Matheson, J., St. Esprit, W. O.                                    |N S
  Matheson, James, Lower L’Ardoise, W. O.                            |N S
  Matheson, W. H., Upper Woods Harbor, W. O.                         |N S
  Matthews, E. J., Flinton                                           |  O
  Matthews, J., Acton                                                |  O
  Matthieu, J. B., St. Urbain                                        |  Q
  Maudsley, Henry, Moorefield                                        |  O
  Maxwell, W. A., Head Lake                                          |  O
  May, Thomas, Long Island Locks                                     |  O
  May, James, Dundalk                                                |  O
  Mayberry, Richard, Maberly                                         |  O
  Mayrand, Z., St. Phillippe                                         |  Q
  Meacham, J. H., Belleville                                         |  O
  Meagher, Joseph, Carleton                                          |  Q
  Meecham, Eli, Elginburg                                            |  O
  Meek, Agnes, Alton                                                 |  O
  Meen, Frederick, Greenwood                                         |  O
  Meikle, G. L., Lachute                                             |  Q
  Melançon, M., Port Acadia, W. O.                                   |N S
  Melick, Jonas R., Warner                                           |  O
  Mellis, Robert, Kippen                                             |  O
  Mellon, Samuel H., Sillsville                                      |  O
  Mellow, W. J., Gretna                                              |  O
  Mellville, Andrew, Nottawa                                         |  O
  Menhennick, John, Putnam                                           |  O
  Mercier, H., St. Guillaume d’Upton                                 |  Q
  Mercier, Joseph, Ste. Hénédine                                     |  O
  Mercer, H. M., Lawrence Station, W. O.                             |N B
  Merritt, John, Pelham Union                                        |  O
  Messier, Ambrose, Belle Alodie                                     |  Q
  Mesner, F. X., Formosa                                             |  O
  Messer, John, Bluevale                                             |  O
  Metcalfe, Alfred, Roseneath                                        |  O
  Meunier, C., Starnesboro’                                          |  Q
  Meunier, François, Canrobert                                       |  Q
  Meyer, George E., Glenmeyer                                        |  O
  Merzeroll, Nicholas, Point Sapin, W. O.                            |N B
  Michaud, B., Ste. Hélène                                           |  Q
  Michaud, Peter, St. Hilaire, W. O.                                 |N B
  Michaud, Maximilian, Burrard’s Inlet                               |B C
  Michaud, Miss Adée, Notre Dame du Portage                          |  Q
  Michener, Isaac, Lowbanks                                          |  O
  Middlemas, George, Caledonia Corner                                |N S
  Middleton, George, Wheatley                                        |  O
  Mignault, Joseph E., St. Dennis, River Richelieu                   |  Q
  Milburn, John, Peabody                                             |  O
  Miles, George, Mouth of Keswick, W. O.                             |N B
  Milette, Benjamin, Wotton                                          |  Q
  Millar, James, Magnetawan                                          |  O
  Millar, Miss C. M., Drummondville East                             |  Q
  Miller, Hugh, Glassville, W. O.                                    |N B
  Miller, B. B., Wiarton                                             |  O
  Miller, Robert, Zimmerman                                          |  O
  Miller, M. G., Teviotdale                                          |  O
  Miller, James, Ulverton                                            |  Q
  Miller, James, St. Luce                                            |  Q
  Miller, John P., Carleton, W. O.                                   |N S
  Miller, William, Peninsula, Gaspé                                  |  Q
  Miller, H. J., Corunna                                             |  O
  Miller, Hiram, Miller’s Creek, W. O.                               |N S
  Miller, Caleb, Mount Hanly, W. O.                                  |N S
  Miller, Jonathan, Benmiller                                        |  O
  Miller, John, Blytheswood                                          |  O
  Miller, David W., Sumas                                            |B C
  Miller, Peter, Switzerville                                        |  O
  Millett, Alexis, La Présentation                                   |  Q
  Millett, Edouard, St. George de Windsor                            |  Q
  Milligan, Thos. J., Baltimore                                      |  O
  Millin, Arthur, Newcombe                                           |  O
  Millington, Joseph, Sydenham Place                                 |  Q
  Milloy, Colin, Newport                                             |  O
  Mills, Stephen, Lewisville, W. O.                                  |N B
  Mills, Wm. B., Arden                                               |  O
  Mills, George E., Tedish, W. O.                                    |N B
  Mills, George, Armstrong’s Corner, W. O.                           |N B
  Mills, G. C., Playfair                                             |  O
  Mills, John, Lorraine                                              |  O
  Milne, Alexander, Langford                                         |  O
  Milne, Thos., Copetown                                             |  O
  Milne, John, Agincourt                                             |  O
  Milner, Thomas, Parker’s Cove, W. O.                               |N S
  Milson, J. H., Whalen                                              |  O
  Milward, Thomas F., Stormont, W. O.                                |N S
  Miscampbell, Andrew, Allendale                                     |  O
  Mitchell, Mrs. M., Cook’s Brook, W. O.                             |N S
  Mitchell, Arthur, Fordwich                                         |  O
  Mitchell, David, Marie Joseph, W. O.                               |N S
  Mitchell, James, Mactaquack, W. O.                                 |N B
  Mitchell, John, Metz                                               |  O
  Miville, Narcisse, Ste. Modeste                                    |  Q
  Moffatt, Alexander, Pembroke                                       |  O
  Moffatt, Henry, Pendleton                                          |  O
  Moffitt, Chas., Kinmount                                           |  O
  Moncion, L., Angers                                                |  Q
  Monkhouse, Joseph, Altona                                          |  O
  Monkman, John, Eagles Nest                                         |  M
  Monteith, Robert, Farquhar                                         |  O
  Montminy, T. St. Charles, River Boyer                              |  O
  Mood, S. K., Lower Wood Harbor, W. O.                              |N S
  Moon, Robert J., Medonte                                           |  O
  Moore, Gilbert, Norwich                                            |  O
  Moore, P. C., Moore’s Station                                      |  Q
  Moore, Alexander, Mechanics’ Settlement, W. O.                     |N B
  Moore, John, Shinemicas Bridge                                     |N S
  Moore, J. S., Upper Economy, W. O.                                 |N S
  Moore, Mathias, Falkenburg                                         |  O
  Moore, Alfred, Carnarvon                                           |  O
  Moore, Thomas, Waubuno                                             |  O
  Moore, Simon, Burnt River                                          |  O
  Moran, Thomas, Maidstone                                           |  O
  Morden, W. H., North Port                                          |  O
  Morden, H J., Greensville                                          |  O
  Morgan, William, Pleasant Hill                                     |  O
  Morgan, Ira, Ormond                                                |  O
  Moriarty, James, Kinkora                                           |  O
  Morin, B., St. Isidore, Dorchester                                 |  Q
  Morin, A., St.. Roch des Aulnais                                   |  Q
  Morin, P., Bienville                                               |  Q
  Morin, Delphin, Chantelle                                          |  Q
  Morin, Alexis, Vauban                                              |  Q
  Morris, John H. Warwick                                            |  O
  Morris, David, Ste. Thérèse de Blainville                          |  Q
  Morris, J. K., Rondeau                                             |  O
  Morris, R., Avening                                                |  O
  Morris, Nathan B., Advocate Harbor                                 |N S
  Morris, Bernard, Summerville                                       |  O
  Morrison, R., Hawkesville                                          |  O
  Morrison, John, Wreck Cove, W. O.                                  |N S
  Morrison, Alexander, Peveril                                       |  Q
  Morrison, R. B., Moriston                                          |  O
  Morrison, John, Moore                                              |  O
  Morison, Alice M., Upper Mills                                     |N B
  Morrison, John, River Dennis Road, W. O.                           |N S
  Morrison, George, Poplar Hill, W. O.                               |N S
  Morrow, James, Fleetwood                                           |  O
  Morrow, John, Dacre                                                |  O
  Morrow, Joseph, Ratho’                                             |  O
  Morse, John G., Sandy Cove                                         |N S
  Morse, Francis E., Lowville                                        |  O
  Morton, E., Middlefield, W. O.                                     |N S
  Morton, George, Penobsquis                                         |N B
  Morton, James, Morton’s Corner, W. O.                              |N S
  Morton, William, St. Ola                                           |  O
  Mosa, James, Indian Point, W. O.                                   |N S
  Mosher, Daniel, St. Croix, W. O.                                   |N S
  Mosher, Joseph, Mosherville, W. O.                                 |N S
  Moss, James, Port Maitland                                         |  O
  Mossip, John, Union Hill                                           |  O
  Mossman, Edward, Kingsbury, W. O.                                  |N S
  Mott, Isaac, Blessington                                           |  O
  Mott, Amos, Central Cambridge, W. O.                               |N B
  Mowat, Andrew, St. Andrews                                         |  M
  Mowat, John, Deeside                                               |  Q
  Moyer, Moses, Breslaw                                              |  O
  Moyer, H. W., Campden                                              |  O
  Moyer, J. G., Bloomingdale                                         |  O
  Moxon, Thomas, Rawdon, W. O.                                       |N S
  Mulkins, Henry, Simcoe                                             |  O
  Mulrine, Chas., Emigrant Road, W. O.                               |N B
  Mulvihill, Revd. J., St. Laurent                                   |  M
  Munro, Alex., Lanark                                               |  O
  Munro, John, Watson’s Corners                                      |  O
  Munro, William, West River                                         |N S
  Munro, A., Boulardorie                                             |N S
  Munro, William, Kilmaurs                                           |N S
  Munro, John C., Grantley                                           |  O
  Munro, M., Munro’s, W. O.                                          |N S
  Munsie, William, Nobleton                                          |  O
  Munsie, James, Caledon, East                                       |  O
  Murchie, Alex., Winthrop                                           |  O
  Murchie, Donald, Doyle Settlement, W. O.                           |N B
  Murchie, J. E., Benton, W. O.                                      |N B
  Murchison, Hector, Grand River, W. O.                              |N S
  Murdoch, Mrs. Christy A., Cain’s River, W. O.                      |N B
  Muir, Michael, Sooke                                               |B C
  Murphy, John, Mulmer                                               |  O
  Murphy, Patrick, Stoco                                             |  O
  Murphy, William, Sarnia                                            |  O
  Murphy, J., Waugh’s River, W. O.                                   |N S
  Murphy, Patrick, Caldwell                                          |  O
  Murphy, Thos., Chipman’s Brook, W. O.                              |N S
  Murray, William G., Arnott                                         |  O
  Murray, John, Esquesing                                            |  O
  Murray, James, Hay                                                 |  O
  Murray, John, Glen Murray                                          |  Q
  Murray, William, Ste. Brigide                                      |  Q
  Murray, John G., Port Richmond, W. O.                              |N S
  Murray, Joseph, Murray’s Corner, W. O.                             |N B
  Murray, Robert, St. Helen’s                                        |  O
  Murray, John, Spence’s Bridge                                      |B C
  Mussells, William, Webber’s, W. O.                                 |N S
  Musson, Thomas, Islington                                          |  O
  Mustard, John, Ashworth                                            |  O
  Mutchmore, J. T., Oneida                                           |  O
  Nagle, G. J., Rock Forest                                          |  O
  Naise, J. M., Mouth of Nerepis                                     |N B
  Nation, J. C., Morpeth                                             |  O
  Naubert, Fernandez, St. Phillipe d’Argenteuil                      |  Q
  Nauffts, John, Kent’s Island, W. O.                                |N S
  Neckerson, James A., Lower Ward, Ste. Marguerite’s Bay, W. O.      |N S
  Neelands, Abraham, Invermay                                        |  O
  Neff, John R., Troy                                                |  O
  Neiley, John C., Cambridge Station, W. O.                          |N S
  Neilans, Thomas, Harlock                                           |  O
  Nelles, H. E., Grimsby                                             |  O
  Nelson, N., North Salem, W. O.                                     |N S
  Nelson, G. W., Dickson’s Store, W. O.                              |N S
  Nelson, John, Trafalgar, W. O.                                     |N S
  Nelson, John, Ludlow, W. O.                                        |N B
  Nethercott, John, Eden                                             |  O
  Newcomb, J. S., Upper Perreaux, W. O.                              |N S
  Newcomb, R. A., Bridgewater                                        |N S
  Newcomb, W. F., Avonport Station, W. O.                            |N S
  Newell, John, Black Bank                                           |  O
  Newhall, Wilbert, Hunterstown                                      |  Q
  Newman, W. J., Morganston                                          |  O
  Newsome, George, Kilmarnock                                        |  O
  Newton, John, Limehouse                                            |  O
  Nickerson, E., Wood Harbor, W. O.                                  |N S
  Nichol, Alexander, Jackson Road, W. O.                             |N S
  Nichol, Peter M., St. Mary’s                                       |  O
  Nichols, S. J., Berwick Station, W. O.                             |N S
  Nicholls, D., Nicholl’s Corner, W. O.                              |N S
  Nicholls, William, New Germany, W. O.                              |N S
  Nicholson, Donald, Barney’s River, W. O.                           |N S
  Nickerson, S. W., Shag Harbor, W. O.                               |N S
  Nicholson, A., Concord, W. O.                                      |N S
  Nicklin, J., Morningdale Mills                                     |  O
  Nicol, John, Nicolston                                             |  O
  Nispel, Conrad, Preston                                            |  O
  Niven, Revd. Hugh, Herdman’s Corners                               |  Q
  Noble, John, Park Hill                                             |  O
  Noble, Colin, Stornoway                                            |  Q
  Noble, Robert, Hardwicke, W. O.                                    |N B
  Noonan, Daniel, North West Cove, W. O.                             |N S
  Norman, R. M., Mill Bridge                                         |  O
  Normandin, A., St. Jean Baptiste de Montréal                       |  Q
  Normandin, Louis, Boucherville                                     |  Q
  Normansell, James, Kootenay                                        |B C
  Northy, Richard, Selwyn                                            |  O
  Northy, William, Wilmur                                            |  O
  Northmore, Joseph, Cataraqui                                       |  O
  Nowlan, John G., Havelock, W. O.                                   |N S
  Noxen, Richard, Hillier                                            |  O
  Nugent, Miss D., Grand Baie                                        |  Q
  Nugent, Mrs. C., West Quaco                                        |N B
  Nutt, David, Nutt’s Corners                                        |  Q
  Nye, D. T. R., Philipsburg, East                                   |  Q
  Oaks, Albert, New Albany, W. O.                                    |N S
  O’Brien, E. R., St. George                                         |N B
  O’Brien, F. X., Repentigny                                         |  Q
  O’Brien, Osmond, Noel, W. O.                                       |N S
  O’Brien, Margaret, Beauport                                        |  Q
  O’Connor, H. B. C., Riversdale                                     |  O
  Odell, W. H., Belmont                                              |  O
  O’Donell, R., Ferris, W. O.                                        |N B
  O’Donnell, John, North Onslow                                      |  Q
  O’Flynn, E. D., Madoc                                              |  O
  Ogden, C. K., Three Rivers                                         |  Q
  Ogilvie, Henry, Long Point, W. O.                                  |N S
  O’Heir, M., St. Gabriel de Brandon                                 |  Q
  O’Keif, Cornelius, Okanagon                                        |B C
  O’Leary, Michael, West Newdy Quoddy                                |N S
  Oliver, A., Rockburn                                               |  Q
  Oliver, Edward, Ashburn                                            |  O
  Oliver, John, Dewitville                                           |  Q
  Olivier, Louis, Black River Station                                |  Q
  Olmstead, Albert D., Aroostook, W. O.                              |N B
  O’Loane, L. T., Stratford                                          |  O
  O’Meara, James, Lombardy                                           |  O
  O’Meara, M., Navan                                                 |  O
  O’Niel, Samuel, Grosvenor, W. O.                                   |N S
  O’Neill, Michael, Downerville                                      |  O
  O’Neill, Thomas, Salmon River (Lake Settlement), W. O.             |N S
  Orchard, John G., Orchard                                          |  O
  Ord, George, Ilderton                                              |  O
  Orman, George, Porter’s Lake, W. O.                                |N S
  Orr, Allen, Seaton                                                 |  O
  Orr, James, Morrisbank                                             |  O
  Orr, James E., Lynden                                              |  O
  Osborne, Sydney, Renton                                            |  O
  Osbornes, J. B., Beamsville                                        |  O
  Osgood, W. A., St. John’s, East                                    |  Q
  Ostrander, G. A., Point Traverse                                   |  O
  Ostrom, Henry, Moira                                               |  O
  O’Sullivan, Cornelius, Meyersburg                                  |  O
  Ouellet, L., St. Onézime                                           |  Q
  Oulton, Thomas E., Westmoreland Point                              |N B
  Oulton, Thomas, Little Shemogue, W. O.                             |N B
  Outhouse, S., Wood Point, W. O.                                    |N B
  Owen, Jenkins, Bernhill                                            |  O
  Owens, William, Stonefield                                         |  Q
  Oxner, Joseph, Lower La Have, W. O.                                |N S
  Pacaud, P. N., East Arthabaska                                     |  Q
  Packwood, George, Point St. Peter                                  |  Q
  Page, W. E., Métis                                                 |  Q
  Page, Francis, Omineca                                             |B C
  Pagé, Pierre, Les Ecureuils                                        |  Q
  Painchaud, F., Hochelaga                                           |  Q
  Palmer, Benjamin, Hilda                                            |  O
  Palmer, M. B., Hopewell Cape                                       |N B
  Palmer, John, Morristown, W. O.                                    |N S
  Palmer, F. L., Jacksontown, W. O.                                  |N B
  Palmer, Ira, Balsam                                                |  O
  Palmer, Hanford, Anagance                                          |N B
  Paon, Gilbert, West Arichat, W. O.                                 |N S
  Paquette, J. B., St. Roch de Richelieu                             |  Q
  Paquette, Louis, St. Augustin, Two Mountains                       |  Q
  Paquette, F., Paquette                                             |  Q
  Paquet, Edward D., House Harbor (sub)                              |  Q
  Paradis, Joseph E., St Constant                                    |  Q
  Paradis, Louis, junr., Valetort                                    |  Q
  Paradis, C., Ruisseau des Chénes                                   |  Q
  Paré, A. P., St. Bruno                                             |  Q
  Paré, H. P., St. Germain de Grantham                               |  Q
  Parent, David C., Upper Queensbury, W. O.                          |N B
  Parent, Hermyle, Tessierville                                      |  Q
  Parent, J. C., Fox River                                           |  Q
  Parent, Isaiah, Bear Island, W. O.                                 |N B
  Parent, Magloire, Kerry                                            |  O
  Parish, Arza, Farmersville                                         |  O
  Park, Ernest G., Amherstburgh                                      |  O
  Parker, John S., Ten Mile Creek, W. O.                             |N B
  Parker, Benjamin, Glasgow                                          |  O
  Parker, Robert, Kilbride                                           |  O
  Parker, J. M., Borwick                                             |N S
  Parker, Nelson, Dexter                                             |  O
  Parker, Robert, Walmer                                             |  O
  Parker, John, Dunbarton                                            |  O
  Parker, Shutnel, Woodville, W. O.                                  |N S
  Parry, H. H., Copleston                                            |  O
  Parsons, John, Crediton                                            |  O
  Passmore, Robert, Rockwood                                         |  O
  Paton, P., New Lowell                                              |  O
  Pattenoude, M., Stockwell                                          |  Q
  Patterson, W. C., Patterson                                        |  O
  Patterson, Thomas B., Smithurst                                    |  O
  Patterson, H., Steam Mill Village, W. O.                           |N S
  Patterson, David, Goose River                                      |N S
  Patterson, David, Lower Barney’s River, W. O.                      |N S
  Patterson, Jane, Admaston                                          |  O
  Patterson, Samuel, Carthage                                        |  O
  Patterson, Ira H., An Lac, W. O.                                   |N B
  Patterson, James C., Blantyre                                      |  O
  Pattison, Ambrose, Canfield                                        |  O
  Pattison, Robert, Walton                                           |  O
  Pattison, W. M., Frelighsburg                                      |  Q
  Paul, W. M., Roblin                                                |  O
  Payne, Manuel, Port Stanley                                        |  O
  Payne, Mrs. M., Charing Cross                                      |  O
  Peaker, John, Cooksville                                           |  O
  Pearce, J. B., Newton, W. O.                                       |N B
  Pearce, Josiah W., Havelock                                        |  O
  Pearson, Thomas, Abingdon                                          |  O
  Peck, James H., Albury                                             |  O
  Peebles, Matthew, Strabane                                         |  O
  Pelletier, T. P., Trois Pistoles                                   |  Q
  Pelletier, J. B., Lac Noir                                         |  Q
  Pelletier, O., St. Roch l’Achigan                                  |  Q
  Pennock, Philemon, Elgin                                           |  O
  Pennock, John C., Castleton                                        |  O
  Penny, Edmund B., Garden River                                     |  O
  Pepin, dit Lachance, Emilien, St. François d’Orléans               |  Q
  Pequignol, Mrs. Nancy, West Chester Lake, W. O.                    |N S
  Percy, John, Bangor                                                |  O
  Pernette, C. R., Middle La Have Ferry, W. O.                       |N S
  Perré, J., Ste. Anne des Monts                                     |  Q
  Perrett, H. W., Perretton                                          |  O
  Perrin, John D., Bailieboro’                                       |  O
  Perrin, William, Mount Vernon                                      |  O
  Perrott, Nathaniel, Shannonvale, W. O.                             |N B
  Perry, Calvin, Perryboro’                                          |  Q
  Perry, Robert E., Bracebridge                                      |  O
  Petit, P. H., St. Damase                                           |  Q
  Petitclerc, Mrs. C., Bergeville                                    |  Q
  Petrey, W. B., Russell                                             |  O
  Petrie, David, Nuguac, W. O.                                       |N B
  Petty, Charles, Cherry Wood                                        |  O
  Phair, James, Victoria Corners                                     |  O
  Phair, A. S., Fredericton                                          |N B
  Phelan, M. J., St. Columbin                                        |  Q
  Phelps, Linius, W., Dickens                                        |  O
  Phillips, Edwin, Shiktehawk Bridge                                 |N S
  Phillipps, Thomas, St. Pierre les Becquets                         |  Q
  Phillipps, Mrs. Grace, River Philip                                |N S
  Phillips, Oran, Burns                                              |  O
  Phillips, Robert, Bennies Corners                                  |  O
  Phillips, William, Belfast                                         |  O
  Philpott, Edward, Foxboro’                                         |  O
  Picotte, Chas., Lafontaine                                         |  Q
  Pierce, W. J., Malakoff                                            |  O
  Pierson, John, Milverton                                           |  O
  Pilcher, Thomas, Port Burwell                                      |  O
  Pim, Mrs., Sault Ste. Marie                                        |  O
  Pineo, J. P., Pineo Village                                        |N S
  Pinkney, W. R., Sand Beach, W. O.                                  |N S
  Pipes, Jonathan, Amherst Point, W. O.                              |N S
  Pitt, H., Pierreville                                              |  Q
  Pitt, William, senr., Pittson                                      |  O
  Plamondon, Edouard, St. Raymond                                    |  Q
  Plamondon, Anselme, St. Marcel                                     |  Q
  Planch, William G., Maple Leaf                                     |  Q
  Plant, William, Stanley, W. O.                                     |N B
  Plante, Pierre, St. Bernard                                        |  Q
  Playfair, Elisha, Buckshot                                         |  O
  Plews, Simon, Salmonville                                          |  O
  Plinguet, Revd. V., Isle Dupas                                     |  Q
  Poaps, Jacob J., Oznabruck Centre                                  |  O
  Pointer, James E., Churchville                                     |  O
  Poirier, Joseph O., St. Jacques le Mineur                          |  Q
  Poirier, J. A., St. Grégoire                                       |  Q
  Pollock, Solomon, Mille Isles                                      |  Q
  Pollock, Samuel, Nile                                              |  O
  Poole, Ambrose, Cedar Lake, W. O.                                  |N S
  Ponds, Hazer, Marysville, W. O.                                    |N B
  Pope, Charles E., Clinton                                          |B C
  Pope, Lemuel, Robinson                                             |  Q
  Porte, William, Lucan                                              |  O
  Porter, Richard C., New Ireland                                    |  Q
  Porter, Henry, Cold Brook Station, W. O.                           |N S
  Porter, Leon, Eel Lake, W. O.                                      |N S
  Porterfield, P., Marnoch                                           |  O
  Pothier, Francis, French Village                                   |  Q
  Potter, E. W., Smith’s Cove, W. O.                                 |N S
  Potts, Edward, McIntyre                                            |  O
  Potvin, P., L’Anse au Foin                                         |  Q
  Polin, Hilaire, St. François, Beauce                               |  Q
  Poulin, Louis, St. Etienne de Boulton                              |  Q
  Powell, Henry, Wallenstein                                         |  O
  Powell, George A., Wroxeter                                        |  O
  Powley, Charles, Marchmont                                         |  O
  Pratt, John, New Ross                                              |N S
  Pratt, James C., Second Falls, W. O.                               |N B
  Prefontain, Fulgence, South Durham                                 |  Q
  Prémont, Joseph, Ste. Famille                                      |  Q
  Prentiss, H. B., Chelsea                                           |  Q
  Prescott, Jesse, Pennfield, W. O.                                  |N B
  Prescott, John, Goose Creek, W. O.                                 |N B
  Price, W. W., Peticodiac                                           |N B
  Pridham, Edward, Grenville                                         |  Q
  Prieur, Anicat B., Soulanges                                       |  Q
  Prieur, O. F., St Zotique                                          |  Q
  Prior, F. B., Wallbridge                                           |  O
  Pritchard, A., North Wakefield                                     |  Q
  Proctor, J. W., New Edinburgh                                      |  O
  Proctor, John, Leskard                                             |  O
  Prosser, Daniel, Belhaven                                          |  O
  Proudfoot, James, junr., Fenaghvale                                |  O
  Prudhomme, Alex., Cantley                                          |  Q
  Ptolemy, William, Woodburn                                         |  O
  Pugsley, Daniel, Amherst Hill, W. O.                               |N S
  Pugsley, Michael, River Hebert, W. O.                              |N S
  Pugsley, William, Cheapside                                        |  O
  Purdy, Allan G., Greenville, W. O.                                 |N S
  Purdy, C., Deep Brook, W. O.                                       |N S
  Purdy, William, Pomona                                             |  O
  Purdy, Joseph Lawrence, Little River, W. O.                        |N S
  Purdy, David, Wallace River, W. O.                                 |N S
  Purdy, Mrs. Mary J., West Chester, W. O.                           |N S
  Purdy, R. McLean, Eugenia                                          |  O
  Purkiss, Josiah, Thornhill                                         |  O
  Purney, John, Sandy Point, W. O.                                   |N S
  Purington, Elijah, East Hereford                                   |  Q
  Purves, Robert, junr., Tatamagouche                                |N S
  Purves, ----, Kossuth                                              |  O
  Quance, Peter, Sydenham Mills                                      |  O
  Quance, Robert, Gravelotte                                         |  O
  Quarry, John G., Offa                                              |  O
  Quealy, John, Eganville                                            |  O
  Queenville, O., Cazaville                                          |  Q
  Quibell, John, Holt                                                |  O
  Quigley, Edmund, Beech Hill, W. O.                                 |N S
  Quintin, dit Duboise, A., Action Vale                              |  Q
  Quirk, Dennis, Glascott                                            |  O
  Racette, Jos., Ste. Julienne                                       |  Q
  Racey, Thos., Mohawk                                               |  O
  Radford, Joseph, Tadousac                                          |  Q
  Raiche, S. G. A., Clarence Creek                                   |  O
  Ralph, William S., Jasper                                          |  O
  Ramsey, Robert, Ramsey’s Corners                                   |  O
  Rand, George V., Wolfville                                         |N S
  Randall, E. W., Bayfield, W. O.                                    |N S
  Rankin, D., Sutherland’s River, W. O.                              |N S
  Rankin, Matthew, Falding                                           |  O
  Rannie, John, Allanburg                                            |  O
  Ranson, Robert, Deux Rivières                                      |  Q
  Ray, David, Hudson                                                 |  Q
  Ray, Andrew, Upper Magaguadavic, W. O.                             |N B
  Ray, John, Glanmire                                                |  O
  Ray, Robert R., Factory Dale, W. O.                                |N S
  Raymond, S. P., Beaver River, W. O.                                |N S
  Raymond, Wm. S., Beaver River Corner                               |N S
  Raymond, David, N., Middle Simonds, W. O.                          |N B
  Raymond, George, Kouchibouguac                                     |N B
  Raymond, Silas, Central Norton, W. O.                              |N B
  Raymond, Zephirim, St. Placide                                     |  Q
  Read, H. H., Milnesville                                           |  O
  Read, Eliphalet, Read, W. O.                                       |N B
  Read, James, De Ramsey                                             |  Q
  Reading, Joseph, Cromarty                                          |  O
  Reardon, P., Pockshaw, W. O.                                       |N B
  Redman, Edward, Lower Ireland                                      |  Q
  Redner, James, Rednersville                                        |  O
  Redpath, Geo., Effingham                                           |  O
  Redy, Benjamin, Gold River, W. O.                                  |N S
  Reece, John R., Danby                                              |  Q
  Reed, Nathaniel, Mimosa                                            |  O
  Reed, William, Knatchbull                                          |  O
  Reed, James R., Carleton                                           |N B
  Reed, James, Reedsdale                                             |  Q
  Reeve, George, Hornsey, W. O.                                      |N S
  Reeve, Arthur, Atherley                                            |  O
  Regnier, P., St. Athanase                                          |  Q
  Reid, Donald, Harrington, West                                     |  O
  Reid, J. C., Vanatter                                              |  O
  Reid, James, Tweed                                                 |  O
  Reid, Robert, Wanbaumik                                            |  O
  Reid, Thomas M., Moose Brook, W. O.                                |N S
  Reid, William, Ravenna                                             |  O
  Reid, G. B., Port George, W. O.                                    |N S
  Reid, Minor, Upper New Horton, W. O.                               |N B
  Reid, James, Caledonia Settlement, W. O.                           |N B
  Reid, Thomas, Cascades                                             |  Q
  Reid, W. A., Avonport, W. O.                                       |N S
  Reinhardt, John, Elmwood                                           |  O
  Remey, A., Tempo                                                   |  O
  Rennells, William, Windsor Junction, W. O.                         |N S
  Renshaw, J., Blair                                                 |  O
  Renton, Mrs. Ann, Renton                                           |  O
  Renwick, John, Inkerman                                            |  O
  Reynolds, William, Sarepta                                         |  O
  Reynolds, William, Mount Horeb                                     |  O
  Reynolds, W. R., Lepreaux                                          |  O
  Rhodes, William, Rhodes, W. O.                                     |N S
  Richard, Lewis, Belliveaux Village, W. O.                          |N B
  Richards, Christopher, Frankville                                  |  O
  Richardson, John, Little Rocher                                    |N B
  Richardson, George, Malone                                         |  O
  Richardson, Henry, Trudel                                          |  O
  Richardson, J., Valetta                                            |  O
  Richardson, Thos., Big Port le Bear, W. O.                         |N B
  Richardson, Samuel H., South Mountain                              |  O
  Rickaby, Seth, Glenarm                                             |  O
  Ricker, R., Knowlesville                                           |N B
  Riddell, James, Mohrs Corners                                      |  O
  Rigby, Miss Henrietta F., Sydney Mines                             |N S
  Rigby, Clara, Mainadieu, W. O.                                     |N S
  Rimington, John, Rimington                                         |  O
  Ring, James, Panmure                                               |  O
  Riordon, John, Lower Woodstock, W. O.                              |N B
  Risteen, George, Lower French Village, W. O.                       |N B
  Ritchie, Frederick, Hamilton                                       |  O
  Rivard, F. X. A., St. Léon                                         |  Q
  Rivard, Miss M. E., Bécancour                                      |  Q
  Rivet, Narcisse, St. Brigitte des Saults                           |  Q
  Roach, W., Grand Falls, Portage, W. O.                             |N B
  Roach, Robert Maccan, W. O.                                        |N S
  Roberge, Louis, Ste. Julie de Somerset                             |  Q
  Roberge, Damase, New Liverpool                                     |  Q
  Robert, Raymond, Sherrington                                       |  Q
  Robert, François, St. Hubert                                       |  Q
  Robert, Allenander, Dover South                                    |  O
  Roberts, J., Robert’s Island, W. O.                                |N S
  Robertson, Arch., Fox Harbor, W. O.                                |N S
  Robertson, John, Thomasburg                                        |  O
  Robertson, L., Port Jolly, W. O.                                   |N S
  Robertson, S., Hollen                                              |  O
  Robertson, Daniel, Loch Lomond, W. O.                              |N B
  Robertson, William, Dalkeith                                       |  O
  Robbins, Ansell, Chebogue, W. O.                                   |N S
  Robicheau, P., Lower Pocmouche, W. O.                              |N B
  Robinson, James, Upper Loch Lomond, W. O.                          |N B
  Robinson, W. S., Baillie, W. O.                                    |N B
  Robinson, James, Selten                                            |  O
  Robinson, E. A., Goshen, W. O.                                     |N B
  Robinson, Thomas, Newbury                                          |  O
  Robinson, R. D., Elgin                                             |N B
  Robitaille, Louis, Ancienne Lorette                                |  Q
  Roblin, Owen, Ameliasburgh                                         |  O
  Robson, John W., Vanneck                                           |  O
  Roch, N., St. Norbert                                              |  Q
  Roche, Edmund, Iona                                                |  O
  Rockingham, Joseph, Glenloyd                                       |  Q
  Rockwell, Aaron, Rockwell Settlement, W. O.                        |N S
  Roddick, John, Lyndhurst                                           |  O
  Roddy, James, Farran’s Point                                       |  O
  Rodell, Alexander, Comox                                           |B C
  Rodgers, Robert D., Ashburnham                                     |  O
  Rodgers, Samuel A., Grouse Creek                                   |B C
  Rodgerson, James, Shediac Road, W. O.                              |N B
  Roe, Frederick A., Woodbridge                                      |  O
  Roe, William, New Market                                           |  O
  Rogers, George, Lakefield                                          |  Q
  Rogers, H. C., Peterborough                                        |  O
  Rogers, James, Lower Coverdale, W. O.                              |N B
  Rogers, Patrick, Romans Valley, W. O.                              |N S
  Rogers, Thomas, Cedarville                                         |  O
  Rogers, John, Bearbrook                                            |  O
  Rogers, Joseph C., Fermoy                                          |  O
  Rombach, Ferdinand, Freigburg                                      |  O
  Ronald, J. R., West Glassville, W. O.                              |N B
  Rooney, P. J., Blyth                                               |  O
  Roop, Jas. P., Clementsport                                        |N S
  Root, Daniel, Pittsferry                                           |  O
  Rorke, Thomas J., Heathcote                                        |  O
  Ross, Alexander, Turtle Lake                                       |  O
  Ross, Benjamin, Innisfil                                           |  Q
  Ross, Alexander, Gould                                             |  Q
  Ross, Alexander C., Victoria Mines, W. O.                          |N S
  Ross, D. G., Ross’ Corner, W. O.                                   |N S
  Ross, Seth W., Farndon                                             |  Q
  Ross, James G., Maryvale, W. O.                                    |N S
  Ross, James, Leith                                                 |  O
  Ross, Thomas, Little Rideau                                        |  O
  Ross, Revd. D., Dundee Centre                                      |  Q
  Ross, M. G., Mill Brook, W. O.                                     |N S
  Ross, John, North East Branch Margaree, W. O.                      |N S
  Ross, W., Dalhousie Settlement, W. O.                              |N S
  Ross, Donald, Blanchard Road, W. O.                                |N S
  Ross, H. S., Spring Hill Mines, W. O.                              |N S
  Rosser, B. H., Denfield                                            |  O
  Rothwell, A. T., Dwyer Hill                                        |  O
  Rouleau, Pierre D., Father Point                                   |  Q
  Rouse, Oliver C., Boston                                           |  O
  Rousseau, Godfroi, St. Monique                                     |  Q
  Rousseau, Onésime, St. Perpetue                                    |  Q
  Rousseau, Mdme. L. B., Château Richer                              |  Q
  Routledge, William, Gardiner Mines, W. O.                          |N S
  Rowe, R., Brookbury                                                |  Q
  Roy, Norbert, Wolfstown                                            |  Q
  Roy, Adam, Maitland                                                |N S
  Roy, Mrs. Mary, Normanton                                          |  O
  Roy, dit Lauzen, Vital, St. Fabien                                 |  Q
  Roy, Moyse, St. Malo                                               |  Q
  Roy, C., Armagh                                                    |  Q
  Roy, M. E., Settrington                                            |  Q
  Roy, Telesphore, Cap Chat                                          |  Q
  Royal, Jacques, St. Sulpice                                        |  Q
  Royer, L. V., St. Claire                                           |  Q
  Ruddick, Margaret, Waiweig, W. O.                                  |N S
  Rudolf, Josiah, Upper La Have, W. O.                               |N S
  Rudolph, Mrs. A. M., Lunenburg                                     |N S
  Ruggles, B. H., Westport                                           |N B
  Rupert, J. P., Maple                                               |  O
  Rusco, J. M., Centreville, W. O.                                   |N S
  Rusk, Robert, Stockdale                                            |  O
  Russell, John R., Hopewell Hill, W. O.                             |N B
  Russell, James, Duntroon                                           |  O
  Russell, James, Whitney, W. O.                                     |N B
  Russell, Wm., Mount Healey                                         |  O
  Russell, Wm., jun., Douglastown, W. O.                             |N B
  Rutherford, John, Tweedside, W. O.                                 |N B
  Rutherford, William, Millbank                                      |  O
  Ruthven, Hugh, Ruthven                                             |  O
  Ryan, James, Middle Coverdale, W. O.                               |N B
  Ryder, Mrs. S., Argyle, W. O.                                      |N S
  Ryerse, Wm. H., Port Ryerse                                        |  O
  Sabeans, Charleton, New Tusket, W. O.                              |N S
  Sadler, Robert, Byron                                              |  O
  Sager, Noah, Pigeon Hill                                           |  Q
  Salois, O., St. Bonaventure                                        |  Q
  Salter, W. M., Church Point, W. O.                                 |N B
  Sanders, William, Exeter                                           |  O
  Sanderson, Joseph, Stirton                                         |  O
  Sanderson, L. D., Derry, West                                      |  O
  Sanderson, Thomas, Kilmanagh                                       |  O
  Sandford, Richard, Clementsvale, W. O.                             |N S
  Sandford, B., Summerville, W. O.                                   |N S
  Sandford, I. S., Kennetcook, W. O.                                 |N S
  Sanson, William, sen., Tay Mills, W. O.                            |N B
  Sargent, Alex., East Bolton                                        |  Q
  Saucier, J. L., St. Sauveur de Québec                              |  Q
  Saucier, F., Macnider                                              |  Q
  Saunders, T. W., Prince William, W. O.                             |N B
  Saunders, Jas., Paisley                                            |  O
  Sauriol, Léon, St. Martin                                          |  Q
  Savageau, Rev. G. E., St. Tite des Caps (sub-office)               |  Q
  Savage, A. H., Savage’s Mill                                       |  Q
  Savage, Geo., Burnhamthorpe                                        |  O
  Savard, Joseph, Cap à l’Aigle (sub)                                |  Q
  Savard, O., Point au Bouleau                                       |  Q
  Saxby, William, Shefford Mountain                                  |  Q
  Schnell, John, Cedar Grove                                         |  O
  Scholefield, William S., Sawyerville                               |  Q
  Schmietendorf, J. T., Thompsonville                                |  O
  Schneider, John, Hampstead                                         |  O
  Schooley, E. F., New Durham                                        |  O
  Schooley, Louisa, Arkona                                           |  O
  Schooley, Nelson, Oxford Centre                                    |  O
  Schwedfeger, Lewis, Hoasic                                         |  O
  Scidmore, R. P., Acacia                                            |  O
  Scisson, Samuel, South March                                       |  O
  Scott, Benjamin, Mingan                                            |  Q
  Scott, Hiram, North Gower                                          |  O
  Scott, Robert, Oustic                                              |  O
  Scott, James, Point Petre                                          |  O
  Scott, George, Mimico                                              |  O
  Scott, John, Stony Creek, W. O.                                    |N B
  Scott, John, Thornton                                              |  O
  Scott, Richard, Wallace Bridge, W. O.                              |N S
  Scott, Mrs., Caistorville                                          |  O
  Scott, Morris, St. Nicholas                                        |  Q
  Scott, J. B., St. Timothée                                         |  Q
  Scott, John, Seneca                                                |  O
  Scott, W. J., jun., Batchewana                                     |  O
  Scovil, S. N., Portland                                            |  O
  Scribner, Elias, Mouth of Jemseg, W. O.                            |N B
  Seaman, Guilbert, Minadie, W. O.                                   |N S
  Seaman, Amos, Lower Cove, W. O.                                    |N S
  Seaman, A. J., Clifton, W. O.                                      |N B
  Sears, Mrs. M., Lochaber, W. O.                                    |N B
  Seaton, Benjamin, Abercorn                                         |  Q
  Secord, Josiah B., Varna                                           |  O
  Secord, John, jun., Long Creek                                     |N B
  Selby, Benjamin, Stanbridge Station                                |  Q
  Seely, Obadiah, Seely                                              |  O
  Segsworth, William, Monck                                          |  O
  Sellis, Jacob, Salmon Hole, W. O.                                  |N S
  Setter, John, Park’s Creek                                         |  M
  Sewell, J. H., Port Lambton                                        |  O
  Shackleton, John, Colpoy’s Bay                                     |  O
  Shaffner, J. C., Lower Granville, W. O.                            |N S
  Shanklin, S. J., Shanklin, W. O.                                   |N B
  Shannon, Thomas, Picton                                            |  O
  Sharp, Mrs. C. M., Sharp’s Bridge, W. O.                           |N S
  Sharp, William, Allenford                                          |  O
  Sharp, George J., Lower Hayneville, W. O.                          |N B
  Sharp, James, Ravenscliffe                                         |  O
  Shatford, Samuel, Head of St. Margaret’s Bay, W. O.                |N S
  Shaver, E. N., Avonmore                                            |  O
  Shaver, F. C., Port Hoover                                         |  O
  Shaw, James, jun., Smith’s Falls                                   |  O
  Shaw, S. H., Hartland                                              |N B
  Shaw, Mrs. J. E., Mount Denison, W. O.                             |N S
  Shaw, William, Shawbridge                                          |  Q
  Shaw, James, Clarendon Centre                                      |  Q
  Shaw, John B., Kent Bridge                                         |  O
  Shaw, John, jun., Lake Doré                                        |  O
  Shaw, Daniel, East side of West Branch, East River of Pictou, W. O.|N S
  Shaw, John, Eastwood                                               |  O
  Shaw, John, Nipissingan                                            |  O
  Shawnwhite, James W., Terence Bay, W. O.                           |N S
  Shearer, George, Musselberg                                        |  O
  Shears, J., Clifton House (sub)                                    |  O
  Shehan, Terence, Salmon River, W. O.                               |N S
  Shehan, Thomas, Ironside                                           |  Q
  Sheldon, E. J., South Bay, W. O.                                   |N B
  Shell, Alfred, Burgoyne                                            |  O
  Shell, Colin, Cashel                                               |  O
  Shepphard, John W., Normandale                                     |  O
  Shepphard, Joseph, Lansing                                         |  O
  Shepherd, S., Uttoxeter                                            |  O
  Sherman, Andrew, Wellman’s Corners                                 |  O
  Sherwood, Charles M., Lakefield, W. O.                             |N B
  Shibley, J. A., Yarker                                             |  O
  Shields, A., Avonton                                               |  O
  Shields, James, Trecastle                                          |  O
  Shields, James, Upper Maugerville, W. O.                           |N B
  Shields, Thomas, Galway                                            |  O
  Shier, Jonathan, Woodham                                           |  O
  Shirreff, Wm. Alex., Fitzroy Harbor                                |  O
  Shirley, William, North Bristol                                    |  Q
  Short, D., McGillivary                                             |  O
  Short, Richard, sen., Lang                                         |  O
  Short, Albert M., New Jerusalem, W. O.                             |N B
  Shufelt, J. D., Iron Hill                                          |  Q
  Sicart, J., Mongenais                                              |  Q
  Sidey, John, Bewdley                                               |  O
  Silcox, Grant, Corral                                              |  O
  Silcox, William, Frome                                             |  O
  Sill, Robert, Jarvis                                               |  O
  Sills, G. B., Conway                                               |  O
  Silverthorn, Mahlon, Alloa                                         |  O
  Silvester, G. H., Ringwood                                         |  O
  Simard, Isaie, St. Joachim                                         |  Q
  Simmons, A., Lake Beauport                                         |  Q
  Simons, N. T., West Montrose                                       |  O
  Simonson, James, Jacksonville, W. O.                               |N B
  Simpson, William, Park Head                                        |  O
  Simpson, Isaac, Mount Pleasant, W. O.                              |N S
  Simpson, William, East Ora                                         |  O
  Simpson, Alexander, Titusville, W. O.                              |N B
  Simpson, Edward, Gagetown                                          |N B
  Simpson, Alex., Black Heath                                        |  O
  Simpson, Archibald, Anderson, W. O.                                |N B
  Simpson, James, Sherwood Spring                                    |  O
  Sims, Wilson G., Plymouth, W. O.                                   |N S
  Sinclair, Donald, Goshen, W. O.                                    |N S
  Sinclair, Edward, North West Bridge, W. O.                         |N B
  Sirois, Joseph O., Grand River                                     |  Q
  Sisson, William H., Upper Woodstock, W. O.                         |N B
  Skelly, Michael, Rawdon                                            |  Q
  Skelton, Peter, Magpie                                             |  Q
  Slaght, Israel, Townsend Centre                                    |  O
  Slee, Thomas, Doon                                                 |  O
  Slipp, Edward W., Hampstead, W. O.                                 |N B
  Sloan, Thomas, Kilsyth                                             |  O
  Sloan, W. H., South Bay                                            |  O
  Sloane, H., Churchill                                              |  O
  Sloane, Miss E. B., Holland Landing                                |  O
  Small, Janet, Arthur                                               |  O
  Small, Peter, Ballycroy                                            |  O
  Smart, Robert W., Port Hope                                        |  O
  Smart, Jas. H., Kingsville                                         |  O
  Smart, John, Platstville                                           |  O
  Smart, Andrew, Culloden                                            |  O
  Smeath, George, Midhurst                                           |  O
  Smiley, William, Mount Loyal                                       |  Q
  Smith, Albert H., Ongley                                           |  O
  Smith, Alexander, Lieury                                           |  O
  Smith, Alfred, Lilloet                                             |B C
  Smith, William, Rothsay                                            |  O
  Smith, Samuel, Harvey Creek                                        |B C
  Smith, Robert, Ayton                                               |  O
  Smith, John, New Sarem                                             |  O
  Smith, John, Winchelsea                                            |  O
  Smith, Thomas, Elm                                                 |  O
  Smith, Andrew H., French Lake, W. O.                               |N B
  Smith, J. H., Green River                                          |  O
  Smith, Richard, Ingoldsby                                          |  O
  Smith, Charles, Johnville                                          |  Q
  Smith, William, Kirkhill, W. O.                                    |N S
  Smith, D. A., McDonald’s Point, W. O.                              |N B
  Smith, Nathan, Hampton, W. O.                                      |N B
  Smith, T. H., Sky Glen, W. O.                                      |N S
  Smith, S. D., Smithfield                                           |  O
  Smith, David, Smith Town, W. O.                                    |N B
  Smith, James, McPherson’s Ferry, W. O.                             |N S
  Smith, James M., Long Reach, W. O.                                 |N B
  Smith, Josiah, Mortonville, W. O.                                  |N S
  Smith, George, Desboro’                                            |  O
  Smith, Beverley, Clark’s Harbor, W. O.                             |N S
  Smith, Josiah, Cape Negro, W. O.                                   |N S
  Smith, J. E., Blissville                                           |N B
  Smith, David, Bear Point, W. O.                                    |N B
  Smith, G. C., Avon                                                 |  O
  Smith, William, Billing’s Bridge                                   |  O
  Smith, William, Fallbrook                                          |  O
  Smith, John, Edgar                                                 |  O
  Smith, Thomas, Egremont                                            |  O
  Smith, Mrs. Mary, Eig Mountain, W. O.                              |N S
  Smith, James, Tilbury, East                                        |  O
  Smith, James E., Upper Keswick, W. O.                              |N B
  Smith, Henry S., Oxford, W. O.                                     |N S
  Smith, David, Outram                                               |  O
  Smith, David, East Glassville, W. O.                               |N B
  Smith, E., Sambro’, W. O.                                          |N S
  Smith, Charles, Elba                                               |  O
  Smith, Thomas, Dublin Shore, W. O.                                 |N S
  Smith, John, Petite Passage, W. O.                                 |N S
  Smith, Henry, Plantagenet                                          |  O
  Smith, C. A., Thorne Centre                                        |  Q
  Smith, Samuel, Dunany                                              |  Q
  Smith, Peter, St. Armand Station                                   |  Q
  Smith, Walton, Onslow                                              |  Q
  Smith, William, Necum Tench, W. O.                                 |N S
  Smith, George, Milton, West                                        |  O
  Smith, T. G., Mount Forest                                         |  O
  Smith, Thomas E., Apohaqui                                         |N B
  Smith, Mrs. Joshua, Port Hood Island, W. O.                        |N S
  Smith, James, Norway                                               |  O
  Smith, David, Oshawa                                               |  O
  Smith, Holland, Rusagornis                                         |N B
  Smith, David, Coverdale, W. O.                                     |N B
  Smith, B., Demorestville                                           |  O
  Smith, William, Cumberland Point, W. O.                            |N B
  Smith, R. W., Staffordville                                        |  O
  Smyth, Robert, Ashgrove                                            |  O
  Smyth, William J., East Magdala                                    |  Q
  Smyth, James, senr., Hebron, W. O.                                 |N B
  Snell, Robert, The Range, W. O.                                    |N B
  Snodgrass, R., Young’s Cove, W. O.                                 |N B
  Snook, John M., Desert Lake                                        |  O
  Snow, Nancy H., Port La Tour, W. O.                                |N S
  Snure, Clark, Jordan                                               |  O
  Snyder, Elias B., Freeport                                         |  O
  Snyder, Herbert E., East Williamsburg                              |  O
  Somers, Noah, Lyttleton, W. O.                                     |N B
  Somerville, Margaret, Haysville                                    |  O
  Sorinberger, John, Layton                                          |  O
  Southmayd, E. S., Way’s Mills                                      |  Q
  Southwick, George, Hawtrey                                         |  O
  Southon, Caleb, Wicklow                                            |  O
  Sparks, Mrs. Nancy, Mill Cove, W. O.                               |N B
  Speedie, William, Speedie                                          |  O
  Spears, Adam J., Caistorville                                      |  O
  Speedy, William, Yoho, W. O.                                       |N B
  Speer, William, South Dummer                                       |  O
  Spence, William, Rapides des Joachims                              |  Q
  Spence, James, Ethel                                               |  O
  Spencer, W. H., Ziska                                              |  O
  Spiers, William, Mayfield                                          |  O
  Spinney, Austin, Harmony, W. O.                                    |N S
  Spinney, B., Melvern Square                                        |N S
  Sponenburgh, Mrs. E., Brownsville                                  |  O
  Springer, D. W., Nelson                                            |  O
  Sproul, Mary, Feversham                                            |  O
  Sproul, James, Long Settlement, W. O.                              |N B
  Sproul, John, Six Portages                                         |  Q
  Sproul, R. J., Flesherton                                          |  O
  Stacy, John, Talbotville Royal                                     |  Q
  Spurr, C. E., Round Hill, W. O.                                    |N S
  Stacey, Fred. G., Ascot Corner                                     |  Q
  Stalker, James, Gemley                                             |  O
  Stally, M., Falkland                                               |  O
  Stanfield, John, Bryanston                                         |  O
  Stanley, Michael, Hamlet                                           |  O
  Stanley, Thomas, South Gloucester                                  |  O
  Stanton, George, Paris                                             |  O
  Stapleford, A., Ward’s Creek Road, W. O.                           |N B
  Staples, Silas, Collin’s Inlet                                     |  O
  Staples, Robert, Oak Hill                                          |  O
  Starkey, S. M., Starkey’s, W. O.                                   |N B
  Starkey’s, James, Oakham, W. O.                                    |N B
  Starrat, Handley, Cambridge, W. O.                                 |N S
  Steele, John C., Steele                                            |  O
  Steele, Jonas, Ridgeville                                          |  O
  Steele, Charles, Maitland, W. O.                                   |N S
  Stein, Thomas, Pleasant Ridge, W. O.                               |N B
  Stephens, J. W., Walton                                            |N S
  Stephens, William, Tenecape, W. O.                                 |N S
  Stephens, S., Merriton                                             |  O
  Stephenson, Samuel, Canton                                         |  O
  Stephenson, Thomas, Falkirk                                        |  O
  Stephens, M. N., Glencairn                                         |  O
  Steeves, John, Salem, W. O.                                        |N B
  Steeves, William, Dover, W. O.                                     |N B
  Stennett, Henry, Keswick                                           |  O
  Sterns, Luther, Dartmouth                                          |N S
  Stevens, John, Rose Vale, W. O.                                    |N B
  Stevens, J. M., J Harvey                                           |N B
  Stevens, Simon, Trenholm                                           |  Q
  Stevens, Wm., Bedford Basin, W. O.                                 |N S
  Stevens, Gardner, Waterloo East                                    |  Q
  Steeves, R. E., Hillsborough                                       |N B
  Steeves, Millidge, Bridgedale, W. O.                               |N B
  Sterratt, Melessa, Dalhousie East, W. O.                           |N S
  Stewart, Peter, Point la Nim, W. O.                                |N B
  Stewart, Samuel F., Harrowsmith                                    |  O
  Stewart, James, Little Harbor, W. O.                               |N S
  Stewart, James, Epping                                             |  O
  Stewart, James, Melrose                                            |N S
  Stewart, Alexander, West side of Lochaber, W. O.                   |N S
  Stewart, Hugh, Willogrove                                          |  O
  Stewart, Donald, River Louison, W. O.                              |N B
  Stewart, R. H., Woodlands                                          |  O
  Stewart, Chas., Clarenceville                                      |  Q
  Stewart, Robert, Black River, W. O.                                |N B
  Stewart, David, Roslin, W. O.                                      |N S
  Still, Mrs. Mary, Raglan                                           |  O
  Stirling, Alexander, White Lake                                    |  O
  St. Laurent, A. Amable, St. Flavie                                 |  Q
  Stockdale, Peter Milligan, Stockdale                               |  O
  Stockwell, J. W., Danville                                         |  Q
  Stoddart, John, Stoddarts, W. O.                                   |N S
  Stokes, John J., Sharon                                            |  O
  Stone, A. M., North Stanbridge                                     |  Q
  Stone, Giles, Haultain                                             |  O
  Stone, John, Maquapit Lake, W. O.                                  |N B
  Strachan, Kenneth, Framboise, W. O.                                |N S
  Strange, Edwin L., Causapscal                                      |  Q
  Stratford, John E., Hubbard’s Cove, W. O.                          |N S
  Striker, Jonathan, Bloomfield                                      |  O
  Stroh, John, St. Clements                                          |  O
  Stronach, George, Stronach Mountain                                |N S
  Strum, Joseph, Martin’s River, W. O.                               |N S
  Struthers, R. C., Louisville                                       |N S
  Struthers, P., Carleton Place                                      |  O
  Stuart, Charles, Lake Témiscamingue                                |  Q
  Stuart, James, Epping                                              |  O
  Stuart, Wm., Cambria                                               |  Q
  Styres, James, Oshweken                                            |  O
  Suffern, Anthony, Raymond                                          |  O
  Sullivan, Patrick, Merlin                                          |  O
  Sullivan, J. O., Fredericton Road, W. O.                           |N B
  Sullivan, Daniel, Malcolm                                          |  O
  Sullivan, T., Portuguese Cove, W. O.                               |N S
  Sullivan, John, Corinth                                            |  O
  Sumner, John, Ashton                                               |  O
  Surtees, George, Beachburg                                         |  O
  Sutherland, D., Orwell                                             |  O
  Sutherland, A., Plainfield, W. O.                                  |  O
  Sutherland, A. W., East River, St. Mary’s, W. O.                   |N S
  Sweet, S., North Sutton                                            |  Q
  Sweet, J. L., Newport Station                                      |N S
  Sweet, Stubbard, Billtown, W. O.                                   |N S
  Sweetman, Patrick, Port Daniel                                     |  Q
  Sweetman, J. McD., High Bluff                                      |  M
  Switzer, H. M., Palermo                                            |  O
  Sweazie, Hamilton, Elfrida                                         |  O
  Sykes, William, Cobourg                                            |  O
  Symon, William, Ospringe                                           |  O
  Symons, Joseph, Little Tracadie, W. O.                             |N S
  Syphers, Jacob, Syphers’ Cove, W. O.                               |N B
  St. Antoine, Louis, St. Justin                                     |  Q
  St. Denis, A., Point Fortune                                       |  Q
  St. Germain, F. H., Maddington                                     |  Q
  St. Jacques, Revd. J. H., St. Côme                                 |  Q
  St. John, Mary, Coleraine                                          |  O
  St. Louis, C., Sandwich                                            |  O
  St. Pierre, Paschal G., Rimouski                                   |  Q
  St. Pierre, Richard, Bécancour Station                             |  Q
  Taggart, James, Wallace                                            |  O
  Tait, David, Poplar Point                                          |  M
  Tait, George, West Shefford                                        |  Q
  Tait, Peter N., Mille Roches                                       |  O
  Tait, John R., L’Amable                                            |  O
  Tait, James, Duart                                                 |  O
  Tait, Valantine B., New Westminister                               |B C
  Tarlington, John, Lakehurst                                        |  O
  Tanguay, Pierre, St. Magloire                                      |  Q
  Tapp, Thomas, Barachois de Malby                                   |  Q
  Tapping, Thos., Hardinge                                           |  O
  Taylor, Andrew, Williamsdale, W. O.                                |N S
  Taylor, Isaac S., Lincoln, W. O.                                   |N B
  Taylor, James W., Fenwick                                          |  O
  Taylor, John, Manchester                                           |  O
  Taylor, John, St. James Park (sub)                                 |  O
  Taylor, John, Headingly                                            |  M
  Taylor, Joseph, Lower Cape, W. O.                                  |N B
  Taylor, Robert B., Gay’s River Road, W. O.                         |N S
  Taylor, J., North River, W. O.                                     |N B
  Taylor, A. L., Pike River                                          |  Q
  Taylor, Edward, Sandford                                           |  O
  Taylor, John, St. Polycarpe                                        |  Q
  Taylor, Emerson, Credit                                            |  O
  Taylor, Alexander, Dromore                                         |  O
  Taylor, John F., Adderly                                           |  Q
  Taylor, John, Bothwell                                             |  O
  Taylor, W. H., Alport                                              |  O
  Taylor, Charles, Taylor Village, W. O.                             |N B
  Taylor, Geo., Burtch                                               |  O
  Taylor, ----, Kincardine, W. O.                                    |N B
  Taylor, Jonas, Rockland, W. O.                                     |N B
  Taylor, George, senr., Scarboro’ Junction                          |  O
  Teakles, William, Sussex Portage, W. O.                            |N B
  Teefy, Matthew, Richmond Hill                                      |  O
  Teel, Elkanah, Broad Cove, Lunenburg, W. O.                        |N S
  Telfer, Adam, Telfer                                               |  O
  Tellier, P., St. Cuthbert                                          |  Q
  Tennant, W., junr., Caintown                                       |  O
  Terriff, Peter, Belmore                                            |  O
  Terry, Henry, Vernonville                                          |  O
  Terry, D., Hartman                                                 |  O
  Teskey, John, Vroomanton                                           |  O
  Teskey, Albert, Appleton                                           |  O
  Teskey, Daniel, Lisburn                                            |  O
  Tessier, Onézime, Warwick East                                     |  Q
  Tétu, Nazaire, Rivière Trois Pistoles                              |  Q
  Theriault, Jacques, St. Eloi                                       |  Q
  Thérien, Ferdinand, St. Wenceslas                                  |  Q
  Thibaudeau, F. X., Grondines                                       |  Q
  Thibeault, J. B., St. François Xavier                              |  M
  Thirkell, Joseph, Ingersoll                                        |  O
  Thivierge, Dominique, Cap Rouge                                    |  Q
  Thomas, B., Hartford                                               |  O
  Thomas, Charles, Cogmagun River, W. O.                             |N S
  Thomas, Edward, St. Peters                                         |  M
  Thompson, Thomas, Port Bruce                                       |  O
  Thompson, Daniel, Gore, W. O.                                      |N S
  Thompson, John, Humberston                                         |  O
  Thompson, Evan, Nine Mile River, W. O.                             |N S
  Thompson, George, Clyde River                                      |N S
  Thompson, James B., Waterdown                                      |  O
  Thompson, Thomas, Howe Island                                      |  O
  Thompson, R., Smithville                                           |  O
  Thompson, William, St. Paul’s, W. O.                               |N S
  Thompson, Archibald, Montrose                                      |  O
  Thompson, W. J., Rainham Centre                                    |  O
  Thompson, Daniel, Queensborough                                    |  O
  Thompson, R., Constance                                            |  O
  Thompson, James, Lakeville Corner, W. O.                           |N B
  Thompson, W. C., Rockford                                          |  O
  Thompson, Peter C., Hyde Park Corner                               |  O
  Thomson, Smith, Malvern                                            |  O
  Thomson, Joseph, Marlow                                            |  Q
  Thomson, Robert, Cumminsville                                      |  O
  Thomson, T., Buttonville                                           |  O
  Thomson, Jas. M., Byng                                             |  O
  Thomson, R. R., Shelburne                                          |N S
  Thomson, John, Woodford                                            |  O
  Thomson, James, English Corner, W. O.                              |N S
  Thomson, William, Arundel                                          |  Q
  Thom, Archibald, Morrisvale                                        |  O
  Thorne, Butler, Thorne Town, W. O.                                 |N B
  Thornton, J. M., Dundas                                            |  O
  Thorp, Sidney R., Hall’s Harbour, W. O.                            |N S
  Thouin, Damase, Kilkenny                                           |  Q
  Throop, Rufus S., Charleville                                      |  O
  Thurber, S. B., Irvine                                             |  Q
  Tilley, William, Olinville, W. O.                                  |N B
  Tilley, Leveret S., Lake George, W. O.                             |N B
  Tillson, E. D., Tilsonburg                                         |  O
  Tilly, William, Cape Cove                                          |  Q
  Tilton, C. F., Fairville                                           |N B
  Tingley, S. W., Dorchester                                         |N B
  Tinline, James, Eversley                                           |  O
  Timmerman, P. S., Odessa                                           |  O
  Titemore, Abram, St. Armand Centre                                 |  O
  Titus, Benjamin, Allisonville                                      |  O
  Tobey, John, Tara                                                  |  O
  Tobin, John J., Milledgeville, W. O.                               |N B
  Tobin, Richard, Upper St. Francis, W. O.                           |N B
  Tobin, M. A., Berwick                                              |  O
  Todd, Henry, Narrows                                               |N B
  Tom, John C., Welcome                                              |  O
  Tomalty, William, Edina                                            |  Q
  Tomkins, W. B., Upper Peel, W. O.                                  |N B
  Tompkins, Thomas, Emerald, W. O.                                   |N S
  Tompkins, Aaron, Northampton, W. O.                                |N B
  Tomlinson, W., Tay Settlement, W. O.                               |N B
  Tomlinson, Wm., Marsh Hill                                         |  O
  Torey, Joseph, Milford Haven Bridge, W. O.                         |N S
  Touchburn, Henry, Greenock                                         |  O
  Tovell, J., Everton                                                |  O
  Toyne, John, Oakland                                               |  O
  Tracy, S. W., Granboro’                                            |  Q
  Trask, Samuel, Central Chebogue, W. O.                             |N S
  Travers, John, Traverston                                          |  O
  Travis, Allan McN., Ossekeag                                       |N B
  Travis, Elkanah, Kempt Bridge, W. O.                               |N S
  Tredway, William, Highland Creek                                   |  O
  Tremaine, F. D., Port Hood                                         |N S
  Tremblay, Jean O., Chicoutimi                                      |  Q
  Tremblay, M., Charlesbourg                                         |  Q
  Tremblay, Peter, Ste. Agnès de Dundee                              |  Q
  Trenholm, James, Dumbarton R. R. Station, W. O.                    |N B
  Troop, Valentine, Belleisle, W. O.                                 |N S
  Troop, W. B., Granville Centre, W. O.                              |N S
  Troop, W. H., Paradise Lane, W. O.                                 |N S
  Troop, Alfred, Granville Ferry                                     |N S
  Trott, Thomas, Gaspereaux Station, W. O.                           |N B
  Trottier, Jane, Shoolbred                                          |  Q
  Trudeau, Félix M., St. Zenon                                       |  Q
  Trueman, John, Elmbank                                             |  O
  Trumm, Christian, Bismarck                                         |  O
  Tubby, Samuel, Fingal                                              |  O
  Tubman, Thomas, Munster                                            |  O
  Tuck, J. F., Knowlton Landing                                      |  O
  Tucker, Joseph L., Orono                                           |  O
  Tucker, L. Michael, Southampton, W. O.                             |N S
  Tupling, Christopher, Alvanley                                     |  O
  Tupper, J. H., Lower Line, Queensbury, W. O.                       |N B
  Tupper, R. La T., Bobcaygeon                                       |  O
  Turcot, Joseph, North Georgetown                                   |  Q
  Turcotte, F. X., St. Jean d’Orléans                                |  Q
  Turcotte, Cyrille, Russelltown                                     |  Q
  Turnbull, John, Glanworth                                          |  O
  Turner, Abner, Foster’s Cove                                       |N B
  Turner, Seth, Mitchell’s Bay                                       |  O
  Turner, Donald, West Magdala                                       |  O
  Turner, Edward T., Penville                                        |  O
  Turner, Frank, Bealton                                             |  O
  Tuttle, J. E., Dundela                                             |  O
  Tuzo, J. E., Percé                                                 |  Q
  Tuzo, John D., Magdalen Islands                                    |  Q
  Twohey, Wm., Brittania Mills                                       |  Q
  Tyre, Robert, St. Regis                                            |  Q
  Tyrell, L. R., Luton                                               |  O
  Tyrrell, Thos. B., Cookshire                                       |  Q
  Umphrey, J. Big Cove, W. O.                                        |N B
  Upham, N. H., Upham, W. O.                                         |N B
  Upper, Mrs. Phœbe E., St. Ann’s                                    |  O
  Urquhart, Nathaniel, Urquharts, W. O.                              |N B
  Urquhart, William, Rear Lands, Sporting Mountain, W. O.            |N B
  Vachon, Edward, Rivière la Madeleine                               |  Q
  Vachon, Léandre, St. Louis de Gonzague                             |  Q
  Vachon, Antoine, Aston Station                                     |  Q
  Vail, Solomon, Magaguadavic, W. O.                                 |N B
  Valiquet, Thomas, St. Hilaire Station                              |  Q
  Vaillancourt, W. F., Vaillancourt                                  |  Q
  Vallée, Cyrille, West Broughton                                    |  Q
  Vallée, J. S., Montmagny                                           |  Q
  Vallée, Wm., Chambly Basin                                         |  Q
  Vance, William, Mill Brook                                         |  O
  Vandervoort, N. A., Sidney Crossing                                |  O
  Van Buskirk, C., Bayfield, W. O.                                   |N B
  Vanluven, Zara, Moscow                                             |  O
  Vanvlack, John, Vanvlack                                           |  O
  Van Vliet, T., Lacolle                                             |  Q
  Vasey, Mark, Vasey                                                 |  O
  Vassal, Henry, Pierreville Mills                                   |  Q
  Vatour, Jean C., Richibucto                                        |N B
  Vaughan, Joseph, Vanghan’s, W. O.                                  |N S
  Veit, S. A., Douglastown                                           |  Q
  Venton, Anderson, Mill Haven                                       |  O
  Vermette, E., St. Malachie                                         |  Q
  Vernor, T., St. Etienne de Beauharnois                             |  Q
  Vigneault, O., Kildare                                             |  Q
  Vigneau, Joseph, St. Sylvester, East                               |  Q
  Vincent dit Maheux, F., St. Flore                                  |  Q
  Vincent, J. G., Lorette                                            |  Q
  Vondy, Thos., junr., Chatham                                       |N B
  Waddell, Robert, South Monaghan                                    |  O
  Waganost, W., New Dundee                                           |  O
  Wagner, Alex. H., Windsor                                          |  O
  Wagstaff, William E., North Ridge                                  |  O
  Wait, David W., Harlowe                                            |  O
  Wait, Whitney, Bayview                                             |  O
  Wait, Helen, Bathurst                                              |N B
  Wakem, Thomas, Greenfield, W. O.                                   |N B
  Waldo, Samuel, Teeswater                                           |  O
  Wales, Robert A., East Dunham                                      |  Q
  Walford, W. M., Locksley                                           |  O
  Walker, Edward, Bellrock                                           |  O
  Walker, Christopher, Duncrief                                      |  O
  Walker, Chas., Coal Branch, W. O.                                  |N B
  Walker, David, Cavan                                               |  O
  Walker, R., jun., Diamond                                          |  O
  Walker, D. J., Inverary                                            |  O
  Walker, Samuel, Deerhurst                                          |  O
  Walker, Thomas, Parkhurst                                          |  Q
  Wall, George, Ragged Island, W. O.                                 |N S
  Wall, Robert, Bartibog, W. O.                                      |N B
  Wallace, Hugh, Londesborough                                       |  O
  Wallace, M., West Gore, W. O.                                      |N S
  Wallace, Joseph, Shepody Road, W. O.                               |N B
  Wallace, John, Mount Hurst                                         |  O
  Wallace, John J., Gardner’s Creek, W. O.                           |N B
  Wallace, Patrick, Indian Cove                                      |  Q
  Wallis, Thomas, Roxham                                             |  Q
  Walsh, John, Railton                                               |  O
  Walsh, Patrick, Erinsville                                         |  O
  Walsh, R. N., Ormstown                                             |  Q
  Walter, F., Bamberg                                                |  O
  Walter, Thomas P., Walter’s Falls                                  |  O
  Walton, Jacob, Kettleby                                            |  O
  Wanless, James, Wanstead                                           |  O
  Wannemake, N. P., Hillsdale, W. O.                                 |N B
  Ward, Rufus, Rockport                                              |N B
  Ward, Thomas, Woodhill                                             |  O
  Ward, W. A., Dawn Mills                                            |  O
  Warner, Sydney, Wilton                                             |  O
  Warner, S. B., St. Ephrem d’Upton                                  |  Q
  Warner, Charles, Colebrook                                         |  O
  Warnock, John, Castleford                                          |  O
  Warren, Joseph, Harper                                             |  O
  Warren, Robert, Niagara                                            |  O
  Warren, John, Deerdock                                             |  O
  Wartman, David, Selby                                              |  O
  Wasson, John, Lower Prince William, W. O.                          |N B
  Watkins, Bramwell, Ardoch                                          |  O
  Watson, Alex. L., Undine, W. O.                                    |N B
  Watson, C. P., Dresden                                             |  O
  Watson, David R., Fairfield                                        |  O
  Watson, J. S. J., Rockingham                                       |  O
  Watson, John, Watson Settlement, W. O.                             |N B
  Watson, A. R., Forks Baddeck, W. O.                                |N S
  Watson, Henry, Clearville                                          |  O
  Watson, Wm., Arkell                                                |  O
  Watson, J. J., Adolphustown                                        |  O
  Watt, William, West Lynne                                          |  M
  Waugh, William, Gulf Shore, W. O.                                  |N S
  Waugh, James, R. L., Nilestown                                     |  O
  Way, W. H., Mountain View                                          |  O
  Weaver, Michael, Weaver, W. O.                                     |N S
  Webb, James, Stroud                                                |  O
  Webber, William, Torbay, W. O.                                     |N S
  Webber, David, East Jeddore, W. O.                                 |N S
  Webster, M., Sheldon                                               |  O
  Webster, Marion, South McLellan’s Mountain, W. O.                  |N S
  Webster, Thomas, Newborough                                        |  O
  Weir, Allan, Churchville, W. O.                                    |N S
  Wellard, William, Taunton                                          |  O
  Wells, William, Rickman’s Corners                                  |  O
  Wells, Leonard, Farnboro’                                          |  Q
  Welch, John T., Tyrone                                             |  O
  Welton, Jonathan, Northfield, W. O.                                |N B
  Wensley, Susan Anne, South Quebec                                  |  Q
  West, David, Rowanton                                              |  Q
  West, William, Medford, W. O.                                      |N S
  West, Elijah C., Middle Pereaux, W. O.                             |N S
  Weston, Nathan, Rockville, W. O.                                   |N S
  Wetmore, Susannah, Cromwell, W. O.                                 |N B
  Whalan, Peter, Cap des Rosiers                                     |  Q
  Wheelock, John, Kingston Village, W. O.                            |N S
  Wheeler, George, Uxbridge                                          |  O
  Wheeler, Mrs. Barbara, Runnymede                                   |  Q
  Wheeler, Edward, Stouffville                                       |  O
  Whelan, John H., Westport                                          |  O
  Wheldon, A. R., Shediac                                            |N B
  White, C. A., Forestville                                          |  O
  White, W. H., Springfield                                          |N B
  White, William H., Cambridge, W. O.                                |N B
  White, Thomas, Klineburg                                           |  O
  White, John, jun., Hopetown                                        |  O
  White, S. V., White’s Cove, W. O.                                  |N B
  White, Nelson, Patterson Settlement, W. O.                         |N B
  White, Mrs. J. A., Longwood Station                                |  O
  White, Humphrey, Anderson                                          |  O
  White, W. L., Lemonville                                           |  O
  White, L. M., Scovil’s Mills, W. O.                                |N B
  Whitehead, Thomas, Dunkeld                                         |  O
  Whitehead, W., Dumfries, W. O.                                     |N B
  Whitfield, A. M., Holbrook                                         |  O
  Whiting, R. E., Muncey                                             |  O
  Whiting, George, Erroll                                            |  O
  Whitman, James M., Manchester, W. O.                               |N S
  Whitney, Mrs. Eliza, Pickering                                     |  O
  Whitsides, James, Delhi                                            |  O
  Widderfield, Samuel, Siloam                                        |  O
  Widman, John L., St. Jacob’s                                       |  O
  Widman, Richard, Lonsdale                                          |  O
  Wilkie, James, Amberley                                            |  O
  Wilkie, Geo., Sugar Loaf, W. O.                                    |N S
  Wilkin, John, Lemesurier                                           |  Q
  Wiley, Joseph, Fenwick, W. O.                                      |N B
  Willet, W. F., Tupperville, W. O.                                  |N S
  Wilton, Samuel, New Sarum                                          |  O
  Williams, Charles, Glen Williams                                   |  O
  Williams, Allen, Brinkworth                                        |  O
  Williams, Mrs. L., South East Passage, W. O.                       |N S
  Williams, John, Frost Village                                      |  Q
  Williams, Ira, Croydon                                             |  O
  Williamson, J. C., Ballyduff                                       |  O
  Williamson, George, Kingsbury                                      |  Q
  Williamson, Thos., Foley                                           |  O
  Williger, Jas., Blackrock, W. O.                                   |N S
  Williscroft, George, Williscroft                                   |  O
  Williston, Alexander, Baie du Vin, W. O.                           |N B
  Wilson, G. C., Atherton                                            |  O
  Wilson, George, Teston                                             |  O
  Wilson, Amos, Steeve’s Mountain, W. O.                             |N B
  Wilson, John, Tottenham                                            |  O
  Wilson, Robert, Relessey                                           |  O
  Wilson, Seth, Macville                                             |  O
  Wilson, W. H., Bannockburn                                         |  O
  Wilson, William, Cumberland                                        |  O
  Wilson, W. B., Kamloops                                            |B C
  Wilson, Mary, Little Shippigan, W. O.                              |N B
  Wilson, Thos., Clarence                                            |  O
  Wilson, James, Vicars                                              |  Q
  Wilson, David, Waterford                                           |  O
  Wilson, John, Autrim                                               |  O
  Wilson, John, Mono Centre                                          |  O
  Wilson, John, Canfield                                             |  O
  Wilson, James, Buckingham                                          |  Q
  Wilson, James, senr., Boulter                                      |  O
  Winger, Jacob, Winger                                              |  O
  Winger, Peter, Elmira                                              |  O
  Winkler, D., Neustadt                                              |  O
  Winnecott, George, Copenhagen                                      |  O
  Winslow, John C., Woodstock                                        |N B
  Winyard, Robt. J., Selkirk                                         |  O
  Wirth, John, Hope                                                  |B C
  Wissler, John R., Salem                                            |  O
  Wolfe, John, junr., Mount Wolfe                                    |  O
  Wolf, James, Falmouth, W. O.                                       |N S
  Wolff, Charles S., Valcartier                                      |  Q
  Wood, Thomas, Woodside                                             |  Q
  Wood, Richard, Port Dalhousie                                      |  O
  Wood, W. J., Kars                                                  |  O
  Wood, William, Dixon’s Corners                                     |  O
  Woodburn, Richard F., Melbourne                                    |  Q
  Woodbury, Egbert S., Spa Springs, W. O.                            |N S
  Woodruff, W. W., Clifton                                           |  O
  Woods, F., Welsford                                                |N B
  Woods, J. R., Aylmer (East)                                        |  Q
  Woodworth, William, Centreville, W. O.                             |N B
  Wooster, Turner, Grand Harbor, W. O.                               |N B
  Wootton, Henry, Victoria                                           |B C
  Worden, James G., Tennant’s Cove, W. O.                            |N B
  Worden, Wm., Kars, W. O.                                           |N B
  Workman, Aaron, Hereford                                           |  Q
  Worrell, Thomas, Barnesville, W. O.                                |N B
  Wortley, W. C., Drayton                                            |  O
  Wright, George, Wareham                                            |  O
  Wright, George, Stella                                             |  O
  Wright, H. M., Napanee Mills                                       |  O
  Wright, G. R., Jackson                                             |  O
  Wright, James, Hopewell, W. O.                                     |N B
  Wright, David A., Thornbrook, W. O.                                |N B
  Wry, Rufus C., Jolicure, W. O.                                     |N B
  Wurtele, C. E., Windsor Mills                                      |  Q
  Wycott, William, Dog Creek                                         |B C
  Wylie, James H., junr., Almonte                                    |  O
  Wylie, Robert, Ayr                                                 |  O
  Wyman, L. W., Waterville                                           |  Q
  Wynn, James, Queenston                                             |  O
  Yeomans, R. P., Newcastle Bridge, W. O.                            |N B
  Young, James, Nashwaak, W. O.                                      |N B
  Young, Myles, Lakelet                                              |  O
  Young, William, Head of St. Mary’s Bay, W. O.                      |N S
  Young, Joseph, Birr                                                |  O
  Young, Patrick, Young’s Point                                      |  O
  Young, John A., Florence                                           |  O
  Young, James, Doncaster                                            |  O
  Young, Andrew, Shigawake                                           |  Q
  Young, John, Tracadie, W. O.                                       |N B
  Young, David, Stanhope                                             |  Q
  Young, John B., Pennfield Ridge, W. O.                             |N B
  Younghusband, Henry, Dunrobin                                      |  O
  Zavitz, H. B., Sherkston                                           |  O
  Zinkann, John, Lisbon                                              |  O
  Zinger, Wm., Ambleside                                             |  O
  Zoeger, John, Wellesley                                            |  O


  TABLE NO. 1.--Rates of Postage on Letters within the Dominion of
                Canada, (including the Provinces of Ontario, Quebec,
                New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, British Columbia,
                and Prince Edward’s Island), and to the United States.

  TABLE NO. 2.--By mails sent to England in Mail Steam Packets sailing
                weekly (every Saturday), from Quebec in Summer, and from
                Portland in Winter; and fortnightly, from Halifax, Nova

  TABLE NO. 3.--By Cunard or other Steamers sailing from New York or
                Boston for England, (closed mail).

  TABLE NO. 4.--To Bermuda and West Indies, by British Mail Packet,
                sailing monthly from Halifax to Bermuda and St. Thomas.

  TABLE NO. 5.--To certain British Colonies and Foreign Countries, to be
                included in the United States Mails for Steamers sailing
                from New York for the West Indies, Panama, and South

  TABLE NO. 6.--Rates on matters transmissible by post, within Canada,
                and to Newfoundland, the United Kingdom, France, and the
                United States.

Table 1.

RATES OF POSTAGE on letters within the Dominion of Canada, (including
the Provinces of Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Manitoba,
British Columbia, and Prince Edward’s Island).

                                                     |POSTED.  |POSTED.
                                                     |PREPAID. |UNPAID.
  On a letter weighing not more than ½ an oz.        | 3 Cents.| 5 Cents.
  On a letter weighing more than ½ an oz., but not   |         |
    more than 1 oz.                                  | 6   ”   |10   ”
  On a letter weighing more than 1 oz., but not more |         |
   than 1½ oz.                                       | 9   ”   |15   ”
  On a letter weighing more than 1½ oz., but not     |         |
    more than 2 oz.                                  |12   ”   |20   ”
  On a letter weighing more than 2 oz., but not more |         |
    than 2½ oz.                                      |15   ”   |25   ”

  and so on, 3 cents or 5 cents, (according as the letter is paid or
    unpaid), being charged for every additional ½ oz., or fraction
    of a ½ oz.

Letters addressed as above which are only partially prepaid, are to be
rated as if _wholly_ unpaid, credit being given, however, for the amount
prepaid thereon. Thus, if a letter weighing more than ½ an oz., but less
than 1 oz., and liable to two rates (equal to 10 cents) is prepaid only 3
cents, it is subject to a further charge of 7 cents.

The charge on local or drop letters is one cent for each letter, which
must be prepaid by stamp.

The charge for the Registration of a letter is 2 cents, to be prepaid by


Letters for Newfoundland are charged at the rate of 6 cents per half
ounce, and must in all cases be _prepaid_.

The Registration fee to Newfoundland is the same as to places within the
Dominion, viz., 2 cents.


                                                     |POSTED.  |POSTED.
                                                     |PREPAID. |UNPAID.
  On a letter weighing not more than ½ an ounce      | 6 Cents.|10 Cents.
  On a letter weighing more than ½ an oz., but not   |         |
    more than 1 oz.                                  |12   ”   |20   ”
  On a letter weighing more than 1 oz., but not more |         |
   than 1½ oz.                                       |18   ”   |30   ”
  On a letter weighing more than 1½ oz., but not     |         |
    more than 2 oz.                                  |24   ”   |40   ”
  On a letter weighing more than 2 oz., but not more |         |
    than 2½ oz.                                      |30   ”   |50   ”

  and so on, 6 cents or 10 cents, (according as the letter is paid or
    unpaid,) being charged for every additional ½ oz., or fraction
    of a ½ oz.

Letters addressed as above which are only partially prepaid, are to be
rated as if _wholly_ unpaid.

Registration fee, 5 cents, prepaid by stamps.

TABLE No. 2.



TABLE shewing the amount of Postage, to be collected in the Dominion of
Canada, upon Letters, Newspapers, and Book Packets, forwarded by Canadian
Mail Steamers, to the United Kingdom, and through the United Kingdom to
the undermentioned Colonies and Foreign Countries.

_Mem._ 1.--In all cases the postage must be prepaid. Letters for the
United Kingdom, if posted unpaid, or insufficiently prepaid, will be
forwarded,--but they will be charged on delivery with the amount of
deficient postage, and a fine of threepence sterling each letter.

2.--Letters may be registered to all places, except those the names of
which are followed by the letters _n r_, indicating that no registration
can be effected.

3.--The Registration Fee on letters addressed to the United Kingdom is
8 cents each. In all other cases the Registration Fee is 16 cents from
Canada to the place of destination; except to Egypt (Alexandria and Suez
excepted) the registration fees to which are 30 cents each letter, and
to places marked _a_, in which cases a registration fee of 8 cents each
letter, and in addition double the ordinary rates of postage, as given in
this table, must be collected (See note at foot of table marked A.)

4.--No Book Packet addressed to Portugal, Madeira, the Azores, or Cape de
Verds, must exceed 1 lb. in weight; to Russia and Poland no such packet
must exceed 8 oz. A Packet of Patterns for Germany or Belgium or any
country, _viâ_ Belgium, must not exceed 8 oz. A Book Packet for Greece
must not exceed 3 lbs. in weight nor must it exceed 2 ft. in length by 1
ft. in width or depth.

5.--Upon Letters, and Book Packets, forwarded through the United States,
the following additional rates must be collected, viz., 2 cents per ½ oz.
on Letters, and 2 cents per 4 oz. on Book Packets.

6.--An additional postage of 6 cents per half ounce must be collected on
Letters, 2 cents each on Newspapers, and 6 cents per 4 ounces on Book
Packets and Patterns for places marked thus * when addressed to be sent
_viâ_ Brindisi.

7.--On Book Packets for the United Kingdom, not exceeding one oz. in
weight, the postage is 2 cents. On Book Packets, weighing more than one
oz., the progressive rates of postage will be found in the table below.

                 |                   FOR A LETTER.
                 |Not exceeding ¼ oz.
                 |      +--------------------------------------------
                 |      |Above ¼ oz. and not exceeding ½ oz.
                 |      |      +-------------------------------------
                 |      |      |Above ½ oz. and not exceeding ¾ oz.
                 |      |      |      +------------------------------
                 |      |      |      |For every additional ¼ oz.
  COUNTRIES, &c. |      |      |      |
                 |      |      |      |      +-----------------------
                 |      |      |      |      |For every additional
                 |      |      |      |      |½ oz.
                 |      |      |      |      |      +----------------
                 |      |      |      |      |      |FOR EACH
                 |      |      |      |      |      |NEWSPAPER.
                 |$ cts.|$ cts.|$ cts.|$ cts.|$ cts.|
  * Aden         |0 22  |0 22  |0 44  |  --  |0 22  | 6 cents.
  Africa, West   |      |      |      |      |      |
    Coast of     |      |      |      |      |      |
    (_n r_)      |0 16  |0 16  |0 32  |  --  |0 16  | 4 cents.
  Alexandria     |      |      |      |      |      |
    { _viâ_      |      |      |      |      |      |
    { Brindisi   |0 20  |0 20  |0 40  |  --  |0 20  | 6 cents.
    { _viâ_      |      |      |      |      |      |
    { Southampton|0 16  |0 16  |0 32  |  --  |0 16  | 4 cents.
  _a_ Algeria    |0 10  |0 16  |0 26  |0 06  |0 04  | Book rate
  Ascension      |      |      |      |      |      |
    (_n r_)      |0 28  |0 28  |0 56  |  --  |0 28  | 4 cents.
  * Australia,   |      |      |      |      |      |
    South        |0 16  |0 16  |0 32  |  --  |0 16  | 6 cents.
  * Australia,   |      |      |      |      |      |
    Western      |0 16  |0 16  |0 32  |  --  |0 16  | 6 cents.
  Austria        |0 10  |0 10  |0 20  |  --  |0 10  | Book rate.
  Azores         |0 16  |0 28  |0 44  |0 12  |0 04  |    do
  Baden          |0 10  |0 10  |0 20  |  --  |0 10  | Book rate.
  Bavaria        |0 10  |0 10  |0 20  |  --  |0 10  |    do
  Belgium        |0 10  |0 10  |0 20  |  --  |0 10  |    do
  Beyrout        |0 24  |0 24  |0 48  |  --  |0 24  | 12 cents.
  Bolivia (_n r_)|0 40  |0 40  |0 80  |  --  |0 40  |  6 cents.
  * Borneo       |      |      |      |      |      |
    (_n r_)      |0 28  |0 28  |0 56  |  --  |0 28  |  6 cents.
  _a_ Bourbon    |0 24  |0 24  |0 48  |  --  |0 24  |  8 cents.
  Brazil (_n r_) |0 28  |0 28  |0 56  |  --  |0 28  |  4 cents.
  Bremen         |0 10  |0 10  |0 20  |  --  |0 10  | Book rate.
  Brunswick      |0 10  |0 10  |0 20  |  --  |0 10  |    do
  Buenos Ayres   |      |      |      |      |      |
    (_n r_)      |0 28  |0 28  |0 56  |  --  |0 28  |  4 cents.
  Canary Islands |0 16  |0 28  |0 44  |0 12  |0 04  | Book rate.
  Cape de Verds  |0 16  |0 16  |0 32  |  --  |0 16  |    do
  Cape of Good   |      |      |      |      |      |
    Hope         |0 28  |0 28  |0 56  |  --  |0 28  |  4 cents.
  * Ceylon       |0 22  |0 22  |0 44  |  --  |0 22  |  6 cents.
  Chili (_n r_)  |0 40  |0 40  |0 80  |  --  |0 40  |  6 cents.
  * China--      |      |      |      |      |      |
    (except Hong |      |      |      |      |      |
    Kong)--      |      |      |      |      |      |
    (_n r_)      |0 28  |0 28  |0 56  |  --  |0 28  |  6 cents.
  Constantinople |0 12  |0 12  |0 24  |  --  |0 12  | Book rate.
  Costa Rica     |      |      |      |      |      |
    (_n r_)      |0 28  |0 28  |0 56  |  --  |0 28  |  4 cents.
  Cuba (_n r_)   |0 28  |0 28  |0 56  |  --  |0 28  |  4 cents.
  _a_ Dardanelles|0 16  |0 28  |0 44  |0 12  |0 04  | Book rate.
  Denmark        |0 12  |0 12  |0 24  |  --  |0 12  |    do
  Ecuador (_n r_)|0 40  |0 40  |0 80  |  --  |0 40  |  6 cents.
  Egypt--        |      |      |      |      |      |
    Alexandria   |      |      |      |      |      |
    and Suez     |      |      |      |      |      |
    _viâ_        |      |      |      |      |      |
    Brindisi     |0 24  |0 24  |0 48  |  --  |0 24  |  8 cents.
  Egypt--Cairo   |      |      |      |      |      |
    and all      |      |      |      |      |      |
    places       |      |      |      |      |      |
    except       |      |      |      |      |      |
    above, _viâ_ |      |      |      |      |      |
    Southampton  |0 20  |0 20  |0 40  |  --  |0 20  |  6 cents.
  England        |0 06  |0 06  |0 12  |  --  |0 06  |  2 cents.
  Falkland       |      |      |      |      |      |
    Islands      |0 16  |0 16  |0 32  |  --  |0 16  |  4 cents.
  Fernando Po    |      |      |      |      |      |
    (_n r_)      |0 16  |0 16  |0 32  |  --  |0 16  |  4 cents.
  _a_ France     |0 10  |0 16  |0 26  |0 06  |0 04  | Book rate.
  Frankfort      |0 10  |0 10  |0 20  |  --  |0 10  |    do
  _a_ Galatz     |0 16  |0 28  |0 44  |0 12  |0 04  |    do
  Gallipoli      |      |      |      |      |      |
    (_n r_)      |0 16  |0 28  |0 44  |0 12  |0 04  |    do
  Gambia         |0 16  |0 16  |0 32  |  --  |0 16  |  4 cents.
  Gibraltar      |0 16  |0 16  |0 32  |  --  |0 16  |  4 cents.
  Gold Coast     |0 16  |0 16  |0 32  |  --  |0 16  |  4 cents.
  Greece         |0 20  |0 20  |0 40  |  --  |0 20  | Book rate.
  Grey Town      |      |      |      |      |      |
    (_n r_)      |0 28  |0 28  |0 56  |  --  |0 28  |  4 cents.
  Guatemala      |      |      |      |      |      |
    (_n r_)      |0 28  |0 28  |0 56  |  --  |0 28  |  4 cents.
  Hamburg        |0 10  |0 10  |0 20  |  --  |0 10  | Book rate.
  Hanover        |0 10  |0 10  |0 20  |  --  |0 10  |    do
  Hayti (_n r_)  |0 28  |0 28  |0 56  |  --  |0 28  |  4 cents.
  Hesse          |0 10  |0 10  |0 20  |  --  |0 10  | Book rate.
  Hesse Homburg  |0 10  |0 10  |0 20  |  --  |0 10  |    do
  Holland        |0 10  |0 10  |0 20  |  --  |0 10  | Book rate.
  * Hong Kong    |0 28  |0 28  |0 56  |  --  |0 28  |  6 cents.
  * India        |0 22  |0 22  |0 44  |  --  |0 22  |  6 cents.
  Ionian Islands |0 20  |0 28  |0 40  |  --  |0 20  | Book rate.
  Ireland        |0 06  |0 06  |0 12  |  --  |0 06  |  2 cents.
  Italy          |0 14  |0 14  |0 28  |  --  |0 14  | Book rate.
  * Labuan       |0 28  |0 28  |0 56  |  --  |0 28  |  6 cents.
  Larnaca        |0 16  |0 16  |0 32  |  --  |0 16  | Book rate.
  Lauenburg      |0 10  |0 10  |0 20  |  --  |0 10  |    do
  Liberia        |0 16  |0 16  |0 32  |  --  |0 16  |  4 cents.
  Lippe Detmold  |0 10  |0 10  |0 20  |  --  |0 10  | Book rate.
  Lubeck         |0 10  |0 10  |0 20  |  --  |0 10  |    do
  Madeira        |0 16  |0 16  |0 32  |  --  |0 16  |    do
  Malta          |0 16  |0 16  |0 32  |  --  |0 16  |  4 cents.
  Mauritius      |0 24  |0 24  |0 48  |  --  |0 24  |  8 cents.
  Mecklenburg    |0 10  |0 10  |0 20  |  --  |0 10  | Book rate.
  Mexico (_n r_) |0 28  |0 28  |0 56  |  --  |0 28  |  4 cents.
  Moldavia       |0 14  |0 14  |0 28  |  --  |0 14  | Book rate.
  Monte Video    |      |      |      |      |      |
    (_n r_)      |0 28  |0 28  |0 56  |  --  |0 28  |  4 cents.
  Mytelene       |      |      |      |      |      |
    (_n r_)      |0 16  |0 28  |0 44  |0 12  |0 04  | Book rate.
  Nassau,        |      |      |      |      |      |
    Duchy of     |0 10  |0 10  |0 20  |  --  |0 10  |    do
  Natal          |0 28  |0 28  |0 56  |  --  |0 28  |  4 cents.
  New Grenada    |      |      |      |      |      |
    (_n r_)      |0 28  |0 28  |0 56  |  --  |0 28  |  4 cents.
  * New South    |      |      |      |      |      |
    Wales        |0 16  |0 16  |0 32  |  --  |0 16  |  6 cents.
  * New Zealand  |0 16  |0 16  |0 32  |  --  |0 16  |  6 cents.
  Norway         |0 14  |0 14  |0 28  |  --  |0 14  | Book rate.
  Oldenburg      |0 10  |0 10  |0 20  |  --  |0 10  |    do
  * Penang       |0 28  |0 28  |0 56  |  --  |0 28  |  6 cents.
  Peru (_n r_)   |0 40  |0 40  |0 80  |  --  |0 40  |  6 cents.
  Poland         |0 16  |0 16  |0 32  |  --  |0 16  | Book rate.
  Porto Rico     |      |      |      |      |      |
    (_n r_)      |0 28  |0 28  |0 56  |  --  |0 28  |  4 cents.
  Portugal       |0 16  |0 28  |0 44  |0 12  |0 04  | Book rate.
  Prussia        |0 10  |0 10  |0 20  |  --  |0 10  |    do
  * Queensland   |0 16  |0 16  |0 32  |  --  |0 16  |  6 cents.
  Réunion        |0 24  |0 24  |0 48  |  --  |0 24  |  8 cents.
  Reuss          |0 10  |0 10  |0 20  |  --  |0 10  | Book rate.
  _a_ Rhodes     |0 16  |0 28  |0 44  |0 12  |0 04  |    do
  Russia         |0 14  |0 14  |0 28  |  --  |0 14  |    do
  St. Helena     |0 28  |0 28  |0 56  |  --  |0 28  |  4 cents.
  _a_ Salonica   |0 16  |0 28  |0 44  |0 12  |0 04  | Book rate.
  _a_ Samsoun    |0 16  |0 28  |0 44  |0 12  |0 04  |    do
  Saxe          }|      |      |      |      |      |
    Altenburg   }|      |      |      |      |      |
  Saxe Coburg   }|      |      |      |      |      |
    Gotha       }|      |      |      |      |      |
  Saxe          }|      |      |      |      |      |
    Meiningen   }|      |      |      |      |      |
  Saxe Weimar   }|      |      |      |      |      |
  Saxony        }|0 10  |0 10  |0 20  |  --  |0 10  | Book rate.
  Schaumburg    }|      |      |      |      |      |
    Lippe       }|      |      |      |      |      |
  Schwartzburg  }|      |      |      |      |      |
    Rudolstadt  }|      |      |      |      |      |
  Schwartzburg  }|      |      |      |      |      |
    Sonderhausen}|      |      |      |      |      |
  Scotland       |0 06  |0 06  |0 12  |  --  |0 06  |  2 cents.
  Scutari        |0 16  |0 16  |0 32  |  --  |0 16  | Book rate.
  Seres          |0 16  |0 16  |0 32  |  --  |0 16  |    do
  Sierra Leone   |0 16  |0 16  |0 32  |  --  |0 16  |  4 cents.
  * Singapore    |0 28  |0 28  |0 56  |  --  |0 28  |  6 cents.
  _a_ Smyrna     |0 16  |0 28  |0 44  |0 12  |0 04  | Book rate.
  Spain          |0 20  |0 20  |0 40  |  --  |0 20  |    do
  Suez           |      |      |      |      |      |
    _viâ_        |      |      |      |      |      |
    Brindisi     |0 20  |0 20  |0 40  |  --  |0 20  |  6 cents.
    _viâ_        |      |      |      |      |      |
    Southampton  |0 16  |0 16  |0 32  |  --  |0 16  |  4 cents.
  Surinam        |0 28  |0 28  |0 56  |  --  |0 28  |  4 cents.
  Sweden         |0 14  |0 14  |0 28  |  --  |0 14  | Book rate.
  Switzerland,   |      |      |      |      |      |
    _viâ_ Belgium|0 10  |0 10  |0 20  |  --  |0 10  |    do
  _a_            |      |      |      |      |      |
    Switzerland, |      |      |      |      |      |
    _viâ_ France |0 14  |0 24  |0 38  |0 10  |0 04  |    do
  Syria (_n r_)  |0 16  |0 28  |0 44  |0 12  |0 04  |    do
  * Tasmania     |0 16  |0 16  |0 32  |  --  |0 16  |  6 cents.
  Tchesme       }|      |      |      |      |     {|
                }|0 16  |0 16  |0 32  |  --  |0 16 {| Book rate.
  Tenedos       }|      |      |      |      |     {|
  _a_ Trebizond  |0 16  |0 28  |0 44  |0 12  |0 04  |    do
  _a_ Tultcha    |0 16  |0 28  |0 44  |0 12  |0 04  |    do
  _a_ Tunis      |0 16  |0 28  |0 44  |0 12  |0 04  |    do
  _a_ Varna      |0 16  |0 28  |0 44  |0 12  |0 04  |    do
  Venezuela      |      |      |      |      |      |
    (_n r_)      |0 28  |0 28  |0 56  |  --  |0 28  |  4 cents.
  * Victoria     |0 16  |0 16  |0 32  |  --  |0 16  |  6 cents.
  Wallachia      |0 14  |0 14  |0 28  |  --  |0 14  | Book rate.
  West Indies,   |      |      |      |      |      |
    British      |0 28  |0 28  |0 56  |  --  |0 28  |  4 cents.
  West Indies,   |      |      |      |      |      |
    Foreign      |      |      |      |      |      |
    (_n r_),     |      |      |      |      |      |
    except places|      |      |      |      |      |
    specified    |0 28  |0 28  |0 56  |  --  |0 28  |  4 cents.
  Wurtemburg     |0 10  |0 10  |0 20  |  --  |0 10  | Book rate.

                 |            FOR A BOOK PACKET.
                 |Not exceeding 2 ozs.
                 |      +--------------------------------------
                 |      |2 ozs. to 4 ozs.
                 |      |      +-------------------------------
  COUNTRIES, &c. |      |      |4 ozs. to 8 ozs.
                 |      |      |      +------------------------
                 |      |      |      |8 ozs. to 12 oz.
                 |      |      |      |      +-----------------
                 |      |      |      |      |12 ozs. to 1 lb.
                 |      |      |      |      |      +----------
                 |      |      |      |      |      |For every
                 |      |      |      |      |      |additional
                 |      |      |      |      |      |4 oz.
                 |$ cts.|$ cts.|$ cts.|$ cts.|$ cts.|$ cts.
  * Aden         |0 10  |0 12  |0 24  |0 36  |0 48  |0 12
  Africa, West   |      |      |      |      |      |
    Coast of     |      |      |      |      |      |
    (_n r_)      |0 08  |0 10  |0 20  |0 30  |0 40  |0 10
  Alexandria     |      |      |      |      |      |
    { _viâ_      |      |      |      |      |      |
    { Brindisi   |0 14  |0 16  |0 30  |0 46  |0 60  |0 16
    { _viâ_      |      |      |      |      |      |
    { Southampton|0 08  |0 10  |0 20  |0 30  |0 40  |0 10
  _a_ Algeria    |0 06  |0 12  |0 24  |0 36  |0 48  |0 12
  Ascension      |      |      |      |      |      |
    (_n r_)      |0 08  |0 10  |0 20  |0 30  |0 40  |0 10
  * Australia,   |      |      |      |      |      |
    South        |0 10  |0 12  |0 24  |0 36  |0 48  |0 12
  * Australia,   |      |      |      |      |      |
    Western      |0 10  |0 12  |0 24  |0 36  |0 48  |0 12
  Austria        |0 08  |0 16  |0 32  |0 48  |0 64  |0 16
  Azores         |0 06  |0 12  |0 24  |0 36  |0 48  |_see mem. 4_
  Baden          |0 08  |0 16  |0 32  |0 48  |0 64  |0 16
  Bavaria        |0 08  |0 16  |0 32  |0 48  |0 64  |0 16
  Belgium        |0 06  |0 12  |0 24  |0 36  |0 48  |0 12
  Beyrout        |0 14  |0 16  |0 32  |0 48  |0 64  |0 16
  Bolivia (_n r_)|0 10  |0 12  |0 24  |0 36  |0 48  |0 12
  * Borneo       |      |      |      |      |      |
    (_n r_)      |0 10  |0 12  |0 24  |0 36  |0 48  |0 12
  _a_ Bourbon    |0 14  |0 16  |0 32  |0 48  |0 64  |0 16
  Brazil (_n r_) |0 08  |0 10  |0 20  |0 30  |0 40  |0 10
  Bremen         |0 08  |0 16  |0 32  |0 48  |0 64  |0 16
  Brunswick      |0 08  |0 16  |0 32  |0 48  |0 64  |0 16
  Buenos Ayres   |      |      |      |      |      |
    (_n r_)      |0 08  |0 10  |0 20  |0 30  |0 40  |0 10
  Canary Islands |0 08  |0 16  |0 32  |0 48  |0 64  |0 16
  Cape de Verds  |0 06  |0 12  |0 24  |0 36  |0 48  |_see mem. 4_
  Cape of Good   |      |      |      |      |      |
    Hope         |0 08  |0 10  |0 20  |0 30  |0 40  |0 10
  * Ceylon       |0 10  |0 12  |0 24  |0 36  |0 48  |0 12
  Chili (_n r_)  |0 10  |0 12  |0 24  |0 36  |0 48  |0 12
  * China--      |      |      |      |      |      |
    (except Hong |      |      |      |      |      |
    Kong)--      |      |      |      |      |      |
    (_n r_)      |0 10  |0 12  |0 24  |0 36  |0 48  |0 12
  Constantinople |0 08  |0 16  |0 32  |0 48  |0 64  |0 16
  Costa Rica     |      |      |      |      |      |
    (_n r_)      |0 08  |0 10  |0 20  |0 30  |0 40  |0 10
  Cuba (_n r_)   |0 08  |0 10  |0 20  |0 30  |0 40  |0 10
  _a_ Dardanelles|0 06  |0 12  |0 24  |0 36  |0 48  |0 12
  Denmark        |0 08  |0 16  |0 32  |0 48  |0 64  |0 16
  Ecuador (_n r_)|0 10  |0 12  |0 24  |0 36  |0 48  |0 12
  Egypt--        |      |      |      |      |      |
    Alexandria   |      |      |      |      |      |
    and Suez     |      |      |      |      |      |
    _viâ_        |      |      |      |      |      |
    Brindisi     |0 14  |0 16  |0 32  |0 48  |0 64  |0 16
  Egypt--Cairo   |      |      |      |      |      |
    and all      |      |      |      |      |      |
    places       |      |      |      |      |      |
    except       |      |      |      |      |      |
    above, _viâ_ |      |      |      |      |      |
    Southampton  |0 10  |0 12  |0 24  |0 36  |0 48  |0 12
  England        |0 04  |0 06  |0 12  |0 18  |0 24  |0 06
  Falkland       |      |      |      |      |      |
    Islands      |0 08  |0 10  |0 20  |0 30  |0 40  |0 10
  Fernando Po    |      |      |      |      |      |
    (_n r_)      |0 08  |0 10  |0 20  |0 30  |0 40  |0 10
  _a_ France     |0 04  |0 08  |0 16  |0 24  |0 32  |0 08
  Frankfort      |0 08  |0 16  |0 32  |0 48  |0 64  |0 16
  _a_ Galatz     |0 06  |0 12  |0 24  |0 36  |0 48  |0 12
  Gallipoli      |      |      |      |      |      |
    (_n r_)      |0 06  |0 12  |0 24  |0 36  |0 48  |0 12
  Gambia         |0 08  |0 10  |0 20  |0 30  |0 40  |0 10
  Gibraltar      |0 08  |0 10  |0 20  |0 30  |0 40  |0 10
  Gold Coast     |0 08  |0 10  |0 20  |0 30  |0 40  |0 10
  Greece         |0 08  |0 16  |0 32  |0 48  |0 64  |0 16
  Grey Town      |      |      |      |      |      |
    (_n r_)      |0 08  |0 10  |0 20  |0 30  |0 40  |0 10
  Guatemala      |      |      |      |      |      |
    (_n r_)      |0 08  |0 10  |0 20  |0 30  |0 40  |0 10
  Hamburg        |0 08  |0 16  |0 32  |0 48  |0 64  |0 16
  Hanover        |0 08  |0 16  |0 32  |0 48  |0 64  |0 16
  Hayti (_n r_)  |0 08  |0 10  |0 20  |0 30  |0 40  |0 10
  Hesse          |0 08  |0 16  |0 32  |0 48  |0 64  |0 16
  Hesse Homburg  |0 08  |0 16  |0 32  |0 48  |0 64  |0 16
  Holland        |0 06  |0 12  |0 24  |0 36  |0 48  |0 12
  * Hong Kong    |0 10  |0 12  |0 24  |0 36  |0 48  |0 10
  * India        |0 10  |0 12  |0 24  |0 36  |0 48  |0 12
  Ionian Islands |0 08  |0 16  |0 32  |0 48  |0 64  |0 16
  Ireland        |0 04  |0 06  |0 12  |0 18  |0 24  |0 06
  Italy          |0 08  |0 16  |0 32  |0 48  |0 64  |0 16
  * Labuan       |0 10  |0 12  |0 24  |0 36  |0 48  |0 12
  Larnaca        |0 08  |0 16  |0 32  |0 48  |0 64  |0 16
  Lauenburg      |0 08  |0 16  |0 32  |0 48  |0 64  |0 16
  Liberia        |0 08  |0 10  |0 20  |0 30  |0 40  |0 10
  Lippe Detmold  |0 08  |0 16  |0 32  |0 48  |0 64  |0 16
  Lubeck         |0 08  |0 16  |0 32  |0 48  |0 64  |0 16
  Madeira        |0 06  |0 12  |0 24  |0 36  |0 48  |_see mem. 4_
  Malta          |0 08  |0 10  |0 20  |0 30  |0 40  |0 10
  Mauritius      |0 14  |0 16  |0 32  |0 48  |0 64  |0 16
  Mecklenburg    |0 08  |0 16  |0 32  |0 48  |0 64  |0 16
  Mexico (_n r_) |0 08  |0 10  |0 20  |0 30  |0 40  |0 10
  Moldavia       |0 08  |0 16  |0 32  |0 48  |0 64  |0 16
  Monte Video    |      |      |      |      |      |
    (_n r_)      |0 08  |0 10  |0 20  |0 30  |0 40  |0 10
  Mytelene       |      |      |      |      |      |
    (_n r_)      |0 06  |0 12  |0 24  |0 36  |0 48  |0 12
  Nassau,        |      |      |      |      |      |
    Duchy of     |0 08  |0 16  |0 32  |0 48  |0 64  |0 16
  Natal          |0 08  |0 10  |0 20  |0 30  |0 40  |0 10
  New Granada    |      |      |      |      |      |
    (_n r_)      |0 08  |0 10  |0 20  |0 30  |0 40  |0 10
  * New South    |      |      |      |      |      |
    Wales        |0 10  |0 12  |0 24  |0 36  |0 48  |0 12
  * New Zealand  |0 10  |0 12  |0 24  |0 36  |0 48  |0 12
  Norway         |0 08  |0 16  |0 32  |0 48  |0 64  |0 16
  Oldenburg      |0 08  |0 16  |0 32  |0 48  |0 64  |0 16
  * Penang       |0 10  |0 12  |0 24  |0 36  |0 48  |0 12
  Peru (_n r_)   |0 10  |0 12  |0 24  |0 36  |0 48  |0 12
  Poland         |0 08  |0 16  |0 32  | _See mem. 4_|
  Porto Rico     |      |      |      |      |      |
    (_n r_)      |0 08  |0 10  |0 20  |0 30  |0 40  |0 10
  Portugal       |0 06  |0 12  |0 24  |0 36  |0 48  |_see mem. 4_
  Prussia        |0 08  |0 16  |0 32  |0 48  |0 64  |0 16
  * Queensland   |0 10  |0 12  |0 24  |0 36  |0 48  |0 12
  Réunion        |0 14  |0 16  |0 32  |0 48  |0 64  |0 16
  Reuss          |0 08  |0 16  |0 32  |0 48  |0 64  |0 16
  _a_ Rhodes     |0 06  |0 12  |0 24  |0 36  |0 48  |0 12
  Russia         |0 08  |0 16  |0 32  | _See mem. 4_|
  St. Helena     |0 08  |0 10  |0 20  |0 30  |0 40  |0 10
  _a_ Salonica   |0 06  |0 12  |0 24  |0 36  |0 48  |0 12
  _a_ Samsoun    |0 06  |0 12  |0 24  |0 36  |0 48  |0 12
  Saxe          }|      |      |      |      |      |
    Altenburg   }|      |      |      |      |      |
  Saxe Coburg   }|      |      |      |      |      |
    Gotha       }|      |      |      |      |      |
  Saxe          }|      |      |      |      |      |
    Meiningen   }|      |      |      |      |      |
  Saxe Weimar   }|      |      |      |      |      |
  Saxony        }|0 08  |0 16  |0 32  |0 48  |0 64  |0 16
  Schaumburg    }|      |      |      |      |      |
    Lippe       }|      |      |      |      |      |
  Schwartzburg  }|      |      |      |      |      |
    Rudolstadt  }|      |      |      |      |      |
  Schwartzburg  }|      |      |      |      |      |
    Sonderhausen}|      |      |      |      |      |
  Scotland       |0 04  |0 06  |0 12  |0 18  |0 24  |0 06
  Scutari        |0 08  |0 16  |0 32  |0 48  |0 64  |0 16
  Seres          |0 08  |0 16  |0 32  |0 48  |0 64  |0 16
  Sierra Leone   |0 08  |0 10  |0 20  |0 30  |0 40  |0 10
  * Singapore    |0 10  |0 12  |0 24  |0 36  |0 48  |0 12
  _a_ Smyrna     |0 06  |0 12  |0 24  |0 36  |0 48  |0 16
  Spain          |0 14  |0 16  |0 30  |0 46  |0 60  |0 16
  Suez           |      |      |      |      |      |
    _viâ_        |      |      |      |      |      |
    Brindisi     |0 08  |0 10  |0 20  |0 30  |0 40  |0 10
    _viâ_        |      |      |      |      |      |
    Southampton  |0 08  |0 10  |0 20  |0 30  |0 40  |0 10
  Surinam        |0 08  |0 16  |0 32  |0 48  |0 64  |0 16
  Sweden         |0 08  |0 16  |0 32  |0 48  |0 64  |0 16
  Switzerland,   |      |      |      |      |      |
    _viâ_ Belgium|0 08  |0 16  |0 32  |0 48  |0 64  |0 16
  _a_            |      |      |      |      |      |
    Switzerland, |      |      |      |      |      |
    _viâ_ France |0 06  |0 12  |0 24  |0 36  |0 48  |0 12
  Syria (_n r_)  |0 06  |0 12  |0 24  |0 36  |0 48  |0 12
  * Tasmania     |0 10  |0 12  |0 24  |0 36  |0 48  |0 12
  Tchesme       }|      |      |      |      |      |
                }|0 08  |0 16  |0 32  |0 48  |0 64  |0 16
  Tenedos       }|      |      |      |      |      |
  _a_ Trebizond  |0 06  |0 12  |0 24  |0 36  |0 48  |0 12
  _a_ Tultcha    |0 06  |0 12  |0 24  |0 36  |0 48  |0 12
  _a_ Tunis      |0 06  |0 12  |0 24  |0 36  |0 48  |0 12
  _a_ Varna      |0 06  |0 12  |0 24  |0 36  |0 48  |0 12
  Venezuela      |      |      |      |      |      |
    (_n r_)      |0 08  |0 10  |0 20  |0 30  |0 40  |0 10
  * Victoria     |0 10  |0 12  |0 24  |0 36  |0 48  |0 12
  Wallachia      |0 08  |0 16  |0 32  |0 48  |0 64  |0 16
  West Indies,   |      |      |      |      |      |
    British      |0 08  |0 10  |0 20  |0 30  |0 40  |0 10
  West Indies,   |      |      |      |      |      |
    Foreign      |      |      |      |      |      |
    (_n r_),     |      |      |      |      |      |
    except places|      |      |      |      |      |
    specified    |0 08  |0 10  |0 20  |0 30  |0 40  |0 10
  Wurtemburg     |0 08  |0 16  |0 32  |0 48  |0 64  |0 16



TABLE shewing the Postage, including Registration Fee, to be collected on
Registered Letters sent from Canada to the undermentioned Countries.

            | Not exceeding ¼ oz.
            |      +----------------------------------------------
            |      |  Over ¼ and not exceeding ½ oz.
            |      |      +---------------------------------------
            |      |      | Over ½ and not exceeding ¾ oz.
            |      |      |      +--------------------------------
            |      |      |      | Over ¾ and not exceeding 1 oz.
  COUNTRIES.|      |      |      |
            |      |      |      |      +-------------------------
            |      |      |      |      | Over 1 and not exceeding
            |      |      |      |      | 1¼ oz.
            |      |      |      |      |      +------------------
            |      |      |      |      |      | Over 1¼ and not
            |      |      |      |      |      | exceeding 1½ oz.
            |$ cts.|$ cts.|$ cts.|$ cts.|$ cts.|$ cts.
  Belgium   |0 26  |0 26  |0 36  |0 36  |0 46  |0 46
  France    |0 32  |0 44  |0 68  |0 80  |1 04  |1 16
  Hamburg   |0 26  |0 26  |0 36  |0 36  |0 46  |0 46
  India     |0 38  |0 38  |0 60  |0 60  |0 82  |0 82
  Italy     |0 30  |0 30  |0 44  |0 44  |0 58  |0 58
  Norway    |0 32  |0 32  |0 48  |0 48  |0 64  |0 64
  Prussia   |0 26  |0 26  |0 36  |0 36  |0 46  |0 46

TABLE No. 3.


From Canada to the United Kingdom, British Colonies, and Foreign
Countries by Cunard or other Steamers, sailing from New York or Boston,
for England.

_On Letters._--If addressed to the United Kingdom, 8 cents per ½ oz. If
addressed to British Colonies, or Foreign Countries, add to the rates, in
Table No. 1, 2 cents per ½ oz.

_Newspapers._--Addressed to the United Kingdom must be prepaid at the
ordinary commuted rate, or _two cents_ each paper, if _transient_.
Newspapers addressed to British Colonies and Foreign Countries are not
forwarded by the above Steamers.

_On Book Packets_ and Packets of Patterns and Samples addressed to the
United Kingdom, 8 cents per 4 ounces (see Table of Rates, page 258),
which must be prepaid. Book Packets, and Packets of Patterns and Samples
addressed to British Colonies and Foreign Countries are not forwarded by
the above Steamers.

_The Registration Fees_ are the same as by Canadian Steamers in Table No.

_Letters, &c., intended for despatch by the Packets sailing from New York
or Boston should be specially so addressed._

TABLE No. 4.

RATES of Postage to Bermuda and West Indies, by British Mail Packet,
sailing from Halifax to Bermuda and St. Thomas, monthly.

      COUNTRY.    |     Letters.     |For each  |On Printed Matter.
                  |                  |Newspaper.|
  Bermuda         | 6 cents per ½ oz.|2 cents   |6 cents per 4 oz. weight
  West Indies,    |                  |          |
    British and   |                  |          |
    Foreign       |12 cents     ”    |   ”      |    ”          ”

These Rates should in all cases be prepaid by Postage Stamps. Unpaid
correspondence cannot be forwarded by this route.

TABLE No. 5.

SHEWING the Rates of Postage to be collected in Canada on Letters,
Newspapers, Pamphlets, Magazines, Printed Matter and Books sent by way of
the United States to the undermentioned Colonies and Foreign Countries.

                              | Letters, per ½ oz.
                              |      +-----------------------------------
                              |      |  Newspapers, each.
                              |      |      +----------------------------
  COUNTRIES, &c.              |      |      | Other Printed Matter.
                              |      |      |              +-------------
                              |      |      |              | Registration
                              |      |      |              |   Fees.
                              | cts. | cts. |    cts.      |     cts.
      Argentine Republic      |  21  |   6  | 12 per 4 oz. |
        (Buenos Ayres)        |      |      |              |
      Aspinwall (Colon)--     |  21  |      |              |      10
        Registered Letters    |      |      |              |
      do                      |  13  |   4  |  3 per 2 oz. |
        Unregistered Letters  |      |      |              |
      Bahamas                 |   3  |   4  |  3 per 2 oz. |
  (B) Belize, British Honduras|  21  |   6  | 12 per 4 oz. |      10
      Bermuda                 |  10  |   4  |  3 per 2 oz. |
      Bolivia                 |  25  |   6  | 12 per 4 oz. |      10
      * Brazil                |  18  |   3  |  2 per 2 oz. |      12
      Chili                   |  25  |   6  | 12 per 4 oz. |      10
  (A) China (ex Hong Kong and |  10  |   4  |  3 per 2 oz. |      10
        dependant ports)      |      |      |              |
      Costa Rica              |  13  |   4  |  3 per 2 oz. |
      Cuba                    |  10  |   4  |  3 per 2 oz. |
  (B) East Indies (British and|  13  |   4  | 10 per 4 oz. |
        Straits Settlements)  |      |      |              |
      Ecuador                 |  23  |   4  |  6 per 4 oz. |
  (B) Guatemala               |  13  |   4  |  3 per 2 oz. |
  (C) Hawaiian Kingdom,       |   9  |   2  |  6 per 4 oz. |
        Sandwich Islands      |      |      |              |
      Honduras (not British)  |  13  |   4  |  3 per 2 oz. |
  (B) Hong Kong and dependant |  13  |   4  |              |
        ports                 |      |      |              |
      Jamaica                 |  10  |   4  |  3 per 2 oz. |      10
  (A) Japan                   |  10  |   4  |  3 per 2 oz. |      10
      * Mexico                |  13  |   4  |  2 per 2 oz. |
      Nicaragua               |  13  |   4  |  3 per 2 oz. |
      Panama                  |  13  |   4  |  3 per 2 oz. |
      Peru                    |  25  |   6  | 12 per 4 oz. |      10
  (B) San Salvador            |  13  |   4  |  3 per 2 oz. |
      St. Domingo             |  10  |   4  |  3 per 2 oz. |
      U. S. of Columbia, ex   |  21  |   6  | 12 per 4 oz. |      10
        Panama and Aspinwall  |      |      |              |
        (Colon)               |      |      |              |
  (B) Venezuela               |  13  |   4  |  3 per 2 oz. |      10
      West Indies (Danish)    |  13  |   4  |  3 per 2 oz. |
  (B)    do   not otherwise   |  21  |   6  | 12 per 4 oz. |      10
        specified, including  |      |      |              |
        British Guiana        |      |      |              |

(A) Letters can be registered to Shanghae, in China, and to Yokohama, in
Japan, by San Francisco but to no other place in either country.

(B) Printed Prices Current and Mercantile Circulars can, where this
letter is prefixed, be forwarded as Newspapers.

(C) The postage to be collected on Newspapers for the Sandwich Islands is
two cents for each paper, and an additional charge of one cent for each
two ounces weight or fraction thereof, thus, on a single paper weighing
three ounces, collect four cents.

* Where an asterisk is prefixed, an additional charge of one cent per two
ounces weight on Newspapers, and one cent per ounce on Books and other
printed matter, must be collected.

Registration can be effected on correspondence for those places only to
which the fee is given.


RATES of Postage on all matter transmissible by Post--not of the
character of a Letter--within Canada, to Newfoundland, Great Britain,
France, and the United States.

NOTE.--The Postage upon all matter included in this table should be
prepaid by Postage Stamps.

                   |Between any place in Canada and to Newfoundland.
                   |        +----------------------------------------------
                   |        |To Great Britain, Mail Steam Packets
                   |        |sailing from Quebec or Portland and
                   |        |Halifax.
                   |        |           +----------------------------------
    DESCRIPTION    |        |           |To Great Britain by Cunard
    OF MATTER.     |        |           |and other Steamers sailing
                   |        |           |from New York or Boston.
                   |        |           |          +-----------------------
                   |        |           |          |To France by Mail
                   |        |           |          |Steam Packets
                   |        |           |          |sailing from
                   |        |           |          |Quebec, &c.
                   |        |           |          |          +------------
                   |        |           |          |          |To United
                   |        |           |          |          |States.
  _Books_          |1 cent  |Canadian   |Cunard    |French    |1 ct. per
                   |per     |Pkt. Book  |Pkt. Book |Book      |2 oz.,
                   |2 oz.   |Post (_a_) |Post (_b_)|Post (_c_)|subject on
                   |        |           |          |          |delivery to
                   |        |           |          |          |U.S. postage
                   |        |           |          |          |
  _Cartes de       |  do    |    do     |    do    |   do     |   do
   visite_         |        |           |          |          |
                   |        |           |          |          |
  _Circulars_      |1 cent  |    do     |    do    |   do     |   do
   --Printed       |each    |           |          |          |
                   |when    |           |          |          |
                   |sent    |           |          |          |
                   |singly, |           |          |          |
                   |or 1    |           |          |          |
                   |cent per|           |          |          |
                   |2 oz.   |           |          |          |
                   |        |           |          |          |
  _Handbills_      |1 cent  |    do     |    do    |    do    |   do
                   |per     |           |          |          |
                   |2 oz.   |           |          |          |
                   |        |           |          |          |
  _Lithographed    |1 cent  |    do     |    do    |    do    |   do
   Letters_ and    |each    |           |          |          |
   Circulars       |when    |           |          |          |
                   |sent    |           |          |          |
                   |singly, |           |          |          |
                   |or 1    |           |          |          |
                   |cent per|           |          |          |
                   |2 oz.   |           |          |          |
                   |        |           |          |          |
  _Newspapers_,    |Once a  |At         |As by Can.|    do    |2 cents
   Canadian        |week, 5 |commuted   |Str.      |          |each
                   |cts. per|rate, if   |          |          |
                   |quarter |prepaid    |          |          |
                   |[15]    |from office|          |          |
                   |Twice ” |of         |          |          |
                   |  10 ”  |publication|          |          |
                   |Thrice ”|           |          |          |
                   |  15 ”  |           |          |          |
                   |Daily   |           |          |          |
                   |  30 ”  |           |          |          |
                   |        |           |          |          |
  _Newspapers,     |2 cents |2 cents    |2 cents   |    do    |   do
   transient_      |each    |each       |each      |          |
                   |        |           |          |          |
  _Pamphlets and   |1 cent  |Canadian   |Cunard    |    do    |1 ct. per
   occasional      |per     |Pkt. Book  |Pkt. Book |          |2 oz. as
   Publications_   |2 oz.   |Post (_a_) |Post (_b_)|          |above
                   |        |           |          |          |
  _“Parcel Post”   |Parcels cannot be sent by post beyond the Dominion
    Packages_      |of Canada. For rates, see margin (_d_)
                   |        |           |          |          |
  _Patterns_ of    |1 cent  |Canadian   |Cunard    |French    |Cannot
   Merchandize for |per oz. |Pkt. Book  |Pkt. Book |Book      |be sent
   sale            |        |Post (_a_) |Post (_b_)|Post (_c_)|
                   |        |           |          |          |
  _Periodicals_    |1 cent  |2 cents    |    do    |    do    |Same as
                   |per 4   |each No. if|          |          |between
                   |oz.,    |published  |          |          |places in
                   |whether |in Canada; |          |          |Canada,
                   |package |Canadian   |          |          |subject on
                   |contains|Pkt. Book  |          |          |delivery
                   |one or  |Post, if   |          |          |to U.S.
                   |more    |foreign    |          |          |postage
                   |Nos.    |           |          |          |
                   |Weighing|           |          |          |
                   |less    |           |          |          |
                   |than 1  |           |          |          |
                   |oz. 1   |           |          |          |
                   |cent    |           |          |          |
                   |each if |           |          |          |
                   |sent    |           |          |          |
                   |separately          |          |          |
                   |        |           |          |          |
  [16]_Photographs |Parcel  |Canadian   |    do    |    do    |   do
  in Cases_        |post    |Pkt. Book  |          |          |
                   |        |Post (_a_) |          |          |
                   |        |           |          |          |
                   |        |           |          |          |
      ”   on card, |        |           |          |          |
   _see Cartes de  |        |           |          |          |
    visite_        |        |           |          |          |
                   |        |           |          |          |
      ”   Albums   |  do    |    do     |    do    |    do    |   do
                   |        |           |          |          |
  _Prices Current_ |1 cent  |2 cents    |4 cents   |    do    |   do
                   |per     |each, or in|each      |          |
                   |2 oz.   |bulk at    |          |          |
                   |        |Canadian   |          |          |
                   |        |Packet Book|          |          |
                   |        |Post (_a_) |          |          |
                   |        |           |          |          |
  _Book and        |   do   |Canadian   |Cunard    |    do    |1 cent
   Newspaper       |        |Pkt. Book  |Pkt. Book |          |per 2 oz.,
   Manuscript,     |        |Post (_a_) |Post (_b_)|          |as above
   Printers’ Proof,|        |           |          |          |
   Maps, &c._      |        |           |          |          |
                   |        |           |          |          |
  _Printed         |   do   |     do    |    do    |    do    |   do
   Matter_--of the |        |           |          |          |
   same character  |        |           |          |          |
   as Circulars,   |        |           |          |          |
   Handbills, &c.  |        |           |          |          |
                   |        |           |          |          |
  _Sample of       |        |           |          |          |
   Merchandize_    |        |           |          |          |
   --See Patterns. |        |           |          |          |
                   |        |           |          |          |
  _School Returns_ |   do   |     do    |    do    |    do    |   do
   --Half-yearly   |        |           |          |          |
                   |        |           |          |          |
  _School Returns_ |1 cent  |     do    |    do    |    do    |   do
   --by School     |each or |           |          |          |
   Trustees to     |1 cent  |           |          |          |
   Superintendent, |per     |           |          |          |
   even although   |2 oz.   |           |          |          |
   filled up in    |        |           |          |          |
   writing         |        |           |          |          |
                   |        |           |          |          |
  _Seeds, &c._,    |1 cent  |     do    |    do    |    do    |   do
   --samples of    |per     |           |          |          |
   (including      |2 oz.   |           |          |          |
   Cuttings, Bulbs,|        |           |          |          |
   Roots, Scions,  |        |           |          |          |
   or Grafts)      |        |           |          |          |
                   |        |           |          |          |
  _Parliamentary   |Free    |     do    |    do    |    do    |   do
   Papers_         |        |           |          |          |
                   |        |           |          |          |
  _Petitions_ and  |Free to |           |          |          |
   Addresses to    |and from|           |          |          |
   Provincial      |places  |           |          |          |
   Legislatures,   |where   |           |          |          |
   Votes and       |Session |           |          |          |
   Proceedings, and|is held |           |          |          |
   other papers,   |        |           |          |          |
   printed by      |        |           |          |          |
   order of said   |        |           |          |          |
   Legislatures    |        |           |          |          |

[15] Commuted Rate prepayable by Subscriber or Publisher.

[16] Photographs in cases containing glass cannot be sent by Post.


  Not exceeding 1 oz.   2 cents.
  1 to 2 ozs.           4   ”
  2 to 4 ozs.           6   ”
  4 to 8 ozs.          12   ”
  8 to 12 ozs.         18   ”
  12 ozs. to 1 lb.     24   ”
            and so on.


  Not exceeding 1 oz.   4 cents.
  1 to 2 ozs.           6   ”
  2 to 4 ozs.           8   ”
  4 to 8 ozs.          16   ”
  8 to 12 ozs.         24   ”
  12 ozs. to 1 lb.     32   ”
            and so on.


  Not exceeding 2 ozs.   4 cents.
  2 to 4 ozs.            8   ”
  4 to 8 ozs.           16   ”
  8 to 12 ozs.          24   ”
  8 ozs. to 1 lb.       32   ”
               and so on.

A Book Packet may contain any number of separate books, publications,
works of literature and art, maps or prints, photographs, daguereotypes,
when not on glass, or in frames containing glass; any quantity of paper,
vellum, or parchment (to the exclusion of letters); and the books, maps,
papers, &c., may be either written, printed, or plain, or any mixture of
the three; and may be either British, colonial, or foreign.

Book Packages must be open at _both ends or both sides_.


  Not exceeding ½ lb.    12½ cents.
  ½ lb. to 1 lb.         25    ”
  1 lb. to 1½ lb.        37½   ”
  1½ lb. to 2 lbs.       50    ”
  2 lbs. to 2½ lbs.      62½   ”
  2½ lbs. to 3 lbs.      75    ”
  3 lbs. to 3½ lbs.      87½   ”
  3½ lbs. to 4 lbs.      $1.00.

_Registration Fee, 5 cents._

Parcels can only be sent by Post to places in Canada, and may contain
books, daguereotypes, photographs, printers’ proof and copy, military
returns, states and rolls containing written figures and signatures,
returns, deeds, legal papers, and all transmissions of a like character,
not being strictly letters.


No letter, book, newspaper, parcel or packet of any kind whatever, can in
future be received for registration unless both postage and registration
fee are fully prepaid; prepayment should, if possible, be by postage

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