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Title: Crimes of Preachers - In the United States and Canada
Author: Billings, M. E.
Language: English
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                          CRIMES OF PREACHERS
                                 IN THE
                        UNITED STATES AND CANADA

                             TENTH EDITION.

              Transcribed out of the Original Newspapers,
                    and with Previous Transcriptions
                    Diligently Compared and Revised.

                     "THESE BE THY GODS, O ISRAEL."

              "By their fruits shall ye know them. Do men
             gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?"

                                New York
                        THE TRUTH SEEKER COMPANY
                            62 Vesey Street


In the year 1906 the Young Men's Christian Association of Pittsburgh,
in Pennsylvania, rejected the application of an actor for membership
on the ground that one of his profession could not be a moral
person. Viewing the action as a slur cast on the whole theatrical
profession, Mr. Henry E. Dixey, the well-known actor, offered to give
one thousand dollars to charity if it could be shown that actors,
man for man, were not as good as ministers of the gospel. No champion
of the cloth appearing to claim Mr. Dixey's money on that proposition,
he went further and offered another thousand dollars if there could not
be found a minister in jail for every state in the Union. This second
challenge was likewise ignored by the clergy and the association
which had provoked it, but Mr. Dixey made a few inquiries as to
the proportion of ministers to actors among convicts. His research,
which was far short of being thorough, discovered 43 ministers and
19 actors in jail. The investigation, so far as the ministers were
concerned, could have touched only the fringe of the matter, for in
eight months of the year 1914 the publishers of this work counted
more than seventy reported offenses of preachers for which they were
or deserved to be imprisoned, and of course the count included only
those cases reported in newspapers that reached the office through
an agency which scans only the more important ones. There had been
nothing like a systematic reading of the press of the country for
these cases. Judged by 1914, the clerical convicts in 1906 must have
far exceeded the number developed by Mr. Dixey's census.

The foregoing incident is introduced here to explain the nature of
this work, "Crimes of Preachers," which, like Mr. Dixey's challenge
to the clergy in behalf of his profession, is the reply we have to
make to the preachers in behalf of the unbelievers in their religion.

The clergy assume to be the teachers and guardians of morality, and
assert not only that belief in their astonishing creeds is necessary
to an upright life, but, by implication, that a profession of faith
is in a sense a guarantee of morality. It has become traditionary
with them to assume that the non-Christian man is an immoral man;
that the sincere believer is the exemplar of the higher life, while
the "Infidel," the unbeliever, illustrates the opposite; and that
whatever of morality the civilized world enjoys today it owes to the
profession and practice of Christianity.

Now, it is wholly legitimate that systems should be judged by the
correspondence between the claims made for them and their actual
performances. When Mrs. Eddy, for an instance, rose up and asserted
that Christian Science was the key to health, investigation into the
health of persons professing and practicing Christian Science became
at once a proper inquiry. And so, when ministers exalt the belief
and practice of Christianity as the one highway to the moral life of
individuals and nations, it is equally germane to observe with some
care whether or not the clergy make good their claims in their own
persons. The inquiry would be of great interest and permissible even
were Christianity offered only for our free acceptance or rejection;
but the investigation assumes the binding nature of a civic duty
when, on the strength of these clerical pretensions, the preachers of
Christianity claim and are allowed to enjoy privileges and immunities
from the state that are not granted to other citizens. There are many
"benefits of the clergy" besides those bestowed on them personally
in the shape of half-fares, freedom from civic and military duties,
and the license under the papal decree which forbids that any priest
shall be brought into a civil or criminal court without the approval
of his ecclesiastical superior. In the United States church property
valued at a billion and a half dollars escapes taxation on the
plea that it is devoted to improving the morals of the community,
and the ministers have a virtual monopoly of the first day of the
week, commonly called Sunday, on the strength of the same unproved
theory. The plea is questioned and denied by the publishers of this
book, who quote the evidences in disproof, among these being the fact
of the immorality of the clergy themselves. If the religion they spend
their lives in expounding does not keep the ministers straight, it
is almost useless to ask how much restraining influence that religion
has on the laity who only listen once a week.

It is admitted that just as the upright life of a professed Christian
is no evidence whatever of the truth of Christian doctrine and history,
so the moral delinquency of a believer is no disproof of those
things which it is necessary to accept in order to be orthodox. The
creation story, the flood story, the story of Jonah and the whale,
the virgin birth and the other miracles of the Old and New Testaments
are not affected by anything a believer in them may do, either good
or bad. Therefore we have been asked of what value a list of the
crimes of preachers can be to the cause of Freethought and mental
liberty. The reply, couched in the language of an editorial article in
"The Truth Seeker," is as follows:

    "Christianity, as interpreted by its preachers, affirms a
    fundamental relation between belief and morals. It claims that its
    system of morals is revealed and perfect; and not only this, but
    also that good morals are out of the question unless we believe
    in the Christian religion.

    "There are Christian ministers, and they are of the class who have
    the widest hearing, because they are 'sensational' ones, who will
    tell you that unbelief is synonymous with immorality; that men are
    wicked because they are Infidels, and are Infidels because they are
    wicked. They argue that as religion cannot countenance anything
    that is wrong, the wrongdoer must justify his course by denying
    the authority of religion, and hence becomes an unbeliever in order
    that his creed may not conflict with his conduct. Who has not heard
    that Infidels deny the existence of hell to relieve their minds of
    the uncertainty of going there when they die; that they put the
    Bible aside because it will not permit their indulgences in sin,
    and that a reform in conduct will be accompanied by a renunciation
    of their Infidelity and a reacceptance of religion and the Bible?

    "The preachers who promulgate these principles often proceed from
    the general to the particular. Having asserted the correlation of
    unbelief with moral turpitude, they give pretended illustrative
    instances, and they do not seem to understand that the force of
    their argument is lessened by the fact that they are obliged to
    invent cases and to deal with imaginary characters. Some, of
    course, prefer to libel known and representative Freethinkers
    instead of exercising the faculty of invention and defaming
    unbelievers who are pure myths.

    "A list of ministers, guilty of crimes and immoralities, though of
    unimpeached orthodoxy, is the answer to this class of falsifying
    preachers, which any court must accept as historical and lawful
    evidence against the pretense that good conduct grows out of
    belief in Christianity. It shows that the very apostles of that
    religion go wrong, that its ministers are profligate, and that
    in these the theory is condemned before we come to its mere lay
    exponents who less perfectly understand it.

    "People have been taught so long that piety and morality are
    interchangeable terms, that they believe it without regard to the
    facts which demonstrate the contrary to be true. When an individual
    of reputed orthodoxy violates the moral law they accuse him of
    being a hypocrite and set his religious professions down as mere
    outward pretense. But here their mental narrowness is shown, for
    the immoral person may be thoroughly sincere. The more firmly
    he believes, the stronger may be his confidence that no mere
    human weakness on his part can deprive him of the benefits of
    his religion. For according to the code we are all sinners, and
    the function of religion is not so much to keep us from personal
    sin as to save us from its natural consequences. One has fallen
    already in Adam and is therefore totally depraved, which is the
    limit of depravity. How, then, can his own sins count against
    him, when he cannot be depraved beyond 'totally'? His concern is
    to escape the consequences of the fall, which is accomplished by
    accepting the Christian scheme of salvation. His own transgressions
    can be adjusted by prayer and repentance. He conceives of divine
    mercy as infinite--there is no reaching the end of it; hence with
    unlimited credit he may draw on his account whenever he feels
    sinfully disposed."

It is unlikely, however, that the believer performs this mental
operation before reaching a determination to do that which is
wrong. Were he capable of analyzing the plan of salvation in
that manner he might doubt it. But he is like other men in the
same environment, and, like them, when inclination prompts, he
falls. Conduct, in the last analysis, is a matter of common sense, in
which the minister and the believer are likely to be at a disadvantage
as compared with the Rationalist. In our own minds we are pretty
well convinced of the reason why ministers go wrong--they have more
opportunities and, among the faithful, are under less suspicion and
observation than the laity. Nevertheless we are not averse to hearing
other explanations of their tendency to fall.

A few years ago the Rev. Dr. Madison C. Peters, a New York clergyman,
offered a theory and remedy.

"The average minister," said Dr. Peters, "has only to preach a
twenty-minute or half-hour sermon on Sunday, and this, with a mid-week
meeting, constitutes his week's work. The rest of the days he is often
loafing, trying to kill time. Even the weekly sermon may not be his own
effort. He may be either too lazy or too ignorant to compose a sermon
of his own, so he simply treats the congregation to a rehash of some
other man's work, and for this he often receives a good salary. Do
you wonder that the worst passions of these men become inflamed by
their lives of idleness? They are only human. They eat and drink of
the choicest products of the earth; they visit only the homes of the
wealthy, where they are sumptuously entertained; they do not try to
keep the body in subjection to the spirit by any kind of restraint
or mortification, and so their carnal passion becomes the master of
their being, and they fall away from grace, shocking the community and
scandalizing the church of God. I would make all work for their money."

No doubt the indolent habits of the stall-fed clergy contribute
to their incontinence, which is recognized as their predominant
weakness. While their offenses otherwise, as these pages show, range
all the way from petty larceny to murder, yet the great majority are
such as are committed with or against women and girls. The larger
figures in the list number cases of adultery, bigamy, desertion,
elopement, and seduction.

That the immorality of the clergy is recognized as a matter that needs
explanation is shown by an article entitled "Why Ministers Go Wrong,"
extracted from the "Baptist Standard" (Chicago), in which orthodox
weekly it appeared in the latter part of the year 1913. The article,
whose author is a minister, is surprising mainly because of its
frankness and not because it tells anything not previously known or
surmised. The writer says:

    "Do ministers of the churches, that is clergymen, priests and
    preachers, go wrong in any greater proportion than do doctors,
    lawyers or teachers? If one answers the question mathematically,
    no; if one answers the question in the light of our moral standards
    for ministers of the gospel, the negative answer will not be so
    readily and decidedly given. There are few issues of the daily
    newspaper without at least a single item narrating the fall of
    a clergyman. It would be hard to find a man or a woman who has
    not at some time in life become personally acquainted with a
    professed exponent of religious truth and high moral ideals who
    has demonstrated the depths of human depravity.

    "Yet the indictment against the profession is of a much more subtle
    character than that found in journalistic annals of crime or even
    in personal knowledge of gross faults on the part of clergymen. It
    would be folly to deny that, taken as a class, ministers live
    lives as pure and as free from criminal or grossly immoral taint
    as any other class of persons. The indictment takes rather the
    form of a general impression, amounting almost to a conviction,
    that the minister does not have the clear-cut and high standards
    which the business world demands.

    "Business men feel that there is something about the 'cloth'
    that makes its wearer a 'doubtful proposition' when it comes to
    square dealing between men. A prominent lawyer in Chicago said,
    only the other day, 'I dread seeing a clergyman enter my office;
    I do not want his business; he does not have the commercial honor
    of the man of affairs.' He went on to give instances of ministers
    who disregarded their business obligations and even ignored the
    sanctity of the oath at the bar of justice.

    "It is a well-known fact among houses accustomed to extend credit
    that ministers are the slowest to pay, and the most difficult from
    whom to collect. In the smaller towns it would be difficult to find
    a grocer without an uncollected account against some minister who
    had left the place. Over five years ago such a preacher boasted in
    his farewell sermon that all his bills were paid in the village,
    and he 'owed not any man'; he should have said that he had paid
    not any man, and some of his bills are still unpaid.

    "A charitable organization in Chicago allowed a minister in
    a village nearby to become indebted to it. He promised to pay
    the small account at a certain date; but a year from that time,
    although many letters had been written, the bill was unpaid. Nor
    was settlement made until this prominent minister on a good salary
    was sent a sight draft for the amount.

    "A struggling professor in an Eastern city consented to pick out
    a few books for a preacher up State, and to have them charged
    to his own account, being assured that payment would be made at
    once. The books were sent, but the cash never was forthcoming,
    and after a lengthy correspondence, in which many excuses were
    offered, the professor had to count his loss as the price he had
    paid for a lesson in trusting the 'cloth.'

    "Such evidence could be extended indefinitely. The facts back
    of it, with the many other instances of which these few are but
    slightly indicative, have produced the decided opinion in the
    business world that the minister is unreliable, and that the
    ministry does not stand of necessity for admirable manliness.

    "There are many exceptions. The manly, four-square ministers are
    the more noticeable because they are exceptional. There are still
    more ministers who are warmly admired by their congregations,
    but they are admired rather for professional traits and pulpit
    graces than for the rugged virtues that count on the street and
    in the store and office. On the whole, men of honor feel that
    today it is no honor to be entitled 'Reverend'; the average man
    looks somewhat askance at the clergyman.

    "Perhaps this is nowhere better illustrated than when a minister
    leaves his profession and desires to enter business. He finds
    there a strong prejudice against his past; it is regarded as
    unfitting him for work. When such a man goes into an office,
    experience shows that he is likely to lack the qualities that
    make for trustworthiness in details in the individual and for
    harmony in a large force of employees.

    "Now, if the business of the minister is to teach the people
    how to live, he ought at least to know how to do it himself. His
    principles are valueless if they will not stand the wear of daily
    life. Is the trouble with the teachings, with the message, or is
    it with the man himself?

    "The first reason ministers go wrong is because they are men. They
    are not angels; they are not the reincarnated ideal saints
    that the sisters and the sisterly brethren like to think they
    are. Because they are men they have human frailties. But, while
    that does account for the fact that ministers steal and break the
    express commandments the same as other men, it does not account
    for the fact that they are held below par in commercial esteem.

    "As a profession the ministry seems to offer a premium on the
    pretender, the impostor, the hypocrite. So long as there are the
    intentional pretenders and the unconscious hypocrites in the church
    they will enjoy the ministry of the pretender and hypocrite. So
    long as the churches say, 'There's nothing either good or ill
    but seeming makes it so,' the man who can succeed in fooling the
    people with appearances of virtues, with saintly air and pious
    phrase will be the man who reaches the top of his profession.

    "Then no mortal being can stand for long the fawning and adulation
    which the preacher is likely to receive, especially from foolish
    and emotional women. He is sure to come to believe that he is
    a superior being, one who either can do no wrong or can do only
    right. Steady feeding on flattery unfits him for sound counsel
    regarding his shortcomings; he gets into the habit of judging
    his own actions, not by any undeviating principles, but by the
    measure of praise they receive.

    "There are peculiar temptations incident to the work of any man
    who appears to weak minds as a demi-god on occasions, whose work
    makes unusual demands on his nerve forces, and who is obliged
    to work almost exclusively with women. There is not only the
    temptation to license in personal virtue coupled with opportunity
    in pastoral visitation; there is the tendency to conformity to
    feminine standards, so that the man becomes womanly and usually
    a poor kind of an old woman at that.

    "Mere preaching puts a tremendous strain on a man's moral fibre. It
    is the habitual statement of duties and ideals which the preacher
    knows he does not reach and do. It is the expression of the
    phrases of character, not necessarily accompanied with their
    expression in living and doing. It results in the mental habit
    of considering a duty done as soon as it is declared. It exhausts
    the moral impetus in phrases. It makes the man act the lie.

    "Intellectual dishonesty results from habitual standing as a
    special pleader; as the defender of ground which has not been
    honestly, candidly examined. The preacher seldom goes back to the
    evidence; he argues from the conclusions of others. He stands as
    an authority in that in which he frequently has made no original,
    unprejudicial examination.

    "Intellectual dishonesty comes as a result of cowardice in
    regard to the declaration of his own honest convictions. He is
    perhaps unconsciously persuaded to teach what the church teaches
    rather than what he would teach if he gave himself a chance to
    think. Creeds may be small matters, after all, but the teaching
    of a creed in which we do not believe is no small matter in its
    effects on the teacher. There are many potent reasons for fearing
    a heresy trial--often the thought of his children's hungry mouths
    and bare backs is one reason. It is a good deal easier to admire
    the men who went to the stake for a conviction than it is to
    follow them. The truth is, no minister who is honest with himself
    and who declares what he fully believes will have any reason to
    fear. The church may cast him out, but he will find a thousand
    voices and hearts to echo to any honest truth in his own.

    "Often the preacher is so dead sure that his motive is right,
    that he does not stop to examine sufficiently his method. He wants
    to save souls, and if he can do it, as it seems to him, by crooked
    means more quickly than by straight ones, then he takes the crooked
    way. He wants to build a church--if he can build it quicker by
    misrepresentation, by double dealing, by beating any one, he thinks
    only of the church, and that overweighs any other consideration.

    "Take the matter of ministers (and others, too) lying in the
    stories and illustrations they tell. We have all heard preachers
    tell as happening to them some incident which we read when we were
    boys; perhaps before they were born. The man is so carried away
    with desire to impress the truth on you that he consents to lie
    to make the illustration more personal and forceful. That makes
    it none the less a lie; but after he has told it that way a few
    times, he forgets that it is a lie.

    "One of the principal reasons for the disrespect in which the
    preacher is often regarded by the business world lies in the
    shamefully unbusinesslike manner in which the preacher has been
    treated in regard to compensation for his work. If his work
    is worthless, why not say so and tell him to get out, and do
    something worth while? If it is worth doing, then he ought to be
    paid sufficient for a living without being compelled to become
    a cadger and a pauper.

    "The old donation party may have had a good beginning, but it
    has had a bad effect on the minister's character. Add to the
    moral results of being compelled to digest frozen potatoes,
    wooden turnips and other donation specimens, the experience of
    being forced into the attitude, at least annually, of a beggar,
    and one will begin to appreciate the difficulty the preacher has
    in maintaining his self-respect. When one makes it hard for a
    man to respect himself, how long is one likely to respect him?

    "When the man in the pulpit is dependent for his daily bread on
    the tolerance and good will of the man in the pew; when he feels
    that he may get butter on his bread or even a little cake now and
    then if he can only get in the good graces of that smug old sinner
    sitting down there, it is easy to see how he has been tempted to
    fawn on him, how he has been tempted to speak of the old humbug's
    robbery of the widow and the orphan as one of the achievements
    of modern commerce and civilization. It has always been 'hard
    hitting the devil over the back if you are feeding his belly.'

    "The preacher in the country and in the old days could get along
    very well between the neighborly gifts he received and the produce
    of his little farm or garden when these were added to his small
    salary. But when, without increase of salary, that same man is
    placed in the city in our days of swollen prices for necessities,
    he is hard put to it to keep out of debt and remain honest in
    the ministry. Under the pressure some men have turned to crooked
    schemes, to selling mining stocks and other bogus investments,
    and some have gone out of the ministry. But the greater number
    have stayed in and are working hard to make ends meet and to
    stay straight.

    "Ministers have gone wrong because they have not been trained
    right in their professional schools; they have been educated only
    for oratorical labor, and that with the intent of persuading men
    to certain things by dint of their eloquence. What seminaries are
    giving courses corresponding to those in other professional schools
    on professional ethics? They have gone wrong in instances because
    their employers, the people, have not treated them right, have not
    given them a fair chance to live right; they have paid them, and
    are paying them less than we pay mechanics and clerks, and yet they
    expect the minister to live according to their social standards.

    "When the people who employ the ministers will give them an
    honest return for their work, when they will also encourage
    them to be honest in their preaching and teaching, there will be
    fewer unworthy ministers. When the theological schools get out
    of their shells and into the cities, and the preachers get out
    of their cloth and among folk, when they take off their garments
    of sanctimoniousness and get busy helping and leading others to
    better living, and to making this world a better place to live in,
    the ministers will be a good many notches higher in the world's
    esteem. It is needless to say there are a great many ministers
    who have made good in these ways."

We have thus a view of the clerical profession from the inside, the
writer having turned state's evidence. In the closing paragraph there
is an intimation that liberal preaching, or "honest" preaching, with a
discarding of the cloak of sanctimoniousness, will react on clerical
morality and thus raise the preachers in the world's esteem. That
view is borne out by the figures showing that the ministers of the
liberal sects are the best behaved.

The editor of the "Baptist Standard," commenting on the article
which he prints and which we have quoted, attributes the clergy's
poor reputation for morality to the "yellow journal," which he says
"will get twice as black in the face as it will over any other person
of equal prominence." The Baptist editor complains because--

    "A cross-roads clergyman who runs away with his organist will
    get more attention than a congressman who goes off with his
    stenographer. The senile philanderings of a former United States
    senator did not get a front-page position so often as did a
    comparatively obscure clergyman who a few years ago failed to
    get gold out of sea-water, but did get it out of the purses of
    customers who thought they had a 'good thing.' Why? The answer
    throws a flood of light upon the question at issue. Because out
    of tens of thousands of ministers, all of them working under the
    obvious limitations and temptations to which the article makes
    reference, those who go wrong are so few that, when such instances
    occur, they are played up, because they are news. When a lawyer
    or a physician, or a bank president, or a commercial traveler
    is found with the broken fragments of the seventh commandment on
    his person, it is no news, at least relatively speaking, and it
    is given an inside page. This is an unconscious tribute of the
    sensational press to the high estimate in which the clerical
    profession is in general held."

The theory of the religious editor might account for the notoriety
given a delinquent minister, but no amount of publicity could create
the fact of his delinquency. He has to run off with his organist before
the yellow journal chronicles the event. And if more publicity is given
him than is received by the lawyer, physician and bank president when
the facts come out, the notoriety in known cases is more than offset
by the secrecy preserved by the minister's congregation and friends
in nine cases out of ten, so that the papers never get hold of the
matter at all.

But the defense based on extraordinary notoriety breaks down when we
remember that the preacher who wrote the article we reproduce does not
depend on the press for his knowledge of the clerical character. He has
first-hand information of his own, and makes the assertion, moreover,
that "it would be hard to find a man or a woman who has not at some
time in life become personally acquainted with a professed exponent of
religious truth and high moral ideals who has demonstrated the depths
of human depravity." This may or may not be an exaggeration; it agrees,
however, with the testimony of purchasers of the previous editions of
this pamphlet, who generally fail to find in its pages certain cases of
clerical depravity they have individually met. And we do not suppose
that one act of immorality in a thousand committed by clergymen is
ever known to anyone but himself. Not regarding ministers as worse
than other men in this respect, we may yet reasonably conclude that
they practice the customary male reserve, and therefore are no more
given to relating all the incidents of their lives--the only way such
incidents could become known--than members of the laity.

The indictment really is not against the ministers as men--it is
against their religion and their profession. There is so close a
relation between religious emotion and what is called desire, that
scientific men have written treatises and books on the correlation
of religion and lust. The more fervent the preacher is godward, the
more ardent is he womanward--and piety works the same way with the
sisters. Our preacher who has turned state's evidence blames among
other things the pastoral visit and the emotional women who place
temptation before the man of God. He is concerned only with the
minister, but the minister is as often a tempter as a victim. He
improves the opportunities the pastoral visit affords, and makes
his share of the advances. It may be that only men without mental
honesty--men who are willing to profess to believe and to teach what
they feel is false--are entering the ministry. In that case the worst
is to be expected, and their conduct is accounted for by their lack of
principle. The "Standard's" contributor offers the novel excuse that
the minister uses up so much of his virtue in phrasing and uttering
moral precepts that he has no strength left for applying them. The
proposition is worth the notice of the churches; for if true it means
that the vocation of a preacher devitalizes a man of his moral stamina.

The religious editor and his contributor disagree on an important
point. The editor holds that the fuss made over one minister who goes
wrong with his organist is a tribute to the high estimate in which
the profession is held. On the other hand, the contributor represents
that most ministers are moral skates, and that any high estimate the
profession enjoys is due to the few decent exceptions. The distinction
is vital.

The orthodox religious standards to which a minister is supposed to
measure up are admittedly responsible for much moral laxity. Besides
the sincerely orthodox preacher (whose religious austerity never
prevents him from erring sexually), there are thousands of ministers
who live a mental or intellectual lie by remaining in the church
and preaching the creeds they do not believe. And the church does
not trouble itself about the minister's doubts so long as he keeps
them to himself. What can the church expect, then, from the religious
hypocrite in the pulpit except that he will be a moral hypocrite out
of it? Is he going to be dishonest as a preacher and honest as a man?

The Baptist paper's contributor puts the query: "Do ministers of
the churches, that is, clergymen, priests and preachers, go wrong
in any greater proportion than do doctors, lawyers or teachers?" He
gives a negative answer, "mathematically," but the very asking of the
question proves that an affirmative reply was not unexpected. Had he
included editors in his list it could have been given. The literary
and editorial professions are very poorly represented in our prisons,
and even printers are exceedingly scarce.

This compilation, periodically revised and enlarged, has been before
the public in its nine successive editions since 1881, as is stated in
one of its prefaces; and considering that its information is based on
newspaper reports, the number of corrections demanded by the ministers
whose names are herein enrolled is small. The following is the only
threat of action with which the publishers have been menaced. We
follow the style of the clerical gentleman, who writes:

    "BLUFFTON O.--5-12/1905.

    "The Truth Seeker Co., No. 28 Lafayette Place, New York, N. Y.

    "Sirs I notice you have published a Book The title of which is
    Crimes of Preachers in U. S. and Canada In which you have the
    name of Shelter, of McClure O. Now sirs, if the Copies of that
    Book is not called in and DESTROYED AND ITS PUBLICATION CEAS at
    once and the same notice bein given in your paper so published
    by your Co. in side of 20 days, ACTION will be taken against
    YOU immediately for blackmailing. The above name used by you is
    the untruth,

    "Trusting to heare from you early. Yours.

    "J. Shelter."

Mr. J. Shelter heard from the publishers early, but not only did he
fail to keep up the correspondence, but apparently abandoned altogether
his contemplated action. The charge against the Rev. John Shelter,
of the United Brethren church, is that in 1890, at McClure, Ohio, he
sold liquor without a license. All we can gather from his apparent
denial is that the name used by us is not the true one. However,
he does not take the trouble to correct it.

Another correction was personally solicited. In the ninth edition
appeared an entry condensed from the following newspaper clipping,
dated at a Connecticut town:

    "If the Rev. ---- ----. ----, the ---- minister who eloped with
    Mrs. ---- ----. ----, of ----, and who is being sued for divorce by
    his wife on the ground of intolerable cruelty, had been publicly
    drummed out, his expulsion from the Methodist church could not
    have been more emphatic and humiliating. This afternoon, after
    more than an hour's debate in executive session, the New York East
    Conference of the Methodist church voted, practically unanimously,
    to allow him to withdraw 'under complaints.'"

Our entry, above mentioned, concerning this preacher, recorded:
"Eloped with a married woman; cruelty to wife; expelled from the
ministry." The entry should now be: "Personally appeared before
us the reverend gentleman whose name is suppressed and requested
the removal of the aforesaid entry, on the ground that there was no
elopement." While acceding to the request, we have the feeling that
with his name left out the book does not quite justify its title. The
preacher whom the New York East Conference of the Methodist church
got rid of in the emphatic and humiliating manner described by the
clipping is now a Presbyterian clergyman and doctor of divinity. The
names of more deserving men are very likely retained, for the gentleman
showed himself so lacking in loyalty to his class that he voluntarily
gave information regarding other Methodist ministers, including a
well-known editor, which could have been used to their hurt.

An act of favoritism on our part which we might prefer to commit would
be in the case of the reverend president of a Southern college who
came to Philadelphia for some unremembered purpose, and was found dead
in the house of a woman with whom he had made an assignation. This
book would be kinder to his family than were the public prints at
the time of the tragedy if it would do any good to the survivors. One
toward whom we have not felt that any especial consideration is due
is a minister of Jamestown, N. Y., who disappeared from a steamer
on the Sound in circumstances pointing to suicide, leaving with his
effects a note in which he said: "Let not those 'insane babblers' or
Infidels get hold of this for their miserable, God-dishonoring yearly
book on the crimes of preachers." We cannot see that it dishonors God
to print what God permits his preachers to do. The man in this case
wished his wife and relatives to regard him as dead because he had
another woman in view, and was shortly found living with her in Albany.

Some amusing uses have been made of this volume. In 1909 the opponents
of a bill before the legislature of California cited, to its prejudice,
the fact that members of the clerical profession were against its
passage. The gentleman who appeared before the legislative committee
in behalf of the bill offered this list of reverend delinquents
and inquired whether these were included among the ministers whose
opposition was allowed to weigh with the committee. Ministers
who undertake legislative work and pose as "Reformers" are often
unfortunate in their moral character. There has been a singular series
of mishaps among the conspicuous maintainers of the sanctity of the
Sabbath who have allied themselves with organizations to promote
Sunday observance by the saloon-keepers. The following list of them
gathered in a single state is taken from a Detroit newspaper called
"Truth" in 1905:

    The Rev. R. G. Malone, superintendent of the Grand Traverse
    district, arrested for licentious conduct; fled the state; now
    in employ of Minnesota League.

    The Rev. George Kulp, League orator, Grand Rapids, arrested
    for adultery.

    The Rev. Ralph Baldwin, League in Saginaw, fled after being
    exposed in a liaison with a Detroit woman.

    The Rev. John M. Wright, an organizer and orator for the League
    from Muskegon, proven guilty of perjury in a divorce case.

    The Rev. Orson D. Taylor, a Saginaw League organizer and orator,
    sent to House of Correction for thefts.

    The Rev. E. I. Waldorf, another Saginaw League worker, sent to
    House of Correction for thefts.

    The Rev. C. E. Lee, a prominent League worker and orator in Grand
    Rapids, expelled from his church for licentiousness.

    The Rev. J. Printer, a Branch county League organizer, fled the
    state to escape arrest for bigamy.

    The Rev. Charles Kirchner, St. Clair county League organizer and
    orator, betrayed his foster daughter.

    The Rev. Jos. St. Johns, Pontiac member of the League's force of
    workers, serving a term for assaulting a colored girl.

    The Rev. J. R. Andrews, a Lansing League orator, expelled from
    church and arrested for blackmail.

    The Rev. S. A. Northrop, one of the League's most gifted orators
    at Owosso, expelled from his church for undue intimacy with women
    of the congregation.

    The Rev. John Smith, a Grand Rapids League orator and ardent
    supporter, eloped with one of the women of his church.

    The Rev. Dr. J. G. Holiday, Manistee county organizer, expelled
    from his church for swindling.

    The Rev. William P. Squires, Bay City organizer and orator for
    the League, expelled from his church for falsehood and swindling.

    The Rev. A. C. Marshall, from Amboy, Hillsdale county,
    League worker and orator at Corunna, expelled from church for

There have been a number of clerical reformers in the East whose
records cannot be cited to their advantage. One went against the
Sabbath breakers in Brooklyn, was arrested for blackmail and forfeited
his bond. One in West Virginia fought the theaters and Sunday trains,
but he turned out a gallows bird, a bigamist, and the thief of his
children's inheritance. One went to combat license in Brattleboro,
Vermont, but turned up too drunk to go on with the lecture. One in New
Jersey railed against Sunday liberty, but beat his wife and eloped with
a choir singer. One of Boston stood in the pulpit with the blood of a
girl seduced and murdered on his hands and demanded legal suppression
of Sunday baseball. The "phrasing of morality," thus becoming a habit
with the clergy, does not conflict with their other vices.

Wherever a reform is attacked by the clergy on moral grounds
the usefulness of this work is appreciable. In Pittsburgh, Pa.,
the secretary of a Socialist group was debating with a prominent
Presbyterian minister, when the preacher incautiously asserted that
Socialism would break up the home, and paraded the horrible example
of a Socialist professor who had been divorced by his wife. The
proponent of Socialism, expressing his regrets that so irrelevant a
matter had been brought into the argument, produced a copy of "Crimes
of Preachers" to show how the home had fared at the hands of men of
his opponent's profession.

Incidentals to the downfall of the preachers are sometimes
dramatic. One exhorted his congregation to confession and repentance,
whereupon his contrite landlady, much moved, made public the
fact that she had been living with him in adultery, and asked for
prayers. Another, having worked his hearers to the proper condition,
said: "Let us all lay our sins upon the altar." A young woman with
an infant in her arms came forward and, handing him the baby, said:
"Here's yours." It appeared that he was the father of the child,
though not married to the mother.

Reference has been made to the papal decree, which of late years
has shown renewed capacity for mischief, protecting a priest from
prosecution by any Catholic without a bishop or other superior's
consent. It is a survival of the "benefit of clergy" law under which
the church claimed the right to try the cases of clerical offenders,
instead of letting them go before the civil courts. The working of this
decree was illustrated in New York recently when a priest attempted
an immoral act with an eight or ten-year-old girl. The mother of the
girl, unmindful of the prohibition, reported the case to the police,
and caused the lecherous clergyman's arrest, but later, having been
advised by one of the higher clergy of the diocese, withdrew the charge
and declined to testify against the accused, who appears to have been
liberated after a reprimand by the court. It must be obvious that
with this rule in force, all but the most serious offenses of the
Catholic clergy will escape public notice. When in 1913 the murder
of Anna Aumuller had been traced to the Rev. Hans Schmidt, a priest
of a New York church, the police arrested and the courts convicted
the reverend criminal; yet the Rev. Hans Schmidt had committed other
crimes previous to this, and was known by his Catholic acquaintances to
be a man of immoral life. He enjoyed, however, the benefit of clergy,
and was protected by it from the exposure that would have come earlier
but for the Catholic ban on "scandal," and that would not have come
at all but for his sensational crime. With this wall of secrecy thrown
about the priestly life, we know not what immoralities and crimes take
place among the clergy and never come to light. While this edition of
"Crimes of Preachers" is in preparation a Chicago Catholic priest,
in line for distinguished honors from his church, takes an automobile
"joy ride," visits a saloon in the suburbs and ends the outing by
stabbing a station agent to the heart. The published offenses of the
priests are such, usually, as in the nature of things cannot be covered
up. For them there is no such offense as conduct unbecoming a priest,
carrying the penalty of deposition and exposure.

In this edition an attempt has been made to shorten the list of
terms by which the offenses of the preachers have hitherto been
described. Now such breaches of good morals as were variously named
"Beecherism," "immoralities," "lascivious conduct," "lechery,"
"scandalous conduct," "unministerial conduct," and the like have
been brought under the head of "Immoralities with women and girls
miscellaneously and variously described," which is as definite as
the previously used terms, and saves space.

It will be observed that the total number of offenses charged is
considerably greater than the total number of ministers involved. This
results from the complicated character of some of the delinquencies
of the reverends. A married minister betrays a young woman, thereby
committing seduction and adultery. There may be a child and a charge of
bastardy. He may run away with her, adding elopement and desertion of
wife and family, and often divorce. Elopements are numerous, and they
are mentioned here only when complicated with adultery or desertion,
since the unmarried parson is entitled to his romance, and not to be
censured above other men if he makes a runaway match of it--the woman
concerned having reached or survived the ages of discretion without
any matrimonial alliance at present existing. So the adulteries,
seductions, etc., are all enlarged, while only one name is added to
the number of ministers.

In only about two-thirds of the cases are the denominations of the
clerical law-breakers known, that detail being often omitted by rural
reporters or correspondents in whom the news sense is but imperfectly
developed. The instances in which the communion is supplied give the
Methodists first place, Baptists second, and Catholics third. The
number of each is not disproportionate to the total number of clergy
of the given denominations. Nothing appears to show that there is any
great disparity between sects or between Protestants and Catholics
in point of morality. There are, say, 170,000 ministers in the
United States, 15,000 of them Catholic. That is ten parsons to one
priest. Of the 3,795 ministers in this directory, 325 are Catholics,
or about 1 priest to 10 non-Catholic clergymen.

Catholics do not have so many clergymen in proportion to their
communicants as the Protestant sects. With them one priest has to
serve a thousand adherents (provided they have the sixteen million
communicants they claim), while the Baptists, with less than six
million communicants, have nearly forty-three thousand ministers, and
the Methodists, with seven million members, report upwards of forty-one
thousand ministers. With such a multiplication of pulpiteers and a
low standard of qualification for the ministry, the bad preeminence
of the Methodist parsons is explained. It has been noticed already
that priests are not publicly exposed in such peccadilloes as might
cost a Protestant minister his pulpit or a layman his standing in
the community.

It cannot be inappropriate to quote the following comment on an excuse
offered for the two delegates to the Methodist conference of 1912,
who were caught with the broken fragments of the seventh commandment
on their person, or rather almost in the act of breaking them:

    "The fact that two of the ministers who attended the late
    Methodist conference in Indianapolis committed the statutory
    offense before they went home led Pastor Dinsmore of the Baptist
    church of Anderson, Ind., to which state one of the delinquents
    belonged, to deliver a discourse on the theme, 'How Preachers
    Go Wrong.' Viewing the matter historically, as was his duty,
    the Rev. Mr. Dinsmore found that the going wrong of a preacher
    is by no means a modern innovation; for did not Micah, David,
    Eli, and Abiathar prove false to the trust imposed in them? The
    preacher blamed society for protecting the preacher in his sin,
    and for not giving him away. But the first cause, he says, why
    a preacher falls is that he is 'human,' and the devil works for
    mastery over him as over other souls. And the second cause of the
    preacher's fall, we are told, is the woman (nothing said about
    her being also 'human'). The religious woman who has missed her
    man finds him in Jesus and takes the parson as his deputy. The
    women tempt the preacher also by the cut of their clothes, says the
    Rev. Mr. Dinsmore. They wear and let their daughters wear gowns so
    low in the neck and so short in the skirt that when a man looks at
    them 'hell is stirred up' in his breast. And so on. Of course some
    of it is true; the minister is exposed to temptation, but if he
    cannot resist what the Infidel has to, what is his religion for?"

The light sentences, if any, imposed upon clergymen in many instances
having been alluded to, we may allege a concrete case. It occurred
at the time when a nation-wide attempt was being made to fasten the
crime of white slavery, with its penalties, on two laymen who had
taken two women with their consent into an adjoining state and there
cohabited with them. The clerical case was as follows (we quote an
editorial paragraph in "The Truth Seeker" for July 19, 1913):

    "In the state of Michigan, town of St. Johns, in the middle of
    last month, a Baptist clergyman, the Rev. J. T. Gregory, being
    arraigned for the crime of rape committed upon a girl 11 years
    old, pleaded guilty and was 'sentenced to serve from one to
    ten years at the Ionia reformatory with a recommendation of two
    years by Judge Searl.' What extreme penalty the law of Michigan
    imposes for outraging an infant we do not know; the terms of
    the sentence named in this case show it is at least ten years,
    and here is a man of God getting off with a sentence of from one
    up, and recommended by the court to be let loose again upon the
    community in two years! The report of the case, printed in the
    Grand Rapids 'Press,' is exasperating to any one who believes
    that the law should be administered without favor. Every courtesy
    was shown the clerical violator of childhood. 'The sentence,' we
    read, 'was dealt out by a special arrangement with the judge,'
    as court would not convene for a week, and the minister 'was
    desirous of pleading guilty and beginning his term in prison as
    soon as possible.' The judge carried his consideration for the
    clerical rapist so far as to grant the latter's request 'for
    a day to clear up his personal affairs.' All this favoritism,
    as the reporter innocently puts it, because the Rev. Mr. Gregory
    is 'highly respected as the pastor of the Baptist church.' That
    is benefit of the clergy with the lid off! Now we would like to
    inquire why there is no public excitement about this miscarriage of
    justice. The man is married and has three daughters, two of them
    school teachers, and one a high school graduate, and is hence a
    middle-aged man who has not the excuse of youthful ardor for his
    crime. The girls in the California case were old enough to marry or
    to consent without marriage. The minister's victim is eleven years
    old. If the laymen had money and political influence, which they
    haven't, to protect them from prosecution on a charge of which
    on the face of it they are not guilty, it still would not be as
    base for them to avail themselves of that advantage as it is for
    a court to consider the alleged 'holy calling' of a minister and
    withhold adequate punishment for an atrocious crime he confesses
    that he committed. Men possessed of a nature that permits them to
    attack female children are among the most dangerous persons in
    any community, because they only want the opportunity to repeat
    the offense. The motive is always with them. The are like the
    Chicago priest who saw a 'stimulation to lust' in Chabas' picture,
    'September Morn.' No young girl is safe in the power or presence of
    that kind of degenerates; and hence when one of them gets into the
    clutches of the law he should be kept there as long as the statute
    will permit. Had the Rev. Gregory been anything but a priest and
    the court anything but a boneheaded truckler to hypocritical piety,
    he would have got a determinate sentence of at least ten years."

In one year, recently, seventeen Chicago ministers were criminally or
civilly prosecuted. It is difficult to believe that this number of
offenses does not raise the percentage of criminal preachers above
the average of all Chicago citizens. In six months of the same year
(1912) Kokomo, Indiana, had four clerical scandals. We again quote:

    "Is there some sinister element in the atmosphere of Kokomo,
    Indiana, inimical to clerical morals? After relating under
    the heading 'Parson and Widow Out on a Little Lark,' how 'the
    Rev. G. W. Alley, pastor of the First Methodist Episcopal church at
    Royal Center and an active member in the North Indiana conference,
    was arrested at a boarding house at Kokomo shortly before midnight
    Tuesday night in company with Mrs. Wendling, a widow of Walton,
    and both were hustled off to jail where they still remain,'
    the Hartford City (Ind.) 'Times-Gazette' of August 6 remarks:
    'This is the fourth scandal in Kokomo within the past six months in
    which a preacher has been involved.' Surely there must be something
    unfavorable to ministerial morals in the Kokomo atmosphere--some
    such element as that affirmed by one of the infallible popes who,
    finding himself and many of his priests disabled by a mysterious
    malady, laid it to 'a certain malignity in the constitution
    of the air.' The constitution of the air in Kokomo, Indiana,
    is obviously malign and contraindicated for ministers."

Four delinquents in six months is eight a year in a community of
12,000 souls, the church-going portion of which could be adequately
served by a dozen ministers.

It would be interesting, if practicable, to compare the morality of
the American clergy with that of other countries, but the data are
meager. Here, however, is an informing paragraph retained from a
previous edition of this book:

    "In England, from October, 1891, to October, 1892, 12 ministers
    committed suicide, 14 broke the marriage promise, 17 committed
    various crimes, 18 misused animals, 109 violated women, 121 were
    indicted for drunkenness (habitual), 254 cheated their creditors,
    and 18 committed minor offenses. That is 2.75 per cent. of the
    English ministry, says the 'Pall Mall Gazette,' who were in one
    year in trouble with the law."

Since the revision of this work was undertaken, late in the fall of
1914, the clergy have not ceased to furnish fresh material for its
pages, but as each additional name must cause a revision of totals,
the later cases, which perhaps number two dozen, must await the next
round-up. The following table condenses the crimes, offenses, etc.,
with which the ministers have been charged:

    Abduction                                                  22
    Abortion and attempts to procure                           19
    Abusive language                                           22
    Adultery                                                  676
    Alienation of affections                                   17
    Arson                                                      62
    Assault with intent to murder                              61
    Assault with intent to rape                                50
    Assault with intent to do great harm                       26
    Assault and battery                                        66
    Attempted suicide                                          15
    Bastardy                                                   77
    Bigamy, attempted and accomplished                        144
    Breach of promise to marry                                 27
    Burglary                                                   17
    Cheating, swindling, grafting, malversation,
      misappropriation, etc.                                  288
    "Conduct unbecoming a minister of the gospel"              44
    Conspiracy                                                 11
    Contempt of court                                          13
    Counterfeiting                                             16
    Cruelty to wife or children                               130
    Debauchery                                                 52
    Desertion or non-support of wife or children              207
    Disorderly conduct                                         44
    Divorced or sued                                           56
    Drunkenness                                               202
    Elopement, attempted or accomplished                      163
    Embezzlement, fraud, defalcation, etc                     162
    Enticing women and young girls                             15
    False impersonation                                        13
    Fighting                                                   51
    Forgery                                                   123
    "Fornication"                                              14
    Gambling                                                   19
    Grave robbery                                               1
    Gross immorality                                           40
    Horse stealing                                             19
    Illicit distilling                                         12
    Illicit liquor selling                                     15
    Immoralities with women and girls, miscellaneous and
      variously described                                     223
    Larceny                                                   181
    Libel                                                      50
    Lying and deceit                                          138
    Malicious destruction of property and malicious mischief   22
    Manslaughter                                               14
    Murder generally                                          119
    Murder of child                                            12
    Murder of wife                                             27
    Obscene language                                           16
    Obscene print, circulation of                              14
    Obtaining money or property under false pretenses          65
    Perjury or subornation of                                  12
    Plagiarism or literary piracy                              14
    Praying for death of neighbor, who died                     1
    Profanity                                                  11
    Quarreling                                                 19
    Rape in general                                            43
    Rape of girls under age of consent or puberty              76
    Seduction in general                                      273
    Seduction of girls under fifteen                           28
    Slander                                                   109
    Sodomy or unnatural crime                                  67
    Stealing religious funds or property                       23
    Suicide                                                   117
    Threatening life                                           16
    Violation of postal laws                                   17
    White slavery and pandering                                15
    Wife or woman beating                                      57

Breaking up the home of another man, defamation of character, illegal
marrying, violation of game laws, 9 each; blackmail and extortion and
breaking jail, 8 each; breach of hospitality, homicide, and pension
frauds, 7 each; criminal neglect, cruelty to animals, and kidnapping,
6 each; dueling, administering poison, and fraudulent divorce,
5 each; bribery, nuisance, shoplifting, trespass, and speeding,
4 each; carrying concealed weapons, compounding of felony, and
false arrest, 3 each; bankwrecking, beggary, breach of trust, cattle
stealing, illegal voting, lynching and incitement to, prize-fighting,
profanity, quackery, receiving stolen goods, smuggling, violation
of revenue law, election frauds, extortion, and "felony," 2 each;
assisting prisoner to escape, attempted trainwrecking, coercion of
the dying, criminal carelessness, cruelty to prisoners, desertion
from the army, dynamiting, illegal practice of medicine, illicit
manufacture of cigars, keeping disorderly house, lottery running,
malicious prosecution, mutilating public records, praying for death
of neighbor (who died), selling vote and influence, slave-holding
(by a missionary), teaching boys to steal, vagrancy, violation of
articles of war, violation of drug law, violation of Sunday law,
jury fixing, undue influence, "corrupting morals of young girl,"
and obstructing justice, 1 each. The whole number is approximately
five thousand, from actual count, 4,987.

Denomination of ministers so far as known:

                    Methodist                    728
                    Baptist                      492
                    Catholic                     325
                    Presbyterian                 187
                    Episcopalian                 164
                    Evangelist                   136
                    Congregational               120
                    Christian (or Campbellite)   101
                    Lutheran                     100
                    United Brethren               38
                    Jewish                        18
                    Adventist                     17
                    Reformed                      16
                    Holiness                      12
                    Church of God                  8
                    Disciples                      9
                    Missionary                     8
                    Dunkard                        7
                    Greek Catholic                 7
                    Universalist                   7
                    Church of Christ               6
                    Sanctificationist              5
                    Unitarian                      5
                    Mennonite                      4
                    Friend (Quaker)                3
                    Mormon                         3
                    Armenian                       2
                    Independent                    2
                    Moravian                       2
                    Pentecost                      2
                    Millennialist                  2

The following minor denominations are represented by 1 each: Absolute
Life, Apostolic, Amish, Christian Union, Christian Catholic, Come
Outer, Do Right, German Evangelical, Gift of Thomas, Gospel Mission,
Heliga, Holy Ghost Household Faithful, New Jerusalem, Nazarene,
New Thought, Shaker, Straight Edge, Syrian, and True Reformer (20).

The whole number of ministers whose names are recorded here is
3,795. Their denomination is given in 2,556 cases; unknown in 1,239.

In explanation of the varying typographical arrangement of dates,
names, etc., and of faults of pagination, it may be said that the older
portions of the book, covering cases occurring prior to 1899, have
been left as they formerly stood, except that the periodical comments
and recapitulations accompanying fresh editions have been eliminated,
and the available matter thrown into the general introduction to the
volume. Cases that have occurred since the close of the list in the
former style of composition have been rearranged and reset in one
alphabetical list. The book, then, contains six alphabetical lists,
beginning, in the first part, on page 10 (circa 1875-81); page 50 (to
1883); page 102 (to 1893); page 125 (to 1895); page 140 (to 1898);
page 139, Part II. (to 1914). The rearrangement condenses, without
omitting anything of permanent value, a volume which was becoming
too large to be economically produced and distributed.


So long as imagination creates a god to rule the destinies of men; so
long as ignorance can be made to believe that the preacher or priest
is in some way a go-between, or agent, between men and the powers in
the clouds--that he is a "sky-pilot," directly commissioned by deity
to attend to God's affairs on earth, and that the priest's person
and office are sacred--just so long will there be possible such a
profession as that of the modern priesthood.

And if these preachers as a whole are just as criminal as any
other class; if they are immoral without the excuse of want or
ignorance--without reason other than because of their often indolent
lives and the opportunities afforded them by the nature of their
calling--then their followers cannot learn that fact too soon.

The first edition of this book was printed in 1881, since which time
many thousands of copies have been scattered throughout the country;
but in no case to our knowledge has anyone successfully denied the
facts alleged against any "man of God" figuring in these pages. Its
substantial accuracy is therefore assured. The only charge that
can be maintained against it is its incompleteness. The publishers
do not claim to have discovered more than a small percentage of
clerical villainy. The churches endeavor to and do hide a great deal
of the immorality of their ministers. The preachers, who govern the
ecclesiastical tribunals, have a fellow feeling for one another. As
a general thing, it is only when the clergy are brought before the
secular courts that the public can learn the full facts. Comparatively
few Catholic priests figure in this record, for the reason that
that church is a close corporation which by political influence and
by control of its members' tongues can conceal the crimes of its
leaders. In all large cities of the country the Catholic church has a
large and dangerous political influence, and its priests have every
chance to go free of retribution for their vices and crimes. The
judges are Catholics, or owe their positions to Catholic power; the
court officers are Catholics; the policemen are Catholics. They all
shield the "fathers" and withhold their names from publication.

It is impossible, too, for the editor to read all the papers and
gather all the cases which do see the light of publicity. And, we are
sorry to say, some of the secular journals suppress the news. If the
country could be scanned closely the indications are that a hundred
times as many crimes could be found rightfully charged to the men who
set themselves up as teachers of morals. For use in future editions
we therefore urge all who read these pages to send us such accounts
of these cases as may come to their notice, giving facts, dates,
and localities, and, if clippings from newspapers are sent, name,
date, and place of publication of paper.

It has been objected by apologists for the system of religion in vogue
in this country that clerical delinquencies prove nothing against the
system. In this they are mistaken. Of course, if Christianity had a
foundation of fact, these records would not prove that the fact is
not there. What they do prove, however, is that the claim made for
Christianity, that it makes men moral, is not true. For if the system
is not sufficient to restrain its very teachers, how can we expect
their pupils to profit by it? The point this book emphasizes, as an
ex-Methodist minister, now a Rationalist, but always a moral man,
forcibly puts it, is that religion in and of itself, is not a moral
force; that it is not one with morality; that it may, and often does,
exist without morality, and that morality gains nothing by being
associated with it.

In proportion to their numbers, it is believed, more ministers than
members of any other profession are guilty of crimes and vices. A
large portion of the crimes are against women or with women. This,
perhaps, is not strange when one considers the institution of pastoral
visits. While men are away from home attending to their duties in
life, the minister is roving about, pretendedly looking after the
welfare of his flock, but really making calls upon the women who most
attract him. What the confessional is to the Roman Catholic church,
such is the "pastoral visit" to the Protestant church. Women should not
attend the one or receive the other except in the presence of their
fathers or husbands. Another institution of the church could also
be done away with to the gain of morality--to wit, the lone studies
for the minister annexed to the churches. These furnished rooms are
the scenes of many debaucheries. With them, too, should go the side
doors or choir entrances. The side door and study of a church in
San Francisco were used for assignation purposes, which culminated
in murder. A murdered woman was found at the confessional box of a
Romish church in New York city. In Omaha a minister was found in the
pastor's room of his own church asphyxiated in close embrace with a
woman missionary. These side doors, secluded "studies," and secret
confessional boxes are dangerous to virtue if not to life. Many a
woman and girl passes through them to her downfall.

In this short history of ministerial conduct, lack of complete identity
is sometimes unavoidable, for in the reports of these trials in the
secular journals it has been customary to drop the first names of the
defendant, and many a pious villain is recorded as "Rev. Mr. Smith,"
or "Rev. Mr. Jones." In some cases the place is not fully given where
the crime was committed. Again, in certain instances, the offense
receives the laconic name, applied by the ecclesiastical court which
tried the criminal, as "immoral conduct," "lascivious conduct," etc.;
definitions that hide the grossness of the offense, and so screen
the reverend culprit in the interest of the church and the cloth. In
many reports of trials by ecclesiastical gatherings the name of the
accused is entirely suppressed, as is supposed, out of respect for his
"sacred calling."

The denomination to which the "pious soul" belonged, is not always
given, consequently this record will not do to rely upon to enable
the reader to ascertain what branch of "the church of God" has shown
the most efficiency in pastoral criminality.

Letters will be found placed after a name, as P.E., for presiding
elder, Ev. for Evangelist; for instance: Carhart, Rev. J. W., P.E.,
and Bayliss, Rev. E. L., Ev. The D.D., PhD., LLD., and other addenda
purchased of colleges and theological seminaries have not been
preserved with any great care. If any reverend offender who has
been overlooked, and so left out of this "illustrious category,"
desires the distinction of having his name and title made famous,
he will please forward the facts.


(The following adaptation of a familiar rhyme has appeared in all
editions of this book and might be missed if omitted.)

    Ten little preachers, preaching love divine,
    One kissed the servant girl, then there were nine.

    Nine little preachers, preaching sinners' fate,
    One took too much drink, then there were eight.

    Eight little preachers, showing path to heaven,
    One betrayed a brother's wife, then there were seven.

    Seven little preachers, barring Satan's tricks,
    One of them beat his wife, then there were six.

    Six little preachers, preaching Christ alive,
    One enticed a little girl, then there were five.

    Five little preachers, preaching "Sin no more,"
    One committed an assault, then there were four.

    Four little preachers, pure as they could be,
    One deflowered an eight-year-old, then there were three.

    Three little preachers--pity they're so few--
    One killed his paramour, then there were two.

    Two little preachers, to glorify the Son,
    One whipped his child to death, then there was one.

    One little preacher, in the fold alone,
    He committed suicide, then there was none.

DATE. PREACHER'S NAME.               RESIDENCE.                   CHURCH.         CRIME CHARGED.

1878  Anderson, Rev. Robert          New York, N. Y.              M. E.           Forgery, arrested while fleeing.
      Avery, Rev. Eph. K.            Tiverton, R. I.; Fall        M. E.           Seduction, adultery, and murder; married.
                                     River, Mass.; Bristol, R.
                                     I.; Ohio.
1879  Allen, Rev.                    Cincinnati, O.               M. E.           Adultery and drunkenness; married.
      Araah, Rev.                    Anamosa, Iowa.                               Seduction; state prison.
      Anderson, Rev. J. S., P.E.     Waverly, Iowa.; Charles      M. E.           Adultery, seduction of wife of D. C. Hayes,
      alias J. S. Clark.             City, Iowa.                                  Esq.; elopement, deserted wife & children.
1880  Appell, Rev. R. S.             Belleman, Pa.; Reading, Pa.                  Fighting for pulpit, after being voted out; riot
                                                                                  in church, quelled by sheriff's posse.
1881  Arkills, Rev. Moses E.         Fredericksburg, Iowa.;       Bap.            Swindling, cheating, lying, obtaining $6,000
                                     Rudd, Iowa.                                  under false pretenses; arrested.
      Atwater, Rev., W. D., P.E.     River Falls, Wis.; Knapp,    M. E.           Adultery, seduction of Miss Kate Northrup,
                                     Wis.; Menomonee, Wis.                        caught in act; lying; arrested, church trial.
      Aldrich, Rev., T. E.           Middletown, Conn.                            Drunkenness, beating wife; arrested.
1882  Austin, Rev. Geo. H.           Madison, Ind.; Dodd City,                    Forgery, $280, names of John & Perry Cotton;
                                     Tex.                                         fled; arrested; pleaded guilty; Penitentiary 5
      Adams, Rev. Wm.                Louisville, Ky.                              Plagiarism, literary piracy; asked to resign.
1881  Arwood, Rev.                   Lumpkin Co., Ga.                             Deserted wife and children, destitute.
1876  Botts, Rev. Thos. B.           Philadelphia, Pa.            M. E.           Adultery, seduction of Louisa Younger, a
                                                                                  deacon's daughter; married.
      Benn, Rev. B.                  Storm Lake, Iowa.            Pres.           Adultery, seduction of Mrs. O. W. Smith;
                                                                                  married, confessed.
      Butler, Rev. Harrison          Chillicothe, Ky.                             Seduction of one of the sisters; she told.
1875  Beecher, Rev. H'ry W.          Brooklyn, N. Y.              Cong.           Adultery, seduction of wife of T. Tilton;
                                                                                  married; perjury; she confessed, he too.
1876  Bell, Rev. Frank, or Fred.     New York and Brookl'n.                       Seduction of 12 sisters; penitentiary 2 yrs.
      Bradley, Rev. James            Huntsville, Mo.              Bap.            Adultery, seduction, and bastardy with wife's
1877  Buffum, Rev. F. K., or         Hartford, Conn.              Cong.           Adultery, seduction, bastardy, and abortion four
      Francis E.                                                                  times; confessed, married.
1878  Booth, Rev. D. R.              Terre Haute, Ind.                            Adultery with a "soiled dove."
      Boyle, Rev. Leonidas H.        Indianapolis, Ind.                           Drunkenness and suicide.
      Bensinger, Rev. G. T.          Pittsburgh, Pa.              Bap.            Gross fraud; jailed.
      Broadwell, Rev. W. B.          Vanceburgh, Ky.              Chris.          Rape on girl ten years old; expelled.
      Butler, Rev. Myron             Flint, Mich.                 Ad.             Rape on Alma Flint, ten years old; arrested.
      Blackwell, Rev. Wm.            Columbus, Tenn.              Bap.            Larceny, horse-thief; arrested, confessed.
      Brown, Rev. Henry.             Texas.                                       Seduction, breach of promise.
      Bartlett, Rev. J. S.           Milford, Ohio.                               Adultery.
      Bottes, Rev. Rich.             Meriden, Mass.                               Larceny; convicted.
      Berkeley, Rev. E. F.           St. Louis, Mo.                               Seduction of girl eleven years old.
      Butler, Rev. W. H.             New York, N. Y.              St. Lukes       Immoral assault on young woman of his
                                                                                  congregation; resigned.
      Bowen, Rev. B. F.              Cold Spring, N. Y.                           Malicious trespass.
      Burdick, Rev. A. B.            River Point, R. I.                           Adultery with many "sisters;" convicted.
      Bell, Rev. Fred A.             New York                                     Immoral assault on young woman; fled.
      Berry, Rev. Jos. M.            Ashville, N. C.                              Adultery, drunkenness; convicted.
      Burr, Rev. D. Ellington        Ellardsville, Mo.                               ,,          ,,          ,,
      Bettinger, Rev. Levi S.        Baltimore Co., Md.                           Seduction of a girl in his charge.
      Black, Rev. Prof. Wm. F.       Indianapolis, Ind.; St.      Chris.          Seduction of Miss Corrinne E. Voss; occupied
                                     Louis, Mo.                                   same bed at Planter's Hotel; pres. Christian
      Baird, Rev. E. J.              Richmond, Va.                Pres.           Larceny, embezzled $22,000 cash belonging to
                                                                                  Pres. Pub. Co.; he was secretary.
1878  Bowan, Rev. Willis N.          Morrisania, N. Y.                            Immoral assault on a young girl, daughter of
                                                                                  John T. Cooper, member of church.
      Brooks, Rev. Wm. P.            St. Louis, Mo.                               Adultery with sister McDonald.
      Barnhart, Rev.                 Brooklyn, E. D., N. Y.       M. E.           Adultery, seduction of servant girl.
      Barker, Rev. S. P.             Brantford, Ont.              Cong.           Insulting personalities from pulpit.
      Butler, Rev. Henry             Hot Springs, Ark.                            Adultery with a "sister;" she told.
1879  Barry, Rev. Edward             Wyandotte, Mich.                             Seduction, bastardy with Miss Lizzle Thiede; he
                                                                                  was arrested and held by Jus. Jones.
      Bowers, Rev. George            Coonville, N. Y.             Cong.           Adultery, elopement with Bro. Lecroft's wife,
                                                                                  deserting his own wife and children, general
                                                                                  swindling, over $7,000; forgery.
      Bayliss, Rev. E. L. Ev.        Waverly, Iowa.; Corruna,     Bap.            Adultery, seduction of wife of Mr. Phoenix;
                                     Mich.; Maple River; Ovid,                    elopement with her, deserting wife and four
                                     Mich.                                        children; state prison in Mich; false
                                                                                  name--assumed name of his "sweet singer"
      Berry, Rev. Ev.                Toledo, Ohio.                                Adultery, seduction of Bro. Bebont's wife.
      Browning, Rev. C. H.           Grinnell, Iowa.                              Larceny, stealing cattle.
      Braun, Rev. Caspar             Houston, Tex.                Luth.           Adultery, seduction, fighting for pulpit after
                                                                                  he was expelled.
      Buck, Rev.                     New Hampton, Iowa.           Advent.         Inhumanly beating his little son; fled.
1880  Bowen, Rev.                    Somersett Co., Md.                           Illegally marrying a man to his twelve-year old
      Biscoe, Rev.                   Parsippany, N. J.                            Seduction; bastardy with Miss K. Leonard.
      Bridells, Rev. J., or William  Marietta, Pa.;                               Adultery, drunkenness; expelled.
      J,                             Philadelphia, Pa.
      Bowden, Rev.                   New York.                    R. Pres.        Quarreling in church.
1880  Billman, Rev. Ira C.           Jackson, Mich.                               Adultery, elopement with a "sister," deserted
      Bohanan, Rev. A. B.            Leavenworth, Kan.            Chris.          Adultery, bigamy, deserted wife, embezzlement;
      Banker, Rev.                   Canton, Kan.                 Bap.            Indecent familiarities with a "sister";
1881  Beekman, Rev. J. V.            Armington, Ill.; Pekin,      Chris.          Beating wife, drunkenness; jailed.
1876  Brittain, Rev. P. H.           Beverly, N. J.               M. E.           Immoral assault on two young girls, breach of
                                                                                  hospitality; confessed; fled.
      Breese, Rev. J. T.             Racine, Wis.                                 Larceny, embezzlement, swindling.
1881  Blum, Rev. Jos.                Michigan.                    Jew.            Eloped with a widow; arrested in Chicago.
      Buskirk, Rev.                  Sullivan, Ind.               M. E.           Adultery, seduction of wife of Bro Jones;
                                                                                  promised to marry; disc'v'd; church trial.
      Bowens, Rev. Jas. H.           Chicago, Ill.                Pres.           Embezzlement, swindling, obtaining money by
                                                                                  false pretense; church trial.
      Bair, Rev. D. W.               Honeytown, O.                                Brutal ass'ult on a lady; bound to keep peace.
      Black, Rev.                    Indianapolis, Ind.                           Adultery with widow on Ohio River steamer.
      Boyd, Rev. Dr.                 St. Louis, Mo.                               Literary piracy; plagiarism from E. Everett.
      Baskerville, Rev. Thos.        Bloomfield, Iowa; Belknap,   Cong.           Adultery, seduction of Lizzie Collier, elopement
                                     Iowa; Mt. Hope, Iowa;                        with her, deserting wife and children. Inhuman
                                     Lancashire, Eng.                             cruelty to wife and children.
1882  Brooks, Rev. T. R.; Brooks,    Bloomington, Ill.;           M. E.           Slander in his Banner of Holiness; church trial.
      Rev. Jno. P.                   Montgomery, Ala.
      Bedient, Rev. J. A.            Greenwood, Mo.; Louisville,  Cong.           Seduction of several "sisters"; dead beat;
                                     Ky.                                          expelled.
      Brown, Rev. Jas. A.            Indianapolis, Ind.           M. E.           Embezzlement of church funds; arrested.
      Brown, Rev. Lionel             Welland, Can.                P. E.           Suicide; shot himself; Vicar of Welland.
      Burnett, Rev. C. C.            Chicago, Ill.                                Slander.
1878  Bradford, Rev. A. H.                                        P. E.           Embezzlement of several thousands.
1882  Burt, Rev. D. E.               St Louis, Mo.                                Drunkenness, lying, immoralities; convicted.
                                                                                  Abusing wife and child.
      Barnes, Rev.                   Shanon Co., Mo.              Bap.            Incest, adultery, seduction of his
                                                                                  granddaughter, aged 13; fled.
1881  Belknap, Rev. Isaac            Philomath, Or.                               Libel on Rev. Walker.
      Caskins, Rev. Madison          Washington, D. C.            Bap.            Bigamy, gross fraud.
1877  Crow, Rev. W. S.               Hinsdale, Ill.                               Adultery with females of deacon's family;
1878  Carr, Rev. Daniel              Lawrence, Mass.              Adv.            Adultery, three cases; breach of promise;
      Chenowitz, Rev. Jno. M.        Illinois.                    Bap.            Bigamy; fled; arrested; alias John Wells.
      Chase, Rev. Sullivan C.        St. Louis, Mo.               M. E.           Rape on Miss Clara Clem, aged 13, and on other
                                                                                  girls; convicted.
      Cole. Rev. James               Tennessee.                   Bap.            Illicit distilling; convicted.
      Craig, Rev.                    El Paso, Ill.                                Seduction.
      Chabert, Rev. Joseph           Montreal, Ont.               Cath.           Rape on Josephine Beaucamp, aged 15.
      Curtis, Rev. Ev.               Blackberry, Ill.; Piano,                     Adultery, caught in bed with a "sister."
      Copeland, Rev. E. L. Ev.                                                    Bigamy, forgery, swindling; expelled.
      Coleman, Rev. Austin           Janesville, Iowa.            M. E.           Rape on Ada A. Conner, aged 13; buggery with her
                                                                                  brother; adultery; 70 years old; arrested.
      Clark, Rev. Malcom             Howard, Mich.                                Larceny, forgery.
      Coates, Rev. Seth B.           Dallas City, Ill.                            Adultery with several sisters.
      Culver, Rev. A. J.             Lisbon, Iowa.                                Seduction of daughter of lady who gave him
      Crawford, Rev. Geo. C.         Brunswick, Maine.                            Suicide.
1878  Chalfant, Rev.                 Marietta, Ohio.                              Incest, seduction of his niece; convicted.
1880  Cole, Rev. J. W.               Charlemont, Mass.            M. E.           Beating wife; after her death, married her maid,
                                                                                  and beat her also.
1878  Collins, Rev. Dr. A. M.        Grand Rapids, Mich.                          Adultery; confessed; excommunicated.
1879  Chase, Rev. H. A.              Tully, N. Y.                                 Adultery, caught in the act; 75 years old.
      Casswell, Rev. J. C.           Galesburgh, Ill.; Batavia,   Bap.            Adultery; fled.
                                     N. Y.
      Cowley, Rev. Edward            New York, N. Y.              P. E.           Inhuman cruelty to orphan children under his
                                                                                  charge in Shepherd's Fold; convicted, and
                                                                                  penitentiary where once he was chaplain.
1880  Coleman, Rev.                  Louisville, Ky.                              Larceny, picked lady's pocket of $70.00.
      Curtis, Rev. George            Fort Wayne, Ind.             M. E.           Slander, indecent proposals to lady; expel'd.
1880  Caraway, Rev. Alex.            Charlotte, N. C.                             Larceny; convicted.
      Crothers, Rev. C. L.           Findlay, Ohio.                               Swindling; fled.
      Coats, Rev. Charles T.         Campbell, C. H., Va.         Bap.            Rape on Ida Turpin, 12 years old; immoral
                                                                                  assault on other girls; arrested.
      Crude, Rev. Philip, (or Coad)  Covington, Ky.; West         Cath.           Seduction and elopement with Miss Zoe Allard;
                                     Depere, Brown county, Wis.                   arrested by her father, Joseph J. Allard.
      Cooley, Rev. B. F.             Chelmsford Cen., Mass.       M. E.           Getting a young boy drunk; sued.
      Carhart, Rev. J. W., P.E.      Appleton, Wis.; Tex.         M. E.           Perjury, lying, dishonesty, "immoral conduct,"
                                                                                  "unchristian conduct," and eleven other charges;
                                                                                  convicted, expelled.
      Cunz, Rev. B.                  Millersburgh, Ohio.          Luth.           Beating wife and children inhumanly.
      Caywood, Rev. Mrs.             Hillsboro. Ky.                               Adultery with J. R. Crane.
      Cox, Rev.                      Chattanooga, Tenn.                           Immoral assault on wife of Mr. Hulley, who had
                                                                                  given him entertainment, and who kicked him out
                                                                                  doors undressed.
      Carey, Rev. T. H.              Farmington, Mich.; St.       Bap.            Adultery, seduction of Miss Flora C. Gates.
                                     Johns, Mich.
1881  Cousins, Rev. O. M.            Portland, Me.; Saco, Me.     M. E.           Beating and starving wife and children; she sued
                                                                                  for divorce, and proved charges.
      Cass, Rev. Columbus            Somerset, Ky.; Hickory       M. E.           Murdered Wm. McKinney, supt. Sunday-school, beat
                                     Ridge, Ky.                                   head to jelly with an ax; fled.
1881  Cousins, Rev. O. M.            Portland, Me.                                Slander; tried by church court.
      Callaert, Rev.                 Michigan.                    Cath.           Extortion, dishonesty, drunkenness, slander, "a
                                                                                  depraved wretch," so called in report of
                                                                                  Judiciary Com. of Legislature.
      Chase, Rev. W. H.              Medway, Mass.                Cong.           Swindling, obtaining money by false pretense,
                                                                                  lying, false personation; fled.
      Corry, Rev. Daniel             Hudson, N. Y.; Stillwater,   Bap.            Adultery, seduction, and bastardy with Alice
                                     N. Y.                                        Orton, servant girl; confessed; resigned;
1882  Crum, Rev. Taylor              Andover, N. Y.; West         Bap.            Beating wife many times; arrested. Lying, vile
                                     Candor, N. Y.;                               language; deposed.
                                     Hornellsville, N. Y.;
                                     Richburg, N. Y.
      Contois, Rev.                  St. Louis, Mo.               Cath.           Embezzlement of church funds, swindling; fled.
1881  Copeland, Rev. A. C. alias     Iowa City, Iowa.; Cedar      M. E.           Adultery and seduction at various places; gross
      Rev. John Williams             Rapids, Iowa.; St.                           swindling, forgery, embezzlement, lying,
                                     Catharines, Can.;                            obtaini'g money by false pretenses; arrested;
                                     Indianapolis, Ind.                           prison.
1882  Curtis, Rev.                   Lowell, Mich.; Charlotte,                    Gambling, lying, not believed under oath.
      Ceregheni, Rev. John           Cincinnati, Ohio.            Cath.           Drunkenness, calaboose, swindling, obtaining
                                                                                  money by false pretense.
1879  Chase, Rev. Hamilton           Tully, N. W.                 Chris.          Adultery; seduction of Miss McCarthy, aged 11;
                                                                                  he, 70; she told.
1882  Curtley, Rev.                  Little Rock, Ark.;           M. E.           Adultery, drunkenness, robbery; prison.
                                     Perryville, Ark.;
                                     Dardanell, Ark.
      Dawson, Rev. T. M.             San Francisco, Cal.          Pres.           Adultery, bastardy.
      Davis, Rev. G. M.              Lincoln, Ill.                                Adultery with Mrs. W. M. Davis; caught by his
                                                                                  wife; this in church.
1878  Dowling, Rev.                  Indianapolis, Ind.                           Adultery with servant girl; caught in act.
      Deardoff, Rev. Ev.             Yates City, Ill.                             Adultery with three of the "sisters."
      Daly, Rev. John                Montgomery, Mo.              Cath.           Seduction of Lizzie McDonald; abortion.
      Davidson, Rev. J. A.           Pennsylvania.                                Drunkenness and disorderly conduct.
      Dunlap, Rev. Richard           Midland, Mich.                               Adultery.
      Davis, Rev.                                                 Bap.            Adultery with "sister" Burk.
      Doolittle, Rev. Aug.           Hoosic Falls, N. Y.                          Adultery with deacon's wife; false personation,
                                                                                  alias LeClair.
      Doolittle, Rev.                Juneau Co., Wis.                             Incest and rape on idiotic niece, adultery with
                                                                                  others, 63 years old; convicted, state prison 6
      Dow, Rev. Lorenzo, P.E.        Kentucky.                    M. E.           Adultery, deserting wife, elopement with another
                                                                                  preacher's daughter; fled.
      Dixon, Rev. Simeon             Brooklyn, N. Y.;                             Adultery, seduction, bastardy with Sarah Jane
                                     Baxtertown, N. Y.                            Williams.
1878  Davis, Rev. J. K.              Ohio.                        M. E.           "Unministerial" conduct; expelled.
1878  Dwyer, Rev. Peter Ev.          New York, N. Y.                              Adultery, elopement with "sister" Melville,
                                                                                  deserting wife and family.
1879  Davis, Rev. A. J.              Madelia, Minn.               Bap.            Assault, intent to murder J. F. Fisher;
      Dixon, Rev. Dr. Jas. A.        New Albany, Ind.; Memphis,                   Adultery, seduction, of Miss Lizzie Kipley,
                                     Tenn.                                        fraud, lying, attempted suicide, deserting wife
                                                                                  and children.
      Dobbs, Rev. A. S.              Painesville, Ohio.;          M. E.           Beating wife; "inhuman monster," expell'd.
                                     Meadville, Pa.
      Demond, Rev. Charles           Massachusetts.                               Embezzling church funds; arrested.
      Dunbrowski, Rev. A., or        Detroit, Mich.               Cath.           Seduction, bastardy with servant girl,
      Dorenhoffer.                                                                compounding felony; fled to Europe.
1880  Dannehoffer, Rev.              Morris, Ind.                 Cath.           Inhumanly beating children; fined.
      Daly, Rev.                     Morrison, Ill.               Cath.           Murdered his child by "sister" O'Connell;
1881  Dorsey, Rev. Wm.               Yonkers.; Tarrytown.         M. E.           Bigamy, adulte'y, married "sister" Richardson
                                                                                  while wife living, lying to her, told her wife
                                                                                  was dead; church trial; depos'd; fled.
      Davenport, Rev. Isaac          Newark, N. J.                Pres.           Lying; charged by Bro. Hawkins.
      Duer, Rev. Henry E.            Newburgh, N. Y.              Bap.            Larceny; arrested.
1882  Dunn, Rev. J. B.               Philadelphia, Pa.            Pres.           Adultery, seduction of "sister," immoral assault
                                                                                  on women; fled.
      Dupont, Rev. F. L.             Farrington, Ky.;                             Drunkenness, attempted suicide twice; arrested.
                                     Hopkinsville, Ky.; Atlanta,
      During, Rev. John              Toledo, O.                                   Inhuman cruelty to his daughter; she committed
                                                                                  suicide; church trial; resigned.
      Dawe, Rev.                     Durfield, Mich.              M. E.           Arson; went to Europe; arrested.
1878  Decunie, Rev. C. L., or        Flint, Mich.; Big Rapids,    Cath.           Adultery, bastardy, with housekeeper; swindling
      Dunnick.                       Mich.; Grand Rapids, Mich.                   his sister out of her patrimony.
1882  Dillon, Rev. S. D., or S. J.   Cincinnati, O.               Bap.            Larceny, stole money from his host; jailed.
      Debeste, Rev. C.               Kalamazoo, Mich.             Luth.           Larceny; caught; expelled; fled.
1878  Ellis, Rev. W. T.              Woodstock, Conn.             Cong.           Vile, indecent, profane language; expell'd.
      Eddy, Rev. George O.           Gloversville, N. Y.                          Bigamy.
      Edgerton, Rev.                 Gloversville, N. Y.                          Larceny.
      Eastman, Rev. A. W.            West Cornwall, Ohio.                         Adultery with the "sisters;" expelled.
      Echenbery, Rev. John           Peru, Ill.                                   Incest with two daughters and daughters-in-law,
                                                                                  adultery, sodomy; fled.
      Evans, Rev. W. H.              Vincennes, Ind.              Bap.            Swindling under false pretense; fled.
1881  Ewing, Rev. Thos.              Leavenworth, Kan.            Bap.            Adultery, seduction, and bastardy, with "sister"
                                                                                  Leah Barnett; arrested.
1882  Ellis, Rev. W. T. Ev.          Abingdon, Ill.                               Fighting.
      Ellis, Rev. Ed. H. Ev.         Neponset, Mass.; North       Bap.            Adultery with a "sister," wife of a "brother;"
                                     Haven, Me.; Thomaston.;                      arrested in pulpit while preaching; jumped his
                                     Rockland, Me.                                bail and fled.
1879  Esmond, Rev.                   Worcester, Mass.             Cong.           Embezzlement of $100,000, church funds.
      Fishback, Rev. Charles.        Winchester, Ky.                              Assault with intent to rape a 14-years-old
                                                                                  colored girl; arrested.
      Fiske, Rev. Dr.                Syracuse, N. Y.; Michigan.                   Adultery; indicted; pleaded guilty.
      Foster, Rev. H.                Circleville, Ohio.                           Seduction of servant girl.
      Fairchild, Rev. J. H.          Boston, Mass.; Exeter,                       Adultery, seduction; arrested.
      Fay, Rev. Dr.                  Boston, Mass.                                Adultery, fornication, perjury; confessed.
      Fink, Rev. Richard             Grand Rapids, Mich.                          Adultery with a young sister; deposed.
      Forham, Rev.                   Chicago, Ill.                Cath.           Embezzlement of church funds.
      Fitz, Rev. E. S.               Southampton, Mass.                           Adultery with "several sisters."
      Foster, Rev. J. H.             Hannibal, Mo.                                Adultery, bigamy, several wives, gambling; fled.
      Fansette, Rev. Leaven          Port Huron, Mich.                            Murder; hung.
      Flesher, Rev. Andw. C.         Bridgeport, Ill.                             Bigamy.
1879  Furniss, Rev. Wm. P.           Ilion, N. Y.;                M. E.           Seduction, bastardy with Miss Celeste Watrous;
                                     Pleasantville, N. Y.                         adultery, lying; fled to escape arrest.
1880  Franklyn, Rev. Thos. J.        Philadelphia, Pa.                            Embezzlement; assault and battery on church
                                                                                  warden Brown.
      Folger, Rev. S. W.             Delhi, Ont.                  Bap.            Suicide.
      Frazee, Rev. I. D.             Branchville, N. J.           M. E.           Immoral assault on wife of A. Halsted.
      Fraeger, Rev. F. W.            St. Paul, Minn.                              Forgery of note for $1,500.
1881  Fifer, Rev. Henry              Nebraska City, Neb.                          Larceny, stealing wood from W. H. Hammond, W. E.
                                                                                  Dillon, and News office.
      Fossett, Rev. Theo.            Sacramento, Cal.             M. E.           Drunkenness; arrested.
      Flora, Rev.                    Furos Co., Mo.                               Immoral assault on a "sister;" indicted.
1882  Finnerty, Rev. M.              Mokena, Ill.; Chicago, Ill.  M. E.           Assault with intent to commit rape on Miss May
                                                                                  Sheridan; immoral assault on women; arrested;
      Foster, Rev. E. S.             Winchester, Vt.; N. Adams,   Univers.        Sodomy, lying, contempt of court; jailed; church
                                     Mass.; Utica, N. Y.                          trial.
1881  Guiteau, Rev. Chas. J.         Chicago, Ill.; Washington,   Cong.; M. E.    Murder of Pres. Garfield; lying, adultery;
                                     D. C.                                        religious tramp with Moody and Sankey;
                                                                                  convicted; executed.
1876  Gaskins, Rev. M.               Washington, D. C.            Bap.            Bigamy.
      Glendenning, Rev. J. S.        Jersey City, N. J.; Henry,   Pres.           Seduction of a young sister, bastardy, lying;
                                     Ill.                                         she committed suicide.
1877  Gray, Rev. William             Lexington, Ky.               Bap.            Larceny, robbing contribution box.
      Graves, Rev. Uriel             Baltimore, M. D.             Luth.           Embezzlement of missionary fund.
1878  Gray, Rev. John A.             Texas.                       M. E.           Drunkenness for two years.
      Goddis, Rev. Maxwell P.                                                     Adultery, drunkenness.
      Goodenough, Rev.               New York, N. Y.              M. E.           Embezzlement from M. E. Book Concern.
      Graber, Rev. Charles A.        Meriden, Conn.                               Adultery.
      Gilbert, Rev. Alfred N.        Baltimore, Md.                               Adultery with a grass-widow.
1879  Green, Rev. R. T.              Alisa Craig, Ont.            P. E.           Forgery; penitentiary.
      Gabbert, Rev. R. R.            Pellville, Ky.                               Suicide.
      Goodnight, Rev. Ev.            Corsicana, Texas.                            Adultery, bastardy with his female assistant
1880  Gard, Rev. W. M.               Newport, Ind.                Chris.          Immoral assault on little Cordelia Schuman.
      Gallahorn, Rev. J. H.          Hannibal, Mo.                                Gross immorality; expos'd by church co'ncil.
1881  Gray, Rev.                     Plymouth, Pa.                M. E.           Robbed old Mr. Albrighten, larceny, lying; gave
                                                                                  up the money; confessed.
      Gates, Rev. Shode              Newberne, N. C.; Canada.                     Fighting for pulpit, whipped two preachers.
1882  Grant, Rev. C. E. Ev. alias    Austin, Tex.; Bryan, Tex.                    Larceny, deserted wife and children, adultery,
      Geo. Holmes.                                                                attempted bigamy; arrested.
      Guy, Rev.                      Maysville, La.               Cath.           Sodomy, unnamed crime; driven from town.
      Graves, Rev.                   Baltimore, Md.               Luth.           Swindling, fraud "indecencies;" trial.
      Gallaway, Rev. H'nry N.        Topeka, Kan.; Louisiana,                     Bigamy; arrested.
      Gleason, Rev.                  St. Louis, Mo.               Cath.           Adultery, seduction, bigamy; suspended.
1878  Howell, Rev. J. J.             Minneapolis, Minn.                           Suicide.
      Heath, Rev. Henry A.           Morrison, Ill.                               Adultery many times, deserted wife and family.
      Harlan, Rev. Dr.               Nebraska.                                    Slander and vulgarity; expelled.
      Hopkins, Rev. Jer. D.          Brooklyn, N. Y.                              Cheating by false pretenses.
      Hoerlin, Rev. Martin           Buffalo, N. Y.                               Arson, burned his house for insurance.
      Houghoworth, Rev. J. Ev.       Liscomb, Iowa; Gifford,      Adv.            Adultery, seduction of Miss Eva Roberts; she was
                                     Iowa                                         killed by her Lover, John Bell, who then
                                                                                  committed suicide, dying with her in his arms.
      Harmon, Rev. Christ.           Greenburgh, Ind.                             Bigamy; prison.
1879  Hines, Rev. H. K., P.E.        La Grand, Ore.; Dalles,      M. E.           Adultery with Mrs. A. C. Huntington; fled.
1879  Hayes, Rev. James              New York, N. Y.              Cath.           Inhumanly beating orphan child; indicted.
      Heroy, Rev. I. B.              Hancock, N. Y.               M. E.           Adultery with Mrs. Lodiska Edwards, wife of A.
                                                                                  J. Edwards, who captured his letters; she
                                                                                  confessed; lying; Heroy denied.
      Hobson, Rev. John T.           Bedford, Ind.                                Gambling, bet $150 on confidence game.
      Harris, Rev.                   Sherman, Tex.                M. E.           Embezzlement of church funds; swindling.
      Hauser, Rev. George            Scipio, Ind.                 Bap.            Illegal marrying; indicted.
1880  Henderson, Rev. J. R.          Van Wert, Ohio.              M. E.           Slander of Miss Nora Comer; she horsewhipped
      Hafermann, Rev. Henry          Hoboken, N. J.               Luth.           Kissing his servant girl for her spirit'l good;
                                                                                  dismissed. Assaulting immorally another woman.
      Hojda, Rev. Johann             Baltimore, Md.               Cath.           Fornication, seduction of Miss A. Lieman.
      Howell, Rev. E. W.             Baxter Springs, Kan.         M. E.           Adultery with a "sister," wife of a good
                                                                                  citizen; confessed by both; deserted wife and
                                                                                  seven children.
      Hunter, Rev. C. R.             Hoboken, N. J.                               Adultery, elopement with a young "sister," Miss
                                                                                  Andervelt; deserting wife and children;
      Hunt, Rev. Hoyt E.             Brooklyn, N. Y.; Woodbury,   M. E.           Sodomy, buggery, unnamed crime with his
                                     N. Y.                                        step-son, Abner Jones, aged 11; prison.
      Hinman, Rev. S. D.             Santee, Neb.; Dakota.        P. E.           Adultery, seduction of Indian girls at the
                                                                                  mission school where he was missionary;
                                                                                  patronizing brothels in Washington, D. C.;
                                                                                  published by Bishop Hare, Niobrara.
      Hazlewood, Rev. Webst'r        Roxsbury, Mass.                              Adultery; fraudulent divorce; expelled.
      Hendry, Rev. John              Saranac, Mich.; Carlton,                     Forgery of Mrs. Lydy's name to note, etc.; fled.
      Haddock, Rev. F. O.            Waupacca, Mich.              Cong.           Resigned under charges. "Least said the better
                                                                                  at present."
      Huebner, Rev.                  Middleton, Ohio.             Luth.           Adultery with Peter Weigold's wife, and others.
      Handford, Rev. J. W.           Toronto, Ont.                                Adultery with wife of Mr. Leslie, caught in act,
1877  Hopkins, Rev. E. D.            St. Johnsbury, Vt.                           Forgery; state-prison; expelled.
1878  Hayden, Rev. H. H.             North Madison, Conn.         M. E.           Seduction and murder of Miss Mary E. Stannard.
      Higgins, Rev. Sam.             Shelbyville, Ind.            M. E.           Slander of Mrs. Jane Higgins; she cowhided him.
      Hulitt, Rev. S.                Jerico county, Ky.                           Adultery; arrested; suspended.
      Hill, Rev. Dr. Wade            Rutherford, N. C.            Bap.            Dueling--shot his son-in-law, And'w Scroggins,
                                                                                  in a duel.
      Hayes, Rev. Robert             Raleigh, N. C.                               Incest; penitentiary twenty years.
      Hudkins, Rev. Jas. A.          Mt. Airy, Ohio.                              Bigamy, three wives.
      Huston, Rev. L. D.             Baltimore, Md.                               Seduction of young girls ten to twelve years
      Holt, Rev. William             Paris, Ill.                                  Assault and battery, whipped a poor widow with
                                                                                  plow lines.
      Hines, Rev. Archibald          Knoxville, Tenn.                             Larceny.
      Hardy, Rev. L. T.              Shelbyville, Ky.                             Adultery and elopement with a "sister."
      Hanna, Rev. J. W., P.E.        Tennessee.                   M. E.           Attempt to seduce Miss Parilla Naylor.
      Hutchison, Rev. Austin         Vermont.                                     Incest and bastardy with his daughter, adultery;
                                                                                  she told.
      Hutchison, Rev. John           Boston, Mass.                                Swindling; house of correction 8 months.
      Hiram, Rev.                    Greenville, N. Y.                            Adultery, fornication; convicted.
      Humpstone, Rev.                Malta, N. Y.                                 Fighting and quarreling with his church.
1880  Healey, Rev.                   Marblehead.                  Cath.           Assault and battery on a young lady for refusing
                                                                                  to buy his "photo;" convicted.
1880  Hartman, Rev. H.               Council Bluffs, Iowa.                        Adultery, fornication, perjury; put up at hotel
                                                                                  with woman not his wife.
1881  Hemenway, Rev.                 Massachusetts.               M. E.           Larceny; state-prison; convicted.
      Harbaugh, Rev. F. R.           Red Bank.                    Pres.           Irregularities; members deserted his church.
      Hudgins, Rev.                  Osnabruck, Ont.              M. E.           Assault and battery, beating a woman; arrested.
      Hargrave, Rev.                 Brooklyn, N. Y.              M. E.           Quarreling for the pulpit with Rev. Reeve.
      Hammond, Rev. H. H.            Solon, Iowa.; Center Point,  M. E.           Swindling, lying, obtaining money by false
                                     Iowa.                                        pretense, literary piracy; deposed.
      Hall, Rev. Jas. E.             St Louis, Mo.; Roxbury,      Cong.           Bigamy, breach of promise, adultery, lying,
                                     Mass.                                        engaged to marry 5 of "sisters;" depos'd.
      Heinrich, Rev. Carl            Woodhaven, N. Y.                             Adultery with wife of Deacon Crippendorf;
                                                                                  arrested; she told. Assault on Mr. C.
      Hall. Rev. Newman              Chicago, Ill.                                Divorced his wife to marry a new love.
      Hoffman, Rev. Henry O.         Bloomington, Ill.; Holden,   M. E.           Adultery, seduction and bastardy with Zeletta C.
                                     Ill.; Quincy, Ill.;                          Robinson, bribery, lying about it; confessed,
                                     Hillsboro, Ill.                              then denied; fornication; dismissed.
1882  Hall, Rev. Newman              Chicago, Ill.                Cong.           Adultery, charged by his wife.
      Herndon, Rev.                  Richmond, Va.                Bap.            Murder, adultery, seduction, seduc'd a young
                                                                                  "sister," murdered her to hide his crime,
                                                                                  assault and battery, trying to beat religion
                                                                                  into a fellow-convict; penitentiary.
      Heinrich, Rev. Carl            Wisconsin.; Naperville,      Luth.           Adultery, seduction of wife of "Brother"
                                     Ill.; Woodhaven, N. Y.                       Crippendorf, assault and battery; expelled.
      Healey, Rev.                   Lawrence, Mass.              Cath.           Adultery, eloped with a "sister."
1882  Hamilton, Rev. Chas.           Rondeau, Can.                Bap.            Adultery, seduction, elopement with a
                                                                                  "brother's" wife; deserting sick wife and
                                                                                  children; embezzlement of church funds; inhuman
                                                                                  cruelty to wife.
1878  Hockpeppel, Rev. P. W.         Wilmington, Del.             Cath.           Immoral assault on a young lady; embezzlement;
                                                                                  sent to monastery.
1879  Haight, Rev. Geo. L.           Portland, Mich.              M. E.           Larceny, stole a lady's silver cup on the cars;
                                                                                  caught hiding it; arrested.
1881  Horville, Rev. Harry           Avoca, Nebraska.; West       U. B.           Stopped at hotel, Council Bluffs, and slept a
                                     Virginia.                                    week with a strange woman, "Ollie," as his wife;
                                                                                  perjury in trying to escape.
      Holquerst, Rev. alias McLean.  Red Wing Minn.; Norwich,     M. E.           Adultery with wife of Rev. ---- of Mich., eloped
                                     Mich.                                        with her to Minn.; arrested.
      Holyfield, Rev.                Ellsville, Ala.              M. E.           Burglary, larceny, breach of hospitality; killed
                                                                                  while robbing store of his host, M. McLemore.
1882  Howland, Rev. Seneca           Waterbury, Conn.             M. E.           Adultery, swindling, lying, "secularity;"
      Hoff, Rev. Sam.                Philadelphia, Pa.                            Forgery of election returns, fraud; arrested.
      Hilton, Rev. Norton            Pontiac, Mich.               Bap.            Adultery, "immoralities;" expelled.
1881  Johnson, Rev. W. L.            Albany, N. Y.; Burlington,   M. E.           Larceny, stole goods from steamer Drew;
                                     Vt.                                          arrested.
1882  Johnson, Rev. A. P.            Lansing, Mich.                               Drunkenness; assault and battery; prison ninety
1876  Jones, Rev. Wm. H.             Toronto, Ont.                P. E.           Embezzlement, drunkenness, falsehood, vulgarity,
                                                                                  and ten other charges; expelled.
      James. Rev. F. D.              Somerville, Mass.                            Forgery, long continued, $100,000; jailed.
      Jones, Rev. John               New York, N. Y.              Bap.            Forgery; arrested while fleeing to Europe.
1878  Johnson, Rev. Joshua           Bayonne, N. J.               M. E.           Drunkenness and disorderly conduct; arrested.
1878  Johnson, Rev. W. H.            Rahway, N. J.                                Larceny; arrested.
      Johnson, Rev.                                                               Adultery; deposed; editor of the Evangelist.
      Johnson, Rev.                  Williamson Co., Tenn.                        Adultery, seduction of girl 14 years old.
      Jones, Rev. Joseph Ev.         Baltimore, Md.                               Suicide after embezzlement of $50,000 church
1880  Jones, Rev. John T.            New York, N. Y.                              Attempted suicide, shot himself three times;
                                                                                  assistant editor of Daily Witness.
1876  Kendrick, Rev. C. A.           Columbus, Ga.                Bap.            Adultery, seduction of a girl of 13, caught in
                                                                                  the act in his church; adultery previously;
                                                                                  fled; arrested; prison; confessed.
1880  Kirk, Rev. A. J.               Ottawa, Kan.; Kansas City,   U. B.           Adultery, seduction, deserting wife, swindling;
                                     Mo.                                          fled; arrested.
      Kirkpatrick, Rev.              Toronto, Ont.                Pres.           Fighting and quarreling in church. Riot in
                                                                                  church about having an organ.
1881  Koehler, Rev. Julius           Chillicothe, Ohio.           Luth.           Adultery and drunkenness in house of ill-fame.
1879  Kallock, Jr., Rev.             San Francisco, Cal.                          Murder of De Young, editor Chronicle.
1878  Knight, Rev. A. H.             Mitchell circuit, Ind.       M. E.           Adultery with Mary Smith; suspended.
      Kalloch, Rev. J. S., P.E.      Massachusetts.; San                          Adultery at various times, slander.
                                     Francisco, Cal.; Kansas.
      Kendrick, Rev. Tunis T.        Williamsburg, N. Y.                          Adult'ry, drunkenness, swindling; convict'd.
      Keeley, Rev.                   Madison, Wis.                                Adultery with Miss Clemmens.
      Kendreck, Rev.                                                              Seduction of girl of 9 years.
      Kristeller, Rev.               Newbridge, N. Y.                             Quarreling with Rev. K. N. Wright for pulpit.
      Kirby, Rev.                    Chambersburg, Ohio.                          Seduction.
      Kane, Rev. J. J.                                                            Inhuman treatment of wife; arrested.
      Knowlton, Rev. DeWitt          Boltonville.                                 Adultery and bastardy with a "sister."
1879  Komer, Rev.                    Olark's Hill; Lafayette,                     Adultery; compounding felony.
1880  Kensico, Rev.                                                               Immoral conduct, kissing promiscuously.
      Krohn, Rev. Dr.                West Troy, N. Y.                             Adultery; cheating; fled.
1881  Kirby, Rev.                    Camden, N. J.                M. E.           Quarreling with Rev. Shimp over ch. dues.
      Kellogg, Rev.                  Iowa.                        Bap.            Adultery; seduction of a "brothers'" wife; fled.
      Kera, Rev. E. K.               Clermont Co., Ill.           Bap.            Adultery with "sister" Bontware; tried;
      Knight, Rev. Henry             Clifton, Kan.                                Assault and battery; church trial.
      Kallsnberg, Rev.               Miamisburg, O.               Cath.           Immoral assault on women.
      Kingsley, Rev. C. S.           Boise City, Ida.             M. E.           Incest, adultery, seduction of his niece, Miss
                                                                                  Hattie A. Parsons.
      Kirkus, Rev.                   Baltimore, Md.; Portland,                    "Very objectionable;" resigned.
1882  Kochler, Rev. Julius           Manistee.                                    Adultery; sending obscene matter through mails;
                                                                                  arrested; fined $300.
      Kelley, Rev.                   Lewisville, Pa.              M. E.           Adultery, seduction, elopement with Miss Carrie
                                                                                  Monroe; deserting wife and children embezzlement
                                                                                  of church funds.
      Knight, Rev. A. H.             Mitchell, Ind.               M. E.           Attempt to poison wife; suspend'd; adult'y.
1882  Lorimer, Rev. Dr.              Chicago, Ill.                                Literary piracy, stealing Dr. Parker's sermon's.
      Lewis, Rev.                    Elmira, N. Y.; Hartford, N.  M. E. Pres.     Adultery with wife of "brother" Kirkland.
      Lansing, Rev. J. A. or G. A.   Newark, N. J.; Brooklyn,     M. E.           Swindling; obtaining $14,000 from a widow by
                                     Mass.                                        false pretenses; arrested, indicted, prison.
      Lichtenberg, Rev.              Utica, N. Y.                 Luth.           Drunkenness; dismissed.
1882  Levinson, Rev. Jacob L.        New York.; Cincinnati,       Jew.            Forgery of $20,000; fled.
      Little, Rev. Dr. J.            Irondale, Mo.; St. Louis,    M. E.           Seduction and bastardy with Emma, a 19-year old
                                     Mo.; Poplar Bluff, Mo.                       "yellow" girl; discovered by his letters;
      Lampe, Rev.                    Wheeling, W. Va.             Luth.           Assault with intent to rape a 12-year old girl.
      Laros, Rev. Jesse              Allentown, Pa.               M. E.           Rape on Ida Miller, aged 13, adultery; arrested.
1876  Lathrop, Rev. C. D.            Amherst, Mass.               Cong.           Cruelty to family, "unchristian conduct;"
      Lee, Rev. Wm. H.               Jersey City, N. J.                           Beating wife many times, profanity; arrest'd.
1878  Lautrell, Rev. Alf. M.         New York, N. Y.                              Seduction of a young colored servant girl,
                                                                                  lying; arrested.
      Luxumburg, Rev. Moritz         New York, N. Y.              Jew.            Desertion of wife.
      Lyda, Rev. Dr.                 Wheeling, W. Va.                             Poisoning starving children, assault with intent
                                                                                  to murder; arrested.
      Linn, Rev.                     Pittsburgh, Pa.                              Adultery many times.
      Langdon, D. D., Rev.           New York, N. Y.              M. E.           Embezzlement, larceny from M. E. book concern.
      Lindsay, Rev.                  Medina, N. Y.                                Murder, whipped a little 3-year old boy to death
                                                                                  for incorrectly saying Lord's Pray'r.
      LeClaire, Rev. Aug.            Hoosic Falls, N. Y.                          Adultery with deacon's wife, false personation,
                                                                                  alias Doolittle.
      Leak, Rev. J. F.               Troy, Kan.                                   Seduction, bastardy with a young "sister."
      Loring, Rev.                   Osage, Iowa.                                 Adultery with wife of deacon Hawley, caught in
                                                                                  act; both confessed to many offenses.
      Locker, Rev. John              Cass City, Mich.             M. E.           Adultery; elopement with "sister" Bell; state
                                                                                  prison three years.
1879  Landers, Rev.                  Brooklyn, Mo.                Bap.            Fighting and quarreling for the pulpit with Rev.
                                                                                  Mr. Treadwell; riot in church.
      Long, Rev. George              Springfield, Mo.             Bap.            Murder of Frank Gaddy; arrested.
1882  Lofton, D.D., Rev. George A.   St. Louis, Mo.; Memphis,     Bap.            Drunkenness; immoral assault on a lady in cars;
                                     Tenn.; Georgia.                              knocked down by a passenger. Lying; church
      Lewis, Rev. Peter              Washington, D. C.            Bap.            Drunkenness; convicted; fined.
1876  McKilvey, Rev. Alex.           New Jersey.                  Pres.           Improper conduct; expelled from church.
1877  Moody, Rev. John               Cincinnati, Ohio.                            Larceny, embezzlement of church funds; prison.
      Moulton, Rev. DeWitt           Boultonville, Ill.                           Seduction, bastardy with a "sister;" she told;
      McGhee, Rev. Sam. H.           Ashton, Ill.                                 Murder of wife; adultery with Miss Lorrille
                                                                                  Paddock; state prison 14 years.
      McCaffery, Rev. D. M.          New York, N. Y.                              Immoral assault on young wife of Mr. Leavitt;
                                                                                  attempted seduction; arrested.
      McCarty, Rev. C. P.            New York, N. Y.                              Breach of trust; abusive language.
1878  McCoskry, Rev. Bishop Samuel   Detroit, Mich.               P. E.           Seduction; fornication, long continued, with
                                                                                  Miss Fannie Richards, aged 14; confessed; 75
                                                                                  years of age; deposed by the house of bishops.
      Merrill, Rev. Dr.              St. Joseph, Mo.              Bap.            Unbecoming conduct; expelled.
      Miller, Rev. Herbert C.        Gouverneur, N. Y.; St.       P. E.           Adultery, seduction of Maria B. Foster, an
                                     Lawrence Co., N.Y.                           invalid, bastardy with her; fled while under
                                                                                  arrest; escape from justice; desertion of wife
                                                                                  and children; lying, represented himself as
                                                                                  unmarried, engaged to marry respectable lady.
1878  Murray, Rev. David             Ypsilanti, Mich.             Pres.           Lascivious conduct with Miss Mamie Johnson;
      Manson, Rev. T.                New York, N. Y.              M. E.           Adultery, at M. E. book concern.
      Maffitt, Rev. Jno. N. Ev.                                   M. E.           Adultery with many women.
      Mitchell, Rev. S. M.           Savannah, Ga.                                Adultery, gross falsehood.
      Mills, Rev. Luke               Norwich, Conn.               M. E.           Adultery, larceny, embezzlement.
      Murray, Rev. Dr. Wm. G.        Baltimore, Md.                               Drunkenness and profanity.
      Magoon, Rev. Dr.               Pres. Jonas college.                         "Very uncourteous conduct."
      Macready, Rev. Chas. S.        Middleboro, Mass.                            Suicide.
      May, Rev. F. W.                Chesaning, Mich.                             Adultery with several "sisters."
      Morris, Rev. John H.           Philadelphia, Pa., San                       Rape on Mary Rue, his 8-year old adopted
                                     Antonio, Texas.                              daughter, caught by his wife, adultery for a
1879  Murray, Rev. W. H. H.          Guilford, Conn.                              Swindling, general recklessness.
      Maupin, Rev. W. T.             Farmer City, Ill.            Chris.          Adultery two years with "sister" Scott; she
      Mandeline, Rev. John           Brooklyn, Ohio.                              Bigamy, 7 wives; confessed; penitentiary 5
      McWilliams, Rev.               Aurora, Ill.                                 Larceny, embezzlement of his ward's (Miss Hill)
                                                                                  money, assault and battery, beat her with cane
                                                                                  and fist for remonstrating.
      Martin, Rev. J. L.             Missouri Valley, Iowa.       Pres.           Drunkenness in the hour of divine service.
      Miller, Rev. S. S.             Brookville, Pa.              Luth.           Adultery, seduction, bastardy with his adopted
                                                                                  daughter; she told; convicted.
      McNeer, Rev. W. R.             Prince George Co., Md.                       Adultery, seduction, bastardy with a young
                                                                                  "sister," swindling, deserting wife and
1880  Mason, Rev. Jas. M.            Floyd C.-H., Va.                             Swindling; convicted; jailed; whipped.
      Morgan, Rev. Henry             Boston, Mass.                                Publishing obscene literature, so says the
                                                                                  Christian Intelligencer.
      Morse, Rev. John               Dexter, Me.; Calais, Me.     M. E.           Adultery and other crimes; suspended.
      Mitchell, Rev. G.              Shelbyville, Ind.                            Deserting wife; attempted bigamy; fled.
      Moulton, Rev. R. G.            Michigan.                    Cong.           Drunkenness, gambling, profanity; deposed.
      Marshall, Rev. Frank.          Fairland, Ind.               Bap.            Attempted bigamy; deserting wife and family.
      Miller, Rev. T. B.             Philadelphia, Pa.                            Forgery; arrested.
      McClelland, Rev. Geo. T.       Reynoldsville, Pa.           Pres.           Immoral assault on a reverend brother's wife,
                                                                                  who beat him severely.
1880  May, Rev.                      Portland, Or.                Jew.            Assault with intent to murder Mr. Waldeman.
      May, Rev. C. S.                Danvers, Mass.                               Adultery and abortion twice; adultery with
                                                                                  insane women under his charge.
      Marsland, Rev. Jno.            Center Village, Conn.        M. E.           Deserted his post suspiciously.
1881  Miller, Rev. B. C. Ev.         Roxbury, N. Y.               Ref.            Kissing and hugging young wife of David
                                                                                  Williams; caught in act; immoral conduct; caught
                                                                                  at it; confessed; expelled.
1876  McGlenn, Rev.                  Boston, Mass.                Cath.           Slandering Jno. Fanning and wife; arrested.
1881  Mitchell, Rev. D. P.           Topeka, Kan.                 M. E.           Bribery, illegal voting, corrupting elections,
                                                                                  embezzlement of church funds, larceny;
                                                                                  convicted; expelled; candidate for Congress.
      Morgan, Rev. Lloyd.            Kittenning, Pa.;             Bap. M. E.      Larceny, stole books from a public library;
                                     Cincinnati, Ohio.                            adultery with "sister," convicted; forgery.
      Mattlack, Rev Robert.          Little Rock, Ark.; Izard     New Light.      Murder repeated; bloody atonement.
                                     county, Ark.
      Mahony or Malony, Rev.         Erie, Pa.                    Cath.           Swindling, obtaining money by false pretense,
                                                                                  arrested; worked miracles for pay.
1881  Meredith, Rev. G. F.           Washington, Ill.; Peoria,    M. E.; M. E.;   Swindling, obtaining money under false pretense;
                                     Ill.; Kewanee, Ill.; Kansas  M. E.; Pres.;   adultery, repeated many times in each place;
                                     City, Mo.; Soublette, Ill.   M. E.           seducing six married "sisters," drunkenness,
                                                                                  lying, profanity; resigned; expelled. Eloped
                                                                                  with wife of "Bro." O'Brien.
      Moore, Rev. G. W.              Toledo, Ohio.; Chicago,                      Swindling, lying, obtaining money by false
                                     Ill.; Maryland.                              pretense.
      McGill, Rev. John              Weston, W. Va.; Toronto,     Cath.           Swindling tramp; arrested.
      Miller, Rev. D.                New London, Mo.                              Larceny; arrested; disgraced.
      McIntosh, Rev. Geo.            Newton, Ill.                 M. E.           Forgery of Mr. J. W. William's note and sold it.
      Mulford, Rev. Jacob            Camden, N. J.                M. E.           Drunkenness in pulpit, drunken spree; suicide,
                                                                                  laudanum and whisky.
      Malek, Rev.                    Chicago, Ill.                Cath.           Murder of Rev. Mielcuszny; arrested.
      Mackey, Rev.                   Youngstown, Ohio.                            Adultery, seduction of wife of "Bro." J. T.
                                                                                  Meal, assault with intent to kill Meal with
      McCarty, Rev.                  Greenfield, Mass.            Cath.           Inducing wife to leave husband; shot.
      Mahan, Rev. I. S.              Urbana, Ohio.                Bap.            Adultery, seduction, lying, insulting ladies;
                                                                                  church trial.
1882  Maynard, Rev. F. W.            New York.; Decatur, Ill.     Chris.          Drunkenness, "immoralities," charges; resigned.
      McGill, Rev. John              Toronto, Can.; Weston, W.    Cath.           Vagrancy, swindling; arrested.
      Morgan, Rev. Floyd             Galesburgh, Ill.;            Bap.            Adultery with many sisters; seduction of many
                                     Logansport, Pa.                              women; dismissed; arrested; confessed.
      McMurdy, Rev. Robert           Niles, Mich.; Joliet, Ill.   P. E.           Adultery with many "sisters;" seduction.
      Miller, Rev.                   Philadelphia, Pa.                            Abortionist; arrested.
      Massingham, Rev. W. J.         Chicago, Ill.                                Immoral assault on ladies; arrested, fined.
      Mitchell, Rev. Frank           Fairland, Ind.               Bap.            Attempt to commit bigamy; deserting wife and
                                                                                  children; fled.
      Marshall, Rev. Jonas T.        Rossville.                   M. E.           Guilty under Art. 10, §2, book of Discipline.
      Merritt, Rev.                  Battle Creek.                M. E.           Inhuman cruelty to wife; she attempted suicide.
      Miner, Rev. J. W.              St. Louis, Mo.                               Forgery; larceny many times; arrested.
      McCord, Rev.                   Rush Center, Kan.                            Immoral assault on Mrs. McK.
1878  McElroy, Rev.                  White Plains, N. Y.          Cath.           Drunkenness; immorality.
1882  Martin, Rev. Joseph E.         Lafayette, Ind.              P. E.           Inhuman cruelty to wife; held to bail, $500.
      Newby, Rev. Thos. B.           New York, N.Y.; Central      P.              Adultery, seduction, bigamy, lying, false
                                     City, Col.; Ravenswood, N.                   pretense; adultery everywhere he went; expelled.
                                     Y.; Lambertville, N. J.
1877  Noble, Rev. Mason              Sheffield, Mass.             Cong.           Immoral assault on Miss Belle J. Clarke, a
1878  Nolan, Rev. Hamlin             Mt. Level, Va.                               Seducing a lot of colored girls, aged 13 to 15;
      Navin, Rev. Enoch              Paris, Tenn.                                 Nuisance, escaped jail, malicious mischief,
1879  Newell, Rev. John              Lafayette, Ind.; Clark's                     Adultery with Rev. Komer's wife, compounding a
                                     Hill, Ind.                                   felony.
      Newbold, Rev. Geo.             Belleville, Ont.;            M. E.           Adultery, bigamy, forgery, assault and battery;
                                     Bartonville, Ont.                            convicted, prison; elopement with warden's wife;
1881  O'Malley, Rev. Bryan                                        P. E.           Beating and kicking wife; she procured divorce.
      O'Brien, Rev.                  Milwaukee, Wis.              Cath.           Drunkenness; arrested.
      O'Hanlan, Rev.                 St. Louis, Mo.               Cath.           Riot, drunkenness, assault and battery.
1877  O'Neil, Rev. R. Moffatt, or    Vermont.; New York.; New     P. E.; Cong.;   Forgery of ordination papers, literary piracy;
      Neil.                          England.; Waverly, Iowa.     Pres.; Bap.     expelled. Lying. Again forging ordination papers
                                                                                  at Brooklyn, N. Y.; Orange, N. J.; Bellerica,
                                                                                  Mass.; Fall River, Mass.; tried and expelled.
                                                                                  False personation, now Neil.
1878  Onderdonk, Rev. Bishop         New York.                                    Adultery.
      Onderdonk, Rev. Bishop         New Jersey.                                  Adultery.
1880  O'Reiley, Rev.                                              Cath.           Adultery.
1881  O'Reiley, Rev.                 Carondelet, Mo.              Cath.           Assault and battery on a mechanic.
1876  Parker, Rev. L. D. P.-E.       Catlettsburgh, Ky.; Louisa   M. E.           Adultery, seduction, elopement with Miss Winnie
                                     C.-H., Ky.                                   Sweetman, daughter of Rev. S. Sweetman;
                                                                                  deserting wife and children; swindling.
      Pettaplace, Rev. R. M.         Lowell, Mass.                Adv.            Adultery, accused by his wife; confessed;
      Phillips, Rev. Darling R.      Hackensack, N. J.;                           Immoral assault on Mrs. A. B. Foote, forgery;
                                     Richmond, Va.                                expelled.
1878  Pratt, Rev. H. L. E.           Staten Island, N. Y.; New    P. E.           Adultery with Miss Mary Clark; arrested;
                                     York, N. Y.                                  expelled.
1881  Potts, Rev.                    Orange Co., Ind.                             Assault and battery, beat Frank Osborn over head
                                                                                  with club in church.
      Pierson, Rev. Silas            Greenup, Ill.                Bap.            Adult'ry, seduction, and elopement with Miss
                                                                                  Maynes, 17, deserting wife and 3 child'n.
      Pennell, Rev. Geo. C.          Newark, N. J.                P. E.           Secret marriage; disowning his son; desertion of
                                                                                  wife and child; cruelty to wife and child.
      Parnell, D.D., Arch Dea.       Kingston, Ont.               P. E.           Embezzlement of $12,000 church funds.
1882  Pinman, Rev. J. B.             Worcester, Mass.                             Criminal conduct; resigned; fled.
      Palmstrom, Rev. A.             Hastings, Minn.; River       Luth.           Adultery, seduction, bastardy with Miss Anna
                                     Falls, Wis.; Red Wing,                       Erickson; lying; deposed.
                                     Minn.; Vasa, Minn.; Welsh,
                                     Minn.; Leon, Minn.
1878  Phillips, Rev. Thor. B. or     Barnesville, Ohio.           M. E.           Wanton conduct with Miss Alma Fuller; expelled.
      Thorn. E.
      Parker, Rev. Zacharia          Dallas, Tex.                 Bap.            Embezzlement; arrested; bond $3,000.
      Pearson, Rev. R. W.            Pittsburg, Pa.                               Swindling; gross fraud; arrested.
      Parker, Rev. Benj.             Elkhart, Tex.                                Assault with intent to murder colored man named
      Parry, Rev. Wm.                Bristol, R. I.; Worcester,                   Drunkenness, long continued; expelled.
      Packard, Rev. E. P. W.                                                      Unjust confinem't of wife in insane asylum.
      Phinney, Rev. B. F.            Westboro, Mass.                              Adultery with the "sisters" in the church.
      Pomeroy, Rev. Dr.              Sec. American Board of                       Adultery; larceny; embezzlement.
                                     Foreign Missions.
      Porter, Rev. J. M.             Bethlehem, N. Y.                             Adultery, long continued.
      Porter, Rev. G. W.             Danbyboro, Vt.                               Adultery, seduction of Miss Hattie Allen.
      Parshall, Rev.                 Oakland, Cal.                                Adultery with the "sisters;" convicted.
      Porter, Rev. John W.           VanSycle's Cor., N. Y.                       Adultery, seduction of pupil, a mere child.
      Pond, Rev. Lucius M.           Worcester, Mass.                             Forgery $10,000; larceny; swindling; fled;
      Parker, Rev.                   Ashland, Ky.                                 Adultery, seduction of deacon's daughter;
                                                                                  elopement; deserting wife and children.
1878  Patterson, Rev. J. B.          Elizabeth, N. J.                             Adultery, drunkenness; confessed.
      Phillips, Rev. N. L.           Monticello, Iowa.                            Adultery, elopement with wife of Herbert Barnes,
                                                                                  desertion of wife and family.
1879  Parks, Rev. W. J.              Canton, Ohio.                Pres.           Adultery with sister Hicks; confessed;
      Palmer, Rev. Lysander D.       Jackson, Mich.               Bap.            Adultery with married woman; confessed;
      Pledge, Rev. W. H.             Atlanta, Ga.                 M. E.           Suicide, cut his throat.
      Purcell, Rev. Arch-Bish.       Cincinnati, Ohio.            Cath.           Larceny, embezzlement of $4,000,000 deposited
                                                                                  with him by his confiding dupes; confess'd;
                                                                                  causing death of 137 persons.
      Powis, Rev. Atherton L.        New York, N. Y.              P. E.           Adultery in house of prostitution, caught by his
                                                                                  sons; arrested.
1880  Paige, Rev. A. N.              East Hampton, Conn.; E.      M. E.           Adultery, long continued (five years), while he
                                     Glastonbury, Conn.                           kept preaching; confessed; prison.
      Paul, Rev.                     New York, N. Y.              Bap.            "Scandalous conduct," charged by his wife.
      Ponder, Rev. Chas.             New Albany, Ind.             M. E.           Suicide.
      Peltz, Rev.                    Jamestown, N. Y.             Bap.            Adultery; seduced two girls; caught in act;
      Perry, Rev. John A.            Rhode Island.                Bap.            Arson, burnt his home for insurance; prison.
      Peck, Rev. H. C.               Hanover, Mich.                               Assault and great bodily harm; suspended.
      Pellett, Rev.                  Egerton, Mich.                               Swindling, "too free with sisters;" fled.
1878  Peck, Rev. H. P.               Napa, Cal.; St. Louis, Mo.                   Attempted bigamy with a woman who had a husband,
                                                                                  deserting wife.
      Quint, D. D., Rev. A.          New England.                                 Adultery.
1876  Reagan, Rev. James             Madison, Ind.                M. E.           Adultery with widow McHenry, caught in the act;
1877  Rublett, Rev. Albert           Hoboken, N. J.                               Bigamy, adultery, drunkenness; prison.
1878  Rowland, Rev. D.               Hackensack, N. J.;                           Immoral assa'lt on Mrs. A. B. Foote, forgery.
                                     Richmond, Va.
      Richardson, Rev. H. C.         Baltimore, Md.               M. E.           Fighting, with superintendent Johnson about
                                                                                  Sunday-school collections.
      Ross, Rev. T. S.               Jefferson, N. C.                             Immoral assault and insulting proposals to Mrs.
                                                                                  Dan'l Idol; fled.
      Ribble, E. G.                  DeKalb county, Ill.                          Adultery, seduction of four girls, desertion of
                                                                                  wife and children; fled.
      Reed, Rev. Dr.                 Maldon, Mass.                                Adultery, fornication, seduction, sodomy,
                                                                                  "unnamed crime," rape.
      Rice, Rev. Wm.                 Mason, Mich.                                 Adultery.
      Rim, Rev. D. S. K.             Pittsburgh, Pa.                              Adult'ry, seduction of a young lady; she told.
      Reedsdolph, Rev. Jas.          Adrian, Mich.                                Swindling, drunkenness; prison.
      Reynolds, Rev.                 Muhlenburgh Co., Ky.                         Compelling daughter to marry against her will;
                                                                                  assault and battery, whipped her brutally to
                                                                                  compel her.
      Rose, Rev. J. H.               Hartford, Mich.                              Forgery.
      Rich, Rev. Chas.               Boston, Mass.; Washington,                   "Gross immorality;" died in disgrace.
                                     D. C.
      Rudder, Rev. J. J.             New Milford, Pa.; Newark,                    Adultery, horse racing; fled.
                                     N. J.
      Rea, Rev. F. F.                Durham, Conn.                                Drunkenness.
      Roberts, Rev. J. R.            Allen, Wis.                                  Slander, lying.
      Ross, Rev. H. P.               Bennett's Corner, N. Y.                      Larceny, charged by "Bro." Vanvauken.
1879  Rascoe, Rev. Stephen           Mattewan, Mich.              Bap.            Robbing mails as postmaster.
      Renforth, Rev. Jacob S.        Lawndale, Ill.               Bap.            Adultery, seduction, bastardy with Ellen Manny;
      Rohan, Rev. Gaston de          Halifax, N. S.; St. Louis,   Cath.           Forgery, drunkenness, penitentiary five years.
                                     Mo.                                          Swindling; prison at Halifax.
      Rice, Rev. D. (clown) Ev.      St. Louis, Mo.                               Adultery, took woman to Chicago, lived with her
                                                                                  as his wife.
1880  Roy, Rev. F. V.                Cincinnati, Ohio.                            Bigamy; a converted Brahman.
      Richardson, Rev. Henry         Sea Cliff, N. Y.; Long                       Adultery, seduction, elopement with his wife's
                                     Island.                                      sister, Miss Lowther; deserting wife and
                                                                                  children; fled; arrested with his paramour;
      Randall, Rev. N. B.            Prattsburgh, N. Y.           M. E.           Immoral assault on Viola Smith, aged 14; she
                                                                                  attempted suicide; expelled.
1876  Reynolds, Rev. John N.         Booneville, Iowa.                            Seduction of Miss Hattie Slater, a pupil under
                                                                                  his charge; penitentiary 4 years.
1881  Reeve, Rev. B. F.              Brooklyn, N. Y.              M. E.           Quarreling for pulpit with Rev. Hargrave.
      Rogers, Rev. Dr.               Delphi, N. Y.                P. E.           Irregularities; invited to resign.
      Ross, Rev.                     Geangaco, N. Y.; St. Johns,                  Adultery, bigamy, three wives and families;
                                     Mich.; Ovid, Mich.                           deserting wife and children; forgery; states
                                                                                  prison; still preaching.
      Rock, Rev. R.                  Canton, Ohio.                U. B.           Profanity; suspended.
      Ryan, Rev.                     Cromwell, Conn.              Cath.           Drunkenness; immoralities; monastery.
      Rohe, Rev. Charles H.          Detroit, Mich.               Luth.           Embezzlement, malfeasance, lying.
      Rexford, Rev. E. S.            Detroit, Mich.                               Turned wife out of doors; divorced.
1882  Roeber, Rev. F. W.             Elmhurst, Ill.               Luth.           Drunkenness, Sabbath breaking; resigned.
      Ryan, Rev.                     St. Louis, Mo.               Cath.           Assault with felonious intent; riot,
                                                                                  drunkenness, fighting, quarreling.
1878  Robinson, Rev. Fred            Putnam, Ill.                                 Outrageous conduct; exposed.
1880  Robinson, Rev. E. Ev.          Binghamton, N. Y.                            Adultery, seduction of many sisters; perjury;
                                                                                  lying; desertion of wife and family; fled; kept
                                                                                  diary of his liaisons in Greek and Latin;
                                                                                  assault with intent to commit murder.
      Roberts, Rev. J. P.            Troy, Kan.                   M. E.           Adult'ry, attempted elopement with a young
      Ranson, Rev. Bryant            Mount Vernon, Ohio.                          Inhuman cruelty, dug out live hog's eyes.
      Ronault, Rev. Todoro           Loretto, N. M., and Los      Cath.           Seduction, bastardy, elopement with Miss
                                     Cruces, N. M.                                Marguerita Garcia, from convent; arrest'd.
1881  Rork, Rev. M. V.                                                            "Abominable crimes."
1878  Skews, Rev.                    Utah.                                        Adultery; driven from town.
      Smith, Rev. John R.            Boston, Mass.                                Swindling.
      Skillener or; Shiltner, Rev.   Webster county Ky.; W. Va.   M. E.           Rape on a daughter of Ed. Baldwin only 6 years
      J.                                                                          old, shameful breach of hospitality; prison.
      Steadman, Rev. C. M.           Foxcraft, Me.; Dover, Me.                    Burglary, penitentiary six years.
      Simpson, Rev. John A.          Carolina Mills, R. I.;       Univ.           Larceny various times; arrested; one man, many
      Simpson, Rev. Geo. A. Smith,   Mansfield, Mass.; Maine.;                    aliases.
      Rev. Geo. A.                   E. Boston, Mass.
      Shaw, Rev.                     Flora, Ind.                                  Adultery, incest with Mrs. Josie Shaw, his son's
      Stray, Rev. Sydney M.          East Lake.; St. George, N.                   Assault with intent to murder his wife, attempt
                                     Y.; Warrensburgh, Ohio.                      at suicide, shot his wife then himself, adultery
                                                                                  with many "sisters;" deposed. Suicide.
      Summerlat, Rev. Franz          Waverly, Iowa.               Luth.           Drunkenness, assault and battery, trying to
                                                                                  choke orthodoxy down Aug. Miller; convicted;
1879  Smith, Rev. N. G.              New Castle, Ind.                             Adult'ry with Miss Emily Stipler or Sheplar,
                                                                                  subornation of perjury; arrested for both.
      Smith, Rev. J. H.              Leavenworth, Ind.            M. E.           Adultery, seduction, eloping with a young
                                                                                  "sister," swindling; expelled.
      Sanes, Rev.                    Ripley county, Ind.          Luth.           Adultery with a "sister;" locked out of ch.
1880  Sparks, Rev.                   Long Island, N. Y.                           Immoralities; "cut off" by Bishop Littlejohn.
      Summers, Rev. Mark             Louisville, Ky.              Bap.            Forgery; penitentiary 6 years.
      Sherwood, Rev. Jas. M.         Princeton, N. Y.             Pres.           Embezzlement of ward's money; convicted. Is
                                                                                  editor of Presbyterian Quarterly and Princeton
      Schneider, Rev.                                             Pres.           Adultery; beating his wife, assault and battery;
1877  Simpson, Rev. John C.          Oregon county, Mo.           Bap.            Illicit distilling; convicted; penitentiary 20
1878  Smith, Rev. Frank              Brooklyn, N. Y.              Cong.           Adultery, seduction of Miss Matilda Kettle; she
                                                                                  told; missionary of Beecher's ch.
      Shaffer, Rev. W. H.            Schoonover. Neptune, Ohio.   U. B.           Larceny; arrested in pulpit.
      Schweinfurth, Rev. Geo.        Ann Arbor, Miss.             M. E.           His tenets were those of the last female he met;
                                                                                  too susceptible; expelled.
      Spencer, Rev. F. A.            Athens, Ohio. Columbus,      M. E.           Adultery; immoral conduct; breach of
                                     Ohio.                                        hospitality; expelled.
      Stephenson, Rev. J. W., P.E.   Piqua, Ohio. Dayton, Ohio.   M. E.           Adultery, bastardy, drunkenness, immoral assault
                                                                                  on lady; convicted.
      Schon, Rev. E. W.              Louisville, Ky.              M. E.           Adultery.
      Smith, Rev.                    Elgin, Ill.                                  Murder of wife, held her under water.
      Sands, Rev.                    Hoosic, N. Y.                                Adultery with "sister."
      Steelson, Rev. A.                                                           Adultery with "sister;" confessed.
      Strasburgh, Rev.                                            Pres.           Adultery with negro woman, miscegenation;
      Slang, Rev. Aug. C.            Paterson, N. J.                              Rape on sister Pfennibucker.
      Southard, Rev.                 New Orleans, La.; New                        Adultery, debauchery, drunkenness long
                                     Jersey.                                      continued; died in a brothel.
      Stillen, Rev. Joseph           Westchester, Pa.                             Seduction of Miss Sarah Hall, made her insane,
                                                                                  quoted scripture to convince her it was all
      Stillwell, Rev. J. K.          Logansport Ind.                              Immoral assault on a "sister," perjury,
                                                                                  lying--this during a revival.
      Speare, Rev. M.                Mason, Ill.; Bloomington,                    Larceny, stole a roll of bills from a bank.
      Schneider, Rev. R.             Mt. Vernon, Ind.             Luth. Ev.       Adultery, seduction, elopement with a girl of
                                                                                  seventeen, desertion of wife and children,
                                                                                  embezzlement of church funds; fled; pursued by
      Sluter, Rev. Geo.              Shelbyville, Ind.            Pres.           Beating stepson inhumanly; arrested.
      Severance, Rev. I. T.          Burlington, Ill.; Elgin,     M. E.           Forgery; arrested by constable Schoonover.
1881  Sapp, Rev. Wm. M.              St. Joseph, Mo.; Savannah,                   Larceny, embezzlement of $4,000 county funds;
                                     Mo.                                          fled.
1877  St. Clair, Rev. P.             Des Moines, Iowa.            M. E.           Fraudulent voting in conference, stuffing
                                                                                  ballot-box; tried, convicted, suspended.
1880  S----, Rev.                    Cincinnati, Ohio,; North     Pres.           Adultery, fornication with Susanna Schilling,
                                     Hogan, Ind.                                  attempt to murder her, adultery with lewd women,
                                                                                  swindling; arrested, prison; deposed.
1881  Sheldon, Rev. M. G.            Harvard, Ill.; Marengo,      M. E.           Adultery, immorality, obscenity, vulgarity,
                                     Ill.                                         lying; church trial.
1882  Sherman, Rev. C. W. Ev.        Abingdon, Ill.                               Fighting.
      Stillwell, Rev. M.             Englishville, Mich.          Bap.            Adultery with "sister" Barrows; she told.
      Smith, Rev. R. M.              Indianola, Iowa.             M. E.           Disorderly conduct; fined.
      Stewart, Rev. W. H. U.         Philadelphia, Pa.            P. E.           Deserting wife and family.
1876  Schueller, Rev. J. M.          Andrew, Iowa.                Luth.           Seduction and adultery with a lot of little
                                                                                  girls at his asylum school; rape on Zetta
                                                                                  Meeker, 8 years old; seduction and adultery with
                                                                                  Delia Pardee and Mary Meeker, aged 14; Rose
                                                                                  Shaffer, 13; Libbie Ingham and Jennie Adair, 14
                                                                                  years old; Bertha Nellis, 15; and many others;
                                                                                  confessed; resigned; fled.
1881  Sharp, Rev. Thos.              Gowanda, N. Y.; Hamburg, N.  M. E.           Assault with intent to rape sister Zuber; lying;
                                     Y.; East Otto, N. Y.                         she told; suspended.
      Smith, Rev. W. L.              Brunswick, N. Y.; Rutland,   M. E.           Seduction and bastardy with Miss Dora Farlies;
                                     Vt.                                          lying; she told on child-birth deathbed.
      Simmons, Rev. Geo. B.          Troy.; Greenbush.            Bap.            Seduction, adultery with Miss Lillie Aiken;
      Steman, Rev.                                                                Assault and battery on another preacher.
1878  Smith. Rev. M. H.              New York, N. Y.                              Lying about what Miss Clara Morris told him. She
                                                                                  never told him anything.
1882  Strongfellow, Rev. Frank       Farmville, Va.               P. E.           Murder of many Union men during the war.
1879  Schilling, Rev. Carl.          Alleghany, Pa.               P. E.           Adultery; drunkenness; expelled.
1881  Shrimp, Rev.                   Camden, N. J.                M. E.           Quarreling with Rev. Kirby over church dues.
      Sale, Rev. S. O.               Mason City, Iowa.            Bap.            Adultery with "sister" Eva Brewer, lying;
                                                                                  deposed; fled. Swindling.
      Shurtliff, Rev.                Elmira, N. Y.; Hartford, N.  M. E.           Slander against Rev. Lewis; fined.
1881  Steller, Rev.                  Erie. Rich Valley, Ind.      U. B.           Immoral assault on Miss Beamer; fled.
      Stone, Rev. Dan. H.            Queens county, N. Y.         M. E.           Forgery, swindling, fraud, robbing Mrs. B.
                                     Brooklyn, N. Y.                              Sherman (aunt of Gen. W. T. Sherman); indicted.
      Smith, Rev. John L.            Lebanon, Ind.                M. E.           Adultery, seduction of Mrs. E. Lovelace, 70 old,
                                                                                  caught in act by M. M. Russell, Att'y; church
      Swift, Rev. Carlos             Chicago, Ill.                Bap.            Adultery, seduction of several "sisters,"
                                                                                  immoral assault on others; they told.
      Spencer, Rev. Edward.                                                       Immoral assault on a "sister," embezzlement;
      Stine, Rev. I. J. alias T. J.  Leavenworth, Kan. New York.  Bap.            Larceny, often repeated; arrested; confessed;
      Black.                                                                      prison.
      Spargrove, Rev. J. M.          Pittsburgh, Pa.                              Suicide.
1882  Taylor, Rev. J. W.             Great Bend, N. Y.            Bap.            Adultery, bigamy; deserting wife and children;
                                     Binghampton, N. Y.                           convicted; expelled from church.
1881  Teal, Rev. C.                  Ironton, Wis. Baraboo, Wis.                  Incest, seduction, adultery with his own
                                                                                  daughter; she is only 15, and told; arrested;
      Thornton, Rev. Abner           Bartholomew Co., Ind.                        Fighting and quarreling with Dr. Beck.
      Thornloe, Rev. Jas.            Montreal, Can.               P. E.           Larceny, long continued; arrested.
      Taylor. Rev. Joseph.           Philadelphia, Pa.            Bap.            Swindling; English convict.
      Tice, Rev. David.              Stillwater, Minn.            M. E.           Malicious prosecution of a poor widow.
      Thompson, Rev. J. M.           Philadelphia, Pa.            Pres.           Larceny, dishonesty, bribery; church trial.
      Thompson, Rev. Alfred          Elgin, Ill.; New York, N.                    Adultery, seduction of Mrs. Cobham; robbery of
                                     Y.                                           his paramour; deserting wife. Said in court, "We
                                                                                  all do such things more or less." State prison
                                                                                  at Sing Sing five years.
      Thayer, Rev. J. A.             Warren, Ohio.                                Drunkenness; arrested.
1878  Tice, Rev.                     Newark, N. J.                Bap.            Seduction of several girls; expelled.
      Thames, Rev. Joseph            Ashville, N. C.                              Seduction of Miss Laura Palm.
      Thompson, Rev. L. M. P.        Cincinnati, Ohio.            Pres.           Adultery many times.
      Torry, Rev.                    Western New York.                            Seduction.
      Thompson, Rev. A. T.           Cincinnati, Ohio.                            Adultery, bigamy.
      Todd, Rev. J. H.               Sioux City, Iowa.                            Adultery with a milliner, elopement with her,
                                                                                  deserting wife.
      Tresselman, Rev. T.            Annetia, N. Y.                               Adultery, seduction of several girls, elopement
                                                                                  with wife of Mr. Hunt; bastardy.
      Torry, Rev. A. W.              Kalamazoo, Mich.                             Falsehood; tried and found guilty.
      Thompson, Rev.                 Buffalo, N. Y.;                              Adultery many times.
                                     Philadelphia, Pa.
      Taylor, Rev. Horace            Oberlin, Ohio.                               Seduction many times; convicted; prison.
      Thompson, Rev. John J.         Orange county, N. Y.                         Immoral assault on a young "sister."
      Thompson, Rev. John J.         Washington, D. C.                            Immoral assault on two young girls caught
                                                                                  crawling into their window in his night-shirt.
      Thompson, Rev. Chas.                                                        Arson; arrested.
1879  Treadwell, Rev.                Brooklyn, Mo.                                Fighti'g, riot in church against Rev. Landers.
      Talmage, Rev. T. DeWitt        Brooklyn, N. Y.              Pres.           Lying, deceit, extortion, abusiveness.
      Thompson, Rev. J. P.           New York, N. Y.                              Adultery, seduction of Mrs. Deland of his choir,
                                                                                  his love-letters caught by her husband; pastor
                                                                                  of Broadway Tabernacle.
      Tabor, Rev. Lorenso            Kansasville, Wis.            M. E.           Adultery, seduction of Miss Nellie Foster;
                                                                                  caught in act in her bedroom by Henry Combert;
                                                                                  arrested; bailed $500.
1880  Trumbrower, Rev.               Brooklyn, N. Y.; Hoboken.                    Immoral assault on servant girl, kissing her for
                                     N. J.                                        her spiritual welfare; fled.
1881  Tupper, Rev. Kerr. B.          Paducah, Ky.; Chicago,       Bap.            Arson, burning both churches; adultery,
                                     Ill.; Margaretta, Mich.                      seduction, and bastardy with a girl; she left
                                                                                  babe in his woodhouse.
1880  Towes, Rev.                    Minnesota.                                   Suicide.
1881  Thomas, Rev. Wm.               Washington, D. C.                            Keeping gambling house.
1879  Uttey, Rev. W. H.              Detroit, Mich.                               Swindling, obtaining money under false
1882  VanAlstine, Rev. J. J. or J.   Elmira, N. Y.; Bradford,     Bap.            Adultery and seduction many times; seduced wife
      W., alias George Ebers.        Pa.; Richburg, Pa.; Corry,                   of a "brother" in Elmira; broke up the family;
                                     Pa.; Buffalo, N. Y.; Ohio.                   seduced wife of another brother in Buffalo;
                                                                                  deserted her, seduced her daughter, lived with
                                                                                  her in Richburg; deserted his wife and children;
                                                                                  false personation; elopement with women.
      Vanderborn, Rev.               Saginaw, Mich.               Cath.           Adultery, seduction of wife of W. Colford, who
                                                                                  shot at him. Mrs. C. confessed.
1881  Veterling, Rev.                Detroit, Mich.                               Drunkenness; immoral assault on women; arrested.
1876  VanOrden, Rev. M.              Missionary to Brazil.        Pres.           Slaveholder; deposed.
1878  Vossburg, Rev. Geo. B.         Jersey City, N. J.           Bap.            Assault with intent to murder wife; indicted.
      Veal, Rev. W. G., P.E.         Wasatchie, Tex.              M. E.           Rape of Mrs. John Griffin; arrested, convicted;
      Valentine, Rev. Paul T.,       New York, N. Y.                              Rape on many little girls under his charge in
      D.D., Ph. D., LL. D.                                                        College for Homeless Children; sodomy, buggery,
                                                                                  unnamed crime on little boys under his charge;
                                                                                  penitentiary ten years.
1879  Vine, Rev. J. Thos. Ev.        New York, N. Y.                              Deserting wife after squandering all her money.
1880  Van der Bone, E., or Van Der   Saginaw, Mich.               Cath.           Adultery with parishioner's wife, caught in the
      Born.                                                                       act by Catherine Burk.
1881  Vandeusen, Rev. G. H.          Troy; W. Amsterdam, N. Y.                    Forgery of pension-papers; indicted.
1876  Watson, Rev. Arthur            Kinman.                      Prot.           Murdered his wife.
1877  Warren, Rev. A. J.; Warner,    North Vernon, Ind.           M. E.           Adultery, elopement with "sister" Stanton,
      Rev. A. J.; Warren, Rev. A.                                                 embezzlement of church funds, lying, desertion
      S.                                                                          of wife and four children; one person, three
      Weizerbeck, Rev. Rudol.        Bloomingdale.                Luth.           Forgery, swindling, fraud; arrested.
      Whittemore, Rev. Jos.          Mitchell, Iowa.              Bap.            Immoral assault and insult on wife of deacon
                                                                                  Geo. Cummings; convicted, fined.
      Wiswall, Rev. Alvah            Rochester, N. Y.             P. E.           Fraudulent bankruptcy, swindling, perjury.
      Wells, Rev. T. M.; Wells,      Lebanon, Ohio.; Bangor,      Bap. Dunk.      Adultery, bigamy; arrested while fleeing to
      Rev. John M.; Chenowitz, Rev.  Me.; Illinois.                               Europe; convicted; one man, 3 names.
      T. M.
      White, Rev. Reuben             Little Rock, Ark.                            Adultery, seduction of Miss Bush.
      Wheeler, Rev. Charles          Mansfield, Ohio.                             Larceny, arrested.
      Waters, Rev. Edward            Pantego, N. C.               Bap.            Assault and battery on Miss Fanny Worland--held
                                                                                  her while wife put red pepper in her eyes.
      Wray, Rev.                     New Brunswick, N. S.                         Suicide, because arrested for drunkenness while
                                                                                  in New York.
      Wesley, Rev.                   Geneseo, Ill.                                Adultery, seduction.
      Wood, Rev. M. D.               Decatur, Ill.                                Seduction.
      Wilcox, Rev.                   Illinois.                                    Adultery, seduction, bastardy four times in one
1878  Warren, Rev.                   Bussett Hills, N. Y.                         Adultery, bigamy; four living wives.
1878  Welsh, Rev. Wash'n W.          Holly, Mich.                                 Rape on Mrs. Louisa Green, wife of another
      Washburn, Rev. Geo.            Alleghany county, N. Y.                      Engaged to marry several ladies at the same
                                                                                  time, lying.
      Williamson, Rev. R. H.         Wilksbarre, Pa.                              Adultery in house of ill-fame.
      Wright, Rev. K. N.             New Bridge, N. Y.                            Quarr'ling for pulpit against Rev. Kristettar.
      White, Rev. D. M.              Pittsburgh, Pa.                              Larceny; penitentiary two years.
      Watson, Rev. John S.           Kansas.                                      Murdered his wife.
      Whipple, Rev. E.               Hillsdale college, Mich.                     Adultery, seduction of deacon's wife.
      White, Rev.                    Washington, Pa.                              Adultery, seduction.
      Wilson, Rev. Sam. B.           Louisville, Ky.                              "Immoral conduct;" deposed.
      Wright, Rev. Ableman or        Whitestown, N. Y.                            Adultery, seduction of a girl 12 years old; an
      Ambleman.                                                                   old man with married children.
      Winslow, Rev. E. D.            Boston, Mass.                                Forgery, swindling, $500,000; fled.
      Wolfe, Rev.                    Brooklyn, N. Y.                              Beating his wife; arrested.
      Wimberly, Rev. P. P.           Atchinson, Pa.                               Larceny, embezzlement of church funds.
      Williams, Rev. G. R.           Griggstown, N. Y.                            Attempt to commit bigamy, wife appeared, and he
      Wells, Rev. J. M.              Springfield, Ill.                            Adultery, bigamy; convicted.
1879  Waugh, Rev. J. L.              Brasher's Falls, N. Y.       Pres.           Beating wife, lying from pulpit; expelled.
      Wiseman, Rev. D. M.            Somerset, Ohio.              Luth.           Adultery, seduction, bastardy with Miss Hesse:
                                                                                  convicted; expelled; confessed.
      Wayman, Rev. F. H.             New York, N. Y.              Cath.           Larceny, embezzlement of $1,000 deposited with
                                                                                  him by two women; arrested.
      Waite, Rev. Peter              Madisonville, Ohio.          M. E.           Adultery, seduction of Agnes Murray, a young
                                                                                  "sister." He was over 60; entered house where
                                                                                  she worked, in the night, and was killed by a
                                                                                  watchman on the lookout for burglars.
      Williams, Rev. Geo.            Lanesboro, Minn.             Pres.           Rape on girl 15 years old; indicted.
      Willey, Rev. J. H.             Delaware.                    M. E.           Adultery with a "sister."
1879  Wood, Rev. John                Cedar Falls, Iowa.           Pres.           Adultery, seduction of two young girls of 14 and
                                                                                  16; unministerial conduct, unchaste conduct;
                                                                                  confessed the two last.
      Woodry, Rev. Henry             Knox county, Ind.            M. E.           Adultery, seduction of Mary Shoaf; arrest'd.
1880  Willson, Rev. J. A.            Jewell City, Kan.                            Adultery with a "sister;" expelled.
      Walker, Rev. C. E.             Somerset, Mass.              M. E.           Adultery, seduction, bastardy, abortion, with
                                                                                  Miss Moriss; arrested.
      Woolpert, Rev. J. M.           Fort Wayne, Ind.             M. E.           Adultery many times.
      Williams, Rev. John            New York.                    M. E.           Inhuman cruelty to wife; convicted in divorce
      Woodside, Rev. Nevin           Pittsburgh, Pa.                              Quarreling for the possession of pulpit.
      Walker, Rev. W. E.             Iowa.; Vermillion, Dak.                      Adultery; drunkenness; deposed.
      Willson, Rev. Chas. A. B.      Pittsburgh, Pa.; New         M. E.           Larceny; arrested.
                                     Baltimore, Ohio.
1881  Willson, Rev. David D.         Henrietta, Tex.                              Breach of hospitality; rape and adultery upon
                                                                                  Mrs. Hickman; fled.
      Winslow, Rev. Ed. C.           New Haven, Conn.             Cong.           Inhuman cruelty to Louisa Rogers, 8 years old,
                                                                                  his adopted child.
1876  Wittrup, Rev. Julius           Winfield, N. Y.              M. E.           Immoral assault on his niece, a young girl of
                                                                                  16, showed his privates.
1881  Widdows, Rev.                  Kircardine, Can.             M. E.           Assault with intent to kill; disturbing meeting.
      Wolchencraft, Rev. Chas.                                                    Larceny; arrested with stolen watch.
      Wright, Rev. Henry N.          Northville, N. Y.            Cong.           Lying; gross immorality; dishonesty; arson.
      Webb, Rev. J. W.               Bloomington, Ill.            M. E.           Slander, foul, false, and unchristian.
      Whitcher, Rev. W. T.           Providence, R. I.            M. E.           Larceny, lying; caught in act, arrested, fined,
                                                                                  confessed, resigned.
      Way, Rev. Jesse                Wabash, Ind.                                 Incest, adultery, eloped with daughter-in-law.
      Willson, Rev.                  Davenport, Iowa.             Bap.            Assault with intent to rape "sister" Bush.
      Witt, Rev. Chas.               Sheldon, Ill.                                Immoral assault on women; crawled under depot
                                                                                  platform and peeked up through cracks under the
                                                                                  ladies; arrested, fined.
      Williams, Rev.                 La Plata, Mo.                                Adultery. Says the Lord commanded him "to desert
                                                                                  wife and children for this woman."
      Washington, Rev.               Topeka, Kan.                                 Swindling, obtaining money by false pretense.
      Weaver, Rev.                   Wayne county, N. Y.          M. E.           Immoral assault on lady; dismissed.
      Willard, Rev. Wylie J.         Boise City, Idaho.; Walla    M. E.           Swindling, embezzlement; cruelty to wife,
                                     Walla, Wash. T.                              desertion of wife.
      Waite, Rev. Arthur A. Ev.      Lynn, Mass.                                  Swindling, obtaining money by false pretense.
      Webber, Rev. Chas.             Saco, Me.                    Bap.            Adultery, seduct'n, eloped with young sister.
      Wetherwax, Rev.                Berien Springs, Mich.        Luth.           Ejected from church for immoralities.
1882  Williams, Rev. Dr. R. H.       Pennsylvania.; Milwaukee,    P. E.           Adultery in brothel; attempt at suicide.
      Williams, Rev. Jno. alias      Cedar Rapids, Iowa.; St.     M. E.           Adultery, seduction; embezzlement; obtaining
      Rev. A. C. Copeland.           Catharines, Can.; Terre                      money under false pretense; arrested; prison.
                                     Haute, Ind.; Indianapolis,
      Wardner, Rev. Morton or        Little Genesee.; Milton,     Adv.            Adultery, seduction of a lot of young girls;
      Wardness.                      Wis.                                         lying; fled; church trial.
      Walsh, Rev. A. C.              Montreal, Can.; Port Royal,  P. E.           Fighting and riot for church; expelled.
      Wright, Rev. Prince            Chillicothe, Mo.             M. E.           Adultery; immorality, oft repeated; whipped by a
                                                                                  mob; deposed.
1881  White, Rev.                    Little Rock, Ark.                            Murder, adultery, seduction of a young girl,
                                                                                  attempted an abortion; killed the girl. Her
                                                                                  father shot at him four times, but he escaped
                                                                                  and fled.
1878  White, Rev. Reuben                                                          Adultery, seduction of Miss Bush; attempt at
                                                                                  abortion; she told and died; manslaughter;
      Willson, Rev. Reuben E.        Harrisburg, Pa.;             M. E.           Drunkenness; obscenity; jailed.
                                     Mifflintown, Pa.
1879  Wolf, Rev. Wm.                 New York, N. Y.              Bap.            Assault and battery; arrested.
1881  Walker, Rev. Prof.             Philomath, Or.                               Adultery, seduction; lying--so says Rev. Isaac
1880  Young, Rev. G. B.              Indianapolis, Ind.                           "Lewdness," swindling; church trial.
      Yates, Rev. H. C.              Dixon, Ill.; Soublette.      Bap.            Immoral assault on many ladies, immoral conduct,
                                                                                  lechery, lying, adultery, drunkenness,
1878  Zuner, Rev. Jonathan           Philadelphia, Pa.                            Larceny, embezzlement from Mr. Meyer; arrested.


1882  Allison, Rev. John             Jessup, Iowa.; Milwaukee,    Pres.           Immoral assault, and indecent proposals to Mrs.
                                     Wis.                                         Alice Moffitt; expelled.
      Allen, Rev. Wm.                Osgoode, Ont.                M. E.           Adultery, seduction, bastardy with Eliza Hume;
                                                                                  got her married.
1875  Ackerman, Rev. G. E.           Blue Mountain, Idaho.;       M. E.           Embezzlement of $3,000, church funds: a dead
                                     Boise City.                                  beat.
1882  Ahern, Rev. John C.            Denver, Col.                 Cath.           Adultery, immoral assault on women, insulting
                                                                                  ladies, lying: removed.
      Ahern, Rev. Jere.              Denver, Col.                 Cath.           Immoral assault on Mrs. Miller; Mr. Miller
                                                                                  accused him. Bribery; the priest paid him hush
                                                                                  money. Drunkenness; says he was in liquor at
                                                                                  time. Lying about Rev. John C. Ahern.
      Brooks, Rev. Wm. R.            Hampstead, R. I.                             Adultery, bigamy--three wives.
      Bartlett, Rev. Jos.            Gorham, Me.                  Cong.           Suicide; 70 years of age.
      Billson, Rev. F. G.            Kansas City, Mo.             M. E.           Drunkenness oft repeated; arrested, jailed,
                                                                                  confessed, fined.
1876  Boyd, Rev. T. B.               Kittaning, Pa.; West                         Adultery, seduction, immoral assaults on many
                                     Virginia.                                    "sisters," and wife of "Brother Cook;"
                                                                                  confessed; jailed.
1881  Browning, Rev. Wm. G.          New York, N. Y.                              Swindling, $10,000; convicted.
1878  Blanchard, Rev.                Wheaton, Ill.                Cong.           Embezzlement of $3,000, college funds; lying,
                                                                                  slander; so say Rev. Chapman and Rev. Prof.
1882  Balky, Rev. Geo.               Chilicothe, Mo.                              Forgery; drew a note and signed his father's and
                                                                                  Andrew McCroskin's names to it; arrested,
                                                                                  escaped, fled.
      Brisbee, Rev. John N.          Madison, Tenn.               Pres.           Horse racing, gambling; church trial.
      Bentley, Rev. Chas., Ev.,      E. Baltimore, Md.                            Seduction of Miss Emma Martin, a "sister;"
                                                                                  bastardy; kept evangelizing very successfully,
                                                                                  until presented with an heir; confessed,
      Bedall, Rev. W.                Barnesville, O.;             M. E.           Adultery, seduction of Rosa Arnold, aged 15;
                                     Beallsville, O.; Ozark, O.;                  elopement with her, deserting wife and three
                                     Wheeling, W. Va.                             children, penniless; embezzlement of $400,
                                                                                  church funds: expelled.
1882  Brand, Rev.                    Oberlin, O.                                  Slander from pulpit; sued by Bronson.
      Brand, Rev. G. F.              Wintersett, Iowa.; Guthrie   M. E.           Indecent exposure of person; church trial,
                                     Center, Iowa.                                expelled.
      Bush, Rev., Ev.                Covington, Ky.; Cynthiana,                   Adultery, seduction of "sister" Sarah Sherman;
                                     Ky.                                          elopement with her.
1883  Beattie, Rev. T. R. or F. R.   Brantford, Ont.              Pres.           Immoral assault; slandering Miss Sershman;
                                                                                  arrested; bail $4,000; sued for $10,000,
      Brown, Rev. W. H., Ev.         Sioux City, Iowa.                            Drunkenness; fined.
      Ball, Rev. H.                  Burg Hill, O.; Wayne, O.     Bap.            Drunkenness, lying; got gloriously drunk, denied
                                                                                  it; expelled.
      Bowen, Rev.                    Randolph, N. Y.; Ohio,; N.   Bap.            Assault and battery on a "brother;" lying,
                                     Jersey,; Wisconsin.                          swindling, making debts everywhere, never
                                     Michigan.                                    paying; fled.
1878  Chapman, Rev.                  Wheaton, Ill.                Cong.           Lying, slander, so says Rev. Blanchard.
1882  Christian, Rev. J. T.          Quincy, Ill.; Hannibal, Mo.                  Bigamy, adultery, lying, swindling; arrested.
      Canary, Rev. Andrew            New York, N. Y.              Cath.           Larceny, stealing horse, drunkenness; arrested.
      Chapman, Rev. Richard          Pine Bluff Spa, Tex.         Bap.            Murder of John Turner; stabbed him three times.
      Colfelt, Rev.                  New York.                    Pres.           Literary piracy; church trial.
1879  Clapp, Rev.                    Lowell, Mich.                Bap.            Swindling; prison.
1882  Cook Rev. Alvin O.             Eugene, Or.; Springfield,    Chris.          Adultery, seduction, elopement with wife of Rix,
                                     Or.                                          deserting wife and children; temperance
1882  Cleniheim, Rev.                Cincinnati, O.; Avondale,    Pres.           Fighting with one of his elders; got whipped;
                                     O.                                           elder's name, Robert Hood.
1883  Cobb, Rev. R. H.               Taunton, Mass.               M. E.           Deserting wife, leaving her penniless and sick
                                                                                  in bed; investigated; resigned.
      Corken, Rev.                   Salisbury P't, Mass.; Lynn,  Cong.           Literary piracy; preached Wilberforce's sermons;
                                     Mass.                                        quack doctor; sued for malpractice; deposed.
      Cox, Rev. Henry, D.D.,         San Francisco, Cal.                          Gross swindling U. S. pension agent; robbed a
      ("Hallelujah Cox").                                                         blind and helpless soldier of $7,278, pension;
                                                                                  swindled a widow out of $2,535.
1883  Chambers, Rev. A. I.           New Haven, Conn.             M. E.           Misappropriating church funds; sued.
      Comstock, Rev. I.              Tonganoxie, Kan.; Reno,      Ad.             Rape, adultery, on 13-year-old daughter of Mr.
                                     Kan.                                         Anderson; arrested; prison at Leavenworth.
      Cook, Rev. Jo.                 Boston, Mass.                                Lying generally.
      Copeland, Rev. Frasier         Walhalla, S. C.                              Murder of W. J. Hunnicritt; confessed; hanged.
1878  Clark, Rev. W. J.              Lisbon, N. Y.                Pres.           "Immoral conduct;" suspended.
1879  Curr, Rev. Alan                Dubuque, Iowa.;              Bap.            Larceny, deserting wife, drunkenness, gross
                                     Leavenworth, Kan.                            fraud, lying, cheating.
1882  Dye, Rev. J. H., P.E.          Searcy, Ark.                 M. E.           Assault and battery; knocked Capt. McCaulley
                                                                                  down and pounded him.
      Denton, Rev. J. L. or J. W.    Fayetteville, Ark.                           Suicide, charged with embezzlement.
      Driver, Rev. S. M.             Baker City, Idaho.           M. E.           Adultery with "sisters;" buried six wives.
      Davis, Rev. Geo.               Cleveland, O.; Fort Wayne,                   Deserting wife and children; proposing marriage
                                     Ind.                                         to several ladies; arrested.
      Draper, Rev. Frank             Youngstown, O.; Riverside,   M. E.           Robbery of his friend and room-mate;
                                     O.                                           drunkenness; fled; spent the cash; his friend
                                                                                  died; confessed.
1883  Davis, Rev. Geo., Ev.,         Logansport, Ind.; Fort                       In prison.
                                     Wayne, Ind.
      DePuy, Rev. Dr.                                             M. E.           Swindling in connection with "Isabella mine;"
                                                                                  editor Christian Advocate, resigned.
      Davis, Rev.                    Madison, Ind.                M. E.           Seduction, bastardy, with "sister" Jennie
                                                                                  Williams; prosecuted.
1880  Deems, Rev. Dr.                New York.                                    Lying, so says Rev. Dr. Mackie.
1882  Dollman, Rev. W.               Erie, Pa.                    M. E.           Assault with intent to murder his wife and
                                                                                  family, with poison and "cold steel;" arrested;
      Dowd, Rev. W. W.               Portchester, N. Y.           Pres.           Swindling; would not pay bills.
      Dollard, Rev.                  Wilmington, Del.             Cath.           Indecent proposals to Miss Lizzie Jordan;
                                                                                  slandered her and her family from the pulpit;
                                                                                  sued by her brother Charley Jordan.
      Dufresne, Rev.                 Holyoke, Mass.               Cath.           Slander of P. Hackman; fined $3,400; selling
                                                                                  liquor in his church and school; fled to Canada.
1880  Dugan, Rev. Thos.              Delavan, Ill.; Mason City,   Cath.           Rape upon his young housekeeper; she complained
                                     Ill.                                         to Bishop Spaulding.
1878  Dale, Rev., Ev.,               New Castle, Ill.                             Immoral assault on two girls, one 12, other 14;
      Daley, Rev. John               New York, N. Y.              Cath.           Drunkenness, habitual; workhouse.
1879  Esmon, Rev. Albert             Alabama.                                     Illicit distilling; two stills destroyed by U.S.
                                                                                  officials; fled.
1882  Ellis, Rev. Wm. T.             St. Louis, Mo.                               Nuisance; arrested, fined.
1882  Ellis, Rev. Edwd. H., Ev.      Thomaston, Me.               Bap.            Adultery, seduction, and elopement with Mrs.
                                                                                  John E. Rose; arrested, fined $400, jailed at
                                                                                  St. John's, N. B.
      Eastman, Rev. Chas. A., Geo.   Roxb'ry, Lewist'n, Me.;;     Cong.           Adultery, bigamy, lying, false personation,
      E. Hindley, C. B. Merrill.     Potterville, Whitehall,;                     deserting wife and family; first married Miss
                                     Kendall, Alamo,; Mich.;                      Emma Keyes, of Lewiston, Me.; second marriage
                                     Plainwell.                                   with a Miss Piper, of Alamo; broke jail at
                                                                                  Kalamazoo; sent to Michigan penitentiary; very
1879  Eagan, Rev. D.                 San Francisco, Cal.          Cath.           Adultery with "sisters."
      Edmonson, Rev. Nathan          Schollsville, N. Y.          Bap.            Suicide; hung himself.
1882  Farmer, Rev. G. W.             Tamaroa, Ill.                M. E.           Assault and battery; beat Deacon Johnson over
                                                                                  the head with a chair for saying "Good-morning."
      Fern, Rev. Thomas, or Fernly,  Philadelphia, Pa.            M. E.           Libel on William Entriken; arrested; most
      Rev. Thos. A.                                                               popular preacher in the city.
      Fulton, Rev. Dr. T. D.         Brooklyn, N. Y.                              Libel upon Rev. T. B. Conway; sued for $40,000;
      Fleming, Rev. N.               Cleveland, O.                Cath.           Drunkenness, visiting house of ill-fame; riot,
                                                                                  arrested, jailed, confessed, fined.
1883  Fleming, Rev.                  Boston, Mass.                Cath.           Assault and battery on a little girl; tore some
                                                                                  pictures away from her; she went into
                                                                                  convulsions; sued for damages by her father;
                                                                                  fined; riot with 1,000 Irish against the father.
1882  Garry, Rev. M. M.              Cincinnati, O.               Bap.            Burglary, immoral assault; shot, badly wounded,
                                                                                  while scaling back wall of yard at midnight, by
                                                                                  Roger Pearson.
      Gilmour, Rev. Bish.            Ohio.                                        Slander; sued by E. Cowlee, of the Leader.
      Gray, Rev. J. A.               Portland, Or.                Bap.            Drunkenness, confessed, resigned.
1882  Green, Rev. Abijah             Philadelphia, Pa.; Atlantic  Bap.            Larceny, stealing books; fighting at church
                                     City, N. J.                                  trial with Rev. Wallace and others.
      Gleason, Rev. P. J.            St. Louis, Mo.; Louisiana,   Cath.           Seduction, bastardy, with Mary Proctor, née
                                     Mo.                                          Ryan; confessed, subsequently denied; after her
                                                                                  marriage adultery and bastardy with her again;
                                                                                  first child named John Patrick Gleason, second
                                                                                  Richard Gleason Ryan; suspended from priesthood
                                                                                  by Bishop Kenrick.
1883  Green, Rev.                    Mt. Gilead, O.                               Seduction, elopement with a 13-year-old daughter
                                                                                  of a "brother."
      Gibbons, Rev.                  Baltimore, Md.               Cath.           Swindling Mrs. Simpson, while dying, out of her
      James--Archbishop.                                                          property; sued.
1879  Gaines, Rev. G. W.             Columbia, Mo.; Centralia,    M. E.           Adultery, seduction of Miss Maria Delly; took
                                     Ill.; Louisiana, Mo.                         her to conference with him; slept with her at
1882  Henderson, Rev. John           Mexico, Mo.                                  Larceny of cattle and hogs, notorious thief;
      Hyde, Rev. F. S.               New Haven, Conn.                             Insulted Mrs. Foster; demanded her removal from
                                                                                  hotel table because she was an actress.
      Higgins, Rev. A. C.            Hackettstown, N. J.          M. E.           Adultery, seduction, with wife of Mr. Hoff;
                                                                                  writing her to leave her husband and live with
                                                                                  him; detected, fled, deserting wife and
      Higbee, Rev. Jesse             Drakeville, Iowa.                            Medical quack; ruined lady's nose; sued.
1883  Hooper, Rev. J. F.             Petaluma, Cal.               Cong.           Breach of promise; engaged to three ladies; fled
                                                                                  to escape tar and feathers.
      Henselman, Rev. C. D.          Canton, O.                   Chris.          Immoral assault on three married "sisters."
      Healy, Rev.                    St. Louis, Mo.               Cath.           Immoral assault on "sister" Maggie Kinney;
                                                                                  bounced with a black eye by Mike Dunphey.
1882  Huderdault, Rev.               Canada.                      Cath.           Slandering Leon Lanson and Mathilde St. Jean;
      Huber, Rev. F. X.              Brooklyn, N. Y.              Cath.           Defrauding dying man out of $90,600; gross
                                                                                  swindling; compelled by courts to disgorge.
1883  Hull, Rev. M. S.               Pelican Rapids, Minn.                        Slandering his hired girl, because she told of
                                                                                  his swearing, "God damn it!"
      Haddock, Rev.                  Oshkosh, Wis.                M. E.           "Beecherism," charged by Dr Carhart.
1880  Hertzberger, Rev. H. A.        Honesdale, Pa.; Port         Luth.           Drunkenness, lying, false personation; claimed
                                     Jervis, N. Y.                                to be a French count; quarreling for the pulpit.
      Hicks, Rev. Henry H.           Camden, Mo.; San Francisco,  M. E.           Larceny, stole $310 from Neil Smith; fled.
1876  Hanks, Rev. G.                 Litchfield, Ill.; St.        Bap.            Adultery; drunkenness in a brothel at St. Louis;
                                     Louis, Mo.                                   arrested.
1882  Hyde, Rev. Dr. W. A.           Leadville, Col.; Portland,   M. E.           Adultery, seduction, elopement with a "sister,"
                                     Or.                                          deserting wife and children; arrested by his own
                                                                                  son; forgery of recommendation.
1876  Irwin, Rev. G. A., Ev.,        St. Louis, Mo.               P. E.           Adultery, drunkenness, beating wife, profanity,
                                                                                  lying, assault to murder; arrested, prison.
1876  Johnson, Rev. W. J.            Eureka, Ill.                 M. E.           Adultery, seduction, elopement with wife of John
                                                                                  S. Brayman, leaving her children; Johnson is
                                                                                  single, and a great revivalist.
1879  Johnson, Rev. W. A.            Lindsay, Pa.; Barre, Pa.     Pres.           Gross swindling of widow and orphan children:
1882  Jeffries, Rev. M.              St. Joseph, Mo.              M. E.           Robbing mails a long time; prison.
      Jamison, Rev.                  Geneva, O.                   M. E.           Embezzlement of church funds.
      Keiser, Rev. Alex. S.          Womelsdorf, Pa.;             Luth.           Seduction, bastardy, breach of promise;
                                     Pottsville, Pa.                              arrested; seduced Miss Lizzie Miller; she
                                                                                  supported him while studying theology; he
                                                                                  married another; expelled; confessed on trial.
      Kuhns, Rev. S. F.              Lewisburg, O.; New Paris,    U. B.           Adultery, seduction of wife of "Brother" Hinkle;
                                     O.; Dayton, O.                               confessed; said he "couldn't help it;" married.
1883  Kruel, Rev.                    Kankakee, Ill.               Cath.           Drunkenness, breach of promise, left the church;
                                                                                  promised to marry "Sister" Angela; took her to
                                                                                  hotel, staid with her several days, then
                                                                                  deserted her, and returned to priesthood.
1882  Lanritsen, Rev.                Port Huron, Mich.            Luth.           Assault and battery; arrested; fighting for
      Lane, Rev.                     Greenpoint, N. Y.            Cath.           Embezzling $174,000, church funds.
      Loughlin, Rev. Bishop          Brooklyn, N. Y.              Cath.           Swindling Catholic church at Greenpoint out of
                                                                                  church property to amount of about $200,000;
                                                                                  threatens excommunication if they "kick;"
                                                                                  obstructing legal process; defying the law.
1878  Lloyd.                         New York.                    Luth.           Slander, drunkenness.
1882  Mesaros, Rev.                  Philadelphia, Pa.            Pres.           Quarreling, threatening to fight in church.
      Morgan, Rev. L.                Leechburgh, Pa.; Kentucky.;  Bap.            Adultery both in Kentucky and Pennsylvania;
                                     Apollo, Pa.; Monongahela,                    marries a wife but retains an old "flame" as
                                     Pa.; Ludwick, Pa.                            mistress; forgery of letters of recommendation;
                                                                                  lying; church trial.
1880  Mackie, Rev.                   New York, N. Y.                              Lying and libel, so says Dr. Deems.
1876  Murray, Rev. I.                Brooklyn, N. Y.              M. E.           Fighting for the pulpit.
1882  Martin, Rev. Jos. E.           Lafayette, Ind.              P. E.           Inhuman cruelty to wife; arrested, bailed;
                                                                                  adultery, fled.
      Miller, Rev. J. H.             Point Chautauqua, N. Y.      Bap.            Embezzlement of $10,000, church funds.
1883  Morgan, Rev. R. C.             Connellsville, Pa.           Bap.            Adultery, seduction of a "sister," wife of R. E.
                                                                                  Booth; married, large family; editor Baptist
      McGill, Rev., alias M. F.      Cleveland, O.; Columbus,     Cath.           Drunkenness oft repeated; fined often; often in
      Devlin.                        O.; Pittsburgh, Pa.                          workhouse; sent up for sixty days, and $25 fine.
      McCosker, Rev.                 Rahway, N. J.                Cath.           Disturbing school; drove teachers and scholars
                                                                                  out of doors, and would not let them return;
                                                                                  brutal assault on women and children.
      Martin, Rev. Joseph E.         Lafayette, Ind.                              Inhuman cruelty to wife and children; divorced
                                                                                  by court.
      Mongin, Rev. John              New Albany, Ind.;            Cath.           Adultery, fornication, visiting house of
                                     Louisville, Ky.                              ill-fame in Louisville; drunkenness, assault and
                                                                                  battery; arrested, fined; lying about it.
1882  Miller, Rev. T. B.; also       Chicago, Ill.                M. E.           "Miller" as dean, and "Major" as secretary of
      Major, Rev. Major                                                           the medical college; gross swindling, gross
                                                                                  fraud; allowed a paper reporter to register as a
                                                                                  student, and then for $25 gave him a diploma as
                                                                                  M.D.; Miller expelled, Major suspended.
1879  Munson, Rev. Henry J.          Fitchburg, Mass.             Ad.             Lewd and lascivious conduct; convicted;
                                                                                  fraudulent divorce.
1878  Milligan, Rev. Parker          Kansas City, Mo.                             Adultery, lechery, deserting wife, fled.
1883  Nicum, Rev. John               Syracuse.                    Luth.           Fighting for pulpit, lying.
1882  Nistor, Rev. Bishop            St. Michaels, Alaska                         Suicide, leaped from steamer St. Paul.
      Neal, Rev. W. H.               St. Louis, Mo.               F. M.           "Immoral character;" dismissed; sodomy and
                                                                                  unnamed crime with young "brothers" of his
                                                                                  flock, too vile to print.
      O'Niel, Rev. Peter             Brooklyn, N. Y.              Cath.           Adultery, seduction of Mrs. Robert Hawks; caught
                                                                                  by her husband locked in her bedroom at night,
                                                                                  at 273 Thirty-first street, New York; she the
                                                                                  mother of several children; arrested.
      O'Connell, Rev. Timothy        Freemont, Neb.;              P. E.           Seduction, adultery with Mary Rogers, deserting
                                     Cornellsville, Pa.;                          wife; illegal divorce; beating wife, lying,
                                     Huntington, N. Y.; Nebraska                  perjury, drunkenness, and delirium tremens;
                                     City.                                        threatening to kill Bishop Kerwood and wife.
      O'Donoghue, Rev.               Morrow, O.                   Cath.           Slander of Mrs. Green; Mr. Green killed him.
      Parks, Rev. Noah               Winston, Miss.                               Larceny, lynched, and nearly killed.
1882  Palmer, Rev. J. R.             Mountain Peak, Tex.          Chris.          Indecent exposure of person to a lot of little
                                                                                  girls, pupils under his care; immoral assault on
                                                                                  Miss Ida Scott; failing in this, slandered her.
      Philips, Rev.                  Shiloh, O.                                   Assault and battery upon parishioner; pounded
                                                                                  Sunday law into him.
      Parshall, Rev. R. F.           Oakland, Cal.                Bap.            Immoral assault on many ladies and young
                                                                                  "sisters;" expelled ignominiously.
      Penn, Rev.                     Texas.                                       Prayed for the death of two men at church; one
                                                                                  died next day.
      Podd, Rev. Jas. D.             Chicago, Ill.                Bap.            Adultery, seduction, bastardy, with Cora
      Pringle, Rev. Paul             Mansfield, La.                               Murder of Alfred Smith; hanged.
      Posey, Rev. Dr.                Oakland, Cal.; Dutch Flat,                   Swindling, obtaining money under false pretense.
1879  Plunkett, Rev.                 Warren Springs, N. C.        Pres.           Adultery, seduction, elopement with Miss Kate
                                                                                  Ashton, daughter of a wealthy "brother,"
                                                                                  deserting wife and children.
      Pennington, Rev.               Scott county, Iowa.          Bap.            Incest, adultery, seduction, elopement with
                                                                                  wife's niece, writing to his wife not to expect
                                                                                  him back; deserting wife and children.
1880  Rossvalley, Rev. Dr., Ev.,     Sing Sing, N. Y.;                            Larceny in Germany; drummed out as rebel
                                     Plainfield, N. J.;                           surgeon; counterfeiting, state prison; literary
                                     Doylestown, Pa.; Auburn, N.                  piracy, stole Ingersoll's temperance speech.
      Ross, Rev. Wm. J.              St. Louis, Mo.                               Murder, convicted, penitentiary.
      Rockwell, Rev. J. B.; or Rev.  De Witt, Neb.; Wilber, Neb.  Cong.           Gross swindling, illegal use of mails; arrested,
      J. H. Harvey.                                                               prison.
      Rope, Rev. Andrew, Ev.,        Taylorville, Ill.            M. E.           Rape, indicted, fled.
1882  Rope, Rev. Andrew J.           Texas.                                       Married Miss Gessner; forgery, signed a man's
                                                                                  name to note who could not write; discovered,
                                                                                  fled, arrested.
      Reeder, Rev. J. J.             Milford, Pa.; Newark.        M. E.           Gross swindling, made great debts and ran away;
1876  Robinson, Rev.                 Kansas City, Mo.                             Adultery; arrested in a brothel.
1882  Richardson, Rev.               Brooklyn, N. Y.                              "Moral wreck;" expelled.
      Roe, Rev. Frank F.             Scotland.; Athens, N. Y.;    Various         Drunkenness; expelled at Athens from Baptist
                                     Morenci, Mich.; Oakwood,     denominations.  church; went to Michigan, became a
                                     Mich.; Lapeer, Mich.;                        Congregational preacher, expelled; goes to
                                     Pontiac, Mich.                               Oakwood, finally to Lapeer, where he changes to
                                                                                  Baptist again; pastor at Pontiac, again
                                                                                  expelled, but continues to preach; popular
      Stearns, Rev. Harvey           Fort Worth, Texas.           Bap.            Murder of Jeff. Wood; prison.
      Sedwick, Rev. T. B.            Dakota.                                      Adultery with Indian women; carried off and
                                                                                  supposed murdered by them; he was missionary
                                                                                  among the Crows.
      Sheppard, Rev. T. J.           Mt. Olivet, Mo.              M. E.           Adultery with "Sister" Wells, wife of Rev. M. F.
                                                                                  Wells, who is blind; caught by a neighbor;
                                                                                  church trial.
      Sullivan, Rev. J. C.           Salem, O.                    M. E.           Adultery, seduction of "sister," wife of A. L.
                                                                                  Halwick; she told; Sullivan married.
1879  Saxon, Rev.                    Lowell, Mich.                Bap.            Swindling Deacon Post; prison.
1882  Saunders, Rev. Mother          New York, N. Y.                              Lewd woman; arrested in house of ill-fame; was a
                                                                                  captain in Salvation Army.
1882  Sklorzik, Rev.                 Bay City, Mich.              Cath.           Assault with intent to murder the organist John
                                                                                  Richards; arrested; Richards died of the
                                                                                  injuries; slander from pulpit; sued by Daniels
                                                                                  for $10,000; judgment against him.
      Sentenac, Rev.                 Roxton Falls, Can.           Cath.           Slander from pulpit of Dr. Desgrobois; sued;
                                                                                  compromised, paying $1,000.
      Slater, Rev. Ira               Cherry Valley, Ill.          Bap.            Larceny, stealing horse; arrested.
1883  Sherin, Rev. A., alias A.      Pierre, Dak.; Huron, Dak.;   M. E.           Adultery, seduction, false personation; occupied
      Sheridan, or A. Sherdin, or    Flandran, Dak.; Big Stone                    same room at Dakota House, Huron, with Miss
      A. Sherdian.                   City, Minn.                                  Rice; registered as "A. Sheridan and wife;"
                                                                                  introduced her as "Miss Rice, my wife's niece;"
                                                                                  preached next day at Flandran, "Miss Rice, a
                                                                                  cousin," still with him; married, and family:
                                                                                  confessed registering "A. Sheridan and wife,"
                                                                                  and occupying same room, "merely to protect from
                                                                                  harm a modest, timid, warm-hearted woman, of
                                                                                  generous impulses."
      Shurtleff, Rev.                Fabius, N. Y.                M. E.           Immoral assault, went into Miss Clark's bedroom
                                                                                  twice and tried to seduce her, while his wife
                                                                                  was sick; sued.
      Smith, Rev. J. Hyatt           Brooklyn, N. Y.              M. E.           Borrowed $1,128 for election expenses; wouldn't
                                                                                  pay, sued.
      Spencer, Rev. Geo. T.          Corinth, N. Y.; South        M. E.           Outrageous conduct, expelled; fled to escape tar
                                     Corinth, N. Y.                               and feathers; adultery, seduction, bastardy,
                                                                                  with wife's sister, aged 16; confessed.
1883  Seguin, Rev.                   New York, N. Y.              F. R.           Brutal assault on a woman, sent to workhouse.
      Satterfield, Rev. Jno. W.      Brownsville, Pa.                             Drunkenness, beating wife very often; church
      Starr, Rev. James              Peru, Ind.                                   Rape on a little five-year-old girl; caught in
                                                                                  the act, and arrested.
      Smith, Rev. Silas              Mexico, Mo.; St. Louis, Mo.  Bap.            Arson; burnt, with help of some "sisters," two
                                                                                  churches; arrested, prison.
1879  Surnley, Rev. John                                                          Begging while getting $1,400 a year; lying
1883  Stoddard, Rev. E. L.           Jersey City, N. J.           P. E.           Criminal carelessness--or worse; killed his wife
                                                                                  accidentally(?) with a revolver.
1882  Tryston, Rev. C. F. W.         Newark, N. J.; St. Louis,    P. E.           Beating wife; arrested, prison; robbing his wife
                                     Mo.                                          of money.
      Victorian, Rev.                Vicksburg, Miss.             Cath.           Unnamed crime with boys under his charge at
                                                                                  Brotherhood College; caught in act, expelled,
                                                                                  fled, arrested, prison; a most beastly wretch;
                                                                                  he was principal of the college.
      Van Dersall, Rev. S. S.        Forest Grove, Or.            M. E. and       Immoral assault on Widow Marsh; slander and
                                                                  Cong.           libel; read a paper before college trustees,
                                                                                  alleging that she tried to seduce him, and was a
                                                                                  bad woman with others; lying; expelled; perjury
                                                                                  on slander trial; a most infamous scoundrel;
                                                                                  convicted by a jury.
1878  Webster, Rev. Prof.            Wheaton, Ill.                Cong.           Slander, lying; so says Rev. Blanchard,
                                                                                  president of the "parson factory."
1882  Willoughby, Rev. N. R.         Yorkville, Can.; Brompton,   M. E.           Immoral assault on Miss Graham; church trial;
                                     Can.                                         lying.
      Waite, Rev. A. A.              North Adams, Mass.; St.                      Adultery, seduction, incest, with Lena Capron,
                                     Louis, Mo.; Troy, N. Y.                      his twenty-year-old niece; deserting wife and
                                                                                  three children; beating wife; paramour
                                                                                  confessed; he was arrested; he "exposed
      Whipple, Rev.                  Madison, O.                                  Rape on girl 11 years old, he 70; arrested,
      Wharton, Rev. Henry            Louisville, Ky.; Eufaula,    Bap.            Drunkenness oft repeated; church trial,
                                     La.                                          suspended.
      Whipple, Rev. Henry            Evanston, Ill.                               Grossly swindling a brother preacher, Rev. John
                                                                                  McComber, of Minnesota; gross fraud, sued.
1879  Webster, Rev.                  Lowell, Mich.                Bap.            Counterfeiting, prison.
1882  Waggoner, Rev. James           Waverly, Tenn.               Chris.          Swindling creditors, fled.
      Wharton, Rev. J. G., or J. W.  Carthage, Mo.;               M. E.           Adultery, seduction, elopement with organist,
      Wharton, alias J. D. Hill.     Elizabethtown, Ky.                           wife of J. R. McGill; forgery for $2,600;
                                                                                  deserting wife and 15 children; stole $2,600
                                                                                  from his wife; Mrs. McGill deserting three
                                                                                  children; embezzlement; arrested, indicted.
      Woodruff, Rev. R. H.           Baltimore, Md.                               Robbing mail; pleaded guilty, fined.
      Wallace, Rev.                  Philadelphia, Pa.            Bap.            Fighting in pulpit with Rev. Green, threatening
                                                                                  to kill him.
1883  Waldron, Rev. Thomas, alias    Buffalo, N. Y.; La Salle,    Cath.           Rape on Hattie Carr, aged 7 years, a pupil;
      "Brother Frank."               Ill.; New York, N. Y.                        arrested, state prison five years; principal of
                                                                                  St. Joseph's College; formerly; principal of De
                                                                                  la Salle (Catholic) Institute, New York.
1882  Walsh, Rev.                    South Natick, Mass.          Cath.           Embezzlement of $8,000, church funds.
1883  Woodworth, Rev. A. M.          Otisville, N. Y.; Port       M. E.           Drunkenness for a week, gambling in a saloon.
                                     Jervis, N. Y.
      Walk, Rev. David               Indianapolis, Ind.           Chris.          Egotism, puffing himself in the papers.
      Worthen, Rev. H. W.            Northfield, Vt.;             M. E.           Rape on Mrs. S. F. Gibbs, by means of opiates;
                                     Burlington, Vt.                              sued.
      Wright, Rev. Prince            Chillicothe, Mo.             M. E.           Adultery, expelled; an old man.
      Walker, Rev. J. B. R.          East Hartford, Conn.                         Adultery, inhuman cruelty to wife; lying,
                                                                                  charged by wife in divorce suit.
1873  Weeks, Rev. Thos. J.           New York.                    Bap.            Larceny; prison two years.


      Abernethy, Rev. J. T.          Snow Hill, N. C.             M. E.           Kissing Mrs. Grimsley; shot by Mr. Grimsley,
      Anderson, Rev. J. T.           Owsley Co., Ky.              Pres.           Because Wilson family deferred one year marriage
                                                                                  of their daughter to him, drove nail through
                                                                                  foot of their horse, necessitating killing, put
                                                                                  petroleum in their well, terrorized them with
                                                                                  forged warnings to leave, put powder in Wilson's
                                                                                  forge; escaped.
      Andrews, Rev. Henry            Marienfield, Tex.            Cath.           Murder (see under Peters, Rev. J. H.)
      Andrews, Rev. Geo.             Essex, Mass.                                 Arson to obtain insurance.
      Anderson, Rev. S. P.           St. Louis, Mo.               Bap.            Theft and forgery; sentenced to five years'
      Adams, Rev. C. G.              Lockport, N. Y.              Epis.           Charged with accepting bribes and embezzling.
      Ali, Rev. Jos.                 Newark, N. J.                Cath.           Charged with assaulting nine-year-old girl.
      Arnold, Rev. John              Wellington, O.               U. B.           Charged with murdering wife.
      Ahlfeldt, Rev. Carl            San Francisco, Cal.          Luth.           Drunkenness; imprisoned.
      Booth, Rev. James              Coulton, O.                                  Raping deaf and dumb girl.
      Bonsack, Rev. David            Westminster, Md.             Dunk.           Suicide.
      Bowles, Rev. Marion            Omaha, Neb.                  Chris.          Raping parishioner's wife.
      Bacon, Rev. Mr.                Norwich, Conn.                               Obscene language.
      Baxter, Rev. Geo. W.           Des Moines, Ia.              Pres.           Sporting tendencies; engaged to two women at
      Barrows, Rev. C. D.            San Francisco, Cal.          Cong.           Immorality.
      Booth, Rev. C. M.              Springfield, Mass.           Bap.            Forgery.
      Bristor, Rev. Geo. R.          Spring Valley.               M. E.           Seduction of sixteen-year-old ward.
      Butler, Rev. Father            Jersey City, N. J.           Cath.           Elopement.
      Bennett, Rev. J. R.            Morgantown, Ky.              Meth.           Obtaining money under false pretenses.
      Benjamin, Rev. H. D.           Portsmouth, O.                               Suicide.
      Butler, Rev. Mr.               Raleigh, N. C.               Bap.            Elopement.
1892  Best, Rev. Ed.                 Hamilton, Ont.                               Cursing his neighbor and praying the Lord to
                                                                                  destroy him; this in a disorderly manner and at
                                                                                  open window; fined $10.
      Browne, Rev. Robert            New York.                    Bap.            Drunkenness.
1890  Bickley, Rev. F. D. T.         Covington, Ky.               M. E.           Charged with immorality; lying;
                                                                                  maladministration; profanity.
1889  Bohannon, Rev. Chas.           Louisville, Ky.              Bap.            Elopement.
1889  Boyle, Rev. J. J.              Raleigh, N. C.; Winchester,  Cath.           In North Carolina, assault with intent to commit
                                     Ill.                                         rape; at Winchester, going to St. Louis on a
                                                                                  spree and attempting to shoot woman in a
                                                                                  disorderly house.
      Bloom, Rev. Jos.               Oswego, N. Y.                Bap.            Charged with theft of horse and sleigh.
      Brom, Rev. Dr. B.              Central City, Neb.           Pres.           Theft of $1,500; forgery.
      Black, Rev. Mr.                Springfield, O.                              Arrested on charge of slander.
1891  Bowers, Rev. E. T.             Kansas City, Mo.             Pres.           Adultery.
      Brushingham, Rev. J. P.        Chicago.                     Meth.           Charged with bastardy. (Was fond of abusing
                                                                                  Roscoe Conkling and other Freethinkers for
                                                                                  Infidelity and immorality.)
1891  Buck, Rev. Mr.                 Yankton, S. D.               Faith Cure.     Swindling by alleged cures; starving and
                                                                                  freezing his children; fled on suspicion of
                                                                                  having murdered his boy.
1892  Best, Rev. Jos.                Hamilton, Can.                               Assault on wife.
      Blanton, Rev. Mr.              Cave Springs, Ga.            Meth.           Writing letter to mulattress to assign immoral
                                                                                  meeting; expelled.
      Barr, Rev. D. A.               Allentown, Pa.                               Slander; expelled.
      Brown, Rev. Geo.               Portland, N. Y.                              Bigamy.
      Butler, Rev. Jas.              Dunlap, Tenn.                M. E.           Elopement and horse-stealing.
      Brown, Rev. Wesley             Bedford, Ia.                 Chris.          Breach of promise (engaged to five girls at
      Boone, Rev. Wm.                Calhoun, Ga.                                 Poisoning a family.
      Buchanan, Rev. S. H.           Little Rock, Ark.                            Charged with embezzlement of $5,000.
      Bair, Rev. Mr.                 Royal Center, Ind.                           Charged with adultery.
      Baxter, Rev.                                                                Charged by church committee with lying and
                                                                                  wholesale love-making.
      Bowman, Rev. A. S. G.          Reading, Pa.                                 Arrested for breaking into church.
      Broad, Rev. T. P.              Topeka, Kan.                 Cong.           Charged with criminal libel.
      Burdette, Rev. Robt. ("Bob     St. Louis, Mo.               Bap.            Charged with continuous drunkenness which caused
      Burdette.")                                                                 him to disappoint several audiences for
1890  Carter, Rev. T. C., DD.        Chattanooga, Tenn.           Meth.           Charged with adultery and suborning witnesses.
1890  Cruchet, Rev. A. B.            Montreal, Can.               Pres.           Seduction.
      Crocker, Rev. Sim.             Sweettown, I. T.             Bap.            Murder of a preacher.
      Conyer, Rev. J. F.             Chattanooga, Tenn.                           Attempted murder.
      Campbell, Rev. Jas.            Columbus, Ind.               Meth.           Practicing abortion.
      Clark, Rev. J.                 Dayton, O.                                   Charged with murder.
      Corder, Rev. Willis            Marion, Ill.                 Bap.            Drunkenness.
      Canterbury, Rev. J. C.         Redlands, Cal.                               Embezzlement.
      Calvin, Rev. John              Green Co., Ala.              Meth.           Murder.
      Carter, Rev. H. R. O.          Baltimore.                                   Adultery.
      Campbell, Rev. W. H.           Akron, O.                                    Intoxication and disorderly conduct.
      Cave, Rev. W. A.               Wooster.                                     Theft.
      Copper, Rev. E. K.             Rochester, N. Y.             M. E.           Drunkenness.
      Dobbs, Rev. A. S.              Franklin, Wash.; Seattle,                    Cruelty to wife, forcing her to black his boots
                                     Wash.; Cameron, Mo.                          before church and rewarding her with an insult;
                                                                                  she became insane, recovered, got divorce;
                                                                                  embezzlement at Cameron, Mo.
      Dale, Rev. Walker R.           Atlanta, Ga.                 Bap.            Charged with bigamy.
      Danks, Rev. John A.            Pittsburgh, Pa.              M. E.           Threatening life; slander; convicted and
      Duncan, Rev. Henry             Birmingham, Ga.                              Poisoned wife and eloped; hanged.
      Dempsey, Rev. Thos.            Highland, Wis.               Cath.           Made improper visits to Mr. Grace's wife; on
                                                                                  Grace's charging criminality eleven parishioners
                                                                                  dragged him to the priest's house amid cries of
                                                                                  "Lynch him!" when the priest beat him in the
                                                                                  face, the party forced him to his knees, and he
                                                                                  retracted to save his life; Grace sues for
      Doelling, Rev. Adolph          Gr'nd R'pids, Mich.                          Theft of watch and $2 from preacher; imprisoned
                                                                                  one year.
      Dudley, Rev. Mr.               Gibbon, Neb.                 Meth.           Seduction; abuse and desertion of the seduced
                                                                                  girl after marriage.
      De Ford, Rev. A. M.            Hortonville, Wis.                            Counterfeiting.
      Durant, Rev. A. H.             Sumter, S. C.                                Murder.
      Dyer, Rev. Ross                Macomb, Ill.                 Bap.            Elopement with a married woman, deserting wife
                                                                                  and children.
      Davis, Rev. Geo. E.            Chicago, Ill.                                Bigamy.
      Downs, Rev. Mr.                Boston, Mass.                Bap.            Charged with adultery.
      Dill, Rev. A. C.               Sterling, N. J.                              Indecent familiarities with women.
      Dawson, Rev. G. E.             Wheeling, W. Va.             M. E.           Lying, robbery, fraud.
      Dumont, Rev. Wm.               Kalamazoo, Mich.                             Swindling.
      Dubs, Bishop.                  Indianapolis, Ind.                           Charged with circulating obscene literature.
      Dittke, Rev. Herman            Shawano Co., Wis.            Luth.           Charged with cruelty to children.
      Donnelly, Rev. Father          Los Angeles, Cal.            Cath.           Desertion of wife.
      Derepentencigny, Rev. Father   Montreal, Can.               Cath.           Illicit distilling.
      Dunbar, Rev. Edw.              Oxford, Ga.                  Meth.           Bigamy.
      Davie, Rev. Mr.                New Haven, Mich.                             Charged with drunkenness and disorderly conduct.
      Dobbin. Rev. John              Wacousta, Mich.                              Gross immorality.
      Edgell, Rev. Mr.               Parkersburg, W. V.           Meth.           Forgery of pension affidavits for purpose of
      Early, Rev. Father             Pou'keepsie, N. Y.           Cath.           Assault on a parishioner during services.
      Edward, Rev. W. M.             Portland, N. D.                              Charged with immorality with women; fled,
                                                                                  deserting family.
      Eastman, Rev. Jas. M.          Olmsted Falls, O.            M. E.           Seduction.
      Flory, Rev. B. F.              Pawnee City, Neb.                            Forgery.
      Fritch, Rev. M. L.             Shillington, Pa.             Ref.            Long course of theft.
      Fitzgerald, Rev. Mr.           Charlot, N. Y.               Cath.           Beating and choking a lady; fined $50.
      Fleming, Rev, S. J.            Monte Vista, Cal.            M. E.           Swindle of $6,000.
      Finnerty, Rev. Mr.             Dayton, O.                   Cath.           Adultery.
      Flaherty, Rev. Chas.           Rochester, N. Y.             Cath.           Rape.
      Fleming, Rev. Jas.             Detroit, Mich.                               Cruelty to wife.
      Farrington. Rev. F'r.          Louisville, Ky.              Cath.           Drunkenness and disorderly conduct.
      Guihot, Rev. Father            Montreal, Can.               Cath.           Adultery.
      Griffis, Rev. J. K.            Waconda, Ill.                Bap.            Eloped with young parishioner, taking all wife's
                                                                                  money and jewelry.
      Garland, Rev. J. B.            Vermillion, S. D.            Epis.           Charged with embezzlement of $14,000.
      Gordon, Rev. C. B. W.          Petersburg, Va.              Bap.            Charged with selling vote and influence; asked
                                                                                  to resign.
      George, Rev. Harry             Fishkill, N. Y.                              Seduction, and abettal of an abortion which
                                                                                  proved fatal.
      Garrett, Rev. Mr.              Pa.                                          Forgery, accessoriness to; expelled.
      Goine, Rev. C. C.              Fort Scott, Kan.             Bap.            Seduction; fled.
      Gates, Rev. Geo. N.            Savanna, Ill.                Bap.            Seduction; expelled.
      George, Rev. A.                Leeds, N. Y.                                 Charged with seduction of his stepdaughter,
                                                                                  which resulted in her death.
      Gordon, Rev. Frank             South Solon, O.              Disc.           Seduction.
      Gardner, Rev. C. M.            Toledo, O.                                   While married, writing love-letters to girls;
      Gurr, Rev. Henry               Oakland, Cal.                Epis.           Cruelty to wife.
      Gentle, Rev. George            Washington, O.                               Attempted rape of ten-year-old girl.
      Griesen, Rev. Mr.              Chicago.                                     Charged with slander.
      Gifford, Rev. Wm. C.                                        Meth.           Charged with adultery.
      Garrett, Rev. Philip           Reading, Pa.                 U. B.           Obtaining money on false pretenses.
      Gratza, Rev. Father            Hillsboro, Ill.              Cath.           Charged with circulating obscene pictures.
      Gilford, Rev. W. E.            Chicago, Ill.                Meth.           Immorality.
      Hendricks, Rev. R. O.                                       Meth.           Assault with deadly weapon.
      Hoddy, Rev. Carroll N.         Decatur, Ill.                Chris.          Drunkenness.
      Hayden, Rev. Francis                                                        Drunkenness and frequenting brothel.
      Henderson, Rev. T. R.          Lima, O.                     Meth.           Charged with seduction.
      Hoffman, Rev. John             Waukesha, Mich.              Meth.           Charged with cruelty to wife.
      Hall, Rev. C. J.               New London, Wis.                             Bigamy.
      Heininger, Rev.                Elkhart, Ind.                                Falsehood and slander.
      Hembree, Rev. C. C.            Guthrie, Okla.                               Threatening with revolver new claimant of
                                                                                  pulpit, from which Hembree had been deposed for
                                                                                  disreputable conduct; arrested.
      Hennessey, Rev. E. M.          Dungannon, O.                Cath.           Assault and battery of a woman; fined $700 and
                                                                                  imprisoned ninety days.
      Hogfin, Rev. A. O.             Sabetha, Kan.                                Charged with criminal libel.
      Hughes, Rev. Chas. S.          Sedalia, Mo.                                 Charged with forgery.
      Holmes, Rev. Mr.               Dubuque, Ill.                                Counterfeiting.
      Healy, Rev. Mr.                Pierce City, Mo.             Cath.           Arrested for criminal libel.
      Holted, Rev. Nicholas          Louisville, Ky.              Cath.           Charged with immorality with a young lady;
                                                                                  forced to resign.
      Hooper, John F.                Kingston, N, Y.; Mott        Pres.           Cruelty to wife at Kingston; elopement at Mott
                                     Haven, N. Y.                                 Haven.
      Hildreth. Rev. T. F.           Chicago, Ill.                M. E.           Charged with scandalous immorality.
      Henry, Rev. Mr.                Odessa, Mo.                                  Charged with seduction.
      Hammond, Rev. Wm.              Montreal, Can.; Yreka,       Bap.            Extensive swindling; arrested for attempt to
                                     Cal.; Franklin F'ls, Ill.;                   poison a lady whom he had married for her money.
                                     Indiana.; Georgia.
      Helmick, Rev. D. M.            Neola, Ia.                   Meth.           Unprovoked murder of a man whom he had failed to
                                                                                  intimidate from marrying a lady loved by both.
      Hinsman, Rev. Z. K.            Asotin, Wash.                Meth.           Elopement and wife desertion.
      Hale, Rev. John                Dayton, O.                                   Fraudulent dealings.
      Hibler, Rev. Sidney            Saradia, Miss.               Meth.           Adultery; killed by husband.
      Harrison, Rev. G.              Cannon, Tex.                 Meth.           Murder and suicide.
      Holohan, Rev. John J.          Hinsdale, N. H.              Cath.           Charged with lewdness.
      Hallman, Rev. S. T.            Concord, N. C.                               Seduction.
1892  Hallinger, Rev. Edw.           Jersey City, N. J.           Bap.            Murder; hanged.
      Hagins, Rev. Mr.               Oswego, N. Y.                                Desertion of wife and children for another
      Harris, Rev. Andrew            Clinton, Miss.               Bap.            Murder.
      Irvine, Rev. Ingram            Braddock, Pa.                Cong.           Adultery; swindling.
      Johnson, Rev. W. W.            Laurel, Del.                 M. E.           Attempt to elope and leave family.
      Jones, Rev. Thomas R.          Albion, Mich.                Bap.            Forgery.
1890  Johnson, Rev. H. E.            Greenville, Pa.              M. E.           Charged on twenty-three counts with indecent
                                                                                  conduct with young ladies.
      Jones, Rev. Geo. W.            Long Branch, N. J.                           Embezzlement of church collections.
      Jealicka, Father J. J.         Chicago, Ill.                Cath.           Insulting little girls.
      Johnson, Rev. H. R. J.         Chicago, Ill.                                Threatening life of rival evangelist; held in
                                                                                  bonds to keep peace.
      Jennings, Rev. J. B.           Newark, N. J.                                Charged with wife-desertion, drunkenness, and
      Kolasinski, Rev. Fath'r        Toledo, O.                   Cath.           Charged with rape of eleven-year-old girl.
      Knauf, Rev. George             Pittsburg, Pa.                               Charged with abetting murder.
      Kuhlman, Rev. Chas.            Marshall Ill.                Cath.           Immoral conduct.
      Koehler, Rev. A. N.            Farmer's Retreat, Ind.       Luth.           Indecent familiarities with women.
      Kohn, Rev. Horace              Bucyrus, O.                                  Attempted seduction.
      Kelsey, Rev. Joel S.           McCook, Neb.                 Cong.           Seduction of girls; fled to escape lynching.
      King, Rev. T.                  Oakland, Cal.                                Drunkenness.
      Knight, Rev. David             Caldwell Co., N. C.          Bap.            Desertion of wife and twelve children to elope
                                                                                  with mother-in-law.
      Kimball, Rev. O. D.            Newton, Mass.; Leominster,   Bap.            Sodomy with boys; seduction of little girls;
                                     Mass.                                        dismissed; confessed.
      Kelly, Rev. Alfred B.          Brooklyn, N. Y.                              Theft; confessed.
      Kroeger, Rev. Father           Elkhart, Ind.                Cath.           Swindling in the amount of $17,000.
      Kertly, Rev. F. S.             Franklin, Ind.               Chris.          Forgery.
      Kisler, Rev. J. B.             Seneca City, Ga.             Hol.            Burglary.
      Koesalsko, Rev. Jos.           Hazelton, Pa.                Cath.           Libel; embezzlement.
      Lord, Rev. William             West Creek, N. J.            Bap.            Charged with seduction.
1899  Lightfoot, Rev. Mr.            Newport, Ark.                Bap.            Swindling congregation; shot dead by them.
      Lerch, Rev. Fred.              Syracuse, N. Y.              Cath.           Indecent liberties with eight-year-old girl;
                                                                                  sentenced to penitentiary.
      Lindler, Rev. George           Nashville, Tenn.                             Swindling.
      Laird, Rev. G. M.              Gillespie, Mo.                               Attempt to blackmail.
      Lennax, Ernest                 Chicago, Ill.                Meth.           Charged with embezzlement.
      McArthur, Rev. Julius          Dover, N. H.                 Bap.            Horse-stealing and murder.
      Moore, Rev. Henry C.           Little Rock, Ark.                            Charged with passing counterfeit money.
      Morse, Rev. Wm. F.             Big Rapids, Mich.            Wes.            Elopement and desertion of family.
      Mastin, Rev. J. J.             St. Elmo, Tenn.              Bap.            Writing love letters to several ladies with whom
                                                                                  he had no acquaintance.
1889  McCready, Rev. R. H.           Pittsburgh, Pa.              Pres.           Charged with obtaining money under false
                                                                                  pretenses; arrested.
      Marquis, Rev. Mr.              Osage City, Kan.             Pres.           Charged with immodest conduct with young ladies;
                                                                                  forced to resign.
      Mowbray, Rev. Mr.              Springfield.                 Bap.            Adultery.
      McIntosh, Rev. Mr.             St. Louis, Mo.               M. E.           Charged with bigamy, and using obscene language.
      Mertz, Rev. Matthew            Columbus, Ind.               Luth.           Adultery.
      McNeeley, Rev. Oscar           Indianapolis, Ind.           Chris.          Charged with forgery.
      Mitterling, Rev. D. J.         Lucas, O.                    Luth.           Gross immorality.
      Murphy, Rev. Coniff            Sioux City.                  Cath.           Intoxication and disorderliness.
      Martin, Rev. L.                Detroit, Mich.                               Fornication.
      Mayes, Rev. Jas.               Arcola, Ill.                 M. E.           Selling liquor without license.
      Mailluchette, Rev. L.          Detroit, Mich.               Cath.           Adultery.
      Meyer, Rev. H.                 Lincoln, Ill.                Luth.           Charged with speculation and falsehood.
      McBride, Rev. M. J.            Harrisburg, Pa.              Cath.           Compelled dying man to will him his estate.
      Michanowski, Rev. A.           Jersey City, N. J.           Cath.           Embezzlement of church funds.
      Miracle, Rev. Geo. W.          Grove, Kan.                  Meth.           Elopement with married woman, deserting wife and
                                                                                  four children.
      McCready, Rev. R. H.           Pittsburgh, Pa.              Cong.           Charged with theft of $319.
      McManus, Rev. Wm.              N. Springfield, Pa.          Chris.          Elopement with a parishioner's wife.
      Meynardie, Rev. J. S.          Atlanta, Ga.                                 Immorality; expelled.
      Mitchell, Rev. N. W.           Fort Worth, Tex.             Pres.           Heavy forgeries; fled.
      Moysant, Rev. J.               Chicago, Ill.                Cath.           Seduction of and elopement with the wife of the

                                                                                  famous politician McDonald, who says: "She
                                                                                  became a fanatic in religion, and the brute
                                                                                  brought a tremendous religious influence to bear
                                                                                  on her. Under his powerful leverage, the church,
                                                                                  he made her an easy prey. To think that he lived
                                                                                  on me, blessed my food, took my children on his
                                                                                  knee and blessed them!"
      Mower, Rev. Mr.                Pa.                          U. B.           Immorality and forgery.
      McFarland, Rev. A. B.          Pittsburgh Pa.                               Assault and terrible cruelty to wife; divorce
                                                                                  given her.
      Mills, Rev. Michael            Detroit, Mich.                               Arrested for seduction and many immoralities
                                                                                  with women.
      Martin, Rev. N. H.             Chatham, Ont.                Epis.           Breach of promise (engaged to three girls);
1891  Moore, Rev. Geo.               Louisville, Ky.              Bap.            Theft of Bible and other property.
      Marshall, Rev. W. F.           Kinderhook, N. Y.                            Seduction under promise of marriage, and
      Moore, Rev. H. H.              Warren, Pa.                                  Charged with immoralities.
      Mayer, Rev. Mr.                Erie, Pa.                                    Wantonness; tarred and feathered.
      Moore, Rev. Lewis              Nashville, Tenn.                             Incest.
      Matlock, Rev. Robt.            Izard Co., Ark.                              Murder.
      Martin, Rev. R. L.             Evansville, Wis.                             Drunkenness.
      Maczynski, Rev. Father                                      Cath.           Charged with embezzlement of $3,700.
      McArthur, Rev. Julius          Dover, N. H.                 Bap.            Horse-stealing and murder.
      Moore, Rev. Henry C.           Little Rock, Ark.                            Charged with passing counterfeit money.
      Nailand, Rev. Jas.             Springfield, Mo.                             Theft; imprisoned ten days.
      Norto, Rev. L. L.              Macon City, Ga.                              Charged with theft.
      Nutting, Rev. W. W.            Lisbon, N. D.                                Elopement.
      Nelson, Rev. Walter            Port Burwell, Ont.                           Elopement and wife-desertion.
      Orne, Rev. A. L.               Haverhill, Mass.             Faith Cure.     Allowing child to die without medical service.
      O'Donnell, Rev. Father         Sedamsville, O.              Cath.           Drunkenness.
      Orvis, Rev. Wm.                Philadelphia, Pa.            Cong.           Medical swindling.
      Oftedal, Rev. Gus.             Wahpeton, N. D.              Luth.           Charged with whipping his servant-girl for her
                                                                                  spiritual discipline.
      O'Riordan, Rev. M. V.          Buffalo, N. Y.               Cath.           Drunkenness; forgery; consorting with lewd
                                                                                  women; embezzling church money.
      Owen, Rev. Thos.               Vernon, Ala.                 Bap.            Insulting ladies who would not attend his
                                                                                  meeting; mobbed out of the neighborhood;
      Overton, Rev. W. A.            Greene Co., Ga.              Bap.            Suicide.
      O'Sullivan, Rev. John          Camillus, N. Y.              Cath.           Charged with seduction and deposed.
      Orbach, Rev. C. L.             Sauk Rapids, Minn.           Luth.           Charged with adultery.
      O'Connor, Rev. Father          Wilmington, Del.             Cath.           Drunkenness.
      O'Connor, Rev. Father          Chicago, Ill.                Cath.           Criminal intercourse with girl under fourteen.
      Otis, Rev. Father              Calumet, Mich.               Cath.           Charged with seduction.
      Phillips, Rev. R. D.           Elmira, N. Y.                Meth.           Forgery.
      Payne, Rev. J. H.              Columbus, O.                                 Theft.
      Prouty, Rev. Enoch             Beloit, Wis.                 Bap.            Dishonesty, lying, wife-desertion, adultery.
      Percival, Rev. Harold          Detroit.                     Bap.            Sodomy.
      Powell, Rev. Wm.               Macon. Ga.                                   Perjury.
      Parsons, Rev. M.               Perry, Ia.                   Bap.            Charged with embezzlement.
      Pierce, Rev. Geo. J.           Salem, Mass.; Philipston,    Cong.           Charged with many immoralities.
                                     Mass; Bangor, Me.; Danbury,
                                     N. H.; Portsmouth, N. H.
      Parker. Rev. F.                Sherman, Tex.                Meth.           Charged with forgery.
      Parrault, Rev. Father          Dickinson. N. D.                             Charged with forgery.
1889  Packard, Rev. J.               Los Angeles, Cal.            Hol.            Ran up board bill until landlady became
                                                                                  embarrassed for money; suggested that he pawn
                                                                                  her watch for her, and did so and absconded with
                                                                                  the proceeds.
1891  Peters, Rev. J. H.             Marienfeld, Tex.             Cath.           With Father Andrews governed a convent of boys;
                                                                                  one escaped and revealed that the two priests
                                                                                  had killed a student, telling the escaped one
                                                                                  that priests had a right to murder; Andrews,
                                                                                  with the justice of peace who held inquest, and,
                                                                                  being a strong Catholic and under the priest's
                                                                                  control, returned verdict of suicide, arrested;
                                                                                  Peters missing.
      Pettit, Rev. Mr.               Lafayette, Ind.                              Arrested for wife-poisoning.
      Perry, Rev. Spurgeon           Philadelphia, Pa.                            Horse-stealing.
      Prather, Rev. E. L.            Lincoln, Ill.                Pres.           Charged with many seductions; deposed.
      Pistor, Rev. Mr.               Albuquerque, N. M.           Luth.           Drunkenness and embezzlement of church funds;
      Phillips, Rev. J. W.           Joliet, Ill.                                 Adultery.
      Petty, Rev. W. P.              Maysville, Tex.              Meth.           Charged with indecencies with girls.
      Paul, Rev. Mr.                 Heraldsburg, Cal.            Meth.           Libel.
      Poole, Rev. Pedro              Vera Cruz.                   Cath.           Murder.
      Price, Rev. J. W.              Ottumwa, Ia.                 Bap.            Criminal connection.
      Quinn, Rev. Father             Spokane Falls, Wash.         Cath.           Indecent liberties with little girls; under
                                                                                  assumed character of John Smith sentenced to
                                                                                  ninety days in workhouse, whereupon revealed
                                                                                  true profession and was but fined $100.
      Quay, Rev. Father              Snohomish, Wash.             Cath.           Sodomy.
      Reynolds, Rev. Allen           Mt. Pleasant, Mich.                          Adultery.
1892  Robinson, Rev. Mr.             Detroit, Mich.               Meth.           Criminal connection.
      Ransford, Rev. Edw.            New York, N. Y.                              Assault with intent to rape.
      Roe, Rev. John F.              Wooster, O.                                  Theft.
      Roberts, Rev. R. M.            Graham Co., N. C.                            Elopement with another man's wife, deserting his
      Rymarsky, Rev. Louis           Carlstadt, N. J.             Pres.           Assaults on girls between twelve and fifteen
                                                                                  with intent to rape.
      Rheinhart, Rev. J. P.          Norwood.                     Evan.           Theft of a theological work and other books.
      Ryan, Rev. Francis             Philadelphia, Pa.            Cath.           Theft.
      Robinson, Rev. E.              Girard, Ga.                  Meth.           Charged with theft; fined for fighting in
      Rollins, Rev. J. M.            Bonne Terre, Mo.             Meth.           Adultery, confessed; charged with sodomy.
      Ray, Rev. John S.              Wooster, O.                  Meth.           Burglary.
      Rodgers, Rev. Mr.              Colton, Cal.                 Hol.            Indecent conduct with women.
      Riley, Rev. J. T.              Pittsburgh, Pa.              M. E.           Indecent conduct with women.
      Roberts, Rev. G. W.            Toronto.                                     Gross immorality.
      Robertson, Rev. J. D.          Savannah, Ga.                Pres.           Immoralities.
1890  Ryan, Rev. Peter               Lowville, N. J.              Cath.           Struck lady in face with prayer-book and used
                                                                                  indecent language to her, because she refused
                                                                                  share of assessment demanded; deposed.
      Richards, Rev. W. L.           Stockton, Minn.              M. E.           Charged with embezzlement.
      Ross, Rev. Orville             Lockford, Cal.               Cong.           Killed wife, son, and self because wife would
                                                                                  not support him.
1889  Rogers, Rev. Euclid B.         Franklin, Pa.                Bap.            Cruelty to wife; expelled; wife got divorce.
1888  Riley, Rev. John               Council Grove, Kan.          Adv.            Sending to wife of a parishioner, with whom he
                                                                                  maintained a liaison, a love-letter such that he
                                                                                  was arrested for mailing obscene matter.
      Reed, Rev. J. C.               Grand Island, Neb.           Bap.            Elopement.
      Rodden, Rabbi Max.             Trenton, N. J.               Heb.            Fighting in church; arrested.
      Roberts, Rev. Peter            Scranton, Pa.                Cong.           Breach of promise; $3,000 damages.
      Richardson, Rev. J. W.         Marshfield, Mo.              Chris.          Elopement with fourteen-year-old girl, deserting

      Robinson, Rev. Mr.             Clarkston, Mich.             M. E.           Charged with indecent conduct with young ladies,
                                                                                  and proposing adultery to married.
      Rogers, Rev. E. B.             Burlington, Ia.                              Charged with deliberately planning the cruelties
                                                                                  that forced his wife to get divorce, so he could
                                                                                  marry another woman.
1890  Smith, Rev. D. A.              Clam Falls, Minn.                            Elopement with a parishioner's wife.
      Sanborn, Rev. Geo. M.          Eureka, Cal.                 Cong.           Elopement with a parishioner's wife.
      Stone, Rev. Saml. G.           Cowan, Ont., Can.            Meth.           Improper relations with a parishioner's wife.
      Sims, Rev. G. P.               Atwood, Ill.                                 Immorality; deposed; threatened to kill church
                                                                                  officers; arrested for carrying concealed
      Steffens, Rev. Aloysius.       L'g Isl'd City, N. Y.        Cath.           Slander; $1,000 damages given.
      Schaberhorn, Rev. A. A.        Clarkstown, N. Y.; Nyack,    Pres.           Drunkenness; using lewd language to women;
                                     N. Y.                                        desertion of wife and children.
      Smedley, Rev. Mr.              Des Moines, Ia.              Meth.           Charged with lying.
1889  Sutton, Rev. D. G.             Boone, Ia.                                   Blackmail.
      Savage, Rev. Samuel            Celina, Tenn.                Bap.            Twice running away with woman for a short time;
                                                                                  finally absconding with one altogether and
                                                                                  leaving wife in want.
      Smith, Rev. Wm. A.             Boston, Mass.                Bap.            Immorality, drunkenness; expelled.
      Shelton, Rev. T. J.            Little Rock, Ark.            Chris.          Non-support of wife; divorce granted her;
                                                                                  arrested for intoxication.
      Stewart, Rev. Wm. J.           Port Norris, N. J.           M. E.           Accused of seduction.
      Simmons, Rev. W. H.            Springfield, O.              Meth.           Charged with indecent conduct to married lady;
                                                                                  her husband and others dragged him from the
                                                                                  pulpit and stopped his preaching.
      Samuels, Rev. A.               Chicago, Ill.                                Swindling.
      Sherwood, Rev. Dr.             South Om'ha, Neb.                            Cruelty to boys.
      Squire, Rev. S. R.             New Portage, O.                              Immoralities.
      Stevens, Rev. L. G.            St. John. N. B.              Epis.           Charged with adultery.
      Schmotz, Rev. Carl             Challicoon, N. Y.            Ref.            Intoxication and indecent liberties.
      Seals, Rev. C. B.              E. Lynn, Ill.                                Elopement.
      Smith, Rev. Father             Delavan, Wis.                Cath.           Conducting lottery at church fair; arrested.
      Scott, Rev. Monroe             W. Baton Rouge, La.                          Attempted bigamy; murder and suicide.
      Simmons, Rev. W. H.            Springfield, O.              M. E.           Indecent liberties.
      Snowden, Rev. Frank            Chicago, Ill.                Chris.          Assault and battery.
      Small, Rev. Sam.                                                            Charged with swindling in the sum of $1,000 by a
                                                                                  clergyman of Newton Lower Falls, Mass.
      Souderstom, Rev. H. M.         Burlington, Ia.              Meth.           Fraud; lying; suspended.
      Saddlier, Rev. R. A.           Minneapolis, Minn.           Meth.           Drunkenness, habitual; expelled.
      Spencer, Rev. Joel F.          Richmond, Mo.                Chris.          Borrowed $350 and left, leaving note that he
                                                                                  should commit suicide.
      Stone, Rev. S. C.              Tenn., Miss. & Ark.                          Murder.
      Stratton, Rev. Mr.             Oakland, Cal.                                Charged with hugging and kissing one of his
                                                                                  female teachers after she had retired for the
      Smith, Rev. John               St. Johns, N. B.                             Swindling hotel.
      Shibrow, Rev. Mr.              Ono, Wis.                                    Indecent conduct.
      Squier, Rev. E. A.             Taylorville, Ill.            Meth.           Charged with slander and lying.
      Smith, Rev. R. M.              Sterling, Ill.               Meth.           Charged with adultery.
      Schwabe, Rev. F. B.            Rock Island, Ill.            Pres.           Intoxicated; arrested.
      Staunton, Rev. Benj.           Fort Green, N. Y.            Pres.           Adulteries, and cruelty to wife.
      Slusser, Rev. Jas. G.          Stark Co., O.                                Charged with adultery.
      Spurlock, Rev. M.              Geneseo, Ill.                                Lying; immorality; adultery.
      Shelter, Rev. John             McClure, O.                  U. B.           Selling liquor without license.
      Smith, Rev. W. R.              Hastings, Neb.                               Forgery; libel; embezzlement; opening others'
                                                                                  letters; false entries.
      Serche, Rev. F. J.             Syracuse, N. Y.              R. C.           Indecent assault on eight-year-old girl.
      Staples, Rev. Alfred           Amherst, N. S.               Bap.            Swindling; engaged to many girls at once; fled.
      Stevens, Rev. W. L.            Santa Cruz, Cal.             M. E.           Improper liberties with women; gambling;
                                                                                  drunkenness; expelled.
      Schoonover, Rev. Mr.           New Haven, Mich.             Bap.            Charged with drunkenness.
      Seymour, Rev. D.               Janesville, Minn.            M. E.           Elopement with Mrs. Henry; taking with him
                                                                                  missionary funds; leaving wife and five children
                                                                                  destitute; she leaving husband and two children.
      Stone, Rev. Mr.                Tacoma, Wash.                Meth.           Charged with desertion of wife for Mrs.
                                                                                  McIntyre, upon the latter's receiving $6,000
                                                                                  insurance money.
1891  Shaffer, Rev. A. H.            Des Moines, Ia.              M. E.           Cruelty to wife; adultery; falsehood.
      Seeley, Rev. Father            Granville, Wis.              Cath.           Indecent liberties with little girls at
                                                                                  parochial school; fled from tar and feathers.
      Stevenson, Rev. Mr.            Des Moines, Ia.              Meth.           Desertion of wife for other women.
      Smith, Rev. C. Hudson          Boston, Mass.                Cong.           Desertion of wife; liaison with prostitute;
                                                                                  return and redesertion of wife for same
      Schrieves, Rev. S. R.          Moss Run, O.                                 Desertion of wife and children; evangelizing
                                                                                  accompanied by another woman as pretended wife.
      Turner, Rev. R. G.             Little Rock, Ark.            M. E.           Swindles aggregating several thousand dollars;
                                                                                  his conference in a warning circular describes
                                                                                  him as "a good preacher--can talk and cry a man
                                                                                  into believing him a saint."
      Tipton, Rev. John C.           W. Va.                                       Forgery; two murders; threefold bigamy; theft;
                                                                                  arrested in pulpit at close of sermon.
      Tatum, Rev. Jos.               Camden, Ark.                                 Murder of wife; hanged.
      Trunnell, Rev. Evan            Marion, Ind.                                 Arrested on charge of burning church to get
      Triffit, Rev. J. F.            Columbus, O.                                 Adulteries.
      Taylor, Rev. J. H.             Jefferson City, Mo.          Bap.            Bigamy.
      Thayer, Rev. O. B.             Clinton, Ill.                Pres.           Swindling.
1892  Temple, Rev. John              Evansville, Ind.                             Charged with murder.
      Turrell, Rev. C. W.            Wyandotte, Mich.             Meth.           Adultery.
      Tighe, Rev. R. H.              New York, N. Y.                              Charged with adultery and libel.
      Tupper, Rev. C. T.             Leavenworth, Kan.            Epis.           Charged with adultery.
      Tevis, Rev. A. H.              Kansas City, Mo.             Meth.           Charged with lying; suspended.
      Trager, Rev. W. A.             Washington, Ind.                             Charged with horse-stealing.
      Vanetten, Rev. J. P.           Youngstown, O.               Meth.           Embezzlement of $1,200 from a widow.
      Van Buskirk, Rev. Dr.          Indianapolis, Ind.           Chris.          Adultery with parishioner's wife.
      Vedder, Rev. A. A.             New York, N. Y.              Pres.           Seduction.
      Vancil, Rev. George W.         Duquoin, Ill.                                Counterfeiting.
      Vest, Rev. E. B.               Martinsville, Ind.                           Immodest conduct with a young lady; forced to
      Van Horn, Rev. David           Athens Co., N. Y.                            Forgery.
1889  Williams, Rev. G. W.           Brooklyn, N. Y.                              Grand larceny--renting a furnished house and
                                                                                  selling the furniture; was found in Buffalo
                                                                                  living with a mulatto girl.
      Woodward, Rev. J. H.           Greenbush, Wis.              Meth.           Charged with "scandalous conduct."
      Wharton, Rev. F. L.            Milwaukee, Wis.              M. E.           Arrested on charge of slander.
      White, Rev. J. H.              Gonzales, Tex.               M. E.           Indecent language and letters; suspended one
      Whitman, Rev. Edw.             Joliet, Ill.                 Bap.            Thefts and improper conduct with girl.
      Wood, Rev. D. C.               Tama City, Ia.               U. B.           Elopement, leaving wife and seven children.
      Woodruff, Rev. Chas.           Boyleston, Ind.              U. B.           Elopement with Mrs. Covert, she taking
                                                                                  considerable of her husband's money.
      West, Rev. Wm. T. A.           Chesterton, Ind.             Meth.           Seduction and murder by poison of Susie Beck.
      Wilson, Rev. Wm.               Waco, Tex.                   Chris.          Horse-stealing.
1893  Webster, Rev. S. E.            Minneapolis, Minn.                           Charged with forgery.
      Wood, Rev. D. W.               Sioux City, Ia.                              Obtaining $17,000 under false pretenses.
      Wilbur, Rev. Sidney            Susp. Bridge, N. Y.          P. E.           Immorality.
      Weih, Rev. John N.             Hudson Co., N. J.                            Robbery of six churches.
      Wright, Rev. J. N.             Indianapolis, Ind.           Meth.           Suicide.
      Watkins, Rev. M.               Pleasant Plains, Ill.                        Rape.
      Wood, Rev. C. F.               Tulare, Cal.                 Cong.           Indecent proposals to fifteen-year-old girl.
      Worden, Rev. Jarvis            New York, N. Y.                              Dishonesty; lying; suspended.
      Ward, Rev. W. M.               Portland, N. D.              Meth.           Criminal connection; fled, deserting wife and
      Welton, Rev. Sidney            St. John, N. B.              Bap.            Charged with swindling.
      Watson, Rev. W. L.             Little Black, Wis.           Epis.           Charged with illegal liquor-selling.
      Woolford, Rev. N. D.           Indianapolis, Ind.           U. B.           Charged with coercing a weak-minded woman into
                                                                                  giving $20,000 to an institution of his.
      Widemar, Rev. Howard           Philadelphia, Pa.            Epis.           According to charges, persuaded wife to live
                                                                                  apart from him, and used this absence as ground
                                                                                  for divorce; obtained bishop's consent to
                                                                                  remarry by saying ground was adultery.
      Wood, Rev. Andrew              Los Angeles, Cal.            U. B.           According to charges paid improper attention to
                                                                                  Mrs. Bell; kicked wife out of bed because she
                                                                                  would not receive Mrs. Bell; threatened to put
                                                                                  her in jail; made her kneel and swear to obey
                                                                                  him in all things as the Bible commands, and
                                                                                  consent to his courting Mrs. Bell; arrested.
      Washington, Rev. W. H.         Marysville.                                  Adultery with W. Dyer's wife; murder of Dyer.
      Wilson, Rev. J. T. C.          Beresford, Ia.               Meth.           Arrested on charge of rape of a
                                                                                  thirteen-year-old girl.
      Waters, Rev. G. L.             Cortland, N. Y.                              Desertion of family; immoralities with female
                                                                                  parishioners in Canada.
      Watkins, Rev. W. F.            Philadelphia, Pa.                            Charged with sodomy with boys.
      Yodyzus, Rev. Math.            Brooklyn, N. Y.              Cath.           Assaults, drunkenness, embezzlement; deposed.
      Young, Rev. John               Butte, Mont.                 Pres.           Habitual drunkenness.
      Young, Rev. Conrad             Chicago, Ill.                                Charged with embezzlement.
      Zyla, Rev. John                Chicago, Ill.                Cath.           Assault and battery.


      Accoursine, Father             Pierre, S. D.                Cath.           Drunkenness; violent assault on a butcher.
1894  Ackerman, Rev. Elmer                                        Pres.           Felonious assault on wife of elder. Accused;
      Agnew, Rev. T. H.              Auburn, Ill.                 M. E.           Violation of postal law; called brother minister
                                                                                  names on a card. Fined.
1893  Alford, Rev. Mr.               Salem, O.                    Col.            Malversation of funds; left town with
                                                                                  camp-meeting gate receipts. Accused.
1894  Anderson, Rev. Pierce          Hermann, Mo.                 Bap.            Horse stealing; confessed; 4 years in
1894  Armstrong, Rev. Cal.           Kokomo, Ind.                                 Embezzlement, as county treasurer, 3 years.
1894  Barnett, Rev. James            Columbus, O.                 Bap.            Drunkenness; arrested for disturbing the peace.
      Barrett, Rev. Dr.              Banks Co., Ga.               Bap.            Illicit distilling; arrested; bound over.
      Bartsch, Rev. Bernard          Sutter, Ill.                 G. Evan.        Abortion, charged with attempting to procure.
1894  Bates, Rev. W. H.              Johnstown, Pa.               Ref.            Immorality, with disorderly woman; suspended by
      Baullauff, Rev. Paul           East New York, N. Y.                         Desertion; also accused of bigamy and perjury.
1894  Beardsley, Rev. E. H.          Pratt City, Ala.             Meth.           Grand larceny; pleaded guilty; to penitentiary.
1893  Bennett, Rev. Hampton D.       Lebanon, O.                                  Slander; sued for $10,000 by Pres. Long, Antioch
1893  Bennetts, Rev. J. J.           Meaderville, Mont.           M. E.           Accused of breaking up home of William Hay.
1894  Berry, Rev. B. F.              Postville, Iowa.             M. E.           Lying; fraudulent dealings; immoral conduct.
                                                                                  Expelled from church.
      Berry, Rev. John M.            White Co., Ga.                               Robbery of co-operative store. In jail awaiting
                                                                                  trial; made saws of his wife's corset steels.
                                                                                  Escaped with five other prisoners. Says jailer:
                                                                                  "He was the most religious man I ever saw. He
                                                                                  prayed night and day."
1892  Blanton, Rev. T. M.            Florence, Ala.                               Wrote insulting note to a lady; drunkard, opium
                                                                                  eater, threatened the life of another minister.
                                                                                  Whipped by citizens and run out of town.
1893  Bolton, Rev. R. H.             Findlay, O.                  C. of G.        Improper proposal to Mrs. Samuel Cole. She
                                                                                  knocked him down twice and swore out warrant for
                                                                                  his arrest Church revoked his license.
      Bonewell, Rev. Benj. A.        Madisonburg, O.              U. B.           Illicit relations with several members of the
                                                                                  church. Confessed, in substance, in meeting.
1892  Bonsack, Elder D. D.           Carroll Co., Md.             Dunk.           Adultery; eloped with a married woman. Carried
                                                                                  away others' funds.
1894  Bowe, Rev. James F.            Edgerton, Wis.               Cath.           Slander; verdict, $5,000.
1894  Bowman, Rev. W. T.             Mississippi.                                 Pension frauds. Sentenced 3 years.
1893  Boyer, Rev. T. F.              Eureka, Ill.                                 Deception; concealed his marriage when at
                                                                                  Chillicothe, Mo., and made love to girls.
                                                                                  Suspended by the church.
1893  Bragg, Rev. Charles M.         Baltimore, Md.               M. E. S.        Adultery; eloped with organist, aged 17. Left
                                                                                  wife and five children.
      Briger, Rev. E.                Jennings, La.                Cong.           Slanderous talk about women; whipped in the
1893  Britton, Rev. G. W.            Lancaster, O.                Meth.           Drunk and disorderly; arrested.
1893  Brown, Rev. I. J.              Waupan, Wis.                 Meth.           Burglary; arrested at St. Joseph, Mo. Confessed.
1893  Buchanan, Rev. S. H.           Little Rock, Ark.            C. of P.        Embezzlement, while treasurer of the state
                                                                                  insane asylum. Indicted, arrested, confessed.
1894  Buck, Rev. Solomon T.          Baltimore, Md.               E. As.          Receiving money under false pretenses. Had an
                                                                                  independent income from copyright on illus.
                                                                                  edition of Lord's Prayer and Ten Commandments. 3
                                                                                  yrs in pen.
1890  Burns, Rev. R. T.              Kingston, Ont.               C. E.           Defaulter, as ass't postmaster. Arrested,
1893  Chase, Rev. E. B.              Evanston, Ill.               A. M. E.        Assault on a letter carrier.
1892  Chadbourne, Rev. G. S.         Boston, Mass.                M. E.           Swindling; accused, arrested.
1893  Chenowith, Rev. J. F.          Wheeling, W. Va.             M. E.           Adultery; church trial; charges sustained.
1894  Clancy, Rev. Charles           Frontier, Mich.              M. E.           Improper conduct; accused; tarred and feathered.
1890  Collins, Rev. S. A.            Ashland, Wis.                Meth.           Immorality and misappropriation of funds. Found
1894  Connolly, Rev. James E.        Two Harbors, Minn.           Cath.           Rape; 20 years and 3 months. Attempted abortion,
                                                                                  also. While at Crookston was suspended from
                                                                                  church for alleged improper relations with
                                                                                  married woman.
1893  Cook, Rev. Edward              Tecumseh, Neb.                               Horse stealing; accused; arrested. A traveling
                                                                                  evangelist and said to be mixed up in other
1894  Cox, Rev. Daniel               Peru, Ind.                   Dunk.           Murder, the victim having made charges
                                                                                  reflecting on Cox's daughter.
1895  Crummett, Rev. Benj.           Leavenworth Co., Kan.        M. E.           Rape and bastardy; accused, arrested.
1891  Culpepper, Rev. Mr.            Atlanta, Ga.                                 Vulgarity and obscenity in pulpit. Accused.
1893  De Castries, L'Abbe de la      Tacoma, Wash.                Cath.           Smuggling; accused; arrested; prosecuting
      Croix.                                                                      attorney failed to act. Jumped bail.
1893  Deener, Rev. R. S.             Batesville, Ark.             Meth.           Forgery and immorality. Lived a double life.
                                                                                  Accused. Arrested.
1893  Dent, Rev. Joshua L.           Cincinnati, O.               A. Bap.         Bigamy and perjury. Accused. Arrested.
1894  Dingleday, Rev. John           Richmond, Ind.                               Cruelty, to inmates of Orphans' Home. Heavily
1893  Disney, Rev. Mr.               Brazil, Ind.                                 Violent assault on a young man. Fined.
1894  Dixon, Rev. J. K.              Portsmouth, O.               M. P.           Fighting with Salvation Army worker.
1893  Dixon, Rev. Thomas             New York City.               Bap.            Violation of law for protection of song birds.
1893  Donnocker, Rev. Delbert G.     Brockton, Mass.              F. W. B.        Rape and bastardy. Accused; indicted; arrested.
1894  Donnell, Rev. R. J.            Vicksburg, Miss.                             Pension frauds. 3 years penitentiary.
      Dozier, Rev. R. F.             Arkansas.                                    Rape. Accused; arrested.
      Drew, Rev. W. P.               Williamsbridge, N. Y.        Bap.            Forgery; pleaded guilty.
1894  Driver, Rev. Samuel M.         Placerville, Cal.            M. E.           Adultery; embezzlement; eloped.
1890  Duncan, Rev. Henry             Ozark, Ala.                  F. W. B.        Adultery, murder; hanged.
1894  Dunlap, Evangelist             Nyack, N. Y.                                 Forgery, embezzlement, wife desertion, adultery.
                                                                                  Accused, arrested.
1894  Duvall, Rev. C. H.             New Castle, Pa.              Bap.            Adultery with 14 year old girl. Accused;
1893  Edwards, Rev. Rodney           San Francisco, Cal.          Epis.           Embezzlement. Accused, indicted.
1891  Ellis, Rev. John W.            San Francisco, Cal.          Pres.           Malversation of funds and false statement of
                                                                                  account. Promised to make good the loss, and
                                                                                  presbytery censured him.
1894  Englebrecht, Rev. E. J.        Luverne, Minn.               Cath.           Criminal assault Accused, indicted. Brought
                                                                                  counter actions for slander.
1894  Feldman, Rev. Mr.              Goshen, Ind.                 Luth.           "Contracting debts without intention to pay."
                                                                                  Intoxication. Accused; left town.
      Fordinsky, Rabbi Harris        Brooklyn, N. Y.              Jew             Struck a child; fined.
      Fritch, Rev. Martin L.         Reading, Pa.                                 Larceny; accused; confessed; arrested.
1890  Garrett, Rev. P. H.            The Gap, Pa.                 U. B.           Embezzlement, perjury, forgery, theft. Accused,
1894  Gelvin, Rev. Mr.               Patriot, Ind.                M. E.           Adultery; eloped with wife of another minister.
                                                                                  Sold his father's horse and buggy, after
                                                                                  borrowing them.
1894  Grayville, Rev. Mr.            Washington, Ind.             M. E.           Assault and battery; went into neighbor's house
                                                                                  to break up dance; fined; refused to pay;
1892  Guenthner, Rev. Nelson A.      Portland, Me.                                Assault; accused, arrested.
1892  Haines, Rev. J. H.             New Hampshire.               Meth.           Falsehood; convicted; deposed.
1893  Hall, Rev. J. R.               Van Wert, O.                 Meth.           Obtaining money under false pretenses; arrested;
                                                                                  suspended from ministry.
1892  Hamilton, Rev. James W.        Winfield, N. Y.                              Murder; electrocuted.
      Hammond, Rev. Dr.              Victoria, B. C.                              Bigamy, embezzlement, accused.
1894  Haney, Rev. Conrad             Chicago, Ill.                Meth.           Adultery; eloped.
1891  Hanks, Rev. Robert T.          Dallas, Tex.                 Bap.            Criminal libel growing out of newspaper
                                                                                  controversy; indicted.
1890  Hanna, Rev. Thomas, D.D.       Chattanooga, Tenn.                           Swindler and dead beat; fled.
1891  Harris, Rev. Mr.               Boston, Mass.                Bap.            Immorality, accused.
1890  Heath, Rev. W. Ray, jr.        Bucksport, Me.               Meth.           Betrayal; arrested.
1893  Heddie, Rev. Thomas E.         Highland, Mich.                              Seduction; 2 years.
1894  Henderson, Rev. I. R.          Lima, O.                     M. E.           Attempted immorality; at 70 tried to make
                                                                                  appointments with young girls. Suspended. Once
                                                                                  at Van Wert, O., cowhided for slandering women
                                                                                  of congregation.
1894  Henderson, Rev. Thomas         Morristown, N. J.            A. M. E.        Immoral assault; accused, arrested.
      Hickey, Rev. Michael J.        Jersey City, N. J.           Cath.           Adultery; accused.
1895  Hicks, Rev. Charles W.         Wantagh, L. I., N. Y.                        Larceny; accused, arrested.
      Hicks, Rev. Henry S.           Roundout, N. Y.              A. M. E.        Malversation of funds; accused.
1895  Hinshaw, Rev. William E.       Belleville, Ind.             Meth.           Murder; accused, indicted, arrested.
1893  Hoerl, Rev. Lewis              Sabina, O.                   Bap.            Theft; accused, arrested.
      Hoffman, Rev. A. F.            Pierce City, Mo.             Chris.          Immorality; accused, whipped by husband.
1894  Hoffman, Rev. Wm.              La Porte, Ind.                               Horse stealing; in 13 state penitentiaries.
1894  Howard, Rev. G. B.             Many states.                                 All-round swindler. 9 years, from Jackson,
                                                                                  Tenn., to Columbus, O., for fraud.
1894  Howard, Rev. Geo. S. V.        Chicago, Ill.                Meth.           Forgery and obtaining money under false
                                                                                  pretenses. Accused, arrested.
1889  Howard, Rev. Wm. E.            New York City.                               Swindling; 9 years and 6 months in Sing Sing.
1889  Hunt, Rev. Buck                Mississippi.                 S. Meth.        Murder of minister who had supplanted him; shot
                                                                                  him as he was preaching. Penitentiary for life;
                                                                                  escaped 5 years later arrested at East
                                                                                  Birmingham, Ala., where he had preached for 3
                                                                                  years as W. W. Thompson.
      Hutchinson, Rev. George        Philadelphia, Pa.                            Bigamy; arrested.
1895  Irvine, Rev. Alex. F.          New York & Omaha.                            Deserted wife; made false charges to get
1893  Johnson, Rev. Charles          Midville, Ga.                                Murder of another preacher; executed.
      Johnson, Rev. Robert I.        New York City.                               Swindling; begging; 6 months.
1893  Johnson, Rev. Wm. H.           Parkerford, Pa.                              Stealing chickens; fled.
1890  Keeler, Rev. A. S.             Mechanicstown, O.            M. E.           Adultery; eloped.
1894  Kepler, Rev. Charles O.        Boston, Mass.                Meth.           Unfaithfulness and desertion. Was sued for
                                                                                  divorce, which was granted by default.
      Koehler, Rev. Henry            Cincinnati, O.               Cath.           Theft; stealing silver candlesticks from Cath.
                                                                                  churches; accused, arrested.
1894  Lando, Rev. Stephen            Guthrie, O. T.               Jew & Chris.    Fraud; arrested. Victimized Christians in many
1893  Latham, Rev. James             Fenton, Mich.                Meth.           Adultery; eloped to Canada, arrested, pleaded
1895  Lee, Rev. W. J.                Benton, Mo.                  Pres.           Adultery; accused.
      Le Count, Rev. George          Camden, N. J.                                Larceny; sentenced to jail, but sentence changed
                                                                                  to fine that he might preach at camp meeting.
1895  Lepore, Rev. Mariano           North Denver, Col.           Cath.           Immorality and dishonesty. Accused, deposed by
                                                                                  bishop, arrested.
1890  Lesser, Rev. J. Henry          York, Pa.                    Luth.           Seduction; accused, arrested.
1894  Lewis, Rev. C. W.              Chattanooga, Tenn.                           Pension frauds; accused, arrested.
1893  Lightner, Rev. John A.         Marietta, O.                                 Adultery, eloped; arrested.
      Loomis, Rev. S. P.             Shelton, Neb.                Meth.           Slandered doctor; cowhided by latter.
1891  Lowery, Rev. John A.           Monroeville, Ala.            Bap.            Adultery; eloped.
1895  Mabry, Rev. W. D.              Salt Lake City, Utah.        Bap.            Adultery; accused, arrested.
1890  Marshall, Rev. A. J.           Winnebago City, Minn.        Bap.            Bastardy; accused, expelled from presidency of
                                                                                  North-western Baptist College.
1895  McAuley, Rev. Alex. G.         Philadelphia, Pa.            Pres.           Immorality, visited low resorts for 5 years. 75
                                                                                  years old. Dismissal recommended.
      McChesney, Rev. Samuel         Amsterdam, N. Y.             Meth.           Malversation of funds; accused, held for grand
1890  McEllery, Rev. J. C.           Calera, Ala.                 Bap.            Attempted fraud; accused, resignation demanded.
1894  McGuire, Father                Lexington, Ky.               Cath.           Immorality; in the evening awarded medals at
                                                                                  Catholic colored school, and spent the night in
                                                                                  debauch with colored women; next day drunk on
      McKinney, Rev. G. R.           Orlando, O. T.                               Pension frauds in Pennsylvania and Maryland.
1894  McKinnis, Rev. R. C.           Marion, Ill.                 Bap.            Leader of mob. Arrested.
      Meinarezy, or Mlynarzyak,      Menominee, Mich.             Cath.           Slander; accused, arrested.
      Rev. Father
      Michael, "Prince."             Detroit, Mich.                               Seduction and adultery; many times; arrested.
1891  Morris, Rev. W. H.             Greenville, Ala.                             Misappropriation of school funds; 13 months.
1890  Nations, Rev. J. Logan         Little Rock, Ark.            M. Prot.        Adultery; accused.
1893  Nickelson, Rev. Joseph         Detroit, Mich.                               Cruelty to prisoners, farmed out to him by
      Nicoll, Rev. M. H.             Seattle, Wash.               M. E.           Criminal libel of his presiding elder;
1894  Noonan, Rev. Joseph            Los Angeles, Cal.            Cath.           Immorality; consorted with the frail; superiors
                                                                                  imposed 2 years penance.
1895  O'Connell, Rev. Timothy        New York City.               Bap. or Epis.   Attempted assault on a little girl. Accused,
                                                                                  arrested. Also drunkenness.
1894  O'Grady, Rev. Dominick         Cincinnati, O.               Cath.           Murder of Mary Gilmartin; attempted suicide,
1893  Palmer, Rev. S. S.             Pittsburg, Pa.               Pres.           False representations; suspended from ministry.
                                                                                  Had before tried to take child from his wife;
1894  Parker, Rev. Zachariah         Paris, Tex.                  Meth.           Forgery and pension fraud; for 18 years drew
                                                                                  pension in name of widow of former slave; woman
                                                                                  had been dead 15 years. 18 months' imprisonment.
      Parkman, Rev. T. C.            Denver, Col.                 Meth.           Larceny as bailee of money belonging to
                                                                                  insurance companies of which he was agent.
                                                                                  Accused, arrested.
1894  Paxton, Rev. Dr. John R.       New York City.               Pres.           Unlawful conduct; failed to report marriage of
                                                                                  W. C. P. Breckinridge in time prescribed by law;
1895  Penrod, Rev. Lemuel            Vanceburg, Ky.               Dis.            Assault with pistol and dirk on a member of his
                                                                                  congregation in a dispute over infant baptism.
                                                                                  Then went to his church and preached eloquent
      Pettit, Rev. L. C.             Cohoes, N. Y.                M. E.           Adultery; eloped. Accused. Wife took him back.
      Petty, Rev. Jason              Atlanta, Ga.                 Meth.           Bigamy. Accused, arrested. Admitted, but thought
                                                                                  he had conclusive evidence of first wife's
      Pieffer, Father                Duelm, Mich.                 Cath.           Violent assault on a parishioner.
      Porter, Rev. J. W.             Liberty Center, Ind.         Bap.            False representation. Expelled from ministry.
1893  Potter, Rev. Dr. D. C.         New York City.               Bap.            Falsification, intemperance, intent to defraud,
                                                                                  embezzlement, immorality, etc., all charged by
                                                                                  his assistant, Rev. J. W. Putnam.
      Preyer, Rev. Charles D.        Kearny, N. J.                Pres.           Slander; sued.
      Price, Rev. A. A.              Connersville, Ind.           A. M. E.        Assault with intent to kill his wife. Arrested.
                                                                                  Tried twice to commit suicide.
1893  Putnam, Rev. J. W.             New York City.               Bap.            Libel, growing out of the Potter-Putnam quarrel
                                                                                  (see Potter, Rev. D. C.). Indicted.
1893  Reams, Rev. A. R.              Merced, Cal.                 M. E. S.        Adultery; eloped with his organist Arrested in
                                                                                  B. C.
1894  Ridenour, Rev. A. M.           Ironton, O.                                  Adultery. Pleaded guilty.
      Sadlier, Rev. H.               Hailey, Idaho.               Meth.           Drunkenness; visiting house of ill-fame.
                                                                                  Expelled from ministry by unanimous vote of
      Sagebeer, Rev. Joseph E.       Flemington, N. J.            Meth.           Libel; refused to retract. Prosecuted.
      Sample, Rev. S. W.             Minneapolis, Minn.                           Cruel and inhuman treatment of his wife. She
                                                                                  sued for divorce.
1894  Savage, Rev. M. H.             Perris Indian School, Cal.                   Systematic defrauding of government as
                                                                                  superintendent. Accused by General Armstrong.
1892  Singer, Rev. Robert H.         Somerset, Pa.                Dis.            Assault and battery. Fined and imprisoned; judge
                                                                                  told him evidence would have convicted him of
                                                                                  the more serious charge of attempted criminal
1894  Schreffler, Rev. John A.       West Salem, O.               U. B., Cong.,   Incest with his daughters. Expelled from
                                                                  & Ref.          ministry; indicted; arrested.
1895  Sheldrake, Rev. Geo. H.        Pittsburg, Pa.               Pres.           Adultery. Accused in Presbytery.
1894  Shinn, Rev. W. E.              Buffalo, N. Y.               A. P. A.        Abused wife and children. Accused; resigned
                                                                  leader.         pastorate.
1890  Smith, Rev. James              Parkersburg, W. Va.                          "Sensational and highly improper conduct with
                                                                                  several ladies." So accused by his wife in suit
                                                                                  for divorce.
      Smith, Rev. Oscar A.           Baker City, Or.              M. E.           Defamation of character. Accused; suspended.
      Smith, Rev. W. B.              Danville, Ky.                Bap.            Embezzlement. Penitentiary one year.
1892  Smoot, Rev. J. E.              Midland City, Ala.           Mis., Bap.      Attempted rape of little girl. Arrested; held to
                                                                                  await action of grand jury.
1895  Spalding, Rev. E. L.           Butte, Mont                  S. A. ldr.      Counterfeiting. Accused; arrested.
1894  Stanley, Rev. D. T.            Monmouth, Or.                Dis.            Adultery. Accused; expelled from membership in
                                                                                  ministerial association after he started the
                                                                                  "Amer. Patriot."
1894  Stephenson, Rev. J. G.         Milton, Ill.                 Chris.          Adultery; eloped.
1894  Stiles, Rev. F. J.             Genessee Co., N. Y.          Epis.           Petit larceny; passing checks on banks in which
                                                                                  he had no funds. Arrested.
1893  Strickland, Rev. H. L.         Hatchville, Mass.            Cong.           Bigamy. Confessed; dismissed from pastorate.
1894  Swartzher, Rev. B. B.          Chatanooga, Tenn.                            Murder. Accused, arrested.
1893  Talbot, Rev. Louis B.          Lewiston, Me.                Bap.            Incest with daughter. Accused, arrested.
1890  Taylor, Rev. G. W.             Defiance, O.                                 Bastardy. Accused, arrested.
1893  Taymar, or Waymer, Rev. J.     Milaca, Minn.                Meth.           Adultery; eloped.
1894  Thomas, Rev. W. D.             LaCrosse, Wis.               Pres.           Violation of postal law; sent cards dunning
                                                                                  another minister and accusations against him to
                                                                                  the minister and the sessions. Pleaded guilty
                                                                                  and fined.
      Thompson, Rev. N. B.           Brockton, Mass.              Cong.           Adultery and lying. Charges sustained by church
                                                                                  and fellowship withdrawn, 116 to 59.
1893  Timmis, Rev. George            Phoenix, Ariz.                               Extreme cruelty to child, a boy of seven. Fined
                                                                                  $500 with alternative of 6 months in jail, the
                                                                                  full penalty.
1894  Todd, Rev. Ebenezer            Wichita, Kan.                Bap.            Rape of 16 year old girl; by threats kept her
                                                                                  silent for months until concealment was no
                                                                                  longer possible. Arrested; jailed.
1894  Todd, Rev. William             Ironton, O.                                  Larceny of cow. In jail in default of bail.
1894  Tolliver, Rev. Peter           Parkersburg, W. Va.          Meth.           Bastardy. Accused, arrested.
1893  Totheroh, Rev. W. N.           Chicago, Ill.                Pres.           Lying, improper conduct, adultery; charges
                                                                                  sustained by presbytery. Suspended from the
      Tucker, Rev. Willis J.         South Windham, Me.           Fr. Bap.        Improper propositions to a woman. Held guilty by
                                                                                  council and ordination papers surrendered.
1893  Vanderveen, Rev. Mr.           New Whatcom, Wash.                           Extreme cruelty, wife beating; alleged in
                                                                                  divorce proceedings by wife.
1893  Van Horn, Rev. Daniel M.       Athens Co., O.               Meth.           Forgery. Penitentiary; died in prison.
1893  Vernon, Rev. Leigh             Joplin, Mo.                                  Adultery; eloped.
1892  Vail, Rev. W. G.               Waxahatchie, Tex.            Meth.           Adultery; attempt to seduce a young woman whom
                                                                                  he had just baptised. Expelled from church.
      Von Kohn, Rev. H. F.           Grenada Co., Miss.           Bap.            Terrible cruelty to his wife. When wife was
      Walker, Rev. Geo. F.           Wymore, Neb.                 Bap.            Bastardy. Charge brought by his divorced wife,
                                                                                  at whose hotel he stopped after divorce was
                                                                                  allowed. F'd guilty.
      Webster, Rev. H. D.            Hart, Mich.                  Bap.            Seduction. Suspended from the ministry.
      Webster, Rev. Samuel E.        Philadelphia, Pa.                            Forgery, of name of a minister to an order for
                                                                                  goods. Arrested.
      Weisswasser, Rev. C. L.        Scranton, Pa.                Pres.           Adultery; eloped; had crusaded bitterly against
1894  Whismont, Rev. Q. O.           Pana, Ill.                   M.E. So.        Seduction of girl of 16. Forced to marry her;
                                                                                  expelled from church.
1893  Wiard, Rev. O. O.              Erie, Pa.                    U. B.           Attempted rape. Accused; arrested.
1890  Williamson, Rev. Thomas        Markham, Ont.                Meth.           Forgery. Accused; absconded.
1891  Williford, Rev. Silas          Geneva Co., Ala.             Bap.            Adultery; eloped with lewd woman.
      Willison, Rev. Mr.             Portland, Or.                                Forgery. Eighteen years in penitentiary.
1894  Wilson, Rev. C. P.             New York city.               Epis.           Drunk and disorderly. Fined.
1894  Wilson, Rev. J. C.             Beresford, S. D.             Meth.           Rape of 13-year-old daughter of one of his
1893  Wilson, Rev. Nathan F.         New Brunswick, N. J.         M. E.           Assault of girl of 16; accused; arrested.
1890  Winfrey, Rev. William          Hawkins, Co., Tenn.          Meth.           Forgery. Accused; fled.
1895  Witt, Rev. Mr.                 Gainesville, Tex.            Bap.            Assault with deadly weapon. Surrendered.
1889  Wood, Rev. John D.             Port Allegheny, Pa.          M. E.           Bigamy. Expelled from church and ministry.
      Woods, Rev. J. D.              Wichita, Kan.                                Misappropriation of funds of Law and Order
                                                                                  League of which he was president.
1894  World, Rev. Richard            Vicksburg, Miss.                             Pension frauds. Penitentiary, 3 years.
1894  Yates, Rev. Mr.                Water Valley, Ky.                            Fought a duel with knives.
1893  Yoder, Rev. C. M.              Wooster, O.                                  Criminal libel. Arrested on complaint of young
                                                                                  woman parishioner.
      Young, Rev. Richard N.         Indiana.                     U. B.           Cruelty, and adultery with lewd women, alleged
                                                                                  by wife in suit for divorce.


1898  Andrews, Rev. Geo. A.          B'zard's B'y, Mass.                          Jailed for spending on himself money collected
                                                                                  for sick soldiers.
1898  Ararosky, Rabbi D.             Philadelphia, Pa.            Jew.            Plucking live chickens. Sent to jail.
1898  Arthur, Rev. C. W.             Connecticut.                 Cong.           Abused his wife so she got a divorce; liar,
                                                                                  fomenter of discord, slanderous, obscene, said
                                                                                  the ecclesiastical court that deposed him.
      Armstrong, Rev. J. Z.          Kansas City.                                 Expelled from ministry for alleged immorality.
1898  Aston, Rev. Henry              Philadelphia, Pa.            Meth.           Improper conduct, cruelty to wife; deposed.
      Averill, Rev. G. W.                                         Adv.            Charged with improper conduct toward girl of
                                                                                  nine years.
      Avery, Rev. J. H.              Fort Dodge, Ia.              Meth.           Adultery; gave up his position as minister.
1898  Avis, Rev. F. C.               Minnesota.                   Meth.           Expelled from church for immoral conduct.
1896  Bailey, Rev. Samuel            West Chester, Pa.                            Charged with murder of his wife. Her body found
                                                                                  in pond near their house. A short time before
                                                                                  she ran to a neighbor's, saying Bailey had
                                                                                  attacked her with a knife.
1896  Bailey, Rev. William           North Platte, Neb.                           Attempting to imitate the Holy Ghost, husband
                                                                                  ejected him and mob gave him coat of tar and
                                                                                  feathers. Was a faith-cure miracle-worker, and
                                                                                  was stopping in house of a believer.
1898  Baldwin, Rev. Ralph            Saginaw, Mich.                               Improper conduct. Eloped with young woman to
                                                                                  Detroit, where they lived a while.
1897  Barnaby, Rev. George           Anaconda, Mont.              Chris.          Immorality. Wife sues for a divorce; says she
                                                                                  picked him out of the gutter when he was a
                                                                                  gambler and boozer.
1897  Bates, Rev. W. C.              Toronto, Ont.                Epis.           Charged with theft of goods from a department
                                                                                  store; goods found on his person.
      Belleville, Rev. Mr.           Letohatchie, Ala.            Bap.            Assault, on another minister, in religious
1897  Berry, Rev. Charles L.         Pawnee, Okla.                Pres.           Bank-wrecker; was convicted; was president and
                                                                                  cashier of bank.
1897  Boley, Rev. Adam               Philadelphia, Pa.            Luth.           Suicide.
1896  Booth, Rev. Oliver J.          New York.                    Epis.           Alcoholism, said doctors at Bellevue hospital.
1896  Bridges, Rev. William          Rome, Ga.                    Bap.            Defalcation; was county school commissioner;
                                                                                  short $5,000; suspended from office; fled.
1897  Brittain, Rev. M. C.           Leavittsburg, O.             Meth.           "Drank too much" on a trip to Niles; suspended
                                                                                  from ministry.
1897  Brown, Rev. C. O.              San Francisco, Cal.          Cong.           Adultery, perjury, slander, lying. Long church
                                                                                  trial later, confessed, and dropped from
1897  Brown, Rev. Leonidas           St. Paul, Minn.              Meth.           Charged with rape of girl of fourteen; arrested
                                                                                  in church; admitted to bail; disappeared during
1898  Budlong, Rev. O. J.            Providence, R. I.                            Sending obscene matter through the mails;
1897  Burdine, Rev. J. L.            Pickens co., S. C.           Bap.            Murder. Shot his wife and then himself.
1897  Burns, Rev. Charles E.         Milford, Conn.               Cath.           Charged with embezzlement as administrator of an
                                                                                  estate; compromise, friends paying $1,300, the
                                                                                  amount of alleged defalcation.
1896  Caywood, Rev. James            Maysville, Ky.               Meth.           Suicide.
      Chase, Rev. H. E.              Bird Island, Minn.           Meth.           Accused of indecent assault on 10-year-old girl.
1896  Chase, Rev. J. C.              Fitzwilliam, N. H.           Bap.            Fornication; sent one girl away when about to
                                                                                  become a mother; ran away with another.
1895  Chubb, Rev. S. H.              Norristown, Pa.              Evan.           Seduction. Convicted.
1898  Clark, Rev. William            Hoboken, N. J.                               Grand larceny; to penitentiary; has record for
                                                                                  forgery, blackmail, horse theft, intimidation,
                                                                                  bigamy, assault, obtaining money under false
                                                                                  pretenses, and robbery of a child.
1896  Colburn, Rev. M. F.            San Francisco, Cal.          Meth.           Sodomy.
      Colby, Rev. Mr.                Lacy, Ia.                    Meth.           Gross immorality. Expelled from ministry.
1896  Conniff, Rev. Father           Omaha, Neb.                  Cath.           Rape and seduction; absconded when grand jury
                                                                                  indicted him.
1898  Cook, Rev. Leslie              Virginia.                    Bapt.           Arrested for forgery; said also to have two
1896  Cooper, Rev. Thomas            St. Joseph, Mo.              Meth.           Gross immorality, slander, and profanity; church
                                                                                  committee recommended expulsion from church.
1896  Covert, Rev. Harry M.          Brooklyn, N. Y.                              Adultery; left wife and eloped with a widow.
1896  Craft, Rev. Washingt'n         Clay co., Ky.                Bapt.           Murder of two men.
1897  Cumming, Rev. F. H.            Geneseo, N. Y.               Meth.           Improper relations, with two young women.
1897  Davis, Rev. A. C.              Billings. Mont.              Meth.           Unnatural crime; fled to escape tar and
1890  Decker, Rev. E. D.             Newark, N. J.                Meth.           Conduct unbecoming a clergyman; dropped from
                                                                                  ministry; wrote love letters and kissed the
1898  Doyle, Rev. Gregory            Munfordville, Ky.            Bapt.           Seduction, abortion, murder.
1898  Dreischler, Rev. Gus.          Newburg, N. Y.               Luth.           Suicide.
1898  Du Hamel, Rev. Wm.             New York.                    Epis.           Extreme cruelty; so wife alleged in divorce
1896  Duncan, Rev. J. W.             Indiana.                     Meth.           Illegal voting; arrested on charge of.
1896  Dwyer, Rev. Joseph             Denver, Col.                                 Disorderly conduct; arrested in New York.
1898  Eldridge, Rev. E. Olin         Washington, D. C.            Meth.           Adultery; corespondent in divorce suit.
1898  Embree, Rev. E. S.             Topeka, Kan.                 Meth.           Charged with seduction of colored servant,
                                                                                  acquitted by his church although his attorney
                                                                                  had paid the girl $200. She died under abortion.
                                                                                  At Leavenworth Embree was fined for shooting a
                                                                                  valuable bird dog.
1898  Emerson, Rev. Mr.              Nevada, Mo.                                  Theft; accused.
1897  Emery, Rev. John               Leavenworth, Kan.                            Suicide.
      Evans Rev. C. M.               Bloomfield, Ia.              Meth.           Undue intimacy; expelled from ministry.
1897  Farrar, Rev. Dr. H. C.         Albany, N. Y.                Meth.           Gross immorality confessed; expelled from
                                                                                  ministry and church.
1897  Finley, Rev. David             New York.                                    Intoxication.
1897  Fisher, Rev. C. M.             Toronto, Ont.                Epis.           Untruthfulness and deceit; asked to resign or
                                                                                  stand charges.
1896  Fisher, Rev. M. R.             Waco, Tex.                                   Immoral conduct; left Waco under those charges.
1897  Fitzgerald, Rev. J. M.         Rochester, N. Y.             Cath.           Wanted for extortion and swindling. Under
                                                                                  conviction for burning a schoolhouse in
1896  Fitzgerald, Rev. Mr.           Masontown, Pa.                               Adultery; accused and arrested.
1895  Flaherty, Rev. Chas.           Geneseo, N. Y.               Cath.           Assault on 16 year old girl. Convicted; 7 years.
1897  Flint, Rev. D. W. H.           Metamora, Mich.                              Interference, causing divorce proceedings and
                                                                                  his whipping by the husband.
1897  Ford, Rev. W. T.               Everett, Wash.               Meth.           Seduction of 15-year-old girl; convicted.
      Fort, Rev. W. C.               Louisville, Ky.                              Quarreling.
      Francis, Rev. D. R.            Trinidad, Col.               Cong.           Adultery; confessed; expelled by congregation.
1896  Frankin, Rev. Mr.              Newark, N. J.                                Robbery; missing goods from department store
                                                                                  found in his house.
1898  Freeman, Rev T. F.             Chaplain in navy.                            Suicide.
1897  Fridow, Rev. Ernest            Woodhaven, N. H.                             Misappropriating property of his church;
1898  Fuller, Rev. Henry R.          New York.                                    Relations with woman not his wife; wife secured
1897  Furber, Rev. H. G.             Philadelphia, Pa.                            Assault and battery; arrested at Old Orchard,
                                                                                  Me., on that charge.
1897  Garrison, Rev. J. H.           Missouri.                    Meth.           Libel--so says another minister--wants $10,000.
1898  Gary, Rev. R. W.               Maroa, Ill.                                  Forgery; confessed.
      Gensike, Rev. John             Winneconne, Wis.             Luth.           Cruel and inhuman treatment, and drunkenness;
                                                                                  alleged in wife's suit for divorce.
1897  Gibson, Rev. Philip S.         Plainfield, N. J.            Bapt.           Arrested on charge of bastardy.
      Gibson, Rev. J. T.             Georgia.                     Meth.           "Coveting neighbor's wife;" expelled.
1896  Gilpin, Rev. John              Oakview, Ky.                 Meth.           Charged with forcibly detaining a woman;
                                                                                  arrested; jumped bail; rearrested.
1898  Gill, Rev. John H.             Aspen, Col.                  Meth.           Illicit relations with servant girl of weak
                                                                                  mind; expelled from the ministry.
1898  Golding, Rev. W. E.            Cal. and Nev.                                Unnatural crime.
1897  Goodwin, Rev. Chas.            Buffalo, N. Y.               Meth.           Attempted rape of girl of eighteen; arrested.
1897  Goodwin, Rev. M. M.            Chaplain in navy.                            Drunkenness. Resigned to escape court martial.
      Green, Rev. William            Arkansas.                    Bapt.           Indicted by grand jury for stealing hog from
                                                                                  convict farm.
1898  Gurschke, Rev. A. W.           Hoboken, N. J.               Luth.           "Chased by a mob for making an insulting
                                                                                  proposition to a respectable girl on the
1897  Halst, Rev. Father             L'g Isl'd City, N. Y.        Cath.           Malversation of funds entrusted by a widow for
                                                                                  two infants; in reply, said most was used for
                                                                                  masses for souls of woman and her husband.
1897  Hambly, Rev. Mr.               Middleton, N. Y.             Pres.           Fraud, immorality in speech and behavior,
                                                                                  drunkenness, and profanity; said the presbytery.
1898  Hammond, Rev. E. N.            Newark V'y, N. Y.            Bapt.           Attempting crim. assault; sued by young woman.
1897  Hampton, Rev. M. A.            Charleston, Ill.                             Abduction of girl; convicted.
1897  Hand, Rev. J. Howard           New York.                    Meth.           Violation of game laws; arrested.
      Harwell, Rev. J. H.            Cambr'ge C'y, Ind.           Meth.           Forgery, passing worthless checks.
      Hayden, Rev. J. W.             Iowa co., Ia.                                Charged with embezzlement.
1896  Hazen, Rev. W. W.              Iowa.                        Cong.           Swindling; sentenced for six months.
1897  Hess, Rev. Henry               Pennsylvania.                                Bastardy; girl of sixteen asks him to
                                                                                  acknowledge paternity of child.
      Hepp, Rev. B. P.               Racine, Wis.                 Meth.           Charged with criminal neglect of girl when in
                                                                                  delicate condition. Arrested.
      Hermann, Rev. F.               Salt Lake City, U.           Meth.           Charged with murder of two girls; remains in
                                                                                  furnace of church; he disappears; warrant
1898  Hilgard, Rev. Myron            South Dakota.                                Robbery.
1898  Hill, Rev. Palmer W.           Muskegon, Mich.                              Polygamy.
1897  Holden, Rev. Edward            New York.                    Cath.           Intoxication.
      Hoover, Rev. Geo. K.           Chicago, Ill.                Meth.           Charged with slander by another minister;
1898  Hostetter, Rev. Gabriel        Canton, O.                   Bap.            Counterfeiting outfit found in his cellar;
1897  Howard, Rev. Prince                                                         Bigamy.
1898  Howe, Rev. O. R.               New Haven, Conn.             Cong.           Improper hypnotic influence over servant girl.
1897  Howell, Rev. David T.          Monticello, N. Y.            Epis.           Choked his wife; jailed in default of paying
1898  Howell, Rev. R. E.             Warrensburg, Mo.                             Eloped with neighbor's wife. Nearly lynched.
                                                                                  Also charged with arson. Committed suicide.
      Howland, Rev. H. E.            Oakland, Cal.                                Charged with sodomy; arrested.
1896  Hubbs, Lieut. A. B.            Duluth, Minn.                S. A.           Bastardy; charged by woman soldier of Army.
1898  Hudson, Rev. Jas. L.           Detroit, Mich.               Meth.           Adultery, as charged by wife in suit for
1896  Hughes, Rev. Thomas            New York.                    Cath.           Improper behavior; arrested on charge of
                                                                                  fifteen-year-old girl.
1896  Hull, Rev. J. C.               St. Paul, Minn.              Meth.           Attempted wife poisoning; confessed; sentenced.
      Hunnycutt, Rev. D. H.          Morrillton, Ark.             Bap.            Arrested, charged with killing ten-months'-old
                                                                                  babe of his housekeeper.
1898  Hotaling, Rev. S. P.           Stamford, Vt.                                Stealing; accused. Wife also accuses him of
                                                                                  immoral conduct.
1896  Jakinowicz, Rev. T.            Mount Carmel, Pa.            Cath.           Embezzlement. Deposed by church.
1896  Jameson, Rev. James            New York.                    Epis.           Beating hotel. Stealing jewelry.
      Jenkins, Rev. Fred.            Fargo, N. Dak.               Univ.           Elopement and defalcation.
1898  Jernegan, Rev. P. F.                                        Bap.            Sea-water gold swindle.
1896  Johnson, Rev. J. S.            Somerville, N. J.                            Murder.
      Johnson, Rev. Mr.              Fresno, Cal.                                 Slander; said from pulpit two-thirds of girls of
                                                                                  Fresno were ruined before they were fourteen;
                                                                                  rescued from mob; left town.
1896  Johnson, Bishop W.             Fort Scott, Kan.             Meth.           Making false pension affidavits; convicted.
1898  Jones, Rev. Henry D.           Asbury Park, N. J.           Epis.           Assault and battery of servant girl.
1897  Jones, Rev. Mr.                Monkstown, Tex.                              Left wife and children; eloped with 16-year-old
                                                                                  girl; purs'd by girl's father (Rev. J. Widsby);
                                                                                  shot dead.
1896  Keeley, Rev. Horace            Millville, N. Y.             Cong.           Eloped with young girl, leaving wife with child.
1898  Kerr, Rev. Joseph R.           New York.                    Pres.           Adultery; dismissed from pulpit.
1896  Killeen, Rev. Father           Bayonne, N. J.               Cath.           Indecent language in pulpit, keeping a mistress;
1898  Kincaid, Rev. D. L.            Milan, Mo.                                   Dealing in green goods, passing counterfeit
                                                                                  money; arrested.
      Kirkland, Rev. R. L.           St. Joseph, Mo.              Bapt.           Charged by the deacons with immorality.
1897  Kirkpatrick, Rev. D. M.        Rochester, N. Y.                             Unministerial conduct; lost his pulpit.
      Koblitz, Rev. O. T.            Hopeville, O.                Luth.           Drunkenness; expelled from ministry.
1898  Kulp, Rev. George B.           Gr'nd R'pids, Mich.          Meth.           Adultery.
1898  Lane, Rev. John                Larned, Kan.                 Bapt.           Bigamy.
1896  Lee, Rev. C. E.                                             Bapt.           Improper language and conduct.
1896  Leigh, Rev. H. W.              Groom's C'rnr's, Vt.         Meth.           Breach of promise of marriage.
1897  Lester, Rev. Charles H.        Shortsville, N. Y.           Pres.           Gross immoralities long continued.
1897  Lewis, Rev. J. Nelson          Malden, Mass.                                Charged with attempt to defraud creditor;
1897  Libby, Rev. Daniel L.          Watertown, N. Y.             Univ.           Improper relations with parishioner's wife.
                                                                                  Dismissed from pulpit.
      Lazenby, Rev. Mr.              Ottumwa, Ia.                 Meth.           Breach of promise of marriage; convicted; he was
                                                                                  80; she an aged spinster.
      Leydon, Rev. Father            Aurora, Ill.                 Cath.           Accused of seduction and bastardy; put on trial.
1896  MacAlduff, Rev. J. W.          Brooklyn, N. Y.                              Charged by grand jury with sending improper
                                                                                  matter through the mails.
1898  MacCoun, Rev. G. T.            Baltimore, Md.               Epis.           Suicide.
1898  Magett, Rev. W. A.             North Carolina.                              Stole watch from his host, a bishop in his
1898  Mallon, Rev. Father            New York.                    Cath.           Disorderly conduct at Sal. Army meeting. Fined.
1897  Manary, Rev. H. N.             Terre Haute, Ind.            Bapt.           Slander. Apologized from pulpit.
1896  Manker, Rev. J. J.             Chattan'ga, Tenn.            Meth.           Accused of alienating affections of wife of
1897  McCrea, Rev. William           Pittsburg, Pa.               Pres.           Arrested on charge of attempting to pass forged
1896  McDonald, Rev. Father                                       Cath.           Sued by young woman for $1,500, alleged to have
                                                                                  been obtained from her under false pretenses
                                                                                  when she was supposed to be dying.
1897  McLaughlin, Rev. Mr.           Hot Springs, Ark.            Meth.           Contempt of court. Fined and jailed.
1898  McVettie, Rev. R. R.           Wadena, Minn.                Epis.           Adultery.
1897  Meyer, Rev. George             Bayonne, N. J.               Cath.           Violation of law requiring report of marriages.
1897  Mich, Rev. John                Chicago, Ill.                                Suicide.
1898  Miller, Rev. James B.          New Haven, Conn.             Cong.           Stealing books from counters of stores.
1897  Millington, Rev. E. J. O.      Newark, N. J.                Pres.           Eloped with married woman; brought back; begged
1898  Mitchell, Rev. George          Delaware, O.                                 Undue intimacy, says brother minister in suit
                                                                                  for divorce.
1898  Morris, Rev. Dr. Chas.         Natchez, Miss.               Epis.           Brutal treatment of wife; divorce granted to
1898  Morrison, Rev. G. E.           Vernon, Tex.                                 Murder; killed his wife by poison.
1896  Mott, Rev. Charles A.          Lambertville, N. J.                          Attempted assault on wife of his host.
1894  Murphy, Rev. Charles           Denver, Col.                                 Theft.
1898  Murray, Rev. J. W.             Humansville, Mo.             Bapt.           Eloped with domestic; caught.
      Nash, Rev. Mr.                 Louisville, Ky.                              Quarreling.
1896  Noon, Rev. Samuel A.           Norwich, Conn.               Cong.           Beating his wife.
1898  Nye, Rev. DeWitt C.            Coshocton, N. Y.             Meth.           Eloped with young woman, leaving wife and grown
                                                                                  up daughters; also charged with grand larceny.
1897  Parker, Rev. S. P.             Ottumwa, Ia.                 Bapt.           Eloped with married woman, leaving wife and
1898  Parks, Rev. Enoch              Taylorville, Ill.            Meth.           Murder; killed his wife's lover.
1898  Parrish, Rev. Geo. R.          Marshalltown, Ia.            Cong.           Forgery; long criminal career. Alias Rev. Mark
                                                                                  Thompson and Rev. Edward C. Aiken.
      Passmore, Rev. F. F.           Colorado.                    Meth.           Defamation, unministerial, unchristian conduct.
                                                                                  Expelled from ministry.
1897  Phelps, Rev. Isaac N.          Babylon, N. Y.               Epis.           Alienation of affections; whipped by husband.
1898  Phillips, Rev. J.              Lafayette, Ind.                              Attempted criminal assault. Convicted.
1898  Pliszak, Rev. Anton            Chicago, Ill.                Cath.           Charged with larceny.
1897  Polyakovitch, Rev. J.          Passaic, N. J.               Cath.           Atrocious assault and battery.
      Popp, Rev. Andrew              Stanton, Ind.                Luth.           Drunkenness. Expelled from the ministry.
1897  Potter, Rev. Daniel C.         New York.                    Bapt.           Charged with adultery by wife in suit for
                                                                                  divorce; also with lying, dishonesty,
      Privitt, Rev. H.               Anderson, Ind.               C of G          Adultery, as charged in divorce suit of
1896  Pullman, Rev. Joseph           Bridgeport, Conn.                            Slander of actress, Jane May. Sued, retracted,
                                                                                  settled with her lawyers.
1898  Putnam, Rev. Mr.               Pleasant View, Mo.                           Immorality.
1898  Reynolds, Rev. John F.         Chaplain in army.                            Bigamy.
1895  Richards, Rev. T. E.           Camden, N. J.                Bapt.           Intimacy with young female evangelist.
1897  Richards, Rev. T. H.           Dell Rapids, S. D.           Epis.           Sodomy, charged.
1897  Richmond, Rev. G. W.           Kansas.                      Meth.           Seducer and swindler.
1898  Ricks, Rev. Moses              Monroe co., Ark.                             Outrageous assault on farmer's wife; confessed.
1896  Ritchie, Rev. Wm. M.           Asbury Park, N. J.                           Slander; sued by Rev. Mr. Widdemar; mulcted.
      Roberts, Rev. Mr.              Iowa.                        Meth.           "Acting in a manner not consistent with good
                                                                                  morals." Suspended from ministry.
1898  Robinson, Rev. George          Victoria, B. C.              Meth.           Attempted suicide.
1897  Romine, Rev. James             Jennings, Okla.              Bapt.           Turning out his wife and taking in another
                                                                                  woman; tarred and feathered.
1898  Rooks, Rev. T. S.              Col. and Neb.                Meth.           Left family and eloped with young girl.
1898  Rumpf, Rev. Mr.                Elizabeth, N. J.             Luth.           Pounded wife on head with brass-bound Bible;
                                                                                  wife paid his fine; got drunk on communion wine
                                                                                  and beat her again; that landed him in jail.
1896  Rusker, Rev. Gregory           Jersey City, N. J.                           Arrested on charge of illicit manufacture of
1896  Russell, Rev. Edwin B.         Paterson, N. J.              Epis.           Arrested on charge of committing unnatural
1898  Ross, Rev. James               Jacksonville, Fla.                           Cruelly beat and kicked 15-year-old daughter;
                                                                                  accused; in defense said she used profane
1896  Scott, Rev. G. E.              Waterloo, Ia.                Meth.           Seduction of girl of 15; eloped, leaving family.
1898  Segal, Rev. Mr.                New York.                    Jew.            Forcible entry of house and threatening
                                                                                  occupants with firearms; arrested.
1898  Shearer, Rev. F. E.            New York.                    Pres.           Assault on colored Sunday-school teacher.
1898  Shoemaker, Rev. J. W.          Scottsboro, Ala.             Meth.           Charged with defrauding post office.
1893  Shoemaker, Rev. Mr.            Wheeling, W. Va.                             Cruelty and neglect charged by wife in divorce
1896  Smith, Rev. Daniel             Hamilton, N. Y.                              Suicide.
1894  Stark, Rev. Mr.                Waukon, Ia.                  Pres.           Accused of malicious trespass by his presbytery.
1898  Stevens, Rev. Mr.              Manchester, Kan.                             Tried to break into room of female evangelist.
      Stewart, Rev. C. A.            Nebraska.                    Meth.           Charged with breach of promise of marriage.
1895  Stinson, Rev. J. C.            Downsville, N. Y.            Pres.           Fornication.
      Street, Rev. Mr.               Letohatchie, Ala.                            Quarrelling; knock-down row with Bapt. minister.
      Stoneman, Rev. Mr.             Oelrichs, S. Dak.                            Eloped with married woman, as charged.
1897  Taylor, Rev. O. D.             Saginaw, Mich.                               Obtaining money under false pretenses.
1898  Thompson, Rev. Mr.             Chadron, Neb.                Bap.            Undue familiarity with married woman; chased by
                                                                                  angry husband; fled; dismissed from church.
1898  Thompson, Rev. John            Portland, Pa.                Pres.           Destruction of property; arrested, fined.
1896  Thorp, Rev. G. M.              Rawlins, Wyo.                                Bigamy.
      Tuttle, Rev. Thomas            Windsor, Me.                                 Attempted assault; three years.
1897  Vaughan, Rev. E. H.            Dodge City, Kan.             Meth.           Lying; deposed from pastorate.
1898  Vedder, Rev. Henry             Brooklyn, N. Y.              Meth.           Improper conduct. Deposed from ministry.
1898  Vineyard, Rev. D. M.           Dexter, Mo.                  Pres.           Improper actions toward little girls; left town.
1898  Vodyszus, Rev. M.              Brooklyn, N. Y.              Cath.           Adultery, assault, business crookedness;
1897  Von Bast, Rev. John            Sandy Creek, N. Y.           Meth.           Sodomy; confessed.
1895  Wagner, Rev. D.                St. Joseph, Mo.              Cath.           Seduction, assault, abduction. Indicted by grand
                                                                                  jury. Married the girl, so escaping trial.
1898  Waldorp, Rev. Emmett           Saginaw, Mich.                               Theft; accused; goods found in his house.
      Walstein, Rev. John            Washington, Ind.             Chris.          Manslaughter; killed baby in shooting at rowdies
                                                                                  who were hooting him as he preached.
1896  Warner, Rev. James E.          Exeter, N. H.                                Extreme cruelty. Wife obtained divorce.
1897  Warner, Rev. Mr.               Oakland, Mich.                               Attempted seduction; whipped by husband; conf'd.
1896  Waterman, Rev. H. B.           Chautauqua, N. Y.                            Robbery of post office. Accused and arrested.
1898  West, Frederick F.             Brooklyn, N. Y.              Evan.           Assault upon girl of eight years; sentenced for
                                                                                  nine years and six months.
1896  West, Rev. James A.            New York.                                    Improper behavior on street; accused; arrested.
1896  Wheeler, Rev. John D.          Derby, Conn.                                 Non-support of family; arrested.
1898  Whistler, Rev. John H.         Minneapolis, Minn.           Pres.           Unnatural practices; turned out of the pulpit.
1898  White, Rev. Charles            Clarksburg, W. Va.           Pres.           Adultery; took his organist to Pittsburg, where
                                                                                  they registered as man and wife; on their way
                                                                                  home she jumped from the steamer and drowned.
1896  White, Rev. George M.          Gold Hill, Col.                              Robbery; opened another's registered letter;
                                                                                  accused; arrested.
1897  White, Rev. H. C.              Circleville, Pa.             Pres.           Improper relations; accused. Deposed.
1897  White, Rev. Jesse              Dixon, Ky.                                   Disturbance of religious worship; fined $25.
      Whiteman, Rev. Amos            Anderson, Ind.                               Horse-stealing. When his first term expired six
                                                                                  deputies from three states with six warrants
                                                                                  were waiting for him.
1895  Widdemer, Rev. H. T.           Asbury Park, N. J.           Pres.           Immoral character; dropped by the presbytery.
1898  Williams, Rev. C. S.           Flatbush, N. Y.              Meth.           Disorderly conduct, in pointing pistol at two
                                                                                  men; "was excited," he said, and was let off.
1898  Williams, Rev. G. F.           Washington, D. C.            Epis.           Bastardy; accused. Ecclesiastical court finds
                                                                                  him guilty of immorality.
1897  Young, Rev. C. C.              St. Clair co., Mo.           Bapt.           Adultery, eloped.
1896  Young, Rev. F. F.              Oakland, Cal.                                Cruelty to his children; adultery; accused and
                                                                                  threatened with tar and feathers.
1897  Young, Rev. P. J. L.           Pomeroy, Wash.                               Immorality of various kinds.


(Each paragraph below gives in their order the date of the offense,
the name of the preacher, his residence and denomination, and the
character of the crime charged.)

1906.  Abbott, Rev. E. J., Stony Point, N. Y. Presbyterian. Though
       married, made love to postmistress.
1901.  Abbott, Rev. John F., Henryville, Ky. Methodist. Adultery.
1906.  Abel, Rev. A. C., Chicago. Methodist. Bigamy.
1899.  Abernethy, Rev. Wm., Circleville, O. Assignation; adultery;
       arrested; fined.
1901.  Adams, Rev. C. G., Berkeley, Cal. Episcopal. Murder.
1909.  Adams, Rev. C. G., St. Louis, Mo. Episcopal. Bigamy.
1907.  Adams, Rev. H. A., New York. Episcopal. Left wife to elope with
       young girl.
1911.  Adams, Rev. Henry T., Arcata, Cal. Protestant Episcopal.
       Arrested for larceny, and confessed.
1913.  Adams, Rev. N. Q., Starkville, Miss. Baptist. Indicted as bank
       director for receiving deposits after the bank was declared
1912.  Adkins, Rev. G. W., Poteau, Okla. Baptist. Convicted of grave
1902.  Alden, Rev. Chas. A., New York. Grand larceny. Indicted.
1907.  Alexander, Rev. Mr., Indianapolis, Ind. Arrested for shooting
1914.  Alexander, Rev. Mr., Chicago, Ill. Murderous assault.
1907.  Alexander, Rev. D. R., Bluefield, W. Va. Stabbed saloonkeeper.
1913.  Alexander, Rev. Henry B., La Crosse, Wis. Obtaining money under
       false pretenses. Sent to the state penitentiary for one year.
       Ali, Rev. Joseph, Newark, N. J. Catholic. Assaulting 9-year-old
1909.  Allan, Rev. A., Cleveland. Drunkenness; arrested and fined.
1905.  Allen, Rev. Frank, Guthrie, Okla. Revivalist. Disturbing the
       peace. Fined $5. which he refused to pay, and went to jail.
1903.  Allen, F. T., exhorter, Santa Paula, Cal. Methodist. Assaulting
       little girls.
1903.  Allen, Rev. George, Morrisville, Pa. Stealing. Ten years at
       hard labor.
1899.  Allen, Rev. George, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Presbyterian. Engaged
       to two women; tried suicide.
1906.  Allen, Rev. G. E., Breckinridge, Ky. Found in compromising
       position with wife of host.
1900.  Allen, Rev. Henry E., West Derry, N. H. Methodist. Betrayal of
       16-year-old girl.
1910.  Allen, Rev. Jesse, Nowata, Okla. Co-respondent in divorce.
       Allen, Rev. Willard S., Boston, Mass. Methodist. Stealing
       $80,000 from preachers' fund.
1899.  Allen, Rev. W. A., Asbury Park, N. J. Methodist. Deserting
       wife; cruelty; divorced.
1901.  Allen, Rev. Mr., Uniontown. Hanged for outrage and murder.
1912.  Alley, Rev. G. W., Royal Center, Ind. Methodist. Adultery;
       pleaded guilty and paid fine.
1908.  Allison, Rev. Charles E., Yonkers, N. Y. Presbyterian. Suicide.
1901.  Ament, Rev. Mr., Missionary in China. Blackmailing Chinese.
1907.  Amhyrst, Rev. H. G., Lafayette, Ind. Dishonesty; embezzlement;
       falsifying. Suspended.
1907.  Amis, Rev. W. T., Hot Springs, Ark. Baptist. Contempt of court.
1901.  Ammons, Rev. W. J., Georgia. Breaking into post-office.
1900.  Anderson, Rev. G. W., Frederick Co., Va. Deserting bride;
       mobbed out of town.
1912.  Anderson, Rev. James, Paterson, N. J. Baptist. Defaulted on
       note given to a widow to secure loan.
1901.  Anderson, Rev. Jos. (alias Geo. Hayford), Phoenix, Arizona, and
       California. Evangelist. Bank swindles.
1912.  Anderson, Rev. J. S., Houston, Tex. Baptist. Suspected of
       complicity in the wholesale murder of Negroes.
1911.  Anderson, Ralph D., Lincoln City, Del. Divinity student. Stole
1906.  Anderson, Rev. T. C., Tarentum, Pa. Presbyterian. Beating and
       choking his wife.
1911.  Andrews, Charles, Portland, Ore. Street preacher. Arrested for
       disorderly conduct, not specified.
1907.  Andrews, Rev. J., Monroe City, Mo. Baptist. Left wife to join
       circus; dealt faro bank; married snake charmer.
1902.  Andrews, Rev. J. R., Lansing, Mich. Baptist. Delinquency in
       money matters; arrested; went insane.
1903.  Andrews, Rev. M. C., Oshkosh, Wis. Episcopal. Consorting with
       immoral women. Whitewashed.
1914.  Anthony, Rev. George W., New York, N. Y. Episcopal. Conspiracy.
       Aquila, Rev. E. D., Mount Carmel, Pa. Catholic. Arrested in New
       York for speeding.
1900.  Archer, Rev. J. W., Norfolk, Va. Baptist. Illegal voting;
1902.  Ardman, Rev. John, Scranton, Pa. Catholic. Approved
       assassination of President McKinley; enjoined by bishop.
1904.  Armer, Rev. Norman, Sacramento, Ky. Presbyterian. Murder of
       son; 21 years' imprisonment.
1907.  Arnold, Rev. J. H., Ga. Evangelist. Cruelty to son. Six months
       in chain gang.
1904.  Arthur, Rev. A. A., Hiawatha, Kan. Evangelist. All-round fraud;
       forged check for $10,000 in Texas; confessed; many aliases.
1898.  Arthur, Rev. Chas. M., Weston, Conn. Congregational. Found
       guilty by conference of obscenity, violent actions, cruelty to
       wife; divorced.
1907.  Arthur, Rev. C. W., Syracuse, N. Y. Congregational. Grand
1908.  Arthur, Rev. Mark, Spalding, Idaho. Presbyterian. Criminal
1899.  Ashton, Rev. Mr., Union City, Mich. Baptist. Criminal neglect
       of wife in child-bed.
1908.  Assenicio, Rev. Mr., New York. Catholic. Attempted suicide.
1901.  Astwood, Rev. H. C. C., Brooklyn, N. Y. Methodist.
       Unministerial conduct; arrested for fraud; suspended.
1908.  Atherton, Rev. Albert, St. Louis, Mo. "Household Faithful."
       Taking indecent liberties.
1909.  Atherton, Rev. D. F., Haverhill, Mass. Co-respondent in divorce
1909.  Atkins, Rev. P. J., Ogdensburg, N. Y. Methodist. Suicide.
1913.  Atkinson, Rev. Edward J., Lima, O. Baptist. Abandonment and
       non-support of 5-year-old daughter.
1908.  Atkinson, Rev. J. C., Atlanta, Ga. Methodist. Sued for slander.
1900.  Attaway, Rev. A. M., Columbus, S. C. Attacked his wife and died
       of heart disease while attempting to throttle her.
1913.  Atwood, Rev. W. C., Brookfield, Mo. Presbyterian. Assault.
1906.  Austin, Rev. J. W., Gainesville, Ga. Methodist. Eloped with
       married woman whom he had "saved" at a revival.
1899.  Axtell, Rev. J. J., Royal Oak, Mich. Prize fighting;
       non-support of wife; divorce.
1905.  Ayres, Rev. Early, Lee Co., Tex. Cattle stealing; arrested in
       Berwyn, I. T., while preaching.
       Axtel, Rev. P. D., Pittsburgh, Pa. Presbyterian. Suicide.
1912.  Ayres, Rev. William B., Wollaston, Mass. Congregational. Sued
       for alienation of affections by an irate husband in his parish.
1907.  Babcock, Rev. C. A. C., Frankfort, Ind. Campbellite. Illegal
       marriage; immoral conduct.
1901.  Babcock, Rev. Maltbie D., New York, N. Y. Presbyterian.
1913.  Backtell, Harry S., Pittsburgh, Pa. Noted "boy evangelist" and
       highly accredited "soul-saver." Swindling by means of worthless
1909.  Bailey, Rev. Geo., Cincinnati. Abused his family.
1905.  Bailey, Rev. J. J., Fletcher, Okla. Fighting.
1906.  Bain, Rev. E. S., Waterloo, N. Y. Baptist. Arson.
1913.  Baird, Rev. E. J., Woodland, Cal. Episcopal. Inhuman and
       abusive treatment of wife.
1912.  Baird, Rev. L. W., Winsted, Conn. Lay preacher. Arrested for
1900.  Baker, Rev. Mr., Cleveland, O. Discovered in a girl's room in a
       compromising position.
1904.  Baker, Rev. C. S., Wilmington, Del. Methodist. Gambling;
1914.  Baker, Rev. Francis C., New York. Congregational. Grand
1899.  Baker, Rev. Jos. S., Minneapolis, Minn. Evangelist. Wife
       beating; convicted; ten days.
1904.  Baker, Rev. Seward, Geneseo, Ill. Unitarian. Drunkenness; long
       spree; dismissed.
1914.  Baker, Rev. William L., New York, N. Y. Violation of the
       medical law.
1904.  Baldwin, Rev. Mr., Warsaw, Ind. Dunker. Assault and battery;
1903.  Baldwin, Rev. Ralph H., New York, N. Y. Marrying two wives and
       deserting both.
1907.  Balea, Rev. Moise, Cleveland. Greek. Criminal libel.
1907.  Ballard, Rev. M., Texarkana, Ark. Murdered neighbor. Shot by
       officers whom he resisted.
1906.  Banbury, Rev. James, Brooklyn, N. Y. Congregational. Left wife
       to elope with choir singer.
1900.  Bandy, Rev. S. S., Arkansas City, Ark. Baptist. Assault on
       14-year-old girl.
1905.  Bane, Rev. A. H., Hollow Rock, Tenn. Baptist. Unlicensed liquor
       selling; prosecuted.
1902.  Barbee, Rev. Wm., Cookville, Tenn. Evangelist. Bigamy; five
       years' imprisonment.
1907.  Bard, Rev. Paul, Detroit, Mich. Methodist. Took saloonkeeper's
1902.  Barfell, Rev. Othias, Columbus, O. United Brethren. Suicide by
1914.  Barker, Rev. C. A., Benhams, Va. Methodist Episcopal. Lewdness;
       convicted and fined.
1900.  Barnard, Rev. E. H., Sylmar, Pa. Incest and child murder;
1899.  Barnett, Rev. Mr., Cambria, O. Methodist. Familiarity with
       female member of flock; attacked marshal with knife; arrested.
1902.  Barnhart, Rev. C. W., Tylers Switch, N. Y. Evangelist. Horse
       stealing; fled from warrant.
1907.  Barnwell, Rev. G. L., Atlanta, Ga. Baptist. Kissed married
1914.  Barr, Rev. Earl, Macedonia, O. Christian. Immoral conduct.
1900.  Barr, Rev. L. W., Fairmont, W. Va. Presbyterian. Forgeries and
       embezzlements; absconded.
1911.  Barrakman, Rev. Mr., Waterloo, Ill. Divinity student. Arrested
       for robbery.
1911.  Barranger, Rev. N. H., North Yakima, Wash. Christian. Sued for
       $25,000 damages for stealing affections of another man's wife.
1909.  Barret, Rev. J. W., Cleveland, O. Obtaining a signature under
       false pretenses; 18 months.
1902.  Barrett, Rev. Mr., Brazil, Ind. Evangelist. Slandering women;
       fled from tar and feathers.
1910.  Barrett, Rev. Wm. I., Blairville, Pa. Presbyterian. Arrested
       for criminal libel.
1909.  Bartemes, Rev. Mr., Amherst, O. Before grand jury for slander.
1899.  Barth, Rev. Benj., Paterson, N. J. Christian. Absconding
       debtor; household goods attached.
1907.  Bartle, Rev. S. D., Mechanicsville, Ia. Methodist. Suspended
       for intimacy with telephone girl.
1900.  Bass, Rev. L. D., Saltsburg, Pa. Baptist. Fraudulent mail
1899.  Bateman, Rev. C. C. Army chaplain. Insubordination and
       violation of articles of war; dismissed.
1901.  Baum, Rev. H. M., New York. Bankrupt, he concealed assets with
       intent to deceive.
1911.  Baxter, Rev. C. L., Council Bluffs, Ia. Methodist. Sued for
       breach of contract.
1911.  Baxter, Rev. John F., Brooklyn, N. Y. Catholic. Charged with
       using questionable methods in collecting money for benefit of a
       church in Ireland.
1911.  Baylis, Rev. Edgar E., Somerville, Mass. Sentenced to three
       months in jail for libel.
1907.  Baynes, Rev. H. L., Englewood, Ill. Left wife to elope with
1900.  Beahm, Rev. J. C, Brentsville, S. C. Betraying 18-year-old
       girl; penitentiary for five years.
1912.  Beall, Rev. J. W. H., Hampden, Md. Assault and contempt of
1905.  Beavers, Rev. Geo. S., Gainesville, Tex. Incest with daughter;
1899.  Beceljak, Rev. John, Cleveland, O. Catholic. Vagrancy;
1902.  Beebe, Rev. Mr., Delaware, O. Horse stealing; arrested.
1913.  Beeler, Rev. Orville, Plainsville, Ind. Larceny.
1912.  Beers, Rev. W. L., Wakarusa, Kans. Methodist. Wife-murder.
1913.  Beesley, Rev. Jesse, St. Louis, Mo. Baptist. Bigamy.
1899.  Belding, Rev. J. M., Lapeer, Mich. Presbyterian. Indecent
       advances to boys. Admitted his guilt. Suspended.
1902.  Bell, Rev. Basil, Huntington, Pa. Murderous assault.
1902.  Bell, Rev. Edwin, New Canaan, Conn. Baptist. Slander. Arrested.
1907.  Bell, Rev. E. A., Chicago. Fighting.
1913.  Bell, Rev. J. M., McKinney, Tex. Campbellite. Adultery and wife
1912.  Bennett, Rev. C. O., Millwood, Ga. Baptist. Killed in duel with
       his cousin.
1913.  Bennett, Rev. Fred E., Evanston, Ill. Attempting to bribe a
       witness to commit perjury.
1902.  Bennett, Rev. Jos., Lansford, Pa. Owed church $200;
       disappeared, leaving letter for girl with whom he was accused
       of intimacy, saying he had committed suicide.
1909.  Bennett, Rev. Jos., Owensboro, Ky. Suicide.
1907.  Bentz, Rev. John, Covington, Ky. Sued for slander.
1912.  Bergen, Rev. John, New York, N. Y. Roman Catholic. Indecent
       attempt on young girl; convicted; later gave name as Rev. John
       P. Devaney.
1902.  Berkemeier, Rev. H. J., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Lutheran. Summoned
       to court for detaining immigrant girl.
1899.  Berrien, Rev. J. C, Steubenville, O. Crime of a revolting
       nature with boys.
       Berry, Rev. Chas. L., Pawnee, Okla. Presbyterian. Looting bank;
       twenty years' sentence.
1907.  Bertrand, Rev. August, Windsor, Mich. Attempted to entice
       12-year-old girls.
1911.  Besse, Rev. Henry T., San Jose, Cal. Sued for breach of
1905.  Bettes, Rev. Sam'l G., Parkersburg, W. Va. Evangelist.
       Bastardy; arrested as he was about to sail for Panama as
       chaplain appointed by President Roosevelt.
1900.  Bettles, Rev. Albert, Lincoln, Neb. Evangelist. Poisoning
       himself and girl he had betrayed.
1905.  Betts, Rev. S. E., Topeka, Kan. Methodist. Slander of another
       minister's wife.
1911.  Bichel, Rev. Albert A., Baltimore, Md. Methodist. Deserted
1911.  Bichel, Carl, Kansas City. Divinity student. Held for murder.
       Bigam, Rev. R. J., Milledgeville, Ga. Methodist. Immorality and
1910.  Biggs, Rev. George W., Cincinnati, O. Former chaplain of Texas
       Legislature. Arrested as a common thief; confessed.
1908.  Billings, Rev. C. M., Blackville, S. C. Baptist. Intimate with
       Negro girl, servant of family. Resigned; left town.
1910.  Bivans, Rev. J. T., Salina, Kan. Methodist. Immoral conduct;
1901.  Bivens, Rev. R. D., Nicholasville, Ky. Methodist. Assault;
       pleaded guilty; fined.
1901.  Bixby, Rev. Jos. P., Boston, Mass. Contempt of court.
1901.  Black, Rev. Henry, chaplain British cruiser at St. Johns, N. F.
1901.  Blackiston, Rev. W. E., Windsor, N. J. "Left a trail of scandal
       behind him," says his wife.
1902.  Blake, Rev. John H., Montclair, N. J. Methodist. "Serious
       charge" by a woman; arrested.
1904.  Blakemore, Rev. F. P., Tecumseh, Neb. Methodist. Immorality and
1912.  Blanchet, Rev. John B., Philadelphia, Pa. Episcopal. Charged
       with stealing church and contents by means of a fraudulent
       deed. Also arrested for cruelty to animals.
1910.  Bliesz, Rev. A., Dayton, O. Catholic. Living in illegal state
       with woman.
1899.  Bliss, Rev. Leon D., Great Barrington, Mass. Congregational.
       Defendant in $5,000 damage suit for slandering women.
1906.  Bloom, Rev. A. W., San Jose, Cal. Christian. Eighteen months
       for horse stealing on plea of guilty.
1909.  Bockman, Rev. H., Beaver Dam, Wis. Lutheran. "Peeping Tom."
1904.  Bolton, Rev. Floyd, Six Mile, Ind. Deceiving young women; fled.
1899.  Boone, Rev. Daniel, Washington, Md. Stealing from woman;
       disorderly; fined.
1910.  Boord, Rev. Thomas G., Pittsburgh, Pa. Baptist. Tried to sell
       his children at auction.
1911.  Booth, Rev. A. L., Elizabeth City, N. C. Methodist.
       Misappropriated missionary and conference funds.
1905.  Booze, Rev. Coleman, Buchanan, Va. Baptist. Set fire to his
       church and smashed doors of residence with an ax; arrested.
1905.  Bope, Rev. F. W., Zanesville, O. Episcopal. Debauchery and
1901.  Born, Rev. Peter, Detroit, Mich. Lutheran. Abusing wife and
       Borrough, Rev. Geo. T., Brooklyn, N. Y. Episcopal. Passing
       forged check; grafter.
1906.  Boscher, Rev. Henry, New York. Lutheran. Vagrancy and fraud.
1908.  Bostwick, Rev. Mr., Wyaconda, Mo. Methodist. Criminal assault.
1912.  Bourne, Rev. Alexander P., Cambridge, Mass. Constructive
1911.  Bowen, Rev. Franklin, Paterson, N. J. Guilty of disorderly
       Bowers, Rev. E. T., Kansas City, Mo. Presbyterian. Criminal
       intimacy and gross immoralities; found guilty.
1909.  Boyd, Rev. F., Logan, O. United Brethren. Assault; six years.
1899.  Boyer, Rev. C. H., D. D., Kansas City, Kan. Evangelist. Horse
       stealing; five years in Missouri penitentiary.
1903.  Boyer, Rev. Henry K., Robertsville, Conn. Deserting blind wife
       after squandering her money.
1910.  Bradburn, Rev. A. K., Charlotte, Mich. Methodist. Arrested for
1908.  Brady, Rev. James, Fort Smith, Ark. Catholic. Bastardy.
1914.  Brales, S. Virum, San Antonio, Tex. Catholic. Shot by a
       parishioner and his son, when caught by them in criminal
       conduct in their home.
1903.  Branham, Rev. Clifton H., Bluefield, W. Va. Murder of wife.
1900.  Brannock, Rev. J. A., Cherryvale, Mo. Baptist. Inducing married
       woman to leave home for him.
1911.  Bray, Rev., Suffolk, Va. Took money and jewels from a woman.
1901.  Bredlinger, Rev. Wm., Cumberland, Md. Evangelist. Criminal
       intimacy with daughters, 16 and 12; justified his conduct with
       Bible quotation.
1904.  Breen, Rev. S. Edmund, Danbury, Conn. Congregational. Alleged
       to be thief and liar.
1912.  Brenton, Rev. Cranston, Hartford, Conn. Episcopal. Sued for
       divorce on the ground of intolerable cruelty.
1910.  Bresner, Rev. P., New York. Catholic. Intoxication.
1911.  Brewer, Rev. Charles, Olustee, Okla. Baptist. Held for
       dynamiting Fort Riley.
1906.  Bridewell, Rev. C. P., Atlanta, Ga. Presbyterian. Suspended by
       Presbytery for gross immorality.
1911.  Briggs, Rev. George W., Cincinnati. Methodist. Larceny.
1902.  Briggs, Rev. G. W., Paducah, Ky. Local. "Cutting with intent to
1902.  Bright, Rev. T., Charlotte, N. C. Baptist. Fraudulently
       obtaining money by "endless chain;" convicted.
1901.  Brinsfield, Rev. G. W., Cambridge, Md. Local. Criminal assault
       on sister-in-law.
1903.  Brobst, Rev. F. J., Chicago, Ill. Attempting life of wife,
       which he had insured.
1913.  Brodt, Rev. John G., St. Louis, Mo. Presbyterian. Taking young
       boys to disorderly resorts.
1901.  Brooker, Rev. L. C, Kearney, Neb. Evangelist. Bastardy;
1914.  Brooks, Rev. Frank, Warsaw, Mo. Child abandonment.
1910.  Brooks, Rev. Lawson, Rochester, N. Y. Collected money under
       false pretenses. Had two families.
1913.  Brooks, Rev. Walter, Passaic, N. J. Charged with assaulting his
       wife and threatening to shoot her.
1905.  Brooks, Rev. W. H., Princeton, Ind. Attempted train wrecking;
1908.  Brophy, Rev. J. F., Coney Island, N. Y. Catholic. Suicide.
1900.  Brothemer, Rev. J. C., Frank, O. Catholic. Assault and battery.
1904.  Broughton, Rev. Len G., Atlanta, Ga. Baptist. Fighting with
       chief of police at Albany, Ga.
1899.  Brown, Rev. Mr., Kansas City, Mo. Neglect of children;
1900.  Brown, Rev. C. O., Chicago, Ill. Conduct entitling wife to
1905.  Brown, Rev. Chas. S., Brooklyn, N. Y. Episcopal. Sued for
       separation by wife; reason unprinted.
1901.  Brown, Rev. Chas. or David, alias Leonidas Brown, Roxbury, Va.,
       N. St. Paul, Minn. Evangelist. Assaulting girl; jumped bail;
       charged with felonious assault in 1897.
1908.  Brown, Rev. Chas. S. S., Lee's Summit, Mo. Gambling.
1910.  Brown, Rev. C. S., Kansas City, Mo. Christian. Murder and
1908.  Brown, Rev. F. C., Rowayton, Ill. Baptist. Seduction; expelled
       from ministry.
1908.  Brown, Rev. G. A., Bloomington, Ill. Mismanaged children's
       home; used children to solicit funds.
       Brown, Rev. Herbert, Paterson, N. J. Presbyterian. Resistance
       to law.
1899.  Brown, Rev. John W., Brooklyn, N. Y. Baptist. Attempt at
       larceny; pleaded guilty.
1900.  Brown, Rev. Lyman S., Liberty, Del. Methodist. Forgery;
       indicted; suicide.
1906.  Brown, Rev. O. M., Kentucky. Forgery.
1906.  Brown, Rev. Wm., Burlington, Wis. Baptist. Arrested for
       seduction and embezzlement.
1913.  Brown, Rev. Will, Sterling, Ill. Caught with a woman in a
       disorderly house. Pleaded guilty and was fined.
1912.  Brown, Rev. W. A., Hyde Park, Mass. Presbyterian. Sued for
       divorce on account of cruel and inhuman treatment.
1902.  Brownback, Rev. G. W., Reading, Pa. Congregational. Conduct
       compromising woman.
1907.  Browning, Rev. W. T., Cleveland, Miss. Giving fraudulent
       mortgage; arrested.
1912.  Brownlee, Rev. J. M., Joplin, Mo. Baptist. Immoral conduct with
       young girls.
1901.  Bruce, Rev. J. G., alias J. B. Goddard, Selma, Cal. United
       Brethren. Improper conduct toward women.
1913.  Brueggeman, Rev. E. A., Zanesville, O. Disorderly conduct;
       pleaded guilty and was fined.
1900.  Brumbaugh, I. Harvey, Huntington, Pa. Dunkard (called Church of
       the Brethren). Breach of promise. Convicted. Assessed $9,250
1899.  Bruner, Rev. Otto, Long Island. Methodist. Adultery and
1907.  Bryan, Rev. S., Millen, Ga. Methodist. Intimacy with young
       woman; wife beating; suspended from ministry.
1903.  Bryant, Rev. C. A., Jessup, Ia. Baptist. Swindling; deserting
1900.  Bryant, Rev. Gay, Shoal Creek, N. C. Methodist. Inciting mob to
       burn a Sanctificationist church.
1899.  Bryant, Rev. H. A., Fayetteville, Term. Christian. Arrested for
       arson; committed suicide.
1911.  Bryant, Rev. W. M., Moultrie, Ga. Operated a "blind tiger."
       Buchanan, Rev. S. H., Clarksville, Ark. Embezzlement of state
       asylum funds.
1911.  Buchanan, Rev. Dr. W. D., New York. Convicted of speeding.
1912.  Buck, Rev. Mr., Ind. Free Methodist traveling evangelist. Sued
       for divorce on the ground of adultery.
1911.  Buckner, Rev. Henry, Fairgeld, Ill. Methodist. Attacked young
1906.  Budanauro, Rev. E. E., Monmouth, Ill. Baptist. Disappeared,
       leaving wife and debts.
1908.  Buddington, Rev. A. L., Adrian, Mich. Free Methodist. Eloping.
1905.  Budlong, Rev. C. J., Rhode Island. Campbellite. Illegal use of
       mails; assault on 12-year-old girl; one year in jail; long
       criminal record.
1901.  Budzikowiski, Rev. F. J., Minneapolis, Minn. Catholic. Suicide
       by shooting.
1913.  Buell, Rev. Henry A., Washington, N. J. Baptist. Improper
       conduct with daughter of a fellow-preacher.
1908.  Bulgin, Rev. E. J., Hanford, Cal. Evangelist. Swindling;
       ordered by court to make good.
1907.  Bull, Rev. D. W., Syracuse, N. Y. Congregational. Practicing
       ophthalmology without license; arrested.
1902.  Bullard, Rev. Frederick, Circleville, O. Presbyterian. Inviting
       girl to assignation; suspended.
1904.  Bullock, Rev. C. S., Stratford, Conn. Independent. Bastardy.
1899.  Bumkala, Rev. Jos., Chicago, Ill. Catholic. Absconding with
       church funds.
1913.  Bunn, Rev. W. G., Geneva, N. Y. Reckless speeding while drunk.
       Fined on his plea of guilty.
1903.  Bunnell, Rev. Noah, Up. Sandusky, O. Attempting suicide.
1907.  Burbridge, Rev. A., Wichita, Kan. Murdered wife; attempted
       suicide; executed.
1900.  Burgess, Rev. C. C., Wolfville, N. S. Baptist. Though married,
       seduced single woman; deposed.
1903.  Burgess, Rev. Dawson, alias Bert Dawson, Wessington, S. D.
       Christian. Left wife in Iowa; married again in S. D. and
       decamped with mortgaged property, leaving creditors.
1911.  Burgess, Rev. Dr. Frederick, Brooklyn. Episcopal. Arrested for
       speeding auto.
1900.  Burrows, Rev. Edward, Camden, N. J. Congregational. Bigamy;
       arrested; three wives.
       Burt, Rev. O. C, Quarryville, Pa. Methodist. Eloping with a
       parishioner; whipped by girl's father and deposed; wife and two
       children; bigamist.
1899.  Bush, Rev. J. W., Cincinnati, O. Methodist. Theft and grafting.
1906.  Butcher, Rev. A. C., Clinton, Ind. Arrested for criminal
       assault on 14-year-old girl. Held for $1,500.
1900.  Butler, Rev. J. B. K., Norfolk, Va. Baptist. Unministerial
1912.  Butler, Rev. George H., Sherwood Park, N. Y. Episcopal. Sued
       for assault on a woman.
1911.  Butler, Rev. G. H. H., Yonkers, N. Y. Episcopal. Slander.
1914.  Butterworth, Rev. Robert F., Seattle, Wash. Reorganized Church
       Latter Day Saints. Murderous assault. The clergyman refused to
       quit a shack condemned by the city, and shot the health
       inspector, who tried to eject him.
1907.  Buttington, Rev. J. H., Hamilton, O. Jailed with his companion,
       a married woman.
1903.  Byars, J. P., Chattanooga, Tenn. Methodist. Eloping with
       married woman.
1914.  Byles, Rev. Charles H., Lockport, Ill. Congregational. In
       trouble with his church for divers alleged improprieties.
1907.  Byrnes, Rev. Wm., Luverne, Minn. Methodist. Suspended from
       clergy for immoral conduct with two young girls.
       Calaway, Rev. J. L., Adair, Mo. Methodist. Stealing horse and
       buggy; woman in the case.
1903.  Caldwell, Rev. J. M., Chicago. Methodist. Arrested on a serious
       charge; attempted suicide.
1913.  Call, Chaplain W. J., San Quentin, Cal. Grafting on prisoners.
       Confessed and was removed.
1911.  Callahan, Father Michael F., Denver. Catholic. Misappropriated
       Calvin, Rev. John, Green Co., Ala. Methodist. Killed one man
       and fatally wounded another in fight; intimacy with wife of man
1914.  Cameron, Rev. Edward C., Palisade, Colo. Baptist. Larceny and
1909.  Campbell, Rev. H. R., Stamping Ground, Ky. Campbellite. left
       wife for affinity; resigned; arrested.
       Campbell, Bish. W. B., Toledo, O. Evangelist. Embezzling church
       funds; arrested.
1900.  Campeau, Rev. J. V., Manchaug, Mass. Catholic. Slander; sued
       for $8,000.
1899.  Canning, Rev. John, Exeter, Mass. Catholic. Seduction; sued by
       girl's father.
1912.  Capps, Rev. Marion, Bonanza, Ark. Methodist. Murder; sentenced
       to death.
1904.  Carack, Rev. Victor, Snowshoe, Pa. Catholic. Cruelly beating a
       boy; jailed.
1914.  Carlin, Rev. Philip C., Methodist. Wife-desertion.
1911.  Carlson, J. S., Spokane, Wash. "Once a preacher." Fined for
1911.  Carlson, Kurtz, Chicago, Ill. Lutheran. Bigamy; pleaded guilty.
1909.  Carmichael, Rev. J. H., Battle Run, Mich. Murder; suicide.
1911.  Carosini, Father Joseph A., Pueblo, Colo. Catholic. Arrested
       for assault.
1912.  Carpenter, Rev. Arthur H., Cromwell, Conn. Baptist. Resigned
       pastorate under fire. Accused of "indiscretion" with married
1901.  Carpenter, Rev. J. C., Eldersville, Pa. Methodist. Conspiracy;
       indicted; arrested.
1907.  Carpenter, Rev., Dover, Del. Holiness. Deceived wife; seduced
       young woman.
1907.  Carr, Rev. J. H., Baltimore, Md. Arrested for stealing.
1909.  Carr, Rev. T. J., Topeka, Kan. Baptist. Wife-beating.
1909.  Carroll, Rev. J. H., Wallingford, Conn. Catholic. Slander.
1902.  Carrothers, Rev. Mr., Hackensack, N. J. Methodist. Conspiracy;
       intimacy with a sister of the church.
1909.  Carruthers, Rev. Francis, New Waterford, O. Presbyterian.
       Arrested for drunkenness.
1907.  Carska, Rev. A., Glassport, Pa. Murder.
1910.  Carter, Rev. G. T., Paterson, N. J. Baptist. Paying attentions
       to 15-year-old girl; divorced.
1908.  Carter, Rev. Joseph, Columbus, Ind. United Brethren.
       Intoxicated in company of two women.
1901.  Cartledge, Rev. H., Rock Spr., Neb. Methodist. Attempted rape;
1910.  Casey, Rev. M. A., Tacoma, Wash. Methodist Episcopal.
       Immorality; resigned.
1901.  Cash, Rev. W. B., Pierson, Ia. Christian. Eloping with
       parishioner's wife.
1903.  Cassada, Rev. W. R., Somerset, Ky. Violation of revenue law.
1913.  Chadbourne, Rev. James P., Roxbury, Mass. Methodist. Wife
       desertion. Sued for divorce, and hastily resigned from the
1914.  Chadwick, W. S., Greenville, S. C. Local preacher. Wife beating
       and murder.
1905.  Chamberlain, Rev. H. W., Priest River, Idaho. Congregational.
       Attempted suicide.
1905.  Chamberlain, Rev. Mr., Salt Lake City, Utah. Swindling in real
       estate transaction.
1899.  Chapman, Rev. Austin, New York, N. Y. Baptist. Assaulting wife;
1913.  Chapman, Rev. John C., New York, N. Y. Presbyterian. Fraud.
1903.  Chase, Rev. Alfred, St. Johns, Mich. Stealing; arrested; fled.
       Chase, Rev. E. H., Fairfield. Methodist. Stole another
       minister's coat and Bible.
1908.  Chase, Canon William Sheafe, Brooklyn, N. Y. Episcopal.
       Contempt of court.
1906.  Chattin, Rev. J. M., Chicago. Catholic. Immoral conduct with
       inmates of his home for boys.
1909.  Chavis, Rev. Jordan, 8th Regt., Ill. Co-respondent in divorce
1900.  Cheney, Rev. T. B., Washington C. H., O. Methodist. Suicide by
       cutting throat.
1903.  Cherry, Rev. B. A., Winchester, Tenn. Subornation of perjury;
       incendiarism; fraud; expelled.
1899.  Cheshire, Rev. Chas. B., Newark, N. J. Obtaining money under
       false pretenses.
1908.  Chew, Rev. F. R., Missouri. Methodist. Irregularities.
1900.  Childs, Rev. John P., Marysville, O. Church of Christ. Failing
       to provide for wife; sued for divorce.
1913.  Chiles, Rev. John, Topeka, Kan. Illegal liquor-selling.
1911.  Chilton, Rev. Charles H., Birmingham, Ala. Baptist. Arrested
       for adultery.
1911.  Chincaloni, Father Felice, Youngstown, Pa. Catholic. Arrested
       for kidnapping.
1914.  Chip, Rev. E. G., Parsons, W. Va. Deserting wife and child and
       eloping with a woman.
1909.  Christian, Rev. R. W., Ashtabula, O. Baptist. Embezzlement of
       church funds; forgery.
1913.  Christy, Rev. Robert, Columbus, O. Keeping disorderly house.
1912.  Cissel, Rev. Cassius C., D. D., Kokomo, Ind. Methodist.
       Unfrocked for adultery.
1899.  Civill, Rev. Acton T., Mt. Kisco, N. Y. Methodist. Voluntarily
       resigned as "unfit."
1909.  Claflin, Rev. M. C., Garden City, Minn. Methodist. Disappeared
       with money and girl not his own.
1899.  Clare, Rev. E. H., Brooklyn, N. Y. Lutheran. Slander; summoned
       to police court.
1908.  Clark, Rev. Geo., Roseburg, Ore. Methodist. Money under false
       pretenses. Eloped with 17-year-old girl.
1900.  Clark, Rev. Thos., Wood Co., W. Va. Shot his neighbor, Dempsey,
1905.  Clark, Rev. Warren E., New York. Episcopal. Raising and not
       accounting for Japanese orphan fund.
1905.  Clarkson, Rev. Nestor, Chicago, Ill. Evangelist. Non-payment of
       alimony to wife who divorced him.
1901.  Cleary, Rev. B. F., Chattanooga, Tenn. Methodist. Eloped with
       16-year-old girl.
1898.  Clear, Rev. M. J., Grafton, O. Catholic. Assault on girl; fined
       and transferred.
1901.  Clemmons, Rev. H. E., Memphis, Tenn. Baptist. Selling mortgaged
       property; arrested.
1913.  Click, Rev. William, McAlester, Okla. Apostolic. Manslaughter.
1909.  Clifton, Rev. J. J., Sioux City, Ia. Campbellite. Criminal
       assault on 4-year-old girl.
1906.  Cline, Rev. E. C., Eden Valley, Kan. Methodist. "Led about a
       sister" not his own wife.
1912.  Coad, Rev. J. E., Butte, Mont. Methodist. Charged with
1904.  Cockran, Rev. W. F., So. Bethlehem, Pa. Methodist. Gambling;
1905.  Codman, Rt. Rev. Bishop, Diocese of Maine. Episcopal. Criminal
       libel; indicted by grand jury.
1908.  Coff, Abis, Tahlihina, Okla. Choctaw Indian Missionary. Murder.
1899.  Coffey, Rev. Wm. N., Des Moines, Ia. Christian. Robbed an old
       lady of her life savings, $600.
1908.  Coffman, Rev. S. C., Marion Co., W. Va. Methodist. Wife murder.
1913.  Cohron, Rev. J. L., St Louis, Mo. Baptist. Embezzlement.
1907.  Colin, Rev. J. H., Wenatchee, Wash. Catholic. Betrayed
       17-year-old girl; held for trial.
1902.  Collins, Rev. Jas., Chittenango, N. Y. Catholic. Burglary in
       third degree; convicted of assault in 1900.
1911.  Collins, Rev. John M., Sacramento, Cal. Contributing to
       dependence of 17-year-old girl.
1902.  Coltharp, Rev. Ham, Knoxville, Tenn. Baptist. Divorced by wife.
1909.  Colton, Rev. C. H., Buffalo, N. Y. Catholic. Embezzlement.
1899.  Combus, Rev. B. C., Perry, Okla. Attempting extortion; jailed.
1903.  Comer, Rev. J. L., Russiaville, Ind. Intoxicated; arrested;
1911.  Condit, Rev. Henry J., Newark, N. J. Congregationalist.
       Arrested for slander.
1906.  Connell, Rev. W. J., Lamar, Col. Presbyterian. Assault on
       16-year-old girl; eighteen years in penitentiary.
1901.  Conniff, Rev. Jas., Louisville, Ky. Catholic. Paternity of
       child born out of wedlock.
1913.  Conroy, Coadjutor Bishop Joseph; Ogdensburg, N. Y. Roman
       Catholic. Conspiracy.
1911.  Consolazio, Father Bernardin, Trenton, N. J. Catholic. Held for
       trial for fraud; elopement.
1900.  Cook, Rev. Elisha, Richmond, Va. Teaching boys to steal; six
1907.  Cook, Rev. F. J., Peoria, Ill. Methodist. Fined for assault on
       13-year-old girl.
1902.  Cook, Rev. L. O., Kenton, O. Methodist. Arrested in hotel with
       grass widow.
1907.  Cooke, Rev. J. K., Hempstead, L. I. Episcopal. Left wife to
       elope with his "spiritual" ward.
1906.  Coombs, Rev. C. T., Pittsburgh, Pa. Living with affinity
       instead of wife.
1909.  Coons, Rev. W. F., Hoosick, N. Y. Baptist. Visiting disorderly
       houses; divorced.
1912.  Cooper, Rev. R. T., Springfield, Mass. Methodist. Immoral
       conduct; caught during the Methodist conference at Minneapolis,
       Minn., and sentenced to the workhouse.
1899.  Copeland, Rev. John A., N. Tonawanda, N. Y. Slander; fled from
       tar and feathers.
1904.  Copeland, Rev. Levi B. H., Palmyra, N. J. Baptist. Improper
       suggestions to lady, who brought charges.
1912.  Cordell, Rev. Harold, Beulah, Ind. Christian. Obtaining money
       under false pretenses.
1904.  Cordova, Rev. J. F., South River, N. J. Methodist. Eloping;
       abusing wife; four years.
1901.  Corey, Rev. Geo., New York. Methodist. Fraudulent land
       transactions; sued.
1905.  Cormack, Rev. Jos., W. McHenry, Ill. Methodist. Kidnapping;
       indicted by grand jury.
1910.  Cornforth, Rev. Athelstane, New York. Episcopal. Left wife to
       elope; suicide.
1901.  Cory-Thomas, Rev. T., Ishpeming, Mich. Episcopal. Improper
       conduct; guilty; debarred.
1914.  Cottam, Rev. J. A., Dearborn, Mich. Methodist Episcopal. Arson.
1908.  Coultman, Rev. D. M., St. Catharines, Ont. Baptist. Ministerial
1910.  Courtenay, Rev. A. M., Zanesville, O. Methodist. Fighting.
1902.  Couzins, Rev. I. D., Elm Grove, W. Va. Church of God.
       Drunkenness; arrested.
1909.  Covell, Rev. H. E., Long Island. Non-support of wife.
1902.  Cowherd, Rev. Alex., Indianapolis, Ind. Giving bogus mortgage;
1913.  Cox, Rev. A. T., Elm Grove, W. Va. Christian. Elopement with
       14-year-old girl.
1902.  Cox, Rev. Charles, Morehead, Ky. Leaving wife and eloping with
1905.  Cox, Rev. James B., Saltville, Va. Baptist. Chicken stealing;
       30 days in jail.
1907.  Cox, Rev. J. R., Jonesboro, Tenn. Baptist. Chicken theft;
       thirty days.
1911.  Coyle, Rev. E. T., Indianapolis, Ind. Awaiting trial for
1911.  Crabtreeman, Rev. Mr., Wayne Co., Tenn. Presbyterian. Illicit
       whisky selling.
1904.  Crafts, Rev. Wilbur F., Washington, D. C. Misuse of U. S.
1908.  Craig, Rev. John W., Newark, N. J. Episcopal. Swindling.
1903.  Craig, Rev. Robert Lee, Omaha, Neb. Episcopal. Slaughtering
       song birds; fined.
1911.  Crane, Rev. William, Redke, Ind. Christian. Celebrated
       successful ending of revivals by getting drunk and disorderly.
1899.  Cranfill, Rev. J. B., Texas. Baptist. Slandering Rev. Dr.
       Hayden; tried; $60,000 damages.
1902.  Crawford, Rev. C. H., Amherst, Va. Contempt of court; cowhided
       by judge.
1911.  Crawford, Rev. E. D., Chicago. Methodist. Found guilty of
       slander; fined $4,000.
1901.  Crawford, Rev. R. E., Tioga Co., N. Y. Methodist. Petty
       larceny; arrested.
       Cree, Rev. E. C., City of Mexico. Episcopal. Stealing books;
       caught in the act.
       Critchlow, Rev. L. A., Iowa. Come-outer. Living with woman not
       his wife; arrested.
1908.  Crociata, Rev. F., No. Adams, Mass. Catholic. Complicity in
       assault causing death; three years.
1900.  Crockett, Rev. J. Ad., New York. Left wife, who sued for
       Crooks, Rev. James D., Troy, Ida. Methodist Episcopal. Murder.
1912.  Cross, Rev. Holmes, Louisville, Ky. Methodist. Disorderly
1913.  Cross, Rev. Sydney, Westfield, N. J. Episcopal. Criminal
       conduct with boys.
1900.  Crow, Rev. T. P., Owensboro, Ky. Methodist. Drunkenness;
       withdrew from church.
1902.  Crowther, Rev. J. C., Vernon, N. Y. Consorting with
       disreputable characters; sued for divorce.
1904.  Crudup, Rev. Essex J., Plainfield, N. J. Misbehaving with four
       women; arrested.
1900.  Cuff, Rev. John, New York. Obtaining money under false
       pretenses; jailed.
1906.  Culley, Rev. G. H., Philadelphia, Pa. Campbellite.
1900.  Culver, Rev. R. M., Bowling Green, O. Receiving stolen goods;
       fined $50.
1906.  Cummings, Rev. M. G., Murphysboro, Ill. Campbellite. Arson.
1908.  Cummings, Rev. Wm., Elk Rapids, Mich. Eloped with wife's
1899.  Cunningham, Rev. H., Franklin, W. Va. Robbery; stealing $1,500;
       five years.
1899.  Curran, Rev. Michael, Gloucester, N. J. Catholic. Assault and
       threat to shoot.
       Cusack, Rev. John, Cincinnati, O. Catholic. Drunkenness;
       resisting officer; jailed.
1913.  Cuthriell, Rev. John F., Baltimore, Md. Dismissed from ministry
       for running after strange women.
1908.  Cutler, Rev. Frederick, Yonkers, N. Y. Reformer. Fraud.
1908.  Dack, Rev. Herbert W., East African Missionary. Methodist.
1911.  Dagenais, Rev. Father, Bryson, Can. Catholic. Sued for
       defamation of character.
1899.  Dahlke, Rev. G. J., Colfax, Wash. Running away with married
       woman; jailed.
1914.  Dahlstrom, Rev. Albert, Tacoma, Wash. Founder of Heliga sect.
       Convicted of white slavery.
1907.  Dahlstrom, Rev. A., Chicago. Abduction of 17-year-old girl.
1913.  Daily, Rev. Elmer, Topeka, Kan. Wife desertion.
1911.  Damstater, Louis, Cleveland, O. Jewish rabbi. Sentenced to six
       months in jail for larceny.
1913.  Darby, Rev. William L., New York, N. Y. City missionary.
       Non-support of wife.
1899.  Daugherty, Rev. H. C., Scott Co., Tenn. Killing Wm. Ross with
1911.  David, Rev. Israel, Providence, R. I. Baptist. Robbery.
1909.  Davidson, Rev. E. E., Piqua, O. Church of Christ. Eluded
       officer with warrant for desertion. Denied common law marriage.
1912.  Davis, Rev. Ben., Louisville, Ky. Baptist. Wanted by police for
1913.  Davis, Rev. Cader Russell. Ex-Christian preacher. Adultery.
1902.  Davis, Rev. John, Pedricktown, N. J. Baptist. Deserting
       affianced bride at altar; fled.
1900.  Davis, Rev. Edwards, Oakland, Cal. Deserting wife. Sued for
1910.  Davis, Rev. J. A., Woodstock, Can. Methodist Episcopal.
       Adultery with 16-year-old girl.
1902.  Davis, Rev. J. P., Coshocton, O. Sanctificationist. Beating
       wife; intimacy with other women; sued for divorce.
1901.  Davis, Rev. King, Earleboro, Okla. Assault on 12-year-old girl;
       killing her father.
1900.  Davis, Rev. Wesley R., Washington, D. C. Passing worthless
       check; arrested.
1902.  Davis, Rev. W. L., Dublin, O. Deserting family; divorced;
       failed to pay alimony; arrested.
1901.  Davis, Rev. Mr., Easton, Md. Stealing; jailed; escaped.
1901.  Dawkins, Rev. Eliphas, Cherokee Co., S. C. Murdering his wife.
1911.  Day, Rev. John, Muskogee, Ok. Christian. Bigamist.
1906.  Day, Rev. J. A., Revelstock, B. C. Financial fraud.
1899.  Day, Rev. Mr. Fairbank, Ia. Intimacy with another man's wife;
       fled to escape tar and feathers.
1901.  Deal, Rev. Mr., Rutherford, N. C. Assaulting 15-year-old girl;
1900.  Dean, Rev. George, Findlay, O. Adventist. Eloping with school
       girl; arrested.
1914.  Decker, Rev. Nathaniel, Bolivar, Pa. Saint's church (faith
       healing). Assault and battery.
1912.  DeGroth, Rev. Frank, Chicago, Ill. Arrested for "improper
1905.  DeLarme, Rev. A. A., Paterson, N. J. Baptist. Accused of breach
       of promise; resigned.
1907.  Deller, Rev. W. N., Altoona, Pa. United Brethren. Found in
       hotel with 19-year-old girl; resigned.
1906.  Dempsey, Rev. J. M.. Lineville, Ia. Attempted to wed a second
       time while first wife lived.
1904.  Denham, Rev. Benj. Q., New York. Disciples. Indecent exposure.
1908.  Denham, Rev. B. Q., New York. Disciples. Adultery.
1913.  DePue, Rev. James H., Arlington, Va. Presbyterian. Receiving
       money on false pretenses.
1905.  Derrick, Rev. B., bishop, New York. Methodist. Libel,
       conspiracy, maladministration, and other misdemeanors.
1907.  DeVries, Rev. E., Grand Rapids, Mich. Christian Reformed.
       Improper conduct; expelled.
1906.  DeWoody, Rev. Chas., Utica, N. Y. Baptist. Conduct unbecoming a
       Christian; resigned.
1914.  Diamond, Rev. George I., D. D., Beaumont, Tex. Larceny.
1900.  Diana, Rev. Fr., Alpha, N. J. Catholic. Drunkenness;
       debauchery; forgery; arrested.
1905.  Dick, Rev. Jacob, Indian Territory. Evangelist. Fraudulent real
       estate transactions.
1902.  Dickerson, Rev. Charles H., Newark, N. J. Congregational.
       Stealing altar furniture; broke jail.
1907.  Dickson, Rev. T. J., San Antonio, Tex. Chaplain. Shot a
1903.  Dillard, Rev. H. C., Spring Hope, N. C. Writing obscene letters
       to a girl.
1903.  Dillon, Rev. J. P., Rolla, Mo. Evangelist. Dual life; woman
       confessed; sued, he fled.
1908.  Dimmit, Rev. J. H., Valley Junction, Ia. Congregational.
       Dismissed from ministry for misconduct.
1900.  Dixon, Rev. Jos. K., Boston, Mass. Baptist. Adultery; divorced.
1911.  Doak, Rev. J. A., Quinton, Kan. Criminally assaulted a little
1900.  Dobson, Rev. Robert, New York, N. Y. Deceived Sunday school
       teacher; borrowed her money and broke promise to marry; jailed.
       Dodd, Rev. Richard, Clinton, Ky. Bastardy and complicity in
1905.  Dodge, Rev. John, Lebanon, Ind. Holiness. Stabbing parishioner;
1905.  Doherty, Rev. Richard, Marcus Rock, Pa. Episcopal. False
       report; horsewhipped.
1902.  Donahoe, Bish. P. J., Philippi, Md. Catholic. Contempt of court
       as executor of will; summoned.
1912.  Donaldson, Rev. Aaron B., St. Louis, Mo. Methodist. Sentenced
       to three years' imprisonment for swindling an aged parishioner.
1902.  Donaldson, Aug. M., Rossville, N. Y. Manslaughter. "Straight
       Edge" society leader.
1902.  Donaldson, Rev. M. V., Vacaville, Cal. Nocturnal exploits with
       women; drunkenness.
1911.  Donatella, Francis, Pittsburgh, Pa. Catholic. Wanted for
       abducting a 15-year-old girl.
1910.  Donnelly, Rev. Ed., Bingham, Utah. Catholic. Dismissed from
       church for drunkenness.
1899.  Donnelly, Rev. Robert, Denver, Col. Evangelist. Burglary;
1909.  Donnelly, Rev. Mr., New York. Theft.
1908.  Doolittle, Rev. Chas., Anderson, Ind. Evangelist. Non-support.
1904.  Dorr, Rev. Henry, Brooklyn, N. Y. Thrice arrested for wife
1909.  Dorsey, Rev. Wm., St. Louis, Mo. Campbellite. Stealing; jailed.
1909.  Dougherty, Rev. R. T., Fargo, N. D. Congregational. Suicide
       pact with college student; latter killed himself.
1899.  Doughty, Elder L. M., Whitley, Ill. Improper conduct with girl;
1914.  Douglass, Rev. Archie, Sayre, Pa. Itinerant preacher. Arrested
       on charge of serious offense against a 15-year-old girl.
1901.  Douglass, Rev. Jas., Atlanta, Ga. United Brethren. Bigamy and
       forgery in various states.
1911.  Douthitt, Rev. S. W., Arkansas City, Kans. United Presbyterian.
       Arrested for drunkenness and spent night in jail.
1912.  Dow, Rev. T. J., Minneapolis, Minn. Christian. Sued for
       alienation of affections.
1903.  Dowie, John A., Chicago, Ill. Christian Catholic. Libel;
       mulcted $2,000.
1911.  Dowie, William, Cleveland, Ohio. Evangelist. Fined $10 for
       assault and battery.
1911.  Doyle, Rev. Clyde, Amite, La. Arrested and sent to jail in
       Texas for four years for bigamy, embezzlement and wife
1894.  Doyle, Rev. Gregory, Hart Co., Ky. Baptist. Seduction;
       abortion; girl died; sentenced for life.
1899.  Drake, Rev. Edward, Chillicothe, O. Co-respondent in divorce
1913.  Drake, Rev. Paul H., Beverly, Mass. Universalist. Disorderly
       conduct and obstructing the sidewalk.
1907.  Driver, Rev. S. M., Los Angeles, Cal. Methodist. Unbalanced by
1900.  Dryden, Rev. M. F., Wheeling, W. Va. Methodist. Choked wife;
       killed by her father.
1908.  Dryer, Rev. Geo. H., New York. Methodist. Defalcation.
1901.  Duceman, Rev. J. V., Goshen, O. United Brethren. Attempted
       suicide by shooting.
1899.  Duchon, Rev. Fr., St. Louis, Mo. Catholic. Fled with parish
       funds and his housekeeper.
1900.  Dudley, Rev. Lewis, St. Louis, Mo. Church of God. Assault and
       battery; arrested.
1900.  Duffy, Rev. Fr., Port Jervis, N. Y. Catholic. Suicide in New
       York, found dead in hotel.
1909.  Du Lubicz, Rev. Antonio, Winnipeg, Man. Catholic. Obtaining
       money under false pretenses.
1909.  Dumouline, Rev. W. G., San Francisco, Cal. Cruelty and
       desertion; divorced.
       Dunbar, Rev. Edward, Cal., Ark., N. Y. Methodist. Desertion of
       wife, and adultery.
1909.  Duncan, Rev. D. B., Crawfordsville, Ind. Presbyterian. Cruel
       and inhuman treatment of wife; divorced.
1900.  Duncan, Rev. Kenneth, San Francisco, Cal. Evangelist. Petty
       larceny; stole clothes; jailed.
1913.  Duncan, Matthew and Luke, Knoxville, Tenn. Baptist. Assault.
1904.  Dundonough, Rev. Jas., Eau Claire, Wis. Ran away with girl,
       forsaking flock.
1912.  Dunn, Rev. William F., Evansville, Ind. Methodist. Immoral
       conduct; three months in jail.
1909.  Dunnigan, Rev. A. P., Hempstead, L. I. Catholic. Alienated a
       wife's affections.
1908.  Dunworth, Rev. Wm., New London, Conn. Catholic. Suicide.
1900.  Duperon, Rev. Fr., Worcester, Mass. Catholic. Deceiver and
       Dwello, Rev. P. N., Marshalltown, Ia. Methodist. Slander and
1911.  Dwindle, Dr. O. T., Peoria, Ill. Methodist. Misappropriated
       funds of the church.
1901.  Dye, Rev. Geo. E., Willows, Cal. Baptist. Intimacy with widow;
1905.  Dyer, Rev. W. T., Reedbrake, Ala. Deserting wife and eloping
       with her sister.
1902.  Dynia, Rev. M. A., New Bedford, Mass. Catholic. Co-respondent
       in divorce suit; threatened accusing husband with a pistol, and
       was jailed.
1903.  Earl, Rev. Daniel, B. A., Bedford, Que. Methodist. Too great
       familiarity with a young woman.
1905.  Early, Rev. Fred, Maury Co., Tenn. Sanctificationist. Murder
       and suicide.
1907.  Easterday, Rev. G. H., Stewartsville, N. J. Congregational.
       Entanglement with his "spiritual ward"; left town on 48 hours'
       notice from deacons.
1899.  Eastman, Rev. F. W., Nashville, Tenn. Presbyterian. Rape;
       Eastman, Rev. J. M., Mohawk, O. Methodist. Seduction of young
       girl; paid $2,600 to settle; deposed.
1900.  Easton, Rev. Dr., Washington, D. C. Slandering Olga Nethersole,
       the actress; sued; apologized.
1906.  Eby, Rev. S. C., Clayton, Mo. Sued for divorce on ground of
       intimacy with another woman.
1912.  Eddings, Rev. John, Columbia, S. C. Holiness. Criminal assault
       on 12-year-old girl; sentenced to thirty days' hard labor.
1911.  Edson, Rev. G. Clement, Brooklyn, N. Y. Presbyterian. Eloped
       with soloist of his church.
1911.  Edwards, Rev. Alexander, Denver. Baptist. Killed by husband of
       woman with whom he was criminally intimate.
1908.  Edyvean, W. H., Cadillac, Mich. Methodist. Adultery.
1901.  Eicher, Deacon J., Decatur, Ind. Amish. Forgery; 1 to 14 years.
1912.  Eills, Rev. John, Springfield, Mass. Unitarian. Accused by wife
       of neglecting her for other women; defended Richeson, the
       murderer, in the pulpit.
1913.  Ekeland, Rev. Emanuel, Madison, Minn. Lutheran. Arson.
1912.  Elliott, Rev. Edward, Newark, N. J. Evangelist. Sued for breach
       of promise.
1904.  Elliott, Rev. M. C., Genesee, Ill. Giving out worthless checks;
       jailed; he has a record as a juggler of funds.
1909.  Elliott, Rev. R. W., Pittsburgh. Pentecost. Co-respondent in
       divorce suit.
1900.  Ellis, Rev. John, Foxboro, Mass. Unitarian. Cruelty to wife;
       clandestine correspondence with another woman; sued for
1914.  Ellis, Rev. John, Bloomington, Ind. Presbyterian. Immoral
1904.  Ellis, Rev. Elwood O., Richmond, Ind. Friend. Went on a week's
       vacation with young woman; pronounced moral degenerate.
1901.  Ellison, Rev. John, Chattanooga, Tenn. Shooting Sophia Johnson;
1911.  Ellsworth, Rev. Philip B., Jefferstown, Ind. Lutheran. Forgery.
1903.  Ellwood, Rev. Robert A., Wilmington, Del. Presbyterian.
       Inciting to lynching.
1908.  Ellwood, Rev. R. A., Leavenworth, Kan. Presbyterian. Seduction;
1913.  Elmore, Rev. C. E., New Albany, Ky. Christian. Assault.
1905.  Elsworth, Rev. J. S., Paterson, N. J. Reformed. Injudicious
       conduct with widow; resigned.
1912.  Emelius, Rev. Charles, New Sweden, Me. Lutheran. Accused of
1901.  Emerson, Rev. F. W., Topeka, Kan. Disturbance of the peace;
       assaulting an officer; arrested.
1905.  Erhard, Rev. Lawrence A., Chicago, Ill. Scandalous living; paid
       $2,000 hush money.
1913.  Erler, Rev. John, Seven Valleys, Pa. Lutheran. Disfrocked for
       gross immorality.
1913.  Eubank, Rev. Henry, Triplett, Mo. Christian. Mutilating public
1900.  Euster, Rev. W. T., Helena, Mont. Methodist. Common liar;
       exposed by presiding elder at conference.
1912.  Evans, Rev. Emerson G., Monroeton, Pa. Methodist. Allowed to
       withdraw from church conference under threat of exposure for
       immoral conduct.
1909.  Evans, Rev. E. T., Port Huron, Mich. Episcopal. Seduced
       16-year-old girl; married her; spent her money on drink. Had
       wife in Wales.
1899.  Evans, Rev. W. R., Mandalin, N. Y. Methodist. Intimacy with a
       girl he attempted to reform; lost pulpit.
       Everett, Rev. M. L., Des Moines, Ia. Christian. Charged with
       statutory offense; wife sued for divorce.
1908.  Ewert, Rev. Arthur, Morrisonville, Ill. Methodist. Slander.
1908.  Ewing, Rev. Emmett, Athens, O. Forgery.
1912.  Ewing, Rev. U. P., Newton, Kan. Baptist. Wanted for
1899.  Eyton, Rev. Robert, London. Episcopal. Scandalous charges;
1899.  Fagley, Rev. Joseph, Missouri. Evangelist. Train robber; 12
       years in penitentiary.
1912.  Fairall, Rev. H. H., Iowa City, Ia. Methodist. Attempted
       suicide on account of ill health.
1908.  Fairfield, Rev. F. W., Sag Harbor, L. I. Baptist. Taking
       indecent liberties with women.
1907.  Falkner, Rev. John, Chicago, Ill. Lutheran. Desertion.
1901.  Farber, Rabbi R., Denver, Col. Hebrew. Improper proposals to
       women, who horsewhipped him.
1913.  Farraday, Rev. Henry W., Broadway, N. J. Methodist. Seduction.
1909.  Farrell. Rev. Thos., Brooklyn, N. Y. Catholic. Caught in raid
       on disorderly house; fined.
1913.  Farrell, Rev. William, Jersey City, N. J. Baptist. Abduction of
       20-year-old girl. The clerical rival of Don Juan is 70 years of
       Fee, Rev. Mr., Toledo, O. Methodist. Cheating widow in land
       deal; found guilty.
1902.  Fellows, Rev. C. A., Portsmouth, O. Methodist. Promiscuous
       attention to females; guilty.
1910.  Fennell, Rev. John, New York, N. Y. Swedish Lutheran. Larceny.
1909.  Fenton, Rev. J., San Jon, N. M. Holiness. Murder.
1912.  Fenyes, Rev. Louis F., Johnstown, Pa. Roman Catholic. Wanted
       for embezzlement of church funds.
1902.  Ferdinand, Rev. Mr., Omaha, Neb. Took up with another man's
       wife; sued.
1913.  Ferdon, Rev. Arthur I., Palisades Park, N. J. Evangelist.
1899.  Ferguson, Rev. Geo., Kansas City, Kan. Congregational. Wrecked
       by drink.
1907.  Ferguson, Rev. W. P., Lincoln, Neb. Methodist. Adultery with
       his landlady, confessed to by the latter under influence of one
       of his sermons.
1911.  Ferrant, Rev. Victor, Syracuse, N. Y. Baptist. Counterfeiter.
1911.  Ferrell, Rev. W. A., Gaffney, S. C. Was about to marry an
       Atlanta girl when discovery was made that he already had a
1903.  Ferris, Rev. A. Frank, Grand Rapids, Mich. Deserted wife and
       took another.
1907.  Fischer, Rev. O. W., Bridgeton, N. J. Lutheran. Paid attention
       to young woman. Left family and town.
1907.  Fish, Rev. G., Denver, Colo. Fraud.
1910.  Fisher, Rev. F. B., Neoga, Ill. Presbyterian. Sued for slander.
1908.  Fitts, Rev. Joseph W., Independence, Kan. Baptist. Rape.
1901.  Fitzgerald, Rev. Robert, Nash, Va. Evangelist. Stealing stamps
       as postmaster.
1900.  Fitzgerald, Rev. S. F., Newark, N. J. Catholic. Assault and
       battery on woman.
1908.  Fitzgerald, Rev. Wm., Millville, N. J. Catholic. Slander and
1904.  Fitzmaurice, Rev. M. O., Chicago, Ill. Episcopal. Used
       fraudulent credentials; dismissed.
1902.  Flaherty, Rev. Chas., Mt. Morris, N. Y. Catholic. Poisoning;
       indicted for manslaughter; criminal relations with girl.
1914.  Flannery, Rev. Lawrence S., West Plains, Mo. Methodist.
       Manslaughter; convicted.
1909.  Fleenor, Rev. L., Evansville, Ind. Alienating a wife's
1901.  Fleming, Rev. E. T., Chicago, Ill. Presbyterian. Indecently
       approaching women; convicted of lying.
1905.  Fleming, Rev. Solomon, Etty, Va. Baptist. Shot Robert Mullins,
       another preacher, in preachers' feud.
1911.  Fliedner, Rev. Augustus, Irvington, N. Y. Episcopal. Fined $5
       for disorderly conduct.
1908.  Flower, Rev. J. H., St. Louis, Mo. Methodist. Immoral conduct.
1912.  Flynn, Rev. John M., Edgewater, Colo. Methodist. Improper
       conduct with women and criminal libel; hushed up for the glory
       of God and the peace of the church.
1902.  Foith, Rev. Adolph, Cincinnati, O. Lutheran. Debauching little
       girls; suicided.
1911.  Folta, Father Joseph, and Father Rzadkowolski, Detroit, Mich.
       Catholics. Arrested for autoing "in a dangerous manner."
1909.  Force, Rev. W. H., Nevada, Mo. Bigamy; four wives; three years
       in jail.
1911.  Ford, Rev. E. E., New York. Accused of fraud in organizing the
       World's Bible League corporation.
1901.  Ford, Rev. Geo. E., Bridgeton, N. J. Methodist. Enticing young
       girls into his church at night; discovered; fled.
1902.  Forest, Rev. Fr., Jackman, Me. Catholic. Violation of game
1913.  Forsell, Rev. K. E., Minneapolis, Minn. Lutheran. Violating
       game law.
1908.  Forses, Rev. W. H., Nevada, Mo. Bigamy; three years.
1912.  Foster, Rev. Edward S., Richmond, Va. Criminal assault on a
       little girl.
1910.  Foster, Rev. Frank L., Sioux Falls, S. D. Free Baptist.
1899.  Foster, Rev. Jas. H., Plainfield, N. J. Church of Christ.
       Disappeared with another man's wife.
1913.  Foster, Rev. J. W., Atlanta, Ga. Baptist. Adultery.
1905.  Foster, Rev. Thomas, Athens, Ark. Methodist. Rape of an
       8-year-old girl; second offense.
1899.  Fowler, Rev. A. R., South Carolina. Presbyterian. Forgery;
       sentenced to penitentiary.
1899.  Fox, Rev. Geo. J., Easton, Pa. Baptist. Confessed to sin and
       departure from rectitude.
1911.  Francis, Rev. A. M., Omaha, Neb. Charged with fraud.
1913.  Francis, Rev. David, Richmond, Va. Christian. Forced to resign
       for unbecoming conduct with a married woman.
1909.  Francis, Rev. D. B., Ironton, O. Campbellite. Bastardy.
1908.  Francis, Rev. Geo. A., Elizabeth, N. J. Baptist. Fraud.
1902.  Francis, Rev. H. C, New Londonderry, N. H. Statutory offense
       named in wife's successful divorce suit.
1902.  Frederick, Rev. Jas., Wolf Creek, Ky. Baptist. Disturbing
       school; stole bench warrants; fined.
1906.  Frederickson, Rev. A., Milwaukee, Wis. Lutheran. Suicide while
       depressed by drink.
1906.  Freelander, Rabbi, Evansville, Ind. Orthodox Jew. Living with
       wife's sister.
1911.  Freeman, Rev. James, Murphysboro, Ill. Murdered his wife;
       sentenced to imprisonment for life.
1908.  Frees, Rev. R. W., Port Huron, Mich. Baptist. Wife beating.
1908.  Freis, Rev. Phil., St. Louis, Mo. Arrested as pickpocket.
1904.  Fritch, Rev. W. S., Attleboro, Mass. Congregational. Alienating
       affections of another man's wife; sued; $1,334 damages awarded.
1911.  Froelich, Rev. Father John von, Muncie, Ind. Catholic. Accused
       of unnamed crime by a married woman of his church.
       Frost, Rev. T. B., Chattanooga, Tenn. Evangelist. Eloped with a
1900.  Frost, Rev. W. J., Harvey, Ill. Congregational. Confessed
       intimacy with servant; ousted.
1905.  Frye, Rev. James, Keokuk, Ia. Deserting family and eloping with
       girl; arrested.
1913.  Frye, Rev. M. H., Kiester, Minn. United Brethren. Arson.
       Fulkerson, Rev. B. H., Eureka Springs, Ark. Methodist. Immoral
       conduct and attempted suicide.
       Fullers, Rev. Mr., Salem, W. Va. Methodist. Transgression of
       7th commandment.
1909.  Furbush, Rev. A. C, Georgetown, Conn. Congregational. Intimacy
       with young woman, though married; resigned and left town.
1902.  Gablet, Rev. S., Toledo, O. Presbyterian. Shoplifting;
1910.  Gaines, Bishop, W. G., Camden, N. J. African Methodist
       Episcopal. Embezzlement.
1914.  Gardiner, Rev. Vernon A. Bird of passage. Evangelist. Fraud.
1911.  Gardner, Rev. T. H. H., Kittitas, Wash. Methodist. Beat his
       wife to death with a club.
1904.  Garner, Rev. Harrison, Goshen, N. Y. Evangelist. Abduction;
1912.  Garretson, Rev. John, Geddes, S. D. Congregational. Accused of
       immoral conduct and financial dishonesty; forced to resign
1906.  Garstka, Rev. A., Pittsburgh, Pa. Catholic. Refused to give up
       church records; shoots parishioner.
1906.  Gay, Rev. T. B., Utica, O. Presbyterian. A "Peeping Tom";
       resigned and left town.
1911.  Geis, Rev. Mr., Brooklyn. Arrested for beating his wife.
1912.  Geisel, Rev. Theodore H., Bernardsville, N. J. Pleaded guilty
       to charge of sending defamatory postcards through the mail;
       sent to the workhouse for two months.
1899.  Geoghegan, Rev. Thos., Hamilton, Ont. Catholic. Illicit sexual
1911.  George, Rev. P. A., Cleveland, Ohio. Head of the "Kingdom of
       God" society. Has two wives, his own and a "god-given" one,
       regularly married to another man.
1901.  Gerrish, Rev. Theodore, Sioux Falls, S. D. Gave fraudulent deed
       to property; jailed.
1907.  Gettman, Rev. Peter, Kossuth Co., Ia. Methodist. Murdered wife;
1906.  Gibbons, Rev. B. J., Norfolk, Va. Methodist. Bigamy; suicide.
1911.  Gibbs, Rev. John, Tampa, Fla. Presbyterian. Horse thief.
1912.  Gibson, Rev. Lewis, Bristol, Va. Methodist. Election fraud;
       pleaded guilty and sentenced to a month's imprisonment.
1904.  Gibson, Rev. Smith, Mt. Holly, N. J. Attempted corruption of
       11-year-old girl.
1908.  Gibson, Rev. W., Hoxie, Ark. Kidnapping.
       Gidding, Rev. Mr., Alton, Ill. Stabbed step-son to death.
1899.  Ginner, Rev. S. G., St. Paul, Minn. Episcopal. Grand larceny;
       three years in penitentiary.
1899.  Giraud, Rev. Philip, Montreal, Can. Catholic. Fraudulently
       obtaining money.
1899.  Givens, Rev. Mr., West Virginia. Methodist. Counterfeiting;
       indicted by grand jury.
1901.  Gladden, Rev. Wm. E., Liverpool, O. Methodist. Conspiracy;
       indicted; arrested.
1902.  Glass, Rev. O., Ft. Worth, Tex. Evangelist. Indecent exposure;
1906.  Glenn, Rev. H. L., Raleigh, N. C. Holiness. Destruction of
       virtue of half a dozen girls from 13 to 17 years of age;
       indicted for criminal assault on girl of 14.
1899.  Gloria, Rev. Fr. G., Oakland, Cal. Catholic. Betrayed girl;
       deposed; married her.
1908.  Gneilinski, Rev. Mr., St. Louis, Mo. Catholic. Kidnapping
       girls; immoral life.
1900.  Goad, Rev. Geo., Pine Bluff, Ark. Sanctificationist. Embezzling
       charity fund; arrested.
1911.  Goddard, Rev. J. B., Portland, Ore. Methodist. Charged with
       "statutory offense" against two young girls; held for trial.
1908.  Godlin, Rev. Albert., Preacher of the end of the world.
       Catahoula Parish, La. Incendiarism; lynched.
1911.  Godrycz, Rev. John A., Philadelphia, Pa. Catholic. Arrested for
1909.  Godssen, Priest, Henrietta, Tex. Catholic. Gambling.
1909.  Goetchell, Rev. E., Kansas City, Mo. Swindling.
1910.  Goins, Rev. E. R., Sandusky, O. Methodist. Boy's charge
       disorderly conduct.
1900.  Golden, Rev. R. F., Boston, Mo. Evangelist. Stealing horse and
       cart; arrested.
1911.  Goldstein, Samuel, Montreal. Jewish rabbi. Sentenced to federal
       penitentiary for smuggling.
1912.  Gongaware, Rev. George J., Pittsburgh, Pa. Lutheran. Charged
       with unduly influencing a sick and incompetent woman to will
       much of her property to the church.
1907.  Gooden, Rev. R., Seabright, N. J. Assault on married woman.
1908.  Goodin, Rev. H. H., Pontiac, Ill. Baptist. Abduction; one to
       ten years.
1910.  Goodrich, Rev. G. E., Jackson, Mich. Baptist. Immorality.
1904.  Gordan, Rev. Jas. A., Cabin Hill, N. Y. Presbyterian. Breach of
       promise; convicted.
1911.  Gordon, E. G., Richmond, Va. Former Methodist minister. Accused
       of drunkenness and "misconduct" with a married woman.
1900.  Gordon, Rev. Jas. H., Nicetown, Pa. Baptist. Alienating
       affections of choir singer from her husband.
1905.  Gordon, Rev. M. D., Hudson, Mich. Episcopal. Paternity of
       housekeeper's child; decamped.
1911.  Gormley, Father; Wichita, Kan. Catholic. Seduced 15-year-old
1910.  Gosgan, Rev. Richard, Hartford, Conn. Catholic. Suicide.
1914.  Gossett, Rev. W. J., Vancouver, Wash. Brutal treatment of wife.
       Gould, Rev. R. A., Cent. City, Neb. Free Methodist. Left wife,
       eloping with girl of 15; penitentiary six years.
1913.  Gouthy, Rev. Mr., Indianapolis, Ind. Free Methodist. Fined for
       illegal hunting.
1909.  Gow, Rev. Clyde, Mexico, Mo. Manslaughter; four years.
1907.  Graff, Rev. B., Joliet, Ill. Baptist. Jailed for running
       confidence game.
       Grafton, Rev. T. W., Anderson, Ind. Campbellite. Contempt of
       court; fined.
1911.  Graham, Rev. David, Nashville, Tenn. Found guilty of running a
       "blind tiger"; sentenced to jail for 60 days and fined $45 and
1908.  Graham, Rev. J. H., Moundsville, W. Va. Horse stealing; life
1908.  Graham, Rev. J. S., Albany, N. Y. Catholic. Suicide.
1901.  Graham, Rev. R. H., Topeka, Kan. Baptist. Rape on girl of his
       flock; five years.
1899.  Gram, Rev. W. O., Montrose, S. D. "A case of crim. con., no
       doubt;" fled from Montrose.
1899.  Grandison, Rev. Chas., New York, N. Y. Methodist. Drunkenness;
       delirium tremens; a temperance lecturer.
1908.  Grant, Rev. H. R., Halifax, N. S. Perjury; arrested.
1907.  Grant, Rev. John, Little Rock, Ark. Methodist. Murder.
1914.  Grantham, Rev. Daniel, Purvis, Miss. Baptist. Murder; sentenced
       to five years in the penitentiary.
1911.  Grass, Rev. Z. B., Moncton, N. B. Reformed Baptist. Charged
       with setting fire to his home.
1912.  Graves, Rev. L. W., Adrian, Mich. Methodist. Sued for divorce,
       and committed suicide.
1909.  Gray, Rev. I. N., St. Louis. Congregational. Passing bogus
1912.  Gray, Rev. James H., Charleston, W. Va. Evangelist. Convicted
       three times of horse stealing, and sentenced to life
       imprisonment as a habitual criminal.
1912.  Green, Rev. D. Hudson, Indianapolis, Ind. Evangelist. Charged
       with theft of jewelry and clothing.
1900.  Green, Rev. D. T., Rome, Ga. Methodist. Larceny of church
       funds; guilty.
1901.  Green, Rev. Rufus S., New York, N. Y. Presbyterian. Swindling.
1901.  Greenberg, Rev. Moses, Philadelphia, Pa. Evangelist.
       Non-support of aged father; held in $500 bail.
1912.  Greene, Rev. Thomas E., St. Louis, Mo. Methodist Accused of
       improper conduct with women.
1899.  Greer, Rev. J. R., Millville, Pa. Methodist. Insulting young
       woman in his congregation.
1905.  Greer, Rev. Mr., Cairo, Ill. Do Right. Eloped with Mrs. Carr;
       killed by Carr.
1913.  Gregory, Rev. E. J., St. Johns, Mich. Baptist. Taking indecent
       liberties with an 11-year-old girl; confessed guilt and was
       sentenced to two years' imprisonment.
1899.  Grey, Rev. Henry, Washington, D. C. Grand larceny; stealing
1913.  Griegg, Rev. David B., Berwyn, Ill. Presbyterian. Bastardy.
1911.  Grieves, Rev. Thomas, Greenwich, N. Y. Methodist. Arrested for
1908.  Griffin, Rev. Alfred, Chicago, Ill. Episcopal. Corrupting boys.
1913.  Grigg, Rev. Samuel, Winnipeg, Can. Bigamy; sentenced to a
       year's imprisonment.
1912.  Griggs, Rev. Crawford, New York, N. Y. Baptist. Sued for
       slander by a brother preacher.
       Griggs, Rev. Edward, Big Rapids, Mich. Episcopal. Maltreatment
       of wife; fled.
1899.  Griggs, Rev. R. E., Binghamton, N. Y. Episcopal. Deserting
       wife; arrested.
1908.  Grimshaw, Rev. E. Cullum, Troy, N. Y. Baptist. Theft.
1912.  Grobusch, Rev. Edward, La Salle, Ill. Shirked his debts to
       gamble at the races.
1899.  Groenendyke, Rev. M., Hartford City, Ind. United Brethren.
       Hugging and kissing young woman without her compliance.
1903.  Groenveld, Rev. Mr., So. Holland, Ill. Nameless crime; chased
       from town.
1914.  Grogg, Rev. Philip N., St. Mary's, Mo. Baptist. Murderous
1905.  Grove, Rev. M. F., Visalia, Cal. Methodist. Collusion to obtain
       divorce; previous charges of immorality sustained.
1901.  Grumbine, Rev. J. G. F., Syracuse, N. Y. Luring girl away;
       defamation of her mother; held in $1,000.
1913.  Gryszar, Rev. Thomas, Toronto, Ont. Roman Catholic. Drunkenness
       and assault.
1912.  Guernsey, Rev. R. T., Long Prairie, Minn. Baptist. Sent to jail
       for bad conduct with children, and committed suicide.
1901.  Guirey, Rev. Geo., New York and Illinois. Baptist. Relations
       with woman not his wife; divorced.
1913.  Gullins, Rev. William R., Trenton, N. J. Methodist. Fraud.
1899.  Gumba, Rev. Mr., Fishkill, N. Y. Methodist. Undue intimacy with
       young woman.
1911.  Gunn, Rev. J. G., Gilmar, Kan. Revivalist. Arrested for bigamy.
1913.  Gunter, Rev. D. R., Greeneville, Tenn. Disciple. Accused of
       attempted rape on own daughter.
1904.  Gurley, Elder R. A., Huntsville, Ga. Christian. Carrying
       concealed weapons; jailed.
1906.  Haath, Rev. L. A., Rochester, N. Y. Suicide.
1913.  Haff, W. P. W., Jr., Lynbrook, L. I. Lay preacher. Baptist.
       Seduction and bastardy.
       Hagaman, Rev. J. A., Anderson, Ind. Church of God. Caused
       divorce suit by kissing wife of H. Morehead; called it
       treatment for nervous trouble.
1905.  Hagar, Rev. Washington, Hadley, W. Va. Baptist. Raising bills
       from $1 to $10.
1908.  Hagen, Rev. Emil, New York, N. Y. Dutch Reformed. Theft.
1900.  Hagen, Rev. Henry, Rushing, Ark. Selling whisky without a
       license; arrested.
1901.  Haigler, Rev. J. A., Chattanooga, Tenn. Criminal malpractice;
1900.  Haist, Rev. F. H., Chicago, Ill. Assault and battery; arrested.
1900.  Hale, Rev. Wm., Middleboro, Mass. Episcopal. Cruel and abusive
       treatment of wife, who sued for divorce.
1910.  Hall, Rev. E., Bloomington, Ill. Baptist. Illegitimate
       parentage. Settled with mother.
1899.  Hall, Rev. Henry, Peter Creek, Ky. Drunk, abused his wife, shot
       by son.
1907.  Hall, Rev. J. C., Kaukauna, Wis. Episcopal. Drunkenness;
1901.  Hall, Lay Pr. J. T., E. Orange, N. J. Episcopal. Grand larceny.
1900.  Hall, Rev. Wesley, Hindman, Ky. Murdered his brother's widow,
       who had refused to marry him.
1909.  Hallan, Rev. A., Akron, O. Church of Christ. Drunkenness;
       jailed; fined.
1900.  Halloway, Rev. John, Linn, Mo. Cold-blooded murder; hanged.
1909.  Halpern, Rev. Rabbi S. M., Newark, N. J. Selling liquor without
1909.  Hamilton, Rev. E., Muncie, Ind. Evangelist. Passed bogus check;
       two wives.
1908.  Hamilton, Rev. E. A., Newman, Ill. Methodist. Pandering.
       Submitted wife and daughter to wealthy libertine for money
       Hamilton, Rev. Jas. B., alias J. L. Douglass, Lithonia, Ga.
       Evangelist. Bigamy, larceny and other crimes.
1911.  Hamilton, Rev. Wm. J., Chicago. Congregational. Adulterer.
1914.  Hamrick, Rev. L. M., Pittsburgh, Kan. Methodist. Obtaining
       property under false pretenses.
1902.  Hance, Rev. Oscar T., Newburgh, N. Y. Stealing, passing bad
1907.  Hancock, Rev. W. S., Chicago, Ill. Episcopal. Deposed for
       debauchery. Held in London for poisoning his wife.
1901.  Hand, Rev. A. L., Tuscumbia, La. Bigamy; arrested at the altar.
1912.  Hand, Rev. David M., Moscow, Ida. Baptist. Convicted of
       improper conduct with the young daughter of his Sunday school
       superintendent; sent to the penitentiary for from five years to
1905.  Hand, Rev. J. Howard, Rye, N. Y. Methodist. Hugging and kissing
1899.  Hanks, Rev. R. T., Abilene, Tex. Baptist. Rifling mails;
1913.  Hanmer, Rev. W. G., St. Charles, Ill. Free Methodist. Unfrocked
       for adultery with the wife of another preacher.
1908.  Hanna, Rev. J. C., Philadelphia, Pa. Methodist. Slander.
1899.  Hanna, Rev. T. Carson, Union City, Ct. Baptist. Undue
       familiarity; promiscuous kissing.
1913.  Hanon, Rev. O. M., Jetmore, Kan. Methodist. Irregular conduct
       with a married woman.
1912.  Hansman, Rev. Joseph E., Topeka, Kan. Convicted of bigamy on
       his own confession.
1901.  Hanson, Rev. M. O., LaCrosse, Wis. Lutheran. Wife desertion;
       tried and expelled.
1909.  Hard, Rev. E. R., New Port, N. Y. Baptist. Alienation of a
       wife's affections. Failure to pay judgment.
1914.  Harder, Rev. John W., Vibbard, Mo. Christian Union. Violating
       liquor law.
1911.  Hardin, Rev. John, Beecher, Ill. Congregationalism. Bigamist.
1911.  Hardy, Elder E. H., Reidsville, N. C. Primitive Baptist.
       Contempt of court.
1907.  Hardy, Rev. E. N., Cleveland, O. Congregational. Found in
       disorderly house. Arrested.
1910.  Hare, Rev. Louis T., Brooklyn, N. Y. Catholic. Clandestine
1908.  Hargrave, Rev. James T., Richmond, Va. Fraud by use of the
       mails; eight months and $100.
1906.  Hark, Rev. N. S., Greenville, Pa. Evangelist. Conduct
       unbecoming a minister towards young woman.
1914.  Harness, Rev. Murray, Kokomo, Ind. Christian. Adultery.
1910.  Harper, Rev. E. J., Los Angeles. Presbyterian. Forced to resign
       by unprintable charges.
1908.  Harper, Rev. John, Chickasha, Ark. Methodist. Horse stealing.
1900.  Harper, Rev. W. H., Shelbyville, Tenn. Methodist. Living with
       young woman in absence of his wife.
1912.  Harrall, Rev. Fleet, Greensburg, La. Fought duels with two men;
       killed one, and wounded the other.
1901.  Harrington, Rev. Geo. B., Oxford, N. J. Methodist. Suicide.
1909.  Harrington, Rev. Mr., Helena, Mont. Catholic. Drinking and
       misconduct with boys.
1900.  Harriott, Rev. Wm. C., Fostoria, O. Consorting with immoral
       women; sued for divorce.
1914.  Harris, Rev. A. M., Metropolitan, Ill. Baptist. Duelling.
       Harris, Bishop C. R., Asheville, N. C. African Methodist
       Episcopal. Arson.
1903.  Harris, Rev. J. Barr, Bozeman, Mont. Methodist. Seduction; one
       year in penitentiary.
1901.  Harris, Rev. Sheldon A., Milburn, Ill. Congregational. Running
       get-rich-quick game on his flock; expelled.
1910.  Harris, Rev. Sundy H., Cartersville, Ga. Methodist. Suicide.
       Harris, Rev. Thos., Spartanburg, S. C. Baptist. Hanged for
1901.  Harrison, Rev. G. W., Waco, Tex. Bigamy by direction of heaven,
       he said; two years in penitentiary.
1907.  Harsha, Rev. Wm., Denver, Colo. Had an affinity; horsewhipped
       by whitecaps.
1899.  Harsha, Rev. Mr., New York. Collegiate Reformed. Left his
       pulpit under charges reflecting on his moral character.
1904.  Hart, Rev. C. A. B., Brooklyn, N. Y. Episcopal. Arrested as
       ticket of leave man, convicted of revolting crime against
       morals and deported.
1908.  Hart, Rev. W. G., Groesbeck, Texas. Rape and bastardy. Life
1910.  Hastings, Rev. H. L., Chicago. Methodist. Immoral conduct
       toward boy.
1900.  Hastings, Rev. Mr., South Orange, N. J. Presbyterian. Shooting
       game in violation of law.
1913.  Hatcher, Rev. James W., Wellston, Mo. Methodist. Wife-beating
       and non-support.
1909.  Hathaway, Rev., J. D., Maryville, Mo. Episcopal. Suicide.
1900.  Hatton, Rev. Edward, Brooklyn, N. Y. Baptist. Abandonment of
       wife; arrested.
1910.  Hauberch, Rev. A. A., Miltonsburg, O. Lutheran. Stealing
1911.  Hausman, Rev. Eugene, Kansas City, Mo. Methodist. Bigamist.
1913.  Hawkes, Rev. Roy A., Spencer, Ia. Methodist. Indicted for
1905.  Hawkins, Rev. J. S., Arkansas. Methodist. Immorality.
1901.  Hawkins, Rev. Wm., Philadelphia. Baptist. Incendiarism;
1907.  Hawley, Rev. F. M., Fulton, Ky. Presbyterian. Wrecked a home;
       horsewhipped by husband.
1912.  Hawley, Rev. Richard, New York, N. Y. Roman Catholic.
1905.  Haynes, Rev. Myron W. Methodist. Obtaining rail-road
       transportation by fraud; intimacy with a female school teacher.
1910.  Hays, Rev. Wm., Nowata, Okla. Baptist. Left wife for affinity.
1901.  Heafy, Rev. Jer. J., Brooklyn, N. Y. Catholic. Getting insane
       man's property by fraud.
1902.  Heath, Rev. Henry R., Essex Co., N. Y. Baptist. Larceny;
1901.  Heath, Rev. Jas. T., Kansas City, Mo., and Castile, N. Y.
       Baptist. Abandoning wife and getting divorce without notice and
       by misrepresentation, to marry another woman.
1907.  Heathcote, Rev. A., Wadena, Minn. Episcopal. Jailed for
1905.  Heather, Rev. Andley J., Wahoo, Neb. Congregational. Obtaining
       money under false pretenses.
1911.  Hedeberg, Rev. John R., Bozeman, Mont. Swedish. Grand larceny.
1912.  Heery, Rev. P. M., Dennison, O. Roman Catholic. Drunkenness,
       disorderly conduct and profanity.
       Heideman, Rev. A. L., Calumet, Mich. Twice arrested for
       violating game laws, and fined.
1904.  Heilman, Rev. Edgar J., Wyndmoor, Pa. Lutheran. Breach of
       promise; convicted.
1899.  Hellenus, John, theological student, New York, N. Y. Baptist.
       Intimacy with married woman; she confessed.
1910.  Helwig, Rev. H. D., Evansville, Ind. Episcopal. Forged check;
1904.  Henderson, Rev. C. E., Butte, Mont. Methodist. Acknowledged
1903.  Henderson, Rev. Henry, Williamsburg, O. Criminal assault on
       12-year-old girl.
1899.  Henderson, Rev. John, Brooklyn, N. Y. Methodist. Traducing
       woman member; sued.
1900.  Henderson, Rev. John M., Brooklyn, N. Y. Slander.
1899.  Henderson, Rev. W. C, St. Louis, Mo. Using mails to defraud;
1903.  Hendrick, Rev. Fr., Rochester, N. Y. Catholic. False arrest;
1901.  Hendricks, Rev. A. M., LaPorte, Ind., and elsewhere. Catholic.
       Swindling; pleaded guilty.
1908.  Henneman, Rev. J. W, Chippewa Falls, Wis. Methodist Episcopal.
1908.  Henning, Rev. V., Winnipeg, Man. Lutheran. Seduced girl;
       violated consent law; two years.
1909.  Hensge, Rev. Paul, Portsmouth, O. Made, false oath.
1900.  Hensley, Rev. A. J., Yorkville, S. C. Baptist. Slandering Dr.
       Scoggins, who drubbed him in a street fight.
1901.  Herald, Rev. Mr., Brooklyn, N. Y. Congregational. "Coarse and
       brutal" slander of a woman; sued at law.
1908.  Herberg, Rev. Marcellus, St. Louis, Mo. Impersonating an
1908.  Herbert, Rev. D., Richmond, Ind. Drunkard and wife beater.
1901.  Herborn, Rev. John, New York. Methodist. Interfering with
       officer; fined $5.
1913.  Herr, Rev. William J., Rose Point, Pa. Pentecostal. Obtaining
       money under false pretenses.
1912.  Hervey, Rev. Joseph L., D.D., New York, N. Y. Presbyterian.
       Accused by parishioners of circulating scurrilous stories about
       members of his flock.
1909.  Herzog, Rev. C. A., Anthrax, O. United. Assault.
1907.  Hetland, Rev. John, Clarion, Ia. Criminal assault.
1912.  Hewitt, Rev. Jesse R., Bomarton, Tex. Baptist. Abduction and
       white slavery; sentenced to fifty years' imprisonment.
1910.  Hewson, Rev. Earl, St. Louis. Congregational. Desertion.
1906.  Hibner, Rev. A. A., Hennessey, Okla. Running away with
       another's wife.
1909.  Hickey, Rev. E. D., Springfield, Mass. Catholic. Convicted of
       assault on girl.
1902.  Hickman, Rev. R. L., McKeesport, Pa. Methodist. Forged notes,
       discounted them and skipped.
1913.  Hickman, Rev. Thomas A., Webb City, Mo. Methodist.
       Wife-desertion; divorce granted his wife.
1910.  Hicks, Rev. R. O., Columbus, O. Smashed windows; stole jewelry.
1910.  Hicks, Rev. William, Spokane, Wash. Methodist. Sued for
       "get-rich-quick" swindling.
1899.  Hicks, Rev. W. H., Hawesville, Ky. Baptist. Betrayal of two
       young women; fled.
1908.  Hicks, Rev. W. M., Paducah, Ky. Baptist. Swindling; forgery.
1905.  Hicks, Rev. W. W., Chilhowie, Va. Methodist. Immoral conduct;
       suspended by conference.
1899.  Higgins, Rev. Geo. W., Levant, Me. Holiness. Breaking up homes;
       tarred and feathered.
1906.  Higgs, Rev. J. J., Cherry Valley, Ill. Methodist. Found in
       hotel room with young woman; resigned.
1908.  Hilbish, Rev. J. M., Turlock, Cal. Methodist. Horse-whipped by
       women whom he slandered.
1901.  Hiles, Rev. Henry, Laurel, Md. Evangelist. Cruelty and wife
       beating; arrested.
1909.  Hill, Rev. F. W., Duluth, Minn. Methodist. Burglary; ninety
       days or $100.
1909.  Hill, Rev. H. J., Huntington, W. Va. Jailed for carousing.
1899.  Hill, Rev. J. Wesley, Butler, Ill. Methodist. Taking unwelcomed
       liberties with young woman.
1911.  Hill, Rev. Murry, with a half-dozen aliases, Brooklyn.
       Methodist. Attempted grand larceny.
1912.  Hill, Rev. Simeon C., D.D., Philadelphia, Pa. Episcopal. Driven
       from the country at 75 years of age on account of his behavior
       with a young girl of his congregation.
1911.  Hillis, Rev. Dwight, Brooklyn. Fraud.
1900.  Hills, Rt. Rev. R. P., Omaha, Neb. Episcopal. Bigamy; left wife
       in England.
1900.  Hilson, Rev. H. D., Kansas City, Kan. Killed wife, who had sued
       him for divorce.
1913.  Hilton, Rev. Thomas J., Plattsburg, Mo. Mennonite. Bigamy.
1908.  Hines, Rev. David, New York. Theft.
1908.  Hines, Rev. W. P., Lexington, Ky. Baptist. Lechery.
1907.  Hinshaw, Rev. W. E., Belleville, Ind. Methodist. Murdered wife;
       life sentence. Paroled, he seduced a married woman in 1908.
1908.  Hinton, Rev. D. C, Pittsburgh, Pa. Episcopal. Drunk and
1902.  Hintz, Rev. A. B., Odessa, Mo. Baptist. Bigamy; deserted two
1900.  Hobes, Rev. John, Belleville, Ill. Evangelist. Seducing married
       woman and mother.
1906.  Hobson, Rev. Lemuel, Mitchel, Ind. United Brethren. Found in
       compromising position with married woman. Shot by husband.
1905.  Hofer, Rev. Fr., LaCrosse, Wis. Catholic. Criminal assault on
       orphan girl; fled; arrested; convicted.
1913.  Hoffman, Rev. Henry C., Owensboro, Ky. Methodist. Criminal
1899.  Hoffman, Rev. Richard, Lynchburg, Va. Baptist. Two or more
       wives; sued for divorce.
1900.  Hoffman, Rev. R. T., Lexington, Ky. Fighting another preacher;
       fined $100 and jailed.
1904.  Hoge, Rev. Chas. M., California. Episcopal. Suicide by shooting
       in head.
1907.  Hogg, Rev. A. J., Norwood, O. Bigamy.
1908.  Holcomb, Rev. Walt., Cartersville, Ga. Evangelist. Obscene
       language in the presence of a female; $200.
1912.  Holden, Rev. Albert, Toledo, O. Itinerant evangelist. Bigamy
       and obtaining money under false pretenses.
1900.  Holden, Rev. John, Matewan, W. Va. Methodist. Found in bed with
       Mrs. Bostock; shot at by Mr. B. and wounded.
1906.  Holgate, Rev. LeGrand, Ashland, Ore. Nazarene. Wife beating.
1901.  Hollis, Rev. C. W., Davis, W. Va. Presbyterian. Issuing
       fraudulent marriage certificate; other charges.
1904.  Holly, Rev. J. B., Jacksonville, Fla. Baptist. Assault and
       battery on Rev. W. Hobson; fined $250.
1911.  Holly, J. C., Wilmington, Del. Former Quaker preacher. Murder
       and arson.
1906.  Holman, Rev. E. H., Ontario, Ore. Held for defrauding a number
       of innocent Oregonians.
       Holmes, Rev. W. D., Clarksville, Ark. Free Will Baptist.
       Assault to commit rape; jailed.
       Holmsen, Rev. H., Hudson, Wis. Christian. Cruelty to wife and
       "more serious charges."
1901.  Holp, Rev. Philip, Angelo, Ind. Congregational. Leading a dual
       life; expelled.
1914.  Holper, Rev. Father, Minnesota Lake, Minn. Catholic.
1903.  Holt, Rev. W. J., Elkins, W. Va. Methodist. Lying, in that he
       expressed himself as penitent for gambling, although he won
1909.  Holtgreve, Rev. J. J., Plaquemine, La. Catholic. Criminal
       libel; immoral conduct with boys.
1912.  Homburger, Rev. Oscar, Chillicothe, Mo. Methodist. Wanted by
       the police for abducting a 17-year-old girl; is a married man
       with several children.
1912.  Honeycutt, Rev. M. H., Jackson, Miss. Murderous assault on a
       neighbor on account of a trifling dispute over a children's
1903.  Hook, Rev. J. W., Dickens, Ia. Assaulting little girl
1912.  Hooker, Rev. Conrad, Westfield, Mass. Sneak thief and
1907.  Hopkins, Rev. A., Camden, N. J. Convicted of stealing whisky.
1909.  Hopkins, Rev. F. E., Chicago, Ill. Congregational. Unpaid
       bills; sued.
1914.  Hopp, Rev. J. H., Portland, Ore. German Congregational.
1913.  Horn, Rev. Frank, Richmond, Cal. Baptist. Adultery and bigamy.
1911.  Horton, Rev. John H., Joliet, Ill. Bigamy.
1906.  Horton, Rev. J. B., Commerce, Ga. Baptist. Forgery.
1908.  Hoshauer, Rev. A. H., Norristown, Pa. Reformed. Deserted wife
       to live with affinity.
1899.  Hotema, Rev. Solomon E., Indian Territory. Presbyterian. Murder
       of three neighbors; hanged.
1899.  Houldsworth, Rev. H., New York, N. Y. Evangelist. Forgery in
       various places.
1914.  Housemann, Rev. Eugene, Kansas City, Mo. Methodist Episcopal.
       Bigamy; pleaded guilty and received a three-year sentence.
1902.  Howard, Rev. Geo. N., Batavia, N. Y. Baptist. Marital
       unfaithfulness with several women.
1911.  Howard, Rev. Herbert W., Le Roy, N. Y. Methodist. Immorality.
1909.  Howard, Rev. I. J., Hartford City, Ind. Drunkard. Seduction.
1902.  Howard, Rev. L. F. B., alias Harper, Detroit, Mich., and
       elsewhere. Swindling; six years in penitentiary; escaped;
       retaken; bad record.
1911.  Howard, Rev. Samuel E., Macon, Mo. Baptist evangelist. Bigamy.
1910.  Howard, Rev. W. M., Crook Co., Wyom. Baptist. Fraud.
1909.  Howaweeney, Bishop R., Brooklyn, N. Y. Greek. Slander and
1902.  Howe, Rev. G. F., Summitville, Ind. Prison evangelist.
       Burglary; killed in the act.
1900.  Howe, Rev. O. Raymond, New Haven, Conn. Accomplishing ruin of
       his domestic; ordered to support the child.
1899.  Howell, Rev. David L., New York. Prison chaplain. Alienating
       affections of Mrs. Greene; husband brought divorce suit; Mrs.
       Howell secured divorce.
1908.  Howell, ex-Rev. David T., Newark, N. J. Episcopal. Suicide.
1912.  Hubbard, Rev. W. J., Charleston, W. Va. Baptist. Criminal
1912.  Hucless, Rev. Marcellus, New York, N. Y. Baptist. Sued for
       slander, and defaulted at trial.
1912.  Hudson, Rev. Joseph H., Chicago, Ill. Baptist. Assaulting two
       young girls in an orphan asylum of which he was head; convicted
       and sentenced to 25 years in the penitentiary.
1912.  Hudson, Rev. Madison M., Terre Haute, Ind. Evangelist. Sued for
       divorce on the ground of cruelty.
1903.  Hudson, Rev. Roger J., New York. Evangelist. Corrupting girls;
       Hudson, Rev. Roy., Itinerant evangelist. Child desertion.
1913.  Huggins, Rev. George D., Jacobstown, N. J. Methodist. Convicted
       of rape.
1907.  Hughes, Rev. E. C., Chicago, Ill. Swindler; one to ten years in
       Hughes, Rev. Jasper S., Holland, Mich. Methodist. Malicious
       destruction of property.
1910.  Hughes, Rev. P., Milwaukee. Assault on two telephone girls.
1905.  Hulme, Rev. George, Kecksburg, Pa. Church of God. Assault on a
       female member of his congregation.
1908.  Humble, Rev. G. T., Leetonia, Ohio. Methodist. Liberties with
1909.  Humes, Rev. John, Brooklyn, N. Y. Accused by two little girls.
1902.  Hungate, Rev. Frank, Painesville, O. Baptist. Seduction;
       criminal operation; 15 years in penitentiary.
1907.  Hunt, Rev. E. I., Adultery and bastardy. Deposed.
1906.  Hunt, Rev. Lawrence, Greenpoint, L. I. Presbyterian.
       Co-respondent in divorce proceeding.
1910.  Hunt, Rev. R., Atlanta, Ga. Congregational Methodist. Fighting.
1909.  Hunt, Rev. W. F., Columbus, Ind. Presbyterian. Criminal
1909.  Hunt, Rev. W. S., Elizabethtown, Ind. Presbyterian. Unbecoming
       conduct with young woman.
1908.  Hunter, Rev. A. D., Raleigh, N. C. Baptist. Suicide.
1910.  Hunter, Rev. H., Lebanon, O. Conducting harem.
1909.  Hunter, Rev. T. W., Houlton, Me. Methodist. Arson.
1913.  Hurley, Rev. C. P., Stoutsville, Mo. Roman Catholic.
1908.  Hutcheson, Rev. Joseph, Warren, R. I. Defamation.
1908.  Hutchins, Rev. Ed., Topeka, Kan. Whipped by boy whose mother he
1910.  Hutchinson, Rev. A. P., Butler, Pa. Libel; indicted.
1908.  Hutchinson, Rev. John, St. Louis, Mo. Evangelist. Bastardy.
1900.  Hutson, Rev. I. S., Jacksonville, Fla. Receiving stolen goods;
       two years' hard labor.
1900.  Hutton, Rev. Chas. E., Saddle Rock, N. J. Lutheran. Too wide
       interpretation of pastoral relations with women. Pursued by
       husband with gun; resigned pulpit and departed.
1899.  Hyler, Rev. John, Asheville, N. C. Free Will Baptist. Bigamy;
       three wives; all living.
1903.  Hylock, Rev. John, Mitchell Co., N. C. Jailed for bigamy; six
       living wives.
1913.  Iden, Rev. W. A., Visalia, Cal. Fraudulent sales. Sent to
       penitentiary for five years.
1905.  Iliff, Rev. T. C., Presiding elder and superintendent Utah
       missions. Methodist. Plagiarism. Stole a sermon, which he
       delivered as his own.
1901.  Iliff, Rev. W. H., Hamilton, Ill. Methodist. Malicious
       Inman, Rev. Mr., Goldfield, Nev. Methodist. Contempt of court.
1900.  Irvine, Rev. I. N. W., Huntingdon, Pa. Episcopal. Gross
       immorality; unfrocked.
1901.  Israel, Rev. Wm. F., Savannah, Ga. Running moonshine still.
1900.  Jacamowics, Rev. T., Mt. Carmel, Pa. Catholic. Embezzlement;
1913.  Jackson, Rev. Crawford, Atlanta, Ga. Methodist. Drunkenness and
       making improper advances to young girl.
1899.  Jackson, Rt. Rev. H. M., D.D., Alabama. Episcopal. Drunkenness;
       fell down at Eufala and could not get up.
1911.  Jackson, Rev. John H., Cincinnati, O. Baptist. Embezzlement.
1899.  Jackson, Rev. K., Creve Coeur, Mo. Wife-beating; fled.
1909.  Jackson, Rev. L. F., Caruthersville, Mo. Methodist. Left wife
       for young woman.
1906.  Jackson. R. S., Boston. Bested in boxing match before Sharkey
       A. C., New York.
1907.  Jackson, Rev. S. T., No. Yakima, Wash. Baptist. Embezzlement of
       church funds.
1907.  Jackson, Rev. T. N., Waynesboro, Ga. Forgery and larceny.
1908.  Jacobs, Rev. Marvin V., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Baptist. Clerical
1900.  Jacobs, Rev. M. V., N. Colebrook, Conn. Baptist. Undue intimacy
       with woman; fled.
1902.  Jacobwitz, Rev. Jacobs, New York. Jewish. Brutally beating a
       boy; arrested.
1906.  James, Rev. E. L., Decatur, Ill. Baptist. Left town to escape
       consequences of his assault on child. Expelled from church;
       license revoked.
1912.  Jamison, Rev. Guy, Altoona, Pa. Evangelist. Arrested for
1908.  Jaques, Rev. Wm., St. Louis, Mo. Mormon. Assaulted 11-year-old
1911.  Jarman, Elder, Hub City, Idaho. Mormon elder. Adultery.
1910.  Jasiak, Rev. Bartholemue, Toronto, Can. Catholic. Rape on a
       girl of 10 years.
1900.  Jedlika, Rev. John F., Yonkers, N. Y. Catholic. Cruelty to
       animals; arrested.
1914.  Jenkins, Elmer E., St. Louis, Mo. Gospel missioner. Accused of
       abusing two little girls.
1912.  Jenkins, Rev. John T., Lexington, N. C. Baptist. Expelled from
       his pulpit for undue familiarity with one of the sisters.
       Jenkins, Rev. Rufus, Knoxville, Tenn. Deserted wife for another
       woman; deposed.
1913.  Jeffrey, Rev. B. H., Bluefield, Va. Baptist. White slavery.
1910.  Jerrett, Rev. Howard W., Grand Rapids, Mich. Methodist.
       Seduction; ran away on exposure.
1906.  Jesaheke, Rev. Henry, Stockholm, N. J. Unitarian. Found in
       hotel with married woman; co-respondent in divorce case.
1900.  Jester, Rev. Alex., London, Mo. Murder of a man named Gates.
       Jewell, Rev. F. W., Wolverine, Mich. Methodist. Intimacy with
       married woman; ousted from church.
1907.  Jewett, Rev. E. H., New York. Suicide.
1907.  John, Rev. J., Chicago. Congregational. Immorality.
1907.  John, Rev. W. B., New Rochelle, N. Y. Baptist. Fired for
       Johnson, Rev. A. A., Oskaloosa, Ia. Methodist. Wronging a girl,
       who shot and wounded him in the pulpit.
1901.  Johnson, Rev. A. L., Bartow, Ga. Forgery; bigamy.
1907.  Johnson, Rev. A. S., Knox Co., Tenn. Sued for libel.
1905.  Johnson, Rev. Edward A., Newport, R. I. Baptist. Hugging,
       kissing and taking other improper liberties with girls;
1911.  Johnson, Rev. George A., Baltimore, Md. Methodist. Murder.
1900.  Johnson, Rev. G. W., Chicago, Ill. Evangelist. Misuse of girl
       of 11.
1903.  Johnson, Rev. H. A., Clayton, N. Y. Congregational. Eloping
       with married woman.
1911.  Johnson, Rev. H. H., Clarence, Mo. Methodist. Immorality.
1910.  Johnson, Rev. H. J., Independence, Kan. Drunkenness.
1911.  Johnson, Rev. John, Oswego, N. Y. Methodist. Immorality.
1900.  Johnson, Rev. J. LeB., New York, N. Y. Episcopal. Eloped with a
       nurse; wife got divorce; Johnson was fire chaplain.
1913.  Johnson, Rev. J. M., Fargo, Okla. Baptist. Adultery.
1911.  Johnson, Rev. M. C., Huntington, W. Va. Methodist. Murderous
1909.  Johnson, Rev. M. D., Lebanon, Mo. Baptist. Shot and killed
       another minister in quarrel.
       Johnson, Rev. O. A., Oskaloosa, Ia. Fought pistol duel in
       street; wounded.
1900.  Johnson, T. J., Carmel, Ind. Evangelist. Assaulted an attendant
       at one of his meetings; arrested; shot constable mortally;
       constable returned fire, killing Johnson.
1899.  Johnson, Rev. Wm., Maryville, Mo. Baptist. Indecent proposals
       to woman; nine months.
1900.  Johnson, Rev. Wm. E., Bamberg, S. C. Baptist. Murdering W. T.
1902.  Johnson, Rev. Wm. F., Brooklyn, N. Y. Corrupting young girls.
1910.  Jones, Rev. B. Canfield, Paterson, N. J. Presbyterian. Two
       young women named as co-respondents by wife in divorce.
1909.  Jones, Rev. C. S., Detroit, Mich. Left home.
1901.  Jones, Rev. D. B., Lagrange, N. C. Attempted rape.
1899.  Jones, Rev. E. Mona, Long Island. Baptist. "Ministerial"
       conduct and other improper behavior.
1907.  Jones, Chaplain H. W., U. S. S. Minnesota. Deadbeat and too
       fond of women.
       Jones, Rev. J. W., Newport, Tenn. Abduction for purposes of
1908.  Jones, Rev. Oliver, Brenham, Texas. Evangelist. Murderous
1907.  Jones, Rev. Ralph, Selma, Ind. Kidnapping.
1906.  Jones, Rev. W. H., Hendersonville, N. C. Baptist. Criminal
       relations with a woman.
1900.  Jones, Rev. W. H., Meriden, Conn. Methodist. Fraudulently
       obtaining money.
1904.  Jones, Rev. W. H. H., Junc. City, Kan. General misconduct;
1910.  Jones, Rev. N., Greenville, S. C. Seduction.
1900.  Jones, Preacher, Garners, N. C. Local. Murdered his paramour
       and five children.
1900.  Jordan, Rev. Graham, Arlington, O. Fraudulent sale of timber
1908.  Jordan, Rev. John O., Jackson Hill, Ind. Baptist. Suicide.
1908.  Jordan, Rev. W. F., Marshalltown, Ia. Methodist. Lying,
       slander, perjury; expelled from church.
1912.  Jorganson, Rev. Kent, Callender, Ia. Immoral conduct; fined in
       police court.
1902.  Jungblud, Rev. Chas., Niellsville, Wis. Assaulting his
       8-year-old ward; eight years in penitentiary.
1913.  Jurco, Rev. John, Jessup, Pa. Lutheran. Suicide.
1910.  Kain, Rev. Maurice J. L., Newark, N. J. Episcopal. Unnatural
       relations with boys.
1910.  Kaminski, Rev. Father, Buffalo, N. Y. Catholic. Slander.
1903.  Kammer, Rev. A. M., Guttenburg, N. J. Catholic. Horse-whipping
       small girl.
1902.  Kantor, Rev. J. M., Alta, Ia. Methodist. Defrauding insurance
1909.  Kasel, Rev. Ed., New Hradec, N. D. Catholic. Tampering with
1908.  Kaye, Rev. J. A., Oak Park, Ill. Presbyterian. Counterfeiting;
       two years.
1905.  Kaylor, Rev. A. H., Pittsburgh, Pa. Evangelist. Outrageous
       abuse of wife; divorced.
1910.  Kazinsky, Rev. Father, Pittsburgh, Pa. Catholic. Perjury.
1911.  Kearns, Father, Vineland, N. J. Catholic. Assault.
1901.  Keep, Rev. R. H., Middleport, W. Va. New Jerusalem. Making love
       to all the marriageable women in his congregation, and some
1911.  Keffer, Rev. Mr., Seattle, Wash. Evangelist. Cruelty.
1901.  Keller, Rev. John, Arlington, N. J. Episcopal. Ravishing Mrs.
       Barker; shot by Barker; recovered; not tried.
1901.  Kellerman, Rev. C. R., Midland, Mich. Methodist.
       "Indiscretions;" fled.
1905.  Kelley, Rev. Ad. A., Salem, W. Va. Methodist. Intimacy with
       domestic; confessed by himself and girl.
1911.  Kellmayer, Rev. E., Trenton, N. J. Presbyterian. "Conduct
       unbecoming a minister."
1907.  Kelly, Rev. A. M., Nashville, Tenn. Swindling.
1913.  Kelly, Rev. Claude, San Jose, Cal. Baptist. Improper conduct
       with girls.
1902.  Kelly, Francis J., Jersey City, N. J. Evangelist. Deserting
1910.  Kelly, Rev. J. M., Nowata, Okla. Evangelist. Adultery.
       Kelly, Rev. Fr., Elk Point, S. D. Catholic. Running away with
       young woman.
1899.  Kemp, Rev. K. L., Mechanicsburg, O. Drunkenness; arrested and
1908.  Kemp, Rev. Morris, Chicago. Episcopal. Corrupting morals of
1911.  Kemp, Rev. R. M., Chicago. Episcopalian. Drunkenness and
1900.  Kempton, Rev. Arthur C., Janesville, Wis. Baptist. Slander;
       sued by young woman for $10,000.
1910.  Keniston, Rev. George, Danville, Ill. Congregational. Criminal
1903.  Kennedy, Rev. R. H., Hillsboro, Ore. Congregational. Burglary;
1906.  Kenyon, Rev. J. B., Bradford, Pa. Methodist Episcopal. Resigned
       under complaint of immoral conduct with young woman.
1905.  Kent, Rev. Alex, Buffalo, N. Y. Baptist. Conduct unbecoming a
       minister; expelled.
1912.  Kepler, Rev. Robert W., Boston, Mass. Evangelist. Corrupting
       the morals of a boy and abducting a young girl; now serving
       time in the penitentiary.
1911.  Kerr, J. W., Portland, Ind. Methodist. Immorality.
1899.  Kerr, Rev. Milton R., New Haven, Conn. Congregational.
       Assignation with woman of his flock.
1899.  Kerr, Rev. Dr., New York. Presbyterian. Lodging at a hotel with
       a young woman, with whom he afterwards fled, leaving wife.
1907.  Kessenger, Rev. Nat., Evansville, Ind. Drunkenness.
1909.  Keuling, Rev. E. J., Woodhaven, L. I. Lutheran. Disappeared,
       leaving wife.
1914.  Kidder, Rev. Dr. Scott, Bayonne, N. J. Episcopal. Accused of
       indecent assault on a 16-year-old girl.
1909.  Kiekhoefer, Rev. H. J., Naperville, Ill. Made love to girls in
       his college.
1899.  Killingbeck, Rev. Wm., New York. Evangelist. Drunkenness; died
1911.  Kimmons, Rev. James, Rev. Bunyan and Rev. Judson, Ellijay, Ga.
       Baptists. Murder.
1910.  King, Rev. D. D., Ithaca, N. Y. Methodist Episcopal. Though
       married, made love to another woman; resigned.
1902.  King, Rev. J. V. M., Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. Episcopal.
       Drunkenness; suicide.
1902.  Kinnunen, Rev. John, Houghton, Mich. Lutheran. Murder of wife
       and child, and suicide.
1905.  Kipartawy, Rev. H., New York. Catholic. Threat to kill;
       assault; arrested.
1908.  Kirreh, Rev. Justin, Port Chester, N. Y. Baptist. Obtaining
       money under false pretenses.
1908.  Kister, Rev. Frank, Providence, R. I. Theft.
1900.  Kline, Robert and May, Kansas City, Mo. Evangelist. Theft.
1902.  Kling, Rev. Walter, Canton, O. Presbyterian. Deceiving numerous
       women of his flock; deposed.
1902.  Knapp, Rev. D. E., Guthrie Center, Ia. Methodist. Abduction;
1907.  Knight, Rev. E. J., Philadelphia, Pa. Episcopal. Fighting.
1912.  Knox, Rev. Maurice E., Parkersburg, W. Va. Methodist. Sued for
       divorce for cruel and inhuman treatment.
1908.  Knox, Rev. Robert, Toronto, Ont. Episcopal. Attempted suicide.
1914.  Kolodzejczik, Rev. John, Chicago, Ill. Polish Catholic.
       Contributing to dependency of 8-year-old girl; convicted.
1911.  Korb, Rev. A. B., St. Louis, Mo. Assault.
1911.  Korona, Father Antona, Bayonne, N. J. Catholic. Slander.
1901.  Koslowski, Bishop, Chicago, Ill. Catholic. Charged with
       borrowing money from patients in his hospital, and then causing
       their death by injecting strychnine in their veins.
1901.  Kossalko, Rev. Mr., Bridgeport, Conn. Catholic. Malicious
       prosecution; sued for $5,000.
1910.  Kovach, Rev. A., Dayton, O. Reformed. Mistreated little girl.
1910.  Kowalski, Rev. Mr., Winnipeg, Man. Catholic. Felony.
1903.  Krainhardt, Rev. Fred, Josephville, Mo. Catholic. Suicide.
1912.  Kraisicki, Rev. E., Detroit, Mich. Greek. Adultery.
1902.  Krell, Rev. Samuel, Lacon, Ia. Methodist. Suicide.
1900.  Kreutzer, Rev. Frederick, Syracuse, N. Y. Methodist. Criminal
       assault on woman.
1910.  Kruzinaki, Rev. Ignacius, Stamford, Conn. Catholic.
1913.  Kuhlman, Rev. H. W., Tillamook, Ore. Methodist. Accosting women
       on the street; convicted, but let off in accordance with the
       usual favoritism to a preacher.
1913.  Kuhn, Rev. A., Mississippi, Miss. Roman Catholic.
1908.  Kurtz, Rev. J. S., Lancaster, Pa. Mennonite. Violating fishing
       laws; fined; pleaded guilty.
1912.  Kuryllo, Rev. Constantine, Pittsburgh, Pa. Greek. Criminal
       assault on a girl.
1911.  Kvantkovsky, Father Bolishlav, Jersey City, N. J. Catholic.
       Seduced and abducted young girl.
1913.  Kwiatowski, Rev. Barslow, Jersey City, N. J. Roman Catholic.
       Embezzlement; arrested ten years before for assault and
1899.  Labour, Rev. John, Chicago, Ill. Catholic. Disorderly conduct.
1907.  Lagan, Rev. V. J., Chicago, Ill. Catholic. Absconded with
1913.  Laguzzi, Rev. Joseph, Batavia, N. Y. Roman Catholic. Assault.
1899.  Laird, Rev. A. M., Laporte, Ind. Christian. Adultery with
       member of his flock at Elkhart.
1905.  Lampkin, Rev. L. D., Duncan, Mo. Evangelist. Attempting assault
       on woman during revival.
1909.  Lander, Rev. A. J., Chicago, Ill. Baptist. Suicide.
1914.  Landis, Rev. B. J., Prince's Fork, Va. Lutheran. White slavery.
1900.  Lane, Rev. C. M., San Francisco, Cal. Desertion of wife, who
       sued for divorce.
1913.  Lane, Rev. John, Tulsa, Okla. Methodist and evangelist.
1907.  Langan, Rev. J. J., New York, N. Y. Catholic. Stealing.
1907.  Lange, Rev. A., Evansville, Ind. Lutheran. Divorced; decamped
       with hairdresser.
1906.  Lange, Rev. F. X., Chicago, Ill. Catholic. Sued by head of
       family as father of 5-year-old member of that family.
1905.  Lanning, Rev. J. C., Doniphan Co., Kan. Evangelist. Forgery;
1901.  Latimer, Rev. J. H., Rome, Ga. Baptist. Fighting with school
1913.  Laudrais, Rev. Mr., La Rochelle, N. J. Roman Catholic. Arson;
       sentenced to sixteen years at hard labor.
1900.  Laurence, Rev. Thos., Montreal, Can. Jesuit. Swindling; three
       years in state prison.
1900.  Lawrence, Rev. John S., Cincinnati, O. Campbellite. Unlawful
       cohabitation; proved.
1913.  Lawrence, Bishop William, Cambridge, Mass. Episcopal. Sued for
       defamation of character.
1902.  Ledbrook, Rev. Dr., Moscow, Ida. Methodist. Seduction, murder
       and suicide; chloroformed himself and girl with whom he eloped.
1914.  Lee, Rev. Burton H., Ossining, N. Y. Episcopal. Sued for
       separation by his wife.
1914.  Lee, Rev. Frank L., Cory, Ind. Methodist. Suicide.
1903.  Lee, Rev. Robert H., Middleburg, Ky. Murder of two;
       penitentiary for life.
1911.  Lenihan, Rev. Father D. C., Waterloo, Ia. Catholic. Assault.
1900.  Lenk, Rev. Otto P., Cullman, Ala. Lutheran. Suicide by
1900.  Leonard, Rev. John, Horton, Kan. Baptist. Intimacy with choir
       girl; dismissed.
1903.  Lepore, Rev. Felix M., Denver, Col. Catholic. Gambling and
       Lewis, Rev. Clay, Kansas City, Mo. Evangelist. Selling borrowed
       horse and wagon.
1912.  Lewis, Rev. David D., New York, N. Y. Imprisoned for fraud;
       made a sensational attempt to escape, but was recaptured.
1912.  Lewis, Rev. F. E., Willard, Kan. Arson. Charged with burning
       church to revenge himself on the congregation.
1905.  Lewis, Rev. Harry, Richfield, Minn. Baptist. Theft of jewelry;
1903.  Lewis, Rev. James, Columbus, O. Beating wife.
1910.  Lewis, Rev. James H., Brighton, Ia. Methodist. Adultery.
1913.  Lewis, Rev. J. D., Alexis, Ill. Lutheran. White slavery,
1901.  Lewis, Rev. J. P., Petersburg, Va. Assault with deadly weapon.
1913.  Lewis, Rev. W. A., Lansdowne, Pa. Methodist. Fined for cruelty
       to chickens.
1903.  Lewis, Rev. W. A., Texarkana, Ark. Baptist. Assisting prisoner
       to escape; jailed.
1902.  Lewis, Rev. Z. D., Richmond, Va. Baptist. Adultery; divorce
1899.  Life, Rev. J. M., Hebron, O. Methodist. Attempting improper
       relations; dismissed.
1906.  Life, Rev. J. M., Canton, O. Methodist. Blacked wife's eye;
       sued for divorce.
1911.  Lightbourne, Rev. A. W., Wilmington, Del. Methodist.
1908.  Limbeck, Rev. H. G., Cincinnati, O. Episcopal. Beating a boy.
       Lindner, Rev. G. J., Nashville, Tenn. Campbellite. Swindling
       banks; fled.
1902.  Lindsey, Rev. Jos., Carbondale, Ill. Evangelist. Stealing
1911.  Line, Rev. Hood, Iola, Kan. Free Methodist. Immorality.
1902.  Ling, Rev. F. D., Port Huron, Mich. Methodist. Attempted
       intimacy with married woman.
1910.  Little, Rev. Arthur W., Evanston, Ill. Episcopal. Suicide.
1900.  Little, Rev. J. C., Rossville, Ind. Expelled for improper
       relations; threatens editor with gun.
1901.  Little, Rev. J. W., Beecher City, Ill. Baptist. Running away
       with married woman.
       Littleton, Rev. C. B., Edna, Kan. Methodist. Under suspicion of
       causing wife's death; unfrocked.
1900.  Lloyd, Rev. Williams C., Southod, L. I. Presbyterian. Mixed in
       scandal involving the pregnancy of a worker in his church.
1909.  Logan, Rev. A. W., Sterling, Ill. Baptist. Larceny.
1909.  Logan, Rev. B., Tacoma, Wash. Criminal assault on 11-year-old
1910.  Logan, Rev. P. B., Butler, Pa. Libel; indicted.
1901.  Long, John, McKinney, Tex. Cut wife's throat with pocketknife.
1913.  Long, Rev. J. Franklin, Canon City, Colo. Episcopal. Unlawful
1909.  Long, Rev. W. M., Plainfield, Ia. Methodist Episcopal.
1910.  Long, Rev. Wm., Monticello, N. Y. Theft; thirty days.
1900.  Lonier, Rev. A. V., Mt. Holly, N. J. Methodist. Intimacy with
       another's wife.
1914.  Loomis, Rev. Chester E., Owosso, Mich. Methodist. Improper
       conduct with married woman.
1909.  Lorton, Rev. J. E., Edinburg, Ill. Campbellite. Unfaithfulness
       and cruelty to wife.
1910.  Lott, Rev. G. W., Chicago, Ill. Methodist. Annoying women on
       elevated trains; fined $100.
1910.  Lovejoy, Rev. M. T., Chambersburg, Pa. Church of God. Swapped
       wives with the baker.
1911.  Lowe, Rev. Gilbert, Willimantic, Conn. Methodist. Forgery.
1910.  Lowe, Rev. Robert B., Bellefontaine, O. Baptist. Adultery.
1910.  Lowery, Rev. M. C., Greenville, Ala. Shot his wife.
1901.  Lowther, Rev. Frank, Winfield, Kan. Methodist. Assault and
       destruction of property.
1909.  Lubach, Rev. Sam., Staten Island, N. Y. Assaulted old man;
       fined $10.
1901.  Lucas, Rev. J. H., Hancock Co., W. Va. Methodist. Conspiracy;
       indicted, arrested.
1899.  Lumpkins, Rev. Lewis, Scottsboro, Ala. Baptist. Torturing by
       burning his young grandson, who died; ten years in the
1911.  Lupton, Levi, founder of the Gift of Thomas cult, Akron, O.
1899.  Luther, Rev. L. O., Garrison, Ia. Swindling merchants of
1910.  Lutz, Rev. Mr., Ashland, Wis. Lutheran. Arrested for assault.
1908.  Lyford, Rev. G. D., Port Huron, Mich. Congregational.
       "Indiscreet" with married woman; resigned; disappeared, leaving
       wife behind.
1912.  Lyles, Rev. C. S., Logan, Ia. Methodist. Suspended by the
       church conference for what is euphemistically described as
       "high imprudence and unministerial conduct."
1908.  Lynos, Rev. Ernest E., Suffolk, Va. Sanctificationist. Murder.
1904.  Lyons, Rev. Chas. A., Sioux City, S. D. Bigamy; five living
       wives or more.
1914.  Lyons, Rev. David P., Newton, Ill. Holiness. Assault and
       battery; convicted.
       Mabry, Rev. W. D., Salt Lake City, Utah. Methodist. Discovered
       in compromising position with well-known woman.
1904.  MacGrail, Rev. Jos. T., Navy chaplain. Catholic. Gross
       immorality; resignation required.
1913.  Machlachlan, Rev. H. D. C., Richmond, Va. Christian.
       Maintaining common nuisance.
1899.  Mackay, Rev. T. J., Newport News. Baptist. Taking "unusual"
       liberties with a woman.
1912.  Mackelcan, Rev. George F. A., Detroit, Mich. Episcopal.
       Habitual drunkard; committed to insane asylum on complaint of
       his wife.
1900.  MacKinney, Rev. Jas., Philadelphia, Pa. Enticing young girl;
       fined $500.
1913.  MacMurtry, Rev. Andrew J., Manilla, Ia. Presbyterian. Adultery;
       divorce granted his wife.
1913.  MacRorie, Rev. Willis S., Mount Hope, N. J. Methodist.
       Adultery; convicted and sentenced to three months in county
1914.  MacWeedsen, Rev. Robert, Willow Grove, Pa. Baptist. Disorderly
       conduct and carrying concealed weapons.
1914.  Maddox, Rev. Carroll S., Santa Monica, Cal. Baptist. Sued for
       slander by woman.
1899.  Maguire, Rev. H. W., Bayonne, N. J. Baptist. Assault and
1913.  Main, Rev. Silas S., Britton, Mich. Christian. Equivocal
       conduct with women.
1903.  Malone, Rev. D. M., Wardell, Mo. Evangelist. Deserted his wife
       and traveled with another woman; killed by a mob while under
1913.  Mann, Rev. Allen D., Marion, Ind. Larceny.
1910.  Mann, Rev. A. M., Logan, Mich. Methodist. Immoral conduct.
1906.  Marable, Rev. J. L., Haverhill, Mass. Baptist. Unlawful
1912.  Marcavitz, Rev. Jos., Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Collecting money under
       false pretenses.
1913.  Marsh, Rev. Waldo B., D.D., Tacoma, Wash. Methodist. Unfrocked
       for clerical impropriety.
1901.  Marsh, Rev. W. H., Remington, Va. Methodist Eloping with young
1906.  Marshall, Rev. C. C., Sault Ste. Marie, Can. Baptist.
       Disciplined by church for striking a member of congregation.
1899.  Marston, Rev. J. F., St. Louis, Mo. Baptist. Obtaining money
       under false pretenses.
1909.  Martin, Rev. D. C., Pittsburgh. Presbyterian. Larceny.
1905.  Martin, Rev. G. W., Barron, Wis. Baptist. Seduction; ousted.
1904.  Martin, Rev. L. P., Philadelphia, Pa. Evangelist. "Raising"
       postal money orders; confessed.
1908.  Martoogessian, Rev. L. M., New York, N. Y. Armenian. Blackmail
       and extortion; two years.
1910.  Maslowske, Rev. S., Chicago, Ill. Catholic. Attacked and
       mistreated a girl.
1905.  Mason, Rev. John T., Albany, Mo. Baptist. Criminal libel.
1913.  Mason, Rev. O. H. L., Long Beach, Cal. Presbyterian. Improper
       conduct with girl parishioners.
1910.  Mason, Rev. W. A., San Bernardino, Cal. Menacing wife's life.
1905.  Masterson, Rev. Chas. S., Garrett, Ill. Abandonment and
       non-support of wife, who sued for divorce; name connected with
       different women's.
1913.  Mata, Rev. Domingo A., Los Angeles, Cal. Presbyterian.
       Impropriety with his organist.
1900.  Matschat, Rev. G. L., Hicksville, L. I. Lutheran. Drunk in the
1901.  Matthews, Rev. Chas. H., Cumberland, Md. Methodist. Shooting a
1907.  Matthews, Rev. E. E., Brooklyn, N. Y. Larceny.
1914.  Matthews, Rev. Frederick R., Pasadena, Cal. Methodist. Cruelty
       to boy.
1913.  Matthews, Rev. John, Omaha, Neb. Baptist. Immoral conduct;
       unfrocked on his own confession.
1909.  Matthews, Rev. R. M., Connellsville, Pa. Bigamy.
1900.  Matthewson, Rev. A. C., Brockport, N. Y. Consorting with a
       strange woman in Buffalo.
1913.  Maxey, Rev. I. W., Decatur, Ill. Financial crookedness.
1913.  Maxson, Rev. C. W., Los Angeles, Cal. Christian. Vagrancy and
1901.  Maxwell, Rev. M. C., Clayton, Ala. Baptist. Shooting in church.
1905.  Maybery, Rev. Mr., Salt Lake City, Utah. Methodist. Adultery
       committed in his church. Jailed, jumped bail.
1899.  Maynard, Rev. R. A., Denver, Colo. Independent. Improperly
       obtaining a divorce and remarrying.
1905.  McAccen, Rev. Jos. E., Gethsemane, Ky. Catholic. Theft of $110
       from another priest with whom he went on a spree in New York.
1901.  McAllister, Rev. J. W., Lowells, Mich. Methodist. Attempted
       seduction; disappeared.
1911.  McAlwain, Rev. R. C., Council Bluffs, Ia. Episcopal. Defendant
       in scandalous breach of promise suit for $30,000, plaintiff
       being mother of his illegitimate child.
1901.  McAmmond, Rev. F., Perth, Ont. Methodist. Drunk and disorderly
       in Syracuse.
1899.  McArdle, Rev. George, Troy, N. Y. Presbyterian. Cut his throat
       in the presence of his wife.
1906.  McAtee, Rev. J. Q., Philadelphia, Pa. Lutheran. Brutally
       attacked his wife; shot by daughter.
1909.  McBrian, Rev. J. D., Leavenworth, Kan. Grafting as chaplain of
1902.  McCall, Rev. D. H., Sharon Grove, Ky. Breaking into and robbing
       a store.
1901.  McCammish, Rev. J., Carbondale. Ill. Second Advent. Relations
       with Mrs. Brown; shot Brown in fight.
       McCampbell, Rev. J. H., Bolckow, Mo. Methodist Episcopal.
1899.  McCauley, Rev. Clarence, Louisville, Ky. Evangelist. Attempted
       assault on woman.
1909.  McClasky, Rev. W. P., Alameda, Cal. Methodist. Left wife for
1910.  McClellan. Rev. H., Bloomington, Ill. Cruelty to wife.
1900.  McClelland, Rev. G., Brooklyn, N. Y. Presbyterian. Falsehood
       and attentions to woman.
1900.  McClenaghan, Rev. Mr., East Orange, N. J. Withheld until after
       her death the fact that he had married a young woman to his
       nephew and allowed the public to believe her child was
       illegitimate; forced to resign.
1899.  McCool, Rev. H. W., West Point, Neb. Lutheran. Suicide.
1909.  McCrossan, Rev. C. W., Los Angeles, Cal. Baptist Exaggerated
       mine prospects.
1912.  McCutcheon, Rev. T. M., Pittsburgh, Pa. Evangelist. Adultery;
       caught by detectives in flagrante delicto.
1913.  McDaniel, Rev. George W., Richmond, Va. Baptist. Maintaining
       common nuisance.
1912.  McDaniel, Rev. J. G., Rogers, Ark. Embezzlement; sent to the
1902.  MacDonald, Rev. Geo. A., Long Island City, N. Y. Baptist.
       Drinking too much; resigned.
1902.  McDonald, Rev. W. H., Spring Valley, N. Y. Baptist. Absconding
       with church funds.
1910.  McFall, Rev. Arthur, Orange, Tex. Baptist. Suicide.
1900.  McFarland, Rev. E. G., Coshocton, N. Y. Episcopal. Adultery;
       confessed and quit.
1903.  McFarland, Rev. J. T., Topeka, Kan. Contempt of court; $25
1903.  McFarland, Rev. Wm., Peoria, Ill. Methodist. Gross immorality.
1912.  McFarland, Rev. W. D., D.D., Greenville, Tenn. Presbyterian.
       Causing girl's death by criminal operation. Convicted and
       sentenced to a year's imprisonment.
1912.  McGann, Rev. William T., Elgin, Ill. Deserted his wife, who
       thereupon sued for divorce.
1901.  McGowan, Rev. John, South Brooklyn, N. Y. Catholic. Undue
       intimacy with Sunday school teacher.
1902.  McGuinness, Rev. Jas., Truxton, N. Y. Catholic. Drunkenness;
       died of alcoholism.
1909.  McHenry, Rev. A. C., Cleveland, O. Congregational. Performed
       illegal marriage; assaulted his accuser.
1907.  McHenry, Rev. John, Benton Harbor, Mich. Campbellite. Made date
       with married woman.
       McIntyre, Rev. Lee A., Louisville, Ky. African Baptist.
       Malicious shooting and wounding; convicted.
1901.  McIntroff, Rev. David N., Spokane, Wash. Methodist. Defrauding
       a widow of $700; convicted.
1904.  McKay, Rev. C. B., Mapleton, Ia. Methodist. Seduction and rape
       of girls.
1907.  McKay, Rev. Thos., New Haven, Conn. Congregational. Plagiarism.
1904.  McKinney, Rev. H. L., Pittsburgh, Pa. Evangelist. Posed as girl
       correspondent and swindled men.
1902.  McKnight, Rev. Mr., Pittsburgh, Pa. Methodist. Selling liquor
       on Sunday.
1912.  McKoy, Rev. Charles F., Bar Harbor, Me. Baptist. Driven from
       town on account of his conduct with a 10-year-old girl.
1913.  McLain, Rev. E. B., Little Rock, Ark. Forgery. Declared insane,
       and sent to asylum.
1905.  McLaurin, Rev. Archibald, Brooklyn, N. Y. Baptist. Too great
       familiarity with women, intemperance, and other offenses.
1910.  McLeod, Rev. W. H., Woodstock, Can. Baptist. Intimacy with
       young women; resigned.
1909.  McMasters, Rev. Josc., Galveston, Tex. Methodist. Criminally
       assaulting 15-year-old girl.
1910.  McMurry, Rev. W. F., Cape Girardeau, Mo. Methodist. Accused of
1913.  McMurty, Rev. A. J., Oakland, Neb. Presbyterian. Immoral
1900.  McNamee, Rev. B., Urbana, O. Evangelist. Wife beating; $50 and
       three months.
1902.  McNellis, Rev. Ch., Titusville, Pa. Catholic. Eloping with
       married woman; arrested as a vagrant.
1914.  McVicker, Mrs. B. L., Marion, Ind. Quaker pastor. Unlawful
       cohabitation. Even the ladies in the pulpit cannot escape the
       contamination which follows the profession so persistently.
1902.  McWilliams, Rev. Robt., Vineland, N. J. Cruelty to young wife.
1907.  Mears, Rev. W. H., New York, N. Y. Episcopal. Consorting with
       public woman. Arrested; deposed.
1899.  Melbourne, Rev. J. D., Briscoe Co., Tex. Baptist.
       Counterfeiting; admitted guilt.
1908.  Meloy, Rev. J. B., La Porte, Ia. United Evangelist. Slander.
1900.  Merchant, Rev. E. W., St. Louis, Mo. Adultery; threatening
       wife's life.
1913.  Merington, Rev. R. W. E., Essex Falls, N. J. Episcopal.
       Attempted suicide.
1900.  Meriwether, Rev. P. M., Clarksville, Tenn. Abducting for
       purposes of prostitution.
1909.  Metcalf, Rev. E. F., Alexandria, S. D. Campbellite. Seduction
       of 14-year-old girl.
1914.  Metcalf, Rev. Milton Y., St. Louis, Mo. Baptist. Embezzlement.
1913.  Michael, Rev. George, Pittsburgh, Pa. Greek Catholic. Criminal
1902.  Miller, Rev. Chas. B., Griffin, Ga. Methodist. Forging and
1910.  Miller, Rev. C. E., Marion, O. Campbellite. Charged by wife
       with immorality; resigned.
1898.  Miller, Rev. Jas. N., New Haven, Conn. Congregational. Stealing
       $500 worth of books.
1910.  Miller, Rev. J. M., Butler, Pa. Lutheran. Libel; indicted.
1913.  Milligan, Rev. Robert F. T., Chicago, Ill. Evangelist.
       Attempted criminal assault; sentenced to from one to fourteen
       years in the penitentiary.
1901.  Milliken, Rev. Lee B., Cincinnati, O. Presbyterian. Swindling;
       borrowed money and skipped from Washington, Ind.
1913.  Milton, Rev. Mr., Hastings, Neb. Methodist. Unlawful
1914.  Minehart, Rev. James T., Chicago, Ill. Using mails to defraud.
1910.  Miraglia, Rev. Paolo. Catholic. Excluded as undesirable person
       because of crimes in Italy.
1901.  Mitchell, Rev. H. M., Sugartown, Ga. Methodist. Fighting with a
1896.  Mitchell, Rev. T. E., Knoxville, Tenn. Perjury; two years'
1914.  Mlynarezyk, Rev. Father, Cleveland, O. Polish Catholic. Rape.
1914.  Mohammed, Rev. C., Bristol, Va. Syrian. Obtaining money under
       false pretenses; convicted and sentenced.
1909.  Mollineaux, Rev. E. H., Hempstead, L. I. Baptist. Eloped with
       another's wife.
1901.  Moment, Rev. Alfred, Brooklyn, N. Y. Presbyterian. Misconduct
       with young married woman.
       Monda, Rev. L. A., Connellsville, Pa. Catholic. Seduction;
       arrested; jumped bail.
1912.  Monteuffel, Rev. Julius, Passaic, N. J. Roman Catholic.
       Assault; charged with striking a woman in the face.
1902.  Montgomery, Rev. Mr., Woodbridge, N. J. Presbyterian. Conduct
       meriting imprisonment.
1908.  Moore, Rev. Allie, Bellefontaine, O. Episcopal. Forgery.
1913.  Moore, Bishop David H., Indianapolis, Ind. Methodist. Libel.
1900.  Moore, Rev. Green, Louisa, Ky. Baptist. Convicted on paternity
       Moore, Rev. Dr. H. H., Corry, Pa. Methodist. Indicted on
       "serious charge."
1901.  Moore, Rev. Philip, Indianapolis, Ind. Evangelist. Assault and
       battery on wife and child.
1907.  Moore, Rev. R. L., Garrett's Ford, Pa. Evangelist. Larceny.
1899.  Moore, Rev. W., Benton, Ky. Methodist. Immorality with young
1899.  Moran, Rev. S. Wilson, Minneapolis. Episcopal. Nameless crime.
1899.  Morelle, Rev. Daniel, Wilmington, Ga. Suicide in New York.
1903.  Morgan, Rev. F. A., Oklahoma City, I. T. Holiness. Fornication.
1900.  Morris, Rev. John W., Indianapolis, Ind. Evangelist. Adultery;
       eloped with married woman.
1910.  Morris, Rev. Wm., Los Angeles. Episcopal. Craving for coin and
       beer; arrested.
1908.  Morris, Rev. Mr., Milford, Ga. Methodist. Attempted assault on
       woman; shot by husband.
1914.  Morrison, Rev. Arthur M., Newburyport, Mass. Evangelist.
1905.  Morrison, Rev. A. B., Texarkana, Ark. Baptist. Eloped with girl
       of 13; prosecuted under age of consent law; ten years.
1905.  Morrison, Rev. D. H., Emporia, Kan. Methodist. Improper conduct
       with girl 8 years old.
1899.  Morrison, Rev. G. E., Vernon, Tex. Methodist. Wife murder;
1902.  Morrison, Rev. W. F., Chelsea, Mass. Navy chaplain. Suicide.
1912.  Mortimer, Rev. Alfred G., D.D., Philadelphia, Pa. Episcopal.
1911.  Moss, Rev. Richard H., Akron, O. Methodist. Convicted of
1898.  Mott, Rev. Charles A., Stockton, N. J. Baptist. Attempted rape
       of married woman; confessed.
1908.  Mott, Rev. Henry Elliott, D.D., Elizabeth, N. J. Presbyterian.
1914.  Moulton, Rev. R. C., Des Moines, Ia. Methodist. Brutal assault
       on child.
1909.  Moyer, Rev. C. H., Chicago, Ill. Methodist Episcopal. Confessed
       to embezzlement of $1,700.
1912.  Muehlfeldt, Francis W., New York, N. Y. Lay evangelist. Robbery
       and murder.
1913.  Mueller, Rev. Kurt, Chicago, Ill. Lutheran. Bigamy.
1913.  Mueller, Rev. Philip, D.D., Stillwater, Wis. Manslaughter.
1901.  Muldoon, Rev. Mr., Chicago, Ill. Catholic. Scandalous conduct,
       drunkenness, etc.
1914.  Mullin, Rev. J. J., Chicago, Ill. Catholic. Murder.
       Murphy, Rev. S. E., Eufala, Ark. Evangelist. Forgery; deserting
       his wife.
1901.  Murray, Rev. Abr., Chicago, Ill. Methodist. "Transgressions of
       the most serious sort."
1905.  Murray, Rev. O. E., Bijou Hills, S. D. Sued by H. A. Schmidt
       for seduction of minor daughter.
1899.  Murray, Rev. William, Dyersburg, Tenn. Methodist. Immorality.
1899.  Musgrove, Rev. C. J., Lewiston, O. Methodist Protestant.
       Burglary and larceny.
1908.  Myers, Rev. Clement, Portland, Ind. Debauchery, etc.
1910.  Myers, Rev. C., Boston, Mass. Baptist. Sued for libel.
1912.  Mylnarczyk, Rev. A., Utica, N. Y. Polish Catholic. Mailing
       obscene literature.
1906.  Mynarczyk, Rev. W. A., New Kensington, Pa. Catholic. Rape.
1913.  Nawrocki, Rev. Adelbert, Brooklyn, N. Y. Polish Catholic.
       Criminal libel; pleaded guilty.
1906.  Nazarian, Rev. Saliag, Fresno, Cal. Catholic. Abduction of
       14-year-old girl.
1911.  Neal, Rev. B., Springfield, Ill. Christian. Seduced a little
       girl, who at the age of 13 gave birth to a child.
1911.  Neece, T. Clay, Dallas, Tex. Former Baptist preacher. Horse
1899.  Neeley, Rev. H. D., Higginsport, O. Methodist. Indulgence in
1913.  Neil, Rev. B. M., Modesta, Ill. Seduction of young girl; sent
       to penitentiary for 25 years.
       Nellis, Rev. Charles, Titusville, Pa. Catholic. Elopement with
       married woman.
1904.  Nelson, Rev. H. P., Seattle, Wash. Evangelist. Left wife to
       live with another woman.
1902.  Nelson, Rev. Ludwig, Pittsburgh, Pa. Robbing patients in
       hospital and swindling merchants.
1903.  Nesbit, Rev. N. Hill. Desertion; divorce; alimony.
1913.  Nettles, Rev. Stephen A., Spartansburg, S. C. Methodist.
       Improper conduct toward a young woman, assault and
       miscellaneous minor offenses.
1912.  Newell, Rev. William R., Chicago, Ill. Evangelist.
       Excommunicated by Moody Church for misconduct with women,
       habitual use of narcotic drugs, and unreliability of
1914.  Newill, Rev. E. P., Los Angeles, Cal. Contempt of court.
1899.  Newman, Rev. Newman, Waco, Tex. Evangelist. Counterfeiting; one
       year in the penitentiary.
1909.  Newman, Rev. P. I., Vandalia, Ill. Crime against little girl;
       one to twenty years' sentence.
1900.  Newsom, Rev. Mr., Elizabethtown, Ky. Methodist. Fighting on the
1900.  Nichols, Rev. C. E. O., Burlington, N. J. Episcopal.
       Maltreating a boy pupil; fled.
1899.  Nichols, Rev. C. W. DeL., New York. Episcopal. Gross
       immorality; deposed by Bishop Potter.
1900.  Nichols, Rev. J. E., Riverhead, L. I. Methodist. Living with
       another man's wife.
1904.  Nichols, Rev. R. A., Worcester, Mass. Church of Christ.
       Mishandling funds entrusted to him.
1903.  Nickelsen, Rev. C. D., Colfax, Wash. Methodist. Enticing a
       woman; withdrew from the ministry.
1913.  Nickerson, Rev. Wm. H., Westfield, Ill. United Brethren.
       Murderous assault.
1904.  Nickerson, Rev. Mr., Columbus, O. Baptist. Bigamy; penitentiary
       for one year.
1909.  Nieman, Rev. John, Pittsburgh, Pa. Abused 15-year-old girl;
       struck wife.
1908.  Nimmo, Rev. J. H., Barriefield, Ont. Anglican. Eloped; deposed.
1913.  Niskowici, Rev. A., Youngstown, O. Independent Catholic.
1912.  Nix, Rev. J. W., Clarkson, Miss. Methodist. Convicted of
       attempted assault on a 9-year-old girl; sentenced to one year
       in prison.
1913.  Noon, Rev. Samuel H., Cambridge, Mass. Methodist. Suicide.
1912.  Norris, Rev. J. Frank, Fort Worth, Tex. Baptist. Accused of
1899.  Norris, Rev. Reginald, St. Paul, Minn. Evangelist. Bigamy; four
       or five wives.
1900.  Northrup, Rev. C. V., Owosso, Mich. Baptist. Seduction;
1900.  Norton, Rev. A. Q., Amityville, N. Y. Methodist. "Indiscreet
       conduct;" fined $25.
1906.  Norton, Rev. J. G., Valdosta, Ga. Baptist. Suicide.
1911.  Novak, Rev. Matthew, Milwaukee, Wis. Catholic. Viciously
       assaulted a boy.
1898.  Nye, Rev. D. C., North Coshocton, N. Y. Methodist. Left wife
       and eloped with young woman.
1900.  Nye, Rev. Moses, Newark, O. Evangelist. Assaulted brother
1912.  Oakes, Rev. John A., Belford, N. J. Methodist. "Indiscretion"
       with young girls.
1899.  Oakes, Rev. J. A., Sharpestown, N. J. Methodist. Indecent
       assault on girl.
1910.  O'Brien, Rev. D., Sandy Hill, N. Y. Catholic. Immoral relations
       with school teacher.
1905.  O'Callaghan, Rev. P. J, Chicago, Ill. Catholic. Keeping
       gambling house; arrested.
1900.  O'Cantey, Rev. Mr., Elliott, S. C. Ravishing 10-year-old girl.
1904.  O'Connell, Rev. M. J., New York, N. Y. Catholic. Attempting
1909.  O'Dell, Rev. Sol., Lebanon, Mo. Presbyterian. Drew knife on a
       minister who then shot him.
1914.  Odjada, Rev. Macairo, San Bernardino, Cal. Head of Spanish
       mission. Failure to provide for family.
1900.  O'Donnell, Rev. John J., New York, N. Y. Catholic. Suicide.
1900.  Odum, Rev. B., Atlanta, Ga. Baptist. "Beating landlady out of
       his board bill."
1912.  Offstedahl, Rev. M. E., Grafton, N. D. Lutheran. Suicide.
1905.  Oggle, Rev. Mr., Roan Mountain, Term. Baptist. Organized church
       club into which females were initiated nude; lodged in jail in
       Bakersville, N. C.
       O'Hara, Rev. Anthony, Philip, S. D. Catholic. Rape of
       12-year-old girl.
1899.  Olden, Rev. G. D., Topeka, Kan. Baptist. Parentage of
       illegitimate child.
1899.  Oliver, Rev. Robt., Atlantic City, N. J. Stealing lumber to fit
       up camp grounds.
1909.  Olson, Rev. O. M., Batavia, Ill. Methodist. Disorderly conduct.
1907.  Oplinger, Rev. H. J., Slatington, Pa. Young woman the mistress,
       wife the domestic in his household.
1912.  O'Ryan, Father William, Denver, Colo. Catholic. Attempted to
       bribe a witness.
1902.  Orwick, Rev. J. F., Jackson, Mich. Visiting assignation houses;
       habitual immorality.
1909.  Osborn, Rev. A. O., Bloomfield, Ind. Campbellite. Embezzlement.
1909.  Osborn, Rev. Joel, St. Joseph, Mo. Baptist. "Peeping Tom;"
1899.  O'Shay, Rev. Charles, Chillicothe, O. Christian. Intimacy with
       woman not his wife; breaking up home of Ch. Summers.
1900.  O'Shea, Rev. Chas., Provo, Utah. Known to be a bigamist;
       suspected of murder.
1908.  Osterfield, Rev. Dudley, Ozone Park, L. I. Methodist. Violation
       of marriage vows; sued for divorce.
1904.  O'Tool, Rev. M. J., New Sharon, Ia. Peddling without license;
1909.  Owen, Rev. Gustave, Clarksville, Tenn. Selling liquor without
       license; chain gang.
1908.  Owen, Rev. Thomas, Newton, Mass. Episcopal. Adultery.
1909.  Owen, Rev. W. D., Augusta, Ga. Campbellite. Jailed for land
1901.  Owens, Rev. C. T., Atlanta, Ga. Methodist. Drunkenness and
       breach of promise.
1912.  Owens, Rev. Eben J., New York City. Evangelist. Extortion.
1913.  Owens, Rev. Joe, Rosedale, Va. Baptist. Adultery and
1913.  Owens, Rev. Joseph, Abingdon, Va. Baptist. White slavery.
1913.  Owens, Rev. Oscar Lee, Baltimore, Md. Baptist. cruelty to wife;
       separation granted her.
1912.  Oxnard, Rev. Henry E. E., New Bedford, Mass. Constructive
1901.  Pace, Rev. John P., Russellville, Ala. Baptist. Adultery; six
       months' sentence.
1914.  Paciarelli, Rev. Joseph, Altoona, Pa. Methodist. Libel.
1910.  Paisley, Rev. J. A., Moorsville, N. C. Presbyterian. Seduction,
1901.  Papageorgopoulos, Rev. Agathodorus A., New York. Greek
       Catholic. Adultery; co-respondent in divorce suit.
1913.  Papineau, Rev. Arthur B., Wayland, Mass. Episcopal. Sued for
       defamation of character.
1912.  Pappilon, Rev. J. J., Willimantic, Conn. Roman Catholic.
       Obstructing justice.
1900.  Pappon, Rev. Karol, Springfield, Mass. Catholic. Assaulting a
1899.  Parish, Rev. F. G., Indianapolis, Ind. Baptist. Cruelty to
       wife; divorced.
1907.  Park, Rev. W. H., Goshen, Ind. Suicide.
1907.  Parker, Rev. G. C., Hopkinsville, Ky. Methodist. Used church
       collection to get drunk.
1912.  Parker, Rev. J. A., Kempton, Ind. Christian. Adultery.
1901.  Parker, Rev. J. T., Baltimore, Md. Baptist. Bigamy.
1907.  Parker, Rev. W. G., Goshen, Ind. Suicide.
1901.  Parker, Rev. W. H., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. Interfering with an
       officer; jailed.
1910.  Parkinson, Rev. B. E., Grand Rapids, Mich. Methodist. Engaged
       to young woman; wife in Iowa.
1897.  Parrish, Rev. Geo., Marshalltown, Ia. Congregational. Forgery.
1912.  Passley, Rev. Robert, New York, N. Y. Baptist. Grand larceny.
1912.  Patten, Rev. Samuel, Cincinnati, O. Disorderly conduct and
       attempted suicide.
1901.  Patterson, Rev. C. T., Minneola, Fla. Methodist. Threatening
       life of wife; arrested.
1907.  Patterson, Rev. E., Enid, Okla. Jailed for stealing.
1910.  Patterson, Rev. V. M., Brooklyn, N. Y. Congregational. Left
       wife to court former sweetheart.
1913.  Pawlikowski, Rev. Roman, St. Louis, Mo. Alienation of
       affections; verdict against him of $750.
1899.  Payne, Rev. Thos. J., Benton, Tenn. Baptist. Making moonshine
       Payseur, Rev. J. J., Charlotte, N. C. Baptist. Shot farmer on
       whose lands he was hunting.
1902.  Peabody, Rev. D. C., Decatur, Ill. Episcopal. Suicide.
1907.  Peabody, Rev. P. B., Utica, N. Y. Episcopal. Petty larceny; six
1909.  Pembroke, Rev. D., St. Joseph, Mo. Catholic. Blackmailing; six
1912.  Perinchef, Rev. Percy, D.D. Methodist. Accused of slandering
       and intimidating a woman.
       Perkins, Rev. G., Marshalltown, Ia. Baptist. Cheating by false
1912.  Perkins, Rev. Reece W., New Orleans, La. Baptist. Frequented
       houses of ill fame.
       Perry, Rev. Harry M., Lincoln, Neb. Methodist. Violation of
       liquor law.
1910.  Perry, Rev. Isaac, Williamsburg, Ky. Murder.
1910.  Perry, Rev. M. W., Gadsden, Ala. Adultery and embezzlement of
1909.  Person, Rev. R. T., Philadelphia, Pa. Made love to workingman's
1913.  Peterson, Rev. Carl, Northampton, Mass. Using mails to defraud.
1900.  Peterson, Rev. Jacob B., New York, N. Y. Armenian. Drunk and
       disorderly; demolished furniture.
1912.  Peterson, Rev. W. A., Oshkosh, Wis. Methodist. "Indiscretion"
       with lambs of the female persuasion.
1903.  Petty, Rev. W. O., Gainesville, Ga. Shooting at a divekeeper
       and hitting another man.
1906.  Phalen, Rev. J. R., Clement City, Mich. Baptist. Jailed for
       passing worthless checks. Received compromising letters from
       women of congregation.
1910.  Pheley, Rev. Dr. W. H., Providence, R. I. Presbyterian.
       Drinking habits.
1908.  Phelps, Rev. James Duane, Syracuse, N. Y. Methodist. Suicide.
1899.  Phelps, Rev. J. D., Buffalo, N. Y. Methodist. Immoral
       character, according to rumor.
1901.  Phillips, Rev. E. S., Hazleton, Pa. Catholic. Came to New York
       on a spree, and died in a disorderly house.
1903.  Phillips, Rev. Harry L., Randolph, Co., W. Va. Methodist.
1900.  Phillips, Rev. J. H., Huntsville, Ala. Left wife and
       disappeared with another.
1909.  Pick, Elder E., Mount Lebanon, N. Y. Shaker. Unbecoming conduct
       with eldress; unfrocked.
1906.  Pickle, Rev. John, Colfax, Wash. Jailed for wife-beating.
1905.  Pierce, Rev. David, Southbury, Conn. Congregational. Attempting
       to shoot wife and daughter; placed in an asylum.
1909.  Pike, Rev. G. R., Eau Claire, Wis. Congregational. Detraction;
1900.  Piner, Rev. W. F., Hopkinsville, Ky. Methodist. Called on wife;
       whipped husband who objected.
1910.  Pippen, Rev. W. E., Shreveport, La. Baptist. Obtaining money by
       false pretenses.
1913.  Pippin, Rev. William E., Prescott, Ark. Baptist. Forgery;
       sentenced to three years in penitentiary.
1900.  Pirstle, Rev. B. J., Jasper, Tenn. Presbyterian. Suicide.
1910.  Pittman, Rev. A. J., Brandenburg, Ky. Baptist. Wife-beating.
1903.  Plannette, Rev. E. E., Los Angeles, Cal. Presbyterian. Petty
       larceny; confessed; jailed.
1905.  Plant, Rev. Robert, Rockland, Me. Episcopal. Libel; sued.
1913.  Plantz, Rev. Howard J., Sycamore, Ill. Free Methodist.
       Corrupting morals of child; confessed guilt.
1911.  Plass, Rev. Norman, Boston, Mass. Protestant. Sold bogus mining
1904.  Platt, Rev. A. L., Santa Cruz, Cal. Christian. Deserting wife
       and eloping.
1908.  Pledger, Rev. C. P., Warrensburg, Ill. Evangelist. Defamation.
1909.  Pniak, Rev. Simon, Utica, N. Y. Catholic. Criminal assault on
1913.  Podin, Rev. Carl, New York, N. Y. Presbyterian. Non-support of
1905.  Pohl, Rev. Titus, Chicago, Ill. Lutheran. Bastardy; resigned.
1903.  Poleet, Rev. John, Springfield, Ill. Murder of C. Isaksson;
       confessed; life sentence.
1907.  Poole, Rev. G., Gloucester City, N. J. Baptist. Put out of
       church on serious charges.
       Pooler, Rev. G., Burr Oaks, Mich. Presbyterian. Cruelty to and
       non-support of wife.
1900.  Popke, Rev. A., Baltimore, Md. Catholic. Adultery; woman's
       husband got divorce.
1902.  Porter, Rev. C. H., Newport, R. I. Unitarian. Cruelty to wife,
       who secured a divorce.
1900.  Porter, Rev. Farley, Batavia, N. Y. Presbyterian. Slander; sued
       for $5,000.
1912.  Porter, Rev. Robert B., Downieville, Pa. Sued for divorce on
       grounds of cruelty and neglect.
1904.  Porter, Rev. Wm., Huntsville, Ala. Embezzling funds; arrested.
1900.  Porterfield, Rev. C. L., Franklin, Pa. Baptist. Assaulting
       15-year-old girl; sent to Western Penitentiary.
       Porubsky, Rev. John, Binghampton, N. Y. Catholic.
       Misappropriation of church funds.
1903.  Posey, Rev. O. K., Pottawatomie Co., Kan. Christian. Deserting
       wife; eloping with young girl.
1899.  Potter, Rev. Daniel, New York, N. Y. Baptist. Improper conduct
       with his housekeeper.
1904.  Powell, Rev. George, Utica, N. Y. Attempted suicide.
1900.  Powell, Rev. James, Elfort, O. Evangelist. The murder of Frank
1912.  Powell, Rev. J. W., Van Buren, Ark. Baptist. Convicted of
       criminal assault on a young girl.
1899.  Powell, Rev. Thos., Madison, Ind. Drunkenness; lost pulpit
       through drink.
1900.  Power, Rev. J. W., New York, N. Y. Catholic. Procuring will in
       his favor through fraud.
1909.  Powers, Rev. P., Chicago. Methodist Episcopal. Held responsible
       for suicide of woman. Removed by bishop.
1901.  Powers, Rev. Samuel, Philadelphia, Pa. Methodist. Suicide.
1912.  Prentess, Rev. S. Henry, Charlottesville, Va. Evangelist.
1907.  Presby, Rev. J. H., New Haven, Conn. Sued for divorce; intimate
       with young woman of congregation.
1899.  Preston, Rev. Charles E., Jamestown, N. Y. Disappeared from
       steamer Puritan under circumstances pointing to suicide,
       leaving a note, in which he said, "Let not those 'insane
       babblers' or Infidels get hold of this for their miserable
       God-dishonoring, yearly book on the crimes of preachers." He
       was afterward found in Albany, N. Y., living with a woman
       member of his church as her husband. Expelled from ministry,
       wife securing divorce.
1908.  Preston, Rev. E. J., Glens Falls and Enterprise, W. Va.
       Methodist. Swindling.
1914.  Price, Rev. Jacob E., D.D., New York. Methodist Episcopal.
       Improper conduct with women; admonished by church court.
1911.  Price, Rev. Dr. Walter, McKeesport, Pa. Presbyterian. Improper
       conduct with girls.
1907.  Pritchett, Rev. A., Clayton, Mo. Methodist Episcopal. Chased
       out of town by women he slandered.
       Protisch, Rev. G. D., Philadelphia, Pa. Lutheran. Deserted wife
       for another woman; deserted her.
1914.  Pruitt, Rev. L. B., Colena, Ia. Baptist. Drunkenness; fined in
       police court.
1907.  Puffer, Rev. C. H., Salem, Mass. Universalist. Made love to
       another's wife while on "trial divorce" from his own.
1900.  Queen, Rev. Z. T., Mystic, Ia. Campbellite. Two wives; found
       guilty by his church.
1904.  Quick, Rev. S., Sigourney, Ia. Evangelist. Alienating the
       affections of married woman.
1901.  Quimby, Rev. David B., Brooklyn, N. Y. Passing worthless check.
1906.  Quinn, Rev. Mr., Atlantic Highlands, N. J. Catholic. Found dead
       in New York lodging house with rectory housekeeper. Married
1902.  Rabe, Rev. Wm. G., Omaha, Neb. Baptist. Asphyxiated in close
       embrace with a lady missionary, in pastor's room of church.
1904.  Raczaszeek, Rev. I. Paul, New York. Catholic. Slander;
1900.  Radford, Rev. Walter, Waubay, S. D. Congregational. Ruining his
       own daughter; confessed.
1899.  Rafferty, Rev. C. P., Columbus, O. Catholic. Drunkenness; death
       due to alcoholism.
1907.  Rafter, Rev. W. S., Oxford, Conn. Episcopal. Deposed for low
1914.  Ragdale, Rev. C. B., Atlanta, Ga. Perjury.
1910.  Rakowski, Rev. W., St. Joseph, Mo. Catholic. Took $300 to save
       a soul; stayed away.
1904.  Ramsey, Rev. Alex., New Castle, Pa. Evangelist. Horse stealing;
       convicted; jailed.
1909.  Ramsey, Rev. J. J., Fruita, Col. Seduction; girl attempted
1901.  Raub, Rev. F. E., Frankford, Pa. Moravian. Breach of promise;
1905.  Ravens, Rev. D. F., Farmington, Wash. Campbellite. Abusing wife
       who sued for divorce.
1900.  Ravidon, Rev. M., Evans, W. Va. Baptist. Ravishing 11-year-old
1905.  Rawlins, Rev. G. W., Valdosta, Ga. Murdering the two children
       of the Rev. W. L. Carter; hanged.
1908.  Ray, Rev. J. M., Peoria, Ill. Swindling.
1909.  Raycroft, Rev. J. R., Chicago, Ill. Evangelist. Home
       insanitary; child died for lack of medical attention.
1913.  Raymond, Rev. Charles E., Peoria, Ill. Lutheran. Deposed and
       expelled from the synod for immoral conduct.
1910.  Raymond, Rev. R. D., Boston, Mass. Baptist. Forgery.
1906.  Rea, Rev. J. L., Mangum, Okla. Campbellite. Murder; suicide.
       Reams, Rev. A. R., Merced, Cal. Baptist. Seduction; arrested;
1912.  Reardon, Rev. Mr., Peoria, Ill. Name given by a Roman Catholic
       priest, who was arrested in a state of beastly intoxication.
1913.  Redecker, Rev. C. E., Tacoma, Wash. Methodist. Sued for divorce
       for non-support; formerly kicked out of pastorate for
       attentions to women.
       Reed, Rev. A. M., Oakland, Cal. Evangelist. Theft of a horse
       from his fiancee.
1913.  Reed, Rev. Draper, Newburg, Ind. Free Methodist. Assault and
       battery of wife; fined for offense. "The devil was in me," his
1913.  Reed, Rev. Robert H., McCleary, Wash. Methodist. Sending
       obscene letters through the mail; sentenced on his own
1909.  Reese, Rev. D. L., Anderson, Ind. Lutheran. Drunkenness.
1913.  Reinhardt, Rev. Max, Soldier, Ida. Baptist. Stealing church
1899.  Renear, Rev. B., Millville, N. J. Attempting suicide.
1900.  Rexroad, Rev. J. T., Weston, W. Va. Evangelist. Fomented bloody
       feud; was asked to leave and did.
1909.  Reynolds, Rev. E. V., Los Angeles, Cal. Catholic. Murder;
       arrested in Salt Lake City for immoral conduct with boys.
1906.  Reynolds, Rev. G. L., Columbus, O. Baptist. Arrested for
1902.  Reynolds, Rev. J. M., Bedford City, Pa. Presbyterian. Juggling
       funds; untruthfulness; expelled from the ministry.
1901.  Reynolds, Rev. J. S., Riverton, Ill. Campbellite. Embezzlement
       and bigamy.
1899.  Rhianhart, Rev. J., Steinauer, Neb. Catholic. Eloped with a
       married woman.
1912.  Rhodes, Rev. Walter R., Onancock, Va. Baptist. Suicide.
1905.  Rice, Rev. John Bell, Louisville, Ky. Suicide by shooting.
1909.  Rice, Rev. J. R., Toledo, O. Implicated in hold-up.
1908.  Rice, Rev. T. M., Columbus, Kan. Baptist. Bigamy; pleaded
       guilty; five years at hard labor.
1913.  Rice, Rev. U. T. S., Mattoon, Ill. Baptist. Embezzlement;
       pleaded guilty and sent to penitentiary for from one to ten
1900.  Rich, Rev. Alonzo, Kansas City, Mo. Evangelist. Convicted of
       perjury; a bigamist.
1900.  Rich, Rev. E. L., Watsonville, Cal. Presbyterian. Selling pork
       that had died of itself.
1901.  Rich, Rev. John M., Hackensack, N. J. Slander; apologized to
       avert consequences.
1909.  Richards, Rev. E. A., Chattanooga, Tenn. Campbellite.
       Richardson, Rev. John, Missouri. Abducting girl for immoral
1911.  Richeson, Rev. C. V. T., Boston. Baptist. Murder.
1909.  Richey, Rev. J. W., Carmel, Ind. Methodist. Sold mortgaged
       property. Left wife for young woman. Two years.
1907.  Richmond, Rev. W. C., Cambridge, Mass. Baptist. Divorced by
       wife. Larceny; jailed.
1905.  Richtartsik, Rev. E. F., Bayonne, N. J. Catholic. Assault and
       battery; arraigned.
1909.  Richter, Rev. W. J., Grand Rapids, Mich. Divorced for cruelty.
1902.  Rickey, Rev. Albert, Scottsburg, Ind. Baptist. Theft of a cow;
       arrested; escaped.
1900.  Riddick, Rev. J. E., White Plains, Va. Methodist. Manslaughter;
1902.  Ridge, Rev. Thomas, Hart, Mich. Murder of W. L. Shafer.
1912.  Riedl, Rev. John, Milwaukee, Wis. Roman Catholic. Offering
       bribe to chief truancy officer to secure his brother's
       appointment as an officer.
1901.  Riegel, Rev. C. P., Cheltenham, Pa. Catholic. Came to New York
       on a spree; got into bad company; found dead in hallway.
1909.  Rightmeyer, Rev. G., Dayton, O. Lutheran. Drunkenness;
1910.  Ringland, Rev. Thos., Weldon, Ill. Methodist. Disorderly
       conduct; arrested with girl.
1911.  Ringle, Otto, Duluth, Minn. Former preacher. Drunkard and
       Ritanour, Rev. A. M., Bedford, Va. Baptist. Expelled from
       church on charges by wife.
1908.  Ritchie, Rev. Wm., Charlottesville, Ind. Methodist. Defaulted;
       embezzled church funds; disappeared with servant girl, leaving
       family dependent on congregation.
1906.  Rittgers, Rev. J. B., Glendola, N. J. Methodist. Implicated in
       church scandal; resigned.
1913.  Rivera, Rev. J. M., Brooklyn, N. Y. Roman Catholic. Seduction;
       ran away.
1914.  Robbins, Rev. E. E., Salinas, Cal. Methodist. Mailing improper
       letters; three years in the Federal prison.
1907.  Robbins, Rev. J. W., Maurice, Ind. Campbellite. Immoral conduct
       with children.
1907.  Roberts, Rev. John, Cocke Co., Tenn. Ten years for murder.
1909.  Roberts, Rev. J. T., Noblesville, Ind. United Brethren.
       Criminal libel.
1907.  Roberts, Rev. N. J., Shreveport, La. Methodist Episcopal.
       Expelled from conference for immorality.
       Roberts, Elder Sam, Stuart, Ia. Church of God. Eloping with the
       wife of Elder Sharp.
1904.  Robinette, Rev. M. D., Richmond, Va. Baptist. Making moonshine
1900.  Robinson, Rev. B., New York, N. Y. Baptist. Forgery.
1910.  Robinson, Rev. C. W., Philadelphia, Pa. Episcopalian.
1910.  Robinson, Rev. G. J., Dayton, O. Methodist. Removed under a
1900.  Robinson, Rev. Lewis, Camden, N. J. Evangelist. Attempting the
       life of his wife.
1910.  Robinson, Rev. S. D., Herkimer, N. Y. Methodist. Betrayed
       19-year-old girl; left town.
1907.  Robinson, Rev. Wm., Helena, Ark. Swindling.
1900.  Robottom, Rev. P. J., Lancaster, Pa. Episcopal. Intimacy with
       woman; husband sought divorce.
1911.  Rockwell, Rev. C. W., Waynesburg, Pa. Baptist. wife-beater.
1910.  Rockwell, Rev. R. H., Butler, Pa. Presbyterian. Libel;
1901.  Rodgers, Rev. J. E., Bloomington, Ind. Baptist. Arrested on
       paternity charge of 16-year-old girl.
1910.  Roehl, Rev. William E., St. Louis, Mo. Traveling evangelist.
1910.  Rogers, Rev. J. A., Chicago, Ill. Theft.
1902.  Rogers, Rev. J. L., Santa Cruz, Cal. Baptist. Arson; arrested;
1900.  Roney, Rev. M. F., Philadelphia, Pa. Catholic. Delirium tremens
       in Cincinnati.
1903.  Rooks, Rev. T. S., Bridgewater, Ia.; Col., Cal., Okla.
       Adultery; seduction; jail; tar and feathers.
1913.  Rorsos, Rev. Steven, Delray, Mich. Assault and battery
       committed on 10-year-old boy.
1911.  Rose, Rev. B. L., Pittsburgh, Pa. Baptist. Charged with felony.
1912.  Rose, Rev. J. B., Lemoore, Cal. Presbyterian. Used obscene
       language in the presence of women, and threatened to murder an
       Rose, Rev. J. D., Campbell, Ark. Baptist. Deserting wife and
       children and eloping with girl of 15; forged check for $65.
1900.  Rose, Rev. Owen W., Sabula, Ia. Leading lynching mob.
1908.  Roseberry, Rev. H. E., Chattanooga, Tenn. Abduction; three
1909.  Rosell, Rev. W. H., Oxford, O. Evangelist. Fraud.
1902.  Ross, Rev. I. S., El Reno, Ark. Betrayal of financial trust.
1908.  Rowe, Rev. F., Carthage, Mo. Adventist. Jailed for wife
1911.  Rowe, Rev. Gilbert J., Willimantic, Conn. Passed bogus check.
1901.  Rowland, Rev. J. M., Grand Rapids, Mich. Christian. Suicide.
1907.  Royer, Rev. John, Columbus, Ind. Methodist. Kissing member of
       congregation; suspended.
1899.  Ruby, Rev. H. W., Ponca City, Ok. Free Methodist. Killing a
       deputy sheriff.
1912.  Rucker, Rev. Thomas, Benton, Mo. Methodist. Forgery.
1899.  Rumpf, Rev. Charles, Union Hill, N. J. Lutheran. Drunkenness
       and wife-beating; 90 days.
1908.  Runyan, Rev. P. D., West Derry, Pa. Baptist. Beat a little
       girl; fined $10.
1901.  Russell, Rev. F. B., New York, N. Y. Extortions as head of a
       law and order league.
1900.  Russell, Rev. L. M., Eddyville, Ky. Methodist. Writing love
       letters to a married woman; withdrew from church.
1911.  Ruth, Rev. Leroy, Sultan, Wash. Methodist. Criminally assaulted
       a girl 10 years old.
1900.  Rutledge, Rev. Wm., Paducah, Ky. Baptist. Making and selling
       moonshine whisky.
1908.  Rutledge, Rev. W. E., St. Louis, Mo. Baptist. Used mails to
1905.  Ryan, Rev. J. A., Chicago, Ill. Catholic. Adultery; named as
       co-respondent in divorce suit.
1909.  Ryan, Rev. J. A., Denver, Colo. Catholic. Eloped with girl.
1910.  Ryan, Rev., Benton Harbor, Mich. Catholic. Seduction.
1899.  Rymarfski, Rev. L., Cleveland, O. German evangelist. Suicide by
1912.  Sachs, Rev. William P., St. Louis, Mo. Lutheran. Arrested for
       deserting his wife.
1908.  Samson, Rev. Maurice, Spring City, Pa. Reformed. Marital
1913.  Sanders, Rev. L. L., Spokane, Wash. United Presbyterian. Using
       mails to defraud; pleaded guilty.
1901.  Sanderson, Rev. D. C., Almonte, Ont. Methodist. Drunkenness and
       debauchery at Syracuse.
1911.  Sandford, Rev. Frank, Portland, Me. Head of Holy Ghost and Us
       Society. Caused death of six of his followers on voyage of
1908.  Saphore, Rev. E. Warren, Syracuse, N. Y. Episcopal. Enticing
       young woman.
1906.  Savery, Rev. H. S., St. Martin's, Can. Congregational.
       Attempted to marry young woman, though having a wife in Boston.
1905.  Sayre, O. L., Byesville, O. Methodist. Attempted rape; lynching
1913.  Schade, Rev. Augustus E. F., Panama. German Reformed. Suicide.
1912.  Schell, Rev. L. C., Indianapolis, Ind. Methodist. Accused of
       improper conduct toward fair parishioner.
1907.  Schell, Rev. Jos., Tony, Wis. Catholic. Obtaining money under
       false pretenses.
1909.  Schenk, Rev. G. F., St. Louis, Mo. Evangelist. Seduced girl of
       his household.
1913.  Schenck, Rev. Hallack F., Manasquan, N. J. Methodist. Convicted
       in church trial of indiscretions with female members, and
       forced to resign.
1899.  Schermerhorn, Rev. L. B., N. Ottawa, Kan. Bigamy.
1900.  Schermerhorn, Rev. L. M., Dubuque, Ia. Baptist. Desertion and
       non-support of wife.
1907.  Schmidill, Rev. Chas., Chicago. Ministerial masher. Arrested.
1913.  Schmidt, Rev. Hans, New York, N. Y. Roman Catholic. Murder;
1911.  Schmidt, Rev. Lawrence, Rochester, N. Y. Robbed his wife of
       watch and money after their separation.
1911.  Schock, Rev. J. T., Plainfield, N. J. Reformed church. Under
       arrest for complicity in fraudulent get-rich-quick scheme.
1912.  Schoenlein, Rev. G. A., Lima, O. Lutheran. Sued by wife for
       divorce on account of improper attentions to other women.
       Schultz, Rev. H. D., Sunbury, Pa. Evangelist. Sued wife for
       divorce, and was shown by her counsel to be an immoral man.
1905.  Schultz, Rev. Wm., Freelandsville, Ind. Evangelist. Fraud,
       swindling, lying, etc.; deposed.
1908.  Schwartz, Rev. Robert E., Des Moines, Ia. Drunkenness;
1907.  Schwerzmann, Rev. S., Cortez, Colo. Methodist. Theft and
1911.  Scotford, Rev. H. C., Chicago, Ill. Congregationalist. In same
       predicament as his colleague Schock, and for similar offense.
1906.  Scott, Rev. G. E., Waterloo, Ia. Eloped with 16-year-old girl.
1903.  Scott, Rev. Mark, Seattle, Wash. Methodist. Violation of
       colored girl, aged 14, who gave birth to a child and died;
1900.  Scott, Rev. W. D., San Francisco, Cal. Became a physical wreck
       through drunkenness and debauchery.
1909.  Scoville, Rev. V. P., Climax, Ga. Married couple against wishes
       of girl's parents.
1913.  Scull, Rev. William, Joliet, Ill. United Brethren. Carrying
       concealed weapons.
1908.  Seachery, Rev. J. W., Moore, Mont. Rape.
1914.  Sears, Dr. F. W., New York, N. Y. New Thought. Adultery; wife
       obtained divorce.
       Secombe, Rev. S. H., Goshen, Mass. Congregational. Gained
       sympathy and money by fake.
1911.  See, E. A., Chicago, Ill., founder of "Absolute Life" cult.
       Abducted 17-year-old girl, whom he "took for a wife" on the
       European plan.
1904.  Selby, Rev. Isaac, San Francisco, Cal. Evangelist. Attempt to
       kill Judge Hebbard on the bench; a noted "Infidel smasher."
1903.  Senesac, Rev. Jos. E., Waterbury, Conn. Catholic. Alienating
       the affections of a wife; sued by husband.
1914.  Settles, Rev. Edward W., Los Angeles, Cal. Larceny.
1911.  Severence, Rev. C. M., Bangor, Me. Under suspended sentence,
       after pleading guilty to charge of using mails to defraud.
1902.  Seytone, Rev. W. R., Dunkirk, N. Y. Disciples. Forging
       signatures to a note.
1907.  Sezeigell, Rev. Ludwig, Pittsburgh, Pa. Shot two; killed one.
1901.  Shaffer, Rev. George, Bellevue, Pa. Methodist. Conspiracy;
       indicted; arrested.
1908.  Shaffer, Rev. Wm. H., Morganstown, Pa. Methodist. Ministerial
1902.  Shannon, Rev. T. H., Glen Easton, W. Va. Methodist. Bastardy;
1901.  Sharp, Rev. W. D., Alvin, W. Va. Methodist. Using mails to
       defraud; confessed to series of forgeries.
1910.  Sharpe, Rev. C. D., Schenectady, N. Y. Abduction of 14-year-old
1908.  Shaw, Rev. C. F., Clare, Mich. Congregational. Swindling.
1909.  Shaw, Rev. W. S., Onaway, Mich. Drunkenness; resigned.
1901.  Shepherd, Rev. Geo. C. E., Liverpool, O. Methodist. Slander and
       conspiracy; indicted by grand jury at Dunbar, Pa.; arrested.
1908.  Shepherd, Rev. J. E., Webb City, Mo. Presbyterian. Assault.
1906.  Shepley, Rev. E. H., Geneva, Ill. Congregational. Threatened
       life of girl if she refused to marry him; resigned, left town.
1911.  Sherman, William, New York, N. Y. Former Catholic priest.
       Attempted to extort money from saloon-keeper while posing as an
       officer; held for trial.
1899.  Shields, Rev. D. H., Navy chaplain. Methodist. Drunkenness;
       scandalous immorality; courtmartialed.
1908.  Shinn, Rev. C., Riverton, N. J. Urged wife to debase herself to
       raise money.
1908.  Shipman, Rev. S. P., Hurlock, Md. Methodist. Immorality; found
       in married woman's bedroom.
1909.  Siana, Rev. N., Newark, N. J. Catholic. Abduction.
1913.  Silke, Rev. Cornelius A., Moravia, Ill. Roman Catholic.
1906.  Simmons, Rev. G. H., Peoria, Ill. Expelled from town on charges
       of immoral conduct preferred by boys; mismanaged bank of which
       he was president; suicide.
1899.  Simpson, Rev. J. A., New England. Baptist. Thievery,
       incendiarism, bigamy and murder.
1907.  Sims, Rev. W. P., Utica, N. Y. Found an affinity.
1899.  Sinclair, Rev. F. N., Rochester, N. Y. Catholic. Slander;
       accusation made by another priest.
1908.  Skaggs, Rev. Elijah, Prophet of the Millennium, Fort Smith,
       Ark. Assault and rape.
1913.  Skeley, Rev. Alexander, Brownsville, Pa. Reformed Presbyterian.
1912.  Skovgard, Rev. Thale P., Council Bluffs, Ia. Lutheran. Sued by
       wife for separate maintenance.
1913.  Skulik, Rev. Bernard L., Rock Island, Ill. Polish Catholic.
       Fraudulent use of mails; skipped bail.
1910.  Skulik, Rev. B., Chicago, Ill. Catholic. Arrested in hotel in
       company of 15-year-old girl.
1903.  Skyles, Rev. John, Port Gibson, Miss. Bigamy; seven wives.
1913.  Slater, Rev. Virgil B., Youngstown, O. Wife desertion.
1909.  Slaughter, Rev. A. J., Tulsa, Okla. Baptist. Fighting.
1906.  Slayton, Rev. J. R., U. S. Navy. Deserted.
1911.  Slick, Rev. Joseph, Lincoln, Neb. "Cruelty and misconduct with
       other women," is the charge in his wife's suit for divorce.
1900.  Small, Rev. Sam, Havana, Cuba. Evangelist. Swindling
       operations; jailed.
1902.  Small, Rev. Sam, Georgia. Evangelist. Too drunk to lecture at
       Brattleboro, Vt.
1899.  Smalley, Rev. M. J., Waterbury, Conn. Congregational. Offensive
       attentions to young women; biffed by a worker; left.
1910.  Smith, Rev. A. F., Nowata, Okla. Methodist. Eloped with wife's
       money and another woman.
1914.  Smith, Rev. A. N., Paterson, N. J. Methodist Episcopal. Sued
       for slander.
1911.  Smith, Rev. Ben., Swainsboro, Ga. Wounded officer sent to
       arrest him for a petty offense, and was hanged by a mob.
1900.  Smith, Rev. Chas. F., Michigan. Deserted wife; eloped with
       unmarried woman.
1908.  Smith, Rev. Charles W., Wyoming, Pa. Methodist. "Ministerial
1909.  Smith, Bishop C. S., Atlanta, Ga. African Methodist Episcopal.
       Grafting and tyranny.
1905.  Smith, Rev. C. W., Binghamton, N. Y. Methodist. Attempted
       seduction of 16-year-old girl; guilty.
1900.  Smith, Rev. C. Y., Louisville, Ky. Methodist. Skipped, leaving
       unpaid bills.
1903.  Smith, Rev. E. A., McMinnville, Ore. Took prize won on a stolen
1914.  Smith, Rev. Francis F., Newark, N. J. African Methodist. The
       statutory offense; pleaded guilty; six months.
1899.  Smith, Rev. F. M., Houston, Tex. Murder of Mrs. Varoters;
       sentenced to death; had killed wife and mother-in-law in
1900.  Smith, Rev. Guy, Oakland, Cal. Campbellite. Indiscreet conduct
       with woman; divorced his wife by misrepresentation.
1914.  Smith, Rev. Herman L., Binghamton, N. Y. Obtaining merchandise
       under false pretenses. The defense is the usual convenient kind
       of insanity which is noticed only when one is caught in the
       act, and no other excuse will work.
1909.  Smith, Rev. H. J., Columbus, O. Methodist. Alienated wife's
       affection; abused husband for not receiving her back.
1908.  Smith, Rev. John A., West Suffield, Conn. Congregational.
1899.  Smith, Rev. John F., New York, N. Y. Evangelist. Stealing from
       his employer.
1911.  Smith, Rev. Joseph R., Sewanee, Tenn. Pleaded guilty of making
       moonshine whisky.
1911.  Smith, Rev. J. A., Omaha, Neb. Suspended for slander and
       because of a bad financial record.
1913.  Smith, Rev. Milford H., Saranac Lake, N. Y. Sued for libel.
1904.  Smith, Rev. Oscar, Seattle, Wash. Methodist. Rifling U. S.
1913.  Smith, Rev. Paul Jordan, Chicago, Ill. Congregationalist.
       Cruelty to wife and children; wife granted divorce with custody
       of children.
1911.  Smith, Rev. Samuel G., St. Paul, Minn. Arrested for tampering
       with a jury.
1904.  Smith, Rev. Sidney, New York, N. Y. Using threats and a pistol
       to extort money; two years in Sing Sing.
1914.  Smith, Rev. Simon, Purvis, Miss. Eloping and wife-desertion.
       The preacher possesses a wife and five children. The oldest
       child is twelve and the youngest was born this summer, after
       the elopement, which was with his wife's sister.
1902.  Smith, Rev. Victor C., New York, N. Y. Episcopal. Suicide.
1914.  Smith, Rev. William R., Marshall Co., Ga. Methodist. Using
       mails to defraud; convicted.
1907.  Smith, Rev. W. N., Middleburg, Fla. Murderer of step-daughter.
1914.  Smith, Rev. W. P., Wolf Creek, Ore. Presbyterian. Run out of
       town by citizens for vile slanders against women.
1901.  Smith, Rev. Mr., Waco, Tex. Baptist. Fighting with Rev. Mr.
1905.  Smouse, Rev. J. W., Dallas Centre, Ia. Methodist. Seduction;
1900.  Smythe, Rev. Thomas, Sing Sing, N. Y. Catholic. Attempting
1911.  Snyder, Rev. Charles, Attica, Ind. Catholic. Stripped of
       priestly authority and secretly removed from town after a
       drunken debauch.
1911.  Snyder, Rev. Frank, Topeka, Kan. Christian. Sued for divorce by
       invalid wife on grounds of cruelty and neglect.
1908.  Snyder, Rev. Leonard W., Richmond, Va. Immoral practices.
1911.  Snyder, Rev. R., Goldfield, Nev. Presbyterian. Dismissed
       because of criminal intimacy with married woman, and left town
       after being beaten by the injured husband.
1910.  Solomon, Rabbi I., Logansport, Ind. Jewish. Obtaining money
       under false pretenses.
1913.  Solomon, Rev. Jacob, Rockaway Beach, L. I. Baptist. Violating
       prison parole, after sentence for larceny.
1914.  Soper, Rev. Ben W., Cresco, Ia. Adultery. Arrested, and skipped
       his bail.
1911.  Sorenson, Rev. A., Battle Creek, Mich. Arrested for threatening
       to kill man with whom he was associated in business.
1908.  Sower, Rev. D. W., Oak Harbor, Ohio. Methodist. Lechery.
1907.  Spates, Rev. D. D., Nacogdoches, Tex. Embezzlement.
       Spencer, Rev. E. J., Columbia, Mo. Methodist. Adultery;
       convicted on two counts.
1912.  Spray, Rev. Walter, Kokomo, Ind. Holiness. Caught in
       compromising position with a woman.
1901.  Springfield, Rev. W. H., Woodbridge, Cal. Leaving his wife and
       eloping with his niece.
1911.  Stalnaker, Rev. W. K., Kansas City, Mo. Methodist. Criminally
       assaulted his niece and adopted daughter, aged 12; pleaded
       guilty and was sentenced to ten years in the pen.
1899.  Stamm, Rev. Robert, Anderson, Ind. Evangelist. Assault with
       revolver and slung shot; arrested.
1899.  Stampers, Rev. A., Dawson, Ga. Assassination of George Dennard.
       Stanford, Rev. John, Utica, N. Y. Methodist Episcopal. Suicide.
1909.  Stanley, Rev. A. B., Flat Rock, Mich. Baptist. Eloped with
1906.  Stanley, Rev. H. D., Seattle, Wash. Church of Christ. Fraud;
       misappropriating funds.
1905.  Stanley, Rev. Robert Lee, Hamburg, Tenn. Presbyterian. Drunk
       and created public disturbance in Waco, Tex.; fined in city
1900.  Stanton, Rev. Frank, Clinton, Ind. Catholic. Made co-respondent
       in divorce suit of John L. Horney.
1905.  Stark, Rev. J. B., Lakeview, Ore. Methodist. Appropriating
       funds belonging to congregation; dishonesty and lying; deprived
       of his standing by conference.
1900.  Starr, Rev. S. A., Portland, Ore. Methodist. Immorality;
       expelled from ministry.
1909.  Staskiewicz, Rev. J., Chicago, Ill. Catholic. Embezzlement;
1901.  Stauffer, Rev. Byron H., Buffalo, N. Y. Methodist. Slander;
       sued for $10,000 damages; assault.
1907.  Steed, Rev. G., Cal. Methodist. Immoral conduct toward a woman.
1912.  Steele, Rev. William, Gray, Ind. Murder.
       Stephan, Rev. T., Sioux City, Ia. Lutheran. Abused his wife.
1908.  Stettler, Rev. Martin H., Reading, Pa. Slander.
1910.  Stetson, Rev. Oscar F., Sutton, Mass. Congregational. Adultery.
1899.  Steumpeges, Rev. J. J., Mitchell, S. D. Methodist. Fraudulent
       sale of mortgaged property; arrested.
1905.  Stevens, Rev. Edward, New York, N. Y. Methodist. Attempted
       suicide; locked up.
1899.  Stevens, George H., Easton, Pa. Incendiarism; nine years'
1908.  Stevens, Rev. O. C., East Liverpool, O. Abusive language; five
       days and $15.
       Stevenson, Rev. Alten Z., New York, N. Y. Methodist. Mailing
       scurrilous postcard.
1900.  Stewart, Rev. Clifford, Laporte, Ind. Campbellite. Confessed to
       leading a double life.
1914.  Stewart, Rev. C. A., D.D., Clinton, Ia. Inciting riot; fifteen
       days in jail.
1909.  Stewart, Rev. P., Oakland, Cal. United Presbyterian. Charged by
       wife with having six affinities.
1908.  Stickney, Rev. Alfred, Howell county, circuit, Mo. Methodist.
1903.  Stiles, Rev. Samuel, Cuero, Tex. Baptist. Murder of Henderson
1903.  Stiles, Rev. Fred, New London, Conn. Baptist. Jumped board bill
       and eloped with daughter of the house, whom he deserted in New
1912.  Still, Rev. Roy, Seymour, Ind. Holiness. Assault and attempted
1903.  St. John, Rev. Jos., Pontiac, Mich. Evangelist. Assaulting
       colored girl; 18 months in pen.
1901.  Stofilet, Rev. Jas. P., Jersey City, N. J. Presbyterian. Having
       girl in woods after sunset; girl had illegitimate child.
1912.  Stokley, Rev. C. L., Turner, Kan. Baptist. Sued for divorce for
       undue intimacy with the wrong woman.
1913.  Stockwell, Rev. George W., D.D., Fort Plain, N. Y. Methodist.
       Assault and battery.
1907.  Stokes, Rev. R. W., Clarksville, Tenn. Drunkenness.
1914.  Stough, Rev. Henry W. Evangelist. Sued for slander.
1899.  Stout, Rev. A. W., Hartford, Ind. Methodist. Criminal intimacy
       with young girl.
1903.  Stout, Rev. Chas. L., Lawrenceburg, Ind. Baptist. Abusing wife
       and eloping with another woman.
1906.  Stovall, Rev. J. M., South Bend, Ind. Baptist. Violation of
       court order; eloped with woman whose intimacy with him caused
       her husband's death.
1908.  Strauss, Rev. V., Herrman, Mo. Evangelist. Homicidal mania;
       shot several persons.
1899.  Streeter, Rev. Lewis R., So. Brooklyn, N. Y. Methodist.
       Concerned in Kootenai water swindle.
1907.  Strouse, Rev. C. B., Bowling Green, Ky. Immoral.
1910.  Strunk, Rev. Thomas, Frankfort, Ky. Criminal assault.
1909.  Stuart, Rev. A. K., Don Luis, Ariz. Assaulting 11-year-old
1900.  Stuart, Rev. D. E., Wyoming, Pa. Baptist. Killing his young
       wife by a criminal operation.
1909.  Stuckey, Rev. Wallace M., Waukegan, Ill. Campbellite.
       Abduction; convicted; fled and recaptured in 1914. One to five
       years' imprisonment.
1908.  Studeven, Rev. James G., Newark, N. J. Congregational. Bigamy.
1910.  Sturdevant, Rev. Sam., Baltimore, Md. Assault; three years.
1901.  Stutchell, Rev. W. T., Jersey City, N. J. Presbyterian. Having
       girl in his room at night; girl had illegitimate child.
1908.  Summers, Rev. G., Gardiner, Ore. Abduction; bastardy.
1905.  Sutherlin, Rev. U. G., Albany, Ind. Christian. Arrested on
       warrant charging wife murder.
1911.  Sutton, Rev. E. B., Seattle, Wash. Found guilty of fraudulently
       entering names upon registration books.
1901.  Swallow, Rev. Silas C., Harrisburg, Pa. Methodist. Lying;
       suspended by conference committee.
1911.  Swartz, Rev. C. E., Woodsfield, O. Presbyterian. Murderous
1910.  Swartz, Rev. W. P., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Accused of fraud in
       will case.
1902.  Sweeney, Rev. M. M., Pittsburgh, Pa. Methodist. Suicide.
1911.  Sweeney, Rev. Zack, Indianapolis, Ind. Embezzled more than
       $7,000 while fish and game commissioner.
1911.  Sweet, Rev. Chester H., Middletown, Conn. Congregational.
       Misappropriated church funds and pleaded guilty.
1899.  Sweet, Rev. John, Owosso, Mich. Slander; assessed $1,000.
1907.  Sweeten, Rev. H. W., St. Louis. Evangelist. Cruelty to wife;
1901.  Swift, Rev. Charles L., E. Liverpool, O. Methodist. Conspiracy;
       indicted; arrested.
1907.  Swift, Rev. J. H., Winterset, Ia. Campbellite. Blackmail.
1909.  Switzer, Rev. G. W., Lafayette, Ind. Methodist. Evading taxes.
1908.  Sydow, Rev. Mr., Big Run, Pa. Rape; jumped bail.
1909.  Sykes, Rev. John, Trenton, N. J. Embezzlement and forgery.
1911.  Symington, Rev. Geo. A., Seattle, Wash. Episcopal. Pleaded
       guilty to a technical charge of assault in the second degree
       involving an immoral act, and sentenced to jail.
1907.  Szcygiel, Rev. Ludwig, Pittsburgh, Pa. Catholic. Murdered two.
1909.  Szepessy, Rev. J., Cleveland, O. Sued for breach of promise.
       Talbot, Bishop E., Central Penn. Episcopal. Violation of
       ordination vows; woman in the case.
1910.  Tallent, Rev. O. S., Atlanta, Ga. Congregational Methodist.
1902.  Tart, Rev. E., Richmond, Va. Baptist. Appropriating funds of
1907.  Tartt, Rev. Eli, Petersburg, Va. Baptist. Assault with pistol;
       thirty days and $25.
1911.  Tate, D. P., Danville, Va. Former Methodist minister. Swindler.
1902.  Taylor, Rev. Chas., Richmond, Ind. Convicted of assault on
       young girl.
1907.  Taylor, Rev. C. F., Brooklyn, N. Y. Swindling.
1903.  Taylor, Rev. I. B., Wilmington, Del. Bigamy; four years.
1904.  Taylor, Rev. J. B., Sigourney, Ia. Evangelist. Bigamy; four
1907.  Taylor, Rev. J. M., Saginaw, Mich. Made love to married woman.
       Taylor, Rev. Wm., Innisfail, Can. Presbyterian. Drunkenness,
       profanity, lying, consorting with lewd women; deadbeat and
       liar, says an acquaintance.
1908.  Taylor, Rev. Wm. L., Cincinnati, O. True Reformer. Swindling.
1910.  Temple, Rev. J. C., Harrisburg, Pa. Assault on his wife.
1900.  Tenney, Rev. Chas., Lynn, Mass. Baptist. Assaulting a girl of 4
1910.  Tenney, Rev. C. T., Des Moines, Ia. Baptist. Criminal assault
       on 8-year-old girl.
1902.  Tesnon, Rev. H. M., Denver, Col. Visiting houses of
       prostitution; wife sued for divorce.
1913.  Tetreault, Rev. Frederic, Drummondville, Quebec. Roman
       Catholic. Libel.
1913.  Thacker, Rev. James, Rome, Ga. Congregational Methodist.
       Immoral relations; convicted and sentenced to six months on the
1907.  Thoburn, Bishop J. M., Syracuse, N. Y. Methodist Episcopal.
       Fined $500 for slander.
1905.  Thomas, Rev. A. C., Sidney, O. Methodist. Intimacy with two
       girls; ducked in the Miami river by congregation.
1907.  Thomas, Rev. C. H., Rockford, Ill. Accomplice in forgery.
1901.  Thomas, Rev. George, Urbana, O. Baptist. Obtaining money under
       false pretenses.
1908.  Thomas, Rev. Jas., Malvern, Ark. Methodist. Cattle thief.
1910.  Thomas, Rev. Jas., Piqua, O. Criminal assault on 7-year-old
       girl; jailed.
1913.  Thomas, Rev. John, Camden, N. J. Unnatural practices.
1910.  Thomas, Rev. J., Nowata, Okla. Selling whisky in prohibition
1905.  Thomas, Rev. J. C., Palmyra, N. Y. Baptist. Enticing wife of
       one of his parishioners.
1902.  Thomas, Rev. J. M., Pittsburgh, Pa. Baptist. Breach of promise;
       judgment, $2,500.
1908.  Thomas, Rev. J. P., colored, Kokomo, Ind. Breaking up a home.
1910.  Thomas, Rev. Wm., Corona, L. I. Evangelist. Confessed bigamist.
       Thomas, Rev. William J., Evanston, Ill. Evangelist. Disorderly
       conduct; convicted and fined.
1903.  Thompson, Rev. Ab'm S., Paterson, N. J. Alienating affections
       of married woman; sued for $50,000.
1913.  Thompson, Rev. C. C., Waco, Tex. Presbyterian. Cruelty to wife,
       for which divorce was granted her; assault and contempt of
1907.  Thompson, Rev. D. W., Des Moines, Ia. Used mails to defraud.
       Thompson, Rev. G. T., Philadelphia, Pa. Baptist. Sued for
       slander by stock market men.
1911.  Thompson, Rev. H. M. D., Montrose, Cal. Baptist. Embezzler.
1911.  Thompson, Rev. J. E., Cleveland, Ohio. Baptist. Charged with
       criminal slander.
1907.  Thompson, Rev. Wm., Chicago, Ill. Caused girl's downfall;
       procured criminal operation.
       Thompson, Rev. Wm., Cartersville, Ga. Local. Marrying three
       wives; divorcing none.
1910.  Thornton, Rev. Jesse B., New York, N. Y. Obtaining money under
       false pretenses.
1912.  Thurman, Rev. J. M. D., Hagerstown, Md. Christian. Murderous
1908.  Thurston, Rev. L. L., Oklahoma City, Okla. Methodist Episcopal.
       Immorality; suspended.
1909.  Tilburn, Rev. O., Linton, Ind. Campbellite. Embezzled church
       funds; seduced girl.
1910.  Tillmans, Rev. Theo., Chicago, Ill. Lutheran. Abandoned wife;
       friendly with shop girl.
1900.  Toal, Rev. Wm. H., Newburgh, N. Y. Catholic. Raising a
       disturbance in New York; sent to Bellevue Hospital.
       Todd, Rev. Thos., Cedar Falls, Ia. Expelled from church and
       normal school for illicit relations with woman of faculty.
1913.  Tompkins, Rev. George, Brookline, Mass. Larceny.
1908.  Toms, Rev. F. E., Kan. Baptist. Bigamy.
       Tomson, Rev. G. W., Woodbury, N. J. Presbyterian. Love
       entanglement with three women. Suicide.
1899.  Torrey, Rev. R. A., Chicago, Ill. Evangelist. Permitted three
       of his children to die from lack of medical attendance.
       Totheroh, Rev. Dr., Chicago, Ill. Presbyterian. Dalliance with
       lady member.
1899.  Townes, Rev. C. H. W., Cincinnati, O. Presbyterian. Stealing
       gifts intended for the poor.
1900.  Towns, Rev. C. Hill, Columbus, Ind. Methodist. Drunk and
       disorderly; fined.
1907.  Townsend, Rev. T. J., Nashville, Tenn. Baptist. Carrying
       concealed weapons.
1900.  Tracey, Deacon E., Somerset, Me. Baptist. Eloping with girl 17
       years old, leaving wife.
1910.  Tranter, Rev. W. W., Covington, Ky. Forgery.
1908.  Trick, Rev. Albert, New York, N. Y. Presbyterian. Suicide.
1910.  Trimble, Rev. D. H., Eugene, Ore. Methodist. Slander.
1914.  Triplett, Rev. J. Edwin, Jr., Woodbury, Conn. Presbyterian.
       Sued by wife for separation for cruel and inhuman treatment.
1907.  Triplett, Rev. J. E., New York, N. Y. Presbyterian. Criminal
1899.  Trompen, Rev. J. N., Hackensack, N. J. Reformed. Criminal abuse
       of adopted girl.
1910.  Troy, Rev. John H., New York, N. Y. Baptist. Attempted
1910.  Tucker, Rev. S. W., Scuffletown, Va. Nine wives; jumped his
1909.  Tucker, Rev. T. P., Wilson, N. C. Arrested for desertion.
1907.  Tupper, Rev. K. B., Philadelphia, Pa. Sued for unpaid note;
       many overdue debts.
1910.  Turley, Rev. F., Cincinnati, O. Methodist. Disorderly conduct;
       arrested and fined.
1912.  Turner, Rev. David, Jersey City, N. J. Baptist. Procuring women
       for immoral purposes.
1909.  Turner, Rev. S. D., Huntington, Ark. Jailed for arson.
1911.  Turner, Rev. William, Jackson, Ga. Colored. Incited race riot.
1899.  Turney, Rev. Wm., Muncie, Ind. United Brethren. Attacking sick
       woman in bed.
1900.  Tyron, Rev. Wm., Chillicothe, O. Forgery, bigamy, murder.
1911.  Ulitsky, Rev. Alexander, Jersey City, N. J. Greek Catholic.
       Charged with malicious mischief.
1913.  Upsher, Rev. John, Baltimore, Md. Accessory to larceny.
1912.  Upton, Rev. T. A., Okla. Rape.
1909.  Vahey, Rev. F. V. G. H., Jersey City, N. J. Methodist. Suicide
       pact with wife; both dead.
1909.  Van Auken, Rev. H. R., Ashland, Neb. Congregational. Deserted
       wife and children; eloped with nurse.
1905.  Van Buren, Rev. Otto, Utica, N. Y. Lutheran. Unwelcome
       attentions to married woman, whom he sought to entice.
1899.  Vance, Rev. Frank E., Piqua, O. Methodist. "Indiscretion."
1901.  Vance, Rev. Thos., Irvington, Ind. Christian. Shooting at his
       daughter's young man.
1902.  Van de Water, Rev. Geo. R., New York, N. Y. Episcopal.
       Adultery; co-respondent in Watt divorce suit.
1899.  Van Herlich, Rev. J., Wichita, Kan. Episcopal. Denying his
       wife; "graver charges;" escapade in the Tenderloin.
1910.  Vanover, Rev. Robert, Williamsburg, Ky. Fighting.
1900.  Van Winkle, Rev. Jas., Indianapolis, Ind. Petty theft; ducked
       by students at Butler University.
1904.  Vaughan, Rev. E. W., Denver, Colo. Confessed to killing a
1912.  Vaughn, Rev. Thurston U., Greenville, S. C. Baptist. Criminal
       assault; convicted on his own confession; sentenced to death.
1909.  Venerable, Rev. W. D., Keokuk, Ia. Baptist. Embezzlement.
1900.  Vernon, Rev. Jas., Salt Lake City, Utah. Missionary. The
       attempted violation of unmarried woman.
1908.  Villiers, Rev. W. H., Chicago, Ill. Divorced; ordered to pay
1904.  Vincent, Rev. Mr., Winnipeg, Man. Seduction of member of his
1901.  Vines, Chas. N., Bremen, Ga. Methodist. Counterfeiting.
1906.  Von Buren, Rev. Otto, New York, N. Y. Lutheran. Made love to
       organist; expelled.
1907.  Waddel, Rev. C. W., New Albany, Miss. Evangelist. Murder.
1906.  Wade, Rev. Goodone, Waukegan, Ill. Congregational. Sending
       obscene literature through mails to boys; attempted suicide.
1910.  Wade, Rev. J. W., Chicago, Ill. Universalist. Forgery and
1899.  Wade, Rev. N. E., W. Kortright, N. Y. United Presbyterian.
       Stealing; expelled by church.
1904.  Wade, Rev. W. H., Velpin, Ind. Campbellite. Passing counterfeit
       money; indicted.
1905.  Wadsworth, Rev. W. W., Hartwell, Ga. Methodist. Immorality;
1904.  Wagner, Rev. Samuel, Croton, O. United Brethren. Criminally
       assaulting girl of 14.
1909.  Wagner, Rev. Mr., Wyalusing, Wis. Threatened by women for
       breaking up a home.
1906.  Wainscot, Rev. John, Elkinsville, Ind. Evangelist. Assault.
1901.  Wainwright, Rev. H., Roanoke, Va. Sanctificationist.
       Housebreaking and robbery.
1902.  Waldrop, Rev. Emmet L., Cleveland, O. Lying, stealing, neglect
       of family.
1907.  Walenta, Rev. M. J. H., New York, N. Y. Found his platonic
       affinity in parishioner's wife.
1903.  Wales, Rev. J. W., Charlottesville, Va. Baptist. Co-respondent
       in divorce suit.
1912.  Walker, Rev. J. Franklin, Cincinnati, O. Baptist Corrupting
       morals of young girls.
1913.  Walker, Rev. Raymond B., Providence, R. I. Baptist.
1910.  Walker, Rev. Raymond D., Boston, Mass. Episcopal. Forgery.
1906.  Walker, Rev. R. D., Windham, Vt. Baptist. Dropped by church for
       moral and commercial irregularity.
1909.  Walker, Rev. R. E., Providence, R. I. Forgery; arrested.
1899.  Wall, Rev. Rufus, Memphis, Tenn. Wife murder.
       Wallace, Rev. Foy. Traveling evangelist; Campbellite. Run out
       of town for attempt to seduce married woman.
1903.  Walling, Rev. W. A., New York, N. Y. Fraud; locked up.
1903.  Wallis, Rev. E. H., Evening Shade, Ark. Methodist. Lying;
       convicted on four counts.
1911.  Walstrom, Rev. W. H., Versailles, Ill. Pastor Christian church.
       Stole collection of rare old coins, and confessed after; found
       with aid of bloodhounds.
1913.  Walt, Rev. J. W., Springfield, Mo. Methodist. Abduction.
       Walters, Rev. Alex., Hackensack, N. J. Methodist. Assault and
       battery on girl.
1914.  Walton, Rev. M. R., Glendale, Cal. Methodist. Improper advances
       to women.
1900.  Walton, Rev. T. J., Burton, Ky. Shooting John Gray.
1910.  Wand, Rev. John B., Meppen, Ill. Catholic. Criminal assault.
1906.  Wannamaker, Rev. H. S., Elyria, O. Congregational. Made love to
       organist; divorced by wife; dropped by church.
1905.  Ward, Rev. D. F., Claremont, Va. Episcopal. Fighting; thrashed
       outgoing pastor Ridout.
1912.  Ward, Rev. L. T., Collierville, Tenn. Embezzlement. Confessed
       and sentenced to three years' imprisonment.
1909.  Ward, Rev. S., Freewater, Ore. Baptist. Bigamy; four wives;
       five years.
1900.  Ward, Rev. Wm., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. Catholic. Drunk and
       disorderly; arrested.
1906.  Ware, Rev. G. G., Deadwood, S. D. Episcopal. Conspiracy to
       defraud the government with false homestead entries.
1905.  Ware, Rt. Rev. Archdeacon T. C., Black Hills District, S. D.
       Episcopal. Hilarious drunk in Lead City.
1906.  Warlick, Rev. Mr., Elorado, Okla. Violation of an 18-year-old
1902.  Warner, Rev. A. J., Clinton, N. C. Misappropriation of money;
1905.  Warner, Rev. H. H., Denver, Col. Bigamy; living with one wife
       and supporting another.
1899.  Warren, Rev. B. E., Helena, Mont. Methodist. Charged with
       immorality; resigned.
1906.  Warren, Rev. F. J., Portland, Ore. Episcopal. Despoiled a
       brother minister's home.
1909.  Warren, Rev. L. W., Los Angeles, Cal. Presbyterian. Unprintable
1913.  Warren, Rev. W. D., Columbus, O. Methodist. Attempted suicide.
1911.  Watkins, Rev. R. B., Buffalo, N. Y. Presbyterian. Arrested on
       "a serious charge" preferred by a young woman of Richmond, Va.
1906.  Watson, Rev. J. A., No. Plainfield, N. J. Murder.
1910.  Watson, Rev. W. E., Urbana, O. Methodist. Embezzlement.
1910.  Way, Rev. H., Hoboken, N. J. Evangelist. Accused by 17-year-old
1909.  Wear, Rev. W. M., Birmingham, Ala. Baptist. Seduction of
       another's wife. Resigned.
1904.  Weaver, Rev. T. E., Tazewell, Va. Methodist. Failing to account
       for money placed in his hands.
1899.  Webb, Rev. James, Atlantic City, N. J. Baptist. Stealing
       lumber; arrested.
1905.  Weeks, Rev. Mr., Toronto, Ont. Baptist. Caught in park with
       female member of his own church; resigned.
1905.  Welch, Rev. Clarence M., Grand Rapids, Mich. Evangelist.
       Bastardy; jailed for non-support of child.
1906.  Welch, Rev. C. E., Nashville, Mich. Methodist. Immoral
       relations with two girls, resulting in the death of one of
1899.  Welch. Rev. D. S., Macksburg, O. Methodist. Fraudulently
       procuring a divorce from his wife.
1909.  Welch, Rev. V. P., Fostoria, O. Slander.
1911.  Wells, Rev. H. H., St. Louis, Mo. Methodist. Held for trial for
       passing a check which he forged.
1899.  Wells, Rev. J. H., Selma, N. C. Baptist. Making moonshine
       whisky; jailed.
1905.  Welsh, Rev. Fr., Pittsburgh, Pa. Catholic. Drunk; assaulted
       President Dreyfus of the Pittsburgh Baseball Club; suspended.
1899.  Wenger, Rev. Mr., Harrisonburg, Va. Mennonite. "Transgression"
       with hired girl.
1914.  Werlein, Rev. Halsey, San Jose, Cal. Episcopal. Sued for
       divorce on the ground of extreme cruelty.
1898.  Wesley, Rev. G. W., Louisa, Ky. Baptist. Convicted of having
       three wives.
1909.  West, Rev. J. W., Richmond, Va. Accused by little girls of
       being too intimate.
1911.  Westenberg, Rev. C. A., San Francisco, Cal. Swindled public in
       selling stock in an alleged California placer mine.
1901.  Westlake, Rev. C. M., Providence, R. I. Deserted his wife;
1908.  Weston, Rev. W. W., Los Angeles, Cal. Methodist. Swindling.
1905.  Whalen, Rev. C. D., Los Angeles, Cal. Methodist. Deserting
       family and eloping with Mrs. Jennie H. Clark from Plattsburg,
       N. Y.; jailed.
1900.  Wharton, Rev. H. M., Ocean City, N. J. Baptist. Obtaining
       property under false pretenses; jailed.
1901.  Wharton, Rev. Geo., Jackson, Miss. Baptist. Attempting to hug
       the female pupils of Hillman Female College, of which he was
       president; fled.
1910.  Wheaton, Rev. J. M., Chicago, Ill. Methodist. Abusive
1908.  Wheeler, Rev. A. J., New York, N. Y. Adventist. Suicide.
1901.  Wheeler, Rev. G. F., Greendale, Mass. Baptist. Kissing and
       hugging young ladies to the neglect of his wife; disciplined.
1910.  Wheeler, Rev. James M., Akron, O. Methodist. Malicious
       destruction of property.
1900.  Wheeler, Rev. J. B., Bridgeport, Conn. Missionary. Leading
       women astray.
1913.  Whitaker, Rev. T. A., Waltham, Mass. Baptist. Non-support of
1908.  Whitaker, Rev. Wm. G., Exeter, Kan. Episcopal. Fraud.
1914.  White, Rev. Dennis, Windsor, Conn. Arson; convicted and given a
       prison sentence of two to five years.
1899.  White, Rev. D. R., Palmyra, Mo. Baptist. Shoplifting; caught
       with goods on.
1901.  White, Rev. Geo. W., Orion, Ill. Baptist. Incontinence and
       dishonesty; deposed.
1909.  White, Rev. H., Marion, Ind. Bigamy; six wives.
1900.  White, Rev. John W., Chillicothe, Mo. Methodist. Beating
       children with iron poker; arrested.
1903.  White, Rev. J. L., Washington, D. C. Obtaining money under
       false pretenses.
1901.  White, Rev. Minor, Elkinsville, Ind. Ministerial misconduct;
       locked out by congregation.
1905.  White, Rev. M. J., Carthage, Mo. Catholic. Threatening life of
       A. L. Franks; arrested.
1910.  White, Rev. R. G., Portland, Ore. Presbyterian. Fell in love
       with student under him; expelled from academy and ministry;
1908.  White, Rev. Samuel, St. Paul, Minn. Larceny; chain gang.
1914.  Whitfield, Rev. Joseph, Rock Island, Ill. Baptist. Assault with
       a deadly weapon. Indicted.
1900.  Whitlock, Rev. Mr., Lima, O. Methodist. Assault and battery;
       Whittaker, Rev. Thos., Vilonia, Ark. Methodist. A revivalist,
       he was forced to leave Vilonia for kissing a girl against her
1910.  Whorley, Rev. A. H., Pensacola, Fla. Wife-beating.
       Wiant, Rev. Warren, Urbana, O. Methodist. Slander; held for
       grand jury; declared all women unchaste who dance.
1901.  Wickham, Rev. C. M., Sioux City, Ia. Christian. Seduction;
       justified by scripture.
1912.  Wickham, Rev. Noah, Oklahoma City, Okla. Accused of cruel
       treatment of orphans and dependent children in home of which he
       was superintendent; convicted in former years for similar
1899.  Widdemer, Rev. H. T., Asbury Park, N. J. Congregational.
       Indiscreet familiarity with typewriter girl; out.
1911.  Wigginton, Rev. G. W., Pittsburgh, Pa. Named as co-respondent
       in divorce suit brought on the ground of adultery.
1905.  Wilberforce, Rev. D. F., Missionary to Africa. United Brethren.
       Apostasy and bigamy.
1905.  Wilbur, Rev. A., Los Gatos, Cal. Horse stealing; confessed.
1899.  Wilburn, Rev. W. R., Flat Hollow, Ky. Divorced his wife; fought
       with her; fatally injured.
1906.  Wilding, Rev. A., Greensburg, Pa. Baptist. Ran away with
       another's wife.
1911.  Wilhite, Rev. A. L., Topeka, Kan. Sent to jail for
       "bootlegging" whisky, thus depriving the government of profit
       on license.
1903.  Wilkins, Rev. Mr., Ladonia, Tex. Presbyterian. Associating with
1901.  William, Rev. M., Charleston, S. C. Baptist. Pension frauds;
       convicted; one year.
1913.  Williams, Rev. Elmer L., Chicago, Ill. Methodist. Defamation of
1905.  Williams, Rev. E. E., Shawnee, Okla. Baptist. Prostituting his
1908.  Williams, Rev. G. F., Washington, D. C. Episcopal. Immoral
       conduct with seamstress; unfrocked; old offender.
1908.  Williams, Rev. I. D., Denver, Colo. Violating postal laws.
1914.  Williams, Rev. James T. W., Newcastle, Pa. Congregational.
       Elopement and adultery.
1909.  Williams, Rev. J., Bellecenter, O. Methodist. Charged with
       false arrest and imprisonment.
1909.  Williams, Rev. J. D., New York, N. Y. Baptist. Larceny.
1902.  Williams, Rev. J. W., New Castle, Pa. Baptist. Picking pockets;
       ordered out of town.
1900.  Williams, Rev. R. B., Paxton, Ill. Evangelist. Insulting young
       lady; pummeled by her father.
1906.  Williams, Rev. S. V., Laporte, Ind. Campbellite. Leading a dual
1914.  Williams, Rev. W. L., Los Angeles, Cal. Cumberland
       Presbyterian. Malicious destruction of property.
1900.  Willis, Rev. Elijah, Chillicothe, O. Baptist. Deserted wife and
       eloped with married woman.
1902.  Wills, Rev. Joshua, West Chester, N. Y. Baptist. Convicted of
       fraud; compelled to refund.
1900.  Willy, Rev. E. E., Minneapolis, Minn. Congregational.
       Negotiating a forged draft; arrested.
1909.  Wilmer, Rev. H., Rome, Ga. Embezzlement; three years.
1908.  Wilson, Rev. Aubrey, Brooklyn, N. Y. Presbyterian. Theft.
1913.  Wilson, Rev. Cecil P., Brookland, Pa. Episcopal. Drunkenness.
1900.  Wilson, Rev. C. H., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. False arrest; prosecuted.
1901.  Wilson, Rev. Emanuel S., Grand Rapids, Mich. Baptist. Adultery;
1914.  Wilson, Rev. Isaac, Milan, Mich. Methodist. Invented a story of
       assault and robbery to account for inability to pay his bills.
1901.  Wilson, Rev. Jas., Guthrie, Okla. Evangelist. Arrested for
       double murder in Missouri, in 1869.
1910.  Wilson, Rev. J. H., Savannah, Ga. Church of Ascension. Wronged
       girl; cowhided by mother.
1902.  Wilson, Rev. Morris Genoa, W. Va. Baptist. Read Bible and then
       cut his wife's throat with a razor.
1905.  Wilson, Rev. W. S., Altoona, Pa. Methodist. Dissipation; died
       in police cell.
1906.  Wilson, Rev. Yancey, Tustin, Cal. Adventist. Desertion.
1912.  Winchester, Rev. Sirl J., Winchester, Ind. Failure to provide
       for young daughter.
1907.  Wingert, Rev. A. E., Tillamook, Ore. Presbyterian. Forgery and
1900.  Winkfield, Rev. Z., Ensley, Ala. Murder of a man attentive to
       his wife.
1910.  Winn, Rev. W. G., Pittsburgh, Pa. Christian. Left it to the
       Lord to pay board bill; sued for $80.
1905.  Winters, Rev. F. W., Newark, N. J. Catholic. Obtaining money
       under false pretenses.
       Witt, Rev. W. L., Los Angeles, Cal. Second Advent. Left wife
       and lived with widow; pleaded guilty.
       Wittlinger, Rev. T., Rome, N. Y. Lutheran. Caught looking in at
       window when women were retiring.
1901.  Wohl, Rev. John H., W'm'son, W. Va. Presbyterian. Shot D.
       Stokes; was killed by return fire.
1902.  Wolfe, Rev. John B., Quincy, Ill. Methodist. Put up at hotel
       with woman not his wife; condemned by conference.
1914.  Wolfendale, Rev. N. S., Seattle, Wash. Circuit rider. Larceny.
1906.  Wolfington, Rev. W. W., Freetown, Ind. United Brethren.
       Arrested on charge of young girl.
1909.  Wolfram, Rev. C. A., Atlanta, Ga. Took a married woman for his
1900.  Wollpert, Rev. D. C., Zenia, O. Methodist. "Immoral and
       unchristian practices."
1899.  Wood, Rev. E. M., Pittsburgh, Pa. Methodist. "Ecclesiastical"
       immorality; women complainants.
1911.  Wood, Rev. J. B., alias Woodard, Coffeyville, Tex. Bigamist.
1902.  Wood, Rev. Wm. A., Glens Falls, N. Y. Baptist. Instigating a
       riotous demonstration.
1907.  Woodring, Rev. W. H., Ashtabula, O. Methodist. Assault.
1909.  Woodruff, Rev. W. L., Lorain, O. Lutheran. Raised money under
       false pretenses; 30 days and $10.
1903.  Woods, Rev. J. S., Evanston, Ill. Cruelty to his son; summoned.
1904.  Woodson, Rev. A. R., Indianapolis, Ind. Presbyterian. Improper
       liberties with young women.
1900.  Woodward, Rev. J. D., Commerce, Ga. Baptist. Found guilty of
       bigamy; four years.
1899.  Woodward, Rev. W. L., Oak Harbor, O. Disciples. Suicide by
1901.  Wooton, Rev. J. A., Philadelphia, Pa. Unlawfully mailing
       letters containing threats.
1902.  Workman, Rev. S. N., Bluefield, W. Va. Pleaded guilty to charge
       of bigamy; one year.
1908.  Wormser, Rev. Andrew, Cincinnati, O. Dutch Reformed. Swindling.
       Wright, Rev. G. H., Chillicothe, O. Evangelist. Triple murder
       in Provo Co., Utah.
1910.  Wright, Rev. W. R., Wood, N. M. Baptist. Murder.
1900.  Wye, Rev. L., Croswell, Mich. Episcopal. Paid unwelcome
       attentions to young woman and beat father who objected.
1906.  Wylie, Rev. J. R., Los Angeles, Cal. Methodist. Bigamy.
1902.  Xavier, Rev. H. F., Yonkers, N. Y. Catholic. False arrest; sued
       by a young woman for $20,000.
1900.  York, Rev. S. P., Brownsville, Ky. Giving and furnishing liquor
       to a young woman; indicted.
1900.  Youberg, Rev. W., Chicago, Ill. Missionary. Stealing scrap iron
       to repair mission.
1901.  Young, Rev. Clarence, Newark, N. J. Evangelist. Bigamy; tried
       and found guilty.
1911.  Young, Rev. J. Henry, Mattoon, Ill. Bigamist. Young disappeared
       when he learned a warrant was out for his arrest for having two
1911.  Young, Rev. J. H., Leechburg, Pa. Lutheran. "Too familiar with
       young girls." This charge was to have been heard at a church
1909.  Young, Rev. P., Oakland, Cal. Episcopal. Embezzled $15,000.
       Courted young woman; wife in Boston.
1908.  Young, Rev. Wm. C., Paterson, N. J. Seduction; six months.
1906.  Zakelsky, Rev. G. A., Chicago, Ill. Catholic. Issuing worthless
       checks in gambling game; sued.
1906.  Zechel, Rev. A. H., Appleton, Wis. Violating Sunday law.
1900.  Zeperian, Rev. E., New York, N. Y. Missionary. Stealing a
       watch; arrested.
1901.  Zeutgraff, Rev. J. R., Brooklyn, N. Y. Catholic. Slander; sued
       for $5,000 damages.
1908.  Ziegler, Rev. Mr., Hutchinson, Kan. United Brethren. Eloping,
       leaving his wife and six children.
1910.  Zimmerman, Rev. A. H., Utica, N. Y. Methodist.
       Over-flirtatious, and disappeared mysteriously.
1908.  Zimmerman, Rev. E. H., Omaha, Neb. Lutheran. Obscenity; pleaded
       guilty; six months and $100.
1914.  Zook, Rev. Isaac, Fresno, Cal. Methodist. Adultery.
1909.  Zuccarelli, Rev. Jas., Newark, N. J. Catholic. Broke up home;
       embezzled $400.
1912.  Zwickert, Rev. John D., Altoona, Pa. Roman Catholic. Alienation
       of affections.
1900.  Zwinger, Rev. E., Hempstead, N. Y. Lutheran. Slander and
       assault; arrested.

                         THE DEVIL FISHING.

            The Devil sat by the river's side--
              The stream of time, where you'll always find him--
            Casting his line in the rushing tide,
              And landing the fish on the bank behind him.

            He sat at ease in a cozy nook,
              And was filling his basket very fast;
            While you might have seen that his deadly hook
              Was differently baited for every cast.

            He caught 'em as fast as a man could count;
              Little or big, it was all the same.
            One bait was a cheque for a round amount;
              An assemblyman nabbed it, and out he came.

            He took a gem that as Saturn shone;
              It sank in the water without a sound,
            And caught a woman who long was known
              As the best and purest for miles around.

            Sometimes he would laugh and sometimes sing,
              For better luck no one could wish,
            And he seemed to know to a dead sure thing,
              The bait best suited to every fish.

            Quoth Satan: "The fishing is rare and fine."
              And he took a drink, somewhat enthused:
            And yet a parson swam round the line,
              That e'en the most tempting bait refused.

            He tried with his gold and his flashing gems,
              Hung fame and fortune upon the line,
            Dressing gowns with embroidered hems,
              But still the dominie made no sign.

            A woman's garter went on the hook;
              "I have him at last," quoth the devil, brightening;
            Then Satan's sides with laughter shook,--
              And he landed the preacher as quick as lightning!

                                                           --Sam Davis.

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