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Title: Select Books Published by Mr. T. Fisher Unwin
Author: Unwin, T. Fisher
Language: English
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                              Select Books

                              PUBLISHED BY

                           Mr. T. FISHER UNWIN


                         26, PATERNOSTER SQUARE.

_Mr. UNWIN has pleasure in sending herewith his Catalogue of Select

_Book Buyers are requested to order any Books they may require from their
local Bookseller._

_Catalogue of Select Books in Belles Lettres, History, Biography,
Theology, Travel, Miscellaneous, and Books for Children._

Belles Lettres.

English Wayfaring Life in the Middle Ages (XIVth Century). By J.
J. JUSSERAND. Translated from the French by LUCY A. TOULMIN SMITH.
Illustrated. Demy 8vo., cloth, 21s.

    The Author has supervised the translation, and has added fresh
    matter, so that the volume differs in some degree from “_La Vie
    Nomade_.” Many of the illustrations are taken from illuminated
    manuscripts, and have never been published before.

Old Chelsea. A Summer-Day’s Stroll. By Dr. BENJAMIN ELLIS MARTIN.
Illustrated by JOSEPH PENNELL. Crown 8vo., cloth, 7s. 6d.

    The stroll described in these pages may be imagined to be taken
    during the summer of 1888; all the dates, descriptions, and
    references herein having been brought down to the present day.

The Twilight of the Gods. “The Purple Head,” “Madame Lucifer,” “The
Demon Pope,” “The City of Philosophers,” “The Cup-bearer,” “Ananda the
Miracle-Worker,” “The Bell of St. Euschemon,” and other Stories. By
RICHARD GARNETT. Crown 8vo., cloth, 6s.

The Coming of the Friars, And other Mediæval Sketches. By the Rev.
AUGUSTUS JESSOPP, D.D., Author of “Arcady: For Better, For Worse,” &c.
Crown 8vo., cloth, 7s. 6d.

    _Contents._—I. The Coming of the Friars.—II. Village Life in
    Norfolk Six Hundred Years ago.—III. Daily Life in a Mediæval
    Monastery.—IV. and V. The Black Death in East Anglia.—VI. The
    Building-up of a University.—VII. The Prophet of Walnut-tree

Arcady: For Better, For Worse. By AUGUSTUS JESSOPP, D.D., Author of “One
Generation of a Norfolk House.” Portrait. Popular Edition. Crown 8vo.,
cloth, 3s. 6d.

    “A volume which is, to our minds, one of the most delightful
    ever published in English.”—_Spectator._

    “A capital book, abounding in true wisdom and humour....
    Excellent and amusing.”—_Melbourne Argus._

The Romance of a Shop. By AMY LEVY, Author of “The New School of American
Fiction,” &c. Crown 8vo., cloth, 6s.

The Paradox Club. By EDWARD GARNETT. With Portrait of Nina Lindon. Crown
8vo., cloth, 6s.

    “Mr. Garnett’s dialogue is often quite as good as his
    description, and in description he is singularly happy. The
    mystery of London streets by night is powerfully suggested,
    and the realistic force of his night-pieces is enhanced
    by the vague and Schumann-like sentiment that pervades
    them.”—_Saturday Review._

Euphorion: Studies of the Antique and the Mediæval in the Renaissance. By
VERNON LEE. Cheap Edition, in one volume. Demy 8vo., cloth, 7s. 6d.

    “It is the fruit, as every page testifies, of singularly wide
    reading and independent thought, and the style combines with
    much picturesqueness a certain largeness of volume, that
    reminds us more of our earlier writers than those of our own
    time.”—_Contemporary Review._

Studies of the Eighteenth Century in Italy. By VERNON LEE. Demy 8vo.,
cloth, 7s. 6d.

    “These studies show a wide range of knowledge of the subject,
    precise investigation, abundant power of illustration, and
    hearty enthusiasm.... The style of writing is cultivated,
    neatly adjusted, and markedly clever.”—_Saturday Review._

Belcaro: Being Essays on Sundry Æsthetical Questions. By VERNON LEE,
Author of “Euphorion,” “Baldwin,” &c. Crown 8vo., cloth, 5s.

    “This way of conveying ideas is very fascinating, and has an
    effect of creating activity in the reader’s mind which no other
    mode can equal. From first to last here is a continuous and
    delightful stimulation of thought.”—_Academy._

Juvenilia: A Second Series of Essays on Sundry Æsthetical Questions. By
VERNON LEE. Two vols. Small crown 8vo., cloth, 12s.

    “To discuss it properly would require more space than a single
    number of ‘The Academy’ could afford.—_Academy._

    “Est agréable à lire et fait penser.”—_Revue des deux Mondes._

Baldwin: Dialogues on Views and Aspirations. By VERNON LEE. Demy 8vo.,
cloth, 12s.

    “The dialogues are written with ... an intellectual courage
    which shrinks from no logical conclusion.”—_Scotsman._

Ottilie: An Eighteenth Century Idyl. By VERNON LEE. Square 8vo., cloth
extra, 3s. 6d.

    “A graceful little sketch.... Drawn with full insight into the
    period described.”—_Spectator._

The Fleet: Its River, Prison, and Marriages. By JOHN ASHTON, Author of
“Social Life in the Reign of Queen Anne,” &c. With 70 Drawings by the
Author from Original Pictures. Demy 8vo., cloth elegant, 21s. Cheaper
Edition, 7s. 6d.

Romances of Chivalry: Told and Illustrated in Fac-simile by JOHN ASHTON.
Forty-six Illustrations. Demy 8vo., cloth elegant, gilt tops, 18s.

    “The result (of the reproduction of the wood blocks) is as
    creditable to his artistic, as the text is to his literary,

The Dawn of the Nineteenth Century in England: A Social Sketch of the
Times. By JOHN ASHTON. Cheaper Edition, in one vol. Illustrated. Large
crown 8vo., 10s. 6d.

    “The book is one continued source of pleasure and interest,
    and opens up a wide field for speculation and comment, and
    many of us will look upon it as an important contribution to
    contemporary history, not easily available to others than close

Legends and Popular Tales of the Basque People. By MARIANA MONTEIRO. With
Illustrations by HAROLD COPPING. Popular Edition. Crown 8vo., cloth, gilt
edges, 6s.

    “In every respect this comely volume is a notable addition
    to the shelf devoted to folk-lore ... and the pictures in
    photogravure nobly interpret the text.”—_Critic._

Heroic Tales. Retold from Firdusi the Persian. By HELEN ZIMMERN. With
Etchings by L. ALMA TADEMA. Popular Edition. Crown 8vo., cloth extra, 5s.

    “Charming from beginning to end.... Miss Zimmern deserves all
    credit for her courage in attempting the task, and for her
    marvellous success in carrying it out.”—_Saturday Review._

Pilgrim Sorrow. By CARMEN SYLVA (The Queen of Roumania). Translated by
HELEN ZIMMERN. Portrait-etching by LALAUZE. Square crown 8vo., cloth
extra, 5s.

    “A strain of sadness runs through the delicate thought and
    fancy of the Queen of Roumania. Her popularity as an author is
    already great in Germany, and this little work will win her a
    place in many English hearts.”—_Standard._

The Poison Tree: A Tale of Hindu Life in Bengal. By B. CHANDRA
CHATTERJEE. Introduction by Sir EDWIN ARNOLD, M.A., K.C.S.I. Crown 8vo.,
cloth, 6s.

    “This is a work of real genius.... As a picture of the
    social life of the Hindus it cannot but be regarded as
    masterly.”—_British Quarterly Review._

The Touchstone of Peril: A Tale of the Indian Mutiny. By DUDLEY HARDRESS
THOMAS. Second edition. Crown 8vo., cloth, 6s.

    “‘The Touchstone of Peril’ is the best Anglo-Indian novel that
    has appeared for some years.”—_Times of India._

The Amazon: An Art Novel. By CARL VOSMAER. Preface by Prof. GEORG EBERS,
and Frontispiece specially drawn by L. ALMA TADEMA, R.A. Crown 8vo.,
cloth, 6s.

    “It is a work full of deep, suggestive thought.”—_Academy._

The Temple: Sacred Poems and Private Ejaculations. By Mr. GEORGE HERBERT.
New and fourth edition, with Introductory Essay by J. HENRY SHORTHOUSE.
Small crown, sheep, 5s.

_A fac-simile reprint of the Original Edition of 1633._

    “This charming reprint has a fresh value added to
    it by the Introductory Essay of the Author of ‘John

Songs, Ballads, and A Garden Play. By A. MARY F. ROBINSON, Author of “An
Italian Garden.” With Frontispiece of Dürer’s “Melencolia.” Small crown
8vo., half bound, vellum, 5s.

    “The romantic ballads have grace, movement, passion and

    “Marked by sweetness of melody and truth of colour.”—_Academy._

An Italian Garden: A Book of Songs. By A. MARY F. ROBINSON. Fcap. 8vo.,
parchment, 3s. 6d.

    “They are most of them exquisite in form.”—_Pall Mall Gazette._

    “Full of elegance and even tenderness.”—_Spectator._

The Sentence: A Drama. By AUGUSTA WEBSTER, Author of “In a Day,” &c.
Small crown 8vo., cloth, 4s. 6d.

    “The working-out of this tragical theme is nothing less than
    masterly.”—_Pall Mall Gazette._

The Lazy Minstrel. By J. ASHBY-STERRY, Author of “Boudoir Ballads.”
Fourth and Popular Edition. Frontispiece by E. A. ABBEY. Fcap. 8vo.,
cloth, 2s. 6d.

    “One of the lightest and brightest writers of vers de
    société.”—_St. James’s Gazette._

The New Purgatory, and other Poems. By ELIZABETH RACHEL CHAPMAN, Author
of “A Comtist Lover,” &c. Square imperial 16mo., cloth, 4s. 6d.

    “There is not one of the poems that does not bear the sign
    manual of genius.”—_Inquirer._

Introductory Studies in Greek Art. Delivered in the British Museum by
JANE E. HARRISON. With Illustrations. Square imperial 16mo., 7s. 6d.

    “The best work of its kind in English.”—_Oxford Magazine._

Jewish Portraits. By LADY MAGNUS. With Frontispiece by HARRY FURNISS.
Small crown 8vo., cloth, 5s.

    “We owe much gratitude to the author for a very delightful
    book.”—_Manchester Examiner._

Gladys Fane. By T. WEMYSS REID. Fifth edition. (Unwin’s Novel Series.)
Small crown 8vo., 2s.

    “The author of the delightful monograph on ‘Charlotte Brontë’
    has given us in this volume a story as beautiful as life and as
    sad as death.”—_Standard._

Mrs. Keith’s Crime. By Mrs. W. KINGDON CLIFFORD. (Unwin’s Novel Series.)
Second edition. Small crown 8vo., 2s.

Concerning Oliver Knox. By G. COLMORE. (Unwin’s Novel Series.) Small
crown 8vo., 2s.


The End of the Middle Ages: Essays and Questions in History. By A. MARY
F. ROBINSON (Madame Darmesteter). Demy 8vo., cloth, 10s. 6d.

    A Series of Essays on chapters in French and Italian
    History—“The Claim of the House of Orleans,” “Valentine
    Visconti,” “The Convent of Helfta,” “The Schism,” “The French
    in Italy,” “The Attraction of the Abyss,” and other Studies.

The Federalist: A Commentary in the Form of Essays on the United States
Constitution. By ALEXANDER HAMILTON, and others. Edited by HENRY CABOT
LODGE. Demy 8vo., Roxburgh binding, 10s. 6d.

    “The importance of the Essays can hardly be exaggerated....
    They are undoubtedly a great work upon the general subject
    of political federation; and the education of no student of
    politics in our own country can be considered complete who has
    not mastered the treatise of Alexander Hamilton.”—_Glasgow

The Government Year Book: A Record of the Forms and Methods of Government
in Great Britain, her Colonies, and Foreign Countries, 1889. Crown 8vo.,
cloth, 6s.

    “Mr. Lewis Sergeant has most admirably performed his

    “The book fills a gap which has been frequently noticed by
    every politician, journalist, and economist.”—_Journal des

The Making of the Great West, 1512-1853. By SAMUEL ADAMS DRAKE. One
hundred and forty-five Illustrations. Large crown 8vo, 9s.

The Making of New England, 1580-1643. By SAMUEL ADAMS DRAKE. Illustrated.
Crown 8vo., cloth, 5s.

    “It is clearly and pleasantly written, and copiously
    illustrated.”—_Pall Mall Budget._

The Story of the Nations. Crown 8vo., Illustrated, and furnished with
Maps and Indexes, each 5s.

    “L’interessante serie l’Histoire des Nations formera
    ... un cours d’histoire universelle d’une très grande
    valeur.”—_Journal des Debats._

    “The remarkable series.”—_New York Critic._

    “That useful series.”—_The Times._

    “An admirable series.”—_Spectator._

    “That excellent series.”—_Guardian._

    “The series is likely to be found indispensable in every school
    library.”—_Pall Mall Gazette._

    “This valuable series.”—_Nonconformist._

    “Admirable series of historical monographs.”—_Echo._

Rome. By ARTHUR GILMAN, M.A., Author of “A History of the American
People,” &c. Third edition.

    “The author succeeds admirably in reproducing the ‘Grandeur
    that was Rome.’”—_Sydney Morning Herald._

The Jews. In Ancient, Mediæval, and Modern Times. By Prof. J. K. HOSMER.
Second edition.

    “The book possesses much of the interest, the suggestiveness,
    and the charm of romance.”—_Saturday Review._

Germany. By Rev. S. BARING-GOULD, Author of “Curious Myths of the Middle
Ages,” &c. Second edition.

    “Mr. Baring-Gould tells his stirring tale with knowledge and
    perspicuity. He is a thorough master of his subject.”—_Globe._

Carthage. By Prof. ALFRED J. CHURCH, Author of “Stories from the
Classics,” &c. Second edition.

    “A masterly outline with vigorous touches in detail here and

Alexander’s Empire. By Prof. J. P. MAHAFFY, Author of “Social Life in
Greece.” Second edition.

    “A wonderful success.”—_Spectator._

The Moors in Spain. By STANLEY LANE-POOLE, Author of “Studies in a
Mosque.” Second edition.

    “The best, the fullest, the most accurate, and most readable
    history of the Moors in Spain for general readers.”—_St.
    James’s Gazette._

Ancient Egypt. By Prof. GEO. RAWLINSON, Author of “The Five Great
Monarchies of the World.” Second edition.

    “The story is told of the land, people and rulers, with vivid
    colouring and consummate literary skill.”—_New York Critic._

Hungary. By Prof. ARMINIUS VAMBÉRY, Author of “Travels in Central Asia.”
Second edition.

    “The volume which he has contributed to ‘The Story of the
    Nations’ will be generally considered one of the most
    interesting and picturesque of that useful series.”—_Times._

The Saracens: From the Earliest Times to the Fall of Bagdad. By ARTHUR
GILMAN, M.A., Author of “Rome,” &c.

    “Le livre de M. Gilman est destiné à être lu avidement par
    un grand nombre de gens pour lesquels l’étude des nombreux
    ouvrages déjà parus serait impossible.”—_Journal des Debats._

Ireland. By the Hon. EMILY LAWLESS, Author of “Hurrish.” Second edition.

    “We owe thanks to Miss Emily for this admirable volume, in some
    respects the very best of ‘The Story of the Nations’ series as
    yet published.”—_Nonconformist._

Chaldea. By Z. A. RAGOZIN, Author of “Assyria,” &c.

    “One of the most interesting numbers of the series in which it


    “Seems to us to be as accurate as it is undoubtedly clear,
    strong, and simple; and it will give to the reader an excellent
    idea of the varied fortunes of the two great branches of the
    Gothic nation.”—THOMAS HODGKIN _in The Academy_.

Assyria: From the Rise of the Empire to the Fall of Nineveh. By ZÉNAÏDE
A. RAGOZIN, Author of “Chaldea,” &c.

    “Madame Ragozin has performed her task in it as admirably as
    she has done in her earlier volume on ‘Chaldea.’ She has spared
    no pains in collecting the latest and best information on the
    subject.”—_Extract from Letter from_ PROF. SAYCE.

Turkey. By STANLEY LANE-POOLE, Author of “The Moors in Spain,” &c.

    “All the events of the strange and adventurous history are
    sketched in vigorous boldness of outline, and with fine force
    of style.”—_Scotsman._

Holland. By Professor THOROLD ROGERS.

    “It was a happy thought to entrust the telling of the story of
    ‘Holland’ to so great an industrial enthusiast as Prof. Thorold
    Rogers.”—_Literary World._

Mediæval France. By GUSTAVE MASSON.

Persia. By S. G. W. BENJAMIN.



Life & Times of Girolamo Savonarola. By PASQUALE VILLARI. Translated by
LINDA VILLARI. Portraits and Illusts. Two vols. Demy 8vo., cloth, 32s.

    This new translation of Villari’s “Savonarola” by Madame
    Villari contains much additional matter, and is fuller and
    completer than the last published Italian edition. The
    biography is illustrated with many portraits of famous men of
    the times.

Francis Bacon (Lord Verulam): A Critical Review of his Life and
Character, with Selections from his Writings. By B. G. LOVEJOY, A.M.,
LL.B. Crown 8vo., half-bound cloth, gilt top, 6s.

    “Is, perhaps, the most readable and incisive sketch of
    Lord Bacon’s career and character that has yet been
    written.”—_Christian Leader._

Anne Gilchrist: Her Life and Writings. Edited by HERBERT HARLAKENDEN
GILCHRIST. Prefatory Notice by WILLIAM MICHAEL ROSSETTI. Second edition.
Twelve Illustrations. Demy 8vo., cloth, 16s.

    “Here we find a kind, friendly, and humorous, if splenetic
    Carlyle; a helpful and merry Mrs. Carlyle; and a friendly and
    unaffected Dante Gabriel Rossetti. These characteristics, so
    unlike the Carlyle of the too copious memoirs, so unlike the
    Mrs. Carlyle, the _femme incomprise_, so unlike the Rossetti of
    myth, are extremely welcome.”—_Daily News_ (Leader).

Charles Dickens as I knew Him: The Story of the Reading Tours in Great
Britain and America (1866-1870). By GEORGE DOLBY. New and cheaper
edition. Crown 8vo., 3s. 6d.

    “It will be welcome to all lovers of Dickens for Dickens’ own

Charles Whitehead: A Critical Monograph. By H. T. MACKENZIE BELL. Cheap
and Popular edition. Crown 8vo., cloth, 5s.

    “Mr. Mackenzie Bell has done a good service in introducing
    to us a man of true genius, whose works have sunk into
    mysteriously swift and complete oblivion.”—_Contemporary

Ole Bull: A Memoir. By SARA C. BULL. With Ole Bull’s “Violin Notes” and
Dr. A. B. Crosby’s “Anatomy of the Violinist.” Portraits. Second edition.
Crown 8vo., cloth, 7s. 6d.

    “A fresh, delightful, and charming book.”—_Graphic._

Johannes Brahms: A Biographical Sketch. By Dr. HERMAN DEITERS.
Translated, with additions, by ROSA NEWMARCH. Edited, with a Preface, by
J. A. FULLER MAITLAND. Portrait. Small crown 8vo., cloth, 6s.

    “An original and excellent little study of the
    composer.”—_Saturday Review._

The Lives of Robert and Mary Moffat. By their Son, JOHN SMITH MOFFAT.
Sixth edition. Portraits, Illustrations, and Maps. Crown 8vo., cloth,
7s. 6d.; Presentation Edition, full gilt elegant, bevelled boards, gilt
edges, in box, 10s. 6d.; Popular Edition, crown 8vo., 3s. 6d.

    “An inspiring record of calm, brave, wise work, and will find a
    place of value on the honoured shelf of missionary biography.
    The biographer has done his work with reverent care, and in a
    straightforward, unaffected style.”—_Contemporary Review._

The German Emperor and Empress: The Late Frederick III. and Victoria. The
Story of their Lives. (Being the Sixth and Popular Edition of “Two Royal
Lives,” 7s. 6d.) By DOROTHEA ROBERTS. Portraits. Crown 8vo., cloth, 2s.

    “A book sure to be popular in domestic circles.”—_The Graphic._

Arminius Vambéry: His Life and Adventures. Written by Himself. With
Portrait and Fourteen Illustrations. Fifth and Popular Edition. Square
Imperial 16mo., cloth extra, 6s.

    “The work is written in a most captivating manner.”—_Novoe
    Vremya, Moscow._

Henry Irving: In England and America, 1838-1884. By FREDERIC DALY.
Vignette Portrait by AD. LALAUZE. Second Thousand. Crown 8vo., cloth
extra, 5s.

    “A very interesting account of the career of the great
    actor.”—_British Quarterly Review._

Theology and Philosophy.

The House and Its Builder, with Other Discourses: A Book for the
Doubtful. By Dr. SAMUEL COX. Small crown 8vo., paper, 2s. 6d.; cloth, 3s.

“Expositions.” By the same Author. First Series. Third Thousand. Demy
8vo., cloth, 7s. 6d.

    “We have said enough to show our high opinion of Dr. Cox’s
    volume. It is indeed full of suggestion.... A valuable
    volume.”—_The Spectator._

“Expositions.” By the same Author. Second Series. Second Thousand. Demy
8vo., cloth, 7s. 6d.

    “Here, too, we have the clear exegetical insight, the lucid
    expository style, the chastened but effective eloquence, the
    high ethical standpoint, which secured for the earlier series a
    well-nigh unanimous award of commendation.”—_Academy._

“Expositions.” By the same Author. Third Series. Second edition. Demy
8vo., cloth, 7s. 6d.

    “When we say that the volume possesses all the intellectual,
    moral, and spiritual characteristics which have won for
    its author so distinguished a place among the religious
    teachers of our time ... what further recommendation can be

“Expositions.” By the same Author. Fourth Series (completing the Set).
Demy 8vo., cloth, 7s. 6d.

    “The volume is one of the most interesting and valuable that we
    have received from Dr. Cox. It contains some of the strongest
    analytical character-sketching he has ever produced.”—_Glasgow

Present-Day Questions in Theology and Religion. By the Rev. J. GUINNESS
ROGERS, B.A. Cloth, 3s. 6d.

    _Contents._—I. The “Down Grade” Controversy.—II.
    Congregationalism and its Critics.—III. Modern Thought.—IV.
    Broad Evangelicals.—V. Progressive Theology.—VI. Jesus
    the Christ.—VII. Creed and Conduct.—VIII. Evangelical
    Preaching.—IX. The Church and the World.—X. Congregationalism
    of To-day.

The Risen Christ: The King of Men. By the late Rev. J. BALDWIN BROWN,
M.A., Author of “The Home Life,” &c. Crown 8vo., cloth, 7s. 6d.

    “We have again felt in reading these nervous, spiritual,
    and eloquent sermons, how great a preacher has passed

Christian Facts and Forces. By the Rev. NEWMAN SMYTH, Author of “The
Reality of Faith.” New edition. Crown 8vo., cloth, 4s. 6d.

    “An able and suggestive series of discourses.”—_Nonconformist._

    “These sermons abound in noble and beautiful teaching clearly
    and eloquently expressed.”—_Christian._

Inspiration and the Bible: An Inquiry. By ROBERT HORTON, M.A., formerly
Fellow of New College, Oxford. Second and Cheaper Edition. Crown 8vo.,
cloth, 3s. 6d.

    “The work displays much earnest thought, and a sincere belief
    in, and love of the Bible.”—_Morning Post._

    “It will be found to be a good summary, written in no
    iconoclastic spirit, but with perfect candour and fairness,
    of some of the more important results of recent Biblical

Faint, yet Pursuing. By the Rev. E. J. HARDY, Author of “How to be Happy
though Married.” Sq. imp. 16mo., cloth, 6s. Cheaper Edition, 3s. 6d.

    “One of the most practical and readable volumes of sermons ever
    published. They must have been eminently hearable.”—_British

The Meditations and Maxims of Koheleth. A Practical Exposition of the
Book of Ecclesiastes. By Rev. T. CAMPBELL FINLAYSON. Crown 8vo., 6s.

    “A thoughtful and practical commentary on a book of Holy
    Scripture which needs much spiritual wisdom for its
    exposition.... Sound and judicious handling.”—_Rock._

The Pharaohs of the Bondage and the Exodus. Lectures by CHARLES S.
ROBINSON, D.D., LL.D. Second edition. Large crown 8vo., cloth, 5s.

    “Both lectures are conceived in a very earnest spirit, and are
    developed with much dignity and force. We have the greatest
    satisfaction in commending it to the attention of Biblical
    students and Christian ministers.”—_Literary World._

A Short Introduction to the History of Ancient Israel. By the Rev. A. W.
OXFORD, M.A., Vicar of St. Luke’s, Berwick Street, Soho, Editor of “The
Berwick Hymnal,” &c. Crown 8vo., cloth, 3s. 6d.

    “We can testify to the great amount of labour it
    represents.”—_Literary World._

The Reality of Religion. By HENRY J. VAN DYKE, Junr., D.D., of the Brick
Church, N.Y. Second edition. Crown 8vo., cloth, 4s. 6d.

    “An able and eloquent review of the considerations on which the
    writer rests his belief in Christianity, and an impassioned
    statement of the strength of this belief.”—_Scotsman._

The Reality of Faith. By the Rev. NEWMAN SMYTH, D.D., Author of “Old
Faiths in New Light.” Fourth and cheaper edition. Crown 8vo., cloth, 4s.

    “They are fresh and beautiful expositions of those deep things,
    those foundation truths, which underlie Christian faith and
    spiritual life in their varied manifestations.”—_Christian Age._

A Layman’s Study of the English Bible Considered in its Literary and
Secular Aspects. By FRANCIS BOWEN, LL.D. Crown 8vo., cloth, 4s. 6d.

    “Most heartily do we recommend this little volume to the
    careful study, not only of those whose faith is not yet fixed
    and settled, but of those whose love for it and reliance on it
    grows with their growing years.”—_Nonconformist._

The Parousia. A Critical Inquiry into the New Testament Doctrine of Our
Lord’s Second Coming. By the Rev. J. S. RUSSELL, M.A. New and cheaper
edition. Demy 8vo., cloth, 7s. 6d.

    “Critical, in the best sense of the word. Unlike many treatises
    on the subject, this is a sober and reverent investigation, and
    abounds in a careful and instructive exegesis of every passage
    bearing upon it.”—_Nonconformist._

The Ethic of Freethought: A Selection of Essays and Lectures. By KARL
PEARSON, M.A., formerly Fellow of King’s College, Cambridge. Demy 8vo.,
cloth, 12s.

    “Are characterised by much learning, much keen and
    forcible thinking, and a fearlessness of denunciation and

Descartes and His School. By KUNO FISCHER. Translated from the Third and
Revised German Edition by J. P. GORDY, Ph.D. Edited by NOAH PORTER, D.D.,
LL.D. Demy 8vo., cloth, 16s.

    “A valuable addition to the literature of

    “No greater service could be done to English and American
    students than to give them a trustworthy rendering of Kuno
    Fischer’s brilliant expositions.”—_Mind._

Socrates: A Translation of the Apology, Crito, and Parts of the Phædo of
Plato. 12mo., cloth, 3s. 6d.

    “The translation is clear and elegant.”—_Morning Post._

A Day in Athens with Socrates: Translations from the Protagoras and the
Republic of Plato. 12mo., cloth, 3s. 6d.

    “We can commend these volumes to the English reader, as
    giving him what he wants—the Socratic ... philosophy at first
    hand, with a sufficiency of explanatory and illustrative
    comment.”—_Pall Mall Gazette._

Talks with Socrates about Life: Translations from the Gorgias and the
Republic of Plato. 12mo., cloth, 3s. 6d.

    “A real service is rendered to the general reader who has no
    Greek, and to whom the two ancient philosophers are only names,
    by the publication of these three inviting little volumes....
    Every young man who is forming a library ought to add them to
    his collection.”—_Christian Leader._

Natural Causation. An Essay in Four Parts. By C. E. PLUMPTRE, Author of
“General Sketch of the History of Pantheism,” &c. Demy 8vo., cloth, 7s.

    “While many will find in this volume much from which they will
    dissent, there is in it a great deal that is deserving of
    careful consideration, and a great deal that is calculated to
    stimulate thought.”—_Scotsman._

Proverbs, Maxims, and Phrases of all Ages. Classified subjectively and
arranged alphabetically. By ROBERT CHRISTY. Two vols. Large crown 8vo.,
Roxburgh, gilt tops, 21s.


Ranch Life and the Hunting Trail. By THEODORE ROOSEVELT, Author of
“Hunting Trips of a Ranchman.” Profusely Illustrated. Small 4to., cloth
elegant, 21s.

    The contents consist of the articles on Ranch Life in the Far
    West, which have been appearing in _The Century Magazine_,
    combined with much additional matter which the author has
    prepared for the book, rounding it out (especially in the
    chapters on hunting) and making it complete as a record of
    the ranchman’s life in the cattle country, and on the hunting
    trail. The illustrations are the work of a ranchman, and are
    true to life.

Rides and Studies in the Canary Isles. By CHARLES EDWARDES. With many
Illustrations and Maps. Crown 8vo., cloth, 10s. 6d.

Guatemala: The Land of the Quetzal. By WILLIAM T. BRIGHAM. Twenty-six
full-page and Seventy-nine smaller Illustrations. Five Maps. Demy 8vo.,
cloth, £1 1s.

    “A book of laborious research, keen observation, and accurate
    information concerning a region about which previously scarcely
    anything was known.”—_Leeds Mercury._

A Summer’s Cruise in the Waters of Greece, Turkey, and Russia. By ALFRED
COLBECK. Frontispiece. Crown 8vo., cloth, 10s. 6d.

The Decline of British Prestige in the East. By SELIM FARIS, Editor of
the Arabic “El-Jawaïb” of Constantinople. Crown 8vo., cloth, 5s.

    “A perusal of his book must do the English reader
    good.”—_Asiatic Quarterly Review._

Daily Life in India. By the Rev. W. J. WILKINS. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.,
cloth, 5s.

    “A very able book.”—_Guardian._

Modern Hinduism: An Account of the Religion and Life of the Hindus in
Northern India. By Rev. W. J. WILKINS. Demy 8vo., cloth, 16s.

    “A solid addition to our literature.”—_Westminster Review._

    “A valuable contribution to knowledge.”—_Scotsman._

    “A valuable contribution to the study of a very difficult
    subject.”—_Madras Mail._

Central Asian Questions: Essays on Afghanistan, China, and Central Asia.
By DEMETRIUS C. BOULGER. With Portrait and Three Maps. Demy 8vo., cloth,

    “A mine of valuable information.”—_Times._

    “A mine of information on all ‘Central Asian
    Questions.’”—_Allen’s Indian Mail._

    “A very valuable contribution to our literature on subjects
    of vast and increasing interest.”—_Collum’s United Service

The Balkan Peninsula. By EMILE DE LAVELEYE. Translated by Mrs. THORPE.
Edited and Revised for the English Public by the Author. Map. Demy 8vo.,
cloth, 16s.

    “A lucid and impartial view of the situation in the East.”—_St.
    James’s Gazette._

    “Likely to be very useful at the present time, as it is one of
    the best books on the subject.”—_Saturday Review._

Tuscan Studies and Sketches. By LEADER SCOTT, Author of “A Nook in the
Apennines,” “Messer Agnolo’s Household,” &c. Many Full-page and smaller
Illustrations Sq. imp. 16mo., cloth, 10s. 6d.

    “The sketches are of that happy kind which appeal to the
    learned through their style, and to the simple through their

Letters from Italy. By EMILE DE LAVELEYE. Translated by Mrs. THORPE.
Revised by the Author. Portrait of the Author. Crown 8vo., 6s.

    “A most delightful volume.”—_Nonconformist._

    “Every page is pleasantly and brightly written.”—_Times._


Industrial Rivers of the United Kingdom. By various well-known Experts.
With numerous Illustrations. Crown 8vo., cloth, 7s. 6d.

    These Chapters are not confined to the commerce and industries
    which characterise the great rivers: the history of each stream
    is traced from the earliest times. The foundation of the trade
    and manufactures which distinguish the several ports and
    districts are noticed; and the improvement of the rivers and
    harbours, and the development of the trade and commerce, up to
    the latest possible period, are dealt with at length.

Crime: Its Causes and Remedy. By L. GORDON RYLANDS, B.A. (Lond.) Crown
8vo., cloth, 6s.

    A treatise on crime and its causes, presenting many interesting
    statistics and tables on its fluctuations, and suggesting
    remedies and a new method of meeting it.

The Five Talents of Woman. A Book for Girls and Young Women. By the Rev.
E. J. HARDY, Author of “How to be Happy though Married,” &c. Sq. Imperial
16mo., cloth, 6s.; Presentation Edition, bevelled boards, gilt edges, in
box, 7s. 6d.

    _Contents._—The Five Talents of Woman.—The Power of a
    Woman’s Smile.—How to be a Lady.—Housewife or House-moth.—A
    Centre of Order.—Woman’s Work: to Teach.—Between School and
    Marriage.—Choosing a Husband.—Helpful Wives.—The Influence
    of a Wife.—Pets or Pests?—Daughterfull Houses—for what?—How
    to be Happy though Single.—Nurses and Nursing.—Daughters
    and Sisters.—Woman’s Letters.—Woman’s Studies.—A Girl’s
    Religion.—Woman’s Recreations.

How to be Happy though Married. Small crown 8vo., cloth, 3s. 6d. Bridal
Gift Edition, white vellum cloth, extra gilt, bev. boards, gilt edges, in
box, 7s. 6d.

    “We strongly recommend this book as one of the best of wedding
    presents. It is a complete handbook to an earthly Paradise, and
    its author may be regarded as the Murray of Matrimony and the
    Baedeker of Bliss.”—_Pall Mall Gazette._

“Manners Makyth Man.” By the Author of “How to be Happy though Married.”
Popular Edition, small crown 8vo., cloth, 3s. 6d.; imp. 16mo., cloth, 6s.
Presentation Edition, imp. 16mo., cloth, bevelled edges, in box, 7s. 6d.

The Theory of Law and Civil Society. By AUGUSTUS PULSZKY (Dr. Juris),
Professor of Law at Budapest. Demy 8vo., cloth, 18s.

    “The book is in our opinion a contribution of unusual
    importance to the theory of law and the state.”—_Westminster

Representative British Orations. With Introductions, &., by CHAS. K.
ADAMS. 16mo., Roxburgh, gilt tops, 3 vols., in cloth box, 15s. The
volumes may also be had without box, 13s. 6d.

    “The notes are extremely useful, and contribute largely
    to making the work one of value to students of political
    history.”—_Pall Mall Gazette._

Jottings from Jail. Notes and Papers on Prison Matters. By the Rev.
J. W. HORSLEY, M.A., Oxon., late (and last) Chaplain of H.M. Prison,
Clerkenwell. Second edition. Crown 8vo., cloth, 3s. 6d.

    “The jottings are full of vivacity and shrewd common sense, and
    their author, amid uncongenial surroundings, has preserved a
    keen sense of humour.”—_Echo._

Literary Landmarks of London. By LAURENCE HUTTON. Fourth, revised, and
cheaper edition. Crown 8vo., Illustrated cover, 2s. 6d.; cloth gilt, 7s.

    “He has made himself an invaluable _valet de place_ to the
    lover of literary London.”—_Atlantic Monthly._

About the Theatre: Essays and Studies. By WILLIAM ARCHER. Crown 8vo.,
cloth, bevelled edges, 7s. 6d.

    “Theatrical subjects, from the Censorship of the Stage to
    the most recent phenomena of first nights, have thoroughly
    able and informed discussion in Mr. Archer’s handsome
    book.”—_Contemporary Review._

English as She is Taught. Genuine Answers to Examination Questions in our
Public Schools. With a Commentary by MARK TWAIN. Demy 16mo., cloth, 2s.;
parchment, 1s.

    MARK TWAIN says: “A darling literary curiosity.... This little
    book ought to set forty millions of people to thinking.”

Books for Children.

Æsop’s Fables for Little Readers: Told by Mrs. ARTHUR BROOKFIELD.
Twenty-five Illustrations by HENRY J. FORD. Small 4to., cloth, 3s. 6d.

    “In their present shape, the fables should be very popular
    among the inmates of the nursery, more particularly as they are
    illustrated with nearly thirty clever drawings by Henry Ford,
    which are beautifully printed in monochrome.”—_Scottish Leader._

Six Girls. A Home Story. By FANNIE BELL IRVING. Illustrated by F. T.
MERRILL. Crown 8vo., cloth, 5s.

    “The six main characters are drawn carefully, and well
    differentiated. The book has many a touch of simple pathos, and
    many a passage of light-hearted high spirits.”—_Scotsman._

The Brownies: Their Book. With all the Original Pictures and Poems by
PALMER COX, as published in _St. Nicholas_, and with many new Pictures.
Second Edition. Medium 4to., cloth, 6s.

    “Never, perhaps, has a book been published better calculated
    to afford unlimited amusement to little people than ‘The

New Fairy Tales from Brentano. Told in English by KATE FREILIGRATH
KROEKER, and Pictured by F. CARRUTHERS GOULD. Eight Full-page Coloured
Illustrations. Square 8vo., illustrated, paper boards, cloth back, 5s.;
cloth, gilt edges, 6s.

    “A really charming collection of stories.”—_Pall Mall Gazette._

Fairy Tales from Brentano. Told in English by KATE FREILIGRATH KROEKER.
Illustrated by F. CARRUTHERS GOULD. Popular Edition. Sq. imp. 16mo., 3s.

    “An admirable translator in Madame Kroeker, and an inimitable
    illustrator in Mr. Carruthers Gould.”—_Truth._

In the Time of Roses: A Tale of Two Summers. Told and Illustrated by
FLORENCE and EDITH SCANNELL, Author and Artist of “Sylvia’s Daughters.”
Thirty-two Full-page and other Illustrations. Sq. imp. 16mo., cloth, 5s.

    A very charming story.“—_Scotsman._

    “A delightful story.”—_Punch._

Prince Peerless: A Fairy-Folk Story-Book. By the Hon. MARGARET COLLIER
(Madame Galletti di Cadilhac), Author of “Our Home by the Adriatic.”
Illustrated by the Hon. JOHN COLLIER. Sq. imp. 16mo., cloth, 5s.

    “Delightful in style and fancy.”—_Scotsman._

    “A volume of charming stories.”—_Saturday Review._

When I was a Child; or, Left Behind. By LINDA VILLARI, Author of “On
Tuscan Hills,” &c. Illustrated. Square 8vo., cloth, gilt edges, 3s. 6d.

    “A finer girl’s book could not be had.”—_Scotsman._

The Prince of the Hundred Soups: A Puppet Show in Narrative. Edited, with
a Preface, by VERNON LEE. Illustrated. Cheaper edition. Square 8vo.,
cloth, 3s. 6d.

    “There is more humour in the volume than in half-a-dozen
    ordinary pantomimes.”—_Spectator._

Birdsnesting and Bird-Stuffing. A Complete Description of the Nests and
Eggs of Birds which Breed in Britain. By EDWARD NEWMAN. Revised and
Re-written, with Directions for their Collection and Preservation; and
with a Chapter on Bird-Stuffing, by MILLER CHRISTY. Crown 8vo., 1s.

The Bird’s Nest, and other Sermons for Children of all Ages. By the Rev.
SAMUEL COX, D.D., Author of “Expositions,” &c. Second edition. Imp.
16mo., cloth, 6s.

    “These beautiful discourses were addressed to children of
    all ages, and must have found an echo in the hearts of many
    youthful listeners.”—_St. James’s Gazette._

Spring Blossoms and Summer Fruit; or, Sunday Talks for the Children. By
the Rev. JOHN BYLES, of Ealing. Crown 8vo., cloth, 2s. 6d.

    “They are of simple and instructive character.”—_Dundee

Arminius Vambéry; His Life and Adventures. Written by Himself. With
Introductory Chapter dedicated to the Boys of England. Portrait and
Seventeen Illustrations. Crown 8vo., 5s.

    “We welcome it as one of the best books of travel that our boys
    could have possibly placed in their hands.”—_Schoolmaster._

Boys’ Own Stories. By ASCOTT R. HOPE, Author of “Stories of Young
Adventurers,” “Stories out of School Time,” &c. Eight Illustrations.
Crown 8vo., cloth, 5s.

    “This is a really admirable selection of genuine narrative
    and history, treated with discretion and skill by the author.
    Mr. Hope has not gathered his stories from the highway, but
    has explored far afield in less-beaten tracts, as may be
    seen in his ‘Adventures of a Ship-boy’ and ‘A Smith among
    Savages.’”—_Saturday Review._

The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe. Newly Edited after the Original
Editions. Nineteen Illustrations. Large crown 8vo., cloth extra, 5s.

The Century Magazine

_For 1888-9 will include_:—

    The Century Gallery of Italian Masters, from the Byzantines
    to Tintoretto—engraved by TIMOTHY COLE from the original
    paintings, and accompanied by historical and critical papers by

    Notes and Studies in Japan. By JOHN LA FARGE, illustrated with
    engravings from original studies by the artist.

    Ireland: Studies of its People, Customs, Landscape, Town Life,
    Literature and Arts.

    A Series of Irish-American Stories, both humorous and pathetic;
    each complete in itself, but having a connected interest.

    Kennan in Siberia. Mr. GEORGE KENNAN’S Siberian articles,
    illustrated with sketches and photographs taken by GEORGE A.
    FROST, will contain, from November on, what the author believes
    to be the best and most striking of all his material.

_Price 1s. 4d. Monthly. Post free, 19s. a Year._

St. Nicholas,

_Conducted by_ MARY MAPES DODGE.


    =St. Nicholas= for the coming year will tell English boys
    and girls of the thousands of millions of children of other
    countries: of French girls in their little black alpaca aprons,
    and German girls with their flaxen hair, and Italian boys with
    their dark eyes, and clever American children (the cleverest
    take in _St. Nicholas_), and little Chinese maidens, with their
    almond-eyes and long pig-tails, and woolly-headed African
    pickaninnies. Of the homes of all these children, of the
    toys of the shy Japanese, of the pine woods of the blue-eyed
    Norwegians, of the furs and toboganning of the Canadians,
    of the gum trees and kangaroos of the Australians, of the
    sharks and clear blue seas of the chocolate-skinned South-Sea
    Islanders—in fact, of nearly everything that amuses girls
    and interests boys, from the nursery rhymes of the Hottentot
    mothers to the guns and spears that the Icelandic fathers use
    to kill the white bears, _St. Nicholas_ means to tell its
    readers in Great Britain and Ireland.

_Price 1s. Monthly. Post free, 14s. a Year._


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